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Competition turned Saw (Where even the winners still lose)


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Mr. Titan

Brought to you by the Infinite Potential Inc

Featuring Mr. Olympia competitor Tychon "Ty" Woods


No one knows what this company is, had ever heard of the this competition, or even more mysteriously how the fuck they got the Olympia runner up to guest pose then suddenly like some memetic virus posters popped up every where in San Antonio. Social media ads and an announcement by Ty soon followed, then claims of some very generous prizes for every class and even more for the champion. A fervent uproar from competitors nation (and in some cases world) wide who applied in droves and to the man each threw themselves into an exceptionally zealous single minded fixation on bring the best package to be victorious in even the most minor of weight classes. So great was the temptation of the untold thousands of dollars a handful of men would get for their triumph that some questions that should have been asked were never said or garnered any real credence. Questions like "Huh, strange that only men can enter.", "That's odd, there is only a single sponsor and it's from some unknown company.", or "Why the hell am I not allowed to bring anyone with me to the competition?". Supposedly every need for tanning, oil, weights, and even posers would be provided to every person there but only the competitors themselves could attend while the competition itself under the premise that it would be streamed online and they wanted to minimize potential Covid exposure. Regardless the dozens of men that successfully applied came in droves excited and confident in their chances without a single worry in their mind.


Like dangerously doped up cattle the competitors filed into the building and straight into the pump room waiting for their turns to get tanned, oil, and pumped up for the stage. Every man was handed a small package with a single pair of posers provided by Infinite Potential they were instructed to change into before stepping onto stage. As the men mill around in their preparations loud music can be heard from several televisions lining the walls showing the currently empty stage, slowly the workers applying the tanner and oiling the athletes wrap up their work and file out of the room. A restless energy permeates the room as the men wait, there are no signs of life or instructions for the proceedings further putting everyone at ease until one man is brave enough to try to leave the room only to find the door locked. Immediately the music on the televisions stops, jolting the mob of muscle, as the screen changes from the stage to a silhouette of a man who addresses the gathering.

"Good evening gentlemen and welcome to the Mr. Titan!


Some men try every door to the room to find them all locked and very secure while the rest turn to the nearest screen with a feeling of dread beginning to well up in their stomach.


"As I'm sure you've noticed by now: 1) All the doors are locked, 2) This competition isn't what you think it is, and 3) Everyone of you is starting to feel a bit...warm. Well I am glad to say that the prizes are indeed very real and you will be competing for the grand prize which any man here can win and that I can assure you the AC isn't malfunctioning."


Quizzical and worried looks sweep the room as the screens continue the announcement.


"You can feel it already can't you, that rising heat in your groin? Well I'm afraid to say that the tanner and oil applied to everyone of you wasn't your standard fare and neither are your posers for that matter."


Unwanted erections began rise and spear the now vacuum sealed tight cloth every man was wearing.


"You see...you all are part of an experiment I guarantee you'll enjoy. The inside of your posers, the tanner, and oil have all been laced with a drug from our company that is starting to worm it's way deep into your soul, and the more muscular and/or hung you are the greater the effect."


Dozens of dicks not only became painfully hard but began to greatly surpass the size their owner's were used to and true to their captors words certain individuals were effected vastly more than the others with all eyes turning to Ty and another man who was damned near his equal in size.


"The rules are very simple."


Gi Jung, the super heavy weight who rivals the Mr Olympia runner up guest poser, has yet to obtain his pro card but was known for two things.


1) A full and symmetrical physique that be it during his off season or on stage looks like an absolutely shredded blimp of muscle just shy bursting from it's own size that is commonly believe to be destined for a future Mr. Olympia title.

2) The man is Hung. Not hung. Capitol fucking H Hung. Single-handedly he has obliterated the bullshit stereotype of Asian men being "less than blessed" to the point his poser had to be special ordered in a size that can only be described as "Novelty gag gift to entertain/annoy your friends.


"Keep your posers on and what ever you do..."


A loud moan pierces the room and interrupts the captor.Ty is sweating in worry while sporting a nearly two foot long lance pointing up between his chest but he is not the source of the now constant loud and deep moan, the source would be Gi. Every man turns to stare at the back of GI who is absentmindedly staring at the television near him, his mind completely blank as every sense and feeling of his body is directed to a single point. As he turns around a thundering collective gasp can be heard as all eyes are not on him bit on the eldritch horror protruding between his legs. Of every single bodybuilder, fitness competitor, welter weight, super heavy weight, or anything in between the only thing that came close to the leviathan of a cock was his own meaty and girthy arm. Any spark of the man that you could see in the man that once called Gi was absolutely gone; the only movements coming from his head as moans escaped his from him, a bead of drool begins to poor out of his mouth, and the dick meeting his eye level twitching in rhythm with his racing heart beat.


The man on the screen finishes his sentence. "...you must not cum."


Simultaneously as he says the word "cum" Gi's poser loses a war it never had any vague hope of every winning and rockets up into the air. Following it's graceful heavenward flight was the first of many gouts of lava hot white gold daring to stain the ceiling of the room before raining down on the horde of men gathered around him who each felt a breathe away from joining him in his impromptu deluge. Be it all of his blood now being rerouted to his "third arm" or his mind being flooded by a duo overwhelming barrage of chemicals and feelings assaulting his unprepared psyche. Gi didn't even register that as with every salvo that left the rail cannon and two medicine balls monopolizing the entirety of his being every muscle on his body pumped up just a bit more. Arms already thicker than his own head inflate just a bit more, legs that already force his stance into an awkward cowboy stance shift wider, pecs already the size of pillows push out more and threaten to embrace his chin high dick in a strangling bear hug.


An unknown light weight class competitor, Micheal,  unlucky enough to make this his first contest steps towards Gi's expanding form. With his lithe but muscular arm he reaches towards Gi's pillar of flesh that is thicker than either of his legs.


Gi's calves each in the shape and size of a diamond of mythical legend rub against each other despite his greatly exaggerated wide stance. Each of the man's lats had more muscle now than the majority of the men in the room staring at him begin to overflow his frame so much his arms begin to lift upwards. His shoulders now so bulbous and burdened with brawn to make even the most over exaggerated Fantasy pauldrons look sensible in comparison while his traps over take his ears.


Micheal dives mouth first onto Gi's uncontainbly spewing dick and begins to swallow load after nigh drowning load. He can just barely encompass the slit of Gi's cock (with zero hope of getting the head into his mouth) but powers through none the less as he stares into Gi's vacant eyes.


Threat now made manifest Gi's head slowly began to entombed between his chest, shoulders, and traps. Arms now crucified by their brawn and lats with a wingspan blocking out all possible sight to what is behind Gi prevent any movement or attempts to dislodge the tick drinking from titanic dick. His vein laden and cum filled bloated balls are thrust parallel to the ground by his legs that are still growing uselessly as they fight for more territory to advance on that ran out long ago.


Micheal's stomach has turned into a massive turtle gut with how much he greedily drank from Gi, so much so that it begins to push him away from the now immobile excess of masculinity. Before his gut could break the seal he has on Gi he felt the flow of cum begin to recede. Gi lets out a deep and long moan of contentment and exhaustion as he finally stops cumming after minutes of constantly emptying his gargantuan balls to their last drop. Micheal lets go of Gi and accidentally bumps him with his turtle gut disrupting the very little balance the immobile man had causing him to fall flat onto his excessively ample ass.


A warmth spreads from Micheal's gut into the rest of his boy and groin, very slowly he can feel his muscles grow and with them so to does his dick. He lays down next to the now sleeping Gi with his legs spread eagle as he grows up each weight class one after another the entire time his posers are stretched further and further away as they valiantly attempt to maintain the vacuum like seal that is destined to be breached. Micheal looks around at all the men staring at him as the growth continues tirelessly his eyes rest on a particular heavy weight bodybuilder who is staring at him like he found his deepest fantasy made flesh.


"As I was saying. The one rule is to not do that, don't follow Gi's footsteps unless you really want to. While Mr. Jung here may have been a victim of his own success as it were each and every one of you will grow to a similar point of making every day life fairly impossible to put it nicely."


Micheal's turtle gut has turned into twin columns of abs deep enough to lose a quarter in as his growth halts with the very last of Gi's cum doing it's dirty work. The former light weight is now a few pounds heavier than almost Mr Olympia Ty Woods and his cock has grown comparably after reacting to the drug he has been dosed with. The entire duration of his growth he maintained eye contact with the heavy weight staring at him and continues to do so as he nods at the man then down to his dick inviting him to feast just like he did. That's all it takes, the heavy weight who had been staring at Micheal the entire time as he drank what had to be gallons of cum from Gi and during his subsequent growth that had been slowly drooling with pure lust at the scene has broke what little willpower he had left. Micheal watches as an expanding wet spot forms on the heavy weight's poser followed by white stream of cum blast so forcibly that a meager piece of cloth had no hope of containing it. Micheal in turn closes his eyes and stares up at the ceiling as he feels his own dick begin to gush out a fountain of jism into the air and back onto himself. The poser is just barely able to hang on as liter after liter of cum escape through the cloth and pound after pound of muscles surge through out his body.


Ignoring the two staring at each other as they grow and cum into immobility the man on the television continues. "I should also warn you that not only were your posers laced with our patent wonder drug but that you'll find yourself so sensitive now that if you so much as take off your posers the cool air in the room will overwhelm you and set you off like these three." Before he can even finish his sentence a desperate middle weight tries to prevent himself from being further exposed to this drug by ripping off the poser holding back a foot of cock. Exactly as the voice warns about the sensitivity the middle weight is overwhelmed, falls down onto all fours, and begins to uncontrollably cum & grow.


"Well that's four men down from the competition lucky for the rest of you!" the man on the TV says as he laughs. "Ok, before anyone else decides to make a mess of themselves let me finally say my piece then we can begin the games. 1) You cum, you'll grow until life is going to be really hard for you. 2) You can make others get their rocks off, in fact I encourage it, so long as you can yourself from doing so. 3) Be very careful, as Micheal so kindly showed off for the rest of you if you ingest anyone else's cum you'll grow which then means you may end up like or now resident muscle blimp Gi. Finally 4) We're going to play some game like wrestling each other until the other man taps out (or cums), forced edging, escape rooms where if you don't escape in time well...I'm sure you get the gist, and many more! Now don't worry, there is an antidote and the final man standing amongst you lot will be given it as well as the very generous cash prize and hell if they want I'll even let them grow to a point their comfortable with as a bonus prize. Everyone else though?" As the three cumming and growing men finally begin to stop a fifth loses control and joins them in their musclebound destined state. "You'll end up just like these gentlemen. Good luck and may the best man win!"


As he finishes talking the televisions swap over to the true program for the contest and list who will be up to compete in the first round. Five men are down and rendered into balloons of meat after cumming themselves into a deep sleep and a few dozen are left to do their best to avoid a similar fate or can decide to dive straight into it to experience growth and pleasure that can easily break a mortal mind. Good luck!

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If you want an idea of Gi Jung before his growth think of Hassan Mostafa or Big Ramy body with a Flexx Diesel/Bo Lewis or Kai Greene's level of hung. That said while I could try to make this a series myself I also know how terrible I am about sitting down to actually write in the first place so here is the premise and I leave it to who ever wants to continue it free reign to do so (I may or may not add more to it over time but this is it for now).

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