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  1. Hi everyone, as always, remember that this is very sniff oriented, If its not your thing, please read another story. I´ll take a break for some time due to RL issues, but i hope I can resume wrtiting. Thanks o every one. The Secret Snuffers Society Part 19-Alekhine's gun. The next morning at the Latins base there were a lot of people surrounding Wolf’s body. “Are you sure he was even human?” One man said, “I don’t know, they carried his hulking body but so far the scents haven’t achieved nothing, they tried to take blood samples but the needles don’t penetrate his skim, they even have tried to tear him apart with a chainsaw but the chainsaws where destroyed, they are astounded by the sheer strength. We still don’t know what kind of freak he Is, one of the soldiers even tried to kick him and his leg was fractured. No one dares to stay even close, he’s dead but no one.dare to touch him anymore, he alone destroyed the outpost…” the soldiers kept speaking about Wolf’s body but all the voices were muffled for one of the men there, standing against a wall, it was Felipe. Felipe was hearing them, he was serious, he looked at his hands and then looked at his reflection on a window. The man seeing him had a worried face, he was walking normally, he thought that the SSS trainmen methods made his body became stronger and increased his resistance and healing factors. “It was the only way I could defeat that monster” Felipe said in a low voice. “You did it Felipe” the Latins boss said. “Yes, but it was extremely difficult”. Felipe answered. “That was a monster, I still can’t believe that he alone destroyed the outpost the carefully prepared to take down the SSS base, that alone held us back some months, we can’t invade them just now”. The Latin’s boss said. He was a petite man but he was packed with muscles. “You should be careful, they still have another that is almost as strong as this one”. “Two of them?” The boss said. “Yes…” Felipe muttered. “Señor Diego!” A soldier said while running to the boss. “Señor Diego, you have a call”. Diego walked next to the soldier. “Enjoy yourself Felipe, you achieved a big victory for las Arañas…you’re free to go wherever you want but please keep in touch I want to talk about the other monster” Diego said. On the town’s hospital Buck as in front of a door, he was serious, a doctor exited the room and talked to Buck. “Your friend got a very heavy blow to his head, It was a miracle that he didn’t get an intracranial bleeding.” Buck sighed in relief, “Will he be Ok?” He asked. “Yes but he might get headaches for some time” the Doctor said and let the place. Some minutes later Michal entered the hospital, he grabbed the Doctor by the neck and lifted. “Speak” Michal ordered. “Ppppp. Please” the Doctor said. “Mr Michal, please” Buck begged. Michal sighed in frustration and tossed the Doctor. “Speak”. The Doctor tried to act as if nothing happened, then he proceeded to explain everything he knew. Michal breathing became heavy. “You allowed this?” Michal asked with a clear raging but controlled voice. “I just received a message from the base, the Interviewer sent the base the coordinates to pick him up and I was sent”. Buck then proceeded to tell Michal all the thing he saw on the base, Michal was confused. “What he was thinking?” Michal muttered to himself, his breathing was heavy and profound, so his suit was beginning to tear. Michal stood silent in front of the room with Buck at his side, after some time Ivan entered to the hospital, Ivas was worried. “Do you know something?” Michal asked. “Sir, he told us that he would go to a Latins outpost that was near the town, he spoke about a secret plan with Felipe and Wolf but we couldn’t predict Felipe betraying us”. Michal grabbed Ivan’s by the neck and lifted, the suit sleeve ripped at the pressure that his muscles exerted over the fabric. Michal was about to crack Ivan’s neck when a muffled voice sounded from the room interior. “Michal”. Michal released his grip on Ivan’s neck. Michal then entered the room. The Interviewer was on his bed, he had his left hand over his face and the right hand had some IV’s where some liquids were being administrated. “Michal, calm down..please”. The Interviewer said with a quiet voice. “You should rest” Michal sternly said. “I´m sedated…Michal grab my phone…wait…” The Interviewer fell unconscious by the sedatives administrated. Michal grabbed the Interviewer’s phone and unlocked it using the Interviewer face. The interviewer was strangely relaxed, his facial expressions seemed to relax, he even looked somewhat younger, Michal wondered if taking the helm of the SSS was wearing him off. Michal looked at the phone notes app and raised an eyebrow. “Ivan, you take care of him, guard him, make sure he sleeps well”, Michal left the room and took his phone and came a call “Paolo, you have new orders, break off the mission” Michal explained Paolo the latest news. “Paolo, I need you and Igor go to the southern base, we will use it as a training base…we can hide it like a big gym and we might get some recruits…boss plans, you’re better at administrative tasks…take Igor with you…No you shouldn’t come here, I know your worries… He’ll be fine…Just Obey your orders understood?” Michal walked out of the hospital, he saw his already ripped suit and ripped the rest of it from his body, his shirt was stuck to his body, his back looked like a mountain range. Buck walked next to him from behind. “Buck, you and Ivan will take care of the boss for now, I’ll prepare the base”. There was a nearby police car. Michal approached it, and broke the windows with a punch. The cop aimed his taser at him. “Freeze” Michal walked next to him and clapped his head. The skull exploted in myriad of pieces, blood splatted over the walls and the floor. His companion cop used his gun and fired at Michal. Michal walked next to him “I have no time to lose”. He then punched through the cops ribcage and tore his heart out of the body. Michal crushed the hearth and ate the remains. “Thanks, I was hungry” he said with a smirk, then he cleaned his hand agains his shirt, then he ripped it revealing his monstrous muscularity, he bent to grab the bloodied car’s keys and soon he left the place on the patrol. On the Latins base Felipe was looking at the distance, he was next to Wolf’s body. “How he could get that strong…” he thought to himself. Felipe wondered about all the straight feats he saw from the distance, how the SSS was strong because of him and how he even got stronger because the SSS. He looked at Wolf with all this thoughts shooting in every direction in his mind. “Felipe, come here”, Diego was waiting in a small pair of shorts and a Tank top. He was dense with muscles, but Felipe couldn’t’t held to compare the lifeless Wolf body and Diego’s one, Diego barely could made a small level glad to the SSS, he was even smaller than Felipe but some what he managed to build a bigger organization then the Russians, the Japanese and the Italians, the Latins base was big and all the logistics inside where mesmerizing at least. But for Felipes distaste, they where too focused on drug smuggling, somewhat the old SSS habits where very rooted in him. “Felipe, did you already received your transfer?” Felipe nodded with his head. “Good” Diego said. I think you’ll need something else, come here” Diego said. Felipe and Diego walked over big aisles, in some sense, the Latins where very similar to the SSS, Diego could be a muscled Interviewer himself, they walked over some aisles, and entered a big office. The ornaments where quite lavish, the luxurious seating where Saudi in a way that Felipe thought the Interviewer would dislike for the lack of utility excepting for showoff reasons. Felipe couldn’t help but compare the SSS and the Arañas base. “Here mi amigo” Diego signaled him to take a seat, the he put his hand on one of the drawers and took a passport out of it alongside with some documents. “There they are, perfectly legal, your documents, you’re not an illegal anymore” Diego said. Felipe took the documents from his hand and nodded with his hed. At the same time Felipe thought that eve now that he was a legal immigrant, the SSS would mean that with all his might he would be above the system, those documents could be of great help, but felipe was wonder gin if the SSS would make things different for him. “Felipe, have you thought of what we talked before, do you want to join my elite guard?” Felipe nodded with his head. “I’m still thinking, but I think that I could really be your best hitman…that surely will be fun”. He said. “I’m not sure if my best but you surely are close” Diego said with an evil smile that Felipe noted at the instant. “Is there another one?” Felipes asked. “I have another one in mind but you’re close enough” Diego said “you’re not the only one I recruited”. Felipe looked at him “…so, you’ve found another strong one” he thought for himself but didn’t said nothing. Diego then looked at him “maybe soon you’ll meet him Im wondering who’s the strongest…so far he was also ineffective in taking a piece of that brute…you where very lucky to hit him in the precise point in the head”. “Some are strong on the outside, but weak on the inside” Felipe quickly answered, clearly offended. “Woa friend, calm down…I wasn’t implying weakness on your part” Diego said. “If I where weak they would already killed me” Felipe said, he was getting angry, “I’ve made a extremely great effort to increase my might, to grow, to be strong and to be part of something, to reach and surpass my limits, to be and feel worthy….” He thought for himself. Felipe closed his fist until his palms went white. “I’ll take my leave for now” Felipe said. Diego kept looking at him and nodded with his head. “Remember, until we dispose of that corpse, you won’t be able to leave”. Felipe nodded with his head. Felipe walked on the base, he observed all the structures, he thought those were quite similar to the SSS but not exactly the same. The Latins base had also a great underground component, but instead of warehouses they kept a fabric factory on the exterior. There were a lot of cheap labour, Felipe thought that most of them were illegal immigrants working long hour with the promise to be legalized just as easy as he was. Felipe thought on the past, how he worked for the Latins before he reached the SSS, just when he left Brazil and got to the country, he was at first lost. Felipe remembered how hard was at the beginning, but making thinks on the good side was difficult, he barely could eat, then, by chance he met some members of the Arañas gang, they where beating up an old man, Felipe’s justice instincts cave in and he defended the men, he beat the tug so hard that he fell unconscious with the first hit. Felipe knew he messed top, but the leader of that cell was so surprised that he invited him to join the rans on one of the satellite factories, as a guard. The Arañas were thigh lipped about the true location of the main base, even this was the very first time he entered the main base. Felipe remembered how hard was for him to be on the satellite factories, the quotas, the beating of the weak ones, the killings…Felipe lowered his head and a tear fell down to the floor, Felipe was ashamed of his past, he even could’t give the Interviewer the complete history of his life. Felipe was trapped, the Arañas gave him a place to be safe, but he lost his should on the other hand leaving the Arañas would mean he was an illegal and if he where to be found he would be deported to the past he was running from. Felipe ran away the Arañas, the last night he was forced to kill a young man that tried to ask fro some water, but Diego denied it, Felipe was forced to beat the young guy to death, Felipe felt that night that that was enough, he wanted more than that, that night he decided to run. He heard on the aisles about the SSS, and he hear that where in the town. He decided to run, to try his luck and bet to find a new place. He hear the stories from the there tiger level to guards but they were so outrageous that Felipe thought they were joking until he found Wolf. At that time Felipe told the Interviewer a shortened version of his history, but he was too ashamed of his stance with the Latins, he forgot that he lost all his documents, but the SSS where only interested in him, in the strength he had and what strength he could reach. Felipe trained as hard as he could, he found himself at peace, maybe the SSS could be even more brutal than the Arañas, but the SSS would not stand any injustice, so Felipe decided to stay there. Until the day the Arañas found him. Felipe was walking on the neighborhood, on the SSS base there were rumors of the Latins building an outpost outside of town, Felipe knew what they were capable of, but telling the Interviewer would mean he would need to tell the complete truth, and that would risk the Interviewer unleashing Michal’s rage or even worse, Wolf’s. But suddenly, in a strange twist of fate he found a latin’s spy that recognized him. Felipe tried to fight him but the spy lifted his hands. “Listen” the spy said. “What do you want?” Felipe answered with his fist closed. “Felipe, listen” The spy said, Felipe was surprised to see him knowing his name, the old fears begun to open his way on his mind. “The Arañas has an offer to you, do you want to hear?” “The Arañas doesn’t have anything to offer me and if you’re wise you’ll leave or you’ll die” Felipe defiantly answered. “Oh, but I’m still alive, so let me speak” Felipe tried to grab him but the Spy was faster, Felipe was concentrated on him and followed the spy util they reached and old alley. “Ahhhh, here we are Felipe, let me ask, do you want a better life than the one you have?” Felipe stood frozen in the place, he relaxed his fist, the spy got him, got his dream, to live peacefully, he hardened his face. “I´m good where I am now”. The spy smiled, “are you sure?, we know where you are, we already found your little base, we are already making preparations to bring down your small organization, you know that you don’t have any chance against us”. Felipe defiantly answered, “we are strong enough to resist your weapons” he bounced is pecs and muscles. “Are you sure?, we already have enough resources near, we have weapons stashed and a secret weapon that you’ll find useful in these streets” the spy said while walking slowly towards him. “Felipe, the base won’t be a problem, but we need your help, we need to take down your best weapon”. “Wolf” Felipe said almost by reflex. “Yes, we take down him we will be able to destroy easily the base, but we need to take down Wolf…will you help us?” The spy said. “Wolf is extremely strong, he would kill me if I try” Felipe said with terror in his face. “Calm down, we are patient, we can wait for a loooong time” the spy rebbuted. “No way I’ll betray Wolf” Felipe said. “You want your papers?” Felipe was frozen in his place. The spy knew he got Felipe in his grasp. “You’ll have your way out of all this, you can leave the SSS, you can leave the Arañas, you can even be able to join us and we will grant you an elite position, Diego wants you, will you think on it?”. Felipe stood silent, the spy walked next to him, patted his arm and left the place. “When you’re ready hand us Wolf”, the spy left leaving Felipe in the alley thinking and looking at no specific place. Now Felipe got his papers, he was still pondering what to do, he got his papers, he could leave all behind and star a new life. He saw at his papers and put them in a pocket, he went to a new quarters assigned to him, he took of his clothes and looked at the mirror. His latin muscles were bulging everywhere, he had his Rugbyer body but he was bigger and he felt stronger, strong enough to achieve the feat he did the day before. But he still was thinking in his future, he put his hands on his clothes, and found and old candybar phone. “They won’t trust me with a phone, I suppose”, the tapped some random numbers and made a call. “Hi dad he said…Felipe went silent and just threw the phone over the bed”. Felipe laid down on his bed and he looked at the ceiling until he fell asleep. Mean while, on the hospital Michal was already in the room looking at the Interviewer. The Interviewer woke up, and saw Michal, “Hi there man” the Interviewer said. “You were reckless” Michal reprimanded him. “I suppose that’s true” the Interviewer said. Michal was in a polo shirt and drill pants, “what the hell were you thinking, why you didn’t waited for me?”, Michal said he was clearly controlling his rage. “Michal, I need to ask you something” The interviewer said in a very serious tone, “Ouch, my head” he said. Michal walked next to him, “What?” He bluntly said. “Michal, look at this” The interviewer said while handing Michal his smartphone. Michal tapped on it and raised an eyebrow “You sure?”. “I bet my headache that it’s true…I’ll need you to carry me there, well go with Buck and Brian, I need someone to carry me there, I barely can walk”. Michal sighed. “You’re too reckless”, “Sand who would stop me, you?” The interviewer said with a slight smile. “Impudent brat” Michal said, do you want me to crush you? There is no one that can help you if I decide to kill you and take the SSS” Michal said. “I trust you pal…I need you” The interviewer answered and let himself fall on the bed. Michal looked at the phone and then looked at the interviewer. “Impudent brat” he said and walked to the door “thanks Michal”, The interviewer said and fell asleep. “I´ll be back when we are ready” On the outside of the room Ivan was standing in guard with Buck. “Buck, get ready, we’ll leave, Ivan take care of the streets, we need a car and a wheelchair…we’ll depart tomorrow, get ready” Michal ordered and left the place. The next day, Felipe woke up, he saw the phone still next at his side. “Almost dried up” he muttered. He walked to the bathroom and took a shower. After some time he went out of the room and walked to Diego’s office. “Hi my friend”, Diego said, he was on an adjusted sweater and joggers. Felipe admired his dedication to his body but he felt he was superior in a sense. ““How things have been going?” Felipe asked. “Excepting for understanding that brute, all fine, it’w quite strange, nothing has worked yet, we are going to bring some lasers to rip the skin but so far we have been unable to take any samples, we hope they get here by tomorrow”. Felipe nodded. “Felipe, what did you decided?, Will you join us definitely?, We already gave you your papers, I’m offering an elite position for the arañas, you’ll be paid handsomely”. Felipe thought for some seconds. “What do you want me to do?” He asked. “You’ll be one of my personals guards, I saw how you killed the SSS leader and that brute, you’ll also be my personal executioner.” Felipe grinned. “Ok boss…when I start?” Diego smiled “Right now”. On the hospital the Interviewer was ready to go, he was on a wheelchair, with Buck at his side and Connor was driving the chair. Michal arrived “Are you ready to go?” He asked. “Yes, we take one of the big vans, this daw chair won’t fit on a smaller car, I want to walk”. The Interviewer said. “No way” Michael ordered, “you barely escaped any cerebral damage, I’m still opposing to you to go but you are like a mule…let’s go” Michal said with slight irritation. “Thanks buddy” the Interviewer said, the men left the hospital, Connor carried the Interviewer and put him on the car, they drove to the distance, “Michal, please remember that first we need to take out that box” the Interviewer said. Michal grunted. “Thanks pal” the Interviewer said. Michal pressed the accelerator and they drove outside the city. The sunset arrived, the Arañas factories were left empty, so the guards got to their places. Felipe was on Diego’s office and he was looking at his new boss while he was looking at the informs he received on his laptop. “similar” Felipe thought. Felipe, I’ll show you my other bodyguard, you gave him time to rest. Soon another man entered the office, “I introduce you to Adam”. Diego said barely looking at them. Adam was a tall, blonde bodybuilder, with blue eyes. Adam walked to Felipe and shook his hand, Felipe could feel that Adam was strong, Adam was pressing Felipe’s hand, trying to crush them but Felipe hold still. Adam saw Felipe directly at his eyes, he closed his head to Felipe’s ear. “So you’re the new favorite…I´ve killed bigger than you?” Adam said. “Felipe you can go to rest” Diego said, apparently obnoxious to the small quarrel in front of him. Felipe walked to the door and looked back at Adam, Adam flexed his pecs defiantly and Felipe left the place, Felipe walked outside the factory, he was thinking on all the last thing happening on his life. “So, this will finally end here?, I’ll finish my wandering just here?” Felipe muttered to himself, he kicked some stones and sat over a box that cracked on his weight. Felipe saw the stars at the distance, suddenly a big van was parking in front of the Factory’s entrance, Felipe smirked. “So they found me”, Felipe saw a guard and yelled. “Ring the alarms! Prepare to fight, we are being attacked”. Soon the alarms sounded, Adam was the very first guard to arrive at the entrance. The door was closed but suddenly he saw a extremely big man in a white shit and Yaqui drill pants seeping down fro the van, going to the Factory doors and just tearing them from the hinges and trowing at the distance. Adam jumped back in surprise. “Typical” Felipe said. “Michal, you could just have honked” Michal just bounced his pecs stretching the shirt even more. “Stop right there!” Adam ordered, Michal blatantly ignored him and left for the van, opening the door. The Arena’s soldiers, almost 50 of them ran towards the van aiming with their guns. “Will be better if you drop them down” Michal said with such authority that some of the men lowered their guns before regaining their senses and aiming at him again. “Michal opened the van doors and Connor stepped down followed by Buck who took the wheelchair down and sat the Interviewer on it. “Stop rigth there or we’ll shoot” Adam ordered for the second time. “They won’t hear” Diego’s voice sounded loud an clear, Felipe raised and eyebrow. “What do you think Felipe” Diego asked. “The biggest man is Michal, you can call it the other weapon of the SSS, you take him down ad the SSS will surely lose all his might”. Diego smiled, “that will save us much trouble” Felipe nodded. “Those others? They are big men”, Felipe nodded again “Connor and Buck, new recruits, Buck is strong, be careful” Felipe counseled. “So you’re Michal” Diego said, “why you’re here?” Michal bounced his pecs, I want to show you how superior I am”. Diego smirked “cocky bastard he muttered” Felipe smiled. “What’s your price?” Diego asked. “Maybe your ass, I’ve found that mafia members have really thigh asses, like the Japanese leader, my new slave” Michal said, Diego opened his eyes…”the Japanese….him?” Felipe nodded. “Yes, he took their base by himself”. Diego’s lower lip trembled. “He’s stronger than the brute you defeated?” Diego asked while seeing Felipe. “I can try, I got Wolf by surprise, I’ll need help with this one…would you help Adam?” Felipe asked. Adam nodded with his head, “Will be interesting” Adam said “by the way, who’s the one on the wheel chair, some kind of mediator?” Felipe smirked, yes you can say that from him, be careful. “He seems familiar…I remember his face and it’s dark there” Diego said. Then he walked in the middle of the two groups and said “what do you want?”. “We came to talk” the Interviewer said. Diego tried to focus his sight on the Interviewer but he was covered by the shadow of the van and Michael that was standing at his side. “You have something that’s ours, I came to claim it” the Interviewer said. Diego stood in his position, his frame was big, the Interviewer gave him props for being so brave, but he was there for a reason and he would not leave this place without reaching his goals. “What do we have from you?” Diego said. Felipe and Adam walked at his side. “You have a certain body that belong to us, we want it back”. The Interviewer said. “The brute?” Diego said. “I’ll prefer if you don’t call him like that, he’s my friend, you see”. The Interviewer said. Diego laughed hard. “We conquered that body, Felipe killed him and we brought him back, the corpse it’s ours by our right and strenght” Diego defiantly said. “You have not the right, not the strength to keep him with you” The Interviewer answered back. Diego lifted his hand and a higher rank soldier came next to him. “Bring the body here, so they see it’s dead”. Diego stood proudly in front of the Interviewer, and all the others. After 30 or more minutes, four men in lab suits appeared, a bulldozer were moving Wolf’s body, the bulldozer dropped Wolf at the ground. “See, he’s dead” Diego said, Michal opened his eyes, Buck tried to run to Wolf’s place but the interviewer put a hand on his forearm and Buck stopped and Connor ran to Diego but he was stopped by Felipe who just lifted him over his head and tossed him in front of the Interviewer. The men in lab coats stood surrounding Wolf like they were some kind of priests surrounding a corpse. Buck was clearly impressed to see Wolf in such state, almost naked, the body didn’t move. “There is no hope” Buck said. “Shut up Buck”. The Interviewer ordered. Connor stood up but his body was bruising. “Idiot” the Interviewer said. Michal face was hard. Diego took the scene like a victory. “Now you see how string we are…now…if you please hand your leader a message and leave I’ll spare your life just there”. “What kind of message do you want us to give to our ‘leader’,” the Interviewer said, clearly seeing that Diego was clueless about who he was. “Surrender your base and leave, give us your business and we’ll take if from here”. Diego said proudly. “We reject your offering, we came for two things and maybe a third” the Interviewer said. “What?” Diego was confused. “The first one is you new bodyguard…I have something to ask him” the Interviewer said. “Felipe, tell me….did you found your place?” Felipe looked at him at the eyes and nodded. “What is that?” Adam said, “Your place?” Diego was confused about all this. Felipe looked at him and nodded. “I´ve found my place boss”. “The second is the one you have right there…..Wolf wake up already” the Interviewer said loudly. The big mass that Wolf represented didn’t even moved, not my a second, “he’s dead” murmurs sounded all over the place. Diego looked at the interviewer with an evil smile, “you see, he’s dead”. “Don’t be so idiot” the Interviewer said. “Look at me your fool, you wan’t to send a message to the SSS leader, I’m the leader, Felipe didn’t killed me, nor I do believe he could kill Wolf”. The Interviewer then moved himself to be near Diego, Michal walked at his side. Diego was astounded, “you…the leader…so Felipe”, Felipe took the opportunity and punched Adam so har he flew at the distance. “Felipe!!! What are you doing?”. “See boss, I found my place” Felipe said while ripping his shirt. “I’m a member of the SSS, anyway, thanks for my documents” Felipe said while taking his distance from Diego. “Wolf, wake up” The Interviewer said again, Wolf didn’t stood up, “Wolf wake up already” Michal said, Wolf didn’t answered. Buck was nervous, so was Connor. Diego looked at the Interviewer and said “you plan failed, he’s dead, he haven’t moved in days and his heart didn’t even sounded. “You’re and Idiot” the Interviewer said. “His skins is so strong that you can’t even make a dent on if and it blocks the heartbeats sounds, so a normal stethoscope won’t work on him”, Diego looked at Wolf’s body…”could be” be muttered. “I don’t have time for this” The Interviewer said, he put his hand on the lower part of the wheelchair and took a bag, the Interviewer took a box from the bag”. “WOLF I HAVE CHICKEN!” The Interviewer screamed. “Chicken?” Diego said. Suddenly Wolf opened his eyes, grabbed one of the scientist from the leg. Wolf grabbed both legs and ripped the body in two like it was a piece of paper. Blood sprayed in all directions, Wolf yelled at the top of his lungs “CHIKEEEEEEN” Wold then ran towards the Interviewer, some soldier tried to block Wolf but Wolf trampled over them crushing bones, tearing apart soldiers and punching heads off bodies. Diego barely dodged Wolf ’s stampede. He didn’t stopped until the box of chicken was at Wolf’s reach, Wolf grabbed the box from the Interviewer hand and in seconds he ate all the chicken, bones, skin and almost ate the box. “Nice to see you again buddy, missed you” the Interviewer said with a lithe smile, “there are some sodas on the van” the Interviewer said, Wolf walked to the van and took a soda can and crushed it over his mouth, Wolf’s walked at the Interviewer side, so the Interviewer was surrounded by Wolf and Michal, Buck and Connor where behind and Felipe was almost at Diegos’s side but clearly Diego felt surrounded. “What’s this?” Diego said, visibly raging. “Felipe, I thought you’ve killed him” he said. “He almost did it” the Interviewer answered. “You piece of idiot, my headache is going to kill me” the Interviewer said with irritation, Diego felt ignored by the Interviewer remarks. How he dared to, he was the king on that place and now these brutes were defying him, in his own base. “Sorry”, Felipe said to the interviewer, “I tried not to hit that hard”. “You did, but I’m glad you’ve found your place, so, are yo going to work with us?” The Interviewer said. “Felipe walked next to Adam who was stumbling in the floor. Felipe lifted him overhead and threw it at Michal. “He’s all yours” Felipe said. Michal looked back at Felipe, then he looked at the interviewer, grabbed Adam from the floor and ripped all his clothes so Adam was completely naked in front of his own gang. “He has a nice body, do you want to interview him?” He said. Wolf smirked and burped, the Interviewer looked at him in irritation, “same brute as always” he commented, then he looked Michal by the eye… “he seems to have a nice ass, have all the pleasure you want”. Michal smirked devilishly, he ripped al his clothing, Michal muscles were bulging in anticipation. He lifted Adam over his shoulder and left for the van. “Don’t destroy the car” the Interviewer sternly said. “Adam” Diego screamed, then all hell broke loose, one f the soldiers became nervous and shot at Wolf, the bullet bounced on his skin but everyone begun to wildly fire. Wolf stood in front of the Interviewer and Buck stood from behind. Connor suddenly decided to go rogue and ran towards some of the soldiers. “Connor!” The interviewer said but Connor were already charging towards the Araña’s soldiers. The soldiers fired at him, his muscles were able to resist the impact but he wasn’t able to ignore the impact. Connor panicked and tried to run over some soldiers, he ran to the Interviewer but Felipe tackled him, he sat over Connor’s big chest “Wham, wham, wham”, Connor gave Connor three hots on the head and Connor fell unconscious. “Idiot” Felipe said. Felipe begun to scan the place, Diego wan’t to be seen over the place. “He will run” Felipe screamed at the Interviewer. “Go get him” The Interview ordered. The Interviewer looked at Michal, Michal was already raping Adam, Adam was screaming at the top of his lungs, but his screams where muffled by the gun shots sounds. “It’s no use, I can’t use that van anymore” he said “EWWWWW man” Buck said, Wold laughted at the top of his lungs. “Will you release me?” Wolf asked, “Are you ready?” The Interviewer said, Wolf looked at him, bullets were bouncing on his back like they where nerf bullets, Wolf smirked “you brought chicken”. “Showoff” The Interviewer said…then he pointed at the soldiers with his hand and said “All of them!” Wolf smiled and ran towards the soldiers. “Buck, I think I can walk already, go take some fun” the Interviewer said and stumbled but got up. Buck happily ran towards the soldiers while ripping his shirt. Adam was screaming in fear, the Interviewer walked next to Michal who was already bare naked and destroying Adam’s arse with his rod. Pleeeeaaaassseee! Adam said. “Do you have anything to offer?” The Interviewer said, Michal was unmerciful, Adam looked pleadingly at the Interviewer, “I’ll give you all my money but please stop this torture”. The Interviewer looked at Michal, “are you feeling this like a torture?” Michal grinned with evil. “I´m quite enjoying this” The Interviewer sat on the front of the van, given his back to Michal and Adam, “see, I won’t take the pleasure from my friend there, Michal, you can enjoy as long as you want….or he can resist”. NOOOOOOOOO, Adam screamed, Michal grabbed his jaw and crushed it lightly, just to muffle his screams. Adam grande the seats on the van with such strong that he ripped the fabric of the seats. “Don’t damage the car” the Interviewer said, Michal grabbed Adam’s right arm and crushed it with his hand, he proceeded to do the same with his left hand. Adam muffled screams made vibrations on Michal glans, Michal closed his eyes in pleasure, the Interviewer didn’t look, He was looking at Wolf and buck, they where ripping, tearing and destroying all the soldiers, the bullets where like nerf bullets on his muscles, Connor body was limp on the flor in front of the van, “such a waste” the Interviewer thought. Michal lifted Adam with only his hard cock, Adam looked like a gruesome puppet, Michal just for play walked at the interviewer side and playfully said “look, no hands”. Michal opened his hands but Adam was still up and “tight” only supported by Michal’s penis. Michal grinned in the pleasure he was having by raping Adam. Adam tried t move his hands but they were flapping in all directions, Adam pain was seen on his face. Michal jumped lightly making Adam move up and down, And Michal moaned in pleasure. He put his hands behind his back and walked while jumping, Adams face was livid because the pain. His legs dangled at both sides. Adam was unable to make any effort to release him fro, the impalement, Michal walked in front of the van to show off the prowess of his dick in front of everyone, the sheer spectacle was something bizarre, on one side Wolf and Buck where tearing apart soldiers, crushing heads and tearing limbs, almost making blood rain over all the place. Michal was walking with Adam on his dick like a gruesome flag, Connor was unconscious over the floor that was beginning to turn red. The interviewer put his hand over his face. “Just a little more” he muttered to himself. He was alone on the van, he was beginning to feel tired, he looked at the spectacle in front of him, he was serious, “This sacrifice will be needed” he muttered. Michal then put Adams body over the vans hood. “Look at this alpha” Michal almost ordered. He begun to thrust Adam with his might, Michal thrusted so strong that the van shook with the interviewer inside. Michal thrusted with ever increasing strength, Adam’s pleadingly looked at the Interviewer but he was unfazed. Michal begun to lose himself in his lust, Michal thrusted with such strength that the pelvis tore apart, the tip of his shaft was piercing Adam’s skin and hitting the van’s hood. Michal was raging, his breathing was heavy Michal grabbed Adam’s shoulders and thusted with his hips but also pushed Adam’s shoulder to the bottom. Adam’s body couldn’t resist and snapped in half, Michal begun to used Adams crushed body ever his dick like a masturbation toy, Michal kept crushing Adam over his dick, Michal moaned and kept using Adams body with his big hands until Adam´s body was an amorphous mass with a head attached to it. Michal cummed inside the bag of bones and blood that was Adam’s body. Michal grabbed the head, lifting the body, a “pop” sounded at the same time that the corpse was released from Michal’s dick. Michal grabbed the head and the palmed it in front of the van just for the Interviewer to see, Michal breathing was raging but he slowly begun to crush Adam’s head. Adam’s head slowly begun to defer under Michal’s unfathomable strength, he was already dead but the Interviewer could imagine how it could be screaming if Michal would not have killed him yet. After some seconds the head exploded under Michal’s pressure. Michal used the head remains as lube to masturbate until he cummed again. Michal slowly walked to the interviewer side. He flexed his biceps and put his arm in front of the Interviewers face. “Touch it” He ordered. The Interviewer put his hand over Michal’s big and hard biceps, caressed it a little enjoying himself with the pleasure Michal gave him in such a spontaneous way. “Did you enjoyed him?”. Michal grinned in pleasure. “yes…but is time to concentrate on work” the Interviewer lightly smiled and said “Yes, go clean yourself and come here, we need to talk to Diego”. Wolf was playing with Buck a gruesome game, they looked like they were competing to outdo the other. Bullets were bouncing from their skins and both were laughter like maniacs enjoy themselves. Wolf grabbed one soldier and ripped his head, then tossed the head at buck who punched it. The head exploded raining blood and brains over Buck chest, Buck smiled devilishly and grabbed another soldier and palming his head he crushed it like and egg shell, Wolf punched tought another guard and ripped his head, the soldier fell to the floor and Wolf crushed his head like a bug. Buck clapped another soldiers’s head making it explode, Wolf lifted and bear hugged one soldier and crashed his chest like it was made from cardboard, then lifting the dead soldier by the head he crashed it with one hand. The soldiers desperately tried to aim at both super strong men, desperately trying to get an opportunity to live, some of them tried to scape but the base walls where hit and behind Wolf and Buck there was Michal alongside the Interviewer, they saw what Michal did and feared it even more. Buck lifted one soldier overhead and with all his might he threw the body over his knee ripping the body in half. The soldier upper half tried to squirm his way out but Buck stomped his head, twisting his leg. Buck was excited and his shaft grew from the excitement. Buck grabbed one soldier trio, then legs and using him like a bat he “hit” Wolf’s chest. Wolf hardened his pecs and the soldier exploded against his chest. “Yeaaaah” he said and Buck bursted in laugher. Wolf grabbed one soldier and walking next to Buck he “hugged Buck like a friend Buck hugged Wolf’s back and between both men they crushed the soldier grinding him between both men’s pecs. The blood and brain where dripping between both men muscle mass, Buck stumbled back in excitation, he used the blood like a cream over his pecs and abs, he applied it over his big rounded biceps and liked them. The few soldiers left ran out of bullets, they begun to cry in fear, the factory’s wall’s where so high that the same structure built to keep the factory workers almost imprisoned turned to be also their prison, the soldiers quickly found that the only way out it was passing over the monster that raped, and mangled their leader right hand and guardian. Suddenly Connor begun to wake up, he was confused, suddenly he saw the carnage and the destruction followed by the muffled terror screams of the few soldiers remaining. The Interviewer walked next to him. “You stay there, your orders are to not let anyone scape, his voice was serious, Connor nodded but his face showed fear. “I didn’t expected this Connor, we’ll talk to you later”, the Interviewer walked limping next to Michal. “Your orders are to keep Connor from running, I still need to interview him”. Connor shook in fear. “Don’t worry if you have nothing to fear you’ll be fine, until I come back ” the Interviewer said. Michal bounced his pecs. “You’ll be Ok?” Michal said. “If I´m weak you’ll kill me isn’t it?” The interviewer answered defiantly. “You, impudent brat” Michal said and turned his back to see Connor. “Stay there” he ordered. The Interviewer slowly walked next to Wolf and Buck. “Finish this already!” He said. Wolf and Buck ran toward the remaining guards. One tried to pass Wolf but he grabbed him and lifted overhead, he tossed him to a wall, the body exploded on contact with the wall, it looked like a painting, the corpse stuck to the wall. “Man that was sick, Buck spoke playfully grabbing other running soldier and ripping his head. Wolf grabbed another soldier from the neck and grain his sternum he ripped his ribcage, left exposed open the beating heart. Wolf showed the heart to Buck. “Lest see your aiming. “Buck smiled demonically and tossed the head to the body, he didn’t hit the heart but he ahead ripped the abdomen leaving a hole in the body. Wolf ripped the head of the corpse and said “look at this”, he tossed the head to another guard, both head exploded on contact. Wolf burst in laugher. When Wolf and Buck went silent there were just silence, the only sounds where the blood dripping and flowing to the sewings. The Interviewer walked next to Wolf, “got your fun?” He asked. Wolf flexed his biceps and bounced his pecs. “What to you think?” The Interviewer smiled softly and poked Wolf’s arms. “Nice to have you here big buddy”. “You missed me” Wolf teased. “Don’t get ahead of yourself” the Interviewer said. Wolf flexed his biceps “You missed these” he said smirking. “Cut it out” The Interviewer said irritated and blushing. Wolf burst in laugher “I Win”. “You bet” the Interviewer said and then poked again Wolf’s arm “Felipe is waiting”. They entered the factory’s alley, the silence was deafening, “seems you killed them all”. The Interviewer was limping, he clearly was making several efforts to walk, until now Michal was the only one noting it but Wolf changed subtle his facial expression and walked closer than usual to the Interviewer. “Don’t worry pal, I’m good” the Interviewer said. “Felipe hit you hard isn’t it” Wolf asked. “It could be worse…could be a hit from you”. The Interviewer looked at Wolf, clearly pleading him to stop questioning. “Wolf bounced his pecs”. “I’m here” he said, “thanks buddy, for now we need to find Felipe”. After some minutes of walking what looked eternal for the Interviewer the y found Diego’s office, but the door was closed and blocked with a lot of deformed desks and seats and Felipe was seated on top of the debris. With a laptop on his hands “Hey Boss” Felipe said. “You might need this”. The Interviewer took the laptop, “is he inside?” He asked. “Yes, he’s trapped like a rat but I made sure that he doesn’t have any meaningful way to scape”. Felipe said. “Good thinking” Wolf, open the door please. “Wolf walked through the blocking items like they were almost nothing, he just tossed aside all the things blocking the door then he grabbed the door and ripped it from the hinges. “Stay back” Diego said with a clear frightened voice. The Interviewer entered the office. “Thanks Wolf, Felix please help Diego to stay seated here”. Felipe grabbed Diego’s muscled body and forcibly made him seat in front of his desk. “Buck, please search the desk and seat. “Buck seated on Diego’s chair and desk and turned all things upside down so there were no traps there. The Interviewer sat on the chair and opened the Computer, “password please?” The Interviewer said. “Go to hell”, Diego defiantly asked. His defiance went to the floor when Wolf walked behind him and grabbed his neck with his bicep. “Ugggggghhh” Diego windpipe was closed by Wolf’ mighty arm. “See Diego, Wolf is not in mood to put up with your idiocy…password”. Diego tried to hold Wolf’s arm to no avail. Wolf lifted him, Diego’s feet were dangling over the floor. “See, We took a lot of effort to find this base, to infiltrate this base the same way you’ve infiltrated ours”. So please and for one last time, give me the password. Wolf released Diego who fell to the floor over his ass. Diego took a piece of paper and gave it to the interviewer, “Thank you, wait a second” He said, then he tapped on the laptop, the Interviewer tapped some more times, good, now I’ve changed all the passwords and gave control of the finances to the SSS, we will be able to transfer the accounts soon. Diego was dangling from Wolf’s biceps. “Let me goooo, pleeeaaaaase, I’ve done has you asked”. The Interviewer tapped on the Laptop, “there is a very good sort of information right here”. The Interviewer looked at some files and searched through the mail. “Well, I suppose you were right, we need only this password.” The Interviewer closed the laptop and walked slowly to the door. “Waaaaaaiiiittttttttt” Diego said, he was still choking with Wolf biceps. “I gave you everything you need, let me gooooo”. The Interviewer sighed. “See Diego, the Arañas have been using this factory as a facade for your real operations, the drug smuggling the weapon trafficking, in some sense, I admire that; but boy, you’re also using this factory almost like slave labour, your workers aren’t in their home isn’t It? They are in some kind of barracks we already discovered”. The interviewer looked at the floor, “you’re using all these people just like slaves, most of them won’t get any help from you…despicable”. Diego shook his body but Wolf was holding him high with his biceps. “Felipe knew some details about your operations, his information gave us a vague idea about your income sources, the Arañas are a very disjoined operation, Felipe was on one of your distant location, but to discover that your main base was so close, and that you dared to open an outpost even closer, that was something that we couldn’t let slip”. Wolf placed his freehand over Diego’s head. “See Diego” the Interviewer said. “I’m not pretending that the Arañas will be destroyed, but we already achieved what we wanted, In the first place, you lost almost all your forces stationed here, that leaves our base free, in the second place, we already transferred most of your economic resources under the SSS control.” “The other branches will destroy you” Diego muttered but the pressure Wolf’s biceps were doing a big deal of pressure on his mouth. Wolf was grinning in expectation as he was already trembling with his other hand over his head. The interviewer looked at Wolf and then his sight got back to Diego’s eyes. “See Diego, the third thing that we wanted is to assure that no branch of the Arañas would dare to come here, the outpost was already destroyed and this base has almost 50 mangled and crushed corpses out there, we made sure that the carnage is so great that absolutely no one will dare to defy us, and I’m afraid that you surely will not be there to warn them, but your body surely will…Wolf”. Wolf then slowly compressed Diego’s head against his bicep. Diego screamed, his limbs flailed in all directions. He tried to bite Wolf’s biceps only to find that Wolf pressure were bigger that his own and that all the teeth were dislocating against the hard biceps. The jaw disclosed and was crushed under Wolf’s pressure, then the nose cracked, the eyeballs jumped out of his sockets and then Wolf used all his might, the skull crushed and blood brain and bone pure over his biceps. The only remaining thing of Diego’s head was his scalp and then Wolf used it like a rag to spread the skull remains over his biceps. Wolf enjoyed his might ands bounced his pecs and flexed his biceps in victory while roaring from the pleasure, Buck was jerking off from, the carnage. The Interviewer raised an eyebrow but didn’t said nothing. Felipe looked at his former boss and then he saw Wolf flexing and then he fixated his Gaza on the Interviewer. “What do we do from now? Do I have a place with the SSS?” The Interviewer didn’t answered, he simply left the place with Wolf, “Buck when you finish your business we will wait on the van but don’t take too much time, also, look for the security room and destroy all the videos, and surveillance equipment you find” Buck roared, Felipe left behind Wolf in silence. After some minutes they got to the place of the battle, Felipe looked in every direction, “you killed all of them?” Wolf burst in laugher, Felipe saw then Adam’s remains, he felt a renewed respect for Wolf and Michal. He saw Connor’s face, Connor was trembling. Wolf walked at Connor’s side, so Connor was between Wolf and Michal. “Felipe, stay in front of Connor”. The Interviewer walked slowly in front of him. “Connor, the files in this computer demonstrate that you acted like a mole for the Arañas on the SSS base” Connor shook in fear and tried to run but Wolf and Michal held him in place. “There are mails that demonstrate that you where being paid handsomely for information on the SSS…you choose a new boss, you where acting up to now, you never were unconscious, you were acting until recently” The Interviewer said. “That’s bullshit” Connor said “I’ve been absolutely loyal, I never didn’t anything”. There’s no way you’ll talk out of this, we won’t tolerate treason. Wolf grabbed Connor left arm, Connor tried to kick him but that helped Wolf to grab it, Michal was quick and grabbed the right limbs”. Connor was held over the floor by the two behemoths, Wolf was grinning and Michal was serious. They both despised traitors in his ways. “Felipe It’s up to you to decide” the Interviewer said. Felipe pondered for a second. “Please Felipe, save me” Connor said. The first rays of the sun begun to show. “Connor, you already know that the SSS won’t tolerate traitors, also, you despised all the thing the SSS gave you, so It will not be forgiveness from my part” Felipe said. Wolf and Michal slowly begun to tear Connor apart, Connor was strong but he was no match neither from Michal or Wolf, let alone both. Connor tried to fight back but soon he was making a perfect 180° split. Connor screamed “mercyyyyyy” The Interviewer stood silent at Felipe’s side until the arms gave up and where both ripped from the torso, soon the legs gave up too. Connor screamed in pain while falling to the floor. Connor was screaming and rolling on the floor. Michal was eating Connor’s arm, and Wolf was flexing his biceps freely. Felipe slowly walked until he was at the side of Connor’s head. Felipe looked at the Interviewer, the Interviewer nodded, Felipe then lifted his rugbier leg and aiming he stomped Connors head. A sickening “crunch” stopped all the screams, Felipe enjoyed the crushing sound and the feeling on his foot. “This is the SSS justice” Felipe said, he turned to the interviewer, “This is my place”. The Interviewer nodded and said,“Now let’s go” The Interviewer, Felipe, Michal, Wolf, and Buck, stepped on the van, “Let me drive” Felipe said. “Ok, all yours”, The Interviewer left the driver’s seat and stepped on the main compartment. Felipe drove to the distance, after some minutes the Interviewer was exhausted and quietly begun to fell asleep, after some minutes the Interviewer fell exhausted and the car kept running with his deadly load, Wolf and Michal where bouncing pecs in a strange but friendly competition, like they where competing about who bounced his pecs faster while Buck was amused. The Interviewer was looking at the distance before falling asleep. The next morning all the news outlets where talking about the worst massacre on the state, they couldn’t show any image because the spectacle was so gruesome that all the videos where censored, however the remainder of the Arañas where so frightened that almost decided to leave the town alone. They were so weakened by the loss of resources that they couldn’t even try to wage another war with the SSS, they were also weakened by their internal turfs. For now the Interviewer was on his office thinking profoundly on the next step, and maybe in another big gamble.
  2. Restored back, after removing portions and adjusting the rest to be compliant. Thanks for your patience and apologies for my inexperience. Thanks for the guys who helped me! Hi guys, just giving it a go as I had been thinking of this story for a while. I have a few chapters in mind and this is my first attempt. Please note this story contains snuff (not gore though) and if you are offended or it is not for you please do not read. Chapter 1 - The new neighbours In the remote tropical Australia village where they grew up, Paul and his family were enjoying a typical Aussie life, a quiet environment, plenty of sunshine and the nearby beach. His father was a farmer and his mother a hairdresser. The father played some rugby in his younger years so he built himself a respectable hunky body, and he enjoyed training his son as well as swimming a lot in the blue ocean. At 18 y o Paul had a very toned body, and his father gathered some weights for him to build some muscles in the backyard. Paul was also starting to develop attraction for males and muscles, and every time he would see muscle hunks at the beach and around town he would definitely love that sight. One day new neighbours arrived, in the house next to Paul’s family. They seemed like a nice family, apparently they came from Armenia and they had an overall arab look and features. They had a boy, the young Alex who will soon become Paul's friend, a lovely wife, and…the father. The father was a handsome, Arab looking hunk, and what really impressed Paul was his sheer size. The man was a beast, looked huge especially in his shorts and tank top, with massive legs, a pair of huge arms and everything else was just… humongous. His name was Milos and they met him shortly after his arrival where they introduced themselves to his family. Their English was basic back then, but they seemed like nice people. Milos was very assertive and dominant straight away, very confident and almost arrogant at times. They brought some homemade biscuits and they came into our garden for a drink. Paul was taken aback when he shook the big man’s hand, he felt a jolt in his crotch when the powerful paw almost crushed his hand. He loved muscle and big guys, and was realising the effect that powerful muscle men were having on him. His cock would twitch and stir, but now that he was staring at Milos, looking at his chest barely contained by that tank top, those footy shorts were unable to contain those huge legs and those bare feet were so much bigger and more manly than his own or his father’s... It was lust, pure lust for muscles and power that comes with them. Looking at Milos strutting his muscles around barefoot was making his cock real hard and he could barely control it. He started imagining how strong the guy was and what he could do with his muscles. His mother asked him “Wow you’re a big guy, how tall are you? You must weigh over a hundred kilos!” Milos answered very confidently “I know, I am tall 1,95 metres and weigh 135 Kilo but I like to train and keep strong!”. On that he flexed one arm and the bicep and tricep exploded in size. His mother laughed and wowed but Paul was feeling his cock going in steel mode…and he ran to the toilet. Paul pulled out his 7” thick jock rod and could not believe how hard it got. Quickly pumped it thinking of those arms still vivid in his mind, and he dumped a load with such vigour that he trembled on his feet. He barely contained the ropes of cum with a bunch of toilet paper. After a few moments he came out of the toilet trying to pretend nothing happened but felt completely self conscious.. He thought his father was built and he was just a 1,85m tall 90 Kilo ex rugby guy. This hulk was at another level. The son was quiet, and for his young age he was already pretty build, following his father’s genes. The mothers were commenting how big and strong he was for his age, and that he was going to be another hunk for sure. His mother commented “I know, the doctor was so surprised that he is already 60% heavier compared to the average weight at his age, and it is is not fat!” That was unbelievable!The boy surely looked very, very solid especially at his age. He had a really good shape and his muscles were defined and visible under his paper thin skin. Later that night Paul was furiously pumping another huge load out thinking of Milos' hulked out arms and shoulders. He could not get over how big his pecs were and the moment he was thinking of something that he could do with his muscles power, his cock would erupt so much that his balls would hurt. Paul also looked at his body in the mirror and quickly did a few sets of pushups to tone up and get some pump. And instead of calming him down he was just ready for another explosion. Later that month he enjoyed watching Alex’s father in the backyard, working in the garden and showing off his muscles. He definitely accepted the fact that he was not only gay but that he was completely into muscle and powerful guys. Just looking at the giant muscleman strutting his muscles in the garden and lifting stuff effortlessly was making him hard. One day he saw him lifting some heavy badass stuff from the garden and shoving it on a small van, and his dick was painfully hard. Then he noticed that Milos was barefoot, another thing that made Paul absolutely nuts.After watching this behemoth constricting a huge amount of dry wooden sticks and poles in his arms, then crushing them, and noticing his huge back rippling with muscles, his dick started uncontrollably spewing cum, and that was his first hands free experience. When these episodes happened his orgasm was so powerful he would lose control of his body for a moment. When bumping into Milos he was always self conscious and shy, he was super scared that they would find out his perv habit and the fact he was turned on by that stuff. Then one day they decided to go on a trip together on a nearby lake. It was the middle of summer and the sun was scorching hot. Once they got there it was already incredibly hot to see Milos barechested, barefoot and strutting around…wearing speedos that did nothing to hide a huge package between his legs…then he helped Paul’s father to get the boat off the trailer, and he did so by basically lifting it like it was a piece of paper. Paul went so hard by watching that he had to jump in the water to calm down his steel hose. Alex was amused and not really minding much but was watching carefully at Paul’s reactions, as if he was really trying to understand what was going on. Also in his speedos Alex was already showing some muscle definition, he was definitely the best built and biggest youngster he had ever seen. That evening they all slept in the same cabin, a simple small cabin with a couple of bedrooms, one for each couple and the children slept together on the big sofa in the lounge. When they went to bed, Alex was very chatty and was asking Paul about his training and his father. “So why is your father so much smaller than mine? It must not be that strong. I bet my father could beat him up on arm wrestling or just wrestling on the floor” Paul was a bit surprised and didn’t know what to answer. “Well yes but size is not all, he was a very good rugby player and he taught me a lot of fun stuff. He also taught me weights lifting” Alex's face lit up “Oh weights so you train now? I want to train but they don’t let me. Papa has a gym in the garage, he lifts very heavy stuff but I am not allowed in. So I just do push ups sometimes.” With that he flexed his arm a bit, his biceps were visible and his pecs were definitely there. Paul gulped down and said “Oh well you can use my weights sometimes” Alex was in heaven ”Oh yes please but don’t tell mama or papa” Suddenly they heard voices shouting from the bedroom where Milos and his wife were. Paul was worried and Alex said “Oh …this happens sometimes, I try to ignore and hope it ends quickly but sometimes it doesn’t” And suddenly the discussion picked up and a loud slap filled the air and the mother opened the door and went outside crying. Milos followed her wearing only his tight briefs, then Paul’s parents came out as they heard and gathered outside. The mother was crying and Milos was shouting her to shut up and come inside OR…. Paul’s father stepped towards him and placed his hand on the huge man’s naked shoulder “Hey I don’t want to get in a discussion but I’m sure this can be resolved by talking, let’s go inside”. Swiftly Milos grabbed Pauls’ father's wrist with his huge hand. Paul was watching this behemoth, naked except for his tiny briefs, towering over the much inferior guy, with his muscles in full pump, and could not help but feel his cock engorge spasmodically. Milos then let him go and walked inside his bedroom and slammed the door. After that there was a chat with the poor woman and we were all shaken. The Morning after it was awkward but more disturbingly we realised that Milos was not a good guy and with his muscles and force he was also very dangerous. Eventually we all got home and everyone was back in his house but we worried about the woman and what could have happened. After that episode there were many others involving violence, police checks, issues and troubles. Paul’s family was trying to not interfere but often the mother would ask them to look after Alex, so he would often stay at mine and we would share the bedroom and play a lot together. That’s when we started working out together, and realised that Alex was indeed very strong and although he was around ten years younger he was catching up extremely fast! One evening it was quiet but Paul heard voices from the neighbour's backyard. Alex was fast asleep in the other bed nearby. He noticed Milos with two other men, they were quite big but not as big as Milos, and they were having a serious discussion. They were keeping it quiet but it was not a normal scene. Suddenly Paul saw Milos grabbing the other guy by the throat, they were speaking armenian. Milos lifted the guy by the throat with his arms like he was a doll. He was clean off the ground and he repeatedly asked him questions. At some point the other guy was visibly scared and tried to hit Milos. Milos greeted his teeth in anger and compressed the guy’s throat until he passed away. He dropped him to the floor and turned on to the guy who had just hit him multiple times with his fists, causing apparently no damage to the huge guy. The guy tried to hit him in the face but Milos stopped his hand with his huge paw. Then grabbed the other hand in his other big paw and powerfully forced both hands behind the guy who was being completely overpowered. Then he bearhugged him swiftly and lifted him off the ground. While in his embrace, he said something in Armenian which sounded really bad, then he added “And now you pay”. He started trembling and gritting his teeth and constricting the guy in his arms. Paul could not believe what he was seeing, he watched as Alex was fast asleep and felt his cock start to throb uncontrollably and ooze precum profusely. As the guy was trying to scream but was muffled by the powerful bearhug, Paul could see Milos’ huge back exerting power and he saw the rib cage being crushed by raw human power. His cock was steel hard. He heard a loud crack of ribcage breaking and giving up. His cock exploded in the biggest orgasm Paul had ever experienced. Paul suddenly let go of a moan as he was taken by surprise “Aaaaarghh…” Milos heard him and turned his head to see who was there. Paul freaked out, still ejecting ropes of cum in his shorts, while lowering his head in order not to be seen. Then he heard more muffled shouting and more bones snapping. Must be the other guy! Then some muffled noises, and the van going off….then coming back moments later. Shit the guy must have disposed of the bodies! Paul was in complete shock. That night the wife was not at home, for reasons we did not know, and he asked us to look after Alex one more time. The morning after they had breakfast Alex returned to his father’s house, and Milos looked at Paul with a menacing face. Paul was shitscared to be caught, bit nothing happened. Milos was definitely a scary man. After that night Paul was both super scared and turned on, and did not know anyone to talk to about that stuff! He did not want to talk for fear of ending up like those men… After that night there were no other similar shocking surprises but every now and then Milos was behaving strangely and dodgy people would come and go, their animated discussions and fights with the mother kept happening and Alex was clearly in denial or perhaps he was trying to protect himself. One thing that happened a few months after is that a medical visit found Alex really heavier than the average, at 57 Kilo, and blood tests revealed the presence of testosterone that was not normal at that age. The doctor however said that it was all good from a health point of view and that it would have been necessary to ensure feeding the boy properly , with high protein and also allowing him to exercise as much as he wanted. But his mother did not like the weight training and she did not approve of his father’s ways, so as a compromise she allowed Alex to train at the local gymnastics club, where lots of boys were having fun and building great bodies. Paul was super impressed and he was thinking that the boy was going to grow a lot and could not wait to see the development of that muscle boy. Years flew by and the boy grew. Every time Paul caught up with him he seemed thicker, taller, stronger, even more solid and his voice changed too. In a couple of years he reached 72 kilo of solid muscle, he never seemed to put on any fat. Alex would often show off to Alex his new gymnastics tricks and Paul was in complete awe of how much power and control was in this muscled boy. He would do planks, handstands, lift his body in all sorts of ways and show the massive strength he had. At Paul’s 21th birthday they all gathered at Paul’s home (again Alex’s parents were in some trouble and they left the kid with Paul’s family.. Paul was still bigger than Alex but Alex was catching up fast…they were almost the same height. During the party someone commented on how big Alex’s biceps were and he flexed them. Dave, one of Paul’s friends, said “Oh but I am surely stronger, and you are too young so you won’t be strong” Immediately Alex faced the guy and shouted to his face “show me then”. He was already shirtless, sat down at the table and offered his meaty calloused hand to the bully. The guy looked at the arm which was defined, and looked extremely solid. The moment he grabbed his meaty hand he realised he was in bad trouble. Dave started pushing the arm of the strong boy, which was not moving, and he thought he could have a chance. Then he looked up and saw that the boy was not even exerting much power, he was just looking and grinning. Then suddenly he felt a jolt of power and the boy literally and methodically smashed down the much older guy’s arm, showing that his power was real. The guy was shocked and could not believe it, he felt Alex’s arm and gasped at the feeling of suck hardness. Then Paul’s father wanted to give it a go. “Hey boy don’t be shy, give me all that you have ok? I am fair and will try to knock you down, so be brutal ok?” Alex looked more than ready. His hand engulfed the much older man like a muscled trap and suddenly they started. After a moment of struggle, the boy quickly and in full control smashed down the older man’s hand and arm. The father was shocked and gasped “Wow man you are one strong boy! Well done” then gave each other a man's hug and the father was even more shocked when he felt the hardness of the boy’s body. In the evening there were comments about the boys’ power, and how fast he was growing. Late that night Paul was waiting for Alex to come to sleep in his room, as the boy was spending more and more time in the toilet, especially in the evening. Paul thought what that meant but then shook off the thought, it was definitely too early and maybe the kid needed some time on his own…or maybe he was wrong. When Alex came out his briefs were looking real tight on him. Paul gasped internally as Alex’s body was looking magnificent, strutting those thick defined strong legs and that amazing chest and arms were making Paul really jealous, the kid was passing Paul quickly. Then suddenly Alex said “Hey I saw bodybuilders doing pumps and stuff on youtube, I thought we can do it together to get our muscles pumped, wanna try?” Paul was again in disbelief that this young muscle god had these ideas in mind. But he was too excited not to join this type of fun. “So if I wanted to pump my biceps, you would need to grab my hands and push them down, so while I work my biceps you can work your triceps”. And so Paul did. At first it was easy but then Alex increased the rate. “You are not pushing down much are you”. But Paul just could not compete with the boy’s muscle power. ‘Ok I have an idea, keep your straight arms with your body and make fists” then he grabbed Paul’s fists with his big hands and started….lifting him. With his biceps only, he lifted Paul completely off the floor and started curling him in the air. Then Alex dropped him down and said “Also this is good for shoulders then” and grabbed Paul by his armpits with his paws and lifted him again, extending his arms all the way up and executing many reps like he was a doll. Then he dropped him and flexed “Oh man feels so good! Check this out, feel how hard they are. You are much softer than me for some reason” and he struck a solid, impressive double bicep pose. Paul was impressed and like in a trance he put both hands on those sculpted huge bicep peaks, and felt the hardness. “Paul you need to train more, we can train together and we can both grow big and strong!” Paul was ashamed that he was not as strong as the kid but excited at the same time. “Well it’s time to go to bed I guess” Alex looked at him with his piercing green eyes and turned around, jumping on the bed. “Night champ, see you in the morning, we go for a swim” Paul looked at the sculpted muscles and his massive, strong legs. He wanted to be that big himself. With that, they went to bed and Paul ha massive wet dream that night.
  3. Disclaimer: As alway this series is very sniuff oriented, if this is not your thing, please read another of the wonderfull stories that are on this page. Otherwise, please enjoy. I just hope that you like it, and thanks for all your encouragement, as always special thanks to freakoman2 and Mczapl. And this time I also thank Portamivia, Ro20316, Shade, and all the others that encouraged me to keep writing (I hope the story keeps improving). The Secret Snuffers Society Part 18-Fianchetto. That morning Wolf was alone on the restaurant, all the other SSS members avoided his table, his fearsome presence made everyone avoid his path, only a few could even stand near him. He was devouring a pizza, an odd choice for the morning. Ivan, Buck, Igor, Felipe and Carlos were in a nearby table enjoying their breakfast and looking at how Wolf devoured one pizza after other. The Interviewer entered the restaurant and seated in front of Wolf, without saying any word he took a slice of pizza and ate it just for Wolf annoyance. The Elites gasped at the view, any other SSS member would be converted into a stain on the floor or at the walls in just matter of seconds, in the Interviewer case he just got a “GRRRRR” and an annoyance look. “Sorry buddy, I’m starving…”. Wolf kept devouring his pizza until the restaurant send more and more until Wolf was satisfied. “That was an odd choice for breakfast” the Interviewer said. “I like pizza” was the only answer he got. The Interviewer shrugged and left the table. “Paolo, Igor, I need you, Wolf, as soon you can please come to my office” he said, Wolf nodded with his head. Wolf walked to the gym, he trained very hard that day, when he finished he was so sweaty that his shirt was already adhered to his body, so Wolf ripped from his body just for the sake of it and flexed in front of the mirror grunting. He wanted more action than the usual one he always got. He then decided to go to the Interviewer office shirtless and sweaty. As soon as he entered the office he found that Igor and Paolo were already leaving. They both were extremely serious, they nodded to Wolf and left the office. “You’re stinking” the Interviewer said. Wolf smiled, he knew that even if he was “stinking” his masculine pheromones were of his liking and he liked to tease him with those small things. The interviewer sighed with a slight exasperation. “So, you’ve finished your training for today?” He asked. Wolf nodded and bounced his pecs, then flexed his biceps, the Interviewer walked next to him and poked his pecs, “showoff” he said. Wolf smiled. “What are those two up to?” Wolf asked. “They have a mission I need them to do, they will be gone for some days, Michal hasn’t arrived yet an I’ll need him to put up to standard the southern base, we still need to train more recruits for the streets” the Interviewer answered. Wolf look at him, the interviewer looked slightly tired, “you need something?” Wolf asked. “In fact yes buddy…I got some info and I need to check it with you…come with me please”. The interviewer closed his laptop and left the office; Wolf walked alongside him, the Interviewer was silent, he was pondering his previous steps, It was a difficult task, the SSS where at the point that they destroyed the Old Reds, the Italians and the Japanese mafias, but the Latins had resources, even if they wore out with the Japanese, they still had resources to fight. He was worried that when he sent Michal in a search and destroy mission he also lost the opportunity to gain more recruits, but he deemed the Japanese too loyal to their structures so they would not join the SSS. But the Interviewer struggled with his decisions, did he made the right call?, did he jeopardized the SSS like he did with the Italians?. He struggled, he knew that Wolf and Michal let him use their unfathomable strength, but he needed to be loyal not only for them, the SSS was already a bigger organization, now the SSS needed to handle the administration of the annexed organization and the government tasks for the neighborhood, a task in which Ivan demonstrated excellent skills. However that meant much more dedication and the Interviewer wasn’t as strong has Wolf or Michal, he knew his mental strength was at his limit, and if he was deemed weak for Wolf, that could mean a betrayal to the SSS and even his own end. “No time for weakness” the Interviewer thought for himself and he kept walking. On the way out of the warehouse he found Felipe, “are you free?” The Interviewer said. Felipe turned to the Interviewer and Wolf and bounced his pecs. “You need me?” The Interviewer nodded. “In fact yes, you’re exactly the one that can help me…come with us”. They left the base on one of the SSS Vans. The interviewer took the wheel since he was the only in the car that would not destroy it. The neighbors knew that Wolf was inside of the Van specially since the van was almost about to flip because Wolf’s weight. Felipe was serious, he was a big man, with little expressiveness. Wolf was sleeping in the van’s back seat. While they were on the way they saw Ivan and approached the car to him. The Interviewer lowered the glass of the door. Ivan was packed, he wasn’t defined, but the Interviewer knew that Ivan was a real snuffer, he liked to dispatch any criminal their men found own the streets and he was very competent on the street’s safety, Ivan was in cargo pants and a tank top that allowed to see the hair that . “Hello Sir, how I can help you?” Ivan said. The Interviewer stepped down from the car, Felipe stood on the car looking at Wolf, he already knew what could happen if Wolf suddenly wakes up and trows a punch of a kick, so he decided to step down of the car. The van almost flipped but somewhat it managed to stay with a fragile stability. “He’s sleeping inside” the Interviewer said. The recruits recoiled in fear since they already knew the tendency of Wolf to kill anyone at his reach when he wakes up. Ivan, Felipe and the Interviewer talked outside the van. “Are you sure of that?” Ivan said, Felipe saw the Interviewer directly at his eyes “It’s too dangerous” he said. The interviewer cut him off quickly, “The Latins are already at the north of the city and they see, to be amassing a good amount of weapons and resources, we can risk the base but we can’t risk the neighborhood, Ivan you’ll take care of the defense, Felipe will go with Wolf and me, Ricardo, Buck and Carlos will take care of the base, we still don’t now where their HQ is, so until we ge t a good lead we play on the defensive here”. The Interviewer said. “But sir” Ivan said. “Enough” the Interviewer said, Thanks for your concern, but I already made a decision, we need to go. They entered the car and turned on the engine. “Wolf, wake up” he said. Wolf opened his eyes and flexed his biceps. “I'm ready”. Ivan was astounded, Wolf was already know for is sheer capacity for violence, but for some reason he contained himself with the Interviewer, (even he was able to wake him up without fear) he thought, “Take care sir”, Ivan the diced to obey and keep the defense plan. The Interviewer nodded and left the place. After some time the van left the city’s borders. “Look, the Latins stablished a small base near the town, we’ve been informed by our spies that they want to use that facility as an outpost to attack our base. We still don’t know when they plan to attack, but I want to destroy this base first.” The Interviewer said. Wolf smiled and touched his big round biceps. “These will work extra time” he said. “To your heart’s content” The Interviewer said. “For Now, Paolo and Igor are going to gather information of the Latins, Buck will find us soon, If you’re not quick he might get some of your fun” the Interviewer said with a smile. Wolf just bounced his pecs and smiled devilishly. A siren sounded on the distance and a cop appeared on a motorcycle. “Aw man, I don’t want to deal with this” the Interviewer said. Even so, he slowed the pace and stopped by the highway. After some seconds the cop stepped down from the bike and walked to the SSS van. “Stay there, I’ll deal with this, Wolf ordered. “So, why the hurry?” The cop said to the Interviewer, he was built and his muscles were stretching his uniform, he kept his glasses on and had a kinda cocky attitude. The interviewer glared at him from head to toe, my lord, have you thought of switching careers?” He said. The cop smiled “naaaah sir I’m just fine like this. “Too bad” the Interviewer said, “that was the last opportunity you had”. The van opened. “Oh my…” the cop was astounded to see Wolf’s frame when he stepped down the van. Wolf smirked devilishly Wolf grabbed the cops neck and lifted him until his feet dangled in the air. Wolf din’t comprised the cops windpipe but he couldn’t scape. Wolf shook the cop like a rag doll, “let me goooooo” the cop said but Wolf was shaking him so violently that he sounded like he was on a vibrator chair, but without the pleasure. Wolf smirked, the cop tried to grab his gun but aft he reached it Wolf grabbed his arm and crushed it with the sole strength of his hand. The cop yelled but the scream sounded funny because the vibration Wolf was causing, the Interviewer gave him a glare, “we are late”. Felipe was enjoying the show with a serious face but expectant eyes. Wolf smiled “Ok buddy”. The nWolf using his free hand grabbed the cops crotch, his hand was so big that he grabbed the cop’s pelvis and covered his dick. With his arms he folded the cop in half breaking the spine in two, the cop made a muffled scream, Wolf grabbed the folded cop in half and crushed him from the orson and legs like the cop was some kind of human hamburger (or some gruesome crab) with the arms and legs dangling from the sides. Wolf took the filed cop body and tossed at the highway side. He walked next to the cops’s bike and kicked it. The bike was ripped in half and pieces of it flew in all directions. Then Wolf looked for the cop’s remains just to check if he was already death. The cops body was twitching so Wolf lifted the cop again from the neck, the body dangled, he was already dying but Wolf punched the head with is much strength that his punch went through the head and even from the helmet. Wolf released the neck and the body was dangling from Wolf’s hand and the helmet remains. Wolf smiled and said “hi” with his hand moving his bloodied fingers before ripping the punch from the helmet. The brain remains where stuck to the helmed remains. Wolf tossed the corpse and left for the van. “Showoff” the Interviewer said, Wolf burst in laughter and cleaned his fist against his shirt before jumping back to the van. The smell of blood and brains filled the van’s interior, the Interviewer sighed and lowered the window. He thought of the future for the SSS. “So little time” he muttered to himself and kept concentrating on the way while Wolf was bouncing his muscles and Felipe was looking quietly at the other side of the van. “Why you killed him” Felipe asked, Wolf smiled and kissed his biceps, “Because I can…muscles are everything…and…I don’t like to be challenged” Wolf answered defiantly with a smirk on his face while bouncing his pecs. The Interviewer gaze was fixated at the front but raised an eyebrow “Showoff” he muttered, Wolf smirked “You like it” Wolf said in a low voice but the Interviewer noted it and smiled briefly. Felipe looked at the Interviewer, “why yo do this?” He asked. The interviewer face hardened, then he answered, “Because If you don’t have any power, nothing will change”. “But you don’t have much power” Felipe said while thinking that he was trying his luck there. Wolf quickly moved from the backside next to Felipe, then he flexed his bicep that was already the same size of Felipe’s head. “He has me” Wolf said defiantly, then he sat on his chair, bouncing his pecs, Felipe looked at him, then at the Interviewer. “I suppose that can be true” he muttered. The Interviewer went silent while driving. “And what you want to change?” Felipe said. “Maybe the World” Wolf said with a vicious smirk. Felipe saw at him and then looked at the front of the highway. “What do you want to change Felipe?” The Interviewer asked. “I’m getting stronger…yet I don’t know what to do with my strength”, He said. “Maybe this experience can help you” the Interviewer said. After another minutes the Interviewer said “We’re close”. Then they got out of the highway to a hill. They left the van and walked to the top of the hill. “What do you want to do if you win this war?” Felipe said. Wolf walked in front of them and kept walking to the hill’s top. The Interviewer stopped and saw Felipe at the eye, “I want to make a different world…and I’ll need you today to make that possible”. He answered and resumed his ascension to the hill. Felipe was surprised, followed behind muttering some words in Portuguese and walked behind the interviewer. Over the hill the three stood up looking at the valley. There was a small base, not that big, but there where some heavy equipment, mainly modified trucks with heavy machine-guns attached to them, one helicopter that seemed to be mainly used for transport since it was not armed, but the strangest thing out there was “A tank, a freaking tank…where they got those?, Is that from WW2?” Felipe said. “Cold War, it’s a T-72 I think, I really don’t know how they smuggled one to this point, but seem they’re serious about overtaking our base…”The Interviewer said while looking at the tank in a very serious face. Wolf was smiling with a devious face, expectant. “These weapons should not reach the city, those can create too much unnecessary damage and affecting the neighborhoods, we can’t risk them” the Interviewer said. Wolf suddenly ran to the base. “Wait, Wolf” Felipe said a bit too loudly and the Latin’s guards saw them. The Interviewer sighted exasperatedly “you fools” and put his hand over his head. “Felipe, wait here”, the Interviewer ordered, “Wolf, i need some of them to interrogate” he yelled. Wolf flexed his biceps while running and the Interviewer took that response as a “yes”. The alarms sounded and the noise was heard from the hill. “Let Wolf work, I’ll need yo here in case some guard shows up here”. The Interviewer said. “Felipe was concentrated on Wolf, Felipe was bouncing his pecs like expecting something. “Felipe, you have your orders, the ones you received on the town, and the ones I’m giving you here, those orders doesn’t contradict”. Felipe looked at the Interviewer, his face was clearly showing some confusion, like if in his mind a dilemma were forming in his mind. He opened his mouth like If he wanted to ask a question but at the end he decided not to, so he turned his body and face the base. Wolf ran towards the fence, the moment he reached the fence he just ran over it, some of the chain link fence stuck to his frame Wolf ripped it easily from his body (and his shirt was ripped too), and kept running until he reached the center of the base. The alarms were high enough to make Wolf angry, some of the soldiers were stupid enough to walk towards Wolf aiming him with their rifles. The first soldier that went next to Wolf tried to order him to freeze but he didn’t even finished his sentence when Wolf grabbed his head and squished it like a grape, blood , brains and the eyes exploded from Wolfs hands. Wolf smirked, the other guards begun to fire at Wolf but all the bullets bounced on his skin. Wolf stood there enjoying the “bullet massage”. Another guard went near Wolf, Wolf grabbed his rifle with one hand and pushed the rifle through his head, Wolf then lifted the rifle and for some second the guard impaled with the rifle from it’s head looked like a gruesome flag before Wolf hit the ground with the guards head obliterating it. The other guards begun to fire while walking away from Wolf. Wolf stood quiet looking at the guards, ponder gin how he would kill them, then decided to walk to his left, flexing his biceps and bouncing his pecs, just to instill fear on the soldiers. The bullets keys bouncing of his body, some fearful yells where like “el diablo”, “un demonio”, Wolf grabbed one of the guard fro, the neck, then gently hugged him from the abdomen, the guard shot at close quarters but Wolf’s skin and muscles repelled all the bullets, Wolf looked deviously at him and gently said “now you’re going to feel my full strength”, Wolf bear-hugged the guard with all his might, the abdomen suddenly collapsed, the blood was shot up the head with such force that the head exploded like a bloody volcano, Wolf crushed the abdomen, the vertebrae and the pelvis, blood was dripping from Wolf’s body so he looked more demonic this time, another nearby guard tried to run but Wolf was quick and grabbed him from the neck, then from the pelvis, Wolf crushed the body like an accordion and then with all the strength of his back he ripped the body in two, blood splashed in al directions, Wolf tossed the lower half from the body, his eyes begun to became red and walked next to other guard. Wolf showed this guard the upper half of the corpse, then Wolf palmed the head and slowly crushed it, the head slowly became deformed until the eyeballs burst out of their sockets, then the head became ovoid and then blood poured from the mouth with teeth and from all the head’s orifices, then the head was so flattened that blood, bones, teeth and brains poured from Wolf’s interdigital spaces. Wolf was smirking like a devil, he enjoyed the terror he caused, the guard then looking at Wolf tried to use his rifle to commit suicide but before he could shoot his head Wolf grabbed the rifle and playfully put it in his mouth, the guard shot his rifle but Wolf bite the rifle and flattened the canon so the rifle became useless. Wolf wasn’t even hurt. Wolf grabbed the guard from his head. “You want death…I’ll bring you death…” Wolf ripped both arms with a sole yank from his triceps and back, the muscles were striated, looking like rocks, from some moments the guard’s yell were higher than the alarm and Wolf enjoyed the yells and the blood bath, the guard fell to the floor and begun to roll over his back, Wolf looked at him and simply put his foot on the head, Wolf quadriceps flexed, the quadriceps sprung to life showing every fiber of the leg, the wonderful image of the quadriceps only was overshadowed by the exploding head under his strength. Wolf walked over the head while looking at more nearby guards. Another squadron was handing and shooting from the back Wolf stood in front of them, he looked like thinking in how to kill this bugs for pleasure. Wolf stretched his neck, looked at the guard and with a smile he jumped high. For some seconds Wolf looked like he could fly, but the gravity acted and the guards were too slow to recognize that Wolf was aiming at them, they scrambled but one was too unfortunate to keep himself shooting at the air. Wolf fell over him and a cloud of dust formed, the guards shoot’s stopped since they were preoccupied for his partners, but as soon as the dust settled they found Wolf’s legs stuck on the guards torso and abdomen, Wolf calmly walked to them tearing the body apart. Wolf smiled, lifted his foot and with all his might he stomped the guard’s head. The head exploded, almost obliterated, the stomp was with such force that the ground shook. Wolf then with a quick movement punched both guards chests and grabbed their hearts, Wolf pulled both hearts out and crushed them, then grabbed both heads, opened his arms as far as he could and then brought tighter the heads. The skulls where crushed, almost like melting between them so it seemed that there where tow bodies stuck by the necks, Wolf tossed both corpses aside, then he grabbed the last guard of that squadron b the neck and punched the head. The punch went thought the head, the bloodied fist dripped blood, Wolf ripped the head that got stuck to the arm, Wolf grabbed the head remains and ripped them from his forearm and tossed the remains at his side. Wolf was barely dressed since all the bullets ripped most of his clothing from his body, so his extremely well built body was shown, so mucho for the dismay of the Latins on the base. Felipe was astounded by Wolf’s might, the Interviewer was at his side, looking fro, the distance. They saw the ruckus from the distance. “It will be fine if we leave him like this?” Felipe asked. “It will be worst for us if we go there, specially if Wolf loses his mind”. The Interviewer said. Felipe looked at him with a clear confusion on his face. On the base Wolf was walking next to another guard that fell to the ground, Wolf stomped his torso, the foot was stuck to the ribcage, Wolf kept Walking and stomped the head next. Wolf kept walking until he’s foot was unstuck from the torso and he left behind a crushed body, then he grabbed another guard by the shoulders and ripped the volt like it was a piece of paper. Suddenly Wolf heard a loud “bang” followed by a hit to his head that made him stumble back”. On the hill the Interviewer saw the tank moving to the place were Wolf was standing and shooting at Wolf. The tank shot Wolf, the Interviewer saw the tank bullet hitting Wolf making him stumble another step back. “Now he will get really mad” the Interviewer said, Felipe grabbed his head in clear confusion, “como é possível?” He said. The interviewer took his phone and send some messages. Wolf felt the canon hits on his torso, but even as the shots made him stumble two steps back but he wasn’t hurt; Wolf even enjoyed the “sorta challenge” the tank represented. Another shot from the cannon was aimed at his head but the shell only gave him a light headache. Wolf’s eyes became even more reddish and he begun to grunt in a very wild way. Wolf went quite serious and walked to the tank. Wolf walked slowly and in a very deliberate way. Wolf bounced his pecs and arms while walking. Wolf grunted, the tank fired at him but the shots became suddenly completely ineffective. The cannon ammunition bounced on his body, then the tank tried to aim at his head but this time Wolf caught the shell whit his hand. Soon Wolf was just in front of the tank. Wolf grunted and a small but fearsome smile was on his head. The tank tried to overrun Wolf, Wolf put his hands in front of the tank and begun ti push back. At first Wolf was caught off guard but soon Wolf got his ground and he just begun to push back the tank. Wolf smirked he walked until he almost pushed the tank to the place where it was parked. Wolf closed his fist an punched the tank’s armor on the hull. The hull was pierced by Wolf’s punch, the tank tried to overrun Wolf, but Wolf was already in advantage so the tank only vibrated in the place. Wolf used his other hand and punched another hole on the hull’s armor. Wolf then using his hand begun to tear the tank apart. From the center he begun to use his triceps and his monstrous back tearing metal apart, Wolf could hear the driver’s frightened screams while trying to desperately overrun Wolf, but Wolf already was tearing the driver’s compartment wall. The driver was panicking, he was frantically moving al the levers and pedals, he was shouting orders but suddenly a fist with the biggest hand, forearm and biceps that he saw in his life went thought the wall plates. The driver frightened screamed when he saw another punch similar to the former one coming through the wall and barely missing him. The driver grabbed his gun and aimed at the front Wall. Suddenly a third punch went in front of him and barely missed again, this time Wolfs eye was seen on the hole. Then a devious smile, Wolf hands appeared on the center hole and he begun to tear the tank wall apart. The driver shot at Wolf but the shots were useless, after some moments the driver was in front to Wolf pecs, Wolf bounced his sweaty pecs and flexed his biceps in front of the driver. With a proud smirk. “You’re the first one, let’s make this a very intimate farewell” the driver in fear tried to shot his head but Wolf grabbed his hand with the gun and crushed both. Blood poured from Wolf’s hand and the driver yelled in pain. Wolf then grabbed the driver’s shoulders, closed his fist crushing the shoulders. There were some frantic yells from behind the driver’s place. Wolf ignored them and just banged the tails hull with his fist, the yells stopped followed by some pain screaming. The driver looked at Wolf’s face that was enjoying the pain he was causing he tried to kick Wolf but Wolf’s dense muscles repelled any damage, Wolf grabbed the leg and fled it in half in an angle that was abnormal from an anatomic perspective. Then grabbing the other knee he crushed with his hand. Wolf laughed like a mania while the driver was screaming in pain. “I´ll come soon” Wolf said and left the driver’s place. Wolf left the tank, on the outside there where still some latin guards firing at him and tryin to make any damage, Wolf smiled, “wait patiently”, he said. Then he jumped on the turret and using his fist he gently pushed the hatch jamming it. The gun operators were tapped inside the tank. Wolf flexed is biceps proudly over the tank like showing of to the soon to be victims. Wolf flexed his pecs and then his legs. Wolf gave quite a muscle spectacle and then he stomped the tan that sounded like a “clank”, jamming the turret mechanism and fixing it in front. Wolf knew the tank was already unusable but for the sake of it he grabbed the Ian gun with his hands and folded the main gun. The solider saw in awe how wolf was destroying the tank structure, Wolf jumped to the tank side and with his hands he ripped the tracks and wheels, then walking slowly he went to the other side and wiped the weeds and tracks of the other side to the tank. Some of the guards tried to shoot at Wolf. Wolf walked to the back of the tank, punched the armor again with both hands and with a proud scream he lifted the tank over his head. Wolf smirked at how easy he lifted the tank over his head. Some nearby guard shot at him but Wolf then using the tank he squished the guards like there were some bugs. The tank stood over a pool of blood. Wolf laughed hysterically. The base went silent excepting for the screams of the tank operators and the muffled yell screams of the driver. Wolf then entered again on the hole he made just to find the driver still alive and looking in fear at Wolf. Wolf said “time to finish my work with you” then Wolf grabbed the driver’s legs and clenched his fingers on the drivers quadriceps, then Wolf begun to slowly but unrelentlessly begun to tear apart the legs and rip them off from the pelvis. The driver was squirming on his seat trying to cover himself, but Wolf kept tearing the driver apart. After some seconds the left leg begun to tear apart, the muscles were ripped, the tendons didn’t gave any sign of resistance. Wolf’s back muscles exerted a monstrous force that no human tissue would be able to resist, the right leg ceded too, after some seconds the legs where separated from the body and Wolf squished them against’s the tanks walls. Wolf then grabbed the sternum and in a sudden yank he ripped the ribcage from his place like he was opening a bag of potato chips in a explosion of blood an guts, the guard couldn’t even scream but Wolf knew he was just about to die, Wolf then grabbed the crushed shoulder and ripped the arms from the body. At the end Wolf grabbed the head but instead of crushing it he clenched his fingers over the head making dents on the head. Wolf opened the skull exposing the brain, then wolf ripped the brain from the stem and crushed it against his pecs. Wolf bounced his pecs and flexed his biceps. Wolf kissed his muscles and feasted over the mangles corpse flexing his muscles and self satisfying himself enjoy his kill. He then heard the frightened screams of the other two and left the hole he made on the tank. On the hill The Interviewer was seated on a rock, Felipe was standing up, looking at the sounds and the explosions, suddenly a jeep appeared and two armed men were running to them. “I got this” Felipe said, the Interviewer just looked at Felipe, then at the two men. The soldiers fired at Felipe, the bullets were ineffective, the Interviewer looked at him “he’s grown” he thought. Felipe waited, his rugbyer size looked even greater at higher ground, Felipe then jumped over the first soldier, he ripped the weapon from the soldiers hand ripping two fingers with the rifle. The soldier screamed, the other soldier tried to hit Felipe with the rifle butt but before he could land the hit Felipe made a right uppercut the ripped his head. The other soldier tried to run but Felipe surpassed his speed, tackled him to the ground and seated over him, Felipe hit his head so fiercely that the cranium was broken, Felipe hated his head with such savagery that after a few blows the skull didn’t had even a remote resemblance of a head. Felipe was hitting while breathing heavily, like he was venting his anger in each blow. The Interviewer looked at the distance, puzzled, maybe a little worried but kept his mouth shut. After some minutes of skull destroying, Felipe went at the Interviewer’s side and stood quiet. “You’re OK?” The Interviewer said “Sim” Felipe answered. “Let’s go to the base, we’ll take the jeep” the Interviewer said and begun to walk to the jeep, Felipe followed behind. On the base Wolf was enjoying the screams of the trapped soldiers on the tank. He was laughing like a maniac, he flexed his biceps and then let the front hole of the tank. Just for fun he went on the tanks back and hit the back plates, ripping them easily, like they were cardboard until he found the engine, Wolf grabbed the hot engine and with a scream he ripped it from the tank. Wolf was sweating but his face shoed a great amount of pleasure from the sheer brute force he was exerting, so free, so powerful that he los himself on the trill for destruction, he wanted even more, then he decided to used his trapped bugs for fun. Wolf jumped up the tank, and punched the hull, the frightened crew jus looked at the big fist tearing the tank’s hull like it was made from styrofoam and then with a yank he ripped the hull fro the tank. A hand went down the orifice and grabbed the nearby operator by the head. “Gotcha” Wolf playfully said and then he yanked the soldier from the head with such force that he dislocated one of his arms almost ripping it from the body. “Ohhh, to bad…you broke” Wolf said and with a devious smile he grabbed the broken arm and ripped it from the body. The soldier screamed at the top of his lungs. The other soldier was trapped inside the tank just looking at the blood dripping from outside the tank. Wolf then grabbed the soldier by the neck using his biceps. The soldier used his only arm trying to force Wolf’s biceps out from his neck to no avail. Wolf smirked and then put all his strength on his biceps crushing the skull like if it where a soft fruit. Blood dripped from Wolf biceps but the body still didn’t fell to the floor, Wolf grabbed the body from the shoulders and ripped in half like the body was a piece of paper. Blood dripped inside the tank. The soldier inside was terrified but he surely diode’t knew the terror until he felt Wolf ripping and tearing the tank turret until the hole was big enough to accommodate his size, Wolf playfully sat at the soldiers side. The soldier looked at his face, Wolf’s eyes where red, he was bouncing his pecs in a mesmerizing but terrifying way. Wolf was occupying almost all the space on the turret. The solder begun to try to crawl his way out of the turret but Wolf placed his hand over his shoulder like they were a pair of buddies. “Hi” Wolf said with a terrifying tone of voice, the soldier knew he was in deep trouble.) Wolf deviously said “I’ll give an opportunity…do you want one?” The soldier nodded with his head. Wolf grabbed the drivers cheek with his left hand and said “worship me…lick”. Wolf then used the driver’s head and forced the soldier to lick the blood and dirt from his pecs. The driver frantically tried to lick Wolf’s pecs. Wolf was stimulated from the lick over his nipples. “He bugs can sometime do a good work”. Wolf kept pressing the head against his nipple, the soldier tried the best he could to clean Wolf’s pecs but they were so big that soon he got dehydrated and choked from the blood on his mouth. “Lick” Wolf ordered, the soldier move his head frantically. Wolf grabbed the head with his right hand and flexed is biceps. “Last chance…worship me…lick it” Wolf eyes were red, his hardened face clearly showed that he wasn’t for jokes… he was ordering and he was about to unleash his wrath. The soldier begged… “please…my mouth is dry”. Wold tossed the soldier at his seat and suddenly he stood up, his strength was so great the he still ripped the turret’s plating forcing it to take all his size. “I´ll help you find water” then Wolf punched the soldiers abdomen and grabbing his intestines and bladder he crunched the abdomen internal organs and ripped it outside. Then he put his hand over the soldiers screaming mouth. “Here you have some liquid” Wolf said enraged. “Need more?” Wolf grabbed the soldiers arms and ripped them like tissue paper, Wolf kept ripping and tearing the soldiers torso the soldier screamed until the like left him but Wolf kept tearing until the soldiers was just a head attached on a mangled an torn body. Wolf grabbed the head with his right hand, hardened his left biceps and ten crushed the head against his biceps. Wolf caressed his biceps with blood, bone and teeth, the eyeballs got stuck to the biceps until Wolf crushed them while worshiping his own size. Wolf then unleashed his rage against the tan from inside, at the distance the sound of banging and tearing metal was heard from the distance. Wolf screaming in pleasure with the metal sounds where a spectacle to behold. After some minutes of metal sounding the tank looked like a volcano exploded inside it with Wolf emerging from its remains like a sea god emerging from the sea. The soldiers remains where liquified agains the twisted and torn metal, the only testament of a corpse there was the blood stuck to the tanks walls. Wolf tore the tank to exit it. Wolf looked at his sides, looking for more victims. There were only silence, Wolf walked, sniffing the ambience, he grunted like a beast, he looked for more victims, suddenly the helicopter made a starting engine sound. Wolf turned and saw five men running towards the helicopter. Wolf ran to the helicopter, the men yelled at each other, “boss move quickly, he’s going to catch us”. Two men turned and fired at Wolf. Wolf grabbed both heads and closing his fist he crushed them like eggshells. Wolf kept running to the men. Soon the Interviewer and Felipe appeared on the jeep, Wolf was already near the helicopter. The boss screamed in fear. “Help me!” The interviewer stepped down of the van. “Wolf stop” he screamed at top of his lungs. Suddenly the Interviewer felt a sharp pain followed by blackness, he fell to the floor unconscious. Wolf looked back and suddenly he stood frozen, clearly surprised at the sight of his friend slowly falling to the ground. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain on his head, everything turned to blackness and Wolf fell to the ground too. After some time the interviewer begun to hear some voices at the distance. “You took too much time Felipe” the Latins boss said. Felipe was sweating, he was holding his leg. “He’s too strong, his bones too hard, I can’t kill him”, Felipes was speaking with a lot of difficulty , the Interviewer heard some voices at the distance, “é muito difícil eu não poderia quebrá-lo” Felipe answered, “what?” Another voice sounded. “I barely managed to hit him hard enough in the head, he might be dead. “We´ll carry his body to our base, maybe we can do something with it…you saw how strong he was”. The Interviewer closed his eyes, clearly in pain. “The other…are you sure he’s dead?” The boss voice said. “I’m sure”, Felipe said. “Go make sure” the boss ordered. Felipe walked to the Interviewer place, he was limping, clearly in pain. He should have damaged his leg when kicking Wolf with all his might. The Interviewer tried to get up but his body wasn’t responding. “This shouldn’t be happening…” the Interviewer thought, “I clearly miscalculated”. Suddenly there were a lot of sounds a car engine roared on the distance followed by a hard braking sound… “let them go” a familiar voice sounded at the distance, Buck’s was running to the place Felipe was standing…Buck’s voice resounded again…”What are you doing?”, “lets go” the Latin’s boss ordered so Felipe turned back and ran limping to the helicopter, at the last minute he decide to use a rope tying Wolf’s body. Wolf was lifted by the helicopter, unconscious, “WOOOOOLF” Buck screamed at top of his lungs but there where no use, Wolf was unreachable, Buck screamed in rage until he found the Interviewer’s unconscious body. “Boss, Boss!!!! Are you Ok?” Buck lifted the unconscious Interviewer, he wasn’t sure but what to do, Wolf or the Interviewer, after some time he carried the Interviewer to the car in with he reached the Latin’s post. The advanced post was absolutely destroyed but the SSS have lost Wolf, Buck screamed in rage at the top of his lungs but decided that the Interviewers health was the top priority and left with him to the SSS base. What would be of the SSS without Wolf, he didn’t knew but if someone could give an answer, it was the man at his side…if he could survive.
  4. Nathan

    M UNIVERSITY (Part 12)

    Chapter 13: Justin's Superhuman Army Justin stands in front of University Z with his four Gods of Destruction, Bastia, Thomas and Suavez. He is standing on a pedestal in front of all the students. Justin: "FOR THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW ME, I AM THE MOST POWERFUL GOD THAT HAS EVER EXISTED. YOU CAN CALL ME LORD JUSTIN" He starts licking his biceps and stroking his abs. "SEEING THAT YOU ARE STILL WEAK PEOPLE, YOU WILL RECEIVE MY BLESSING, THANKS TO THIS YOU WILL BECOME SUPREME GODS". He sends a black beam over the crowd of students and there, an immense power invades them, the pectorals tear the t-shirts, the legs crack the ground, some students fly in the air, others masturbate, others still touching and kissing.... Thomas : " You finally have your divine army Justin" Justin: " NO! It's still missing! Xeram! Follow me!" Suddenly Justin flies into the air in the company of the dark angel Xeram, they cross the galaxies at astronomical speed to stop in front of a huge ship. Xeram: " what are we doing here?" Justin : " This spaceship is a prison, all the worst criminals and serial killers its prisoner, and they will receive my blessing." Xeram : " Alright and what do I do? " Justin : " With your demonic angelic power you stopped the defense ships flying around the flagship." Xeram swells his muscles and causes a black shock wave that comes to a dead stop on the defense vessels. The ships turn black and disintegrate. Justin when with him touches the flagship and sends the same black ray which comes to make all powerful the prisoners. As with the students, prisoners' muscles grow bigger and bigger, one prisoner pulls off the bars with no problem, another prisoner smothers three guards between his pecs, another prisoner shoves his dick up a guard's ass so hard his there shredded. The flagship is destroyed by this wave of power. After a few minutes the prisoners are made to Justin, they place their hand on their pectorals and shout "WE ARE AT YOUR ORDERS LORD JUSTIN". Justin smiles at his larger army and heads for his new objective. Justin and Xeram arrive at an abandoned castle. Justin : " Vampires lived there a long long time ago" As with the students and prisoners, Justin launches his black ray and suddenly an army of bodybuilder vampires appear, they bow down to Justin and shout "WE ARE AT YOUR BORDER LORD JUSTIN". His army grows even larger. Justin and Xeram's next stop is in a Coliseum, in the middle there are hundreds of gladiators who are already very muscular, training. as before, Justin throws his black ray and all the gladiators triple in volume, their is so immeasurable that the Colosseum is destroyed, the warriors turn to face Justin, they flex their biceps and shout "WE ARE AT YOUR BORDERS LORD JUSTIN". Justin's army grows even bigger After a few hours, Justin has gathered everyone on planet Nexus, they are in a ruined city under a red sky. Justin stands on a pedestal and begins his speech. JUSTIN: " LISTEN TO ME! THERE IS STILL A TRIBE MISSING TO COMPLETE OUR ARMY. I EXPLAIN TO YOU, THERE HAS BEEN A BLACK SECT FOR A LONG TIME BY THE NAME "LES CHEVALIERS DE L'OMBRE" UNFORTUNATELY THIS SECT WAS DESTROYED 1 YEAR AGO BY BASTIA, TODAY I WILL REANIMATE THEM AND MAKE THEM EVEN MORE POWERFUL THAN BEFORE" He casts his black ray again and thousands of bodybuilder and superpowered demons come out from the ground. Justin's army is complete The entire army bows down to the most powerful god and Justin shows an evil smile on his face To be continued.....
  5. Ripped

    Black Cats

    Black Cats Sequel to Black Cat. Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 Chapter 1 Early Tuesday morning I was awoken by the feeling of a pair of firm tits straddling my left thigh, a hard dick against my right foot and tongues licking my ironwood hard morning erection and pomegranate-sized balls. As I laid on my back with my eyes closed and soaked up the worship of the sister and brother I thought about all those fantastic things that happened to me in the past week. This whole adventure started last Monday when I found a little black cat in an alley downtown. When I picked up, cradled the purring furball in my arms and saw the beautiful electric blue eyes lovingly looking up at me I knew that I would do anything to keep her safe. I took the cat to a downtown veterinarian school for a check up and adopted Brenna, that’s what the vet named her, as soon as her exam was finished. After my long term cheat’n bitch of a girlfriend walked out on me later in the week I found out that Brenna was actually a kind of therianthrope; a being that can shapeshift into any form she chose. I uttered a moan from deep in my chest and put my big hands behind my head as I basked in the sensations emanating from my monster cock. I opened my eyes and looked down. The first thing I saw were my magnificent pecs. I had to lift my head to look over my overpowered hyper-masculine chest to see my ten pack abs and shredded obliques. I flexed and squeezed every muscle and watched as my pecs turned into hemispherical boulders with a deep vertical crevasse and each segment of my abs rose to stretch the thin skin and thick veins covering them. The two bodies covering my legs were raised by my massive quads and hamstrings. “Oh, fuck Bruce,” Brenna moaned. She kept her cat eyes and ears while taking the shape of an ultra-muscled sexy human female. “mmmm, I love it when you do that.” I felt her pussy against my shin leak a copious amount of cunt juice and drank in the rush of lust she emanated. You see, I wasn’t always the pinnacle of masculinity. Just a few days ago I was a 26 year old, short, obese, balding 9-to-5 office drone at an accounting firm in downtown Madison, right next to the capitol. The most exercise I ever got was doing mental gymnastics trying to figure out why a client thought it would be a good idea to try to claim their new Lamborghini as a business expense when they owned a small deli that barely broke even in West Towne Mall. That all changed Friday night. Brenna did something to me that allowed me to capture and store emotional energy directed at me. I can use this energy to change myself; increase height, gain muscle mass, grow stronger and slightly change my appearance. Hell, I can even make my balls large enough to produce gallons of cum and my cock into a telephone pole. To reward Brenna for the delicious pre-breakfast emotion drink I added an inch of length and girth to my cock. She responded appropriately by loudly purring, unhinging her jaw and greedily taking my glans deep down her throat. Not only had Bre changed me physically, she also tweaked my psyche, amplifying my Id. This change allowed me to become the dominant personality I always yearned to be. Then early Saturday morning, she sent me off to Madtown Fitness, a gym on the south side by the beltline, to test my new body. There I broke my limits, both physically and mentally. I exceeded any physical expectation I had as I crushed all house lift records. Took any throat, pussy or ass I wanted. Exerted my dominance over everything and everyone. With one very painful exception, it was a fucking amazing day. “Oh, Gods, Daaaddy. That’s hot. That’s sooo fucking BIG.” Arthur, Brenna’s brother, whimpered into my scrotum between licks with a long, wide, soft dog tongue. Bre’s lips curled into a smile around my cock as I chugged his submission and rolled my eyes. I remembered how I met Art when I came home from the gym late Saturday night. Bre said he was an ex-boy friend that was in need of punishment. So I, now an uber dominant personality, made my physique explode. I must have grown well over seven feet tall and weighed over six hundred pounds, all muscle. I would have looked like a caricature of an over-the-top muscle bound freak if I didn’t have an extremely dangerous looking, three foot long, ten inch thick, rock hard cock sticking straight up from a low hanging scrotum containing testicles the size of a fastpitch softball. I ravaged Art’s throat and ass. I beat him to within an inch of death without realizing it. To save him I had to blow the whale sized load of cum. Consequently, Art says that now more than half of his DNA is from me, ergo, I’m his father. Yeah. That’s what I said, too. ‘Get our lazy ass up! Remember, I got a text last night from Keena saying we have a physical examination and lab work that has to be done before eight o’clock this morning or you can’t start work tomorrow,’ I heard in my head. That was another change. While meeting with Dr. Keena Panthera, the gym’s owner, Saturday the resident muscle head, Terry “Zapp Brannigan” Limppernoodle, attacked her. After I subdued the bastard she told me that he had sexually assaulted her, raped her. Even though I just met Keena that day, I felt an overwhelming instinct to protect her. Learning that she had been violated threw me into an uncontrollable rage. That rage ended with me on a shower floor and in my own vomit. I had snapped both of Terry’s femurs like twigs, ripped his arms off, crushed his head between my hands like it was a paper cup and ripped his genitals off. I tossed the bloody dick and balls at Keena’s feet like a trophy. I don’t know why I did that. Maybe I subconsciously wanted to indelibly stamp my dominance and superiority on her. My mom and uncle fought the last war. When my uncle returned he told me of fellow soldiers that were changed after their first kill, especially if it happened in hand-to-hand combat. I guess I changed that way, too. A part of me recoiled from the horror of what I did, splitting my mind into two equal and nearly opposite halves. The voice I just mentally heard calls himself Ego. He has an amplified intellect and is a fucking pain in the ass. He also can’t keep his pronouns straight. ‘I goddamn fucking asshole,’ Ego bitched. ‘I quit your job to work at the gym so he could fuck around all day long. Get my lazy ass out of bed!’ I reminisced about Sunday and Monday as I try to get my legs out from under my worshipers. Saturday night my BFF with benefits, Deb, the maniacal Uber driver, aimed me at a bored wife of a supplements company executive. On Sunday I met the wife and the couple’s maid in their mansion on Lake Mendota’s north shore. I found that not only did the husband have impeccable taste in cars and women, he also was having an affair with, and beat, the petite French maid. The next day, after proving my superiority in every way, impregnating the wife and making him a submissive cuck, I ripped away from him the things he loved the most (in reverse order); his wife, his mistress, his company and his W Motors Lykan HyperSport. Let me say right now that the irony of me owning a car named after a human that can change into a wolf is not lost on me. Art lifted his head from my balls. I was greeted with a big, panting, corgi face. Arthur’s ears wiggled as he said, “Are you gonna fuck me in the shower, Daddy? I’ve been a veeery bad doggy.” Art’s dog breath hit my nose like a slice of lemon wrapped around a large gold brick, “Geez, Art! Your breath stinks! What the hell, have you been licking your ass again?” Art tilted his head to the side the way dogs do when you try to explain the symmetrical beauty of double entry accounting. “No,” he replied. “I’ve been licking yours.” Brenna chuckled while I moaned and gruffly commanded, “Get off me and brush your fucking teeth!” He whimpered and gave me puppy-dog eyes, but obeyed. He climbed off me and made his way to the bathroom with his tail between his legs. Literally. Bre pulled my cock out of her throat. The head popped out of her mouth. “Oh, good. You’re all mine now,” Bre murmured just before taking my entire length, down to the root, in her throat. Her mighty neck muscles started to ripple against my unyielding god-rod. I wanted nothing more than her servicing me for the rest of the day, but, as Ego said, I had things to do. “YOU need to make coffee and breakfast while I take a shower,” I declared. Her brow furrowed, eyes pleaded as she shook her head as best she could with a huge titanium rod stretching her esophagus and apple-sized glans in her stomach. I gripped the hair at the back of her head and started to pull her off me. “That wasn’t a request, cat.” At that she tightened her throat around my cock. Her neck muscles bulged, her traps thickened and rose up until they looked like steel I-beams and her back until it looked like an impenetrable mountain range as she fought against me. I smiled, took a drop of the emotional power I kept in reserve (stored somewhere off the Cayman Islands) and slowly pulled her off, easily overpowering her. When my cock head popped out of her mouth and smacked my chest she breathlessly whined, “Pleeeease, Master. I need you. I need your cock!” “Food now, play later,” I said as I rotated my shoulder and brought the 350 pound female bodybuilder, who could easily overpower a middle-weight state bodybuilding champion, to her back like she was a rag doll. While I still held her hair I propped myself up on an elbow and captured her jaw in my free hand. “Here’s a little taste for now,” I said. Then released her jaw, moved my hand slowly over her magnificent, firm breasts. I tweaked a thick nipple between my index and middle fingers, then stroked her brick wall abs and, finally, burried a finger in her sex. Her eyes rolled back as she moaned and gasped for air when I flicked her clit. She was writhing and on the edge of a powerful orgasm. Then I stopped. She hissed and punched my shoulder with enough power to blast a hole in a foot thick solid steel wall. My deltoid only dented a little bit. “Now get going and I might buy you a toy mouse later,” I teased and released her hair. She rolled off the bed and massaged the hand that punched me. With a look of lust, fury, resignation and pointing a finger at me she said, “That better be one hell of a mouse, buddy.” She turned and picked up the button down shirt I wore yesterday. As she shrugged the shirt on I noticed that her back almost filled up the garment that could barely contain me. She lifted the front of the shirt and took a deep breath as she turned back to me. Her breasts pushed the shirt open, revealing her large, firm breasts, deep cleavage and ruggedly segmented abs. Her nipples grew hard, denting the fabric, her lower abs started to powerfully flex, her expression like a predator ready to strike its prey. “Fuck,” she moaned. “I can still smell you on this.” I growled and jabbed a finger at the bedroom door. She scowled and cat-walked, her glutes flexing and rolling against each other, out of my bedroom as her face assumed a more human visage. I laid for a few seconds more, then rolled out of bed. I yawned, raised my arms above my head and stretched to work out all the kinks in my sleepy mountains of muscle. I heard my back crack (twice), my sternum pop and heard Art still brushing his teeth. The urge to urinate was strong, so I willed my raging cock to settle down. It deflated as I moved towards the bathroom and immediately stubbed my foot on the corner of the bed. Cursing and promising for the 1,001st time to rearrange the furniture, I limped to the bathroom. Art was getting ready to spit into the sink when I moved up behind him. I studied the contrast of body types I saw in the mirror. Art morphed from a human/corgi mix into a complete human with the appearance and physique of an average height twenty year old blond, blue-eyed, olympic swimmer. I could see the well toned muscles roll and flex as he bent over the sink to spit as he shifted his weight between his strong legs. When he stood up the top of his head reached the bottom of my chin. His adequately developed chest had wisps of blond hair above a decent six pack. I applied a little emotional power to pack on tens of pounds of muscle and increase my height until his head was below my chest. I proportionally grew the rest of my body, except for my cock. Then I lengthed and thickened it too until I had a baseball bat swinging between my knees. After that I took a half step forward, pinning his narrow pelvis between me and the vanity. I thrust my chest forward, brought my arms up into a double bi pose and flexed. The bathroom vanity lights glinted off my hairless scalp and chest. A weekend’s growth of thick whiskers gave my face a rugged appearance. My traps, delts and pecs grew to insane proportions. My biceps, already big, grew to dwarf Art’s head. I gritted my teeth, growled and squeezed harder. The already apparent striations deepened into crevasses as the superficial veins that criss-crossed my body like a road map tried to burst through my skin. The two heads of each bicep grew and separated, causing a vein filled valley to form from my deltoids to my pronator tres and brachioradialis. Art’s eyes grew wide, his mouth slack and he moaned as he leaned back into me. I think I even saw a little bit of saliva escape the corner of his mouth. He started leaking below too. Next to me, Schwarzenegger and Colman look like they don’t even lift. I AM the Greatest Of All Time. “Oh, fuuuuck, Daddy,” Art moaned as he flexed his ass against my cock. His strong glute muscles gave me more than enough friction stimulation to bring me to erection. “Do me right here. I don’t care if you rip me in half. Please, just fuck me.” I broke the pose and palmed Art’s head, my hand nearly encompassed his skull, and slammed the side of his head against the mirror. A network of spider web cracks appeared under him in the mirror. Even though he whimpered from the pain, I could feel the overwhelming lust and pleasure pulsing off him. I soaked up every drop of that, sending it to my reserves as I caused my cock, which was now the size of his calf, to become harder and cleave Art’s glutes, lifting him off his feet. I leaned in and gave him a predatory snarl, hot breath against his ear and I said, “If I did that, I’d have to blow an even bigger load than last time to bring you back. Then Bre would pound us both to pulp. But you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” A weak, “uh-huh” escaped his lips as his hips started bucking against me and the vanity. He was about to cum from the mere suggestion of so much agony. I gave him a second or two of that mental image before I released his head, stood straight and stepped back. He barely caught himself before he fell to his knees. “Start my shower,” I ordered. Then I moved to stand over the toilet and relieved myself. It took a moment for Art to realize I issued an order. When he pulled his head away from the mirror I saw that he left a few drops of blood and a sweaty impression of an ear and cheek on the fractured mirror. He gazed upon my infinitely superior physique with a mixture of anger, lust and anticipation and whined, “You’re a fucking tease, you know that?” and punched my back as he passed behind me and into the shower. “Owww! Fuck!” he said and turned the handle. I heard the water cascade out of the shower head and Art yelling, “GODS DAMN this water is COLD!” As I relieved myself I happened to glance at my toothbrush in its holder beside the sink. “Art, did you use my toothbrush?” “Yeah, I hope you don’t mind,” he said. He stuck his head out of the shower and continued, “Dog saliva is very hypoallergenic,” and licked the inside of one of his nostrils with a long dog tongue. I grumbled, flicked off the last drop of urine into the toilet and flushed. I leaned against the wall next to the shower and counted my fingers, waiting for the water to become scalding hot. As usual, right on the count of five Art screams, “JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!” and bolted out of the shower. I grabbed his neck before he got too far and threw him back into the shower. The house shuddered as he was driven into the shower wall. I ducked my head under the bar that holds the shower doors as I stepped into the stall. Then I turned the shower handle a quarter turn towards cold and slid the door closed behind me. Arthur looked at me with wide eyes and a slack jaw as my bulk almost filled the stall. I could feel the lust, pain and want cascading off of him. The delicious treat made me involuntarily flex my pecs against him, pushing him further into the wall. As the tile, drywall and wall frame cracked under him he said in a gasp, “Could you please not take up the entire shower?” I was disappointed he phrased it that way. If he had said, “Make yourself smaller,” I would have given myself a hundred pounds of muscle, flexed everything and pushed him through the wall so hard he would have exploded into the next room. Instead, I compressed my height until the top of his head was just below my chin, just enough height that he'd have to crane his neck to look me in the eyes. I did that without losing any muscle; I looked even more fucking massive. Now that I could maneuver in the shower I grabbed Art by the neck, ripped him out of the wall and forcefully set his feet on the floor of the shower. “You will wash me. If you do a good enough job I might fuck you into next week,” I growled and shoved the bar of soap from the shower caddy that hung from the showerhead into his hands. I then bent my left arm and flexed the bicep. Razor cut striations jutted across the twin peaks of the muscle. I straightened my arm and flexed again, this time including the forearm in the flex. The already insanely huge muscles grew larger and harder as even the smallest superficial vein doubled in size and pulsed with unbridled power. Art, with eyes wide, started to soap my upper left arm. “NO!” I barked. He flinched as if I had flicked a finger against his abs, expelling all air from his lungs and launching him across the room. He looked up timidly into my eyes. “Worship my might, worship the physique you dream about, worship the only true Alpha. Lick the sweat off me. Clean me with your tiny tongue. Then use the soap.” He instantly dropped the soap and started tonguing, kissing and caressing my massive arm. I gulped down each delicious drop his submission and want. He emanated so much I started to get drunk on the power I was soaking up. When I sent most of it to my reserves my head cleared and I felt Art sucking on my anterior delt head. “Grrrrrr! That’s it, little man. Show me how inferior you are,” I said menacingly, then grabbed the back of his head with my right hand and dragged his mouth to the downward pointing left nipple. “You love how I can, how I HAVE, ripped you apart without even breaking a sweat, don’t you?” I didn’t need him to say anything; I already knew the answer. He fucking loved it. I brought my left arm down, put his head in the crook of the elbow and flexed the left side. His mouth yielded to my incredibly hard pec as my bicep and forearm’s titanic brachioradialis and pronator teres bore into his skull. I kept increasing the pressure until I heard cracks and Art whimpering in pain. Then I released him. He fell on his hands and knees to the floor. The shower head sprayed water against the back of my head. What water didn’t flow down my back was cascading off my pecs like Niagara Falls and pummeled his back and head. I clenched my hands into fists and slightly bent my arms while expanding my chest, flexing my arms, pecs and abs. I squeezed the muscles of my legs until they resembled the marble columns of a Greek temple. I looked down my nose at the pathetic excuse for a male at my feet. I am Colossus standing before a teenager. A teenager with an Olympic swimmer muscular body. When Art finally looked up his eyes became as big as saucers. The head of my semi-hard summer sausage sized cock was an inch from his face. When he reached up to my cock I grabbed his hands “Please,” he pleaded. “I want...NEED your cock in me!” I could see his six inch dicklet was as hard as it could get over his inadequate balls. I put his trembling hands on my cinder block abs. “I will NOT repeat myself,” I said in a low menacing voice. He almost cried in frustration as he slid his hands over my abs, down my adonis belt, over each bulging muscle group in my left quad’s rectus femoris, vastus lateralis and vastus medialis, then onto the gastrocnemius and peroneus longus, the two halves of my diamond shaped left calf. From there he licked two days worth of sweat and grime off every inch of me. I flexed and squeezed the muscle under Art’s mouth just to remind him how immensely powerful I am. After he tongue bathed both arms and armpits he placed his hands on my mountainous trapezius and stood on his toes to reach my neck. The sensation of his tiny body against my solid granite muscles started to arouse me. My rapidly hardening cock rising against his pintsized six pack made me groan. Thankfully Art finished his makeout session with my traps and neck quickly. I turned around, flared the muscles of my back; trapezius, latissimus dorsi, rhomboid major and teres, major and minor. Calmly as I could, commanded, “Now my back. Start at the bottom.” I heard him drop to his knees and felt his hands on my hips as he buried his nose and tongue between unbreakable globes of my gluteus maximus. New sensations shot up my spine, ricocheted around my brain, back down my spine, bounced off my testicles, went up my cock and exploded in the glans. I involuntarily threw back my head and grunted as a literal pint of pre splashed against the shower wall. I saw two of the tiles crack after being hit with such pressure. Art must have noticed because he was taking his own sweet fucking time licking off any piece of shit I missed. ‘Shit,’ I thought. ‘I’m going to have to make sure he brushes his teeth again.’ ‘Can’t me think of any better puns than that?’ Ego snidely interjected. ‘Tell him to fucking hurry it up.’ “Boy, if you keep that up there won’t be any cum left for your ass. Move up.” “Yes, Daddy,” Art disappointedly replied. He licked, sucked and kissed up my wide, thick back until he swept the last speck of sweat off my trapezius at the back of my neck. When I felt his pathetic little wee-wee against me I spun around to face him, grabbed his neck and lifted him off his feet. He must have weighed 200 pounds, but it felt like I was lifting a paper marionette. “Are you ready to get FUCKED, boy?!” I growled from deep in my chest. He put his delicate hands on my pectoralis major, caressing them. “Yes, Daddy. Fuck your little boy.” His hands slid downward, over my ten pack abs. “Show me how an Alpha takes what He wants…” He started spreading the pre flowing from the meatus over the shaft, hand over hand, with another eight inches of cock exposed. His hands couldn't even encircle half my girth. “...whenever He wants.” He then slid his right hand up and thumbed the sensitive spot on the shaft. The sensation made my pelvic floor and prostate clench, forcing a heavy blast of pre to splash against his abs and chest. Arthur scooped the emissions off with his right hand while still stroking my rod from base to tip with his left. He brought his cupped hand, completely covered and overflowing with sticky precum, to his mouth and drank. As he drained his hand of the clear, thick liquid, I felt his throat contract four times as he swallowed the goo. “And now I know,” he said with a quiet voice filled with lust and licentious inference, “what the mightiest Alpha on the planet and the last descendant tastes like.” ‘The WHAT?!’ Ego said loudly. ‘SHUT. THE FUCK. UP.’ I internally growled as I flicked my wrist, tossing and twisting this average height, muscular boy in the air. I caught the back of his head when it was facing me and drove it into the tile on the shower wall. Blood, bone and broken tile were blasted out from the crater I created in the wall. Art’s legs were instantly swept aside as my fully engorged cock rammed up into my totally helpless prey. With my cock supporting all his weight I released his head and put him into a Full Nelson hold, both of my hands were thrust under his arms, then I pressed against the back of his neck. As I pulled him away from the wall I saw blood splashing the destroyed tile; I must have crushed his nose. When I thrust up his weak hole he hooked his ankles around my dorsal calves and started to caress the rock-solid muscle. Now that I had him completely under my control I teased the fuck out of him by slowly and repeatedly only penetrating him with the glans. Still, he grunted from each breach of his rectum. “Fuck me...come on!”, he pleaded. “Fuck...grunt..me..aieee!...HARD!” I drew a devilishly evil grin as I did exactly not that. For minutes I teased this boy cunt as he begged louder and louder until he was screaming at the top of his lungs. “FUUUCK MEE! HURT MEE! GODS DAMMIT PUNISH ME!!” Suddenly rage blasted off of him, he unhooked his feet from my legs and planted them on the shower wall. Huge claws exploded out of his toes and heals, fracturing the tile as they were buried deep in the wall. Each of his legs grew thicker than my waist with impossibly huge thighs. In an inhuman voice he bellowed, “I SAID HURT ME!” I could feel his rectum constrict around my cock tighter than any hole I’ve ever had, squeezing down and painfully compressing my shaft. “FUCK ME HARD!” Then he thrust back. I was slammed into the wall under the shower head. I felt the tile behind me fracture as his tight hole forced its way down my cock. I heard tearing sounds and saw his ass rupture. His copious blood provided a little bit of lubrication, but not enough; it felt like the skin on my shaft was being rubbed off. He kept screaming in a sound that shouldn’t come from any living thing, “PUNISH ME!”. When his ass finally impacted my root, faster than I could see, he pulled off and rammed back down. Between his battering assaults I saw my cock distend and almost rupture his abdomen several times. If he kept this up any longer he was going to fuck himself to death. When he was within reach I hooked my right elbow around his neck and clasped hands. “Arthur! You have to stop this!” I yelled. He bucked like a bronco, I almost lost my grip twice before I was able to squeeze and restrict the blood flow in his carotid artery. Just before he passed out he entire body tensed up, his rectum almost ripped my cock off. A blast of cum blew tile off the shower wall in front of us. Then he slowly went limp and I lowered him to the floor. When my cock popped out of him, blood geysered out of him and down the shower drain. I stood up and looked down at him. His face was a mass of shredded skin, broken bone and blood, yet I could see the devastation on his face already healing. My cock looked no better. It was red, swollen, covered with his blood and shit and hurt like hell. As I rinsed off I applied some power to heal myself. By the time I finished Arthur was whimpering in his sleep. ‘What the hell just happened?’ I asked Ego. ‘You have no idea. I better get him in bed. Let him sleep,’ he replied. I picked up Arthur off the shower floor and cradled him in my arms. As I took him to the bed he softly cried, “I’m sorry...I tried…not my fault...forgive...” He immediately went into a fetal position when I laid him down on the bed. He let out a sigh when I brought the comforter over him as, somehow, a large brown teddy bear appeared in his arms. I went back into the bathroom and found a fresh toothbrush under the sink. After unpacking the toothbrush I gazed at my stubble covered cheeks and jaw in the mirror. It had been three days since I last shaved. I rubbed a hand along my jawline; I kinda liked the way this protobeard made me look. I decided to keep it. As I brushed my teeth, Ego said, ‘I don’t like the way he seeks pain. There’s something terribly wrong with him. Why does he feel he needs to be punished?’ ‘I don’t know,’ I mentally replied. ‘Whatever it was, it couldn’t be healthy for him to feel that way.’ “Are you two almost done?” I heard Bre yell from the kitchen. “You had the hell better not let all this food go to waste or I’ll barf a hairball in your shoes!” And I know she would. I exited the bathroom, expanded myself to the height I was earlier, packed on twice the muscle and walked towards the bedroom door leading to the hallway, looking at Arthur calmly lying on the mattress as I passed the bed. The comforter roiled and bulged in ways a human could never cause. I looked up just in time to bash my forehead on the top of the doorframe. ‘Smooth move, dude,’ I heard mockingly in my head. “Will you FUCK OFF!” I yelled aloud. “You had the HELL better not be talking to me, buster!” I heard from the kitchen. I grumbled, ducked my head and started down the hallway to the sun drenched kitchen. Rubbing my forehead I said, “I’m not. I just bashed my forehead on the door frame.” When I entered the kitchen Brenna was right at my side, guiding me to a chair at the kitchen table. As I sat (and the chair creaked under my weight) my mouth started watering from sight and scent of the food overflowing the table; eight three-egg omelettes (four cheese, mushroom & bacon and four veggie), a stack of twenty pancakes smothered in real maple syrup topped with real butter, two pounds of bacon, three pounds of venison sausage (from my uncle), two loaves of whole grain and seed bread and, the pièce de résistance, a two full pound of cheese curds. I love those big chunks of cheese, especially how they squeak when you bite into them. Hey! I’m a Wisconsinite, don’t judge me! Yes, I even have a Cheesehead Cheese Hat. My hungry eyes were torn away from the feast before me by a pair of ultra strong female hands on my cheeks. “Let me see,” Bre said with concern and straddled my lap, the top of her head below my chin. The taste of that emotion was like taking a bite of an orange flavored strawberry. Interesting, but not as interesting as looking down her cleavage, deeply segmented abs and her little exposed clit. “Well, you’re a little red up there,” she motheringly said, “but I don’t see any permanent damage.“ She brushed my forehead with her hand and pieces of wood and gypsum board fell into my line of sight. “You probably hurt the wall more than it hurt you.” “Speaking of hurting, did you hear Arthur and me in the shower.” She tilted her head down and her sad eyes slowly moved from my forehead to my abs. She put her hands lightly on my trapezius, feelings of worry and doubt made bile rise in my throat. “Something long ago…” she snapped her eyes to mine without lifting her chin “...happened to him. He won’t talk about it, no matter how much I ask. I...I just try to emotionally support him...love him the best I can.” Tears started to fall from her eyes. “I just don’t know what to do.” I wrapped my arms around and clutched her to my chest. She began to silently sob. ‘Well, shit. There goes the mood,’ Ego lamented. I silently agreed with him and slowly made myself decrease in size and mass. When Bre’s chin touches my collar bone, her puffy, tear streaked eyes meet mine and she sniffed. “Wha...what are you doing?” “I thought that you wouldn’t be in the mood since…” I said quietly, gently. “Oh, no you don’t you FUCKER!” she interrupted me, jabbed a hard finger into my sternum and exclaimed with all the ferocity of an IRS conducting a multi-year, twenty million dollar audit. “You fucking TEASED ME by making me suck you off ALL FUCKING NIGHT! I had to listen as you got tongue bathed and kissed all over your perfect body! Do you know how hard it was NOT to plunge my fingers up my cunt when I heard that?! Oh, you’re gonna fuck me, pal, and your gonna fuck me HARD! YOU WILL BE as big, as thick and as hard as you were when you walked in and YOU WILL pound me into submission! You’re gonna prove to me that you’re still my Master!” My cock rose against her ass in anticipation of feeling her hot, wet, tight hole and her admission of subservience. Her face then slowly went into the most evil grin I’ve ever seen and said, “But first you're eating all this food.” I groaned and complained, “And I’m called a tease.” “Yup!’ Bre laughed as she rose off my lap to stand beside me. She stood up on her toes, leaned forward, patted the top of my head and said, “I’m the queen Molly of teasing, baby. Now EAT!” My stomach loudly growled as I picked up a fork and spoon and dug into the mountain of protein, carbs and fiber. I kept glancing at Brenna between shoving huge chunks of food in my mouth. She was still in my unbuttoned dress shirt, leaning her perfect, hard gluteus maximus against the kitchen counter and holding one of my biggest ceramic coffee mugs. It’s the one that says, “Accountants take accounting of their accounts.” Before you say ANYTHING, it was a UW graduation gift from my aunt. Every once and a while she would take a sip from the steaming liquid in the mug. A few seconds later she would sigh, tilt her head to the side and her eyelids would almost close. The liquid’s scent wafting in my direction smelled like mint and chamomile. I fucking HATE herbal teas. When I was a teenager I had to help my uncle with bailing hay at the farm. After a whole day of breathing in dust and alfalfa flowers the crap running down my throat tastes exactly like herbal tea. Anyway, I finally shoveled in the last forkful of breakfast, leaned back in the chair and gave a hearty belch. “Now you have a choice, big boy.” Bre was still leaning back against the kitchen counter only now she had a huge stainless steel travel mug in one hand and her tea in the other. “Coffee…” she raised the travel mug “…tea…” she raised the ceramic mug “…or me?” She shrugged her shoulders, the button down shirt fell down to her elbows and waistline revealing a body that a heavy weight bodybuilder dreams of; tight waist, tendinous inscriptions that were three inches thick, shredded serratus anterior, latissimus dorsi that imitated a cobra’s hood, at least twenty-five inch upper arms, deltoids the size and hardness of bowling balls, trapezius that rose two-thirds of the way to her ears and pectorals that were hard and firm. If just those muscles were on a woman her size that woman would be considered pretty stacked. Brenna had those muscles AND incredible breasts with small brown areola and thick, inch long, nipples. Her torso supported by legs thick enough to squat a ton, yet shapely enough to give a guy whiplash as he turned his head for a second or fourth look. All this sculpted marble muscle on a five foot three inch frame made her look freaky...freaky sexy! I locked eyes with her and, deliberately, slowly stood up. As I rose from the chair I made myself grow in height until Bre’s eyes were level with my navel. I flexed first my left bicep, then my right, then my cock, as I walked towards her. I made sure that each footstep made the house rattle. When my glans pressed into her impenetrable abs I raised my hand as if I was to stroke her cheek. She tilted her head in that direction expecting my touch. In the last instant, I grabbed the travel mug, downed the entire contents in two gulps, crushed the container and tossed the now useless scrap metal over my shoulder. If you remember from our first (one-sided) conversation, you know that I can’t function in the mornings without a couple of cups of coffee in me. While the caffeine worked its magic on the A1 and A2A receptors I advanced on my prey. Bre held up a finger and said, “Waitaminute,” and took a deep drink from her tea. Almost instantly her pupils dilated. She set the mug on the countertop behind her and reached up to put both of her muscled, veined, tiny hands on my pecs. Then she extended and dragged feline-like claws from the ends of her fingers across my taut skin. She took a step or two towards me, making my painfully hard cock rise up until it was nestled in her cleavage. “So, are you going to use this big thing to fuck me?” she seductively said. “Plunge it deep into my hot, wet cunt?” She started to slowly bounce her pectorals, making her breasts stroke my leaking cock. “I think you're just going to peter out, “she brought her elbows inward, using her upper arms to squeeze her breasts tighter, “just like the little boy you are.” That did it. Now I was not just sexually aroused, but my dominance was thrown into question. Yes, I know she did that on purpose just to get me to fuck her hard. Well...it worked. I growled as I grabbed her gluteus maximus and lifted her 350 pound weight above my head like she was a feather. I easily squeezed and spread those unbreakable muscles in my hands to expose her ass and pussy. It took me a second or two to properly line up my cock with her leaking hole, then I explosively brought her down. As soon as I felt her hot, wet lips against my glans I flexed my rectus abdominis and thrust up into her. Whether by design or not, she was so virgin tight that I was only able to get the glans and an inch of shaft into her. She threw back her head and screamed so loud I’m sure the neighbors would call the cops. Her hands clenched my trapezius hard. Her claws pierced my skin, but couldn’t penetrate the steel-hard muscle. I repeatedly pulled my cock out to the glans using my core muscles, then forced her to take another inch while I roared and she screamed at every fuck, “YOU THINK...” two inches in, pull out “...THAT THIS COCK...three inches in, pull out “...is a BOY’S DICK…” four inches in, pull out “THIS!” five in “IS” six in “A” seven in “MAN’S” eight in “COCK!” I rammed the remainder of my shaft into her as she started to scratch my back with those sharp claws. I still hadn’t touched her cervix, she must have deepened her vagina just to tease me. I wasn’t in the mood for any of that. In the next thrust I lengthen my cock until I felt the entrance to her inner core. The next time I withdrew I packed on five more inches, two more inches in girth and hardened the organ until I could punch a hole through a three inch steel plate. Then I shattered her core with a single devastating ram. She threw back her head, her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she used every last molecule of air in her lungs to scream again. At the same time I roared into her face with victory and dominance. I looked down and saw two or three inches of shaft were not buried in her. That would not do. I forced in the final inches until I’m balls deep in the most exquisite pussy on Earth. I removed my left hand from her ass, brought my arm up, bent the elbow and flexed my bicep so big it made Colman’s arms look insignificant. I continued my devastation of her vigina and womb. I dropped my voice three octaves and, with each skewering thrust punctuating each word, said, “I...am...your...ALPHA...your...MASTER!” She grunted and cried out with every word. “Every...other...male...is...insignificant...next...to...ME!” She grabbed my incredibly hard, vein covered arm and threw her mouth onto my shoulder. She bit down as I felt her legs begin to spasm. “I...AM...A...YOUR…GOD!” With the last word I drop my voice into the infrasound level. That word couldn’t be heard, yet windows and plates rattled, the house creaked. Brenna screamed around the muscle in her mouth and explosively squirted a gallon of girl cum on my abs and legs. Now that the natural order of things had been reestablished I lifted her off me and threw her against the kitchen counter in front of the sink and the window to the backyard. Her rectus abdominis shattered the marble countertop and bent the stainless steel sink. I waste no time in pinning her hands to the countertop at her side and ramming myself up her still quivering cunt. I took my time now, relishing each inch of her. While I slowly saw in and out of her I admired her shoulders and back. I ran a hand over her back. Her teres, major and minor, rhomboid major and infraspinatus almost rose above the larger trapezius and latissimus dorsi. Each muscle group was incredibly defined, stirated, thick and hard. She was the apex of muscular beauty. And my blood boiled with testosterone as I broke her. I cupped her chin and slowly pulled her head back. She resisted with all her considerable might, muscles flexed and pumped up with blood and superficial veins popped up under reddening skin. I could see her breasts swinging on her chest when her head met my upper abs. Her nipples were long, thick and diamond hard. I moved my hand down to her neck, slammed into her and demanded, “Who am I?” “AHHHHH!! You’re Bruce Banderole!” She squeezed her eyes shut. I viciously ram up. “Wrong answer. LOOK AT ME!!” Brenna eyes fly open as she grunts from the impact, “You...you’re my MMMaaasterrr!” Again, I smash through her cervix and punch the far wall of her uterus. “Try AGAIN!” “You’re the...the LAST ONE!!” she screamed as another orgasm racked her body and she crushed the marble countertop under her hands. Not exactly what I was working towards. ‘What the FUCK?!’ Ego interjected. I ignored him and released Brenna’s neck. She fell forward into the sink. Her back was covered with sweat and she was breathing like she just finished a marathon. I, however, was breathing like I was sitting in a chair and no moisture appeared on my brow. I looked out the window and saw Fred Metzer holding a hose in his hand in his backyard. His hand was at his side as he was totally engrossed with the carnal spectacle I was giving him. The hose looked like his limp two inch dick. His mischievous son had crimped the hose causing the water pressure to fall. I seized Bre’s hair and lifted her head up so she could see Fred. “See that beta boy? See how limp his dick is?” She started breathing hard again. I released her hair and gave Fred the biggest fucking monster sized double bi flex he would ever see. His life changed forever; his eyes bugged out, he slouched and became the lesser male I always knew he was. Yeah, that’s right, boy. You’re a one, maybe two, on the male scale. I’m a one fucking hundred. “That’s what every other male is next to me.” I drank in the firehose of emotions Fred was directing at me; envy, submission and, wait a minute, need? That little fucker actually thinks I’d let him touch me. I gave him a little taste of what he would never have, never achieve; I bent my head down and licked a throbbing vein on a football-sized bicep. Brenna jerked and cried out when I took that power to thicken my already titanic cock, harden it until I could pulverize diamonds. Fred finally noticed that the water wasn’t coming out of the hose and lifted it up to peer inside. His son chose that exact moment to release the pressure. The poor beta got a face full of water that blasted out of the hose. “And that happens every time those weakling BOYS see me fuck their women, claim their women, TAKE their women!” Her third orgasm hit her like a 10.0 Richter Scale earthquake. She pushed her hands forward, plowing through the two inch thick stone countertop as easily as you would push your hand through clay. When she comes down from the euphoria she’s so out of it that her trembling legs aren’t supporting her weight. The only thing keeping her upright is my cock. I take a step backwards, pulling her away from the countertop. I let her leg dangle in midair for a few seconds, then I lowered my still mind blowingly hard cock. She slid down my cock to lay like a puddle of muscle on the kitchen linoleum. I reached down, grabbed her hair, yanked her to her knees, bellowed, “I’m not done with you yet!” and rammed my cock down her throat. It took a few seconds to come to and realize I was fucking her throat, but when she does, oooh man, she took over. Her tongue lashed and whipped every inch of cock that wasn’t in her throat, bobbed her head up and down my shaft so fast she became a blur. Under that assault it wasn’t long before I reached and shattered my own orgasmic threshold. I arched my back, threw back my head, shoulders and arms and flexed every single muscle cell in my entire body in an effort to blast my very essence through the little slit at the tip of my cock and roared. Brenna grabbed my hips and hung on for dear life as I erupted for five minutes down her throat. She clawed at my legs as she slid down my satisfied cock. She purred when I looked down over my pecs at her. She eventually shifted herself to sit against the cabinet. She reached up and stroked my softening, yet still massive cock. “Feeling better now?” I said. Brenna, my cat, said, “Hmmmm, maybe a little,” and smiled up at me. Bre then reached up and took the mug from the countertop. Somehow it had survived the destruction we wrought against the granite stone and sink. She took a sip and said, “Oooo yeah...that’s better.” She complained as I took the mug out of her hand, held it to my nose and sniffed. Yeah, it definitely smelled like a thirteen hour day of bailing hay, yet there was something else in it...something familiar. “What the hell is this?” I asked Bre. “It’s catnip tea,” Arthur said from the kitchen doorway looking only at his sister. Bre snatched the mug out of my hand and drained the remaining tea in one gulp. Art stood at five feet four inches tall and looked like a pale university freshman. His long brown hair hung over his hazel eyes and he was rail thin. The skinny jeans he wore were baggy, his dirty white shoes untied and his maroon wife beater shirt was three sizes too big. The shirt had a cartoon of Goldy Gopher, the University of Minnesota mascot, coming out of a hole in the ground giving a thumbs up. The caption, in a semicircle above the illustration, said, “GO MIGHTY GOPHERS!” “She’s like you with coffee; needs it to start the day.” Bre looked up at me, nodded her head and giggled. “We sometimes like to keep part of the animal when we are human. I, for instance, just like every dog, likes…” Bre perked up, raised herself on one arm while she pointed the mug at her brother. “Oh, no. DON’T YOU DARE say what I think you’re going to say!” Undeterred Art continues “...to suck on a bone and lick some balls every once and awhile.” I chuckled while Bre, who’s probably heard every pun Art has uttered, put her head in her hand, pinched the bridge of her nose and said, “Oh, gods dammit. I was just about to have a good day.” “Anyway, remember that thing that happened four days ago?” Bre immediately sobered up, turned serious, looked up to Art and put a trembling hand on my thigh. “Yeah,” she said, trying to hide the concern in her voice. “I got a text. I have to do the thing. Don’t wait up for me. I’ll be gone for several days.” I didn’t like the sound of this. I turned to face him and returned myself to my default setting, six foot six inches tall, on-season championship bodybuilder with a thick, uncut seven inch flaccid penis and testicles to match. “Arthur, about what happened in the shower,” I started to say. “I won’t be able to contact you Bre...” he ignored and interrupted me. “...so don’t worry. I’ll be fine,” he said, then turned towards the front door and walked away. “Whatever is troubling you...” Art stopped halfway to the door and stood still; his back tensed up. “...I know we can work it out together.” Without acknowledging my offer he continued to the front door. He turned the doorknob and threw the door open. Even before the door slammed into the adjoining wall, he was gone. The door bounced off the wall, only closing half way. From the time Authur entered the kitchen to when he left, I only felt darkness from him. Bre walked up to my side. She slipped under my arm and wrapped her arm around my waist. Her free hand rested on my chest. Staring at the door I quietly said, “I’m worried about him.” “I know.” “He’ll be beaten to a pulp if the football team sees him in that shirt.” “I’m more worried about what he’d do to them.” Bre then looked up, patted my chest and said, “Come on. You’ve got that human physical thing to do and it’s getting late.” She grabbed my hand, went up to the front door to close it then led me back to my bedroom where she proceeded to open my closet and rifled through my clothes. Three wardrobe changes later I’m wearing a tight red polo shirt, blue jeans and a pair of running shoes. Brenna had fastened all the buttons on the shirt. I immediately flexed my pectorals and trapezius, making the buttons burst off of me and ricochet off the walls. I looked down to see the canyon of my chest cleavage. She rolled her eyes and shoved me out the door. “Have fun, and don’t worry about the cum stains everywhere. I’ll lick them up!” she yelled after me and slammed the door. I turned around to get in the Lycan and saw old Ms. Chakancy, with her little white miniature poodle Killer on a leash, giving me an incredulous look. I just looked at her as I walked to the car and opened the door, gave her an award-winning smile and said, “Don’t ya just love weekend long orgies?” and entered the car. “Well, I never!” she exclaimed. Ego snorted and said, ‘No shit lady. You probably couldn’t get laid giving blow jobs at a horny blind man's convention.’ ‘Now, now, let’s be nice to the old bat,’ I internally replied, started the car and burnt rubber rocketing out of the driveway and onto the street. ‘Be nice! She calls the cops every time Debbie drives up with her stereo on!’ Ahh, yes. Deb does love her Norwegian Death Metal music at maximum volume. I get the mental impression of Ego taking a deep breath and calming himself down. ‘Alright. The doctor’s office in Verona. Due to my morning extracurricular activities...” he emphasized the word ‘activities’ ‘…the morning rush is over so it should only take I seventeen minutes to get there. The appointment is forty-five minutes from now so me have plenty of time. And what the fuck is this ‘You’re the last descendent’ and ‘You’re the one’ bullshit?’ I rolled my eyes and said aloud, “How the hell should I know and thanks, Siri.” ‘Oh, so I’m my digital assistant now, eh? In that case…’ and I’m forced to listen to knock knock jokes until, three miles later, in the middle of South Midvale Boulevard, the car backfired and rapidly lost power.
  6. Nathan

    M UNIVERSITY (Part 11)

    Chapter 11: Infinite Power While Jeff, Max and David are taking the S exam, on the planet Stix a disturbing threat is about to emerge. Thomas runs towards Justin's room, his muscles rippling under his costume, he enters the room and he sees Justin on the sofa being massaged by 5 Z university students. Justin : " What is it Thomas can't you see that I'm busy" Thomas : " JUSTIN! IT'S A DISASTER! Master Baram is ready to wield the supreme crown" Justin gets up so early and he crushes the two students who lick his feet "What! it's not possible! He still has a month to go before he releases the gods of destruction" Thomas : " Yes, but he managed to store enough power to succeed " The two rush to the throne room and they see Master Baram begin the ritual. He places his hands around the crown and suddenly black smoke shoots out. Once the smoke is cleared they begin to distinguish 4 silhouettes floating in the air. On the left we can see a man with blond hair and horns on his head, he wears a red and black compression t-shirt that barely covers his gargantuan muscles, and on his titan legs we can see beautiful black tight pants and gold, and his whole body is surrounded by flame. It is none other than the god of destruction ZELO. Next to him we can see a man with white hair, black wings grow in his well-defined and muscular back, he wears a tattoo on his divine pectorals, and black pants come to cover his legs of unparalleled beauty . It's just the God of Destruction Xeram Next to Xeram is the most muscular man of the four silhouettes, his muscles are so big that he is dressed only in a black tunic at the level of his thighs, he is surrounded by destructive lightning. It's only the god of destruction GORMO Even though Gormo's body is the most muscular, the body of the fourth god is just as impressive, his body is so imposing that he would need twenty men to massage it, he wears a red cape, black boxer shorts that struggling to contain his monstrous cock, and he holds a sword in his right hand. It's only the god of destruction Agaris Baram: "HAHAHA! NOW I CONTROL YOU! ARE YOU ALL FOUR? uh... why aren't you five?" Zelo: " pfff this insect invokes us and he is not even aware of our history, well listen, when we fought against the superhero Magnus 17,000 years ago, he gave such a strong disintegrate our friend Levi, but we're looking for someone to replace him" Xeram conjures up a mysterious potion of a black liquid and hands it to Baram. Master Baram can't help but get excited at the thought of becoming a god of destruction, but just as he's about to take the potion Justin pops up and snatches it from his hands. Justin: " HAHAHAHA! I alone deserve this power" Gormo: " A little advice if you drink more than a drop, your body is not likely to contain such power" But Gormo barely has time to finish his sentence than Justin swallows the whole potion at once. The four gods expected to see Justin writhing in pain but instead he closed his eyes and a smile appeared on his face, a tsunami of power flooding his body. "OH DAMN THIS IS GOOD!" his muscles swell astronomically how easily he surpasses the four gods, his power is limitless. This is the strongest god of destruction JUSTIN The four gods kneel immediately in front of him, when Justin discovers his whole divine body and we can say that he likes it. He looks at Baram and looks down on him. Justin : " You should have done more research, I've been waiting for this day for a long time, now the whole universe will be afraid of me HAHAHA! "Justin picks up a rock and throws it at Baram so hard he's thrown halfway around the world. Agaris approaches Justin and starts licking his abs, "in addition to your strength you also have the power of creation, you create whatever you want" Justin: " Interesting, in this case bring me back Mr SUAVEZ" As soon as Thomas brings Mr SUAVEZ back in front of Justin. Justin : " you will become a very powerful god under my orders" And he throws a ray which comes to invade the body of the professor, all his muscles grow and his power is now equal to the four gods." SUAVEZ : " I will annihilate all the insects that will put themselves in front of us" Justin now turns to Bastia and Thomas and in a second the two have become supreme gods. Justin: "HAHAHAHA! MINE THE INFINITE POWER HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" To be continued......
  7. Nathan

    M UNIVERSITY (Part 10)

    (since the tests of Jeff and Max are quite short, I will put them in the same chapter) Chapter 11: The tests of Jeff and Max Tim comes back to Jeff and Max with the new gods creating David who moves levitating, so soon Jeff and Max get down on their knees and start licking David's calf, it's amazing! The new god's calf is the size of Jeff's thigh, no one would want to fight him. David: "It's okay guys no need to worship me, you'll soon be just as powerful as me" He flexes his biceps and starts licking it. Tim: " Alright Jeff It's your turn" Jeff follows Tim to the great hall, he explains to him that he is going to do a test of courage and that it will not be. Following this Jeff goes to the big door and is about to open it as David did previously. Jeff's test of courage Jeff opens his eyes and he sees that he is in the middle of a ruined city and in front is Thomas one of Master Baram's lieutenants. Thomas : " Let's see if you're as strong as they say." He clasps his fists together, an immense amount of magic sweeps around the area. Suddenly Jeff throws himself on him and gives him a punch that throws Thomas into a building, he doesn't even give him time to get up when he chains him up with a multitude of blows on the face. The earth cracks, the buildings still standing fall in the face of a deluge of blows. After that Jeff calms down and moves away from the lifeless body of Thomas, he raises his fist in the air as if to say that he had won except that a machiavellian laugh sounded in his head. Thomas: " HAHAHAHA!!! you thought you could beat me so easily?" Jeff is shocked he looks at Thomas who gets up as if nothing had happened, not even a scratch. Jeff: " How it is possible?" Thomas : " I explain to you, my main power is absorption, each time an enemy touches me I absorb his power, you I think you must have touched me a lot of times so I think your whole power will be mine " Jeff falls to the ground, his muscles begin to shrink, his power disappears and his strength is so colossal too, when in Thomas it's quite the opposite, a wave of power comes into him, it's muscles grow to sizes exorbitant, he is now two heads taller than Jeff when he was still muscular. but his muscles are nothing compared to the astronomical power that invades his body, he could even beat Master Baram. Thomas : " HAHAHAHAHA!! NOTHING CAN STOP ME! BUT BEFORE I KILLED YOU I'M GOING TO HAVE A LITTLE FUN, I THINK I HEARD A GIRL CRYING OVER THERE" He snaps his fingers and the girl is immediately teleported to her knees and crying in front of her titanic body. Thomas prepares a ray charged from his finger to pierce the innocent woman, but the attack is interrupted by a small pebble which hits his face, Thomas looks in the direction where the pebble came from and he sees Jeff standing , thin as a twig, shaking with fear and trying to defend himself with all he has. Thomas: " HAHAHAHA! PATHETIC ! YOU THINK IT'S CAILLOU ARE GOING TO ARREST ME! "He starts to charge his beam again in the direction of the girl and this time the attack to hit someone... but it's not the woman, Jeff managed to find a bit of strength to come between the wife and the ray, he sacrificed himself to save her.Suddenly Jeff wakes up in the great room next to Tim still with his beautifully muscled body. Tim: " You have passed the test of courage" Jeff : " but I died, I failed" Tim: " You showed great courage in always wanting to fight against Thomas even knowing that your attacks weren't going to hurt him and in addition you sacrificed yourself to save the life of this woman, very few people don't. will have done this feat, therefore you will receive the divine blessing " As for David, Tim raises his arm in the air and a lightning comes down on Jeff. Such a level of power invades his body, his clothes are torn because of his muscles which grow every second, a blue and red cape appears behind his back so wide that one could hide from at least 4 adult men, a blue diamond appears between his pectorals which are now bigger than a watermelon, and gold bracelets come surrounded by his handles which are now capable of crushing any matter. another god is born .............. Back alongside Max and the god David, Max can't help but jerk off to Jeff's new body. Max : " Damn you're so beautiful" Jeff approaches Max and whispers in his ear as if to excite him. Jeff: " I know. But don't worry it will be your turn soon" Tim: " Your turn Max, I hope you are ready." As for the others Max follows Tim to the big hall, Tim explains to him that he is going to do a showdown, "it's the hardest of the tests no one has succeeded, but you intrigue me, let's see who you really are." Max goes to the door and opens it. Max's test of strength Max opens his eyes and strangely he finds himself in the same big room, except that instead of seeing Tim, he sees Justin kneeling and chaining, and on the other side of the room there are David and Jeff kneeling and chaining also. Suddenly Tim appears behind him and he explains to her. Tim: " You will have to make a choice, either you kill your lover Justin and you can join Jeff and David as if nothing had happened or you kill your friends and Justin will become nice and between you two you will be the most powerful beings in the universe. You have 5 minutes to make your choice." Max starts pacing, he scratches his head, what a dilemma! Will he choose love and power, or friendship? 5 minutes later the fateful moment has arrived the moment to choose has come. He walks towards Justin, a tear appears on Max's face "I'm sorry" and with a hand he decapitates Justin's head. Max wakes up and he finds himself in the real big room next to Tim. Tim: " You have passed the test" Max: " What would it have done if I had chosen the other choice?" Tim: " you would have passed it too, you know this test shows above all what kind of person you are, as I told you, people did not succeed, they did not have the strength to choose and many fell in madness. Therefore I will be able to give you the divine blessing." Max also receives the divine lightning, but his size has nothing to do with the two previous ones, Max's muscles have become mountains, he could crush a tank between his thighs and destroy a sun with two fingers, a blue uniform just cover his massive upper body, over the uniform comes appear gold epaulets and a gold breastplate as well, and finally tight black pants cover his very sexy and monstrously powerful lower body. another god is born To be continued..... (Sorry to have been long to write this chapter I didn't have time, tell me what is your favorite event and your favorite god )
  8. EtherealGrowth

    A friend like me

    With the new year commencing and fresh ideas churning in my mind, I find it is time I share a story once again. This theme keeps on lingering in my mind and it is just very fitting for this particular audience. I've written a similar story once before but unfortunately it has vanquished into the abyss after the server crash. You could say the story you're about to read, especially it's details, also faded away in time... A friend like me - Chapter 1: It's a BAZAAR world out there The thing with fairytale, myths, and folklore is that the details and often not so happy-go-lucky endings are frequently left out or changed. This story is no exception to that phenomenon, which is why it is definitely worth reading. Now... let's begin our story in the land where caravan camels roam. Dashing through the narrow streets, products rolling of carts, freshly hung laundry falling on the dusty paths, and sweat travelling down his body. A quick, hooded, figure made his way through the busy Bazaar aiming for the outskirts of the city, a bag hanging over his shoulders. Tumultuous sounds heard all over the place. "STOP! THIEF!!!" a buldering voice echoed from behind him. The chasers were surely gaining on him and it was almost over for him. In a split second a little throwing-knife slid from under his sleeve and with a flick of his wrist it dashed toward the inner gate. The knife made a clean cut through the rope and the gate started to lower. The figure dug under the falling gate and a loud crash followed as it hit the ground. He looked back through the gate's bars and saw an exhausted Royal Guard unit; led by THE Razoul himself. "Always fancy seeing you my fellow Agrabahnians and have an enchanting day" the supposed thieve said. Quickly the figure disappeared into the busy crowd of working folk and continued his way onward. While our stranger is continuing his way, I'll shed some light on the time and scenery we're dealing with. This story, as you've probably already guessed, takes place in Agrabah; wealthiest of the kingdoms in the Seven Deserts and most strategically located within the Citadel. It is currently under the rule of the Hamed Sultanate, with its current head of state: Sultan Hamed III. A city of mystery, of enchantment, and the finest merchandise this side of the River Jordan! A real melting pot of social classes. Before I start rambling about this bustling city, let's get back to the story. Our mysterious stranger had made his way to the infamous, Thieves Quarters, a place where crime was the norm and not the exception. Not the safest place to be you'd expect but because of its reputation, not many dared go there. Amidst the Thieves Quarters was the Street of Forty Thieves, where our protagonist reached into the well to grab a key. He walked up to a stack of barrels, inserted the key somewhere on the side, turned it and entered the building through the entrance. He was greeted by the sweet smell of perfume lingering in the room. He looked around but saw no-one, he shrugged and dumped the bag in the kitchen area. "You must be Devi," a female voice said. His heart jumped as he turned around and saw a young woman brew herself some tea. "Fuck, you scared the shit out of me... But you're correct m'lady!" Devi said. The woman laughed softly and said: "I heard you had some rooms available, you know, the of the grid kinda type". "Definitely, however I usually hear about arrivals from my companions beforehand," he replied. The lady apologised and told him she would pay extra for the inconvenience. Devi walked over to a little counter, bowed down, pointing his juicy cakes up to the sky, and reached for a key. He pointed to the stairs and directed her to her room: "This is yours, make yourself at home. It ain't much but you won't be bothered by whomever you're running from". "I'm not running from anyone perse," she said, "I'm merely here for observation; Celeste is the name by the way". "I honestly don't need to know miss, the less I know, the better I can protect you" Devi said. Celeste smiled and handed Devi the money, a bunch of exotic coins, but whatever. Devi left the room and started stocking the cabinets with the products he "brought"... You must know Agrabah isn't the easiest city to live in as a mere street rat, or mice if you're female, but juggling a couple of jobs most can get by. This story however, takes place amidst the hottest summer recorded yet. Most crops had decayed, the harvest was practically ruined and the lower class was starting to crumble. It is still a flourishing city, with all its export of silks and jewels, but the scarce import of food is mainly directed towards the upper-class. All the fault of the cowardly Sultan Hamed. "Challenging times are they not..." Celeste said spontaneously. "By the djinn!" Devi said, "How are you so quiet?! But yeah, this Sultan is really making a mess out of it." Devi continued stocking his supply as Celeste stumbled across the walls of the room. It was incredibly hot in the room, the sweat pretty much streaming from his face. Devi took of his hood, revealing his tan and muscular arms, covered in intricate tattoos. Devi had always been quite athletic and was generally gifted in the muscle department. His height wasn't spectacular at 5'7" but he made up for it in raw, pure muscle strength. His arms were big, sturdy forearms, big begins slithering over them, topped with perfectly rounded, 20-inch, biceps. You could clearly sea the musculature of his upper body through the thin and drenched tanktop he wore underneath. Celeste glanced at him, blushed, and quickly continued scanning the shelves. Devi was finished stocking up and quickly smelled his armpits and they smelled utterly foul, like beyond the musk that would make the average human feel horny. "Who are this?" Celeste asked holding a piece of papyrus. Devi walked over and said: "It's me and my mom, she actually started this safe haven years ago. Initially so my dad could return home because he was falsely accused by some vizier." "And this?" Celeste asked. "That's Al, my bonus brother, and his pet monkey Abu. We took him in as a kid and cared for him, since his parents abandoned him. I was always ready to fight for him, good guy! Haven't seen him in a while though..." Devi said. Celeste looked over her shoulder, right into Devi's amber eyes, then looking at his chiseled chin and dark beard covering his chin, his man-bun sagging from its hairband. Devi also glanced into her light grey, almost white, eyes and quickly announced he was gonna wash himself real quick. He rushed towards the washing room on the patio, where he undressed, and started cleaning himself up a bit. After a while Devi was all cleaned and made his way to his room. In all the commotion he totally forgot that he had a guest over and well before he knew it he heard a clattering sound. Celeste had dropped a little plant in a pot when she saw him walking towards her. There Devi stood, butt-naked, his dark long locks still a bit wet and hanging over his pecs. Celeste was presently surprised by what she saw. A beautiful young man with stunning arms, his pecs also covered in tattoos and bulging outwards, topped with pointy nipples. The kind of pecs that sensually bounce when you walk. Underneath a beautiful 6-pack of abs. His whole body was covered in a musky layer of hair. Devi's legs were also impressive, they were thick, you could clearly point out all the different muscle groups within them. Mostly she was amazed by the 6-inch flaccid cock that was dangling between his legs, promptly pressed forward by a pair of luscious balls the size of eggs. "I'm so incredibly sorry, I totally forgot you were here," Devi stammered, "I'll get you some food on the house as compensation!" Celeste looked at him and grinned. "I know a better way to compensate me..." she said and with a flick of her wrist here beautiful, white, silk dress loosened and fell on the floor. The room now filled with two naked individuals. Devi couldn't control his lust and like an animal he rushed towards Celeste. He lifted her up and pressed her body against the wall. The two started kissing furiously as they made their way to Devi's bedroom. On the way Devi's 6-inch flaccid dick turned into a juicy 10-inch poker with a mushroom head on top. Devi threw Celeste on the bed and carefully started caressing her body. She wore beautiful jewelry and wore a silky cover over her heaving breasts. Devi removed the cover and continued kissing her boobs. Celeste started pounding his muscles while Devi was giving her all the poses. He then flipped her around, grabbed her hair, and pounded her for a good while in doggy-style. "RRRRRrrrrrhaaaa... rrrhhaaaa," echoed through the room with every powerful thrust, making Celeste's boobs jiggle up and down, as well as Devi's juicy ass. Just before he climaxed, he pulled out, and a sweet stream of cum landed on Celeste's breasts. Celeste hadn't had such great sex in a long while but was flustered by what happened when Devi climaxed. His eyes, interestingly enough, flared a bright amber coloured light, almost like a flame, when he did. Without giving it much thought, the two slowly drifted away into the world of dreams, a world of endless possibility... Meanwhile within the inner walls of the city, in the Royal Guard HQ, the mood was quite different. Razoul had returned from the Bazaar with the taxes they'd earned from directing the goods to the right merchants. While the poor despised this system, the rich, and mainly a certain vizier, wazir, alchemist, whatever you wanna call him, benefitted the most from it. Almost as if he had a hand in enforcing this new law, like he planted this idea into the Sultan's mind... "You bunch of second-best imbeciles!" a voice bellowed, "How can you lose all that valuable merchandise to a mere street rat". "Vizier Jafar, we were simply outnumbered..." Razoul lied. "Yeah yeah, 10 guys" ... "At least 30 guys were in on it" two guards said at the same time. Razoul quickly shushed them. "Lying now, are we?" Jafar said, "For that you'll be punished Razoul! Leave us be you two!" With a swish of Jafars cobra-headed staff the doors opened and the two rushed out. "Time to pay, my little servant!" Jafar said with a grinn on his face. Razoul undressed, revealing his big and bulky muscle swine body and a leather jockstrap containing a small and fat cock. Razoul was a big dude, about 300 pounds, bulky muscles all over his body, a real muscle swine kinda body, a thick layer of hair all over. A real jiggly bubble butt portruding from behind. He got down on his knees, pulled Jafar's robe to the side and started caressing Jafar's monster cock. It was long and veiny with a cockring on top. "Choke you useless piece of meat!" Jafar said, grabbing Razoul's head and pressing it firmly on his groin. Razoul gave Jafar an insane blowjob, using all the tricks he had up his sleeve. All the while Jafar was humiliating him for his tiny cock. At the end of the heavenly blowjob Razoul's eyes were starting to tear up from the ginormous stallion. Jafar pulled out and said: "Yes... YES... YEHES!!! Serve me, my little bitch!" as he came all over Razoul's face. Thick streaks of cum still running over Razoul's face as Jafar commanded him to get back to work. Eventhough Jafar knew Razoul enjoyed this punishment, it was still worth it considering the immense pleasure it gave him. Razoul was about to leave when Jafar asked: "Enlighten me, cumface, who stole the goods?" "Don't think we've ever caught him sir!" Razoul answered, "He did, however, have very noticeable tattoos om his hands and chest and his eyes had a very mystical amber kinda colour." Jafar mumbled something as he pulled a book from the shelf, opening a secret entrance to his system of tunnels and alleyways throughout the city, quickly disappearing into the darkness...
  9. NewGuy71

    His Now

    Hey guys, I've been a long time lurker on this site, but this is my first time posting something. Hope you all enjoy! His Now "Broooo... are you sure you have to go?" Kyle Harding whined at his older brother in front of the Departures gate. Thankfully, his classes had ended early today and he'd been able to make it just in time to see his brother off at the airport. Brad just chuckled amusedly. "Dude, I've been working super hard this year just so I could place at competition, you know that." The younger Harding pouted up the brown-haired man and sighed. "Yeah, yeah, I know... It's just... I'm gonna miss ya, bro." The older man's eyes softened. He patted Kyle's head, gently running his fingers through the younger's golden locks. "It'll just be a few weeks. I'll be back before you know it!" Brad reassured him. Kyle nodded and gave his brother more cheerful grin. "Yeah! I'm sure you'll kick ass too!" he crowed. Brad grinned widely and flexed with a front double bicep pose. His favorite grey muscle tee barely held itself together as it stretched tight around Brad's impressive arms. "Fuck yeah, man! You know it!" he responded cockily. The 24-year-old bodybuilder had put on 20 pounds of muscle in the last year, bringing him from a solid 226 to a whopping 246 pounds of muscle since last year's competition. Brad swooped in and pulled his younger brother into a tight hug. "But I am gonna miss ya..." he whispered in the smaller boy's ear. Kyle hugged him back as tight as he could, allowing himself a moment to just bask in his older brother's comforting scent. Ever since their mom had passed away a few years ago, the men of the Harding family had bonded more closely than ever. Maybe a bit too close if you believed some the rumors of the Harding brothers, but few would ever say so in earshot of either. The younger Harding groaned inwardly, feeling a twitch in his groin, and quickly pulled back with a red face. "Brad, you should go! You still have to get through carry on inspections!" he reminded the bigger man. The older brother just laughed as he turned toward the gate to get in line. "Yeah, yeah, I'm going." he said with a grin, "Take care of dad for me, okay?" Kyle just nodded, though he wondered why their dad hadn't come along to say goodbye himself. He had just dropped out at the last minute, saying something had come up and he wouldn't be able to make it. The blond Harding wiped the frown off his face and enthusiastically waved to his brother as the line started moving. "See ya, Brad! Good luck at the competition! Take care!" he shouted. Brad waved back just before turning a corner and heading around a wall, quickly moving out of sight. Kyle's waving hand slowed to a stop, and he watched for a moment as more and more people arrived at the Departures gate: a young lovely-dovey couple excited for their honeymoon trip, an older couple reminding their increasingly irritated son about all the things that needed caring for in the house, a pair of twin girls saying goodbye to their father... Kyle shook his head in aggravation. What exactly was so important that his dad couldn't come and say goodbye to Brad before he left for his competition? He sighed to himself as he turned and made his way back to the parking lot. Kyle narrowed his eyes as he spotted his dad's car parked in the driveway. His father was clearly home right now, so why hadn't he come to the airport to send off his oldest child? The young man parked his car on an open sidewalk and walked to the house. He went to use his key, only to find the front door unlocked. He stared as the door slowly swung open. "What the..." he murmured, a spike of dread shooting down his spine. Kyle stepped inside and locked the door behind himself. "Dad! You in here?" he called out in a loud voice. Not hearing a response, Kyle moved deeper into the house until he heard a loud thump from upstairs. His lips drew into a thin line as he quietly reached out to grab a poker from the fireplace. "D-dad? Was that you?" he called out again from the bottom of the stairs. Once again, there was no response. Steeling himself, the youngest Harding slowly crept up the stairs and into the empty hallway. Looking around, he didn't see anything out of place. There hadn't been any signs of a struggle or robbery downstairs either. Suddenly, he heard a soft, pained moan from down the hallway. It seemed to be coming from his father's room. Thinking the worst, Kyle dashed down the hallway and through the door wide open. "Dad! Are you alrig-" he stopped as his jaw hit the floor. There, on the bed, was his 40-year-old father on all fours being railed from behind by a guy clearly half his age. Kyle face bloomed scarlet as he took in the scene, his father moaning not in pain, but clearly in pleasure. "Ohh... fuck... harder...!" the Harding patriarch moaned as the other man obliged him. "Fuck you're hot, Mr. Harding! Unf... and you're so fucking tight!" the younger man moaned from behind. Kyle gasped, his eyes lighting up with recognition at the voice. It was Mike Hayes from his English Lit class! He and Mike shared some classes at Gold State University, but they weren't really friends. Mike wasn't a big guy, he and Kyle were pretty much the same size, but with his bright green eyes and handsome, pretty-boy face, he was quite popular. Kyle didn't like him very much, especially his rather arrogant my-way-or-the-highway attitude. But that still didn't explain what Mike was doing here or why he was having sex with Kyle's father. "D-dad! What the fuck?!" the blond screeched. Jake Harding's eyes shot to the doorway, as if noticing his son for the first time. "Kyle! W-what are you-ugh... d-doing here?" he grunted through his own moans. Mike just gave Kyle his usual smirk, undeterred by an audience. "Give us a moment, kid." he said as he pounded the older man, "You can have him back once I'm done." Kyle stumbled backwards before turning and fleeing out the door. He ran to his room, shutting it behind him as he slumped to the floor. "What the fuck..." he groaned. Did his dad really skip out on saying goodbye to Brad just so he could fuck with a younger man? In his haste to escape, Kyle had forgotten to close the door to his dad's room. The sounds of sex echoed down the hallway. Kyle grabbed his headphones from his desk and jammed them on his head. Scrolling through one of his playlists, he clicked a random song and let the music drown out the sounds of moaning and slapping flesh. Hopefully, they would finish up soon. An hour later, Kyle stepped out into a silent hallway. He turned toward his father's room with a frown and strode over to find it empty. He headed down the stairs into the kitchen where he found Mike finishing up a meal at the table. He gave his dad an odd look while the older man hovered strangely nearby, like some sort of servant. "Dad?" Kyle questioned in confusion, "What are you doing?" Jake jolted at his son's question. "Err... serving Mike his dinner...?" he replied uncertainly. Kyle boggled at his dad. "What...? Why?" Mike rolled his eyes and interrupted before Mr. Harding has a chance to respond. "So... you've got a pretty awesome place here, Kyle." he began, "It's close to campus... your dad's a fucking DILF with a really tight ass..." He gave the blushing man a filthy look before continuing, "I think I'm gonna move in." The disgust Kyle was feeling was instantly replaced with shock and disbelief. "But... you can't just..." he started in protest. Mike just turned to Mr. Harding and said, "It's fine, right? It's fine that I move in." It sounded more like a statement than a question. Jake Harding's eyes glazed over for a moment, before clearing as he replied, "Y-yes. That should be fine." Kyle's jaw dropped for the second time today. "What?! Dad! You can't be serious!" Mike pushed his chair back and stood with his classic smirk. "Great! I'm gonna go and choose a room, then!" He left the kitchen and headed upstairs followed by a quiet Mr. Harding and a protesting Kyle. Kyle paled when Mike stopped in front of Brad's room. Ignoring the other man's sputtering, Mike opened the door, and stepped inside. Brad's room was the second biggest room in the house, next to the main bedroom. The walls were covered in pictures of bodybuilders and motivational posters. Trophies from old competitions lined the walls and workout equipment was scattered throughout the room. A huge king-sized bed, Brad's most recent purchase, sat in the middle against one of the walls. Mike gave the room a cursory glance before nodding. "Hmm... this room looks pretty good! I'll take it!" He chuckled as Kyle glared at him. "You can't! This is Brad's room!" Kyle turned to his dad expectantly. "Dad! What are you doing? You have to stop this!" However, to his horror, his father simply nodded along with Mike. "Sure. You can have Brad's room. Make yourself at home." Jake Harding ignored his son's horrified shrieks and continued, "If you need, I can give you a ride to your old place and help move stuff too." Mike stepped up to Mr. Harding and gave him sly grin. "I'm sure you could. You've obviously kept yourself in pretty good shape for your age." he said as he cupped the older man's firm chest. "Mmm... very nice indeed." Kyle couldn't take it anymore. He fled back to his room. Grabbing his phone off the desk, the blond was halfway through composing a text to his brother before realizing there was probably nothing Brad could do in his current situation. He was probably mid-flight already and texting the older Harding now would only worry him and probably screw with his performance at competition. Kyle was so deep in his thoughts he didn't hear the door to his room swing open. "Hey, roomie. Whatcha up to?" a voice inquired from behind. The young man spun around to find Mike leaning against his door frame, a smirk on his face, green eyes alight with amusement. Kyle glared at him. "I'm not gonna let you do this, Mike... I'll..." he started as the other boy's smirk only grew wider. "You'll... what?" he asked with a laugh, cruel and uncaring. "Geez, Kyle. You haven't realized it yet?" He shrugged as he continued. "It doesn't matter what you want, because everyone will just do as I say." Kyle squawked as the other man swept into his room and sat on the bed uninvited. "Everyone except you, of course." Mike said with a raised eyebrow, "But I suppose it doesn't matter in the long run, because as long as everyone obeys me, nothing you say or do will matter." Mike stood and made to leave the room. "But you can keep trying, I suppose. It won't make any difference." And with that, the other man was gone. Kyle quickly locked the door and fell to his knees, frustrated tears sliding down his face. In his heart, he knew that what Mike had said was true. The other boy always got his way, no matter who he talked to. His voice had a strange power that Kyle could never hope to oppose, no matter how he tried to resist. Kyle's only hope was that Brad would be able to fix things once he returned. He had to. The next few weeks were filled with nothing but disgust, anger, and frustration for Kyle as Mike proceeded to fuck Kyle's dad on practically every surface of the house. Eventually, the youngest Harding resorted to hiding out at his friends' places to avoid constantly seeing his father in compromising positions. A few weeks after, Brad finally returned from competition. Surprisingly, Mike had allowed Mr. Harding to join Kyle in picking up his eldest son. The two waited together at the arrivals gate in the airport. Kyle was practically vibrating out of his skin in anticipation. Surely, Brad would be able to fix things, and everything would go back to normal, right? The young Harding held on to his hopes, his spirits rising when he spotted a familiar face in the crowd leaving the gate. "Brad!" he shouted in glee as he rushed towards his older brother, wrapping the bigger man in a desperate embrace. "I'm so glad you're back!" The older man leaned back in surprise as he held his brother close. "Whoa! Geez, kiddo. Where's the fire?" His eyes widened when his younger brother started to sob uncontrollably. The pro bodybuilder looked to his dad who just shrugged in greeting. Between sobs, Kyle managed to get out, "Bro... you gotta do something! Mike! He just, moved in and... he took your room, and dad just let him..." Brad's eyes grew wider and wider with each work spilling forth from Kyle's mouth. He turned to his father. "Dad... what the hell is going on...?" he demanded. Jake Harding just gave his son a plain look. "Well, Mike said he wanted to move in, so he moved in. Your room was the only unused room in the house, so he took it." Brad gave his father an incredulous look. "What the fuck, dad? Really? You just let this guy move in and do whatever he wants?" He gaped as his dad gave him a helpless look. Turning back to the brother crying against his chest, he ran a soothing hand through the younger man's hair. "Shh... don't worry, Kyle. Big bro will take care of everything." he murmured as he gave his dad a disapproving frown. Eventually, the three of them made their way to their dad's car and headed home. The closer they got to their house, the more Kyle's dread grew. Something bad was gonna happen, he just knew it. The frown hadn't left Brad's face during the entire ride. "So..." Brad began, "tell me about this Mike person." In a shuddering voice, Kyle told him about Mike, about the way everyone just does as he says and how Mike always gets his way. Kyle watched his older brother's face as his eyebrows rose higher and higher. He knew from Brad's expression that the older Harding didn't truly believe him, and that would probably be his downfall. The blond slumped back into his seat for the rest of the ride. A part of him held onto his hopes, but the more practical side of him argued that he was leading his beloved older brother to a slaughter. The rest of the car ride continued in awkward silence. When they finally arrived home, Kyle steeled himself and followed his dad and older brother into the house. He followed Brad as the older man marched right into the house with his bags and headed straight to his room where they found Mike lounging in his bed. "What the fuck?!" Brad roared upon seeing the younger man making himself at home in his room. Mike grinned widely upon seeing them, and it was then that Kyle realized he had made a mistake. He had effectively delivered Brad to the gallows, and his brother was going to pay the price. "Wow!" Mike said as he got up from the bed to greet them. "Damn, you're hot. You look even better up close!" Brad jerked an arm back when the younger man tried to grope his bicep. "What the fuck, man? Who the hell do you think you are?" Mike just ignored the bigger man's question and looked him straight in the eye. "Strip." he commanded. Kyle watched as his big brother's eyes suddenly glazed over and he started to strip the clothes off his impressive body. He pretended to be shocked, but a darker part of him whispered that he knew this would happen... and he let it happen. Mike's face brightened as the older Harding stripped off his white V-neck shirt, revealing his thick pecs and incredible eight-pack abs, soon followed by his jeans and black boxer-briefs. "Holy shit..." the younger man murmured as he took in the buffet of muscle before him, "You're fucking ripped, dude!" Brad just nodded. "I've been working on this body since I was 13 years old." he admitted. "Fuck..." Mike moaned as he stepped closer to inspect Brad's hard worked body. He gripped the bigger man by the sides, stroking his thumbs across the bodybuilder's rippling abs. "Do you shave?" he asked the older man with a raised eyebrow. "I always shave before a competition." Brad replied. "I'm pretty hairy, otherwise." Mike's grin only grew wider. "Excellent." he murmured as he moved his hands up to the bigger man's pecs. He pinched Brad's nipples, smiling when the older man moaned in response. "Ooh, sensitive!" Kyle could only watch as Mike continued to explore his beloved brother's body. A part of him wanted to intervene, but another part couldn't help but think how hot it was to watch his big bro get felt up right in front of his eyes. Eventually, Mike ended his inspection and instead went to open a drawer next to the bed, pulling out a large bottle of lube. He commanded the bigger man to bend over the bed as he stripped off his shorts and carefully spread lube over his 7-inch cock. "Mmm... I'm gonna really, really enjoy this." Mike groaned, all the while looking Kyle straight in the eyes as he lubed himself up. Once he was ready, the young man moved behind Brad and pressed his cock against the bodybuilder's tight hole. "Relax." Mike commanded as he pressed in. Kyle couldn't believe himself. He stood in the doorway, shocked and turned on as Mike thrust inch after inch of dick into Brad's ass, forcing the bigger man to take his cock. He proceeded to watch for the next hour as the other boy used Brad in a variety of positions, enjoying his size, strength, and submission. "Unf... big body... and big cock to boot..." Mike moaned as he kept pounding the bodybuilder's tight hole. He gripped the other man's impressive cock in one hand. "What is this, 10 inches? Maybe 11? Hella thick too... you're the whole package, ain'tcha?" After one particularly vigorous fuck, Brad found himself splayed out face down on the bed. Mike turned to Kyle with a smirk. "Mmm... your brother's got a great body AND great ass, Kyle." he sighed in satisfaction. "But, let me guess... you thought your big bro would save you from... all this." Mike gestured lazily around himself before continuing. "Sorry to disappoint, but the truth is... Brad was always my real target from the start." The other man placed his hands on Brad's wide back, rubbing circles into the thick muscles. "I remember the first time I saw him..." Mike began, his green eyes taking on a nostalgic look. "He came to pick you up one time while I was withdrawing money from the ATM near the parking lot." He turned his gaze down to the thoroughly fucked bodybuilder. "I knew from the moment I saw him, I just had to have that body for myself..." Kyle face shifted to a confused expression. What the hell was he talking about? He soon discovered just what Mike meant when the other man's arms suddenly sank into Brad's back up to his elbows. Mike looked over his shoulder with a pleased grin and said, "I always get what I want, Kyle. And now, I'm gonna claim what's mine!" Kyle watched with growing horror as more and more of Mike slid into his older brother's bigger form, merging with him. Eventually, it was just Mike's head sticking out awkwardly behind Brad's. Slowly, Brad's huge body pushed itself off the bed into a standing position. His head hung limply in front of Mike's, eyes blank and empty. The youngest Harding watched as one of his older brother's big hands came up and pressed down on his own head. Slowly, Brad's face sank beneath the surface of his skin until it disappeared completely, leaving behind nothing but smooth, empty space. Kyle fell to his knees in despair. "Brad! Noooo!" he cried mournfully as his big brother seemed to disappear forever. Mike's head slid forward to fill the void, slotting itself onto its rightful place on the pro bodybuilder's muscular body. "Oh, fuck...!" Mike moaned as he completely assimilated the older man, Brad's memories, knowledge, and skills flooding into his mind, "Fuck... fuck... fuck!" "Noooo! This can't be happening!!" Kyle sobbed. "Yessss!" Mike cried out in pleasure. Brad's body shook as it orgasmed. "Fuck!" Mike grunted as his new body convulsed, spilling rope after rope of thick, bodybuilder cum all over the bed in front of him. After a few moments, he turned to Kyle, his huge cock still standing tall and proud. "Damn! Look at this body!" Mike roared as he examined the massive form he had stolen and claimed as his own. His eyes drifted downwards, to where the Brad's cock- no, his cock was sticking straight up against his belly. It was so much bigger than his old one. "Holy fuck, it's huge!" he declared, stroking his big, hard erection. "It's perfect. So damn thick!" He grabbed a ruler from the nearby desk and measured it. "Mmm... fuck! 10 and a half inches! I knew it!" he crowed in delight. "And these balls..." Mike groaned as he cupped the low hanging orbs, "So fucking big..." He tossed the ruler back onto the desk and went to stand in front of the full-length mirror. He had to take a few steps back to get his reflection to fit in the frame. "Goddamn, these muscles! Look at these biceps!" he grunted, flexing them in a double bicep pose. "They're massive!" Mike ran his big hands over the rest of the body, enjoying the feel of the ripped muscles under his fingers. "And fuck! These pecs!" he growled as he groped the thick mounds of muscle. The brunet pinched one of his nipples roughly with a soft moan. "Mmf... feels so fucking good..." The brunet brought a hand down to his eight-pack abs and stroked the hard, toned muscle, slipping his fingers between the deep grooves and valleys. "These abs are incredible..." he murmured, flexing and unflexing his cobbled torso. "Unf... and his scent... my scent..." Mike lifted an arm and pressed his nose into his own armpit, taking a deep whiff of his new musk. "So fucking manly!" Mike turned his gaze back to Kyle, still kneeling on the floor. "Poor, poor Kyle..." he teased, "Big brother's gone! I'm all that's left of him..." He smirked as he continued to flex. "But… don’t worry. I'll take care of this body he so generously gifted me. His big, strong body... belongs to me now." His gaze dropped to Kyle's pants where an obvious tent was forming. "Oh? What's this?" Mike's smirk turned predatory. "Don't tell me... you're actually turned on by all this?" He brought a hand down to his hard, 10.5-inch cock. "Is this what you want, Kyle? Big bro's fucking huge cock?" he asked in mock innocence. The younger man paused, but couldn't help himself and Kyle shamefully hung his head. Mike smiled wickedly at his answer and grabbed the boy's chin, forcing him to look up. "Well then..." Mike whispered, "Brad's gone... and this is my body now, so why don't you go ahead and suck on this fat cock?" He sat himself on the bed and spread his muscular legs, his huge member hard and leaking. Kyle hesitated for a moment before he slowly took a step... and then another... Moments later, he sat kneeling on the floor between Mike's legs, staring straight up at him with a fierce blush on his face. Mike raised an eyebrow at him. "Well...?" he said as he gestured expectantly at his shaft. Kyle's gaze kept switching between Mike's face and the big dick in front of him. A part of him wanted it... but he had to resist! He couldn't do this! The other man just rolled his eyes and sighed. "Okay, fine... I know what you really want." Mike tensed his body and started to grunt while Kyle just watched in confusion. The youngest Harding's eyes widened in shock when a tuft of brown hair began pushing its way out of Mike's chest. Slowly, Brad's head resurfaced until it hung limply just below Mike's. He locked eyes with Kyle and gave him a mirthful grin. Mike gripped Brad's head between his hands and lifted it up, pressing his face into the back of the other man's head. Kyle watched in horrified fascination as Mike drew the older Harding's face up around his, wearing him like a mask. Moments later, Brad's head was back on his shoulders, his eyes closed with a peaceful expression on his face. Kyle stared. "B-Brad?" he whispered, afraid to break the illusion. The older man jolted awake before turning to the youngest Harding. He smiled gently. It was Brad's smile. But Kyle's faint spark of hope was quickly snuffed out when Brad's kind smile quickly morphed into Mike's cruel smirk. "Is this what you wanted?" he taunted, using Brad’s voice. He stroked his stubbled chin appreciatively. "I'm back, little bro." Kyle gasped as a surge of heat made its way through his body. It was Brad's face, his voice, his body, his expressions... but Mike was completely in control. Kyle felt his resolve start to crumble. 'Brad' spread his arms wide. "C'mere, bro. Give your big brother a hug!" he invited. Almost robotically, Kyle stood and fell into his older brother's welcoming arms. 'Brad' wrapped his muscular arms around Kyle, pulling him into a familiar embrace. Kyle took a moment to relish it, returning the hug and allowing the imposter to fool him for just a bit. The moment was soon shattered by familiar hands roving his body in distinctly unfamiliar and un-familial ways. "Mmm..." Kyle shuddered as a deep voice whispered into his ear. "You know what big bro needs?" Strong hands forced Kyle back to his knees and gripped the back of his head, bringing his face to 'Brad' hard cock. He stared at colossal member, its thick, heady musk filling his senses. "Big bro needs a blowjob from his favorite little brother..." 'Brad' cooed, "C'mon, taste it. You know you want it..." Slowly, Kyle felt his mouth open wide and engulfed 'Brad's' throbbing shaft. "Mmm... fuck!" the bigger man moaned as Kyle swallowed inch after inch of his dick. Inwardly, Mike marveled at how much more sensitive Brad's cock was compared to his original one. 'Brad' leaned back on the bed as he watched Kyle bob up and down on his cock, taking it surprisingly deeper and deeper into his throat. "Hmm..." he moaned, gently rubbing the back of Kyle's head, "Someone's been keeping secrets from big bro, huh?" 'Brad' laughed when Kyle stared up at him with wide eyes and a mouthful of hard dick. "Oh yeah!" he grunted, "Suck the cock of the big brother you love so much!" He pressed Kyle's head down, forcing more of his cock into that tight throat. "Yeah! Deep throat this huge cock!" 'Brad' growled. "Take it all in!" "Nnngh..." Kyle groaned as he sucked harder, his lips stretched around his brother's big cock. 'Brad' felt his balls start to churn, the sensation of his new body edging closer and closer was incredible. "Fuck! This body feels so good!" 'Brad' exclaimed, "I'm gonna come!" With a deep growl, he erupted in Kyle's mouth. 'Brad' shot his load deep in the smaller man's throat, bucking his hips up as he forced Kyle down his shaft to the root. The other boy choked as he found his face buried in thick pubes. The intoxicating smell made him quickly cum in his pants as shot after shot of 'Brad's' creamy seed made its way down his throat. "Ahhh! Fuuuck!" 'Brad' grunted as Kyle swallowed the last few drops of cum. Eventually, the cock in his throat softened and Kyle was able to slide off, the huge member leaving his mouth with a loud pop. 'Brad' sighed and relaxed back onto the bed before pinning Kyle with a glare. "Now get out! I want some time to myself, so I can explore this awesome body your big brother so generously donated to me." Mike commanded with a smirk, dropping all pretenses of role play. Kyle's eyes widened as he scrambled backwards, red-faced. "Uh... okay..." he said, wiping a smear of cum from the side of his mouth. Mike watched with amusement as the smaller boy left, closing the door behind him. That 'big brother' role play thing was actually pretty hot, he'd have to try that again sometime in the future. He stood and stretched lazily, before striding over to the mirror to take a closer look at his new body. Peering closely into the mirror, Mike rubbed a hand over the stubble on his strong, square jaw and poked at his large nose. "Hmm... pretty good, I guess." he said after a moment of consideration. Brad's face was really masculine, and his dark blue eyes weren't bad to look at. Bringing his hands to the side of his face, Mike pulled forward until tufts of black hair sprouted from the back of his head. Slowly, Mike pulled his head free until once again Brad's face hung beneath him like an empty shell. Quickly tucking Brad's head back into his chest, Mike re-examined himself in the mirror and grinned. "Much better!" he chuckled as he took in his familiar bright green eyes, high cheekbones, and five o' clock shadow. Mike had always been quite proud of his looks, but now that his pretty-boy face was atop Brad's incredible body... "Fuck..." he moaned, "I'm perfect..." Taking a step back, Mike ran a hand over his massive chest, feeling up towards his wide shoulders and around his thick traps. His other hand traced down his lats to his thin waist, before moving inward to rest at his core. "Unf! Look how ripped this body is!" he marveled. He slammed a fist into his abdomen, testing the solid rack of muscle. Drawing upon Brad's memories, he tried a few poses, admiring the view of his muscles from all angles. Mike turned to the side to check out his assets. He gave the impressive mounds of muscle a smack, chuckling in satisfaction. "Damn... bro got booty!" Mike mused, "Nice." He smirked cockily into the mirror. "Thanks for the great body, Brad. I'll make sure to put it to good use." The next morning, Kyle and his dad were having breakfast at the dining table when Mike finally made an appearance downstairs. Both father and son froze as they took in the young man's new appearance. Kyle swallowed hard. Mike was dressed in a familiar grey muscle tee, the same one Brad had worn the day he left for competition. It looked great on Mike's new body, stretching tight around his arms and chest, accentuating his muscular torso. The young blond cursed the traitorous dick hardening in his pants. "Hey, boys" Mike greeted casually as he walked into the kitchen and took a seat at the table. He grabbed a plate and piled on some bacon and eggs. "Good morning." Mr. Harding gaped at Mike. "W-what the...? What happened to you?" he asked bewilderedly. Mike just shrugged. "I just took Brad's body for myself, that's all." Jake's eyes narrowed as he studied the younger man. "What do you mean, 'took his body'? What are you saying?" "I mean that your son sacrificed himself so I could have this amazing body of his. You don't mind, right?" Mike responded with a smirk. The older Harding wavered as Mike's voice washed over him. "O-of course not." he mumbled. "You deserve that body more than Brad did..." Mike nodded and smiled smugly. "Well, good, because it's mine now." he declared. "And... I'm gonna fuck you with this huge cock tonight, so be prepared." Mike purred, his voice dark with promise. He spread his muscled legs and patted the straining bulge in his shorts. Jake gulped nervously, but couldn't deny the other man's words. "Uh... sure..." he said weakly. Mike turned to Kyle, who gulped at the sudden scrutiny. "And, as for you, Kyle..." he began while pouring himself some orange juice, "If you're good, I might be willing to let 'big bro' take care of you, every now and then." Mike flexed an arm for effect. Kyle shuddered, but couldn't help but nod as a blush spread across his face. "Ugh... f-fine..." he stammered, looking away. Mike grinned as he dug into his breakfast with new vigor. It was gonna take a lot to fuel this new body of his. As everyone settled down to eat their breakfast, Mike couldn’t help the self-satisfied smirk the found its way onto his face. He could hardly believe it. He managed to get Brad's hot bod AND a sexy DILF to fuck. Even better, he finally found a way to control the one guy who was seemingly immune to the power of his voice! Life was great for Mike Hayes, and it was only going to get better from here on out.
  10. After reading many great stories on this forum, I decided it's high time to give back something to this community. I drafted my first story based on topics I really like and which turn me on - domination, huge muscles (obviously), power. I spiced it with a bit of snuff, although this will never be the main theme of this story. I tried to keep the story realistic - my hero will never become a giant or be strong enough to lift a tank. But he will be strong enough to beat the shit of any human. And have ample fun hearing him beg for his pathetic life. I am looking forward to your feedback and comments. Feel free to either comment below or by sending me a message. Today you get the first two chapters. If the story gets enough attention and positive replies, I plan to continue it of course. Happy reading and have fun! * * * PROLOGUE The helicopter was already flying quite low, just above the treetops. Below us was a vast forest, which we could barely see in the dark. The pilot was clearly afraid. And he had full reason to be. We were flying in the dark with minimal lights and not much moonlight, which already created a danger. But this danger was the lowest on his priority ranking. Worse for him was that we were flying over enemy territory and as we were flying so low, we were quite easy targets for enemy fire. But what he feared most, was me. And rightfully so. My legend preceded me. The pilot heard a lot about me before boarding this helicopter. In fact, when he learned whom he would carry on board tonight, he started to tremble. Although I did not care to say anything to him, my size, my Alphaness and my manly scent made his body automatically shrink and surrender. Only his completely average dick was totally hard during the entire flight. He was lucky I ignored his mediocre existence, as I was focused on a bigger fish to fry. * * * CHAPTER 1 My name is Serhyi. I am 29 years old and I am the latest experiment of Ukrainian scientists who collaborated with the best American colleagues to create a super-soldier; a ruthless and cruel killing machine. Even before being recruited to this experiment, I was a huge guy. I competed in international strongman championships representing my country, usually placing in the top 5. I won a few bodybuilding championships in the heavyweight category. I loved martial arts and wrestling, although I never competed on a national level in those. I loved fighting, cause it not only fulfilled my desire to be the best, which the other sports did too, but it also fulfilled my desire to crush my opponents, to make them realise and painfully feel their inferiority compared to Me. I loved to see fear in their eyes even before I started dominating them. I loved to inflict pain, to hear them scream, especially those who before the match believed they are macho. To me they were wimps and fucktoys. Unfortunately, this was not what they wanted at competitions, hence I never competed. When my country was invaded by the neighbouring Russia five years ago, I enlisted for the army. I wanted to fight against the invaders. I was immediately spotted by the recruiting commission, as I stood out from the crowd of mediocre men. I was 201 cm tall, which is 6 foot 6 inches in your American standards. And I was muscular, very muscular. A heavyweight bodybuilder with 61 cm arms (24”) which were bigger than the thighs of the weakling next to my right. My huge muscular chest was 145 cm (57”) at that time and contained more muscle than the whole body of the skinny wimp to my left, who timidly looked up at me from time to time praying that the enemy soldiers do not look like me. Add to the description of my magnificent body quite low body fat level (I wasn’t in competition shape, but it was around 8%, which made all my muscles nicely visible under my skin). I looked like a monster among petty humans. Which was exactly true. The head doctor who examined all of us who were standing in briefs was clearly aroused. He quickly checked all the average males and told me I would undergo a special inspection at the end. He was a middle-aged guy who was quite fit for his age and had more muscle than most of the candidates standing in front of him. Next to me though, he looked skinny and weak. He knew it and I knew it. I thought about dominating him and making him my puppet, but then I thought I should first wait and see what he has to offer me before subjugating him. It proved to be the right decision. After 10 minutes of inspections, the wimps were all proved worthy of being sent to the front and left the room. I was left alone with the doctor, who moved from his desk closer to me. I noticed he had a hard on, which was no surprise to me, as most males react with an erection in My presence. He asked me about my past, my sport experience, my strength while at the same time inspecting me. He started with the obvious - heart rate, pulse, then moved to inspect the quality of My muscles. His eyes were becoming wider and wider with awe. His dick harder and harder. Soon there was a wet stain between his legs. I smirked - I just subjugated another weakling without even bothering to make him feel My real power. The doc looked at Serhyi. He was in awe. What was before his eyes was a perfect male. Very tall, extremely muscular, very virile. The skin did little to hide the huge muscles underneath it. His pecs were like giant iron cushions. They emanated power and manhood. Just by looking at them anyone else already knew who the Alpha in the room is. On both sides of the giant pecs were two enormous shoulders. Each one the size of a watermelon. They made him look extremely wide and terrifying. Just beneath them were his rock-hard arms. Each one bigger than docs thighs, and doc was no stranger in the gym. They probably could curl more than what doc could leg press. Underneath the iron pecs were the beautifully carved abs. Even his obliques were elegantly visible showing his quite narrow waist. Then came the gigantic pillars of his legs. They seemed extremely long. As for their size - the doc wasn't sure he could circumvent the quads using both of his arms. He didn't even want to try doing that, as he was afraid it could anger Serhyi. And that was the last thing doc wanted to do. Below the huge quads were the brilliant, massive calves. Each one the size of docs thigh. And then came his long feet. Serhyi had even big muscles there. His scent was very manly. His pheromones subconsciously bombarded doc’s brain saying: “you are weaker, you are powerless in front of this male. Just accept it, as it's useless to deny it.” And doc did accept it. Fully. The doc was on his knees checking the density of My calves, each the size and shape of a rugby ball, when I asked him whether he wanted to see and check My cock. He slightly blushed and told me that this was on his checklist too, but he was too afraid to ask me. I didn’t even bother to reply to him and just took my pants off. My semi-hard already 18 cm (7”) long cock jumped out and flew above the head of the doctor. He licked his lips and looked lustfully at it. He tried to stay professional and started to measure its size with a tape. He then told me he needs to see it fully erect to measure it. He asked me whether I could make it hard. I replied that his hands and mouth are a perfect tool for that and that he is to do it himself. Without even realising it, he instantly obeyed my command. The first one of the many I gave him in the next months. He worshipped My cock just like he worshipped My muscular body - with care, respect and professionalism. He proved to be a worthy sub. My cock was full mast in less than a minute. It was easy, cause I hadn’t cum since morning and my balls were aching to be milked. My amazing steel rod was the only thing the doctor had on his mind at the moment. I was a little impressed that he still managed to control himself when he stopped slurping My cockhead and started measuring it. He looked at the numbers and proudly announced, “33 centimetres (13”) with a circumference of 30 cm (12”). The biggest and thickest in the whole Ukrainian army!” I nodded in approval - good to be informed scientifically about My superiority to other “men”. It will make My decision to subjugate other soldiers quicker. In case they would act cocky, I would order them to take out their dicks and compare them to My cock. I would always win and the guys would have to give Me their asses, if I wished so. Easy job. I looked at the doctor who now told me he needs a sample of my sperm in order to check My virility. “You doubt My virility?!” I raised My voice. He immediately turned rather pale and told Me he does not, but he needs it to be scientifically lab tested in order to check My health levels for the special assignment I might be given. I just nodded in approval and pointed at him and at My cock. He understood immediately and rushed to My cock with a measuring cup. I smirked looking at the size of it. It could barely hold 50 ml (1.6 oz.) of sperm, a small fraction of what I usually cum. But it was designed for average humans, not for virile muscle gods. I expected the doctor to drink the rest of My cum, which would not fit in the cup. The doc returned to worshipping My cock with his hands and mouth. You could see he was well trained - not like the bimbos I fucked after the wrestling matches. He really knew how and where to touch it and squeeze it. I was soon close to cumming and he felt it too. He was puzzled, cause he knew he had to catch My cum in the cup, but at the same time he was unable to stop himself from giving head to Me. I decided to release him from his dilemmas and told him that there will be more cum than he needs both for the cup and for his mouth. Without taking My cock out of his mouth, he nodded in approval and awe and continued slurping. A few moments later, I growled and started cumming. In My standards, it was just an average cumshot, but the unprepared doc was shocked. He was too slow in swallowing My nectar, so his cheeks quickly filled with My cum and it started pouring out of his mouth. He rapidly put the cup under his own chin and in no time, it was completely full with My seed too. As he started choking on My cum, he released My rod which continued shooting and making his doctor's smock completely covered with My juices. From now on he was marked as My property. As I finished shooting, I looked down at the doc’s pants and saw the obvious - he came, too. He will be taught that next time he is to ask permission for cumming in My presence. But it was my first day in the army and not all of My rules have been applied here yet. This will change as time passes and people will learn to obey My orders. Even those who are theoretically above Me, as they have a higher military rank. That will not prevent them from being subjugated by Me. On the contrary - it will make their fall under My feet even sweeter. If needed, some will be snuffed in the process. It will just make My glory and My fame greater. The doctor came back to his senses from the biggest orgasm he ever had (till now) and started looking around. His face and his smock was covered with My cum, the cup was completely full and there was a large puddle of My goo on the floor. I decided to slowly start training My new sub and ordered him to lick the floor clean. He looked up at Me with a question in his eyes, but when he met My steel gaze, he immediately understood that I am deadly serious and started cleaning the floor with his tongue. He took his wet smock off which allowed me to inspect his upper body. It was nicely shaped. I could see that doc was a regular in the gym and that his diet was well under control. His arms had decent biceps and the pecs were nice and juicy. His abs were clearly visible. His ass was deliciously sticking up as he kneeled, licking the floor. I found his body worth My fuck next time we do it again. The fact that he was a top, of which I was informed later, did not matter to Me. For Me all were bottoms. I usually preferred tops even more, as their asses were tighter, although for My rod every ass was tight, especially during the first few fucks. The doc finished licking My goo and turned around. In the meantime, I walked behind the desk and sat on his chair. The chair squeaked under My weight. To help the poor chair a bit, I put My huge muscular long legs on the doc’s desk, trying not to crush his keyboard in the process. The doc was at first shocked to see Me sitting from where he usually commanded the room and the subordinates, but he understood that from now on the hierarchy will look different. He took a small chair opposite the desk and sat like a suppliant in his own office. His eyes were sliding over My huge muscles which were simply relaxing after a pleasant fuck. I looked at him and said, “So - what special assignment are you giving Me?” He replied, “It’s not sure that you would be given it. There are a number of other potential candidates.” I repeated My question slightly louder, “So - what special assignment ARE you giving ME?” He swallowed his saliva and said, “It is most likely that you will indeed be the one we are looking for. So far you tick all the boxes of the perfect candidate. We would like to create a super soldier who would significantly raise our chances of winning this war. We need someone who is extremely powerful to make him even more powerful, beyond what humans usually can do. But there are several restrictions, potential bottlenecks and side effects. That’s why, for example, we need to test your sperm. We will also need to check how you react to the serum, as you may be allergic to it, which would ruin the whole experiment.” “Then test it now,” I said. “Now??” He clearly did not expect such an answer. “Yes. Inject it and let’s see.” The doc quickly analysed something in his head and agreed. He took a syringe and filled it with some purple liquid. He told Me that due to My size, he will apply a double dose of the serum. I approved his proposal. He will learn that he can propose something, but it is Me who will take the decision. As a smart doc, he already was learning it, even if subconsciously. The injection was quick and a bit painful. I love pain, both when I apply it and when I receive it, so it was a pleasure. The doc told me that we need to wait at least five minutes to see the first results. After five or six minutes, I started feeling really good. Even more manly that I usually do. I didn’t see much of a difference in My body. Maybe only My muscles were more tense and dense. Suddenly the door opened and an officer entered holding one of the average Joes who were recruited with me. The Joe seemed frightened and the officer aroused. He shouted at the doc, “Andryi - this recruit is not from Odessa as he claims. We just found out he is a Russian spy who wanted to infiltrate our army. What shall we do with him?” Andryi, as now I knew the docs name (I didn’t care how he was named till now), told the officer that the potential spy needs to be interrogated and that we can use me to do it. Then he turned around to Me and he realised he committed a grave error. He looked apologetically towards Me and said, “Sir, would you approve of interrogating this scum?” The doc was a fast learner. He even started calling Me “Sir” before I ordered him to do so. I was impressed. I approved his proposal and took over Ivan or whatever his name was. I felt anger, as the guy wanted to infiltrate My new barracks and put Me in theoretical danger. Before I even said a word to him, I punched him quickly in the face. He was completely unprepared (neither was the officer who held him). Due to the impact of My fist, Ivan hit the wall behind him and fell to his knees. The officer managed to jump aside, but he was angry. I didn’t care. Ivan in the meantime spit out two of his teeth. His nose was broken and he started to bleed. He looked from his position up to Me. He saw a muscular giant towering him nearly up to the ceiling wearing only briefs. He saw the anger in my eyes. He knew that I would not play along any civilised rules of interrogating a suspect and that I wouldn’t care if he dies in the process. His correct analysis of his situation was brutally interrupted by My kick in his chest. I loved kickboxing and I knew how to kick to create the most impact. His eyes nearly popped out, he was lifted up from the ground by the impact and he could not breathe for a longer moment. His chest had a huge bruise roughly in the shape of my foot. And I have really big feet. He started coughing and spit out some blood. But even before he could catch his breath after the kick, a new wave of pain emerged in his body, as my foot after the kick landed on his left palm on which he tried to support his upper body in order to regain breathing. I weighed over 140 kg (310 lbs) then and I had no mercy to use My weight in order to crush his finger bones. In order to do it completely I twisted My heel, nicely pulverising them in the process. His shriek was heard quite from afar. I was happy he quickly understood his position and started begging me to stop. We started the interview. The officer asked a question. If the victim did not reply immediately, he lost another part of his flesh or bones. Fifteen minutes later we knew his real name, his unit, his commander, his home address, the codes he was to be using to connect his home unit, even his bank account number in Moscow and the PIN card to the new account he just got in Ukraine. As well as all the data of his girlfriend. Ivan just lost one eye in the process (I didn’t expect it to float out so easily). His left leg was broken, the bone sticking out through the mangled muscle. His left hand was pulverised and his small balls were ripped off. I gave them to doc as a souvenir. But he was alive and even conscious. He probably cursed the day he agreed to take this mission and even more the moment he stumbled upon Me. The officer took the victim out of the room into his new prison cell. It just left the two of us. The doc was clearly impressed. He told both Me that the serum worked exactly as expected. It gave me way more power and precision. I thought back at the interview and indeed noticed that breaking bones was way easier for Me than it normally was. I was even impressed how soft the victim was and how effortless it was to crack him. Now I knew that he might have been completely normal and it was Me who gained so much more strength as to make breaking a human a piece of cake. * * * CHAPTER 2 It took Me a few weeks to get used to My new strength level. I crushed and meld several things in the process. Dumbbells, knives, plates, mugs, even a rifle, although that was by pure coincidence. My PRs in the gym seemed so easy to break. Deadlift, bench press, squat - all were surpassed by 25-50%. I was fed well and gained new muscle mass. The doc took good care of Me and fed me with the best supplements on top of the serum he was giving Me. I demanded two servants, who were to fulfill My needs day and night. My officer (whom I subbed the first night I met him) talked to his commander, who at first rejected My proposal. My officer did not know how to inform Me about the fact that someone dared to contradict Me. When I finally forced him to tell it (a good choking session with My biceps always helps), I smiled and said that I always like some challenges. He relaxed and was even rewarded for his loyalty to Me with his first ass fuck. He couldn’t walk properly for three days after that. But he seemed happy and treated this as a special recognition. After fucking My superior (only in rank, as he was inferior to Me in every way, even though he looked quite decent for a human), I went to the major. He seemed not to be aware yet that I gave the orders here. I entered his office just after a gym session. I was wearing a tank top, which revealed the incredible size of My muscles. I didn’t even bother to knock. The major was behind his desk. He was a skinny short guy in his late 40-ties. We never met before, as he was on a mission somewhere in the past days. He heard about Me of course, just like everyone on the campus. Now he was about to learn his position in MY campus. He looked at Me from behind the desk and was clearly impressed. He did not dare to protest that I entered his office without even knocking, let alone having an appointment. I came straight to his desk, sweaty still from the good upper body workout I just had. My manly musk filled in the room, as the windows were closed. “So it is you, Serhyi!” said the major. “Yes, it’s Me, Oleh,” I replied. I didn’t bother to name him by rank and directly called him by name, crossing all the rules in the Ukrainian army. This was to make him understand that rules apply to others, but not to Me. And to make him softer to crack. I sat on his desk with My ass and back towards him. But as I came here with friendly intentions, I turned My head towards him and even slightly smiled. He was shocked by My behaviour, but I didn’t give him time to get used to it, as I started nonchalantly taking off My military boots. “I heard you did not fulfill My order, which I sent to you via My intermediary. I am a busy man and I do not have time to do all the things myself. As you already know, I am the pinnacle of your army and as such, I expect respect from all. You included. From you, I also expect obedience, as you seem to have some power here. Your powers are to be used to emphasize My power and My authority. If you have a stupid idea to go against Me, we will have a big problem here. I will need to talk to your commander and have you replaced. And it might be quite painful. For you of course.” As I spoke, the small man became smaller and smaller. He was sweating and had a clear problem speaking since I entered the room. Having no response from him, I paused to speak and started to take My socks off. The room was filled in with My scent even more. If someone had entered it, he would not feel the smell of another male in the room. As, in fact, there was no other male in the room. The other human was reduced to his asexual agamic form. I continued to speak, “You have the reports about My strength, My abilities and My new superpowers. In fact, I am currently sitting on this report. You therefore know what I am capable of. Your report probably includes information about the two guys I already killed here and a few others who got injured. I came here with friendly intentions and want you to be happy to work for Me. Remember that My success will also be your success, if I allow you to continue commanding this unit. So - will you agree to submit to My power and fulfill My orders and needs?” He clearly read the report and knew I could kill him on spot before he even could cry for help. Still unable to speak, he nodded his head. “Good!” I replied. “You will address Me as Sir from now on". He nodded again. “Now let Me give you a little reward for your cooperation. Go under your desk and stick your head from My side, facing up, so that you can see Me sitting here.” He obeyed. Good, cause snuffing him would create a bit of havoc, would delay My transformation and the short-term pleasure would be outweighed by mid-term nuisances. His head appeared from underneath the desk, right between My feet. From this perspective, I seemed even bigger to the major. “To visualise our new relations, you are to lick all the sweat off My feet. I know you will enjoy it.” The guy was so confused at this moment, that he started licking before his brain analysed what I just told him. Then it was too late to stop and he continued his feet worshipping session. I took out My mobile and did a series of photos and a video of him servicing My feet to blackmail him in case he has the dumb idea to resist Me next time. If he is good however, I might send him a copy, so that he has some jerk off material when I am not around. After the first few moments of overwhelming fear, I could see Oleh started to relax and enjoy his new position. I knew he was a feet fetishist from his lover, beautiful blonde-haired Junior Lieutenant Irina. She was not only his lover. In fact, she fucked every tenth soldier in this campus. She slid into My bed the second night I was there and she got way more than what she was expecting. I gave her more orgasms than she had in the last two months combined. I also made her holes too wide for most of the soldiers. She gave me lots of secret info on anyone worth My or her fuck. She remained My fuckspy throughout the whole time. We agreed however that I would only fuck her in the ass and only halfway deep. Otherwise she would not be able to fuck other guys well, making her way less useful for Me. In the meantime, Oleh was moaning and getting close to orgasm. I heard a strange sound from the other side of the door. The serum enhanced my hearing abilities; I could hear sounds normal humans could not. Without a hesitation, I took out a knife I had in My pocket and threw it forcefully at the door which was on the opposite side of the room. The knife flew perfectly and with a loud thud entered the door up to its handgrip. I heard a sigh and saw drops of blood mixed with brain dripping of the blade. Someone who dared to listen to My interaction with Oleh has just been snuffed. Probably another Russian spy whose task was to control what Oleh was doing. Oleh understood what just happened, but he was already too high and it just made his arousal higher. He started cumming under the desk. I didn’t even care to see it. Once he finished, I prepared to jump off the desk. He was petrified. His face grew ashen and his skin taut against his skull as he thought I would crush his skull. My 150 kg (330 lbs) hard flesh flying into his skull would certainly make his death a quick one. Although I killed a guy just a minute ago, I had no intentions of adding Oleh to this list. Not today. I swiftly landed just above his head, turned around so that I could face him and unzipped My fly. He got terrified again, as he thought I would fuck him. He was straight and never had male sex till now. But that was not on My menu either. His body looked so pathetic, that My cock did not even get a hard on in the process. I took out My cock so that I could piss on him, further engraving in his mind his position in My presence. After emptying My bladder, I left the room, leaving the commander in My piss on the floor under his own desk. I opened the door with the spy still pinned by My knife to it and took My knife back, wiping the blade with the uniform of the dead guy. I didn’t even check who he was. It was irrelevant currently, was it not?
  11. (So, this is the first time I found the courage to post a little story I’ve written recently. English isn’t my primary language so hopefully the story is readable. Enjoy and let me know what you think.) LUKE - part 1: THE RECORDING Dylan and Matt were best friends. Always sharing everything together. “Hey dude” Matt said. “I found this file on the web that says it contains the deepest voice ever recorded. No footage, only audio.” Dylan looked at his best friend to see if he was joking again. But apparently Matt was very serious. “I’m sure our girlfriends would love us to have a super deep voice, hehe” A moment later they both sat down and started the audio file on Dylan’s tablet. Some voice over started explaining a few facts about the audio file. “Listen carefully. This recording contains the voice of a minor. There used to be video footage to, but it has been removed because it was too obscene. Too revealing. And most people could no handle what they were seeing. Also keep in mind that the voice on this recording is not meant for male audiences. Listen to it on your own risk.” Matt and Dylan looked at each other. They only noticed the last too sentences. “Why would they say it’s not for male audiences?” Matt asked Dylan. “I have no idea, but to be honest, it actually makes me more curious.” Dylan answered. “So let’s continue. The file continued. It started a count down. 3…2…1 “Hi” an incredibly deep voice boomed through the computer speakers. Matt and Dylan were both erect when they heard the hyper manly voice. “My name is Luke and I just turned 18.” The incredibly deep voice continued shaking the two friend’s senses. “That voice…it’s…oh fuck…so m-manly.” Matt said, while he stroked his dick through his pants. Dylan was already openly stroking his cock after he took off his jeans. He was breathing heavily. What happened next is something both boys could not have imagined… “I’m your alpha.” the voice said, causing Matt to stick out his tongue and open his pants to jerk off his cock too. “Your superior.” making both boys drool, and their cocks leak tons of pre. “Your god.” which made the boys empty their balls with a seemingly endless supply of cum. They kept cumming for two minutes straight. “And now…” the monstrously deep voice continued “…you are mine. If you are a girl, your tits might have grown bigger and your butt more bubbly. Your body adapted to look more beautiful for me. And if you are a guy, your body has realized how manly I am. Turning you into a horny, weak little gay boy. Submitting to me. Forgetting about your lover, because I am the one you really want. Becoming horny whenever you only think about this recording. Your cock spurting cum when hearing the slightest rumbling sound of my voice. You are all MINE” The recording ended. Matt and Dylan kept cumming endlessly while hearing the rest of the audio file. They were kissing each other and moaning uncontrollably, only to pass out next to each other. The recording was programmed to send itself to all contacts that were available on Dylan’s tablet……..
  12. Nathan

    M UNIVERSITY (Part 9)

    Chapter 10: The S-exam ; David's test of wisdom Two months later, Professor Gorrio returns to the planet Roven to collect his students, to his surprise when he saw his three students he was left speechless. Indeed Jeff, David and Max trained super hard with Dylan and the results are shocking, they all doubled in muscle mass and their amount of magic became overpowered. Gorrio : " You have outdone yourself Dylan I think they are ready." Dylan : " of course what do you think! they may not be divine yet but they are very powerful and sexy" He walks over to Jeff and raises his t-shirt to lick those abs. "Hope you come see me again" And off they go towards the planet Chorum to meet Tim who will give them the S exam. But during the trip Max asked a shocking challenge to Mr GORRIO. Max: " I want to arm wrestle you" Gorrio : " you know i could crush your hand in a second? but it's ok, I take up the challenge" David and Jeff make force fields appear to prevent the ship from being destroyed following this duel. The two males are seated around a table their hand joined against and start the arm to do, their biceps flex, real mountains, Gorrio starts to push but Max resists, suddenly Max's arm shines and a burst of strength comes push the hand of his teacher on the other side, following this demonstration of force Mr GORRIO illuminates his eyes with a golden color and finally comes to press Max's hand against the table. Max : " you are too strong! I can't do anything to you" Max comes to kiss his teacher's still swollen bicep. Gorrio : " don't worry one day you will be" After 24 hours of flight, they arrived on the planet Chorum, they land, and are greeted by Tim, a man with long hair, wearing a black cape and black pants that cover his thighs so muscular that no one could pass. below him, his upper body is bare, he wants everyone to drool over his steely abs. Tim : " Well we're going to start without further delay, you will all three have a test, David will do the test of wisdom, Jeff the test of courage and Max the test of strength. Follow me David!" Without discussing David follows Tim to a large room, at the end of this large room there is a closed door. Tim: " You will go through this door, you will then find yourself in a simulation, nothing will be real, you will surely face a memory or a close person. Anyway good luck" Tim walks towards the door and opens it, when he wakes up he finds himself in a prison with another person and this person he knows too well since it is his brother Bastia. David : " WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!" Bastia : " It shows, however, I'm locked up like you, we can't get out the bars are impregnated with magic that neutralizes ours. We're going to be stuck for a while." David: " Alright then tell me how you got to Baram" Bastia : " Alright I'll tell you but I'm warning you you won't like it HAHAHA!" Bastia It all started 12 years earlier on the planet Tiwa, Bastia played in the garden to avoid hearing the cries of her brother who was being hit by his father and their mother when she was sitting on the sofa helpless in front of her husband. . Suddenly! Bastia sees in the sky a demonic being levitating above the village, the evil being bouncing its massive pecs causing earthquakes and explosions all over the planet. Bastia and David's house collapses, it brings down large rocks that crush their father, miraculously David, Bastia and their mother survived. Bastia : " Afterwards, our mother led us to two escape pods, she put me in one and you in the other and you know what's funny is that she chose to go in the same pod as YOU . After the capsules took off, the evil being rushed towards us, he threw your capsule very far and he grabbed mine with his big hands. he looked out the small window and gave me a big devilish smile. I was both terrified and fascinated by such power. He finally decided to take me to the planet Nexus where his people (the knights of the shadows, a very powerful sect) train. He dragged me there for a very long time, until the day I turned 17, I became so powerful that I wiped him out and all his people. For a year I searched for you and mom until the day I reached planet Magnus. While you were at M university I found where our mother lived, and to my surprise I saw that she had spent her life with one of our guys, she was so happy, plus they had a child that they called it Bastia. I was so furious and enraged that I ran into the house and killed them all. Following this I joined the planet Stix where I was welcomed by Baram and from that moment on I swore not to be weak anymore and to silence all that would oppose me." ............ The discussion ends because of a mysterious individual dressed all in black and wearing a black hood, he disintegrates the bars and goes to Bastia to kill him, when he sends his spell, David pierces him with a blow of his fist, the man's corpse disintegrates on the ground. Suddenly Bastia walks over to David and lifts him up by the neck. Bastia : " You shouldn't have done that, I'm going to rip your head off HAHAHA!" David : " Please stop, I know my brother who played in the garden is still there, you have to open your eyes! " .......... After a long minute of silence, Bastia puts David back on the ground and leaves without saying a word. A flash lights up and David finds himself in the big room next to Tim. David : " I'm sorry I failed," he said, looking down. Tim : " Well done, you made it! " David : " But why ? I let him go" Tim: " many people would have let him die, despite being your enemy he is still your brother, and the fact of having saved him is a form of wisdom. Congratulations you passed the S exam" Tim raises his arms in the air and summons a golden lightning that comes down on David, suddenly his muscles start to grow again and again until he is the same size as Tim, a tight red suit comes to cover his upper body, black and gold pants appear on his gargantuan thighs, and to finish like any superhero a cape appears on his back. A new god is born To be continued......
  13. Nathan

    M UNIVERSITY (Part 8)

    (since I have a lot of feedback that Justin would be their favorite character, I decided to do a little chapter exclusively on him.) ............ Chapter 9: Justin's Fury all happening at the same time, while our three friends David, Jeff and Max train with Dylan on the planet Roven, let's see how our knights of darkness occupy their time. Thomas: "Oh yes it was so good this fuck with you Justin!" Justin: " yes it was not bad but you should train a little more, I almost crushed you with my super strength" Suddenly a student from planet Stix walks into the room, he bows to Justin and starts licking his feet. Student: "Uh... Mr. Justin? Your ship is approaching the planet Kor" Justin : " HAHAHA!!!! they're going to have the chance to see me in action!" Student: " yes you are the most powerful." He said, stroking her calves Justin : " who ordered you to touch my calf?" Student: " uh... sorry, I think it would make you happy" Justin : " Only the privileged deserve to touch my body, insects like you are already lucky enough to worship my feet" Justin puts his hand under the student's throat and he begins to squeeze hard, the student's head begins to turn blue then it explodes in full spurt of blood. Justin: " OK, I'm going, see you later" And off he went in the direction of his new prey, the planet Kor. it rushes at the speed of light on the planet, it enters its atmosphere and pierces the roof of a bank. There he is in the middle of the bank with an evil smile on his face and surrounded by people who all have their mouths open when they see him. With the laser beams coming out of his eyes, he starts by aiming at the top of all the entrances and exits, rocks and crumbling concrete blocking all the exits. Justin : " That's it, as the rats are not likely to leave the ship " A security guard begins firing shots at Justin. The balls bounce off Justin's massive pecs. The super villain snatches a vending machine with his bare hands and throws it at the guard so hard that he disintegrates him. he starts walking towards someone who works in the bank, his mass is so imposing that he cracks the ground with each step, he doesn't care about other people so much that he doesn't even notice that he crushed passing humans who were kneeling so that he would spare their lives. Justin : " TAKE ME TO THE GOLD INGOTS ROOM" The bank manager trembles with fear but he leads Justin to a huge armored iron door that even an atomic bomb could not break. The bank manager: " uh... i'll open it for you" Justin " : no need, no door stands in my way" He thrust his hand into the door with such ease it felt like a hot knife cutting through butter. he effortlessly pulls and tears off the armored door then he throws it at the manager who is now crushed under these hundreds of tons. He quickly fills his bag with all the gold bars and then he leaves the bank. Once outside he finds himself facing about twenty police officers pointing their weapons at Justin and a large tank. "Pathetic" Justin thinks, with his hands he begins to melt all the gold bars in his bag leaving a golden puddle to form on the ground, he stands in the middle of the puddle and begins to absorb it, his muscles begin to swell with power and his supervillain costume changes colors to gold. FIRE! shouts a policeman and a deluge of bullets come crashing down on the body of this god.Justin closes his eyes and tilts his head back, he's so happy to be invincible. Justin: " I love bullet massage. Alright stop laughing" He spreads his legs and flexes his monstrously muscular bicep causing a golden shock wave and with his new power it turns all the policemen and the tank into motionless golden statues. Justin turns his head and he sees a huge building, maybe a hundred stories high. A Machiavellian smile then settles on his face. He begins to lift the tank now in gold and he comes to throw it on the pillars that hold the building upright. It capsizes and collapses towards Justin. With one hand Justin brought the building to a halt. Here he is now levitating above the city with a thousand ton building in his right hand and masturbating with his left hand. Suddenly he throws the building in the direction of the city, this causes an earthquake which reduced it to fire and to blood. Justin landed and walked through the burning city as if nothing had happened. Justin : " It's okay, I'm done with this planet. " He digs a hole with his two hands and pulls them apart little by little, thousands of cracks appear on the planet, Justin does that so easily that it looks like he's splitting a coconut in half. After a few seconds he is flying in space and in front of him the planet Kor cut in two which no longer exists. Justin : " Two more months to wait and I could have everything I want HAHAHAHAHA..." To be continued.....
  14. The character in this story is loosely inspired by last year’s Russian Kyokushin board breaking champion, Maksim Shcherbina. Sergey crouched at the edge of the rooftop, staring down at the seemingly abandoned warehouse below. A few armed men were milling about outside, illuminated by the sole light above the entrance and the dim shine of the moon. Clearly they were on guard duty. He watched them in delight. His balls pumped testosterone, his bare toes flexed on and off in excited anticipation, the concrete from the ledge cracked from the grip of those toes. With the gracefulness and silence of a cat, he jumped high and landed hard on the pavement, drawing the attention of the guards. But he himself paid them no attention. He rolled his already calf-height white gi pants to just under his knees. He then started calmly did his stretching routine in the typical Karate and Taekwondo style, causing some of the mercenaries to snicker at him. They received intel they were about to be intercepted, maybe by a Russian special force, or maybe a rogue Ukrainian faction. "Look at this pretty boy!" one of them jeered. "What’s he doing barefoot and dressed like that?" Maybe a stray martial arts competitor. The dork was too damaged by CTE probably, they amusedly speculated. But Sergey was much more than that. For one, he was densely muscled, but his muscularity was hidden by his 7 ft tall stature, a lanky yet proportional build typical of a striking-dominant martial artist, the angular yet disarmingly youthful features of his face betrayed the mere 18 winters he’d passed which hid both his muscularity and imposing height. One of the jeering men finally went up to him, intending to send him off, maybe intimidate him a little bit. Sergey stood tall and the man’s underestimating smile faded a bit, his weapon at ready. Before he could say anything, Sergey’s foot shot up in a blindingly fast outward crescent kick. The bare foot caught the man’s neck like a hook, flipping him along its movement and, adding more force by shifting his weight on his foot-blade, crushed the neck flat on the ground. Instant death. The other watchmen’s mocking mood turned 180, now they were on alert. Sergey charged against them, zig-zagging erratically to avoid catching the bullets and confusing their aim. Some struck his gi, but it was enhanced with spider web silk, as makeshift Kevlar. Some struck his flesh, his superhumanly dense musculature and tough skin, enhanced even more by his years of brutal Kyokushin and Muay Thai training, reddened but not injured. His hand shielded only his eyes. He crouched down and swung his leg, swept at the closest soldier, breaking his legs, and then grabbed him, using him as a living club. Knocking down all of them, he immediately battered them with his bare feet. A stomp broke past a man’s rib cage, stabbing his heart and lung. Another stomp caught a skull, flattening it, brain matter poured out. Another he soccer kicked, turning the neck so violently, it snapped. The man he used as a bat crawled away behind him with his arms. Sergey calmly approached him, casually flipped him on his back with his foot and hovered it above the man’s face. From down below, the last image that haunted his eyes was the wide foot cocked over him, as intimidating as an elephant’s stride. One downward motion, the end. (To be continued)
  15. As always, thanks to Freakoman2 and Mczapl for their support, and opinions... hope you all like it, please be aware that this story is very snuff oriented, if this is not of your liking, please read another of the wonderfull stories you´ll find in this forum. Hope you like it. The Secret Snuffers Society Part 17-New Toy He woke up early, his sub was at his side, he left the bed pushing his slave to the floor. It was one week from the secondary base loss and the Interviewer have plainly refused to speak about the matter for one week. So far he also refused to speak or even see him, he heard from other guards about some execution of a mole but so far he was keep out of any news. Michal looked at the mirror in his room, he was naked, he looked in his eyes and admired his muscles, he flexed his calves, quads and passed his hand on his crotch, he felt the perfection of his legs and flexed his abs and bees a little, he caressed his arms and flexed his biceps, Dario came kneeling in front of him but Michal just threw him aside just to keep him in the mirror. Dario crashed against the opposite wall and fell to the floor wailing in pain. Michal looked at him without remorse or empathy. He walked to the mirror until he saw the reflection of his own eyes, his black eyes reflected a quiet contained rage that somewhat he could control. But he hated the fact that he was somewhat being ignored, left out of the loop. He wanted to go directly to the Interviewers office and show who was him, but at the same time his loyalty to the SSS forbade him to do. This mixture of feelings was clearly taking the best of him. He put his hand on the mirror and compressed it until the mirror cracked and now Michal looked his own eyes reflect in uncontainable cracks. There was a knock on the door, “open the door weakling” Michal said. Dario limped to the door and opened it, a guard was outside, Michal walked to the door and threw Dario again, he rolled on the floor until he crashed against the opposite wall. “He wan’s to see you in his office, now” the guard said. Michal raised and eyebrow and closed the door. He looked at Dario who was wailing on the floor, Michal was so frustrated that he felt tempted to stomp the life out of his almost useless slave but declined to and went to the closet. Wolf was at the Interviewers office, soon the owner of the office entered, took a PC from his drawer and turned it on wolf was in his class shorts and tank top outfit and short converse shoes His muscles were swollen, he seemed that he just finished his training recently and was bouncing his pecs and flexing his biceps. “Hi buddy…It’s time” the Interviewer said. Wolf bounced his pecs “you sure?” He asked. “It’s not usual that you ask me if I’m sure of something” the Interviewer said with a smirk “it’s Michal we are talking about”. The Interviewer sighted, tapped his PC…he stood silent, after a few seconds he said, “you’re damaging a lot of things Wolf, please stop”. Wolf laughed, “you know already that won’t happen, do you?” The Interviewer sighed, “Show off” he said “I’ll add more funds” he said with a slight irritation on his voice. Michal entered the office, he was clothed in a very formal way, with a shirt and drill pants with casual shoes. The Interviewer looked him from head to toe, Wolf smirked, the Interviewer saw something in Michals posture and demeanor, “Hello Michal” he said albeit formally, like keeping his emotional distance. Michal nodded with his head in a quiet but somewhat arrogant fashion. “I’m glad you’re in good shape” The Interviewer said without emotion. The tone and demeanor of the Interviewer were cold, somewhat distant, he didn’t looked like the usually serious (but closer) demeanor for him. At this time the Interviewer looked more has a judge than as a general. Michal somewhat expected this, but since the last time they saw each other, when he returned from the secondary base destruction, the Interviewer was worried; not that Michal needed any worries, he was already an alpha that could return alone without any help. However since he gave his report to the Interviewer, he felt that the Interviewer was distancing from him. Not that he needed it, but he somewhat liked the -so called- bond with the Interviewer, Wolf and the SSS. For some reason he couldn’t even understand he didn’t wanted to lose that. The Interviewer and Wolf were the only ones that talked to him in an almost even level and he kinda enjoyed to be part of that and to be an alpha for the SSS. “We have’t talked about how to proceed since we don't have a secondary base anymore” the Interviewer said bluntly. Michal stood in silence. “We already sent Igor to check on the debris, nothing salvageable”. the Interviewer voice was cold, distant, Michal understood that now that the Interviewer worries were dissipated, the evaluation of the secondary base loss begun to take priority on his mind. “You clearly outdid yourself this time Michal” the Interviewer said in a somewhat sarcastic way while crossing is fingers in from of his chin and looking at him in an almost enraged way. Michal just stood silent, his rage was boiling, now he knew that the Interviewer clearly were making him accountable for the loos of the secondary base. He closed his fist until his palms were white. The Interviewer saw the gesture. “Do you have anything to say?” He asked. Michal hardened his face, “you know they attacked us from behind” he said in a calmly fur firm way, “there was a mole inside your ranks” the Interviewer said, “A mole you send me” Michal responded. “A mole you clearly let walk free while you were pleasing yourself with you so call slave” the Interviewer said. “You’re one of my best officers here, Wolf and you are the best of the SSS forces, but you felt so confidant that you didn’t caught Lorenzo until was too late, we lost some soldiers and specially Tony, he could be a good elite, the Interviewer said in a grim way. We lost the base and we could lose you, we still don’t know what kind of weapon you’re unable to resist, you took an unnecessary risk for the SSS and you also a responsible to make us look weak for all the mobs out there, specially the latins that are just at our footsteps. The Interviewer got clearly to the point, no diplomacy, no beating around the bush, he was demanding an answer. Michal took the hits in silence, he understood why the Interviewer were so angry, he could not be in complete accordance, but he understood the Interviewer point of view, it was a general point of view, some what the SSS upper ranks looked weaker, and they needed to fix that. The Latins were about to attack the SSS base and now that the Japanese knew that the secondary base were destroyed, it was just a matter of time before they would attack too. “So what we do from know” inhale said in a grim way but with a decided glare. The Interviewer leaned on his seat. “Glad that you want to take your responsibility soldier” the Interviewer said but still with his finger crossed. “The Latins are about to attack, we don’t know exactly when, but there are movements from their part” the Interviewer said while taking his chess board from the drawer and putting all the pieces on his positions. The Interviewer put the black pieces in front of him, that meant that the SSS now would be on the defensive. The Interviewer put the king knight paw two squares in front. “We destroy a pawn, at first we thought it was a better piece, but he turned out to be just a mere mole that sold himself for money, Wolf dispatched him” the Interviewer said, Wolf smiled flexed his biceps and kissed them, then bounced his pecs proudly. The Interviewer took a phone from his drawer, it was the mole phone and handed it to Michal, he took a time to look at the photos stored there. “There are no important info, just some pictures of Wolf, you, the guards and the warehouses” Michal said. “Yes, the guard couldn’t get a hold of our information so we can assume that they will have to attack in a more direct way”. The Interviewer answered while accommodating some pieces that looked like an even chess play. “We will have put our ranks for defense as we still don’t know how they will try to attack…the base is strong but the neighborhood is not ant the Japanese and the latins wore each other down, that’s why they attacked the secondary base, they needed the weapons stored there I presume…seems they decided to attack there beach Lorenzo told them there were more accessible weapons there and Lorenzo didn’t get a hold of your own strength Michal…that was fortunate I Might add”. Michal stood silent looking at the chess board. “But anyway that means that we need to be extra careful with our information, that means that only the Core members will know our detailed plans, that means Wolf, you and me”. The Interviewer was dead serious and Michal noted his hand trembling a little. The Interviewer sat and crossed his fingers in front of his chin “clever bastard” Michal thought. “So we will wait until the latins decide to attack?” Michal moved one of the white bishops to make a check on the white king. The Interviewer moved his pawn to block the bishop. “In this board yes, we still don’t know their plans, unfortunately as you see, the information on that phone is useless. Michal took the phone and crushed it like a cigarettes box. “It’s unusual for you to take blunt action” the Interviewer said looking at Michals face. “It’s unusual for you to stay on the defensive” Michal responded. “Who’s saying that?” The Interviewer said looking at the board. “That’s why I have two queens, and two boards” The Interviewer said opening another drawer and taking another play set just for Michal to see. The Interviewer quickly stored the second play set on his drawer and stood up. “Wolf and I will take care of the Neighborhood and the base…I’ll assign you another mission…I will need your cunning and specially your strength”. The Interviewer said. Michal ripped open his shirt, his pecs were sweating and that gave his pecs a small brightness. “Tell me what to do sir” Michal said like he was a soldier receiving orders. “We need to take care of the Japanese, we presume they are weaker, but I need you to take care of them”. “Who you will send with me?” Michal asked. “Nobody, everyone but you stays here, you go alone, It’s a search and destroy mission” the Interviewer said in a direct, authoritative way, not wanting and answer but full obedience. “You’ll go alone and will destroy their base, their soldiers, everything” the Interviewer said, his tone revealed a quiet rage, a desire to give them back the humiliation of the SSS first defeat, Michal understood the feeling. “It’s you mission Michal, you’ll make sure that they are destroyed and that any other who dares to defy us know what they will receive from us…got your orders, now leave” the Interviewer said while handing Michael a tablet “you’ll fin and the information we have about the Japanese base there, read and destroy” the Interviewer said and sat on his desk. Michal understood that the conversation was over, that was his opportunity to get revenge for the SSS, and for him. He walked to the door, he glanced at the Interviewer an made a small nod with his head, Wolf bounced his pecs “I envy you” Wolf said sincerely, “make a good show put there for us” Wolf said with a smirk. Michal left the office. He was a core member of the SSS, and he needed to show everyone why he was one of the Alphas of the organization. “Do you think he’ll be fine?” The Interviewer asked Wolf, “He will…you smart ass bastard” he said laughing. The Interviewer smirked, yep, he will be fine, let’s see how the Japanese fare against him…won’t like to be on their side, let’s get a coke, I’m thirsty” the Interviewer said and both men left the office. Michal went to his room, there Dario was seated on one of the room’s corners. He saw Michal and approached kneeling before Michal. Michal stood proudly in front oh him, his dick engorged forcing the cloth seams out, Dario saw the dick with a mixture of lust and fear, Michal saw Dario at the eyes and said, “you’ll take it”. Dario squirmed back “too strong…I´, not ready”, Michal put the tablet on a nearby table and grabbed Dario by the leg and with a yank he threw him at the bed. Michal ripped the remainder of his shirt and his pants, kicked his shoes at the sides and grabbing Dario he ripped all his clothes. Michal was unmerciful, he grabbed Dario hard and put him over the bed back facing him, Michal grabbed his cheeks opened them and forcefully rammed his dick on Michal’s ass. Michal moaned in pleasure as Dario yelled. “Please master…too hard”. Michal ignored Dario’s pleads, Michal thrusted harder and harder, Dario’s screams went harder and harder arousing Michal even more. Michal was releasing all his might on Dario’s ass, he felt Dario’s splinter sudden rupture and the pressure released suddenly. Michal begun to feel disappointed, he got out of Dario’s ass; a “pop” sound was heard on the room, then Michal yanked Darios over his back and still erect he ordered “clean”. Dario was sobbing in pain and fear since Michal was using him harder than usual. Dario begun fellating Michal, Michal put his hands behind his head and stood still while Dario was thrusting his head back and forth over his penis. Michal was thinking on the next steps. Michal left Dario over the bed and took the tablet and begun to read the materials, he sat on a seat “I didn’t order you to stop” Michal said, Dario quickly went to him and continued fellating Michal. Michal was reading the materials while feeling pleasure, that was a thing that only he could do wen he was laser focused on a goal and now he had a big one. After some time he finished reading, Dario was still sucking his dick. Michal stood up and Dario tried to grab his penis but this time Michal stopped him, he grabbed Dario from the neck with his right hand and lifted Dario that dangled in the air. “See slave, I like to reward good behavior, and you have behaved quite fin, unfortunately, your ass has given up, and you performance have been reduced. I need a new slave” Dario tried to kick Michal but his muscles were too hard and Dario was too weak. Michal wondered for a second if Dario’s sudden fight instinct was a signal of rebellion or stupidity. Any case, It was not a problem since Michal closed his fist crushing Dario’s windpipe and neck, suddenly his legs dangled lifeless. Dario opened the door and threw Dario’s corpse at the aisle, he saw two guards and ordered “get the garbage outside”, and closed the door. Then Michal went to the shower and jerked off until he cummed, he left the shower and dried his body with a towel, then went to bed and quickly fell asleep until next day. The next day he woke up and put some military pants and shirt and tennis. He looked at the mirror, the shirt barely hid his muscles and the pants were stretched against his quads, Michal decided he was ready and left his room, he missed Dario’s ass but he already knew that he was already broken. “Need a new toy” he thought smirking and left for the base main entrance. On the main entrance there was Wolf and the Interviewer. “Are you ready Michal” the latter asked. “Yes” Michal said. “Ok…as soon as you finish I expect your inform” the Interviewer said and left with Wolf at his side. Michal looked at both men and simply nodded with his head. He took an SSS sedan in which he barely could enter and left the base. Michal had all the information on his memory, the Japanese Base was at the northeast of the city. Located in and small private island the base was a two store building with two warehouses and a heliport. Michal pondered the best way to enter, he could steal an helicopter but that would be too noisy and could hinder the first steps of his plan. He continued to drive until sunset. Michal saw the harbor, there were several yachts parked. The entrance of the harbor was blocked by a high fence and there were two guards on the entrance. Michal decided not to press them since he needed to be stealthy until there were no more need to subtleties. Michal grande his crotch and said “later” he took the car and parked in a remote location in front of a bar to conceal the car as one of the patrons. He entered the bar and talked to the waiter. “Hello, do you have a beer?” He asked. Michal took his beer and sipped it while scanning the room, so to see if there could be any information source the bar was almost full. “There is a car parked outside the door, I don’t know if that’s legal?”. The waiter cursed and yelled “who owns the car outside? Take it out?”. Nobody answered so the Waiter took the phone “I’ll report it to the towing company, that car could drive out clients”, the waiter said while calling on the phone. Michal walked to the bathroom and scanned the room, nothing important, all pretty much normal people. He entered the bathroom and took a piss. A young man entered the bathroom and was astounded by Michal size, Michal scanned him and thought “nice ass”, but he was on a mission. Michal left the room “consider yourself lucky” he said to the young man, he payed fro his beer and left the bar. The car was already being towed, Michal smiled and walked to the harbor. Michal got to the harbor, he scanned the fence and saw some cameras on it. He scanned the cameras’s perimeter and saw the cables, he walked for some time until he found a lone camera in an away place. Michal pretended to tie his shoes and with his hand he cracked the pavement and took a piece of it. With a quick movement he destroyed the camera, then he quickly walks next to the fence, it was electrified, Michal ignored the stingy feeling and ripped it, he entered the harbor, he somewhat adjusted the fence so it didn’t looked that ripped and walked away from the destroyed camera. Michal hid behind some boxes that were near a yatch, he saw som guards walking to the camera but they seemed to ignore the broken fence. Michal smirked and kept walking, there were no guards near the yatches, Michal supposed that the inside Yatches security were mostly handed by the owners themselves. Michal stealthy searched through the harbor until he found a yatch that coincided with the description on the intel info he received. It was a medium size yatch, not luxurious but by no means small. It could be operated by one or two people, seems the Japanese used it to ferry troops and equipment from the shore to the island. Michal looked at the yatch and saw it was mostly alone. Michal took his time hiding to see how many people were on the yatch. He saw two persons on the deck one appeared to be a guard and there were another guy unarmed that looked like the yatch’s captain. He waited until the captain left for the inner cabin. Michal waited until the guard left for the other side of the yatch and quickly moved near the hull, he walked back and stepped on the yatch by the stern and crouched until the guard gave him and opportunity to attack. Michal sighed, he wanted a fuck-kill but he didn’t had the luxury at that moment, the guard was looking at the bow. Michal waked slowly and silently until he reached the bow, Michal opened his arms and the guard noted a shadow, Michal clapped the guard’s head that exploded sending in all directions blood and brain bits. The headless corpse almost fell to the water but Michal grabbed the corpse and lifted the body over his head, Michal threw the corpse far away, after some seconds a quiet splash sounded. Michal took an old style candy bar phone from his pants and typed a message for the SSS HQ, “Entering”, Michal sent the message, smirked and slowly walked to the main cabin. Michal opened the door, the captain was on his cabin bunk, he was snoring. Michal just stood there, It was too easy to kill but he needed information, and an ass to calm his impulses. Michal took off his shirt and his pants slowly since ripping it would ruin the surprise, he already had an erection, Michal slowly crept into the bed and said “Hi”. The captain was surprised and tried to get up but Michal’s enormous body was already at his side, naked. Michal smirked. The captain called for help “the guard is already dead, and you’re going to die if you don’t cooperate” Michal calmly said but his voice was that of a cold blooded assassin. “Me and my friend here need your help” Michal said while stroking his cock. The captain looked at Michal’s crotch and trembled in fear “what are you going to do to me?” He asked. “I need to go to the base, get me there” Michal ordered. “Don’t know what are you talking about” the captain said. “Michal hugged the captain, and then the captain noted the coagulated blood and brain bits on Michal’s hands and tried to yell even more. Michal put his hand over the captain’s mouth making sure the captain felt the taste of the blood on his hands. “See captain, I can take this boat for me, but unfortunately I need the coordinates and you have them, so pleeeeeaaaassseee, help me or I’ll fuckin crack your skull like I did to the guard out there and the I’ll jerk off using your blood as lube understood?” Michal said while stroking his dick making his point very clear. The captain trembled and said, “you’ll let me go?” Michal was already lost in his own pleasure, the captain waited an answer but he didn’t dare to pressure the answer when he had a behemoth of a man at his side, one that could easily kill him on a whim. When Michal finished the cum stains where on the ceiling, Michal smirked and said “I won’t crush your head as I said, now take me to the base, for now you’re my slave”. The captain, fearing for his life asked Michal permission to leave, Michal walked naked behind the captain who begun to turn on the vessel. “I already know how this thing operates, so you do something strange…you’ll die in the most horrendous way you can imagine…I’ll take the radios” Michal coldly said and sat near the radios to prevent the captain to make any funny SOS or anything like that. The ship moved quietly, the sea was calm, Michal took his time to jerk off several time so when they approached the island the windows were already stained with cum, so mucho for the captain annoyance. “That’s the base” the captain said, Michal walked next to the captain and grabbed his neck with his left hand and putting his right hand on his shoulder, ike they both were real buddies. “Don’t hurt me” the captain said. Michal smiled. “Calm down cap, the me, are you sure that’s the base?” “Yes, you see, two stories, two warehouses, usually they keep at least one hundred men but since the war with the latins begun they lost almost 50 to 60 percent of the forces and half of the weapons” the captain said. “That explains why there were so few men guarding the yatch”. Michal thought. “We will arrive in 10 minutes, but I need to make radial contact so they don’t blow up the ship”. The captain said. “No communications” Michael ordered. “I´ll take charge from here” Michal said. “They will blow up the ship!” The captain said raising his voice with fear. “No, I´ll destroy this ship” Michal quietly said. “You promised you won’t hurt me” the captains said fearing for his life and trying to run but Michal already had his grip on his right shoulder. “I promised not to crush your head”, Michal coldly said then he gripped the shoulder and the head and yanking the head up he ripped the captains head from his body. Michal’s back muscles sprung to life showing the mountain looking back and the statuesque triceps on Michals arms. Blood was shot from the carotids and the instruments got stained with the captains blood. Michal licked the blood from his arms and hands, then he tossed the head aside and threw the body away. He took the controls and turned off the lights, engines of the ship so the ship almost stopped moving. Michal smiled. Michal’s photographic memory already helped him to move on the ship as he knew it already fro, years. He moved over the ship until he reached the captains quarters, he took his pants and shirt, he left the shoes behind and walked to the ship’s bottom hull. Michal stomped the bottom hull of the yatch so hard that his foot and calf passed through the bottom hull like it was made of paper, his calf was so hard that the metal couldn’t scratch his skin although it ripped the band letting a small glimpse of Michal’s calf. Water begun to enter to the ship. Michal walked some steps more and stomped again the hull cracking more holes the ship begun to sink. He walked near to the ship walls and punched through it with both hands. Using his might Michal ripped up a way out of the ship, he jumped to the sea and left the sinking yatch behind. The yatch sunk to the bottom of the sea with the captains headless corpse inside. Michal smirked and swam to the far away part of the island. Michal reached the beach. The island had a forest surrounding the base. There were some warning signals that there were venomous snakes on the forest but Michal simply ignored them. He walked to the forest and decided to sleep for some time. He took out the phone and miraculously the shine survived the seawater. Michal smiled, “seems the Interviewer will get his reports” Michal said playfully, “On the island, wait news” he taped and then he leaned over a tree and slept”. At sunrise, Michal woke up, for his surprise a rattlesnake was at his side, Michal tried to pet the snake that bit his hand without making any effect. Michal grande the snake head and crushed it. “Stupid” Michal muttered, the snake’s headless body moved in death spasms for some time and then all movements stopped. Michal ate the snake as his breakfast. “Awful taste” Michal said and stood up. Michal cleaned his hands with the shirt, but he found that the shirt was already torn, so Michal ripped it from his body and left the seams behind, just at the side of the headless snake. He walked for two hours, then he saw the base, it was just like the captain described the guard were already patrolling, over a high wall, however, no one was looking at the forest. “They think the snakes can do their work” Michal smirked. He walked next to the wall, the guard didn’t even noticed since he was looking at the other side. Michal jumped and hanged from the wall border. The guard didn’t noticed the big mass of muscle hanging by the strong arms and hands. Michal waited for the opportunity, after some minutes he saw that the guard was too distracted so Michal decided to seize the opportunity and punish the guard for his carelessness. Michal jumped over the wall border and fast but quietly he walked next to the guard. No other guard was looking at that point. Michal covered the mouth of the guard with his left hand, put the left hand over the shoulder and yanked hard the body, the body fell outside the wall, Michal found himself with a ripped head on his left hand. Michal marveled at his sheer brute strength since he ripped the guard’s body so easily. Michal threw the head over the wall and slowly walked to a nearby stairs. The base was composed mainly from two warehouses that were almost empty, Michal wondered what those warehouses could be used for. There were a small house some barracks and a big house a small harbor was also there, finally a small electric station was near the small house. Michal smirked because they could be waiting for a ship that will never come. Michal walked down the stairs and for some moments he was alone and surprisingly, no one saw him. Michal was surprised at how little care the guards were putting on their work, at the SSS they would surely be already dead…”well at least they will soon be dead…” Michal thought. He walked to the small house and saw a door with Japanese kanjis written on a board attached to it and a camera symbol. Michal took the knob and quietly opened it. Inside there was a small asian operator seated. The camera operator was attentive to the screens. Michal noted that there were no cameras installed on the wall side, he stealthy walked next to the operator, the operator saw Michal’s reflections on the camera and grabbed the radio, but Michal was faster and before the guard could use the radio Michal grabbed his hand and crushed the radio and the hand with his fist. The guard screamed in pain. Quickly, Michal turned the guard to see him, the operator was stunned by Michal’s impressive size and suddenly gasped, creating an opportunity for Michal to grab and cover his mouth with the right hand. The operator wailed in pain but no sound could be heard since Michal firmly was grabbing his mouth. “Do you speak English?” Michal said. The operator moved his head frantically, Michal said calmly but firmly, “Do you speak English?” Michal uncovered his mouth a little to hear his answer but he only hear words in Japanese, Michal sighted, he needed another informant, “too bad” he said. Then he yanked the head back ripping if from the neck. ;Michal grabbed his crotch and felt his hard on, “had to concentrate on the mission for w while” Michal said. He tapped on the camera’s console and scanned al the place, he saw the guards and calculated the best approach. The door knob sounded, Michal ran to the door, a guard opened the door, then he saw Michal’s hulking frame, opened his eyes in surprise but Michal already grabbed him from the throat and dragged him to the room. Michal punched through his chest and ripped his heart, the guard gasped for a second before the life left his eyes. Michal crushed the heart with his hand and continued to search the cameras. After some more minutes of searching he already figured the base structure and destroyed the screens, he then left the room…after some seconds a trial of blood was seen from the bottom of the door. Michal walked to the electric substation. “Let’s make hell break loose” Michal punched the substation destroying it, a big explosion was hear all over the base. There were frantic yells, Michal kept destroying the station, and he caused a total failure of the electric systems. The explosion was followed by a fire but neither the explosion of the fire burned Michal, nos his skin neither his hairs. Only his clothes were burning. A small backup power plant started at the station side but Michal simply tore it from the wall so, the total electric failure on the base was complete. All the possible contact of the base with the firm land was totally cut out. The Japanese frantically ran to the electric station, at least 10 armed soldiers appeared in front of Michal, they at first were dumbfound by the hulking Michal’s frame and they wondered of Michal could destroy the station by himself. Michal stood still, naked in front of the soldiers. One of them walked next to Michal and begun to yell orders in Japanese. Michal didn’t understood anything but he didn’t cared. He was on a search an destroy mission. As soon as the soldier got in his reach Michal punched his head with a right hook. Michal’s fist went through the soldiers jaw and cranium. The head was stuck on Michals fist. The other soldiers begun to shoot a Michals, the bullets bounced on his skin, and pierced the dead soldier’s body. Michal ripped the corpse from his fist and slowly walked to the shooting soldiers. They were frantically shooting at Michals but no weapon could hurt him. Michal reached two soldiers and grabbed his heads and crushed the heads together in an explosion of blood and brains. Michal was already sexually aroused. He grabbed another guard from the sternum almost ripping it from the ribcage, he used the guard as some kind of human shield but Michal was doing this just for amusement, he pulled the soldier like a rag doll in all directions hitting the nearby soldiers with the helpless body. Michal was enjoying his own strength but the sternum ripped from the chest and the soldier fell to the ground. Michal lifted his foot over the soldiers head and stomped with all his might. The ground shook at the same time that blood and brains flew in all directions. Michal viciously twisted the head remains with his foot while looking at the rest of the guards nearby enjoying the fear he was instilling on his enemies. The nearby soldiers tried to run, Michal caught one by the head and Michal crushed his head, the body fell to the floor trembling until all movement ceased. Michal kicked the body so strong that the body was ripped in two and the two halves flew several meters until they fell. The other guards kept shooting at Michal but as they saw that all bullets bounced from Michal’s skin they begun to yell in fear. Michal didn’t understood their words but suddenly he saw one small raft and some soldiers trying to used it to scape. “No prisoners, no scape” Michal muttered to himself and ran to the raft. Some soldiers tried to stand in his patch but Michal easily trampled two soldiers that were unable to resist Michal’s strength. Michal got to the raft and grabbed one of the escaping soldiers by his arms. Michal pulled both arms from the body, the guard screamed in pain and fell to the harbor bleeding. Michal took the raft’s moorings and ripped from the harbor, the raft begun to drift away. Michal stood in front of the raft, two soldiers tried to swim to the boat but Michal grabbed both by one of their calfs. Michal walked on the harbor carrying the two scanning soldiers, one in each hand and both from one of his calfs. Michal closed his fist crushing the right calf of one of the soldiers and the left of the other. Michal crushed so strongly that each soldier lost one feet, Michal then grabbed one of it and ripped both legs hanging from the knees and the other soldier got his legs folded like a pretzel, Michal looked the pain and terror he was causing and bounced his pecs and flexed his biceps so everyone near could see his might and awesomeness. The soldier with the legs folded like pretzels tried to squirm away but Michal grabbed his arms and without mercy he ripped both arms and the soldier fell to the floor, the other soldiers were horrified by the sheer brute force and merciless ways that Michal had. Michal enjoyed the feeling and scanned the base to see if there would be more scape routes and cut them but the harbor was the only remaining rout and the raft was the only remaining "route”. The remaining soldiers aimed at Michal but he begun to run, the soldiers cousin’t aim precisely at Michal but even if they could hit him the bullets would rebound. Michal smiled at their futile attempts to hurt him. He soon reached three soldiers that begun to yell in an idiom he didn’t understood, Michal punched through one of the soldiers chest and grabbed the second soldier’s head, Michal crushed the head and then yanked the body through the first soldier so the headless corpse was stuck on the first soldiers body like a gruesome modern sculpture. The third soldier tried to used his shotgun as a bat but that was futile. Michal grabbed the soldier’s chest and using his barehands he skinned the soldier’s chest. The soldier screamed in pain and desperately tried to stop Michal but Michal was using his unfathomable strength to rip the skin from the rest of the body. Michal looked at the soldier’s tattooed skin and without mercy or giving any attention for the desperate cries he tore the skin from the chest, followed by the abdomen. Soon the soldier chest and abdomen lost their skin and the bloodied remains were lifeless at Michal’s side. Michal looked at the skin and decided to put his imagination to work. He released the skin that fell to the floor, Michal calculated that there where more or less 5 more soldiers from the noise, Michal ran to the hiding place of one of the soldier, grabbed his head with one hand crushed like an eggshell agains his mighty pecs. He felt some bullets bouncing from behind, Michal turned and saw another guard firing from some meters in front of him, Michal aimed and jumped high. He fell with all his might over the poor soldier whose chest was crushed by Michal’s combined weight and force. Michal finished the guard off stomping his head. His calves danced while twisting the head, Michal admired his own legs and felt his dick rose again in excitement. The remaining guards ran to the forest, Michal ran behind them, the first one he caught was crushed between his mighty pecs and a tree, the poor guard got stuck flattened against the tree, with his he’d dangling lifeless. Michal used his hands to rip the head from the corpse and threw with all his might against the second running guard. Michal aim was so precise the the severed head hit the leading guard making him fall unconscious. Michal ran to the third guard, the guard tripped and fell to the floor, he tried to get up but Michal already was over him. “No, please, don’t kill me” the fallen guard said. “Finally one that speaks English” Michal said. “Now tell me…where are your boss?” The guard stood on the floor. “Mr Kenzo and his son left the base yesterday, they should have returned today but so far the ferry ship hasn’t returned”. Michal grabbed his head and lifted him over his head in a gorilla press position. “No please, don’t do it” the soldier said, Michal brought the soldier over his knee cracking his spine in two. “Too bad I didn’t found earlier” Michal said. Then he grabbed both guard calves and using the guard’s body like a bat he hit a tree with the soldiers head exploding his head, blood , bone and brains exploded spilling the remains on the hereby trees. Michal walked next to the unconscious guard, Michal was already beating his dick off, he couldn’t contain himself. He grabbed the soldier from the ground and put him on a nearby tree. Michal ripped all the soldiers clothes and without any word or advice he rammed his dick on the soldiers ass, the soldier screamed in pain as he felt his pelvis split and crack under Michal first and almost deadly thrust. Michal thrusted hard, his dick so back that the soldier count even move since the pressure of the dick on the skin and bones prevented him to move at all unless Michal wanted to. Michal thrusted harder while caressing his nipples and kissing his biceps. The soldier begged for mercy, but Michal wasn’t giving any. The thrusting kept for a while until the soldier begun to pass out from the pain. Michal grabbed his chest and hugged him gently, Michal made his head close to the soldiers’s mouth to ear his breathing. The soldier was almost passed out so Michal decided to get out of the Soldiers ass and use his mouth. Michal lifted the soldier from his dick that got out making a “pop” sound. Michal smiled, even as the pelvis was splinted the small soldier could take his thirst without tearing the skin apart. Michal grabbed the head and forced his dick on the soldiers mouth, at first Michal ripped the teeth of the soldiers mouth. The pain made the soldier recover his conscience just to find an enormous dick on his mouth. The soldier tried to yell but all his yellgign were just more vibrations on Michal’s gland. The Mouth skin begun to tear enraging Michal, no one should dare to stop him when pleasing himself. Michal rammed his dick harder and hared until he entered the soldier esophagus. The jaw was already opened and dangled down Michal’s dick. Michal grabbed the head and crushed it against his dick, The head remains acted like lube as Michal was filling the esophagus with cum. Michal cummed for some more minutes, he was in complete ecstasy from the killing and the complete an utter destruction of another living being. He was the alpha of the island and no living being on it could even dare to defy him. Michal breather heavily as he flexed his biceps. He grabbed the soldier remains and ripped the body in half. Michal then decided to put his idea to work. Michal grabbed the nearby corpses and carried them over his shoulders, he walked next to the base, it was already noon. Michal was sweating but he was so satisfied by his fuck-kill that he decided to feast on his creativity. He wondered about why no one came out of the big house but for now he ignored it. If there were no enemies there, he didn’t wanted to enter on it yet, he was set on his idea. He walked over all the base looking for corpses. Then he grabbed all the corpses and put one over the other like bricks. But Michal idea wasn’t a wall of corpses. He grabbed the frost corpse, it was almost intact. Just a heartless corpse. Michal crushed the head with his hands and then he ripped the skin from the body, he threw the bones and muscles over the wall and kept the skin, he then proceeded to make the same process with all the corpses, if the corps still had a head, he crushed it, in all cases he skinned the corpses. After some hours all the bodies were headless and skinned. Michal walked to the nearby warehouses and looked for something that could serve him, after some minutes he found some fishing rope, he smiled devilishly. Michal walked next to the human skins and sewed the skins with the fishing ropes Michal signed a merry song while using all the tattooed skins, and after some hours he mad a big tapestry with the human skins. Michal marveled at his gruesome artistry. He then grabbed the skin and walked next to the big house. After some time, another yatch approached the harbor. It was a luxurious yatch, piloted by a tattooed asian bodybuilder, another smaller tattooed asian guy was getting ready to moor the yatch. The bodybuilder was scaling the harbor, his actions were clear signals that something was amiss, the yatch decelerated until it was moving only by inertia. The bodybuilder took his gun, he walked to the ship’s bow. Maybe he noted the complete silence since he gave the other asian a signal and he took a machine gun. Then they saw it, a big tapestry hanging from the big house’s walls, the gruesome art showed them what happened with their soldier’s. The bodybuilder walked to the helm he pondered what to do, why in this world someone would do this to his men, treating them like animals, like less than humans. Who could do this? Whose army?…the Latins?, they wore down each other until his forces were halved…The bodybuilder pondered what to do, but suddenly the boat rocked. The bodybuilder tried to turn the boat around but his command didn’t worked. The boat shook, the bodybuilder fell to the floor and suddenly the boat was flipped 90° degrees Michal had used his unfathomable strength to flip the boat. Michal bounced his pecs while walking to the fallen bodybuilder and his companion. The bodybuilder yelled in japanese to Michal, Michal shrugged, “I don’t speak japanese” Michal said. “Who are you?” The bodybuilder said. “Oh, you speak English properly…so…I’m the one making the questions here”. The bodybuilder shot Michal, but the bulles bounced from his skin. The other, younger guy shot his bullets too. Michal saw them with amusement, “Who are you?” He asked while still receiving bullets that didn’t made any damage, nor a small red spot on his skin. After the asian’s magazines got empty they never answered. The younger guy tried to hit Michal with the weapon but Michal simply grabbed his arms and lifted him until his feet dangled. “Who are you?” Michal asked again to the bodybuilder. “I’m Kory, the leader of this men” “the former leader” Michal said. “They are already dead” “Please don’t hurt my son” Kory said while pondering if he could fight Michal. “He’s small” Michal said then he suddenly ripped the son’s arms “you won’t need him anymore” Michal said. The son screamed in pain and fell to the floor where he begun to roll in pain while screaming. Kory was surprised and tried to fight Michal. Michal grabbed Kory from the throat and lifted. Kory’s feet dangled in the air “you’re weak…he’s useless” he said, Michal slowly put his foot on the son’s head and slowly begun to crush it. Michal’s quads begun to contract, slowly but unrelenting, the foot begun to put pressure on the head like an hydraulic press. The son screamed in fear, Kory yelled in frustration, even as he was big his strength was useless against Michal’s arm. The son screamed and Michal kept compressing the head agains the floor. After some eternal seconds Michal quad’s went to full contraction, his calves rose and the foot came down crushing the head like it was a bug. Kory screamed in horror, Michal burst in laughter. “Useless” Michal said. But I can put him to good use he said with a demonic smile while looking at Kory. Kory was furious and sad. “You should bring more people…but you’re weak” Michal said the still carrying Kory in his hand he ripped Kory’s clothes. Kory’s skin was almost clean excepting for the tattoos on his chest. Michal saw the body and saw he was well built. Michal forced him over a box and rammed Kory’s ass. Michal went slowly at first, then thrusting harder and harder he moaned in pleasure while Kory screamed in pain. Kory reached a pole and thrusted it at Michal’s head, but Michal kept thrusting. “Fight you’r mother fucker..let me break you” Michal said while thrusting Kory’s ass. Kory screamed In rage then in frustration….but after some time something in his mind broke. Kory begun to moan, he felt pleasure, his mind was already broken. Michal smiled, “I found a new toy” he said. He got out of Kory’s ass. And grabbed Kory’s son’s corpse. “Kory was over the box, humiliated, broken, his fighting spirit was destroyed, he saw at Michal grabbing his son’s corpse. “What are you going to do?” He asked. “I haven’t given you permission to speak slave…now I’m you owner…you’ll obey or I will break you like this weak. So Michal grabbed the son’s corpse and with his hands he skinned the corpse, ripping the skin from the flesh, then Michal used the skin as part of the gruesome tapestry. Michal grabbed the skinned corpse and ripped one of the legs and without any mercy he bit a huge chunk of the leg. “I was hungry”. Kory was sick to see his son being destroyed like cattle but he was so awestruck by Michal that he just admired Michals body and strength. Michal ate the leg while stroking his cock. “Clean me” Michal ordered. Kory looked for a bucket but Michal took the bucket and crushed it. “With your Tongue” Michal clarified. Kory begun to lick Michal’s body…that continued until it was almost sunset and until Michal cummed from pleasure and thanks to the ability of his new toy. “Do you have a cellphone?” Michal said. “Yes” Kory said. “Yes master” Michal corrected. “Yes…master” Kory said while looking at the sawn skin of his on the tapestry. Kory handed his phone to Michal. Michal took several photos his tapestry. “Do you have wifi?” Michal asked. “No master” Kory said. “Well I don’t have anymore use for this” Michal said, then he grabbed the yatch and flipped again. “Slave, take me to the shore”. After several hours the SSS headquarters received a bunch of messages on the Interviewers phone. The interviewer raised an eyebrow. “Seems Michal found a new toy…and he accomplished his mission”. Wolf was at his side bouncing his pecs. “Did he?” He said. “Yes” the Interviewer said and handling him the phone he said. “Look at this pics, seems he found a new hobby”.
  16. Nathan

    M UNIVERSITY (Part 7)

    Chapter 8: Planet Roven On the planet Stix, Master sits before his three most powerful warriors. He is dressed in a black cape that covers his broad and very muscular back, black pants that hug his thighs the size of a tree trunk, his diamond calves are covered by golden boots, and the rest of his body is bare to show his gargantuan musculature. Baram: " JUSTIN! THOMAS! BASTIA! I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU! WE FINALLY RECOVERED THE SUPREME CROWN, IN 3 MONTHS I WILL BE POWERFUL ENOUGH TO RELEASE THE 5 GODS OF DESTRUCTION AND CONTROL THEIR POWER. IT IS A DIVINE WAR THAT AWAITS US! LIGHT AGAINST DARKNESS! SO PREPARE YOURSELF WELL! " Bastia, Thomas and Justin : " AT YOUR ORDERS MASTER" the three warriors leave the room and go about their business while waiting for the day to come Bastia: " I hope you know what you are doing Justin, if Baram finds out you betrayed him and he happens to have controlled the 5 gods, he will kill you!" Justin : " Don't worry once I have all the powers I will kill Baram and I will make you divine " Thomas touches his cock with his arm which is snaking with veins and very muscular imagining the three of them with such power. Thomas: " Oh yes! We'll have the whole universe bow down to us!" ............ Meanwhile Mr GORRIO and his three students arrive near the planet Roven, during the trip Mr GORRIO to order his students to train with weights that even superman could not move. Jeff: " Do you really have to lift dumbbells now? We already have enormous muscles" He says, massaging his pecs under his black compression t-shirt. Gorrio: " Yes! Dylan loves to watch very muscular young guys with beautiful, well-defined and especially big muscles. And also when you are in front of him call Lord Dylan, he likes to feel superior to others" Max: " Agree as you wish but is Dylan that powerful? " Gorrio: " Of course it is powerful! I remind you that he passed the S exam and in addition last year we both fought and he almost ripped my head off with only one hand" Their discussion was abruptly interrupted by a big BOOM! The guys look out the window of their spaceship and he sees a man dressed in a tight black suit so tight you'd think his big muscles were ripping his clothes off, he also has a black cape and a black mask. he moves down the ship by flying and with one hand he moves it in the direction of the planet. The man in black sets the ship down on a landing pad and waits for them to exit. David : " "Is that him Dylan?" Gorrio : " No of course not! Dylan is 100,000 times more powerful than him." Mr GORRIO and his students leave the ship and stop in front of the musculature of the man in black. The Man in Black: "Stay there, Lord Dylan won't be long" After a few minutes of waiting a man arrives with red hair wearing armor but we can still distinguish that he has superhuman muscles. And all of a sudden Jeff, David and Max kneel down. David: "What's going on? Why are my legs kneeling on their own?" Dylan : " it's normal don't worry people bow down to me all the time" Gorrio : " Alright, that's enough! Dylan we need you, Baram to recover the supreme crown, in three months he will be able to invoke the 5 gods of destruction " Dylan: " I hope it's a real challenge this faith, the last time you told me that a sect of very powerful men are going to devastate the world, I arrived on the scene and just by flexing my biceps I disintegrating the sect was too easy." Gorrio : " Yes I know but there is a real danger, listen if you help us I will massage your muscles for as long as you want, do you agree?" Dylan: " That's fine with me, but do you bring your students there? they haven't even taken the S exam, they're going to be slaughtered." Gorrio : " they are the best in M university, I vouch for them" Dylan : " Alright in that case I'm going to test them, I'm going to take you to a strip club full of sexy bodybuilders, they're going to put on shows for you and you had to remain impassive in front of them, don't get hard, don't get an erection . If you show your weakness to your enemies they will exploit it, plus Justin is super sexy I loved you I would like to fuck him... Follow me I'll take you to the club." After a few hours of walking they arrive in the strip club, and beware any guy who is a fetishist of muscular guys could get a hard-on just at the entrance, it's a place full of testosterone, traces of sperm are spread everywhere on the walls there is dominance, power... you can't look away without seeing a hot bodybuilder. Dylan: " sit down there! we will start at level 1" the lights go out, and the stage is illuminated by spotlights. A bodybuilder in firefighter gear comes in and starts doing sexy dances, his muscles rippling behind his clothes, he lifts his t-shirt to show off his 10-pack and takes a wet sponge to stroke them. After 5 minutes of pleasure or rather torture for our three friends, level 1 is over. Dylan: " very well done! Now level 2" Suddenly a man in tight red underpants arrives on stage, he is still twice as muscular as the previous bodybuilder, he starts doing bodybuilder classics, everyone would want to bow down in front of this dominant being, then he takes a huge metal stone and he put it between his pectorals, he crushes the stone effortlessly. After 10 minutes of demonstration of superhuman strength level 2 is over. David: " Oh fuck ! It was hard that one" Dylan : " I may have underestimated you, but let's go to level 3" And there a completely naked man comes on stage, his cock is the size of an elephant's trunk, he moves with his big muscle mass towards the three guys. He first goes to see David and he massages his shoulders the size of a watermelon, then he caresses his pectorals then descends gradually towards his abs, then his thighs... After he passes Jeff, he pushes it's pecs in Jeff's head, "OH YOU LIKE THAT, THE POWER, THE DOMINATION, THE MUSCLES...". And finally he moves on to Max, he wiggles his big cock over her face, then over her body for 10 minutes. After 30 minutes of hot show level 3 is over. Dylan : " very good! you are very strong, few people manage to pass the 3 levels. You convinced me, you will stay 2 months with me, I will train you, and when you are finished, Gorrio will come to look for you and he will take you to planet Vega to see Tim who will give you the S exam."
  17. Nathan

    M UNIVERSITY (Part 6)

    Chapter 7: The Supreme Crown Spark: "It's good we at the crown, send the signal to Bastia" Justin : " "Am I dreaming or did you just give me an order?" Spark: " No, sorry, I didn't want to..." Even before Mr. Spark has had time to finish his sentence, Justin has advanced towards him and he has given him a punch that has pierced his stomach, liters of blood dripping on the ground. Justin spreads his legs and flexes his massive biceps, while watching in disgust Mr. Spark lying on the floor bleeding out. Justin: " I am the only one who is able to become the new Master, when my plan is implemented I could be more powerful than Baram. As for you Suavez, you will become my new slaves." Spark : " Uh... Yes I can't do anything to your power, I'll be your worshipers" Justin leaves school, chest bulging, with the crown and his new toy. And he sends a signal by telepathy to General Bastia. .............. Back at the hidden base with Mr GORRIO who is fighting a fierce fight against General Bastia and his three students who are dominated by hooded warriors. It's a show of sexy bodybuilders, bulging muscles, gallons of sweat, anyone who likes big guys could get a hard-on in front of it. Bastia : "It's good we at the crown, well done Justin, well I think we can go. Withdraw you my warriors!" And in a snap of the fingers Bastia and her warriors vanishes." Jeff: " we have been dominated, what do we do now Mr. GORRIO?" After asking this question, our three friends look at their teacher in terror, Mr. GORRIO's eyes turn red with anger, we could see his muscles grow under his t-shirt and a superhuman aura spread around him. Gorrio : " WE WILL GET REVENGE!!!!!!" Max : " But I have a question, what is the power of the supreme crown? " After a few minutes Mr GORRIO calms down and goes to his three students. Gorrio: " very well listen carefully to what I am going to tell you" ................. It all happened 20,000 years before our era, an elderly archaeologist discovered a mysterious crown in the heart of a pyramid. he holds the crown in his hands and he feels an intense power, the energy of the crown is so strong that it disintegrates the archaeologist, the crown falls to the ground and 5 gods divinely muscular without escape. But beware ! these gods are not just anyone, they are the 5 gods of destruction, (Xeram, Levi, Gormo, Agaris and Zelo). They are beings who thirst for power and destruction, they have destroyed thousands of civilizations. Zelo : "" Oh yes! the guy who summoned us is dead so it means we won't have to obey our summoner!" Xeram : " Yes it's so good I'm going to be able to destroy planets with my babies" He said, bouncing his pecs the size of 100 bowling balls. After centuries of terror and destruction it is 19,000 years after the reign of the 5 gods ended, it is the most powerful superhero (Magnus) who confronts them and after 1 year of non-stop fighting that he I had to imprison new ones in the crown, following that he founded a university to hide the supreme crown under guard until today. ............. David : " But we must stop Baram before he invokes the 5 gods!" Gorrio: "Don't worry Baram won't have enough power to summon them, however since his power is only increasing I think that within 3 months he will have enough strength to release the power of the crown. You need to be stronger to come with me to the planet Stix, so you go follow me and I'm going to you two of my colleagues who are the first students to have won the S exam, with me the three gods will be reunited . And off they go for the planet Roven to meet the first student to win the S exam. ...................... During his time on the planet Stix, after bringing the crown back to Master Baram, Justin returns to his luxurious room with his slaves. And he sees a mysterious man waiting impatiently for Justin in his room. Justin walks over and kisses the man. Justin : " Hi Thomas! I missed not seeing your sublime body for a long time" Thomas: " I missed you too " He said stroking Justin's cock. " So when are you finally going to take over? " Justin: " "It's coming soon don't worry, my plan is going wonderfully, in 3 months even the gods of destruction will be afraid of me" To be continued.....
  18. Nathan

    M UNIVERSITY (Part 5)

    (it was supposed to be part 6 but I made a mistake and put two parts 4, so I decided that there would be 2 chapters in part 4 ) ................... Chapter 6: Master Baram's Evil Plan Gorrio, Jeff and Max: "WHAT!? Bastia is your brother?" David : " Yes I have a brother but I didn't think he was working for the enemy. Listen Bastia, Baram de Manipule, once he gets what he wants he..." Before David has even had time to finish his sentence, Bastia appears in front of him, places his hand under his neck, and he lifts him in the air. Bastia : " HAHAHA!!!!! Scumbags like you don't belong in my family. You're Nothing next to me!" He flexes his bicep. "Look at the power I hold!" Mr GORRIO rushes at Bastia and he punches him in the abdomen which forces him to let go of David, then he punches Bastia again in the pectorals so hard that his throws him, the blow is so strong that the he shock wave cracks the earth and pushes the clouds apart. General Bastia gets up, a smile on his face, and cracks his bull's neck. Bastia : " So that's the power of someone who passed the S exam. You are very strong, I feel like I'm going to have fun" Gorrio : "Can I ask you a question? Your base isn't very well hidden, so I guess you wanted to be found, but why? I ask you a question? Your base isn't very well hidden, so I guess you wanted to be found, but why?" Bastia : " Okay if you insist I will reveal to you master Baram's plan, we wanted our spy infiltrated in your university to locate our base and inform the professors, following that master Baram knew that we would send you your best warrior to know Mr GORRIO and his three best students while leaving the school defenseless. Besides, it makes me think that Justin must have already arrived at your place. HAHAHAHA!!!!" Gorrio : " IT WAS A TRAP!! YOU THREE COME BACK TO UNIVERSITY AND GO DEFEND IT! " Bastia : " No you're not going anywhere, it's time to summon my warriors." Suddenly Bastia flies through the air, his eyes turn shadowy black and he begins to bounce his massive pecs. "COME MY WARRIORS I SUMMON YOU! !!!". A Magic circle appears on the ground and three super muscular guys wearing balaclavas and masks appear." ................. During his time at the university, Justin Exterminates the students one after the other. Two students were kissing when Justin came up behind them, grabbing their heads and smashing them together. Another student doing his bodybuilding when Justin and arriving behind him, he put his cock in the student's ass, he released a load that shredded his body. Faced with this spectacle of domination, two students knelt down for him to save their lives, a guy starting to lick one of his feet when Justin lifted his other foot and he exploded the guy's. Bits of brain and blood stuck to Justin's foot. He walks towards the other frightened student and he takes his head to come and blow it up against Justin's enormous pectorals. He arrives in front of the hall of relics, with a punch he disintegrates the guard and the door. Justin: " Finally the supreme crown is Ours!!" When he was about to take it, he was interrupted by Mr SUAVEZ. Suavez: "Get out of the Justin!!!!!" Justin : " And what are you going to do otherwise?" Mr SUAVEZ rushes Justin and he gives him an uppercut in his face. Justin hasn't moved an inch, he's there with his hands on his hips, bulging out his chest, and dominating his former teacher. He flexes his right biceps and with his left hand he lifts Mr SUAVEZ as if he weighed nothing. "You're so weak, I'll crush you no problem!" Spark: " Wait Justin! He could still be useful to us" Justin drops Mr SUAVEZ. Justin : " It took you a long time, but Master Baram is proud of you, your information about the university has served us well." Suavez: " Um....How's that Spark? are you a spy?" Spark: " Yes I work for Master Baram" To be continued.......
  19. Nathan

    M UNIVERSITY (Part 4)

    (since I like my story I think I will do a lot of chapters) ................. Chapter 5: Walk in the Jungle On the planet Stix General Bastia prepares to report to Master Baram Bastia: "General Bastia to the Master report, following your orders I destroyed the Twin planets CYRA and PYTHRA and saw that Justin destroyed the planet Xaldin, the Natal planet of Max, M University will no longer have to ally who to rely on" Baram: " CONGRATULATIONS GENERAL BASTIA! YOU DESERVE A REWARD" Master Baram makes a goblet appear with his magic and he fills it with a strange liquid that comes out of his bulging pectorals Baram: " DRINK!!" Bastia : " Thank you Master" General Bastia drinks the glass in a second, he puts his hands behind his head and without the power to increase in his body, his muscles grow bigger and bigger, a golden aura spreads around him Baram: "LOVE TO SEE YOU GROW IN POWER, I'M GOING TO TAKE A PICTURE AND HANG IT ON THE WALL OF MY BEST FIGHTERS" Baram: " NOW GO, JUSTIN MUST HAVE ALREADY ARRIVED ON PLANET MAGNUS" Bastia : " Yes Master" And in a second General Bastia and left for the planet Magnus" ................. Meanwhile, on the planet Magnus, we find our three Friends and Mr GORRIO trading in the middle of the jungle towards the enemy's hidden base. David: " How hot is it! my big muscles are dripping with sweat. Why not fly straight to base? With our super speed, we would have got there in 2 seconds." Gorrio : " Because if we use our powers the enemy will notice us from miles away, and it feels good to walk you can see my beautiful muscles rippling with every step" Watching their divine teacher walk past them, the three friends can't help but touch their hard cocks Gorrio : "we're going to stop here for the night" The three friends stop right in front of a big rock that looks like a toe. They look up and see a huge statue depicting a very, very muscular man, wearing gold boots and gloves, black underpants, a red cape, and a crown adorned with diamonds. Gorrio: " I present to you Magnus, the founder of our university and it is also the name of our planet, we are going to sleep here and we will resume our journey tomorrow morning" A few hours later our three Friends and their teacher are sitting around the campfire. Gorrio: "Alright, let's make a game, it'll teach me to know you better, I'm going to ask you a question and if you lie to me because I will be if you lie to me, you'll get a pledge. I'm going to ask Jeff first. Am I turning you on? " Jeff: " Yes of course you excite me!" Gorrio : " It's good you didn't lie, now question for David. Are you willing to kill someone to get your S exam?" David: " No of course not !" Gorrio : " sorry you're lying. You're going to have a pledge, you're going to massage my pecs while I ask my question to Max." David gets up and starts massaging his teacher's pecs, they're so huge it would take at least 5 other guys to fully cover them Gorrio : " 'Max here is your question, who are you in love?" After a few minutes of silence Max gets up and says "sorry I can't say it" then he goes into the jungle. Jeff: " What's happening to him?" Gorrio: " I'll go talk to him during this time go to sleep, we must be in good shape for tomorrow." 2 minutes later, Mr GORRIO joins Max at the edge of a cliff. Gorrio :" Why don't you want your friends to know you're in love with Justin?" Max : " Because Justin is a big asshole, he went over to the enemy, he destroyed my home planet and he betrayed the university. If Jeff and David find out I still have feelings for him or they'll dump me." Gorrio : " Don't let your emotions cloud your judgement. I'm going to tell you a story that I've never told anyone. Before Baram was the leader of the planet Stix there was another leader, it was my father. One day my father came to challenge me because he was jealous of my divine power, following a fierce fight I finally tore his head from his body. After his death his apprentice, Baram, took his place and he is even more dangerous than my father was. You see I love my dad deeply but college comes first. And when you have to come face to face with Justin you have to do what is necessary." And it is sure these wise words that the two men return to camp to rest and wait for the big day that awaits them. The next day, our adventurers arrive at the enemy base, they are hidden behind bushes and await the decision of their teacher. Bastia: " Go! I want everything ready in 10 minutes!" Gorrio : " Oh shit! it's going to complicate things, I wouldn't think General Bastia would come here. Good you three stayed here! Bastia and far too powerful for you" Mr GORRIO gets up and contracts his biceps, causing a shock wave that sends the general's soldiers waltzing. Bastia : " Oh look who we have there, the divine professor and his little shrimps, I don't think I'm going to have fun!" Gorrio : " SHUT UP AND FIGHT!!!!!!!" And when the two behemoths are about to give the first blow, David intervenes in the middle and shouts "STOP". David : " "Please stop Mr. GORRIO, General Bastia, he's...he's my big brother!" To be continued.....
  20. Nathan

    M UNIVERSITY (Part 4)

    (since parts 3 and 4 are short, I decided to write them straight away ) ................ Chapter 4: Mr GORRIO The next day, Max didn't sleep all night because of his discussion with Justin. Jeff: "come on, we're going to be late for Mr GORRIO's class" Max: "Yes you are right! in addition Mr GORRIO and reputed to be very severe" Moments later, the students enter the university weight room. They notice that on all the walls there are posters of the same guy, rather young, mixed race, doing bodybuilder poses but still wearing a very tight white t-shirt, maybe a former student? do they wonder Gorrio: " GOOD MORNING! I AM Mr GORRIO" All the students look at the ceiling and they see this same guy wearing his tight white t-shirt lifting an iron bar weighing more than 300000 tons with one hand while levitating at the top of the gymnasium David: "Are you Mr GORRIO?" Mr GORRIO lands on the ground and lets go of the bar which makes a big BOOM! Gorrio : " Yes that's me, and you're probably wondering why I'm so young compared to your other teachers? Well last year I was a student like you, I took the S exam and I'm the only one in the university to have passed it. And yes you are indeed in the presence of a god" Suddenly all the students kneel down. It's not every day that you come across a real god. Mr GORRIO is amazing Gorrio: "You are probably wondering why I always wear a white t-shirt? Well humans are already afraid of me so if I take off my t-shirt and they discover my body in its true form I could kill them all not on purpose" Gorrio : " I'm going to explain to you what we're going to do, you're going to stay 2 days with me, because our scouts have an enemy base on the planet Stix and have settled 60 km from the university in the middle of the jungle, so I says you'll come with me, a little practice wouldn't hurt. But before let's see what you can do, you're all going to throw yourself at me at the same time" A student: "Pff let me do it" The student stands in front of Mr. GORRIO, contracts his biceps and punches with all his might in the professor's abs. Mr GORRIO has not moved an inch and all the bones in the student's arm have started to break, he is screaming in pain. Suddenly 5 other guys rush at him flying, and Mr GORRIO in a flash he grabs the 5 guys with one hand by their t-shirts and only by moving his wrist he ejects him so hard that they pierce the roof of the gymnasium and land at the other end of the university. After 30 minutes of cracking bones, squirting blood and suffering, 15 students are knocked out leaving Mr GORRIO standing in the same place with his hands on his hips and moving his pecs. "THAT'S ALL? YOU ARE JUST A CLASS OF WEAK AND PRETTY! Wait but 3 students are missing." Indeed while Mr GORRIO having fun with his students. Max, Jeff and David find a plan, here they are all three in front of their professor holding the bar of 300000 tons. They rush on Mr GORRIO in less than a second, a huge BOOM! sounded, we could hear it on the other side of the planet. After a few minutes of suspense and the smoke caused by the impact dissipated, the three guys froze with their mouths wide open. Mr GORRIO to stop the iron bar with only one hand. Jeff: "But it was impossible to beat him" The three Friends kneel so helpless against this god Gorrio : " Get up! go get ready, only you three will accompany me" Max : " But why ? none of us managed to beat you" Gorrio: " Look at the ground. You managed to move me back an inch, no supervillain or superhero had managed to move me. So you've won your places for the mission" The three friends get up happy and proud of themselves, they run to prepare their business so as not to keep their divine teacher waiting. Meanwhile on the planet Stix we find Justin on his knees in the middle of a large room in front of a monstrously muscular figure. Justin : " As you predicted Master Baram, M University will move to our hidden base on Planet Magnus." Master Baram : " PERFECT! SENT GENERAL BASTIA TO THE SITE. OUR PLANS ARE GOING AS EXPECTED, MY PIECES ARE GRADUALLY PLACED ON THE CHESSBOARD. IT'S TIME TO MOVE TO PHASE 1. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! ) To be continued....... (Like you Mr GORRIO? I'll put part 5 tomorrow )
  21. This story is violent and involves someone forcing themselves on another person, so don't read if that bothers you. Hey yall, this is the first ever thing I've written. I've been a long, long, long time lurker/reader and on a whim decided to give writing a shot. This was made with stories like Tony vs. Superman in mind, where iconic heroes get taken down easily. This story is the first of a series of Marvel stories I've been working on following one character, if people like it maybe I'll work through the other drafts and share them as well. ------------------------------------------------------------- Steve Rogers pulled his mask over his head and double checked himself in the mirror to make sure it was on straight. He was America’s champion and there should be no fault in his appearance, no line, no crease, no part out of place. His military mentality never left him, and it showed in his stature. Even though this was just a routine patrol on Manhattan’s Upper East side, he didn’t stray from his routine even slightly. Confident everything was in order Steve walked over to his pride and joy resting on the mantle beside the empty display where his costume would normally rest. Where Thor had his hammer, and Iron Man had his armor, Steve had his shield. It was a beacon of hope, strength, and resolve for the downtrodden. He picked up and latched onto the straps along his back and headed out to the basement level of Avengers Tower where he’d find his motorcycle to head out on. Not that he needed a vehicle, he could easily outrun it with his mammoth legs fueled by the serum in his veins. Truth be told, he simply enjoyed the feeling of riding it. It was already past nightfall, and as he zoomed down the streets glancing down alleyways and side streets as he passed he could hear the occasional cheer from fans and supporters as they zipped by. He was their hero and he would also fight for them. He allowed himself a small smirk in pride, only to be immediately distracted by a distant scream. Someone needed his help. The voice came from over a block away, but his trained sense of superhuman hearing left it ringing clear in his ears, even over the rumbling of his bike. It was definitely a masculine voice in distress. Sure enough, as he approached he could hear the sound of a man pleading for his life along one of the nearby alleyways. As he parked his bike around the corner he nearly flew off of it in the same moment entering the alley in the blink of an eye. In front of him there was a man being held off his feet by a much larger man in a black hoodie. Steve couldn’t make out much in the darkness, but the man was well over 6 feet and seemed quite built for his height. The smaller man was trying desperately to kick himself free from the man’s grip with his dangling feet, but he was clearly outmatched and stood no chance. Steve didn’t let a moment go to waste and called out to the man. “I think you should let him go,” he said, making sure to make it clear that what waited behind the man was no joke through his tone. The man didn’t move, he continued to hold the smaller in the air with one arm, an impressive display of strength, Steve realized, for a typical man. This man clearly worked hard on his strength. “Son, I said to put him down. I will not give you another warning, do not make me use force.” Steve said. To Steve’s surprise the man chuckled, the movement caused the man in his hands to shake violently just from the small movement. “Please, and what exactly are you going to do?” The man said, not even turning around to acknowledge the presence behind him. Steve tensed, he knew a fight was coming. ”I don’t think you realize who you are dealing with. If I must, I will put you down.” Steve said. The bigger man let out a small sigh, but instead of putting the other man down he moved his arm to the wall beside him, pinning the man in his hand. The smaller man let out gasp as the air flew out of his lungs for a moment from the force of the large hand pressed against his chest. It was an incredible display of strength, to not just pin a man with one arm, but move him entirely. Though smaller than them both, the man in his grip had to have weighed nearly 200 lbs. “I have an idea of who I’m dealing with,” the man in the hoodie said, still effortlessly holding the smaller man against the wall, “but I don’t think you know who you’re dealing with.” This was going nowhere, so Steve stepped toward the two. He thought of the need to bring out his shield, but given that this man was likely just human it wouldn’t be needed. He walked up to the back of the larger man, realizing now that the man was only a little shorter than his 6’5” height, but his back was nearly as wide as his own. If it was all muscle under that hoodie, the man must have sported an impressive physique. But Steve had both his superhuman strength, and his training to back him up. The average street villain stood no chance. Allowing one last chance for the thug before him to back down, Steve simply put a grip on the man’s shoulder, the one still holding the man up without any sign of strain. As he squeezed, he could feel the muscles tensed and flexed under his hand. The shoulder was as hard as steel, and even through the hoodie Steve could feel the heads of the man’s massive delt pressing against his grip. This thug was definitely hiding a lot under there. “If this is how it’s going to be, then I will just have to teach you a lesson. Can’t say I didn’t give you a sporting chance.” Steve said, allowing one final moment for things to go a better way. The large continued to hold still. Allowing his adrenaline to surge, Steve prepared to move fast and hard, tightening the grip on the man’s shoulder to pull him away from the smaller man and quickly down to the ground. His arm exploded in an undeniably stunning display of size and power, his battle hardened biceps nearly ripping out of his suit. He made a point not to try too hard, he certainly didn’t want to rip the man’s arm out. But the large man barely moved. His weight shifted from the force, but he never lost his balance. Under his hand Steve felt the man’s delt explode in response, nearly breaking his grip in the process. This man was strong, but he had faced plenty of strong foes before. He moved to wrap his arms around the man, barely able to get around the massive lats to pull the man into a suplex. Steve’s mighty pecs pressing into the thug’s lats in a secondary battle of muscle against muscle. Steve flexed them hard as poured his strength into the move, his suit tightening under the strain of his meaty chest expanding under it. Again the thug barely moved. This time the force was enough to cause him to stumble backward and nearly lose his pin on the man against the wall, but the thug quickly regained his footing. His lats tensed and flared in response, catching Steve off guard and nearly breaking his hold around the man’s torso, but Steve managed to hold on, sweat dampening the inside of his mask. The thug let out a long sigh, the movement nearly made Steve fall into the man as he exhaled. However it seemed Steve had prevailed as the thug released the smaller man, causing him to fall to the ground nearly face planting onto the concrete. “Guess I gotta make an effort here, since you won’t just let me be.” Despite the shock, the small man stuttered out a small thank you to Steve and skittered away. As the man hurried down the alley, the thug rolled back shoulders against Steve’s arms, the movement causing the rock hard muscles in his back to flex against Steve pecs. To Steve’s shock he quickly lost his grip on the thug, unable to pin down the expanding muscle in his arms. Steve took a step back to ready himself. The thug turned around, giving Steve the first look of his face under the hood. The man was younger, likely in his late 20s. His jaw was chiseled and square and sported a line of hair along his chin and a thin mustache, not enough to make for a full goatee. His eyes were dark, and as they focused in on Steve he caught a glimpse of shock in them. Perhaps this thug had finally seen the error of his ways. But the shock was replaced with a grin as the thug chuckled. “Fuck! I was hoping it was you, Captain fucking America,” the thug said, “Damn, looks like wishes can come true. I’ve been hoping to put myself to the test. You can only go so far setting record after record in the weightroom. I needed a real challenge.” The thug pulled down his hood and gave Steve a once over with his eyes. Steve had already regained his composure and of course made sure to give the thug a stunning display of his physique, hoping to dissuade the man from further conflict. But the man nearly doubled over in laughter in response. “Holy fuck, Cap, you might be big, but if that was the kinda power you have behind those muscles, you ain’t shit.” The thug stepped closer to Steve, his pecs nearly coming in contact. Cap’s entire world was eclipsed by the sheer size of the man before him, but Steve didn’t drop his stance. “Oh right, it’s obvious who you are, but you don’t know me. I’m not anyone really, don’t worry, just call me CJ.” CJ? Steve had never heard of any villain street level or otherwise that went by this name, surely this just wasn’t a normal man. There’s no way someone with his strength couldn’t either be empowered, or gifted much like Steve was. “Look, I don’t care who you are, son, but I can’t leave you here causing harm. I’m going to have to take you in.” Steve said. CJ let out another chuckle, “Alright Captain Weakshit, if you think you’ve got it in you, but let me give you a better idea of what you’re up against.” Steve took a step back as the man moved to unzip his hoodie. He immediately noted the chiseled upper chest that revealed itself, a light layer of chest hair poking through the shirt underneath. CJ seemed to struggle getting the jacket off, but managed without ripping it. He sported a thin green tank top, stretched as thin as paper against his skin. CJ was massive, his pecs bulged through the fabric nearly ready to rip it to shreds, Steve could make out the veins snaking down the large man’s neck and down his chest through it. A thin tattoo Steve couldn’t quite make out was along the man’s right pec. Alongside his chest, CJ’s arms rippled with power and were no less shredded. A large bulging vein ran across each bicep, looking as if they’d jump out of his skin. Steve also got a good look at the man’s shoulders and realized he wasn’t wrong about them. CJ sported boulders for delts and even at rest Steve could make out striations and a roadmap of veins. Steve nearly lost himself in the stunning display of muscle before him, CJ was not just huge, he was incredibly lean, no wonder he packed so much strength under that physique. Steve let out a small smirk, “look, you’re clearly a big man. I applaud you for your training, but I’ve taken down plenty of big foes. This won’t be a challenge.” Steve said in an effort to pump up his own confidence, but somehow he felt an ounce of envy at the other man’s imposing display of muscle. CJ smiled, a look which sent a shock down Steve’s spine. CJ was handsome and every bit a fine specimen of a man. Steve was straight, but there was no denying what was before him. CJ’s voice invaded his thoughts, “Fuck man, I am going to enjoying breaking you. Somehow, I know you will too in the end.” CJ chuckled and tossed his hoodie aside. Before it even hit the ground CJ unleashed a punch right at Steve’s gut. The movement was so fast that Steve nearly didn’t have a chance to react, managing to twist his torso enough to dodge the blow, CJ’s fist glancing against his suit. But before Steve could take advantage of the miss, CJ had already found his footing and came back with another swing, this time at Steve’s chest. There was no time to dodge this one, and the fist slammed into Steve’s chest like a freight train. It knocked Steve completely off his feet and he fell back against the concrete, skidding. Pain shot through the right side of his chest, how did a punch like that hurt so much? Steve threw himself back onto his feet in a kick up, already readying his stance to fight back when he was stopped at the sight of CJ simply standing there, both of his arms raised beside his head in a double bicep pose. Each bicep rose to a peak that looked like they could cut diamonds between each well defined head. Veins rippled across each arm in a stunning display of power. Steve guessed CJ’s arms to be well over 20” without an ounce of fat on them. Almost as big as his own. And yet, he had knocked him down with a single punch, perhaps he simply wasn’t ready for it. But the sight before him made Steve doubt himself. “You couldn’t even take one punch from these Cap,” CJ said, “I seriously thought this was going to be a challenge to test all the work I’ve put this body through, but you’re just a weak little shit.” Steve didn’t know how to respond, how could this man be so cocky? He was Steve Rogers, Captain fucking America. “Fuck it dude,” CJ said while still holding the pose, “come at me with all you got, try to break this.” Steve questioned whether CJ’s biceps grew larger after the taunt, but it had to have been his imagination, they had to have been fully flexed. “I don’t know who you are, but to think you can best an Avenger will have you leaving here sorely mistaken.” Steve shot back, regaining his confidence. Steve charged at CJ, who still was holding his mighty arms up high. As he reached the beast before him, Steve channeled the entire force of his body into one massive punch at CJ’s abs. Steve’s quads exploded as they braced for the blow, flaring so hard he heard the seams of his leggings let out a slight rip as they gave way. His eyes honed in on the target, and just before his fist landed he saw 8 bricks of muscle wall up through the green fabric of CJ’s tank top. A flicker of doubt flashed in Steve’s mind. His punch slammed into CJ so hard it Steve thought he might punch a hole through the man, but as his fist hit CJ’s wall of muscle pain immediately flooded his arm. CJ didn’t move an inch, and the entire force of the blow rebounded back, nearly shattering the bones in Steve’s fist and arm, saved only by the density of his superhuman skeleton thanks to the serum. Steve doubled over from the pain almost immediately, letting out a chilling scream, nearly falling back again on his ass. Steve could feel his arm going numb as the pain subsided, and he realized he was kneeling on one knee right in front of CJ, his face right at the big man’s abdomen. His eyes widened as he saw that he hadn’t even left a mark. CJ’s abs were still tightly flexed in a display of triumph. Steve looked up to see CJ staring down at him, his arms still held high, maintaining his double bicep pose. The sight of the manbeast before him made Steve feel tiny. CJ flashed another handsome smile down at Steve. “You better get used to being down there. That’s where you belong, you know?” CJ laughed, causing his abs to relax and bringing Steve’s gaze back to them. “The look on your face man, I wish I could frame it. Captain America brought to his knees and I didn’t even lay a finger on you. I bet you’re dying to see what stopped you cold.” CJ lifted up the bottom of his tank top with both hands, slowly bringing into view the wall of muscle that had nearly shattered the hero’s arm. Steve’s vision was filled with CJ’s abs of steel, each muscle a well defined brick. A light layer of black hair ran down the middle and across his lower abdominals, trailing down into CJ’s pants. They made his abs appear even more defined. Then CJ flexed. Steve's jaw nearly hit the floor as the muscles in front of his face exploded, he didn’t even realize abs could explode. What was a well defined 8 pack was now 10 boulders of harder than steel tight muscle. Veins popped out along the side and down CJ’s lower abs, again pulling Steve gaze downward. CJ noticed and began twisting and flexing his torso to show off his obliques, pulling Steve’s gaze back up. Every inch of him was perfectly cut as if chiseled from stone. CJ could rival even the mighty Thor in a battle of physiques. Instead of lowering his shirt back down, CJ ripped it half, shredded it like tissue and finally unveiled his entire upper body. All that was left was a tiny gold chain across his neck, looking as if it would snap at any slight movement. “Dear God…” was all Steve could muster as he took in the beast towering above him. “Not a god man,” CJ said, “but I guess to a weak fuck like you I might as well be.” The cockiness in CJ’s voice woke Steve from his fog and he shook his head. Perhaps he would need to call backup for this one. CJ was clearly some sort of otherworldly threat that he would need the rest of the team to handle. Steve readied himself for a sprint off the ground, deciding to retreat back to his bike and seek allies, but before he could even raise himself off the ground CJ slammed his knee right into the hero’s face. The movement was so sudden Steve hadn’t seen it coming and was immediately flown onto his back a few feet away from the blow. He slammed back down on the ground and his vision filled with stars. “You don’t get to walk away from this. I’m not done with you.” CJ said. CJ stepped over the dazed hero below him and wrapped his hand around Steve’s neck. The hero was still trying to process what had happened when he felt himself being lifted off the ground. CJ was picking him up with just one arm… exactly as he had done to the small man before. As the realization set in Steve felt his feet dangling off the ground as he was held above CJ. Steve tried to toss quick, strong blows wherever he could, CJ’s neck, his pecs, the forearm gripping his neck, but nothing seemed to phase the big man. He then grabbed onto CJ’s arm, trying in vain to pry himself out, but instead finding himself getting lost in the man’s titanic arm, hard and immovable under his hands. CJ laughed at the feeble attempts by Steve to free himself and with his free hand CJ pulled off Steve’s mask, revealing the face of the blue eyed blonde underneath. CJ took in the look on Steve’s face, blood now running down his chin from the blow he just gave him. The hero was in a mix of shock, confusion, and fear. It was time to completely break whatever was left. CJ brought Steve closer, still being dangled in the air as if a little kid and leaned into his ear. CJ’s warm breath washed over Steve’s face and his nose was filled with the scent of the man’s musk. “I really am not a god, or an alien, or even a supersoldier. I’m just a guy who’s been putting himself through hell to become the best of the best.” CJ let out another chuckle. “Actually, you’re gonna get a kick from this one. How old are you again? 35? 40? Oh right, you’re the man out of time… so what 100 or some shit? Well Cap, I hate to say it, but you just got embarrassed by a…..” Steve didn’t even get a chance to process what hit him. It flooded his mind and the realization was instant. The man who was effortlessly holding like a ragdoll wasn’t a man, but a kid. Not even out of high school. 18 years old, the words hitting him again. “Fuck! There’s that look again, you’re so fucking stunned. We didn’t even get to fight and I can see I did a number on you!” CJ lowered Steve back down to the ground, stopping only to put his hand back on the hero’s shoulder. Again, with an effortless display of power the young man forced Steve back to his knees, the hero still stunned over being bested by a teen. CJ was as big as his supersoldier physique, just as shredded and ripped, and yet somehow Steve’s strength wasn’t even an ounce of the young adonis’. Talk about winning the gene lottery. He was Captain America. He trained his body over decades and was powered by a steroid that gave him size and strength that rivaled gods. Yet CJ had already surpassed him, and at such an age. He couldn’t fathom how such a possibility could even occur. Steve was so lost in thought that he hadn’t realized that CJ no longer had a hold on him. He wasn’t brought back to Earth until he noticed CJ had begun unfastening the button of his jeans. CJ pulled down his pants with a struggle over his mammoth quads, allowing them to rest at his knees. He hadn’t left his underwear on. A million more thoughts flooded Steve’s mind. His brain was trying to process everything happening to him. The wave of testosterone-fueled scent of CJ that pummeled his senses. the massive mounds of flesh that made up CJ’s incredible quads, so big they would easily dwarf the hero’s own impressive trunks. And snaking with ropes of throbbing veins barely masked by the thick black hair all over them. The thought of why Steve hadn’t fled already, why was he still on his knees in front of this young man? Lastly, the sight of CJ’s manhood filled his brain. Steve prided himself in being the peak of humanity, in every sense. But CJ sported a cock as big as his own, yet he could tell it was still soft. 10 inches of muscle meat swung before his eyes, crowned with a thin bush of dark hair. He finally got to see just where CJ’s treasure trail went. CJ admired the hero’s stunned face below him. Steve was speechless and like a deer in headlights. CJ rewarded the man by repeatedly flexing his quads, watching how the hero’s eyes would widen each time his huge tear drops of muscles seem to blow up to twice the size and the striations cut through the skin. The sight caused blood to fill his swaying monster cock, its size growing to a similarly impressive display. As his cock nearly reached its full length the head grazed against Steve’s lips and up his nose until finally reaching its full mast in a stunning display of perfect manhood. The throbbing cock filled Steve’s vision as it bounced up and down. “Captain America, look at what you’ve done to me, holy shit.” CJ let out a laugh. “One punch from this arm knocked you on your ass.” CJ flexed his arm not even looking to see if Steve was watching, he was in awe of his own size as he watched his arm. “These lats and pecs broke your grip without even a sweat” CJ moved to flaring out his lats and causing his pecs to explode below him, completely blocking out the view of the defeated hero under them. He wished he could take a picture of the display just to witness how impressive it was. “One hit to these abs nearly shattered your arm.” CJ looked down at his abs as he flexed them again. Running his hands down them, feeling the power and strength held behind the wall of muscle. Past them all he could see that his massive cock was throbbing, still inches above the face of the fallen hero below him. It filled CJ with pleasure and caused his cock to send out a huge glob of precum as he flexed his muscle cock. “And one hit from this leg showed you that you are nothing compared to me.” CJ focused on his right quad, again admiring the way it seemed to defy reality as he repeatedly flexed it. The whole time it caused his cock to bounce and throb, he could feel it hitting Steve’s face again and again as he flexed. In CJ’s mind he began to wonder if he really was a god. He defeated one of the most well known and beloved heroes without even trying. As CJ turned back to the dazed hero the sight made him chuckle again. Steve’s jaw was open and his face was now covered in the young god’s precum, another drop had just landed on the hero’s nose, oozing down Steve’s lips. Before the hero could get a taste of the god before him, CJ thrusted his hips forward, placing the head of a massive cock on top of Steve’s face. He flexed his cock again causing a massive stream of precum to land right in the hero’s eye. The hero began to flinch but was stopped by two hands behind his head holding him in place. CJ began to thrust his cock up and down and grind his cock against the hero. The force of which would have caused Steve’s head to bobble up and down if he hadn’t been held in place by CJ’s strong hands, the muscle teen’s balls repeatedly smacking against his chin. There was nothing the hero could do at this point. Steve even attempted to use his strength to stand up in hopes of an escape, but as he tensed he could feel the strength of CJ against him and knew it wasn’t worth the risk of hurting himself fighting against the young god. Instead he gave into his other desires and began running his tongue up and down the stud’s massive shaft pressed against his face. CJ immediately let out a moan and pulled the hero from his cock. “That’s right Cap, you know your place. I’m the fucking future of the human race, you are nothing compared to me. I could snap your neck right now if I wanted, but I won’t just so you can have the opportunity to worship the man you always wished you could be.” “CJ FUCKING Stedman” CJ screamed, it shocked Steve how it came out of nowhere. “Remember my fucking name, CJ Stedman is the one who broke Captain America.” Before the beaten hero could fathom what was happening CJ shoved his entire cock down the hero’s throat. The force and speed shocked Steve’s system as his jaw nearly snapped from being stretched to its limit. Tears ran down his face from the pain. Choking, Steve tried to pull away out of reflex, but CJ’s sheer power kept him in check. CJ was lost in himself and how he had completely ruined one of the world’s bravest heroes. It sent him into overdrive and like a pure animal he started to face fuck the hero with such force he thought it might drive a hole through the man’s skull, but CJ didn’t care. As his balls smacked against Steve’s chin like a jackhammer, all CJ could think about was himself. No other man came close to him. He was everything. Massive. Ripped to shreds. Stronger than anyone. And he was still growing, getting better every day. He was only eighteen and still had so much potential. The world wasn’t ready for CJ Stedman, but they would know him now. CJ was filled with ecstasy as he worshiped himself and it sent him over the edge. His massive muscle cock exploded in the hero’s mouth, his massive load shooting straight into Steve’s stomach. CJ’s cock shot so hard and his cum was so hot it burned the hero’s insides. In his muscle crazed orgasm CJ pulled his cock out of the hero, surprised to see the man still intact, but Steve’s face was covered in blood that poured out his nose. CJ continued to shoot load after load all over Steve’s face leaving almost no inch of it clean. As his cock spewed its final shots, he smacked the hero’s face with it. Smearing the mixture of blood and semen. He then let the hero go and Steve fell to the side, having been completely knocked out by the relentless onslaught to his skull. . CJ looked down as the last drop of his cock fell down onto the unconscious hero. It landed right on the iconic shield still attached to Steve’s suit splattering against it leaving a reddish streak. “Shit, you didn’t even get to use this.” CJ laughed, picking up the shield. “Don’t they say this shit is as unbreakable as you?” CJ smirked, and the rush started to hit him again causing his cock to harden. He ran his finger across the red streak his blood mixed cum left on this shield. Holding it in both hands CJ held it above his head. In one mighty swing he brought Captain America’s shield down on his now rock hard cock, snapping the vibranium infused weapon in half. With a smirk, CJ tossed the pieces onto the fallen hero, his mind already chasing thoughts of his next conquest. “Maybe I am a god, why not go find one and see how I match up?” CJ laughed, pulled up his pants and walked out of the alley. Not even giving the limp body he left behind a second thought.
  22. Nathan

    M UNIVERSITY (Part 2)

    Thank you very much for your feedback, here is part 2 I hope you like it .................. Chapter 2: Sex Lesson with Mr Suavez The next morning, our three friends wake up in their dorm. David: "Hmmmm damn I slept well! I dreamed that I won the S exam and that I became all-powerful. Ho Max! Are you listening to me? what are you looking out the window?" Max: " I watch Jeff run, watch how his muscles bulge in his tight clothes. he is so powerful that when he runs he cracks the ground more and more" Suddenly Jeff stops running and sees Max and David touching each other erotically looking at him. Seeing them so hot he decided to put on a little show for them, he slowly lifts his tight t-shirt to wipe his head and reveal his gorgeous 8 pack shredded abs dripping with sweat. he then does a few bodybuilding poses (double biceps, pectoral dance...). And finally he turned around and bent down so that Max and David had a front row seat to see his bulging buttocks. The show is interrupted because of Mr. Sparks who walks very angrily towards Jeff. (I put a picture of Mr Spark, I forgot to show it in chapter 1 ) Spark: "HURRY TO GO TO THE COURSE OF Mr SUAVEZ, IF YOU ARE NOT THERE IN A MINUTE YOU CAN SAY GOODBYE TO THE S EXAM!!!!!!". Mr Spark is so impressive that when he gets mad it looks like his muscles are getting bigger. Jeff: " Um...sorry Mr Spark" and as he prepares to leave. Spark: "Jeff! Didn't you forget something?" Jeff: "Um... yes sorry". He gets down on his knees and starts licking Mr Spark's amazing abs. Spark: "That's good, you should always show respect to your superiors. You can go." A few moments later, here they are all standing lined up in Mr SUAVEZ's class, and at the end of the room they see a man from behind looking out the window, he has chocolate-black skin, his back muscles are so wide that 'we could hide at least two students there, her buttocks are so round and rounded that we'll see you biting into them, and finally her calves are real diamonds in the rough. Suavez : " I'm Mr SUAVEZ and to start you all go take off your clothes, I want to see your dick " While the students carry out his orders, Mr SUAVEZ finally turns around and the front of his body is equivalent to the back, a real mountain of muscles, no nuclear machine could stop this monster. He starts looking at all the cocks seriously and very carefully, then suddenly he points to two students Suavez : " Sorry guys my dicks are too small, therefore I'm going to exclude you from this year and you won't have the opportunity to take the S exam" .And in a second the 20 students in the class are at 18" Suavez: " Well you are already aware that when you have your superhero diploma, we will send you to a planet so that you protect the population throughout your life. But like a real alpha male you will probably need to have sex, that's why you will have to fuck humans, but since you are a million more powerful than them you risk dismembering them in a second, so we let's see in this course how to fuck with them gently and have fun." Suavez: " come on Jeff you're going to show them the example." Jeff stands next to Mr SUAVEZ and waits for the rest. And then a human walks into the room, he kneels in front of Jeff and starts licking his feet Suavez : " Don't worry it's normal, humans must always feel inferior to you they owe you infinite respect. Now you are going to put your hand behind his head and you are going to gently put your cock in his mouth." Jeff : " OHHH DAMN THIS IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!" Suavez : " Great ! Now David is going to penetrate you from behind, you may come but you have to hold back so as not to crush the human's head" David walks over to Jeff, he puts his big cock in Jeff's bulging ass, and he starts to come forward, back, come forward ever harder Jeff: "oh fuck I want to cum!!!!!!" Suavez: " HOLD ON FOR 3 MORE MINUTES!!!!" In front of this magnificent show, all the other students ejaculate liters of sperm from their powerful cocks Suavez : " IT'S GOOD HUMAN GET YOUR HEAD OFF HIS COCK QUICKLY!!!!" And 5 seconds later a trail of sperm comes out of Jeff's cock and comes to explode the wall of the class. Suavez : " I'm very proud of you now we're going to move on to the last exercise which is also the hardest. It's you who will penetrate the human's ass" Human gets on all fours and eagerly waits for muscle stud's cock. Jeff follows the advice of Mr SUAVEZ and penetrates the human delicately, he suspends the human in the air so much that he is tall compared to him. he puts his hands around the human's ribs and begins to push him in, then pull him out.... Suavez : " Alright! that will be all for today, we can applaud the human and Jeff our Champion." Clap clap clap. "Now rest you because tomorrow you will have physics lesson with Mr GORRIO" Back in the dorm, Max's cell phone rings, and seeing the name of the guy calling him, his face turns serious and he starts shaking all over. To be continued...... (I hope you like part 2 too, well I'm doing course chapters but I think I'll do lots of little chapters, I hope you'll like it )
  23. Nathan

    M UNIVERSITY (Part 1)

    Hi, so here I am writing my first story, so I hope it will be ok, and for information I am French so I hope the translations will be correct .................................... Chapter 1: The three friends Everything happens in another galaxy, the galaxy "Draco" and more precisely on the planet "Magnus", in the heart of this planet we find a university, the university M. The law of this planet requires that every guy as soon as they will be 18 years old, will be obliged to enter this university. Every year they have to pass an exam and if they pass it they gain magnificent power. - During the first year if they pass the F exam their muscles will start to grow and develop. - During the second year if they pass the E exam they will have superhuman strength, capable of tearing a planet in two. - In the third year if they are lucky enough to pass the D exam they will have the power to fly. - When the fourth year and complete and pass the C exam, they will gain incredible speed, faster than light. - Classes are getting harder! and during the fifth year, if they pass the B exam, their muscles will become bigger and double in size. -We arrive at the last compulsory year and if they pass the A exam they will have a whole range of superpowers (telekinesis, laser beams through their eyes, elementary power, etc.) - This year is not mandatory because it is known to be very hard or even impossible, and it is in this year that our story begins, and we will find three Ami, Jeff, Max and David, the strongest guys in the world. university and they are ready to do anything to reach the end of the year and win the S exam which will give them unlimited and divine power, they will also be immortal. But before I will introduce you to our three friends . ............................ .................................. Jeff Even before entering this university, Jeff has always been a great sportsman, he was playing football, tennis, boxing, athletics, fencing... since he passed the exam F he adored his new body, his biceps became very veined footballs, his shoulders grew like bowling balls, his pectorals are incredible mountains, his abs a well-defined 8-pack, his legs have become real works of art, and his cock hmmm anyone would give anything to suck it. You will find him dressed in a black tracksuit and a black compression t-shirt. it will be only a year later that he will join the group of three Friends. .................... David David was a fat old man, he spent his time eating, all his school friends harassed him, his father beat him... It was when he passed his first year F exam that his life changed. He was masturbating looking at a muscular and sexy guy when he received his exam result, his muscles got bigger than Jeff's, they were so developed that he ripped off his clothes. Now you will always see him dressed in boxer shorts. He spends his time at the college strip club doing muscle worship sessions, he's become so cocky and narcissistic. It was only a year after he met Jeff during a session in his club. ....................... Max Max and a champion, at school he was always the first, at the age of 5 he could already build light bulbs, at 10 he won the trophy for the youngest scientist. When he received his muscle transformation he fucked a freshman in the bathroom, his muscles and his cock started to grow bigger and bigger as he punctured the freshman's body. You will see him dressed in a white t-shirt and blue jeans. It was when he went to the strip club next year that he fell in love with Jeff and David, since that day he decided all three to create the group of three Friends and pass the S exam together. . ................. Max: "Come on, hurry up David! Stop looking at yourself in all the mirrors! We're going to be late for our main teacher's class and besides Jeff has already arrived in front of the classroom" David : " Wait, we're not in such a hurry and no one can resist those magnificent pecs capable of resisting an atomic bomb" he said drooling in front of his divine muscles "oh I so want to jerk off hard" Max: " No if you jerk off now we will be at least 8 hours late" David: " Okay" A few minutes later they are all installed in the waiting room. The door to the room opens and a gargantuan shadow moves towards the blackboard, his professor's muscles are three times bigger than the 20 students gathered in the class, he has short hair and wears green pants like a military style Spark: " Hello prawns! I am Professor Spark, I will be your main teacher and I will explain to you the course of this year. You will have three teachers for three subjects: - Myself for logic and science subjects because being superheroes does not mean being stupid. - Professor Suavez for sex and eroticism lessons, but he will explain more in detail tomorrow. - And Professor Gorrio for physical and sports subjects, they will teach you how to control your strength and your powers. So that you are aware each teacher can eject students throughout the year if they consider that they are not fit to take the S exam. QUESTIONS !?" Not a sound in the class, all the students are impressed in front of M Spark, even David who usually touches each other constantly in class is drooling in front of this mountain of muscles. ................ At the same time, on planet Stix, the rival planet of planet Magnus, in the heart of a castle filled with darkness, a 30-year-old man, well muscled he could beat all the most famous bodybuilders in the universe, dressed in a very tight dark black dress walks towards a huge room, he kneels on the floor and begins to speak. Submitted: "Master Baram? your spies from planet Magnus have returned, you were right the three friends are going to take the S exam at the end of the year" Baram: " HAHAHA, MY PLANS ARE GOING AS I WANT, IN 12 MONTHS I WILL HAVE THE WHOLE UNIVERSE AT MY FEET. LOOK OUT JEFF, DAVID, MAX AND M UNIVERSITY, YOU WILL MEET US SOON " To be continued... (here is for part 1 I hope my English is good, I will soon write part 2 in the meantime I await your feedback )
  24. I hope you like it, but rememer, this is a snuff story, hope you like it, thanks to Freakoman2 for the idea. If you really find snuff stories distastefull, please look for one of the wonderfull stories out there. The Secret Snuffers Society Part 16-Dubious move He was a guard on the SSS, he was a recent hire, he was on his barracks, and was on his undies. He touched himself for a while, we was beginning to get a pardon when someone opened the door a bit too hard and yelled. “Guard Julio, your orders” It was a strange English with a kind of “Brazilian” tone. Felipe relayed orders to the guard. He took the small piece of paper and said a bit too loudly and resented “Warehouse 4! Again?, that one is empty!!!”. He complained for a but but Felipe was unfazed, “você obedece ou morre” he said and bounced his pecs to assert his position even more. “What?” Julio said. Felipe hardened his face and bluntly said. “obey or die”, then he turned back and left the room. Julio couldn’t help to look at Felipe’s body, he was tall, dark skinned, and a very masculine and hands, se face that poured aggression at every movement. He felt somewhat threatened by the elite SSS guard but as far as he obeys he would be safe. He took his piece of paper and went to the showers, there were some guards already. “Which warehouse you’re in?” Another guard asked. “Warehouse 4”, Julio answered, “But that one is empty!” A third guard said loudly, it should be easy since there is nothing to guard, you can sleep all day there. Want to change?” “No thanks” Julio answered, a but too bluntly. The other guards decided to let the thing pass and keep concentrated on their bathing. Julio felt his pecs and arms, the SSS hard training was making him grow at more speed than he ever though, he was already in good shape even after he offered himself to join the SSS when the Old Red’s were defeated, he was one of the guards that returned to the old base just after Michal took over. Before that he was one of the tugs but he had a lot of ambition, he craved the money and in some sense the power, he trained very hard for the second thinking the first would come eventually, and the results showed on his body, his stamina and strength grew quiet a lot under Michal’s training regime and watch. After just two months, Michal saw he was fit to go to patrol the HQ neighborhood streets and soon after, he caught a thief stupid enough to defy the SSS orders and he was quickly dispatched by a group of guards, it was the very first SSS kill he saw, the thief have been dragged to the base, then four guards took each limb, Julio was left the head , since he was the one that found the thief. The guards pulled the limbs out, after some bit os struggling the thief was dismembered, Julio at first was hesitant, then he grabbed the head and twisted from side to side cracking the neck and stopping any movement of the chest and abs. Julio used to kill, but always was with a weapon, a gun, a bat, a rope, but it was the first time he had. To do it with his barehands. Michal taught him the technique but he didn’t had the opportunity until now. Soon he was promoted, Julio climbed up the ranks of the SSS until he was a full guard, at first he thought that the missions would be more dangerous, but he soon found himself on a somewhat boring task. The warehouses were lame, and boring, almost no one dared to try to steal anything, but the upper ranks told him that these where very valuable thing and they where there because these goods needed to be trusted so someone worthy, but Julio found these task extremely boring, specially warehouse 4, that was empty, it seemed to be the former Old Red’s warehouse, but apart of some empty crated, the warehouse was empty. No things to see, no treasures, absolutely nothing apart off some blood stains on the floor, there was nothing to see there. Suddenly his phone vibrated on his pants. Julio jumped in surprise, there was no need to be scared since he was all alone on the warehouse. He received a message and went serious. Julio’s shift ended late in the night, another guard entered the warehouse and sighted and the empty place. “This will be boring” the guard said “Yeah, I Know, but You could take a nap or two if you want” Julio answered, he went to the restaurant where a lot of sleepy guards from, the warehouses and soldiers from the neighborhood were eating, Julio wasn’t in the mood of talking so he chose a far table and ate his foot as fast as he could. He tapped on his phone and looked back at the messages. He looked worried, as soon as he finished his meal he left the place and entered the office warehouse, he walked the almost lone aisles and he went to the barracks, he jumped on his bed and lay still with his eyes opened, soon all his companions passed on the aisles making a lot of noise. Julio sighted and simply laid until the sounds were a distant echo. He got up and slowly walked to the door. He opened it and poked his head out. He looked at both sides and didn’t saw nothing, he slowly left his quarters and slowly walked to the aisles, he walked in a deliberate way so to not make any unwanted sound, after sometime that felt like an eternity, he found the place he wanted to be, the Interviewer’s office. Julio walked to the office door and tried to open the office, the knob didn’t move. “Too easy, they still have some safety here, they’re too confidant on their men”. He thought for himself, he then took two clips and using his fingers he poked the door knob, after some minutes of quiet meddling the knob turned, and Julio entered the Interviewer’s office. Julio quietly looked at all the things on the office keeping an eye on all the details so if he needed to enter the office again nobody would suspect. He finally opened the drawer and took the PC out, Julio smiled, he opened the PC and tried to hack on it, he tapped the keyboard at first, but an error message appeared on the screen, Julio sighted, “shoudn’t be so easy” he thought. He taped for some minutes with his head very close to the screen since he needed to put the screen in dim mode. Julio sigthed in frustration for several minutes, until the screen changed. Julio smiled, he could break on the interviewer’s laptop, Julio took his phone and a cable and connected them to initiate a files transfer, Julio explored the PC explorer looking for important files…after some taps and clicks he frowned. “Strange…there are no files here.” Julio muttered. Julio tapped again fro some more minutes looking for hidden directories and files, after sometime he deemed too dangerous to continue searching the files, so he decided to stop at that point, he put the PC back on it’s place and made sure that nothing was left out of place. He quietly opened the door poking his head, the aisle was silent, the lights were off and only a lone and away light was on. Julio quietly closed the door and put his clips on the pocket, he slowly walked away, he heard a small breeze and quickly he turned back, he went nervous and saw something like a shadow on a far away wall, he didn’t dared to move waiting for a surprise but nothing happened, not a sound, not a shadow, “just an illusion” Julio though and quietly returned to his quarters. Julio woke up early, the door opened a little too hard and Felipe entered “Guard Julio, your orders” he said and handled Julio a small piece of paper. “Warehouse 4 again?” Julio complained. “Você obedece ou morre” Felipe answered unfazed and bouncing his pecs twice before leaving the quarter. Julio looked at the small piece of paper and decide to get himself ready. After some minutes Julio entered the assigned warehouse, his phone vibrated and Julio took his phone from his phone, he tapped it until “tonight” message appeared as sent. Julio walked on the lone warehouse, he looked at the ceiling, his uniform stretched a bit, Julio’s pecs stretched his shirt’s letting the skin show thought the openings. Julio decided to train on the empty warehouse, he took of his shirt and begun to make some pushups. After several minutes Julio stopped his training, he was fit and his abs were just starting to show, but his pecs were big and round, his arms begun to define and Julio was loving the results. His times on the Old Red’s were good, but after joining the SSS he soon craved for more, even as his paycheck on the SSS wasn’t even low, he felt he deserved more, he usually got more money on the Old Red’s but that was thanks to the extortions more that for his salary. His ambition rarely subsided, and he thought that maybe he could make some more money by sending SSS information to the other mafia’s. The main problem for Julio was to find a contact, but when he was a mere soldier he found his opportunity when he casually found a spy trying to get information about the SSS with the neighbors, the people were clearly uncomfortable with his questions and they soon felt relief when they saw Julio, Julio took out the spy from the streets, he walked with the spy until they found a lone alley, Julio convinced the spy to not try to enter to the HQ “you already have one there, ME, if you try to enter they’ll make sure you end like a stain on the floor” Julio said at that time. The spy offered quite a handsome pay and he gave him his number, from that point they exchanged information, but unfortunately as a mere soldier that was very few valuable information they could exchange. After some time Julio got his promotion so he had a stream of information he could share, but suddenly the spy begun to ask for more delicate information, specially since they were informed that the SSS lost the secondary base, the information asking where getting more serious and Julio decided he would need to finish his deal. “you give up on us an we will inform the SSS about you” the spy said on one of his messages, that made Julio freak out, he knew the kind of punishments the SSS would do on his members, he once hear that that muscle monster Wolf one exploded the head o one of his members from one clap and how he liked to dismember people weaker than him, he saw him twice from a distance and even from that distance Wolf looked monstrous. Julio feared what could happen to him if he was found but fortunately for him, he learned almost all the turn shifts and he got the abilities to pick on locks and hacking from his previous jobs. Julio at least caved in and decided to get to the interviewers office and try to hack on his PC so to see the most important files. Unfortunately last night was his first successful visit to the Interviewers office, but he could nog get any file, It was odd, but he decided that that night he would try to enter the office again. Julio trained for some more time, he decided to make some shadow boxing, he was sweating. “It’s good to see our guards training” a deep low voice echoed on the warehouse. Julio jumped scared and looked at the direction of the voice. Before he was so lost on his own thoughts while training that he didn’t noticed Wolf who was quietly approaching him. Julio stood up and tried to grab his shirt “No need for the shirt” Wolf said. Julio stood firm while looking at Wolf. Wolf was slowly approaching, Julio couldn’t help to admire Wolf’s size “he’s so big” he thought and some strange mixture of awe and fear begun to form on his mind, he trembled at his size, and the strength transfixing his being at every step. Wolf walked slowly, but each step he give made Julio think on how this behemoth of a man could exist. “You have an Interview…just here” Wolf quietly said. Julio didn’t dared to move, he knew that a visit from the Interviewer was meant business, for better of for worse. Wolf stood still, bouncing his pecs occasionally, flexing his biceps and grunting sometimes. “He’s a piece of showoff” Julio thought, but at the same time he felt that Wolf was some kind of alpha predator, Julio though that it was better to try to stay on Wolf’s good side. “You’re Wolf…I mean…THE Wolf?” Julio asked. Wolf looked at him, his dark eyes were almost menacing, Wolf simply grunted. “How much time we will have to wait?” Julio tried to ask. “Wait” Wolf said. He was at first serious then he smirked “weak” Wolf said. Julio felt offended, he didn’t thought that he was weak, he was quite a strong soldier on the Old reds and since he joined the SSS; he became stronger, he looked at Wolf’s size and though that although Wolf was big enough he was only size. Julio was a trained soldier, so he could give this big man a fight. Wolf stood silent, bouncing his pecs occasionally until the warehouse door opened and the interviewer entered. The Interviewer took his time to approach both men, he had a Sixpack box of coke cans on his hand. He walked next to Wolf and handed him the cokes, then he pushed a wooden box and sat over it. “You sure?” He said. Wolf nodded with his head. The Interviewer sighed. “Give me one please, they’re cold” the Interviewer said almost ignoring Julio, Wolf tore the box and took a can and threw it gently to the Interviewer, then Wolf grabbed a can over his head and crushed the can that exploded, the soda spilled over Wolf’s mouth, Wolf then made the same movement with the other cans until his thirst was quenched. There was one last can, “want one?” Wolf said to Julio, “Yes pleas…” Wolf threw the can to Julio with so much strength that the can hit Julios pecs and threw him backwards. Julio stood up and took the soda con opened it and took some sips of the beverage. The Interviewer opened his can and sipped in silence. “He looks weak” Julio thought, It was the very first time he could see both men close enough to make comparisons, the Interviewer was clearly weaker than himself so he wondered why Wolf worked for the Interviewer, “he must pay Wolf too handsomely” he thought. His thighs were interrupted by the Interviewer. “So, let’s cut to the chase…what were you doing in my office last night?” Julio laughed. “I wasn’t in your office last night” he said. “I must act calm” Julio thought for himself. Even so, his thought raced, he looked at the Interviewer and then Wolf “I could be dead if I don’t talk myself out of this” he thought. “Of course you were, Wolf himself saw you?” The Interviewer quietly responded, takin a sip of his soda and looking at Julio directly in the eye. Julio thought that he seemed to peek inside his mind, “I don’t know, maybe Wolf was confused, at what time he supposedly saw me?” Julio said in a calm tone. Wolf stepped forward, Julio made a step backwards looking at Wolf and then the Interviewer. “you’re Julio right?” The Interviewer said, his eerie calm voice put Julio on his nerves, he didn’t knew how he could instill fear, maybe was his calmness, or the combined effect of the Interviewer calmness and Wolf’s unfathomable presence, Julio’s mind kept racing thinking at all the possibilities while trying to find quick answers. “Yes, I am” Julio answered. “See Julio, yesterday someone entered at my office, seems that someone tried to look at some confidential files on my PC, and Wolf saw the someone entering and leaving the office…and to my surprise, that someone just looks like you!”. The Interviewer said. Julio looked at the Interviewer, it seemed that Wolf was the shadow he thought he saw the night before, he knew that he was in deep trouble but he still had an opportunity, Wolf could give him some trouble , if he could hit him by surprise, he could outrun the Interviewer and reach the door, once outside he could run for his dear life and look for refuge with the spy. Julio pondered his possibilities, “Look, I don’t know what are you talking about?” Julio said while looking at the warehouse. Wolf slowly begun to walk next to Julio. Julio begun to feel fear, he knew that if Wolf made his movement first he would be in very deep trouble. “This isn’t worth my time” the Interviewer said, "tell me quickly who contracted you”, he demanded. Wolf looked at the Interviewer waiting for some signal but Julio seized the opportunity and jumped to Wolf face and punched straight to his nose with his right hand. “CRACK” Julio felt the sharp pain on his right hand, and saw how it was already deformed, it was like hitting a wall with all his might and finding that the wall wouldn’t budge. Julio decided it was better not to pursue another attack and ran just at the place where the Interviewer was seated, Julio saw the Interviewer jumping at his right just in time to avoid Julio rush, Julio ran was fast as he could, the door was near, every step near, Julio felt he could leave, just five more steps, he stretched out his left hand to reach the knob, he suddenly felt a yank on his right arm, and an irresistible force that launched him backwards. Julio saw himself flying in slow pace, “how it can be?” He thought, he saw in some comic way all the warehouse in circles, the lights were just rounded beams of light, his right hand was deformed but at that moment he didn’t felt any sensation but the hand was deformed just in the middle, why it was that his hand was in that way. Julio crashed to the ground and rolled back some meters, Wolf had thrown almost 10 meters long, “Don’t be so hard we still need him” Julio heard the Interviewer saying in a slight irritated tone. Julio tried to wake up but he was dizzy, he saw Wolf was walking at his direction, Wolf face was unfazed or that was a small smirk. Julio saw at his uniform and saw it dirty with dust from the ground, he saw some reddish points where his blood were staining the uniform. “What’s this” Julio thought while looking ad his uniform, it was so confusing, he was trying to run then he was flying and the landed hard…suddenly he regained his senses and begun to feel a dull pain coming from his right hand and some painful points on his body, he begun to recover his situational conscience just at the moment Wolf reached him. Julio tried to kick Wolf but has before, trying to kick his abs and legs where like hitting a wall, or maybe a safe, “how it could be possible” Julio thought, he have hit may thing, but he never thought that a human being could be this kind of hard. Wolf grabbed his right arm, “I need to flee” Julio thought and begun to struggle agains Wolf but even if Wolf wasn’t making and harm at this point, his strength was so great that Julio couldn’t scape and flee. “Hold him” Julio heard in the clear and quiet Interviewer voice. He then felt some ripping sound and he felt a small scratching pain on his legs followed by the feeling of a cold wind on his thighs. “Here” Wolf said, Julio heard a sound of moving clothes followed by the voice of the Interviewer. “Gross, i didn’t wanted to search in that way”. Julio heard the sound of cloth rubbing for some seconds. “Here it is, I need his face to unlock this thing”. Julio felt a tug on his left arm and then he felt an irresistible strength that forced him to look at the interviewer. Suddenly he felt himself dangling in the air as two big hands lifted him high. He saw at the interviewer coming near him and he tried to kick the interviewer but he then felt himself being shaken for some minute until he fell too dizzy to respond. A smaller hand lifted his chin “good, grab him while I search here. Julio fell the hands releasing him. He fell to the ground “I’m in deep trouble, idc they search the phone, they’ll find everything” Julio thought. “The Latins”, Julio was in full alert now, they already saw he was looking for information. “Fortunately the PC on my office was empty of we could be in very deep trouble” Julio heard the Interviewer talking to Wolf, Julio looked at Wolf and he was smirking, suddenly he saw how Wolf looked at him and his smirk changed to a devilish smile. Julio felt panic, his dizziness quickly subsided, the pain on his right hand left his body, Julio jumped and pushed the Interviewer at the side, he ran for his dear life and grabbed the door. Julio suddenly felt a big hand grabbing his neck and his ass from behind…his heart was racing, he suddenly found himself looking at the ceiling but he wasn’t laying down on anything, Julio felt to big hands grabbing him and even if he violently squirmed, the hands grabbed him so hard that he only caused damage to himself. Julio felt for a small second a falling sensation followed by a “thud” and pain as Wolf released him and let him fell to the ground. “Hold him” he heard the Interviewer saying to Wolf. Then Julio felt over his chest a big weight that held him agains the ground. He opened his eyes and saw a big strong leg over his chest and he then understood that Wolf was stepping over him. He tried to move the foot but it didn’t budge, the fact that his right hand was broken didn’t helped. Julio look upside but Wolf wasn’t looking at him but his smirk made him feel very inferior. “What Is this guy thinking?” Julio thought, suddenly a feeling of rage filled him so he applied more strength, “Huh?” Wolf smiled at him while looking at his eyes. Julio looked at the dark eyes and tried to release himself from Wolf foot, Wolf lifted his foot and Julio tried to get up and run but Wolf quickly grabbed him and held him to face the Interviewer Julio felt a pair of strong hands holding him from the ribs. . “What do you know about the Latins?” The Interviewer said. Julio felt his rage boiling, he tried to kick the Interviewer but every time he tried to do something Wolf lifted him until the feet dangled and shook him like a rag doll. Julio was raging “I don’t know nothing, I was just paid by and spy” He said. “What spy?” The Interviewer asked. “Few weeks ago we found a spy, I negotiated with him…” Julio told all the details of the story. All he knew, he thought that maybe if he told the truth he would be spared of his punishment will be softer. Wolf hold on him softened a little but he didn’t tried to run. After some minutes Julio shut his mouth, “that’s all” his last word were heartfelt, he felt somewhat relieved to spill all the beans. Wolf released him. He waited for an answer, he looked at the Interviewer, he was seated on the wooden box pondering an answer, Julio waited while he saw the Interviewer looking at Wolf. “This isn’t worth my time” the Interviewer said bluntly. Suddenly Julio felt Wolf hand’s behind his neck and pelvis, suddenly he felt himself being thrown upwards, Julio’s mind made him look at everything in slow pace, he looked at Wolf’s from upside down, Julio though for some milliseconds how big and strong Wolf’ pecs where and he admired ho easy he was throw by those big arms, he slowly begun to fall after just a brisk of time he felt floating ingravidly before falling to Wolf arms. Julio fell over Wolf biceps, he felt the muscle mass rising over his back, the biceps suddenly got hard as Julio’s weight fell down on Wolf’s arms, Julio felt the air being forced out of his lungs, the felt Wolf arms swollen agains he back for a second befe he was launched again upward and backwards. Julio felt the pain on his back as he fell over it, he tried to get a breath of air, he decided he need to try to put a fight before running but at the same time he was wondering how this behemoth of a man could be so unfathomable strong. His mind raced, he saw sometime big wrestlers throwing people behind his back but they never got the distance at this man was throwing him and he was nearing the 85kgs. He felt he didn’t had an opportunity in a hand to hand fight but if he thanked well he could have a chance to flee. Julio looked at his front, Wolf was already walking casually to him bouncing his pecs, and with a devilishly smile. “Good, you haven’t fainted…the training worked” Wold said to him, his words penetrated his mind, the SSS training have hardened his body, that explained why even as he felt a lot of pain, he wasn’t completely defeated, that made him a little more confidant that he could scape. He stood up and although a little dizzy he jumped to Wolf, he flew and kicked Wolf in some king of flying kick that landed on Wolf’s pecs, Wolf simply hardened his pecs blocking the impact that could knock out a normal man. “What kind of man is he” Julio thought while falling to the floor and getting up as soon as he could. He looked at Wolf bouncing pecs, he understood that Wolf was trying to make him inferior and decided he would be a man enough to fight and get free. “I´ll aim fro his neck” Julio thought in half a second and using all his strength and training he punched as hard as he could, the hit was completely ineffective, as Wolf simply moved an inch and his fist punched the air. Wolf grabbed the left forearm by the middle and begun to squeeze with his fingers. Julio’s brain begun to process the new source of pain, he was still standing on his feet but the pain from Wolf slowly piercing his skin was beginning the trigger his panic, he already heard al the stories of Wolf’s brutality and he begun to understand that this time he was at Wolf’s aim. His mind enters in survival mode and tried to fight Wolf as hard as his instincts allowed. Julio kicked Wolf’s legs to no avail, Wolf’s muscles were impenetrable, his face didn’t flinched, Julio wondered why Wolf was still smirking and enjoying his pain and wondered at how slowly Wolf could pierce his skin just for the sake to cause pain. He used his right his elbow to his Wolf’s face but Wolf’s sight was concentrated on Julio’s right forearm. Soon there were some drops of blood drenching Wolf’s fingers, Wolf showed his teeth and licked his lips like a rabbit Wolf enjoying the thrill for what he was about to do. “I have to run for my life, what I do? Julio’s mind was racing at the moment, the pain on his right arm and hand was increasing by the second at the same time he was feeling WOlf’s fingers clawing on his skin, tearing it with his fingernails that were bargaining to pierce the muscles underneath it. “AAAAARRRGGGHHH” Julio heard himself crying for pain, the yell game him a small relief he tried to hit Wolf’s pecs with his left hand, no…effect, his abs…no effect “what is this man made of?” Julio thought. He kept trying with pecs but all his struggles were in vain, Wolf kept slowly piercing Julios skin and his mind raced but it was too difficult from seeing Wolf’s smiling like a monster enjoying the pain he was inflicting. Julio tried to claw the skin but only managed to rip his shirt over his left pec. Julio felt the pressure on his left arm easing. He took the opportunity to break free from Wolf’s hand and jumped to run, Julio ran to the door for one, two, three steps and again he felt Wolf hand behind his neck, this time Wolf lifted him just with one hand. “What kind of might this monster has?” Julio thought while feeling the pressure on his neck and dangling his legs. He slowly felt himself descending to the floor, “Not yet bug” Wolf said to his ear, Julio thought for some second that Wolf’s voice was nearly menacing but yet, extremely profound and masculine, like the way a invincible human would speak if he was conscious of the kind of strength he possessed. He felt small, extremely vulnerable and for some time he thought of Wolf like a predator toying with his prey. Julio felt how he was yanked to the floor, he at first fell face down but he managed to turn himself up, just to see Wolf standing overtime and holding his left calf with his right hand. Wolf was smirking, looking at Julio with eerie superiority, he used only his left hand to rip the remains of his shirt, so Julio could see Wolf’s torso. Julio stopped moving for a second, he couldn’t help but admire Wolf size, the size of his muscles his, pecs, this arms, the extremely well defined muscles on his torso, the extreme size but at the same time the great definition and symmetry. Wolf irradiated power, so much that Julio felt smaller, suddenly the admiration stopped and all the feelings were exchanged for a sharp pain on his left calf. He felt Wolf’s fingers piercing his skin and calf muscles like he was being put in a hook. This time the pain rose faster than before, when Wolf was pressing his forearm. Wolf glare was sadistic. “He’s …monster!” Julio thought in fear, while trying to force an scape to no avail, he tried to move his leg but Wolf was pressing so hard that he barely moved, then He tried to kick Wolf in the face with his other leg, but he couldn’t get even close. “How he can be so big” Julio thought. Suddenly the pain on his calf increases exponentially. “AAAAAAAIIIEEEEEEE” Julio couldn’t help but yell at the sudden pressure on his calf, he felt five increasing pressure points like hooks on his calf and suddenly he felt a warm liquid pouring down his leg. He looked at his leg and saw Wolf’s left hand piercing his calf, his blood was running out from the holes Wolf made on the skin, his calf muscles stopped responding has Wolf reached the muscle and begun to pierce it, suddenly he felt the tendons giving up against Wolf’s fingers and the calf stopped moving but was still the leg was sending painful stimulus at his brain. “OI campo hold any longer” Julio thought desperately. He heard a devilish laugh, and Julio’s fear begun to rise again. He squirmed but his leg wasn’t responding, Suddenly Julio felt Wolf’s fingers reaching the bone. An evil hard caught was heard and Julio felt a sick flesh tearing sound, followed by an incredible sharp pain on his left leg. Julio rolled on the floor, the pain was unbearable, he tried to hold his calf but suddenly he felt himself trying to hold a thin hard somewhat cylindric thing, between the pain surges he tried to see at his left leg and saw that his calf wasn’t there instead of a calf there was only the tibia and fibula, naked, exposed to the air, blood was pouring from the leg, he suddenly felt the terror, the pain and yelled with all his strength. Painfull screams echoed thought the warehouse. Julio’s word became shaky as he was rolling on the floor from the pain to lose his shin. While rolling he saw Wolf with his ripped calf on his hand as he was holding a glove that has a shoe attached to it. The pain diminished at the same time Julio begun to feel his conscience fading away. Julio’s mind was flying, he felt somewhat incorporeal, at the distance he felt some manipulation on his amputated leg. His conscience begun to return, “this is only a nightmare” he thought for a second but suddenly he felt the pain of the amputation and saw at the stump of his leg with a tourniquet, then he felt being lifted from his cracked hand and lifted up. The pain on his leg was unbearable but his survival mechanism kicked in, he opened his eyes and saw Wolf looking at him directly in the eye. “What a maniacal face” Julio thought for a millisecond before another painful surge reached his brain. This time from the cracked hand…or lack of. HE looked at his forearm. And saw that no hand was there, he heard Wolf laugh and his ripped hand over Wolf’s left hand. “Noooooo” Julio muttered has he heard a sickening cracking sound. He saw at Wolf’s hand while he was dangling in the air. Wolf’s hand that was closed in a blood stained fist, blood was pouring from Wolf’s interdigital spaces. Julio felt himself being lifted again from his now handless arm. “Why I don’t feel any blood on my arm” Julio stupidly thought, he tried to look up and saw Wolf lifting him with his left hand only and pressing so hard that the blood wasn’t circulating on the arm. “I’m just like a toy that he is destroying” Julio thought, “why I’m still alive?” He wondered. His fight instincts already gave up. Julio was only waiting to die quickly… “Kill me” Julio muttered to Wolf. Wolf stood silent, looking at him. His smirk subsided for a second “I will…not yet” Wolf said in a playful tone that terrified Julio, his stupid instincts tried to make him fell to the ground but he moved like a dying fish on a fishing pole. He load at Wolfs chest and saw his right hand grabbing his jaw, he felt three fingers inside his mouth, Julio pressed his jaw trying to bit off Wolf’s fingers but he felt that he was trying to bite a brick, his jaw dislocated from the pressure sending a pain surge to the brain, suddenly the pain surge rosa exponentially at the same time he felt a crack follower by a squishy rising sound. “Nooooooo” Julio thought as he saw his jaw on Wolf’s hand. Wolf released his jaw. “Why I’m alive” Julio mind raced, he tried to yell but the only sound he could heard from himself was a wind tunnel effect co ing from his throat, he felt himself falling to the ground, the fall was slow, or his mind raced so hard that he felt each millimeter from the fall, his brain was a mixture of pain, bewilderment and terror. He wanted to die, he would die too, but the way was too slow, he felt two pairs of hands grabbing his head and lifting…the next thing Julio saw was Wolf’s devilish face, “he’s going to crush my head…at least I will rest” Julio thought, but suddenly he felt 10 fingers piercing his head, he felt so much pain while he felt Wolf ripping his scalp off from the cranium. “Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah” Wolf was muttering as Julio felt the most unbearable pain until this moment, he felt his skin trying to fight Wolf’s unbearable force, just trying to stay in one piece, but suddenly Julio felt his skin giving up like a piece of torn cloth. Blood sprayed in all directions of Julio’s angle of vision, he felt his body dangling from the ground just by two flaps of skins, one in each side of his head, in each Wolf’s hands. The head bounced up and down a little. Julio saw his eyes that barely were inside his orbits. “Why he was still alive, why he was suffering more pain than a normal human?…why Wolf could make him suffer in this way?” He suddenly felt his body falling to the floor, he felt a leg pushing him to look upside down. Julio saw Wolf kneeling over him, his pecs were stained in blood and their bounce mad little blood drops jump from his nipples. Wolf smirked in sheer superiority, and while smirking he flexed his arms and put them close to Julio’s eyes, “before you die, you’ll see the muscles that destroyed you…but I will destroy you even more until you finally die…soldier” Wolf said with disdain. “How much more pain I can feel” Julio wondered, but himself unable to scream, or even to die, he resigned to his fate, he saw Wolf grabbing his shoulders and then he saw Wolf’s triceps contacting as Wolf ripped his right arm in one movement, at the same time he saw Wolf ripping the left arm… the sudden pain almost made Julio faint but Wolf worked at such speed that he was unable to hide his mind in unconsciousness.. He saw Wolf flexing his biceps with one of Julio’s arm at each hand. Wolf then put his hands at each side of his chest , Julio felt the unfathomable crushing strength as he felt his chest being crushed like a cardboard box. Wolf looks at his eyes playfully, “you’re about to go” he said in a devilish way. “Let me go!” Julio tried to say but he had no air, almost no oxygen on his head, he was about to die. He felt two powerful hands at the sides of his cranium. He saw to big dark eyes over a superiority smirk. Wolf was enjoying each second of suffering he caused “time to go your piece of shit” Wolf said with contempt. Julio felt the pressure on his head. His vision begun to blur, the pressure was increasing by the second, Julio’s mind was in slow motion as he felt the pressure and the pain increasing simultaneously, Julio saw how Wolf lowered the head while making pressure and the head was a Wolf’schest level. Julio saw Wolf’s pecs striations growing, there were so much lines on his pecs and every second he saw new lines forming and with each line the pressure on his cranium increased. Suddenly Julio heard a cracking sound coming from his temples, Julio felt his bones cracking in all directions, Wolf yelled “yeaaaaaaaaaaaah” as the pressure reached it’s climax and Julio felt his head exploding…Julio saw was his blood and brains spraying in all directions his eyeballs were shot at Wolf’s pecs the last thing those eyes saw where Wolf’s blood stained pecs and nipples and everything faded to black.
  25. Hi everyone, like alwaysm thanks to Frealoman2 and Mczlapl for the help! And as alwaysm if you don0t like snuff stories, please loook for another of the great stories, If you like these kind of stuff, please enjoy. The Secret Snuffers Society Part 15- Sicilian defense The next two months were uneventful, the Interviewer was on the main base, as usual Wolf was with him and at his side there was Igor, Buck, Brian, Connor, Felipe and Carlos. Formed like in on the military. “Paolo sent us the last report of the southern base…seems thing begun to change, we need to stay ready, you’ll be deployed on the bases…seems our time is up.” Wolf bounced his pecs and Buck responded in kind, then Brian followed, followed by Igor, soon, for the Irritation of the Interviewer all begun to flex his muscles, “Ok, ladies, you’re all pretty, so stop the bouncing…Wolf Stop provoking!” He said in irritation. Wolf smirked. The Interviewer tapped his PC, “until this moment, we see that the Latins and the Japanese are fighting between them for the control of the drugs business that we left” the Interviewer said. “Too bad, that seems that we won’t kill them” Wolf said, all the others smiled. The Interviewer sighed in irritation, “yes, we won’t kill them directly but anyway we should expect them attacking us.” The Interviewer said. “Any plan you have?” Carlos asked. “Not yet”. “Why? Igor said. “We still are waiting, Michal is preparing the soldiers on the secondary base and Ricardo and Tony are already with him, I don’t think the southern base has any strategic value since we already transferred the controlling assets from that base to our base here, so that is essentially a cover building and we expect Paolo coming back soon, then we will need to transfer our best soldiers to both bases, we can be attacked here, or on the secondary base…the worst case scenario is that we receive an attack on both fronts”…the Interviewer stood silent for a second…”Unfortunately that’s the most likely case” the Interviewer said. “Why is that?” Igor asked. “Because that’s how I would attack” the Interviewer said. Soon after Michal was on the big office in the secondary base, he was already using Dario’s services. Darios’s mind was already broken and Michal had him always waiting on the office just in case he need some kind of release. A call came from the Interviewer so Michael tossed Dario at the sofa and took the call. “You really need to use Dario all the time?” The interviewer said with slight irritation. Michal just smirked. “Did you find any info on the Japanese and the Latins?” Up to this moment, they are still fighting on the streets, they are wearing down each other”. Michal said. “What do you think? How much time can happen until one prevails?” The Interviewer asked. Michal went serious…”Our estimates are that they can fight for one month more…”; “I think that when one of the mobs weakens they will look for our resources thinking we are weaker…or they get too desperate that they look for our resources…we should reinforce our defenses ands specially we need to strengthen our forces…”; “OK boss, I’ll do It, Tony is already on special training, Ricardo too”. “Where’s Lorenzo?” He’s practicing his martial arts out side” Michal answered. “I will send you Igor, he already knows the terrain, he can be of use” the Interviewer said, “ no need” Michal said, the Interviewer sighted…nodded and hung up the call. “Dario, come here” Michael ordered and begun to use Dario again. The Interviewer closed his PC, he sighed. “This could be more difficult than I thought”, he was alone with Wolf, he looked at Wolf and said “what do you think?”. Wolf smiled and said “you have one Wolf, I could destroy them all”. The Interviewer laughed “Yes Wolf, but we still to keep the SSS intact, you know how much time we will need to rebuild?”. Wolf smiled “So, well need to do It your way”. “Thanks buddy” the Interviewer said. The Interviewer then went out of the office and walked with Wolf outside the warehouse, Igor soon came and Buck too. “We will need to reinforce or defenses, but the business needs to continue”. Igor said. The interviewer thought and looked at Wolf. “I don’t want to split our forces…but we still don’t have much information…it’s frustrating… Igor do we know something yet?”. “Nothing yet” Igor said. The Interviewer took his phone and tapped a message. “Igor, as soon as Paolo get’s here you’ll go first to the southern base, look for any critical detail we need to take care of, computers, camera recoding and that stuff, then you go to the secondary base, It’s already weak, we will stay here, Michal will lead the defense there In case of attack…be careful, I’m still worried about their movements”. “Could be a possibility that they don’t attack?” Buck said. “very unlikely… the first possibility is that they wear down each other, the second, they will fear that we could try to take back that business”. Buck stood silent. “So far we will need to continue, are you ready for your fight?” The Interviewer asked. “Yeah!” Buck said while flexing his muscles… “tonight you and Connor have fights”. Wolf growled. “Sorry buddy, you already had too much kills recently” the Interviewer said while patting gently his arm. That night the SSS guards were standing on the arena, the Interviewer this night was among them with Wolf at his side. “Come on Buddy, tonight let’s do this from the upper level” the Interviewer said. Wolf growled. The Interviewer knew he was starving from blood but he also wanted to give Buck an opportunity on the arena and to pay his debt to Connor. That night was the opportunity. On the arena already was one of the spared bodyguards of the now defeated Nuovi Imperatori mafia. The bodyguard seemed bigger than before, he was already shirtless and in joggers, he was bouncing like a MMA fighter, Buck entered the arena and the guard roared, Buck already where popular with his SSS colleagues, Buck has “dressed” with a small short pants very well adjusted, he was barefoot so he looked that he was on a bodybuilding exhibition more than in a fight arena. Buck made a deviously proud smile and flexed his arms, he was excited, and kept showing his muscles at the audience, almost ignoring his opponent. The guard grew angry at Buck’s showoff and decided to kick Buck in the back. Buck received the hit but he barely moved. Buck looked at him and smiled deviously. “Hit me again asshole” Buck said. The guard was astounded but tried to kick Buck again In the face, then in the chest and in the legs trying to destabilize buck. However all the hits were ineffective, Buck grew so strong that even the hardest hits the bodyguard made barely had an effect on Buck. The bodyguard tried to kick Buck again with his right leg in an upper karate kick but Buck grabbed his leg and with his right leg he kicked the bodyguard left shin, the leg broke and the guard fell to the ground in pain, holding the leg with his arms. Buck flexed his biceps and legs yelling “yeaaaah”, then bounced his pecs at the audience that grew wild. Buck walked to the bodyguard and stomped the good leg of the bodyguard at the left thigh. The leg couldn’t resist Buck’s strength and shattered, the “crack”was muffled by the guard’s ovations. Buck flexed again his legs showing them at the crowd. And making goofy faces. The guard crawled to the door, but Buck grabbed him from the shattered right leg and dragged him to the arena center. “NOOOOOOOOO, I surrender!!! Have mercy” the bodyguard yelled while trying to contain his pain. Buck was having non of that and kicked his ribs cracking them, the kicked the arms and shattered them, Buck enjoyed himself kicking the bodyguards body. After some minutes he stopped moving. A “Penalty, Penalty, penalty” scream sounded from the crowd Buck flexed his biceps and dragging the bodyguard to the center of the arena he put the bodyguard body over his back and the head looking at his left side. Buck took some steps back, so the bodyguard was looking at Buck. “Penalty, penalty, penalty” roars sounded and Buck jumped a little, his pecs bounced and his quads where marked, Buck was excited then Buck took impulse and like a football player he kicked the head. The head was ripped from the body with the kick, the body trembled and the head flew over the arena and one of the eyes flew out of his socked hanging to the head by the nerve and blood vessels. Blood poured from the ripped neck and the severed head, the head flew meters until it fell on the ground. The crowd went wild and Buck flexed his biceps, he walked to the head and stomped, crushing it like a bug, blood flew in all directions along with brain tissue. Buck roared in victory and left the arena with a devious smile. “He’s stronger now” the Interviewer said. “So he’s not that a bug now” Wolf answered but still growling. Buck left the arena and som SSS guards dragged the bodyguard body away. After some minutes, Carlos appeared dragging the second bodyguard “No, no, no, I don’t want to”, Carlos lifted the bodyguard over his head and threw him at the center of the arena, the air was forced out from the bodyguards lungs “Ooomphf” the Bodyguard muttered. Carlos left the area and Connor entered. Connor was a light heavyweight bodybuilder, with dazzling green eyes and a round face that had a masculine dark blonde beard with dark-blonde hair and a light layer of fur over his body. Connor entered absolutely naked like we was making an statement of power over his victim, he stroked his hung dick two times while walking to the bodyguard. “He’s bigger now” the Interviewer said”. Connor didn’t even waited for any signal and grabbed the bodyguard on the ground from the left foot with his left hand. He crushed the foot. The bodyguard twitched his head silently from the pain, he then got his breath and yelled at the top of his lungs. Connor enjoyed the pain, he grabbed the other foot without releasing the left foot and using his fingers he first crushed the foot and then ripped it from the leg. “Yeaaaaaah” Connor yelled, he then lifted the bodyguard over his head and threw ant the wall. Blood poured from the footless leg; Connor walked to the bodyguard and grabbed the left ankle compressing it and cutting the blood loss for a moment. Connor yanked the body and in a circular motion he flung the bodyguard at the wall. The Bodyguard tried to contain the hit with his hand but he barely could contain any of Connor force, he hit at the wall and fell to the ground. Connor decided to experiment a little and grabbed the left arm with both arms, he then using his foot he pined the bodyguard to the ground and yanked hard, the flesh and bone couldn’t contain Connor’s strength and he ripped the arm from the body, Connor yelled in victory and using the ripped body he swung it like a bat, soaking some guards with blood. The guard was rolling on the floor so Connor decided to go for the kill. Connor grabbed the bodyguards head and put it between his tights. He squeezed the head, first the head went red, Connor face begun to show sweat drops. The guard yelled but Connor squeezed harder. Big drops of sweat begun to roll on Connors face and the bodyguard face was deformed, soon the head caved in, making a sickening cracking sound. Connor yelled in victory and kept squeezing until the head had the form of his closed thighs. Connor opened his legs and the crushed head flopped to the ground. Connor flexed his biceps and bounced his pecs. Wolf growled “still too weak, heads are easy”. Connor kept flexing for some minutes. The Interviewer received a message on his phone. “It’s Ivan” he said. “Connor left the arena and all the guards were beginning to leave, the Interviewer tapped his phone, after some messages he put his phone on his pocket. The Interviewer stood on the arena after all the guards left. Wolf kept growling, and each grow was more menacing than the one before. “Please Wolf, be patient” the Interviewer said. “I want to put these to work” he said while bouncing his pecs. “Put what?” The interviewer said, teasing Wolf while recognizing that sometime Wolf could be very unpredictable. Wolf yelled angry and ripped his shirt “do you want to mess with me?” He said menacingly. The interviewer stood up and said “Ohhh, these?” He said poking his fingers at Wolf pecs. Wolf regained his calm “are you messing me isn’t you?” The Interviewer smirked, “yep, don’t worry Wolf, Ivan is already here”. The colosseum doors opened and Ivan entered, he was already shirtless, his muscled bear body was coverer by his characteristic fur, he was holding a small man dressed in a jacket way too big for his size and some oversized denims. “Let me go or else!” He yelled. Ivan smirked, he then tossed him at the center, then Ivan stood at his side. The Interviewer stood up and put a hand on Wolf arm. “Ivan, why you bring this man here?” Ivan put his right hand on his pocket and threw at the Interviewer a small bag of white powder. Wolf din’t waited for an answer and jumped to the colosseum. He grabbed the thug and ripped his jacket and pants leaving him only in his underwear, the tug was in shock from the sheer strength in which Wolf ripped all his clothes. “What the fuck?” The tug said, he was skinny and had a tanned skin. But even his skinny body showed he had some muscle on it, but comparing to the size of Ivan and specially, Wolf he was too small for both SSS men. Wolf growled, “this is all they send there to die?” Wolf said in disappointment. The Tug felt the offense “weak your mother” he said and hit Wolf in the face. Wolf smirked, “even for a weakling you seem to have guts” he said. “Let’s confirm that” Wolf said he yanked the tug and grabbed him from behind, holding with his big hands the shoulders and clavicles of both sides. Wolf lifted the tug a little so his feet dangled In the air. “No, no señor!” The Tug begged. But Wolf was already focused, he slowly but unrelenting begun to yank both shoulders at his sides. The tug begun to feel the pressure on his chest and sternum has Wolf was slowly dislocating his ribs from the sternum “AAARRRGGGHHH SEÑOR! POR FAVOR!” The tug screamed at the top of his lungs. Wolf kept yanking the shoulders. Wolf smirked “SIN FAVORES PARA TI DESGRACIADO” he said in a perfect Spanish, suddenly the ribs dislocated from the sternum and the vertebrae, the Body begun to tear apart upside down, the neck ripped to the right side of the body as the chest begun to tear itself apart, the lungs and airways tore down and where splitted in half so in each halve was a lung, the heart broke loose from the arteries and hanged from the left half. Wolf kept spreading his arms apart showing a monstrous back and triceps while tearing the body apart; Wolf kept tearing and the diaphragm tore up, the abdominal wall was ripped in half letting the guts fall to the ground, Wolf kept spreading his arms until the pelvis ripped in half ripping the bladder spreading blood and urine over the colosseum and that moment Wolf had the two halves of the body one in each arm. The head was limp and lifeless from the right side. Wolf turned at the Interviewer who was looking at him with a smirk “are you better buddy?” Wolf dropped the two halves and using his right hand he grabbed the head, and using just his fingers he slowly compressed the head until it imploded in Wolf’s hand. Wolf smiled devilishly and kept closing his fist until there was nothing mucho to compress. “Much better” Wolf said, he then jumped back at the side of the Interviewer leaving Ivan behind with his face in complete awe at Wolf’s strength. “Latins” the Interviewer said. “They are trying to sell drugs on the neighborhood, Ivan did anyone bought those?” Ivan negated with the head, “the neighbors are loyal to us, he quickly passed the word and we could trap him before any damage was done” Ivan answered. “Anyway, they are too stupid to allow someone to try sell drugs on our territory, or they underestimate us so much that they think we would not do anything.” The Interviewer thought for himself. Wolf was bouncing his pecs and caressing himself with the tug’s blood so his pecs and biceps were painted in red. The interviewer looked at him in surprise “How can you even do that in these times?” He shook his head in an amused disbelief. “You have me…no need to worry” Wolf said. The interviewer stood up and signaling to Wolf and Ivan, they left the arena while some guards entered to clean Wolf’s mess. The Interviewer took his phone and called Michal. The next day Michal was on his seat, Dario was already servicing him with his mouth. Michal was coldly looking at him but moaned in a controlled pleasure. Dario was forcing himself in and out. “What happened?” The Interviewer told him about the eating tug and how they where trying to sell drugs on the neighborhood. “I’ll send scouts more quicker” Michal said and hanged the call. “Then he grabbed Dario’s head and held it agains his shaft, Dario gagged and tried to break free from Michal’s hand to no avail. After some minutes, Dario was cyanotic, at that point Michal released him and threw him away, he stood on the ground gaping for air, then he stood at the ground waiting for his master to call him again. Tony entered the room “Sir, you have to look something” he said. Michal asked “what?” “Ricardo found somebody spying outside the base”. Michal lifted and eyebrow, stood up and put some drill shorts and left with Tony, Dario left behind, he was still broken, in servitude, . Outside the base Ricardo was holding a man. The man was an asian guy, medium build and was trying to kick Ricardo to break free. Ricardo was serious, he held the man, then Michal arrived. “Who are you?” The man refused to answer, Michal frowned “who are you?” The man stood silent, Ricardo released him but the man stood there silent. Michal grabbed his right hand and took a finger. “Who are you?” The man still refused to answer and then Michal broke one of his fingers. The man yelled in pain “Oh, so you can speak” Michal broke another finger, “Screw you” the man said, “Wrong answer” Michal said and begun to grind the hand causing enormous pains until he crushed the man’s hand. The man fell on his knees yelling in pain, “Who are you?” Michal said. The man looked at Michal’s face, then at Ricardo, Tony and Dario. The man grabbed his own hand that stood lifeless on his palm. Michal made a step in front. “Who are you?" Suddenly the man stood up surprising Michal, Dario tried to grab him but the man jumped hight and kicked Dario in the face. Dario yelled in pain, his mind being broken he couldn’t use any strength to defend himself, just to serve his master but his nose bleed. Michal ran behind the man, his face was in complete rage. Michal was so fast that soon Michal got him and grabbed him from the back of his head lifting the man that was dangling his feet on the air. Mitchal walked with his prey lifted up on his right hand. The man was yelling and kicking Michal pecs but they were so hard that they didn’t even made a red spot. Mitchal was silent but enraged. “You Ok?” He said to Dario who nodded with his head slowly but trembling. Tony tried to help Dario but Michal kicked him and launched him far, Ricardos stood still unfazed. Michal then turned the man on his hand and while looking directly at his eyes he said while grinding his teeth “I’m the only that can touch my sub” Then Michal grabbed the man arms and ripped both arms and the same time, the man yelled in pain and fell to the ground revolting ion the floor. Michal stood in front of him and bent over his pelvis, he then cracked the pelvis and cracked it open. He bend over his chest, and grabbing him, Michal bear-hugged the man, slowly enjoying as every rib cracked. The cracks sounded like popcorn, Michal released the man’s body who fell to the ground, Michal aimed his feet over the head and stomped the head, Michals calves and quads flexed showing all his strength, exploring the bead and sending everywhere blood and brain bits. Michal twisted his feet and then kicked the rest of the corpse away. “Unworthy piece of shit” he said. “Dario, I need cleaning he said”, Dario begin ti lick Michal’s body. Tony arrived, he had bruises all over his body. “Call the Interviewer, tell the asians seems to be spying here, now” Michal said while Dario was serving him. Michal begun to moan while Ricardo and Tony left the place. Ricardo took a phone and tapped it, “Japanese spy, killed quickly, didn’t got much information”. On the base the Interviewer saw the message he tapped a brief “OK” and left the phone. “What a shame” he thought before leaving to his bed. The next week the Interviewer received messages from the secondary bases and the souther base. “that’s odd”, he muttered. Wolf was at his side, “what?” Wolf said. “You killed a latin mafia member last week, and Michal found an asian’s member on the secondary base”. The Interviewer walked out of the office in silence, Wolf walked at his side. He was silently walking through the aisles. There were a lot of men training there, suddenly Paolo appeared in front of the Interviewer, he was sweating from the training, his piercing blue eyes stood out from his rounded but friendly face, he was tall and had broad shoulders, his body wasn’t that big, but he was very proportionate. “Hello Sir” he said then he looked at Wolf and said “Wolf”, Paolo made a quick salute with his head. “Hi Paolo, any news?” Paolo face showed some worries. “So far, the Japanese and the Latins are still fighting, there are reports of skirmishes all over the city, but they seem to be getting sparse, the police is trying to control them but they haven’t been able to achieve that.” The Interviewer nodded “the secondary base?” He asked. “The odd news is that there are no news, the southern base was evacuated and the soldiers were sent here, we evacuated all the operational stuff, but so far, nothing happened there.” Paolo said. “It’s like they still know that that building has no strategic value he thought for himself… “thanks Paolo, keep training, your getting stronger?”, Paolo flexed his biceps and smirked “These guns are getting stronger by the day” he said. Wolf bounced his pecs in response, the Interviewer made a slight smile. Wolf, come here, let’s go to a quiet place. They walked for some minutes they left the warehouse and went to a quiet place, the guards left the place at the sight of Wolf. “Wolf, I’m afraid we have a mole…” Wolf bounced his pecs “I shall kill him” he said. “If we find him here it’s all yours” the Interviewer said his eyes went reddish, “I hate traitors” he said. Michal was on the secondary base, walking with Dario behind, he was talking over his phone with the Interviewer. “I’ll be careful with that…yes, Ricardo, Tony and Lorenzo are here….Dario is nothing and he never leaves my place” he said. After some quick words he said “We have not much soldiers here, they are mostly there”, then he hang up the call. Michal was dressed with small shorts, tank top and flip flops, his legs were big and strong, he was walking deliberately so his quads and calved danced and showed every fiber of them just to show at the base who was the alpha. Michal went to the gym space it was mid morning so that twas training time, he entered to the gym. Tony was already there training with Ricardo, both men were getting stronger, Tony grew in size and barely fit on his clothes, Ricardo’s body wasn’t growing but he was getting more defined by the day. Michal decided to train with them, he looked at Dario “go train, I need your ass stronger to take me” he ordered. Dario silently went and begun to lift weights. Michal used all the weights on the rack, his strength was incredible for a man of his size. Tony and Ricardo were awed by the sheer weight Michal lifted, Michal grunted, Dario was in fear since Michal usually got horny after his training and the results would be disastrous for him. After two hours of training Michal, Ricardo and Tony finished his workout, so did Dario. “That was a good workout” Tony said, Ricardo nodded. Where’s Lorenzo? Tony answered “he should be practicing his martial arts outside”, then Michal ordered “go look for him”. Dario walked close to Michal and begun to clean his sweat with his tinge and hands. Tony walked out of the gyn and out for the training grounds, there were few soldier, the ones of the Old Red’s that weren’t sent yet to the main base. Tony kept walking until he saw a familiar figure outside the base…it was Lorenzo. He begun to walk toward Lorenzo who was looking at the distance and his back was towards Tony. Michal was receiving Dario’s attention, Ricard was rolling his eyes and looking frequently at the door, suddenly a call ringed on his phone, Ricardo took the phone “Ricardo? Is that you?” It was Igor, he was speaking at a frantic space “Michal’s there?” Ricardo put the phone on speakerphone, “We have been infiltrated!, the secondary base information has been leaked!” Michal took the phone, Ricardo was livid. Tony walked to the familiar figure, there was Lorenzo, shirtless, at the first time Tony tought that Lorenzo was making some martial arts moves, but something was amiss, Lorenzo was looking far away, very concentrated, with a phone on his hand. Tony walked slowly, trying to not make any noise “come now, they don’t suspect Lorenzo said. “Traitor!” Tony yelled, Lorenzo jumped back in surprise, then he hardened his face and launched a lateral kick with his left leg to Tony. Tony blocked the kick with both arms. “BOOM” the hit sounded hard and powerful, Tony didn’t remembered that Lorenzo was so strong while training with him on the Nuovi Imperatori base for the tournament”. “What?” Lorenzo launched another kick but Tony decided to dodge the hits since his arms felt the pain. “What did you do?” Tony said. “The training here really works” Lorenzo said, then he launched a frontal kick that landed on Tony’s abs. Tony fell back and his face twitched because the pain, Lorenzo jumped to Tony and took impulse to kick down Tony on the floor. Tony recovered and rolled on the floor evading the kick that crushed some rocks. “You’ve betrayed us” Tony said, “And we betrayed the Nuovi Imperatori before” Lorenzo answered without a hint of remorse. Lorenzo relaxed his composure and walked casually in an almost cocky way. His abs glistened with the sun, his pants were fit to his big and well defined legs. “But we decided to join the SSS; this was our place” Tony said in an almost begging voice. “Not mine” Lorenzo answered. He jumped and did a round kick that hit Tony’s face. Tony spited blood, the blood painted some rocks on the floor, as soon as Tony saw the blood he raged and decided to take the fight more seriously, Lorenzo was going to kill him at this pace, so he stood at guard, his face hardened and Lorenzo put himself in a fighting stance too. Tony launched some punches that Lorenzo evaded easily, he then launched a kick that hit Tony’s ribcage. Tony tried to counterattack with a kick but Lorenzo evaded it with a quick turn. Lorenzo turned back and launched a kick aimed at Tony’s head. This time Tony was prepared for the attack and stopped the kick with both hands cushioning the blow with his strength, he took the opportunity given by the sudden Lorenzo’s surprise. Tony grabbed the leg, then he lifted Lorenzo over his head in a circling fashion and hit Lorenzo against the ground, Lorenzo spat blood. Lorenzo counterattacked by kicking Tony’s leg dislocating his knee . Tony saw a cloud of dust from the distance and panicked. “No!!!” he said panicking, he then threw himself over Lorenzo, pinned him to the ground using his weight and hit his face several times until Lorenzo fell unconscious. Michal was speaking with Igor on the phone, “a hacker have been sending information” Michal “how do you know?” Michal demanded an answer “I’ve checked all the SSS communications, the hackers here monitored the outgoing information and a large amount of information was send, apparently from the secondary base to a remote server…” Michal compressed the phone and the screen begun to crack. “The information was encrypted, we investigated and some of it were the blueprints of the base” Igor said. At that moment Tony entered limping with an unconscious Lorenzo over his shoulders. “What?” Ricardo said. “They are coming…Lorenzo betrayed us” Tony said in exhaustion and let Lorenzo fell to the ground. “What happened” Michal said. “He was speaking with the enemy, they are coming to the base” Tony said with a painful voice. “Michal grabbed Lorenzo from his arm pits and shook him violently” Lorenzo woke up to find Michal’s wrath face. “Speak” Michal said and begun to used his hands to pierce Lorenzo armpits. Lorenzo’s face twitched but he barely made any sound, that revealed how well he trained under the SSS methods, Michal understood that he was beginning to develop pain tolerance. Michal pressed harder. “They’re coming” Lorenzo said, “who’s coming?” Ricardo said. “The Japanese, you will be wiped out from this place”. Michal grabbed both Lorenzo’s arms and begun to pull them apart “how?” Lorenzo yelled in pain. Michal decided to reduce the pressure “How?” He repeated, “they paid me, they promised…I suppose it’s all gone” Lorenzo said he looked at Tony “I won’t be as string as you, or you Michal…they promised more power, than the Italians or the SSS…”. “How did you?” Michal said while pulling both arms, Lorenzo gasped fro the pain “I’m also a hacker!” Michal released Lorenzo who fell to the ground. “I’m a hacker, Luca recruited me because my abilities, I hacked fro him, I tried to send the information from the main base but unfortunately I was transferred here, anyway I penetrated the base systems and sent them to the Japanese…they didn’t trust me, or else this place would be theirs before, so they send the spy that you killed last time…now they are sending a large force to wipe you all” Lorenzo said. Ricard was livid. “The soldiers!” Ricardo said, at that moment a large amount of gunshots sounded at a distance. Michal stomped Lorenzo’s right leg shattering the femur. Lorenzo yelled and tried to grab his leg but Michal grabbed him from the arms. He pulled both arms from the body ripping them and tossing them at the sides. Michal wasn’t even going for the torture, he kneeled over Lorenzo and punched with heavy blows that made the ground tremble, Michal’s fists crushed bones, pierced the skin, the muscles, the internal organs. Lorenzo’s yells combined with the guns sounds outside, when Michal realized that Lorenzo was about to die he stood up and stomped the head with his barefoot, he twisted the head. “Treacherous Bug…you got easy” Michal said. Michal walked to the door. He turned towards Tony and said “Tony, you think you can fight?” Tony nodded with his head,”I’ll try but he dislocated my knee” Michal didn’t even responded, he grabbed Tony’s leg and with a quick movement he fixed the leg. “Ok you’ll go with us” Michal looked at Dario “you ‘ll come behind me but don’t join the fight understood?” Dario nodded silently, Ricardo left the room first, followed by Michal and a limping Tony…Dario left last but at a far distance. Inside the aisles four soldiers entered, Michal ran toward them and when they saw the behemoth of a man that was running to them they fired his guns like possessed men. The bullets ricocheted from Michals body but his shirt was torn by the bullets. Michal reached one of the men from the chest grasping the sternum with his fingers, he lifted the soldier on high like he was a dumbbell, Michal hit the ground with the soldier dislocating the sternum and crushing the heard between his hand and the ground. The soldier just made a silent OOOMPPH and grasped for air. Michal ripped the heart’s remains from the body, closed his fingers and hit the head crushing it and mixing the hearth with the brain, the other soldiers stood still in shock from the sheer brute force display. Ricardo seized the opportunity and grabbed one of the soldiers neck with his left hand and using his right hand he punched the face, the punch smashed the face and yanked on the cranial cavity, killing the soldier almost instantly. The third soldier aimed at Michal but he was fast and ripped the weapon from his hands, hands included and the soldier fell to his knees. Michal kicked the soldier in the chest crushing his chest and sending the soldier flying to a wall where he crashed head first and the neck snapped by the impact. Michal was enraged but the only signal of this rage was the fact that his jaw was tense and that he wasn’t excited about the kills this time. The space outside the base was in chaos, there were at leas 20 Japanese soldiers heavy armed, the soldiers were on the floor, all dead, blood where everywhere the lifeless soldier’s faces were surprised. “Oh man” Ricardo said. “They will be avenged” Michal said.“Ricardo, go to the office and tell the news to the headquarters, look at the terrain from the office’s windows and then come here!” Ricardo took the cracked phone and somehow he could made a call, “Sir, we are being attacked! Lorenzo was a mole and the Japanese are already attacking…the soldiers are mostly dead” “Ricardo? Explain!”. The interviewer demanded over the phone, then Ricardo gave the most detailed explanation that he could make given the circumstances. The Interviewer hanged the phone…Wolf was at his side “Lorenzo was the mole…he passed the info to the Japanese…but has Igor told us recently, they knew the information of the secondary based but weren’t able to infiltrate the info of the main headquarters….” The Interviewer closed his eyes and put his hand on his head “I’ve been played again” he muttered. “What are we going to do?” Wolf said. The interviewer face went rigid, he looked at Wolf, his eyes were angry and sad at the same time. “We stay here, Michal is strong, so Ricardo and Tony…I will trust them… we won’t be able to help them anyway, the secondary base if a lot of hours from here…we have to thrust them…” the Interviewer was clearly worried, angered, sad. All the work he and Wolf did…Ricardo, Michal…even Tony, the soldiers… All those images and possibilities crossed his mind, he hated to be in the dark, he covered his face with his hands. Wolf walked to him and put his hand on his shoulder, “they’re not weak, they’ll be fine”. He said. The Interviewer held Wolf’s hand and forearm like it was the only anchor he still had to the world and put his head over it closing his eyes. “Thanks buddy” he said in a soft voice. Wolf growled in response. Meanwhile Ricardo ran at Michal said “three cars here, their soldiers are armed with machine-guns , but far away seems that there are two vehicles approaching, I assume they’ll be here in 10 minutes or less” Ricardo said. Michal raised and eyebrow, so we need to be quick, Tony nodded, Ricardo looked at the Japanese guards coming. “There are 20 of them, so that makes 6 or seven for each”. Tony was still reeking from his previous Fight with Lorenzo but he stood at the challenge. “Ok he said, so we go now”. Michal stood up and begun to walk to the nearest group of guards. The men shot every weapon at his disposal but Michal’s skin was so strong that the bullet’s didn’t made any effect. “Is he able to resist those?” Tony said in amazement. “Yes he does” Ricardo answered with a smile. “You’re able to resist those too?” He said in amazement. “I’m stronger than most bullets but not at his level” Ricardo ripped his shirt revealing his swimmer’s body with his hairy torso. “Let’s go” Ricardo said and ran to the nearest group of guards too, Ricardo caught with Michal, the nearest group were three soldiers that kept shooting Michal but didn’t noticed Ricardo’s running at them since all their attention where directed at Michal. Michal nodded and grabbed the nearest enemy soldier. He ripped the machine-gun from his hands and folded it like a pretzel. Then he grabbed the soldier and quickly ripped his arms. The guard yelled and his closet companions opened his eyes in surprise. Ricardo held the opportunity and bear-hugged another soldier. The remaining soldier shot at Ricardo but he put the soldier’s body between him and the shooting soldier like a shield who took most of the shots. The soldier gasped for air and looked at the sky in surprise. Before the Soldier died Ricardo hugged the soldiers ribcage with all his might., so any rib that remained intact was cracked. The soldier spitted blood and blood was sprayed from all the bullet wounds. Ricardo laughed at how easy crushing this soldier was and how easier the effort was getting for him, but he kept his concentration. The third soldier panicked and threw his gun, he tried to run away but Mitchal grabbed him, lifted over his head and threw to Tony’s place “all your’s”. From behind of a box five soldiers appeared shooting at Michal and Ricardo, bullets rebounded from his muscles and Ricardo and Michal walked to them, bullets ricocheting from his muscles. Tony stood up and grabbed the soldiers head, he held with both hands and he hit the soldiers face with his knee, the soldier nose shattered, Tony hit again with the knee and he kept hitting the soldier with his knee until the face caved in. Tony released the soldier who fell dead in front of him. “Just in case”, Tony said and aiming he lifted the foot on his good leg and and stomped the head as hard as he could, the head caved in and blood splashed in all directions. “That’s good but don’t get carried away” Michal said, while kicking one soldier smashing his ribcage and sending him flying away. Tony limped “Stupid leg” he said but tried to keep the pace but he was already been left behind. Ricardo already grabbed another soldier and punched his head so hard his punch appeared from the other side of the head. Ricardo ripped the head from his fist his fist of the head and grabbing the soldier’s corpse he threw it at two of the nearest soldiers that fell to the ground, an opportunity that Michal too to stomp the soldier’s head and grabbing another he ripped the head off. Ricardo grabbed the last soldier of the second group and grabbing him from the throat he yanked the head ripping it off from the body that trembled and fell to the ground with a thud. Michal found the soldier with the crushed ribcage and palmed his head, he crushed it like an eggshell. “Damn, I need some release, I’ll need Dario later”. Ricardo and Tony crouched behind some boxes, Michal, as resistant as he was, was at their side standing up and getting al the shots, he used his advantage to see the soldiers coming at them. “5 at my right, 3 at the left, 2 on the center” Michal said. In fact 5 soldiers were hiding behind one of the cars and the others were behind some boxes. I’ll go right, you go left and center, Michal ordered. Michal walked casually to the left side and 5 Japanese soldiers were among his weapons and firing furiously, meanwhile Ricardo ran to the right. Michal grabbed the first from the lift shoulder and ripped the arm off, he then used the severed arm and used like a bat hitting the nearby soldiers. He dropped the hand and grabbed two of them by the necks and lifted both of them, he crashed their head together crushing both skulls at the same time, he used the bodies to hit both remain guards that tried to run but Michel kicked one so hard that he shattered his spine making him and instant paraplegic, he caught the other, lifted him in a gorilla press and then he broth the guard down on his knee cracking his spine. The three soldiers were still alive, Michal looked at them in contempt, their companions tried to help shooting Michal but he didn’t care, they dared to attack the SSS secondary base, HIS base, he walked to each of the soldiers and stopped the head of the one with the severed arm, he walked to the first paraplegic one and grabbing him from the neck with the right hand he lifted him to his eye level and with the left hand he grabbed the body and yanked ripping the head from the body. He walked to the third one and putting his foot on his head, he slowly crushed the head. Michal enjoyed the mix of the horror yells of the dying guard and the desperate yells of the helping soldiers that tried to rescue him to no avail. These soldiers were so distracted by Michal that they didn’t realized that Ricardo was behind them, Ricardo quickly punched through the sternum and ripped the heart of one, kicked the second’s balls in am movement unworthy of the colosseum buy highly effective at this moment because he cracked the soldier pelvis who fell to the ground holding his balls. Ricardo grabbed the third soldier’s head and yanked the head to the left cracking the neck and making the soldier look 180 degrees back. The guard with the cracked pelvis was howling in pain. Ricardo palmed the head and in a swift movement he crushed the head, his pecs striations were visible and suddenly the pecs turned red from the sprayed blood. Michal saw Tony and knew that Tony will not be of much help so he ran to the remaining two soldiers. Soon Michal reached the soldiers place, they looked upside and saw Michal raging face, they kept shooting at them but Michal was in no “play mode”. He grabbed both guards from the neck and lifted them, he looked at the two vehicles that were still far away and he calculated they won’t be of any help. He smiled. “Ricardo, this one is your’s” he said shaking the soldier at his right hand. Ricardo came near and said “hold him pleas” then Ricardo held the soldier from the shoulders and yanked the body beheading the soldier in one quick movement, Michal looked at the severed head and dropped it. “You were too hasty” he said. “Sorry sir, but we can’t take risks” Ricardo answered. “Nosense, we almost destroyed them, I have time for a quicky” Michal said then he ripped the soldier’s clothes and prepared him to be raped. Michal ripped his shorts and rammed the soldiers ass. The soldier yelled in pain and tried to get out of the impalement but he was too tight and Michal also held him in place. Dario appeared and walked next to Michal and saw the soldier in resentment. Michal thrusted hard and quick, Michal lost himself on the feeling, he moaned in pleasure and begun to caress his nipples, Ricardo tried to reason with Michal but Michal animal instincts took over him. This was a near new experience, the soldier was too small, too tight…Michal cummed inside the soldier but he didn’t realized that while he was enjoying the rape the Japanese cars were already at the base frontiers, Michal realized too late that there were 4 remaining Japanese soldiers aiming at him with RPGs. Michal grabbed the soldier and crushing his neck with his right hand he ripped him from his body at the same time that the soldiers fired the first RPG. Michal used the body like a shield, the body exploded and all the corpse remains splattered to all side so much for Dario’s joy. Ricardo yelled, “Run”. The second RPG was shot aimed at Ricardo. Ricardo tried to cover but suddenly Tony appeared and threw him at his side. The RPG hit and it exploded, Tony flew backwards and fell to the floor on his back. Ricardo ran to him and saw his lifeless expression, his eyes were now without any light, his well rounded and beautiful chest was burned and without movement. He was dead, his last heroic feat was to save Ricardo and his face showed a tint of proudness. Ricardo yelled in rage and pain. Michal looked at Ricardo and then a Tony lifeless body. He went in rage, his eyes tainted red, he screamed like a beast at the same time that the third RPG was shot, it hit Michal but Michal resisted, his skin was reddish but otherwise intact. He ran to the Soldiers there still one RPG to be shot, Michal reached the soldiers and punched the head off the body from the first soldier, then he punched with the back if his hist the second soldier cracking his neck. He ripped the heart from the third soldier and tossed the heart at the side. The last soldier panicked and tried to suicide-fire the last RPG, Michal grabbed the RPG at the same time the soldier pull the trigger. The RPG was launched upside, Michal grabbed the head and with his pecs he quickly dispatched the last assault soldier crushing his head with both hands. The rocket flew to the skies, then it begun to fly down, Michal and Ricardo looked at first time with curiosity, then with fear, then with terror when they saw the rocket falling over a small but big Gas pipeline of the base. They saw in small motion how the rocked exploded, then the gas ignited, the gas exploded and the explosion made a rippling explosion, suddenly all the pipes exploded at once, sending debris in all directions, Ricardo grabbed Tony’s body and run away from the base. Michal stood still, Dario tried to move him but Michal was paralyzed. The explosions chain destroyed all things at their pace, soon the chaos erupted in a fiery explosion that destroyed the base, the hangars, the warehouses, suddenly the explosions reached the former Old Red’s armory igniting the powder and all the weapons stashed there, the ones never destined to be used but somewhat destined to destroy his owners, they exploded, crashing down the base and sending debris in all directions. Soon the base was only a blazing hot space, the buildings were all destroyed and in the ground there were only random debris and the fallen bodies of the killed soldiers. The SSS received the heaviest blow from their history and Michal was at the center of it. Michal stood there, like a soldier in the middle of a war, he was in shock, Dario tried to move him but Michal refused to move…suddenly he walked…to were Ricardo stood, at his feet Tony’s lifeless body was looking upside, and the dark clouds, Ricardo was stoic but there were tears marked on his dirty face, Michal never bothered to say nothing, he turned and saw the soldier’s corpses, some were burning, the burned meat smell made him surprise, he never killed someone by burning, that was odd. But those thoughts suddenly flew away, the secondary base was lost, and they needed to inform the SSS. Michal felt heartache for the first time in his life, he always thought that the defeat would come with his dead, but this time he was defeated alight nobody could won over him. This confused mess of feeling came crashing over him like an avalanche. Michal stood still, Dario walked trembling at his side “master…what do we do?” He answered. Michal din’t answered. “Sir, we should go to the headquarters but… What to we do with the bodies?” Ricardo said. Michal just nodded with the head, he didn’t even answered, Ricardo then begun to pile the bodies Dario left his master side and took some bodies and then they piled them in a straight line inside a trench were the soldiers used to train. In front of them they put Tony’s corpse. Ricardo looked around some gasoline tanks inexplicably survived, he brought the tanks and wet the corpses with gasoline. He used all the gasoline tanks on the corpses while Michal was only looking at Dario an Ricardo arraign the corpses. Ricardo then grabbed one of the flaming remains and stood at Michal said. “Come on, we need to honor the bodies” that showman of leadership from Ricardo’s was kinda surprising, in other circumstances Michal would be offended he could even kill Ricardo, but Michal was still processing all the feelings that where crashing on his heart. “Companions, you fought for the SSS until the end, we will avenge you”. Ricardo said in a stoic voice, then he threw the flaming remains that ignited the gasoline in a fiery blaze that begun to consume the bodies. Ricardo sobbed once and then he returned to his stoic face, Ricardo looked at Tony’s corpse. “Thank you” he muttered. They stood in place until they felt that there were no use to be there anymore. Michal looked for something to cover up his body and then the three remaining SSS members took one of the Japanese cars and left the place. The first conquest of the SSS was now a useless mountain of flaming debris and a line of calculated corpses that were like a memento of the first heavy SSS defeat. The Interviewer was on his office, Wolf was at his side, Wolf was strangely quiet ant the Interviewer was clearly worried but remains at an unfazed expression, but his small twitch was noticed by Wolf who knew that he was worried. Two days have passed since the last time Ricardo communicated. The Interviewed haven’t slept since and he was using all his remaining strength to remain stoic for the SSS guards, elites and trainees. Suddenly his phone sounded. “They’re here” The Interviewer said. Wolf raised an eyebrow. “Let’s go”, the Interviewer said and both men left the office. After some minutes they walked to the parking space where Michal, Ricardo and Dario were standing firm like soldiers. The interviewer sighted and ordered “report”. Michal then explained in great detail all things that happened, Michals retelling of the history were met with an unfazed expression from the interviewer and Wolf too. Wolf bounced his pecs but not in the playful way he usually made but in the raged way, Michal kept telling the events that let to the base destruction. How the Japanese killed the remaining soldiers at the base and how they counterattacked, Michal told the Interviewer in painful detail how Tony died and how his foolishness let the enemy come closer and hoe they accidentally destroyed the base, and clarifying that that accident shouldn’t happened because if he just waited for some more minuted they could kill the remaining Japanese before they could use any of the RPG’s that caused Tony’s death and the SSS secondary base loss. The Interviewer walked next to Michal and looked him at the face. Michal pain soared again, he felt he betrayed the SSS, he felt heartache for the first time in his life, he expected an slap, a slap that clearly would be barely felt since Michal was too aware of the strength difference between the Interviewer and him, but he new that that slap would destroy his soul because he was devoted to the organization that let him be as free as he could be his cockiness let them destroy the SSS secondary base and he knew that he have just let down there Interviewer and in some sense Wolf. Michal hated the feeling and in someway, he hated himself for that. The Interviewer moved to Michal, Michal closed his eyes expecting the first time someone would inflict pain on him but suddenly he felt a Hugh. The Interviewer hugged him in a somewhat ridiculous gesture since Michael was so big that the Interviewer barely could cover his size, “I’m Glad you’re fine buddy” the Interviewer said in a a tender voice that only Michal could hear. Michal closed his eyed and lowered his head “your stupid idiot, that was the worst thing you could do to me now”. The Interviewer released the hug and quietly said “I know” and he looked at Michal’s eyes with a bittersweet smile. “You make sure that this won’t happen again, now go and rest, we will need to plan our strategy from here and I need you”. Wolf face was stoic but it relaxed a little. “Ricardo, thanks, go rest.” the Interviewer said. Ricardo relaxed and it seemed that all the exhaustion he was holding was released in a way that he barely could stand still and left the place stumbling. Michal left with Dario behind. The interviewer looked at Wolf “you should rest” Wolf said, but the voice tone was almost an order. “Yes buddy, I know I should rest but we still…” Wolf put a hand on the Interviewer shoulder, and closed his head near the Interviewers ear and he whispered: “I know we still need to find a mole on the headquarters, let me do it, I won’t fail”. The Interviewer tapped Wolf’s big and rounded shoulder and leg to his quarter. Wolf then walked to the office warehouse and said “now I have a mole to track down”.
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