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Megadrol (Parts 1-19) updated 9/1/22


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I laid there for a few minutes, in a daze. My toes were still curling. I cleaned myself up and texted Spencer back after mulling it over, I replied “Yeah, we can chill out! What time you want to head over.”

He beat around the bush at first, “Oh idk just got out of work…I mean now is good.”

I looked around, I definitely would have to get myself, and my dirty house ready—fast!

I said back, “Come through, dude.” Without really paying mind to the mad-dash that would soon follow.

He sent me a thumbs up in return. “Give me twenty.” He followed up.

I sprung into action and did the half ass cleaning that a bachelor can only do. I did not live up well to the stereotype of a gay guy with a spotless house. I couldn’t be bothered! I almost wished I had someone to do shit like that for me.

I cobbled together the clothes lying around in my bathroom and put together the living room. I had done this all in the nude, making my way through the kitchen and doing some last-minute touches. I looked out of my front window and saw a set of headlights rapidly slow to a crawl.

I immediately lurched toward my bedroom to gather some clothes. I tore open the closet door and…nothing. I mean not nothing, there was like, my suit coats and snap up formal shirts but this wasn’t the royal wedding we were talking about. And pants! Not one pair that wasn’t dirty or wrinkled or lost in the twilight zone of my laundry hamper.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

“Hold on just a sec!” I called out, feeling almost a mild sense of déjà vu.

All I had clean to my name in terms of bottoms were in my shorts. My running shorts…with like a six inch inseam…which as you can imagine on my long 40 inch legs, did not cover that much of my thigh. They were also hot pink, and a little tight.

I just looked at them and dead panned. “Jesus looks like I’m going to Pride tonight I guess…”

Thankfully I was able to salvage the look with a blue T-Shirt that depicted the outline of my home state on it. I pulled it down quick, and noticed it was a bit snug. It also felt like it was riding high just a bit.

            “I have to stop using the high setting on my dryer.” I mumbled to myself and went to answer the door.

            “Hey man!” Spencer greeted as I opened the front door.

            I let him in, “How we doing tonight?”

            He chuckled, but there inlaid a certain palpable sense of pain. “I’m doing okay, I guess. Been better.”

            We sat down in the living room and I kicked on some background music as I asked, “Oh yeah? Penny for your thoughts?”

            He sat down his body almost melted into the sofa, “Just on that grind, dude. Shit’s rough.”

            “I feel you, I feel you. I mean, you’re doing okay financially?” I asked.

            He waved it off, “Yeah, no it’s good. I might be looking for another place soon because the apartment I have, it’s just—ugh,” He smiled, “Terrible part of Tyson. Looking to get into another line of work, maybe soon…as in immediately!” he laughed.

            I also laughed a bit, “I was gonna say man, the pizza delivery gig is an odd fit for you.”

            He shrugged, “All just temporary, right? Resume builder and all that noise.”

            I inquired, “Any places you looking into working for?”

            Spencer sat up a bit with some excitement, “Well, I’m kind of sick of this small-time shit but I might be working for Apollo Fitness here soon.”

            This was definitely a step up. Apollo Fitness was a huge chain of health clubs that had twenty-four-hour facilities, they were widespread across the Eastern US.

            “Hell yeah man!” I congratulated, “Definitely a place you can move up and get promotions at the corporate level.”

            Spencer’s eyes widened, “Tell me about it! My dad won’t get off my ass about that exact kind of pursuit. You’d think he say hi, or ask me how I’m doing, but the second he steps out of his Bronco he’s saying “How much you make this week?”

            I looked on.

            He continued, “It’s ridiculous, won’t leave me alone but won’t help me at any turn either. Like I get it dad, you make more than I have in a week than I will in forty years.” He shook his head, “Either way, I’m thinking Apollo Fitness is gonna be a sure-thing, and Imma be making fifteen an hour soon. So… that’s a start.”

            I piped up, “Well shit, let me know when you get the job maybe we can get a workout in!”

            Spencer really roused to life at that remark! “Yes!” He said, “Please and thank you! I’ve been meaning to get my shit together, like physically. My dad says a big man bills big respect. It’s always something I’ve always really wanted to do…”

            “Yeah?” I gazed at him, he looked down with just a hint of timidness.

            “…Yeah, and you know bro, I mean you’re in great shape yourself so I figured you might be able to show me some wisdom!” And he nervously chuckled.

            I put my hand behind my head, I blushed a bit, “Oh stop! You think I’m big, wait till you see Ben!”

            Spencer asked, “How is Ben, I take it he’s been lifting too?

            I struck out a sudden guffaw that startled Spencer a tad, “Uh, yeah!” I returned, “The dude has really put the work in! When is the last time you guys saw each other? I find it so cool you know him too!”

            Spencer thought for a second, “Gotta say not long after High School ended, man. It’s been a few years for sure. I graduated before him too, so it’s really been a second.”

            I reiterated, “Yeah, well I don’t know what he was like back then, but I think it’s safe to call our boy Ben a bit of late bloomer, because he has really taken off!”

            Spencer was intrigued at my fawning, “Really? Like you’re not joking or anything? Geez, well I’ll have to see him for myself.”

            I sat back for a second and then immediately snapped my fingers, “I can hit him up! I’m sure he can come by, that is if you want him to?”

            Spencer’s eyes sparked to life, “Sure! Why not? Make it a big ol’ reunion! We’ll see if he really is as big as you say he is.”

            I smiled deviously, I called Ben on the phone, and it wasn’t more than three minutes before he was excitedly on his way. Spencer was delighted!

            “Well, I’m gonna whip up something to snack on I guess, you hungry?” I offered.

            Spencer spoke up, “Very! I didn’t eat lunch or dinner today…too busy.”

            Despite the fact that I had already made dinner I resolved to make some more. “Hope you like cheap fried steak.” I mentioned.

            “Oh no dude,” Spencer tried being humble, “That’s too much.”

            I would not allow it, “Please, I literally have almost no room in my fridge. I bought way too much food”

            Spencer mentioned, “Nice problem to have.”

            I started cooking up the additional food post haste. My original meal hadn’t really done the trick in satiating my appetite. And I basically knew it was predestinate that Ben would be game to chow down. So, I figured why not return the favor.

            “Smells good!” Spencer complimented. “Yo dude, can I use your bathroom?”

            I put back, “Go ahead, foods almost ready, wash yourself up!” I joked.

            Spencer had gone into the bathroom almost at the same time Ben had rolled up to my house. Ben wasted no time in getting out of his car and coming up to my front door.

            He knocked a couple times but let himself in before I could answer the door. “Hey what’s up!” He almost cheered. He brought me in for a hug as he stepped up and into the doorway. Good god, each time we saw each other I swear his forehead would creep up higher! I started to feel freaked out a little, this isn’t normal! People our age don’t grow like this. But before I could comment Ben thrust my body into his with his powerful arms and I met his torso, I noticed his clavicle was just a teensy bit higher than my own.

            “Ben!” I cried out ala the show Cheers, masquerading my own surprise which grew at the same rate Ben had “Glad you could make it!”

            “Bro I couldn’t miss out the opportunity once you told me, where is he? Spencer where you at!” Ben called out into the house.

            The sound of the bathroom sink turning off could be heard and my bathroom door started to open, “Damn man!” Spencer said before he made it out into the hall, “Your voice is deeper than I remember!”

            Ben looked pleased at the comment, “Huh, weird!” he said as Spencer came out into the living room, having the chance to see Ben for the first time in over three years.

            “Holy shit!” Spencer yelped, “Ben! You’re friggin’ huge!”

            Ben accosted him with the intent to bring him in for a bro-hug like we had just shared. Spencer almost seemed to recoil with intimidation, and he wasn’t a small guy himself, he was 6’2” and here he was visibly cowering in the slightest way before his old high school friend.

            “Bring it in!” Ben invited and just as with me, brought it in with Spencer in a strongarmed and embracing way.

            Spencer tottered back and almost did not know what to say, “Ben, where did all this come from! Matt!” He chirped at me, “You didn’t tell me he had gotten taller!”

            Ben had a beaming smile, “Just one helluva growth spirt, I guess!”

            “Psh,” Spencer returned, “Uh, no doubt! I didn’t know it was possible that you could get this tall in your twenties…Matt you were right!” He smiled, “I guess he is a little bit of a late bloomer.”

            “Is that what this is? I guess so!” Ben remarked, as he took in the flattery happily, showing off a double bicep pose that caused his sleeves to ride up and the hem pulling up to reveal the contours of his lower rungs of abs.

Spencer just gawked at him wide eyed, “Oh my god! Ben you look amazing! I can’t believe this…You’re not on…steroids are you?”

            “Why people keep asking that?” He laughed. Ben loved that he could answer with a fair degree of honesty, “Nope! Just really dedicated lifting and diet I guess!” he winked. “Been really trying to get to my goals and I think my work is paying off nicely.” And he reflexively flexed his pecs which visibly rustled underneath his shirt.

            Spencer reasoned, “No I guess you’re right, because don’t steroids stop you from growing?”

            Ben playing coy said, “Wouldn’t know, I’m not on them!” and he chuckled.

            Spencer heaped a little more praise on his old friend, “Well you look swole as fuck bro! C’mon, rip of that shirt, don’t be shy!”

            Ben was more than happy to oblige, he was really loving this praise. Ben crossed his arms and brought the shirt up slowly, peeling it off his torso.

            Spencer audibly gasped, and not in a way that would be considered the least bit patronizing. He literally gasped.

            “Ben!” He cheered, “You’re a fucking beast! You’re the buffest dude I have ever seen come out of Tyson High School! Maybe this whole town!”

            Ben treated his buddy Spencer to some flexes, showing off his arms again, and his abs which Spencer remarked looked “Hard as steel, when did you get those?! Dude I wanna look like you, holy shit!”

            Ben showed up his massive horseshoe triceps that really underscored just how strong and massive his arms were becoming. “Thanks man! That means a whole lot coming from you! You know I always looked up to you!”

            This caught our friend by surprise. Now Spencer, he had to sit down for some reason and had decided to fold his legs. I had realized that the steaks were definitely being overcooked for this group of young men, and hurried back to the kitchen, where I left Ben and Spencer to catch up.

            “You looked up to me?” He almost stammered over his words. “You, Ben Cedar?”

            There was no hint of doubt in his voice, Ben assured Spencer, “Oh yeah! Dude, I always looked up to you. You were always so talented in gym class and during weight training you weren’t afraid to go big or go home! And low key, you always looked really aesthetic for your age and I wanted to be like you!”

            Spencer sighed, “Wow!” He was flattered if not a little disappointed, like me Spencer’s body had seen better days before reunited with Ben. “That was then, I think you certainly outshine me a bit now dude!”

            “Hahaha!” Ben laughed in a baritone which again Spencer remarked had deepened significantly since they last spoke.

            Ben sat down in the armchair which had an audible groan when he set his full weight on it. He then proceeded to catch up and get along famously with Spencer, trying to work around the obvious awe and intimidation his friend had for him and truly engage him in meaningful conversation

            I was whipping up a couple of sides as Ben became familiar with Spencer’s employment situation, and relationship with his father. In the ten minutes or so that I was gone Ben had been totally filled in on what I had been, plus more it seemed. I walked in with three plates of steak, mixed vegetables covered in a layer of cheese and some canned fruit for all of us. I almost felt as if I intruded on the conversation.

            I heard Ben lead in with, “…So you just got like your bed and that’s it, like no furniture at all, like you couldn’t take anything from your room with you?”

            Spencer, sounding ever so slightly distraught replied, “No man. I mean I got like, a couple chairs and tv trays but I don’t have like a TV…I just mainly watch dumb shit on my phone…”

            I returned to the kitchen to get silverware, clearly the two were engrossed in the heavy details of Spencer’s life. “What drinks you want?” I broke in, not trying to be rude.

            “Milk!” Ben shot back happily.

            Spencer ogled Ben a little strangely, “Milk?” he said with some incredulity.

            Ben laughed, “I love milk! Has tons of protein to fuel your muscles!”

            Spencer nodded, “I’ll have a glass too!” he called back to me.

            Thank God, I needed to get rid of some of the stuff. Even three gallons seemed a little excessive…at the time.

Pretty soon Ben was all caught up the way I had been. And of course, Spencer had to ask “Y’all want to hit the gym some time soon, especially if I get this gig at Apollo?”

            Ben sat forward excitedly, “You’re gonna work at Apollo? That place is fucking awesome! I love how there is a second story balcony in most of them. Bro you might just see me there all the time then!”

            Spencer tampered the expectation a bit, “I don’t have the job just yet, but if I do, sounds like I got something to look forward to.”

            I chimed in, “And even then, we be lifting at Ben’s place too, you can join in if you like…if that’s cool with you, Ben?”

            Ben nodded and winked at us, “Sounds fucking awesome! Put my squat rack to good use!”

            Spencer through his bite of food said, “Wait you have a home gym?” he wiped his face, “Shit, I’m sold!”

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            That whole night was a blast, we ate, we chilled with each other, we watched dumb ass youtube videos that made us laugh until we were on our hands and knees (well Spencer and I at least). It was great! That whole night I kept poking fun at Ben’s shirt, it kept riding up at the slightest raise of his arms. If not his shirt, his tight highwaters.

            “I need to go clothes shopping what can I say! Guess I could do it tonight!” He  mused. I didn’t say anything but I intended on going with him after Spencer left.

            Spencer had arranged with us to hang out in two days. He worked tomorrow and then had his interview. The plan was to lift at Ben’s place. He went home happy and completely stuffed, Ben and I however were hardly pleased with our meals.

            “I’m getting some extra food, wanna go clothes shopping and get some like Wendy’s with me or something?”

            Ben smiled, “You saying you wanna go with me and watch me try on clothes?”

            I smirked, “Your words not mine.” I said, playing it cool.

            Ben mentioned, “Let’s do this.”

            I vouched to drive.

            “Thanks!” he said, “My CR-V was running low on gas.”

            We climbed into my little Camry, both of us being bigger fellas immediately caused the chassis to bounce as our asses planted on the seats. I noticed that between the both of us, the front of car was kind of close quarters. Ben’s shoulders and arms encroached over the center armrest and came close to rubbing on my own. He struggled a bit to fasten the seatbelt around his bulk, and when it did so it clung tightly to his protruding chest.

            We zigzagged up to the local Meijer to get some cheaper clothes. It’s about a twenty minute drive between my house and the strip of stores and restaurants on Clare and Allegan streets. Ben and I got to chatting, just about how excited we were to meet up with Spencer and using the facilities at Apollo. We joked and listened to some pretty good music Ben had put on, and honestly this brief car ride was just a pleasure! I remember it well, it was one of the last times I was able to even ride in a car with him at all!

            We pulled up to Meijer, it was rather busy despite it being well after dark. The air was still hot from the summer sun. As we strode up to the building and entered, I trailed behind Ben a bit. Something had caught my eye and I had to study it to be sure. Ben’s shirt, which had been riding up all night long when he had raised his arms, was now riding up above his waistband with his arms at his side. A scintillating strip of his abdominals, treasure trail, and his tapered back now showed constantly. Furthermore, it seemed tighter, and the sleeves shorter both on his arms and his legs which now could even hide his socks.

            “Man while I’m here, I might get some new shoes! These are getting fucking tight!” Ben mentioned as we wandered through the aisles.

            “Do it!” I cajoled him, “Get a new wardrobe bro.”

            He joked, “You saying I’m unfashionable?”

            I laughed, “No, but bro you gotta size up with those highwaters of yours!”

            “Facts.” Ben replied.

            The whole time we aimlessly meandered throughout the store I noticed the two of us were catching other people’s eyes left and right. At least I think it was the both of us, but If someone was checking me out, they would immediately point their gaze to the muscular man in front of me.

            It took minutes to finally track down the men’s clothing department, this was one of the largest stores in the corporation. We started with shirts, and Ben “for the first time in his life.” As he said, was buying a XXL on purpose. He slipped it on over his white top that was starting to look uncomfortably tight on him, and the XXL top fit awkwardly. More wide than long. It took some time finding shirts that would cover Ben’s muscular chest and abs without looking as if he was wearing a tent. Ben’s waist was becoming quite tapered from his chest, so if he weren’t careful the midsection of the oversized shirts would appear billowy and unflattering. But we managed to scrape together a few.

            And then we moved onto pants, and to my delight Ben was not about to wait for the changing room. We found a private-ish corner and Ben kicked off his shoes, and holy cow were his feet big! Upon closer inspection his old sneakers had been blown out and gnarled from the feet that were inside them. I wondered if Ben had to curl his toes just to walk in them! I had no chance to remark about the shoes before Ben immediately to my surprise, took off his pants. This proved rather difficult, the waist had to slide over the sweeping expanse of his luscious ass, clad in a tight pink Hollister brief. Then they had to stretch over the wide, strong definition of his quads and hamstrings. And finally it was a trial just kicking them off at his ankles, the cuffs had become tight; the fabric was bunched up, and his large feet were hard to pass through the denim.

            “Can you help?” He asked, trying to kick away the denim in a silly fashion.

            I obliged immediately, I crouched down and got an eyeful of Ben’s bulge in the soft pink pouch of his underwear. I took the pants and helped pulled them off his feet, and on my hands knees I caught a nice whiff of Ben’s feet. I loved the smell of jock sweat, and this was no exception! I crouched a little longer than I needed to after the pants came off to really savor the view and the smell.

            Ben had gotten some pants from the big and tall section, it would be a challenge finding a pair that would accommodate the enhanced muscularity of his thighs. Every pair we found, either denim, slacks, or sweat pants had to be tightened at the waist because the sizes he needed were not built to meet someone of Ben’s muscular definition. They were like the shirts, built for people with wide waists. Ben did not have this, he just had a huge, strong butt. Whatever we found, we made sure to get a belt or two to make sure they could be warn without sagging down. Although the belt was sexy, I kind of liked seeing the crest of Ben’s ass peering over the pant line.

            It was at the point I again noticed his wrecked shoes, “Geeze these have seen better days.” I mentioned.

            “Yeah, I beat the hell out of these size 12s this spring with all my running. Time to size up.”

            “Oh hey I’m a size 12 too!” I remarked.

            “Yeah,” Ben sneered cockily, “Well I was, but now I’m looking for a 13 my man.”

            “I thought I saw some Asics and pumas over there.” I pointed out with a bit of meekness in my voice. My size 12s were still quite comfortable.

            “Bet,” Ben returned, and moseyed over to the shoes, literally having forgotten all his waste clothing in the aisle and electing to wear his outfit out of the store. Who could blame him? He probably couldn’t fit back into them!

            Not wanting to be left out I decided to I don’t know, look at socks? Ben, as he confessed to me on the ride over here was “a big slut for shoes and underwear” (his words, not mine). As such he had studied each and every shoe to his satisfaction, when he finally found a size 13 he snapped his fingers “This is it, this is the pair I want.” A pair of blue Asics running shoes. They looked pretty good. Ben tried stuffing his foot into one of the shoes and had he not been so surprised, he would have been disappointed! It didn’t fit! It was slightly too tight and the size 14 of the same pair was his next go to…they fit like a glove!

            “Dude size 14s! You know what they say about guys with big feet!” I praised.

            Ben groped his dick and stuck out his tongue while winking at me, “I think you already know, bro!”

            We got our things together after Ben was satisfied, and Ben spoke up, “Let’s go bro, you got food to buy me!” he was kidding, but in the end it proved not to be a joke. I’ll admit I jumped at the chance!

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            Ben and I made it back to my place both shortly after 11PM and pissing off the closing crew at Wendy’s with our $52 order. Let me tell you, we smashed that food in no time at all! Ben had 40 fucking chicken nuggets to himself, as his entrée. Why? Because it was because it had the most protein! But that didn’t stop him from scoring a couple sandwiches too, and some fries too. My appetite kind of paled in comparison, I ordered a couple of number 5 combos and a milkshake.

            I was a little embarrassed so I refrained from eating on the ride home, but Ben couldn’t help himself. “The smell man, it’s too good!” he explained. “Fresh.”

            “Yeah,” I submitted, “I suppose you’re right.” And began chowing down.

            Before long we crept up my driveway and walked up to my humble abode.

            “I gotta say man,” Ben began, “I like your place, and all the woods you got to yourself out here. It’s spacious, really a place you can stretch your legs.”

            We climbed out the car, with an absurd sum of warm fast food bags in hand, “I like it don’t get me wrong,” I said, “But honestly, the house itself is a little small…Could do with some renovation for sure.”

            Ben chuckled, “Can’t say that I don’t agree, but it’s still a nice, little place.” He winked.

            “I wish I had more space, like your place dude. I’m low key envious of your gym downstairs.” I returned, “I have shit for equipment here.”

            “Well it’s good to see you at least want it, shows you’re committed to the craft.” Ben smiled handsomely as we collapsed onto my living room furniture.

            After some feasting and watching some mindless nonsense we let our food digest. We were sitting on the couch together, and Ben was sprawled out resting on the other side. All of a sudden I heard a “Psst.”

            So I looked over, and he waved his hand and patted his chest. He was inviting me to come lay against him.

            I scooted over and got close, and laid my head back against Ben’s broad, and powerful chest. I could hear his powerful heart beat, slow and steady as I rested my ear against his pecs. His big arms wrapped around me, and he started to feel me across my torso and we kind of laid there for a minute.

            This was bliss, but for just a second I broke away mentally from the moment. It was his chest that triggered my sudden train of thought. His awesome chest had I swear, gotten even more massive as evident under his brand new shirt. I swear, Ben just kept getting bigger and bigger, and despite all my dreams and fantasies there was a part of me that realized something is wrong here. A person should not be growing this fast, as Ben was. I could write my gains off as a pump, but Ben I swear was clearly getting larger at a rate far faster than anything close to natural. Was that Megadrol stuff really that powerful? I did some reading on the Ligandrol and to be honest meh, but this Megadrol? I scoured the internet trying to find something and nothing! It doesn’t exist in cyberspace! Frankly it was alarming, was Ben going to be okay? He seemed alright, in fact as a nurse I could sense he was healthier than ever! What’s more he was reveling in it, enjoying the process, becoming what he wanted to be and more! Why was a I freaked out? But also, why wasn’t I even more freaked out? Who would I even tell and why?  

            My mind was overcome with this flood of thought. But then, Ben’s strong hands starting running up and down my stomach, and caressing my chest.

            “Damn,” he growled, “You are getting bigger yourself.” I couldn’t resist myself any longer, and I immediately responded by running my hands up under his shirt and shuddering at his abdominal muscles. I then brought the fabric up to his chest and started kissing it. Licking it.

            “Mmm.” Ben moaned, and adjusted himself to lay back on the couch so that I was on top of him, servicing his body. He started to undo his pants, and had to buck his legs up to pull them off over his glutes. This revealed the strained Hollister underwear, now nearly transparent in all parts except the bulbous pouch.

            I graciously assisted in relieving Ben of his troublesome pants, and he treated me with pulling down his waist band. That is when I full blown gasped.

            “What!” Ben said with a semi-feigned alarm.

            “Bro,” I faltered, “Y-your cock has gotten bigger, like significantly since I’ve seen it last, I mean your whole body has, but…this…has grown!”

            Ben’s generous manhood responded by throbbing up into full erection, which only underscored my point. This was a little scary now. But I had to have it in my hands, immediately. In my mouth. I licked the shaft up and down and worked his balls just like he loved. I did my best to give Ben a blow job on the couch, and I made a valiant effort, but it wasn’t long before Ben said, “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

            I could not agree more. I took my shirt off as I stood up and was given chills as Ben crouched down and began licking my nipples and chest, while unbuttoning my pants. In now time at all his long arms dropped my trousers and he was massaging my dick through my underwear.

            “Take them off.” He ordered, and I did so. My rod bounced to attention as I ripped off my briefs, and Ben pulled me in close where we started a hot, heavy (literally!) make-out session in my living room, in front of the open windows. Thankfully none of my neighbors saw but some people driving by might have caught a show!

            Suddenly, Ben picked me up so that my legs straddled his hips, and was carrying me in a way that I as a tall person was entirely unused to. And it, was so gratifying, feeling his hot dick pressing against my ass as he literally carried me into my bedroom, it made me eschew any hesitation. I started to ache for what came next.

            He did not even have to ask, a part of me knew that if this trend of Ben’s supernatural growth continued I may never get another chance like this. While I chose to ponder all the bizarre implications later, for now I had submit myself entirely to Ben’s power. He treated me good, he worked my ass nicely at first. But I felt the difference and I flinched with pain when Ben brought all 10+ inches of his member into my body. But as my ass collided with his hips, I knew I needed all that he could give me.

            He slowly started gyrating his hips, and I started to press against him harder, and pretty soon we were fucking harder than I have before in my entire life. I came once, but Ben had not and did not want to stop, and fuck! Neither did I! So he kept pounding me with his awesome, perfect dick and I wound up cumming a second time, right as soon as Ben released his own in perfect symphony with mine. It was…I shiver typing this…GLORIOUS. How else can one describe sex on paper?

            And there in my bed, in sweaty, masculine satisfaction we again collapsed into bed together, albeit this time in my tiny bedroom. There I began to reel again with all the thoughts I had before. But looking back, sex with Ben was one of the best things to ever happen to me.

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            Laying there in on the cusp of dawn I stirred awake, completely disoriented for just a moment. I had to take stock of my surroundings and my situation, and it didn’t take long before I realized I was in a good place.

            As he lightly snored, Ben spooned me from behind I laid there feeling the warmth of his body and the firm density of his chest and arms resting against my upper back and side. It was a magical moment. But in my solitude, only accompanied by Ben’s breathing I wriggled my toes and realized that Ben’s feet nuzzled up to the bottom of my own, meanwhile his long legs were bent at the knee. All the while, his nose face rested gently just behind my head.

            Even in the darkness, I could perceptively notice Ben’s size gains. I was privileged to literally feel it. There was something about his muscles every time I came in contact with them, they felt harder, denser, stronger. I shifted worriedly in bed a bit.

            What was happening exactly? Could this really be a result of the Megadrol? I doubted it, I mean why wouldn’t there have been some sort of news about this drug’s effect? Was it something the FDA did not want to get out that bad? The more I thought about it the whole matter boggled my mind, how did someone like Ben get his hands on this? How far could this all really go, was Ben going to keep getting bigger?

            My mind raced. Ben broke the silence and asked tiredly, “You okay, little man?” and this had made me flinch.

            “U-uh, yeah dude. I’m good.” I stuttered.

            “You sure?” He said, obviously incredulous.

            I hesitated, my silence was telling.

            “You can say anything to me, bro.” He purred.

            I gulped, and took a breath. I just came out with it, “Ben, I’m a little concerned about you.”

            “How do you mean?” He asked.

            “Dude, I swear you’re getting bigger. I mean, quickly. Too quickly, I’m a little alarmed.” I said, trying to frame it from my medical side.

            He waited for me to elaborate.

            “A-and, I mean this Megadrol stuff, it’s just…I don’t know what to make of it.” I went on, “Are you sure you’re okay with what you’re doing? What if it’s messing up your body for life?” I naïvely pestered.

            “Matt,” He said in a sexy, seductive tone, “Come here, turn around.”

            In the glimmering light of dawn, I turned around to face him dead on, his hazel eyes pierced the dark. It was arresting, as he held me tight with his bulging arms and our manhoods ground together in a way that instantly gave us both semis.

            Ben continued, “I’m not sure what’s happening either, but I won’t deny that it’s happening, and I’m loving it. I don’t want this to stop. You remember what we talked about last time, right? About getting shredded beyond all belief? Well, I am manifesting it and I don’t plan to stop. If you’re wondering if you think it’s the Megadrol, I’m thinking it’s a big factor. But even AlphaLabs, in their reports didn’t say I would put on this much weight in a matter of days.”

            “H-how much?” I asked.

            “Forty pounds.” He replied like it were no big deal.

            I shot back, “You’ve gained forty pounds in two days?!”

            He shrugged as best he could lying down, “Yeah. It’s something isn’t it? The estimates with proper diet and exercise suggested maybe a pound or two a week. But this, result is admittedly a little more than what I was prepared for…at first.” He raised his ledt arm and flexed it. I knew he felt my reaction against his hip.

            “But aren’t you worried it might be taking a toll on your health?” I pressed.

            “Worried?” He returned, “Who’s worried? Sounds like you are more than me, Matt!” he smiled.

            I sputtered, “I mean…I don’t know I think you should see a doctor or, I don’t know…something!”

            “Listen,” he said, gently grabbing my chin and focusing my rather frantic fidgeting, “I’ll do it for you.” And then he kissed me. “Now settle down, Nancy.”

            I smirked, and took Ben’s jeer as what they were: a joke that meant he cared for me. I had a small moment of eureka, “Maybe we should talk to someone at like University of Michigan?”

            “You wanna go to Ann Arbor?” Ben scoffed, “No thanks man. Ann Arbor can come to me. Tell you what. Let’s give this a bit more time, who knows maybe I’m just a late bloomer blessed with good genes and this stuff is just amplifying it or something. Until I feel sick or something let’s avoid calling a doctor and have some fun with it, because man— I feel great! I have tons of energy, I look awesome and I feel like I can take on the world.”

            I pursed my lips with concern.

            “Besides,” Ben finished up, “I wanted to get a workout in, and we are hanging out with Spencer tomorrow.”  He started collecting his things, I got one last look of his ass before he slipped on his new clothes. While Ben looked big, he didn’t look bigger like I had almost expected upon waking.

            I was disheartened to see him about to leave. I wanted to speak up, and ask if I could come with…but I couldn’t…I had to work. The sight of him readying to go and my impending shift was almost too much to bear and I remember a tear actually forming as Ben put on his shirt.

            “See you tomorrow, dude.” He said to me.

            “If you want some free food come by tonight if you like.” I offered with no forethought at all, desperately trying to get him to come back.

            He raised his eyebrows in thought, “Hey maybe!”

            And then he was gone.



*                      *                      *


            While I went to work and toiled, Ben had gone home and did just as he had promised. He chowed down on a quick breakfast, took his daily dosage and went to work in his basement. He set up his bench press, two plates to start off.

            This was too easy! Warm up, bitch weight! Ben laughed at the ease of it. He remembered having the damnedest time trying just 135lbs back freshman year, and here was doing nearly twice the load like it was nothing.

            Ben racked up another 45 pound plate on each end of the bar, a full 315. This while quite a feat and a personal goal of his for some time. He sat himself under the bar, with just a hint of trepidation over not having a spotter. But he could feel his augmented power, surging through his pectoral muscles. There was no doubt he could accomplish the weight, but how much?

            Ben inhaled, and excitedly looked up at the bar, gripping it and admiring the definition in his forearms. He hoisted the bar with no problem, and brought it down. Then up. It wasn’t hard at all! He was elated, he did it again! Easy peezy! He kept going, a fourth, a fifth a sixth, all coming by with astonishing ease!”

            “YEAH!” Ben cheered himself on as he began to struggle at his eighth rep. “LET’S FUCKING GOOOO!” He cried as he kept at with a ninth and a tenth rep before racking the bar.

            “Fuck yeah!” He congratulated himself. Completely stoked beyond belief, Ben started pounding out a superset of bicep curls, shoulder flies, squats and tricep kickbacks. Each exercise he accomplished with mind blowing personal records on weight and performance, all executed with perfect form. What’s more is that Ben love working out in his basement because he would do it shirtless! He could see each and every muscle flex and demonstrate their unbridled strength.

            Ben kept powering through each exercise, he began pouring sweat, but a sense of ecstasy had overcome him. Each exercise, while challenging did not seem hard at all. Ben even racked up 60 more pounds on the bench (all the weight he had in his house!) and managed a staggering 5 reps!

            After he hammered this legendary 375 pounds, a small tingle was coming from his hands. Not like the tingle gets when a part of their body falls asleep, rather it was a warm and pleasant tingle. It was warm, and it extended from his fingertips up his arms and across his body. It was a euphoric feeling.

            And then all of a sudden an indescribable sensation of pleasure seemed to emanate from every fiber of his body. It felt like every muscle fiber was reacting to the tingling he had felt, and it was practically orgasmic.

            “Ughh!” Ben moaned, and then checked himself out in the mirror. He focused on his body as he gratuitously flexed his arms and his pecs and his abs, which intensified the feeling. “Fuck this feels so good!”

            Ben stared at himself in the mirror, admiring his definition in the light, but then he caught something among all this pleasure. He could see his reflection in the mirror slowly adjust so that more of his head was cut off from the image. At first, Ben thought his mirror was sinking against the wall, as it was so subtle a motion. Ben savored a few more flexes but before long the feeling had subsided and so he had decided to investigate.

            Ben approached the mirror, and drew closer to his own sweaty, muscled reflection, in doing so he passed by his squat rack. And then his eyes widened with realization, it wasn’t his mirror which had moved, it was nailed to the wall, he turned to the bar for a second and realized it was no longer at the same level relative to his shoulders. He would have to crouch down further than he just had to get under it. He had just watched himself get taller! Not only that on closer inspection, but he could also visibly tell a difference in his abs, his obliques had become more striated, his V taper even more seductive!

            When he flexed his biceps, the rounded peaks heaved with even greater mass, and his pecs bounced wit greater heft, flecking sweat off them as they displaced themselves. His muscularity had only exploded in tandem with his height!

            “Holy fucking shit!” Ben cried, “That was fucking amazing! I have to show somebody!” He wondered how tall he was now!

            But first, Ben in his self-admiration couldn’t have been any hornier, and promptly took care of himself right away. He jerked off to his reflection in the mirror, he got close to it so he could study every inch of his body in the mirror. He admired every contour of his even more defined abdominals, or the new definition of his thighs and how the firmness of his muscles felt against the back of his balls now bigger than golf balls.

            The whole bottom half of the mirror needed to be cleaned afterwards.

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            Meanwhile, while Ben went home and underwent his epic revelation I had the complete opposite luck of having to clock in an hour and a half after my friend’s departure.

            I was again hungrier than I had ever been, and had to mad dash through my kitchen where afterwards it appeared as if some sort of bomb went off in my refrigerator. I cobbled together an eight egg omelet, 10 strips of bacon, four pieces of toast and glass after glass to greedily wash it down as I intermittently got ready.

            Come a half hour later, after showering, shaving and grabbing my clothes from the drier because I let them wrinkle on my bedroom floor, I was about ready to go. I put on my pants, and noticed they felt pretty snug around my legs, and my crotch more than anything. Unusual, but not really seizing my attention as my scrub top had when I began to put it on. As I reached up and through the top and began pulling down past my lats, shoulders and chest I was met with some surprising resistance. The garment had seemingly shrunk and become much tighter, which was underscored by the sound of a couple stitches popping somewhere under my armpits.

            It hugged my midsection tightly, at first I swore they had shrunk in the drier due to the high heat that I used. But as I passed by my mirror I took a pause. Up till this point in my haste I didn’t really look myself over as I probably should have. But if I was unfocused on the evident results that Ben and I’s time together before, in this moment it would largely become a central part of my mindset. Because more than anything I looked fucking fine all of a sudden! I filled these scrubs out like never before, the elastic nature of the fabric formed a striking support for my pectoral muscles as they pressed out with new mass. My shoulders rounded the tightened sleeves of the garment as the sleeves shrank away from my bulging triceps and biceps. The hem rode up lightly, kept from exposing my midriff just barely. But this was due to the tightness of the fabric against my stomach and back muscles, instead of it’s length.

            I struck a pose, my glutes were nicely complimented by the newfound tightness of the clothing! I was beside myself, these were some impressive results! Too impressive…

            Was it just the Ligandrol doing this? Don’t get me wrong, I was excited with these results. They were staggering! But was it really just my workouts and the individual compound itself doing this? Despite my pondering, I was certain to take my daily dosage…and maybe a fair helping more. Whatever was happening, just like Ben I had become increasingly open to the rewards. I was loving the results, I could feel it in myself, just like Ben, my muscles too were getting denser, objects were getting lighter. With my newfound sense of strength, I had even accidentally busted my fridge door opening it, It popped right off the hinge as it went slamming open.

            “Ooops!” And comically did a slap-dash repair that resulted in my fridge opening cockeyed. I had to go to leave for work immediately! So then, after almost doing the exact same thing to my Camry’s driver side’ door, I began the miserable crawl that was my daily commute. My only solace with the constant encouragement I felt from flexing my pecs, and my arms and my legs and feeling myself whenever I could. I again caused some accidental damage with my grip on the steering wheel as I flex my forearms. I had worn the material of the steering wheel so that it had split open at the one o’clock position. A little annoying, mainly because I realized I had to stop admiring my arms so much. I was even more annoyed when the prison came into view.

            As to be expected, it was inundating. I worked alone, which was pretty much against the law. I had a doctor “Supervising” me, but really he was some guy I just pestered via a pager who lived forty minutes away in Rochester Hills. His only help to me that day was clarifying I needed 10 units of insulin for Prisoner 32343, not 8 units.

            Tyler was the guard assigned to me that day. I normally would not have given 2/10ths of a shit which security officer sat with me during the day because largely they were all hard-asses who appeared anxious to get out of the cramped Nursing Unit. But Tyler, was proving himself different. With the departure of my only other colleague that I had received any vestige of compassion, he had stood out from the rest. Throughout the seemingly endless procession of prisoners, Tyler had become a charming respite from the hellish nature of my shift. Not to mention he was a real looker, all dressed up in uniform. He'd often hold onto the neckline of his vest and his forearm muscles would flare in a way that always caught my eye.

            Everything, in truth for the morning part of my day was going fine. But then of course we had a lovely returning guest: Daryl Phillips. The strangler from the streets of Inkster. He was immediately charming as to be expected with his surly ordering of:

            “Let’s go, c’mon let’s get this done.” As he flounced into the office.

            “Mm.” I tersely hummed, “Alrighty then.” And exhaled.

            Tyler, for his part was a bit of a softie in terms of individual control. While not a fault in his own right, I think it led to the following. I have a very specific procedure working as a nurse in a prison which is time consuming for reasons important yet hard to explain. You have to legally double verify a patient by their name and birth among all sorts of other relevant procedure before you can just hand them a pill.

            Throughout my required routine questioning and explanations of side effects Daryl had grown remarkably impatient and was telling me to “Hurry up,” or “Get on with it!” in increasing volume and harshness of tone.

            Tyler did not intervene in any way, perhaps I wonder if he was not afraid of being strangled with piano wire?

            Either way, Daryl cried “Just give me my fucking pills you goddamn faggot!” as I was about to administer them.

            I shot back, “Don’t you talk to me like that again!” with just a little bit of that sass  I have always had.

            “Fuck you fairy!!” Daryl hollered tried springing to his feet as he had been sitting in a wooden chair, he appeared to be simultaneously reaching for a sharp object with his left hand, while trying to restrain me with his right.

 Reflexively, I pushed him backwards with all my might, instinctively driving my foot into the ground and exerting as much force as possible. To my surprise, I had successfully flung the prisoner back so hard that his feet went laughably flying over his head as he blew back and tottered backwards on the chair behind him.

            Tyler, to my dismay kind of froze in the immediacy of it all and approached my back to cover me…I guess. I suppose he thought I could handle it alone, either way that’s what shook out.

 Daryl, of course not nearly subdued, albeit slightly dazed got to his feet. But something beastly had arisen in me, a fervor, an exultation of this sudden moment of power and I had never felt so strong! I accosted Daryl at a lightening pace and while he managed to land a few blows, his shiv had fallen to the floor and had no advantage on me any longer. In fact, what measly hits did land, they were hardly incapacitating in the least! They left a mark or two on my shoulder and torso, I’ll hand it to him, but in no short order I had managed to grab Daryl by his clothes.

 In something that I had only seen in movies, I quite literally lifted him up by his jumpsuit, and rammed him into a wall. While holding him up (with just my right arm!) I landed a fierce and damning uppercut to his jaw. I saw the light go out of his eyes and as he began going limp, I tossed him down on a metal trash can in the corner. In all this I had thrown him up and against all sorts of medical supplies and created a huge mess for him to fall in and bleed over.

At last, Tyler proved useful and slammed the lockdown alarm, and handcuffed Daryl’s limp body to some pipework on the wall until backup showed. I rolled my eyes in frustration at all this, because this would surely all now fall squarely on me as it happened in my unit, and that meant I was about to face the ever so lovely warden, Carson Vander.

But to my small mercy, Tyler did say, “Holy fuck dude, you are way stronger than I thought you were!” right before all the nearby security officers converged on us.

  An hour later, after a shitshow of a lockdown that interrupted all the prisoner’s lunch and I’m sure made me even more popular with the staff and general population, I was called to Vander’s office by his waspy secretary who’s name I forget and I stood behind his door for a second. My heart was racing, my palms were sweating. I took a deep breath and went in.

His back was turned for a moment, and he silently cut me a glance as he turned. A hateful and devilish gaze that foretold the haranguing I was about to receive. But this was not all bad, because right as that potbellied goon Carson inhaled to begin his trade, Tyler had come in right behind me. He had allayed the initial tsunami of badgering by…well absorbing it for me. I was kind of grateful, but felt sorry for the guy as he was screamed at to “Get the fuck out!”

He stood close by the door, waiting his turn.

“So,” He rustled his tongue across his teeth, “You like causing fights and collateral damage to this prison huh?”

“Sir, I was just defending myself.” I very professionally and straightforwardly mentioned.

He guffawed, “Ha! Defending yourself? You call what you did to that poor prisoner self-defense? The ER called just minutes ago and reported his has multiple ribs broken and this new-mo-four-ax or whatever the fuck they said.”

I practically laughed at his butchering of ‘pneumothorax’, I definitely smirked. If for two reasons, one was the warden’s obvious ignorance. The other was the realization that: Damn! I fucked Daryl up! I literally popped his lung from my brute force alone! Granted a trash can may have upped my chances, but in that fleeting instant I was darkly delighted at my complete and total domination of my opponent.

“Something funny, gutterball?” Vander scolded, “You think this is some sort of playground where you can just batter inmates because they tell you like it is?”

I was taken aback.

“Yeah that’s right,” Carson spat, “Get offended you fucking snowflake. God your type disgusts me, woke ass good-for-nothings. You need to realize that this prison is paying out the ass for your limpwristed half-assed attempt at “nursing”. You are doing a woman’s job and you are doing it worse than anything I have ever seen. How does that make you feel, being less than a woman?”

I was genuinely shocked by this newfound frontier of treating-me-like-shit the warden had begun to explore. I stammered, “Y-your g-gonna…”

He drew nearer and mockingly changed his voice, “Oh what, what’s am I gonna do gutterball? Hm? Tell me, please.”

“Y-your gonna regret saying these things to me…” I managed to say in a way that was less than heroic.

Instead of taking it seriously he laughed, “Ha! Sure, don’t tell me you don’t need this job. Where ya gonna go? A nursing home and make 30,000 a year to break your back flipping grandma? Or are you gonna take the 75k you know your…alternative kind needs.”

I cast back angrily, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means what you think it means. Don’t ask don’t tell kid, it’s all I have to say. I lived by it when I was younger but you, you just ram it down our throats here with that behavior of yours and more than anything that’s what lands you in positions like these. Hate to say it, but if you’re gonna work here you need to be tough! And I have never seen anyone less than you so far!”

I wanted to scream ‘I put a man in the hospital today!’ or ‘I could fuck you up right now you pathetic fat piece of shit!” but my face reddened, I held my tongue. I was beginning to question if I really needed that 75k a year.

All of a sudden my mind reeled with the possibility. I had some decent savings from this very well paying job. I had a place to live, and could work anywhere really. I don’t think anyone had ever taken this level of abuse from their boss, not that I’ve ever heard.

But more than anything. I thought what Ben said when I had half-jokingly asked to sample the Megadrol. He made me think heavily about the idea of commitment of our mutual pursuit of physical perfection. This job, ate away at my ability to do just that. To grow and change into something greater.

So then, in no time at all it just…the words they just came out of my mouth:

“Fuck you, you fat fuck, I fucking quit!”

Maybe I overused the word “Fuck” in that moment, but short of being able to legally take a dump on his desk, this was the best I could do in the moment.

I don’t think he was quite prepared for the consequences of his actions. I saw the astonishment in his initial facial reaction. Now he was without a nursing staff, and had to find a way to make sure his general population accessed state required services. But, this wound up being too small a factor to outweigh Vander’s massively overcompensating ego.

“Fine! You mindless, millennial good-for-nothing, sashay away or whatever it is your kind does!” He barked as I took my triumphant leave from the office, slamming the door for affect as my last word.

Tyler stared at me, mouth agape. He had been able to listen the entire time, and mouthed the words “I’m so sorry!”

And all I did, was smile and wink.

In less than a half hour I had my personal items in a box and was sitting in my car slowly exiting the prison. I left the campus of Oakland Prison that day with a sense of relief, of liberation. It was almost as if a weight had been lifted on my head; and while I understood there was the supposed inevitability of having to find a new job, that was a million years in the future in my mind.

I pulled over at a gas station in the small little crossroads town of Wilmott, closest town to the prison. I was running on empty. Both in terms of gasoline, and food in my stomach. I decided to get a few protein bars along with six of those big gas station taquitos on the roller. I also got a liter and a half bottle of chocolate milk for the road.

The cashier asked me, “Damn man, been hitting the gym a bit, yeah?” to my personal flattery.

“Hehe,” I chuckled, “Yeah, a bit.”

“Big man’s gotta eat,” He complimented further.

“Truth.” I replied, before asking for my gas.

As I pumped my gas, I decided to restart my phone which had been cooking in the glovebox amid the humid summer heat.

At that moment, is when my phone had a seizure. It erupted with text messages and missed calls. One text was from Spencer: “Hey we still on for tomorrow?”

“Yeah.” I replied with a smiley face.

But really in truth, my attention was on the 22 other text messages from Ben.

“MATT” the first one read.





            These were just some of the few. I called Ben back, he answered on the second ring. My evening was about to get a lot more interesting.

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            The phone call yielded little information, just more of the same You’re-not-gonna-believe-this vibe that Ben had exhorted via text. I practically begged to know what the matter was, but Ben did not want to say over the phone. Rather his advertising had me on the edge of my driver’s seat as I rushed over, in my eagerness I had inadvertently expanded the hole I had made earlier on the steering wheel.

            I bolted home as best I could, my suspension crying out to me as I tore it a new one. I came to a sliding halt in Ben’s driveway and hurried up to the house. He had texted me as I drove:

            “Just come in when u get here”

            So I did.

            The upstairs was empty, the living room which Ben did not really use that often was a little messy. The kitchen even emptier, literally! The cupboards several open, were emptied. The house was quiet.

            “Yo Ben!” I called out.

            “Hey dude, I’m downstairs!” He called back.

            I started my jot down the stairs and asked, “So what on earth is the big deal bro? Why did I have to hurry over here like this?”

            I found Ben sitting down on the cross sectional he had, he was watching TV. He had a wily look on his face, giddy. He was fully clothed in his new Blue XL top and right away it caught my eye, Ben just kept looking better and better! I wrote it off to the nice lighting, but I was half certain Ben’s chest had gotten even larger.

            “Dude! Good to see you!” He said unable to contain his smile.

            “What man?” I asked, finding the smile infectious.

            He began, “Matt, after I left your place this morning I wanted to get a chest workout in right? I was feeling hyped and I tried out a new PR.” He pointed to the bench, “I did all that like it was nothing!”

            I looked at the bench, the full sum of every plate Ben owned was on the bar, flexing the bar in a way I had never seen in the flesh. “What!” I said in jovial surprise, “That’s awesome!”

            Ben kept on, “But dude it gets better! I…I don’t know how to explain this so I’mma just say it like it is: I watched myself get bigger! I literally saw myself grow!”

            My heart started to pound as I looked at my friend in disbelief.

            He said, “I hit the weights so hard, and all of a sudden my body started almost vibrating and this sensation just went through me. I was flexing in the mirror and well…hey, come here. Come close.” He wagged his finger for me to approach. “Stand right in front of me.”

            I could feel the color leave my face, I did as I was told and got almost toe to toe to Ben who was in his shoes…I looked down and the brand new shoes looked rather tight, as if his feet were crammed into them…

            “Okay,” Ben said, “I’m going to stand up, don’t freak out.”

            I nervously laughed.

            And then Ben stood up, and boy did he stand UP!

            I shuddered, I was pushed back by Ben’s torso as it came pressing into mine, but as I adjusted myself I realized I was now standing in front of Ben in a way that I had never before. I was staring directly eye level with the bottom of his chin. I had to now physically look up to Ben if I wanted to look him in the eye, and I remember distinctly this was not the case yesterday!

            “Oh my god Ben!” I said in a way that perfectly demonstrated my sense of shock and arousal.

            Ben’s body after all, had a concurrent explosion in mass as well with his new height. His body in a way, eclipsed my own in every respect. I was humbling. I could literally hide behind him if I wanted to. It was overwhelming, his hot breath raining down on my face as I looked slightly down and gasped again at how insanely broad his pectoral muscles were becoming. He wasn’t kidding, what a pump this guy got from bench press!

            “I-I don’t know what to say!” I babbled. “Ben, you look amazing! I’ve never seen someone has big and massive as you, I can’t believe what I’m seeing!”

            “Believe it little man! But hey even you’re looking a bit bigger yourself.” Ben complimented, then snapped his fingers, “Hey! You still got that tape measure you bought? If it’s in your car you should go get it!”

            I beamed at the idea! I still did have it just sitting in a Kroger bag in my car! I ran to my car as fast as I could and tore open the shitty awful blister pack as quickly as possible. I rushed downstairs, and Ben was standing there admiring himself in the mirror.

            “Gonna need to get a bigger mirror soon.” He said, struggling to get a close-up of his entire body without standing several feet away from the rectangular wall mounted mirror. “And some better equipment!”

            “I can’t wait to see how tall you are!” I eagerly mentioned, and did just that, I cracked open the tape like a whip and Ben stood against the wall. I stood up on my toes and found the mark.

            “What is it!” Ben excitedly demanded.

            B-Ben…You’re six-foot-six and three quarters!”

            Actually hearing it out loud sent Ben into a state of jockey ecstasy. “WOO!” He hollered, “YES, HOLY FUCKING YES! THAT’S SO AWESOME!” He hooted around the room.

            I praised “It’s astounding! You’re getting huge, bro! Just like you wanted!”

            “Now let’s do you, little man!” He winked as he settled down a bit, and excitedly shoved me against the wall in a playful fashion and sized me up.

            He reported, “6 foot, three and an extra one eighth inch little dude.”

            Incredulous, I said “That’s not right, I’m 6’2” bro. Have been since Junior year.”

            We checked again, He mentioned, “Nah man, same measurement, swear.” I was quite surprised, Ben brought my suspicion to life by saying, “Maybe you’re getting taller too!” with a wink.

            Despite my surprise, Ben made me measure out different parts of his body. He was gleeful, but he did not ask he told me to do. And of course, not wanting to disappoint him I did it immediately, and loved every second. I especially loved when he finally peeled his top off and I got to really drink in the evident effects of Ben’s amazing discovery. I had so many questions, but mainly I was rock solid and devoted to my task of sizing up my musclebound friend. It was all I wanted to do in this moment.

            “Do my arms.” He ordered first. He brought both biceps and flexed them as hard as they could, and I got to watch them swell and stretch to new definitions of huge! Ben was starting to look like a legitimate bodybuilder! His symmetry and size were truly in a competition ready state and he had only gotten to this state in a matter of days! His potentially was freaky!

            His mouth watering peaks measured in at 20 inches! We looked it up that was surprisingly only 2 inches smaller than Arnold’s at the top of his career!

            “I feel like I could tear a phone book in half with these guns!” Ben flexed his biceps proudly and kissed both of them with the respect such impressive mounds of muscle deserve.

            “Let’s do chest next!” Ben pressed, “Arnold’s was the biggest of all time at 57 inches! I wanna see how much I have to gain before I blow him out of the water!”

            I wrapped the tape measure around Ben’s heaving, prodigious plates of pectoral mass. If Ben was correct, he only needed to grow his chest about another 4 inches because he measured in at a staggering 52.8 inches.

            “Yes!” Ben popped his pecs proudly, to really emphasize his appreciation for my diligent measuring he let me cop a feel before he told me “I want my thighs next, bro.”

            Ben did not hesitate to strip down even further. He was wearing the kind of baggy pants we selected from Meijer. And holy shit were his legs ever huge! They were massive, with a wide teardrop sweep and rippling mass which roiled under his skin with the most modest movement. In just his underwear, Ben was a truly amazing physical specimen to behold! His Hollisters still evermore tight (though Ben assured me some XXL’s were on the way soon), near to bursting with the heaving contents of his pouch and the perfectly sculpted heft of his ass cheeks which spread the fabric out to leave almost no coverage at all! You could see Ben’s ass crack through the fabric, and all I wanted to do was free it from its polyester prison!

            But I got to work on measuring his quadricep as I was told. It measured in at 30.5 inches. Just like his biceps, they were completely symmetrical in size and mass! Ben flared them in all their glory, and bragged, “I bet I could lift a car off it’s wheels with these legs!”

            And then he snapped his fingers! “Bro!” He said, “I still haven’t done squats yet, I just did bench earlier. Wanna see me push some weight?”

            Even if I said no, I knew it would happen anyway. And the answer of course would never be no! I too wanted to put this flight of fancy Ben claimed to the test, (though I already did not need much convincing).

            Ben adjusted the squat rack and transitioned all the weight he could to his bar. I realized now that Ben was probably starting to find his home gym pretty constricting. The space in it alone was rather confined, but more than anything I noticed Ben’s ascent had brought him ever more closer to his basement’s low 7.5 foot ceiling. It made him look all the more massive, as I realized it might not be long before the ceiling was even closer to his head. That this whole area, by virtue of Ben’s size was obsolete, and that he would need to find new grounds to give his muscles the exertion they craved.

I mean, damn! He had already said his bench was done with all of his weight, the squat would undoubtedly be not a problem! Ben racked up to the squat bar still just in his pink underwear.

“Get ready to see something wild!” Ben said, he hoisted the near 400 lbs on his back.

“I’m ready!” I cheered as I looked on with anticipation.

“UMMPHF!” Ben said as he squatted the bar, but his grunting proved to be almost for show, it implied a struggle that did not exist.

“YEAH BEN! YOU FUCKING DID IT!” I cried like a maniac.

            “TOO EASY!” Ben boasted and kept squatting, just as easily as he did his first rep, not for ten, not for fifteen but Ben squatted 375 lbs for TWENTY reps easily!”

            He started to pour sweat and breathe heavy; it was incredibly alluring.

            “Fuck that was too easy, I need more weight.” He said.

            I submitted, “B-but we don’t have any more.”

            Then he looked at me slyly, “No, I got an idea. Climb on my back little dude after I grab the bar!”

            I looked at my big friend like he were nuts! “Are you crazy!”

            “Do it! I need more weight, and I know I got this!”

            “Bro I weigh like 180lbs, I think after all this food I’ve been smashing. Shouldn’t we at least take weight off the bar before I jump on you like that?”

            “TRUST ME!” Ben ordered, and racked up on the squat rack yet again. A sweat mark started to form at the crease of his underwear. His back looked absolutely massive as I stood behind him nervously.

            He told me, as he hoisted the 375, “Just hop on like your doing a piggy back ride and hike up your legs so they’re out of my way!”

            I faltered, “I-I-I…”

            “GO NOW!” He bellowed in a deep and intimidating voice, and I almost yelped as I jumped up and locked myself on to Ben’s back gripping onto him as best as I could.

            “Fuck yeah Matt! I feel it! I feel like this is going to be a challenge worth my strength!”

            “Do it Ben!” I goaded him on, locked into the success of the situation for my own safety anyway.

            And Ben stepped back lightly, visibly unfazed by my additional weight. And I felt myself lower, I could feel the musculature of Ben’s abdomen between my thighs, the heat generated by his powerful legs rising up from below. The smell of his jockey sweat as he powered through this insane exercise, and the arousing guttural moan that rumbled through his body and out his mouth like the sexy beast he was.

            We made it to the squatted position, and Ben cried out “RAAAAGGGHHHH!” As he brought me and the full weight of the bar up and racked the both of us.

            I slid off of him and stepped back, not the least astonished both by the feat, and the amazing heat his body was putting off.

            “Fuck!” Ben shouted, “I feel so great! Like I have the strength of a bull!”

            “Ben!” I cheered, “That was— I can’t—!” I was speechless!

            And suddenly he tilted his head back a little and moaned, “Oh god, it’s the feeling, it’s coming from my legs this time!”

            “The feeling?” I asked.

            “That tingling, the vibration!” Ben returned, in completely ecstasy, “Ugh! It just makes me want to flex all of my muscles!”

            And Ben did just that he admired himself in the mirror and started a posing routine right before me. Ben focused on his legs at first, savoring the tingling sensation as it erupted from his quads and sartorius muscles, down to his calves and up through his abdomen and finally his chest and arms.

            “MMMMM….Bro, Matt, this feels soooooo good!” Ben moaned further, “You have no clue!”

            Ben kept flexing, he worked his way to his burgeoning triceps and biceps, and gave some love to his chest which was already pumped beyond all belief from his earlier workout.

            Then Ben’s muscles began to react like before. “Oh fuck!” Ben exclaimed, “I feel it coming!”

            I almost asked “What?” But Ben proceeded to answer for me.

            “YEAH!” Ben cried out, “Matt look, it’s happening again! I’m growing!”

            I gasped, it was true! Ben’s body, almost imperceptibly at first was in fact expanding ever so slightly! I could see his hair, inching up higher and higher, his shadow behind him expanding against the wall. His feet, sliding across the carpet, and his muscles ballooning to new definitions of huge!

            “Ben! You are growing!” I affirmed the obvious.

            Ben’s chest, every time he took a breath would never seem to shrink back down. Ben’s shoulders visibly expanded outwards in their roundness, and his lats seemed to press his arms every slightly wider away from his trunk. But nowhere was the expansion of Ben’s body more evident than his lower half. His legs were stretching longer, I visibly could see his kneecaps rising, while simultaneously his already enormous calves pressed out and upward with increased mass. His thighs and hamstrings continued to roil and inflate to larger dimensions.

            Then finally, aided by the already mind numbing thickness of Ben’s amazing ass, only enhanced by this magnificent surge of size and muscle, utterly compromised the underwear he was wearing. The fabric lost all integrity at the seams of his pouch, The thighs of his briefs blew out in an epic moment, that exposed his glutes and left only his waistband and the tatters that remained desperately trying to conceal the swollen contents on Ben’s manhood. For the briefest moment the garment resembled a thong. But the pink fabric could not stand a chance from the pressure of Ben’s huge cock and testicles, comparable in size to two lemons stuffed inside the pouch. And Ben’s was still soft!!

            Finally, with a little bobbing his cock, as Ben milked every last orgasmic second, he could out of his growth spurt, the fabric succumbed to the outward pressure of Ben’s size, and out reeled a dick that had to be 6 inches, flaccid! It looked like I could lose my hand in the area Ben’s balls covered against his thighs, and I’d probably lose it anyway if Ben squeezed hard enough with those legs! He looked like an Adonis! It was unbelievable!

            “How do you like me now, Matt?” Ben bragged, running his hands up and down his body in pure revelry, “Big enough of a man for you?”

            I by this time had practically collapsed into the sofa, I felt the need to sit down as I was so stunned by the transformation I had just witnessed. All the blood had gone somewhere else in my body that the head on my shoulders, no doubt. Ben without question looked significantly taller than just moments ago!

            “H-how tall are you now?” I asked, even though no one knew the answer yet as we had not measured.

            Ben sneered, “We’re about to find out.”

            I stood up, nervous to approach Ben at all, intimidated by this supernatural gift of his. I took a step forward and flinched when Ben all of the sudden said:

            “But first!” And then looked at me with a sexy, if not mischievous look in his eye. His hands sensually ran down his bricks of abdominal muscle, do his hips and finally his massive, exposed member. “We got something else to measure.”

            And that’s when he started tugging.

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            Ben’s dick reacted immediately to his strong hand and long fingers, it did not take much, he was half erect as it was. I felt a lump in my throat, I stood before him and began to slump to my knees. My legs, despite their usual and frankly growing strength, were rendered weak by the sight of Ben’s magnificent discovery, and his ever more magnificent cock. It was as if I naturally, instinctively knew I was supposed to be on my knees from just witnessing the whole spectacle.

            Meanwhile, Ben’s dick reeled out before him; he stroked the thick, mouthwatering shaft with his right hand, and caressed his heavy ball in the left. I looked at it amazed, I had always considered myself fairly well endowed, but THIS? This was almost scary! Ben’s dick, every time I saw it only became more powerful and massive just like the rest of him!       

            He became full mast, and tilted his head back and let out a sexy, deep moan. “Fuck, this feels amazing!”

            I just sat there, in reverie, “You look amazing.” I could only say with a hushed honesty.

            He smiled and looked down at me, and then he said, “Don’t just sit there, measure it dude!”

            My hands were shaking visibly as I raised them to do just that. I felt the heat radiating off him as I brought my right hand down to the base of his dick, nestled in the groomed tuft of pubes. A thunder shock of arousal flashed through me from just resting my hand there, and accidentally brushing his shaft with my left hand as I drew up the measuring tape inch after inch after inch. I made it to his thick, luscious head and gasped lightly.

            “Ben! Your dick is 12 and half inches long, it’s over a foot!” I praised with astonishment, “This is the biggest dick I have ever seen!”

            In approval, Ben flexed his bicep, “Fuck yeah! It looks the part, damn I’m huge all over! Now measure the girth.”

            I ran the tape measure around the mighty shaft, Ben liked the sensation and bucked his hips and rubbed one of his nipples.

 I reported back, “You’re ten inches around…”

“Fuck, I’m hung like a porn star, this so fucking awesome!” Ben hooted, his dick bobbing excitedly before me.

“You’re so fucking hot, dude, That was absolutely amazing, you should be so proud of yourself…you have a gift! It’s like a superpower!” I praised. But on the inside just a small, rapidly vanishing part of me cried out: ‘What the fuck are you saying, this is insane!’

“I am proud, look at me Matt! Look at all this muscle!” Ben ran his hands down his pectorals and over his abs where they eventually landed on his rod. He started stroking again, he then asked me, from way up near his ceiling that looked dangerously close to the top of his head now: “Why are your clothes still on?”

I bit my lower lip and smiled, I ripped my shirt off and clutched Ben’s cock in my hand, stroking it as I worked my pants off, still on my knees. It felt so hot in my hand, both sexually and literal temperature, his massive body was definitely putting off some heat from this workout. I ran my hand up and down his shaft and he reacted by clenching his amazing ass and bucking his hips out further, really emphasizing the amount of SIZE he was packing!

I could scarcely get my shorts down to my knees, I too was rock solid, but the disparity in size was transparent. My respectable 8 inch member was almost dwarfed by five whole extra inches of Ben’s penis. It was intimidating, and a little emasculating. This gorgeous, perfectly proportioned cock in front of me made me feel humbled, but also made my mouth water. I had to have it, and right on cue, Ben who saw the want in my eyes instructed:

“Go ahead bro, I know you want to.”

God was he ever right! I approached the head of his dick in slow reverence and for just a moment, hesitation. There was almost no way I was gonna be able to fit his erect manhood completely in my mouth, hell, I struggled to open wide enough for a second. But I was eager, I was hungry for everything Ben had and more!

I made my task at hand easier by running my tongue up and down the length of Ben’s manhood, lubricating it to some degree. Ben responded with an appreciative moan and a subtle bouncing of his pecs. He caressed the back of my head, playfully rubbing my hair as I started to work my mouth over his head.

His whole body shuddered, I tasted a bit of precum, it made me even hornier. With a sudden abandon I tried thrusting Ben’s hard dick as far back into my throat as I could. I made it about two thirds of the way down before I had to ease back, but I didn’t gag. I was determined.

“Fuck, Matt!” Ben growled in a deep baritone I had never heard him make quite before. It was a powerful and deep sonic force that drove my desire into overdrive, I had to please him further.

Whatever overcame me, drove me further down Ben’s rod, inch after inch I tried to reach the base of his mighty member, but in vain. I was still giving Ben one amazing blow job but I couldn’t make myself kiss his waist, though I longed to. In one last attempt after several minutes of working his dick, I choked. I reeled back in humiliation, having to wipe my face.

Ben chuckled in that same, sensual baritone I was starting to think his voice may have permanently deepened  bit. “Nice try little dude.” He told me, as he squatted down to meet my gaze.

I cleaned myself off and he grabbed me by the chin, and said “Now it’s your turn.” And pushed his face into mine, driving his tongue into my mouth. It was almost overwhelming, literally every part of this man was bigger, I could feel even his tongue was overpowering my own, however playfully they wrestled. His nose rose ever higher against my face, I felt in a sense minimized, literally physically small in a way I had never before.

Ben pressed me back on my ass, onto the foam mats he had laid down to protect the floor from the barbells and weights and rack. I sprawled out in the nude as he squatted down, pressing me down against my chest with a gentle, but firm and irresistible force. He ran his hand down my stomach and commented, “Damn dude you’re really packing on mass too!” with a wink. “Look at these abs of yours, really coming through,” and then he playfully ran his hands over my four pack.

I blushed a bit, the flattery was real. His hands worked their way down my obliques and soon under my back, where he grabbed my ass, one cheek in each hand. He brought his heaving torso down low and extended his long, long legs back so his face came down to my dick. His hot breath against my rod alone was practically edging me alone.

“Your ass is really filling out, I can’t help but stare at it, bro.” he remarked.

“L-likewise!” I practically squeaked, because immediately after Ben began deep throating me. It was no problem for him at all, his mouth and tongue slid onto my dick like a glove.

I shuddered with absolute overwhelming sexual pleasure; it was magnificent! The way his thick, talented tongue worked its way around and up and down my shaft. It seems literally everything about this muscle stud had enhanced! It was absolutely overstimulating.

Everything was all too much, I had to slow down, “Fuck, Ben! I’m gonna bust if you don’t stop!” I urged, telling the humiliating truth maybe a minute in.

To both my relief and disappointment, Ben stopped and smirked at me. “What’s the matter I’m turning you on too much, little guy? You can’t cum just yet, we’re just getting started.”

As a wave of pure bliss exited my body at first all I could do was laugh, but then a bit of concern. “What do you mean?” I asked as if it weren’t obvious.

Ben looked down at me with his beautiful eyes and gave me a beaming smile, “I have always had this fantasy bro, lay down on the bench on your stomach, we’re gonna have some fun!”

Despite my immediate sense of protest, I began by getting up and sitting on the bench. As Ben loomed over me, walking closer, I grabbed his bouncing cock and began jerking and sucking it at the same time for a short time. I longed to feel the power and beauty of his legs, already were they dense muscled from years of track and field and running at his own leisure. Now? Built up like they were by this stint of incomprehensibly successful bodybuilding, every ridge and contour astounded me. The heft of his asscheeks in my hands further renewed my attempts to blow him to base. They felt like massive, warm bulbous watermelons of strength, no doubt everybody would dbe checking him out as he walked by!

Then I thought about my own ever so slightly trepidatious. “B-Ben,” I whimpered, “You’re too big now, I don’t know if my ass can take it!”

He arrested me by the chin gently once more, “Shh,” he shushed me, “Just lay down, I promise I’ll take it easy on you, or are you not man enough?” He cajoled.

I didn’t know what else to say, but a combination of not wanting to disappoint this hulking sexy adonis who just so happened to be my best friend, and the power of his words over me got me to lay down on the bench. I even pushed my ass up, submitting to him, completely overcome by sexual arousal than no amount of personal restraint could withhold.

Out of nowhere it seemed, Ben had some lube pretty much ready to go, as it was hiding on a nearby shelf. Perhaps indicating the legitimacy of this fantasy of his.  He started gently fingering me, working the lube and my ass in a way that caused my whole body to ignite with pleasure.

Before long I could hear the sounds of the literal slathering it took to lube up his absolutely massive penis, his strong hands running up and down the shaft and head made him moan once more.

He wiped his hands on my ass cheek and loomed over me, grabbing at the barbell that lie just over my head. He straddled me as I started to naturally arc my back in preparation, soon I felt his hot steamy head pressing against my ass, toying with it lightly.

I tried to relax as much as possible, albeit it wasn’t hard. But I’d be a liar if I didn’t say I nearly chewed a hole into the pleather bound upholstery of the bench as Ben slowly but steadily worked the massive width of his member into me. I teared up just a bit, it was painful, but something told me I couldn’t quit now, this was still hands down the best sexual experience I had ever had. What’s more I sadly wondered if this wouldn’t be the last time Ben could ever physically penetrate me without legitimate harm coming to me, should he continue growing as he had.

So I pressed into it, immersing myself in the sensation, and to my surprise, I was able to take quite a bit before I had slow things down with my inherent inferiority.

“I’m over halfway in, dude. You got this!” He cheered me on, as he relentlessly but slowly continued pressing into me deeper and deeper. It hurt, and I mean it really hurt. But the pain, was temporary.

“Fuck, I’m almost all the way in, Matt, fuck yeah dude take all this fucking dick!” Ben growled, and despite the initial literally ass tearing anguish I felt, I suffered through to please this muscle man. I finally felt his pelvis brush up against my ass, and I took a deep breath and we paused, for just a moment.

“F-fuck Ben…” I whimpered, “You’re so massive, this is the biggest dick I have ever taken!”

Ben ran his hands up and down my back before grabbing at my hips, he replied, “Hell yeah it is, and it’s only gonna get bigger!” and then began the divine grinding and thrusting.

Ben drilled my ass beyond all previous measure, it still hurt but in the most amazing way I have ever felt. And what pain there was soon subsided into pure concentrated pleasure. I submitted entirely to my friend, my beautiful, ripped, growing friend who time and again has moved me beyond every boundary in my life, be it physical, mental or orgasmic. This time was certainly no different, I had ejaculated almost immediately, but that didn’t mean I was down for the count.

Ben kept pumping and grinding his hips and cock, his massive balls slapping into me from behind, he bent over, grasping at the bench as his sweat rained down on me. Minutes pass, I came again, but it wasn’t over. I kept letting him pump his massive manhood into me and finally after several minutes he grunted: “Fuck Matt, I’m about to cum!”

I braced myself by grabbing the bars, giving me leverage to press harder against Ben’s formidable fucking.

“Holy fuck,” He moaned loudly, “Yeah! Here it comes!”

Ben then busted his nut inside me, proudly and with a roar, “Graaaagh!” He cried out like an animal!

Simultaneously, I came a third and final time, completely enraptured in the moment and the sensation. Third times the charm because it was definitely the best of the three.

We collapsed for a moment, his body on mine, his dick still in my ass. We were a sweaty, hot mess of muscle and testosterone and masculinity. The air was rich with a musk of our hot, hot sex.

We sat there, just breathing in ecstasy, his body pressed against mine, while slightly suffocating from his weight, it felt absolutely heavenly. I think we would have laid there for hours…

Had not the bench creaked, and suddenly a support bolt shot out from it’s anchorage. It was not able to handle the combined resting mass of our bodies. The bench had not been totally compromised, but the sound and the sudden lurching it made downward told us it was time to get up. Our bodies were just too heavy for the bench, though it served it’s duty one final and epic time.

“Well shit,” Ben remarked as we began toweling ourselves off, “Cheap piece of crap couldn’t handle a little fucking. Guess I’m gonna have start using the equipment at Apollo,” he smiled and then checked himself in the mirror, flexing his arms and pecs, “Wonder how big I’ll be able to get there!”

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It’s great to see this story continued! And Part 17 was well worth the wait. Hopefully Matt gets a dose (or several) of megadrol to keep up with Ben, otherwise Ben will swiftly outgrow him… I’m very curious to see how this story will unfold!

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