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Hi everyone,

I’m posting here the PART II sequel to my last story, Condo Hookup.  It’s another fairly short one, at four chapters, and will bring you up to date on what’s happening in the lives of our two protagonists, Biff and Timmy. 

Hope you like it.







When you last read about Biff and Timmy it was about five months earlier, June 2023.  During a summer tropical storm, one typically experienced by the residents of South Florida that time of year, they saw each other for the first time in their condo’s gym. 

Timmy excitedly spotted and recognized Biff from the muscle sites he wanked to as the newly crowned Mr. America.  The handsome 28-year-old bodybuilder stole the 39 year old Timmy’s heart immediately. 

Biff had HIS first gaze upon Timmy when he turned around after finishing drinking from the gym’s fountain.  With water dripping from his lips to his bulging pectorals, he looked down at the runway-handsome blond model.  When he saw the familiar muscle-heaven daze that his extreme admirers experienced when they were close to him, he sealed the deal with Timmy by giving him an obligatory quick pec bounce.

It was another day for Biff at a gym in training for the Mr. Olympia contest to be held the following November.  Rather than its usual venue in Vegas, this year it was to be held in Orlando, a much more convenient location for Biff.  It was just up the peninsular a couple of hundred miles with just a few hours of travel time to reach, when taking the Florida Turnpike. 

Besides all the fame and prestige of winning the most coveted bodybuilding trophy, the sponsorships, endorsements, and $400,000 cash prize was a tremendous incentive for those in competition.  Many experts in the bodybuilding realm had said that Biff was sure to take the first-place overall prize. 

But it was love at first sight in the condo gym for the two guys, and they consummated their relationship a few days later after bumping into each other outside Timmy’s apartment, right down the hall from where Biff lived. 


Fast forward to November, and Timmy is sitting in the front row of the huge Orange County Convention Center at the conclusion of the Mr. Olympia competition.  He is hoarse from screaming his support for his boyfriend Biff who had just won the top Eugen Sandow trophy.  His mass, symmetry, proportion, definition, and stage presence wowed the judges unanimously. 

Biff was backstage now texting Timmy, telling him that he was freezing because of his low body fat and, more importantly, that he’s practically naked now.  “Hey little boy, my muscle-bod is covered now by just my skimpy posing trunks that hardly even holds my privates. It really looks quite obscene, you know.”

“There you go again with that porn talk, Biff.  You know what that does to me!  Do you want me to come backstage to warm you up, big-boy? 

“Yeah, and while you’re here why not give me a nice blow job too.  And after you’ve had fun doing that for me, it might also serve to reduce some of the bulge in my posing trunks that I now have even more thinking about what I want to do to you when we get home.  If you don’t help me now with my dick, it might actually flop out when I come back on stage to say hello again to all my fans in the audience soon.”

Their fun texting continued for a while until it was interrupted with, “OK, ladies and gentlemen.  Give a warm congratulations to our newly crowned Mr. Olympia!”  The audience erupted into a quick roar, showing their appreciation for the handsome new muscle-king of the world.  “Biff Stevens, hailing from just down the Pike a piece in South Florida.  Come on down front and strut your stuff and give your fans just one more flex.” 

Timmy’s eyes were glued to the back of the stage where he then saw Biff coming out as the huge convention center auditorium continued their applause and hooting even louder.  Biff was spectacular- looking, with not a muscle ignored on his tanned to perfection physique.  Timmy chuckled when he saw what his boyfriend was talking about regarding the difficulty with his posing trunks.  Biff really did have a problem trying to conceal his dick in it!  Timmy thought that the root of Biff’s thick cock as well as its enormous crown’s outline might actually be showing.  Could that be?

And the audience members must see it as well!  Biff was well aware of it, and he seemed to not give a shit.  All he heard was the thunderous reaction of his supportive fans, who, to a certain extent, were perhaps screaming their love of Mr. Olympia’s package as well!  Timmy also questioned himself, “Is this being televised for future streaming, and maybe a million people will also see Biff’s abundance down there?”          

Suddenly, Biff, as he waved to the cheering audience, very confidently came down to the edge of the stage, right in front of his boyfriend.  Timmy looked almost straight up at the muscle-Adonis and then watched as he put his trophy down to do a most muscular.  Timmy heard a cocky “Oof” accompany the pose and then actually felt some spray from Biff’s overly enthusiastic grunt.  Biff then looked right down at Timmy and gave his boyfriend a white-teeth-and-dimples smile with a wink.  The same one he gave him many months ago when they looked at one another in the condo’s gym many months ago.

After a long time with photographers, autographs for his lined-up fans, and the signing of some endorsement contracts with various bodybuilding products, Biff and Timmy finally leave the convention center.  They get into Biff’s convertible sports car and head down the Turnpike for home.

Timmy put on the radio, and they hear Elton John singing “Philadelphia Freedom.”  As loud as they can shout, they sing along with the words and even try imitating the music of a favorite singer of theirs.  “Philadelphia freedom took me knee-high to a man, yeah.  Gave me peace of mind my daddy never had.”  Biff and Timmy laughed loudly at the lyrics’ innuendo, as well as at the unbelievable day this had been and the great time they were having together now.  


After arriving home, Biff has just a few days to unwind with some R & R after Orlando’s massive highs, before he got to work on his contracted endorsements for the companies he’ll be promoting.  There’s also been some serious buzz about Hollywood being interested in using him in a film.  This was a little nerve-wracking to the usually laid-back Biff, knowing this potential work would be 3,000 miles away in LA and, well, he knew he had no acting credentials. 

When he expressed this anxiety to Timmy, his lover told him that if this actually happens, he would join him in California for a while, and then said bluntly, “Biff, but you do know that they’re not hiring you for your acting skills!”  They both smiled at that, because of course that was true.

Several days later and still showing signs of the dark tan-spray used on him at the Mr. O contest, Biff arrived back at their apartment after spending a grueling few hours at his hard-core gym.  His boyfriend was on a mat in the living room in front of floor-to-ceiling windows with views overlooking the ocean doing his yoga, stretching and sit-up exercises for the day. 

Timmy looked up at him and sighed.  He still can’t help getting overwhelmed every time by Biff’s phenomenal muscularity, especially when it’s freshly pumped from lifting.  He sees Biff now as an even more spectacular sight to behold. 

Biff wore a tight-fitting tee shirt that had simply “LIFT” shown on the front.  Actually, all of his clothes are tight, either because he liked the sexy look that that gave him, or he’s become even more muscular since recently buying that article of clothing.  

Mr. Olympia grinned from ear to ear when he saw Timmy’s mouth expectantly open.  He knows his muscle-obsessed boyfriend all too well.  Biff decides to go for the full Monty.  Still looking down at Timmy who’s looking excitedly up at his boyfriend, he then slowly, with perfect orchestration, pulls his shirt over his head. 

Timmy and Biff have been together for over five months already, and Timmy saw that in the lead up to the Olympia, with his frequent workouts and crazy eating and dieting, Biff had gotten phenomenally muscular and ripped heading into the contest.  And now, still, even with some post-contest cheat-meals and a cut-down of grueling lifting routines, Biff appeared to have maintained the same massive and sensuously ripped muscular condition.

Timmy was dizzy with extreme desire as he studied just a few muscular attractions on his boyfriend’s physique.  Biff’s abs were so very chiseled and couldn’t be more defined.  The crevice between his steel hard solid bulging pectorals was deep.  His lats flared from his relatively small waist.  Biff saw the effect he was having on Timmy tour and, in his deep and seductive voice, said, “Hey Little Dutch boy.  Do you wanna cop a feel.”   

“Oh yes sir, whatever you say”, Timmy giggled with their kinky role-playing. “But you’re so big and strong and I’m frightened of you and what you could do to little me.”

Now it’ was Biff’s turn to giggle.  “Do all my big, beautiful Mr. Olympia muscles make you all horny?” Biff then looked at Timmy with a seductive smile and a sexy Colin Farrellesque caterpillar eyebrow raised, waiting for a response.  Biff then nonchalantly erotically danced his pectoral striations a little.  From his huge experience, Biff knew just the right moves to achieve the perfect effect on the muscle-addicted admirer.

“God, Biff.  I’m sure you know just what you’re fucking doing to me now.”

Biff continued with just a little more porn-talk to Timmy’s ears.  “After each gym visit, I just keep packing on the ripped muscle to my sexy bod.”  Biff then did a quick most muscular with his usual “oof” shout out.  “I’m just packed with all fucking solid steel-plated rippling and bulging sexy muscles.  As you can clearly see, I’m sure, little boy.”

The bodybuilder may have gone just a little too far as Timmy was now very amused by his talk.  But then Biff moved closer to his boyfriend as his muscles shifted and slid erotically.  He put out a muscular hand to Timmy to raise him from the mat.  Timmy stared at its muscular forearm lined with veins and his enormous bulging biceps lined with a thick cephalic vein which wasn’t even flexing.

Effortlessly, Biff pulled Timmy to his feet, and they then stood toe to toe.  The six-foot-even model looked up several inches into the 6’5” Mr. Olympia’s eyes.  Timmy put his slender hands onto Biff’s enormous solid bulging pectorals and their dicks were now leaking in their very hard excited condition. 

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6 minutes ago, boardman said:

Damn hot story 

Thanks, boardman, for the compliment.   Chapter II will hopefully be ready in a few days for posting.

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3 hours ago, Ro20316 said:

I love this two men They are soulmate. They love each other so much

Thanks, Ro20316.  I'm happy that my writing is able to successfully express the love between Biff and Timmy to you. 

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4 hours ago, dredlifter said:

Oof what a cruel place to stop! :P


Yeah, I know, dredlifter!  And sorry about the tease, but maybe your and other readers' interests are piqued just a little more now to really want to come back and read the next instalment?  😆     

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You can never go wrong with a cliffhanger, I say! 😁 Awesome stuff, Dennis! I always love reading stories set at big bodybuilding shows. 

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4 hours ago, muscleaddict said:

You can never go wrong with a cliffhanger, I say! 😁 Awesome stuff, Dennis! I always love reading stories set at big bodybuilding shows. 

I know from your stories, MA, that you're the cliffhanger king!  And I'm pretty sure that's where I learned how to do them, also!

As the main characters are from Florida, the setting of part of the story at the 2023 Mr. O in Orlando seemed like such a natural.

Thanks for the compliment and encouragement.  

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