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Serhyi - the pinnacle of the Ukrainian army (Chapter 4.2 added on Oct 31)


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After reading many great stories on this forum, I decided it's high time to give back something to this community. I drafted my first story based on topics I really like and which turn me on - domination, huge muscles (obviously), power. I spiced it with a bit of snuff, although this will never be the main theme of this story. I tried to keep the story realistic - my hero will never become a giant or be strong enough to lift a tank. But he will be strong enough to beat the shit of any human. And have ample fun hearing him beg for his pathetic life.

I am looking forward to your feedback and comments. Feel free to either comment below or by sending me a message.

Today you get the first two chapters. If the story gets enough attention and positive replies, I plan to continue it of course. 

Happy reading and have fun!


* * *



The helicopter was already flying quite low, just above the treetops. Below us was a vast forest, which we could barely see in the dark. The pilot was clearly afraid. And he had full reason to be. 


We were flying in the dark with minimal lights and not much moonlight, which already created a danger. But this danger was the lowest on his priority ranking. Worse for him was that we were flying over enemy territory and as we were flying so low, we were quite easy targets for enemy fire. But what he feared most, was me. And rightfully so.


My legend preceded me. The pilot heard a lot about me before boarding this helicopter. In fact, when he learned whom he would carry on board tonight, he started to tremble. Although I did not care to say anything to him, my size, my Alphaness and my manly scent made his body automatically shrink and surrender. Only his completely average dick was totally hard during the entire flight. He was lucky I ignored his mediocre existence, as I was focused on a bigger fish to fry.


* * *



My name is Serhyi. I am 29 years old and I am the latest experiment of Ukrainian scientists who collaborated with the best American colleagues to create a super-soldier; a ruthless and cruel killing machine. 


Even before being recruited to this experiment, I was a huge guy. I competed in international strongman championships representing my country, usually placing in the top 5. I won a few bodybuilding championships in the heavyweight category. I loved martial arts and wrestling, although I never competed on a national level in those. I loved fighting, cause it not only fulfilled my desire to be the best, which the other sports did too, but it also fulfilled my desire to crush my opponents, to make them realise and painfully feel their inferiority compared to Me. I loved to see fear in their eyes even before I started dominating them. I loved to inflict pain, to hear them scream, especially those who before the match believed they are macho. To me they were wimps and fucktoys. Unfortunately, this was not what they wanted at competitions, hence I never competed.


When my country was invaded by the neighbouring Russia five years ago, I enlisted for the army. I wanted to fight against the invaders.


I was immediately spotted by the recruiting commission, as I stood out from the crowd of mediocre men. I was 201 cm tall, which is 6 foot 6 inches in your American standards. And I was muscular, very muscular. A heavyweight bodybuilder with 61 cm arms (24”) which were bigger than the thighs of the weakling next to my right. My huge muscular chest was 145 cm (57”) at that time and contained more muscle than the whole body of the skinny wimp to my left, who timidly looked up at me from time to time praying that the enemy soldiers do not look like me. Add to the description of my magnificent body quite low body fat level (I wasn’t in competition shape, but it was around 8%, which made all my muscles nicely visible under my skin). I looked like a monster among petty humans. Which was exactly true.


The head doctor who examined all of us who were standing in briefs was clearly aroused. He quickly checked all the average males and told me I would undergo a special inspection at the end. He was a middle-aged guy who was quite fit for his age and had more muscle than most of the candidates standing in front of him. Next to me though, he looked skinny and weak. He knew it and I knew it.


I thought about dominating him and making him my puppet, but then I thought I should first wait and see what he has to offer me before subjugating him. It proved to be the right decision.


After 10 minutes of inspections, the wimps were all proved worthy of being sent to the front and left the room. I was left alone with the doctor, who moved from his desk closer to me. I noticed he had a hard on, which was no surprise to me, as most males react with an erection in My presence. He asked me about my past, my sport experience, my strength while at the same time inspecting me. He started with the obvious - heart rate, pulse, then moved to inspect the quality of My muscles. His eyes were becoming wider and wider with awe. His dick harder and harder. Soon there was a wet stain between his legs. I smirked - I just subjugated another weakling without even bothering to make him feel My real power. 


The doc looked at Serhyi. He was in awe. What was before his eyes was a perfect male. Very tall, extremely muscular, very virile. The skin did little to hide the huge muscles underneath it. His pecs were like giant iron cushions. They emanated power and manhood. Just by looking at them anyone else already knew who the Alpha in the room is. On both sides of the giant pecs were two enormous shoulders. Each one the size of a watermelon. They made him look extremely wide and terrifying. Just beneath them were his rock-hard arms. Each one bigger than docs thighs, and doc was no stranger in the gym. They probably could curl more than what doc could leg press. Underneath the iron pecs were the beautifully carved abs. Even his obliques were elegantly visible showing his quite narrow waist. 

Then came the gigantic pillars of his legs. They seemed extremely long. As for their size - the doc wasn't sure he could circumvent the quads using both of his arms. He didn't even want to try doing that, as he was afraid it could anger Serhyi. And that was the last thing doc wanted to do. Below the huge quads were the brilliant, massive calves. Each one the size of docs thigh. And then came his long feet. Serhyi had even big muscles there.

His scent was very manly. His pheromones subconsciously bombarded doc’s brain saying: “you are weaker, you are powerless in front of this male. Just accept it, as it's useless to deny it.” And doc did accept it. Fully.


The doc was on his knees checking the density of My calves, each the size and shape of a rugby ball, when I asked him whether he wanted to see and check My cock. He slightly blushed and told me that this was on his checklist too, but he was too afraid to ask me. I didn’t even bother to reply to him and just took my pants off. My semi-hard already 18 cm (7”) long cock jumped out and flew above the head of the doctor. He licked his lips and looked lustfully at it.


He tried to stay professional and started to measure its size with a tape. He then told me he needs to see it fully erect to measure it. He asked me whether I could make it hard. I replied that his hands and mouth are a perfect tool for that and that he is to do it himself. Without even realising it, he instantly obeyed my command. The first one of the many I gave him in the next months.


He worshipped My cock just like he worshipped My muscular body - with care, respect and professionalism. He proved to be a worthy sub.


My cock was full mast in less than a minute. It was easy, cause I hadn’t cum since morning and my balls were aching to be milked. My amazing steel rod was the only thing the doctor had on his mind at the moment. I was a little impressed that he still managed to control himself when he stopped slurping My cockhead and started measuring it. He looked at the numbers and proudly announced, “33 centimetres (13”) with a circumference of 30 cm (12”). The biggest and thickest in the whole Ukrainian army!”


I nodded in approval - good to be informed scientifically about My superiority to other “men”. It will make My decision to subjugate other soldiers quicker. In case they would act cocky, I would order them to take out their dicks and compare them to My cock. I would always win and the guys would have to give Me their asses, if I wished so. Easy job.


I looked at the doctor who now told me he needs a sample of my sperm in order to check My virility. “You doubt My virility?!” I raised My voice. He immediately turned rather pale and told Me he does not, but he needs it to be scientifically lab tested in order to check My health levels for the special assignment I might be given.


I just nodded in approval and pointed at him and at My cock. He understood immediately and rushed to My cock with a measuring cup. I smirked looking at the size of it. It could barely hold 50 ml (1.6 oz.) of sperm, a small fraction of what I usually cum. But it was designed for average humans, not for virile muscle gods. I expected the doctor to drink the rest of My cum, which would not fit in the cup.


The doc returned to worshipping My cock with his hands and mouth. You could see he was well trained - not like the bimbos I fucked after the wrestling matches. He really knew how and where to touch it and squeeze it. I was soon close to cumming and he felt it too. He was puzzled, cause he knew he had to catch My cum in the cup, but at the same time he was unable to stop himself from giving head to Me.


I decided to release him from his dilemmas and told him that there will be more cum than he needs both for the cup and for his mouth. Without taking My cock out of his mouth, he nodded in approval and awe and continued slurping.


A few moments later, I growled and started cumming. In My standards, it was just an average cumshot, but the unprepared doc was shocked. He was too slow in swallowing My nectar, so his cheeks quickly filled with My cum and it started pouring out of his mouth. He rapidly put the cup under his own chin and in no time, it was completely full with My seed too.


As he started choking on My cum, he released My rod which continued shooting and making his doctor's smock completely covered with My juices. From now on he was marked as My property.


As I finished shooting, I looked down at the doc’s pants and saw the obvious - he came, too. He will be taught that next time he is to ask permission for cumming in My presence. But it was my first day in the army and not all of My rules have been applied here yet. This will change as time passes and people will learn to obey My orders. Even those who are theoretically above Me, as they have a higher military rank. That will not prevent them from being subjugated by Me. On the contrary - it will make their fall under My feet even sweeter. If needed, some will be snuffed in the process. It will just make My glory and My fame greater.


The doctor came back to his senses from the biggest orgasm he ever had (till now) and started looking around. His face and his smock was covered with My cum, the cup was completely full and there was a large puddle of My goo on the floor.


I decided to slowly start training My new sub and ordered him to lick the floor clean. He looked up at Me with a question in his eyes, but when he met My steel gaze, he immediately understood that I am deadly serious and started cleaning the floor with his tongue. He took his wet smock off which allowed me to inspect his upper body. It was nicely shaped. I could see that doc was a regular in the gym and that his diet was well under control. His arms had decent biceps and the pecs were nice and juicy. His abs were clearly visible. His ass was deliciously sticking up as he kneeled, licking the floor.


I found his body worth My fuck next time we do it again. The fact that he was a top, of which I was informed later, did not matter to Me. For Me all were bottoms. I usually preferred tops even more, as their asses were tighter, although for My rod every ass was tight, especially during the first few fucks.


The doc finished licking My goo and turned around. In the meantime, I walked behind the desk and sat on his chair. The chair squeaked under My weight. To help the poor chair a bit, I put My huge muscular long legs on the doc’s desk, trying not to crush his keyboard in the process.


The doc was at first shocked to see Me sitting from where he usually commanded the room and the subordinates, but he understood that from now on the hierarchy will look different. He took a small chair opposite the desk and sat like a suppliant in his own office. His eyes were sliding over My huge muscles which were simply relaxing after a pleasant fuck.


I looked at him and said, “So - what special assignment are you giving Me?”


He replied, “It’s not sure that you would be given it. There are a number of other potential candidates.”


I repeated My question slightly louder, “So - what special assignment ARE you giving ME?


He swallowed his saliva and said, “It is most likely that you will indeed be the one we are looking for. So far you tick all the boxes of the perfect candidate. We would like to create a super soldier who would significantly raise our chances of winning this war. We need someone who is extremely powerful to make him even more powerful, beyond what humans usually can do. But there are several restrictions, potential bottlenecks and side effects. That’s why, for example, we need to test your sperm. We will also need to check how you react to the serum, as you may be allergic to it, which would ruin the whole experiment.”


“Then test it now,” I said.


“Now??” He clearly did not expect such an answer.


“Yes. Inject it and let’s see.”


The doc quickly analysed something in his head and agreed. He took a syringe and filled it with some purple liquid. He told Me that due to My size, he will apply a double dose of the serum.


I approved his proposal. He will learn that he can propose something, but it is Me who will take the decision. As a smart doc, he already was learning it, even if subconsciously.


The injection was quick and a bit painful. I love pain, both when I apply it and when I receive it, so it was a pleasure.


The doc told me that we need to wait at least five minutes to see the first results.


After five or six minutes, I started feeling really good. Even more manly that I usually do. I didn’t see much of a difference in My body. Maybe only My muscles were more tense and dense.


Suddenly the door opened and an officer entered holding one of the average Joes who were recruited with me. The Joe seemed frightened and the officer aroused. He shouted at the doc, “Andryi - this recruit is not from Odessa as he claims. We just found out he is a Russian spy who wanted to infiltrate our army. What shall we do with him?”


Andryi, as now I knew the docs name (I didn’t care how he was named till now), told the officer that the potential spy needs to be interrogated and that we can use me to do it. Then he turned around to Me and he realised he committed a grave error. He looked apologetically towards Me and said, “Sir, would you approve of interrogating this scum?”


The doc was a fast learner. He even started calling Me “Sir” before I ordered him to do so. I was impressed.


I approved his proposal and took over Ivan or whatever his name was. I felt anger, as the guy wanted to infiltrate My new barracks and put Me in theoretical danger. Before I even said a word to him, I punched him quickly in the face. He was completely unprepared (neither was the officer who held him). Due to the impact of My fist, Ivan hit the wall behind him and fell to his knees. The officer managed to jump aside, but he was angry. I didn’t care.


Ivan in the meantime spit out two of his teeth. His nose was broken and he started to bleed. He looked from his position up to Me. He saw a muscular giant towering him nearly up to the ceiling wearing only briefs. He saw the anger in my eyes. He knew that I would not play along any civilised rules of interrogating a suspect and that I wouldn’t care if he dies in the process. 


His correct analysis of his situation was brutally interrupted by My kick in his chest. I loved kickboxing and I knew how to kick to create the most impact. His eyes nearly popped out, he was lifted up from the ground by the impact and he could not breathe for a longer moment. His chest had a huge bruise roughly in the shape of my foot. And I have really big feet.


He started coughing and spit out some blood. But even before he could catch his breath after the kick, a new wave of pain emerged in his body, as my foot after the kick landed on his left palm on which he tried to support his upper body in order to regain breathing. I weighed over 140 kg (310 lbs) then and I had no mercy to use My weight in order to crush his finger bones. In order to do it completely I twisted My heel, nicely pulverising them in the process.


His shriek was heard quite from afar.


I was happy he quickly understood his position and started begging me to stop.


We started the interview. The officer asked a question. If the victim did not reply immediately, he lost another part of his flesh or bones. Fifteen minutes later we knew his real name, his unit, his commander, his home address, the codes he was to be using to connect his home unit, even his bank account number in Moscow and the PIN card to the new account he just got in Ukraine. As well as all the data of his girlfriend. Ivan just lost one eye in the process (I didn’t expect it to float out so easily). His left leg was broken, the bone sticking out through the mangled muscle. His left hand was pulverised and his small balls were ripped off. I gave them to doc as a souvenir. But he was alive and even conscious. He probably cursed the day he agreed to take this mission and even more the moment he stumbled upon Me.


The officer took the victim out of the room into his new prison cell.


It just left the two of us. The doc was clearly impressed. He told both Me that the serum worked exactly as expected. It gave me way more power and precision.


I thought back at the interview and indeed noticed that breaking bones was way easier for Me than it normally was. I was even impressed how soft the victim was and how effortless it was to crack him. Now I knew that he might have been completely normal and it was Me who gained so much more strength as to make breaking a human a piece of cake.


* * *



It took Me a few weeks to get used to My new strength level. I crushed and meld several things in the process. Dumbbells, knives, plates, mugs, even a rifle, although that was by pure coincidence.


My PRs in the gym seemed so easy to break. Deadlift, bench press, squat - all were surpassed by 25-50%. I was fed well and gained new muscle mass. The doc took good care of Me and fed me with the best supplements on top of the serum he was giving Me.


I demanded two servants, who were to fulfill My needs day and night. My officer (whom I subbed the first night I met him) talked to his commander, who at first rejected My proposal. My officer did not know how to inform Me about the fact that someone dared to contradict Me. When I finally forced him to tell it (a good choking session with My biceps always helps), I smiled and said that I always like some challenges.


He relaxed and was even rewarded for his loyalty to Me with his first ass fuck. He couldn’t walk properly for three days after that. But he seemed happy and treated this as a special recognition.


After fucking My superior (only in rank, as he was inferior to Me in every way, even though he looked quite decent for a human), I went to the major. He seemed not to be aware yet that I gave the orders here.


I entered his office just after a gym session. I was wearing a tank top, which revealed the incredible size of My muscles. I didn’t even bother to knock.


The major was behind his desk. He was a skinny short guy in his late 40-ties. We never met before, as he was on a mission somewhere in the past days. He heard about Me of course, just like everyone on the campus. Now he was about to learn his position in MY campus.


He looked at Me from behind the desk and was clearly impressed. He did not dare to protest that I entered his office without even knocking, let alone having an appointment. I came straight to his desk, sweaty still from the good upper body workout I just had. My manly musk filled in the room, as the windows were closed.


“So it is you, Serhyi!” said the major.


“Yes, it’s Me, Oleh,” I replied. I didn’t bother to name him by rank and directly called him by name, crossing all the rules in the Ukrainian army. This was to make him understand that rules apply to others, but not to Me. And to make him softer to crack.


I sat on his desk with My ass and back towards him. But as I came here with friendly intentions, I turned My head towards him and even slightly smiled. He was shocked by My behaviour, but I didn’t give him time to get used to it, as I started nonchalantly taking off My military boots.


“I heard you did not fulfill My order, which I sent to you via My intermediary. I am a busy man and I do not have time to do all the things myself. As you already know, I am the pinnacle of your army and as such, I expect respect from all. You included. From you, I also expect obedience, as you seem to have some power here. Your powers are to be used to emphasize My power and My authority. If you have a stupid idea to go against Me, we will have a big problem here. I will need to talk to your commander and have you replaced. And it might be quite painful. For you of course.”


As I spoke, the small man became smaller and smaller. He was sweating and had a clear problem speaking since I entered the room.


Having no response from him, I paused to speak and started to take My socks off. The room was filled in with My scent even more. If someone had entered it, he would not feel the smell of another male in the room. As, in fact, there was no other male in the room. The other human was reduced to his asexual agamic form.


I continued to speak, “You have the reports about My strength, My abilities and My new superpowers. In fact, I am currently sitting on this report. You therefore know what I am capable of. Your report probably includes information about the two guys I already killed here and a few others who got injured. 

I came here with friendly intentions and want you to be happy to work for Me. Remember that My success will also be your success, if I allow you to continue commanding this unit. So - will you agree to submit to My power and fulfill My orders and needs?”


He clearly read the report and knew I could kill him on spot before he even could cry for help. Still unable to speak, he nodded his head. 


“Good!” I replied. “You will address Me as Sir from now on". 


He nodded again.


“Now let Me give you a little reward for your cooperation. Go under your desk and stick your head from My side, facing up, so that you can see Me sitting here.”


He obeyed. Good, cause snuffing him would create a bit of havoc, would delay My transformation and the short-term pleasure would be outweighed by mid-term nuisances.


His head appeared from underneath the desk, right between My feet.


From this perspective, I seemed even bigger to the major.


“To visualise our new relations, you are to lick all the sweat off My feet. I know you will enjoy it.”


The guy was so confused at this moment, that he started licking before his brain analysed what I just told him. Then it was too late to stop and he continued his feet worshipping session.


I took out My mobile and did a series of photos and a video of him servicing My feet to blackmail him in case he has the dumb idea to resist Me next time. If he is good however, I might send him a copy, so that he has some jerk off material when I am not around.


After the first few moments of overwhelming fear, I could see Oleh started to relax and enjoy his new position. I knew he was a feet fetishist from his lover, beautiful blonde-haired Junior Lieutenant Irina. 


She was not only his lover. In fact, she fucked every tenth soldier in this campus. She slid into My bed the second night I was there and she got way more than what she was expecting. I gave her more orgasms than she had in the last two months combined. I also made her holes too wide for most of the soldiers. She gave me lots of secret info on anyone worth My or her fuck. She remained My fuckspy throughout the whole time. We agreed however that I would only fuck her in the ass and only halfway deep. Otherwise she would not be able to fuck other guys well, making her way less useful for Me.


In the meantime, Oleh was moaning and getting close to orgasm. I heard a strange sound from the other side of the door. The serum enhanced my hearing abilities; I could hear sounds normal humans could not. Without a hesitation, I took out a knife I had in My pocket and threw it forcefully at the door which was on the opposite side of the room. The knife flew perfectly and with a loud thud entered the door up to its handgrip. I heard a sigh and saw drops of blood mixed with brain dripping of the blade. Someone who dared to listen to My interaction with Oleh has just been snuffed. Probably another Russian spy whose task was to control what Oleh was doing.


Oleh understood what just happened, but he was already too high and it just made his arousal higher. He started cumming under the desk. I didn’t even care to see it.


Once he finished, I prepared to jump off the desk. He was petrified. His face grew ashen and his skin taut against his skull as he thought I would crush his skull. My 150 kg (330 lbs) hard flesh flying into his skull would certainly make his death a quick one. Although I killed a guy just a minute ago, I had no intentions of adding Oleh to this list. Not today. I swiftly landed just above his head, turned around so that I could face him and unzipped My fly. He got terrified again, as he thought I would fuck him. He was straight and never had male sex till now. 


But that was not on My menu either. His body looked so pathetic, that My cock did not even get a hard on in the process. I took out My cock so that I could piss on him, further engraving in his mind his position in My presence.


After emptying My bladder, I left the room, leaving the commander in My piss on the floor under his own desk. I opened the door with the spy still pinned by My knife to it and took My knife back, wiping the blade with the uniform of the dead guy. I didn’t even check who he was. It was irrelevant currently, was it not?

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I forgot to tell you about the gym in the barracks.


I went there for the first time shortly after leaving the doc’s office. I knew this will be the place I will be spending my prime time, so I needed to inspect it properly.


I entered the quite big room and scanned the equipment and its current occupants. The equipment was limited, but it had all the basics at least. It was an old school gym with several rusty bars, bumped plates and dumbbells scattered around. Machines were few and in rather bad condition. But nevertheless, the amount of weights in the room was acceptable.


As regards the occupants, most of them were completely average. There were four bodybuilders in the room apart from me. All four were standing in the far corner. They obviously saw Me entering and immediately started talking about Me. Everyone does talk about Me, when I enter any room.


I decided to approach them. In order to prepare them for the meeting with Me, I grabbed some average guy who was blocking My way and picked him up by his throat. The terrified wimp started squabbling, but I just “delicately” tossed him to the side. He landed on some bench, quite unharmed but in state of shock.


I saw the bodybuilders gulp as they saw Me coming. I started feeling the first symptoms of fear. The prey was starting to understand what predator is approaching them. I loved that feeling.


The little men moved nicely to the sides allowing Me to pass. Some were looking at Me in awe already. For Me they did not exist, they were even less useful than the light dumbbells in the room.


I finally came to the bodybuilders. I towered each one of them. The tallest was 185 cm (6’1), which was 16 cm (over 6”) shorter than Me. The rest were nearly a foot shorter than me. One had really good pecs, but when he looked at My humungous chest, he knew that he was one weight class below Me. I scanned their bodies quickly. Each of their best body parts were smaller and weaker than mine. And their average body parts were completely out of proportions compared to My prime muscles. Their thighs were smaller than My unpumped arm.


They all looked up at Me. One tried to smile timidly. One tried to pretend he is indifferent to My presence. The other two had question marks in their eyes and awaited what I have in store for them.


“I am Serhyi. I came here to own this place and its users. You four are the only species who try to resemble men around here, therefore I offer you an opportunity to serve me directly. But I expect unconditional obedience.”


“I’m not interested in your talk. I leave for the showers” said the guy who pretended to be indifferent to my size. He turned around and left.


At first, I wanted to immediately turn around and knock him out. Maybe break his arm or leg. That’s what I would do in the old days. But the serum in my brain started to transform the way I was thinking. I wasn’t even aware that I started thinking strategically and less by impulse. This made me more deadly in the longterm.

I decided to leave him for a later meal, when I can savor his utter defeat in private. In my mind I started imagining him begging me to stop and asking for mercy. Will there be mercy from My side? No. That’s not My style.

But for now, he was allowed to live and to even leave the room without tasting My wrath. I was the “good Serhyi” at the moment. He should consider himself extremely lucky.

The serum in My brain told Me that if I am to run these barracks I need serfs who will work for Me, controlling those zones where I would not be present. These guys seemed potentially acceptable candidates for this job, once they have been broken, understood their inferiority compared to Me and their brains have been reformatted to make My wishes and needs their top priority in life. It seemed possible. If not - I can always snuff them later.

I said: “One is already out and he will regret it later. Now the offer is restricted to the three of you”.


The one who smiled timidly, looked at my gargantuan posture starting from my huge calves, which were bigger than his arms, through the thighs which were on level with his abs, to the pec shelf at his eyesight and then up to my face, where he met My steel eyes. He immediately regretted his bravado, dropped his head so that he was looking at My lower quads and said: “You look amazing. No matter much how hard I try, I will never even come close to your size and strength. I will be happy to follow your orders, Sir and to learn from you, Sir”.


I patted My new property nodding My head in approval for his submission. I looked at the remaining two.


One of them spoke: “Words are just words. I prefer the iron to speak. If you show me you are stronger than me, then we can talk.” The second one nodded.


It was going to be fun. For me, at least.


As we were standing next to the bench press two of them were just using, it was a natural way to start. The bench was loaded with 140 kg (310 lbs) of plates. It was a good warm up for me. I immediately jumped underneath and did nice 10 clean reps. The three guys watched me attentively. Then came the three athletes. Their names were: Vitalyi, Oleh and Bohdan. Vitalyi was the one who already submitted. Oleh and Bohdan were the ones to be cracked still.


All three did the ten reps, although I could see it was already a challenge for them, especially after the seventh rep.


So, I added 60 kg to the bar, raising it to 200 kg (440 lbs). Vitalyi managed to do one rep and it was clearly his max. Oleh managed to do three, Bohdan two and half and needed help. I decided to save his ass, grabbed the bar and pulled it up. Speaking of his ass - I noticed he loved to squat. His ass was delicious and I have already decided, that my rod will ride it. That’s why his ass was saved.


Then I jumped under and did nice clean 6 reps with full range of motion. They started realizing the vastness of the gap that separated Me from them.


Then came deadlifts. 200 kg (440 lbs) warm ups, followed by the first series of 280 kg (620 lbs). Vitalyi didn’t even try, Oleh and Bohdan both did one rep and were exhausted. I decided to stop toying with them and did 10 reps. At first, they were speechless. Then they begged not to add more weight for them. So – first series proved to be the last. And I was so hoping for more fun…


Squats were similar, but here Oleh ruptured his quad, as he tried to overplay his weak cards in front of Me. He was unable to walk properly and I ordered Vitalyi to guide him to the infirmary. Before leaving, he said: “It was an honor to try to compete with you. It will be an honor to serve you here and in the battlefield in any way you want me, Sir.”


I nodded. He at least had the balls to try to compete against Me. He had never any chance of success, but he entertained Me nicely with his attempt.


That left just Bohdan and Me. I went to the lockers and he followed Me like a dog. I undressed and so did he. I scanned his naked body and found it enjoyable. I said: “This is the time you are to take an oath of obedience to Me. You will do it both with your words as well as with your flesh.”

He had a full hard on, his eyes were wide and full of fright. He knew that if I decided to do something to him, no one would come to rescue him. All his friends were gone and the wimps in the gym were too afraid to enter the lockers seeing that we went in there.

He said: “I am straight, but no man has influenced my body so much as you do with your presence. It’s not only your gargantuan size, your commanding voice, your overwhelming Alpha smell – it’s everything that constitutes you. It is the first time in my life that I see a god among men. And if that god deems me worthy to serve him, so I shall.”

He dropped to his knees and on his knees, he came close to Me. He asked Me whether he can take care of My cock and I approved it. The serum had a huge effect on My cum production and I needed to milk regularly.

As a straight guy he was horrible in giving head, so I quickly took over and took his head in My both hands trying to remember not to crush his skull when I would be climaxing. I didn’t care that he never took such a monster in his throat and was not prepared. He gagged but I ignored it and went deeper.

My cock filled his esophagus completely, cutting of his oxygen. He tried to pull back and started to hit My legs with his fists, with completely no effect. Indeed, I even liked it, cause I like My fucktoys to try to play rough.

His disorganized hitting quickly used his remaining oxygen and he soon stopped wiggling as passed out.

Now he became My muscular sex doll, which I could use as I pleased.

He was lucky that I was very horny and needed to cum. Otherwise he would soon be My dead muscular sex doll.

After less than 30 seconds after his passing out, I started to climax. I let his body fall to the floor and sprinkled him with My jeez.

After a short while, he slowly started regaining his consciousness.

Once he was able to speak coherently, I asked him the name of the guy who dared to leave and info where I could find him.

Obtaining all this, I quickly dressed myself and left the locker with Bohdan still on the floor unable to lift himself onto the bench which was standing next to him.

It was payback time for Grigoryi, my next prey…

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