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  1. Hi, everyone! So I'm starting this experimental series to see if a more traditional narrative would work here, and I would really appreciate all feedback and critique to help me improve. This is mostly going to involve more plot and character than growing, although there will still be a lot of growing done. It just won't be the main focus (for now). Writing is something I don't normally get to do on a regular basis, but it's something I want to make a living out of, so all advice is incredibly welcome. I am more than willing to alter the way the narrative develops and is written depending on how people prefer their pacing and writing. Thanks and enjoy! Hard at Work [Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5a -5b - 6 - 7 - 8a - 8b - 8c - 9 - 10 - 11a - 11b - 12a - 12b - 13] PART 1 Working at my job wasn’t exactly the most exciting thing in the world, but it paid the bills. On an average day, I would sit at my desk, wondering how a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry got me a job in human resources. It’s not like I had particularly good chemistry with other people either. During my time at the company so far, I’ve only been able to get close to two people. One of them was a co-worker of mine named Marcus. He often pulled pranks on me and made childish jokes at my expense whenever we took a break for coffee. Normally, him being a 23-year-old man, anyone would expect some sort of maturity or sense of responsibility. Marcus was nothing of the sort. He played around far too much and just did whatever the hell he wanted to. Every attempt our boss had at scolding him fell on deaf ears. With any other employee, our boss’ words would stop us dead in our tracks. Boss had that charismatic, authoritative aura about him. Unlike Marcus, our boss, Mr. Wesley Smith, or just Wes, took everything seriously. He had a reputation to uphold. Sure, he had his fair share of dad jokes every now and then, but people in the workplace were already so used to Marcus’ absurd antics that nobody ever really noticed. The three of us were often referred to around the office as the “threesome of power.” In one way or another, we all held some sort of power around the office. Wes had his obvious influence and status. Marcus had his absurdity and over-all charisma. Compared to them, I didn’t have as much. All anyone ever told me was that I was the glue that held together our little threesome. In my opinion, it’s just an excuse to call us a threesome since we’re always together. I wasn’t a big fan of the name, honestly. Especially since I was the only gay one. The main reason people chose to describe us as a “threesome” specifically is that Marcus and Wes were probably the most attractive and sought-after guys at the workplace. Marcus was 5’11” and pretty damn attractive. He had wavy, blonde hair that looked like it was streaked with chocolate, and his eyebrows were incredibly thick and a deep chestnut. Of the three of us, he also had the best body. He had been a model in his university years, so he developed a toned, muscled body with a deep V-shaped torso and disproportionate pecs and shoulders. On the other hand, Wes wasn’t bad looking, but all his time spent in bars showed. He was a good-looking man for his age, 31, having South-East Asian genes, and he had a strong square face that accentuated his stocky figure, being only 5’6”. He did go to the gym after work, but he developed a gut after all the vodka. People often say his most attractive feature is his cat eyes. His eyebrows also tilted inwards, so he always had this fierceness about him. It didn’t seem like he was meant to be built in any way besides a small tank either. While Marcus and Wes were the stars of our threesome, I was labeled the “DUFF.” I was only 24, but the new terms the kids kept coming up with always got lost on me. I was the least attractive among us, I must admit. 5’7” isn’t exactly a height anyone would be flaunting off. It’s not that I looked like Quasimodo though. I was just… average—nothing spectacular about me. On one particularly rainy day, Marcus approached me at my desk, wearing his favorite sky blue button-down. He leaned over the divider with a coffee in his hand and sipped it so loudly it echoed. “What are we gonna do about the rain? Do you wanna just move bar night to Wes’ condo again?” he asked. “Yeah, but have you asked him? We might still be banned since you wrecked his condo the last time.” Marcus flubbed his lips, nearly spilling his coffee on my desk. “Don’t worry about it! Wes’ll understand. Besides, this time we got someone to clean our shit.” “I’m not cleaning your mess this time, Marcus.” “Not you, stupid. I meant the new intern. Wes said he was coming in today.” I looked at him, puzzled. “What new intern? No one told me about any new interns.” “That’s because you never join the meetings.” “What? The last meeting we had was two months ago, and literally all we talked about was how you put red food coloring in the water tanks to make it look like we were drinking blood.” Marcus laughed. “Well, now we just have meetings at the bar. I managed to convince him to move our meetings to the conference room with the dancers.” He chuckled. I sighed. “Fine, whatever. What’s his name? The intern, I mean.” “Ah, wait.” Eric brought out his phone. “I’ll ask Wes.” We waited for the phone to pick up. As soon as we heard Wes’ voice, Marcus didn’t hesitate to yell. “Yo, Wes!” I could hear an audible sigh come from the phone. “What’s up, Marcus? I’m kinda busy right now.” “I just told Dory about the new intern, but I forgot his name. What was it again?” “Froy Adamson. 20 years old from Harbridge University. He just texted and said he was coming up. Could you two let him in and show him around? Thanks.” “Sure thing, sir.” Marcus bounced his head to the side and looked at me as if he were planning something. He always did his squinted eyes, raised eyebrows, and pouted mouth. It was a staple of his. He wasn’t fooling anyone doing a face like that. I wonder if he ever noticed. He put the phone back in his pocket. “Well, Dory, looks like you’ve got some more work to do.” I knew it. “Seriously? Didn’t he tell us to handle him? To-ge-ther?” Marcus shrugged. “Well, I’ve got some work to do, and I’m reeaally tired.” He yawned. “You can handle the kid by yourself, right?” I said yes, and he was off, walking back to his desk. I don’t know why I let him do this to me. He’s lucky he was hot. Before I could prepare myself for the new intern, there was a knock coming from the glass door. I got up and headed over. Only people without access cards couldn’t get in and had to knock, which meant it had to be the intern. If I heard correctly, his name was supposed to be Froy, and a student at Harbridge… damn, someone was loaded. I got to the glass door and saw him standing outside. He was wearing a black button-down with his sleeves rolled up and skintight black jeans. They must have been pretty big too since he looked like he had to be at least 6’1”. His jet black hair was short and cropped with little spikes sticking up. He had a cute face too. He had the most precious baby button nose and pronounced dimples, making him look younger than he actually was. I wouldn’t be surprised if girls crushed on him everywhere. He had a decently lean body, but he definitely had bodybuilder potential by the way his broad shoulders stuck outwards, much like Marcus’. However, it didn’t seem like he was the braggart type. If anything, he was a bookworm. He looked like he lived and breathed in a library. All he was missing was a pair of glasses, but instead, he had the most perfect eyelashes. The poor thing seemed soaked by the rain. I opened the door for him and let him come inside, causing him to shiver in his shirt from the cold, freezer-like office temperature. He smiled at me and giggled nervously. “Sorry, sir,” he said with a nervous smile. “I forgot to bring an umbrella. I didn’t think it would rain today.” My heart hadn’t fluttered in so long by a guy’s voice. The last time I felt this elevated was when I was still in college and chatting up the star football athlete before he got caught doping and got expelled. I missed having crushes like this. Thankfully, Froy seemed to be legal. A co-worker of mine already got fired once for having “intimate relations” with an underage intern. I wasn’t going to be next. “It’s fine. Are you Froy?” I asked. He nodded. “Yes, sir. I was supposed to start last week, but my mother had an emergency at the hospital, so I couldn’t leave.” “It’s fine, don’t worry. Family first,” I said. “Did you bring an extra shirt? You might get sick if you wear that wet shirt here all day.” “No, sir. I don’t have anything to change into. Sorry.” I grabbed his forearm. “It’s fine. Here, I’ll let you borrow one of my backup shirts.” “Sir, are you sure?” “Yeah, it’s fine.” I brought him to my desk where I grabbed him a seat. My co-workers who passed by would smile at him, enticed by his cute face and meek demeanor. He’d greet them back with a small wave and shy smile. Some people even came up and asked me if he was my new boyfriend. How many times did I have to tell everyone that I’ve never had a boyfriend before? They were just making the boy uncomfortable. I brought out a plain white shirt from my emergency kit and handed it over to him. He looked it over and thinking about it now, it was probably too small for him. Such was a con of being six inches shorter than someone. He held it up to the light, trying to estimate its size. “I don’t think it’s gonna fit,” I said. “Could I try it on, sir? Just to be sure?” “Sure, go ahead. Just don’t tear it.” I leaned back into my seat as I watched him begin unbuttoning his button-down. At the back of my mind, I knew this was leaning towards sexual harassment—and on the first day of his internship to boot—but I couldn’t help myself. The kid wasn’t reacting negatively either, so I guessed he was okay with it. A lawsuit was the last thing I needed. He started from the top-down, exposing his lean muscle underneath. He had a decently-sized chest for his leanness, and I never noticed how perky his nipples were underneath the black fabric either. There was no body hair on him too, just like Wes. “Nice abs,” I said. He blushed. “Ah, thank you, sir.” “You go to the gym or something? You play sports?” “No, sir. I used to be part of the gymnastics team, but I quit so I could focus on my studies.” Froy raised up his arms and tried squeezing into my shirt. He stuck his head through the tight hole and did his best to stretch out my shirt to fit in as much as possible. He looked ridiculous. It was like a man trying to wear a child’s dress. “You’ve still got a nice frame. If you went to the gym, I bet you could build it up easily,” I said. He looked ridiculous in my shirt. The sleeves didn’t even reach past his shoulders, so the fabric dug into his armpits. The shirt only reached the first set of abs, exposing his core and defined pelvis. It looked like a crop top. How he even got into something so tight is still a mystery to me. “Sir, I’m not sure I can wear this.” “Obviously.” I punched his abs. “Come on, let’s go ask someone else. I’m too short to be lending you my clothes.” “You’re not too short, sir.” “Yeah, you’re just too tall.” I told him to take off the shirt. He looked like he was in too much pain to be wearing something so ridiculous before we found a better replacement. As he raised it over his head and pulled his arms through the sleeves, he accidentally tore it down the side from the left sleeve down to the hem. He froze in panic. “Sir, I’m so sorry, sir, I didn’t mean to break your shirt. It was an accident, sir, I swear.” “Don’t worry about it,” I said. “It’s just a shirt.” His lean torso was now exposed to the cold of the office again, but at least he wasn’t squeezed so tightly in my shirt. I didn’t want to kill him before Marcus did. I couldn’t afford that kind of blood on my hands at my age. No way my salary was going to cover it. I led the tall kid over to Marcus’ desk at the other end of the office. Marcus looked visibly disturbed, watching in silence as I approached with a tall, shirtless kid following closely behind me. I didn’t know what he was going to say or do. His eyes just kept darting back and forth between us, seemingly asking me, “What the fuck is going on?” “Hey, Marcus, this is the intern, and he—” “Why is he shirtless?” Marcus interrupted. I looked back at Froy, looking lost as always. “He got wet in the rain, and I told him I’d get him a new shirt. I tried giving him mine, but, uh…” Marcus raised an eyebrow. “But what? Dory, I need to tell you as a friend that you are very small. Did you try lending him your shirt? Was it too small? Did you come all the way here, to my cubicle, while I’m working, to ask for a shirt from me?” “Yes.” “Alright, here you go.” Marcus dug into his drawer and tossed Froy a clean, black shirt. Froy looked confused but put on the shirt. It fit him perfectly. Thankfully, Marcus’ tailored shirts to fit his broad shoulders and chest fit Froy just right. It was a bit short at the hem though. His pelvis would peek whenever he moved, but he was well-covered. The sleeves also accentuated what muscle he had on his arms, as expected from Marcus. “I have to say though, he’s got a nice body,” Marcus said. “The ‘overtime work’ he’ll be doing later is gonna be a nice work-out.” “Marcus, he’s not a maid.” “And I’m not Frida Kahlo.” “You aren’t.” “Shut up,” Marcus said. “Hey, kid, you’ll be coming with us after work, right?” Froy’s eyes grew wide. “Uh…” “Marcus, it’s only his first day. He doesn’t even know our names yet!” “It’ll be fiiiine. My name’s Marcus Fringe, and there’s your Sir Dorian Yale. You can just call us Marcus and Dory. Our boss is Sir Wesley Smith: short, stocky Asian dude. You can call him Wes. If you ever wanna come work for us, you could be a part of our little circle of friends here. We got cookies.” “Oh, I like cookies,” Froy whispered. “Stop fucking with my intern, Marcus.” “You’re not my mom.” Wes’ office was right in front of Marcus’ cubicle. Any time Marcus made too much noise or whenever Wes would leave for the washroom and caught Marcus doing something stupid, Wes would be the first to scold him. He often threatened to lower his pay, but Marcus didn’t care. They were too close to actually do anything like that. As we were talking, the door to Wes’ office opened. He walked out, wearing a skintight banana yellow collared shirt that showed off his muscles and small gut. Every shirt in his wardrobe seemed to be skintight. I remember him telling us once that he was raised to only wear the tightest clothing because it makes you look bigger. He was only 5’6”, so I could understand why. “Why are you making so much noise, Marcus?” he asked, standing in the doorway. “Oh.” I waved at him. “Hi, sir. This is Froy, the intern. I was just asking Marcus for an extra shirt since he got wet in the rain.” “Well, take care of him then. Show him around the floor or something, I dunno,” Wes said. “Oh, and Dory…” “Yes, sir?” “Take him out with ya later, aight? We’re gonna have a little fun.” Oh god. “Yes, sir.” Wes was returning to his office when Froy spoke up. “Oh, sir!” he said. “How do I get through the door? I don’t have an access card.” “Hm? You don’t need an access card. You just grab the handle, twist it, then pull. That’s how you open a door.” “Wes, never speak again,” Marcus said. “What about this?” Wes whispered. “Or this ♪?” he sang. “I’m done,” I said. “And I’m just getting started!” He fired double finger guns at me with the silliest grin, laughing at himself immediately afterwards. We all separated and went back to our work for the day. I finished up the rest of my work as fast as I could so that I’d have more time to tour Froy around the building. It was just a hunch, but I thought he’d appreciate the convenience store. The store has an unlimited sundae cone deal where you could get as much ice cream as you wanted as long as it’s in one continuous swirl and it doesn’t fall over. When we got there, I saw his eyes light up like a child at the carnival. He wasted no time and immediately ordered a sundae cone. I didn’t even have to tell him. It seemed like he was used to doing this sort of thing already. By the time the ice cream was five inches tall, I was getting worried. It looked like it would fall at any moment. “Froy, are you sure you wanna keep going?” “Yes, sir! I’ve done this before. My mom calls me a master at this.” By the time it reached 8 inches tall, he stopped the machine. He stood still at first, watching it intently. It looked like he was trying to connect his soul to the sundae, becoming one with its spirit or something. When he finally got it to stabilize, he smiled. “See, sir?” he said. Then he raised it up and dunked it in his mouth, all the way down to the cone. My eyes grew wide. Froy just took in 8 inches of freezing cold sundae in his mouth like it was nothing. “What the fuck? Did you just eat the entire thing in one bite?” He nodded, still swallowing the ice cream. When he finished, he accidentally exhaled into my face, filling my nose with his cold, breath-infused chocolate smell. He apologized and offered to wipe it off my nose. I had to tell him to stop since he still had the cone to finish. “How the fuck did you do that?” “My brothers taught me when I was younger how to exercise my gag reflex so I could take in more things. I could fit a whole foot-long in my mouth too!” he said. “It just got kinda messy… so we had to stop.” His face sunk. The cute smile he wore faded away after it seemed like he remembered something. “What happened?” “They, uh, taught me to give them blowjobs when I was 12. I thought it was normal for a few years, then they got arrested for selling drugs when I was 15. My mother told me they were horrible to me and told me what they were doing to me was wrong. So now I’m trying to find a job to pay for my mother’s hospital bills since I’m her only family left. She already used up all her savings on my tuition.” I felt horrible for him and found myself hugging him. He was stiff and caught in surprise at first, but he softened up and wrapped his arms around me too. I didn’t know he lived like this. I couldn’t take advantage of someone like him. It wouldn’t be right. “I’m so sorry.” He gave his ice cream a quick lick. “Don’t worry, sir, it’s fine. I’m over it now. I still miss them though.” “Who? Your brothers? They molested you as a kid. You shouldn’t be missing them. They deserve to rot in prison.” “We used to play games every day outside our house. They even bought me a goldfish once for my 14th birthday since it was all they could afford with their own money. I named him Pudge.” We headed back to my desk upstairs after finishing his ice cream and filing for his access card. The issue with his brothers was something we didn’t want to bring up too much in case he got triggered. More than half the office had already gone home for the day. Marcus, Wes, and I planned to leave for Wes’ condo at 8pm with Froy together. After I finished up, I asked Froy if he was okay with it. It was only his first day as an intern. I wouldn’t be surprised if he declined. Who knows what we might have been planning to do to him outside office hours? “It’s okay with me, sir.” “Are you sure? I haven’t even told you what we were doing.” “Oh, uh,” he said before chuckling nervously. “We’re going to your sir Wes’s condo to drink. Wes and Marcus just want you to be their sober caretaker, so you don’t have to go if you don’t want to.” Froy waved his hands. “Oh, no, sir, it’s okay with me. I’m used to being the sober one with my friends.” “Oh, okay. And don’t worry about something bad happening to you. None of us have ever done anything crazy before. Besides, Marcus is straight, and Wes is bi, but he has a family. I’m the only gay one here.” His eyebrows shot up. “You’re gay, sir?” “Yeah, why?” He looked away. “Nothing, sir.” That led me to wonder. Was he also gay? I guessed I could always figure that out some other time. After we packed up, we headed down to the basement carpark where Marcus and Wes were waiting for us at Wes’ truck. There were paper cups everywhere. It seemed like they’d been waiting there for a few years by the way they were lounging around and drinking coffee endlessly. When we got there, Marcus walked up to me and grabbed me by the shoulders. “What the fuck took you so long?” he asked. His pointed gaze shot into my skull. “You told me not to fuck with your intern, but is it really me you should be worrying about?” “We were just finishing up some shit. It took longer than expected. Sorry ‘bout it.” “Just get in the fucking truck already!” Wes yelled. “The vodka isn’t gonna drink itself!” I sat in the passenger seat, with Marcus and Froy in the back. It was the system we developed together when we first started hanging out at bars a few months ago. Marcus hated seatbelts and feeling claustrophobic, and I preferred the safety of the seatbelt. The three of us normally went out to the bar down the street on foot, but tonight, we decided to head to Wes’ condo instead to avoid the rain. The only thing different was that we had Froy with us. “Hey, kid, what was your name again?” Marcus asked. “Uh, sir, Froy Adamson, sir.” “Froy?” Marcus began to chuckle. He was visibly struggling to hold in his laughter. “Like fro-yo?” Froy was silent. “...Yes, sir. Frozen yogurt.” Marcus released his contained laughter, nearly keeling over his seat. Froy became worried and began to panic. Wes and I had to reassure him that making fun of people’s names was just something Marcus did on a daily basis to everyone around the office. Marcus was only a year younger than me, but he had the heart of a child that he never grew out of. We loved that about him. Marcus placed a hand on Froy’s shoulder. “I like this kid,” he said. Froy blushed. “I’m sure you do,” Wes said. “Everyone loves yogurt.” “Don’t predate on my intern, Marcus!” “I don’t wanna hear that from you, Dory!” Marcus said. “Hey, kid. I’ve been planning on going back to the gym again. If you ever wanna come with, just tell me, okay? You look like you’d be a great workout partner.” “Hey, what about me? Why do you ask the intern before your boss who you KNOW goes to the gym?” Wes asked. “How tall are you again, Wes?” Marcus asked. “Right now, about as high as your chances at a promotion, Marcus.” Marcus threw his arms around Wes’ seat. “Hey, come on! It was just a joke! It’s just too hard to be gym buddies with someone so short. Plus you’ve got that tiny gut.” “I can’t help it! Vodka might as well be my blood of Christ.” “So you’re a cannibal?” “What do you think happened to my first boyfriend?” The conversation continued for the next half hour on the road. Froy and I remained silent for the most part while Marcus and Wes bantered, with us being brought in every so often as jokes. Marcus couldn’t let go of “fro-yo.” The rain blocked the streets and kept us in traffic longer than we would have wanted. Wes began getting calls from his wife, asking about where he was since his kids were getting impatient after being locked up for so long. When we got to the forest separating Wes’ condo complex from the city district, Marcus brought out these small white pills he hid inside a tic-tac box. The resemblance was uncanny. Froy and I watched him, unaware of what the pills would do. No one was around to help if Marcus did something stupid. “Hey, Wes. You want a tic-tac?” Marcus asked. Froy and I watched in silence, fully aware of what Marcus was trying to do. “If you’re trying to bribe me for a pay raise again, it’s gonna take more than a tic-tac this time.” “No, seriously, come on. It’s just a candy. Completely free. No strings attached.” Wes held out a hand, and Marcus placed one on his palm. “This better not be another one of your fucking pranks, Marcus. The last one is still giving my kids diarrhea.” Wes threw the small white pill in his mouth without any hesitation. Suddenly, his stomach grumbled loudly. “God damn it, Marcus.” Marcus laughed and slammed his hand repeatedly against the back of Wes’ seat. Froy shifted closer to the door in fear. “What did you give him, Marcus?” I asked. “Dying in a car crash with you was not on my list of things to-do today.” “Mine too,” Froy mumbled. “Relax! It’s harmless. I already tried it on my dog, and nothing happened to her.” “I’m not a dog, Marcus! I’m your boss!” “And I’m not a scientist!” “That doesn’t make things any better, Marcus—Oh, my god... what the fuck is going on...” Wes looked uncomfortable, shifting around like there was a cactus on his seat. I looked down and saw that he was growing a tent in his pants. At first, I thought it was just viagra, but then a wet spot began to form. Wes’ face was red as a tomato and was completely speechless. I could smell the familiar smell that filled my room after school as a kid. Wes came. He came right in front of all of us. He didn’t even have to touch himself or do anything for it either. I looked back at Marcus and Froy, and Marcus’ face was frozen in a face of pure glee. He had the expression of a child witnessing Santa for the first time and couldn’t be happier. Froy on the other hand was completely mortified. The poor thing didn’t know how to react. Wes was barely able to keep his focus on the road because of the way he was feeling. He just came in his pants. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what that pill did to him. Wes stopped the truck at a nearby tree and turned off the truck, running out and checking the damages at a tree out of sight. The three of us followed suit. Marcus didn’t even look the least bit guilty about what he just did. Froy stood by me, waiting and watching for what happened next. “What the fuck did you give me?” Wes asked. Marcus waved his hands in the air. “Nothing! I swear it was just a bunch of random shit I found in my kitchen. I didn’t think it would do anything.” “Well, it did! Now my favorite pants are ruined.” Wes stepped back into the moonlight where we saw a massive wet spot all over his crotch. If we didn’t know it was cum, we might’ve mistaken it for piss just by its sheer quantity. I didn’t think it was possible to cum so much. Judging by the defined outline running down his left thigh as well, it seemed he was hiding more than just one secret. The short man had to compensate somewhere. “God damn it, Marcus.” “Come on, I’m sorry. I swear I didn’t mean it. I was gonna try it on myself, but I wanted to see if it—” “If it killed me?” “Well, no, but—” “I can’t believe I already wet myself… I haven’t even had a fucking bottle yet. You owe me for this.” Marcus shot me a look of relieved anguish, knowing he wasn’t going lose his job or his friendship. He walked up to Wes and helped him clean up by the tree. While Wes and Marcus were off cleaning up, Froy and I wandered a bit off to the forest to take in the beautiful nighttime scenery overlooking the city. The city lights shined brightly over the trees. They gave off an iridescent spotlight-lit night sky that shadowed the tree leaves and branches, blocking out the stars but lighting up the darkness. “This is a great view,” I said. “Yes, sir,” Froy replied. As we were enjoying our quiet time alone together, Froy noticed what looked like a shooting star in the empty sky. Wes and Marcus came over and joined us in staring at the falling light. A thought occurred to me, however, that this was not how falling stars normally worked. It looked as though it were literally falling out of the sky. I’m pretty sure falling stars aren’t supposed to look like they’re coming straight at us. “Hey, that’s no fucking shooting star, you idiots! That’s a meteor!” Wes said. “Hide behind something!” We could barely react when we saw that it was already a building’s height away from us. Froy and I hid behind a nearby tree. Marcus sprinted across to the truck with Wes. The burning rock rang a piercing loud screech in our ears before crash landing into the clearing between us and the truck. Flaming debris flew everywhere, covering the area in a black soot. Smoke filled the air for a good few minutes until we were able to breathe and see things again. All four of us emerged from our hiding spots and eyed the strange rock. Froy, Wes, and I approached it hesitantly, watching it from a distance in case it had any surprises waiting to pop out and do some serious harm. It could have had some new viruses or small flesh-eating aliens hiding inside. I highly doubted our job’s insurance program covered space AIDS. Meanwhile, while three of us were being careful, Marcus decided to make a headstart and gingerly walked up to it. He stuck out his hands and felt the intense heat emanating from the meteor. “What are you doing, Marcus?! Get back here where it’s safe,” Wes said. Marcus looked back and smiled. “Relaaax, it’s not gonna do anythingI” When the rest of us got to surround the meteor, it seemed to have cooled off. All four of us examined it closely, checking for any dangerous movements or glowing substances sticking out. For the next few minutes, it just seemed like it was a regular, boring old rock—from space. It didn’t grow a face and sing show tunes like I expected. I’d be lying if I said wasn’t disappointed. “It just seems like a rock,” Froy said. “Obviously,” Marcus said. “But what’s inside?” “If it's anything like your head, not much,” Wes said. “Then there’s nothing to worry about, right?” Marcus stepped into the crater and slammed his hands onto the meteor. He began pressing down on it with his body weight, trying to pressure it to crack open and reveal whatever monstrosity was inside of it. Froy and I backed away while Wes stepped forward and tried prying Marcus off of it. “Marcus, what are you doing?! Stop!” “I just wanna see what’s inside! It might have space diamonds, Wes!” Marcus let out a yell as he used all his strength and cracked open the meteor. From the crack, a neon green liquid splurged out, spilling onto Marcus’ shirt. He panicked, wondering what the hell the scentless, luminescent goo was, when suddenly the crack opened up further. It erupted, blasting a mortified Marcus with the strange gunk. He was covered head to toe, front to back, unable to even open his mouth or eyes in pure horror. The meteor now looked unstable. It was rumbling, and cracks began spreading from where Marcus first breached its outer shell. More and more of the green liquid spurted out. It didn’t seem long before it would explode. Marcus grumbled for help, running towards Wes. “Hey, stop! Don’t get that shit on me! I just got my pants dry!” Wes yelled. Before Marcus could even get to him, the meteor exploded. Nuclear green slime flew everywhere. Marcus got blasted back onto the ground by the sheer amount he was covered in. He didn’t look like he could move very well at all anymore. Wes was yelling out Marcus’ name when the goo flew into his mouth and covered his entire front from head to toe. I could hear him yelling as he swallowed it. “Sir!” As the meteor exploded towards us, Froy ran up to me. He used his body as a shield to block me from the slime, with his back spread out against the meteor. I looked up at him and saw fear in his eyes. Neither of us could move from where we were as we were frozen in absolute shock about what just happened. The meteor settled down, and there was green slime absolutely everywhere. It coated the trees, the grass, the soil, everything. Marcus was absolutely drenched in it, struggling to even stand up. Wes ran to a tree and began vomiting, trying to expel whatever he swallowed and trying to get himself clean again. Froy’s entire backside and his arms were completely covered. He shook his body as much as he could to try and get it off of him. “What the fuck just happened?” I asked. “That fucking—pfthuh—piece of shit meteor just fucking exploded!” Wes yelled, spitting out the remnants. “Are we going to fucking die?!” Marcus yelled, on his knees, crying in anguish at the sky, looking like a grotesque smile monster. “I don’t wanna fucking die, god!” “This is all your fault!” Wes said. “I’m fucking aware of that, Wes! I wasn’t expecting the meteor to be a fucking water balloon filled with green shit!” “Okay, everyone, just relax!” I said. “We just need to get clean and report this to the police so they can clean it up or something.” Marcus and Wes turned and glared at me, clean and dry from head to toe. “We can’t tell anyone about this! If the authorities find out we fucked with some meteor and got caught with some disease, then we might be forced to spend time in a lab until we die,” Wes said. Marcus pointed at me. “And why the fuck are you dry? Did you tell your little boytoy intern to be your shield?!” “No, he ran up to me himself. I didn’t tell him to do anything, Marcus.” “Fucking shit, man…” I stood watch by the truck while Froy, Wes, and Marcus cleaned themselves up by the river. It was nearly midnight when they got back looking absolutely exhausted after trying to get every drop of slime off their bodies for the past few hours. They dumped all their clothes in Wes’ gym bag and got into his truck in nothing but wet underwear. ‘Uncomfortable’ could not even begin to explain the atmosphere. I couldn’t even be bothered to appreciate all the hot, semi-naked bodies surrounding me when I was still reeling over what the hell just happened. I’d already seen all of them shirtless before at least once, but I had yet to see Froy’s business. Did he prefer boxers or briefs? Was he a shower or a grower? It didn’t seem that important. All I knew was that Wes was thick and hung like a motherfucker. “This has to be our secret, got it?” Wes said. “No one else can know about this.” We all agreed. None of us were in the mood to get dissected or experimented on for the rest of our lives. As Wes drove away, heading to his condo, I took one last look back at the scene. The meteor looked like a cracked egg that got blown up in a microwave. However, what seemed strange to me was how there seemed to be a lot less slime than before. What used to be a complete sheet of glowing green slime over everything was now mostly back to normal with some freckles here and there. It must have either dissipated in the atmosphere or got absorbed into the ground. Either way, it didn’t seem like that was just going to end there. I could feel in my gut that this wasn’t the last time this meteor was going to be a part of our lives. If the slime did get absorbed in the ground and trees, then what would happen with humans? There was no way they didn’t at least absorb some of it. There was just no way. Regardless, this was going to be our secret from now on. It seemed our little threesome just became a foursome.
  2. Hello all, long time guest, first time writer. I am typing this out on my phone and don't have access to a computer, so I apologize if it seems a little bit choppy. This part will mostly be set up, with much more action in the next chapters. Any feedback would be helpful. Chapter 1 It was an early mid summer morning as Zach was nearing his home. He had just graduated college and spent the remainder of his lease at school before returning back home. Zach had found a position near home, and to celebrate his dad wanted to taken him on a beach trip before starting work. Thankfully, he has already sold away most of his apartment furnishings leaving Zach with only a few things to stuff in his hatchback. Meanwhile, Mark was eagerly waiting for his sons arrival at home. At 45, Mark was 5'11, had short, conservative, grey hair, naturally broad shoulders, soft blue-eyes, and a strong jawline. He'd always been in good shape but spent a lot of time building muscle while his son was away at college. Mark started partly because of how much of a hole Zach not being at home left for him. Mark thought a lot of Zach and wanted to spend more time with him and was elated that his son would be returning home. As Zach pulled in and got out of the car, Mark went out to greet him. "Welcome home son!" as he walked over and tightly hugged Zach. As Zach was being squeezed by his father he remembered how much his father had been growing. He felt his dad's bulging arms, and massive chest against him. He'd always admired his dad and wanted to be just like him - successful, happy, great father, and as of recently... Muscle freak. Zach had many of his dad's physical characteristics, was 6'0 with a similarly conservative blonde haircut, blue eyes, and square jaw. Zach had a fairly athletic build he got from his father - a nice built chest, strong frame, and flat stomach but was nowhere near his dad's size. "Wow, dad! It seems like every time I see you, you've packed on some more muscle. How big are you now? " Mark replied, "Oh, around 240 now," he said with a grin, lifting up his arms to flex. Grunting, his biceps balled up into huge baseball sized lumps, his tight t-shirt riding up on his frame to reveal his lower abs and showing a nicely outline of his massive pecs. "I can't believe how big I'm getting. Brett's really helped me these past few years." Brett was the next door neighbor. When Zach went into college, Mark decided to befriend Brett who was into bodybuilding. He was 34, 5'9, had dark-brown hair, hazel eyes, a charming all-American man, and was truly massive around 275 pounds of lean muscle mass. "By the way I forgot to tell you," Mark stated, "your mom went away with some of her friends on a cruise. She wanted us to have a vacation for the men, so invitied Brett along if that's fine." Zach's cock twitched a little when he had heard this. Zach always knew that he was gay but Brett certainly confirmed it for him. Zach loved muscle beasts. Honestly, Zach wasn't sure where the envy stopped and the attraction began, especially when it came to Brett. Zach was always excited when Brett came around. In fact, he remembered the first time he saw Brett. He was outside doing yardwork and stopped to talk to his dad. Zach saw him from the kitchen window, as he stopped and stared at Brett. He was shirtless with sweat glistening over his perfectly sculpted body, leaning up against a shovel. His pecs and arms were pumped and red from all the activity and his abs were like perfect columns holding up the rest of his body. Zach started to get a little flushed in the face thinking about it. "Son, is that fine?" As Zach snapped back into reality, "Uh, oh, yeah. That's perfect!" "Great, I'll help you get your stuff inside. We're leaving as soon as your ready," as Mark picked up some of Zach's tote bags and his muscular biceps bulging. Soon thereafter Zach had everything put away and already packed his bags to leave for the beach. He put his suitcase back into his dad's SUV and not too long after Brett came out of his house with suitcases in hand followed by Mark. "Hey, man!?" Brett called out to Zach as he approached, "long time no see." Brett was wearing a black t-shirt that was hanging on for dear life. His traps were pushing out of top. The shirt was so tight around his chest you could see the ruffles as a sign it was being stretched to the breaking point. His biceps pushed the sleeves up his arm so that they were nearing his shoulder. He was also wearing some khaki shorts that were completely filled up with his quads and left very little to the imagination. "Hey, Brett. I'm doing well, I hope you are?" Zach gulped and became nervous, realizing he answered a question that wasn't asked of him. How was he going to keep calm this whole week in the presence of his buff dad and hot neighbor. "Doing well, excited for this beach trip. I finally going to show off my summer body a bit!" as Brett smiled, "seems like you and your dad are ready to show yours as well!" Zach blushed while simultaneously feeling a little self-conscious. He had certainly kept fit in college but really didn't have an aim of getting huge due to studying all the time. "Well, I'm not as big as you and dad" "No worries, Zach. Look how big your dad got at his age, you still got plenty of time." said Brett as he put his luggage into the trunk. "Hey Brett, sorry to butt in but did you make sure to get that Grey suitcase" "Yep, I already put it in the back in a safe spot. " "Great, thanks for getting that for me! " Zach was perplexed as to what might be in the suitcase, and why it was so important to his dad. Zach quickly moved on as his dad and Brett were hopping in the car. Zach got in the front seat with his dad who spilled over into his seat, and Brett was sitting in the middle bench with the seat belt snugly between his pecs. It was going to take a lot to get these two of Zach's mind, as he wisely placed a pillow over his hardening cock. After a 6 hour car ride we had finally made it to our destination. My dad had booked a large ocean-front house in the Outer Banks of North Carolina for us to stay in. It was a beautiful house painted a light blue. Mark slowly pulled forward into the parking underneath the wooden deck of the home. As we got out to stretch our stiff muscles, the sound of the ocean waves breaking against the shore were all around and the wind blew fiercely. Zach took a glance at his dad. His taut muscles pushing up against his t-shirt as he brought his arms into the air to stretch. His face had a five-o-clock shadow on it. Zach tried to make it seem like he wasn't staring but it was hard to not notice how intently his eyes followed his dad's swollen muscles. Then as Brett was stretching he noticed himself in the window of the car. He hadn't noticed how big he really was getting. He stopped and started flexing into the car window. He flexed his biceps as his sleeves pushed up, and started popping his pecs up and down. His shirt felt so good on him. Tight everywhere. God, he felt so powerful in the moment. Both Mark and Zach tried hard to not let him see that they were staring at him doing this. Everyone carried their luggage up the stairs as Mark put in the code for the lock. The house was decorated in a mix of light pastel blues and white. The kitchen and living room were open with a staircase pushed up near the doors to the balcony on the other end of the kitchen. Brett spoke up after examining the house, "I'm ready to go to the beach. I haven't seen the ocean in so long! I don't care what you guys do but I'm going down now." "Hold up, big guy. We'll go with you. Let's get situated first." replied Mark, "Zach, if you want you can take one of the rooms upstairs and Brett and myself will take the downstairs. That way you can have your own space." "Thanks dad. That sounds like a plan to me," Zach said as he started to climb the stairs. He found the largest room with a queen sized bed and stripped down to put on his bathing suit. Meanwhile, Brett came into Mark's room. Both were shirtless and had their bathing suits on. They both caught each other staring, as they often had in moments like these. Brett saw Mark remembering how small he used to be. Now, standing before him, was a man with a body men half his age would only dream of. He couldn't believe how progressively hotter Mark had become. Mark wasn't as large as himself but his handsome face and lean muscled body just completely turned him on. Likewise, Mark thought about how truly massive Brett had become. How his abs had slowly turned from a 6-pack to mountainous 8-pack abs. His back had grown so wide that he barely fit any clothes that he wore. He'd never seen anyone nearly as big Brett and he craved how big Brett was making him. "Hey - uh - Mark, I have that suitcase with Zach's present here." "Great let's keep it here with me. I can't wait to give it to him," as Mark smiled slyly, "It'll be a dream come true for more than just him." They quickly gathered in the living room when they heard Zach coming down. Zach saw the two muscle gods standing in the living room with just their thigh length swimming suits. Both of them clearly had been working their bodies and losing fat for this trip. Mark and Brett muscles were ripped and were as hard as rock. Their waists were thin and were laughably small compared to their broad backs and huge shoulders. Zach had to carry a towel around his waist just to keep his hard on from showing. He felt so small compared to them. "Great, you're down. Let's go before we lose too much daylight!" said Mark They all set up their chairs at the beach near the water but not without attention. People all around us were staring at Mark, Brett . Groups of women and men would come up to Mark and Brett and take pictures with them. It was easy to tell by their rock hard bulges they enjoyed the attention. After the crowds subsided the group finally were able to take time just to relax and enjoy themselves. They sunbathed, read, and make small talk amongst themselves. Not to mention the occasional glances they would give one another. Eventually, Mark went back in to order pizza for dinner and to have some moments to himself. Meanwhile, Zach and Brett went out to the water to mess around in the waves. "You know, your dad's a good guy. I'm glad we've become friends since you've been away at college. He's really missed you being around," said Brett to Zach. "I'm glad you've been there for him. You've certainly done a great job with him physically." "Certainly. He's responded to the training so well. Although, it doesn't seem like your mom is very appreciative of the mass he's put on." "I think he's looks great. I hope he continues to grow more and more. I hope you do too." Zach stared at Brett's pecs the whole time as the water ran off of them after each wave. "You know I've seen you staring at methe whole time." breaking Zach of his gaze "Oh no, uh, I'm not staring at you, uhm, now..." Zach fumbled "Not just now, ever since we've met I've seen you looking me. I'm not going to lie and say I didn't like it. A young man looking up to me, wanting what I have. So go on, take a feel. I know you want to..."
  3. muscleaddict

    AJ & Noah

    This is my new story I've been working on. As usual, I'll be posting it both here and on my "Muscle Addicts Inc" blog. It follows muscle addict, Noah Cook, who is back at his parents in the small town he grew up in over his summer break from uni. A few weeks in he bumps into his old school friend, AJ Jones, who is now a competitive juniour bodybuilder with ridiculously huge arms and massive muscle tits that bulge underneath his work shirt! The pair then start to rekindle their friendship over the course of the summer. This story references every bodybuilder from my "Charlie's Secret" story, so if anyone read that one, you might recognise a few names! I've also been working with a really amazing illustrator who's doing some illustrations of the characters and designs for the story. They're more for my blog, but I'll share here too when they're ready! ? AJ & NOAH Prologue I don’t think I’ll ever forget the first time I saw AJ Jones. It was the first day back at school after the summer holidays. There was a sense of excitement amongst my classmates. Not just because everyone was seeing their friends again, but because, for the first time ever, a new boy was joining our class. I spotted him standing in the middle of the playground looking completely lost. He was shorter and smaller than all of the other boys in my year group. He had brunette hair. Green eyes. And he was nervously chewing on the sleeve of his purple school jumper. I really didn’t know what it was about this boy, but I was transfixed. It felt like the whole world had turned to black and white and he was the only thing left in colour. I knew two things in that moment; that AJ Jones was special, and that I wanted to be his friend. I had no idea at the time just how special he’d end up being. One I've often wondered what goes through the mind of a bodybuilder when he’s standing on stage in competition. Thick slabs of muscle bulging off his frame in every conceivable direction. His obscenely developed body parts like balloons of muscle that have been pumped and blown up to an unreal degree. All shrink wrapped in dick thin skin which struggle to contain the sheer mass underneath. Each body part separated by lines, rips and cuts the majority of humans don’t see on their bodies in a lifetime. His whole body painted dark bronze and polished with oil. Not one single hair below his neckline. Completely naked except for a minuscule, thinly strapped, brightly coloured posing pouch. To some, the most grotesque and horrifying image in the world. To others, the most erotic. So erotic the mere thought, let alone the image, of is enough to cause ejaculation. What must it feel like to be one of the most muscular men on the planet? To look down and see nothing but excessively huge mass? To see two enormous plates of pec muscle hanging over thick, blocky abs which burst through your stomach? To see gigantic sized quads with muscle separation you’d normally only see on images of anatomy charts? And just how big of a rush would it be to flex and show off your superhuman slabs and mounds of muscle as an audience of hundreds before you ogle, marvel and stare at your freakiness? As I lay on my bed with my laptop open in the bedroom I’d grown up in, watching a video of Blaine Holton, one of the biggest and most well known professional bodybuilders in the last five years, flexing on stage in a guest posing spot, all of those questions were running through my mind. What did this absurdly handsome, square jawed, thirty-something American bodybuilder feel when he was standing at the edge of a stage flexing his impossibly huge biceps for a cheering audience of non muscle freaks? Pride at what he’d achieved by pushing his body to unspeakable limits and building his biceps to twenty plus inches? Power at the knowledge that he was the biggest and most muscular man in the room? “Noah …” And what did this two hundred and fifty plus pounds muscle bull think when he cranked out an abs and thighs pose on stage and looked down at his own inhuman physique? Was he freaked out by the mounds of crazily detailed mass staring back at him? Turned on, even, by the bronzed painted lumps and bumps of thick, freakish muscle and shiny, posing trunk covered bulge? Did he ever wonder whether he’d taken his physique too far? Or was he so accustomed to seeing the image of his own huge muscle that he felt absolutely no different to what the average built person saw when they looked down at their body? “No-aaaah …” And just what was going through the mind of one of the world’s best bodybuilders as he walked off the stage and made his way through the audience of fully clothed, average built spectators, hitting poses and flexing his muscles as they gawped and stared and frantically took pictures of the spectacle before them? Did he realise how many of them would have loved to be in his shoes, even for just one minute? Did he wonder how many of the audience members before him would have loved to get their hands on his ridiculously developed muscles? Was he drunk with power, basking in the glory of being a roided out muscle freak? Or was he dying to flee the theatre so he could be all alone and spend the night staring at his own freakish creation in the mirror, whilst squeezing, touching and worshipping every inch of his insanely shredded, beyond human slabs of muscle? “NOAH!” ARGHHHH!! I slammed down the lid of my laptop, sprung off my bed and opened my bedroom door. “WHAT?!” I yelled in frustration. Whenever I went back to my parents, I always resorted back to being a teenager. Wanking off to bodybuilders in my bedroom and shouting at my mother. Often for no, or very little reason. “I just want to ask you something! There’s no need to shout like that!” my mother said calmly from the bottom of the stairs. Five or so years ago I wouldn’t have felt any guilt about shouting at my mother for interrupting me watching a video of a flexing, roided muscle bull in my bedroom. Now, I felt like the world’s biggest dick. “I’m busy!” I replied, my tone deliberately lighter. “Ooooh, you’re always busy,” she groaned. “God knows what you do on that computer!” Hmmm. Wanking off to videos of bodybuilders on YouTube. Wanking off to pictures of bodybuilders on Instagram. Occasionally chatting to other like minded muscle addicts about wanking off to bodybuilders on Twitter. My mum asked me if I’d do her a favour and go to Tesco to pick up a few things for dinner because she had to go to and visit my nan. I said yes, partly because I felt guilty about snapping at her, but also because doing this favour gave me a reason to leave the house. A sense of purpose, even, for the afternoon, which made me feel completely pathetic. “Fancy shouting at your poor mother!” she said. Then she did a pretend sob which I couldn’t help but smile at, even though I was still annoyed that she’d interrupted me watching a video of Blaine Holton strutting through an audience in nothing but his shiny red posers, just as he was cranking out a brutal most muscular in the face of an extremely lucky audience member. I’ve always found it amazing how easily we forget things. And how our memories have a habit of only selecting the positive when thinking about a situation we’re no longer in. In all of the times I thought about spending the summer at my parents, I never once factored in the possibility that they might annoy me, or that I might grow bored. The irony was, I had been looking forward to being back home for a few months. But all I had wanted during those first few weeks of my summer break was to be back in London. Why is almost every place inherently more appealing when we’re not actually there? As I walked into my local Tesco a feeling of dread hit me. I had this sudden, strong intuition that I was going to bump into someone I knew. If it wasn’t someone shopping there, it would probably be one of the workers. When I was in sixth form, half of my year seemed to work there, including my best friend Naomi. Maybe if I tried to avoid eye contact with everyone in a blue Tesco work shirt I’d reduce the risk of having to make small talk with a classmate I never really liked who was also back from university for the summer. Or someone who hadn’t gone to university at all, and had spent the past two years working in a supermarket. Fifteen minutes and no familiar faces later, I was heading towards the self service checkout and that’s when I saw him. Every single secret lover of huge, freaky muscle will be familiar with the incredible rush that comes with seeing a real life bodybuilder in a public setting. It’s such an incredibly surreal and amazing experience. To be walking down the street, or boarding a tube, or even walking down the meat aisle of your local Tesco and be suddenly faced with an excessively built and muscular man. Or even a genuine, bona fide bodybuilder. Exactly like the one I’d suddenly spotted, with his back to me in an extraordinarily tight fitted blue Tesco polo shirt, conversing with a well to do looking elderly woman, who was gawping at the frighteningly muscular lad before her with a look of sheer horror. I couldn’t stop staring at him. Everything but his height was big. His shoulders ridiculously broad, his back absurdly wide and the rear of his upper arms indecently muscular. Even his perfectly round arse looked huge as it struggled to contain the material of his extremely tight, black work trousers. Fuck! I could tell he was young, even from the back. A mini muscle bull in the making. A potential juniour competitive bodybuilder. Working right here in my local fucking Tesco. Practically fucking bursting out of his work uniform. I didn’t think I’d ever been that sexually attracted to the rear image of anyone before. Even the back of his head was hot. With his short graded, light brown hair, which got thicker at the top. And his mini bull neck. GRRRRR! Ridiculously, my heart started to pound as I got closer to, surely, the beefiest shelf stacker in Tesco’s employment history. Once I’d walked past him, I’d be able to conspicuously turn around to catch a glimpse of him from the front. But I didn’t need to, because the woman he was talking to was walking away, and when I was barely a few metres away from him, the potential competitive juniour bodybuilder turned around, my heart leapt into my throat and my stomach violently lurched. Because standing in front of me, now a mini mountain of muscle in a tight fitted Tesco polo shirt, was my old school friend, AJ Jones. “Noah?!” FUCKING HELL! I felt like my legs were going to give way. My mind just couldn’t cope with what was happening. The walls of reality seemed to melting before me, because standing in front of me was a huge and insanely fucking cute bodybuilder with tits which strained through his polo shirt, and a pair of the most enormous and outrageously muscular arms I’d seen on any lad of any age in person. And that bodybuilder just so happened to be one of my old best friends from school. “It’s AJ!” he exclaimed. “Hi!” I nervously replied. “Sorry! I do recognise you. You just look … different!” About a hundred pounds of arms, tits and arse different! AJ smirked. A cocky, adorable and gorgeous grin. To match his oh so gorgeous face. Oh God. How can AJ Jones be gorgeous? How can AJ Jones be a fucking bodybuilder?! “I get that a lot,” he said, nodding and pursing his lips. “I think it’s the hair!” I laughed and he grinned back at me. A warm, nostalgic feeling came over me and, just for a moment, he wasn’t this ridiculously buff muscle boy whose arse I’d not long been checking out. He was AJ, my old friend from school, who I hadn’t spoken to since we’d drifted apart and found new, very different friend groups about seven or eight years ago. “What are you up to now?” AJ asked. “I’m at uni,” I replied, looking at the lucky Tesco name badge sat on his unfathomably thick chest. Ha! I win, I thought. And then immediately I hated myself for thinking that way. “Which uni?” “Goldsmiths, in London. I’m back home for the summer.” “Back in boring Little Denton!” AJ said, playfully rolling his eyes. Boring Little Denton. Where nothing ever happens. Except for the boy who used to eat Tipp-Ex at school growing up to be the type of obscenely muscular, roid munching bodybuilder you regularly blow loads over. Fuck. “Nothing changes much round here!” he added. It was such a ridiculous statement that I couldn’t refrain from making a joke. “No, you look exactly the same as you did at school!” Then it was AJ’s turn to laugh, which made me blush, and feel ever so slightly giddy, because I just made a bodybuilder laugh. A bodybuilder whose upper arms looked about twice as thick as mine. I tried not be obvious, but it was almost impossible to be in such close proximity to a guy that muscular without my eyes veering south of his face. How on Earth had Tesco found a t-shirt to fit AJ? Not that it had fit. One single most muscular and his tits would have probably ripped straight through the material. And his arms. Fucking hell those arms. What did those biceps look like flexed, either side of his absurdly cute face? He hadn’t stayed on for the sixth form, so I hadn’t seen him for four years. I hadn’t even heard about him. He definitely hadn’t been working at Tesco at the same time Naomi had because she would have mentioned it. What had AJ been doing in the past four years that had caused such an extreme transformation? Presumably, spending an enormous amount of time in the gym, consuming a shit load of calories and probably taking a course of steroids, or two. Maybe I hadn’t won after all. Because he looked like THAT, and I looked like, well, me. I had one physical advantage over AJ, though. The same one I’d always had, even when we were younger. I was about four inches taller in height than him. He’d always been short. Right from that very first time I’d spotted him in the school playground, right up until the time he’d left school at sixteen. Maybe he was on a mission to be as wide as he was tall? At this rate, he’d probably succeed. He’d be ripping up the stage with the likes of Tommy “The Tank” Foster and all of the other notoriously short but stacked 212 class competing bodybuilders in no time. AJ Jones. A flexing bodybuilder. Seriously, what kind of cosmic, fucked up shit was going on? “AJ! Can you jump on till seven please?” A hard faced and slightly scary looking woman had interrupted us. AJ pulled a face as she walked away. “I’d better go!” he said. My heart sank. This couldn’t be it. Surely, the universe wouldn’t give me something so mind bogglingly amazing and then just swipe it away from me less than five minutes later? “Good to see you again, mate!” AJ said, with a genuine warmth. Ask for his number! Just ask for his number, I thought. But I couldn’t. It didn’t feel appropriate. And so, I watched AJ Jones walk away with an ever so slight waddle, his thighs visibly thick under his work trousers, his back impossibly broad, and his arse so big and beefy it bordered on obscene. AJ Jones, the bodybuilder. AJ Jones, my old friend from school. AJ Jones, who used to eat fucking Tipp-Ex.
  4. Monday June 1 I’d only been in this office job since March when the boss named me Employee of the Month. It was a sports betting company and the 30 or so employees were almost all straight men. Mr. Sartorius was a tall, handsome silver fox with a taste for well cut suits and a sexy Dutch accent that made me smile as I listened to him make the announcement at the monthly all-staff meeting. “…And Jeffrey’s selection is especially appropriate considering June is… Pride Month!” My smile froze into an embarrassed rictus. I hadn’t come out to anybody in the office. And I certainly hadn’t in the interview. An awkward silence came over the conference room where everyone was packed in standing room only. I looked out at the sea of faces, all masculine former jocks, and stretched my smile into what probably looked like a crazed serial killer grin. Mr Sartorius looked at me with such oblivious sincerity, then back out at the staff expectantly. Several people looked at their feet. Someone coughed. Then Banner, a young ex-soldier with arms like ham hocks, pumped his fist in the air. “Pride month!” he yelled. “HOOAH!” Mr Sartorius was super pleased at this and slapped me on the back with a hand the size of a shovel. I tried to mask my wince of pain. “FUCK YEAH Pride Month!!” Someone else boomed. The boss furrowed his brow and the temperature in the room dropped ten degrees. Mr Sartorius didn’t like swears. “All right everyone. Back to work. You can all congratulate Jeffrey personally when you have the chance.” I shook his hand and thanked him before fleeing back to my desk. It felt like I had 30 pairs of eyes boring into the back of my head. I plopped down on my cubicle desk chair, relieved. Almost immediately, Banner filled my cubicle entrance. His bowling ball deltoids stretched the maroon fabric of his polo shirt as his jacked Army-honed physique made me throw major wood in my dress slacks. I’d never been this close to him before. He smelled crazy good, like Mennen Speed Stick and spearmint gum. “Jeffy,” he said, a nickname I hated but would let Banner call me forever. “Pride month. That’s the gay month, right?” I full-on blushed and stammered “Uh, uh, uh.” Oh my God. So hot. So dumb. I turned from him and wildly yanked on the sliding platform that allowed my keyboard to be tucked in just below the desk’s surface. It jammed with a squeak. “I got you, Jeffy, this used to be my cube. I know the trick.” Banner reached down between my legs and palmed the bottom of the platform. His cheek brushed mine and the feel of his stubble sent an electric shock straight to my cock. His thick, bare muscular arm stretched out in front of me and as I saw the tension in the tendons and muscles grow I could see clearly what was about to happen but I was a deer caught in the headlights. Banner pulled and his biceps exploded into a breath-taking rippling gourd of veiny power; his forearm then twisted and a second peak pushed out of the muscle like it was giving birth to a baby. I instantly came in my pants. He froze and looked down wide eyed at the wet spot and bulge in my crotch. “Jeffy,” was all he had time to say before suddenly Mr Sartorius was standing next to him. He stood up straight and actually saluted, his eyes practically popping out of his skull. “At ease, soldier,” he chuckled warmly. “I’m glad to see your enthusiasm for your co-worker, Banner, I hope you will encourage your colleagues to be similarly charitable this month.” Banner looked wildly about, confused. “Charitable, Mr S?” “Yes, charitable.” “Sir, yes, sir!” Banner huffed. “Good. Well, carry on.” Banner disappeared so fast he might have vapourized. I grinned stupidly up at the boss, my hands in my lap. He looked at me oddly and sniffed, then shook his head, the pleased smile returning. “So glad you are getting on well here, Jeffrey,” he said, placing his hand on my shoulder. “We really appreciate you.” “Thank you sir,” I burbled, trying for the first time ever to NOT appreciate how nicely thick he was through the chest. Please go down, boner! He turned away and I finally managed to pull out my keyboard. I typed away for the painful last hour before quitting time. As I rushed out to leave, I saw Banner still moving from man to man, whispering in each colleagues’ ear as he alternately pointed at me, and at the boss’ office door. Oh shit. Cont.
  5. musclelovingtwink

    The Prompt

    “Nah. Still no. I don’t get it.” Harry stood with his brow furrowed in front of Jacob, clearly perplexed. Jacob sighed. He’d been ready for this, it was very complex stuff, and Harry wasn’t exactly known for his outstanding intelligence. “Ok, so first off, time isn’t a straight line. We can’t really look at time, but it’s really convoluted…” he began. Harry nodded but already seemed to be lost. “It’s complicated and it crosses over itself and collides at different points.” He drew a big squiggle on the whiteboard to illustrate his point. He gestured to where two parts of the line crossed. “Here, where time collides, is what we call a ‘junction.’” Harry continued to nod. Jacob pointed at the machine. It was essentially a computer hooked up to a helmet, covered in strange electrodes and wires. “This machine sends a signal at a frequency that should be able to pass THROUGH those junctions.” “What, so to a different time?” Harry asked. “Exactly!” Jacob said, excited that his friend was getting it. “This helmet scans your brain waves, and using a sample of your DNA, encodes the signal in a way that would only affect you, but at different points in time.” “Wait, so what, I can get messages from the future?” Harry said, seeming interested suddenly. Jacob rolled his eyes knowing he was thinking about the lottery or something. “Not exactly. Think of it like a really strong hypnosis tape. We put a prompt into the computer, and that message is sent out as a signal. It would be like having an idea soaked into your brain all through your life.” “What do you mean.” Harry said. “Well, it would just be an idea that would be reinforced, like training a dog, but… retroactively. Imagine being able to break a drug addiction by stopping it before it happened, or just changing the way you think just a little bit so you never chose to stop going to the gym or something…” he trailed off, almost revealing too much of his own desires. “Or, for instance, rewriting a lab rat’s mentality so it lost the ability to feel full.” With that he gestured to a glass enclosure which housed a morbidly obese rat, it’s little feet wiggling just enough to reach the floor and roll itself over to the food bowl. “Oh my god, that’s disgusting.” Said Harry, repulsed. “Well, it was a perfectly healthy rat last night. In fact it was a little underweight.” “Jesus. Wait, hang on, so you’re basically telling me that this machine can rewrite history?” he asked, snapping back to attention. “To a degree. It only works on the person wearing the helmet, and it can only change their thought patterns so much. If you try something too radical, the person would consciously reject the idea, and when it kept coming back they’d probably get doped up by a psychologist.” “Ok, so why are you telling me this?” “I need you to be my first human test subject.” Jacob said sheepishly. “Wait, what? And end up like Chubs over there?” Harry said, standing up quickly and pointing at the obese rat which had now rolled onto its side, struggling to get right-side up again. “No, I mean, well, yes, but we don’t need to make the prompt make you FAT, it could be anything!” Jacob said desperately trying to regain Harry’s calmness. “This is for my doctorate, and I need to be able to prove that the machine works.” “Well why don’t you do it yourself?” “I will, but I need to be sure first. I hard-coded it so that whenever my own DNA is used, a secondary prompt will always be used to implant the idea of the machine into me. That way it shouldn’t be able to cause a change that would destroy the machine and prevent me fixing anything that gets fucked up.” “Like me for instance?” said Harry, raising an eyebrow. “Well, yeah.” Jacob said. “Point is, I think it’s completely functional, and it worked on the rat. I just need a human test to make sure the prompt works with the human brain and doesn’t get muddled up somehow.” Harry thought for a while. “And I get to pick the prompt?” he asked, coyly. “Sure. That is, as long as it’s something we can clearly observe.” Harry continued to think. “Fine. But no judgement alright?” “Great! Of course not! So what do you want the prompt to be?” Jacob said, rushing to the computer’s keyboard. “Well, I’ve always been… decently fit I guess.” Started Harry, blushing. It was true, Jacob had always thought Harry had a beautiful body. He was tall and lithe. He wasn’t muscular, per se, but he had a tight swimmer’s build that looked good in everything. “Yeah, and?” “Well I only started really hitting the gym hard recently, and I feel like I sort of missed my prime for it.” “Harry, you’re 24.” “Yeah, I know, but like, if I had’ve worked out seriously through puberty, I could be pretty… hot.” “Ok, so basically you want the prompt to be something like ‘I love working out in the gym.’” Jacob said. “Yeah, that’d make a nice start.” “A start?” said Jacob, half laughing. “Well, if I can rewrite my life, you think I’m stopping after just one go?” “Ok, ok, let’s get to that when we get to it.” Jacob hammered on the keyboard, inputting parameters and the prompt; “I love working out in the gym.” “Alright, we are ready to go, and… done.” He pushed the enter key with a decisive motion. The loud clack of the key was followed by a high-pitched whirring from the computer as fans buzzed to life. Harry felt a tingling sensation in his scalp as automatic sensors wormed their way across his head. After a few minutes, the machine’s activity died down and Harry looked around expectantly. “Is that it?” he asked, sounding a bit let down. Jacob looked at the computer monitor. A blinking, green phrase on the screen read “Transmission successful.” “Yeah, it looks like it worked.” Said Jacob smiling widely. “Really?” asked Harry, looking down at himself. “I don’t feel any different. Don’t tell me this is the improved me and I just don’t remember cos my past changed.” Jacob smirked. “Well the rat took about 10 minutes to see any difference. I noticed the changes so I don’t imagine we wouldn’t notice it happen with you.” He began to finger through a small pile of notes on the machine. “The machine sends messages through junctions in the timeline, which in turn affects the present, and the future, but because we’re making a change that never happened before we basically cause a paradox.” “Can you explain that a bit, I’m not a nerd.” Said Harry, rolling his eyes for effect. “Ok, so there’s a timeline where everything happened normally, which brought you to this point where you made the decision to change your past. Since you changed your past, when you got to this point in your life there’d never be a reason to make that change since it already happened, meaning your past WOULDN’T be changed, and would happen normally.” Harry just looked confused again. “Ok, so in order for you to both make the decision, and not make the decision, you basically have two distinct pasts now. Both have to exist for the other to make any sense.” He drew on the white board again, drawing a line that split in two, and then rejoined, like a river splitting and then coming together again. “As far as I can tell, there’s no reason it shouldn’t work out just fine, in the grand scheme of things.” Jacob looked back at Harry, only to see he was barely paying attention. Harry’s hand was scratching at his chest. As Jacob watched he saw that it was less the way you would scratch an itch, and more the way you would rub a sore muscle, almost massage-like. “Something feels weird.” Said Harry. He took the helmet with all its sensors off his head and got up from the chair. “It’s like, lik- AH!” he said jerking his head back. “Like something’s moving under my skin.” Jacob got up to get a closer look. “Take your shirt off, let me see what’s happening, something could be wrong.” Harry started to pull his t-shirt upward. As it got up to his chest the material grew tight and was fighting being pulled from his skin. “Ow, Jesus, it’s so tight!” Harry protested. “I can’t get it off. As he let go of the hem, Jacob saw the problem. The material was stretched impossibly tight over Harry’s chest, because his chest was getting larger. He watched as what was once a thin, tight chest ballooned into dense, meaty pecs. Two wide, rounded lumps grew in front of Jacob’s eyes as Harry’s nipples grew from almost 2D into thick, swollen tits, and then started to push downwards as the expanding flesh above them continued to grow. There was a harsh crack, and Jacob looked up to see the collar of Harry’s t-shirt had given way. The red material was moving steadily to the sides, accompanied by a loud ripping noise as the split spread downwards. In seconds, Harry’s chest was bare. His pale chest was immense, somehow seeming even bigger now that it was uncovered. A deep crevasse ran between the two huge slabs of muscle, each with a half inch-long tit neatly sitting under it. As the rip continued downwards, Jacob’s eyes followed, and to his amazement he watches as Harry’s stomach contorted and flexed, bringing forth two, then four, then six, then eight spectacular abs. Each was big enough that Jacob could’ve fit his hand around one just barely, and they sat perfectly symmetrically down Harry’s front. The bottom of the shirt gave way, and as it fell to the sides, shredded obliques were revealed below ribs, revealed by the complete lack of body fat. Harry, still somewhat dazed, grabbed at the two sides of the shirt hanging off him and tugged. In one swift motion the sleeves of the tattered garment were obliterated, revealing still swelling delts. Each looked to be in competition with his head for size, but had deep striations that looked to go almost to the bone. Harry roared in approval, raising his arms in a double bicep pose which started unimpressively, but pure muscle rocketed down his arms, twisting into colossal football-sized biceps, and equally impressive triceps. Veins twisted and wrapped around the surface looking like a spider’s web, but as thick as a normal person’s fingers. His forearms broadened until they could be confused for a whole ham. Jacob, both enthralled by the success of the experiment, and enamoured by the changed he was seeing in front of him, reached forwards to fumble with Harry’s belt. A huge meaty paw pushed aside his smaller, fragile hand and grasped at the buckle with seemed to shatter in his grip. As his belt pulled away, his jeans started to drop to the floor, but were caught quickly as, even undone, the waistband was significantly narrower than the legs it was trying to slide past. “Oh shit!” Harry let loose, as the denim filled quickly and began to strain. Jacob had never heard a sound like the resounding splintering noise the jeans made as solid, alabaster steel burst out both sides. Harry’s legs looked freakish, they grew enormous, and the contrast with his narrow waist would have been almost laughable if it weren’t so hot. As the legs of his boxer briefs were forced upwards, deep cuts in the muscle were revealed. Each of the quads was thicker than Jacob’s whole torso, and the cuts were so intense he felt drawn to wrap his fingers around the long, thick muscle heads. As far as he could tell Harry wasn’t even flexing, he was just so immense and so shredded that every single fiber was visible through his paper-thin skin. Beneath the quads, teardrop calves clung onto sturdy lower legs, though at this point they were resembling a capital “P” more so than a teardrop. Jacob almost had to step back as the last remains of clothing on the behemoth twitched before him. The bulge in Harry’s too-small boxer briefs began to swell until it looked like an overgrown banana was being restrained by them; every pulsing inch clearly discernible through the stretched fabric as it sat atop two orange-sized balls. He could even see several inches of thick, vascular cock where the waistband was being pulled away from Harry’s abs, by both the new narrowness of his waist, and the weight of the monster restrained there. Jacob looked up at Harry, his mouth open in awe. Harry looked down, but nervously had to take a step back as he couldn’t see Jacob past his new pec shelf. Just moving his head felt strange, as he could feel the vast muscles of his traps reaching up almost as high as his ears twitching against his thick neck to move. He reached an arm up to feel his neck, and was surprised to meet resistance as his biceps collided with his pecs, limiting movement. Touching his neck he found that it was as thick as his own head, maybe even an inch or two thicker. “Holy fuck.” He said, to Jacob, his voice multiple octaves deeper than it had been, minutes ago. “I mean… holy fuck.” Jacob could barely think, and only managed a few astonished words. “All that from ‘I love working out in the gym?’”
  6. DanMan2020

    The Olympian chronicles: Ivan

    Hi everyone. First time poster here. My story is inspired by works like "A is for Alpha and Antoine" by Londonboy, "The man who saved me" by Guest(?), and "My roommate is a god" by Omnipotence. Like them I am a lover of super powerful, super muscle men. I'm going to try and upload a chapter or two every weekend. A lot of world building is going to go into this. Hope everyone enjoys! The Olympian chronicles: Ivan Chapter 1: Who I am… The air felt good on my bare torso as I flew through the sky. The feel of the wind as it whipped over my magnificent physique: bulbous pecs, titanium abs (six-pack), concrete biceps and triceps, and a back that rippled with muscular curvature. Complemented by light coating of vascularity here and there. Overall I looked like a being the Greek Gods themselves would’ve aspired to be. I came to a rest about thirty thousand feet above my home suburb. My superhuman vision able to see the ground below in perfect detail. Not one square inch I couldn’t easily make out. I simply hovered there. I continued to enjoy the air as it now brushed lightly on my impenetrable skin. I closed my eyes and felt the power that coursed through me, and marvelled at how only a month ago I was human. I opened my eyes and observed the setting sun in the distance. I looked down to see how it illuminated my spectacular body. Every part of me was muscle. Every part of me huge, strong, defined, beautiful, and blemish-free. Always clean, always perfectly groomed, and always with a light tan that only accentuated the curves and solidness of the muscles. I am Ivan, and I am an Olympian. So what is an Olympian exactly? Nobody knows what causes the phenomenon, nor why it ever began in the first place. But Olympians were a part of our reality, and have been so for the last one-hundred and seventy-nine years. Almost every year, without any prior warning, one to four young men (usually one or two, rarely more) will, upon turning twenty, suddenly and dramatically change. In the space of just a few seconds they will, regardless of prior body-type or lifestyle, suddenly transform into massive, immaculate, beautiful, and flawless bodybuilders on the spot. And if that wasn’t enough, they will also possess a plethora of superhuman abilities that extend far beyond what even the likes of Superman, Thor, or even Dr. Manhattan could ever dream of having. To name BUT A FEW: · Superhuman strength (to the point of moving planets effortlessly) · Invulnerability (to date, there is no known way of harming an Olympian) · Superhuman speed (beyond the speed of light of course) · Superhuman senses (all senses) · Superhuman agility, reflexes, coordination, and muscle control · Flight · Heat vision · X-ray vision · Freeze breath (and the ability to blow gale-force winds with ease) · Telekinesis (which breaks down into loads of additional abilities) · Telepathy Again, nobody knows why this happens; it just does. Oh, and before I forget, yes: Olympians are also immortal. The first ones to appear are still looking as though they are twenty years old, despite almost pushing two hundred! Naturally I didn’t take long for the humans who stayed being human to realise that there were now all-powerful, unstoppable gods walking amongst them. Thankfully for them, all Olympians to date have proven to be kind, just, and principled in a positive way. And so, since the dawn of Olympians, human civilisation all over has changed dramatically. The life of a human now revolves around worshipping Olympians, along with living an otherwise normal day-to-day life. But more on that later. So anyway, I’m Ivan. And one month ago to the day I transformed into an Olympian. One second I was an ordinary, unremarkable college student in the middle of a college lecture on psychology, and the next minute I was floating in mid-air above my fellow classmates with a physique that the world’s top bodybuilders spend their whole lives trying to achieve. All around me my classmates, along with the professor, all immediately dropped to their knees and began to bow to me. They fervently whispered prayers, while those closest to me reached for my hover feet and diamond calves in the hopes of being able to feel them. This was followed by every man in the hall pulling out an erect cock and jerking off to the sight of me, while every woman reached a few fingers down their underwear. Overwhelmed, I clumsily shot upwards through the roof and out into the sky. I was a bit panicked by being up so high, and so when I tried to land I ended up creating a crater in the middle of campus. Thankfully no one was hurt. I was also completely naked, as my clothes had been shredded by my rapidly expanding body during the transformation. Once again, every human who could see me began kneeling, bowing, jerking off, fingering themselves, and in general crying out how amazing I was; all because I was an Olympian. Fast forward a month, and here I am levitating thousands of feet above my home. I had largely taught myself how to control most of my main abilities, like flight and strength. I had also given up on wearing clothes for the most part. I was wearing boxer shorts and jeans at the moment, but other than that, I couldn’t find tops that would fit me. Not that it was a problem; Olympians were allowed to be naked in public if they wanted to be. The one change that I was struggling with was how people reacted to me. It’s too much to take in quickly. One minute you’re a scrawny, nerdy, weak little man who’s never played sport, and is still a virgin. The suddenly people are actually bowing to you. Total strangers and people you’ve known your whole life now kneel when you enter a room, or walk (or float) by them on the street. You’re walking around without a shirt, fully aware of it, yet now you have a physique like Arnold or Ronnie Coleman, and not a skinny, acne-covered torso and stick-arms. Now you’re handsome beyond description, and not well below average. People are openly pleasuring themselves to your image, in front of you, and because it’s law no less! It’s just…a lot to come to terms with. I began my descent and soon landed gently in the back garden. Certainly a lot better than the first time I landed here. Let’s just say my dad had to hire a landscaping company to fix the damage. I still live with my dad by the way. He’s been so supportive of me throughout all of this. All the while trying not to give in to his “mortal instincts”. Which is a term used to describe every human’s inherent desire to worship Olympians. “Dad, I’m home” I say, as I close the sliding door behind me. My big bare feet pat loudly as I walk across the tiled floor of the kitchen. I have to keep ducking down as I walk through doorways. 5’7’’ to 6’8’’ is quite the difference. I find my dad in the living room, already kneeling. No doubt doing so the second he heard my voice. “Come on dad, you don’t have to do that. Not for me” I say, feeling a little embarrassed by his display of reverence. “Of course son” says my dad, hastily getting to his feet, “whatever you say”. He’s smiling, somewhat nervously, and constantly looking back and forth over my body, trying to pick a muscle group to settle on. He’s still just standing there. “You can go about your business” I say, “I just came in to say hi. I’m going up to my room for a bit”. “Of…of course” says Dad, “Is there anything you want me to do?” he asks. He nods enthusiastically, excited at the idea of being able to directly obey an Olympian, even if it’s his own son. “Nope. Just go back to whatever it was you were doing”, I say, trying to smile sweetly at him, and ignore the absurdity of the situation. And with that I quickly leave the room. At speeds that no human could ever hope to move at, I shot from the living room to my bedroom upstairs. I promptly took off my jeans and stood there in just my boxers, enjoying the coolness that now caressed my muscular legs. I turned my attention to my full-body dressing mirror and decided to treat myself to another posing show. BOOM! Biceps that easily exceed thirty inched, with a proud vein on each that rested on them like crowns. And my pecs! Hello!!! Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce. Up and down they went in turn. The entire rest of my being as still as a statue while my magnificent pecs bounced, vibrated, and jiggled in exquisite detail. I stopped the bounce and flexed them both. Their size expanded, and they looked far more like two massive slabs of concrete. I raised my arms again so as to admire my lats and obliques; still in disbelief that I actually had those muscles. On me! On my body! And that’s not to mention the abs. Oh my Olympian! My abs. Like six cobble-stones that made steel feel soft by comparison. I only just managed to master the art of rolling my abs, making waves glide up or down. One minute I could contort them and mush them about by flexing alone, and the next I could tense them into a wall of pure power and strength. Next up were my legs. Quads of the gods, as I liked to call them. Even when I wasn’t tensing or flexing they were still formidably rock-solid. I liked to run my fingers over them, just to feel the different ridges and boundaries of muscle. Next I turned my attention to my calves. Diamonds by shape, yet so much harder, and so much stronger. I shoved an SUV the other day with my foot, and the corresponding calve generated enough power to send it sailing out towards the horizon. I was only trying to dislodge if from a ditch the driver had accidently driven it into. Amusingly though, he wasn’t mad. He immediately bowed and thanked me for displaying my strength to him. He cried for joy when he asked to touch my calves and I said yes. I can still feel his delicate little finger tips tracing lines on them. He came a few times without either of us ever touching his dick. I left him after that. I…I’m not ready to be a god to people just yet. The thought robbed me of my enthusiasm for more flexing. Instead I slumped down onto my bed. This is my life now. This is who I’m going to be. I should be happier (which I am when I’m flexing for myself, jerking off with my new 10’’ cock, or effortlessly curling train engines), but the thought of ruling humans, and being celebrated as superior is still…I don’t know. It’s a big change. There was a knock at the door. “Come in” I said. I telekinetically opened the door to find Dad standing in a somewhat cowered position on the other side. Telekinesis was weird. It’s like I could feel the door with my brain. “Hi son” he said, in a polite tone and with a nervous smile. I knew he had only come up here so that he could be around me, look at me more, and maybe even touch me if I allowed it. It was instinctual in humans to want to worship Olympians and be close to them. Not to mention obey them without question. “Hey Dad, what’s up?” I said, smiling sweetly at him, trying to put him at ease. “Just came to see how my big man is! What did you get up to today?” he said, and kneeled down in front of me while trying to maintain eye contact and not look at some other part of me. I doubt he even noticed that he kneeled. “Not much. Just flew around the city a few times. I really want to perfect my flight power before travelling any farther” I said. Dad nodded energetically, with his mouth hanging open a little. It was kind of amusing. “Well I know you don’t need to eat anymore, but the…eh…the dinner will be there…I mean ready, in a few minutes, if you want…you know” he said, struggling to maintain composure around his literal god of a son. “Great!” I said, smiling all the while to keep the atmosphere friendly. A minute of silence passed. Dad was still kneeling, now looking down at my feet. I rolled my eyes. “Dad” I said. He immediately looked up at my face. “Do you want to…touch my muscles?” I said, weirded out by the thought. Of course, Dad wasn’t. As a human he couldn’t think clearly in the presence of an Olympian. “Yes! Oh yes please son! You are so…so incredibly beautiful now!” he said suddenly, and began running a hand across my pecs. “Wow! So powerful” he whispered, as he examined the finer details of my godly chest. He poked them, trying to make a dent, but to no avail. I have to admit: I liked seeing him so happy. I bounced my pecs a little for him, and he ended up drooling a small bit. I chuckled. “Alright” I said, standing up and towering over him. He gulped at the sight of me, and whimpered a small bit too. “Dinner time” I said, indicating that it was alright for him to stand up too. He did so, but still only came up to the base of my pecs. I patted him gently on the head. “I love you Dad, no matter what I’ve become” I said, trying to get some of that pre-Olympian father-son relationship back. “I love you too son” he said, looking up past my pecs at me. “And I’m so proud of what you’ve become. I look forward to seeing an even more powerful version of you when you return from Mercury after god-school” he said. Oh, that’s right. I forgot to mention. All newly born Olympians are expected to attend “god-school” on the planet Mercury for a few months, after which they will have developed to their fullest potential. Basically, the way I am now doesn’t even measure up to the level of power I’ll have in a few months. I am expected to begin god-school in a few days. It is decreed by one of the laws of David, the first Olympian. Who’s he? Right, there’s still so much about this version of reality that you don’t know…
  7. Warning: This is a snuff story. Many people die senselessly and violently in it. Do not read further if that's not your thing. While Nick was off at the club, Tony had his own fun one night. Teenage Destroyers 7.75: Tony at the Starlight Motel Tony looked at his reflection in the mirror. “Gonna have fun tonight,” he thought to himself as he looked at his huge body. The improbably large teenager facing the mirror, smiling, was fucking huge; height, build, body, fucking everything about him was enormous! His face was strong, green eyes staring back at the mirror. He was 6’ 5” tall and he weighed over 300 pounds, all of it solid muscle. His skin shined as his muscles bulged underneath. He flexed his 28 inch arms and watched as his biceps bulged into gigantic balls of rippling fibers of muscle covered with veins. Tony pulled on a white shirt, almost see through from how tightly it stretched across his chest. His chest was massive, pecs so astoundingly large he looked like he could bury someone's head between them. Small rips had formed around their enormity from the stress they put on the garment, the same tears appearing around his mind-blowing biceps. He slid on a pair of black shorts. They clung more tightly to his legs than his shirt did to his torso, not even covering half of his quads, the barrel-sized start of his legs looking strong enough to crush watermelons! This teen god’s calves and feet were huge as well; practically every pound on him dedicated to pure, raw power. Between his legs, pushing out the front of her tight shorts, was an absolutely monstrous protuberance; even through the dark material there was no guessing what it was that was pulling the fabric even tighter around his waist. A gigantic, tubular bulge that curled on itself several times distended the dark fabric, making the material of his shorts almost sheer from the strain, the end of it creating a certain bell-shaped protrusion against one of his humongous thighs. "Aw fuck yeah!" He grinned at his reflection and squeezed his enormous bulge, anticipating the fun he was about to have. He headed out the door and drove down the highway. Room 101 Tony pulled in to the gravel lot of the Starlight Motel. Only a few cars were in the lot of this middle-of-nowhere building. This would do. He made his way to the lobby. Ben was manning the front desk this night, bored out of his mind. Everyone had checked in; a few traveling businessmen, a group of guys having a weekend rager, the usual crowd. He was about to lock up when he saw Tony walk in the door. His heart skipped a beat. Tony was stunning. He looked like he was made of granite. “Like what you see?” he said. “It’s Tony, by the way.” Tony extended his massive hand. "B-b-b-Ben." Ben stammered, "Holy shit! You’re fucking huge!” he blurted out. “You like big men like me, Ben?” Tony didn't even ask for a room. He didn't need to. Ben nodded slowly. He was totally smitten with big muscle men. “Yeah..."" Ben said, staring up and down Tony's godly form. "What the hell was a guy like him doing here?" Ben thought to himself, his head clouding with lust. Tony rotated his forearm, which looked about as big as Ben’s thigh, and totally ripped to shreds. “Jesus,” Ben gasped. “I-it's a slow night and I was gonna close up. Do you maybe want to come back to my room?” He couldn't believe he just said that, he never was so forward! Ben stood up quickly and pointed toward the door behind him. Tony smiled and followed. Ben turned off the lobby light and showed Tony to his place. Ben closed the door as Tony grabbed him from behind and squeezed his tight ass cheeks. He ran his hands over Ben's shoulders and rubbed his chest and caressed his nipples under his shirt. Ben's cock was hard. He felt Tony's strong chest against his back, warm and muscular. Tony's cock grew in his shorts. His other arm reached down to Ben's crotch and he squeezed at his balls and cock. Ben felt his hot breath on his neck. Tony whispered in his ear, "Let's get more comfortable." Ben led him to the bed. Tony slipped Ben's shirt off and rubbed his hands against his firm, smooth chest. Ben pulled off his jeans and lay on the bed. He looked down at Ben. His naked body looked inviting. His cock was hard and pulsated as dribbles of precum oozed out and dripped onto his stomach. Tony peeled off his shirt and shorts, revealing his massive frame. Ben was totally flabbergasted by the big man’s body. It was like granite. Golden skin, no hair, and a dick that was a good 10 inches soft. He whimpered and came without touching himself. “Holy fuck dude,” Ben said. “How much bigger does that thing get?” Tony smiled, grabbing his meat and swinging it like a club. “How much bigger do you want it to get?” Ben shook his head. “You're unreal,” he said. Tony chuckled. “I get that a lot. Suck this big tool, punk.” Ben gulped but he dove on it. He couldn't fit more than half of the growing member in his mouth, but his enthusiasm pleasured Tony. When Ben came up for air, he got a full view of the 16 inch long goliath between Tony's legs. It was bigger than his forearm! Tony eased Ben down on the bed, then covered Ben’s small, strong body with his own. It took both of Ben’s hands to circle Tony’s gigantic cock, he stared in wonder as he stroked the thick shaft. Tony positioned his hands on either side of Ben’s much smaller frame, the giant shaft of his monsterous cock slapping against Ben’s torso, stretching from his pubes to his pecs. Tony lifted his hips back, pulling himself from Ben's grasp. Ben felt Tony’s big dick begin to probe his manhole. He started to shake his head, to tell Tony no, but Tony just smirked back, pushing forward insistingly. Ben was aflame with desire. Never had he been with a man so huge, so built, so hard, so intimidating. Tony’s body was made of marble, completely unpliable, but his touch was like fire. “Give it to me,” Ben cried out. “I need it!” The teen god heeded the call, his member growing ever larger, thicker, his thrusting slow at first, but then quicker and more excited. It was only after Tony passed the 13-inch mark that Ben began to show signs of distress, and even those were submerged in the frenzy of his lust. Only at the very end did Ben seem to understand that something was amiss. Ben’s eyes began to bulge when he realized that Tony’s ever lengthening rod was going to puncture his sphincter. Ben looked down to see his abs distended as an orange-sized bulge—the head of Tony’s cock—was muscling up towards Ben’s sternum. “Tony,” he said between grunts. “Tony, what are you doing to me? I, uh, I don’t think…” The teen god put his big hand across Ben’s mouth. “Shut up,” he said. “Take it.” Ben closed his eyes, his passion continuing to build. Ben’s gasp of pain was muffled by Tony's hand, as was his shriek of pain when it became clear that Tony was going all the way to the hilt. Only when the muscle god’s tool bottomed out did Ben orgasm, its full mammoth expanse tearing his internal organs to shreds. “Tony,” Ben murmured. “Thank you…” His eyes closed as the life left his body, sending Tony over the edge. He groaned as he unloaded inside Ben's shredded innards, jet after jet filling his chest cavity. He held Ben's bloated body in his arms for another minute before lifting him off and dropping him at the foot of the bed. Tony was still horny. He flexed his still hard cock, spraying the last dregs of his orgasm across the floor. He heard the shower turn on in the next room. "Perfect," he thought. He headed next door. Room 102 Danny was enjoying a long shower after a full day on the road. Meeting after meeting had drained him, and he was looking forwards to heading home tomorrow. Steam filled the bathroom as he relaxed. He admired his lean muscles; he took pride in staying fit even when on the road. His thoughts drifted as he closed his eyes and relaxed. Suddenly, Danny could feel a presence, a change in the air. He turned to look behind him, and standing there was a huge monster of a man. Danny speechlessly ogled the vast expanse of the pectoral muscle that blocked his exit from the shower. He had to be six and a half feet all and covered in such muscle that he looked like a wall. Fully naked, a massive cock stood at attention, all the way up to between the giant's shelf-like pecs! Was this a dream? A nightmare? "WHAT THE-" he could barely get out a word before Tony shoved him against the shower wall so hard the air was forced out of his lungs. He slipped, bumped his head against the tile, and slid to the floor; Tony towered above him; naked, his cock fully erect and dripping with pre-cum. Tony squeezed at his balls and ran his hand up his lengthy shaft. He felt his veins, the blood pulsing, the hot water washing away the dried blood off his body and highlighting his pumped muscles. Danny looked up in awe and fear. His erection throbbed as he tried to see through the stars in his eyes. Tony pulled Danny up by the armpits, and while dizzy, Danny finally got a look at his giant assailant. Tony's handsome, boyish face atop an impossibly large body. His arms with biceps unflexed yet still so unbelievably huge and wide. Danny whimpered; he was breathtaking. "Aw fuck yeah, you'll do nicely." Tony rumbled. Danny wanted to scream but no noise could come out. Tony stepped forward, forcing Danny to stumble backwards again. He pressed his chest muscle up against Danny’s face. "Yeah," he grunts. Tony continued moving forward slowly, backing Danny into the wall of the bathroom. Tony wedged Danny’s face into his deep pectoral crevice, his skull pinned to the wall. "You want to lick these massive pecs, don’t you, bitch? I’ll bet you’re just dyin’ to." He chuckled. Danny’s head was caught between the deadly halves of Tony’s chest. He couldn’t see. All he could hear is Tony’s heart pumping strongly, the heat of the blood nourishing the muscle in which he was trapped. Danny couldn't help but run his hands over the slick pectorals rippling around him. Danny opened his mouth and let the tip of his tongue slowly draw a trail along the smooth skin of Tony’s mountainous pec. Tony grinned and put his palm behind Danny's head, pressing him into the bulging pectoral muscle, then slowly caused his chest to harden as he held Danny's head in place with his oaken arm. Danny was trapped, enclosed in a cocoon of steel-hard muscle, held fast in Tony’s powerful arms. Large, tunnel-like veins throbbed near the surface of the skin on his biceps and forearms. Danny’s naked torso was covered by Tony’s arms, roughly pressing the poor man against the cold tile and hot slabs of muscle. Danny began pounding on Tony's chest as the pressure increased upon his skull, suffocating him. "Oh hey sorry dude," Tony laughing, relaxing his pecs. "Guess I don't know my own strength," he lied, letting the poor man catch his breath. Tony lifted Danny up and positioned his ass over his pulsing teen cock and slowly brought him down onto the pre cum spurting cock head. He moaned deeply as his hot, throbbing fuck pole penetrated the doomed man's virgin ass. Danny screamed. Tony pushed Danny's head back between his pecs, muffling him. He wrapped his other arm around the man's waist and began fucking in earnest. He could feel his cock quiver with pleasure with each organ that tore as he drove further and further into the poor guy's body. Danny’s feet didn’t reach the floor. But he wasn’t going anywhere. Tony began to squeeze him tighter as he thrust, Danny's head trapped between his pecs. His eyes rolled back in their sockets as he faded in and out of consciousness, but somehow he knew what was about to happen. This was it. Tony's deadly arms slowly wound tighter and tighter around Danny. CRAAAACK! Danny’s twig-like arms snapped. Tony dug the bending of the ribs and the "pop" of bones breaking against his mass. As Tony’s arms tightened and flexed the muscles in them became absurdly rock-hard. Tony hissed out a pleasured, "Oh, FUCK yeah!" as he flexed his massive chest to rock hard fullness and Danny's face was crushed between the powerful teen's outstretched palm and his rippling pectoral. The sudden spray of blood on his chest sent Tony over the edge. As he reached orgasm, his dick shot great, steaming wads of cum into the broken man's body. Tony continued flexing as he unloaded, blood and cum spurting out of Danny's ass and mouth. Danny's limp body slid up and down through a thick layer of cum, burying his broken face under a mask of white. After a minute, Tony loosened his hold and transitioned into a most muscular pose. He brought his two giant fists together and flexed his deadly muscles, which allowed the twisted, broken corpse to slide to the floor. Danny's asshole was permanently resized, cum pouring from a gape large enough to fit a tennis ball. Tony’s body was covered with blood and jizz, which accentuated the peaks and valleys of his unthinkably lethal physique. He was breathing heavily, and his massive chest heaved with each breath. Tony relaxed, letting the hot water cleanse him. Tony shut off the water. He grabbed a towel and dried off, leaving Danny in a heap in the corner of the bathroom, blood pooling on the floor. "Aw yeah," Tony thought to himself, "tonight is getting so fucking good." Room 103 Jay sauntered leisurely out of his room, ice bucket in hand. His partner Dean was on the bed, watching TV. Jay made it just a few steps out the door when he glanced up and saw Tony emerge from the room next door, the huge bodybuilder fully nude, bloodlust in his eyes. Tony turned his head and spotted the poor man, an evil smile growing on his face. Jay almost stopped dead in his tracks, a voice in his head telling him that he had stumbled into something very bad. Both guys broke into a mad sprint towards the door to Jay and Dean's room. Tony swiftly seized Jay by his belt and grappled him into a headlock, squeezing the poor man's skull between his impenetrable lats and granite biceps. Jay kicked and punched as he tried to break free, but his efforts bounced uselessly off Tony's solid muscles. With Jay under one arm, Tony wrapped his hand around the doorknob. Jay tried to call out to warn Dean but couldn't breathe, his face turning red. Tony pressed his shoulder against the door and pushed. The wood splintered and popped, the door broke from the frame, and the knob came off in his hand. Tony pushed his way in. "OH MY GOD JAY!" Dean screamed. He ran to the two men, punching helplessly at Tony's arms. Tony laughed, his cock getting hard again. Dominanting these two weaklings so easily was making him so horny. With his other arm, he grabbed Dean by the throat and hoisted him up, holding him at arm's length. Jay let out a whimper as he saw Dean struggle. "Who are you? What do you want with us?!" Dean cried, tears welling in his eyes as he tried to pull Tony's hand open with both arms. "Just a guy looking for a good time," Tony chuckled. "And to fuck up some punks." With that he threw Dean onto the bed, his head hitting the headboard with a thud. "Time to watch your friend die." Tony said, staring straight into Dean's eyes. Tony lifted Jay up with both arms. With astonishing ease he hoisted him over his head, dropped to one leg, and savagely swung the man's spine straight down onto his knee, every muscle in his substantial frame suddenly exploding in size. The spinal column immediately broke in two, Jay seized and let out a sharp, gruesome yelp, his head thrown back. Dean cried as Tony dropped the broken body onto the bed. Tony tore off Jay's pants, and rammed his 16-inch beast into the man's ass. Dean tried to move, to grab his phone or get away, but he couldn't. He was paralyzed in shock as he looked into his partner's dying eyes. Jay was still alive, completely helpless. His eyes were frozen with fear and he shrieked as he felt his ass splitting in half to accomodate the enormous intruder, which effortlessly drove through his body, rupturing his sphincter muscles and pushing organs out of the way. The curved, symmetrical globes of Tony's ass tensed with hard muscle as he pumped his pelvis. Jay was completely submerged beneath the sweaty muscular mass and he was moaning, barely conscious. Tony stared into Dean's eyes as he pounded Jay, the feeling of completely dominating and destroying these two guys was making him harder than ever. He wrapped his arms around Jay's chest, lifting him up to give Dean a better look at the enormous bulge of Tony's cock punching its way through Jay's innards. Tony roared as he flexed his deadly arms around the dude's torso. There was a grisly crunching noise as the guy's chest caved inwards. "uh..uhhh....UHHHH!!!!!" Jay cried out loudly as his own ribcage imploded, his heart was compressed and instantly crushed against his deforming spine and bursting internal organs. His expression was frozen in shock, his mouth gasped twice, before his face relaxed. Dean let out a helpless wail. "Mmmppfff!!" Tony grunted and suddenly seized as his ass-muscles tightened in successive waves and his broad muscle-laden backside tensed and arched. Tony's hefty balls, wedged between his sweaty crotch and the dead man's ass-cheeks, summoned up a vast reservoir of jizz and purged nearly a pint of hot, sticky fluid into the welcoming anus. When he was finished, he unwrapped his arms, and pushed Jay's body off his cock. "Wh...why did you have to kill him?" Dean said, sniffling. "Because...snuffing punks like you makes me cum so hard." he whispered moving towards Dean, licking his lips, "And I know you enjoyed watching me destroy him. Your dick's been rock hard since I walked through that door." Tony growled. It was true, Dean's hand had been in his pants for most of Jay's destruction. He couldn't help but to cum at the sight of Tony's sweaty muscles, flexing and pumping as he fucked. He felt guilty and yet, his cock had never been harder staring at the teen god. "You want me more than you've ever wanted anything, don't you bitch? Look at me, look at my muscles." Tony whispered as he flexed, his sweat highlighting his unbelievable muscle. Without another word Dean reached out and began to rub his hands over the vast expanse of Tony's muscle packed thighs. "My God," he gasped, "your muscles are like steel!" "Kiss them weakling," Tony commanded. "Worship my body." Dean couldn't help but reach out and rub his hand across the expanse of Tony's rippling, blood slick chest. As he reached his massive pecs, Tony slowly flexed, securing Dean's hand in the deep crevice. He stared into Dean's eyes. "Before I snuffed your friend, I crushed the guy next door with my pecs. Broke his fucking face just by flexing. Then I fucked him and pumped him so full of cum it was shooting out both ends. The guy before him I skewered on my cock and filled him until he was more cum than blood." Dean gasped as he continued to feel the rippling, powerful muscle of this god. "You like that? You like hearing about me dominating little shits like you?" Tony taunted. He moaned as he erupted in orgasm, splattering Tony with his cum. Tony laughed and palmed Dean's head, using it to wipe the cum from his abs and chest, and guided Dean to his apple-sized cockhead. “Yeah, worship this fucking muscle beast,” murmured Tony as he slapped Dean with the 16 inch weapon. Dean's face was getting bruised by the long, thick weapon, but he was still worshipping Tony’s muscles, now running his hands on his huge legs and calves. Tony jammed his cock down Dean’s throat and started skullfucking him. With every thrust, he forced more and more of his oversized weapon in. Dean moaned and gagged as Tony fucked his face, a stream of hot precum pouring down his throat. Over a foot of thick, veiny meat pistoned its way in and out of Dean's throat. He began to drift in and out of consciousness, his airways being crushed by Tony's relentless pounding. Dean looked up pleadingly as Tony wrapped his huge hand around the dude’s neck and squeezed, crushing his esophagus and making more friction between the dude’s esophagus and his cock. “Yeah, feels good,” he said. “Your throat feels so fucking good!" Then he started thrusting harder and squeezing harder. Finally he yelled “Yeah, yeah, YEAH!” as he spurt gush after gush of cum down inside Dean’s stomach. Cum sprayed out of Dean's nostrils and the sides of his mouth. Tony felt Dean's body twitch as his lungs were flooded with muscle cum. His torso swelled until it looked like it would burst. When Tony finished, he pulled his cock out and squeezed Dean's neck until it snapped. "Aw yeah, fuckin' beast..." Tony growled as he flexed his arms. "Fuckin' bones me." Next door, he could hear music and multiple voices, chatting loudly. Tony smiled as he curled his arms, the night wasn't over yet. Room 104 The music blaring from Room 104 was so loud that the four guys inside hadn't heard the screaming and banging noises from the rooms down the hall. As they sat around chugging beers, suddenly the door to their room burst open with a loud crack. Tony strutted into the living room, fully nude. The guys looked at the huge teen in shock. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" The guys jumped up, not sure if they should run or fight. “I’m lookin’ for some dudes. I wanna fuck ‘em up.” he said, his massive body filling the doorway. The men stared, slackjawed, at the teen's gargantuan, rippling torso...They had never seen so much vein encased, rippling muscle on any man, no matter what age. The teen had the neck of a bull, triceps as large as a man's head and boulderous biceps...his pectorals hung out, defying gravity, rippling with power...his dark brown, silver dollar sized nipples pointing straight down to his deep 8 pack abs and shockingly narrow waist. Between his legs hung the longest, thickest cock they'd ever seen on any man, perfectly framed between his chiseled legs. One of the guys, Pete, pissed himself at the sight, even as he felt his cock twitch. He had never imagined any being so huge, so perfect, so sexual. His breathing got rapid and he started to sweat profusely. All four guys couldn't help themselves, their cocks sprung to life at the sight of the rock hard anatomy chart of rippling muscle standing before them. Tony stroked his cock as he saw his effect on the men. It began to pulse and rise, throbbing at full mast before the muscle teen's heaving, rippling pectorals, a string of pre-cum slowly stringing from the slit in it's massive crown. "So, who wants first?" Tony growled, flexing. His lats filled the doorway, blocking their exit. The four men looked at each other, a mix of confusion, fright, and sexual attraction filled their heads. The closest two guys, Chris and Paul, ran at Tony and started throwing punches at him. He laughed as their fists bounced harmlessly off his rock hard body. Tony grabbed the backs of the shirts of the attackers and held them at his sides. He smashed his hands together like he was doing dumbbell flys, smashing their two bodies together. Their faces hit each other, breaking their noses and jaws. He smashed them together again and then let them fall to the floor. Their faces were broken and their chests were battered and bruised. Paul started crawling towards the door. Tony laughed evilly. He smashed down with his tree trunk of a leg, breaking his thigh bone with the powerful blow. Then he did the same thing with the other thigh bone. “You’re not goin’ anywhere, bitch,” he said as Paul writhed in pain. “And neither are you,” he said to Chris who was looking at him in awe and fear. Tony hoisted him up by his shirt and spun him around. Chris suddenly felt Tony's impossibly thick forearm reach across his sternum and the palm firmly grip his shoulder, while the other palm swiftly enwrapped his mouth. Tony savagely jerked the guy's head hard to the right. “I’m gonna fuck you all to death.” Tony declared as he dropped Chris' body to the floor. Pete and Brent, the remaining two men in the room, were frozen in fear. They couldn't believe how fast and brutal Tony was. Paul lay on the ground, barely breathing but alive. Chris' body lay at Tony's feet, his head bent the wrong way around. As if to make his point, Tony bent over and pulled Chris up by the head. He cupped his palms on either side and began to squeeze. His deltoids and triceps began to swell and channel a deadly, muscle-driven force down his arms, all of the destructive energy flowing straight into Chris's skull. The head imploded between his clenched hands with a sudden upwelling of blood, skull fragments and brain matter. "FUCK YEAH!" Tony roared triumphantly. He flexed his insane body, every inch of him appearing to double in size. Tony's cock spurt a jet of precum, landing at Pete's feet. Pete shuddered, the wet spot in his pants growing again. He had never seen such a huge, muscular person in his life. "NO!" Brent squealed, the sight of Chris' crushed head shocking him to his senses. He hopped to his feet and tried to dash behind Tony towards the door. But Tony was too fast, clotheslining Brent with his rock-solid arm. He pulled Brent up until he was eye-level with his goliath cock, a steady stream of precum now dripping from its head. Tony swayed his hips, beating Brent's face with his hard member and coating it in clear slime. "What the fffuck! Let go! LET GO of me!" Brent sputtered as his body thrashed and bucked. Tony erupted into laughter as he watched the utter uselessness of the weaker man's attempts to pry away his vice-like grip. He laid back on the bed, dragging Brent with him. He pressed his cockhead to Brent's lips. "Put it in your mouth and suck on that shit." Brent tried to resist, but one thrust from Tony sunk the solid head straight into his mouth. Tony could feel the warmth of Brent's mouth pleasingly envelope around his dick. He placed his palms on Brent's skull and began to firmly guide it in and out, in and out, and a long moan escaped his lips as he felt that tight throat slide against his oversized meat. Tony swung his legs up and clamped his thick calves around the man's neck, then swiftly jerked him forward and drew the face deeper into his crotch, locking his ankles tight behind his back. Brent's face quickly went beet red as the thighs closed further in, squished against his cheeks and forcing his mouth to open wider, letting Tony shove his full length inside. "Hey, buddy." Tony said to Pete who was sitting in the corner, wide-eyed. He had undone his pants and was jerking himself as he watched Tony. "How powerful do you think my legs are, huh? Do you think-"Tony flexed and his quads swelled to unbelievable proportions. Brent squawked as the crushing pressure amplified tenfold. "You think..." Tony grunted, "...I could fucking....err...break his neck?" He twisted his hips sharply. Pete nearly jumped when he heard the swift, sharp crack of the neck snapping. A wild spasm twitched through the man's body, his arms flew up in the air, then flopped limply to his sides. The sound sent Tony over the edge, his cock blasting pure white jizz straight into Brent's stomach. Tony grunted and flexed as he unloaded, Brent's head nearly buried under the mass of Tony's thighs. When he was done, Tony closed his eyes for a moment, a look of deep satisfaction on his face. Tony unlocked his legs and pushed Brent to the floor. Brent's stomach was bloated, as if he had chugged a keg. His head was bent forward, cum and blood seeping from his nostrils, ears, and mouth. Tony stood up and looked down at Paul, the other man who had charged at the beginning. His breathing was ragged; Tony's dumbbell flys with him and Chris had cracked a few ribs. Tony smiled, his cum-covered cock still throbbing hard. Tony picked up Paul and bent him over the edge of the bed. He ripped off Paul's clothes and slapped his ass. “You ever been fucked, dude? You ever had a huge piece of muscle stud meat jammed up your little ass?” Paul looked at Tony in fear and shook his head. He was a total virgin. Tony rubbed his cock and turned Paul around. In one huge thrust, Tony rammed his 16-inch long cock up the man’s ass. The hard weapon broke Paul’s sphincter muscles and smashed through his intestines. Tony started thrusting his hips at the same time he was pulling back on the dude’s shoulders with his huge arms. Tony’s abs were like bricks of muscle, pounding his huge cock in and out of the guy’s bleeding asshole. A beer can sized bulge pushed out of Paul's abdomen, stretching the skin so taut that the outline of Tony's cockhead was easily seen with each thrust. "Aw yeah dude, tearing you apart!" Tony growled as he sped up. Paul's blood and guts lubricated the deadly monster, amplifying Tony's pleasure. Paul's guts bulged out further, as Tony bent him backwards. Spasms of pain surged through Paul's body, contracting his ass muscles and giving Tony even more pleasure. Suddenly Tony’s cock burst through the Paul’s abs. The power of his muscles was so great that he forced his cock all the way through the man’s body. Tony roared as he saw his blood-covered monster cock sticking out of Paul's shredded guts. He came as he fucked the dude’s dying body, spurting gush after gush of his perfect cum onto the bed and floor in front of them. “Fuckin’ weaking,” he said as he pulled out his cock and dropped the lifeless body to the floor. Tony looked around the room, breathing heavily from his last fuck. Blood was smeared across his chest and dripping down his legs, highlighting the contours of Tony's bulging muscles. Pete sat in the corner of the room, quietly moaning as he came down from cumming again when he watched Tony fuck and snuff his friend. Tony swaggered over to Pete, his powerful arms swaying by his sides, swollen with killing-power. Tony pulled Pete to his feet and the two of them stood in front of the floor-length mirror. The contrast between their bodies was incredible. Tony completely dwarfed the little man. Tony grabbed the man's ass. "You got a sweet little ass, man," he said. "My big cock's gonna love that tight little ass." Pete shuddered as he realized that Tony's monster was level with his shoulders. Would it go all the way through him? Tony flexed his thighs. His huge quads sprang to attention, rippling with mass and cuts. He had way more muscle in one of his thighs than the man had in his whole body. He spun Pete around so he was facing him and grabbed the man's hands, guiding them to his chest. "Feel a real man's muscle, wimp," he said. Pete ran his fingers over the huge, flexed muscles. His cock started to harden again as he felt the young giant's huge muscles. Tony looked down and smiled as he saw the effect his body was having on the smaller man. Pete couldn't help himself as his dick got harder and harder. He was getting turned on by Tony's body even though he knew that body was going to fuck him and then kill him within a matter of minutes. Tony grabbed the hair on the back of the man's head and pushed his face into his thick, hard blood-covered cock. "Lick it clean," he ordered. Pete started licking Tony's huge 16 inch weapon. Tony kept hold of the man's head and moved him up and down over his huge cock. His cock started twitching with pleasure as the man's tongue caressed it. He started licking Tony's huge balls, balls that were the size of big lemons. Tony groaned with pleasure as he felt the man's little tongue on his huge balls. Pete moaned as he tasted Tony's precum, lapping at the giant head like a fountain. After his cock was clean of Brent's remains, Tony pulled Pete to his feet. "I wanna fuck," growled Tony. Pete looked into Tony’s eyes and said. “I want you to fuck me the hardest you have ever fucked. I want to give you the best fuck ever.” Tony was caught offguard. Did this guy *want* to be snuffed? He'd fucked plenty of muscle-crazed worshippers, but they were usually begging for mercy by the end of it. Without asking, Pete answered his question by raising his head and kissing Tony's neck. “Fuck me. Fuck the shit out of me,” he said. He was completely drunk on lust. He started kissing Tony’s body, feeling those big hard muscles. “Aw yeah dude! Look at the body of the biggest fucking musclegod on earth! Tell me I’m a monster and a beast! Tell me I’m a god! Worship me, you muscleslut!” Pete's complete submission to him made Tony hornier than ever. Tony wrapped his left arm around Pete's thin chest. With his right hand he grabbed his cock and guided it to just the right place at the man's tight ass crack, just barely touching the soft flesh of the man's round butt. Tony picked him up and slid his meat between Pete's legs. Even from behind him, Tony's cock stuck out twice as far as Pete's. The heat radiating from Tony's meat made the smaller man whimper. Pete took a deep breath, knowing what was about to come. Without a word, Tony lifted Pete into the air and jammed his rock hard cock into Pete’s ass. Pete’s eyes got bright and his cock got even harder. “Oh god, oh god!’ he yelled and he shot a huge spurt of cum all over his chest. Tony held the man by the chest and raised him up and down on his cock, only stuffing a foot of his massive meat inside. He watched his image in the mirror as his huge muscles lifted the man up and down on his cock like it was nothing. He felt the muscles of the man's ass try to tighten around the head of his cock as he lifted the ass up, but he knew his cock was too big and hard for those little muscles to resist when he forced himself in again. After a few minutes of this, he let go with his hands, Pete dangling in the air impaled on Tony's beast. "Look, my cock is stronger than you," he laughed, "It can lift your pathetic little body like a feather." He twitched his cock and Pete bounced up and down. "How does it feel to be lifted off your feet by just my fucking monster cock, bitch?!" smirked Tony looking at their reflection in the mirror. He swayed his hips causing his hard-on and the man perched atop to swing madly from side to side. "I…..I….." Pete trailed off losing the power of speech. His whole body bounced up and down as Tony's mighty knob throbbed inside his ass. "I can't take this anymore….." moaned Pete, pleasure pulsating through his body, "I'm gonna…..gonna….." Pete moaned and came, spraying his load on the mirror. Tony gripped Pete's hips and held him in place, the smaller man's orgasm pleasuring his own rod. Pete stared at their reflection, the mountain of muscle surrounding him. "Please," he begged. "Let me worship you!" Pete cried. Tony corkscrewed Pete on his cock to face him. Pete shoved his face into Tony's pecs, feeling the hard muscles as Tony fucked him harder and harder. He called Tony a beast, a god. He moaned as he recounted how easily Tony destroyed his friends. With his talk and his worshipping, he brought Tony to an absolute peak of erotic pleasure as Tony fucked his little ass. Then, with one incredibly powerful thrust of his hips, Tony rammed his cock all the way into the man's ass, forcing all 16 inches inside. Pete felt his guts tear apart, pain shooting through his body, blood pooling beneath him. Tony covered Pete's mouth, muffling his cries as he thrust his full length into him. "This what you wanted right?" Tony said softly into Pete's ear, "Thinking about my awesome strength. Do you like the way my body feels? Huh? Your ass is so fucking tight man..." Pete was barely conscious, he could barely see the stud’s handsome face and incredibly muscular torso through the mind fog. Even now he felt aroused looking at this huge young bodybuilder even though he was about to die. "Please...fuck...harder..." Pete managed to gasp out, before his eyes closed. Tony smiled. Tony crushed Pete against the mirror, completely covering him with his 300 pounds of muscle. He started fucking again, this time not holding back. Then they heard bones cracking. Pete’s pelvis was cracking apart from Tony’s powerful thrusts. More and more tissues were destroyed by his huge weapon. He pummeled Pete's heart from the inside, enjoying the feeling of its rapid vibrations against his cockhead. Tony was now panting and yelling in erotic bliss. He was ready for the final burst of pleasure. "These fucking guns are gonna pop your head off!" Tony declared as he wrapped his arm around Pete's neck and flexed his big bicep, crushing his windpipe. "God that feels good," said Tony, as Pete turned red. Tony flexed and unflexed his arm a dozen times, hearing and feeling the big muscle bash itself into the poor man's neck, crushing more and more windpipe. Pete couldn’t breathe. Tony pressed him up against the mirror as he rammed his cock into Pete's ass. Even though Pete was near death, he was rock hard as he felt Tony’s huge body envelope him. Cum oozed out of his cock as he started to die. Tony rammed his huge cock in and out hard. The mirror cracked as Tony slammed Pete against it, over and over. "Fuckin' strong muscle!" yelled Tony. Pete started drooling and gasping. He drifted out of consciousness. Finally, Tony pulled his arm up, pulling on Pete's chin. "Time to say goodbye," said Tony. Then he flexed hard and held it, watching his rock hard muscle smash that neck. puh-puh-puh-POP! The enormous force of his rock hard bicep literally popped the vertebrae in Pete's neck. The sound and feel of these vital bones parting sent Tony over the top. He seized as his orgasm sent shuddering waves of pleasure through his god-like body, and an enormous reservoir of hot cum flooded the bloody canals of the dead man's anus. Spasms surged through Pete’s body. Tony spurted over and over for over two minutes. After many blasts of cum Tony finally stopped and pulled his huge cock out of Pete’s mangled body. Pete's body crumpled on the floor, a look of bliss on his face. The big beast took a few moments to flex and admire himself in the mirror, breathing heavily and finishing the impromptu posing session with a double biceps pose and a deep, "Yeaaahhhh." "Awww, fuckin' A... fuck 'em all to death..." Tony mused, as he walked out of the room, effortlessly kicking bodies aside that lay in his way, his huge semi-erect cock swaying back and forth before him like some lethal biological weapon. Room 105 "Yes, God yes, give it to me." Steven lay spread eagle on the bed, teasing Karl. Karl smiled at his lover, his 9 inch cock at attention. They had been waiting all week to get out of town and planned to enjoy every second. Karl thrust forward and buried his entire shaft in Steven. "Its huge, give it to me Karl," Steven groaned. Karl growled and leaned in for a kiss, speeding up his thrusts. For a quarter of an hour the pounding continued. "Oh God yes!" "Drill me, fuck yes, oh God it's filling me." Steven loved it. When Karl fucked him he could see stars, lodged on his big dick. Karl loved hearing Steven go crazy over his cock. Feeling himself getting close, he slowly pushed his dick up to the hilt inside of his lover, told him how sexy he was and how he needed him and shot his thick spunk deep into him. Steven cried out as he came simultaneously. The first shot hit him clean in the face and sprayed down across his chest and over the bed. Shot after shot sprayed the two of them, strings of white dripping off their faces as they rode out their orgasms. The two of them were so caught up in their lovemaking that they failed to notice the door to their room open and a dark shadow silently emerge. The two of them laid on the bed enjoying the afterglow of their fuck, Karl still on top of Steven as they closed their eyes and kissed. Tony smirked in the darkness and pounced. "WHAT THE - " Karl exclaimed before the breath was knocked out of him. Steven's eyes shot open as he saw Karl try to get up, only to have his hands pinned down. "Ow! What are you doing?!" Karl yelled. The weight of another person, a much bigger person, crushed Karl into him even more and he grunted. Karl's head was shoved into a pillow, muffling him as Steven felt the stranger thrust forward against Karl's arse. Steven tried to swing his arms and fight, but his blows landed uselessly against the rock-hard torso of the assailant. Steven groaned "no"as he tried to fight back, to no avail. "Get off him, you bastard!" Steven shouted. He finally caught a glimpse of Tony, the immense size of his body was unreal! This couldn't be happening! Karl shouted "no, please" as he felt Tony shift and prod his giant dick against his asshole. "Oh God, Jesus that's big. Fuck that cock is too big!" There was a fierce thrust as a huge cock entered his ass. Karl screamed. Steven felt a spurt of hot fluid splash against his ass as Tony's goliath tore Karl's asshole open. "Ohh God!" The two of them cried out, Karl in agony, Steven in terror. Tony pulled back and thrust again, hard. Onward and onward he pressed, his arms pinning the two men down as he speared Karl. Karl's cock pressed into his boyfriend's ass and Steven felt the sickening power of the man above him as Tony started to unceremoniously fuck the two of them. Steven could feel every movement as he was forced to take his boyfriend's cock with Tony's every thrust. He could feel Karl writhe and shudder until he came, spraying Steven's insides again. Steven cried out as he came as well, his cock squished tightly between him and Karl as Tony bore down on them. His heart was breaking but his mind was in turmoil as he felt himself get hard again from the relentless thrusting. Tony went into overdrive and drove his huge monster into Karl's ass as Karl struggled to get his words out: "Ohhh, so fucking big, so much ..." Karl was drifting in and out of consciousness as the massive cock tore through his insides. Steven lay trapped under his boyfriend and their assailant and felt the powerful thrusts of a man raping his boyfriend and his heart was filled with sorrow and humiliation. But it went on and on, thrust after thrust after thrust. Karl's face was pressed against his, preventing either of them from seeing Tony. All Steven could feel was 2 bodies thrusting violently and the sound of Tony's balls slapping against his boyfriend's tight ass with each thrust. Steven felt faint as the weight of the two bodies on top of him crushed him further into the bed. He was mercifully unconscious when Tony's cock tore through Karl's lungs and erupted. He didn't hear Karl gasp, "It's blasting into me, fuck ... how much cum, oh fuck!!" Or Karl's coughs as his lungs were flooded with superior jizz. Or Karl's cock shooting his last load inside him as he finally succumbed to his injuries. Tony groaned again as he tightened his grip on Karl's hips as he pushed his titanic cock deeper still into his body. Another blast jetted from his firmly entrenched tool. Karl lay on top of Steven, unmoving and silent as Tony continued to empty his balls into his chest. Cum and blood flowed out of Karl's mouth, dripping onto Steven's unconscious face. If he hadn't died of internal injuries, Tony's orgasm definitely drowned him. Every few seconds Karl's body jerked as if shocked by electricity as life left his body. After a while Tony slowly began to withdraw his still fully erect cock from Karl's thoroughly fucked apart body. He groaned as he felt the wide rim of his flared out cockhead drag through Karl's shredded intestines. Tony's still fully erect monster popped free with a wet slurping sound, and Karl's corpse gave one last full body shiver as his broken asshole relinquished his cum-slick manmeat. As soon as it was free, a steady stream of warm sperm and blood poured from his gaping hole. Tony grabbed Karl by the waist and flipped him off of the bed. The sudden change in pressure shocked Steven awake. The bottom man gasped for air as his eyes shot open. He stared, mouth agape at the sweaty, muscular stud and his twitching erection kneeling on the end of the bed. “Oh… fuck…” Steven gasped, dazed. His nostrils flared as he got a huge breath of his assailant’s pure alpha musk, the thick layer of cum coating his face was overwhelming. His eyes shifted to the cock between Tony’s legs, a massive throbbing baseball bat covered in blood and cum. God, it was as thick as his fucking arm! A cock like that would completely destroy his ass! “It's...gonna kill me!” he moaned. "That's the idea." Tony smiled, nonchalantly jacking his still hard cock. Tony grabbed the man and lifted him over his throbbing cock head and then entered him. Steven tried to scream but the pain was too intense. There was a pop as his hip bones stretched. Steven’s tongue fell from his mouth and his body exploded in a firecracker orgasm just from being entered by such a monster pipe. Tony impaled the man slowly and began masturbating with the doomed man's little body. He made sure he was facing his little fuck buddy as he began to impale him deeper and deeper with each thrust until half of his meat was inside. “Now here comes the fun part.” Tony said as he pulled his cock all the way out, leaving only the massive tip of the head in, “time to die!” With another loud grunt, Tony thrust with all his strength as his bitchbreaker tore Steven apart. This act knocked the wind out of Steven, and he gasped for air as he simultaneously had the biggest orgasm of his life. With a cruel glint in his eyes, Tony lifted himself up and grabbed Steven’s ankles and placed them on his shoulders: it was time for the mating press. Thrusting with the same full strokes as before, Tony’s beastly cock stretched out Steven’s insides more and more. The bed creaked and rocked, the headboard slamming into the wall as Tony fucked Steven into the bed harder and harder. “You’re fucking up my body! Oh my god oh my god oh my god..” An overwhelming feeling of fullness came over Steven that gradually faded to numbness as his guts were churned up and he shut his eyes forever. "Awwww! Fuck YEAH!" Tony boomed as he flexed his rippling ass and shoved the spasming body of his fuck toy to the base of his throbbing dick, stabbing Steven's heart with his cock. With that, Tony began to cum. Cum filled his chest and then poured out of his mouth. It also erupted from the seal his wrecked asshole made around Tony's murderous tool. Tony fell forward onto the bed as he blasted jet after jet of muscle cum into the smaller man. He wrapped his arms around Steven's torso and squeezed, groaning as he felt Steven's ribs crack and pop. The broken ribs rubbed up against his erupting meat, sending waves of pleasure through the muscle god's body. Steven’s mouth fell open and cum flowed out of his mouth in a thick stream. Tony continued cumming for another minute before it was over. Tony relaxed on top of Steven, the smaller man's body completely covered by the giant teen. After a few minutes of relaxation, Tony stood up, letting Steven's body fall to the floor on top of Karl's. A river of white poured out of Steven's stretched-open asshole, like his boyfriend. Both of their faces were unrecognizable, buried under a deep layer of thick jizz. Tony stretched, looking down at his last two kills with satisfaction. The two bodies laid on the floor, a puddle of cum spreading underneath them. Dawn Tony headed home as the sun started to peak over the horizon. When he got home, he walked into his room and stood before the mirror. He thought about what he had just done. Ten guys fucked to death in a night, a new record! The sounds of their bones breaking. The feeling of his cock tearing through their guts. The rush he felt as he drowned them in his load. He had dominated them all with the enormous power of his 300+ pounds of muscle and his massive 16 inch cock. He was a fucking god. As he thought about it and looked at himself in the mirror he started rubbing his body. His face still looked like the face of a teenager, but his body looked like the wet dream of a Mr. Olympia competitor. He thought about how easy it was for him to smash his victims with his huge muscles. His traps bulged out from his neck. He watched his delts bulge like bowling balls of thick shredded muscle on his shoulders. His massive arms, as big as most guys' legs, rippling with muscle and covered with veins. He clenched his hands into fists and watched his forearms and biceps bulge, admiring the arms that snapped necks and crushed skulls. He watched his lats flare out - thick wings of solid muscle that crushed the chests of his toys like they were made of little sticks. Tony raised his arms and kissed his biceps. He watched his abs flex, and his huge legs. His cock throbbed between his pecs as he worshipped himself, the monster that tore apart asses and mouths and smashed through their insides. He hefted his giant balls, heavy with a neverending supply of jizz. He thought about how he could snuff a guy just by cumming. Fuck, he was incredible! He grabbed his cock with both hands and moaned, "FUCK YEAH!” and his cock started blasting cum, spurting gush after gush of cum on the ceiling, splashing back down onto his massive form. It was one of the best orgasms he had ever had. He took a shower and fell asleep happily.
  8. The Tusk Wars show By Big-Zargo Dash and Lucius were both laying on the couch setting up to watch the fifth episode of Tusk Wars. “Here we are Lucius, bacon-flavored popcorn,” Dash said with a smile. “Thanks, man, I’ve been having a craving for these ever since I watched the first episode,” Lucius said with a grin. “Me too,” Dash said. “Maybe will be able to finish the whole season by the end of the weekend,” Lucius said. “Well let’s try,” Dash said, grabbing the remote and turning on the TV. He quickly brought up the show, and they began watching the fifth episode. The powerful orc wizard’s staff lays broken on the ground as one of the mighty heroes stands before him. The orc wizard tries to grab one of the pieces of his broken staff, but the hero simply kicks it away while holding a gun up to the orc's head. “Not so fast monster, any more movement from you, and I put a bullet in your head,” the hero says with cold determination. The orc stops moving his body and looks at the hero with rage in his eyes. “Now tell me where is my brother you bastard. His name was Tom strong Holland, short black hair, clean-shaven, average build,” the hero demanded at the fallen orc wizard. The orc wizard Snickers at the hero for saying. “The one you look for is not dead, for he is behind you. “What trick is this,” the hero demands. “No trick, Hans,” the deep voice says. The hero Hans turns his face around to find a huge orc that barely resembled his brother. As both Dash and Lucius watched the scene on the TV it blanks out. Both men are annoyed at the strange blackout when they hear…. Thump… thump…. Behind them. The sound of two huge feet hitting the floor had been felt by both men, as the dark fog begins slowly creeping from behind them and from the TV they were watching. Both men cursed as they got up from the Couch. A strong smell passes both men’s noses, at first, they gag at the strange smell, but they quickly begin to love it. Before Dash or Lucius could do or say anything a huge muscular Orc appears behind them dispersing the couch like a mirage. Before their very eyes with the orc from the Tusk Wars; the one that they just saw. The orc was naked, his huge body had a sprinkling of black hair, a huge chest with plump nipples, a big round muscle gut stroked with a thick carpet of here that both reached and covered to his big round meaty pecs. His huge muscular arms and legs were attached to his big bulky body as complements to his girth. The orcs big around hairy balls and thick fat cock was a testament to being well endowed. The orc was both beastly and handsome at the same time with its sort spiky hair, sexy mustache, and his stubble jawline reminding both men of an action hero where his yellow animal-like eyes, green skin, protruding eyebrow ridge, and big tasks and probably sharp teeth gave the beast a paradox feel. Before Dash and Lucius can do anything, the orc lifted his two meaty arms in a double bicep pose revealing to both men the beast’s hairy armpits. Their mouth watered and their bodies moved out of their control towards the beast. Each man’s silent screams of horror were very palpable to the orc which made him smile for what is to come. Both men planted their faces into the orc’s armpits. The men’s hardening cock rubbed against the orcs muscular body, as the human’s minds slowly succumb to the orcs will. Lucius was the first to partake orc’s nipple, while Dash’s hands began moving across the orc's muscular body. Both men slowly worshiped and grouped at the beast’s body, feeling strong back muscles, groping thick thighs, rubbing big around biceps and pecs. All the while two men were slowly turning green as the orc. They tried returning to sniffing at the armpits, but the orc stopped them. The orc began to flex his huge muscles while the two changing humans were completely enthralled by the sight and smell of him. Both Dash and Lucius's mouths lay open like panting dogs as tusks began growing from their lower canines. Dash and Lucius' completely green-skinned bodies slowly swelled with height and muscle as they watched and masturbated at the sight of the flexing orc. Their clothes slowly became tight against their growing flesh. Sweat poured off of the changing men staining their tight clothes as their huge muscles began ripping and tearing against their confines. If they were paying attention to their cock and balls, they would find that they were growing in size. Orcish hormones pass through their veins as they slowly became hairier and beastly. Sounds of tearing ripping could be heard as they grew beyond the clothes’ limits to contain as muscle monsters were being born. They swell and swell necks thickening and tell they were like bulls, and tell their shoulders were twice as wide as a heavyweight bodybuilder, there biceps flow with the power to bend steel, their hand grew big and meaty mitts attached with forearms with the power to crush human’s skulls, with huge meaty thighs that could run for hours, and big feet that could crush a man’s spine. Their asses were big round and meaty, their big balls were filled with Orcish testosterone and corrupting seed, their bellies grew abs of hard steel softened pelt of hair which reached and covered their huge beefy pecs. The smell of musk intensified as Dash and Lucius began producing their Orcish musk from their hairy armpits and body. Their long fat cocks dripped with corrupting seed as they kept stroking them. Their human faces changed becoming more beastly, with the strong square jaw to hold tusks, pointed ears to hear better, beastly eyes to see into the dark and big noses for smelling to the sexy Orcish musk. They were no longer looking at the flexing orc they were now smelling each other, kissing each other, fucking each other. Their humanity was now completely gone leaving beasts behind. The now Orcish Dash laid on top now Orcish Lucius’s pounding his ass, while Lucius drools and slobbers in pleasure. With two passionate roars, both newly changed orcs hit the peak of their orgasm one after the other. They continue like sex-crazed zombies as their Orcish hormones flow through their veins. Tom the orc was no longer flexing his muscles instead he was masturbating, as the two orcs were fucking each other. Once Tom was done pleasuring himself and the two other orcs were done with their sex, he walked to them. “Stand hut, recruits,” Tom commanded. Immediately the two orcs broke away from each other and stand at attention with their semi-hard cocks. Tom - “Is your duty to serve…” “The great master. To conquer in his name. To turn all humans into Horny Orcs and to obey.” Dash and Lucius said, at the same time. “Excellent,” Tom said with a tusk-filled smile. Hans sees his corrupted brother standing before him, but before he can do anything he is blasted from the side and back to the ground. As he gets up, he discovers that his orc brother and two more orcs have surrounded him each having cruel smiles on their faces.
  9. geektofreek

    Outgrowing The House

    Hey guys! Hope everyone has been enjoying the new forum like I have. If you haven't already bookmarked my brand new website, I posted this story earlier today. It's been a long time since I've written a macro story, and while it still mostly focuses on muscle, I'm sure there is going to be something for everyone in this story. Enjoy! ******************************** It was strange to say that someone would want to outgrow their own home, but high school senior Zachary Parker wanted exactly that. He stood there naked in the bathroom, a giant of nothing but muscle and young teen sweat, eyeing his shower like it was the competition. He knew today just had to be the day. The young teen was teetering on 400 pounds of solid muscle after this mornings workout. His body felt so incredibly pumped, so unstoppably huge. He knew immediately as he put one foot into the shower that things were definitely different. The small growths that he had been experiencing were nothing compared to the explosion of muscle that had happened earlier. There was no telling how huge he had grown this morning (with a smashed scale now sitting in his bedroom). All he knew was that the shower began to make this horrific cracking noise, the pipes inside the walls strained, and even the tiles began shattering like glass. “It’s finally happening...” Zach snickered. It was actually almost hard for the muscle teen not to get aroused at this point. He had been fantasizing about this moment for so long, he almost didn’t even know where to start. He figured he would do something that would typically be innocent, washing his body for example. There was almost that sinister chuckle as he popped of the cap. There was no way the shower going to hold, just no fucking way. As he began lathering up his mountainous hairy pectorals, the first bolt blew off the wall, bouncing off his 70 inch muscle chest. Zach just laughed and continued casually washing his chest, hearing the strain of the metal framework, the impending destruction of the all the grout and plaster holding everything together. With a flinch of his giant hairy legs, a flex his mountainous arms and barndoor-wide back, he triggered another small growth. It was almost frightful how comical the young god thought the whole thing was. There was such an overwhelming amount of joy he felt feeling his body squeeze and fill the tiny space, just like when he had outgrown the houses small door frames. With barely any effort, and what felt like pounds of muscle packing onto his frame, his shoulders and legs become wedged and almost stuck between the showers bending frame... STRRRAIIINN CRACK Zach watched in amazement. The cheap walls around him collapsed to the floor like they were nothing to him; childrens architecture in the face of a real god. With his body now totally unleashed, completely exposed, there was almost a part of Zach that wanted to just keep growing until the he filled the entire bathroom. A fun thought, bringing him a small chuckle. He figured though he should probably wait, he wanted to enjoy every minute of this. He arrogantly stepped on the broken shower door and crushed the plastic frame beneath his feet. After the shower it was onto the clothes, his third favorite part of the morning. Everything he wore was a size XXL and up, yet it still seemed to be no match for his hulking muscle boy body. The once super sized varsity football tank barely even reached the upper part of the teens hairy brick plated abs. It was all caught between the teens boulder sized hairy pecs which seemed to almost stretch over a foot off his breast cage, nipples the size of fucking pancakes, the most immense canyon of hair and muscle. Next came his fully tailored briefs, white just the way he liked them. The pouch was specifically designed for the teens heavy nut suck and enormously large foot long cock. Truth be told though, as crazy as it sounded, his manhood was almost starting to look comically average when compared to the size of his gigantic muscle body, small even. Even though Zach was a little disappointed that it had seemed to stop growing like it once did, there was a small satisfaction knowing that he managed to make MELON sized testicles look small. By the time Zach got downstairs for breakfast, he was the definition of obscenity. After his briefs, the giant teen had somehow manage to squeeze himself into his last remaining pair of custom 46X38 jeans. His dad nearly choked on his coffee watching the morning news. Even though he lived with the giant muscle teen twenty four seven, nothing could have prepared him for the way that Zach looked this morning. “You see something you like old man?” Zach taunted, flexing one his gigantic arms. He knew what his dad was looking at, it was the same thing he was always looking out. While his father was mostly straight, he recently learned that the man was a total fag for big muscle arms, and now that his monster teen biceps were a record breaking 28 inches in size, chiseled like some hairy fucking mountain of muscle, engorged in the most disgusting display of vascularity, he knew there was no way his dad would stand a chance. Zach just arrogantly whiffed his own pitts, watching his father's crotch bulge between his jeans. It really was only a matter of time before the old man would crack. Eighteen years old and he was already among some of the biggest muscle studs in the world. He was literally a factory of testosterone, dripping with power, effortlessly packing on more muscle and hair then most bodybuilders could ever dream of. "How b-big are they now s-son...?" His dad could barely ask the question. Zach menacingly thumped a little closer. It must have been his undersized white tank and swollen blue jeans that was making his dad really whimper today. He knew it really was the perfect choice of outfit to show off his unstoppable growing teenage physique. He never understood why so many muscle men hid beneath their baggy gym clothes all day when they could look like this. The clothes were so tight, so painted onto his super roided out muscle-boy body that you could even see detail in his rock hard nipples and firehose sized cock. After all It was because of this his own old man was literally sitting there in his recliner with a full on erection beneath his jeans; no remorse, no hiding, he had totally lost it over his big muscle boy. The drool just wept from his dad’s lips like an endless river, I mean school girls had more control than this. That’s not to say there wasn’t a small part of Zach that was totally getting off on this moment. After all what son doesn't look forward to totally dwarfing their dad when they grow up. “Why don't you take a guess" Zach finally decided to start, raising one of his meaty muscle boy arm. His triceps hung there like huge hairy slabs of meat, while his bicep, it was like looking at a mountain of muscle, swelling bigger with every passing second. The young teen smirked as his unmatchable and magnificent muscle peak went flexing past his own eye level, swelled beyond his own head, squeezed into his own face. It was long until the freaky mammoth peak reach it's full and daunting size of 28 inches. “O-oh my g-god, LOOK at it!!” His father stuttered pathetically "Ooooh yeah that's right, biceps bigger than your fucking waist!” Zach squeezed his bicep that much bigger. It was then he looked down with a sneer and watched it happen like clock work. His fathers cock, like every other man’s, began throbbing faster and faster between his legs; the size of his young muscles, the enormity of his pits, the sheer stench of his musk, even the straightest of men couldn’t handle it. His dad just shamefully began blowing what had to have been the biggest load of his adult life, right in between his own jeans. He clenched the sides of his armchair as he continued to look up, struggling to hold back his cries of pleasure. "You know I'm going to outgrow this entire house right dad?" “Breakfast!" His mom shouted "Yes!!" Zach said with excitement. The teen rested his giant arm, leaving his now humiliated father to soak in his own shame. The entire house now made that daunting thump as he took each hulking step towards the completely loaded breakfast table. His mother like most mornings had prepared a meal large enough for a whole feast; pancakes, sausage, eggs, bacon, potatoes, all piled up like endless rolling hills, enough for ten people at least. Zach felt his large cock bloat between his monster legs like it always did before a feast. The notion that every bit of this food would soon turn into raw muscle was such a get off. He couldn’t wait to get in there and stuff his face so he could grow even more. “Thanks for breakfast mom” Zach gently kissed her on the forehead "w-wow just look at you this morning" Just like his father, his mom seemed to have an extreme attraction for certain parts of the male physique. For years he had been catching her stare down at his monster muscle thighs and epic bubble butt, but just like his dad, this morning she couldn’t resist from full on “deer in headlights” mode. She was especially glancing at his hefty horse-sized teenage package. Zach smirked having to admit his lower half was ridiculously gigantic, in fact it was almost becoming a struggle to walk. He figured, in the same unorthodox fashion as earlier, that he would give his mother an equally as impressive show. “You like these legs mom?” Zach widened his stand, slowly beginning to flex his guerilla sized thighs. It was only a matter of seconds before the blue denim began to snap and tear along what was probably the most muscular legs in the human race. Zach eagerly watched her awestruck face as the first tear had formed along his right leg. The denim fabric was practically painted onto his skin at this point. You could see everything, absolutely every freaky detail of his monstrously out of control thighs. There wasn't a single doubt that they had to 38 inches of bone crushing hairy muscle, yet there they were growing bigger, beefier! SNAP “Ooooh yeah…” SNAP “Get a load of this mom!!” Zach chuckled like a kid at Christmas. Both seams had blown open, relieving only momentary pressure. Lucky for him though, it was far from over. As the arrogant stud flexed even further, It wasn’t long before the rest of the blue denim threads began snapping away off his jeans like power-lines in a thunderstorm. His mom squealed and covered her mouth as the most monstrous hairy thighs began squeezing out of his large denim jeans. Zach had to keep adjusting his stance wider and wider to accommodate the irregular amount of size his ultimate leg flex was taking on. They already had to be a freaky 39, maybe even 40 inches of solid muscle, biggest on the planet! Within his own two feet spread almost further apart than he could bare, the large bulging zipper that contained his jaw breaking cock BURST open. THUMP His mom fainted. “Is she ok!?” His little brother spoke up, watching the whole spectacle from the large breakfast table. When Zach finally turned around, his little brother could see why there mother fainted. Between his barely held together jeans was the teens giant manhood stretching his white briefs between the gaping zipper hole. The poor kid couldn’t even grasp how anyones cock could ever achieve such size. The enormous and freaky cock head looked bigger than his own fist, a piss slit so huge you could stick your tongue down it. “You know I’m starting to think my clothes aren’t going to last through the day...” That’s all Zach said. He knew his giant cock was tenting his briefs through his jeans, exposed for his little brother to lay his scrawny virgin eyes on, but he didn’t care. He looked back down at the opulent breakfast feast and felt his stomach rumble with immense hunger. He began walking forward, feeling the house truly thump this time. Dishes in the cupboards rattles, the floorboards beneath his giant feet almost bent. He knew colossal thighs must have been approaching near the immobile territory. There was such strain and heft to his footsteps, enough even to make Zach wonder just how much bigger he could grow. As he pulled out one of the chairs, even attempting to sit down almost seemed to be struggle. His thighs were just swollen against one another. He widened his stance once more, wrapped his legs around the specially reinforced seat. You could hear his remaining clothes crack and strain. It was always the sound people heard before the teen would burst through his own clothes, before thousands of more dollars would be spent trying to keep him looking somewhat normal and decent. "How much you want to bet I could eat this whole thing Jeremy?" He said with a cocky grin, watching his little brother poke away at small plate of food. With one of his huge burly hands he lifted one of the serving plates up to his face. His monstrous cock just bulged even bigger underneath his briefs as he gazed his hunger upon 24 deliciously scrambled eggs. With one of the now seemingly small forks on the table he began wolfing them down his throat. Only a few minutes later he moved onto the meats, the potatoes, and finally finished off with the pancakes. Of course with all this new fuel being added to his body, Zach started to slowly grow once more. As he consumed what must have been over 20 pounds of food, what remained of his jeans began tearing away hopelessly. He didn’t even have to flex this time, even move, he was just getting bigger! RIIIIIIIIPPPPPP "Fuck yeah, look me grow little bro!" Zach was so unapologetic. He continued to eat like a beast, packing on muscle faster and faster, scarfing down every last bit of food on the table. He even grabbed his brother left overs and lifted the plate to his mouth, dumping the food into his mouth like some dump trunk, finishing it all off with one loud gulp. SNAP The chair collapsed. With his now unimaginable weight, it sounded as if a bomb went off as he went crashing to the floor. His little brother just squealed as the hardwoods beneath his global butt exploded upward, the dust and plaster from the ceiling went falling to the ground, and the walls and windows surrounding the kitchen cracked; It felt as if a fucking 6.0 earthquake had just hit the house, yet It was really just one teens accidental destruction. Zach just laughed arrogantly, slowly picking himself back up. His tank had ripped free during the incident, and what little denim remained on his legs soon began to rip free as he stood up. Standing there now in just his barley strapped on briefs, Zach looked around realizing he must have now stood almost 7’5”! “I think I’m going to have to start thinking of a new goal with the way this house is shrinking so fast...” Zach laughed deeply. The excitement of his impending demolition of his childhood home was getting him so rock hard he couldn’t bare to stop. Jeremy nearly pissed his pants as his own gigantic brother raised both of his large arms in the air. So powerful they seemed, yet you could tell there was significantly more of a struggle to move then there was before. Zach knew within an instant that extreme immobility was beginning to take place. There was no longer a space reserved for the him to wash his hair or even scratch his neck. It was just muscle swelling into muscle. Zach teased though anyways, playfully trying to demonstrate a simple crab pose from his onlooking kid-brother. He barely got half way before his biceps squeezed into his face, his elbows bumped into the ceiling above. His biceps had to to be well over 34 inches at this point, so big in fact they threatened to crush his own face like a grapefruit. Unlike most men though who would cower in fear over this situation, Zach just snickered, and reached his tongue out for one massive worshipping lick. "You know I think I can guess what muscles you like most..." Zach sneered down at his brother “... you like my pecs don’t you?” Zach thumped closer, towering over two feet taller than the barely adolescent teenager. With one of his big hairy knuckled hands he relentlessly squeezed one of his boulder sized furry pecs like some crazed muscle worship video. He almost felt bad taunting him like this, the kid was always so nice, so supporting of his insatiable desires. The fact was though, even a boy of his age wanted to see something like this. “You know I can barely see below them...” Zach chuckled “That’s not to say I don’t want them bigger though” Zach gripped his fist together in front of him, purposely ballooning his mountainous pectorals almost two feet off his breast cage. With the small whimper his brother seemed to release, he knew this was his muscle of choice. It was only a few seconds of growth before Zach literally couldn’t see below them. He grinned with a freaky satisfaction knowing that he would no longer be able to see his own two feet, suck on his own cock, do anything remotely normal. He just proudly kept on growing them until they became so enormous, so astronomically huge, that even his own chin helplessly started to be pushed up. “Are these big enough for you yet little bro!?!” Jeremy whimpered. He had always admired the superheroes in movies with a nice thick set of pecs, but this was taking things to a whole new level. Massive rolling hills of hairy muscle, bigger then fucking tires, now hung from his macro-addicted big brother’s chest. He wanted to lick and worship every inch of this chest, suck on those rock hard freaky sized nipples. As he thought about this though, he heard the strain of something below. He gulped and slowly looked down, not wanting to almost see what he knew had been growing... “Ooooh yea, DIG IT little brother” SNAP Zach’s briefs went exploding onto Jeremy’s head. The poor kid whimpered as the most horrendously musky and pre-cum soaked fabric covered his face. The smell that crept into his young nose was intoxicating, so musky and yet sweet he almost didn’t want to stop smelling. After what must have been finally a few minutes, Jeremy reached up pulled down the yellow cum stained fabric, witnessing the tremendous thump of his brothers head hitting the ceiling. Zach casually reached up and pushed his hands against the ceiling. There was that extra moment you could tell he thought about it, what he was really doing. It was short lived, because only a few seconds later, that thought turned into delightful chuckle. “It’s time the world witnesses a new god...” And with that, Zachary, outgrew his house.
  10. RealIn2Growth

    Ark of The Gods (Prologue, Chapters 1 - 3)

    Hi! Below you'll find the first three chapters of my new story. It's an idea that I've had for a while that's slowly been burning. Let me know what you think. Enjoy! Ark of the Gods Prologue One The Scribe frantically jotted down everything he could remember. Each night, for the past fortnight, he had been visited by The Master, and each night he had given him more specific items to transcribe. The Scribe found that if he didn’t write down everything he remembered, he was unable to eat, sleep, or rest. He lived to write The Master’s Words. Only when it was complete would The Scribe be able to sleep. Thunder shook the ground he sat upon as he wrote. It had been thundering non-stop for three weeks. The battle in the sky would be fought until only one stood. Several had been destroyed already. When only one survived, this world would never been the same. The Scribe didn’t understand anything of what he wrote. The etching was complex. The Master was very specific about each line that was drawn. They must be exact. If they weren’t exact, The Master would surly punish The Scribe with eternal damnation. He would live for all eternity in agony. That is… if The Master survived the battle. The ground shook as lightning rained down on The Earth. The Scribe added the last of the text and knew that it was complete. As he deposited the rolls of Papyrus in to the clay pot, an explosion rocked his hut. Running to the window, he looked out and saw the sky was alive with flames. The entire sky was burning. Running back to the table, The Scribe grabbed the lid. He then took wet clay from a bowl and sealed the lid on top of the pot. Grabbing the pot, The Scribe ran from his hut and into the forest. He needed to get to the location where his Master had instructed him, he must bury the pot. Again, his instructions were very clear. The pot needed to be brought into the cave that was furthest from the sea. He must walk in darkness for 13,000 steps before stopping. At this point, he must dig a hole roughly the height of a human male. Here, he must deposit the pot. Then, he must wait. No man must disturb where the pot was buried. This location… this darkness would be where he was to remain for thousands upon thousands of years. Before entering the cave, The Scribe looked back to see a streak of darkness engulf the sky before it exploded into flames again. The Master knew he would never win this battle… there were too many against him now… but he had a plan. One day… when the world had stopped believing in anything… he would return. He would bring back harmony to the universe through his might. Even in death, The Scribe must protect The Pot. The Master had given him a vision of the one who was destined to find it. Only then would he be able to rest. One day… a man would come… and only he would be able to understand the writing. Only he would be able to unweave the puzzle The Master had created. Only he would be worthy. The Scribe entered the cave just as another explosion rocked the sky. Turning, he saw the mouth covered over with large boulders that had rolled down from the top of the mountain. Now the world was truly dark. Soon… one day… The Master would reign again. Prologue Two A Transcript from The Video Recorded Journal of Dr. Jacob Graham. ACTION: The recording is turned on. Standing directly center is Dr Jacob Graham J.G: The date is October 8th, 2022. The time… 11:02 am. Since I will be an active participant in my own experiment, I have asked my friend, physician, and assistant, Taylor Wagner to develop a recorded account. The Fountain of Youth. A mythical spring that can allegedly restore young to anyone wo drinks or bathes from it. Legends surrounding such a concept can be found in nearly every culture in every civilization. Even before Ponce de Leon, stories of restorative fountain first appeared in the writings of Herodotus in the 5th Century B.C. Legend had it that Alexander the Great drank of it in the 3rd Century, A.D. Similar myths can be found among members of The Crusades and peoples in the Caribbean who their own tales of the mysterious land of Bimini where the Fountain could be found. It was not always a fountain though. Often it was a river, a spring, or a pond that would reverse the aging process and cure the sick. With so many legends and myths build upon this concept… might it perhaps have hints of truth in it? When I discuss the concept of a Fountain of Youth with my peers, I have been told that my yearnings are just that of a 78-year-old man nearing the end of his life. They say I am afraid of death. I say… if we don’t have to die… why should we? My labors have been tireless in the pursuit of The Fountain of Youth. For 37 years I have hunted it. I’ve explored the deep heart of Africa, hidden temples, and valleys in South America, and followed maps that claim to be able to pinpoint exactly where Bimini might be. Each journey has ended in a dead in. That is, until I arrived on the Island of Crete. My search took me to the Cave of Ideon Andron in Psiloritis. It is here, legend spoke, that a man was buried with a map to ‘The Halls of Immortality.’ For six months we excavated the areas surrounding the cave and within its interior. Then, one day, I discovered what I had been looking for. It was there that I discovered The Abbascia Scrolls, so named for the word etched on the bottom of the clay pot they were discovered in. It is assumed that this was the surname of the person who wrote and then hid the 19 scrolls away. Months of translations have let us to where we are today. Behind me you will see The Ark. Standing at 18 feet in heights it was built using both Gold, Bronze, and Iron. The etchings, as you can see here… ACTION: Dr. J.G. approaches The Ark and runs his hands along it. J.G: … they form a complex labyrinth around The Ark. It took metal masons eighteen months to carve the entirety as described. Yes, the design, the etchings, the entire composition was dictated to us by the writer of The Abbascia Scrolls. ‘The Ark,’ it was written, ‘opens the gateway between now and then. The path will be traveled, the sky will be opened, and a renewal will be bathed upon those who enter The Ark.’ A renewal will be bathed upon. Interesting use of words. Of course, this is just a translation, but could The Ark be where the legends of The Fountain of Youth began? As you can see, The Ark also has eight areas where, once again, as dictated, a gem or a diamond has been set. These are Shungite, Amethyst, Howlite, Labradorite, Citrine, Diamond, Emerald, and Ruby. Each was cut exactly as described. They are each of a substantial size and the cutting of all took eight to eleven months due to the intricate, and sometimes odd requirements. Abbascia requested sunlight or the most powerful of lights to power The Ark. Here, we have chosen to forgo the use of sunlight and instead use laser light. Once I am placed into The Ark, the lasers will be powered on. The laser beams will travel through the gems, empowering them, and their light will travel down the etched paths that crisscross the Ark. From there… we shall see. ACTION: Dr. J.G. begins to remove his tie, his dress shirt, his trousers, his socks, and his underwear. He stands before the camera, naked. J.G: I have gone into this journey with my eyes open. What I am about to undertake… this has been through my own design. No matter what happens… even if I should die… it was by my own hands and no one else. ACTION: Dr. J.G. moves toward The Ark. Assistant Oliver Maynard swings the large metallic door open. J.G. takes his place inside. Just before the door is shut, there is a commotion as four men enter the room. One is recognizable as Anthony Williams, late 60’s, and head of The Foundation. The other three are silent and wear black turtlenecks and trousers with dark sunglasses. A.W holds up his hand. A.W: Why didn’t you alert The Foundation that you were ready to start trials on The Ark? J.G: I have no need to inform you of anything. A.W: Grab him. Remove him from The Ark. ACTION: One of the Men in Black move forward and forcefully take the naked Jacob Shephard out of The Ark. A.W: Did you think I would allow you to test The Ark without me being present. J.G: Then let’s stop this foolishness. You can remain, just let me go. A.W: You want to test The Ark on yourself? No. I could never let that happen. What if you were to die in there? How would I get a return on my investment? No… we need a better option. J.G: You? A.W: Don’t be ridiculous. I’m not risking my life… not until I know it works. No. How about… You. ACTION: A. W points to one of The Men in Black. K.M: Yes, sir. A.W: Approach me. ACTION: Man 1 has been identified as Kirk Mason. He moves toward Anthony Williams. K.M: Yes, sir. A.W: Your name? K.M: Kirk Mason. A.W: Age? K.M: 52. A.W: Perfect. How long have you been with The Foundation. K.M: Three months. A.W: Wonderful. You won’t be missed. Take off your clothes. J.G: Don’t be ridiculous, Anthony. You can’t put a stranger in The Ark. He doesn’t know the risks. A.W: I’d use your assistant, Jacob, but if it works, I wouldn’t want a fetus on our hands. Do you understand the risks, Mason? This could either kill you… or make you young again. K.M: Fuck A.W: I’ll take that as a yes. ACTION: Kirk Mason proceeds to remove his dark glasses and places them in the pockets of his trousers. Next to be removed are his black turtleneck, shoes, and black trousers. He stands 5’10 and 190 lbs. of fat covered muscle. His silver hair is trimmed in a traditional high and tight fade. It is obvious to viewers that he was hired for his brawn. K.M proceeds to remove his black socks and his briefs. A.W: Go stand in The Ark, Mason. ACTION: K.M moves across the room and enters the metallic Ark. He turns around and faces front. J.G: Don’t do this, Anthony. I’m begging you. A.W: You brought this on yourself, Jacob… keeping secrets. How could you think I wouldn’t find out. Close the door. ACTION: Oliver Maynard looks over at J.G, who after a moment signals him to shut the door. When finished, he pulls down a large lever that locks the door. A.W: No matter what happens… you let it go to completion. ACTION: The camera performs a close-up of The Ark. Here Taylor Wagner begins to film one of the gems and then travels down one of the complex paths. A.W: Can you hear me in there? VOICE K.M: All set in here, sir. A.W: Perfect. We can proceed. VOICE O.M: We’re in position, Taylor… Dr. Graham. Do you wish for me to continue? A.W: You will continue. VOICE T.W: Trial of The Ark begins at 11.16 am. Within is… Kirk Mason. Witnesses are me, Dr. Jacob Shepherd, Andrew Besser, Oliver Maynard, and… three members of The Foundation. J.G: Please stop this, Anthony. A.W: Start up The Ark. ACTION: The camera pulls back and takes in the entirety of The Ark. A low hum can be heard coming from it. Moments later a gem begins to glow green, and the first path is illuminated. Two other gems follow, one path is green, the other blue. The camera picks up K. M’s voice from within The Ark. VOICE K.M: Fuck… it’s… wow… incredible… The light… making patterns in here… swirling around each other… forming… what looks to be… roots… J.G: Roots? ACTION: Another gem begins to glow, and the path is illuminated in orange. Another path is illuminated, and then a purple. A second green gem is ignited and forms a path followed by the large white diamond. The white path from the diamond quickly travels around the ark. Each light proceeds to get brighter and brighter. The Ark creates one solo bright light. VOICE K.M: Its… yes!!! The energy!! You can’t imagine…. The energy… going into me… my whole body’s so alive! A.W: More! We’re almost there!! Move it to full power! Now!!! Now!!! Now!!! ACTION: The hum of the machine grows louder. The lights of the gems and the paths intensify until what appears to be comets of light begin to travel around The Ark. This new materialization of light causes a howling sound as they move faster and faster around The Ark. VOICE K.M: My body… my mind… traveling… going to places… I… I don’t understand! ACTION: There is a loud explosion as the diamond bursts into flame and begins to melt. The white path of the diamond that wraps around the ark also manifests itself in flame. The liquid diamond quickly moves over the indentation, covering The Ark. Within seconds, every gem explodes sending liquid fire down each indentation of metal. Moments later, the entire Ark is engulfed in red, white, green, purple, and orange flames. From within, we hear K.M laughing hysterically. VOICE K.M: Yes!! Yes!! This is it!!! Yes!! Oh my God! The roots… their moving around each other… coming together… The energy… it’s… it’s burning me!!!! ACTION: Another explosion rocks the floor as the various colored comets begin to whip even faster around The Ark. The comets then begin crashing into The Ark repeatedly which causes the flames to rise higher upon and around The Ark. Screams from K. M can be heard from within. Taylor Wagner sets the camera down on a table and tentatively approaches The Ark. From the way he is standing, his body arching away from it, the flames and temperature appear to be extremely intense. Dr. Jacob Shepherd runs up to stand next to him. Andrew Besser runs in from the right carrying a large red fire extinguisher and blanket. He throws the blanket at Taylor who begins to hit The Ark with it. Andrew steps back, removes the safety pin, and points the hose at The Ark. As he presses the operating levers a flare of white light erupts from The Ark and sets the extinguisher itself ablaze. Andrew drops it onto the floor. Another loud explosion. J.G: The Ark!! It’s melting!!! Where’s Oli? A.B: Hopefully calling the Fire Department!! ACTION: Dr. Gerald, Andrew and Taylor move back as the colored blaze grows hotter and brighter. A massive crack in The Ark appears, and flames begin to shoot out of fissure. Dr. Shepherd runs toward The Ark. T.S: Dr. Shepherd. Get back… it’s going to blow!!! J.G: I hope you’re happy, Anthony. I won’t be put in jail for his death… you will!! ACTION: From the fissure, a thick gelatinous fluid begins to drip onto the floor. The whole structure of the Ark begins to quake. The noise is deafening. The flames engulf the entire structure till it is impossible to see what lays beneath as it is engulfed by a tornado of colored flames. Dr. Graham attempts to move toward The Ark to retrieve a sample of the fluid that has leaked out. A flare of flame breaks free of The Ark igniting Dr. Graham’s face and body. Taylor runs up to him with the fire blanket and attempts to put it out. Anthony Williams moves across the room, speaks quietly to the two additional men, and as a group, they exit. Suddenly, the inferno grows larger and larger until an explosion is heard. The immense pulse short circuits the camera causing the screen to go black. End of Transcript. For Secure Eyes Only. INTERLUDE I Kirk Mason is naked. He walks alone through the metal labyrinth. He doesn’t remember how he got here. There is complete silence. Even his bare walking on dirt do not make a sound. As he walks, he runs his hand along the metal. Cold, he thinks. He comes to the end of the path and moves to his right. How long has he been walking? It must be hours if not days. Then, for the first time, he hears a voice: “Yes. Your coming was foretold to me in the first dream.” Chapter One Taylor walked up the front door of the old warehouse that held Dr. Graham’s laboratory with a plastic shopping bag and paused. Looking behind him, he assured himself that no one was watching or had followed him. I’m acting ridiculous, Taylor thought. Why would anyone follow me? Though… he has, in the past, believed he was being followed. It was right after Jacob hired him. He had told The Captain the next day, but he brushed it off and told Tayler not to be such an alarmist. Who would be following him? Later that afternoon though, Tayler did walk in on Anthony Williams, Head of the Foundation, and Jacob having an argument. As soon as he had seen Tayler, Jacob had slammed the door and lowered the blinds. Tayler told himself that he had just been feeling jittery and paranoid. No one had been following him then… and no one was following him now. Taylor moved to the retina scan, looked deep within the red light, heard the door unlock, and let himself in. As he was shutting it, he did give the street in front of his warehouse a once over to see if there was anything he should be aware of. There was nothing. No one had used this warehouse park in years. No one had any reason to be here. No one was following him. Standing in what would have been the reception area when the warehouse was used for its true purpose, Taylor paused to listen if he was able to detect any hint of noise. Nothing. Good. Hopefully he was asleep. He moved quietly into the kitchen and placed the bag of canned protein shakes on the counter. Removing two cans from the bag and leaving the other five, he turned and went down the long corridor to where the break room and the room where Dr. Graham had set up cots if they all needed to work around the clock. Moving to this room, he looked in and found that it was empty. Moving a tad quicker now, he crossed over to the bathroom where he found Kirk Mason, naked, sitting on the counter near the wash basin, looking intently at himself in the mirror. “Look. I told you to remain in the other room.” “If you saw me in a bar… how old would you think I am?” “I don’t know… 24…25… younger than me. It’s crazy.” “I can’t believe that piece of shit actually worked.” “We thought you were dead. We all did.” The young man looked exactly like the man Taylor remembered seeing, except younger… much… much younger. He was trimmer now… tighter. There didn’t appear to be an ounce of fat on him. His skin appeared… reinvigorated… his muscles pumped and ready. The only differences between this guy and his new incarnation were the lack of hair on any inch of his body, and the newly knotted umbilical cord Taylor had cut and knitted himself a few hours prior. Taylor handed the two cans to Kirk. “Drink. Both of them.” Kirk takes the cans begrudgingly from Taylor, opens one, and takes a big gulp. Damn, it tasted good. He took another large gulp. “Tell me again how you found me.” “I need to call and find out how Dr. Graham is doing.” “The one guy… he said he was burned to a crisp.” “Yeah. This whole day is one fucking mess. He’s in a coma. Now, You need to sleep.” “Tell me again how you found me.” “Go rest!” “I can’t rest! I’m wide awake. I’m wired. Tell me.” Taylor took a deep breath. “If you go lie down… I’ll tell you.” “Fine!” Like a spoiled teenager, Kirk pushed his way out of the bathroom, walked down the long corridor, moved into the room where the cots had been placed, and over to where the cots had been place, and threw himself down on the bed. “There. Now. Tell me.” “I don’t fully understand what happened. Everything seemed to be going according to plan. Then suddenly, it all went out of control. Each of the gems began to glow brighter and brighter… then they began to melt. Liquid fire the color of each of the gems began to travel around The Ark. we could hear you inside… you were talking about how beautiful the lights were.” “I remember… I could see them. The lights were moving around my body. It was like they wre alive…” Kirk’s 7-inch cock began to harden. “That’s been happening a lot recently.” “Hell. You’re in your twenties. What do you expect.” Taylor could see Kirk’s cock harden further till it was standing a ridged 90 degrees from his body. It’s been years since my cocks gotten that hard… if it ever did. “The flames… no… they were move then flames… they moved… like they were alive. They moved faster and faster… the flames rose higher and hotter. Andrew approached The Ark with a fire extinguisher… but… it attacked him. I know it sounds crazy… but it did. It acted like it didn’t want the flames to be put out.” Taylor could still see it all as if it happened only seconds before. He could feel the heat… hear the flames… hear the screams of the man he thought was melting with The Ark. “We tried to get to you… but the flames wouldn’t let us move closer. Oli ran to call The Fire Department… we have shit signal in the main lab. That’s when The Ark cracked open… when Dr. Graham first noticed the fluid leaking from The Ark. He leaned down to touch it… and when he did… they attacked him. One second, he was fine… and then next… it was like someone had poured lighter fluid all over his body and lit a match. Even with the fire blanket it was hard to put it out. Then… the flames moved into themselves… and The Ark exploded. Except… it didn’t.” Taylor could see it all replaying in his mind. “The room… the room was still. All I could smell was burning, but it wasn’t the room… it was the man I had covered in a fire blanket. The rest of the room… The Ark… there were no flames… no heat… No smoke. Nothing was on fire. No part of the lab was scorched. The Ark had split open and had begun to melt… and the gens no longer existed… but that was all. The firemen arrived… but the only thing that appeared to have been on fire was Dr. Shepherd. An ambulance arrived and when they miraculously found he was alive, they took him away immediately.” Kirk had finished the second can of protein shake. Taylor went over to the kitchen counter and grabbed the bag with the additional and handed them to him. “I asked one of the firemen to use and ax and split The Ark open. I wanted your body… maybe you had family. I don’t know. That’s when we found you… suspended… attached to a thick umbilical cord like a baby… and this chord was attached to eight other roots… all forming from exactly where the gens had been. You were engulfed in thick embryonic fluid. You were just hanging there… suspended.” “I was alive.” Kirk drank the third can in five quick gulps and grabbed for another. “Wonder if this new body is going to require a larger calorie intake.” Kirk opened a Strawberry and took three large gulps. “I’ve gotten so used to watching everything I ate.” Taylor watched the man drain the can dry. “There are plenty. Don’t worry. I’m not going to take it away from you!” Kirk popped open a can of chocolate protein shake. “We clawed at the fluid… grabbed at it until it began to give way. Finally, we were able to reach you. You screamed out when I cut the cord.” Kirk opened the fourth. “You don’t remember any of this?” “I don’t remember anything till I woke up in here. What I do remember is… waking up and thinking… it’s bullshit.” Kirk drank from the can as if it were a beer and he was dying of thirst. “Tell me. We need to keep records of everything.” “I felt like you had ripped me from my mother’s stomach… her womb…” “By womb… you mean The Ark.” “I guess I do.” Kirk finished the fourth can, belched, and threw it on the floor. “What time is it?” “It’s… 6.30 pm.” “I need to get home. Where are my clothes.” Kirk stood up and moved to exit the large breakroom. “Where do you think you’re going?” “I need to go home. I have shit to do. Where’s my phone… my keys.” “You’re not going home. Not tonight. You need to be under observation. We need to study you… blood tests… X-rays… ultrasounds. We need to make sure you’re okay.” Kirk leaped from the bed and onto the floor in one quick movement, and began to do burpees, one right after each other. “Does this look like someone who needs to be observed? I’ve never felt so alive. I didn’t even feel this amazing in my twenties!! I could do this all night and never get winded! No aches… No back pain… only continuous energy.” Kirk stopped and stood before Taylor. He grinned and began to flex his tight muscles. “I can’t wait to go to the gym… or for a jog… or mountain climb. Everything I’ve stopped doing over the last ten years.” “You should take it easy. Let me take a few vials of blood… make sure you’re as young on the inside as you are on the outside.” “Look, I appreciate it. You worry. I’ll tell you what. You can take as many vials of blood as you need. You can perform test after test. Tomorrow. Tonight, I’m going home, and I’m going to fuck a hot guys tight ass over and over and over again. I can’t tell you how horny I am. It’s driving me crazy!” Just talking about sex caused Kirk’s penis to harden once again. He has the sex-drive of a teenager, Taylor thought. “Everything appears normal…” “Except I’m completely bald.” “Yeah. There is that.” “I had a great head of hair. Think it will grow back?” “Honestly… I just don’t know. Dr. Graham was the expert, and even then we were shooting in the dark. Everything was an unknown. You’re an unknown.” “I still feel like me… only…” “Younger.” “Not only younger. There’s something else. It’s like I’m improved. Perfected. I noticed that too.” Kirk moved over to the bag and removed another protein shake. Fuck, he was hungry! When he got out of here, he was going to stop off and order two… not three pizzas to eat. “When I was in the bathroom… looking in the mirror… I recognized myself and I didn’t. Sounds dumb, I’m sure. How can I not recognize myself.” Kirk drank from the can. Yeah. When he got out of here… he had a lot of shit he wanted to do with this new body. “Follow me. I want to see one thing.” Taylor moved past Kirk and walked down the hallway and into the main laboratory that housed The Ark. Taylor hated the sight of it. He wanted to destroy it… melt it down… forget it had even existed. If Jacob died… he’d torch this whole place. He looked behind and saw Kirk was directly at The Ark. “It seems… dead.” Kirk walked up to the metal structure and placed his hands on it; feeling the cold. “Step onto this platform.” Kirk did as he was told. The quicker he got this over with, the faster he could leave. Taylor went to a computer and tapped in a few commands. “This is going to enable me to see your current statistics. I wish we could have done this before you went in… but… you were a little bit of a surprise.” “Hell. It was a surprise for me as well.” Kirk’s statistics appeared on the computer. “Currently you are 5’10, 178 lbs.….” Kirk moved over to the computer. “Really? I haven’t been 178 in twenty years!! Believe me, it gets harder to lose fat when you get old like me.” “What were you before?” “230.” “Huh. Now, this is where it gets interesting. With measuring a body, each side is never a mirror image of itself. There are always discrepancies. But… with you… the computer is saying that that just isn’t so. Both of your biceps: 16 inches. Your waist: 33 inches. Your feet: Size 11. Your chest: 43 inches. Your neck: 16 inches. Your shoulders: 53 inches. Your stats… they’re… well… they’re perfect. They’re the ideal man. Did you have those stats before?” “I was in great shape for my age. I’d always been muscular. Pretty strong. But you know. Too many McDonalds… to many miss gym sessions. The fat piles on. I noticed another thing when I was in the bathroom. There’s not one mark on me… not one mole… nothing. I used to have several beauty marks on my right thigh. Gone. I had a scar right here where I had surgery on my leg. Gone. Nothing. It’s like… that machine didn’t just make me younger… it…made me perfect.” Taylor watched Kirk walk over to the glass jar that was sitting on the table. “That’s the fluid you were encased in. Its embryonic fluid.” “Where did it come from? “Great question. No recollection?” Kirk stared at the jar trying to remember. “I don’t know. I can kind of remember watching the lights moving around each other… forming what looked like tree branches… then they came together into one main root… it moved around me… then entered me… attaching itself to me.” Kirk winced and doubled over as he felt a sharp pain coming from his crotch. Taylor leaped up and was at his side. “What’s wrong?” Kirk laughed as the pain faded away. “It’s nothing. I think I just drank these too fast. Bothered my stomach a little. That was my first meal… remember!” Kirk felt the pain rise up again but hid it from Taylor. It was even worst this time, but he continued smiling at the guy he had just met. “Maybe… maybe I should consider getting dressed. Where did you put my clothes.” “They’re right over there.” Taylor pointed to the pile of black clothes that had been kicked into a corner. “Great. I need to piss before I get dressed. I’ll be right back.” Kirk moved to leave the room. “Wait. Let me take some blood first. It will take three seconds.” Taylor knew that he couldn’t keep the man here and wanted to get samples just in case he didn’t come back again. “It can’t wait? I need to piss.” Again, the pain. Kirk wanted to grab onto his cock… hold it still… it was like someone was driving needles into it. He just wanted to get away from Taylor and into the bathroom. “Come over here. I’ll just grab a couple of vials and a vacutainer. If you need to piss, I can also get a urine sample.” Taylor moved over to another desk and gathered his supplies. Kirk sat in the chair and looked down at his burning cock. Lifting it to take a better look… he watched as thin pieces of skin began to quickly grow up from his circumcision scar. The pain intensified as he felt skin cells reproduce repeatedly. He could see that Taylor was close to grabbing everything that he needed. If he sees this, he thought, I’ll never leave. They’ll experiment on me! moving down below. Quickly he stood up. “I… I really need to…” Kirk buckled over as the pain began to magnify. Kirk looked down at his cock and saw that it was starting to get hard again. Taylor ran quickly over to Kirk and sat him down in the seat. “What is it? Tell me.” “Cock… my cock. It’s… fuck! Growing… foreskin!!” Taylor looked down and watched as new skin began to grow around and over the ridge of Kirk’s cock head and moving up. The burning had intensified, but Kirk was in too much awe to care. He moved his finger along the thin skin. “It feels so smooth… so warm… like a newborns skin.” Kirk could feel his cock getting even harder as the skin thickened slightly and tightened around the head. “This… it’s insane.” As the skin grew longer and thicker, Kirk experienced a spasm running through his cock into his balls. Without realizing it, he let out a low guttural, “Fuck.” From within the base of his cock, Kirk felt a new sensation; a tearing… a ripping… a splitting as his penis swelled and shot a wad of pre out of his slit. Kirk attempted to stand up, but again he felt the swelling an again his cock released another large wad of pre. “Need… toilet… relieve myself… I need… so fuckin horny… FUCK!!!!” Both men watched as Kirk’s foreskin grew even longer until his whole head was covered, and it drooped down over the top of his hard penis. As the skin became more substantial, sturdier, less like a baby and more like an adult’s foreskin, it also began to adopt a darker olive tone to match Kirk’s own skin. Kirk couldn’t help himself, and stroked the covered head, feeling the tenderness beneath the skin. Pre-come continued to leak from his slit and coated the head with tender lubricant as his foreskin grew further in length. Kirk leaned back in the chair and grit his teeth as an extremely intense wave of pleasure and pain expanded through his cock and balls followed by a large throbbing. Looking down again, Kirk took in the sight of his erect penis; harder than it had ever been his life. The foreskin pulled away from the head revealing a thicker, more bulbous head then he remembered having. Pre was dripping continuously from the slit now while the shaft throbbed and bobbed under its erect weight. Something was off though… something different…. Kirk felt a large throb grip his penis and felt the sensation as if more blood was being forced into the shaft. In awe, he watched his cock flex… rip… and swell thicker. Kirk threw his head back and let out a lewd moan. “Cock… thicker… growing…”. Another spasm forced Kirk’s cock to swell further. “That’s impossible!” “I know my own cock! I’ve always been six… FUCK!!!!” Kirk took in a deep breath and looked down just in time to see his shaft inch thicker and longer. “Look at it!!!” Taylor watched with an open mouth as Kirk’s penis proceeded to grow longer and fatter, the head flexing to become even meatier. Taylor could smell the waves of sweat coming from Kirk’s body. The man was trying to speak but found it difficult while gripped in the throes of his cock growing. Another surge… and again the cock grew longer… more impressive… the head had now swelled larger than the shaft. How big is it, Taylor thought, seven inches… seven and a half? Kirk let out another orgasmic moan as his penis swelled again. A huge grin formed on Kirk’s face as he felt it stretch longer. “Each beat of my heart… each beat forcing in more blood, Taylor… forcing it thicker… longer…. I wish you could feel how… fuck… how incredible this feels! Here comes another…”. Kirk groaned as his cock grew even larger than it had been before. It must be over… what…eight inches, Taylor thought. As if receiving an answer to his own question Taylor watched as Kirk’s cock began to swell and lengthen at an alarming rate. So thick, Taylor thought, I don ‘t think I’d be able to wrap my hand around it! “Spreading to my balls… filling up… stretching larger…” Kirk’s knees shook as he felt a stabbing sensation in both of his balls, a deep throbbing and then a hard tug as both of his testicles swelled larger. Moving his hand down to his tightened sack, he felt what had once been average in volume testicles inflate larger. An orgasm built up in his bigger balls, weighing them down in his hairless sack. The intensity mounted. Rigorously, Kirk began stroking the head with his hand, becoming more away of how sensitive the head was becoming. Pulling back the foreskin, he was surprised to see the head had become a much lighter pink color, absent of any grooves, or creases it had always had in the past. Stroking the head further, he could feel it become even smoother and slicker in his hand until he could barely touch it as it was becoming far too sensitive Kirk reached for his cock and was amazed that his fingers didn’t meet it was too thick. Kirk began to breathe faster and quicker as his cock grew in leaps and bounds. Looking at how immense it was becoming; Taylor was positive that he could see Kirk’s pulse in the thick tubular vein that traveled from his pelvis and up his shaft to the head. Kirk grabbed his cock and slowly began to stroke it. “After… after jerking this for 40 something years… this feels so new… so unlike anything I’ve ever encountered before.” Kirk groaned again as his cock flexed, swelled, and grew further, sending a tablespoon sized wad of precum flying onto the floor. The entire laboratory was filling up with the smell of cum and musk permeating from Kirk’s enlarged testicles. They themselves had grown past egg sized to now resemble something more like plums. They pulsed in Kirk’s sack prepared to spread their seed. “Skin… skin so tight… Shaft so fat!!! How… how much bigger can it get!!” Kirk let loose a guttural laugh along with another was of pre as he started to stroke the shaft more vigorously as the entire thing grew more immense. “Pulsing… pulling… throbbing… stretching!! So heavy! I never imagined a cock could grow to be so heavy! Something…Taylor… something…”. Kirk sat up with a new shock in his eyes. “Something… something…”. Kirk groaned loudly and pushed as if he were giving birth. Over and over this continued as Taylor watched the immense cock grow even more monstrous. What was once 8 inches grew to 9 and then to 10. Kirk’s testicles pulsed faster as they too swelled larger. Kirk grabbed on to the shaft and began to maniacally stroke it faster and faster. His other hand grabbed his sack and began to massage his tender balls. An endless river of pre was now flowing continuously from Kirk’s cock head which also proceeded to swell thicker. Kirk was panting faster now. “Burning… throbbing… thicker… longer…” Kirk laughed hysterically as he looked down and watched the entire thing growing all at once… his glans inflating thicker than the shaft. His mania grew until he began to buck his hips into the air and began to fuck his own hand. Harder and harder he jerked until a massive spasm forced his cock to explode even larger. Letting go of his own cock, Kirk felt his entire body fill with more and more power until it finally burst from him. Kirk cried out as cum began to be fired from his cocky over and over. Taylor watched as rope after rope exploded onto the walls, the floor, the desks, and onto himself. It seemed never ending. Eventually after twenty or so convulsions, it began to slow down. Kirk collapsed into the chat panting for breath. He could feel the weight of his still hard cock and was amazed how heavy the whole thing felt. “Grab a tape measure. Tell me how big I am now. Kirk’s voice had deepened slightly and had more of a commanding tone than it ever did before. “Go on! Grab me a tape measure.” Taylor ran to another desk where he knew they had other measuring paraphernalia. Eventually he found one in the second drawer of Oli’s desk. Running back over to Kirk, he was amazed to find that his cock was leaking pre again and looked slightly larger than when he had left it only minutes before “Come on. Measure me.” Taylor leaned over and placed one end of the tape measure near the root of Kirk’s cock and trailed it down the shaft and up and over the head. At the very tip, he looked down. “10.10.” “Nearly 11”. And around?” Taylor moved the strip and carefully extended it around the thick shaft. “7.4” “Yes. Have you ever seen a cock this monumental, Taylor?” “No… never.” How inadequate his own 8.5-inch cock now felt. “I feel such a connection with my cock now… like this is a part of the true me. I was always meant to have a cock this size… this powerful.” Kirk moaned slightly and closed his eyes. “Measure it again, Taylor. I can feel it’s still growing. It’s slowing down… but still going.” Taylor measured the length again… “10.11… 11.1… 11.3… fuck… 11.5! This can’t be possible! As he held the tape measure to the edge of Kirk’s cock, he would see it jump longer and thicker. “11.8 now… 11.10” “Width” Again, Taylor wrapped the tape measure around Kirk’s shaft only to find it even thicker than it had been prior. “7.10.” “In a few minutes I’m going to blow again. You may want to get a container. That way you can take a cum sample from me. Oh yeah…growth still going… but I can feel it fading slowly away. Measure it. Like a faithful servant, Taylor did as he was told. 12.3… by… fuck… 8.3” Kirk began to stroke his new monstrous cock. “This is only the beginning, Taylor. Quickly I’m far superior to any man alive. It’s like I’m evolving. You guys thought that was The Fountain of Youth; but it’s giving me more than that. It gave birth to something much much more.” Kirk closed his eyes and focused on stroking his cock. He is changing, Taylor thought, but when this is over… what will he be? What is the next step in his evolutionary chain? Taylor shivered as Kirk’s cock swelled and lengthened further. “Measure it.” Taylor kneeled down and placed the tape measure once again. “It’s… It’s 12.6 by 8.5” “Good boy.” Taylor felt a hand pressing on the back of his head. “Suck it.” INTERLUDE II “Your coming was foretold to me in the first dream. I never before had need for foresight before that. Then came the first sleep and the first dream.” Kirk heard the voice from everywhere, both inside and outside of him. The walls echoed with the voice. He tried to move closer to where the voice was coming from, but it was coming from all directions. “I have a proposal for you… one you should not take lightly.” Chapter Two Kirk turned his Jeep onto Highway 74. Looking out the windscreen, he was amazed that he was able to drive now without the use of glasses. He had never needed glasses until he hit 40. After that, it was a fast downward slope. At least he didn’t need to wear glasses all the time; only when he drove or when he read. Then, he slipped them on when no one would see. Yeah, yesterday everything would have been a blur whizzing past… yet today… the world had become crisper and clearer than ever before. He felt his cock begin to stir. It was easily aroused now and would be willing and eager to perform its duties at a moment’s notice. Kirk massaged the thick shaft though his black trousers. When he got dressed, he realized that there was no way he was going to fit into his briefs; everything was just too big now. When he got his balls in, his shaft would never fit. Taylor offered his boxers, but that was just as bad, so he opted on going commando. Sure, the crotch looked obscene, but it would have to wait until he could go shopping for new jeans and underwear. By the time Taylor had finished giving him incredible head, Kirk’s cock was a staggering 12.8 by 8.8. When completely soft, it was a whopping 9 inches; 4 inches longer when soft than his original cock had been when erect. He couldn’t wait to get home and introduce Hunter to his new cock. They were going to have a lot of fun tonight. Maybe Maybe I should stop off at the drug store and buy lube… not sure how much I have left, and I will definitely be hunting for ass on Scruff and Grinder tonight. How long had it been since he had sex… a year… maybe more. Even jerking hadn’t thrilled him and he found himself only doing it whenever he got really horny. Now, things were going to be different. He knew he would need regular sex several times a day now. The horny feeling he had since he had woken up that afternoon never truly faded away, even after orgasm. After Taylor had sucked him off, Kirk had remained hard and suggested he ride Taylors ass, but Taylor had said no. At least he helped jerk Kirk off so that the intense feeling of blue balls went away. Kirk grinned. He was really looking forward to getting home and getting the chance to do some hunting online. Kirk saw the large sign for CVS glowing down the road. He made a quick right turn into the parking lot and moved swiftly into a parking space. Turning the Jeep off, Kirk hopped out of his Jeep, locked the door, and sauntered into the store. The bald, sexy, young Kirk would have been a sight anywhere, but with a semi bulging down his right leg, all the other customers in the store stopped and took a good look. Walking to where the condoms were, he knelt to take in the various options for lube. The bottles on display were small and not as slick as he knew he would need to conquer ass with his newly enlarged cock. “Excuse me.” Kirk stopped a tall passing male employee that happened to be walking down the aisle. “Yeah?” “I was wondering… do you have lube in a larger bottle? I think I’ll need more than this… Hunter” Kirk smiled at the salesclerk and held out the bottle of lubricant. Hunter was taller than Kirk at 6’6 with a tight muscular build under his polyester white shirt, and blonde wavy hair that looked delightfully messy. He was tanned with just a hint of stubble on his face and gave Kirk the vibe of being a nice, fun, but not very bright surfer. “Larger? I don’t think…”. Kirk lowered the bottle Hunter was looking at so that it was level with his thickening cock. Hunter took one look, grinned, and licked his lips. “You can see what I mean about possibly needing more.” Kirk flexed his cock, feeling it force the material of his trousers to bulge further. “I see… Yeah… You…”. Hunter lowered his voice. “You might need to go to a sex shop. They’ll probably have more of what you’re looking for… and I wouldn’t bother with these condoms either… Magnums… maybe.” “No. I doubt Magnums would work either…. I’ll just take these four bottles. Should I bring them up front?” Kirk took a quick glance at Hunter’s crotch and saw that he was hard. “No. I… I can ring you up.” Hunter walked quickly to the desk near the pharmacy, hiding his bulge with his hands. He was quick to ring the four bottles up, and even gave Kirk a friends and family discount. Handing the bag to him, Hunter said confidently, “I get off at ten if you’re not busy. Would love to get a chance to see that in person.” “Really… yeah… it would love to meet you as well. Unfortunately, I should be heading home. Another time?” Kirk smiled at the younger man. Younger? He and I probably look the same age! “Sure. Of course. Umm… how. Umm…” “How big?” “Yeah.” “12.8 x 8.8 “Fuck! Really? You’re not fucking with me?” “Do I look like I’d fuck around with someone as hot as you.” “I hope you will… and often.” Hunter grabbed a piece of the till role and quickly jotted his phone number down. “Anytime you need it… give me a call. I can never get enough.” “That makes two of us I’m Kirk.” Kirk grabbed his bag of lube bottles and walked out of the bright store and into the parking lot. It has been years since he had gotten a reaction like that from such a young guy, and usually Kirk had been the one doing the pursuing. Unlocking the Jeep Pickup, Kirk placed the bag on the passenger seat. Moving to sit down, his attention was grabbed by a large flashing sign halfway down the strip mall; Chinese All You Can Eat. 12.50. Upon reading the sign, Kirk had instant butterflies in his stomach. While driving Kirk to his Pickup, Taylor had begged him not to go home but to stay in the warehouse with him until tomorrow. “Look… it’s obvious you’re going through some serious changes. You need to be under observation. We need to be going about this in a more scientific way.” “Taylor. I understand what you’re saying, but I’m going home. You can observe me all day tomorrow. I promise, all I’m going to do tonight is fuck. If anything happens… you’ll be the first one I call.” “Please try not to eat anything.” “Even ass?” Kirk smiled at Taylor but did not get one in return. “If the changes are sped up by nutrients feeding your body, let’s limit the amount until we run more tests. Agreed?” “Agreed, Taylor. I won’t eat my next meal until we’re together tomorrow. I promise.” He had given his word… but to who? Who was Taylor? Kirk hadn’t asked for this to happen to him. Hell, Taylor would probably have left him in that Ark forever if he hadn’t been interested in hiding his body! Kirk had even called the number for The Foundation but received a disconnected message. They had run so fast they probably did think he was dead. Fuck… everyone would think he was dead. Who would believe this 25-year-old big-dicked kid was the same person who left the house at 7am this morning. Sure. He had given his word, but like always he needed to take care of himself. He needed to make his own decisions. Kirk locked the Jeep again and walked across the parking lot to the large Chinese Buffet Restaurant. Opening the glass door, Kirk was hit by both the warmth from the interior and the brightness of the light. The smell of so many different foods was overwhelming but inspiring enough that it began the butterflies in his stomach moving with more intention. A young waiter with ‘Jon’ on his name tag greeted Kirk and took him quickly to a small table near the back. Kirk ordered a Diet Coke and was told to help himself to the ten different rows of food offerings. Grabbing a tray and a plate, Kirk walked over to the first row, and was confronted by several different selections of rice, noodles, and soups. Reaching for the large spoon in the fried rice, his hand stopped just before he was able to grab it. If I do this here and now, what could happen? Will my cock grow even more? Is that such a bad thing? Where’s the bathroom. I don’t want to get arrested my first day in this body. If I need to cum, I need to do it in the bathroom. Then again, is this really what I should be doing? Maybe Taylor was right and this needs to be done under supervision. Kirk moved his hand away from the spoon. Perhaps I should just go home, fuck Hunter a couple of times, sleep, and then go back to that laboratory. Doing this now could be a mistake. Yet hadn’t he been given the opportunity to live his life over again… this time knowing all the mistakes that could possibly be made. His body might be young, but his mind was still 50 years old. Hell, he had become someone better now than he had been at 25. The Ark hadn’t just made him younger. It had given him so much more. Deep down… he knew was he told Taylor was true; he was becoming something new. Maybe… maybe what came next was the power of flight… or super speed. Hell, he loved all those superhero movies. Maybe this was his own origin story. Already the changes had begun…. and they were extraordinary. With one ejaculation, he could now probably impregnate 30 or more women with his copious number of seed. His last orgasm, which had lasted longer than a minute, had produced more semen than most men produced in weeks. Estimating, Taylor stated that he probably had ejaculated more than half a pint. Half a pint!! And this was only the beginning. Yes, he was becoming something new… something amazing… something powerful that Kirk knew he was always meant to be. Kirk’s hand went quickly to the spoon and brought three scoops of rice to his plate. He then proceeded to put a spoonful of each of the many dishes on top of it. Moving to the second row, he grabbed a second plate and filled it with a further variety of Chinese food. Different dishes merged with others, but Kirk didn’t care. He wasn’t doing this to enjoy the taste. He was eating to fuel his next evolution. Heat ray vision, he thought, let it be heat ray vision!! I can be just like Homelander on The Boys! That is what is happening to me, he thought as he crossed the room to his table with his two plates overflowing with food. I’m evolving. Becoming better than I ever had been before. Without haste and not questioning anymore, Kirk began to shovel food into his mouth. In little more than five minutes, he had finished both plates and was on his feet to grab more, The two empty dirty plates on his table became four, and they became six before the waiter, Jon, took them away. Jon was constantly refilling his Diet Coke, which he drank gallons of as he ate, and his fork never was far from either food or his mouth. The staff watched in awe as the young man went back again for two more plates. The Manager knew that soon he was going to need to tell their guest that he had eaten enough. Sure, this was all you can eat… but within reason! It was on his nineth plate that his hand began to cramp. Kirk wondered at first if he had been holding the fork too tightly, when he felt the same twinge hit his left hand. Placing the fork on the plate, Kirk lifted his hands to have a good look at them and found they both had begun to pulse with his heartbeat. Over and over they contracted and convulsed before he felt another cramp and watched in shock as they proceeded to both stretch longer. Kirk opened and closed his now slightly larger hands as they proceeded to cramp and swell… cramp and lengthen.., cramp and grow. He was so in awe of this sight that he was totally taken off guard when he felt both of his legs start to cramp as well. I need to leave, he thought. I need to get out of here. He was about to lift his arm to signal the waiter when he felt his whole torso stretch nominally higher. Lifting his hand to call the waiter, he was astonished by how large they had both quickly become. They must be nearly two inches… no… three inches longer than when they first started to grow . Kirk felt another fluctuation in his body and felt the turtleneck he was wearing begin to tighten. Shoulders… shoulders growing broader. Kirk stood up slightly to try and signal the waiter again and found his field of vision was now much higher than it had been on his last visit to dish out more food. Looking across at the waving cat, Kirk watched it move lower… pulse… lower… pulse… and lower! Looking around, Kirk estimated that he now stood over 6 feet tall. Im growing taller! Just like my cock… Im growing taller!!! Kirk’s feet cramped as they grew in his leather shoes. Kirk’s shoes had never been much larger than his feet, so as his feet lengthened, they began to take up any available space. Deciing to take matters into his own hands, Kirk went to stand up again and go to the front desk and pay, but his entire body was gripped by one titanic cramp. Anyone closely monitoring the young man in the back of the restaurant would have seen his legs go rigid and then release, his knees moving slightly close to the bottom of the table while his lower legs extended outward. At the same instance, the young man’s torso began to shift slightly, pushing his head a little closer each time to the ceiling. Not wanting to miss any of the action, Kirk’s cock swelled to its impressive hard state and proceeded to join in with the rest of his body. Kirk looked down. He could see that his empty plates were now slightly lower than they had been five minutes earlier. Picking up the fork, he became aware how much smaller the utensil had become… was still becoming. His body cramped again, and Kirk gasped when he felt his entire frame surge larger, culminating in his knees smacking loudly into the underside of the table. “Can I help you?” The waiter had approached as the cramp slowly began to fade. “Yeah. Yeah. I’d like the check.” “Of course, sir. There’s only one small problem.” “What’s…”. Kirk felt the next full body cramp and sucked in some air. “Sir?” Kirk’s knees slammed into the table again shaking the pile of dishes. His legs were now spread so far yet his knees were still banging the table. “What’s… the problem?” Kirk’s torso inches further up as his legs stretched longer. In the silence, he could hear the leather of his shoes begin to tear. “Our computers are down. We can’t take any credit card payments right now.” “No credit card… payments… fuucckk!” Kirk’s entire body telescoped again, his turtleneck starting to tighten and rise to reveal his newly tied umbilical cord. “Yes. I’m sorry. We’re hoping to have it back up in a few moments.” The waiter watched as the patron grit his teeth and closed his eyes. Not wanting to further upset this obviously angry customer, he said, “let me just check for you.” He ran off just as a sudden surge in growth had Kirk’s body threatening to upend the entire table. Growing… taller… how much more… need to… need to get out of here. Feet… ugh! Feet… toes tearing through… shirt becoming restrictive… Kirk grabbed his fork and measured it against his growing hand only to discover that his hand was so large that the fork rested comfortably in his palm. “Sir… hi… yes… it’s still down, I’m afraid. You can either wait and have a tea and dessert on us, or if you’d like to pay cash…” The waiter subconsciously took in that the young man sitting in section four was significantly larger than he had been thirty minutes prior, and that sitting down, he was now nearly at eye level. Also, hadn’t he been bald when he came in? Dark stubble now completely covered his scalp and has grown in around his mouth. “Bathroom. Need the bathroom. I… fuck!!” The patron closed his eyes and gritted his teeth again. Jon swore that he actually watched the customer’s head rise higher without him even moving. “I… I really need to go!” “Right… right over there.” When the man stood up, Jon wasn’t sure if he was more surprised that he only came up to the guy’s chest, or that he had the outline of a hugely prominent hard on stretching down the right leg of his pants. Brushing past the waiter, Kirk quickly moved across the restaurant and into the bathroom, locking himself in the small single cubical room. Looking at himself in the mirror, he was blown away by how much bigger and wider he had become. Having stood 5’10 for his entire life, his reflection showed an athletic youth standing at an estimated 6’6 and growing taller. Looking around the bathroom, Kirk weighed whether enclosing himself in the tiny room was a good idea as it was quickly getting smaller. The toe area of Kirks right leather shoe tore apart first, revealing his thick growing digits, followed soon afterward by the left shoe. It was obvious that as he grew taller, Kirk’s muscle mass was also growing in proportion to the rest of him. Each muscle group was now straining at fabric, threatening to tear out and expose themselves to the world. Gaping at his growing form in the mirror, Kirk smirked, when he noticed the jet-black hair that had begun to grow on his head; covering his entire scalp with stubble. Kirk had leaned in further to take in the stubble that was erupting where his eyebrows had always been when he was gripped by the most painful cramp yet. Grabbing into the sink, Kirk felt both his entire body expand as one, and the sink begin to pull away from the wall due to the added weight. His head inched up past the mirror and moving closer to the ceiling each minute. His muscles looked vacuum sealed to his body by his turtleneck, until eventually his muscles won out over fabric as the threads in the armpit of the shirt began to tear. Growing… so fucking huge!! Kirk reached for the wallet that was in his pocket, but his hands were now too big, or the wallet was too small, and it fell with a thud onto the floor. Bending down to grab it, Kirk’s head smashed into the wall causing a large dent in the dry wall. Using his titanically long fingers, he was able to eventually pick up his leather, but as he attempted to stand up straight, he could only let out a haunting sexual moan as he proceeded to further shoot up again. A knock came at the door. “Hey… are you alright?” “Fine… FUCK!!” The waiter on the other side grabbed at the handle and began to shake the toilet door trying to get in. “My boss… he said you don’t need to pay… it was our inconvenience.” Kirk’s shoulders slammed against the door with a loud smash as they took up most of the space in the bathroom, his turtleneck tearing roughly down the side and back. Must be… must be over 7 feet tall!! Always… always wanted to be bigger!! FUCK!!! Kirk’s entire body cramped again as it lengthened at a rapidly increasing pace. Both sneakers tore further as his feet projected themselves outward and his body took up further room in the bathroom. Kirk’s head swirled as another wave washed over him. Doing his best to look at himself, he couldn’t believe how imposing and monumental he had become. Fuck! I should become a professional wrestler… or a football player. No one would be able to compete against me! No one will ever go against again! He could only laugh as again he cramped, and again he grew. FUCK!! Need… need to get out of this bathroom. His body now took up the entire thing and again his head was inching up toward the ceiling as his torso lengthened. The room was becoming sooo tiny… soooo tiny… Gripped by one immense burst of growth, Kirk watched himself fill the room to bursting. His head was pressing against the ceiling now… his black pants, once loose, now looked painted on, and the back of his turtleneck tore completely revealing his increasingly expanding back muscles. With one final push, his cock, which had grown with the rest of him, tore through his zipper, released his baseball sized balls, and slapped him hard in the stomach. Flexing his glutes with a grunt, Kirk felt the rest of his trousers loudly rip and fall to the floor. Stillness. Kirk took deep shallow breathes as he took stock of his situation. He tried to turn his body, but he was now too broad. Looking at his tiny cocoon, Kirk let out a deep bellowing laugh. He had grown into a monster… and though some would be shocked and afraid by their situation… he was loving it. I should fucking go out there and eat some more, he thought, fill the entire restaurant with my body. I must be over 8 feet tall now and way over 500 lbs.! Kirk stroked his cock which now had to be at least 15 inches long! Yeah… his whole body was so colossal now. Pre began to leak from his cock and all the newly born giant wanted to do was fuck. Not wanting to get arrested for indecent exposure… at least not right away, Kirk flexed his upper torso until his shirt tore completely away from his body. Taking the remaining fabric from his shirt in one hand and his trousers that held his wallet and keys in another, he shifted his body to the left, knocked the sink completely off of the wall, and pushed his way out of the bathroom, tearing the locked door from the jam. Bending down and maneuvering himself with difficulty through the doorway, Kirk saw Jon waiting outside of the toilet, just as he knew he would be. Kirk looked down at the waiter who now only came up to his chest. “Sorry about your bathroom. I… fuck it. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you!” He voice was much deeper now… sexier sounding… more domineering. Jon just looked at him and didn’t say a word. “Here. Wrap this around my waist.” Kirk handed the shirt fabric to Jon who proceeded to do as he was told. Kirk smirked as the waiter’s hands touched his body, doing his best to tie the ends together. “Maybe… Oh yeah!” Kirk felt a tiny wave hit him as his body grew slightly larger again. The shirt the waiter had just tied ripped from his body due to the weight and pulling of his ever-enlarging cock and fell to the floor. He looked down to see the waiter had dipped even further down from his view. “How tall do you think I am?” “I… I don’t know… Fuck! I’m 6 feet, so you need to be over 8 feet tall… almost 9.” “Ever seen a fucker bigger than me?” “No way. You’re the first!” “When you see me… what’s the first thing you think?” “That I.. I…” Jon said the first thing that popped into his head. “I need to worship you.” No sooner were the words said, then Kirk felt his body tingle as if coated with a newfound electricity, and then proceed to grow up and out again. This time, Kirk felt different. He felt more powerful then ever before… he believed that he did deserve to be worshiped. The waiter stood back as Kirk grew before his eyes to 9 ft tall. Kirk was in awe of how small the world was quickly becoming… and how much he was enjoying it. “Do it. Worship me.” Jon got down onto his knees and began to lick Kirk’s feet. Again, the electricity washed over Kirk, and again he stretched even larger. Kirk felt Jon take his big toe into his mouth as he was propelled even bigger, the 12-foot ceiling of the restaurant coming dangerously close to his head “What the fuck is going on!” As soon as the manager spoke, Jon tore himself away from the giant’s feet, the connections was lost, and Kirk stopped growing. “Calm down! Your employees just giving me a foot bath. Want to join him?” Kirk leaned over to look better at the manager. “Get… get out!” Kirk just laughed. “Fine.” Kirk’s massive frame moved past the restaurant manager and walked toward the entrance, stopping only to grab a tablecloth from one of the tables. Taking it, he wrapped it around his waist, swung the door open, smashing the glass in the process, and exited into the night air. Comparing himself to the trees that stood near the back of the restaurant parking lot, Kirk concluded that he now stood over 9 feet tall. In just 45 minutes he had gone from 5’8” to almost 10’ in under 45 minutes. Oh yeah. Now at nearly 10 feet, he was most definitely a giant, his body taking up so much room no matter where he stood. Looking down at the tiny cars and shops around him, Kirk felt formidable. I’m bigger than the entire world’s population now!!! Everyone will be looking up to me. To me! Kirk’s cock was hard again, the head and a large part of the shaft extended away from his body and lifting a part of the wrapped tablecloth. Kirk reached down and began to stroke his fabric covered cock. Must be at least 16 inches long now… maybe 17. Need to use this… and soon. Kirk walked over to his Jeep Pickup truck and laughed when he realized he would never fit inside of it again. He could always walk home… but now a better idea was starting to form. He knew he wanted to get bigger… much bigger… and his wasn’t that large for what he imagined his body was going to become. No, he needed to go somewhere else. If he could get to his dead father’s hunting cabin, he could continue to grow inside the 15-foot roofed cabin. As if just thinking about it, Kirk felt himself surge again and grow slightly larger. Only a small one, he thought. Probably only grew one or two inches. Just residual spurts. I’m looking for the game changer! The one that changes everything. Going to need some help first though. INTERLUDE III “I have a proposal for you… one you should not take lightly.” Kirk’s head swam as the labyrinth began to shift and move around him. Soon, lights were starting to circle around him… colored lights… red… green…white… blue. Each time they got close he could feel the warmth of them on his face. “Where are you?” Kirk tried to walk further along the pathway, but the way kept being blurred or his vision was blinded by the intensity of the lights. “I’m everywhere.” “Where am I?” “Everywhere.” “What’s the proposition?” “Power. Power that you never even dreamed was possible. But, it comes with a price.” “And if I don’t accept?” “Death.” CHAPTER THREE Hunter locked the CVS front door and turned off the lights. It was already 10.30. The store closed at 10.00 and he should have been out by then, but Davis the Store Manager had called in sick; again!! This was the fourth time this week that Hunter had to stand in for him and take care of the store. Hunter had applied six months ago to be Assistant Store Manager, but Davis decided that Hunter didn’t have enough experience, so he would allow him to be Interim Assistant Store Manager which came at the same rate as Cashier and much more responsibility. All he wanted to do now was get out of here and go to the gym. Moving to the side door, Hunter set the alarm, swung the metal door wide open, grabbed his gym bag, and slammed the door behind him. As he crossed the dark parking lot, he saw an immense figure, surely it had to be a trick of the lights, leaning on a Jeep Pickup. “I thought I’d take you up on your offer. Can’t believe you had me waiting.” Hunter stopped in his tracks. There was no way this was the same guy he had seen in the store a couple of hours ago with the massive cock! It was possible. Hunter stood 6’6, and that guy, he had been way shorter than he was. Now… FUCK! This guy towered over him like some kind of Hulk from the movies. As he moved slowly closer, Hunter saw that it was indeed the same guy, only now he had to be nearing 10 ft tall! He was shirtless, had dark stubble on his head and around his mouth, and what looked to be a white tablecloth wrapped around his waist. Even covered Hunter could see the guys cock had obviously grown along with him and was now at half-mast. “Fuck me!” Kirk grinned at Hunter’s sexy Southern drawl. “Oh. I plan on it.” Kirk heard the creaks and moans of the Pick-Up’s shocks as he stood up from his leaning position on the hood. Since leaving the restaurant and waiting for Hunter, Kirk had only had one additional surge of growth which left him at slightly larger than 10 ft. How could I ever have been afraid of this growth and these changes when they started. Now I want them to hit me even faster! “You’ve grown.” “You should see my father.” “I bet!” Hunter grinned as he moved closer to Kirk. “I had a bit of a growth spurt.” “You can say that again.” “I had a bit of a growth spurt.” “Fuck! Funny and hot with the world’s biggest cock. Let’s get married.” Hunter had changed out of his polyester white shirt and tie and into a tight lycra t shirt without the sleeves and grey sweatpants. With wide shoulder muscles, tight pecs, and bulging biceps, Hunter was becoming Kirk’s dream come true, at least for the next few hours. “How’d you get so big?” “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Now, don’t you want to get to work on this cock?” Kirk began to stroke his tablecloth covered cock. “Try me.” Kirk loudly exhaled. “I was a bodyguard for a guy who runs a foundation. He’s a billionaire. Spends money on all sorts of weird supernatural shit. This afternoon we went to see one of his investments. They were doing a trial on some machine that’s supposed to make you younger, like The Fountain of Youth. My boss used me as a guinea pig because I was disposable. Since then, crazy shit I can’t explain has been happening. When I woke up this morning, I was 52 years old, 5’10 with a six-inch cock. Now I’m… fuck. Who knows how big I am now!” “Shit. And I thought I had a crazy day!” Hunter looked up at the massive stranger and smiled. “Let me get you in a better light and I can measure you. Got a measuring tape in my gym bag.” Hunter moved forward and placed his hand seductively on Kirk’s covered shaft. “We can start with this anaconda.” With Hunter’s touch, Kirk felt a sharp tug on his whole body, was enveloped in a wave of tightness and heat, and began to inch taller and wider. “I’m… I’m still growing bigger… it’s slowed down… but hasn’t stopped. Last growth spurt… fuck.. was thirty minutes ago.” As he grew, his waist proceeded to get larger yet tighter, until the makeshift skirt he Kirk had been wearing tore and fell to the ground. After three minutes of continuous stretching and swelling, the wave passed through Kirk, and the growth stopped. “That is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Fuck, man!! I just came in my pants watching you grow like that!!! I mean… I’m 6’6, fucking tall as shit, and I only come up to your abs! You have to be nearly 11 feet tall now! And that cock!!! FUCK!! It has to be almost two feet! Fuck yeah!” Hunter licked his lips and moved forward again to stroke Kirk’s thickening shaft. “Look. I want to fuck you. Believe me. Right now. I want to grab you, throw you over the hood, and fuck that ass of yours… but I need your help first. Hunter marveled at the size of Kirk’s completely hard cock. “What is it?” “I need to get out of here. What I have planned… I need to get out of the city. My father, he’s dead, but he left me his cabin. Its about 2 hours from here but completely in the middle of nowhere and its huge… like 15-foot ceilings. The only problem is I’m too big to drive my truck. Take me there, and I promise I’ll make it worth your while.” Kirk picked up the torn black fabric that was sitting on the hood next to him. “The keys and my wallet are in here.” He three the fabric at Hunter who caught it easily. “If you like… you can keep The Jeep. I don’t think I’ll be using it anymore.” “Okay.” “Really? I thought I was going to have to work harder to convince you.” “When the world gets a look at you, you won’t have to convince them of anything. They’ll do everything for you. You think you’ll keep getting bigger?” “I don’t know… but I think we can make it happen again.” Hunter had continued stroking Kirk’s cock while they had been talking loving the slick and satiny feel of the skin combined with the rigidness of unbendable steel. “Really. Then hell yeah! I’m in! I’m supposed to be back here at 6 am tomorrow but fuck it. There are other jobs.” Hunter relished the way he couldn’t get his large hands completely around the shaft of Kirk’s cock. He’d never experienced anything so incredible in his entire life, though he’d dreamed about such things. Growth, muscle, massive cocks, and giants were all secret fetishes that Hunter never told anyone about. Now it was all coming true. Hunter looked up at the new sexy man in his life. “I’m usually the dominant one… the tall one. You make me feel so small. I’d try and kiss you, but your head is miles away!” “A mile away.” Kirk leaned down and quickly l grabbed Hunter under his arms and lifted him up till they were eye to eye. “That’s better.” The two men looked at each other for a moment, finally breaking it when Kirk moved Hunter’s body closer and they began to kiss. Even his lips… his tongue… all so big. His head is twice the size of mine.,. Kirk pressed Colin against his naked body. Hunter wrapped his legs around Kirk’s tree like torso, and his arms around his neck. “You don’t know how badly I want to fuck you, Hunter. It’s all I can think about.” Kirk began to kiss Hunter with more passion, exploring his mouth with deeper tongue thrusts. Hunter felt himself getting hard in his sweatpants. Kirk moved his lips away from Hunter’s and began to lick and kiss his neck. “I want you so bad. I want… FUUCCKK!” Kirk threw his head back as another wave of growth hit him. “Still… growing…”. Attached to him, Hunter could feel Kirk’s body swelling… stretching… growing larger than before. Kirk attacked Colin’s face with more vigor as the pressure mounted inside of him. When Kirk moved again to his neck, Hunter looked around and was able to watch as they crept higher and higher Below him, Hunter felt a spasm and heard something splatter onto the pavement. He tried to look down but couldn’t see what it was. “It’s… it’s nothing… just… aww fuck… just leaking… FUCK!!” Kirk practically roared as the growth stopped. “How much bigger did you get?” “I don’t know. Hard to tell. Fuck that was strong!” “Put me down. Let me see.” Kirk carefully set Hunter down, but he had to take a couple of steps back not to be hit by Kirk’s titanic cock. “You must be nearly twelve feet! I thought you said it was stopping.” “I thought it was. It isn’t like this is an exact science. That one just came out of nowhere. You’re six foot six… and you only come up to my cock.” Kirk laughed. “I’ve grown nearly seven feet taller in two hours!” A wad of pre was released onto the pavement from Kirk’s pulsating cock. “While you’re down there… why don’t you suck it again.” “I’m at your service.” Kirk lifted his hand to the back of Hunter’s head and pushed it toward his cock head. Hunter breathed in the aroma of Kirk’s shaft. He was amazed, not only by the foreskin that pooled around the rim of the thick head, but if the sheer size of it; it’s length and girth. Reaching out, Hunter wrapped his hand around the large shaft. He could feel Kirk shiver under his touch. He may be bigger than me, he thought, but I know how to tame the beast. “Feels so smooth… like a baby’s skin. It’s so hard. I don’t think I could move it.” Hunter took his other hand and moved it along the head. The sensation caught Kirk by surprise, sending him backward and onto the hood of his Jeep. From beneath him, he felt the hood give way and buckle. “Careful, Hunter. It’s sooo… oh yeah!” Hunter had leaned in and began to gently lick the underside of the head. The smell of pre cum was stronger near the slit, potent. “You like that?” “Fuck yeah, I do! Suck it.” Hunter licked the underside of the shaft again, moving his tongue over the ridge of the head and into the slit. Kirk tasted salty… clean… powerful. “The head’s nearly as thick as my fist! Fuck!” Hunter moved his mouth closer to the head while gently stroking the shaft with both hands. Then he opened up wider then he ever had before and took the fat head into his mouth. The glans nearly filled his entire orifice, nearly scraping his teeth. Ready to take on the challenge, Hunter took Kirk deeper into his mouth, forcing the cock into the back of his throat. “That’s it, Hunter. Good boy. Take it in deeper.” Hunter felt Kirk’s hand on the back of his head again, forcing him to take in more of the shaft. Hunter moved his head along with Kirk’s hand, toying the shaft and head with his tongue “Oh yeah. So good. So fuckin horny.” Kirk bucked his hips slightly and began to fuck Hunter’s face. The motion forced the head further down Hunter’s throat than he was comfortable with, causing his gag reflex to kick in. “Open your throat, boy. Relax.” Hunter felt Kirk’s cock pulse and release a spurt of precum into his throat, lubing it for easier entry. Opening his eyes, Hunter was amazed by how much he had already taken down his throat, but how much there still was to go. I’ll never be able to take it all; it would end in my stomach. Suddenly, Hunter felt Kirk lift him up off of his chick and into the air, bringing their lips together. While holding him in the air with one hand and kissing him, Hunter could feel Kirk’s other hand tearing at the lycra shirt he was wearing. “Don’t. You’re going to tear it.” “I don’t give a shit. I’ll buy you another one.” With a forceful tug, Hunter felt his shirt rip from his body. With a few more of the same moves, Kirk had Hunter shirtless and pressed him against his hot chest. Kirk then proceeded to lift him up higher so that he could begin sucking on Hunter’s pecs. I’m like a big doll to him. “I want to fuck you so bad, Hunter. I need to fuck you.” “Now?” “I have to. If I keep growing… I might never fuck another man again. If I can only fuck one man for the last time, I want it to be you.” Hunter’s cock had begun to leak in his sweatpants. Kirk moved his hand down to Hunter’s ass and began to massage it. “Behind the store… where the trees are. No one ever goes back there… There are no lights.” Immediately Kirk began to move to the back of the store, carrying Hunter with him. Once there, Kirk lowered him to the ground and then carefully leaned down to lessen the distance between the two. “I want you to know… I’m going to make you feel amazing.” Kirk leaned down and began to kiss Hunter’s neck again. “It’s natural to be afraid. I’ll be gentle. I swear.” “What if… what if you start growing… while you’re in me.” Kirk pulled away and took Hunter in his arms. “Let’s cross that bridge when we get to it.” Standing up, Kirk grabbed Hunter, lifted him up, walked about 15 feet further into the dark, and lay him down on the grass. “Where’s the lube you bought?” “Fuck!” Kirk stood up and quickly crossed the parking lot back to his Jeep. Realizing he didn’t have his keys on him, that they were in his ripped pants that he had given to Hunter, he quickly moved to the passenger side and smashed the window. Reaching in, he grabbed the bag of lube and lumbered back to Hunter. “Look at you… your cock… its amazing. I’ve never even had a toy that size up me. If I tell you to stop… you better stop.” “I’ll try. I promise. Now, take off your sweatpants or I’ll do it for you.” Not wanting to forfeit another article of clothing tonight, Hunter pulled down his sweatpants and tossed them to the side. Sitting there for a moment in only his underwear, he allowed Kirk to take in the sight. “I’m big for most guys… packing 9 inches here. Nothing to you.” Kirk lifted his hand and placed it on Hunter’s chest, forcing him to lay down on the ground. Then, with a quick motion, he had torn the underwear away from his body leaving Colin naked. Leaning closer, Kirk inhaled Hunter’s scent, moving his face close to his cock and balls. “You smell so good, Hunter. Like sandalwood.” Moving his hand, Kirk lifted both of Hunter’s legs and began to massage Hunter’s ass cheeks. Then, pulling both apart, he took his mouth, and began to tongue fuck Hunter’s hole. Hunter gasped as he felt the strength of Kirk’s tongue rimming him. Kirk parted Hunter’s cheeks further and inserted more of his tongue into his hole. Hunter’s body shuttered as he felt a wave of pleasure wash over him. He wasn’t sure if it was the size of the tongue or Kirk’s technique, but Hunter found himself groaning throughout the act. Kirk’s cock got rock hard once again hearing Hunter moan. He was trying desperately to control himself and not plunge his cock immediately into his ass. He needed to warn him up first. Get him ready for the act. Kirk dove back down into Hunter’s ass licking the rim and teasing the hole. “That’s my boy… that’s my…”. Kirk felt the now familiar grip of growth grab hold of him. Moving his shaking hand, Kirk bright his pointer finger to the rim on Hunter’s hole, and began to toy with it. With his other hand, he grabbed the small bottle of lube.., was it small or was everything getting smaller to him, popped the top, and squirted a large amount onto both his finger and Hunter’s waiting hole. Then, with one swift movement, he plugged the entirety of his finger inside of him. Hunter screamed out and grabbed the grass with his hands. Soon, the pain was replaced with a heat that burned him from the inside. Kirk slowly moved his shaking finger in and out, all the while feeling both hand and body getting larger. After a few minutes of this game, Kirk removed his finger and moved his lengthening body up and over Hunter. Grabbing is cock, he took the bottle of lube and squirted the entirety of it down the length of the shaft. His head whirled, caught between lust and the organic feeling of his body growing even more monumental. Then, he began to rub the head against Hunter’s hole. “I’m not sure I’m ready yet to… FUCK!!!” Hunter felt Kirk’s fist sized head stretch his hole wider than it ever had been before. Hunter began to whimper, and soon found it impossible to even think or speak over the searing pain. All he knew was that he was being fucked by the biggest thing in his life; not even realizing it was slowly getting larger. Hunter moaned again as Kirk forced the shaft deeper into his hole. “So tight… so tight… nearly too tight…”. Moving in even further, he would pause to make sure the pain had subsided before he attempted to move again. “Not sure… you should… go in much further! You’re so big. It feels good… but… you’ll do damage…”. Kirk shuddered and felt his cock swell even thicker. He looked around at the trees and estimated he was nearing the thirteen-foot mark. “Just a few more inches Hunter… just a few more and I’ll be halfway in.” Grabbing onto Hunter’s sides, he pushed his cock in even further than he intended to go. Need to do this now, he thought. He may not let me do this again. I may be too big to do it again! Kirk began to buck his hips, pulling his massive cock in and out of Hunter’s hole. Hunter tried to speak but couldn’t form words. He was filled to near breaking yet burning with pleasure he had never felt. Kirk winced, and felt his body move slightly higher. Looking down, Hunter’s ass was being forced upward as his torso and legs grew. Fucking with even more vigor. Kirk looked around at a world that was quickly growing smaller. up and saw the ceiling inching closer. The trees around him… Hunter… all getting so small while his body… fuck… his body stretched larger and larger. As Kirk fucked Hunter, as Hunter screamed out in pleasure he had never felt, Kirk’s mind drifted to the Ark. What am I becoming? Why do big? I’m going beyond one step in evolution. What are you doing to me? Growing so big… so powerful! Hunter’s lower half of his body was now completely off of the ground; only his head and neck and shoulders remained lying on the grass. He opened his eyes and saw Kirk.., saw how much more imposing he was now then fifteen minutes before. All he could think was, I’m being fucked by this… this…Titan! With that thought… Hunter began to cum. Hearing Hunter reach orgasm, Kirk thrust five more times in and out of his ass before he tensed up and began to release his massive load into Hunter’s ass. Hunter experienced a sudden second orgasm as he felt the hot liquid coat his interior. Kirk shuddered again and began to roar as his head smacked into the branches from the large trees. Releasing Hunter, he quickly pulled out and began to fire more of his load over his lover and the grass. To Hunter, it seemed never ending. Eventually, Kirk’s balls began to empty, and his ejaculation slowed down. Kirk fell to his knees as he felt the final rush of growth hit him. I’m over 14 foot now, he thought. Over 14 foot. He grinned at Hunter, taking in the massive mess he had made. “You grew so much, Kirk. Not just talker… wider. Stand up! I want to compare myself to you now.” Hunter leaped to his feet, the large masses of cum that covered him falling to the floor. On shaking legs, Kirk also stood up and up and up. “Fuck me, Kirk! I only come up to your balls!! You’re balls! Can you believe that? We need to get you to your cabin… before we can’t anymore.” Hunter looked up at Kirk and saw him looking around, his head now almost equal with the roof of The CVS. “Are you afraid?” “A couple of hours ago I was.” His voice, Hunter thought, his voice has gotten even deeper. “I was… but I’m not anymore. I want more, Hunter. Is that wrong? I want a lot more.” Both Kirk and Hunter’s cocks grew hard again at the thought.
  11. RealIn2Growth

    Wish Granted - A Halloween Tale

    Hi Everyone!! I had some time over the past couple of days when I was just waiting around, so I decided to write a fun new story. This is a one off, though there is another character in it I'd like to play around with sometime in another story. This story has a little bit of everything, muscle growth, height growth, macro, cock growth, destruction, worship. Hope you have fun reading it. Let me know what you think! Thax!! Wish Granted A Halloween Tale Marco moved through the crowd at The Charity Halloween Carnival in the large field behind the building where he worked. It was getting late, going on 9 pm, and he had been at work since 7 am and just wanted to hit the bed before he had to get up at 5am to make the gym. It was Friday, but Marco always went to the gym at 6am to ensure consistency. He had started going to the gym 13 months ago, and after months of hard work and clean eating, he was beginning to see some incredible progress. He was really looking forward to beach season this year when he would feel comfortable stripping off his clothes and wearing a tight square cut or speedo. Moving into the last large tent at the end of the parking lot, he literally came face to face with Simon Moore. He and Simon had started work at Montgomery and York’s at the same time and had started hanging out together at lunch. A spark was ignited between the two, and one drunken night they ended up back at Marco’s apartment where they had proceeded to have sex. That morning, they kissed passionately when Simon went home, and Marco was looking forward to seeing where the relationship was going to go. Well, he found out on Monday when Simon told him that it wasn’t going to go anywhere. “Honestly, Marco, you’re a great. You’re funny, have an incredible personality although you can be a little shy, and you’re really cute. It’s just… I like taller men… like… much taller than me. I like someone who can dominate me in and out of bed. We had a good time, but… let’s just keep it at that. Okay. We can always do it again, but not exclusively. Okay?” Of course, Marco had said that it was fine, and of course he had hooked up with Simon twice more after that, but Simon was good on his word. He wouldn’t date Marco because he was only 5’8 and not tall enough for Simon who was only a little taller than he was at 5’10. Now, Simon was right in front of him with a guy he could only assume was either a boyfriend or potential boyfriend as he was holding Simon’s hand and stood at least 6’4. “Hey, Marco. Having a good time?” Simon smiled at Marco. “Yeah. Great. Susan has really done an incredible job putting all of this together. I wonder how we’re doing for The Leukaemia Children’s Home.” “Well, this is Dr. Michael Charles, he is part of The Children’s Home. You said we raised a good amount of money, right, Michael?” “Yeah. Everyone is being really generous tonight. Good to meet you…” The sexy blonde-haired man extended his hand. “Marco. Marco Bogazzi. Great to meet you.” “Come in here to try your luck? Help us raise more money?” Marco took a quick look around the tent and saw that a dark-haired woman was sitting behind a large set-up on her table. The contraption appeared to have a slide that the game player sent a coin down and tried to get it into a moving small hole. “Get it in the hole and your wish might come true! Simon here got close, but no go. Did anyone get it in the hole today, Madam Mina?” Dr. Charles walked over to the beautiful dark-haired woman behind the desk. “Actually, yes. Two people.” “And have their wishes come true?” “Only time will tell… but I’m certain that they will.” Madam Mina’s eyes glowed green in the dim light of the tent. “Marco, want to have a go?” Simon looked over at Marco with the same sexy grin he always had. “Um… yeah. Sure. I never win at any of these things, but I guess it’s better not to win. That way I’ll keep playing and more money goes to the children.” Marco pulled out a $20.00. “How much per chance?” “$5.00 per try. “Okay. Well, I’ll take 4 tries.” Madam Mina handed Marco 4 gold coins the size of quarters. “All you need to do is slide the coin down the slide at the right time, get it in that moving slot there, and you’re wish, once spoken, will come true.” Madam Mina smiled broadly at Simon, playing up her Fortune Teller persona. Marco watched the moving target carefully and placed the first gold coin on the slide. With one slight push… the coin went down the slide… and exactly into the slot. “Holy shit! I won!!!” “You’re a natural, Marco!” Simon put his arm around Marco and hugged him close. “Let’s see if you can do it again. Again, Marco placed the gold coin on the slide, watched the target move left and right, and just when it felt it was the proper time, he sent the coin down the slide and into the slot again! “Fucking hell, man! You’re on a roll. Look at that, Michael, Marco’s got it in the whole twice.” “I know. Amazing. How many people have played this game today, Mina?” “I’d say over 200… and only two wins… so… you’re really on a roll! Try it again!!” Marco looked at the three of them, placed the coin on the slide, and again, just when he thought it was the right time, sent it sliding and directly into the hole. “Maybe I should try playing the lottery!! I’m never lucky. I never win anything!” “Well, if you get this in, Marco, I will donate $500.00 to The Children’s Home in your name. That’s how confident I feel in you.” Simon moved Marco to the slide for the fourth time. “Honestly, Simon. You don’t need to do that. It’s just a fluke.” “Let’s see you do it again.” For the fourth time that night, Marco moved to the slide, lay the coin down, held his breath, watched for the perfect moment, and sent it down the slide. The coin caught air at just the right time, and all three watched as the coin slid through the slot. Everyone cheered. Simon picked Marco up and carried him around the tent interior like he had won The Super Bowl.” “I think you owe me $500.00, Simon.” Dr. Charles moved over to where Simon had put Marco down and placed his arm around him. “Don’t worry. I’ll gladly give it to you.” “Good. Tonight. You can write me a check at your place. We better get going.” “Yeah. Everything is going to be shutting down anyway. Have a great night, Marco! And congrats again! That was amazing. Don’t forget your wish!” Simon and Dr. Charles left the tent leaving Marco alone with Madam Mina. “That was amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it. I supposed you want to ask The Oracle for 4 wishes.” Marco grinned at Madam Mina. “Nah. That’s okay. You can just wrap them all up into one wish.” “Very well. Now. I’m going to light this green candle. I want you to look directly into the flame and say your wish. Be as descriptive as possible. I’ll give you some privacy. Take all the time you need.” Mina went over to the candle and lit the wick. Crossing over to it, Marco looked deep within it and watched the flame dance. Leaning in, Marco said: “I wish I was tall. Like… taller than Dr. Charles. I want to tower above everyone. Make them all look up at me. And it’s not just I’m freakishly tall… I’m also muscular. A Titan of muscle with an immensely large cock. I’m Titanic. Almost monstrous! Yeah. That’s my wish.” A wind blew through the tent causing the flame to jump and then turn green. Floating up higher, it quickly fired itself at Marco. Closing his eyes, he turned away. A few seconds later, he opened them up and saw that the flame was exactly where it was and its original color. Marco looks up and sees that Mina is across the room packing up. “That’s some incredible special effects! Is that it?” Mina raised her head and smiled at Marco.“Yeah. That’s it. Thanks again for the donation.” “Anytime.” Marco walked out of the tent and into the night, Madam Mina’s eyes glowing green as he left. As Marco was leaving Mina’s tent, he felt his stomach cramp for a moment and then release. It took him off guard and forced him to lose his breath for a moment, but it quickly went away so Marco dismissed it as too much junk food at the carnival. Looking forward to just walking home and relaxing, Marco moved quickly to his workspace to grab his backpack and go home. Inside the building, Marco ran into his friend Andrew who was carrying a box of fake skeletons to his car. Andrew was the office jock with a heart of gold. He could always be seen laughing and having a good time but was also known as an extremely hard worker and supportive to the rest of the team. Each morning he conducted a group cardio workout in the company gym space and offered his time after work for PT sessions. Andrew and Marco had been training together for the past 13 months, and it was Andrew Marco had to thank for his new and improved body. Dressed as an old-fashioned Strongman with a fake moustache, Andrew looked just as sexy as always. Andrew had come out to Mario a few months ago. It wasn’t that he was hiding anything. He just didn’t think that he needed to announce his sexuality to the whole world. He liked guys, but that was only a part of him. “How’s your night been, Bro? Enjoy the carnival?” Marco followed Andrew to his car with a couple of other boxes he needed to take home. “Yeah. It was great. You?” “Totally. Had a blast. About to head to Metropolis for the unofficial after party. Interested?” Andrew deposited the box in his trunk and slammed it shut. “I didn’t know…” Marco couldn’t think of anything that would make him more uncomfortable than a new gay club in a warehouse full of sexy shirtless men like Andrew. “I think I’ll just go home.” Marco felt another spasm, but this one was below his stomach and in his crotch. Again, it only lasted a moment and then was gone. “Come on, Bro. It’ll be a blast. I can give you a lift and if you hate it, I’ll drive you home. My partner Oli’s gonna meet me there. He’s dying to meet you. I talk about you all the time.” “Hopefully not all the time!” Andrew gave Marco that smile he never could resist. “Fine. Let’s go.” “Excellent. Hop in.” Andrew jumped in the front seat while Marco walked around to the passenger side. As he grabbed for the car door handle, he felt an even stronger spasm spread down from his crotch and into his legs. He stood by the car door unable to move. “You, okay?” “Cramp. Leg cramp.” Marco felt the pain fill his whole legs and travel down to his feet. “Damn leg day! Just walk it out. Go on. Walk it out.” Marco did as he was told and eventually the cramp began to dissipate. With relief, Marco got in the front seat. “Better?” “Much.” Marco grabbed for the seat belt and clicked it in place. “We need to be better at stretching after training. You also need to drink more water. Maybe you should invest in a massage gun. Would really help you out. I have one if you want to try it out.” “Yeah. I thought about it. I just never cramp…” Marco felt the spasm come to life again and spread upward to his backbone, chest, and shoulders. Marco turned his head and saw that Andrew had begun talking about something, but the pain and ringing in his ears was so intense, he couldn’t hear a word. Sweat appeared on his forehead as he breathed deeply in and out. Just like before, the cramp began to pass. “… I mean, I’d love to take him there. Italy’s supposed to be beautiful this time of year.” Italy. Andrew was talking about his boyfriend and Italy. Great. “Yeah. I’ve never been. I’ve never been out of the country,” “You need to see the world, Bro. It’s fucking amazing. I told Oli…”. The pressure exploded through Marco’s body again. His stomach grumbled and he felt a sharp pain in his lap where the seat belt had just begun to dig into his waist. Looking forward at the street, willing the body cramp to go away, he watched as his focal point on the window began to slowly move upward. Macro’s eyes grew wider as he felt the strap from the seat belt begin to dig further into his waist and right shoulder. His shoes had begun to tighten around his feet as he felt his shirt slide between his abdominal area and his pants. Then, just as before, the pressure faded away. “… and I have. I have thought about it. It’s a big commitment, know what I mean. It’s for life… at least until we got divorced… but I don’t want to get divorced.” Andrew glanced Marco’s way. “I… I agree. My parents… ummm… they got divorced when I was ten. It sucked.” “Right! Especially if we adopt. It’s hard on kids…”. Andrew went on talking as Marco tried to take stock of his body. It’s not possible, he thought. I can’t be getting taller. It was just a game. A silly wish. It’s not like Madam Mina is a real witch. Marco looked at his hands and swore that perhaps… maybe they looked a little bigger, but not really. Maybe his feet just felt tight in his shoes because he simply needed a new pair and he had been walking a lot this evening. And his shirt… it was already coming out of his pants, so it would only take a little movement to pull it out. The seatbelt… he just put it on to tight. You’re letting your mind run away with you, Marco. You are getting wrapped up in silly… As if to prove that it was really, the spasm came back with a vengeance. This time, there was no denying, Marco could feel his feet start to get longer and begin to fill up his shoes. His arms began to stretch as more of his wrist was visible at the cuffs of his shirt sleeves. Again, he watched as his viewpoint rose up, and his pants began to tighten around his waist. This can’t be possible. Things like this only happen in fantasies and on fetish sights!! “We’re here.” Andrew placed the car in park and turned off the ignition. “Think I should change?” The spasm began to fade. Marco quickly undid the seatbelt before it could press even more against him. “Nah! You look great. You always look great. You’d look amazing in a gorilla costume.” Andrew opened the door of the car and got out. Marco did the same, extending his slightly longer legs, and stood up; a little further up than usual. His whole body felt slightly larger… heavier… more pronounced. He looked down and saw that his arms were now, indeed, too long for his shirt, and it looked as if his pant legs had risen up some. It was true. There was no denying it. He had grown slightly taller. “Coming?” Andrew had crossed in front of the car and was standing by the door to the club. “I… maybe I should go. My legs are really cramping.” This was no lie! “Are you sure? Come in for one beer?” Andrew really liked Marco. He was like a kid brother. Marco had gained some serious mass under Andrew’s training, and now he needed to get out of his shell; stop being so shy. “Andrew!! You coming in?” The door to the club had opened and Simon had called out. “Yeah. Of course. I was just…” “Hey Marco! Excellent! Coming in?” Simon walked past Andrew and over to Marco. As he looked at Simon, he was aware that the two now looked eye to eye. Simon was 5’10, which meant Marco was 5’10. A gain of two inches! “Yeah. I’m coming for one. Then I had better head home.” “Perfect! Come on!” Andrew and Marco paid their entrance fee, and the three men entered the club. The massive warehouse was packed with men including a lot of the people that Marco worked with. Everyone was celebrating the success of the carnival with drinks flowing at the bar and a large area to dance in the back. Marco couldn’t wait to get home and take his shoes off. He would need to buy new ones tomorrow. Andrew had gone over to the bar and ordered a couple of beers, and a few minutes later Marco was standing in a group talking with Simon, Dr Charles, and Andrew. The conversation was flowing easily, and four of them were laughing at the speech their boss had given at the opening of the carnival when Marco began to feel the strain and pull of his body again. As the others talked, Marco watched the fingers that were wrapped around his beer bottle begin to stretch longer. His ass filled out his dress pants and strained against his underwear. Marco felt the pull of his shoulders stretching wider inside his shirt while the hem began to rise further up revealing a hint of skin. Marco wanted to run outside or at least to the bathroom, but he was glued to his spot and trying not to pull any attention. His feet grew along with the rest of his body, uncomfortably filling up his shoes to near capacity. Keeping his eyes on Simon, Marco watched as he slowly stretched slightly taller than him. Finally, the experience faded away. “I’ll be right back. I need to use the toilet.” Marco moved away from the group, crossing the dance floor to the toilet. As he neared the entrance, he felt a hand on his shoulder. “Marco. Wait.” He turned toward Simon. It was true. Marco was now taller than Simon. “I really need to use the toilet.” “Are you okay? You’ve been really quiet. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t Michael. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable. I should have told you, but we’ve only just sort of started seeing each other.” “What? No. No! I’m happy for you. He’s great. It’s just… I have a lot on my mind… and I think I’m catching a cold…” “Alright. It’s just… you know how much I care about you.” “Honestly. Truly. I’m happy for you. I swear.” Marco gave his sweetest smile to Simon to help further prove how happy his was for their new relationship, even while inside he was burning Dr Charles at the stake. “He seems like a good guy and he does great… work…” Marco grit his teeth as he felt his whole body grabbed and squeezed by the mounting pressure. This time, though, it was unlike anything he had experienced. The heat built up in his crotch and radiated through his entire body. His whole body shook as it was massaged by strong hands stretching him taller. Both men heard a snap coming from near the floor. They looked down and saw that the laces of Marco’s left foot had snapped and were pulling away from his shoe as it spread wider. “Are you… oh my god. I just noticed. Are you wearing lifts in your shoes? I did think it weird you looked taller…” Marco looked back at Simon. He opened his mouth to say something… anything… but no words would come. Suddenly there was a much louder SNAP and tear, and Marco’s right foot tore out of the shoe. His digits snaked over the sole and ended up resting on the floor. Flexing his toes with relief, Marco decided he had had enough, he flexed his left foot and watched as that one too simply demolished the leather. Marco leaned his torso backwards feeling the need to stretch. Further and further back he went as he felt his backbone shift, stretch, and grow. Standing straight up, he was in awe to find he now stood taller than Simon with his head only coming up to Marco’s chin. With one more stretch and swell, Marco shot up another inch as the pressure faded away. Simon just stared. “How… how’s it looking down there?” Marco’s attempt at humour was lost on Simon. “What the fuck????” Marco grabbed Simon and dragged him toward the bathroom. With a pull of the lock Marco turned toward Simon, but felt the other man’s body pressed against him as he moved in quickly for a kiss. Startled, Marco didn’t reciprocate at first, but feeling the longing and mounting lust for Simon got him started. Wrapping his larger arms around Simon, Marco brought him in closer. The kissing grew more frantic and more passionate as tongues explored mouths and bodies started to grind against each other. Marco could feel Simon’s hard cock pressing against his leg as well as his own stiffening cock filling more room in his trousers than he was used to. After a few minutes of intense kissing, Marco pulled away. “I have to know… are we making out because I’m taller and you find that sexier? It’s okay if it is. I… I just want to know. That way I know where I stand.” Simon gazed deeply into Marco’s eyes. “I know you may not believe it… but… No. when I saw you tonight at the tent… it was like I was seeing you in a different light. Then, while you were playing that game, I said to myself, if he wins, then we were meant to make a go of it. Then you did it over and over and over again… well… let’s just say that tonight Dr Dennis would have been getting a check in your name… but that’s all. I was going to ask you out Monday at work… but then you arrived here with Andrew.” Simon had spit out his whole story so quickly he was breathless. Marco felt the same, but also had butterflies in his stomach. “It was my wish. I wished I could be as tall as Dr. Charles. That way… maybe… you’d be interested in me. The next thing I knew…” “You we’re growing.” Simon moved his hand to Marco’s chest. “Yeah.” Marco felt his cock harden again under Simon’s touch. “How tall do you think I am?” “We’ll… you’re a little taller than me. So… maybe 6’1.” “How tall is Dr. Charles?” Marco wanted to kiss Simon again… over and over; covering him with his lips. “I’d guess about 6’4. So, if your wish was to be as tall as him…” “Then I probably have another growth spurt or two.” “Yeah. Lucky me.” Marco moved Simon closer to him and the two began to kiss again. A few minutes later, Marco felt Simon’s hand massaging his trouser covered cock. “Fuck,” Simon exclaimed, “even this has grown bigger!” Simon continued to massage the prisoned shaft. “You think so? It feels tighter down there… but I wasn’t sure.” “Only one way to tell.” With expert hands Simon had Marco’s belt undone. Then, looking Marco in the eye, Simon slowly undid the button of his trousers. Marco groaned a sigh of relief as the tight waist was relieved. Grinning from ear to ear, Simon lowered Marco’s zipper. Marco’s white briefs were like a second skin pressing against his much larger cock and balls. Pulling down Marco’s briefs revealed the leaking shaft. “You’ve definitely grown!” Moving his hand to the shaft, Simon encircled it with his hand and fingers. Marco looked down to see what he could only think of as a brand-new cock. Used to always seeing his 5 incher, he fell in love with the much thicker 8 inches he was now sporting. Even his balls had grown and now resembled large eggs rather than the two walnuts he was used to. “Looks like you got Dr. Charles beat in the cock department.” “Really?” Simon laughed. “Not everything about him is big.” Marco laughed as well, but suddenly stopped, sucking the air into his mouth. Marco felt the heat, but it was Simon who felt the cock in his hand proceed to flex and stretch. Looking at it with a grin, he watched with glee as Marco’s cock proceeded grow longer and to force his fingers apart as it swelled thicker. Marco began to sweat as he felt his body begin again to propel itself larger. Then, with a gasp, he felt Simon’s mouth surround the head and begin taking the growing shaft into his mouth. Nothing felt better to Marco then growing while his cock was being sucked. As his shoulders grew broader and as his torso lengthened, he felt his dress shirt tear into three pieces. Hearing this noise turned Simon on even more and he forced Marco’s cock into his mouth down to the root. Using his tongue in ways that even he had never imagined, Marco let loose and began to forcefully ejaculate into Simon’s mouth and throat. As he came, Simon could feel the cock he was attached to grow even further until he began to gag. Opening his mouth, Simon released the now ten-inch-long Titan that he had been sucking. Looking up, he saw Marco towering over him. “Fuck Marco!! You have Dr. Charles beat! You have to be 6’6’”. Cum dribbled down his chin and onto the floor. “I can’t… I can’t believe this is me! This body feels so incredible… so powerful.” Marco lifted both arms and began to flex for the kneeling Simon. Just watching this display caused Simon’s cock to harden again. “And this monster you’re sporting. Fuck me! I thought I was going to choke on it!!” Simon put his hand around Marco’s cock again; feeling small and diminutive next to it. “You’re bigger than Dr. Charles now. Is that your wish finished?” Simon stroked Marco’s cock and watched strings of pre cum leaking out of the head. Marco took stock of his own body. The pressure he had been feeling was now gone. His body no longer felt tense or ready to grow at any moment. Reaching down for Simon, he lifted him up. Having to lean down to kiss him for the first time in his life had Marco’s cock leaking even more. “I think that’s it! Wish granted!” The two began kissing, both wishing they were in one” of their houses so they could take the next step into the bedroom. “So… what do I say when we go out there? It’s me… I just grew nearly a foot bigger.” Simon kissed Marco deeply. “If asked, just say, it was a Halloween miracle. Even if it is only the 21st.” A pounding on the door brought them both to their senses. Ripping his shirt and taking both of his shoes off, Marco dumped them in the trash. He had more difficulty getting his new 7-inch soft cock back into his underwear. “Just ditch them! Go commando!” Feeling free for the first time in his life, Marco took off his briefs and dropped it with the rest of his discarded clothes. Then, together, they both left the bathroom. Most of the men in the club had made their way onto the dance floor and were moving with the music. Simon went to find Dr. Charles and quickly talk to him while Marco went up and grabbed a beer from the bar. Standing there and enjoying the music and atmosphere, he was surprised when a semi drunk Andrew appeared with his boyfriend, Oli. “There he is!! Look at that chest, Oli! That’s some of my handiwork right there!” Andrew threw an arm around Marco. “Marco, this is Oli. Oli… Marco.” The two hugged and all three began to talk. After ten minutes, Oli went off to get another round at the bar. “What do you think?” “He’s great. And hot! I thought you had a good body! You better put a ring on it and quick!” “I plan on it. Believe me.” Andrew laughed, finished his beer, and took a good look at Marco. “I have to say, you look happy, Bro. Really great. You have your shirt off, your abs out. You should really be pleased with yourself. Damn if you don’t even look taller.” “Well, I have you to thank for that.” Marco saw Simon enter the bar again, so waved him over. “This has really turned into one incredible…” Marco felt the pressure well up inside of him again and spread out to every limb. Growth mixed with alcohol mixed with the man you wanted to fuck coming up to you and kissing you in front of everyone caused Marco’s head to swim. Wrapping his arms around Simon, he felt his limbs begin to stretch longer as his torso shot upward. The intensity was much stronger this time as Marco inched up higher then nearly everyone around him. His heart beat to the music as he heard the sounds of growth echoing in his ears. Feeling his cock and balls begin to get larger turned him on so much that he began kissing Simon on the neck; a neck that was a little further down then before and requiring more bending on Marco’s part. As he bent over further, he felt another strong pulse hit him, and experienced his glutes and quads thickening, tearing a huge hole in the seat of his pants. Looking around the room, he could see how much taller he was growing. Simon only came up to his chest now, and with another sharp swelling, he was resting even lower than that. I must… must be 7 ft now. I can’t believe this is happening to me. It feels so incredible… but it needs to stop. Really. You need to stop. As if rebelling against him, Marco’s body shot even taller and thicker. Feeling a difference in the man that was standing behind him, Simon turned around and came face to face with Marco’s enlarged pecs. “Holy shit, Marco, you grew again! And not just taller… your muscles… so much thicker. I think you’re bigger than Andrew now!” “I know! I have to get out of here. My ass is already hanging out of my trousers.” “Turn around! Let me see!” “I can’t. Really. It’s a huge hole.” “I want to see!” With coaxing, Marco turned quickly to show Simon that his glutes had indeed torn through his trousers, and that now it was extremely obvious he was naked underneath. “Let’s go to my place.” Marco turned back around to hide his ass. “The party’s just getting started! How can you want to leave? Your wish is most likely done now. You’re way taller than Dr Charles. And your ass is better! I can’t wait to get my tongue in there.” “Fuck, Simon. I can’t tell you how much I want that too.” Marco felt a slight itching over his whole body. Everything felt just a bit more sensitive. It felt like someone was putting the key in his ignition when Marco felt the swelling encase his whole entire body. “Fuck… Simon… need to go… I’m… oh yeah… I’m…” the cracking of every bone was louder this time as Marco felt his entire body telescoping upward. Marco stepped forward to try and find someplace to hide as he felt his trousers begin to tear in other places.His limbs felt so heavy as he crossed from the bar onto the dance floor to get to the bathroom. He lifted his hand up and was amazed how large it had become. Gripped by a sudden rush of pleasure and pain, Marco felt his body rise until he was taller than ever person in the club. Looking down, Marco saw he had somehow gotten in the middle of the dance floor, and people were undulating and pressing their bodies against him as he grew. The surge was much more intense this time than ever before until everyone beneath him only came up to the bottom of his chest. 8 ft tall, he thought, I have to be over 8 ft tall!! Then, with a loud RIP, Marco experienced his thickened quads tear through his trousers. The crowd inched down lower, or rather Marco surged up and out. Bellybutton… almost everyone only comes up to my bellybutton… oh FUCK!! Marco shot upward again as his entire body took up more and more room until as the pressure and growth faded away, his trousers tore further, and the fabric separated itself from his body. Marco stood in the middle of the dance floor 9ft tall and naked. The music abruptly ceased. Everyone stopped dancing and looked up at Marco. All he could hear was his own heartbeat as he looked down at the sweating men below. Then, from behind him, he felt a hot wet tongue begin to lick his calf muscle. Turning to look, Marco saw that it was Peter from HR. Marco couldn't believe it. Peter from HR had gotten to his knees and was giving Marco’s leg a tongue bath. “Holy fuck, Marco! What’s happening to you?” Andrew pushed through the crowd, his 6’4 body only coming up to the bottom of his pecs. He was followed by a shirtless Oli who wouldn’t stop starting at Marco. “I… I’ve… grown.” Marco felt three more tongues join in with Peter’s. “I can see that. You’re huge! You’re bodies even better than mine! The pupil has surpassed the teacher! And this!! Fuck me!!” Andrew reached out and took Marco’s half hard cock in his hand. “This is friggin amazing!! If I would have known you were packing down there, I would have thought of a lot of other workouts for us to do!” Several other shirtless men from the dance floor began pressing themselves against his body. Beneath him, Marco could see others starting to make out and grind on each other. The music had come back on, but now it was a low tribal beat. Marco could feel himself getting hard as Andrew stroked his cock. Then, before Marco even knew what was happening, Andrew moved forward, kneeled, and took Marco’s cock between his hot lips. Oli moved quickly to his knees as well and began to lick Marco’s low hanging balls. Marco closed his eyes as he felt a wave of ecstasy wash over him. He couldn’t believe what an expert cock sucker Andrew was. His head dove up and down Marco’s shaft, expertly taking more and more of his thick 12” into his throat. The room began to smell of musk and sex. Marco opened his eyes and searched for Simon, finding him watching Andrew, Oli, and Marco. His cock was out of his pants, and he was slowly stroking it. Their eyes met, and Simon grinned. Marco felt his balls begin to churn as Oli moved behind him to begin licking his ass and Andrew’s head bobbing up and down his shaft became more frantic. Heat radiated through all of Marco’s body as he stepped closer to cumming. He placed his hand on the back of Andrew’s head and forced him to take even more of his cock into his mouth and throat. Fuck, this feels good! This is what power feels like. All of these men, worshiping at my feet. Marco felt pressure building up in his balls, but he realised it wasn’t only an incoming orgasm. No. As the heat radiated through his whole body, Marco once again began to grow. He gasped as he felt his lats begin to spread his back wider while his abs grew thicker and more dense. Looking down at the mass orgy below him, he watched as each of the sweating men looked slightly further away. As Marco grew taller, Andrew could no longer suck his cock while kneeling. Giving up his prize, Andrew let Marco’s cock slip from his mouth as he watched in awe as he grew. “Holy shit! It’s happening again!!” Andrew pulled his cock out of his underwear and began to stroke it as he watched Marco’s body expand. Moments later, Oli was next to him and sucking on his cock As Oli sucked him, Andrew found himself changing: “Bigger. Bigger. Bigger.” Soon, every man in the club was chanting along as the worshiping of Marco and each other became more frantic. Marco’s whole body was on fire as he grew to 10 ft and then surpassed it. Every body part was growing longer and thicker as the crowd chanted beneath him. Growth… getting stronger! Whole body… neck getting thicker… delts riding up… shoulders getting broader… Marco groaned as he felt his entire body burst up and out. He could feel the strain of his cock being pulled longer while still growing thicker. Through the fog of growth, he looked down and watched it become even more immense. Fat pipeline veins travelled down the length to better feed the majestic beast extending from Marco’s crotch, and his testicles hung low in a sack that looked like it contained two baseballs. Pre began to constantly leak from the head as his own body stopped growing around 12 ft. Andrew groaned and shot cum all over Marco’s leg. Taking him in, Andrew was amazed how colossal Marco had become. Even the tallest man in the room only came up to his cock. His musculature had become even more extreme as Marco stood there now like a giant bodybuilder. Just breathing in and out, Marco’s muscles flexed to the beat of the music as if they had a mind of their own. The temperature in the club had raised forcing all of the men to strip themselves of clothes. The masses of bodies copulating on the floor undulated under Marco’s gaze. Some men gathered the leaking pre from Marco and began to use it as lube. Still others continued worshiping at his feet licking them clean, masturbating at the sight of him, or just sitting and staring at awe at the enormity of his growing body. Marco followed Simon as he crossed through the crowd until he stood right in front of him. “Fuck me.” Marco couldn’t hear him over the music and the rhythmic moaning of the men. He leaned down, but still he was too far away from Simon who only came up to his knee. Squatting down, Marco maneuverered himself into a kneeling position, careful not to flatten men under his feet which was becoming far more difficult than before. Grabbing Simon underneath his arms, he lifted him up to his head, and the two began to make out. Marco’s tongue and lips were much larger now and filled and covered his own. Pulling away from the giant’s passionate kisses, Simon looked him directly in the eyes. “It’s not stopping… is it.” Marco wanted to withhold the truth from him but felt better about telling the truth. “I don’t know how much bigger I’m going to get… but no. I think I have a lot left in me.” From next to them, Andrew and Oli both began the chant again: “Bigger. Bigger. Bigger!” It was only a whisper, but as it was taken up by each of the men, it began to intensify. “I want you to fuck me. Now. Before it’s too late.” “Are you sure? I… I don’t want to hurt you.” “I don’t care. I want you in me.” Marco placed Simon onto the ground. “I’ll be careful. I promise. If it’s too much… just tell me and I’ll…” Simon watched as Marco’s face turned redder. He closed his eyes and felt the power take hold of him. This time it was greater than the last and much more intense. The kneeling Marco’s feet and legs knocked dancers to the floor as they extended outward. Marco could only groan as his backbone cracked and his torso extended upward. His shoulders and his rib cage cracked several times as his chest spread wider. Simon stepped back as Marco took up more and more room, his biceps and triceps ballooning and covering up more of his upper arm. Marco’s head swam as lights flashed, music thumped, and the chants of “Bigger… Bigger…Bigger” seemed to coax his body to do just that. He let out a lewd moan as he sensed a sharp tug and felt his cock growing much longer and thicker. As he watched it extend further from his body, the head becoming more engorged. Marco knew with regret that the time for fucking Simon had passed. He felt bad about this, but a new feeling was taking its place. As he looked around and down at the men surrounding him, fucking in his shadow, and worshiping at his feet, he began to feel a new sense of power. Kneeling, he was now virtually as tall as he had been standing upright. This brought him now to about 17 ft tall. He was by far the biggest man who ever lived… the strongest… the most well-endowed. His testicles were growing to be larger than some men’s heads. He was becoming a real force. No matter what he wanted to do, there would be no one who could stop him. As the pressure began to fade, Marco got to his feet. The crowd now only came up to his calves, and the warehouse ceiling was so close he could touch it easily. The mass of men continued to chant, “Bigger… Bigger… Bigger,” and Marco knew that soon he would not disappoint. Grabbing onto his massive cock, he slowly began to stroke it. “All of you.” Marco spoke. His voice so loud, domineering, and deep. Several men came just hearing him speak. “You we’re here at my birth… at the start of my journey.” Marco continued stroking; this time slightly faster. “You have all made me accept what I am… what I’m becoming. For this… For this…”. Marco’s body began to sway as the immense pressure of growth filled him again. When he spoke again, his voice was even deeper than before. “For this I baptise you!!” Those that were there say the room stopped; everything was silent and not a soul moved. An ear-splitting cracking sound came from all over Marco’s body. Just as he proceeded to grow even more immense, his cock extended several inches longer and thicker, his cock head swelled, and from the massive slit, gallon after gallon after gallon of cum shot forth Marco roared as he ejaculated over the crowd below and proceeded to grow at an even faster rate. Looking up, he could see the ceiling was becoming closer and closer. As he continued to ejaculate, Marco called down: “Get out! I’m going to rip through this building!! Crowds of cum coated men began to escape through the various exits. Some were taking their time, standing, and letting Marco’s semen rain onto them, but as his head smashed into the ceiling, they knew it was now time to evacuate. Thirty feet tall, he thought. I’m now 30 feet tall and… fuck… and getting even bigger!! Marco’s head slammed into the ceiling again followed by his shoulders. Lights that had been attached to scaffolding began to shake and sway. Again, his body surged upward as the metal of the ceiling began to buckle. Another surge, and his body tore through the roof. Below, scaffolding and lights fell to the floor. Walls began to shake and then tear as the entire structure was shifted on its foundation. Simon, down below, watched in awe as Marco’s head and shoulders… then his upper chest… then his pecs… and then his abs rose up out of the building; tearing it apart at the seams. FIFTY FEET TALL… STILL GROWING… BUT MUST BE FIFTY FEET TALL. I MOVE…THE PATHETIC STRUCTURE FALLS APART AS I RIP OUT OF IT. I SURGE EVEN TALLER… BIGGER…THICKER. PEOPLE BELOW ME HAVE UPGRADED FROM WORSHIP TO FEAR. I CAN HEAR THEIR SCREAMS AS I WALK. I FEEL MANY SOME BREAK BENEATH MY FEET. AS I WALK… AS I TAKE IN MY SHRINKING WORLD… MY FEET GROW LONGER AND THICKER… I TRAMPLE OVER CARS… OVER TRUCKS… I FEEL ANOTHER PULSE AND I ROCKET EVEN TALKER… 60 FT… 70 FT… 80 FT… I LIFT MY FOOT… TRY AND WATCH OVER MY ENGIURGED PECS… AND STAMP ON MY FURST HOUSE. THE SOUND OF SCREAMS REACH MY EARS… BUT AS I GROW, I CAN HEAR THEM LESS AND LESS. STREETS CAVE IN UNDER MY IMMENSE WEIGHT. MY COCK HARDENS AS I DEMOLISH THE SCHOOL I ATTENDED WHEN I WAS A KID. 100 FT TALL… 125 FT… 150 FT. THE SURGES KEEP GETTING STRONGER AS I COME INTO MY OWN AS DESTRUCTION. I LOOK BEGIND ME AND SEE THE TEROIR I HAVE CREATED. FIRES BLAZE… BUILDINGS TOPPLE AND FALL… ITS HARD TO REALISE YOU ARE STILL GETTING BIGGER WHEN YOU’RE ALREADY SO BIG!!! WHAT AM I… 300 FEET? 400 FEET??? 500 FEET????? IVE BEEN GRANTED ALL IF THIS POWER JUST BECAUSE I GOT A COIN THROUGH A SLOT… ALL BECAUSE I MADE A WISH!!! MY BODY BEGINS TO ERRUPT WITH SIZE. SOON IM 1000… 2000… 3000… FEET TALL. I STAND STILL AND FEEL GROWTH WASH OVER ME AS I SHOOT TOWARD THE HEAVENS EVEN FASTER. 10,000… 15,000… 20,000. I STAND ABOVE THE CLOUDS… HIGHER ABD HIGHER INTO THE ATMOSPHERE. HARDER TO BREATH UP HERE… COLD UP HERE… AND STILL I GROW. IT DOESN’T STOP… WILL NOT STOP. MY HEAD SPINS… GROWTH AND LACK OF OXYGEN. THE WHOLE WORLD IS SPINNING… I FEEL MY EYES CLOSING… MY BODY FALLING… I SMASH INTO THE EARTH AND BRING DOWN EVEN MORE DESTRUCTION… DARKNESS I open my eyes and quickly sit up. The new dispersion of weight causes the bed to shake and then collapse to the floor. I look around me. My bed… my bedroom… my house. I stand and smack my head against the ceiling. Plaster falls onto my naked body. I see several other holes… Obviously I’ve smashed into it before. I look around… Fuck! The room’s so small. No! I’m so big. “You’re awake. Good. We only have minutes.” Marco bends over and sees Madam Mina walk into the room. “To answer your questions… yes, I’m a witch… yes this is really happening… and yes your wish came true. In part.” Mina floated up into the air so that she was face to face with Marco. “I granted your wish and let you experience all the excitement and horror of what you though you wanted. Then I felt… it was your wish… so you will have to live with it.” “My dream. Did that really happen?” “It did… but I was able to retcon it. You and Simon met in the bathroom… he sucked you off… you grew some more. You took him back to your place… you fucked… you grew… you’re now 13 ft tall and weight over 3,000 pounds of muscle. Your cock. It’s a whopping 16” x 8. Simon can take it… but just. I doubt sex will be more than a once-a-week thing for you both. Sure, he’ll jerk you off, try and blow you, but real sex… it feels great but hurts. The kicker is that your sex drive has grown as well. You’ll need to cum 5-6 times a day or live with blue balls.” Marco could only look at Madam Mina as she floated there and told him his fate. “I’m not sure how you’re going to explain this. You. Can blame me… but no one will remember I exist. They’ll just know you’ve grown into a giant. Some freak of nature. For the rest of your life…” Madam Mina stared deeply inside him. “So, Marco. This life or your old life. I can give you either one.” Marco thought long and hard. He looked at the tiny room, the broken door to his bedroom, the demolished bed. He thought of the true practicalities of this size. Could he live like this? “I’ll take this life. It’ll be an adventure.” Marco smiled at Mina. “It’s all yours. Have a good time.” As Mina was just about to disappear, she thought better if it and returned. “Fine! Don’t ever say I’m not a good witch!!” She waved her hands in the air and recited some words. “Simon can take you without pain. Only pleasure. It’s a tight squeeze… but he loves it. Can’t get enough of it.” “Thank you, Mina.” Marco looked at where she had been standing, but she was gone. “You’re awake. How do you feel.” Simon walked naked into the room from the bathroom. “Honestly..., horny as fuck!” “Damn… your voice. I forgot how deep it was.” Marco swept Simon into the air and held him. “If it hurts… we don’t have to...,” “Hurt! Fuck! I cum just when you slip the head in!! I’ve never had multiple orgasms till you!!” The two men began to kiss, both of their cocks quickly hard. “This… it’s going to take some adjustments. You up for the ride?” Marco looked deeply into Simon’s eyes. “I’m up for it… in more ways than one.” Marco began to kiss Simon again, their tongues intertwined. As they kissed… as Marco’s cock began to leak… he felt the familiar surge fill him once again. His limbs stretched taller… his feet and hands longer… his cock lengthened and thickened… his head bent as his neck rested against the ceiling. Both men looked at each other. “Are you??” Marco was about to answer when a voice filled the room. “Just a little trick with your treat. I couldn’t leave you at 13 ft. That’s bad luck. I’m sure both of you will enjoy 15 ft Marco with an 18 x 8.5 cock. Enjoy!” And they did. Over and over again. Happy Halloween!!!!
  12. Psuace

    Cole and Jake, part 4

    The first 3 parts can be found on my page or in the Storyverse section. I sit in the comfortable deck chair on the patio of my 2nd story condo and watch the dull yellow disk of the sun rise up over the tall naked trees and mountains to the southeast of town. I am wearing a grey Champion sweatshirt and dark blue sweatpants by Champion as well. I also have on my soft fur-lined comfortable Eddie Bauer slippers. I tossed on some ankle socks and my dark blue Duke baseball hat. Jake had given the hat to me as a present 5 months ago for my birthday July. The weather now is chilly bordering on cold. The condo is warm, but I want to feel the chill, and experience a real late fall Saturday morning. Clouds are gathering to the west and will eventually block the sun. Precipitation of some sort is going to follow by mid, to late afternoon. I’m not sure if it will be wet or frozen until it starts to fall. The leaves are gone from the trees, leaving a naked landscape for me to look out over. The park my patio overlooks is desolate. I see a bundled jogger or two, but not many people are out so early, if 7:30AM is considered early in upstate NY, in early December. I stare at the sky and feel a tear build in my left eye and roll out. It slowly slides down my face, along the side of my nose, to the top of my upper lip. I reach my tongue out and wipe it away. I can taste the sharp salt in the drop. I check my phone again, even though it’s sitting face up in my lap. I touch the side button and it comes to life. I check the text icon, but do not see any new messages. The phone icon does not show any missed calls. I click it off, put it on the table in front of me, face down. I extend my legs to the other chair on the patio and put my arms behind my head, interlocking my fingers. I lean my neck back and feel some bones crack. I sigh with satisfaction. I close my eyes and start to rethink what went wrong. I feel another tear building, but focus on my thoughts and it subsides. I was so happy. Jake was happy too. We were two peas in a pod; talking, laughing, and planning our future together, then it slowly fell apart. I’m not sure if was really either of our fault, but it may have been both of ours. ** For three months after I moved here to be with Jake, life was great. I lived with him and Nona. I worked remotely for 6 weeks for the old company, then was done, as I had agreed with my old boss, Chuck. I had money socked away, so I could afford a little time off to find a new job. Jake and I found the condo and I started to rent it. Jake wanted to help, but I pointed out that he still lived on the estate and it may be a financial burden on him. He wasn’t upset with me, but I could tell it didn’t sit well. I put my resume together and with Jake and Rose’s help, spread it around town. I didn’t want another high-pressure financial consultant job, I wanted a lower stress job, but one that would keep my challenged. Several offers came my way. Jake and I discussed each of them, then I decided on a property management job. It was perfect for a number of reasons. Jake had finished his degree and wanted to get into the same field. We talked about working together, then eventually branching out and starting our own firm. With his hands-on experience taking care of the mountain house and my business knowledge, we were sure we had it nailed down. Jake graduated from college in August, after finishing his summer classes. I was so happy for him. His family had a party and all his friends were there, including some of his ex-boyfriends. I had met most of them, and was friends with quite a few of them thru our gym membership. There was no jealously or hard feelings with any of them. It was mid-September and Jake was all set to stop working at the estate full time and start his job at the same company as me. Nona was excited for him and was actively looking for a replacement. Jake’s parents had asked his brothers, Steve and CK if they were interested. Neither really gleaned to the idea of working there. CK had a nice full-time job in town and Steve was doing well with his part-time work as a contractor and EMT. Several local people applied for the job at the estate and Nona, Jake, and Jake’s dad conducted the interviews. They had it narrowed down to three people and were set to make offers, then it happened. Nona had her first stroke. Jake called me at the office. He was at the hospital with her. His emotions were running high and he was panicking, something I never thought I’d see him do. By the time I got there, the rest of his family was there, except for Jen and Tiny. With Tiny, or Tim, being so young (7 yrs old), they did not feel it was right of him to be there. Jen was watching him. I had offered to watch him so Jen could be with the family, but she declined, saying they wanted a family member to stay with Tiny, just in case something happened. I understood. I didn’t crowd the family. I gave them what I thought was appropriate space. I spent time with Jake when he wanted, or needed me. If he said he wanted to be alone, I let him be, figuring he had stuff to work thru. When we were together, we’d go to the pond, usually late at night, and watch the moon and stars. We’d hold hands and I would squeeze his to let him know I was there for him. Normally I would put my head on his broad shoulders and he’d wrap his long muscular arm around me and pull me close. After the stroke, it was reversed. I’d feel his head on my shoulder. I’d wrap my arm around him and pull him close, reassuring him everything would be ok. I’d kiss his mess of dark wavy hair and rub his thick thigh with my hand. He’d cry, I’d cry, then we’d sit. I’d carefully talk about Nona and ask if he needed anything. Sometimes he’d answer, most of the time he did not. I accepted it. I’d only known Jake for 6 months. I didn’t know everything about him. This was the first real test in our relationship. Even though I was not family, I’d been there enough that the nurses let me visit with her, when Jake did. On one visit, before her second stroke, Jake and I were in the room with her. She looked different, smaller, frailer, but when she spoke, the fierceness was still there. I half expected her to climb out of bed, put on her flower print sundress, grab a wool sweater and her scissors, and head out to the flower garden to cut some late summer flowers for the room. During the visit she asked Jake to wait outside for a minute. I was suddenly petrified. Jake also had a nervous look on his face. He slowly left, watching us the way whole until the door shut. Nona reached her bony arm out to me. I approached and gently took it. Her grip was still strong, but I could feel it failing. She nodded to a chair and I pulled it next to the bed. With all the monitors and wires hooked up to her, she looked like some weird science experiment. She spoke with grit and determination, “Cole, I know I have not always been kind to you.” I thought back to our first frosty meeting and how we treated each other. “But I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.” She winked at me and I smiled softly. Her tone turned serious, “Be there for Jacob. He’s going to need you.” A sense of dread came over me. She knew what was up, even though everyone else thought, or hoped she was getting better. She caught the look in my eye and said, “I’ve lived a long life. Jake’s Pappy is waiting for me. I don’t want to go yet, but my body isn’t what it used to be.” I squeezed her hand and felt a tear form. “None of that Cole Patterson. You need to be the strong one now.” I saw a tear in her eye. “Jake helped you when you needed it most. Now, you must help him.” I sniffed back a tear, but felt more welling up. “He’s a Fischer, strong, proud, obstinate. I think he gets it from me, but I’m not sure.” I cracked the barest of smiles and so did she. “He will push you away. You need to push back. You need to push back hard and do what it takes to make sure he’s ok.” I nodded in understanding, not realizing the full extent of what would be needed. “Timothy was right about you.” I looked at her not understanding what she meant. She saw my confusion. “Tim said, ‘You were the one’. He means, you are the man for Jake. You two are meant to be together.” I blushed. “It’s funny that Jake hasn’t figured out what he meant, whereas the rest of the family knew it the first time we heard him say it about you.” I slowly nodded. “Nona…” I went silent trying to think of the right words. “Cole, it’s fine.” Strong and resilient as always. “Just promise me you’ll be there for my baby.” I nodded and leaned over to give her a kiss. She gripped my forearm in gratitude. “Please send him in. I need to have a few words with him as well. Maybe I’ll explain what Tim means. Clear the fog from his head.” She cracked a smile, as did I. I left, found Jake, and sent him back in. He was there for a long time. I waited in the waiting room with Rose, CK, and their dad. Rose gave me a hug as did their dad. CK just nodded to me. When Jake came out, his face was red and puffy. Tears were still fresh on his face. I jumped up and went to him, but he brushed past me and walked outside. I turned to Rose and she immediately went after him. Ten minutes later she sent me a text, ‘He wants to be alone.’ I reluctantly sent back an ‘ok’, knowing I should have pushed the issue, like Nona had told me to. I drove home, waited a few hours, then sent him a text. I asked if he wanted to meet. He didn’t reply. I sent another saying I’d be at the pond around 9pm. I didn’t tell or ask him to meet me. I just wanted him to know I’d be there. It was our way of letting the other know we were there for them. I pulled into the caretaker’s house around 8:30 and saw his pickup in the driveway. Knowing he was at least home, I started to walk to the pond. I got there around 8:45, but he was not there. I sat and watched the moon rise and arc overhead. I listened the night critters sing their songs, hunt their meals, and talk to each other. I drowsed, woke, then drowsed again. When I woke a second time, I checked my phone and saw it was 10:30. I was still alone. He wasn’t coming. I walked back to the house and saw his pickup was still there. I let myself in and called his name. No answer. All the downstairs lights were off. I moved slowly, turning lights on as I entered each room. He was not downstairs. I headed upstairs and started to check the bedrooms. All were empty. I even checked Nona’s. As I stood there, I moved on a hunch and checked the hall bath. There he was, sitting in the dark, in the shower, knees pulled up to his chest. His face was still puffy and red from tears he recently cried. I left the light off and moved toward him. I opened the door, squeezed in, and sat next to him. I didn’t say a word. I put my arm over his shoulder and pulled him close. He sniffled back some tears, then choked up, and the floodgates opened. No words passed between us. I let him work thru his emotions. After an hour, he slowly stood. I got up with him and we walked to his room. He got on the bed and rolled onto his right side. I got on next to him and wrapped my left arm over his body. I spooned him and rubbed his hairy chest thru his shirt. After a few minutes his breathing eased and he feel asleep. I listened to him for a while, then drifted off as well. I woke the next morning, still tired and worn out, but pushed it aside to be there for the man I loved. Jake was facing away from me and his breathing was still measured. I put my left hand on his left shoulder and softly patted him. I didn’t want to wake him, but I wanted to make sure he knew I was there for him. I rolled out of bed, showered, cleaned up, and went downstairs to make breakfast. About 20 minutes later I heard his boots clomping down the back steps. I turned and waited for him to come into the kitchen. When I heard the garage door open and shut, I didn’t know what to think. I moved quickly to the door, pulled it open, and called to him, “Jake, I’ve made us some breakfast…if you’re hungry?” He paused, didn’t turn, but shook his head ‘no’. I felt a lump in my throat and a weight in my chest. I walked out to him as he headed to his pickup. He got in and had it started by the time I got to him. I put my hand on the door and he slowly rolled the window down. His eyes were puffy and red. His face was pinched. He had taken the minimal amount of effort to get ready for today. He hadn’t showered or shaved. I could smell a healthy dose of Old Spice body spray on him. He quietly said, “I have work to do at the big house.” I stuck my right hand thru the window and put it on his left bicep. He turned to look at me. “Jake, I think the work can wait for a few minutes while you eat.” He had a dull look in his normally bright green eyes. I squeezed his arm. I pleadingly said, “Please, just come in and have a bit of something to eat and drink.” His chest expanded and contracted once or twice as he considered it. He reached his hand for the key and I held my breath hoping he’d turn the pickup off. Instead, he reached for gear, shifted it into reverse, and started slowly backing up. I quickly pulled my hand off his arm and watched as he backed up, turned the vehicle around, and headed up to the house. The weight in my chest grew heavier. I tried to sniff back a tear, but failed miserably. I stood there for a while, then went back inside. I salvaged what I could of breakfast, even though I was no longer hungry, and put the rest in the fridge. I went upstairs, straightened up his room, cleaned up the bathroom, and went back down to the kitchen. I grabbed a notebook, tore out a piece of paper, and found a pen. Knowing he would not respond to a text; I sat at the kitchen table and wrote a note to him. Jake, I cannot imagine how hard this must be, but I am here for you. I want to give you the space you need, but please allow me to help you, the same way you helped me. I love you and always will. Please reach out to me. Cole I read it twice, felt a tear form, and saw it drop on the page toward the bottom. I left the note in a place I knew he’d see it and went out to my car. As I got in, I sent Rose and his dad a text asking if I could meet with one of them. I said it was about Jake. His dad said he was at the hospital with Nona and could not get away. Rose wrote back saying she could meet. We met in the park near the diner. She looked a bit better than Jake, but not by much. We hugged and sat. She put her hands on top of mine and squeezed, the same way Jake would. I felt more tears welling up. I softly said, “I don’t know what to do…” My voice faded as tears started rolling down my cheeks. I glanced up and saw the same thing with her. “I know he needs some space…to deal with everything…but…” She squeezes my hands again. “I don’t want to lose him.” I whisper. “Oh Cole…” I glance up to see her eyes are moist, but she’s smiling. “You’re on is list of the most important people in the world to him.” I scrunch my face a bit. “I’m sure you know the two people ahead of you…” I think to myself, ‘Tiny and Nona’. I sigh heavily, grateful to hear this. She softly continues, “He got like this when Pappy passed away, but not this bad. Nona is our last grandparent and Jake; well, he loves her fiercely. I’ve tried to talk to him too, but he only gives me quick, simple responses.” I nod knowingly. “Tiny is asking for him and if he’ll come over to visit.” I feel my body tremble with anxiety. I look up and see the tears streaming down her face, smearing her make-up. She cautiously asks, “I know he loves you, and is trying to deal with his pain, but could you try…to get him…to visit Tiny?” She rubs her eyes with the heels of her hands, smearing the make-up even more. I gather myself up, sit up straight, and confidently say, “Yes Rose. I will go back to the estate now and force him to come with me.” Her eyes brighten. “Where is Tiny, at your parent’s house?” She nods ‘yes’. “Ok, give me an hour or so. I’ll drive or drag him over, preferably the first.” I shoot her a quick smile and she gives me one back. I get back to the estate and head right to the main house. His truck is still there and has a load of branches in the bed. I get out of my car, walk to it, then wander around the house. I go around the side of the house, thru the flower garden, and out to the pool area. I don’t see him. I check the pool house and exercise room, not there. I continue around the backside of the house, to the dining room patio area and spot him. He’s sitting in a wrought iron chair, staring off into the clump of evergreens that surround the 20 by 20 area for privacy. I walk up to him from the side, so I don’t shock him. I put my right hand on his shoulder and squeeze. He doesn’t move. I move to the front of him and purposely get into his line of sight. I squat down so we are eye to eye. I use my left hand and lift his chin up so he has to look at me. His eyes are still red and puffy. I gently use my left thumb to wipe away a tear. His look does not change. I mull over what type of approach I should use. I make my decision. While still looking at him, I forcefully say, “Fischer, get your ass up. We’re going to your parent’s house.” He blinks a few times at my tone, but makes no effort to move. I know I cannot move him on my own, due to his size and strength, so he has to want to come. I continue, “Jake, Tiny wants to see you, and probably needs his Monster right now.” That makes him look at me. He sniffs back some tears, and sits back in the chair. ‘Progress’, I think to myself. “Come on big guy, this isn’t all about you.” I wave my hands around. “There are quite a few other people who love Nona and you, who want to help you, and” I emphasize the next part, “Need…your…help…” I see him sigh. “Listen Fischer, we can do this the easy way, where you get up and get in my car willingly, or the hard way, where I get a fucking crane and lift your ass out of that chair and into my car.” He almost smiles. “What’s it going to be?” He sighs. “I promised Rose, I’d have you there in…” I check my Movado, “thirty minutes. I doubt I can get a crane here that fast, so there is only the first option.” He rocks forward and back in the chair. On his next rock forward, he stands up. I get up as well and reach for his hand. He takes it and give it a squeeze. He softly says, “A fucking crane?” There is the slightest bit of sarcasm in his voice. I drive us over as quickly as I can. My hand on top of his, squeezing it, and softly rubbing it. He just looks out the window at the passing town. He barely says two words to me, but as we pull into his parent’s driveway, I hear him whisper, “Thank you.” I smile. He squeezes my hand, then opens his door and gets out. I stay in the car, hoping he’d turn and ask me to come in with him. He doesn’t. As he approaches the house, the front door flies open and I see Tiny come running out. At the last second, he leaps up and into Jake’s waiting arms. Jake pulls him in and hugs him. I see tears in Tiny’s eyes. He carries him back to the house. I see Tiny look in my direction with tears still in his eyes, but a smile on his face. I wink to him, not knowing if he’ll see it. He waves back, and then is gone as the door shuts. I drive back to my condo. I get a text from Rose asking why I didn’t stay. I respond with, ‘This is family time.’ She sends back a frowny face and says, ‘You’re family too. You should come back.’ I ponder her statement. I really want to see Jake and be there for him, but his family needs him more than I do. If he wanted me to stay, he would have asked, or at least I hope he would have asked. I begin to doubt myself and my instincts. I write back, ‘Tomorrow. Give everyone my love.’ I send the note and a heart emoji. Within seconds she sends back, ‘Thank you.’ And a heart emoji as well. A few minutes later I get another text from her, ‘I told Jake he needs to talk to you tomorrow. If he does not, I told him I’m going to go full Nona on him.’ There a winky face with the note. I laugh to myself and hope he does contact me. A day later, she had her second stroke. His parents were there when it happened. Word spread quickly and everyone was soon back at the hospital. I offered to watch Tiny, but his parents said Tiny needed to be at the hospital. I knew what that meant. Two days later, she passed away, after a third stroke. The funeral was four days later. I moved back to the caretaker’s house to be with him. I wanted to share his bed, to be close to him, to help him in any way I could, but he quietly asked if I could sleep in one of the other rooms. At the funeral, I was holding Jake’s hand the whole time. I would squeeze and hope he’d squeeze back, but he didn’t. I could sense him drifting away, getting lost in his grief. A week later, I found a note from him on the kitchen table. It was lunchtime and he was still out working on the estate. The note was short, but unfortunately, to the point. Cole, I love you so much, but right now, I need some space to work thru my feelings. I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Please understand when I ask, but could you move back to your condo. Jake I read it again, then again. On the third time thru, tears were splattering the note, smearing the ink. I wanted to scream, to ball the note up, go find him, and tell him to fuck off. But I knew it would not do any good. He had made his mind up. I cried. I packed my bags, and cried again. I drove back to my condo and got there around 2pm. As I opened the door and turned the lights on, I could smell him. His body spray lingered in the air. His scent was in the carpet and pillows and towels. I started to well up again, but forced myself not to. I was worn out. I pulled a blanket off the bed, went back into the living room and lay on the couch. I stared at the ceiling. I picked up my phone and sent a quick note off to Johnny, “Hey, wanted to let you know, Jake’s grandmother passed away a few days ago. He’s not taking it well.” I hit send. A few minutes later my phone rings. I hope it’s Jake, but see it is Johnny. “Hey Johnny.” “Dude, you should have called sooner. How are you doing?” His concern is as clear as a church bell on a Sunday morning. Of course, my emotions get the better of me now. I start to well up with tears, but manage to choke out, “Not good brother, not good.” “How’s Jake?” Just as much concern for a guy he’s met a few times. “I’m not sure…” He cuts me off and angerly shouts, “What?!?” “He’s shutting me out, Johnny, and I don’t know what to do…” My voice fades to a whisper and the tears start flowing again. “Fuck this. I’m on my way up. Send me the address.” He’s adamant. “No, Johnny. It’s too far and by the time” He cuts me off again, “Shut up Cole. Just send me your fucking address. I’m leaving in twenty minutes.” I choke out a laugh and say, “Ok. Be warned, it’s 4-hour drive.” “Yeah, that’s what you think.” And he’s gone. I send him the address and get a thumbs up a minute later. I recline on the sofa, turn on some soft music and pull the blanket up. As I stare at the ceiling, I wonder what I am doing wrong? I’m giving him his space, not pushing him to talk, not crowding his family, but he’s still shuts me out. My breathing becomes ragged, I feel tears start to well up again. I wipe my nose on my shirt. I take some deep breaths and start to calm down. I close my eyes and try to think of something other than Jake. I focus on the soft 70’s music playing and let the sound wash over me. It starts to carry me away. Next thing I know, my doorbell is ringing. I hear Johnny call my name thru the door. I slowly open my eyes and remember where I am. I grab my phone and see I’ve missed three texts from Johnny and a call. The doorbell again. I call out, “On my way, give me a sec.” I plant my feet on the soft beige carpet and put my hands on my knees. I check the time and see it’s about 5:30. He did make it in record time. I smile and go to the door. As I open it, I sarcastically say, “Took you long enough.” I give him a hug and feel his thin arms wrap around my back and pull me to him. We stand there, in the doorway for a full minute, in our hug. He pats me once or twice on the back. When we part, I feel a bit better. Some weight has been lifted. He comes in and brings his overnight bag with him. He launches into a tirade about the trip up as soon as the door shuts. “These upstate people have no clue what a passing lane is, do they?” I recognize this as a rhetorical question and let him continue. I have a grin on my face. “Left lane, passing lane; Right Lane, driving lane.” I nod in agreement as I move to the fridge and grab some beers. I pass one to him and he twists the top off. We clink bottles and move to the living room. I see him glance around. “Pretty nice Colester, pretty nice…” I nod. “You buy or rent?” “Renting.” “Ok…Is Jake on the rental agreement?” He looks out of the corner of his eye at me. I whisper, “No.” “Well, that’s something.” He says flatly. I feel some anger boil up in me, but realize he is being practical and thinking about me first. “Job going ok?” I nod. “Are you in touch with his siblings or parents?” I shrug my shoulders and say, “A bit. I’ve talked to Rose about what’s up, but no one else.” Now it’s his turn to nod. “I’m sure his family is asking why I have not been around much. I’d really like to know what he’s saying to that.” “Yeah, I’m curious too.” “Funny thing about this,” He says ‘hum?’, “His grandmother, Nona, told me he’d get like this and that I’d have to push him hard to get him to open up to me.” I feel my chest tighten as I remember the conversation. “I…I…still love him so much. And, I get he’s depressed right now. Ok, I was upset when my grandparents died, but I didn’t shut out the people who loved me.” I take a breath. “Rose said he was the kind of the same when his Pappy passed, but not this bad.” He lets me ramble. “He and Nona had turned a corner. She was accepting him for who he was. Hell, she welcomed me into her house. Not sure that would have happened a year ago. And he was more diligent about his job on the estate and his classes.” I sigh. “He graduated in August. Did I tell you?” He nods yes. “I was so happy for him. He was getting ready to step away from the caretaker’s job and join me at the Property Management firm. It was all set.” I look down and see my hands are trembling. “Life’s a bitch, Cole” My eyes snap up to meet his. He says solemnly, “’Best laid plans of mice and men…can still go wrong.’ Robert Burns, ‘to a Mouse.” I roll my eyes at him. “Cole, roll your eyes all you want, but it’s true. It sucks now, and probably will for a while, until he gets his head straightened out. But, my friend,” He pokes me in the chest with his empty beer bottle, “you need to live your life.” Another tear starts to form. “When Jake is ready, he’ll come back to you, if you two are meant to be. I just want to be sure you’re not waiting for him forever, cuz if he decides to call it quits, will you be prepared for that?” He taps the side of my head lightly with his bottle. I stand there and think about it. He walks back to the kitchen, and I hear the fridge door open. “JFC Cole, I know you can afford to buy some decent beer, what’s with this garbage?” I hear him twist off two more caps and then walk back to me. He hands me a bottle and we sit on the sofa. I think out loud, “Jake has been my life for the past 6 months. What would I do if we broke up? Would I move back to the city? Try to get my old job back? Nah, not going to happen. Stay here and be forced to see him, or his family around town, all the time? Can I deal with that?” We talk thru my questions for the next hour, drinking a few more beers along the way. I look at the clock on the DVR and see it’s 7:30. I ask, “You hungry?” “Does a bear shit in the woods?” “Ok, let’s go. I gotta place we can grab some good grub at.” He nods as we both get up. “You may need to double your run over the next few days to work it off, but the food is worth it.” I clap him on the shoulder as we head out. Ten minutes later we’re walking into the diner and I do a quick scan, but don’t see any of Jake’s family. I breathe a sigh of relief. Ronnie sees me come and has a big smile on her face as I approach. I make introductions, and she seats us at a back booth. She leaves two menus and disappears to get some water. Johnny scans the menu and then he sees it. His eyes dart up, just over the top of the menu. He coughs and shrug my shoulders. He asks, “Is it any good?” My mouth starts to water. “You have no idea.” He nods and folds up the menu. Ronnie comes back with the waters. We both order the Monster special and shakes. She smiles, nods, then puts her hand on top of mine. She gently says, “I’m so sorry to hear about Nona, everyone here is. I hope Jake and the family are doing ok.” I nod. “Give them our love, will you?” “Of course.” I say without hesitation. She walks away and I turn to see Johnny with a look on his face. “I may run into one of them at some point.” He shakes his head from side to side. He starts talking about life in the apartment building, his job, his conquests (of which there have not been many). We laugh and joke. I ask about my apartment and he says it was rented within a week of me leaving. I figured it would be. The new people are just that, new. Johnny doesn’t have a reason to come up to the 6th floor anymore so he doesn’t know anything about them. He still running and wants to do a few marathons at some point. The food arrives and we start to eat. The burger is excellent as I expected. The shake is thick with just the right amount of Oreo’s and chocolate. Ronnie also left 2nd cups with the extra’s from the mixer. We are silent as we eat. Johnny looks up from his burger, smiles, and nods with satisfaction. 15 minutes later we’re picking at fries and scooping the last few chunks of cookie bits from our shakes. Ronnie pops by and checks on us. I ask for the check. We pay and head out. I take a meandering path back to the condo. I show him the town, as much as there is to show. We drive past my office, the gym, the local bar, and the park. I decide to show him the estate. I drive up to the gate, enter my code, and the gate still opens (thank God for small favors). I take a slow drive up and point out all the features. Johnny whistles and nods with a smile on his face. He asks in his most mocking voice, “You spent a month here, and didn’t think to invite me up for so much as a weekend?” I crack a grin, “Some best friend you are.” He claps me on the shoulder. We pass the caretakers house, but Jake’s pickup is gone. We near the big house and Johnny whistles again. I pull to a stop at the front door and we take a quick tour. He is impressed and checks out everything. The view in the fading light is wonderful as usual. He pulls his phone out and snaps off a few pictures. We head back to the condo. We talk some more, have a few more beers, and I can sense Johnny is veering the conversation away from Jake. I feel better. He’s still on my mind, but talking about other stuff helps. After a while I let out a huge yawn and Johnny follows suit. I get up and lead him back to the spare bedroom. He drops his bag and opens it to unpack. I head to the kitchen, put my phone in the charging station, and look up to see a photo on the fridge of Jake and I from his graduation party. I run my fingers over his face, then pull it off the fridge, and put it into my junk drawer. One less reminder, at this point. I head to bed. The rest of Johnny’s stay flies by, but he helps me immensely. I feel the weight is lifted and I have regained some resemblance of control over my life. He takes off three days later and makes me promise to call him, not text, but actually call him every Monday and Thursday, just so he can make sure I’m doing ok. I nod. A day later, I’m back at work. I’m getting back into my groove, reviewing files, and setting appointments to have work done at locations. If feels good. When the day ends, I head to the gym for a workout. I get changed and head out to the floor. It’s about 4:30, so there are quite a few high school and college aged kids. They’re all on their phones and yakking it up. I weave in and around them, getting on machines when I can. I do a mish-mash workout of chest and shoulder, with some light leg work. After an hour and half, my body is hating me, but my brain is on fire. I’ve been listening to some Cage the Elephant and Linkin Park, just letting the lyrics wash over my body. I decide to call it quits and head to the locker room. Then I see him. CK is there getting changed for his workout. I knew I’d run into someone from the family at some point. I take a deep breath and when he sees me, his face lights up. “Colester…dude, how’ve you been? Miss you buddy.” I smile and nod. We bro-hug and his face scrunches. “You’re kind of sweaty…Just finishing up?” “Yeah, first workout in a few days, so I really went at it. I’m sure I’ll be sore tomorrow.” He gives me a knowing smile. “But it was good. Worked thru some stuff, so…” I see his smile waiver. “Not putting you on the spot, CK, don’t worry.” He sighs and says gently, “Not sure what’s up with Monster. We’ve all been asking for you, but he is eerily silent.” Now I feel uncomfortable and shift my eyes from side to side. He catches it. “What are you doing Friday night?” I shrug my shoulder as I don’t have plans, but have a feeling I may in a minute. “Ok, I’ll talk to Rose and Steve and see if they want to meet up for a beer.” I fidget a bit. “Don’t worry, Monster won’t be invited. But the rest of us still want to see how you are.” I sigh and think it may be a good idea. I nod ok. His smile becomes wider and he claps his hands together. “Great. I talk to them tonight and get it set up.” We come together for another bro-hug and he says, “We’re on your side and don’t want to lose you as a friend.” I hug him a bit tighter. For the rest of the week, I concentrate on work and working out. I get back into a routine, and it becomes natural again. Friday comes and goes. Meeting with Rose, Steve, and CK was nice. They were all very happy to see me and wanted be sure I was ok. I assured them I was. I remember to tell them Ronnie from the Diner says Hi and passes on her condolences. We had a few a beers, talked, and enjoyed each other’s company. Jake did not come up a whole lot, much to my surprise. Rose said Tiny was asking for me. She said she told him I was away for a bit, but would visit when I got back. ** Days turned to weeks. Weeks passed and the normalcy of living without Jake became…normal, but not comfortable. I still met with Rose, Steve, or CK every so often, just to keep in touch. I kept in contact with Johnny too. I went home for Thanksgiving and visited my parents, brother, and sister. They were woefully inept about not talking about Jake and my move. ** The chill has definitely turned to cold. I get up from the deck chair and my body feels frozen. I go in and get a quick shower before heading out to meet Steve and Tiny for lunch. I asked we not meet at the diner, just for something different. And because Ronnie knows something is up between Jake and I, and I don’t want to have to rehash it. As I let the warm shower water wash over my body, I’m happy to see I’ve kept off any depression weight and am still making gains in the muscle area. I’ve made a few friends in the gym and several have mentioned how fit I look. I’ve checked out some guys and talked to a few. I’m not sure what the proper protocol is with this. Am I allowed to go out on a date with another guy? Am I holding on too long to the thought that Jake is coming back to me? It’s been 4 months and nary a peep from him. His family says he’s been really depressed, but has gotten better. I want to blurt out, ‘then why hasn’t he called or at the very least, texted me, to let me know he’s doing ok?’, but hold my tongue. This may be a Johnny conversation on Monday. I get to the restaurant and see Steve’s pickup in the lot. I head in and see them in a corner booth. Tiny sees me and his face immediately brightens. Mine does as well. He gets out of the booth and runs over to me. He doesn’t jump up, like he does with Jake, but grabs me around my waist and hugs me fiercely. I pat him on the back. He releases his hug. I squat down and we hug again. He whispers to me, “I’ve missed you a whole lot, Cole.” I pat his back a few times. “I wish you’d come over.” “We’ll see Tiny.” Is all I can manage. We head to the table and Steve and I shake. I sit and glance over the menu. Although I’m hungry, nothing on the menu jumps out to me. I’m still studying it when the waiter comes back. I ask for an iced tea and a few more minutes with the menu. He nods and heads off. Tiny smirks at me and says, “Tough to decide when there’s no Monster Special listed.” I snort and nod in agreement. He then innocently asks, “What would you say if there was a Monster here? Would you get it?” I look over to him because the way he says this is just a bit different. I see him look past me. I freeze suddenly grasping what he means. My body shakes with nervousness. I slowly turn my head and spot him out of the corner of my eye. He’s just coming thru the door with CK. I freeze again and quickly turn back to Steve. He has a half smile on his face and nods down to Tiny, indicating it was his idea. I realize I’ve been holding my breath and exhale. They’re half way to the table and my sense of ‘fight or flight’ kicks in. I could get up and walk out, and nobody would probably blame me, but then, I’ve waited for this day for too long to let it pass. Jake and CK get to the table. I can see Jake is just as surprised as I am. The twins start to move away and motion for Tiny to come with them. Tiny doesn’t move. They begin to reach for him and Jake gives them a look letting them know Tiny can stay. They quietly move to a different table to give us some space. Before Jake or I have a chance to say a word, Tiny speaks up and his own way spells it out to us, “You two need to talk. I tried and Nona tried, but you just wouldn’t listen.” We both glance at him, then back at each other. He looks the same, but has probably dropped a few pounds. His face looks slightly gaunt. I can see the beginnings of dark circles under his eyes. His beard is not trimmed, nor is his chest hair. His hands are under the table and he’s not making eye contact with me. I lightly place my hand on the table. The waiter comes back with our drinks, but sees the situation has changed. Tiny politely says, “Monster will have a water and I’ll be over there” He points to Steve and CK “when you come back with my water.” The waiter seems flustered for a moment, but nods his head, and walks off. Tiny stands up, looks at both of us, and quietly says, “You were meant for each other.” He walks over to Steve and CK and sits with them. Well, here I am. The man I love is right in front of me. We won’t be allowed to leave until we’ve talked. He’s still looking down. He’s wearing his baseball cap, backwards, as normal. There are a few tendrils of his wavy dark hair sticking out. I want to reach over and curl them around my index finger and tug on them gently. His boulder shoulders are sagging a bit. He moves his hands from under the table to the top. He sighs and I see his fingers are shaking. I reach over to him and put my hand within reach of his. I softly ask, “How are you?” He shrugs and I hear him sniffle back a tear. “Jake…” I hope he’d look up, but he doesn’t. With a bit more force, I say, “Jake, it would help if you looked at me.” He slowly lifts his head and his face is puffy and red. I instinctively reach for his hand. He does not pull away. My thumb rubs against his knuckles tenderly. He lets out another sigh and glances up to me. I crack a smile. “Hey, how are you?” He quietly says, “Well, you know…” then fades to silence. “Um, actually…” I whisper the next part do I don’t sound too much like a douche, “no, I don’t.” I grip his hand a bit firmer. I lean to him and say, “You see, my wonderfully great, outstandingly funny, monster of a boyfriend is going through a really rough patch, but he won’t talk to me or let me in to help him.” His eyes glisten over. “I’ve tried calling, texting, yelling, cuddling, waiting…but he…” now it’s my turn to well up. “I don’t know if he loves me anymore…” I feel a tear roll down my cheek. I glance away, then look back. He’s looking at me, his green eyes sad and forlorn. I feel him put his other hand on top of mine. “He does.” Is said very quietly. “And he wants you back, but isn’t sure if he’s ready…or if you’ll have him given everything that he’s done…or not done.” I grip his hands, rub them again, and am determined to make some headway with our situation. He’s still…‘fragile’ doesn’t seem accurate, but I cannot really place his emotional state. I’m happy to hear he still loves me, but am not happy with being shut out at a time when he needed me most. I get that everyone deals with the loss of a loved one in different ways, but excluding your boyfriend, who only wants to help and support you, is upsetting. There are other choice words, that I’m sure Johnny would use, but those won’t help me right now. I look at Jake, he’s worn out, exhausted, depressed. I roll an idea over in my head and decide to toss it out and see what he says. I squeeze his hand again, and begin, “Hey lover-boy,” He looks up into my blue eyes, “what say you and I blow this popsicle stand, and go to the pond for a bit? I raise an eyebrow to him. I see the slightest of grins. “You, me, the wildlife, and the chilly wintery afternoon.” A slight nod. “There is one thing…and you must agree to this, or it’s off.” He pulls back just a bit, but I grip him and don’t let him move further. Now for the make-or-break condition, “You need to talk to me. I want to know what’s going on up in that pretty head of yours.” He sighs. I react and quietly say, “Jake, man, I love you. I want to help, but you gotta let me in. I’m not asking for full access in our first sitting, but let me help you…please…” my voice fades and I release his hands. I keep mine on the table, because now it’s his move. He sits back, slumps in the booth, and turns to look out the window at the encroaching gray afternoon. His chest expands and contracts with his heavy breathing. A minute later, he turns to me and softly says, “Ok.” My face brightens and I want to lean over and kiss him, but I keep my hands where they are and sit still. I need him to make the first move. He slowly moves his left hand to my right. He turns his hand over and slides it under mine, we join them together and I feel him apply some pressure. I smile and return it. He smiles a bit. I turn to the table with Steve, CK, and Tiny. They all look at me with smiles and hope. I nod slightly. They all exhale at the same time. Steve and CK ‘high-five’ each other. Tiny slips off his chair and comes over to us. I raise a finger of caution and he comes to stop. I slip off the bench, walk to him, and squat down. “Tiny, I’m very happy you got Monster to come.” I give him a hug. As I lean back, I continue in a more serious voice, “He and I have a lot of stuff to work thru. It’s going to be a long road for us.” He nods with understanding, but I hope he knows what I mean. I look over the twins and give them a nod. They nod back. They get it. I stand and lead Tiny to Jake. “Jake,” He turns to look at me. I see some color has returned to his face. “I’m going to head to the condo and put on some warmer clothes.” I check my watch and say, “The pond in an hour.” He looks at his, turns back to me, smiles and winks. I turn and start to head out. I see the waiter coming towards me. He frowns and asks, “Everything ok?” I clap him on the shoulder and happily say, “Yes sir, I think I just got my boyfriend back.” I turn and see his brothers are in the booth with him, but he is watching me. I wink, turn, and walk out. I get home, check the forecast, and decide on some winter boots, a heavier coat, gloves, and a knit hat. I also fill a Yeti thermos with some hot water and grab some tissues. As I head over, I’m singing along to a Death Cab for Cutie song on the radio. I take my time and don’t speed thru town. I know where the local speed traps are. I get to the entrance to the estate and enter the code. The gate slides open and I slow drive up the road. The view is very different from the spring. All the Maples, Oaks, Willows, and Birch trees have lost their leaves. Only the Pines and Yews have foliage. I can see for quite a distance in all directions, but the pond is out of view. I see some deer in a meadow on the right side of the drive. They look so peaceful and at ease munching on the dying grass. I pull into the caretaker’s house and see Jake’s pickup. The garage door is open. I go up to the door and knock. I don’t want to be presumptuous and just walk in. I wait for a minute and knock again. I hear his boots on the steps. A moment later the door swings open and there he is, my rugged mountain man. All bundled up in a dark gray Carhatt Yukon winter jacket, which looks snug on him. Matching gloves and Brown Timberland Greenstride original Waterproof boots, size 13. He’s got a knit scarf and is pulling on his ever-present baseball cap, brim to the back, a few tendrils of his wavy dark hair sticking out the front. He’s shaved and trimmed up his beard. I smell his Old Spice body spray, through all the layers of clothes. I feel a twitch and want to jump him right now, rip everything off him and well…, but realize that won’t happen for a while. We have too much baggage to work thru. I feel underdressed in my Under Armour Legacy Sherpa jacket. But I did put on a pair of long underwear to keep everyone nice and warm down below. Guessing Jake did the same. He’s got a backpack slung over his right shoulder. It’s bulky, so I guess he has a blanket in it and some other stuff. He catches me staring and winks. I blush. I jokingly say, “Just like the first time, in the woods, so long ago…” He smiles and I can tell he is thinking back to the day. He nods and moves to join me in the garage. He pulls the door shut and we head out of the garage. He punches the code in and shuts the door. I lock my car and we head out. As we head across the road to the path, I stretch my left hand out and he takes it in his right. I just hold it and let him make the first move to squeeze. He does and I sigh to myself. We walk the beaten path and watch rabbits, field mice, deer, and birds scatter as we near them. We get to the pond about 10 minutes later and the one thing that strikes me right away, is the lack of critter noise. If this were summer or even early fall, we’d be hearing frogs, crickets, owls, and doves all singing their songs. Now, it’s just the wind blowing thru the bare trees. We sit on the wooden bench, Jake to my left, as usual. I sit close to him, but leave some space. I pull out the thermos and pour some warm water into the lid. I offer it to him and he takes a sip. I do as well. We sit for a bit and I feel the cold breeze at my back. It tickles the exposed portion of my neck. He starts off by very quietly saying, “I’m sorry. It’s the best I can offer right now.” I let the words flow over me. He squeezes my hand. “Nona…was everything to me…even when we were not getting along…” I think back to the first time I met her. Her presence and demeanor would make the strongest person quiver. She ruled the estate with an iron fist and Jake was definitely intimidated by her. He cowered and submitted to her demands, even though he has one of the strongest personalities I know. “For a number of years that I worked at the estate with her, I was not living my life as I wanted, and I resented her for that. I thought she was embarrassed by my being gay, but it went deeper than that.” I sit and listen to him open up, gaining a profounder respect for his relationship with Nona. “You know, it wasn’t until I met you and saw how open and…free…you were with being gay, that I decided to have a talk with her.” I turn to look at him and see his misty green eyes looking at me. I see gratitude and a hint of a smile. I gently say, “Everyone’s situation is different.” He nods. “I was out for years, like you, but was not…hindered…by my family.” He gives me a little shrug of his shoulders. “Not to say, you lived in a cave, but from what you’ve told me, you kind of kept being gay to a ‘need to know’ basis cuz you lived in such a small town.” He looks at the ground and nods. “Jake…” He looks at me again. “You saw were I lived. Nobody gives a fuck if you are gay, straight, bi, or painted green with bright blue hair.” He laughs at the image. “I dated hot men, ugly men, women who dressed like men, men who dressed liked women, and some other very weird people, but you know what we all had in common?” He nods his head up and down and says, “You didn’t give a rat’s ass what people thought.” “Exactly.” I squeeze his hand. “I get small town life, even if I never lived it. Everyone knows everyone. Everyone is in everyone else’s business and won’t hesitate to gossip and spread rumors, just for fuck’s sake.” He cracks another smile. He says, “I had to live the ‘I’m gay, everyone knows it, but we don’t talk about it’ life, and I think that’s what bothered Nona so much.” He sighs. “When I confronted her, we had quite a stare down and I let it out that I’d been with plenty of guys in town and there were quite a few who nobody suspected were gay, or at least like to walk on the ‘wild side’ every so often.” I raise an eyebrow with a ‘do tell’ look. He sees it, cracks another smile, and shakes his head. “Maybe later.” I smile. “That’s the day we really turned a corner, gaining a deeper respect for each other. She said she’d try to be more accepting of my lifestyle, and quite honestly…” he goes silent and I see a few tears form, he whispers, “she was…” He sniffles back some tears and snot. I pull a tissue out and hand it to him. He turns and blows. I put my hand on his muscled thigh and give it a squeeze, not making a dent, but getting my point across. “At least you had the chance to clear the air with her and start a new chapter.” He smiles and says, “The dinner you came over for,” I nod, “was the first time she’d allowed me to bring a ‘friend’”, he airs quotes the word, “over. She went out of her way to make you feel comfortable. I knew she still wasn’t crazy about the idea, but after dinner…” I remember how that night ended, “she could see how much we cared for each other, and she told me as much.” He goes quiet and looks out over the partially frozen pond. I look as well and see snowflakes have begun to fall. It’s very light at this point. Jake reaches into his backpack and pulls out a dark green blanket and spreads it out over both our legs. I pour more warm water into the Yeti lid and offer it to him. He takes another gulp and so do I. He reaches his right arm around my shoulders and lets it sit there. He’s letting me know it’s now my turn to make a move. He’s made the effort and has opened up to me, more than I expected, for which I am grateful, but I know we still have a way to go. I inch closer to him. His arm comes down on my right shoulder and I feel him pull me a bit closer. He can feel his body relax and he sighs. I rub his leg again. We sit and watch the snow start to fall a bit harder, but make no move to go back to the house. He says, “Nona loved the winter. Decorating for the holidays, having family parties, and just watching the seasons turn. She’d sit in the sunroom on a snowy day for hours, just watching the snow accumulate. I’d want to go out and plow and shovel, but she’d say, ‘There’s no one at the estate, it can wait, come sit with me.’ We’d sit and she’d talk about my Pappy and the life they lived.” He’s smiling and just looking out over the meadow. “This place was their life for so long…” his voice cracks. I rub his leg as he pulls me closer to him. “I knew it was, but to me, they were a maid and a gardener.” I sigh knowing where he's headed. “When my dad asked me to help out when Pappy died, my first thought was, ‘I’m a glorified gardener and my life is over.’” “Oh Jake…” “I know now…but five or six years ago…man, I wanted to finish college, get my degree, continue to work out and do fitness competitions, but it was put on hold, again…” I hand him another tissue. “I guess that’s where I started to rebel a bit against Nona…meeting guys as I did jobs around town. I’d have some quickies during the day when I should have been working. She knew.” I laugh, knowing he’s right, “She always knew. When we had the talk, she brought it up, not throwing it in my face, but letting me know she knew and how upset she was that I took advantage of my job to do it.” He leans back, tilts his head back as he looks up into the snow. “I guess that’s when I realized what the job really meant to her and to Pappy too. People in town didn’t think we were better than they were, but we were the ones who took care of ‘the estate’.” He snorts and laughs. “Nona always called it ‘the estate’. It was never the big house or anything else, always ‘the estate’. Now I get it.” He goes silent. There is a calm with the snow falling and the fading light. We continue to sit. After a while, he hugs me again and asks, “Ready to head back?” I nod. We get up and shake the snow off ourselves. He folds up the blanket and puts it back in the backpack. He reaches his left hand out to me and I take it. We get back to the caretaker’s house, I guess it’s his place now, and shed our wet, snow-covered coats and outer wear in the garage. We head inside and he turns on the TV and flips to the local news, looking for the forecast. It comes on and they say the storm should dump 8 to 10 inches overnight, then be gone by morning. He turns and asks, “Want to stay here? It may better than trying to drive home over partially plowed roads.” I know he’s only concerned for my safety, which I appreciate, but I need to take a stand at this point. I mull it over for another minute and say, “Yes, I’ll stay, but on one condition.” He raises an eyebrow and gives me a snarky smile. I see it, let out an audible sigh and sarcastically say, “Just the opposite big guy.” He gives me a confused look. I take his hands in mine and explain, “The condition is, we stay in separate bedrooms.” I wait for the fallout, but he is silent, just staring at me. “I still love you, Jake, but I don’t feel right about sleeping together at this point.” I whisper, “I hope you understand.” I release his hands. He immediately pulls me into a hug. His big strong arm clenching my body to his. I can smell his sweat and body spray. I force myself to think other thoughts so I don’t pop a woody. After a minute he releases me. We look at each other and he tenderly says, “Cole…given all I’ve put…” he pauses, thinks, and quietly says, “I understand.” I breathe a sigh of relief. He then says with the confidence I know him to have, “I hope one day, we can get back to the way we were.” I smile. “I know it will take time, and that you have set up boundaries to protect both of us. I respect that.” He hugs me again. He leans back and has a sneaky smile on his face. “Who’s making dinner?” I laugh, pat his muscular chest, and say, “Your house. I’m just a guest.” I turn and head to an oversized wing-back chair with a yellow and red floral print on it. I sit, grab the remote, and casually say, “Let me know when dinner’s ready Monster.” I look at the TV, but shift my eyes toward him. I see him smile, shake his head, and head to the kitchen. I turn the sound up a bit as he starts to rattle some pots and pans. Twenty minutes later, I smell some very flavorful aromas wafting thru the air. I hear him pull out some plates and silverware. I get up and go help. He gently pushes me away and says, “No, no, no…you’re the guest. I’m the host.” I put my hands up and take a step back. “Dinner will be ready in 5 minutes. Not sure if you’d like to go freshen up.” I see him give me the once over. I nod and head to the bathroom. I run some warm water, dampen a cloth, and quickly wash my face, neck, and hands. I emerge feeling relaxed. Jake’s moving platters and pots to trivets on the table. I help and he does not stop me. We sit to eat. I ask, “May I say a few words of thanks? I know we’re not the most religious guys in the world, but I’d like to get some things off my chest.” I see some tears forming in his eyes. He nods slightly. I close my eyes and say, “To whatever omni-present being is watching over us, I want to thank you for bringing Jake into my life. I also want to thank you for bringing Nona and the rest of his family into my life. The pain I was going thru before I met this man was palatable. I didn’t want to continue.” I feel Jake’s maw of a hand cover mine and squeeze. “You stepped in using Chuck, who allowed me to come to this Eden of a sanctuary to heal myself. The month I spent repairing my body and mind, and finding real love for the first time, changed my live and my direction.” I sniffle a bit. “Jake’s family has been wonderful to me. My relationship with Nona grew and flourished. I’m a bit upset you took her away from us.” He squeezes my hand again. “I’m hoping she’s found peace and is with Pappy.” I open my eyes to see tears spilling down his face. “Did Nona tell you what she said to me when I was alone with her in the hospital?” He shakes his head ‘no’. “Oh…” I quietly say, “She told me to be there for you, regardless of hard you tried to push me away.” I glance up to him. “I tried Jake. I really tried…But you pushed me away harder. For weeks, I…” He quietly interrupts me and says, “Cole, it’s ok…” Tears well up in my eyes and start to fall. “I know I pushed you away. I’m sorry.” He squeezes my hand again. “You want to know what she told me that same day?” I smile and nod. “I know she told you she’d clear the clouds from head and explain what Tiny’s message meant, you know, ‘He’s the one’.” I nod. “Well, she also told me she approved of you and thought you were the perfect guy for me.” Tears just flow down my face. “She also said she knew she was dying and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it. That hurt me…so…much.” He gets choked up. He takes a sip of water and a few deep breaths. “Like you, I’ve never been the most religious person out there, but I felt that God, or who-ever is in charge, yanked a rug out from under me for absolutely no reason, but to fuck with my life.” Now it’s my turn to squeeze his hand and let him know I am here for him. “I looked down at her that day and knew she was not coming out of that room…alive…Cole, it killed me. Here I am, 6’1”, 230lbs of muscle and bravado, but I couldn’t help my 95lb grandmother in her time of need. I felt…useless…I retreated and…” Now it’s my turn to interrupt, “Jake, it’s ok.” We’re both flushed and red. “I know it’s no consolation, but she knew her time was coming. I think…she had made…peace with it. And, we’ve started on our path back to each other.” He quickly nods in agreement. I look to the sky and jokingly say, “Well, omni-present being, what else you want to throw at us?” The lights go out. Jake says, “Really Cole. You just HAD to challenge him?” He starts to laugh as do I. ** Two weeks later *** It’s a few days before Christmas and I’m debating on whether to travel to Philly to spend the holidays with my family or stay in upstate NY with Jake. Over the past few weeks, he’s really opened up and talked about how Nona’s death impacted him. We are back to talking every day. We’ve taken quite a few trips to the pond. This seems to be the best spot for him. We’re away from prying eyes and he can let his feelings come out. I always bring extra tissues and a thermos of warm water. The snow has continued to accumulate and there is a good 2 feet on the frozen ground. Gratefully my Volvo is AWD and his pickup is front wheel drive. I’m back to work and back to the gym. He’s back to the gym and has been interviewing people to help him out at the estate. His parents sit in on the interviews. Jake wants to get someone on board before the New Year, so he can start the training. He’s still looking to step away but knows it’s his job until suitable replacements can be found. He heard from my old company that a family will be up for the holidays, from December 21 thru January 2. We both know this means a lot of his time will be spent preparing the big house and making sure everything is in tip top shape. I’ve offered to help, but he declines, and lets me know he appreciates my offer. I have not moved back in with him, nor has he moved in with me. We are ‘okay’ with still living apart. We’re closer, don’t get me wrong, but until we both feel the time is right, we agreed to live apart. This also means we have not slept together. Trust me on this on, it’s getting tougher for me to keep my thoughts and hands off him. His body is back into his normal shape: muscular, toned, and hard as granite. He keeps his hair and beard trimmed. The dark circles are gone from under his eyes. We are back to working out together and sometimes Steve, CK, or Tiny will join us. With Tiny’s pee-wee football over, Jake makes special trips to his parents’ house and takes Tiny out on Saturdays or Sundays to give his parents a break. Usually, it’s just the two of them doing stuff, but occasionally they will invite me along. These days almost always involve snowball fights, building forts or snowmen, or sledding down the larger hills on the estate. If I’m not invited, I will try to explore the surrounding area, for both work and personal knowledge. It’s December 19th and my mom has called for the third time in two days to see if I’m coming down or not. I keep putting her off but know a decision will need to be made. I send Jake a text and ask him if he’ll be free tonight. I want to talk to him about it, prior to making my decision. I don’t hear from him right away, which I take to mean he’s busy cleaning and getting the big house ready for the guests in a few days. I get back to work. Funny how busy we’ve been in the last few weeks. Lots of work to be done on the properties we manage. Gratefully, our maintenance staff does a wonderful job. Around 2 I get a text from Jake. He says he’s sorry and that he’s been running around the estate getting last minute items cleaned up. He says he can meet up for dinner, if it’s at the caretaker’s house and doesn’t take too long. I respond, “Ok, I can grab some food from the diner? Want me to bring a change of clothes and help you out?” I look at me response once I’ve sent it. I wonder if I’m over-stepping any boundaries wanting to help? A minute later he sends back a thumbs up and smiley face emoji. He then says all the work will be around the house and pool area. This gives me an idea of what to grab, clothes-wise. 5:30 later I’m pulling up to the big house. His pickup is parked in the circle. I see debris in the bed and some boxes near the front door. I go in and hear the vacuum running in the dining room. I see he has decorated the house for Christmas. He’s got lights on the indoor plants, Poinsette’s, and Christmas Cacti spread around the floors and table. There are nick-nack decorations on tables and the stairway going up to the bedrooms has a couple large Nutcrackers. There is garland wound around the banister. I step into the kitchen area and can see a twenty-foot Vermont White Spruce in the sunken living room. It’s completely decorated and has white lights on it. I see a 6-point star at the top. I walk over and see it’s a real tree to boot. There is a dark green apron around the bottom of it with a silver interwoven pattern along the edge. I whistle to myself and think, ‘I came up at the wrong time of year.’ I see a mop in the kitchen and rags on the granite countertop. I grab a rag, a can of dust cleaner and move to the sunken living room. I start wiping down the end tables, leather sofa, and pictures. I grab a dry mop and sweep the hardwood floor. I also dust the walls and corners, removing any cobwebs. I move to the kitchen, wipe down all the counters, clean the glass cabinet doors and the brass pulls. I wipe the refrigerator, stove, and microwave. I see the dishwasher has been run. I put everything away. I check the inside of the fridge and freezer and they look fine. I hear the vacuum turn off, but Jake does not come out. I’m guessing he’s dusting and cleaning all the furniture in the room. I yell, “Hey Jake, I’m here. I cleaned the living room and am now in the kitchen.” He yells back, “Thanks. Be down in a bit.” I continue to clean. I move into the pantry and check the food for expiration dates. Everything seems ok. I wonder if the guests sent a list of food items they’d like to have. I make a mental note to ask Jake. As I’m bent over sweeping some dust bunnies into a dustpan, I hear a sexy growl behind me. Jake says in a low tone, “Nice ass. Bet you could bounce a quarter off it.” I flex the cheeks just to hear his reaction. He whistles. I stand up, turn, and see he’s wearing black nylon exercise shorts, a skintight dark green tank top, and Asics sneakers. There is a sheen of sweat covering his body. I feel a tingle down below but try to put those thoughts out of my mind. I stumble over my greeting, “Hey…” I see him give me the once over and smile. He takes a step closer and runs the fingers of his left hand thru my shaggy blonde hair. I’ve continued to let it grow out. Can almost put it into a ponytail but may need another month or so. His fingers feel good. The touch is not the same but hoping we can get back to it. “Nice to see you.” I nod. “Thanks for your help. I knew how much work there was to get the house ready for guests, but never really knew 'how much work there was’.” I pat his muscular forearm in agreement. “Not sure how she did it all by herself.” “Well, she had a fantastic grandson to help her.” I wink and he blushes. “Yeah, be that as it may, but it’s still a lot.” “Do you have much more to do tonight? I’ve got the food in the car. Wasn’t sure how long you’d be. I can run out and grab it if you want to eat here?” He waves me off, “No, no. Just about done in the house. The pool is closed, but the hot tub is still open. The workout room is good to go.” I can see him doing a mental checklist in his mind. He pauses and I say, “The house looks really nice. I love the tree and decorations.” He smiles and nods. I ask, “You do it all yourself?” He flinches a bit. “Well…” I think, ‘Here it comes.’. “Truth be told…Nona always had a service come in and do the decorating.” I chuckle. He smiles again and says, “Why mess with a sure thing? It only took them a few hours to get it all done. They also left me a set of instructions for the tree and a number if anything happens.” I pat his steel pecs and say, “I’m with you on that one. Anyway, they do a great job.” He nods. “If you’re good for the night, want to head down and have dinner?” “Absolutely. I’m starving.” We head out. He locks up the house and we take the short drive down. After we park, he opens the garage door, and we head in. I stop dead in my tracks. He takes a few more steps then, stops and turns to me. He has a puzzled look on his face. I quietly say, “Jake, you have not decorated?” He sighs a very heavy sigh. I walk to him, wrap my arms as far around his back as I can, and give him a hug. He easily wraps his arms around me and hugs me back. I hear him sniffle a bit. His voice is trembling, but he says, “I wanted to Cole, I really did, but…I couldn’t.” I hug him tighter. “The memories of her are in each ornament, wreath, or string of lights. I had gotten a box or two out of the basement and was looking thru them, but…” I try to console him and gently say, “You should have called someone, Rose, Steve, me?” I take a chance tossing my name in the mix. “Any of us would have been here in a heartbeat to help you.” I hear him sniffle again and he breaks the hug. I look at his reddened eyes. “Jake, you’re not alone in this.” He nods. “Ok, you get the dinner ready. I have to use the men’s room. Give me a few minutes.” I head to the hall bath and shut the door. I quickly send Rose a note asking if she’s free tonight and can she come the house and help Jake do some decorating. I wait a minute or two and she responds that she’ll be there in half an hour. I send a thumbs up and heart emoji. I flush the toilet and wash my hands. I head to the kitchen and see he’s plated up the food. We sit and begin to eat. He asks, “So why did you want to meet up? You had a question?” Now it’s my turn to be tentative. “Well…my mom has been texting me to see if I’m coming to Philly for Christmas…” I glance at him. He eyes look sad. I say, “I haven’t given her an answer because I didn’t know where we were…” I move my left hand between the two of us “and I didn’t know if you wanted some alone time with your family.” I look away, but when I look back, he’s still staring at me. I see a few tears on his cheeks. He reaches his right out to my left one and softly says, “You’d give up Christmas with your family…to stay with…me…after everything?” I shrug my shoulders with indecision. “Cole, I don’t know if I have the right to ask you to stay.” I say, “That’s just it…If you asked me to stay with here with you…I would.” We both go silent. “I know this year will be hard for you. I want to be here for you…if you want me to be here…for you.” I’m rambling and repeating myself. I need to shut up. He sniffles again, then says, “If you’re asking…then, yes, please stay. I’d love for you to be here.” I feel his hand grip mine tighter and a weight leaves my heart and shoulders. He lightens the mood by saying, “Plus, I’m sure Tiny would be very upset if you were not here.” I roll my eyes and sarcastically say, “Yeah, I’m sure.” Knowing he is probably half right. The rest of dinner takes a much lighter tone. He asks me about how my family celebrates the holiday. I go into detail about some of the Patterson traditions. Some he enjoys, some make him cringe. I laugh at both and say, “Ok, wise guy. I’ve told you mine, you tell me some of yours.” Just as he’s about to begin, we hear some cars pull into the driveway. Doors open and shut. There’s a half knock at the door from the garage and it opens. Rose steps in with Tiny and CK behind her. Tiny is all bundled up in his dark gray winter jacket and knit hat. He starts shedding layers as he walks toward us. CK puts a hand on his shoulder and pulls him to a stop. He says, “Oy, Tiny, what do you think you’re doing?” He motions to the dropped winter outerwear on the floor. “Pick it up.” Tiny lets out a heavy sigh and does what he’s told. Rose and CK just shake their heads. Jake looks at me with suspicious eyes and asks, “What’s this about?” I forwardly say, “You need to decorate this house. These guys know how it should look. Ergo, I asked them to come over.” Jake looks sad, but excited. I move to him, put a hand on his shoulder and quietly ask, “I hope I did not overstep.” He mists up, wraps his arm around my waist, and pulls me close as he softly says, “No.” He watches his siblings mill around the kitchen getting glasses of water and a few beers. “Thank you.” He walks out of the kitchen toward the hall bath. While he is gone, I clap my hands together and say, “Ok kids, let’s get some boxes out and put some holiday spirit into this room.” They all smile and nod. “CK, tree, real or fake?” He looks at me with a dull expression, “Look around Colester. Do you think Nona would actually allow a fake tree into this house?” I concede the point, nod to him and say, “Ok. You’re on tree duty.” I check my watch. “You have 45 minutes to get one.” He looks at me blankly, “Don’t care how, don’t care where…get a move on CK.” I jokingly point to my watch, “Time’s a wasting…” He gives me a mock salute and heads for the door, picking up Tiny on the way. “You’re with me little man.” “But I want to stay with Monster and Cole.” Tiny whines. “Yeah, yeah, and I want to be on a beach in Florida. We don’t always get what we want.” He stops, collects Tiny’s outer wear and is out the door. After they’ve left, Rose comes to me and gives me a hug. “Everything ok?” She asks. I shrug my shoulders. She quietly asks, “Getting better, I hope?” she has a slight smile on her face. I put my fingers about a quarter inch apart and nod. She smiles and hugs me again. Jake comes back from the bathroom. “Where’d Tiny and CK go?” “To get a tree.” I respond. “The three of us will get started with everything else.” I turn the TV to the holiday music channel and turn it up. We all smile and sing the refrain to Holly Jolly Christmas with Burl Ives. We spend the next half hour getting nutcrackers of all sizes and colors out of individual boxes and putting them around the room. There are strands of garland which line the mantle over the fireplace. Smaller nutcrackers are placed in the open areas as are some blue and silver Christmas balls. We put a pinecone wreath on the front door and candles in the windows. Nona was up to date as I see the candles are on timers. I let Jake mess with that and get them synced up. As Rose and Jake are getting more boxes out, I heat up some milk and grab a box of hot chocolate mix from the cupboard. I spy some mini-marshmallows and get them out too. I get a text from CK that they are on their way back. I yell down for them to bring up the tree stand. The bring it up with a dark blue skirt which has a silver fringe. Jake and I move the furniture around so the tree can be placed in the sunroom in middle of the window. Rose is getting the tree decorations ready to go. I pull out a string of white LED lights and plug them in to make sure they are still working. Jake gets the outdoor lights out and plugs a few strands in to make they still work. He sees one or two lights are out and lets out a disgruntled grunt. We are knee deep in lights and decorations when we hear CK’s truck pull back into the driveway. Tiny comes bursting thru the door with snowflakes in this hair and on his jacket. He’s dropping gloves and coats as he runs across the hard wood kitchen floor, making a B-line for Jake. Due to his clothes and boots, he doesn’t jump, but wraps his hands around Jake’s waist. Jake rubs his head with affection. CK comes thru the door, looks at me, and sarcastically says, “Lost my elf, care to help?” I nod and laugh. I walk out and see the tree in the back of the truck. “How much?” I ask. He waves me off. “Dude, tell me or I just VENMO you what I think it costs.” He tells me. I’m not entirely shocked, but not surprised. I pull my phone out and send him the money. We carry it in, get it into the base, make sure it’s secure, then let Jake and Tiny cut the string holding it bound up. As the boughs fall and settle, I see the tree is a Northern blue spruce, about 9 feet tall and 6 feet across. It is still a foot or two from the ceiling, so we’re ok there. Rose grabs a watering can of water and fills the base. We get the lights and a step ladder. Jake climbs the ladder and starts winding the lights around the tree. CK suggests we just spin the tree. We laugh but try it. We’re done in a matter of minutes. 45 minutes later, we’re done, except for the star. Rose pulls out a metal silver painted 5-point star which is bejeweled with sparkly do-dads (yeah, real technical terms). She hands it to Jake, and I see a tear run down his cheek. I move to steady the step ladder. He climbs up, put the star on and just looks at it for a few seconds. He descends and I see some more tears. I pull him in a for another hug. He hugs me back. Then I feel more arms around us. We’re in a group hug. I feel Tiny’s hands around my waist and his face in my lower back. We break the hug, step back and admire the tree. I say, “It looks great. Nona would be happy.” Jake slips his left arm around my waist, pulls me to him and gently says, “Yes, she would.” Then I feel him turn and he kisses my cheek. I blush and feel a rush of blood go south. I want to turn and pull him into a hug and kiss him all over his masculine bearded face and wrap my arms around his neck and hold him close. But I break his hold, and quickly announce, “Anyone want hot chocolate with marshmallows?” I don’t know if I’m ready yet. I walk to the kitchen with Tiny on my heels. I carefully pour him a full mug and let him put the marshmallows in. He grabs a spoon and stirs it around. He wanders to the table and sits down to let it cool. Half an hour later, we dim the lights in the sunroom and admire the white lights as they dance on the windows and glass ceiling. Rose says the tree is beautiful and we all nod in agreement. CK speaks up and says Nona would be happy with it. Jake reaches for my hand, grasps it, and squeezes. I squeeze it back. Tiny asks where the presents are. We all laugh, and Rose explains they will be there Christmas morning. His siblings pack up and take off. Jake and I sit on the sofa and look at the tree and watch the snowflakes fall outside. I carefully mention, “I hope they all get home safely.” Jake puts his paw of a hand on my thigh, grips it, and confidently says, “They will. We all grew up learning how to drive in the snow. This is nothing for CK and Rose, unlike you ‘city-folk’ who get scared of a few flakes.” I turn and see he has a grin on his face. “And on that note, I’m heading up.” “You sure you don’t want to stay here for just a bit longer?” I turn to see him looking at me longingly. His green eyes are both sad and excited at the same time. He pats the sofa, then rubs the cushion. I bite my lower lip and look from side to side. “I promise I won’t bite.” He cracks half a smile. I really want to sit and feel his strong, loving arm around my shoulder, but I’m not sure we’re ready. I don’t know… My hesitation is very clear to him. “It’s ok Cole.” There’s a sadness in his voice. “I understand it will take time for us to get back to where we were. I was hoping tonight would be a step.” I smile, nod, and quietly say, “It has Monster, it has.” I walk to him, lean down, and kiss his bearded cheek. I inhale his mixed musk of sweat and Old Spice. I put my hand on the back of the sofa and push off and away from him. His face looks content. I head up to my room. I get changed, finish in the bathroom, and lay on my bed. I stare at the ceiling. I wonder to myself, ‘How long is a good question.’ I sigh. ‘We’re taking it slow. He’s talking to me every day about how he feels, what his emotions are, and the weight of running the estate.’ I turn over. ‘Have I been fair to him? He’s done what I asked, why am I hesitating to be with him?’ I hear his size 13’s on the stairs, then the hallway. He pauses at my closed door. I can almost feel him looking at me thru the door. I feel a tear in my eye. I miss him so much, but I want to be sure. He moves on to his room. I hear his door shut. I start to overthink it, ‘What if my not being with him is causing him more pain. He wants to be with me, he’s made it clear, but how far do I let it go the first time. All the way, halfway?’ Next thing I know, I’m out the door and down the darkened hallway. I stand in front of his door and put my hand on the knob. My other hand is on the wood panel. I let my head slowly lean to the door and press against it. I stand there for a minute taking some deep breaths. I softly knock once, then turn the knob. His room is dark. I see him on the bed, under the sheets, but with his arms behind his head as he stares at the ceiling. He looks to me, his face showing the slightest sign of happiness. I move to the bed and slide under the sheets next to him. He slides his right arm around my shoulder. I lean my head back into his unflexed bicep and smile as I remember the feeling of my head on his muscle. I put my left hand on his upper thigh and pat him. We slide down the bed a bit and I turn my body, so I am facing him. I drape my right arm over his chest, as I have done many times, and let it rest on his hairy pecs. Our breathing comes into sync. He whispers, “Thank you.”, then we fade out. I stir the next morning and feel I have turned away from him. I am on my right side, but feel his left arm draped over my ribs, holding my body to his. I slowly open my eyes, but do not make an attempt to move. His breathing is deep and paced. I stay still and enjoy the moment. I glance to the clock and see it is still quite early. I don’t need to be at work for a while. I put my left hand on top of his and let it rest, feeling his warm hirsute forearm. His legs twist a bit, and he starts to roll to the other side of the bed. I release his arm and it slides off me. I feel him turn over. I slowly turn to face his muscular back. I notice he’s letting his hair grow out too. I put my fingers into his hair and gently play with some of the curls. I let my fingers run along the nape of his neck and down to his shoulders. My hand comes to rest, and I start to think, ‘I hope this is the right thing, for both of us. I hope it’s not too soon.’. I awaken again and realize I am flat on my back. Jake’s arm is across my mid-section, pinning me to the bed. The covers are strewn around the bed. There are none on his side and the ones on my side are only covering my legs. I glance as his body and watch his godly naked body sleep, hoping he will be boyfriend again. He snores a bit, then slowly wakes. I watch his eyes flutter open slowly. He stares at the ceiling, then tentatively turns his head to me. I wink at him, and he smiles. I say, “Morning.”, and smile. “Hey.” He turns his body toward me and reaches his left hand for my head. His hand slides along my cheek, then to my ear. His fingers play with my hair, and he smiles again. “I miss this.” He says softly. I nod in agreement. I take his wrist in my hand, pull it from the back of my head, and to my lips. I softly kiss it. His skin is soft. I hold it to my face and let the heat warm me. He doesn’t make any move to pull away. We continue to stare at each other. I wonder what he’s thinking and I’m sure he’s doing the same of me. I make the first move, and lean up, “I hate to do this, but I need to get a shower and ready for work.” He nods, but I see a sadness in his eyes as our moment is ending. My heart sinks. I slowly lower myself back onto the bed and snuggle closer to him. I put my arm over his chest and pull him a bit closer to me. He sighs with appreciation. I kiss his cheek and intertwine my legs with his. “Maybe I can call out today, because of the snow.” He smiles, moves closer, and kisses my forehead. I move my right hand from his chest to his face. I turn his face toward me. When we’re looking eye to eye, I lean to him and kiss him on the lips. No force, just a simple kiss. My moist lips touch his warm ones. I close my eyes and let my mind drift thru all the times we’ve done this. I can feel my heart beat a bit faster. I groan to myself. I’ve missed my man. I feel him slide his right arm under my armpit and he pulls me closer. The kiss does not increase in pressure or force, he just wants me closer to him. I decide to take the next step. I release my right hand, break the kiss, and untangle my legs. His face shows disappointment at my sudden disengagement. I surprise him by twisting my body around. I throw my right leg over his waist, then use my arms to pull me up so I am straddling his midsection. I look down and see his excited green eyes looking back at my clear blue ones. He moves his hands to my hips and lets them sit there. I start to lean down onto his body. I know my added weight won’t cause him any issues. We are lying chest to chest. His naked steel plate pecs with pointy, sensitive nipples are poking into the t-shirt I’m wearing. I move my face closer to his. I take a deep breath and move in for the kill, so to speak. We kiss, gently at first, but then I increase the pressure. I feel his hands move from my hips to my back. He hugs me to him. I moan at the feeling I’ve missed for too long. I exhale into his mouth. He takes it in, then breaths back into mine. I move my hands to his hair and let my fingers run thru his curls, feeling the softness of them. I feel his hands move to match mine. He runs his fingers thru mine, curling my blonde hair in his strong fingers. We continue to kiss. I pull his head up to mine, increasing the force of my kissing. He reciprocates. I feel a low groan emanate from his midsection. As it comes out of his mouth, he squeezes me tighter. This sensation causes my unit to twitch. I’d been very careful up until now, but the feeling of his body warming up and his hands wandering over mine, caressing my back and ass, pushes all the right buttons in me. A woody starts to form. I break our kiss and push myself upright, using Jake’s chest as a push off point. He smiles at me, and I can tell he’s felt my hard-on. As I sit on his waist, I can feel his unit has hardened a bit too. I give him a snarky smile and think to myself, ‘Well this is a fine pickle you’ve gotten yourself into. Where do you go next?’ I look down at his green eyes, bedhead hair, neatly trimmed beard, and prominent jawline. My brain clicks. Next thing I know I’m shifting my hips backward and forward on his midsection. I brace my hands on his pecs and start to move a bit faster and apply more pressure. He rises to the occasion. I feel his hands move to my hips and take hold of me. I scoot back a few inches and am right on top of his steel pipe. I slow my pace and lean down again, taking his left nipple into my mouth. I let my tongue slather saliva on his hairy pec and then wrap it around the tip of the nipple. I lightly wiggle it left and right and feel Jake exhale a deep breath as he tries to calm himself. I purse my lips and suck his nip and some of the areola into my mouth. His skin is warm, the nipple firm. I dampen it with more moisture and then suck it off him violently, using my tongue. I rake my teeth across the area and suddenly feel his arms on my back as he hugs me tighter to him. He emits a loud moan and his body quivers. I release him and quietly ask, “You ok there, big guy?” He growls back to me, “Fuck yeah. Don’t stop!” I drop my head back to his nipple and start the process over again. I feel his left hand on the back of my head. He applies pressure and forces my mouth down onto him. I nibble him again and he shakes some more. His right-hand clenches the bedsheet and I know there is no way I can break his hold until he releases it. I go back to doing my thing. I lift my head and slide to the left to give his right nipple the same care. I also start to gyrate my hips some. He arches his back and his unit presses into my abs, thru more shirt. My unit is confined by my PJ bottoms, but is freely spewing pre-cum. I can feel the dampness and stickiness. As I rake my teeth over his nip and areola for the fourth or fifth time, I feel him move his hands to my lats to push me off him. His breathing is ragged, his chest is heaving, and sweat has formed on most of his naked body. I latch on to his lats in a futile attempt to stay connected to him, but his strength is too much. He just pushes a bit harder, and my mouth comes off him. I give him my best puppy eyed dog look and he winks at me. “Stand up.” He commands me. I climb off the bed and stand next to it. He gets up next and moves so we are chest to chest. He puts his hands on the bottom my t-shirt and lifts it up and off me. He looks at my bottoms and the obvious tent which has formed, then into my eyes. He cocks an eyebrow and looks down again. I get the message and quickly undo the drawstring, maneuver them over my unit, and let the fall to ground. He moves in, gives me a kiss, and softly says, “Very nice, Cole, very nice.” He kisses me again and I feel his left hand move and take hold of me. His grip is firm, and he begins a slow and steady motion. I grab him and match his movements. I one-up him by taking his left nipple in my right and start to twist and tug at it. He looks upward, closes his eyes, and starts to moan again. I move to kiss his exposed neck. His soft beard smells like the bed sheets and his musk. I nibble at his throat and lick this beard, coating him with more saliva. I feel like I’m marking my territory. He continues to moan and groan. I begin to feel pre-cum ooze out of him. He body tenses. I jerk him a few more times and try to twist off his nipple. He lets loose a roar which probably started in his gut. His body shakes violently, and he grips me a bit harder than he normally does to steady himself. I feel his load travel up his unit, under my fingers, then explode out of him and onto my abs. It feels like paint gun pellets hitting me in quick succession. As his load eases, he lowers his head, then grunts one or two times as I yank him to make sure every drop of cum is out. He bucks his hips to help me. I feel his warm cum start to slide down my abs toward my crotch. I glance down at it. He immediately says, “Don’t you worry buddy, I’ve got this.” He quickly moves his hands to my hips, squats down a few inches, then pushes upward, lifting me off the ground and tossing me back onto the bed. I land in the middle and immediately sink into the comforter. Jake is on me in a flash. He winks, then moves south. He grabs my unit in one hand and moves it out of the way. I feel his warm tongue on my abs as he licks and scoops his cum from my body into his mouth. He’s very adept at this and is done in a few seconds. Feeling his rough tongue on my body sends a shiver down my body. He feels it and when he finishes with his load, he moves my hardened unit to his mouth. He doesn’t play games. He simply opens his mouth and swallows me to the hilt. His nose hits my lower abs, and he pushes a bit harder, trying to get more of me into him. I suck in my gut and feel him move his hands under my ass. He grips my butt cheeks and pulls them upward, forcing more of me into him. Now it’s my turn to groan. I stretch my arms out to the sides and grip the comforter and sheets for dear life. Jake goes into autopilot mode. He starts bobbing his head up and down and a quick pace. His strong fingers kneed my glutes. I tightly close my eyes, trying very hard to extend this feeling and moment for as long as I possibly can. Then he does it. I didn’t even feel him spread my cheeks apart. His left middle finger massages my hole once or twice. I don’t even have time to get used to it. After the second swirl around the hole, he plunges it into me. I gasp and thrash my head from side to side. Now it’s my turn to try to get him off me. I attempt to squirm away, but he simply crooks the finger in my ass and pulls my body back to him. He picks up the pace of blowing my unit, which is now hitting the back of his throat with every downward push. His tongue is depositing copious amounts of saliva on me. I can feel some leak out of his mouth, down my hips, and onto the sheet below me. He plunges his finger all the way into me, swirls it around, buries his nose in my crotch, and sucks for all he’s worth. I cannot hold it any longer. I feel the lightning bolt shoot from my brain to my crotch. My balls feel like they are crawling into my body and my load empties from them. It travels the distance in what feels like years, but is only a few seconds. I let out a roar and feel my eyes roll into my head. My body convulses four times as each shot leaves me. Jake just keeps his lips attached to my unit. I hear him suck my cum up like a Dyson vacuum, and swallow it. He eases his finger out of my ass and slowly lowers my body to the bed. He moves up the bed and lays next to me, propped up on his right elbow. He smiles and moves to kiss me. As we kiss, I can taste my cum and the remnants of his on his lips. Our sweaty bodies lie on the sheets for what seems like eternity, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. His left hand is softly caressing my left thigh and hip. I stare at the ceiling. I turn to the left and look at him. He smiles and leans over to gently kiss me. He says, “That was nice.” I smile back. We kiss again. “I hope this is our new starting point.” I reach my right arm over to him and pull his body on top of mine. We kiss as his weight settles onto me. I quietly say, “I’ve missed you so much Jake. I was scared to make the first move.” He looks at me with confusion in his eyes. “Then last night, I heard you pause at my door. I could almost feel you looking at me thru the wall. My heart ached to be with you, but my brain was overthinking it.” I move to caress his sweaty back. “Next thing I knew, I was at your door, then in bed.” He smiles. “I want to be with you again, as your boyfriend, but I’m still scared you may shut me out again.” His face darkens. “I’m not sure…” I look away. “Cole.” I hesitate to look at him. He puts his hand on my cheek and with some gentle force, turns my head so I am looking at him. “I’m sorry for what I put you through. You saw the grief I was going thru. I have no excuses for what I did. I turned a deaf ear to Rose, and everyone else who told me to talk to you.” I feel a tear form. “I was scared of being with you, and scared of losing you, at the same time.” He takes a breath, rolls off me, and stares at the ceiling. “Nona was my rock, my conscience, my world.” The last part comes out as a whisper. “Yeah, we did not always see eye to eye, but I knew she loved me. To then lose her so quickly, and to hear her say she was ready…just…” His voice fades. I scoot back on the bed and sit against the headboard. I take his head into my hands and move it to my lap. I pat his shoulders and chest, letting him know I am here for him. “I knew you wanted to help, but I did not want you to see me as weak, someone who couldn’t cope with…” “Oh Jake,” I say pleadingly. “We all take the death of a loved one hard.” He takes a few deep breaths, and his chest expands and contracts. “I’d have been more scared if you hadn’t been mourning her.” I pat his body again. We stay silent for a few minutes. I try not to overthink it. ‘I’m back with my boyfriend, he still loves me as much as I love him. Christmas is around the corner.’ “Shit.” I say out of shock. “What?!” “I need to call my mom and let her know I won’t be down.” “Is that going to be a problem? If it is, I think you should go.” I caress his hair. “I’ll be here, waiting for you.” “No, I made my decision to stay with you. I’m sticking with it. Explaining it won’t be an issue, but the guilt she’ll try to put on me, will be.” I groan in my head and about the conversation and how it will go. I pat his shoulders and say, “Ok, now I really do need to get up and get moving. I’ve got a lot to do, and only a few days to get it done.” “Or…we could stay in bed and enjoy this snow day with some really hot sex.” He says as he turns over and takes ahold of my stiffening unit. He wiggles his bushy eyebrows and rolls his tongue inside his mouth. His hand feels great on me, but I need to get moving. I put my hand on his bearded cheek and softly say, “Later today, I promise.” He grudgingly let’s go of me. I slide to the edge of the bed and then off. I turn to see him watching me leave. I flex my glutes. “Not funny Patterson. I’ll get you back for that.” The day flies by. I made it back to my condo without incident. I got to work, late, but made it. I explained I was not used to driving in the snow. They bought the excuse, this time. I text Jake a few times to make sure he’s doing ok. He gets back to me when he’s able. I’m sure he still has quite a bit to do to get the big house ready for the guests. At lunch, I decide it’s time to make the call. I call mom. She picks up on the first ring. I’ll be she was watching the phone, just waiting for me to call. “Hey mom.” I say in a cheerful voice. “You’re not coming down, are you?” She sounds down. Not sure if it’s my news or holiday stress in general. I go thru my explanation. She ‘um’s and hmm’s’ a few times but does not interrupt. When I finish, she condescendingly says, “Well, if you think it’s best to stay with Jake, I understand.” “Thank you.” I say thru partially gritted teeth. In my mind I’m saying, ‘No mom, don’t show any sympathy for the man I love. You know the guy who has gone thru a rough emotional patch and that I want to be with at a time when he’ll be missing his grandmother immensely.’ “I’ll call Christmas eve and Christmas day and talk to Tommy and Caleb.” “Thomas.” She curtly corrects me. I decide not to get into with her. “I sent their gifts to Michelle’s place a while ago. She let me know they arrived.” “Yes, we rec’d your packages too. So did Alexander.” We are silent for a few seconds. The ugly pregnant pause. It drags. I know she’s waiting for me to speak first so she can get a dig in. I quickly say, “Ok then, I’ll call in a few days. Love you. Bye.” I hang up, not waiting to hear her response. I get back to work, feeling good that I will not be around her drama. I reinforce my mood by going online and finding a few gifts for Jake and Tiny. I’ll get gift cards for everyone else. I pay extra for the rush delivery, but I’ve got the money, and they’re worth it. As I’m leaving at the end of the day, I get a text from Jake asking how my call to my mom went. I send back a quick note saying, “Fine.” He replies, “Liar.” I laugh to myself. He knows me. “Want to meet for dinner and talk about it? I can listen as well as you can.” A smile creeps across my mouth. “Ok, but I want to hit the gym first and work off some tension. Say 7, at the diner?” I get a thumbs up response a few seconds later. 730 later. Dinner was good. I need to take a break from the Monster Special. I can feel the weight in spite of my exercising. He looks me in the eyes and slowly says, “So…” I roll mine. “I’ll have to take you to meet her at some point. Then you’d know why I hardly go back.” He lets out a chuckle and reaches his left hand to my right. His thumb caresses the top of my hand. I take some breaths. “She said she understood why I didn’t want to come down for Christmas, but I know she feels I’m snubbing her, for you.” “Aren’t you?” He asks cautiously. I think about it for about 2 seconds, then look him in the eyes. With all seriousness I say, “Jake, you’ve just been thru 4 of the roughest months of your life. We’re just starting to get back on track. I think my family can cope with me not being there for the annual Patterson family Christmas snooze fest.” He grins and grips my hand. “Trust me, the money I spent on their gifts will smooth over any sore feelings pretty well.” “Ok then.” He says in an uncomfortable tone. I relent and ease off a bit. “Jake, I’m sorry.” He half smiles and asks, “Has it always been this way? This bad?” I shrug my shoulders. “How do your siblings feel about it?” “Michelle and her husband deal with it. Mom dotes on Tommy and Caleb, so Michelle is pretty much stuck where she is. If she tried to leave, the grief she would get for taking ‘the grandchildren’ away would shame her into staying. Zander, well, he’s kind of like me. I got away. He’s trying. If he had a better job, not saying that being a carpenter is bad, but if he could move away, he would.” I sigh heavily. “When I was in the city, I offered him a bed and told him there were so many opportunities for a guy with his skills, but he could never make the move.” “What about now?” Jake asks. I raise an eyebrow. “Well, we are still looking for a caretaker. Do you think he’d be interested?” I roll it over in my head. ‘Would he jump at the chance to get away, or would he feel inclined to stay?’ I slowly say, “I could ask him at some point.” Jake nods to me. We finish, pay, and leave. In the parking lot, Jake wraps his right arm around my waist and pulls me close. We get to my car first. I pull out the remote car starter, click it, then turn to him. I lean back onto the car, and he moves in for a kiss. Our warm breaths mingling in the chilly air. I feel his hands move to my ass and grip me firmly. I put my hands on his boulder shoulders and squeeze his muscles thru his winter jacket. The kiss goes on. He pulls my hips closer to his. I feel his boner thru his jeans. I’m sure he can feel mine. Then his phone rings. We break our kiss. He pulls back, pulls his phone out, and checks to see who’s calling. He whispers, “I have to take it. It’s dad.” I nod and he moves off a few feet. 3 minutes later, he comes back over. He has a sad look in his eyes as he says, “I need to head over to mom and dads. Tiny’s acting up and they think I can help.” I nod. I lean in for one last kiss. “Call me later, I’ll be up for a while.” He nods. “I hope Tiny is ok.” “Me too.” An hour later, I’m at the condo paying bills when my phone beeps. I look to see a message from Jake. Tiny’s in a bad way and he’s going to spend the night to try to help out. I send back a thumbs up and ask if he needs anything. He writes back that’s he’s fine and we’ll talk in the morning. I send another thumbs up back to him. I close my eyes, lean back in my chair, and put my hands behind my head, weaving my fingers thru my hair. I massage my scalp softly and think about the last few days. I think to myself, ‘I’m hoping we’re back on track. It seems like it.’ I’m still hesitant to move back in with him or have him move in with me. Just something in the back of my head is poking at me. As far as getting back in the sack with him, ‘It would be fun, but would it send the wrong signal? But I can’t be wishy-washy for too long, can I? I know he says he understands, but is he saying it to placate me, or does he agree that we need to take it slow?’ My phone beeps and I come out of my thoughts. I see Zander has texted me. ‘Uh-oh, word has spread. Wonder what he thinks?’ I read his message and it’s just as I thought. I decide to call. Texting would lose a lot in the translation. He picks up on the first ring, “Yo bro!” His voice is cheerful. “Dude, what’s shakin?” I give it right back to him. “So…boyfriend over family? Is that what it takes to get out of this cluster?” He laughs as he says this, but I can hear the underlying accusation. I can also see him spreading his hands and arms out and waving them around his apartment in Media. “Z, what do you want me to say? We all know how she can be, especially around the holidays.” I pause and add, “I am glad I was down for Thanksgiving. Jake and I were not in a good place, and seeing you, Michelle, and the kids was nice. It really helped.” I hear him grunt. “But we’re just starting to get back on track and it’s going to be rough. I mean, he’s still living in the house and she’s everywhere.” I pause. “We decorated a few days ago. It was very emotional for him, and his siblings. If I hadn’t pressed the issue, I doubt he would have put anything up.” “Oh.” He says quietly. “Yeah, mom really didn’t say too much about that.” Now it’s my turn to grunt, but with disapproval. “I’ll call Christmas morning. Guessing you’ll be having breakfast with them?” “Yeah…then presents…then the long afternoon until dinner.” I groan at the agony of the long day it ends up being. “I wish I could say ‘I’m sorry I’ll miss it’, but…not really.” I say with just a hint of sarcasm. “Yeah, yeah, rub it in Cole, rub it in…” I can hear the sadness in his voice. Not that we’ve been best buds over the years, but at Christmas, we put it all aside and we have fun. “Ok, ok, sorry.” I say with all sincerity. “Hey, on a different topic, how’s work?” “Eh, you know…ebbs and flows.” “You every think of looking for something more stable?” He grunts. “Jake’s looking for a new caretaker at the estate, someone with a good head on their shoulders, knows how to do stuff, and can work without a lot of supervision. Now, I know you fit all but the last one…” “Keep it up funny boy.” “Honestly, would you be interested? I can get Jake to call you and talk details, but he really needs someone reliable and pretty quickly.” I go silent and let Z think about it. “I don’t need an answer right now. How about I start a text thread with the three of us. That way you’ll have each other’s number. You can then figure it out between the two of you.” He’s still silent, but he quietly says, “Yeah, I think that may be best. I make no promises.” “I don’t expect any.” “But a change may be what I need.” “I’ll send him a note tonight and make sure it’s ok. If it is, I’ll send the text. If you don’t get it tonight, definitely tomorrow morning.” “Ok. And thanks Cole.” I can feel him smiling and calming down. “What are big brothers for…Don’t answer that.” We both laugh. After a few more minutes of catching up, we hang up. I check the time and see it’s not too late. I send Jake the note and get back to paying bills. I wander to the kitchen, grab a beer, and sit to read a book on my Kindle. As I start to doze, my phone buzzes. I see it’s a note from Jake. He sent a big smiley face and a row of ‘thumbs up’. I smile to myself. I start a new text thread as promised. *** December 24th. Christmas eve morning. Gratefully it’s Saturday. I was able to sleep in a bit. Now, finishing wrapping presents, watching ‘The Year without a Santa Claus’, then off to Jake’s for quick trip to the pond, with him and Tiny. Tonight, dinner at his parents, back to Jake’s, then on to Christmas day. My overnight bag is already packed and the bulk of presents in bags, ready to be delivered. As I’m finishing up, I get a text from Jake asking what time I’ll be over. I write back, ‘About ½ hour, if that’s ok?’ He writes back, ‘Perfect! Tiny is excited to see you.’ He adds winking emoji. I think to myself, I hope he isn’t the only one. I laugh and put all the wrapping supplies away. I quickly clean up, check my bags, then carry everything to my car. I see a dusting of fresh snow on top of the two feet we already have. Never got to see too many white Christmas’ in the Philly area growing up. Glad I get to see one now. The drive over is quick. Not too many people out. I pull into the estate and drive right to the caretaker’s house. Jake’s truck is there. I see small and large footprints all around. I grow a bit suspicious. As I get out of my car, Jake comes out of the garage with his jacket on, but not zipped up. He jokingly says, “I thought you’d be here sooner, given how you city folk drive.” He’s got a huge smile on his face as he walks up to give me a kiss. After we kiss, he doesn’t let go. His grip loosens but he whispers to me, “I’ve got a little surprise for you…” I whisper back, “I thought we didn’t call him ‘little’. As I squeeze his ass. “Oh, he’s not little, but the guy behind you is…” and with that, he spins me around to face Tiny who has a hand full of snowballs. He starts throwing them at me from point blank range. I struggle in Jake’s arms to get out of the way, but he holds me in place with ease. Tiny laughs every time one hits me. Once he’s out, Jake let’s go of me. I reach for Tiny and pull him to me. I pick him up and toss him in the air. I catch him on the way down. He’s still laughing, almost crying with joy. I set him down, squat down in front of him, and ask, “Was this your idea or Monster’s?” He looks past me to Jake, then back to me and giggles. He points to Jake, and I wink at him. I lean close to him and say, “Maybe we should toss some at him?” I raise an eyebrow and scoop up some snow. He does the same. I hear Jake say, “Careful there Cole…be sure you want to do what I think you’re going to do…” I wink again to Tiny with a huge grin. I mouth ‘three, two, one’ to him and we turn and throw the balls at him. Tiny is laughing again and running around the driveway scooping up more snow. I sidle up to Jake, pull in him for another kiss, and say, “You know, I will have to get you back for this.” He kisses me and sarcastically says, “I’m expecting some sort of payback.” He winks then kisses me. Tiny comes up, pelts us with some snowballs and says, “Come on you two, we need to get to the pond. The best snow is out there.” He grabs Jake’s hand and starts tugging him. “Ok, little man, ok.” He says with exasperation. “Just let Cole take his stuff inside and let me get my hat and gloves and we’ll be on our way.” Tiny rolls his eyes and wanders off to make some more snowballs. As I take my bag inside, I comment, “You’re trying to wear him out for tonight, aren’t you?” He gives me a knowing nod and a half smile. “Hope it works.” I lean over and kiss him again. We make our way to the pond, build some snowmen, make some snow angels, and drink some warm cocoa. Jake and I add a splash of bourbon to ours. After about 45 mins, Tiny seems to be slowing down. He is sitting on the bench while Jake and I build another snowman. Jake nudges me and I nod in agreement. We gather everything up and head back to the house. Jake checks to see if the guests have called. They have not. He picks up the phone and gives them a call to let them know he is heading out for the evening. He gives them his personal cell phone number in case of an emergency. When he hangs up, I stare at him. He sees my confusion and calmly says, “Cole, not everyone comes up for a month of rest. Some people actually like to stay connected to the real world while they are here.” I sigh and shake my head. I wander to the sunroom and see the tree still looks nice. I see some presents under it. I see some bigger ones as well. I peek and see they’re for Tiny, naturally. Tiny comes to my side and quietly says, “I tried to lift this one,” He points to the biggest one with his name on it, “but I couldn’t budge it.” He tugs on my sleeve, and I lean down. In his best ‘whisper’ voice, he asks, “Can you lift it and shake to see what’s in it?” His eyes dart around the room making sure Jake isn’t watching. He pushes me toward it. I play along and try to lift the box, but find it is rather heavy, heavier than I expected. Jake’s booming voice comes across the room, “What are you two up to over there? I hope you’re not trying to get a sneak peek at what Santa left.” I casually respond, “No, not us, we’re just admiring the quality wrapping job on the gifts, isn’t that right Timothy?” Tiny is giggling and tugging my sleeve, trying to hide behind me. I look down to see him nodding his head up and down. “See, nothing to worry about Jacob.” Jake gives us a sly look and says, “Ok, we need to get cleaned up and ready to head over to dinner. Tiny, you get to shower first.” He walks over to us and shoos him up the steps. “Keep most of the water in the shower, please. The bigger the mess you make, the longer it will take for us to get to dinner.” Once he’s up and we hear the shower turn on, I pull a couple Stella’s from the fridge and hand him one. We clink bottles. I say, “The night will go fast, probably too fast.” He nods and sighs. “You’re thinking of Nona, aren’t you?” He slowly nods again. I move around the island and pull him into a hug. I wrap my arms around him and pull him to me using his lats. I can smell the sweat and perspiration on him. I feel a tingle down below, but quickly stop it from becoming more. I kiss his cheek and say, “I’m here for you, Jake. Remember, everyone is here for you. If you’re sad, I’m sure someone else is too. Talk about Nona. Remember her life and the fun Christmas’ you had with her. It’s the best way to honor her.” He nods again and quietly says, “Thank you Cole, for everything. For being here, staying here, staying with me. It means the world to me that you’re here with my family today and tomorrow. I will not forget this.” He leans over and gives me another kiss. We hear the water turn off and the shower door slam shut. Jake rolls his eyes and starts for the steps. A few minutes later Tiny comes down, ready to go. I hear the shower turn on. I watch over Tiny til Jake’s done. When he comes done, I head up. I quickly shower and change. We head over. Tiny is chatting away in the back seat. He’s gotten his second wind. As we pull up, we see we’re the last ones to arrive. Once the car is parked, Tiny jumps out and runs to the house. We get out and wander up. I admire the lights on the bushes and trees. White lights on the low bushes and colored lights wrapped around the fir trees in front of the house. At the front door, there are a stack of fake wrapped gifts with colorful paper and bows. I also see two 4-foot-tall Nutcrackers. One is in a bright red uniform and is holding a sword, the other is in gold uniform with a black shield with yellow decorations. We enter the house and see it is decorated expertly. There’s a small live white pine tree with just white lights in the foyer. It is surrounded by pink and white Poinsettia’s. In the hallway to the kitchen, garland is strung over the pictures on the wall. In the kitchen, not too many decorations, but what is displayed is very nice and fits the decor perfectly. I wander into the dining room and see a festive runner on the table with pine boughs around the white and red candles. On the buffet table are holiday plates and dark green cloth napkins. There is also a different set of silverware out. I see wine glasses and an impressive selection of white and red wines. The lights are low, but it is still bright enough to see. In the living room is the main tree. A real 8-foot blue spruce. White lights and an assortment of classic ornaments and ones that have been made by 6 children thru the years. There a 5-point silver star on top and a full manger set-up under the tree. Over the fireplace are a row of stockings. I count nine and pause. There are names on all of them and I see one for me. My breath catches and my hand reaches out for the wing-back chair I am standing next to. Colleen (Jake’s mom) comes in and sees me. She walks up, wraps her hand around my waist and says, “Of course you have a stocking. Jake insisted we put one up for you.” I feel tears well up in my eyes. “What he didn’t know is I had already gotten one for you.” I turn to her and see her eyes are as misty as mine. “Oh Cole, don’t act so surprised. With everything you’ve done for Jake over the past few weeks and months, while I know it wasn’t easy, the fact that you stuck to him, did not go un-noticed.” I sigh and squeeze her back. “All the times he was here trying to sort thru things and we’d ask if he had talked to you, and he hadn’t. Well, let’s just say, Nona wasn’t the only one who could go all Nona on him.” She breaks into a sly smile. The smile fades a bit as she continues, “I know it took a long time and some trickery to get him to meet you…but, I’m glad it worked.” Now it’s my turn to smile. “Now he just chatters away about being back with you and how supportive you are.” I let out a huge sigh and look towards the ceiling to keep the tears from falling. “You’ve made my baby happy again, and for that, I’m eternally grateful.” She leans over and kisses my cheek. “Now, I need to get some food in you, you’re just skin and bones compared to everyone else.” I let out a chuckle as she takes my hand and leads me back to the kitchen. Everyone is gathered around the island or in the sunroom having snacks and drinks. Rose comes up and takes my hand and leads me to the hallway. “You ok?” I shrug my shoulders. “Yeah, Fisher family Christmas is an event. Just wait ‘til you meet all our cousins.” My eyes go wide. She lets out a raucous laugh and says, “You didn’t think it was only us, did you?” I slowly nod my head nervously up and down. She laughs again, grabs my arm, and says, “Oh, just wait for the family picnic next spring. It gives a whole new meeting to the phrase ‘family gathering’.” I’m at a loss. “Well, dad is the oldest of 5, with each of his siblings having more than 3 kids, and mom is one of 4, where each sibling has at least 2 kids.” I shake my head. “Quick math puts us at 30 cousins, ranging in age from 32 to 5. Yeah, Jake’s not the oldest and Tiny’s not the youngest.” I whistle. She continues to chatter away about the family as we make our way back to the kitchen. Jake sees me and walks over. “What did you tell him, Rose? He looks paler than normal.” “Oh, I just mentioned we have a few cousins.” Jake rolls his eyes, “Really? That couldn’t wait until after the holidays. I just got more boyfriend back. I really don’t want to see him running out of the house before dinner.” He slides his hand around my waist and pulls me in for a kiss. “Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as she probably made it seem.” I studder out, “She said there are 30 cousins?” “Ok, when you say it like that, I guess it could be a bit…over-whelming.?” I roll my eyes and say, “I need a beer, or maybe something stronger.” We walk to the sunroom and see one more tree. This is their fake Ficus. It has pink lights and is decorated with small nutcrackers and some strands of beads. I make an orange crush and start to sip it. Once I feel the alcohol start to warm my belly, I begin to relax. I have a few snacks and wander around the room chatting with everyone. Dinner is ready about 20 minutes later. I’m on my second drink and decide to switch to water. As we gather in the dining room and get in line for the buffet, Jake’s dad shushes everyone and leads us in a prayer. After that he says a few words, “First, I want to welcome Cole to our Christmas celebration. I’m very happy he stayed decided to stay and spend it with our family. With everything our family has gone thru, having you around means a lot to everyone, not just Jake.” We all smile, and I feel Jake’s hand around my waist. He gently tugs at me. I feel his nose in my hair as he kisses my head. “Nona is missed and will be missed for a very long time. She…was…a force…” He pauses to sniffle back a tear, “and I know she’s looking down on us and the rest of the family and making sure we enjoy this night.” Colleen steps next to him and pulls him into a hug. “Now, if we could all raise our glasses, I’d like to propose two toasts.” Glasses are raised. “The first to Nona, may she and Pappy be having a very Merry Christmas, and the second to our new guest, Cole. Thank you for everything.” All glasses go up. I blush as everyone says, “To Nona and Cole.” Glasses clink all around. Everyone hugs everyone else. Jake turns me to him and whispers, “I love you.” I smile and feel a tear form. “Love you too, big guy.” We kiss. I hear CK call out to us, “Cut the PDA lover boys.” I giggle thru our kiss. Dinner is a blur. Too much food, lots of talking, plenty of stories about Jake when he was younger. A few hours later, I’m nibbling on a Ricotta cheese Christmas cookie, listening to Jen and Rose sing songs. I turn and see Tiny nodding off in Steve’s lap. I wander to Jake and slip my hand into his. He looks at me and nods, knowing it’s time to go. We make our rounds and discuss what time to be over tomorrow. Seems like 10am is going to work for everyone. Steve takes a sleepy Tiny up to get changed for bed. We head out. We take our time driving thru the neighborhood, enjoying all the lights and decorations. I stare out the window in awe. Not that we didn’t have similar set-ups in Philly, it’s just, they look some much more in place with snow on the ground and a light round of flurries falling. We get back to the caretaker’s house. Jake takes a quick run up to the main house with his tractor to clear the dusting of snow off the driveway. While he’s gone, I send texts to my family and hopes everyone had a nice dinner. I turn the tree lights on and turn on the TV. I put the holiday music station on and turn the volume down. I pull two beers from the fridge and wait for him to return. A few minutes later, I hear his tractor coming down the road. He opens the door while shaking snow off his hat and jacket. He sees me on the couch and smiles. He peels off his boots and makes his way over to me. Before he sits, he leans down and kisses me. “Merry Christmas, Cole.” I put my hand on his bearded cheek and say, “Merry Christmas to you too, Jake.” We kiss again, and he sits. The cushion compresses due to his weight, and I slide to him. He puts his right hand on the nape of my neck and gently massages the area. I moan at the feeling. I twist my head around and his fingers continue to work their magic. My left hand moves to his right thigh, and I rub his muscular leg thru his pants. I feel him turn my head to him. He takes his baseball hat off and tendrils of curly dark hair fall over his face. I use my hand to gently move them, then move closer. His right arm slips down my back and he pulls me closer. We start to kiss again. I close my eyes and enjoy the moment. His breath is warm when he exhales, but his lips are moist as they press against my chapped lips. I use my right hand on his left cheek to keep our faces together. The kiss becomes more intense. I stretch my tongue out and push it inside his mouth. We jockey for position, and I think he lets me win. His right hand moves up and down my back, with his fingers raking my skin thru my shirt. I feel my unit start to tingle. I continue to put pressure on his lips and move my right hand to his hair. I run my fingers thru it and massage his scalp. My hand comes to rest on the back of his skull, and I apply some more pressure, pushing his face to mine. I realize I’m breathing hard and feel a light sweat breaking out. We come up for air. He smiles and winks, and says, “I’ve missed you.” I wink back at him. I stand up, slip my shoes off, and turn to face him. I reach my left hand out and he takes it. I pull back, trying to pull him to his feet. He gets the idea and stands up. My right hand moves up and down his left arm, feeling his bicep and forearm. He instinctively flexes his arm as my hand passes over it. I feel the hard muscle underneath and allow my unit to become engorged with blood. It starts to expand as I continue to feel him up. I move my left hand to his chest and find his right nipple thru his polo. I gently grab it and twist. He moans with gratitude. He looks me in the eye, slips his right hand around my body, and gets a firm grip on my ass. I clench my cheeks as he squeezes harder. I twist his nipple and grab his bicep with more force. My unit feels like a hot metal rod and I can feel it pointing upward. He growls, “Someone is ready for some action…” He moves in for another wet, moist, warm kiss. My hands continue to work his body over. His left continues to squeeze my ass cheek. I moan at the pressure. We break and I move to lift his polo off his body. He sucks in his gut, I wrench the shirt out of his pants, and pull it up his body. He lifts his arms and once it’s free, I toss it to the side. I place the palms of my hands gently on his hairy pecs and let them rest, just feeling his chest expand and contract as he breaths. His body is warm. I slowly rub my hands thru his silky chest hair, closing my eyes, enjoying the feeling of our bodies touching. He moans again and moves a step closer. His hands reach for my blue and white striped button-down shirt. He winks at me, then quickly moves his hands to the center of my shirt. He grabs it and yanks his hands side-ways. Buttons fly in every direction. The shirt rips open, exposing my hairless chest. Now, it’s my turn to growl. He pulls the torn shirt from my body, takes a long look at me, then rubs his hand over his crotch. I can see is hardening unit thru the fabric of his pants. I move to him and grind by waist to his. Our units rub against each other, causing them to expand more. He growls again and puts his hands on my ass, forcing me even closer. We bump and grind for another minute or two. I feel myself start to sweat. I put my hands on his chest again and push, separating us. I take a few deep breaths, cooling myself down. Jake tenderly rubs his massive left hand up and down my right arm, caressing my bicep and forearm. He looks my in the eye and quietly asks, “Ok?” I nod yes. “Good.” And with that, he crouches down a bit, wraps his hands around my waist, pulls me to him, and stands up. I let my body fold in half over his shoulder. He easily moves to the steps and takes us both up without hesitation. Into his bedroom, he squats down again, my feet hit the floor. I stand up and so does he. We slip our pants and underwear off. I stare at him. His muscular hirsute body on display for me. Shaggy dark hair, deep green eyes, full beard on a squared off jaw. I start to salivate, and my sagging unit perks up. I see him taking me in as well. Long blonde hair, blue eyes, swimmers build body, with a bit more muscle. I inhale and my chest puffs out. He grins, reaches his hand over to me, and caresses my right pec. He flicks my nipple and I smile. His warm hand feels nice. He moves close and wraps his arms around me again. We back up to the bed and he falls backward. I fall onto his chest and scoot up his sweaty body, so we are face to face. I lower my body and let my weight settle on him. I bring my lips to his. A sheen of sweat covers his forehead. I move my left thumb to his head and wipe some sweat onto my finger. I bring it to my lips and lick the moisture off. I can taste the salt. He growls at me, “Enough of this taking it slow crap. Either you get your dick into me, or I plow you like I’m moving 4 feet of snow with my tractor.” I push my body up from his, look down into his hungry eyes and punch his right pec. He laughs it off. I slide off his body, move to the end of the bed, pat the mattress and say, “Get your ass down here big man. I’m going to make you see Christmas lights every time I ram myself into you.” I start to giggle at the statement and the fake toughness I said it with. Jake has a huge grin on his face and immediately slides into position. I yank my unit a few times and line up my tip with his hole. I see him peering over his inflated chest to watch the action. I grab his muscular thighs and pull my body into his. I quickly slide into his loose hole. I sigh at the feeling, remembering what it’s like. I close my eyes and tilt my head upwards, which pushes me in just a bit more. I start to pound his ass with everything I’ve got. After a few minutes, I hear him go ‘umph’. I open my eyes, look down at him, and casually ask, “Too rough for you?” I withdraw a bit, then thrust forward. He grunts again. “I can always…” withdraw/thrust/grunt “Go a bit easier on your…” withdraw/thrust/grunt “Delicate body…” He lets out a loud roar and yells, “Give it to me little man. Don’t you hold back!” I push into him 3 times in quick succession. He grunts and moans at the same time. I feel sweat beading on my face and arms and rolling down my chest. I keep my grip on his thighs and continue to pound him mercilessly. I slow for a bit, pull out until my tip is showing, then slowly move it back in. It disappears into his furry ass. He clenches his hole, to keep me in, and to stimulate me more. When I bottom out, I grunt and use all the strength in my arms to pull on his thighs to get deeper inside him. It works. We’re both breathing heavily. I pant out a few breaths to recuperate some of my strength. He looks over his chest and says with sarcasm, “You get started yet? I haven’t felt anything…” A sneer comes over my face. I get on my tiptoes, withdraw a bit, then piston into him. I bottom out again. Our skin smacks together. Driblets of sweat go flying. I do it again, then again. We’re both groaning and moaning. He reaches his hands to the comforter and balls his fists. I feel my load churning. His body tenses. He suddenly screams with pleasure and ropes of cum fly out of his body, covering him and the bed. I continue to pound him until his load slowly abates. Mine is at its peak. I thrust into him one final time and my load erupts from me. He quickly maneuvers his mammoth legs around my waist and pulls me to him, locking my body to his. I convulse three or four times. I feel my cum travel up my unit and pour into him. I close my eyes again and feel all the tension and pain release from my body. I become weak in the knees. They start to shake, I feel like falling, but Jake’s legs keep me from moving. Once my load is spent and I begin to soften, I slide out. He unlocks his legs but sits up and reaches his hands to my forearms. He steadies me. He stands, pulls my body to his, wraps his hands around my lower back, and says, “You ok?” I nod ‘yes’. He smiles, crouches down a bit, then scoops me up into his muscular arms. We kiss. Long, slow, and deep. He walks us to the bathroom, and he sits me down on the edge of the tub. He turns the shower on and sits next to me, waiting for it to warm up. We kiss again and he softly says, “I’ve missed you, Cole. I’m…sorry…” I shush him. I see a tear fall from his eyes. I wipe it away. I turn his head to mine, and whisper back, “Merry Christmas Jacob Daniel Fischer, the third.” I kiss him again. He lets out a heavy breath, stands up, reaches for my hand, which I give him. He pulls me up and to him. He leads us to the shower and says to me, “Merry Christmas to you, Cole Edward Patterson.” We kiss as we enter the warm shower.
  13. Ripped

    Black Cats

    Black Cats Sequel to Black Cat. Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 Chapter 1 Early Tuesday morning I was awoken by the feeling of a pair of firm tits straddling my left thigh, a hard dick against my right foot and tongues licking my ironwood hard morning erection and pomegranate-sized balls. As I laid on my back with my eyes closed and soaked up the worship of the sister and brother I thought about all those fantastic things that happened to me in the past week. This whole adventure started last Monday when I found a little black cat in an alley downtown. When I picked up, cradled the purring furball in my arms and saw the beautiful electric blue eyes lovingly looking up at me I knew that I would do anything to keep her safe. I took the cat to a downtown veterinarian school for a check up and adopted Brenna, that’s what the vet named her, as soon as her exam was finished. After my long term cheat’n bitch of a girlfriend walked out on me later in the week I found out that Brenna was actually a kind of therianthrope; a being that can shapeshift into any form she chose. I uttered a moan from deep in my chest and put my big hands behind my head as I basked in the sensations emanating from my monster cock. I opened my eyes and looked down. The first thing I saw were my magnificent pecs. I had to lift my head to look over my overpowered hyper-masculine chest to see my ten pack abs and shredded obliques. I flexed and squeezed every muscle and watched as my pecs turned into hemispherical boulders with a deep vertical crevasse and each segment of my abs rose to stretch the thin skin and thick veins covering them. The two bodies covering my legs were raised by my massive quads and hamstrings. “Oh, fuck Bruce,” Brenna moaned. She kept her cat eyes and ears while taking the shape of an ultra-muscled sexy human female. “mmmm, I love it when you do that.” I felt her pussy against my shin leak a copious amount of cunt juice and drank in the rush of lust she emanated. You see, I wasn’t always the pinnacle of masculinity. Just a few days ago I was a 26 year old, short, obese, balding 9-to-5 office drone at an accounting firm in downtown Madison, right next to the capitol. The most exercise I ever got was doing mental gymnastics trying to figure out why a client thought it would be a good idea to try to claim their new Lamborghini as a business expense when they owned a small deli that barely broke even in West Towne Mall. That all changed Friday night. Brenna did something to me that allowed me to capture and store emotional energy directed at me. I can use this energy to change myself; increase height, gain muscle mass, grow stronger and slightly change my appearance. Hell, I can even make my balls large enough to produce gallons of cum and my cock into a telephone pole. To reward Brenna for the delicious pre-breakfast emotion drink I added an inch of length and girth to my cock. She responded appropriately by loudly purring, unhinging her jaw and greedily taking my glans deep down her throat. Not only had Bre changed me physically, she also tweaked my psyche, amplifying my Id. This change allowed me to become the dominant personality I always yearned to be. Then early Saturday morning, she sent me off to Madtown Fitness, a gym on the south side by the beltline, to test my new body. There I broke my limits, both physically and mentally. I exceeded any physical expectation I had as I crushed all house lift records. Took any throat, pussy or ass I wanted. Exerted my dominance over everything and everyone. With one very painful exception, it was a fucking amazing day. “Oh, Gods, Daaaddy. That’s hot. That’s sooo fucking BIG.” Arthur, Brenna’s brother, whimpered into my scrotum between licks with a long, wide, soft dog tongue. Bre’s lips curled into a smile around my cock as I chugged his submission and rolled my eyes. I remembered how I met Art when I came home from the gym late Saturday night. Bre said he was an ex-boy friend that was in need of punishment. So I, now an uber dominant personality, made my physique explode. I must have grown well over seven feet tall and weighed over six hundred pounds, all muscle. I would have looked like a caricature of an over-the-top muscle bound freak if I didn’t have an extremely dangerous looking, three foot long, ten inch thick, rock hard cock sticking straight up from a low hanging scrotum containing testicles the size of a fastpitch softball. I ravaged Art’s throat and ass. I beat him to within an inch of death without realizing it. To save him I had to blow the whale sized load of cum. Consequently, Art says that now more than half of his DNA is from me, ergo, I’m his father. Yeah. That’s what I said, too. ‘Get our lazy ass up! Remember, I got a text last night from Keena saying we have a physical examination and lab work that has to be done before eight o’clock this morning or you can’t start work tomorrow,’ I heard in my head. That was another change. While meeting with Dr. Keena Panthera, the gym’s owner, Saturday the resident muscle head, Terry “Zapp Brannigan” Limppernoodle, attacked her. After I subdued the bastard she told me that he had sexually assaulted her, raped her. Even though I just met Keena that day, I felt an overwhelming instinct to protect her. Learning that she had been violated threw me into an uncontrollable rage. That rage ended with me on a shower floor and in my own vomit. I had snapped both of Terry’s femurs like twigs, ripped his arms off, crushed his head between my hands like it was a paper cup and ripped his genitals off. I tossed the bloody dick and balls at Keena’s feet like a trophy. I don’t know why I did that. Maybe I subconsciously wanted to indelibly stamp my dominance and superiority on her. My mom and uncle fought the last war. When my uncle returned he told me of fellow soldiers that were changed after their first kill, especially if it happened in hand-to-hand combat. I guess I changed that way, too. A part of me recoiled from the horror of what I did, splitting my mind into two equal and nearly opposite halves. The voice I just mentally heard calls himself Ego. He has an amplified intellect and is a fucking pain in the ass. He also can’t keep his pronouns straight. ‘I goddamn fucking asshole,’ Ego bitched. ‘I quit your job to work at the gym so he could fuck around all day long. Get my lazy ass out of bed!’ I reminisced about Sunday and Monday as I try to get my legs out from under my worshipers. Saturday night my BFF with benefits, Deb, the maniacal Uber driver, aimed me at a bored wife of a supplements company executive. On Sunday I met the wife and the couple’s maid in their mansion on Lake Mendota’s north shore. I found that not only did the husband have impeccable taste in cars and women, he also was having an affair with, and beat, the petite French maid. The next day, after proving my superiority in every way, impregnating the wife and making him a submissive cuck, I ripped away from him the things he loved the most (in reverse order); his wife, his mistress, his company and his W Motors Lykan HyperSport. Let me say right now that the irony of me owning a car named after a human that can change into a wolf is not lost on me. Art lifted his head from my balls. I was greeted with a big, panting, corgi face. Arthur’s ears wiggled as he said, “Are you gonna fuck me in the shower, Daddy? I’ve been a veeery bad doggy.” Art’s dog breath hit my nose like a slice of lemon wrapped around a large gold brick, “Geez, Art! Your breath stinks! What the hell, have you been licking your ass again?” Art tilted his head to the side the way dogs do when you try to explain the symmetrical beauty of double entry accounting. “No,” he replied. “I’ve been licking yours.” Brenna chuckled while I moaned and gruffly commanded, “Get off me and brush your fucking teeth!” He whimpered and gave me puppy-dog eyes, but obeyed. He climbed off me and made his way to the bathroom with his tail between his legs. Literally. Bre pulled my cock out of her throat. The head popped out of her mouth. “Oh, good. You’re all mine now,” Bre murmured just before taking my entire length, down to the root, in her throat. Her mighty neck muscles started to ripple against my unyielding god-rod. I wanted nothing more than her servicing me for the rest of the day, but, as Ego said, I had things to do. “YOU need to make coffee and breakfast while I take a shower,” I declared. Her brow furrowed, eyes pleaded as she shook her head as best she could with a huge titanium rod stretching her esophagus and apple-sized glans in her stomach. I gripped the hair at the back of her head and started to pull her off me. “That wasn’t a request, cat.” At that she tightened her throat around my cock. Her neck muscles bulged, her traps thickened and rose up until they looked like steel I-beams and her back until it looked like an impenetrable mountain range as she fought against me. I smiled, took a drop of the emotional power I kept in reserve (stored somewhere off the Cayman Islands) and slowly pulled her off, easily overpowering her. When my cock head popped out of her mouth and smacked my chest she breathlessly whined, “Pleeeease, Master. I need you. I need your cock!” “Food now, play later,” I said as I rotated my shoulder and brought the 350 pound female bodybuilder, who could easily overpower a middle-weight state bodybuilding champion, to her back like she was a rag doll. While I still held her hair I propped myself up on an elbow and captured her jaw in my free hand. “Here’s a little taste for now,” I said. Then released her jaw, moved my hand slowly over her magnificent, firm breasts. I tweaked a thick nipple between my index and middle fingers, then stroked her brick wall abs and, finally, burried a finger in her sex. Her eyes rolled back as she moaned and gasped for air when I flicked her clit. She was writhing and on the edge of a powerful orgasm. Then I stopped. She hissed and punched my shoulder with enough power to blast a hole in a foot thick solid steel wall. My deltoid only dented a little bit. “Now get going and I might buy you a toy mouse later,” I teased and released her hair. She rolled off the bed and massaged the hand that punched me. With a look of lust, fury, resignation and pointing a finger at me she said, “That better be one hell of a mouse, buddy.” She turned and picked up the button down shirt I wore yesterday. As she shrugged the shirt on I noticed that her back almost filled up the garment that could barely contain me. She lifted the front of the shirt and took a deep breath as she turned back to me. Her breasts pushed the shirt open, revealing her large, firm breasts, deep cleavage and ruggedly segmented abs. Her nipples grew hard, denting the fabric, her lower abs started to powerfully flex, her expression like a predator ready to strike its prey. “Fuck,” she moaned. “I can still smell you on this.” I growled and jabbed a finger at the bedroom door. She scowled and cat-walked, her glutes flexing and rolling against each other, out of my bedroom as her face assumed a more human visage. I laid for a few seconds more, then rolled out of bed. I yawned, raised my arms above my head and stretched to work out all the kinks in my sleepy mountains of muscle. I heard my back crack (twice), my sternum pop and heard Art still brushing his teeth. The urge to urinate was strong, so I willed my raging cock to settle down. It deflated as I moved towards the bathroom and immediately stubbed my foot on the corner of the bed. Cursing and promising for the 1,001st time to rearrange the furniture, I limped to the bathroom. Art was getting ready to spit into the sink when I moved up behind him. I studied the contrast of body types I saw in the mirror. Art morphed from a human/corgi mix into a complete human with the appearance and physique of an average height twenty year old blond, blue-eyed, olympic swimmer. I could see the well toned muscles roll and flex as he bent over the sink to spit as he shifted his weight between his strong legs. When he stood up the top of his head reached the bottom of my chin. His adequately developed chest had wisps of blond hair above a decent six pack. I applied a little emotional power to pack on tens of pounds of muscle and increase my height until his head was below my chest. I proportionally grew the rest of my body, except for my cock. Then I lengthed and thickened it too until I had a baseball bat swinging between my knees. After that I took a half step forward, pinning his narrow pelvis between me and the vanity. I thrust my chest forward, brought my arms up into a double bi pose and flexed. The bathroom vanity lights glinted off my hairless scalp and chest. A weekend’s growth of thick whiskers gave my face a rugged appearance. My traps, delts and pecs grew to insane proportions. My biceps, already big, grew to dwarf Art’s head. I gritted my teeth, growled and squeezed harder. The already apparent striations deepened into crevasses as the superficial veins that criss-crossed my body like a road map tried to burst through my skin. The two heads of each bicep grew and separated, causing a vein filled valley to form from my deltoids to my pronator tres and brachioradialis. Art’s eyes grew wide, his mouth slack and he moaned as he leaned back into me. I think I even saw a little bit of saliva escape the corner of his mouth. He started leaking below too. Next to me, Schwarzenegger and Colman look like they don’t even lift. I AM the Greatest Of All Time. “Oh, fuuuuck, Daddy,” Art moaned as he flexed his ass against my cock. His strong glute muscles gave me more than enough friction stimulation to bring me to erection. “Do me right here. I don’t care if you rip me in half. Please, just fuck me.” I broke the pose and palmed Art’s head, my hand nearly encompassed his skull, and slammed the side of his head against the mirror. A network of spider web cracks appeared under him in the mirror. Even though he whimpered from the pain, I could feel the overwhelming lust and pleasure pulsing off him. I soaked up every drop of that, sending it to my reserves as I caused my cock, which was now the size of his calf, to become harder and cleave Art’s glutes, lifting him off his feet. I leaned in and gave him a predatory snarl, hot breath against his ear and I said, “If I did that, I’d have to blow an even bigger load than last time to bring you back. Then Bre would pound us both to pulp. But you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” A weak, “uh-huh” escaped his lips as his hips started bucking against me and the vanity. He was about to cum from the mere suggestion of so much agony. I gave him a second or two of that mental image before I released his head, stood straight and stepped back. He barely caught himself before he fell to his knees. “Start my shower,” I ordered. Then I moved to stand over the toilet and relieved myself. It took a moment for Art to realize I issued an order. When he pulled his head away from the mirror I saw that he left a few drops of blood and a sweaty impression of an ear and cheek on the fractured mirror. He gazed upon my infinitely superior physique with a mixture of anger, lust and anticipation and whined, “You’re a fucking tease, you know that?” and punched my back as he passed behind me and into the shower. “Owww! Fuck!” he said and turned the handle. I heard the water cascade out of the shower head and Art yelling, “GODS DAMN this water is COLD!” As I relieved myself I happened to glance at my toothbrush in its holder beside the sink. “Art, did you use my toothbrush?” “Yeah, I hope you don’t mind,” he said. He stuck his head out of the shower and continued, “Dog saliva is very hypoallergenic,” and licked the inside of one of his nostrils with a long dog tongue. I grumbled, flicked off the last drop of urine into the toilet and flushed. I leaned against the wall next to the shower and counted my fingers, waiting for the water to become scalding hot. As usual, right on the count of five Art screams, “JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!” and bolted out of the shower. I grabbed his neck before he got too far and threw him back into the shower. The house shuddered as he was driven into the shower wall. I ducked my head under the bar that holds the shower doors as I stepped into the stall. Then I turned the shower handle a quarter turn towards cold and slid the door closed behind me. Arthur looked at me with wide eyes and a slack jaw as my bulk almost filled the stall. I could feel the lust, pain and want cascading off of him. The delicious treat made me involuntarily flex my pecs against him, pushing him further into the wall. As the tile, drywall and wall frame cracked under him he said in a gasp, “Could you please not take up the entire shower?” I was disappointed he phrased it that way. If he had said, “Make yourself smaller,” I would have given myself a hundred pounds of muscle, flexed everything and pushed him through the wall so hard he would have exploded into the next room. Instead, I compressed my height until the top of his head was just below my chin, just enough height that he'd have to crane his neck to look me in the eyes. I did that without losing any muscle; I looked even more fucking massive. Now that I could maneuver in the shower I grabbed Art by the neck, ripped him out of the wall and forcefully set his feet on the floor of the shower. “You will wash me. If you do a good enough job I might fuck you into next week,” I growled and shoved the bar of soap from the shower caddy that hung from the showerhead into his hands. I then bent my left arm and flexed the bicep. Razor cut striations jutted across the twin peaks of the muscle. I straightened my arm and flexed again, this time including the forearm in the flex. The already insanely huge muscles grew larger and harder as even the smallest superficial vein doubled in size and pulsed with unbridled power. Art, with eyes wide, started to soap my upper left arm. “NO!” I barked. He flinched as if I had flicked a finger against his abs, expelling all air from his lungs and launching him across the room. He looked up timidly into my eyes. “Worship my might, worship the physique you dream about, worship the only true Alpha. Lick the sweat off me. Clean me with your tiny tongue. Then use the soap.” He instantly dropped the soap and started tonguing, kissing and caressing my massive arm. I gulped down each delicious drop his submission and want. He emanated so much I started to get drunk on the power I was soaking up. When I sent most of it to my reserves my head cleared and I felt Art sucking on my anterior delt head. “Grrrrrr! That’s it, little man. Show me how inferior you are,” I said menacingly, then grabbed the back of his head with my right hand and dragged his mouth to the downward pointing left nipple. “You love how I can, how I HAVE, ripped you apart without even breaking a sweat, don’t you?” I didn’t need him to say anything; I already knew the answer. He fucking loved it. I brought my left arm down, put his head in the crook of the elbow and flexed the left side. His mouth yielded to my incredibly hard pec as my bicep and forearm’s titanic brachioradialis and pronator teres bore into his skull. I kept increasing the pressure until I heard cracks and Art whimpering in pain. Then I released him. He fell on his hands and knees to the floor. The shower head sprayed water against the back of my head. What water didn’t flow down my back was cascading off my pecs like Niagara Falls and pummeled his back and head. I clenched my hands into fists and slightly bent my arms while expanding my chest, flexing my arms, pecs and abs. I squeezed the muscles of my legs until they resembled the marble columns of a Greek temple. I looked down my nose at the pathetic excuse for a male at my feet. I am Colossus standing before a teenager. A teenager with an Olympic swimmer muscular body. When Art finally looked up his eyes became as big as saucers. The head of my semi-hard summer sausage sized cock was an inch from his face. When he reached up to my cock I grabbed his hands “Please,” he pleaded. “I want...NEED your cock in me!” I could see his six inch dicklet was as hard as it could get over his inadequate balls. I put his trembling hands on my cinder block abs. “I will NOT repeat myself,” I said in a low menacing voice. He almost cried in frustration as he slid his hands over my abs, down my adonis belt, over each bulging muscle group in my left quad’s rectus femoris, vastus lateralis and vastus medialis, then onto the gastrocnemius and peroneus longus, the two halves of my diamond shaped left calf. From there he licked two days worth of sweat and grime off every inch of me. I flexed and squeezed the muscle under Art’s mouth just to remind him how immensely powerful I am. After he tongue bathed both arms and armpits he placed his hands on my mountainous trapezius and stood on his toes to reach my neck. The sensation of his tiny body against my solid granite muscles started to arouse me. My rapidly hardening cock rising against his pintsized six pack made me groan. Thankfully Art finished his makeout session with my traps and neck quickly. I turned around, flared the muscles of my back; trapezius, latissimus dorsi, rhomboid major and teres, major and minor. Calmly as I could, commanded, “Now my back. Start at the bottom.” I heard him drop to his knees and felt his hands on my hips as he buried his nose and tongue between unbreakable globes of my gluteus maximus. New sensations shot up my spine, ricocheted around my brain, back down my spine, bounced off my testicles, went up my cock and exploded in the glans. I involuntarily threw back my head and grunted as a literal pint of pre splashed against the shower wall. I saw two of the tiles crack after being hit with such pressure. Art must have noticed because he was taking his own sweet fucking time licking off any piece of shit I missed. ‘Shit,’ I thought. ‘I’m going to have to make sure he brushes his teeth again.’ ‘Can’t me think of any better puns than that?’ Ego snidely interjected. ‘Tell him to fucking hurry it up.’ “Boy, if you keep that up there won’t be any cum left for your ass. Move up.” “Yes, Daddy,” Art disappointedly replied. He licked, sucked and kissed up my wide, thick back until he swept the last speck of sweat off my trapezius at the back of my neck. When I felt his pathetic little wee-wee against me I spun around to face him, grabbed his neck and lifted him off his feet. He must have weighed 200 pounds, but it felt like I was lifting a paper marionette. “Are you ready to get FUCKED, boy?!” I growled from deep in my chest. He put his delicate hands on my pectoralis major, caressing them. “Yes, Daddy. Fuck your little boy.” His hands slid downward, over my ten pack abs. “Show me how an Alpha takes what He wants…” He started spreading the pre flowing from the meatus over the shaft, hand over hand, with another eight inches of cock exposed. His hands couldn't even encircle half my girth. “...whenever He wants.” He then slid his right hand up and thumbed the sensitive spot on the shaft. The sensation made my pelvic floor and prostate clench, forcing a heavy blast of pre to splash against his abs and chest. Arthur scooped the emissions off with his right hand while still stroking my rod from base to tip with his left. He brought his cupped hand, completely covered and overflowing with sticky precum, to his mouth and drank. As he drained his hand of the clear, thick liquid, I felt his throat contract four times as he swallowed the goo. “And now I know,” he said with a quiet voice filled with lust and licentious inference, “what the mightiest Alpha on the planet and the last descendant tastes like.” ‘The WHAT?!’ Ego said loudly. ‘SHUT. THE FUCK. UP.’ I internally growled as I flicked my wrist, tossing and twisting this average height, muscular boy in the air. I caught the back of his head when it was facing me and drove it into the tile on the shower wall. Blood, bone and broken tile were blasted out from the crater I created in the wall. Art’s legs were instantly swept aside as my fully engorged cock rammed up into my totally helpless prey. With my cock supporting all his weight I released his head and put him into a Full Nelson hold, both of my hands were thrust under his arms, then I pressed against the back of his neck. As I pulled him away from the wall I saw blood splashing the destroyed tile; I must have crushed his nose. When I thrust up his weak hole he hooked his ankles around my dorsal calves and started to caress the rock-solid muscle. Now that I had him completely under my control I teased the fuck out of him by slowly and repeatedly only penetrating him with the glans. Still, he grunted from each breach of his rectum. “Fuck me...come on!”, he pleaded. “Fuck...grunt..me..aieee!...HARD!” I drew a devilishly evil grin as I did exactly not that. For minutes I teased this boy cunt as he begged louder and louder until he was screaming at the top of his lungs. “FUUUCK MEE! HURT MEE! GODS DAMMIT PUNISH ME!!” Suddenly rage blasted off of him, he unhooked his feet from my legs and planted them on the shower wall. Huge claws exploded out of his toes and heals, fracturing the tile as they were buried deep in the wall. Each of his legs grew thicker than my waist with impossibly huge thighs. In an inhuman voice he bellowed, “I SAID HURT ME!” I could feel his rectum constrict around my cock tighter than any hole I’ve ever had, squeezing down and painfully compressing my shaft. “FUCK ME HARD!” Then he thrust back. I was slammed into the wall under the shower head. I felt the tile behind me fracture as his tight hole forced its way down my cock. I heard tearing sounds and saw his ass rupture. His copious blood provided a little bit of lubrication, but not enough; it felt like the skin on my shaft was being rubbed off. He kept screaming in a sound that shouldn’t come from any living thing, “PUNISH ME!”. When his ass finally impacted my root, faster than I could see, he pulled off and rammed back down. Between his battering assaults I saw my cock distend and almost rupture his abdomen several times. If he kept this up any longer he was going to fuck himself to death. When he was within reach I hooked my right elbow around his neck and clasped hands. “Arthur! You have to stop this!” I yelled. He bucked like a bronco, I almost lost my grip twice before I was able to squeeze and restrict the blood flow in his carotid artery. Just before he passed out he entire body tensed up, his rectum almost ripped my cock off. A blast of cum blew tile off the shower wall in front of us. Then he slowly went limp and I lowered him to the floor. When my cock popped out of him, blood geysered out of him and down the shower drain. I stood up and looked down at him. His face was a mass of shredded skin, broken bone and blood, yet I could see the devastation on his face already healing. My cock looked no better. It was red, swollen, covered with his blood and shit and hurt like hell. As I rinsed off I applied some power to heal myself. By the time I finished Arthur was whimpering in his sleep. ‘What the hell just happened?’ I asked Ego. ‘You have no idea. I better get him in bed. Let him sleep,’ he replied. I picked up Arthur off the shower floor and cradled him in my arms. As I took him to the bed he softly cried, “I’m sorry...I tried…not my fault...forgive...” He immediately went into a fetal position when I laid him down on the bed. He let out a sigh when I brought the comforter over him as, somehow, a large brown teddy bear appeared in his arms. I went back into the bathroom and found a fresh toothbrush under the sink. After unpacking the toothbrush I gazed at my stubble covered cheeks and jaw in the mirror. It had been three days since I last shaved. I rubbed a hand along my jawline; I kinda liked the way this protobeard made me look. I decided to keep it. As I brushed my teeth, Ego said, ‘I don’t like the way he seeks pain. There’s something terribly wrong with him. Why does he feel he needs to be punished?’ ‘I don’t know,’ I mentally replied. ‘Whatever it was, it couldn’t be healthy for him to feel that way.’ “Are you two almost done?” I heard Bre yell from the kitchen. “You had the hell better not let all this food go to waste or I’ll barf a hairball in your shoes!” And I know she would. I exited the bathroom, expanded myself to the height I was earlier, packed on twice the muscle and walked towards the bedroom door leading to the hallway, looking at Arthur calmly lying on the mattress as I passed the bed. The comforter roiled and bulged in ways a human could never cause. I looked up just in time to bash my forehead on the top of the doorframe. ‘Smooth move, dude,’ I heard mockingly in my head. “Will you FUCK OFF!” I yelled aloud. “You had the HELL better not be talking to me, buster!” I heard from the kitchen. I grumbled, ducked my head and started down the hallway to the sun drenched kitchen. Rubbing my forehead I said, “I’m not. I just bashed my forehead on the door frame.” When I entered the kitchen Brenna was right at my side, guiding me to a chair at the kitchen table. As I sat (and the chair creaked under my weight) my mouth started watering from sight and scent of the food overflowing the table; eight three-egg omelettes (four cheese, mushroom & bacon and four veggie), a stack of twenty pancakes smothered in real maple syrup topped with real butter, two pounds of bacon, three pounds of venison sausage (from my uncle), two loaves of whole grain and seed bread and, the pièce de résistance, a two full pound of cheese curds. I love those big chunks of cheese, especially how they squeak when you bite into them. Hey! I’m a Wisconsinite, don’t judge me! Yes, I even have a Cheesehead Cheese Hat. My hungry eyes were torn away from the feast before me by a pair of ultra strong female hands on my cheeks. “Let me see,” Bre said with concern and straddled my lap, the top of her head below my chin. The taste of that emotion was like taking a bite of an orange flavored strawberry. Interesting, but not as interesting as looking down her cleavage, deeply segmented abs and her little exposed clit. “Well, you’re a little red up there,” she motheringly said, “but I don’t see any permanent damage.“ She brushed my forehead with her hand and pieces of wood and gypsum board fell into my line of sight. “You probably hurt the wall more than it hurt you.” “Speaking of hurting, did you hear Arthur and me in the shower.” She tilted her head down and her sad eyes slowly moved from my forehead to my abs. She put her hands lightly on my trapezius, feelings of worry and doubt made bile rise in my throat. “Something long ago…” she snapped her eyes to mine without lifting her chin “...happened to him. He won’t talk about it, no matter how much I ask. I...I just try to emotionally support him...love him the best I can.” Tears started to fall from her eyes. “I just don’t know what to do.” I wrapped my arms around and clutched her to my chest. She began to silently sob. ‘Well, shit. There goes the mood,’ Ego lamented. I silently agreed with him and slowly made myself decrease in size and mass. When Bre’s chin touches my collar bone, her puffy, tear streaked eyes meet mine and she sniffed. “Wha...what are you doing?” “I thought that you wouldn’t be in the mood since…” I said quietly, gently. “Oh, no you don’t you FUCKER!” she interrupted me, jabbed a hard finger into my sternum and exclaimed with all the ferocity of an IRS conducting a multi-year, twenty million dollar audit. “You fucking TEASED ME by making me suck you off ALL FUCKING NIGHT! I had to listen as you got tongue bathed and kissed all over your perfect body! Do you know how hard it was NOT to plunge my fingers up my cunt when I heard that?! Oh, you’re gonna fuck me, pal, and your gonna fuck me HARD! YOU WILL BE as big, as thick and as hard as you were when you walked in and YOU WILL pound me into submission! You’re gonna prove to me that you’re still my Master!” My cock rose against her ass in anticipation of feeling her hot, wet, tight hole and her admission of subservience. Her face then slowly went into the most evil grin I’ve ever seen and said, “But first you're eating all this food.” I groaned and complained, “And I’m called a tease.” “Yup!’ Bre laughed as she rose off my lap to stand beside me. She stood up on her toes, leaned forward, patted the top of my head and said, “I’m the queen Molly of teasing, baby. Now EAT!” My stomach loudly growled as I picked up a fork and spoon and dug into the mountain of protein, carbs and fiber. I kept glancing at Brenna between shoving huge chunks of food in my mouth. She was still in my unbuttoned dress shirt, leaning her perfect, hard gluteus maximus against the kitchen counter and holding one of my biggest ceramic coffee mugs. It’s the one that says, “Accountants take accounting of their accounts.” Before you say ANYTHING, it was a UW graduation gift from my aunt. Every once and a while she would take a sip from the steaming liquid in the mug. A few seconds later she would sigh, tilt her head to the side and her eyelids would almost close. The liquid’s scent wafting in my direction smelled like mint and chamomile. I fucking HATE herbal teas. When I was a teenager I had to help my uncle with bailing hay at the farm. After a whole day of breathing in dust and alfalfa flowers the crap running down my throat tastes exactly like herbal tea. Anyway, I finally shoveled in the last forkful of breakfast, leaned back in the chair and gave a hearty belch. “Now you have a choice, big boy.” Bre was still leaning back against the kitchen counter only now she had a huge stainless steel travel mug in one hand and her tea in the other. “Coffee…” she raised the travel mug “…tea…” she raised the ceramic mug “…or me?” She shrugged her shoulders, the button down shirt fell down to her elbows and waistline revealing a body that a heavy weight bodybuilder dreams of; tight waist, tendinous inscriptions that were three inches thick, shredded serratus anterior, latissimus dorsi that imitated a cobra’s hood, at least twenty-five inch upper arms, deltoids the size and hardness of bowling balls, trapezius that rose two-thirds of the way to her ears and pectorals that were hard and firm. If just those muscles were on a woman her size that woman would be considered pretty stacked. Brenna had those muscles AND incredible breasts with small brown areola and thick, inch long, nipples. Her torso supported by legs thick enough to squat a ton, yet shapely enough to give a guy whiplash as he turned his head for a second or fourth look. All this sculpted marble muscle on a five foot three inch frame made her look freaky...freaky sexy! I locked eyes with her and, deliberately, slowly stood up. As I rose from the chair I made myself grow in height until Bre’s eyes were level with my navel. I flexed first my left bicep, then my right, then my cock, as I walked towards her. I made sure that each footstep made the house rattle. When my glans pressed into her impenetrable abs I raised my hand as if I was to stroke her cheek. She tilted her head in that direction expecting my touch. In the last instant, I grabbed the travel mug, downed the entire contents in two gulps, crushed the container and tossed the now useless scrap metal over my shoulder. If you remember from our first (one-sided) conversation, you know that I can’t function in the mornings without a couple of cups of coffee in me. While the caffeine worked its magic on the A1 and A2A receptors I advanced on my prey. Bre held up a finger and said, “Waitaminute,” and took a deep drink from her tea. Almost instantly her pupils dilated. She set the mug on the countertop behind her and reached up to put both of her muscled, veined, tiny hands on my pecs. Then she extended and dragged feline-like claws from the ends of her fingers across my taut skin. She took a step or two towards me, making my painfully hard cock rise up until it was nestled in her cleavage. “So, are you going to use this big thing to fuck me?” she seductively said. “Plunge it deep into my hot, wet cunt?” She started to slowly bounce her pectorals, making her breasts stroke my leaking cock. “I think you're just going to peter out, “she brought her elbows inward, using her upper arms to squeeze her breasts tighter, “just like the little boy you are.” That did it. Now I was not just sexually aroused, but my dominance was thrown into question. Yes, I know she did that on purpose just to get me to fuck her hard. Well...it worked. I growled as I grabbed her gluteus maximus and lifted her 350 pound weight above my head like she was a feather. I easily squeezed and spread those unbreakable muscles in my hands to expose her ass and pussy. It took me a second or two to properly line up my cock with her leaking hole, then I explosively brought her down. As soon as I felt her hot, wet lips against my glans I flexed my rectus abdominis and thrust up into her. Whether by design or not, she was so virgin tight that I was only able to get the glans and an inch of shaft into her. She threw back her head and screamed so loud I’m sure the neighbors would call the cops. Her hands clenched my trapezius hard. Her claws pierced my skin, but couldn’t penetrate the steel-hard muscle. I repeatedly pulled my cock out to the glans using my core muscles, then forced her to take another inch while I roared and she screamed at every fuck, “YOU THINK...” two inches in, pull out “...THAT THIS COCK...three inches in, pull out “...is a BOY’S DICK…” four inches in, pull out “THIS!” five in “IS” six in “A” seven in “MAN’S” eight in “COCK!” I rammed the remainder of my shaft into her as she started to scratch my back with those sharp claws. I still hadn’t touched her cervix, she must have deepened her vagina just to tease me. I wasn’t in the mood for any of that. In the next thrust I lengthen my cock until I felt the entrance to her inner core. The next time I withdrew I packed on five more inches, two more inches in girth and hardened the organ until I could punch a hole through a three inch steel plate. Then I shattered her core with a single devastating ram. She threw back her head, her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she used every last molecule of air in her lungs to scream again. At the same time I roared into her face with victory and dominance. I looked down and saw two or three inches of shaft were not buried in her. That would not do. I forced in the final inches until I’m balls deep in the most exquisite pussy on Earth. I removed my left hand from her ass, brought my arm up, bent the elbow and flexed my bicep so big it made Colman’s arms look insignificant. I continued my devastation of her vigina and womb. I dropped my voice three octaves and, with each skewering thrust punctuating each word, said, “I...am...your...ALPHA...your...MASTER!” She grunted and cried out with every word. “Every...other...male...is...insignificant...next...to...ME!” She grabbed my incredibly hard, vein covered arm and threw her mouth onto my shoulder. She bit down as I felt her legs begin to spasm. “I...AM...A...YOUR…GOD!” With the last word I drop my voice into the infrasound level. That word couldn’t be heard, yet windows and plates rattled, the house creaked. Brenna screamed around the muscle in her mouth and explosively squirted a gallon of girl cum on my abs and legs. Now that the natural order of things had been reestablished I lifted her off me and threw her against the kitchen counter in front of the sink and the window to the backyard. Her rectus abdominis shattered the marble countertop and bent the stainless steel sink. I waste no time in pinning her hands to the countertop at her side and ramming myself up her still quivering cunt. I took my time now, relishing each inch of her. While I slowly saw in and out of her I admired her shoulders and back. I ran a hand over her back. Her teres, major and minor, rhomboid major and infraspinatus almost rose above the larger trapezius and latissimus dorsi. Each muscle group was incredibly defined, stirated, thick and hard. She was the apex of muscular beauty. And my blood boiled with testosterone as I broke her. I cupped her chin and slowly pulled her head back. She resisted with all her considerable might, muscles flexed and pumped up with blood and superficial veins popped up under reddening skin. I could see her breasts swinging on her chest when her head met my upper abs. Her nipples were long, thick and diamond hard. I moved my hand down to her neck, slammed into her and demanded, “Who am I?” “AHHHHH!! You’re Bruce Banderole!” She squeezed her eyes shut. I viciously ram up. “Wrong answer. LOOK AT ME!!” Brenna eyes fly open as she grunts from the impact, “You...you’re my MMMaaasterrr!” Again, I smash through her cervix and punch the far wall of her uterus. “Try AGAIN!” “You’re the...the LAST ONE!!” she screamed as another orgasm racked her body and she crushed the marble countertop under her hands. Not exactly what I was working towards. ‘What the FUCK?!’ Ego interjected. I ignored him and released Brenna’s neck. She fell forward into the sink. Her back was covered with sweat and she was breathing like she just finished a marathon. I, however, was breathing like I was sitting in a chair and no moisture appeared on my brow. I looked out the window and saw Fred Metzer holding a hose in his hand in his backyard. His hand was at his side as he was totally engrossed with the carnal spectacle I was giving him. The hose looked like his limp two inch dick. His mischievous son had crimped the hose causing the water pressure to fall. I seized Bre’s hair and lifted her head up so she could see Fred. “See that beta boy? See how limp his dick is?” She started breathing hard again. I released her hair and gave Fred the biggest fucking monster sized double bi flex he would ever see. His life changed forever; his eyes bugged out, he slouched and became the lesser male I always knew he was. Yeah, that’s right, boy. You’re a one, maybe two, on the male scale. I’m a one fucking hundred. “That’s what every other male is next to me.” I drank in the firehose of emotions Fred was directing at me; envy, submission and, wait a minute, need? That little fucker actually thinks I’d let him touch me. I gave him a little taste of what he would never have, never achieve; I bent my head down and licked a throbbing vein on a football-sized bicep. Brenna jerked and cried out when I took that power to thicken my already titanic cock, harden it until I could pulverize diamonds. Fred finally noticed that the water wasn’t coming out of the hose and lifted it up to peer inside. His son chose that exact moment to release the pressure. The poor beta got a face full of water that blasted out of the hose. “And that happens every time those weakling BOYS see me fuck their women, claim their women, TAKE their women!” Her third orgasm hit her like a 10.0 Richter Scale earthquake. She pushed her hands forward, plowing through the two inch thick stone countertop as easily as you would push your hand through clay. When she comes down from the euphoria she’s so out of it that her trembling legs aren’t supporting her weight. The only thing keeping her upright is my cock. I take a step backwards, pulling her away from the countertop. I let her leg dangle in midair for a few seconds, then I lowered my still mind blowingly hard cock. She slid down my cock to lay like a puddle of muscle on the kitchen linoleum. I reached down, grabbed her hair, yanked her to her knees, bellowed, “I’m not done with you yet!” and rammed my cock down her throat. It took a few seconds to come to and realize I was fucking her throat, but when she does, oooh man, she took over. Her tongue lashed and whipped every inch of cock that wasn’t in her throat, bobbed her head up and down my shaft so fast she became a blur. Under that assault it wasn’t long before I reached and shattered my own orgasmic threshold. I arched my back, threw back my head, shoulders and arms and flexed every single muscle cell in my entire body in an effort to blast my very essence through the little slit at the tip of my cock and roared. Brenna grabbed my hips and hung on for dear life as I erupted for five minutes down her throat. She clawed at my legs as she slid down my satisfied cock. She purred when I looked down over my pecs at her. She eventually shifted herself to sit against the cabinet. She reached up and stroked my softening, yet still massive cock. “Feeling better now?” I said. Brenna, my cat, said, “Hmmmm, maybe a little,” and smiled up at me. Bre then reached up and took the mug from the countertop. Somehow it had survived the destruction we wrought against the granite stone and sink. She took a sip and said, “Oooo yeah...that’s better.” She complained as I took the mug out of her hand, held it to my nose and sniffed. Yeah, it definitely smelled like a thirteen hour day of bailing hay, yet there was something else in it...something familiar. “What the hell is this?” I asked Bre. “It’s catnip tea,” Arthur said from the kitchen doorway looking only at his sister. Bre snatched the mug out of my hand and drained the remaining tea in one gulp. Art stood at five feet four inches tall and looked like a pale university freshman. His long brown hair hung over his hazel eyes and he was rail thin. The skinny jeans he wore were baggy, his dirty white shoes untied and his maroon wife beater shirt was three sizes too big. The shirt had a cartoon of Goldy Gopher, the University of Minnesota mascot, coming out of a hole in the ground giving a thumbs up. The caption, in a semicircle above the illustration, said, “GO MIGHTY GOPHERS!” “She’s like you with coffee; needs it to start the day.” Bre looked up at me, nodded her head and giggled. “We sometimes like to keep part of the animal when we are human. I, for instance, just like every dog, likes…” Bre perked up, raised herself on one arm while she pointed the mug at her brother. “Oh, no. DON’T YOU DARE say what I think you’re going to say!” Undeterred Art continues “...to suck on a bone and lick some balls every once and awhile.” I chuckled while Bre, who’s probably heard every pun Art has uttered, put her head in her hand, pinched the bridge of her nose and said, “Oh, gods dammit. I was just about to have a good day.” “Anyway, remember that thing that happened four days ago?” Bre immediately sobered up, turned serious, looked up to Art and put a trembling hand on my thigh. “Yeah,” she said, trying to hide the concern in her voice. “I got a text. I have to do the thing. Don’t wait up for me. I’ll be gone for several days.” I didn’t like the sound of this. I turned to face him and returned myself to my default setting, six foot six inches tall, on-season championship bodybuilder with a thick, uncut seven inch flaccid penis and testicles to match. “Arthur, about what happened in the shower,” I started to say. “I won’t be able to contact you Bre...” he ignored and interrupted me. “...so don’t worry. I’ll be fine,” he said, then turned towards the front door and walked away. “Whatever is troubling you...” Art stopped halfway to the door and stood still; his back tensed up. “...I know we can work it out together.” Without acknowledging my offer he continued to the front door. He turned the doorknob and threw the door open. Even before the door slammed into the adjoining wall, he was gone. The door bounced off the wall, only closing half way. From the time Authur entered the kitchen to when he left, I only felt darkness from him. Bre walked up to my side. She slipped under my arm and wrapped her arm around my waist. Her free hand rested on my chest. Staring at the door I quietly said, “I’m worried about him.” “I know.” “He’ll be beaten to a pulp if the football team sees him in that shirt.” “I’m more worried about what he’d do to them.” Bre then looked up, patted my chest and said, “Come on. You’ve got that human physical thing to do and it’s getting late.” She grabbed my hand, went up to the front door to close it then led me back to my bedroom where she proceeded to open my closet and rifled through my clothes. Three wardrobe changes later I’m wearing a tight red polo shirt, blue jeans and a pair of running shoes. Brenna had fastened all the buttons on the shirt. I immediately flexed my pectorals and trapezius, making the buttons burst off of me and ricochet off the walls. I looked down to see the canyon of my chest cleavage. She rolled her eyes and shoved me out the door. “Have fun, and don’t worry about the cum stains everywhere. I’ll lick them up!” she yelled after me and slammed the door. I turned around to get in the Lycan and saw old Ms. Chakancy, with her little white miniature poodle Killer on a leash, giving me an incredulous look. I just looked at her as I walked to the car and opened the door, gave her an award-winning smile and said, “Don’t ya just love weekend long orgies?” and entered the car. “Well, I never!” she exclaimed. Ego snorted and said, ‘No shit lady. You probably couldn’t get laid giving blow jobs at a horny blind man's convention.’ ‘Now, now, let’s be nice to the old bat,’ I internally replied, started the car and burnt rubber rocketing out of the driveway and onto the street. ‘Be nice! She calls the cops every time Debbie drives up with her stereo on!’ Ahh, yes. Deb does love her Norwegian Death Metal music at maximum volume. I get the mental impression of Ego taking a deep breath and calming himself down. ‘Alright. The doctor’s office in Verona. Due to my morning extracurricular activities...” he emphasized the word ‘activities’ ‘…the morning rush is over so it should only take I seventeen minutes to get there. The appointment is forty-five minutes from now so me have plenty of time. And what the fuck is this ‘You’re the last descendent’ and ‘You’re the one’ bullshit?’ I rolled my eyes and said aloud, “How the hell should I know and thanks, Siri.” ‘Oh, so I’m my digital assistant now, eh? In that case…’ and I’m forced to listen to knock knock jokes until, three miles later, in the middle of South Midvale Boulevard, the car backfired and rapidly lost power.
  14. dominantmusclemaster

    Dominant Muscle Master

    Edit - Just a warning that this story contains violence, snuff and gore. You have been warned The man was standing with his girlfriend so he clearly wasn’t gay, but it made little difference to me. I wanted him so I would have him and neither his girlfriend nor his sexuality would offer any impediment. I waited till he looked my way once again and then I caught him in my gaze, my beautiful brown eyes boring into his, holding him captive. I walked towards him, keeping my eyes focused on his as I did. “Hi”, I said holding out my hand, “I’m Michael”. I took a deep breath, pushing out my rock hard pecs and tightening my washboard abs, the sight of my perfectly sculpted, muscular body caused him to stammer as he reached for my outstretched hand. “H…hi”, he said, I’m Frank”. I gripped his hand tightly causing him to wince in discomfort. I was using only a fraction of my power and he could tell immediately that my strength was so much greater than his own, as he registered my subtle display of dominance. I turned to the woman next to him and flashed her a dazzling smile, watching as she tried to fight back the lustful feelings my remarkable body was engendering within her. “Are you his girlfriend?” I asked bluntly, although it was clear that they were a couple. She hesitated, taking in the dense musculature of my torso before lowering her gaze to the large, obvious bulge in the tiny trunks I was wearing. If the poor sap hadn’t been standing right next to her she would have denied it, hoping that her availability would give her more of a chance with me, but she eventually nodded her head in acknowledgement. “Yes”, she whispered her voice full of regret. “Not any more”, I said, and her face lit up only to turn to shock as I finished. “Frank’s my girlfriend now”. I turned back, an evil grin on my face. “Isn’t that right little man.” “B..but”, he stammered, “I…I’m not gay”, “You’re dick’s been rock hard since I walked through that door”, I growled, “so don’t give me that shit. You want me more than you’ve ever wanted anything in your miserable little life, don’t you. Look at me, look at my muscles, feel my power, my strength. I’m everything you’ve ever dreamed of being. You want to kneel at my feet and worship me with every fibre of your being, don’t you?” It was too much for the man, for any man, my presence was simply to strong, my body to incredible, my dominance to absolute. He was inferior to me in every way and he knew it. He nodded his head. “Yes”, he said eventually, no longer able to resist the inevitable. “Then drop to your knees and worship me”, I said. Without another word he fell to his knees, he reached out and began to rub his hands over the vast expanse of my muscle packed thighs. “My God”, he gasped “you’re muscles are like steel” “Kiss them weakling”, worship my body with your lips, your tongue. His ministrations soon had my dick hardening, and it began to push obscenely against my trunks as it grew. “Remove my trunks”, I commanded and he immediately began to peel them off me, freeing my spectacular cock and balls. His girlfriend almost fainted as she watched my dick expand to its full length of sixteen inches. Frank could only stare in awe. He would never have believed that any man’s dick could be so long, so wide, so incredibly hard. He looked down at his own erect dick tenting the front of his shorts, harder than it had ever been and oozing precum, yet its eight inches was insignificant next to my supreme appendage. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him forward, forcing my dick into his mouth. “Suck it”, I commanded, and again he obeyed instantly, cowed into subservience by his now obvious inferiority. The girl watched her straight boyfriend kneel at my feet and suck hungrily on my monster shaft with a mixture of disgust and arousal. She was a beautiful woman with an impressive body and was used to being the centre of male attention, but now she was entirely superfluous. I turned to her, a look of contempt on my face. “You can go now”, I sneered, “I have no use for you”. Without another word I turned back to my new slave. I had already forgotten her and she knew it. Tears welled in her eyes from the pain of my rejection and the betrayal of her boyfriend. She had met me only moments ago, but my body was so perfect my eroticism so all-consuming that I knew my rejection hurt her far more than the loss of her boyfriend. “Frank”, she whimpered, but he completely ignored her. He was in a sexual stupor, completely unaware of anything but my absolute perfection. She called his name one more time before realising that he was lost to her and then she fled. Franks hands roamed up and down my thighs and over my hard muscular ass. His fingers slipped into the crack as he cupped my buttocks and with a cruel sneer I flexed my glutes trapping them in place. He attempted to pull them free but the strength of my glutes was more than a match for his arms. I continued to squeeze, crushing the digits between the hard slabs of my sculpted ass cheeks. His eyes widened in pain as he felt the bones of his fingers grind together but he was unable to scream as my cock effectively gagged him. I increased my thrusting, enjoying his discomfort as I raped his mouth and moments later I exploded in a powerful orgasm, pumping streams of thick hot cum down his throat. He began to gag and I released the vice like grip on his fingers and pushed him away, covering his face with juice from my still pumping cock as he fell to the ground coughing and spluttering. The taste and scent of my cum drove his lust to previously unimagined levels and i watched as his cock twitched involuntary as he released his own load without any physical stimulation. "Is that it", i sneered, "Is that all the sperm your pathetic balls can generate?" Frank had never had such a powerful orgasm, and by the standards of any other man it would have been an impressive amount, but then I'm not any other man. He looked at the wet stain on his shorts and realised that it was a miniscule quantity compared to my prodigious release. I stood over his prone body, droplets of cum dripping onto his stomach from my now limp cock. I raised my arms and flexed in a double bicep pose, causing him to groan in ecstasy as he watched my biceps expand and harden into two balls of unimaginable strength. I began to flex my legs, causing the muscles to swell and recede in a symphony of power. Within seconds my muscle display brought his dick back to life and i reached down and tore his shorts from him as if they were no more substantial than wet tissue paper. I resumed my display, flexing my legs, my abs, my chest, forcing him deeper under my spell with the hypnotic demonstration of my power and control. He lay beneath me moaning softly, so completely in my thrall that he was unable to speak. “From now on you will address me as Master, do you understand?” He nodded at my command his eyes were glazed and a thin trail of drool ran down his chin. "Hey, what the hell's going on here", a voice called out behind me. I continued the erosion of Frank’s free will with my muscle display; my only response was to flex my glutes and back, giving the interloper behind me their own muscle show. The voice walked towards me, "I said what's goi....". As soon as he drew level with me i reached out with one hand and grabbed him by the throat, lifting his entire body off the ground with ease. I turned and locked eyes with the suicidal non entity that had dared to disturb me. It was the receptionist, a skinny teenager that had just recently started the late shift. His six foot, hundred and thirty pound frame looked truly pitiful next to my own, as he hung suspended in mid-air gasping for breath. "You dare to interrupt me, you puny worm", i hissed, tightening my grip on his throat, completing blocking his airway. Within seconds his eyes rolled back, his body went limp and i let him fall to the ground. "Oh shit", Frank said, finally finding his voice. "Is he dead?" "Not yet", i grinned. "Take his clothes off, while i make sure no-one else dares to disturb me". Frank looked as if he was about to question me, until i narrowed my eyes at him. He immediately crawled over to the unconscious body and began to unfasten the boys belt, his dissent completely crushed by my gaze. I walked through the reception and locked the door, it was unlikely anyone would come in now but i wanted to make sure. When i got back Frank had stripped the boy and he was beginning to come round. I stood before him, hands on my hips, my strong, muscular body radiating power and authority. Slowly he stood up and looked at me, trembling in fear. "Please", he begged "Please don't hurt me". He was clearly terrified but my mere presence controlled his body more than his feeble mind could, and i smiled as his cock rose in obeisance to me. "Is that the best you can do?" i asked staring at his now rock hard cock which was barely six inches. "I...I'm sorry", he stammered, "this is as big and as hard as it's ever been". "And yet even limp my shaft dwarfs your pitiful erection", i said, walking towards him and grabbing him under the arms. I lifted him into the air and pinned him against the wall, stepping forward so that he was held in place by my vastly superior body. Anyone standing behind me wouldn't have even known that i held another person pinned to the wall as he was completely eclipsed by my muscular bulk. I took a breath, expanding my pecs and forcing them into his own inferior chest. I could feel his ribs bending against my abs and his sternum make a creaking noise as the thick slabs of my chest muscles crushed against it. I gave the slightest flex of my pecs and he groaned in pain as the pressure increased. No words were needed, he knew i could kill him in the most brutal way with nothing more than the slightest twitch of my mighty pecs. "Please", he whimpered fearfully, although his dick was still rock hard against my abs. I looked down at him my gaze boring through his very soul. I saw his fear and arousal, the only two emotions left to him as i dominated his mind, his spirit bending to my implacable will as easily as his body had bent to my unyielding muscles. I lowered my head and kissed him, my full, pouting lips engulfing his own. I felt his body relax as his fear yielded to his arousal and within moments i felt him tremble as he came all over my stomach. I broke off the kiss and looked at him. The look in his eyes was of absolute adoration. "Did you enjoy that?" i asked softly. He could only nod, to spent from the immense pleasure of the orgasm to speak. "Good", i growled, because now it's my turn. I stepped back and turned him round so that he now faced the wall, handling him as easily as a normal man would handle a doll. I turned to Frank who was watching in an almost trance like state. "Kneel behind me and worship my legs and ass with your lips", i commanded, “i expect to feel them on every inch of skin". I stepped forward again, once more trapping the teenager against the wall. "Please don't" he pleaded, as he felt the tip of my erection against his ass, but it was time to take my pleasure now, so i ignored his pleas and began to push my massive shaft into him. He screamed in pain as i forced my way inside him, slowly stretching his virgin ass to breaking point and then beyond. I clamped a hand around his mouth to stifle his screams, all the better to hear Franks groans of pleasure as he licked and kissed his way up my bulging, muscular calves to my oak like thighs. I noticed that he kept his fingers away from my ass crack, after the last time, but he was diligently covering every inch of my muscle packed legs and glutes with his tongue. I began to pump harder, each thrust driving my immense cock slightly further into the violated teenager’s ass. I also felt a warm spray against the back of my thighs as Frank lost control, and started to cum. Ironically the more damage i did to the teenager the more the blood lubricated the passage, easing his pain a little. The slight reprieve didn't last long of course. A few savage thrusts and i felt his ribs begin to snap as his lower body was crushed against the wall. A few more and my cock was buried deep inside him, destroying everything in its path, his frail body unable to withstand the its sheer size and power. I felt a familiar churning in my balls as my nut sac tightened, and i flexed my pecs, crushing the boy against the wall so tightly that his entire sternum shattered, his body flattening to a fraction of its thickness between the hard concrete wall and the even harder muscles of my body. At that moment i gave a roar of pleasure as i emptied my seed into the now mutilated corpse, my thick creamy sperm mingling with the blood and gore that leaked from his body. I felt another hot spray, over my ass this time as Frank once again succumbed to my immense sexuality, and i was impressed with his ability to keep cuming so often. "Enough", i said to Frank, stepping back from the wall and peeling the remains of the boy from my dick, dropping the shattered almost unrecognisable ruins to the ground. "Go find a mop and bucket, and clean this place up", i ordered, "while i dispose of this". I found a large canvas bag, which was just a little too short to fit the body in, but i soon remedied that by folding him in half, snapping his spine as easily as a dry twig. I also grabbed a couple of fifty pound plates and dropped them into the bag. "Do you have a car here?" i asked Frank when he returned with a mop and bucket. "Yes, it's parked right outside". "Give me the keys", i commanded. He picked up the shorts I had torn apart earlier, found the keys and handed them to me. I hefted the large bag onto my shoulder barely noticing the weight and went out to the car. I noticed there were no other cars parked nearby which meant that the receptionist didn't have one which was good. I dumped the bag in the boot of Frank’s car and headed back inside. It was only then that i realised i had gone out completely naked, covered in blood and cum, luckily no-one had been around. While Frank cleaned up the mess I had made in the gym I took a long hot shower, cleaning the blood and cum from my spectacular body. Once finished a pulled on a pair of black leggings that were stretched so tightly over my bulging musculature that they were practically see through. I often wear leggings in public, I love the way the skin tight material clings to my swollen muscles, hiding nothing of their power and beauty. I usually wear a pair of trunks under them to cover my manhood as the leggings are stretched to transparency, but it was late and I didn’t expect anybody to be around, so I didn’t bother. I covered my upper body with a white compression shirt, my abs, pecs and nipples clearly displayed through the material. I admired myself in the mirror for a few moments, flexing various muscles, threatening to rip my outfit apart with their size. I admired my long thick cock, covered by the leggings, but clearly visible through the material, and then headed back to the gym. Frank had finished cleaning up the mess and had returned the mop and bucket wherever he had found them. I had ordered him to get dressed once he finished and now he stood awaiting my return in a t-shirt and jeans. “Let’s go” I commanded, smirking as I saw his dick press against the material of his jeans at the sight of me. I locked the door of the gym as we left with a set off keys I had found on the reception desk and climbed into the passenger seat of Frank’s car. “Where are we going master?” he asked as he started the car. “The docks”, I said, “just drive, I will direct you”. Ten minutes later we parked outside the gate of the deep-water dock. The gate was secured with a thick chain and a large padlock, but it wasn’t thick enough to prevent my entry, or even test my muscles. “Wait here”, I said getting out of the car and walking to the gate. I grabbed the chain with both hands and began to pull, my biceps bulged, and there was a few moments of resistance before the steel links succumbed to my strength and snapped apart. I dropped the heavy chain to the ground and pushed open the gates, waving Frank through. I climbed back into the car and we drove to the edge of the dock, where I proceeded to remove the bag from the boot and drop it into the deep water. The weights I had added ensured that the bag and its contents immediately sunk to the bottom. I climbed back into the car and Frank had just turned around about to head back through the gates when a police car came driving in. “Shit”, I thought as they flashed us down. They had obviously seen the opened gate on their way past and decided to investigate. I briefly toyed with the idea of killing them; even armed they wouldn’t stand a chance against me, but I knew they would have already radioed back to the station with the car details and license plate. I would have to take an alternative approach, but it would be no less enjoyable. “Stay here”, I commanded Frank and quickly climbed out of the car. I flexed my upper body to the max as I walked towards their now stationary vehicle. My biceps shredded the already overstretched sleeves, my shoulders split through the top of the compression shirt, as rips appeared down the sides and front from my rapidly spreading lats and expanding pecs. The shirt was hanging in tatters from my spectacularly pumped upper body and I simply tore the remains of it from me. The two cops got out of their car and approached me warily, hands on the butt of their pistols. “What’s up officers?” I asked innocently, watching their eyes rove all over my body, trying to take in its absolute perfection. “Jesus Christ”, the older of the two men exclaimed, “you’re fucking huge. Jesus Jack, he’s bigger than you”, he said to his partner, who was obviously no stranger to the gym. “What are you doing here?” the buff cop asked. “I had some rubbish to dump, thought it would be easiest just to dump it in the dock. I know it’s illegal but just saves me the hassle of driving all the way to the dump”. I fixed my gaze on the older cop as I spoke, subtly flexing the muscles in my legs. I could sense he was the weaker of the two, mentally as well as physically. I noticed his eyes glaze over as he stared transfixed at the hypnotic display of pulsing muscle before him. “You cut the chain?” the other cop continued. “Yea, sorry about that”, I replied. “Must have been some heavy duty cutters you used”. “I didn’t use cutters”, I replied. He looked at me quizzically and I raised my arms into a double bicep pose. “I used these”, I continued. “No way” he said, gulping audibly, “that’s not possible”. “Look at me” I smiled, flexing harder, turning my body into a wall of living steel. “Look at my muscles, their size, their hardness. Do you think there is anything my body cannot do?” “I…I..”, he stammered, barely able to think in the face of such extreme strength and power, knowing that no matter how many hours he spent in the gym he could never come close to my size, my density. I turned back to the older cop, who was visibly trembling with desire. “Go to your car and radio the station back. Tell them you have checked me out and everything’s fine, nothing to report.” Without a word the cop turned back to his car to carry out my commands. The bigger cop may not have been as deeply under my spell as his partner, but he was too far gone to question the fact that I was now the one giving orders. I stepped towards the other cop and flexed my bicep in his face. “Feel it”, I ordered. He wrapped his fingers around the rock hard ball of muscle and began to squeeze. I could tell he was putting everything he had into it in an attempt to reclaim some of his masculinity, but he couldn’t make the slightest dent. “My God”, he gasped, “it’s like warm steel”. “Flex”, I commanded him. His body responded before his brain had even registered the command and he raised his arm and flexed it in front of me. I wrapped my fingers around the hard mound and began to squeeze. Almost immediately he gasped in pain as my strong fingers effortlessly overpowered his muscle, crushing into it with childish ease. “Please stop”, he gasped, “Please, you’re hurting me”. “Do I look like I am even trying?” I asked him. “No”, he cried out,” aahh….please…..no more”. “Do you understand just how inferior your body is to mine I asked”. “Yes”, he gasped, “you’re so strong, so unimaginably strong”. I released the man’s arm and turned to his partner who had just come back. “Well?” I asked. “It’s done”, he replied, “I told them we had sent you on your way and we were resuming our patrol”. “Good”, I responded, “now strip”. Both men immediately began to remove their clothes and in less than a minute they were standing naked before me, their dicks erect. “Kneel”, I commanded. Again both men obeyed me without hesitation dropping to their knees before me. My domination of their puny bodies and feeble minds was turning me on and my dick began to stiffen. I placed my hands on my hips and flared my lats, causing both men to moan with desire as they bathed in the glow of my magnificence. With my hands holding the waist band of my leggings in place, my dick began to press insistently against the black material until it simply tore through it with a loud ripping. The sight of my huge, powerful dick bursting through its nylon prison was all it took to crush the any last vestige of the men’s free will. Unable to control himself the smaller of the two reached out and began to stroke my calves, gasping with pleasure as he felt the hard nylon sheathed muscle beneath his fingers. “Did I give you permission to touch me weakling” I roared. The anger in my voice caused him to instantly pull his hand away, but my reflexes were so much faster. I took hold of his wrist and squeezed it painfully. “Aarrgg”, he cried out in pain “Please, i…I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself, you…you’re just so strong, so powerful, so…so irresistible. “You need to learn your place little man”, I said, “you are nothing in my presence, do you understand?” “Yes”, he groaned. I turned to his partner, savouring the fear in his eyes, and raised an eyebrow questioningly. He nodded his head, confirming that he knew his place. “I am your Master”, I continued, “and you exist only to serve me, you have no will but mine, no desires but mine. You are nothing more than an extension of my consciousness, and as such you are mine to do with as I please. Do you understand your place now?” Both men nodded, “Yes Master”, they said in unison. My huge, beautiful cock was bobbing inches from their faces, the head glistening with precum, and both men stared at it as though in a trance. “Have you ever seen such a large, powerful cock before?” I asked them. The older of the two could only shake his head, unable to speak as my presence overwhelmed his puny mind. “No”, his partner whispered, “it’s incredible”. “You want to worship it don’t you?” I asked. “To pay homage to my incomparable masculinity with your lips. You want to taste my seed, my divine nectar, isn’t that right?” Both men again nodded their assent, groaning in pleasure at the thought of being given such an honour. I released the older cops wrist and began to stroke my member, looking down at the two men. “But I do not deem you worthy of such an honour”, I sneered. I watched impassively as whatever remained of their spirits shattered as I refused them the only thing they now desired. “Please”, the younger of the two men begged, while his partner groaned in despair. “You dare to question me?” I asked threateningly. “No Master”, he whimpered. I was still stroking myself and I could feel my orgasm build. “Despite your insolence and inferiority I will allow you to taste of my magnificence”, I said as I began to cum, spurting thick gobs of creamy sperm over the two men, coating their faces with my virulent seed. The two thralls unconsciously began to lick their lips, tasting my seed, the smell and taste of my powerful ejaculate causing them to respond in kind, coating my lower legs with their own inferior release. I looked down at the creamy goo that now covered my magnificent calves with disdain. “Lick me clean”, I commanded, and both men immediately leant forward and began lapping at my calves, their spent dicks hardening again as the feel of my powerful muscles against their lips enflamed their arousal. I stood before these insignificant whelps like the dominant God I was for a few moments as they greedily swallowed their own cum. “Enough”, I commanded, once they had cleaned off their mess and they immediately pulled away, their bodies instantly responding to my command. They looked up at me, fear, desire, and adoration in their eyes. They would do whatever I asked of them, without question or hesitation. They belonged to me now, their devotion to their Master absolute. “I am finished with you now”, I said, “You may resume your work”. With that I walked back to the car and climbed in. “Let’s go”, I said and Frank immediately drove off leaving the two policemen still kneeling on the ground, covered in my cum. Free from my presence the two men would begin to regain control of their senses. They would get dressed and resume their patrol, but they would never mention what had just happened to anyone. They wouldn’t even discuss it between themselves, shame and confusion over what had happened would make sure of that. Although a degree of self-control would return to them, their lives would be irrevocably altered. Sexual arousal would be impossible unless they were thinking of me, but they would think of me often. I would haunt their dreams, they would wake in the middle of the night in a cold sweat their pathetic dicks twitching as they involuntary orgasmed. Forced to live with the knowledge of just how truly inferior they were they would grow increasingly depressed, unable to take pleasure from anyone or anything, the memory of tonight the only thing that would bring them any respite from their despair. Eventually the thought of living like this, in misery and without my presence to console them would prove too much and they would take their own lives. If they were particularly strong willed their will to live might prevail but they would be a shadow of their former selves, barely capable of functioning as a useful member of society, rendered clinically insane. I gave Frank directions and ten minutes later we pulled up outside my house, on the outskirts of the city. “Take out your dick”, I ordered. Frank immediately complied, and pulled out his throbbing erection, which was dripping with precum. I turned his head so that he was facing me and leant forward. “You have done well tonight little man”. Before he could respond I pressed my lips to his, I felt his body immediately relax as he surrendered to my kiss. For several minutes I kissed him, expertly probing his mouth with my tongue. After thirty seconds I felt his body tense as he ejaculated all over steering wheel, but the overwhelming eroticism of my kiss kept him hard and he came two more times before I released his lips. “Will I see you again Master?” he asked breathlessly, his eyes pleading with me to say yes. “If I wish it”, I replied, “Now go home and dream of me slave”. “Yes Master”, he said as I climbed out of the car. By [email protected]
  15. Following on from "Deano's Summer" and the short, eight-chapter novella-length "Deano's Winter" story, I've written a new/third story about Muscle University's most complex but loveable pocket rocket bodybuilder. This one is set mostly at Muscle University, where Deano is studying in his second year, but the characters go to some other places too. It's split into three parts, with a number of chapters per part. There are some new characters as well as lots of familiar names and returning characters from the first two Deano stories and the original "Muscle University" story, including Deano's roommate Shaun, who is a lot more fleshed out here. I also have a Twitter account where I post as Deano here which I set up for the first story where I'll be posting things related to the events of the story. DEANO, AGAIN: A MUSCLE UNIVERSITY STORY (DEANO STORY 3) PART ONE One “We’ll have to get you a suit when you come back for Easter,” my dad says to me from the driver’s seat of his Land Rover. “Huh?!” I say, screwing my face up. I know exactly what he’s talking about. I just feel like getting a rise out of him for one last time before he drops me off at the train station to go back to the Montgomery University of Bodybuilding & Fitness. “For your mum’s bloody wedding!” he barks. I roll my tongue around the inside of my mouth to try and cover up my smirk. My dad gives me a suspicious look. Like he knows I’m just trying to wind him up. Then he lets out a big sigh and turns back to the road. I swear he’s smirking a bit though. “God knows if we’ll find one that fits you!” And now I’m full-on smiling. Struggling to find a suit because I’m both a short-arse AND a jacked-up pocket rocket bodybuilder who’s getting bigger by the week at the only university in the world dedicated to turning its students into pro bodybuilders? I kinda love it. And then I have another thought. If all goes to plan I’ll be competing at the end of term bodybuilding show just before the Easter break. Which means, not only will I be jacked and shredded for mum’s wedding, I’ll also be dark and bronzed from the competition tan. I wonder what Gary’s relatives will think. And dad’s new girlfriend’s son, Archie. And now I’m suddenly picturing how he was with me when we met for the first time last week. All nervous and intimidated. Maybe I should ask mum if I can bring my roommate Shaun as a guest so the two of us can strip off and give Archie a full-on posedown. “Right, text me when you get back,” Dad says when he parks the car outside the station. “And watch what you’re doing!” I pull a face and nod sarcastically as I get out of his Land Rover, failing to smirk to myself as I drag my suitcase into the station. I’ll never admit to my dad how much I miss him when I’m at Muscle University. But then - he’ll never admit to how much he misses ME. On the train from Brighton to London I start thinking about Harry the Bouncer. Even though it all went to shit and ended up being a bit of a disaster, I don’t regret meeting him. And I definitely don’t regret the hot sex we had the day before Christmas Eve. And at least I made things right with him when I saw him on New Year’s Eve. Maybe I WILL go down to the pub he works at and say hi to him the next time I’m down at Easter. I did promise him I would after all. And it would be kinda nice to see him again. He’ll probably cum in his pants when he sees me bronzed and jacked from the end of term bodybuilding show. I keep wondering whether anything more might have happened between us if it hadn’t gone tits up. If I hadn’t seen Ryan North on Boxing Day and acted like a complete twat on that second date with Harry. Obviously, we would have had sex again. (Did I mention how hot the sex was?) But anything beyond that - I’m not really too sure. I mean, he lives back home for a start. And I’m up in Scotland for most of the year. How would things have ever worked? Plus there’s the obvious age difference. I mean, I can’t really imagine introducing ANY guy as my boyfriend to my mum and dad, but one practically twice my age? My roommate Shaun is already back and sitting on his bed in our dorm room with his head buried in his laptop when I (finally!) get back to Montgomery. That seven-hour bloody journey is never fun. I’ve given up on asking Dad if I can get a flight from Gatwick to Glasgow instead of the train. “Do you think I’m bloody made of money?!” is his usual response. Shaun says all right to me and we fist bump each other. He tells me he’s hanging really badly because he went out with his mates last night back home in Nottingham. He’s wearing that tight fitted light blue t-shirt he often wears that makes his arms look stacked. Shaun’s not one of the biggest lads in the year. He’s probably around somewhere in the middle in terms of size. He’s got a great physique though. Big shoulders, deep pecs and a tight waist. His torso has an awesome V shape. And his legs are decent too. He’s about five foot eleven so he’ll never be up against me in the 212 class. I actually wasn’t sure I’d like him on the first day I met him. I thought he’d be a bit too cocky and obnoxious for my liking. I feared he might love himself a bit too. Shaun’s a good looking guy. Blonde hair. Green eyes. He looks a bit like a posh boy, I guess. Like the kind of guy who went to Eton. He’s not like that at all though. Once he opens his mouth and starts talking you realise he’s just a bit of a lad. (And not posh. At all!) I’d be lying if I said I’d never had certain thoughts about him. Right at the start of our first year, I found myself checking him out every now and then. When he’d come out of the shower. In the gym. In Posing Practice 101. That stopped pretty quickly though once I got to know him and we became mates. Then he just became Shaun. Besides, I started having those thoughts about another certain cocky and annoyingly good looking classmate. “Not up for the SU bar tonight then?” I ask Shaun with a smirk as I unzip my suitcase. “Awww, mate. Fuck RIGHT off with that!” he cries dramatically, leaning back on his headboard and still clutching his laptop. Shaun doesn’t really ask me anything about my break. Not that I’d tell him anything about what happened with Harry the Bouncer. I’m mostly fine with not talking to Shaun about stuff like that. A part of me even likes the fact that I’ve got this secret none of the lads here know. But sometimes I have these fleeting moments where I fantasise about telling Shaun that I like lads. And in those moments, I can’t help thinking how nice it would be. To tell him all the stuff that I’ve been keeping from him. To let him know about that side of me. I sometimes think of it as like a rehearsal for when I’m a professional bodybuilder. I’m not exactly going to be an openly bisexual bodybuilder. I’ll be keeping that hidden from pretty much everyone. So me not telling Shaun and Ashley Mosaku and Eric Mafra is like a practice run. I can still be mates with them. They just don’t need to know that bodybuilders turn me on. That I like kissing lads. That one of those lads was Sebastian “Woody” Wood after obsessing about him for most of the first year. And they don’t need to know that last summer I got my heart broken by a guy called Ryan North. “All right, lads, settle down,” Hancox says to us as he walks into our first Advanced Posing Practice lesson of the term on Monday morning. I’m standing in my usual spot in the back of the room with Shaun and Ash (Mafra’s in Thursday’s lesson with Woody and Henderson). “Everyone have a good Christmas? Yes? Do I actually give a shit? Absolutely fucking not!” Hancox jokes. Ha! I love it. I look at Shaun and we exchange grins. Hancox is a total legend. Granted he’s a bit of a scary bastard. But then, I’m kind of used to being around older, scary-looking bald-headed ex-competitive bodybuilders who don’t take any shit. “Right - before you all start stripping off there’s something I’ve been asked to announce. Try not to spontaneously combust in your posing trunks.” I look at Shaun and we exchange confused looks. Hancox starts to tell us about a new thing the university is introducing this term called the “Future Pro’s Training Programme”. Apparently, a group of selected students will each get to train with one of the lecturers for an intense three-month training plan, leading up to the end of term bodybuilding show in April, which they will automatically qualify for. This is where Hancox really piques my interest. I’m determined to get a place on that end of term bodybuilding show after missing out last year. Granted, I stand a pretty good chance of getting a spot anyway, but the idea of it being both guaranteed and embarking on an intense training programme with one of the lecturers here is more than appealing. And then Hancox says something which not only further increases that interest, but sends an overwhelming jolt of excitement running through me. “As part of the programme, the selected students will get to go to the McCarthy Classic in the States to represent the university and guest pose.” Woah. What. The. Fuck? I look over at a wide-eyed Ash, then at Shaun. The McCarthy Classic? I can’t believe it. That’s fucking HUGE! Named after nineties bodybuilding legend Brad McCarthy, it’s one of the biggest IFBB shows on the calendar. Loads of the current top pros will be competing. And we get to guest pose! It would basically be a dream for any budding bodybuilder. And most of the students here at Montgomery University. Hancox carries on. Six students are apparently going to be chosen for the programme to represent the university. Three third years and three second years. It’s open to everyone to apply. Hancox hasn’t really specified what they’re looking for in applicants, but fuck - I REALLY think I have a shot at getting a spot here. I’m one of the best in the year after all. Surely that makes me a top contender? And when Hancox said the words “three-second years” I swear he even looked at me. Okay, that might have just been a coincidence. But I just have this feeling that it wasn’t. I can barely concentrate for the rest of Posing Practice. All I can think about is the prospect of getting a place on that programme. Going to America. Being at the McCarthy Classic in Chicago, surrounded by some of the best pro bodybuilders on the planet. I wonder if we’d actually get to meet them? And then guest posing. Being on the stage in front of the judges. The whole thing is just fucking insane. “McCarthy Classic? Fucking hell, lads!” Ash says to us as we were putting our clothes on at the end of the lesson. His marble-like abs popping through his skin and his big overhanging pes twitching. “You gonna apply, D?” Shaun asks as he covers up his torso with a tight white t-shirt. For some reason, I feel slightly nervous. “Yeah. Probably!” I say, maybe in at attempt to play the whole thing down. There’s an awkward pause. Do I ask the question back to Shaun? It would be kind of weird not to. “You?” I ask him, my voice sounding weird “Mmmm. Might do,” Shaun replies, picking up his backpack and not looking at me. Huh. More awkwardness. Here’s the thing. Shaun is a fucking great bodybuilder. There’s no arguing with that. But I think we both know he doesn’t really have much of a chance of getting a spot on the programme. There are only three places for second-years. Three students to step on stage at the McCarthy fucking Classic in America to “represent the university”. Surely the lecturers are going to choose the three best students in the year? And Shaun isn’t one of them. And then I have a thought which causes a sense of dread to wave through my body. Because if we’re talking about the best three students in our year, there are really only five contenders. Me, Ashley, Mafra, that Banksy dude I hardly speak to and the first guy I ever kissed. The guy who I outed last year which led to me getting suspended. The guy I spent ages obsessing over and then trying to GET over. The first guy I ever really, truly liked. Sebastian “Woody” Wood.
  16. Following on from my "Muscle University" story and the "Deano's Summer" spin-off, I've written a new eight-chapter novella length follow-up. Set four/five months after the last story ended, Deano goes back to his hometown of Brighton for the first time since the summer. DEANO’S WINTER (A MUSCLE UNIVERSITY STORY) One “Here he is. The famous Deano!” I smile awkwardly as Shaun’s dad strides up to me with his hand outstretched. A big warm smile on his handsome, rugged face. He’s like an older rougher version of Shaun with sandy blonde hair. He’s pretty built but he’s no bodybuilder. He shakes my hand and then grabs my shoulder. “Bloody hell!” he says as he feels my muscle, his eyes widening. I feel a flutter of excitement and can’t help but smirk. “Shaun wasn’t kidding,” he says, slapping and squeezing my shoulder. “You’re a right little tank!” Shaun pulls a face and rolls his eyes as he lifts his suitcase off his bed. “Well … not little. Only cause, you know …” and then he puts a flat hand above my head to highlight the fact that I’m such a short arse. “Fucking hell, dad!” Shaun says, with a big sigh. “Oi! Watch your language!” I roll my tongue around the inside of my cheek in an attempt to hide my smile at watching Shaun’s dad embarrass him. There’s another reason why I’m smiling too. Because it reminds me so much of how my own dad talks to me. And I know for a fact if he were here right now picking up to take me back home for the Christmas holidays he’d be embarrassing the fuck out of me in front of my roommate and best mate at Muscle University. “What time’s your train then, Deano?” “Eleven fifteen,” I tell Shaun’s dad as I zip my suitcase up. He looks at his watch. “Ahhh, we’ve got plenty of time.” Shaun has asked his dad if he’ll give me a lift to the train station in Glasgow. “Cheers for the lift by the way,” I say, feeling a little awkward. “No worries, fella,” he says. “Bit far for your old man to come and get you, from Brighton isn’t it?” I smile and nod, while thinking, “Thank fucking God.” Even if Shaun weren’t here, the chances are my dad would find some way to embarrass me if he were to come up here and pick me up from campus. And now I suddenly have an image in my head of trailing behind my dad as he storms down one of the corridors of Johnson Hall in a “Deano’s Gym” t-shirt barking at me at an unnecessary volume. “Come on. Get a bloody move on, you little shit! I haven’t got all bloody day!” Half of my fucking year watching the scene and sniggering at my expense. I put my black North Face jacket on over my favourite black Montgomery University hoodie which somehow makes me look like even more of a tank. “You lads ready then?” Mr Hudson says. “Yes, dad!” he whines, pulling a face, causing me to smirk again. As I lift my suitcase off my bed, I feel this strong sense of poignancy. Since our last lecture of the term ended yesterday I’ve felt this weird mix of nostalgia and sadness. That the term is over. And now I feel it more than ever as me, Shaun and his dad make our way out and I take my last look at our second-year Johnson Hall dorm room until the New Year. I’m probably just being overdramatic, but I can’t help it. This has honestly been the best term I’ve had since I started at the Montgomery University of Bodybuilding & Fitness. I don’t really know why. I think it’s a mixture of things. Being a second-year feels a bit more relaxed. It’s pretty cool knowing you’re not amongst the youngest and smallest students anymore. The lecturers seem to respect us a bit more. Even Johnny Hoxton, who I was convinced didn’t like me last year, now seems to have warmed to me a bit. I think. At least that’s the feeling I get. I guess I’ve calmed down a bit too since that first year. That’s probably helped. I’m less of a loud-mouthed twat now. I dunno. I don’t really feel the need to do any of that stuff anymore. Shout out in class. Act like a complete twat. And in turn, I’ve found myself making some new friends and hanging out with people I didn’t last year. There’s a little group of us who have started going to the Students’ Union Bar every Saturday. Me, Shaun, Eric Mafra (still the biggest dude in the year) and Ashley Mosaku who is an absolute fucking beast. Crazy quads. A massive arse. He’s a bit of a loudmouth actually. He’s kind of taken over my role. Cocky as hell. But he’s not annoying with it. I kind of just find it funny. He actually reminds me a bit of mad cunt Tony from back home in Brighton. Kind of like if Tony was a hot jacked tank of a bodybuilder from South London. I’m calling Ash hot (which he definitely is) but don’t worry, I’m not secretly pining after him or anything. I have no interest in ever pining after a fellow student again. Or a bodybuilder slash personal trainer who, oooh, I dunno, happens to work at my dad’s gym or something. No more pining. No more obsessively checking Instagram profiles. No more standing at the back of Posing Practice feeling a knot in my stomach wishing I was the person Sebastian Wood was standing next to and occasionally whispering to and grinning at (I’m not even in the same Posing Practice lesson as them this year). No more lying on my bed with my arm wrapped around my back wishing it belonged to someone else. I’m done with that shit. I’m really fucking done with it. About an hour later and I’m settling into my seat on the train. As I’m taking my jacket off, I notice two men walking through the carriage and towards me. The way they’re looking at me. Fuck. One turns his head and looks at the other (his boyfriend maybe?) and they exchange little knowing smirks. It makes me feel a bit nervous and awkward but at the same time, I dunno, it kind of gives me a little rush too. And now they’re past me and walking into the next carriage, I’m finding that I’m suddenly smiling to myself. I look at my reflection in the train window. I still have the same haircut I’ve had since I started university. Even though I told my dad I was thinking of changing it back in the summer after - well, after what happened, I didn’t. I think I kind of thought why should I change it? Just because - well, just because. This black hoodie used to fit me really well, but because I’ve packed on more size since September, it’s getting a bit tight around my upper arms. I’ll probably have to buy a bigger sized one soon (which will no doubt be way too long in the arms - the perks of being a short-arsed pocket rocket bodybuilder). I wonder if I flexed hard enough the seams on the arms would rip? I smirk at that thought. If I suggested that to Shaun and Ash at the SU bar when we’d been drinking they’d probably make me do it to see if the hoodie actually did rip. I like who I am when I’m with those lads. Even though they don’t know everything about me. Even though there’s this whole side to me they know nothing about. And might be surprised at. I don’t really feel like I’m lying to the lads. Nor do I feel like what they see of me is an act. They just see certain parts of me. And I think I’m maybe starting to enjoy the fact that I have this secret that not many people know about. That I don’t really get to act on or indulge in much up here at Muscle University. (Save for the time I was sitting on Sebastian Wood’s bed wearing nothing but my maroon red velvet posing trunks, pumped and sweaty from flexing and posing for him.) It feels kinda weird to be going back home. The further I get from Glasgow the more the last few months seem like a distant memory and the more I find my thoughts slipping to the last time I was home. I don’t really think about last summer too much. It felt so far away when I was at uni. But now, these memories keep coming back. Things I try not to think about. Even though I sometimes do. As my second train from London begins to approach Brighton, I get that familiar sense of poignancy I always do. I love the familiarity of home. The fact that nothing here changes. I know exactly what’s waiting for me here. My room will look the same as it did when I left. Josh will be the same old Josh he always is. Annoyingly carefree, occasionally hyper, even more annoyingly good looking. Dad will be the same old dad too. I don’t think he’ll ever change. I find myself smiling as I think about that. When I look at my phone I find a text from Tony asking me if I’m still up for going out tonight. Which I most definitely am. I can just imagine what my dad will say about that. I roll my tongue around the inside of my cheek to stop from smiling when I spot my dad’s black Land Rover outside the station. I don’t want him to think I’m, like, happy to see him or anything. “Come on!” he barks impatiently, followed by a loud sigh as I get in the passenger seat. The train was about ten minutes late getting in. “Nice to see you too, dad.” “Why was it so bloody late getting in?” I shrug. “I dunno!” He sighs loudly again and shakes his head. I smirk and turn my head to look out of the passenger window. Same old dad. He really never does change. I think about asking him how the gym is. But then I think better of it. As we drive towards the end of the road I see all of the Christmas decorations lit up in the streets. I’d totally forgotten about this. North Street is packed. There are people everywhere out shopping. It’s only now that I’m starting to realise just how much I’ve missed this town. “You’re erm …” my dad pauses and clears his throat, “not seeing those twat friends of yours tomorrow are you?” Why does he sound weird? I look at him suspiciously. “Why?!” He shoots me a stern look. I’m expecting him to bark something else at me, but he doesn’t. He turns back to face the road. “We’re going out.” “Where?!” I say, screwing my face up. Dad groans. “For lunch! Is that okay with you?” I shrug. “Suppose!” I can’t remember my dad ever taking me out to Sunday lunch before. “With mum and Gary?” “No.” “What - just you, me and Josh then?” He lets out another loud sigh. “When are you going back to uni?” Josh’s dance music is blaring from his bedroom when I get back home. “Do you have to have that music so bloody loud?” my dad barks as he walks into the kitchen and I’m hanging my jacket up. I walk into the kitchen and there he is. My big brother, Joshua, looking even more annoyingly good looking as ever. He’s wearing a tight fitted grey t-shirt. His modest pecs spilling out of the V neck collar. “Yo lil’ broski!” he says to me. “All right?” “Bloody hell. You look HUGE!” he says to me. I look down. Weirdly, I feel bigger than I normally do now that I’m back home with dad and Josh. Rather than on a university campus surrounded by bulging muscle lads. “I should bloody think so!” my dad says. Me and Josh exchange smirks. “What time’s dinner?” I ask my dad, sitting down at the table. “MY dinner’s in about an hour. I don’t know what you’re making yourself. There might be a frozen pizza in the freezer somewhere.” I pull a face and roll my eyes. “WHY?” my dad asks, suspiciously. I shrug. “Going out with Tony,” I casually say. “Fucking hell!” he groans. Yep. There it is. I look at Josh and we smile at each other. “Don’t you be getting into a bloody state for tomorrow!” “Why?!” My dad clears his throat. “Told you earlier,” he says, not looking at me, “we’re going out.” I screw my face up. “It’s only lunch.” Josh gives dad a look. This suspicious smirk on his face. He’s practically giddy. What the fuck is going on? “Haven’t you told D, yet?” he asks. Dad rolls his eyes and sits down opposite me, not making eye contact. “Told me what?” For some reason, my stomach clenches sharply. And I get this horrible feeling that I’m really not going to like whatever my brother’s about to say next. “Dad’s got a girlfriend!” *** And anyone who followed the original thread will have seen these already but I thought I'd include the below illustrations of Deano. The first was drawn by @brawnygods and the second by @Rayjacked - both incredibly talented artists who have profiles here.
  17. So those of you following my "Muscle University" thread will know that I've been working on this - a spin-off story featuring and told from the point of view of the Deano character. For anyone who needs a recap, Deano was the antagonist of that story who spent most of his time harassing Woody for things like flirting with gay dudes on Instagram and wearing pink trunks to Posing Practice 101. But while Woody was reluctantly falling for this new roommate Luke, it turned out Deano was secretly harbouring secret for Woody. This takes place over the summer following the lads' first year at Montgomery University of Bodybuilding & Fitness, where Deano goes back home to help out as his dad's infamous hardcore bodybuilding gym with Woody and Luke and the events of the first story very much still on his mind. I've also set up a Twitter account in Deano's name here and I've been posting and interacting with some lads from here as Deano. I'll also be tweeting the events of the story as I post chapters. Thought it would be a fun extra thing to do to go with the story! DEANO’S SUMMER (A MUSCLE UNIVERSITY STORY) One I can’t stop thinking about it. It just keeps going round and round in my head. The image of the two of them together. Why the FUCK did I go to the Watson House gym on the last day of term? I was doing fine before that. Honest I was. I hadn’t been thinking about him for half as much time as I used to. But now, as I’m on the train from London to Brighton - the last leg of my journey home, all I can think about is what I saw yesterday when I walked into my favourite gym at university. Sebastian fucking Wood in that black vest he always wears, playfully knocking his shoulder against Luke Henderson’s. I know it doesn’t sound like much. But it just did something to me. The way Woody was looking at him. (You should have seen the way he was looking at him.) The grin on his face. And the way Henderson was looking back at him. It’s like the image is ingrained in my memory. Every time I think about it, it feels like someone’s twisting all of my insides. I’m so fucking glad my first year of university is over. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved being a student at the Montgomery University of Bodybuilding & Fitness (or Muscle University as a lot of us call it). I get to train and study all things muscle-related with a whole school of fellow meatheads and bodybuilders. What the fuck’s not to love? The teachers are awesome (some more so than others). I get to hang out with other budding bodybuilders all day. And I’m one of the best lads in my year. At least top five anyway. But the last few months have been a bit weird if I’m being honest. There have even been times when I’ve found myself looking forward to the end of term. To going back home to Brighton for the summer. I guess it all started when Johnny Hoxton forced me to do an assignment for the end of term bodybuilding show with him. Sebastian Wood. With his big, thick pecs which hang over his perfect, blocky abs. And all of his shiny posing trunks. (Why does any bodybuilder need THAT many pairs of trunks?) And that smile. That jawline. And the way he’s just sickeningly good looking. Like he doesn’t even have to try. And the way he fucking struts around campus like he’s God’s gift. Mr fucking Perfect. The dude even smells amazing. And all of his twatty put-downs and one-liners which he thinks are SO fucking funny, when most of the time they’re not. Who the hell is Chris Hemsworth anyway? And while I’m thinking about it - what kind of twat name is Sebastian? What kind of twat name is WOODY? Sebastian “Woody” Wood. The bane of my Muscle University life. He didn’t even bother me that much to start with. Okay - I thought about him. Like, a lot. I even thought we might become friends at some point. I kept imagining how that would happen. Like, one day we’d suddenly start talking and just hit it off and that would be it. We’d be mates. We’d hang out. We’d go to the gym together. He’d come round to my dorm room. In that black vest, he always wears. And those skinny jeans which look painted on. His thighs bulging underneath the denim material. His big arse barely contained by it. But then he showed up. Luke Henderson. The biggest fucking joke to ever set foot on campus. I’ll never forget that first Posing Practice 101 when I first saw him. I couldn’t believe they’d let him into the uni. That was definitely Johnny Hoxton’s doing. There’s no way Mike Hancox would have let Henderson in. Hancox is definitely the best teacher at Montgomery. He used to compete in the nineties and early noughties and he’s basically a fucking legend. I can tell he doesn’t really like Woody either. Unlike Johnny Hoxton, who practically lives up his arse for some reason. Hancox’s face when Henderson rushed into that first lesson wearing that stupid Lego t-shirt was fucking hilarious. The dude looked like he’d barely seen the inside of a gym. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. He definitely had some muscle on him. But a student at a university for bodybuilders? What an absolute joke. He wasn’t even wearing posing trunks for fuck’s sake. The one and only requirement for Posing Practice 101. He had to do the whole lesson wearing his boxer shorts. And not just any old boxers either. Bright yellow Harry Potter boxers! The weird thing is, at the beginning, Woody seemed to have a real problem with him as well. Hancox forced Luke to do a pose off with another student and Woody volunteered. He really fucking showed him up. I think I started to like him even more after that. But then something even weirder happened. For some reason, they became friends. Woody and Henderson. I suppose it was because they were roommates. Spending all that time together. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if me and Woody had been roommates instead. Whether we would have become mates. Or maybe even something more. Anyway, everything changed after that. For some reason, the fact that they were friends really bothered me. And then I took the piss out of Henderson because he was trying to hit a most muscular in Posing Practice (I mean … you should have fucking seen him!) and Woody just flipped and went mental and pushed me really hard and we kind of had a bit of a fight. And then Johnny fucking Hoxton made us do that stupid joint assignment together for the end of term bodybuilding show (which I’m still pissed that I didn’t get to compete in) and that’s when things got kind of complicated. My train is slowing down on the approach to Brighton station. People around me are starting to shift in their seats, grabbing their bags and luggage and putting their jackets on. I always feel this kind of poignancy whenever I come back home. I guess I feel kind of safe here. Or at least safer than I do when I’m at Montgomery. In moments like this, when I’m looking out at all the buildings and houses and I know the sea is behind them, it’s easy to forget that things at home aren’t exactly perfect. I don’t know what it is about Brighton. There’s a sort of energy to the whole town that I’ve never felt anywhere else. I love the way all the lamp posts and railings on the seafront are painted green. And the way the streets and roads dip up and down. And the sound of the seagulls wherever you go. It feels like everyone is here because they really want to be. I feel strangely proud that I was born and raised in a place so many people seem to be drawn to. (To get an idea of what Brighton looks like… https://www.instagram.com/brighton/ ) I notice a few people looking at me as I walk through the train station. I suppose it’s not every day you see a tank sized junior bodybuilder casually walking (okay - it’s probably more like waddling) with a suitcase dragging behind him. I’m pretty decently dressed too. My body’s covered up by my favourite black Montgomery University hoodie, which I’m now regretting wearing, because I’m pretty fucking warm. Apparently it’s gonna get really hot this week so I guess I should get used to this kind of attention. I swear it would be worse if I wasn’t only five feet, five inches tall. Someone like Woody must get gawped at wherever he goes. Ugh. Fucking Woody. And now my insides are clenching again as I think about my fellow Montgomery classmate. What are the chances he and Henderson will decide to drop out and not return to Muscle University for our second year? God - that would just solve all of my fucking problems. There’s the usual line of taxis at the front of the station. I get this weird feeling when I spot my brother’s red Ford KA. Like I’m both comforted and guarded. I guess there’s a certain version of myself that I adopt when I come back home. Or more so, when I’m around my brother and my dad. I throw my suitcase in the back seat and then climb into the front. “Alright, twat face!” Josh says to me with a big grin. I smirk and do my belt up. “Managed to get through a whole term without getting suspended this time?” he jokes, as we pull away from the station. My chest tightens. I give him a fake sarcastic smile and look out of the side window. He blasts the radio up. Some dance tune is playing and he’s singing and bopping along. Josh never changes. He has this kind of larger than life energy about him. It’s like he only has one setting. And it’s always “on”. Sometimes it’s contagious and charming. Other times it's just bloody annoying. “You do know dad’s not gonna let you just bum around for the summer?” he says. He’s got this smug smirk on his face. Josh always seems to get some kind of satisfaction out of my misfortune. I pull a face. “What’s he expecting me to do?” “Help out at the gym!” For fuck’s sake. I guess that was a given. I hate how my dad just expects me to help out at his gym. It’s not the worst thing, to be honest. But … I don’t know. I guess I had thoughts of maybe doing something different this summer. “I was actually thinking of looking for a job,” I tell Josh. I don’t know why I’m nervous to confess that. I shouldn’t be nervous. Josh immediately screws his face up. Like it’s an absurd notion. Me actually getting a job and doing something away from him and dad. “Why? You know Dad’ll pay you!” Ugh. That’s really not the point. “I know that!” Josh still looks completely baffled by the idea. “Anyway, what would you do?! I mean … who’s gonna employ YOU?” he teases, with a smirk. I flash him another fake, sarcastic smile. “Maybe you could be one of those naked butler dudes?” Then he gasps. “Or a Dream Boy? Nah - you have to be good looking for that!” I shake my head and roll my eyes. “Now I could be a fucking Dream Boy!” I fold my arms and look out of the window again. My brother’s now crossed the line into “bloody annoying”. “Maybe one of those gay clubs on the seafront will hire you as a go-go boy?” My stomach clenches. I don’t respond or look at Josh. I just keep looking out of the window. “Jesus - what’s wrong with YOU?” he cries, hitting me on the shoulder. “I’m tired. And you’re annoying the FUCK out of me!” This big grin emerges on Josh’s face and I can’t help but smile back. Here’s the deal with my brother. I love him and everything, but … God - let’s just say it wasn’t easy growing up having Joshua Watkins as my older sibling. Josh was that guy at school that ALL the girls fancied. No matter what year they were in. He was like a fucking celebrity, for God’s sake. And he’s only gotten more handsome with age. He’s got this part bad boy, party pretty boy thing going on. A shaved head. A ring in his nose. And he’s got these big puppy dog eyes. He got those from our mum. He’d probably fit in in a boy band just as much as he’d fit in in prison. He’s done a few bodybuilding competitions too, so he’s pretty big, but he doesn’t take it as seriously as me and dad do. He’s too much of a party boy. I don’t know where he gets his height from. Me and dad are both short arses, but Josh is six foot tall. So yeah - I was pretty jealous of him growing up. The number of girls who were shocked when they found out we were brothers. I’ll never forget that one girl from the year above when I was in the school canteen that one time. “YOU’RE Josh Watkins’ brother?!” she cried, with her face screwed up. She obviously couldn't believe that demigod, boyband member worthy Josh could be related to me. “Oh - Smithy’s having a birthday thing tonight. You’re coming, right?” Ugh. “Mmmm. I dunno!” “WHAT?!” Josh cries. “Fucking YES - you’re coming!” Smithy is one of Josh’s old school mates. Something weird happened when I started going to the gym, packing on the mass and competing as a junior in bodybuilding competitions. Josh and his older mates all suddenly wanted me to hang around with them. I guess it was kind of cool being initiated into your older brother’s friend group. Most of them are decent lads. Some are pretty beefy too. Okay - most of them are pretty beefy. I think they respect me cause I’m Josh’s little brother. Oh - and I’m a tank sized pocket rocket bodybuilder with biceps bigger than ALL of theirs. Honestly - I like hanging around with them, but they’re all just so full on. I’m really not sure if I’m in the mood for that tonight. “I’ve just spent, like, eight hours on three different trains!” I protest. “Don’t be a fucking pussy. It’s your first night back.” Josh turns the music up. I roll my eyes, but this unexpected feeling of excitement rises up in my chest as I look out of the side window again and see the sea past a row of differently coloured houses in a street that feels like it could only be in Brighton. I mostly just want to go back home, collapse on my bed and watch TV all night. But there’s this other part of me that really wants to go out with Josh and his mates tonight. With anyone in fact. Maybe this is what I need. Maybe this will take my mind off Montgomery University. Make me forget what happened yesterday at the Watson House gym and what has been going through my mind over and over ever since. “Fuck it!” I say to Josh. “I’m in.” “Good lad!” he says, slapping my shoulder again and cranking the volume of the music up even more. I slump down in my seat and close my eyes. Taking the music in. The sound of seagulls in the distance. Thinking about tonight. Only tonight. And absolutely, unequivocally, not thinking about the way Sebastian Wood was smiling and looking at Luke Henderson in a way that no one has ever looked at me before.
  18. Hey everyone! This chapter gets DARKER and MORE EXPLICIT. All tags definitely observed and more. I appreciate the positive feedback! Thinking probably 2 more chapters after this to conclude the story. CHAPTER 6 Evan took care to clean up the alley as best as he could. Luckily, a major thunderstorm hit about 20 minutes into the clean up and finished the job naturally. Evan dashed inside and then turned around, watching Corey stand in the pouring rain, unmoving, getting his new clothes drenched. “Corey! Get inside!” Evan screamed. Corey took a few calm steps and walked back into the gym, dripping onto the carpet. Evan was overwhelmed with emotions. Some guilt, some disgust, some fear of repercussions, but mostly exhilaration, adrenaline, and unadulterated power. Corey was more than an infatuation, a lover, or a sex machine – he was now a full fledged immortal weapon. Evan looked Corey up and down. Did he have any of the old Corey left in him? Or was he entirely clay for Evan to mold. Evan drove Corey home and got comfortable in the living room. Now that he was feeling somewhat settled, he decided to figure out the extent of his new powers. “Corey, I want you to have free will and your original personality and memories with the addition of the memories of everything that’s happened the last few months.” Corey’s face hardened. He started breathing heavily and looking up and down at himself. Then he looked at Evan. Evan hadn’t seen that look in his eyes before, it was a mix of anger, disappointment, and…was that fear? Finally, he spoke: “Evan….please stop this.” “Stop what?” “You need help, something is so wrong with you, please let me be and go see a doctor or…” “Corey, stop talking.” Suddenly, sound stopped coming out of Corey’s mouth and he grabbed at his throat like he was trying to figure out how to use his vocal chords. Evan was very displeased. After all the sex and worship Evan had provided for months, and growing Corey into a muscle god, Corey was so ungrateful. Evan had wanted Corey to be his partner, his Bonnie to Evan’s Clyde, but it looked like Evan would have to continue being the only brain for the both of them. “Corey, besides normal bodily functions such as breathing, eating, and sleeping, you will only do what I say and think of nothing else.” Corey was immediately still and his eyes returned to their vacant and blank state. Evan had a few other tests in mind. “Corey, punch the wall as hard as you can.” Corey punched the wall and flinched only slightly as Evan heard a boom and a crack. There was a dent in the wall but Evan also noticed Corey’s hand was mangled and broken. He quickly asked Corey to heal his hand. “Corey, don’t get any bigger but adjust the density in your muscle so that you weigh 2,000 pounds.” Corey blinked but nothing looked different to Evan. He asked Corey to take a few steps and sure enough, the floor was creaking and shaking with every step. He asked Corey to stand on the scale and watched as the needle spun around 3 times before hearing a sickening crunch and snap as the scale broke. He “reset” Corey again. “Corey, I want you to float in the air.” Evan wasn’t sure how that was going to work. He watched as powerful hairy wings suddenly ripped out of Corey’s back and started flapping until Corey was hovering about 3ft above the ground. Of course….Evan had asked Corey’s body to always compensate and adjust to his needs so it must have rewritten his DNA to include wings. Evan couldn’t believe it. He had more experiments. “Corey, you can teleport anywhere you wish, meaning – if I ask you to rematerialize 100 miles away, you can immediately be there.” Of course, nothing happened. Evan had simply given Corey the power. He had to try it out….but he wasn’t about to send Corey 100 miles and then drive for 2 hours to retrieve him. “Corey, rematerialize in the kitchen.” And all of a sudden, Corey was just gone. As if he had always been a hallucination and Evan had finally woken up. He frantically ran to the kitchen and there Corey was, standing facing the refrigerator. Evan was waiting for him to do something else, but he was just standing there, awaiting next orders. Evan realized he had to give Corey another power in case things got out of hand. “Corey, you can hear me and my commands from anywhere in the world.” Evan now started to think about what he should do next…he knew he could pretty much take over the world if he wanted to but he wanted to take his time. He realized he hadn’t even cum when he was jerking off watching Corey annihilate big Al. But he still felt a little guilty for killing someone….he wanted to try something else. “Corey, when you kiss me, you will make me 100 times hornier than I’ve ever been and you’ll multiply my cum production by 100.” He wasn’t sure it was going to work but he damn well was gonna try. He then added impulsively “And you’ll make me 100 times more turned on by your power and violence” “Corey, kiss me.” Corey leaned in and put his mouth on Evan’s. At first, it seemed like a normal passionate kiss, but then Corey’s tongue somehow latched onto Evan’s mouth and wouldn’t let go. Evan started pushing on Corey trying to get him off, but even at Corey’s “normal” state of 300+ pounds, Evan was no match for him. Evan felt Corey’s tongue lengthen and start traveling down Evan’s throat. Somehow, Evan didn’t choke as the tongue continued down, through his stomach and suddenly winding its way into Evan’s groin. Evan inhaled sharply as he felt Corey stimulating Evan’s balls from the inside. The sensation was unlike anything Evan had experienced before, as if someone was sounding his testicles, if that were possible. Then Evan felt it…a series of substances started expelling from Corey’s tongue, and he watched wide-eyed as his balls began to inflate. Then a mist started washing over his head and he realized…he was horny. He was REALLY horny. Even though Corey’s mouth was still latched, he was able to utter a guttural roar as his cock hardened and started leaking pre as if he was peeing. Corey’s tongue continued its work as Evan’s testicles grew to baseballs, then grapefruits, then small melons. Evan didn’t even notice as Corey’s tongue slowly curled back up through his body and Corey unlatched himself from Evan’s mouth. He stood there, drooling from his mouth and from his cock. He only cared about one thing. Getting release. And the only thing that would give him release would be watching Corey destroy someone again with his strength. He NEEDED Corey to destroy someone. He needed it so bad it was painful. “Corey,” Evan could barely talk without shaking as every breath he took turned him on and made him spew more from his cock “when you rematerialize, you can bring people with you wherever you’re going.” He knew who he needed to unleash Corey on next. His ex-boyfriend, Alan. Alan had dated Evan for a few months and Evan had gotten attached quick and hard. Alan was ripped with icy blue eyes and Evan couldn’t believe Alan was attracted to him. Turns out…he wasn’t. After a few months, Alan admitted to Evan that he really appreciated his admiration and devotion but realized the feelings were one-sided. He added that Evan was too small and scrawny to really arouse him. Evan had never really recovered from the breakup, even though it was now 2 years ago. He had given Alan everything…and Alan broke his heart mercilessly. Well, now it was time to get revenge. “Corey, rematerialize with me in the living room of 567 Border st, apartment #7.” Evan blinked and suddenly…they were there. Evan collapsed to the floor, dizzy and disoriented. He breathed heavily as his head spun and slowly he grew accustomed to his surroundings. This was the apartment…the last place he and Alan had spoken when Alan had dumped him. He looked over and jumped back in fright at seeing Corey standing right next to him, staring into space. Corey seemed so out of place here…not a part of this gay melodrama at all but now…he was going to be a tool of Evan’s revenge. Evan heard sounds coming from the bedroom. Moaning and groaning…clearly Alan was having some fun. Growing bold with Corey by his side, Evan threw the door open and stood in the doorway, looking at Alan’s naked form on top of a slightly bigger than Evan but still twunk-ish looking fuckboy. “WHAT THE FUCK? EVAN??” “Hello, Alan. I see you have company.” “How the fuck did you get into my apartment? And what are you doing here?” “My, my, that’s no way to treat a guest. If you’re not going to invite me to join your little sex-capade, the least you could do is offer me a drink.” “Get out, Evan. Get out or I’ll call the cops.” “I don’t think that’s wise. Besides, you haven’t even met my new boyfriend. Corey, come in here.” Corey lumbered through the doorway and stood awkwardly at the foot of the bed. Even at 300 pounds, he was still impressive and about the size of Alan and his boy-toy combined. Alan’s friend started gathering his things. “Uhh….maybe I’ll catch you later, man. Seems like you got some things to work out.” “No, Bradley, wait!” Alan cried desperately. “Yes, Bradley…why don’t you wait. We’re about to have some fun.” Evan spoke softly with a cruel smile. “Uh…no thanks, guys. This is a lot. I don’t want to be a part of this.” Bradley was growing more anxious by the minute; he was hastily trying to get his socks and underwear on. He threw on his shorts and tank and started making his way to the door. “Tsk, tsk. So rude to leave so early.” Evan quipped. “Corey, don’t let Bradley leave.” Bradley started for the door but Corey was all of a sudden right in his path. Bradley kept trying to move left and right but Corey would compensate. He then tried to make a run for it but Corey grabbed him and pushed him back. He even tried to punch Corey in the chest but upon he felt a massive pain in his fist and realized he hadn’t even made a dent in Corey. Corey stood emotionlessly looking at Bradley or more like through Bradley. “Guys….just let me go. This has nothing to do with me.” Bradley was ashy white and trembling. He had just met Alan on Grindr and this situation was way more than he bargained for. “Alan, I really leveled up after you. Do you want to see some cool stuff Corey can do?” “I don’t know what the fuck is going on, but I’m calling 9-1-1” Alan started reaching for his phone. “Corey, take Alan’s phone.” Corey walked over and grabbed the phone out of Alan’s hand. He did it so quickly and forcefully that Alan was too stunned to react. “Corey, squeeze the phone and grow your muscles until you crush the phone.” Alan and Bradley stared dumbfounded as they watched what happened next. Corey started to grow. He became 350, 360, 370, and within a minute he was 400 pounds. All the while he was squeezing the phone hard in his right hand. His clothes started shredding from his body, veins and bulging muscle peaking out from all sides. At 450 pounds, the phone cracked in half. Evan thought that would be the end but Corey kept growing. He realized he had asked Corey to do more than snap the phone…he had asked Corey to crush it. At 500 pounds, the phone started to break into smaller pieces. Corey made sure he had a grip on all of them as he continued to squeeze. Alan started pissing himself. At 567 pounds (Evan found out the exact number), Corey opened his hand to reveal the phone was a mass of little pieces and powder. At this moment, Bradley made another run for it. Evan had never asked Corey to stop his command not to let Bradley leave, so Corey quickly stood in his path, now much wider and more imposing. “Bradley, I’m getting tired of your audacity. I don’t want you to leave but you’re right, this is between me and Alan. So I’m going to just shut you up. Corey, punch Bradley in the face with 40% power.” Corey wound his arm back and swung at Bradley. Bradley tried to duck but Corey compensated, fulfilling Evan’s commands at any cost. When he made impact with his face, Evan heard a sickening crunch, Corey had broken his nose. When he pulled his fist back, Bradley also had a black eye and it looked like he was missing a tooth. He started letting out a high pitched wail Evan didn’t want to alert the neighbors. He remembered his horniness and his thirst for violence. “Corey, rip out Bradley’s vocal chords” Even though Bradley was still moaning and clutching at his face trying to figure out what was happening, he registered enough to start really screaming and running around. Corey easily pinned him against the wall. Bradley flailed at Corey, trying to hit him or scratch him or do anything to end the abuse. Corey simply grabbed Bradley’s arm and twisted it back til it started crackling. He had dislocated his shoulder and separated the muscle. Now Bradley’s arm was hanging limply at a weird angle. Just as Bradley opened his mouth to scream louder, Corey grabbed his gaping mouth and stretched it open, wider and wider until he had broken his jaw and torn his mouth from ear to ear. He then thrust his fist hard and deep inside Bradley’s mouth going deeper and deeper into his throat until Bradley was coughing and sputtering, unable to breathe. Evan could see Corey’s fist bulging in Bradley’s throat. Corey then found what he was looking for. He grabbed onto Bradley’s vocal chords and pulled, retracting his arm and fist out of the gaping hole that was Bradley’s mouth. Bradley started bleeding profusely and fell to the floor, grabbing at his throat with his one good arm and coughing trying to get his airways clear. But he wasn’t screaming. His face was just contorted in pain. He curled up in a ball and lay in the corner heaving, bleeding, and clutching at his arm and his throat. Alan leaned over the bed and puked while Evan simply took out his cock and monster balls and started stroking. Corey stood there with pieces of Bradley’s chords in his hand. “Wow, a real life Ursula/Ariel situation” Evan quipped, maniacally. Alan finally spoke up. “What are you going to do to me? Why are you doing this?” “Why? WHY?” Evan grew simultaneously hornier and angrier, his cock now gushing pre. “Because I gave you everything. I gave you gifts, and love, and attention, and you gave me nothing in return. You have a part of me that I will never get back. And I can’t let you break any more hearts.” “Evan, this is insane. You can’t be mad at me for not being in love with you.” “I’m not. I’m mad at you for making me fall in love with you.” Alan didn’t respond but Evan didn’t wait too long before turning his attention back to Corey. “Corey, drop whatever’s in your hands.” The bloody pieces of flesh fell to the floor. “Corey, get on top of Alan. Pin him down so he can’t move.” Alan was so stunned, he didn’t even bother moving. He watched, frozen in fear, as Corey quickly got on the bed and pinned down his arms and legs. “What, are you going to make your drone rape me?” Alan shrieked. “No, you’ve had more than enough random sex, Alan. None of this should be fun for you.” Evan continued, “Corey, lay down on Alan and put all of your weight on him.” Corey lay down obediently and Alan felt his body uncomfortably mushed into the mattress. It didn’t feel great but it was more annoying than anything else. Evan smirked and stroked his leaking cock harder. “Corey, gain 5 pounds every second.” Within 10 seconds, Corey was over 600 pounds. His muscle definition was slowly fading and he was getting a bigger roid gut. Evan hadn’t specified what kind of weight to gain so Corey was basically just getting fatter with every second. Alan was starting to feel really crushed by Corey’s ballooning weight. Evan watched as Corey got bigger and bigger, arms turning into giant sausages and belly beginning to spill over the bed. At 750 pounds, Alan began to moan through Corey’s blubber. He was actually trying to punch it but he was so feeble in comparison that it felt like nothing more than light vibrations to Corey. The mattress was soft so Alan wasn’t being physically injured apart from now feeling more and more suffocated. That all changed when Corey hit 900 pounds. At 900 pounds, the metal bedframe began to creak. The sounds became more and more ominous and the mattress was being forced deeper and deeper into a v-shape. At 1050 pounds, the bedframe collapsed and Alan dropped 2 feet to the wooden floor with Corey and his humongous amount of flab dropping right on top of him. The impact was enough to crush his nose, break a few ribs, and splinter his sternum. He was now breathing erratically and sputtering but still alive. Evan was getting close to orgasm and growing impatient. “Corey, stand up.” Corey slowly rolled over and helped himself to his feet. It was a miracle he could stand at now being over 1100 pounds, but his base of almost 600 pounds of muscle was enough to support him. Evan looked over at Alan and he almost looked two dimensional. Still in one piece but kinda….flattened. “Corey, jump and land as hard as you can on your feet.” Corey jumped up and landed so hard, it sounded like a nuclear bomb. The wood splintered under him and he sank a few inches into the concrete that was the foundation of the building. Evan’s dick gushed pre faster. He was getting close. “Corey, stop growing when you reach 2,000 pounds.” Corey did as he asked and now stood almost like a whale with two feet. Evan had never fetishized intense fat gain but seeing Corey at 2,000 pounds made him rethink his turn-ons. Corey looked almost more intimidating, his stomach was like an angry cascading wave that would drown many a sailor in its wake. His chest was so big, Evan was pretty sure he could shove Alan into his pecs and complete envelop his body. But Evan had different plans. “Corey, jump up and land as hard as you can on top of Alan.” Alan’s eyes grew wide. He made one last feeble attempt to crawl away. But Corey didn’t hesitate or give him any time. He immediately jumped up and belly flopped on top of Alan. He fell right through the floorboards and hit the concrete below. If Evan hadn’t made him basically immortal he’d be worried Corey might be hurt from that impact belly-first. Whatever was left of Alan was underneath Corey. Evan had to see. “Corey, stand up.” And Corey stood. To say that Alan was a puddle would be an understatement. Half of whatever could be called “Alan” was glued to Corey’s torso and the other half was a smear on the concrete. There were no bones or limbs or features to be discerned. Corey had obliterated every bit of him. Evan suddenly felt himself stiffen as his cock shot out the most massive load yet, shooting into the ceiling and covering the entire apartment in cum. He stood there for a minute in satisfaction. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his ankle. He screamed and fell to the floor. He turned around and saw that Bradley had crawled over to his bag and taken out a swiss army knife. He had stabbed Evan right in ankle and was now crawling with one arm trying to get to Evan’s neck. The pain was excruciating be Evan knew he had to act. “Corey, get Bradley’s knife.” Corey moved surprisingly quickly for someone so obese. He ripped the knife right out of Bradley’s hands. He didn’t need superhuman strength for that, Bradley was badly injured and he didn’t have the strongest grip on the blade. He lay there with his arm outstretched dejectedly, still unable to utter a single word. Evan looked down at his ankle, it was gushing blood. He hobbled over to the couch and put his foot on a chair. “Corey, grab me some paper towels, please.” For a second, he forgot Corey wasn’t exactly sentient and didn’t care whether you said “please” or not but Evan was in too much pain to think clearly. Corey handed him paper towels and Evan applied pressure to the wound. He had never been knifed before and it seemed pretty deep but he was sure he could figure out a way to get Corey to help heal him. But first he had to take care of Bradley. “You know Bradley, I was going to possibly spare your life. But you’ve become pretty nasty without your voice, I can’t have you going around stabbing people just because you aren’t getting enough attention.” Bradley lay motionlessly on the floor. He knew it was futile to fight this. Evan’s mind was racing. Even though his ankle hurt like hell, he was still in his demonically elated state, having just cum to the sight of someone being obliterated. With every murder, he was growing more and more twisted in his fantasies and desires. He finally settled on what he wanted to see Corey do next. “Corey, transform your body to be 1000 pounds of shredded muscle.” Slowly, Corey’s flab melted off as his muscle simultaneously inflated and grew. His sausage arms turned into freakish biceps, with each sinew monstrously defined and veins 5 inches thick. His pecs became like hammers and Evan imagined Corey could probably crush steel between his pecs. His quads became 80 inches around, each an unbreakable pillar of titanium. It was fun to see Corey enormously fat, but this was Evan’s true fetish. His cock immediately hardened again. “We’re going to play a game Bradley. It’s called stay alive! Here are the rules:” He turned to face Corey. “Corey, when I say “go”, for the next hour, unless I stop you sooner, you will have free will with the exception of these conditions: One, you cannot leave this room. Two, you cannot let Bradley leave this room. And three, you aren’t aware of my presence. Do you understand?” “Yes, Evan.” “And Corey…on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the hungriest anyone has ever been, you will get one point hungrier every 5 minutes.” “Yes, Evan.” Then Evan whispered something in Corey’s ear that Bradley couldn’t hear. “Yes, Evan.” “Ok Corey….GO” Corey turned to Bradley, his face pale and frightened. “Fuck, I’m so sorry I did this to you, dude. It’s like I had no control over myself. We need to get you to a hospital. We gotta figure out a way to get out of here…I just wish we weren’t surrounded by flames on all sides.” Bradley tried to drag himself out of the doorway but Corey rushed in and grabbed him, throwing him back. “Dude! I know its dire but don’t kill yourself!” Corey panted. “We’ll figure out what to do, we just gotta think.” Bradley wanted to scream. He wanted to tell Corey that there were no flames. But he had no voice. He saw a pen and piece of paper in the corner. He slowly started to drag his way over to the counter. Evan stood outside the doorway, smirking and stroking again. Corey looked over at Bradley. “What are you writing man? There……are…..no……flames. Dude, what are you talking about? Your vision must have gone too. Its ok, I’m here to protect you.” Bradley shook his head in despair. He tried to write again but he was in so much pain he couldn’t get too many words down. “You…..are….being….tricked….no….flames. Dude, I don’t understand. All I know is, we gotta get out of here soon because there’s no food and I’m starting to get hungry.” Bradley looked at the clock – 14 minutes had passed. He knew Corey was about to hit 3 on the hunger scale. And he didn’t know what Evan had whispered in his ear. He needed a plan, quick. He wrote a little note on another piece of paper, ripped it up, crumpled it in a fist and threw it over to Corey. Corey was confused, he started trying to put the pieces back together. “Oh, you’re worried we’re being watched? Yeah, good idea, I’ll put this back together,” Corey reasoned. Bradley resumed his slow drag to the doorway. He had almost got his fingers through the threshold when he felt Corey grab his legs and pull. “DUDE! Stop. I can’t try to reconstruct this note while you’re trying to jump into flames.” Then Bradley heard a terrifying noise. It was Corey’s stomach growling. He looked at the clock…23 minutes. Corey was about to hit a 5/10, with 10 being the hungriest anyone has ever been. “Man, I’m getting so fucking hungry. I can’t believe they left us here with no food.” Corey’s stomach kept rumbling, getting louder and louder. He started clawing at his hair and rocking back and forth. “So…fucking….hungry…” Bradley gathered up all his energy and made one final attempt to leap through the threshold. Maybe if he made it through the doorway, Corey wouldn’t be able to follow him. He got on his legs and just as he was about to jump, Corey grabbed him and pulled him close. Bradley looked up at the clock: 32 minutes…Corey was now at 6/10 in hunger. He looked over at Corey, his eyes were bloodshot and his mouth was watering. His stomach was now a perpetual growl that grew louder with every second. Corey spoke softly and waveringly. “They left us…with no food….and I’m so….fucking….hungry….” He pulled Bradley in closer and started smelling his neck. Bradley felt saliva drip from Corey’s mouth. Bradley tried to scream again but no sound came out. Evan was close to cumming again. He decided to give Bradley the extra tidbit he had whispered into Corey’s ear. “I’m so sorry Bradley, but the hungrier Corey gets, the more he has a desire for human flesh. Don’t worry, it will be over soon.” Bradley started writhing frantically in Corey’s grasp….it was now 41 minutes. Corey was at an 8/10 in hunger. He started licking Bradley’s neck, tasting his sweat. “Fuck…so hungry…and you taste so delicious….fuck” He then let go of Bradley and stood over him. “I don’t want to hurt you but….I just need something to carry me over...just let me have a taste.” Corey put his hands on Bradley’s shoulder. With a rapid movement, he pulled with his left hand, ripping Bradley’s arm right out of its socket. Blood spurted everywhere and Bradley’s eyes rolled into the back of his head. Corey stared at the ripped out arm and took a huge bite as if it were a drumstick. It tasted AMAZING to Corey. His cock started waking up as he took another big bite. Evan has strengthened his teeth so he was biting through bone like it was a graham cracker. Bones tasted even better to Corey, the marrow was sweet and the more Corey ate, the hungrier he became. He devoured the arm in a few minutes and then he looked back at Bradley, longingly. Despite consuming Bradley’s arm, his hunger had finally reached 10/10. Corey knew what he wanted. He punched Bradley hard in the sternum, his arm bursting through his skin and grabbing Bradley’s weakly pounding heart. He then tore the organ out of his body and stuffed it in his mouth, taking massive bites and spewing blood everywhere. Bradley was dead now so Corey felt no inhibitions ripping through his carcass piece by piece, consuming every bit of flesh he could find. He kept eating ravenously, tearing through muscle and bone, until nothing was left of Bradley but specs of blood that had spurted out of Corey’s mouth due to his messy eating. At the end of one hour, Corey stood up emotionlessly and stared at Evan. Evan walked back into the room. “Good job, my pet. Let’s go. Rematerialize both of us back in my bedroom in my house” Evan and Corey disappeared from the apartment – a very confusing crime scene with lots of blood but almost nothing to identify either victim. As Evan went to bed that night, he thought about the full day he had planned for tomorrow.
  19. pasidious

    Becoming an Alpha - Part 3A

    There's a certain level of difficulty returning to a story that hasn't been touched in over a year. I reread the first parts of this story and realized there was much more I could do with it, so here's my attempt at continuing it. I don't know why I decided to break a third part into two sections, but let's see how it goes! __________________________ Part 2 I'd always heard dudes talking about the greatness of getting a blowjob. I mean, not literally always, but often enough that I got the impression that a dude is not truly a man unless he's had one. But it was also always clear that the dudes who DID get blowjobs were always jocks. Alpha males. Something I was not. I spent most of my life envying those guys. Now, standing in my dorm room in front of the mirror with a shirt on that was once too big on me and now a bit tight, I got the feeling I was becoming an alpha. A jock. Without having ever played a sport. I smirked at my reflection, admiring how my new pecs were outlines beneath the fabric of my plain shirt. My arms hugged by the sleeves, veins running up and down my forearms. It even felt tight in my armpits, a sensation with which I was entirely unfamiliar. But it felt really cool. That feeling of my shirt trying to contain my body. If I raised my arms, my shirt would ride up and expose my abs. Abs! I never had those before except the faint outlines of what lay beneath my skin thanks to having almost no fat. But those don't count. All guys who claim they have "abs" just because they're skinny rails get made fun of. But, as I raised my arms to enjoy the sensation of a too-small shirt, my sexy abs came into view, along with another part of me I never thought I'd ever see. An actual Adonis belt. It wasn't prominent, but still visible. Not yet, anyway. I smirked again, thinking of the growth still to come. Was this why other jocks were so big? Growing after a blowjob? No. No fucking way. If this were accepted fact, it'd be readily available information. Something taught in sex-ed. All the years I'd spent ogling sexy muscular models on the internet and browsing forums would've yielded such a fact. No. This was something unusual. Something that had to be unique only to me. It would seem I'd won some sort of genetic lottery. I raised my right arm and flexed. My bicep rose up into a hard ball of muscle that tightened the sleeve around it, a sensation that sent shivers down my spine. "Fuck yeah," I said aloud to myself. I took my other hand and caressed the hard muscle, feeling its hardness. And it was hard. Harder than my muscles had ever been. I couldn't help but wonder if I was looking at my real body or if this were some sort of fantasy I was playing out in my brain that was going just a little too far. But I pinched myself and felt the sting. Nothing dissipated. As my arms fell to my sides, I flexed my chest just to see the shirt jump. What a feeling! Not only just to even be able to flex pecs I never had before, but to even see them through my shirt! My stomach growled. I felt the all-too-familiar pang of hunger that came from not paying attention to the time. A sensation usually that came from my constant studying and not allotting breaks for food. But this time it was because I was ogling myself for too long. It suddenly occurred to me that this is probably what jocks do, too. Actually, it's definitely what jocks do, considering the massive number of photos on the internet of dudes flexing in mirrors and taking photos of themselves. The countless gym selfies. But my stomach growled again and I had to shake myself out of this reverie. Time for food. It was still summer, so I didn't need to wear warm clothes or anything. I just kept on what I was wearing, the same t-shirt and shorts, and left my dorm to head over to the campus cafeteria. As I was walking under the still-hot sun, I realized my legs had gotten thicker. I mean, I already knew they had, but the sensation of my thighs rubbing together as I walked was brand new. I had to adjust the way I was walking. I wanted to stop and lift my shorts to get a better look at my quads, but I felt that might draw too much attention from others. It'd be weird. But, I could still just glance down and see my new thicker calves bulging as I walked. It was so cool. My lower legs no longer looked like they belonged to an anorexic dude. Well, maybe they never did look like that, but I never had any real shape to my legs. Just long limbs with no curves or anything. But now I had calves that were bulging as I walked, clearly shaped, like I spent lots of time jogging or biking or whatever. I wanted so bad to lift my shorts and get a look at my quads, something that never occurred to me until now. But, I guess when you spend your life as a weakling, it's hard to remember there are other muscles than just pecs, arms, and abs. Now I wanted to get a good look at my back, too. I often loved seeing pictures of muscled dudes flexing their backs, their lats flaring out, and my cock throbbing in my hand as I jerked it. A wide back with that coveted V-taper is something I always loved to see. The cafeteria doors came into view much sooner than I remembered, but I was distracted the whole walk by my new body. How could I pay attention to anything else? My tight shirt was still digging into my pits. Weird feeling. Slightly uncomfortable. But still felt good when I considered the reason. I sat down, alone as always, with my tray of food. I usually nursed small portions, slowly nibbling away until I felt sufficiently full, but for the first time ever I was actually hungry enough that I couldn't wait to get nourishment. I had more food than usual to start, and before long the tray was already empty. And I still felt hungry. So I went and got more. Thankfully I was on a meal plan and didn't have to worry about paying for it. I shoveled the food into my mouth and couldn't believe how much I was consuming. I wasn't blind to the change in my usual amount, but, I also wasn't stupid. I knew it had everything to do with my increased size. And as I ate, I absolutely loved glancing with my peripheral vision at my own arms as I moved food into my face. My forearms would writhe as I rotated my wrist, veins protruding with my increased vascularity. My biceps flexed and bulged just from the simple motion of lifting my fork and moving my hand towards my mouth. The sleeve around my biceps was wrapped nicely around them, and it was such a rush to feel the cloth digging into the muscle as it flexed. By the time I finished, and felt full enough, I sat back in my chair and realized my cock had grown into steel hardness, pushing out the front of my shorts in a sizeable bulge, thankfully hidden beneath my table. Knowing I was eating more because of my new muscles, on top of seeing my arm flexing while I ate, made me hard. I had a sudden feeling my cock was going to be hard a lot more often. "Nice arms." I snapped my head in the direction from where the voice originated. A very pretty girl I'd never seen before was passing by my table, and she was eyeing my face with a grin as she continued walking. Her eyes glanced at my arm, then back to my face. I honestly didn't know how to respond to her comment. She turned and faced forward as she moved farther away before I finally found my own voice and responded shakily with "Th-thanks!" I mentally kicked myself for being so slow. How would a jock respond? I glanced down at my empty tray and realized immediately that a confident jock would have flexed for her and said something like "Thanks baby, wanna feel 'em?" I laughed inwardly. Maybe something less awkward, but still a cocky comment. And the girl would most likely have been drooling over him and soon after in the bathroom or some utility closet fucking. Who was I kidding, though? I'm gay. I wouldn't want a girl, anyway. I'd want another dude to compliment me. I'd probably have a much better response in the chamber for a cute guy. And maybe we'd be fucking in the closet or bathroom afterward... Whoa. These are thoughts I never had before. I mean, yeah, I often had fantasies involving myself feeling up a sexy muscle guy, but I rarely had daydreams of myself actually being that muscle guy. "Whoa dude when did you get so buff?" Another voice snapped me out of my thoughts and this time it WAS a dude. "Uh, I dunno," I sheepishly responded, feeling my face turning red. 'Wow, way to have a better response in the chamber,' I thought to myself. I looked up into his face and realized he was in one of my classes. I didn't recall his name, though. "You don't know?" he smiled then chuckled a bit. "Don't be modest, dude, you're looking good." He put his hand on the edge of the table as he stood there, looking down at my face, but I watched his eyes as they also took in the rest of my body, as much as he could in my seated position. Fuck, he was cute, too. Now or never. I mustered the nerve to finally say "Thanks, bro." And then I still awkwardly brought my right arm up and flexed, my bicep bulging into my sleeve as the cloth tightened around it like a second skin. I looked at my flexed bicep, admiring its new size, and then I almost expected this dude to start laughing at me or something. I was in very unfamiliar territory right now. "Fuck. It's so big!" Truthfully my arm wasn't that big, but it looked incredible thanks to my low fat and tight shirt. I instantly wanted to lower my arm and retract into bashfulness, but I had to keep this going. For once someone was in awe of my muscles. He didn't laugh. "Wanna touch it?" I asked, flexing even harder. Instantly his hand reached out and rested upon the peak of my hard bicep. He didn't even say a word. I felt confidence creeping throughout my body as this dude was feeling my muscle. His hand started squeezing it, feeling it, and he moved his palm across it. Then his fingers started poking at it. "It's so hard," he said. "That's not all that's hard." Wait a fucking second. Did I just say those words? Time seemed to stop as I felt my heart sink. I was only meant to have thought those words, not say them. My cock was definitely throbbing hard under the table. It's almost like I wanted this dude to know exactly what was going on right beneath the cheap wood of the table surface. "Oh really?" he asked. His fingers continued gliding along the skin of my bicep, but now continued their trek along my forearm as well. Fuck it. I DID want him to know what was happening under the table. He continued "I guess I should've known there was more. Looks like your pecs are hard, too." His hand reached farther out and poked my chest. "And those shoulders look pretty hard." He grasped my shoulder and squeezed. "Very hard." And then he knelt down and reached right under the table and grasped my hard cock through my shorts. I gasped. "Hot body with a hard cock," he said quietly. Thank GOD I was seated in a corner and no one could actually see what he was doing. But my concern with onlookers was rapidly depleting as my cock was guiding my brain, now. I stood up out of my chair and didn't even care about my empty tray. My bulge was tenting my shorts like there was an actual campsite happening. I didn't care who saw it, though, because my cock was throbbing too hard and eager for some action. "Come with me," I said, and grabbed his hand. My heart was pounding in my chest. This dude wanted my cock, and I was going to give it to him. And I'd leave this building even bigger than when I entered.
  20. Zombies and Gods Chapter 1: Arthur The desolate street of a once vibrant city lay in ruin. Burnt-out and rusted husks of vehicles littered everywhere, with vines and plants overgrowing features like trash cans and nonfunctional street lights. Cracked concrete, boarded up windows, crumbling buildings; the age of man was edging closer and closer to extinction. All that roamed the city now were animals...and zombies. Mindless savages, once human, wrapped in rotting flesh, meandering their way around. Waiting to be excited and enthralled by stimuli. Preferably a tasty human survivor. Hoards just wandering, waiting to run into an unlucky person by pure luck. The human population was in scarce supply these days. Most were zombies, the rest of what was left were dead. Only a scattering of humans settlements remained; holed up behind fortified walls and armed protection. Most settlement believed themselves to be the last. Such was the reality of how few remained. And yet, for all the zombies and all the survivors, there was another faction. A one-man faction. Or rather, a one-god faction. Arthur came soaring in from nowhere, having leapt from several dozen miles away. His unbelievably muscular legs came crashing down on a woefully unprepared zombie. Not that there was anything it could ever have done to save itself from him. The creature was pulverized into a puddle of blood and gore as Arthur's beautiful feet, diamond-like calves, quads akin to tree trunks, all wrapped in smooth, silky, immaculately clean skin came bearing down on it. The it was the road's turn. Cracks sprang forth from the point where Arthur's feet made contact with the concrete. A small crater formed. Arthur stood perfectly balanced at the center. His arms folded, as the had been for the entire jump and landing. It had all been so effortless for him. The zombies blood stained the lower halve of his legs. Above this, above his godlike quads, were two things; a 9-inch flaccid penis on one side, and the most beautiful, plump, fantastically shaped ass on the other. Moving up we come to the most sculpted, most ripped, most muscular eight-pack set of abs one could imagine, flanked by similarly built obliques. Arthur loosened his arms, revealing a jaw-dropping pair of titanium pecs. Two massive, bulbous, striated pecs with a deep crevasse in-between. His nipples were perfect too; the right color, the right size, and so inviting looking. On either side of his pecs were lats so big that even unflexed they were clearly visible and noticeable. To the sides were arms so big, so constantly pumped, that they looked more like concrete than the actual concrete. Below these were obscenely muscular forearms and hands. From the biceps to the hands was a level of vascularity that liked like lightning. Boulder-like shoulders supported these arms, with traps large enough that a normal-sized human hand couldn't cover even half of them. The zombies behind Arthur had the honor of gazing upon this back; a topological map of rippling muscle tapering down to an enviously narrow waist. Plus a decent view of his insanely build triceps. Topping everything off was his head; a beautiful, masculine, charming face. Deep blue eyes, perfectly aligned teeth that dazzled when he smiled, a sexy as fuck jawline complete with its own rippled cheek muscles (yes, that's right; Arthur has cheek muscles!). Clean shaved with a head full of perfectly groomed, thick, lush, jet-black hair. The icing on the cake was his skin; smooth, silky, free of hair, and not a single blemish of any kind anywhere. At a height of 7' 5'', his looks and physique alone made Arthur a god. And that's not even mentioning is actual superpowers. When the dust from Arthur's landing settled there was a brief moment of silence. The hoard of zombies were briefly caught off guard by Arthur's arrival. But once they realized what was happening, their barbaric instincts took over. Howling and growling like animals, they charged towards Arthur from all directions. Arthur smirked; this was going to be fun and easy. The zombies immediately tried jumping him. Their razor sharp claws and teeth thrashing. Of course not one of them made even the smallest mark on Arthur's body. Arthur just looked down at them and smiled in amusement at their futile effort. Their small fragile hands just bouncing off of his statuesque physique. Arthur put his hands on his hips and adopted a sexy pose. It was just natural for him to always look so damn good. After letting the zombies enjoy their last few moments by letting them think they were going to actually make a meal out of him, Arthur began to casually stroll forward. Of course the zombies couldn't do anything to stop him. He just started walking slowly and the zombies were simply pushed aside. Arthur laughed at how easy it was. Suddenly, Arthur grabbed one zombie by the head and lifted it clean off the ground, holding it over two feet in the air (only then was it at eye-level with Arthur). Arthur looked at it. He felt sorry for it. Or rather he felt sorry for the human it had once been. Whereas that human had been transformed into a monster by a simple bite, another bite saw Arthur somehow ascending to godhood. While lost in thought, Arthur simply crushed the zombies head, popping it like a grape, drenching part of himself and the other zombies in its blood. Shaking the thoughts of pity for long dead humans out of his head, Arthur refocused on the zombies. Grabbing another, he flung it over his shoulder, send it flying for possibly hundreds of miles. Another he simply picked up and then tore in two at the waist, spilling entrails and blood. Arthur laughed. "Time to bring out the good stuff!" he declared, giving a double bicep pose, as if the zombies were a crowd of admirers waiting to see such beauty. But first, he closed his eyes and focused. His super-hearing immediately blocked out all sounds from the zombies and the surrounding environment. He was zeroing in on human heartbeats; heartbeats he could hear from a hundred miles away. He didn't detect any. "Good" said Arthur, talking to himself as he normally did. "I can let loose without have to worry about any little humans getting hurt" he said to one of the still attacking zombies, as if it could understand him. Arthur poked it in its head. His finger went straight into the things skull and directly to its brain. The zombie was killed instantly. For Arthur it felt no different than poking thin air! Taking a deep breath, Arthur began to whistle. His superhuman vocal chords began unleashing vibrations of such an intense level that all zombies caught in their path were liquified. Aside from them, glass shattered, stone cracked and crumbled, metal deformed, and any poor and unfortunate animals in the way got liquified too. By the time Arthur finished whistling (after about ten seconds) half of the area immediately in front of him for about a hundred feet was heavily damaged (more so than it already was) and about a third of the hoard were now just red puddles. "Too easy" muttered Arthur, smirking. A zombie had run up to the right of Arthur and began thrashing at his arm. Arthur felt nothing of course, and so grabbed the thing by its neck and lifted it right into the air, one-arm style. He brought it closer to his face. The zombie clawed at Arthur's hand and forearm in vain. Letting out an exhale, Arthur breathed superheated air right at the creature's head, barbequing it at a temperature of hundreds of degrees. The things head melted like ice-cream. Dropping the lifeless corpse, Arthur turned to the rest of the hoard and let out another, larger exhale. Zombies left and right burst into flames, the remains of vehicles exploded, metal bars and posts began to melt and deform, and some of the closer building were set ablaze. The air was full of ash, smoke, and the smell of burning flesh. Arthur then pursed his lips and started blowing, unleashing air colder than even the depths of the Arctic. The buildings that had caught on fire were instantly saved. Arthur didn't want to cause too much damage to them; human survivors might one day have a use for them. Only a handful of zombies from the hoard now remained. Deciding to take care of them the old fashioned way, Arthur charged. Five were crushed to pieces as Arthur knocked them down and then casually walked over them. Two were lifted by the backs of their necks and then slammed into Arthur's pecs. One was just crumpled like a sheet of paper by Arthur's fingers. Arthur then sank his fingers into the remains of a larger delivery truck. With only one arm he hoisted it so easily into the air above his head. Taking aim, he launched it at a group of about a dozen zombies. All of them were flattened. With only one left, Arthur tore a large chunk of the road out with a single hand, and then proceeded to throw the three hundred pound chunk at the zombie with such speed and force that it took the creature's head right off and then kept going for another few feet before smashing into an old storefront. The decapitated corpse stood for a few more minutes before tipping over. And that was it. Now there was just silence. Nothing but the sound of the wind and a few birds. The occasional crackle of a flame from the still-burning zombie corpses. Arthur felt quite pleased with his work. Another hoard taken care of. The world was now that bit safer thanks to what he just did. I might not have made a huge difference, but it was something. Arthur felt like this was his purpose. After miraculously gaining superpowers from a bite that was supposed to zombify him, Arthur resolved to killing these things off as best he could for the good of the human survivors. Arthur looked down at his flawless naked body. Well...almost flawless. He was covered in blood, soot, dust, and dirt from his couple of few minutes of fun. "Time to find a river or something" he said. "Want any help?" said a voice from behind him. Turning around, Arthur looked up to see a man perched on the top of a ruined bus. But it wasn't a man. He was tall, like Arthur. Muscular, like Arthur. Beautiful, like Arthur. The man smiled an absolutely gorgeous smile. His vibrantly green eyes practically glowing. He exhaled, and Arthur felt superheated air all around him. He wasn't at all affect as he was totally invulnerable, but the road beneath him cracked and then slowly began to liquify. The man stopped exhaling as Arthur looked back up at him. "Yeah, I thought I was the only one too" he said, registering the look on Arthur's face.
  21. idealmuscle

    Genie Jafar

    Some of you may have come across this story within the ideas part of the forum. Giganticbeast gave the okay for people to expand this story. I love the character. Jafars lust for power was never truly captured in the film. Let's carry on Gigantic beasts work by carryong on the growth. Why not introduce other gods? Or savor in the growth a little longer. The Genie has more Power than you'll EVER HAVE! He gave you your power and he can take it away!" Aladdin said with a sneer, the young man playing this last hail marry struggling to outthink this powerful sorcerer. The genie and half drowned Jasmine stared in terror at this suggestion! Why would he suggest this powermad monster could gain MORE power!? "You're right...the genie's power DOES exceed that of my own.." the sorceror thought aloud, his serpent form snaking around the struggling street rat. His eyes lit up "That's it! Genie I have my FINAL wish!" He said, abandoning the giant snake form, returning to his former slender self, freezing Aladdin in place with a single wave of his hand. Aladdin sighed, watching the hourglass fill with sand, the poor princess Jasmine struggling for a breath, as Aladdin prayed this mad man would make his last wish already! The Genie tried to talk him out of it "hold on sir, mister megalomaniacal psychopath if you could just stop with the wishes that'd be greaaaaat" the blue genie adjusting his tie and fixing his glasses while standing beside a suddenly conjured cubicle wall. Another wave of the magicians hand obliterated the office space, and the sorcer wished "NOW Genie I wish to become an ALL POWERFUL-" taking a breath while Aladdin smirked, his cocky grin sickening the lithe old man, clearly the street rat THOUGHT he had a plan, what a fool! "ALL POWERFUL GOD" The man bellowed at the top of his lungs! Aladdin cockily dropping from the old man's spell as a blast of magic hit Jafar square in the chest! "Aren't you forgetting something Jafar? A genie has oh...wait...god!?" The Genie struggled to complete this wish, his energy draining as he continued to blast the old man, magic wracking through Jafar's lean body as he started to moan and groan from the increase in energies! "OH YES! you FOOL you think I would want to be a GENIE!? Why be a GENIE when one can be a GOD!" He doubled, losing focus enough to let Aladdin free. The youth freed Jasmine and dashed towards Jafar, scooping up a scimitar as he leaped through the air! Closing the distance and swinging the scimitar downward the blade was halted as if it stuck a block of steel! Aladdin opened his eyes nervously and stared at the thick muscled hand that now gripped the base of that blade showing no sign of harm! "OHHH YES....I can FEEL IT! Ohh the POWER! the fucking absolute POWER" he grunted as his twig of a forearm BULGED with rippling power, both Jafar and Aladdin watched the wave of growth rush over him! Travelling up his arm as his sleeve burst off! Individual rippling fibers of muscle swelling and BULGING with power as veins snaked up and down the dark toned skin! The old man standing and rising up and UP growing taller as his robes started to fray and stretch across his thickening form! Aladdin took a swing and another and ANOTHER, but the blade just bounced off the growing gods torso, cutting the stretched robe off, showing his skin changing to a deep red hue! "GO AHEAD and SWING street rat! OHHH Swing while you can! You FOOL! You fucking OHHHH GOD! WITLESS WASTE OF LIFE!" His shoulders bulging and swelling as he doubled in height lurching taller, his growth out of control and forcing his body to jerk and flex without any sign of stopping! His arms stretching down past his knees as he watched his body swell and grow like never before! thickening as his chest and lats continued to heave with every deep intensely pleasurable gasp of breath! The youth ran to the princesses side, watching as the man grew into the world's newest god! "OH THE UNIVERSE ITSELF WILL BOW BEFORE ME! MY IMMENSE MUSCLES CAN REND THE VERY FABRIC OF REALITY!" he grunted as a single flex of his pecs caused the princesses' clothes to literally vanish! He turned and threw his arms up into a double Bi pose, as his monstrous peaks bulged, Aladdin let out a shriek of pain shrinking in size and shape until he was nothing more than a baby! The towering, still growing god's grunts were only getting louder and more powerful by the second as the genie completed the ultimate wish! His blue form literally fading out of existence as his powers were completely drained! "WELL PRINCESS LOOKS LIKE YOUR REAL MAN IS NOTHING MORE THAN A MERE CHILD! AS I WARNED YOU!" He laughed his voice dropping so deep as his shredded rags of robes finally exploded off the towering muscle man's 15ft frame! The orgasmic feeling of this growth was so intense even HE was caught off guard! Jasmine let out a gasp watching his thick legs slowly dissipate, the muscled tree trunks becoming more ethereal as the transformation was progressing just out of control! The hulking behemoths shoulders bulged once again larger, swelling up against his ears as his jaw grew more square and pecs heaved upwards pressing against the base of his chin, almost swallowing his head! A loud CRASH echoed as the red skinned GOD grew right up against the brass domed ceiling! "YOU CANNOT STOP A GOD YOU FOOLS! THIS WORLD IS MINE! ALL POWERFUL! UNSTOPPABLY HUGE! I CAN'T FUCKING STOP GROWING!" He grunted, his body from the waist down merely a swirling maelstrom of gas and cloud until the lusty ever growing beast reached downward and simply started stroking the air itself. The red clouds of aether started to swirl and grow, stretching from his waist into the form of a monstrous cock! Thickening and growing between his hands, soon bigger than his own arm and growing more massive by the second! "YES PRINCESS I BET YOU WISHED YOU MARRIED ME NOW DIDN'T YOU?!" he asked as he pushed up through the roof of the palace, his cock growing to his pecs! "YOU ARE RIGHT THOUGH I'M NOT A REAL MAN, I"M A GOD! A GROWING ALL POWERFUL GOD!" he moaned as merely GAZING upon him sent the princess into a furious orgasm crumpled up as the all powerful Jafar continued to grow! Rising up from the ruins of the palace he continued to swell and GROW into the cool night sky! his moans echoing so loudly as he watched the once great city shrink below him! "TO THINK I MERELY WANTED TO RULE THIS CITY! I NOW RULE ALL OF EXISTENCE! A TRUE GOD! AN ALL POWERFUL MUSCLEBOUND GOD!" he laughed his deep voice booming so loudly the earth quaked and the sandy ground cracked open and swallowed up entire houses in the city! People staring upwards as the night sky was FILLED with this hulking flexing monstrosity! He smiled a wicked grin as his cock bulged against his monstrous pecs "GO AHEAD YOU PITIFUL MORTALS WORSHIP ME, CUM ALL OF YOU! NOW" he barked and with a single thought drove every human on earth into a simultaneous orgasm. It's only fair given the dark terrible things he planned on doing to them all...
  22. Hey there! As I am a fan of @GiganticBeast and enjoyed this particular scenario (based on: https://de.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5f17482069df0) way too much i decided to transcript it. Hereby I'd like to share one my first experience made understanding techniques on experiencing growth by All Dialoge - one person. I learned it really is art to just do those audios with passion, good voice-acting, hot driving fantasies and give a boner by sharing fantasies in fantasies... MAN! If you find some typings and errors - please let me know. ^^ Enjoy! :3 -------- A door closes… Steps halls in a toilet-room… An old ventilator fills the room as a base-noise… A man moans in relive while strong pissing-noises break the calm… „Oooooooohhh, there we go… Ooh fuck…“ Sound of piss vanishes… „Hey! Ha… Wanna take a picture boy? It will last longer that way.“. Flushing of toilet… Steps towards the intruder… „No, no. Don’t back away now. Come one! You won’t get to be modest now ‘cause I see the cellphone there. Did you think you can sneak a pic of that fat fucking cock and go back to your girlfriend at the parking lot? Is that way you think?” … „Go one, put yours out!“ … „Yeah, you heard me! You saw mine, now let’s see yours.”. Chuckle of ridiculousness… “No, leave it filming.” … “Come one. Take your little dick out. I can see it throbbing against those tight pants of yours.“. … „Ughh… Fuck, stop going so slow!“. Further steps approaching… „I don’t have all day for this stop here. Get over here!“. … „Ah fuck, your dick is hard as hell. Aren’t you?“ … „God, that‘s as big as it gets, huh?“ … „Shit, boy, mine’s not even half hard and I am TWICE as fucking big.” … “That’s what you wanted to see, huh? Your little girlfriend waiting outside-“ Sound of little stretching … “-waiting for YOU…“. Some more stretching, halting with a moan… „Guh… God. Haven’t you idea what you are in here for. For fucking hours, I bet, just to see some big fat fucking trucker cock, don’t you?“. Further little stretching… „Hayeah, you film it and go home and worship it, don’t you?” … “Fucking beg me for it then, boy! Fucking beg me for this… big fat cock, you little boy-dicked bitch! Go ahead and ask me for it!” … “Ah yeah… Tell me how bad you need it. Say ‘Beast sir, can I PLEASE touch your big growing fat god cock’. Do it! Fucking SAY IT!“. Further stretching with a pleasured moan of delight… First clothe tear… „Oh yeah! Can you see it growing? Do you see it getting harder?” … “Oh yeah, look at the veins up and down on it.” Ripping and moaning for a moment… “Oh yeah! Feel it… thr-THROB… like the ones of my big Bowlingball-biceps!” Little growls here and there with building excitement… “You haven’t seen a man like this, have you? I am a fucking dream come true to you, aren’t I? How many times have you-” Further growth-noises and longer moan… “-have you dragged your little girlfriend out to this Truckstop – desperate for something like this?”. Short mocking giggle… „Tell me you dream of this. That I am a fucking-”. Some more rip and stretch-noises… „-dream come true for you. Oh yeah, I am something you have been jacking your little dick off to since you are a teen… Go ahead!” Another mocking and pleased giggle… „Go ahead, you can touch it! I know you are fucking dying to! Get your little hands around this fat fucking monster… Feel it-„ More intense stretch, resulting in a slightly overwhelmed moan. “-uhhhh … yeah feel it.” Smaller growth continues noisy… “Yeah, feel it-. Ye, its big and I am a grower too… Aaah yeah, feel your fingers around that fat fucking shaft! Run that thumb up my … huhh yeah … up my veins, down the back. Do you feel that(?) … pumping …… grooowing-“ Small surge of stretching sounds… “-pushing your fingers apart. Yeah! Fuck … huhhh … I want you to picture this when you’re fucking that girl of yours out there! Picture MY fat god damn-“ Small surges while pausing… “-BEAST … Fuuck … Ooh, yeah … growing and … STRETCHING her apart as you are begging me for just a little taste of it. Oh ye, THIS is what MAN’s cock is. This is what a BEASTs cock i-hh-s.” Bigger spurt of growth underling the statement… “Yeah! Feel it.” Mini-Surge of stretching… with a slight moan… “Ohh, almost pushing you back there, righ’? God DAMN, this feels good!“. Huffing with a smile… Chuckle… „You are trembling, boy. You are like a dog who chase cars and you finally got one. What you gonna do with it now?”. … „Ooh, on your knees already? FUuuck! Ooh, I like thaat!“. … „Yeah, it‘s still growing…“. Smaller waves if growth coming calmly through… „O no, I don‘t know how big it gets, I never measured…”. Huffs of pleasure… „Do I look like I am fucking kiddin‘?“. … „Yeah, just lick that monster… Slide that tongue-hh up and … OH … hooooh-” Breather of surprise… “YEAH! Right inside of you, there you go! Rumble of growth – in three mini-waves… “FUCK, god, I’m so hot … you make me … feel so fucking … BIIGhh.“. Rippling clothes noises plus a growl – indicating the begin of a pleasant blowjob… „What? … Oohh, yeah, don’t worry about that sound. Just … keep worshiping that big … fat fucking cock. … Oh yeah.“. … „Nah, it‘s just getting hard … People don’t fucking grow like that, man … just … hhh … fucking enjoy it… ah yeah … Put it up against your arm! Yeah, it is fatter than your wrist already.“. Knocking and noises outside… Grunt of disturbance – probably of teeth grinding against the pulled-out cock. „Wait. Shit, shit… Someone is … uhgn… someone is coming… Ghh… Get into the fucking stall! I am not done with you yet…“. Closing lock of the stall, followed by opening door of the toilet-room. Hearable steps of high heels incoming… Low volume grunts of relieve… Sudden two knocks on the closed stall… „Its occupied…“ Jolts on the doorhandle… „I SAID its occupied!“. Person leaves the room again… … Excited breather of a joke… Deepening Voice - getting more volume… „Ye, this stall IS tiny. I fucking love it! I feel … huuhh … SO…“. Pleasured grunt… „BIG…“ Hilarious short laughter in utter surprise. “Fuck yeah.” … „What?“ … “Nah, I was always that tall. Calm down! Get fuckin-“ Growl of pleasure in pull of head onto cock… “-get fucking sucking, boy.”. … „Fuck, this is incredible.” … “Ye, it wasn’t all the way hard yet… Just-” … “No, I don’t know how big it gets. Just … keep…“ Moan of pleasure… „God, yeah, keep touching! Keep STROKING!”. … „Ohh. What… Can‘t take a little pre?” … “Oo, fuck mee… boy, you never even suck a cock?!” … “God, I swear to you if I feel your tooth for a second, I gonna fucking break your jaw with my cock!” Further moans of delight… “Hhh fuck yeah…”. … „What? You wanna-“ Gasp of little in no surprise. „You wanna feel the rest of me? Fine! Fine, feel what you want.“ Breath in satisfaction of worship… „Go ahead, yeah. You can-“ Small surge of growth… “-feel my legs.” Gasp in utter surprise plus slow continous stretches… „They are THICK already!” … “They gotta be bold under my rig all day.” … “Look at this fucking guns! I am a fucking…“ Liking growl of the observation. „BEAST!“. Slightly louder sounds of stretching – going on more prominently… „I said: Don’t mind that sound! I am just … focus on those balls!” … “Yeah, pull them out for me…“ Little extra growth of the extra touching… „Oh, fuck them… My jocks’re getting so tight!”. Moan mixes with enjoyment of a steady growing… „Growin’? What the fuck are you talking about? Just feel them! Aren‘t they big enough already?” … “Yeah! They fucking fill your whole palm, don’t they?“ … „Oh yea. Full of fucking cum like I - just like a brawny boy. I haven’t released them in fucking WEEKS.” … “It that what you want? Your sweet little girlfriend out there (- the one -) you picture yourself getting choked and huh-“ Hornyness accelerates growth spurt while imagining the Sex. Start of moaning while talking… „-and gagging hooh-“ More stretching… “-cuffing up gallons of some THICK fucking trucker cum…“ Horny moan and growl… „OH yea… some BIG muscle bulged trucker just PUMPIN’ you full.” Spurt ends while voice deepens… “There you go…“ Breath in awe… „Fuck this stall is so tiny!”. … Laugh as nothing happened by an obvious observation. „No, I have always been this tall. God, you-“ … “-are you standing? … “God … no, I have always bein’ this big. You always just got up to my packs. What are you fucking talking about?“ … „Ohh fuck. Who cares how tall I was earlier? … “Yeah, my shirt’s tight. It’s fucking old already-“ Some growth ripping the shirt even more. Suppression of the urge of growth… “-so I-“ Ripping of the shirt… „ just RIP it all of.“ Breather of sweat. „Fuck, I am just getting pumped, alright?“ Moan from a touch… „Fuck, I love the sight of you reach me on your tiptoes oh-“ Little surge with a surprised moan by liking the view… … „Just try to feel these fucking traps.” … “YE, my shoulders a fucking broad!” Gasp in slight pain… “Fuck these boots are tight. Go one, get down on your knees, boy and take those off of me.“ Breath of hurry… „Fuck yeah, unlace these…“ Stronger growth spurt with deepening voice and ripping clothes and slowly tearing shoes… “Oh fuck! Shit seems to be popping … Yeah, God, I am so BIG…“. … „Size 16. Ye, I think these are just old.“ Stretching… „Them are fucking broad feet on this field-hopped boots…” … “HURRY UP! Fucking get those laces off before-“ Upcoming surge… vividly surprised by holding breath… „-… before…-“. Groan and final looong ripping… Louder moan in delight… „FUCK mee…” … “Ye, were old, alright? They are old boots.” … “I told you size 18, jesus Christ!” … “Listen Boy…” Moan… „Oh fuck… Look what you made me do. God …” … “No. My feet aren’t too big for me, you are just to fucking slow! That’s why that happened! God, can’t keep my fucking size 20 feet in those fucking shoes in them anymore, thanks to you!“ … „Ye fine, put them to your chest!“ Further moan… „Feel that sweat of that fucking beast sucking through your shirt ey?“ Laughing and scoffing… … „Oh hot! You got a good sucking on that fucking big toe… ey? Growing in your mouth.“ Short noises of growth while pleasured exhalation… „Fuck yeah… Your hands up and down on my calves are almost… fuck … they are already as big as your thigh… even bigger…” Breath in surprise and some more stretching… Some moan in pleasure… „Rock hard muscle growing … and throbbing … and BULGING … and …“ Horny exhalation, swearing in pleasure… … „What?! No, I didn’t say ‘growing’. Fuck … God, this little stall is so… claustrophobic. It’s so tiny, isn’t it?” Uncertain giggle… “Fuck…”. … „Na, I always was shoulder to shoulder with these metal fucking walls! Ooh god…” “Imma stand up here…“ Slight stomp – shaking the ground… „Fuck me … Godhhh …”. Exhausted breathing… … „No, I was always scraping the fucking ceiling. Yea, I know that: I came crouching in here. 10 feet tall … fucking big…” Growing again some more – continuously progressing… Little growth noises for a short time… “… broad … my clothes were hanging off of me when I got in here. I was… I got this … ah … condition and… ah … oh fuck, I can’t even…”. Small chuckling… „Look, at your fucking face…” Honest laughter… “Nah, I don’t care anymore.” … “Ye, I am fucking growing.”. Passionate gasp… growth pausing with mentionable voice-deepening … „Fuck, I am getting MASSIVE as you fucking worship me! … Oh my god yeah… I have never gotten this big before… Another chuckle in surprise… „Shit… Here is my fucking roid-gut swelling out there for you - ripping out that shirt… Ah yeah… Get these fingers in between those grooves.“ Pleasure and passion mixing up… „Feel it! Feel that hair so thick …” … “Grab a fucking fistful of my pelt there, boy.“ … „Oh yea. Don’t you come yet! I never had some growing this BIG…” … “Also never had someone who is so fucking … dumb … fucking EAGER to see me-“ Greater spurt passing through… “- see me GROWING …“ Spurt still passing through… „Oh my god. All these little lot-sluts were running away from me before I am 8 feet tall but … but YOU … you are so fucking cock-hungry, you made me so-“ Spurt still passing through with a little extra ontop… „… SOO… FUCKING… BIG…“ … „I won’t be even able to fit into my own rig.“ Noticeable enjoyment… ”Go one! You are on it, right?” Hearty laugh… Moaning in pleasure… “Ohh… GOD, YEAH… You are fucking terrified, YEAH. But … you wanna feel that thick fat fucking cock inside of you before it … hhh … before I get to big to fit, don’t ya?“ Swearing moan… „Go one, you want it. You are fucking terrified. But you-“ Wave of growing… “-oh wanna feel my fat cock growing … and stretching …” … “Come one. Get me in there…” Growl of work accompanied by small spurt… “Ooh fuck yeah!“ … „You are so fucking tight, boy… I gonna lie down here-“ Objects rumbling away… „What are you…” Moan in delight… “Oh, yeah, you like these fucking nimps, ey?” … “Go one! Fat fucking thumb-thick beast growing in your mouth…“ Horny spurt… „OHhh yeah… … oh god… I am so BIG. I am so … so HARD… Look what you have done to me, boy. I’m GROWING-“ Short and intense spurt flying by… “-… SO… BIG.“ Gasp in horny surprise… „Oh my god, I … I don’t think I can control it anymore… I don’t think I-“ Chuckles – lost in the moment… “I don’t think I am controlling-” Another wave… “Oh my god!” Spurt… “Can you feel this boy? Can you feel your body sliding against mine as I GROW underneath you …?“ Moan in utter pleasure… Growth gaining speed… “Fuck… lying down on the floor … growing across…” More Objects rumbling away… Stretching slightly intensifying… Grunt in effort… “… knocking those stalls out the way… I can’t even control it. I can’t anymore…“ Suddenly: A short calm before the storm… „Fuck me, the walls are squeezing on me here. I can barely get … oh god … barely get a full breath…” Grow bigger suddenly… “I feel so… Oh god… I feel so cramped as I … as I GROW-“ Rest of the stalls crumbling… Walls getting damaged… Growth intensifies… Voice thundering even more… “… and grow into that brute… oh my god, I’ve never gotten this big… but I love it!” Moan… Objects getting crushed one by one… “Fuck me. I can’t stop growing and stretching you like a flashlight around my cock. I am not fucking you anymore I am jacking off with your little twitching body…” Moans and gasps mixing with rumbling… “God, I am soaking in my sweat…” Burst up a bit with a growl… “Go ahead boy. Get your face up in this Pit.” Swear and moan… “I could fucking crush you with a flex, boy, but I am not gonna… just … Ohhh… It feels just soo good. OOhh, yeah, fucking lick your way, little boy…“ Louder moans in pleasure… Growing some more quicker… „Fuck me… My cock growing so big inside of you! FEEL IT! Feel it throbbing against your back. I am growing inside of you SO MUCH like a hooligan.“. More stretching and rumbling – depending on the little ones actions. „Its amazing!” … “Bigger… bigger … and bigger! Fuck, yes!“ Rumbling spurts: Bigger, bigger and bigger – filling the room more and more… „Fucking monstrous beast… Oh god, I can’t move my arms. They are pinned against the walls. My legs are fucking curling up here. Ohhh. My traps swallowing my head. BOY, you got me growing out of control here!“ Building up pressure, clamped between walls… Moaning in pressure and disbelieve… „Fuck! IS THIS YOU WANTED?“ Inside air connecting with the outside as his head digs through the ceiling… „Fucking get crushed by a growing muscle bull in a fucking dirty truckstop-” Booming off of the head and ceiling collapsing… “-ooooh, you little fucking bitch?!“ Loud moan as the head comes to fresh air… „Oh my God, there goes the fucking roof!” Rumbling as the giant stands up … “I can breathe again at least!“ Monstrous chuckle… Thundering damaging the floor as he steps and stabilizes… „Ah shit! There is your girl!” … “You… wanna say me anything to her…? Or do you wanna let me joining her the fun?"
  23. Interview with a Bodybuilder He entered the room with a confidence only held by the biggest of bodybuilders. He's 35, 5'10" and 350lbs of muscle, power and raw sexual energy. His hair is brown, curly and falls over his massive shoulders. His eyes are a piercing blue - eyes that look through you and understand your innermost needs - the need to worship his mass, his muscle and his strength. He has a Fu Manchu mustache, which frames his perfect lips. His cheeks are unshaven and covered with dark stubble, giving him an air of sexiness. He wears his shirt open almost to his navel exposing his hairy pecs, which he is constantly tensing to impress anyone who notices. His slacks are tight showing his mammoth dick soft and to the side. When he decided to meet with me, to tell me about his exploits, it was with the agreement that he would do all the talking. I agreed and this is the transcript. "I started lifting when I was 15. My brother bought a Weider set, and only used it for a few weeks. He gave them to me and the minute I noticed the growth, I was hooked. I saw my skinny 12-inch arms start to bulge out. My chest started to expand and soon I could get a pretty good flex if I tried hard. The girls at school noticed the change, too. That really got me going. After school they'd stand around in the yard and ask me to flex for them. It was freaky. I realized that the bigger I got the more they wanted me. And I wanted to get bigger. I could see the changes every time I looked in the mirror and it turned me on. Within a year my arms were up to 15 inches and a peak had formed. I used to get naked and stand in front of the mirror pretending I was Arnold Schwarzenegger - only I knew I was going to be a lot bigger than him. I was determined to be the biggest fucking bodybuilder in the world! On the weekends, I'd work out for hours, rarely going out and obsessed with getting HUGE! I'd pump my guns and measure them. Sixteen years old and I already had 15inch arms. I knew there was no limit to the size I could attain. I'll admit, when I'd pose in front of the mirror, I'd get a fucking hardon - 16 and my dick was like iron, and fucking 10"! I was as turned on by my muscle as the girls at school. By 17, I had grown so big, I had to buy large size clothes. My neck was 19 inches and my arms were almost 19". I'd go to school and the girls would flock to me. I had so many chicks after me that I hardly had time to keep up. They'd watch me flexing and want to feel my muscles. I'd take my shirt off to give them a treat. They'd run their hands over my pecs and just to surprise them I'd start flexing them. They'd shriek with delight at that and then I'd raise my big arms in a double biceps, or spread my lats like fucking wings. I took a lot of them home, and screwed them good. That's another thing they liked. I had a huge eleven incher that stayed rock hard for hours, always loved screwing their tight pussies and showing them what a real man feels like. After I left high school, I really started getting into growing. At 18, I entered a local contest and took 2nd in my weight class. I laugh about it now. I was a puny little shit, with 19" arms and a 45" chest. The more I worked out the bigger I wanted to be. I was a member at the local Gold's Gym and used to freak the guys out. I'd be in there at 9am and not leave till 6pm working every muscle harder and harder. I took tips from power lifters and found it easy to bench 400, 500lbs. Soon my arms were so fucking big I had to get Extra large shirts and I pretty much wore sweat pants all the time. Chicks liked that - it showed off my huge dick and I'd get hard working out, which really turned them on. A couple times I'd take 2 or 3 of them back to my apartment and fuck them all night. I have incredible staying power, especially when I have a room full of admirers. Me flexing and posing while they fingered their cunts, till I was rock hard from their worship and then one by one I'd fuck their brains out till they begged me to stop. None of this ever kept me from my goal of being the biggest fucking muscle monster in the world. I worked out all the time, getting so freaky I scared myself sometimes when I saw how big I was getting. My first bi experience was when I was 23, with this older couple I met in a local bar. He came up and told me his wife really wanted to fuck me. I thought, 'great. I'll fuck this bitch while her husband watches. A real fucking man screwing the ass off his wife.' We went back to their place and I stripped for her. She played with her pussy while I posed for her. The more I flexed the more she groaned. "How big are your arms?" she'd ask. "Maybe you should measure them," I smiled. She grabbed a tape measure and put it around my arm. She just about fainted when she read, "21 inches!" I picked her up in one arm and sat her down on my throbbing hard dick. Her husband watched, and started jerking himself off. I was jerking her off on my dick when I felt a hot tongue start probing my asshole. At first I told the guy to back off. He said "relax, guy." and I started to get into it. It felt great - fucking this hot cunt and feeling this hot tongue in my asshole. Fuck they both worshipped me! I pulled her off my dick and hit a few more poses. The husband started licking my arms and chest, pumping my big cock while I posed. She was licking my hairy calves and thighs and I was so fucking hot! She said, "fuck him like you fucked me". I said, "Can he take a REAL MAN up his ass?" He nodded and pulled out a condom, placing it on my dick with his mouth. Fuck, I was hot! I picked him up like a rag doll and sat him down on my rock hard dick. I pumped his wimpy little body up and down on my dick, and I tell you - there's nothing like a man's hot ass wrapped around my pole. 'YOU LIKE THIS MAN'S POLE IN YOUR PUSSY, HUH?!' I'd ask, and he'd nod while his mouth was planted on my biceps. 'YOU FUCKING NEED THIS BIG MUSCLE COCK, HUH?!' I shot the hottest load into him, man - I couldn't believe it. We did that all night long - They worshipping my body and me their own personal fuck stud. I'd fuck her then him, I'd line them up and fuck them both. By the time I was 25, I weighed about 280lbs, my arms were about 25" and I was the freakiest looking man at the gym. I entered a few contests and won with little effort. It was then that I realized I'd stop with the contest thing and just focus on getting more and more massive and ripped. I knew I would be so big that contests would be pointless. And I hated shaving, man. I liked the hair on my body. It turned me on having some hot chick or some guy run their fingers through it while I flexed for them. I got into performing strength feats for my sex partners - I'd tear a phone book in half then grab the halves and tear them in half! I'd wrap steel bars around my fucking huge neck. I'd pump my arms for a hour solid, curling with 200lbs and have the chick measure them. Once I actually pumped up to 29"! I fucking loved it, man! And my partners loved it too. The bigger and freakier I got the hotter the sex was. I'd sit back on the couch and have some chick fucking blow me, or ridemy 11" monster muscle till I shot a load on the ceiling! I'd stand up and start taunting them - flexing my arms and pecs saying stuff like, "YOU WANT THIS FUCKING STUD MUSCLE, DON'T YOU? YOU NEED A REAL FUCKING MAN TO DO YOU RIGHT, BABY!" Then I'd pick them up in one hand and carry them into the bedroom, have them oil me and put on a personal pose down - my eleven inch pole rock hard with the worshipping I was getting." At this point he unbuttons his shirt and casually tosses it aside. He stands up and crosses to a mirror and begins to talk to himself, or an imagined partner. He flexes as he talks. "Big fucking stud. You need this big stud, don't you? Look at this fucking bicep! Lick it, boy! Lick these huge fucking pig pecs, boy! YEAH! You like this fucking huge freaky body, DON'T YOU?!" He rubs the growing erection, straining his pants and returns to his seat. "Everybody wants me. I know it. And if they're into my muscle I'll do them good. Now, at 35 I think my arms must be about 29" no pump and my chest is about 65". I pumped my cock up to 13" and rock hard! I can't wear anything but XXX large clothes, and I fucking love it. Look at me! You ever seen anything this fucking freaky. LOOK AT THIS FUCKING MASS, MAN! I'm so fucking incredible! Flexed all day, all night – I don't give a shit!. And staying power! I know this guy, Chuck. He's pretty puny - only 250lbs - his arms are about 21". He said he could fuck a dozen chicks all night and never lose his hardon. I told him a dozen was nothing, and why just chicks? I told him I'd fuck easy 20 chicks and a handful of fags standing up and doing arm curls at the same time, for a night and a morning. He wanted to try me on that, so we went out and found ourselves a harem. He had his 20 chicks and I found the same number chicks and a dozen guys from the local bar. It's so fucking easy picking up anyone when you look like me. I just walked over and said, 'you wanna get done like you've never been done before?' Then I'd flash a pec and start getting hard for them and they'd follow me anywhere. That night at 11pm, we were at Chuck's place - he's got a huge split level living room. First Chuck stripped and the crowd loved it. He stood there buck naked and started posing - most muscular, abs, lat spread, double biceps. Some of his chicks were crawling over him, licking his muscle. The thought of what I was going to be doing started getting me hard and I said, 'Move over wussy boy and let a REAL FUCKING FREAK get started! I unbuttoned my shirt and opened it slowly, showing off my hairy pecs and ripped abs. People went quiet, as I stripped the shirt off and stood there relaxed, letting my size and mass overwhelm them. I rolled my pecs a few times and could see my men getting hard in their pants and my women getting wet. I raised my guns in a double biceps pose and pushed a freaky peak up on my massive veined arms! They fucking loved it! Then I slowly undid my pants and pulled them down. I wanted everyone to see this real man's dick properly unveiled. As the pants came down, some of my women came closer, wanting to touch it. But I wouldn't let them. I just stood there naked and smiled as I got my huge 13" pole hard without touching it! Even Chuck was impressed. His cock started throbbing as he realized he was in the presence of a fucking god! Then we started in. I grabbed a couple of 200lbs dumbells and started curling while the first chick straddled my prick. My cock was rock hard, while I fucked woman after woman, pulsing cunts clamped on my man's dick. Chuck was busy trying to keep up, but couldn't. I'll give him credit - he's never taken on a god before. After a couple of hours his arms tired with the weights and he started losing his hard-on. Not me. I fucked men, women and kept pumping those weights. Chicks and guys all licking my freaky huge biceps, veins popping and my huge dick plunging into their tights holes. It was 11am before we quit. I'd been pumping my arms for 12 straight hours, and my hairy nuts were so tight it felt like I was going to shoot a gallon of cum! I told Chuck to get his hot ass over and let me fuck him. He didn't want to at first, but then the thought that he'd be fucked my such a monster was enough to send him over. I pounded his bubble butt with my 13 inches and his puny 9 inch cock came almost immediately. Then I pulled him off me and stood there, among all these exhausted people lying on the floor. "YOU WANT MY CUM?!" I shouted. "TELL ME WHO'S THE BIGGEST FUCKING MUSCLE STUD IN THE FUCKING WORLD!" "You!" They all shouted back. "Spray us with your cum!" I throbbed my red hot cock a few times, flexed my arms, pumped to an unbelievable 32" and shot a load that sprayed over all of them. Then to end it, I had 20 of them pile on the couch. I went behind and easily lifted about 1000lbs of couch and bodies over my head, doing a few presses for one final pump and a night they'd never forget." He put his shirt on, flexing his hairy massive pecs as he did. When he went to leave he told me he'd be back. He had more stories to tell and needed to tell them.
  24. tester26

    Brad and the Size Queen

    This was lost in the site crash, but since edited a bit. It is a remix/rehashing of several stories, the framework is based strongly on a story by BigTimmy. Brad and the Size Queen Brad was alone at home, doing some curls with 200lbs dumbbells in the back garden. He admired his body as he worked out, his V-shaped torso mounted with two large steel plaques of pectorals, narrowing down to a deep 8-pack slab of rock-hard abs. On either side, one could also admire the creases of his well-defined oblique abdominals, a testament to his many hours of bodybuilding training. Below this colossal upper body structure lay the seat of his incredible virility, barely hidden by his custom-made oversized posing pouch. His giant soft manhood filled the casing to bursting point, 12 inches of soft man meat ready to fill up with pints of blood and grow to gargantuan proportions. Suddenly, he heard a gasp and saw his busty blond neighbor Jessica peek over the edge of the fence. "Wow, you're so muscular Brad, why don't you come over and show me those huge muscles of yours!" she exclaimed. She stared up and down his near-naked form, biting her lips enticingly as she admired his physique. Brad knew what she really wanted; ever since he moved in she had made a point to drop by every day in increasingly tight and skimpy clothes. Brad smiled and walked over to join her in her back garden. She was wearing a cropped baby T-shirt that tightly hugged her enormous breasts. Despite the absence of a cleavage, her hardened nipples were clearly visible, poking at the stretched fabric, and the tight material showed every curve of her massive firm tits. Her sumptuous body was further put in evidence by the Lycra body shorts that barely covered her hips or ass. As Brad approached, she quickly pulled off her shirt, revealing a two-piece bikini, the small triangles of material of her top barely concealing her arealoas. Her hard nipples were pointing straight out. As she pulled off her shorts, she revealed a G-string thong, so minuscule her cuntlips were almost visible as she swayed her hips. Brad licked his lips in anticipation, his soft cock beginning to stretch his posers. The two hypersexual individuals didn't need to say a thing as they passionately embraced and kissed. Jessica started running her hands all over Brad's body, feeling his huge 24" biceps and 8-pack abs and pressing her big tits against his massive pecs. Then, she started to run her hands down his abs to his soft shaft. Her hand plunged into Brad's posers. "Holy shit! This thing is for real. Please let me take it out, I wanna see it." Without waiting for my answer, she pulled his posers down in a swift tug, revealing the wide root of his immense dick, her mouth forming an O as more and more inches of giant soft manflesh was uncovered. She ducked under his legs and let his cock rest on her face. Looking up with googly eyes and a hungry smile, she laughed, "Oh my god! It's bigger than my face! You have the biggest cock I have ever seen by far! My boyfriend is only 5 inches!" she gasped. Her mouth darted for Brad's glistening knobhead. She polished it roughly at first, her tongue fluttering near the cumslit while her left hand mauled his oversensitive glans. Her other hand was busy kneading his sperm orbs in turn. She was moaning, groaning and incoherently muttering how enormous his genitalia was and how Brad made all the other men she ever had look like little boys. Precum leaked from his massive, throbbing cock ran down the top of her head and onto her ass below. Brad was nearly 4 times longer and 4 times thicker than her boyfriend at 18" long and 11" around. She next opened her mouth so wide that he could hear her jawbone crack. She turned her head sideways and fastened her wide-open mouth to her lover's shaft at a point just below its crown. For a while, she sucked and sucked on his rock hard love muscle at that point. Brad moaned in appreciation, running his hands through her hair. The giant-breasted stunner then slowly, ever so slowly, ran her wet, dripping, wide-open mouth down the length of the thick shaft to its very base. After applying gentle kisses near the root, she very slowly retraced the exciting journey back to the tip of his massive dick. By that time, his shaft was slippery and shiny with her saliva. "Yeah, that's good, go on!" Brad urged as a wave of excitement was overtaking his whole body. She stuck her tongue out as far as it would go and resumed her thrilling open-mouth trips up and down the length of his monster shaft. This time, the extended flat end of her tongue along with her open mouth encompassed over half the staggering circumference of his prong. After tonguing, sucking, and generally slobbering all over the underneath portion of Brad's cock, Jessica pulled down on the shaft and administered this electrifying tongue-lip-and-mouth treatment to the upper side of the giant dick. Finally, she returned to the cockhead and drooled thick trails of saliva to lubricate his helmet further. She had problems fitting the whole head in as it was so hard that it must have been the size of an apple. After some three-dozen bobs of her luscious mouth, she managed to get the entire knob of his penis into her mouth. The coating of her saliva helped it ease in her mouth and into her throat. Jess whimpered as it went deeper. Pulsing veins passed between her lips like depth markers. Brad gripped the back of her head with a fist full of hair. His muscles flexed with the effort of forcing it through her tight neck. Wet gurgle sounds came from Jessica as she was throat stretched by his meat log. It was about 15 inches inside her face when he started pumping in and out. “You love my cock, don’t you?” He asked as she bobbed energetically up and down a good 10 inches. A wet sound came from the back of her throat each time it popped down there. She grabbed the soda can thick shaft and jerked it with both her hands. “Hmmm ummm.” The girl answered affirmatively with her mouth full. More licking and sucking. “Blow your big load in my mouth baby.” Rivers of pre-sperm were oozing from his wide-opened slit and she began slowly jacking him off. "I'm ccccuummiinnngg!" Brad growled. His first voluminous jet filled her mouth entirely, viscous cum coating her tonsils and teeth. He came like a fountain directly in her stomach, cum was running out of her mouth and nose, there was so much of it. Her eyes expressed both shock and discomfort at the unending rope of spunk she had to swallow. Brad slightly pulled back for the second streamer, which landed all over her long blond hair, coating strands together with great sticky globs of goo. Cum landed with audible ‘splats’ across her forehead. Across her lips, her cheeks. "Ooh, yeah, sssoo much, Brad!" she moaned, as he continued to douse her face and body with long ropes of cum. Milking the final dregs from his cum-cannon, he let a giant dollop fall directly into her hungry, upturned mouth. Jessica's face was so pasted with pools and rivulets and clumps of cum that no one in the world would recognize her. It looked like a sperm balloon had exploded in her face. "Now pull your g-string off, I'm going to ram my giant dick up your slutty pussy!" Brad panted, wielding his still hard monster. The massive musclebound teen leaned down to help Jessica to her feet, his cum still dripping off her. "Oooh, yes!" gleamed Jessica. She took a step away and turned her back to Brad and wiggled her cute heart shaped backside. She crossed her legs and bent forward. Steadily she worked her thong downwards. It caught momentarily in her tight ass cheeks, but then the elastic snapped down. The tiny slingshot passed her fit thighs and fell to her ankles. She positioned herself on all fours on the deckchair, her cunt glistening with wetness. "You are ten times the man my boyfriend is. Your teenage dick is four times his size!" "Beg me!" "Please fuck me with that huge teenage muscle cock!" Brad placed his tubesteak at her pussy's entrance, feeling the folds of her puckered lips with his apple-sized knobhead, collecting some of her vaginal fluids to lubricate his mammoth ramrod. Both holding different parts of his cock, Jessica grunted and pressed back, the cum-lubed tip of Brad's cock fighting against her still-too-tight pussy. With one more push, her sex finally stretched around the head, pushing the folds of her shaved camel-toe inwards as several inches of forearm-thick megacock brutally invaded her innards. "Shit, Brad, you're so fucking HHUUGE!" screamed a delirious Jessica as his cockhead tore through her the entrance to her pussy. The precum that soaked his length was definitely helping this penetration. Brad moaned in response, his glans finally hugged by her tight depths. The now-speared woman's body shook in orgasm, her cunt instantly spraying girlcum down the length of Brad's pole. Brad wrapped both hands around her waist and began to slowly piston his hips. Making sure to have a tight grip, he began to rock her body back and forth in time with his thrusts. Despite the fact that he was already inside of her, the thickness of his weapon made penetration a slow act, even with all the sexual fluids wetting his cock. Jessica couldn't believe what she was feeling. With every new inch he fucked into her, she whimpered and screamed, the nerve-endings in her cunt being stretched and pushed to their limit. At the twelve inch mark, Brad withdrew his rock hard tool until only the massively-flared head stayed inside, then rammed his humongous pussy-pleaser back into her cunt until its head bumped against the back of her cervix. Despite the pain of such a violent onslaught, Jessica garnered enough strength to scream. "You're hurting me so good Brad! Keep going, fuck my brains out!" Brad complied and then some, hammering away at lightning speed, burning her pussywalls as his invading red-hot monster scraped against them. Over and over, he plowed Jessica's body with his tireless 18-inch dick, his heavy seedmakers loudly slapping against her thighs. "OH FUCK ME! UGHHH YES! OHHHHH FUCK! UHHHHHHHNNNGHH!" The hot size queen screamed loudly as she threw her head back, leaning back on the chair on her hands, arching her back and pushing her glorious tits out as she gave in to the ecstasy rushing through her. "OH FUCK GIVE IT TO ME! GIVE ME THAT BIG DICK! YES! OH FUCK YESS! OHHHHMMMMM! YEAH! OHH FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG FUCKING COCK BRAD!" Loud manly grunts echoed throughout the backyard as the mating continued unabated, until Jessica felt the tinges of her orgasm. "You gonna cum babe? You gonna cum for me?" He growled harshly, his balls beginning to tingle as he watched Jessica's eyes widen, wild and lost in the pure pleasure surging through every vein as he jackhammered his hard dick into her relentlessly. "YES! YES! OH FUUCK YES! OH KEEP FUCKING ME! OHHH KEEP FUCKING ME! I'M GONNA CUM...OHHHHFUUUCKKKKU... I'M CUMMING BABY...OH FUCK I'M CUMMING...UNGHHHHHHH!" Jessica screamed, her whole body shaking with orgasmic convulsions around his unyielding bullcock. "Ughhhh fuckk...I'm cumming...ugnnnn...gonna fill your pussy with cum baby! FUCKUGHHHH!" Brad growled through gritted teeth before he rammed his monster shaft deep into her pussy before his balls tightened. Unable to hold off his incoming discharge, Brad firmly held her hips as the first pellets of scalding cum bolted out of his cumslit, filling her uterus to the brim instantly. He filled her up so much that cum was running down his cock and her legs. Brad pulled his cock out and blasted her face, her arms and all over her body. After minutes of nonstop cumming, Jessica now fully drenched once more, his orgasm finally started to peter out. Jessica slid off the chair and knelt between his thighs, a river of white pouring from her stretched pussy and pooling on the ground. Holding his still-turgid ramrod in both hands, she slowly licked up and down its incredible 18-inch length. She suckled on the inch-wide cumslit and furiously jacked the immense crank with her fists, her toned arm muscles clearly straining from the efforts. Brad watched intently, his enormously-pumped up muscular body seemingly relaxing as the busty cock-hound assaulted his mega-cock with her hands and mouth. Soon, his pre-splooge started running continuously out of his helmet. His pre-cum coated Jessica's tonsils and dripped down her chin onto the vast surface of her milkbags, mixing with the thick layer of teen cum already frosting them. Every now and then, she would leave his angry cockhead to lick his overly muscular abs and chest clean of his own cum, her eyes never leaving his as she winked and purred in pleasure while continuously stroking his giant tool. Brad would then scoop fingerfuls of warm spunk from her face and feed them to her hungry mouth. Suddenly, a male voice was heard screaming from across the fence and a man bolted into the backyard. Ken, Jessica's boyfriend, yelled profanities as he ran at Brad while the young stud had his 18-inch rod buried halfway down Jessica's throat. "What the fuck is going on? Are you raping my girlfriend? I'll fucking call the cops on you!" spouted Ken, before he stopped dead in his tracks. He was now seeing ten inches of Brad's colossal cock sticking out of his girlfriend's mouth, and he could not comprehend the sight before him. Averagely endowed at five inches himself, he did not imagine anyone could be as hung. "I ain't raping her, she's begging for it!" answered Brad sneeringly. To prove his point, he withdrew his giant rod from Jessica's mouth. Immediately, she moaned and tried to pull the mighty organ back into her mouth, muttering "gimme, gimme" incomprehensibly. "See, now she's hooked and she'll never be satisfied by your puny cock!" snarled Brad at his hapless neighbor. The studly teenager grabbed the wrists that were attempting to encircle his mammoth dong and raised Jessica from her kneeling position, positioned his still monstruously-hard beast between her thighs. Ken watched in awe as the 18-inch rod stuck way past her asscheeks on the other side. She laughed as she jumped up, hooking her arms around his neck before sliding her feet against him, one on his thigh and the other on the bottom side of his powerful cock. He pulled her closer, getting a low moan from her as her pussy is pressed against the root of his dripping cock. He rubs her up and down there for a minute, just pushing her up and down a couple inches of his cock, drawing out more moans of pleasure from her. His other hand comes up, rubbing her generous tits before lifting her up to press her whole body against his. Jessica kissed him softly while she sat on his tumescence, grinding her pussy along the base of his mammoth appendage. "Fuck me, lover!" she moaned lustfully into his ears. Brad easily lifted her up with his strong arms and groaned mightily as he slowly impaled her with his giant cock. Jess screamed as the mighty meatrod penetrated her, her limbs wrapping around Brad's body, latching onto it. In just seconds he had forced her onto more than half of his tremendous titan, an outline of his cock showing through her pale stomach; Jessica shook and moaned as an orgasm immediately wracked her body. Brad turned her head towards the stunned Ken. "Ever fuck her like this? Actually, you don't need to answer, - with a body like that I'd doubt you'd be able to!" The power in his corded muscles was displayed in its full glory in this standing position as he used Jessica as a jacking device for his demanding organ. Grunting and roaring, he powerfucked Jess, her body rapidly bouncing up and down on his mighty rod, her firm breasts swaying in front of his face. Like he was lifting nothing more than a sack of potatoes, he moved the busty blonde up and down rapidly. She had totally relinquished control of her body over to her virile lover, letting him use her body as he wished. Jessica screamed as another climax shot through her, her cunt leaking like a fountain, dripping onto the concrete beneath her. Brad started to actively thrust into Jessica in time with her bounces, shoving more of her meaty member into the slut. Jess orgasmed again, and fuck, it looked like she was pissing herself there was so much of her feminine nectar gushing from around the stud's prodigious pole. It ran down Brad's balls and legs, soaking them in her essence. And it just kept coming. Her climaxes seemed never ending, each one bleeding into each other so closely together, it looked like she was squirting in one long, continual stream. Ken was petrified by the sight, but he couldn't look away. "Oh my GOD, OH MY GOD!" she kept repeating while Brad continued fucking her unabated. "You are filling me ssssoo much!" Ken covered his eyes as his girlfriend enjoyed the most powerful orgasm of her life from the super-virile teenage boy who lived next door. What would his future hold, he wondered? As the massively-endowed eighteen year old ravished his girlfriend over and over again, bringing her to countless climaxes, Ken felt utterly defeated and humiliated. Jessica caressed the boy's chiseled musculature, cooing with delight at the feeling of his strong arms and chest, encouraging him to display even more raw power to the watchful cuckold. "MMMM, YEAH, OH YEAH...OHHH FUCK THAT'S GOOD...OHHH KEN, BRAD'S FUCKING ME SO GOOD...OHHH HE'S FUCKING ME SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOU DO...OHHH HIS DICK IS SO MUCH BIGGER THAN YOURS...UMMM, SO MUCH BETTER BABY!! OHHHH...I LOVE HIS COCK IN ME SO MUCH!! I WANT BRAD TO FUCK ME FOREVER!! HE'S GOING TO FUCK ME...OHHH...HE'S GOING TO FUCK ME WHENEVER HE WANTS...UMMMM, YEAH!! YES BRAD FUCK ME!" Jessica was fucked mercilessly for over half an hour, in various positions, while Ken was forced to watch his girlfriend's re-deflowering. Brad lifted Jessica in his strong arms, effortlessly bouncing her curvaceous body up and down unfathomable inches of his super-rigid mega-thick dick. OHHHH DON'T STOP! OH FUCK DON'T EVER STOP FUCKING ME! OHHHH FUUUCKK YEEEESSSSS!!" Jessica screamed as she clamped her eyes shut, relishing in the feverish surges of ravishing pleasure that tore through every inch of her body, fucking her ever closer to the greatest orgasm of her life. "FUCK! FUCK! OHHHH FUCK! NAIL ME BABY! FUCK! FUCK MY PUSSY AND FUCK ME HARD BABY! OHHH FUCK I LOVE YOUR COCK...OHHH FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG COCK FOREVER!! OHHHH FUCK YOU'RE FUCKING ME BETTER THAN ANYONE EVER HAS! OHHH FUCK! OH YES! YES! YES!" Jessica panted erratically as she bit down hard on Brad's shoulder. Her world quickly began to spin and her pussy was so alive with pleasure that the hot girlfriend thought that at any moment she was just going to explode with how many charged bolts were shooting through her. While Jessica was still recovering from a state of perpetual ecstasy, Brad took her missionary-style, mashing her giant tits against his V-shaped torso, licking her breasts and neck, even French-kissing her, right in front of her boyfriend. By the time Brad was ready to erupt once more, he had managed to distend Jessica's pussy so much that nearly all of his monster cock sawed in and out of her easily. "Fuck, that's some tight pussy!" exclaimed the massive stud. "I'm fucking gonna CUUM!" he bellowed, his thick cock expanding deep inside her before it shot blast after huge, thick blast of potent cum deep inside her pussy. Load after heavy, hot loud pumped deep into Jessica's spasming, well-fucked body, sending the hot girlfriend over the edge. Fuck, she had never felt so much cum inside her in her life. Brad whitewashed Jessica's deepest recesses with many scalding wads of his creamy spunk before pulling his disgorging python from her overfilled pussy with a loud plop. His gunk cascaded between her crack while the mighty organ convulsed once more and sent a giant plume of white sperm past Jessica's head that landed on the lawn several yards beyond. Ken watched in awe as the young stud covered his delirious girlfriend from head to toe in ounces of boycream. Brad steered his wildly bucking anaconda from Jessica's writhing body and aimed the next salvoes towards a speechless Ken. The enormity of his discharges meant that the paralyzed neighbor's clothes soon ended up covered in his virile seed, long strands crisscrossing his until-now impeccably clean shirt, monumental stains coating his trousers, splashes of thick goo covering his black shoes until their color was almost undistinguishable under the creamy layer. "Fuck yeah! There's more coming! Ummpph!" roared the teenager. Jessica immediately knelt in front of her over-endowed lover, letting him blast her countenance with pellet after pellet of his red-hot spunk. Overpowered by the ferocity of his own orgasm, Brad lost control of his discharging rod and Jessica quickly grasped the cannon with both hands, pushing down on the steel-hard rod while it spewed giant volleys of gunk high up in the open air. "Shit, look at all that spunk! I can't believe I'm holding the biggest, fattest cock in the world and it's just cumming and cumming and cumming!" She was getting delirious as ten, twelve then fifteen enormous streamers rocketed out of Brad's rockhard manhood. Finally, she managed to tame the bucking beast, aiming the final jets at her heaving tits, coating her entire upper chest in Brad's voluminous offerings. After a minute or so of almost continuous ejaculations, his dong rested on her right shoulder, still drooling thick dollops of semen on her back, the threatening helmet aimed at her cuckolded hubby. She held Brad's slightly softened tool up with her hands as if lifting a weight bar and licked the drying spunk from its vast surface. "Fuck, it feels so heavy, it's like holding a fucking baseball bat!" "Honey, how could you do this to me?", moaned her boyfriend as he attempted to clean some of Brad's spunk from his shriveled penis. "Because THIS is the biggest cock in the world and it's attached to the hottest, most muscular stud I could ever find in my life! He's a dream come true and he's gonna fuck me until I can't walk!" she said with a wicked smile. Brad lifted her off the ground and sat her on his rock-hard cock then crossed his arms, to show her and her wimp of a boyfriend what his monster was capable of. She looked bewildered, suspended in mid-air, her whole body resting on his cock, not bending it in the slightest. "Fuck, this is unbelievable! Look honey, he's carrying me on his cock!" she moaned as she reached between her legs and furiously wanked his engorged cock which had already started leaking pre-cum once more. "Come on," said Jessica. "Take me inside and fuck me senseless, I want us to cuckold him in his own bed." Brad walked inside their house and signaled to her boyfriend to follow them. He looked utterly defeated, his small stub of a dick barely visible under my coating of potent semen. "Jessica, please no! Will you really let this monster fuck you on our bed?" he pleaded. "Try and stop me!" she answered. Brad stood at the foot of the bed as she dismounted from his horse cock onto the bed, sliding her cum-coated body along the sheets. She took hold of Brad's almost four-inch wide flared head and rubbed it against her labia, while moaning breathlessly and looking Brad straight in the eyes. "Fuck me now you stud, while my pathetic, useless boyfriend is watching. Show him how a real man fucks a woman!" she grunted. Brad took her hand away and made her lick her fingers, then held his giant cock by its firm base and pushed forward in one mighty lunge. Her whole body was pushed by the sheer strength of his cock and she almost hit the headboard. "Oh, ooh, I'm cumming already! Oh fuck! Fuck me harder you fucking stud!" Brad admired her body while he continued pounding her, her beautiful hair was in a heap over the pillow, her huge firm tits pointing skyward and wobbling slightly every time he bottomed out of her long vagina at the end of lengthy foot-long strokes. Her flat stomach was deformed by the size of his apple-sized knobhead hitting deep inside her cervix, her muscular legs were spread wide in total submission. Brad groped her big, heavy tits roughly, squeezing the pliant flesh in his hands hard so that his fingers moulded into the soft-but-firm globes as he pulled Jessica back onto his spearing dick while he harshly massaged her naked breasts. "Ohhh yeah, squeeze my tits Brad...mmmm...fuck, oh I love it when you squeeze my tits when you fuck me...mmm...fuck, give me your big dick bad boy!" Jessica moaned loudly, panting heavily as the two fucked as enthusiastically as they could on the loudly groaning, shaking bed. "OHHHH YEAH! Ohhhh yeah Brad, ohhhh, fuck, make me scream...ohhhh fuck me and make me scream like my boyfriend can't!! Show him how to fuck his girlfriend!! OH YES! YES! OHHHH!!" She groaned hotly back, thrusting her ass back onto his dick ever more erratically as her orgasm built again quickly. "Ohh, please don't stop fucking me! I don't want this to ever end! Oh God, I'm coming AGAIN!! AHHH!," his girlfriend exclaimed. And as Jessica's own mind and body ripping orgasm slowly began to finally give way, her weak arms suddenly giving way so that she slumped down, her tight ass high as she was still impaled rigidly on his cock, gripping the edge of the bed, moaning and purring contentedly into the covers as her large tits pressed softly into the bed..she heard Brad's growl...and then suddenly he slammed nearly his entire 18 inch cock deep into her pussy, pressing her firmly into the mattress, and with a loud gasp, Jessica suddenly felt the thick head expand deep inside her. "Ooh fuck, oh fuck...OHhhh fuck! OHHHFUUUCCKKK! Here it comes you hot slut!! Ohhh fuck, take my cum baby!! UGHHH!" Brad roared gutturally. "OOOOOOOHHHHMMMPPHH!!" Ken's sexy girlfriend moaned erotically as suddenly a huge, thick load of potent cum blasted deep into her unprotected womb once again, followed swiftly by a second, a third, a fourth, a fifth... Brad's huge cock pumped large, thick globs of his potent cum deep into her pussy and Jessica shuddered as an orgasm passed through her body again ... fuck, he was cumming as much as his last few loads! Fuck! He was incredible! His cum was going to be filling her mouth if he carried on shooting so much into her! She felt Brad finally slow down, her taut belly bulging slightly from all the cum inside her. Brad laid down next to her, keeping his still-hard erection buried in her pussy. He teased her left nipple with the tip of his tongue as he continued to slowly fuck her. "Ohh, keep doing that," she told Brad as Ken looked on in amazement. "Shit, look honey, he's still hard! Are you going to fuck me some more stud?" asked Jessica while pursing her lips seductively. Jessica instinctively knew what to do. she turned her whole body towards Ken so that he could get a good view as Brad started to quicken his pace. "OH god, his cock is amazing!!" she exclaimed, fingering her clit as Brad fucked her from behind. "Fuck me Brad. I'm yours. Fuck me any way you want, rip me open, but FUCK ME NOW!" squealed Jessica. Brad was now gaining some serious rhythm as he thrust his hips forward driving his huge cock into Jessica who in turn ground her hips back towards Brad. His blunt monster pounded into her womb, drawing a scream of pain and lust. He growled with desire as his cockhead pressed up against her cervix. He rotated Jessica around his cock, kneeling on the bed with her legs on his shoulders. Again he drew back, and again he drove forward. Again and again, faster and faster. Soon his massive monster jack-hammered at her barrier, his hips a blur as he used long, swift strokes. Each time he felt her depths open a little wider, and each stroke made her titanic mounds wobble wildly with the force of the impact. Jessica was rapidly losing what remained of her composure, screaming and moaning wildly with each unstoppable thrust. She felt something deep inside her give, and felt the fat cockhead plow through her barrier to her womb, felt the heat and hardness of his superior cock invade her deepest parts. Brad roared in triumph as he finally bottomed out in her. She screamed out, voice ragged with pleasure, bursts of light flashing behind her eyes as a sudden orgasm crashed over her like a tidal wave. Cunt squeezing Brad's cock even tighter, a high pressure stream of girlcum sprayed from her cunt onto Brad's washboard abs. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her whole body shook in pleasure and pain. Brad let out a pleasured groan as the size queen's womb gripped on his enormous cockhead, her deepest parts spasming around his invading shaft. When he ground his hips forward, stuffing her to the hilt once again, he ground the tip of his shaft into the back wall of her fertile womb and prompted the sweetest moans. "You like that, slut? Like it when I stuff your fucking womb?" he groaned, once more grinding his hips forward. Jessica's mouth opened immediately, the words pouring forth with hardly a thought. "YEEESSS! Oh, god, yes! It feels so fucking good! I'm so full of your cock! Ohhh, fuck me, fuck every inch of me, fuck me like nobody else ever can! I'm a slut for your cock, your personal slut! You made me your slut, made me a slave to your cock! I'll never fuck anyone else! I'd never be able to fucking feel them! Your perfect cock spoiled me! Ohh, nothing can compare! Nothing goes so deep, stretches me so wide, feels so hot! FUCK ME WITH YOUR PERFECT COCK!" she screamed out, her voice rising to fill the entire house. Brad wasted no time fulfilling her wish. Soon he was rolling his hips against her, his shaft driving in and out like a piston, and she was matching him. The rhythmic slapping sounds of their bodies meeting filled the room. She heard his bed creaking as his relentless pounding made it shake and rock and she heard the thudding of the headboard against the wall. Jessica was seeing stars, her eyes shut from her seemingly endless orgasms. Every now and then, she opened her eyes and admired Brad's body, wandering from his mountainous biceps to his wide shoulders, his sculpted pecs and his washboard 8-pack, glistening with a tiny sheet of sweat. When she could, she lifted her head up from the pillow to admire the sight of Brad's massive 18-inch slab of meat ripping her cunt apart, before cumming powerfully again. Jess couldn't even scream anymore; her eyes rolled back in her head as she convulsed underneath Brad. Her back arched, and she went rigid, everything in her mind blasted away by Brad's unrelenting fuck. Brad was really pounding away now, his cockhead pulling at her cervix with each pull and pounding into the back wall on each thrust. His heavy, cum-filled balls churned as they slapped her juicy ass. Her entire body rewarded him for each stroke, from her clenching hole to the view of her epic, wildly wobbling tit-flesh, to her lips as they poured fourth her gratitude and begged for more with each breath, only interrupted my moans and screams of pleasure. Sweat was glistening on his body, and hers as well. There was a new instrument playing its part in the symphony of their sexual congress—a cracking, splintering sound, like wood giving way under repeated, powerful hammer blows. But if either Brad or Jess recognized what that sound meant, they gave no sign; they were both too lost in each other to think about such things. Soon his hips were a blur, his mighty cock an unyielding piston, a battering ram that pounded at her depths, ravaging her womb. He growled and gritted his teeth. These short strokes wouldn't be enough. He shifted, planting his feet, and dragged his hips back forcefully, pulling the head from her gripping womb, pulling back, further and further, until just the head was left inside her. Jessica's eyes widened as she felt him tear that fat helmeted head from her womb and drag it back, lighting her nerves afire as it passed. She felt almost painfully empty with it gone, but the sparks of pleasure from it dragging on her walls almost made her forget about the emptiness. She looked into his eyes for a moment, emerald eyes sparkling with desire, anticipation, and fear. Then she felt him thrust again, and she couldn't help but howl with pleasure as he plowed into her, stretching every inch of her channel once more, spearing through her cervix, and once more seating himself to the hilt in her needy pussy. "YESSSSSSS! Oh, oh god, oh my fucking gooooood~! That was incredible! Oh, more, please, fuck all of me, every inch! I need you in me forever! Come on, fuck me harder! Fuck that pussy! Your personal pussy! It's all yours, I can't live without this GIANT FUCKING COCK! You broke me! Ruined me with your cock! I'm just your slut now!" She screamed out, waves of pleasure crashing over her mind, washing away the last vestiges of restraint. With a splintering crunch, the bed collapsed, its frame shattered by Jess and Brad's vigorous fucking. The side-rails fell away, and the mattress slammed into the ground. Brad fell forward, his cock still buried inside Jess's pussy, and ended up slamming into her with all his weight, burying himself deeper in her than either of them would have thought possible. "Fuck yeah! Your pussy is ssso good!" yelled Brad. His geyser started unloading inside Jessica again, huge wads of teenage spunk splashing deep inside her womb. After a minute of non-stop cumming, Jessica's womb was filled to the brim with his ball-batter, the white slosh obscenely dripping out of her distended pussy. They both stayed in place, locked together, for some time. Jess's arms and legs were wrapped around Brad. His face nestled in the crook of her neck. Both of them were breathing hard as their mixed juices dripped from Jess's overstuffed cunt and pooled on the bed. Brad removed his cum-cannon and a huge river of goo plopped out with it. He moved to the side of the bed and offered his spurting monster to the cock-hungry slut, who gladly swallowed it whole, while holding the thick shaft at midpoint, caressing the tumescent monster with her fingernails. "Oh fuck baby that was amazing!" Jessica purred as she stroked her lover's meat. Suddenly she got a wicked glint in her eye and turned to Ken, who had pulled off his semen-drenched clothes and was quietly sitting in the corner, whimpering as he came watching the hottest sex he'd ever seen. "Ken! Get over here!" Jessica commanded her cowering boyfriend. Ken crawled on to the bed. "See what a real load looks like?" she asked as she grabbed Ken's head and pushed it between her legs. As she rubbed her slimy cunt against his mouth, the sperm in her began to flow right out and into his mouth. "Aw yeah, eat that fucking cum! Taste that musclecum!" Jessica moaned. It took a while for him to finish, her hole was so bloated from the huge amounts of jizz and it was running out of her pussy like a river. Ken was so busy swallowing that he didn't notice Jessica whispering to Brad, making him smirk and walk around the bed behind him. And then… he felt it. Something big. Heavy. Warm. It flopped down into the space between his ass cheeks, lodging there. He could feel it throbbing. He felt a throbbing against his anus and knew it was Brad's big, fat, monster, bulging against his opening. Next, a drizzle of hot liquid on his lower back. Whap! Something big and heavy slammed into Ken's right ass-globe. “Ah!” he yelled. The impact was repeated again and again. Whap! Whap! Whap! Then, it began to alternate sides. Brad spanked him over and over with his hardening cock. Brad pulled Ken's head out from between Jessica's legs and said "Your turn, bitch." Ken panicked. He shook his head and pleaded for mercy as Brad shoved his big cum-coated cock into Ken's mouth. Ken sucked as best as he could, but Brad was being a little too rough with him, and Ken began to gag. He held Ken's head and fucked his mouth like he wanted to break Ken's jaw. Brad viciously thrust his hips, his immense cock ramming in and out of the Ken's face. "Fuck his face! I want to see him take it all!" Jessica was lost in her own passion, she shoved 4 fingers in her pussy as she watched Brad force his meat down Ken's throat. Brad fucked Ken's throat like a man possessed, in and out again and again. Ken felt the cheeks of Brad's ass tighten, then with a loud "Arghhhh!" he started to cum and cum and cum, it seemed like slow motion, ever detail seemed to be amplified, only slowed down, stream after stream of cum shot into Ken's mouth. Ken couldn't swallow it fast enough and cum began spraying out of the corners of his mouth and down his chin. When Brad pulled his penis out of Ken's mouth he cock-slapped him in the face again, and then he dragged Ken to the middle of the room, dropping him face-down onto the carpet. Brad kicked Ken's legs open and wasted no time in lining his massive pelvis-pulverizer to Ken's virgin anus. “Oh my god, you're going to completely destroy Ken’s ass!” Jessica gasped, looking at the intimidating size difference for the first time. A blood-curdling scream immediately reverberated through the room as Ken felt a new immensity start to enter his ass. Ken was weeping and clawing at the floor as Brad's cock slowly but surely sunk into his bowels. "Yeah," Jessica grunted, so horny that she could barely sit straight. "Fuck him. Fuck that little bitch." Ken's eyes went wider than they’d ever been and even rolled up and crossed slightly as the intruding tool began to burrow into his guts, inch by inch, making a bulging shape in his belly from sheer size alone. There was a meaty, churning sound from deep in his guts as Brad's brutal penetration reshaped his intestines into nothing more than another sleeve for cock. From that moment forward, excretion and any other functions would be secondary to the main purpose of the warm, wet, gripping confines of his asshole. Ken’s guts were rearranged by the 18 inch, arm-thick monster. His prostate made a crunching sound. His eyelids fluttered and his tongue fell from his mouth. He made a high-pitched moaning sound as Brad mounted him and squashed him flat and began to pound him into the ground. Ken’s penis had hardened to be straight as an arrow, seemingly fit to burst, a transformation that Jessica watched with approval. “Oh shit! Ken, your cock is harder than I've ever seen it! You like being a little bottom for this god?” She dropped down to crawl next to her boyfriend and watch his penis strain and throb as it bobbed in the open air. Jessica reached a hand out to press against Ken’s smooth midsection, rubbing Brad’s cock through the membrane of her boyfriend's skin, jacking that dick while it plowed away inside his asshole. She could even see the fat divot of Brad’s huge dickhole beneath Ken’s skin, like a second belly-button! "Nnngh, I’m going to cum, watching you become Brad’s bitch!" she moaned, sliding beneath Ken and letting his throbbing cocktip spear into her pussy. “Aw fuck, Brad's stretched me out so much I can't even feel you any more!” She had to scoot her butt up and let Ken fuck down into her via a piledriver sort of position, otherwise the cock-bulge from Brad’s assfucking would have intruded between them. “Fuck him harder, Brad!” she begged. “Fucking destroy my boyfriend’s ass and force his cock into my pussy!” She reached up and spread her thighs lewdly, balancing on her shoulders, pulling back on her knees, presenting her pussy for Ken to drill down into, spurred on by Brad’s thrusts from behind. His eyes were squinted shut with tears. “It feels like I'm barely touching the sides!” The sounds certainly gave that impression - meaty slurps and schloorps and slllrrches of sopping, lubed up pussy trying to cling but really just serving as a loose, wet meat hole. “Oh fuck!" Jess moaned in Ken's face. "Brad’s pulverized my pussy so much it’s taken on the shape of his dick!” Every second, Brad would thrust his huge, hammering fuck pillar into Ken’s asshole, bulging him out lewdly. This would in turn force Ken forward and jam his downward-pointing fuckmeat into Jessica’s pussy. But Ken might as well have been fucking nothing or damn near close to it, only her outer lips gripping his base in the loosest sense of the word. It was like he rutted straight into the air -- warm air, at least -- but that was about all the sensation he got. Tears filled Ken's eyes as Jessica smiled at him evilly. “Oh, fuck!” Jessica moaned, cumming all and squirting all over Ken’s cock. “Pump your stud cum up my boyfriend’s little ass, Brad! Make him your bottom bitch! It makes me so wet to watch you make him into your cocksleeve!” The tight sensation of Ken’s ass, in combination with the nastiness of Jessica, was quickly pushing him to the edge. "Here it comes!" Brad warned, snarling into Ken's ear, "Take my fucking cum!" His thrusts were getting more erratic and haggard as he reached the edge, and Jess saw his big, swollen balls draw up a little in his scrotum as they prepared to erupt and power a tidal-wave-sized load into Ken’s ass. Pistoning his hips one last time, Brad sheathed the entirety of his behemoth into the helpless boyfriend. Letting out a strained moan, his cock flexed within him, his balls rumbling against his ass. When it happened, Brad buried his cock as far as he could in Ken’s ass and roared loudly. A long, low, burbling spraying noise came from within Ken’s body as his stomach expanded to make him look pregnant. “Brad is filling up your ass with a huge fucking load,” Jessica moaned, sliding out from under the two of them and climbing onto the bed for a better view. She vigorously fingered and fisted herself to multiple thunderous climaxes as she watched Brad fill her barely conscious boyfriend. "Oh that feels so goddamn good!" she screamed as she came again. Ken shuddered to orgasm himself and slumped over, barely conscious. Brad pulled out and kicked Ken onto his back, standing over him as he used both hands to stroke his pulsating pole, his fists rapidly flying up and down its length. Cock pointed downward, he used it like a fleshy hose to completely and utterly cover the man. Cum rained over Ken's body in thick streams, painting him in lashes of off-white cream. When Brad's orgasm ended he bent over to run his cock all over Ken's face and chest, smearing the semen around, and then he stuck his cock into Ken's mouth and forced a foot of his monster rod down his throat until he felt Ken pass out. Brad pulled out and he slapped Ken across the face, but got no response. Ken was out cold, his body spread wide in a pool of cum, a stream of white tinged with red flowing from his wrecked ass. Brad stood up and turned to Jessica, his glistening muscles framing his monster cock as he made his way back to the bed. Jessica fondled herself in anticipation, rubbing her cum and sweat covered tits as she spread her legs for her approaching master. Brad didn't say a word as he grabbed his thick log of cock around its base and smacked it against her tits several times, causing her to let out an embarrassingly whorish moan. "Shit, you're so huge!", she exclaimed. Jessica wrapped her huge mounds around Brad's shaft and began to make out with his cockhead. "OOOH! SLLLURP! Mmmh, your massive cock tastes so good Brad, you're such a fucking beast!" enthused Jessica as she licked the bulbous head of the stud's angry weapon. "Yeah, suck it!" encouraged Brad, one hand tugging on Jessica to give him leverage during this sumptuous fellatio. Once again, the enormously-endowed young man let loose a volley of pre-cum that spewed as high as Jessica's hair, covering her nose and forehead with a heavy dose of salty seminal juices. Finally, her head began to bob up and down real fast, but Brad pulled her mouth off of his twitching cock and said, "Now it's time for you to feel my cock up your ass baby!" "P-please! Fuck me!" Jessica howled with obvious need. Brad picked up the giant-titted goddess, lowering his behemoth with one hand and angling Jessica towards him with the other until her tight buns reached the edge of the bed. Kneeling down, he placed his titanic boycock at her anal entrance, letting loose with an ounce or so of lubricating pre-splooge. He swiveled his giant glans back and forth, smearing her asshole with his potent goo. Jessica sucked in a deep breath at the feeling, hips jerking, trying to match Brad's movements while also forcing his cock into her. Then, he carefully inserted the apple-sized head of his colossus, letting Jessica catch her breath with each invading inch. Eventually, his helmet was fully lodged inside her cavity and he continued his upwards journey up her distended bowels. "God, it's so fucking huge, you're ripping me apart but it feels so good! AAAH, I'm coming already!" moaned the size-queen, juices squirting out of her pussy and splashing over the deep crevasses of Brad's rock-hard abs. Brad had only penetrated her with a third of his shaft before he felt some resistance, her hole becoming narrower. His titanium pole dug its way nevertheless, impaling Jessica with several more inches before the stud stopped and sawed back out. He slammed back in, his heavy spermbags noisily bouncing against the sheets on the side of the bed. Brad increased the pace and brought Jessica over the edge time and time again, her loud cries of ecstasy resonating through the whole house. Keeping a good rhythm, Brad pistoned his hips at the buxom beauty below her. His hard thighs pressed into Jessica's much softer pair, using them like a trampoline to bounce off of on each thrust. Her giant tits were bouncing atop her chest and Brad took hold of them, massaging them while he continued his assaults on her backside. Her entire body convulsed in another squirting orgasm and her tongue lolled out of her mouth. By this point, Jessica’s shaking didn’t stop and neither did her squirting; Brad literally had her in a cycle of never ending orgasms. The bed creaked and rocked, the headboard slamming into the wall as Brad fucked her into the bed harder and harder. Sawing his log of fuckmeat into her ruined hole faster and faster, Brad's body tensed as his climax began to build once again. He could feel his cock harden even further, the veins pulsing across it intensely. Hilting himself at last, the thick base of his massive meat hugged completely by Jessica's pulled-taut asshole, he held the woman still as the beginning of his load raced up his cock. His shaft bulged, stretching out the slut's depths even more. "Fuck yeah!" he bellowed, the first blast firing from his throbbing crown. Audible sounds were heard as hot lances of thick cum hosed down Jessica's spasming, dick-gripping asspipe and pooled deep in her guts. She brought a hand to her belly and rubbed the spot where Brad's cocktip was bulging beneath her skin. "Shit, I can feel it, it's so fucking strong! AAAH!", she screamed as Brad unloaded more powerful jets of cum in her overflowing hole. Then, as Brad thrust his ultra-stiff monster again, her head hit the headboard with a loud thud as her eyes closed as she fainted. Brad pulled his disgorging rod out of her ass, a torrential downpour of her frothy progeny following it and pouring onto the now-ruined bedspread. Grappling with his bucking beast, which fired a long stream of white across the ceiling, Brad pointed it down towards the prone slut. Jessica's hair was hit first, her head instantaneously plastered against the bed's coverings. He blasted her fat mounds next, completely drenching them in her goo. Half a dozen thick strands erupted from his peach-sized helmet and each was bigger and stronger than the previous one. Cum covered her entire body again in thick layers. As his orgasm began to peter out, Brad lazily stroked his giant bitch breaker, letting the remaining dregs liberally coat the wall behind the bed, claiming her bedroom with his slimy gunk. Rubbing his cock slower and massaging it below the ridge of the fat glans, he looked down at the near-comatose woman. Bubbles popped across the swamp of semen plastered over her visage in time with her breathing, her chest rising and deflating with every labored breath. Brad smiled as he wiped his cock across Jessica's cum-enveloped face. Wielding her cock like a club, he slapped Jessica’s face gently with a laugh, waking the girl from her orgasm induced slumber. "Time to wake up babe." Opening her eyes, Jessica looked up at Brad through cum-frosted lashes. Jessica did her best to sit up, having trouble due to the weight of the cum filling and covering her. She raised both hands to her face and did her best to shovel off the white goop that covered her visage. "Oh fuck, how long was I out? Oh fuck, I'm totally coated in your spunk!" She moaned as she took in the sight of her cum-drenched body and ruined room in front of her. Letting out a satisfied sigh, Brad stepped off the bed and slowly wanked his monster to milk the last dollops of cum from its 18 inch sperm canal. He was sweating profusely from this monumental fuck session and held his arms up behind his head to show off his mighty teenage muscles. His biceps ballooned out and his chest heaved with power as the ripped muscles strained from the exertion. His muscles moved and pulsed like a well orchestrated machine, her eyes fixated on the sheer massiveness of his form. Jessica stared up at him as she scooped up handfuls of cum from her body and sucked it down. She squeezed her big tits, licking her own nipples clean before sitting up to lick Brad's pumped muscles. Jessica smiled at him and crawled up to him to clean up his cum and sweat covered pecs. She slid down, licking his abs clean of their combined juices before lifting his softening cock, slurping up the warm sap from the unending length of his pillar of flesh and sucking the goo dangling from his heavy seedmakers. “Thank you for fucking me, God,” she moaned, breathily, before pulling his glans up against her face and making out with his cockhead. "Please come back soon." Brad bent down and kissed her, "See you tomorrow, slut." He left her to clean up the mess and went back home. THE END
  25. sexyscottishboy

    Worship me bigger

    6 months in to the gym and I was doing pretty well, I went from being a complete twig - and I mean a twig to someone who at least could flex their arm and a ball of muscle would appear, but I was plateauing. I was eating 4000 calories a day which worked well at the start but now all that was doing was maintaining what I had already and I was struggling to eat any more. I was chuffed with looking like I had something but I always wanted so much more. I was out during the week, local gay bar with some pals, wearing a muscle t - OK I wasn't big big, but I wanted to show off what I had and I'm a decent enough looking guy, the night went on though and no one was really peaking interest, well, no one was peaking my interest who would give me the time of day. "Rum and coke please" I said to the barman. "Can I get that for you?". I turned around and there was this young twink. I didn't used to be in to twinks but since I had bulked up a bit, I enjoyed the size difference, made me feel bigger than I was. And not to mention. This guy was pretty cute. "Go on then" I said back, grateful at least that someone half decent was taking an interest. "That t-shirt looks great on you by the way!" - Score! I thought to myself, it's always a risk a muscle t, if you aren't muscled you can look stupid. "Thanks man, compliments and a drink, where have you been all night?" We actually got on pretty well, chatting away, I noticed he kept looking at my chest and arms, it felt good and eventually I said. "Want to come back to mine? For a night cap?" "Oh really?" He cried. "Yea man sounds great!" "Come on then!" We got back to mine shortly after and one drink later, we were making out on the couch. I could feel him rubbing his hands all over my body, squeezing my chest, feeling my biceps. Not feeling my abs because sadly when bulking, it's hard to maintain abs, but he seemed to be enjoying it. "Can I ask you something? I don't know if you'll be in to it..." he said, breaking away from me" "Yea, go one.." I said sceptically. I hope he's not in to like urine or something. "Would you take your top off and flex for me. You just have such an amazing body!" This caught me by surprise. I'd always wanted to be worshipped, but it was usually the really big guys that got worshipped, my mediocre biceps didn't usually draw THAT kind of attention. "Yea, sure" I said, smiling "Really!" he cried, looking excited. I took my top off and posed. It felt a bit embarrassing at first, I didn't think I was big enough to be doing this poses, but he loved it. Soon I got in to it, he ran his hands over my flexed biceps, I flexed my chest. He loved the chest and I loved that he loved it. Then I felt it, I was getting so turned on by this. I am a big guy, he knows it, I know it. I could feel a warmth running through my body, through my muscles. My flexed arm looked bigger than it had before. Maybe I wasn't giving myself enough credit before. Couldn't think about that now, it was time to show this little guy what these muscles could do. The next morning we woke up, he looked even more twink like today. "Woah!" he said when he woke. "I don't think you were this big last night, or I was drinking too much" "Haha, you really were getting in to the muscles weren't you!" I flexed for him again and he rubbed his hands over it, taking it all in and that warm feeling spread through me again. "Careful," I said. "You're getting me turned on again and I'm already running late for work." "You sure you can't call in late?" he asked, pleadingly. Man he looked so cute but I'm not that type of guy who just calls in sick. "Nah, sorry. I really do have to make a move but let's definitely meet again, for round 2!" "I'd like that," he said. He got ready surprisingly fast, brownie points that he didn't just hang around unnecessarily and then we were saying goodbye at the door. "How would you like one more flex before you go?" I said looking down at him, he definitely seemed smaller than last night. "Yea go on!" he laughed. Running his hands over my chest, shoulders, back. I felt a warm glow go through me for the third time and felt amazing. This guy was certainly giving me an ego boost. We kissed goodbye and I went in to the bathroom to start getting ready, that's when I actually caught my reflection in the mirror - I looked good. At first I was thanking the guy for giving me an ego boost and making me feel better about my size but as I looked closer, it wasn't just my ego. I was bigger. I flexed, for myself this time and my bicep looked a few inches larger, my shoulders were more defined and my chest was certainly rounder. I think I looked slightly taller too. What was going on? I wasn't complaining, I looked great, but people don't grow that fast! I thought back to last night, thinking about him, did he do something to me. Then I remembered that feeling when he was worshipping me, every time he did it, I felt bigger, more confident, what if I actually was bigger each time. Well, there's only one way to find out. Time for round 2! To be continued.....
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