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Big Dicked Truck Driver Pt 1, 2, 3


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42 minutes ago, Jtchef2 said:

I am loving the start to this story 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Looking forward to many more chapters 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Thanks I think I will have part 2 ready tonight. 

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Great start on story. Conversations have a natural flow.  Good descriptions for personal visualization of characters and scene. Keep going!

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Big Disked Truck Driver PT 2

Quick recap of the previous chapter The short fireplug self assured bordering on Arrogant Tony has been bested by a more masculine, more muscular well endowed co worker.

I left work got in my car, and drove 2 miles to my home, I cannot recall any of the journey I was on autopilot my mind full of what had just happened in the bathroom, I couldn’t get this muscle bear god out of my head. It had  just occurred to me that whilst I knew his physical stats (at a guess) 21 inch arms 58 inch chest, 6ft1 height and a 8 inch soft pussy and ass splinter of a cock I didn’t know his name.

I got to my house threw my jacket off, made a protein shake, and shuck my clothes off and jumped in the shower, I have a wet room  with a shower in the one corner and a full length mirror in the other, before turning the shower on, I did a little flex show for my self, I was looking good, my arms were looking pumped from the night of moving heavy boxes all shift, my quads were also pumped, my calves are also a respectable 17 inches from hard training, bike riding and competitive sports at school and playing at amateur level after I finished college.

I had been so fixated on admiring my muscles feeling my ample chest which is covered in a light dusting of hair, that I didn’t notice how hard my cock was at this point, my big balls were also churning a couple of days worth of juice.

My hand went to my cock whilst I massaged my balls with my other hand, it wasn’t long before I had built up quite a fast aggressive technique, the bathroom experience at work filled my mind and I couldn’t him out of my head, and fantasied about him getting the best of me in the sack.

My left hand left my balls and I started playing with my ass, this is totally out of character for me, as I have always considered myself a top, even when having alone time, I would never consider playing with my hole, but today he had awoken something new in me, I wanted him to show me who is boss, I wanted him to train and dominate me.

I was thinking how would I be able to accommodate such an ass destroyer of a cock, how would I even take that in my mouth, it made mine look pathetic in comparison, I was consumed by images of him having his way with me, imagining his corse hair rubbing against my skin, and his sweat pouring onto me, his deep masculine voice in my ear as he fucked me.

All of these thoughts got too much and felt the cum rising in my balls, I quickly turned to face the wall and shot rope after rope of thick cum onto the tiles, then something I have never done in my life happened I dropped to my knees and licked all of it off the wall and sucked them remnants off my fingers,

I then took a shower, noticing that my cock didn’t fully go soft, and I felt I could go another round, but willed myself not to because I wanted to go to the gym tonight and i would be too tired if I spent the next 30 mins edging then blowing another load over my chest.

I Showered, shaved and got dressed, stuck on youtube and watched some workout videos, I have always found a hot jerk off session can make me sleepy afterwards, because i must have dropped off and I was woken up by my telephone.

I didn’t recognise the number so i rejected the call.  And didn’t think anymore about it, I decided to get my gym bag ready, and head off to them gym, it was now 20:00 so it will be a bit quieter than straight after people finish work.  I hopped in the car and drove to the gym.

As I expected the gym was quiet, there was about 15 people in the weigh area, so i had no problem getting a bench, it was chest day, I always start with bench press, I start light and do 135lbs 15 reps then gradually work upto 270lbs, if I have a spotter then will push to 300lbs, but I am on my own tonight so will go easy.

After bench press I like to work with dumbbells on the flat bench, incline and decline to improve my range of motion, I then like to work on the cables with lighter weights but do big reps and many sets, and sweat like I am doing cardio.

I don’t know what it is like for other people but lifting to me is like an aphrodisiac, especially when I push through the pain barrier, I was horny as fuck again, but unlike other nights there was nobody there at the gym I wanted to unload into, just some Mens Health athletic types that women find attractive.

I finished my workout, took a shower, I was sporting a 7 inch chubby, but managed to resist the temptation to jerk off, I got dressed left the gym, approached my car and noticed there was a note stuck under the wiper, it read “Don’t ignore my fucking calls boy, I will see you about this tomorrow, BRIAN!!’ 

Who the fuck is Brian, then the penny dropped Brian is the muscle bear from work, I then remembered he placed his number in work jacket pocket, so I rushed home to check to see if it was the same number.

I got home grabbed my jacked opened the top pocket pulled out the card, it didn’t have his name on it, but did have his number and it matched the one I rejected.  I then sent him a text apologising for not answering his call earlier as I had not saved his number from before and didn’t even know his name, and I asked him how he got my number?

I got a text back saying he obtained my number by going in to HR and finding it on the system, and that he intended on us training together at his private gym as he would have had the place to himself tonight, we would have trained  our chests and after he would train me how to service him.

The texts went back and forth for the next hour and we both blew our loads just talking about how we would coach me to become his alpha sub, he then instructed me not to cum until we meet tomorrow, he told me that we would be going to his private gym straight after work so bring my gym gear with me.

It was soon 23;30 and I was tired so dragged myself up the stairs to bed, I was sporting a hard on in bed but I complied with his demands and refrained from touching myself.  My head hit the pillow and was out like a light, the days events must have took their toll as it usually takes me a good 30 mins to fall asleep.

To be continued.

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This is getting amazing.  Love that he (and I) will have to hold off until the next chapter... I'm telling ya, when Brian finally lets our guy cum, my computer and desk are gonna get very very soaked!!!

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