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  1. It's been a while since my last story. Here is something new I've been working on. I figured I'd post the first chapter to see if there is an appetite for more. Let me know what you think. Sweet Revenge Chapter One - Bruce the Beast I was still getting changed in the locker room but I knew he was already out in the weight room. A shiver ran up my spine when I heard his wall shattering roar followed by a loud crash of heavy metal hitting the floor. No matter how old or big I got, knowing he was nearby made me feel like a scared little kid again. I could have packed up and left right then and there but I was determined not to let him ruin another workout. Besides, maybe I would be lucky today and not be the focus of his attack. I spend a few extra minutes regaining my composure before stepping foot outside the locker room. As I approached the weight room I saw familiar looks of terror and disgust on some of the gym patron’s faces. I almost faltered but caught my reflection in a mirror at the last second. I was 37 years old, 5’9” and currently weighed an impressive 225lbs of hard, relatively lean muscle. I shook my head and squared my shoulders while repeating a mantra in my head: /Don’t let him keep you from achieving your goals./ As mentally prepared as I thought I was, the moment I saw him a I instantly felt pangs of terror in my stomach. Standing not 12 feet away, was the largest, meanest man I’ve ever known. His name was Bruce but he referred to himself as BEAST. While only 5’11” he carried more muscle mass than most pro-bodybuilders. I knew he had surpassed 330lbs a few weeks ago because when he stepped on the scale and saw the massive number, he started to shout at the top of his lungs. The entire gym jumped in fright as he screamed “332! 332! FUCK YEAH! 332! I’M A FUCKING BEAST!” As if that wasn’t enough to get everyone’s attention, he then proceeded to slam his massive fist into the rather solid looking wall in front of the scale. The impact shook the entire gym. I remember recoiling in horror as his already inflated ego swelled exponentially. He stepped off the scale and started to hit pose after pose as he continued to express his excitement for reaching a new and mind-boggling weight goal. He lifted his 24” plus arms into a monstrous double bicep pose. A few gym goers nearby looked away in disgust. Not only was his body truly enormous; he possessed a level of vascularity that was downright shocking. Garden hose thick veins criss-crossed every exposed inch of tanned, smooth skin. His eyes were wide and manic as he repositioned himself into most muscular pose. He was wearing a tattered string tank top that looked ready to rip apart. I remember physically shaking at the sight while not being able to look away. The longer he held the pose, the more veins he produced. With a new found level of confidence, he waddled back towards the weight room. He approached a gym patron doing squats with 2 45lb plates on each side. Without waiting for the poor soul to finish his set, Bruce gripped the seemingly heavy bar and lifted it off the unsuspecting guy’s shoulders. The frightened man spun around and recoiled in horror as Bruce started to pump out textbook perfect bicep curls with the weight once being used for squats. “MOVE” he screamed, causing the man to trip over the squat cage as he scrambled away. With an unobstructed view of his massively pumped body in the mirror, Bruce started to increase the speed of his bicep curls. His already pumped 24” arms instantly swelled to previously unseen mountains of vein covered muscle. They appeared to surpass 26” after a dozen reps. When the crazed monster counted 25 reps he let the bar crash to the ground and simply turned and walked away. Bruce’s focus was on his blood-engorged arms. He lifted his meaty forearms and stared with admiration as his biceps swelled and pulsed with power. “332lbs!” he repeated loudly. Along with pumping his body to obscene levels of muscularity and vascularity, Bruce decided to partake in his other favourite pastime; humiliation. He spotted a local bodybuilder doing pec flys on a weight bench near the racks of dumbbells. Although I didn’t know the guy, I knew his name was Carl and he had recently placed second in the super heavyweight division of a local bodybuilding show. He was the same 5’11” as Bruce but his current post-contest weigh of 255lbs looked comically small compared to Bruce. In any other gym, Carl would have been considered the biggest man around. Sadly today, Carl was about to become the focus of Bruce’s attention. I remember crouching behind the leg press machine as Bruce approached the unsuspecting bodybuilder. Carl was cranking out flys with a very impressive pair of 65lb dumbbells as Bruce approached from behind. Before he could react, Bruce placed his meaty paws on each of the weights at the top of Carl’s set. Carl jerked his head back to see Bruce’s menacing face hovering above his face. “Oh, need some extra resistance there little man?” Bruce said and started to apply pressure to the weights. “Don’t drop the dumbbells.” Carl didn’t know what to do but it was clear to him that Bruce’s grip on the weights would not allow him to drop the weights. As more pressure was applied; Carls face was over come with a look of terror. “I can feel you shaking little man. Come on and use that huge chest you think you have.” Bruce taunted. The poor bodybuilder’s feet started to stomp the floor as he struggled to move the weights but it was to no avail. Bruce’s superior power slowly pressed the weights until they visible dug into his dense pec muscles. To further inflict more torture on Carl, Bruce held the weights so he was literally trapped on the bench. “Fuck you are WEAK!” Bruce shouted and quickly adjusted his grip of the dumbbells. With a loud grunt he lifted them off Carls chest and started to curl the large weights. “I can barely feel these weights dude. FUCK, your chest must really be weak. Look at how easy I can curl these” Bruce said and continued to crank out reps. Carl regained his composer as much as he could a stood up from the bench. Bright red indents were clearly visible on his pecs. His face was also red and he looked angry. “Hey man! What the fuck do you think you are doing?” He screamed at Bruce. Bruce stopped curling the weights and let them fall to the floor with a thunderous crash. He slowly turned to face Carl, the thick cords of his bull neck twitched and flexed as he moved. He squared his shoulders and his already mammoth body began to swell with incomprehensible new size. Carl’s mouth dropped open and Bruce hit a truly horrific most-muscular pose. I’ve seen many bodybuilders hit this type of pose and never am I turned off by this display of muscular development but the sight I witnessed made me audibly gag. Bruce’s extreme mass and conditioning was something I’ve never imagined was possible (expect for a well crafted photoshopped image online). “I do whatever the FUCK I WANT LITTLE MAN!!!” Bruce screamed. Carl was too shocked to respond. Bruce relaxed his pose but his pumped up body remained it’s newly bloated size. The smallest movement sent ripples of muscles cascading across the terrifying freak’s body. “That’s right you puny human. Get a good look of my massive body.” Bruce chuckled and bounced his blood engorged pecs in Carl’s face. “In fact, I think you should get on your hands and knees and beg me not to break you in two right here.” Carl’s eyes widened and his mouth dropped open but he was too shocked to speak. “I’m sorry; did that sound like a question?” Bruce said and stepped closer to Carl, his pecs grazed the smaller bodybuilders own huge pecs. “Fuck you; I’m not going to beg you for anything.” Carl said with the sternest voice he could muster. Bruce lifted his head and let out a loud laugh. Then with frightening speed, he placed his huge hands on either side of Carl’s neck. The unsuspecting bodybuilder went stiff with terror. “I guess you didn’t understand my request since you are still standing little man.’ Bruce said as he started to grip Carl’s well developed trap muscles. “Now I guess I’ll have to teach you a lesson.” Bruce’s bloated forearms looked to be 20” from his previous lifts but they instantly swelled to grotesque clusters of veins and ripped to-the-bone muscle as he applied more pressure. I'll never forget the sound I heard next. To this day; I'm not sure if Bruce exerted his full strength or just a fraction of what he was capable of but Carl let out an agonizing scream that shook the windows of the gym. His legs gave out and his body went limp but he remained vertical; because Bruce deciding to not let him drop. For a horrific 10-15 seconds, the much larger monster of a man held his prey in mid-air by just his meaty traps. When his point was made; Carl was dropped to the floor in a heap. With a demonic chuckle, Bruce, extended his right leg and flexed his inhumanly massive calf. Like the rest of his body; a network of pulsating veins covered every inch. As he flexed, his overly developed muscles swelled to a size twice that of Carl's head. Once fully flexed, Bruce administrated his final humiliation. "Lick it" he commanded in a low rumble. Carl barely moved but was able to mutter “N-No.” Bruce simply adjusted his pose, sending another ripple of muscle up his calf and thigh. “LICK IT!” he screamed. With tears in his eyes, Carl timidly moved toward the enormous calf and licked the smooth, sweaty skin. He then recoiled and started to sob uncontrollably. I felt psychically sick at the site of the once confident bodybuilder being reduced to a heap on the floor. I turned and ran out of the gym, stopping at a nearby trash can to puke the contents of my stomach. I regained as much of my composure as I could and rushed to my car as fast as I could. Once safely inside I noticed that I was shaking but that’s not what concerned me the most. I looked between my legs and let out a yelp at the visibly wet spot on my shorts and my raging cock pressed tight against the fabric. “Oh my god” I whispered.
  2. EBFs and SIZE FREAKS BY LORUS (formerly JP71) Haven’t written in years. Thought I was done with this. Deleted every other story I wrote. But then this happened. If I get enough positive feedback, I’ll do another chapter. Enjoy. Lee loved working at Aldersons Supermarket. Although the pay wasn't as much as he'd gotten from his previous employer, it had its perks. He didn't have to get two buses there and back, as the supermarket was just a ten minute walk from his flat. The staff were fun to be around, and his boss Eugene was extremely nice to his staff, especially to Lee, as they were both openly gay and sometimes had drinks after work at a popular gay bar called Shirtlifters. But the best perk of all came from the fact that Aldersons was across the street from Gridiron Gym. It was a hard-core gym for genetically super-gifted bodybuilders. Lee was 20 years old but puberty had declined to give him much meat on his bones. He had a lanky, slim build, weighing just 135 pounds despite his six feet of height. But this never bothered him, as he was very good looking, even with glasses, and had no problem hooking up with other twinks. Lee had obsessed over huge muscle-men since early adolescence, when thumbing through bodybuilding magazines, many of which were now ruined by cum-sodden fingers and lots of drool. When he got a computer for his 16th birthday, the internet satisfied his muscle lust to a greater degree. He tried bodybuilding himself when he got a gym membership, but he lacked the discipline necessary to make it habitual. But he liked swimming and cycling, and this way he kept fit but very slender. He wished he had a bodybuilder for a boyfriend, and a fair few bodybuilders were regulars at the supermarket, which, naturally, stocked bodybuilding supplements and even some clothing for working out. To Lee's dismay the bodybuilders using Gridiron Gym all seemed straight, and most of them would be seen getting regular groceries with their girlfriends or wives and kids. Still, you had to be at least 280 pounds to get a membership there. As a result the bodybuilders shopping at Aldersons were very big indeed, so Lee got to at least commit them to memory for wanking about them later on when he was at home. An obsession with huge bodybuilders wasn't the only fetish of Lee's. His other fetish was for trashed denim jeans. He especially loved jeans that had exposed button-flies down the front, but not the women's kind which were so common. He loved to see men wearing them. But they were very uncommon with guys, so Lee and his boss Eugene came up with a plan to change that. Some of the mens work pants as the standard uniform at Aldersons came with an exposed button-fly front, but it was optional. Lee and Eugene wore them all the time, but a new recruit that Lee was given to train in on the register also opted for the exposed button-fly version of the dark navy work pants. Sam was extremely cute, blonde haired, and with blue eyes and dimples. He had envious olive skin and the cutest smile. He was a little overweight at just five feet six inches tall, but the chubbiness suited him, and within a week Lee and Sam were good friends. It was hard to gauge if Sam was gay, although his liking for the same pants that Lee was into suggested he might swing that way. One sunny day in June was a dream come true for Lee Fordham. His shift was about to end and the bodybuilders coming to shop at the supermarket were wearing very little, taking advantage of the warm weather to show-off as much of their musculature as possible, and Lee had had a boner for most of the day, inhaling their sweaty muscle-musk and swooning as the bigger bodybuilders struggled to fit through the checkout aisles, which Eugene had been meaning to get widened to make his burlier customers more comfortable with the shopping experience Aldersons had to offer. Lee asked another staff member, Paul, to watch his register while he went to the toilet. He needed a leak, but also to adjust his dick inside his underwear because he was particularly horny for muscle today, and so it was hard to keep his boner from jumping to attention at every other moment. When he came back onto the shop floor his eyes widened in sheer disbelief at the glorious sight that affronted his senses. This was his first encounter with Umberto. He was the biggest bodybuilder Lee had ever seen. But even more of a shock to Lee was the first thing this gigantic muscle-god said to him: "Hey there, sexy guy. I really like those pants you're wearing. I like the way the buttons are exposed. Where can I get a pair of those for myself?" Lee's two fetishes were stimulated at the same time. He couldn't believe it. Time seemed to stand still for Lee, now, allowing him to take in every inch of the bodybuilder, who, from this moment onward would change Lee’s life for the better. At about six feet five inches tall he had a good five inches on Lee. He was stunningly handsome, added further to by the hint of Italian in his accent. Size wise, he was super-massive, enormous beyond all sane reasoning. He had to be at least five hundred pounds in weight and every part of him was bursting with hard, sinewy and heavily veined muscle all packed in by paper thin skin which was naturally tinted a golden bronze. His hair was in a topknot style, but shaved tightly at the sides and back. His eyes were beautiful brown orbs set perfectly on either side of a Romanesque nose, with somewhat high cheekbones, chiselled square jawline with the manliest designer stubble Lee had ever seen. His lips looked perfect for sucking cocks. He smiled cockily at Lee and his teeth were scintillatingly white. He had a sparkle in his eyes as he winked suggestively at Lee, and they seemed excited to see the four shiny metal buttons on Lee’s pants glinting in the rays of the sunlight pouring in through the glass store front. Umberto’s neck was bull thick and his traps stretched like Alpine mountain ranges on either side of his neck. They tapered down to hugely swollen deltoids that exploded outward in all directions, and with massive ball biceps that looked set to burst even unflexed. He wore as a garment (if it could be called such) a gauzy sleeveless plaid shirt, the sleeves looking like at some point he’d outgrown them and so tore them from the shirt to better show off his arms. It was chequered with blue, navy and white squares. He wore it completely unbuttoned, as there was no way buttons could meet button-holes on this shirt because his gargantuan ballooning pecs would never allow it. His nipples were completely pointing down, and almost invisible due to the huge shadows his pectorals cast over the top two rows of his cobbled eight-pack abdominals. They also appeared darker because he had such large dark brown areolas, and the nipples themselves both had gold nipple rings through them. Lee guessed the nipples to be bigger than the tops of his thumbs. He felt himself growing painfully erect again. Umberto seemed to like this and so he bounced and rippled his pecs to better entice Lee and fuel his muscle-lust. The pec mountains rippled and jostled against each other, bobbing up and down like a roiling sea. He could even flex the upper pecs and different striations independently, which took amazing muscle control. “You’d better be careful not to pop those buttons off your sexy pants, beautiful,” teased Umberto, and he fanned out his lats to their fullest width followed by rolling his abs around before sucking them in. This caused his shirt to part further making it seem like the sleeveless button-up shirt was little more of a stringer tank on the bodybuilding behemoth. He thinks I’m sexy, omfg, Lee thought. He could feel his underpants getting damp with precum. Below his taut waist (which had to be at least a third the width of his chest) Umberto wore denim cut-off jeans. They had slanted cuts to better emphasise his humongous thighs with bloated quadriceps and hamstrings, all beautifully cut and separated and covered in thick veins which bulged more and more as he wobbled his thighs and then snapped them into tight, rock hard muscle relief. The best thing about the cut-offs was not only did they make his legs look even more monstrous than they were, but at some point Umberto had taken a scissors to the jeans, not only to cut them into bodybuilder shorts, but he also removed the waistband, making them look sexier and smaller on him. This also showed more of his cum-gutters that led down to the top part of dark man-bush poking out over the top of the shorts. Lee was transfixed. He once wore a pair of exposed button-fly Levis to a gay bar, and also had removed the waistband to better customise the look and show the beginning of his pubic line when he’d take his shirt off to dance shirtless on the dance floor and hopefully cop off with another cutie who liked the skinny twink boys. So far Lee could tell that Umberto had some of the same clothing tastes as he did. Umberto was in no way modest. He had no problem flirting with guys that all stood around them in shock at his size and beauty. He did a lat spread which further caused his upper body to flex and swell, as if he was growing right before their astonished eyes. Paul was amazed at this display, and forgot to scan half the groceries on his till for an elderly lady who didn’t even notice she was in the presence of a giant bodybuilding muscle hunk. She just grumbled to herself and fumbled in her purse for money. Sam stood on the floor next to the fresh flowers and said nothing, but he was able to get a better look at Umberto from behind. It was simply impossible not to stare at the biggest, most muscular man they’d ever seen. A male shopper, who lived in the same flat complex as Lee, and whose name was Keith, started to drool over Umberto. He was behind the old lady at Paul’s till and he should have been unloading his groceries onto the conveyor, but he was mesmerised by the size of the bodybuilding bodybuilder. He kept mouthing it on his lips: “Bodybuilding, bodybuilder, bodybuilt because he’s a bodybuilder that bodybuilds!” Over and over he chanted this mantra, and Keith, who was in his mid-20s or so, had a bit of muscle on him from playing rugby, but he also had a fair bit of fat on his frame hiding any definition that his muscle had beneath. But he was one of these cocky types who even though they no longer played sports as well as in their younger years, still kept a certain amount of muscle mass. He dressed as if he was a bodybuilder, unashamed of the fact that his once meaty pecs now looked more like man-boobs than pectorals. His arms were doughier, but still muscled, and he wore a cutaway tee-shirt that left just a thin panel of fabric between his tits so that most of his torso front and back was on show. He had a bit of a gut on him but he could still suck it in. He had blue eyes and sandy-gingerish hair, and freckles which lent him a more youthful look. At six foot two inches tall he was quite broad shouldered in that “I lift weights but not as much as I should” way. Were he to spend a couple of months hitting the weights, he’d easily get rid of the thirty-five pounds of fat he was carrying. He also wore denim jeans, but cut off just above the knee. He had wide hips that actually looked good on him. Back to Umberto’s cut-offs. Lee could see that the panel covering the button-fly was pushed away from the buttons by the sheer mass of cock and ball meat he had pushing it out. He was obviously hung like a horse, bigger even, Lee guessed. Unashamedly Umberto enjoyed his cocky display of hyper-masculinity. He cranked out a massive most-muscular, laughing and growling for fun. His traps trebled their mass and his pectorals bunched together creating a cleavage that could hide and crush a rolling pin. Biceps threatened to burst out of their skin and went to war for space against his forearms. Threads began to snap apart across Umberto’s shirt at the back as the seams clung on for dear life. Even though unbuttoned, there was way too much mass for the fabric to cope with. Umberto didn’t care as his muscles burst into diamond-hard relief as veins gorged on blood and thickened all over his body. “Reckon I’ll be popping my own buttons real soon,” he cockily suggested with a wink and smug grin. He nodded his brand of self-assured alpha-male conceit at the males in proximity. He owned the moment as much as he could own them all if he so desired. “I’m Umberto, sexy man,” began the bodybuilder, this time back to making his pectoral masses heave and bulge to a massive degree. Then: “You never answered my question. About your exposed button-fly pants. This huge bodybuilding god wants a pair for himself, sexy man.” “Ughh…um…I… I’m Lee,” was all Lee could manage to stammer, his mouth suddenly parchment dry. Inside in the manager’s office, Eugene had been watching the spectacle unfold (and bulge hugely) on the CCTV monitors. They were constantly recording in HD colour and full audio, so he made damn sure he’d get all this onto a memory stick for further “examination” later at home in front of his PC with his jocks down around his ankles. He’d been listening, too. Omg, he thought, this giant wants to join the EBF club. “EBF” was short for exposed button-fly. But we don’t have pants to fit him in stock. Unless… Eugene gingerly came out of the office holding a pair of scissors and bashfully handed them to Lee, gesturing to Umberto’s bulging crotch with a nod of his head and then back at Lee. Lee knew what to do. “Er…,” he licked his lips, trying to moisten his mouth to speak. “I cuh-could customise your shorts if you like, Um… Umberto. Make the buttons visible. Only take a sec.” Lee had no idea if Umberto would be satisfied with that. Umberto stopped bouncing his pecs and stuck his thumbs into the top of his cut-offs where a waistband had once been. “Sure, that sounds great. I’ll be even fuckin’ sexier after you make my shorts even hotter. Careful though, I’m really sensitive in the crotch area. You never know what’ll happen if your hand slips while using the scissors,” Umberto teased, suggesting Lee perform the “delicate fashion surgery” while he still wore the shorts. “Um, maybe you should take them off, just to be on the safe side,” said Lee, relieved that he could speak again after moisture returned to his mouth. Elsewhere more moisture was gathering in his underpants as his dick oozed precum. A dark stain became more evident down the front of his EBFs. “Good idea. I should go somewhere to change. Don’t want grandma here to get a fright,” said Umberto, briefly tipping his head towards the oblivious old lady still fumbling in her purse. Eugene said they could use his office, which, thankfully, also had a camera, so he could have it all recorded. Eugene put in the door code and gestured for the muscle giant to go in. Umberto was almost level with the top of the door frame, his topknot flattened as he twisted and grunted his way through a doorway not designed for enormous bodybuilders. “Come along, sexy Lee, make my shorts look like your sexy, oh so sexy pants, little stud.” Umberto was full of compliments for the bespectacled hot twink. Since he was new in town, he’d resolve to make Aldersons his place to shop. It was by now obvious he had a thing for slim young twinks in exposed button-fly pants. Eugene took over on the till, but his mind was elsewhere and the customers he served got some bargains in their shopping as he forgot to scan every other item. Once in the manager’s office Umberto’s mood kicked up a notch. He tore the shirt off his bulbous mega-muscled upper body and tossed it at Lee. “Souvenir for ya. You can keep it, sexy Lee. I workout all the time in that shirt, and it’s never washed. My stink is all over it. Here, have a deep sniff of my muscle-sweat stink.” Lee’s dick was rock hard, now. Fully erect it could reach ten inches. Skinny twinks were often blessed with disproportionately large penises, lucky them. But when he allowed himself to inhale Umberto’s pungent bodybuilder whiff, it made him nearly jizz his pants. A bigger circle of dampness now surrounded the four buttons on his fly. Umberto puffed himself up to his biggest size and hit pose after pose, each one squeezing more and more blood through his super-highway of veins, so his muscles could gorge and grow frenziedly with more size and definition. “I had the best workout today, sexy lanky Lee. Benched 1000 pounds for 8 sets of 12 reps. The other muscle-fucks over there almost came when they saw me break by own record for the fifth time straight. Awwww… I feel fucking huge today.” Umberto hit a double biceps pose. His 33 inch biceps crunched up another few inches till his knuckles were almost trekking across their peaks. It was astonishing to think that Lee, being so slender, only had a 27 and a half inch waist. His fucking waist was smaller than Umberto’s titanic biceps. How big was his chest? OMG, it had to be at least 80 inches, maybe more. “Right, get to work on my cut-offs here, and then we can have some fun. I noticed your boss has a bottle of hand lotion on his desk. He must get up to all sorts in here watching his cute male staff at work through the monitors.” In actual fact this was exactly what Eugene often got up to when he should have been doing product orders or staff rosters. And he often liked to wank at the bodybuilders that came in to do their shopping. Umberto was enormous. He had that sexy waddle to his walk, when bodybuilders grow their legs so big that the thighs hit against one another for space, and not only that, the huge junk afforded to him by winning the genetic lottery was forced more outwards from his body. His pectoral shelf of meaty slabs stuck out so far from his upper torso that it was impossible for him to see below them unless he bent forwards, but even that was not always ideal for performing certain tasks. He would always button up his pants in front of a mirror, always making sure never to miss a button. He hated when guys would miss buttons, especially if they were drunk at bars. Lee hated that as well. And being a wearer exclusively of exposed button-fly jeans and pants, he always made sure to fasten his buttons carefully, given they were on show for all to see. Umberto’s biceps and forearms fought a war for space as he tried to unbutton his cut-offs. He was so pumped from his workout, and he knew he was bigger now than he had been before hitting Gridiron earlier. “Oh dear, I’m so fucking huge, getting undressed is becoming a chore for me. Here, Lee, unbutton my shorts for me. Careful now, something huge might spring up and slap you in the face! Hah!” Lee painfully fought the urge to cum right there and then. He walked over to the giant (oh fuck he smelled even better than his shirt). But there was a problem. Umberto’s pecs were so huge (even more so when flexed) that Lee had to get beneath them to unbutton the behemoth’s cut-offs. “Heh heh, sorry my balloons are taking up so much room. I can barely see my dick when I’m peeing. But hey, you gotta make adjustments to your life’s route when you choose the bodybuilding journey. How’s it going down there with the denim?” “Two buttons open so far, Umberto.” Lee tried not to breathe in the spunky musk smell wafting up at him from Umberto’s stinky dark man-bush. Fuck did he even take a shower after his workout? And he wasn’t wearing any underwear. Lee was kind of disappointed, as he’d hoped to see Umberto in a skimpy poser or thong of some kind. The beginning of a mammoth cock appeared as Lee worked on Umberto’s buttons. “Kinda tickles down there, Lee. Go easy on Junior. He gets ‘very’ restless a lot. Umberto made a massive lat spread there and then, simply because he could, heaving his bodybuilder bosoms up higher, the nipples warping from the downward position to almost dead-centre of his fully flexed and insanely striated balloons. “There you have enough room to work with now. I can keep these fuckers flexed like this for as long as I like. Wait, let me grunt out some more, and get the testosterone surging right to my pec-meats. Watch these fuckers grow more. MORE!!!! MOAAAAR!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!” Umberto flexed his upper body more savagely now, ballooning impossibly larger. “Gotta get this chest past a hundred. GOTTA GET BIGGER!” Lee was stunned. He couldn’t move a muscle of his own except to gaze up in awe at possibly the biggest bodybuilder ever to do bodybuilding and look like he was getting bigger by the second. That was impossible, right? Wasn’t it? Umberto became more arrogant, now demanding what he wanted from Lee. “Get those shorts off me, boy. I want EBFs like yours. NOW!!!!” Lee’s lust made all this seem coated in a dreamy haze. He could hear his heart beating in his head. His senses began to melt, then congeal into a soupy puddle. But the bodybuilder had set him a task, therefore he must finish it. Umberto’s thighs were 48 inches of solid muscle, and so getting the shorts off was like rolling on a condom, in reverse. Lee had to force them past his thighs, which took some effort. By now Umberto's dick was out, not quite hard, but not quite flaccid. Lee was amazed to see that it had to be easily over a foot long, maybe more. It had twice the amount of veins on it as average penises, and the mushroom head was big, purple and shiny, and easily four times the average size. A ropy string of precum began to extend downward to the floor from its delicious slit. He couldn’t imagine what it would be like to ride a monster cock of that magnitude, although he’d seen several twinks on porn sites fooling around with fake dicks even bigger than Umberto’s, resulting in those horrid prolapsed or herniated rectums that some sick fuckers were into. When Lee finally got the shorts down to his ankles, the behemoth relaxed his flexing and stepped out of the shorts. Lee could finally get to work with the scissors. “Make sure you do a good job on them, Lee. I ruined many pairs customising them in the past. Of course, I was smaller back then. A LOT smaller,” Umberto boasted. “Er… I’m pretty good at this, Umberto. I cut many of my own pairs when I couldn’t buy them off the rack,” said Lee, sitting at Eugene’s desk so he could work on the shorts. “Yeah, they’re hard to find, especially to fit my hulking frame. Clothes and me usually part company way too soon. But that’s the price you pay for bodybuilding.” Umberto bounced his pecs and then allowed some precum to pool in his callused palm. He licked it for no apparent reason but to get off on his own freaky size. Lee worked with his back to the bodybuilder so he could concentrate better. He also refrained from looking at the monitors, one of which was showing the giant making lots of bodybuilding poses. But at least his grunting and moans of self-indulgent pleasure wasn’t too much of a distraction. Lee’s hands trembled slightly due to extreme muscle-lust. The smell of muscle-man stink hung heavily in the musty air of the office. There was an air conditioner on the wall but it hadn’t worked in ages. Oh Eugene, lusting after men on the monitors and forgetting to take care of Alderson’s maintenance. Naughty Eugene. He held his breath as he made the scissor blades connect with the denim. He just about managed to cut away the panel covering the fly buttons of the Levis 501s. They were a bit faded, well worn in, and smelly as fuck. He saw that they might be counterfeits, as there was a “CM” on the back label below the waist and leg measurements, which Lee knew to mean “custom made”. It made sense. Umberto’s upper leg to waist ratio – not to mention his massively developed glutes – meant that shopping for regular Levis was impossible. The little red tag on the back pocket also seemed slightly larger than usual. But fuck it, they still looked hot. After a short time, Lee was done cutting. He was pleased with the result. The inner panel through which the button-holes were punched was a couple of shades darker than the now removed front panel. This was because they were less faded due to being protected from direct sunlight, so this effect made the buttons stand out more. Hey, this was one of Lee’s fetishes (tame compared to the absolute filth some people got off to), so he was an expert when it came to jeans customisation. He swivelled around in Eugene’s chair and nervously held up the now sexier shorts for Umberto to inspect. “Hey, they look great. Bet they’ll look even better when I put ‘em back on, Lee. Thank you for doing this. You don’t mind helping me back on with my new EBFs?” “Sure, but I’m being honest with you, Umberto. I haven’t had a wank since yesterday. My balls are gonna explode if I don’t do something about it,” said Lee in earnest. He stooped to allow the bodybuilder to step back into the shorts. “Don’t worry, sexy Lee. Just do this one thing for huge bodybuilder Umberto Morelli, and I’ll award you and help you take care of your little problem, although judging by how soaked the front of your EBFs are, you must have quite the equipment packed away so Umberto can’t see it.” He made a playful sad clown face. Lee thought it was really hot whenever Umberto referred to himself in the third person, like he was objectifying himself as a big, dumb hunk of muscle. It was much harder getting the shorts back up past Umberto’s redwoods for thighs, but he finally managed it. Now it was time to stuff back in Umberto’s generous trouser snake and orange-sized balls. It suddenly occurred to him that these custom-made shorts (originally full-length blue jeans) had five buttons on the fly, which meant that had the waistband not been removed, there would have been six vertical shiny metal buttons. It made sense. The extra button would be necessary to fasten over a larger crotch size. They looked so good. One by one Lee carefully buttoned up the EBFs, but Umberto’s junk made the crotch front strain so that the buttons were put under pressure, same as the gaps that can appear between the shirt buttons of a strained dress shirt on a fat or muscular man whose lifestyles made them quickly outgrow shirts. It took plenty of effort on Lee’s part, and by the time he was finished he was somewhat depleted of stamina. At least less stamina helped to stem the flow of his impending jizz torrent and delay it slightly. “All done, Umberto,” Lee panted and slumped back into Eugene’s office chair. “Mmmm, they feel a little tighter this time. You sure you didn’t take them in a little?” Umberto was joking, of course. He knew that all Lee did was free the button-fly from beneath its denim concealment. The spicy Italian flexed and rolled his sequoia thighs, hammering out definition and hardness that would make the Hulk faint with jealousy. Unseen by Lee, he flexed his huge glutes around at his arsehole, forcing the button-fly to strain even further. Lee gasped as tufts of the bodybuilder’s pubic forest began to poke through the gaps forced to appear between the buttons. The shorts seemed doomed to come apart, and explosively so. “Nuh-no, sir,” answered Lee, his stammer having returned. “Hmm, maybe the lack of decent air in this office is forcing the denim to shrink, or something,” Umberto offered in the way of a jest. He could feel himself getting bigger and bigger. He loved it. It was his ultimate obsession, to force his muscles to grow bigger, harder, and stronger than ever before in front of a sexy skinny twink set to blow his load at any moment. Umberto brought his hands up behind his head and locked his calloused fingers together (the ones you only get from lifting very heavy weights and wearing out too many lifting gloves). He flexed for all he was worth (which was a hell of a lot), flaring out his lats to their engorged fullest. He tightened up his abs and rolled his thigh muscles faster and harder, taking it in turns to snap the muscles of each leg hard and bulging, which forced his shorts to strain further as his genitals got hungry for some growth of their own. “I’m so fuckin’ huge, Lee. I can scarcely believe it. Look at the fuckin’ size of me. Tell me how huge I am, sexy little man!” Umberto was so turned on by his own masculine fervency. He popped a huge double biceps and then turned sideways to explode into a ridiculously huge side chest pose. His muscle tits roared frenziedly with size, almost bursting like beach balls, and the veins on his forearms flared hot, thick and dark over papery golden bronze skin. “You… are the… biggest, most muscular god of a man… gasp… I’ve ever seen,” Lee stated through a voice heavy with rasping muscle lust. “That’s true, alright. In fact, in reality, I’m not the biggest. Not yet anyway. But I’ll explain all that in due course,” said the bodybuilder who brought down his hands to dig his thumbs into his sides in order to inflate up to a monstrous lat spread. His delta wings swelled and widened. His pectoral masses heaved and burst upwards and outwards with size and power; the upper pecs alone began to constrict his airflow and brush against his granite chin, forcing him to lean his head backwards to better show off the massive size he was capable of displaying. “Hmm, but I really want to check out for myself the glorious sight of me wearing my cut-away EBF slut shorts, only there are no mirrors in here. What’s a massive bodybuilder to do, gorgeous Lee?” Umberto was such a tease, but Lee didn’t want it to stop, not ever. Moaning with lust, his scant chest heaving under his trim work polo shirt, Lee gestured to another door to Eugene’s office. It led to the rear of the supermarket and to a corridor that connected to several rooms, amongst them the staff toilets, changing rooms, plus a showering facility and staff canteen. At the end of the corridor were a set of double doors that led out back to where stock was stored and deliveries taken in. Other double doors connected to the store’s front of house through which staff could move fresh stock on pallets and trolleys for restocking of the shelves; all typical supermarket stuff. “The men’s changing room has a mirror, maybe even wide enough to show you in your entirety. Through there, and second door on the right,” Lee gestured. “Hmm, that may do. But you’ll have to come with me. I need you to witness how I react to seeing me wearing my first pair of EBFs. Can’t do this without a sexy witness to make the event official,” Umberto declared, sealing the deal with a bounce of his floppy, huge pectorals, which he deftly forced to snap taut and hard as bricks. Umberto squeezed his bulk through the door to the back corridor, Lee obediently following. “Um… bring that lotion with you, sexy Lee. We’re definitely gonna need it.” He sealed the remark with another deliciously sexy wink. The doors to the changing rooms (the other one being for female staff, although only three girls currently worked at Alderson’s) were not as wide as the previous doors Umberto had to stoop and squeeze through. This time he made sure his body was pumped up to its fullest as he tried to squeeze through. “Hmm, this won’t do. Good job you brought that lotion, Lee. You’re gonna have to lotion me up to help me squeeze all this muscled manliness through your inferior little changing room door,” said Umberto assuredly. “Oh fuck, Umberto, your sexy little Lee is gonna come very very soon,” Lee said, groaning as his lust gained further power over him. He noticed that he was becoming a little more daring with the choice of words he used to talk to the bodybuilder. “Don’t be shy, my sexy, and quite potential boyfriend-in-waiting. Lube me up so I can revel at the sight of my sexy exposed button-fly denim cut-offs.” Umberto’s voice had deepened to a sexy husky tone, and the slight Italian accent lent it a crisp accentuation that only added to his overall sexiness. His “boyfriend-in-waiting”. Had Lee heard him correctly, or was it just wishful thinking playing tricks on the twink’s hearing? “Okay, just a little bit longer. The right time for you to come is fast approaching. Hang in there a little. But before you unscrew the cap from the lotion bottle, I wanna sniff something to further heighten my own lust, which is now not only just self-adoring muscle lust, but also a lust for something else,” said Umberto, extending his reach as if to engulf Lee with his size and strength. Lee somehow knew what Umberto wanted to do. He completely gave in; he was powerless to resist. He let himself get picked up by Umberto, which the bodybuilder did all too easily. “Fuck, you feel weightless to me,” said Umberto after lifting Lee several feet off the floor. He raised him up so that his crotch was level with the most handsome face Lee had ever seen. Nay, not handsome… Umberto was beautiful beyond sane reasoning. The giant bodybuilder muscle-god pressed his nose and mouth to Lee’s crotch. He inhaled slowly and deeply, enjoying the aroma and wetness of Lee’s precum-sodden work pants. “Yum… you smell fantastic down there, sexy Lee,” said Umberto before running his tongue up and down Lee’s crotch area, liking the taste of the precum and the metallic aftertaste left from the buttons on his fly. He wanted to hold him tight and hug him forever, but there was still work to be done. In order to get to the mirror in the changing room, he had to fit through the door. The lotion was a vital tool that would help make that happen. How did I last this long, thought Lee as he squeezed a good handful of lotion into his palm. He’d lost track of the normal passage of time ever since first laying eyes on Umberto Morelli. It could have been minutes that passed, or hours; he just didn’t know one from the other. Usually he’d have jizzed himself well before now, and that wasn’t even in the presence of a muscle-god, just regular bodybuilders or porn stuff on the internet. He’d fucked plenty of guys since exploding onto the gay scene a couple years previously, and he’d even gone through a premature ejaculatory phase, however, that changed as he learned to fuck properly and make it as pleasurable as possible for both giver and receiver. It seemed as though his libido had developed a mind of its own and was helping Lee to keep itself holding on as long as possible so as not to ruin a single moment of an incredible situation that continued to intensify and drive his lust factor through the roof. “Oh I see your boss likes the good stuff,” Umberto commented, noticing the lotion was one of the more expensive brands. He beamed a broad grin and then turned around so his back was facing towards Lee. “Start by lotioning up my back, sexy boyfriend,” Umberto urged cheekily. Lee was stunned. He said ‘boyfriend’ this time, without the ‘in-waiting’ part. Lee began to worry this was some bizarre dream he was having. He’d passed out right at the till once before because he’d been late for his shift that morning and so had had to skip breakfast. Maybe the same thing had happened this time. Had he forgotten to eat today? His brain melted and turned to runny gloop which didn’t help. But it felt too real – far too stimulating – to be a dream. This had to be real. Umberto appeared to be into Lee as much as Lee was into him. Umberto was everything Lee could have ever dreamed of and lusted for. But was this as far as it would go? Could there be anything beyond this incredible encounter with a muscle-god? Lee made sure his hands and fingers were well-coated with the moisturising lotion. Umberto thought it fun to stand in front of the changing room door and fan out his back to its widest by doing a rear lat-spread, showing how the door was almost half a foot narrower on each side than his back and shoulders. Lee gasped, feeling himself go all wobbly. Still, he must soldier on. Umberto was adamant that Lee carry out his duty to its fullest. “Wow this door is ridiculously narrow, Lee my man. See how I’ve widened my back to make it easier for you to rub on the lotion? Wouldn’t want your delightful digits to get eaten up by the deep cuts between my back muscles. I could hide loose change in those muscle gullies. Heh!” Lee tentatively touched Umberto’s skin, starting at the lower back region. His waist-to-shoulder ratio was insane. Most men opted for a V-taper and so worked out to achieve that. But if Umberto’s taper were to be represented by a letter of the alphabet, it would be a very big uppercase ‘V’ in bold, with three ‘W’s side by side on top. Something like that anyway. Lee was aghast at how smooth, but hard the skin felt, as the muscles were expanded to their fullest. He gasped with a mixture of lust and anxiety as he rubbed in the lotion and quickly relaxed and began to enjoy the sensation of working his lotioned hands up and across the massive delta of Umberto’s back. “Wow, that feels so good, Lee. Keep going. Get more on there. I need to be really slippery with lotion so’s I can get through this fucking door. I can’t wait to see what I look like in my very much improved bodybuilder slut shorts.” Umberto was nothing but playfully and lustily enthusiastic. He was enjoying this experience as much as Lee was. Lee was silent now, concentrating on the task, trying his best to commit every muscle bump and valley to memory, in case he never saw Umberto again after this encounter. This memory would be deposited in his ‘wank bank’ forever after, and hopefully the ruined shirt Umberto had given him as a gift would never lose its muscle man-stink. Lee ran out of lotion half way up the spread of Umberto’s muscle wings, and so he had to squirt another good glob of it into his palm. He lubed his palms up again and returned to exploring the ever-moistening expanse of Umberto’s muscular landscape stretched before him. This time the lotion bottle made that sound when there is more air than lotion coming out of the nozzle. “Jeez, sexy Lee, I hope there’s enough lotion in that bottle. You still need to lube up my shoulders, beachball pectorals, arms and maybe even my legs, if I stand a chance of seeing myself in that mirror. I really can’t wait to look at myself properly since my last workout. I know I’m bigger than I was this morning. I need to see it or I’ll get upset. And you wouldn’t like to see Umberto get upset.” Umberto changed his pose to a rear double biceps. His mountainous arms bunched up and became rock hard boulders, thick veins cracking up through the skin the more he flexed. His rear traps and other back muscles bunched together and bulged to extremes as Lee worked more lotion into them. His palms quickly ran dry of the lotion and it was time for another squirt. There was only one squirt left. “Muh-maybe enough for your shoulders… and pecs, I think,” Lee once again stammered. “Shit, that may not be enough. Look at the fucking size of my shoulders, their sheer width even bones me up more than ever. And my pectorals are fucking gigantic.” Once again turning to face the incredibly fortunate twink, Umberto expertly made his muscle-tits bounce and roll and crack one striation after another across their corpulent masses. His pectorals were actually disproportionately large compared with the rest of his muscles. Umberto liked it that way, having a balloon chest so busty, it was getting harder and harder to see over them. When he’d be lying on the bench, pressing 1000 pounds of weight over and over, his entire field of vision would be taken up by super-swollen biceps pressing against the size of his pecs. In turn, this combined with the superior weight they displaced, making them bulge obscenely upward and forming a muscle cleavage that a grown man could lose a hand and wrist in, possibly half his forearm too. But he still wasn’t satisfied with the size of his pecs, or his overall size. “Lube up my big pecs next, sexy boy,” Umberto commanded, his tone guttural and his breath heavy, “I’ll bounce them like fucking crazy while you’re doing it.” Lee moaned lustily as he worked the cream into the heaving bodybuilder-bosoms. They felt so heavy as his fingers lingered around the swollen under-swells of his lower pectorals. He felt their heft in his hands and they had to weigh at least forty pounds apiece, maybe more. Umberto heaved and squeezed them together, forcing them to bulge hugely, inviting Lee to explore the canyon his busty pectorals formed as they were pressed together. “Work that cream into my cleavage, Lee, and then into the big dimples I can form on each side of my outer pectorals with minimal effort, just by lightly squeezing my biceps. I don’t even have to flex that much to dimple out my titan-tits.” Sure enough a deep delicious dimple formed on each side of Umberto’s pecs, big enough for Lee’s fists to become embedded in. More pec squeezing enticed Lee’s fingers to sensuously scurry his fingers across the massive globes, until finally he could bury his lotion-smeared digits deep into Umberto’s canyon cleavage. The cleavage hungrily devoured the lotion along with Lee’s fingers and even part of the hands themselves. Lee gasped further, his forehead beaded with sweat, and his dick pushing out his button-fly pants even further. He was close to blowing his wad. But still, Umberto demanded he explore further. “My pecs can swell even more if you play with my monster nips, Lee. Go on, tickle and twist them. Enjoy my nubs as much as they will enjoy you,” Umberto urged, throwing his head back in the throes of utter muscle bliss. He was obsessed with bodybuilding. He would never stop bodybuilding. He needed to bodybuild more and more, increasing in size and getting stronger, hotter, and way more beautiful than he currently was. And Lee would be his muse-cum-helper monkey, to put it into an amusing context. Lee got hold of the downward pointing nipples, each bigger than the tops of his thumbs. He started by inserting his fingers into each nipple ring and tugging them downward. The nubs felt so firm, so large and manly, and it took a bit of effort on Lee’s part to make them yield. The rings were quite sexy to interact with, but he wanted to give his full attention to the nipples proper. He removed his fingers from the rings so he could grasp the nipple flesh. He twisted them and played with them for a bit. Umberto gasped and moaned, loving every moment. He bounced the fuck out of his muscle boobs, working more and more blood and testosterone into them and causing a surge of both throughout his body. Both men had completely forgotten they were in the staff back area of a supermarket. This experience for both of them transcended reality, leaving behind the here and now. There was only timeless muscle-lust and the bliss it coerced into being. “Unnngh… so good, Lee. I love how you play with my nubs, and how you made my pectorals moist and glistening. More lotion, though… around my deltoids and upper arms. I need to get through that door now… NOW! I gotta see how I look in my exposed button-fly bodybuilder whore-denims before I fucking EXPLODE!!!! Grrrr!” The lotion was all but used up. Lee managed to get a little out onto his palm and did his best to smear as much as he could over the areas requested – nay, demanded – by Umberto. The melon-sized delts glistened less than satisfactorily as the lotion finally gave up its ghost. Lee began to panic. He needed to let some pressure out from his painfully tight boner crotch. He undid the waistband button and two of the fly buttons of his pants, and pushed his hand past the elastic of his boxer briefs in order to adjust his junk. It helped a little. How have I not come yet, he thought? Is it possible that Umberto exerted such a hold over him that he was capable of delaying Lee’s impending orgasm and explosion of jizz on a subliminal level? This chemistry between them had to be explored further. Umberto had fucked hundreds of men, mostly bodybuilders, and not one of them had had this much of an effect on his muscle arousal as that which Lee was capable of making him feel. A super skinny twink with glasses, and he was driving Umberto crazy with muscle lust, urging him to swell bigger and bigger than his muscles had swelled before. “I could run out to the shop floor and grab some more lotion from the shelf, if you like, buh… but I don’t think I’ll last long enough to get out there. My erection is now at full mast, Umberto. I’m packing ten inches of twink meat down there, and besides, I had to undo some of my buttons. Can’t do them back up again, not yet anyway,” Lee explained in honesty. “There’s no time for that, boyfriend,” Umberto growled. He said that word again. This was their first encounter and already he was calling him ‘boyfriend’. He continued: “I’ll just have to improvise. Grrrrrrr”. Umberto had to stoop and turn sideways to attempt to get through the door. His lotioned pecs and back created a sideways girth wider than the door by almost a foot. He was sweaty now, so at least the sweat was mixing with the lotion and helping him lube up further. But it still wasn’t enough to get through the door and to the precious mirror beyond. “Right. Fuck this!!!” Somehow he managed to squeeze partway through the door, his knees bent to lower his height somewhat. Then he attempted a half-twist of his body to force himself through further. He began to flex. Then he flexed some more. Then he flexed huger and huger. Lee heard the sound of splintering wood. Some plaster became dislodged from around the doorframe. Slowly but surely, Umberto was transforming the dimensions of the door frame to accommodate his gigantic muscle mass. The door itself, which had been opened inwards, immediately broke away from its hinges and flew across the changing room to strike a row of lockers at the back of the room. This gave Umberto a couple more inches to work with. The door frame buckled further. Wood continued to crack and split along with masonry becoming loose around the door frame. “Nearly there. Shoulders almost through!” He had now widened the door sufficiently to stand face to face with Lee, each mighty shoulder pushing the door frame out further on either side. Still with his head bowed forward and his knees half-bent, Umberto proceeded to bring himself up to full height. The backs of his traps bore the full force of mutilating the crossbeam that formed the horizontal top of the door frame. He applied more and more force, deforming the door further as he pushed upwards and outwards simultaneously. Was this a load-bearing wall? Lee was no architect, but Umberto’s incredible display of power made him not care if the entire store came down around them. He had all the buttons of his pants open, now, so it made it slightly easier for him to further resist the urge to blow his wad. The first three inches of his above average dick poked out of the top of his boxer briefs. No point hiding it now. “Wow, I look forward to getting to know your cock, Lee sexy man,” drooled Umberto as he flexed to his full height and titanic width. The door frame came completely away from the wall around it, shattering into splinters, which, fortunately, didn't find a home anywhere near Lee’s delicate skin. Still, Lee found himself having to run to a safe distance further down the corridor as Umberto finished performing such a superhuman feat of strength, The ceiling hadn’t collapsed, so that was something to be thankful for, but the damage was significant. Eugene would not be pleased, but with everything getting recorded by his CCTV, he’d have wank material to last him the rest of his life. A little structural damage could be dealt with easily enough. “There, now THAT’s a door befitting a bodybuilder my size. Fuck the prick who decided to create a door for hobbits,” Umberto boasted, pleased with his handiwork. Once through the door and into the changing room, Umberto pumped up to his full height and width, flaring his lats and bouncing his pectoral mountains simultaneously. He was a bit disappointed when he saw the mirror. “That’s a bit shit. Okay, so it’s a full length mirror, but it’s only two feet wide. I’m three times that wide, maybe. But it’ll have to do.” Umberto relaxed his posing and stood as far back from the mirror as the size of the room would allow. The fluorescent light overhead was bright and sufficient. Umberto looked down at his cut-offs, with their missing waistband, shortened length, and the exposed button-fly. His reflection (or part of it) filled the entire mirror. “Fucking amazing. You worked well on them, Lee. They’re so hot and I want you to convert all my jeans and pants from now on. Make them all EBFs. But you know what? I’m so horny now, I don’t think these buttons are going to hold. What do you think?” Lee didn’t know what to say. He was in awe of the muscle-god. It sounded like Umberto was planning that their ‘relationship’ be a long term thing. He liked the sound of that. “You can blow your load, now, honey. Umberto is pleased with the attention you’ve given him. Now to give you something back as a reward. But first get out of that uniform and your boxers. I wanna see all of you.” Lee went quiet again, eager to please the giant wall of mega-muscle before him. He hurried himself to complete nakedness and stood before Umberto, skinny, lanky, and naked as the day he was born. His erection was at full mast and it shot straight up level with his abs and well past his belly button. Umberto loved how hung he was for such a skinny guy. “Wow, that’s a gorgeous cock you have. Who’d have thought your button-fly could keep all that in without bursting apart?” Umberto’s words were too much. Lee moaned and his entire body shook as his balls began to throb for release of his spunk. It was Umberto’s cue to reach forward and effortlessly lift Lee upwards, drawing his quivering dick up to his manly, too-sexy lips. Just as Lee screamed in release of his salty créme, Umberto took hold of his cock and sucked it all the way into his mouth. Lee’s body tensed like iron in his grip as his spunk gushed down Umberto’s throat. The bodybuilder drank deeply, pleased – and a little surprised – that such a skinny guy could produce so much seed. Five shots of come, or maybe six, gushed down Umberto’s throat and he took Lee to the very last drop. Lee’s scream quietened and his body went limp in Umberto’s hold. The giant bodybuilder had been satiated, for now. He pulled Lee close to him, this time tenderly, and allowed the little guy to bury his face in his huge and beautiful pectorals. Lee nuzzled each pec with equal tenderness. Then he started sobbing unexpectedly. “That was… amazing… ohmygosh!” was all he could say. Umberto hugged him a little longer, before setting him down. There was a bench in the changing room where the male staff could sit down to take their work shoes on and off. He sat there, naked and quivering with a mixture of elation and nervous anxiety. Spent of his seed, his body needed time to adjust to normality again. Maybe it never would. He looked up at the massive muscle-god. “But what about you? Aren’t you gonna come as well?” An innocently put question that made Lee look even cuter. “Well I don’t want to ruin these beautiful improved cut-offs that now exist thanks to you,” Umberto explained. He added: “Besides, I shot a massive fucking load in the gym before I left it. Drenched four bodybuilders in the shower who then started having an orgy to get as much of my come into their mouths. It was quite a sight to behold. I didn’t even bother to shower. Just came over here to get some grub. Which reminds me, I’m fucking starving after my workout.” “So then, this is it? I don’t get to taste your muscle spunk? Can we do this again?” Lee was suddenly greatly concerned that Umberto had been fucking with him from the beginning just to get a mouthful of twink jizz. But Umberto smiled at him, warmly, his cocky demeanour now taking a back seat to something between friendliness and wanting something more. He lifted Lee onto the bench so that their eye levels were now the same. He raised a big callused mitt up to gently pinch Lee on the cheek. Of course, this caused his biceps and forearm muscles to collide, forcing more and more veins to freakishly bloat and swell with power. “Don’t worry, sexy Lee… MY sexy Lee. Had I known I’d meet someone like you at the most unexpected moment, I’d never have shot my litre-sized load back over in the gym. I was super horny after one of the best workouts of my life. Sometimes any horniness remaining manifests as playful arrogance, if that’s even a thing. I’m a little spent now, and I’ve had my fun for the time being. But I gotta pay the bills, so I have to get something to eat and then get to work. I just moved into the big warehouse apartment on Bridge Street and I gotta work to keep a roof over my head, and, of course, to pay for all the food and supplements I need to grow so fucking huge!” A tinge of the arrogant self-indulgent Umberto returned to finish his last sentence. Lee’s eyes grew wide with surprise. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Did you say Bridge Street? Why… I live right across the street from that apartment. How come I never saw you before today? You’re impossible to miss.” Lee couldn’t believe that the man of his dreams was very much a reality, and lived just a few metres from his own flat. “Just moved in yesterday. I didn’t unpack. Just hit the weights hard. I’ll have a full gym set up in the place eventually. But for now Gridiron will suffice. It’s for the genetically gifted hyper-muscled bodybuilders who want to grow even bigger. My kinda place. But I really can’t wait to get to know you better. Hey I never even got your surname, did I?” Umberto’s lust had levelled out. He behaved quite gentlemanly now, but he was the type that could explode into a massive most muscular at any moment and anger up the testosterone in his balls again, setting it off like a nest of disturbed hornets. “It’s Fordham. Lee Fordham,” Lee replied. “Nice to meet you, Lee Fordham. Umberto Morelli really likes what he sees. And Umberto Morelli really wants to get to know you better. Are you free tomorrow evening for dinner? I know this great Italian pizza place on Timpani Street. I have an account there. But it’s quite a formal dress code, too. Do you own a dress shirt and bow tie? I’m really into bow ties.” Umberto lifted Lee down from the bench and bent down to pick up his clothes for him. In fairness Lee could have done with a shower before going back to work, but he had a feeling Eugene would go easy on him. Besides, it had to be near the end of his shift, now that a sense of the normal passage of time had returned to Lee. “I also love bow ties. I’ve got a drawer full of them,” Lee beamed. He couldn’t believe it… Umberto was asking him out on a date. A proper date. He’d never been on one of those before, usually scoring with guys at gay bars or occasional internet hookups. “Great. Meet me outside my apartment at 8pm. Hopefully the sun will still be out and we can casually stroll hand in hand to the restaurant, dressed in our finest and turning the heads of everyone we pass. But we won’t give a shit. Fuck them. I’ve got too much muscle to care.” And to illustrate unabashedly, the bodybuilder brought his arms up and popped out a huge double biceps. His muscle peaks blasted upward like new mountains being birthed from the earth. Lightning flashes of veins cracked across every surface. Lee gasped yet again. And then Umberto was gone, squeezing through the enlarged doorway he had made for himself. Wearing only his denim cut-offs with the buttons shining and fully exposed, he left via the delivery entrance, deciding not to cause too much of a commotion given that he was completely shirtless. He could have used a shower. Plaster dust and splinters of wood still clung to some of the more moisturised parts of his muscles. Fuck it, he’d still turn heads wherever he went. He was a muscle-god and so to him normal rules no longer applied. Later on, Lee was at his locker, having had a shower after such a spectacular afternoon. Eugene was upset over the damage Umberto had made to the changing room door, but Lee said all the wanking he’d be doing to the recordings of Umberto being cocky and self-obsessed with his displays of unabashed and jaw-dropping muscularity and strength, would more than make up for the damage. Eugene was okay with it. He looked forward to reviewing those recordings at home on his computer later that evening. Of course first he would have to get in a handyman to repair damage to the changing room. Sam’s shift ended when Lee’s did. Their lockers were side by side. Sam made casual chat with Lee as they changed clothes, mostly about the damage the hulking bodybuilder had caused to the door. Then, more confidently, Sam asked Lee out for a drink, but Lee declined, much to Sam’s dismay. That was the first time the newbie had asked him out for a drink, and it further cemented in his mind that Sam might indeed be gay, given that he’d opted for the exposed button-fly version of the mens work pants, rather than the concealed fly. Feeling somewhat emboldened, Lee decided to raise the issue of Sam’s choice of work pants. “So you went for the sexier choice of work pants, just like the boss and me. I hope you’re not attempting to suck up to Eugene,” Lee joked as he slipped into a tee-shirt and running shorts. His uniform would need washing. It reeked of precum and sweat, otherwise he would have worn it home. The tee-shirt and shorts in his locker were just for emergencies. “Yeah, they’re pretty cool. I like how they look on me. A break from the norm eh?” Sam, despite being a bit chubby, was still quite good looking. Lee had hooked up with confident chubby guys before and they were pretty good in the sack, although Lee’s number one choice of guy would always be a bodybuilder. And Umberto has certainly raised the bar in that respect, only his bar was supporting a massive 1000 pounds for 12 reps at a time. Sam was the type that stripped both top and bottoms off at the same time, unashamed to be seen only in his tiny, sexy undies as he rummaged in his locker for his day clothes. He dropped his deodorant on the floor and gleefully bent down to retrieve it, careful to make sure that the luminous pink thong he wore was in full view of Lee. It divided his portly bubble butt nicely, the thin thong strap at the rear easily swallowed up by his cavernous crack. Being a bit on the short side, he made up for it in other ways. Lee felt his dick quivering excitedly in his shorts. But if Sam had anything planned from flirting with Lee, then it wasn’t happening in a locker room that reeked of bodybuilder muscle stink. Sam slipped into a pair of black Levis jeans cut short to his knees. His thighs were chunky and his hips a little too wide, but the jeans looked great on him. Especially the exposed button-fly front he’d created for himself with a pair of scissors. Lee almost shrieked with delight. Another recruit to club EBF, it seemed. Then Sam, growing bolder by the minute, pulled a stretchy ribbed sky blue tee-shirt out of his bag, only he’d snipped a good four inches off the bottom. It hung from his doughy chest as a crop top, stopping just above a navel encircled with fine blonde hair that darkened slightly to the beginning of a hot pubic line above the waistband of his jeans. Lee’s dick grew instantly hard. He liked crop tops, too, and resolved to start wearing them himself, provided the weather stayed warm and sunny. Lee found himself liking Sam more and more with each passing moment. That was when Sam leaned forward, having to stand on his tiptoes to reach Lee’s luscious lips. What had been a spontaneous superficial friend-to-friend peck on the lips soon saw the guys thrusting their tongues into each other’s mouths, tasting and probing for all they were worth. “Fuck going for a drink,” Lee gasped, much surprised by this sudden turn of events. He added: “You’re coming home with me.” And with a playful pat on his arse, Lee left Aldersons with Sam Wickham, not knowing where the evening would take them. PART 2 “You’re flat’s nice,” Sam said to Lee when they arrived at Lee’s place. It was just a two-roomer, with the bed, living and dining area all combined. A door led through to a bathroom barely big enough to shower, shave and take a leak in. That was it. Lee lived quite frugally and didn’t have a lot of clutter. But he had a big wardrobe full of clothes, and a chest of drawers for undies and socks and so forth. “It’s not much, but all I can afford on Aldersons wages,” he replied, almost bashfully. He liked how Sam had suddenly come out of his shell, but having had his load shot into the throat of the biggest bodybuilder he’d ever seen, Lee was feeling a little depleted. He also liked, however, that Sam had made such a spontaneous pass at him back in the changing room, although he couldn’t get Umberto out of his thoughts. “Yeah, I know the feeling. I live with my granny. She’s always drunk and breaking stuff, so I pretty much just stay in my room playing video games and leave her to her own business,” Sam said, inviting himself to sit down on Lee’s capacious queen-sized bed. “Mmmm… comfy. I wonder what fun we could have in this bed,” said Sam, forwardly. He made himself more comfortable by removing his crop top and unbuttoning the top button of his EBF denims. He rested his back against a pillow and placed one forearm behind his head. With his other hand he started to rub his crotch. Gaps appeared between his exposed button-fly as his dick thickened with chubbiness. Lee watched, interested, but wishing Sam had muscles as big as Umberto. But Sam was truly beautiful even though he was a bit on the overweight side. He wasn’t shy about being overweight, and loved to show off his puffy nipples that pushed out from light brown areolas. Lee wasn’t sure why he did what he did next, but reason and logic had decided to take the day off ever since Umberto came into their lives. “Here, sniff this. Breathe in his smell real deep, and tell me I wasn’t and still aren’t having some amazing dream,” said Lee. He didn’t remember putting it in the pocket of his shorts before leaving work earlier, but there it was: the panel of denim he’d removed from Umberto’s shorts, one of two souvenirs he would hopefully never part with. He tossed it towards Sam and it landed on his doughy gut near to his gorgeous treasure trail of darker pubes. “Oh I see what this is. I bet it smells amazing,” said Sam passing the denim strip across his nostrils like the way toffee-nosed types sniff a fine and expensive cigar. He drew in deeply, allowing the microscopic particles of Umberto’s bodybuilder muscle-stink to intoxicate his senses. His crotch swelled further and more visibly. Lee’s shorts began to tent outwards at the front. “Yum… I could sniff this all day. What exactly happened with you and the giant god of muscle-manliness earlier in Eugene’s office?” “He posed a lot, flexing his muscles and being a total alpha show-off. It was hard getting his shorts down past his massive thighs. And his dick was fucking huge. I think he was growing as he got more and more turned on. I eventually couldn’t keep my load in and when I shot it off he lifted me up in time to swallow the lot,” Lee explained. He reached into his bag for the tattered remains of the other souvenir, Umberto’s shirt that was barely a shirt when worn by a mountainous god. The flat soon reeked of come and sweat far stronger than the most hardcore bodybuilding gyms. Lee continued his account of earlier, and both guys grew more and more aroused: “He was too big to get through the changing room door because he wanted to see how the shorts looked on him, and you know the changing room has a full-length mirror. And you saw what he did to the door.” The tattered shirt was stinking so much now. It was strange, like it was getting stinkier and more arousingly pungent, although that was impossible, was it not? “Yeah he can’t be of this world, Lee. He simply can't be. Do you like how swollen my nipples look when I’m turned on?” There was no denying that Sam Wickham was looking more and more hot and pleasing to the eye with each passing minute. What the hell was going on? Had they somehow crossed over to a parallel universe, where massive bodybuilders that defied all physical laws lived and breathed and reigned superior over the mundane masses? “Your nips are amazing,” said Lee. He wanted to fuck Sam, now, but wasn’t sure if he was a top of a bottom. His arse was big and bubbly, if a bit flabby, but it would easily take all ten inches of Lee’s big, hungry cock. But before he could advance on the short, blonde stud, Sam was off the bed and across the room so as to grab Umberto’s shirty remains off Lee. “I wanna be your randy little Incredible Hulk,” Sam growled, and dressed up in the shredded shirt as best as its tattered flaps of cotton would allow. He looked stupid with it on, but neither of them cared. Lee formed an anxious look on his face as it suddenly occurred to him that Sam’s body odour might interfere with Umberto’s muscle-stink, and somehow change it. But what if it made the smell even better? “Mmmm the smell is amazing. I’d love to be a big bodybuilder and do insane things to you,” teased Sam, rubbing Umberto’s muscle stink into his soft skin. His nipples bulged more hugely, now, looking more like the fertile, nourishing nubs of a woman than of a hot young bloke. “We shouldn’t do this, Sam. I feel like we’re meddling in affairs we shouldn’t be,” Lee chewed his bottom lip to stop it from quivering. His ten incher was now at full mast, pushing out his shorts further and further. Umberto’s smell was almost choking their olfactory senses, but the pleasure of it was indescribable. “Oh man… bodybuilding… bodybuilding… body-fucking-building. I want it so much,” said Sam making muscle poses and growling like an adolescent in heat. Lee lost control and pushed Sam across the room. The intoxicated duo landed on the bed, with Lee and all of his six feet of lanky leanness lying on top of Sam. Lee kissed him forcibly, now also making angry noises as his horniness intensified. They rolled around on the bed, interchanging positions and getting more of the shirt stink on the duvet. The smell seemed to get stronger and stronger. Lee pinned down Sam’s hands and the blonde made no attempt to break free. His mouth and tongue hungrily explored Sam’s face and neck, before working down to his less manly-looking chest with its disproportionately large and suckable buds, which Lee tasted and found delicious. He released one of Sam’s hands so he could fondle his stomach, tracing down through his treasure trail to pop the buttons of his cut-offs and release Sam’s rod. Sam’s pudgy dick was already too extended and swollen for his skimpy thong to contain and it popped out and thickened with mass and throbbing veins. “I’m a grower, a fucking huge grower,” Sam gasped as Lee dropped to his knees so he could suck the precum off Sam’s beautiful cock. It was about seven inches hard, but it was also very thick, and it filled Lee’s mouth sufficiently. Lee sucked him off to a point where it seemed Sam would come in his mouth, but he had to taste more and more of him, especially his wonderfully fat, round balls that were already charging with lusty juices. “I want you so naked,” Lee snarled, pulling the tattered plaid shirt away from the short blonde stud. It was warm in the flat now, and the guys glistened with sweat from the effort of being so suddenly turned on by one another. Sam found the strength to flip away from the bed, simultaneously grabbing Lee and flinging him onto the bed. Now out of his clothes Lee’s super leanness seemed to compliment the chunkier Sam. “Wow, your cock is huge. It must be nine inches,” Sam marvelled. “It’s ten,” Lee gasped and his big dick twitched and pulsed with the energy of sexually-charged youth. “I’d love it to be over a foot long, though,” he added. “I want to be enormous all over,” Sam said, before taking all of Lee’s ten inches into his mouth until he almost gagged. He’d obviously done this thing before, and he deftly pleasured Lee’s big dick over and over. They now reeked of bodybuilder muscle-musk. It was heavenly. “Imagine my big nipples on bodybuilder pectorals,” Sam managed to murmur in between sucks. “Huge… get fucking huge, Sam. Make Umberto look small,” Lee pleaded as his lust rose to critical levels. They changed positions once more, with Sam lying with his back on the stinky bed. He arched his pelvis upward, and Lee caught his legs by the ankles and pushed, bringing Sam’s legs up and over and revealing his plump anus invitingly. “Put it in me,” Sam growled, and Lee was only too pleased to oblige. An arse as well-formed and capacious as Sam’s was simply made for a big dick. Lee wondered how many dicks had been caressed by that tight hole. Lee entered Sam, slowly at first, but then momentum increased and Lee was soon pounding Sam somewhat aggressively, not that Sam minded in the slightest. They fucked for what seemed like ages, Lee taking Sam repeatedly up his hole, and in other positions, too. Then they changed roles and Lee got to feel Sam’s chubby mass of manhood inside his modest anus. Both guys tasted each other’s jizz and they drank each other dry, with Sam’s larger balls producing way much more spurting spunk than Lee was capable of producing so soon after feeding it to Umberto Morelli. After several screaming orgasms, the boys collapsed on the big reeking bed, to reflect on the day that had been. Outside the sun began to set. “Fancy some takeout?” Lee suggested. Both lads had forgotten they had appetites, with food taking a back seat to other fancies. “Yeah, Pizza would be great. But we should take a shower first,” said Sam. “Nah, I don’t want us to lose Umberto’s stink. I forgot to tell you he just moved in across the street, into the warehouse apartment. He obviously needs a lot of space to live in. He’d never fit inside this place,” said Lee. “Wow, lucky you, living so close to him. Maybe he’ll let you play with his muscles once in a while,” Sam suggested. “That would be amazing. He really had an effect on me today. And then what we just did… I really wasn’t expecting that. Have you been with many guys, Sam?” “Um… just a few. I only came out a few months ago. My friends know. My granny doesn’t. My parents are divorced. Mum lives in Scotland, and Dad travels a lot for work. We mostly facetime. I don’t have any siblings. What about you?” Sam snuggled into sweaty Lee, liking how his skinny body looked so anatomical due to his lack of body fat. It contrasted his own doughiness quite nicely. “I moved here to be independent and gay. There’s not much to tell. Just boring stuff. But I like my life and I’m obsessed with exposed button-fly pants and jeans, and also, of course… massive bodybuilders.” Lee reached for his phone and to an app that would order them a big pizza and some fries they could share. While they waited, they cuddled and chatted further. “Yeah I only ever wear exposed button pants. And I love crop-tops, as you’ve already seen. I wished we lived back in the early seventies, when every second guy you’d pass on the street would be wearing EBFs,” Sam’s gaze seemed to look into the aether, as if drawn to a memory of years before they were born. “You know your stuff. It’s great having someone to share a rare fetish with, other than Eugene. I’ll make some crop-tops out of a few old shirts tomorrow. Maybe we could go clubbing in them,” Lee enthused. Just for fun Lee got up off the bed and dressed in Sam’s clothes. The crop-top was obviously swimming on him, and the jeans which Sam had cut to just above his knees ended halfway down his slender thighs. He buttoned up all of the buttons only to discover how loose the waistband was. “Heh, look at how loose they are around my waist, Sam. What waist size are you?” “Thirty-four. I know, I could lose a few pounds, or at least trim off some of the fat,” Sam patted his slight paunch proudly, causing his love handles to jiggle. “Haha, my bony waist is only twenty-eight. But watch this.” Lee turned to the side and put his arms behind his head. He took a few breaths and then sucked in his stomach as deeply as he could. “Holy shit,” said Sam, his eyes almost coming out on stalks. Lee’s stomach vacuum made his torso diminish in girth as though only a couple of inches existed between his spine and belly-button. “Just one of my party tricks. Maybe I’ll show you others,” Lee winked. Then he added: “Hey, let's have some fun when the pizza delivery guy arrives. I usually order from the same place. I got us a meat supreme. Rex is the delivery guy and he’s a hottie. Is it okay to remove the waistband from your EBFs? I promise it’ll make them look even sexier on you. More of that hot treasure trail on show, and you’ll still have the other four buttons down the front to show off.” Sam thought about it. “Yeah, go ahead. We can be all slutty with Rex when he arrives. Maybe he’ll want to hang out with us for a bit,” Sam winked mischievously. Lee went to work on the denims. It only took a minute to cut around the circumference of the jeans with his trusty scissors. “Here, try them on for me now,” Lee playfully ordered. Sam was only too keen to oblige. Lee opened his wardrobe inside of which was a full-length mirror attached to the door. “Wow, they look great. And my nipples are fully erect, too,” said Sam cheerily. Lee then rummaged around in his wardrobe and found a trashed pair of EBF cut-offs that were almost completely backless, save for a thong-strip seam at the back that was easily guzzled up by his crack. “Are these slutty enough, ya think?” said Lee with an impish wink. “So hot. I wonder if Rex will get all horned up by Umberto’s muscle-stink when he arrives and it hits him in the face?” The boys had gotten used to the smell, but it was still very present in the flat. It wasn’t too long before the doorbell sounded. “Pizza!” “Great, I’m famished,” said Sam, but Lee made a face. “Strange, that doesn’t sound like Rex. It’s a deeper voice,” said Lee. He looked through the peephole in the door. “Holy shit, wait until you see the size of this guy,” he whispered back to Sam who was admiring himself in front of the mirror. He really liked the no-waistband look. Lee excitedly opened the door, wearing only the slutty EBF thong that had originally been a full pair of jeans. The delivery guy was a hunk, and very well built, but nowhere near to matching Umberto for size and sheer muscle mass. The bodybuilder was bald, with slate grey eyes, handsome face finished by a trim black goatee. Lee thought he might have seen him in Aldersons once, which suggested he might lift at Gridiron. “That’ll be eighteen seventy, buddy,” he said handing over the food and Lee’s cock began to twitch as the bodybuilder’s eyes were drawn downward to what Lee was barely wearing. “Um, let me get my wallet. My shorts are so small they don’t have any pockets,” Lee teased, cursorily shooting a sly wink back at Sam. “I can see that,” the bodybuilding hunk replied, and then, somewhat boldly: “What’s the story with those anyway? Ever hear of zippers?” “Um, exposed button-fly is all the rage these days,” Lee lied, “and getting quite popular with bodybuilders, too. What do you think of them?” The bodybuilder just snorted something incomprehensible, although he had invited himself into the flat and nodded politely to Sam. “You’re a big fella, have you ever competed?” Sam asked. “Did a contest a while back. I placed seventh. I’m trying to bulk up to get heavy enough to train at Gridiron,” said the bodybuilder. He then glanced at his watch somewhat impatiently. “Ah right. We work at Aldersons supermarket right across the street from that gym. I thought I’d seen you in our store once before, and so reckoned you were already a member. We get a lot of bodybuilders in the store because we sell a lot of supplements and clothing for bodybuilders,” Lee went on. “I’ve been there once or twice. Strange dress code on the pants of the male staff,” said the bodybuilder. “Have you ever heard of Umberto Morelli? He came into the store today. He’s gigantic,” Lee just had to ask. “Yeah, I know of him. He’s freaky huge alright. I’d kill to be that size. Say, it smells like a gym in here. You guys been working out?” The bodybuilder warmed to them, slightly. “Well we were doing a workout, of sorts… on one another,” Sam teased, and groped a handful of his button-fly crotch. “So you two are gay? Easy to tell from your slutty gay shorts,” the bodybuilder laughed. “Here’s the money for the food. You’re welcome to stay and have some with us,” said Lee innocently enough. The bodybuilder considered the offer. “Well I was doing a favour for my brother. He owns the pizza parlour. Three of his delivery guys are off sick. Some bug going around. I haven’t eaten since my last protein shake. Fuck it, my brother’s a cunt anyway.” The bodybuilder made himself comfortable over in the dining corner of the flat. Lee only had two chairs and a formica table from which to eat. He hoped the chair wasn’t too uncomfortable for the muscle-man. “I’m Lee and this is Sam,” said Lee, happy to have another unplanned houseguest. “I’m John,” said the bodybuilder. He took off his jacket to reveal a tight red polo shirt painted over delicious muscles. At a glance Lee took him to be around two hundred and fifty pounds. He had bulging pecs and biceps and was definitely in his bulking phase as there weren’t too many veins-a-popping. “Nice to meet you John,” said Sam, lusting for the hunk. Lee got some plates for the pizza and fries. He indicated that Sam would take the other chair. Lee was content to stand. And so the impromptu threesome began to chow down. It so happened that Lee, never one for having a big appetite, managed just one slice of pizza and some fries. Sam managed three slices, whilst John finished off the rest of the food with gusto. He let out a long, loud belch of satisfaction and then patted his cobblestone belly. “This will count as my cheat meal for the week,” he decided. What he said next startled Sam who at this point had put his crop-top back on. Lee was content to stay shirtless in his trashy EBF thong shorts. John didn’t seem to mind. “You’ve got a decent bit of muscle on you, Sam. It looks good. How much do you bench? Those tits didn’t come from nowhere.” It was then Sam realised that somehow his body had changed. But how was that possible? “Um… huh?” Sam couldn’t respond properly at first. But Lee responded on his behalf. “Fuck, Sam… you… you’ve grown some muscle. Buh-but how?” Sure enough, beneath the crop top the beginning of abs and cum-gutters could now be seen. His waist seemed definitely trimmer. A couple of veins snaked around his forearms and small balls formed – where before his biceps were under a blanket of dough – as he bent and moved his arms. His crop-top tented out a little, caused by a chest that was definitely firmer and projected outward more than before. His jeans felt looser, and the cut-off ends were no longer just above his knees, rather an inch or so higher up his thighs than before. John seemed intrigued by Sam’s and Lee’s reactions. “Maybe it’s the smell… from the shirt. I wore the shirt. We rolled around on the bed in its muscle-musk. Could that be the reason this happened?” Sam removed his crop-top and went over to the mirror. He checked himself out in detail and couldn’t believe his eyes. His BMI had significantly lowered. He still had some fat, but not as much as before. He bounced his new pecs and squealed in delight. “But I got covered in that musk as well, so how come I’m as skinny as ever?” Lee seemed disappointed. Sure, he loved being a skinny twink with a big cock, and he’d failed to make bodybuilding a lifestyle in the past, but he wouldn’t have turned his nose up at some spontaneous “muscle-growth-without-effort”. What had happened to Sam was nothing short of a miracle. Wait, something felt different. Pressure had formed inside Lee’s slut-jeans-thong, of a kind he’d never felt so strongly before. The front of the shorts bulged obscenely, gaps appearing between the button-fly and tufts of pubic hair poking through. He ran half-panicking, half-excitedly to the bathroom and slammed the door. Sam looked at John and neither spoke. After a few seconds of silence: “FUCK!!!!” “What is it, Lee? Are you okay?” Sam checked out his lats in the mirror. They were small, but definitely there. He groped and twisted his body into all sorts of poses, trying to make his new muscles pop. Lee came back out into the living area, this time he was completely nude. His boner was at full mast, and… what a boner it was. It had to be at least a foot long. It seemed a little thicker to Sam than when he had it down his throat and up his arse earlier. “Um…er… Sam… go to the knife drawer and take out my ruler. I need to confirm this,” said Lee, excitedly, shaking a long, slender finger in the direction of the knife drawer by the sink. Even John the bodybuilder seemed impressed by the size of the twink’s schlong. The gym he currently attended had some gay exhibitionists in it, and they’d often get so horny after workouts, they’d be showing off their jewels in the shower and locker room as much as their muscle gains. He was used to that sort of thing. Sam rummaged for the ruler and gave it to Lee. Being so lean there were no mammoth pectorals obscuring his gaze as he looked down at the massive penis attached to so much trimness. He set the ruler along one side of his dick and was dumbstruck that it was shorter than the rigid shaft by at least three quarters of an inch. The dick had gained almost three inches in length. He gripped it in his hand and knew straight away that it had also thickened. Where he’d had a considerably above-average cock earlier, he now boasted a monster dick that would make a lot of porn stars sick with envy. “I’m fuckin’ huge,” he almost screamed. “Whatever you guys are on, I need the number of your supplier,” said John, completely into what was going on in the flat. What had started out as a shitty evening for him, had definitely become something that more than piqued his interest. He hadn’t been completely honest with Lee and Sam. Yes, his brother was down three delivery guys that evening, but John was working for him to help pay off a loan he owed him. John had fallen on hard times in his journey to become a huge bodybuilder, bigger than Umberto Morelli, having spent that loan on as many “get big as quickly as possible” methods in order to fuel and expedite his chosen lifestyle. He was unquestionably a bodybuilder to look at, but he seldom showed off his muscles because his chest, shoulders and back were covered in acne from the steroids. He also found it hard to get an erection, so any HGH and testosterone shots he could get via the black market was why he owed his brother close to ten grand. These two supermarket clerks seemed to have stumbled upon a muscle and cock growth miracle. And he wanted in. “We’re not entirely sure how this happened, John,” said Sam, now also nude in order to see if he’d had any growth elsewhere. Sure enough: “My dick’s bigger, too. I used to be seven inches hard, but I think I gained at least another inch.” The ruler confirmed he was now exactly eight inches with a rock-hard boner. His balls felt heavier, too. “Could it have anything to do with the muscle-cum-stink in here? I’ve delivered pizza to hundreds of addresses. I’ve delivered to other bodybuilders wanting their cheat meals after heavy workout sessions, and they answer the door wearing very little cuz they just had sex with their girlfriends or whatever, and never once have I smelt a scent like this, not even from other bodybuilders. So I’ll ask again… what shit are you two on?” Lee and Sam didn’t take kindly to John’s sudden change of mood (most likely a result of too much juicing). “We’re not on anything. Honest.” Lee was nervous now, as was Sam. John was a lot bigger and stronger than they were, and he was becoming aggressive. “I don’t fuckin’ believe you,” John snarled. And to emphasise his rising impatience, he picked up one of the kitchen chairs like it weighed nothing, and threw it across the room. It missed Sam by inches, and smashed into many pieces when it struck the wall over the headboard of Lee’s bed. Both Sam and Lee cringed in fright, losing their boners and fearing for their safety. Would they have time to make it to the fire escape? They’d never get past John to get to the front door. He had them trapped. John made a lunge for Lee, but he managed to jump onto the bed and then off again to get close to Sam near the wardrobe. The boys now held onto each other for dear life. John’s forward momentum caused him to land face down on the bed. He rolled sideways and landed on the floor with a loud grunt and heavy thud. He was momentarily dazed, giving the boys a chance to make it to the fire escape. Lee opened the window and clambered out first, intending to lend assistance to the bulkier, shorter Sam in case he had trouble getting out through the window. They hoped John was too bulky to pursue. But he didn’t follow them. What was going on? Had he cracked his head open when he rolled on to the floor? “Fuck, this is shit. We should never have ordered pizza,” said Lee as they cowered outside on the fire escape. Thank heavens it wasn’t winter time or they’d be freezing right now. Still, they trembled in fear, not knowing what would happen next. Then, after the longest, quietest minute in their lives: “Thanks guys. I think I found what I'm looking for. See ya around,” said John, his short-lived tantrum abated. They heard the front door slam. But they stayed out on the fire escape a little longer. They said nothing for about a minute. Sam bravely stuck his head through the window to make sure John had left. “He’s gone, I’m sure of it. We can go back inside now.” The boys got back inside and didn’t say much, as they were still a little shocked by how such an amazing day had been soiled by John’s behaviour. Sam set about clearing bits of broken chair off the bed. Finally, in order to break the awkward silence: “My granny has fold-up lawn chairs in her garage. I’ll bring one over tomorrow to replace this.” “Thanks,” Lee croaked. He decided to help Sam clear up the broken chair. Afterward the boys held each other close in bed. They played with each other’s changed anatomies for a little while, but neither were in the mood to do much. “Do you notice something different about the flat?” Sam asked, as Lee caressed his beginner pecs with something short of lusty enthusiasm. His nipples sat firmly on each delicious mound, bigger and more succulent than before. “Yeah, Umberto’s muscle-stink… can’t smell it so much any more. We were covered in the musk when we had all that sex earlier.” Lee pulled some duvet up to his nose and inhaled deeply. The smell was still there, but weakened compared to earlier. “That’s what must have made us grow. You wanted a bigger dick, and I wanted to be a huge bodybuilder. Our lust must have made our wishes come true, fuelled entirely by the shirt of a giant bodybuilder.” The boys looked at one another, their eyes blazing wide. “THE SHIRT!!!” They both cried in unison. They leapt out of bed and started a frantic search for the shirt. They couldn’t find it anywhere. “John must have found the shirt when he fell off the bed, and realised it has special properties. That’s what he meant when he said he’d found what he was looking for.” Sam’s “Eureka” moment was soon dragged down by a sinister undertow. “Well I had the shirt on, and much of my fat melted away to be replaced by at least ten to fifteen pounds of muscle. Do you have a scale here? I’d like to weigh myself,” Sam asked. “In the bathroom beside the toilet. I never use it. Don’t need to. It was here when I moved in,” Lee explained. Sam went to the bathroom, leaving the door open as he stepped on the scale. “One fifty three, down from one sixty eight last time I weighed myself. I definitely lost weight since this morning, but I’ve gained muscle. That’s impossible to achieve naturally in such a short span of time.” “As is me adding almost three inches to my erect penis. And if the shirt gave you muscles, and then I got a bigger dick from fucking you, maybe there is something of a chemical nature to the muscle-stink from the shirt, that could cause John to also transform himself.” Lee grew worried. Neither of them wanted a cunt like John to get any bigger by interacting with the shirt. “We need to get the shirt back, Lee,” said Sam. He had hoped he’d get to wear the shirt again – or at least sniff it – and grow his muscles even bigger. “I have an idea. But we’ll need help to ensure it goes smoothly.” Lee gave Sam an encouraging peck on the lips. The boys got dressed. It was approaching eleven o’ clock at night. Lee took Sam outside and gazed across an almost deserted Bridge Street road and to the warehouse apartment on the other side. With the upper front facing mostly glass, the apartment would get a lot of light during the day. And the boys were in luck. There were lights on inside, which meant one thing: “Umberto’s home,” said Lee with a reassuring smile. PART 3 Umberto scarcely had time to unpack, as he’d only just moved into his apartment the previous day. The former warehouse had been converted into a capacious dwelling, with plenty of living space, as well as storage space in the loft, and an open plan layout which meant his living space and personal gym would pretty much meld into one. Should he require help if he needed it, a few pec bounces, lat spreads, and double bis would easily have the local young men running towards him, heavy with lust for the massive muscle god. He loved bodybuilding. He loved living the life of a bodybuilding muscle-god. He loved to show off his muscles, and in turn have his muscles worshipped by as many guys as he could interact with and still do all the other things you needed to do just to get from one day to the next. Keith Doppler, who’d been buying groceries in Aldersons earlier that day, had decided to follow Umberto to see where he lived. From the second he laid eyes on the man-mountain, he was obsessed with him. He struggled to come to terms with his sexuality, even trying to live a bisexual lifestyle, so at least he could be into chicks as well as guys. But seeing Umberto Morelli for the first time, tipped the balance of his sexual preferences well and truly over the pink fence and into “Gayville” as a permanent resident. He behaved like a muscle-jock, even though he’d not played sports or worked out as much as he should have in several years. He still had more muscle than the average bloke, but he’d built a good bit of fat on top of the muscle. However, he still carried himself like an alpha jock if only to bolster his confidence and mask his insecurities. Umberto couldn’t have muscle-strutted into Aldersons at a more perfect moment. Seeing him altered something in Keith’s brain. He no longer wanted to be one who should be looked up to and envied for his physical prowess on and off the rugby field. He wanted Umberto all to himself, to serve him and worship him as a god. Umberto had walked the short distance home from Aldersons, basking in smug delight as he got so many stares from passers-by. His only clothing were, of course, his EBF denim cut-offs. He was huge, bigger than any bodybuilder the local townsfolk had ever seen in their lives. And he was only too willing to show off his gigantic muscles to the world. Being summer, it wasn’t quite dry enough for a hosepipe ban, and so Umberto beamed a conceited smile when he saw a hot teenager hosing down a Volkswagen Beetle in his driveway. The shirtless youth was dark-haired and really cute, if a little doughy around the middle. “Hey buddy, turn that hose my way. I need cooling off, and I’m dirty from my door-widening experience earlier,” he confidently hollered. The youth turned toward him and looked aghast with that “deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle” look that most people display when they see a massive bodybuilder. The youth’s shorts tented out instantly as his boner formed. But he was happy to oblige Umberto, and so turned the spray on the huge bodybuilder. “Heh heh, I can turn any guy gay just having them look at me,” he sniggered. He stood outside the youth’s driveway and did a full lat spread towards him. His muscle-bod heaved and hulked upwards and outwards and he pushed his pectorals up with such force, the bulbous, beefy shelves whacked off his chin. Thick striations – deep enough to lose half your fingers in – cracked across his chest. He sucked in his abdominals, making a deep and dark vacuum that made him look more enormous than ever. The cool water spray drenched his body, washing all of the dust off him. By now all of the lotion Lee had rubbed into him earlier had been completely absorbed, and so Umberto was pleased to be wet and glistening again. “That feels so good, kid,” said Umberto, doing a full turn so that he could flare out his back for the youth to faint at the sight of. Some distance away, Keith watched from behind a tree. He was in awe of Umberto. His boner throbbed uncomfortably in his boxers. “Bodybuilder, bodybuilding to be bodybuilt ‘cos he’s into bodybuilding his bodybuilder’s body,” Keith chanted as his lust intensified. Simply uttering the word “bodybuilding”, and its conjugations, was enough to get him turned on. He slipped one hand into his shorts, and tweaked one of his exposed nipples with the other. There weren’t many people around this time of the early evening, but he didn’t care. No one would even notice Keith and what he was doing with gigantic Umberto flexing magnificently just a few paces away. And so as Umberto enjoyed a free hose pipe shower, Keith continued to pleasure himself, his arousal intensifying with each incredible pose Umberto pulled his muscles into. That was when Keith lost his footing when one of his feet slipped off the pavement and onto the road. He lost his balance and fell flat, just as a stupid bitch texting on her phone – when she should have been watching her driving – bore down on Keith at speed and seemingly out of nowhere. Keith – suddenly realising what was happening – let out a scream that was a tad bit high-pitched for a buff dude in his mid-twenties and whose dad bod was gradually taking him over. Before dizzy-texting-bitch could slam on the brakes, the car came to a sudden stop, although the rear wheels were still turning at 45 miles per hour. Umberto, quick to react and save Keith’s life, held up the back of the car with one mighty arm. There was only a couple of inches between the front of the car and Keith’s head. It was all over in a flash, in which the driver of the car fainted with fright. Keith had also passed out, but not before seeing a huge, muscular shadow bear down upon him, after which there was just darkness and silence. When Keith came to he found himself indoors, lying on a couch which was surrounded by stacks of packing crates. He was surprised to find he was naked, although a thin sheet had been provided to him for the sake of modesty. The room reeked of the inside of a gym, only the musky odour was way more concentrated. He couldn’t help but inhale deeply. As he regained control of his senses, his surroundings came into sharper relief. Above him was an array of large windows and skylights arranged to let in lots of sunlight. He guessed it to be the apartment warehouse across the street from his flat complex. He wrapped the sheet around his waist as he gingerly got up off the couch. What was going on? Last thing he remembered he was starting to jerk off to the glorious sight of the most gorgeous and most muscular man he’d ever laid eyes on. The rest was a blur. Umberto walked up to him. He’d been in another room in his apartment. A friendly smile adorned his beautiful face, and his muscles rippled with every step he took toward Keith. He was out of his soaked EBFs now, and just wore red spandex knee-length shorts that laced up at the front. His junk was engorged hugely, making it impossible for him to lace them more than halfway up the crotch. His bulging thighs stretched the material to its limit, but it was his genitalia that almost burst it apart. “Welcome back to the waking world. Glad you don’t have a concussion. Well, you don’t seem to anyway,” said Umberto. In each hand he held a can of beer. He offered one to Keith, who took it appreciatively. “Whuh-what’s going on?” The sheet around Keith slipped away as his erection sprung from nowhere at the sight of the enormous bodybuilder. “You don’t remember what happened?” Umberto seemed somewhat surprised that Keith’s mind had blocked out the last hour. “I - I was falling… there was a car?” Keith shrugged his shoulders, unconcerned that he was naked in front of his saviour. “Good job I’m so fuckin’ strong, otherwise you’d be roadkill. I caught that car before it could run you over.” Umberto popped the tab of his beer and took a long swig. He popped up a bicep with the other and the mound of muscle bulged, huge and veined. “I guess I owe you my life. I don’t know how to thank you,” Keith said humbly. “Don’t worry about that. I don’t keep a tab on folks owing me shit. You’re just lucky I was nearby flexing my muscles and getting a free shower on this balmy evening.” Umberto crabbed into a most muscular pose and his body almost tore itself apart as he bulged with size and rock hard density. “This is the converted warehouse apartment on Bridge Street, yeah?” Umberto nodded, and then emptied his beer with another swig. “I live across the street, so I guess that’s lucky,” said Keith, grateful that he didn’t have far to get home, but he hoped he wouldn’t be leaving just yet. “Guess we’re neighbours then. I’m Umberto.” “Kuh-Keith,” said Keith, tentatively sipping his beer. “You have a nice body, Keith. You used to lift? I say ‘used’, ‘cos you look like you haven’t been hitting the weights lately. Once I’m all set up here I’ll have a gym you can use. I’ll leave out some little sissy weights for you. My weight, however… is stuff you could only dream of lifting.” Arrogance returning, Umberto flared into a lat spread that caused Keith’s cock to get even harder. “I played rugby back in college. I did a lot of weight-training but things haven’t been going too well for me lately. I work three jobs just to make the rent and pay off college loans from three years ago. I lost my job two weeks ago, so I’m sort of in the shits.” Keith almost shamefully bowed his head. He stared down at his erect six inches of aroused dick. “Hmm, it’s hard times we’re all living in. I do a lot of shit to make the rent and pay the bills. I’m supposed to be doing nude modelling this evening for a bunch of horny painters. I charge through the nose for my services. But fuck them, you need my intervention, Keith. Besides, I also do online muscle porn, but I charge a fucking fortune. If you set up my computer and cam for me, I’ll pump up with some free weights to get fucking huge for my audience. If you like you can oil me up and play with my muscles on cam. I’ll pay you for your time, of course.” Umberto moved closer to Keith and began to bounce his pecs. The globes of chest muscle were so huge and dense that flexing them actually caused a slight breeze to waft towards Keith’s face. “I… I’ve never been with a… man before,” Keith chewed his bottom lip, hoping it would stop quivering. “Heh heh, well I don’t really count, then. I’m not a man. I’m a god,” Umberto laughed and shot a double biceps pose that made Keith moan with lust and bring him to the verge of jizzing on the spot. A beeping sound from another room diverted both their attention. “Ah, your clothes should be dry now. You pissed yourself back when the car nearly hit you, so I took the liberty of washing your tank top and shorts. I admire a guy like you, who has a lifter's physique under a year or two of sedentary dough, but still manages to pull off a cut-off top and spandex shorts.” Umberto muscle-strutted off to fetch Keith his clothes. Keith just stood there, feeling like he was in the best dream of his life, but that he could wake up at any moment. Umberto came back less than two minutes later, and handed Keith his clothes. “Put them on, leave them off… I don’t mind either.” Then the god of utter and extreme muscular hypertrophy grinned impishly as an idea came to him. He’d thrown his wet EBFs into the dryer along with Keith’s clothes. They still stank of his muscle and testosterone musk, although some of it had passed into Keith’s clothes, hence diluting the stench somewhat. “Try on my sexy muscle slut shorts for size. They should be loose around your thighs and definitely you’ll have plenty of room in the crotch, but the waist might actually be a little tight on you, even though the waistband is missing. I’ve been customising the shit out of these. I wear them in the gym, out doing cardio shit, shopping etcetera. Kinda kinks me out to see them on other guys, no matter how bulked or average they are.” If Umberto had meant to offend Keith, then it was purely for sexy fun. Keith accepted the shorts from the bodybuilder as he felt his lust augmenting. He’d never been with a man before, much less play dressing up with a consenting other. But the shorts smelt nice, as nice as his own clothes the shorts had shared a dryer with. Keith wasn’t in any position to deny Umberto his fun, and so he stepped into the shorts and drew them up his legs and to his waist. They went up like a breeze and Keith was able to button up all but the top button. His abdominal lard wouldn’t allow a full buttoning, and it jiggled as he struggled to get the last one fastened. They were very loose around his thighs and in the crotch. Still though: “Not bad on you, Keith. Maybe the bodybuilding bug will bite you and you can grow and grow and grow. Maybe one day you could be as big as me,” Umberto boasted. He flared out his lats and rolled his deltoids forcing out more size and rock hard magnificence. “What’s with the buttons? You cut away the front panel that conceals them. Kinda interesting. Slutty, yes… very gay, though,” Keith said, regarding the button-fly in a “not sure if I like this” kind of way. “Actually, I didn’t do that part. That was Lee from the supermarket. We were in his manager’s office. I swallowed his cum as a thank you. Huge dick for a skinny bloke. He’s such boyfriend material though. Crazy huh?” Umberto played with his nipples, forcing them to swell to three times their size. “Lee Fordham? He’s my neighbour. I have the flat two floors above his,” said Keith, suddenly remembering that every time he saw his neighbour coming and going, Lee always wore exposed button-fly pants. Obviously Umberto had a kink for that as well. “Yeh, he’s such a hot young twink. I’m taking him out on a date tomorrow, just me and him.” Keith's heart sank. His skinny neighbour had all the luck. Then again, Keith was in Umberto’s apartment, so in that respect he’d gotten his foot in the door first. “Can I take these off now? I’d feel more comfortable in my own clothes when setting up your computer,” said Keith, hoping not to offend the gigantic muscle man. “Yeah, probably a good idea, Keith. Here, give them back to me so I can stink them up again during my workout before we make a porno together for my millions of online adoring fans,” Umberto said with a wink. Keith couldn’t believe his ears. Was Umberto’s intentions for Keith’s benefit? It seemed so. “I… I don’t know what to say. I’m not very experienced, um… what exactly will we be doing on cam?” “Anything you fucking like, sexy man,” beamed Umberto, before strutting over to his rack of weights to pump himself up. “GOTTA GET HUGE!!!!!” He roared, beating his pecs with his fists King Kong style. Keith almost blew a load there and then. “There’s a crate somewhere marked “Nerd Stuff”. Laptop and cam shit is in it.” Keith walked in amongst the crates. He eventually found the right crate on the other side of the spacious dwelling, on top of Umberto’s king size bed. Keith noticed cement blocks underneath the bed to reinforce it. The bodybuilder obviously intended to grow much bigger, so everything had to be reinforced. Over in the gym part of the apartment Umberto heaved and grunted as he got his pump on. There was a desk upon which to place the laptop. Also in the crate was a digicam with microphone and extendable tripod. But as Keith unpacked, he knocked the crate off the bed with the tripod and it tipped over, spewing packing foam nuggets across the floor. “Shit, could I be any clumsier today?” He bent down to pick up the nuggets. Something caught his eye. It was a small ziploc bag containing several greenish-white pills. His curiosity piqued, Keith opened the bag and immediately the strong smell of Umberto’s muscle-musk bodybuilder stink assaulted him. Thinking Umberto was onto him and came over to intervene, Keith looked over his shoulder and saw the giant over at his weights pumping up his muscles and encouraging himself with “Aww fuck yeah!s” in order to bolster more growth. “The smell is coming from the pills,” Keith said quietly. Never in his life had he come across pills that smelled so strongly of pure manliness to the level Umberto exuded. It occurred to him that maybe Umberto didn’t even know the pills had somehow gotten into the packing crate labelled “Nerd Stuff”. Unable to help himself, Keith sealed the bag and slipped it into his denim shorts. it was dishonest of him to do this, given that Umberto had saved his life earlier. But the compulsion was so strong. He put it down to the overwhelming effect being around Umberto was having on him. When the laptop and camera were set up, Keith gingerly approached Umberto to watch him lift and curl. He was curling 550 pounds with each dumbbell. He was glistening with sweat and there wasn’t a vein on his body that wasn’t popping to the point of rupturing. Keith’s eyes nearly came out on stalks. His chubby boner intensified and he felt his balls tingling as they swelled up. “These weights are getting so fucking light. I’m getting stronger by the day, it seems,” Umberto grunted, although realistically the grunting was just for show, as he could’ve lifted much heavier. But his new weights were on order and he’d have to wait a little longer. Lifting at Gridiron was also only for show. The heaviest weights and machine settings felt amateurish to him now. Still though, he did plenty of sets, and so this way maximised his workout as best he could. When he was done pumping his muscles, Umberto checked himself out in a large mirror he’d set up along one of the walls. Keith had to do a double-take when the bodybuilder made a double biceps pose and it seemed like his arms were swelling larger than ever. He changed to a side chest pose causing deep striations to Tsunami across his mega-plump pectorals. Most of his neck and a little of his chin was gobbled up by the heaving bust. His face was stony and emotionless for a moment, until he scowled and blasted a most muscular, squeezing as much blood and testosterone into his muscles as if by force of will alone. “GROW FUCKING GROW!!!!” he chanted. Keith groaned as his lust level shot up. His cock leapt around in his shorts. Umberto oozed more of his signature muscle-stink. Keith drew it in deeply and savoured it. It was like he was smoking a joint, only it felt way better. He briefly thought about the pills again. Could there be a connection? He thought about whenever he’d eat anything with garlic in it, he could smell it in his socks the next day. Now he was thinking about food, and he heard his stomach rumble. Umberto stopped posing, having heard Keith’s noisy churning insides. “Fuck, I never offered you something to eat. You must be starving. I’m starving as well. We can’t do porn on empty stomachs.” In the kitchen Umberto opened the huge American-style fridge. It mostly contained milk, eggs, leftover takeout, some cold fried chicken drumsticks, and several containers of protein shakes ranging from chocolate and vanilla to strawberry. He peeled the clingfilm away from the plate of chicken, and took a sniff. “Phew… we won’t be eating those, they’re off.” But the milk was good and there were plenty of eggs. He rummaged around a little and found some dried parmesan in a container at the back. “I’ll whip us up some omelettes. My Sicilian grandmother taught me a thing or two about Italian cooking. But first…” Umberto took out a container of protein shake and scarfed it down in one impressive gulp. He poured some into a glass for Keith, who was only too keen to accept it. Then Umberto opened a drawer and took out a small ziploc bag identical to the one Keith had found amongst the spilled polystyrene from the crate. He popped into his mouth what seemed to be the last greenish-white pill from the bag and washed it down with more protein shake. Almost immediately Umberto’s muscle-stink intensified to an eye-watering level. “Um… what was the pill, some kind of growth supplement?” Keith hoped he hadn’t crossed a line with Umberto that might set him off in a mood other than hospitable. “For my allergies, nothing more. I must order a refill,” Umberto seemed happy enough to explain. So he won’t miss the bag I swiped. Allergies my arse, Keith thought to himself. What happened next blew Keith Doppler’s mind. Umberto closed his eyes and started drawing in deep lungfuls of air. Keith had to rub his eyes against the now visible miasma of musk rippling out of Umberto’s skin like the heat haze from sun-scorched tarmac. Every muscle on his body started to ripple also, but not as though they were flexing into the forms they had been moulded to. This was more. This was growth. Spontaneous, mind-blowing muscle-growth. Umberto grew bigger right before Keith’s astonished eyes. His naturally golden bronze skin flared red as every blood vessel was flooded with a hypertrophic elixir that caused every muscle to inflate larger than before. But how could his muscles get any larger when there was little room left for them to grow and expand? They already hulked out of every inch of his titanic frame. How could they get bigger? All reason relative to this left Keith’s mind as his lust for muscle-growth in bodybuilders underwent its own growth. Umberto’s upper body bulged obscenely with extra muscle mass, specifically his already massive pecs just ballooned more and more massively. They inched out further than before, wider, becoming more deeply lined and striated. The upper pecs surged upward, gorging on the little free space Umberto had between them and his granite jawline. He smirked a manly smirk of utmost satisfaction and his eyes appeared to be glazed over, as if the transformation had him enthralled by its initiation. Keith was rock hard, now, and so he had to release his manhood. Being a hefty lad himself, at 220+ pounds and standing six feet two inches, he was still tiny compared to Umberto, but his erection didn’t go very far for him. He wished constantly for a massive penis, but had to make the most of what he had. Still, he’d not had a wank since the previous evening, so there was quite a build-up of jizz in his gonads. He began rubbing his dick, feeling the moist precum already lubricating his glans. Umberto’s pecs blossomed hugely, impossible to tell how many extra inches they were adding to his chest. Like the pecs they depended from, his juicy nipples gobbled up the growth energy surging through him, and they grew to three times their size. Incredibly the nipple rings couldn’t deal with the pressure of expanding muscle nubs, and so they simply snapped apart, sending small pieces of gold flying. One piece hit Keith’s cheek, but he barely noticed as his lust rose feverishly. “AW FUCK!!! I’M GETTING HUGE! HUUUUGE!!” Umberto felt his traps expanding, hulking upwards to the point where they actually pushed against his earlobes. Veins erupted all over them, cracking across his shoulders which got wider and wider. His deltoids fumed with mass, rippling and rolling into segmented globes of extreme masculinity. His lats widened further, the delta spread pushing out his arms which fought against the onslaught by bulging more thickly than before. His biceps grew savagely, swelling larger than his head, but still they had to get bigger. Massive horseshoes erupted from the backs of his arms, as his triceps, too, underwent a mammoth transformation. His forearms thickened considerably, pushing out bigger, thicker, and more abundant snaking veins that throbbed with unnatural, godly energy. His waist, in contrast, grew a little narrower as his abdominal brickwork shifted and compacted, expanding, however with size and definition whilst simultaneously tightening up and shaving a whole inch off his waistline. His intercostals burst out further, deepening into fish-scale knots of extremely hard muscle tissue. His shoulder-to-waist ratio increased to an astonishingly beautiful level. He pushed out a full last spread and the lats flared so huge that there was no free space between the lats and his arms, turning his upper body into one huge wall of still-expanding muscle. He was able to heave his pecs up even higher, and he needed to bend his head backwards at his sinewy tree trunk neck to give them room to grow. From Keith’s viewpoint, he could now only see the tip of Umberto’s nose over the titanic horizon of those gorgeous, guzzling globes. Downstairs there was also growth, with Umberto’s hulking junk expanding in size, length and girth, gaining ponderous mass and weight. His balls grew to the size of cantaloupes, and his member thickened and lengthened, flaring red and then purple as the partly laced-up shorts couldn’t bear the strain. From behind, his gluteus muscles thickened, pushed out further, and widened, adding even greater distress to the spandex that struggled to contain all this extra flesh. But they couldn’t. The shorts tore apart, the laces at the front snapped, and several pounds of man junk spilled outward and upward. Umberto was so engrossed in this experience that his boner went instantly rock hard, his dick slamming into his abs wall with a mighty thump. His quads and hamstrings also thickened, with new tissue forming between his muscle fibres, forcing them apart, and allowing extra muscle tissue to form. Likewise, below his knees, his calves thickened and widened, splattered with cuts and veins. He flexed them and they grew to the size of bowling balls. He turned around, knowing Keith would want to see his transformation from behind. His V-taper from behind looked even more spectacular, and Umberto struggled to get his two fists into the proper positions on either side of his waist so that he could belt out the biggest lat spread he’d ever performed. He would have to grow used to overcoming any restrictions of movement affected by his now bigger muscles. But hey, it was all about tasting the sour and the sweet, right? His traps from the back bulged hugely, forming pec-like structures of their own, and making his neck seem to disappear altogether. As he unknotted his muscles by fanning out his back, the spread was insanely enormous. It would be difficult for him to get through a lot of doors from this point forward. With the spandex shorts finally exploding away from him, Umberto was completely nude. He tensed his arse muscles against each other, and deep cuts cracked and rippled across them. He brought up his arms in a double biceps and titanic peaks pushed upward, higher than his fists. At this point Keith lost it, and he shot a sizable gobbet of spunk with enough force to splatter Umberto’s butt. Some of it went in between the hyper-muscled cheeks, moistening the entrance to his hole. “Uunnghhhh,” Keith was in the throes of orgasm, his entire body shuddering with the effort. His growth now slowing considerably, Umberto turned around again to face his guest and hoped to squeeze a little more growth out of his muscles before the transformation ended. He growled and screamed and ordered his body to flex into the biggest most muscular of his life. A couple more inches burst out of his biceps, actually denting deeply into the sides of his pecs, and they, in turn, bulged more outwardly, forced to do so by the amazing pressure the pose applied to them. Many more pounds of muscle bulged out of him, but soon halted altogether. With the breath almost gone from him, Umberto paused to catch it once more. His body glistened with sweat from the effort of holding in his jizz during the metamorphosis, which only he knew at this point was what helped him to attain more growth. Releasing too soon, and the growth process would be less dynamic, resulting in less growth. But he’d had these growth spurts several times now, and he’d learned to execute great control over his libido. He closed his eyes, seeming to meditate for a couple of minutes. Then he relaxed his muscles (although they still looked insanely pumped even when he wasn’t flexing). A serene composure now replaced his previous enragement and cocky demeanour. Silence pervaded. Keith with his shorts down around his ankles, stood looking at Umberto, his six-incher refusing to go back to a flaccid state. “Whuh-what just happened? You… you’re HUGE!!!!” Keith’s question and exclamation came out as a series of gasps. The orgasm caused by watching a gigantic bodybuilder grow even larger left him spent. But muscle-growth is not meant to happen this way. Keith thought about the pills he’d swiped. They were in his shorts pocket. He stooped to pull back up the pants. Umberto immediately went to the fridge to get another protein shake. He decided Keith deserved an explanation. He’d never grown to a spectator present before, not even on cam or during his modelling work for the artists. “About six months ago, I didn’t look like this.” Umberto paused to drink the rest of the shake. He chose his next words carefully. “I had a physique quite similar to yours, only… with less muscle mass under the fat than what you have.” He paused again, this time to let Keith process what he was hearing. Keith began to shake his head in order to punctuate his sheer disbelief. “You did all this in just six months? And just now, right in front of me you look like you added another hundred pounds, maybe more. This happened right after you swallowed your so-called ‘allergy’ pill.” “A hundred pounds? Hmm, feels like more. Let me look at myself in the mirror.” Umberto muscle-waddled across the apartment to his gym area, finding his gait somewhat awkward as his even thicker thighs rolled and jostled against each other in an effort to propel him. When he saw his reflection in the mirror: “Dayum! Looks like a lot more than a hundred pounds this time.” He made a full lat spread and two huge globes of pec meat ballooned and bulged obscenely. His entire upper body bulged hugely. It was actually difficult for him to fully take in his size holding this pose because of having to bend his head back at the neck every time in order to give his pecs enough room. “Jeezus H, I’m enormous. Truly fucking HUGE!” Keith stood next to him and both gazed in awe at their reflections. Umberto was three inches taller than Keith, but he now probably outweighed him by a good five hundred pounds, maybe more. The contrast between their physiques was staggering. “How is this possible?” Keith was stuck for something further to say. Even though he’d shot a big load, his dick was getting aroused once again. It was impossible to stay flaccid when in the company of a muscle god. “I work lots of jobs. My body gets me a lot of attention. It started six months ago when I had a growth spurt overnight. The day before my eighteenth birthday. I sup—” “Wait, you’re only EIGHTEEN?” Keith interjected, convinced Umberto was at least in his late twenties. He was so huge and masculine, his goatee perfectly sculpted, still young-looking facially, but he looked nothing like a teenager. “Well, eighteen and a half now, I suppose. I know, I look a lot older, but in a good way, of course. It’s my condition.” Umberto bounced his pecs and appeared in awe of their extra weight. It was a chore to get his hands up to caress them, due to his new, larger biceps pushing against his even heftier forearms. Simply bringing his hand up to attempt this caused biceps, pecs, and forearms to collide. It was an amazing feeling, as though the muscles might force each other to explode at any moment. “Wonder what happened to my nipple rings. I’ll have to look around for them. Probably need bigger, stronger ones now though.” Then Keith remembered they were destroyed, pushed apart by burgeoning nipples hungry to get longer, thicker, and more succulent. He felt the mark where the piece of gold had struck his face. Thankfully no blood had been drawn. “Your condition? You mean, your allergy?” “I was born with metazeniosis. It’s a man-made condition. My father took part in a hush hush military experiment over twenty years ago, but it was deemed a failure. Being Italian he was selected from about fifty candidates. There needed to be a lot of genetic diversity in the candidates, and so young, fit men were selected from all over the world. “But the experiment failed. It was meant to make the men into supermen, a new breed of soldier with physical enhancements beyond what nature could provide. But it didn't work. The test subjects didn’t respond to the treatments. All research on the project was destroyed, and records erased. The only knowledge remaining was in the mind of the lead scientist, Cyrus Redfern, who years later – or rather because of what happened later – was forced to further his research, this time without any ties to the military. “Not all of the candidates went on to father children, but over half did. I was one of the children born with the enhancements denied my father and his generation. The metazenic chromosomes I was born with should have kick started my muscle-growth from the onset of puberty. I was something of a late bloomer. The ones that this happened to at the right time were at the beginning of puberty, and so their growth was greatly helped along by so much growth hormone coursing through their veins. This helped them get huge from an earlier age, and to grow a lot taller, too.” Umberto now carried himself with a calm demeanour. He could think more clearly when not cocky and self-obsessed. It appeared that Umberto had a reserved side to him, in stark contrast to the alpha male arrogance he displayed when showing off his muscles, pumping the weights, and achieving spontaneous growth spurts. He continued: “We’re all pretty tall in my family. My dad is about the same height as you. I was six one when the first growth spurt happened, but I guess at eighteen, puberty had pretty much finished doing a number on me, although I did gain about four inches in height. But I haven’t grown any taller since.” Umberto went quiet to allow Keith to keep up with his amazing revelation. He had planned to tell all this to Lee over dinner tomorrow, but Keith reminded him a lot of himself before the muscle-growth. It seemed fate had intervened, coaxing him to reveal his big secret to another. “So there are others like you, all around the world?” It was the most incredible thing to observe Umberto’s ability, and even more incredible to learn how it came to be. He thought again about the pills. If Umberto was born with this condition, then what did the pills do? “Yep, about forty or so, as some of them will not have entered puberty yet. Not all of our dads fathered kids at the same time. I’m the only one in this country though, although I spent some of my younger years growing up in Turin. But bodybuilders here are getting bigger over time anyway. More and more crazy shit, like HGH boosters, and myostatin blockers, are circulating under counters and on the web. It’s a dangerous journey for a bodybuilder to take, but the desire to grow often overtakes the risks. “I won’t bore you with too many details. The rest is kinda boring. The lead scientist came into a fortune and used it to further his research into the condition, even enhancing it to make men bodybuild to even greater sizes with and without effort. I prefer a mixture of both. In order to track us down, the Redfern Institute now running the program set up special gyms all over the world to attract the biggest, most muscular bodybuilders on the planet. A bit controversial, in that you have to be at least two eighty in weight to get accepted as a member. “Of course, metazenic bodybuilders such as myself were attracted to these places like moths to UV lamps. You have one right here in town.” “Gridiron,” Keith again interjected, wishing that one day he could be big enough to lift there. “Yeah,” Umberto nodded, “It’s a bit controversial ‘cos it can be seen as discriminatory, I guess. Originally the membership minimum weight requirement was four hundred pounds, but they gradually lowered it, giving ordinary bodybuilders the chance to get big enough to join.” “Sounds like a smokescreen to something sinister,” Keith offered as commentary. “It’s not sinister at all. Just a company trying to right the wrongs of its past. We’re no longer being created to fight on battlefields. Our muscle-growth has tremendous medical applications. The institute is looking into eradicating many diseases, like muscular dystrophy and other wasting conditions.” Keith nodded in favour of such terrible diseases finally getting cured. But he had a myriad of questions he wanted answers to. They all swirled around in his head, giving him a mild headache. “So what’s your allergy that has you taking pills, which you seem to have run out of?” Keith thought about pretending to find a pill on the floor and offering it to Umberto, to see if it would trigger further muscle-growth. “Well, it’s not an allergy in the truest sense of the word. But they help maintain a certain balance when I grow. All the other metazenic bodybuilders continue to grow taller as they gain muscle mass. It means that they maintain the same proportions as regular bodybuilders, just that they look larger. There are a few that have even exceeded eight feet in height, but their muscle mass is proportionate to, say, a super-heavyweight Mister Olympia contestant. “But I don’t grow taller. So the pills were specially developed to help regulate the growth process so I don’t fill out in the wrong places as my muscles continue to grow. Without them I could end up being wider than I am tall, and I’d probably be unable to move.” “So what triggered the growth spurt after you popped the pill?” “I felt it coming on. They can happen sometimes if my testosterone levels get too high. Also by swallowing other men’s cum. It kinda mixes with my own and can trigger a growth spurt. They mostly happen after a workout and when I’m sleeping, but I guess this one was a mixture of a couple of things. I shot a huge load in the showers over at Gridiron earlier, then later swallowed Lee’s load. The Redfern Institute believes I can sometimes trigger muscle-growth just by thinking about it. I dunno,” Umberto shrugged. His delts and traps heaved with size and power. “Plus I kinda like having you here watching me pump up, ‘cos I sense how you envy my body and would kill to have one like mine.” “Wow, I – I don’t know what to say, Umberto. Was I that obvious?” “Heh, you can see in your eyes your lust for muscle is so strong. I always dreamed of being a bodybuilder, ever since I was a kid. I guess my enhanced genetics gave me that longing from early on. I started lifting weights at fourteen, hoping it would trigger puberty, but I’d usually drop the weights after a few dismal minutes, in favour of my game controller. So I was something of a doughboy myself.” Umberto leaned forward to playfully pat Keith’s spongy gut, causing the smaller man to reflexively step back a little. “Sorry, I er… wasn’t expecting you to do that, Umberto,” Keith said, sheepishly. “It’s okay, as you can see, I’m calmer now. After a growth spurt as great as this one, I usually leave the alpha male cockiness behind for a while, although it can come back at any time. It’s just… my muscles get me so aroused. Then it kicks in again.” Umberto resolved to learn better self-control from now on. Keith needed to know more: “About the pills; when you swallowed that last one your body started giving off a haze, like sweat evaporating quickly. And the smell of it was sensational. Your muscle musk is beyond intoxicating.” Keith had gotten the same smell from the bag of pills he’d found when he spilled the packing crate earlier. Was Umberto even aware of this? How could he know the pills gave off the same reek as he did if he was constantly producing it himself? “Yeah, it drives most men crazy, heh heh. Doesn’t affect women though, but I’m gay anyway, so I really couldn’t give a fuck about women. I don’t have any female friends. I have two sisters though, both back in Italy. They’re nurses. We get on okay. I’ve always been open to them about my growth. They know it’s not my fault.” Umberto made his pectorals dance for fun. He loved how much heavier they felt as they hung over his impressive eight-pack, casting crescent shadows over the top four bricks. “So the pills, in a way, do enhance your growth. Would they work on a man who doesn’t have your ability?” Keith was dying to know this. Would the pills work on him? Could they give him the body of his dreams? “Um… maybe, a little. I dunno really. I’m not au fait with much of the science behind it. I did see Redfern do a trial on them a couple of months ago. I go there once a month for check-ups to make sure there are no abnormalities with my growth, and/or negative reactions to the meds. “But with regard to the trial, the results were hardly anything better than a steroid cycle. Some men grew about ten pounds of muscle and also lost body fat in the space of a few days. But the pills aren’t meant to be taken altogether by men that were born normal. You need to only take one every seven days. I have to take one every night, in case I have an uncontrollable growth spurt in my sleep and wake up wider than my bed. I can also take one when I feel a growth spurt coming on just like the one I took in front of you. Which reminds me, I need to get more pills couriered over from the Institute a.s.a.p. I thought I had another bag of them, but they got lost in the move.” Umberto half-strutted, half-waddled, over to his phone to speed-dial The Redfern Institute. Keith tried to hide his excitement. So the pills COULD make him grow muscle. If he was careful not to overdo it, he could finally increase his lean muscle mass as well as burn off his stubborn reserves of fat. Umberto believed the bag to be lost, so he wouldn’t miss them. Keith thought about popping one right now. But he decided to wait until he was home by himself in his flat. Besides, wasn’t there gonna be some porn later? He’d lost all track of time. He looked up at the skylight windows. Dusk approached, as the sun worked its way to the west and was beginning to set. It had been a day Keith wouldn’t soon forget, if ever. As for the evening, well… *** John the bodybuilder stood in front of his full-length mirror fixed to the back of his bathroom door. Like the rest of his shitty apartment the bathroom was dingy and even foul in places. He wasn’t big on cleaning, and really only slept there when he wasn’t working or going to the gym, which suited the cockroaches perfectly. He was completely naked so that he could survey what hard work and too much juicing had done to his body. He still looked good, or so he thought. Women still “digged” him, and he had no problem getting all the pussy he needed. The problem was, thanks to steroid abuse, he needed help ‘getting it up’. Thirty years old and needing Viagra. What a joke his life had become. He was massively in debt, working for his cunt brother, and to top it off, his acne was spreading as fast as his testicles were shrinking. His pecs had developed gynecomastia, and that bothered him even more. He reached for the tattered remnant of Umberto Morelli’s shirt and inhaled its musky odour. He snorted the shirt like he sometimes snorted coke. The odour worked its way into his system, the effect of which actually made his eyes water. How could a garment hold such a strong smell? He’d heard of Umberto Morelli, but never met him or saw him in the flesh. There were plenty of pics of him on the internet, though, but 99 percent of the comments they got were from sceptics who believed the pics to be morphed. But the shirt told a story to John via his senses, and so he smelt it again and again. It was intoxicating. It was the smell of a bodybuilder, possibly the most densely muscled bodybuilder to ever exist. It was the smell of lifting hundreds of pounds of weight thousands of times; it exuded the essence of a man determined to grow bigger and bigger. His sweat screamed of this desire. His musk radiated determination at its most masculine. His testosterone quadrupled the strength of the man-stink. And it also reeked of his spunk, and, most likely, that of other Gridiron members. Lesser bodybuilders compared to Umberto, but still huge men in their own right if John were to compare himself to them. How many of these demi-gods had splashed the shirt with their own essences as they whacked off uncontrollably to the beat of Umberto Morelli pumping himself up in their gym? How much of their own sweat had rubbed off on the shirt whenever the god brushed past them as he moved about the gym on his insatiable journey of growth and power? Every day Umberto would pump up larger and stronger as he broke his records from the previous day surrounded by awestruck muscle-men who could only dream of even reaching half the size of the monster muscle-god. The shirt told all of this to John through touch and smell alone. It had transcended the mundane, no longer a piece of sweat-sodden fabric to be discarded and forgotten. It was a tapestry of power at its most primal and unsophisticated. It could absorb freakish, bodybuilding masculinity as readily as it could exude it. In this way it almost felt like it had a lifeforce of its own. The smell overwhelmed John, and so he feverishly rubbed the shirt across his chest. For the first time in ages, his dick started hardening without the need of medication. He grew more excited as his arousal intensified. John kept rubbing the shirt harder and harder into his chest until the acne pimples mottling his pecs began to ooze. He didn’t care; he was so turned on now. He continued to salve himself with the shirt using his left hand. He used his right hand to masturbate, something he hadn’t done since the steroids determined he couldn’t without a lot of help. He thought about being the biggest and strongest bodybuilder ever to exist, and this only made his arousal much greater. Before he could stop himself, he messed up all over his abs as he shot a torrent of jizz out of his hitherto near-stagnant prick. The air in the room was now saturated with Umberto’s muscle-musk, making it hard to breathe. The wank had winded him, and so John reached for his asthma inhaler, something he’d been using since childhood. It was after midnight when he got into bed, and it didn’t take long for him to settle. He was soon asleep, the chequered remains of a blue, navy and white shirt lying across his imperfect pecs.
  3. Era de mañana en el diario "El Clarín", en una de sus oficinas se encontraba Peter Parker, un chico castaño de 27 años de edad, medía 1.85 y pesaba 90 kgs. de músculo, estéticamente bien distribuido, traía puesta esa mañana una camisa blanca que se ajustaba bien a su anatomía atlética, pero sin ser demasiado llamativo, la camisa se ajustaba bien en su pecho y bíceps, también llevaba un pantalón negro de vestir y un calzado del mismo color, bien lustrado, el cuello de su camisa desabotonado solo para permitirle respirar bien y no sofocarse, pues el viaje matutino usando sus poderes para llegar al diario había sido bastante veloz, tomó las mangas de la camisa y las arremangó para dejar descubiertos sus antebrazos mientras tomaba un folder con fotos de Spiderman, se sonrió entre sí. Estos meses habían sido importantes para él, encontró un traje alien que lo había mejorado por completo, le dió más velocidad, agilidad, fuerza, músculos, y sobre todo un crecimiento en su virilidad que él en un principio no podía creer, aún recordaba cuando solo medía 1.75 y pesaba solo 70kgs., era sorprendente lo que unos meses con el traje le habían hecho, de tener un pedazo de solo 16 cms. de virilidad en erección pasó a tener un monstruo de 25 cms. No dejaba de ver sus fotos, apaleando maleantes la noche anterior, era magnífico, pensaba en el puesto que estaba compitiendo en ese momento como fotógrafo de planta, el otro hombre definitivamente no tenía oportunidad, dió un sorbo a su café mientras seguía sentado y vió la puerta de entrada de la oficina. Llegó alguien, justamente el hombre que no tenía oportunidades contra Parker, era nada más y nada menos que su compañero de oficina, Eddie Brock. Eddie era ya un hombre de 37 años de edad, a pesar de ser mayor en edad que Peter, se veía más joven, era rubio, de cabello corto, facciones joviales, ojos azules y totalmente lampiño, la vida no le había favorecido, nunca tuvo oportunidad de ejercitarse, ni hacer dietas u otro tipo de cosas debido a su físico, medía tan solo 1,65 cms de alto y pesaba tan solo 60kgs., definitivamente no imponía de ninguna forma, todo mundo le pasaba por encima y últimamente alguien en especial. El pobre Eddie llegó agitado y sudando a la oficina, con su maletín color café a un lado. Eddie estaba vestido con una camisa de color azul cielo que resaltaba aquellos ojos suyos, un pantalón café y calzado del mismo color, todo se hubiera visto bien de no ser por que todo le quedaba grande, a excepción del calzado, la camisa le colgaba de los laterales, y ni que decir de los hombros y las mangas, daba la impresión de que un niño se había vestido con la ropa de su padre, debido a ello nunca tuvo oportunidad de ligar con alguien en su vida. Mientras aún respiraba de manera agitada veía a Parker bastante fresco y seguro de su persona. Eddie se cuestionaba cómo era posible que Parker estaba así si vivía más lejos que él del trabajo, a pesar de tener cierto recelo al castaño, lo saludó ... - Hola, buenos días Parker - Se oyó su voz algo aguda, parecía la voz de un joven de 15 años. - ¿Cómo le haces para llegar antes que yo, si yo vivo más cerca? Peter lo miró de reojo y sonriendo mientras tomaba su café, le dijo: - Por que me levanto más temprano que tú, "amiguito". Eddie miró a Parker, notó que el castaño había mejorado mucho su físico en los últimos meses, sabía que eso no era normal en una persona, además Eddie siempre peleaba por entrar en el bus de la primera hora, mínimo debería que ver a Parker en el transporte o llegar al mismo tiempo si es que Peter tomaba el bus de otra ruta. Eddie terminó por mejor dejar de pensar en ello y se metió al baño para refrescarse un poco, aún así no podía dejar de sentirse frustrado, al salir vio al Sr. Jameson hablando con Peter y solo dijo él: - Hola Sr ... Jameson y Parker vieron al rubio de reojo y siguieron en su plática ... si, literalmente lo habían ignorado. Parker le mostró al jefe sus fotos de Spiderman, Jameson quedó satisfecho como siempre con aquellas fotografías, las tomó y se fue sin decir nada, Peter vio al rubio de nuevo ... -Vaya, de nuevo se te fue el avión del éxito " amiguito ". - El castaño volvió a tomar su café y a darle un sorbo mientras se recargaba en el rubio y lo veía como poca cosa - No te preocupes Eddie, siempre debe haber un segundón para que el primer lugar brille más y descuida, cuando me den el puesto , serás mi "asistonto", te lo aseguro. El rubio apretó su puño y saco su hombro del contacto de Parker para después tomar su maletín y probar suerte en la ciudad por unas fotografías. Peter solo lo vió: -Bye "pequeñín". Oye cuando vuelvas de pasear tráeme un café ... - El castaño sonrió mientras veía salir al rubio -Pobre Eddie, casi me da pena el pobre, pero bueno, no puede competir con un súper hombre como yo ... Parker se quedó de ocioso en la oficina mientras esperaba que fuera más tarde para la hora de la comida, total, al final sabía que en la noche tomaría sus fotos, mientras tanto cuando Eddie salía ... - Maldito parker, su actitud ha cambiado , es un pedante ahora- murmuraba el rubio mientras iba a su lugar secreto dentro del diario, era un cubículo abandonado y muy reducido, solo tenía espacio para una silla y unas cuantas cosas, Eddie entró y activó su radio clandestino de la policía mientras seguía pensando en Parker - solo por que ha cambiado su físico y tiene suerte con las fotos me trata así. Ya se había hecho tarde y Parker tenía hambre ya: - ¡Maldición Brock !, ¡¿Dónde te metiste?!, Sabes que quiero mi comida a cierta hora, maldito enano. - Peter salió de la oficina bastante enojado y se dirigió a la calle para comprar algo y así calmar su apetito, ya pudiendo comprar algo se tranquilizó un poco, pero seguía molesto debido a que aún consumiendo lo que había comprado, su hambre no desaparecía. - Comí demasiado y aún tengo hambre, no lo entiendo, ¡¿Por qué me está pasando esto ?! - El castaño empezaba a enfadarse más, pero en ese momento comenzó a activarse su sentido arácnido. - Sí, lo que me faltaba- se fue a un callejón oscuro y metió su ropa de civil en una bolsa de telaraña -Vamos a perseguir a los chicos malos y a tomar fotos. Mientras tanto Brock salía a toda prisa, escuchó sobre un asalto a un banco cercano y salió disparado del diario, directo a la acción. Al salir vió al mismo tiempo a Spiderman ir hacia la escena del crimen, no era lejos, Brock corrió lo más deprisa que podía, pero llegó demasiado tarde, al estar ya en el lugar solo vio cómo Spiderman salía de escena y varios criminales envueltos en telaraña, pegados a los postes de luz, el rubio se sintió fatal, otra escena de acción se le había escapado. - Maldición, así no lograré nada. Tomó fotos de lo que podía y regresó al diario lo más pronto que pudo, tenía en mente lograr ofrecer sus fotos antes de que Parker apareciera, aunque era muy raro, Peter nunca estaba en la escena y aún así conseguía fotos. Al llegar a la oficina se sorprendió, Parker ya estaba ahí, entregándole varias fotos a Jameson. Brock veía como su oportunidad se desvanecía mientras el jefe entraba a su oficina con Peter detrás de él, el pequeño rubio solo se sentó en su escritorio bastante agitado de tanto correr y entonces ... -¡¡¡Brock !!! Parker gritó como si fuera el jefe al entrar en su oficina compartida, mientras que el rubio solo lo veía con enfado y Parker cerraba de un portazo el lugar y Eddie lo cuestionó. -No sé cómo le haces ... Tú estabas aquí en la oficina y vuelves con fotos y no estás cansado ... - Peter se acercaba poco a poco a Brock que aún seguía agitado, pero confrontándolo, el rubio no sabía si eso era una buena idea o no, pero ya lo estaba haciendo. -¡¿Qué quieres Parker ?! -¡¿Qué quiero?! - Parker sonrió con algo de burla, y así tomó del cuello de la camisa con ambas manos a Brock, levantándolo del suelo, mientras el rubio veía como los pectorales, bíceps y antebrazos del castaño se tensaban en la camisa. - Esas no son maneras de contestarle a tu futuro jefe .- Parker acercó su cara a la del rubio - ¡¿Porqué olvidaste mi comida, maldito enano ?! -¿Cu ... cuál comida ?, No me pe ... pe ... pediste na..nada, solo un café... si regresaba, pero ... - ¡Cállate !, Deja de balbucear como estúpido , sabes que si te pido algo tienes que traer eso y más, en todo caso no me trajiste ¡Nada !, Eso no es de buenos amigos. ¿Oh si? Pequeño charal sudoroso. Las venas del antebrazo de Parker estaban dilatadas debido al tiempo de mantener suspendido al rubio. - Tú ... Tú no eras así .... ¿Que te pasó? - Dijo el rubio algo asustado y triste mientras el semblante de Parker cambiaba de ser agresivo a estar algo fuera de sí, soltando a Brock y dejándolo caer al suelo. - Yo ... Yo ..., Vete por comida y no tardes - El castaño le lanzó billetes en la cara a Brock - Hazlo ya ... Después de eso el rubio se arrastró por el suelo, tomó el dinero y salió disparado de la oficina, pero aún le temblaban algo las piernas. - Maldito Parker. ¿Qué se creé el idiota? No, mejor no lo hago enojar más, no se qué más me podría hacer - El rubio vuelve con una ensalada y pechuga de pollo asada, no había tardado nada en verdad. - Ahí tienes Parker, que te aproveche.- Eddie no pudo evitar decirlo con un tono algo desafiante. - Ya era hora - Mientras tanto Peter no prestó atención al tono de Brock, estaba tan hambriento que solo le importaba la comida, el rubio de lejos veía cómo Peter comía, parecía ansioso y desesperado, como un animal salvaje, incluso soltaba unos cuantos gruñidos , así que prefirió salir e ir al baño, mientras tanto solo pensaba en la conducta de Parker durante los últimos meses, se dirigió al baño del piso, abrió la puerta y se dirigió a uno de los mingitorios. Desenfundó su pedazo de carne, solo medía 8 cms., Y eso si fuera erecto, en reposo solo eran 5 cms, así es, el rubio era pequeño hasta en eso. Mientras orinaba y sentía pena por si mismo oyó abrirse la puerta del baño, para su desgracia era nada más y nada menos que Peter que lo observaba, el castaño comenzó a olfatear, cómo si oliera algo en el ambiente y mientras hacía eso su pantalón de vestir marcaba la gran erección de Parker, el pedazo caliente de 25 cms. de su entrepierna, estaba al máximo. - Aaaaahhhh- el castaño parecía apreciar algún olor. - Aquí huele ... - Dijo el castaño acercándose a Brock. -¿Qué quieres decir con eso? - Eddie guardó su falo y subió la bragueta de su pantalón, tenía un presentimiento y pensaba mejor salir lo antes posible de aquel lugar. - Seguro es el baño, está mal lavado, saldré y le diré al personal del aseo. Parker se acercó al rubio y lo tomó con bastante fuerza. - ¡Eres tú! ... ¡Tú apestas! - Parker volvió a cargar al rubio como lo había hecho ya hace rato y empezó a frotar su gran erección en la entrepierna de Eddie mientras al mismo tiempo le oprimía su pequeña hombría. -Quieres ser preñado.- El rubio estaba acorralado y se sintió indefenso, no podía ocultar su rostro de preocupación. -Parker, si ... si ... huelo así es por qué corrí mu ... mucho hoy ... Me pondré des ... desodorante para no mo ... molestarte ... - Tú quieres ser preñado- Parker parecía un animal salvaje que no razonaba. - ¡¿Preñarme?!, ¡¿A qué te refieres ?! Parker soltó a Brock pero solo para tomarlo fuertemente por la cintura. -Sabes que necesitas un macho, pequeña perra.- El castaño empezaba a merodear con su mano de forma lasciva el cuerpo del rubio aún por encima de la ropa de éste, la mano de Peter empezaba a deslizarse hacia la pelvis de Eddie, casi por tocar su hombría, pero en ese momento Parker se detuvo . - No ... No ... Esto no está bien ... No ... - Peter soltó al rubio de inmediato y salió rápidamente del baño. Eddie sudaba frío, solo en el baño, pegado a la pared aún, traumatizado, se sintió débil y frágil, sus piernas no dejaban de temblar, era la primera vez que alguien intentaba violarlo, solo pudo encogerse y quedarse en estado fetal en el piso de aquel baño.
  4. HUMPING IRON By Lorus “Happy birthday, son!” Ralph Braithwaite handed his son Brandon the keys to a brand new Ferrari 458 before hugging him like the spoiled brat he was. The Braithwaites had so much money, thanks to Ralph’s grandfather striking it rich in the oil business decades before. But that didn’t stop Ralph going on to establish one of the most profitable law firms in the country. “Oh Daddy, my very own Ferrari. How did you know I wanted that more than anything?” Brandon beamed with joy. Having grown up with affluenza, the eighteen year-old knew nothing of the value of things. But he liked owning things, especially if they were super expensive. “Oh your Dad knows these things, son. Besides, I got a good deal on it. It only set me back $287 thousand. I think your mom has something for you too. In fact, is that you coming down the massive staircase of our home in your clackety-clack Christian Louboutin heels I got for your anniversary, dearest?” Sure enough, Allegra Braithwaite flowed into the huge living room of their 120-roomed mansion, positively trembling with excitement. “Good morning to my two favourite men. And happy birthday to my baby boy.” An astute germaphobe, Allegra hated touching anyone, and simply blew her son a kiss from several feet away. She then handed him an envelope with diamond-encrusted silver tongs she used to pick up most things. “Thanks mom. You look great, by the way. Really thin,” said Brandon, accepting the envelope with gusto. He opened it and read the contents within. “Wow, my trust fund from Pop-pop has matured. I just inherited $100 million big ones. Wow. I’m so fucking rich.” The Braithwaites didn’t mind their only offspring swearing. He’d been doing it since he was able to talk, and most of the time he’d string up expletives to shoot at the cleaning staff and many governesses that couldn’t stick working for the family for more than a week or two at a time. “Well, enjoy your day, son. I have to get to the office for a major meeting with the partners. I’m thinking of buying them out of the firm, so I could be gone for a while.” That said, Ralph summarily left, grabbing a croissant flown in from Paris on his way out. “And I have a tennis lesson, darling. Fernando is fitting me in at ten-thirty, so I need my hair and nails done before I arrive on the court,” said Allegra. In fact, unbeknownst to her husband, Fernando would be “filling her in” straight after the lesson. This was Brandon’s life. His parents loved him, but spent very little time actually with him. He was about to tell them he was gay, but fuck it. He wanted to take his new toy out for a spin. He wanted to look his best and so rode the elevator up to his bedroom to select his favourite preppy shirt, bow tie, pastel shorts, and a Gucci V-neck sweater to drape around his broad shoulders. He came from a long line of wealthy, handsome men, and Brandon was no exception. He was six feet tall, with golden blonde hair combed to the side with a side part, and shaved neatly at the sides and to the nape of his neck. He had ocean blue eyes and olive skin with golden undertones. His teeth were sparkling white and perfect in every way. He was very handsome indeed. Wealthy beyond all reason, and a spoiled brat to boot. Playing tennis and sailing his yacht had helped to give him a pleasing physique. He had nice pecs and a firm, flat stomach with a few abs showing. He was a bit on the top heavy side, but he liked that a lot. He’d always dreamed of being a bodybuilder, but his rich extravagant lifestyle always got in the way of such a vocation. Unlike his on and off boyfriend Gaylord Bentley-Pugh, also a rich spoiled brat. Gaylord’s father was a rich movie producer, and so the muscle-stud had already been in several movies, usually minor roles because he couldn’t act for shit. But he had screen-god looks and had been bodybuilding for three years so far. He hadn’t yet competed in any shows, but he was considering doing one within a year or so. “I think I’ll call my gorgeous bodybuilding boyfriend Gaylord,” said Brandon, after he was fully dressed. “Hey babes. I got a sick Ferrari for my birthday… wanna go for a ride?” “Sure, honey. Did you tell them you’re gay yet?” “I was gonna, but you know they always have things to do in a heartbeat. Besides, I don’t really care if they know or not. I just inherited a fucking fortune. We should celebrate. Go for a ride in the Ferrari. Have lunch at the fanciest most expensive restaurant on the East Coast, then sun ourselves on the family yacht. Maybe have some of your bodybuilder friends aboard for a seafaring orgy!” “That sounds like the perfect birthday, Brandon. Just let me finish my chest exercises and you can swing by and pick me up in thirty, yeah?” “Sounds great, Gaylord. I love you.” *** Gaylord had to be cut out of his side of the Ferrari. His legs had been pinned under the crumpled dash when Brandon lost control of the car and careened the left side into a wall. The air bags tripped, of course, and Gaylord lost consciousness. It was Brandon’s fault. He’d had one too many Bucks Fizzes at lunch, made with a particularly strong brand of champagne. The cops on the scene breathalysed him, and found him to be over the limit. Strangely there wasn’t a scratch on him, although he insisted they take him to the emergency room as he felt himself swallow something during the accident. There was a metallic taste in his mouth, but otherwise he looked fine apart from being somewhat inebriated. The cops read him his rights and slapped cuffs on him. “You can’t arrest me, officer. My dad is Ralph Braithwaite, top attorney. He’ll make all this go away, and see that you end up working the security night shift at a rundown mall!” And that was how Brandon Braithwaite spent two hours of his birthday in a jail cell. *** Sure enough, when Ralph heard what had happened, he went straight to the police station to bail out his son. Crying in his father’s limousine afterward, Brandon worried about Gaylord. “Dad, Gaylord isn’t just my best friend. He… he’s my… boyfriend. I wanted to tell you and mom earlier, but you never have time for me. You never did.” “It’s okay, son. We already know you’re gay. We’ve always known. Well, actually Consuela Number Fifteen hinted to us that you might be when she was fluffing your pillows and found your stash of “Glory Hole Monthly” behind your headboard. Here, use my cell phone to call the hospital.” Brandon composed himself and phoned the hospital to inquire about Gaylord. Fortunately the injuries to his legs weren’t that serious, and the doctor on the phone was confident he’d make a full recovery upon referral to a plastic surgeon. “What about his bodybuilding? Will he be able to continue with that?” The doctor said that he’d need some time to recover, but that it wouldn’t be a problem for him to return to the gym eventually. Brandon breathed a sigh of relief. “I’ll make all this go away, son. No way they’ll convict you for drunk driving. I get people off on those all the time. No sweat.” Ralph patted his son on the leg and then indicated to the driver to take them home. Later that night… Brandon tossed and turned in his sleep. He couldn’t settle. He’d brushed and flossed and gargled with mouthwash, but he still couldn’t get the metallic taste out of his mouth. It was driving him crazy. His father had already ordered him another Ferrari, the other one fit for a junkyard once the police were done with it. Brandon got out of bed and rang for the butler to get up and bring him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. “Very good sir,” said Cheedle the butler, not one bit annoyed that the spoiled brat had woken him up from a particularly spicy dream. Brandon ate the sandwich, but he still couldn’t get the taste of metal out of his mouth. He still felt hungry, ravenous actually. “Cheedle, ring for the family doctor. Get him over here pronto. If he says it’ll have to wait until tomorrow, tell him I’ll fucking destroy his reputation as a physician, like I did with the last one!” “Very good sir. At once sir,” said Cheedle, and to himself: fucking rich cunt. The doctor arrived at the Braithwaite estate within thirty minutes. He performed a thorough examination of Brandon but couldn’t find anything wrong. “I feel like I swallowed something, maybe a piece of metal when the car crashed. I want it out of me, doctor.” “Well Brandon, I can’t do anything here without an x-ray. I’ll arrange for you to get one in the morning. If there is something foreign inside you, we’ll deal with it accordingly.” “Fine. I want it first thing in the morning!” The doctor left and Brandon eventually collapsed into bed, utterly exhausted. *** At 6 a.m. Brandon woke up, feeling strangely refreshed. He checked his mouth for the taste, and was relieved it was no longer there. Maybe he hadn’t swallowed any metal at all. Then, as he made to slide his legs out of bed to the lavishly expensive carpet below, several forks and spoons slid out with him. They clattered around his feet. “What?” A closer inspection revealed the alarming truth. There were bite marks all over the cutlery. Brandon picked up a half-eaten spoon. There were teeth marks on the handle. He suddenly felt the urge to match his bite to the marks. They were a perfect fit. “I don’t remember doing that. But how could I be strong enough to chew through metal?” He then walked towards his huge en suite bathroom, passing by a mirror as he went. With only tight boxer briefs on, Brandon took in a shocking sight. His body had undergone a dramatic transformation. He had grown. A lot. “What in the world? I’m bigger than Gaylord. I’m fucking huge.” Sure enough Brandon had transformed overnight into a light-heavyweight bodybuilder. He had muscles bulging just about everywhere, and his boxer briefs were stretched near to bursting at the seams. “I’m beautiful. But how is this possible?” He began popping different flexing poses, each time his muscles bulged in every way it’s possible for muscles to bulge. He rang for Cheedle. The butler arrived promptly, even though he’d had fuck all sleep the night before thanks to Little Lord Fuckeroy. Cheedle tried not to look surprised. He’d come from a long line of butlers, going back several generations. He’d pretty much had most of his emotions bred out of him. But he couldn’t hide his shock at seeing Brandon’s new body. “Cheedle. Tell me I’m not dreaming and that this is real,” Brandon demanded. “Sir, you are not dreaming, and this is real, sir!” “That’s what I thought. Now what do you make of this?” Brandon tossed a half-eaten spoon at the butler, who caught it with almost superhuman precision. “It would seem sir has been… um … snacking on the silverware.” Brandon then became aware that his butt-hole felt a little tender. He slipped down his boxers and ordered Cheedle to take a look at his sensitive ass. “Hmm… it would seem something has created a friction burn around your, erm… rear entrance?” “That means I must’ve stuck something up my ass, right?” “I would assume so, sir… and repeatedly to boot.” And then: “If I could be so bold, sir, one of the chambermaids reported a candlestick missing from the drawing room. Such an item may be to blame for the injury to your derriere, sir.” “A candlestick? A FUCKING CANDLESTICK?” Brandon’s usually olive skin turned red around his face as he flew into a rage. Cheedle took two prudent steps backward. “Are you suggesting that I shoved a candlestick repeatedly up my ass? I have no memory of it. Or eating fucking forks and spoons for that matter!” “It may be the cause of your apparent physical transformation, sir. Although I wouldn’t be knowledgeable on such things. Perhaps there is an element of the supernatural involved. Should I contact the Winchesters?” “Fuck those losers. I won that 67 Impala from Dean in that pie eating chow-off fair and square. No… I’ll get to the bottom of this myself.” “Looks like the candlestick beat you to it, sir, if you don’t mind me saying.” “Start searching every inch of this room. If it’s not here, search the entire fucking mansion. I want that candlestick found. In the meantime, I have an x-ray to get to.” *** Brandon was at the hospital for 8 a.m. The x-ray revealed nothing. There were no foreign objects present in his body, although his blood was quite rich in iron, but the levels weren’t threatening. In fact, the doctor gave him a clean bill of health and complimented him on his physique. He was probably gay. Afterward, Brandon visited Gaylord in his private ward. Brandon didn’t want to alarm him, and so he made sure to wear a baggy sweater and jogging pants. Still, it was difficult to hide the changes to his physique. “Thanks for stopping by, sweetie. I’m feeling better. My legs are sore but they got me on the good stuff,” said Gaylord, his words a little slurred because of the morphine. Seeing that he was stoned, Brandon thought it wouldn’t hurt to show Gaylord his upper body. So he took off the sweater, finding it a little difficult to get the garment up and over his muscles. It wasn’t an entirely unpleasant experience either. “Whoa… dude… what happened to you, and please can I have some!” Gaylord popped a raging boner under the bed quilt. He had a huge dick, so the steepling effect was considerable. It made his legs hurt more, however. Brandon deftly executed a full lat spread, now that he was wearing just his joggers. His body swelled to muscular brilliance, veins and striations erupting everywhere. He was easily forty to fifty pounds heavier than Gaylord, although before the transformation he was about thirty pounds lighter than his bodybuilder boyfriend. “Something happened when I crashed the Ferrari. I know I swallowed something out of the car when it hit the wall, but nothing showed up in the x-rays. There are also half-eaten forks and spoons in my bedroom. And a candlestick is missing. I think I stuck it up my ass. But it’s nowhere to be found.” Brandon turned his back to Gaylord and then pulled down his joggers. His bubble-but was now very muscular and deeply striated. Gaylord, although groggy, could clearly see the burn marks around the hole. His thighs were rippling with muscle. Gaylord got so turned on. His boner got even harder. “I wish it had happened to you, as well. You probably wouldn’t have been injured as much. I gotta try something.” Gaylord’s breakfast tray hadn’t been collected yet. He’d not eaten much, as the food from the hospital cafeteria was far below the grade they were both accustomed to eating. Brandon was suddenly ravenous. Had he eaten anything before leaving the mansion? He couldn’t remember. What was up with his memory? He didn’t have a concussion or a hangover. Maybe the champagne from the day before was stronger than he realised. He wolfed down the rest of Gaylord’s waffles and syrup, and even licked the plate clean. Then he picked up a fork and licked his lips. An insatiable feeling washed through him. He placed the fork in his mouth and started to chew. The metal instantly heated up from friction and fatigue as he worked it around in his mouth. His mouth and tongue should have been bleeding at this point, but that didn’t happen. Gaylord snapped out of his morphine reverie and couldn’t believe what Brandon was doing. “Mmmm. It was so tasty. So good!” Brandon chewed up the top of the fork like it was taffy. He kept going until it was utterly devoured. Then he did the same with the knife. “Brandon, what’s happening to you? That’s not normal. You should see one of the doctors here.” “I feel fine. Just still hungry.” Brandon spied Gaylord’s chart hanging from the end of his bed. He took off the paper part, pleased to see that the clipboard part was made of metal. Brandon raised it to his mouth and bit off a corner, chewing noisily. “Jeezus, Brandon, cut it out. You’ll hurt yourself. I’m calling for a nurse!” Gaylord pressed the buzzer to get a nurse. The one that he got was an Hispanic-looking male nurse. It said Luis on his nametag. He was handsome and hairy underneath his scrubs. His eyes widened in shock when he saw the shirtless millionaire. Brandon bounced his pecs vigorously. Another steeple formed, this time out of the nurse’s pants. The nurse was carrying a clean bed pan. Brandon eyed it hungrily. “It’s okay Nurse Luis. Gaylord doesn’t need a whizz, but nothing to stop you from sticking around for a muscle show!” Brandon’s confidence with his new self was becoming more pronounced. He liked the feeling of having big muscles. But why stop at just ‘big’? He threw up a double biceps pose, his guns peaking and hardening like the metal he was now fond of eating. Luis, not un-muscular by any means, loved the size and form of Brandon's big biceps. He longed to lick them and caress them. “I’ll let you worship me if you give me that bedpan, Luis!” Brandon wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. Gaylord didn’t seem to mind another guy getting his hands on his boyfriend’s new muscles. He was good like that. Speechless and full of lust, Luis handed over the bedpan. But this time Brandon didn’t take a bite out of it. He began to crush it between his hands, causing all of the muscles of his upper body to bulge hugely, and veins and sinews to pop out all over his arms, chest, and neck. Both Luis and Gaylord couldn’t believe such a feat of strength. “Yeah, this feels so great, you guys. It would seem with great muscles comes great strength, too.” Brandon was awed by his new power. He continued to deform and compress the bedpan. To him it felt like very, very, thick aluminium foil and not the tempered stainless steel it had originally been fashioned from. The metal became hot to his grasp. It should have been too hot to handle at this point. But he continued to crush it into a smaller, denser shape. When it was down to the size of a snooker ball, Brandon started munching on it like an apple. “It’s so delicious, guys. I wish you could try some. But you can’t, because you are weak, whereas I am fucking strong. And I’m getting stronger, too!” “You… you’re also getting bigger,” cried Gaylord, suddenly the pain in his legs no longer registering due to the astonishing thing he bore witness to. “Yeah, I can feel it. I can feel my skin getting tighter as my muscles continue to grow bigger than before. Aw… so amazing,” said Brandon between metallic mouthfuls. “I need more food though. It helps the metal go down better.” Without thinking, a mesmerised Luis took a granola bar out of his pocket. Brandon snatched it from him and didn’t even unwrap it. He just popped the whole thing into his mouth. His muscles got bigger and bigger, oozing with razor-sharp definition. Muscles bounced and rolled around on him like over-sized ball bearings. The sinew and tendons beneath his skin were like coiled springs, eager to release their energy and fuel his growth further. “Grrr… I’m getting huge!” As Brandon began to outgrow every super-heavyweight bodybuilder in existence, his muscles tore free of his joggers, rendering him completely naked. His dick and balls were now obscenely huge, with the dick reaching way past the foot-long point. It didn’t quite curve upward; rather it had a slight warp to it, and kinked somewhat to the left as the warp occurred about midway along the shaft. Gaylord loved his boyfriend’s dick, believing that a dick with a warp in it gave a better fuck up his ass. Brandon swallowed the granola bar, but he was still hungry. This time he needed to feed another hole. He eyed up Gaylord’s drip stand. Yeah, that would do. The bag of happy juice hanging from it was all but empty at this point. Just as Luis started to masturbate to the incredible sight before him, he heard himself being paged over the intercom. Fuck it, he thought. I can always go back to bartending. He ignored the call, and locked the door behind him. Brandon removed the drip bag from the stand and lifted it up with ease. He broke off the top and bottom parts (he’d eat them later), and was left with about six feet of stem. It was hollow, but sturdy. Still, he re-shaped it with little effort, and in just a couple of minutes he’d fashioned a crude but workable dildo. There was a problem, however. He was now too muscular to insert the dildo himself. Gaylord couldn’t for obvious reasons, and Luis was too engaged in his wank to be of any use. Brandon had an idea. He bent a few inches from one end in such a way that he could hook it to the back of a radiator. He then pressed in the top of the radiator as if it was wet putty, in order to better secure his prize. When it was in the right position, he went to work on himself. “Oh fuck… that feels so good. A little sore, but I can break through the pain threshold,” he exclaimed with delight. He spent the next five minutes pleasuring himself. It caused his dick to erupt with a torrent of jizz, which splattered all over Luis, who’d just shot his own modest load. “Oh yeaaaahhhh!!” Brandon enjoyed this release better than any that came before. Gaylord also shot a load into his pyjamas. When their orgasms subsided, they all caught their breaths. It was then that Brandon noticed all that remained of his dildo was the hook part he’d made to fix it to the radiator. The rest was nowhere to be found. Brandon began to laugh. Luis started to laugh as well. Gaylord didn’t find anything remotely funny. This was an incredible experience, something beyond his wildest dreams, seeing his boyfriend transform before his eyes into a massively huge bodybuilder. Because he’d no phone of his own, Brandon reached for Gaylord’s on the nightstand beside his bed. “Please don’t eat that. I only got it two days ago,” Gaylord pleaded. Brandon said nothing, but dialled home. Cheedle answered, as he usually did. “Hey Cheedle, you can call off the search. I know what happened to the candlestick.” Brandon proudly bounced his pecs, displaying the smuggest grin possible. “Very good, sir!”
  5. Hi, everyone! So I'm starting this experimental series to see if a more traditional narrative would work here, and I would really appreciate all feedback and critique to help me improve. This is mostly going to involve more plot and character than growing, although there will still be a lot of growing done. It just won't be the main focus (for now). Writing is something I don't normally get to do on a regular basis, but it's something I want to make a living out of, so all advice is incredibly welcome. I am more than willing to alter the way the narrative develops and is written depending on how people prefer their pacing and writing. Thanks and enjoy! Hard at Work [Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5a -5b - 6 - 7 - 8a - 8b - 8c - 9 - 10 - 11a - 11b - 12a - 12b - 13] PART 1 Working at my job wasn’t exactly the most exciting thing in the world, but it paid the bills. On an average day, I would sit at my desk, wondering how a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry got me a job in human resources. It’s not like I had particularly good chemistry with other people either. During my time at the company so far, I’ve only been able to get close to two people. One of them was a co-worker of mine named Marcus. He often pulled pranks on me and made childish jokes at my expense whenever we took a break for coffee. Normally, him being a 23-year-old man, anyone would expect some sort of maturity or sense of responsibility. Marcus was nothing of the sort. He played around far too much and just did whatever the hell he wanted to. Every attempt our boss had at scolding him fell on deaf ears. With any other employee, our boss’ words would stop us dead in our tracks. Boss had that charismatic, authoritative aura about him. Unlike Marcus, our boss, Mr. Wesley Smith, or just Wes, took everything seriously. He had a reputation to uphold. Sure, he had his fair share of dad jokes every now and then, but people in the workplace were already so used to Marcus’ absurd antics that nobody ever really noticed. The three of us were often referred to around the office as the “threesome of power.” In one way or another, we all held some sort of power around the office. Wes had his obvious influence and status. Marcus had his absurdity and over-all charisma. Compared to them, I didn’t have as much. All anyone ever told me was that I was the glue that held together our little threesome. In my opinion, it’s just an excuse to call us a threesome since we’re always together. I wasn’t a big fan of the name, honestly. Especially since I was the only gay one. The main reason people chose to describe us as a “threesome” specifically is that Marcus and Wes were probably the most attractive and sought-after guys at the workplace. Marcus was 5’11” and pretty damn attractive. He had wavy, blonde hair that looked like it was streaked with chocolate, and his eyebrows were incredibly thick and a deep chestnut. Of the three of us, he also had the best body. He had been a model in his university years, so he developed a toned, muscled body with a deep V-shaped torso and disproportionate pecs and shoulders. On the other hand, Wes wasn’t bad looking, but all his time spent in bars showed. He was a good-looking man for his age, 31, having South-East Asian genes, and he had a strong square face that accentuated his stocky figure, being only 5’6”. He did go to the gym after work, but he developed a gut after all the vodka. People often say his most attractive feature is his cat eyes. His eyebrows also tilted inwards, so he always had this fierceness about him. It didn’t seem like he was meant to be built in any way besides a small tank either. While Marcus and Wes were the stars of our threesome, I was labeled the “DUFF.” I was only 24, but the new terms the kids kept coming up with always got lost on me. I was the least attractive among us, I must admit. 5’7” isn’t exactly a height anyone would be flaunting off. It’s not that I looked like Quasimodo though. I was just… average—nothing spectacular about me. On one particularly rainy day, Marcus approached me at my desk, wearing his favorite sky blue button-down. He leaned over the divider with a coffee in his hand and sipped it so loudly it echoed. “What are we gonna do about the rain? Do you wanna just move bar night to Wes’ condo again?” he asked. “Yeah, but have you asked him? We might still be banned since you wrecked his condo the last time.” Marcus flubbed his lips, nearly spilling his coffee on my desk. “Don’t worry about it! Wes’ll understand. Besides, this time we got someone to clean our shit.” “I’m not cleaning your mess this time, Marcus.” “Not you, stupid. I meant the new intern. Wes said he was coming in today.” I looked at him, puzzled. “What new intern? No one told me about any new interns.” “That’s because you never join the meetings.” “What? The last meeting we had was two months ago, and literally all we talked about was how you put red food coloring in the water tanks to make it look like we were drinking blood.” Marcus laughed. “Well, now we just have meetings at the bar. I managed to convince him to move our meetings to the conference room with the dancers.” He chuckled. I sighed. “Fine, whatever. What’s his name? The intern, I mean.” “Ah, wait.” Eric brought out his phone. “I’ll ask Wes.” We waited for the phone to pick up. As soon as we heard Wes’ voice, Marcus didn’t hesitate to yell. “Yo, Wes!” I could hear an audible sigh come from the phone. “What’s up, Marcus? I’m kinda busy right now.” “I just told Dory about the new intern, but I forgot his name. What was it again?” “Froy Adamson. 20 years old from Harbridge University. He just texted and said he was coming up. Could you two let him in and show him around? Thanks.” “Sure thing, sir.” Marcus bounced his head to the side and looked at me as if he were planning something. He always did his squinted eyes, raised eyebrows, and pouted mouth. It was a staple of his. He wasn’t fooling anyone doing a face like that. I wonder if he ever noticed. He put the phone back in his pocket. “Well, Dory, looks like you’ve got some more work to do.” I knew it. “Seriously? Didn’t he tell us to handle him? To-ge-ther?” Marcus shrugged. “Well, I’ve got some work to do, and I’m reeaally tired.” He yawned. “You can handle the kid by yourself, right?” I said yes, and he was off, walking back to his desk. I don’t know why I let him do this to me. He’s lucky he was hot. Before I could prepare myself for the new intern, there was a knock coming from the glass door. I got up and headed over. Only people without access cards couldn’t get in and had to knock, which meant it had to be the intern. If I heard correctly, his name was supposed to be Froy, and a student at Harbridge… damn, someone was loaded. I got to the glass door and saw him standing outside. He was wearing a black button-down with his sleeves rolled up and skintight black jeans. They must have been pretty big too since he looked like he had to be at least 6’1”. His jet black hair was short and cropped with little spikes sticking up. He had a cute face too. He had the most precious baby button nose and pronounced dimples, making him look younger than he actually was. I wouldn’t be surprised if girls crushed on him everywhere. He had a decently lean body, but he definitely had bodybuilder potential by the way his broad shoulders stuck outwards, much like Marcus’. However, it didn’t seem like he was the braggart type. If anything, he was a bookworm. He looked like he lived and breathed in a library. All he was missing was a pair of glasses, but instead, he had the most perfect eyelashes. The poor thing seemed soaked by the rain. I opened the door for him and let him come inside, causing him to shiver in his shirt from the cold, freezer-like office temperature. He smiled at me and giggled nervously. “Sorry, sir,” he said with a nervous smile. “I forgot to bring an umbrella. I didn’t think it would rain today.” My heart hadn’t fluttered in so long by a guy’s voice. The last time I felt this elevated was when I was still in college and chatting up the star football athlete before he got caught doping and got expelled. I missed having crushes like this. Thankfully, Froy seemed to be legal. A co-worker of mine already got fired once for having “intimate relations” with an underage intern. I wasn’t going to be next. “It’s fine. Are you Froy?” I asked. He nodded. “Yes, sir. I was supposed to start last week, but my mother had an emergency at the hospital, so I couldn’t leave.” “It’s fine, don’t worry. Family first,” I said. “Did you bring an extra shirt? You might get sick if you wear that wet shirt here all day.” “No, sir. I don’t have anything to change into. Sorry.” I grabbed his forearm. “It’s fine. Here, I’ll let you borrow one of my backup shirts.” “Sir, are you sure?” “Yeah, it’s fine.” I brought him to my desk where I grabbed him a seat. My co-workers who passed by would smile at him, enticed by his cute face and meek demeanor. He’d greet them back with a small wave and shy smile. Some people even came up and asked me if he was my new boyfriend. How many times did I have to tell everyone that I’ve never had a boyfriend before? They were just making the boy uncomfortable. I brought out a plain white shirt from my emergency kit and handed it over to him. He looked it over and thinking about it now, it was probably too small for him. Such was a con of being six inches shorter than someone. He held it up to the light, trying to estimate its size. “I don’t think it’s gonna fit,” I said. “Could I try it on, sir? Just to be sure?” “Sure, go ahead. Just don’t tear it.” I leaned back into my seat as I watched him begin unbuttoning his button-down. At the back of my mind, I knew this was leaning towards sexual harassment—and on the first day of his internship to boot—but I couldn’t help myself. The kid wasn’t reacting negatively either, so I guessed he was okay with it. A lawsuit was the last thing I needed. He started from the top-down, exposing his lean muscle underneath. He had a decently-sized chest for his leanness, and I never noticed how perky his nipples were underneath the black fabric either. There was no body hair on him too, just like Wes. “Nice abs,” I said. He blushed. “Ah, thank you, sir.” “You go to the gym or something? You play sports?” “No, sir. I used to be part of the gymnastics team, but I quit so I could focus on my studies.” Froy raised up his arms and tried squeezing into my shirt. He stuck his head through the tight hole and did his best to stretch out my shirt to fit in as much as possible. He looked ridiculous. It was like a man trying to wear a child’s dress. “You’ve still got a nice frame. If you went to the gym, I bet you could build it up easily,” I said. He looked ridiculous in my shirt. The sleeves didn’t even reach past his shoulders, so the fabric dug into his armpits. The shirt only reached the first set of abs, exposing his core and defined pelvis. It looked like a crop top. How he even got into something so tight is still a mystery to me. “Sir, I’m not sure I can wear this.” “Obviously.” I punched his abs. “Come on, let’s go ask someone else. I’m too short to be lending you my clothes.” “You’re not too short, sir.” “Yeah, you’re just too tall.” I told him to take off the shirt. He looked like he was in too much pain to be wearing something so ridiculous before we found a better replacement. As he raised it over his head and pulled his arms through the sleeves, he accidentally tore it down the side from the left sleeve down to the hem. He froze in panic. “Sir, I’m so sorry, sir, I didn’t mean to break your shirt. It was an accident, sir, I swear.” “Don’t worry about it,” I said. “It’s just a shirt.” His lean torso was now exposed to the cold of the office again, but at least he wasn’t squeezed so tightly in my shirt. I didn’t want to kill him before Marcus did. I couldn’t afford that kind of blood on my hands at my age. No way my salary was going to cover it. I led the tall kid over to Marcus’ desk at the other end of the office. Marcus looked visibly disturbed, watching in silence as I approached with a tall, shirtless kid following closely behind me. I didn’t know what he was going to say or do. His eyes just kept darting back and forth between us, seemingly asking me, “What the fuck is going on?” “Hey, Marcus, this is the intern, and he—” “Why is he shirtless?” Marcus interrupted. I looked back at Froy, looking lost as always. “He got wet in the rain, and I told him I’d get him a new shirt. I tried giving him mine, but, uh…” Marcus raised an eyebrow. “But what? Dory, I need to tell you as a friend that you are very small. Did you try lending him your shirt? Was it too small? Did you come all the way here, to my cubicle, while I’m working, to ask for a shirt from me?” “Yes.” “Alright, here you go.” Marcus dug into his drawer and tossed Froy a clean, black shirt. Froy looked confused but put on the shirt. It fit him perfectly. Thankfully, Marcus’ tailored shirts to fit his broad shoulders and chest fit Froy just right. It was a bit short at the hem though. His pelvis would peek whenever he moved, but he was well-covered. The sleeves also accentuated what muscle he had on his arms, as expected from Marcus. “I have to say though, he’s got a nice body,” Marcus said. “The ‘overtime work’ he’ll be doing later is gonna be a nice work-out.” “Marcus, he’s not a maid.” “And I’m not Frida Kahlo.” “You aren’t.” “Shut up,” Marcus said. “Hey, kid, you’ll be coming with us after work, right?” Froy’s eyes grew wide. “Uh…” “Marcus, it’s only his first day. He doesn’t even know our names yet!” “It’ll be fiiiine. My name’s Marcus Fringe, and there’s your Sir Dorian Yale. You can just call us Marcus and Dory. Our boss is Sir Wesley Smith: short, stocky Asian dude. You can call him Wes. If you ever wanna come work for us, you could be a part of our little circle of friends here. We got cookies.” “Oh, I like cookies,” Froy whispered. “Stop fucking with my intern, Marcus.” “You’re not my mom.” Wes’ office was right in front of Marcus’ cubicle. Any time Marcus made too much noise or whenever Wes would leave for the washroom and caught Marcus doing something stupid, Wes would be the first to scold him. He often threatened to lower his pay, but Marcus didn’t care. They were too close to actually do anything like that. As we were talking, the door to Wes’ office opened. He walked out, wearing a skintight banana yellow collared shirt that showed off his muscles and small gut. Every shirt in his wardrobe seemed to be skintight. I remember him telling us once that he was raised to only wear the tightest clothing because it makes you look bigger. He was only 5’6”, so I could understand why. “Why are you making so much noise, Marcus?” he asked, standing in the doorway. “Oh.” I waved at him. “Hi, sir. This is Froy, the intern. I was just asking Marcus for an extra shirt since he got wet in the rain.” “Well, take care of him then. Show him around the floor or something, I dunno,” Wes said. “Oh, and Dory…” “Yes, sir?” “Take him out with ya later, aight? We’re gonna have a little fun.” Oh god. “Yes, sir.” Wes was returning to his office when Froy spoke up. “Oh, sir!” he said. “How do I get through the door? I don’t have an access card.” “Hm? You don’t need an access card. You just grab the handle, twist it, then pull. That’s how you open a door.” “Wes, never speak again,” Marcus said. “What about this?” Wes whispered. “Or this ♪?” he sang. “I’m done,” I said. “And I’m just getting started!” He fired double finger guns at me with the silliest grin, laughing at himself immediately afterwards. We all separated and went back to our work for the day. I finished up the rest of my work as fast as I could so that I’d have more time to tour Froy around the building. It was just a hunch, but I thought he’d appreciate the convenience store. The store has an unlimited sundae cone deal where you could get as much ice cream as you wanted as long as it’s in one continuous swirl and it doesn’t fall over. When we got there, I saw his eyes light up like a child at the carnival. He wasted no time and immediately ordered a sundae cone. I didn’t even have to tell him. It seemed like he was used to doing this sort of thing already. By the time the ice cream was five inches tall, I was getting worried. It looked like it would fall at any moment. “Froy, are you sure you wanna keep going?” “Yes, sir! I’ve done this before. My mom calls me a master at this.” By the time it reached 8 inches tall, he stopped the machine. He stood still at first, watching it intently. It looked like he was trying to connect his soul to the sundae, becoming one with its spirit or something. When he finally got it to stabilize, he smiled. “See, sir?” he said. Then he raised it up and dunked it in his mouth, all the way down to the cone. My eyes grew wide. Froy just took in 8 inches of freezing cold sundae in his mouth like it was nothing. “What the fuck? Did you just eat the entire thing in one bite?” He nodded, still swallowing the ice cream. When he finished, he accidentally exhaled into my face, filling my nose with his cold, breath-infused chocolate smell. He apologized and offered to wipe it off my nose. I had to tell him to stop since he still had the cone to finish. “How the fuck did you do that?” “My brothers taught me when I was younger how to exercise my gag reflex so I could take in more things. I could fit a whole foot-long in my mouth too!” he said. “It just got kinda messy… so we had to stop.” His face sunk. The cute smile he wore faded away after it seemed like he remembered something. “What happened?” “They, uh, taught me to give them blowjobs when I was 12. I thought it was normal for a few years, then they got arrested for selling drugs when I was 15. My mother told me they were horrible to me and told me what they were doing to me was wrong. So now I’m trying to find a job to pay for my mother’s hospital bills since I’m her only family left. She already used up all her savings on my tuition.” I felt horrible for him and found myself hugging him. He was stiff and caught in surprise at first, but he softened up and wrapped his arms around me too. I didn’t know he lived like this. I couldn’t take advantage of someone like him. It wouldn’t be right. “I’m so sorry.” He gave his ice cream a quick lick. “Don’t worry, sir, it’s fine. I’m over it now. I still miss them though.” “Who? Your brothers? They molested you as a kid. You shouldn’t be missing them. They deserve to rot in prison.” “We used to play games every day outside our house. They even bought me a goldfish once for my 14th birthday since it was all they could afford with their own money. I named him Pudge.” We headed back to my desk upstairs after finishing his ice cream and filing for his access card. The issue with his brothers was something we didn’t want to bring up too much in case he got triggered. More than half the office had already gone home for the day. Marcus, Wes, and I planned to leave for Wes’ condo at 8pm with Froy together. After I finished up, I asked Froy if he was okay with it. It was only his first day as an intern. I wouldn’t be surprised if he declined. Who knows what we might have been planning to do to him outside office hours? “It’s okay with me, sir.” “Are you sure? I haven’t even told you what we were doing.” “Oh, uh,” he said before chuckling nervously. “We’re going to your sir Wes’s condo to drink. Wes and Marcus just want you to be their sober caretaker, so you don’t have to go if you don’t want to.” Froy waved his hands. “Oh, no, sir, it’s okay with me. I’m used to being the sober one with my friends.” “Oh, okay. And don’t worry about something bad happening to you. None of us have ever done anything crazy before. Besides, Marcus is straight, and Wes is bi, but he has a family. I’m the only gay one here.” His eyebrows shot up. “You’re gay, sir?” “Yeah, why?” He looked away. “Nothing, sir.” That led me to wonder. Was he also gay? I guessed I could always figure that out some other time. After we packed up, we headed down to the basement carpark where Marcus and Wes were waiting for us at Wes’ truck. There were paper cups everywhere. It seemed like they’d been waiting there for a few years by the way they were lounging around and drinking coffee endlessly. When we got there, Marcus walked up to me and grabbed me by the shoulders. “What the fuck took you so long?” he asked. His pointed gaze shot into my skull. “You told me not to fuck with your intern, but is it really me you should be worrying about?” “We were just finishing up some shit. It took longer than expected. Sorry ‘bout it.” “Just get in the fucking truck already!” Wes yelled. “The vodka isn’t gonna drink itself!” I sat in the passenger seat, with Marcus and Froy in the back. It was the system we developed together when we first started hanging out at bars a few months ago. Marcus hated seatbelts and feeling claustrophobic, and I preferred the safety of the seatbelt. The three of us normally went out to the bar down the street on foot, but tonight, we decided to head to Wes’ condo instead to avoid the rain. The only thing different was that we had Froy with us. “Hey, kid, what was your name again?” Marcus asked. “Uh, sir, Froy Adamson, sir.” “Froy?” Marcus began to chuckle. He was visibly struggling to hold in his laughter. “Like fro-yo?” Froy was silent. “...Yes, sir. Frozen yogurt.” Marcus released his contained laughter, nearly keeling over his seat. Froy became worried and began to panic. Wes and I had to reassure him that making fun of people’s names was just something Marcus did on a daily basis to everyone around the office. Marcus was only a year younger than me, but he had the heart of a child that he never grew out of. We loved that about him. Marcus placed a hand on Froy’s shoulder. “I like this kid,” he said. Froy blushed. “I’m sure you do,” Wes said. “Everyone loves yogurt.” “Don’t predate on my intern, Marcus!” “I don’t wanna hear that from you, Dory!” Marcus said. “Hey, kid. I’ve been planning on going back to the gym again. If you ever wanna come with, just tell me, okay? You look like you’d be a great workout partner.” “Hey, what about me? Why do you ask the intern before your boss who you KNOW goes to the gym?” Wes asked. “How tall are you again, Wes?” Marcus asked. “Right now, about as high as your chances at a promotion, Marcus.” Marcus threw his arms around Wes’ seat. “Hey, come on! It was just a joke! It’s just too hard to be gym buddies with someone so short. Plus you’ve got that tiny gut.” “I can’t help it! Vodka might as well be my blood of Christ.” “So you’re a cannibal?” “What do you think happened to my first boyfriend?” The conversation continued for the next half hour on the road. Froy and I remained silent for the most part while Marcus and Wes bantered, with us being brought in every so often as jokes. Marcus couldn’t let go of “fro-yo.” The rain blocked the streets and kept us in traffic longer than we would have wanted. Wes began getting calls from his wife, asking about where he was since his kids were getting impatient after being locked up for so long. When we got to the forest separating Wes’ condo complex from the city district, Marcus brought out these small white pills he hid inside a tic-tac box. The resemblance was uncanny. Froy and I watched him, unaware of what the pills would do. No one was around to help if Marcus did something stupid. “Hey, Wes. You want a tic-tac?” Marcus asked. Froy and I watched in silence, fully aware of what Marcus was trying to do. “If you’re trying to bribe me for a pay raise again, it’s gonna take more than a tic-tac this time.” “No, seriously, come on. It’s just a candy. Completely free. No strings attached.” Wes held out a hand, and Marcus placed one on his palm. “This better not be another one of your fucking pranks, Marcus. The last one is still giving my kids diarrhea.” Wes threw the small white pill in his mouth without any hesitation. Suddenly, his stomach grumbled loudly. “God damn it, Marcus.” Marcus laughed and slammed his hand repeatedly against the back of Wes’ seat. Froy shifted closer to the door in fear. “What did you give him, Marcus?” I asked. “Dying in a car crash with you was not on my list of things to-do today.” “Mine too,” Froy mumbled. “Relax! It’s harmless. I already tried it on my dog, and nothing happened to her.” “I’m not a dog, Marcus! I’m your boss!” “And I’m not a scientist!” “That doesn’t make things any better, Marcus—Oh, my god... what the fuck is going on...” Wes looked uncomfortable, shifting around like there was a cactus on his seat. I looked down and saw that he was growing a tent in his pants. At first, I thought it was just viagra, but then a wet spot began to form. Wes’ face was red as a tomato and was completely speechless. I could smell the familiar smell that filled my room after school as a kid. Wes came. He came right in front of all of us. He didn’t even have to touch himself or do anything for it either. I looked back at Marcus and Froy, and Marcus’ face was frozen in a face of pure glee. He had the expression of a child witnessing Santa for the first time and couldn’t be happier. Froy on the other hand was completely mortified. The poor thing didn’t know how to react. Wes was barely able to keep his focus on the road because of the way he was feeling. He just came in his pants. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what that pill did to him. Wes stopped the truck at a nearby tree and turned off the truck, running out and checking the damages at a tree out of sight. The three of us followed suit. Marcus didn’t even look the least bit guilty about what he just did. Froy stood by me, waiting and watching for what happened next. “What the fuck did you give me?” Wes asked. Marcus waved his hands in the air. “Nothing! I swear it was just a bunch of random shit I found in my kitchen. I didn’t think it would do anything.” “Well, it did! Now my favorite pants are ruined.” Wes stepped back into the moonlight where we saw a massive wet spot all over his crotch. If we didn’t know it was cum, we might’ve mistaken it for piss just by its sheer quantity. I didn’t think it was possible to cum so much. Judging by the defined outline running down his left thigh as well, it seemed he was hiding more than just one secret. The short man had to compensate somewhere. “God damn it, Marcus.” “Come on, I’m sorry. I swear I didn’t mean it. I was gonna try it on myself, but I wanted to see if it—” “If it killed me?” “Well, no, but—” “I can’t believe I already wet myself… I haven’t even had a fucking bottle yet. You owe me for this.” Marcus shot me a look of relieved anguish, knowing he wasn’t going lose his job or his friendship. He walked up to Wes and helped him clean up by the tree. While Wes and Marcus were off cleaning up, Froy and I wandered a bit off to the forest to take in the beautiful nighttime scenery overlooking the city. The city lights shined brightly over the trees. They gave off an iridescent spotlight-lit night sky that shadowed the tree leaves and branches, blocking out the stars but lighting up the darkness. “This is a great view,” I said. “Yes, sir,” Froy replied. As we were enjoying our quiet time alone together, Froy noticed what looked like a shooting star in the empty sky. Wes and Marcus came over and joined us in staring at the falling light. A thought occurred to me, however, that this was not how falling stars normally worked. It looked as though it were literally falling out of the sky. I’m pretty sure falling stars aren’t supposed to look like they’re coming straight at us. “Hey, that’s no fucking shooting star, you idiots! That’s a meteor!” Wes said. “Hide behind something!” We could barely react when we saw that it was already a building’s height away from us. Froy and I hid behind a nearby tree. Marcus sprinted across to the truck with Wes. The burning rock rang a piercing loud screech in our ears before crash landing into the clearing between us and the truck. Flaming debris flew everywhere, covering the area in a black soot. Smoke filled the air for a good few minutes until we were able to breathe and see things again. All four of us emerged from our hiding spots and eyed the strange rock. Froy, Wes, and I approached it hesitantly, watching it from a distance in case it had any surprises waiting to pop out and do some serious harm. It could have had some new viruses or small flesh-eating aliens hiding inside. I highly doubted our job’s insurance program covered space AIDS. Meanwhile, while three of us were being careful, Marcus decided to make a headstart and gingerly walked up to it. He stuck out his hands and felt the intense heat emanating from the meteor. “What are you doing, Marcus?! Get back here where it’s safe,” Wes said. Marcus looked back and smiled. “Relaaax, it’s not gonna do anythingI” When the rest of us got to surround the meteor, it seemed to have cooled off. All four of us examined it closely, checking for any dangerous movements or glowing substances sticking out. For the next few minutes, it just seemed like it was a regular, boring old rock—from space. It didn’t grow a face and sing show tunes like I expected. I’d be lying if I said wasn’t disappointed. “It just seems like a rock,” Froy said. “Obviously,” Marcus said. “But what’s inside?” “If it's anything like your head, not much,” Wes said. “Then there’s nothing to worry about, right?” Marcus stepped into the crater and slammed his hands onto the meteor. He began pressing down on it with his body weight, trying to pressure it to crack open and reveal whatever monstrosity was inside of it. Froy and I backed away while Wes stepped forward and tried prying Marcus off of it. “Marcus, what are you doing?! Stop!” “I just wanna see what’s inside! It might have space diamonds, Wes!” Marcus let out a yell as he used all his strength and cracked open the meteor. From the crack, a neon green liquid splurged out, spilling onto Marcus’ shirt. He panicked, wondering what the hell the scentless, luminescent goo was, when suddenly the crack opened up further. It erupted, blasting a mortified Marcus with the strange gunk. He was covered head to toe, front to back, unable to even open his mouth or eyes in pure horror. The meteor now looked unstable. It was rumbling, and cracks began spreading from where Marcus first breached its outer shell. More and more of the green liquid spurted out. It didn’t seem long before it would explode. Marcus grumbled for help, running towards Wes. “Hey, stop! Don’t get that shit on me! I just got my pants dry!” Wes yelled. Before Marcus could even get to him, the meteor exploded. Nuclear green slime flew everywhere. Marcus got blasted back onto the ground by the sheer amount he was covered in. He didn’t look like he could move very well at all anymore. Wes was yelling out Marcus’ name when the goo flew into his mouth and covered his entire front from head to toe. I could hear him yelling as he swallowed it. “Sir!” As the meteor exploded towards us, Froy ran up to me. He used his body as a shield to block me from the slime, with his back spread out against the meteor. I looked up at him and saw fear in his eyes. Neither of us could move from where we were as we were frozen in absolute shock about what just happened. The meteor settled down, and there was green slime absolutely everywhere. It coated the trees, the grass, the soil, everything. Marcus was absolutely drenched in it, struggling to even stand up. Wes ran to a tree and began vomiting, trying to expel whatever he swallowed and trying to get himself clean again. Froy’s entire backside and his arms were completely covered. He shook his body as much as he could to try and get it off of him. “What the fuck just happened?” I asked. “That fucking—pfthuh—piece of shit meteor just fucking exploded!” Wes yelled, spitting out the remnants. “Are we going to fucking die?!” Marcus yelled, on his knees, crying in anguish at the sky, looking like a grotesque smile monster. “I don’t wanna fucking die, god!” “This is all your fault!” Wes said. “I’m fucking aware of that, Wes! I wasn’t expecting the meteor to be a fucking water balloon filled with green shit!” “Okay, everyone, just relax!” I said. “We just need to get clean and report this to the police so they can clean it up or something.” Marcus and Wes turned and glared at me, clean and dry from head to toe. “We can’t tell anyone about this! If the authorities find out we fucked with some meteor and got caught with some disease, then we might be forced to spend time in a lab until we die,” Wes said. Marcus pointed at me. “And why the fuck are you dry? Did you tell your little boytoy intern to be your shield?!” “No, he ran up to me himself. I didn’t tell him to do anything, Marcus.” “Fucking shit, man…” I stood watch by the truck while Froy, Wes, and Marcus cleaned themselves up by the river. It was nearly midnight when they got back looking absolutely exhausted after trying to get every drop of slime off their bodies for the past few hours. They dumped all their clothes in Wes’ gym bag and got into his truck in nothing but wet underwear. ‘Uncomfortable’ could not even begin to explain the atmosphere. I couldn’t even be bothered to appreciate all the hot, semi-naked bodies surrounding me when I was still reeling over what the hell just happened. I’d already seen all of them shirtless before at least once, but I had yet to see Froy’s business. Did he prefer boxers or briefs? Was he a shower or a grower? It didn’t seem that important. All I knew was that Wes was thick and hung like a motherfucker. “This has to be our secret, got it?” Wes said. “No one else can know about this.” We all agreed. None of us were in the mood to get dissected or experimented on for the rest of our lives. As Wes drove away, heading to his condo, I took one last look back at the scene. The meteor looked like a cracked egg that got blown up in a microwave. However, what seemed strange to me was how there seemed to be a lot less slime than before. What used to be a complete sheet of glowing green slime over everything was now mostly back to normal with some freckles here and there. It must have either dissipated in the atmosphere or got absorbed into the ground. Either way, it didn’t seem like that was just going to end there. I could feel in my gut that this wasn’t the last time this meteor was going to be a part of our lives. If the slime did get absorbed in the ground and trees, then what would happen with humans? There was no way they didn’t at least absorb some of it. There was just no way. Regardless, this was going to be our secret from now on. It seemed our little threesome just became a foursome.
  6. Trevor was aprehensive. The cave he was exploring smelled like bad news, no matter how his curiosity said it would all pay off when he would find something interesting, even if the odds of this happening were low. He thought about going back home multiple times, but truth is he had nothing better to do that afternoon. When he found that place, some days back, something inside him insisted he should take a look. Trevor ignored at first, the thought, but it grew inside him the more he tried to put it aside, so he gave in. The day of the small adventure, he packed his backpack with some essential supplies in case of needing anything, and there he was, into that dark and humid place. As much as at first things looked dangerous and exciting, after a few moments walking and walking, that feeling started to dissipate, and boredom took over. Nothing was in sight, the walls were grey and plain, and it seemed like he was reaching the end of it. Sitting down on the floor, playing with his lantern, he was preparing to return when he caught a discrete opening next to him. The adventure wasn't finished. Going in, he found a somewhat big sort of chamber in the cave, in the walls, he could see some scriptures and some rudimentar drawings, finally something worth of his time. Trevor could not understand the drawings or what was "written", the only thing he understood was a vivid human-like image, but that figure was odd, it was massively muscular, in a way hard to describe. As he was walking, something else caught his attention. There was a silver puddle next to the edge of the chamber, he walked closer and as it was shallow he could see that there was something in its bottom. Something that was shaped like a small plaque... He got on his knees and put his hand in that weird liquid, that was warm and thicker than water, to get the plaque. It was a dogtag. Someone contemporary to him was there before, he thought, that is interesting, interesting indeed. The dogtag was soaked in that liquid, but he putted in anyway. It looked nice, manly. With that, he thought, his adventure was over, time to return home. He had time to breathe and start walking but shortly after putting the dogtag, he felt like his skin was burning. So much pain was inside him, he could barely scream. He got in his knees again, and flexed his arms. Something was wrong, very wrong, but he did not have much time to reflect on it, as it hit him, he started... started to grow. He screamed as his body stretched and his muscles expanded. His arms were getting bigger and larger by the minute, he felt his face unbearably warm and could listen to the sound of breaking bones. His body was reassambling, somehow. As his abs came to life, and his pecs were growing robust and big, his shoulders grew wider and competed for space with his powerful neck, that was also expanding, covered in veins and with every muscle in evidence. His first high pitched scream got deeper and turned to a roar. He was roaring. His clothes were giving in, he could hear the first rips, he could feel his tearing collar, his sleeves reduced to shreds as his massive body transformed, soon, he was free from his shirt, his backpack fell on the floor, as the handles teared apart. As he roared, he noticed something in his mind, something warm, something, like a sort of... pleasure. In all that pain and agony, as he was sweating, roaring, confused and scary, it all started to gave in to pleasure, but not only that, a sort of power, a rush of testo flowed through him, once and once again. His cock awoke in his pants, and quickly started to tear itself free from his trunk and pants. It was fully alive now. His mind was dominated by thoughts of muscle, growth, primal instincts to fight, show strength and fuck, fuck savagely. He couldn't think of anything else, at a point, he couldn't think, all he could do was grunt, roar, and enjoy his ongoing changes, that were not over yet. Streams of cum started to roll down from his nips, that were getting thicker and more sensitive. He stroke them and felt like never before. He was touching itself all over, masturbating furiously, feeling pleasure on his whole body, it was all a pleasure spot. His pre-cum soon gave in to floods of his thick seed, that came from his massive cock and nipples. He was changing, at a point, multiple horns started to erupt from his head, first slowly then furiously, tearing his skull and changing his appearance deeply. It was done. He transformed. He then let the most guttural, thickest roar out. And only then, he somehow came back from the frensy. "Fuck..." He could see himself in the puddle, he transformed into a massive creature of muscle and power, his glorious had 6 horns, looking both intimidating and deeply sexually pleasing. He had strong jaws and his eyes were changed beyond recognition. His shoulders and neck were impossibly large and thick, the silver chain of his dogtag flowed on his massive pectorals like a river, and the dangling dogtag in the middle of his pec ravines. His arms were extremely muscular and thick, and so was his abs, so strong, it was hard to believe it was all him. And his legs were powerful, suiting of the God he became. "I'm... huge now... Fuck... so... so masculine... Fuck, I need to fuck" He violently stroked his fucking cock multiple times and his cum soon covered him. This was a new beginning.
  7. compactmuscle

    Biker Muscle

    Also known as "Big Dan". This story dates from the 1990s, I believe. The first five original parts were written by Michael Yoder (myoder). TCCowboy wrote the sixth part. This version was preserved by fred2001, with slight corrections by me. Big Dan Part I Dan was a biker. He liked being on the open road and only took jobs when he needed the bucks for food or a good workout. His favorite jobs were construction and logging - anything that worked his huge muscles hard and helped him grow. He was a huge man and wanted to be even bigger! He was 35 years old stood 6'8" and weighed 480lbs. His neck was a thick 25" around and his shoulders spanned 38" across his back! His chest, thick with dark brown hair was an incredible 75". His biceps stretched the tape at 26" but he wanted them bigger. His hairy forearms measured 22" and his wrists were nearly 10" around. His waist was 36" and his abs jutted out like bricks. His thighs were an amazing 40" and his calves were blown to almost 29". He was a giant, totally powerful and totally in control. His hair shoulder length, thinning a little on top and he kept it brushed back, and he wore a mustache that framed his sneering lips. After one his construction jobs, Dan went down to a gym near the Italian district. The place was small, but he noticed the men coming out were big. He figured this would be a good place for him to pump up. He wandered into the small, dark gym and paid for a workout. He stripped into some shorts and immediately grabbed the heaviest weights he could find and started pumping. The other guys were astounded at Dan's incredible strength - warming up his arms with 200lbs! He pumped out 20 reps and put them down looking for bigger weights. He settled on 250lbs for another 20 reps. His arms were ripped and huge, but he wished they could be bigger. Then a guy came over and started talking with Dan. "Hey, big guy! You wanna get bigger?!" Dan put the weights down and looked over. This guy wasn't as tall as Dan - only 6'2", but he was big! He rivaled Dan in muscle size, and probably strength. He said his name was John. "Bigger than this?!" Dan said. "Yeah, Fuck man, I wanna be the fucking biggest freak around!" He flexed his pumped 26" biceps and grunted. "Fuckin' huge, man. You can make me bigger?" "Yeah," the guy said handing Dan 4 small blue pills. "Take one of these, workout for a while and you'll pump so huge you won't believe it. Forty bucks." Dan grabbed his wallet and paid the guy. "If this doesn't work, I'll pound your fucking ass man!" He swallowed one of the pills and started to bench press with 500lbs. He completed a few reps and suddenly felt dizzy. He put the weight back on the rack before it crashed onto his chest. The dizziness persisted for a moment, and then Dan felt a rush - like fire in his veins. The rush ran through his whole body as the steroid took effect. Then he felt a rush of power and grabbed the 500lb barbell. Now it felt like a toothpick! He hefted it up and down, pumping out 20 reps, 30 reps, 40 reps! "Not enough weight!" he shouted, jumping up from the bench. He grabbed another 500lb barbell and started doing curls with it! "Yeah! Fuck man, this is wild!" He watched in the mirror as his arms expanded before his eyes. The 500lbs was like nothing to him as his power increased with every passing second. He wanted more weight. He grabbed the leg press machine - loaded down with plates and lifted the whole thing over his head with a shout of power! He sneered at the puny men gathered round to watch this incredible feat. He pressed the 1500lbs of machine over his head like a toy! "BIGGER! FUCKIN' BIGGER!" He looked in the mirror and saw how his T-shirt was stretched tight over his massive and expanding muscle. The veins in his neck and arms were like thick ropes, Striations were bursting through his skin. His dick was getting bigger, too, he could feel it growing in his shorts which were stretched over his massive quads! He was mesmerized by his reflection and tossed the machine down with a tremendous crash! "Somebody measure me, man!" He held his gargantuan biceps up and flexed. His shirt sleeves tore away. He rolled his big pecs and the shirt ripped open falling to the floor in shreds. He flexed every muscle as the guys measured him. "Biceps - 30"; chest - 80"; waist - 40"; thighs - 40"; calves - 34"... Everyone gasped as Dan posed and flexed his superhuman body. He hit a most muscular pose and gritted his teeth looking like a wild man. His muscle was huge and cut. His dick started growing in his shorts, getting longer and thicker and the admiration he was getting was making it hard, too. He knew before long the shorts would give out. Then he pulled out the other pills and downed them all. "Don't!" John said. "You'll get too big!" With one massive hairy hand, Dan pushed John away as the pills took effect. The dizziness lasted a little longer than before, then the rush pressed through Dan's veins like a train. He looked in the mirror and watched as his body started to grow. The shorts fell away quickly as his thigh expanded and his dick sprang out - huge and hard as a rock! "MEASURE MY FUCKING COCK, MAN!" He bellowed. His voice was deeper and he felt like he was soon going to be the strongest and biggest man on the planet. "15 inches! and 11" around!" they gasped. Dan grinned knowing his dick was bigger than any of their puny ones. Even the largest guy couldn't have a cock harder and bigger than this horsedick - fuck even a horse couldn't! Dan walked over to a weight bench and grabbed four fifty pound plates. He flexed his rock hard cock a few times and then placed the plates one by one over the head of his massive dong. The weights stayed in place as his huge cock flexed. Two-hundred pounds lifted by this monster's prick! "FUCK, THAT'S HOT!' Dan bellowed, showing off the power of his mammoth dick. "JOHN, GET OVER HERE!" John came closer and Dan picked him up in one hand. The giant man, muscles bulging and still growing placed the 250lb man on his dick straddling the massive prick. Then Dan lifted John and the weights with his cock! 450lbs lifted by the muscle dick! "RIDE MY MUSCLE COCK!" Dan bellowed as he flexed John up and down. John grabbed onto Dan's mountainous hairy pecs and Dan threw his head back and laughed as he flexed them for John. John got so hot reveling in the power of Dan that his cock stiffened and he shot in his gym shorts. "FUCKIN' MUSCLE STUD!" Dan shouted. "I'M GETTIN' BIGGER BOYS. LOOK AT THIS!" He flexed his biceps and the peak rose up almost to his fist! His forearms were thick and hard. The triceps extended down in a mass of veins and his muscle was twisted and pumped. He lowered his arms although they sat out at a angle pushed out by his incredible lats. He had to be 3 feet thick! All muscle, all man! His chin rested on top of his pecs and when he flexed his huge hairy pecs, the striations looked about 2 inches deep, hair furrowed through the thick cords of muscle. His abdominals were like slabs of beef stretching over his gut and jutting out in a deep six-pack. His thighs were ripped and every muscle in his quads and calves were striated and thick. He turned around and spread his back. Even relaxed it was cut with mountains of muscle. His traps raised over his shoulders like twisted mountains of brutal flesh! His cock flexed and pulsed with his excitement as he grew bigger. "TIME TO MEASURE ME AGAIN!" he shouted. "EVERY FUCKIN' INCH!" They wrapped the tape around his obscenely huge muscles and called out the measurements. "Neck - 28"; chest - 90"; biceps - 37"; forearms - 30"; waist - 46"; thighs - 48"; calves - 38" Dan laughed as each measurement was read off. "Measure my dick, too" They taped it at 19" long and 14" around! "YEAH! YOU LITTLE GUYS EVER SEEN A REAL FUCKING MAN BEFORE!" Dan's muscle and power had peaked now and he was so hot he knew he was going to shoot off soon. In a burst of strength he gathered up the guys and sat them on top of a long bench. He lay under the bench and pressed it. It had to weigh 2000 lbs. He pumped out 30 reps without stopping and then stood up with the bench in his huge hands. He held it high overhead and started pumping more. His cock flexed with his inhuman strength and the guys were so turned on by his power they started jerking off too. Sweaty hard bodies all swarmed over Dan - like ants on a huge beast. Dan laughed insanely as these huge bodybuilders climbed on him! "WORSHIP THIS MUSCLE, YOU PUNY MEN! WORSHIP MY MASS AND POWER!" He stood still as they used his body like monkey bars, chin raises off his massive arms, pushing at his thighs trying to move them, straddling his 19" rock hard cock as he flexed it for them! Finally, they all started shooting hot loads all over Dan's body. Their total worship of his muscle got him hot. He flexed his cock, throbbing it more and more and shot a load that sprayed over all of them. He was the biggest man in the world, and this was going to be just the beginning of his adventures...
  8. EtherealGrowth

    A whole new world

    PART 1: The mighty Sultanate of Agrabah, with all its gold and mystic glory, had, like any civilisation, risen and slowly got lost in time. Magic had lost its prominent, and sometimes potent ;), grip over the world, solely becoming grounds for modern day fairytales and folklore. Once a respected vizier of, what used to be, an economic powerhouse in ancient Arabia, had become the villain of an infamous fairytale. The, supposed, heroes of the story started a lovely family, their royal heritage slowly fading as time passed by. "A whole new world" had emerged on the surface of our humble planet, one with inventions that could definitely pass for magic to those who lived eons before us. Our villain, alias Jafar, was tricked by Prince Ali into wishing to become a shackled, rule-abiding, and confined genie with universal power. Later, when one stumbled upon his lamp, Jafar almost freed himself from the genie-like but was betrayed by Iago, his parrot friend, and melted away into oblivion by the sheer force of mother nature. Never to be heard from again... What you might not know, however, is the fact that Jafar had a sibling, a sister to be precise. They weren't a picturesque family, that's for sure, but the bond between him and his sister was as strong as they get. Magic ran in the family, while Jafar was a seer, his mom was a healer. She worked for the Royal Guard and was brutally murdered after being left behind by the Sultan's men during a gruesome war. Jafar's father was a nitwit really, he had always been an outcast in society and made his coin by striking deals with any and everything that came on his path. After his wife, Jafar's mother, had passed he was never the same again. Once a silent, yet nice, stay-at-home dad, had become a sad and submissive mess of a man that was continuously beaten up wherever he went. Eventually Jafar's dad ended up a slave and Jafar and his sister, Nasira, fled their village. They vowed to each other that they would become powerful and respectable members of high society, never bowing down to those who "exceeded" them. You might think, what does this sad background story have to do with the whole picture... Well, let me tell you! The sibling's paths had parted, one went to overthrow the Sultanate of Agrabah, whereas the other, Nasira, ended up becoming viceroy to the pharaoh of Egypt. Nasira, or the Whore of Anubis according to the locals, was the most gifted necromancer on the planet. She had undead spies all over the globe, including Agrabah. On the day that all was lost for Jafar, Nasira followed his every footstep in agony. The moment the lamp made it's way to the coursing lava, Nasira did the most noble thing possible. She gave her life to protect the contents of the lamp and with that Jafar's presence in the universe. A green essence dissolved into the hull of the earth and both were never seen again... The pressure that built up within the earths crust completely crystallised the essence into a green gem that interestingly had a red hue in the dark. Like any form of energy, including the magical kind, it was never lost. The energy within actually grew over the years, as more and more genie's were wished free and all kinds of magical creatures were annihilated, rerouting all their magical potency into the gem! One day, in the City of Diamonds, aka Amsterdam, Melvin was on his way back from work. He was hired to work at the service desk at the local fitness centre but usually ends up doing most of the cleaning as well, just because saying "no" doesn't come easy to him. Tomorrow was his 21st birthday but he didn't expect much from it, as he had no close family, being an orphan and all, and most of his friendships were pretty one-sided. His boss had handed him a cheque and subtly told him to buy himself a present. He cycled past an artisan jewelry shop and decided to take a look. Most of the stuff was extremely expensive but the owner of the store told him he might have something. After a little rummaging through some drawers he showed Melvin a pitch-black ring with a shiny green gem on top. "It's a rather unique piece, this one," the shopkeeper said, "an obsidian ring with, some sort of, quartz gem on top." Melvin thought it looked pretty slick and took the ring home with him. The shopkeeper had put the ring in a box and Melvin placed his present on his bedside table. He took a quick shower and went to bed, excited to wear his ring in the morning. It was a restless night for Melvin, he woke up at 3:33 am with a stone hard boner. He rushed to the bathroom to quickly jerk it away, took a quick piss, and headed back to bed. He noticed something strange when he came back; the slids in the box emitted a looming red hue. "It's my birthday already, so why not look..." he thought to himself as he couldn't resist opening the box. To his surprise the gem was now crimson red and orange, lava-like, streaks formed a snakey figurine on the obsidian. "COOL!" he exclaimed in awe and he carefully slid the ring on his index finger. Not knowing in the slightest what was actually hidden within the gem... Jafar's presence had rested dormant within the gem for millennia but at the touch of Melvin's living soul, Jafar awoke. He looked around and noticed he was still imprisoned as a genie, a handsome one in his eyes at least. His mind was full of questions when he noticed the green hull that covered his crystal imprisonment, immediately he knew what his sister had done and for the first time in forever a tear rolled down his cheek. As the tear touched the ground, his mind was flooded with someone else's thoughts. Melvin's thoughts to be precise. At first he was confused, but his ethereal body froze when Melvin thought about all the hunks he had seen earlier that day at the gym. Never had Jafar encountered another man who favoured sex with the same gender, especially not one who was into being submissive to his superior... Melvin, however, didn't notice much from Jafar's presence, maybe only that his lucid dreams were a little more intense than normal. Next morning he woke up sweaty, yet he felt energised like never before. He went to the bathroom to freshen up and got a little jump scare as he thought he saw a humongous crimson bodybuilder looming over him. After blinking several times he concluded it was nothing but a fiction of his imagination. He put on some joggers and a hoodie and made himself breakfast. "I'm real..." echoed through Melvin's mind as he was checking his socials; he looked up and realised it was nothing. "That behemoth... that's me!" the voice continued. Melvin put down his breakfast and carefully asked if there was someone there. "I'm in your mind," the voice said, "you have to free me!" Melvin had no idea what was happening but noticed his new ring flaring up with a red hue every now and then. "Break the protection with a piece of your SOUL!" the voice commanded; instantly making Melvin's 7 inch cock grow hard. He reached down to his cock and put a drop of precum on his finger. He carefully placed it on the gem, this droplet full of lust was enough to break Nasira's protection spell and set genie Jafar free. The gem lost its crimson red colour as Jafar's genie form started to tornado out of it. His 10 feet muscular stature quickly towering over Melvin. Melvin was in awe of Jafar's physique, which Jafar noticed immediately, to which he showed Melvin an exquisite double-bi pose, followed by some sensual pec bouncing. Jafar grinned with content as he saw a bulge form underneath Melvin's joggers. "I'M FINALLY RELEASED FROM MY PRISON!" Jafar bellowed, "I'LL BE FOREVER IN YOUR DEBT MELVIN!" "H...ho...how do you know my name?" Melvin stammered. "Oh, ofcourse! I am Jafar of Agrabah, the almighty genie of the... uhm... ring in this case!" Jafar answered. Before Melvin could ask his question, Jafar said: "Exactly, like in the fairytale." "We're psychically linked it seems," Jafar telepathically told his new master. "Anyways, I'll grant you three wishes, no raising people from the dead, no manipulating matters of the heart, and no wishing for more wishes!" he said. Jafar's smile widened as the idea for Melvin's first wish started to emerge in his mind. "Jafar... I wish to have the most amazing day full of sex with you!" Melvin said confidently. "Your wish is my command, bitch" Jafar said slyly as he winked at Melvin. Jafar's veins popped up as lightning flashed from his fingers. First, Melvin's bedroom got a serious makeover. A massive circular Arabian bed filled up the space, candles floated midair, silk spreads all over the room, overall the bedroom had a very dreamy and romantic ambiance. After that a cloud of aether swirled around Melvin as his comfortable clothes made way for a silky undergarment, covering his private parts, several golden bracelets around his arms and a golden leave crown on his head. Lastly, Jafar laughed erotically as the crimson cloud that formed his lower body started to compress and two massive trunk sized legs started to form. This was followed by a loud cloud of lightning, covering Jafar in a black Sultan outfit, embroidered with gold, and snake jewelry all over his body. Melvin's body went weak at the sight of Jafar's superiority. Jafar made his way onto the bed and hesitantly commanded Melvin to kiss him. A hot and spicy kissing session followed, Jafar putting his snakey tongue to good use. Melvin panted and said: "May I undress you, my lord?" Jafar nodded and embraced what was about to happen, it was his first time having sex with a man after all. Melvin opened Jafar's shirt and started to grope his watermelon-sized pecs, making Jafar's pierced nipples extremely hard. He continued downwards and excitedly started licking and massaging his twelve-pack. Jafar commanded him to lick his feet. Melvin took of his golden shoes and starting licking and sniffing all the crevices of Jafar's massive and sweaty clawed feet. Slowly but surely Melvin made his way to Jafar's groin, his legs being almost as big as Melvin in totality. When Melvin took an intense sniff of Jafar's bulge, excitement overcame the genie, and Melvin got a surprise slap with a humongous two-foot-long cock as it rocketed upwards, obliterating Jafar's underwear. Jafar's cock was crimson red and veiny, topped off with a shiny mushroom head. It had a slight bend and was at the base accompanied by two plump, juicy, and hairy balls, the size of cantaloupes. Melvin started licking the majestic pendulum of testicles, while sensibly stroking Jafar's cock. He started licking the juicy head, the girth merely fitting in his mouth. Jafar started to moan in his baritone voice, as he placed his hands on Melvin's head and vigorously thrust his stallion into Melvin's throat. Tears rolled over Melvin's cheek, both of happiness and agony. Jafar started to drop some precum as Melvin went down in doggy style. He turned to Jafar and grinned: "You know what to do, my excellence!" Jafar approached Melvin and smacked his ass, leaving a fiery imprint of his clawed hands. He teasingly swirled his cock around Melvin's hole. He bent forward, whispered into Melvin's ear: "I can't kill you, bitch, but I can surely make you suffer," and put his finger inside Melvin's mouth. Without hesitation he forcefully thrusted his entire cock down the rabbit hole. "RRRRRrrrrHHHHhhhaaaa...RRrrrHhaaa!" echoed through the room with every forceful pound. Melvin should've cried but instead he moaned in full ecstasy. Jafar went on for some time, making the room hot and steamy, and when he finally reached his climax his eyes lit up with yellow fire, steam came from his nose, and golden, lava-like, cum oozed out of Melvin's hole; giving all the muscles in his body an instant pump. He laid back and commanded Melvin to lick up the cum and as he did, he also came on Jafar's abs, after which Jafar commanded Melvin to feed him the cum. The sheets were covered in sweat, the room was filled with a musky odour, and two utterly content men laid in bed. Melvin spend the rest of the day showing Jafar all the perks of modern day porn, while laying on his majestic chest-shelf. Eventually, after a long and erotic day, the both of them fell asleep, one, obviously, big spoon and a significantly littler spoon. A night full adventures and interesting dreams!
  9. AlphaLustSean


    The centurions mulled around the foot of the cross on which the man hung, hands and feet pierced with spikes. The man deserved the punishment he was receiving, running around claiming to be a deity. One of the guards keeping the wailing people back glanced back to see the muscled young man, totally nude and bleeding from the scourging he had received earlier. The long, dark hair matted with blood hung over the man’s traps and down over protruding pectorals overshadowing cobblestone abs with liquid running from a fresh wound in his side. The long, thick cock hung over large testicles that commanded the young guard’s attention. “What a waste.” he thought to himself, a closeted, gay soldier. “This man was definitely worthy of worship!” he mused, “What a shame he is so docile and tenderhearted. He could have been a mighty warrior, powerful and feared.” As the guard looked upon the horrific spectacle, scanning the broken, yet obviously once powerful body of the man, the doomed criminal opened his pained eyes and looked down at the guard from the cross. A grin formed on what was once a handsome face as he mouthed, “It is finished . . . and now my wrath!” Clouds formed above him, lightning flashed, a bolt striking the man squarely in the chest as he hung there. The guard fell to his knees as he witnessed the man seem to absorb the energy and power from the lightning. His body tensed, muscles and veins bulging massive and hard as wounds seemed to disappear from his tortured body. His body began to swell and grow . . . thicker, harder, more imposing and powerful. The cock began to swell, rise, and harden as the thick lips began to grin and then form a sneering smirk. The centurions gathered at the foot of the cross looked up in confusion as the man inflated with thick, rippling and vascular muscular proportion before their eyes. His massive feet quickly touched and cratered the ground at the foot of the cross as he clenched his fists and brought them forward, snapping the cross in two as the spikes slipped through his meaty palms. The thickness of his vein-encased, muscular form bulged forth obscenely as he flexed. One guard standing close was crushed beneath one of those massive feet as it depressed the ground beneath the man’s tonnage. He looked into the kneeling guard’s eyes and grinned as he ground his foot into the cratered earth, grinding the bloody remains of the guard into a gruesome paste beneath him. As he did so, the swollen, granite-hard muscles of his leg ballooned and rippled as they expanded with power. His cock, now throbbing erect and swollen, began to bubble pre-cum from its piss slit. Its size was nearly that of the puny men and women gawking at such a vision of undeniable power and sensual masculinity. With incredible speed, he snatched the guard that had impaled him with his spear, engulfing his torso in his mighty fist, and effortlessly lifted him from the ground as he flailed about like a rag-doll. Eyes glaring from his uber-handsome face, he raised his other massive hand and engulfed the doomed little man’s skull in that fist. The giant man’s arms exploded with more size and power as the little creature’s skull simply exploded from his fist. Blood, skull fragments, and brain matter showered those gaping up at colossal and omnipotent physical perfection. The twitching, headless corpse fell and draped across the base of the titanic muscle-beast’s cock as he grinned and thundered, “I GAVE YOU THE CHANCE TO ADORE A LOVING AND COMPASSIONATE DEITY, BUT NOW YOU WILL WORSHIP WHAT YOU TRULY DESIRE: A POWERFUL AND TERRIFYING GOD! I WILL BE THE BRUTAL BEAST YOU HAVE PRAYED AND LONGED FOR!” With that, he reached towards the two crosses on either side of him, encircled each cross in his fists and effortlessly pulled them from the ground. The men hanging on each cross were pulped in his fists as he raised them up and flexed, their blood and entrails squishing from between his clenched fingers and pouring to the ground as wood splintered and bones were ground to liquid. He opened his hands, brought each to his lips and lapped at the remains of the two thieves. Looking directly at the worshipful guard that had fallen to his knees, now trembling, he bellowed, “You will now lead this band of soldiers, little worshiper. Bring me Pilate and the religious leaders that dared condemn me.” he snarled flatly. He leaned forward and snatched the dumbfounded lead centurion by a leg from the ground, dangling him in front of his massively muscled and rippling body of a GOD. “The rest of you pathetic mortals will follow him or face my wrath.” With that, he lifted his other oaken arm and grabbed the other leg of the squealing, struggling centurion dangling by one leg in front of him. His enormous, powerful muscles ballooned as he flexed his expansive back and pulled his arms apart, ripping the puny man in half as if he was nothing but a twig, He tossed each part into the camp of mesmerized soldiers and boomed, “You WILL obey and please me . . . in one way . . . or another.” He then reached down to the corpse draped over the base of his throbbing, erect shaft and crushed it around the twitching sex spire. He began to slowly stroke the stimulating residue of a man up and down his vein-encased member. “Now GO!” All military bolted down the hill at his command. The worshipping little guard, now commander of the battalion, lagged behind to encourage two women and a civilian man gaping up at the muscled giant now pleasuring himself with the crimson, gelatinous lube that had once been a large man. “You three. Come with me . . . quickly!” he ordered. The younger woman shook her head, her eyes never leaving the swole giant creature looming over her, as she disrobed and stepped towards his expansive feet. She kneeled, dipped her hair in thee pre-cum mixed with blood puddled at her master’s feet, and began to clean his feet with her hair. “NO!” the older woman yelled, but the commander grabbed her and the civilian and began forcing them down the hill towards the town. The godly muscle beast focused on the woman cleaning his feet and dropped to a knee before reaching down and lifting her to his bloody, pulsing cock. She reached out and caressed the hot, hard surface of the glans of the crown of that sensual appendage. She looked up as her inhumanly muscled master rumbled in approval at her light touch before screaming, “Please . . . my God . . . I’ve longed for you since you first found me . . . UNGH! GOD! FUCK ME!” She looked into the eyes of the one she loved, but the kind, gentle eyes had been replaced with a cold, dark, and hungry look. God licked his lips as he snarled down, lifting and positioning her dripping pussy over his hungry cock-head large enough to split her in half. “As you wish.” he thundered as he tightened his grip on her torso and impaled her slowly. The worshipful young woman’s legs splayed and her hips cracked and snapped as she attempted a muffled scream of “YES, MY GOD!” as she felt the deadly trunk pop her open. The massive cock traversed her body, shattering her bones and pulping her organs as she quickly became a cock-sleeve of flesh for the deity’s sexual pleasure. The commander and his two civilians turned at a rumbling roar that shook the earth to witness the young woman’s self-sacrifice to their new insatiable, brutal, and bloodthirsty God. As he continued to stroke his mammoth meat, he stood and began striding down the hill towards the town. The three turned and began to run even as the newly-appointed commander’s cock throbbed to full attention witnessing such masculine beauty, such omnipotent power, such uncaring and insatiable lust. He longed to please his newfound God, to serve him totally!
  10. Unionlolol

    Becoming an all-powerful God

    Hi there! Long time lurker, this is the first time I’ve decided to post some content. I know stories have been posted about this topic before, but I wanted to make my own tribute to one of the hottest scenes ever created. Enjoy (and please forgive my English). Jafar felt his body pulsing with magic energy when he was ready to make his final wish. He had become the most powerful sorcerer in the world. But somehow he wanted more. He wanted ALL for himself. He put all his lust for power together into his final wish when he yelled: ‘I wish to become an all-powerful God!’ He was overwhelmed when the ultimate power beam striked him in his chest. Even the most powerful being on Earth wasn’t prepared for the immense amount of power he was about to receive. His body and mind rapidly changing, the Genie’s blue form suddenly shrinking due to all of the power needed for the ultimate wish. ‘Yes! YES! THE POWER!’ Jafar yelled. His body form rapidly changed from that of a monstrously big snake to that of a true God. His face reshaping into a cruel yet extremely handsome face, exuding manliness, beauty and power. His torso quickly inflating, exhibiting insanely growing slabs of muscle conforming mountainous pecs. A brick wall of abs rapidly appearing underneath, with deep cleavages forming between each individual muscle. Huge shoulders spreading to the sides the size of watermelons, then of wrecking balls, then of mountains! Immense muscled arms hanging beneath, solid, veiny and almighty. ‘THE ABSOLUTE POWER!!!’ Jafar was laughing manically, eyes going blank. He moved his head backwards, he inflated his mighty chest while he breathed deeply, he clenched his fists with his godly strength. He was overcome by power. Two immense legs were holding his growing form, the size of tree trunks, and finally the size of towers, every muscle visible, striated and sculpted. Finally an inhumanly big cock appeared between his legs, obscenely growing to meet the size of a god’s. It was hard and veiny, with a mushroom head on top. It was pointing upwards while it continued to enlarge, and was followed by testicles that appeared to be squeezing, beating, as if they were pumping more power into an already godly muscle-bound being of pure power. ‘I HAVE BECOME A GOD!’ His voice boomed. ‘THE UNIVERSE IS MINE TO COMMAND! TO CONTROL!’ His newly formed body was truly that of a god. Jafar felt his muscles pulsating with endless power, and he loved it. He was aroused by it. He knew he had become the ultimate being on Earth. He was so overwhelmed by his own power, that soon he was lost to the ultimate feeling of his sensitive and insanely big godly cock. He started to stroke it frantically with his right powerful hand, while he flexed his left bicep admiring its new mind-blowing size and strength, laughing and moaning while he speeded the process. ‘Al! What are we going to do now?’ Jasmine asked desperately. Aladdin was paralyzed at the sight of such a perfect being, newly formed in front of his eyes. ‘Al, there’s only one way of resolving this. You still have one wish left, remember?’ The Genie continued. ‘You have to become a God’. Aladdin stared at the Genie. ‘But I do not wish power for myself, besides it may kill you!’ Al said, begging for another solution. The Genie stared directly at his eyes and tenderly said ‘You are our only hope’. Aladdin knew there was only one thing he could do. ‘Genie, I wish to become an all-powerful God!’ He wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen. The Genie used the remaining of his powers to make the ultimate wish come true. The beam hit Al in the middle of his torso, clothes disappearing instantly. His young, well-toned, bronze-tanned body was suddenly fed with a such an immense source of power, it was immediately forced to grow with muscles beyond his imagination. It started with his abs, quickly inflating and protruding under his skin, forming a chiselled 8-pack, each individual muscle continuously growing in size and definition. As if the wish was spreading through his body, obliques appeared at the sides, and the most impressive Adonis belt underneath. His pecs were the next part to be empowered, his torso quickly gaining volume and unbelievable mass. His pecs were so massive that they fought for space, forming a deep cleavage between them. His frame was further endorsed with wide lats, then his shoulders were raised upwards and separated from each other while they ballooned with no end in sight. The empowering magic spread to his biceps, now inhumanly big, with muscle appearing over muscle endlessly, and to his triceps, now perfectly visible and striated. Finally his former forearms gained so much muscle they looked rock-hard, veiny and virile. Huge and solid hands seemed to bring perfection to his godly arms, which now Al felt as the ultimate weapons of power. Aaah! AAAHHH! Al yelled while he flexed his biceps and clenched his fists at the sides of his waist. Meanwhile, muscles in his thighs had become to enlarge, size spreading downwards. Even with his legs separated they gained so much mass that they started to push each other away, with diamond calves appearing underneath, and mountainous glutes at the back, also struggling for space and perfectioning his rear view. To complete his enhanced godly body, a mammoth cock was growing while Al could only stare in awe. It was enlarging beyond his imagination, pointing upwards, pulsing veins spreading through its shaft until they reached the throbbing mushroom head. Al’s now perfectly handsome facial features showed pure joy and pleasure. Al had to admit that the feeling of becoming the ultimate male, a pure being of raw power, an almighty muscle-bound God, was pure pleasure. But, unlike Jafar, Al didn’t give in to his overwhelming power, his lust and his godly condition. He was resolved to fight Jafar. ‘NOW I AM READY TO SHOW YOU MY POWER’ Al boomed with a new deep powerful voice. While Jafar was reaching his sexual climax, lost in his own pleasure, Jasmine quickly grabbed the Genie’s lamp and exclaimed ‘I wish that Al overpowers Jafar and becomes the world’s true and only God!’ With the combined powers of Jasmine’s sincere wish, the Genie’s magic and Aladdin’s godly powers, Al forced Jafar’s wreckless being to disappear. He shot a power beam that connected him with Jafar. ‘NO! NOOO! MY POWERS ARE THOSE OF A GOD! YOU CAN’T DEFEAT MEEE!’ Jafar boomed with despair. ‘I’M SORRY JAFAR, THERE CAN ONLY EXIST ONE GOD IN THIS WORLD, AND PEOPLE IN AGRABAH HAVE CHOSEN ME!’ Al confidently replied. ‘Al! It’s a God you’re fighting with!’ The Genie shouted. ‘He can only disappear if you absorb his power! There’s no other way!’ ‘WHAT?’ Said Al, suddenly realizing what to do. He forced Jafar’s immense powers to abandon him and fuse with Al’s already inhuman body. ‘YES! YEEES, I’VE WON! NOW I AM THE TRUE GOD OF THIS WORLD! Al’s voice shouted more powerful than ever. While Jafar’s godly powers were being drained, his once obscene muscles were shrinking, his cock, once the ultimate piece of manhood, disappearing. And at the same time, Al’s body prepared for the incoming godly amount of power being forced into it, his cock pulsing as in anticipation. Al thought nothing could be more powerful than the divine being he had become, but he was just about to be proven wrong. His body started to reshape, evolving, forced to accommodate another god’s powers within him. Muscles exploded all over in newly immense size, looking hard as steel, feeling hot as fire, each muscle fiber visibly striated, veins popping all over, feeding his muscles with endless power, pulsing obscenely. His once human frame was now monstrously deformed. His eyes had gone blank, his jaw looked more square than ever, a fearsome smile appearing on the most virile face imaginable. His mammoth delts almost engulfed his head, his massive pecs protruded onwards, his shoulders were separated even further, wide slabs of muscle conformed his lats, arms became truly almighty, his abs reshaped into a the most impressive 10-pack, his legs were powerful enough to hold the whole world. And his cock grew so disproportionate in size that it now reached his head and almost matched his waist in width, its surface almost entirely covered in thick veins, its cockhead pulsing, beating, while divine seed started to ooze, then drench, then his cock shooting semen like a throbbing cannon. ‘YEEEEES!!! I’VE BECOME PERFECT! LOOK AT ME PEOPLE OF AGRABAH, LOOK AT THIS BODY, I’M THE DEFINITIVE BEING OF POWER! I WILL RULE THIS WORLD AT MY DESIRE, AND THERE WILL BE PEACE, HAPINESS AND ENDLESS PLEASURE FOREVER.’ And with that, Al forced his massive godly body to take a more suitable and human-like form, still unable to hide its endless power, with chiselled, solid, and massive muscles, a perfect manly and beautiful face, and an obscenely big, hard, throbbing cock pointing forward. His imposing frame walked towards Jasmine, with lust in his eyes. ‘So princess, do you want to reign by my side?’
  11. Part 1 – The High School Hero Chapter 1 I’ve never embraced the spotlight. I’ve had many chances at having the center of attention all to myself, but that’s not who I am as a person. I like to be just on the outskirts of the spotlight—close enough that I can feel its warmth and people can see me, but not so close that it blinds me. If I wanted to be magnificently famous, it would have happened. I had many opportunities. Instead, though, I stayed on those outskirts. My life has changed drastically depending on whose outskirts I was staying on. The high school hero, the college con-artist, the West California wild card, the Hollywood hunk—they each changed me in very different ways. But I don’t want to tell my whole life story—every grocery trip, every load of laundry, every DMV line. I do want to give the highlights, though. Because, oh, have I had some highlights. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself. I guess I should really start by explaining my nickname. My name is Gerald P. Vaughn, but it’s my most intimate nickname that really matters. I’ve had many casual nicknames throughout my life, but only a select few have ever called me The Repository. My high school boyfriend gave that particular nickname to me. I didn’t know then why Gregg picked me. He was the hunky hero of the football team. I was the editor of yearbook who spent my weekends writing fan-fic of Spider-man and The Hunger Games. He had firm, taut muscles and dazzlingly blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. I had a somewhat slight frame, and mud-brown hair and eyes. He was well over six feet tall. I was a slightly more than average 6’, my only really distinguishing feature being my height. He came from money and was super popular. I worked at a deli part time to help the family expenses and had a small but tight-knit circle of friends. Gregg and I only met because we had the same AP English class. I’d noticed him freshman year, but I don’t think he even knew my name until we had that English class together. At our little high school in Illinois, any student taking an AP class senior year had to take a special one-day seminar at the end of their junior years to give us our summer assignments so we could hit the ground running come September. That’s where Gregg and I officially met. He asked me out, and we dated in secret all summer. He was still closeted, so we couldn’t date openly, but I was still a teenager—so I didn’t really care. I liked having him as my secret. We would spend muggy summer afternoons in my attic bedroom in each other’s embrace. We didn’t do a lot of talking, but we spent a lot of time together. I couldn’t get enough of his athletic torso and pert pecs. He couldn’t get enough of my kisses. Gregg told me I was an amazing kisser. He wouldn’t be the last. A few months into our relationship, a week after my 18th birthday, we finally decided it was time to go beyond the heavy petting and hand jobs and try some serious sex. After the dance of condoms and lube, Gregg prepared to top me. He pounded me dutifully with his girthy 5 inches, but lasted all of two minutes. Apparently, Mr. Football Hotshot was a virgin before he started dating me. He’d had girlfriends, he'd told me, but I guess none of those girls had gotten as far with him as I had. I wasn’t going to hold it against him; I was a virgin before I started dating him too. When he finished, he told me it was my turn. My head was so filled with stereotypes about gay sex and who tops who that I actually didn’t expect he’d give me a turn topping, and I was so excited to try. I put the condom on my eager (and perfectly average) 6 inch dick, and I began working myself into him. I wanted to fuck him hard and good, but given the disparity in our bodies, I didn’t think I could. Then, instinctively, it occurred to me. “Lend me ten pounds,” I said. “What?” he asked in a fog of sex and confusion. “Lend me ten pounds of muscle,” I repeated, adding, “Please.” Perhaps thinking it was some kind of role play, he meekly said, “Okay. You can borrow ten pounds of muscle.” As soon as he said it, his muscles diminished a little. He was still firm and big, but nowhere near as big as he had just been. At the same time, I felt my body become more solid, stronger, taking up more space. My flat chest blossomed a little, my arms thickened, my abs tightened, my ass firmed. His ten pounds were in my body, and I used them to start fucking him harder and more thoroughly. Gregg looked at our bodies, and a look of joy spread over his face as I picked up the pace of my fucking. “You can borrow another ten, as long as you fuck me senseless,” he said, giving into the passion. Ten more pounds melted off his physique. He still looked fit and healthy with a trim midsection, but he looked more like an up-and-coming football player rather than a football star. I, meanwhile, now looked like I’d been working out for years, building my body up to teenaged muscular perfection. My chest was thick and proud, my arms were strong and solid, and my ass flexed into round relief as I plowed Gregg thoroughly. He came for the second time before I came once. But when I did climax, the might I had in my borrowed muscles flexed and tensed, drawing up close to the surface. Looking down at my reduced boyfriend, my body was thicker and meatier than his, a realization that spurred my orgasm to greater heights. I pulled out and rolled over so we could spoon, and as soon as he had his arms around me, I said, “Okay. You can have them back now.” When I said it, my form returned to its normal state, and the arms around me grew strong and burly, Gregg’s arms as I had come to know them.
  12. Ultrabeef

    The Perfect Couple

    The Perfect Couple by Ultrabeef Skyler and Parker finished up their workout and headed to the showers. The cute 20 something gay couple were the envy of all their friends. Their attractive toned bodies and chised features made them look like a couple of fashion models. Skyler had short brown hair and a perfect physique and was in finance however while Parker, blond and also toned, was getting his start in real estate. They were the perfect couple and living the American dream: great realtionship, attractive partner, making great money. As they headed to the locker room a huge roided behemoth blocked their path. They had seen the guy at the gym often; grunting and heaving ridiculously heaving weights in the free weight area while Skyler and Hunter used the treadmills and machines. "Hey bros, looking good out there today" the huge bodybuilder rumbled in his deep bass. "Um, thanks...'bro'" Parker replied, somewhat sarcastically as Skyler nudged him hissing "Shut up, do you want to get us killed?". The huge guy, ignoring the latent sarcasm continued "My name's Ian. Ian Walsh." The two hunky twinks stared at him blankly until he continued "And you are?". "Oh...um...sorry" Skyler muttered, realizing his rudeness. "I'm Skyler" he smiled weakly extending his hand that was almost ripped off by the huge meaty paw of Ian. "Nice to meet you Skyler. Who's your friend?" "I'm Parker. Skyler’s boyfriend" Parker replied with an emphasis on "boyfriend" in case Ian might have gotten the wrong idea. "Nice to meet you too" Ian purred, grabbing Parker’s arm and shaking his hand roughly. "You know, I've been watching you two for a while" Ian continued as Skyler and Parker looked at each other confusedly. Ian continued unphased "I think a couple attractive guys like yourself would look awesome with some muscle mass on you". As he spoke Ian bounced his pecs in his sweaty stringer tank. Skyler's eyes widened and the bulging beef in front of him. "Um. Thanks but I think we're good" Parker politely replied. "Well, that's a shame. If you dudes change your mind and want to get huge and jacked like me, give me a call". Ian flexed his huge bicep as he handed Skyler & Parker a plain, white business card. On it were the words "Ian Welsh, Muscle Growth Specialist" and a phone number. "Thanks" Parker replied. "Um, yeah...thanks" Skyler mumbled as Parker shoved him toward the showers. That evening, as Parker packed for a trip home from the big city to visit his parents, Skyler was uncharacteristically quiet. "What's on your mind babe?" Parker asked, snapping Skyler out of his daze. "Oh...nothing" Skyler lied. "Come on, I know that look. What's up?" Skyler sighed "It's that freaky musclehead at the gym. He really got inside my head today”. "What? You're kidding right? You don't want to be some huge musclehead. Do you?" Parker paused and looked at Skyler's face. "I...I guess not. I mean who wants to be some overgrown freak, right?" Skyler laughed. "Yeah!" Parker laughed too but was troubled by Skyler's strange behavior. Parker had arrived back from his parents' house early Sunday morning and had jumped in the shower. As he got out of the shower and dressed he could hear Skyler making breakfast in the kitchen. "Hey sweetie! You're up! I'll be right there" Parker called from the bathroom. "Hey babe, eggs ok for breakfast?" Skyler called in a rough, deep voice from the kitchen. "Eggs? You always have a kale smoothie. And what's with your voice? Are you coming down with a cold sweetie?" Parker was saying as he entered the kitchen and froze in his tracks. There at the stove, with his back to Parker, was an enormous bodybuilder. He was wearing a tattered t-shirt that had the sleeves ripped off to accomodate his thick, gorilla-like arms. His back was impossibly wide and tapered to a relatively small waist. The guy had a big, thick bubble butt that was straining against his pajama shorts. His legs were thick and corded with muscle. Then the guy turned around and Parker gasped "S...Skyler?!" The huge guy bounced his ample pecs and smiled "Mornin babe". “Wha...what the fuck did you do to yourself?!” Parker gasped taking in the freakish bodybuilder his boyfriend had become. Skyler smirked a cocky grin as he adjusted the thick cock that bulged obscenely in his shorts. “I gave that Ian guy from the gym a call, babe” Skyler flexed his freakish arms in a double bicep pose and grinned “you like?” “Um, fuck no!” Parker snarled. “You look like some overgrown roid-head, the kind of guy we always made fun of at the gym! You’ve got to turn yourself back to normal! I mean how is it even possible to transform your body like this in just a few days?!” Skyler was getting worked up and shouting at his huge boyfriend. “I think I look hot. And so does Ian” Parker mumbled, “besides, I can’t transform back, it’s permanent”. “How are you going to even go to work looking like that? You’re disgusting. All veiny and bulging. None of your suits will even fit!” Parker staggered to the kitchen chair and slammed himself down. He was so upset and confused. Two days ago he and his hot toned boyfriend were living their dream life and now Skyler had ruined everything with his ridiculous muscle growth. “I can’t believe you’re acting like this babe” Skyler put his huge hand on Parker’s shoulder. “Don’t touch me, you freak!” Parker screamed causing the massive Skyler to pull his hand away. “I’m going to the gym” Skyler mumbled grabbing his gym bag. “To meet up with that asshole Ian?” “Yeah, probably. Why? You got a problem with that?” Skyler flexed his pecs intimidatingly at Parker. “No. Why should I care?” Parker mumbled, his voice cracking as tears streamed down his face. “Look babe. I love you! I don’t give a fuck about Ian. I always wanted to be a big manly guy and now I am. I love feeling so strong and masculine. I thought you’d love it too. I guess I was wrong.” “Yeah, I guess so” Parker sobbed. “Look, I’ll be back later and we can talk, ok?” Skyler’s looked so dejected that Parker just mumbled “sure” instead of telling him off. Skyler kissed Parker on the head before waddling to the door, his massive back as wide as the doorway. As Parker sat in the silence of the empty apartment he wiped the tears away from his chiseled cheeks. Then he went to his bedroom and reached into his gym bag. He pulled out the card Ian had given him with his number “Ian Walsh, Muscle Growth Specialist”. Pulling out his cell phone, Parker dialed the number on the card. “Yeah” a deep gruff voice answered. “Um, is this Ian?” Parker sheepishly asked. “Sure is dude”. “Um, my name is Parker. We met at the gym last week. You um “helped” my boyfriend Skyler”. “Ha! Hell yeah, I remember you, sarcastic little punk. l wondered how long it would take you to call.” “Uh, yeah, I...” Parker, not usually at a loss for words stammered. “I’ll be right over” Ian growled and the phone went dead. “Shit!”mumbled Parker to himself, “what have I done?” Within a few minutes there was a loud knock on the door, Parker opened it to find the massive Ian standing there. Ian was wearing white spandex shorts that could barely contain his massive cock and glutes and a black stringer tank that left little to the imagination as his wide pecs and shoulders bulged from the flimsy shirt. “Um, hi. Come in” Parker weakly invited Ian into the apartment. “It seems like I was here only yesterday! Oh, I guess I was here yesterday!” Ian laughed a deep, mocking laugh. “So, what can I do for you cutie?” Ian eyed Parker up and down, “damn, I hope Skyler realizes how lucky he is to have a hottie like you!” Parker blushed uneasily and looked toward the floor, his former sarcasm drained in the presence of the large bodybuilder. “So, do you like how Skyler turned out? Awesome, isn’t it?” “Actually, no. I hate it. You have to change him back.” Parker replied, finding his voice. “Change him back?!” Ian laughed again in his deep hearty laugh. “Are you fucking kidding me? He’s a total uber muscle stud now! I saved him from being a nobody! Plus, the change is permanent!” Parker stared glumly at the floor, not sure what to say. “Oh fuck, is that why you called me? To change Skyler back?” the realization dawning on Ian. “Well, of course, why did you think I called you?” “Well,” Ian smiled dangerously, “I thought you wanted to get huge too!” Now it was Parker’s turn to laugh, “you’ve got to be kidding me! Who would want to be a fucking roid-head muscle freak like you?” “Well, your boyfriend seems to like “being a freak” as you say” Ian advanced menacingly toward Parker. “Personally, I think a handsome cocky little shit like you could use an attitude adjustment and some manly muscle like this!” Ian bounced his huge pecs in Parker’s face before roughly shoving him against the wall. Parker yelled “Stay away from me, you fucking freak, or I’ll...” “You’ll what?” Ian smiled an evil grin. “You’re gonna be so fucking hot when I get through with you”. With one huge muscular arm pinning Parker against the living room wall Ian whipped out a large syringe filled with green liquid and quickly jabbed it into Parker’s chest with his free hand. “What the FUCK!!” Parker screamed, “what the fuck did you do?”. “Well, considering Skyler paid for our 2 for 1 special, I just completed his order” Ian grinned. “Skyler did what?” Parker asked in a daze as his head started to cloud over and a buzzed sensation filled his brain. “Oh, this is my favorite part!” Ian sat on the sofa to watch the show as Parker staggered toward a chair to keep his balance. “Wha...what’s happening?” Parker mumbled in confusion. “What’s happening is you’re about to grow into a nice big bodybuilder boyfriend for Skyler” Ian purred. “No...fuck! This can’t be happening!” As he spoke, Parker looked down and saw his hands swelling larger, his forearms expanding wider stretching his Oxford dress shirt. “Urrggh!” Parker growled as his muscles started to swell larger. “Fuck...no! I...don’t...want...to be a...freak!” Parker panted as his shirt grew tighter and tighter, he could see his biceps straining against the fabric of his shirt and could feel his shoulders and back stretching the shirt tight as they grew wider with each passing moment. Parker grunted as be felt a heaviness forming in his chest. “Oh fuck! No!Not my pecs!” Parker tried to hold his shirt closed as his chest swelled with beefy brawn going from toned to swoll. “Oh fuck yeah!” Ian was sitting on the edge of the couch and was stroking his hard, thick dick as he watched Parker’s shirt burst open sending buttons spraying across the room and allowing his swelling pecs the freedom they desired. Parker’s chest heaved and the weight of his burgeoning pecs forced his expanding nipples toward the floor as a deep crevice formed between them. Parker could feel his abs bulging, from the perfect six pack that he was so proud of and was the envy of all the guys and girls at work, into a thick, hard, muscle gut. His swelling midsection caused his tight skinny jeans to burst open at the waist. “Shit, shit! Shit!” Parker moaned, his voice deepening to a rich baritone as his neck thickened. His quads were thickening as well, easily shredding open his jeans at the seams, his calves swelling into perfect pillars of muscle. Parker could feel his butt growing too. No longer a cute, toned, bubble butt Parker could feel his glutes swelling into a huge, thick, muscle-ass. As Ian shot his load across his spandex shorts, Parker’s growth began to slow. “What the fuck have you done to me?!” Parker growled in his newly deep voice. He staggered to the bathroom mirror and took in the sight of his new body. Too engrossed in what he was seeing to notice Ian sneaking out the door, but not before texting Skyler “your order is complete, and I think you’ll love the results”. As soon as Skyler received Ian’s text he cut his workout short and hurried home. As he entered the apartment he could tell something was different. The living room and kitchen were a mess, furniture was out of place and overturned and the smell of manly musk and cum was thick in the air. Skyler hurried to the bedroom but it was empty. “Parker? Are you here?” Skyler called out. “I’m right here babe.” The deep, rumbling bass shocked Skyler, he slowly turned around and gasped. Standing in the doorway (filling it actually) was a massive blond bodybuilder. He was totally jacked, thick veins and stretch marks snaked across his skin. His face was still chiseled like Parker with high cheekbones, full pouty lips, and a wide jaw, but it was dusted with scruff giving him a dangerous, manly look. The hulking muscle beast was squeezed into a white thong, wet with cum, that attempted to contained his massive cock. “Holy shit! Parker?! Is that really you?” Skyler breathlessly moaned. “Oh you better believe it babe!” Parker raised his arms into a wicked double bicep pose and bounced his ample pecs. “I...I’m sorry to turn you into a freak, like me, but...” Skyler suddenly felt badly, overcome with the realization that the old Parker was gone forever. “Fuck babe! Are you kidding me? Look at me, I’m fucking jacked! And I’m all yours, stud.” Parker rubbed his muscle gut causing Skyler to moan softly. “You like all this beef babe?” Parker turned around and bent over the bed revealing his huge, thick muscle ass. “Oh fuck!” Skyler purred, ripping his gym shorts off revealing his raging boner. “Fill me with that big dick, babe” Parker moaned as Skyler mounted the hulking stud.
  13. This story is a conversion of an old RP I did with a friend, @jsmith230. It was one of my favorite RPs so I thought I would convert it and share. While my first preference is muscle growth with a secondary love of height growth, you could say his preferences are the inverse of mine. So that will give you a hint of what this story will entail. Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11Part 12Part 13 *************************************************************************** Elongro “Dude, have you heard of that new 'Elongro' drug? I have to get my hands on it. I want to get huge this year!” Seth rolls his eyes as he listens to Trevor ramble on about the new miracle drug that has been making a splash among the young adult community worldwide. Trevor and Seth are college roommates and best buddies currently in their second year of college. The two were paired up as dormmates during Freshman year and their friendship blossomed from there. Both 19 years old, the two share a small apartment just off campus. To the outsider, Trevor is the alpha of the friendship, much more confident, outgoing and outspoken than his counterpart. He has always been very athletic and since coming to college has fully invested his free time into fitness and working out. He's obsessed with trying to put on mass and is always trying the latest supplements, pills and powders, along with constantly reading articles on new exercises programs to try. He has built himself up to a nice, ripped, 185 lbs on a 5’10.5 frame. His body fat hovers around 10-12% and he sports a nice 6-pack. But, like any true wannabe bodybuilder, it wasn't, deep down he wanted more. Much more. Seth is Trevor's roommate and while he also has a natural athleticism to him, he hasn't pursued it nearly to the degree that Trevor has, though few people could really say that. Some of the reason behind this is that Seth always felt just a bit too small to ever have great success in sports. He was one of those people who were content to be good enough to make the high school baseball team though he only saw limited playing time. Since college began, Seth exercised a couple times a week, mainly by just jogging, leaving him with a naturally slim and toned 145 lbs on his 5’8 body. The pair were pursuing business degrees although Trevor wasn't quite sold on the idea after his first year. While Seth fully intends to pursue a sales and marketing career, Trevor has considered switching to a more body-centric physical therapy program that would work well in parallel with his pursuit of fitness excellence. What currently has Trevor excited is the discovery of a new drug that offered an exciting possibility. Within the past year, a new compound was developed and released in Korea that is commonly known as “Elongro”. It's use had begun to spread across the developed world. However, due the USA’s overly strict drug testing protocol, the drug is still not legally available in the USA though it is available in most of Asia, Europe and Canada. The drug has caused excitement for people who are small in stature, either height or build. What the drug does is that it basically freezes a young adult growth rate, including hormonal levels, where that rate might be starting to wane. Along with enhancing the sex characteristics, it also keeps their growth plates open for an extended amount of time, allowing an individual to continue to grow for much longer than they normally would. Seth shakes his head as he listens to his roommate explain the drug. “What that means, Seth, is that if you naturally had, say, one more month of growth before your plates fused, you might keep growing at the same rate for another 2-3 months instead with Elongro. But, just think, if you were in the middle of a big growth spurt and originally had many months, or year left, you could potential retain that growth rate for a few more years! Isn't that awesome!” “Uh huh. Sure man. Sounds cool man,” Seth replied cooly. “Sounds a bit too good to be true, really.” “Well, it's not perfect, you're right.” Trevor pulls up his phone to read the details of the drug from the website he'd been researching. “The major drawback of the drug is that it has been shown to cause devastating side effects if a person is still showing any signs of puberty. Most humans complete puberty by the time they are 16 or 17 but keep growing in size for another 1 to 4 years. Because of this risk, most countries that allow the sale of the drug ban it from being used on any person under the age of 19. Also, the drug will not work if a person’s growth plates have already fused, which for many people has already occurred by the time they are 19. Thus, the window for success for the drug is very limited, if open at all. The reports say that only about one-quarter of the people who try to drug experience any results.” Trevor looks away from his phone at his disinterested roommate, but his own excitement cannot be interrupted and he keeps scrolling through the information showing on his phone. “For those that it does work, though, the results have been significant! Bro, this website says there are online rumors from the drug’s testing phase of people putting on 40-50 lbs of muscle and growing up to 6 to 8 inches taller well into their 20s! Shit dude, that would ROCK! I read that for those who are lucky enough to still be growing, the average success rate has been 15 lbs and 2-3 inches over an additional 6 months to 1 year of growing. I would give anything to put on some more size like that! My training has really stalled lately.” “That is pretty sweet, Trev. But you said it yourself, it may not even work. If you've finished your natural growth you're S.O.L.” Trevor huffs as Seth downplays Elongro. Tervor can't help but imagine the possibilities. Though he never mentioned it, while focused on growing his muscles, he secretly always wanted to be taller as well. He hadn't told Seth, but he had already started the process of obtaining the Elongro. He had already set up a quick weekend trip to Canada where a close friend was to obtain a prescription and then supply him with a vial of Elongro. He's aware of the illegality but the chance to put on some size even if it's just a few pounds or an inch in height, is too much to pass up. Because of the drug’s scarcity and the fact he has to obtain it illegally, it will cost Trevor over $1200, a huge amount for a poor college kid. “Seth, from my doctor’s appointment this summer I found out that I had grown another ½” to my current 5’10-1/2 height. So I'm positive I'm on my final growth spurt! I just KNOW it will work. But I got to get started soon before my growth stops.” “Ok, man, whatever. Man, you really are obsessed with size. You've got that dysmorphia thing, haha. I men, you are already jacked, you should be happy.” “Never big enough, bro!” the handsome stud chuckled in reply. “So how does it work? Is it a pill or something?” “Naw, it's an injection. It works from just one single injection. Each vial contain enough liquid for 5 injections, even though only one is needed. This is where you come in, bro!” “Me? What for?” “Well, the thing is, this shit is really expensive. And, like I said you only need one injection, but each vial has enough for five injections. So, I wanted to ask, If I get the Elongro, could I sell you an injection too? It would help me out and I would appreciate it. My girlfriend already said she'd take one of the injections too. Help a brother out, it's fuckin' expensive stuff. I'm not even asking for the full price of a dose, just $200 to help me cover.” “C'mon Trev, don't ask me that. I don't... Man, I don’t think I’ve grown in a couple of years, it would most likely be a waste on me.” “But, Bro, even if you had the slimmest chance to be just a little taller and stronger, wouldn’t you want to take it?” Trevor tries his best to pitch the idea. Seth rebuffs his approaches but he knows what will get Seth on board. “Hey, you know that girl that works at the rec center you’ve been crushing of the past year? Remember how you told me you overheard her talking with her friends that she said she would never date a guy under 5’10 and 175 lbs? She says that because she's pretty tall for a girl, like 5'9 or so. Just think, buddy! If you put some size maybe she’ll give you a second look!” Trevor sees the gears turning in Seth's head. He still seems unconvinced but he can tell he's touched a nerve. “C’mon man, you always told me how you felt like you were too small in high school to be one of the jocks on campus even though you were on the baseball team. This could be your chance to put on some size and least be average height. Wouldn’t you want that, little buddy?” Trevor tosses in ‘little buddy’ because he knows Seth hates when bigger dudes call him that. And that seals the deal. “Ugh. Fine, bro. Whatever," he says with annoyed defeat. "And hey, I’m way past puberty so there’s no risk, right? Other than I’ll be out $200." “That’s the spirit, pal! I promise this will be worth the investment!” * Seth walks to his room to collect the cash. He can't help but shake his head at Trevor's crazy antics. "This stuff is never going to work on me," he says to himself. But, knowing how into this Trevor is he knows that the right thing to do is to support his roomie and at least give it a try. Plus, that way when it doesn't work, he can hold that over his head! Or at least Trev will give it up and move onto something different, just like he always does. The following weekend Trevor makes five hour drive up North to Canada. Upon his return he excitedly enters their apartment and makes himself known. That night, the two friends administer the shot. They both have it their our heads that the effect would be immediate, even though all of the documentation says they won't know right away whether or not it works. But the placebo effect is very real those first few days and it drives the two crazy not knowing for sure if they will see an impact, but the excitement builds. That night Seth dream of growing taller, standing over guys who always made fun of his short height and pushing his skinny body around... being seen as tall... growing again... finally becoming the man he'd always wanted to be. Not being relegated to playing right field in baseball having never hit a home run. All those guys looking down at Seth! He jolts awake and realizes his dick is tenting the sheets. Even though he was skeptical at first, he can't help but think how deep down he must want this injection to work. How badly he needs to become bigger and stronger. He chuckles, knowing how slim the odds are and fades back to sleep. After the first few days of no noticeable changes the two both act as if nothing has happened. Although they both seem to be constantly checking themselves against the heights of familiar landmarks and people, including each other. Inside Trevor is still stoked, convinced that he will reap significant gains. Knowing that Seth hasn't grown upwards in years, he knows it likely won't work for his friend, but he was happy he at least he got $200 out of Seth. Truthfully, Trevor loved having Seth as his roommate. Not only from a personality standpoint, but he loved being the bigger and more dominant man compared to Seth. It was nothing against Seth, it just fed well into Trevor's desire to get bigger and build up his physique. Whenever they went out, Seth always demurred to Trevor when choosing which movies to watch, with parties to go to, what girls to hang with. Trevor was the alpha apparent. Two weeks after the injections the two are eating dinner and Trevor notices Seth is wolfing down a ton of food. "Hungry, there Seth?" "Dude," he says between mouthfuls of grilled chicken, "I can't remember the last time I was this hungry. I just can't get to feeling full lately... it's so weird..." Trevor chuckles as he watches Seth go back to finishing his chicken before starting on some brats. Trevor shakes his head, teasing Seth that “the freshman 15 is real, just delayed for you" before getting up to do the dishes. A bit later the two are hanging out watching TV and chatting about classes and wanting to catch the new Spiderman movie. Seth rubs his full round belly and ponders, pausing, before finally asking his roomie a surprising question. "Have you been making any gains in the gym? I was thinking rather than just running maybe I would try lifting some." Trevor is taken off guard. He knew Seth never went to the rec center other than to run, and certainly never made his way into the weight room. "I was thinking... maybe... I could like... join you sometime?" While Seth has managed to stay relatively thin, having a fitness obsessed roommate might be starting to rub off on him a bit. "Its just, with how I've been eating... maybe I should," he jokes. "I'll get fat if I keep eating like this. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to have a bit more muscle for the ladies... maybe get some attention for once. It seems to have worked out well for you!" "Hell yeah buddy! I would love to be your training partner. Hell, I was thinking I might want to make a career out of it in the future, either personal training or physical therapy. I'd love to show you the ropes, you could be my first client! But, don't worry, little buddy, I won't charge you." Seth's face tightens at the words 'little buddy' and Trevor instantly feels bad. "Er...sorry, Seth. But yeah, even though you haven't been lifting I can tell you are a little bit thicker lately, just from all the food you've been eating. I'm still making gains, but it's slow going." The next day Trevor takes Seth to the gym for his first weightlifting workout. Seth marvels at the poundages that Trevor buddy can lift. Trevor boasts that he can bench 225 lbs ten times and Seth seems to be in shock when he performs the feat. On his turn, Seth can barely do 135 lbs five times. He is disappointed but his new trainer props him up. "Hey, dude, honestly that's a great weight, especially for your first workout. When I started I couldn't even bench 95 lbs once!" Seth perks up at that. As the two leave the weight room Seth notices the hot girl at the towel desk, Stacy. He is understandably smitten as he steals glances. “Fuck, Trevor. That Stacy is one super hot chick.” "Oh I hear ya man. I certainly don't mind the eye candy when I come here to lift everyday. Would love to get into that...if I weren't currently dating Brooke, that is, haha." Grinning stupidly, Seth replies. "Yeah, she's so hot Trev.... but I doubt she'd pay much attention to a guy like me." Seth can't help but notice her height, not too far off from Trevor's. Noticeably taller than he is, certainly. That seems to be the case with a lot of girls on campus. So many of the college girls and guys seem so tall lately. Trevor laughs and reminds his friend that time in the gym won't hurt and that if he stays consistent and pushes himself that she won't care how tall he is. "Muscles always seal the deal!" Trevor chuckles and throws up a double bicep pose, flexing his impressive exposed arms, grinning cockily, causing Seth to roll his eyes. "Trev, doubt you'll be saying that when you are a six footer with me looking WAY up at you!” Seth jokes. "Then you will be tall AND muscular. I'm going to look like a little kid next to you.... so yeah, I better start lifting more I guess!" * A few weeks go by and Seth has been sticking with the gym, much to the surprise of his roommate. While it wasn't like Trevor had no faith in his buddy, he just knew the dropout rates for new lifters was very high. Trevor continues to coach and direct Seth, both in the weight room and giving him advice on his diet . His training advice is sound, and both can already see an improvement in Seth's physique, though it's not been easy for the new gymrat. "Ugh, Trevor, is it normal to ache all the time? I can never seem to really recover..." “Haha, buddy that's part of the deal. Though the more you lift the less sore you should be. It could be that you're not taking enough time to recover. Could be that your muscles are actually growing or any number of reasons. Just growing pains. But, it means that you are actually working and growing, so be excited, man!” Before long, Seth begins to notice that his shoes are uncomfortably tight. He'd worn size 9s since he finished growing taller a few years prior. At first he figures it's the workout. One day after class he hits the mall to get a new pair. While Trevor hangs out at their apartment he gets a text from Seth: [Trev, you won't believe it. I had to get new shoes! Size 10.5!! Crazy!!] Tervor's mind races, trying to process Seth's text. He'd been denying Seth's progress, playing it off as beginner gains. But could his smaller buddy actually be growing? A hint of fear and jealousy permeates his mind. He thinks to himself how his size 11 shoes haven't been feeling any tighter. He calms down and rationalizes that maybe the little guy is going to have one small growth spurt. There is still no way Seth will ever catch him. He convinces himself that must be growing too, even if his shoes still fit. I mean, your feet don't HAVE to get bigger to increase your height, right? Trevor remembers how he is up 7 lbs to 192 lbs, the biggest he's ever been and he doesn't seem any more muscular or more fat, so he assumes that extra weight is coming from added height. The thought calms his nerves and he smiles to himself, excited for the growth that lies ahead. * It is now six weeks after the shot and the two are once again in the gym working out. Seth has been make even more noteworthy progress and has settled into a dedicated routine. This time Trevor brings a notebook. In the locker room after the lifting session Trevor confronts his protege. "Dude, I am a terrible trainer! I forgot to take your initial stats to see how you are coming along. So let's start now, better late than never. We'll use this notebook to make sure you keep progressing. It's good motivation too to see your lifts go up week after week. Ok, how tall again?” "5 ft 8" Seth says, slightly annoyed. "Well, just a bit under actually." “Really? Are you sure?” Trevor looks at Seth, unconvinced. At first he is apprehensive to find out for sure, but he can't deny that Seth looks at least a little taller. Wanting to be a trainer though, he knows he needs to be accurate and thorough with his log books. "Nah, dude, let's find out for sure." Trevor directs Seth to stand against the wall while he takes a tape measure out of his bag. He measures his buddy. "Just a hair under 5 ft 9, dude!" Seth eyes widen and he looks at Trevor excitedly. He shouts, "Maybe that stuff is working for me! I've never been over 5'8 before!” “Dude, that's awesome! You're not quite AS tiny as before, haha. Ok c'mon let's take your weight.” Next, Seth hops on the scale. It reads 160 lbs. “Great job, Seth. That's a 15 lb gain in just 6 weeks. Those are pretty good beginner gains, dude!” Seth can't be more excited as Trevor notes his huge grin. He is thrilled! “Ok man, let's get your other measurements for the log.” Trevor tapes all of Seth's a major muscles groups and writes them in the notebook. Arms: 14.5” Chest: 38.5” Waist: 31” Quads: 21.5” Calves: 14” Trevor can't help but mentally compare his own stats to feed his ego. While Seth may have crept up in height he took solace that he still had him beat everywhere. He knew his 17” guns, 42” pecs, 24.5” legs and 15.5” calves were all well bigger while his tight 30” waist was even more ripped than his little buddy's. Not to mention, from what he had seen of his roommate in the showers, he had more 'down there' as well, the thought of which gave him a reassuring grin. “Not bad, dude! You've got some really big arms compared to the rest of you, definitely a strength. A good one to have too. Chicks dig big guns.” "I still can't believe it, Dude. I grew! I grew!" he keeps saying, trying not to draw a ton of attention to himself. "This is awesome. If it's working for me, it MUST be working for you too! Do you want me to measure your height too?" Tervor shifts a bit, clearly looking uncomfortable and conflicted. "It'll only take a minute... come on... this is exciting!!" Trevor shrugs and submits. Seth grabs and extends the tape measure, coming in closer to take his height. As he does, Trevor can't help but notice how much Seth seems to have closed that gap. The difference between 5ft8 and 5ft10.5 is noticeable, but an inch and a half really isn't. From a distance the two could look the same height! The thought causes the competitive trainer to shudder at the thought. He's always been bigger and taller than his roommate. "And it'll stay that way," he thinks to himself as he stands as straight as you can. The wait for Seth to declare the number feels like hours. Finally, he speaks. "Five Ten, Trev. Still." Seth pauses and watches for Trevor's reaction. He seems deflated momentarily before regaining composure. Seth attempts to reassure him. "Maybe it works different on people depending on their growth stage... I'm sure your growth will come soon!!" Seth says, slapping his back, "Hell, you've made great gains in the gym so something is happening!" Trevor seems to take this to heart, but Seth can tell he isn't completely convinced. Even so, while Seth is jubilant about his growth, he keeps it to myself to not offend his roommate. "Hey Trev, how about you have Brooke come over? I can cook us dinner tonight. I'm starved!!" he says as they grab their bags and head for the door. On the way back to their condo Trevor is obviously dejected but does his best to hide it. He can't believe that Seth is only about an inch shorter than him. And what happened to 5'10 and a HALF? Seth must've missed that last ½ inch, he tells himself. Still, it hurts not feeling as big. With the overall presence of his ripped muscles on his frame Trevor always felt like he towered over his smaller roommate. Not so much anymore. That night Brooke comes over as Seth is whipping up a feast in the kitchen. Having listened to Trevor go on an on about how important a big diet is for big muscles, Seth knew a big nutritious meal would cheer his friend up, let alone sate his own growing hunger. By now the two are well into the second semester of the school year. Everyone is deep into their studies neither had seen Brooke in about three weeks. When she comes in Trevor is stunned at how gorgeous she looks, even more beautiful than he remembered. He felt a stirring in his crotch as his girlfriend made her entrance. The FaceTime chats that they had been relegated to just didn't do her justice. She comes in wearing heels and is almost as tall as Seth! Trevor remembered her being about three inches shorter than Seth when he first introduced her. He now realizes she must be about 5'7 now! Seth too was stunned, noting how tall and sleek she looked. He recalled how Trevor told him he gave her the shot too and it seemed it was working on her too, maybe even more so than Seth! "Hey boys!", she said as she entered. “Hey babe! Damn, I've missed you. You are smokin'!” She goes over to her boyfriend gave him a kiss. Seth notices that Trevor didn't have to bend over like he used to, or at all to kiss her on the lips. She looks over at her boyfriend's roomie. "Hey Seth! You are looking good! I can tell you've been hitting the gym. Trevor said you'd been lifting with him lately. I can see that you've put on some muscle. You're going to have to move up size large, that medium shirt is looking a little tight! Trev, Babe, you must be a fantastic trainer!" The trio have a great evening catching up with each other and enjoying the grilled Caribbean chicken dish that Seth prepared. That night, after the friends retire to their rooms, Trevor goes to town fucking Brooke. All night long he had been staring at his girl full of lust. She just looked so fit and healthy. She was always fit, but she seemed to be on a another level tonight. Maybe it was the longer legs. He also couldn't deny that he was in much need of some release due to the frustration that he seemingly wasn't growing nearly fast enough. * Over the next few weeks, Seth is like a demon in the gym, pushing himself harder and harder and harder. Trevor watches and celebrates his gains, proud that his training techniques are working so effectively. And yet jealously, he see's his buddy making gains so quickly. While Seth started out benching 135, he's now pushing 185 for the same number of reps easily. It's an astounding change. And his shirts keep getting tighter and tighter, to the point now that he's started borrowing old shirts from Trevor! Trevor shakes his head, barely believing that his supposed small roommate needed them now. The duo keep pushing themselves in the gym, even during finals. They can hardly believe that the semester is almost over. It's even harder to believe that two are both getting summer jobs, though Trevor's will be out of state. "Sucks I won't be able to train with you for a couple of months, Trev... it's really been awesome. I've never been so buff in my life." Trevor has recently noticed that Seth's voice has gotten deeper over the last few weeks. Luckily, though, Seth hasn't seemed to have caught him in height. It's something they both have been watching for out of the corners of their eyes. During their last lift together for the school year Seth points to his notebook in Trevor's bag. "Maybe we should take stats again so that I can keep track of the progress myself?" “Erm...yeah man. Of course. Let's see how much mass you've put on, bro!” he says, purposely not mentioning height. The two head to the locker room and strip to their skivvies. Trevor notes how's Seth's body has developed so much that he's not too far behind himself, a thought that worries him. Seth steps on the scale first. The two watch it, with widening eyes, as it swings to 175 pounds. Seth's face brightens excitedly. "Dude... that's another 15 pounds in five weeks. NO WONDER none of my clothes fit!!! Oh wow I could tell I was getting some muscles when I look in the mirror, but this is awesome! Ok, let's take my other measurements. Bro, you are an awesome trainer!" The two high five and Trevor grabs the tape and steps up to Trevor. “Ok. Arms...16 and a quarter”. Woah dude. You are still rocking those huge guns, damn! And they are so defined, crazy, man.” Seth flexes his arm and Trevor watches, stunned, as the ball of muscle leaps into relief. It isn't huge, but a big, solid, undeniable lump of muscle bulges. It is the first time he has seen his roommate flex in any way. “Holy shit, Seth. Your peaks is sweet. Geezus. Ok, let's get the rest. Chest is...41”. Big gain of over two inches, wow. Waist is still 31”, so you're not getting fatter. It seems to be all muscle, dude! Legs...now 23”. Calves...another inch at 15. Those are some studly gains, dude! You're beginner gains won't quit!” “Thanks Trevor, I owe a ton of it to you bro!” “Any time, roomie! Ok move out the way so I can check my weight.” “Hey Trev, can you take my height?” “Erm...um yeah I suppose. You think you are still growing?” “I think so. I hope so.” It's the moment Trevor been dreading. Seth steps against the wall, standing as straight as he can. The anticipation is killing him. He WANTS to be bigger. HE WANT to be taller, even if it seems like he hasn't quite matched Trevor yet. Trevor measures him once... then again... and again. "Dude, what's up?" Seth asks. Trevor grins at him. Internally, Seth worries that he's hasn't grown anymore. Then shares the news. "You are five-ten now!" Now Seth understands the grin on Trevor's face. If he's 5ft10, that means... "Dude! Trevor, you must have grown TOO!!" The two high five, both ecstatic at each others' growth. "I told you, Trevor! It was only a matter of time!!" Trevor looks thrilled, FINALLY this drug was WORKING. Seth steps aside and readies his measurements without a word. It's clear he wants to know. He NEEDS to know. Seth first takes his weight, "200 pounds! Swole man, damn!!" And then he measures his height. "Almost 6ft, dude! You are nearly there!!!" * Trevor is so excited he could almost cry. He bear hugs Seth and lifts him off the ground, taking note of how newly solid and heavy Seth now feels. "Hell yeah buddy! We've both put on about an inch!” He sets his friend down. “But wait, you said 'almost 6 ft'. What was it really?” "Oh,...um...it was right at 5ft11.5. Maybe just a hair under.” Trevor's smile slightly wanes but he certainly can't be disappointed after the last measurement turned up no discernible growth. "But still, Seth, that's just about an inch of growth. I am totally going to hit 6 ft, I just know it!" “Hell yeah man, and maybe I can at least get to 'almost 6 ft' like you said, haha. Starting out at 5'8” I'd be more than happy being 'almost 6 ft'!” “I guess you were right, Seth. It does affect everyone a bit different. I mean, Brooke actually grew the fastest out of all us so far, she's put on like two and half inches.” “Sorta makes sense, I remember back in Junior High that the girls often grew faster at first compared to the boys. But yeah, man, it's working for Brooke though. She looks extra hot lately. Hope you don't mind me sayin'.” “Haha. No prob, dude. You can look, just don't touch!” The two laugh and high five again. Even though Trevor discovered that he is just slightly shorter than what Seth had originally let on, he is still joyous. His confidence that he always remain the bigger roommate returns. That night after the measurements Trevor meets up with Brooke for their last night together before they break from summer. Like him, she will also be away for the summer so they plan a last special night together. After eating at their favorite restaurant the two head home for some intimate time. Back at Trevor's condo, his excitement in the bedroom is palpable and spills over into his performance. “Woah there, tiger. What's gotten into you? I like it, stud.” Brooke asks, pleased at the sensations he is giving her. Brooke is also looking taller and more voluptuous than ever, further revving up the horny college stud. He proceeds to give her a heavy dicking from all the excitement at finally growing and making some noticeable muscle gains. He relays the news to Brooke and in the middle of their fucking she wants to be measured too. Trevor excitedly obeys and measure her now at 5 ft 8.5! He thinks to himself how his girlfriend is becoming quite the vixen before the two return to the bed for another round. The two, both enhanced and excited by the results of the Elongro, are able to go longer than they ever had before. The couple drift asleep in each other arms, Trevor dreaming of growing stronger, more muscular and taller than he could've ever imagined. To Be Continued... Jump to Part 2: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/16655-elongro/?do=findComment&comment=207069
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    Muscle growth army pt1

    Hello everyone, This is my first time writing a muscle growth story, feel free to give any feedback in the comments, expect hot sex, transformations and lots of pics of hot morphed guys. I walked into the large army warehouse with the rest of my squad. We were new recruits, none of us really knew what we had signed up for but we were told something about "muscle growth, becoming the most alpha men we could possibly imagine, and living in ecstasy during the process." Furthermore, this counted as joining the American army, so we would be well taken care of during and after our service. me and the rest of the group of boys were lead to a smaller room with medical equipment, the doctor there took our measurements. I weighed 175 pounds and was about 5 foot 6 inches. My erect cock was about 6 inches as well. Overall I was quite average when compared to everyone else in my group. What I looked liked at the end of the checkup After the checkup my group and i were escorted to another room, This one was in the actual army facility. 3 large muscular men walked out of door near the back of the room. Each holding a box of syringes in their large muscular arms. My cock began to get erect at the site of them. Their huge pecs could barely be contained in their shirts and their plump, protruding nipples just made my hard on even harder. Not to mention the large bulges that they each sported. The largest of the 3 men began speaking. "hello everyone I am sergeant Taylor and this is Jack" he gestured to one of the other men "This is Kuba" he gestured to the other. "we are here to guide you through your muscle growth journey. here you will grow your body past your wildest dreams. However there are a few things you should know before starting, first is that the process will make you homosexual, you will crave having sex with other men like nothing else. Thoughts of men will consume your head, and you will be horny for men effectively all the time" I smiled, I was already gay so I did not mind. "second, is that beginning this process will turn you into a muscle sex god. You will not be able to go back to the way you were before. If either of these two things bother you, please leave now" a few seconds passed, nobody from the group left. "perfect" boomed sergeant Taylor "now that everyone is on board, please everyone, undress. Jack, Kuba, administer the shots" I took my clothes completely off to reveal my erect cock. I noticed that I was not the only one in this situation however. Seems like most of the other boys had been extremely turned on by Taylor, Jack and Kuba. Jack grabbed my ass and injected me with whatever was in the syringe he was holding. It felt amazing, like warmth rushing throughout my body making me harder and hornier than I was already. My cock flexed and precum began pouring out, it felt so good and I could not help but moan and begin jerking off. the injection had the same effect on the other boys and they all began to jerk off. Taylor boomed "Jack, kuba, give these boys a show" the two muscle men ripped out of their clothes and began flexing their giant muscles. Jack^ Kuba^ Their godly physiques turned everyone on so much. drool began forming in your mouth and all you could do was jerk off at the sight of the two posing muscle gods. Kuba approached you and pressed his godly body onto you. you kissed and licked every inch of his body, taking in his musk made you harder that you thought you could have ever been. I was so close to cumming but I kept edging because I wanted to keep worshipping his body. Kuba lifted his armpit, allowing me to take a large wiff of his heavenly manly musk. That was the tipping point. I came, the orgasam was so intense that I dropped to my knees and cum shot out of my cock and onto Kuba's large muscular legs. he stepped away and smiled, see you around he whispered. Taylor spoke again " soon you will feel very sleepy but before you all pass out, I should explain how this is going to work. The muscle growth syrum we just injected you boys with only works if you feed your body with the cum of other men who have taken the shot. larger men produce more cum that is also more potent and the most effective way to consume loads is through your ass. Getting boys to cum inside of you will make you grow like youve never dreamed of. As you grow you will produce more of your own cum and at a certain size, just having sex will cause your growth hormones to kick in, causing you to grow. Some of the very big guys spend all day having sex and lifting weights, these very same men will sometimes leak cum from their nipples, This is the most potent form of cum and swallowing it will lead to some massive gains. That is all I have to say, now go enjoy your time, have sex and become a muscle god." With the last few words I drifted off, excited to begin my journey.
  15. Here is the latest update on the current Patreon Story that I've been working on for the last month and a half To be Continued...
  16. Here now is a re-telling of an old archive favorite, Changed and molded to be my own take on the original story - "Travis Joins the Polo club." DISCLAIMER: all parties in this story are University Students who are OF AGE. Let there be no confusion on that. It is established here and now - and on the first page of the comic. I will probably post further updates here - But if you’d like access to the full story and more behind the scenes - concider stopping by my patreon at www.patreon.com/gymjunkiemuscle and pledging to support this artwork.
  17. From the shimmering red and gold sky that hung above Agrabah, no-one, in their right mind, could have depicted what was happening that evening in the Royal Palace. Jafar, Agrabah's royal vizier, definitely had the upper hand after acquiring the Genie's lamp and using his wishes to turn into a yard-long magical snake. While Jafar was being attacked from all sides by Aladdin and his companions, and Jasmine slowly drowning in the hourglass, something was nagging him... He looked around, but Iago wasn't the one that was bothering him; it was something else entirely, something mysterious... Slowly Jafar snapped back into reality as Aladdin was trying to get his attention. "That annoying little brat," Jafar thought to himself, "honestly should incinerate that puny little waste of life here on the spot..." Then Jafar suddenly froze to the words "not the most powerful being in the universe". Did Aladdin just give him the ultimate inspiration for his final wish, "The genie will always be stronger, you freak!" yelled Aladdin. Eventhough Prince Ali was a massive con artist, he did have a point... There the voice subtly whispered again: "genie... chain... god..." Those three words continued to swarm through his head, the weirdest thing was that it almost sounded as his own voice... As if his future self was trying to tell him something, but what exactly... Jafar was abruptly interrupted by the street rat himself, in the corner of his eye he could see solely Jasmine's lips reaching above the magic sand, "What are you waiting for you spineless pussy? Don't you think you can handle begin like Genie?!" At that very instant the words of his guardian angel made sense, the pieces of the puzzle finally fell into place... Quickly Jafar turned his hypnotising cobra eyes towards Aladdin, who was trying to hurt him with his agile scimitar, Aladdin froze into place due to Jafar's power and gave the slightest wink towards his friends. "GENIE! I AM READY FOR MY FINAL WISH!" Jafar bellowed across the throne room. "Ya'know I'd rather you didn't, mister power hungry megalomaniac, isn't his eno..." Instantly the Genie's mouth zipped closed due to Jafar's power. "Mighty Genie of the lamp, I, Jafar of Agrabah, wish to become..." Aladdin grinned hopefully, " an IMMORTAL, OMNISCIENT, OMNIPOTENT GOD!!!" in the mere nanoseconds that followed Aladdin's face went blank, the hourglass disappeared, freeing princess Jasmine, and the whole throne room was filled with magical creatures in all shapes and sizes. There were a couple of different genies, some unicorns, several fairies and many more. With a blink of an eye the creatures imploded into a little dot, followed by a pulsating red hue that filled the room with anguish. The red pulsating orb made its way to Jafar, as it came closer it started to expand, almost like some sort of nuclear fusion... When the orb almost reached the vizier, Jafar shrunk back to his slender self and was immediately swallowed by the orb and the orb shrunk and disappeared. For a few seconds the sky turned bright blue, you could hear the birds chirp and al the damages Jafar had caused vanished; the squad thought they had won. Aladdin ran towards Jasmine but was launched across the room as the little pulsating hue returned. Subsequently the sky turned an inky black and Jafar's laughter echoed maniacally along the horizon. Out of the hue a fiery and scaly red genie-like figure appeared. The creature wore Jafar's face, but much more perfected in a way: a razor sharp jaw, an immaculate manly chin with a perfect goaty, piercing yellow eyes, almost like those of a demon, pointy ears, pouchy lips and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. On his, almost bald, head a tightly bound ponytail, held together by several gold rings. Within seconds the squad saw the entity grow: firstly the size of a little muscular dwarf, then a seriously buff human, followed by an 10 feet tall superhuman, then, as the ceiling simply vanished, a whopping 100 feet tall musclebound god. As Jafar started to grow, his muscles expanded with every pleasurable breath he took. Firstly Jafar's pecs exploded out of his chest, within seconds they covered the massive palace in a frightening and foreboding shadow. Underneath a titanium 12-pack slab of divine abs formed that pushed his pecs ups, making them bounce in the most sensual way possible. Above the pecs Jafar's neck muscles started to bulge around his neck, making his facial appearance even more superior. Next his obliques appeared like perfect hills between his pecs and abs. As he grew, his majestic moans echoed through all the far corners of the world. With immense power Jafar raised his arms, creating massive gust of wind that made several houses in Agrabah collapse, and immediately his shoulders and lats became humongous. Jafar hoisted into a double bicep pose and two veiny mountain-sized biceps were conjured up out of nowhere. He clenched his fists, making his triceps and forearms bulge with obscene power. A low growl surrounded the castle as Jafar opened his hands, revealing that his slender fingers had turned into thick muscular fingers topped with shiny black claws that could cut through titanium. While Jafar enjoyed every second of his new power and the whole of Agrabah was frozen in fear, the red hue started to tornado around the gods torso. A layer of thick musky hair appeared on his abs and chest and as Jafar pressed his pecs together, two golden nipple rings were added to his superiority. The musky smell of omnipotence, making the genitals of most of its inhabitants quiver, covered the lands when his pits started to fill with hair. The last adjustment became visible when a snakey tongue slithered out of his mouth. "THE POWER!!! THE ABSOLUTE POWER!!!" bellowed Jafar to the puny little humans beneath him. "You thought you were smart, didn't you you street rat, tricking me into becoming a shackled little genie!" Aladdin stammered... "Why become a genie, when one can become a force nature, AN ACTUAL GOD!!!" Shrieks were heard all across Agrabah as the sky filled with lightening and thunder, making the torso look even more perfect. Jafar, and the hue that still tornadoed around his lower parts, started to rise from the ground. A loud crackling sound overpowered the thunder and the ethereal hue started to split, a massive pair of clawed and hairy feet with golden toe rings arose from the darkness. This was followed by the creation of two hairy legs as thick as humongous oversized tree trunks, both covered in snaky pulsating veins. Jafar looked down, grinned, and spat on his almighty hands; he made his way down to his groin area and started to use the lightning to mold his stallion. The city of Agrabah was in awe of what they witnessed next. A 40 feet long curvy cock hung tightly between his muscular legs, topped with a beautiful and shiny mushroom head; he snapped his finger and a cock ring appeared. The god's legs pushed his shiny, slightly bushy, testicles forward, making yet another shadow cover the area. Two quick booms indicated the creation of a smooth and immensely muscular dumptruck with a shiny, rosy anus shimmering in between the cheeks. Majestically, yet forcefully, Jafar's being rushed down to earth, landing into a powerful superhero pose. The sheer impact of the landing caused a massive earthquake and out of the distant rumbling a threatening black throne, with veins of lava coursing through it, appeared from the depths of the earth. The magic carpet rushed out from underneath Aladdin and turned into a silky see-through cover for Jafar's almighty genitals. At that exact moment Jafar noticed something amusing and, for the street rat himself, extremely humiliating. With his inhuman vision Jafar noticed that Aladdin came at the sight of his superiority. "Good..." he mumbled, a surge of power made Aladdin rush towards Jafar's face, mockingly Jafar made him pass his immaculate pecs slowly, "Deep down I always knew you had a weak for dominance! Not a complete waste of life HAHAHAHA!" He put Aladdin on his nipple ring and together they took place on the throne. A screech from Iago interrupted his victory moment, a quick bicep pose, which almost launched Aladdin into outer space, created a surge of magic that fused Iago and Rajah in a big, muscular, and fiery griffin that took place on one of Jafar's legs. "All hail almighty lord Jafar, you're one and only god!" said Iago repeatedly. "Iago, my companion," said Jafar, "I will grant you the power to sniff out all pure evil doers in this universe and give you the freedom to destroy them however you see fit!" Iago took of and spread fear amongst the people, leaving Jafar with a slight grin on his beautiful face. When Iago was out of sight two things happened that made Jafar very happy: first he saw Jasmine crying because she lost her precious Rajah. "Honestly princess, you really are a spoiled little brat but I'll give you one of the most desirable thing their is..." Jafar's eyes lit up with fire and Jasmine's clothes turned into those of a stripper and she launched up towards his neck, where she was entrapped in an hourglass pendant. "I'll grant you immortality, so you can spend the rest of your existence enjoying the view down below... Isn't that generous my princess?!" The other thing that happened slightly aroused his godliness. He looked down and smiled from ear to ear, Aladdin had started licking his nipples. "Ohhhh daddy, almighty daddy..." moaned Aladdin, Jafar's nipples got hard and Aladdin squirted his cum all over them. Instantly Jafar got a humongous pulsating boner, creating a loud bang when his cock slapped against his abs. Simultaneously Aladdin started to grow, within seconds a fit Arabian giant, about two thirds of Jafar's size, with a juicy bubble butt and a good cock stood naked in front of our new master. A drop of precum fell on Aladdin's feet, which turned into a red hue that put his hair in a man bun and gave him a tight leather jockstrap and shackles. "There you have it, my perfect little sex buddy Aladdin!" A little cry from Jasmine was overpowered by the commanding voice of Jafar telling Aladdin to turn around. The dominance in Jafar's voice arouses Aladdin, giving him an boner. Without hesitation Jafar clawed one hand firmly into Aladdin's shoulder and put several fingers in his mouth, then he pounded Aladdin's beautiful ass, you could literally see his cockhead poke into Aladdin's abs. "RRRRRrrrrHHHHhhhaaaa...RRrrrHhaaa..." echoed through the area with every forceful pound Jafar gave, causing literal avalanches around the globe. Then Jafar finally came like he had never did before, waterfalls of sizzling cum fell down to earth, filling the area with the sweet smell of dominance. The cum gave Aladdin an immediate pump, which made Jafar smear the last of his cum over Aladdin's pulsing abs.
  18. SoupBacons

    Growth Powder - Part 5

    And - here's part 5! Finally some more growth. Other parts, you can find here: Part One:https://muscle-growth.org/topic/4927-growth-powder-part-1/ Part Two:https://muscle-growth.org/topic/4995-growth-powder-part-2/ Part Three:https://muscle-growth.org/topic/5108-growth-powder-part-3/ Part Four:https://muscle-growth.org/topic/5190-growth-powder-part-4/ Hope you like it. ///// Max saw the guys, as they exited the school bus. Immediately upon seeing him, Nathan and Jim came over with a bunch of other guys on the team. “Oh my God.” “Dude…” “What the…” He heard them say, and a large smile spread across his face, as he saw their admiration. “What can I say, it’s just… just a growth sprout I suppose.” Max said, looking down at them very happy, they looked at him in disbelief. “No way. What the hell are you doing man?” Asked Nathan, and Max put his large arm around his shoulders as they all followed Max into the school. “No shit, no way – listen, I’ll tell you all about it after school. In the locker room, before practice. I’ll tell you everything. Trust me.” Max said, as he felt a hand press against his back. “Oh my God, you’re so big.” He heard Jim say. “Y- yeah, see you there man. Totally. I wanna know.” Max flexed his large arm, seeing a bicep pop up, as he listened to his teammates, but mostly Jim, ooo and aaah. He was quite transfixed by this, and apparently so were they, enjoying this mutual enjoyment. Their first class started. Max sat down, alone, noticing that Alex hadn’t come to school – and, neither had John. He wondered why at first, but quickly put it out of his head, as he tried to concentrate on the teacher and the class. But, soon after, Max got very bored of the class. He leaned back in his chair, and looked around. He felt how much bigger his back was now, compared to the chair. He shifted slightly, feeling as the edges of the seat tried to dig into his thick strong back muscle, as his wide back extended beyond the seat in all directions. He crossed his hands and tried to cross his legs, but then quickly found out that the table was far too small for him now to do so. He tried to look down at his legs, but his attention was quickly caught by his bulky arms, sitting there, crossed on his chest. He flexed his right bicep, then his leg bicep – looking at one, then the other. Then, just to amuse himself, he started flexing his pecs underneath his arms. He started smiling, and after a while got bored of it, but as he looked up – he noticed a few people glancing at him. At first he was slightly annoyed, but immediately that feeling was changed with both the feeling of pride and slight arousal. A wide cocky grin spread across his face. He bent his legs, putting his feet firmly on the floor, still sitting down. His thighs touched the bottom of the table. Sitting there, arms still folded, leaning back, looking quite careless and nonchalant he noticed a few people glance at him again. And as they did, he slowly flexed his thighs. He felt the muscle in his legs bunch up, and push against the table from below. As he flexed his legs, he saw the table rise, slowly – being lifted off the ground with the sole power of his flexing thighs. A few people seemed to notice this, some quickly turned away, some stared wide-eyed, not quite believing how large Max had gotten. Sure it wasn’t quite a feat of strength, but – it just showed how much larger his muscles were now, and how much he had grown in such a short time. He glanced at his bag, thinking of the growth powder that lay inside. All that power and potential, and soon he would share it, and he kinda liked the idea of that. The class ended and he walked out, noticing how much closer the top of the door was to his head. He heard compliments as he walked down the hallway. The guys admiring him, the girls asking to squeeze his muscles, he quite liked it. Class after class ended, and finally it was time for after school practice he had arranged with the guys. It was in the same time the badminton guys had practice – but he thought his thing was far more important. And, after all, no one would care. He walked over to the locker room, next to the gym. He entered and saw a few guys already waiting. He said: “That’s all that came?” Max looked around, as he saw only Jim, Nathan and Tim there. Tim was another guy on the team, Nathans old friend. He was built much like Jim, smaller than the other guys, but quite good. “Yup.” Said Nathan. “There’s some game or something near, and everyone went – they told us to tell them what you … er… well – tell, um, us.” “Er, sure.” Max began. “Let’s get ready, right?” They all started changing, and by that – I mean, they all took off most their clothes, standing there only in socks and underpants. Max looked around, seeing the athletic, ripped Jim and Tim, the bulkier Nathan. They were all quite attractive, and probably better built than most people in school, considering they all played soccer intensely, but – standing in the same room as him – they felt kind of small. “Alright… so… this…” Max said, reaching for his backpack. “…is it.” He pulled out the large jar, filled with green powder, and showed it to the guys, holding it up in one hand, letting his right bicep flex to accentuate the point, as he held it. “Ooh… right. Er… what the hell is that?” Asked Nathan. “That looks like… is that some sort of drink?” Asked Tim. “I know right, it looked like those old drinks that they like, stopped making, remember those?” Max asked, smiling, as everyone faintly remembered the discontinued drinks. “Oh yeah.” “I guess.” “So – anyway. I thought that it was a drink too, until I found out what it does.” “And, what – does – it do?” Max put the jar down gently, and stood before them, straightening up, smiling down at them and flexing both his arms. “Isn’t it obvious?” “Oooh. I see.” Said Jim. “So – do we… is it a supplement of some kind, like, how do we…?” Tim began, but Max just took the jar again and opened it. “You just eat it, dude.” He held the jar out to them. “Dig in.” The three looked at each other, quietly, until Nathan, a bit eager and a bit worried, stepped forward, and dug his hand into the jar. “Here goes…” He ate a handful of the powder, making a face that indicated that he enjoyed the taste, but was still a bit confused about the whole thing. “So er… what do I do now?” Nathan asked. Max smiled. “Just wait.” Then, they all heard a strange rumbling noise in Nathans stomach. Quickly it stopped. He looked at them, looking at him. Then, he felt a great sensation, through his whole body. As he felt something changing inside him. “Oh my God – I think it’s working.” He looked at his feet, past his athletic body, and saw them… grow. They seemed to elongate, grow thicker, stronger. Then, he noticed something else, as he was looking down, he saw the floor… getting further away. He was growing taller too. “Wow….” He heard Jim say, as they all saw him shoot up in height. He looked at the now even bigger Max, and he saw himself staring right in his eyes, and then, he went on, further. Growing taller than him. He was about 6’6’’ now, he guessed, he must have been. But – he looked down , noticing that this only made his muscles look smaller, on his new height. Then, he felt another sensation. “Oh my God that looks awesome, let me have some.” Said Jim, sticking his hand into the jar. “Me too!” Said Tim, taking a handful of the stuff as well, as they both had their eyes glued to the growing Nathan in front of them. Max just smiled, enjoying the whole thing immensely. He closed the lid, putting the jar away, waiting to see what happens to all of them now. “Oh yeah!” Nathan shouted suddenly, as he looked at his arms. He flexed his forearm muscles, seeing them expand, and then – as he relaxed them, he noticed they stayed the same size. In fact, he flexed them again, seeing them grow even bigger. It wasn’t his flexing, they were just growing bigger on his own. They looked even bigger now, on his longer arms, he brought up his arms, flexing it – seeing a large ball of muscle bunch up, forming a large round bicep right next to his grinning face. Jim and Tim looked at each other, as they saw themselves grow. They shot up in height, growing and growing, until they both hit 6’1’’. Then, he opened his mouth wide, a bit afraid and disappointed, as he felt himself stop growing, yet – he saw Tim continue to shoot up. “Sorry dude, should have taken more I guess.” Tim said, chuckling happily. They stood next to each other, as they felt both their growths stop. Then, they felt themselves expand. Their shoulders became wider, fuller, Jim felt Tim’s shoulders expand so much, they touched him, then – he felt Tim’s growing thighs brush up against his own. He looked down, seeing his own legs fill up with muscle. Muscle became more visible, larger, his thighs filling out his boxers, his calves became thick and strong. Then, they both heard something rip. They looked up, from their own bodies to see Nathan’s boxers tear at the sides at how large he had become. He towered over all in that locker room, laughing at how amazing it all felt. They saw his butt, large and round fill up his underpants completely, along with something else that was filling them up too. Nathan was huge. Every muscle was ripped and large. He looked more of a bodybuilder than a soccer player now. Yet, as he started stretching to touch various new, larger muscles on his body, they saw just how flexible and mobile he still was. They admired his deep, cut eight pack, his thick thighs, strong calves, large arms, pecs like slabs on his chest. His whole body brimmed with unbridled power, and he loved it. Then, Jim looked over at Tim – and was saddened slightly, as he noticed how much bigger he was than him. Tim must have been at least 6’3’’ standing next to him, with muscles bigger than his own, in fact – he saw as he looked at Tim’s boxers – he was now larger than him, in every aspect. Max quietly nodded, grinning. “Nice. So – what do you think?” Max asked, as their growths subsided. “Oh my God – this is amazing!” “Yeah – it’s awesome!” Said Nathan and Tim. Jim wanted to mention that he wanted to, perhaps, take a bit more of the powder, but then the two started again. “God – I feel… I feel horny now.” Nathan added, grinning at the two. “Yeah, no shit – me too. This stuff’s amazing, and wow, look at us.” Tim said, motioning towards their packages. Jim quietly agreed with them, they all seemed to feel quite aroused, was it their new, larger selves, the powder, something else or… Jim thought – maybe all combined? Again, he wanted to ask for more of the powder from Max, when they all turned around, hearing the locker room door open. Then, they were all confused for a moment, but after – a total silence fell on the locker room. “Oh my…” Max and Tim whispered, as they saw Alex, stroll into the locker room, with his badminton equipment. “Oh hello!” Alex said, in his deep, arousing voice, smiling at the four half naked, tall and buff young men, staring at him. “Well, isn’t this just… wonderful?” He asked, playfully, dropping the badminton equipment on the floor, approaching Nathan with a sly smirk. They all felt it, the strange heat, the strange attraction towards this man, Alex. He was…. He was so different. They couldn’t take their eyes off him. And, more to the point, they were all quite aroused, much more so than before. In fact, the whole room was filled with some sort of a strange sexual energy. Alex’s strange charm made them so horny that they weren’t only aroused looking at him, but also at each other, though they remained transfixed on him. “Well, well, well…” Alex began, brushing his hand across Nathan’s large, wide, heaving chest, playfully. “Won’t this be fun?” He said, feeling – with his other hand – ripped Max’s abs, seeing all their underwear suddenly become painfully small, as they stared at him with mouths open. “Oh yeah – definitely.” He answered himself.
  19. hotmuscle101

    Blue Pill Part 20

    Sorry for the wait, in case you need a refresher here is Blue Pill Part 19 And without further ado I give to you Blue Pill Part 20 Although she had just fed, Sarah was hungrier than she had ever been before. The smell that hit her as soon as she opened the door to the gym was intoxicating, like pure male essence. It was the aroma of sweat and testosterone that caused her newly formed dick to harden down the leg of her short running shorts. The head of her dick just barely held within the confines of her shorts. She began to sniff the air, walking down the hallway, following the smell to where it was the strongest. This led Sarah to a heavy steel door, which she quickly pushed open to reveal an even more intense cloud of the stench that led here there from the hallway. It was so thick it was almost as if you could swim in it. Sarah felt something wet drip onto her foot and as she looked down to inspect where it came from, she saw another drop forming at the edge of her boxers. The smell had her so turned on that she was hornier than she ever remembered being before. Sarah was surprised to find the locker room was practically empty, minus the few gym bags sitting outside of their lockers. She walked up to one of the gym bags that was setting open atop the bench. She looked in and found a used jock sitting on top. Sarah reached into the gym bag and pulled out the jock. It was still warm and sweaty from the previous wearer, as if it had just been discarded. She brought the jock up to her nose, smelling the amazing aroma of sweat and testosterone with a hint of cum. Sarah stuck the jock in her mouth sucking on the sweat and cum. As she was sucking she felt a surge of strength run through her body and felt her dick pulse in her running shorts. She looked down to see that the head of her dick was now just barely peeking out of the edge of her shorts. As she was looking down at her dick, she noticed that her entire body looked pumped. She ran her hand along the shaft of her penis, earning her a glob of pre-cum once she reached the head. Hormones were racing through her brain telling her she needed to get off and soon. Sarah heard the sound of a shower turning on through the doorway at the end of the row of lockers. She headed towards the doorway with a hunger in her eyes and a raging hardon in her shorts. " Time to feed" she growled to herself... When Riley had first arrived to the gym, his gut was full and swollen with Derek's cum. He knew he needed to do something to get the size of his beach ball belly to go down and after reading the note that was left for Derek about how it would be beneficial for him to work out, he decided the best place for that would be Frank's Gym. It was always filled with meatheads and hardcore weights. Riley was in his jock and a pair of sweats he had found in the school locker room and He was wearing a t-shirt that said 'Fletcher Valley Athletic Department'. It was a little loose on him, but he had a feeling it wouldn't be that way for long. He looked out across the gym floor and found a handful of guys lifting. They ranged in size from amateur bodybuilder to Olympia sized. The biggest being Damien, he was easily a 300-pound wall of shredded beef, ready to dominate his next bodybuilding competition. He was a 6-foot-tall wall of dark chocolate and he was walking straight towards Riley. Riley began to panic. He wondered if the behemoth had seen him staring or if he was just overthinking. Jason's heart began racing faster and faster as each titanic footfall of the giant caused his meaty pecs to bounce. His massive Quads rolling over each other as they fought for space inside the weak confines of his gym shorts. Riley couldn't believe his eyes when they finally fell upon the obscene bulge in Damien's shorts. He had seen some decent sized packages in the school locker room. Chris's came to mind right away, but what was in front of him now had to be as big as Chris's cock was when it was hard, and it was completely soft. As Damien got right up next to me he leaned down to say something in my ear. His deep baritone filled my soul, as I had a hard time registering what he was saying. "Yeah, I saw you lookin. You're gonna need about another 100 pounds before you can handle what I got to give. Come find me when you do though, I'd love to fill your bowl with my cream." He stood back up to his full height and I watched his face as a huge toothy grin formed on his face as he gave me a wink. He reached down to adjust his package which Jason swore was bigger than just a moment ago. As Damien walked past Riley, He turned to watch Damien as he stared directly at Riley's ass. He seductively licked his lips as he headed into the gym locker room. To say that Riley felt on fire would be an understatement, he felt like hormones were flooding his entire being. Not only that, but his cock was rock hard. He knew he needed to focus. If what the note said was true, he needed to start lifting so he could absorb all the muscle cum that was in his belly. Riley decided to start with arms, so he headed over to a long row of dumbbells in front of a large gym mirror. He grabbed the 25's to start as a warm up and headed over to the isolation bench. As he was walking over to the bench Riley watched his arms in the mirror as the sinewy muscle lightly flexed to support the weight in his hands. He flexed his arm straight down causing a slight bulge to appear on the back of his arm from his triceps. Riley sat at the isolation bench and began doing curls. At first the weight was a little heavy, but began to get easier to lift as he did more reps. Once he had 25 reps done he switched to his other arm and began lifting again. Riley watched as veins began to surface on his arm and his goose egg of a bicep began expanding, just a little bit more with each rep. With his biceps now feeling warmed up, he brought the weight behind his head and began one armed triceps-extensions. He really had to push at the beginning to get the weight up, but as he continued it got easier and easier with each rep. Riley did 25 with each arm and stood up to take the weights back. This time as he passed himself in the mirror, he couldn't help but gawk at his reflection. His arms were pumped just from his warm-up. Riley started the work out with 15-inch arms, but they were looking much closer to the 15-inch range and this time when he flexed his arm straight down, he was rewarded with an actual horse-shoe bulge on the back of his arm. The boner that had started to go down during his lifts sprang back to life as he admired his pump in the mirror. "Fuck yeah! I'm getting pumped" Riley growled to himself in the mirror. "So fucking hot!" Riley put the weights back and walked further down the row of weights, this time picking up the 50's. Riley had never done anything heavier for isolation curls than 35. He could feel the heaviness of the weight in his hands as he headed back to the bench. Riley sat down and began pumping out rep after rep. As the weight got lighter with each rep, his arm began to bulge with some serious muscle. Veins that had appeared during his warm-up were now thickening and branching out all across his swollen bicep. The hard knot on his arm was now about the size of a baseball. Riley then continued the same process with his other arm. During this entire process Riley's raging hard on had begun leaking copious amounts of pre-cum into his jock. Knowing that he was going to have some difficulty doing single arm triceps extensions with 50 pounds, He decided to do just a regular triceps extension using both arms and the 50-pound dumbbell. It was a struggle at first, but just like with his biceps it got easier with every rep he did. Riley lost track of how many extensions he did until he realized that the weight he was using felt as light as the 25 pounders. Riley stood up to take the weight back. This time what he saw in the mirror was a complete and total surprise, the arms that he now possessed were at least 16 inches and wrapped in veins. He couldn't believe how big he was getting. The thought caused his cock to flex in his sweats, which brought his attention to a wet spot that had begun to form where the head of his dick was. Riley reached down and ran his hand along his shaft, as he flexed his cock in his hand. He continued flexing his cock in his hand, as he brought his other arm up into a flex as well. This caused his cock to react by surging in his hand, the head of his cock was now poking out of his jock and shot a wad of precum on the inside of his sweat pants. More turned on then he ever remembered being in his life, Riley headed over to the bench press and loaded the bar with weight for a warm-up. He laid under the bar and brought the weight down to graze his nipples. He then pushed the weight back up. Riley cranked out rep after rep as he began to get a pump from his warm up. Riley began losing sight of his erect nipples as his pecs began inflating with blood. Riley decided it was time to put some serious weight on the bar. He got up and loaded the bar with 300 pounds and got back under the bar. The most Riley had ever benched before this was 150 and that was a struggle. Riley felt confident this time as he lifted the bar, he slowly brought the bar down, feeling the muscle fibers in his pecs stretch and scream in pain as they were forced to lift twice as much as they ever had before. The weight finally reached his pecs and he pushed with all his might to get the weight back up. Once it was back at the top, he brought the weight back down, this time not as much resistance from his pecs. Every time Riley brought the weight down he didn't have to go as far as his pecs swelled thicker with each rep. After what felt like an eternity, Riley finally re-racked the weight and sat up on the bench. Right away Riley could tell a huge difference in his pecs, the weight of his bulbous man breasts pulled heavily on the fabric of his shirt. Riley stood to look at himself in the mirror. "OH SHIT" Riley couldn't believe how big his pecs had become. "I might have done too many bench presses." Riley realized, too late of course, that his pecs were out of proportion with the rest of his body. They almost looked like breasts if it weren't for his slight pouch of a belly he had left. Riley ran his hand up along the curve of his bulbous pec muscle and moaned out loud on the gym floor as his hand rubbed across his pert nipple. A couple of the muscle heads turned to catch a glimpse of Riley and his increasing wet spot in his sweat pants. Realizing that he needed to balance out his body, Riley headed over to the squat rack last. One of the big meat heads must have been using it last, because they didn't take their weights off the bar. The bar was loaded with 500 pounds. Riley was feeling stronger than he ever felt and his rock-hard cock told him that he could lift that fucking weight. Riley braced himself underneath the bar and went to lift the weight up when the big muscle head that had been lifting there headed over to stop Riley. "Hey bro, that weight is way too heavy for your chicken legs, how about we start you off with something a little lighter?" "I'm going to crush this weight!" Riley growled with a fire in his eyes. "Well then, I'm at least going to spot you, I would hate for you to crush yourself under my watch. Names Ben by the way, I'm the manager of Frank's gym." "Enough talk Ben, let's lift some fucking weight." Riley lifted the bar up before Ben was positioned behind him. Riley could feel Ben's hard biceps against the back of his newly minted triceps. The breath on the back of his neck made him even hornier if that was even possible. "FUUUUCCCCKKKKK" Riley moaned/yelled as he squatted down with the weight, he could feel Ben's crotch against his ass as he pushed back in the bottom of the lift, then Riley began pushing the unbelievably heavy weight back up. At the top of the lift, Riley could feel Ben's biceps tense against his triceps as he was trying to get Riley to re-rack the weight. "Great job man, I..." "Did I say I was done yet?!?" As Riley squatted down again, with Ben following him down. The legs of Riley's sweatpants were becoming increasingly tight around his ever-enlarging thighs and he could feel his ass pushing back more into Ben's crotch. Riley flexed his ass at the bottom of the squat. This elicited a moan out of his spotter as he could feel Ben's dick hardening against his rock-hard ass cheeks. Once at the top of the lift, Riley started another squat. Riley could feel the power in his legs increasing as they blew up in size. He could feel his sweat pants becoming too tight against his straining cock and his ballooning ass. Before he could stop himself from humiliation, he heard the ass of his sweats give out with a loud rip. He could feel cool air hit his hole as it was exposed between the straps of his jock. Ben felt the head of his cock through his gym shorts push past Riley's rock-hard ass cheeks to his exposed hole. Riley felt Ben's cockhead through his shorts as it pushed against his hole. Riley decided to hold the weight there for a little longer. Ben rubber the head of his cock against Riley's hole. Riley's legs strained to hold the weight, but they grew larger by the second during the strain, making it easier the longer he held it. "Fuck man, I can't. You have got a really hot ass and I have never had these feelings for another guy before. I'm straight man I'm sorry." Ben pulled his cock head back from Riley's ass and stepped back. Riley stood back up with the weight and re-racked it. Riley turned around to face Ben. He stood almost eye to eye with Ben. Ben had the most beautiful hazel eyes and short military cut hair. His face was chiseled and manly looking. He had to be about 260 pounds. He was a big boy. Riley looked down and realized that’s not all that was big on Ben. His arms and pecs were massive, but what really pulled Riley's attention is what was poking at his hole just moments ago. Riley reached down and wrapped his hand around it, massaging the head. Ben moaned loudly as he closed his eyes and rolled his head back. Riley leaned his body in against Ben's, "Wh..what are you doing?" Ben stuttered as Riley leaned up and kissed him on the mouth. Ben moaned into Riley's mouth as Riley felt Ben's cock swell in his hand as it anticipated releasing its load. Riley stepped away from Ben before he could cum. Ben's eyes were still closed in a moment of bliss."FUCK! That was so fucking hot! Why did you stop?" "You're straight remember." Riley replied with a devilish grin." Besides, I'm done with my workout. Thanks for the spot Ben. Hopefully we can lift together again." Riley gave Ben a wink as he headed for the lockers, holding the ass of his sweats together as best he could. "HEY, WAIT! I never got your name!" Ben shouted after Riley. "If you want my name you'll have to see me again to get it." Riley headed into the locker room and began taking off all his clothes. He admired the way he struggled to get his shirt up over his massive pecs. Riley moaned as the hem of the shirt snagged on his nipples. Riley removed the remains of his sweats to reveal a raging hard on he wasn't expecting. It was about a half inch bigger than he was used to and quite a bit thicker. "Well this isn't covering anything anymore." Riley said as he removed his jockstrap and set it on top of his gym bag. Riley couldn't believe how big he had gotten. He must weigh at least 190 now. He heard the locker room door open on the other side of his lockers. Riley thought it might be Ben, so he wanted to make Ben work for it a little bit, so he turned and quietly slipped into the sauna before he came around the lockers. "God I can't wait to make love to the beautiful man!"
  20. redkage

    Voodoo 101: Intro to Voodoo

    Voodoo 101: Intro to Voodoo Ivan was a normal college student. Well, at least he always thought he was normal. He wasn't athletic, but he wasn't skinny or fat either. He wasn't drop dead good looking, but he wasn't ugly fortunately. His grades were C average and he didn't have any special redeeming qualities. There was one thing that did make him "not so normal" however. His eyes, instead of being brown or green like his parents, were a shocking milky white. He wasn't blind or anything, he could actually see just fine. He was getting tired of seeing people freak out whenever they see them however, so he tried to wear sunglasses as much as possible. However, enough people on campus have seen them for him to be labeled as "Zombie," a nickname he'd rather not have. It wasn't as if he asked to be born different. He always wanted to be a normal, regular guy, but because of these eyes of his, he was always made fun of or avoided. After another long day of college, Ivan finally made his way home. Instead of living in the dorms, he lived in a nearby appartment. He had been unlucky and wasn't able to secure a dorm spot, but the apartment was cheap enough to afford and close to the campus. There was only one downside though. As he walked down the hallway, he could already hear the TV in his appartment on full blast. It seemed that his roommate decided to come home early today. Taking a deep breath, Ivan unlocked the door and went inside. In the living room was Austin, his roommate, yelling at the TV like a super fan. It was no surprise though, since Austin was on the football team. There were chips and pretzels all over the floor, a mess he'll clean half assed and then leave to attract ants unless Ivan cleaned it up properly. "Yeah, touchdown!" Austin screamed, jumping off of his chair and pumping his fist, chips flying through the air. One chip actually flew and smacked Ivan on the forehead. Ivan held back his desire to complain about the mess. Austin was the typical jock; big, handsome and aggressive. The football player was 6'5" tall and weighed a good 210 lbs of solid muscle. He was rather good looking, with short brown hair, strong cheekbones and a pair of gorgeous eyes. However, Ivan was secretly more into those muscles of his. Years of training had given Austin a killer body. Large, full and yet shredded, it was a gay man's dream to live with...as long as he didn't open his mouth. Austin more or less left Ivan alone as long as he didn't bug him about it, and even then sometimes the jock gets pissed off about something. And if Ivan tried to complain about Austin's bad habits, he'd get wrestled into submission as punishment. It was the best and worst of both heaven and hell; great eye candy, but a horrible home life as a price. Biting back some choice words, Ivan made his way into his room. As soon as he was in, he dropped his backpack, flopped into his computer chair and shut his eyes. Before Ivan could get comfortable, Austin suddenly entered and dropped a big, musty and beat up looking package on his lap. "Hey Zombie, the mail guy dropped this shit off earlier and made me miss a touchdown!" "Thanks." Ivan rolled his eyes, knowing that the jock couldn't see it through his glasses. With a snort, Austin turned and went back to the living room to continue watching his game. Sighing, Ivan checked the return address on the package. To his surprise, it was from his Uncle Lester from Louisiana. Ivan had never really gotten to know his uncle, and his parents rarely even mention him. Still, there was one thing that Ivan could relate to with his estranged relative, and that was the fact that they shared the same creepy eyes. Tearing off the musty brown wrapping paper, Ivan found a thick old looking book, a wooden box and a card. Picking up the card, he began reading it. Dear Ivan I know this must come as a surprise to hear from your recluse of an uncle. I know I have not been as close like other uncles could be, but there are reasons for why I had not spoken to you. When I first gazed into those eyes of yours, I knew right away you had the gift. Your parents had wanted you to live a normal life, so they forbade me from telling you, but I sensed a great power and natural talent for the mystic arts flowing within you. Rather than letting it go to waste, I have decided to go against your parents' wishes and send you this. I am sending you this book and set as an introduction to the arts. Whether you use it or not is entirely up to you. May the spirits guide you, Uncle Lester Seriously? Mystic arts? Wasn't he talking about voodoo? Did he really expect Ivan to believe all that hocus pocus mumbo jumbo? But...even though he thought that, for some reason he believed it. He couldn't explain why, but when he read that he could use magic, it made...sense, somehow. Like it was as natural as telling him he had a heart or two legs. A quick check inside of the box revealed several small jars, small pouches, fancy looking ornaments and things he couldn't even name. Picking up the book, he read the title. "A Beginner's Introduction of the Secret World of the Ancient Art of Voodoo." Damn, that was a pointlessly long title. Still, one look at this told Ivan that it was the genuine article, for whatever hell the reason was. Everything that he learned should have told him it was completely fake, but it felt as real as the quiz he had on Monday. "I must be going crazy." He muttered even as he opened the book and started reading. * * * For the next few days, Ivan read the book every chance he got. "Intro to Voodoo" held lots of fascinating information. Like the title suggested, it was more like an introductory to voodoo than an actual spell book, though there were a few beginner spells. According to the book, Ivan could use these basic spells as a base and modify them for more advance spells. Out of curiosity he tried one of them out, a simple hex that gave someone a runny nose. He tried it out on several of his classmates to see if it really worked. To his amazement, all of them ended up with a cold, going through a few dozen tissues through class (much to the annoyance of the teacher.) One person with a cold would have just been a coincidence, but ten at the same time? After trying out a few more spells, Ivan had no choice but to accept that this book was the genuine article, even though deep down he already knew that. Perhaps it was this "natural gift" his uncle told him about, or maybe he was just being overly naiive. As his knowledge of voodoo grew, so did his desire to put it to use. There were so many different spells he wanted to try out! Of course, some of the ingredients were a bit...unique. So unique that he had no idea how to get some. One day he was walking home, thinking about his magic studies. He was almost done reading the book, but had only put to practice only a handful of tricks. Oh, if only he could figure out where he could get new books and supplies! Suddenly he felt an odd, tugging sensation pulling at him. Stopping, he looked around, trying to figure out who did that, but there was no one around. Still, the tugging sensation persisted. Well, at least it FELT like tugging, but as far as he knew it, nothing was pulling at his arm or leg or anything. It was more like he was drawn to go in a certain direction. "Ah hell, I got nothing better to do tonight." He said and started following this unnatural sensation. He had no idea where he was going, but was sure of is way somehow. The tugging sensation took him down the street, took several turns and winding paths mixing up his sense of direction completely. Before he knew it, he was standing in front of a shop. It looked normal on the outside, neat and orderly. Through the windows Ivan could see something that resembled a quaint antique shop, but something told Ivan that it wasn't exactly your everyday store. "Well, I've gone this far, might as well enter." He pushed the door open. Above him a bell rang as he entered the store. The inside wasn't nearly as bright or new looking as the outside was. When Ivan looked through the window from the outside, it looked like a nicely organized antique shop, with everyday items. Once inside, that neat shop turned into a crowded mess full of the weirdest, wackiest stuff he had ever seen. There were rows and rows of shelves loaded with all sorts of different things you'd never see in any shop. Chicken bones, crystal balls, colorful gems, ornate chinese lamps; those were just some of the more ordinary objects he could identify. Hanging on the walls and from the ceiling were various dried plants and herbs, dreamcatchers and windchimes, African tribal masks and something that resembled...a shrunken head? "Coming!" A guy's voice came from the back, causing Ivan to jump. For some reason he hadn't expected anyone to be in there. A guy, maybe a few years older than Ivan walked into view, carrying a few dozen books in his arms. When he set them down, Ivan was able to get a good look at him. The guy was pretty ordinary looking compared to his surroundings. In fact, he looked pretty cute. Rich, auburn colored that hung in soft curls, dark eyes that seemed to hold a playful secret behind them. A tall, strong looking body probably built from lifting various heavy objects around the store. He wasn't as muscular as Austin was, but he was still a nice sight for sore eyes. "Thank you for waiting, how may I help you?" The guy greeted him. "Uh, I'm..I'm just browsing."Ivan said. The guy peered at Ivan, making him uncomfortable. "You wouldn't happen to be new at the mystic arts would you?" "Wh-what makes you say that?" Ivan shifted his weight back and forth, not knowing how to react. This guy knew he could use magic? "For starters you look nervous as heck." The guy chuckled. "What if I'm just a regular guy who accidentally wandered in here?" Ivan argued. "Well first of all, you pretty much admitted you were a magic user with that sentence. A regular guy would have said something like 'what? magic?' instead. Second, only people with magic who want to be here can enter." "Is that even possible?" "Oh sure, it's your basic magic shop enchantment..." He trailed off as he looked straight at Ivan. "Your eyes..." On reflex Ivan's hand shot up and checked his sunglasses, but they were securely in place. "Wh-what about them?" "Your eyes are pretty damn awesome!" He said. That wasn't the reaction Ivan had been expecting. "What?" He was surprised more by the fact that they were called awesome and less by the fact that somehow this person managed to see his eyes through sunglasses. "You've got a mystic's eyes!" He remarked. "Those are extremely rare. All of the people who are born with those turn into really powerful magic users." "R-really?" For the first time in his life, someone was actually saying his eyes weren't creepy or weird. Not only that, they were saying it was a good thing. "Yeah, they're pretty respected in the magical community." The guy said. "At one point in time people tried to gouge out those eyes and sell them for quite a lot of money...but that practice has long died out." He said immediately upon seeing the color drain from Ivan's face. "Mystic's eyes lose power the moment they're removed, so it pretty much made them useless to everyone except the person they're born with, so I doubt anyone would be taking yours anytime soon." "Thanks, I feel so much safer than before I came here." Ivan muttered. "Yeah sorry, hey, do you know what kind of special abilities your eyes have given you?" The stranger asked excitedly. "You mean besides give people the creeps?" Ivan felt himself actually relaxing a bit. "Well, since you just started exercising your power it probably hasn't had time to fully develop yet. I'm sure it'll manifest sooner or later...Ah sorry, where are my manners, I tend to ramble on when I find something rare or valuable." He said. "My name is Soloman, owner of this fine establishment you're standing in." Soloman offered his hand. "Ivan." He took the hand and shook it. "So what kind of art do you practice?" Soloman asked. "Um...voodoo?" "Oh that's a fun one." The shopkeeper grinned. "It dabbles in all sorts of different fields. If you become top level, you can even make a zombie or two." "Er, I've seen too many zombiepocalypse movies and video games, so no thanks."Ivan shook his head. Actually it was the fact that his nickname around college was Zombie that ticked him off, but he didn't need to know that. "Hey I just said you can, not that you have to." He laughed. "Well then, back to business. Is there anything in particular you are looking for?" "Well..." Ivan hesitated for a moment, but decided to tell Soloman. It seemed that this person already knew he could use magic, and seemed trustworthy enough. And besides, who knew when he'd get a chance to find another magic shop? "I'm almost done with the book and supplies my Uncle sent me." "Lemme guess, Intro to Voodoo and a basic starter set?" Soloman asked. "Er, the book yes, I'm not sure if it was a starter set." Ivan said. "The two of them are always sold as a bundle." Soloman walked around the counter and to a bookshelf. His fingers glided along the bindings until he found the one he was looking for and pulled it off the shelf. "Here, this one is the next level up from Voodoo 101." Soloman came back to the counter where Ivan was waiting and set it down in front of him. "I also recommend the advanced hex set number two, that's got a bunch of stuff that's used in a majority of the spells. If there are any specialized ingredients or tools you need, just place an order and I should have it ready in a few days time." "Wow. Thanks, you've been really helpful." Ivan looked at the book and set in restrained anticipation. "I wouldn't have any returning customers if I wasn't helpful." Soloman laughed. "Now that'll be forty-nine ninety-five." * * * From then on Ivan made regular trips to the shop. Every time he visited there was something new there to discover. Mostly though, Ivan found he liked talking with Soloman. The guy was very interesting and knowledgeable, teaching Ivan all sorts of things, some of them not even about voodoo. After a few weeks of visiting the shop, though, Ivan began to feel his wallet getting tight. He was after all still a college student, and his new extracirrcular studies weren't exactly cheap either. When he brought the subject up to Soloman, the shopkeeper gave him a solution. "Just sell your work here." He told him. "You're making great progress in your art to the point where you can actually sell some of your stuff." "Can I really do that?" Ivan asked. "Sure, where do you think half this stuff came from?" He waved his arms at all of the items cluttering the shop. "You've showed me a few of the things you came up with, and they're all top quality stuff. Just make a few potions, portable hexes and enchanted objects and I gurantee you there will be a buyer." And Soloman was right. Ivan began supplying the shop with charms, amulets and other items, only to found them sold out the next day. Soon Ivan found himself with enough money to supply his hobby, and then some. One day Ivan went to the fridge to take out his latest work. It was a special salve that would protect a person from curses. It was a very advanced and technical project, but after fermenting it for three days in the fridge it was finally ready to sell. Upon opening the door, however, he found the jar absent. In its place was a pizza box. Not believing what he was seeing, he pulled out the box and looked inside. Three lonely slices sat there innocently, and definetely not his jar. He tossed the box to the side and began rummaging the fridge, searching for the jar. He looked behind every carton, container and junk in there, but there was no sign at all. At that moment Austin walked in, coming home from a day of practice. "Hey Austin, what did you do to the green jar that was in the fridge?" Ivan stepped away from the fridge to confront the jock. "That thing? I tossed it out." Austin said. "You tossed it out?" Ivan felt his anger surge. "I needed that for something!" "Well then you shouldn't have stashed it in the fridge. I needed room to put in the pizza, and it smelled something rank. Do you seriously even eat that stuff?" "It wasn't suppose to be eaten!" Ivan said hotly. "You could have taken the last three slices of pizza and put it on a plate, which would have saved you a ton of room! And not only that, that jar was mine! You shouldn't be tossing stuff that doesn't belong to you!" "Dude, what's your problem?" "My problem is you!" "And what're you gonna do about it, shrimp?" Austin shoved Ivan, causing him to stumble back and knocking his glasses off. "It's your fault for leaving your shit in the fridge, I was doing you a favor throwing it out. Freak." Ivan looked up to glare at Austin. Suddenly as he looked into Austin's eyes, Ivan felt something come over him. All of a sudden he could see things about Austin, personal private things. He could see Austin's desires, his fears, and his secret thoughts. All of it Ivan saw in the blink of an eye. This revelation was cut short when Austin threw his dirty, sweaty towel onto Ivan's face. "Stop looking at me like that with those freaky eyes, faggot." Then he walked away to his room and slammed the door shut. Ivan sat there on the floor for a moment, processing things over. He was furious, yes, but he was also trying to figure out what the hell he saw. Was it some sort of hallucination? No, that wasn't right. It was more like a vision, but loaded with information. Was this what Soloman meant? Was this the power of his eyes? Either way, Austin had crossed a line. Ivan had tolerated that jock long enough, and it was time to teach him a lesson he'll never forget! Marching into his room, Ivan began gathering all of the books and notes he had taken and began devising a suitable punishment for his asshole of a roommate. Austin was a good looking guy, but quite a jerk. Ivan couldn't deny that he thought his roommate's body was hot, but...there was always room for improvement. Lots of improvement, Ivan thought with a broad grin. Besides, Austin was always treating Ivan like shit anyway, so becoming Ivan's guinea pig was fair game. Wasting no time, Ivan began flipping though the pages of his book. With some modifications, there were spells that would produce a very...interesting effect. "This is going to be fun." He cackled. * * * "Damn man, you lookin' swole." Austin looked at his buddy Joey. "Yea, had a good day at the gym, could really feel the pump flowing dude!" Austin flexed his arm for his friend to see. The other jock whistled as a sizable bicep popped out. Joey was pretty decently sized himself at 190 lbs. at 6'3". He wasn't in the same league as Austin, but was close enough to be workout buddies. "Damn man, whatever you're doing, keep doing it." Joey reached out and squeezed the bicep. "Nah, I think I'm going to cut back on the bulking." Austin lowered his arm. "Aw come on, why not?" Joey asked. "I don't want to be too freakishly huge, y'know? And besides, all that muscle would just slow me down." Austin told him. "What a waste, you'd look awesome as the Hulk, minus the green skin of course." Joey laughed, and Austin joined with him. Despite what he said, Austin was a little proud with Joey's compliment. Still, a 5 lbs. gain in less than a week was super impressive to say the least, but he should really cut back. He didn't want to become one of those roided out muscle monsters after all. * * * "I must admit, I've never heard of anyone doing that kind of spell before," Soloman told Ivan, "much less to punish someone for it." "Haven't you ever heard of the term 'too much of a good thing?'" Ivan said. "Besides, if you saw what I did, you'd know this is the perfect thing for him." "I'll have to take your word for it." Soloman laughed. "Let me know how it works out, if it goes well maybe you can make a charm out of it to sell. I'm betting it'll become very popular." "I'll let you know every juicy detail." Ivan smiled. * * * Damn, another five pound gain Austin checked the scale. He checked and double checked the scale, and it still read 220 lbs. Looking into his bathroom mirror, he checked out his reflection. It was very slight, but he could see the difference those pounds had on his body; a little bit thicker, and little bit bigger. He'd really need to start focusing on cutting back soon, otherwise all that added bulk would just get in the way. Already people were giving him looks as he made his way across campus. "Ah well, i'm still pretty hot." He said, running his hand down his sexy 8 pack abs. After a moment of admiring himself, he grabbed his shirt and pulled it on. Once it was on, he tugged at it a little bit, frowning. It felt a bit tighter than usual, but then again, all of his clothes were tight, so it was nothing new. When he drop those extra pounds it'll feel comfortable on him again. * * * Ivan was secretly enjoying watching his roommate slowly swell up. Already the jock's clothes looked tighter, stretching across the growing masses. And yet Austin was oblivious to the real cause. Still, it was a bit slower than Ivan had thought. So, Ivan decided he would kick things up a bit and poured some more power into the spell, right when he saw Austin walk by in a t-shirt that was so tight it looked painted on. "He'll be busting out of that shirt in no time." Ivan snickered to himself, and went to work. * * * Riiiiiip! Austin winced as he heard something give away. Somehow he screwed up with the laundry and all of his clothes shrunk. Now everything was too tight, some of them so tight that they actually tore when he tried to put them on. After much difficulty and destroying a few shirts and shorts, he had finally managed to get something on that morning. However, several hours later his wardrobe was slowly malfunctioning, ripping whenever he reached too far or moved too suddenly. God, how embaressing he thought as he tried to focus on the lecture. However, the teacher was so boring that he felt the uncontrollable urge to yawn. As he raised his hand to cover his mouth, it caused his bicep to bulge and flex past what is sleeve could handle. Riiiip! His bicep exploded through his sleeve. "Mr. Grisman!" Austin jumped in his seat, causing something else to rip. "What?" "You're disrupting the class. If you want to show off your body so badly, do it outside." The teacher pointed at the door. The entire class laughed as Austin's face turned red while gathering his things. As he made his way through the aisles and towards the door, the seams of his pants suddenly gave way to his thich quads, shredding apart at the sides very loudly and making the class laugh again. Fucking hell, I gotta go on a diet right away Austin told himself. But first, he needed to go and buy some new clothes. * * * "He's at the point where he's outgrowing his clothes now." Ivan reported happily to Soloman. "He's that big now huh?" Soloman's hands were busy sorting out a few dozen different feathers into bundles. "One wonders just how far you're willing to take this." "Well, one wonders how far he CAN take this." Ivan said. Soloman paused for a moment to look at Ivan. Whenever he was in the shop, Ivan would take off his sunglasses since the shopkeeper didn't mind them one bit. When their eyes met, Ivan felt a feeling of concern and other thoughts flow into him. Weirdly enough, he felt as if Soloman was also reading him as well. "I'm just concerned that your quest will consume you." Soloman turned away and resumed his task. "I've seen a lot of good men get too wrapped up in revenge and ended up destroying themselves." "Don't worry; I know what I'm doing." Ivan reassured him. "I know you do." Soloman tied a leather string around one bunch of feathers, inspected it carefully, and then moved on to the next one. "Enjoy your fun Ivan, but I suggest having some protection on you in case he ever finds out. You two DO live with one another after all, and if you grow him as big as you say you are, he'll be able to knock your head clear off with one blow." "Don't worry about me; I know how to take him down when the time comes." Ivan reassured him. "In the meantime, I think I'll enjoy watching him blow up." * * * Austin stared down at the scale. It had to be broken. It was the only logical explanation. There was no way he could weigh as much as it said. 246 lbs. "Fucking hell!" He said as he gave the scale a kick, sending it banging against the wall. Now it was REALLY broken. There was no way he could weigh 246 lbs. No absolute freakin' way. His eye caught his reflection in the mirror, and he quickly averted it. He had been avoiding it for the past several days. It was mostly because he didn't want to face the truth. Despite his desire not to, however, he couldn't stop himself from turning and facing the mirror. If the scale was broken, the mirror must've been broken too because the man in it clearly looked like he was 246 lbs. Every muscle on his body was obscenely huge, just like a pro bodybuilder's. His shoulders and lats spread out wide like a barn door, filling the view in the mirror. His chest, which had once been one of his weakest spots, was now as big as two ripe honeydew melons. His arms rippled like pythons, each of them measuring at around 20 inches cold. Maybe I'm just retaining water he thought, that could explain why he looked so big. But in reality, his muscles looked extremely ripped. All of the fat on his body seemed to have been burned off and left him with the best definition he had ever seen. His abs, thankfully, didn't grow bigger, but those 10 packs looked more shredded and defined than they have ever been. "I'll just stop lifting for awhile, that should cut some mass off." He said. If he can cut some mass and keep his current definition, he'd probably be the hottest guy on campus. But that was the main problem. He just kept on adding bulk. It wasn't as if he was lifting harder, and sure his strength gains were amazing, but no one could pack on 35 lbs. of muscle in les than a month! He'll stop going to the gym, plain and simple. He'll just jog and keep to a strict diet, which should work. Picking up his shirt he pulled it over his head and tugged it on. The shirt barely made it halfway when a loud tearing sound filled the air. "SHIT!" He tore the rest of the shirt off and threw it on the ground. It looked like he'll have to go and buy 5XL shirts now. * * * Ivan was ecstatic that his voodoo magic was working so well. He'd hear Austin swear loudly as sounds of ripping clothing filled the air every other day, a sign of his ever growing bulk. Austin was no longer a lean 'super model' nor was he merely athletic. No, now Austin was looking like a full blown bodybuilder, with muscles that could hold it's own in any contest. Soon the jock will reach the same level as a super heavyweight bodybuilder, perhaps even going beyond them. Of course, Ivan made sure that his spells weren't wrecking Austin's health. He may be doing this out of spite, but he wasn't trying to kill him or anything. Austin would be the healthiest musclebound mass monster on campus by the time Ivan was done with him (but that probably wouldn't be anytime soon.) * * * "Fuck man, what the hell is going on with me?" Austin muttered as he looked down at himself...or at least tried to. His chest had grown so thick that it was starting to block his view of anything past them. However, he knew full well what was going on: he was growing bigger. 302 lbs. 302 fucking lbs. He couldn't explain it; it was like his muscles were growing without even trying! He hadn't touched a single weight in a week, and yet every day when he would step onto the scale, he would find the number creeping higher and higher until finally he broke through the 300 mark. He would blame it on the scale being broken again or something, but this was a brand new scale and his reflection in the mirror proved otherwise. Now he was the size of a Mr. Olympia contender, only he was both massive AND ripped. If he took part in the contest, he could probably win easy. "Fucking hell, I'm too big!" Austin reached up and squeezed his chest, trying his best to make it smaller somehow. As his hand squeeze the muscle, his cock within his shorts twitched, prompting him to jerk his hand back. He wasn't...turned on by this, could he? * * * Ivan knew that Austin WAS turned on by what was going on. When he looked directly into Austin's eyes, saw it; a burning desire to grow huge. Despite what he claims, or how hard he denies it, the truth was that Austin liked having a huge body. However, the jock had been brainwashed into thinking that people were disgusted by what he was told as "oversized" and "too huge." Of course, Austin was also worried about losing his speed with all that muscle mass, which was true, but he was never the fastest on the team anyway. And honestly, there were more people who would love to see Austin pack it on than the jock thought. * * * "I don't care how you do it, just stop taking whatever shit you're on and lose all that muscle before the next game you hear me!?" Coach's voice could be heard clear through the building. Fortunetely it was dead at that time so no one else was around to hear Austin get chewed out. It was quite the sight, a 320 lbs muscle giant getting put down by an overweight middle aged man. "Are you trying to get kicked off the team? Is that is!?" Coach yelled. "No sir, I love football, I want to stay on the team." Austin said. Yet somehow it sounded so hollow. "Then stop putting on muscle and start using your head!" Coach banged his fist on the table. "Last game you brought too much attention to you, people are already talking about you taking steroids to boost your game. And you know what? They're probably right." "But coach, I swear I'm not taking-" "Don't give me those excuses! How else does a man gain over eighty pounds in less than two months!?" Coach demanded. Austin was at loss for words. Even he couldn't figure that out. The coach let out a deep breath and sat back down. "Listen, I'm not against you bulking up and all that, frankly it's making you unbeatable on the field. But it's just too much too fast to be natural. If you get any bigger, I'll have no choice but to have to take some tests." "I understand coach." Austin said. "Now get out there and eat a cheeseburger or something else unhealthy." The coach said, dismissing him. Austin sighed as he left the coach's office and stepped out. He had been expecting this for quite some time. Somehow it didn't seem as bad as he thought. It was weird, his spot on the team was in jeopardy, but he didn't seem to care as much as he should have. As he was walking by the gym, he heard a clank. Curious he looked in. Inside was his friend and teammate Joey, having tripped over a barbell. "You okay there?" He asked, coming the rest of the way in. Joey's eyes went wide when he saw Austin...all of Austin. It wasn't the first time someone had that reaction when they say him. Pretty much everyone stared and gaped whenever he walked by, his massive thighs rolling around each other, his clothes appearing painted on his bloated, oversized body. "I, uh, was just, uh," Joey just looked at Austin dumbfoundly. Austin sighed. "I know,you think I look like a freak." "What?" Joey looked at Austin blankly. "Don't try and deny it, you and everyone else think I look like a freak with all these muscles." "I don't think you look like a freak!" "Oh come on, look at me!" Austin grabbed the front of his shirt and tore it off, exposing his body. Joey gasped. Never before had the football player seen anyone so huge and ripped before. Austin's traps and deltoids laid on his shoulder like bowling balls had been stuffed under the skin. Those arms must've been 28 inches around, with biceps the size of Joey's head at least. With every breath, Austin's pectorals seemed to heave outwards powerfully, like two inflating balloons with nipples. Austin's waist was so defined, so shredded he could probably shred cheese on it. Even though Austin didn't take off his pants, there was no hiding those massive tree trunk legs of his, with quads as thick as Joey was and calves the size of hams. "You...want to know what I think?" Joey said softly. "What, that I'm a giant hideous freak?" Austin asked. Slowly Joey looked up, his eyes trailing up those thick calves, the tree trunk legs, the rippling waist, the broad pectorals, the wide lats, the cannonball traps and finally to Austin's face. "I think you look hot." Austin looked at him, not sure if he heard right. "What?" "I think you look hot as hell." Joey said again. "Are you fucking with me?" Austin growled. "Because I'm not laughing." "It's the truth!" Joey took a step back. "I...fuck man, I never wanted to say anything, but I think all those muscles are fuckin' hot. I think the bigger you get, the better you look." "If I get any bigger, I'll be too big for football!" Austin yelled."Coach is right about to kick me off the team because of them!" "I-I know, and that sucks, but I can't help it, I think you look awesome." Joey said. Austin didn't know what to make of this. He wanted to be angry at Joey, he really did. But he couldn't muster the anger up. Joey was his friend, and finding out that he was both gay and into Hulk sized muscles at the same time...well, now that he knew, the signs were so obvious. Joey always was excited whenever Austin showed off his muscles, or bragged about his gains. And those muscle feels, they occured more often and lingered a bit longer than normal. But, all in all, Austin didn't mind it one bit. "Do you...do you really think I look good with all this?" Austin asked. "Oh fuck yeah." Joey said, approaching slowly. "Even if I continue to get even bigger?" Austin could feel the crotch of his pants tighten. "Especially if you get bigger." Joey reached out and placed a hand on a massive deltoid. He attempted to squeeze it, but was met with steely muscle insted. "And...would you be willing to stick around and watch me grow bigger?" "You'd have a hard time keeping me away big guy." Joey said as he pressed his body against Austin's, feeling those hard muscles flex and bulge back. And then suddenly they were kissing. Austin couldn't remember who kissed the other first, but he didn't care. It just felt so good, so...right, that he didn't want it to stop. Soon they were fumbling to take his pants off, peeling the fabric away to expose his colossal lower body. His cock sprang to life from the confines of his boxer, having also exerienced the same growth spurt as the rest of his body, extending to a full 13 inch length. "God it's so huge." Joey gasped as he looked at the massive member. "You don't have to if you don't want to." Austin said, then gasped when Joey lowered his ass on top of it. "Oh I want it. I've wanted it ever since I first saw you in the shower." Joey whispered. "Alright, but don't regret it later." Austin told him, then pierced Joey's ass. Joey cut off a cry that escaped his throat, followed by a deep moan. As Austin began to rock his hips, Joey was worshiping those glorious muscles, his tongue and lips servicing them as best as he could. The more Joey worshiped his muscles, the closer it brought Austin to climax. Soon Austin was flexing his muscles, bouncing his pecs and rippling his abs, and it turned him on even more! Joey couldn't take it anymore and shot his load, cum splattering over those perfect abs. Austin however still kept rocking, flexing and posing, his balls churning and painfully swelling as his seed built up, closer and closer until finally he let out a roar and blew, his cock spewing shot after shot into his best friend. After a full two and a half minutes of shooting, his balls finally emptied and the both of them collapsed onto the gym floor. "That...was...incredible." Joey gasped. Austin looked at him, and listened to those words thoughtfully. "It really was." * * * The bell rang as Ivan walked into the store in high spirits. As Austin grew bigger, Ivan's mood seemed to brighten as well. Who knew turning your roommate into the Hulk could make you...peppy? "Afternoon Ivan!" Soloman greeted him from the counter, a grocery bag already set on the counter. "I've got your usual muscle monster making supplies ready for you." "Thanks Soloman!" Ivan said as he reached for his wallet. "So how big is the giant stud now?" Soloman asked curiously. "Austin is pushing about 360 lbs. now." Ivan reported. "He's gotten so big the people at the big and tall are actually having trouble getting him stuff big enough to fit him." "Geez, sounds like his expenses are just piling up as he grows huh?" "Well he's got a football scholarship and everything, so he can afford it." Ivan said as he handed over the money. "Last game he played he was unstoppable, they just handed him the ball and he plowed his way through all the way to the end zone." Soloman laughed as he handed Ivan his change. "Wish I could have seen it. Anyways, I've got a few people interested in that spell of yours. When you get the chance, enchant a few amulets and charms with it and you'll be making yourself a small fortune." "For now I'll just enjoy practicing it on my roommate." Ivan said as he picked the bag up. "I'll see you in a few days then." "Alright take care!" Soloman said as Ivan left. Ivan got home from another trip to his supply store, his grocery bag filled with ingredients for his spells. So far his work on Austin had gone beyond what he could have ever imagined, and quite frankly he wasn't sure if he wanted to stop. And besides, he already bought the supplies for it, so he might as well put them to good use. As he walked towards his room, he saw that the door was left ajar. He frowned, having remembered closing it before he left. Feeling something was wrong, he slowly opened the door and walked in. Austin was in his room. The360 lbs. behemoth looked positively massive in his small room, taking up much of the space. Around him were his spells books and written notes. All of his drawers were open, revealing his ingredients and tools. "What is all this?" Austin asked. "These books, all these weird stuff, this right here!" He held up the sheets of paper containing all of his muscle growing spell research as well as the pictures and weight readings that he made of Austin. There was no way for him to lie around this. "I've been using voodoo to grow your muscles." He told him. "You did this to me!?" Austin dropped the papers. "You turned me into this...this...THIS!?" He motioned his hand at his body. Every muscle rippled and flexed powerfully. If Ivan wasn't being yelled at, he would have found it incredibly hot. "Call it payback for always being an ass to me." Ivan crossed his arms. Mentally he prepared to throw a hex or two to immobilize Austin as soon as he threw a punch. "You...you..." Austin began to shake violently. Ivan took a deep breath and prepared to take Austin down. Suddenly Austin dropped to his knees, creating a massive THUD that shook the floor. "Thank you." Ivan choked back the activation key. "W-what?" "Thank you...for this." Austin said. Ivan didn't know how to respond. He had expected the huge man to go into a rage and try to kill him or something, but this was the exact opposite of the reaction he had been anticipating. "I...know I was being an asshole to you, treating you like shit cuz of your freaky looking eyes. You probably did this because I was a dick, probably grow into a huge muscle monster. But, I like it. I...I really like it. I like tearing out of my clothes, I like having to squeeze through doorways, I like the stares people give me as I walk by, I like seeing myself get bigger and bigger." "I know you do." Ivan said. "A month and a half ago when I looked into your eyes, I saw everything about you." "You...did?" Austin looked up, flinched slightly as he saw Ivan's white eyes. "And...and you didn't turn me into a tiny wimp instead?" "What can I say, I'm into big guys." Ivan shrugged. "Sure I was tempted, and yeah I did it because I was mad, but honestly I did it because I thought it was the best way to teach you a lesson. And besides, I felt that you needed to figure out what you really wanted instead of going for what other people say." "Thank you!" Austin grabbed Ivan and hugged him tightly. Suddenly the tiny witch doctor found his face being crushed into the valley between two massive pecs, with arms as thick as hams wrapped around him. "Dude, can't breathe..." Ivan struggled to say, but he had to admit he found it hot. "Oh, sorry." Austin dropped his smaller roommate. "I'm still adjusting to being this big. Though, I gotta confess, when I ripped a door off it's hinges the other day, it felt awesome." "I'll bet." Ivan laughed. "Well, now that we've gotten that out of the way, there's something I want to ask you." "Yes? What is it?" "Can you PLEASE pick up after yourself? Your oversized boxers made me almost trip the other day." * * * "It's amazing how much a person could change in so little time. And I'm not talking about the physical changes Austin had gone through." Ivan said, his hands moving through the box of trinkets. "Though a 260 lbs. gain in the span of a two months is impressive enough as it is." Soloman pointed out. "No, what's amazing is how an arrogant jerk could become decent person." Ivan held up a gemstone and inspected in closely. "Who knows, maybe in a few weeks we could actually get along to the point where we could be friends." Finding the stone satisfactory, he set it aside. "That's pretty rare, the subject of a voodoo revenge actually becoming friends with the person who casted it in the first place." Soloman remarked as he placed the rest of the stones back into their box and put them away. "Then again, you are quite the unique individual." "Me? I'm just an ordinary guy with a weird hobby." Ivan smiled as he dug out his wallet. After finishing his trip to Soloman's store, Ivan went back home and was unloading his bag full of spell supplies onto the counter. Now that his roomate knew about it, Ivan didn't have to hide everything in his room (which was a good thing, since it was starting to reek in there.) He was just putting away a bunch of dried herbs when Austin came in. It was quite a sight, watching Austin try to fit his 380 lbs frame through the narrow doorway. Even while turning sideways, his pecs scraped the frame. Once through, he walked towards Austin, his mammoth thighs rolling around each other in a super exagerated bodybuilder waddle. Today he wore a muscle shirt that was true to it's name. The fabric of the 15XL shirt was stretched so tight it was a miracle it didn't tear off when he took a deep breath. "Hey Austin, how was practice today?" Ivan asked as he pulled out a jar of gator teeth from the grocery bag. "I left the team today." Austin reported. Ivan fumbled, nearly dropping the jar he was holding. "You what? Why?" "I just...rather than playing sports, I liked hitting the gym even more." Austin said. "And rather than go through the hassle of getting accused for doing steroids, I thought I should best leave the team before they make a huge deal about it." "And what about your scholarship?" Ivan set down the jar. "I got a bunch saved up," Austin told him, "plus I'll get a part time job. I can probably get one as a bouncer easy with a body like this." He reached out and grabbed his bicep. His hand couldn't even cover half of it, and this was a hand that used to palm footballs. "You're serious about this." Ivan said. "Yea, I am." Austin reached up and scratched the back of his neck. It was an awesome display, his biceps fought with his forearm, his triceps flared out. If he had been wearing sleeves it would have probably burst by now. Ivan looked up at Austin, and Austin met his gaze. For a few brief moments they kept eye contact before Ivan broke out into a smile. "Well I wish you the best of luck roomie." Ivan told him. "Thanks, I know it ain't easy living with me." Austin relaxed a bit. "That's for sure, but you've mellowed out a lot now that you're pushing 500 lbs." Ivan pointed out. "I'm only 380." Austin corrected. "Not for long my friend," Ivan grinned as he took a jar and cracked it open. "Not for long..."
  21. Chapter 1 As I slid the white chinos over my ass, I had to struggle a little bit. These were my favorite dress pants because they were tight in that sexy way that hugged my ass, but they’d never quite strangled my ass like this before. I walked over to the full-sized mirror on the closet door and looked at my ass in the pants as best I could. I looked a little thick, like my workouts had been returning some serious dividends. “Danny,” I cried out, turning from one side to the other, “come in here.” My husband came into the bedroom, frantically adjusting his tie and looking a little miffed that I’d called him in. “We’re going to be late,” he said, kicking a half-empty box aside. We’d just moved into this house five days ago from an apartment halfway across California, and we hadn’t finished unpacking yet. He’d just gotten a new job at ChorrTek, a multinational corporation, and they’d paid for us to relocate to the planned community just outside their Palo Alto headquarters. As far as I was aware, the community didn’t even have an actual name: everyone just called it the ChorrTek planned community. I had been sad to leave behind the small number of friends I had in LA—it takes me forever to warm up to new people—but it was the right move for both of us. Besides, the house was beautiful, if gigantic. In addition to two guest bedrooms, there were just a lot of rooms. It had a living room, and a den, and a TV room. When I was growing up, all three of those were the same room. I was pretty sure we didn’t own enough furniture to fill it. “Did these pants shrink, or did my ass get bigger?” I asked, turning around slowly in a complete circle and sticking out my rear end to give him every possible vantage. When I was facing him again, I stopped and held my hands out to the sides for his assessment. “You’re not even dressed yet?” he asked. He picked my long-sleeved blue pullover off the bed where I had put it and threw it at me. Laughing, I caught the shirt and slung it over one shoulder. “You didn’t answer the question.” Danny rolled his eyes in frustration and made a face of pure consternation. “Your ass looks great, RT. It always looks great.” “Still not answering the question,” I teased in a sing-song. “Okay, yes, your ass looks bigger. Keep up the good work, tiger. Now will you get dressed? I don’t want to be late.” I zipped up my pants and put on my shirt. “Get over here,” I said, beckoning him with my hand. “I want to make sure we match.” “What?” he asked, trudging over like a toddler who’s been told to pick up his toys. I put my arm around his shoulder, and held him close to me. He had spent hours trying to wheedle me into a suit and tie, and the only way I’d gotten him to give up was to promise that my outfit would match his. He was wearing a tan suit with a bright blue tie. “Look at us,” I said, pointing in the mirror. Danny was slightly taller than me—an inch at most—and had classic Mediterranean features he inherited from his mother’s side of the family, complete with curly black hair on the top of his head that he spent a lot of haircuts and grooming products to keep as flat as possible, thick facial hair that needed twice-daily shaving to keep him as smooth as he wanted, deep chestnut eyes that shined a little behind contact lenses (because he was too vain to wear glasses), and the appearance of a year-round tan. My Danny was thin, but wiry, with soft, delicate features like a Botticelli. He looked model handsome in his suit. I, on the other hand, had gotten everything from the British Isles courtesy of my father: straight brown hair that I kept cut close to my head, a beard that took two weeks to fully come in, pale blue eyes, and skin that only ever burned, never tanned. However, I was naturally stocky and had a chiseled face and broad jaw, and I’d dedicated the last month and a half trying to get back into the top-notch shape I’d had when I played college baseball. As we looked at ourselves in the mirror, Danny softened a little, and added, “We’re going to knock ‘em dead tonight.” “Just let me splash on some cologne,” I said as Danny groaned in impatience, “and then we can head out.” “You’re stalling on purpose,” Danny said, half-jokingly. “It’s your work thing, darling. I don’t exactly relish going.” “It’s just this one last thing, and then you’re free,” he said. “Yeah, yeah,” I responded, closing the bathroom door before me. At least a dozen different events had been “one last thing.” There was so much schmoozing involved in getting him this job at ChorrTek. It was on the cutting edge of technology, but it was such a boy’s club. I hadn’t seen a single female executive at any of the meetings or functions, and there certainly weren’t any on its website. Danny had to basically swindle them into hiring their first out gay executive. “It’s a welcome party.” “You’re not the only new employee,” I reminded him. “I’m the only new executive,” he chimed back. “They’re essentially throwing the party for me,” Danny explained for the tenth time. “They expect my husband to be there.” Only mildly annoyed, I called through the door, “I’m going to spend the night making small talk with strangers while you try to ingratiate yourself with your new coworkers and bosses. No part of that is fun for me.” “I’m the first gay executive at this company, ever, and they hired me from the outside rather than promote one of their own. It’s a big deal,” he repeated. “Is that so?” I said half under my breath as though this were new information. As I was putting on the cologne, looking at myself in the harsh, overhead bathroom lighting, I looked at myself again. My arms looked thicker, my chest looked thicker, my neck looked thicker, my shoulders even looked a little broader. I looked like I’d put on some mass. I decided to step on the scale. 176. This morning I was just over 170. What the hell? “Is this scale broken?” I asked Danny. I could hear that he’d been pacing in the bedroom because his footsteps suddenly stopped. “What are you on about now?” he asked, his footsteps starting up again. He came into the bathroom without even knocking. When he saw me on the scale, I could see the effort he exerted to prevent himself from making an exasperated grimace. “Why are you on the scale?” “I know I’ve been working out a lot, but this scale says I put on five pounds today. Today. In one day. That doesn’t happen.” I flexed my forearm and bicep of my left arm in front of me, turning it one way and then the other. I looked thicker. Danny grunted. “I should’ve waited until after the party, but I was impatient and I wanted to make a good impression.” That was a confusing response. “I don’t follow.” He pulled his phone out of his pocket and showed it to me. There was a new app that had ChorrTek’s logo on it. “All the executives get this app. It’s in-house only, though. They never plan to take it to the general market. It’s the latest in body mod technology. They swear it’s super-scientific. But I’m just the ad guy, so it sounds like magic to me.” “A body mod app?” “It’s the ultimate employee perk. It allows you to make some tweaks.” “And so you tweaked my body?” “Well, it’s tuned to your body. At your check-up to switch over to my employee healthcare, that shot you got was the corresponding hardware. My app can only make tweaks on you. No one else.” “I again say, so you tweaked my body?” “All of the execs at the company have this app and use it to tweak their wives. It’s like real-life Face Tune.” “But you didn’t tweak my face,” I reminded him. “I want to put my best foot forward. I had to use the app eventually, or they’d see it as an insult. It could’ve waited until after the party, yeah, but I got impatient. They’ve only ever used it on their wives. They’re curious to see how it works on a man. It’s not my fault their spouses were doorstops and you’re drop dead sexy. You left very little room for improvement.” I looked back in the mirror and flexed. “I look good with five more pounds of mass.” “Hot as hell,” he said. “With all the working out you’ve been doing, I figured you wouldn’t mind a little boost.” He stood behind me and began kissing the back of my neck and behind my ears. Even though he’d shaved an hour ago, I could already feel some of his facial hair starting to scratch my soft, tender skin. “Dammit,” I said, falling back into his waiting arms. “Can we go to the party now.” I turned my neck and head to kiss him on the cheek. “Alright.”
  22. Hey y’all! Sorry; I have been really uninspired by my other story, college supplemented, but I have what I want to do plotted out! I just need to write it. In the meantime, here’s a story heavily inspired by a roleplay I have been doing with @MidwesternMuscle. With no further ado: here it is! Tyler sets the boxes down, wiping the sweat off his forehead with his tank top, revealing his ripped abs, covered by a light coating of body hair, his body bigger and more masculine than ever his senior year, ready to kill it as the biggest man on the football team, the star. “Sheesh little bro, how much more stuff do you have?” Kyle, Tyler’s younger step brother, emerges from his room, having been unpacking into their apartment. He’s extremely sweaty too, although he hasn’t been doing the grunt labor he set his brother to, bringing up all of his stuff. “Hey Ty, just because I like to be at home a little more than you doesn’t mean I can’t have nice things! Thanks for being careful with my computer tower! I got it back up and running!” Kyle says, proudly. “Hey, how about you help me finish unloading the car, instead of fuckin’ around on your computer!” Tyler jokes, lightly punching Kyle in the arm. “Ow!” Kyle says, rubbing his arm. “That smarts man! You’re a lot bigger than me, try and be a little more careful! Ever since you hit that growth spurt after last year; you haven’t really known your strength!” “Haha... yeah... sorry bro!” Tyler scratches behind his head, slightly embarrassed to have hurt his brother with such a small punch. He had grown quite a bit in the past year, having spurted up 4 inches to 6’6, plus a solid 50 pounds of muscle, all the way to a VERY big 260. Tyler was almost too big for a lot of even his new clothes, not to mention downstairs, which had packed a few inches extra as well, much to the pleasure of his girlfriend Sally. “Kyle.. that growth spurt... Umm.. Nevermind! I think I can grab that last load!” Kyle peels off his sweat stained tank top, revealing his perfectly chiseled, while still humongous, upper torso, heading out the door. “I really need to hit the gym this year...” Kyle thinks to himself, being literally dwarfed by his brother everywhere he goes, especially this first year at college, he didn’t want to just walk in the huge footsteps of his brother; he wanted to make a name for himself. Sure, that would be hard, being only 5’7, and literally half his brother’s weight, at a very slim 130. He’s tried to put on weight in the past, but he just hasn’t been able to, no matter how much he ate. His genes are just too different from his brother, having been adopted at a young age. Kyle wouldn’t lie, he was incredibly jealous of his brother, and how his size seemed to lend him a certain gravity, which just attracted anyone he wanted, especially since his new growth spurt this last year, pushing him into true giant status. Tyler interrupts Kyle’s train of thought, busting in with one arm loaded with assorted dorm items, a lamp, an ironing board, and the other with a box tucked under. “This is the last of it! But I’m not gonna help you unpack, I’ve done enough already! Plus I want to save enough energy for the gym tonight... and for Sally!” Tyler winks at Kyle, thrusting against the air, his package obvious and bulging against the small shorts he is wearing. “She loves when I come straight to her place after the gym, she’s a real size queen, she’s loved it ever since I hit my growth spurt.” Kyle sighs, notably closing off, frustrated at the reminder of just how big his brother is. “What’s going on?” Tyler says, concerned for his brother, but bounces his manly pecs as soon as Kyle looks up, which would be funny, if they weren’t so impressive. “Nothing!” Kyle says, biting, but immediately softens up when he sees his brother is actually concerned. “I just... I wish I could be as big as you! But.. every time I get in the gym I... well... I just feel too small to try anything, and everyone.. even the women are bigger than me. It’s embarrassing to struggle with even the smallest weights!” “I know buddy... You told me that on the phone last year when you were starting off at the gym. Actually... I was going to wait for this, but maybe this can help get you started.” Tyler reaches up in the nearby coat closet, pulling down a box, rummaging through it until he finds a device. “You remember my roommate last year? Paul?” “Yeah.. I think so? You told me he was a whiz.” “Yeah, he definitely was. A strange guy, for sure. But, he was working all year on this device.” Tyler waves the remote in the air, indicating what he was talking about. “He had been working on it with this guy, also a nerd, but I remember he had been having a tough time keeping his friend in line, the guy picked up the gym and caught the bug, Yknow? Anyways. He finished it... and... Well, let’s say his friends gains didn’t go to waste. At all.” Tyler laughs, feeling half guilty, although he knew just what an asshole Paul’s partner had been to him. “But yeah. That growth spurt... it wasn’t all me, although it did kickstart a second puberty of sorts. It was mostly Paul using me as his little experiment, alongside his partner.” “Wait... What are you telling me, Ty?” Kyle says, shocked by the ride his brother has been taking him on. “Are you saying that Paul... Stole size... from his workout partner and gave it to you?” “That’s exactly what I’m saying bro! And, honestly, he gave me some size everywhere, if you know what I mean.” Ty says, palming his crotch, obviously boning up slightly at the memory of his growth. “But.. I’m telling you all this because I thought I might give you a little gift to get you started, make a name for yourself here.” “What?!” Kyle is shocked, immediately moved out of his sulking mood, standing up and looking up into Tyler’s eyes. “You’re going to give me some size?” “Just a bit! To get you jump started here with your workouts, maybe keep you from feeling too embarrassed at the gym. Plus, I’m gonna need it back before our first game! I can’t wait to dominate at this size!” Tyler flexes his 20 inch bicep, gargantuan in front of Kyle’s eyes. “But yeah, I figured I could give you a solid fifteen pounds of muscle, then once you get those beginner gains, we can transfer it back.” “Oh my god...” Kyle mutters, tears almost welling into his eyes. “Thank you so much bro!!! You don’t know how much this means to me... I have been trying so hard...” “Hey! Don’t tear up bro! Enjoy it! Plus... I don’t know! You might find some surprises along the way! But I’m gonna want that back too!” Tyler winks, booting up the remote, pointing it at Kyle, while a green light emits, scanning Kyle’s entire body. “Ok... you ready? 3...2...1..” Tyler presses go, after inputting the changes, 15 lbs of muscle, 2 inches of height, 1 inch off his cock, and a decent amount of testosterone production transfers through the device, out of him, and into Kyle. The sensation is strange on his body, almost like a reverse pump, as the world around him seems to grow, although still quite small to his now 6’4 frame. He looks down at his pecs, which were once the size of half-beach balls, but now look slightly deflated, although he would wager he’s still the biggest guy on the football team. He rubs his hand along his abs, still hard to the touch, although less body hair, his body seemingly having regressed from the thick hair he has previously to a more light coating, something honestly easier to maintain and manage. Meanwhile, Kyle is having the opposite experience, his too-large shirt starting to tighten up on him everywhere, the shoulders, arms, chest, everywhere! While standing he looks around, the table nearby shifting below him, almost like he would need to reach down a little bit to pick things up from the table, rather than having the table waist-height to him. He looks at himself in a nearby mirror and realizes his face is sharpening up, losing the little bit of body fat his 18 year old body was holding onto, becoming slightly more handsome, his hair growing out slightly on his head, and his face gaining a slight shadow, maybe necessitating more than a weekly shave now! He lifts his shirt up, revealing more than just his smooth stomach, now covered with ridges, outlining a solid 6 pack on his formerly shapeless body. “Ty... this... is incredible!!!” Kyle says, finally, after looking himself over for a solid five minutes. “I know it is man! It feels great to grow. Now, the rest you’ll experience might not be so instantaneous, but you need to keep it up in the gym. Want to hit the gym with me tomorrow?” “Fuck yeah!” Kyle’s confidence significantly increased, “Maybe you can keep my form in check? So I can actually make progress?” “Hell yeah bro, form is really important. You can’t make the gains if you’re not doing it right!” Tyler flexes his biceps again, now 19 inches, still impressive, but not nearly the size they were just a few minutes ago. “Let’s hit it up in the morning, I have plans this evening. Be sure to take some progress pics, so you can keep yourself motivated. If you really want, I would transfer that size back, just press this undo button, then you can take a pic, then send it right back! Easy beginner gains progress pics in just an hour!” Tyler says, laughing. “But first you enjoy this size, and clean up around here!” Tyler laughs, changing into some of his older clothes, so he can maintain the tightness he likes, and so sally might not notice and bitch at him right away. She wouldn’t understand what he’s doing for his brother... Kyle nods, as Tyler heads out the door in his new outfit. He immediately strips naked, looking at himself in the bathroom mirror, feeling up his whole body, getting hard as he feels his new muscles up, noting his hard pecs, which have more definition than just the flat chest he had gotten used to. He looks down, stroking his cock. “Huh?! I guess Tyler was more generous than I thought!” Kyle thinks to himself, as he notices his increased size, cumming a massive amount onto the mirror. As he cleans it up, he looks at himself, and knows that he will want to track this journey. He gets rid of the mess, then grabs his phone and the remote, hitting the undo button just like Tyler had instructed him to do. As he does so, he watches his body in the mirror, shriveling down to the unathletic nerd he had looked at for years. He snaps a few pics in the buff, his body thin and unnoteworthy. In the meantime, Tyler is working out at the gym, trying to gauge his new maxes, still better than last semester, but nowhere near what he was pumping out this summer. As he racks the Barbell, having concluded another set of chest presses, he feels that same electric feeling. “Huh... I guess Kyle is taking those progress pictures now!” Tyler gets up quickly, leaving his stuff behind and heading to the private locker room right off from the weight floor, locking the door behind him. He strips off his tank top and shorts, watching as his body swells up, back to his former godly size, his pecs ballooning outward, his abs bulging forward, increasing in definition, and his quads bulging out, pushing against one another. “Fuck.... this is so hot...” Tyler mumbles to himself, watching his body go from massive to gargantuan, all in a matter of seconds. Kyle, meanwhile, is fidgeting with the device, figuring out how to put that size back on. As he scrolls through the options, a thought hits him. “How about I give myself a little bit more. I mean, Tyler won’t miss it... plus I’ll give it back later.” Kyle moved the sliders up slightly, now taking 3 inches in height, 2 inches of cock, the same amount of testosterone, and 20 lbs of muscle. He hits enter. *To be continued!*
  23. Trunks was on the way to his mother's house. She called him earlier and it seemed urgent. He had felt an enormous ki this morning and it couldn't be his father or Goku,, who were gone to train with Beerus and Whis. It didn't bode well. "I'm here Mom. You called me ?" "Yeah. I have a bad news. You must have felt earlier this gigantic ki ? I think that's Broly." "BROLY ? But Goku hadn't defeated him ?" "Unfortunately, no" "Fuck, and Dad and Goku are not here." "Yes but I think we can do without them." "Against Broly ? Are you fool ? We have no chance to beat him. I'm not enough strong for this" "Not now but... it's the second reason why I called you. I'm working on my last invention : a power gun. It allows to increase physical abilities of a person and when I say increase, it's really really increase. But I don't test on a human subject" "And... you would like test it on me, that's it" "Exact. But even if I tested on you now, it would be insufficient for to beat Broly because there is one detail that could change the situation. I noticed that the intensity of transformation depends of person's current ki. More high it is, more powerful you will be. As I already told you, if I use on you now, it would be insufficient but what would happen if I used it on you when you are transformed ?" "If it depends of ki, I suppose that effects will be more important" "Exactly, very more importants. Do you remember your fight against Cell ?" "Yes, I had transformed myself in ultra super saiyan. At the time, with this transformation, I was the most powerful among us but this it had a big inconvenience." "Yep, your speed was very decreased. But maybe my gun could correct that, but I'm not sure." "So if I understand, you would like to test on me when I'm transformed in ultra super saiyan ?" "Exactly. However, I have to warn you I don't know the results with certainty but I think that you will be enough big and powerful than Broly, maybe more. So Trunks, do you want to be my guinea pig ?" More powerful than Broly ? Trunks had trouble to imagine it but this idea pleased him, very even. He had loved this transformation but his inconvenience had made him abandonned, so more powerful and without inconvenience of speed ? Yes ! Oh fuck yes he wanted ! "Oh fuck yes I want!" he said with a big smile. "Very good ! But we are not going to make test here, firstly it's not discreet and then, it would be dangerous for citizens." "We could go on the place where I fought Cell, it's really desert." "Excellent idea. Oh, I forgot but I would like that you wear your suit. I would like test his resistance." "Ok !" *Few hours later* "Ok, we are arrived, so let you transform. Don't worry, go to max and when you will be ready, I could use the gun on you." Trunks flew, transformed into super saiyan and began to concentrate him. He hadn't used this transformation for a long time but he remembered this fabulous feeling of power. Some seconds passed and firstly nothing happened, then his shoulders started to shake. Trunks clenched his teeth. Just a little more effort ! More seconds later, it was his chest and arms which whaked. And suddenly the car started : Trunks bent him back and yelled. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!" His hair instantly grew and pick up. His chest and arms seemed start to swell. Under his suit, Trunks could feel his pecs grow and push against his armor. He could feel his abs bulged and quickly become a good sixpack. Trunks straightened his head. Holy fuck, he could feel his traps rose up and his shoulders become canonballs size. His pupils disappeared, leaving his eyes totally white, symbol of a very big power. Lightnings began to appear around him. Trunks was also taller, more than 7 feet. Bulma looked his son become a powerful saiyan but it was nothing compared who waited him. Trunks yelled more when he felt an new energy wave altrought him. All of his body swelled ; he felt his traps rose more, his neck widened, his shoulders became true bowling balls, His arms gained inches after inches. He felt his pecs became more bigger, more thicker, his back widened more and more, Trunks couldn't see but he felt his abs exploded out of his stomach, like boulders implanted under his skin. His six-pack was now very ripped. His legs became more wide than tree trunks. And he was growing again in height and weight. Soon, the transformation seemed to end, Trunks was the head towards up and he was moaning ; this sensation of pure power was very incredible and he waited next with envy. Blue lightning appeared around of him. Finally, his pupils were return. The Ultra Super Saiyan was back ! Trunks stopped to moan and said : "Fuuuuuuuuuck, it feels so gooooood!". Bulma looked captors. Holy shit, his son was a giant, he was almost 8.5 feet tall and his weight was 620 lbs. It was huge yes, but really not enough for to beat Broly. So it was time to test his gun. "Trunks, are you okay ?" "Oh yeah, more than ever." "Ready for the next ? Sure ?" "OH YEAH!" Bulma activated gun and locked his son. The gun roared, more and more and more, and suddenly fired a big blue ray, which hit Trunks in this chest. Trunks widened his eyes. If the previous sensation was like a burning, this was like a nuclear explosion, even more. Nothing could be prepared him to this. During few instants, he said nothing then suddenly, he bent again back but more violently and yelled like he never yelled. This time, it was more intense, very more, very very more. "AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCKKKKKKKKK !!!!!!!!!!!" Lightnings around him became thunder, he clenched his fists and fkexed his arms ; instantly they exploded with muscle, his chest bulged, his traps exploded out from his back, his legs swelled more. And he was taller too, Bulma looked his screen : 9.6 feet and... 1060 lbs. Holy Fuck !!! He was titanic. *crrrrrrrr..crrrrrrrr..crrrr* Bulma heard this crack but didn't know where it came from. Some moments later, she understood : Trunks's armor was starting to crack, firstly it was imperceptible but more muscle he gained, more cracks were visible. Normally, his armor was created for to adapt on user's body but here, his muscles became too big. And it's what happened : next muscle growth spurt literally destroy it. Trunks was now only in his blue combinaison, giving a perfect view on his muscular body. Bulma looked his stats : 10.5 feet tall and 1870 lbs ! Crap, Trunks was taller of Broly ! But the transformation wasn't over : Trunk started to scream even louder when his whole body grew even bigger. "AAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAHHH AAAAAAAAAAAAAH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH !!!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH !!!!!!! IT'S SO FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD" Bulma could hear that his voice became more deeper, more cavernous. She looked her screen again : 12 feet, 2480 lbs. God ! She knew that eher invention would work but not at this point.. Trunks, meanwhile, was a second state. Everything he felt was pure power, at every second this power increased, he felt his body growing more and more and more. He had already had this sensation with ultra super saiyan but now, it was multiplied by a thousand. And it was not yet the end : he felt a new wave of power coming. "HOOOOOLYYYYYYYYYYYY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH". His voice became really deep. He felt himself widening, his traps grew even bigger, to the point he had no more neck but only a muscle mountain which surrounded completely his neck. His pecs exploded more, to the point where they hid his sight. If he looked down, he couldn't see other than 2 fucking huge mountains. He bounced them few times and enjoyed of this amazing feeling. Even if couldn't see, he could perfectly feel his six-pack start to swell ,and suddenly, first row literaly popped out of his midsection (like when Buu returned to its original form), then the next row, and finally the third. Shit, his six-pack had doubled in size. But it didn't stop, Trunks felt the hard pressure go down and few moments later, a fourth row exploded out, giving him an incredible fucking eight-pack. His legs continued to grow, becoming redwood trunks. His suit was very very very tight and it gave right to a nice show. Every detail was clearly visible : striation of his shoulders, veins on his biceps, his gigantic lats, striations of his pecs, his nipples, every muscular brick of his amazing eight-pack, his fucking obliques, his amazing adonis belt, veins on the bottom of his abs, every bumps of his muscular quads. His suit yelled to agony and few moments later... "riiippp.. riiiiiippp... riiiiipppp.....riiiiippp..." Tears noises could be heard. Bulma widened his eyes ; after this armor, she noticed several tears appear on Trunks's suit. Even his suit, which was designed for to be very malleable and adapt of user's body, even more than his armor, couldn't stand more. Trunks was simply too muscular and tall for his suit. He was 13 feet tall and weighed 3000 lbs. And it was not yet the end : he felt another wave. Trunks's body exploded everywhere. He was growing, and growing and growing, add several hundreds of pounds in few seconds. His suit didn't supported and was disintegrated, leaving Trunks completely naked. His enormous cock was releasing and comes knock against the top of his eight-pack. Finally, the transformation seemed to end. Bulma took a look on the final statistics : 16 feet tall, 3600 lbs. HO-LY CRAP ! It was a lot more than anything she expected. Broly was "only" 9 feet tall and weighed 800 lbs. Trunks was there, fully naked... HOLY FUCKING SHIT : look at the size of his humoungous python. Bulma had not thought about this "detail" but yeah, there was no reason his dick didn't grow... Bulma wondered how long he could stay like this, because saiyan's transformation consumes a lot of energy, and generally, more powerful it's and more quickly it consumes energy, it's why they can't keep them forever. But in the Trunks's case, she was stunned when she saw her screen : Trunks didn't lose energy, on the contrary, he was producing it ! Trunks's body was became his own nuclear plant. It meant that he could stay like this... forever if he wanted it. Trunks moaned, savoring all sensation he felt. All that he could feel was power, true power, very more than previously. Even motionless it was orgasmic. So he began a flexing session : Trunks started by clench his fist "OOOOHHH Goooood it's so fucking good !" Then he flexed his forearms "Oooooooooh shiiiiiit !" Then he flexed his arms "OOOOOOH FUUUUUUUCKKK !!" Then he flexed and bounced his pecs "Holy shiiiiiiiiiiit" Then he flexed his eight-pack "OOOOOH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH !!!!" Then he flexed hi legs "SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTT !!!" All this flexing session maked him really horny. Trunks was trying to refrain his huge envy to cum, because he was in front of his mother but the pleasure was really too much : he was going to cum, it was inevitable. So he took his cock and he reached the climax when he flexed all his muscles in same time. "HOOOLYYYYY....... FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKK !!!!!!!". His yell was so loud that it could be heard on ten of miles and cause an little earthquake. And his shot.... it wasn't a simple shot, it looked much more like a super kamehameha. There was several rocks on the path : it pierced them like it was nothing and finally to dig a crater in the ground. The flood continued for at least 15 minutes. Finally, after an eternity to come and moan, Trunks looked his mother "THANKS MOM !" Holy shit, his voice was incredibly deeper, and very more louder, it was such as he speaked through a megaphone. He flew near to his mother. "T-T-Tr..Trunks... are.... are you okay ?" "If I feel me okay ? Mom... ... it's the BEST FEELING I felt IN MY ENTIRE LIFE !". And effectively, it was unbelievable, every movement or flex were so fucking orgasmic ! Bulma was envy to touch him but he was produced too much energy, lightnings constantly appeared around him. She had planned several tests, including a kamehameha, but after to see this amazing power, the kamehameha's test was a very bad idea. By the way, Trunks's eyes were now constantly white, like Broly, contrary to his initial transformation. It was time to make few tests. "So.. let's see if this speed problem is fixed, fly until our house and go back. It's far enough but you should only take about 2 minutes. I could calculate your speed". Bulma did not have time to see Trunks start, but holy shit, what a shock wave ! 12 minutes later, he came back. "Hmmmm, 12 minutes, it's weird, it takes really more time than I thought" said Bulma. "Crap, I really hoped it would solve your speed problem" "Oh don't worry Mom, it's fixed, really ! Because I don't just only fly to our home... I did an Earth tour" "WH... WH...... WHAAA... WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT ?!!!!! A....AN....AN EARTH TOUR ???!!!" exclaimed Bulma in shaking. "So... I think that this speed problem was definitly fixed." An Earth tour... a fucking Earth tour...... How fast did he fly ? He did the turn in 12 minutes and the diameter of Earth is 12742km. So he flew at.. ... ... 63710 km/h !!!! HO-LY FUCKING SHIIIIIT ! Bulma takes several minutes for to recover. It was unbelievable, Trunks was flying faster than a rocket, literally !! So yes, speed wasn't a problem. "Ok now, test your strength. I would like you destroy his big rock but don't do a kamehameha, I wouldn't you destroy the Earth haha." Trunks walks towards the rocks, which was really big, almost 40 feet, and he gave a little flick against and... the rock was reduced in pieces. "Strength won't be a problem either" said Trunks. "So, I think what I'm ready for to beat Broly no ?" Bulma remained silent for several seconds. She knew it would work, but there, it was completely unimaginable. She didn't think to say that one day but... yes, now, there was no chance to lose. "Ok we can go meet him. But before Mom... if you could find clothes for me. And I not need of armor, just suit will be sufficient." *Few hours later* "Finally, it was time ! I'm going to crush this Legendary super Saiyan" Trunks flew to place where they detected Broly early and waited after him. His gigantic power didn't take long for to be detect by Broly. And effectively, Broly searched after Kakarotto when he felt a gigantic ki but really really gigantic. Never he felt a power like this (it over 9000 :p). He was troubled during some seconds before returning to his senses. No matter how powerful, he was the legendary super saiyan, he could beat anyone and anyoune couldn't beat him. So why he will be worried ? So he decided to flew towards this amazing ki. And he came in front of fucking muscular titan. He recognized him directly, it was Trunks. But not the same little Trunks as usual. Now, he was a fucking muscular titan, more tall than Broly himself. How did he reached this level ? "You will not go further; I give you one chance, go far away and never come back. Otherwise..." said Trunks. "Otherwise what ? Well, you've been training what I see. I have to admit I'm impressed. But it will not enough for to beat me. I'm the Legenday Super Saiyan, you forgot ? NOBODY can beat me !" "Nobody ? Really ? Ok, so you know what ? I will let you hit me in first. But little advice, hit me with all your might because otherwise after... And I didn't move, I promise you !" "Let me hit you ? Are you fool ? So you want to be kill ! Ha, pathetic. But if you propose, I didn't refuse" Broly clenched his fits and says "GOODBYE TRUNKS !". And he hit with all his might. A very big sound could be heard : *CRACK !* Two opponents didn't move during few moments. where did this noise come from ? From Trunks ? From Broly ? After a few moments, Trunks says, in smiling "..... Mmmmh, I would say that you broke your knuckes on my abs no ?! And you know what ? I was not flexing them HAHAHAHA !!" Broly seemed very irritated. Nobody resisted him and it no was him who was going to start. "Bastard ! You have resisted to one punch but you will not resist to this ! DIE !!" And for the next minutes, it was a real rush of punches that received Trunks but he didn't move to an inch. Broly hit him and hit him and hit him... but it seemed to have no effects. He finished with a very huge kick on the side of Trunks's head but same result : Trunks didn't move. "Fuck ! trought Trunks. "Yesterday, this kick would have literally beheaded me... but today, I not feel anything ! It's so amazing !" "What ? That's all ? It's that the "Legendary Super Saiyan" ? It's a joke ? I didn't feel nothing. A baby hit more than you hahaha !" "GRRRRRRR !! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU BASTARD !!!" Broly flew further, raised his hands and suddenly generated a gigantic genkidama, biggest that those of Goku. "DIE !!!" he shouted before to launch it on Trunks. Fuck, it was probably not enough for to kill him but if it touched the planet, it would probably destroy it. Trunks had to stop it...... or maybe not, he had another idea. Trunks tried to hold this enormous genkidama. Broly laughed, anybody never not had sucessed to stop it, anybody. "This time, it's the end hahahahaha !!" yelled Broly. But after some seconds, the genkidame didn't move. "Hmm ? It's weird, it not seems move. Not matter, let's help it a few." Broly shot a lot of energy balls for to grow more his genkidama, which was now really gigantic. "HAHAHAHA STOP THAT IF YOU CAN !" But suddenly, an unexpected event happened : the genkidama decreased in size, then again, then again, then again... "WHAT ? NO ! It's impossible !! How ? How did he do that ?" Soon, Broly understood how and why ; he saw Trunks, with his two arms plunged in the enormous energy ball. He moaned of pleasure : Trunks wasn't trying to stop the genkidama, no, he was absorb it !! Trunks roared of pleasure, it was so fucking good, like he pumped the energy of a sun ! And more he absorbed, more he felt his body grow. His body grew at an accelerated rate. His biceps became really gigantic, with humoungous peakes of pure muscle, his shoulder became titanic, his traps reached his ears, his pecs were two gigantic mountains and below, he could feel again a very hard pressure in his midsection. Soon, like his previous muscle growth spurt, his abs exploded out of stomach, row after row, further increasing again and again in size and even the last time, a new row popped, giving him now an unbelievable shredded and ripped ten-pack. Trunks yelled and we could hear his voice became again more and more deep and loud. And during this amazing muscle growth spurt, obviously, he was also getting taller : 16.3 feet...16.7 feet... 17.. 17.4 .. 17.8... 18.5... 19.1... Tearing noises could be heard again : his suit was again in agony, until a last muscle growth wave shattered his clothes. And one more time, his dick came knock his abs. Gooooooooooosh, this amazing python was bigger than Broly's arms. And fun fact, his cock had to be more powerful than his entire old body. Trunks reached a humoungous 20 feet, totally naked. And his weight exceeded 5000 lbs. It was unbelievable. For comparison, now, one of his titanic abs was bigger than Broly's head. He moaned again for long seconds, savoring the power that ran through him. Then, he looked Broly, smiled and said "Thanks for this meal !!!". "FUCKING BASTARD !!!" yelled Broly. With rage, he rushed on Trunks and kicked him over and over. But nothing, he couldn't even push his fist through Trunks's midsection, which had become very more harder (and bigger) than the previous time. Trunks even had fun hitting him once or twice with... his dick. After 10 good minutes of punches, Broly had to resign, he could not beat him by force, he was totally outdone. This terrible truth only made him angry more. It was impossible ! It couldn't happen !! He tried one more time to hit Trunks, but this time Trunks stopped his fist between two fingers. Broly forced but impossible to move his fist. "You are so weak, so insignificant. And you call yourself legendary ? THAT it's legendary !!". And Trunks flexed all his muscles. This sensation which went through him was simply too unbelievable, he roared like he never roared, it felt like a orgasm multiplied by a orgasm which was itself multiplied by a orgasm. Instanly, he felt, with this fucking unbelievable god feeling, that the climax was very near and that it was going to be INSANE ! And he was about to give a little power lesson to the "Legendary Super Saiyan". Quicly, he caught his dick and pointed her in the direction of Broly. Then he came. Even the most powerful kamehameha of Goku was not so impressive. Broly was thrown on dozens of miles, smashing every rock in his path. And the scream of Trunks : the ground shook, even cracked, the sea became a storm. It's even said that the city, which was several hundred miles away, heard his scream and that some windows shattered. It lasted long, maybe 30 minutes and finally, the flood weakens and calm is restored. he exulted with joy : THIS was really LEGENDARY, yes legendary ORGASMIC !!! It took several minutes for Broly to come back even more raging; He was injured (and soaked, I wonder why...). He'd never been humiliated like this. This fucking asshole was gonna pay for it. This fucking planet was gonna pay for it ! Trunks laughed : "HAHAHAHA SO BROLY, WHAT DO YOU THINK OF MY KAMEHAMEHA, OR SHOULD I SAY, MY "CAME-HAMEHA" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!" "BASTARD !!! FUCKING BASTARD !!!!!!!!!! IF I CAN'T BEAT YOU, I'M GOING TO QUICKY DESTROY THIS FUCKING PLANET !" and suddenly he shot a kamehameha towards the Earth for to destroy it. "NO CHANCE !". Trunks teleported and just absorbed the kamehameha, which made him gain one or two inches. He found an angle where his own kamehameha wouldn't destroy planets. "AND THIS, IT'S A KAMEHAMEHA !!!". And he shot... It wasn't just enormous, it was FUCKING AMAZING, UNBELIEVABLE TITANIC !!! Trunks was right to find a path without planets : he could easily destroy several planets and suns with only one shot. When Broly saw this humoungous kamehameha, for the first time of his life, he was scared : he knew this was the end for him. "WHA..." he not finished his sentence that the gigantic wave energy hit him. But unlike Goku, this kamehameha don't pushed him, no, it literally disintegrated him instantly and continued into deep space. The ray must have been run over several light-years before to it disappeared. Yeah Bulma was right to do not test on kamehameka ! The threat of the "Legendary super saiyan" was over. Now, Earth had the "Ultra legendary god super saiyan". And now, what do we do ? Trunks looked his body : "Mmmhhh why not an another shot ?" he trought but, finally no : he wouldn't destroy Earth just by sneezing ! Fun facts which happened after ; - It's been a real headache for Bulma to rearrange the routine of his son. Even if he didn't want, he destroyed everything he touched. even with the hardest of metals : a titane glass ? He crushed it. A titane door ? He crushed the clinge and ripped off the door. and if unfortunately the door was not wide enough, when he passed it... the wall came with him ! His bed ? He crumbled it (at the same time with a weight of 5000 lbs...). Other day, he just squeezed : if he don't destroy Earth, it was sufficient for to destroy his house. Yes, be the most powerful warrior of the universe, it was not easy for to have a normal life. Beerus even suggested to resume his job of god of destruction. - Few weeks later, a Cell from other universe, in his first form, tried to absorb Trunks... but he blocked after his head, rest of Trunks's body was really too much massive for to be absorbed. So, seeing he couldn't do it, he tried to sting Trunks with his stinger. Very bad idea Cell : his stinger just broke when it hit the amazing muscular Trunks's chest. Lazy, Trunks sent him waltzed for miles with a very little... flick then he finally decided him to lift his little finger (literally !) and he shot a wave energy sufficient for to disintegrate the monster. - An other annoying thing, it was Goku, completely overjoyed since he had an new opponent who was infinitely more powerful than himself. He constantly attacked Trunks, every day... and every night also, which exasperated Trunks. Obviously, none of his punches had any effect. Trunks could throw it off with a flick but Goku kept coming back. It was like a mosquito which attacked a giant, the bite less. Yes, it was sure now, with this god of god as protector, Earth was safe ! Or maybe not...
  24. Seinki

    The Possessed Lioness

    Warning: this story contains furries, female possession, killing and gore Maia is an average lioness, she is 25, she has an average height, and she is a little chubby. She lives in a large city in an apartment like many other anthros. She eats, goes to work from 8 to 4 and goes home. She spends her weekends with her friends. She finished her shift at one of the many offices in the city and she is going home. The city is full of life. Cars are moving up and down the city to their respective destinations. Maia is walking home on the sidewalk as she doesn’t own or need a car or a bike after all she lives only 5 blocks away from her job. She reaches her building, goes inside, up the stairs and into her apartment. She locks the door behind her and says to herself: “Another shift and another day closer to the weekend.” She changes into sweatpants and a loose shirt, grabs some potato chips and munches away on the couch while watching her favorite series, The City Cunts. After a few hours and a few bags of chips later, Maia gets up and goes to her closet. Looking for something to wear on the weekend with girls. After a half an hour she narrowed it down to 3. She puts each of them on with some shoes and accessories and walks infront of her mirror. She spins and looks at herself in every angle she can twist her head in. She takes the 3rd off and places it next to the rest on the bed behind her and looks at them while only wearing a pink bra and knickers. “Maybe tomorrow I should go shopping for something new.” She thinks to herself. She turns around to look at her half naked body in the full body mirror. She shrieks as She didn’t see her golden furred reflection, but that of a large black wolf. He is wearing black kilt and neck collar with gold and red lining, large gold jeweled bracelets and a cloak which shows a picture of the galaxy, but picture of the galaxy stayed in place as he moved. Golden face paint surrounds his glowing red eyes. He is showing his pearly white teeth as he grins at Maia. His huge muscular arms are crossed infront of his chest. “Hello, Maia.” He said with a deep, growling voice. She steps back in fear and confusion. She can only utter a few sounds, but not a single word. The wolf moves forward and out of the mirror that can barely contain his image. His golden sandaled foot goes through the mirror like it was just a door frame, he lowers his head and walks out of the mirror and towers over the lioness’ 170cm tall frame. Her ears don’t even reach the height of his muscular neck. Maia is in shock, but she found courage to ask a question. “W-w-what d-do you w-w-w-want… f-fr-fr-from me?” The wolf holds her chin, gently brushing his thumb on it, and stares into her green eyes. “I want to get inside you.” And with that he turns into pitch black energy and flies into her eyes turning it red. With a toothy grin she chuckles and walks infront of the mirror to admire herself. One hand rubs and slaps he chubby ass, making it bounce, and the other gropes her breasts. “He heh. Lookin good.” Maia can see her reflection and feel her hands touching and groping herself, but she cannot control her actions. Her hand moves from her ass down her panties, rubbing her pussy. “What the hell is going on?!” she asked herself, only her lips didn’t move and no sound left her throat. “You mean fuck, sweety.” the lioness said. “Huh?!” “Fuck, not hell.” She said, as she noticed the teddy bear on the bed and moves towards it, “Okay, what the fuck is going on?!” “I’m in control now, but don’t worry you can enjoy the ride as well. I took over your body, but you should still see, hear and feel everything.” She said as she picked up the teddy bear and examined it in her hand. “Who are you?! And why are you doing this?!” “I’m Sein and I’m a bored god.” She said as she places the plushie inside her panties. “At least leave Mr.Bear out of this!” “Oh, don’t be like that. We are going to have fun tonight! There’s going to be so much sex and murder, nobody will forget about this night!” “Murder?! Oh god! Somebody! Please help me! Anyone!” “You do realize I’m the only one who can hear you, right? I am the one who is speaking outloud.” Said the lioness as she humped the corner of the bed, pushing the bear into her crotch. “You-you are disgusting!” “Believe it or not, I’ve never been a woman before. I feel so different.” She said. “Yeah, you and me both.” Some music can be heard coming from above. Through the music, knocking and slight moaning can be heard. The lioness looks up and asks “What’s that?” “That’s my neighbor, Tom. He has a woman he picks up at the bar with him every other night.” “Seems like he got someone early today. It’s like 7.” “Yeah…” Maia thought with slight disappointment. “We should join in on the fun!” Sein said through the lioness’ body. “What?! NO!” “Oh come on, I can sense your attracted to him. It will be fun!” “No! Even if I would agree, I can’t let him see me like this!” She walks up to the mirror and look in the reflection. The mirror shows the lioness in her pink bra and panties with the teddy bear in it. The brown bear is creating a pink bulge. Its legs are sticking out the top and its arms are sticking out next to the thigh on each side. “You are right.” The lioness proclaimed. She raises a hand and snaps her fingers. Her body began to change. She grew 20cm and the bodyfat on her body almost disappeared. Her breasts and ass became larger and firmer. Her belly is flat with the form of lesser abs, the fat on her arms disappeared without a trace. Her breasts and ass bulges around the fabric of her undergarments, struggling to contain her assets. She became fitness model with a plushie in her pussy. She grins, satisfied with the new form. “Not what I had in mind.” Maia told Sein. She chuckles as she walks over to the fridge. “Sounds like you don’t know what men want.” She said as she opens the fridge and opens a pack of hotdogs. “Sounds like you’re a perv!” Maia struck back. “Correction, we are pervs. I doubt that you won’t enjoy what’s about to come.” With a hotdog in hand the lioness walks up the stairs to the door of the neighbor and knocks loudly. Tom is bull who spends most of his freetime in the gym working out. His short brown fur leaves little to the imagination. Fibers of muscle are visible all over his large arms, legs and chest. Veins are visible all over his biceps, pecs, abs, quads and dick. His beefy ass moves up and down as he pumps his cock into the horse he picked up at gym. She is pretty fit as well, all the major muscle groups are clearly muscular. She has barely any bodyfat, but she barely has any breasts and ass. The two of them have been going at it for like five minutes, kissing and licking each other’s body, when someone loudly knocks on the door. They pretend they didn’t hear it and keep going. Another, louder knocking can be heard from the door. The bull gets up, groaning. His horns are almost reaching the ceiling as he stands. “Who the fuck wants to die so badly?!” He stomps his way to the door, shaking the apartment. He doesn’t bother covering his body as he opens it, and before he could say anything, he looks surprised at his lower neighbor. The lioness was looking up, at the muscle bull, with her innocent bulging red eyes. She licks the hotdog sticking out of her huge tender tits. Her tongue reaches down, and pulls the hotdog into her mouth, and swallows it whole. “Heyyyy” she said with the cutest voice the god could force out of this body. The lioness rubs the bull’s abs and stands closer, pushing the tip of the bull’s hard cock into her belly. “Hi… Maddy, right?” guessed the bull. “Maia” she corrected him. “I was taking a nap downstairs and heard you were having a sleepover. Can I join?” She asked staring innocently into his eyes. She then steps back making a sad face. The bull just then notices and stares down at the teddy bear in her knickers. “Or should I leave?” “N-no. No! Come in and join us!” Said the bull. He steps aside and lets the feline in, feeling like he won the lottery. “Hee hee, okay!” She said as she walked past him. He looks at her perfect ass as she walks straight to the bedroom. “She walks like a man but she’s hot as fuck!” he thought to himself. “Well aren’t just a good little bitch?” poked fun Maia at him. “You must be really popular with the other gods.” He tried to keep the face on her unfazed of his anger. She pinched her arm. “Ow! Bitch!” barked Maia. Tom stayed behind to close the door, he can’t believe some as hot as her just joined in on a threesome out nowhere. He walked back into the bedroom to see the horse and the lioness kissing each other’s body. Their hands ran over their shoulders, the sides of their breasts and down groping each other’s ass, all without separating their lips. Tom’s raging hard on was leaking pre just from the sight of them making out. The mare slowly pulls back, she takes out the teddy bear out of the big cat’s panties. She smells the bear and then starts licking it, all the while Tom is staring at her with widened eyes. She licks and sucks on the bear until it’s soaking wet. She throws it aside and stares into the red eyes of the feline like she is hypnotized. The lioness just gives her grin showing off all her sharp teeth, and with that the mare starts kissing and sucking her neck. “Whoa, girls give me some action too!” interjected Tom. “Then be a big boy and conquer us!” teased the lioness. Challenged by a woman, the bull snorts loudly and stomps towards them. He pulls them apart then pushes them on their backs, they land into soft, sex smelly mattress. The feline looks up to him with an anticipating smile, the equid was breathing hard from the sucking however her face was somewhat unfazed. With his strong hands Tom snaps the knickers and bra, and rips them off of her. He gropes her large tits and pushes his face between them. While Tom was busy motorboating, the lioness gave a quick glance over to his gym partner. The fit mare sprung to life and began rubbing the bulls veiny, muscular arm and back, licking and kissing his shoulder and neck. Tom moves up from her chest and starts kissing her on the lips as he moves his 30cm cock into her pussy. She wraps her legs around his waist, as he thrusts. The sound of moaning and his sack slapping the feline’s ass fills the room. He grunts with every thrust, she can feel the veins pumping blood into his dick inside of her, making her feel like she is by fucked and tickled at the same time. The cuckolding mare is just worshipping them as they fuck, licking, kissing, rubbing up to them as they fuck. “I never had a dick like this before!” said Maia as she feels that she is getting close. Her vagina moves as she orgasms, it massages his cock making him cum as well. “YEAH!” yelled the lioness as she feels hot cum filling her. With a last few thrusts, cum spills out making a mess in the felines crotch. Tom finishes the round with a kiss and pulls out. “Oh-okay, I have to admit, this wasn’t such a bad idea after all.” exclaimed Maia, feeling looser from the orgasm. “*pants* That was… it was great! *pants*“ Tom pants. “Now, how about I play with you?” He asks as he holds the horse by her cheeks. She just stares into the void with a blank look on her face and little drool running down the side of her mouth. “The fucks with her?” asked Tom. “Who cares!” exclaimed the lioness as puts her hand on the horse’s face. “Let’s do it again!” she yelled as she shoves the other girl aside. She used a little to much force with her push, the equid flew across the room, the wall cracked and blood spattered as she impacted. The crash broke the back of her head open. Gravity pulled her down off the wall. She fell forward exposing her brain matter to the eyes of the other two. “WHAT THE HECK?!”screamed Maia. “WHAT THE FUCK?!” exclaimed the bull. His eyes are wide with shock. The lioness glanced at the dead girl and looked back at him like she is used to the sight. “She is dead, whatever. Now come and dick me!” She demanded. “What’s wrong with you?! You kill someone and then demand me to fuck you?! What the actual fuck?!” “What? A tank like you never killed someone before?” “What?! NO!” “Well, that’s very disappointing.” “Disa- ? What kind of monster are you?!” “Oh, I’m just some dude who possessed your neighbor. It’s pretty obvious, no? I mean my unnatural red eyes are a dead give away.” “OH MY FUCKING GOD!” “Ha ha! Yeah, that’s me!” “Wait, so you’re a guy?!” “Inside a woman, yes,” “So does that make me gay for having sex with you?” “I’m glad that you’re focusing on the most important thing here. Yes, yes it does.” The bull glances over to the corpse and starts backing out of the room. “It was fun but, I have to go home now.” He says. He then spun around and tries to book it for the door. Before he could even start running, the busty lioness was standing right infront of him. She put her hand on his chest and pushed him back into the bedroom. “I think you should stop, now!” said Maia. She was like an unstoppable force, he couldn’t put up any resistance to her as she casually pushed him back. With a significantly weaker shove, the muscle bull fell back on his bed, it creaked loudly as the heavy beast landed on it. The feline, like a true predator, crawled onto the bed with her eyes locked onto his. She growled as she crawled on top of him. Reaching his waist, she sat on his lap as she spread her legs. She opened to a perfect 180°s, showing some impressive flexibility. “Woah! Okay, I didn’t know my body could do that!” exclaimed Maia. Her feet dangled down each side of the bed. She slid his now slightly flaccid cock into her and began to ride him. She is jumping on his lap making his cock fully hard again. Her ass and tits bounces as rides the muscle bound bull like she owns him. She moans, he grunts and the bed creaks as her ass repeatedly slaps down on his lap. They both arrive to their climax. Tom lets out a Moo as he cums a hot load into her again. The lioness lets out a loud roar as the tingly sensation of feeling each other’s orgasm is better than before. It was so good, she began to squeeze her legs closed. The crunch of the bed braking echoed in Tom’s head as he felt his waist getting tighter and tighter. He looked at her shocked, seeing her intent in her eyes, as she gave him a sadistic toothy smile. “Aaaaargh!!” “STOP!” demanded Maia. “Don’t hurt him!” “You have no say in this. You’re only along for the ride.” said Sein. The bull wails in pain as his waist is slowly crushed by the smaller female. His pelvis audibly cracks, then floorboards are crunching together as her feet moves, closing in on each other, like two fingers crumbling a piece of paper. “LET HIM GO!” Maia yelled. Like he didn’t even hear her crying, Sein kept using Maia’s body like scissor, as her legs pulverized his pelvis. Blood and cum mixed on her crotch, crocodile tears flowed from the bull’s eyes as he yelled. Her legs opened, the broken bull and the debris of his bed fell to the ground. Without all the blood, his body looked like someone played around in photoshop, with his comically thin waist. All Maia could do is cry and say no, as she is unable to control her own body and stop the madness. “Please…” begged the broken bull quietly. “All you and Maia can do is complain.” Said Sein through the lioness. “We are having the time of your lives and all you two say is “Please don’t hurt me!” and “Let the love of my life live!”. I mean, just look at this!” The bloody bimbo reaches down and puts the horse’s head in her ass and flexes. The dead girl’s head flattened with a sickening crunch. Her body fell to the ground, blood puddled from her headless neck. Bloody mush dripped from Maia’s ass. “Oh yeah! That feels good!” said Sein. “Oh God!” Maia exclaimed. The bull could only groan as he watched the lioness desecrate his gym partner’s corpse. “I thought a big guy like you would find it fun to crush lesser people, but when I saw how you went from fun fuckboy to scared bitch when I threw this cunt, I realized just how pathetic the mortals in this realm are. Oh well, more fun for me!” With that the lioness grabbed him by throat and lifted him to her eye level. She gave him one last kiss and said: “All this made me hungry, I could eat a hamburger!” She threw him back and picked him up by his feet. “Don’t! Please let him go!” Maia begged. With a short chuckle, she pushed the bull’s feet into her fanged mouth, and slowly started to suck him down her throat like an oversized spaghetti noodle. The size of her mouth and throat didn’t change so the bull had to slide down a 6cm diameter tube which was her esophagus. His feet were merged together as they entered her mouth, her fangs cut into his claves and quads as he was being eaten alive. Inside her neck the bull’s body became a poor excuse for salami, as his flesh slid into the acid pool which was her stomach. His waist wasn’t much to talk about since it was already tenderized. The bull wails as his bones are being pulverized, his muscles are turned into mush, and as his already screaming nerve endings are burned up in the acid. Sein is enjoying every moment of this, he even grabbed for his cock, only to remember his in a girl’s body right now. Maia was screaming for him to stop, not realizing the wolf even enjoyed making the incapable girl cry. The bulls rock hard veiny 8 pack are crushed down to like it was made of sponge. The crunching intensified when it was time for the chest. His ribs shattered one by one, piercing his collapsing lungs. His racing heart was strangled by the bones and muscles being forced down by the superior lioness’ mouth. The bull is long dead, since the pressure created by the feline’s jaw made all the blood vessels in his brain burst. His skull made the loudest crunch compared to the rest of his body. As his head went down the hole all that remained was his stretched-out arms, with the big mouthwatering biceps. The bull became one with the bloody lioness. All that remained in the apartment was a headless corpse, and a sadistic wolf god and a city girl in one body. Maia didn’t speak to Sein after he made her body eat her crush. Sein proud that he made two people suffer with a little snack made the lioness grin. He made her stand infront of the mirror. The bloody bimbo did a double bicep pose, there is barely anything that bulged up as she flexed, but suddenly she began to grow. Her muscles grew exponentially, her arms went from spaghetti to tree trunk in a second, her gravity defying breasts grew larger than her head and were pushed further by a pair of insanely thick pecs. Her flat belly grew forming a perfectly carved 8 pack, which was pushed almost into a roidgut shape. Her ass and legs had so much muscle she could have jumped up to the rooftop of a building or landed from any height with them. Her neck was almost gone from all the muscle. She became as big the bull was, only she had larger bumpers. The smell of testosterone is being emitted from her armpits and crotch in the form of steaming musk. She posed a most muscular, her muscle fibers were almost visible through her fur, but the vast network of veins were 100% visible. As flexed harder her eyes and veins began to glow red, only fading as she released. She loosened down, relaxing all her muscles. With pride, the wolf observed his latest work through the eyes of his creation. The lioness groped and fondled herself infront of the mirror, enjoying her hard muscles and her large tender tits. Forming a fist, she bashed her belly, even when relaxed the muscles were very dense, giving the bash a solid thud. Maia was completely silent, traumatized by what happened and forced witness everything what’s about to come, she only wishes that her essence was killed so she wouldn’t have to suffer more. The hulking predator made her way to the bathroom, with very audible but gentle steps. She walks through the door like it wasn’t there, exploding it into fragments. She looks into the bull’s bathroom mirror only to see the bloodied lower part of her muscled torso. She bends forward and puts her hand on the sink, crushing it down. She looked at her reflection again, seeing her evil toothy smile and her breasts covering the rest of her muscled body. She turns around and moves towards the shower, along the way she “accidentally” broke the toilet by crashing her foot through it. She stepped in the shower and began to wash off all the blood and gore from the playtime. Bone fragments were washed from her ass, those that weren’t crushed small enough began to pile up on the drains filter, making the bloody water go down more slowly. With her ass and most of her crotch was completely clean, she moved the showerhead towards her vagina. The water sprinkling it, gives a tickling sensation. She puts the showerhead into her vagina, it crunches it and eats it. Her cunt pulls on the shower hose all by itself, tearing it out of the wall and swallowing it and crunching it down to nothing. Grinning with satisfaction she steps out of the shower, not caring about water spraying from the wall. She gets a towel from the closet and dries herself as she heads back to the bedroom to Tom’s wardrobe. She looked through his clothes and puts on something that’s seems the most comfortable. She is now wearing large steel toed boots, a pair of jeans which are so tight around her legs, the reveal the form of the muscles of her ass, quads and calves. She is also wearing the dead bull’s yellow t-shirt that has “BULL-DOZER” written on it with big black bold letters. The shirt fitted Tom just fine but on her it was tight because of her massive tits which were almost wider than her shoulder. The shirt’s inscription was stretched so much it was as if when it was typed space was pressed after each character. Her nipples were clearly visible through the fabric. The stretched shirt’s bottom was somewhat loose below her breasts, but it still couldn’t cover her abs. The sleeves seemed like they would burst from a flex. She is standing infront of the mirror grinning at her appearance. “What are you planning?” asked Maia, already fearing his answer. “I heard there is hot new club in town. We should party a little!” said Sein. “Oh no.” The lioness kicked down the apartment’s door and thumped her way to the roof. The steel roof access door was pulled out of the hinges and stayed in her hand as she walked on the roof. She looked at the door. She threw the door like a supersonic frisbee. It flew through the building infront of her like a hot knife through butter. Rebar enforced concrete, bricks and windows broke as the door flew through a dozen buildings in its path, even killing some people. Some were hurt by the debris but mainly people were cut in half by it. Satisfied by the act of destruction, she turns to the direction of the night club. Lights can be seen shining the sky and music can be heard from the club that is few kilometers away. She jumps up and flew over the city. The sight of the city is overwhelmingly beautiful, but Sein is concentrating on landing somewhere more secluded, not wanting to skip to early to the best part of the night. A car drove into a dark alleyway. David, a rich cougar driving his expensive car, parked in the middle of the alleyway. Next to him is Jennifer, his fox girlfriend. David turned off the engine as Jennifer unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulling out his hardening cock, which weirdly smelled like aftershave. She then reached up into her red dress, pulled down her lingerie and climbed into his lap. The couple gave each other a smile, signaling to each other that they’re ready. The fox road David, her moans were only interrupted by the cougar kissing her. Unnoticed by them an old homeless mouse was watching. He began to stroke his pathetic little cock as he watched the couple making love. She sped up as she was getting near and… Two feet landed on the roof of the car, pushing it down to the bottom of the seats, brutally killing the couple. The sudden thud and exploding glass made the old mouse fall on his back. He looked up to see a hulking lioness in what appears to her childhood clothes. The car underneath her was completely crushed, it’s belly broke into the asphalt of the alley. She was looking straight him with her red predator eyes, smiling at him with her fangs. She started walking towards him, her first step on the hood of the car, the metal squealed as it bent to shape of her footprint. His instincts kicked in. He got up and tried to run. Hearing the thuds of her pursuing him. Being pathetic as he was, he tripped and fell after only few steps. He looked back up and all he could muster was “Please!” The steel-toed boot landed on his head but there was no weight on it. The boot that was bigger than his head was just gently pushing down on his nose. His eyes were watering as he stared at the sole. “Heheheh. How polite.” Chuckled the lioness. She then brought her weight down and flattened it with a load crunch. She walked out of the alleyway, a few meters into the light her footsteps stopped stamping the ground with her bloody soles as she strolled into the city. She walked a few blocks, finally reaching the night club. The neon sign on the front said: “Club Fang” She stopped on the other side of the street. Sein thought for a second on how he wanted to do this. There is a long line infront of the entrance. A few bouncers are guarding the door. He could make her brute force her way in but that would cause a panic and force the following fun to be a simple rampage and not allowing to bait some pathetic mortals into a more intimate fun time. Backdoor it is then. She walked into another dark alley. The backdoor was under the single light shining in the alley, and unsurprisingly there was a bouncer next to it. A bored-out-of-his-mind muscle-bound bull with a black shirt that said SECURITY. He is nothing near to the level that Tom was though. He was looking at his phone when he heard thumping getting closer to him. A huge, clawed arm grabbed him by the neck and pulled him into the darkness. With her fingers tight around his throat, he wasn’t able to make sound loud enough to get help. He gasps constantly as he pulls and hits the arm unable to free, his feet kicking in the air. He is held face to face with the lioness, he looked at her with shock as she licked her lips. She put out her tongue and moved it all over his face, covering him with her hot saliva. She then forces her tongue into his mouth and pushes body against her breasts. She pulls out, her hand still on his throat and breathes on his face. “Let’s practice killing without blood.” She breathily whispered. “Please! Just no more killing!” pleaded Maia. “Play with me as much as you want! Have as much sex through me as you want! Just please! Don’t hurt more people!” All Sein heard from the pathetic begging was “Hurt more people!”. With a grin, he continued. She brought her other hand onto his shoulder and pinched it, and with a crunch his shoulder was completely pulverized. His arm fell limp, dangling by his skin. He would scream but her hold on his neck prevents him from lamenting his pain. She lowers her arm down to his thigh. With her thumb in the front and two fingers in the back she broke his femur in half, but with care not to break the skin. She then held him by the torso and with her other hand she pushed his neck to side with crack she broke his spinal cord. His body fell completely limp as she tossed him to the depths of the dark alley. She grabbed the door by the handle and broke the lock as she pulled it open. As she entered, she broke the doorframe with her shoulders and head, bringing some broken bricks inside with her. She walked through the corridor, past the storeroom, the door in the end. She opened this door a bit more gently. It dark and crowded in there, lasers and strobe lights flashed around the dj. There were tables off to the walls where people are mingling with each other and a bar next to the she entered in. There is a VIP Section upstairs with soundproof glass, her new destination. She wasn’t too conspicuous, she wasn’t even the biggest in the room, there were few giraffes in there and some rhinos, elephants and hippos, most of the look like they spent some time in the local gym. She walked into the crowd, a lot of people didn’t notice her, it’s the middle of the floor. They are too busy jumping to the music or rubbing against each other, until she got close. Some noticed her and gave her some space as she walked by, some got walked into and fell over, but nobody tried to pick a fight with her. She makes her way to the staircase that led up to the VIP area. As she finally got through the crowd, she was stopped by rhino with a security shirt. He was taller and wider than her by at least 40cm and looks like he lives at the gym. “Name?” He snorted. “Maia.” “You’re not on the list.” “I am on the list.” She said as she waved her hand infront of him. “You ARE on the list.” He corrected himself like he was brainwashed. “Enjoy the party.” She stomped up the stairs. Sein thought to himself on how much fun he’ll have with the rhino later as she made her way to the VIP lounge. There are some couches against the wall opposite of the soundproof glass, each sectioned off from each other with fancy walls and curtains to make it more private. In the middle of the wall there is a door guarded by two wolves between two seatings, most likely the boss’ room. A more exclusive bar on the other side of the room from the stairs and a sunken couch panned across in front of the window offer a better view of the party downstairs. The VIP section is packed, some are slightly more prestigious local dealers, few are some people who know people, most are some rich kids showing off to each other, and some more expensive escorts. She looked around to find something fun. As she surveyed, Maia the spectator, saw some familiar ladies sitting in one of the private seatings. Another female lion, a cougar and a leopard. “Are those my girlfriends? How come they’re here in a VIP section? Why didn’t they tell me?” Asked herself Maia, forgetting someone can hear her think. “Let’s find out!” said Sein. “Oh no. No nonononononono!” She moves towards them. The girls can be heard talking from far away with ear’s enhanced by a god. “… she is so bland and boring!” Said Haley, the cougar. “Yeah, she would make this night awkward with if she was here.” Added Rhianna, the lioness. “But she is still our friend. She helps us so much at work. It feels wrong.” Said Nicole, the leopard. “That’s why give her company on every Saturday afternoon!” Said Rhianna. “She gets what she is owed, and we can have some real fun by ourselves!” “Yeah! Do you want her to keep some of the best guys aw…” Nicole cuts off as she stares at the hulking figure infront of the three of them. “Oh, hey girls! Didn’t expect to see you here!” Said Sein acting as if he was actually Maia. “MAIA?!” they asked in unison. “Yeah?” “Y-you… you…” Stuttered Nicole. “You look… different!” finished Rhianna. “Yeah, I guess you can say I’ve been working things out! Heh!” Said Sein through Maia. “You know that bodybuilder bull neighbor of mine? We had some fun together. Anyway, I’m gonna go play with the big-man of this place and we’ll have some fun later. Okay?” Said the hulking lioness as started moving towards the guarded door. “WHAT THE FUCK?!” they asked in unison as they stared at her until she got out of their sight. “I can’t believe that they think so badly of me.” Maia exclaimed. The wolves were stunned by the lioness that approached. She quickly picked them and held them both against her body with one arm, entered the room and quickly closed the door behind her. The room was lavish, expensive carved wooden desk on the other side with an empty seat staring at the door. To the right some filing cabinets and a personal bathroom, to the left a personal bar and a hot tub. Sitting in the hot tub is owner of the club, a short rabbit known as Mr. Cad, he is quite slim with short brown fur with five rings in his left ear. He is accompanied by 2 busty female rabbits. All three of them are naked. “What the flying fuck?!” says Mr. Cad in shock. All three are staring at the big cat with two wolves in her arm. She changes her hold on the wolves. She is now holding one in each hand by the neck, and with a flick of her thumb she breaks their neck and tosses them aside like ragdolls. The two ladies scream as they climb out of the tub in an attempt to flee to the door. The feline jumps at them and with her feet, knocks them back as she flies in the air. She lands with a foot on each of them, One on one’s face and the other on the other’s chest, both of them crushed to death underneath the lioness. Mr. Cad, is frightened but he tries to hide it, and attempts to intimidate the cat. “Who the fuck do you think you are?! Do you have any idea...” “No and I don’t care!” she interrupted. “Now, shut up and prepare your dick for my pussy!” That last sentence is what killed his remaining courage. The thought of having sex with the murderous beast both scares him and excites him. She flexes her arms, detonating the sleeves on the ridiculous yellow shirt. With a quick bounce of her pecs, the front explodes revealing her huge tender tits slapped onto the rock-hard muscle. What remained of the shirt was a lower ring and the back. It fell down to her waist and now served as belt like accessory. She walks towards the rabbit, with every step she flexes her legs shredding her pants. When she was standing infront of him all that remained was a jean panty. The rabbit was still sitting in the tub, but with more of a frightened and contracted posture. She extends her foot. The bloody boot stopped few cm’s away from his face. The little rabbit is breathing hard as he thought he would lose his head there. She can hear his heart beating at a record rate. “Take it off.” She ordered. He gave her a scared glance and immediately unties the boot and tosses it aside. She puts the other boot in his face, without a word he takes that one off too. She grins menacingly. She places her thumb in what remains of her jeans and with her claw she cuts it off. She steps into the tub and sits down into the water, most of it floods out at the edges as she crawls on top of him. “Now where’s your cock?” she says as she looks down into the water. She shrugs and pushes her muzzle into the hot water and drinks it up. In mere seconds the water level went down to his ball. The water essentially disappeared as it didn’t appear in her form. His now revealed little bunny dick throbs in fear on what’s about to come. She puts the tip between her fangs and closes her lips on it and sucks. Her lungs suck him with such power his ass is lifted from the tub floor as his dick is pulled as deep into her mouth as it could go. The pressure made him cum in 10 seconds, his little load impacting on her throat. “Aaaaahh!” He exclaimed. She dropped him out of her mouth, sat back with the tub making a load crack as it broke under her. She put her feet up on each side of the hot tub with the bunny between them. He stares down at her pussy. “Now, do your thang.” She said. He nervously went down and approached her with his mouth. “Oh! I lost my showerhead earlier today. I would appreciate if you could find it for me.” She said with a sarcastic grin. Mr. Cad just stared up at her with increased fear in his eyes. He brought his lip to pussy and started gently kissing it. He licked the surface around it then massaged the clit. He then moved his tongue into her and started licking and slurping. It was a nice tingly sensation, but not exactly what Sein wanted. “What’s the saying? Fucking like rabbits? C’mon, show me what your made of!” She encouraged. He moved up so his dick could reach her vagina. His head was completely imbedded in between her tits. His hip moved slowly thrusting into her. “Don’t you dare go gently on me! Start pumping me like you mean it or I’ll get over you and do things myself, and I fuck like TRUCK!” she barked. He immediately started humping like his life depended on it, his head still hidden between her breasts. He kept it up for a solid two minutes, until he had to release. Another funny little load exited his dick this time, in her cunt. He dropped himself down onto her muscled abdomen. He heaves very hard as tries to catch his breath. The lioness rolls her eye, she puts her legs down and gets up with him in her hands. With a hand on his ass, she moved the rabbit’s dick to her vagina and pushed him into her. Mr. Cad tries to resist but he is both too tired and way too weak. He was groaning, begging for her to stop. She thrusted him into her again and again. The rabbit is very stimulated, his cock is hurting as he is forced to pleasure the brute’s inside. Tear’s roll on down from his eyes, he begs her to stop, she doesn’t care, in fact she is getting more and more turned on by the laments of the puny rabbit. After a few minutes she stopped, not because she came or that Sein felt I tiny bit of mercy. Maia’s other hand moved up stopped at his head, on his cheek. She pushed her oversized thumb into his mouth and started playing around with his tongue. She looks him straight in the eye with a sense of superiority on her face. The boss of the establishment just looked up at her like an innocent little baby, his face is wet from the tears. “Suck.” She commanded. Like the pathetic child he is, he sucked her thumb like it was a binkie. He suddenly bit on it as she started pushing his cock into her again, but this time harder. The sound of slapping was loud as their bodies collided. After more than 30 thrusts, Mr. Cad’s pelvis begun to audible crack. Her overpowered hand on his ass is starting to break his body. His pelvis cracks more with each collision into her muscled vagina. After a dozen or so pushes into her and *SNAP!* his pelvis is in to pieces, shatters into more as the lioness show any sign of stopping. He can only flail as his arms, let out muffled screams and bite against her thumb, which barely even felt like nibbling to her. She slaps him into her more and more, what’s between her cunt and hand slowly becoming pulverized. The sound of bodies slapping against each other are slowly changing into a sound of meat mushing. His cock is the last thing that’s still hard on that part of his body, and even that is starting wear thin, literally. His cock is bleeding as its being grinded down by her muscle pussy. She pushes him slowly as she orgasms. A last few thrusts, and she lets his crushed ass go of her bloody hand, but he doesn’t fall to the ground. Her pussy is holding onto his cock tight. She is still cumming. The muscle of her vagina are moving from the orgasm. The muscles pull him as her pussy quickly opens and closes with more of him in her. Her vagina feeds on him like a dog eats kibble from a bowl. Crunching and mushing him heightens and prolongs her orgasm. His tears are now dry on his face since he ran out tears long ago, her thumb still in his mouth. Her claw pierce’s the roof of his mouth and as she feels better and better she growls more and more loudly. She pulls his head off as his body folds in half. What was his pelvis is now in completely in her. His legs are against his back and his neck flooding blood under her. She raises his dead head to her eye level. With increasing growling and purring she moves her tongue into his mouth and makes out with the head as she eats his corpse with her pussy. His body hops deeper into her, his femur is crushed into dust and mixes with the mush that was his intestines. The corpse moves higher up, his ribs are crushed one by one. Soon his torso is gone. The hulking feline only stops kissing the severed head to moan and roar. The sight of the big muscle cat is somewhat comical, as she is standing, kissing, and between her beastly thighs a pair of arms and legs dangle. The dead limbs are slurped up. Her chiseled body doesn’t even bulge slightly, from the bloody feast. As the body is gone her orgasm ended. She gave the head gently kiss on the nose and lowers it down. With a sickening series of crunching her vagina consumes the head, this time as if she was eating a hamburger with her mouth. Taking bites out of it. She doesn’t have any teeth in there, but with the power within those vaginal muscles, she might’ve had them. The pussy is dripping with blood as literally consumed someone. She slaps her harder than stone abs. “Why does these terrible acts feel so good?” Maia asked as she feels an ecstasy mixed guilt. “Heh! It can get even better!” answered Sein. END OF PART 1 Part 2 The group of felines were sitting in silence with shock written all over their face. After minutes of silence Rihanna, the lioness spoke up. “Ok! So was our little chubby Maia cosplaying as a hulk just now or was I daydreaming?” She asked her friends. “I think she got hungry and ate a few bodybuilders on the way here.” Said Haley. “Now’s the time you stop being rude with her, even behind her back!” Exclaimed the leopard. “With people like that, the only thing that gets smaller with them is their tolerance. Just imagine what she would do to us now if she felt we were using her.” “For the last time, she doesn’t feel used by us! We fairly compensate her for her efforts with a little weekend mingle.” Said the cougar. “Yeah, but do you think she feels that way after catching us in the most exclusive club in town and didn’t tell her we’d be here? Or if she catches whiff that we make fun of her behind her back? She would KILL us! And now that she is stronger than the bouncer, she might literally do that!” said Nicole worryingly. Rihanna started feeling worried as well, but Haley was starting to feel more at ease. She started to normalize the thought that her little friend suddenly became Ms. Universe barely changed anything, and she honestly believed that Maia would be grateful for them to spend some time with her. “I think Nicky is right. We should be more careful with her, for now at least.” Said the lioness. “Oh c’mon! She might be a truck now, but she should still be grateful to have some of the popular girls’ attention!” said the cougar smugly. “This isn’t right! Murder shouldn’t feel this good!” Exclaimed Maia. “Murder is fun to the alphas and sucks for the omegas!” replied Sein. “Tell me bitch, are you a weak little omega or are you a true alpha?” “… weak or strong doesn’t matter, murder is still wrong! Right?!” “You should give in to the awesome sensation of power! You only fear murder because of the cuck mentality! Your scared of pissing off some nonexistent authority when you could become the one true alpha! You could do what you want and make the cucks bend to your will! IF you are an alpha, of course. Now tell me are you an alpha?” “I dunno, I still think it’s wrong.” “Well good thing I’m in charge and not you! Now, let’s have revenge on your friends!” “No! NO!!! Leave them alone!” “Bitch please! Even now, they still think your lesser than them! Listen!” “Let them be!” “Shuttup and listen!” “She’s still the same pushover Maia but with a new body!” Said the cougar “People don’t change, I mean mentally. She might be a truck now, but she is still the same pathetic bitch who does all my assignments since high school. I’m willing to bet I can make her pay for all our drinks tonight! Haha!” “We should play it safe for now Haley!” said the leopard. “Bitch please! She can’t handle a confrontation. She burfed when she tried to explain to her parents when she tried to stand up against her brother. She will never be more than pushover virgin, trust me!” Maia felt as her world fell apart. She listened to her so called friends through the wall as they made fun of her. All the extra homework, then the heaps of paperwork she took on for her friends. Every time they did something together, she paid all the bills. They never saw her more than a cash cow, a bitch. Immense sadness and anger started to fill her mind. She was seeing red, her anger was getting more and more uncontrollable. Sein sensed this, so he quickly gave the control back to Maia. Maia closed her hands in to fists. The sharps claws were pushing into her unpierceable skin. Her veins got more visible through her fur, forming a roadmap-like pattern all over her body. The definitions of muscle became more prominent as she clenched her entire body, trying to hold back her rage. Even her breasts flexed with what seem to be muscle fibers and pulsing veins all pointing at her nipples. Sweat started to drop from her armpits and other pubic areas. Her hot body turned the majority of sweat into a musky steam, that filled the room almost visibly. People that were on the dance floor were moving their bodies to the rhythm of the DJ’s beat . The music was loud, but not loud enough to cover what sounded like a roar. “RAAAAUUURRRRGH!” People started to turn their attention to the VIP section upstairs, as more monstrous roars and some things breaking could be heard. Maia was standing in the gaping hole in the wall that took down a part of the ceiling with it. Her thick scent filled the noses of everyone there. The muscle monster was making sounds, that could only be described as mini-roars, as she took heavy, angry breaths. Her eyes, almost emanated her fury, locked onto her soon to be dead friends. The leopard turned to the cougar with smugness written all over her face. “Told ya.” Maia let the out a powerful roar that sent debris flying. She began to charge the group of felines, picking up more momentum fast. Her footfalls shook the room, making more of the ceiling fall down. Her feet almost shattered the floor beneath them. She pounced, in midair she grabbed Haley. Each hand is big enough to wrap more than halfway around her. Maia’s powerful grip crushed the cougar’s torso and arms down to a thin rod, then quickly she ripped her apart and tossed her halves aside, all before she landed on the ground. Like a crashing locomotive, she flew through everything in her path. Tables, chairs and guests were all crushed in her path. She was finally stopped by the thick wall at the end of the room, which almost broke down trying to stop the beast. People started screaming, some from the pain of their pulverized body parts, most from the panic of the sight of someone getting ravaged infront of them. Maia like a predator, got on 3. Her feet and her right arm, her left arm clenched in a fist beside her. “RRAAUGHTS WHRAUGHT YOU DESEUURGH!!!!” she said roaringly. With fire in her eyes, they locked back on the remaining two. Her claws cut into the ground as she leaped up at them, with an attempt to hammer them down with each fist at once. The leopard had the reflexes to jump away just in time, but the lesser lioness didn’t even have enough time to gasp. Like a beer can under a hydraulic press, she was crushed, her head went straight down to her feet. All what remained of her was a bloody, gooey puddle in a fist shaped crater. Nicole didn’t look back as she ran for her life. She was making a B-line for the exit. The predator turned for the leopard. As her eyes locked onto the final target she began to move after her. The exit door swung open, the muscle-bound rhino bouncer stepped in. He immediately spotted the bloodied beast and knew, that’s what needs to bounce. Maia, focused on Nicole, was head-butted in the side and pushed off course, letting the leopard escape. She crashed to the side but unphased by the strike. She got back up. Her baser instincts told her to deal with the rhino first then se can play with the prey. The bouncer kicked the ground back and snorted like a bull getting ready to charge, he began stampeding towards the feline. She started running on all four, her hands grasped the ground as she pulled herself towards the rhino, her legs kicked some of the concrete up as she leaped at him. The predator landed on the bouncer’s head, hands on his horn and the back of his head, and her legs imbedding her claws into his stomach. Maia had the momentum advantage, making the rhino fall on top of her as they slide, his mouth between her breasts, he unintentionally motorboated her as they slid across the room on her back. She put an arm under in his armpit, made sure her feet were deep in him, and with both legs kicked his lower half clean off. The lower half of his spinal column and some entrails dangled from the defeated foe as she got up. Her hand still on his horn she lifted him to eye level, the rhino taking his last breaths just barely, looks at her with shock and tears in his eyes, tried to say his last words but only coughed up blood. Her rage began to fade. She dropped the man, tears formed in her eyes, as guilt started to seep in. She felt confused, with sorrow and anger. She wipes her tears, smearing blood all over her face. “… Nicole.” She spoke under her breath. “I gotta find her!” The bloody feline looked out the window, down to the party, she quickly spotted the leopard making a break for the side exit that led to the alley. People on the dance floor were all standing still and looking at the entrance of the VIP section with curiosity. VIPs were running and screaming in a panic as they were fleeing. The section’s windows were all one-way mirrors, so they could only make guesses to had what happened. When the bloody, sweaty hulking beast came into view everybody dropped their curiosity and began to panic as well. Some college football star elephant didn’t, he thought he was tough enough to take down the beast and be the hero of the night. He quickly charged the lioness. Maia was having none of it. Without even looking at the jock, she right hooked the elephant in the face. The fist’s impact sent shockwaves across his face. Skin teared from the waves traveling across him. His trunk, tusks, jaw and fragments of his head all flew in different directions. Some of his upper vertebrae decided to escape as well. Screams intensified as the body fell. She ran towards the exist to the alley. Not wanting to be caught by her in the tight corridor, everyone tried to run and get around her to get to a better exit. Some even jumped out the windows. THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! She thundered her way to the exit, tearing into the walls with her thick triceps. Nicole just got out into the alley. She can hear more screaming when suddenly, the big girl appeared in the already busted doorframe. The massive beast ignored the width of the frame, breaking through the tight hole, taking some bricks with her on her shoulder. The leopard fell over fell over from the jump-scare and before she even had the chance to get up, the lioness’ bloody hand was throat lifting her, her feet flailed a meter over the ground. The cold nightly air further emphasized the sweaty steam she is emanating and gave her a visible aura. Steam is also seeped through between her teeth, her lungs puffing it in the leopard’s face. With anger and tears in her eyes and blood around it, she stared into Nicole’s wide, crying eyes. “WHY?!” Maia boomed “HOW COULD YOU TREAT ME LIKE THIS?!” She shook the smaller feline. “I FUCKING BENT OVER BACKWARDS FOR YOU! AND YOU HAVE THE AUDACITY TO TREAT ME LIKE THIS?!” “I… I… sorry…” said Nicole while trying to get to as much oxygen from the musky air as she can. Sein was sitting back this whole-time letting Maia do her thing. He was proud of himself for getting her to rampage. But he is sensing that Maia has pity growing for her friend, she might even forgive her. Sein wasn’t about to let his work pushing Maia into violence go to waste. He began planting thoughts into her mind. Thoughts that Nicole was using her more than the rest, but she hid it better, everything is her fault, in the corner of her eyes she saw her laughing at her, and so on. Maia’s heart was racing faster with each new memory. “YOU AURGH THE WOURGHST!!!!” she roared. She grabbed the leopards head with the other hand and crushed it with all her strength. Her thumb was on her nose when she started crushing her skull. The entire muzzle collapsed under the insane pressure. Skin, blood and bones flew in all directions. The top of skull flew up like the cork of a champagne bottle, spraying brains 20 meters high. Both her eyes flew out their sockets, bounced on the lioness’ tits, and went down her cleavage. The skin of her neck stretched and ripped being too weak to hold on to the body. It fell to the ground pooling blood from it mangled neck. Maia held her massive arm out for a solid minute, trying to crush the remaining flesh between her fingers out of existence. She broke down sobbing, bawling her eyes out. After five minutes of crying and not noticing the sound of sirens getting closer, she asked “Why?.... W-why did you do this?” “My sweet bitch, I had nothing to do with this. This was all YOU! YOU were in control, not me. YOU killed them. And I can sense that you would do it all over again if, you could. I know you enjoyed it.” Sein taunted. As much as Maia hated to admit it, he is right. She did enjoyed it and wants to do it again. Conflict grew in her. Should she try to be a good girl again or should she embrace what she discovered and just enjoy herself. Her thoughts were interrupted by four antelope police officers, who skipped every decency to talk and just opened fire on her. To their chagrin the bullets were ineffective, unable to pierce her anywhere on her body or head, even failing to make her beach ball breasts jiggle. But instead of retaliating, she remained in place and contemplated on what to do. “Come on Maia!” egged Sein “To be a true alpha, you have to teach the pests their place, or they’ll just treat you like a bitch!” The final word he had used was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The ground shattered beneath her feet as she roared. The anger she lost not long ago ignited once again. She began stomping towards the police, menacingly growling as she closed the distance, like a predator approaching a cornered prey. Their guns fired the last bullet. They were now completely powerless to stop her. One officer attempted to flee, the second he turned his back, Maia like the predator she is, took this as her que to attack. Like a bowling ball, she was targeting the middle of the group and plan on dealing with the stragglers later. She was leaving a vapor trail of steam behind her, as her body generate increasingly more heat. A little earlier: A many of the people who exited through the front entrance decided that they were just going to simply gather out there, trying to make sense of what they saw and making social media posts of it. A bunch of police cars and SUV’s pull up, they stopped in the middle of the road, and quickly jumped out of their vehicles, guns in hand. Most of them went in, the rest began surrounding the place. Many bystanders started recording cops with their phones. A small herd of four antelope cops went to check the alley way. They stopped in their tracks, drew their pistols and fired down the alley. All cameras were focused on them. The sound of growling, then ground shaking thumps came from the alley with increasing frequency. The bystanders were all observing as the lioness came out of her den, to go for the kill on the four little antelopes. She kicked the one who tried to flee. On contact her shin was parallel to the cop’s torso and so powerful, his ribcage caved in and almost cuts him in half. He was sent flying, crashing into brick building across the street. His muzzle and most of the bones in his body were completely crushed from the impact. Like in old cartoons, his body peeled back, since it had no structure to prevent it from bending like that. He fell headfirst into the pavement, breaking what remained of his skull and crushing his brain as he impacted the hard ground. Like a bullet, what remained of his spine slid through the bottom of his skull through the grey-matter and imbedded itself in the pavement. She grabbed the middle-left officer, he screamed at the top of his lungs as Maia quickly pulls him closer. She put his head in her mouth, her sharp teeth easily pierced not only his flesh, but his skull to. She pulled and ripped his head and part of his spine out of his body. She crushes the limp body in her hand and tosses it aside as she turns her head left and aim up her muzzle with another antelope. She filled her lungs with air through her nose and quickly empties it. The burst of air coming out of her throat, fragmented the skull down to little pieces and sends them flying like some hyper shotgun. Bloody mist came from her mouth, blocking visibility and as it sets, everything in a 20-meter range is now covered in blood and small shredded chunks of flesh. Maia’s tail wagged in frustration, blowing wind behind her. She turned her head right, and over her massive boulder of a shoulder looked down at the remaining antelope. The officer was on his back, clearly fell back from devastation he witnessed his colleagues endure. He was shocked not only beyond moving but thinking, staring at the muscle beast who earlier that evening ate bodybuilder bull with her vagina. “My turn now!” Interjected Sein. Maia’s face changed from an angry disgust to a wide, evil smile, indicating the change in management upstairs. She raised her arm as if she was showing of her right lat, she jumped up, holding the pose. All he had time for was to start raising his arms to block his face, but she lands on him as his arms are halfway at their destination. Blood splattered all over her. The brief sound of the pavement and bones cracking was heard. She got up to look at what she had created. The pavement like wet sand took the shape of the massive muscles of her arm, lat, legs and even her massive side boob, with a cobweb of cracks surrounding it. What remains of the officer is the flat print of his skin, cloths and blood stains on the pavement and on her. She then noticed the group of bystanders staring at her. “ YOU BUGS THINK I GOT WHAT IT TAKES TO GO PRO?!” boomed the influenced feline with the same sadistic grin. Most are too frightened to move, but a handful of them enjoyed it, and gave her an encouraging answer of: “Yes!” and “Hell yeah!” “Glad you shits agree.” she said under her breath, as she walked over to the nearest lamppost. She grabbed the post, her fingers dented into the metal. The possessed lioness ripped it out of the ground and with supersonic speed, threw it at them like boomerang. Its speed created a deafening boom, but that was not the upmost concern for them, as their upper torsos were falling to the ground since they were no longer attached to their legs. The lucky few who were tall enough, are screaming as the rest don’t have intact lungs to make some bloody gurgles. Behind them, half of a building collapsed from the impact of the lamp post. Sein is a bit disappointed but understands that it’s more of miracle that the soft metal did that much damage past the bugs. The ruckus attracted the attention of the officers who were elsewhere looking for a big monster. A total of ten cops were swarming through the alley and front doors. They weren’t hesitating a second, as the moment they spot her they started firing. Most had regular pistols, and lucky few had pump action shotguns and armalite rifles. Bullets were stopped and ricocheted off from all over of her. Most were bouncing off her abs and tits, some were aiming for less muscled areas like her kneecaps and face, some well-aimed shots were bouncing off her eyeballs. All the effort for no effect. “HAHA! Look what I got you!” He laughed to Maia. “Have fun!” Maia’s facial expression went from the evil grin to that of blind fury as she regained control. “RRAAAUGHRRR!!! FUURGHK YOU!!!” she roared, as she hooked a punch into the wall to her left sending rubble at the seven cops infront of her. The debris did little damage to them, but it blinded them for a second as they had to cover their face. One second of blindness was enough for her to close the distance as she got within arm’s reach of them as they opened their eyes again. The cops in the alley were sprinting to keep up with her, to keep her in their sights. Maia used her arms to sweep them aside. Her powerful forearms cut five of them in half. A tougher one, a hippo, was remained in one piece, only receiving a collapsed lung, a broken ribcage, spine, and a massive forearm shaped dent in his chest. He made a hole in the wall as she sent him flying. He was one of the luckier ones because the shock from the impact Maia’s massive arm killed him instantly. The rest of the half-men had few more seconds of painful existence before the lights went out. One officer was left standing infront of Maia. She put her hand behind his head, and slapped him into her abs, splattering his head out of existence staining her his blood and painting a bloody stripe pointing down at her vagina, as the body fell down to the ground. “HAHAHA! My, my! My whiny little bitch, I must say! You make me proud! How about a treat, my pet?” Sein said in a condescending tone. Maia moaned of ecstasy as she started growing to double the size she just was. Her network of veins glowed up red all over body and head as she grew. Her sweating intensified, as her entire body became soaking wet. Her armpits are generating as much musky steam like they were pressure release valve. Saliva almost foamed from her mouth. She stopped at five meters tall (~16 feet) and almost as wide with muscle. The enhanced feline was too big for any door or any means of public transport, not to mention anything that wasn’t strong enough to support the weight of the tank would collapse under her. Her mouthwatering tits got so big, a full-grown man could easily fit in each of them. The three officers got around the corner just in time to witness her growth. They were staggered at the sight of the massive beast. The raccoon with the shotgun however quickly snapped out of it, and courageously sneaked up to her while she wasn’t paying attention. He quickly pushed the shotgun up her ass and fired. The pellets had no effect on the god-enhanced anus. Maia was paying attention now. With a lighting fast swoop, she decapitated him with her tail. More sirens can be heard approaching, as Maia started walking towards one of the police SUV in the middle of the road. The lights everywhere around her flickered as she repeatedly printed her feet into the pavement. Her mouth is stuck in an evil, snarly expression with drool dripping from her predatory mouth, since she succumbed to her more basic instincts and the power of testosterone. The two cops decided to book it and were running off as far and as fast as they could. Two black armored SWAT trucks appeared around the corner a few blocks down, racing towards her with lights flashing and sirens screaming. The beast reached down with her massive arms to pick the SUV, her veiny bicep bulging up to the width of a tractor tire. She throws it at the incoming trucks. Her throw was powerful but sloppy, as only one truck had to course-correct to dodge it, and even then, just barely. “Ugh! You throw like a girl! Let me show you how it’s done!” Said Sein. Instead of taking control away from Maia, she was pulled forward, towards one of the trucks. She was traveling at a staggering 900m/s (~2013 MPH). This was made even more astonishing by the fact she was barely any aerodynamic, and her massive feet were cutting half a meter deep trenches as she went. So much air is pushed aside that the wind she blasted was shattering windows, ripping lampposts out of their place and flipping some lighter cars. This time the driver of the first truck had no chance to avoid the gigantic projectile. The truck exploded as it collided with the breasted bullet. The men inside all splattered from the change of the momentum. The large v8 motor block exploded from collision, sending fragments flying, like giant grenade. The rigid cast metal shards shredded the other armored vehicle, leaving massive holes in it, not to mention the frags took huge chunks out of the surrounding buildings around her. The frame of the vehicle started morphing around her. It completely took up the shape of the muscle woman and became a steel, skintight dress. The force pulling her ceased as she hit the target, but her momentum remained. She was rolling and bouncing as the laws of physics affected her again starting slowing her down. Cars, trucks and city buses were all devastated as she tumbles through them with great force. She came to a halt lots of kilometers away, right at the other edge of the business sector of the city. “Now that’s a throw! HAHAHAHA!” laughed Sein, as Maia got up with surprised still, monstrous look on her face with her new ‘dress’ still on fire. The massive metal on her screeched and screamed as it bent from her movement. She walked up to one of the glass buildings to look at her reflection. The black steel left little to the imagination due to how tight it was, trying cover the bottom of her cleavage and barely reaching down to cover half of her thighs. Not only her abs and other muscle are visible through it, but even most of her veins. The majority of the flames were burning where what once was the fuel tank, was now locate: at the bottom of her breasts, and they reached just high enough to cover her nipples. “Heh! Smokin!” exclaimed the god. It was definitely a sight to behold but, both of them were starting to grow annoyed of the constant screaming the metal made as Maia merely breathed, so the feline grabbed it, ripping it off of her body and casually casted it off behind her, whooshing into the night sky like a rocket. In a slummier district of the city, two drunk foxes were exiting a bar, when one of them get a ping on their phone. “Duuuude~, ther~there’s like this chick with the bi~urp! Biggest… tits in the wor~ uurp! The world!” He said while he tried to keep his balance. He turned his screen towards his friend who was also barely conscience. He leaned forward and squinted at the screen while his head moves in a circular motion. He started making a dumb, drunk smile and slowly opened his mouth as his brain tried to generate a comment. *SLAM!!!* A massive metal plate with the shape of massive breasts and abs landed on the grinning idiot, covering not just his pasted body but the splattered pool of blood as well. The fox with the phone fell back from the surprise. He sat up and stared at the sexy metal. “WHAT THE -!!!!” he yelled just as his mouth started to reject his nights drinks. Maia was grinning at her reflection. She began flexing and admiring her new body. She put her arms up into a double bicep pose, releasing two smaller clouds of steamed musk. Her massive veiny peaks pulsed with absolute power. She then lowered her arms and put them on her hips, as she flexed and bounced her pecs. The movement of her pecs by themselves were very impressive, but with the giant orbs attached to them, made the scene even more amazing. Since her flesh isn’t of normal soft flesh, they completely resisted changing their perfect ball shape. So far nothing was able to make them jiggle, not even as they hop with her pecs. They’re movement with the thick slabs of muscles was almost comical as they nearly hit her muzzle. Sein just laughed at how much she enjoyed her new form, and how he got her drunk of power from what lizard fart of strength he gave her. She spun around on her heels, pulverizing the pavement under her feet. She bent over, looking back at her steamy, muscular ass and legs, and what magnificence lays between her musky cheeks. She spotted the buildings security staring at her through her reflection in the glass. The 1.8 meter-tall grizzly bear had his jaw hanging in awe of the sight of the massive female. She straightened back up and turned around, all the while staring at him with a snarly, slobbery grin. She made earthshattering steps towards him. Her unbelievably hard nipples alone shattered the glass on contact. She thumped her way to the security guard who was still unable close his mouth, move or even notice the leaking in his pants. She bent forward to be closer to his eye level. She let out a growly chuckle as the bear is fixated on her mouthwatering cleavage. He started stretching out his arm to reach his newfound dream. Maia suddenly flexed her pecs. Her wrecking balls leaped forward not only breaking every bone his arm, but his muzzle and ribcage as they slam into him, sending him flying. He soared in the tall reception area and bounced off the ceiling which is roughly at four stories in height. He fell back with parts of the ceiling and landed on the edge of the large granite reception table, cracking it and snapping his spine into two. His colleague, a beagle, witnessed this without Maia noticing his presence. He was in cover, crouched behind the escalator, shivering with fear with his taser in hand. The city police have dispatched all six of their helicopters. They are following the trail of destruction and craters which start at the last known position of the SWAT team they deployed. Spotlights were shining on the mess as the choppers reach the financial distract. They received word that the silent alarm was tripped in a building at the other edge of the district. Making an educated guess, the police chief, an older boar, ordered all units to the location through the radio. Patrol officers and SWAT teams are deployed. Every officer on call is heading to the location, only knowing it’s very serious. The officers off call have already received a wake up and have been placed on standby. The sound of helicopters reached Maia’s ears. “Sounds like more funs coming our way!” Sein said gleefully. “Think you could swat some flies?” “HELL YEAH!!!” boomed Maia, shattering all windows with her deep, powerful voice. The hidden beagle nearly fainted from the shock. She stomped her way outside. The beagle urinated himself as the shaking ground made him constantly bounce up. The growing puddle beneath him started splashing back up on him, but to his fortune, the power predator failed to notice his increasingly wet presence. The second she put a foot outside three of the six helicopters locked their spotlights onto her. She covered her face as she was blinded by the lights. The other three unnoticed by her, dropped down ropes and were unloading a group of 6 SWAT officers each. Before she even began plotting the destruction of the blinding choppers, bullets started bouncing off her back. She glances back. A few cops are shooting her as the rest were climbing off the rope. She immediately thundered her way to the first rope. She stomped on the bug of the cop down to a large foot-shaped crater. She grabbed the rope and yanked the chopper down. Those in the open door and on the rope fell down to their death. It crashed and exploded right on top of her. She grabbed the bent wreck in her right arm and quickly stormed for the next rope. She kicked the unfortunate officer at the rope out of her way, turning him into a bloody mist and a couple of mangled limbs. Another yank and now she had two burning wreckages to play with. After witnessing two helicopters crash within mere seconds, the pilot of the third police helicopter decided to pull up the rope and increase the altitude. “YOU CARGHNT UGHSCRAPE!!!” she roared at the chopper. Maia spun in place and with massive momentum threw the wreck in her right hand. Her powerful throw dramatically missed the helicopter by more than 30° than the intended path. Her face changed from her snarly confidence to pure disbelief. “Oh, for fucking out loud! How can you suck so much?!” yelled Sein. “Step aside!” Maia’s face changed to a more annoyed expression. With a casual swing the wreck flew and hit the chopper square on. The rotor blades all broke as they contacted the second wreck. The thrown copter fell straight down on to a parking garage, almost going through the top floor, while the other one picked up its momentum flying into the side a of a tall hotel, giving a rude surprise to those who were watching the commotion through their windows. It broke into 3 rooms and due to how weak the floors are, the crashed chopper fell through more rooms, sliding out of the building, creating a tear-like hole. “See?! Simple!” “AARGH! Your just lucky!” replied Maia. “No, you just suck!” said Sein as he walked Maia to the nearest lamppost, it’s light flickered as her steps shook the ground. Maia’s muscular veiny arm reached for it, her fingers as thick as her arms were yesterday, caved into the metal. She ripped it out of the ground like it wasn’t even bolted down. With the double light branches acting as fins she tossed it like a supersonic spear at one of the choppers targeting its spotlight. Sein’s aim for the center of the light is spot on. The base end of the post blasted through the light like bullet, but due the fact that the chopper was sideways and the location of the light being under the hull, it only took the copilot’s foot with it. However, one of the branches made a huge incision in the cockpit, taking most of the controls, the bottom half of the pilot and the rest of the copilot. The bird was spinning out of control as it fell from the night sky. It crashef on the mostly abandoned street. The lucky, a few injured SWAT members began crawling from the wreckage. “Heh! Three out of three!” chuckled Sein. “THE FIRST ONE WASN’T EVEN A REAL THROW!!!” Screamed Maia. “Still counts!” The police chief, having followed the radio chatter and video feeds of the choppers, ordered the remaining birds to fall back as they are too useful to be lost this easily against the monster. He also orders what SWAT team is left in the city to follow it, report it’s position and to avoid contact with it at all cost. He also had the regular cops prepare to evacuate the city, then he picked up the phone to make some calls. “Huh, they’re retreating. Must have gotten scared of some pussy cat!” snickered Sein. “I guess we have to find our fun again.” “BUT I STILL WANTED TO PLAY WITH THE FUCKS!” whined Maia. “Shuttup bitch! There’s still an entire city to play with!” Maia, still under Sein’s control, thumped back into the glass tower. The poor wet beagle that was still in hiding and shivering, thought it’s his chance to run. Halfway across the room he was caught by the feline, backed turned. Sein liked the idea of witnesses, but this one just wasn’t to his liking. Maia ripped a piece of metal framing, that once held a window. The poor guy didn’t even notice that the she-hulk spotted him. He suddenly fell to the ground. He didn’t understand why he can’t feel his legs anymore. A pain started growing unbearably bad in the middle of his body. He looked down at his body, to see that there was a 5cm hole below his ribcage. The piece of metal went through him so fast he didn’t even see it. It went through his spine, then some intestines and exited through him, all in a blink of the eye. He just noticed that he has the monster’s attention. “Four out of four.” Said Sein, as he stomps Maia towards the injured dog. “He isn’t dead yet!” replied Maia gleefully. “Unlike you I hit what I was aiming at, so it still counts!” Answered Sein. The security guard tried to crawl away, but the closing stomps throwing him higher and higher made it increasingly difficult to escape. He left a short trail of tears as he pulled himself forward. The violent steps made him hit his head in the ground. Maia was standing over him, by now his broken nose was bleeding violently. “Turn over!” Commanded Maia. The welp complied. He painfully pushed himself with his arms, his limp legs made it more difficult. He finally he flopped over. He can see the lioness’ super muscular form from one of the best angles ever. Thick muscular thighs towering up, between them a slit containing her clitoris, a thick network of veins growing from it, down her legs and up her hard brick wall of abs. She stared at him between her massive wrecking ball cleavage. “FUCKING RIP HIM APART!” barked Maia. Sein lifted Maia’s foot up, hovering it over the dog. He was almost sobbing as put up his arms trying to defend his face. “Look up!” She commanded. Tears filled up his eyes, making it difficult to see. After a few hard blinks he could see the lioness foot over him properly. He reached up to feel it. It felt very hard and dirty from the all the craters it created. Having something so deadly hovering over him made him feel like he would empty his bladder again, if he could. “See this? This is where you belong!” and with that Maia’s foot casually went down on him. The welp put as much strength into holding the foot up as he could muster, but he couldn’t even press in on the skin not to mention even slowing it. His arms went down until his elbows reached the ground. His right arm started getting folded into an uncomfortable angle. His left arm however was stuck in perfectly vertical angle so his bones in his forearm were splitting at length, bending and breaking in half. The skin also split releasing flesh, bone shards and blood. His wrist was pulverized, his palm, only connected to loosened skin, fell beside him. As the foot reached his torso, his right arm from his elbow was completely gone. His skull popped. The sound of moist cracking filled the air. His skin and cloths ripped as his insides attempt to escape from tremendous weight. Like soft sand, the ground was imprinted with the shape of the immense foot. “Hah! Don’t even need any effort to kill your kind!” Laughed Sein. Maia started walking towards the center of the building, leaving a trail of bloody footprints, with the skinvelope of the guard was still stuck to her foot. The center of the building was just a large hole for the main elevator shaft, that is behind a half meter thick concrete wall. Of course, it’s no challenge for a real monster of woman like Maia to get through. She effortlessly walked through it. They were caught off guard however on where the hole began. Maia fell down the shaft, tumbling through some support beams. She had about a 50 meter fall from where she started. At the bottom was the massive chunk of thick, steel reinforced concrete foundation. As per Sein’s experience, to him concrete is like that is like a big sponge mattress for most. She landed ass first. The concrete foundation cracked and the entire building shook. Windows cracked and shattered, raining glass from above. Many offices were devastated, ceilings dropped down in curtain places but the building itself still stood. Maia pulled herself out from her crater. “Alright! Do something bitch!” commanded Sein, giving the reign back to her. She let out a massive roar, echoing up into the darkness, shaking the building again. She thumped to where the wall met the foundation. She pushed her open palms in there and attempted to pick up the building. Due to where she was attempting this, she was only lifting the section of the building which her hand was directly under. A pitbull officer, tasked with following the monster, went into the lobby trying to find it without ending up as the two security guards that decorated the place. The ground shook, cracks ran on the walls and ceilings around him. The officer got off the ground. looked around for what might have caused the shake and began contemplating if he should really in there. He heard a very loud roar, shaking the building again, this time parts of the ceiling fall down around him. The ground shook a third time, prompting him to just turn around to leave but froze in place from pure disbelief of what was happening infront of him. The wall with the elevator doors in them, started moving up. The wall went up another story when it began to crumble and fall down, taking some of the floors with it down the elevator shaft, filling it with rubble. “Nice going, idiot! The building’s still standing!” said Sein judgmentally. “FURGHK YOU!!!” Replied Maia. Maia, at the bottom of all the debris, was getting angry of being constantly belittled by the voice in her head. She roared again as she pushed her arms up high, sending all the rubble up like an explosion. The frag grenade like explosion damaged the building further, taking what little stability it had. It collapsed taking some of the surrounding building with it and sending dust kilometers high. The collapsed building covered Maia in rubble again. “HAHAHA!! YOU DUMB BI-HI-HITSSSSH HAHAHAHAHA!!!” laughed Sein almost uncontrollably. His laughter echoed in Maia’s head, further angering her. “RAAAURG!!!” She roared as she leaped out from under the rubble, high into the sky. At around the altitude of 350 meters is where she started to descend. In the distance many traffic jams can be seen forming. The mayor and the police chief have obviously followed through with the order to evacuate. Strings of red lights indicated the routes of the fleeing citizens leading out of the city. Maia and Sein were thinking about the same thing. Maia crashed through a few buildings in the district, all glass skyscrapers. She left massive gaping holes in them as she crashed down and landed in a coffee shop. The enhanced feline tried to make a superhero landing but failed. She tumbled through the shop taking half of the older brick building down with her. A large mound of mostly bricks among other materials of rubble was created. Through the mound, a massive, dirty, golden furred arm punched up. Sweat slowly washing the red brick dust out of the already soaking wet fur. Moonlight shines off of it, highlighting it’s veins and muscular form. The bicep bulged into a massive peak as the forearm moved down placing the palm of the hand down. The biceps loosened as the tension switched from it to the triceps as the arm pushed down on the rubble, breaking the significantly smaller bricks to dust. A massive, muscular back emerged, pushing aside the rubble. Maia’s head emerged as well, shaking some of the rubble off. Bringing her left leg forward, under her, her massive quads flexed as they move her up. She looked around, then at the buildings with the holes in them. “Well look at that! 3 buildings you crashed through, and they’re all still standing.” Said sein. “I BROUGHT THIS ONE DONE!!” yelled Maia. “You brought half of it down! And only because you stumbled” “AARRRGH!!! YOUGH DO BETTURGH!!!” she growled. Sein took over, accepting the challenge, and walked Maia out of the rubble. Debris cracked loudly, as she stomped on them and kicked them out of her way. As she reached the pavement she pulled her arm back, formed a fist and sent it up, hooking it back down, slamming it in the ground. A massive shockwave swept everything within a 500 meter away, only leaving a crater. Cracks spread from ground zero going straight back into the district. The ground shook, as it opened. The three holed buildings fall into the fresh chasm with many more following them. Canyons 100 meters in width and some as deep as 300meters form starting from the feline’s crater. The entire business district collapsed with half of the neighboring districts surrounding it. All caused by a possessed lioness slamming a fist into the ground. “Heh! See?! It’s very easy! Maybe if you weren’t a dumb bitch, you could finally take down a building first try!” Said Sein with a smug tone. “Now! Let’s play with the pops!” Maia herself was fuming for being constantly proven less powerful by someone controlling her body. She will prove to him that she can do what he can, she just needs to regain control. With Sein in control, Maia flexed her thighs and started running towards one of the jams they saw midair. Her footfalls not only shaking and cratering the ground but creating ‘smaller’ shockwaves sending everything that’s too close flying. Lampposts, cars, rubble from buildings too close and even the occasional pedestrian, is sent raining down on the neighboring blocks. She was running at 340 km/h(~211 mph). Going through everything in her path. Cars were being kicked kilometers high, torn apart, as the powerful foot went into them. Sprinting through buildings. The shockwaves of her steps making it seem like she is detonating it as she speeds through. More and more cars were getting in her path of destruction, indicating that the jam is close. Maia put her feet forward and threw her right hand back pushing her fingers into the ground, like a rake in sand, as he tried to come to a halt. Her momentum backed by her immense weight making it difficult for her to achieve that. Plowing up cars and the pavement, she even went through some final buildings as she tried to stop. With a long trail of destruction and torn-up pavements she stopped in the middle of an eight-lane traffic jam leading out of the city. Thousands of cars, trucks and buses unable to move, with their passengers in them. Without a second of hesitation Sein begins his fun through the hulking lioness. She teared the roof of the sedan infront of her, revealing a family of german shepherds, a father, a mother and a daughter about the age 9 screaming up at her. The father behind the wheel tried to floor it out of there, but the beast was holding the car, all he was doing was burning rubber. With an evil grin she stared at the parents as she punches down on the little girl, her fist completely obliterating her and puncturing through the car, down in the pavement, violently shaking every car around them. The shock on their faces was quickly mixed with total despair, just as she sent her hard and heavy breasts down on them, crunching them down the same as their daughter. She stood tall, sweat washing the blood off her fist breasts. People all around her realizing they were in grave danger, they attempted to flee on foot. She walked after them, stepping on all the vehicles in her wake, going for anyone within arm’s reach. She slapped some of them aside, turning their bodies into bloody mist and sending whatever else was left of them flying. She also grabbed and crushed them in her hand, smothered to death against her hard body, or just throwed them at other people who were fleeing. She spotted a bus, her new toy. The possessed beast stomped over to it. Passengers tried to escape the bus screaming as they realized they have been targeted. A hyena stepped out of the bus while Maia loomed over. She bent down and bit the top of the hyena’s body off, loudly crunching his bones and skull as she chewed. She stared in the window as she chewed. People were crying, screaming and begging for mercy, all too scared to even get near the window the beast was looking through. She swallowed her treat, picked up the bus, and laid back on some cars. She held the bus with the doors pointing up, crushed the front end down to a smaller width and crashed it up her vagina. Metal screeched as the muscle pussy twisted and pulled the bus inside her. People screamed as the bus was sucked deeper, it’s frame swirling and spinning, tossing people inside over one another. Blood was seeping out of the window as the backend finally reached her. As it was completely crushed inside her, Maia got up, blood, gasoline and oil poured from between her legs as she reached to retrieve her newest creation. The public transporter turned to the size of a football, looked more like marble in her large hand. The she-hulk brought her arm back, all the muscles on it tensed up and like the world’s most powerful catapult, she pushed it forward. It left her hand at the speed of about 3500m/s (~7800mph). A push so strong, other cars infront of her were pushed ahead as well. The ball flew through hundreds of cars and people, ripping them apart without a loss in momentum, it brought a storm of shrapnel from what it already went through. For many kilometers, carnage is what was left infront of her. Burning wrecks and limbs litter the road, blood pooled in the torn-up sections of the pavement. The projectile itself went straight ahead, leaving the atmosphere as gravity failed to deviate its direction. The monster turned back around to the those who witnessed it all behind her. Like deer in the headlights, hundreds of people froze in place, staring at her, not knowing what to do. Sein’s sinister grin was broadcasted by the possessed lioness’ face as she thumped back towards the city. “LET ME FUCKING AT THEM!!!” demanded Maia. “I dunno. You suck at this game. These toys would only be a waste on you.” He replied. “I’LL FUCKING SHOW YOU!!! LET ME AT THEM!!!” “Hehehe! Alright! Show me!” “ROAURGH!!!” The deep roar woke everyone up from their paralysis, their screams fill the air as they climb over each other, tried to get as much distance between them and the monster, or at least tried to hide from her. Maia grabbed whatever objects she got her hands on and threw them. Cars, lampposts and concrete dividers flew seemingly at random. Her projectiles crushed other cars, and people but most of them crashed into buildings in the city. Holes and lamppost litter the walls of the surrounding buildings. Maia growled louder with each toss, knowing what will come. “Your technique is garbage! If I couldn’t read your thoughts, I would have guessed you weren’t even trying to target anything!” commented Sein on her throws. “SHUTTUP!!! SHUTTUP SHUTTUP SHUTTUP!!!” she boomed, as she stomped her foot down repeatedly, like a child who didn’t get the right colored lollipop she wanted. The powerful but childish stomps proved more effective, as everything around her repeatedly sprung up, into the air and crashed down onto each other. Some people fell on to cars, some cars fell onto people, even some buildings collapsed from her earthquakes. “Hey, whiney bitch! Heads up!” said Sein. “I’M NOT A BITCH!!! STOP CALLING ME THAT!!! YOU FUGH- ” Maia’s tantrum was cut short as her head was unexpectedly pulled up. “Yes, you are! And I said, heads up!” Military aircraft were flying overhead, leaving a trail of parachutes behind them. “More toys!” They said simultaneously, with notable differences in their tone and volume. The paratroopers landed over a kilometer from the monster, in a park. Due to their body armor, helmets and armored masks, it was difficult to make out what they are but, by the shape of their heads and bodies, all of them were canines, most likely wolves. Their uniform had an urban digital camo uniform with a Greek ‘sigma’ patch on their arms. Three of them a tube on their back that was slightly longer than their torso. They ditched their parachutes and harnesses, drew their weapons and surveyed the area. All of them moved their camo patterned assault rifle across the line of the horizon, scanning for hostiles with the flashlight under the barrel. The park was the size of a few blocks, it had a handful of trees scattered around, mostly close to the edge of it to block the sight of the buildings, to the north there was pond filled with a larger breed of goldfish in it. The ground where the soldiers landed was flat, covered in freshly cut bluegrass. “This is Sigma leader” said the platoon commander into his radio. “Squad Sigma successfully landed and is standing by! Repeat! Sigma squad is standing by!” “Copy, Sigma Leader!” answered a female voice. “The monster was last spotted at the eastern freeway, 1300 meters away at a bearing of 107 to your position!” “Copy, 1300 meters at 107!” He repeated “5 attack helicopters are dispatched to the AO! ETA 10 minutes!” she continued. “Your orders are to assist them with reconnaissance and to destroy or if possible, capture it, by any means!” “Copy! Recon, capture or destroy!” “Good luck Squad Sigma!” “Alright men! Move out!” he commanded. Maia was running roughly in the direction where the specs with parachutes flew. The sound of loud thumps and cracks acted as an early warning for those who knew by now what to avoid. Still, many ended up flat on her feet, covering her up to her sweaty calves in blood. “I’M GONNA GET THEM! I’M GONNA GET THEM! I’M GONNA FUGHKING GET THEM!” Maia chanted as she ran, trying her hardest to reach the speed Sein had achieved when he was in control. She even got down to all fours, her muscles steaming the sweat as she pulled and kicked herself forward, achieving 250 km/h (~155 mph), which was very impressive, but nowhere near what Sein did. The lioness bulled through everything in her path, she threw up cars into the air with her head alone, tearing through several buildings, now properly bringing them down on the first try, making it into the park. After she zoomed past something weird that caught her eye, the beast pushed her legs front and her back against the ground, as she slid, she pushed herself over, her immovable breasts anchoring into the ground, she began kicking and pulling again, trying to change the direction she was going. After sliding into a building at the other end of the park she finally stopped and got back onto two feet. With thundering footsteps, Ms. Mass Muscles stomped her way back into the park, following her trail of vandalism of public property, searching for what she only caught a glimpse of. She found 20 parachutes of what she can guess belonged to soldiers, she grabbed a bunch and lifted them to her face and gave them a good sniff. Not being a big smeller of others, Maia had no clue to what those scents belong to, unlike Sein, who can tell that the chutes belong to huskies and wolves but, he wasn’t going to give her that hint. The scent however did give her the lead to start looking for their owners. “Holy shit! The bitch’s massive!” said one of the troopers, as he looked through a pair of binoculars. “Pipe down.” Whispered the squad commander. “We don’t need that thing finding us early.” “Yes, captain.” Answered the trooper. “Quietly, what’s it doing?” “She found our parachutes and I think she’s smelling them.” “Why do you think it’s a female?” asked one of the other troops. “She got the biggest tits I’ve ever seen.” He answered, to which half the group’s reaction was to take out their binoculars as well. Many of them let out a ‘whoa’ to the magnificent sight, one of them had to stop himself from whistling. “Stop acting like children!” Said the captain. “That thing killed a lot of people. We need to keep moving, before she brings down this apartment building with us in it.” With that almost all of them grab their equipment. All except one, who was still drooling through his mask as he still stared through his optics. He just needed a slap on the head to start heading down the stairs from the fifth floor. With the scent stored in her nose Maia started moving south-east. Following the smell with her big head held lower to the ground, she accidently bumped her nose into a tree knocking it over. With no regard to her surroundings, she broke through the decorative metal fence of the park, and stomped across the street, where she stood up tall, with her nose held high, sniffing up the apartment building. “What’s that Fido? You found my missing ball?” Joked Sein. Ignoring the comment, Maia makes her signature snarly, drooly grin, as she realized that the soldiers are up in the building. Her plan was to climb up the like some gorilla with a princess. She walks up to the building and reaches up, smashing her big musky hand through the window, she tenses her muscle and pulls the wall of the building on top of her as she fell back. Sein bursts out laughing. “HAHAHAHAHA! You don’t learn, do yo-OOH HOO HAHAHAHAHA!” Humiliated again, Maia roars, flailed her arms and legs in absolute fury, throwing the rubble off of her. The ground shook with each slam of a fist or foot, making cracks in not only the pavement around her, but up the already weakened building infront of her. Unable to withstand too much of the vibration, the rest of the building fell on top of her as well. To Sein’s chagrin, he was unable to make any comment on the ridiculous scene, due to how uncontrollably it made him laugh, though the lioness was forced to listen to that. The she-hulk roared as she sat up, the sound of her frustration traveled across the city just like the bricks her body tossed off of her. When the monstrous bellow was over, Maia realized that soldiers weren’t amongst the rubble. She began sniffing again. The troopers are a block away, running in the abandoned street when the heard the sound of a building turning into a ruin. They were glad they moved out so quickly, looking back upon the cloud of dust behind some buildings, they knew they would have met their end if they stayed there. They don’t even want to imagine what the beast must have been doing with all the roaring and ground shaking. “Command!” yelled the captain into his comms. “The monster is on our tail! We don’t have much time! Where’s our goddam air support?!” “They should be arriving shortly! Hang in there, Squad Sigma!” answered the feminine voice on the radio. Knowing that it’s only a matter of time until the beast found them and that she can take them out more easily if they all take cover in the same place the commander made a hasty decision. He split up his squad into three teams, each of them had soldier with a tube on their back. First team was sent up to the roof of the building on the right, the second to the building on the left, and the third, led by the commander, took cover behind corners of alleys, dumpsters, cars and doorways. The ones who had tubes, opened them, each revealing a compact missile launcher. They quickly loaded a missile from one of the smaller tubes and held them on their shoulders at the ready. Thumps were heard, each one grew louder, as the ground shook increasingly violently. The soldiers, taking their designated positions, grew more anxious. Suddenly the wall of the building at the end of the street collapsed, revealing the sweaty, big breasted, muscle cat. Her head moved, trying to track the scent of her prey, as she stomps down the street, getting closer to her new toys. “Damn.” Said one of the troopers under his breath. He spoke into his comms: “Guys, I’m gonna go out and buy some time for the choppers. Maybe I can even reason with her.” “That’s terrible idea, private!” replied the commander. “Stay put! That’s an order! Private? Private?! Urgh!” he growled as he watched his soldier run out of the alley. “Hey! Big-gal! Let’s chat!” he yelled as he ran up to her in the middle of the street. The beast’s musk filling his nose. His eyes traced her form, taking in her glistening sweaty muscles, veins on top of veins, grasping her breasts, muscles and face. Maia had no plans of talking, she just gave him a devious, drooly, toothy smile as she lowered her head down, closing in on him. The soldier immediately regretted his decision to talk to the monster. The beast’s stance suddenly changed, standing tall, her head held back as her expression changed to a smug smile as she wiped the drool of her face with the back of her palm. “Heh! Sorry about that! The host of this body wasn’t really feeling like talking.” Said the big cat. “But don’t worry, I do!” The troops were all taken back at what they witnessed. The commander informed the HQ of what the private was doing, they immediately started following the soldiers video feed and fed him questions through his earpiece. “H-host?” he stuttered. “Yeah, this bitch I’m possessing!” Answered the beast. “Found some bitchy office cat and turned her into a proper plaything! Just look at these bumpers!” She said as she groped her breasts. “S-so, what a-are you?” “I a god, bitch! I left my mark on many worlds, many universes. Maybe your friends in your ear should check some archives for Sein! It’s possible I’ve been here before! Hehehe!” “What do want?” “Heh! Isn’t it obvious?! Entertainment! I’ve been switching places with the bitch, trying to teach her my hobby! She’s so terrible at it, though.” She said condescendingly. “What’s your hobby?” With a sinister smile, she answers: “Devastation!” To that answer the soldier’s eyes grew wide, slowly making steps back. “Now!” yelled the beast, as she clapped her hands together. “Maia! Ya wanna continue?!” Her beastly grin returned as she hunched back down. Before he could react the lioness headbutted him down into the ground. His blood sprayed allover her face, as his body broke down into a pulp. The soldiers wanted to retaliate for their fallen comrade, but they knew it wasn’t time just yet. Maia licked the blood off around her mouth, enjoying the metallic taste, and chuckled. The hulking beast stretched her arms out to her side, threw her head back, and taunted the soldier whom Maia didn’t know where they were hiding. “COME OUT TO PLAY, BUGS!!! I WANNA EAT YAH!!!” She roared as she spun in place. The second she showed her back, one of the troopers looked over the edge of the roof top and fired a missile, hitting the monstress in the back of the head. She turned back around unphased by the attack, now there was a visible line smoke, left by the missile, that pointed towards her attacker. Drool again started dripping through her toothy smile as she got ready to jump up to the trooper with missile launcher, when another missile hit her in the side of the head. All of a sudden, soldiers on roof tops and down the street, behind corners and cars, opened fire upon her. She started getting shot from behind. The 5 attack helicopters arrived and started circling her while unloading their chin mounted, tri-barrel autocannons on her. The colorful 20mm tracer rounds lit up the night sky as they flew into Maia’s muscular body leaving her unaffected, some of which bounced off her high into the sky, having many in the distance to mistake them for fireworks. Overwhelmed by the sudden surge of firepower and missiles hitting her from three different directions, Maia needed a second to realize what is happening. Targeting the troops who fired first on her, the she-hulk jumped up, planning to join them up there, severely underestimating her weight again. She crashed through the roof bringing the entire building and the six soldiers down on top of her. “You got a knack for getting buried in rubble” commented Sein. “GODDAMMIT!!!” roared Maia as she crawled out from her newest nest. As they spotted her again the rain of bullets continued. The beast stomped across the street, ignoring the lead being spat her and walked through the front wall of the building the other team was on top of, from her tits on up she cut into the second floor. The building exploded as she busted through the roof, grabbing with each sweaty hand as she flew up. In midair she pointed their heads at each other and bashed them together, their skulls broken the brains their brains mixed together, every part of their mortal bodies that were between the beastly fingers was obliterated, their blood and gore sprayed into her hard heavy cleavage. The enhanced feline began falling at the 50 meters in height, her impact devastated the buildings around her, with pride she stomped out of her crater into the middle of the road. The soldiers on the ground were down to seven. The helicopters were firing continuously, trying to at least get the monstress’s attention away from the paratroopers, but Maia was fixated on turning them into blood stains. Chuckling, she stomped towards the three peering around the alley corner to her right, firing relentlessly trying to find some weak spot. They quickly realized that they have been marked for death, so they turn to flee, triggering the predator to chase after them. Maia had become completely ignorant of the obstacles in her way, she bulldozed through the building the canines used for cover, as she followed them into the alley. The four soldiers taking cover were frozen in place, two behind a car, and two in the doorway of the building on the other side of the street. They were practically paralyzed as they felt the ground shaking, screams of their comrades was mixed with thumping and wet ripping filled their ears. A couple of mangled limbs and a bottom half of fly out into the open with more screams, cracking and crunching. The remaining boys aimed their rifles at the alley entrance, their hands are shaking as they wait for the monster to poke her head again. “It’s coming back out!” reported one of the pilots. Maia busted through the building covering the alley, sending debris flying towards the soldiers, her face, hands and breasts were all covered in blood. The three riflemen and the one with the bazooka continued firing as the monstress came back into sight. Chuckling, she ran up to the car and gave it an undercut, her steaming, bloody fist pierced it as she sent the cowering troops splattering into the building behind her. With the car stuck on her hand she pounced towards the final two soldiers. Some of the chopper pilots witnessed as the beast with a car on her right hand flew towards the building with soldiers in the door, bashing into it and kicked up a lot of dust as she took down the building with them. Through the dust cloud the car flew up hitting one of the choppers exploding it as they collided and fell out of the sky. “Look at that! You can final hit helicopters!” said Sein, condescendingly. Maia jumped out of the cloud as well, going for the second bird but the pilot’s quick reaction prevented the muscle girl from reaching it. She crashed into a house a few blocks down, crashing into its basement. “The asshole got warlock 3!” said on of the pilots on the radio. “This place is empty, right?” followed up another pilot. “Let’s send that ugly bitch some rockets!” The blood and sweat soaked she-hulk recovered quickly, crawling out of a relatively small hole, realizing that helicopter have already surrounded her again. Instead of gunfire, large cylinders at the sides of the choppers sent barrages of rockets at her, hitting her all over with only a few that were able to miss her massive frame entirely. The suddenness of the attack left Maia confused as the dust from the explosives blinded her, but after a couple of the rockets hit her in the eye, she realized what they were doing. Even these explosives weren’t enough not only to give her a scratch, but to make her boobs bounce even a little. The cloud of smoke that covered Maia also blocked the pilots’ sight on her, the flash of the explosives was the only thing that should them that the monster was still standing and standing still, revealing them her massive muscular silhouette. Dawn was just cracking, when the final rocket out of hundreds, left its tube. The cloud of smoke settled, and the feline hulk was visible again. She was holding one of the rockets in her right hand. Her body was covered in black spots of grime left by the barrage. She lifted a foot off the ground stomped it aside, spreading her legs. With dramatic movement, she stuck the rocket up her pussy, its bottom half was sticking out of her. With a little flex inside her receiver, the rocket exploded, followed by her deep laughter, that sent a chill down the backs of the pilots. “What the hell is that thing made of?!” yelled one the pilots. “I dunno, but there has to be something that can hurt!” answered another one. As the enhanced feline finished laughing, she jumped up towards the one infront of her, catching the pilot off guard . Her breast smashed through the glass crushing the pilot, the burning helicopter’s wreck took in some of her form and got stuck to her chest. She landed back in the street she caught the troopers, the wreck didn’t let go as she cratered down. She ripped the helicopter off of her tossing it aside through several more apartment buildings. “Fuck! The bitch got Warlock 1!” Yelled one of the remaining pilots. “How about the ATGMs?” Asked another. “It’s made for tanks! Should be enough against this monster!” Maia turned back around to see three trails of smoke flying towards her. They came in one after the other, first one going into her abs, the second one detonated on her face followed by the third. “YOU FLIES CAN’T EVEN GIVE ME A MASSAGE!!!” she boomed with laughter, as she began running towards the birds. As she ran the lioness jumped a little, brought both her thick stompers down at once and jumped forward with the speed of a rocket, leaving a block wide crater behind her. The choppers dodge her as they weren’t letting their guards anymore. They sent some cannon rounds after her as she flew past them. Maia flew for 3 kilometers when she began to descend. She landed in the ruinous canyons of the business district. Her impact created 750 meter deep hole. She was getting more used to landing, indicated by the fact that after a crash like that she managed to stay on her feet. “I’m getting a feeling you won’t be able to get the final three choppers.” Said Sein. Hearing his condescending comments again is making Maia increasingly angry, as he emphasizes her failures in merely smashing things. She is growing more desperate to prove herself better than the ‘so called god’. “RAUURGH!!! ILL SHOW!!! *HUFF* YOU!!!!” She roared, huffing as she ran out of the crater. “HQ! This is Warlock 1! We are out of ideas to throw at the monster!” he reported. “We can see that, Warlock 1!” Replied the feminine voice. “We’re sending in the cavalry! Your orders are to keep the monster busy until it arrives!” “Copy HQ! What kind of cavalry are you sending?” The feminine voice didn’t respond. “HQ! HQ! Come in HQ!” repeated Warlock 1. “I have a bad feeling about this!” commented Warlock 2. “Regardless! We have to keep the monster occupied!” jumped in Warlock 3. “Who knows maybe we can take the bitch out before the ‘cavalry’ arrives!” Maia was racing back towards the helicopters on all fours, letting out a snarly huff as she pulled kicked, her eyes fixated with fury on her targets. The beastess closed in at about 50 meters when she decided to jump. She was very fast but as she kicked herself up her target had already swayed to the left. “FUUUURRGHHKK!!!!!” she roared as she flew past it. Sein just snickered to her lamentation. She twisted her body, turning around in mid-air. She was falling backwards not caring where she is going to land. Her eyes locked back on her target and taking heavy snarly breaths. She crashed in a more intact part of the city. She crawled out and began throwing what ever she could get her musky hands on. Cars, signs, lampposts, chunks of buildings and the ground flew towards the three helicopters, all missing their targets. The feline snarled and rough with increasing frustration, her aim getting sloppier with each miss, prompting the god in her head to laugh more and more. “FURGHK YOU!!! FURGHK YOU!!! FURGHK YOU!!! FURGHK YOU!!! FUUUURRRGHHHK!!!!!” She roared repeatedly. “HAHAHA! You still can’t throw! HAHAHA!” laughed Sein. “Heh! There are better ways of killing them, you know! HAHAHA! Of course you don’t! You’re too stupid to know! HAHA! Watch this!” “She stopped throwing!” said Warlock 2. “Did she give up?” “Knowing her, no.” Answered Warlock 1. With a smug smile, Maia jumped straight up. Out of reflex the pilots swayed to the side but were left confused when they realized she wasn’t flying towards them. She stopped ascending at roughly same altitude as choppers. As the heaviest woman on the planet began falling down, she opened her mouth and took a short but powerful breath, the vacuum she created pulled in everything infront of her, then she put her hands behind her head as she falls down enjoying the show above her. The helicopters caught fire as they all got pulled in, the morning clouds trail down and the half of the city she was facing got pulled up into one point in the sky, colliding together and shattering apart as their momentum pulls them further. Enjoying the show, Sein laughed through Maia as her body collided with the ground, still holding the relaxing pose as she creates another crater. “Hehe! And that, my bitch, is how its done!” Laughed Sein, still relaxing in the soft crater. “FUCK YOU!!! I COULD HAVE DONE THAT!!!” Raged Maia. “No, you’re to stupid to come up with something like that! HEHE!” “FUCK YOU!!! GET THE FUCK OUT OF SO I CAN BEAT THE FUCKING SHIT OUT YOU!!!!” The felines face changed from a smug smile, to something more serious. “Oh?” asked Sein. Black mist was emanated by Maia’s body flying five meters away and formed a silhouette of a wolf the same size she was. The mist disappeared revealing the black wolf still in his black kilt and gold accessories, his soft black fur covered muscles the same size lioness he was playing with, and his glowing red eyes were irradiating annoyance at her. “Well, here I am!” He announced as he crossed his massive arms. “FINALLY!!!” Maia boomed. “IM FINALLY FREE OF YOU!!!” She roared as she jumped up, channeling her fury into the biggest punch she could muster. It connected with his face, creating a shockwave that visibly pushed the air away for a kilometer, shattering the ground around them. The god didn’t even blink. The fist pushed at his nose for two solid seconds. With the same annoyed, unamused face, he grabbed her wrist and effortlessly pulled it down. Maia’s sense vulnerability returned as she was left shocked that she can’t pull her hand out of his wrist. His other hand sprung up gripping her throat tightly. Suddenly, a trail of fire was soared across the sky, rumbling louder as it began descending on them. The ‘cavalry’. Both muscle beast stared up at it, not moving or saying anything as it crashed next to them. A flash brighter than the sun, that could blind any mortal, consumed everything. As the bright light reseeded, a dark cloud of fire raised in the shape of a massive mushroom. The god was floating above an even bigger crater, with the feline in still in his hand. Both were unharmed by the strike of Armageddon that only had one success. Maia’s massive, hard tits were swinging left and right. “Hmph! Guess I did visit this world before!” joked Sein. Maia, after snapping out of the shock, began banging her hulking hands against the god’s. Having had enough of the lioness’s attitude, he moved his left hand up, and slapped the she-hulk’s face with the back of his palm. The collision of the two was so powerful it created a wave of energy in the shape of a ring. It expanded, cutting through the entire planet itself, traveling millions of kilometers devastating everything in it’s path. The casual slap left a sharp stinging pain on Maia’s cheek. Tears form in her eyes as the realization that she is in fact still very mortal, feeling the same fear of the beast infront of her when he first took over. Sein let go of the girl’s throat. Immediately a golden color conjured around her neck, with similar golden leash that wrapped around the black furred arm that was just suspending her. She fell a little bit, the leash preventing her falling further. She grabbed at the leash she was dangling from, not wanting to fall down to the Tartarus that was forming bellow her. She stared into the cruel red eyes of the wolf as he pulled her closer and with a sinister smile, he said to her: “Now it’s time for you to learn your place, my pet!” END
  25. My best friend was always quite a weakling-he was really tall, 6 foot 5, but never weighed more than 165lbs Until he made some changes... I think it all started some years ago. He just turned 16. At this time My body was already quite well developed. My arms were at 15.75 inches, my legs were big and I had some abs and noticeable pecs. That was when I started working out. I often picked on my friend and fun wrestled him as he had no chance against me (I was 6 feet tall- almost 6 inches shorter than him but weighed 170lbs). It was so funny to see him trying to get out of a headscissor or a headlock by using all his strenght. He someday told me not to humiliate him any longer because he’d feel extremely sad and weak... So when he turned 17 he started hitting the gym too. His first half year transformation was insane! He put on 33lbs! From 165 to 198 lbs. His arms swell like nothing I had ever seen, he probably had 13inch arms but now they were at 15.75! (Mine were 17in at this time.) His legs started to show some muscles and his pecs were already as big as mine. He started to show some abs too. So today, 3.5 years later he’s 20 and took going to the gym quite serious - primarily because he wanted to become a better Football player. We ALWAYS went to the gym together but he gained much faster than I did. He pretty soon was able to deadlift 440lbs several times and benchpress 330lbs once. His legs are at 30inches and his chest at 47inches circumference. His arms don’t look like arms anymore- they passed the 19 inch mark as mine rested only at 18. His abs were fucking ripped and his bulging obliques formed an awesome V-line. He weighed 245lbs and had bulging abs. Just imagine that. People were afraid of him, for example when we went out partying and someone was in his way, they immediately apologised. Also tons of girls felt up his arms and pecs as he bounced them well visible under his tshirt in the middle of the dance floor. One day we were at our flat in the city and had some friends over. We were all quite drunk and made fun of each other. I somehow said something stupid about him. He stood up and “fun wrestled” me. But what was fun for him was hell for me. He grabbed my arms, wrapped them around me, threw me onto the couch, sat down on me, wrapped only one of his huge hands around my throat and said:,, Never disrespect me again in front of everyone else” I was shocked. He was fucking strong. Not even I could have finished him that fast three years ago. He could have killed me in less than 15 seconds if he wanted to... As everyone left he came to me. I thought he’d say sorry or something but instead he just said:,, Now I’m the stronger one of us -,,SHRIMP“! The FAR stronger one! It’s my time to humiliate you now!” I was shook. At that point I was really afraid of him, towering in front of me with his huge muscles. I just said ok, and took some steps away from him, turned around and started going to my room. When he just silently said:,,Now is the time to humiliate YOU...” I turned around and saw how he took off his shirt, uncovering his huuuge pecs and ripped abs. I could almost see the blood rushing through the veins on his chest and arms. I was really afraid at this moment. He threw his shirt to me. “Smell it!” “No, why should i?”, I said “Because I am the alpha now! Sooner or later you’ll smell on it!” He ran to me, grabbed my neck from behind and rubbed his shirt into my face. “But why just smell my shirt, if you could smell... ME!” He turned me around and flexed his arm. “Kiss this biceps.” I just looked at him. “KISS IT!” He pushed my head against his peak and flexed it intermittently. He dragged my head from his biceps over his armpit to his pecs and gave me a bearhug. “Stop! You’re hurting me!” I screamed. He just laughed:,, Hahaha! So what?! That’s not even 50% of my strenght!” He tightened the bearhug even more and bounced his meaty, massive, naked pecs into my face. I got really hard and just hoped that he didn’t notice. My trousers were quite loose and that’s when he noticed. “What have we got here? Lil’ omega boy is aroused by some real steel muscles overpowering him?”, he said as he let go of the bearhug. He dropped me onto the couch. He had me in a headlock immediately. He wrapped his huge biceps around my... my.... mouth?! He really was playing with me... as I wanted to bite his biceps he flexed it, laughed and said: ,,Watch out for your teeth, weakling!” He wrapped his arms around my neck now- totally cutting off my air supply. The only thing that didn’t make me pass out was the fact that he flexed and bounced his 19 inch bicepspeak intermittently. But as he stopped I had to tap. He totally let go of me. I was stunned. It could have been that easy?! His arms were almost half way back at him as he wrapped them around y neck again, layed on my back and said:,, Only weaklings tap...” and he made me pass out. I woke up again. All I saw were his massive calves because he put me in a headscissor while I was knocked out. First thing I noticed were all those veins running down his super hairless tree trunk legs. Wait. What was that? He only took off his shirt before?! And he wore a long blue Jean just before he sent me to sleep... Does that mean that he’s... naked...? ,,Ah, so you’re back, twink! Now you get to feel how it is to be totally humiliated.After tensing his massive quads a few times he somehow turned me around so that now my neck was just a bit above his knee I was facing towards his... cock. I could see his massive, vascular 30inch tree trunk legs. But what impressed me at least as much as his muscles was that cock. It was limp, but really thick and already quite long. It was waaay bigger than mine... actually I‘ve never seen such a massive prick, not even in porn He shove it up my throat and I felt it growing in my mouth.... It filled out the whole space in my mouth as it grew bigger and bigger. It was crazy how big it actually was. Because of his massive tree tunk legs and his overall massive frame his dick was much bigger than it seemed. It already almost filled out my mouth as it was limp. But as it got hard I felt it growing down my throat. Inch by inch. I tried to bend my head backwards but his huge quads were in my way. I gagged and nearly suffocated again because I didn’t know what cut off my airway more, his leg muscles which he flexed all the time or his giant cock... As he got fully erected he started talking to me:,, So, lil weakling! U remember when u were the stronger one of us? Those times are over now and will never come back again! I am the alpha now! No, I’m more than alpha... I’m a god!” He grabbed my hair and moved my head, so that I was giving him a blowjob right now. ,,Well twink, just accept it, I am way stronger than you are.” He started moving his hips. ,,I could easily break you into pieces, just look at my arms, man! They are way bigger than yours! Hmm, if I am a muscle god, u should also treat me like one!” He took my left hand and laid it onto his pec. He started bouncing it. After a while he slid my hand over his rock hard abs. Up and down, up and down with his cock still deep down in my throat. I could feel all his masculinity rush through his cock and his pulse beating in those massive muscles. He then loosened the legscissors and slowly moved my head back from his cock. It looked like it never wanted to end. He pulled out and pulled out, i was really amazed that all that fit inside my mouth. It must have been at least 9inches long... I was totally out of breath as he got up to kneel in front of me on the couch. It was so impressive... he started flexing all his muscles. He did a double biceps pose, flexed his rocky abs, bounced his pecs, tensed his traps. Totally naked. ,,Don’t you get it?!”, he shouted at me as he again reached out for my neck and pulled my face to his chest. He rubbed my face all over those gorgeous pecs and abs. ,,You are my little bitch by now! You are supposed to do everything I command you! I mean, you could try to resist but in the end there’s nothing you could do against me...!”, he said. ,,You should clean up my muscles. Too bad I didn’t sweat by wrestling with u... guess I’d have to work out with you now to get started.” He commanded me to get naked too. He then told me to get on his shoulders to do some pullups. My cock was rock hard all the time and pressing against his lower back. As he went down to do some pushups he told me to get on his back. I did so. He started pushing. It still seemed very easy for him. And then I noticed something. I was in the perfect position to get him in a headlock. Should I really dare to do this? It the only way I could show him that I’m not that weak as he says. I slowly moved my arm under his throat, pulled it back to me And locked it with my other arm. I had him. I had this muscle monster in a real headlock- HIS throat against MY biceps. But what was that? Quite unimpressed he just stood up and started running backwards into the wall. He really bumped me in quite hard but I still had him. I could feel him loose his breath and he started to panic a bit. Now he took together all his left over strength and bowed over, throwing me over his head with my back hitting the floor. Fuck. I probably gonna be dead now. He stood up from his kneeling position and what I saw was frightening. His legs and arms as well as his lower abs and chest were totally covered in veins. They were bulging on his totally pumped muscles. He was breathing very hard and heavy. ,,You really shouldn’t have done that! You know what I gotta do now!!!”, he said really angry. He ran over to me, just like a fucking tank, his pecs were jumping with every step. His massive limp dick was bouncing too. He punched me in my stomach making me go to the ground. Then he wrapped his 19inch arms around my neck, adjusted them a bit an flexed them. I was really afraid that he was going to kill me now... I tapped but passed out again... I came back... I wasn’t dead?! I opened my eyes and saw him towering over me. His massive 30inch legs, his huge cock, those swelling ripped abs, his crazy arms and everything was still covered in those thick veins. He truly looked like an animal. ,,I don’t know why you don’t get it weakling! I am the alpha now, I’m almost twice your size, you stand no chance against me!!”, he said. He wrapped both his big muscular long fingers around my neck and lifted me up with his bare hands- choking me at the same time. I was some inches above the ground, just so that my eyes were on the same level as his. He stared into my eyes like a wild beast right before breaking the neck of it’s prey. In a matter of no time he dropped me and held me in a bearhug. I could feel his massive chest and ripped abs on my limp and weakened body... My cock grew rock hard and pressed against his upper quad. ,,U like that?!”, he said as he squeezed me harder. I wanted to say something but I just wasn’t able anymore. I had no air, no strength and was totally done... ,,Awww, lil boy is so exhausted he can’t speak no more... HAHAHAH WHAT A WEAKLING!”, he screamed and tightened the bearhug even more. I felt his monster cock grow bigger and bigger too-pressing against my (much less ripped) abs. He made me pass out again... I wasn’t even aware that a bearhug could make you pass out... As I regained my consciousness I found myself still in his arms. ,,It’s so easy to overpower you. Guess how easy it would be to kill you! But then I’d have nobody to worship my muscles. Well except all those girls...”, he said. He dropped me on the floor and I was amazed by what I saw... A ripped monster with huge bulging muscles all covered in veins - jerking a huge cock... ,,I sweat just a little, twink. But enough for you to clean me up.” He hit a double biceps pose and made me stand up. I didn’t have enough energy to ask or even just say something anymore. I got his point. He was so submissive... I should have done all this three years ago with him... Back when I was able to do that... ,,LICK THEM!”, he said flexing his biceps. I did so. And I loved it. The salty taste of his testosterone loaded sweat. The form of his arms with all those veins... I cleaned his hole body. From his armpit to his massive chest. He bounced it so his pecs would jump a few inches what made it hard to keep my tongue on his skin. I caught a lot of “underboob sweat”. He grabbed my head and lead it around while I licked his washboard abs. I knew that it’s not gonna be enough for him... he pressed me downwards even more. Now my mouth was at those big balls. They smelled really manly. He didn’t even have to command me. I sucked up all his sweat and started swallowing his massive prick. I wanted to give him the best blowjob he ever received... I felt up his muscles with my hands. As I run my fingers down his abs with one hand and worshipped the inside of his huge thighs he came. ,,Mhhhhh... Now you know your place. I don’t allow you to spit it out! Eat it- it’s extra protein for you!” I really loved his taste. I chewed on it and I hope that his testosterone loaded load will give me a boost in strength... I’ll probably suck him off more often, perhaps I’m gonna become as big as him some day....
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