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AGE - Alpha Growth Experiment


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hello and thank you so much for clicking on this story before i start i will tell you some rules for obvious reasons

Rule#1 this is a collaborative story (where the writer writes one part of the story and indicates the other to continue the story) so please the person appointed to write it make your part have some meaning with the previous part otherwise it may confuse readers/ writers interested in the plot.

Rule#2 it is not allowed to include minors as characters in the story (especially in more sexually explicit scenes)

Rule#3 please be civil and don't hate others just because you weren't nominated/the story didn't go the way you wanted.

after that, enjoy the experience and be creative.

now starting the story


in a city full of lights that pollute the eye
there was jordan - a 24-year-old man, wears a green cap with a white shirt, beige pants and has a freshly shaved beard.
- I'm really tired, I can't wait to get home. said jordan
so he takes out his cell phone and asks for a zuber ride to his house
quickly a driver accepts the jordan tour
his name is steve but he didn't have a profile picture
jordan was suspicious but as he wanted to go home he ignored the suspicion
after a few minutes steve arrives
when entering the car he sees the driver who is quite muscular white t-shirt and blue jeans, has his jaws and chin quite defined covered by a black beard.
he keeps staring at steve's muscles until he says: you're going in or not. he said in a deep voice
"y-yes I will," said Jordan, quite ashamed.
during the whole trip he thought "damn he is HUGE I wish I had these muscles"
until steve stops the car in the middle of the road and puts on a gas mask and then a mysterious smoke appears making jordan dizzy and fainting unconscious
jordan wakes up tied to a chair with metal chains in a white room with no exit except a window that looks tightly closed
- is there anyone there?, anyone? jordan asked desperately 

nobody answers
everything is silent until a mechanized voice appears saying:
Guinea pig number 17 awakened from the effects of sleeping gas, starting the AGE procedure.

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