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  1. Black Cat Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 WARNING! Contains snuff. Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 Chapter 10 | Chapter 11 | Chapter 12 Epilogue Sequel: Black Cats Chapter 1 The wife lays on the bed on her side, passed out. Her long auburn hair covers her sweaty, cummy face, neck and tits. Cum leaks out of her pussy and ass onto the soaked hotel sheets. Sunlight from the window lands on her 36C breasts, her nipples still hard and extended from my manipulations. Those beautiful breasts jiggle, the bed creeks and the headboard hits the wall with each of my thrusts. "Oh, God! Fuuuuck!" the husband moans under me. I pin his head to the bed with my left hand. My right hand grips and lifts his pelvis keeping his ass inline with my cock. For the last twenty minutes I've been pulling all the way out, waiting for his sphincter to close, then, with a low-pitch growl, ramming in deep. "You like that, boy? hmmmggggggrrrrrr. Like getting fucked slow and hard?" The husband moans something that sounds like, "yes, Daddy", as his fists tightly clutch the sheets. I roll my head back and inhale deeply, relishing the musky scent of sex. I spike his ass with a quarter of my rod. "AAAAHHHHHHGGOOOOOODD!" the pitiful excuse for a male wails. "GRRRR! I don't give a FUCK what you like, cunt," I growl. Enough of treading lightly with this virgin ass. I grab his shoulders with both hands and use my abs for countless short hard strokes, smashing into his prostate with every fuck. The bed frame crashes against that wall with a loud BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAMBAMBAMBAMBAM as I bore into him. I keep up the rapid-fire assault, grunting with each fuck, until he yells, "I'm cumming!" I wrap my left hand around his throat and lift him off the bed. I stand tall and press the back of his head into my chest. He utters a satisfying scream as he slides father down. A minuscule amount of cum bubbles through the tiny cock cage his little penis is trapped in. His legs swing and bump my shins as I walk to the floor-to-ceiling mirror. By the time I reach the mirror he's panting like a bitch in heat. I turn to face the mirror and look over the "man" impaled on my cock. Mid-twenties, crew-cut blond hair, handsome features. I guess you could say that he's got a middleweight bodybuilder physique. A decent chest above his six pack. An above average limp dick swings off of him. He could probably place in a regional bodybuilding competition if he didn't skip leg days. His eyes are squeezed tightly shut. "Open your eyes. Come on boy," I thump his head with my free hand, "open." When he doesn't obey I forcefully flex my abs, driving my ramrod deeper into his gut. "Aaaarrrg!" his eyes snap open and looks at me in the mirror with fear, lust and fear. He begins to hyperventilate. "Hey, calm down, little man." I slide my hand off of his throat putting him in a choke hold. I lightly squeeze his windpipe between my forearm and bicep. His hands immediately grab my arm and vainly tries to move it. I whisper into his ear, "Take slow deep breaths. That's it. Good boy." With his breathing slowing I find myself involuntarily slow fucking his tight ass and watching my hulking figure in the mirror. The husband's head, his mouth gaping open, is held between a forearm thicker than his upper arm and a bicep bigger than his head. Thick veins under my paper-thin skin look like a metropolitan subway map. Above my bowling ball delts thick traps rise like mountains to meet my corded neck. The husband whimpers when I flex my free arm into a Herculean ball of power. "You like that, puny boy? Grrrr, yeah, I think we both know who's superior." I feel a pair of tits against my wide lats and a sopping wet pussy grinding on my massive rippling leg. "Fuck him, baby." The wife wraps her tiny hands around my torso. One hand slowly strokes my ten-pack, fingers following the perimeter of each thick cobblestone segment. Her other hand travels up to my shelf-like pecs to try to squeeze the rock-hard muscle. Giving that up, she begins to pinch and tweak a downward pointing nipple. "Show him how to use that thing between his legs." She's kissing and licking my back. "He's never satisfied me. You…oh god…you made me cum more than I've ever had. Show him how a real man fucks." Never wanting to disappoint the ladies I break the bi pose and slap the husband's glute. He yelps and calls out for mercy to whatever deity he thinks is listening. I seize a leg and bring it to his chest as I start to pound his ass balls deep. I roar. The husband screams in terror and submission. The wife moans, "Make him your bitch like you made me your whore…Master" *** Good. Now I have your attention. With all the instant gratification, short news cycles and screaming 140 to 280 character dispatches from who-the fuck-cares you have to grab attention by the balls, squeeze and not let go. Even if the owner of said balls slaps you with an injunction. Which never happens to me…usually. Hi, I'm Bruce. Bruce Banderole. Ripped let me hijack his account to tell my story. I didn't used to be this way. The domineering alpha male, not the ball grabber. Well, maybe not that either. Anyway, I was just your typical, average office worker schmuck sitting in a nondescript cube surrounded by sappy inspirational posters from HR in the boring corporate world. To say I was the pinnacle of physical health would be laughable. Twenty-six years old at this time. Under the average height for a male, just under the definition of obese, nearsighted and balding. My idea of exercise was carrying a box of a dozen doughnuts to the office every Friday. The only thing in my life that brought a ray of sunshine into my gloom was my girlfriend, Val. Six weeks ago that would all start to change. On that Monday nothing could brighten my mood. I grabbed two different socks out of the sock drawer, my sandwich was moldy, the printer repeatedly jammed on duplication of a fifty page report and I had my review. See, there's me after work in line at the bus stop waiting for the 5:10 to my house. Hunched shoulders, thinking about the day and mumbling, "How the fuck did I get a 'adequate' on the Reynolds account? I busted my ass for that fucker!" I look up to the guy behind me, "Tell me why a guy that looks like an avocado had sex with an older more disgusting avocado complained?" The old lady behind him stepped back aghast. The guy looked at me and said, "Maybe it's your use of harsh language." When I realized I left my umbrella at home, it started to rain. I sighed defeat to the universe as the bus rolled to a stop. The doors opened and I heard something in the alley. I ignored it and shuffled forward. After a few steps I heard it again. This time I think I heard a cat. I had a cat once. My sister wanted to name it Dog. A few more shuffling steps and I definitely heard a cat. I reached the bus door, looked up at the driver and said "Wait for me, I'll be right back." I think I heard the driver mumble, "Yeah right buddy" as I turned into the ally. "Here, kitty kitty kitty." I heard a reply from the left ten feet down the alley. I called out again, followed the reply and found an average sized undernourished young adult black cat under a piece of cardboard. It looked up at me with pleading electric blue eyes. I knelt down to the cat, and slowly blinked, "Hey, there." I extended a finger in front of its nose. "You don't look too well." The cat sniffed my finger, blinked and replied with a meow that almost sounded like, "Help?" I extended the finger to scratch the cat's chin. I didn't see a collar when the cat lifted its head for more scratches. "Oh, so you're a stray huh? Well we can't have you walking the streets can we?" As I gently lifted the cat it began to purr. I turned around with the cat cradled in my arms just in time to see the back of the bus disappear down the street. I sigh and mutter, "Fuck." "Mew?" "It's just been one of those days, cat. There's a vet school a few blocks from here. How about we get you checked out and get something to eat?" "Purrrrmoowprrrr" "I'll take that as a 'yes'." Two hours later I ordered an Uber and headed for home with a $200 vet bill, a box of stuff and a very groggy cat. When the Uber pulled up I saw my favorite driver, Debbie, in her beat up Hyundai Accent. "What the fuck ya got there, Bruce?" she yelled at me over the blaring death metal as I put the cat carrier and box in the back seat. I closed the squeaky back door and yanked on the front passenger door until it opened. Most people don't like Debbie. It might be that she curses like a sailor or that she'd rather insult you than get a tip. I kinda liked her; the petite figure, the girl-next-door face, the long blond hair in pigtails just went so well with the spiked leather collar, ripped band t-shirt, short shorts and bowie knife strapped to her thigh. Think Harley Quinn without a psychopathic homicidal boyfriend with a pasty complexion. At least I hoped so. "I found a stray cat and decided to adopt her," I replied once I sat down in the seat and turned down the screaming Norwegians. "The vet named her Brenna. Apparently that's Gaelic for 'black hair'." Debbie lifted a single eyebrow when she glanced from the back seat to me, "You, a cat? What's that fucking bitch Val gonna say?" I buckled up and replied, "Yeah, a cat. I'm secure enough in my manhood that I don't need a hundred fifty pound slobbering dog that you have to get up at five o'clock in the morning to walk. Besides, everyone should have a little pussy." She blushed as she pulled the car out into that traffic and replied, "Uh-huh. You got food and a goddamn cat box yet?" I pointed my thumb at the box in the back, "Yeah. The vet gave me a box of stuff. Said it was a CCL Starter Kit." We almost get into an accident when Debbie snorted and started laughing. "You mind not killing us and tell me what's so funny?" She composed herself just enough to reply, "Shit! CCL stands for Crazy Cat Lady." My eyes involuntary rolled heavenwards, "Laugh it up, Deb. One cat doth not a crazy make." "Mrr, aarrr?" came from the back seat. "I didn't ask you." With a snicker she stated, "They say the fucking first step is talking to the them." "And yet you talk to your crappy car." "Hey, don't insult Reggy! He's very sensitive!" The car backfired in agreement. She started stroking the dashboard, winked at me and said, "There, there, Reg. Don't listen to that mean asshole. You still haven't said how your cocksucking bitch-friend's going to react." "A FUCKING CAT!" was the reply I got from Val to a text with a pic of Brenna on my lap. When we got home I set everything up for Brenna. She had some water and cat food from her bowls in the kitchen and used her box in the bathroom. With her belly full she constantly purred while I scratched and rubbed her chin, throat and belly. She held my arm with her paws to make sure I didn't stop. She especially wanted me to scratch under her new orange-red nylon collar. I tried to think why the love of my life would say that as I scrolled up the app and saw all the pics she sent of her Pekingese, Alcaeus. The many, many pictures of Alcaeus dressed in a toga, birthday hat, sunglasses. In a sombrero for Cinco de Mayo. In a Santa beard and stocking cap for Christmas. The pics of Alcaeus with a hair bow on its head, in a Che Guevara t-shirt and beret, dressed as a Minion, lapping up a strawberry smoothie (from MY glass, mind you), wearing a Mario cap and, the worst, with cat ears. I typed out my reply with the thumb the little spoiled shit bit last week when I tried to get him away from my smoothie, "I found her in an alley downtown. I'm not going to walk away from that. Come on over and meet her, babe." A minute later the reply chat bubble started bubbling. Two minutes later I see, "Ugh fine cu soon." "We're going to have company, Brenna," I told the purring ball of fur on my lap as I rubbed behind her ears. Then I noticed the pizza boxes on the coffee table and dirty socks on the sofa. I sighed and said, "Looks like I've got to clean this place up a bit…" "Myeah." "…so you're gonna have to…Wait a minute, did you just say 'yeah'?" She just blinked those beautiful electric blue eyes and purred. "Ooookay then. Let me just set," I lifted her up and settled her on the sofa, "you here while I straighten up the place." The garbage was tossed and a load of laundry started when I heard the familiar sounds of Cadaver's "Cannibalistic Dissection" outside, Val screaming, "You expect a TIP after THAT?!" and a creaky car door slam. I open my front door to Val in a tight blue mid-thigh dress, her auburn hair in a bun, oversized sunglasses and a floppy wide brimmed hat. Behind her I saw a Hyundai peeling rubber and the driver's arm sticking out the window with a middle finger extended. "Ugh! That cabbie is the WORST! I don't know why they don't just fire her ass!" "She's not a cabbie and they can't." I gave Val a kiss on the cheek as she blew past me. "You know she's an independent contractor and the best driver in the city." "WHATEVER. So," she scanned the room, "where's this cat?" When Val set her oversized purse down her "dog" squeaked and poked his head out. "She's on the sofa. Be gentle, she's not used to…" When Val saw Brenna she charged towards her. Loudly, she said, "Oh, aren't you just the cutest thing!" Brenna jumped to the back of the couch, yelled, "Moor? REEEOW!" and hissed. When Val started to reach for her she jumped down and hid under the couch. "Hey! That's not how you act around a new pet, Valerie!" Alcaeus jumped out of the purse and started yapping at the couch. "Pfft, what do you know. It's just a cat." Brenna came out and sat in front of Alcaeus. Alcaeus continued to yap away as if he was a fearsome beast. Brenna, just yawned and cleaned her paw. "Yeah, well, she MY cat and I won't have her becoming neurotic due to…" We both heard a cut off yip and looked down to see Brenna's paw pinning Alcaeus's head to the floor. Her tail swished and she gave a "humph" sound. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY DOG!" Val exclaimed. I suppressed a snicker and said pridefully, "I see there's no chance of that." Val reached down to pick up the dog Brenna sniffed her hand. "Get away!" She clutched the shivering dog to her breasts, "That cat is EVIL!" "No she's not. This is all new to her. It'll take time for her to adjust." "Yeah, well…" Val's phone sounded out a notification I haven't heard before. Her face went flush and her eyes widened when she looked at her phone. "Sorry, babe. Gotta go." "You just got here?" I said, my hands outspread. "I know, but somethings come up…at work," Val collected her purse, shoved the shivering mutt in it and headed toward the door. "Can I call you an Uber?" "With HER again. I don't think so. Besides, my ride is already outside. Bye!" And with that Val slammed the front door on her way out. I stood in the middle of the living room wondering what just happened when I felt Brenna winding herself around my legs. "Well, that could have gone better." I said looking down at her. She blinked twice. "She's really very nice, ya know." "Mnoow," was the only reply in the room. Did my cat just say, "No"?
  2. Brent was massive. He stood six feet six inches tall and weighed 350 pounds. Maybe 400 pounds, it'd been a while since he checked. At 22 years old, he was an unequivocal monster. He wore a tight white t-shirt that showed off every muscle in his body, the material looking ready to tear should he even move his torso an inch. His shorts were as large as you could find, and were still too small. They cut off just above his knee, showing promise of muscled, marble thighs underneath. His calves were diamond shaped, flexing with every step he took. He had just gotten into town and found a gym down the street. The gym fell quiet when Brent walked in. No one could take their eyes off him. Brent smiled, enjoying the shocked reaction of the crowd. His face was handsome, dark with a strong jaw and wide cheekbones. His neck was huge and you could see it was all muscle. Quiet murmurs filled the room as they took in the sight of the new visitor. His arms were the biggest any of them had ever seen. His forearms were bigger than most men's upper arms, huge bulging forearms covered with fibers and veins. His legs were thick, so densely packed with muscle he almost had to spread them apart to walk. He was so big, so muscular, so dominant looking. He strode up to the front desk. "Sir? Do you need a..." The receptionist started to speak, before being silenced by a glance from the newcomer. The receptionist whimpered as he involuntarily came in his pants. With a shaky arm, he opened the gate for Brent. "Thanks dude," Brent smiled and winked, giving a quick flex of his arm for the receptionist, who audibly moaned. Brent chuckled as he walked in. Brent headed for a free machine and set it to the max weight. He was delighted to find plenty of weight on the machine, he might actually get a pump. He felt the eyes of everyone in the room on him as he easily cranked out a set. Then another. They were all astounded by the weight he was lifting. No one had managed the maximum weight of the machine. After a few more sets, Brent looked around the gym for the next biggest guy compared to himself. He spotted a similarly built musclehead taking quick, furtive glances at him through a mirror in the corner of the room as he headed to the bench press. "Perfect." Brent thought to himself. He got up off of the weight machine and ambled over. Scott loved being the center of attention at the gym. He had the body for it too; over 6 feet tall, 300+ lbs of ripped mucle that was always competition-ready. Every day the guys in the gym would request something from him - to worship is huge muscles, to suck or be fucked by his giant cock. He enjoyed being told to flex this way or that, to sway his hips until his cock got hard, to dump his load into another willing admirer. He was their sex idol, their fantasy. Just the thought of that turned him on like nothing else. So to see this newcomer drawing everyone away had Scott fuming inside. "Who did this asshole think he was, just barging in here?" Scott thought to himself. "And how the fuck was he so huge?" "Must be roids," he thought to himself, shaking off the feeling of envy. He tried to focus on his workout, moving from the leg press to the bench. All the while Scott watched the new bodybuilder in the mirror. His muscles were enormous. He was taller, harder, hotter. Scott hated him. When Brent saw Scott looking at him, he smiled and gave a small wave. Scott frowned and turned away, loading up the bar with extra plates. He sat down and got underneath it, adjusting his grip when a shadow came over him. "Need a spotter?" Brent approached Scott, grabbing hold of the bar and looking down at the large man towering over him. Scott looked up at the newcomer, but found his view was obstructed by Brent's gym shorts, which were so filled with cock that they jutted out from his body, even though he was completely flaccid. "What the..." the muscleman had to blink his eyes to register what he was seeing. When it clicked, he shuddered, feeling a warm sensation in his loins. That couldn't be right though. This guy was the enemy. It must just have been the surprise. "I guess," Scott grunted, not taking his eyes off that clear-as-day outline of cock. It was as though the man were naked, but his skin was a dark blue nylon color. Did he see it twitch? That couldn't be real, could it? Brent noticed the man checking him out, but he kept his cool, smiling to himself. "Well, you going to start or what?" Scott shook his head to snap out of his trance and grabbed hold of the bar, bringing it down. His eyes never moved, and he never realized his mouth was open, breathing heavily as he lifted the bar, brought it down, and lifted again. Brent smiled wider as he felt himself starting to get a semi. Every slight move of his legs stimulated him. He squeezed his muscled thighs together slowly, massaging his balls with his hard legs. He noticed the poor guy starting to get aroused. Brent licked his lips as he watched Scott's shorts tent, raising up. "Not bad," he thought to himself. He guessed the man was packing nine, maybe ten inches. This was going to be fun. Beneath him, Scott couldn't help but stare upwards, the weights feeling like feathers as his mind focued on a much bigger issue. The shorts strained to contain the massive bulge inside them. He never thought there could be a dick so big. It must be twice his size! With every breath the man took, he could smell the heavy musk coming from the massive man, it was intoxicating. He couldn't help himself. He needed more. He placed the bar back on the rack and then wrapped his hands around Brent's waist, grabbing his ass and pulling himself closer to the man, stuffing his face up in between Brent's legs. Onlookers gasped as they heard Scott moan, his cock threatening to tear through his shorts as his face was buried between Brent's legs. "Holy fuck dude," Brent said with a laugh, "Did I do that?" He waited until Scott had let go of him before stepping back. Scott was in a daze, unsure of what had just come over him. "I'm Brent." The muscleman extended his hand. "Scott." he heard himself say, still dizzy, still rock hard. He felt Brent's massive arm reach down and pull him to his feet, a large wet spot spreading across the front of his shorts. "Let's go get you cleaned up," Brent said, as he pointed the two of them to the showers. The crowd eyed Scott enviously as they walked past. The buff pair entered the conveniently empty locker room to undress. Brent could tell Scott was still in a trance, his eyes lazily gazing over every inch of his body. Brent grinned as he pulled off his shirt and slid his shorts down, kicking them off his legs, cock swinging between his thighs. "Liking what you see?" He said with a devilish smirk, posing a bit and flexing a bicep. He put his hands on his hips and stood proudly, his foot long softie stirring mildly as it swelled a little. Brent swayed his hips, making his semi slap against his muscled thighs, growing a little bigger and harder with every swing. Scott's eyes followed it, hypnotized. His tongue rolled out of his mouth and the wet spot on his tented gym shorts started growing, his pre leaking through the cloth. "Aw yeah dude, check this out," Brent grinned at the stupefied look on the man's face. He put his hands behind his head, flexing his towering biceps and crunching his ripped stomach. His cock grew and grew, pointing forwards, then swinging up his muscled body. Finally it slid between his thick pecs and stopped growing - 18 inches of thick, throbbing, cock. Brent turned his head to lick a bicep slowly and sensually with his tongue, lightly thrusting the air so that his huge dick lightly slapped against his chest, trails of precum stretching between his cock and pecs. Scott was stunned speechless, actually starting to pant a bit watching the huge musclegod show off. He squeezed and rubbed his bulge through his shorts, which were growing wetter and tighter as they stretched to accommodate his 10 inch member. "Fuck, dude..." he moaned. He reached into his shorts and started stroking himself, the nylon eventually slipping off and falling between his ankles, his large pole in hands. As much as he wanted to supress it, the sight and smell of that crazily built muscle freak-god-beast was too much for him to comprehend. The look on his face was not lost to Brent, who locked eyes with him and smiled, showing off his perfect teeth. Scott began to cum, his orgasm suddenly exploding from his raging hardon. Brent simply smirked and gave his pecs an awesome power-flex. Scott moaned at the sight of all that muscle exploding and bulging and swelling off that beefy flexed chest. The muscle god had too much power over him, and even the simplest of flexes sent him over the edge. His body was acting on its own, his hips continuing to jerk in the throes of a ferocious orgasm, thrusting his cock into the air. "Fuck..." Scott said, coming down off of his orgasm. "You're huge! How do you do it?" Brent laughed and flexed a bit more. "Been going at it for a few years. Gotta make sure that you eat right too. Feel free to feel, if you want." His musk filled Scott's senses with his pure male scent as Scott stood up to feel Brent's body. He'd never seen anyone so huge, so ripped, or so hung. Scott couldn't help himself, his hands moving on autopilot as they rubbed Brent's golden skin. First the biceps and the forearms, and then the shoulders. Brent groaned audibly as Scott caressed the rippling shoulder muscles and stroked his hard nipples. He flexed and pumped every muscle of his upper body, enjoying the feeling of Scott's fingers as they traced every groove and crevice of his chest. Brad gently held the back of Scott's head, looking deep into his eyes. "How about we take this somewhere more private?" "Wanna go back to my place?" Scott heard himself say. "Please, I'm only a few blocks away." An unfamiliar tremor in his voice surprised him, so used to being the dominant voice in the gym. Brent chuckled. "Yeah sure dude, let's go." He licked his lips. Scott was hot, huge, and falling for him fast. Perfect. They took a quick shower together, threw on some shorts, and headed out the door. The two groped and kissed each other as they walked to Scott's house, their arousals increasing with every step. The thought that someone as hot as Brent was into him made Scott swoon. He felt like he was floating, his lust overtaking him. It wasn't long until they made it to Scott's place, throwing the door open and rushing to the bedroom. Brent and Scott kept making out as they fell on to Scott's bed. "You like muscles, really freaky huge muscles?" Brent growled. "Yes, I do," Scott answered. "Do you want this body? You know you do. You'd give your soul to be like me, wouldn't you?" Brent taunted. "Yes, yes, I'd do anything." Scott had begun to stammer. Brent smiled. "Show me." Brent said. Scott slid down the bed to Brent's feet. Reaching around the backs of Brent's legs, Scott grabbed his huge calves. Brent was so hot. His muscles felt like steel columns covered in satin. Scott licked his way up Brent's tree-trunk quads, so unbelievably big, so thick, so deeply cut and shredded. "Oooh yeah, that's it, baby, worship this muscle beast!" Brent groaned, encouraging him. Scott made his way back up between his legs, his cock leaking pre as it traced over his quads and thighs. He licked the underside of Brent's massive cock, tracing the length all the way up to the tip. "Yeah - fucking bones me being so fucking big." Brent grinned and flexed his pecs. "Fucking bones me a lot." Scott rubbed all over Brent's body as he flexed one body part after another. He wedged himself underneath Brent's monster to worship his abs, gently kissing each smooth brick. He couldn't believe that a human could be so hard and muscular. "Oh my god, Brent....." Scott moaned. "Shit, man! Look at you! You want it so bad?" Brent seized the back of Scott's head and forced his mouth on to the massive tower he called a dick. "Yeah, suck that huge fuckin' dick, man!" Throwing all caution to the winds Scott shoved as much of that fuck-pole as far down his throat as it would go. His head was spinning; Brent's musk and muscles were intoxicating. He needed more. Scott went to town on that fat, pulsing, insistent dong, while jerking on his own like there was no tomorrow. "Mmmmm - nice mouth, dude...........aww fuck yeah!" Brent held Scott's head in place as he began thrusting his cock down his throat. Scott wrapped his arms around Brent's waist, holding on for dear life. "Aww fuck, look at you dude!! You're gonna make me cum right here! Uh uhh hhnnn..." Brent moaned as he climaxed, blasting his load straight into Scott's stomach. Scott choked as he felt the hot liquid flooding into him, rising up and spraying out of his nostrils as Brent overloaded his stomach with jizz. Scott saw stars, his vision starting to go black before Brent mercifully pulled his head off his still spurting cock, spraying Scott point-blank in the face with jet after jet. After drenching Scott's face, Brent slowed down, letting go of his head as his cock fell back onto his pecs with a thud. Scott fell onto the bed, rolling onto his back and coughing up cum as he tried to catch his breath. "Holy....shit..." Scott gasped. He panted heavily, wiping the thick cum off of his face. Both of them were covered in cum, and puddles of white were all over the bed. At some point during Brent's orgasm, Scott had cum again, his comparably smaller load soaking the bed beneath him. "Mmm you got a hot mouth dude," Brent said, pulling Scott up the bed. He leaned over and gave Scott a cum-covered kiss. Scott felt a twinge of pride at the compliment. "Fucking love being this huge," Brent said, lazily stroking his still leaking cock. He raised an arm up by his head and kissed his head-sized bicep. "Fucking look at you, man.....aww fuck....." Scott groaned, stroking his own cock as he watched Brent's self worship. Brent looked over and smiled. "You're fucking hot too dude," Brent said, staring into Scott's eyes. "Fucking beautiful muscles dude, gets me so hard." Brent rolled onto his side to face Scott and kissed him again. Scott moaned into Brent's mouth as the two made out. Brent's hands traveled all over Scott's cum-coated body, fondling his prize-winning muscles. Scott was in heaven. Brent rolled on top of Scott, pinning him beneath his immense body weight, grinding his massive length against his Scott's throbbing drooling member. The massive musclegod's cock slid up Scott's chest, pre running like a continuous sprung tap onto his ripped chest. They frotted, grinding Scott's sizeable member against the larger man's monolithic shaft. "Unf... big body... and big cock to boot..." Brent moaned as he sank his weight down onto Scott. He gripped the other man's impressive cock in one hand. "What's this, 10 inches? So fucking hot dude." The grinding of hips and length on length made Scott shiver and shudder, small whimpers escaping him as he rubbed against the massive bodybuilder over him. He pushed back against the larger man's weight, but Brent seemed even stronger and heavier than his massive built frame suggested, something supernatural in that strength made him flicker in fear. Brent's cock throbbed in Scott's face, shiny with pre. "Mmm... I'm gonna really, really enjoy this." Brent said, looking Scott straight in the eyes as he aimed his throbbing meat towards Scott's ass. "Wait, Brent, mmmph.....oh my god....." Scott tried to clench his ass as he realized what was going to happen, even though he knew he was helpless to resist. Secretly, he wanted it. "Relax." Brent commanded as he pressed in. The larger man's cock pressed heavily against Scott's ass. He had a moment of pain and gritted his teeth, his own dick throbbing again as he did his best to relax. Scott cried out and his body squirmed as he was forced to accommodate the 18-inch monster meat. "..I...can't....take..it..." Scott whimpered. "Aw fuck man, fucking look at me.......you got this, bro. Take that huge muscle dick, dude!" Brent pulled his cock out slowly and completely. Then again, he slowly jammed it up Scott's ass. With one hand, Brent held Scott's writsts together above his head, pinning them to the bed. With his other hand, Brent traced over his chest and nipples, lowering to his dribbling cock, teasing him gently as he shoved over a foot of himself inside with a powerful thrust. Scott cried out in pain and pleasure, the contrast of the two stimulations mixed together blurred them thoroughly in his mind from the combined overwhelming sensory input. The obvious outline of cock raised his skin as Brent pushed further and further into his guts. Scott took deep breaths as Brent slowly slid his huge length in and out, his huge balls slapping against the firm ass cheeks, until finally, he was all the way in. Scott felt Brent's cockhead was throbbing deep inside him, right up against his racing heart. Brent's eyes closed for a moment as he took a slow deep breath, taking in the taste and scent of the handsome bodybuilder beneath him and himself. His eyes opened, flashing with fire. The pace of the thrusts he launched into could only be described as "race horse worthy". From just behind the head back to base, Brent fucked Scott with blinding speed that knocked the air from Scott's lungs and made his bones shake. His ass clenched every time that cock slammed home into him, his own length tensing and splattering pre over his chest, his own need building again for release. "AAghh! Fuck! Jesus, yes I’m your…Ughh!...slut! Aaaaa! Yes, I’m your bitch! Ughh! Fuck Me! Aaghh! Fuck Me Deep! Ughhh! Pound me! Aghhh! Slam that cock in me! Ughhh!!” Loud squelches punctuated the space between his screams. Scott's ass was overflowing with Brent's pre, it sounded like he was churning butter. Suddenly, Brent hilted himself fully and grunted. "Ahh...ugh...Fuck - uh - fuck mEEEEEEEEEEE!" Scott screamed even louder as Brent bred him, powerwashing his insides with semen. He felt his body lift up from the bed as Brent clenched his ass, held aloft only by Brent's exploding cock. Scott erupted as well, painting Brent's chest and chin with his load as he felt himself swell with Brent's load. Jet after jet filled him, until Scott could swear that he felt it rising up his throat. Before cum could spray out of his mouth though, Brent relaxed. Scott gently fell back onto the bed as Brent laid back down. The muscleman panted and laid his incredible weight atop Scott, resting after the sheer intensity of their rut, every muscle in his body on fire. Scott could hardly breathe but he lowered his legs from Brent's shoulders as he came down from his climax. Brent got up onto his knees, pulling his massive cock out of Scott's battered hole. Scott felt a strange emptiness as Brent uncorked himself, his mind still reeling from the intense pounding he just received. Through blurred vision he looked up at Brent, who was smiling down at him. His cock was still rock hard and throbbing. "Ready to go again?" Brent chuckled. Scott tried to shuffle away, but he was too winded. With ease and the strength obvious from his musculature, Brent lifted Scott in the air and lowered him onto his massive pillar of stone, and flexed his cock, making Scott rise and fall as he slid onto the thickening pillar. With each throb and each thrust, the warmth and sensation inside him made Scott nearly faint and his head fell backwards onto Brent's shoulders. Across the room, he watched in the full-sized mirror as his huge body was used like a sex doll by the giant musclegod. He saw his perfect abs distend as Brent's massive invader stretched him out from the inside. Their bodies shined from the sweat and cum covering them. It was a total sensory overload. As he felt Brent inside him and the groans of pleasure from the larger man, Scott shot a load across the room. "Aww FUCK man. All this big fucking muscle and dick making you cum, man? Awwwww FUCK YEAH, man! You like it, dude?" Brent grunted. "Aww Brent......can't stop cumming....uhhh....ugggggg....Aww FUCK me, man!" Scott cried out. His cock stayed hard after cumming, throbbing painfully as Brent continued to use his body. The pain and the ecstasy was so great he fainted as he felt Brent's massive arms wrap around his chest, his dick spurting a weak load as Brent fucked him dry. He woke again as the thrusting of Brent's pelvis made him jerk forward. "...please..." Scott begged desparately. Brent's pounding was destroying any sense of stamina he had and his body couldn't take much more. "Kinda hard to hear what you're saying when you keep cummin', man.......you want my big fucking muscle dick, dude? Is that what you're saying?" Brent was unstoppable. Even after flooding Scott repeatedly, his massive 18-inch cannon never softened or ran out of cum. Scott moaned, shocked and turned on as Brent thrust inch after inch of dick into his ass, continuing a relentless cycle of sex. He continued to fade in and out of consciousness as the other muscleman used him in a variety of positions, enjoying his size and strength. After several hours of vigorous fucking, Scott passed out again, face down on his bed. Brent had been pile driving his pillar into Scott when he fell silent and his form went limp. Brent fucked between his kicking legs…his ass still convulsing and squeezing Brent's dick even after being knocked out. Brent fucked his unconscious body for a few more minutes until he finally pulled out, a loud liquid ‘Splort’ of thick gooey cum pouring out Scott's gaping asshole onto the bed. Brent looked down at Scott with a smirk. "Mmm... you got a great body AND great ass, Scott." he sighed in satisfaction. The other man placed his hands on Scott's wide back, rubbing circles into the thick muscles. Almost in afterthought, Brent flipped Scott over on his back. He wasn’t breathing. Scott wasn't the only thing that Brent had ruined. Scott lay on his back on a mattress that was now a gooey swamp of semen, the headboard smashed into the wall behind it. Scott's face was splattered and coated in white; his ripped chest was coated with cum. His legs were spread wide, a steady flow of thick jizz oozed from between them. "Looks like you enjoyed yourself dude," Brent said, sliding his still leaking cock through the pool of cum on Scott's chest. "Mmm...I've worked up an appetite," he said, mostly to himself as he laid down on top of Scott, engulfing the unconscious bodybuilder under a mountain of muscle. Scott's head was nestled between Brent's pecs, cutting off his airflow. He muttered some words under his breath and his massive form began to glow. Slowly, Scott began to disappear underneath Brent. Brent groaned as he wrapped his arms around Scott's broad shoulders, pulling him in tightly. Scott's head squeezed between Brent's huge pecs, sinking deeper and deeper into the glowing cleavage. His body sank deeper and deeper into the larger muscle beast's form, until it had sunk beneath the surface of Brent's skin and disappeared completely, leaving behind nothing between Brent and the bed. "Yeah, you're mine now, buddy." He closed his eyes and smiled. It was starting. "Oh, fuck...!" Brent moaned as he began to assimilate the other man. He rolled over and began to massage his glowing muscles. He stretched and flexed as his body adjusted to the extra weight inside him. "Fuck... fuck... fuck!" He shouted as pure ecstasy flooded his body. Scott was bigger than any of his previous victims, and just the thought of his new gains had him rock hard and throbbing. The bodybuilder's nutrients were converted into his frame, adding mass to Brent's powerful body. Brent felt his entire body tense as his arms bulged, veins spreading out over his biceps and down his forearms. The muscleman's shoulders stretched wider, his legs and limbs thickened and lengthened as pure power surged across his body, his thick virile scent growing more masculine, his muscles aching as they swelled with new strength, reinforced by the others who had met their end inside him. His thighs grew even larger, pushing apart from each other as he bulked out further, veins popping over his lower body. The curves of his body became more pronounced as his muscles inflated with strength and power. His body lengthened to accomodate the new mass, nearing 7 feet. Finally, the monolithic length between his legs thickened and lengthened further, throbbing and pulsing as it pointed skyward, inch after inch forming anew. He moaned as he felt his heavy nuts swell along with his cock and body. "Fuck!" Brent grunted as his new body suddenly convulsed, his goliath cock blasting rope after rope of thick bodybuilder cum all over the ceiling above of him, spraying back down onto the bed, the floor, and his writhing body. The entire room was being covered in a thick layer of his spunk. He grabbed his monster cock with both hands, humping the air violently as shot after shot erupted from his now 24-inch obelisk. It took several minutes for Brent's orgasm to die down, his cock finally flopping back onto his pecs, not quite reaching a flaccid state. Brent took a deep breath, his great pecs expanding outward before relaxing as he exhaled. His chest and balls weren't moving without him flexing them on their own. His body no longer glowed from within, his skin back to a perfect golden tan. Once he caught his breath, Brent growled deeply, the deep bass in his voice vibrating through the room. "Fuck..." He said, "That might be one of my top five growths." After a few moments, he stood up and looked at himself in the mirror. Beautiful. His body glistened, rivers of white running down his body. His cock hung perfectly horizontally to the ground, a two-foot long missile throbbing lightly to his heartbeat, a thick rope of shiny precum drooling onto the floor. "Damn! Look at me now!" Brent roared as he examined the added mass he had stolen and claimed as his own. Every muscle on him looked as though it had been inflated half again as big by some powerful bicycle pump. The skin appeared almost ready to tear under the strain of all that was swelling underneath it! He flexed an arm, moaning lightly in pleasure at the feeling of the strong muscle bunching up, throbbing with power and strength. He stroked his cock with his other hand, letting out a loud grunt as another shot of pre splashed onto his bicep. The muscle grew even taller at this feeling of pleasure, a thick vein forming and throbbing, seemingly ready to burst from the skin. He rubbed the cum into the soccer ball-sized arm, licking it off with the tip of his tongue as he cock continued to lurch and spew all over his perfect body. "Goddamn fucking muscle god!" he grunted, flexing his arms in a double bicep pose. The peak slammed into his fists, veins running all over them, the muscles each the size of a man's head. He kissed each peak lovingly, admiring the perfect split of his bi's. Brent ran his hands over the rest of the body, enjoying the feel of his freshly pumped muscles under his fingers. "Mmm fucking massive pecs!" he growled as he groped the thick mounds of muscle. His pecs stood out from his chest now nearly nine inches, even though his waist barely thickened. The muscle god pinched one of his nipples roughly with a soft moan. "Mmf... feels so fucking good..." With a flex, his arm-sized cock wedged itself between his pecs, making Brent moan as he involuntarily squeezed his cockhead with his chest. He slid his cock up and down his pec cleavage, leaning over to kiss his leaking cockhead as he brought a hand down to his eight-pack abs and stroked the hard, toned muscle, slipping his fingers between the deep grooves and valleys. Brent ran his hands over his massive chest, feeling up towards his wide shoulders and around his thick traps. He crossed his hands behind his head and flexed, every muscle threatening to tear through his skin as it was stretched to its limit. "Aw fuck yeah..." He hit pose after pose, admiring the view of his muscles from all angles. He ran his hands down his wet body, tweaking his nipples, toying with his abs, feeling his arms and flexing over and over again in different poses. He made his quads bulge with muscle, his abs crunch with power, his arms twitch and throb from the straight of flexing. All the while his cock was thumping on his chest, hard as a rock, begging for attention, leaking an endless river of pre. "Yeah....UUHHHHHH," he moaned as he flexed. "So fucking hot. AWW, FUUUCK!" The pleasure was becoming too great. He leaned forward, bending his neck and head just enough to shove his cockhead inside, gagging already on the massive amounts of pre flooding his mouth. Cum and spit drooled down his lips and onto his chest, separating into different streams as the liquids traced down his abs. He took as much as he could, fondling his balls his one hand and squeezing his base with the other. He could feel himself getting close. He popped his head off his cock and moaned, rubbing his hands up and down the massive, swollen shaft. His cock turned a deep shade of red, a plethora of veins popping out and throbbing against the sleep flesh. His cock was simply ready to explode. And then he let go. "FUUUUCK! YES! YES!!!!" he roared as his orgasm overtook him. Rope after rope of seed shot out, splattering the ceiling, the mirror, and himself. His cock lurched and throbbed with every shot, thumping on his chest after each wad. He writhed and continued to roar and moan, running his hands down his soaked body, up his powerful cock. His orgasm wasn't even showing signs of letting up after two full minutes. Finally, with one final thrust into the air, Brent's last shot of cum shot right into his open mouth, which he gulped down greedily. He breathed heavily, pecs heaving, his body wet as though he had just come out of a bath. His cock softened, spurting its last weak wads of cum. Brent flexed his biceps again with his palms behind his head, letting them brush against his cheeks, his tongue roaming all over them, licking the cum off, tracing the veins with his tongue. He smirked cockily into the mirror. "Thanks for the meal, Scott. I'll make sure to put it to good use." He headed out the door, in search of his next gym.
  3. BrutalPowerDemon

    AZIZ: Perspective

    Yeah. Another fucking day. A Saturday when I’d rather be relaxing and working out, but no. I have to come into this goddamn job at this worthless fast food joint. To add insult to injury, my worthless, abusive dad is dropping me off and picking me up, and he’s always busting my chops. (Well, he HAS always abused me, until this morning, this is.) —------- Tatay (my dad) hated it when I started bulking up at ten years’ old and, as I got thicker, more cut and defined, and stronger, he started REALLY getting on my case. I’d be checking out my progress in the mirror and he’d poke his head in and start calling me his big little queer son before smacking me around for no good reason (as if there ever could be). I hit a growth spurt at 14 or 15 and shot to over 6 feet tall. That meant I towered over my dad. He didn’t let that pass by or slow down his deriding insults nor other verbal and physical abuse. He just began calling me his giant bading or bakla. Basically calling me a homo or girly-boy, or just flat out faggot muscle freak when he was pissed (pretty much all the time . . . fucking worthless drunk bastard). Anyway, before work this morning, I pushed back against his homophobic slurs and physical abuse. It’s not that I’m even gay and his slurs pissed me off or anything (I’m more bi, actually, I recently realized), but I’d just had enough of his life-long, constant abuse. It’s funny that when we’re growing up, we accept that we don’t have power over those abusing us and, as we grow, we can stay stuck in that submissive and inferior attitude and role. I was in my room checking on the progress I was making on my body when my dad walked by, stopped, turned and came into my room. I saw him in the mirror as he entered, baseball bat in hand, and red with anger, as usual. I heard him hiss, “You fucking queer muscle FREAK! Get ready to go to your nothing job.” as he lifted the bat to swing at me. I turned, looked down at his twisted, derision-spewing face, and shoved him with surprising and contemptuous ease. As he flew across the room, it struck me: I could have stood up to this pathetic little fuck years ago. As I watched him hit the wall with a thud and slide to the floor, I felt strong and empowered. I saw the shock on his face as he straightened up and stood to his full, slim 5 feet, 4 inch height. His shocked face melded into a more fearful look and . . . something else I couldn’t quite define. He licked his lips and his eyes dilated noticeably. I clenched my fists, my thick, full muscles flexed hard, I felt my cock twitch and throb a bit larger. I felt truly powerful and in control at home for the first time and it seemed to affect me sexually. It felt good taking control, being the one in power, in control of one now so obviously inferior to me in every way. It struck me that I could have stood up to him long, long before. “Get the hell away from me, you pathetic excuse for a man!” I blurted. The anger and power in my voice surprised even me! I felt my cock engorging with my hot blood and pushing the front of my posing-trunks down, the thick, veined shaft base creeping into the view of my dad. Tatay cringed as he took in my powerfully muscled body, rippling with powerful brawn, as if seeing it for the first time. He must have caught a glimpse of the movement of my posing trunks as he marveled at the rest of my thick, bare body, because I heard a gasp of disbelief. He quickly shoved his hands into his pockets. For some unknown reason, my cock throbbed larger at his reaction. He dropped the bat and bolted from the room. “That’s the LAST time you’ll fuck with me, you useless fuck of a dad!” I ranted as I followed him out of the room without thinking. I turned to chase him into his room, I don’t know why or what I was going to do, but the chase was unnecessary. He stood in the middle of the hall, eyes closed, his little dick out and hard as he stroked feverishly. I felt a blast of pre-cum rocket from the slit of my mushroom tip and through the skin-tight fabric of my cock-stretched posing trunks. I bellowed, “I’m your fucking SON, you incestuous perverted FUCK!” as I walked up to him and grabbed him by the neck. It was so easy to lift him from the floor! I was beyond angry, I was ENRAGED. I tossed him onto his back on the hallway floor as he whimpered incoherently, staring up at me fearfully, yet obviously with lustful desire. “FUCK YOU, OLD MAN!” I hissed as I straddled his trembling body and tore his trousers and underwear down to his knees and lifted his knees up to his ears, exposing his puckered ass. I used one hand to release my abnormally long, thick, and fully erect, throbbing and dripping cock from my posers. Pre-cum roped down onto my pathetic dad’s hard cock and ass hole, coating them in my natural masculine lube, as his hungry Asian eyes roamed the thick, rippling masses of my powerful teen muscle-body. I sneered down at him, placed my large hand around his neck and squeezed. “SON! AZIZ!” he coughed and sputtered. “PLEEESE!” he choked and begged. “You weak, worthless little CUM DUMP!” I seethed, “I’m going to RAPE your pathetic little ass. I fuckin OWN you, you puny, sick little BASTARD! You’re going to be plowed by your fucking BULL of a son.” I hissed. His little dick began to twitch, buck, and spasm. Cum dripped pathetically from his dick as he moaned. “FUCK! You actually WANT this, you bakla FREAK?” I demanded as I released his neck and stood over him, his raised legs dropping to the floor as I released them, his still rigid little dick still dribbling his almost effeminate amount of cum. My cock quickly deflated in disgust. I grinned, aimed my almost flaccid fuck-rod at the pathetic waste of flesh on the floor and released a torrent of my steaming hot, putrid piss onto the man that had abused me all of my life. Tatay sat up as I showered his worthless body with my urine, stinging his flesh while washing away the cum and pre–cum away from his body. The little bastard actually opened his mouth and began to drink my golden liquid waste as his little dick spasmed in another weak orgasm at my abuse. I ordered, “Go get cleaned up, you weak little fuck-wad. You’re taking me to work . . . and don’t be late picking me up, understand? You will never again disrespect nor disobey me, you fucking little bitch!” He responded in obvious respectful awe and adoration, “Oo, ginoo, ang aking makapangyarihan sa lahat, makadiyos na kalamnan-boy, Aziz!” (That is to say, “Yes, SIR, my almighty, godly muscle-boy, Aziz!) I stripped my posers off and went back to my room to dress. —------- So, as I was saying before going down that dad rabbit-hole, the day has been slow, dead, actually. Only one guy came in to order. I recognize him because he’s been coming in pretty frequently. He’s mid-twenties to early thirties, I’d guess. Always nice, but a little creepy. I always catch him eyeing me when he’s here, kinda like guys do that eventually ask me if I take head. I’ve gotten used to that since I had my growth spurt and muscled up in high school. That’s how I figured I must be bi, actually. I like a good blow-job, no matter the source! I think this customer likes how I look, my size and muscles, and stuff. Still, it doesn’t bother me. Honestly, I kinda like the attention and respect he has for me. I’m sure he’ll approach me eventually. HA! So, half-way through the day, the air conditioning went out, and it’s miserably hot in here. I can’t wait to close and get out of this shirt, maybe throw some shorts to cool off as I finish closing. Oh, fuck! Then I’m going to have to deal with my cunt of a dad after my finally standing up for myself and taking complete control of him this morning. Closing up and that guy I was telling you about is at the door miming he wants food. I’m still kind of seething from the episode with my dad this morning, plus the fucking heat in this place, I’m a bit on edge, but I let the guy in. Shit, maybe I can get my rocks off today, as least, if this guy is into my body like I think he is. I let the guy in and peeled my shirt off as I walk behind the counter and into the back. Why not test out my hypothesis about this apparent stalker-guy, right? Without even turning around, I can almost feel his eyes on me as I pull my shirt off and give him a display of my heavily muscled back, wide lats, triceps, traps, and delts. I’m still horny as fuck from no release after my tease this morning and feel my cock pulsing to attention as I walk. I take off my slacks and I make the guy a large cappuccino and bring it out to him only wearing my posers. Now I can see his eyes devouring every inch of my young, masculine body and my handsome Asian face. I offer him his drink, and he politely declines. I decide to test him a bit, lean my head forward, and let a stream of my saliva flow into the cup I’ve brought him. The guy feigns disgust, but I see hunger in his eyes. I taunt him a bit, and then flex my thick, powerful muscles over him. The reaction is unmistakable. His eyes dilate, his breathing quickens, and, most tell-tale, his cock responds worshipfully to my powerful body. My cock twitches and begins to stretch my posers down, once again. Pre-cum floods my mushroom head just from this guys lustful reaction to what I am. I pull my heavy cock from my posers, take his cup and squeeze my cock, forcing pre-cum to flow into his drink. I lower the tip and a little shaft into the steaming coffee and stir with my thick, horny fuck-rod. The guy’s flabbergasted reaction causes my cock to flood to full mast and I speak to him commandingly, with authority. I AM IN CONTROL! I flex my colossal cock several times as he gawks. He responds in complete submission. I feel powerful. I flex over him, my thick, rippling muscles bulging with power and sexual electricity. I turn and kiss my massive, rounded biceps. I begin commanding him, belittling him, and demanding worship. I’m sure this is bubbling up from my encounter with my dad this morning. I tell him to beg for what he wants before telling him to drink, once again, and extending the cup to him. The little fuck slurps that pre-cum and spit laden coffee cup like a parched wild animal! My cock throbs, pre-cum bubbling forth in response to such obedience from an inferior being towards a vastly superior. Oh, FUCK! I grab the empty cup from the little man and FILL it with my freely flowing pre. The man grabs the cup and DUMPS over 20 ounces of my steaming nectar into his mouth, overflowing and soaking him. I can’t help it . . . I grab his head and impale his mouth with my sex log. I skull fuck this worshipful little man until I cum like a fucking volcano, blasting through my shaft in volcanic fury. He loses consciousness. I dismount his face with a POP, flex over him, and look down, grinning. I begin to feel hornier than ever, hot, throbbing, hard, my balls churning. Oh, FUCK! I feel SO good. I begin to stroke my immense manhood. My muscles burn with increasing power and, is it possible, size! I notice an empty hypodermic needle on the floor at the man’s feet that was not there before. I begin to curse this little size and power slut demanding him to tell me what he’s done, but then, FUCK! The pain throbbing through my body. I bend forward and clutch myself as the now terrified little man scoots back across the floor and away from me. I hear him talking, babbling. Bits and pieces of sentences entering my brain. “Aziz!” He knows my name. “Bigger. Stronger. Serum. Muscles…Biggest. Strongest.” The words string together and, somehow, make me hungry to be more. More size, more power, more sex, more control. Oh, FUCK ME! I feel fucking AWESOME! The floor seems to be dropping away, my stance gets wider, my feet slide across the floor. I step through the counter. My head hits the ceiling, then my back, then I burst through the roof and stand, a living colossus of muscle and power. I begin to rub my hands over my new, godly muscular body, feeling like I’m in the middle of a full body orgasm, every muscle firing off rigid flexes involuntarily. I look down and see my dad’s car. So small. Like a toy. I reach down and pick it up. I see my dad inside. I peel the roof off of the car like ripping tin foil. I feel no resistance. So easy. I reach in and pull my dad from the car. He is screaming like a fucking girl and thrashing about in terror. I shake him to calm him down. So small, so weak, so pathetic. Puny little cunt. I AM a freak…a GOD of muscle and power! I drop the car to the street, and grab half of my dad’s worthless little body in both powerful fists as he struggles. He will NEVER abuse anyone again. I slowly twist my fists, the cracking of bones, the painful, muffled cries causing my cock to pulse and purr. Then the muffled SNAP and SPLAT as the puny man’s body is broken like a fucking little twig. “AWE, YEAHHH!” I roar as I lift one hand and bite off nutrition from my dad’s remains before dropping the rest of the remains to the street and grinding them underfoot. Such an insect! I raise my godly arms and flex as I hear the little man that did this to me worshiping all that I am and praying that I am pleased. I snatch him from the ground in one bloody fist and raise him to my face. I feel him cum in my fist. I sneer, my bloody lips and teeth instilling fear in this bug. I demand that he make offerings to me of those closest to him as I contemplate what I am, what I can do. He directs me in the direction of his lab. I begin walking through the empty streets towards the lab and army base, my little parasite-disciple in my fist, lustfully worshiping his creation and unaware of my deepest, darkest desires. I will not be the weapon the army hired his lab to create. No. I FINALLY have the control, the power! I stroke my rigid, pre-flowing cock with my free hand. The power! I can do whatever I please! A bloodlust wells up from deep within. I know what I am: a brutal, GOD of unstoppable power and insatiable sexual desire…and I want MORE!
  4. BrutalPowerDemon

    Native God Kai: Meeting

    My name is Peter, but everyone calls me Pete. I’m a muscular 6 feet, 2 inches tall, 230 pound bisexual young man of 24 years of age. In Buffalo, New York, where I was born and raised, I’ve always pretty much been the biggest guy around. Chicks drool to have me bed them and a lot of dudes do, as well. Even though bisexual and appreciating anything sexual, really, when asked, I often explain that, like exhibited in most species, I have found the male to be, how shall I put it? Well, I find the male to be the most colorful and attractive, I suppose. I recently traveled up to Ontario, Canada to a city called Thunder Bay. I needed a break from the farm and had heard it was a great little city and a beautiful area. After settling into a hotel and grabbing a bite and a couple of drinks at the Outpost Campus Pub, I headed down to the waterfront just to walk around and found myself walking down by Marina Park when an unbelievably handsome native guy approached walking towards me. He appeared to be a few years older than me and a couple inches taller, which I wasn’t used to seeing. What caused me to do a double-take, however, was his obvious muscular bulk! This guy easily outweighed me by at least 20 or 30 pounds and his massive muscles stretched both his shirt and his jeans to the limit of their ability to contain such brawn and sinew. As we passed each other, we made eye contact and I grinned as he lifted his head in acknowledgment as we walked. Dark skin, simmering, dark eyes, full lips, black hair and an obviously powerful physique radiated this guy's stunning good looks and superior masculinity. I stopped and turned, unable to take my eyes off of this massive and obviously powerful Native American Adonis. His thick neck, massive arms, protruding chest, and powerful shoulders oozed of masculine supremacy. I watched in awe as his thick, rounded glutes rose and fell with each step he took, the width of his shoulders and thick, wing-like lats bulging from his manly frame. He slowed his pace a bit, stopped, and slowly turned towards me. He smirked as I stopped and began to panic at being caught staring. I quickly approached the man and blurted out, “Oh, hey, man! Excuse me, I - uh - I - could you direct me to the boat slips? I’m just visiting from the States and don’t quite know where I’m going.” The massive man looked me over and asked, “Where’s your map?” as he lifted an arm and pointed in the direction I should be heading. “There’s one that way. You know, where you see the boats docked.” he stated in a mocking tone. As he moved, I could see the muscles of his massively thick arms, chest, and neck swell and harden. GOD! The power that must be contained in such size and muscle mass. I regained composure and looked into his eyes. FUCK! Caught again as I’d been devouring hid muscles flexing with each of his movements. “Oh, yeah - uh - thanks, man.” I stuttered as he eyed me with amusement. “You are a pretty big guy. My name’s Kai, by the way. You must work out quite a bit.” he stated as he looked me over and extended his hand. My cock twitched as he mentioned his name. The name “Kai” has always dripped of masculinity and power in my mind and the name definitely fit him! I took his hand, returning his friendly gesture, and immediately felt my hand engulfed by the immensity of his huge paw. I winced as he squeezed, lightly for him, I assume, and shook my hand. “DAMN, you’re strong as FUCK!” I gushed as I pulled my hand back, nursing the pain caused by his grip, “Yeah, I work out quite a bit - and work on a farm, as well, so that helps keep me in shape, I guess. Oh, I’m Peter - you can call me Pete. Good to meet you, Kai.” “Just visiting, eh? Well, I’m heading over to meet my girl for a drink, if you’d like to join us.” he rumbled in response His girl? I couldn’t help but picture this hulking Native Indian with his woman! She, lying on her back, full, perky breasts engulfed by the massive hands of this godly young man as he hunches over her. His freakishly thick, solid muscles flexing as she squeals and moans in lustful pleasure, her hands roaming the expansive ranges of his hard, powerful, and rippling muscle-bod. Her juices squirting from between her legs in anticipation of receiving such a perfect trunk of hyper-masculine, muscle-cock! Kai expertly lines up his pre-cum pouring mushroom head with her her hot, wet, and gyrating pussy before its girth splits her wide open, her vagina eagerly slurping and sucking in its throbbing, steel-hard mass as she begs, “Oh, YES, you titanic beast! Fuck me, fuck - me, FUUUCK MEEE! Oh, GOD! MORE! HARDER! FUCK ME, KAI!” Kai then begins pile driving the pleading, lust-craved woman before ramming his colossal bucking python balls deep into her as his huge nuts pull close into his body and his mammoth cock erupts with volley after volley of his potent, boiling seed, filling her as his hot, thick jizz blows back out around his shaft and coating his titanic testicles. “Sounds good, Kai.” I said, tearing my brain away from my thoughts of this dark, powerful creature’s sexual assault on the object of his desire. He started walking and I began walking with him. “By the way, you must work out quite a bit, too. You’re swole as fuck, dude!” He grinned. “Just started, Pete. I’m naturally big, I guess, but want to be the absolute biggest, a massively muscular BEAST!” He reached down and adjusted his ample package absentmindedly and I marveled at how his huge palm seemed smaller in comparison to his flaccid junk bulging his jeans almost obscenely. “God DAMN, Kai! Standing next to you, you make me feel fucking small compared to your natural muscularity and huge size.” I truthfully praised him. “I hope to see you after you’ve worked out for a couple of years. God DAMN, man - you’ll be a fucking muscle GOD, bro!” I was so engrossed talking to this massive, uber-handsome Native dude that I hadn’t noticed that we had walked to a secluded area. Kai stopped and turned to me. “I know you’re into size. I saw it in your eyes when we passed each other - and you were almost drooling over my muscles when I pointed you to the marina - and when you shook my hand. You gasped out loud, you know. I’ve seen it before - the same look as a lot of women give me. A lot of guys, too, actually.” he smirked. “You gay, little white dude?” he asked tauntingly. Little white dude? I wasn’t used to “little” being any part of a description of me, but it didn’t feel wrong in the presence of this muscle god as his immensity and his sensually deep voice accosted any sense I had of self-masculinity. I took a step away from him, unsure if he was pissed. I can handle myself okay, but, as I mentioned, I did feel pretty inferior compared to him. I looked at him and answered, “I’m bi, actually,” answering the last question before addressing his other observation, “and yes, you are right - I’m TOTALLY into size, muscle, and power. That’s why I started working out so hard when I was just a kid.” This fucking stunning man grinned, lifted his hands and slipped his long fingers beneath the collar of his skin-tight shirt and simply ripped it from his torso effortlessly. All of the glorious muscles dancing beneath his brown skin were flexing in waves, individual muscle fibers rose and fell like dominoes falling beneath his dark, flawless skin before my incredulous eyes. My mouth dropped open as I beheld transcendent masculinity in human form standing before me, bulging and bare. His traps rose majestically behind his thick neck, tapering down and out to massive, boulder-like delts. His magnificent pecs billowed out and over thickly corrugated abdominal muscles flexing and relaxing alternately, his lat wings tapering down to his thin waist from behind - and my GOD! His ARMS! His masses of biceps muscles erupted into mounds of split-headed brawn with pounds of triceps bulging out behind, fighting for space with his upper lats! “Holy f-f-f-uuuuck...” hissed from my lips unconsciously as the behemoth tossed the remains of his shirt aside. I had worked all of my life to build a massively muscled body, but this guy surpassed me in every way, making my own thickly muscled body appear pathetically small and inferior - and he was just BEGINNING his muscle-building journey?!?! He scowled and flexed out a most muscular pose, his already massive musculature erupting with even more size, hardness, and power. Rope-like veins erupted all over his magnificent torso, beginning in his hands and arms and flowing up and out upon the expansive exposed surface of his rock-solid shoulders, neck, chest, and abs. This super man’s entire upper body simply lit up and bulged with veins, muscle and power like a fucking Christmas tree. “Holy fucking CHRIST!” I blurted as my knees went weak and I began to breathe in short ragged gasps. I felt my cock rocketing to attention to salute such masculine superiority. “Yeah, I thought so.” his deep voice rumbled over me as the scent of his testosterone laden sweat wafted into my nostrils. My eyes roamed over his perfectly formed, muscle-bloated torso. I was speechless. I was finding it hard to breathe. Kai raised one arm and flexed, the venous split head of his mountainous biceps rising towards his clenched fist as granite hard triceps exploded down and writhed beneath the skin as if trying to burst free. “Go ahead, little man, you know you want to feel what REAL size and power feels like!” he taunted as he licked his full lips with a tongue that made me wince, moistening his lips as if he were hungry for something. I mindlessly lifted my hand as if obeying a command and placed it on biceps larger than my fucking head. My hand barely capped the peak of the scalding, diamond-hard cap of the exhibition of masculinity bursting up from Kai’s mighty arm. I felt light-headed and weak. This colossal Kai took my wrist in his other massive hand and moved my trembling hand from his biceps to his heaving pectoral, sliding it over his sweaty flesh as he did. “BOOM!” he thundered as he flexed his mighty chest harder as it instantly ballooned further out over his thickly corrugated abdominals. He slid my open palm over the hard, hot waving muscles of his expansive chest to the deep cleavage created by such inhuman mountains of solid, diamond hard power. He relaxed before shoving my hand into the deep pec valley and flexed again, crushing my entire hand in between such potent pectoral perfection. I looked up into his stunningly handsome face as I felt, and saw, his muscles flex even larger, harder, more magnificent! Wait! I looked UP over his billowing pectorals at his face?!?! How could that be? I was just a couple inches shorter than him! I felt even weaker as his body seemed to balloon with even more size and power. Confused and consumed with a lust I’d never before felt, I pleaded weakly, “Wh-what’s happening to me, Kai?” I looked up to see his head nestled back in between his two sloping ranges of rippling trapezius muscle, his thick neck muscles bulging and snaked with thick, pulsing, blood filled veins as his pronounced Adam’s apple bobbed up and down hungrily. “Oh, FUCK, YESSSS!” thundered from this burgeoning colossus of a man as my vision began to blur and I slipped in and out of semi-consciousness. This Native GOD was growing (or was I shrinking?). —------- As I lay semi-conscious at your feet, this is what I saw in my dream-like state: I see you, Kai, exploding into an absolute Native GOD of brutal, lust-filled muscular power. People are drawn to admire you. Your mere aura of masculine perfection draws from them a desire to please you. As you grow, your self-recognition of what you truly are affects all inferior beings and they (we) realize that the world and its inhabitants are nothing but playthings to you . . . existing for your amusement and pleasure. You are to be worshiped, adored, served, and pleased in any way you desire. I see you, Kai, in your future form, what you were always meant to become, a truly brutal and barbaric muscle god! A superior being born of a superior race! You are everything I have always dreamed of becoming, and so much more. You can control your size, as well as the size of anyone and anything else. Your power is limitless! You brush me aside, your new-found size almost glowing. You look me in the eyes and growl, “BEHOLD, PUNY PETER, WHAT YOU HAVE ALWAYS LONGED TO SEE.” You raise your arms and flex hard, your godly muscles growing as you expand. 10 feet (your jeans, underwear, shoes, and socks, explode in tatters from your muscled limbs as your grow), 15 feet, 25 feet (I scramble to avoid being smeared to a pulp by your expanding feet as you move to compensate for your growth), 50 feet, 75 feet, and, finally, your magnificent, titanic and swole muscle body ceases to grow at over 100 feet of unstoppable power. Your colossal form pulses with masculine superiority in every form - male sexuality, beastly brutality, unstoppable power Your titanic, muscular body is the body of a god. Your flaccid, prodigious penis is larger than any man that ever lived and bulges out over balls the size of cars. I see you smile, reach down and pick up a car from the street. You peel the roof off like it is nothing but tin foil. I can hear the terrified screams of the occupants as your head nestles back into your voluminous traps, your neck bulging with muscle, pronounced Adam’s apple slowly rising and falling. You lift the car over your gaping mouth and slowly tilt the little vehicle. You seem to enjoy the screams of terror of the first victims of your vicious realization of what you are as they tumble from the car, clawing at the air, and into your hungry, waiting mouth. You clench your jaws shut with a snap. You look down at me as I slowly back away from you, trying to be far enough away to see every inch of your dark, swole, all-powerful and godly body. I see you moving the struggling little meat-sacks around in your mouth before you grin and brutally clench your jaws together. Blood sprays out and rains upon me as the squishy crunch for your unfortunate snacks’ demise reaches my ears. You chew and swallow your first mouthful of human protein. I tremble, not so much in fear, but overwhelming awe and excitement of FINALLY seeing a man being true masculinity unleashed. I see the bloody remnants of what, just seconds before, were but puny little humans whose lives you literally held in your hands. Being in your presence fills me with a desire to please you, to witness your size and power used as it should be - to bring you pleasure, no matter the consequences to anything, nor anyone, around you. The blood flowing from the corners of your mouth is nothing but remnants of a snack you desired - and deserved. You notice a man and woman running. You lift your foot and move it so that it overshadows them. The man looks up and stumbles as the woman continues, but turns back. You slowly lower your expansive sole over the little man as he begins to beg. “No, NO, NOOOOO!” as you continue to lower your foot, relishing first the light pressure of his arms uselessly pushing back against your foot’s descent, then the snapping of bones and crushing of his puny little body to a bloody, unrecognizable goop squirting from beneath your foot. Your quads and calf muscles bulge and ripple as you grind your foot into the pavement, easily cracking it. I hear, “OH, YESSS!” rumble from above as I look up at your smirking face. I notice your colossal cock beginning to pulse to life, thickening and lengthening as a road-map of thick veins engorge around the shaft, flooding your sex trunk with shaft-stiffening blood. The woman, staring at your foot that has smashed her man like nothing but an annoying little insect, is screaming insanely. You reach down and pluck her from the sidewalk, flailing and kicking about uselessly. You carefully remove the clothing from her body, damaging her as little as possible in the process. “MMMMM, BEAUTIFUL!” you boom as you place her in your free palm and lick your lips viewing her sexy little body. I see your massive penis continue to thicken, and rise majestically before you, easily overcoming the fight of gravity attempting to pull such hefty, masculine bulk downward. “NORMALLY, I WOULD FUCK YOU,” you chuckle, “BUT I GUESS YOU’LL HAVE TO FUCK ME - OR AT LEAST FEED MY SEXUAL NEEDS, TINY BITCH. HA, HA, HA!” you thunder sadistically as you lower your palm to your throbbing cock head and push the screaming woman’s head into your now pre-cum flowing piss slit. Immediately, the opening begins to close upon the fledgling little woman while pulling her wriggling body in. Your cock quickly devours her and your massive fingers wrap around your thick shaft and slowly stroke, her body crushed to liquid in your deadly cock as you sadistically rumble, “MMMM, YEAH, BABY!” You grab two others not quick enough to escape your reach and simply deposit them upon your cock before enveloping their brittle little bodies with your stroking fist. They are quickly reduced to nothing but smears upon your shaft flesh, a gritty lube for your pleasure (crimson streaks of remains mixed with your boiling, now freely flowing pre-cum adorn - all that is left of the two humants you used). “AWWW, FUCK YEAH!” you bellow as you begin walking away from the waterfront. I hear screams quickly cut short with a loud, squishy CRUNCH with your first step and look as your massive, deadly foot rises, bloody corpses stuck to your sole like nothing but bugs crushed under your immense muscular weight. I see you reach down with your free fist and it encircles a bus. You lift it to your waist. I envy those doomed people in the bus. They get the stunning, close up view of you, our all-powerful muscle-god and the largest muscle-cock ever to exist! What do you have planned for the bus and its occupants, I wonder, as I begin drooling lustfully from every orifice, longing to feel your muscular power, to serve such masculine perfection, no matter the cost to me, one so pathetically small, weak, and inferior. —------- My eyes fluttered open to see the massive Kai leaning over me, your muscles defying gravity as they bulge hard with every movement you make. “My God.” escapes my lips as my cock involuntarily explodes in submissive orgasm at the thought of how easily this godly man could snap me in two, my semi-conscious vision of his beginning rampage still clearly in my mind’s eye. You could easily crush me and smear my muscled body to a paste upon your flesh like nothing but unneeded war paint (your sheer size, power, and superior masculinity would elicit enough fear in any sane man). I babble like a fucking brook, “I unconsciously worshiped you the moment I saw you. I now know I was born to worship such unbridled power, such masculine perfection to serve you.” You smirk and stand. “Good boy.” your powerful voice thunders. You extend your massive hand towards me. “Come on, little man, let me help you up. Let’s go get those drinks. My treat - only fair since you fed me some size. You have NO idea what I am becoming!” Your torso and arms explode with thickly corded, rock-solid muscle as your powerful, oaken arm reaches towards me, your pectorals ballooning and crushing together like two small planets colliding. My cock worshipfully pulses back to life as my brain returns to the thought of you doing anything you please with whoever you please. I feel so exposed, my bulging jeans’ crotch and thigh fabric dark with my recent jizz explosion and, now gawking at manly perfection, freshly flowing pre-cum. “I-I-I th-think I d-d-do know wh-what you are, Kai!” I responded in sheepish awe as I raise my hand to yours, “Whatever you say, Sir.” Your expansive fist swallows mine and you effortlessly lift me to my feet. The stunningly handsome, colossally muscled Native Indian smirks down at me as I look up into dark eyes. FUCK! I am level with your massive pecs! Your eyes lower to my tented, wet crotch which I quickly cover with my free hand. Your eyes raise back to mine as you growl, “Bi my ass, little man. I knew you were a fucking fag when you couldn’t take your eyes off of this.” You raise an arm, flex, turn your head and lick the majestic, hard biceps. You continue, “Looks like I’m a lot bigger than you, doesn’t it, little man?” You swipe my hand away from covering my tented crotch, visibly throbbing. “Or should I say ‘little girl’? Is big, bad, bi Petey turned on by the most powerful muscle-man he’s ever seen?” I pull away and step back, stunned not only by your increased bulk and stature, but by your cocky, dominant attitude. You grab my hand, place it on your mountainous pectoral again and flex. “You my little BITCH, puny white boy?” you growl in disgust. You release my hand, but I unconsciously move it across the massive, inundating and rippling mass of muscle that is the giant Native’s chest, gasping as it lands on your huge man-tit. You grin, raise both arms and flex over me. “Muscle-bitch Petey wants to worship what I am, doesn’t he?” You lower your oaken arms, one hand adjusting the mass of man-meat moving beneath your jeans. My mouth goes dry. I feel butterflies in my gut. My cock throbs painfully. I want to argue, but I can’t take my eyes off of such an absolute mountain of a man. The memories of my semi-conscious visions of this power-house brutally manhandling whoever he chose floods my brain as my head simply nods in response without me even thinking. I long, no LUST, to worship this Native Indian god of muscular size and power, to provide you with ANYTHING you want - and you know it. I long to shower praise upon you for your massive and bulging brawn and sinew, your incredibly powerful and swole masculine perfection, to encourage you to increase, to grow, to overshadow everything, to be the GOD you are created to be! I feel drool dripping from the side of my mouth. “I thought so, you fucking little pussy.” you grunt while turning and walking away. I gasp, again, at the inhuman width of your muscular back and shoulders, your squarely rounded glutes stretching the back of your jeans, rising and falling majestically as you walk away. A guy in a car parked by the sidewalk opens his window and yells at you, “Put a shirt on, you fucking freak!” You slow, stop, and look at the car before slowly and deliberately walking over to it, flexing menacingly. The guy starts the car in order to avoid a confrontation with such a massive and obviously powerful man. You don’t say a word to the guy. You just walk up to the car’s driver side, kneel down and put both hands underneath the car. What happens next brings me to my knees in total disbelief and worshipful awe. Your neck, back, and arms explode with thick, venous muscle and power as your jeans balloon to almost bursting with ass and leg muscle. You slowly lift the car from the road! You actually toss it up to move your massive hands more central under the vehicle for better balance before lifting the car over your head. Your entire upper body is an anatomy chart of the male muscular form. The man in the car begins screaming frantically, “No! No! NOOO! Put me DOWN, You FREAK!” Fear was dripping with his words. You, the almighty Kai, look me in the eye with your menacing, black eyes as you curl your fingers INTO the metal of the car you’re effortlessly holding over your head. You begin to pull the two ends of the car together from underneath. Your colossally muscled body explodes with even more size and super-human strength as the sounds of tortured metal squeal and screech, screaming through the air. The car’s flimsy (to YOU) frame succumbsd to the will of almighty Kai’s vastly superior strength and power. The man continues screaming like a wailing woman until the car simply folds in on itself. The muffled CRUNCH and slurpy SPLAT of the man’s body merges with the sounds of the car’s crunching collapse. Blood and gore spurts out the window and exploding windshield of the now demolished car, dripping down onto your gloriously pumped torso. This colossal Kai is a brutal fucking muscle BEAST! You toss the car aside effortlessly and spread the fresh blood across your hard, rippling chest in triumph. Your head pivots on your powerful neck to glance back at me. “That fucking little INSECT! FUCK, that felt good - it felt RIGHT, little man. Enjoy seeing TRUE power used by a REAL man? Look at you, insignificant, puny Pete, you pathetically weak little INSECT.” you deride me mercilessly. I nut on the spot, my jeans now drenched in my pre-cum mixed with my fresh pulsing, spurting cum. “You coming, you puny little size queen?” you derided me rightfully. “I knew you were drawn to me like a fucking moth to a flame. I could almost smell it flowing from your pores when you first laid eyes on me.” You were right. I stood. I followed. My thickly muscled, 6 feet, 2 inch, 230 pound body is now small and weak compared to colossal Kai’s vastly superior muscular bulk. I suppose it always was. I always thought I was unusually big and strong, but I really had nothing to compare myself to - until YOU . . . until Kai . . . the Native GOD . . massive size, limitless power, and insatiable virility incarnate! Your mere presence emasculated me completely as soon as I saw power personified walking towards me for the first time on that sidewalk. Your supreme existence demands worship and adoration as you increase into MORE! I exist to help you evolve into your desired being.
  5. BrutalPowerDemon

    AZIZ: Fast Food

    I walked up to the closing fast food joint as a guy was locking the door and begged him to let me in for just a quick bite. He grinned and opened the door and let me in before closing and locking the doors behind us. I looked as he walked to the counter and behind it. I wasn’t here by accident. I knew how massive this kid was! As he walked, he peeled the t-shirt from his torso as I heard his deep voice rumble, “Sorry it’s so hot in here, dude. The a/c cut out a couple of hours ago and they can’t get to it until morning.” I heard him, but was distracted by the full, rounded muscles dancing across this boy’s impossibly wide back. HIs thickly muscled neck and sloping traps were clearly visible due to his short-cropped, black hair. Cannon-ball deltoids rippled and capped oaken arms on either side of this teen colossus’ body as his powerful triceps hardened and relaxed with each swing of his massive arms. He was masculine perfection! I had definitely chosen the right teen on which to test my growth serum. He walked to the back, beyond my view. In a few seconds, he returned, extending his vein-mapped arm with a cappuccino in his massive hand. I looked up into his face. GOD, he was gorgeous! Perfect Asian face, angular jaw, full lips, high and pronounced cheekbones, and piercing, black eyes. My cock lurched at the sensual assault of merely being in the presence of this young, masculine hunk. “Th-thanks.” I stuttered, “But I don’t drink cappuccinos.” The kid smirked down at me and said, “How about if I add some flavor you like, man?” he inquired smugly as he set the steaming cup on the counter in front of him. The cup sat in front of the hulking teen’s crotch and I couldn’t help but notice the bulk straining the fabric below his belt. Without thinking I looked up at him and muttered, “You’re a big one, aren’t you?” His head was leaned forward over the cup with lips pursed. He raised his eyes to meet mine as he released a long rope of spit from his mouth which flowed down into the cup. Still holding eye contact, he extended his tongue to cut off the flow of saliva and raised his head. “Never been called small, dude. Interested now?” he asked in a deep, sultry voice while pushing the large cup on the counter towards me. “What the FUCK, kid?!?! I’m not drinking that?” I blurted. “Dude! I know when a guy appreciates muscle, if you know what I mean - and I think you do. I’ve seen you in here before watching me, little man.” he purred as he raised his arms and flexed over me, his torso erupting with massive, solid mounds of muscle inundating beneath the vein-mapped, dark skin stretched over such powerful brawn. My dick responded immediately and throbbed larger, betraying my lustful appreciation for the godly Asian teen taunting me so mercilessly. He had always been so respectful when I’d been considering him for the experiment. This cockiness was unexpected. What if the serum amplified his superior attitude along with his physical stature, I wondered. The boy glanced at my tenting crotch and smiled, “Yeah, dude, you like what you see, don’t you, little man?” He lowered his arms and slowly unbuckled his belt before unbuttoning the top of his slacks and slowly lowering the zipper. I was mesmerized by every movement this rippling muscle-boy made. He lowered his slacks revealing massive, cut quads and poser briefs fighting a losing battle to contain the mass of his obviously huge cock and balls. They stretched down obscenely and continued to stretch further as his growing python throbbed larger and larger, exposing increasing amounts of the boy’s thick, venous shaft as it continued stretching the fabric thin. I was shaken from my slack-jawed stupor by the boy’s voice, “Oh, yeah, little man, you REALLY like what you see! And you’re in luck, you little size queen, ‘cause I’m horny as FUCK after roasting in this sweltering place all day.” I stepped back as he hoisted his semi-flaccid, vein-encased cock-mass from his posers, his huge, churning balls flopping out over the stretched-thin posers. It was long, at least ten inches, and thick like a vein-wrapped, throbbing beer can with an even thicker, mushroom head beginning to bubble pre-cum from its hungry, gaping slit. He took my cappuccino and stepped back from the counter. He smirked, once again, and lowered the cup to below his prodigious penis, his arms and chest ballooning with muscular size as he did so. “I KNOW what you like, little man.” he purred as he flexed and wagged his semi-hard cock forcing incredible amounts of pre-cum to bubble forth to flow into the steaming cup. At the same time, from above, he pursed his thick lips and deftly spit a little more saliva into the cup. “W-W-What are you d-d-d-oing?!??” I quivered as I felt my now rock-hard dick begin to pour pre-cum into my jeans watching this cocky and horny, drop-dead gorgeous Asian teen. “More flavor and thicker body for your drink, mister. I told you I knew what you like and what you want.” he stated smugly as he lowered his cock-head into the drink and began to stir it with his pre-leaking, growing cock. “Holy FUCK!” I blurted as he closed his eyes and licked his grinning lips. The thought of what my serum might do to this horse-hung, muscle-bound, and studly hunk short-circuited any misgivings I may have had about continuing with my experiment. “Mmmm, oh, YEAH!” he rumbled as he slowly removed his sex-trunk from the cup, still dripping coffee, saliva, and pre-cum back into the steaming liquid. “That cappuccino is almost as hot as I am, little man.” He stroked his thickening, elongating cock a couple of times before lifting his hand to his lips and lapping his man-cappuccino from his powerful appendage. “Yeah, THAT”S the way you like it. Maybe after you finish your drink, I’ll feed you, little man. You said you’re hungry, right, muscle slut?” he asked as he licked his long, thick fingers. “Now I bet you’re REALLY hungry and feel like feeding on a fucking muscle-teen cock, boi, don’t you?” “Yes, Sir.” I responded automatically as one of my hands in my pockets gripped my rigid pole through the fabric, pre-cum now pulsing visibly through my jeans. With my free hand, I reached in my other pocket and grabbed the pre-filled syringe. He held the cup out to me and ordered, “Quench your thirst, first, little man, but, first, strip and show me what YOU’RE made of, little man.” My eyes dilated, taking in his massively muscular, sexually charged form, and stunningly rugged, handsome face. I stumbled back. “WHAT?” I blurted out, trying to figure how to inject this kid. He was not the docile, muscle-bound teen I had thought he was. The muscle-boy stepped back, lowered the cup to his now rigid, foot-long cock pointing straight up in front of his thickly muscled abdominals and below the overhang of his massive pectorals. “Beg for it, boy!” he commanded with complete authority. “Beg for your muscle-god’s spit and pre-cum cappuccino.” He smirked as he raised his free arm and flexed hard. He turned his stunning face and kissed the mountain of split-headed biceps towering up to his massive, clenched fist. He then extended his long, thick tongue and lapped at the expansive, hard surface of the bunched muscle as a guttural, “Mmmm, yeah.” rumbled from his throat. “Oh my GOD!” I blurted. The impossibly swole and handsome teen looked down at me and smirked. “Oh, YEAH, little power freak, tell me more! You want to worship this powerful muscle teen, little man? Be my little bitch, maybe my fucking cum dump?” he growled, aggression obviously festering beneath his self-assured attitude of superiority. He thrust the cup towards me. “Drink it. NOW!” he ordered. I grabbed the cup and slurped it down greedily before handing the empty cup back to him. He grinned, snatched the cup from my hand and pushed his cock head down as he flexed his abs hard. Pre-cum shot into the cup and continued flowing until the large cup was full of his hot, manly nectar. “Holy FUCK!” I blurted in awe as he released his rigid tool and it slapped back up into his abs with a loud THWACK, splattering his still flowing pre-cum onto his lower chest and corrugated abs. I quickly snatched the syringe from my pocket, lifted it to my mouth, and bit down on the needle-cap, pulling it off. Fortunately, he had been focusing on the pre-cum overflowing cup in his hand and I stepped towards him as I moved my hand with the needle behind my back. I took the cup overflowing with his hot pre-cum and roping to the floor. I lifted the cup to my lips, tilted my head back, opened my mouth, and tipped the cup. The thick, salty-sweet pre-cum dumped from the cup in a wad, filling my mouth and flowing over my face and clothing as I gulped down what I could, scooping what escaped from my face and clothing and hungrily devouring it. “Awww, YEAH, little bitch!” the teen muscle-boy boomed. “You're a hungry little cock sucker, aren’t you?” He pushed his cock back down with one hand while grabbing the back of my head with the other, pulling my mouth to his flared, throbbing, and pre-cum pulsing cock head. I opened my pre-slick mouth as he plopped his large mushroom cock crown through my lips. I looked up and saw him smirking down at me as he began to slowly force his shaft into my face I had intended on talking to the boy and asking him if he wanted to be even bigger, the biggest man alive, actually, but I obviously couldn’t talk. He, obviously, loved being massive and in control. I looked up to see his head thrown back into his muscular shoulders as he moaned, “Fuck yeah, little cock-sucker! EAT that massive MEAT!” he rumbled lustily. Still looking at the sexy vision of his handsome face nestled in between his muscled shoulders and thick, rippling neck, eyes closed, I quickly jabbed the needle in his hard, throbbing shaft, and depressed the plunger. He apparently was so into skull fucking me that the injection directly into his long, thick penis didn’t even register. I dropped the needle as he impaled my face balls deep onto his fuck trunk and he moaned, “Oh, FUCK, little man! My cock’s on FIRE! SUCK, little fucker, SUCK! I was choking as he began to rhythmically pile-drive his sex trunk into my throat. Skull fucking was an understatement with the sexually charged teen sex machine. Apparently, my choking was pleasant stimulation because, just before I passed out, I felt the first volley of his volcanic ejaculation flood my stomach. His volume filled my gut until it was pushed back up my throat and out around his shaft. He withdrew his artillery from my mouth and kept cumming, covering me in his jizz. I stumbled back and looked up at him. He had a blissful look on his face as he looked down at me. “Fuck, little cock sucker. That was fucking AWESOME! I’ve never cum so much in my LIFE . . . not even with chicks! And FUCK! I’m still hard as a rock and horny as HELL!” he breathed heavily. I could see his large balls churning, pulling up into his body, then lowering, over and over. He began to stroke his cum slick shaft slowly and moan, “Oh, god . . . oh god . . . oh, FUCK! I feel so fucking horny, so hot! UNGH! Oh, FUCK! My muscles feel tight and hard, pumped, like I just worked out, man!” He looked down at me, raised his arms and flexed, looked over his muscle bulging body, then back down. His eyes focused on the needle. “What the FUCK, you fucking faggot! What did you do?” he bellowed even as he leaned forward, wrapping his arms around his torso and gut. “Oh, SHIT! I burn and hurt all over! What the hell did you stick me with, you fucking little FREAK?” I scooted back against the wall. From the times I’d spent examining him at his workplace, I remembered his name was Aziz. “Aziz,” I spoke to him, “You want to be bigger, don’t you? I’ve been working on a serum to help you be more muscular and larger than you already are! I was going to ask you, but, well, it ‘s so obvious you want to be the biggest, the strongest.” He raised his handsome face, wracked with pain, then, suddenly, the pained expression was replaced with one of almost sheer ecstasy. He hissed, “Oh, FUCK! YESSSS!” he hissed. “This feels fucking AWESOME!” He threw his head and shoulders back and roared, “Oh, FUUUUCCKKK!” My jaw dropped at what I was seeing. Thick, hose-like veins pulsed to the surface of his dark, flawless skin. Every square inch throbbing with the blood rushing through his system, feeding his muscles. I saw muscle fibers rippling beneath the stretched-thin skin as it expanded his muscles balloon with solid size and power. Massive, round boulders of muscle bulging larger and larger. He was expanding in size in all directions. He head hit the ten feet ceiling He stepped forward, THROUGH the counter as it exploded away from his oaken legs. He hunched over, growling, as he continued to expand. His feet were now MASSIVE! He growled again and stood upright, blasting through the ceiling and roof of the building. All I could see was two massively muscular tree-trunks of legs with cut, rolling quads and diamond shaped calves larger than my torso. And a cock . . . my GOD! . . . hanging out and over balls as large as my head and drooping to the boy’s knees. Those knee-caps were six feet from the floor! I looked up through the hole in the roof through which Aziz had exploded. He was grinning ear to ear, his glistening white teeth contrasting with the dark complexion of his stunningly handsome face. Massive muscles rippled with power all over his body! He was running his expansive hands over his thickly muscled torso and rippling abdominal bricks. Something caught his eye and I saw him lean over, his abs exploding with rippling size. As he stood back up, I saw his hand holding a car! An evil grin formed his stunningly handsome, Asian face as he reached to the car’s roof with his free hand, his fingers easily piercing the windshield and peeling the roof back as his torso rippled and bulged with power. He plucked the screaming little man from the car like he was nothing but a toy. The man was yelling and flailing about uselessly. “SHUT THE FUCK UP, DAD!” Aziz’s deep voice rumbled as he shook the man he held his fist like nothing but a ragdoll. “YOU THOUGHT I WAS A FREAK BEFORE? HA! LOOK AT ME NOW, DAD! I’M A FUCKING MUSCLE GOD!” Aziz dropped the wrecked car to the street and lifted his other hand and grabbed the half of his dad dangling from the fist holding him. He held his thickly muscled arms in front of his sneering face. The swole arms solidified as he slowly bent the man coming to his senses slowly backwards. The man shrieked in pain. Aziz’s thick cock throbbed larger and twitched, pre-cum bubbling from the large piss-slit. Aziz grinned as the screaming stopped abruptly with the sound of his father’s spine snapping in two. “AWWW, YEAH!” the teen roared as he pulled his dad’s corpse in two, blood and entrails splattering onto his muscled chest and down to the street below. I heard the rumbling of the colossally muscled teen’s muscled gut as he lifted half of his dad’s body to his mouth and took a bite, the sound of bone crunching between his teeth, blood dripping from his lips. “My god!’ I trembled excitedly as I released my steel hard and throbbing dick from my slacks and began to stroke witnessing this stunningly handsome, muscle-bound colossal teen brutally snuff his dad without remorse. I stood and ran to the door, unlocked it and stepped out onto the sidewalk. I looked up as Aziz swallowed, dropped the remaining pieces of his dad’s body to the street with a wet SPLAT. Aziz looked down in eyes and thundered, “Oh, YEAH, you little cock-sucker, I want to be a fucking brutal GOD of powerful muscle!” as he moved one expansive foot over his dad’s lower half and ground it into the pavement cracking under his power “Goddamned fucking insect.” he muttered in disgust. He wrapped a bloody fist around his long, thick cock and slowly stroked, obviously horny with the deadly power his enormous muscle-bod contained. I stood drooling and stroking in lustful awe of this titanically muscular Asian teen obviously drunk with power and bloodlust. Being late at night, the streets were empty in this part of town, thankfully, and I decided to plead for mercy from this godly boy’s destructive, lust-fueled urges. “I hope you are pleased that I chose you, Aziz, to become the most muscular and powerful man on the planet! He raised his arms and flexed, admiring his inhuman musculature, his cock twitching lustfully. “Fuck, I’m HUGE!” he grinned. I continued, “You are a PERFECT man, Aziz! No, not a man, a GOD! You are manly, masculine PERFECTION! All men will instantly feel inferior in the presence of your Herculean, muscular size. Seeing your endowment will cause them to question if they are even men at all! Your hulking body was worthy of worship before I injected you, but now . . .” I began to breathe in ragged gasps, “now you are an unstoppable GOD whose very presence DEMANDS worship!” I lustfully gushed. Aziz sneered down at me, snatched me from the sidewalk in a blood-dripping fist, and lifted me to his stunning face. “You fucking little size queen! You have NO idea what you’ve done, of the things I’ve dreamed of doing, no, the things I’ve LUSTED to do! You’ve given me the power to unleash my deepest and darkest desires, you stupid, insignificant little FUCK!” he growled. Being held in this massively muscular, powerful teen’s fist, hearing his thunderous voice, feeling the humid heat blasting from his dark, sweating flesh, seeing his mountains of bulging, rippling muscles, I felt my body tense and erupt in orgasmic bliss in his palm. “Yeah, you pathetic, fucking little FAG, you can’t help but cum for me, can you, you weak little bitch.” he derided. “I bet every time you came in and watched me, you ducked into the bathroom and jacked your tiny little penis off thinking of me and my muscles, didn’t you, then you went home and masturbated to me even more.” he sneered. Hearing this young beast growl his desire to dominate and the thought of seeing this seething young mountain of muscle unleash his unstoppable power and insatiable bloodlust caused my spent dick to rocket to rock-hard, worshipful attention against the hot, jizz dripping palm in which he held me fast. His overbearing attitude and belittling demeanor withered any desire I might have had to object to anything pertaining to him. “Almighty Aziz,” I spoke as I looked into his dark, massive eyes, “you knew I worshiped your body when I walked in tonight. But NOW, my GOD! I exalt and praise all that you are! You are a GOD of savage and merciless supremacy and strength. Your sexual appetites are brutish and insatiable, your bloodlust ravenous and unquenchable. I now exist only to please you and to witness you satisfying your deepest and darkest cravings. I will serve you until my last breath, Almighty Aziz.” I ended, panting and drooling. Aziz raised his thick and venous free arm and wiped the blood dripping from his lips and grinned before lowering his arm to continue stroking his ponderous penis. “Good little parasite, my first disciple. Your coworkers will be your first offering to your GOD. Direct me to your lab.” he ordered with an evil grin. I hesitated as I thought of my co-workers, my closest friends being nothing but an offering to this colossal, obviously murderous muscle-god. Then I looked over the immensity of muscular power rippling before my eyes, I looked down at a fist that could crush granite to sand slowly stroking a man-sized cock-shaft mapped with cable-like veins. I reached out and placed a palm on the hot, sweaty flesh covering a mountainous, rippling pectoral as Aziz licked his full lips and his stomach rumble, once again. Then I remembered how Aziz, without remorse, snapped his father in two like a dried twig and ripped him apart effortlessly before snacking on some of the remains. My lust to see my GOD reveal his power, to assume his rightful place as GOD to puny humans, to witness his destructive brutality. My lusts quickly overrode my paltry devotion to any other but HIM. “YES, my GOD!” I responded lustfully. “The lab is just on the outskirts of town, out by the army base.” Aziz grinned, turned, and began walking down the center of the deserted street, each footfall leaving a cratered print.
  6. Hey everyone! This chapter gets DARKER and MORE EXPLICIT. All tags definitely observed and more. I appreciate the positive feedback! Thinking probably 2 more chapters after this to conclude the story. CHAPTER 6 Evan took care to clean up the alley as best as he could. Luckily, a major thunderstorm hit about 20 minutes into the clean up and finished the job naturally. Evan dashed inside and then turned around, watching Corey stand in the pouring rain, unmoving, getting his new clothes drenched. “Corey! Get inside!” Evan screamed. Corey took a few calm steps and walked back into the gym, dripping onto the carpet. Evan was overwhelmed with emotions. Some guilt, some disgust, some fear of repercussions, but mostly exhilaration, adrenaline, and unadulterated power. Corey was more than an infatuation, a lover, or a sex machine – he was now a full fledged immortal weapon. Evan looked Corey up and down. Did he have any of the old Corey left in him? Or was he entirely clay for Evan to mold. Evan drove Corey home and got comfortable in the living room. Now that he was feeling somewhat settled, he decided to figure out the extent of his new powers. “Corey, I want you to have free will and your original personality and memories with the addition of the memories of everything that’s happened the last few months.” Corey’s face hardened. He started breathing heavily and looking up and down at himself. Then he looked at Evan. Evan hadn’t seen that look in his eyes before, it was a mix of anger, disappointment, and…was that fear? Finally, he spoke: “Evan….please stop this.” “Stop what?” “You need help, something is so wrong with you, please let me be and go see a doctor or…” “Corey, stop talking.” Suddenly, sound stopped coming out of Corey’s mouth and he grabbed at his throat like he was trying to figure out how to use his vocal chords. Evan was very displeased. After all the sex and worship Evan had provided for months, and growing Corey into a muscle god, Corey was so ungrateful. Evan had wanted Corey to be his partner, his Bonnie to Evan’s Clyde, but it looked like Evan would have to continue being the only brain for the both of them. “Corey, besides normal bodily functions such as breathing, eating, and sleeping, you will only do what I say and think of nothing else.” Corey was immediately still and his eyes returned to their vacant and blank state. Evan had a few other tests in mind. “Corey, punch the wall as hard as you can.” Corey punched the wall and flinched only slightly as Evan heard a boom and a crack. There was a dent in the wall but Evan also noticed Corey’s hand was mangled and broken. He quickly asked Corey to heal his hand. “Corey, don’t get any bigger but adjust the density in your muscle so that you weigh 2,000 pounds.” Corey blinked but nothing looked different to Evan. He asked Corey to take a few steps and sure enough, the floor was creaking and shaking with every step. He asked Corey to stand on the scale and watched as the needle spun around 3 times before hearing a sickening crunch and snap as the scale broke. He “reset” Corey again. “Corey, I want you to float in the air.” Evan wasn’t sure how that was going to work. He watched as powerful hairy wings suddenly ripped out of Corey’s back and started flapping until Corey was hovering about 3ft above the ground. Of course….Evan had asked Corey’s body to always compensate and adjust to his needs so it must have rewritten his DNA to include wings. Evan couldn’t believe it. He had more experiments. “Corey, you can teleport anywhere you wish, meaning – if I ask you to rematerialize 100 miles away, you can immediately be there.” Of course, nothing happened. Evan had simply given Corey the power. He had to try it out….but he wasn’t about to send Corey 100 miles and then drive for 2 hours to retrieve him. “Corey, rematerialize in the kitchen.” And all of a sudden, Corey was just gone. As if he had always been a hallucination and Evan had finally woken up. He frantically ran to the kitchen and there Corey was, standing facing the refrigerator. Evan was waiting for him to do something else, but he was just standing there, awaiting next orders. Evan realized he had to give Corey another power in case things got out of hand. “Corey, you can hear me and my commands from anywhere in the world.” Evan now started to think about what he should do next…he knew he could pretty much take over the world if he wanted to but he wanted to take his time. He realized he hadn’t even cum when he was jerking off watching Corey annihilate big Al. But he still felt a little guilty for killing someone….he wanted to try something else. “Corey, when you kiss me, you will make me 100 times hornier than I’ve ever been and you’ll multiply my cum production by 100.” He wasn’t sure it was going to work but he damn well was gonna try. He then added impulsively “And you’ll make me 100 times more turned on by your power and violence” “Corey, kiss me.” Corey leaned in and put his mouth on Evan’s. At first, it seemed like a normal passionate kiss, but then Corey’s tongue somehow latched onto Evan’s mouth and wouldn’t let go. Evan started pushing on Corey trying to get him off, but even at Corey’s “normal” state of 300+ pounds, Evan was no match for him. Evan felt Corey’s tongue lengthen and start traveling down Evan’s throat. Somehow, Evan didn’t choke as the tongue continued down, through his stomach and suddenly winding its way into Evan’s groin. Evan inhaled sharply as he felt Corey stimulating Evan’s balls from the inside. The sensation was unlike anything Evan had experienced before, as if someone was sounding his testicles, if that were possible. Then Evan felt it…a series of substances started expelling from Corey’s tongue, and he watched wide-eyed as his balls began to inflate. Then a mist started washing over his head and he realized…he was horny. He was REALLY horny. Even though Corey’s mouth was still latched, he was able to utter a guttural roar as his cock hardened and started leaking pre as if he was peeing. Corey’s tongue continued its work as Evan’s testicles grew to baseballs, then grapefruits, then small melons. Evan didn’t even notice as Corey’s tongue slowly curled back up through his body and Corey unlatched himself from Evan’s mouth. He stood there, drooling from his mouth and from his cock. He only cared about one thing. Getting release. And the only thing that would give him release would be watching Corey destroy someone again with his strength. He NEEDED Corey to destroy someone. He needed it so bad it was painful. “Corey,” Evan could barely talk without shaking as every breath he took turned him on and made him spew more from his cock “when you rematerialize, you can bring people with you wherever you’re going.” He knew who he needed to unleash Corey on next. His ex-boyfriend, Alan. Alan had dated Evan for a few months and Evan had gotten attached quick and hard. Alan was ripped with icy blue eyes and Evan couldn’t believe Alan was attracted to him. Turns out…he wasn’t. After a few months, Alan admitted to Evan that he really appreciated his admiration and devotion but realized the feelings were one-sided. He added that Evan was too small and scrawny to really arouse him. Evan had never really recovered from the breakup, even though it was now 2 years ago. He had given Alan everything…and Alan broke his heart mercilessly. Well, now it was time to get revenge. “Corey, rematerialize with me in the living room of 567 Border st, apartment #7.” Evan blinked and suddenly…they were there. Evan collapsed to the floor, dizzy and disoriented. He breathed heavily as his head spun and slowly he grew accustomed to his surroundings. This was the apartment…the last place he and Alan had spoken when Alan had dumped him. He looked over and jumped back in fright at seeing Corey standing right next to him, staring into space. Corey seemed so out of place here…not a part of this gay melodrama at all but now…he was going to be a tool of Evan’s revenge. Evan heard sounds coming from the bedroom. Moaning and groaning…clearly Alan was having some fun. Growing bold with Corey by his side, Evan threw the door open and stood in the doorway, looking at Alan’s naked form on top of a slightly bigger than Evan but still twunk-ish looking fuckboy. “WHAT THE FUCK? EVAN??” “Hello, Alan. I see you have company.” “How the fuck did you get into my apartment? And what are you doing here?” “My, my, that’s no way to treat a guest. If you’re not going to invite me to join your little sex-capade, the least you could do is offer me a drink.” “Get out, Evan. Get out or I’ll call the cops.” “I don’t think that’s wise. Besides, you haven’t even met my new boyfriend. Corey, come in here.” Corey lumbered through the doorway and stood awkwardly at the foot of the bed. Even at 300 pounds, he was still impressive and about the size of Alan and his boy-toy combined. Alan’s friend started gathering his things. “Uhh….maybe I’ll catch you later, man. Seems like you got some things to work out.” “No, Bradley, wait!” Alan cried desperately. “Yes, Bradley…why don’t you wait. We’re about to have some fun.” Evan spoke softly with a cruel smile. “Uh…no thanks, guys. This is a lot. I don’t want to be a part of this.” Bradley was growing more anxious by the minute; he was hastily trying to get his socks and underwear on. He threw on his shorts and tank and started making his way to the door. “Tsk, tsk. So rude to leave so early.” Evan quipped. “Corey, don’t let Bradley leave.” Bradley started for the door but Corey was all of a sudden right in his path. Bradley kept trying to move left and right but Corey would compensate. He then tried to make a run for it but Corey grabbed him and pushed him back. He even tried to punch Corey in the chest but upon he felt a massive pain in his fist and realized he hadn’t even made a dent in Corey. Corey stood emotionlessly looking at Bradley or more like through Bradley. “Guys….just let me go. This has nothing to do with me.” Bradley was ashy white and trembling. He had just met Alan on Grindr and this situation was way more than he bargained for. “Alan, I really leveled up after you. Do you want to see some cool stuff Corey can do?” “I don’t know what the fuck is going on, but I’m calling 9-1-1” Alan started reaching for his phone. “Corey, take Alan’s phone.” Corey walked over and grabbed the phone out of Alan’s hand. He did it so quickly and forcefully that Alan was too stunned to react. “Corey, squeeze the phone and grow your muscles until you crush the phone.” Alan and Bradley stared dumbfounded as they watched what happened next. Corey started to grow. He became 350, 360, 370, and within a minute he was 400 pounds. All the while he was squeezing the phone hard in his right hand. His clothes started shredding from his body, veins and bulging muscle peaking out from all sides. At 450 pounds, the phone cracked in half. Evan thought that would be the end but Corey kept growing. He realized he had asked Corey to do more than snap the phone…he had asked Corey to crush it. At 500 pounds, the phone started to break into smaller pieces. Corey made sure he had a grip on all of them as he continued to squeeze. Alan started pissing himself. At 567 pounds (Evan found out the exact number), Corey opened his hand to reveal the phone was a mass of little pieces and powder. At this moment, Bradley made another run for it. Evan had never asked Corey to stop his command not to let Bradley leave, so Corey quickly stood in his path, now much wider and more imposing. “Bradley, I’m getting tired of your audacity. I don’t want you to leave but you’re right, this is between me and Alan. So I’m going to just shut you up. Corey, punch Bradley in the face with 40% power.” Corey wound his arm back and swung at Bradley. Bradley tried to duck but Corey compensated, fulfilling Evan’s commands at any cost. When he made impact with his face, Evan heard a sickening crunch, Corey had broken his nose. When he pulled his fist back, Bradley also had a black eye and it looked like he was missing a tooth. He started letting out a high pitched wail Evan didn’t want to alert the neighbors. He remembered his horniness and his thirst for violence. “Corey, rip out Bradley’s vocal chords” Even though Bradley was still moaning and clutching at his face trying to figure out what was happening, he registered enough to start really screaming and running around. Corey easily pinned him against the wall. Bradley flailed at Corey, trying to hit him or scratch him or do anything to end the abuse. Corey simply grabbed Bradley’s arm and twisted it back til it started crackling. He had dislocated his shoulder and separated the muscle. Now Bradley’s arm was hanging limply at a weird angle. Just as Bradley opened his mouth to scream louder, Corey grabbed his gaping mouth and stretched it open, wider and wider until he had broken his jaw and torn his mouth from ear to ear. He then thrust his fist hard and deep inside Bradley’s mouth going deeper and deeper into his throat until Bradley was coughing and sputtering, unable to breathe. Evan could see Corey’s fist bulging in Bradley’s throat. Corey then found what he was looking for. He grabbed onto Bradley’s vocal chords and pulled, retracting his arm and fist out of the gaping hole that was Bradley’s mouth. Bradley started bleeding profusely and fell to the floor, grabbing at his throat with his one good arm and coughing trying to get his airways clear. But he wasn’t screaming. His face was just contorted in pain. He curled up in a ball and lay in the corner heaving, bleeding, and clutching at his arm and his throat. Alan leaned over the bed and puked while Evan simply took out his cock and monster balls and started stroking. Corey stood there with pieces of Bradley’s chords in his hand. “Wow, a real life Ursula/Ariel situation” Evan quipped, maniacally. Alan finally spoke up. “What are you going to do to me? Why are you doing this?” “Why? WHY?” Evan grew simultaneously hornier and angrier, his cock now gushing pre. “Because I gave you everything. I gave you gifts, and love, and attention, and you gave me nothing in return. You have a part of me that I will never get back. And I can’t let you break any more hearts.” “Evan, this is insane. You can’t be mad at me for not being in love with you.” “I’m not. I’m mad at you for making me fall in love with you.” Alan didn’t respond but Evan didn’t wait too long before turning his attention back to Corey. “Corey, drop whatever’s in your hands.” The bloody pieces of flesh fell to the floor. “Corey, get on top of Alan. Pin him down so he can’t move.” Alan was so stunned, he didn’t even bother moving. He watched, frozen in fear, as Corey quickly got on the bed and pinned down his arms and legs. “What, are you going to make your drone rape me?” Alan shrieked. “No, you’ve had more than enough random sex, Alan. None of this should be fun for you.” Evan continued, “Corey, lay down on Alan and put all of your weight on him.” Corey lay down obediently and Alan felt his body uncomfortably mushed into the mattress. It didn’t feel great but it was more annoying than anything else. Evan smirked and stroked his leaking cock harder. “Corey, gain 5 pounds every second.” Within 10 seconds, Corey was over 600 pounds. His muscle definition was slowly fading and he was getting a bigger roid gut. Evan hadn’t specified what kind of weight to gain so Corey was basically just getting fatter with every second. Alan was starting to feel really crushed by Corey’s ballooning weight. Evan watched as Corey got bigger and bigger, arms turning into giant sausages and belly beginning to spill over the bed. At 750 pounds, Alan began to moan through Corey’s blubber. He was actually trying to punch it but he was so feeble in comparison that it felt like nothing more than light vibrations to Corey. The mattress was soft so Alan wasn’t being physically injured apart from now feeling more and more suffocated. That all changed when Corey hit 900 pounds. At 900 pounds, the metal bedframe began to creak. The sounds became more and more ominous and the mattress was being forced deeper and deeper into a v-shape. At 1050 pounds, the bedframe collapsed and Alan dropped 2 feet to the wooden floor with Corey and his humongous amount of flab dropping right on top of him. The impact was enough to crush his nose, break a few ribs, and splinter his sternum. He was now breathing erratically and sputtering but still alive. Evan was getting close to orgasm and growing impatient. “Corey, stand up.” Corey slowly rolled over and helped himself to his feet. It was a miracle he could stand at now being over 1100 pounds, but his base of almost 600 pounds of muscle was enough to support him. Evan looked over at Alan and he almost looked two dimensional. Still in one piece but kinda….flattened. “Corey, jump and land as hard as you can on your feet.” Corey jumped up and landed so hard, it sounded like a nuclear bomb. The wood splintered under him and he sank a few inches into the concrete that was the foundation of the building. Evan’s dick gushed pre faster. He was getting close. “Corey, stop growing when you reach 2,000 pounds.” Corey did as he asked and now stood almost like a whale with two feet. Evan had never fetishized intense fat gain but seeing Corey at 2,000 pounds made him rethink his turn-ons. Corey looked almost more intimidating, his stomach was like an angry cascading wave that would drown many a sailor in its wake. His chest was so big, Evan was pretty sure he could shove Alan into his pecs and complete envelop his body. But Evan had different plans. “Corey, jump up and land as hard as you can on top of Alan.” Alan’s eyes grew wide. He made one last feeble attempt to crawl away. But Corey didn’t hesitate or give him any time. He immediately jumped up and belly flopped on top of Alan. He fell right through the floorboards and hit the concrete below. If Evan hadn’t made him basically immortal he’d be worried Corey might be hurt from that impact belly-first. Whatever was left of Alan was underneath Corey. Evan had to see. “Corey, stand up.” And Corey stood. To say that Alan was a puddle would be an understatement. Half of whatever could be called “Alan” was glued to Corey’s torso and the other half was a smear on the concrete. There were no bones or limbs or features to be discerned. Corey had obliterated every bit of him. Evan suddenly felt himself stiffen as his cock shot out the most massive load yet, shooting into the ceiling and covering the entire apartment in cum. He stood there for a minute in satisfaction. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his ankle. He screamed and fell to the floor. He turned around and saw that Bradley had crawled over to his bag and taken out a swiss army knife. He had stabbed Evan right in ankle and was now crawling with one arm trying to get to Evan’s neck. The pain was excruciating be Evan knew he had to act. “Corey, get Bradley’s knife.” Corey moved surprisingly quickly for someone so obese. He ripped the knife right out of Bradley’s hands. He didn’t need superhuman strength for that, Bradley was badly injured and he didn’t have the strongest grip on the blade. He lay there with his arm outstretched dejectedly, still unable to utter a single word. Evan looked down at his ankle, it was gushing blood. He hobbled over to the couch and put his foot on a chair. “Corey, grab me some paper towels, please.” For a second, he forgot Corey wasn’t exactly sentient and didn’t care whether you said “please” or not but Evan was in too much pain to think clearly. Corey handed him paper towels and Evan applied pressure to the wound. He had never been knifed before and it seemed pretty deep but he was sure he could figure out a way to get Corey to help heal him. But first he had to take care of Bradley. “You know Bradley, I was going to possibly spare your life. But you’ve become pretty nasty without your voice, I can’t have you going around stabbing people just because you aren’t getting enough attention.” Bradley lay motionlessly on the floor. He knew it was futile to fight this. Evan’s mind was racing. Even though his ankle hurt like hell, he was still in his demonically elated state, having just cum to the sight of someone being obliterated. With every murder, he was growing more and more twisted in his fantasies and desires. He finally settled on what he wanted to see Corey do next. “Corey, transform your body to be 1000 pounds of shredded muscle.” Slowly, Corey’s flab melted off as his muscle simultaneously inflated and grew. His sausage arms turned into freakish biceps, with each sinew monstrously defined and veins 5 inches thick. His pecs became like hammers and Evan imagined Corey could probably crush steel between his pecs. His quads became 80 inches around, each an unbreakable pillar of titanium. It was fun to see Corey enormously fat, but this was Evan’s true fetish. His cock immediately hardened again. “We’re going to play a game Bradley. It’s called stay alive! Here are the rules:” He turned to face Corey. “Corey, when I say “go”, for the next hour, unless I stop you sooner, you will have free will with the exception of these conditions: One, you cannot leave this room. Two, you cannot let Bradley leave this room. And three, you aren’t aware of my presence. Do you understand?” “Yes, Evan.” “And Corey…on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the hungriest anyone has ever been, you will get one point hungrier every 5 minutes.” “Yes, Evan.” Then Evan whispered something in Corey’s ear that Bradley couldn’t hear. “Yes, Evan.” “Ok Corey….GO” Corey turned to Bradley, his face pale and frightened. “Fuck, I’m so sorry I did this to you, dude. It’s like I had no control over myself. We need to get you to a hospital. We gotta figure out a way to get out of here…I just wish we weren’t surrounded by flames on all sides.” Bradley tried to drag himself out of the doorway but Corey rushed in and grabbed him, throwing him back. “Dude! I know its dire but don’t kill yourself!” Corey panted. “We’ll figure out what to do, we just gotta think.” Bradley wanted to scream. He wanted to tell Corey that there were no flames. But he had no voice. He saw a pen and piece of paper in the corner. He slowly started to drag his way over to the counter. Evan stood outside the doorway, smirking and stroking again. Corey looked over at Bradley. “What are you writing man? There……are…..no……flames. Dude, what are you talking about? Your vision must have gone too. Its ok, I’m here to protect you.” Bradley shook his head in despair. He tried to write again but he was in so much pain he couldn’t get too many words down. “You…..are….being….tricked….no….flames. Dude, I don’t understand. All I know is, we gotta get out of here soon because there’s no food and I’m starting to get hungry.” Bradley looked at the clock – 14 minutes had passed. He knew Corey was about to hit 3 on the hunger scale. And he didn’t know what Evan had whispered in his ear. He needed a plan, quick. He wrote a little note on another piece of paper, ripped it up, crumpled it in a fist and threw it over to Corey. Corey was confused, he started trying to put the pieces back together. “Oh, you’re worried we’re being watched? Yeah, good idea, I’ll put this back together,” Corey reasoned. Bradley resumed his slow drag to the doorway. He had almost got his fingers through the threshold when he felt Corey grab his legs and pull. “DUDE! Stop. I can’t try to reconstruct this note while you’re trying to jump into flames.” Then Bradley heard a terrifying noise. It was Corey’s stomach growling. He looked at the clock…23 minutes. Corey was about to hit a 5/10, with 10 being the hungriest anyone has ever been. “Man, I’m getting so fucking hungry. I can’t believe they left us here with no food.” Corey’s stomach kept rumbling, getting louder and louder. He started clawing at his hair and rocking back and forth. “So…fucking….hungry…” Bradley gathered up all his energy and made one final attempt to leap through the threshold. Maybe if he made it through the doorway, Corey wouldn’t be able to follow him. He got on his legs and just as he was about to jump, Corey grabbed him and pulled him close. Bradley looked up at the clock: 32 minutes…Corey was now at 6/10 in hunger. He looked over at Corey, his eyes were bloodshot and his mouth was watering. His stomach was now a perpetual growl that grew louder with every second. Corey spoke softly and waveringly. “They left us…with no food….and I’m so….fucking….hungry….” He pulled Bradley in closer and started smelling his neck. Bradley felt saliva drip from Corey’s mouth. Bradley tried to scream again but no sound came out. Evan was close to cumming again. He decided to give Bradley the extra tidbit he had whispered into Corey’s ear. “I’m so sorry Bradley, but the hungrier Corey gets, the more he has a desire for human flesh. Don’t worry, it will be over soon.” Bradley started writhing frantically in Corey’s grasp….it was now 41 minutes. Corey was at an 8/10 in hunger. He started licking Bradley’s neck, tasting his sweat. “Fuck…so hungry…and you taste so delicious….fuck” He then let go of Bradley and stood over him. “I don’t want to hurt you but….I just need something to carry me over...just let me have a taste.” Corey put his hands on Bradley’s shoulder. With a rapid movement, he pulled with his left hand, ripping Bradley’s arm right out of its socket. Blood spurted everywhere and Bradley’s eyes rolled into the back of his head. Corey stared at the ripped out arm and took a huge bite as if it were a drumstick. It tasted AMAZING to Corey. His cock started waking up as he took another big bite. Evan has strengthened his teeth so he was biting through bone like it was a graham cracker. Bones tasted even better to Corey, the marrow was sweet and the more Corey ate, the hungrier he became. He devoured the arm in a few minutes and then he looked back at Bradley, longingly. Despite consuming Bradley’s arm, his hunger had finally reached 10/10. Corey knew what he wanted. He punched Bradley hard in the sternum, his arm bursting through his skin and grabbing Bradley’s weakly pounding heart. He then tore the organ out of his body and stuffed it in his mouth, taking massive bites and spewing blood everywhere. Bradley was dead now so Corey felt no inhibitions ripping through his carcass piece by piece, consuming every bit of flesh he could find. He kept eating ravenously, tearing through muscle and bone, until nothing was left of Bradley but specs of blood that had spurted out of Corey’s mouth due to his messy eating. At the end of one hour, Corey stood up emotionlessly and stared at Evan. Evan walked back into the room. “Good job, my pet. Let’s go. Rematerialize both of us back in my bedroom in my house” Evan and Corey disappeared from the apartment – a very confusing crime scene with lots of blood but almost nothing to identify either victim. As Evan went to bed that night, he thought about the full day he had planned for tomorrow.
  7. Moderator's Note: I have been reassured by the creator of this work that everyone mentioned is over the age of 18. Simon walked through the boisterous bar with his empty pint glass in hand, the sleazy dive alive with the jovial chatter of friends enjoying each other's company around the assorted tables. Simon had just walked away from his own table of college classmates, his peers deciding to call it an early night. Simon on the other hand was on the prowl. The redhead scanned the bar for a partner that would meet his superficial standards: Tall, strong, and hopefully sporting a massive cock. He heard a heavy shuffling of chairs from behind, a table of men all getting up in unison. He bit his lower lip as he watched them give each other hugs before filtering out of the bar one by one. There was a massive black man that looked like he could bench a car, as well as a smaller athletic man and a medium sized average Joe. But one man dwarfed all of them; a massive and handsome musclestud that seemed to glow with light from within. Simon swooned as he saw the man turn, his face seemed to suggest he wasn't any older than Simon, his bulging muscles clearly visible underneath a tight polo shirt. As the bodybuilder said his goodbyes he strode toward the bar instead of the door, catching a glimpse of Simon’s longing gaze. Simon turned his head in embarrassment for staring, coming face to face with the bartender. "What'll it be?" The man asked, slightly annoyed, Simon not sure how long he had been ignoring him. "Whatever is good on tap." The light around Simon dimmed as the massive figure of the musclestud took his place at the bar beside the red head. The man placed his own pint glass on the bar making the sizeable vessel look more like a shot glass in size. Simon had an idea. "Wait!" Simon interrupted the waiter as he grabbed the glasses, "Get this guy one too, on me." he said motioning to the hunk. The stud looked down at him with a thankful smirk, "And to whom do I owe the pleasure?" "Simon!" The redhead replied enthusiastically with his hand outstretched, the gesture returned when the large man’s massive mitt enveloped and nearly crushed his hand as he shook it. The size difference between the two men was ridiculous, as if they were two different species. If the two were standing face-to-face he would be staring straight at the base of giant’s pecs. "Nick," the beast replied, interrupting Simon's horny daydream, "Thanks for the beer little dude. My friends just took off so I'm here alone. Want to chat?" He said as he motioned toward some barstools. Nick sat at the bar with the comparatively tiny human beside him, the two exchanging pleasantries and introductions in a conversation well lubricated by alcohol. As last call rolled around a casual observer might have assumed the pair to be good friends, but Simon wanted to be far more than friends, he wanted to get the giant musclestud into his bed and climb him like a jungle gym. "It's been nice talking to you dude," Nick sighed as he finished the pint that Simon had bought for him, "but I should probably hit the road." "Uhhh...me too!" Simon stalled, suddenly noticing his need to urinate after so many beers, "Just let me use the washroom before we head out." As soon as the musclestud nodded Simon walked from the table to the washroom, swinging his hips in stride, desperate to arouse something in Nick. As he started to urinate, the sound of heavy footsteps entering the washroom caused Simon to freeze in place, unmoving as a shadow moved behind him and Nick took residence at the adjoining urinal. A long zip and a meaty "thwap" of the musclestud's cock emerging was followed by a watery sound equivalent to the gushing of a garden hose. Simon couldn't stop himself at this point. With his own semi in hand he looked left to a beautiful sight, the meaty cock of the muscle stud glinting in the washroom light right at eye level, it's flesh moist with musky sweat. Even flaccid it was as long his forearm and thicker than a fist. He moaned to himself at the beautiful display. "See what something ya like dude?” Nick asked the awestruck man, Simon jumping at the sound of his masculine voice and his freckled face reddening in embarrassment at being found out. "Come back to mine." Simon begged. "How close?" "Just around the corner" Simon gasped breathlessly, "Please, I want to be taken by you." Nick gave the man a smug smirk. "Sure." Simon unlocked the door to the small apartment and led the giant in. Nick almost had to duck in order to make it through the door, his shoulders just shy of tourching the frame. "This is it!" Simon announced as he switched the lights on. The apartment was a bachelor pad with a small kitchenette and a bed in the middle of the living area. "Uh, why don't you relax on the bed while I get ready, shouldn't take longer than five minutes." Simon said while pointing at the bed. As he closed the door to the washroom he could hear his bed creak as Nick placed his weight on it. Simon quickly showered and cleaned out his rear for the intrusion to come, before trotting out to the living area. Nick was splayed out in the bed naked, his hands interlocked behind his head expectantly. "Took you long enough." The musclestud teased with a wink. "Sorry to keep you waiting!" Simon replied back, climbing onto the bed in the little space left beside the giant, "Where should I start?" "Hmmmmmmm..." Nick hummed with a knowing grin, "Why don't you lay down on my chest and put your face in my crotch?” Simon eagerly climbed atop the ripped belly of the musclestud, the abdominal muscles of Nick' belly looked like carved stone. He straddled the muscleman and moved his face in toward the crotch, feeling the unimaginably powerful source of heat and musk. Simon stared at the flaccid meat, the beautiful thick beast already as long as his face. "My god..." He gasped in reverence. "I see you've met my snake. Why don’t you give him a kiss? I’m sure he’s eager to make friends." Simon dove onto the cock, so turned on that he could wait no longer to have that massive spire skewer his insides. As Nick's giant cock stiffened, Simon moved his head to the side, the shaft snaking its way over his shoulder and down his back leaving a glistening trail of precum on his freckled skin. All the while he continued his dutiful worship, licking down the side of the shaft while massaging the heavy testicles in the leathery scrotum below. "Awww yeah, I'm almost fully hard now," Nick chimed as he toyed with Simon's hole. Simon paused his suckling on the salty, velvety skin of the cock to reply, "I'm glad to be of serv..." only to be interrupted by a finger sliding into his butt. "Put that mouth to use and keep sucking." Nick goaded as Simon cried out with the teasing of his rear. The twink continued his dutiful service, massaging those massive balls and suckling at the shaft until the musclestud removed his fingers. “Alright dude, I’m ready.” Nick stated with a grunt, rolling the smaller man off of his chest whilst moving into a sitting position against the headboard. Simon reached toward the nightstand and grabbed his smartphone while getting himself in position, straddling the massive chest of the stud with the massive cock pressed up against his spine. “Oh…” Simon realized, looking up at the Nick between glances and taps at his smartphone, “I like to livestream myself getting fucked by big sexy guys like yourself, do you mind?” The musclestud had a look of contemplation on his face for a second before shrugging,”If the internet wants to watch me ruin that cute little ass of yours then I can’t blame them.” “Perfect!” Simon giggled in excitement, tapping the phone once more before holding the device at arm’s length. As he stared into the front-facing camera he began his spiel, “What’s up you kinky fuckers? Have I got a treat for you!” He shuffled to the side and allowed the rock hard length of musclestud cock to poke out from under his armpit, the head glistening with a sheen of spit and precum, “I was lucky to find this hot stud at the bar and he’s going to fit his entire musclestud cock into my ass till he’s balls deep inside of me.” With the phone still at arm’s length the kinky ginger gave the head of the cock a kiss and stood up on the bed, Nick taking his cue to grab his partner around the waist in one hand and his cock in the other. “You ready?” The musclestud asked, pulling Simon’s hips down until the blunt battering ram of flesh was pressing intently against the twink's hole. Simon could see the chat of the live stream lighting up with the comments of viewers ready to watch a redhead get skewered on the massive rod. Simon moved the phone down behind his butt to capture the moment of entry, “Take me you sexy fuck!” he cried out almost girlishly. With a grin Nick tightened his grip on Simon’s waist to a crushing strength and forced the man’s hips down, his hole popping open as the broad head forced its way in. Simon cried out in a high-pitched moan as his insides warped around the intrusion. He turned the phone back to his front, his comparatively tiny erection bouncing as his body shuddered around the girth. “Oh my god it’s inside of me.” Simon moaned, almost sounding frightened. “Two inches down…” Nick stated in a sadistic tone, a knowing smirk played across his face, “Sixteen more to go!” With unrelenting force the stud began the slow process of spitting the his partner with his cock, Simon throwing his head back and moaning in staccato breaths as he was taken for the ride of his life. The spear invading his guts slowly forged its way forward. The invasion was so massive the bulge of the cock could be seen moving up the Simon's belly on the livestream, several of the stream’s viewers pondering out loud how he could even survive such internal trauma. As the bulge of the head came to a rest inside of Simon’s chest he could feel his overstretched hole make contact with Nick's pubes. “Hnnngggggg!” Simon moaned lustily in discomfort, moving the camera around to show the massive testicles resting against his freckled butt, then to his front to see the bulge moving under his ribs as he wiggled on the beastly column, smiling in between winces to the livestream “I can’t believe it’s all the way inside.” “Good job buddy,” Nick stated impatiently as he tightened his grip on the petite ginger, “Now time to get fucked!” With a grin the musclestud pulled the human off the shaft by a foot and simply let go. With Simon’s legs not in place to support his own weight he simply fell back down to the hilt and cried out in a girlish shriek. While laughing at the twink's response, the musclegod grabbed him around the waist and neck and began to pound away at the guy's insides, alternating between thrusting upwards to bounce the human on top of his hips and moving his victim physically up and down the shaft, all the while the bulge in the belly clearly visible as the human’s insides were pushed aside to make way for a new organ. “S-s-slow down…hhhnnnn… it’s t-t-t-too much!” Simon stutteringly cried. “Shut up nerd, this is what you wanted isn’t it?” Nick goaded back between thrusts while the lewd of his balls slapping the boy’s freckled butt filled the air, “This is what cock hungry little sluts like you deserve.” “You’re fucking up my body! I’m fucking cumming! Holy shit. Oh my god oh my god oh my god I think I’m fucking dying!” Simon could barely focus on his camera work now, just trying to survive as his body was tossed about like a ragdoll in the dominating bodybuilder's grasp. The chat meanwhile was going crazy. “Holy fuck I already blew my load!” “Do you think he’ll live? He’s going to need an ambulance after this… maybe a hearse.” Nick grunted as he continued to thrust into the smaller man, his breathing becoming rapid as he approached orgasm. Simon’s moans of discomfort had turned to moans of pleasure, his body becoming accustomed to the intrusion of the massive pole. “I’m getting clo-“ Simon started to moan before Nick wrapped his hand over his mouth, silencing him. “Shut up.” Nick goaded again, trying to focus on the tightness of the twink around his cock. By this point, the violence of his thrusts combined with his immense strength now had the walls shaking as the bed dented the wall it was against. As he reached his peak, the musclegod could feel his cock swell, his bouncing balls growing tighten right as he hilted into the redhead. As the first shot of cum blasted his partner's colon, he tightened his grip around the Simon’s neck, Simon gasping as he was pumped full of thick cream. Even while gasping, the twink never forgot about his viewership, his arm still held out in front to capture the selfie of his belly swelling with seed even as his other hand defensively grasped as the stud's massive mitt over his mouth. Simon shot another tiny load onto the chest of the muscleman. With a few more spurts the musclestud’s orgasm died down. As Nick released his grasp the lightheaded twink fell forward into a hug against the expansive chest of the musclestud, minding to still hold the camera at arm’s length and look into the lens as he huffed in his own exhaustion, his body moving up and down with every breath of the muscled beast beneath him. “You did good dude, most guys can't handle more than half of my meat.” Nick said with a sigh. With a pop and a splash he lifted Simon off his massive member, a waterfall of gooey seed pouring out of Simon’s hole and down onto the bed. The thick 18-inch cock fell onto Nick's pecs with a thud, his cum splattering on both their chests as Nick brought Simon back down, sandwiching their dicks between them. “Still one more job left for you to do though,” Nick hinted, “Gonna need you to lick me clean before I’m done with you.” Simon gave a submissive moan as he looked up into Nick's eyes and began to service him, licking Nick's pecs while stroking the cum-covered cock with one hand, the other hand extended out to give his audience the best view. Nick saw Simon look towards the side table before looking up to give him a wink. Following the glance he saw a pair of handcuffs. “Bondage eh?” Nick said as he grabbed the handcuffs and roughly restrained the twink. Grabbing the phone from Simon’s hand he glanced at the livestream window, considering ending the broadcast by simply crushing the device in his hand, however he reconsidered as he saw the viewer count approach ten thousand and donations rolled in by the hundreds of dollars. “Alright buddy, your viewers want a show? Let’s give ‘em a show.” Without warning Nick shoved Simon off the bed, crashing to the floor with a startled yelp and unable to stop the fall for his bound wrists. Nick was standing over him now, the livestreaming cell phone firmly in hand. “What the hell are you doing!?” “Oh stop whining.” Nick barked, “On your feet.” Simon scrambled up to his feet, his head coming to just level with Nick's throbbing cock as his frightened eyes stared past the cell phone and into Nick’ plotting eyes. “Lick me clean.” Nick ordered. Simon moved his face towards the thick monster with trepidation as he extended his tongue. Though he loved domination and sucking cock, this was something different entirely, it felt perilous, like his life actually might be in danger. As soon as the tip of his tongue touched the cock head Nick palmed the twink's entire head and forced it onto his meat, driving half of the 18-inch beast down Simon's throat. Simon let out a muffled yelp and tried to pull his cum coated face away, but Nick's hand held firm. “Suck.” Tears poured out of Simon's eyes as he bobbed his head up and down Nick's massive cock. He extended his tongue out to try and slurp up the plentiful amounts of gooey seed running down the vein-covered pole, trying to pleasure Nick enough to let him free. Instead, Nick shoved him all the way down his member, holding the small man in place as thousands watched. Nick smirked as the redhead choked on his dick. He enjoyed feeling Simon spasm as he fought for air, his cuffed arms flailing to try to break free. He regarded the livestream view of the phone for a moment, noticing that the viewer count was now over twelve thousand. The comments we’re pretty great too. “Do you think he’ll snuff him? That would be so hot!” “He better let Simon go, I can’t jerk off to this slut’s stream if he’s dead.” “What a lucky guy, taking a massive cock like that…” Simon's face turned red, then blue, then started to lose color entirely. His hands, previously twitching to try and free himself, fell limply at his sides. “Heh, pathetic.” Nick remarked, pulling him off his dick to let Simon fall to the ground like a sack of potatoes. As Simon coughed and gasped while regaining consciousness Nick squatted over him, completely eclipsing his body. He shoved the phone in the Simon's face, making sure that the viewers could get a good look at the twink's cum glazed expression from the forced face fucking. “You’re fucking worthless, you know that?” Nick goaded the redhead, grabbing the human’s jaw and looking into the frightened man's eyes with a look of disgust, “The only thing sluts like you are good for is to be used up and thrown away by real men like me.” “Please..” Simon gasped in between fitful coughs, “Please no more.” Simon was suddenly grabbed by the neck and thrown over his desk with his rear hanging off of the edge, only exacerbating his coughing fit as Nick pinned his cuffed hands behind his back. Nick positioned the phone in front of Simon's face, perfectly framing the twink and the massive muscleman behind him. “What the hell are you doing!?” Simon screamed. Nick placed one hand on the human’s upper back, pinning him in place. He used the other hand to guide the head of his cock to Simon’s hole, the rivulets of precum effortlessly falling into the gaping orifice as Nick readied himself to fuck Simon's brains out. “This is going to hurt, try to enjoy it.” Nick taunted. “Help! Please he’s killing me!” Simon cried out. “Someone on the stream send help! I’m too young to die!” Simon screamed as Nick pierced his anus, shoving his whole length deep in one go. Simon let out a high pitched scream. He was in utter agony as the massive intrusion forged its own path through his body. Despite taking Nick's cock all the way before, this time Nick clearly wasn't holding back, plowing Simon with violent force. His cock was so long and thick and hard that it was busting through Simon’s intestines and his vital organs. And every time his cock tore through an organ, a spasm of pleasure went through Nick’s body as he felt his cock destroy the living tissue. Simon could feel everything: the pulse of the musclegod as the shaft twitched with every heartbeat, the unrelenting pressure as the head pushed through his body, spearing his insides without regard for how he might survive, and his heart as it screamed out with pain as if having a heart attack. With what little air he had left Simon coughed, bright red blood falling from his mouth into the table as a sign of just how thoroughly the beast had destroyed his insides. “Please don’t do this. I’ll do anything!” He cried and pleaded as Nick ground their hips together, “I’ll give you everything I have. I’ll be your slave! You could have me whenever you want! Please I don’t want to die!” The chat meanwhile was flooded with comments as they watched Simon's eyes roll to the back of his head. "C'mon dude! Wreck that slut!" "Fuck his brains out!" "Aw yeah, break that bitch!" Nick smirked as he started to hump the man under him, using Simon as little more than a cock sleeve for his pleasure. The thrusts were short, sharp and brutal. He only pulled out two or three inches before slamming back in place, the force of the thrust causing Simon to cough up more blood with every impact, the hefty nuts filling the room with a slapping noise that drowned out the slushy wet sound of the human’s internal organs being repeatedly torn and bruised. His huge abs muscles were pushing his cock deeper and deeper inside Simon’s ass. The chat went wild as they watched the incredible power of Nick’s fucking. They watched Nick’s huge muscles flex and writhe and smash his cock into the puny body of his partner. They were totally turned on by this display of total muscle domination. As the thrusts increased in tempo and length Simon started to realize that he wouldn’t survive. He couldn't feel the lower half of his body anymore. This sadistic muscleman had utterly wrecked his internal organs. His life flashed before his eyes: his life, his home, his family, his various sexual partners, his hopes and dream, his entire future destroyed. Then he heard bones cracking. Simon’s pelvis was cracking apart. It was being broken apart by Nick’s powerful thrusts. Nick thrusts became longer and harder, his grunts and straining more pronounced as he approached climax. “Here I cum dude!” He grunted, slamming forward with as much force as possible. Simon felt the cock hilt, coughing up another gout of blood as he felt the cock expand inside him. As jets of sperm filled what little space was left in him, it quickly ran out of room, the next shots coming out of the twink's mouth and nose as spurts in sync with the stud's cumshots. Cum sprayed all over the phone, covering the video in a milky haze. It looked like Simon was vomiting cum when in reality his throat had just become an extension of Nick’s urethra, the pearlescent substance spurting from his mouth as he gasped for air. The climax began to ebb and the cum flowing from Simon’s mouth slowed to a dribble. Simon gasped for air, the darkness started to fade from the periphery of his vision and an idea start to dawn on him: He might live. Nick pushed himself up and began to pull out of the twink's body, his long cock pulling out with a wet popping sound, a river of pearlescent cum with streaks of blood dripping down Simon’s balls to the floor. Nick brought the phone up, wiped it off, and panned downwards to show Simon's wrecked body, his head buried in a thick puddle of blood and cum, a second pool on the ground beneath him. Nick smirked deviously to the viewers of the livestream as he showed off his handiwork. “Whelp,” Nick chuckled as he addressed the viewers directly, “he was a fun fuck, but I think I broke him.” The chat by this point was going wild. A few viewers were mourning the end of their favorite camwhore, but most were absolutely ecstatic to see Simon filled and drenched in jizz. “Oh man, that was intense!” “Dang, I guess no more Simon streams.” “That sexy musclestud should put his credit card info in the app so we can send him cash to do stuff.” That last chat caught Nick’s attention. He wasn’t short of cash, but who couldn’t use a bit more? With a quick tap over to the settings page he replaced Simon’s credit card info with his own. It was a novel idea, he had never made money off of his prey before, nor had he crowdsourced their torment, but there is a first time for everything. He looked into the camera to address the streamers. “Alright you horny voyeurs, time to pay up!” Nick smiled while framing his squirming gut in frame, “You pay, I do, so tell me what you want to see here before my little toy expires.” Just then a paid chat splashed across screen, “$350: Tease him for a few minutes.” “Alright kid, how ya doing?” Nick asked as he lifted Simon’s cum-drenched face out of the pool of jizz and blood on the table. “Please, please let me go!” Simon gasped. “Heh there's no saving you now buddy. How old are you again?” Nick asked while giving a mischievous smile to the camera. “I just turned twenty! Please, let me go!” Simon cried back while sobbing. Nick grinned, “Twenty years on this planet, but now you're nothing but a broken cumdump. I'm gonna blow a huge fucking load up your ass when I crush that cute little twink body of yours. Aw yeah dude, my muscles love to snuff little twerps like you. Makes me cum so fucking hard.” Simon wailed and sobbed in response, the cruel musclestud making the pain he felt all that much worse with his words. The chat was ecstatic, “Oh man, I’m going to be jerkin it to this vid for the next five years!” one of the commenters remarked. Nick was enjoying the directed torment thoroughly; who knew it could be so profitable to torment prey? He usually did it for free! “$1000: Make him admit he’s done for!” “Shhh, it’s okay Simon, shhh.” The musclestud flipped Simon onto his back, gently patting Simon’s head. Nick straddled the broken twink, flexing for Simon and the camera, his sweaty muscle pumped and glistening, every deeply-carved striation and vascular web visible. "This is what a real man looks like." He flexed his arm and admired the beauty of the bicep, raising it to lips and giving it a kiss. "Pure power, right there. You think you stand a chance of surviving?" All that Simon could do is sob and beg incoherently in response. “I’m looking for an answer, bitch.” Nick said more firmly, still getting no coherent response, “What will you be when I'm done with you?” “I’ll be dead!” He sobbed, “You’re going to fuck me to death!” Nick gave a wink to the camera, his actions hopefully satisfying the viewers. A few more paid chats same through, but nothing to really take note of until a massive one emerged: “$5000: Crush him! Grind him down.” “Alright Simon, it’s been fun, for me at least…” Nick advised while pulling Simon up and wrapping him in a tight bearhug. “But now your viewers want me to crush you into paste. Any last words?” “No no no no no no…” Was all that Simon could whimper over and over again, seeming to succomb the internal damage Nick had caused already. Nick chuckled, shrugging. “Oh well,” He said as he moved the two of them over the bed so that the viewers could get a full view of Simon's last moments. “Something about snuffing my prey always gets me real hard!” Nick said as he winked to the camera, giving a devilish smile. Filled with kill-lust, Nick shifted his hips and shoved his dick back into the tender asshole. The bodybuilder could feel the twink's ribs tremble beneath his crushing grip. Nick held it for a moment, relishing the feel of bone ready to break at his command. His python arms unleashed their full power. cccrrrKRIK! CCrrrrSNAP! Simon let out a groan."YEEEAAHH!!! C'MON! C'MON!" Nick taunted as more ribs splintered, snapped, and drove sharply into Simon's lungs. Nick's dick pumped the guy's anus like an relentless piston. Nick squeezed hungrily, insatiable for the snap of each rib. "Isn't this what you wanted?" Nick said softly into Simon's ear, "No? Wasn't that what you were thinking about when you were watching me at the bar? Thinking about my awesome strength? My huge fucking muscles?" He continued to constrict his prey, excited by the sudden surrender and pop of an unknown bone or the squish of an internal organ. “Fuck, crunch for me you dumb little slut!” Nick cried out as he gave a final crushing squeeze. "uh..uhhh....UHHHH!!!!!" Simon cried out loudly as his own ribcage imploded, his heart compressed and instantly crushed against his deforming spine and bursting internal organs. His expression was frozen in shock, his mouth gasped twice like a dying fish, before his face relaxed and the life that animated his eyes evaporated. Spasms of death surged through Simon's ass giving Nick even more pleasure as he thrust his cock in and out of his ass, which was now twitching in death. Nick yelled orgasmed again, filling up Simon’s body with spurt after spurt of sperm. Cum and blood poured from both ends of Simon, soaking the bed below. After many spurts of cum Nick finally stopped and pulled his huge cock out of Simon’s mangled body. “As I was saying before, there’s just something so hot about crushing preyboys that I can’t ah.. ahh!” Nick moaned in ecstasy as his cock flared again and painted photo of Simon and his family on the desk with a blast of musclestud spunk, sending it shattering to the floor. “Just can’t help myself.” Nick said while panting from the exertion. He knelt over the body, panting hard from the exertion of the kill, sweat dripping off his face, powerful shoulders, and chest. Looking at the clock he realized it was 2AM, about time to wrap things up. The chat meanwhile was wondering what came next. “Well folks that looks like about it for me I-“ Nick began, but was interrupted by another sponsored chat, “$2000: Blow your load on the corpse and tease it!” The musclestud had just blown his load… But who was he to disappoint an audience? He turned to the wrecked body on the bed and grasped his massive cock. “Alright Simon, I’ll be generous and give you one last load,” he bragged as he pumped his length to full hardness. Despite having just cum, it wasn’t difficult for Nick to become aroused again. He loved to revel in what is body did to his prey, their former forms completely destroyed by his powerful god-like body, He started to think about what Simon must have been like - confidant, slutty, educated, he stole all of that in order to pleasure himself and make a quick buck, and he loved it. Nick flexed as he stroked his monster cock, his eyes closed as he reveled in his own power. He picked Simon’s head up with one hand and jammed it into the huge crevice between his pecs. He flexed his monstrous pecs and crushed the man’s face between those huge globes of rock hard muscle, breaking his cheekbones. Then he rubbed the broken face all over his pecs and abs. That was enough to send him over the edge. He tossed the broken body back onto the bed and gripped his meat with both hands. Nick roared as the first shot of his seed splattered over the corpse, blasting like a firehose. Cum immediately covered the entire body, inch thick layers of cum covering Simon until he was unrecognizable. Nick aimed his cock back at the gaping asshole in front of him, and shot a long spray right back into it, laughing the whole time. The rest of the shots were just as voluminous, soaking the rest of the body in semen. Finally after what seemed like 5 minutes, Nick's orgasm finally slowed back down to a trickle. It was finally time to end the stream. “I’d like to thank everyon-“ His sign-off was once again interrupted, “$5000: Crush his skull with your hands!” Nick chuckled. To think he’d been doing that for free for so long. He aimed the camera downwards to give the viewers a good view and lifted up Simon's head with both hands. The audience watched with rapt attention as the striated muscles of Nick's forearms writhed and blossomed with veins. His biceps engorged with blood and his deltoids formed hard, tight curvatures-literally the size of bowling balls. His pecs oozed out meatily and brushed against the back of his prey's head. They all heard the hollow crack, then more crunching noises, and finally the gruesome sound of blood spilling copiously to the floorboards. Nick let go of the wet sponge that his fingers had sunken into and the body fell back to the bed. "Now, THAT is how it is done." Nick said as he curled his arms up into a double bicep pose. He wetly kissed the peaked heads of each bicep and his eyes adored their carved perfection. Letting out a satisfied sigh, Nick stepped off the bed. He reached for the phone, which was still on and surprisingly untouched by the torrent of cum and blood that had covered the bed and desk. “Thanks for the fun dudes!” He signed off of the stream and collected his things, taking a quick shower in Simon’s bathroom before making his way towards the door. The musclestud before he walked out of the building never to be seen again.
  8. AlphaIndustriesCWU45

    Everyone wants to fight John

    Be careful, this story contains explicit brutality and violence. Hello everyone, because drawing takes so long, here is the beginning of my first story. All people are older than 18 years. Everyone wants to fight John This year's middleweight boxing champion had decided to challenge MMA fighter John in a fight. The fight had been announced for a long time and the hall was completely sold out. As with all fights John took part in, only women were allowed in the audience. Other than the champion, the only man present in the hall was the referee, an experienced man who had officiated many of John's fights. Before the fight began, the mood in the room was calm. In the cage were the referee and the 22-year-old middleweight champion, who was already warming up with air punches and jumps. His weight was 180 pounds with a body fat percentage of 6 percent. His athletic body glistened with sweat. He wore a red poser, through which the imprint of his relaxed but proud penis was clearly visible, and red boxing gloves and wrestling boots. The women in the audience chatted relaxedly. Then John entered the hall through a side door. The 21-year-old MMA fighter was known for his well-developed skeletal muscles. When his dominant stature came to light, the room suddenly became quiet. He was wearing an Alpha Industries bomber jacket, a model CWU 45 in size xxxxl. The navy-colored nylon stretched so tightly over his relaxed 39-inch upper arms that the finger-thick veins of his basketball-sized biceps were clearly visible through the fabric. His enormously well-defined triceps fought for space with a lat muscle that gave him a back that was wider than it was tall at 51 inches, so much so that you could hear the nylon of the bomber jacket rubbing together as he walked. A sound that caused the first women to spontaneously reach between their legs to dampen their rising excitement. John had zipped his bomber jacket all the way up, but that was only possible because the nylon around his medicine ball-sized pecs had stretched so much that the stretch marks were clearly visible. How else would a 112 inch chest fit in a standard size xxxxl jacket? Not to mention the tension around his enormous deltoids. The veined bases of his forearms, which were about as thick as his head, disappeared into his white boxing gloves. In addition to his impressive upper body size, John had thighs with impressively divided, vein-riddled quadriceps heads measuring 92 inches in circumference. As he walked, the insides of his hairless thighs rubbed noticeably together, their momentum forming an almost semicircular shape around his impressive leg muscles. The hairless thigh muscles also showed impressive definition and vascularization. The calf heads, which were clearly divided into two parts, were collectively thicker than a man's head. He wore white, tightly laced wrestling boots. The most impressive thing about his body wasn't his skeletal muscles, but the shaft of his penis. The member was the thickness of a baseball bat and almost burst his stretched white poser. He was completely relaxed and prominently protruded forward from the bulge of his quadriceps. Veins and a fist-sized fuck head were clearly visible through the stretched fabric. Orange-sized eggs stretched the fabric down and moved noticeably back and forth with each step. A well-groomed appearance was important to John, which is why he usually kept his penis covered in public. Fighting weight 320 pounds. Body fat percentage 2 percent. The eyes of every woman in the audience were on John as he strode majestically across the hall into the cage. Most of them focused on his penis or his huge glutes, depending on what the view revealed. John walked majestically through the hall and finally reached the cage. Once there, he assumed a clearly visible position, calmly took off his gloves, closed his eyes and slowly stroked his left hand from top to bottom over the shaft of his relaxed member. The women in the room held their breath. John kept his left hand on his flaccid penis and, with his eyes closed, opened his mouth very slowly as if to suggest a soft moan. He then raised his right arm and placed his right hand on the back of his head. The nylon of his bomber jacket nearly burst on his upper arm as his basketball-sized bicep touched his right ear. The scent of his right armpit spread gently from his position throughout the hall, and the women who stood near the ring and smelled his scent spontaneously developed a wet spot between their legs. A slight grin appeared on John's face. He lowered his right arm and removed his left hand from his penis. Then he slowly unzips his Alpha Industries bomber jacket. The enormously stretched nylon immediately revealed the shape of his pecs. John wore a white shirt under his bomber jacket. It was a Levis denim shirt. The mother-of-pearl buttons that John had pressed together to prevent them from spontaneously popping open over his medicine ball-sized pectoral muscles. As he took off the sleeves of his bomber jacket, it became clear how much the denim was fighting against his upper arm muscles. His biceps and triceps as well as his shoulder muscles almost caused the shirt to tear. It was strained so much that the cuffs were placed in the middle of his forearms. Spread wide open. The collar of his white shirt draped majestically and John's thick neck. His venous neck muscles were visible and were so well developed that they had served him well in many combat situations. The shirt was so tight that your thin waist and the lower part of his enormously developed abdominal muscles were visible. The bottom of his eight-pack looked like two tennis balls fighting for space, and from there well-developed veins ran into his crotch. Because John valued good looks even in fight situations, he kept his shirt on, slowly put his boxing gloves back on and turned to his challenger. He had been warming up the whole time with air strikes and preparing for the tournament. The referee declared the fight open and both fighters took fighting positions. Both the challenger and John covered their heads with their boxing gloves, with John's biceps almost touching his forearms. The challenger took a few steps towards John and threw a few punches at his opponent's defense. John's boxing gloves hardly seemed to feel his opponent's punches, of course the 320 pound man didn't move when he was attacked by the 180 pound man, so the first clinching typical of boxing soon occurred. His opponent slipped under John's armpits and tried to grab the man. However, this was hardly possible for him due to John's well-developed upper body muscles. His boxing gloves did not even reach the middle of John's massive back, so John simply lowered his arms and thus completely fixed his opponent's arms under his armpits. Very slowly, John bent his upper arms so that his boxing gloves slipped between the two fighters. His opponent still completely immobile with his arms fixed under John's armpits. John's biceps grew to such a size that one wondered if they would break the challenger's upper arms through their sheer mass. The two fighters remained in this position for a moment and John grinned into his challenger's face. He slowly took a small step forward, and the challenger couldn't help but stumble backwards. He was completely fixed under John's armpits. The sleeves of John's shirt were almost bursting. And so he stood up and pushed his challenger in front of him in one lap around the entire ring. He couldn't help but stumble ahead of him. The audience catches their breath and as they complete their lap something amazing happens. John closed his eyes and brought his face closer to his challenger's. He could hardly back away, and it wasn't entirely clear whether he even wanted to. And then very slowly John stuck out his tongue and licked the challenger's face. First over the left cheek, then over the right and then over the left again. Both the referee and the women in the audience at the back held their breath. Finally, John took a step back and let go of his opponent. He fell on his back, completely surprised, and you could see that an erection had formed in his tight combat trousers. The tip of his average-sized penis was clearly pointing towards the ceiling of the fighting hall. Amazingly, despite his strong muscles, John also had amazing speed. Without hesitation, he pounced on his prone opponent and placed his 320 pounds on the 180 kilo man. He made sure to lie down so that well-trained chest muscles pushed his opponent's face to the ground. Under John's body, only his opponent's hips and legs stuck out between his slightly higher, spread legs. John held his arms straight out so that I was almost touching his biceps. His deltoid muscles swelled upward and only stretched the white material of his shirt further, his pectoral muscles were placed on his opponent's face, and it was not clearly visible to the audience whether John was applying significant pressure to the other man's head. In any case, he first tried to press himself free from below with his feet, which only caused a slight vibration on John's body. And over time the pressure attempts became fewer, which could also have been because the seductive scent of sweat from the crack between John's pectoral muscles further aroused the defeated man. John slowly dropped his hands off the ground with his boxing gloves and began to assume a kneeling position, his opponent's head firmly fixed between his pectoral muscles. So he slowly stood up without his opponent's head coming out of the deep crack between his medicine ball-sized chest muscles. His opponent also staggered to his feet and when he came to his feet he began to press against John's shoulders with his boxing gloves to free his face from the muscular grip. John grinned and spread his muscular arms wide to the side to show the audience that no further restraint of his opponent was necessary, merely the pressure of his pectoral muscles resulted in absolute captivity of the opponent's head. With his arms spread wide, John began to walk along the edge of the cage again, pushing his opponent who was trying to free himself in front of him. In this situation, the women in the audience realized how seductive the scent from the crack in the pectorals that the challenger could smell must be. He's probably been trying to lick John's pectoral sweat with his tongue deep into the opening between the buttons of his jeans shirt. Then John placed both men in the middle of the cage, stretched his boxing gloves behind the back of his head and began to enjoy smelling the sweat from his armpits, first left, then right, then left again. Through the crowd of aroused women there was a slight moan, some of them began to bend slightly and gently massage their wet clitoris with one hand. Some of the women in the front rows, who could smell John's sweat, had their panties down to their knees and were fingering themselves unabashedly. After John had sufficiently enjoyed the scent of his armpits, he slowly bent forward, forcing the face-fixated man to his knees. He arched his opponent's back until he finally touched the ground with his thighs and stretched his feet into the air behind his back, his head still inescapably fixed in John's solid pectoral muscles. So John was able to reach behind the man's ankles with his boxing gloves and bend his opponent's back to the maximum. Then he began to stand up again, and when he had reached a completely upright position, he held his opponent's ankles in his gloves at shoulder height while he stood in a U-shape with his back maximally flexed, his face still between Jones massive pectoral muscles. To prevent his back from being overextended, the man flailed wildly. In this bent position, the erection of the average-sized penis of the completely restrained man protruded forward from his body like a steel pipe. John's pectoral sweat had apparently had an effect through his Levi's shirt. Grinning, John walked slowly towards the cage bars with the man bent over his head, his face between his pectorals, fixed with the knuckles of John's boxing gloves and his back stretched to the maximum in a U-shape. The erection pointed forward like a cannon. Once at the bars, he slowly began to push the challenger's penis, covered by his stretched poser, through the narrow opening of the bars. And when he began to masturbate the man in the cage by gently tensing his strong thighs, a never-ending loud moan arose from John's pectral region. While the challenger's pleasure filled the hall with loud moans, most of the women in the audience had stripped off their panties, thrown their legs over their shoulders and started fingering both fuck holes with both hands. Some used the dildos provided to stimulate themselves deeply. The eroticism of the situation reached its first peaks and the first women sprayed their secretions high into the air, which filled with moans of pleasure and the smell of vaginal and anal secretions. The challenger began to produce large amounts of precum while moaning loudly. They came out of his piss slit and darkened the fabric of the poser stretched around his average-sized glans before they dripped to the floor in long ropes in front of the cage. A girl then stormed to the cage and greedily began to deapthroat the steel-hard penis that was sticking out of the bars while her best friend satisfied her deeply anally with a large dildo. This would have been a moment in which the referee should have intervened according to MMA rules, but he had long since taken off his pants to fuck himself deep anally with his microphone stand while moaning loudly. The whole hall was boiling with eroticism, and waves of orgasms went through the women, some of whom squirted their vaginal secretions high into the air, while John, grinning, slowly began to pull the ankles of his opponent, who was hanging overhead, towards him in order to further tighten his arched back bend. (Some new paragraphs added.)
  9. Advertencia Esta historia tiene un contenido snuff bastante alto, no pretende ser una obre de arte y solo es un hobbie, por lo que no la tomes muy en serio, si no te gustan estas cosas, hay muchas mas historias en el foro que puedes disfrutar, si este tema te agrade, espero que la disfrutes. LUPIN, AGENCIA DE VENGANZAS Capítulo 1 - Un dia como cualquier otro Era un mañana fría y oscura, Tyw había abierto los ojos demasiado temprano, gruño, su temperamento estaba empeorando a cada minuto mientras sentía que el cansancio del día anterior aún no se había disipado. Luego de dar algunas vueltas sobre la cama decidió que era momento de ponerse de pie, tantos años habían pasado y aun no se acostumbraba al insomnio, a la normalidad, a su atadura. Miró su mano derecha y entrecerró los ojos, solo para ver un casi imperceptible hilo rojizo, luego de parpadear el hilo desapareció. Tyw suspiró y miró desde su ventana a la ciudad que despertaba abajo de su ventana. Lejos de ese lugar, Rayan despertó, no había dormido en la noche, pesando en que pasaría con su vida luego de ese día, salió de la cama y se encontró desnudo ante un espejo que mostraba a un hombre atlético, pero desafortunadamente débil. Antes pensó que sus clases de artes marciales podrían ser útiles, pero desafortunadamente apenas pudo lanzar un golpe o dos antes de ser brutalmente golpeado por sus abusadores. Pronto Rayan empezó a sentir los golpes de la noche anterior, miró a su derecha y encontró el primer moretón, luego empezó a observar los moretones en sus piernas y torso, por alguna razón, en su cabeza no habían moretones, tal vez fue porque aunque difícilmente logró asestar un golpe, demostró tener mejor resistencia que sus abusones lo que le permitió correr por su vida, sin embargo, él sabía que regresarían, no importaba su esfuerzo en entrenar, el dinero perdido en sus clases de artes marciales, Rayan era débil y no podía defenderse el solo contra cinco abusadores, especialmente su líder, Esteban, un hombre tan brutal como enorme, un fisicoculturista en toda regla, un hombre quien no perdía oportunidad de mostrar su fuerza, especialmente luego de empezar sus dosis de esteroides que lo fortalecían pero lo hacían más brutal. Rayan miro sus moretones en el espejo, el dolor de su cuerpo no era superior al dolor de su alma, de su vergüenza. Rayan se sentía miserable, débil, e indefenso. Pensó en aquel momento de locura, de desesperación, en ese momento había sido golpeado nuevamente por Esteban y sus hombres, ese día, hace mucho tiempo entro a su computadora y busco "venganza, brutalidad, justicia", en ese momento Rayan solo pensaba en que un mundo sin Esteban y sus hombres sería un mundo mejor, movió frenéticamente su mouse, la ira y el dolor invadieron sus sentidos, sus músculos se movieron involuntariamente y cuando Rayan volvió en sí, estaba en una extraña página que decía "Lupin, agencia de venganzas", una página roja, con solo una pregunta. "¿Quieres vengarte?, haz una cita, analizaremos tu caso" Rayan miró la pregunta, bajo la misma había un botón de Si / No. Rayan estaba invadido por la ira, no tenía claridad si esta página era una página seria, o simplemente era una broma de algún gracioso o simplemente habría alguien en su vida tan desafortunado como él que deseaba vengarse de alguien. Rayan dio clic en "SI", en ese momento una ventana emergente, también de un rojo profundo mostró el siguiente mensaje "¿Estás seguro?"; Rayan pensó profundamente en su dolor, su vergüenza y volvió a seleccionar "SI". Nada ocurrió, nada sucedió, no hubo una confirmación, no hubo ni siquiera un ruido, ni nada por el estilo, Rayan solo sintió un leve temblor en su mano que imaginó que se debía simplemente a la multiplicidad de sensaciones que tenía en ese momento. Ese fue el día que decidió entrenar y estudiar artes marciales, sin embargo, luego de dos años de práctica, había mejorado su físico y su resistencia, sin embargo, era incapaz de defenderse, de hacer nada en contra de sus abusadores, su apartamento estaba cada vez más vacío por culpa de todas las veces que lo habían robado. Por alguna razón seguía vivo, Esteban lo había robado muchas veces pero Rayan seguía vivo, hace unos meses uno de sus vecinos había desaparecido, lo encontraron en una zanja lejana con todos sus huesos rotos y su cabeza aplastada con un objeto circular, la policía lo clasifico como un accidente de tránsito, probablemente había sido atropellado por un camión, sin embargo Esteban empeoró su actitud justo después de ese momento, se volvió más brutal y sádico. Rayan supo con certeza que Esteban fue el asesino, lo cual aumentó su temor, y su sensación de indefensión. Esteban aprovechó su nuevo estatus para aumentar su abuso, entró a la habitación de Rayan y robó muchas de sus pertenencias, pero al no tener valor, simplemente consideró que era mejor robar el salario de Rayan. Rayan intentó defenderse, intentó pelear, sin embargo, de por si era difícil intentar pelear con un fisicoculturista experto en artes marciales mixtas, mucho menos contra este y cuatro abusones más qué solo estaban para obedecer las órdenes de su jefe. Rayan pensó en todas estas cosas y lloró por su debilidad e incapacidad de defenderse, huir tampoco era una alternativa, ¿a dónde huiría? No tenía a nadie a quien acudir, y su paga apenas alcanzaba para sostenerse, alimentarse pobremente a base de arroz y huevos, entregarle más de la mitad a sus abusadores y pagar a cuotas el pequeño y lento computador que poseía, su única posesión que podría titularse como "valiosa" aunque siempre estaba a dos clics de explotar con solo ver un video, así como pagar un viejo celular de segunda que solo usaba para recibir órdenes de su trabajo. De súbito su celular vibró, seguramente era la señora Otilia, seguramente estaría mandando mensajes frenéticos para que vaya pronto a la tienda a levantar más cajas y surtir las estanterías. La muy abusona no pagaba horas extras, pero era el único trabajo que había logrado mantener. Sin embargo, ese día hubo algo diferente, su celular recibió un único mensaje de un numero escrito en un lenguaje críptico, irreconocible que solo supo que eran números por su ubicación en la ventana del teléfono. Era un texto blanco sobre un fondo rojo. "Analizaremos tu caso, ve a la siguiente dirección". A Rayan le dio un vuelco el corazón, luego de tantos meses, sería una broma... Lo pensó por un tiempo mientras decidía que hacer, tipeo un "OK", pero el teléfono no confirmó el envío. Sin embargo Rayan decidió que no perdería nada con intentarlo, al menos cambiaría de ambiente... Tyw meditaba en su oficina, un gran espacio ubicado en un edificio cercano al apartamento, era una distancia cercana entre los dos edificios lo que le permitía evitar el tráfico y caminar en medio de un ambiente tranquilo, algo que pocas veces lograba, sea por el ruido de la ciudad, o por el ruido de su viejo compañero. Tyw se sentó en su escritorio, miro alrededor, a diferencia de su apartamento, este sitio era en cierto modo, deprimente, los viejos muebles eran antiguos es más, apestaban a antigüedad, como si tuvieran varios siglos en este lugar, tenían símbolos extraños tallados en sus bordes, algunos parecían una extraña T. "Tal vez hoy venga alguien" meditó Tyw, a veces venían varios clientes, otros días eran extrañamente solitarios, sin embargo, el negocio era exitoso. Tyw miro un viejo sofá casi destruido, era el sitio de su compañero, Tyw miró su mano derecha y se preguntó, "¿Dónde estará?", se sentó en su escritorio y abrió su escritorio del que tomó un computador. Suspiró y empezó a trabajar. Rayan caminaba en medio de la ciudad, hacia frio y llovía, temblaba del frio y se preguntaba si lo que estaría haciendo era una locura motivada por la ira, la desesperación, o ambas. Rayan pensó que fue una imprudencia salir en ese clima tan descubierto, sin embargo, su presupuesto difícilmente permitía el lujo de comprar un paraguas, ni hablar de un impermeable; por lo tanto, estaba casi en ropa deportiva y la mezcla de viento, lluvia y frio, sentía en su cuerpo los efectos de una leve hipotermia. Tiritando, Rayan caminó por las calles, la dirección que estaba en su teléfono era difícil de encontrar, Rayan consultó nuevamente la dirección mientras protegía el teléfono del agua, lo último que necesitaba era que su teléfono se arruinase. Consultó una vez más la dirección asegurándose de memorizarla bien y escondió el teléfono en sus pantalones, preguntándose si esa aventura era en realidad una locura. Luego de muchas vueltas vio un gran y alto edificio, muy moderno, con un letrero que rezaba "Edificio Irminsul", sin embargo no era la dirección´ anotada en el teléfono, Rayan miro en ambas direcciones y vio a lo lejos una gran masa moviéndose lenta al otro lado de la calle. La más giró a la derecha y desapareció, "Sera posible que sea Esteban?" instintivamente su cuerpo tembló aún más, a su pesar, la dirección quedaba efectivamente hacia el sitio en que la masa había sido divisada. Con temor, y sintiendo que su cuerpo temblaba más, Rayan decidió moverse en esa dirección hasta que encontró un viejo edificio con un letrero apenas visible que decía "Lupin, Agencia de Venganzas". Rayan estaba muerto de frio, de temor y de curiosidad, haciendo acopio del poco valor que le quedaba toco el timbre. Un viejo intercomunicador se encendió, una voz clara y autoritaria sonó. "¿Qué desea?", Rayan pensó por un segundo. Su instinto le decía que huyera de ese lugar, su corazón quería saber qué ocurriría. "Vengo por una venganza". Solo silencio, por unos segundos solo sonó la lluvia cayendo sobre el cuerpo de Rayan y el piso, el olor a petricor lleno la nariz de Rayan, y de pronto decidió que eso era una broma muy pesada, y que probablemente Esteban le estaba jugando una broma que seguramente le costaría el poco dinero que le quedaba, que no era mucho pero lo tenía consigo mismo. "por favor siga, suba al cuarto piso, y por favor ignore los ruidos" dijo la voz y la puerta se abrió con un chirrido. Rayan trago saliva, sus instintos seguían indicándole que corriera, pero ya era demasiado el tiempo perdido y el riesgo ya era demasiado alto, la curiosidad empezó a sustituir al miedo y Rayan entró. Cada paso era acompañado del sonido de vieja madera crujiente, por lo que cualquier entrada discreta estaba por fuera de opción. El corazón de Rayan latía con violencia, cada paso que daba, cada escalón que subía significaba un riesgo, Rayan al poco tiempo se sintió desorientado en el interior de esa vieja edificación, las paredes parecían tener un leve brillo azulado, pero un momento no eran las paredes, eran letras grabadas las que brillaban, "estoy volviéndome loco" pensó Rayan, un grito desgarrador lleno el edificio, un grito humano, Rayan brincó del susto y se quedó muy quieto, al poco tiempo otro grito llenó el espacio del edificio pero a diferencia del anterior, este grito fue interrumpido súbitamente y fue sustituido por un sonido que parecía carne desgarrándose y un crujido nauseabundo. Rayan tembló de miedo pero subió la escalera y siguió por un largo pasillo en el último piso, miró a su alrededor, las paredes estaban manchadas de un tono rojizo y que parecían gotas de algún liquido pegajoso desparramado en todos lado, pero rayan no puso demasiada atención y siguió caminando. Luego de unos minutos que parecían horas, Rayan llegó a la única puerta de todo el edificio, un letrero en la puerta decía "Lupin Agencia de Venganzas" y abajo había una extraña T grabada en la madera. Rayan cerro el puño, toco la puerta, "Siga" sonó una voz desde el interior del cuarto y logró ver los muebles viejos, y en el fondo sentado en un viejo escritorio a un hombre vestido con un saco elegante y un pantalón de dril, ambos azules. Rayan camino hasta el escritorio. En medio del silencio inicial cayó en cuenta que estaba mojado y que probablemente daría una pésima primera impresión. "Mucho gusto, mi nombre es Tyw", se presentó desde detrás de su escritorio. Tyw era alto, su presencia imponía aunque no parecía ser muy fuerte, Rayan se preguntó si el utilizaría algún arma o si lo asesinaría, Tyw hizo un además con su mano izquierda y le indicó que se sentara en una antigua silla, Rayana pensó en lo mojado de su ropa, sin embargo Tyw siguió haciendo el ademan por lo que Rayan se sentó, un sonido húmedo acompaño su caída y Rayan sintió su rostro enrojecer. "Podría decirse que soy el 'gerente' de Lupin Agencia de venganzas, me honra conocerlo". Dijo Tyw sin levantarse de la silla. Rayan sintió un aire de superioridad en su forma de hablar, se sintió fastidiado, estaba cansado que otros le hablasen así, Estaban, la señora Otilia, y ahora este tipo, Rayan intentó levantarse. "usted solicitó un trabajo de venganza" le espetó Tyw, "hemos estado algo ocupados como seguramente usted escuchó mientras subía las escaleras". Rayan sintió una ola de terror bajando por su espina dorsal. "¿Puede contarme un poco más del asunto?", la pregunta de Tyw no era una solicitud, era una orden, Rayan intentó pensar cómo salir de ese lugar pero no se había dado cuenta de la trampa en la que había caído, Rayan tembló, intentó tartamudear algunas palabras pero Tyw lo interrumpió. "Señor Rayan", Rayan sintió su temor aumentar, ¿Cómo es que este desconocido sabe su nombre?, la voz de Tyw dejó entrever un deje de impaciencia. Rayan suspiró, no había marcha atrás. Rayan le contó a Tyw de Esteban y sus abusones, de lo que hacían para hacerle la vida imposible, de cómo habían asesinado a uno de sus vecinos y de cómo usaron esa muerte para aumentar su poder, una lagrima paso por su rostro pero Rayan la ignoró, poder hablar de su dolor con otra persona le resultó catártico, Tyw lo escuchó atentamente acariciando su mano derecha con su mano izquierda. Cuando Rayan terminó, Tyw se acomodó en su silla. "Bueno señor Rayan, creo que aceptaremos su caso, pero debo preguntarle, ¿Insiste en que quiere una venganza?" Rayan lo pensó por un momento, estaba aterrado, no sabía que sucedería después de cualquier respuesta que diera, su vida terminaría, ¿sería cómplice de un delito?, pero Esteban y sus secuaces habían destruido tantas vidas que Rayan sintió su sangre hervir, sintió que quería que estas personas tuvieran su merecido, Rayan asintió con su cabeza. Tyw asintió, hizo un extraño gesto con su mano derecha y cerró sus ojos, como si estuviera llamando telepáticamente a algo...¿O a alguien?, Tyw recuperó su postura arrogante y mirando fijamente a Rayan le dijo. "Señor Rayan, me temo que debo advertirle que a partir de este momento no hay marcha atrás, su venganza será llevada a cabo y usted tendrá que lidiar con las consecuencias de su decisión, adicionalmente somos una agencia de venganzas, no una institución de caridad, usted deberá pagarnos por nuestros servicios". El modo en que Tyw dijo su última frase lo aterró, la voz de Tyw adquirió un carácter antiguo, sus palabras sonaron dignas, increíblemente poderosas de un modo que Rayan no logró descifrar, de alguna manera Rayan sintió su alma recorrer tiempos inmemoriales que habían culminado con esa reunión y con un pacto que de alguna manera era más profundo de lo que podía haber entendido hasta este momento, ¿era fruto de su terror, de haber deseado la muerte de su enemigo y apenas caer en cuenta de la dimensión de lo que pidió? "¿Por qué tardará tanto?" Tyw dijo en voz baja con un deje de irritación. Pronto el piso empezó a temblar, "¡Ya estoy llegando!" una voz profunda, poderosa, casi bestial sonó en los pasillos, el temblor aumentó de intensidad hasta que la puerta se abrió con un crujido, Rayan volteó a mirar. La puerta emitió un brillo leve como si se resistiera a ser abierta, lo que extraño a Rayan ya que él había podido abrirla fácilmente, pronto la puerta se abrió y una gran figura atravesó la puerta, Rayan abrió su boca en sorpresa, era un ser humano increíblemente grande, su musculatura sobrepasaba cualquier cosa que él hubiera visto antes, estaba apenas cubierto por una camisilla y una pantaloneta de dril y sus tenis apenas lograban cubrir sus pies. Sus bíceps eran enormes, Rayan pensó que en uno de sus brazos estaba contenida toda la masa de su cuerpo y pensó que se estaba quedando corto, esta presencia tenía más fuerza de lo que jamás hubiera podido imaginar en un hombre. Rayan lo miro de arriba hacia abajo, la fuerza de este ser era inconmensurable, casi se podía percibir a la distancia, Rayan sintió verdadero terror, sus pectorales e movían al compás de su respiración, pero este hombre los movía rítmicamente mientras sonreía de una manera al mismo tiempo diabólica y divertida, como demostrando su fuerza, el ser miro a rayan y flexionó sus bíceps, el movimiento hizo que parte de su camisilla se rasgase revelando sus pectorales, Rayan no podía quitarle sus ojos de encima. "Lupo, deja eso, es nuestro nuevo cliente". Lupo soltó una sonora carcajada y se relajó, sin embargo siguió moviendo sus pectorales, a lo que Tyw simplemente rezongó. "¿Ya terminaste allá abajo?". "Si, no duraron mucho la verdad". Lupo hablaba con un tono profundo, antiguo, pero su voz denotaba un odio y un resentimiento que parecían estar dirigidos vagamente hacia Tyw. Rayan no pudo evitar compararlos, ambos tenían una presencia imponente, pero era diferente, Tyw era orgulloso, pero su forma de actuar, de hablar, inspiraba respeto, claramente se veía que era más de lo que aparentaba, pero Lupo, imponía respeto, era fácil ver que él podría vencer a cualquier cosa que se le pusiera en frente. Rayan miró fijamente como estos dos hombres se miraban entre sí. "Respeto y odio en partes iguales", este fue el pensamiento que atravesó rápidamente la mente de Rayan, Lupo miró a Rayan, flexionó sus bíceps "¿entonces tú serás el que dará diversión a estos?". Rayan no supo que responder, estaba aterrado; los brazos de Lupo relajados eran enormes, pero flexionados, eran de un nivel casi divino, parecía una estatua griega, hermosa y aterrorizante, era evidente que Lupo tenía una fuerza brutal, Rayan miró hacia la puerta y se sorprendió de que Lupo no la hubiera arrancado desde los goznes con facilidad, algo raro había en ese lugar, Rayan puso su atención nuevamente en Lupo. Su figura imponente, y su tamaño eran increíbles, Rayan se preguntó cómo alguien podría estar frente a él y no orinarse en los pantalones (o peor) como el mismo sentía que está a punto de hacer. Lupo inspiró en Rayan un respeto casi reverente, como si estuviera ante una figura poderosa y antigua, algo casi divino podría decirse. Lupo se lamió los bíceps y fue en ese momento en que Rayan cayó en cuenta que el cuerpo de Lupo estaba empapado de sudor, y un líquido rojizo viscoso...Sangre. Rayan quería escapar, era hombre muerto Lupo podría matarlo tan fácilmente como el insecto que era y Tyw solo estaría allí observando cómo lo aplastarían. "Señor Rayan, le presento a Lupo, el será el ejecutor de su venganza" Rayan miró a Tyw, "él", Tyw asintió con su cabeza. "Si, Lupo es mi socio en la agencia, trabajamos juntos desde tiempos ancestrales y hemos logrado respetarnos mutuamente, aunque admito que en un principio teníamos una relación más cordial". Lupo rezongó, sus ojos negros, profundos miraron a Tyw y por un microsegundo su mirada se reblandeció, o al menos eso creyó ver Rayan. "Yo me encargo de conseguir los trabajos, Lupo los ejecuta, como le he notificado, aceptaremos su caso, por favor dígame los detalles del objeto de su venganza y procederemos...Luego hablaremos del pago". Al día siguiente, Rayan despertó en una habitación oscura y vieja, miro a su alrededor y encontró los viejos muebles que a pesar de su antigüedad mantenían una elegancia que hizo sentir a Rayan como parte de un mundo antiguo, los muebles tenían esos extraños símbolos y en una esquita tenían tallada esa extraña T. La noche anterior Tyw había sido lo suficientemente amable para permitirle dormir en ese lugar, incluso le había conseguido toallas y jabón para bañarse, estaba apenas en ropa interior y un espejo reveló su figura atlética, pero luego de ver a Lupo, se dio cuenta que era un debilucho, un ser insignificante en un mundo enorme que no se preocupaba por él, él podía desaparecer y nadie se daría cuenta, al fin de cuentas el no tenía familia, ni amigos, solo unos bullies de los cuales ya no podría saber nada porque desconocía que clase de venganza había contratado, esperaba que siguieran vivos, pero luego recordó la figura ensangrentada de Lupo y pensó que eso no sería una posibilidad real. Tyw abrió la puerta sin pedir permiso, Rayan intentó cubrirse pero solo logró que la silla donde tenía su ropa colgada se cayera al suelo haciendo un gran estruendo. Tyw miró el cuerpo de Rayan de arriba abajo y dijo. "Artes marciales mixtas, buen cuerpo". Lo dijo en un tono que hizo sentir a Rayan como una pieza de museo, y solo por orgullo se mantuvo de pie en calzoncillos, intentando parecer lo más seguro posible. Tyw lo miró a los ojos y sonrió burlonamente. "Soy un experto en los artes de la guerra desde hace mucho tiempo, ya casi no lucho, eso es trabajo de Lupo, pero puedo ver cuando alguien trabaja bien su cuerpo...Veamos que piensa Lupo". Ryan percibió que la primera parte de la frase era para él, la segunda era para sí mismo. Rayan se preguntó qué clase de ser era Tyw...Y Lupo, parecían relacionados, pero al tiempo parecían tan diferentes y la forma en que Lupo miraba a Tyw, Rayan se preguntó cómo se conocieron y que relación tenían. "Señor Rayan, espero que haya dormido bien, ayer estaba muy cansado para hacer una negociación justa", la mirada de Tyw era inquisidora, profunda, claramente Tyw no era Lupo, pero tampoco parecía el tipo de personas con las que se pudiera bromear sin sufrir una consecuencia aterradora. "Acompáñeme" ordeno Tyw, Rayan se colocó su ropa, aun húmeda sobre su cuerpo de modo que la camiseta se marcó sobre sus abdominales bien definidos y se fue rápidamente detrás de él, no logró ponerse los zapatos. Tyw caminó en silencio, Rayan tuvo más conciencia del edificio donde estaban y puso su mano en las paredes. Habían gotas de sangre coagulada en ellas, pero extrañamente el edificio no tenía olor a sangre. "¿Señor, que es esto?" Tyw miró las paredes, y decidió callarse por un momento. "Si tienes surte no serás parte del empapelado" fue la única respuesta que recibió. Al llegar a la oficina Tyw tomó su lugar, Rayan se sentó sin pedir permiso, el piso comenzó a temblar y Rayan se asustó, iba a ver nuevamente a Lupo...Entonces era real, su pequeño resquicio de deseo se esfumó cuando vio a Lupo entrar en la oficina. Tyw dirigió su mirada a Lupo, su mirada era en cierto modo cariñosa, pero también había resentimiento en sus ojos, Tyw tomó su mano derecha con la izquierda y luego miró a Rayan. "Señor Rayan, hablemos de su pago, La Agencia de venganzas le garantiza completa satisfacción, pero demandamos un pago, este varia de cliente a cliente y necesitamos negociar el suyo". Rayan hurgó en sus bolsillos "solo tengo este dinero, vera, no tengo demasiados recursos". De repente Rayan sintió que la ira de Tyw podría estallar, o que Lupo desataría su fuerza monstruosa sobre él. Tyw se rio "Aprecio su oferta pero creo firmemente en lo justo, usted pidió una vida. O mejor dicho, cinco, un vida por una vida, es lo justo". Rayan se aterró, entonces estaba muerto...No habría forma de que saliera vivo de esta, tal vez si intentaba pelear podría golpear fuertemente a Tyw, pero no a Lupo. Rayan se lanzó instintivamente hacia la puerta pero la mano de Lupo lo agarró del cuello y lo levantó. Rayan pudo sentir en su cuello la monstruosa fuerza de Lupo, se sintió como si de repente fuese un muñeco de peluche; Lupo tenía unas mano enormes y poderosas que Rayan pensó que en cualquier momento se cerraría aplastando su cuello y cercenando su cabeza. Lupo se rio de su debilidad, Rayan intentó patearlo, pero los pectorales de Lupo se flexionaban antes de recibir la patada lo que se sentía como pateando una pared de ladrillos. "No lo hagas más difícil...O puedo considerar aplastarte, o despedazarte" Lupo habló con una voz sádica, disfrutando cada silaba y cada gota de terror que instilaba a través de sus palabras. Rayan pidió piedad, Lupo miró a Tyw y con su mano libre arrancó la ropa de Rayan dejando completamente desnudo. El cuerpo de Rayan era atlético, sus piernas eran duras y sus brazos tonificados, sin embargo, si no era rival para Esteban, menos sería un rival para Lupo. "Este servirá" Lupo dijo sin emoción y haciendo un movimiento perezoso de su brazo lanzó a Rayan contra un sofá lejano que brilló por un segundo mientras Rayan se estrelló contra él. "Señor Rayan" Tyw dijo con autoridad. "Por favor mantenga su compostura". Rayan pensó en cómo era posible mantener su compostura cuando fue desnudado brutalmente y manejado como una muñeca por un ser con una musculatura monstruosa. "Escuche" el tono de Tyw le hizo quedarse quieto en el sofá, su desnudez no le importó, Lupo respiraba pesadamente, con una extraña emoción y sus ojos estaban inyectados en sangre. El movimiento rítmico de sus músculos hizo que el miembro de Rayan se elevara lo que lo hizo sentirse avergonzado por admirar de esta manera a esa mole; otro secreto más que salía a la luz y sería justo el día de su muerte. Tyw ignoró la erección de Rayan y dijo "Señor Rayan, no dije que lo mataríamos, hemos investigado su caso, sabeos de su situación económica y de la situación de su barrio, ya vimos que el objeto de su venganza se han encargado de estafar, robar, y asesinar a algunos miembros de su comunidad, en total 3 personas han muerto y muchos otros han sufrido a causa de ellos, sin embargo, nadie ha recibido justicia...No lo soporto". La voz de Tyw reveló una ira controlada pero profunda, Lupo movió sus músculos en respuesta. "Sin embargo, usted solicitó una venganza, esto significa que necesitamos un pago, una forma de restaurar al menos en parte el equilibrio roto por los actos de su objeto de venganza pero también por los suyos, esto demanda una vida más mas...La suya" Rayan volvió a sentirse en pánico, intentó levantarse "siéntese" ordenó Tyw. La voz era tan profunda y autoritaria que Rayan obedeció sin apenas oponer resistencia. "Espero que entienda que no somos un grupo de asesinos cualquiera, la justicia y la guerra son situaciones muy importantes, en este caso su venganza parece más una guerra, por eso el alto precio, además es un precio que creemos que usted puede pagar" Tyw explicó esto desinteresadamente, como repitiendo palabras cuidadosamente seleccionadas, pero Tyw inspiraba tal respeto mientras las decía que Rayan se calló y simplemente escuchó. "...creo que podemos lograr un arreglo mutuamente beneficioso, usted nos da su vida, nosotros nos ocuparemos de usted, usted trabajará a partir de hoy para nosotros, sus obligaciones son ayudarme a llevar a cabo labores relacionadas con el negocio, en sus tiempos libres, usted estará con Lupo, él le enseñará algunas habilidades importantes para el desarrollo de sus funciones". Rayan miro con estupefacción a Tyw y a Lupo, ¿Quiénes eran estos dos?, ¿que era esta locura?, Rayan se arrepintió de haber ido a este lugar, y sin embargo se sentía maravillado por lo que veía...Sin pensarlo se arrodilló ante el escritorio de Tyw, Tyw puso su mano izquierda en uno de sus cajones y tomo un anillo dorado, liso excepto por una parte donde había tallada la misma figura extraña de una T. "Dame tu mano" ordeno Tyw, Rayan extendió su mano y Tyw colocó con su mano derecha un anillo en el dedo anular derecho de Rayan, Rayan observó el anillo que emitió un brillo azulado y de repente fue absorbido por su piel. Lupo miro expectante y flexionó sus bíceps. "¿ya puedo ponerlos a trabajar?", Tyw lo miró, se acercó y toco sus brazos. "Ve". Lupo se rio como un maníaco, y salió rápidamente de la sala. Rayan se puso de pie detrás de él. "Y ahora qué?" preguntó. Tyw se sentó en su escritorio, apenas se fijó en la desnudez de Rayan. "Ese anillo es el símbolo de nuestro trato, nos servirás hasta que mueras o hasta que la agencia decida prescindir de tus servicios, o Lupo te mate". Tyw sentenció, luego sacó su computador y tecleó, "A partir de ahora no tienes deudas, y no tienes trabajo con el mundo exterior, saldrás en trabajos, misiones y otras cosas que necesitemos, ahora eres un miembro de Lupin, agencia de venganzas, en esta oportunidad, este anillo te permitirá ver el trabajo de Lupo, sentirás lo que siente Lupo relacionado con tu venganza y luego nos servirás". Rayan quería hacer preguntas pero de repente su mente empezó a llenarse de imágenes, veía a Lupo caminando entre las calles, las personas se apartaban de él, era temible, sus músculos apenas eran contenidos por su ropa, Rayan sintió la sed de sangre de Lupo, parecía una bestia, un lobo buscando una presa, sus presas, Lupo sabía dónde encontrarlos, flexionaba sus pectorales rítmicamente y se reía, disfrutaba su poder. Rayan volteó a mirar a Tyw quien en ese momento estaba jugando con su mano derecha como si estuviese jugando con un hilo invisible, Tyw hizo el ademán que indicaba que no quería que le preguntase nada y decidió quedarse callado, se sintió pequeño, su desnudez no era relevante, se sentó en el sofá y decidió concentrarse en Lupo. Con el rabillo de su ojo vio como en su mano un pequeño destello azul en forma de anillo se vio en el dedo corazón de su mano derecha. Rayan siguió mirando a Lupo moviéndose entre la gente, era mágico, poder verlo a lo lejos, como si fuera una especie de dron detrás, pero al mismo tiempo sintiendo la emoción asesina de Lupo, era casi hipnótico... Sus pasos poderosos causaban un pequeño temblor, entre la multitud no era tan notorio, pero las personas cercanas volteaban a mirar y se sorprendían de su tamaño, algunos cambiaban de acera, la sensación de miedo era irresistible, Lupo sonreía maliciosamente, disfrutando cada segundo, cada mirada, Lupo sabía que podría caminar más rápido pero eventualmente aplastaría a algún inocente y no es que le importara mucho, pero eso podría afectar el buen desarrollo de la misión. Rayan se sorprendía de la seguridad de Lupo, por un momento la sensación de invencibilidad de Lupo se transmitió a su cabeza, Rayan empezó a caminar, aun desnudo por la oficina de Tyw. Flexionaba sus pectorales y sus brazos. "Rayan", Tyw lo llamó y lo devolvió a la realidad, "No te distraigas, esta es la misión que querías, no te pierdas en los pensamientos de Lupo". Rayan se sonrojó y volvió a sentarse. Luego de un tiempo que pareció una eternidad, Lupo llegó al barrio, ya era de noche y no había mucha gente en las calles, Lupo levanto su rostro, olfateó el ambiente, de repente sintió el aroma que buscaba, sonrió, flexionó sus pectorales los cuales brincaron debajo de su camisilla, Lupo caminó lenta pero deliberadamente hacia donde estaba su objetivo. Sus cuádriceps danzaron debajo de su pantalón, Lupo tomo un tiempo para sentir su propio cuerpo, sus músculos se tensaban contra su piel produciendo una sensación de poder agradable, unos policías estaban a la distancia, sería tan fácil aplastar todos sus huesos y dejarlos hechos un montón de huesos rotos en un charco de sangre, pero sabría que Tyw se molestaría y no dejaría de molestarlo por retrasar el cumplimiento de su misión, "tal vez después dijo", Rayan se sorprendió al escuchar ese pensamiento en su mente, volteó a mirar a Tyw quien se limitó a hacer un gesto exasperado, volteó a mirar a Rayan y dijo "estamos muy por encima de eso". Lupo encontró su blanco, era Esteban, tenía un buen volumen muscular, ciertamente se notaba que gastaba una buena parte de sus ingresos mal habidos en incrementar su masa muscular, esto haría esta misión menos aburrida, sus secuaces no estaban del todo mal, pero claramente Esteban era el que mandaba en ese grupo. El grupo de impresentables estaban extorsionando un negocio local, una pareja de ancianos suplicaban, "es todo lo que tenemos", decía la esposa, una frágil anciana llena de arrugas lo cual fue recibido con un golpe de uno de los secuaces a su pobre esposo, "Rayan no vino a trabajar hoy y tuvimos poco tiempo para tener el negocio listo y perdimos ventas", Lupo sonrió, "creo que debes unas explicaciones a tus antiguos jefes" ese pensamiento se transmitió a través del anillo a Rayan quien se sintipo culpable, Tyw lo miró con una mirada acusadora. "Odio que se metan con los ancianos, luego le enviarás una disculpa a la señora, Lupo...Se discreto, pero cuando llegue el momento, no te contengas" Tyw estaba visiblemente iracundo, Rayan entendió que Tyw tenía una tolerancia aún menor a las injusticias que él, y que había dado permiso a Lupo de actuar con libertad. Esteban empujó al anciano con fuerza, el anciano cayó inconsciente, cosa que hizo hervir la sangre de Rayan, Lupo observó de lejos mientras usaba su impresionante sentido del oído, "Rayan no vino, que pena, él es una fuente importante de ingresos, creo que tendremos que tomar lo que él nos da desde su negocio." La anciana lo miró horrorizada, "¡no es posible, es indignante!". La anciana hervía de la ira, pero estaba en clara desventaja numérica. Esteban se rio, la tomó de la mano y la arrastró fuera del negocio. La anciana gritó, suplicó ayuda pero nadie del barrio la ayudó, "Lupo haz algo" suplicó Rayan esperando que sus pensamientos fueran transmitidos a través del anillo que ahora brillaba con fuerza en su mano, "Paciencia debilucho..." le contestó Lupo, "Haz algo" Rayan siguió suplicando y Lupo gruño como un lobo en señal de molestia. "Se acabó, pensaba dejarte hablar, pero molestas demasiado" Lupo envió su pensamiento y una ola de dolor atravesó la mano derecha de Rayan, el anillo pasó de un azul a un negro, Rayan todavía podía ver las imágenes y sentir, pero ya no podría enviar sus mensajes a Lupo. "Lo molestaste..." dijo Tyw a secas. Lupo observó como esteban y sus hombres miraban al anciano inconsciente y se llevaban a la anciana desesperada a un callejón oscuro cercano. Lupo sonrió. Caminó entre las sombras para tratar de ocultar su inmensa figura, los asaltantes entraron al callejón, los gritos de la anciana fueron de mayor desesperación, "nunca he hecho esto con una anciana, normalmente estas 'lecciones´' las soportaba Rayan, pero ya que no está..." dijo Esteban en medio de las risas de sus secuaces. La anciana gritó, nadie atendió, pronto Lupo llegó al pasillo, aquellos bandidos estaban tan concentrados en su víctima que no se dieron cuenta que había alguien detrás hasta el momento en que una voz gutural, profunda, temible sonó "suéltenla". Todos miraron atrás y temblaron de miedo, Lupo estaba de pie, con sus brazos colgando a sus lados, flexionando sus pectorales desafiantemente, Lupo reía, una sonrisa discreta pero que transmitía una arrogancia imposible de ocultar. Esteban salió de su ensimismamiento y dijo "que dices hijo de perra. Porque no te largas antes que empecemos primero contigo antes que con esta señora". Esa frase al parecer despertó a sus secuaces quienes empezaron a amenazar a Lupo con sus cuchillos, Lupo solamente se rio. "Señora, es mejor que se vaya de este lugar, ayude a su esposo, estará bien, cierre su tienda y olvídese de este incidente...Rayan le manda saludos y le avisa que no volverá, pero su regalo de despedida será su tranquilidad, estos hijo de perra no la molestarán jamás...Aunque usted no se acuerde de porqué". Los ojos de la anciana se nublaron, de repente se levantó, se dirigió lentamente fuera del callejón, como en un trance, los otros intentaron detenerla pero Lupo gruño "déjenla". Los secuaces obedecieron, pero miraban a Lupo con odio, la anciana abandonó el lugar, con sus ojos aun en blanco, a los pocos minutos los sonidos de una puerta llenaron el callejón, Lupo supo entonces que todo estaba listo para cumplir su misión. "Conoces a ese hijo de perra de Rayan" Esteban dijo esa frase con desprecio, "Si", fue toda respuesta que tuvo por parte de Lupo quien se reía socarronamente como hablándole a un inferior , cosa que molestó a Esteban, "¿cómo lo conoces?" inquirió Esteban. "Es nuestro nuevo siervo, y es quien me contrato para acabar con ustedes". Lupo dijo eso mientras tomaba al hombre más cercano del cuello con su mano, Lupo lo levantó del suelo, su mano apretó su cuello, lo suficiente para sofocar, pero no para ahogar completamente. Los pies del hombre pateaban el aire en un infructuoso deseo de liberarse, sin embargo la inconmensurable fuerza de Lupo lo impedía, luego empezó el dolor, los cinco dedos de Lupo empezaron a comprimir la parte de atrás de su cuello, los bíceps de Lupo se contrajeron mostrando un número cada vez mayor fibras musculares que aumentaban a medida que aumentaba la presión sobre el cuello. El secuaz empezó a sentir su debilidad y la fuerza del destino que caía sobre su cuello, y empezó a mover sus piernas y brazos desesperadamente antes de emitir un grito desesperado. Su compañeros en un principio se quedaron estupefactos al ver la mole que representaba la figura de Lupo, sin embargo, poco a poco empezaron a recuperar su voluntad de actuar, Esteban grito "mátenlo", y los cuatro amigos restantes sacaron un bate y navajas, pero no sabían cómo atacar a un hombre de semejante tamaño e imponencia. "Suéltalo" ordenó Esteban. Lupo se rio socarronamente "muy débil" dijo para sí. Lupo levantó a su víctima del cuello tan alto como pudo para mostrarle a Esteban y a su banda cuan fuerte podía ser en ese momento, "SUELTALO YA HIJO DE PERRA" grito Esteban, Lupo lo ignoró, luego tomó el brazo de su víctima desde el codo con su mano libre y empezó a jalar hacia abajo. Su víctima empezó a patear el aire y a suplicar por misericordia con desesperación creciente. "suéltame, suéltame...Te daré todo lo que tengo". Lupo se burló, "No tienen nada que ofrecerme sino su sangre y sus gritos". En la oficina de la agencia Rayan se sorprendió de la fuerza de Lupo, la sensación que se transmitía a través de su anillo era abrumadora, Rayan se sentía tan pequeño, Tyw lo observó con detenimiento. "Aún falta mucho" fue todo lo que dijo y cerro sus ojos. En el callejón Lupo siguió halando del brazo lentamente, su tríceps empezó poco a poco a crecer a medida que las fibras musculares se reclutaban para complacer a su dueño, su otro brazo mostraba una musculatura increíble. "Lucio" gritó Esteban justo en el momento en que un grito desgarrador lleno todos los espacios del callejón y el brazo de Lucio empezó a adquirir una forma anormal, Lupo empezó a reírse como un maníaco y de repente su tríceps creció en todo su impresionante tamaño arrancando el brazo como si fuera un palillo, Lucio gritó con todas sus fuerzas en el momento en que su brazo izquierdo fue separado brutalmente de su cuerpo, Lupo arrojo el brazo hacia uno de los secuaces quien se apartó con asco del miembro amputado. Otro de los secuaces vomito de asco, el otro intento huir pero Lupo lo agarró de su brazo y lo arrojó contra una de las paredes, fracturando su brazo derecho pero no grito porque el golpe fue tan brutal que cayó inconsciente. Los gritos de Lucio llenaban el callejón y sobrepasaban las ofensas que Esteban trataba de lanzar hacia Lupo, uno de sus secuaces, el del bate golpeó la cabeza de Lupo con toda su fuerza pero el bate, aun siendo de metal simplemente rebotó como si fuera de espuma sobre su cabeza, Lupo tomo el bate y lo dobló como si fuera un pedazo de tela de modo que cuando Lupo terminó el bate parecía una trenza. El bandido dio unos pasos torpes hacia atrás intentando escapar pero Lupo con su tamaño ya cubría su ruta de escape, Lupo lo alcanzó y lo abrazó, Lupo miró a Esteban burlonamente "supongo que querrás un abrazo ¿no cierto?" Lupo apretó con todas sus fuerzas, su bíceps comprimieron la caja torácica de su nueva víctima quien no tuvo aire para gritar, la sangre se comprimió de tal manera que los vasos del cuello de su víctima explotaron y la sangre emanó de ellos como una fuente que baño el rostro y los pectorales de Lupo, se desparramó sobre el suelo y hasta las paredes más cercanas, Lupo siguió apretando la caja torácica que sonó como si se estuviera cocinando pop corn en su interior, cuando no hubo más sonidos Lupo soltó el cuerpo que cayo inerte a sus pies, Lupo observó el cuerpo con curiosidad y deleite de ver cuan fácil era romperlo. Lupo giró hacia Esteban, disfrutaba de la tortura psicológica, Lupo levanto su pie y lo puso sobre la cabeza del cadáver, Lupo sonrió diabólicamente, su cuádriceps llenó poco a poco su pantaloneta que a duras penas logró contener el increíble tamaño de estos, a medida que el cuádriceps aumentó su tamaño, la cabeza fue perdiendo su forma redonda, en pocos segundos la cabeza explotó bajo la presión del pie de Lupo, en ese momento Esteban gritó de terror, su ultimo secuaz intentó apuñalar el pectoral de Lupo quien por reflejo flexiono su pecho doblando el cuchillo que perdió toda su función. Lupo lanzó al secuaz hacia atrás y se arrancó la camiseta. Los músculos de upo refulgieron con el rojo de la sangre de sus víctimas, Lupo flexionó sus bíceps a medida que torció su pierna asegurándose que no había huesos intactos en la cabeza del cadáver a sus pies. El ultimo ladrón intentó ponerse de pie pero Lupo saltó hacia él y tomándolo de su cadera y su axila lo levantó por encima de su cabeza y caminó lentamente hacia Esteban, a media que daba un paso empezó a separar su brazos. El bandido gritó de dolor "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" los gritos combinados de Esteban y su secuaz llenaron el callejón, pronto el torso se separó de las piernas haciendo llover sangre en todas las direcciones, pronto el grito de dolor cesó, Lupo lanzó las piernas hacia esteban quien cayó hacia atrás, Lupo tomó el torso en un abrazo de oso y apretando con todas su fuerzas hizo que la sangre explotara hacia abajo de los grandes vasos seccionados del torso. La sangre empapó las piernas de Lupo, esa sensación tibia lo excitó, Lupo amaba esa sensación y aún más disfrutaba con sevicia como despedazaba cuerpos sin apenas esforzarse, Esteban estaba aterrorizado, los pedazos de cadáver estaban a su alrededor, en lo que consideraba su propio callejón, su reino y esta mole de músculos estaba destrozando todo su esfuerzo. Lupo soltó el torso un poco, apenas lo suficiente para que la cabeza estuviera frente a sus pectorales, Lupo atrapó la cabeza entre sus brazos y sus pectorales y endureció su pecho, pronto la cabeza implosionó entre los brazos y los pectorales de Lupo quien levanto una ceja y miró a Esteban, "espera un momento, ya vuelvo contigo", Lupo flexionó sus bíceps, Esteban no pudo evitar sino tragar saliva y admirar el tamaño y la fuerza de los músculos de Lupo, "¿Qué clase de monstruo es el?" fueron los pensamientos que se acumulaban en su cabeza y sobrepasaban incluso sus instintos de supervivencia. Lupo agarró al último de los secuaces, el inconsciente y lo agarró desde el cuello, el bandido estaba inconsciente pero eso no le importó a Lupo, Lupo se paró frente a Esteban, lo miró a los ojos y cogió al ladrón desde los hombros. La espalda de Lupo se ensanchó, las fibras de su dorso empezaron a despertarse poco a poco, Lupo se rio como un maniaco hasta que el secuaz se despertó por el dolor. El secuaz miró a Esteban con desesperación "ayúdame, ayúdame.....ARRRRRGGGGHHH" los gritos de dolor se mezclaron con una risa fuerte, demoniaca, bestial, upo siguió presionando las articulaciones del torso hasta que el esternón empezó a separarse de las costillas y las clavículas. El ladrón intentó cogerse el pecho en un infructuoso intento de mantener su cuerpo en una sola pieza pero la musculatura de Lupo era invencible, pronto las costillas se separaron, rasgando la piel y saliendo a través de la piel. Lupo siguió extendiendo sus brazos lentamente, pronto los abdominales y la piel del abdomen empezaron a rasgarse de arriba abajo como un pedazo de tela y la sangre salió a borbotones cuando la aorta se rasgó y un chorro de sangre salió del torso y el abdomen del bandido empapando todo alrededor, incluyendo a Esteban, quien estaba paralizado por el terror. Pronto, la fuerza de Lupo fue tan grande que la pelvis se partió en dos y Lupo quedo con un bandido separado por las dos mitades con el cuello y la cabeza colgando de la mitad izquierda. Lupo soltó la mitad sin cabeza y tomando la cabeza con sus dos manos la aplastó frente a Esteban. El pecho de Lupo era tan desarrollado que sus fibras musculares adquirieron proporciones monstruosas, casi como si fuera una figura de un cómic, pero en este caso el super hombre no era un héroe sino un villano, un supervillano que estaba destruyendo a cualquiera que se opusiera con una fuerza inconmensurable e incomprensible y peor aún que disfrutaba con cada grito, cada gota de sangre que se derramaba por su fuerza. Lupo se relamió las manos, probando la sangre y los pedazos de hueso y sesos adheridos a sus manos, Lupo sonreía mientras caminaba lentamente hacia el causante de esta masacre. Sus cuádriceps se movían lentamente pero Esteban no podía sino maravillarse ante esa conjunción de fibras trabajando al unísono mientras se dirigían hacia el para mostrarle su destino. ¿Qué sería de él, cómo sería su final?, ni siquiera Esteban lograba verlo. Lupo se paró frente a él, Esteban miró hacia arriba y vio esa figura monstruosa, Lupo flexionaba sus pectorales, su brazos, sus cuádriceps, el efecto era hipnótico, Esteban se sorprendió de admirar a otro hombre como nunca lo había hecho al tiempo que en la agencia, Rayan sentía una excitación incontenible ante la mirada curiosa de Tyw. En el callejón, Esteban empujó con su mano las piernas de su antiguo compañero y se paró frente a Lupo esperando su final. Lupo se limpió la sangre de sus pectorales con su mano y lamió sus dedos. Se deleitó ante el sabor ferroso de la sangre, se relamió los dedos con el fruto de su fuerza y se rio como un maniático, de repente Rayan sintió una oleada de placer a través del anillo que volvió a ser azul, Rayan gritó de placer. "¿ahora qué?" fue el pensamiento que Lupo transmitió, "piénsalo bien" fue el único consejo de Tyw. Rayan cerró los ojos, observó desde los ojos de Lupo la pequeñez de Esteban, por un segundo Rayan se sintió como Lupo y se sorprendió, "¿Cómo podría haberse sentido amedrentado por este ser tan pequeño...Tan débil...Tan patético?, Comparado con mi fuerza él es un insecto, es indigno de mantenerse vivo en mi presencia, todo lo que ha matado ha sido con ayuda, mi fuerza no tiene comparación con la suya..., Rayan empezó a sentirse abrumado con los pensamientos e su cabeza, comprendió por un momento que sus pensamientos y los de Lupo se estaban mezclando y que Lupo estaba dándole una parte de sus pensamientos y ya se sentía increíblemente abrumado y sobrepasado, su anillo pasó de un color azul a un rojo brillante como la sangre. "Debes tomar una decisión, es parte del contrato" le advirtió Tyw. Rayan comprendió entonces que todo lo que Lupo había hecho terminaba en este momento...Hasta ahora todas las muertes habían sido por puro placer, por el éxtasis de la destrucción, Lupo se había deleitado con sentirse invencible, con la muerte en sus manos, con los gritos y los huesos rotos, con la muerte y la palpable sensación de divinidad, sin embargo, el contrato era su venganza y debía decidir al final. Rayan miró al anillo y pensó "haz lo que quieras". Tyw lo miró con un poco de sorpresa, el anillo volvió a ser negro y nuevamente desapareció debajo de su piel. Lupo se acercó a Esteban, "tienes una oportunidad" Esteban miró fijamente a los ojos de Lupo quien sonreía con malignidad "pelea", la voz de Lupo sonó como una orden lejana. Esteban miro a sus lados, por un momento empezó a sentirse fuerte, Lupo estaba dándole una oportunidad de pelea, y de repente Esteban se sintió fuerte, grande, él era el rey de su callejón e iba a pelear por su lugar, conseguiría nuevos secuaces, nuevos seguidores, Esteban sintió su cuerpo y recordó todos sus años de entrenamiento, todas sus víctimas, se sintió valiente poderoso y se preparó para luchar, se arrancó la camisa en su éxtasis y lanzo su puño hacia el rostro de Lupo. "Tud" El puño de Esteban conectó con la mandíbula de Lupo, Esteban sintió por un segundo que la victoria estaba a su alcance, sin embargo, esa sensación fue seguida de un intenso dolor, su puño estaba destrozado. Fue como golpear un muro, fue como intentar romper una montaña con la mano, Esteban tambaleó hacia atrás y gritó de dolor, Lupo caminó hacia él y Esteban lanzó un puño con su única mano buena, Lupo agarró el puño en el aire y empezó a apretar. La mano de Lupo cubrió completamente la mano de Esteban, este intentó desesperadamente de soltarse, pateó las piernas de Lupo pero sus pantorrillas eran sobrehumanas, sus muslos eran excesivamente fuertes y las patadas no tenían efecto alguno salvo causar una risa demoníaca y espantosa que penetró hasta los huesos de Esteban, Esteban forcejeó mientas Lupo lentamente aplastaba su mano, pronto la sangre empezó a emanar de los espacios entre los dedos de Lupo, luego flexionó el bíceps de su mano libre y lo lamió, se acarició sus pectorales con su mano libre mientras Esteban gritaba de dolor y forcejeaba. "Apuesto que te duele" fue la única frase que Lupo dijo en ese momento, "tranquilo, pronto no te dolerá más". Lupo soltó la mano que era una masa amorfa de sangre, piel desgarrada y huesos rotos, Lupo agarró los antebrazos de Esteban y comenzó a apretar. Esteban se mantuvo en silencio por un momento, la mirada maliciosa de Lupo le resultaba hipnótica nuevamente, sin embargo los músculos de Lupo regresaron a la acción, sus bíceps y tríceps trabajaron en conjunto con sus increíbles antebrazos para doblar los brazos de Esteban en ángulos imposibles, cada estriación de sus pectorales y de sus brazos se asociaba con un crack y un grito desesperado, pronto los brazos de Esteban estaban amarrados como una especie de moño horrendo, Esteban cayó al piso y se revolcó de dolor en el suelo, Lupo se acercó y levantando su pie aplastó sin misericordia el pie de Esteban, luego con su otro pie aplastó el otro pie y cada pisada hacía que los cuádriceps de Lupo se viera más grande, Lupo estaba excitado con su propio sadismo y admiraba su cuerpo a medida que sus cuádriceps aplastaban sin piedad hasta que las piernas de Esteban eran una masa de sangre y huesos sostenida por un pantalón de sudadera rasgado. "Mátame", fue el grito desesperado de Esteban, Lupo agarró a Esteban del nudo de sus brazos y luego lo levantó del cuello. "es la única cosa sensata que has dicho" fue la única respuesta de Lupo, pronto Lupo tomó nuevamente el nudo de los brazos y con un único pero poderoso movimiento de sus tríceps arrancó ambos brazos de un solo movimiento, Esteban gritó de dolor mientras Lupo lo abrazó. "Dime, ¿se sintió bien ser poderoso por un momento?, ¿Lo suficientemente poderoso para intentar retarme?" Lupo se reía con malicia, Esteban comprendió entonces que ese breve momento donde se sintió capaz de dar pelea había sido en realidad obra de Lupo, una provocación que solo sirvió para incrementar el placer de Lupo y darle una excusa para torturarlo aún más, Esteban lloró de la desesperación mientras Lupo empozo a comprimir su caja torácica, "piedad" gritó Esteban, pero Lupo no tendría piedad alguna, "crack" fue el primer sonido. "Siiiiiii" fue el extraño sonido de placer que Lupo emitió, su respiración so volvió pesada, "crack" El cuerpo de Esteban empezó a moverse en reflejo con cada hueso roto, "crack", Lupo siguió apretando sin misericordia mientras sentía de manera consciente como sus bíceps apretaban la caja torácica, como sus pectorales comprimían el esternón, "crack" Lupo sentía su espalda unirse al resto de sus músculos en esa búsqueda del placer de extinguir una vida y humillar a sus víctimas de tal manera que tal vez sentirían terror de volver a este mundo por el solo riesgo de encontrarse nuevamente con su ejecutor, "crack" el esternón empezó a ceder, Esteban estaba muriendo y Lupo quería entregarle una dosis más de dolor, Lupo ajustó su agarre de modo que cubriera parte del abdomen y el torso con sus grandes músculos. "Adiós hijo de puta", Lupo apretó con todas su fuerzas y gritó, el gran cuerpo de Esteban todos sus músculos entrenados no brindaron más resistencia que si estuviera apretando una masa de gelatina, todos los huesos cedieron ante su inconmensurable fuerza y la sangre fue bombeada forzosamente a todos los vasos rotos, Esteban abrió su boca en un intento de grito pero lo único que salió por su boca fue una bocanada de sangre similar a un volcán y de las arterias rotas de sus brazos salió sangre a borbotones, Esteban murió con la boca abierta pero Lupo no descansaría así, Lupo cogió la cabeza con sus manos y usando su fuerza imposible cerró las manos y abrió la cabeza por la mitad como si fuera un paquete de papas fritas, los dientes y los sesos de esteban salieron desperdigados en todas las direcciones. Lupo dio un grito gutural, enorme, flexionó y se lamió sus bíceps y masajeó sus pezones y sus piernas. Lupo se dejó caer hacia atrás "sploosh" fue el sonido que sonó cuando Lupo cayó sobre el charco de sangre que había dejado en el suelo. "¿ya terminaste?" La voz de Tyw sonó en la cabeza de Lupo. "he terminado con mi misión , ¿lo sentiste?" , "Si", la voz de Tyw estaba apagada pero era firme. "¿Como está el nuevo siervo?". Tyw dirigió su mirada hacia la masa humana que estaba acurrucada en el sofá en posición fetal. "Quedo abrumado". Lupo se rio, "esta era su venganza, es la última vez que lo sentirá" sentenció. "Es lo mejor, era su venganza y con esto el contrato queda cerrado, ahora vuelve" Tyw dijo y se puso de pie, se acercó a Rayan. "¿estas bien?" Rayan miró hacia Tyw, vio sus ojos verdes pero esta vez tenían un fulgor que no había notado antes, meditó por un momento, su desnudez era una nimiedad comparado con lo que había desatado, lo que había visto y sentido, se miró su mano y no había señal de un anillo ni nada. "ya no volverás a sentirlo, tuviste tu venganza y Lupo te permitió sentirla, pero ya nunca regresará, ni lo debes buscar, Lupo no es un objeto ni un esclavo", Rayan se estremeció al imaginarse a Lupo sirviendo a alguien, luego miró a Tyw por un momento. "tampoco es mi siervo, es mi...Amigo" y al decir eso en su mano derecha pareció dibujarse un hilo muy delgado, casi imperceptible que desapareció al instante dejando a rayan preguntándose si había sido una ilusión. Tyw lo ayudó a levantarse y Rayan cayó en cuenta que todo ese tiempo había estado desnudo, "ahora vístete, tu servidumbre empieza ahora...Veamos si realmente eres digno de la agencia".
  10. The character in this story is loosely inspired by last year’s Russian Kyokushin board breaking champion, Maksim Shcherbina. Sergey crouched at the edge of the rooftop, staring down at the seemingly abandoned warehouse below. A few armed men were milling about outside, illuminated by the sole light above the entrance and the dim shine of the moon. Clearly they were on guard duty. He watched them in delight. His balls pumped testosterone, his bare toes flexed on and off in excited anticipation, the concrete from the ledge cracked from the grip of those toes. With the gracefulness and silence of a cat, he jumped high and landed hard on the pavement, drawing the attention of the guards. But he himself paid them no attention. He rolled his already calf-height white gi pants to just under his knees. He then started calmly did his stretching routine in the typical Karate and Taekwondo style, causing some of the mercenaries to snicker at him. They received intel they were about to be intercepted, maybe by a Russian special force, or maybe a rogue Ukrainian faction. "Look at this pretty boy!" one of them jeered. "What’s he doing barefoot and dressed like that?" Maybe a stray martial arts competitor. The dork was too damaged by CTE probably, they amusedly speculated. But Sergey was much more than that. For one, he was densely muscled, but his muscularity was hidden by his 7 ft tall stature, a lanky yet proportional build typical of a striking-dominant martial artist, the angular yet disarmingly youthful features of his face betrayed the mere 18 winters he’d passed which hid both his muscularity and imposing height. One of the jeering men finally went up to him, intending to send him off, maybe intimidate him a little bit. Sergey stood tall and the man’s underestimating smile faded a bit, his weapon at ready. Before he could say anything, Sergey’s foot shot up in a blindingly fast outward crescent kick. The bare foot caught the man’s neck like a hook, flipping him along its movement and, adding more force by shifting his weight on his foot-blade, crushed the neck flat on the ground. Instant death. The other watchmen’s mocking mood turned 180, now they were on alert. Sergey charged against them, zig-zagging erratically to avoid catching the bullets and confusing their aim. Some struck his gi, but it was enhanced with spider web silk, as makeshift Kevlar. Some struck his flesh, his superhumanly dense musculature and tough skin, enhanced even more by his years of brutal Kyokushin and Muay Thai training, reddened but not injured. His hand shielded only his eyes. He crouched down and swung his leg, swept at the closest soldier, breaking his legs, and then grabbed him, using him as a living club. Knocking down all of them, he immediately battered them with his bare feet. A stomp broke past a man’s rib cage, stabbing his heart and lung. Another stomp caught a skull, flattening it, brain matter poured out. Another he soccer kicked, turning the neck so violently, it snapped. The man he used as a bat crawled away behind him with his arms. Sergey calmly approached him, casually flipped him on his back with his foot and hovered it above the man’s face. From down below, the last image that haunted his eyes was the wide foot cocked over him, as intimidating as an elephant’s stride. One downward motion, the end. (To be continued)
  11. musclegin30

    The Estate: Part II (Horror Story)

    Synopsis The Glencross twins are back to finish their day of killing. This time they face off against the police sent to investigate their gruesome crimes. They expect a night of killing and growing, but what they don't expect is their estranged Uncle. He knows the secret to their power, and with him on police's side can they put an end to the Glencross twins' reign of terror once and for all? Find out in this, the stunning conclusion of "The Estate" Prologue Patrick Glencross sat in the burgundy wingback chair of his living room, nursing a brandy. It was early, but he needed a drink. A cigar lay dying in the ashtray beside him as he stared out of his penthouse window, eyes fixed on a point so far in the distance he couldn’t actually see it, though he knew it was there: Glencross Estate, the house of blood and horror. He tapped his loafered foot on the floor and drummed his fingers on the armrest. “Fuck,” he mumbled, after a sip of Brandy so small it did nothing but wet the tip of his tongue. It was his nephews’, Evan and Rupert’s, birthday. They were 21. Like most of the men in the Glencross line, they had signed their names in blood in the demon’s book and the gift (really a curse) had passed to them. Strength and size, the ideal masculine form, and all they had to do was kill for it. Patrick shook his head at the thought. He and his brother, Lawrence, had each been given the chance to sign their names when they turned 18. Lawrence was the older brother by one year and jumped at the chance with glee, signing the book quickly, under the proud gaze of their heavily muscled giant of a father. Patrick refused when his turn came, however, not sharing his family’s bloodlust. He watched with jealousy as his brother grew year after year, the pride of his father’s eye, while he was the black sheep pariah, pushed aside, ignored, laughed at. He built his body the natural way, the moral way, developing a great physique for a man nearing 50. He was thick and toned, but nothing like his colossus of a brother. At least his conscience was clean and his soul, safe… But was it? He often wondered if it was enough for the good to not commit evil, or if it was the good’s duty to actively fight it, and end evil. Was cutting ties with his family and refusing to take part in their evil enough to ensure his salvation, or did he have to ensure that the evil could not go on? He knew his nephews had signed the book and for three years he sat idly by while they killed and grew. One day they would have sons of their own, who would be pressured to sign the book and the evil would persist. Patrick rose from his chair and clenched his fists; a look of determination fell upon his face as he caught his reflection in the windowpane. He saw the wrinkles around his eyes, the thinning hair, going grey. If he waited any longer, he’d be too old to make a move, and it had to be him that made the move. This was family business. He flexed and felt his muscles swell against the fabric of his plaid button-down shirt. He still had strength. Patrick nodded his head. He’d go to Glencross Estate, barge through the doors of that manor, knock his brother flat on his back if he had to, and destroy the demon’s book. “Destroy the book. End the curse!” Chapter 1 Officer Sean Henderson stood, casually flexing his muscles beneath his dark blue uniform. Fuck, he filled it out good. The fabric stretched, having a hard time containing the bulging mounds of mass he had built over years of heavy lifting, heavy eating, and heavy roiding. There were some other big guys on the force, but none came close to him. Henderson was by far the biggest man at the station. Probably the most handsome as well, he thought, with his close-cut blonde hair, green eye, wide jaw and strong cheeks. Henderson had to laugh at himself. It was just like him to be thinking about how hot he was, when his mind should have been on the situation at hand: the chaotic murder scene and investigation happening around him. “Enjoying yourself?” Came a voice from his left. Sean turned to see Officer Vincent Amato sauntering up to him. “What’s the matter big guy, you got nothing better to do than flex those huge muscles of yours?” “I can think of a few things I could be doing,” Sean said. “Like this…” He grabbed Vincent and pulled him in for a passionate kiss. “Woah, big fella,” Vincent said, when they released. “Not when we’re working, remember.” Sean looked down at his twink of a man. Well, Vincent was actually an average sized guy, but next to Sean’s 275 lbs, average men looked like twinks. Sean smiled as he stared at his man’s handsome face, his dark, slicked back hair, 5 o’ clock shadow, and tanned Italian features. “I’m starting not to care if anyone sees,” Sean said. “So what if they find out? Most of the guys on the force would be too chicken shit to say anything to me.” Sean laughed. “Just let someone try to call me a fairy.” “Well, I do care, baby,” Vincent said, looking side to side, “And in case you hadn’t noticed, we have police work to do.” *** Det. Jean Morgan’s eyes darted from side to side, as she and her partner, Det. Owen Lerner, toured the crime scene. Her eyes would linger on a footprint here and a blood splatter, there. Her mind was racing to piece it all together. There were a thousand clues, each a puzzle piece, that would present a clear picture if only she could put it all together in the right order. What the hell happened at Glencross Estate? “Most of the killings seemed to take place in the extensive hedge maze,” Francis, the CSI, said. He was a young, freckled guy, with messy red hair. He looked fresh out of college, despite being nearly 30. Jean was reminded just how old she was getting. Everyone was looking like a kid. 18 years of this shit would do it. Every case left a line on her face and even darker circles under her eyes. She needed a long vacation, somewhere tropical, but in that moment, she’d have settled for a cup of joe. “I’m thinking this could have been something ritual,” Owen said. “You know a lot of these old families are involved in secret societies, and weird rituals.” “Is that right?” Jean smiled. “It’s an unspoken truth,” Owen said, nodding his head. “Look at Epstein. A lot of money makes a person think they’re God. It makes them live in their own world, separate from reality. A world with their own rules and beliefs. You ever heard of Bohemian Grove?” Jean rolled her eyes. “You’ll have to make sure to put all that in the report, Lerner. The chief will get a bang out of it.” Jean brushed it off with a joke but wouldn’t rule it out. She never ruled anything out this early in an investigation. Something about these grisly murders didn’t seem normal, whether it was because of some ritual or not, she couldn’t be sure, but her intuition was telling her that the puzzle she pieced together was going to be a strange one. Call it a woman’s intuition, but don’t call it that around her. Jean Morgan called it a detective’s intuition because that was what she considered herself. A detective first, and a woman second. And the intuition was telling her something else: That they were all being watched.
  12. Ripped

    Black Cats

    Black Cats Sequel to Black Cat. Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 Chapter 1 Early Tuesday morning I was awoken by the feeling of a pair of firm tits straddling my left thigh, a hard dick against my right foot and tongues licking my ironwood hard morning erection and pomegranate-sized balls. As I laid on my back with my eyes closed and soaked up the worship of the sister and brother I thought about all those fantastic things that happened to me in the past week. This whole adventure started last Monday when I found a little black cat in an alley downtown. When I picked up, cradled the purring furball in my arms and saw the beautiful electric blue eyes lovingly looking up at me I knew that I would do anything to keep her safe. I took the cat to a downtown veterinarian school for a check up and adopted Brenna, that’s what the vet named her, as soon as her exam was finished. After my long term cheat’n bitch of a girlfriend walked out on me later in the week I found out that Brenna was actually a kind of therianthrope; a being that can shapeshift into any form she chose. I uttered a moan from deep in my chest and put my big hands behind my head as I basked in the sensations emanating from my monster cock. I opened my eyes and looked down. The first thing I saw were my magnificent pecs. I had to lift my head to look over my overpowered hyper-masculine chest to see my ten pack abs and shredded obliques. I flexed and squeezed every muscle and watched as my pecs turned into hemispherical boulders with a deep vertical crevasse and each segment of my abs rose to stretch the thin skin and thick veins covering them. The two bodies covering my legs were raised by my massive quads and hamstrings. “Oh, fuck Bruce,” Brenna moaned. She kept her cat eyes and ears while taking the shape of an ultra-muscled sexy human female. “mmmm, I love it when you do that.” I felt her pussy against my shin leak a copious amount of cunt juice and drank in the rush of lust she emanated. You see, I wasn’t always the pinnacle of masculinity. Just a few days ago I was a 26 year old, short, obese, balding 9-to-5 office drone at an accounting firm in downtown Madison, right next to the capitol. The most exercise I ever got was doing mental gymnastics trying to figure out why a client thought it would be a good idea to try to claim their new Lamborghini as a business expense when they owned a small deli that barely broke even in West Towne Mall. That all changed Friday night. Brenna did something to me that allowed me to capture and store emotional energy directed at me. I can use this energy to change myself; increase height, gain muscle mass, grow stronger and slightly change my appearance. Hell, I can even make my balls large enough to produce gallons of cum and my cock into a telephone pole. To reward Brenna for the delicious pre-breakfast emotion drink I added an inch of length and girth to my cock. She responded appropriately by loudly purring, unhinging her jaw and greedily taking my glans deep down her throat. Not only had Bre changed me physically, she also tweaked my psyche, amplifying my Id. This change allowed me to become the dominant personality I always yearned to be. Then early Saturday morning, she sent me off to Madtown Fitness, a gym on the south side by the beltline, to test my new body. There I broke my limits, both physically and mentally. I exceeded any physical expectation I had as I crushed all house lift records. Took any throat, pussy or ass I wanted. Exerted my dominance over everything and everyone. With one very painful exception, it was a fucking amazing day. “Oh, Gods, Daaaddy. That’s hot. That’s sooo fucking BIG.” Arthur, Brenna’s brother, whimpered into my scrotum between licks with a long, wide, soft dog tongue. Bre’s lips curled into a smile around my cock as I chugged his submission and rolled my eyes. I remembered how I met Art when I came home from the gym late Saturday night. Bre said he was an ex-boy friend that was in need of punishment. So I, now an uber dominant personality, made my physique explode. I must have grown well over seven feet tall and weighed over six hundred pounds, all muscle. I would have looked like a caricature of an over-the-top muscle bound freak if I didn’t have an extremely dangerous looking, three foot long, ten inch thick, rock hard cock sticking straight up from a low hanging scrotum containing testicles the size of a fastpitch softball. I ravaged Art’s throat and ass. I beat him to within an inch of death without realizing it. To save him I had to blow the whale sized load of cum. Consequently, Art says that now more than half of his DNA is from me, ergo, I’m his father. Yeah. That’s what I said, too. ‘Get our lazy ass up! Remember, I got a text last night from Keena saying we have a physical examination and lab work that has to be done before eight o’clock this morning or you can’t start work tomorrow,’ I heard in my head. That was another change. While meeting with Dr. Keena Panthera, the gym’s owner, Saturday the resident muscle head, Terry “Zapp Brannigan” Limppernoodle, attacked her. After I subdued the bastard she told me that he had sexually assaulted her, raped her. Even though I just met Keena that day, I felt an overwhelming instinct to protect her. Learning that she had been violated threw me into an uncontrollable rage. That rage ended with me on a shower floor and in my own vomit. I had snapped both of Terry’s femurs like twigs, ripped his arms off, crushed his head between my hands like it was a paper cup and ripped his genitals off. I tossed the bloody dick and balls at Keena’s feet like a trophy. I don’t know why I did that. Maybe I subconsciously wanted to indelibly stamp my dominance and superiority on her. My mom and uncle fought the last war. When my uncle returned he told me of fellow soldiers that were changed after their first kill, especially if it happened in hand-to-hand combat. I guess I changed that way, too. A part of me recoiled from the horror of what I did, splitting my mind into two equal and nearly opposite halves. The voice I just mentally heard calls himself Ego. He has an amplified intellect and is a fucking pain in the ass. He also can’t keep his pronouns straight. ‘I goddamn fucking asshole,’ Ego bitched. ‘I quit your job to work at the gym so he could fuck around all day long. Get my lazy ass out of bed!’ I reminisced about Sunday and Monday as I try to get my legs out from under my worshipers. Saturday night my BFF with benefits, Deb, the maniacal Uber driver, aimed me at a bored wife of a supplements company executive. On Sunday I met the wife and the couple’s maid in their mansion on Lake Mendota’s north shore. I found that not only did the husband have impeccable taste in cars and women, he also was having an affair with, and beat, the petite French maid. The next day, after proving my superiority in every way, impregnating the wife and making him a submissive cuck, I ripped away from him the things he loved the most (in reverse order); his wife, his mistress, his company and his W Motors Lykan HyperSport. Let me say right now that the irony of me owning a car named after a human that can change into a wolf is not lost on me. Art lifted his head from my balls. I was greeted with a big, panting, corgi face. Arthur’s ears wiggled as he said, “Are you gonna fuck me in the shower, Daddy? I’ve been a veeery bad doggy.” Art’s dog breath hit my nose like a slice of lemon wrapped around a large gold brick, “Geez, Art! Your breath stinks! What the hell, have you been licking your ass again?” Art tilted his head to the side the way dogs do when you try to explain the symmetrical beauty of double entry accounting. “No,” he replied. “I’ve been licking yours.” Brenna chuckled while I moaned and gruffly commanded, “Get off me and brush your fucking teeth!” He whimpered and gave me puppy-dog eyes, but obeyed. He climbed off me and made his way to the bathroom with his tail between his legs. Literally. Bre pulled my cock out of her throat. The head popped out of her mouth. “Oh, good. You’re all mine now,” Bre murmured just before taking my entire length, down to the root, in her throat. Her mighty neck muscles started to ripple against my unyielding god-rod. I wanted nothing more than her servicing me for the rest of the day, but, as Ego said, I had things to do. “YOU need to make coffee and breakfast while I take a shower,” I declared. Her brow furrowed, eyes pleaded as she shook her head as best she could with a huge titanium rod stretching her esophagus and apple-sized glans in her stomach. I gripped the hair at the back of her head and started to pull her off me. “That wasn’t a request, cat.” At that she tightened her throat around my cock. Her neck muscles bulged, her traps thickened and rose up until they looked like steel I-beams and her back until it looked like an impenetrable mountain range as she fought against me. I smiled, took a drop of the emotional power I kept in reserve (stored somewhere off the Cayman Islands) and slowly pulled her off, easily overpowering her. When my cock head popped out of her mouth and smacked my chest she breathlessly whined, “Pleeeease, Master. I need you. I need your cock!” “Food now, play later,” I said as I rotated my shoulder and brought the 350 pound female bodybuilder, who could easily overpower a middle-weight state bodybuilding champion, to her back like she was a rag doll. While I still held her hair I propped myself up on an elbow and captured her jaw in my free hand. “Here’s a little taste for now,” I said. Then released her jaw, moved my hand slowly over her magnificent, firm breasts. I tweaked a thick nipple between my index and middle fingers, then stroked her brick wall abs and, finally, burried a finger in her sex. Her eyes rolled back as she moaned and gasped for air when I flicked her clit. She was writhing and on the edge of a powerful orgasm. Then I stopped. She hissed and punched my shoulder with enough power to blast a hole in a foot thick solid steel wall. My deltoid only dented a little bit. “Now get going and I might buy you a toy mouse later,” I teased and released her hair. She rolled off the bed and massaged the hand that punched me. With a look of lust, fury, resignation and pointing a finger at me she said, “That better be one hell of a mouse, buddy.” She turned and picked up the button down shirt I wore yesterday. As she shrugged the shirt on I noticed that her back almost filled up the garment that could barely contain me. She lifted the front of the shirt and took a deep breath as she turned back to me. Her breasts pushed the shirt open, revealing her large, firm breasts, deep cleavage and ruggedly segmented abs. Her nipples grew hard, denting the fabric, her lower abs started to powerfully flex, her expression like a predator ready to strike its prey. “Fuck,” she moaned. “I can still smell you on this.” I growled and jabbed a finger at the bedroom door. She scowled and cat-walked, her glutes flexing and rolling against each other, out of my bedroom as her face assumed a more human visage. I laid for a few seconds more, then rolled out of bed. I yawned, raised my arms above my head and stretched to work out all the kinks in my sleepy mountains of muscle. I heard my back crack (twice), my sternum pop and heard Art still brushing his teeth. The urge to urinate was strong, so I willed my raging cock to settle down. It deflated as I moved towards the bathroom and immediately stubbed my foot on the corner of the bed. Cursing and promising for the 1,001st time to rearrange the furniture, I limped to the bathroom. Art was getting ready to spit into the sink when I moved up behind him. I studied the contrast of body types I saw in the mirror. Art morphed from a human/corgi mix into a complete human with the appearance and physique of an average height twenty year old blond, blue-eyed, olympic swimmer. I could see the well toned muscles roll and flex as he bent over the sink to spit as he shifted his weight between his strong legs. When he stood up the top of his head reached the bottom of my chin. His adequately developed chest had wisps of blond hair above a decent six pack. I applied a little emotional power to pack on tens of pounds of muscle and increase my height until his head was below my chest. I proportionally grew the rest of my body, except for my cock. Then I lengthed and thickened it too until I had a baseball bat swinging between my knees. After that I took a half step forward, pinning his narrow pelvis between me and the vanity. I thrust my chest forward, brought my arms up into a double bi pose and flexed. The bathroom vanity lights glinted off my hairless scalp and chest. A weekend’s growth of thick whiskers gave my face a rugged appearance. My traps, delts and pecs grew to insane proportions. My biceps, already big, grew to dwarf Art’s head. I gritted my teeth, growled and squeezed harder. The already apparent striations deepened into crevasses as the superficial veins that criss-crossed my body like a road map tried to burst through my skin. The two heads of each bicep grew and separated, causing a vein filled valley to form from my deltoids to my pronator tres and brachioradialis. Art’s eyes grew wide, his mouth slack and he moaned as he leaned back into me. I think I even saw a little bit of saliva escape the corner of his mouth. He started leaking below too. Next to me, Schwarzenegger and Colman look like they don’t even lift. I AM the Greatest Of All Time. “Oh, fuuuuck, Daddy,” Art moaned as he flexed his ass against my cock. His strong glute muscles gave me more than enough friction stimulation to bring me to erection. “Do me right here. I don’t care if you rip me in half. Please, just fuck me.” I broke the pose and palmed Art’s head, my hand nearly encompassed his skull, and slammed the side of his head against the mirror. A network of spider web cracks appeared under him in the mirror. Even though he whimpered from the pain, I could feel the overwhelming lust and pleasure pulsing off him. I soaked up every drop of that, sending it to my reserves as I caused my cock, which was now the size of his calf, to become harder and cleave Art’s glutes, lifting him off his feet. I leaned in and gave him a predatory snarl, hot breath against his ear and I said, “If I did that, I’d have to blow an even bigger load than last time to bring you back. Then Bre would pound us both to pulp. But you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” A weak, “uh-huh” escaped his lips as his hips started bucking against me and the vanity. He was about to cum from the mere suggestion of so much agony. I gave him a second or two of that mental image before I released his head, stood straight and stepped back. He barely caught himself before he fell to his knees. “Start my shower,” I ordered. Then I moved to stand over the toilet and relieved myself. It took a moment for Art to realize I issued an order. When he pulled his head away from the mirror I saw that he left a few drops of blood and a sweaty impression of an ear and cheek on the fractured mirror. He gazed upon my infinitely superior physique with a mixture of anger, lust and anticipation and whined, “You’re a fucking tease, you know that?” and punched my back as he passed behind me and into the shower. “Owww! Fuck!” he said and turned the handle. I heard the water cascade out of the shower head and Art yelling, “GODS DAMN this water is COLD!” As I relieved myself I happened to glance at my toothbrush in its holder beside the sink. “Art, did you use my toothbrush?” “Yeah, I hope you don’t mind,” he said. He stuck his head out of the shower and continued, “Dog saliva is very hypoallergenic,” and licked the inside of one of his nostrils with a long dog tongue. I grumbled, flicked off the last drop of urine into the toilet and flushed. I leaned against the wall next to the shower and counted my fingers, waiting for the water to become scalding hot. As usual, right on the count of five Art screams, “JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!” and bolted out of the shower. I grabbed his neck before he got too far and threw him back into the shower. The house shuddered as he was driven into the shower wall. I ducked my head under the bar that holds the shower doors as I stepped into the stall. Then I turned the shower handle a quarter turn towards cold and slid the door closed behind me. Arthur looked at me with wide eyes and a slack jaw as my bulk almost filled the stall. I could feel the lust, pain and want cascading off of him. The delicious treat made me involuntarily flex my pecs against him, pushing him further into the wall. As the tile, drywall and wall frame cracked under him he said in a gasp, “Could you please not take up the entire shower?” I was disappointed he phrased it that way. If he had said, “Make yourself smaller,” I would have given myself a hundred pounds of muscle, flexed everything and pushed him through the wall so hard he would have exploded into the next room. Instead, I compressed my height until the top of his head was just below my chin, just enough height that he'd have to crane his neck to look me in the eyes. I did that without losing any muscle; I looked even more fucking massive. Now that I could maneuver in the shower I grabbed Art by the neck, ripped him out of the wall and forcefully set his feet on the floor of the shower. “You will wash me. If you do a good enough job I might fuck you into next week,” I growled and shoved the bar of soap from the shower caddy that hung from the showerhead into his hands. I then bent my left arm and flexed the bicep. Razor cut striations jutted across the twin peaks of the muscle. I straightened my arm and flexed again, this time including the forearm in the flex. The already insanely huge muscles grew larger and harder as even the smallest superficial vein doubled in size and pulsed with unbridled power. Art, with eyes wide, started to soap my upper left arm. “NO!” I barked. He flinched as if I had flicked a finger against his abs, expelling all air from his lungs and launching him across the room. He looked up timidly into my eyes. “Worship my might, worship the physique you dream about, worship the only true Alpha. Lick the sweat off me. Clean me with your tiny tongue. Then use the soap.” He instantly dropped the soap and started tonguing, kissing and caressing my massive arm. I gulped down each delicious drop his submission and want. He emanated so much I started to get drunk on the power I was soaking up. When I sent most of it to my reserves my head cleared and I felt Art sucking on my anterior delt head. “Grrrrrr! That’s it, little man. Show me how inferior you are,” I said menacingly, then grabbed the back of his head with my right hand and dragged his mouth to the downward pointing left nipple. “You love how I can, how I HAVE, ripped you apart without even breaking a sweat, don’t you?” I didn’t need him to say anything; I already knew the answer. He fucking loved it. I brought my left arm down, put his head in the crook of the elbow and flexed the left side. His mouth yielded to my incredibly hard pec as my bicep and forearm’s titanic brachioradialis and pronator teres bore into his skull. I kept increasing the pressure until I heard cracks and Art whimpering in pain. Then I released him. He fell on his hands and knees to the floor. The shower head sprayed water against the back of my head. What water didn’t flow down my back was cascading off my pecs like Niagara Falls and pummeled his back and head. I clenched my hands into fists and slightly bent my arms while expanding my chest, flexing my arms, pecs and abs. I squeezed the muscles of my legs until they resembled the marble columns of a Greek temple. I looked down my nose at the pathetic excuse for a male at my feet. I am Colossus standing before a teenager. A teenager with an Olympic swimmer muscular body. When Art finally looked up his eyes became as big as saucers. The head of my semi-hard summer sausage sized cock was an inch from his face. When he reached up to my cock I grabbed his hands “Please,” he pleaded. “I want...NEED your cock in me!” I could see his six inch dicklet was as hard as it could get over his inadequate balls. I put his trembling hands on my cinder block abs. “I will NOT repeat myself,” I said in a low menacing voice. He almost cried in frustration as he slid his hands over my abs, down my adonis belt, over each bulging muscle group in my left quad’s rectus femoris, vastus lateralis and vastus medialis, then onto the gastrocnemius and peroneus longus, the two halves of my diamond shaped left calf. From there he licked two days worth of sweat and grime off every inch of me. I flexed and squeezed the muscle under Art’s mouth just to remind him how immensely powerful I am. After he tongue bathed both arms and armpits he placed his hands on my mountainous trapezius and stood on his toes to reach my neck. The sensation of his tiny body against my solid granite muscles started to arouse me. My rapidly hardening cock rising against his pintsized six pack made me groan. Thankfully Art finished his makeout session with my traps and neck quickly. I turned around, flared the muscles of my back; trapezius, latissimus dorsi, rhomboid major and teres, major and minor. Calmly as I could, commanded, “Now my back. Start at the bottom.” I heard him drop to his knees and felt his hands on my hips as he buried his nose and tongue between unbreakable globes of my gluteus maximus. New sensations shot up my spine, ricocheted around my brain, back down my spine, bounced off my testicles, went up my cock and exploded in the glans. I involuntarily threw back my head and grunted as a literal pint of pre splashed against the shower wall. I saw two of the tiles crack after being hit with such pressure. Art must have noticed because he was taking his own sweet fucking time licking off any piece of shit I missed. ‘Shit,’ I thought. ‘I’m going to have to make sure he brushes his teeth again.’ ‘Can’t me think of any better puns than that?’ Ego snidely interjected. ‘Tell him to fucking hurry it up.’ “Boy, if you keep that up there won’t be any cum left for your ass. Move up.” “Yes, Daddy,” Art disappointedly replied. He licked, sucked and kissed up my wide, thick back until he swept the last speck of sweat off my trapezius at the back of my neck. When I felt his pathetic little wee-wee against me I spun around to face him, grabbed his neck and lifted him off his feet. He must have weighed 200 pounds, but it felt like I was lifting a paper marionette. “Are you ready to get FUCKED, boy?!” I growled from deep in my chest. He put his delicate hands on my pectoralis major, caressing them. “Yes, Daddy. Fuck your little boy.” His hands slid downward, over my ten pack abs. “Show me how an Alpha takes what He wants…” He started spreading the pre flowing from the meatus over the shaft, hand over hand, with another eight inches of cock exposed. His hands couldn't even encircle half my girth. “...whenever He wants.” He then slid his right hand up and thumbed the sensitive spot on the shaft. The sensation made my pelvic floor and prostate clench, forcing a heavy blast of pre to splash against his abs and chest. Arthur scooped the emissions off with his right hand while still stroking my rod from base to tip with his left. He brought his cupped hand, completely covered and overflowing with sticky precum, to his mouth and drank. As he drained his hand of the clear, thick liquid, I felt his throat contract four times as he swallowed the goo. “And now I know,” he said with a quiet voice filled with lust and licentious inference, “what the mightiest Alpha on the planet and the last descendant tastes like.” ‘The WHAT?!’ Ego said loudly. ‘SHUT. THE FUCK. UP.’ I internally growled as I flicked my wrist, tossing and twisting this average height, muscular boy in the air. I caught the back of his head when it was facing me and drove it into the tile on the shower wall. Blood, bone and broken tile were blasted out from the crater I created in the wall. Art’s legs were instantly swept aside as my fully engorged cock rammed up into my totally helpless prey. With my cock supporting all his weight I released his head and put him into a Full Nelson hold, both of my hands were thrust under his arms, then I pressed against the back of his neck. As I pulled him away from the wall I saw blood splashing the destroyed tile; I must have crushed his nose. When I thrust up his weak hole he hooked his ankles around my dorsal calves and started to caress the rock-solid muscle. Now that I had him completely under my control I teased the fuck out of him by slowly and repeatedly only penetrating him with the glans. Still, he grunted from each breach of his rectum. “Fuck me...come on!”, he pleaded. “Fuck...grunt..me..aieee!...HARD!” I drew a devilishly evil grin as I did exactly not that. For minutes I teased this boy cunt as he begged louder and louder until he was screaming at the top of his lungs. “FUUUCK MEE! HURT MEE! GODS DAMMIT PUNISH ME!!” Suddenly rage blasted off of him, he unhooked his feet from my legs and planted them on the shower wall. Huge claws exploded out of his toes and heals, fracturing the tile as they were buried deep in the wall. Each of his legs grew thicker than my waist with impossibly huge thighs. In an inhuman voice he bellowed, “I SAID HURT ME!” I could feel his rectum constrict around my cock tighter than any hole I’ve ever had, squeezing down and painfully compressing my shaft. “FUCK ME HARD!” Then he thrust back. I was slammed into the wall under the shower head. I felt the tile behind me fracture as his tight hole forced its way down my cock. I heard tearing sounds and saw his ass rupture. His copious blood provided a little bit of lubrication, but not enough; it felt like the skin on my shaft was being rubbed off. He kept screaming in a sound that shouldn’t come from any living thing, “PUNISH ME!”. When his ass finally impacted my root, faster than I could see, he pulled off and rammed back down. Between his battering assaults I saw my cock distend and almost rupture his abdomen several times. If he kept this up any longer he was going to fuck himself to death. When he was within reach I hooked my right elbow around his neck and clasped hands. “Arthur! You have to stop this!” I yelled. He bucked like a bronco, I almost lost my grip twice before I was able to squeeze and restrict the blood flow in his carotid artery. Just before he passed out he entire body tensed up, his rectum almost ripped my cock off. A blast of cum blew tile off the shower wall in front of us. Then he slowly went limp and I lowered him to the floor. When my cock popped out of him, blood geysered out of him and down the shower drain. I stood up and looked down at him. His face was a mass of shredded skin, broken bone and blood, yet I could see the devastation on his face already healing. My cock looked no better. It was red, swollen, covered with his blood and shit and hurt like hell. As I rinsed off I applied some power to heal myself. By the time I finished Arthur was whimpering in his sleep. ‘What the hell just happened?’ I asked Ego. ‘You have no idea. I better get him in bed. Let him sleep,’ he replied. I picked up Arthur off the shower floor and cradled him in my arms. As I took him to the bed he softly cried, “I’m sorry...I tried…not my fault...forgive...” He immediately went into a fetal position when I laid him down on the bed. He let out a sigh when I brought the comforter over him as, somehow, a large brown teddy bear appeared in his arms. I went back into the bathroom and found a fresh toothbrush under the sink. After unpacking the toothbrush I gazed at my stubble covered cheeks and jaw in the mirror. It had been three days since I last shaved. I rubbed a hand along my jawline; I kinda liked the way this protobeard made me look. I decided to keep it. As I brushed my teeth, Ego said, ‘I don’t like the way he seeks pain. There’s something terribly wrong with him. Why does he feel he needs to be punished?’ ‘I don’t know,’ I mentally replied. ‘Whatever it was, it couldn’t be healthy for him to feel that way.’ “Are you two almost done?” I heard Bre yell from the kitchen. “You had the hell better not let all this food go to waste or I’ll barf a hairball in your shoes!” And I know she would. I exited the bathroom, expanded myself to the height I was earlier, packed on twice the muscle and walked towards the bedroom door leading to the hallway, looking at Arthur calmly lying on the mattress as I passed the bed. The comforter roiled and bulged in ways a human could never cause. I looked up just in time to bash my forehead on the top of the doorframe. ‘Smooth move, dude,’ I heard mockingly in my head. “Will you FUCK OFF!” I yelled aloud. “You had the HELL better not be talking to me, buster!” I heard from the kitchen. I grumbled, ducked my head and started down the hallway to the sun drenched kitchen. Rubbing my forehead I said, “I’m not. I just bashed my forehead on the door frame.” When I entered the kitchen Brenna was right at my side, guiding me to a chair at the kitchen table. As I sat (and the chair creaked under my weight) my mouth started watering from sight and scent of the food overflowing the table; eight three-egg omelettes (four cheese, mushroom & bacon and four veggie), a stack of twenty pancakes smothered in real maple syrup topped with real butter, two pounds of bacon, three pounds of venison sausage (from my uncle), two loaves of whole grain and seed bread and, the pièce de résistance, a two full pound of cheese curds. I love those big chunks of cheese, especially how they squeak when you bite into them. Hey! I’m a Wisconsinite, don’t judge me! Yes, I even have a Cheesehead Cheese Hat. My hungry eyes were torn away from the feast before me by a pair of ultra strong female hands on my cheeks. “Let me see,” Bre said with concern and straddled my lap, the top of her head below my chin. The taste of that emotion was like taking a bite of an orange flavored strawberry. Interesting, but not as interesting as looking down her cleavage, deeply segmented abs and her little exposed clit. “Well, you’re a little red up there,” she motheringly said, “but I don’t see any permanent damage.“ She brushed my forehead with her hand and pieces of wood and gypsum board fell into my line of sight. “You probably hurt the wall more than it hurt you.” “Speaking of hurting, did you hear Arthur and me in the shower.” She tilted her head down and her sad eyes slowly moved from my forehead to my abs. She put her hands lightly on my trapezius, feelings of worry and doubt made bile rise in my throat. “Something long ago…” she snapped her eyes to mine without lifting her chin “...happened to him. He won’t talk about it, no matter how much I ask. I...I just try to emotionally support him...love him the best I can.” Tears started to fall from her eyes. “I just don’t know what to do.” I wrapped my arms around and clutched her to my chest. She began to silently sob. ‘Well, shit. There goes the mood,’ Ego lamented. I silently agreed with him and slowly made myself decrease in size and mass. When Bre’s chin touches my collar bone, her puffy, tear streaked eyes meet mine and she sniffed. “Wha...what are you doing?” “I thought that you wouldn’t be in the mood since…” I said quietly, gently. “Oh, no you don’t you FUCKER!” she interrupted me, jabbed a hard finger into my sternum and exclaimed with all the ferocity of an IRS conducting a multi-year, twenty million dollar audit. “You fucking TEASED ME by making me suck you off ALL FUCKING NIGHT! I had to listen as you got tongue bathed and kissed all over your perfect body! Do you know how hard it was NOT to plunge my fingers up my cunt when I heard that?! Oh, you’re gonna fuck me, pal, and your gonna fuck me HARD! YOU WILL BE as big, as thick and as hard as you were when you walked in and YOU WILL pound me into submission! You’re gonna prove to me that you’re still my Master!” My cock rose against her ass in anticipation of feeling her hot, wet, tight hole and her admission of subservience. Her face then slowly went into the most evil grin I’ve ever seen and said, “But first you're eating all this food.” I groaned and complained, “And I’m called a tease.” “Yup!’ Bre laughed as she rose off my lap to stand beside me. She stood up on her toes, leaned forward, patted the top of my head and said, “I’m the queen Molly of teasing, baby. Now EAT!” My stomach loudly growled as I picked up a fork and spoon and dug into the mountain of protein, carbs and fiber. I kept glancing at Brenna between shoving huge chunks of food in my mouth. She was still in my unbuttoned dress shirt, leaning her perfect, hard gluteus maximus against the kitchen counter and holding one of my biggest ceramic coffee mugs. It’s the one that says, “Accountants take accounting of their accounts.” Before you say ANYTHING, it was a UW graduation gift from my aunt. Every once and a while she would take a sip from the steaming liquid in the mug. A few seconds later she would sigh, tilt her head to the side and her eyelids would almost close. The liquid’s scent wafting in my direction smelled like mint and chamomile. I fucking HATE herbal teas. When I was a teenager I had to help my uncle with bailing hay at the farm. After a whole day of breathing in dust and alfalfa flowers the crap running down my throat tastes exactly like herbal tea. Anyway, I finally shoveled in the last forkful of breakfast, leaned back in the chair and gave a hearty belch. “Now you have a choice, big boy.” Bre was still leaning back against the kitchen counter only now she had a huge stainless steel travel mug in one hand and her tea in the other. “Coffee…” she raised the travel mug “…tea…” she raised the ceramic mug “…or me?” She shrugged her shoulders, the button down shirt fell down to her elbows and waistline revealing a body that a heavy weight bodybuilder dreams of; tight waist, tendinous inscriptions that were three inches thick, shredded serratus anterior, latissimus dorsi that imitated a cobra’s hood, at least twenty-five inch upper arms, deltoids the size and hardness of bowling balls, trapezius that rose two-thirds of the way to her ears and pectorals that were hard and firm. If just those muscles were on a woman her size that woman would be considered pretty stacked. Brenna had those muscles AND incredible breasts with small brown areola and thick, inch long, nipples. Her torso supported by legs thick enough to squat a ton, yet shapely enough to give a guy whiplash as he turned his head for a second or fourth look. All this sculpted marble muscle on a five foot three inch frame made her look freaky...freaky sexy! I locked eyes with her and, deliberately, slowly stood up. As I rose from the chair I made myself grow in height until Bre’s eyes were level with my navel. I flexed first my left bicep, then my right, then my cock, as I walked towards her. I made sure that each footstep made the house rattle. When my glans pressed into her impenetrable abs I raised my hand as if I was to stroke her cheek. She tilted her head in that direction expecting my touch. In the last instant, I grabbed the travel mug, downed the entire contents in two gulps, crushed the container and tossed the now useless scrap metal over my shoulder. If you remember from our first (one-sided) conversation, you know that I can’t function in the mornings without a couple of cups of coffee in me. While the caffeine worked its magic on the A1 and A2A receptors I advanced on my prey. Bre held up a finger and said, “Waitaminute,” and took a deep drink from her tea. Almost instantly her pupils dilated. She set the mug on the countertop behind her and reached up to put both of her muscled, veined, tiny hands on my pecs. Then she extended and dragged feline-like claws from the ends of her fingers across my taut skin. She took a step or two towards me, making my painfully hard cock rise up until it was nestled in her cleavage. “So, are you going to use this big thing to fuck me?” she seductively said. “Plunge it deep into my hot, wet cunt?” She started to slowly bounce her pectorals, making her breasts stroke my leaking cock. “I think you're just going to peter out, “she brought her elbows inward, using her upper arms to squeeze her breasts tighter, “just like the little boy you are.” That did it. Now I was not just sexually aroused, but my dominance was thrown into question. Yes, I know she did that on purpose just to get me to fuck her hard. Well...it worked. I growled as I grabbed her gluteus maximus and lifted her 350 pound weight above my head like she was a feather. I easily squeezed and spread those unbreakable muscles in my hands to expose her ass and pussy. It took me a second or two to properly line up my cock with her leaking hole, then I explosively brought her down. As soon as I felt her hot, wet lips against my glans I flexed my rectus abdominis and thrust up into her. Whether by design or not, she was so virgin tight that I was only able to get the glans and an inch of shaft into her. She threw back her head and screamed so loud I’m sure the neighbors would call the cops. Her hands clenched my trapezius hard. Her claws pierced my skin, but couldn’t penetrate the steel-hard muscle. I repeatedly pulled my cock out to the glans using my core muscles, then forced her to take another inch while I roared and she screamed at every fuck, “YOU THINK...” two inches in, pull out “...THAT THIS COCK...three inches in, pull out “...is a BOY’S DICK…” four inches in, pull out “THIS!” five in “IS” six in “A” seven in “MAN’S” eight in “COCK!” I rammed the remainder of my shaft into her as she started to scratch my back with those sharp claws. I still hadn’t touched her cervix, she must have deepened her vagina just to tease me. I wasn’t in the mood for any of that. In the next thrust I lengthen my cock until I felt the entrance to her inner core. The next time I withdrew I packed on five more inches, two more inches in girth and hardened the organ until I could punch a hole through a three inch steel plate. Then I shattered her core with a single devastating ram. She threw back her head, her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she used every last molecule of air in her lungs to scream again. At the same time I roared into her face with victory and dominance. I looked down and saw two or three inches of shaft were not buried in her. That would not do. I forced in the final inches until I’m balls deep in the most exquisite pussy on Earth. I removed my left hand from her ass, brought my arm up, bent the elbow and flexed my bicep so big it made Colman’s arms look insignificant. I continued my devastation of her vigina and womb. I dropped my voice three octaves and, with each skewering thrust punctuating each word, said, “I...am...your...ALPHA...your...MASTER!” She grunted and cried out with every word. “Every...other...male...is...insignificant...next...to...ME!” She grabbed my incredibly hard, vein covered arm and threw her mouth onto my shoulder. She bit down as I felt her legs begin to spasm. “I...AM...A...YOUR…GOD!” With the last word I drop my voice into the infrasound level. That word couldn’t be heard, yet windows and plates rattled, the house creaked. Brenna screamed around the muscle in her mouth and explosively squirted a gallon of girl cum on my abs and legs. Now that the natural order of things had been reestablished I lifted her off me and threw her against the kitchen counter in front of the sink and the window to the backyard. Her rectus abdominis shattered the marble countertop and bent the stainless steel sink. I waste no time in pinning her hands to the countertop at her side and ramming myself up her still quivering cunt. I took my time now, relishing each inch of her. While I slowly saw in and out of her I admired her shoulders and back. I ran a hand over her back. Her teres, major and minor, rhomboid major and infraspinatus almost rose above the larger trapezius and latissimus dorsi. Each muscle group was incredibly defined, stirated, thick and hard. She was the apex of muscular beauty. And my blood boiled with testosterone as I broke her. I cupped her chin and slowly pulled her head back. She resisted with all her considerable might, muscles flexed and pumped up with blood and superficial veins popped up under reddening skin. I could see her breasts swinging on her chest when her head met my upper abs. Her nipples were long, thick and diamond hard. I moved my hand down to her neck, slammed into her and demanded, “Who am I?” “AHHHHH!! You’re Bruce Banderole!” She squeezed her eyes shut. I viciously ram up. “Wrong answer. LOOK AT ME!!” Brenna eyes fly open as she grunts from the impact, “You...you’re my MMMaaasterrr!” Again, I smash through her cervix and punch the far wall of her uterus. “Try AGAIN!” “You’re the...the LAST ONE!!” she screamed as another orgasm racked her body and she crushed the marble countertop under her hands. Not exactly what I was working towards. ‘What the FUCK?!’ Ego interjected. I ignored him and released Brenna’s neck. She fell forward into the sink. Her back was covered with sweat and she was breathing like she just finished a marathon. I, however, was breathing like I was sitting in a chair and no moisture appeared on my brow. I looked out the window and saw Fred Metzer holding a hose in his hand in his backyard. His hand was at his side as he was totally engrossed with the carnal spectacle I was giving him. The hose looked like his limp two inch dick. His mischievous son had crimped the hose causing the water pressure to fall. I seized Bre’s hair and lifted her head up so she could see Fred. “See that beta boy? See how limp his dick is?” She started breathing hard again. I released her hair and gave Fred the biggest fucking monster sized double bi flex he would ever see. His life changed forever; his eyes bugged out, he slouched and became the lesser male I always knew he was. Yeah, that’s right, boy. You’re a one, maybe two, on the male scale. I’m a one fucking hundred. “That’s what every other male is next to me.” I drank in the firehose of emotions Fred was directing at me; envy, submission and, wait a minute, need? That little fucker actually thinks I’d let him touch me. I gave him a little taste of what he would never have, never achieve; I bent my head down and licked a throbbing vein on a football-sized bicep. Brenna jerked and cried out when I took that power to thicken my already titanic cock, harden it until I could pulverize diamonds. Fred finally noticed that the water wasn’t coming out of the hose and lifted it up to peer inside. His son chose that exact moment to release the pressure. The poor beta got a face full of water that blasted out of the hose. “And that happens every time those weakling BOYS see me fuck their women, claim their women, TAKE their women!” Her third orgasm hit her like a 10.0 Richter Scale earthquake. She pushed her hands forward, plowing through the two inch thick stone countertop as easily as you would push your hand through clay. When she comes down from the euphoria she’s so out of it that her trembling legs aren’t supporting her weight. The only thing keeping her upright is my cock. I take a step backwards, pulling her away from the countertop. I let her leg dangle in midair for a few seconds, then I lowered my still mind blowingly hard cock. She slid down my cock to lay like a puddle of muscle on the kitchen linoleum. I reached down, grabbed her hair, yanked her to her knees, bellowed, “I’m not done with you yet!” and rammed my cock down her throat. It took a few seconds to come to and realize I was fucking her throat, but when she does, oooh man, she took over. Her tongue lashed and whipped every inch of cock that wasn’t in her throat, bobbed her head up and down my shaft so fast she became a blur. Under that assault it wasn’t long before I reached and shattered my own orgasmic threshold. I arched my back, threw back my head, shoulders and arms and flexed every single muscle cell in my entire body in an effort to blast my very essence through the little slit at the tip of my cock and roared. Brenna grabbed my hips and hung on for dear life as I erupted for five minutes down her throat. She clawed at my legs as she slid down my satisfied cock. She purred when I looked down over my pecs at her. She eventually shifted herself to sit against the cabinet. She reached up and stroked my softening, yet still massive cock. “Feeling better now?” I said. Brenna, my cat, said, “Hmmmm, maybe a little,” and smiled up at me. Bre then reached up and took the mug from the countertop. Somehow it had survived the destruction we wrought against the granite stone and sink. She took a sip and said, “Oooo yeah...that’s better.” She complained as I took the mug out of her hand, held it to my nose and sniffed. Yeah, it definitely smelled like a thirteen hour day of bailing hay, yet there was something else in it...something familiar. “What the hell is this?” I asked Bre. “It’s catnip tea,” Arthur said from the kitchen doorway looking only at his sister. Bre snatched the mug out of my hand and drained the remaining tea in one gulp. Art stood at five feet four inches tall and looked like a pale university freshman. His long brown hair hung over his hazel eyes and he was rail thin. The skinny jeans he wore were baggy, his dirty white shoes untied and his maroon wife beater shirt was three sizes too big. The shirt had a cartoon of Goldy Gopher, the University of Minnesota mascot, coming out of a hole in the ground giving a thumbs up. The caption, in a semicircle above the illustration, said, “GO MIGHTY GOPHERS!” “She’s like you with coffee; needs it to start the day.” Bre looked up at me, nodded her head and giggled. “We sometimes like to keep part of the animal when we are human. I, for instance, just like every dog, likes…” Bre perked up, raised herself on one arm while she pointed the mug at her brother. “Oh, no. DON’T YOU DARE say what I think you’re going to say!” Undeterred Art continues “...to suck on a bone and lick some balls every once and awhile.” I chuckled while Bre, who’s probably heard every pun Art has uttered, put her head in her hand, pinched the bridge of her nose and said, “Oh, gods dammit. I was just about to have a good day.” “Anyway, remember that thing that happened four days ago?” Bre immediately sobered up, turned serious, looked up to Art and put a trembling hand on my thigh. “Yeah,” she said, trying to hide the concern in her voice. “I got a text. I have to do the thing. Don’t wait up for me. I’ll be gone for several days.” I didn’t like the sound of this. I turned to face him and returned myself to my default setting, six foot six inches tall, on-season championship bodybuilder with a thick, uncut seven inch flaccid penis and testicles to match. “Arthur, about what happened in the shower,” I started to say. “I won’t be able to contact you Bre...” he ignored and interrupted me. “...so don’t worry. I’ll be fine,” he said, then turned towards the front door and walked away. “Whatever is troubling you...” Art stopped halfway to the door and stood still; his back tensed up. “...I know we can work it out together.” Without acknowledging my offer he continued to the front door. He turned the doorknob and threw the door open. Even before the door slammed into the adjoining wall, he was gone. The door bounced off the wall, only closing half way. From the time Authur entered the kitchen to when he left, I only felt darkness from him. Bre walked up to my side. She slipped under my arm and wrapped her arm around my waist. Her free hand rested on my chest. Staring at the door I quietly said, “I’m worried about him.” “I know.” “He’ll be beaten to a pulp if the football team sees him in that shirt.” “I’m more worried about what he’d do to them.” Bre then looked up, patted my chest and said, “Come on. You’ve got that human physical thing to do and it’s getting late.” She grabbed my hand, went up to the front door to close it then led me back to my bedroom where she proceeded to open my closet and rifled through my clothes. Three wardrobe changes later I’m wearing a tight red polo shirt, blue jeans and a pair of running shoes. Brenna had fastened all the buttons on the shirt. I immediately flexed my pectorals and trapezius, making the buttons burst off of me and ricochet off the walls. I looked down to see the canyon of my chest cleavage. She rolled her eyes and shoved me out the door. “Have fun, and don’t worry about the cum stains everywhere. I’ll lick them up!” she yelled after me and slammed the door. I turned around to get in the Lycan and saw old Ms. Chakancy, with her little white miniature poodle Killer on a leash, giving me an incredulous look. I just looked at her as I walked to the car and opened the door, gave her an award-winning smile and said, “Don’t ya just love weekend long orgies?” and entered the car. “Well, I never!” she exclaimed. Ego snorted and said, ‘No shit lady. You probably couldn’t get laid giving blow jobs at a horny blind man's convention.’ ‘Now, now, let’s be nice to the old bat,’ I internally replied, started the car and burnt rubber rocketing out of the driveway and onto the street. ‘Be nice! She calls the cops every time Debbie drives up with her stereo on!’ Ahh, yes. Deb does love her Norwegian Death Metal music at maximum volume. I get the mental impression of Ego taking a deep breath and calming himself down. ‘Alright. The doctor’s office in Verona. Due to my morning extracurricular activities...” he emphasized the word ‘activities’ ‘…the morning rush is over so it should only take I seventeen minutes to get there. The appointment is forty-five minutes from now so me have plenty of time. And what the fuck is this ‘You’re the last descendent’ and ‘You’re the one’ bullshit?’ I rolled my eyes and said aloud, “How the hell should I know and thanks, Siri.” ‘Oh, so I’m my digital assistant now, eh? In that case…’ and I’m forced to listen to knock knock jokes until, three miles later, in the middle of South Midvale Boulevard, the car backfired and rapidly lost power.
  13. Thanks for your patience and apologies for my inexperience. Thanks for the guys who helped me! Hi guys, just giving it a go as I had been thinking of this story for a while. I have a few chapters in mind and this is my first attempt. Please note this story contains snuff (not gore though) and if you are offended or it is not for you please do not read. Chapter 1 - The new neighbours In the remote tropical Australia village where they grew up, Paul and his family were enjoying a typical Aussie life, a quiet environment, plenty of sunshine and the nearby beach. His father was a farmer and his mother a hairdresser. The father played some rugby in his younger years so he built himself a respectable hunky body, and he enjoyed training his son as well as swimming a lot in the blue ocean. At 18 y o Paul had a very toned body, and his father gathered some weights for him to build some muscles in the backyard. Paul was also starting to develop attraction for males and muscles, and every time he would see muscle hunks at the beach and around town he would definitely love that sight. One day new neighbours arrived, in the house next to Paul’s family. They seemed like a nice family, apparently they came from Armenia and they had an overall arab look and features. They had a boy, the young Alex who will soon become Paul's friend, a lovely wife, and…the father. The father was a handsome, Arab looking hunk, and what really impressed Paul was his sheer size. The man was a beast, looked huge especially in his shorts and tank top, with massive legs, a pair of huge arms and everything else was just… humongous. His name was Milos and they met him shortly after his arrival where they introduced themselves to his family. Their English was basic back then, but they seemed like nice people. Milos was very assertive and dominant straight away, very confident and almost arrogant at times. They brought some homemade biscuits and they came into our garden for a drink. Paul was taken aback when he shook the big man’s hand, he felt a jolt in his crotch when the powerful paw almost crushed his hand. He loved muscle and big guys, and was realising the effect that powerful muscle men were having on him. His cock would twitch and stir, but now that he was staring at Milos, looking at his chest barely contained by that tank top, those footy shorts were unable to contain those huge legs and those bare feet were so much bigger and more manly than his own or his father’s... It was lust, pure lust for muscles and power that comes with them. Looking at Milos strutting his muscles around barefoot was making his cock real hard and he could barely control it. He started imagining how strong the guy was and what he could do with his muscles. His mother asked him “Wow you’re a big guy, how tall are you? You must weigh over a hundred kilos!” Milos answered very confidently “I know, I am tall 1,95 metres and weigh 135 Kilo but I like to train and keep strong!”. On that he flexed one arm and the bicep and tricep exploded in size. His mother laughed and wowed but Paul was feeling his cock going in steel mode…and he ran to the toilet. Paul pulled out his 7” thick jock rod and could not believe how hard it got. Quickly pumped it thinking of those arms still vivid in his mind, and he dumped a load with such vigour that he trembled on his feet. He barely contained the ropes of cum with a bunch of toilet paper. After a few moments he came out of the toilet trying to pretend nothing happened but felt completely self conscious.. He thought his father was built and he was just a 1,85m tall 90 Kilo ex rugby guy. This hulk was at another level. The son was quiet, and for his young age he was already pretty build, following his father’s genes. The mothers were commenting how big and strong he was for his age, and that he was going to be another hunk for sure. His mother commented “I know, the doctor was so surprised that he is already 60% heavier compared to the average weight at his age, and it is is not fat!” That was unbelievable!The boy surely looked very, very solid especially at his age. He had a really good shape and his muscles were defined and visible under his paper thin skin. Later that night Paul was furiously pumping another huge load out thinking of Milos' hulked out arms and shoulders. He could not get over how big his pecs were and the moment he was thinking of something that he could do with his muscles power, his cock would erupt so much that his balls would hurt. Paul also looked at his body in the mirror and quickly did a few sets of pushups to tone up and get some pump. And instead of calming him down he was just ready for another explosion. Later that month he enjoyed watching Alex’s father in the backyard, working in the garden and showing off his muscles. He definitely accepted the fact that he was not only gay but that he was completely into muscle and powerful guys. Just looking at the giant muscleman strutting his muscles in the garden and lifting stuff effortlessly was making him hard. One day he saw him lifting some heavy badass stuff from the garden and shoving it on a small van, and his dick was painfully hard. Then he noticed that Milos was barefoot, another thing that made Paul absolutely nuts.After watching this behemoth constricting a huge amount of dry wooden sticks and poles in his arms, then crushing them, and noticing his huge back rippling with muscles, his dick started uncontrollably spewing cum, and that was his first hands free experience. When these episodes happened his orgasm was so powerful he would lose control of his body for a moment. When bumping into Milos he was always self conscious and shy, he was super scared that they would find out his perv habit and the fact he was turned on by that stuff. Then one day they decided to go on a trip together on a nearby lake. It was the middle of summer and the sun was scorching hot. Once they got there it was already incredibly hot to see Milos barechested, barefoot and strutting around…wearing speedos that did nothing to hide a huge package between his legs…then he helped Paul’s father to get the boat off the trailer, and he did so by basically lifting it like it was a piece of paper. Paul went so hard by watching that he had to jump in the water to calm down his steel hose. Alex was amused and not really minding much but was watching carefully at Paul’s reactions, as if he was really trying to understand what was going on. Also in his speedos Alex was already showing some muscle definition, he was definitely the best built and biggest youngster he had ever seen. That evening they all slept in the same cabin, a simple small cabin with a couple of bedrooms, one for each couple and the children slept together on the big sofa in the lounge. When they went to bed, Alex was very chatty and was asking Paul about his training and his father. “So why is your father so much smaller than mine? It must not be that strong. I bet my father could beat him up on arm wrestling or just wrestling on the floor” Paul was a bit surprised and didn’t know what to answer. “Well yes but size is not all, he was a very good rugby player and he taught me a lot of fun stuff. He also taught me weights lifting” Alex's face lit up “Oh weights so you train now? I want to train but they don’t let me. Papa has a gym in the garage, he lifts very heavy stuff but I am not allowed in. So I just do push ups sometimes.” With that he flexed his arm a bit, his biceps were visible and his pecs were definitely there. Paul gulped down and said “Oh well you can use my weights sometimes” Alex was in heaven ”Oh yes please but don’t tell mama or papa” Suddenly they heard voices shouting from the bedroom where Milos and his wife were. Paul was worried and Alex said “Oh …this happens sometimes, I try to ignore and hope it ends quickly but sometimes it doesn’t” And suddenly the discussion picked up and a loud slap filled the air and the mother opened the door and went outside crying. Milos followed her wearing only his tight briefs, then Paul’s parents came out as they heard and gathered outside. The mother was crying and Milos was shouting her to shut up and come inside OR…. Paul’s father stepped towards him and placed his hand on the huge man’s naked shoulder “Hey I don’t want to get in a discussion but I’m sure this can be resolved by talking, let’s go inside”. Swiftly Milos grabbed Pauls’ father's wrist with his huge hand. Paul was watching this behemoth, naked except for his tiny briefs, towering over the much inferior guy, with his muscles in full pump, and could not help but feel his cock engorge spasmodically. Milos then let him go and walked inside his bedroom and slammed the door. After that there was a chat with the poor woman and we were all shaken. The Morning after it was awkward but more disturbingly we realised that Milos was not a good guy and with his muscles and force he was also very dangerous. Eventually we all got home and everyone was back in his house but we worried about the woman and what could have happened. After that episode there were many others involving violence, police checks, issues and troubles. Paul’s family was trying to not interfere but often the mother would ask them to look after Alex, so he would often stay at mine and we would share the bedroom and play a lot together. That’s when we started working out together, and realised that Alex was indeed very strong and although he was around ten years younger he was catching up extremely fast! One evening it was quiet but Paul heard voices from the neighbour's backyard. Alex was fast asleep in the other bed nearby. He noticed Milos with two other men, they were quite big but not as big as Milos, and they were having a serious discussion. They were keeping it quiet but it was not a normal scene. Suddenly Paul saw Milos grabbing the other guy by the throat, they were speaking armenian. Milos lifted the guy by the throat with his arms like he was a doll. He was clean off the ground and he repeatedly asked him questions. At some point the other guy was visibly scared and tried to hit Milos. Milos greeted his teeth in anger and compressed the guy’s throat until he passed away. He dropped him to the floor and turned on to the guy who had just hit him multiple times with his fists, causing apparently no damage to the huge guy. The guy tried to hit him in the face but Milos stopped his hand with his huge paw. Then grabbed the other hand in his other big paw and powerfully forced both hands behind the guy who was being completely overpowered. Then he bearhugged him swiftly and lifted him off the ground. While in his embrace, he said something in Armenian which sounded really bad, then he added “And now you pay”. He started trembling and gritting his teeth and constricting the guy in his arms. Paul could not believe what he was seeing, he watched as Alex was fast asleep and felt his cock start to throb uncontrollably and ooze precum profusely. As the guy was trying to scream but was muffled by the powerful bearhug, Paul could see Milos’ huge back exerting power and he saw the rib cage being crushed by raw human power. His cock was steel hard. He heard a loud crack of ribcage breaking and giving up. His cock exploded in the biggest orgasm Paul had ever experienced. Paul suddenly let go of a moan as he was taken by surprise “Aaaaarghh…” Milos heard him and turned his head to see who was there. Paul freaked out, still ejecting ropes of cum in his shorts, while lowering his head in order not to be seen. Then he heard more muffled shouting and more bones snapping. Must be the other guy! Then some muffled noises, and the van going off….then coming back moments later. Shit the guy must have disposed of the bodies! Paul was in complete shock. That night the wife was not at home, for reasons we did not know, and he asked us to look after Alex one more time. The morning after they had breakfast Alex returned to his father’s house, and Milos looked at Paul with a menacing face. Paul was shitscared to be caught, bit nothing happened. Milos was definitely a scary man. After that night Paul was both super scared and turned on, and did not know anyone to talk to about that stuff! He did not want to talk for fear of ending up like those men… After that night there were no other similar shocking surprises but every now and then Milos was behaving strangely and dodgy people would come and go, their animated discussions and fights with the mother kept happening and Alex was clearly in denial or perhaps he was trying to protect himself. One thing that happened a few months after is that a medical visit found Alex really heavier than the average, at 57 Kilo, and blood tests revealed the presence of testosterone that was not normal at that age. The doctor however said that it was all good from a health point of view and that it would have been necessary to ensure feeding the boy properly , with high protein and also allowing him to exercise as much as he wanted. But his mother did not like the weight training and she did not approve of his father’s ways, so as a compromise she allowed Alex to train at the local gymnastics club, where lots of boys were having fun and building great bodies. Paul was super impressed and he was thinking that the boy was going to grow a lot and could not wait to see the development of that muscle boy. Years flew by and the boy grew. Every time Paul caught up with him he seemed thicker, taller, stronger, even more solid and his voice changed too. In a couple of years he reached 72 kilo of solid muscle, he never seemed to put on any fat. Alex would often show off to Alex his new gymnastics tricks and Paul was in complete awe of how much power and control was in this muscled boy. He would do planks, handstands, lift his body in all sorts of ways and show the massive strength he had. At Paul’s 21th birthday they all gathered at Paul’s home (again Alex’s parents were in some trouble and they left the kid with Paul’s family.. Paul was still bigger than Alex but Alex was catching up fast…they were almost the same height. During the party someone commented on how big Alex’s biceps were and he flexed them. Dave, one of Paul’s friends, said “Oh but I am surely stronger, and you are too young so you won’t be strong” Immediately Alex faced the guy and shouted to his face “show me then”. He was already shirtless, sat down at the table and offered his meaty calloused hand to the bully. The guy looked at the arm which was defined, and looked extremely solid. The moment he grabbed his meaty hand he realised he was in bad trouble. Dave started pushing the arm of the strong boy, which was not moving, and he thought he could have a chance. Then he looked up and saw that the boy was not even exerting much power, he was just looking and grinning. Then suddenly he felt a jolt of power and the boy literally and methodically smashed down the much older guy’s arm, showing that his power was real. The guy was shocked and could not believe it, he felt Alex’s arm and gasped at the feeling of suck hardness. Then Paul’s father wanted to give it a go. “Hey boy don’t be shy, give me all that you have ok? I am fair and will try to knock you down, so be brutal ok?” Alex looked more than ready. His hand engulfed the much older man like a muscled trap and suddenly they started. After a moment of struggle, the boy quickly and in full control smashed down the older man’s hand and arm. The father was shocked and gasped “Wow man you are one strong boy! Well done” then gave each other a man's hug and the father was even more shocked when he felt the hardness of the boy’s body. In the evening there were comments about the boys’ power, and how fast he was growing. Late that night Paul was waiting for Alex to come to sleep in his room, as the boy was spending more and more time in the toilet, especially in the evening. Paul thought what that meant but then shook off the thought, it was definitely too early and maybe the kid needed some time on his own…or maybe he was wrong. When Alex came out his briefs were looking real tight on him. Paul gasped internally as Alex’s body was looking magnificent, strutting those thick defined strong legs and that amazing chest and arms were making Paul really jealous, the kid was passing Paul quickly. Then suddenly Alex said “Hey I saw bodybuilders doing pumps and stuff on youtube, I thought we can do it together to get our muscles pumped, wanna try?” Paul was again in disbelief that this young muscle god had these ideas in mind. But he was too excited not to join this type of fun. “So if I wanted to pump my biceps, you would need to grab my hands and push them down, so while I work my biceps you can work your triceps”. And so Paul did. At first it was easy but then Alex increased the rate. “You are not pushing down much are you”. But Paul just could not compete with the boy’s muscle power. ‘Ok I have an idea, keep your straight arms with your body and make fists” then he grabbed Paul’s fists with his big hands and started….lifting him. With his biceps only, he lifted Paul completely off the floor and started curling him in the air. Then Alex dropped him down and said “Also this is good for shoulders then” and grabbed Paul by his armpits with his paws and lifted him again, extending his arms all the way up and executing many reps like he was a doll. Then he dropped him and flexed “Oh man feels so good! Check this out, feel how hard they are. You are much softer than me for some reason” and he struck a solid, impressive double bicep pose. Paul was impressed and like in a trance he put both hands on those sculpted huge bicep peaks, and felt the hardness. “Paul you need to train more, we can train together and we can both grow big and strong!” Paul was ashamed that he was not as strong as the kid but excited at the same time. “Well it’s time to go to bed I guess” Alex looked at him with his piercing green eyes and turned around, jumping on the bed. “Night champ, see you in the morning, we go for a swim” Paul looked at the sculpted muscles and his massive, strong legs. He wanted to be that big himself. With that, they went to bed and Paul had a massive wet dream that night.
  14. The Stone of Agios Part One My fifteen years of study, research, and excavation finally led to my discovery of the whereabouts of The Stone of Agios. It had been unearthed in 1928 by an Englishman, Sir Lionel Pherril, who had kept it in his private geological collection without quite knowing what it was. Since the family had now found themselves falling on hard times, they were more than willing to sell the yellow crystal for a song when I approached them with my offer. I found it difficult to hold back my excitement as the mythical stone was placed in my hand. It was larger than depicted in drawings and heavier than I thought it would be, but small enough to fit comfortably in my carry-on that evening. I was taking no chances. After giving the envelope with £50,000 cash to Mr. Pherril, I went right to Heathrow airport and booked the first direct flight home. Several times I opened my bag to make sure the stone was safe, and many times I wanted to trial it’s power for myself, but I strengthened my resolve to wait until I was in the privacy of my own home. I leaned my head back against my seat in Business Class and closed my eyes. As I thought of the stone, a smile appeared on my face and my stubby cock got slightly hard in my jeans. The Stone of Agios. I had first read of its mythological origin during an archaeological dig while an intern in college. An ancient scroll unearthed that fateful day told the legendary tale of The Stone’s origin, how it had given birth to the Ancient Titans at the beginning of time and fueled their power. A crafty prehistoric man stole it and used its power to evolutionary propel themselves further than they ever should have gone. The Stone had granted man power over fire, assisted in the invention of the wheel, and given them victory in battles. From my decade of research, I discovered that the stone was rumored to grant the desires of those who held it. These legends birthed the tales of wish granting genies and other such items around the world. Eventually, I could never find out quite how it came into the possession of a priest who feared its demonic powers. He was t able to destroy it, so he hid it from the world until it was unearthed by a local craftsman who had purchased a rundown abbey. The legends, having long been forgotten, left the stone to an uninteresting life of being a paperweight. I knew it was still in the possession of the Pherril’s after seeing it sitting on a desk in a photograph. Now… it was mine! As I drove home from the airport my hand brushed the uneven surface of the stone. Soon, I thought. Soon I’ll have everything I ever imagined. I parked the car in the driveway and walked into my home. For the past twenty-five years I had lived in this three level Victorian conversion which I purchased several years after I became a professor at the university. Teaching Ancient Greek and Latin studies enabled me to continue my quest for the stone while holding down a fairly easy job that I enjoyed. I had several partners come and go, but none who’s interest ever held me long. My split with my last partner had only been six weeks prior and he had messaged me while I had been in the UK. “Hey, Johnathan. Give me a call when you get back. Thought we might grab dinner or a movie. Hope your trip to England was good. Talk soon.” I’d have to remember to call Steve and see how he was. For now, I was more than interested in the dusty yellow crystal I held in my hand. Walking into the kitchen, I turned on the lights and walked over to the sink. Running warm water, I ran the stone under the flowing tap until it was clean. I then carefully towel dried it and carried it into my library. There, I poured a glass of wine and sat on the leather couch staring intently into it. No time like the present. Clearing my throat, I said out loud: “I wish…” I stopped. I needed to think. I needed to test it before I attempted any elaborate wishes. “I wish… I wish I was the very definition of a stud and my cock was 13 inches when hard and 8 inches thick with a 9 inch thick head that swells to near bursting! ” I felt the crystal begin to throb in my hand as if it were breathing. Soon after, a bright yellow light began to pulse within the heart of the crystal growing brighter and more powerful each second. Suddenly, the light became blinding as the crystal pounded in time to my own heart beat. I found myself turning my eyes away from the blinding glow as it grew in intensity. Then, just as it started, the glow faded and the stone was still. I was shaking as I gently placed the stone on the table. Would the wish be granted just as I had asked? If so… what would I ask for next? I felt butterflies begin to fly wildly within my stomach as I thought of all the possibilities that now lay before me. I could… Fuck… I could be a God… a Titan! My 4” cock began to harden in my trousers. I rubbed the head with my hand as it jumped in its fabric covered prison. Then, with shaking hands, I began to undo my belt and unbutton my jeans. If it was going to grow… and I had every faith that it was going to… I needed to watch! Pulling my jeans and underwear down, my rigid cock slapped against my flat stomach, harder than it had been in years… harder than when I was a horny teenager! Grabbing onto the shaft, I began to slowly stroke it, relishing in the steel-like sensation and sensitivity I was experiencing. I imagined what all of my partners would say when the finally saw the massive cock I had hidden in my pants. How many times hook-ups had told me my cock was too small to be a dominant top? Now, they were going to be in for a massive surprise when I rammed their tight asses over and over and over again with my giant cock! “Fuck yeah! A Giant cock! A real warrior's cock with the sex drive of an army!” I grunted as the head of my cock swelled and began to start leaking a considerable amount of pre-cum. All of my life I had wanted to be one of those guys whose cock leaked their own lube like a fountain, but no matter how hard or aroused I was, it never happened. Now, my cock was actually shooting ropes of pre onto my stomach and leaking down the shaft. Bringing my hand up to my face, I took in the potent musky smell. Fuck!! It smelled of masculinity… of virility…. I hungrily began to lick my own fingers enjoying the powerful flavor. My cock grew even harder, and what had once been pleasurable minutes prior was now a throbbing ache. The flow of pre became an even wilder river as more and more was expelled in larger amounts. The spurts of pre were now so powerful that my abs and then pecs and finally neck was getting pelted by it. From the amount flowing off of my body and onto the leather couch, it looked like I had pissed myself! I laughed and grunted again as an even larger wad was fired at my chest. Pain radiated up from my balls causing me to inhale a shallow breath. The sensation of being kicked in the balls over and over again by a mule grew stronger as the stream of pre shooting out of my cock grew stronger. Soon, there were no longer any spasms or spurts, but a continuous cascade of pre-cum bursting out of my swollen cock head. I found myself stifling a loud groan as the pain grew worse. Instinctually grabbing onto my nuts to calm the pain, I felt them begin to pulse and then proceed to swell in my hands. Moments of pain mixed with orgasmic pleasure passed, and soon I could feel my walnut sized balls swell until they closely resembled two chicken eggs, both fighting for room in my tight sack. Sweat was pouring down my face as my head rested on the back of the couch. I was terrified my ball sack was going to split as my egg sized testicles soon appeared to grow again until they more closely resembled large kiwis. I had been so distracted by my balls swelling right before my eyes that I failed to notice that my cock head had begun to start growing thicker as well. I brought my right hand to the head and stroked it, shocked by how sensitive it now was. I watched in awe as the head flexed and pulsed, growing heftier, fleshier, meatier, and more delicious looking. My head swam as my entire body was overloaded by erotic sensations. I could feel saliva dripping out of my open mouth as I took in the deep red color of my fist sized cock-head. The morphed-looking glans belonged to my own cock, and I was afraid of it. Any ass or orifice it entered would no doubt be stretched to capacity, and I was glad that I would never be the one being impaled by it! “Fuck!!” I cried out as my balls swelled even larger. I lifted the swollen orbs in my hands and was amazed at how heavy they now were. My sack had stretched along with the unbelievable growth of my nuts, but no matter how large it became, the swelling testicles took up more and more room. As the expanded, I began to feel a new and welcomed sensation from within; the creation and churning of gallons of potent cum. The amplification of my balls was turning me quite literally into what I had asked for. I was becoming the very definition of a stud. My balls now felt filled to capacity with sperm, and every second I sensed my cum engines were creating more. I knew that I was now so potent that any woman I fucked would get pregnant with just a drop of my cum, not to mention the gallons that would be shot out when I finally did ejaculate. “Thank… God… I’m fucking… gay!! I’d have a billion kids!! I could repopulate this planet!!” My cock was an open faucet causing puddles of pre to appear on the couch cushions and dripping onto the floor. My fingers stroked the portobello mushroom sized head which caused me to audibly gasp. The shaft now looked ridiculous, like a pencil holding up the roof to a house! “Grow!!” I grunted, willing my shaft to stretch and swell along with the rest of my sex organ! Massaging and lifting the increasing weight of my balls, I felt them pulse and expand past the size of kiwis until they both rivaled ripe peaches. Never in my life could I imagine a human man with such ridiculously sized bull balls, but I was going to become more than the average human male. What I would turn into would be the epitome of the Alpha male… created for sex and pleasure… built to dominate, master, and control. I would be a new form of man that the world would lust for! I spread my legs wider and felt my ball-sack stretch closer to the floor, heaving and heavy with my peach sized testicles. As my balls grew, I noticed that my pre was changing as well… becoming more of a golden color, thicker and stickier like syrup. It was more than just a lubricant… it was the primer coating for fertilization with my sperm! “I… just… wanted to fuck… every guy… I… saw!! Instead… my wish… is transforming me… into… a stud… born to… breed!!” Suddenly, I felt a throbbing in the base of my cock. Looking down I saw that the skin of my shaft had begun to develop a beet red color and when I touched my hand to it, I felt it was hot to the touch. Then, with a loud grunt, I felt a massive push as more blood was forced into my cock causing it to expand. “Starting… to swell… growing… thicker…” I wrapped my hand around it only to discover that my thumb and pointer finger no longer touched anymore, and each time it throbbed, they got even further apart. I no longer recognized the cock I had been jerking and fucking with since I was 14! It was morphing into this angry tool of pleasure mixed with destruction, and I loved it. My shaft continued to balloon wider while my balls grew even more dense. The churning rising up from my sack was easily audible now, and as my balls continued to swell, it only got louder and more hypnotic. My own pheromones appeared to be growing stronger as a new scent rose up from my balls. It smelled of leather… wood… dirt… and primal sex. I found myself being turned on by my own scent. I couldn't imagine what it would do to anyone else. “No one… will be able… to resist… me!” I didn’t know how I knew this, but instinctively I knew that my pheromones would act as a spellbinding opiate, making me even more alluring and magnetic! I could only laugh as the gap between my pointer finger stretched from three… to four… to five inches. Thick veins erupted along the surface of my cock that now looked broader than a Pringles can. Much thicker! My cock had grown to over 5 inches long, but that was only due to the immensity of my cock. To me, it now resembled a fire hydrant; stumpy but meaty! I knew that anyone who saw my cock now would call me a freak, but I welcomed it. All of my life I had been average, but with the stone, all of that was going to change. Soon every man would be jealous of what he was packing in his jeans… and what he had become! Suddenly, I cried out and grabbed both sides of my head as a loud ringing noise filled it. With no warning, my mind was inundated with images, thoughts, ideas, sexual positions, massage techniques, and tongue artistry that could fill hundreds of books on sex! It felt like an unknown source was downloading every possible sexual idea or thought into my brain until I knew everything there was to know about sex with both men and women, and every way to bring pleasure to my partner… or partners. I knew how to watch for changes of breathing pattern, the flush of a chest, the rise in a pulse, or the change in pheromone intensity to indicate what a partner was enjoying or not enjoying. Even with a cock as thick and intimidating as mine, I knew how to bring hours and hours of pleasure to my partners along with myself, making me the most proficient lover in the world!!! I laughed and grunted as I discovered that I now relished every fetish imaginable. Nothing was taboo to me any longer. I could accomplish thousands of positions and pleasure myself or others for days. I opened my eyes and a world of endless sex lay before me. I found I had no other wants or needs but endless sexual pleasures. As my sexual knowledge grew vaster, I found I could now control my own pheromones, strengthening them until every person on earth would serve only me “I am… the definition… of a… stud…” I laughed and found the sound of my own voice entrancingly erotic. Then, a stabbing punch in the base of my massively thick cock caused me to groan. I watched with lustfulness as my cock finally proceeded to inch longer, soon passing six inches… seven inches… and then eight. When my cock grew past nine inches, I even wanted to worship at the altar to it. It was so incredible to look at… so beautiful… so masculine. It went perfectly now with my tight muscular body. All I wanted to do was walk around naked so the whole world could witness the mastery of what the male body could be. Uncontrollably, I began to stroke my cock, but each time I did, I had more area to cover. My entire house reeked of my scent, and the bigger my cock and balls grew, the stronger it became. I knew with one whiff I’d have an army of men at my feet ready to worship me. I felt a slight burning coming from my shaft, and watched as thicker, pipe-like veins began to erupt and snake around my cock. This new network succeeded in forcing more blood to the shaft, allowing it to grow even thicker and longer. Looking down at the rising leviathan, I watched as the head swelled larger and shot denser wads of golden pre further than before. There was barely a surface in the living room that hadn’t been marked by the bombardment of precum fired by my flesh bazooka. I didn’t think it could be possible, but the growth of my cock picked up speed, and in the blink of an eye, it was over ten inches and moving onto eleven. I would definitely need to wish for larger hands as they looked so tiny compared to the flesh cylinder I was currently stroking. I felt a sharp snap and watched the head mushroom further and swell larger than the width of the shaft. I suddenly had the desire to see what the poor souls would witness just before I fucked them. Standing up, I was shocked by the weight tugging at my groin. As I walked towards the bathroom, my enlarging sex organs swung and throbbed, slapping my quads and knees, leaving behind a trail of pre down the hallway. Turning on the light, I finally saw what I was becoming. No longer did I see Johnathan Briggs. I saw a cock that was a deep red, pulsating, buttress of masculinity that needed to be worshiped. I needed to be worshiped myself because I was now much more than a man. A small portion of me screamed out to go back to the stone and reverse the wish… call it off before it was too late. My subconscious knew that something wasn’t right and it was doing its best to figure it out… but my new self shoved it down and stifled it until it could no longer be heard. Looking deep within my eyes, intense carnal knowledge passed through my brain making me aware of the millions of ways I would be pleasuring myself. Most I had never imagined, but each one I was now willing and eager to try. Using both hands to stroke myself in front of the mirror, I watched as my cock grew even longer and thicker and soon it had passed twelve inches in length and was quickly approaching 13! My cock pulsed to the frenzied beating of my heart. Looking at myself in the mirror, I saw what the world would see, my body was now just a base on which my dominant cock existed. I was quickly metamorphosing into the very definition of a stud, a human fuck machine, and I knew that this was exactly what I had always wanted to be. “I will exist… merely to fuck… merely to breed… merely to give myself and others sexual pleasure!” With more determination, I stroked the entirety of my cock. It was now even more sensitive as millions of nerve endings rose closer to the surface granting me more pleasure. My cock had now surpassed the wished upon 13 inches and was quickly gaining on 14, while the shaft had to be over 9 inches thick. I didn’t know how this could be possible. I had been very specific when it came to the dimensions of my cock. I could only groan as my weighty balls began to rise up in my sack. My entire cock felt like it had been edged for days. I could barely think. My only thoughts were about my cock and the mounting pressure now building up in my balls. Suddenly, I began to uncontrollably grunt and groan as my entire body started to shudder and convulse. Soon, a river of my seed began to rise up the mighty stanchion and explode out of the bulbous head! A torrent of cum shot out of my cock like a cannon and quickly began to cover all areas of the bathroom. My cock grew even longer causing the cum to have to flow further and further up my shaft to exit into the world. I grabbed onto the sink to keep falling onto the floor as my orgasm grew in intensity. All I could do was moan and groan loudly as my cock ballooned. I tried to watch as it grew past 13 inches… 14 inches… 15 inches… 16 inches… My cum was no longer coming out in short bursts but in long continuous explosions that forced my entire body to flex. Lights flashed in front of my eyes as my body trampled and thrashed, forcing me onto my knees onto the bathroom floor. Finally, after five minutes of overwhelming orgasm and cumming, it began to fade. I gasped for breath as my cock shot a final eight ropes of cum followed by a drooling and then a dripping. Staggering backwards, I slammed into the wall of the bathroom and slid to the floor. I almost cried out as my sensitive ball sack hit the cold tile floor causing it to shoot one final thick wad of cum. My cock was still hard, and rose up like the monument it was. I couldn’t even comprehend its size. It was just so long… so thick… so monstrous! I grabbed at one of the drawers in my vanity and pulled out the measuring tape that I used to write down my body’s stats. Moving the tape down the shaft, I was dumbstruck as I saw that it was nearly 20” in length and 10” around… not to mention the head that rose up thicker and meatier than the shaft. Lifting my voluminous balls, I could already feel them churning and producing more sperm to be released in another torrential orgasm. I breathed slowly as my cock began to slowly deflate. Finally, at 13 inches, it was completely soft, or as soft as it ever would be. I stood up and walked back into the living room, exhausted but horny once again. Sitting onto the pre covered couch, I picked up The Stone of Agios. “What have you done to me? I wish…” I knew I shouldn’t do it. I knew that I should put the stone down and step away. Maybe return to it tomorrow after a night's sleep, or not even at all. Yet, wasn’t this what I always desired? I was repairing all of the mistakes of my own DNA. I was transforming myself into what I knew I truly was deep down inside. My cock hardened slightly as I gazed deep into the stone. “I wish… my body was like that of 7 foot tall barbarian, weighing over 550 lbs of pure muscle. My power and size are unrivalled in all the world, and my strength is legendary.” The stone began to pulsate and glow, but the words refused to stop flowing from my lips. “No! Not 7 foot tall. 8 foot… weighing over 700 lbs of pure muscle… No… 900 lbs! I’m a mountain of muscle… just muscle on top of muscle on top of muscle.” The stone on my hand glowed so brightly that it was hit to the touch. Pulling my hand away from it, it dropped to the floor and rolled under the table. To Be Continued...
  15. musclegin30

    The Estate (Horror Story)

    This is not a feel-good story. There is violence, gore, and death. In honor of Halloween, I decided to write a what is basically a muscle slasher story. So, if you like muscle snuff, this is for you. The first three chapters will come today, so you can start it, since it is on the longer side. The rest will be posted on Halloween. Synopsis: Four friends (Chris, Alex, Danilo, and Niles) are invited to what they hope will be a fun weekend at the family Estate of two of their college acquaintances (Evan and Rupert Glencross). But joy soon turns to horror when the friends discover why the muscular Glencross brothers really invited them. The friends are plunged into a race for their lives as they struggle to escape the estate. “Blood is life. Blood is power.”- Frederick Glencross, 1872 It is said that if a house is old enough, one must assume someone has died in it. So, it stands to reason that the older the house, the more death it has seen. Glencross Manor is 200 years old, and if its blood-stained walls could talk, they would scream... Chapter 1 “I bless the raaains down in Aaafricaaa!” Danilo belted out at the top of his lungs, singing along to the radio. He couldn’t hold a tune if you paid him. Alex told him as much as he turned the car off the main drag and onto a tree-lined side street. “You don’t like my singing?” Danilo asked, grinning toward Alex in the driver’s seat. “Just don’t think of trying out for The Voice,” Niles said from the backseat, briefly looking up from the game on his phone. “The wild dogs cry out in the niiiight!” Danilo sang. “Oh God. It’s so bad,” Alex said, through a laugh. “And your accent is not helping.” Danilo turned around and looked through the space between his seat and the side of the car. “What about you, Chris? Do you think my singing is all that bad, because I think I’m as good as Toto?” Chris stopped staring out the car window and said, “As good as Toto the dog, maybe.” “Ooooh, burn,” Niles said. “My man said you sound like a dog trying to sing.” “You all should hear my Sam Smith,” Danilo announced. “No!” The other’s said in unison, then burst into laughter. Chris turned back to the window and watched the trees whiz by. The sound of his friend’s conversation melted into background static as he entered a near trance-like state. Ever since he was little, he found it easy to space-out on long car rides, lost in the world of his thoughts. He thought it was strange for them to be invited to Glencross Estate. Evan Glencross and his fraternal twin, Rupert, were only casual acquaintances of the group. They were known through mutual friends and had hung out with them no more than twice all of last semester. The Glencross brothers were seniors, while Chris and his friends were Sophomores, and there was very little fraternizing between the years. The brothers were rich, from old money. They lived on an estate for crying out loud. Chris would be shocked if he and his three friends had $400 in all their bank accounts, combined. But the most glaring difference between the brothers and the friends was physical. Evan and Rupert Glencross were huge. They had the kind of comically big muscles that turned heads and made any man jealous. Both were football stars and very popular with the opposite sex. Chris and his friends were four, short, skinny guys who never touched a weight set they hadn’t been required to in PE class. “Why do you think they invited us, seriously?” Chris asked. “Man, you’re still on that?” Niles looked at him and sucked his teeth. “Who cares why? We’re going to be living like rich people for a weekend.” “He’s scared it’s a prank,” Alex said. “It could be,” said Chris. “Evan and Rupert are nice jocks,” Danilo said. “They will not prank us. Besides, they could have done that on campus.” “Yeah man. Just try to enjoy yourself, for a change.” Niles tapped him on the shoulder. “Hey guys, I think that’s it up ahead,” Alex said. “That place is huge and look at that wall around it,” Niles said with awe. “That thing would give Trump a hardon.” “Imagine being so rich you don’t have a fence; you have a fucking wall,” Alex said, shaking his head. Chris looked out the car’s back window. Then out the side windows. Then out the front window. He smiled. “That’s nothing. Imagine being so rich your driveway is a road.” “Huh?” Danilo said, looking confused. “I just noticed it,” Chris said. “There are no turn-offs on this road and no other houses. And look, it leads straight up to the wall. We’ve been on a private road for a while now.” “Oh shit!” Alex said with a laugh. “Why didn’t I make that connection back there. The road we turned on was called Glen Drive. Duh.” “Another thing I notice,” Chris said. “We’re completely isolated out here.” “Oh, there you go again with the paranoia,” Niles said. “If anyone should be nervous, it’s me. I’m the only black guy, and I’ve watched enough movies to know that if the rich white folks are into freaky shit, I’m the first to go.” He laughed. “And yet I’m as calm as can be.” Alex stopped the car in front of the gate, which Alex assumed was 12 feet tall. It was solid metal, painted black, standing in sharp contrast to the pale stone wall it connected to. Chris eyed a box attached to the wall with a beeping red light, various buttons, and what appeared to be a camera lens. “I guess that thing is the intercom,” Alex said, undoing his seatbelt. “I’m going to press-” Before he could finish his sentence, the tall black gates opened, as if pushed by an invisible giant. “Guess not,” Alex said, buckling his seat belt. He drove through the gates and let out a low “fuck me.” Chris’ jaw dropped. Danilo let out a “woah” Niles clapped his hands together and said, Chris had expected big, but Glencross Manor could only be described as palatial, something you would expect from European royalty, not in New England. It was a mountain of marble and brick assembled in the classical form, a testament to excess and wealth. His eyes were immediately drawn to the mammoth portico. Where you would expect to find roman style columns supporting it, instead there were two massive statues in the form of nude, muscular men with their arms stretched high. The men were more heavily muscled than the Farnese Hercules. “Interesting architectural choice,” Chris said, pointing. “And anatomically correct too.” Niles laughed. The driveway ended in a large circle right in front of the house. There was a red Toyota already there, which Alex parked behind. Chris immediately got out of the car and stared up at the statues: solid marble, stunning detail. He didn’t notice Evan and Rupert Glencross had opened the door and were standing at the entrance, until one of them spoke. “What’s up guys?” Rupert said, in a low base. Chris’ eyes immediately fell on the brothers. Both wore shorts, tanks, and sandals, there muscular frames on full display. They took up every inch of space in the doorway, looking like contest ready bodybuilders. “I’m good parking here?” Alex pointed to the car. “Sure thing,” Evan Glencross said, sauntering down the steps, his voice every bit as deep as his brother’s. The friends and the brothers greeted each other with handshakes and bro hugs. Chris couldn’t help but feel an erection growing in his pants, being so close to all that muscle. Muscle that was attached to two handsome faces. He could never get used to their size. When did these guys start working out? When they were three? They were both a little north of 6’ 3’’ and wide as barn doors. Big enough to make Chris and his friends, not one of whom was over 5’ 6’’, feel like children. When Rupert Glencross shook his hand, his fingers nearly disappeared in the mitten like paw, rough with callouses. And the hug! Like grabbing a sack of boulders covered in skin. He couldn’t help but wonder how many kinds of roids these two handsome freaks were taking. “Thanks again for the invite,” Alex said. The others voiced their agreement, and complimented the home. “No problem, guys,” Evan said. “We just hope you’ll enjoy yourselves.” He ran a hand through his brown hair and flashed a set of pearly whites. “We will,” Niles said. “You guys got a pool?” “Two, one indoor and one outdoor,” Rupert said as he and his brother led the friends inside. “But first, you need to meet our father.” “Is he as big as you guys?” Danilo asked, jokingly. Rupert paused and turned. With a slight grin plastered on his handsome alpha male face, mirrored by his brother, he said, “He’s bigger.” Chapter 2 They followed the hulking brothers across white shining tile, down an expansive hallway, framed in wooden arches. “I honestly expected a butler to greet us at the door,” Niles said. Evan turned his torso slightly and glanced back towards Niles. “All the staff are off for the entire weekend,” he said. “Well, there goes my plans of being waited on hand and foot,” Alex said, laughing. “Don’t worry,” Evan Glencross said, “You all will be taken care of.” Chris stared at him, as he spoke. The sentiment was nice: “you all will be taken care off.” But he didn’t like the way he said it. The tone was filled with a false warmth. It was ominous, more a warning than a comfort. Chris shook his head. That was just his paranoia filling his mind with nonsense. This would be a fun weekend and he would enjoy himself. He repeated that silently, like a mantra. “And here we are,” Rupert said after they had walked God knows how far. He gestured ceremoniously to a large sitting room. “Father, the other guests are here.” Other guests? Chris had assumed it was just his friend group who had been invited for the weekend, then he remembered the other car parked out front. They entered the sitting room and the elder Glencross rose from the wingback chair he had been sitting in. Rupert hadn’t been lying when he said their father was ‘bigger’. He was callosal. The largest, most physically impressive human he had ever seen. From the look of awe on his friends faces, he could tell they felt the same way. “Guys, this is our father, Lawrence,” Rupert said. “Father this is Chris, Danilo, Niles, and Alex.” He pointed to each of the friends in turn. Lawrence Glencross stepped toward them and shook their hands, nearly crushing them with his beartrap like grip. He was handsome for a man near fifty, with short brown hair, greying at the sides. He stood a full head taller than his sons and must have weighed at least 100 pounds more. His khaki chinos and navy tee looked painted on to his lean, hulking physique. Chris didn’t understand how the clothes didn’t burst to shreds at the slighted movement. “Pleasure to meet you boys,” Lawrence said in a deep voice. “You’re huge!” Niles exclaimed, unable to hold in his shock. Lawrence and his sons laughed. “I get that a lot,” Lawrence said, casually bouncing his pecs and flexing his arms. “Do you compete in bodybuilding,” Chris asked, his eyes rolling over the mountain of muscle in front of him, briefly pausing to take in the mammoth bulge in the crotch. “Oh, heavens no,” Lawrence waived his hands dismissively. “Glencross men are just big. Always have been.” He gestured to the wall behind him. Chris noticed it was covered with portraits of men in dress clothes. The oldest were paintings. The newest, photographs. “The men of the Glencross line,” Lawrence said, smiling with pride. Each and every one of them was huge. “Amazing,” Danilo said. “Great genetics,” said Niles. “And other things,” Lawrence said with a smile. Chris assumed he meant steroids at first, but they didn’t have steroids over a 100 years ago. “That accent.” Lawrence turned to Danilo. “Somewhere in Eastern Europe?” “Ukraine,” Danilo said. “Ah, very nice,” Lawrence said. “There are a lot of big men over there. But I see you weren’t blessed in that department. None of you were.” The four friends looked at each other, with confused faces. Lawrence’s face was serious when he spoke. The smile he had, had disappeared. “I guess not,” Alex said, finally, with an uneasy smile. “Make a muscle!” Lawrence commanded. “All of you!” The friends each raised an arm and flexed. Lawrence felt each muscle. His hand could wrap all the way around each arm with ease. “So tiny,” he mumbled. “Can any of you fight?” He raised a fist as big as a ham and bought it down with shocking speed, but stopping short. The four friends flinched. Chris thought he might piss his pants. Lawrence turned to his sons and grinned. “You boys didn’t want a challenge this year, I see. They’re as small as the other two.” “Does it matter?” Evan asked, clearly annoyed. The elder Glencross shook his head. “No, it doesn’t. Though, I always found it more fun when they were a bit of a challenge. Oh well. It’s your birthday. You boys do it how you like.” Birthday? “Alex,” Chris whispered, “Did you know it was their birthday?” Alex shook his head. “No.” “I’m a little confused,” Niles said. “What’s going on?” Lawrence smiled. “There’s a game Glencross men can only play on their birthdays. You’ve been invited here to play it. Two other players are already here, taking refreshments out back.” “What kind of game?” Chris eyed him suspiciously. “You’ll see,” Lawrence said, “But first…” He raised a basket. “Put your cell phones in here. The game will test your intelligence so cell phones will allow you to cheat and we can’t have that.” “We’re starting the game now?” Alex asked. “The game started the moment you were invited,” Rupert said. “Don’t worry, you’ll get the phones back, obviously,” He laughed. The friends apprehensively dropped their phones into the basket. “Good!” Lawrence said, setting the basket on a table beside him. “Now boys, show your guests to the back and let the game begin.” Chapter 3 They were led to a large deck, overlooking an expansive back yard. The yard would have been impressive on its own, but it was made more impressive by an expansive hedge row maze the seemed to stretch as far as Chris’ eyes could see, a green sea that must have taken decades to grow. Two other guys were seated at a table on the deck, sipping lemonade and eating from a tray of finger sandwiches. Chris thought he might have seen them around campus before, but didn’t know them. “This is Jeremy,” Evan pointed to an Asian guy on the left, “and this is Mike,” he pointed to a white guy on the right. Both were short and skinny like Chris and his friends. Just what kind of game were they going to play? Chris thought it odd that not a single one of the Glencross’ jock friends was present on their supposed birthday. He expected them to have countless tall, over-muscled buddies to fraternize with. Instead, they choose to hang out with 6 skinny dweebs? Evan introduced the four friend’s and the handshakes started. “Nice to meet you,” Jeremy said, extending his hand toward Chris. “I’ve seen you in the student Union. You’re in the Culinary Club, right.” “I thought I’ve seen you around,” Chris said. “Yeah, I’m in the culinary club.” “Cool.” “While you guys get more acquainted me and my bro are gonna go get ready,” Rupert said. “Help yourselves to the food and drinks.” “You don’t have to tell me twice,” Alex stepped over and took a finger sandwich. Niles and Danilo followed. The brothers stepped back into the house, grinning at each other like they were sharing a silent joke. “So, are you guys good friends with Even and Rupert?” Mike asked. “Not really,” Chris said. “More, acquaintances.” “Weird,” Mike replied, picking up a sandwich. “Neither are we. We just know them casually through a friend of a friend. I was honestly surprised to get an invite.” “Yeah,” Jeremy said, with a mouthful, “But who could pass-up a chance to spend a weekend in a place like this, for free.” He gestured to the estate. “Right,” Danilo nodded, stuffing his mouth. “Father’s a little weird, though,” Alex whispered, stifling a laugh. Everyone nodded their agreement. “Did he comment on your size, too?” Chris asked Jeremy. “Yeah, it was weird.” He frowned slightly. “Like, dude, I get it, you’re huge, but not all of us can be a giant.” “Oh shit,” Mike said, nearly choking. He glanced up and Chris followed his gaze, as did the others. Lawrence Glencross was standing in the window overlooking the deck, staring at them, expressionless. When he saw them looking, he closed the curtain and disappeared behind a panel of white. The group shared a look, then burst into laughter. All except Chris, who merely smiled nervously. “Hey guys!” A deep voice boomed behind them. The group turned away from the table of refreshments to find Evan and Rupert bounding out the door. Chris’ eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when he saw what the twins were wearing: skimpy black posing trunks that struggled to contain their massive packages, and nothing else. Every inch of their huge, muscular bodies was exposed, each muscle group bouncing and flexing as they walked across the deck. “What. The. Fuck?” Alex said. Everyone’s mouth was agape. “Oh shit, the white people are into some freaky shit. I’m screwed.” Niles mumbled beneath his breath, just loud enough for the group to hear, but not the Twins. The Glencross brothers beamed, grinning like clowns, obviously enjoying the reaction their insanely developed physiques were getting from the skinny guys assembled before them. They bounced their bulbous pecs and hit a few poses. Chris could feel his cock stiffening again. He adjusted it discretely and noticed others in the group were doing the same. How could you not get hard when witnessing such a display of the perfect male form. The twins were enjoying themselves as well, sporting bulges that threatened to pop their skimpy posers right off. “We’re so big, bro,” Evan said. “Yeah.” Rupert grunted, flexing harder. “And we’re gonna get bigger.” “So big.” Evan slapped his brother’s delt. “Yeah! So fucking big!” Chris saw a wet spot forming in Rupert’s posers. Was he leaking pre-cum? Was he getting that turned on by his and his brother’s size? What the fuck was going on? And why were they invited? “This is weird,” Danilo whispered. “Agreed,” Chris said, his eyes fixed on the rippling mounds of muscle before him. The brothers were lost in a trance like state, of flexing and grunting, loudly expressing their desire for more size, and getting more turned on as they did it. They flexed so hard, they began to sweat in the late morning sun. One would slap the other and then vice versa. They were getting themselves worked up, pumped for something. And then it was over. The brothers faced the group, grinning and panting, skin red and glistening. “You ready to start the game?” Rupert looked over them. “What’s the game?” Mike asked. “And why are you dressed like that?” Alex gestured to their pumped-up bodies. “And most importantly, what did we just watch?” Niles said, shaking his head, a hardon visible in his pants. The brothers looked at each other and laughed. “The game is called ‘You vs Our Muscles,’” Evan said. “It used to be played in the house, a long time ago, but the maze was put in 50 years ago and it’s been played outside ever since. The maze starts here at the deck and exits all the way over there, by the woods. As you can see, there’s no way around the house from this point. The only place to go is through the maze. The object of the game is to make it through the maze without getting caught by me or my brother. We’re dressed like this because clothing would get way to constrictive-” “And we don’t want to get our clothes dirty,” Rupert chimed in. Evan nodded, “Yeah, that too. This game gets messy. What you just saw was us getting hyped up to win.” He made a fist and slapped it into his other hand. “Understand.” The group stared at each other, a little confused. It sounded simple enough, but it was still so strange. “it’s like a fancy game of tag,” Mike said. “What happens if you catch one of us?” “You versus our muscles, happens,” Even said. “Mike, you come here, and we’ll show you guys. The rest of you stand by the entrance to the maze and be ready to start.” Everyone did as commanded by the muscle-god brother. Chris stood dead center in the middle of the five by the maze entrance, staring up at the deck. Mike stood in front of the brothers, looking like a child compared to them. Their arms were as thick as his legs. Their pecs, as big as his head. His twig like body looked frail in comparison to the towering twins. “If this is a test of strength, I think you guys are going to win.” Mike laughed. “Just stand still and shut up,” Even said, grabbing hold of Mike’s left arm. Rupert took his right. The brothers then placed a hand on each side of Mikes head, with their thumbs locked under his chin. Their comically huge hands each covered a whole side of his skull. “High five, bro,” Evan said. “High five.” Rupert grinned. Chris watched as the brother’s arms tensed. Muscle striations appeared through the skin; veins popped out in high relief. Mike’s feet left the ground. Up, up, up. Two feet in the air. He kicked and flayed, as the skin on his face wrinkled, smooshing together. “Guys, this… hurts, aah,” Mike struggled to say through gritted teeth. “What are you doing!” Jeremy shouted. “Holy shit!” Danilo backed away. Niles and Alex stared on with equal parts confusion and revulsion. Mike’s little body shook, struggling to fight against the towers of muscle holding him, but his arms were locked. He could only kick air. He let out grunts of pain, followed by an agonizing scream as the brother’s press harder on his skull, their muscles rippling with power. “This isn’t cool!” Alex shouted. “You’ll kill him!” Jeremy darted up the stairs. Chris reached out, trying to grab him, fearing what would happen, but he was to slow. Jeremy made it to the top of the stairs but took a kick to the torso from Rupert’s massive foot. He flew back and landed in Alex and Chris’ arms. Jeremy panted, struggling to reclaim the air that had been knocked out of him. Then Chris heard it. The crunch. Mikes skull cracked. He watched blood poor from his friend’s eyes, nose, and mouth. Mike went silent, His face, now disfigured, and brain, squished in. “High five!” The brothers exclaimed in unison as Mikes eyes bulged from his head and his skull completely gave way, popping like a stepped-on grape. His skinny body went limp as the brothers were given a blood shower by Mike’s spurting arteries. Their hands were pressed together, up in the air, covered in bone, blood, brains, and Mike’s skin. They lowered their arms and looked down at the five skinny guys, cowering in fear and shock. Chris’ eyes grew wide as saucers. His jaw went slack. No fucking way, he thought as he watched the blood on the brother’s bodies disappear, absorbed into their skin. And the growth…They were growing! Evan and Rupert moaned in pleasure, their bodies shaking, as they swelled, muscles getting more developed and veinier. “Each time we kill, we grow,” Rupert said, as the now more massive brothers stepped slowly towards them. “But only on our birthdays.” Evan said. “That’s the secret of Glencross men.” “But, we like the thrill of the hunt,” Rupert said, with a sadistic smile, “So run! Run for your pathetic little lives. We’re giving you a head start.” He raised his arms and flexed; the muscles of his arms looked like it might burst through his skin. “All this muscle is coming for you.” The group scampered into the maze. Danilo fell to his knees and wretched, but Alex grabbed his arm, dragging him along, leaving a trail of throw-up in his wake. “We should fight them!” Jeremy shouted, and Chris pushed him forward. “Not without a plan,” Chris said. As he moved through the walls of green, Chris heard a faint deep voice call behind them. He couldn’t make out what had been said, or even which brother had said it, but it didn’t matter. His focus was ahead, toward the end of the maze, toward survival.
  16. tester26

    Teenage Destroyers

    This was an attempt to write a snuff story that is based on the Teenage Destroyers series on Snufflovers. It may not be to your tastes. You have been warned. TEENAGE DESTROYERS PART 7 "You should have seen the tight bitch I fucked last week. For a virgin she sure screamed like a whore." Nick chuckled to his friend Tony. "Too bad she wasn't able to take all of my cock." "I'm fucking tired of bitches complaining about getting fucked. Whatever hole I pound, I wanna go hard and fucking balls deep, man." Tony agreed. At only 18, Tony and Nick looked sculpted from marble with 8-pack abs, ripped muscle, and big, firm asses. They were fucking 300-pound teen musclegods. Most days, they showed up at the gym without shirts, their bodies were accentuated by the sweat that glistened off their smooth skin as they worked out. "Fuck, all this talk about bitches has me so fucking boned up, I wouldn't mind a blowjob from a faggot." Tony squeezed his semi through his loose red basketball shorts. Nick's eyes scanned around the lockers, spotting Tom, a thin seedy-looking punk a few lockers away pulling a blunt out of his locker. His lips curled into an evil smile. "I've got an idea. " Nick said, as he slipped off his shorts. A grin of understanding curled on Tony's face and his eyes expanded with glee and quickly stripped as well. "Ah shit...fuckin' love you dude." Nick and Tony rush and corner Tom against his locker. "What's up bitch?" Tony announced. A sound, barely perceptible escaped Tom's lips. "So you're the asshole stinking up the lockers with your fucking blunts, huh?" Nick boomed. Tom shuddered, his head barely reaching up to the shoulders of the two studs. He was less than half the size of either Nick or Tony, and his eyes were filled with a mix of lust and fear. Before him was the naked, hulking body of the teenage bodybuilder Nick. Tom speechlessly ogled the vast expanse of the pectoral muscle that blocked his exit from one side. Nick's arms hung loose at his sides, the biceps unflexed yet still so unbelievably huge and wide. Tom's eyes admired the solid rack of abdominal muscles, then followed the curves of the sculpted obliques as they flowed into a pair of legs so heavily laden with muscle that no one could doubt their monstrous power. Between those pillars, Nick's thick 12 inch cock stood at full attention, nearly pressing into Tom's belly. To his side was Tony, nearly equal in mass and just as naked. His pecs were swollen from the blast he'd just given them. His deltoids were huge and rounded, still engorged with blood from the overhead presses, the detailed serrations still visible. He grinned evilly and he stroked his own massive cock. "Time to teach you a fucking lesson!" Tom didn't stand a chance. Nick picked him up and easily picked him up and threw him onto the bench. "Ahhh!!" the punk cried as he struck the edge of the bench. To Nick, Tom was just a toy. A fucktoy that he could use and brutalize in any way he wanted. And God did he want to! He wanted to use his hard 12 inch cock like a weapon to stab the little shit with. He wished his cock was twice as long and three times as thick, so he could fuck the little shit until his organs had turned into mush. He'd use his horse cock to fill Tom up with so much jizz, it would be forced to drip out of his mouth, nose, ears and eyes. Nick straddled the punk, pressed his ass on the boy's upper body, and squeezed his muscular thighs to pin the kid's arms in place. Meanwhile, Tony got on his knees in front of the bench, his massive cock at the perfect height to enter the fuckbag's mouth. Tony immediately shoved his cock head in the punk's mouth. The 11 inch dick was the biggest, longest, fattest thing Tom had ever had in his mouth. He had less than a third of his rod in when he hit the back of the Tom's throat. Tony applied strong pressure on the kid's head and felt his hard dick continue its long journey down the slut's pipe. The massive tip was acting like a snow plow, sending the small organs to the sides, bumping against his little heart, rearranging his tubes and slowly making its way down the punk's body. It was pure delight for the muscle teens to watch all 11 inches of thick teen cock make its way deep in Tom's throat. "Holy fucking shit, yes!!!" The stud shoved the toy's head down with cruelty to get the large base of his huge cock in the slut's obscenely widened mouth. Just as Tony's trimmed pubes touched Tom's stretched lips, Nick felt a bump under his ballsack. "Fuuuuuuuuuck, man! Your cock is poking through his stomach. I can feel it on my nuts, it's fucking crazy." Tony enjoyed the incredible feeling of having all 11 inches of his enormous cock buried to the root in someone's throat. Even when Tom started to choke and tried to move his head, the way he squirmed felt amazing. Occasionally, Tony would withdraw enough to let the living cumdump breathe before he shoved all the way back in, his balls slapping over Tom's nose and eyes. Nick got up and Tom's arms immediately flailed around but Tony quickly pinned them down to the bench. With one hand, Nick lined up his footlong cock to its target and brutally thrust his whole cock into the kid's colon with a sickening squish. Tom's head was shoved hard against Tony's crotch and the gigantic cock was pushed even further down, the outline of his dick head clearly visible through Tom's chest. Tom's scream was muffled by Tony's meat as he was violated by a second, even larger, cock. "Fuuuuuuuuuuck, that's so freaking hot!" Tony panted. "That's it, slut, feel my cock push against your little heart. You got muscle all around you! Huh you like that? Bet I could snuff you with just my dick. Shoot you so full of cum your goddamn head would explode!" They pulled almost all of their thick poles out of Tom, and then rammed all of themselves back into the small, frail body as hard as they could. In perfect sync, Tony and Nick pistoned their living toy with long hard thrusts. The former ravaged the punk's throat and punched the bottom of his stomach, all the while smashing his teen balls on Tom's eyes and nose. The latter battered the kid's internal organs, forming a footlong fuck tunnel that ran from asshole to sternum. The punk's esophagus and colon were so incredibly tight as they gripped and moved with the teens' cocks. Both teens kept changing the speed, tilting the punk backwards so that Nick's massive tool was pushing against the toy's stomach walls and making it bulge out. "Fuck! You can almost see the veins on your dick through the bitch's stretched guts," Tony marveled. Nick rubbed his hands over the bulge, enjoying the feeling of Tom's insides wrapped tightly around his shaft. Tom was used like a fleshlight, with such wild abandon that when both studs pulled out, it looked as if Tom deflated. But when the two teen gods shoved their pricks back to the hilt, Tom's small body seemed to double in size. Their cocks bumped against one another, as they raped the young punk, was just the cherry on top of the muscle sundae. "This fuckbag is tight as shit, man!" Nick shouted. "I know, bro!" Tony screamed. "His throat is clasping my dong like a motherfucking vice-grip!" Both teens increased their speed at which they pummeled Tom's throat and colon, slamming their massive teen tools in the most ferocious manner, not caring if the living cumdump could take it or not. Sweat ran down their tight abs and dripped all over Tom's body. But they were already close. Their thrusts became more erratic, and out of sync. They both held Tom's sides, four big teen hands squeezing the punk's mid-section, almost completely encircling it. The studs felt both their massive cocks move in and out of the teen beneath their fingers. Jabbing their massive fucktools balls deep inside the rag doll one last time and their cocks spasmed, shooting pure alpha cum into the middle of the punk's blown up body. Somehow, the punk managed to stay conscious during the whole ordeal. But with all 23 inches of cock pulsating each time a jet of hot teen semen shot inside him, Tom had no influx of oxygen and started to choke. He couldn't see nor hear anything besides his own heartbeat drum in his ears, while he frantically hit whatever he could with his small fists. But the slut's panic only fueled the studs' lust, and made them shoot even harder inside the boy. Tony and Nick came deep inside the little fuckbag for close to a minute. After their body wrenching orgasm, the 18 year old gods haphazardly pulled their dripping, still rockhard dicks out of Tom's holes. It was a bit surreal to watch nearly 24 inches of solid teen meat withdraw from the skinny body of a punk. Cum poured out of Tom's gaping ass like a waterfall as he coughed up Tony's load, gasping for air. Nick and Tony high fived over the punk's wrecked body and quickly switched places. Nick took the boy's head while Tony faced the narrow sloppy ass, and they pushed their jizz-covered, rock-hard shafts inside the worn out sextoy. "Fuck Tony, his throat is as tight as his ass..." Nick said as they both bottomed out. "I know, bro! I feel your jizz sloshing around in his guts! Let's see how much damage we can really do with our mother fucking cocks." Tony laughed. With almost 2 feet of massive dick buried to the hilt inside the punk, the two 18 year old teen jocks began to stand. They meticulously went from kneeling, to squatting, without ever pulling out. When they were on their feet, they started to rise while stepping to the side, away from the bench. Nick and Tony stood in the middle of the locker room: two god-like figures with firm round buttocks clenched with enthusiastic depravity, tight abs glistening with teenage sweat as their granite hard tools kept Tom in place. The studs were perfect fuck machines and had every intention of testing how relentlessly... ferociously... and remorselessly they were going to hammer and crush this punk's insides with their mighty pricks. The first fuck had just been a warm-up. Now they were ready to go all in... without any mercy for their toy. The studs hadn't started thrusting yet. They just kept their schlongs buried to the root inside Tom and looked directly at each other with an evil smirk. Both let go of the boy at the same time and put their hands behind their heads, showing off their muscled bodies. The punk was face up, suspended three feet above the ground, supported only by two rock solid teen dicks buried deep in his guts and the pressure from the studs' hips against his face and his ass. Once again, Tom suffered from a cruel lack of oxygen. His head was turning purple and he frantically moved his arms in the air, not even trying to hit the jocks using him. The studs grinned as the punk started to convulse, his little dicklet hard as a nail. But the ripped studs didn't budge. Giving up an inch would allow Tom to slide off Nick's dick and catch a breath. Tom shuddered and began to shake more violently. His little body was being spit roasted by 24 inches of massive teen schlongs. Nick and Tony could feel the fuckbag spasm around their cocks, his throat and ass muscles tightening, deliciously squeezing their fucktools. "Shiiiiiiit Nick, his insides are milking my cock! I can feel his heartbeat on my dick!" said Tony. "Fucking A, man! His motherfucking throat is getting tighter every time he tries to breathe!" Nick's own fat cock stretched Tom's esophagus to the limit, almost dislocating Tom's jaws. But the cumbag's spasms and shuddering slowed down, then suddenly stopped. His arms and legs came to a complete halt, and dropped on either sides of his body as he passed out. Finally, Nick and Tony moved their right hands under the punk to help support his weight and slowly pulled out, until just the heads were in Tom's holes. His insides stopped contracting and the teens were ready to enjoy another mind-blowing fuck. Tom automatically sucked in air while Nick's fat member left his throat. Of course that was only momentary. Both teen gods immediately pushed their shafts balls deep back inside the fucktoy. Not wasting any time, the 18 year olds sped up their thrusts, taking their dicks almost all the way out before they slammed them back to the root. They were still amazed by how deep they could shove their monster cocks and it felt so deliriously good to have their balls slap against the cumbag with every forceful stab. One can hardly imagine what it looks like when two huge teen cocks, each of them being almost the size of a baby's arm, punch fuck a punk boy's skull and ass in perfect synchronicity. Two incredibly sexy teen studs using every muscle in their massive teenage bodies to thrust their thick shafts without mercy, deliberately trying to destroy and break their living fucktoy in half. The athletic teen studs rammed the punk with such wild brutality it looked as if their cocks were going to tear through Tom's chest. Tom was twisted in such a way that his head was forced closer to his little butt and his guts was pushed upward. In that angle, Tony and Nick's porn-sized cocks slammed against the small chest and made it bulge out. The frail cum-filled body was being ravaged with unspeakable violence, but none of the teenage boys gave a shit about his well being. Tom's lifeless arms and legs bounced around with each sadistic jab as the studs used the punk like a punching bag for their cocks. They never spent more than a half second inside or outside the fuckbag. Instead, they constantly slammed the slut's ass and face with such ferocity that he would certainly be covered in mean, dark bruises before sundown. "Aw yeah, you're just a fucking toy. I'm gonna pulverize your guts. Fuckin drown you with my load!!!" Nick grunted. "Aw fuck dude," Tony growled, "Gonna break you, you little shit! End you with just this fucking monster cock! GONNA FUCKING DESTROY YOU!!!!" Nick and Tony slammed their cocks one last time inside the boy's unconscious body and began to breed the punk, completely dousing his insides with their thick, white seed. So much jizz was shot inside the punk, his stomach bloated like a balloon. About half of the 18 year old's mammoth rods tented Tom's stretched out belly and they could clearly see their heads pulse and nearly pierce through Tom's bulging chest with every jet of thick teen spunk. The two teens moaned in pleasure as they rode our their orgasms. Something about being drowned by two enormous loads caused Tom to cough and seize, but not wake up. Too caught up in their orgasm to care, the two teen gods rammed their 12 inch cocks in so roughly that Tom's head touched his butt, breaking his spine in half. *CRACK!!* "UH!-" the punk moaned, his soft body stopped twitching and went limp. Tony felt his cock brush against Nick's tool, their pricks only separated by two condom-thin membranes in the middle of Tom's body. Their huge teen dick heads touched inside the kid's guts, so close that Tony could feel Nick's cock throb as it blasted cum into the fucktoy. Nick pulled his hips back, adjusting himself before pushing his massive cock deep until he felt the dying punk's heart against his spurting cockhead. He moaned as he felt it pump desperately against his hard meat. He thrust his hips again, crushing the heart between his cock and the punk's ribs. "Aww fuck yeahhh..." Nick groaned. The two muscle gods slowly wound down, their cocks still pumping cum into the boy, as they savored the final moments of sexual pleasure and the feeling of the dead boy's spastic twitches. "That's good stuff..." Tony mumbled. Tony let out a long sigh as his cock fired the last of its spunk. "This is so fucked, I can feel your cock pulsing against mine!" He moved his hips from side to side, rubbing his tool against Nick's, and both of them shuddered. The studs slowly let the dead, cum-filled punk slide off their slick, deflating cocks right onto the bench with a thud. Long strings of cum, hung from the teens' cocks to the punk's gaping holes. Two rivers of white, tinged red with blood, poured out of the cum-bloated corpse and onto the ground. "Shit man. Now THAT was good." Tony smiled and looked at Nick. Nick grinned and flexed his enormous guns and began to feel the rock hard muscle with his other hand. He shook his quads, and lovingly caressed the muscle for a moment. "Yeah..." he shook his head with satisfaction. Nick slapped him a high-five.
  17. Freakoman2

    Harder Than Steel

    My eyes are closed, I am breathing and taking some sunlight, I love wearing my Superman t-shirt and absorb the sun, it makes me feel stronger. Minutes pass and I start feeling feathers... It feels like feathers are going all over my torso. Although I hear someone grunting, I just can't understand why... I decide to open my eyes, and in front of me there is a muscular man, probably a martial artist wearing some boxing gloves and he is trying to punch me. I don't know why... I haven't done anything to him. His punches feel like feathers, but he is really straining now, I can see it by the sweat going all over his muscled body. Maybe he thinks he is strong, to normal standards he would be... But not for me. He starts panting and takes off his gloves... He goes into a beautiful most muscular pose and rips his tanktop using his hands. He yells at me... He says "I will break you with all my muscle power!!" I am sure he is strong... I am sure that to a normal man, he could maybe break some bones with those huge muscles... Arms that seem to be 23 inches in diameter, pumped and sweaty... Pecs that heave while he breathes like two pieces of meat over his torso. Legs that seem as big as tree trunks... He might be even bigger than some bodybuilders I've seen and admired when I was a skinny lad... But I am no longer that lad... He keeps yelling at me, he doesn't attack me yet... "I will bring you down beast!! Show me what you are made of!!" Beast... Many people call me that, but I am really a chill guy... Until someone decides to make me angry... This man is starting to make me angry... So, I decide to give him what he asks for and show him what I am made of... My big arms start going up to my sides, and he just stops his rambling. I flex for him. Inmediately, my Superman t-shirt explodes into hundreds of tiny pieces of fabric, unable to contain my true size... When I flex, I almost double my muscle mass... Have you ever seen 35 inch biceps? Well, now you can see them... Two mountains on top of my triceps, becoming even bigger, and I am not even that tall... Just 5'7" here, but pure muscle. I flex my quads and my military shorts explode too. Each of my legs look like a person's whole torso. 3% body fat all over my body, muscle and veins explode to face this young man that asked for this. But I will not attack... Yet. "Give me all you got, mate" I say to him, as I am still flexing a double biceps pose. He responds with a yell and sends a punch right to my chest. I hear a loud scream and blood covers my face. His fist is instantly broken into pieces, using all his huge muscle strength against my body. He tries to punch me again with his other fist, his right arm seems bigger and stronger and goes for the solar plexus. Again, he starts screaming in pain. His hand broken against my abs. And still... it feels like feathers to me. He grabs his broken fists trying to be well. He still wants to fight and flexes his amazing quads to give me a roundhouse kick in the forearm, still flexed showing my massive guns. He thinks his leg is stronger than my forearm. He is wrong. His legs breaks at contact with my arm, for me, just a gust of wind. He falls to the ground in fear... So much fear... Still flexing, I say: "I was just taking some sunlight and you have now made me angry. I ripped my favorite t-shirt because of you... and now you will pay the price for acting like a bully. You have used your full muscle strength against me and now, I will respond the same way". I stopped the double biceps pose and grabbed his right arm. He started flexing it inside my hand and it felt big, really big. But the hardness isn't enough. I just crush it and his arm disappears, blood bathing my muscular hand and forearm. He yells again, he starts crying. I flex my left arm and punch his good leg to the ground. The cement below us rumbles as a hole is left in the street due to my full strength punch. His leg explodes and disappears completely. "Now you see the difference between us. Your muscles might be rock hard but mine, are harder than steel. Your arms are twigs compared to my tree trunks, you are a pebble and I am a mountain of muscle. No one can compare to me, and still you tried to defeat me... Now let me end this and keep having a good day". His eyes paralized in fear as I walked near him. With my left arm, I lift him from his hair to look him in the eyes. I flex my right biceps in front of him and he realizes how much bigger than his head my arm is. I make a fist and punch him in the chest with all I've got, and his body just explodes into tiny pieces of flesh and blood all over the street. I throw his head to the ground, lick my massive guns to taste his blood, and walk home, to have a shower and try to keep having a good day.
  18. tester26

    Brent hits the showers

    "Looking good dude." "You too, babe!" The two bodybuilders chuckled a bit as they both continued to work on their leg presses. They loved showing off their bulging legs, each of them clad only in a skintight pair of compression shorts. Balancing their legs out on each of them was a nice, rounded ass that bounced with every step they took, and with every press they did. Dustin and Chase noticed that they were getting several stares from the other gym patrons. They reveled at the attention, as they walked through the gym to other machines. Chase headed over to a bench, pressing at least six hundred pounds, while Henry switched to free weights, taking slow reps on a pair of dumbbells. The two bodybuilders could see the hunger in their mate's eyes as they worked out, feeling the burn in their muscles as they sweated and panted hard, pushing their bodies harder and harder. Dustin gave a smile and a wink over to Chase, admiring the sweat forming over his glistening skin as his arms bulged and flexed. Each flex accented his muscles beautifully as veins popped out of his arms. He could feel his erection starting to form, pressing out against his gym shorts as he watched his man grunt and flex, veins popping up over his body. "Looks like you need some help, dude." Dustin said with a smirk, noticing Chase's growing arousal. "I can say the same for you." Chase said, noting that Dustin was having the same reaction watching his pecs flex and bulge as he continued to methodically work the pair of dumbbells in his grasp. It was like watching a roadmap form on the man's arms as his biceps and triceps flexed and bulged, causing Dustin to lick his lips. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Dustin whispered into his partner's ear. "Head to the shower and fuck? Yes." Chase whispered back. It wouldn't be the first time that their workout sessions devolved into steaming passion, and knowing each other, it would certainly not be their last. The two bodybuilders headed towards the locker room in the back before heading to the shower facilities in the gym. The buff pair could hear one of the showers running as they entered the otherwise empty locker room area to undress, but didn't give it a second thought. The wet gym shorts were placed in their locker, although that moisture wasn't entirely caused by sweat, as their growing and drooling arousals proved otherwise once they were free to the world. The pair flexed a bit once they were exposed to the world, admiring the progress the other was making before heading into the shower room. Their ripped bodies looked practically identical, their big dicks grew as they flexed; Chase licked his lips as he stroked his 12-inch long, wrist thick cock. Dustin smiled, his 10-incher already fully at attention. A thin veil of steam covered the room as hot water flowed out freely. Chase pressed Dustin back against the tiled wall, reaching up to squeeze and grip against the huge pecs of the muscle man. The lovers were mashed against each other, taking up at least two stalls. Chase was practically on top of Dustin, mouths connected and sliding along each other. Their groans grew louder as Chase pressed their hips together, squeezing their throbbing dicks between them. The impressive lengths slid against each other, already leaking precum down to the floor. Dustin gripped and squeezed Chase's bulging pectorals as they slid down the wall. He grunted while they groped each other, tongues never leaving each other's mouths. Suddenly, Chase paused in their lustful smooching and blinked, looking to Dustin again and then swiveling his head with a grunt. They had heard the showers running as they entered the locker room, but now that sound had stopped and the steam cleared. Now they saw him. Towering over the two bodybuilders was a giant, at least seven feet tall. His back faced the stalls in which Dustin and Chase were partially obscured by the steam. Every inch of him bulged with unbridled power. His thighs had to be bigger then their own, with a powerful pair of legs that held up that mighty form. Dustin and Chase couldn't see his face over the giant's massive pecs, but their cocks both immediately twitched and spurted a jet of pre. "Jeez..." Chase whispered, looking up and down at the beefy male in the shower, "Are you seeing this?!" It seemed like the man hadn't noticed that he had company in the showers as he continued to clean up, water glistening off of his skin as he turned slightly, letting the bodybuilders see more of his massive form. The first thing that they noticed was that the giant they were spying on was hung like a horse. His cock had to be over a foot long, even while flaccid, and thick as a beer can. They tried not to drool before they saw the perfect eight-pack of abs he was sporting, at which point they gave up trying. Just the sight of watching this muscular god was clouding their mind and judgment. "Holy fuck..." Chase said, wiping his mouth to remove some of the drool. Both of their cocks throbbed between them, threatening to erupt at any moment. In that moment, Chase and Dustin wanted nothing more than to service and worship the man in front of them. "Liking what you see?" the man said with a devilish smirk, looking down at the two of them. The two men suddenly froze up as they looked into the eyes of the giant. He wasn't just buff, but handsome as well, his body bulging with a bevy of perfectly defined muscles and shining so spectacularly from the shower. Chase was stunned speechless, actually starting to pant a bit watching the big man show off. Dustin, however, was a bit more worried. "You're not upset that we were spying and ogling you?" He said, not realizing that he was unconsciously stroking his dick. "Heh, not at all." He said, "Won't be the first time, won't be the last. Though from the looks of things, you guys pretty well built yourself. Name's Brent." Brent extended one of his beefy arms and helped lift Chase off of Dustin, who hurriedly got to his feet as well. "Why don't I help you out? Hell, you two look like you're about to pop just by looking at me." Brent chuckled, eyeing their impressive erections. The two men went wide-eyed as they were invited to join him. Brent flexed his pecs at them as they made their way towards him. The free show was removing all inhibitions from Chase and Dustin's lust-addled minds. "Fuck..." Chase said, Brent's musk starting to fill both men's senses with his pure male scent, "You're so fucking huge!" Brent laughed and flexed a bit more. "Feel free to feel, if you want." The two didn't need a second invitation. Chase reached up and grabbed at Brent's arm as he flexed it, feeling the rock-solid mass. Brent guided his hand onto his pecs and tensed, trapping it there as the muscle exploded with size. “Fuuuuuuck you’re amazing... Fucking pecs so big, so solid...” All Chase could focus on was the hardness of Brent's body - even without flexing, it was like trying to push into a brick wall, there wasn’t a single millimeter of give. Chase put both hands on just one of those pecs and tried to make a dent. His blush deepened as Brent smiled and flexed, easily pushing back. Dustin, however, had something else in mind and grabbed Brent's cock, giving it a squeeze as well, only to gasp when he couldn't! That flaccid cock was hard as a rock, and only getting harder as he felt it pulse and throb between his digits. "Mmmmm...." Brent said, lightly flexing his shaft, Dustin stroking the massive piece of man meat getting harder and fatter in his grasp. The men's own throbbing erections were ignored as they felt compelled to get Brent as hard as he could. The muscle monster had his hands at the back of his head now, biceps so fantastically awesome swelling at either side of his face as Brent began thrusting his hips between the two bodybuilders. Thick, writhing veins throbbed across the surface as Brent's monstrous endowment grew and bulged! Like a beast awakening from a long hibernation, Brent's enormous prick surged upwards, the frighteningly massive head of his cock doubling in size as it was filled with pure power. They started to grind their shafts against Brent's, feeling the massive stud's heat under their manhoods. They could actually feel the muscle god's heart beating through his throbbing cock as it reached it's full 20-inch length. Dustin traced his fingers along the throbbing veins before he started to tease at Brent's urethra, gazing in awe at the fist-sized knob. Chase wrapped his hand around the base of the massive shaft; his thumb and fingers could stretch not more much than half of the way around Brent's girth. The penis was as hard as stone and incredibly hot to the touch. Chase tried to wiggle it. It was too hard. He couldn't move it off center even slightly! Apart from its shocking length and girth, a complex grid of thick veins that webbed the entire length and breadth of Brent's cock. Beneath, each grapefruit-sized teste was riddled with so many veins the sight of them rising and falling against Brent's crotch as it pumped raw testosterone into his muscles caused Chase to audibly moan. "Heh, you guys are eager to go, aren't you?" Brent said as the two bodybuilders started to work on his massive cock. He moaned out as their skilled fingers traced his throbbing veins as they worked his shaft masterfully. "Fff....Fuck!" Brent moaned, "You two are turning me on so much." The compliment from the muscle god seemed to give them energy as they picked up the pace, making sure every centimeter of his arousal was licked, stroked, or rubbed. And in return, they were rewarded with a fountain of pre pouring from him, as well as their own throbbing dicks. Dustin went to work sucking on Brent's head and glans while Chase gripped the shaft in both hands, squeezed tight, and started jerking slowly, swiveling his hands around the shaft as he went up and down. Spit and precum oozed from between Dustin's lips, providing Chase with plenty of lubrication, plus extra to leak down to Brent's heavy balls. Brent sighed and put his heads behind his head, leaning back on the tiled wall and closing his eyes as the two pleasured him. "Aw yeah..." he moaned, shoving a few inches of meat further into Dustin's throat, who was accommodating more and more of Brent's member. After a while of this, Chase stopped stroking Brent's shaft and straddled it, his cock leaking on the muscled god's chest. Brent smiled as Chase leaned in for a kiss. The two made out lustfully while Dustin continued to milk Brent, who was enjoying it more and more as he could feel the impending orgasm. Chase thrust against Brent's body, smearing him with copious amounts of precum and rubbing it in to the man's pecs, licking it up afterwards. Brent brought his arms on either side of Chase and tensed his muscles, making his chest pop out. Chase groaned and buried his face in there, licking, kissing, worshipping the powerful stud. "Flex for me. Show me those huge muscles," Chase begged between kisses. Brent grinned, bringing his arms to either side of him and flexing his biceps. Chase's mouth went from Brent's chest to an arm, licking and kissing the mountain of muscle. Dustin stopped his blow job and joined in, his lips and tongue liberally exploring Brent's body. Chase dismounted, standing on the opposite side of Brent as Dustin. Dustin stopped his worshipping and brought his lips instead to Chase's. The two made out hungrily, their bodies sandwiching Brent's enormous cock, precum leaking liberally from all three of them. All three men rubbed themselves against each other, Chase and Dustin each having a hand stroke Brent's mammoth cock, while Brent squeezed their glutes. It was when Brent felt the two bodybuilders start to move in unison that he felt this orgasm starting to rise. Both of them began grinding their shafts against his balls before moving lower and licking on the underside of his shaft, Brent couldn't take it any longer and the two men felt the gargantuan cock between them grow even larger. "FUUUUUUCK!" the stud roared, his hips bucking up, thrusting into Chase and Dustin's hands as they jerked him. Cum rocketed out like a firehose, dousing the three of them in thick, creamy seed. Dustin put his face in the stream to get a taste, only to be knocked away by Chase, who tried putting his whole mouth over the hose that was Brent's cock. Dustin tackled him to the ground, licking the cum off his lover's abs in earnest, who began to moan and shoot his own cum from his ten inch cock, adding to the mess. Meanwhile Brent's cock thumped against his body as his cum rained down on them, the walls, and the ceiling. Chase and Dustin stood and raced to grab for Brent's spurting cock, but Chase beat Dustin. He took it in both hands, pumping it feverishly and aiming it at Dustin, who was unprepared for the blast of hot spunk hitting him. The bodybuilder slipped and fell, moaning loudly as he was rained on, rubbing the spunk into his muscled body, arcing his back and writhing on the ground, his own cock exploding in an uncontrollable orgasm. Dustin sat up and licked Brent's erupting cock with Chase, until eventually the storm subsided. Brent's cock continued to throb, short spurts of cum dribbling down its length. He panted heavily, chest rising and falling as he looked down on his two worshippers. "Jesus CHRIST!" Dustin gasped after a few moments panting from all parties. "Oh fuck, I've never cum so hard." Chase groaned as he sat up. Neither man had ever been so turned on in their lives. The smell of cum and sweat filled the shower with an intoxicating musk that drove them wild. "Fuck that was great guys!" Brent said with a sly grin. Both Chase and Dustin stared at Brent in awe, both thoroughly hosed in cum from Brent's monstrous load. Despite their own incredible sexuality, the bodybuilders stared at Brent like some great god. Both of their impressive dicks grew hard again as their assholes twitched anxiously, not knowing if Brent's beast would tear them apart but too turned on to resist trying. "So, who wants to go first?" Brent said with a sultry look in his eyes. Dustin and Chase looked up in shock, still trying to catch their breaths. "Oh never mind that, I'll fuck both your brains out anyways. You! Now." Brent said, pointing at Chase. He merely nodded in agreement, quickly bending over, and propping up his ass. Brent drove his still wet and throbbing 18-inch cock in. There was a meaty, churning sound from deep in his guts as Brent's brutal penetration reshaped his intestines into a sleeve for his cock. Despite his enormous size, the head slid in with relative ease, and had Chase pissing precum immediately. Dustin stood up and stuck his tongue into Brent's willing mouth. Brent groaned as he slowly stuffed every inch of his cock into Chase's bowels. Dustin lifted his partner up by the shoulder's until he was eye-level with his cock. Chase grabbed the hard member and easily throated it. Chase groaned as he felt Brent stretch him, a thick bulge obviously visible even through his perfect six-pack. Both Brent and Dustin bottomed out at the same time. Chase was in bliss feeling thick cocks fill him from both ends. His own erection spilled pre out at a steady rate. Brent was the first to pull back. He left only the tip in before slowly thrusting forward again. As the giant thrust in, Dustin began his slow pull out. Slowly but steadily they increased the speed of this rhythm. The back and forth of the group caused Chase's cock to swing up and down, coating the man's chest in clear fluid. Chase used his free hand to rub it in all over his torso. Above him, Dustin and Brent leaned toward each other. Their lips met in another passionate kiss. Brent's thrusts became more urgent. He pushed forward quicker and harder as both Dustin and Chase were forced to hold on to each other for the ride. After several minutes of relentless pounding, Chase cried out around Dustin's cock, his big dick erupting with shot after shot of cum. His moans and clenches caused Dustin and Brent to erupt as well. After a several shots down Chase's throat, Dustin slipped his cock from his man's mouth, spraying down Chase's face. Meanwhile Brent growled as he pressed his spurting cock into the deepest, hottest depths of Chase's muscular body and let himself release. His ejaculation was nearly as copious as the first, and Chase moaned at the spreading, intense heat of all that semen flooding into his belly. They stayed locked together, dripping with sweat, for a further minute or more, before Brent pulled back and his cock slid from Chase with a wet schlorp that was followed immediately by a thick, white creampie pouring from his ass. Chase's legs buckled as Brent let go and he dropped to the ground, his body shaking from the intensity of the fuck. The sight of Brent fucking his lover and overloading him with cum had Dustin was hard as a rock despite having just orgasmed. He turned around, rubbing his firm ass on Brent's cum-covered erection, hotdogging it between his cheeks. Brent grinned, letting his huge member slap Dustin's back, the throbbing cockhead leaking precum all over it. Brent reared his hips back, lining his cock up with the eager hole in front of him, and slid forward, popping inside. Dustin cried out in pleasure, his cock swelling and spurting a huge wad of pre in front of him. Brent sensually thrust into Dustin, bringing his hips way back and slowly pushing them forward again, making his hot ass clench and flex. "Yeah..." he moaned, grabbing onto Dustin's waist and hammering into him. Chase crawled towards the two musclemen and impaled himself on Dustin's throbbing cock. Each thrust caused more cum to spurt out of his stretched hole, both Dustin and Chase were overwhelmed by their new partner. All three studs moaned loudly, bodies rocking back and forth as one fucked the other. Dustin's eyes started to flicker. "Oh, fuck..." he groaned, getting close, overwhelmed by the pleasure attacking him from front and behind. His cock throbbed heavily, and soon he was emptying his load into Chase, who in turn shot his load in front of him, thumping against his chest with every massive spurt. Brent growled and pulled Dustin further back onto his cock, causing Dustin's spurting cock to slide out of Chase. He lifted Dustin above him, sliding him up and down his cock like a sex toy, load after load of cum spraying in front of him. "Oh FUCK!!" Dustin howled, loving how he was being used. Brent snarled and thrust his hips upwards, slamming into Dustin, his muscled arms flexing hard, veins emerging all over them. Dustin was grunted with each thrust, his cock having already spent its load, now shooting blanks. His abs crunched as he was pushed down onto Brent's throbbing member, his mouth open and drooling. "Here it comes," Brent grunted. His cock expanded and blasted Dustin's innards with white hot cum. "Oh fuck..." Dustin groaned, eyes closing, head rolling back. "Oh fuck..." His ass overflowed with jizz, his abs bloating as Brent filled him up. Chase laid under the two of them, letting the excess cum cover his muscles. He moaned and rubbed the cum into his body, smiling with pleasure. "Fuck..." he whispered, eyes closed. Minutes passed as Brent came, each stream of cum slowly becoming smaller than the last one, until finally he uncorked himself, Dustin's ass literally a waterfall of cum. He let Dustin drop to the floor, eyes glazed over and tongue hanging out. "You aren't human, I've never been fucked like that in my life." Chase groans out. "Me either, fuck my cock has never been this raw." Dustin added. "Oh I'm just getting started." Brent chuckled. He stroked his still erect cock, leaning over to give it a kiss. "And I know you guys have a lot more to give." For the first time, Dustin and Chase shuddered, staring at the insatiable muscleman with his 20-inch monster. They gave each other panicked looks, realizing neither had any strength left to fight for flee. At the same time, their minds were still clouded with lust. Their dicks remarkably hardened once again, the promise of more mindbreaking sex too much to resist. For the next half hour, Brent alternated between fucking and sucking the two bodybuilders, driving them each to states of ecstasy. The three of them swapped positions and locations, moving from the showers, to the lockers, to the benches. Pools of cum spread across the floors, marking wherever they fucked. They went from one orgasm to another, not leaving any time to recover. Dustin moaned as he finished his fourth orgasm while held aloft by Brent's cock. Meanwhile Chase had passed out after cumming three more times, the man's dick so raw that it glowed red. Chase woke up spread out across a bench and looked glassily up at the ceiling, unthinking. He had never been so thoroughly fucked. He lay in a growing puddle of semen, unresponsive to stimuli. Every so often, a new burst of hot spunk would pour from his ass, pooling onto the bench and the floor below. As his spent body recovered slowly, He had the impression of action going on around him, but nothing concrete. Body parts were moving in a haze, disembodied voices cried out half-audible epithets. The scent of sweat and sex was heavy in the room, adding a perfumed density to the proceedings. Gradually, his blurry vision coalesced into the image of Dustin being held in a full-nelson by Brent, having his asshole stretched by his monster cock while his legs were pinned back nearly behind his head. The two studs were facing a full-length mirror, the sight of their sweat and cum-covered muscles flexing and bulging as they fucked adding to their pleasure. That Dustin's dick was engorged and spraying cum was evidence of how much he was enjoying the brutal sex. He even craned his head back to suck on Brent's tongue when he offered it, crying out eventually as Brent unloaded what sounded like a gallon of cum up his ass. This time, Brent split his load between Dustin's depths and his face, lifting Dustin off of his pillar and holding him up by the head to cover his features, marking him. Dustin's body was trembling and fucked-out, his legs bow-legged and shaking as Brent rubbed his spurting cockhead on his face. Sperm was leaking from his ass in heavy, degrading creampie - his nose, cheeks, and chin were plastered with semen. Still, there was a contented smile on his face. When Brent's orgasm finally ended, he let go of Dustin, who stumbled backwards, leaning against the mirror to stay upright. The two caught their breath as they stared into each other's eyes. Chase felt a pang of jealousy as he saw the lust in Dustin's eyes. Brent smiled and wrapped his arms around Dustin. The two hugged tightly, Dustin's impressive body seemingly engulfed by the larger man. Dustin gasped as the massive muscles wrapped around him, causing him to squirm beneath the pressure. Brent held him so tightly that he could hardly move from beneath it. Chase rubbed his eyes in disbelief. Were the two of them glowing? "Mmm... you're going to make some great mass for me, dude," the gigantic stud growled in Dustin's ear as he squeezed tighter. Dustin let out a muffled yelp as his head was gripped by the huge mountains. He heard the deep rumbles and the heavy strains of those mounds while he was pulled forward. He jerked and tried to pull backward, pressing a foot against the wall before he was drawn harder. There was no escaping the huge, masculine Venus fly trap. Chase watched in horror as Dustin sank into Brent's body. He tried to call out, to get up, but he was still too worn out. His arms and legs slipped helplessly in the pool of cum as he tried to back away. "Yes... give it all to me..." Brent growled as he tensed, bringing his huge arms inwards. Every squirm sent shocks of pleasure through him while his muscles bulged and rippled, flaring even bigger in front of him. Every inch that sank in caused another few inches of mass to grow throughout the musclegod's torso. Brent practically drooled from the feel ing of the growth moving through his entire body. He could feel the mass adding quickly. Dustin's form was sinking even faster while Brent tensed around him. All of his senses were being overloaded by the gigantic man and the masculine scent meshing into his nostrils. He squirmed, feeling his body becoming numb. Brent growled deeply and pressed against the man's back a bit more. Every push sent a new wave of growth through Brent's entire body, causing him to groan out and snarl in bliss. With a firm, finalizing flex, Brent's gigantic body absorbed the man completely, sealing him off from the outside world. He squeezed his monstrous pecs as they throbbed and bulged, veins pushing to the surface of his flesh while the growth continued. All of the mass that Dustin had was slowly added to his own. Drunk on the power surging within his new muscles, Brent growled in delight as his phenomenally powerful abdominal muscles crunched and flexed with more power. His arms bloated and bulged, inflating like huge, heavy balloons. They were kept apart from the growing mounds of pectoral muscle, pushing against his chin. His chest bounced and throbbed as he rolled his massive shoulders. Between his legs, his powerfully massive endowment thickened monstrously and lengthened, inching further up his chest. Veins pushed up along the massive length, bulging along the surface while the growth rippled along it. Twenty inches became twenty-eight inches of solid cock, capped with an enormous mushroom head. Brent's penis was fucking bestial, throbbing and eager for release. "Mmnh... yeah..." he growled loudly as he watched himself grow in the mirror. He panted and gripped his cock while it splattered pre over his body, grinding upward between his pecs. Nearly eight feet tall and bulging with more muscle than any man had the right to have, the too-huge muscle-beast laughed as he flexed. Chase lay on the ground, frozen in terror. “Mmm, Dustin's muscles look good on me, don’t you think?” Brent flexed an arm and turned to Chase with a malicious grin. "All mine now...." Realizing that Brent knew he had awoken caused Chase to snap into action. He leapt to his feet and charged at Brent. “You son of a bitch!” Chase immediately went to throw a punch, aiming it at Brent's stomach, but Brent simply laughed as the fist bounced off his abs. For the next few seconds he watched as Chase tried his best to hurt him, throwing punches and kicks all over his body, even attempting to tackle him. Nothing worked - the muscle god stood there, jacked up and seemingly invincible, and when Chase tired of throwing shots Brent gathered him up in a bearhug. "N-no..." Chase yelled weakly in response, squirming against the huge arm that pinned him against the enormous pectoral muscle. He huffed and whimpered louder, feeling that arm engulfing him more, shoving him along the crook while taking in the growing scent as the heat increased. "Yes. Worship me. Feel my power." Brent whispered with his deep, powerful growl that radiated through the room. "Feel all this mass Dustin gave me." "Fuck....you..." Chase grunted while he tried to pull away, gripping his arms around the forearm as it bulked and bulged with so much strength and size that he couldn't reach all the way around it. At the same time, he felt himself harden as he pushed against the cords of muscle, feeling them tense and bulge out beneath his touch. "That's it dude...you can't help yourself around your god...fuck I feel your boyfriend filling my balls...gonna churn him up into cum..." he continued while squeezing and tensing his arm to make it bloat even wider. Chase's face was redder than ever, trying to fight himself and Brent. He whimpered as he felt his strength disappear against that forearm that held him tight to Brent's chest. Brent flexed his massive cock, trapped between the two of them, sending a spurt of pre onto Chase's face. "I wanna hear it, Chase..." Brent growled deeply, "Tell me that you can't resist me..." Chase's eyes widened as he heard the command, squirming against the huge muscleman's grasp. His resolve faltered, Brent's musk and muscles overtaking his brain. "Can't... help myself around you," Chase sobbed while he started moving his hips, humping that huge chest tensing beneath him. He needed to worship every inch of the muscle god. Dustin was a forgotten memory, his sense of survival long gone. He shoved his dick against Brent's monster rod while precum gushed from the two of them like a water fountain. His hands moved up and down Brent's back, massaging the rippling mass. "Can't resist you... Gotta... worship every... bulge..." Chase groaned out as he slid his dick between Brent's cobblestone abs, feeling it squeeze his sensitive flesh while it throbbed harder and heavier. Brent chuckled in satisfaction and released him. Chase fell to his knees. The bodybuilder looked so small compared to the grown Brent. He prostrated himself at the muscle-god's feet, hugging and kissing at his ankles. He looked up, eyes huge, and shuddered with lust as he realized how massive, how powerful, how absolutely enormous Brent was. The stud smiled down at Chase and put his hands on his hips. Chase leaned forward, kissing his way over Brent's calves and thighs, one leg at a time. He left no muscle un-fondled as he worshiped his god, unable to stop himself from babbling his adoration. Brent pointed his massive cock to Chase's face. “Kiss it,” Brent instructed. Chase's mind was a haze, a fuzz of sexual stimuli. But his body obeyed. His hands tried to encircle Brent's monster cock. With one hand it wasn’t even close. With two, he was barely able to encircle his shaft. The scent of sweat and sex and cum was growing even stronger. He leaned in and pressed his lips against Brent's cockhead. He extended his tongue and it slid into Brent's slick glans. Chase groaned. He used one hand to stroke Brent's cock as he kissed it, and reached under with the other, taking a hand and gripping his balls, letting those big, churning nuts pour over his palm. They were heavy, and seemed to thrum with power as he hefted them. "Feel that bitch?" Brent asked menacingly. "Feel my big nuts getting heavier? The last bits of your boyfriend are gonna be a nice big load of cum for you." Chase was too far gone to react to Brent's taunts. He let Brent smear his face with pre and force his mouth onto Brent's beast. His jaw creaked. That musky, monster cockhead stretched his lips open, flattened his tongue down, and burrowed to the back of his mouth. Nasty glottal noises came from his throat and his eyes went wide, tears pooling in them. Spit and throat slime first leaked, then splattered from the corners of his mouth and down his chin. Brent fucked Chase's face for a few minutes, never managing to force more than half of his 28-incher down Chase's throat. Finally, sensing his partner was rapidly losing consciousness, he pulled out and let Chase catch his breath. "Your mass... your musk, it's too much," Chase gasped, as he leaned against Brent's crotch, trying to catch his breath. "Oh, my god!" he cried out as he came without touching himself, spraying jets of jizz on to Brent's thighs. Brent groaned in appreciation, his cock throbbing over Chase's shoulder. Brent bent his legs and crouched down a little, placing his towering penis between Chase's thick quads. Instinctively, Chase began to flex his quads, giving Brent an erotic massage. Brent straightened his legs and he lifted Chase off the floor with his steel-strong cock. Chase gasped as Brent lifted him up, supporting him only with his dick as it stuck out behind Chase's glutes. Brent wrapped his arms around Chase and pulled him in for a kiss. Chase nearly went into convulsions as Brent's tongue penetrated his mouth. They ran their hands up and down each other's muscular bodies. "I'm going fuck you now," Brent growled, excitement growing, "and pump what's left of your boyfriend up your ass." Brent lifted Chase up until his the massive tip of his cock pushed up between the bodybuilder's legs. Slowly, he pushed the grapefruit-sized head against Chase's hole. It looked like there was no way this thing could fit inside. Chase shuddered nervously, knowing he was powerless to stop what was to come. Brent held his cock still and allowed his precum to lubricate the opening. He stared into Chase's eyes. His mighty hands steadily held the stud's legs apart as he waited for the hole to open and welcome him in. "Oh no please! That monster is gigantic, you can't!" Chase begged, knowing it was futile. His heart raced. He took a deep breath and nodded quickly. Brent impaled him in one swift move. Almost instantly, electricity raced through Chase's body. He yowled out loud, but soon was panting and gasping, his ass clenching around the meat that was spreading and stretching him apart. Brent pulled him down hard, watching as his gut distended, stretching around his immense length. Chase could feel his organs being pushed aside as Brent's massive dick filled him up. "Want more?" Brent said to Chase, though the tone of his voice made it clear he was going to get more no matter what Chase said. "Please....fuck....oh fuck..." Chase panted, unable to process anything beyond the massive invader inside him. Brent slammed into Chase's ass again, shoving more of his arm-sized dick into the bodybuilder. Chase's body was forced to stretch and expand around it, bulging his abs upward while spreading him wider and wider. His own dick was throbbing upward, slapping against his own abs as it bounced from the stimulation. Hot pre was oozing from his cockslit, soaking his chest as Brent plunged his 28-inch monster deeper into him. The bulge in Chase's gut was expanding and pushing upward, further stretching his body. Cum squirted back out around the thick member as it surged inside the twitching male. "Fuck...you might rip me apart!" Chase said. He wasn't sure how he was taking such a gigantic length, but it felt too good to ponder for more than a few moments. His waist bulged with the shape of that cock, steadily pushing up through his waist and belly. Squirming, he tried his best to push back, moaning out in bliss. Right at that moment, Brent slammed his muscular hips forward and completely hilted the bodybuilder. His heavy nuts slammed into Chase's ass, and Chase's own nuts bounced against Brent's abs. Brent and Chase roared out, the latter's cock immediately erupting and spraying jizz all over the two of them. His eyes were rolled back in utter euphoria as sensations he never could have imagined coursed through his body. "I'm... yours. You're so big... I can't feel anything but your huge cock..." Chase groaned, gurgling as a bit of precum dribbled from his lips. He choked and coughed a bit as the salty liquid rose up through his throat. There was a tearing sound as Chase's guts were rearranged by the 28 inch, arm-thick monster. Brent lifted Chase's right leg and corkscrewed him around his cock so that he was facing away from him and wrapped his arms and legs up in a full nelson. Brent walked over to the mirror and began pounding Chase up against the glass. For fifteen nonstop minutes, Brent hammered Chase into the wall, until Chase was seeing stars. Then Chase felt the most profound throbbing sensation in his chest as Brent's cock stretched him further. Brent groaned loudly as he came. "Fuuuuuck!" he yelled. His dick jerked violently inside Chase's abdomen and began to explode with cum. Chase's eyes grew wide. The pain and pleasure of Brent's ejaculations became more intense with each successive blast of cum. Chase began to cum again as Brent's load flowed out of his mouth and ass. Finally, Brent was done. He lowered the two of them to the ground, slowly pulling himself out of Chase. As the tip of his cock popped out of Chase's gaped ass, a huge burst of semen gushed out, drenching his legs and the floor. Chase fell into a quivering mess on the floor, his brain short circuited from the overwhelming stimulation. He felt himself being flipped over, his back on the floor and Brent kneeling on top of him. The weight of Brent's body forced Chase's swollen abdomen flat in a deluge of jizz. He couldn’t see his own legs, and he couldn’t feel them either. “Feel.” The command was irresistible, and Chase leaned upwards to feel just one of those biceps, running his fingers along the cords of muscle rippling underneath the smooth skin, feeling the curvature and how it shifted his fingers apart with just the slightest flex. He leaned further forward and pressed his face into those pecs again, letting the hardness shape the soft tissues of his face. “Are you ready to be part of this massive body?” Brent asked through his heavy breathing. The exhausted bodybuilder hesitated before he seemed to make his choice, "I want...no I NEED to be yours...please...please add me to your body and use my mass for yourself." Chase shoved his face between Brent's massive pecs, his face turning deep red. Brent chuckled and immediately flexed them, causing Chase's nose to sink between them. The shameless begging drove the musclegod insane with lust, he decided to graciously grant his request and make it as slow and intimate as possible. The worshipper let out a loud, whimpering moan as he pushed upwards, grinding himself against them while Brent flexed and tensed his huge chest. Brent savored Chase's muscular body. In long teasing strokes, the massive stud used his tongue to trace Chase's neck, then delts, then made his way slowly down his chest. He flickered over the other man's nipples, biting at them. Brent's hands held Chase down by the wrists at one end, pinning him with his hips at the other. He leant in and kissed Chase slowly and deeply, tongue shoving slowly into the other man's mouth. They smiled at each other as they began to glow. Chase was silent, only biting his lower lip while he stared at the huge man. Brent enveloped Chase in his huge mass, his throbbing cock sliding between Chase's legs and up his back. Chase took in a deep breath, intoxicated by the masculine musk surrounding him. This time, Chase knew what was happening, a delighted groaning moan and whimper escaping him as the process began. "This...was what was always meant to happen...what I always wanted to happen...I never knew until now what my purpose truly was but this is it...fuel for a greater male...a god...thank..you...for..everything...sir." Chase felt himself weaken. "Yes... you are mine.. Make me bigger," the huge man rumbled as he brought a hand along the back of the Chase's head. Without another word, that huge hand pulled it forward. Chase's head easily sank between the mountains of muscle, tugging him slowly deeper into Brent's body. Brent gave a deep moan that vibrated through the entirety of Chase's body. Deeper Chase sank, his shoulders and chest sinking in. Brent tensed and flexed, pulling more of Chase forward, thighs now starting to disappear into his great mountains. Brent grinned and let his body work. The man's legs were engulfed by his enormous thighs and quads. He let go of Chase's arms, letting them drift back to his sides as he trailed his fingers along Chase's wide back. He reached around and rubbed his godly pillar of cock, feeling it bulge as Chase's mass began to flow into it. He took a heavy breath and rolled his shoulders, causing his mountainous pectorals to bounce a bit. Giving one last kiss to the top of the head of his prey, Chase sank away into the musclegod, disappearing into the mammoth mounds of muscle. After the deed was done, Brent panted roughly. A warmth spread through his body as his heart pulsed hard. Brent bounced his pecs, already feeling them grow as Chase turned into more muscle for his powerful body. The musclegod threw his head back and let out a deep groan that got progressively deeper while his muscles glowed. His arms expanded, tensing up as veins laced from his shoulders all the way down to his wrists. His biceps inflated like balloons, gurgling and creaking as Brent roared with delight, until they were nearly twice the size of the giant's own head. Brent growled as his arms swelled - they were so huge they wouldn't be able to rest straight down by his side. For a brief moment, Brent doubled over, his chest suddenly feeling like it was trying to pull itself apart. His massive pectorals started to swell in rapid convulsions, his chest pushing up against his chin and preventing him from looking downwards. Those manly muscles pulsed and ached, and it was all Brent could do not to grab and squeeze them, his pecs so enormous they nearly hid his face from view. Across his body, curves were becoming more pronounced, valleys becoming deeper between each massive muscle. Between his legs, his groin pulsed and fattened, filling more space between his huge thighs. He gripped his massive cock tightly and stroked slowly, growling to himself while it spread his thickening digits, getting longer and wider, unable to close his hand around even half of it. He watched it grow and extend before his eyes, gushing precum like a geyser. He groaned and brought his arms up to flex, his gigantic biceps squeezing his head as he did. He turned his head to take a whiff of his own intense musk and climaxed, sending blasts of seed spraying twenty feet across the room. Brent's body thickened, his lats swelling up rapidly to match his pecs, the musclegod's body quickly growing wider and taller it had been before, although his waist didn't change at all. Because of that, it made him look even more exaggeratedly muscular, his overgrown body flexing and throbbing as it grew. His back muscles grew so defined and cut that as he flexed and breathed in deeply it made the Grand Canyon look small in comparison. His legs widened more and more, his calves growing so huge that they pushed each other apart and fought for space, more veins lacing down to his ankles as his thighs grew to match. As Brent grew and grew, he felt himself up compulsively, groping himself utter abandon. The musclegod ground his now 3-foot long monster cock between the mirror and his chest, wringing climax after climax until he was literally coated from head to toe in his own boiling spunk. Finally, the glow faded and his growth slowed, veins receding as his lust-clouded brain cleared. His monster cock softened, hanging down past his knees, drooling onto the floor. Standing back from the drenched mirror, the grinning Brent surveyed his handiwork, nearly overwhelmed by the unbridled might that surged through his veins. He now stood over eight feet tall and at least five feet wide, save for the fact neither his arms nor his legs could hang straight down anymore. His freaky quads were fucking mountains, shredded and rippling and so overdeveloped every fucking muscle was roiling like cables under his skin. They were so huge in fact, that even with his stance adjusted so wide the two masses were still grinding against each other, the slightest of movements causing the muscles to bulge magnificently. Lifting up his incredible arms, Brent flexed them as hard as he could, not caring that he had lost some flexibility since the beginnings of his growth when he realized just how jacked they had become. His growth had pushed him to the absolute limit. His veins throbbed whenever he flexed, every fucking muscle group swelling with power at the slightest of whims. It would be a few days before his body condensed his new gains, compressing the power into mounds of muscles as hard as granite. He estimated he'd shrink down to maybe seven and a half feet tall, four feet wide, enough to regain his flexibility. Until then, Brent would enjoy his overpumped body, reveling in the power coursing through him. Brent smirked and growled monstrously. “All mine…” he whispered with a deep snort and a heavy growl, rubbing his pecs once more before he relaxed, closing his eyes and rumbling heavily. "Guess I gotta hit the showers again..."
  19. BrutalPowerDemon


    (WARNING! Extreme brutality and snuff. All characters over 18. If you know this to be offensive to you, don't read! Otherwise, enjoy the story.) THE AWAKENING I’m Brad, a lanky, tall-for-my-age white guy starting at a new high school comprised of students eighteen and older. I was a bit nervous, of course, and it didn’t help that I was just really beginning to understand my sexual cravings for massive, cut, and vascular muscles coupled with dominance and power. I had found myself drawn to magazines, entertainment, and art depicting the tallest and most massive, and muscle-bulging, thickly veined men. My cock always responded by lurching in a feeble attempt to feel the size and hardness of the hyper-masculine monsters to which I was drawn. I lusted not only to be in the presence of such manly beasts, but to see them use their power in the most gruesome of ways.be such a fearsome creature. I went to my assigned home-room and quickly found my seat amongst the other kids. My home-room teacher, a hulking, muscular black man, sat at his desk as the students found their seats. Of course, my eyes were glued to the dark-skinned, mid-twenties-year-old teacher as he took roll and droned on. His handsome face, thick, muscular neck, and bulging pectorals and biceps stretched his clothing and left nothing to the imagination. His form and authority excited both of my heads’ rapt attention as butterflies fluttered in my gut and superheated blood began to flood my loins. My dick throbbed larger and harder with each beat of my pounding heart. The bell rang and I filed out of the room with the other kids, backpack hiding my raging hard-on, to head to my first class. Passing by a room, I glanced in and saw an absolutely massive young Asian boy, Korean I thought, and possessing stunningly handsome features from head to exposed toes. He stood at least seven feet tall and powerful muscles rippled over his entire superlative body! He was surrounded by other kids, all much smaller, of course, as he spoke to one a little shorter than my five feet, ten and a half inch height, but much more muscular than I. I heard his deep voice, cocky and condescending as he spoke, and, apparently with good reason as both his physical and mental superiority was clear..I stepped into the room and stared at the unbelievably handsome, dark-skinned behemoth whose size and obvious strength reminded me of a powerfully muscled bull. My mouth went dry as my semi-hard cock, still concealed by my backpack, rocketed to full attention, once again.. The kingly Korean boy wore a t-shirt stretched tight over his magnificent torso, every muscle-fiber danced beneath his shirt and visibly rippled with unimaginable power. He wore shorts that couldn’t possibly obscure the huge sex-muscle that arched out and down at the crotch, straining the zipper holding his clearly outlined mass of flaccid manhood and large, churning testicles back. A girl that had shuffled in behind me moaned longingly, “Amazing, isn’t he? That’s Kang-dae. It’s inconceivable that he’s just turned eighteen, isn’t it?.” I nodded my head in agreement of her perception. Then I heard the kid Kang-dae was talking to, whose name I later learned was Wesley, raise his voice and state emphatically to Kang-dae, “FINE! Let’s do it now, you fucking FREAK.” Kang-dae’s dark eyes twinkled as a wide, toothy grin spread across his stunning face. “You sure, you puny little runt? You think you can beat THIS in an arm-wrestling match?” his rumbling, deep voice boomed as he raised his massive arms and flexed. The bottom of his t-shirt rose up majestically to reveal the thickly corrugated rows of abdominal muscles rippling beneath his venous skin. His enormous biceps and triceps snapped to attention and pumped larger and harder than any muscles I had ever seen . . . even on pictures of the roided bodybuilders my cock frequently drooled over in magazines and on the bodybuilding shows I watched on TV.! The magnitude of his bulk that rippled and writhed as he twisted his thick, bowling-pin like forearms back and forth was mind-boggling. He clearly admired his own muscular beauty and expected others to do the same. His shirt sleeves slowly tore away from his brawn’s assault on the flimsy fabric straining to cover his biceps and triceps as they popped into solid, thick diminsionality, exposing more dark, hard, and venous flesh. The meaning of K-POP changed in my lustful brain in an instant. Kang-dae walked over to a table and knelt down, thumping an elbow down on the table top as Wesley did the same on the other side of the table. As they knelt, I couldn’t help but notice Kang-dae’s massive feet as his heals raised up from his huge flip-flops he wore to contain his pervasive stompers. Wesley’s muscular arm looked like a twig eclipsed by the undulating brawn of Kang-dae’s muscle-hulking arm. I gasped as Wesley’s hand was engulfed in Kang-dae’s monstrous palm. “Are you SURE you want to arm-wrestle me, you pathetic little wuss? You look like a stick man compared to me. HA!” Kang-dae taunted as windows overlooking the courtyard rattled. “You know I could effortlessly snap you in two like a worthless little dry twig, right?” he continued, his large, pearly-white teeth exposed in a sardonic grin. Wesley now looked less cocky and more nervous as the muscles in his own arm bunched and hardened. It was now obvious to him that there was no comparison between he and KD (which I quickly decided that was how I would refer to Kang-dae, if he permitted). Wesley’s arm truly was puny compared to Kang-dae’s overpowering musculature. Wesley’s lips became tight as he strained, the veins on his neck and arms throbbing larger. Kang-dae looked down into the rattled boy’s eyes, “When do you want to start, my new little BITCH.” Kang-dae grinned as he licked his full lips. Wesley’s eyes grew wide as he felt KD begin to exert pressure. “Never mind, Kang-dae! I concede. I have no doubt you could fuck me up . . .BAD! I’m sorry I gave you shit, man.” he blurted as he tried to pull his hand away. Kang’s thigh-thick arm suddenly exploded with muscle as a loud CRRRAACK echoed through the room. “No take-backs, pussy.” KD rumbled intently as his fist slammed the smaller boy’s hand into the table as he closed his eyes, licked his full lips, and grinned evily. Wesley’s mouth dropped in a silent scream as his forearm simply snapped in two under Kang-dae’s inhuman power, his bone tearing through his flesh. Blood splattered the colossal Asian as he grinned and moaned in pleasure, licking some of Wesely’s blood away that had splattered onto his lips. His other huge hand lowered and rubbed his expanding, long, thick cock through his tight shorts. My own hard, throbbing cock bucked repeatedly as cum erupted into my shorts in dizzying bursts, soaking through the fabric and dripping down my leg as I dropped the books that had concealed my lustful reaction to such disdainful, remorseless use of unfettered superiority.. “God DAMN!” buzzed through the room as the kids witnessing the event scattered and bolted towards the door. Wesley seemed to lose consciousness as Kang-dae’s dark-maned head slowly turned and his coal-black eyes bored into my soul. His rumbling voice ordered, “Go get the nurse, boy . . .“ The giant Korean boy’s eyes lowered to my soaked and tented crotch with jizz dripping down my leg and he smirked knowingly, “. . . you puny little faggot. If you liked watching me fuck that little wimp over? You’ll REALLY like what I have to fuck you with, pussy-boy.” he taunted knowingly as his huge hand only partially encircled his enormous shaft through his shorts and squeezed seductively. “Meet me under the bleachers by the football field after school.” he ordered. “Now, MOVE IT!” I felt my face flush as “Holy SHIT! You’re a fucking GOD, KD!” gushed from my lips. He grinned knowingly at me as I absentmindedly grabbed my re-erecting dick. “Whatever you say, Sir.” I responded lustfully as I picked up my books and turned to go get the nurse. I looked over my shoulder as Kang-dae smiled broadly and dipped a long, thick finger into Wesley’s blood pooling on the table. He lifted it to his lips, and licked with his awe-inspiring tongue. Another shot of jizz rocketed from my worshipful dick as I ran into the door frame, quickly composed myself, and exited the room. I didn’t know what happened after I got the nurse and went to my first class (after ducking into a restroom to clean up my cum-soaked shorts). All morning, visions of the impossibly muscled Asian Adonis accosted my brain. My mind’s eye invariably witnessed the mighty Kang-dae growing into a titanic, brutal, and blood-thirsty muscle-bound giant relishing and getting off on using his godly size and power to decimate all those smaller and weaker . . . EVERYONE! After lunch, I headed to gym class. I opened the gym doors and gasped in utter awe and disbelief. I glanced in to witness the muscular brawn of sheer, flawless masculinity lift the base of his shredded t-shirt before tearing it from his thick, rippling, and powerful muscle-bod. Kang-dae now stood shirtless by the basketball court bleachers, his thick, powerful muscles bulging and rippling with primal, vein-encased superiority. His massive palms encircled the thick necks of two of the more muscular boys standing around him in awe. He began effortlessly curling them alternately with his powerful arms, biceps bulging with each rep as the boys uselessly struggled and flailed about in the Asian muscle-beast’s unyielding grasp. After finishing with that apparently light arm workout, he tossed his two living dumbbells aside as if they weighed nothing at all. He then dropped down to the floor. I gasped at the thickness of his back and triceps as he began to easily knock out push ups, his barrel-like chest rippling with muscle. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him . . . absolutely lusting to see this young beast unleash his carnal savagery upon more inferior human creatures. The coach, looking down at a pad he carried, entered the court from his office in the locker room connected to the basketball court/gym and barked, “Time to change into your gym clothes, boys.” He glanced up and saw Kang-dae’s herculean body being raised and lowered by thigh-thick, bulging arms. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from the whale-hung mass of superior masculinity continuing to knock out push-up reps, the boy’s prodigious manhood mashing into the floor every time the herculean lad lowered his magnificent body.. Kang-dae looked me in the eyes, stood, and lifted his inhumanly thick, muscled arms. He grinned, lowered his arms, and ripped his shorts off, leaving him standing bare in his swole beauty and godly superiority. This Korean god’s cock was a thing of utterly destructive size, hardness, and vein-pulsing beauty . . . even soft! KD’s mostly flaccid penis was larger than my arm and pulsing pre-cum prodigiously. It was his most mesmerizing muscle exuding unquenchable virility, unstoppable power, and undeniable dominance. It personified the deadly disdain verbalized as he turned to the coach and roared, “FUCK YOU, you pathetic little excuse for a man!!! I do as I please, do you understand me, little man?” The group of students were rooted to the spot. They were unable to take their eyes off of the powerful teen demeaning the brash coach. I couldn’t help but envision this hyper-masculine, swole, and behemothic teen being more . . . more massive, more powerful, more sadistically perverse. As I watched in enthusiastically aroused awe and lustful craving, the impossible dream began to become reality before our eyes!. Kang-dae’s already mind-boggling muscular bulk began to bloat and balloon, ripple and enlarge. He threw his head back, his trapezius muscles bulged and rose from his back and shoulders framing his thick muscle-neck, large Adam’s-apple bobbing as he swallowed and moaned, “Oh, FUCK! I feel AWESOME!” The colossal boy began to inch upward, his huge feet began to lengthen, sliding across the floor as he expanded. His already inhumanly sized cock throbbed larger until it was six feet or more of thick, muscular flesh oozing of pure, manly sexuality. I fell to my knees as if they had been kicked out from under me. I was drooling with worshipful desire as the totally nude, titanic muscle-teen stepped towards the speechless coach, his engorging, man-sized cock slapping from one massive, muscular thigh to the other as his voluminous nuts churned, perpetually aching for release. His monstrous arms and obscenely protruding chest muscles rippled and ballooned with absolute dominion. Without a second thought, the coach stripped out of his clothing as if by instinct (as did the small group of students mesmerized by Kang-dae’s scaling larger and larger until he towered over us all at a dizzying twenty-five feet tall. His head brushed against the steel rafters of the gym area of the basketball court.. Kang-dae reached down and wrapped his enormous fingers around the stunned coach’s waist, and lifted him effortlessly to his stunning face. The coach, and all of us, breathed in the testosterone-laden musk of Kang-dae’s unstoppable manly strength as the boy’s voice rumbled, “I can actually taste your admiration, fear, and envy, you puny little mortals” Glaring at the trembling coach in his fist, he continued, “You do what I say, without question nor hesitation, pencil dick. You like that, don’t you boi? Someone with TRUE power telling you what to do. Yeah, bitch . . . it’s clear you want to please a REAL man and submit to my unrivaled superiority, you expendable little bug.” Without thinking, Coach stretched his arms wide, reaching out, and placed his hands on Kang’s immense mounds of rippling pectoral muscle, straining to reach far enough to cup the dark, sizeable tits. They would easily have filled each palm to overflowing. “Yes, SIR!” he assented worshipfully, his lust to feel the power of this young colossus overwhelming his ability to resist his base desires. The awe-struck man began to breathe in short, ragged gasps. Kang-dae grinned and slowly flexed his immense pecs, Coach felt the expanse of hot, hard pectorals of the Korean titan expand and harden like boulders. “Holy fucking CHRIST!” the coach blurted as he buried his face in the cavernous cleavage between those rolling, godly pecs, kissing the dark, smooth flesh of his new master. Kang-dae leaned down to coach’s ear, his thick, sensuous lips teasing it as he whispered commandingly, “Cum for your muscle-god, my puny little faggot-bitch.” Coach’s dick obeyed immediately, bypassing his brain completely. A muffled, “Oh, fuck, fuck, FUCK!” left his lips as the now enslaved little man’s dick obeyed instantly, coating Kang-dae’s fingers with volleys of jizz. Coach still lapped at Kang-dae’s smooth, dark flesh as the beastly teen lightly flexed his pectorals, trapping coach’s head as in a vise. As the titan relaxed his bone-crushing flex, Coach looked up into the muscle-beast’s dark, Asian eyes. “I know what you want, you pathetic little muscle-slut.” the giant boy purred knowingly. The coach shook his head as if coming out of a trance and began to struggle uselessly in Kang-dae’s powerful grasp. “KANG-DAE!” the heavily muscled twenty-something year old coach barked, “W-W-W-Who are . . . W-W-WHAT the fuck ARE YOU?“ Kang-dae grinned, his massive, snow-white teeth glistening behind his full lips as he thundered, “A FUCKING GOD TO BE FEARED AND SERVED, YOU PATHETIC LITTLE WASTE OF FLESH!” The colossal Korean’s eyes narrowed with annoyance. His face darkened and his muscles erupted in glorious size and power. My heart began racing as his mighty fist began to constrict around the coach’s little body. Kang raised his free arm and flexed while turning and licking the thick, pulsing veins snaking over his massive biceps. He then pursed his full lips, turned his head on a thick, corded neck, traps again rising like mountains on either side, and loudly kissed that hardened mound of powerful muscle, fibers visibly inundating beneath his smooth, dark skin. He flexed his sequoian cock, hose-thick veins flooding with size-building volume, pulsing larger, thicker, longer. More ore pre-cum bubbled forth and roped to the gym floor. Two of the boys from the group that were openly out of the closet bolted to in-between Kang-dae’s massive feet and torso-thick, diamond-shaped calves and fell on their hands and knees. They leaned down and began lapping at the salty-sweet, godly nectar Kang-dae’s mighty fuck spire pulsed forth. “Do you REALLY want to piss THIS off, you fucking insect?” he seethed ominously to the now flailing little coach. He shook the little man who flapped about in his fist like a powerless little rag-doll. The stunned coach choked out, “KANG-DAE! W-w-w-what the HELL are you d-d-doing? Stop. PLEASE!” even as his eyes bulged out of their sockets beholding such a massive, powerful, teen titan in complete and total control and sexually stimulated by his supreme power over the inferior mortals around him. Kang-dae felt the throbbing re-expansion of the coach’s little dick in his fist. He lowered his mighty arm, partially encircling the girth of his own cock with his massive free fist. He looked the coach in the eyes and rumbled, “You weak, pitiful little BITCH! You WANT to please me, don’t you, you little man-cunt?” he rumbled as he began to slowly stroke his throbbing mass of man-meat. “Who do you think the REAL ALPHA is here, you inconsequential little worm? EVERYTHING about you is weak and puny compared to THIS!” he thundered as he flexed his swole body, detonating with thick, mind-blowing and brutal power. He released his cock and wagged the enormous appendage back and forth, slinging pre-cum onto the remaining group of students. All of the students had already stripped bare and fallen to their knees in complete submission to their godly classmate.. Their dicks were rigid in worshipful recognition of their utter inferiority to such brutal and sensual masculinity clearly evidenced in the titanic body, mind, and soul of the beastly GOD towering over them. Their emasculation was complete and total from just being in his godly and terrifying presence. They scooped up handfuls of the giant’s pre-cum that had just splattered upon them and began to use the hot liquid as the most effective cock-lube to ever exist. They began to moan, “Oh, GOD! You ARE a GOD. There is NONE as powerful as you are, Kang-dae!” Coach turned bright red and began drooling and choking as pressure continued to slowly build in Kang-dae's mighty fist. “How long have you wanted to witness TRUE POWER, you worthless little mite. HA! HA! HA!” Kang-dae bellowed as he lowered the sputtering little coach to his thick and twitching, man-sized cock. “Even my COCK is larger and more powerful than you are, you puny little creature. You DARED to attempt to exert authority over ME? You are INFERIOR to me in every fucking way, you damned little pest. FUCK YOU!” Coach looked confused and trapped, yet his dick responded to the size, power, and superior mental domination of the creature that was toying with him. His throbbing dick exploded once again in a rapturous orgasm within Kang-dae’s crushing fist. Kang-dae’s face darkened, once again, “You DARE to use me for your own pleasure, dick weed? You exist for MINE!” he growled. I heard my voice blurt out, “Oh, FUCK, KD! You are SO fucking HOT! Don’t hold anything back! Show us what you can do. Coach is nothing but a fuckiing bug to you! FUCK him! You are a GOD! Show us what a true MUSCLE-GOD does to ANYONE he chooses. PLEASE!” I heard my voice pleading lustfully. “I live to serve YOU, Almighty Kang-dae!” The other boys looked at me, first in horror, but then in lustful agreement. Now out of my own clothing, as well, my rigid, rock-hard dick saluted such manly, muscular vorocity and power. I crawled to one of Kang-dae’s expansive feet and began to kiss him, lapping at the hot, salty-sweet pre-cum dripping from his towering cock throbbing hard above me. “Oh, YEAH, I remember you, puny little faggot! You were POWERLESS and shot your load looking at me snap Wesley’s arm like a brittle little twig earlier. I KNEW you were mine as soon as I saw you blow your load to supreme superiority and unconstrained, pitiless power. LOOK AT ME NOW, CUM DUMP! Somehow, I believe you have helped me reach this landmark, you sick little bitch. And this is just the beginning! You really want to see what I can do, don’t you, pathetic little muscle-slut?” he derided me as he placed the coaches tiny little, muscled ass over his impossibly large and pre-cum flowing mushroom cock-head. “Oh, GOD, YES! PLEASE! Be the brutally cruel and savage exterminator of inferior fucks that I know you are!” I sputtered as I reached down and began to stroke my hard, pulsing dick in his thick, slippery pre-cum. “I know that we are all just playthings for your amusement and sexual pleasure. SHOW US what you REALLY ARE, devastatingly savage Kang-Dae!” I begged lustfully. I could hear coach’s muffled screams, begging for release from the beast toying with him so effortlessly. Kang-dae looked me in the eyes and rumbled, “Oh, FUCK YEAH, you worshipful, horny little bug!” as he exerted a downward force on the coach. A cock-head with more girth that th coaches body touched the coaches ass and he began to scream maniacally. “Oh, GOD! NOOOO!” he wailed as KD grinned. The horny beasy began twisting Coach’s fighting body onto his magnificent cock. Coach’s voice became a shrill, piercing, almost female scream, as his ass was slowly stretched and split to make room for KD’s much larger and more powerful cock. His pelvis split and skin tore as the puny little body distorted and stretched to make room for the titan’s hungry sex organ, throbbing and pulsing majestically as the quickly becoming human condom assumed the shape of the monstrous cock brutally invading it. The muffled sounds of screaming began dying away as the slurpy snapping and smashing of bones an flesh echoed throughout the cavernous space of the court/gym. KD then simply thrust his cock through the man’s body, exploding through the neck as the corpse’s head lulled to the side, unseeing eyes still agape in terror. The almighty KD released his twitching cock fully embedded in the coach’s bloody, mashed and shattered remains. Its flesh was stretched around the vein-mapped cock so tight that the cock’s vein-mapped shaft’s pulsing veins were clearly visible. Legs splayed out at the colossal cock’s base as arms jiggled about further up the shaft. “Puny, fucking little fleshlight.” Kang-dae, growled as he encircled his horny fuck-trunk, squeezed hard, and again began to stroke. The worthless remains of the coach quickly began to tear away and flop to the floor in torn and liquified pieces mixed with the godly pre-cum of the ever-horny teen titan using it as a bloody cock lube. One of the larger students shuffled towards Kang-dae while wildly stroking his dick. “Oh, my GOD, Kang-dae! You ARE power, brutally sensual and uncaring. I fucking want to be like you! To FEEL such deadly strength and omnipotent supremacy!” “HA! HA! HA!” Kang-dae roared. “You STUPID little worm! FEEL my ruthless, sadistic power, you ignorant fucking BUG!” he thundered lustfully as he snatched the now cowaring little teen from the floor in his gore-dripping fist, encircling his head and torso. Muffled screams filled the air as he encircled the doomed little creature’s lower half in his other fist, growled demonically and flicked his wrists down in opposite directions. A loud CRACK echoed through the gymnasium as the puny boy’s body was effortlessly snapped in two like a fucking dry twig by this powerful Korean boy-god. His inhuman muscles ballooned in size and hardness as he pulled the doomed little man’s body apart effortlessly with a squishy RRIIIP as his back and shoulder muscles swelled and hardened majestically. Blood and gore splattered his rippling chest and dripped down over his cobblestone abdominals, throbbing cock, me, and my two pre-cum lapping, lustful classmates. Blood poured from the muscle-beast’s fists as his dancing muscles exerted the immense pressure necessary to compact the foolish boy’s remains to a squishy paste in his deadly fists. “FUCKING COCKROACH” he rumbled as he tossed the two halves of what remained of the snuffed teenager aside like so much garbage. The gelatinous remains slid across the gym floor, impacting the walls at opposite sides of the gym with a squishy SPLAT while leaving a telltale crimson trail of blood across the floor.. I was now drooling onto the Asian god’s large, manly feet and my mind couldn’t help but picture this perfect, young mountain of muscle becoming more of the callous, death-dealing giant than he had already proved, beyond ANY doubt, that he was. He knew he was unstoppable and, quite obviously, lusted to become more. Trembling, I looked up as he scooped some of the coach’s and ignorant teen’sremains into his massive hand, lifted the blood-dripping mitt to his full, thick lips and extended his tongue to lap at a gorey snack. I blurted out worshipfully, “Holy FUCK! You ARE the sadistic and bloodthirsty muscle-BEAST I have had dreams about since I was a kid! It is YOU! NOTHING can stop you, my GOD, from eradicating the inferior vermin that can only annoy such perfection as only you are. I pledge myself to you and praise you for what you are: A TERRIFYING GOD OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION!!” I gushed worshipfully. The shocked boys were still on their knees in fear and awe, rigid dicks in hand, and drooling at the brutal, unrestrained power of the swole muscle giant standing over them. Kang-dae looked down over his protruding, gravity-defying mounds of pectoral beef at me, the two pre-cum sucking sluts, and the other dozen or so boys, dicks in hands, drooling up at the beastly teen titan. GOD grinned. “Does anyone here have a problem with me?” the impossibly brawny behemoth growled as he continued lapping blood and gore from his homicidally violent hands.. Everyone, including me, answered almost in unison, “No, Kang-dae!” One of the openly gay teens that had been feasting on Kang-dae’s pre-cum stood and addressed Kang-dae, “Almighty, Divine, and Fearsome Kang-dae, I long to feel your power, to touch your flesh, to bring you pleasure!” The other jumped up and begged, “Please, my GOD! I wish to please you, as well. Accept me as an offering to herald your omnipotent sovereignty over all.” Emboldened, one of the previously straight weightlifting students stood, stroking his raging erection. “I have wanted to please you ever since I first saw you, Kang-dae. But now, holy FUCK! I also want to feel your power. I always thought you were a god, but, oh FUCK! You ARE a GOD! PLEASE, GOD, allow me to be of use to you!!” the muscled teen begged, almost prayerfully. At that moment, the double gym doors swung open and the hunky, black homeroom teacher strode into the gym talking on his cell phone, eyes on the floor as he walked. He turned off his cell phone and looked up when he reached where the boys were gathered on their knees gawking upward, erect dicks in hand. “What the HELL is going on here, boys?” he stuttered before turning around and looking up in the same direction as the boys. He beheld the thick, swole teen smirking down at him, full, rounded muscles rippling beneath the smooth, vein-mapped brown skin. His mouth dropped open as his eyes roamed the expanse of hard, bulging muscle packed on this Asian teen giant. He saw smears of red on the masses of pectoral muscle and rippling abdominals. A muscle cock larger than his body throbbed and roped pre-cum to the floor. The teacher was barely knee high to this powerful looking teen beast, and the boy’s muscled calves were thicker than the teacher-s buff torso. “Kang-dae?” he whimpered as his hand reached out to feel the hard, smooth skin stretched over the behemoth’s massive split calf muscle. It was solid and hot to the touch, muscle fiber rippling beneath the teacher’s quaking palm. “Jesus Christ! How can you be . . . what’s happening . . . y-y-y-you . . . what have you done!” he stuttered out. “Join us, little man. Strip out of your clothes.” Kang-dae rumbled authoritatively. “Young man . . . ” the now worried teacher protested, but his mind went blank as he looked up at the large, inhumanly handsome young titan flexing over him, and the twitching, pulsing cock containing more muscle than flexed in his puny little body. “NOW!” Kang-dae thundered, shattering the basketball backboards with just the powerful vibration of his voice. The teacher quickly disrobed, muscles bulging beneath his obsidian skin. His nine inch, flaccid dick hung over large balls nestled between his muscular thighs. The teacher glanced around trying to figure a way to get himself and the other students away from this powerful, colossal muscle boy. It was then that he noticed the streaks of blood on the floor and apparent nearly liquified body parts splattered against the wall. He looked to the opposite wall and saw the same. “Shit! What have you done? This is IMPOSSIBLE! What in God’s name ARE you?” he bleated. Kang-dae’s eyes narrowed as he rumbled, “What have I done? Look at me!” he smirked as he flexed his inconceivable, awe-inspiring tonnage of thick, rounded musculature, his entire body exploding with rock-solid, rippling masses of muscle, hose-thick throbbing veins pulsing over every surface. His bloody, mansized fuck muscle twitched over beachball sized, churning nuts, spurting steaming pre-cum onto the naked teacher. “I do whatever the FUCK I want, you puny piece of fuck-meat!” he bellowed. He smirked as he continued, “And what in God’s name am I? HA! HA! HA! I am YOUR GOD, your pretentious little prick, and your God’s name is Kang-dae . . . now . . . KNEEL BEFORE ME!” he commanded thunderously, his tone turning angry. The teacher’s bladder released at such sights and sounds. As piss flowed from his cock, Kang-dae’s steaming hot pre-cum roped down onto the teacher’s thickly muscled, obsidian body. He raised an arm and wiped the salty liquid from his eyes, opening them to see the godly boy flexing over him. His knees buckled as if in direct obedience to the boy-god commanding him. His pissing cock rocketed to worshipful attention and he couldn’t help but slowly stroke his rock-hard, ample shaft using the giant’s slippery pre-cum even as he lapped at the liquid covering his face. “W-W-W-Where is C-C-Coach?” the teacher inquired quietly. Kang-dae lifted a hand towards his rippling, corrugated abs, each brick of muscle larger than several concrete blocks combined. He slid his fingers against his flesh, up and over the cliffs of his pecs, scooping blood onto his fingers. The titanic teen leaned forward and held his bloody fingers in front of the teacher’s face. “He was the first of many to succumb to my will and the fulfillment of my desires.” With that, Kang-dae lifted his fingers to his thick lips, extended his long, thick tongue, and lapped the blood from his fingers. As the teacher saw the teen beast lap the blood from his fingers, and grin a bloody grin, his cock exploded in ecstatic orgasm, his seed sailing up and onto Kang-dae’s lip. Kang-dae stood back up and eyed the still cumming little man. “I see you approve, fragile little insect.” He then licked the insects cum from his lip, looked into the eyes of the embarrassed and ashamed little teacher, “You taste good, little man. You may be of service to me in maintaining all this muscle mass, puny little cum dump! Now, you can observe how those who pledge themselves to me are rewarded. I think it will really please you. ”Now, who is first. Oh, yes,” he looked at the boy that first stood and asked to touch his flesh, to feel his power. He leaned forward, once again, extended his thick rippling arm, and encircled the trembling little teen in his fist. Everyone saw the boy immediately begin humping inside Kang-dae’s lightly clenched fist. Kang-dae brought the boy to his belly-button and pressed him against his flesh beneath his palm, face first. The grateful boy rubbed the hot muscle-flesh and began kissing it as he resumed humping. Kang-dae began sliding his little body up his abdominals slowly, over the deep ridges of his rippling ab muscles. The boy blurted out, “Oh, my GOD! So much MUSCLE! So HARD and POWERFUL! I BEG YOU to let me serve you, Kang-Dae, ALL the days of my life! I pray to bring you pleasure, MY GOD!” He looked up to see Kang-dae’s drop-dead-gorgeous face, but his view was obstructed by the incredibly thick overhang of his God’s powerful pectoral muscles. He felt his body continuing to be rubbed up against Kang-dae’s magnificent torso, his own head and torso sliding into the hot, sweaty cleavage of the titan so effortlessly using him. The rest of Kang-dae’s playthings were watching in awe of how easily the titanic teen was moving the little body up his muscled chest. They were dumbfounded when they saw Kang-dae lightly flex his pec’s, completely enveloping the small boy’s head and torso between the masses of muscle. Kang-dae then removed his hand, leaving the boy suspended in front of his grinding abs and held in place by his light pectoral flexion. The worshipful little toy’s legs began kicking frantically. Kang-dae lowered his hand and began to slowly stroke his massive shaft. More pre-cum bubbled forth, streaming down onto the other two who had begged to please him. The titan grinned an evil grin, leaned forward and grabbed the second teen that had begged to please him. The first teen continued kicking wildly, his head, torso, and arms pinned in the deep cleavage formed between Kang-dae’s masses of rippling, immovable pectoral muscle. The titanic muscle teen stopped stroking his throbbing fuck muscle and laid the second teen on top of the shaft. “Pleasure me, boy!” he thundered. The grateful little boy-toy wrapped his arms and legs as far around the hard, vein-mapped girth of Kang-dae’s cock and began rubbing and humping with all his might. He breathed out lustfully, “So massive, hard, and hot! Your God-cock would fuck the life out of anything it impaled. MY GOD! You are PERFECT in every way! How can I ever please you, Mighty Kang-dae?” he praised and begged all at the same time. Kang-dae grinned and licked his voluminous lips as he encircled his cock with one powerful fist, and the boy riding it. He began to slowly stroke. The remaining toys gawked at the sensual, sadistic display of Kand-dae’s total control over them and gasped in lustful awe as they saw him slowly begin to flex his chest muscles further. At the same time, they noticed his stroking arm begin to harden and balloon with flexing muscle. The teacher began pumping his cock and raspily blurted, “Holy FUCKING CHRIST! Oh, my GOD! YESSSS!” I looked over at the hunky black teacher, sweating profusely as he stroked. I walked over to him and inserted my hand into his cleavage. “Feel what he feels, you sick fuck!” I encouraged. Immediately, I felt my hand compressed by the power of this man’s pecs flexing around my flesh and bone. I looked up at Kang-dae. He had a brutal, lustful look on his face that was both terrifying and hot as fuck. His deep, guttural voice pronounced, “THIS is how you serve me, puny bugs . . . THIS is how you please me, weak, ignorant insects. BEHOLD!” With that, his planetary pectorals solidified into unyielding masses of granite hard muscle. The plaything pinned within the cleavage instantaneously compressed to mush in and his head and torso’s liquefied remains sprayed from the space that no longer existed between those rippling, deadly mountains of power. God alternately flexed those muscular masses, masticating and obliterating any remnants of the boy’s physical existence. Blood, brains, and gore dripped from the obliterated cleavage of the muscle-beast titan and ran down his abs.While still stroking the other little worshiper against his pulsing cock, he lifted his free hand and snatched the twitching legs still dangling from his hungry pectorals. He looked the teacher crushing my hand between his pectorals and grinned. “You like, little muscle-slut? THIS is power, bitch!” he smiled as his stroking arm exploded with size. There was a short yelp as the crunching and breaking of bones could be heard from the fist compressing the second teen to a liquified, gritty lube for Kang-dae’s stroking pleasure. Blood flowed from between those powerful fingers and pieces of the boy’s disintegrating body flopped down upon us. Kang-dae tossed the first boy’s legs aside in disgust. “You are ALL such puny and fragile little playthings!” The teacher starting cumming uncontrolably, his cock bucking wildly in dry orgasm until blood started spurting. He released his pec-hold on my hand, grabbed my skull and thrust his spasming cock down my throat, skull fucking me as he drooled, staring up at his GOD jacking his man-sized, blood covered cock. The third teen, the bodybuilder, was blubbering, “Oh, my GOD! Oh, my GOD! Oh, FUUUUUCCKKKK!!!” Kang-dae grinned down at him. “Are YOU ready to serve me, puny little pussy-boy. . . to PLEASE me?” he snarled. The boy looked terrified and turned to run, but the teacher POPPED his cock from my mouth, grabbed the fleeing teen and shoved him towards Kang Dae. “My offering to you, Kang Dae, my savage and merciless GOD!” Kang-dae grinned, reached down and snatched the bodybuilder teen from the floor and lifted him to his face. He stopped stroking his cock and lifted that hand, dripping with blood infused pre-cum, and set the teen in his palm. “Stand, boy.” Kang-dae ordered. The thickly muscled teen stood, trembling. “You look to be a sturdier toy than the first two, you puny little insect. Show me your biceps, like this.” The teen titan raised one arm and flexed, his biceps and triceps leaping to rock-hard mounds of inhuman muscle as large as a car.. Even though scared shitless, the boy’s ample dick rocketed to attention and saluted GOD. He moaned in lust to be able to be so brutal and barbaric, he yearned for such size, such power, and he moaned, “My GOD! I am yours. I live to please you!” as, standing in Kang-dae’s palm, he raised his arms and flexed as hard as he could. Kang-dae lifted the flexing little muscle-teen to his face and examined his muscular little body. He pursed his lips and blew, his hot, bloody breath wafting over the teen who immediately erupted in another orgasmic expulsion of semen. Kang-dae grinned, exposing his massive teeth before extending his tongue and licking the boy’s rigid cock and balls and, indeed, his entire body since it was so small in comparison to KD’s tongue. “Pathetic, you worthless little cunt. Feel what a REAL muscle feels like.” Kang-dae smirked as he moved his hand holding the boy over to his flexed biceps. “Climb on, puny little pussy boy.” The little bodybuilder gushed, “OH! Thank you, my GOD!” as he climbed onto the rippling, vein encased mound of muscle. “Oh, GOD! So MASSIVE, HOT, and HARD.” He mounted the titan’s colossal arm and began to grind, his little body sliding into the space between the biceps and the forearm. Kang-dae grinned and slowly brought his forearm up, trapping the lustful teen between his muscular forearm and rising biceps. The teen began to compress from the crotch upwards he screeched as his cock and balls were crushed flat and exploded. The pain was too great for screaming as his hips were pulverized. “THAT, puny maggot, is powerful muscle!” Kang-dae chuckled as, with his free hand, he lifted the boy with two fingers clenched onto his muscled little abs. He brought the crippled and crying teen to his lips as he grinned a devilish grin and licked. “You wanted to serve me? You will . . . as a protein rich snack, muscle-toy!” “NOOOOO!” shrieked the broken teen bodybuilder as Kang-dae inserted the boy’s head and shoulders into his mouth and exposed his massive teeth before biting down, cutting the cry’s short as he severed the muscled little teens upper body at just below his pecs. Blood spurted from between his teeth as he positioned that first bite between his molars, clenched his jaws an CRUNCHED on his first bite, chewing the muscles, skull, and bones to mush and swallowing hard, a large lump visibly descending down his throat. He lowered the remainder of the boy’s body to his throbbing sex trunk and crushed it against the hot, hard flesh and slowly stroked. “Mmmmm.” he moaned. “Before I leave here, I am going to test your devotion to me, little pleasure toys. I am stoked to be worshipped, to instill fear, and to rampage beyond these walls. “YESSS, MY GOD, ALMIGHTY AND ALL POWERFUL KANG-DAE!” I cried out lustfully. Kang-dae lowered his gaze to me and purred, “Good little bitch. You see me as more, don’t you you bloodlusting little power slut?” as he reached down and snatched the worshipful little teacher from beside me, lifting him to his now glaring face. “Now, what about YOU?” the burgeoning deified, lustful teen Asian muscle-beast growled ominously as he licked his bloody lips and licked the new playthings muscular, black little body. Then the bell rang to change classes.
  20. Hi everyone, thanks for readeing as always, remember that this story is very snuff riented, so if this is not your thing there are some wonderfull stories in this forum. If yu like it , hope you enjoy. Freakoman2 and Mczapl, as always, thanks The Secret Snuffers Society Part 22- Promotion It was a big house on a hill, the mansion was so well positioned to see anyone trying to reach it. The mansion was surrounded by a tall wall, so it looked more or less like a small military base. There were at least 15 soldiers patrolling at the mansion. At least what you could see from the other side of the wall. At the top of the mansion there was a terrace and Miguel was shirtless looking at the plains in front of the base. Miguel was proud of that place, he built for himself and all his shady operations, he worked for several year as a tug, and by hard work, cunning senses and some opportune kills he climbed the latter until he became chief of the drug cartel. Miguel was also strong, he trained hard into boxing, so he was feared not only for his ruthlessness but also he was known on the cartel as “Iron Fist”, no one could defeat him in a boxing match and he loved boxing matches. He was feared y all and he feared no one…until recently, ever since he saw Wolf crushing and tearing his assassin apart, he begun to fear the day he would meet Wolf. He knew that he pissed the SSS, but also, he knew that the SSS would not participate on trading drugs, so, in any case they would come they would send such a massive force so to destroy their base, or they would not appear. Miguel wasn’t sure about what would happen, he prepared his men to face a big army, he knew the SSS destroyed the Old Red’s, and the Italians mafia’s, they also destroyed the Arañas even when they were heavy armed and acted like the armed division of the cartel, however the SSS destroyed all of them so Miguel thought were spited between the “no show” or “big army” alternatives, he was convinced that the SSS would send all their might to fight him, however for him, he didn’t had any insider information about the whereabouts of the destruction of the mafias. For this reason, he prepared all the Cartel forces, he prepared his soldiers and all his lieutenants to fight a big army, he even prepared two flak guns on the walls to shot and destroy any intruder or vehicle coming. Miguel stood over the terrace of his mansion, he had a complete vision from the front of the mansion, the rear was mainly a big wall against the mountain, that geographical advantage made him pretty sure that all their enemies would attack from the front. And in some sense he was right, the hill was pretty step to make any vehicle trip, so and army would need to walk their way up, the mansion was build with such ,mastery that the mountain looked like it was cut like a cake giving space for the mansion, like another wall, that made impossible to any army to get down to the building unless you rappelled down, making any invader an easy target. That instruction was enough to make sure that any enemy would need to come from the front or by air, the front was visible and the air was covered by the flak guns, so in fact the mansion was a fortress for Miguel and his cartel. Miguel bounced his pecs “vegan pronto cabrones”, he muttered, soon a concubine appeared next to him and caressed his pecs, Miguel smiled at her and took her to his room “vamos mamacita, tu papito necesita diversion”, he closed the doors and soon a good amount of moans sounded on the terrace for the bemusement of his soldiers that tried in vain to ignore the moans. At the distance a small bike with a big man, seemingly fat over it appeared in the distance, the bike approached the base but kept its way on the road, no guard seemed to care about it and thing continued like usual. For two more days Miguel was repeating the same routine, he even checked the upper side of the mountain from time to time to see any rappelling soldier, no one showed. This was the routine for him, after one week he begun to relax, he kept the guards, but he decided to run his business almost as usual, he gave orders to send more drugs to more countries giving them a constant influx of money, he made some video calls with his business partners and he even made some executions to some low level dealers that didn’t paid what was due to the cartel, he loved to fight those weaklings until he cracked their necks. Miguel lowed to showoff his strength and he made his point by walking shirtless on his base and using some pants that gave so little work to the imagination. One day everything begun to change, he saw at the distance a bus, it was a school bus, but no scholar bus would dare to approach his base, but he didn’t wanted to kill by accident a bus full of kids, mainly for the potential clients for his business. Miguel took the binoculars from one of his guards and looked at the bus. The bus was dilapidated, it’s windows were broken, and it was barely moving at a decent speed; in fact Miguel thought that if there would be any enemy inside that car, he would choose a better car since the heat inside that ramshackle would beat any soldier before it could reach the base. Soon the bus stopped just in front of the base doors, the main doors where high enough for all the guards to notice the bus but the bus was far enough for the flak guns to aim at it. Inside the bus Michal was with Buck and Felipe. Al three men were sweating profusely and Michal was pissed. “Fuck the Interviewer plans” he said with irritation while ripping his shirt, so he was only with his khaki shorts. Buck took off his shirt and Felipe did likewise, some guards gasped at the musculature of the three men, Miguel saw them and snorted. “Three men only?” Michal stood in front of the doors, his breathing was calm, but his eyes were fierce, even if Miguel was far from him, Michal superhuman senses let him understand what was Miguel saying, he smirked. “WE’RE HERE TO TALK TO YOUR BOSS” Michal yelled. Meanwhile on the other side of the mountain the Interviewer was walking upside the mountain, he was sweating, Wolf insisted on going fowl before the interviewer decided to walk upside. The interviewer found he regretted quickly his decision but was too hardheaded to admit it to Wolf. “Wait Wolf, I’m not that quick”. The Interviewer said. “I can lift you up easily” Wolf retorted. The Interviewer blushed a little and stopped breathing heavily from the exhaustion. “It always ends like this” the Interviewer though to himself. The Interviewer looked at Wolf’s back, so muscled, so big, so powerful, he cared about Wolf, but actually, Wolf was so powerful that sometime the Interviewer kept wondering about why Wolf liked him, Wolf was the backbone of the SSS but his strength was so much for anyone to handle, and the Interviewer knew very well the cost of being near such power. The Interviewer also felt useless. He walked in silence, concentrated in his own thoughts that he didn’t realized Wolf stoping and looking back at him. Suddenly the Interviewer’s head hit Wolf pecs, Wolf playfully bounced his pecs agains’t the Interviewer head. “Be careful, these are the most dangerous thing in this mountain” Wolf said bouncing his pecs and flexing his biceps. “You jerk” the Interviewer said, looking at him very seriously, Wolf just smirked. “You know you like it”. The Interviewer looked in silence and awe, “you’re getting bigger” he said. “Never too big” Wolf said and took off his shirt, then he threw it at the Interviewer, “Cover yourself”. The interviewer took the smelly shirt on his hands, it was so big that for him was more like a cape, soon he felt the sun high, soon the Interviewer decided to use the shirt to cover his head and protect himself from, the sun. “Shh” Wolf suddenly said. Then crouched, the Interviewer reached next to him, “there’s three of them, what you want me to do?” Wolf asked. “You know the drill, but do it in silence”. The Interviewer said. “This will be fun” Wolf said while walking in silence, for someone as big as him, he could be very quiet, there were three men in an improvised camp with a fire were they where heating their food. Heavily armed. “This won’t be silent” wolf said with a smirk, the three men where looking at the other side, suddenly one noted a big shadow, he turned and saw the monstrous muscled figure behind, the last thing he saw was the wicked smile before Wolf clapped is head crushing it in a very explosive manner, blood and brains flew in all sides, splattering Wolf pecs and head. “What?” The other soldiers said, but Wolf punched his head crushing his nose, the fist didn’t stopped until it saw seen behind the soldiers head, the last soldier tried to run in fear but Wolf was faster than him, he grabbed his neck from behind and with his free hand he grabbed his pelvis, ripping flesh until he got a firm hold on his pelvis, Wolf laughed like a maniac at the same time he ripped the body in half, the soldier yelled in pain, Wolf tossed both halves to the ground, the soldier tried to squirm fro his life until Wolf stomped his head like bugs, Wolf twisted his foot enjoying the bone crushing and the good under his sole. “Yeaaaaah" Wold devilish said, the Interviewer walked at the side and sat in front of the fire looking at Wolf. “Too strong” he thought, her looked in silence and awe at Wolf’s might, “Always like these”, the Interviewer though on the unfathomable strength to change anything in his sight, and at the same time, how impossible was to understand why Wolf got a knack for him. “I’ll never understand” the Interviewer muttered, Wolf took the bodies and crushed them with ease just for fun, Wolf was smiling, he was enjoying himself tearing ripping and crushing, the Interviewer felt annoyed, he was thinking on profound things and Wolf was playing, “hey Wolf leave them, you can’t crush them anymore”, Wolf laughed, “not true” he said while grabbing one of the corpses by the neck and grinding the vertebrae with just one hand, “showoff” the interviewer said, Wolf simply burst in laugher. “Do you think Michal has finished?” Wolf asked. I don’t know, we have to go to the other border of the mountain. Wolf lifted the Interviewer and put him on his back. “Hold on buddy” Wolf then ran like mad, the Interviewer covered himself behind Wolf’s head, Wolf was destroying trees and rocks like they where made from Jelly, soon they got to the upper side of the mountain, Wolf gently put the Interviewer on the floor, the Interviewer flushed, he liked the feeling of power, at the same time Wolf was mesmerizing him and he didn’t liked to not feel on control of the situation, but so much, this time Wolf was controlling it, even if he was following his plan. Down, on the base doors Michal was in a silent war with Miguel, Miguel was on the upper side, pondering what to do with the three men in front, they were huge, even for Miguel standards, “What do you want?” Miguel said. “You’re the boss here?” Michal asked, Miguel bounced his pecs and said “yes”, Miguel was acting thought, but Michal Buck and Felipe where the three bigger than him, even so, Miguel thought he could have some use for those men. Miguel signaled to one of his lieutenants, “que piensas de esos cabrones Diego?” Miguel said in a normal voice but Michal hearing was so fine that he could understand Miguel words, Diego saw the three men and then looking at one of the guards on the wall he yelled “blow that bus”. The guard nodded and opened a crate in front of him, he took and old RPG and fired at the bus, the bus exploded but Michal, Felipe and Buck where unfazed at the explosion, they were far enough so Miguel didn’t noted anything excepting the toughness of the three men. “You play now by my rule or we’ll blow you up”. Michal bounced his pecs, smirking, “never motherfucker” but retained his calm, Felipe enraged walked to the doors, he was going to destroy them but Michal quietly said “Stop”, Felipe looked at him, he flexed his pecs and they begun a quiet stare fight, soon Michal alpha status prevailed and Felipe lowered is head “yes” he muttered, yuck walked at Michal side. “What do we do?” He answered, “just wait” Michal said. “You blew our bus, will you let us come inside?” Michal said. Miguel burst in laughter he signaled to one of his chicks and caressed her cheek. “Do you have anything to offer motherfucker?”, “Just three fine soldiers” Michal said. Miguel pondered, he saw the three big men, Diego looked at them and then “nuevos reclutas?” He said with a slight doubt. Miguel saw with the binoculars and he saw Michal, his pecs, his calves, the attitude and for some reason he desired to have him at his side. “Déjalos entrar” Diego tried to rebuke but Miguel stared at him with such fierceness that Diego shut his mouth. Diego felt resented but decided to follow Miguel orders, “Imbecil” he thought. Michal and the others were welcomed inside, but he was escorted to an structure similar to the SSS coliseum, Michal didn’t expected an Interview, but he wasn’t that surprised too. “Let me speak” he ordered to Felipe and Buck, then walked in front of the men. Miguel looked at the three men with arrogance, but even with that demeanor, he couldn’t avid to feel awe and envy from the three men specially with Michal. Diego was at his side and was also shocked but he kept putting his hand on his weapon. “Tell me, why did you come here?” Miguel asked. “We are looking to work for you”. “Why?” Diego asked, Michael looked at him and instinctively bounced his pecs in a menacing way, a gesture he regretted just later, “you are the toughest men on the region, you have the resources and the weapons, so we want to be part of your group” Michal said. Miguel looked at the men. “Can you prove it?”, he asked. “How?” Michal said. “You fight my men, you lose you die, you win, you’re part of us” Miguel said. Michal smiled but he decided not to risk to get too excited. “Buck will fight for us” Michal said, so much for Buck surprise. Michal turned and said “Do not use all your might our we will fail our mission”. Over the mountain the Interviewer was seated over a trunk with Wolf at his side. “What do you hear?” The Interviewer said while looking at the men from the distance. “They will fight to death..so it seems”, Wolf answered. “I hope Michal can control himself” the Interviewer said, “Buck will fight, but just in case Wolf said”, then he lifted his foot and with all his might he stomped the ground, a vibration shook the earth, the tremor was felt over all the place but no one suspected nothing excepting Michal, he instinctively looked at the mountain where he saw Wolf. He smirked and kept with the plan. Miguel looked at Michal, “see cabrón, I can’t give you a place on our group without a fight”. Soon the doors opened and a muscular, tall and blonde guy appeared, he was on military shorts and a green tank top, Michal thought he could be a good recruit for the SSS but he had more pressing things to do. “He’s Joe, our best fighter, you beat him, you’ll allowed to enter” Joe stood his guard but Michal signaled with his hand, “Buck will fight on our side”, Buck took of his shirt, revealing his pecs, Joe was a little worried, Buck walked towards him but on his way he was stopped by the strong hand of Michal. “No kills, no showoffs” Michal quietly said, Buck nodded with his head. Both men begun to fight, all Joe’s punches hit Buck but his think musculature acted like an armor, Michal worked about the lack of guard made by Buck, he was so think that his skin repelled bullets already but he wasn’t a good actor to have a normal fight, however Buck punched Joe on his stomach is hard that Joe spitted blood and fell on his knees. Buck was about to hit Joe’s head but Michal quickly stopped him, “he’s been defeated”, Buck snorted, bemused, “too easy” he muttered, Michal clawed his powerful fingers on Bucks arm, “stay to the plan” he ordered. Buck lowered his guard and the three men looked at Miguel. “Good Fight, assholes, but I won’t recruit you until all the heads agree, today only Diego is here, but I’ll need the other heads, they will come here tomorrow morning, until that you’ll be given a quarter to sleep in payment for blowing up your bus”. Miguel said and retired for his office, Diego looked suspiciously at the three men and left behind Miguel. Over the mountain Wolf nodded and turned to the Interviewer, “we will need to wait here until night” and lifted the Interviewer next to the cap where some wild animals already where eating the soldiers remains but the fled when they felt the menace of Wolf. The fire was about to die but the Interviewer managed to light it up and sat on the fire. Michal, Buck and Felipe were escorted to their room, there were two bunks where Buck and Felipe seated, they looked at Michal who begun to make some pushups, soon the door was closed with a characteristically sound that made Michal understand that the door was more akin to a safe box, than a simple room, they pretended to be trapped inside while planning their next move. When they were left alone duck and Felipe looked at Michal, “What do we do now?” Felipe asked. “We wait for a signal” Michal said. The Interviewer quickly fell asleep in front of the fire, he was the only one that could sleep in the ground in front of Wolf without getting his head stomped by Wolf, Wolf looked at him, his face was showing a strange emotion rarely seen on his face. “What’s happening buddy?” Wolf quietly said. He stood up to make guard, he stepped on a branch and woke up the Interviewer, he looked at Wolf after some silent seconds he said “Wolf I need to tell you something”. Michal sat on his bunk, he looked at the walls, looking for cameras of microphones, Felipe was impatient, he was about to say something but Michal grabbed his mouth, “we wait” Michal ordered making a “silence” signal with his hand. Michal scanned the room for microphones or cameras but he couldn’t find anything, he was bemused to find the arrogant confidence of Miguel and his cartel. Then he walked in front of both men, he seated on the bunk and spoke so low that most men wound’t hear. “Our mission is to overthrow Miguel, but the Interviewer must replace him…at least for a while”. Buck tried to ask something but Michal signaled them to shut up, “sleep until the night” he ordered and laid down on his bed. “But Michal” Felipe said, “Another word and i’ll shove my dick on your ass and I’m quite horny” Michal said, Felipe stumbled back a few steps and kept shut. Soon Buck and Felipe went to their beds and fell sleep. The hours passed, and a full moon shone on the sky, Wolf went silent, “the guard change” he whispered to the Interviewer, the Interviewer put out the fire as quick and silent as he could, “Wait here” Wolf said, he walked to the woods. The night shift soldiers walked up, “maldito Miguel, hacernos subir todo esto y para qué?” one of the three soldiers said, as soon as he finished his sent end Wolf appeared like a shadow in front of him “qué?” Wolf hit an uppercut, his a arm muscles danced in unison showing the strongest biceps in existence, then the triceps sprung into action, the strength of the hit ripped off the guard’s head, the rest of the body trembled while falling to the floor while blood poured from the severed neck like an erupting volcano. The other soldiers unlocked their guns but Wolf was quick enough to rip their guns from their hands, Wolf arms, back and pecs danced in a deadly movement, breaking bones and ripping some fingers with the guns, Wolf lifted both men from the necks and brought the two heads together, smashing them until they became two headless bodies inside a pool of goo, Wolf sensed a fourth guard with his gun loaded, but Wolf ran towards him, the guard didn’t knew what happened, until he felt a big strong hand crushing the hand with the gun and pushing him backwards. The push was so hard that the arm ripped from the elbow, his body was sent backwards with such speed that the guard couldn’t react until he was smashed against a three, the strength of the impact was so great that the body was ripped in half, both halves fell behind the three the guard soon died from blood loss, Wolf smirked, grabbed the gun from the arm and tossed it at the head, the gun stuck to the floor like a gruesome flagpole stretching across the corpse’s head. Wolf flexed his biceps in a victory pose and bounced his pecs while looking at the sides to feel another human to kill but there were no more guards near him. Wolf turned towards the Interviewer, “let’s go to fulfill your mission” Wolf said. Wolf grabbed the Interviewer and put him behind his back. “Buddy, another secret like this and I will kill you” Wolf said in such seriousness that the Interviewer opened his eyes, then smiled and said “Sorry buddy, I’m sure It won’t happen again” and patted Wolf pecs from behind, Wolf bounced his pecs in reflect and grunted, then he lifted his foot and stomped the floor sending waves through the floor. The guards on the base believed that an earthquake was happening but Michal opened his eyes and left his bed. “Let’s go Michal said, he then walked barefoot towards the door and put his hands against it, his triceps flexed and his calves acted in unison agains the door, with a masterful use of his might he forced the door open with a small metallic noise and the three men left the room. Michal saw that the door effectively were akin to a safeguard door and smirked with pride, then he looked at the other two SSS members. “Felipe, you go to the communications room and cut the base off, Buck, you need to secure Diego, bring him to this room and wait until we call you, both of you, minimal casualties, we will need the soldiers and the mercenaries”. Michal gave his orders, Felipe looked back at Michal, “and you?” He asked. “I will block the access to the upper base so Wolf and the Interviewer come and take the king” Michal said, “If anyone finds the CCTV control room, destroy it” Michal said and left the place. The three men took separate ways, Michal was surprised to see the empty walkways, it seems they didn’t had much interest in the internal security, too he found some rooms, most of them pen and a closed door, Michal felt some curiosity, these rooms where large like some VIP rooms, some of them where filled with feminine beauty products and underwear, Michal thought they belonged to Miguel’s concubines but he felt some curiosity over the closed door, he forced it and made more noise than he wanted, inside there was a luxurious bed and a surprised Joe looked at Michal body and screamed “what are you doing here?”. Wolf was at the cliff border with the Interviewer at his back. “you ready buddy?” Wolf said, the Interviewer sighed and hugged Wolf’s neck, “hang on thigh” Wolf said but his neck and back was so thigh that the Interviewer had difficulty holding himself. “this won’t work” Wolf said and grabbed the Interviewer within one arm and jumped off the cliff, the Interviewer closed his eyes. Wolf used his strong legs to jump down the cliff making hole where needed and holding at the rock with his free hand, he was like a super strong muscled goat, soon they reached the base top floor, Wolf gently put the interviewer at the floor, the Interviewer stumbled some steps, Wolf walked next to him an patted his head like a pet, “good work buddy”, the Interviewer brushed his hand but he was unable to move Wolf’s hand by an inch. “Stop” he said, Wolf smirked. “Now we need to find Miguel” the Interviewer said and both men walked to the terrace of the building. On the rooms, Michal was in front of Joe, “what are you doing here”, Joe was naked and stood in guard in front of Michal, Michal smirked, “you can give me some information”, Michal said with an evil grin and a hard-on in his pants. Joe gave a few steps back but he wasn’t able to find a way out excepting fighting Michal. Michal stood in front of him with a proud face, he was the alpha here and he knew it. Joe at first thought he could have a chance, soon he would find himself on the wrong side of the truth. Joe at first grabbed a lamp and there with all his strength to Michael face, he hit it squarely, the lamps blew in small little pieces al over Michal face, but no one was able to make a dent on his face, he didn’t even needed to close his eyes that where fixated on his prey. Michal smirked and walked to Joe. Joe begun to throw anything in his reach to Michal, but he kept on Walking, Joe felt fear to see the behemoth of a man walking towards him, he tried to jump but Michal grabbed him by the arm. He threw Joe over the bed and then he put himself over Joe, Joe struggled to no avail under Michal combined weight and strength, Michal put his head close to Joe’s ear, “you better help me or you will suffer quite a lot” Michal then bit Joe’s ear ripping if from the rest of the head, Joe cried in pain and tried to put his hand on his ear but Michal strength was too much more than Joe could imagine. Michal swallowed the bitten ear as his dick begun to feel little space on his pants and some ripping sounds started to be heard. Michal begun to hump Joe, “now tell me…where are the leaders?” He asked. “Noooo” Joe screamed but these rooms where so private that no-one could hear so much for Michal pleasure, his dick ripped his pants, and Michals calved begun to dance in unison with his humps, the bed cracked under the strength of Michal, Michal begun to squeeze Joe’s arms. Joes kept struggling, “tell me, please…and this is the last time you’ll hear a please of me” He said in a fake sweet voice that terrified Joe even more… “where are the leaders?” Joe looked Michal at his dar ekes filled with lust and a complete lack of care for human life, “un diablo” Joe said, then he felt his own dick responding to Michal stimulus, “No” Joe said but Michal was still humping over his body but Joe felt Michal moving with ever increasing strenght. “Where and when the leaders will arrive?” Michal then crushed the arm at the same side of the bitten ear. “AAAAAAAAARRRGGGHHHHH” Michal smirked while humping Joe and released the crushed hand, then using the now free hand he ripped his pants, underwear until he was completely naked. Joe saw Michal’s dick and felt terrified at how big it was. “NOOOOOOOO”, “See, you can have a hard visit or a softer visit, you choose” Michal said with an evil grin on his face. “Miguel is upside, on the terrace!!! Diego sleeps at the barrack with the mercenaries….the others are coming to a meeting tomorrow, but they will all come with their personal guards, you’ll have no opportunity, you’ll all die”, Michal then released Joe’s good arm. Joe tried to punch Michal futilely jet felt like he was hitting a brick, Michal smiled like a devil, feeling like a predator over his prey. “I said you could have a son visit but you seem to have chosen the hard one” Michal grabbed Joe’s clothing and ripped it all over his body until Joe was completely naked with a arm lining ad his side and a bloodied face and just one ear. Michal grabbed Joes legs and spread them, Michal put his glans over Joe’s virgin ass “no, no ,no please” Michal ignored all the pleas and with all his might he shoved the penis over Joe’s ass ripping his ass and rectum, Joe went silent with is lips forming and O shape since all his brain cells only where capable to feel the pain. Michal slowed his thrust and said “tell me, all of the are loyal to Miguel?”, Joe breather heavily, trying to keep a little composure, “No, many of them doubts the way Miguel handles things”, Michal thrusted again with all his might, some crunching noises sounded alongside the bed creaking, Joey was in utter pain, but Michal stopped again, “whey there are so little guards?” Michal asked. “All the leaders took their guards with them, Miguel, has the most, but many of them were on the Arañas base and Miguel barracked here”. “Thank you Michal said, with that said, Michal went wild, thrusting on Miguel ass with such savagery that Joey fell unconscious from the pain, Michal granted, he was all for the pleasure and being an alpha inflicting pain was an enormous source of please he won’t lose, he slapped Joey from behind a few times until Joey regains consciousness, “don’t sleep” he ordered, he then begun thusting his hips with all his might. Joey’s pelvis cracked, Michal opened his arms, his triceps went in full force that Michal ripped both legs from their sockets, the muscles gave up and Michal foundhimslef with a ripped leg on each arm. Michal tossed the legs aside and thrusted even harder until his penis was tearing Joe’s abdominal wall, soon his dick ripped the abdomen at the same time Michal came. Michal roared while tearing the remaining body apart, blood splatter over all the walls and Michael came several times until he was exhausted, he ripped the body from the dick and tossed at the side of the bed. He looked the corpse in despise, and lifted his foot, he aimed for the head and then stomped with such savagery that the floor trembled. Michal smirked, “I´ll take a bath, now’s you turn”. He muttered and went for the bath. Wolf felt the tremble and smiled, “our signal” he playfully said, he was with the Interviewer who was seated on a PC terminal, he was examining mails, “they seem to be really divided”, there are some loyal to Miguel but there are important factions that are opposing his rule, Diego, as suspected could be a very interesting piece. Wolf put his hand on the Interviewer shoulder, “you’ll have time for that” he said bouncing his pecs just to make his point clear. The Interviewer rolled his eyes “OK, you made your point clear, here is a piece of information I found very useful, he said playfully, but we need to move fast or we will lose the surprise”. Wolf lifted an eyebrow and said “tell me your plan” Both men walked out of the room. Some minutes later they reached the main room, It was a very big place, they were abut to enter when they found a slim guy going to the door. “Wolf” the Interviewer said, Wolf walked fast and tapped his shoulder, the man turned to see the extremely big man behind him, he was about to scream when Wolf hugged his head muffling all sound from his mouth, Wolf lift he man whose legs where dangling in the air and punching Wolf’s muscled body, Wold smirked. “What to we do with this?” Wolf said, the Interviewer looked at the door, “do as you please”, “CRAAACK” Wolf didn’t waited the Interviewer to finish his sentence when wolf applied full force to he head with his pecs and arms. Blood splatted on Wolf’s pecs and arms, the body fell with a “thud” blood was dripping from Wolfs pecs, and some of the man teeth were stuck to Wolf pecs. Wolf licked the blood stuck from his arms and ripped his shirt using the seams to clean his pecs. “Who was him?” Wolf asked with contempt, “seems he was Miguels new massage therapist…what a manner to star his new work”. “Or to finish it”, Wolf said with am evil grin on his face, “we need to finish this, let’s be calm…follow my lead” the Interviewer said, Wolf grinned, “as you say boss” he said. “Jerk” the Interviewer said with a smile, “let’s see I’m my Spanish lessons were useful”. The Interviewer entered the room, it was a big room, at fist there were some grunts and moans that where elevating in volume at every step the Interviewer made, the main room wasn’t that visible, Miguel was there with two naked women, he was having sex with impudence, he was so concentrated on his sex drive that he didn’t noted the interviewer until he came. “Tu debes set el tipo nuevo,” Miguel said, he then tossed both women fro, the bed, the women fell to the floor, and both had bruises on their faces and body, clearly Miguel was a woman hitter and the Interviewer despised him for that. “Es hora de mi masaje” Miguel said. The Interviewer snapped out of his thoughts and said “dejeme llevar a estas señoritas afuera, vamos muchachas!” (Let me sort these ladies out, come with me ladies), The Interviewer said. Then signaled both woman out the room, the Interviewer opened the room and both woman where astonished to see Wolf out there, the Interviewer then said “muchachas, vayanse de aqua is quieten vivir, larguense de aquí, si encuentran a toro tipo parecido a este, diganle que el Interviewer, les dio premise de irse” both women ran away to never be seen again. “Didn’t knew you spoke spanish” Wolf said “it’s useful for these moments” both men entered the room, “wait here” the Interviewer whispered, Miguel was seated on his bed, Miguel was muscled and strong in his way, the Interviewer though that his body type would make him a good candidate, but he was already discarded, “qué hago?” Miguel said, “For favor colóquese boca abajo” the Interviewer said. Miguel laid down with his head buried in a pillow. The Interviewer walked near Miguel and massaged his back,”oomph” Miguel sad with pleasure, the Interviewer felt amused to see Miguel enjoying his massage, he though for a second that he could try this with Wolf or Michal but quickly brushed off the thought, “sigue” Miguel said, soon Miguel was enjoying his massage so much that he lost concentration, in that point the Interviewer made a sound calling Wolf, Wolf entered the room and stood behind the Interviewer, he was serious, the Interviewer then said “relajese, boy a masajerale las piernas”, “fantastico” Miguel said, then he massaged Miguel calves, Wolf put his hands over the Interviewer hands and pinched the muscle. “Ouch, con cuidado”, Miguel said but he didn’t detected the change of hands. “Disculpeme señor,” the Interviewer said, then he walked back. Wolf grabbed the calve, his ace showed some kind of rage, the Interviewer thought that he could be pissed that he dared to fell another man muscles that weren’t his, the he signaled Wolf in an apologetic way. Wolf then smirked and massaged the calve a little with his hand “oomph” Miguel said, but suddenly the pleasure sound was followed by a scream. Wolf pinched the calve with such strenght that the ripped the left calve’s muscles from the rest of the leg. Miguel looked back and saw Wolf crying in agony. “GUAAAAAAARDIAS” Miguel said and then looked his night stand for a weapon, “Wolf grabbed his hand and crushed it with his fist”. “Estas muy tenso Miguel, deberías permitirnos masajearte para relajarte (you’re tense, you should allow us to massage you to relax)” the Interviewer said. Miguel then looked at the Interviewer and said “you’re the SSS?” Wolf laughed hard “what’s up motherfucker” then he grabbed Miguel and forced him on his bed face down. “No, no no, don’t rape me” Miguel begged, “Pathetic, no he’s Wolf, not Michal” the Interviewer casually said, but Miguel was still begging for mercy. “Calm down, Wolf will only massage you until you relax”. Wolf smirked with an evil grin. Then Wolf massaged the right leg, “you’re so tense Miguel” Wolf said his voice was seemingly casual, but Miguel recognized the danger behind the sweet voice” Wolf massaged the calve with his hand, at first he was acting like he was giving good treatment, he used his thumb, finding any sore spots, he then found one and using his thumb he pierced the skin, the muscle until he felt the bone, Wolf stopped there and said “relax please” Wolf then using his thumb he cracked the bone. “AIEEEEEEEE” Miguel cried in agony, he tried to squirm out of the bed but Wolf iron grip didn’t allowed him to even try to run. Wolf then put himself behind Miguel, the interviewer looked at the scene and though that for some reason Miguel could be held lucky, if Michal was on Wolf position the next thing he would feel was Michal dick ramming his ass, but Wolf was more expert on destroying his opponents…piece by piece. Wolf flipped Miguel upside down is Miguel was seeing him, Wolf begun to caress Miguel quadriceps. Miguel tried to kick Wolf but he ignored all Miguel hits, they where so weak that Wolf just felt some light taps over his hyper-strong muscles, Wolf then said “please relax” then he closed his fist ripping the quadriceps of the bone, Miguel was wallowing from the pain on his bed, the blood was pouring from his legs and was spraying on all directions, the Interviewer hid behind Wolf’s big back to avoid being spilled with blood. “Whyyyyyyy” Miguel said working with the very small portion of brain that didnt’t feel any pain, “you declared war on us” the Interviewer said, “the Arañas, where sent by you, the Italians where influenced by you, where where going to stop with the Old red, but you saw us as a menace, and whe were not interested on your business, but finally, you send your dirty goods to our town, we won’t allow it anymore” the Interviewer said, then he sat on a sofa and said, “Please relax, Wolf will help”s Wolf then used the sheets to make a tourniquet on Miguel legs. Miguel punched Wolfs face, Wolf then licked his hands, “loser blood” he said, then he grabbed Miguel’s arms, good biceps, "you seem to train, lets see how they stand agains mines” then Wolf put Miguel lef biceps on his arm cleavage, Wolf lifted Miguel from this position and while laughing he said “so weak”. He then flexed his extremely big bicep crushing the bone and smashing the biceps to pulp, Miguel screamed in pain, “why the guards don’t come” he said. “We have three more men down, they are assuring our massage session to be completely private”. The Interviewer said. Wolf then grabbed the left hand of Miguel and said “to defeat us you need to be as strong ad to feel this” Wolf said while forcing Miguel’s good hand to feel Wolf pecs, Wolf hardened his pecs and with his hand he crushed the hand between his pecs and his mighty hand, Wolf caressed his pecs using the crushed hand as a lube, Wolf moaned, enjoying the way he turned a big man’s hand into paste, he took blood and licked it from his hands and used it has lube to feel his biceps and pecs. “You know motherfucker I enjoy to be the strongest man on earth, and he knows it” he said while flexing his biceps to the Interviewer whose face flushed red. Wolf smirked, Miguel was wailing in pain, but Wolf knew he would not lat that much. Wolf lifted and hugged Miguel, Now you will learn my three strength, Wolf said while crushing Miguel’s ribcage, Miguel just opened his eyes and opened his mouth, he begun to gasp, but Wolf was going to fore more pain. Wolf grabbed Miguel arms from the shoulders and firs he forced them together crushing the clavicles, then using his triceps and monstrous back he ripped both arms from the body, Miguel simply opened his eyes since he didn’t had any air in his lungs, Wolf then grabbed Miguel’s head with his left hand and flexed his right biceps. This is the biggest you see, and it’s stronger than all your forms body, now die “Wolf then slowly pressed the skull against the biceps, Wolf did it slowly just to enjoy the bone crushing against his biceps, the head soon begun to deform, first the nose cracked, then the cheeks lost their symmetry, then they were flattened against the biceps, Wolf moaned, he kept compressing the head, Miguel eyes burst out from their sockets, Wolf moaned in pleasure and laughed with pure ecstasy, then he opened his hand and palmed his biceps, the head soon was just a pile of mush smeared on Wolf Biceps, Wolf used the head like a cream, he kept compressing the head remains until the tissue was liquified agains the biceps but Wolf was self pleasing himself worshiping his own biceps in from of the Interviewer that was enjoying the spectacle of Wolf obliterating another human being with his brute strength. Wolf kept like this for several minutes until he was satisfied from worshiping his own body, he was so excited on this that a small smear was visible on his underwear much to the Interviewer surprise, “are you happy now?” He asked. “Wolf made a deep breath, is never too strong” he said and he let himself fell on the bloodied bed. “Take a rest” the Interviewer said, I’ll look for Michal. Soon he left the room, then he found Michal on the main stairs, naked and jerking off. “Have you finished?” The Interviewer said, Michal moaned and erupted, “yes” he said. “Good, now let’s prepare our meeting” the Interviewer said and left for the office. The next morning Buck and Felipe appeared on the office with Diego in underwear, Diego was screaming trying to look threatening. “Calm down and sit” the Interviewer ordered, Diego tried to stand up but Buck forced him to seat. “Come here” the Interviewer said, then both men entered the room, Wolf was still sleeping in a pool of blood, Diego jumped and fell backwards from the horror, “no, no, please don’t kill me, don’t do it” he begged. The interviewer put his hand on his head, he was irritated, “No Diego, I want to negotiate…,will you hear?”, Diego tried to appear calmed, the Interviewer walked to one of Miguel closets and took some clothes that he tossed to Diego, “take this, and cover yourself, I’m now the group leader but I need your help”. “What to you want from me” Diego said. The Interviewer walked to Miguel desk and sat on his place, he then sighed. “Do you want to be this group head?”. Diego was surprised. Soon the leaders came, Diego helped to negotiate with them, all of them accepted the Interviewer as the group and mafia head, clearly when they saw Miguel and Joe’s remains helped a lot to soft their positions. At noon, all the leader were convinced to accept the SSS terms but the Interviewer was for another surprise. “Let’s go to the meeting room” the Interviewer ordered, Buck and Felipe where behind him acting as his bodyguards since Wolf and Michal asked him to dispose of any dissident soldier. The meeting was silent, only interrupted by the distance screams that sometime were suddenly muffled and followed by a clapping or stomping sounds and a laughter. “Gentlemen” the Interviewer said, I won’t take this organization under the SSS wings. “Al the men were trying to start a fight but Buck and felipe flexed his pecs and all reconsidered”, the interviewer sighed. “The SSS won’t sell drugs, and we won’t turn ourselves into mercenaries, we will keep our business as usual, but we will tell us our terms, first, the SSS won’t take this group, but I will be the sole head, second Diego will be the head of this organization, I won’t meddle on your business, but you won’t meddle on ur business, that means that you will avoid any business on our town and you will be sure that no other drug cartel makes business on our town, If I see use one gram of any drug on our town, we will come back and we will destroy everyone here”. Diego then said “Won’t be easier just to kill us and leave?” The Interviewer pondered his answer and said, “You’re a drug cartel, we can easily kill you, but that only will mean that another cartel will arise, It won’t be practical for us, or for me, a waste of time, and I don’t have time to lose” Diego sat uncomfortably in his seat, “We wanted this operation to have minimal casualties” a scream of pain sounded in the distance. “Minimal” Diego said defiantly, “yes Diego, minimal, we could destroy you, but we are just killing all the dissenting force, that is the ones loyal to Miguel, we are handing you all the operations and all we ask is you to spare our town and to defend it from other cartels” the Interviewer said, “why you don’t do it?” Diego asked. “Too much hassle, and I have my own plans for the town”. Buck walked behind Diego. “So Diego, will you accept?” Buck flexed his pecs menacingly and smirked. Diego looked at the floor and said “yes”. The Interviewer stood up and said “good, now I will need a car, you blew our bus, we need to return to our town and remember, one gram and you will see us here again, I hope we don’t see face to face again” and left the place. He walked to the place Wolf and Michal were snuffing the soldiers, Felipe and Buck stood behind at the Interviewer order, when he felt that he was alone he looked at both sides, the cameras where turned off since Felipe destroyed the CCTV, then the Interviewer leaned against the wall and silently screamed in pain, a small trail of blood poured from his nose before falling to the ground. “Not yet” he said.
  21. EtherealGrowth

    A friend like me

    With the new year commencing and fresh ideas churning in my mind, I find it is time I share a story once again. This theme keeps on lingering in my mind and it is just very fitting for this particular audience. I've written a similar story once before but unfortunately it has vanquished into the abyss after the server crash. You could say the story you're about to read, especially it's details, also faded away in time... A friend like me - Chapter 1: It's a BAZAAR world out there The thing with fairytale, myths, and folklore is that the details and often not so happy-go-lucky endings are frequently left out or changed. This story is no exception to that phenomenon, which is why it is definitely worth reading. Now... let's begin our story in the land where caravan camels roam. Dashing through the narrow streets, products rolling of carts, freshly hung laundry falling on the dusty paths, and sweat travelling down his body. A quick, hooded, figure made his way through the busy Bazaar aiming for the outskirts of the city, a bag hanging over his shoulders. Tumultuous sounds heard all over the place. "STOP! THIEF!!!" a buldering voice echoed from behind him. The chasers were surely gaining on him and it was almost over for him. In a split second a little throwing-knife slid from under his sleeve and with a flick of his wrist it dashed toward the inner gate. The knife made a clean cut through the rope and the gate started to lower. The figure dug under the falling gate and a loud crash followed as it hit the ground. He looked back through the gate's bars and saw an exhausted Royal Guard unit; led by THE Razoul himself. "Always fancy seeing you my fellow Agrabahnians and have an enchanting day" the supposed thieve said. Quickly the figure disappeared into the busy crowd of working folk and continued his way onward. While our stranger is continuing his way, I'll shed some light on the time and scenery we're dealing with. This story, as you've probably already guessed, takes place in Agrabah; wealthiest of the kingdoms in the Seven Deserts and most strategically located within the Citadel. It is currently under the rule of the Hamed Sultanate, with its current head of state: Sultan Hamed III. A city of mystery, of enchantment, and the finest merchandise this side of the River Jordan! A real melting pot of social classes. Before I start rambling about this bustling city, let's get back to the story. Our mysterious stranger had made his way to the infamous, Thieves Quarters, a place where crime was the norm and not the exception. Not the safest place to be you'd expect but because of its reputation, not many dared go there. Amidst the Thieves Quarters was the Street of Forty Thieves, where our protagonist reached into the well to grab a key. He walked up to a stack of barrels, inserted the key somewhere on the side, turned it and entered the building through the entrance. He was greeted by the sweet smell of perfume lingering in the room. He looked around but saw no-one, he shrugged and dumped the bag in the kitchen area. "You must be Devi," a female voice said. His heart jumped as he turned around and saw a young woman brew herself some tea. "Fuck, you scared the shit out of me... But you're correct m'lady!" Devi said. The woman laughed softly and said: "I heard you had some rooms available, you know, the of the grid kinda type". "Definitely, however I usually hear about arrivals from my companions beforehand," he replied. The lady apologised and told him she would pay extra for the inconvenience. Devi walked over to a little counter, bowed down, pointing his juicy cakes up to the sky, and reached for a key. He pointed to the stairs and directed her to her room: "This is yours, make yourself at home. It ain't much but you won't be bothered by whomever you're running from". "I'm not running from anyone perse," she said, "I'm merely here for observation; Celeste is the name by the way". "I honestly don't need to know miss, the less I know, the better I can protect you" Devi said. Celeste smiled and handed Devi the money, a bunch of exotic coins, but whatever. Devi left the room and started stocking the cabinets with the products he "brought"... You must know Agrabah isn't the easiest city to live in as a mere street rat, or mice if you're female, but juggling a couple of jobs most can get by. This story however, takes place amidst the hottest summer recorded yet. Most crops had decayed, the harvest was practically ruined and the lower class was starting to crumble. It is still a flourishing city, with all its export of silks and jewels, but the scarce import of food is mainly directed towards the upper-class. All the fault of the cowardly Sultan Hamed. "Challenging times are they not..." Celeste said spontaneously. "By the djinn!" Devi said, "How are you so quiet?! But yeah, this Sultan is really making a mess out of it." Devi continued stocking his supply as Celeste stumbled across the walls of the room. It was incredibly hot in the room, the sweat pretty much streaming from his face. Devi took of his hood, revealing his tan and muscular arms, covered in intricate tattoos. Devi had always been quite athletic and was generally gifted in the muscle department. His height wasn't spectacular at 5'7" but he made up for it in raw, pure muscle strength. His arms were big, sturdy forearms, big begins slithering over them, topped with perfectly rounded, 20-inch, biceps. You could clearly sea the musculature of his upper body through the thin and drenched tanktop he wore underneath. Celeste glanced at him, blushed, and quickly continued scanning the shelves. Devi was finished stocking up and quickly smelled his armpits and they smelled utterly foul, like beyond the musk that would make the average human feel horny. "Who are this?" Celeste asked holding a piece of papyrus. Devi walked over and said: "It's me and my mom, she actually started this safe haven years ago. Initially so my dad could return home because he was falsely accused by some vizier." "And this?" Celeste asked. "That's Al, my bonus brother, and his pet monkey Abu. We took him in as a kid and cared for him, since his parents abandoned him. I was always ready to fight for him, good guy! Haven't seen him in a while though..." Devi said. Celeste looked over her shoulder, right into Devi's amber eyes, then looking at his chiseled chin and dark beard covering his chin, his man-bun sagging from its hairband. Devi also glanced into her light grey, almost white, eyes and quickly announced he was gonna wash himself real quick. He rushed towards the washing room on the patio, where he undressed, and started cleaning himself up a bit. After a while Devi was all cleaned and made his way to his room. In all the commotion he totally forgot that he had a guest over and well before he knew it he heard a clattering sound. Celeste had dropped a little plant in a pot when she saw him walking towards her. There Devi stood, butt-naked, his dark long locks still a bit wet and hanging over his pecs. Celeste was presently surprised by what she saw. A beautiful young man with stunning arms, his pecs also covered in tattoos and bulging outwards, topped with pointy nipples. The kind of pecs that sensually bounce when you walk. Underneath a beautiful 6-pack of abs. His whole body was covered in a musky layer of hair. Devi's legs were also impressive, they were thick, you could clearly point out all the different muscle groups within them. Mostly she was amazed by the 6-inch flaccid cock that was dangling between his legs, promptly pressed forward by a pair of luscious balls the size of eggs. "I'm so incredibly sorry, I totally forgot you were here," Devi stammered, "I'll get you some food on the house as compensation!" Celeste looked at him and grinned. "I know a better way to compensate me..." she said and with a flick of her wrist here beautiful, white, silk dress loosened and fell on the floor. The room now filled with two naked individuals. Devi couldn't control his lust and like an animal he rushed towards Celeste. He lifted her up and pressed her body against the wall. The two started kissing furiously as they made their way to Devi's bedroom. On the way Devi's 6-inch flaccid dick turned into a juicy 10-inch poker with a mushroom head on top. Devi threw Celeste on the bed and carefully started caressing her body. She wore beautiful jewelry and wore a silky cover over her heaving breasts. Devi removed the cover and continued kissing her boobs. Celeste started pounding his muscles while Devi was giving her all the poses. He then flipped her around, grabbed her hair, and pounded her for a good while in doggy-style. "RRRRRrrrrrhaaaa... rrrhhaaaa," echoed through the room with every powerful thrust, making Celeste's boobs jiggle up and down, as well as Devi's juicy ass. Just before he climaxed, he pulled out, and a sweet stream of cum landed on Celeste's breasts. Celeste hadn't had such great sex in a long while but was flustered by what happened when Devi climaxed. His eyes, interestingly enough, flared a bright amber coloured light, almost like a flame, when he did. Without giving it much thought, the two slowly drifted away into the world of dreams, a world of endless possibility... Meanwhile within the inner walls of the city, in the Royal Guard HQ, the mood was quite different. Razoul had returned from the Bazaar with the taxes they'd earned from directing the goods to the right merchants. While the poor despised this system, the rich, and mainly a certain vizier, wazir, alchemist, whatever you wanna call him, benefitted the most from it. Almost as if he had a hand in enforcing this new law, like he planted this idea into the Sultan's mind... "You bunch of second-best imbeciles!" a voice bellowed, "How can you lose all that valuable merchandise to a mere street rat". "Vizier Jafar, we were simply outnumbered..." Razoul lied. "Yeah yeah, 10 guys" ... "At least 30 guys were in on it" two guards said at the same time. Razoul quickly shushed them. "Lying now, are we?" Jafar said, "For that you'll be punished Razoul! Leave us be you two!" With a swish of Jafars cobra-headed staff the doors opened and the two rushed out. "Time to pay, my little servant!" Jafar said with a grinn on his face. Razoul undressed, revealing his big and bulky muscle swine body and a leather jockstrap containing a small and fat cock. Razoul was a big dude, about 300 pounds, bulky muscles all over his body, a real muscle swine kinda body, a thick layer of hair all over. A real jiggly bubble butt portruding from behind. He got down on his knees, pulled Jafar's robe to the side and started caressing Jafar's monster cock. It was long and veiny with a cockring on top. "Choke you useless piece of meat!" Jafar said, grabbing Razoul's head and pressing it firmly on his groin. Razoul gave Jafar an insane blowjob, using all the tricks he had up his sleeve. All the while Jafar was humiliating him for his tiny cock. At the end of the heavenly blowjob Razoul's eyes were starting to tear up from the ginormous stallion. Jafar pulled out and said: "Yes... YES... YEHES!!! Serve me, my little bitch!" as he came all over Razoul's face. Thick streaks of cum still running over Razoul's face as Jafar commanded him to get back to work. Eventhough Jafar knew Razoul enjoyed this punishment, it was still worth it considering the immense pleasure it gave him. Razoul was about to leave when Jafar asked: "Enlighten me, cumface, who stole the goods?" "Don't think we've ever caught him sir!" Razoul answered, "He did, however, have very noticeable tattoos om his hands and chest and his eyes had a very mystical amber kinda colour." Jafar mumbled something as he pulled a book from the shelf, opening a secret entrance to his system of tunnels and alleyways throughout the city, quickly disappearing into the darkness...
  22. Nathan

    A Bodybuilder's world ( Part 1)

    I'm starting my second story, I hope you like it, I left my first story on hold, I'll continue it later Part 1: The Wish My name is Nathan, I'm 19 years old, I'm of average build and I'm addicted to very muscular guys Like every evening I finish my work and go home, I open the door of the house and straight away I lie down on my sofa and I masturbate while watching muscular guys... Then I take my shower and I brush teeth to go to bed, and just as I was about to go to bed, I see a shooting star through the window. I laugh but I still make a wish, "I would like to live in a world full of powerful muscle guys". Then I go to bed The next day, I wake up as if nothing had happened, I get ready to go to work and I go downstairs to have my breakfast. Suddenly the doorbell rings. I'm about to open the door and my eyes widen when I see a very muscular delivery man looking at me. “Um can I help you?” He looks at me and pushes me inside, closes the door behind him and orders me to sit on the couch. and he starts to explain to me what's going on. "You're the only human we haven't seen in a long time. When you made your wish last night you merged your world and mine. You'll see my world is filled with very powerful muscle guys." I listen to him but I remain shocked by what he tells me. "Uh okay but what's going to happen?". He starts laughing telling me that now our two worlds are connected and that at the end of the year his planet will absorb mine. Suddenly he starts to strangle me while explaining the hierarchy of his world. “Listen to me little slave, the hierarchy of my world is very simple, the guys who have a power of less than 100,000 are civilians like me, maybe bakers, delivery men, police officers... then there are the warriors who have a power between 100,000 and 500,000, then there are the superheroes/supervillains who have a power between 500,000 and 1,000,000 and finally there are the gods who have infinite power. I have trouble breathing as he strangles me harder and harder. “Okay, but what is my role?” Suddenly he let me go and started laughing. "Since you are the one who made the wish you will be spared from the absorption of your planet but you must be my slave, I explain to you, when humans worship men like us, our power grows and thanks to you I I'm going to become a god. So you're going to stay here and obey my orders because if you leave your house you will meet men superior to me and they will take you because you see submission is present among us too, if I meet someone more powerful than me I owe him allegiance." Suddenly he takes a ring out of his pocket and gives it to me. "Thanks to it you will be able to know the power level of the men on my planet. I point the ring towards the delivery man and I see that his power is 5,000. And suddenly the delivery man leaves and he says to me He'll be back in three hours. I think about everything the delivery guy said to me and I'm excited and terrified. I decide to turn on the TV and I see a very muscular presenter who excites me. I start jerking off and scan him with the ring, damn!!! his power level is 60,000, I put another chain and there I see a very powerful warrior, I scan him with the ring and I see that he has 176,000 power I continue to jerk off even harder and I change channels to see a supervillain destroying a city, his power level is 577,000 But my erection ejects to the ceiling when a magnificent being who looks like a god, I scan him with my ring and I see that his power is infinite. And my Orgasm ends with my door getting broken down by a man... To be continued.... I hope this puts you in your mouth, I'm not a great writer
  23. Chapter 1 "The advertisement" Joe read the advertisement. He read it again. Yes, it did state what was written. "An extremely wealthy man and his partner seek intimate male company for summer holidays on their private island. All costs covered. Applicants must be young, athletic and be willing to fulfill ALL needs of the couple. Applications together with a set of body pictures to be submitted to the following email address…." He felt it was his lucky day. He fulfilled the criteria ideally. He was 22, 185 cm (6"1) and 105 kg (230 lbs) of muscle. He was also broke and had no summer plans. Joe believed that this was a dream job - he will lie down on the beach during the day and at night he will join the two probably older men and fuck them. He will be well fed and he will work out, cause they will have a gym for sure. A dream holiday. He smiled as he realized the usefulness of the photo session he did last month. The photographer worshiped him both with the lense and with his hands and tongue. That was the payment for the photo set, cause Joe had no funds to pay him. The very little extra funds he had went to purchase of gear. Speaking of gear - maybe the rich guy will provide it too? He wrote the email describing himself and adding all the good pictures he had. One picture showed him curling the EZ bar loaded with 60 kg (130 lbs). His fully pumped 47 cm (19 inch) biceps were stretched to the max (cold they were 5 cm (2") smaller). Blood was pulsating under the skin. Veins criss-crossing creating a beautiful map of an unknown terrain. The viewer was invited to lick them while Joe struggled with the weight. Just behind the EZ bar, you could see Joe's meaty pecs. Not as pumped as the arms (it was arm day, not pec day), but proportionally built. He always wanted bigger pecs. The ones he had, a dream for most average guys his age, were certainly not big enough for him. And just above the pecs you could see Joe's handsome young face. His sparkling blue eyes, his dark blond, slightly curly hair, his long eyelashes… He could work as a model with his great body and charming face. He just had no connections to the modeling business. But maybe some day… Another picture showed Joe seductively lying on a sofa with just red briefs on. It showed Joe's legs, which were his pride. He never skipped leg days. Big meaty well-defined quads, quite good hamstrings (less visible on the photo), and those calves … he was gifted with great calf genetics and he used it to the max. He was extremely proud of his 44 cm (18") diamond calves. And at the end of the photo were his feet. These have been admired and worshiped by several of his lovers. Long and elegant, he always thought that there was something royal in them. A third picture showed his back. He had a really good V-shape with a thick upper back. He loved pulldown and rowing exercises. And below his back was his lovely meaty ass grown by countless squats. He loved to top, but he was vers and he sometimes allowed lucky guys to fuck him. And they were always in awe of his back door. He was thinking of telling his ex about the advertisement, but then he had a second thought - Ben was such a jerk, that he didn't deserve to have a perk holiday. Once the email was ready and the pics attached, he clicked the "Send" button. And waited.
  24. Nathan

    M UNIVERSITY (Part 12)

    Chapter 13: Justin's Superhuman Army Justin stands in front of University Z with his four Gods of Destruction, Bastia, Thomas and Suavez. He is standing on a pedestal in front of all the students. Justin: "FOR THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW ME, I AM THE MOST POWERFUL GOD THAT HAS EVER EXISTED. YOU CAN CALL ME LORD JUSTIN" He starts licking his biceps and stroking his abs. "SEEING THAT YOU ARE STILL WEAK PEOPLE, YOU WILL RECEIVE MY BLESSING, THANKS TO THIS YOU WILL BECOME SUPREME GODS". He sends a black beam over the crowd of students and there, an immense power invades them, the pectorals tear the t-shirts, the legs crack the ground, some students fly in the air, others masturbate, others still touching and kissing.... Thomas : " You finally have your divine army Justin" Justin: " NO! It's still missing! Xeram! Follow me!" Suddenly Justin flies into the air in the company of the dark angel Xeram, they cross the galaxies at astronomical speed to stop in front of a huge ship. Xeram: " what are we doing here?" Justin : " This spaceship is a prison, all the worst criminals and serial killers its prisoner, and they will receive my blessing." Xeram : " Alright and what do I do? " Justin : " With your demonic angelic power you stopped the defense ships flying around the flagship." Xeram swells his muscles and causes a black shock wave that comes to a dead stop on the defense vessels. The ships turn black and disintegrate. Justin when with him touches the flagship and sends the same black ray which comes to make all powerful the prisoners. As with the students, prisoners' muscles grow bigger and bigger, one prisoner pulls off the bars with no problem, another prisoner smothers three guards between his pecs, another prisoner shoves his dick up a guard's ass so hard his there shredded. The flagship is destroyed by this wave of power. After a few minutes the prisoners are made to Justin, they place their hand on their pectorals and shout "WE ARE AT YOUR ORDERS LORD JUSTIN". Justin smiles at his larger army and heads for his new objective. Justin and Xeram arrive at an abandoned castle. Justin : " Vampires lived there a long long time ago" As with the students and prisoners, Justin launches his black ray and suddenly an army of bodybuilder vampires appear, they bow down to Justin and shout "WE ARE AT YOUR BORDER LORD JUSTIN". His army grows even larger. Justin and Xeram's next stop is in a Coliseum, in the middle there are hundreds of gladiators who are already very muscular, training. as before, Justin throws his black ray and all the gladiators triple in volume, their is so immeasurable that the Colosseum is destroyed, the warriors turn to face Justin, they flex their biceps and shout "WE ARE AT YOUR BORDERS LORD JUSTIN". Justin's army grows even bigger After a few hours, Justin has gathered everyone on planet Nexus, they are in a ruined city under a red sky. Justin stands on a pedestal and begins his speech. JUSTIN: " LISTEN TO ME! THERE IS STILL A TRIBE MISSING TO COMPLETE OUR ARMY. I EXPLAIN TO YOU, THERE HAS BEEN A BLACK SECT FOR A LONG TIME BY THE NAME "LES CHEVALIERS DE L'OMBRE" UNFORTUNATELY THIS SECT WAS DESTROYED 1 YEAR AGO BY BASTIA, TODAY I WILL REANIMATE THEM AND MAKE THEM EVEN MORE POWERFUL THAN BEFORE" He casts his black ray again and thousands of bodybuilder and superpowered demons come out from the ground. Justin's army is complete The entire army bows down to the most powerful god and Justin shows an evil smile on his face To be continued.....
  25. tegalus

    Kyle, the bully God

    Commissioned from SaltyCat56 on FurAffinity It was his first 10k Story and first Commission https://www.furaffinity.net/user/saltycat56/ A thanky to @Kymuscleboy for helping with the Tags . All characters are +18 Kyle eagerly walked down to the science lab, pushing aside any nerds and bitches that got in his way. Normally he'd be down in the cafeteria shaking people down of any food with protein in it, but he had skipped lunch in order to talk a bunch of nerds about making a machine that could make his brains match his brawn, something he needed in order to pass his classes and not be held back a year. He'd threatened the nerds a week ago that he would steal their girlfriends if they didn't have the machine ready by Monday lunch, assuming any of them could get girlfriends in the first place. When he reached the science lab, he barged in with barely any effort. The pathetic nerds jumped at his presence, working on something with two chambers big enough to put groups of people in. Kyle walked up to the machine, using his tail like a whip to firmly smack the ass of a nerd burying their head into a book. Their fault for having their back turned to their better. He eyed up the machine, unsure of what he was looking at. He used his tail again, this time wrapping it around a frail-looking nerd like a lasso and pulling him closer, pressing him to his bulky, muscled body. To the poor nerd it probably felt like he was being pushed up against a wall. "Hey Nerd, the fuck am I looking at?" Kyle asked while looking down at him, the nerd in question at eye level with his nipples. He stammered before finally answering the question. "Ba-basically, it's, uh, a conversion chamber. One steps into the intelligence donor chamber and the person in the intelligence recipient will inherit the intelligence being donated." The nerd squeaked out, surprisingly not speaking in annoying science lingo. "Al-fuckin-right then! Who's volunteering to help me pass my college level math class?" Kyle shouted eagerly. He started to get annoyed though when no nerds volunteered and the one he pulled close to him spoke up. "W-well, actually, we think their might be some negative neuropsychological ramifications for the donor, not to mention unwanted-" was all the nerd got out before being given a wedgie by Kyle, yelping as he dangled a solid foot off the ground before being swung in the direction of one of the chambers. "That right there's the donor chamber, right?" Kyle asked demandingly. The nerd nodded. "Y-yes Kyle!" The wedgie got more intense. "I think ya meant to say 'yes, sir', bitch boy." Kyle corrected the pathetic nerd. "Y-yes, s-sir!" The nerd desperately yelled out before being shoved into the donor chamber. The nerd desperately adjusted his junk as Kyle pulled another nerd up to the machine. "Run the machine and no funny shit or I'm beating down all of y'all!" Kyle demanded as he stepped into the other chamber. The other nerd complied as he started up the machine. The doors locked by the time the first nerd managed to readjust himself and tried to get out. He pounded on the chamber door, pleading to be let out as the machine started to work on the intelligence transfer. The nerd's pleading and pounding grew quieter until nothing. After about a minute, the machine rang and the doors unlocked. Kyle stepped out of his chamber a bit bigger than he used to but he hadn't seemed to have noticed. He looked around at the other five nerds in the room, all of them looking at him. "Alright, someone get me a trigonometry book, that shit was the worst for me." He ordered before noticing that he was a bit taller than before, by about half an inch. Another nerd handed Kyle a trigonometry book and he started to skim through it. Some concepts that were hard for him to process before were now relatively quick and simple for him to understand. Kyle chuckled in delight as he started to think of what he could do with this machine. He opened up the donor chamber to see the nerd he shoved in now being more meek than he was before. The nerd crawled out as if he had neither the muscle nor the brain capacity to walk, collapsing face-first onto Kyle's sneaker. Kyle looked down at the emaciated weakling as the once nerd looked up and had a look in his eye akin to a dog acknowledging its owner before it started licking at Kyle's sneaker. "The hell happened to him?" Kyle asked, pointing down to the pathetic husk at his feet, noticing he was short a nerd but didn't say anything about it. "Well, it had to do with the negative neuropsychological side effects he was talking about earlier." A nerd started explaining. "More or less, it completely drained him of the intelligence necessary for many basic functions. I think it's safe to say he's incapable of much speech or critical thinking. However, this seems to have impacted physicality as well. It ended up not just donating intelligence but also muscle mass. If you haven't already noticed, you came out just slightly bigger than when you came in." By the time the nerd pointed that out, the one missing nerd returned with a full body mirror, probably getting it from the theater class. As the other nerd put the full body mirror in front of him, he noticed his body was a bit bulkier. Probably about 5 pounds of muscle mass had been added to his already muscular body. He couldn't help but flex and groan in satisfaction with the results. Especially looking down to see the husk of his donor still practically worshiping his feet. But he clearly wasn't done just yet. Hegrabbed the nerd who explained the situation to him, pulling him into a headlock. "So what do you think would happen if I sapped all of y'all of everything? Would I be able to improve the machine?" Kyle asked sadistically, looking down at the nerd with a wicked smirk. He pathetically tried to squirm free to no avail, Kyle’s bicep squeezing down on his neck as he started rounding up all the other ones before they could even think of leaving. The nerd would just struggle even harder before being shoved into the donor chamber along with all the other nerds, Kyle forcing the door shut on them. "Only one way to find out then, would be my guess." Kyle said nonchalantly as the nerds pounded on the door while letting out pathetic pleas. Kyle proceeded to pick the nerd husk off the ground, away from his feet, and got the former nerd to sit in the teacher's chair which he pulled in front of the control console. "Start the machine when I go into the other chamber, understand?" Kyle instructed the husk very slowly, unsure admittedly of its capacity to understand, let alone its ability to turn on the machine. The husk nodded in response, looking up at Kyle. "Yes master." The husk responded slowly and almost absent-mindedly. Hearing the husk refer to him like that was a bit of a turn on as he stepped into the other chamber, feeling a bit more confident about his decision. As the door closed behind Kyle, the machine started up once again. This time Kyle ended up feeling a massive amount of pressure while in the chamber. Enough to make it painful but only for a short while. It actually got him a bit hard after a few seconds. When the machine rang once again, Kyle had to squeeze his way out. His muscles were definitely bulking up, a few veins now visible on his biceps. When he went to observe himself in the full body mirror, not only had his body almost outgrown all of his clothes, all of it barely able to contain his massive body to the point to where just flexing along could probably rip the clothes off, but his noggin also grew, not close to how his body grew but enough to be noticeable, especially a small, visible vein on the left side of his forehead. He opened up the donor chamber to see all the other former nerds pathetically fumble out of the chamber, all of them mindlessly clamoring around Kyle to worship him, kissing his sneakers and hugging onto his muscular legs, one of them getting a visible hard on as he kissed the tip of Kyle's sneaker. He chuckled before snapping his fingers twice, making them all stop and sit like dogs, all of them looking up at Kyle. He then flexed his massive body, the clothes around him ripping as exposing some of his body, veins forming on his biceps and pecs, bouncing them to entice the husks beneath him, all of their puny dicks twitching as they looked on in awe of their alpha. "You puny bitches like what you see?" Kyle asked his new slaves teasingly, fully knowing what their answer would be but wanted to hear it anyway. They all nodded, some drooling, one letting out a pathetically horny whimper. Of course they loved it, it was in their nature as dull-brained squirms to admire their better. He slowly stripped down to his jock to entice his new slaves to make them more susceptible to his will. Small visible veins were scattered throughout his muscular body. "You pathetic horn dogs want your master bigger and smarter? Go get more people for me to drain while I work on improving this little toy you dumbasses made. Y’all couldn’t even get this thing to maximum efficiency, but I bet I can now. Go." Kyle ordered all the husks cowering beneath his towering body, which was only emphasized when compared to their small, puny frames, so thin you could practically see their skeletal structure. They nodded as they scrambled up to their feet and started shambling out of the classroom. Kyle playfully tail whipped the last husk to leave before grabbing some of the nearby tools and getting to work on improving the haphazardly put together chamber, the task now easy for him to manage. A good few minutes passed by before some of the husks came back with some of their friends, just in time for Kyle to expand both the donor chamber and the recipient chamber. He’d also remade the recipient chamber out of sturdier metal so they could handle potential overgrowth from Kyle. He has also allied the interior of both chambers with multiple full body mirrors. Not only so he can watch himself grow and bulk up but also his victims could watch all their muscle mass be drained from them, hopefully learning their fate as they become more dull-brained husk slaves, now only living to serve their better. He had also created a remote activator so he could activate the machine from inside the recipient chamber. Kyle lassoed the soon to be victims, a group of 7, with his tail and wrangled them into the donor chamber. He slammed the donor chamber door shut, chuckling at the pathetic resistance of the people brought in. The best part of creating the remote activator was that Kyle could simply activate the machine himself and didn't have to rely on a husk to activate it and risk something going wrong. He activated the machine and felt a jolt of painful pleasure surging through his body. Now he also had the opportunity to see the progress in the mirrors. His muscles rapidly throbbing and writhing under his skin. Even his forehead started to do this as well, though it was harder to notice. Kyle groaned pleasurably as he watched his body expand once more. As the jolt started to subside, his muscles started to settle down but still ended up bigger than before, more veins visible on his body and the ones from before became more prominent, his biceps and thighs being most veiny. Another vein appeared on his forehead, this time on the right side. More husks to serve and worship Kyle, crawling out of the chamber, crawling to his feet. "More, bitches!" Kyle shouted demandingly before the new husks could even begin worshiping his body. He got tired of how long it took for them to scramble to their feet so he helped them up without intending to. By some force, the husks got quickly elevated to their feet. It took Kyle only a second to realize he did it with his mind. He chuckled as he toyed with one for a bit while the rest of the husks left to get more puny humans for the practical living God that Kyle was becoming. He used his telekinetic abilities to wiggle the meek husk around a bit before pulling the puny thing into the cleavage of his massive pecs. Chuckling as the pathetic husk groaned as he got pressed as much against Kyle as was possible. Effortlessly flexing his pecs to make it bounce against the husk, pushing its head further into his cleavage much to the husk's pleasure. Feeling a rush of pleasure too, the semi-hard on making the jockstrap make an audible rip, he decided to keep the husk around a bit while waiting for the rest to come back. "Worship your God's pecs, bitch!" Kyle demanded of the now horny husk, not that its puny dick was noticeable any more. The husk moaned as it caressed Kyle's pecs while he groaned and flexed more, admiring all the visible veins and muscle mass he accumulated. The pleasure amplified more as the husk wisely decided to start licking and sucking on his pecs, hitting Kyle's magic spot that completely gave him a hard on. "Oh yeah, just like that, slave bitch!" Kyle shouted eagerly as he pinned the husk to the wall with his towering body, now starting up a sweat from being in heat, his dick throbbing in between the husks legs, making it more clear to the husk that Kyle was his better, his dick now big enough for the husk to ride like a horse, especially now that it was fully hard. After just minutes of worshiping Kyle's pecs the husk apparently had already come, Kyle feeling a pathetic squirt that was mostly covered by the husk’s pants, but was still damp enough against Kyle's prominent 6-pack for Kyle to tell what happened. "Seriously, not only do you come to your new God without approval, but you let out such a pathetic fucking load?" Kyle asked disappointedly. Backing up from the wall but telepathically keeping the husk pinned to the wall, giving up on the idea of wearing any clothes by ripping off his jockstrap and kicking off his shoes, completely forgetting that he was building up foot stink for an eager to pay foot freak who he was meeting up after school. The freak would most likely be gathered up anyway so decided to forget about the whole arrangement. He forced the husk to his knees, Kyle's massive, throbbing cock in front of his face. "Suck, bitch!" Kyle shouted in a horny fit as he practically pushed his dick against the husk's face. The husk groaned as it started to suck Kyle off. Kyle groaned in pleasure as his dick throbbed and hardened more. He was very tempted to just skull fuck the puny husk, using it's body like a fleshlight but he decided to spare the pathetic thing from potentially being completely broken. After all he didn't quite want to break his toy, as now its only purpose was to serve him anyway. The husk started to get past the tip of Kyle's dick, groaning as it throbbed against its mouth. Kyle started to sweat more as he used his telekinesis to get the husk to fully deepthroat from the husk, the husk's body flinching as a reaction to being penetrated from Kyle's girth. As he started to thrust his dick inside the husk's mouth, apparently more people clamored into the science lab. Kyle turned towards them while he fucked the husk but was a bit confused when he saw that they weren't brought in by the other husks that he sent out. It wasn't until he noticed some flustered faces and tents in guy's pants that he figured that his body was emitting intense pheromones, apparently making everyone nearby mindlessly horny for Kyle. It was practically a form of hypnosis. He grinned deviously as he saw the gym coach among the growing crowd, along with some of the gym kids, getting an idea to take the steroids that they were taking, an unspoken thing in this school. "Hey, gym bitches, gimme your steroids!" Kyle shouted to them. They left, presumably to get them from their lockers. Kyle started to get close, almost forgetting about the lucky husk below him. He panted and groaned as he grabbed the head of the husk, deciding to skull fuck the husk anyway, as the husk wasn't doing enough to get him fully off. He played gently through, trying not to break the puny, pathetic fucker. He got his dick as far into the husk's mouth before finally coming, panting heavily. Just in time for the gym bitches to come back with their steroid doses, all of them using pill forms. The husk had to retract his body and gag out about two gallons worth of load onto the floor. Kyle looks down at the pathetic thing, raising one of his feet and pushing it down on the husk's body, pushing it into the pile of load onto the floor. "Lick it all up, dick taster." Kyle ordered, taking the steroids afterwards. Taking a large dose but not enough to induce an overdose. Even though at his size, he could probably take all of them, he didn't want to take the risk. He then used his telekinetic abilities to stuff as many people into the donor chamber as possible. Stepping down a bit more on the husk as it licked his load off the floor before walking off toward the recipient chamber, his dick still dripping a bit. He got into the chamber after cramming in about 20 people into the donor chamber, looking back to see everyone at the school now clamoring around the classroom. He grinned as he closed the donor chamber and stepped into the other chamber, closing it behind him and turning it on. The jolt is now really intense, making Kyle fall to his knees. Panting as he felt the muscles writhing, expanding and contracting under his skin. It expanded more rapidly as he groaned in a mixture of absolute pain and absolute pleasure. Not only were his muscles expanding, but his brain was well, his head swelling in the multiple reflections in the chamber. His head flooded with an immense amount of knowledge and comprehension. He figured if he used up the entire school, he could dominate and drain the world with ease. His nails scratching the floor of the chamber as he endured the pain, all worth it for practical God-hood. The chamber rang, giving Kyle an indication that it was over. He slowly got up, the floor of the chamber creaking a bit under his weight. He opened the door and slowly squeezed himself out of the chamber. He had to bend the door frame a bit just to get his broad, veiny shoulders fully out. He eventually managed to pop himself out. He sized himself up, noticing that he was now at least a foot taller than he last was. His pecs were so big now, he can't look down enough to see much of his torso. He noticed his biceps were about half covered in veins, mostly covered when he flexed them. He groaned in absolute delight, flexing before his horny, soon to be slaves. "You bitches and bitch boys love what you see~? Wanna see your new God get even bigger and brighter~?" Kyle asked his crowd teasingly. Flexing as a way to maximize his pheromone output. Sweat glistened across his whole, muscled-up body. The sunlight from the window poked in and bounced off the beads of sweat in a way that would make him look like the living, breathing God he knew he would become in a matter of days. What the final results would be according to Kyle's calculations, would make the muscular Gods of myth look like pathetic, tiny twinks compared to him. It seemed like the show was enough to get the crowd eager to give themselves to Kyle, even after seeing the aftermath of donating their muscle and mind to him as the 20 husks crawled out of the donor chamber. The crowd cheered and gathered around the donor chamber, already getting in, already knowing the process and eager to give themselves to him. Kyle chuckled as he squeezed himself back into the recipient chamber. After hearing the donor chamber close, he closed the recipient chamber and turned it back on. There was less pain and more pleasure this time, his body now getting used to the process. He groaned as his body grew once more as he watched in the mirrors. His pecs now sprinkled with veins along with the rest of his body and even his head, his head getting bigger, by centimeters with each series of processes. Each time the machine rang, people helped the husks vacate so they could get into the donor chamber, Kyle not even bothering to leave the chamber. Though eventually he had too, each expansion making the chamber creak and groan more and more around him. He had to start crouching just to try to buy the chamber more time. Around the 6th process, the chamber was too tight for comfort. With a tired and slightly frustrated grunt he stood up and flexed, destroying the chamber the same way a baby bird breaks out of an egg. The crowd looked on in awe, about 1/10th of the school now turned into husks. He towered over the crowd, his head now grazing the ceiling of the classroom. He didn't quite know if the gym would be able to properly accommodate his projected size if his calculations were correct, which was most likely. He weighed the odds in his head, the veins getting more prominent as he thought about it. Ultimately, it didn't matter much was his conclusion. He stomped past the clamored group in the science lab, uncaring of those he knocked down with his feet and even stepped on. He effortlessly tore down the wall, scooting the debris aside with his feet to make a clearer way "Alright, you lot, I want that machine moved to the gym in the next hour! If it's not there by…" He quickly glances down the hall to see that it's 2:52 in the afternoon. "3:45, I'll charge you all to be my servants and it'll cost y'all EVERY CENT you do and don't have!" He chuckled as he walked down the hallway towards the gym. The ground shook slightly with each step, every door frame along the way breaking like Styrofoam. He could have moved the machine himself but he wanted to see how much these dopes were committed to the whole arrangement. After a few minutes he burst into the gym, or at least, that's what it may have looked like to a puny person. For Kyle, he just casually walked in, not even bothering to try to open the doors. Waste of effort and energy when his body could simply break anything that got in the way. He reclined in the bleachers in his usual spot, the bleachers creaking a bit under him. He reclined and relaxed though. He thought about the chances of them actually bringing the machine on time. He side-eyed the clock over on top of the basketball scoreboard. 3 on the dot. While it would be impressive if they did bring it on time, he knew they realistically wouldn't. The machine would be difficult to get on a trolley and they would have to carefully maneuver it down the hall even if they did find enough trolleys that could handle all that weight. He mostly now contemplated on how to degrade them as he had to probably do the work for them. Maybe chew out the roided-up lifters for being weak betas while also making them cling to his arm to feel what true muscle felt like. He dismissed the latter half of the idea. Bit too…"dad literally picking up kids from school" vibes. Though he did like the idea of them all referring to him as "daddy", make them look and even feel more puny and pathetic along the way. Time passed by until the clock struck 3:45 and just as he thought, no machine in the gym yet. He got up, letting out a groan of expectancy mixed with disappointment and walked his way back to the science lab. The more muscular people were trying to nudge the machine up a small ramp onto a trolley that was made of a bunch of smaller trolleys put together by duct and scotch tape. Honestly, pretty pathetic that they haven't even started moving it down the halls yet. Even back at his smaller size, he would've had the machine on the trolley about half an hour ago. He whistled loudly, getting everyone's attention. "Y'all seriously haven't even gotten this thing rolling yet?" He asked, not really expecting a response as he approached the machine. He made sure to tower over all of the gym bros as he casually held the machine under his arm and pressed to his side like you would hold a basketball. He caught quick glances of the wannabe bodybuilders. One of annoyance, most impressed and awe-inspired, some got visibly turned on. "Fucking pathetic." He said dismissively, walking down the hall with the machine, making sure to tail whip the dissatisfied guy in the crotch. Kyle heard him groan and buckle down onto the ground, not even paying much attention. His dick was gonna have no value to it soon anyway, assuming it had any to begin with. The crowd followed him down the hall, still hooked on his pheromones. "Since it's past 3:45 and you dumbasses couldn't even get the machine into the hallway, y'all are getting the locker cramming treatment once I make adjustments to the machine. Y'all still owe me ALL of your money, by the way. I expect all of your wallets with your bank information in them, including your accounting and routing numbers." He remarked to the crowd as he walked to the gym. He noticed some of them getting on their cell phones and some walking into classrooms they would pass by, probably to get papers and pens. Upon getting into the gym, he gently set down the machine and started making modifications, making the donor chamber bigger as well as making a brand new recipient chamber from scratch and hopefully big enough to endure draining the whole school. As he did this, he telepathically made nearby plastic bins float around people. "Wallets in the bins, people. Don't have your wallets, strip down to your birthday suits so everyone knows you for being a broke loser." He shouted to ensure everyone could hear him. He tinkered with the machine as if this marvel of medical technology was nothing more than a Lego set to him. By the time he was finished, everyone had already deposited their wallets into the plastic bins, except about a sixth of the crowd who were completely naked. "Alright, since there were more broke bitches than I thought, paying customers, front of the line, birthday suits, go to the back of the line and crawl on all fours like the useless mutts you are!" He announced before all of the students and staff got into their places, chuckling as he grabbed a group of six puny humans with ease while watching the wave of ass cheeks flood to the back of the line. He forcibly cramed the worthless people into his machine, not even bothering to make sure there was much room for them to move. He slammed the door shut before stepping into the donor chamber, having shoved about 40 or more people in. He closed the door and looked up at the mirrors he installed after taking them from the locker rooms. His muscles practically bulged under his skin which developed stretch marks. He smirked and flexed, seeing more veins appear on his body. An already perfect body that would have professional bodybuilders revere and worship every prominent vein, knowing they could never obtain what he did with ease. He turned on the machine that he also had to rebuild to account for his size. A familiar but welcoming jolt of pain and pleasure courses through him, making him harder than any partner in lingerie could. He buckled down as if to bow before his new body, even more perfect and godly than what he has now. Writhing, stretching and tearing, practically bubbling under the skin would be the best way to describe this transformation into the next stage of evolution. A being of absolute perfection that everyone, every being, was born to worship. He chuckled as he just now noticed that his ego was growing along with the mind and body. Who cared though? He deserved this, to become the most perfect God in all of myth. Everyone and everything only had a fraction of value compared to just one of his stretch marks. Little pissants whose only value was in giving themselves to his might and worship. Once the machine rang, steam had fogged up the mirrors, his body in intense heat. He opened the door and wiped the fog off the nearest mirror, his forehead now having five visible veins on it, not including any that would be covered up by his hair, his forehead almost 1.5 times its usual size. Getting hard from the absolute monster he had become now compared to how he was mere hours ago. And got harder upon realizing this was just the beginning for him. He stomped out of the chamber, the floor creaking from his admittedly overly eager showcasing to the others. He even left a foot indentation on the gym floor, the same way as you would by walking barefoot through mud. Enjoying the brief "crunch" sound under his weight. He then started briefly showing off his body, flexing and bouncing his pecs as well as letting out a loud, dominant growl. "You want more from this muscle God~?! Lemme hear how much y'all want more!" He shouted into the crowd before getting the shouts and applause he wanted. Of course these bugs wanted more, that's their whole purpose. Even pheromones wouldn't drive up this much enthusiasm, this was something more. This was more than bee-like pheromones that make workers serve a queen. This was absolute divinity they were witnessing. A true God of muscle and might appearing before their puny, fragile bodies. He walked up to the donor chamber and telepathically scooped out the husks before replacing them with more people than last time, still wanting to experience that jolt of growth and pleasure. Scooping people up with his muscular arms and practically tossing them in haphazardly. Once it got to absolute maximum capacity, he stepped into the recipient chamber once more and flipped on the switch after closing the door behind him. This process would continue for a few rounds before he got to the broke crowd, towering before them like a titanic mass of muscle and musk, the constant growth making his body sweat with each process. He tried to look down at them but his pecs became so big it impacted his ability to look down effectively. Still able to see the tips of his toes but nothing beyond that. He looked down at them, thinking about the best way to degrade them further for a second. "Bark if you dogs think you're worth serving me." He spoke, stalling a bit for time. A good chunk of the crowd barked, only a few barking continuously. He brought up a foot and dropped it down on one of the barkers, silencing all the ones who did bark, except the one under his foot who let out a grunt like someone who accidentally dropped the bar on his chest during bench presses. "The few who didn't bark were smart. None of you broke bitches are worthy of even licking the beads of sweat off my balls, let alone serving me truly." He corrected the dogs, instinctively looking down to check on the dog under his foot to see the guy's head poking out from under his heel. Still seemed fine so he playfully grinded his foot on top of the dog's back as the rest looked pitifully up at him. He pressed the foot down further before finally letting off and backing off to look down at the runt, his back coated in dirt and sweat. "As one of the dogs who barked, foot rug, it's up to you to beg me to forgive the rest of them for their arrogance~" Kyle chuckled at the demand, intrigued to see how the foot rug of a man would beg. He had already forgave them like the merciful God he is, but still wanted to see at least one of them grovel before draining them. The man slumbered into a low bow while still on his knees. "Please forgive us, our walking God." The man started pleading, to Kyle's delight. "We were just so eager to serve, we forgot our place and why we were the last in the school to give our whole selves to you, master. Please, I will serve as a rug for you to wipe the dirt off your feet on, I will lick up every bead of sweat off your balls like it's the savory liquor of the Gods. Just please, let us serve, master." The begging and bargaining was so pathetic and submissive, it made Kyle's dick twitch a bit. Either this guy was a submissive little bitch with plenty of begging experience or they really have started seeing him as a type of God. Amusing him to make him chuckle a bit at the idea of "Kyleism" soon becoming the religion of the planet soon. But a devious idea of completely absorbing all of these broke bitches entered his mind and it leaked out into a wicked smile. "Alright, since you begged so well, I've forgiven you dogs like the benevolent God I am. However, such arrogance doesn't come without consequence. Give me a few minutes to make some adjustments to the machine and you will get what you deserve and seek~" Kyle spoke to the crowd before turning his back to them, letting down his hefty tail onto the back of the groveling dog. It crushed the puny human with a loud grunt and maybe a soft crack. He didn't even flinch at the sound. They would obtain a great fate anyhow. Kyle grabbed his tools and tinkered with the machine. Creating an "absolute absorption" feature that would completely absorb every single atom, molecular, microscopic and nanoscopic organism inside the donor chamber. Now these formally worthless people will finally put themselves to some use. Maybe if that one groveler was lucky, maybe his atoms would go to his feet or balls. Unfortunately for them, their consciousness would evaporate as there would be no mind or brain remaining to retain it. Some would probably relish the idea of being fused to his flesh, understandably so. Who wouldn't want to be a part of his perfect body? He soon finished mere minutes later, even installing the new mode to be an option on his remote via a dial. Wiping some sweat off his forehead, he looked back at the crowd of dogs, chuckling as he knew what would soon come of them. "Alright you worthless mutts, get the fuck in there where y'all belong~" he told the dogs as he started to stuff and shove then donor chamber, more an order of compliance than a statement. He made sure to save the groveller for last, cramming all the dogs in, to the point to where the metal would creak around them. He then wrapped his tail around the ankle and dangled the pathetic bug in front of him. Making it so that way the main thing that the puny insect sees is Kyle's dick and balls, Kyle's flaccid shaft half as big as the insect's body. His dick throbbed at the thought of what he was about to do next. "Now, what do you say, foot rug?" Kyle asked, looking down at the puny man, manipulating his tail to make the human's body sway while being dangled like a pendulum. "Th-thank you, master Kyle." Kyle chuckled and brought the human's face right up against the tip of his dìck. The human's head was actually a bit smaller than the head he was pressed up against. "Good, now kiss your God's dick like a good rug" Kyle ordered, his dick throbbing once more, bumping more into the human's face. The human would surprisingly hesitate before finally giving in to Kyle's order, his lips making contact with Kyle's urethra as much as it could. This made Kyle groan and get hard a bit. "Good little bitch. Don't be afraid to use your tongue while you're at it~." Kyle moaned while the human whimpered in a bit of disgust. Though maybe it might've been that one thing that bottoms do when they pretend like they don't like something when they clearly do. He didn't care whether the bitch boy actually liked it, it felt good to him and as far as this insect should be concerned, that would be the only thing that mattered. A few minutes would pass by, the bug disappointingly not using tongue at all. Kyle would use his tail to toss the man into the donor chamber before slamming the door on them. Chuckling as he set the machine to "absolute absorption" mode before stepping into the recipient chamber. Closing the door behind him, he turned on the machine, an instant shock overwhelming him. A feeling of an explosion pouring over his body as every inch of his body pulsed and throbbed rapidly. As if there was some resistance from where his strength and mind enhancement was coming from. Thoughts that were not his own appeared in his mind. Pleads and begs of the pathetic dogs flashing in and out of his mind as Kyle dropped to his knees, slamming his knuckle into the floor of the machine. "Shut up and accept your fates. Y'all know this is what you deserve. You should be grateful little bastards. Y'all get to be part of something bigger, better. You get to be a part of a God! Now submit as you were meant to and let yourselves be one with your God." Kyle shouted at the stream of other's consciousness flowing into him, mentally straining a bit for complete dominance. The veins on his forehead became more prominent as his head grew in size. The stream was losing strength as Kyle was shown moments of other's memories and knowledge flowing into him. His muscles bubbled under his scales as they stretched and expanded far more than the normal process. The knowledge of other people's lives converted to knowledge of all probable lifeforms in this universe and the next. Knowledge of all known languages. How to completely bend the minds and wills of all life to his will. He grimaced with knowledge of how to conquer all life in this universe. His body steamed and sweated profusely, fogging up the chamber and it creaked and groaned around him. His body kept expanding as Kyle mentally declared himself the king of this universe for all will submit to him! At this thought, he ended up bursting out of the chamber yet again. Each one acting as an egg for his proverbial rebirths. His body had stopped expanding by this point, good thing too as he noticed that he and his husks were standing in complete darkness, not even any light from the sun emerging from the windows. The big gym clock stopped at 8:56. The power most likely went out from all the electricity used to perform the absolute absorption mode. Kyle opened the donor chamber to see nothing in there. Not a single speck of dirt or dust in there from what little Kyle could see. He flexed his muscular body once more. All those puny little bitches now became nothing more than the muscles on his body. He got hard at the thought as he flexed. Admittedly wishing there was a way to keep them conscious so they could mentally worship him. Feel every flex of his muscles in what used to be their bodies. Feel every step from their God, get to enjoy the flow of blood into his dick which, when fully hardened, could easily tower over a whole person. Probably about 6 feet in length by now. It made him curious how it would feel to be remade into a sperm cell swimming in the balls of a God. He would probably obtain this knowledge later on during his conquest of the universe. But merely serving as part of his ever-expanding muscles was surely a fitting enough reward for a bunch of worthless bitches. He laid rest on the floor, not really caring if he crushed a husk to death under his body or not. Their lives were made to serve him, after all. Speaking of which, his dick throbbed as he telepathically lifted up the puny insects and pressed them to his towering body. "Worship and caress your God till he falls asleep. You all may sleep when I am fully asleep first." Kyle ordered the husks. They unreluctantly worshiped the muscled-up God. Kyle relaxed on the floor, resting his forearms behind his head with a bit of strain, all the muscles on his body making it a bit harder than usual. He relished in every action of his husks, from all the caressing and massaging down to each lick of his body. Some were worshiping his dick and balls, making it admittedly a bit difficult to fall asleep but eventually sleep came for the massive dragon as he was slowly lulled into slumber. Great visions of glory and God-hood would play out in Kyle's dreams. Him towering over Skyscrapers, his very knees piercing the clouds above. Him laying on a lavish chariot made of the planet's finest and studier materials and luxuries. Him gulping down a custom made glass of ocean water, "accidentally" consuming little specks that were once to him recognizable as humans without care or thought. Thousands crushed under a single step from the uncaring God as they would be absorbed into his body either way. Him sitting on the Earth reshaped into a throne, using the moon as a footrest. All alien life cowering as he absorbed them without any effort at all. The begging, whines, and pleads as he absorbs damn near everything with a pulse. Planets drained of all life repurposed into beads on lavish looking jewelry. All would be one with his glorious body and worship him! The dream, possibly a vision of things to come for him, would slowly fade as his eyelids slowly drew open. Instead of upon his throne, he was back laying on the floor of the gym. Still being worshiped by the insignificant bugs that he let bugs worship him. A thought would come to the awakening giant. He didn't need these insects or that puny machine they made for him. Through his telekinetic abilities, he could simply extract all beings his own damn self. Cut out the middleman and just drain them himself. He felt a pathetic insect dare to squirt over by his left armpit. Getting him to eventually acknowledge all the other insects that were still awake, still worshiping him. Annoyed with this particular insect he telepathically pulled the bug up to his face, his eyes tiredly looking up in disgust towards this insect. "Did you really just come on your God, while he was just waking up and without approval?" He asked the pathetic being that he now recognized as the first nerd he shoved into the machine. His puny, muscle depraved body was honestly not that different from how he looked 24 hours ago. Only difference now was the absence of clothes and glasses. He waited tediously long for the bitches response. "Master smell good…" was slowly sputtered by the pathetic thing as he still leaked, dripping down onto his lower lip. Kyle simply rolled his eyes before licking up the bit of seed that dripped onto his lip. Setting the bug down onto his chest. Of course these bugs couldn't help but to come to him. He was a living example of perfection. The whole flock of insects could come now and it wouldn't be more than a mere inconvenience. He groaned as he got up, the very gym shaking underneath him. What was left of the wooden floor beneath him anyway. Several indentations in the floor from where he walked and laid down. He walked to the exit of the gym, feeling at least a few of the husks cushion each step he took. He didn't even slow down or walk cautiously for them. If they didn't want to be stepped on, they would've gotten out of his way. By the time he got to the exit, at least 3 bugs got peeled off his godly feet. With barely any effort, he broke down the wall leading outside. This ended up being beneficial for the insects to follow him. They served no purpose without him so of course they followed their new God that they gave everything to. This flock of insects were cute but not nearly enough for a God. He walked out into the city with his goal already in mind. He needed all of humankind, no, ALL LIFE to submit to him. He walked into the more populated parts of the town. Leaving behind foot prints on whatever he walked on. Grass, concrete, cars, people who would not walk out of their God's way. Each step announcing his arrival to his servants like the bells and trumpets that were spoken of when the concept of a rapture got explored. His pheromones got caught on the wind and spread far and wide across the town. Like a skunk being run over, people could smell it for miles away but they were naturally drawn into the scent of a God. All who got a whiff, inevitably started to follow the scent and the stomping sounds made by their God. Many followed him throughout the downtown area. Some tried, and even succeeded, to cling onto their God. Most clung to his broad, muscular ankles, some clung onto his balls and shaft which were close to dragging across the floor. Some merely wished to kiss his feet or balls. The fools got trampled over, especially the ones trying to kiss the soles of his feet. Whatever spots weren't being covered by the mortals anyway. By the time he got to the center of the town, his feet were completely cushioned by both husks and humans. He looked out onto the crowd that followed him, thousands at minimum, ensuring him that there was not much difference between husk and man. They were all made to serve him after all. "ATTENTION ALL MY SERVANTS! YOU'RE GOD IS NOW HERE AND DEMANDS ALL OF YOU PRESENT!" He shouted into the air, his voice booming and far reaching. The message echoed across the town and even a few miles out further. He sat down on the roof of a nearby parking garage. An inadequate place for a God to sit but it was enough to sit and wait for his subjects to arrive. As he waited, his servants would bow to their new owner. This got a chuckle out of Kyle before he curiously looked at the sole of one of his feet. About 8 mortals were stuck to their God's foot. Actually upon closer look, they were clinging onto his foot. Not that it mattered much anyways. They should be thankful to serve their God in such a way, even if it was completely unwilling. Within an hour, all his servants appeared before him. Hundreds of thousands of indistinguishable insects looking up at their God in reverence. His pheromones had definitely spread far enough to get every one of them hooked to his powerful will and eager to serve. Seeing some cameras of various types pointing at him, he decided that he probably needed to perform…less casually, at the very least. He actually had not thought about what kind of God he was going to be when it came to addressing his servants. He always degraded, bullied and humiliated others back when he was mortal so might as well keep going with what was natural. He slowly stood up, indifferent to the crunching of bones underneath him from the servants basking in his glory. "As pathetic as this flock is, it surely will do for how you all may help your God. Your God is a powerful one as you all can see." He says before performatively flexing his body. The muscles and shadows being emphasized by the sun set above him like a spotlight. "But…this is not enough from your God. Your God has ambitions. Far higher than any of you puny insects ever could have. What you all need to know is that your God demands power. As much as possible, you will no longer need any. All y'all will need is to surrender yourselves to me and worship me. That shall be your lives purpose from now on. So I expect all of you to work together to build a ray gun to surge all of the Earth's power into your God. Do this and your species will be rewarded very well, this is my promise to you, my lowly, insignificant servants." He finished before sitting back down. All the insects below taking that as their cue to get to work on this ray gun. He relaxed as his message spread not just to the bugs in front of him but also because of the bugs with the cameras, all the insects across the planet got to work as well. All his servants heard their God's word, his pheromones apparently speaking across the planet. They all now work together, finally truly unified as one to serve their God's will. The utopia that has been discussed and debated for centuries will all soon be theirs once their God ascends further and all will be able to truly bask in his glory very soon from the sounds of it. Could he have made it himself? Realistically yes but this was a test of this lower species' devotion to their better. After a few hours the ray gun was finally constructed. Kyle was semi-impressed. Took longer than if he would've built it but that would've taken just the power of the whole continent. These insects managed to arrange things so all the electrical, solar and nuclear power on the planet would all surge into him. He stomped in front of the ray, truly uncaring of who or what he stepped on and demanded that the mortals turned it on. A glow of pure light from the ray guns tip was all Kyle saw before he got an intense burning engulf him, making him send out a massive wail of pain, making him buckle down onto his knees. Each cell in his body breaking down and duplicating at speeds faster than the speed of light. The scream from their God made the mortals turn on the machine in naive fear that this would even so much as hurt their God. This was just part of his ascension. His body steamed and pulsed within the scales on his body as he was at least 4 times bigger than when he approached all his servants. His whole being glowing in pure, radiant light before revealing his red hot, scorching body. With a raging hard-on that had collapsed a few buildings around him, he looked down at the mortal furiously. "I DIDN'T SAY FOR YOU TO TURN IT OFF, YOU WORM! TURN IT BACK ON AND DON'T TURN IT OFF AGAIN!" He shouted furiously at the beetle sized mortal who dared to blue ball him at the beginning of this glorious moment. The demand was so loud it was heard from the other side of the planet. The insect of a man trembled and pathetically begged his God for forgiveness as it turned the ray gun back on. The same flash of light before the overwhelming pain surged through the living God. He rapidly grew more quickly than ever before. His expansion was akin to an un-bursting balloon being hooked up to a thousand air machines. His screams turned into moans of triumph and dominion over all that exists, the feelings of pleasure converted into feelings of pure pleasure, bliss and ecstasy. He grew to tower the whole land, able to see past the horizon on the planet as all conceivable knowledge flowed into his mind. The timelines of this dimension and galaxy along with all other ones. Not only could he know of them, he could control them by mere thought alone. With this, he altered all dimensions and galaxies to worship him and him alone. Not even other versions of himself in other dimensions. Those pathetic versions of himself should've obtained true God-hood and dominion of all that is, isn't and isn't yet before he could. Once all the power got drained from the planet, he took his stand. His foot alone was the size of a small island. Each step creating a deep indentation in the puny lands beneath him. His musk and pheromones had replaced all the oxygen in the air, making it the only thing any of his servants could smell. He looked down to barely be able to see his lowly servants anymore. His cock throbbed with might, dripping some pre down onto a city that got blessed with their God's seed. He bellowed in triumph and might as a wicked way to reward his servants popped into his mind. His mind was certain now what kind of rapture his subjects would experience. "MY SERVANTS CALLED HUMANS, YOU HAVE SERVED YOUR GOD WELL AND HAVE REDEEMED ALL LIFE ON THIS PITIFUL, LOWLY PLANET! SO THUS, ALLOW YOUR GOD TO REWARD YOU WITH WHAT YOU ALL SHALL TRULY DESIRE!" He yelled to all his servants below. He held up his right hand over the planet and started to telepathically lift up all life on Earth towards them. Every man, every animal, every insect, every virus and multi-cell organism joined together to be pressed against the mighty hand of their God. He proceeded to take all the creatures and used their bodies to create a fleshlight that would barely be capable of handling his eclipsing shaft. He then put it to work, jamming his massive, throbbing cock into the writhing collection of life on this planet. He didn't go gentle on the insignificant specs, thrusting in and out rapidly as he started to absorb all the lifeforms. This was their purpose fully realized. Their heaven would be becoming a conscious addition to their God. He grew and grew even more. The usual sensation was more of a tingle this time around. He was so damn close, he had hoped that some of the pathetic life forms would survive long enough to experience their God coming. As a being outside of him that is. They would have all of eternity to experience being both their God's cock and the load he shoots out at the same time. He groaned as his mighty body and cock expanded far outside the stratosphere making him able to see all of space before him, the continent cracking under his weight. He screamed gloriously as he squeezed his dick tightly, unleashed his load that would've replaced the very oceans of the planet off into space. This would crush and press any remaining specks of life into his cock. He panted tiredly as all of life would get absorbed into his glorious, perfectly Godly form. Then in his maniacal state where he didn't want the smallest risk of his rule being undone, he absorbed all the Kyle's in the other dimensions. Some were stupid enough to think they were safe from his grasp and all begging to be spared. Even one that was close to finishing using his dimensions servants just as he had finished seconds before he did. He should've gotten that taken care of a few seconds earlier. He didn't even get a bit of mercy from his better self as he was just on the edge of climaxing before he and all of his servants in that dimension were all absorbed. Not only were all the other Kyle's absorbed but all of their blasphemous followers. There was to be nothing worshiped as God other than him. As they got absorbed, jet black ram-like horns rapidly grew along his head along with spikes on his back and his tail. All the colors of each spike were that of each Kyle absorbed. His eyes changed color as well, becoming a dimly glowing deep purple color. Giving the God a cold, cruel stare even though he himself grew indifferent and it showed in his face. As a result of this, he had grown to the point that the Earth would no longer be able to withstand his size so he had to step off of the lifeless planet. His body had become coated in veins, every vein his body bulging out and competing with his muscles for which would be more prominent. Also, he had become all knowing, knowing of every thought and action across all the dimensions, even before they occurred and this was showcased by his bulbous forehead which was as long, if not longer, than his abdomen. He could feel all the life he had absorbed coursing through them. Not only that, but all the intelligence and malicious, evil intentions of the other Kyles. All their thoughts, all their praises and prayers, all their begging and pleading for release.it was decided through absorbing all the other Kyles and their evil, however, that he would not rule as a benevolent or indifferent God, but one that was more cruel and punishing than any devil to exist all because he merely could. All life was far too beneath him to hold any maliciousness towards them. All was solely to remind them every second of their lives knowing their place. He dismissed all the voices and feelings equally to work on shifting the very planets and the various dimensions to his will. Pressing the planets in his dimension together and breaking them down to forge a throne worthy of his rule. He then proceeded to make all the other dimensions pay for not aiding in his ascension by giving them form, pressing them against each other to create his new garments: a pair of gladiator sandals, forced to have some of the foulest part of his body be the very thing they breathed in with no reprieve whatsoever. As he sat down on his throne, his servants and selves from other dimensions all now relishing in becoming a part of their God, he then grabbed the very sun itself and broke it in two. One half forged onto a crown and the other half served as a cock ring to keep the deity forever erect. He needed to repay his lowly servants after all and being in a constant state of sexual arousal which they all could feel was the very least this God could do for them. I would appreciate feedback in the comments section I'm always open to collaboration if anyone needs ideas for a corrupt story where the evil tyrant wants to get even stronger. Just write me a private message if I have aroused your interest.
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