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Employee of the Month, Day 5: Casual Friday, pt 1


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June 1

I’d only been in this office job since March when the boss named me Employee of the Month. It was a sports betting company and the 30 or so employees were almost all straight men. Mr. Sartorius was a tall, handsome silver fox with a taste for well cut suits and a sexy Dutch accent that made me smile as I listened to him make the announcement at the monthly all-staff meeting.


“…And Jeffrey’s selection is especially appropriate considering June is… Pride Month!”


My smile froze into an embarrassed rictus. I hadn’t come out to anybody in the office. And I certainly hadn’t in the interview. An awkward silence came over the conference room where everyone was packed in standing room only. I looked out at the sea of faces, all masculine former jocks, and stretched my smile into what probably looked like a crazed serial killer grin. 


Mr Sartorius looked at me with such oblivious sincerity, then back out at the staff expectantly. Several people looked at their feet. Someone coughed. 


Then Banner, a young ex-soldier with arms like ham hocks, pumped his fist in the air.


“Pride month!” he yelled. “HOOAH!”


Mr Sartorius was super pleased at this and slapped me on the back with a hand the size of a shovel. I tried to mask my wince of pain.


“FUCK YEAH Pride Month!!” Someone else boomed. The boss furrowed his brow and the temperature in the room dropped ten degrees. Mr Sartorius didn’t like swears.


“All right everyone. Back to work. You can all congratulate Jeffrey personally when you have the chance.”


I shook his hand and thanked him before fleeing back to my desk. It felt like I had 30 pairs of eyes boring into the back of my head. I plopped down on my cubicle desk chair, relieved.


Almost immediately, Banner filled my cubicle entrance. His bowling ball deltoids stretched the maroon fabric of his polo shirt as his jacked Army-honed physique made me throw major wood in my dress slacks. I’d never been this close to him before. He smelled crazy good, like Mennen Speed Stick and spearmint gum.


“Jeffy,” he said, a nickname I hated but would let Banner call me forever. “Pride month. That’s the gay month, right?”


I full-on blushed and stammered “Uh, uh, uh.” Oh my God. So hot. So dumb. I turned from him and wildly yanked on the sliding platform that allowed my keyboard to be tucked in just below the desk’s surface. It jammed with a squeak.


“I got you, Jeffy, this used to be my cube. I know the trick.” Banner reached down between my legs and palmed the bottom of the platform. His cheek brushed mine and the feel of his stubble sent an electric shock straight to my cock. His thick, bare muscular arm stretched out in front of me and as I saw the tension in the tendons and muscles grow I could see clearly what was about to happen but I was a deer caught in the headlights.


Banner pulled and his biceps exploded into a breath-taking rippling gourd of veiny power; his forearm then twisted and a second peak pushed out of the muscle like it was giving birth to a baby.


I instantly came in my pants.


He froze and looked down wide eyed at the wet spot and bulge in my crotch.


“Jeffy,” was all he had time to say before suddenly Mr Sartorius was standing next to him. He stood up straight and actually saluted, his eyes practically popping out of his skull. 


“At ease, soldier,” he chuckled warmly. “I’m glad to see your enthusiasm for your co-worker, Banner, I hope you will encourage your colleagues to be similarly charitable this month.”


Banner looked wildly about, confused. “Charitable, Mr S?”


“Yes, charitable.”


“Sir, yes, sir!” Banner huffed.


“Good. Well, carry on.”


Banner disappeared so fast he might have vapourized. I grinned stupidly up at the boss, my hands in my lap. He looked at me oddly and sniffed, then shook his head, the pleased smile returning. “So glad you are getting on well here, Jeffrey,” he said, placing his hand on my shoulder. “We really appreciate you.”


“Thank you sir,” I burbled, trying for the first time ever to NOT appreciate how nicely thick he was through the chest. Please go down, boner!


He turned away and I finally managed to pull out my keyboard. I typed away for the painful last hour before quitting time. As I rushed out to leave, I saw Banner still moving from man to man, whispering in each colleagues’ ear as he alternately pointed at me, and at the boss’ office door.


Oh shit.



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Hopefully what’s happening is an idea and story structure that will allow me to pop off short installments on a regular basis! 💪💪💪

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June 2


The next morning as I arrived for work, I approached the office break room to put my lunch in the fridge, but stopped to listen when I heard voices inside. I could hear Banner talking to Joe, our hockey expert.


“I’m telling you, bro, it’s true. Boss Man said ‘charitable’ which means ‘give’ right?”


“Yeah,” said Joe. “Like to give to the needy. So you think he saw what happened and he wants us to give…”


“Yeah bro, totally, it was like an order.”


“But dude, I don’t remember anything like that from the diversity training.”


“Bruh it’s like… their culture or somethin’. Like when we had Chinese food for Later New Year.”


“Lunar New Year, dude.”


 I looked around the corner of the door. Joe was shifting on his feet while they talked and his meaty hockey butt clad in snug chinos flexed and wobbled. I watched mesmerized while it danced until I noticed they’d stopped talking. Joe had turned his head and caught me staring at his ass. He looked at me, then back at Banner whose expression said it all: See, bro?


Joe had pale blue eyes and they bored into my soul as he passed me in the doorway, offering a fist bump which I returned awkwardly. “See you at the meeting, Jeffy,” he whispered softly in my ear.


I helplessly held my lunchbag in front of my crotch as Banner gave me the thumbs-up.


“Pride Month!! Go gays!”



I got to the meeting early. It was a stand-up “huddle” in the hallway in front of a whiteboard. This was one of those management fads meant to keep meetings short and to the point, and also save on meeting space. There were three other guys from the team sports group, me, and Joe, who showed up last and gave me a meaningful look before standing directly in front of me.


As Mitch, the team lead, got the brainstorming session started, the others called out ideas for the next version of our betting app. I dutifully took notes on my phone, positioning it so I could admire Joe’s butt at the same time.


As usual with these hallway huddles, people still had to use the hallway. When Karl, the huge equestrian expert who was closer to the size of a horse than a jockey, tried to get by, Joe pushed back into me rather than stepping to the side. I clasped my phone to my chest and felt my heart race and my dick throb as I smelled his spicy aftershave.


“Sorry,” Karl joked. “Big man coming thru!”


Joe pressed further back, flattening me against the opposite wall. My cock was now vertical and was enveloped by Joe’s deep butt crack like a hot dog into a bun. 


Karl passed but Joe stayed in this position as the meeting carried on. When Gabe on his left started talking about baseball, he shifted his hips. Joe’s hockey-honed glutes were so developed the inside edge of each one was rounded and hard. My cock felt like a stalk of wheat being ground between two millstones as the muscle flexed and rolled, first one way, then the other when Joe swiveled to the right to listen to Kyle talk about basketball.


By the time Mitch was giving the football update, I was desperate. 


“Joe…” I whispered hoarsely. “I’m going to… I’m gonna…”


“S’Okay Jeffy. Go ahead. I gotcha covered,” he said softly out of the side of his mouth.


He waited for Mitch to turn back to the whiteboard and then suddenly flexed his ass hard. My eyes rolled back in my head as cum drenched my briefs. I gripped Joe’s muscled traps through his button-down to keep from falling as my knees buckled.


Mitch turned back and gave me an odd look but Joe calmly gave his hockey report while I tried to regain control of my body. My cock eventually softened enough that I could pry it away from Joe’s ass-grip.


Joe finished up his report and Mitch adjourned the meeting. Just at that moment, Karl came lumbering back from the other direction carrying a blue box of recyclables. 


“Hey big guy,” Joe stopped him. “Jeffy here can take that for you.” Before Karl could protest, Joe took the box and turned, handing it to me with a sexy wink. I gratefully held it over my crotch as Joe walked away.


Karl smiled at me. He was in his early thirties, had a shaved head, spectacular green eyes and a full but neatly groomed red beard that just touched the shelf of his massively developed pecs. “Thanks Jeffy,” he said simply. “We should talk about horses sometime. How about lunch tomorrow?”


I took a deep breath. “I would love to have lunch with you,” I said to his chest.


He let loose a deep rumbly laugh that curled my toes. “It’s a date.”



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  • Broody changed the title to Employee of the Month, Day 2 added

I love this!  I hope there will be charitable activity every day of the month, weekends included.  There's no such thing as too much charity.

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Jun 3


“Ready for lunch?” I chirped at Karl’s office door at exactly 12:01 PM. I didn’t want to seem too eager.


He stood up from his desk. It seemed like it took a full minute for him to stand up as he just kept rising until he reached his full 6’7”. Like, Banner, Karl favoured polo shirts at the office and the tight-fitting white piqué of his triple (quadruple?) XL bulged in all directions as a torso big enough for two men unfurled itself before me. When he finally stood up straight his enormous pecs hovered in front of the rest of his massive body like two blimps.


He shyly smiled at me. “Ready and willing.” I swallowed hard as I felt my cock begin to chub up already. He had a ruggedly handsome face, though it was an inadequate adjective to describe the terrain of his body. Foothills were rugged, this man was the Alps.


As we walked down the hall, there was an awkward moment where he turned into the break room while I kept going toward the elevators. “Oh!“ he said, and he blushed at the misunderstanding.


It turned out, “lunch” with Karl consisted of us sitting opposite each other in the break room while I nibbled on yesterday’s forgotten cheese sandwich and he methodically consumed five tupperware containers of various foods that were apparently all called ‘macros’.


“You’re pretty ‘macro’ yourself,” I joked. 


Karl wiped his mouth with his lumberjack forearm and stared at me with those eyes like emeralds. He looked genuinely touched. “Thanks, Jeffy.” He looked down at his food and then back up at me. “Sorry about the confusion. I did say ‘date’ didn’t I? It was just a—“


“Figure of speech. I know. It’s okay, Karl, really.” I touched his forearm near the elbow and he grinned. He tightened his wrist and the single muscle under my hand swelled to fill my palm. It was thicker than my whole arm. “Wow!” I exclaimed. My cock shot to full hardness instantly.


“That one’s called the brachioradialis. Did you know there are twenty muscles in the forearm?”


I did not, but fearful I was about to get a boner killing monologue of Latin names, I stroked his arm and purred: “It’s really hard. You must be very strong.”


He nodded in agreement. “Very.”


We sat there for a few more minutes staring at each other. He made soft snuffling, chewing noises while I stroked the 20 rippling muscles of his forearm as he worked his knife and fork.


“You were going to tell me about horses? To be honest, you don’t seem the type to ride.”


“Oh I don’t. I do have a special connection with horses, though. I find them calming, and it seems the feeling’s mutual. My girlfriend is the real racing expert. She’s English and a jockey; they go nuts for horse racing there.”


I had to tear my mind away from the sudden image of this giant stud of a man fucking his tiny jockey girlfriend like a fleshlight. “Uh… the South!”


He cocked his head, causing one side of his thick neck to swell into a bridge cable. “What about it?”


“They go nuts for horse racing too, don’t they?” I huffed.


Karl scoffed: “When you can drag them away from NASCAR. Man, I hope you never have to deal with NASCAR Nolan. That guy’s a total asshole.”


Just then Karl’s phone buzzed. “Sorry, it’s my girl.” I nodded and he took the call, his face looking progressively more worried as he listened. “I’m leaving now. I can be there in twenty.” He clicked off the call and looked anxiously at me.


“Emergency at the track, they need my special skills, sorry I have to go.” He looked around at the other guys in the break room, then leaned in and whispered. “Uh, listen Jeffy. The guys here are starting to get real competitive about this Pride Month thing. I’d hate them to think I wasn’t, you know, up to it.”


My disappointment at his leaving turned to curiosity. “And…?”


“And so… could you… fake it?” He pulled up his sleeve and flexed his whole arm. “I’ll make it up to you… with a real date.” He winked.


And so I “faked” my first orgasm ever, going full Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally in the middle of the TopSports break room while aggressively pawing Karl’s melon sized biceps. 


When it was over, Karl grinned sheepishly and then left in a rush for the stables. For the first time since this all started. I stood and proudly displayed my crotch’s dark stain as I left the room and walked through the office back to my desk. Of course the orgasm hadn’t been faked at all. But now I felt a new freedom, and as I passed each hunk I left him with a burning, lustful stare and an unmistakable message:


Come and get it.



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  • Broody changed the title to Employee of the Month, Day 3 added

June 4


After the break room episode with Karl, things got a little turbo-charged at the office in the last two days of the first week. Dudes were flexing in my direction at every opportunity. Delivery boys tripped over dumbbells and exercise bands that the cubicle bros brought in to get a pump between meetings. 


The competition for my attention became fierce. By this time Banner had spread the news of the boss’ ‘orders’, as he (poorly) understood them, to everyone. 


I was flirting with baseball stud Gabe in the hallway and his stubbled jawline and deep sexy voice had me as hard as a Louisville Slugger, when suddenly his bro reflexes kicked in, catching a bomb of a football pass right in the chest. His arms and chest bulged nicely through his button-down but the momentum of the powerful throw forced him three steps back. A hand on my shoulder pulled me around and handsome Mitch blinded me with his kilowatt smile. He whispered “Gotcha!” wetly into my ear, bounced his hard lean pecs beneath his polo shirt and that was it for my first cum of the day. He rubbed my face into the deep muscle cleft while I convulsed into my briefs, but he rubbed Gabe’s face in the victory. “Stolen base, bro,” he smirked. “Totally legit.”


Gabe shook his head and stared daggers at him. “When you least expect it, bro. When. You. Least. Expect. It.” He threatened as he walked off.


Mitch didn’t have long to wait. Gabe was a do-er. That afternoon I walked into the supply closet and found him stripped to the waist with Mitch struggling to get out of a side headlock.


“Baseball players are stronger than football players. Say it!”


“Fuck… you…!” Mitch croaked.


Gabe looked at me as I hastily closed and locked the door. “What do you think, Jeffy? Are baseball players stronger than football players?” Gabe’s torso was a tornado of ripped shit-kicking muscle as he flexed his abs, pecs, biceps, delts and traps to control the taller and heavier Mitch.


“I mean—“ I started. Gabe was making an excellent case!


Mitch grunted out the words as he pawed at the unforgiving ball of muscle flexing into the side of his skull. “It’s not… objectively… true…”


Gabe considered this as he pulled on his own wrist to crank the headlock tighter. “HHHHHMMMM! So Jeffy, Mitch here is concerned that my statement is not consistent with the available evidence. You’re a scientist. You tell me how we could go about proving such a thing.”


I was a computer scientist, not an exercise physiologist, but It seemed at this point all that was needed was someone with eyes. Gabe’s pecs started to separate into three horizontal speed bumps shot thru with veins as they pumped to the max.


“I… I guess if you could hold him with one arm?”


“What a smart idea, Jeffy! I knew there was a reason you are Employee of the Month.” Gabe let go of his wrist and nodded at the bulge in my dress slacks. “As a reward, you can take it out and jack it.”


I didn’t need to be asked twice. I started undoing my belt.


Gabe kicked Mitch’s legs out from under him and shifted his left arm so that Mitch’s neck was in the crook of his elbow. 


“Come on, bro. Say it. Baseball players are stronger than football players.” With his free hand he started lightly slapping Mitch’s reddening face. “Say it.”


“No…” Mitch gurgled as I moaned, pulling my dick, slick with pre, out of my underwear and fisting it.


“Not even flexing bro.” Slap. “You punking out against my one arm?” Slap. “My left arm, even?” Slap. “Not even a southpaw, bro. You’ve seen me pitch.”


I was close. Real close. 


“Say it, bro.”


“Ugh, no…”


Slap. “Say it.” 




Gabe waved me closer as he started flexing his hard round biceps into Mitch’s carotid artery.


“Bro, you better say it. You pass out before saying it, you’re gonna wake up with Employee of the Month cum on your face.”


That did it. Mitch tapped his hand on Gabe’s arm in the universal sign of submission. Gabe relaxed his arm and Mitch croaked out: “Baseball players are stronger than football players.”


“What’s that, Mitch the Bitch?”




He released the hold and Mitch fell at his feet, coughing. 


Gabe winked at me as I was fractionally away from nutting. “So you say, but I think Jeffy here still isn’t convinced.”


With a grunt and a heave, Gabe gorilla pressed Mitch over his head, then THREW him at the ceiling where he bounced off the tile and landed on the top shelf of the storage unit.

”Always rack your weights,” he joked.

“GUH!” I cried as I spewed my spunk all over Gabe’s heaving chest and collapsed to my knees. My cheek grazed his wiry treasure trail as I fell against his abs.


When I caught my breath I looked up at him he grinned over the bulges of his massively pumped pecs. “Home run, Jeffy!”


Then his face turned dark and I felt my asspucker quiver.


“Now lick this shit off.”


Next: Casual Friday

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  • Broody changed the title to Employee of the Month, Day 5: Casual Friday, pt 1

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