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Megadrol (Parts 1-18) updated 8/7/22


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Oh god! I loved this story and... I still love this story! This is the kind of story which make me hard in only one chapter! I know it takes a lot of time to write a part but I can't wait the next!

I let you guess how I was at the end of the part...

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            Sorry if I am being redundant here, but after the best sex of my life, Ben and I took to the large cross sectional couch that took up a sizeable swath of his basement. Ben laid his long legs out against the short end of the L shaped sofa, relaxed as he was his big feet and ankles hung well off the end. I couldn’t help but notice how large of an area of the upholstery he was actually taking up, whereas myself sat comfortably on my one cushion next to him. It was so strange to me to feel small as I did, I hadn’t felt this way in years, not since my single digit years.

            Charmingly enough, despite all that had just preceeded us, Ben was ever his conversational self. As we watched tired reruns of American Dad, the stuff we chatted about was far reaching and all interesting. Ben was an amazingly smart young man, and he always kept me engaged, though I think a certain sense of lust and dare I say intimidation really helped me keep focus on his words.

            But then a thread wove us back into what all that had gone on, Ben excitedly explained, “Man I am just so hype about this, I just want to thank you for working out with me and helping me reach my full potential.”

            This remark actually meant quite a lot to me, “Ben,” I said with some hesitation, “I should be thanking you!” I fawned, “I mean, just to be here to witness your incredible transformation…”

            Ben proceeded to flex his biceps and puff out his chest, had I forgotten to mention we were both just sitting around in our underwear at this point? Watching the rise and fall of his alarmingly defined pectorals and the ballooning mass of his arms almost cut off my train of thought entirely. But I regained my attention despite the prodigious flexing. “I mean, I just can’t believe what’s happening, how do you even feel?”

            “Like superman bro, I don’t know how to describe it, but my body it just feels radiant! I truly have never been happier!”

            I kept on, “I mean, you must be, it looks amazing Ben! You ought to be proud of yourself, but…” then the nervous side of me came out once again, “Aren’t you at all concerned?”

            He leaned back and smiled, “Bro, the only thing I am concerned about is going to Apollo tomorrow and getting a REAL workout!”

            I chuckled anxious but continued to press my concern for his health, “I mean yeah man, but shouldn’t you really see a doctor or anything? Like I’m happy for you and all but you can’t tell me this is a normal rate of growth.”

            He smirked handsomely, “Well, maybe I am just exceptional.” Then he put a little more seriously, “Why you worried so much, little dude?”

            I almost started to blush a little bit, “I just, want you to be safe is all man, it’s just you look incredible, but you gotta be honest with yourself here, this is probably the fastest cases of muscle gain for someone not on steroids, ever. And like, this…” I hesitated for a second, “Megadrol stuff, it’s still experimental and—”

            Ben reached out and caressed my face with his hand, it was surprising how large it felt, and how it enveloped such a large part of my head. I supposed I shouldn’t have been surprised, but damnit this was still fucking really strange to me! What could happen to Ben, he might have a heart attack or renal failure or—

            “Matt,” He began with a stern coolness that stopped my runaway train of thought. Ben continued, “You forget, I am a nurse too. I have been checking my blood pressure, albeit the cuff is a little small any more,” he smiled, “and despite my already naturally low heart rate, I am just fine. In fact, dude, I went out on a jog while you were at work and I ran a faster 5k than I ever did in my entire life! I am healthy as a horse, I did that shit in 16 minutes, and dude like two months ago I was at 25 or something! This Megadrol is the shit!”

            All this talk allayed my fears if only slightly, and replaced them with a terrible, nd deep desire. My heart started to race, the question that had been lurking in the back of my mind now had the chance to come to light. I had to ask, the want was at a fever pitch, “So,” I tried to put as charmingly as I could, “when can I get some?”

            To my dismay, he sighed and lounged back again. I stared at him, his beautiful chest, his increasingly ripped abs and obliques which tapered down to his tight underwear which rode up due to his massive, ever more defined thighs and hamstrings. But no matter how much I wanted to drink in the sight of him, his face and silence were crumbling my entire world, so powerful was his effect on me. I both admired him and dreaded him.

            “Matt, that shit is expensive,” He explained at first, “And frankly, kill me but I want it ALL to myself, and it’s not that I don’t want you to have it, it’s just that for me, my own growth and my own investment mean so much more. I want every dollar I paid and ounce that I lift to pay off, bro. And parting with even one bottle of my Megadrol frankly…I just don’t know.”

            His reasoning was fair, his explanation was just, but for some reason it cut like daggers. I almost wanted to cry, not going to lie. Hadn’t I earned his trust? Or had my incessant anxiety about his wellbeing hampered any chance I had to try this forbidden fruit. Furthermore, why did I even want it? I just decried it as potentially dangerous, but I didn’t have to take more than one glimpse at Ben to know I wanted what he had too, I craved it. I wanted to tower over everyone and impress them with my strength and size, why couldn’t I just have one bottle.

            I too was silent as a response. Then Ben broke it with some invigorating words, “Tell you what. I guess you can have some, I feel like I do owe you. You can have the rest of the bottle I first opened, it’s got literally like over one half left. I’ll just crack open a new one, besides I was thinking of upping my dose and it will be easier to stay consistent!”

            I blurted, “You haven’t even taken half a bottle yet? Jesus!” I paused, and then I realized, “Thank you!” I considered myself lucky, “What will it cost me?”

            Ben shook his head, “Nada, free.”

            I was shocked and truly grateful! “No dude, $100, at least!”

            Ben waved his hand, “No dice. But here, since you’re beggin’, you can comp my next few meals throughout the week, and we’ll call it square!”

            “Deal!” I foolishly agreed.

            Ben chimed back up, “Oh, and you’re coming to Apollo with me tomorrow, obviously.”

            I smiled, “Oh yeah, duh. We gotta show Spencer what is up!” And then I got curious, “Are you gonna do what you did tonight in public?”

            Ben looked practically giddy, “I dunno, maybe…” he toyed with idea, “You think people would notice, or react someway?”

            I could only be honest, “If you did it would blow everyone away. I don’t know how people would take it, people might get freaked out!”

            Ben smiled, “Nah, I think they would definitely be in for a show though! I don’t even know if something like that will even happen again, if we are being honest?”

            I asked, “But it if it does?”

            He laughed, “Then let it happen, I certainly won’t mind getting bigger!” and then some excitement in his voice, “Hey, are you gonna take your Megadrol as soon as I give it to you?”

            I froze. “I…I don’t know honestly…Given the chance I don’t even know if I’ll take it at first, I kind of like watching your experience with it first!”

            Ben stuck out his tongue playfully and flexed his arms and crunched his abs, “Well don’t get left behind is all I’m saying, bro! Hate for you to lose out on all this! Now that you have it better get to it, because,” he bit his lower lip, “I’mma little afraid I will outgrow you if you know what I mean…”

            Oh  I definitely know what he meant, my ass ached from our recent session on the near ruined bench.

            Ben went on, “And as it stands, I don’t intend to sell off any more of my Megadrol, so it’s only a matter of time!”

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  • Theone1 changed the title to Megadrol (Parts 1-18) updated 8/7/22

Chapter 18 ends with a great cliffhanger, can’t wait to see what happens at the gym but I have a pretty good idea already😏 I also love that Matt is going to get some serious growth action too, which he will need to keep pace with Ben. Chapter 19 is shaping up to be very hot and heavy!

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