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The Big Family Curse----- PART 10 "A new beast" Now added -----


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Hi guys, just to say i'm not a very fluent English speaker, but i'll try to do my Best to write this story.

It's a long night where jake a 17 year old nerd was playing videogames, he used to look with desire to the Big and muscular characters on the Game, for a extreme and unknown reason he felt Big and powerful everytime he was playing.

Since he was a kid, his family used to move on everytime they can, altough he remembers to been playing on the hall, when he heard a secret conversation between his parents.

Mom: should we tell him about your family curse?-She tales a breath.

Dad:No way, he can't now anything about my family's secret.

Mom:But baby we've Been keeping the secret since he was born, and if i'm honest he will never forgive you if you take too long to tell him...

Dad: I can't do that, not until he notice the changes when he is 18... -He take a deep breath- And it's difficult to hide my real form in front of him- he groaned.

Mom: He will know anytime, but let's not think about that, all i want is to sleep next to you-They Kiss and closed the door.

So when Jake got to sleep that night, he remembers that conversation, tomorrow is his 18 birthday and he was so afraid about was going to happend.

Jake was sleeping un the middle of the night until he was awake by some weird noises that sound like growls and fabric been cut in a half. So he thougth it was his dog Lewis making all that noise, so he put his headphones on and tried to sleep again.

The morning sun was upon his window, there is a big calm between his eyes, until he hears his younger brother get in Jake's room.

Alex:Happy birthday Jake, ready for the big Day?- he shouts with emotion.

Jake:What You mean by "Big day?"- he ask very confused.

Alex: Don't You remember?, it's your secret birthday party-He stopped for a moment and gasp- Oh no, i was'nt supossed to Say that.

Jake:It's ok buddie, i know since our parents we're planning it.- He touch alex's shoulder.

They went down for breakfast, Alex went straight to the kitchen and Jake went tonthe living room we're he turned on his console, but i'm the middle of the couch were ripped clothes that he remembers to belong to his father.

What are these doing here and all ripped apart?-Jake thought

So he go to the kitchen where his family was expecting him with a Big chocolate cake.

Mom:Happy birthday sweetheart!, oh i'm so glad You are already a young adult, i remember when we used to go to the woods when You we're just a kid who wanted to be a hunter.

Dad: that's right champ, and to show how greatful we are to you for being our kid, we are going to have a party in here tonight!- He said with a smile on his face.

Jake: Oh thanks Dad, Mom, Alex, i'm so greatful to have a lovely and normal family like you guys.

Dad: Well champ, first of all we need to have a father-son conversation about whats next in Your life.- he exclaimed in a serious way.

Jake: Ehhh, sure just dont make that conversation akward, i'm almost an adult, i know everything that i supossed to know about adultness.

Dad:Not everything -he scratches his neck.

So the family eat the cake and Jake go upstairs to prepare everything for the night.

Jake's dad took him to the woods, Jale thougth It was something to do with his childhood the reason they were now walking un the middle of the forest.

Jake notice his father was very nervous about something, he was sweating and was taking deep breaths.

Jake: Father what are we doing here?- he ask

Dad: Okay...,so this Is something i have to tell you, and  its going to be dificult so accept It, but please hear me out. -He took a really deep breath - Your mother insisted to tell you before Time, but now that you are 18, its Time to show you the "big family secret".

Suddenly his Father started to grown and look to the sky, Jake couldn't believe It, It was like his father's muscles were swelling up, like they were ballons, the pecs were getting Mass, they are stretching the white shirt bottons to the Max, the biceps become huge like a tree Trunks AND Jake could notice the abs getting impregnant on the shirt .

Dad: Oh god, this feels pretty good like the fist time!- he continued to grow.

Jake notice how the shirt was ripping trough the big and Massive pecs and the swelling sweaty torso, he listened a deep groan from His dad.

Dad: I'M NOT GOING TO HOLD IT ANYMORE!!!- The entier clothes where ripping apart, the withe shirt was falling from His torso, AND Jake culdnt believe It, It was the most muscular torso he ever saw, the beautiful nipples were pointing to the ground and they were big, His pecs were more bigher than Jake's head, and they look so juicy.

The change continue to the legs, where Jake's dad was enjoying all the process. His legs swelled until they were hard as a rock, his pants tightened more and more, Jake could notice how his bulge had inflated as if it were being filled with water, his pants were at maximum capacity, until they gave in to the pressure of growth...

Dad: Oh yes, this is better than i expected Jake watch how Your Father grows until he becomes unstoppable - he shouted as his voice became deeper and deeper.

Finally, his father was only dressed in a underwear that showed off his veiny cock and giant balls capable of storing a lot of semen. His growth had been such that he was all sweaty and he had a small beard that was threatening to grow, not to mention his enormous height, it looked like he had grown 6 feet all at once.

Dad: What do you think, son, don't you like it? I love the feeling of being a giant in front of everyone, that feeling of being able to do whatever I want while everyone falls before my huge, hairy feet. He laughed.

“OH YES!!! This is the best feeling in the world!! Watch how your father grows to become unstoppable!!” He almost didn’t recognise his dad’s voice as it had become so deep.

Before he could dwell on that, his father’s pants finally gave in and shredded under the onslaught. Finally he stood there in just his underwear; which did nothing to hide his thick, veiny cock, and balls that could hold enough semen to fill a hot tub. Jake stood there looking up at his enormous father who had grown over six feet taller, hundreds of pounds heavier and covered in sweat.

“What do you think son, do you like it?” He laughed. “I love the feeling of being a giant in front of everyone, being able to do what I want as they fall at my huge, hairy feet.”

----------------------END OF CHAPTER 1------------------------

So guys, what yo you think Is going to happend?

-Jake Is going to turn very big like his father?

-Why Is the family curse for?

So keep reading this story, because ITS going to turne very hot and interesting.

P.d. Sorry for my really bad english, i'm just trying to make a great history.

P.d.2 Feel free to dm me to correct this story 

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The Big Family Curse----- PART 2 -----

Finally, his father was only dressed in a underwear that showed off his veiny cock and giant balls capable of storing a lot of semen. His growth had been such that he was all sweaty and he had a small beard that was threatening to grow, not to mention his enormous height, it looked like he had grown 6 feet all at once.


Dad: What do you think, son, don't you like it? I love the feeling of being a giant in front of everyone, that feeling of being able to do whatever I want while everyone falls before my huge, hairy feet. He laughed.


Jake was amazed, he only could think about His Father, does he really know him like he thought? 


Jake:Dad What's going on?, why the hell are you a beast?" he exclaimed, scared and hugging himself.


Dad: It's hard to explain, champion, but this feels so good, and don't be scared, son, this will be your destiny sooner or later, you'll see that you'll like it... - he said, bending his huge, veiny biceps.


Jake: why didn't you tell me before?, so the ripped clothes that were in the living room were yours? -Jake said taking a subtle step back.


Dad: of course it was me, I spent the whole night trying to contain this power, i didn't want you to find out ahead of time - his dad said squeezing his sweaty pecs - You have no idea what awaits for you and your brother -suddenly hair began to sprout everywhere, the beautiful veins on his enormous arms were adorned by hairs that grew as if it were an unshaven body. His championship pecs were slowly obscured by black fur that highlighted his large nipples. Just as the rest of his body joined in with the change so that Jake's dad looked like a gorilla. -THIS EXCITES ME AND MAKES ME HOT- He screamed with all his might as he tore off that underwear that could no longer contain the enormous and growing cock.


Jake looked warmly at his father's huge, hairy penis, it was like an arm, his balls were as big as baseballs and he was dripping a little white precum.


Jake: You are a horrendous beast, I will never be like you-Jake ran through the enormous forest, for it was the middle of the afternoon, the fog was thick and he couldn't see more than a few trees. Jake could hear huge feet hitting the ground and logs falling in his path, his father's beast was going after him with great speed, he could hear the loud growls and screams of pleasure.


Dad: JAAAAAAAKKKKEEEEEEE- his father shouted with his enormous voice, his voice now seemed more like a howl than a human voice.


Jake had no choice but to stop and hide behind a tree, the fog didn't let him see what was happening, he was only listening to the huge footsteps around him, the noise didn't stop, until after a while it stopped as if it wouldn't happen. Nothing, Jake breathed nervously trying to calm down, but the pressure was too much.


Suddenly, as if it were a truck, a figure fell in front of him, it was so heavy, the ground rumbled and trees could be heard falling.


Dad: I FOUND YOU - he said with a huge smile on his face and took Jake's arm with his huge, hairy hand. Jake fainted from the shock.


----------------------END OF CHAPTER 2------------------------


So guys, what yo you think Is going to happend?


-What a hell is happening?


-Do You guys think i should make more detail description on the transformation?


So keep reading this story, because ITS going to turne very hot and interesting.


P.d. Sorry for my really bad english, i'm just trying to make a great history.


P.d.2 Feel free to dm me to correct this story 

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21 hours ago, Mokakjj said:

The Big Family Curse----- PART 3 -----

Jake woke up in the middle of the night, he was in the middle of a river, his head was spinning a lot, he tried to get up but he felt very weak, with his gaze he could see the enormous shadow of his father looking towards the stars, it had grown in size. , its height was that of a huge tree, it was 9 feet of enormous, hairy muscle that threatened to grow. He stared without realizing that he returned his gaze; his face was still the same, only more masculine and hairy.

 Dad: Son, you're finally awake...- Jake's dad walks slowly towards him, his muscles completely filling every space they walked through.- Listen carefully because this is not easy to hear...

 Jake: where are we? -He exclaimed, panting.

 Dad: Where it all began for me...-he exclaimed- I was your age when this "curse" came to me, I was just a young idiot until I understood the purpose of this beautiful body...-he pressed his knuckles- We are cursed and blessed son... Years ago our family was a servant of the gods, we all lived as one, although they were great and powerful, they treated us the same and made us feel part of them, until your great-great-grandfather, eager for power, thought he could kill a god, so in a dark night while the gods rested from unstoppable sex, the god Musc rested on his enormous cloaks, until your great-great-grandfather stabbed him, Musc woke up and tore off the dagger with which he had been stabbed, his Anger was such that the dream resounded, collapsing the sanctuary built by them.


 Dad: Musc disappointed by his friends, he cursed any lineage that was part of his "friends" each person was cursed with a different curse, but your great-great-grandfather was cursed with the beast gene, a gene that provides changes in the body that would make him look like a huge beast like his actions -Jake's dad turned towards the stars and sighed- finally the gods went to the stars and abandoned us, leaving us with this horrible curse..., however as the years passed We were figured out how to control it and look like normal people, however, no matter how long it is contained, control can be lost and the bestial form can emerge, but over the years we have learned to manage the body to be able to increase the size and the ability that this has, that's why it stopped being a curse and began to benefit all of us in the family - he said with his arms extended towards his hips - THIS IS NOT A CURSE, IT IS PURE POWER - he began to growl and scream while His muscles were still becoming enormous and his height reached the height of an average apartment building, his enormous body stretching across everything in his path.

 Jake: So we are condemned to live like uncontrollable beasts because of him? - Jake opened his eyes in fear - So what it's going to happend to my life? Can i do anything to change it? - Jake began to hyperventilate.

 Dad: Luckily not - his father smiled - The only way we could stop him is to ask for mercy from the great god Musc or we can kill him and free everyone, but they went centuries ago to the stars, and I don't think you will find them easy... - He said returning to his 9 feet - I understand you son, you are afraid to experience this, but believe me when I tell you that this is AMAZING - Jake's dad's veins appear all over his body while his arms grew bigger than his torso, Finally he looked like a gorilla on super steroids, his cock was about to explode with pleasure and his ecstasy was provocative, finally he came leaving a huge puddle of semen.

 Dad: But understand this... Since you have turned 18, it is time for the bestial gene to activate within you, so it could be at any time no matter where or who you are with... - his father returned to to be the same as always, only he was naked because of the incredible transformation he had had - I'm sorry son... But that's how things are.

 Jake: Are you telling me that at any moment I can turn into a werewolf? -He said, standing up while sweat ran down his face.

 Dad: Of course not son, werewolves only follow their instincts when they transform, we think and we can change our body at will... - We are born giants, our destiny is to enjoy this blessing - he smiled disdainfully - Let's return to your birthday party son...Just promise me that you won't tell your brother until he's old enough and that you'll do whatever it takes to keep him from seeing you in your bestial form...

 Jake resignedly sighed. “Okay dad, I promise.”

----------------------END OF CHAPTER 3----------------

So guys, what yo you think Is going to happend?

-is it possible to stop the beast gene?

-Sorry for so much Lore, i tried to give an extra explanation about what it's happenning

So keep reading this story, because ITS going to turne very hot and interesting.

P.d. Sorry for my really bad english, i'm just trying to make a great history.

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The Big Family Curse----- PART  4-----

Jake's birthday had finally ended, his friends Dario and Draco, a couple of geeks, were the only ones who went, but the fun was never lacking, the 3 great friends enjoyed in their own way playing video games and talking about nonsense, but Jake couldn't forget about What his father had told him was a lot to process, was he really destined to become a huge beast for the rest of his days? The days were not long in coming, 2 weeks had passed since Jake's 18th birthday, things seemed to be in order, Jake however continued to fear that the curse would come at the worst time, so in the time he had been waiting he canceled all plans. with his friends and avoid making contact with people. The school bell rang one morning, Jake was parking his dad's car the weather was fine in which cloudy weather prevails over the blue sky, it was a summer morning where Jake was arranging his things in his locker, until he feels a touch on his shoulder.

Dario: What's up brother? I haven't heard from you in 2 weeks...is everything okay? - he asked while Jake looked down - Draco and I have been worried, we called you and you haven't answered... Jake looked up and Dario finally saw him, his face was a mess, he had sleepless eyes and his skin had a very pale tone.

Jake: I'm sorry Bro, it's just that it hasn't been my week, I've been stressed because... - he paused for a second trying to find an answer - m...my little brother is very sick and I'm taking care of him... - he faked a surprise.

Dario looked at him confused -  because of Chris si sick you haven't slept...? since when do you care that your brother gets sick - he asked with a confused look.

Jake: You know... he's part of my family and I have to take care of him in case something happens... like a curse- I mutter under his breath- so... I'll see you in class... friend... .- Jake ran away. The morning had run its course, several boring subjects here and there and many hours of getting lost in one's head, Jake was really distracted that day. Finally there was lunch time which Jake took advantage of to hide from his friends but while he was walking in the hallway a pain in his bicep intrigued him, so he stopped for a moment to check his arm, after quickly examining it Jake saw that everything seemed in order. order, nothing out of the ordinary, then prepared to go hide, he heard a voice shouting at him, oh weren't they his friends, they had finally seen him...

Draco: what the hell dude, where the hell have you been, why don't you answer us... "Aren't we your friends anymore?" he asked angrily. "You've ignored us for weeks and finally when we see you, you decide to run away from us..." he raised his voice, Jake's face was beginning to show annoyance, his knuckles clenched tightly. .

Dario: Yes, bro, if you don't want to be with us anymore, just say it and that's it... - he exclaimed, touching Jake's shoulder - hey Bro, have you been exercising? Your arms look bigger and veinier - he said while touching Jake's arm. slowly... Jake looked confused at his arms, they were right, they looked bigger than he remembered. - Could it be the curse? - Jake thought - Look guys, I... - He was interrupted by Draco.

Draco: Then you ignore us because we are not strong like you, we are not enough, right? - at this point Draco was shouting - You abandon us because we are not enough, just say it and that's it...

Dario: yes bro just say it...

Draco: say it...

Dario: say it...

Jake couldn't handle the enormous anger that was growing inside him, so he grabbed Draco by the neck and lifted him off the ground.

Draco: put me down, what the hell are you doing? -But it was late Jake couldn't control his anger, so he pushed Draco towards the locker with his new arm.

Jake: I TOLD YOU EVERYTHING IS  FINE- Jake held Draco firmly and his gaze seemed different like that of a beast.

Darío: For God's sake, bro, just let him go, we won't bother you anymore. But Jake wasn't listening, so Darío tried to push him but he couldn't.

Draco: Jake...- he coughed - please...- while grabbing Jake's hands trying to stop them- Jake looked him in the eyes and his look changed, suddenly Draco fell to the ground, Dario came to him to help him while Jake was running around knowing hed justo hurt one of his best friends.

Jake ran to the bathroom, he hurt Draco, why was he so upset? He knew the answer, the beast gene. Jake, trying to calm down, splashed his face in the sink. He believed that everything would get better if he relaxed. but when he looked at his reflection he was surprised... his body seemed bigger, his pectorals were round as if he had only been in the gym for a few months, his arms had veins that he had never seen before, Jake ran a hand over his body, he really felt intrigued. , so he made sure that no one was there and he blocked the bathroom door with a broomstick. Without further, he took off his white shirt and what he saw surprised him. His pecs looked so juicy, his nipples had grown a little and were now pointing towards him. Below, his abs began to show.

Jake: For God's sake - he thought - I'm beautiful, I feel like a God - he ran a hand over his right pectoral and squeezed it with his huge hand, it felt fleshy and soft, he lowered his fingers towards his nipple and pinched it - phew - a shiver went through him. He walked around, but Jake knew he was at school, he couldn't do anything until he got home, so he put on his shirt and left for his next class, nothing bad could happen, right?...

----------------------END OF CHAPTER 4----------------------

So... What do You think guys?

things Will get a little more spicy from now on.


Do You like this story so far? Please make your comments ❤️

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The Big Family Curse----- PART 5-----

Jake was so distracted by the pleasure that his fear was overshadowed by what was happening, time was running slow, his math class was too slow, Jake couldn't focus on anything but his body, he felt like Hercules, his muscles clenching. His clothes felt like his pants were pinching his crotch, his huge legs were covered in veins and his torso felt too big, his arms looked like they belonged to a gym rat, while Jake couldn't stop thinking about how good he felt, until he A voice brought him out of his thoughts.

Teacher: Jake, are you paying attention? - He asked, looking at him - You've been looking down and your forehead is sweaty...

Jake: Sure...hmm...I just don't feel well...

Teacher: Do you have a cold? .. you sound very different, your voice sounds thicker - he said while stroking his beard - si please come forward to solve an exercise in front of everyone.

Jake: I really don't feel well...- the teacher looked at him showing how little interest he had in Jake's well-being- ok... I guess I'll pass...

Jake went to the board to solve the exercise. He was so focused on his body that he didn't understand anything they had explained. His mind was focused only on what his body felt, his muscles seemed to grow once again, his clothes felt ready to explode, his face was sweating and his mind was telling him to let it go, Jake was feeling big but he knew he was a big boy. It was dangerous to grow up in front of everyone, so I was trying not to let the transformation happen.

Professor: Jake, solve it NOW - the professor raised his voice - Jake, do it....LET'S GO. Jake felt the anger and felt his muscles grow but so much effort made the button on his pants explode which brought him back to reality, he couldn't allow himself to get out of control now, everyone would see it and be scared, so he did the most reasonable thing he thought. and ran towards the parking lot.

Jake: Aaahh what's happening to me- he thought as he ran to his car, his feet pressed hard on his tennis shoes, his penis felt excited and with large amounts of precum that were only contained by his pants about to explode, his neck felt so thick that it was difficult to move it. When he got to his car without thinking he drove as fast as he asked, he knew that the transformation at this point was unstoppable, if he didn't hurry EVERYONE would see a beast walking through the streets. Jake could feel his knuckles clenching as his fingers lengthened and his veins appeared all over the back of his hand, he was getting lost until he saw a police car flashing its lights at him to make him stop, so Jake stopped and tried to relax, he felt As his body began to decrease in size, he was grateful for this. The police officer approached the vehicle and asked him to roll down the window.

Policeman: Why such a hurry kid... are you lost?... I see you shouldn't be here- he asked while Jake looked away.

Jake: I'm sorry officer, I'm in a hurry to get home...and...I don't feel well - Jake said breathing calmly.

Policeman: You think you're very smart, don't you? ... NERD - He said while forcefully touching the hood of the car.

Jake: go away...- he said, looking down.

Police man: You're under arrest - he pulled out the gun and threatened him - get out of the car NOW - he said pointing the gun at Jake's face - Jake began to breathe deeply, as if a ferocious beast- what's wrong?...NERD. Jake couldn't control his feelings with a look full of hate and such a fierce voice shouted at the police: LEAVE OR I WILL CRUSH YOU - his eyes full of rage and his body slowly gaining height made him more imposing, the police changed his look and his attitude to a more submissive one, his eyes reflected terror, he didn't say another word, so Jake drove home without knowing that the best was yet to come...

----------------------END OF CHAPTER 5----------------------

Is Jake losing control of himself?

Can anyone help him?

FInd this and More reading the next chapters


P.d. Thank you for 500 views ❤️


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The Big Family Curse----- PART 6-----

Jake got into his house in a hurry, despite everything he was scared, he humiliated Draco, ran away from class and scared away a police officer.

 Is this because of the curse or will I just have bad luck? -Jake thought as his body leaned against the front door of the house, he was trying to calm down, but first he had to investigate if anyone was in his house- His mom? Dad? Chris? -He shouted as loud as he could, there was no response.

 With a sigh of relief, Jake went up the stairs to his room, locked the door and looked in the mirror.

 "What the hell?" he shouted as he looked in the mirror, it seemed that his body had not changed at all, everything he thought he saw in the mirror in the school bathrooms seemed to have never existed, as if nothing was happening. "It can't be "Just when I wanted to enjoy my new powers..." he said with a sad look at his body.

 So without further ado Jake decided to go take a little nap in the afternoon, all the commotion of the day had left him dazed and tired, his eyes were closing and his body felt at peace, so he fell into his bed and he fell asleep ...

 Jake's dream was incredible, he felt like he was capable of everything, he was running through a huge building with red doors, he felt so happy until in the middle of his dream he heard a noise behind him. Jake turned to see what was happening behind, a huge and muscular beast was running towards him, it was like a human but too primal, Jake tried to run as far as he could, but the powerful claws of the entity reached him from behind, and with a scream of pain Jake woke up.

 Sweat ran down his forehead, his body felt hot and heavy, and it was difficult to think about what he had dreamed. With effort he got out of bed and fearfully looked in the mirror. Night had arrived and when he saw his phone, it was midnight. 12 at night, it seemed as if he had slept more than he should, focused on the mirror still nothing, he was still the same skinny guy as always, so he turned around and tried to go back to bed but a strong pain knocked him to the floor.

His body felt incredible, a strange energy was enveloping him, his muscles inflated like balloons, his arms filled with veins, his pecs inflated at an accelerated pace while his nipples became hard and increased in size as they turned downwards. .

 Jake let out a gasp as his fingers grew in size, his legs pressed against his pants previously watered down from past growth, his feet fit into his sneakers and felt so tight, his biceps were the size of a melon as he felt his Clothes were torn by his enormous biceps.

 Jake: ugghhh...it feels...so...- his penis felt like a viper growing over his boxers, his balls were growing exponentially - TIGHT!- he let out a grunt, his body was trying to explode while he his mind put on a brake - I have to let it out... but I can't lose control - Jake said to himself while his clothes could no longer withstand the pressure of his enormous growing body, his mind struggled to limit the change until that his penis got hard and he let it out...

 Jake's muscles surpassed his clothes as he moaned with pleasure, his once high-pitched and calm voice became lower, his human moans resembled those of a beast, while his pecs destroyed the front of his shirt, his enormous shoulders looked like coconuts. Mature people who wanted to grow their legs were too big and proportionate to their body.

 Jake: THIS FEELS AMAZING - Jake said as he touched his growing pecs - SO JUICY - he said as he pressed them and lowered his hands to his 6 pack on his abs - I FEEL LIKE MISTER OLYMPIA - he exclaimed as his huge hands tore off his pants of his legs, revealing a huge growing bulge, his genitals grew more rapidly, his height grew until he reached 8 feet, his enormous shoulders touched the ceiling.

The growth stopped when Jake realized that his huge, muscular body didn't fit in his own room, his bed looked so small that just lying on it would break it, his arms were bigger than the furniture in his room and his cock threatened to collapse. Breaking his boxers because he felt so hot, Jake felt so full of vina, strength and power that he flexed his biceps making them look too big, he bounced his pecs while he laughed and touched his nipples to give himself pleasure.

 Jake continued in a trance of excitement until a blow brought him out of his pleasure.

 Chris: Jake, is that you? You've been locked up for hours without responding and there's a lot of noise, is everything okay? -said his little brother, worried about him.

 Jake got nervous he had made a promise to his father, Chris couldn't find out until later, so Jake tried to get out of the window but his huge body obviously wouldn't let him out, while Chris insisted, Jake just had to hit a huge blow to the wall, which broke it and he ran out into the cold streets of his city.

 Jake felt free, his huge body felt heavy, but he was quite fast, his feet touching the cold ground was the best feeling he could have, he ran while his heart was racing, his muscles felt the breeze of the wind and his enormous height towards him. That will send chills all over his body, he was a giant and although it was difficult for him to admit it, he felt so good...

----------------------END OF CHAPTER 6---------------------

There you have It, Jake has been transform into a muscular men.

Whats next for Jake?

FInd this and More reading the next chapters

P.d. Thank you for 700 views ❤️

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The Big Family Curse----- PART 7-----

The forest was quiet, the crows flew over the trees, you could hear the sound of animals passing by, everything was so quiet until some huge inns caused a lot of noise, the animals got upset, the birds fled from their nests, the huge Jake was in the forest, his enormous body was completely naked, sweat fell down his body, his feet touched the cold earth without any reaction.

 Jake: I FEEL SO POWERFUL, I AM SO FUCKING HOT- Jake said with emotion, all his worries were gone, only that great moment mattered - I DON'T KNOW WHY I WAS AFRAID, THIS IS AMAZING, DAD WAS RIGHT, THIS IS A BLESSING- He laughed deeply, suddenly he felt a chill like never before and an itch that did not stop stinging him - WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME - he thought while his body sat on the ground.

 Jake's body was filled with hair, small hairs sprouted from his body, it started on his arms, his arms seemed to change color due to the hair that was growing, then they began to rise to his chest, his pectorals were filled with a lot of hair that Now they looked like the pectorals of an adult gorilla, when Jake thought he had finished his penis he felt a shiver, his balls became heavier while his hair grew. "I'M SO MANLY" he moaned as his huge hands went down to his penis and began to caress.

 Jake: I AM SO STRONG AND POWERFUL - he grunted as his penis gushed precum, he was so lost in his pleasure that he thought that when he came it would all end - NO, I DON'T WANT IT TO END YET - he stopped masturbating and stood up to continue running, his new appearance was everything for him - I MUST TEST MY NEW STRENGTH - so he approached a tree and put his hands on his sides, and pulled with all his strength, the tree did not seem to move - I AM NOT WEAK, I AM A BEAST - and he put all his strength in his hands, the tree creaked until it gave way, Jake held the tree above his head - NO MORE WEAK, I AM PURE POWER - and he threw the tree at another, the trees shattered into a thousand pieces as if they were glass, Jake watched the scene excitedly while caressing his biceps, he did not hesitate any longer and posed as if he were in a MR OLYMPIA competition, his muscles became more and more marked and became rigid, he was lost in his euphoria when he heard a sound.

Like a predator Jake was camouflaged among the big trees, 6 boys were camping in the forest, they were having fun while drinking large amounts of alcohol, their laughter was so tempting for Jake that it was impossible to forget the idea of scaring them, so while they finished laughing, one of them heard a noise and got scared, he tried to warn the other boys, but it was too late, the beast had come out, the boys were terrified.

 Jake: GET OUT OF MY FOREST, OR I WILL CRUSH YOU WITH MY GORILLA ARMS - he said as he slowly approached the boys, his huge footsteps echoed in the forest and the boys fled terrified - THAT'S IT LEAVE AND NEVER COME BACK, THERE IS A NEW KING OVER HERE - he said while roaring, his body was so excited that his erection was painful - I MUST FREE MYSELF - he said as he saw a hole in a tree, his curiosity was too much to forget me, so he put his huge penis into the top of the tree and began to fuck him, his thrusts were faster - THIS FEELS FANTASTIC - he said as he pinched one of his nipples and continued putting his sweaty penis into the tree, a shiver ran through him and he released a liter of semen towards the tree, his gasps could be heard for miles around, tiredly he sat down and fell asleep.

The sun was present, the birds were singing while Jake opened his eyes.

 Jake: Where am I? - he said as he looked around him, he was in the forest, and from what he felt it was cold, he looked at his naked body, and remembered what happened last night - that was the best experience of my life... I felt "so powerful and invincible" he exclaimed as he stood up, his eyes saw the tree where he had come, the semen flowed from it like a small waterfall of honey, it looked so white and thick "that came out of me?" Wooow- he mentioned happily.

 But how was he going to return home naked? He remembered the boys he scared away, the camp was still intact, he searched through the backpacks they left and found some clothes, he put them on but they felt tight, his torso felt like a prisoner of the T-shirt, but better that than being naked.

 He headed home with concern, perhaps they would notice the hole he left in his room, he silently entered his house and sneaked up to his room, as he predicted the huge hole was in the wall, his ceiling had a dent, his clothes torn, she was on the floor and her tennis shoes were completely torn. Jake turned to his mirror where everything had started and looked at his body. He was no longer the skinny guy he always was, now he was a frequent athlete who had marked muscles, he was so lost in his body. until he heard breathing behind him.

 Dad: So it finally happened, right? - His father said with a worried look.

 Jake: Dad was amazing, I felt like the most powerful being in the world, nothing could stop me- he said with a smile.

 Dad: I know, son, just see what you did, I asked you to maintain control, and you lost it - he pointed to the hole in the wall - and this is proof of it.

 Jake: but dad, isn't that what you wanted? Will he accept my fate? -He raised his voice to his father-by the way, where are mom and Chris?

 Dad: They are in a hotel, your brother heard the bang and the grunts, he went to our room to cry scared asking about you, we had to tell him that you exploded pyrotechnics and left the scene.

 Jake: So what are we going to do now? - I ask worried.

 Dad: you will fix the wall son and you will have to pretend that nothing happened - he said seriously - but now getting back to the topic... - his face seemed happy but worried - I had never seen such a transformation, we all started by gaining muscles and hair, but you made a transformation as if you have had years of knowledge, the hole in the wall is very big and in the news there are boys who say they have seen a beast in the forest... - he said touching his son's shoulder.

 Jake: So you're saying that no one has ever gotten as big and strong as me the first time? "That's amazing," he said, flexing his bicep.

 Dad: you don't understand, right? ... That power has to be controlled, otherwise you could do actions that you will regret, a great power must take a lot of control - he said, looking Jake in the eyes.

 Jake: But I love getting strong, it's the best thing I've ever felt - he said, touching his pectorals - and it was only the first time, it's not like I'm going to transform into another occasion, right?

 Dad: You will understand when you grow up, but...the transformation can come out even in your happy moments, you can't tell anyone, only the person you trust the most.

 Jake: okay dad, I'll try.

 Tomorrow will be a day to remember...

----------------------END OF CHAPTER 7---------------------

Soooo, What do You think?

Can Jake control the power he born with?


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The Big Family Curse----- PART 8-----

It had been a week since Jake's first transformation, his time was taken up fixing the wall in his room, his parents had called the school to say that he had gotten sick and couldn't go, his life felt like a frenzy, not being able to. Transforming into his own house killed him, plus the new clothes he bought for his new body cost him a lot of money, so at night he grew while looking in the mirror for hours, his great strength and power were too exciting not to. He could contain himself, nothing else mattered to him in life, he had to grow much more...

 Finally Jake returned to school, when Jake hit the hallways he couldn't feel better, everyone's eyes were on him, it seemed like he was an athlete for years, no one had paid so much attention to him before, Jake walked with great confidence until a hand touched his shoulder.


 Draco: Jake, how are you Bro? ...- he said while touching his neck with one hand- Listen... I'm sorry for pressuring you the other day, I should be a better friend and listen to you before claiming you... what can I say? I'm a total idiot...


 Jake: No problem bro, we all had a bad week, I behaved like a beast too - "literally" Jake thought.


 Draco: Thanks man-he said touching his shoulder-by the way, how the hell did you get in shape so quickly, you look incredible-said Draco looking up and down at Jake.


 Jake: It's incredible, isn't it? -He said, flexing his arm- I had never felt so strong in my life- he smiled-It's complicated..., let's say that I have trained all my life, it's just that I had an accelerated growth lately- he said with a tempting look.


 Draco: WOW... you should make me train with you, I would like to be stronger... - he said, looking at his skinny and small arm.


 Jake: Don't worry buddy, you'll see that soon you'll be as strong as me - "I doubt it" he thought as he put Draco's hand on his pecs - it feels hard doesn't it? - He said as he bounced his pecs.


 Dario blushed - emmm... of course... I'm happy for you brother - he said, slowly removing his hand and looking at his watch - well, let's go... GOODBYE - and he ran away.


 Jake watched him leave with a smile "he would like a night with me" and went to class.

 The day passed quickly, it seemed like his life had taken a 180 degree turn, now he was more focused and alive than ever, although he was still a "nerd" on the inside, he was also a beautiful man with an impressive legacy. .


 ***Somewhere else...***

 ???: So Louis's son finally transformed - he said looking at a folder.

 ???: That's right, it's the wildest transformation he's ever seen, so... that's the sign? -He said feeling.

 ???: Indeed, it is time to bring the god Musc back - he said, taking a sip of his coffee.


 ***Back with Jake***

Leaving class Jake ran into Dario and Draco.

 Jake: hey, how are you doing, tough day, huh? -He said, taking his backpack.


 Draco: yes...ah, it's been annoying, but nothing stops us from going out to the movies, I heard about a great movie that premiered- he said looking at Jake and was leaning on Dario's shoulder- isn't that right Dario?- he said turning to look at him.

 Dario: yes... I can't... goodbye-he said as he slowly left, annoyed.

 Jake: what's his problem? -I ask, crossing his arms.

 Draco: Still upset about how you treated us- he said giving Jake's abs a light blow- give it time...


 Jake: oh wow... Well, what do you think if we watch a movie at my house? -He said looking at him with a smile- so the three of us can watch the movie later.


 Draco: sure...- he said getting nervous and putting a hand on his neck.


 So they went to Jake's house, they were both lying on Jake's bed while watching the movie, they were both eating popcorn while laughing.


 Jake: Aren't you hot? - he whispered while blowing air with his hand.


 Draco with sweat on his forehead - erm no... I'm having a good time - he said laughing quietly.


 Jake: well I have a lot, do you mind if I take off my shirt? -He said while he took off his shirt, his enormous torso was covered by some hair.


 Draco tried to ignore what Jake was doing, however he turned to look at Jake's enormous torso, his pecs looked so round, like two huge shiny apples, his arms looked too big to be able to carry 150 kilos without any effort. Draco was very nervous, Jake's heat reached him, Draco couldn't contain the pleasure it caused him to see Jake without a shirt, she felt like a teenage girl looking at a photo of his favorite artist.


 Jake: Draco...Draco...- Jake whispered.


 Draco: yes...? -He said while continuing to watch the movie.


 Jake: turn around...


 Draco nervously turned to look at Jake and had taken off his pants...


 Draco: Jake, what the hell... What are you doing?...- he said as he got lost in the white boxers that Jake was wearing.


 Jake: I know you would like to give me a massage, so... why don't you give me a massage, I had a hard day and I would like your hands on my body...- he said smiling


----------------------END OF CHAPTER 8---------------------

Things Will happen more faster from now on.

Can Draco worship Jake without having an erection?


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The Big Family Curse----- PART 9-----

Draco: wait... What do you mean? - Draco said looking into Jake's eyes.

 Jake: Isn't it obvious? - he said with a sexy smile - I've seen how you've looked at me since we were kids, you always see me when I undress and when we're together, it's pretty obvious that you like me - he said caressing Draco's cheek - like that. Take advantage while you can...

 Draco didn't think twice and launched himself at Jake's abdomen, his fingers timidly touching his 6 pack that looked like a wall of rocks.

 Jake: come on... it feels so good- Jake said as he raised his face guided by pleasure.

 Draco went down to Jake's legs. "Look at those huge legs, so hairy and big, they look like chicken legs on steroids," he said as he ran his tongue along the legs.

 Jake: I feel so big with you...- he let out a moan.

 Draco: You are, you are a beast and... I love it- he said while raising his tongue towards his pecs- you are so big, these pecs are so big and fat- he said burying his face between Jake's pecs.

 Jake: that's it, worship me, feel me, I'm so fucking huge - he said while bouncing his pecs in Draco's face - That's right, you know your male, it looks like you love being on my chest.

 Draco: and I love your body in my face - he said, raising his tongue to Jake's nipples, he began to suck them like a calf sucks his mother - they taste so good... - he said, increasing his sucking.

 Jake: oh... this feels so good- he said while flexing his biceps- come on, take a bite of these apples, I know you're dying to adore me.

 Draco: I would love to - he went up Jake's torso and reached his powerful arms - they are so big... - he said and bit Jake's bicep, it was so hard that it looked like a wax apple.

 Jake: That's right, just so I can hug you - he pushed Draco away and hugged him with all his might while Draco was grunting and grabbed Draco's head to put it in his armpits - do you smell that? ... is that the smell of your big man

 Draco took a deep breath - you smell so good, so manly - while he smelled he pinched Jake's nipples - you make me feel so small... - and without further ado he grabbed Jake's white boxers and pulled them down, his mouth was open - Jake how much Does it measure you? - He said looking at the cock in front of him.

 Jake was worried, "Why? You don't like the size?" He exclaimed, putting his hands on Draco's head.

 Draco: why is he a damn monster, he's fatter than a soda can...and I love it- he didn't hesitate and sucked Jake's cock quickly.

 Jake: come on, swallow it whole - he took Draco's head and lowered it, Draco couldn't handle the emotion, it was like drinking ambrosia and he couldn't stop, until he tried to talk - what's wrong? "Don't talk with your mouth full," Jake said, making lunges with his hips.

 Jake: you know what? "Why don't you give me your back virginity and we'll have a good time," I lift Draco's face.

 Draco: I would love to...- he said, taking off his clothes.

Draco got on top of Jake - are you ready big guy? - he said touching Jake's testicles.

 Jake: come on little ant, I know we both want it... -he said taking Draco's shoulders and brought him closer to his mouth - just let yourself go... - he kissed Draco, it was a spectacular kiss, both of them full of sweat and euphoria, Draco put Jake's cock in his ass and slowly lowered himself, the two of us sighing, Draco began to slowly go down and up on Jake's pole, he began to pick up the pace while Jake separated Draco from the kiss and grabbed him by the hands. hips to raise and lower it.

 Draco: ohhhhhh.... Jake... This is the best- he said while he touched his penis with one of his hands.

 They continued for what seemed like hours, the two of them were about to arrive...

 Jake: oh... little mouse I won't be able to hold on anymore, you do it so well... - he let out a grunt while his body began to grow, the bed creaked from the weight.

 Draco: Jake, are you okay? ... it seems like you're getting pumped up ... - Draco said as he continued riding Jake's cock.

 Jake didn't listen to Draco, he was so lost in the excitement of growing up, his body felt so big and masculine, his pecs jutted out from his chest.

 Draco: oh my god... I think... I think your cock is swelling too... - he said, going down with more and more effort.

 Jake: I CAN'T, I'M CUMING - he let out a huge grunt while his cock erupted like a volcano, huge jets ran through Draco's interior.

 Draco: Oh my god, Jake, you're squirting hot liquid... no... I can't stand it... I'm coming too, he said as his cock squirted directly into Jake's mouth.

 Jake: oh this tastes good, it was the best sex ever - he said, fixing his eyes on Draco - you are mine and mine alone - he exclaimed while Draco leaned against his chest, Jake hugged him and they took a breath, everything was calm until the The legs of the bed broke and fell to the floor, they both laughed as they fell asleep...

----------------------END OF CHAPTER 9---------------------

Let's go...1.5k VIEWS.

Guys, thanks a lot for everything❤️.



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