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  1. Part 1 – The High School Hero Chapter 1 I’ve never embraced the spotlight. I’ve had many chances at having the center of attention all to myself, but that’s not who I am as a person. I like to be just on the outskirts of the spotlight—close enough that I can feel its warmth and people can see me, but not so close that it blinds me. If I wanted to be magnificently famous, it would have happened. I had many opportunities. Instead, though, I stayed on those outskirts. My life has changed drastically depending on whose outskirts I was staying on. The high school hero, the college con-artist, the West California wild card, the Hollywood hunk—they each changed me in very different ways. But I don’t want to tell my whole life story—every grocery trip, every load of laundry, every DMV line. I do want to give the highlights, though. Because, oh, have I had some highlights. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself. I guess I should really start by explaining my nickname. My name is Gerald P. Vaughn, but it’s my most intimate nickname that really matters. I’ve had many casual nicknames throughout my life, but only a select few have ever called me The Repository. My high school boyfriend gave that particular nickname to me. I didn’t know then why Gregg picked me. He was the hunky hero of the football team. I was the editor of yearbook who spent my weekends writing fan-fic of Spider-man and The Hunger Games. He had firm, taut muscles and dazzlingly blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. I had a somewhat slight frame, and mud-brown hair and eyes. He was well over six feet tall. I was a slightly more than average 6’, my only really distinguishing feature being my height. He came from money and was super popular. I worked at a deli part time to help the family expenses and had a small but tight-knit circle of friends. Gregg and I only met because we had the same AP English class. I’d noticed him freshman year, but I don’t think he even knew my name until we had that English class together. At our little high school in Illinois, any student taking an AP class senior year had to take a special one-day seminar at the end of their junior years to give us our summer assignments so we could hit the ground running come September. That’s where Gregg and I officially met. He asked me out, and we dated in secret all summer. He was still closeted, so we couldn’t date openly, but I was still a teenager—so I didn’t really care. I liked having him as my secret. We would spend muggy summer afternoons in my attic bedroom in each other’s embrace. We didn’t do a lot of talking, but we spent a lot of time together. I couldn’t get enough of his athletic torso and pert pecs. He couldn’t get enough of my kisses. Gregg told me I was an amazing kisser. He wouldn’t be the last. A few months into our relationship, a week after my 18th birthday, we finally decided it was time to go beyond the heavy petting and hand jobs and try some serious sex. After the dance of condoms and lube, Gregg prepared to top me. He pounded me dutifully with his girthy 5 inches, but lasted all of two minutes. Apparently, Mr. Football Hotshot was a virgin before he started dating me. He’d had girlfriends, he'd told me, but I guess none of those girls had gotten as far with him as I had. I wasn’t going to hold it against him; I was a virgin before I started dating him too. When he finished, he told me it was my turn. My head was so filled with stereotypes about gay sex and who tops who that I actually didn’t expect he’d give me a turn topping, and I was so excited to try. I put the condom on my eager (and perfectly average) 6 inch dick, and I began working myself into him. I wanted to fuck him hard and good, but given the disparity in our bodies, I didn’t think I could. Then, instinctively, it occurred to me. “Lend me ten pounds,” I said. “What?” he asked in a fog of sex and confusion. “Lend me ten pounds of muscle,” I repeated, adding, “Please.” Perhaps thinking it was some kind of role play, he meekly said, “Okay. You can borrow ten pounds of muscle.” As soon as he said it, his muscles diminished a little. He was still firm and big, but nowhere near as big as he had just been. At the same time, I felt my body become more solid, stronger, taking up more space. My flat chest blossomed a little, my arms thickened, my abs tightened, my ass firmed. His ten pounds were in my body, and I used them to start fucking him harder and more thoroughly. Gregg looked at our bodies, and a look of joy spread over his face as I picked up the pace of my fucking. “You can borrow another ten, as long as you fuck me senseless,” he said, giving into the passion. Ten more pounds melted off his physique. He still looked fit and healthy with a trim midsection, but he looked more like an up-and-coming football player rather than a football star. I, meanwhile, now looked like I’d been working out for years, building my body up to teenaged muscular perfection. My chest was thick and proud, my arms were strong and solid, and my ass flexed into round relief as I plowed Gregg thoroughly. He came for the second time before I came once. But when I did climax, the might I had in my borrowed muscles flexed and tensed, drawing up close to the surface. Looking down at my reduced boyfriend, my body was thicker and meatier than his, a realization that spurred my orgasm to greater heights. I pulled out and rolled over so we could spoon, and as soon as he had his arms around me, I said, “Okay. You can have them back now.” When I said it, my form returned to its normal state, and the arms around me grew strong and burly, Gregg’s arms as I had come to know them.
  2. Hi, everyone! So I'm starting this experimental series to see if a more traditional narrative would work here, and I would really appreciate all feedback and critique to help me improve. This is mostly going to involve more plot and character than growing, although there will still be a lot of growing done. It just won't be the main focus (for now). Writing is something I don't normally get to do on a regular basis, but it's something I want to make a living out of, so all advice is incredibly welcome. I am more than willing to alter the way the narrative develops and is written depending on how people prefer their pacing and writing. Thanks and enjoy! Hard at Work [Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5a -5b - 6 - 7 - 8a - 8b - 8c - 9 - 10 - 11a - 11b - 12a - 12b - 13] PART 1 Working at my job wasn’t exactly the most exciting thing in the world, but it paid the bills. On an average day, I would sit at my desk, wondering how a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry got me a job in human resources. It’s not like I had particularly good chemistry with other people either. During my time at the company so far, I’ve only been able to get close to two people. One of them was a co-worker of mine named Marcus. He often pulled pranks on me and made childish jokes at my expense whenever we took a break for coffee. Normally, him being a 23-year-old man, anyone would expect some sort of maturity or sense of responsibility. Marcus was nothing of the sort. He played around far too much and just did whatever the hell he wanted to. Every attempt our boss had at scolding him fell on deaf ears. With any other employee, our boss’ words would stop us dead in our tracks. Boss had that charismatic, authoritative aura about him. Unlike Marcus, our boss, Mr. Wesley Smith, or just Wes, took everything seriously. He had a reputation to uphold. Sure, he had his fair share of dad jokes every now and then, but people in the workplace were already so used to Marcus’ absurd antics that nobody ever really noticed. The three of us were often referred to around the office as the “threesome of power.” In one way or another, we all held some sort of power around the office. Wes had his obvious influence and status. Marcus had his absurdity and over-all charisma. Compared to them, I didn’t have as much. All anyone ever told me was that I was the glue that held together our little threesome. In my opinion, it’s just an excuse to call us a threesome since we’re always together. I wasn’t a big fan of the name, honestly. Especially since I was the only gay one. The main reason people chose to describe us as a “threesome” specifically is that Marcus and Wes were probably the most attractive and sought-after guys at the workplace. Marcus was 5’11” and pretty damn attractive. He had wavy, blonde hair that looked like it was streaked with chocolate, and his eyebrows were incredibly thick and a deep chestnut. Of the three of us, he also had the best body. He had been a model in his university years, so he developed a toned, muscled body with a deep V-shaped torso and disproportionate pecs and shoulders. On the other hand, Wes wasn’t bad looking, but all his time spent in bars showed. He was a good-looking man for his age, 31, having South-East Asian genes, and he had a strong square face that accentuated his stocky figure, being only 5’6”. He did go to the gym after work, but he developed a gut after all the vodka. People often say his most attractive feature is his cat eyes. His eyebrows also tilted inwards, so he always had this fierceness about him. It didn’t seem like he was meant to be built in any way besides a small tank either. While Marcus and Wes were the stars of our threesome, I was labeled the “DUFF.” I was only 24, but the new terms the kids kept coming up with always got lost on me. I was the least attractive among us, I must admit. 5’7” isn’t exactly a height anyone would be flaunting off. It’s not that I looked like Quasimodo though. I was just… average—nothing spectacular about me. On one particularly rainy day, Marcus approached me at my desk, wearing his favorite sky blue button-down. He leaned over the divider with a coffee in his hand and sipped it so loudly it echoed. “What are we gonna do about the rain? Do you wanna just move bar night to Wes’ condo again?” he asked. “Yeah, but have you asked him? We might still be banned since you wrecked his condo the last time.” Marcus flubbed his lips, nearly spilling his coffee on my desk. “Don’t worry about it! Wes’ll understand. Besides, this time we got someone to clean our shit.” “I’m not cleaning your mess this time, Marcus.” “Not you, stupid. I meant the new intern. Wes said he was coming in today.” I looked at him, puzzled. “What new intern? No one told me about any new interns.” “That’s because you never join the meetings.” “What? The last meeting we had was two months ago, and literally all we talked about was how you put red food coloring in the water tanks to make it look like we were drinking blood.” Marcus laughed. “Well, now we just have meetings at the bar. I managed to convince him to move our meetings to the conference room with the dancers.” He chuckled. I sighed. “Fine, whatever. What’s his name? The intern, I mean.” “Ah, wait.” Eric brought out his phone. “I’ll ask Wes.” We waited for the phone to pick up. As soon as we heard Wes’ voice, Marcus didn’t hesitate to yell. “Yo, Wes!” I could hear an audible sigh come from the phone. “What’s up, Marcus? I’m kinda busy right now.” “I just told Dory about the new intern, but I forgot his name. What was it again?” “Froy Adamson. 20 years old from Harbridge University. He just texted and said he was coming up. Could you two let him in and show him around? Thanks.” “Sure thing, sir.” Marcus bounced his head to the side and looked at me as if he were planning something. He always did his squinted eyes, raised eyebrows, and pouted mouth. It was a staple of his. He wasn’t fooling anyone doing a face like that. I wonder if he ever noticed. He put the phone back in his pocket. “Well, Dory, looks like you’ve got some more work to do.” I knew it. “Seriously? Didn’t he tell us to handle him? To-ge-ther?” Marcus shrugged. “Well, I’ve got some work to do, and I’m reeaally tired.” He yawned. “You can handle the kid by yourself, right?” I said yes, and he was off, walking back to his desk. I don’t know why I let him do this to me. He’s lucky he was hot. Before I could prepare myself for the new intern, there was a knock coming from the glass door. I got up and headed over. Only people without access cards couldn’t get in and had to knock, which meant it had to be the intern. If I heard correctly, his name was supposed to be Froy, and a student at Harbridge… damn, someone was loaded. I got to the glass door and saw him standing outside. He was wearing a black button-down with his sleeves rolled up and skintight black jeans. They must have been pretty big too since he looked like he had to be at least 6’1”. His jet black hair was short and cropped with little spikes sticking up. He had a cute face too. He had the most precious baby button nose and pronounced dimples, making him look younger than he actually was. I wouldn’t be surprised if girls crushed on him everywhere. He had a decently lean body, but he definitely had bodybuilder potential by the way his broad shoulders stuck outwards, much like Marcus’. However, it didn’t seem like he was the braggart type. If anything, he was a bookworm. He looked like he lived and breathed in a library. All he was missing was a pair of glasses, but instead, he had the most perfect eyelashes. The poor thing seemed soaked by the rain. I opened the door for him and let him come inside, causing him to shiver in his shirt from the cold, freezer-like office temperature. He smiled at me and giggled nervously. “Sorry, sir,” he said with a nervous smile. “I forgot to bring an umbrella. I didn’t think it would rain today.” My heart hadn’t fluttered in so long by a guy’s voice. The last time I felt this elevated was when I was still in college and chatting up the star football athlete before he got caught doping and got expelled. I missed having crushes like this. Thankfully, Froy seemed to be legal. A co-worker of mine already got fired once for having “intimate relations” with an underage intern. I wasn’t going to be next. “It’s fine. Are you Froy?” I asked. He nodded. “Yes, sir. I was supposed to start last week, but my mother had an emergency at the hospital, so I couldn’t leave.” “It’s fine, don’t worry. Family first,” I said. “Did you bring an extra shirt? You might get sick if you wear that wet shirt here all day.” “No, sir. I don’t have anything to change into. Sorry.” I grabbed his forearm. “It’s fine. Here, I’ll let you borrow one of my backup shirts.” “Sir, are you sure?” “Yeah, it’s fine.” I brought him to my desk where I grabbed him a seat. My co-workers who passed by would smile at him, enticed by his cute face and meek demeanor. He’d greet them back with a small wave and shy smile. Some people even came up and asked me if he was my new boyfriend. How many times did I have to tell everyone that I’ve never had a boyfriend before? They were just making the boy uncomfortable. I brought out a plain white shirt from my emergency kit and handed it over to him. He looked it over and thinking about it now, it was probably too small for him. Such was a con of being six inches shorter than someone. He held it up to the light, trying to estimate its size. “I don’t think it’s gonna fit,” I said. “Could I try it on, sir? Just to be sure?” “Sure, go ahead. Just don’t tear it.” I leaned back into my seat as I watched him begin unbuttoning his button-down. At the back of my mind, I knew this was leaning towards sexual harassment—and on the first day of his internship to boot—but I couldn’t help myself. The kid wasn’t reacting negatively either, so I guessed he was okay with it. A lawsuit was the last thing I needed. He started from the top-down, exposing his lean muscle underneath. He had a decently-sized chest for his leanness, and I never noticed how perky his nipples were underneath the black fabric either. There was no body hair on him too, just like Wes. “Nice abs,” I said. He blushed. “Ah, thank you, sir.” “You go to the gym or something? You play sports?” “No, sir. I used to be part of the gymnastics team, but I quit so I could focus on my studies.” Froy raised up his arms and tried squeezing into my shirt. He stuck his head through the tight hole and did his best to stretch out my shirt to fit in as much as possible. He looked ridiculous. It was like a man trying to wear a child’s dress. “You’ve still got a nice frame. If you went to the gym, I bet you could build it up easily,” I said. He looked ridiculous in my shirt. The sleeves didn’t even reach past his shoulders, so the fabric dug into his armpits. The shirt only reached the first set of abs, exposing his core and defined pelvis. It looked like a crop top. How he even got into something so tight is still a mystery to me. “Sir, I’m not sure I can wear this.” “Obviously.” I punched his abs. “Come on, let’s go ask someone else. I’m too short to be lending you my clothes.” “You’re not too short, sir.” “Yeah, you’re just too tall.” I told him to take off the shirt. He looked like he was in too much pain to be wearing something so ridiculous before we found a better replacement. As he raised it over his head and pulled his arms through the sleeves, he accidentally tore it down the side from the left sleeve down to the hem. He froze in panic. “Sir, I’m so sorry, sir, I didn’t mean to break your shirt. It was an accident, sir, I swear.” “Don’t worry about it,” I said. “It’s just a shirt.” His lean torso was now exposed to the cold of the office again, but at least he wasn’t squeezed so tightly in my shirt. I didn’t want to kill him before Marcus did. I couldn’t afford that kind of blood on my hands at my age. No way my salary was going to cover it. I led the tall kid over to Marcus’ desk at the other end of the office. Marcus looked visibly disturbed, watching in silence as I approached with a tall, shirtless kid following closely behind me. I didn’t know what he was going to say or do. His eyes just kept darting back and forth between us, seemingly asking me, “What the fuck is going on?” “Hey, Marcus, this is the intern, and he—” “Why is he shirtless?” Marcus interrupted. I looked back at Froy, looking lost as always. “He got wet in the rain, and I told him I’d get him a new shirt. I tried giving him mine, but, uh…” Marcus raised an eyebrow. “But what? Dory, I need to tell you as a friend that you are very small. Did you try lending him your shirt? Was it too small? Did you come all the way here, to my cubicle, while I’m working, to ask for a shirt from me?” “Yes.” “Alright, here you go.” Marcus dug into his drawer and tossed Froy a clean, black shirt. Froy looked confused but put on the shirt. It fit him perfectly. Thankfully, Marcus’ tailored shirts to fit his broad shoulders and chest fit Froy just right. It was a bit short at the hem though. His pelvis would peek whenever he moved, but he was well-covered. The sleeves also accentuated what muscle he had on his arms, as expected from Marcus. “I have to say though, he’s got a nice body,” Marcus said. “The ‘overtime work’ he’ll be doing later is gonna be a nice work-out.” “Marcus, he’s not a maid.” “And I’m not Frida Kahlo.” “You aren’t.” “Shut up,” Marcus said. “Hey, kid, you’ll be coming with us after work, right?” Froy’s eyes grew wide. “Uh…” “Marcus, it’s only his first day. He doesn’t even know our names yet!” “It’ll be fiiiine. My name’s Marcus Fringe, and there’s your Sir Dorian Yale. You can just call us Marcus and Dory. Our boss is Sir Wesley Smith: short, stocky Asian dude. You can call him Wes. If you ever wanna come work for us, you could be a part of our little circle of friends here. We got cookies.” “Oh, I like cookies,” Froy whispered. “Stop fucking with my intern, Marcus.” “You’re not my mom.” Wes’ office was right in front of Marcus’ cubicle. Any time Marcus made too much noise or whenever Wes would leave for the washroom and caught Marcus doing something stupid, Wes would be the first to scold him. He often threatened to lower his pay, but Marcus didn’t care. They were too close to actually do anything like that. As we were talking, the door to Wes’ office opened. He walked out, wearing a skintight banana yellow collared shirt that showed off his muscles and small gut. Every shirt in his wardrobe seemed to be skintight. I remember him telling us once that he was raised to only wear the tightest clothing because it makes you look bigger. He was only 5’6”, so I could understand why. “Why are you making so much noise, Marcus?” he asked, standing in the doorway. “Oh.” I waved at him. “Hi, sir. This is Froy, the intern. I was just asking Marcus for an extra shirt since he got wet in the rain.” “Well, take care of him then. Show him around the floor or something, I dunno,” Wes said. “Oh, and Dory…” “Yes, sir?” “Take him out with ya later, aight? We’re gonna have a little fun.” Oh god. “Yes, sir.” Wes was returning to his office when Froy spoke up. “Oh, sir!” he said. “How do I get through the door? I don’t have an access card.” “Hm? You don’t need an access card. You just grab the handle, twist it, then pull. That’s how you open a door.” “Wes, never speak again,” Marcus said. “What about this?” Wes whispered. “Or this ♪?” he sang. “I’m done,” I said. “And I’m just getting started!” He fired double finger guns at me with the silliest grin, laughing at himself immediately afterwards. We all separated and went back to our work for the day. I finished up the rest of my work as fast as I could so that I’d have more time to tour Froy around the building. It was just a hunch, but I thought he’d appreciate the convenience store. The store has an unlimited sundae cone deal where you could get as much ice cream as you wanted as long as it’s in one continuous swirl and it doesn’t fall over. When we got there, I saw his eyes light up like a child at the carnival. He wasted no time and immediately ordered a sundae cone. I didn’t even have to tell him. It seemed like he was used to doing this sort of thing already. By the time the ice cream was five inches tall, I was getting worried. It looked like it would fall at any moment. “Froy, are you sure you wanna keep going?” “Yes, sir! I’ve done this before. My mom calls me a master at this.” By the time it reached 8 inches tall, he stopped the machine. He stood still at first, watching it intently. It looked like he was trying to connect his soul to the sundae, becoming one with its spirit or something. When he finally got it to stabilize, he smiled. “See, sir?” he said. Then he raised it up and dunked it in his mouth, all the way down to the cone. My eyes grew wide. Froy just took in 8 inches of freezing cold sundae in his mouth like it was nothing. “What the fuck? Did you just eat the entire thing in one bite?” He nodded, still swallowing the ice cream. When he finished, he accidentally exhaled into my face, filling my nose with his cold, breath-infused chocolate smell. He apologized and offered to wipe it off my nose. I had to tell him to stop since he still had the cone to finish. “How the fuck did you do that?” “My brothers taught me when I was younger how to exercise my gag reflex so I could take in more things. I could fit a whole foot-long in my mouth too!” he said. “It just got kinda messy… so we had to stop.” His face sunk. The cute smile he wore faded away after it seemed like he remembered something. “What happened?” “They, uh, taught me to give them blowjobs when I was 12. I thought it was normal for a few years, then they got arrested for selling drugs when I was 15. My mother told me they were horrible to me and told me what they were doing to me was wrong. So now I’m trying to find a job to pay for my mother’s hospital bills since I’m her only family left. She already used up all her savings on my tuition.” I felt horrible for him and found myself hugging him. He was stiff and caught in surprise at first, but he softened up and wrapped his arms around me too. I didn’t know he lived like this. I couldn’t take advantage of someone like him. It wouldn’t be right. “I’m so sorry.” He gave his ice cream a quick lick. “Don’t worry, sir, it’s fine. I’m over it now. I still miss them though.” “Who? Your brothers? They molested you as a kid. You shouldn’t be missing them. They deserve to rot in prison.” “We used to play games every day outside our house. They even bought me a goldfish once for my 14th birthday since it was all they could afford with their own money. I named him Pudge.” We headed back to my desk upstairs after finishing his ice cream and filing for his access card. The issue with his brothers was something we didn’t want to bring up too much in case he got triggered. More than half the office had already gone home for the day. Marcus, Wes, and I planned to leave for Wes’ condo at 8pm with Froy together. After I finished up, I asked Froy if he was okay with it. It was only his first day as an intern. I wouldn’t be surprised if he declined. Who knows what we might have been planning to do to him outside office hours? “It’s okay with me, sir.” “Are you sure? I haven’t even told you what we were doing.” “Oh, uh,” he said before chuckling nervously. “We’re going to your sir Wes’s condo to drink. Wes and Marcus just want you to be their sober caretaker, so you don’t have to go if you don’t want to.” Froy waved his hands. “Oh, no, sir, it’s okay with me. I’m used to being the sober one with my friends.” “Oh, okay. And don’t worry about something bad happening to you. None of us have ever done anything crazy before. Besides, Marcus is straight, and Wes is bi, but he has a family. I’m the only gay one here.” His eyebrows shot up. “You’re gay, sir?” “Yeah, why?” He looked away. “Nothing, sir.” That led me to wonder. Was he also gay? I guessed I could always figure that out some other time. After we packed up, we headed down to the basement carpark where Marcus and Wes were waiting for us at Wes’ truck. There were paper cups everywhere. It seemed like they’d been waiting there for a few years by the way they were lounging around and drinking coffee endlessly. When we got there, Marcus walked up to me and grabbed me by the shoulders. “What the fuck took you so long?” he asked. His pointed gaze shot into my skull. “You told me not to fuck with your intern, but is it really me you should be worrying about?” “We were just finishing up some shit. It took longer than expected. Sorry ‘bout it.” “Just get in the fucking truck already!” Wes yelled. “The vodka isn’t gonna drink itself!” I sat in the passenger seat, with Marcus and Froy in the back. It was the system we developed together when we first started hanging out at bars a few months ago. Marcus hated seatbelts and feeling claustrophobic, and I preferred the safety of the seatbelt. The three of us normally went out to the bar down the street on foot, but tonight, we decided to head to Wes’ condo instead to avoid the rain. The only thing different was that we had Froy with us. “Hey, kid, what was your name again?” Marcus asked. “Uh, sir, Froy Adamson, sir.” “Froy?” Marcus began to chuckle. He was visibly struggling to hold in his laughter. “Like fro-yo?” Froy was silent. “...Yes, sir. Frozen yogurt.” Marcus released his contained laughter, nearly keeling over his seat. Froy became worried and began to panic. Wes and I had to reassure him that making fun of people’s names was just something Marcus did on a daily basis to everyone around the office. Marcus was only a year younger than me, but he had the heart of a child that he never grew out of. We loved that about him. Marcus placed a hand on Froy’s shoulder. “I like this kid,” he said. Froy blushed. “I’m sure you do,” Wes said. “Everyone loves yogurt.” “Don’t predate on my intern, Marcus!” “I don’t wanna hear that from you, Dory!” Marcus said. “Hey, kid. I’ve been planning on going back to the gym again. If you ever wanna come with, just tell me, okay? You look like you’d be a great workout partner.” “Hey, what about me? Why do you ask the intern before your boss who you KNOW goes to the gym?” Wes asked. “How tall are you again, Wes?” Marcus asked. “Right now, about as high as your chances at a promotion, Marcus.” Marcus threw his arms around Wes’ seat. “Hey, come on! It was just a joke! It’s just too hard to be gym buddies with someone so short. Plus you’ve got that tiny gut.” “I can’t help it! Vodka might as well be my blood of Christ.” “So you’re a cannibal?” “What do you think happened to my first boyfriend?” The conversation continued for the next half hour on the road. Froy and I remained silent for the most part while Marcus and Wes bantered, with us being brought in every so often as jokes. Marcus couldn’t let go of “fro-yo.” The rain blocked the streets and kept us in traffic longer than we would have wanted. Wes began getting calls from his wife, asking about where he was since his kids were getting impatient after being locked up for so long. When we got to the forest separating Wes’ condo complex from the city district, Marcus brought out these small white pills he hid inside a tic-tac box. The resemblance was uncanny. Froy and I watched him, unaware of what the pills would do. No one was around to help if Marcus did something stupid. “Hey, Wes. You want a tic-tac?” Marcus asked. Froy and I watched in silence, fully aware of what Marcus was trying to do. “If you’re trying to bribe me for a pay raise again, it’s gonna take more than a tic-tac this time.” “No, seriously, come on. It’s just a candy. Completely free. No strings attached.” Wes held out a hand, and Marcus placed one on his palm. “This better not be another one of your fucking pranks, Marcus. The last one is still giving my kids diarrhea.” Wes threw the small white pill in his mouth without any hesitation. Suddenly, his stomach grumbled loudly. “God damn it, Marcus.” Marcus laughed and slammed his hand repeatedly against the back of Wes’ seat. Froy shifted closer to the door in fear. “What did you give him, Marcus?” I asked. “Dying in a car crash with you was not on my list of things to-do today.” “Mine too,” Froy mumbled. “Relax! It’s harmless. I already tried it on my dog, and nothing happened to her.” “I’m not a dog, Marcus! I’m your boss!” “And I’m not a scientist!” “That doesn’t make things any better, Marcus—Oh, my god... what the fuck is going on...” Wes looked uncomfortable, shifting around like there was a cactus on his seat. I looked down and saw that he was growing a tent in his pants. At first, I thought it was just viagra, but then a wet spot began to form. Wes’ face was red as a tomato and was completely speechless. I could smell the familiar smell that filled my room after school as a kid. Wes came. He came right in front of all of us. He didn’t even have to touch himself or do anything for it either. I looked back at Marcus and Froy, and Marcus’ face was frozen in a face of pure glee. He had the expression of a child witnessing Santa for the first time and couldn’t be happier. Froy on the other hand was completely mortified. The poor thing didn’t know how to react. Wes was barely able to keep his focus on the road because of the way he was feeling. He just came in his pants. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what that pill did to him. Wes stopped the truck at a nearby tree and turned off the truck, running out and checking the damages at a tree out of sight. The three of us followed suit. Marcus didn’t even look the least bit guilty about what he just did. Froy stood by me, waiting and watching for what happened next. “What the fuck did you give me?” Wes asked. Marcus waved his hands in the air. “Nothing! I swear it was just a bunch of random shit I found in my kitchen. I didn’t think it would do anything.” “Well, it did! Now my favorite pants are ruined.” Wes stepped back into the moonlight where we saw a massive wet spot all over his crotch. If we didn’t know it was cum, we might’ve mistaken it for piss just by its sheer quantity. I didn’t think it was possible to cum so much. Judging by the defined outline running down his left thigh as well, it seemed he was hiding more than just one secret. The short man had to compensate somewhere. “God damn it, Marcus.” “Come on, I’m sorry. I swear I didn’t mean it. I was gonna try it on myself, but I wanted to see if it—” “If it killed me?” “Well, no, but—” “I can’t believe I already wet myself… I haven’t even had a fucking bottle yet. You owe me for this.” Marcus shot me a look of relieved anguish, knowing he wasn’t going lose his job or his friendship. He walked up to Wes and helped him clean up by the tree. While Wes and Marcus were off cleaning up, Froy and I wandered a bit off to the forest to take in the beautiful nighttime scenery overlooking the city. The city lights shined brightly over the trees. They gave off an iridescent spotlight-lit night sky that shadowed the tree leaves and branches, blocking out the stars but lighting up the darkness. “This is a great view,” I said. “Yes, sir,” Froy replied. As we were enjoying our quiet time alone together, Froy noticed what looked like a shooting star in the empty sky. Wes and Marcus came over and joined us in staring at the falling light. A thought occurred to me, however, that this was not how falling stars normally worked. It looked as though it were literally falling out of the sky. I’m pretty sure falling stars aren’t supposed to look like they’re coming straight at us. “Hey, that’s no fucking shooting star, you idiots! That’s a meteor!” Wes said. “Hide behind something!” We could barely react when we saw that it was already a building’s height away from us. Froy and I hid behind a nearby tree. Marcus sprinted across to the truck with Wes. The burning rock rang a piercing loud screech in our ears before crash landing into the clearing between us and the truck. Flaming debris flew everywhere, covering the area in a black soot. Smoke filled the air for a good few minutes until we were able to breathe and see things again. All four of us emerged from our hiding spots and eyed the strange rock. Froy, Wes, and I approached it hesitantly, watching it from a distance in case it had any surprises waiting to pop out and do some serious harm. It could have had some new viruses or small flesh-eating aliens hiding inside. I highly doubted our job’s insurance program covered space AIDS. Meanwhile, while three of us were being careful, Marcus decided to make a headstart and gingerly walked up to it. He stuck out his hands and felt the intense heat emanating from the meteor. “What are you doing, Marcus?! Get back here where it’s safe,” Wes said. Marcus looked back and smiled. “Relaaax, it’s not gonna do anythingI” When the rest of us got to surround the meteor, it seemed to have cooled off. All four of us examined it closely, checking for any dangerous movements or glowing substances sticking out. For the next few minutes, it just seemed like it was a regular, boring old rock—from space. It didn’t grow a face and sing show tunes like I expected. I’d be lying if I said wasn’t disappointed. “It just seems like a rock,” Froy said. “Obviously,” Marcus said. “But what’s inside?” “If it's anything like your head, not much,” Wes said. “Then there’s nothing to worry about, right?” Marcus stepped into the crater and slammed his hands onto the meteor. He began pressing down on it with his body weight, trying to pressure it to crack open and reveal whatever monstrosity was inside of it. Froy and I backed away while Wes stepped forward and tried prying Marcus off of it. “Marcus, what are you doing?! Stop!” “I just wanna see what’s inside! It might have space diamonds, Wes!” Marcus let out a yell as he used all his strength and cracked open the meteor. From the crack, a neon green liquid splurged out, spilling onto Marcus’ shirt. He panicked, wondering what the hell the scentless, luminescent goo was, when suddenly the crack opened up further. It erupted, blasting a mortified Marcus with the strange gunk. He was covered head to toe, front to back, unable to even open his mouth or eyes in pure horror. The meteor now looked unstable. It was rumbling, and cracks began spreading from where Marcus first breached its outer shell. More and more of the green liquid spurted out. It didn’t seem long before it would explode. Marcus grumbled for help, running towards Wes. “Hey, stop! Don’t get that shit on me! I just got my pants dry!” Wes yelled. Before Marcus could even get to him, the meteor exploded. Nuclear green slime flew everywhere. Marcus got blasted back onto the ground by the sheer amount he was covered in. He didn’t look like he could move very well at all anymore. Wes was yelling out Marcus’ name when the goo flew into his mouth and covered his entire front from head to toe. I could hear him yelling as he swallowed it. “Sir!” As the meteor exploded towards us, Froy ran up to me. He used his body as a shield to block me from the slime, with his back spread out against the meteor. I looked up at him and saw fear in his eyes. Neither of us could move from where we were as we were frozen in absolute shock about what just happened. The meteor settled down, and there was green slime absolutely everywhere. It coated the trees, the grass, the soil, everything. Marcus was absolutely drenched in it, struggling to even stand up. Wes ran to a tree and began vomiting, trying to expel whatever he swallowed and trying to get himself clean again. Froy’s entire backside and his arms were completely covered. He shook his body as much as he could to try and get it off of him. “What the fuck just happened?” I asked. “That fucking—pfthuh—piece of shit meteor just fucking exploded!” Wes yelled, spitting out the remnants. “Are we going to fucking die?!” Marcus yelled, on his knees, crying in anguish at the sky, looking like a grotesque smile monster. “I don’t wanna fucking die, god!” “This is all your fault!” Wes said. “I’m fucking aware of that, Wes! I wasn’t expecting the meteor to be a fucking water balloon filled with green shit!” “Okay, everyone, just relax!” I said. “We just need to get clean and report this to the police so they can clean it up or something.” Marcus and Wes turned and glared at me, clean and dry from head to toe. “We can’t tell anyone about this! If the authorities find out we fucked with some meteor and got caught with some disease, then we might be forced to spend time in a lab until we die,” Wes said. Marcus pointed at me. “And why the fuck are you dry? Did you tell your little boytoy intern to be your shield?!” “No, he ran up to me himself. I didn’t tell him to do anything, Marcus.” “Fucking shit, man…” I stood watch by the truck while Froy, Wes, and Marcus cleaned themselves up by the river. It was nearly midnight when they got back looking absolutely exhausted after trying to get every drop of slime off their bodies for the past few hours. They dumped all their clothes in Wes’ gym bag and got into his truck in nothing but wet underwear. ‘Uncomfortable’ could not even begin to explain the atmosphere. I couldn’t even be bothered to appreciate all the hot, semi-naked bodies surrounding me when I was still reeling over what the hell just happened. I’d already seen all of them shirtless before at least once, but I had yet to see Froy’s business. Did he prefer boxers or briefs? Was he a shower or a grower? It didn’t seem that important. All I knew was that Wes was thick and hung like a motherfucker. “This has to be our secret, got it?” Wes said. “No one else can know about this.” We all agreed. None of us were in the mood to get dissected or experimented on for the rest of our lives. As Wes drove away, heading to his condo, I took one last look back at the scene. The meteor looked like a cracked egg that got blown up in a microwave. However, what seemed strange to me was how there seemed to be a lot less slime than before. What used to be a complete sheet of glowing green slime over everything was now mostly back to normal with some freckles here and there. It must have either dissipated in the atmosphere or got absorbed into the ground. Either way, it didn’t seem like that was just going to end there. I could feel in my gut that this wasn’t the last time this meteor was going to be a part of our lives. If the slime did get absorbed in the ground and trees, then what would happen with humans? There was no way they didn’t at least absorb some of it. There was just no way. Regardless, this was going to be our secret from now on. It seemed our little threesome just became a foursome.
  3. Part One: Brock and Ben (a five part story of sex, romance, and outrageously muscular male bodies. This first part is something of a bildungsroman for the gay muscle set - a lot of growth, but only some of it physical. Originally written and posted on my tumblr. Part two to follow tomorrow..... I hope you enjoy) Ben waved from the sidewalk as his parents’ car pulled out of the parking lot, turned right on the avenue, and disappeared behind the gleaming anonymity of the newly-built student center, handily adjacent to the handsome Edwardian dormitory that would be his home for the next eight months. They had safely ensconced their son in his dorm room, had taken him out to supper at a chain restaurant, and were now making the five hour drive back to their tiny hometown. It was early evening, pleasantly cool,that period of September when the days still feel like summer but the nights carry the hint of autumn. The distant sound of frosh parties called to him, but Ben stood still on the mercifully empty sidewalk, took long slow breaths of the cool fresh air. He wanted a minute to collect himself, to think. Ben had never been away from home for more than a week. His parents were so protective of their eldest son, so talented, so intelligent, so polite, so perfect – it was exhausting. Stifling. Ben had purposefully selected a University some distance from his home town so that he could grow, explore, be dumb, be rude, be flawed. Really, though, Ben’s big plan was to gay it up big time. His little hometown, surrounded for dozens of miles by sparsely populated wilderness, had few if any possibilities for a horny closeted teen with low self-esteem and overprotective parents. But he was at University now, in a city now – his heart galloped when he considered the possibilities, equal forces of hope and fear warring across the vast battleground of thwarted adolescent desire. He timidly came out to his parents in the weeks before the move. His mother reacted as if some precious object had been dropped to the floor, cracked in some irreparable way – not angry, but so, so unhappy, which was worse. Ben could have dealt with anger – could have responded to it with anger of his own, could have cloaked himself in righteousness. This terrible grief? It opened an unspeakable gulf, a great chasm. It couldn’t be answered. After that conversation the topic never came up again, but the tension in the house was palpable. But now Ben was free. Free to do … what, though? For years now he’d been waiting for this moment. Here he stood, alone in the city, free to be himself, to recreate his identity, to follow his pleasure – but in those daydreams of this moment, he’d never actually imagined whatspecifically he would do. It was just abstract – “I want to be free!” And so now he was free. So now what. Back home, he’d stand before the full-length mirror late at night, after everyone had gone to bed, stand shirtless, or naked even, and assess himself. A furnace-like teenaged metabolism kept him slim, about 145 lbs at 5’11”, but a life of limited physical activity kept him mostly toneless – his body was a long, thin column of pale flesh, his limbs graceful but exceedingly slender, his tummy soft. He had striking features, though – not cute, but powerful, a sharp roman nose, piercing blue eyes, thick black hair, firm full lips that added an attractive quality to smiles and sneers alike. His female friends, most of whom knew he was gay, always told him he was handsome – regal, noble, prince-like, languid, words of that nature. But Ben had trouble believing it. In those midnight self-assessments, he felt great anxiety – would this be enough for anyone? Would anyone ever desire this portion of flesh that he called his own? He was struck by a dilemma unique to homosexuality. Unlike their straight counterparts, gay people can (and frequently will) look at their own image and ask themselves that dreadful question: “would I fuck me?” And Ben, in his heart of hearts, knew the painful answer was “no.” Ben liked big men. Ben liked really, really big men – muscular men. Ben’s dirty secret was that he jacked off to bodybuilders, browsing incognito on his laptop after everyone else had gone to bed. And what muscle man would want an inexperienced skinny-fat twink full of neuroses? Enough. It was time to head inside. He had a new life to build – and potentially a room-mate to meet. He was assigned a double room, two twin beds on opposite sides of a cinderblock shoebox, but when he and his parents had moved his belongings in, earlier in the day, the other side of the room appeared vacant, unclaimed. * Ben turned the key, opened the door, and stopped in his tracks as he laid eyes on his roommate for the first time. He was sleeping. He was face down on the tiny twin bed and he was sleeping. He filled the bed. He overfilled the bed. He was wearing a jock and nothing else. Ben’s eyes darted all over the gigantic sleeping form but continually came to rest on the ass, like a compass needle finding north. That ass! Twin marble peaks, a work of art, jutting high and proud into the air, spherical, taut, framed perfectly by the bands of the jockstrap. The rest of him, though! He was too tall for the bed, too wide for the bed. Not just his big bare feet, but his calves – the size of those calves! Like cantaloupes but covered in hair and veins, even at rest! – his calves in the air past the foot of the bed, his elbows in the air off the side – his forearms angled back towards his body, his hands buried under the pillow beneath his head. Ben could see him taking slow, even breaths, could watch his massive back, overfilled with gnarled knots of muscle, rise and fall. His back was so thick and overmuscled that there was cleavage over parts of his spine. He was definitely asleep. Ben’s mouth was dry. He still hadn’t moved from the doorway, his hand still on the knob. Ben was painfully, throbbingly, aching erect. The air smelled of … it was like a spice, like an unusual wood, a little musky but not unpleasant. Ben realized that he was smelling him. This was what pure potent masculinity must smell like. It was only about 8:30 at night. There was a big frosh party, involving the whole house, in the common room on the ground floor. Should he wake this guy? No, not until he took care of this boner. A guy this big – probably a football jock. Probably straight. Possibly cool with gay guys, but possibly not – but in either case, probably not cool with being perved over. In any case, perving out on this guy would be a … . suboptimal first impression. Ben very, very silently shut the door behind him, slowly and silently crept across the floor to the closet-like ensuite bathroom, quietly shut and locked the door, turned on the fan to create some background noise, dropped his pants, and began furiously masturbating his average-sized but nicely-shaped uncut cock. It barely took him twenty seconds to cum. He had to stifle his moans. But still his mind was flooded with images of his unconscious roommate. Fuck, you pervert, you don’t even know his name, what the fuck is wrong with you? But he couldn’t stop thinking about that alabaster mountain of ass. It was so big, so round. It looked so firm, yet so inviting … . Ben couldn’t believe it – his cock was still a mess of semen from the first orgasm, but he hadn’t softened one bit – if anything, he was harder than ever, his mind flooded with images of the musclebeast asleep on the other side of the door. Oh fuck. It had been, what, two or three minutes? But he had to go again. He began beating his meat once more, churning his still-fresh cum into a froth, using it as lube. This time he managed to last for maybe ninety seconds, but the orgasm was, if anything, more intense than the last. He tried his best to stay silent, but he couldn’t help it – a single groan escaped his lips as he shuddered, his dick spasming in an orgasmic variant of dry heaves, contracting with all its might to force more cum out when his balls were already drained dry. Ben was panting, trembling, couldn’t catch his breath. “Oh shit,” he muttered to himself. “Shit.” And then there was a tap on the door. A deep, friendly baritone voice rumbled through. “You OK in there, buddy?” “Yeah! I’m good!” Ben said, immediately cursing how high and strangled his voice sounded in comparison. “Uh, sorry to wake you.” He surreptitiously flicked his hand into the sink, shaking gobs of cum free. This was a surreal introduction, through a locked door. Not ideal. But maybe for the best – face to face, Ben could never have kept his composure. “No biggie, man, I fell asleep by accident anyway. Name’s Brock. I take it you’re the roomie? All that theatre stuff belongs to you?” “Uh, y-yeah,” Ben said, trying to quietly rip off some toilet paper to wipe away the rest of the evidence of his double orgasm. “Kinda a theatre dork. I’m not studying it though. I guess you’re a sports guy.” Ben heard Brock chuckle through the door. “What makes you say that?” “Dude, I saw you.” “Oh yes? Well, why don’t you finish up in there and me and you can get a late dinner, get to know each other a bit better.” Ben had, of course, already eaten, but he wasn’t about to say no to a guy like Brock. “Absolutely. Just, uh, give me a couple of minutes to finish cleaning myself up.” “Take your time, dude.” Ben leaned over the sink and slowly exhaled. He looked in the mirror, stared in his own piercing blue eyes. “Hoo boy,” he muttered to himself, breaking his gaze to turn on the water, wash away the cum, splash some cold water on his face. “Woah.” * Brock turned out to be a great room-mate. He was very friendly, very relaxed. He was indeed a “sports guy,” a football player and a powerlifter, but he was academically gifted, wasn’t interested in coasting on his abilities on the football field. “Besides, this school’s football team isn’t great,” Brock said, giving his yard-wide shoulders a little shrug. “I just like playing. It’s not a career. I’m thinking PhD – maybe history? Or maybe something with a bit more real world application, but still in the liberal arts. Oh, don’t look so surprised, Ben. You know they assign roommates by SAT scores?” “I did not know that,” Ben said. “But it makes sense. Sorry. I’m just … I come from a pretty remote area, pretty small town. I’m the first person in my family to go to college, I don’t know how any of this works. And all the football players at my high school were goons. No offense.” “Hey, I used to be pretty goonish, too. Came to my senses probably about halfway through high school. Glad I did.” The student center food court was nearly empty, maybe ten or fifteen people scattered through an area that could seat three hundred. Ben kept darting his eyes out the window, or to the dark Dairy Queen counter, closed for the day, or to the janitor slowly approaching with his floor-buffing machine. He was hyper aware of looking at Brock the correct amount but not more than the correct amount. “Jeez dude, you’re jumpy,” Brock said with a kind smile, leaning back in his chair, stretching his arms over his head. Ben allowed himself to look briefly at his roommate. The thin cotton t-shirt he had on stretched to its limit to contain his bowling-ball biceps, the thick corded ropes that were his triceps, the twin mounds of pecs, their uppermost cleft visible above the poor tortured collar, a collar that had already given way in places to Brock’s thick traps and wider-than-it-was-tall neck. This shirt lifted up as Brock stretched, revealing his stomach, thick bloated abs bowing out in a luxurious curve, a cute little innie belly-button almost lost in the crevice between his abs, a faint trail of blonde hair leading down into his shorts. Brock laughed and the abs snapped to attention, his midsection suddenly a tight six-pack. “Eyes up here, dude,” he said. “Oh god, sorry, sorry, sorry,” Ben stammered, gaze shooting back to the distant janitor. “Dude, relax. I’m playing with you. I don’t mind. Hey. Hey. Look at me. In the face, heh. Serious though, look at me.” Ben did as he was asked, making eye contact with his new room-mate for the first time. His eyes were ice blue, paler than Ben’s, but just as intense. Almost a wolf’s eyes. He had close-cropped fair hair, thick features, a heavy brow, but his mouth was curved into a friendly smile. “I know I’m big. It didn’t happen by accident, trust me. I like being big. I like it a lot. And I like being looked at. You’re not going to offend me, OK? So, you know, relax. We’re going to be sharing pretty close quarters for a long while,” he said, throwing up a double bicep. The thick glob of muscle jumped into a hard ball; his skin was noticeably paler around the peak, where it stretched to its maximum to contain the burgeoning muscle. “You’ll get sick of seeing me do this pretty soon, I’m sure,” “Never,” Ben said before he could stop himself. He felt his face flush crimson, but Brock only laughed. “OK, then, you can help me track my progress. Hey, speaking of – you gonna eat that?” Brock’s hamburger had long ago disappeared, while more than two-thirds of Ben’s remained on his tray. “I actually had supper with my parents earlier,” Ben said. “Hey, so did I,” Brock said, grinning. “So, uh, you don’t mind …?” Ben shook his head ‘no,’ and Brock’s grin broke into a full smile as he slid Ben’s tray over to his side of the table. “Great. Gotta keep my calories up if I wanna grow.” Ben felt his mouth go dry again. He had the urge to start looking all over the vast empty food court, but he forced himself to keep his eyes on Brock, as instructed. “You, uh, you want to get bigger?” “Mmf,” Brock said, his mouth full of burger. He swallowed. “Fuck yes. But in all honesty, this size is basically ideal for football. So I shouldn’t get more than five or ten pounds heavier than I am right now. 285, if you’re curious. But yeah, dude, when I quit ball, I wanna grow. No such thing as too big,” he said, tearing into the burger again. “Woah,” Ben said, overwhelmed again. “You’re, ah, you’re almost double my weight.” “What’s double your weight?” “290.” “Gimme a couple of weeks.” The hamburger finished, Brock wiped his mouth with a paper napkin then grinned at his roommate. “I think we’re gonna get along real well, roomie.” * It was Halloween. Ben was drunk. The dormitory party was winding down. He’d come as Dream, from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series, but it really wasn’t much of a costume for him – the diaphanous black clothes came from his own wardrobe, the spiky black hair was his own, the white facepaint was from the campus drugstore – the only elaborate flourish was the black contact lenses, from a costume store downtown. But people kept thinking he was dressed as “that guy from Limp Bizkit,” and Ben had stopped explaining after the first few times. Ben had made some other friends, but his roommate Brock was the only one he felt any sense of closeness to. Brock had, naturally, come as the Incredible Hulk, but Ben had lost track of him midway through the party, and he hadn’t seen him for a few hours now. The party was dying. It was late and Ben was drunk. Time to leave. The stupid black contact lenses were bugging his eyes, anyway. He tossed his plastic cup into the overflowing garbage bin and called out goodbyes to the remaining people he knew, exiting the dormitory’s ground floor common room. Brock and Ben lived on the top floor – Ben now knew that not only were roommates assigned by SAT scores, but that the floors were divided that way, too, with the smartest kids on the top floor. Ben waited by the elevator for several minutes, eventually losing patience and deciding that seven flights of stairs wasn’t all that bad. Probably someone was passed out in the elevator doorway on some floor between the bottom and the top, Ben figured. He was winded by the time he reached the top of the staircase. “Fuck,” he thought, “am I that out of shape?” The truth was that the freshman fifteen was slowly creeping up on sedentary Ben, whose metabolism was slowing, as it inevitably would. In clothes he still appeared lean and lithe, but shirtless, in the mirror, he was soft, pasty – still thin, at about 155 lbs, but with no muscle to speak of. It disheartened him more than he let on, especially when Brock paraded around shirtless (he was almost always in some state of undress), his skin stretched taut over the massive boulders he called his pecs, his delts, his biceps. Ben finally reached the door to their room, unlocked it, opened it, and saw Brock’s naked back, the green body paint half worn away, his enormous round glutes in the air, looking even paler because they were untouched by green – but this time Brock wasn’t sleeping, and the glutes weren’t still, weren’t reminiscent of a marble statue, some Grecian hero in repose. This time, Brock was straddling a second figure, and those massive marble glutes shifted and flexed as he thrusted. Ben let out a strangled squawk, yelled “sorry!” and turned to hastily exit. Then his drunken brain finally processed some other key piece of visual information. Brock was not fucking a woman. Brock was slamming his thick veiny cock into Wolverine’s hairy, meaty butt – or rather, James from Third Floor who’d shown up to the Halloween party as Wolverine, with big veiny biceps and thick hairy forearms that looked the part, to his credit. “Sorry!” Ben squawked again, regaining his composure, beating a quick retreat. His heart was thumping faster than when he’d finished climbing the stairs. Brock was gay?! Brock’s voice from inside the room, calling to him. “Dude, you OK? I forgot to put a sock on the handle, I’m an idiot.” “Yeah!” Ben answered. “Just, uh, take your time finishing, I’ll go for a walk, be back in a half hour or something, yeah. Um. OK! Bye! Have fun!” What. ‘Have fun?’ Why say that? Ben rushed to the elevator. Idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot. Then he remembered that the elevator was apparently broken. He turned on his heel and rushed in the opposite direction, to the stairs.Fuck. Idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot idiot IDIOT. Ben walked out of the dorm. It was a little chilly outside, but not too bad. It was a black night, no moon, no stars. He walked down to the little duck pond halfway across campus. Drunken Halloween revelers passed occasionally, hooting and hollering. Ben smiled and did his best to respond in kind, but his heart wasn’t in it. When he arrived at the pond, he sat down on a bench. He could see some people toking up in the gazebo on the other side of the pond, but mercifully he seemed to be alone. He stretched out on the bench and looked at the sky, giving a long, slow exhale. OK. So your friendly musclebound roommate is also gay. It’s like a big gay fantasy, just like the kind you’d have daydreaming in Grade Twelve math class. Except it’s real. But you are not in love with this guy. You are not allowed to be. If he was interested in you, he’d have made a move already. He’s confident. He knows you’re turned on by his body. If he wanted you he’d have taken you by now. So you need to put that thought out of your mind right now. Immediately. Crush that thought under your heel. Do it for your own good. OK. Ben’s stomach was doing flip-flops. How would this change the comfortable room-mate dynamic that he and Brock had established over the previous eight weeks? Ben didn’t want that dynamic to change. He liked it. It was nice. The little shoebox of a room he shared with Brock – it was maybe the first place in the world where he felt more or less comfortable, more or less at ease. And now he probably wouldn’t feel comfortable there, would he? Ben let out another long sigh as he lay on his back by the pond. The sky was absolutely featureless and awful-looking. “So, who are you supposed to be, that guy from Limp Bizkit?” asked a voice. Ben sighed. “No. Not to be rude, but please leave me alone.” “Doofus, it’s me. I’m not going to leave you alone.” Ben sat up. Brock stood nearby, arms crossed. He was wearing his 4XL peacoat but appeared to have only underwear on underneath it. His face was still smeared with Hulk green. “Look, dude, you’re upset, and I wanna talk it out with you so it doesn’t ruin our friendship. Or our living situation.” Ben blinked. He had come to think of Brock as a friend, but this was the first time either of them had used the word. “But what about James?” Brock snorted. “He’s a dumb fuck,” he said, “but boy does he have a hot ass. Sorry. Don’t repeat that. All I mean is, he’s not a boyfriend or a friend or anything. We were just, yanno,fucking. Something I notice you don’t do, by the way.” “I didn’t know you were gay,” Ben said. “Um, I don’t think I could have been more blatant on the day we met,” Brock said. “I didn’t get that. You have to remember, I was basically raised by wolves.” “Funny, I’ve seen your mother on Skype, she doesn’t look like a wolf.” “Haha. You know what I mean. I, uh, I don’t know these rules that everyone else seems to know. I don’t get what people mean half the time. I swear I’m not an idiot. This is just all new to me. Anyway. No. I did not know you were gay. I thought you were just a friendly non-homophobe straight dude. This is legitimately new information for me.” “Dude, I invited you to leer at me all you wanted and told you I like it – OK, but whatever, I believe you. Miscommunication happened. We’re getting sidetracked.” Brock sighed. “OK, so what has you upset then? I think I know but if I guess wrong I’ll sound like an arrogant prick.” Ben looked away, at the guys smoking pot in the distant gazebo. The faintest acrid whiff of weed reached his nose. If mother dearest could see me now. He screwed up his courage. “You’re absolutely everything I ever wanted in a man, Brock.” “I know. That’s why I’ve never done anything with you.” “What?!” Ben’s heart jumped. “Isn’t that cruel?” “No, it’s kind,” Brock said. “Look, OK, this is real talk. I say this as a friend – and we are friends – and I care for my friends. You have a lot of work to do. You need to become more self-confident, to become the man you want to be, rather than the frightened boy your parents and your hometown created. And this isn’t an insult or a criticism! You’re doing that work, and that’s one of the reasons I really admire you. But if we got together, it’d be a disaster. Either you’d hate me by Christmas, or you’d become absolutely devoted to me, suffocatingly devoted, which isn’t something I want in a partner. I mean, I’m not even looking for a partner of any description right now. But if I fucked around with you, like I fuck around with guys like James, well, it’d break your heart, I think. And I’m not going to do that.” There was silence as Ben processed what Brock had said. “I get it,” Ben said. “But it still hurts a little to hear.” “Growing always hurts,” Brock said, not unkindly. “Is it going to be weird between us now?” Ben asked. “Yeah, for a little while,” Brock said. “But we’ll get over it. We’ll be better friends because we had this conversation. Underneath all that anxiety you’re scrappy. You’re gonna grow from this.” Ben sighed again, looking out over the black lake. ‘Scrappy.’ It wasn’t a word he’d ever applied to himself. He tried it on for size, found he kind of liked how it felt. Scrappy. “You’re right,” he said. “About everything. I guess you really are smart. OK. Let’s go home. I need to take these fucking black contact lenses out before they blind me.” “Alright, let’s get out of here, Wes Borland.” “Oh, fuck you!” Ben joked, punching Brock’s massive shoulder, then pretending he’d hurt his knuckles on those massive meaty deltoids. “Mosquitos out tonight,” Brock remarked neutrally, looking in the opposite direction, pretending not to notice, scratching his shoulder where he’d been punched. He looked back toward Ben. “Oh, did you hurt your hand somehow?” And so the roommates walked home. * It was January now. Ben stood shirtless in the tiny ensuite bathroom in the dorm room he shared with his massive football-playing roommate Brock. He stared at his pasty, unimpressive body in the mirror. A term of cafeteria food, frosh boozing, and little physical activity had left him deeply unhappy with his body. Usually, Ben never allowed anyone to see him shirtless, but this time he’d left the bathroom door open. Brock sat at the desk, reading a book about the Russian revolution for his history class. The difficult aftermath of Halloween had passed. Ben was fairly confident that he now felt a brotherly affection toward Brock, that their social dynamic was much healthier, something approaching an easy equality. He had a question to ask Brock. It was an important one. He had wanted to ask for some time now. But in previous months he’d been too nervous, too worried. Now, he was trying to be ‘scrappy,’ was trying to be the kind of man he wanted to be. So he screwed up his courage, walked out of the bathroom, still shirtless, and stood facing Brock expectantly. Sensing his presence, Brock looked up. “Woah, dude, the glare. Warn me before you do that so I can put on my sunglasses.” “Brock, I want… I would like you to show me how to work out. I don’t like my body and I want to do something about it.” Brock grinned. “Good for you, guy. I was wondering when you’d ask me that. I’d be more than happy to help. Oh, what’s that look for?” Ben scowled. “You knew I wanted you to show me how to lift?” “I can read you like a book. Actually, I can read you easier than a book,” Brock said, casting an evil glance at the thick, jargon-heavy academic tome on his desk. “Seriously though, it’s obvious you love muscle on other guys. Why shouldn’t you want some for yourself?” “Well, yeah, exactly. But if you knew, why didn’t you invite me without me asking?” “Uh, because I want you to grow as a person, maybe? You can’t be timid when you enter the iron game. You gotta have some grit, some spine.” “OK, OK, I get it. So I’ve grown as a person. I screwed up the courage to ask. So are you gonna do it?” “Already said yes, didn’t I? You’re rolling out with me at 630 tomorrow morning. No complaints about the time. I want you to be wearing your game face. You’re gonna feel weak and small but if you give it your all and push yourself people will respect you. You got decent shoes, gym clothes? Good. OK. You’ve got your marching orders. Now let me get back to the fucking Romanovs.” Brock picked up the book, his tricep forming a giant sleeve-straining horseshoe as he hefted the tome. He opened the book, appeared to begin reading – god, the way his chest mounded up towards his face when he held the book in that position, chin down, like he could scratch an itch on his pecs with his stubble – but then he paused, looked up, made eye contact. Fierce blue eye met fierce blue eye. “I’m proud of you, bro. I want you to know that. Today’s the first step on a long journey for you.” * Ben took to the gym like he was born for it. All the anxiety and neuroses melted away when he was under the bar. He’d clamp his fingers around the iron like he intended to break the bar in two. Those intense blue eyes, that strong roman nose, those proud full lips, would all curl into a snarl. He had a scholar’s approach, too – sometimes overthinking things, but always, always doing his homework, always striving to improve his form. He was brutally meticulous with his diet. “Newbie gains” was a phrase that entered his lexicon. Firm lumps sprouted on his arms; his thighs and butt started to fill his jeans in new, surprising ways. Just a few weeks in, he was brushing his teeth and was startled to see his tricep and forearm twitch in time to his brushstrokes. “You’re doing real well,” Brock said. He’d coached him for the first few weeks, but then allowed him to go his own way, more for scheduling reasons than anything else – between maintaining a 4.0 GPA, football practice, and his own lifting sessions, Brock didn’t really have time to babysit Ben in the weight room. But the regulars soon accepted Ben as one of their own. His dedication and focus could not go unnoticed. As January turned to February turned to March turned to April, it became clear that Ben wasn’t going anywhere – he became a regular in his own right, trading nods with other regulars who lifted when he lifted, sometimes even having brief chats about nutrition and form in the longer rests between heavy sets. The first time someone asked him to spot them on a bench press, Ben played it cool, but he could barely contain his pride – it was like a sign that he belonged there, now. It was nearly the end of term. Ben’s pudgy middle had melted away, and he had added a solid 30 lbs of lean mass to his once-slender frame. He was still far from a mass monster – far even from a bodybuilder – but, even clothed, anyone with a trained eye could see that he lifted pretty seriously. Brock was in the bathroom, shirt off, designer briefs straining to contain the double boulders of his ass, his thick cock and generous balls stretching the pouch. His stance was wide to accommodate his freaky-big quads, which, nevertheless, pressed together midway down to his knees. He was throwing poses into the mirror, crunching his abs, flexing his arms. “Dude,” he said, sticking his head into the room he shared with Ben, “whatcha weighing these days?” “Uh, I dunno, like 175, 178. Why?” “Get in here.” Ben set aside his book, stood up, and walked over. “What?” “Shirt off,” Brock said, gesturing at Ben’s chest. Ben shrugged. Four months of changing in the locker room had erased most of his former modesty. He shucked his shirt, which offered surprising resistance as he tugged it off – he realized, with a surprise, that maybe he was getting too big for it. “Look at us, bro,” Brock said, shuffling so he stood behind Ben. Wider and taller by a fair margin, Brock filled the mirror’s frame without even trying. But, Ben was shocked to see that he held his own. Brock’s pecs were enormous, bulbous really, like two halves of a beachball pushing out from his ribcage, his big nipples pointing toward the ground. But Ben’s pecs were square, high and tight, with a little cleavage between them – and they were particularly full towards his collarbone. Brock grunted his approval. “You’ve been hitting that incline press, haven’t you? Your pecs are really coming in, nice and full. Throw me a bi.” Ben grinned and flexed his right arm. Brock reached over, adjusted the angle. “What, are you teaching me to pose?” Ben asked, joking. “Yes,” Brock said, quite seriously. “Oh! Uh, this OK?” Brock nodded. “Throw up the other arm, now.” Ben did, and Brock similarly adjusted it. “Try and remember this angle. Makes the arms look bigger from the front.” “Dude, I thought you weren’t a bodybuilder.” Brock often corrected people who mistook him as a bodybuilder – he was a powerlifter. “No, I’m not a bodybuilder. But you are.” “What.” “Don’t believe me? Just look in the mirror, bro.” Ben cast a critical eye in the mirror. He let the double bi fall and experimentally flexed a few other areas. Wherever he flexed, a muscle jumped in obedient response. But he was hardlybig. “I guess,” he said, skeptically. “But I’m still really small.” Brock smirked. “And the fact that you said that is what tells me that you’re gonna get huge,my friend. Look at you. You look like an underwear model. You’ve got that small-boned frame, those striking facial features, a perfect 5’11” height, and now you’ve got nice, toned, ‘not too big’ muscles – in most people’s eyes, you’re almost an ideal male specimen.” Ben caught Brock’s gaze in the mirror, held it for a moment. “But we’re not ‘most people,’ are we?” “No sir, we are not,” Brock said. “Like I said. You’re a bodybuilder. Lat spread.” Ben did his best attempt. Brock’s serious demeanor broke a little. “Hoo boy,” he said, “we’re gonna have to work on this one. Flare the lats. Bring the shoulder-blades down. Better. Not there yet but better.” Ben grinned. “Well, why don’t you show me how it’s done, big guy?” Wordlessly, Brock turned. There was barely enough room in the small bathroom for both of them; his huge glutes and his ultra-thick back thrust into Ben’s face, pushed him back against the sink. Brock’s back was jam-packed with more meat than his frame could handle. He brought his arms and shoulders up, and then back and down, flaring his lats out out out out out, wider and wider and wider. “Fuck!” Ben heard himself say. “Dude, I haven’t noticed, but can you even fit through our door?” “Gotta angle myself sideways a little bit,” Brock grunted, flexing. He shifted into a rear double bicep pose, the caps of his deltoids crowding up towards his face, the peaks of his biceps reaching up towards his fist. “Not that I’m complaining.” “Holy shit,” Ben said, taking it all in. He was so close to Brock that he could see the beads of sweat forming on his lightly tanned skin, could see the angry red stretch marks where Brock’s muscles had grown faster than his skin could handle. “How big are your arms, even?” Brock exhaled forcefully. “Haven’t measured for a little while. Almost 24” last time I did.” Ben whistled. “Dude, I thought you couldn’t get any bigger because of ball.” Brock dropped the bicep pose and turned to face Ben. “Watching you grow this term, I guess I got inspired. I made a decision. I love football. But it’s a distraction. What I really want in life is this: to be the most massive muscular motherfucker I can possibly be. So I’m quitting the team. Which brings me to something else.” “What’s that?” “You’re not going back to that Podunk shithole for the summer, are you?” “What else can I do?” “Me and you. Let’s rent a little house – I got a friend who’s moving out and we can take his place. Spend the summer lifting and eating. Let’s grow, you fucker. Let’s get absolutely fucking massive. Blow some minds when we show up for the start of term in September. Whaddya say?” Ben’s head was spinning. “That’d be the best thing in the world,” he said. “But I don’t know if I can afford it.” “Talk to Tom at the gym. They need a student to work the front desk over the summer. It pays OK. He’s seen you working out, sees how dedicated you are, how you’re a no bullshit kind of person. You even rack weights other people leave on the floor, you fucking boyscout. He says the job’s yours if you want it. I’ve got an offer to bounce at a club. Maybe when you get a little bigger you can join me there, if you want. Money won’t be a problem. So whaddya say?” Ben turned to the mirror, took a long look at Brock’s massive, pumped frame, the way his skin stretched paper thin over every unbelievably bloated muscle. Ben popped his pecs. He liked how they had a bit of swell and sweep to them, the beginnings of roundness, the littlest line of cleavage. But he had so much more to grow, so much more size to gain. He wanted to be as big as Brock. No. He wanted to be bigger than Brock. He wanted to have trouble fitting through doors, to have people stare when he walked past – he wanted to be a 320 lbs superheavyweight bodybuilder. Become the man you want to be. And that’s what you want to be. So that’s what you’re gonna be. “What do I say?,” Ben finally answered, a grin splitting his face. “Big brother, do you even have to ask? This summer. Me and you. Four month grow-a-thon. Fuck yes. Let’s do it. Let’s get huge.”
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    第十章:共同生活 三人來到大賣場,打算先找家餐廳吃飯,正陽問:「你們有沒有想吃什麼的?」宇晴說:「都聽哥哥的。」宇晴一直都很渴望有個哥哥,以往暗戀著正月同時也羨慕著正月有正陽這樣的哥哥,「那~我們去吃烤肉吧。」為慶祝宇晴加入他們的生活決定吃得豐富一點,「宇晴、正月你們在長身體,要多吃肉才會長肌肉。」三個男生就這樣走到一家吃到飽的烤肉店,正陽到櫃檯,站櫃檯是一位打工的國中男生,櫃檯員看到快比自己大上一倍的正陽時,整個有點傻住了,正陽說:「那個,我們三位,謝謝。」櫃檯員:「呃…好…那…那個…請跟我來…」三人入座了,櫃檯員說:「這裡肉類在冷藏架上,請自取,要是有什麼需要可以叫我幫您,今天晚上人手有點不足,請見諒。」正陽到了冷藏架後思考一下,後決定拿了近6人份量的肉類,而櫃檯員遠遠的偷偷看著正陽,宇晴看著那6人份的肉說:「哥,那個,我們吃得下嗎?」正陽說:「放心吧,你看正月,吃得多豪邁,你也多吃一點吧。」正陽正月好像無底洞的不斷把肉送入口裡,宇晴也從來不知道正月是這麼能吃,感到有點驚訝,其實這全是那藥物的副作用之一,沒多久桌上的肉全被吃完了,而正陽和正月看起來還是很餓的樣子,兩人再追加更多的肉類,同時間,櫃檯員跟宇晴都留意著兩人,這時,櫃檯員過來倒茶水時,因為看到正陽的肌肉分心了,不小心撞到桌子,翻倒了正陽的水杯,茶水直接灑在正陽身上,櫃檯員慌張的說:「先生,不…不好意思」這時「哥,我身體好像有點⋯怪怪的…」正月忽然跟正陽說,看起來有點痛苦,而且流了很多汗,「正月你沒⋯我⋯⋯我也好像⋯⋯」正陽的身體也出現異狀,「哥,正月,你們怎麼了」這可讓宇晴和櫃檯員更慌了,正陽正月因吸收了大量的蛋白質,藥效把吸收到的蛋白質以極快的速度構成肌肉細胞,更何況他們倆所用的份量是正常份量的幾倍,幾秒後正月的肌肉突然膨漲,把本來還有空檔的衣服瞬間變得繃緊,而正陽本來已不合身的背心,因肌肉再度暴漲而被撕成碎布,裸露出那有如巨獸的身體,宇晴跟櫃檯員看著這不可思議的事情發生,倆人褲檔內的屌也頓時勃起了,幸好時間不早,店內的客人不算多,暫時只有櫃檯員跟宇晴看到,「哥⋯你⋯⋯我去幫你們買衣服,等我…」宇晴直接跑出店家,往服飾店跑去,櫃檯員驚訝的看著他們,「先⋯先生,那個,我借個桌布給你蓋一下吧⋯你⋯那個⋯⋯好壯⋯沒,我去找桌布給你…」慌張的跑進儲藏間,「哥,這是…怎麼回事…」「不,不知道,但是感覺到力量源源不絕,每塊肌肉都超爽的⋯」「但這不是很好嘛,正月你都長滿肌肉了」宇晴買衣服的同時,心中一直回想剛才的事情,「正月跟哥哥身體究竟發生了甚麼事,那肌肉真壯啦,我也想要⋯⋯慢著,如果我也能像正月一樣⋯⋯」「原來⋯是這樣嘛⋯」「原來我也是渴望著變壯,渴望著像哥哥跟正月一樣的肌肉身材嘛?」宇晴買了3件店裡最大尺寸的運動背心和褲子,就跑回烤肉店把衣服盡快送給正陽,「來,哥,你的衣服…」「謝謝宇晴,好像都是有點小,但總比沒有要好。」正陽穿上衣服後,肌肉線條完美地刻畫在運動背心上,那繃緊的狀態恐怕再到撕破也只是時間的問題,「時間也不早了,哥、正月,我們還是回去吧…」正月說:「還要買衣服啦,要不然我跟哥明天沒衣服穿。」三人到了校服店隨便挑了幾件最大的號,再到運動店買了一堆的衣服,包括宇晴的份,再替宇晴購置了一些日用品就一起回家去了,回到家後已經晚上10點了,「好了,大家都早點睡覺吧,宇晴你就到正月間房⋯我跟正月一起睡…」「哥⋯我也想跟你講⋯我跟宇晴是情侶⋯」「是嗎,那正月你應該早點把宇晴帶回家嘛,你兩不就更能享受二人世界了…」「哥⋯其實我今天才跟正月表白的。」宇晴和正月雙面通紅,「那好吧。就不打擾你們兩位弟弟了。」「但不要玩太晚,明天沒體力上課就麻煩了…」這句話背後的意思令兩人都頓時害羞起來,正陽先去房間睡了,正月和宇晴兩人也手牽手的到房間去… 第十一章:宇晴墮落 週二早上五點,正月和正陽起床了,他們到了地下室,淫慾滿滿的準備訓練,正月並不知道哥哥在學校的健美隊已變成一隻淫亂的肌肉淫獸,只以為在家裡跟自己這樣訓練著,兩人都吃下一顆藥丸,藥丸把他倆的性慾再次推到極致,正月因爲宇晴現在跟自己一起,肌肉比平常膨脹得更大,性慾也越強,而正陽滿腦子都想著健美隊的事情也變得異常興奮,這時正月看到正陽那充血的肌肉和硬挺的巨龍,燃起了好勝心,把重量再次增加,把肌肉的極限再度突破,正月舉的重量已經是連國中三年級的體育班學長也舉不起來的重量了,正陽也變得興奮,看到弟弟也漸漸被慾望吞噬成淫獸而變得瘋狂,直接用雙手捏住正月的奶頭,這突如其來的刺激使正月怒吼起來,胸肌更再次暴漲,正月直接放下器材撲到哥哥身上,這時候,宇晴在正月的房間醒過來了,卻發現身旁的戀人並不在,「奇怪,正月呢?現在才五點半,怎麼不見蹤影?」這引起宇晴的好奇心,並在家裡搜索,突然聽到地下室傳來金屬的碰撞聲及男性的叫聲,慢慢的走下樓,越靠近地下室,傳出的淫亂精液氣味也越重,聲響愈來愈大、愈來愈清晰,他躲在樓梯間探頭一看,「這⋯這是甚麼地方⋯正⋯正月⋯⋯⋯」他看到兩隻淫亂的肌肉巨獸,「哥哥⋯跟正月⋯⋯是這⋯這種關係嘛!!」正月用他比昨天還要大的巨龍,直接插進正陽的後庭,「正陽哥⋯⋯被正月操著⋯⋯⋯這是現實嗎⋯⋯」正陽瞬間感受到直腸被整個填滿,正陽的巨根一直噴出淫水到他們兩人身上,宇晴也忍不住在一旁打起手槍,正月直接含著正陽的巨根,把淫水都喝下肚,「難道⋯⋯這就是正月所指的⋯訓練⋯⋯」正月的肚子慢慢鼓脹起來,淫水內的藥效再度把正月的肌肉再度成長,正月的奶頭開始流出乳汁,「他們的肌肉,在暴漲⋯我也想⋯⋯⋯」此時宇晴忘我的打手槍,卻意外踢到地上的啞鈴,清脆的金屬碰撞聲引來正陽正月的注意,「宇⋯⋯宇晴…你…怎麼在這!」宇晴慌張的說:「我⋯⋯醒來後⋯找不到你⋯⋯就⋯就到處逛⋯⋯然後⋯⋯就找到這裡⋯⋯」插在正陽體內的巨根再度膨漲,噴射出濃濃的精液,正陽的肚子很快的變成像是被塞了一顆籃球那麼大,很快正陽的身體就把那精液吸收掉,轉化成更多更大的肌肉,正月把巨根拔出正陽的後庭,轉而面向宇晴,宇晴看到這兩個肌肉巨獸後竟然被嚇到噴射,正月的巨根還沒射完,一直流出濃濃的精液,宇晴就跟在學校更衣室的一樣,完全不懂如何反應,正陽也爽射躺在地上不斷噴射著精液,宇晴還沒回過神,正月已經走到他面前,正月現在的身高170公分重75公斤,正月走到宇晴前,那巨根正正對著宇晴的面前,濃濃的精液滴在宇晴的身上,宇晴不禁伸出舌頭舔著正月的馬眼,這精液像毒品一樣,宇晴愈吃愈上癮,正月因為宇晴舌頭的刺激,原本快軟掉的巨根又變成猙獰的巨龍,正月讓宇晴趴在正陽身上,把巨根直接貫穿他的身體,爽感直接壓過疼痛,宇晴摸著正陽的肌肉,吸食正陽身上的精液,這把宇晴一直以來的價值觀完全抹煞,現在的宇晴嚮往著的,是強大的力量、肌肉、及無盡的淫亂,精液中的藥效讓宇晴感到身體有異狀,宇晴的巨根上青根暴漲,巨根隨著心跳跳動,並不斷漲大,肌肉的線條變得更加明顯,正陽身上的精液已不夠填飽宇晴的淫慾,他直接吸啜著正陽的巨根,正陽也成為宇晴的精牛不斷供應著養份,宇晴身上的肌肉佈滿青筋,然後暴漲,正月也再忍不住在宇晴體內大噴射,正陽也在宇晴嘴裡噴射,大量的精液令宇晴差點窒息,但身體的肌肉卻不斷成長,快要超過正月第一次服藥的情況,但更多的改變卻是在他的巨根,已成長到勃起時長40公分/粗6公分的巨棒,看到宇晴那跟硬挺的巨棒,正月直接把宇晴推倒在地上,直接讓巨根插進自己的後庭,宇晴也正式童貞畢業,正月被宇晴的巨棒塞滿了,肚子可以微微看到宇晴的巨根,爽到快要失去意識,宇晴的巨根卻因刺激再度成長,宇晴隱約說著:「我…我還要…更…更大…」兩人終於達到高潮的臨界點大噴射,宇晴肌肉又再漲大一圈,但因為宇晴從未吃過藥,所以射出的精液並沒令正月變大,這可令正月有點失望,因此正月也打著計劃,決定把宇晴也變成淫慾巨獸,兩人的噴射都停止了,正月的肚子整個裝滿精液,整個地下室和宇晴、正陽被正月噴的都是精液,三人早已變得不再正常,當三人清醒意識到時間不早,就一起到正陽房的大浴室去洗澡,此時,正陽先開口「宇晴,對不起,我應更早跟你說這件事⋯⋯」「哥,你不用道歉⋯我⋯也想跟你一樣變壯⋯⋯」「而且你看,我也變壯了,下變也變得更大了」「宇晴,我也得跟你道歉,跟你成了情侶卻…」「我不會生氣,但下次我也要一起,那我就放過你…」三人互相表白後關係更進一步,也開始了三兄弟的淫亂生活,而他們的魔爪開始伸到不同的地方去… 第十二章: 第一節 正陽的肌肉健美社 三人洗好澡後,宇晴問:「吶,哥,我甚麼時候能跟你們一起訓練啦,我也能變成那樣⋯淫亂嗎」正陽回:「今天晚上就一起鍛鍊吧…我週五有健美比賽 所以要加強鍛練。正月,我記得你們學校有健身房吧?」「有呀,很多健美專修的體育生和運動社團去的那個」正陽給正月和宇晴各兩顆藥丸,宇晴問:「哥,這是?」「宇晴,這是補品,鍛鍊前吃,你們就先在學校鍛鍊吧 ,回來在看你們的成果。」正月卻擔心說:「哥,這不就是⋯⋯⋯我們可控制不了那效果⋯」「你們應該都有想做的事情吧……」「這⋯⋯也是有的⋯」宇晴卻摸不著頭緒的說:「你們都在說些甚麼?我今天要去水泳部,就是訓練前吃嗎?」正陽露出淫亂的面貌說:「你想把哪些人變淫亂,就到哪裡去了」宇晴心想:「水泳部有很多可口的孩子和身材精壯的學長,如果把他們都變淫亂⋯」正月說:「明白了,哥哥的命令我會聽從的,那,我到健身房鍛練吧,學長們都好像很喜歡我⋯⋯」正陽說:「乖,放心吧,哥是為你們好的,要是想爽翻天就聽我吧…」正月當然完全明白那爽翻天的意思,就算宇晴還有點搞不懂,還是想著淫亂二字,就把正陽說的全盤接受,接著三人都穿上校服出門了,三人回到學校後,經過了平靜的上課時間,終於來到了社團活動,正陽走進健身房,所有的社員都已經脫到只剩內褲再等了,大家看到正陽那巨大的身軀,全部都硬了,正陽把藥丸發給所有社員各一顆,社員們都吃下藥丸後,正陽也吃下兩顆,吃下兩顆藥丸後的正陽變的比平常更加淫亂,社員們也肌肉變得通紅暴漲著,健身房內充滿淫亂的呻吟聲,更有著野獸般一樣的社員們,享受著肌肉暴漲的快感不停進行重訓,正陽更是最為瘋狂的一員,正陽邊重訓邊噴精引來不少社員舔著他的精液,吸收更多精液中的藥效後,社員變得更壯、更淫亂,其他社員看到這景象也都湊過來一起舔,社員們不斷吸食精液,變壯,吸食精液,變壯,正陽受到刺激後,奶頭一直流出乳汁,身體也一直變壯,正陽的身體壯得跟一頭惡鬼一樣,充滿力量,暴力,淫亂,社員們全都崇拜著他,被淫亂沖昏了頭腦,追求著絕對的力量,正陽那像巨龍般強壯、巨大的巨屌一直噴射著,「還要…還要…還要更多」 第二節 肌肉淫獸正月覺醒 同一時間,正月正準備進去健身房,正月想著那些學長跟他示好,邀請他一起訓練,決定要把他們都變得像自己一樣,正月把藥丸放到蛋白飲料裡,冒起了氣泡,這正是藥丸跟蛋白質產生的化學反應,把藥丸的藥效提升好幾倍,「學長好⋯我來鍛練了,請你們多多指教。」「正月你也太客氣了,其實是我們想跟你學習學習,你是怎樣訓練的?有沒有興趣加入我們社團呢?」「社團?是肌肉社團嗎」正月還未意識到自己口誤,「呃,都是吧,大家都是喜歡肌肉的人,想變壯及喜歡健美也才一起訓練的。要參加嗎?」「嗯,我也能教大家訓練⋯」「那太好了,現在就能教我們嗎?」「可以的,但有些事要問你們…你們是有多希望變壯,而且希望自己有多壯?」社員們說:「當然時希望變壯啦,愈壯愈好」「我⋯⋯我想像浩克這樣暴漲的⋯⋯」大家都給出各種答案,但結論都是肌肉就是他們所追求的,正月脫掉上衣跟褲子,只留著包著巨根的內褲,大家都視姦著這完美的肌肉,為數不少的人也勃起了,正月直接喝了一口手上加強飲品,肌肉瞬間暴漲了一圈,內褲也被勃起的巨根撕破,正月身後的門口,被他巨大的肌肉整個擋住,正月保留著餘下不多的理智再問他們:「想要的,就來吧!」正月把剩餘的飲品都喝掉,巨根頓時暴漲,全部的人都直接撲到正月身上,撫摸著這不斷暴漲的肌肉,大量的精液從肉棒噴出,十多名的成員貪婪的吞吃著精液,社員們肌肉暴漲,硬生生的把衣服撕破,正月終於展露出淫邪的一面,「你們都要變成像我一樣的肌肉淫獸…慾望、淫亂、肌肉,這才是我們所要的…哥,我做到了,我要當肌肉淫獸!」正月現在的身體已經比正陽還大了,巨根的長度和粗度已經是之前的兩倍。 第三節 淫慾水泳社 當正月和正陽都已經把社團都變成淫獸戰場的時候,宇晴也到了社團在更衣室中跟同伴們閑聊著,「宇晴你好像變壯。」「對啦,而且你也太包了吧,性慾一定很好。」接著教練進來說:「衣服換好的話就到泳池集合了。」全部人都都到泳池裡集合了,教練簡單的交代後,就離開讓他們自由練習,在大家在游泳時,宇晴站在岸上吃下了兩顆藥丸,肌肉瞬間變大一倍,巨根直接衝破泳褲,全部的社員都在泳池裡被嚇傻了,這時,宇晴的巨根開始慢慢流出精液和淫液,宇晴跳進泳池內,把身旁的學弟抓過來,狂吻著那小正太,學弟坐在宇晴的巨根上,撫摸他的暴漲肌肉,慢慢其他學弟們都游過來想觸摸著這天神級的巨根及極度發達的肌肉,這時精液從宇晴的馬眼擴散到泳池裡,過不久,精液完全的取代池水,成為一個精液游泳池,這也令社員們變得燥熱及淫蕩起來,紛紛在做愛亂交,但是精液卻因藥力不足,未能把社員們改造成肌肉體質,雖然身體沒變,但心靈已全被宇晴改造了,變得渴望肌肉,變得淫亂,變得想跟宇晴一樣的巨根肌肉,引誘更多人變得淫亂,淫亂過後大家清醒過來,看著那精液泳池也不禁變得再次興奮,大家都走進更衣室,有幾個學弟黏著宇晴,不斷問他肌肉巨根還有淫亂的事,宇晴也像大哥哥一樣滿足這些弟弟讓他們摸過夠,這時有個社團最壯的學長直接用自己的屌,插進宇晴的後庭,「學長,怎麼突然⋯嗯⋯好爽,學長⋯⋯快點…」巨根再度勃起,宇晴學狗的姿勢趴在地上讓學長盡情的幹,那巨柱已成長到讓宇晴能自己給自己口交,學弟們也讓宇晴為他們口交及擼著,更衣室再次重演泳池內發生的事情,一個學長鑽到宇晴的巨根下,雙手抱住用身體擼,社員們全都迷上了宇晴,宇晴的巨根青筋暴起再次膨脹,學長在宇晴的後庭大爆射,宇晴的精液也猛烈噴出,但已經射滿一整個泳池的精液量,這次的量明顯減少,在宇晴前面的學弟和巨根下的學長,全身都被噴滿精液,他們滿足地舔吃著身上的精液,有幾個更淫亂的像狗一樣舔吃著其他人腳上及地上的精液,宇晴已經累透了,無力的趴在地上,這時好幾個學長站的宇晴身旁,「學弟,你這樣就累了嗎?我們可是還沒被滿足呢。」學長全部硬挺著,學弟們也好像想保護他們的偶像,把自己的後穴奉獻給學長們,讓宇晴可以好好的休息,學長們各自找學弟在一旁做愛,學弟們的淫亂已超越學長們的想像,學弟們想賣力的搾乾學長們的精液,突然兩個學長一起插進宇晴的後庭,再度把宇晴的淫亂開關打開,宇晴的身體完全運行起來,把吸收到的精液化為他的體力,宇晴大喊:「沒滿足都過來!我要讓你們全部被我的巨根征服!」宇晴瘋狂的把巨根貫穿全水泳部的每一個人,過了兩個小時,水泳部所有成員的肚子都被宇晴的精液射滿變漲,宇晴也一邊吸吮著社員的屌,來補充精力,其中有幾個正太變得特別喜歡宇晴,都叫他宇晴哥哥,「這幾個好苗子,明天就重點訓練你們吧。」他們聽到後又興奮得再次射出精液,整個游泳社已經被宇晴征服了,從這天開始,水泳部新增了學長學弟的淫亂配對制度,宇晴內心裡草擬著學弟們的育成計劃,把他們都變成自己的弟弟們,三人達成一天的目標後都歸家去… 正陽185/95公斤 屌22/4.5 勃起37/5 正月170/95公斤 屌20/4.5 勃起27/5 宇晴 160/70公斤 屌27/5 勃起50/6.5
  5. Important note : this story is based on the adult version of Link (19 years old). Link was looking items in shopkeeper. 10 bombs for 10 Rupees...a wood shield for 20 Rupees... 3 hearts for 10 Rupees... a bow arrow for... 980 Rupees ??? Shit !! It was very cheap ! And... a kind of black purple potion for....... WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT ???????????? ....... 999,999,999 RUPEES ?????!!!!!! HOLY SHIT ! Why ? Why this potion was so CHEAP ??? It had to be VERY important for this price !!! Ok.... So.... Link looked to right then to left. Ok, never he could pay this but .. there was another way, thought Link with a little malicious smile. He took the potion, do a turn around of shopkeeper who try to follow him from regard and go out when the shopkeeper didn't look him. "Guess what ? You got it for free. Are you proud of yourself ?" said the shopkeeper, very angry. Link was very impatient to try it. It had to be very very very important seen the price. It looked like a black purple liquid. He opened the vial and drank it in one gulp. BEEUUUUUUUUUURRRKKKKK, the taste was very horrible. Link didn't see it but he shone of a purple aura for a few moments. And now ? What was it supposed to do ? Link waited few minutes but... nothing. All for this ? 999999999 Rupees for this ? It was a joke ? Link was very disappointed, this shopkeeper was really a scammer... Well, it was the time to go on adventure ! Today, he had to retrieve a crystal in a dungeon near of the vilage. After some jumps above holes and some moblins, Link arrived in front of the entrance of the dungeon which was blocked by rocks; Link approached and tried to lift it. He became all red : it was so heavy and shit, of course it was heavy, he forgot to wear his power bracelet, which allow him to lift heavy things, like thse rocks. Link put his bracelet and lifted rocks without any efforts. He entered in the dungeon. Inside, he noticed quickly one thing : Malice. It was a black purple substance which was appeared recently and it wasn't any better to touch it because it hurt like hell. After some rooms, Link entered in a room with a chest and 3 Moblins. Few sword blows later, Link opened the chest and found a map. Mmmmhh, apparently in the previous room, there is a breakable wall. Effectively, Link saw a wall with several cracks. He posed a bomb and stepped back. BOOOOOOM. Now there was a big hole in the wall. In the new room, Link found a special chest, probably with the key of the boss room but before there was a little ravine. Link tried to pass it but unfortunately, he had jumped too short. Link yelled while he fell. There was a good and a bad news. The good news : the ravine was not deep. The bad news : Link fell directly... in a puddle of Malice ! Shit ! Shit shit shit shit shit ! No no no no no no no !!!! Link closed his eyes, it was going to hurt. SPLAAAAAAAAASSSHHHH ! He fell right in. Link expected to be in pain but... nothing. Even, he felt like a small sensation of heat or like if he was charged. He heard also like a suction noise. Link opened his eyes and saw the puddle shrink, again and again, until it disappears. What ? What happened ? Usually, it hurts so bad when he touched the Malice but here it felt... good ? And why the puddle shrunk ? It was like he was... absorbing the Malice ? Link was worried, it's was normal. But after all maybe this Malice was defective. Yes, that must have been it. Link went up and jumped above the ravine. He opened the chest : YES, it was the key of the boss room. Link saw there was mini boss room on the way. He entered in room : it was a smasher mini-boss. It was a monster who launched a ball. Link had to lift this ball and launch it on him for defeat him. Link put his power bracelet but the Smasher reached the ball, lifted it and launched it on Link, who dodged. Link ran towards the ball, lifted it and threw it on the Smasher. He repeated this operation until the Smasher was defeated. Link headed towars the boss room. In the room before the boss, Link found another puddle of Malice. He wanted to ignore it but he was really curious after the last time. He hesitated a moment and finally took the decision to test again. After all, he could heal him if he needed. He approached his shaking hands of the puddle. Was he sure ? Really ? ...And then fuck, curiosity was too much. Link touched the puddle with his hands and began to feel again this sensation of heat, of energy. And another thing surprised him : it was like if his hands... absorbed the Malice, like a sponge. He plunged his hands in the puddle an started to moan. Fuck, it didn't hurt, no, in contrary, it felt... good. Ten of seconds later, Link had absorbed all the puddle. Shit, he didn't know why he did this but fuck, this feeling... it was too fucking good. And he didn't why but he felt him like energized. Well, it was time to face the boss. It was Moldorm, a simple boss, he just had to avoid it. Link hit him and Moldorm accelerated. Link was able to avoid it and again he hit him. Again, Moldorm accelerated. But Link got stuck in a corner of the platform when Moldorm charged on him. He didn't know why but Link jumped on the side and he seemed him he jumped more high. Some hits later, Moldorm was defeated. Link entered in the next room and recoved the cristal. He came back at the village after this good day of work. Link loved this village, it was a quiet place. On the way of his house, he crossed Max. It was one of his neighbours. He was the same age. He had light-brown hair and brown hair and seemed very happy when he saw Link. And Link also was happy when he saw Max. "Hello Link, what do you do today ?" asked Max. And Link told him his day. The only thing he didn't tell was his weird experience with Malice. "Whoa ! You has beaten a Moldorm ?" exclaimed Max. He loved listen Link tell his daily adventures and Link loved to tell at Max. He doesn't know why but he had always liked Max, he had something of... special. Tired of his journey, Link undressed for to go sleep. He passed in front of the mirror and he stopped. There is something of weird, he had always been skinny but here he seemed more... ripped ? It was very slight but yes, he seemed as he had a good workout session. It was weird but maybe he had just not noticed. Link went to bed. The next mornning, Link felt him in a great shape and it was and so much the better : he had a new cristal to recover. Inside the dungeon, Link defeated ennemies of the first room and found the map in the chest. Ok, there is a key in this room but before he had to pass a ravine. Link defeated ennemies and was on the edge of the ravine. He jumped but instantly he remembered he needed boots of pegasus for to pass it. Shit shit shit he was going to fall but... weirdly, he arrived to pass the ravine WITHOUT the boots. Weird, very weird, he was sure than he wasn't able to do this but however, he did it. Link took the key and came back towards the entrance of the dungeon. Again, he passed the ravine. Definitely, it was weird, like if he could jump further. But he had done nothing special... or not ! Suddenly, Link remember his experience with the Malice. Is it possible that it could be the cause ? Perhaps... there was only one way for to know it : he will absorb the next pool of Malice ! Link continued and arrived at the mini boss room but the way was blocked by two boulders. It was too heavy for to be lift without his power bracelets; He put it, lifted one of boulders and threw it further then he entered in mini boss room. This time, it was a well know ennemy : Blaino. It was a boxer and his punch did really hurt. The fight started, Link give few sword strokes but released his attention and it was the moment where Blaino used his mega punch. He hit Link in his midsection and sent him at the entrance of dungeon. Shit, it hurts so bad. Link returned in the mini boss room and this time he defeated Blaino. He never liked this ennemy. He continued and noticed a breakable wall in the next room. He took a bomb and explosed the wall. And YES ! In this room, there was a chest on a platform and around a pool of Malice. Under normal circumstances, it would be a trap but not today. Link looked the Malice : was he sure ? Did he want that ? Oh fuck yeah he wanted it ! Link plunged in the Malice's pool. Instantly, Link felt the familiar feeling, more intense than previously. He began to gasp loduly and watched his hands... and he saw something : his hands seemed ... to grow ? He wasn't sure but.... yes, yes, his hands was growing !! Oh fuck, the feeling was so good. And it wasn't just his hands, his whole body seemed to grow. Fuuuuuuuck !! Link weared a blue suit with a stealth armor. Quickly, he could feel that his clothes seemed tight. He watched his biceps and yes, he could see the muscle pushed against the fabric. His biceps bulged, and bulged, and bulged until suddenly... *riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip* Tears started to appear. Link looked with amazement his new biceps and flexed it several times. But it was not all : Link could feel a huge pressure in his chest, especially in his abs and pecs. Again, Link could feel his clothes became more tight; But suddenly he heard also an other thing : stretch metal noises. Link looked down and what he saw left him speechless : usually, this armor was flat and adapted perfectly to his body, but here, Link could see bumps appear, six for to be exact and two bigger above. It was very slight at the beginning but soon, bumps became clearly visible. Growth continued during few minutes then it stopped. Link couldn't stop himself to flex his biceps. It wasn't the skinny arms he always had but a good muscular gun. He was also curious by this chest, he removed his armor and looked under his shirt and HOLY FUCK ! He had abs ! A nice set of six boulders. He passed his hands on them and gosh, it felt hard. Yes now, it was sure : it was the Malice. And he was taller too, 6.6 feet. Link put again his armor. He jumped on the platform and shit ! He jumped on several feet. He opened the chest and took the boss key. He came back in the previous room and he stopped in front of the boulders. An idea trough him : was he able to lift this boulder without his power bracelets ? Link placed his hands under the boulder and tried to lift it. No surprise, it was heavy and Link clenched his teeths but... he lifted, inch by inch this boulder. Yes, he was able to lift it without his power bracelets. Fuuuuuuuck this exploit made him very horny. He continued and was in front of a big ravine, more longer than the previous. Logically he should have to use his grapnel but here, he stepped back, ran then jumped. He was surprised himself by his jump ! He reached without problem the other side. Fuuuuuuuuuck ! In the next room, he found another breakable wall. He wanted to take a bomb but.... SHIT ! His bag was empty ! Shit ! Then an idea trough his mind. He looked his fist, opened it, closed it, opened it, closed it. He felt him strong, no... he WAS strong. He could lift big boulders without his power bracelets ! So maybe he could... Link looked the wall, clenched his fist and hit it. "BAAAAAAMM !" The wall was hard but he could do it ! "BAAAAAAMM !" And again... "BAAAAAAMM !" This time, Link could see cracks become wider. Fuck yeah ! A few more hits and... "BAAAAAAMM !" Again, cracks became wider. "BAAAAAAMM !" Few pieces fell of the wall. Again a little effort and... "BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM !" The wall crumbled into dozens of pieces ! Link had destroyed a wall with bare hands ! Fuuuuuuuuuck ! He was so powerful ! Finally, Link arrived at the boss room. It was a kind of reptile with a mask; Usually, Link had to be use bomb or hammer but Link hadn't no bombs and hammer, well... he had to bypass this room (after all he had bypass a good part of the dungeon). But..; he didn't matter : if he could destroyed a wall with his fist why not... a mask ? Link approached of the reptile, who spat out a fire ball. Link dodged, one time, two times, three times and then he arrived in front of the Helmasaur. Here he clenched his fist and punched the reptile in his face with all his might. Cracks appeared on the mask. The Helmasaur was very surprised : it wasn't not the usual battle...Link punched him a second time. Cracks became really big : third time would be the last. Link punched him a last time and the mask literally exploded in hundred of pieces. The Helmasaur looked him badly, with a swollen cheek but Link didn't give her time to react : he jumped and punched it in the green crital in the forehead of the reptile. Again cracks appeared and this time it was sufficient for to defeat the monster. Gosh ! Link didn't believe in what he had just done : he defeat a boss only bare hands. He recovered the cristal and came back on the village. In the village, he crossed some people, who looked him weirdly but said anything. Usually, Link didn't like to workout but in the dungeon, use this amazing strength was so orgasmic... so he went out the village and looked after two similar big boulders and finally found what he was looking for. Nggggggnnnnhh ! It was heavy but he could lift it. Link brought them back in the village. Again, he crossed some people who were speechless in seeing what he wore. He brought back the second boulder and tried to find a big iron bar then he made dumbbels. Ok, let's go ! Link started to lift his dumbbell; Fuck it was heavy but he could do it ! At each rep he groaned and was horny to think what he lifted. Yesterday, he won't be able to move one of them and now he was lifting two in same time ! Today it was a sunny day and Link had very warm, so he removed his armor and clothes... all clothes. Fuuuuuuuuck, he didn't notice the size of his dick, even his member had grown ! After several ten of minutes Link tried another exercice. He started to do push up... but after one hundred, it was really too easy. So he hardened the exercice in adding a boulder on his back. It was harder but after 50 repetitions, it was not enough harder ! So Link added the other boulder. This time, it was hard ! Link groaned at each rep. He began also to sweat. Then Link did squats in weraing a boulder, he did 200 repetitions. Then he did sit ups but after 500 reeptitions, he bored so he retrieved his dumbbell. Max had just returned home. He asked himself where was Link, he didn't see of the day. Max went at the home of Link, he was about to enter when he heard moans... no, it was more groans. What the... ? It wasn't normal ! Link had maybe problems ! He entered and said "Link ? What are...". Max froze and widened his eyes. What... the...fuck ? In front of him there was a people, with the face of Link yes but... his body ?! Link was skinny but this person was... so fucking muscular ! It was really Link ? What the fuck happened to him ? "Link......what....what the fuck....happened....to you ????". Link looked Max, afraid during one second but quickly smiled. He dropped his dumbbell which fell heavily on the ground. Link was here, smiling, gasping, covered by sweat and his muscles flexed to the rhythm of his breathing. Max was instantly horny, even in his wildest dreams he hadn't even imagined that; Gosh, he loved already Link bu here, he was the most sexiest thing he had seen of his life. Max approached and watched Link chest, completely in trance. Mechanically he put down his hand on his sixpack and began to caress (and cumming in same time, a wet patch could be seen on his short) before to realize of what he did. "Shit so...so...so...sorry...I...I didn't want..." said Max in removing his hand and closing his eyes, scared than Link took that badly. But suddenly he felt a strong hand take his hand and... slowy posed his hand on hard bumps. Max opened his eyes, looked up and saw Link who smiled and nodded of his head. Max hesitated few moments then... he threw him on Link. His hands were everywhere : he felt ridge and valleys of Link's abs, he felt his pecs, his nipples, his shoulders, his biceps/triceps. He felt each bulges, each veins. Then he began to kiss the amazing muscular chest of Link and lick him. Gosh, his sweat tasted so fucking good ! Then he felt strong hands of Link take him by his waist and Link lifted him for to bring him in front of his face. And the moment that Max waited since forever happened : Link kissed him. He couldn't describe what he felt at this moment, it was like thousands explosions of pleasure. They started a dance of tongue then slowy Link walked towards his bed. He posed delicately Max, sit down on his knees and started to tear his clothes. In few seconds Max was fully naked. Link laid down on Max. Shit through Max, fortunately that Link had mattress, he wasn't sure he could support his amazing weight. And they retrieved their session of kiss and carres, Link passed his hands in Max's hairs, felt his neck, his shoulders and arms. On the side of Max, he passed his hands in amazing blond hairs of Link, felt his muscular neck, his traps, his rounded shoulders, he carresed his magnificient biceps and ran his vein, his caressed his pecs, played with his nipples, felt the hardness of his sixpack. They continued like that during some minutes then Link broke the kiss, took Max and returned him on his belly. Usually Max loved dominate but here he was totally overwhelmed, Link was a god, a muscle god. Max sunk into the mattress when Link laid down on him; He felt his enormous dick at the entrance of his ass, but Link waited before to enter, he licked and kissed the back of Max, who enjoyed each second of this magical moment. Then at given time, Max felt an enormous feeling through him : Link began to enter into him. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK !!!!!!!!" he yelled. Shit, oh shit, oh shit shit shit ! It was more than all he could expected, but it was so FUCKING GOOD ! "NNNNNNGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!" he moaned while Link was sinking deeper. Max started to gasp quickly. "Oh fuck.......fuck........FUCK......you can't........know.....how........FUCKING GOOD.........it is !!... OOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!" he yelled because Link, again, was sinking deeper. Between "pushes", Max could feel Link feeling his back. Shit, SHIT ! Sex and tenderness, the perfect combination ! "NNNNNNNNNGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!" he yelled again. Max was gasping very quickly. Gosh, it was so fucking amazing ! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" he yelled when Link pushed the rest of his member in his ass : Link was now totally into Max. He kissed his back few times then Max could feel Link's cock removed then he felt he pushed again. "NNNGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!" And again, Link removed then pushed. After some hits, it started to slide easily; Link began to pump. "OH SHIT ! FUCK ! SHIT SHIT ! AAAAAAAHH OOOOOOOHHHHH" Max gasped again more quickly. And Link pumped, pumped, pumped. Little by little he increased the pace until to have a very speed, like a rowhammer. Max was moaning but his moan was interrupted by pumps of Link. "AAA-AAA-AAA-AAA-AAA-AAA-AAA-AAA-AAA-AAA" Link continued to pump Max during few ten of minutes until Max could hear Link groaned. He knew the climax was very near. Link contained him as long as he could but after one minute he roared. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!" Max yelled too, he felt like if we released a fire hose inside him. He felt gallons and gallons of warmth liquid filled him. He could feel also the walls of the house shaking because of the yell of Link. The deluge lasted several minutes before to stop. At this moment, Max hadn't seen but Link well : a purple aura surrounded Max. And Link could bet that he was more muscular, it was very slightly but yeah, he seemed more ripped. Link could see a bit of his cum aside them and he saw that the cum had a slighty purple color. Is it possible that... ? "Holy fuck ! ... Link..... it was.... the most.....intense....feeling....I had feel.......of my life !!" gasped Max. Two lovers continued their session of tenderness before to fall asleep, each in arms of other. Link was the first to wake up. Max was still sleeping. Link wanted to try something : he had the impression which he had transmitted his superpower of "Malice absorption" to Max by his cum. Link had a little vial of Malice in his desk. He just hoped that he wouldn't hurt Max, especially after his amazing evening where both confessed their love for other. Link opened the vial and very slowy, he poured some on Max's back. Link was afraid during few seconds then... he saw with joy than the Malice was absorbed by Max, who moaned slowly and said in his sleep "Fuuuuck yeah Link ! Again my love, take me !". Oh fuck yeah ! He had contaminated him ! Max could grow with Malice ! Link was very happy. It was time to grow more ! But his lovers was still sleeping, and he needed to rest him. But when he will wake up, he will have a BIG surprise ! Link was going to give him a gift : he saw another pool of Malice in the dungeon of yesterday, he didn't see it because this room was hidden. Max would wake up with a titanic Link and after, they will have another amazing love session and shit, have sex was so FUCKING GOOD, especially with Max ! Link was already horny and hard just in thinking at this hot scene ! Link went out discreetly and hurried him to go in the dungeon. Usually, he took him one hour but now he went here in only 10 minutes. Link jumped above ravine, cliffs and other obstacles that he would normally circumvent. So in 10 minutes he was in front of the entrance of the dungeon. Ok, so he had to go straight ahead, then right, then left, then straight ahead and finally at left. 5 minutes later, Link was in front of the wall but this wall hadn't cracks. Link punched into one time, two times, three times. Cracks appeared but it will be harder than the last time. But Link was in hurry. He gripped the little hole he had made in the wall and tore a small piece of wall, then again, and again, and again, and again. Quickly, Link began literally to dig in the wall and after 15 minutes, he had made a big hole in the wall. Shit, he could dig in a wall to bare hands. Link watched the pool of Malice, smiled and plunged into. He forgot to remove his clothes and his armor but it doesn't matter, he was sure that he gonna become too big for them. Link moaned loudly when he felt his body begin to grow. Quickly he could hear strecthing sounds of fabric which yelled at the death, cannot contain his enormous muscle mass; Few seconds later, tearing sounds could be heard then it was the turn of his armor to confront his new muscle gorwth spurt, in a fight where the armor was sure to loose. *criiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii* Bumps of his pecs became more apparent, his abs became more ripped, his shoulders inflated as balloons, his traps rose up, started to really surround his neck, his biceps/triceps became huge peaks of muscle. Then his armor abandoned the game. : it started to tear in some place and bigger Link was, more tore was the armor until finally it was completely shredded, leaving Link totally naked. Link continued to moan and to inflate slowy when suddenly his shoulders exploded without warning, gaining a lot of in size and surprising Link, who roared, then it was the turn of his traps to pass from hills to mountains, again Link roared. It was like an orgasmic explosion. Then he clenched his fists while his biceps/triceps and forearms became gigantic peaks of pure muscle. Then his pecs exploded, going from the size of a football ball to a beach ball. Then each row of his sixpack exploded out of his stomach, almost doubling in size and Link roared a fourth time when the fourth row popped, giving him now a fucking amazing eight-pack. His dick gained also in size and became more wide, it touched the bottom of his pecs and it was wider than a can. And his legs became so wide, wider than a tree trunks, and so fucking ripped, so veiny. The growth spurt lasted again few seconds and finally stopped it. Link was here, gasping, enjoying of this incredible feeling of pure power. He felt him strong before but now, he felt just surhuman, able to lift a big boulder with only one hand. He passed his hand on his amazing body, feeling and boucing his pecs, feeling his eight-pack, flexing his biceps. He felt so invincible, like a god. He didn't want but it was too much, he felt a huge pressure in his ball and then... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!" He shot like a cannon, reaching without effort the ceiling. Gosh, the feeling was so... divine ! The deluge lasted at least 20 minutes; Link didn't know ho much he had shot but fuuuuuck, a good part of the ceiling and the wall was covered by cum. Link smiled, it was time to show his new body to Max ! And after they will have.... When he arrived near of the wall, he wanted try something. He walked further, here where the wall was intact. Then he clenched his fist and hit the wall. Behind the wall, few monsters walked, quietly whhen suddenly, the wall exploded; All monsters looked and their eyes widened when they had seen a 8 feet muscular titan appeared. All of them immediately moved aside, totally afraid. Link had not difficult to get out of the dungeon. He rushed towards the village and so quickly ! In only 4 minutes he had reached the village !! But something was wrong... Suddenly a inhabitant ran towards Link. "LINK... LINK !! IT'S TERRIBLE ! IT WAS.......Link ???! But.. what the.... ????!!!" He seemed very surprised by the new body of Link, especially because he didn't saw his previous size so go from the skinny Link to the 8 feet muscular Link, it was... confusing ! "...... ok, no time for questions ! It was Ganondorf, he kidnapped Max and brought him at his tower and..." When the inhabitant pronounced the name of Max, the look of Link became very very dark. And in one second he ran in direction of the Ganon's tower. This day, Link beaten every records of speed. He rushed trough the forest. A tree on his way ? He exploded it ? A big boulder blocked the way ? He lifted it and sent it in the sky. Then he passed through the cave, and when I say "through", I say trough : no time for detours, Link rushed in straight line and exploded walls with only one punch. Then it was the mountain : climbing ladders ? It takes too much time, Link jumped from cliffs to cliffs. In two minutes he was at the top of the moutain, in front of the Ganondorf's tower. He entered in the tower. Well, no time, for chest, keys and all these bullshit, he had to find Max and quickly ! Link walked straight ahead and exploded the wall with his fist. In this room, he found a Smasher. The Smasher lifted his ball and threw it on Link. But Link caught the ball with one hand and he launched it with all his might on the Smasher, who trough two walls. Link continued; At a given moment, he was on a bridge. He looked on the ceiling and saw a big platform. No time for detours, he crouches down and jumped of several ten of miles in height. He reached the platform and fell in front of Moldorm.But the battle was very short : Link caught the tail of Moldorm and started swirling it around then he threw him against the wall. He continued his way, jumped above a big ravine, destroyed few walls, lifted with one hand a big boulder which blocked the way and arrived in other mini boss room. Again ? He had other things to do, really. This time it was Blaino. He gave a few blows in the void for impressionate Link, who didn't move then Blaino prepared his mega punch. Again, Link didn't move. He hit Link in his midsection. The time seemed to be stopped during one second then...Blaino exploded ! Link's abs were really too hard for the weak fist of Blaino. Link continued his way. He passed on a very high bridge and saw below there was a gigantic room filled with Malice. He hesitated for a moment but no, he was enough powerful. But he was going to reserve a small bath for Max ! Finally, Link saw big stairs which should which were to lead to the final room. Finally ! He hoped that Max was fine. Link entered in the room and found Ganondorf and behind him, Max, who was imprisoned. "Hahahaha, finally ! Today is your last day Link !" said Ganondorf, who seemed not impressionated by the body of Link. Ganondorf generated a fire ball and launched it on Link. Usually, Link returned it in using his mastersword but now, he was powerful, very poweful. He wanted humiliate Ganondorf, made him understand he wasn't the skinny Link but a huge powerful 8 feet muscle giant and he was the stronger. ! The fire ball rushed towards him and Link returned it in using.... his dick! Yes, you have read correctly : Link not used his masterword but his dick !! Ganondorf shot several fire balls but Link returned all with his dick. Ganondorf tried to attack him with his sword but Link caught the sword with one hand and began to grip. Soon, cracks noises could be heard and few seconds later, Link broke Ganondorf's sword with only his powerful grip. Ganondorf tried to punch him. Link didn't move but smiled when the Ganondorf's fist met his eight-pack. He didn't feel anything, but for Ganondorf, it was another story. It hurt, very hurt. He tried to punch him again but Link stopped him with one hand, smiling because he surpassed him. Link punched him and even his armor, Ganondorf was in great pain. Shit ! He didn't think that it would happen like this. Beaten by this fucking Hyrulian ! But he hadn't said his last word. He had a joker, a fucking powerful joker. This fucking hyrulian would soon suffer. Oh fuck yes he would ! "Hahaha, you think you has won ? You think that's my end ? Oh no no no, you're wrong Link ! Look what I have !!!". A light shrone strongly and in front of the gerudo is appeared... the Trifoce! Shit thought Link, if he gets a hold of it, it can be bad. And unfortunately for him, he gets a hold of it. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!" yelled Ganondorf when he felt this incredible power trough him. "YES YES OH FUUUUUUCK YES HAHAHAHAHA THE POWER, THE ULTIMATE POWER FINALLY HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!!!!!" And his appearence started to change. His eyes became entirely red, his brown skin started to became more lighter before to take a blue tint, his hairs started to fall, his nose was starting to get longer, such as a snout. "HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SO MUCH POWER HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!" and Ganondord, who seemed transforming into Ganon, seemed became taller and also more... muscular ? Effectively, Link could see Ganon's arms, which were well muscular, became bigger. "YES YES I COULD FEEL IT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!" And soon stretching metal noises could be heard and Link could see Ganon's armor deform for to take the shape of his muscles. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!" His armor was starting to tear. Link could see huge pecs under and could see what semmed to be the first row of his abs. *criiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii* Ganon continued to grow, bigger and taller. Suddenly, his armor, which couldn't take more, tore on the front, letting appear two huge pecs and a set of 8 fucking muscular bricks. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!" And suddenly, his whole body started to swell in humongous proportions : his traps surrounded his neck, his shoulders were two fucking huge balls, his biceps/triceps were bigger than Link's head, his pecs were gigantic, his eight-pack was a fucking titanium brick wall, his legs were wider than a redwood trunk. "HAHAHAHAHAHA SO POWERFUL !!! YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO DEFEAT ME !" Ganon was already a threat but now, all hope of defeating him seemed lost. Now, he was a very muscular 11 feet blue boar-like humanoid. He seemed invincible but Link must try to beat him ! He took his mastersword and attacked Ganon. Link yelled when he drew his sword on Ganon but the latter stopped it with only one hand. "HAHAHAHAHA SERIOUSLY ? You seriously think that I'm still scared by this cheap sword. So look ! LOOK MY POWER !" and Ganon gripped the mastersword. Soon, Link could see with horror than the mastersword cracked in some places. No, no he thought ! It couldn't be possible ! And unfortunately, his whole hopes were shattered when Ganon broke the sword, in smiling sadly. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! It was too easy ! Like I said you, now, you can't defeat me ! I'm the most powerful thing and I gonna take the control of this world ! But firstly, I'm gonna kill you Link !" In an act of despair, Link tried to hit Ganon, he clenched his fist and hit the monster in his midsection. But it was as if he had knocked in a brick wall. "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! It's all ? You are not able to do better ? Really ? Beause I don't feel anything HAHAHAHAHAHAHA !" Link tried to hit Ganon again, and again, and again but the result was the same : the "muscle armor" of Ganon was impenetrable. He was overwhelmed. He couldn't defeat him; But no, fuck no, it couldn't be possible, there had to be a way ! "Well, this is time to show you what's the power ! It's the end Link HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !" and Ganon knocked Link, and despite his good developed eight-pack, Link spat blood and fell on his knees. Ganon kicked him and Link was projected on the edge of the platform. Before he could get up, Ganon jumped very high and landed in hitting the ground and. Instantly, cracks appeared; Ganon looked Link with a very sadly smile and suddenly the corner of the platform broke and Link yelled while he was falling. "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK !!!!!!!" yelled Max when he saw Link fall towards his death. And Ganon laughed, very loudly. Link did a big fall and fell in liquid. Instantly he felt an amazing burning so he thought that was lava but... after few seconds, it felt like... good ? Very very good even ! And he understood : holy shit, it wasn't lava, it was... A FUCKING POOL OF MALICE ! Yes, oh fuck yes, he could feel his body absorb it, he could feel his muscles grow. Oh yes, oh fuck yes ! Ganon was going to regret it ! Link started to laugh but swallowed only Malice. Fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck fuck fuck, oh fucking fuck, it feel so... GOOOOOOOOOOD ! He could feel his traps rose up more. Shit, it felt so amazing ! His shoulders became absolutely gigantic. Oh shit, oh fuck ! His biceps and triceps exploded in mass. Holy shit, this strength, this sensation, it was so fucking good, shit ! His forearms widened more and more. Crap, Link couldn't stop to open and close his fists and fuck, it felt so good ! He could feel his pecs exploded with a huge amount of muscle. FUUUUUUUCK ! His abs started to popped out, row after row, while Link yelled with every row, and finally Link roared a fifth time : he had now an incredibly strong ten-pack; He passed his hands on them and holyyyy fuuuuuuuuuck, it was so hard, so ripped ! His legs became humongously wide and ripped. Link flexed his legs and moaned of pleasure. And above all : his cock became absolutely titanic. He wanted to came but no, not now, his powerful orgasm will be reserved for the boy he loved more anything : Max. Link grew, and grew, and grew; Shit, it felt so FUCKING AMAZING. Ganon was the most powerful ? Hahahaha the good joke ! Now, he was sure he could crush him with his little finger. Max was in tears, he had saw Link fall. Nobody couldn't survive on this fall, even Link. Ganon had won, Link was probably dead... "Link... No...no.....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!" yelled Max, in tear. "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !! It's over, your fucking friend is dead ! I have won and now my darkness reign is about to begin ! HAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!" But suddenly... "GRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !!!!!!!!!!!!!" An enormous roar resonated, making walls shake. It was a bestial roar, from something to huge, incredibly huge. Even Ganon was very surprised, no, no, it couldn't be this... Suddenly the other corner of the platform exploded literally, really like an explosion. Ganon and Max couldn't see because there was a lot of smoke. But something fell back, by shaking the ground. It seemed big, very big, no... not big, absolutely GIGANTIC, absolutely HUMONGOUS ! They could see only an enormous shadow in the smoke. "Shit !" thought Max. It couldn't be Link, this thing was too huge, really too huge ! Finally the shadow got up, more and more and more... Fuck, this thing was taller than Ganon, 14 feet maybe ! And finally, Max saw the head and was totally in shock : it was the Link's head. HOLY FUCK !!!!!!!!! Max couldn't see more than his head but FUCK, he could see his gigantic traps then, little by little the smoke dissipated, revealing the amazing muscular body of Link. Yes, his traps were now big mountains, surrounding entirely his neck, his shoulders... it was so fucking HUGE ! Enormous and striated ! Max was speechless when he saw his biceps/triceps : HOLY MOTHER FUCKING GOD ! It had to be wider than him, never he could imagine that an arms could be so BIG ! It was so astonishing ! His pecs... HOLY FUCK ! Two incredible balls of pure striated muscle ! Max guessed that only one of these amazing pecs had to weight more than him ! Then Max could see first row of amazing Link's abs ans fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, there were so fucking enormous, bigger than his head ! Max could see, two...four...six...eight......ten.....TEN ? HOLY FUCK ! He never imagined it was possible (but after all, with a fucking 14 feet muscle titan, all was possible !). And shit, his obliques was so fucking ripped ! God ! And his adonis belt, fuuuuuuck ! And... HOLY FUCKING MOTHER GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSHHHHHH ! thought Max when he saw the humongous cock of his boyfriend. It was big, no, it was FUCKING HUGE ! Wider than his two arms glued together ! And holy fuuuuuck ! Look these legs ! Quads were absolutely humongous, so muscular and so ripped, and so veinous and fuuuuck look these calves, he could guess they were bigger than his head. Max was drooling in front of this incredible muscular god, and this god was his boyfriend ! This perfect view on the most sexiest thing he had seen in his life made him cum instantly. He was so absorbed by this amazing scene that he forgot all about the current situation. Ganon seemed irritated ; how this fucking bastard have survived ? And how this fucking bastard had grown so much ? "GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !!!! I don't know how you has survived or how you grew like that but if you think you can defeat me, you are WRONG ! I have the triforce of power ! I'm the king king of darkness ! And you gonna DIE !!!". Ganon used his powers for to take his trident and threw it with all his might towards Link. "LOOK OUT LINK !" yelled Max. His boyfriend was perhaps now a 14 feet muscular titan, but it was Ganondorf, well, no, it was Ganon and fuck, but this trident could pierce several walls ! But Link didn't move. He was just walking with a determined look. And fuck but each of his steps made the ground shake. Then the trident hit him in his abs. To the surprise of Max and Ganon, it didn't pierce Link, at contrary, the spikes bent when they met Link's ten-pack. The trident fell on the ground while Link continued slowy his walk, like an unstoppable tank and still with his determined look. Ganon seemed more irritated, if he thought it wouldn't be sufficient for to defeat Link, he really believed it would hurt him. Fucking shit, after all, he had the triforce of power ! "GRRRRRRRRRRR TAKE THAT HYRULIAN BASTARD !!!" Ganon launched a big fire ball. Shit thought Max, it was enough for to disintegrate someone ! But, one more time, Link didn't nothing, he was only walking, made the ground shake with each steps. He took the fire ball and an gigantic explosion occured. Ganon yelled of joy, it was simply impossible he is not killed or at least, injured. Max had a frightening moment but suddenly, an enormous legs went out of smoke and hit the ground with an unbelievable power. Then the of the Link's body followed, without a single stratch. "NOOOOOOOO !!!!!" yelled Ganon. We could hear the angry but also the frustration and the despair. But fuck, he had the triforce of power, he had to be stronger than this fucking bastard ! It couldn't be otherwise !!! "YOU THINK YOU SCARE ME ?! YOU THINK YOU ARE MORE POWERFUL THAN ME ?! YOU GONNA SEE !!" and Ganon jumped for to hit him. Again, Link didn't try to dodge. Even, just before Ganon hit him, Max could see a small smile. Ganon hit him on the side of his head. Shit thought Max, the power of this hit was phenomenal, enough for to kill anyone in one shot ! But... Link had just moved his head of an inch and smiled more, as if he hadn't feel anything. When Ganon touched the ground, he clenched his fist and hit Link in his midsection. Again, the power of this punch was sufficient for to pierce a people but in the case of Link, only a crack could be heard. Max didn't know if Ganon had broken bones or if it was his bones. But few seconds later, Max could see Ganon took his hand away and wince. Holy shit ! He had just broken his fist on fucking incredibly hard abs of Link !! Max could see Ganon was mad of rage : all muscles were flexed, veins pulsed on the surface. Then, in a black anger, Ganon threw a flood of punches on Link, who took tens, no, hundreds of blows. But Link still didn't move. Even, in the middle of the deluge, he yawned strongly. This time it was clear, Ganon was totally surpassed. Ganon, in rage, stepped back and lifted one of enormous gold statues. He threw it on Link. Shit, one of these statues had to weigh several tons. Link clenched his fist, hit the statue and exploded it into hundreds of pieces; Ganon threw other statues but Link explosed each of them. Totally in rage, Ganon turned, saw Max and threw a fire ball on him. Max narrowly avoided the fire ball. At this moment, the look of Link was no longer determined, no, he was angry, no, furious, really really furious. Nobody touches Max, NOBODY !!! He clenched his fist and rushed on Ganon, who turned and just had the time the fist on Link go into his stomach. But if Ganon had broken his fist on Link's abs, Link had no difficulty for pulverize the eight-pack of monster. Ganon felt the biggest pain of his life. During few seconds, time seemed to be stopped, Max could see the amazing punch of Link shattered Ganon's abs and the monster, very surprised by the power of his hit, spit out even a little blood. And then Max saw Ganon projected at an unimaginable speed, go trought the wall, which was, however, very thick and disappear in sky. Holy shit ! Link had to project him on several hundred of miles. And it was over : Link had defeat Ganon, no, he had pulverized him !! "LINK !!!" yelled Max, in joy to join his boyfriend. He wrapped his arms around of Link's legs and began to cry. "I thought I'd never see you again !". Link stopped down and posed his hand on Max's head. "But... how... how are you became so big ?" said Max in posing one of his hands on Link's abs. Shit he thought, one of his fucking enormous brick was bigger than his hand. And the hardness... GOSH !! Not surprising that Ganon broke his hand ! Max became very very very horny while he caressed his ten-pack. Quickly Link could hear Max moaning and see him shoot several loads. But few moments later Max seemed a little sad. "Link, you are the most fucking amazing sexiest thing I have seen of my life... but... now, you are too big for me, really too big. We won't be able to do anything more; I mean, if we tried, I'm sure you crushed me instantly. I'm an ant compared to you". And then, Link got up and he signalled to Max to follow him. Max didn't understand why but he followed him. Fuck, the ground shaked with every step. Link was really a fucking titan. Finally, they arrived in a room, but not any room : THE room ! In front of them, there was... a fucking pool of Malice, no, a fucking SEA of Malice. It was enough for to grow Max at the same height of Link, maybe more. "But, why did you bring me here ? It's just a giant room with a lot of Malice. And you know like me that this substance is very very dangerous !" Link approached from the edge and would dip his hand in Malice. "LINK !! ARE YOU CRAZY ???" yelled Max. But Link looked him, smiled and did a sign to look. He plunged his hand and removed it for to show it to Max, who could see the substance slowy disappear, like if it was... absorbed ? Max heard Link moaned "LINK, ARE YOU OKAY ?" he said, verry worried. But Link looked him with a big smile. Then he pointed Max then the Malice. "WHAT ?? YOU MEAN YOU WOULD LIKE THAT I..." and Link nodded. "But...but...why...how...but..." Max didn't understand, usually Malice did hurt to Link but here, it was as if Link... absorbed the Malice and as if he... enjoyed that ? But, it hadn't no sense ! Max was in his thought when he felt one big hand catch him... "Link ? What are you doiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG ???????????" he yelled when Link threw him in middle of the room, into the Malice !! SPLASH ! Quickly, he rose to the surface and yelled : "LINK !!!! ARE YOU CRAZY ??? WHY DID YOU DO THAT ??? I...I....I...I...feel good ?!! But...but..." And Max watched his hands, and like Link, he saw the Malice to be absored by his hand. "Wh...wh...what the...?!" and Max focused on the feeling : "I didn't hurt, no, it felt... good... really good, like if he was loaded with energy... and what was a pleasant feeling of warmth intensified quickly and became more a burning. Max watched his hands and could see veins appear and... yeah.... of fuck yeah... his hands became slowy bigger and... his forearms too. Oh fuck ! In fact it was his whole body which grew ! Max began to gasp and sweat. He looked Link who was watching him with a big smile. "So...oooooohh....it was...nnngggghhhh....true...it was....aaaaaaahhh Malice which....OH FUCK !" Max felt an enormous pressure in his whole body, he could feel his whole body grow. And he didn't just feel it, he could hear it : stretch sounds could be heard. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!" yelled Max, who reached quickly the appearance of a gymnast. His forearms were ripped, his arms became muscular but not yet big, his shoulders became round, we could see slighty traps, his pecs started to appear and below a good sixpack started to show it but not yet really bulged. "OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCKKK AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH NGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!" Max laughed, enjoying every second because each second his body became more muscular, more powerful and he could feel it. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!" Ten secons later, he reached the stage of the teen bodybuilder : his forearms were really developed, his biceps and triceps had a good peak of muscle, his shoulders were canonballs, his traps rose, his pecs were muscular, his sixpack was six boulders implanted under his skin and his chest had a good shape of V. Max gasped louder when his eyed widened... "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!" he yelled. Link could hear Max's voice became really deep, almost inhuman. He could see Max yelled while his body grew to reach another stage. His clothes were in agony and started to tear. Shit, Max was now bigger than a pro bodybuilder, he was so muscular. Big arms, huge shoulders, traps which surrounded his neck, huge pecs, abs really bulged and ripped. And he was taller, probably 7 feet. Suddenly Max grimaced strongly and roared like he never roared. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!" His whole body seemed have "muscle explosions", his big biceps became enormous, his traps rose up more to the point that Max had almost no neck, his pecs exploded, gaining a lot of size, Link could see Max's abs stretching and suddenly, Max roared when the first row exploded out of his stomach, doubling in size, then the second, and the third and Max roared a last time while a fourth row popped out from nothing, giving him a incredibly ripped and strong eight-pack. And now, Link could see his quads, which were so fucking ripped, so wide. And obviously, his fucking incredible cock, which was widder than a can. Max was now almost 9 feet tall. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! OH FUCK LINK, IT'S SO AMAZAING, NO, IT'S SO HOLY MOTHER FUCKING AMAZING !!! IT'S FEEL SO FUCKING GOOD YOU HAVE NO IDEA !!!" And Link knew it was not over, Max was soon to overtake him. He will join him at that moment. Link could hear Max moaning very louder and see that Max absorbed a huge quantity of Malice. The next growth spurt will be titanic ! On the side of Max, he had only just recovered from his latest grow spurt that he could feel his body absorbed more and more Malice. He felt like a balloon that was inflated again and again. Then, at some point, nothing more but Max knew it was the calm before the storm. And the storm came ! "OOOOOOOOHH .... FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK !!!!!!!!!!!!" Max roared like he never roared. He roared so loudly than pieces of ceiling fell. Followed a series of "muscle growth spurts" and Max quickly gained in bulk and size. His whole body became absolutely titanic, like Link ; his biceps became mountains of muscle, just like his traps, his shoulders were planetoid, his pecs were just titanic, his eight-pack exploded into a fucking muscular and ripped ten-pack, his legs became wider than a redwood trunks and so fucking ripped. And his cock was simply monstrous ! And he gained wickly in tall : 10 feet... 11 feet...12 feet...13 feet ! And finally, Max reached an amazing 14 feet, like Link. Max was totally in a trance, never he imagined he could have a power like that ! He felt as he could lift mountains, literally. His body felt like it was a continous orgasm. Suddenly, he heard a big "SPLASH" ; Link had joined him. In walking, Link moaned while his body absorbed Malice. Finally he reached Max, two smiled at each other and kissed, in feeling each bulges of their unbelievable muscular body. Gosh thought Max, this feeling to growing in kissing Link was so divine. At a given time, the feeling was too much and two have broken the kiss and moaned loudly. There was no words enough strong for to describe their muscle growth, it was titanic. Seconds after seconds, Link and Max gained several hundred pounds of pure muscle, from titan they became gods ! They gained in size : 15 feet... 16.....17....18. Finally, they absorbed what was left of Malice and felt an unbelievable pressure. Two widened their eyes, there is a second of pure silence and then the tower was shaken by the two biggest roars. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Link and Max became absolutely titanic : arms were bigger than their old body, their shoulder were so fucking incredibly huge, their traps could compared at mount Everest, their pecs were of gargantuan size, their unbelievable ten-pack grew more, row exploded one by one and like previously, a new row popped under, giving now an astonishing enormous, ripped, strong, deep twelve-pack, and their legs were wider than their previous body. Max and Link were not titan, they were gods ! They didn't feel just powerful, they had a infinite power. Even the power of Ganon, who was the most powerful thing in the world after them, seemed so ridiculous now. Link had more power in his little finger than in whole body of Ganon. And fuck, they were so tall : probably 20 feet ! Link and Max gasped during few minutes, it was the most powerful feelings they had felt of their life. Then Max watched Link and smiled : the moment he had been waiting for had come. Max threw him on Link, kissed him, feeling every bulges of his incredibly muscular body. After few ten of seconds, Max broken the kiss and Link smiled then he turned back, giving his fabulous muscular ass to his boyfriend. Max began to kiss the amazing muscular back of Link, feeling his traps, his delts, feeling his pecs and crevices and mountains of his abs. And finally he entered into him. Link roared like a beast, so loud than walls shaken. In continuing to kiss him, Max pushed more and more of dick in Link's ass. With this incredible feeling, Link put his hands in wall. Finally Max withdrew before pushing again. Link roared. Max pushed again. The cock of Link hit the wall, making a small hole. Max pushed again and again, the cock of Link hit the wall, digging it a little deeper. Link had an idea. He took his dick with one hand and positioned it in front of the hole. Every time Max pumped Link, Link pumped the wall, digging the wall. Max fucked Link while Link fucked the wall ! During next minutes, Max pumped Link, slowy at first then more quickly. Finally, Link's dick had dug a tunnel. Max continued to pump Link for several ten of minutes, increased the pace such as a rowhammer, when finally he felt a incredible pressure in his balls. "Fuuuuuuckkk... I'm......coming......soon Link ! ....... Are you...........ready ?" gasped Max. Link pushed a moan as a positive answer. Max continued as long he could, closed his eyes and clenched his teeths when finally, he couldn't hold himself back any longer. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Deluge is a word which was not enough strong for to describe the sequence. Max released gallons of gallons of gallons of cum in Link's ass. And Link released gallons of gallons of gallons of cum in the wall. Quickly, cracks started to appear on the wall and widened with each shot of Link. Several pieces of the ceiling fell, walls were shaking and what was a sea of Malice became little by little a sea of cum. The storm lasted more than 45 minutes, the whole wall was cracked and the old pool of Malice was now a pool of cum. When Link shot his last load, the whole wall collapsed. Holy shit ! Link had just destroyed a fucking thick wall... JUST BY CUMMING !! Max and Link was here, gasping for to recover of their most powerful sex session they had of their life. They finished this session by kiss and stroke. Max broke the kiss, watched Link and said "It was the most powerful sex I had of my life ! Fuck Link, it so FUCKING amazing, I feel me so powerful, so invincible and I'm really curious to see what we able to do. Would you like to test it ?". And Link smiled and nodded. During next hours, Ganon's tower became their playground, well, rather their land of destruction. Link started by try to walk trought walls, if previously he punched the wall, here he just walked straight ahead as if there was nothing there. Max tried the same thing and fuck, it was so funny. Max also tried to pierce the wall with his finger : it went in like butter ! In the tower, there was big gold statues of Ganondorf, one of them must weight several tons. Link lifted one with only ony hand and threw it on Max, who exploded it with a punch. Link threw another and this time, Max tried something else. He turned and hit the statue with.... his dick ! Max didn't play at baseball, he played at... dickball ! On the ground floor of the tower, Max said "The first at the top of the tower win !". Link smiled, crouches and jumped. He trought literally all floor, shattering the ceiling as if it were a sheet of paper. "..... ok you have won" said Max in laughing, then he jumped also for to join Link on the roof. "Ok now the first on the ground floor" said Max. He jumped of several feet, trought the ceiling and each floor before to reach the ground floor in making a crater. Little by little, the tower became a field of ruins. The few remaining monsters fled in front of these muscular gods. Even Ganondorf in angry wasn't so powerful. Max and Link crossed Blaino, who came back for to take his revenge but when he was in front of them, he widened his eyes, left his boxing gloves and ran away. They crossed also a Smasher, who threw his ball on Max. But Max caught the ball with his hand then crushed it in dust. Seeing that, the Smasher ran away too for save his life. In the ground floor, there was these big pillars, Max rolled his arms around and squeezed. Instantly, cracks appeared and the pillar was crushed. Fuuuuuck through Max, yesterday he wasn't able to lift his own wieght and now he crushed enormous pillar with his arms ! Holy shiiiiiiit ! Soon all objects in the tower suffers the same fate : crushed, destroyed, trample, shattered, annihilated, reduced to dust. Link and Max ended up having fun by destroying the walls of the first floor with their bare hands and obviously, the tower collapsed. But even after the destruction of the tower, they were playing with the debris. Link threw on Max pieces of several tons and Max pulverized them with a punch. Then Link jumped on Max and two started to make a friendly fight for to know which one could claim his due. They rolled over each other in crushing the debris of the tower under their humongous weight. Boulder s, statues, all was crushed in dust by the weight of these gods. Finally Max won and roared, like a cry of victory. Link turned him on his belly, giving his ass at Max. Max claimed his due : he entered in Link, who pushed a enormous roar. Shit, feelings were so FUCKING AMAZING ! Max had his eyes revolted, like Link. There was no word for to describe what they feel, it was just... divine ! Like an orgasm but multiplied by a billion ! Max pumped, and pumped, and pumped and pumped, increasing the rhythm little by little. Link was moaning of pleasure and caught some debris of the tower but he cruhed them in dust with his godly strength. Max continued for several hours. It was the best, the most powerful and the longer sex session they had of their life !! It seemed to have no end ! And Max had reached an amazing pace, he pumped more quickly than a rowhammer; Then, after an eternity, he felt a gigantic pressure in his ball, and when I said gigantic, it was gigantic. The climax was very near and what climax !! He closed his eyes, clenched his teeths and pumped as long he could and finally... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!" Their yell could be heard on several tens of miles, hundreds perhaps. Even the inhabitants of the village, which was at several tens of miles of this place, heard them. And they cum so much !!! White substance flowed from the mountain, so much that some monsters through it was an volcanic eruption (because the yell and the white substance which flowed from the top of the mountain). But no, the liquid was not lava : it was white, hot but not burning and... sticky. And it smelled also strong ! When Link and Max came back at the village, all inhabitants were speechless. Two fucking muscular 20 feet gods, it doesn't unnoticed ! It is even said that the princess flooded her panties when she saw Link. Oviously, Link and Max were too big for their old house but the villagers worshipped them as gods. So they moved in the mountain near of village (literally in the mountain ! But digging didn't take them long). Since that day they have never been attacked again, not by Ganon not by other ennemies. You had to be crazy to attack them ! They helped the inhabitants for several things : heavy boulders to move ? Crushed in one second ! Gorons dug a tunnel ? Max digged it in 2 minutes when it would have taken months. A wall to destroy ? No problem ! One day, Link passed by the shop of the shopkeeper, the one where he had stolen the potion. He got down on all fours and stuck his head out, destroying the facade a little. The shopkeeper recognized him and said "I wasn't kidding when I said pay ! Now you'll pay the ultimate price !!" and he shot a ray on Link. He felt an amazing burning but not in the wrong way, no, it felt good, it felt really really good !! Link started to moan, slighty at the beginning then louder when he felt the burning increased. And this time he was sure : he could feel his body was growing and very quickly. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!" yelled Link. Stretch sounds could be heard but also crackling sounds : his shoulders grew bigger and bigger and bigger and Link became so fucking wide, too wide for the facade which was little by little destroyed as he expanded. And he was taller also : 21 feet....23....26....30 feet and it continued. The shopkeeper seemed confused : usually, this ray should kill but here, he was growing and growing and growing. Why ? In addition he had modified it to incorporate Malice. Maybe it wasn't enough powerful ! The shopkeeper increased the power of the ray to the maximum. Link yelled more, the sensation was so unbelievable, it was like if the simple burning was became a nuclear bomb. And obviously, his yell exploded all windows of village. His body grew even faster, very faster ; his traps reached his ears, his shoulders were titanic, his biceps/triceps reached divine proportions, his pecs were so fucking gigantic, like previous growth, he could feel each row of his amazing twelve-pack exploded and like previous growth, a new row popped out : Link had now an impossible, incredibly fourteen-pack and his crevices became canyons, his legs was so fucking godly muscular. Then he felt that his shoulders touched each side of the shop : Link was as wide as the shop. But little problem : he didn't finish to grow !!! The walls started to make crackling sounds and for short moments, trying to resisting but few seconds later, there were sounds of tearing everywhere : the shop was literally torn apart from the inside by a unbelieavable titanic muscle mass. And Link didn't stop that, he continued to grow and grow and grow. His moans was so loud, enoughfor to shake walls of other houses. Everyone had come out and watched this titanic thing grow, in fear. Then it stopped. There was absolutely nothing left of the shopkeeper's shop, only few debris from the the roof which were still on the muscular back of Link. The inhabitants could hear a very very very loud gasp. Then this thing rise up and the last remnants of the roof were falling from his titanic back. A gigantic shadow covered the village. When Link stood, holy shit, all was so small. He was a fucking giant, I mean REALLY REALLY giant : 50 feet at least !!! The shopkeeper looked him with wide eyes, totally afraid, and said "..... ok... I didn't say anything.... Take what you want !!!!!!" in shaking. But Link was too concerned by his new humongous body. He flexed his biceps, and holy shit, look the size of this gun. And the power... Previously he already felt like a god but now... He was god of god of god. It was just so inimaginable. There was this expression "move mountains" but here, he felt like he could LITERALLY move mountains ! Link really wanted to roar but he was sure he could destroy the village only in roaring. He became just too much powerful ! Just walking made the ground shake. Suddenly, he felt, at several times, something of warm and sticky, hit him against his fucking incredible fourteen-pack and then flowed between canyons of his abs. He looked down and he saw Max, who was drooling and cumming in watching his boyfriend. Haha it was so funny, he looked like a child in front of a giant bodybuilder (yeah, a child of 20 feet and severals thousand pounds of pure muscle). Now, it was necessary to rebalance the balance so... it was the time to find another sea of Malice for Max and why not, after, have a "little" sex marathon ? (but not in the village he didn't want to drown people under a cum tsunami)
  6. hotmuscle101

    muscle-growth Blue Pill Part 2

    Here is Blue Pill Part 1 if you haven't had a chance to read it. **DISCLAIMER** All characters, unless stated otherwise, are assumed to be 18 years of age or older. If you do not like scenes of forced sex and some violence, then please leave now. You have been warned. Blue Pill Part 2 I don’t think anything in the world could have prepared me for the sight before my eyes. The man I had worshipped in my dreams was standing right before me fully exposed. Most people in that situation would have turned and ran for their life, but at that point I had no feeling left in my body. My brain had gone completely numb except for one thought. I can’t believe this is happening! “I’m so fucking horned up from that first half, and Stacy is nowhere to be found so I guess you’ll have to do. Not that you didn’t want me to fuck you anyways, hahaha.” Chris then picked me up, stripped me of my clothes by ripping them from my body and positioned me on the bench. There was no warning, just a sharp jolt of pain as I felt Chris’s mammoth cock entered my virgin hole. To describe what I felt was intense pain, but once I felt his balls hit my ass, my eyes had rolled back into my head from the pleasure I felt. “Yeah, you like that don’t you, you little faggot!” Chris’s baritone voice filled my ears as he continued to fuck me. All I could do was moan in approval and say “yes”. As I began to regain some of my senses, I realized who was fucking me. I also remembered that his cock wasn’t the only thing that was big on him. My eyes were first drawn to his pecs and how they bounced every time he plunged his thick dick into my ass. I reached my hand up to feel these massive melons that were hanging in front of me. His pecs were so thick and so full of muscle that his nipples were hard to find underneath all of his muscle cleavage. You could tell as soon as I had found them, because the expression on his face changed immediately. If I thought he was fucking me beforehand, then this was like overdrive. Something about grabbing onto his nipples put him over the edge and he began fucking like a mad man. It took all I had not to let go. As Chris was getting closer to the point of no return I saw the veins in his neck and arms bulge thicker. I swear I could see his pecs swelling larger too, but I assumed I was hallucinating from all of the pleasure I was feeling. “Oh FUUUUCCCCCKKKK!” I felt Chris’s cock expand inside of me and then I felt what all the excitement was over. Now, don’t get me wrong, I had cum a lot in the past, but this was a torrent of jizz flooding my insides. I could actually feel pressure from the amount of sperm that was being deposited inside me. I just so happened to look down and I could see my stomach expanding from all the sperm. BZZZZZZZZZZ “Thank you Fletcher Valley High Cheerleaders for that wonderful performance, now onto more football!” We heard the P.A. system screech through the locker room. “Well that’s my cue. Thanks for the release. Come to think of it, Stacy is busy after the game as well. Looks like you aren’t going anywhere.” Chris shoved me hard into the janitor’s closet and the last thing I saw before he closed the door was a super pumped Chris. As if he had just gotten through a grueling workout! “See ya later cum rag. I’ll be back to pump that ass some more after we win the game.” Then the door to the closet slammed shut and I heard a click as Chris locked it from the outside. With my jeans still around my ankles, I pulled them up and tried to clean myself up a little bit. As I went to zip up my jeans, I noticed that they were a little more snug than the last time I wore them and I was unable to button them. Then I noticed the problem, It was my cum bloated stomach from that massive dick that was just inside me. Even after gorging myself on food at thanksgiving I never looked this stuffed. One thing I did know was that I had to get out of here before the football game ended. Of course I wanted to experience that joyful bliss again, but I couldn’t be seen like this. Bloated to the max and my jeans covered in cum from when Chris pulled out. Before I could think of anything else, I felt a vibrating in my pants pocket. I reached in to find that Eric was trying to call me on my cell phone. I think I was more surprised that I was getting cell service in the school over the fact that I hadn’t dropped my phone in that sexcapade. I quickly flipped open the phone to hear Eric complaining about slow service at the pizza place and why I wasn’t there yet. “Dude, I have been waiting forever, not just for the pizza, but for you too! Get your butt down here!” I knew my friend wouldn’t judge in the state I was in. “Ummm, kind of in a pickle here Eric. Could you come down to the school and let me out of the janitor’s closet? I seemed to have been locked in.” “Yeah, sure. How did you lock yourself…? Never mind, it’s you were talking about. The same kid that somehow manages to lock himself out of his own car all the time. Yeah, I’m on my way” “Thank you so much Eric! I owe you one!” “No, you owe me like fifteen now. Hahaha….” *Click* Beep, beep, beep…. Enough of him gloating that he had to come to the rescue, I’m sure I won’t hear the end of it once he gets here. After hanging up with Eric, I noticed a strange urge that seemed out of place, I felt really horny. I also noticed that my stomach didn’t seem to bulge out as much anymore. I felt extremely energetic as well, like I could run a hundred laps around the school or something. I hope Eric gets here soon or I just might explode from all of this energy. 10 minutes went by and still no Eric, so I figured I would find a way to pass the time and consume some of this unbound energy I was feeling. I began doing pushups. At first I figured I would go to twenty and see how I felt from there. Twenty turned into thirty, turned into fifty, and that’s how I am now at three hundred and I still feel wired. As I stood up and looked down I realized that my stomach was no longer bloated, because I couldn’t see it. My pecs were so full and pumped that I couldn’t see my feet when I looked down. What really caught my attention was the fact that my biceps each had a vein running down the middle of them. These are two things that I had never seen in all of my years of working out. So I quickly dropped to the floor and started repping out crunches. Before I knew it I was coming up to two hundred. So I stopped and stood up to see the damage. I leaned over my newly pumped pecs to see the faint outline of my six pack. I had never once been able to see my abs EVER! Then I noticed a mop in the corner of the closet. I set it across horizontally on the two shelves on each side of the room to form a pull up bar. I began pulling myself up doing as many chin ups as I could. Every time I came up after a full extension I could feel my lats pushing my arms further out. However that’s not what stopped me from doing pull ups. *CRACK* as the mop snapped in two. “HOLY SHIT DUDE!” I looked up to see Eric with his mouth wide open and his eyes bugging out as he looked over my sweaty body. “Looks like I have some explaining to do…”
  7. VRGoh

    worship Danny's Secret

    This is a rehashed version of an old story from the old forum, "The Weekend with Danny." Usual disclaimer applies. Enjoy. -------------------------------------------------------- Danny watched from the window of the living room of his home as his parents drove off for the airport, preparing to start their two-week vacation in Puerto Rico. They wanted to enjoy a vacation in an exotic location, but they didn't have passports. Luckily for them, passports are not needed for U.S. citizens when traveling to U.S. territories like Puerto Rico and both of his parents are fluent in Spanish. His mother works as a high school Spanish teacher who spent a year in Madrid during graduate school, and his father, a computer technician, was raised by a Puerto Rican mother who insisted on her children knowing the language of their heritage. He silently made a mental note to call his Abuelita via Zoom on her birthday next Tuesday. Because of long distances, traveling to her home in Florida was not very feasible for most of her children. However, using Zoom allowed her to get regular digital visits from her children and/or grandchildren. As soon as their car turned the corner, he headed for the upstairs bathroom, removing his shirt along the way. He wasn't prudish about his body; he enjoyed showing off the fruits of his labor, in fact. However, he didn't often get the chance to do so, as his mother would quickly have him put on a shirt "so you don't catch a chill." He chuckled at that as he arrived at the landing. Making a stop in his room, he removed the rest of his clothes, placing them in the laundry hamper. Whenever he had the chance, which wasn't often, he'd prefer to walk around the house naked. His mother wasn't wrong when she said that Danny would "go around here without a stitch of clothing on." He just wouldn't do it while his parents were in the house. Once completely naked, he went into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. He didn't do this out of prudishness, but to lessen the mess. Turning to the mirror on the back of the door, he gazed at his reflection in the mirror. Looking back at him, with a look of confidence and swagger, was a god among men. Standing 6'6" tall, he was built like one would imagine a son of Zeus to be built. A twenty-five inch neck flares out to traps worthy of the flying buttresses of Notre Dame Cathedral, ending at shoulders so wide he enters rooms by turning sideways. From his cannonball shoulders, arms measuring 30" would proudly stretch out the sleeves of any shirt he wore, including his favorite T-shirt, with arrows pointing to them over the sentence, "Two tickets to the gun show." His 66" chest casts a shadow over his eight-pack abs, his lats, like the hood of a giant cobra, tapering dramatically to a drum-tight 32" waist and a bubble butt that fills the seat of every pair of pants he wears magnificently. His powerful thighs measured 36" around, bigger than the average man's waist, which tapered to 29" calves as hard as diamonds. Dangling from his crotch between thighs as thick as oak trunks was a powerful cock that, when hard (which was often) was 20" long and 14.5" around. Everyone wanted the secret to his godlike body and porn-star-worthy cock. Most figured that it was either good diet and exercise, or that he was injecting steroids or something similar. He let them speculate, knowing that they wouldn't believe him if he told them the truth. Stepping into the tub beside him, he lay down and started stroking his massive member. He bit his lower lip as he jerked off, his libido rising with each stroke. He knew about basic exercises, but the only workout he'd ever done was masturbating. The method he used, however, gave him the effects of a full-body workout, because he would be at it for hours on end. Not only that, but every time he "worked out," he was always a little bit bigger, a little bit more defined, and a lot stronger. He started masturbating like this when he was 14, at the first flush of adolescent hormones. Finding something like it online, he tried it out that first night to his surprise. Now at eighteen years old, he was built like Hercules, strong enough to lift his parents' car overhead with no visible effort, and superhumanly hung and virile. He grunted and moaned as he kept going, his muscles flexing and rippling like ocean waves, going from the hardness of stone to that of steel and beyond with each flex. Viridian veins, like small hoses, emerged from beneath his skin as striations stood out in bold relief. He flexed throughout his "workout," licking his mountainous biceps and caressing his plate-armor-like pecs. Before long he was drenched in sweat and near a massive orgasm. Any time he performed what he called "super-edging," he would drench the entire bathroom in cum. Closing the bathroom curtain helped a bit, but not by much. This process, not only increased his size and strength to impossible limits, but also dramatically increased the size of his loads. Edging in this manner backed them up, one after the other, until he would cum for a full minute without stopping, his cock a firehose of cum. It was this level of orgasm that he was steadily approaching now, his body impossibly shredded and hard. He roared and grunted as he approached the point of no return. Releasing his cock, he let out a long roar of godlike release as his twenty-inch monster cock erupted like a volcano, spraying cum everywhere in the room. He flexed and shook in the throes of his sexual release, veins and striations making him look like an inhuman muscle monster with an insatiable lust that could only be sated by an entire horde of willing partners, which is what awaited him that night.
  8. GiganticBeast

    m/m/f Camping

    Another INCREDIBLE story by the man who brought you Caffeine another AMAZING growth story, and this one is the most incredible ego stroke I've had in a very long time!! A take on how my recent Camping Trip should have turned out God I have read this over and over and over again! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Again, I didn't write this, but it's..it's almost like it's MY words, he wrote it so goddamned well it's like I'm listening to things I've said but have no memory of saying it! I'm ranting, but only because I'm bordering on SPEECHLESS from this! Are you in the mood for INCREDIBLE M/M action? What about M/M/F Cuck/worship sessions as a growing egotistical muscle god gets his big beastly self worshiped! Every single thing you read here is a kink or particular fetish that I am in LOVE with. This represents the look into my deep psyche that I'm sure you're all going to enjoy! ALSO if you want to follow this BEAST MAKER of an author, he's Armagedon2dm on Twitter! GO, GIVE him a FOLLOW! Tell him how much you LOVED THIS STORY! Seriously. DO IT. He managed to create a snapshot of my best fantasies, written in the glorious stream of consciousness! Oh my GOD. This ALMOST RUINED 3 months of edging!!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- DAY 1 Finally a vacation, if you could call it that. Stuck in the backseat of a Prius with packs and camping supplies shoved in spilling over in my lap. Friends told me about the wonders of camping in the wild Canadian wilderness. Not the cramped confines of a small ass car. Oh, and did I mention that we are driving 3 hours to the campsite? 3.5 hours later: Bald head scrapes the roof of the car as I clamber out. Oddities of camping gear that fell in my lap while driving spill on the ground. *Stretching noises as I flex and finally able to take full breaths* I spin around looking at the scenery and find no cabins, or outhouses or porta potties. “Guys where are the bathrooms?” Carl and Wendy looked at me quizzically. Him dressed all in green camo, and her all in pink camo. Carl reached in a duffel bag and pulled out a collapsible spade. Handing it to me he said, “Anywhere you want it to be.” My eyes widened at the realization that my first camping trip ment no modern conveniences. Especially going on twitter to read my *AHEM* interest in growth ideas. My grip around my phone in my hand tightens, as the battery is already almost dead and there will be no way to charge it for three days. “Uh, oh. Ok. Well where should I go...dig?” They just point to the distance saying someplace not too close. No explanations of how big of a hole to dig or how far out. So, I put one foot in front of the other and start walking to explore. 15 minutes of wandering around: So I just wander off in 34C weather trying to stick to the shades of the trees. Tennis shoes getting grass stains. And beads of streaming down off my head. Even the muscle shirt isn't faring too well. Pro tip, do not bring white clothes to nature. Swatting away some black flies buzzing around my head. “This isn't what I expected when they said come camping with us. This beast doesn't do well in the hot damn weather.” “Well, there are plenty of beasts out here in the wild you might want to steer clear of.” The voice startled me not expecting anyone else to be crazy enough to be out in this heat camping in the middle of nowhere Canada. There leaning against a pine tree was ranger Joe! Talking about beasts, this guy was jacked for lack of a better word. More than two meters tall, still more than a head above my own height. Not like saying 6 feet tall is big, but certainly more than average. Been lifting for a few years and this guys' arms were bigger around than my legs were thick! A few days of growth coating his face in a rugged beard. What was rugged on his face left nothing to the imagination of a thick carpet of fur poking out from his collar. His very light green, almost a tan uniform, was pulled tight to his muscles. Very form fitting if not skin tight, probably on purpose. You should see veins snaking all over his arms and up into his sleeves as he carried his hands crossed below on his muscle gut as he wouldn't even be able to cross his arms around his own chest. Between his biceps and pecs, the only way they meet is with force. “There are bears and cougars in the lower part of the ridge. So that's off limits.” He states as he points past a tree line leading down to a valley with his thumb. To call that digit a thumb is far from the truth. Even calling it a sausage was a great understatement. I think he caught me gawking or my eyes were bugging out from my head. Pushing off from the tree he actually causes it to sway. “Now keep to your site up here, you and your friends. I'm stationed in the area if there's trouble. But let's face it, when I'm around there won't be.” He over stated that last bit with a flex. Fuck, this guy was so jacked his clothes protested. He walked away with a swagger waving those hairy thick “fingers.” Mind you while he was moving away I was checking out that thick muscled ass. Goal I thought. I wanted that ass before leaving this crap hole. If I was going to have one good thing here, I was going to be getting a piece of that! Waddling back to camp with my cock almost poking out the waist band. Glad my cargo shorts were sweat stained to cover up the globs of pre running down my thigh. Carl and Wendy glanced in my direction knowing something was up but didn’t say anything. Which I appreciated, as we got to work to finish up setting up camp. 4 hours later After changing, cleaning up, I plopped down ready to eat while the campfire was burning hot. Wendy pulls out a few bags from the cooler. My tummy rumbles ready for some meat to be cooked to satisfy the beast inside. Mushrooms, broccoli, onions going into a skillet for frying. Spices from another bag. Oh man, my mouth is watering from the smell. Holding the last bag over the aroma of cooking veggies as two big fish plop into the pan. My eyes widen in horror, fish! My nose reels from the acrid smell as my stomach lurches in anger. The wonderful delectable meal ruined. Not wanting to show face, I excuse myself for not feeling well and retreat to my own tent. I pulled out a pepsi from my backpack and downed the whole thing, grumbling. Staring over at my dead phone, I couldn't even browse twitter. I unzipped the flap on the other side of the tent to get the cooler nights air flowing though. It opened up towards the lower ridge of the forest. The moon was bright that night throwing shadows everywhere. I was hungry, tired, and irritated. So I decided to strip down and get into the sleeping bag. I stopped momentarily as I thought I'd heard rustling a bit way in the bush. Granted looking from the outside watching a big dude's bald head push out the tent fabric on top, while trying to get my clothes off would have been whimsical. I couldn’t even hear my friends comment. So they must have gone to sleep too. Crouching down to peer through the screen, I thought I'd heard an animal growling that was decently large. The breeze rustled the trees, as they swayed back and forth in the moonlight. Then eyes, glowing blue eyes. They bore directly into my soul, into my fantasies, into my wants, my needs. This large figure, this large beast. I felt energized inside but my eyes drooped overcome with exhaustion. I caught one last look in the area I saw the eyes, only to see moving shadows and branches glinting in the pale blue rays of moon shine. I dropped to my knees and had enough movement to faceplant into the pillow. My last conscious thought was how rock hard my cock was straining my boxer briefs. DAY 2 My dreams last night were wild glimpses of crashing through the forest. More like over the forest. Flocks of birds flying away, animals scampering away on the forest floor in swaths. I could almost hear and feel the forest floor shake as I slept. A bestial roar in the distance… Woke up at the crack of dawn with my erection just about bursting out of the tent. I need to take care of the issue now before the others work up. If I stayed in camp, then I'd definitely wake them up, so I threw on just a shirt and shoes I had on yesterday, climbed out of the tent as quietly as I could, and trudged down the closest path to my tent. Which so happened to be the path to the lower ridge. My brain addled with that dream, not fully awake, and my beast cock pointing skywards. This beast only had one thing on his immediate mind, and it was just getting far enough away to take care of it! Tumbling down the trail, I didn't even bother to keep to myself. Out in the middle of fuck no where, who was going to come around. My hand groped the bulge through the underwear as it throbbed. Was it my imagination or did it feel like it had a bit more heft to it, a bit more thickness. “Ugh, fuck! I needed to… I NEED A HOT… ” and then I fell, down the ravene I tumbled. Ass over teakettle, through the brush. Scraping my legs on thorns and underbrush, the blood trickled down the hairy on my legs. After a bit I tumbled over the river embankment, my head slammed hard against the river rocks before blacking out. Sometime late morning The sun was so bright, so hot shining overhead attacking me with its irritated heat. Blazing hot heat, flies buzzing around. Cold wet water brushing my hand, washing over it. Using the water to wash the blood, sweat, and dirt off my face. I sit up and crawl over to the water for drink. Thirsty, taking gulping mouthfuls of water till I start to hiccup. I notice the dried blood on my bald head from the gash I got while falling. Reaching up, I expected pain to the touch but there wasn’t. Scooped up more water to wash away the dried blood and there was no longer a gash. In fact, all my cuts and scrapes were healed as well too. The shirt had so many rips and holes, it just disintegrated with a tug. And the underwear was lost, must be, somewhere on the tumble down here. Only thing I was left wearing were my socks and shoes and they felt about ready to burst. Welp, while next to the river, might as well bathe and clean all this dirt off myself. So off come the shoes and socks putting them on a big rock. Walked out into the river and washed up. “Now you were warned about coming down here, and now I have to also cite you for indecent exposure! What are you doing down here?” Came a familiar stern deep gruff voice from the banks. Turning around there stood the forest ranger, with his hands balled into fists pressed on his thighs. He looked like he was carved out of pure stone and placed precariously and posed like a Greecian statue. Although since yesterday it looked like he shrunk his uniform in the wash. The top two buttons were open showing the undershirt below. Even from 20 meters away that chest looked like it’d crush a small car. His full beard touching the top of those pecs. That neck looked like it was contending an arena battle with the traps beside them. The sleeves were folded so far up his arms, it might as well have been considered sleeveless. The forearms bulged with hairy veins, a finger thick vein leading up to melon sized biceps pushing against the side of his striated pecs. Forget the statue of a human, this was a demigod in the flesh! The muscle gut straing the buttons on top of it, showed the undershirt riding up that hairy grooved flesh. His calf high brown leather boots straining to contain those feet. You could almost see each individual toe stretching the leather, pushing out. Not to toot this beast's own horn but I've got a good sized beast cock. But the shadow I saw from that far away of the ragers package is so much more sizable. It was like a litre pop bottle and two grapefruits shoved inside. And no, the waistband wasn't holding but bulging out. The jock fabric spilling over and showing dark fur sprouting out. Those muscle thighs pushing those testosterone laden fruit forwards, like they would burst forwards any second with a vengeance. Still wading in the river he yells a bit more sternly, “I asked you a question boy!” A bit shocked from embarrassment but also from irritation. Boy?! My Six-foot muscled frame, bald head, and beard that’d choke a lumberjack and I'm being called boy? I puffed out my chest and marched towards shore, fists clenched, vein throbbing from my forehead ready to rip off the ranger's arm and beat him with it. Rushing the shore, trudging through the water growling right up to the ranger. Pusing my chest right against his, ready to brawl. I can feel our cocks twitch between us, throbbing against our torsos. Glaring back up at his face and flexing my arms. Snapping back, “What fucking crap is this boy?” A silence fell over the forest. It seemed even the breeze was waiting with bated breath. Awaiting the clash of beasts. With a bellowing laugh, the forester relaxed and belted out a boisterous stutter of jubilation. “You're one hell of a man there!” As he slaps the back of Will shoulders with the hand the size of a half sheet pan. Almost sending Will toppling to the ground. Extending out that same hand the ranger finally introduces himself, “Gord.” He states flatly. Stunned from disillusion, Will shakes the gruff calloused hand and stutters out, “Will…” “Well, Will. Let's get you back to your camp. This place isn't safe. I'd hate to have to give you a ticket for self endangerment. As well as (ranger clears his throat), public nudity.” Quotes Ranger Gord. “Grab what's left of your clothes there. Hmm, I guess just your shoes and socks. Then i’ll guide you back to your camp to rejoin your friends.” I blush a bit. Well, not so much as blush as my entire head turns the shade of scarlett. I rushed over to grab my shoes and socks from the rock. I glanced past the tree line to see a darkened cavern or grotto. Faintly glowing with that eerily pale blue light I saw last night, I shifted to put on my socks and shoes to get a better look at the surrounding area to get back down here tonight to check it out. Trying to not show Gord my intentions just as I’m about to put on the last shoe, down on the ground next to the boulder is a little glowing blue stone. I picked it up and threw it in the sole of my shoe before putting it on\. Gord hadn't noticed, and asks if I’m ready to go back to camp and I nod. The ranger drops me back at camp with Carl and Wendy not there. Their backpacks are missing so they must have gone for a hike. I sigh in relief, that means I don’t have to explain my lack of clothing. After putting on clothes and thanking Gord for the escort back, the ranger sets off. I relax back in my tent bored, hungry, but atleast clean. Wondering where that light was coming from and why the ranger was warning me against that lower ridge. There didn't seem to be any bears or cougars in the area or signs of them. I’ll have to check it out later tonight. I could look up a map of the area if I had my damned cell phone. I yawned, man what a fucked up day, my cock giving a reminding lurch. I forgot to take care of this beastly need this morning. And now I’m too tired all of a sudden, and hungry too. My mind racing, man what about that cave. What about that blue rock in my shoe. Ah well, time for a nap. I’ll deal with it later. Closed my eyes, wrapping my hand around my bulge. What I wouldn't give to grow big like that ranger. No, BIGGER! A fucking giant of a man! I drift off to sleep. Supper Time I awoke to a sizzling meat smell dancing in the air. Puffs of smoke surrounding the tents, dancing in the setting sun. Wafting sensual aromas that made me jump right up, ready for food. I pulled a Kool-Aid man, bursting out of the tent with a “OH YEAH!” Bellowed hungrily, grabbing a plate and and in a few mouthfuls two burgers are inhaled. With a loud belch, and a long hunger finally satiated batting my belly. RIIPPP A rip of clothing renders the air, as the sides of the shirt tore down from the armpits. My lats spread out like wings of a bird. Pecs swollen from a good chest day exercise, heaving, straining the neck of the Shirt. The v-neck shirt, stretching thin riding up my roid gut as it filled with rock hard granite muscles. The waistline and neckline grow closer beginning to fray. My eyes glance up to my friends expecting awe and confusion. Except that's what peppers my face instead. There they are next to the fire, sprawled out on a blanket passionately making out against a fallen log. My beast log throbbed, and spilled over the waistband of my boxer briefs in lurches. Growing, thickening, throbbing bigger and bigger. Legs spreading, lengthening as testosterone inflated my balls into large apples. There were sharp cracking sounds as the threads of the shoes tore themselves apart from the leather. Sending leather flying as my toes and heel burst from forth from the confines. The little blue glowing rock fades, as it's crushed into dust below my foot covered by scraps of the sock tugged apart as my feet lurch larger. Rising up and bursting the scraps of clothes left over, my frame lauding over the campfire. The hot flames dance, as I heft my muscles in self exploration. Pumping the muscles up with blood and testosterone. Making each beastly muscle group pop with veins and hair. So big, so primal, bigger! “HHGGG, come on more. MORE! Grow!” As I roar as nothing happens. Well, other than the friends finally breaking away from each other as they each take a leg to start worshiping the musclebeast before them! Wendy gropes my beast cock in her little lithe hands, unable to wrap both hands around its girth. Trying to pull it into her chest. Which all she succeeds in doing is making it rigid and rock hard, with a flex it tugs her closer. Her husband's hands work his way up my calf muscles, already bigger than his thighs. Covered in spindles of thick beast hair, the thick diamond calf muscles could set new marathon records. Wendy pushes her supple breasts against my beast cock while moaning how big I am. Her husband pawed at my ass cheeks trying to make a dent in them as I laugh like a super villain. I glare over my chest at them with a primal need, as they see the wildfire reflected in my eyes as they backpedal back onto the blanket. Their back pursed against the log, as each stomp towards them heightened my arousal. I bend down, towards Wendy, ripping off her clothes as I tower over the both of them. Flipping her over as she hikes her ass in the air, pulling her underneath my kneeling frame. My ‘smaller’ sized friend shaking, cowering next to me. “You,” I state flatley. My voice thunderous on an over two meter frame. “You want a man to show you how to pleasure a woman?” It was Rhetorical question not meant to be answered, albeit verbally. My girthy length throbbing over her backside, spurting copious cup fulls of pre over her torso. Her body moaning hotly in anticipation. While her husband looks on in horror and bated breath. To watch this monster, this beastly man show his wife pleasure that he’s never brought her. “Now little man, you’re going to worship this beast. While you watch me pleasure your wife in every position till you both pass out from exhaustion!” I laugh deeply. My smaller friend stands up shakily, approaching the brute I’ve become for worship. While my beastly brute’s cock enters the woman to screams of pleasure. Day 3 It was hours that this beast pleasured her. In many ways, and so many positions that it caused her to pass out in exhaustion. Not only did I fulfil the deepest pleasures of this woman, but after she drifted off to slumber, I dominated her smaller hubby. Muscle worship from toes to head. Before I was finally sated, coating both of my friends in my testosterone filled beast seed. Chuckling to myself, I swear I could have drowned them in it. The whole night had passed us by! With the start of the twilight hour, I set out for the cave in the lower ridge to see what more I could find, what else there was in this woods for me, this growing monstrous beast. my eyes accustomed to the pitch dark of the countryside, could just make out that faint blue glow from down below. Leaving my two companions tucked away in their tents, I made my way down the trail below. Just Before Sunrise Heading down the path below this time, was made so much easier with longer limbs and larger hands, able to palm forest trees trunks to prevent myself from tumbling down the steep ridge. It took just a few minutes this time to reach the edge of the river. My strides were so much longer now with my own tree trunks, these thickly muscled legs. The skin seemed thicker or more resilient to the underbrush or thorns. There were no scratches, nor weeping stabbings of blood. Was it that the beastly hair that dusted my larger frame that protected me from the scratchings. Thick heavy trees and cover the entrance of this cave/grotto. Steep, high calcified walls adorn the cave. It must have taken eyons to carve this out from the river. The small blue glowing rocks produce their own faint light, thinly adorn the entrance. Many covered in grime, mineral deposits or look worn out.Millenia old stalactites and stalagmites pepper the area as it reaches far back into the rocky mountains. The farther back the cave reaches the larger and more common the rocks appear. Deciding to explore the cave just as the pastel morning colors start to appear in the sky outside, I turn deeper into the cave. The warm breeze outside turns into a wet cold haze the deeper in I explore. It seems that the rocks react to my presence by glowing brighter, leading me, directing me inwards. I felt energized at the mouth of the cave, and spelunking deeper, I can feel a deeper welling of energy building inside. My pace quickened, faster. Blood pumping faster through my veins. My virility renewed and the beast throbs, pointing forwards leaving a trail of pre deeper into the depths. Until the crag of the cave opened up on a small waterfall pouring out from the center of the ceiling high above. Dropping into the center of this crystal blue cavern. It reminded me of superman's fortress of solitude. But with faintly blue glowing crystal pillars surrounding the entire area. The water in the center of the pool, looked so welcoming and inviting. The bottom of it is littered with sand, made out of the surrounding crystals. “Well against my warnings, looks like you still found your way down here.” Bellowed a pissed off looking Gord. Whose body seems to be blocking the only way back out. And when i say blocking, i mean filling up the tunnel. How he followed me down here without making a sound seemed improbable. The ranger didn't look any taller from across the room, but thick would have been an understatement. Bull in a China shop never seemed more an appropriate analogy. If the bull was on steroids and HGH combined with some testosterone enhancement that would make the powerlifters look like anorexic twinks. He looked like those morphed pictures on those porn sites, but even more rugged. I was wading in the shallows of the pool on the opposite end of the cave room. The ranger started moving, circling around the edge keeping his distance and eyeing me. Like he was studying me. While he moved it seemed that the gems dimed just around him, matching his movements. I put my hand on one of the growing crystals in the pool, moving around it. Keep it between Gord and myself. Once I touched it, I noticed that it brightened upon touch. The water around my ankles ripple just a bit, only enough to feel it vibrate against the leg hair. “You aren't welcome here and need leave, NOW!” His voice went from one of stern lecture to a threatening command. His brow furrowed and eyes narrowed with a scowl. Without a chance to respond, he charged towards me just like a bull. Breaking right though the crystal formation, his forearms up for added strength. He hit hard enough to wedge me into the wall behind. Limbs splayed in the craigs and cracks of the broken crystals, like a marionette with its strings cut. I was stunned out of surprise but not hurt, and no pain either. I just held still, unsure of what to do. “This is MY cave! I found it, and it gave me… this!” As he motions to his body. “Its taken me months to get this far, and you won't share in its gifts! He spat towards me. His cock rising, thickening between his hairy pecs, as he stepped closer. “And I will be taking back what's mine!” My eyes widened in horror at what his words ment. Just as he was about to reach back with a fist and punch me farther into the wall, I was able to scream out a “NO!” My fists clenched as the blue crystal around me glowed brightly. It felt so warm, and the blue light was glowing brighter. Cracks suddenly started growing from around me in the crystals as I was being pushed out from the wall with a stumble to the ground. Landing in front of the ranger on my hands and knees, his feet right below my face. For a second, I thought I had a concussion the way his feet were suddenly falling away. Gord had stumbled back, tripping over the broken pillar crystal and landed in the water. His face losing color from horror. It took me longer to realize I was growing again, until my feet hit the wall behind. My body was lurched forwards over the top of Gord… well that wasn't the only thing that was lurching forwards over the ranger. His eyes glazed over, reaching out to touch my beast cock thicker than a telephone pole and about 5 feet high. Just as his mits are around to touch my cockflesh, he pulls away and tries to scamper from out underneath. Backpedaling through the water as he tries to crawl away. A rumble from my chest shook the cavern, as I easily reached out and drug the ranger back though the water underneath my god cock. “No, no, no. You're not getting away that easily you little fucker!” The cavern shook with my powerful voice. You wanted the power and NOW you're going to get it. Unfortunately, not from where you expect it.” The ranger is screaming below me, “Please, no you can't. You're too much. You're too BIG!” “Again. Say that again.” I demand His body trembles under me, clawing at the ground. Almost whispering, “too big..” My body still is lurching larger, muscles thickening, frame widening to make way for more muscles to pile on my frame. So much thicker than the ranger was before as my torso takes up half the space in the cavern. The water is running over my shoulders at this point. My beast cock as thick as his waist now. My balls push my thighs apart. That ass i had admired earlier that i swore i was going to make mine, was now here underneath me. I had to force the head down with my hand, as my cock had started growing faster than my body. It felt so hot to the touch, so aroused, so fucking hard! Just as I forced the head inside his ass, we both screamed out in pleasure. The crystals glowing so brightly, almost enveloping us in pure blue light. 07:13 AM Carl and Wendy wake up next to a smoking fire pit. Wrapped up in the plaid blanket from the previous night. Both beyond exhausted, physically and mentally. They look at each other with wide eyes, questioning whether the events of the previous night even happened. They stood up with no signs of the night's activities. Both in perfect health, albeit naked and in the ruins of a destroyed campsite. Without a word to each other, they get dressed and start packing up the car. Worried about Wills whereabouts since he wasn't there this morning. They talk after the car is packed and decide to go look for him. Just as they are about to leave the car, cracks in the earth open up as an earthquake hits the area. Fissures open up as all the animals run from the area. The earth rumbled for miles around. Trees toppled all around them, sinkholes appeared as destruction rained. Thunder sounded without a cloud in the sky, which was strange. There was a rumble from the ridge as a landslide opened from an upper ridge. Rushing water bubbled like a hot spring from underground, rushing out like a slurry as it emptied into the river below. They ran to their car and drove off to escape the destruction. As they got a good distance away, there was an eruption from beneath the mountain. There in the rear view mirror, a bald head emerged from the dust. It rose higher and higher into the air, soaring above the surrounding trees, hills and mountains. Fists larger than cities pushed into the sky, attached to godly sized muscles. My head was nestled between traps so muscled, they pushed into my ears. A neck so thick, that the deep voice that emanated from within caused knees to buckle to all in range. “YES, BIGGER. MORE… MMOOORRRREEE!” Growing bigger, taller, thicker rising higher. I rubbed my pecs and muscle gut as I grew. Biceps and pecs fighting for ranges of movement as they swelled with power. A forest grew on the giant of hair, as he expanded. My beard cascading down over my chest, a thickening pelt of hair creeping over my skin. Watching it ripple and flex as highways of veins snaked all over. It was then that a foot emerged, swinging out and over the mountains. Crushing an entire mountain range flat, like a toddler stomping on a sand castle. But that wasn't the reason to be worried. They were deafened by my moaning, so lewdly, a pillar of cock that emerged from between the chasm, could only be described as godly. The ground crumples beneath my balls that contained a sea of sperm, and that could span multiple counties. And my cock, that pointed skywards well over my own big beastly head, was fighting a thickness battle with my waist, over which would be the victor. As soon as I locked eyes with my own beastly god hood, I switched to rubbing and groping the growing monolith, grunting from the self pleasure. My cock and balls lurch larger with every stroke, pushing me up higher into the sky. My legs and feet stretching over the horizon in the distance as my rumbles became inaudible growlings of pleasure. The entire tectonic place of the country buckled under the weight of my growing godly beastly body. Unending miles of muscles surged and flexed as my balls churned larger than my body, damn I was close. What had to be Russia was being flooded with my pre. Just as my bald head and traps pushed through the clouds, an eruption of lighting and my thunderous voice rattled the globe. “BEEEAAAASSSTTTT” Bellowed a boom resonating inside my enormous chest, towering above as the earth was flooded with my seed.
  9. Ok so I've only ever posted like one other story here before so I'm too experienced at this. Lol I'm currently vacationing in Fort Morgan, AL and this little idea just kind of popped into my head yesterday so I'm just gonna see how it goes so I hope you guys enjoy! If I do end up doing multiple parts I will just post them all in this thread...(constructive criticism appreciated ) A Strange Occurrence at Fort Morgan Part I It had been a long and stressful senior year, but my buddies and I finally survived college and graduated this past May. In celebration, the three of us decided to rent a house down in Fort Morgan, AL for a week and just relax. There were only two rooms so two of us had to share a bed while the other got a bed to themselves. This decision was obviously made with a classic round of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Ben ended up winning so he moved his stuff to his room, while Cresley and I moved our stuff to our room. The bed was a king-sized bed so there was still plenty of room for both of us to be comfortable. The company that owned these houses supplied us with a golf cart for us to take down to the beach so as soon as we unloaded our things, we changed into swim clothes and hopped into the cart and headed down to the beach. We got to the beach and found our spot and took off our shirts to get into the water. I'm usually kind of self-counsious about taking my shirt off, especially in a public place. I've always been known as the "tall skinny guy" growing up and even in college, but those four years were full of bad eating habits and broken promises of getting into a steady gym routine. Needless to say, I am not quite the "stick" that I used to be. I am not fat by any means. I just have a little extra weight that gives me kind of a funny shape. Cresley and Ben are my best friends, though, so I know that they aren't going to judge me and I could care less at this point about everyone else on the beach. Cresley has always been one of those guys that you can see by his body type that he has so much potential to look good if he would just go to the gym on a regular basis, but he doesn't. He has a fairly average body type, about 6'1, 160lbs with a thin layer of flab. Ben is the most muscular out of the three of us. He's not huge or even ripped by any means, but he is the most committed to the gym of the three of us and it shows. He's just a little thicker than both of us and he has some muscle to show for it at 5'9 and 180lbs. We quickly ran into the water and dove right into the crisp, cool ocean water. After the initial shock of the chilly water on our bodies, we noticed that the waves were minimal, which was disappointing. My favorite part of going to the beach is the adrenaline rush of hopping huge waves or trying to catch a good wave with a boogie board. The water was very clear, due to the lack of waves. We could see all sorts of fish, sand dollars, and crabs scurrying around our feet. I was busy trying to catch a crab when I heard Cresley yelp in pain. I immediately looked up and saw a very unique-looking fish swim away. It was probably a foot long. I had never seen anything like it. Cresley seemed fine, but he was looking at his ankle. All I saw was a spot of blood on his ankle. "What happened?", I asked. "I was just looking at the sand dollars in the water and I took a step back and felt a sting on my ankle. It felt like there was some sort of worm on my leg, but when I looked down I just saw this crazy ass fish swimming away and this small hole in my foot. I guess I accidentally stepped on the thing and he freaked and bit me!", said Cresley. We probably stayed in the water for a couple more minutes before just calling it quits and going back to the house. The water just wasn't doing anything and Cresley was acting a little strangely after his encounter with the weird fish. We got back to the house and cleaned off his cut and put a band aid on it. We settled in for the night and made a few snacks to eat while watching a movie. I kept kind of glancing at Cresley during the movie because he was acting a little funny. He seemed to be sweating quite a bit and he was totally pigging out on the snacks. He didn't seem to be paying attention to the movie at all. The movie ended and we all turned in for the night. As we got into the bed, I asked Cresley if he was feeling alright. "Yeah man. I feel fine! It's just so hot in this house right now and I'm absolutely starving!" "Oh. Ok then. We don't need you to be playing Mr. Tough Guy and playing off this fish bite if you aren't feeling good. The last thing we need is to spend the rest of the week at a hospital." "Nah dude I'm fine. I'll feel better in the morning." With that, I turned off the lights and we went to bed. I crashed and slept straight through the night. I woke up the next morning to Cresley right next to me. I was really annoyed because I knew how big this bed was. We almost had enough room for a third person to sleep in between us. I tried to push him back over but he didn't budge. He felt really thick too, which was really weird. I nudged him and tried to wake him up and he just grunted, but it didn't sound like him. This grunt was a lot deeper. I freaked, thinking someone else was in the bed with me. I flipped on the lights and whipped the covers back. What I saw cannot be logically explained. Cresley was....well. He was enormous. It definitely explained why he was almost on top of me on my side of the bed. He now took up over half of the bed with his massive body. He usually just slept in a pair of comfortable stretchy gym shorts and no shirt, which was a good decision on this particular night. Somehow in the night, Cresley had grown into a muscle-bound behemoth. He had most likely surpassed Jay Cutler in size. His neck was thick and bulging, which explained for the deeper grunt. His already handsome face was even more chiseled and masculine with a thick beard to accommodate the bull sized neck. His traps practically swallowed his neck leading down to a set of shoulders that were the size of bowling balls. And his arms. Sweet Jesus his arms were huge. They had to be at least 23 inches around. His forearms were just as impressive and covered with a thick layer of dark hair and thick, bulging veins. His pectoral muscles were just as unbelievable. They were like two big watermelon halves just jutting straight in the air covered in dark hair. His back was so unbelievably broad and tapered down to practically the same size waist that he had before his freaky transformation. His abdominal muscles were thick like cobblestones with a trail of hair heading down to his goods. His shorts were clinging to his body for dear life. His quads were the size of tree trunks, so thick and sinewy with muscle. His calves had to be bigger than my head. I could see the outline of his huge member trailing down one side of his shorts. How his shorts managed to not bust at the seams between his quads and his enormous cock and balls baffled me. He was laying on his back but I could tell by the way that he was laying, that his butt had to be just as glorious as the rest of his bulging body. I just stared, mouth agape, taking in the sight. I nudged Cresley again trying to awaken him and he stirred. "What the hell man!?", I screamed. "What the fuck are you talking about dude? Whoa what the hell is wrong with my voice?" "Try looking in the mirror, Mr. Incredible." Cresley struggled to get out of bed, due to his new size and he immediately started to notice that things were obviously different. He noticed his big, meaty hands that led up to his thickly corded muscular forearms and just stared in wonder. He noticed how his chin was now able to rest on his enormous chest for some reason and how he could barely see past those enormous pecs to see that his shorts were painted onto his thunderous quads. He snapped out of it and continued to struggle to get up, adjusting to all of his new weight. Once he stood up, I finally saw his ass. That beautiful, glorious ass. It jutted straight out, defying gravity stretching the fabric of those poor, poor shorts just about to their breaking point. He waddled over to the full length mirror, attempting to get used to his thicker legs. When he reached the mirror, he just stared, mouth agape. "Holy shit man! Look at me! I'm fuckin' huge! I feel like the strongest person in the world right now! This is fucking incredible bro! Everything just feels so tight! My skin feels paper thin!" His arms jutted out at forty five degree angles because of the thickness of his lats. He flexed his triceps and they exploded with power. By now, my cock was hard as a rock, staring at this behemoth that was my best pal, Cresley. I never really considered Cresley as anything more than a brother to me, although I always thought he was a great looking guy. Now it took every ounce of restraint to keep me from just jumping onto him right now and just worshipping every inch of him. He started flexing different muscle groups and I was losing myself in all of his glorious musculature. It was when he did a most muscular pose that I lost it. I think I orgasmed harder than I ever have in my shorts that morning. His muscles just exploded with size and power and I lost it. Luckily, he didn't even notice me. I mean why would he even pay attention to me when he has the body that he has now? He spent at least the next fifteen minutes just exploring his new body. "I can't wait for Ben to see this." To be continued...?
  10. Here we follow the transformation of Subject 0, from an average guy to a sublime soldier. I am not the best illustrator and I’m aware of that, but I want to use the best of my abilities to, step by step, portray this transformation, one that is repeated throughout my stories. I will start here and continue on the comments. 1-Infection: On this stage the transformation sets in, the pain is excruciating, the muscles grow slow, most of the action is held on the blood, where the formula spreads and reproduces itself, indeed infecting the whole body;
  11. hotmuscle101

    Blue Pill Part 20

    Sorry for the wait, in case you need a refresher here is Blue Pill Part 19 And without further ado I give to you Blue Pill Part 20 Although she had just fed, Sarah was hungrier than she had ever been before. The smell that hit her as soon as she opened the door to the gym was intoxicating, like pure male essence. It was the aroma of sweat and testosterone that caused her newly formed dick to harden down the leg of her short running shorts. The head of her dick just barely held within the confines of her shorts. She began to sniff the air, walking down the hallway, following the smell to where it was the strongest. This led Sarah to a heavy steel door, which she quickly pushed open to reveal an even more intense cloud of the stench that led here there from the hallway. It was so thick it was almost as if you could swim in it. Sarah felt something wet drip onto her foot and as she looked down to inspect where it came from, she saw another drop forming at the edge of her boxers. The smell had her so turned on that she was hornier than she ever remembered being before. Sarah was surprised to find the locker room was practically empty, minus the few gym bags sitting outside of their lockers. She walked up to one of the gym bags that was setting open atop the bench. She looked in and found a used jock sitting on top. Sarah reached into the gym bag and pulled out the jock. It was still warm and sweaty from the previous wearer, as if it had just been discarded. She brought the jock up to her nose, smelling the amazing aroma of sweat and testosterone with a hint of cum. Sarah stuck the jock in her mouth sucking on the sweat and cum. As she was sucking she felt a surge of strength run through her body and felt her dick pulse in her running shorts. She looked down to see that the head of her dick was now just barely peeking out of the edge of her shorts. As she was looking down at her dick, she noticed that her entire body looked pumped. She ran her hand along the shaft of her penis, earning her a glob of pre-cum once she reached the head. Hormones were racing through her brain telling her she needed to get off and soon. Sarah heard the sound of a shower turning on through the doorway at the end of the row of lockers. She headed towards the doorway with a hunger in her eyes and a raging hardon in her shorts. " Time to feed" she growled to herself... When Riley had first arrived to the gym, his gut was full and swollen with Derek's cum. He knew he needed to do something to get the size of his beach ball belly to go down and after reading the note that was left for Derek about how it would be beneficial for him to work out, he decided the best place for that would be Frank's Gym. It was always filled with meatheads and hardcore weights. Riley was in his jock and a pair of sweats he had found in the school locker room and He was wearing a t-shirt that said 'Fletcher Valley Athletic Department'. It was a little loose on him, but he had a feeling it wouldn't be that way for long. He looked out across the gym floor and found a handful of guys lifting. They ranged in size from amateur bodybuilder to Olympia sized. The biggest being Damien, he was easily a 300-pound wall of shredded beef, ready to dominate his next bodybuilding competition. He was a 6-foot-tall wall of dark chocolate and he was walking straight towards Riley. Riley began to panic. He wondered if the behemoth had seen him staring or if he was just overthinking. Jason's heart began racing faster and faster as each titanic footfall of the giant caused his meaty pecs to bounce. His massive Quads rolling over each other as they fought for space inside the weak confines of his gym shorts. Riley couldn't believe his eyes when they finally fell upon the obscene bulge in Damien's shorts. He had seen some decent sized packages in the school locker room. Chris's came to mind right away, but what was in front of him now had to be as big as Chris's cock was when it was hard, and it was completely soft. As Damien got right up next to me he leaned down to say something in my ear. His deep baritone filled my soul, as I had a hard time registering what he was saying. "Yeah, I saw you lookin. You're gonna need about another 100 pounds before you can handle what I got to give. Come find me when you do though, I'd love to fill your bowl with my cream." He stood back up to his full height and I watched his face as a huge toothy grin formed on his face as he gave me a wink. He reached down to adjust his package which Jason swore was bigger than just a moment ago. As Damien walked past Riley, He turned to watch Damien as he stared directly at Riley's ass. He seductively licked his lips as he headed into the gym locker room. To say that Riley felt on fire would be an understatement, he felt like hormones were flooding his entire being. Not only that, but his cock was rock hard. He knew he needed to focus. If what the note said was true, he needed to start lifting so he could absorb all the muscle cum that was in his belly. Riley decided to start with arms, so he headed over to a long row of dumbbells in front of a large gym mirror. He grabbed the 25's to start as a warm up and headed over to the isolation bench. As he was walking over to the bench Riley watched his arms in the mirror as the sinewy muscle lightly flexed to support the weight in his hands. He flexed his arm straight down causing a slight bulge to appear on the back of his arm from his triceps. Riley sat at the isolation bench and began doing curls. At first the weight was a little heavy, but began to get easier to lift as he did more reps. Once he had 25 reps done he switched to his other arm and began lifting again. Riley watched as veins began to surface on his arm and his goose egg of a bicep began expanding, just a little bit more with each rep. With his biceps now feeling warmed up, he brought the weight behind his head and began one armed triceps-extensions. He really had to push at the beginning to get the weight up, but as he continued it got easier and easier with each rep. Riley did 25 with each arm and stood up to take the weights back. This time as he passed himself in the mirror, he couldn't help but gawk at his reflection. His arms were pumped just from his warm-up. Riley started the work out with 15-inch arms, but they were looking much closer to the 15-inch range and this time when he flexed his arm straight down, he was rewarded with an actual horse-shoe bulge on the back of his arm. The boner that had started to go down during his lifts sprang back to life as he admired his pump in the mirror. "Fuck yeah! I'm getting pumped" Riley growled to himself in the mirror. "So fucking hot!" Riley put the weights back and walked further down the row of weights, this time picking up the 50's. Riley had never done anything heavier for isolation curls than 35. He could feel the heaviness of the weight in his hands as he headed back to the bench. Riley sat down and began pumping out rep after rep. As the weight got lighter with each rep, his arm began to bulge with some serious muscle. Veins that had appeared during his warm-up were now thickening and branching out all across his swollen bicep. The hard knot on his arm was now about the size of a baseball. Riley then continued the same process with his other arm. During this entire process Riley's raging hard on had begun leaking copious amounts of pre-cum into his jock. Knowing that he was going to have some difficulty doing single arm triceps extensions with 50 pounds, He decided to do just a regular triceps extension using both arms and the 50-pound dumbbell. It was a struggle at first, but just like with his biceps it got easier with every rep he did. Riley lost track of how many extensions he did until he realized that the weight he was using felt as light as the 25 pounders. Riley stood up to take the weight back. This time what he saw in the mirror was a complete and total surprise, the arms that he now possessed were at least 16 inches and wrapped in veins. He couldn't believe how big he was getting. The thought caused his cock to flex in his sweats, which brought his attention to a wet spot that had begun to form where the head of his dick was. Riley reached down and ran his hand along his shaft, as he flexed his cock in his hand. He continued flexing his cock in his hand, as he brought his other arm up into a flex as well. This caused his cock to react by surging in his hand, the head of his cock was now poking out of his jock and shot a wad of precum on the inside of his sweat pants. More turned on then he ever remembered being in his life, Riley headed over to the bench press and loaded the bar with weight for a warm-up. He laid under the bar and brought the weight down to graze his nipples. He then pushed the weight back up. Riley cranked out rep after rep as he began to get a pump from his warm up. Riley began losing sight of his erect nipples as his pecs began inflating with blood. Riley decided it was time to put some serious weight on the bar. He got up and loaded the bar with 300 pounds and got back under the bar. The most Riley had ever benched before this was 150 and that was a struggle. Riley felt confident this time as he lifted the bar, he slowly brought the bar down, feeling the muscle fibers in his pecs stretch and scream in pain as they were forced to lift twice as much as they ever had before. The weight finally reached his pecs and he pushed with all his might to get the weight back up. Once it was back at the top, he brought the weight back down, this time not as much resistance from his pecs. Every time Riley brought the weight down he didn't have to go as far as his pecs swelled thicker with each rep. After what felt like an eternity, Riley finally re-racked the weight and sat up on the bench. Right away Riley could tell a huge difference in his pecs, the weight of his bulbous man breasts pulled heavily on the fabric of his shirt. Riley stood to look at himself in the mirror. "OH SHIT" Riley couldn't believe how big his pecs had become. "I might have done too many bench presses." Riley realized, too late of course, that his pecs were out of proportion with the rest of his body. They almost looked like breasts if it weren't for his slight pouch of a belly he had left. Riley ran his hand up along the curve of his bulbous pec muscle and moaned out loud on the gym floor as his hand rubbed across his pert nipple. A couple of the muscle heads turned to catch a glimpse of Riley and his increasing wet spot in his sweat pants. Realizing that he needed to balance out his body, Riley headed over to the squat rack last. One of the big meat heads must have been using it last, because they didn't take their weights off the bar. The bar was loaded with 500 pounds. Riley was feeling stronger than he ever felt and his rock-hard cock told him that he could lift that fucking weight. Riley braced himself underneath the bar and went to lift the weight up when the big muscle head that had been lifting there headed over to stop Riley. "Hey bro, that weight is way too heavy for your chicken legs, how about we start you off with something a little lighter?" "I'm going to crush this weight!" Riley growled with a fire in his eyes. "Well then, I'm at least going to spot you, I would hate for you to crush yourself under my watch. Names Ben by the way, I'm the manager of Frank's gym." "Enough talk Ben, let's lift some fucking weight." Riley lifted the bar up before Ben was positioned behind him. Riley could feel Ben's hard biceps against the back of his newly minted triceps. The breath on the back of his neck made him even hornier if that was even possible. "FUUUUCCCCKKKKK" Riley moaned/yelled as he squatted down with the weight, he could feel Ben's crotch against his ass as he pushed back in the bottom of the lift, then Riley began pushing the unbelievably heavy weight back up. At the top of the lift, Riley could feel Ben's biceps tense against his triceps as he was trying to get Riley to re-rack the weight. "Great job man, I..." "Did I say I was done yet?!?" As Riley squatted down again, with Ben following him down. The legs of Riley's sweatpants were becoming increasingly tight around his ever-enlarging thighs and he could feel his ass pushing back more into Ben's crotch. Riley flexed his ass at the bottom of the squat. This elicited a moan out of his spotter as he could feel Ben's dick hardening against his rock-hard ass cheeks. Once at the top of the lift, Riley started another squat. Riley could feel the power in his legs increasing as they blew up in size. He could feel his sweat pants becoming too tight against his straining cock and his ballooning ass. Before he could stop himself from humiliation, he heard the ass of his sweats give out with a loud rip. He could feel cool air hit his hole as it was exposed between the straps of his jock. Ben felt the head of his cock through his gym shorts push past Riley's rock-hard ass cheeks to his exposed hole. Riley felt Ben's cockhead through his shorts as it pushed against his hole. Riley decided to hold the weight there for a little longer. Ben rubber the head of his cock against Riley's hole. Riley's legs strained to hold the weight, but they grew larger by the second during the strain, making it easier the longer he held it. "Fuck man, I can't. You have got a really hot ass and I have never had these feelings for another guy before. I'm straight man I'm sorry." Ben pulled his cock head back from Riley's ass and stepped back. Riley stood back up with the weight and re-racked it. Riley turned around to face Ben. He stood almost eye to eye with Ben. Ben had the most beautiful hazel eyes and short military cut hair. His face was chiseled and manly looking. He had to be about 260 pounds. He was a big boy. Riley looked down and realized that’s not all that was big on Ben. His arms and pecs were massive, but what really pulled Riley's attention is what was poking at his hole just moments ago. Riley reached down and wrapped his hand around it, massaging the head. Ben moaned loudly as he closed his eyes and rolled his head back. Riley leaned his body in against Ben's, "Wh..what are you doing?" Ben stuttered as Riley leaned up and kissed him on the mouth. Ben moaned into Riley's mouth as Riley felt Ben's cock swell in his hand as it anticipated releasing its load. Riley stepped away from Ben before he could cum. Ben's eyes were still closed in a moment of bliss."FUCK! That was so fucking hot! Why did you stop?" "You're straight remember." Riley replied with a devilish grin." Besides, I'm done with my workout. Thanks for the spot Ben. Hopefully we can lift together again." Riley gave Ben a wink as he headed for the lockers, holding the ass of his sweats together as best he could. "HEY, WAIT! I never got your name!" Ben shouted after Riley. "If you want my name you'll have to see me again to get it." Riley headed into the locker room and began taking off all his clothes. He admired the way he struggled to get his shirt up over his massive pecs. Riley moaned as the hem of the shirt snagged on his nipples. Riley removed the remains of his sweats to reveal a raging hard on he wasn't expecting. It was about a half inch bigger than he was used to and quite a bit thicker. "Well this isn't covering anything anymore." Riley said as he removed his jockstrap and set it on top of his gym bag. Riley couldn't believe how big he had gotten. He must weigh at least 190 now. He heard the locker room door open on the other side of his lockers. Riley thought it might be Ben, so he wanted to make Ben work for it a little bit, so he turned and quietly slipped into the sauna before he came around the lockers. "God I can't wait to make love to the beautiful man!"
  12. This story consists of 10 parts, the original story was inspired by @foker's "Carol and Her Weighted Workout". Adapted to the m/m version and the addition of several longer parts. For that I thank Foker for the original idea. There may be some grammar/word errors, please understand as English is my third language. Part 1: To the limit He told me to follow him. The door to the basement opened and we entered a room, filled with various gym equipment, iron plates, dumbbells, and other exercise equipment. A ray of light flashed through the small, partially closed window. Without enough air circulation, the room felt hot and stuffy. Ethan looked at me and asked. "Today I want to test my strength and push my muscles to the limit, you want to help right?" His voice sounded full of concentration and he looked very serious. Looking around, I nodded my head. All the training equipment and weights of all sizes impressed me. There were weights, iron plates, chains, and dumbbells of various sizes in the room. "During this training, I'll show you how I can train my muscles and become as big and strong now," he continued. Hmmm, muscle? Which muscles? I looked back at Ethan, he was wearing an oversize jacket and baggy pants. His figure itself seemed to me quite wide and I thought he was a little overweight and looked like a normal fat man. But the explanation but quite plausible, maybe he wants to show weight loss exercises. "Obviously, exercise is about physical strength, but not only that, mental strength is also important, mind strength is even more important than body strength," Ethan said with great emphasis as he looked at me as if he was watching me closely. Then a rather surprising question arose. "You don't mind if I take off my jacket and pants? This hot room will burn me." Still a little surprised, I nodded my head again and muttered "Okay, just do it". I don't say many words. Ethan unzipped his jacket and pushed it aside. My mouth fell open. He didn't see the slightest bit of fat on his body, instead it was covered by thick layers of muscle that looked dry and swollen all over his body, decorated with veins that would make people shudder, muscles I had only seen in some professional bodybuilding professionals on YouTube. Even his biceps are very big, not less than 18 inches. His triceps jabbed dramatically to the side, his deltoid (shoulder) muscles were almost the size of a ball. With amazement I looked at his chest. Two very large pectoral muscles, covered by protruding veins decorated with small veins and shredded all over the places. So big and hanging in size, not inferior to Mr. Olympia bodybuilder that I often watch on social media. My gaze turned to his stomach, making my eyes widen. I had never seen stomach boxes carved in such a way. 6 incredible packs, each with its own separate square, the lines between the squares are very sharp. It seems, I can stick my fingers into the gaps in his abdominal muscles which are chiseled so sharply. The stomach was also covered with chaotic veins, even when he was relaxed. Ethan turned around and my focus shifted to his impressive back muscles. Then bending down, he took off his trousers in a fast motion. Now he only wears his underwear. His butt muscles, which looked shredded, were deliberately trained to achieve such a state, so that I could clearly see the lines in every muscle area and the lines on his buttocks. His thigh muscles were so large they bulged on both sides, it was obvious even though he was turning his back on me. Plus his calves are as big as my thighs, or maybe bigger. I admired the movement of his muscular legs as Ethan made his way to the dumbbell set. He ignored his gaze through several dumbbells, passing 20, 25, and 30 kg before finally choosing a pair of dumbbells weighing 35 kg. He lifted the dumbbell and moved to the center of the room and faced me saying "Let's warm up." I couldn't believe my ears, warming up with 35 kg in each hand. The mighty man in front of me started doing bicep curls perfectly. Movement after movement he repeated alternately with each weight on the left and right. After a set of 12 reps, his biceps enlarged and a vein started to drain over them. The rhythm of his breathing seemed to increase. After a few seconds, Ethan started his second set. I admired his physique, his body was beyond perfection, beyond any muscle possibility I could imagine in a teenager his age. How could a 19 year old teenager have such strength. How can he have such a fuse body? I looked back at his stomach, I noticed again, he actually does not have 6 packs, the underwear he is wearing is high enough to cover a few more bulges underneath. Is it possible that he has 8 packs? While the manly teen did his repetition without breaking a sweat. When Ethan finished his 12th rep of the 4th set, he called out to me, "Get your phone out and turn on the stop watch." I moved closer to him and stood 2 meters in front of him. "Can you set the time in the stopwatch?" The orders. And I did immediately. Ethan raised his hands to the sides parallel to the floor with a 35 kg dumpling in each hand and held them horizontally. The muscles in his arms tensed to relieve tension. His biceps were stretched and his triceps were swollen with tendons. "Start" he ordered. Immediately I pressed the stopwatch button on my cellphone screen then looked at the manly figure in front of me again. Ethan was quite handsome, maybe not his good looks, but his manly face that looked very masculine and super fantastic body was too hard for me to understand. Time passed, he held the huge dumbbell with outstretched arms for almost a minute. A light tremor began to appear on his shoulder. In the second minute, the sweat started pouring out. He said something between the rhythm of his fast breathing. "Bring me the two weight chains." he ordered, I headed for the heavy pile of chains. "Uff ... really heavy ... how heavy is this chain?" I asked, trying to pull it away. It's hard for me to move both of them at once so I brought them one by one. "Each 15 kg" he said briefly. "Now, hang them to the dumbbell". I hang according to his orders one by one. I took a step back and stared at the stopwatch, it's been 4 minutes. His biceps and shoulders have to bear extra weight and look tighter than before, you can imagine 50 kg on each arm. A few seconds passed, his breathing was getting faster and sweat was pouring down his muscular body, what an extraordinary sight. I stared at his stomach that seemed more and more defined, and began to tremble with tension. Thicker blood vessels appeared on his stomach, as well as on his biceps and triceps. How could he endure that much weight all this time? I was struggling to carry the 15 kg chain earlier, while he was holding 50 kg of weight in each arm. "Get ready with another 15 kg chain in the 5th minute" he gasped. It didn't look like he could last until the fifth minute. Extraordinary! He had not only held that position all this time, but he still wanted to add more weight. My admiration intensified as he approached the fifth minute. I added the weights to his arms, 15 kg each. Ethan groaned as his arms started to drop and with all his might he lifted them up again, looking in pain. His body was getting wobbly and shaking more and more, and I thought he would give up as soon as possible, but his arms, biceps and triceps were big plus the round shoulders somehow managed to hold his position. By now his body was drenched in sweat. His face flushed red again and he groaned even more with a grin with unanimous determination. Ethan looked me in the eye and in concentration, his huge arms were covered in sweat and shook violently. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Part 2: It's Only Been 30 Minutes In the sixth minute, Ethan grunts and groans while doing a double biceps pose, holding a 65 kg weight in each hand. His arms were enormous, perhaps the biggest I had ever seen in my life, because now they were swollen from previous crazy training. Veins running down the top of his biceps, I watched in amazement as his biceps swelled erratically, perhaps now 20 inches or even more. I stared at the mighty teenager and still couldn't believe my gaze to witness the training just now, watching him push himself up like that. "Impossible ..." were the only words that came out of my mouth. Holding the pose for 10 seconds, Ethan let go of the dumbbell and the chain fell to the concrete floor and immediately switched push-up positions. Still panting, he did 60 push-ups in less than 60 seconds and came to a stop. His head lifted and he asked "Bring the two 25 kg iron plates and put them on my back", still dumbfounded, I took the heavy iron plates one by one and put them on his wide and muscular back. Oh my God, that iron isn't light, but that heavy weight didn't make a difference to Ethan's horizontal position which remained stable. Ethan took a deep breath and continued his push-ups, now with an additional 50 kg of weight on his back. I admired his very wide back, maybe twice the width of mine, every part of his body was very swollen and full of muscles glistening with sweat. Meanwhile he was doing repetition after repetition, 40, 50 and 60 reps. With the reps approaching 70, he starts to slow down, but he still does his push-up position with perfect motion. While I was thinking, maybe without that heavy weight, I can only do 30 or 40 push-ups, my body is not thin because I go to the gym diligently and have several layers of muscle, but what teenagers do, not teenagers, but this virile man is already double what I can do, plus the extra weight on his back. On the 80th rep, he straightened his arms again and held his position, his head lifted again and muttered between the rhythm of his gasping breath "Put ... two more plates" .... he begged "make it 100 kg" he continued briefly. Shaking my head, I said uncertainly "Okay? Isn't that too much?" His eyes flickered, sweat poured over his eyelids and fell, his body was completely drenched in sweat. "Quick, just add the load, I want to show you, how strong this body can be?" I placed two more iron plates, each 25 kg, carefully on top of the iron plate that was already on his back. Incredibly, Ethan's position was unfazed, still firmly holding the weight down on his back. Ethan continued his push-ups, looking straight at me. My mouth is wide open, how could someone do push ups with that much weight? The arms, pumped up from the previous dumbbell workout, rise and fall rhythmically like a piston. I stared at his chest, already red and swollen incomparably, all the muscles on his chest bulging. Ethan slowed down even further, at 100 reps, he grinned and started snorting every time he straightened his arms. At the 110th rep, sweat was already pouring from the forehead to the floor. With every second his face filled with determination, at the count of 120, Ethan paused again. His big arms started to tremble. He had been in that push up position for a few minutes, not only did he hold it, he was also doing the push-up with a very heavy load on his back. He is very strong indeed. From my sitting position, I could see that the bulge of his stomach was now getting sharper and more prominent. Each of the boxes was probably the size of my fist. And now his chest is getting swollen asking for room to grow. Whenever Ethan was at the lowest point during a push-up, his chest touched the floor leaving a drop of sweat. With his eyes fixed on me, he said something between grunts. I approached his body, to prepare to take the burden on it. When I was in a position to be ready to take the load on it, he said "Add more load" he commanded. I was confused and silent for a moment, digesting his command just now, "you mean?" my response was confused. "Put .... arghhh" he groaned in pain. "Put 4 more plates, make it 200 kg nggrhhhh" he groaned louder like a beast. How could he ask for more? His body was already shaking from the weight and pain of the training. Obeying his request, I ran towards the pile of weights. I had to go back and forth four times because the plates were too heavy for me to carry at once. Stabilizing all those iron plates on his broad back, his incredible muscles stiffen me again, his crazy V-shape, his shredded lower back muscles connected to his swollen glutes, which are now getting bigger and bigger. Ethan stared at the floor in concentration, the floor already soaked with sweat, he somehow managed to control the shaking and to my amazement he continued his push-ups steady in a perfect position with 200 kg of weight! I thought what Ethan had done was inhuman. Such muscular strength could not be accepted by my mind. I sat there, watching and counting "130, 131, 132 ..." on the 150th rep, the shaking got worse and it took 10 seconds for the him to come down with a very heavy weight on his back this time. He was in more and more pain, with unanimous determination, his body tormented by the training, his muscles being forced into such hard training. I thought he was going to stop and fall, but he kept moving, grunting, growling with every move. At 158th rep, Ethan raised his head and looked at me, as if protesting to give up. "Grhhhhhh arghhh come on ..." he muttered encouragingly to himself, he snorted loudly. A torrent of sweat spread from his breath, his body was shaking violently, he slowly managed to complete 2 more push-ups and even 160. From my glance it was clear that his chest had now become swollen. And it swelled even more when he exhaled, Oh my God, I've never seen a chest that big before. It was as if his skin was being forced to accept a muscular push from within to its limit. On the 160th rep, I thought he was going to pass out. It took Ethan more than 15 seconds to do one rep in pain. He was clearly in pain, as if he was enduring excruciating pain. His chest was covered in chaotic veins as thick as my fingers, struggling to find space to pump his arms up and down. His head rose again. A young face, filled with passion and determination, Ethan tried to say something through his barely breathing breath. To be honest, I was expecting him to ask me to take the iron plate, but instead he whispered "Up ... get on the ugggghhh, get on my back". _____________________________________________________________________ Part 3: PUSHHHH ... To be honest I thought and hoped he would ask me to take the plates, but he whispered "Up ... up ... ugggghh on my back" I was dumbfounded. "What do you mean?" I exclaimed. I can't believe what he said. His big arms were already shaking violently, holding his body in this position for nearly 15 minutes, under a very heavy load, doing push-ups. But Ethan wanted more, he wanted to make this exercise harder and harder, to get past the upper limit of fatigue and pain and keep doing push ups. Ethan's face showed pain but also a lot of determination. I stood still and motionless, startled by the sight of the mighty man in front of me, the extraordinarily muscular man repeated his sentence "Do it for me, ride ... and sit on my back" his voice trembled. but full of confidence. Still a little daydreaming, I obeyed his request and carefully positioned his body on top of his. "Arrrghhhhh ..." he exhaled and took a deep breath, and was amazingly successful in holding the push-up position while remaining straight and steady. I grabbed his lats while sitting on them, his muscles already covered in sweats, flowing from almost all sides of his body which was forced to exercise this hard. I tightened his lats, a little slippery with sweat, they were wide and hard. He started doing push-ups again. From the large mirror on the wall in front of us. I imagined how Ethan, alone in this basement, did this kind of tough exercise every day. I marvel at his vicious physical training, his physical strength is just amazing. Now in this mirror, it reflects a huge muscle monster that does push-ups perfectly with a weight of not less than 260 kg. "Argghhhh yaaa" he groaned under me and did slow push-ups. Halfway through, Ethan suddenly stopped, stared into the mirror and locked onto my sight. Oh my God, he opened his mouth and licked the sweat that was running down the corners of his lips, so sexy. Ethan continued his push-ups and hauled the iron with me on his back again and again with painful moans that made me feel sorry for him, but scared at the same time. On the 180th rep, Ethan's movements slowed down even more, he did 2 more push-ups panting heavily, roaring like an animal. He stopped again and looked at me through the glass. "Get off" he ordered. I was relieved, because I was too sorry for him, I slowly got down from his back. He is still in a push up position and is holding the remaining 200 kg on his back. I tried to grab the load but he said "Add another 4, make him 300 kg" ... he ordered "Are you crazy?" I exclaimed in disbelief. "Arghhh" he groaned in pain, "I promise this is the last time" he asked me. I also walked towards the pile of weights, it seemed that the 25 kg iron plate had run out. "it's finished" I said. "Use 20 kg, hurry" he ordered again. I also went back and forth 5 times to put the weight on his back. I gasped for breath just taking this load, while this Ethan was holding the 300 kg weight on top of his back in a perfect push up position, as mighty as he was. He started to lower his body, and did the push-ups again. This time it was clear that the weight on his back had crossed the limit, moving very slowly only to complete 1 rep. I bit my lip for fear of an accident or something untoward to Ethan. But he's still trying. "Arggghhh" he moaned like an animal, "fuck..." full of determination and anger he pushed the burden up again. He's only done two additional reps, but his breathing is already peaking. He paused for a moment, and looked at me who was sitting not far from his position. "Come here" he ordered ... I will go to his direction and kneel in front of his push up position. "What can I do for you?" I asked him worriedly. Ethan looked at me deeply, "sit down" he ordered quickly, I sat right in front of him. "Arghhh" he was still bearing the weight in pain. "Feel my chest while I push up" he ordered. I don't know what that means. "You mean?" I exclaimed, confused. "WORSHIP, feel my chest muscles!" He scolded, I was shaking with fear and immediately obeyed his request. I stretched my hand under Ethan, right up to his chest. His chest was swollen now, I felt the muscles in the palms of my hands, the slippery sweat made his chest even stronger. What a sensation completely different from what I imagined, something hard and soft at the same time. It's hard to describe. I felt his chest, stroked the chest muscles, occasionally touched his arm beside the two swollen chest muscles. Ethan closed his eyes as if he was enjoying my treatment of him. He enlarged and opened his eyes, looked at me sharply and gave out "Arghhhhhhh" for a moment I felt his chest muscles tighten and throb. Ethan continued his push-ups smoothly, as if the weight had gone. Sweat dripping down his chest, towards the palms of my hands that slowly feel his chest that is pumping the weight. It was undeniable that the burden was very heavy, Ethan's body was still shaking even though his movements were faster than before. It's been almost 25 minutes Ethan in this push up position, he has more than 200 reps in it. The movement is getting slower. I don't know where the initiative came from, I played with Ethan's nipples, he also moaned violently "arghhhhhh" as if the ground was shaking. Ethan looked at me and immediately continued his push-ups again. Repetition 230 he seemed unable to anymore. The slower he moved, at nearly 240, Ethan stopped and looked at me, his face hypnotizing mine. I brought my face closer to him, and kissed his lips slowly. I don't know what I thought, I was out of my mind watching this mighty teenager pounding his muscles like this in front of me. Crushed my lips Ethan dropped the metal plate aside, he heard the sound of weights meeting the concrete floor. "Enough ..." he said loudly. Breathless. His body rose with a kneeling position, while I sat limply in front of him, staring at his now swollen body, the most muscular body I've ever seen. Sweat poured from top to bottom, through the valleys created by his enlarged muscles. Ethan's chest was even more sinister, reddish in color, veins scrambling for position, his muscles thickening asking for room to grow. Sparkling with sweat and a manly scent. "I'm not done yet, my chest need to be burned again, more than this, I want to show you how hard my muscles are," he said breathlessly taking oxygen. To be continued Part 4, 5, and 6
  13. Thanks to Dredlifter for the idea suggestion of this little thing - or maybe it will wind up being a big thing. I haven’t written a story like this in a long time - at least 4 years. I hope you will bear with me for a slow burn introduction here and getting my “verbal” chops back into shape. But the fun stuff will start coming next chapter. I am open to any and all feedback as I want to re-hone my writing abilities. Critiques are welcome -------- To Protect and Serve - Chapter 1 - The First Morning Prelude: Just imagine - You’re standing at attention with your peers in your best Class-A Uniform. All around you in the auditorium your friends, family, and fellow officers who can come are here to see the solemn occasion. A freshly earned, freshly shined badge has just been pinned on your chest by the Sheriff. You raise your right hand and take the oath. The oath is a bit different from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but we boil its meaning down to one phrase - “To Protect and Serve.” So many have taken the oath. Some who took it did little things that made a big difference, while some risked their lives and paid the ultimate price. And some … well … some are special. This is the story of one of those special ones - no, he is even more than that. Though it was not his intention nor mine, he went beyond special. How do I know? He saved me. He has given me a life I could never have dreamed possible that first early morning. And what happened to him? Well, a transformation that is better in the telling. To those who take the oath as seriously as he did; To those who give it a new and bigger meaning as he did; to those who change more than they can imagine by repeating those words as he did, this story is dedicated. This is the story of what could happen if you could protect and serve many thousands of people, and just one man, me, in ways beyond your wildest imagination. ~ Gabriel York ----- A deceptively small man hung his duty shirt onto a dry cleaners hanger and placed it in his locker. As he stood bare chested in the cool air, he appeared to be hiding his body, but he had nothing to be ashamed of - having a lithe but very tight build under that shirt. Nicely shaped, mounded pecs accompanied hard small orange sized biceps. A tight 6-pack graced his lower abdomen to an impossibly small looking waist. He was way better than most men of his age, no “dad bod” here to be sure. But, the man always felt self-conscious in the locker room despite the room being empty. He wasn’t one of THEM, something that had haunted him since high school. He lifted one booted foot and then the other onto a wooden bench before him. Loosening the laces and pulling the side zipper, he removed each boot. He held them in his hands like precious artifacts for just a moment, remembering the first time he put these on. Soon it would be his last, he mused. His time could go on as long as he wanted. But -- he questioned why. What had he done to stay on? What good had he really done? REALLY made a difference? It took but a few more minutes for him to put on his civilian duty clothes (a departmental polo, slacks,and loafers), secure his badge to his belt, and close his locker. Most locker rooms were replete with all sorts of combination locks, but not here. A few men and most of the women officers used them, but it wasn’t exactly necessary. You couldn’t be in a much safer place after all. Deputy Sergeant John Declann closed his locker for the millionth time and went to collect his personal sidearm from the gun locker clerk. He had no sooner than entered the hallway from the locker room, he heard a truly tremendous booming upper bass voice: “WHOA, ONE SIDE DECLANN.” Declann immediately pulled back into the doorway and looked up … and up, to see 5 men in a tight formation with shields and cell-entry equipment. Each one of them was every bit of 6 foot 4 inches plus - although tactical boots always made you look taller than you were. They were more like 6 foot 2 without them - but still, they all out-weighed John by at least 60 pounds of muscle. At his 5 foot 7 inches in height and in normal shoes, he felt positively TINY seeing them pass by. That was sort of the point of those uniforms - to try and intimidate anyone who saw what was coming - and it always did, at least it did Declann. They were in helmets and wore thick padded vests, under which were black t-shirt with black BDUs and those boots below. While those clothes were technically “loose,” they did little to hide every oversized muscle in their massive bodies. Gigantic arms stretched forth from sleeves that seemed to be straining to the breaking point. 2 pairs of arms were thick, powerlifter looking, and 3 more were supremely cut muscle. The CERT - Cell Extraction and Response Team - blew past him looking like they were heading to Mary-pod - the maximum security section. No doubt it was to remove an offender from a cell for morning counts who did not want to be removed. There was no question, he WOULD be removed, no matter what it took. The injury inflicted was entirely the offender’s choice. And, that amount of muscle and its overwhelming power could do plenty of that. Declann had tried out for both the CERT and SWAT teams years ago. But at his 165 lb, it was deemed he just did not have the physical size necessary. “You have all the skills needed and more Deputy Declann,” he had been told. “You should be proud of that. But some other officers just beat you out in the scores. And we need you on the streets. That is where you belong.” Funny, he thought in a moment of jealousy. It was always those guys who were of larger than life proportions that got the spots, even if their skills were not as good as his. After the group had passed, Declann walked down the hall toward the sallyport and stopped. He always did it at times like this, halting at the Officer’s Gym. He looked inside. It was rather quiet, normal at 0545 and shift change. Still, he could see some of the remnants of workouts by the big guys on the force. 45 pound plates left on the sides of incline bench press rack. What looked like 5 plates on a side on the bar on the squat rack. Dozens on the leg press sled. It was a bit of a mess, in truth, but most well used gyms were. Now, Declann was no physical slouch. He always kept in shape and his skills honed as the primary martial arts instructor for the Sheriff’s Office. He could have done well in that room, even though he was pushing 40 years old. Could have grown. But, he sighed and went on. There was just a part of him that never wanted to face big men in the gym. The injustice of being mocked for his smaller size and unfamiliarity with the equipment the one time he went in blazed in him still all these years later. He guessed the big men thought it was good natured fun, but it hurt Declann deeply. So, he kept to his body weight fitness room and small dojo set up in the garage at home. That made him feel less conspicuous. When it came to them, John always saw himself as a small man in boots that were a size too big. And yet - to so many others, he wasn’t that at all. He was everything that made police work an honorable profession. --- John Declann had wanted to be a police officer for as long as he could remember. Since his youngest days, he had been fascinated by police dramas on TV, how they always seemed to catch the bad guy no matter the odds. How they always saved people in distress. In his mind, there was no better calling. No better way to spend his life. He had the mind to be anything he wanted. He excelled in most subjects in school and was a top flight musician. But, those pursuits were not where he heart lay. He was a cop at heart by his teenage years, and he did everything he could to prepare himself. He took JROTC through high school, where he picked up his interest in martial arts and started Aikido lessons. Though he wasn’t the best team sports, he blasted through the competition at his dojo. He became quite fit from the military style calisthenics workouts he adopted during ROTC summer camps. And, that fitness matched perfectly with his blooming skills with his hands and feet on the mats. Before high school was over, his featured had matured into those of a very fit, handsome young man with striking brown eyes. And he had his first degree black belt, the first degree of many. It took a nearly a year after graduating high school to get his first small town commission to the force. He spent his first 18 months in the jails, and then took and passed his Colorado POST exams. He had been a road officer ever since. Now, he was a Sergeant in the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office - an area not unknown for large scale crimes as it held the University of Colorado. “The Berkeley of the East” though had its full measure of minor offenses. But the area wasn’t exactly the worst gang spots in Denver either. He had for served with true distinction for nearly two decades since - being decorated for bravery multiple times for saving civilians lives under fire. He had saved those intent on suicide. He had even delivered a baby once in a convenience store, and the story made the local news. He had had plenty of hands-on run ins with offenders, but he gave way more than he got, never having much more than a bruise or a black eye on occasion. He just never saw what the community and his immediate superiors did - a good man, serving the people Boulder and the kids of the University the best way he knew how. --- John went out to his car - an unmarked Dodge - cranked it, and began the slow crawl toward the Turnpike then Wheat Ridge. One of the things he learned in his own initial officer training long ago was to never live in the county you worked in. It could always lead to problems with local offenders. So, it was up and over the Flatirons toward home. Even though traffic volume was already increasing as it spread toward Denver in the morning rush, his mind wandered as if on empty roads. He made the necessary turns though the city and came proximate to the University entrances, but was running his schedule through his mind. He was due for a weigh in at the doc’s today. And they usually took his measurements too. Height, waistline, all that stu -- John’s senses caught something in the barely lit dawn. Someone moving way too fast to be normally jogging to the right of his car. Moving toward campus. John slowed his vehicle and his brain went into observation mode. It captured the scene in moments with his practiced eyes and mind. A young man -- looking to be just outside of college age but could still belong to the University. Short, black hair. Trimmed beard. White button down shirt and navy slacks. Looked like there was some money invested in those clothes, certainly not cheap. Behind him, perhaps eight or so paces, was running - and running faster than the first - a white young man, shaved head, jeans and ratty t-shirt, tatted with jailhouse tattoos that stood out even under the fading street lamps. And, then John caught sight of a gun in the rear waistband of the second’s jeans. Semi-auto by the outline. Instinct took over. John turned his car in an instant, hit the flasher toggle for his lights, and wound with wildly fast, yet practiced precision toward the danger. Less than 20 seconds later, John pulled his car to a stop where his instincts said he could cut this off. “Boulder County Sheriff's Office -- ON THE GROUND NOW” John yelled as he leapt from his car and drew his weapon virtually simultaneously. The running suspect didn’t listen, just as John had expected. He instead broke his pursuit of the well-dressed man and taken off toward a side alleyway. But, John was good at his work. The offender was fast, but John - was FASTER. He holstered his weapon as he calculated his movements nearly autonomously. He had chosen his intercept point well. John calculated the takedown, knowing an almost undisputable, universal law - 95 percent of offenders have no idea of how to fight, and the remaining 5% seldom need to fight. And this one looked like the former. It took a few seconds, but just a few, for the whole pursuit to be over. Exactly two PPCT strikes and a normal compliance take down and the suspect wa on his back, with John twisting his arms and putting the handcuffs on. He never even had to hurt more than the punk’s pride. Once secured, John kept his knee in place just under the lower shoulder blades, cuffed arms resting on his quad, knowing a bodyweight advantage and leverage would be critical with this man who slightly outweighed him. “What’s your name?” John demanded as he patted down the suspect and quickly removed a 9mm weapon and several baggies of what looked like methamphetamine. “Fuck you” was the response. John smiled a bit and gave a half chuckle under his breath. He loved this a bit too much when it happened, and some mischievous streak in him just drove him to do it. “OK, Mister Fuk Yu. I am placing you under arrest for possession of an illegal firearm and possession of controlled substances. You have the right to remain silent …” John mirandized the “Mr. Fuck,” pulled him up to his feet, and maneuvered him the few yards to his car. He put the offender in the back seat and locked the door of his unmarked. The guy was going nowhere. Now, to more important matters. John made his way toward the young man being pursued - who had by now stopped and was almost collapsed on the sidewalk. Declann withdrew his cell, called 911, and requested uniformed officers to his location. He was upon the man on the sidewalk just as he hung up. John immediately knelt down to do a quick assessment of his condition. There were no obvious signs of trauma at the first once over. He then took a more careful look at the victim’s features. While he certainly wasn’t of student age, he was still under 30, John guessed. And, he was a very nice looking under 30 to boot. Blue eyes setting off dark, intense features. Old enough to just have the barest hint of a wrinkle at the eye but nothing else. John noted a rather slim body - the size of his own would have been were it not for his training in Aikido and Krav Maga. John felt a twinge of attraction.Yes, John was bisexual, but no one cared among his superiors anymore. Besides, he had always kept that part of himself separate when on duty. “You OK Sir? I can’t see any obvious injuries. Do you need an ambulance?”John asked as he came and sat down at the man’s level. “Thank you . . . . officer, thank . . . you.” The man panted in reply with a pronounced British accent. “I was . . . just going toward my . . . lab . . . after my tea . . . when this fellow . . . started chasing me screaming at . . me. ” The young man was now gathering his breath, becoming easier to understand. John was a bit surprised to hear that English accent coming from him. Not unheard of, but still unusual in Boulder. “Did he assault you in any way?” The Englishman finally looked up to see John’s slightly older but obviously concerned and kind face. He visibly relaxed as he looked into John’s light brown eyes. “No, he never caught me but he was close. I am not exactly in running shorts and shoes here. But thanks to you, I’ll be OK. I do not know what would have happened if you had not arrived when you did.” “With what I found, I suspect he wanted to mug you. You are rather well dressed for campus, if I may observe. And, forgive me, if he heard you accent, you may have looked like an quick target as a tourist. When the uniform officers get here, you will need to give a statement to them, or you can give it to me if you prefer. We need to make sure this scumbag gets what he deserves.” “Of course. Anything I can do to assist, although I would be much happier speaking to you.” the man said giving just a hint of a smile. It was then that the uniformed officers in their black and white vehicles showed up. John excused himself for a moment, let the uniforms know what was going on, and allowed them to take the offender back to the jail for booking. John then returned to the man still sitting on the sidewalk. Pulling out a notebook he kept on him for times like this, John got all the pertinent information as he had done thousands of times before. Name, description of what happened, when, and why, if he knew. Any details the young man, who he had come to know as Gabriel York, may have remembered before, during, and after. As he took the statement, John became even more convinced this was an attempted mugging, perhaps for more drug money, maybe even more if that weapon came into play. Knowing he had all he needed, John said, “Finally, is there a way we can contact you if we have further questions. The staff from the District Attorney's office will be sure to want to speak with you about testimony if it comes to that. Although with the evidence we have, this one will probably plea. This is not his first time in jail.” Gabriel reached into his pocket for a very expensive-looking leather wallet and removed a business card. “This is my lab contact information. I am easiest to reach either here on campus or with my secretary. My other lab is ...a… well ... it is easier to reach me here. Again I can’t thank you enough, Sergeant.” “Believe me, Dr. York, it was my pleasure. I am just glad you are safe and sound.” John said. “Are you OK to go on your own or would you like me to escort you to your lab? I would be happy to do so.” “Thank you sir, but I think I’ll be fine. My lab is just over the hill in the Biological Sciences building.” Gabriel replied. “OK” John said, handing Gabriel a card of his own with his name, rank, and contact information on it. “This is my card. If you need anything or remember anything else, please do not hesitate to call me anytime, day or night.” ‘Of course. Sergeant Declann.” The Englishman arose with a friendly hand from John. Almost as an afterthought as he was leaving, York turned around. “Oh, Sergeant Declann, by the way. I do ….ah… certain work down at the Federal Center in Denver. I will have to report this incident to my superiors there and to the British consulate. In case there is testimony or something as you said. They may wish to speak with you. Just to make sure. You understand?” John nodded. Ah, he works with the feds as an international scholar of some kind, and the red tape must be dealt with. “Of course. No problem at all. I’m proximate to the Federal Center half the time anyway.” York nodded an ascent and turned again to walk away. John stood a moment watching - and admiring - Dr. York move until he was sure he was alright AND that he was moving toward the Biology building. He turned around and began to make his way back to his car. As he did, he looked down at the card: Gabriel York, MD. PhD., FACS Research Director/Professor of Medicine Advanced Bio-neurological Applications Project University of Colorado School of Medicine Hmmm, John thought. He looked a damned sight young to be in such a prestigious job, a full professor under 30 and with two doctorates at least. And a fellow of the ACS -- so why talk to the Consulate? John’s “detective sensor” started to sound off in his mind. This advanced applications thing wasn’t a program he was familiar with, but there were so many new research projects on campus these days. But, as soon as the “alert” came, he let it go. Probably a government grant given what he said about the Federal Center. John was reviewing the incident in his mind for his own after action report as he pulled onto the highway. Suddenly, there was a loud roar of a horn and air brakes. John never even saw the tractor trailer that plowed into his car, crumpling it in an instant like so much tissue paper and driving it 30 yards down the highway. *** Two Hours Later *** Trauma room one at the University of Colorado Hospital was abuzz with activity. At least a dozen doctors, nurses, and specialist technologists in yellow plastic smocks and shields hovered over a trauma bed doing a myriad of tasks to the man laying there. “What do we have?” the lead trauma surgeon said as he came into the room and took up control of the life-saving operation. On of the smocked figures raised up and stepped back, raising his shield. “John Declann, caucasian male, age 39. Boulder County Sheriff’s Deputy. MVA - car versus tractor/trailer. Passenger was in a seatbelt with airbags deployed but required extraction by fire-rescue. Initial assessment shows superficial cranial abrasions, with most likely a simple concussion. No evidence of other cranial, brain, or upper spinal injuries. Seat belt bruising pattern is highly indicative of internal organ disruption, but nothing so far on physical examination and plain films of the abdomen. Lacerated and collapsed left lung, reinflated with chest tube. Pneumothorax proximate to same lung injury also responding. Initial x-rays show compromised T-12 vertebral body and possible pelvic fracture. No apparent lower limb trauma beyond cuts and bruises from extrication from the vehicle. CT scans are coming up now for the spinal and pelvic injury areas. This was a driver’s side T-bone crash. I think that this guy’s level of fitness is why we’re talking about saving his life and not pronouncing him. ” the lead resident efficiently rattled off. The lead surgeon took a look at the patient, and agreed with the resident’s assessment. John was alive because of his trained, flexible, body and more than a little random chance. But what kind of life was it going to be? The doctor walked over to the computer terminal screens and pulled up the CT scans. The pelvis showed a simple left side Ilium fracture. Non-displaced. Something the orthopods could deal with easy enough. He then flipped to the scan of John’s spine -- and frowned. “Fuck,” he said under his breath as he looked. He sat down on a stool and zoomed, in, out, rotated, and closely examined the different views provided by the technology. The burst fracture was unmistakable and at precisely the worst spot for leg function. As he walked back to John, the doctor barked orders to the residents and nurses, while he removed an ink pen from his pocket. He ran the pen up first one foot and then the other. Goddamnit, he thought. The veteran doc’s heart sunk even more. “Get neurosurg here stat. Tell them severe impact, burst fracture at T-12, CT visualization and reflex response indicative of cord injury.” The room went silent for a moment before carrying on. It was always hard to treat an officer. Much less for this. The supervising physician turned and again just looked at the radiology. The soft tissue injuries were no walk in the park, but were easily fixable, recoverable in just a few weeks, the pelvis in a couple of months, except …. that. There was no hope for that, in his experience. This man would be paralyzed. Five minutes later the head of neurosurgery looked at the same CT scans, and came to the same conclusion. No hope. They could do an exploratory, check and see if by some miracle there was just pressure on the cord from a fragment, but not likely. Better to just do a vertebral stabilization with the orthopods, but his chances to recover function … Declann had been stabilized and was ready for transfer to have his lung laceration repaired. As he was about to be moved, another man in a white coat burst into the trauma room. One look from him toward John, and his eyes moistened. “I...I...can’t believe it.” the black haired man wept at the side of the bed. “I had to be sure.” The man almost looked skyward, “Why him?” Gabriel tenderly wiped a finger down John’s cheek. “Gabriel?” the head of neuro looked up. “What are you doing here? Do you know this man?” “This man, he saved my life this morning, not even four hours ago. Kept me from getting mugged by this man with a gun. Everyone heard the crash and when I saw that the wreckage was his car. Is he going to be OK?” Gabriel was out of breath and had obviously lost clinical detachment between the events of this morning and the shock of seeing the officer who had been so kind and patient with him lying there. He would have been removed if treatment were still going on, but it was basically complete save moving him to OR. The two attendings just nodded toward the computer screens with the radiology still on it. Gabriel walked from John’s head side, looked, and was overcome with remorse and guilt. Had he just been at his normal time, 15 minutes later, none of this would have happened. But, he just HAD to check on a minor experiment. And now, this man lay here because of him. Gabriel zoomed in to the machine’s maximum sensitivity. He looked again and again. Through a choking voice, Gabriel looked around and almost whispered. “Jack, can you send me these scans please? To my secondary lab.” The lead neurosurgeon looked horrified, searching for a reason not to. “Gabriel. You can’t be serious. You know I can’t do that. It violates protocol, federal law--” Gabriel cut him off, almost angrily “Jack you know I can take care of that with one call to Washington.” “What are you going to do?” Jack asked, never having seen such anger in the young, brilliant surgeon and scientist. “IF I can, if there is anything I can do, I am going to try and help this man.’ “You can’t have a man as a lab r--. I can’t sanc---” Jack stumbled. Gabriel stood to his full height, taking on an almost military bearing. “You know I can and will go over your head if I have to. I will have him removed if I must.” Gabriel took a breath and seemed to calm a bit. “Jack I am not promising that I can or will do anything, I do not know if there is anything to do. But I have to try. I owe it to him. He is here because of me. I have to try or I’ll never forgive myself.” Jack knew Gabriel could follow through on his threats in an instant. He had seen some small manifestations of Gabriel’s connections to political power before, and he knew that interference in hospital functions was the very least of what he could do. As much as Jack detested it, with this kind of anger Gabriel could bring down the mountain on top of his whole hospital. But, as it was, there was nothing anyone could do for Officer Declann, not even York. Jack just silently waved his fingers in a gesture of defeat, nodded an ascent, and transferred access to Gabriel as primary attending physician. “Thank you Jack. I owe you about 10 times over for this.” “I WILL HOLD YOU TO THAT,” the older surgeon replied, his voice suddenly sharpened. “And I insist on one thing. Before you present him any of those things you do that I do not have a clue about, you will at least get his consent.” Gabriel looked like he had been shot himself and his voice shook, “I would NEVER do anything to harm him.” York turned on a heel and left the room, walking out of the ER doors, and toward his car in the parking lot. As soon as he was in the vehicle with the door closed, he pulled from his pocket an encrypted cell phone with just one number it could access, locked to his fingerprint. A male voice answered in military precision, “Yes, Doctor York?” “Codeword Ariana. I want the full computer network prepped for simulator study based on some CT scans that will be coming from CU Trauma ER shortly. Run the program with emergent parameters and stand by to report when I get there. Not a proof of concept level scan, Don, but full cellular level calculations. I am leaving the hospital now. We have 24 hours at the most to complete simulations. And...ah.. Don. This is important to me, personally.” “Yes SIR,” the sharp voice on the other end said. Gabriel could not quite understand what he was feeling, this pull toward this man. He didn’t know the man existed six hours ago. Sure, there was guilt and anger and sadness. But, he just could not remove from his mind those eyes he saw this morning. Those haunted, caring brown eyes. Something about him. This John Declann. He did not know what. But he saw it in his eyes. He deserved more than this, and Gabriel would find out why. He would make it happen, he willed it to happen as he drove toward the freeway. This good man would walk again.
  14. I’d like to thank my friend for developing this story with me. Love you bro. ——————— It is important to look for a safe place when lost. Those two guys knew that. That day, they went hiking in the woods for too long, and got lost, and the night was coming. Fortune was kind to them, there was a cave nearby, and they went there with hopes of resting, so they could return home the next day. The cave was wet and hot, it smelled like thick sweat, and there was a weird miasma on the place. All was too quiet, they decided to look the place around, to be sure it was safe. After walking just some steps, it happened. Fortune deceived them. A huge stream of a weird, gooey substance fell over them, and it kept on falling until they were soaked, filthy. It had a strong smell. They were coated all over with the goo. They tried to get rid of it, but was impossible, the substance was sticky, it covered their whole bodies, and even if they could take some off, the goo was still heavily dripping over them. They try to help each other out, and end up stuck together, a gooey, fetid mess. It gets worse. The goo starts to solidify around them, quickly trapping them together, and to bring it to the next level, a shell was quickly formed, they got trapped together. In panic, they hold each other up, trying to calm themselves down. The hug works, and they rest. They don’t know yet, but the goo is far from a passive substance. It enter their bodies, slowly changing them. As their skin burns, the bros hug tighter, trying to survive the pain. They try to stay strong, and start to realize they are changing, even if they can’t understand fully what is happening. Their clothes start to be corroded by the goo, and they oddly start to feel stronger than before, the fabric that resists starts growing tighter. Their arms start to grow thicker. They still hug, but as their bodies expand, it pushes them apart. One of them extend his arms and with a flex, its sleeves get reduced to shreds. Their shirts grow uncomfortably tighter, and their expanding pecs and ever more defined abs are shown. Both covered in veins, their muscles expand deeply. They increasingly grow strong and well defined, in size and in muscle mass. Shoulders getting ever so strong and thick, as also are their necks. Their faces change, being both sculpted, ever more strong and masculine, raw. As they grow, they hold each other tighter and in a deeper way, as they were discovering how one means to the other. Comforting each other, another growing spurt hits them, and their clothes are no more, nothing separating the goo from their growing naked bodies. They realize they are in this together. No more fear, they allow the goo to cover them, and rejoice in feeling the substance enveloping them. As they hold each other, their skin burns deeper, something ever more strange is happening with their bodies, something big, but that they can’t identify. As it happens, one of the men decide to do something he never thought on doing before. As they became aroused during the change, their cocks are fully awake, and growing, even. “We are in this together” he thinks, realizing even more how he cares about his mate. “Those muscles, my bro, are to protect you”. With that in mind, he caress the cock of the other, and also explores the defined body of him. His friend follows, and they both explore their new changed bodies. First, putting their hands on each other timidly, but then, more vigorously. Feeling an indescribable wave of deep pleasure from being touched. They are too busy discovering new sensations to notice their hair is retrieving, something is coming out of their skins, and there are weird protuberances oddly timidly going out of their skulls. They keep on exploring each other, feeling like they are one. Their cocks drip pre, that mixes itself with the goo. The transformation intensifies, they grow ever more muscular, taller, their skins replaced by scales, their eyes being covered in layers of new lenses, improving their vision, they become even more sensitive to the touch. Their bodies explode in deep orgasm, and they aren’t over yet. One put his cock on the ass of the other, the apex is reached. As the other man enjoys a huge wave of pleasure, they both roar and bellow, deeply bonding with each other. Finally, after a long fuck, the goo get absorbed by their transformed bodies and becomes part of their scales. It is done. But they barely notice, locked in the pleasure. After a while, they finally let go of each other, and admire their profound changes “Fuck” they say together, both are with deep voices, like a growl. “What this cave have done to us, brother” “It made us into beasts, that we are primed to be” “Fuck, bro, I never felt better.. look, look at my arms, look at those fuckin guns” “You look good... and fuck good too” “You don’t look bad yourself.. fuck so good...” They start to stroke each other’s pecs. “This goo, this cocoon changed us” “Hmmm it looks for the better” “Fuck, I love you, bro” They again masturbate each other, one playing with the helmet of the cock of the other. “Even your cock is different, bro” “It is bigger and thicker like yours” The cocks ejaculate a modified cum, yellow and thick, with a very strong smell. They roar in ecstasy. Playing with each other’s cocks more strongly now. They laid down for a while, one holdin the cock of the other. “We are one, bro. My life, I devote to protect you.” They kiss passionately. And one of the men decides it needs to mark this moment, seeing a sharp stone on the floor, he grabs it and draws a spiral on his left chest, letting out roars of pain. Modified blood is spilled, but it was a necessary move. “This is our mark now”. The other does the same. Then they both hold each other’s chest and kiss, cuddling on the floor, holding each other tight, like they were doing in the cocoon. Bonded together, enjoying their new powerful forms.
  15. Heads up! This story contains theft, muscle growth, humiliation, violence, foul language, and probably other things that would fall under the M-rating. [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 1] Bittersweet Revenge We've all heard it before. Jock harasses nerd because the jock feels he's over-entitled, nerd's high school life is ruined, nerd seeks revenge. Normally we'd cheer on the nerd and the jock would get what he deserves. Sadly, that's in a planned out fictional movie. In reality, going too far is easier than holding back. Our jock in this story, Trent Felds, luckily learned that abusing his might was not the right thing. It felt right to him, it made him happy, but it was wrong to everyone around him. He retained his arrogance and intense attitude, finding that he wasn't happy unless he was dominating something or someone. So he became a workout instructor and personal trainer. He could yell, degrade, or outshine all he wanted. Though the ends oddly justified the means, since he would better someone's health and life. All those who participated in his classes or were his client had amazing results. Even after the degrading, their confidence was sky high since they were clearly no longer fat slobs or lazy losers thanks to all the exercising and dieting. Soon he became California's most recommend trainer, even getting calls from celebrities. He felt like a God among men thanks to being heavily desired for one reason or another. Not to mention he looked like one too. Trent was a handsome man, but far from the sense of a modern day male model. He wasn't about perfect hair, a fit streamline body, or a somewhat delicate face. He was all about raw power. Masculinity at its finest. Trent's body was strong and viciously cut, winning him many bodybuilder competitions ever since he started officially competing at the age of 18. Now with several awards sitting on his shelf, he can safely say no one will win as long as he's alive. He stood at 6'0”, weighing in at 259.1 pounds with 4.2% body fat... Yes, he's that accurate with it. His sandy blond hair was kept short and styled in a I don't care, I woke up like this manner. His eyes were light brown, used mostly for glaring or looking down on others. Most also assume he couldn't find clothes that fit, since his current wardrobe consists of clothing that clings to his body and is prone to ripping if it's a few months old. In short, he was still an arrogant behemoth, but now he was conscious enough to know bullying to get what he wanted is not OK. In fact, he was feeling very guilty since he ruined poor Isaac's life. Speaking of Isaac, as you may have guessed, he's the nerd of this story! His high school life conditioned him to be an extreme introvert; focusing on studying and loner activities. In a way the bully helped fuel Isaac's mind since it forced Isaac to be alone with his thoughts. Isaac always had ideas and wanted to put them to the test, studying whatever he'd need to do so. It should be no surprise that he turned out to be an accomplished scientist. Although he was a nerd and Trent made him feel like the ugliest thing on the planet, he wasn't that bad to look at. Sure he was skinny and 5'6”, but he was fit enough to lift his lab equipment. His face was on the feminine side and his long hair was pulled back in a ponytail since he had very little time to maintain himself. His hair was a boring brown and his eyes were a lifeless green as Trent would describe it. His vision was abysmal, but thanks to technological advances, his glasses didn't appear too thick. For the mean time he worked with robots used for medical purposes, big hunks of machinery that helped fill Isaac's wallet with some serious cash. As for Isaac's personal scientific contribution, he only had one thing to give: nanonbots. Not just any little artificial specks of science, but amazing and nearly miraculous... Specks of science. The nanobots could rewrite genes, effectively reversing fatal genetic disorders and even prolonging one's lifespan greatly. They could even transfer genes and revitilize cells, which would make plastic surgery inefficient. They acted like viruses, attaching to territorial cells that would convince other cells to fall in line. They could even force the body to produce stem cells and repair or remake entire organs, although, a heavy amount of rest and nutrients were needed to do so. The sad part about this is, Isaac did not globalize them. Thanks to the American government's interest, he would be forced to relinquish everything he has to make them widespread. Isaac would be set for life and would still be in charge to some degree, but he would not be able to physically have them or make them in his home. He needed them to carry out karmic justice. The whole reason he spent years developing them were just for one thing. Not to help others. But to hurt someone. To get his plan in motion, he found out where his target was and moved there without a second thought. The next step was to engage his former bully. Apparently Isaac's form of karma was on his side for the time being, as the dumb behemoth was surprisingly the one to reach out to Isaac first. A few knocks echoed throughout Isaac's home, causing Isaac some great frustration as he tried to concentrate on his computer screen. The knocks grew louder and his patience grew thinner. Although it was only 9 knocks total so far, he had enough. “Fine! I'm coming!” The scientist got up from his computer, becoming flustered as he made his way to the door. He ripped the door open with the fiercest look on his face, only to instantly grow pale and slink back. A large man stood before him. The man's body wasn't familiar to Isaac, but his face sure was. “Isaac?” Trent asked, his voice seeming deeper than Isaac recalled. “Yes, I am Isaac...” He wasn't prepared to meet Trent. Not yet, anyway. “What-” “Shut up for a minute. I'm here to apologize for being a jerk.” Trent ironically said in a jerk-like fashion. “So... Yeah, I'm sorry dude.” “That's it?” Isaac squinted as Trent nodded. “I don't wanna be your friend or anything, so yeah that's it. All I need to know is if we're cool now.” Isaac's inner voice screamed: ARE WE COOL NOW? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU PUT ME THROUGH? AND THEN YOU STAND THERE AS IF YOU JUST DID A GREAT DEED! YOU...YOU... Isaac remained calm even though his insides were aflame. “Yes, I forgive you. Thanks Trent. That means a lot to me.” “Haha, yeah, I know, I'm a totally cool person now. No more bullying for me!” The big moron grinned. Then he bent down in a patronizing way to be eye level with Isaac. There was an awkward pause before he spoke again. “Wow bro, you need some fitness in your life. I'm an awesome person trainer now. And an even awesomer bodybuilder. I could help you look less wimpy if you want. Maybe fit enough to get a fuck buddy or something.” Isaac held back any retorts, knowing exactly what to say to hook Trent. “Sure, that would be great. And you said you're a bodybuilder? Wow! That is very awesome, Trent. How's your progress with that?” The meathead couldn't resist talking about himself, so of course he bought in and divulged just the right amount of information. “It's great! I'm pushing close to 260 pounds but I feel like I've been stuck in the 250's forever. I'm actually 259.1 pounds now. I should probably start taking roids to fuel these bad boys. I don't wanna get bitch tits though. I like my pecs the way they are.” Trent threw both his arms up for a double bicep pose and went into a most muscular pose. His shirt let out audible strains of protest. “Heh, poor shirt, it can't even contain all this powerful sexiness.” Isaac was impressed that Trent grew so big without the usage of steroids. He hated to admit it, but Isaac knew it was because Trent was most likely the perfect male specimen. “Hm, steroids can be bad for you depending on how your body reacts... Nanobots aren't. I've developed some very advanced nanobots that could help push you past 260 with ease. Heck, it could even shoot you up to 300! You'd be really helping me out with my research as well. So it'd be a win-win situation for the both of us.” Trent naively bought into every word Isaac said. “Sign. Me. Up! Fuck yeah! I'll help you. I'll help the ever loving shit outta ya!” “Thanks again, Trent. It'd only take about 30 to 60 minutes to get the test started. Are you free now?” The muscleman nearly jumped for joy as he enthusiastically nodded. “Great, come inside and let's get started.” ********** Isaac had set everything up for his beautiful revenge. Trent stood naked in a large cylindrical chamber grinning like the oblivious moron he was. Isaac simply pushed a few buttons and the cylinder's door closed. “So, Trent. This is how it works.” A large tube shot down from the top of the cylinder, planting itself into the sides of Trent's neck, pecs, abs, biceps, shoulders, quads, and even his cock. Another set of tubes shot out and attached themselves to various parts of his body, covering him from head to toe. The bodybuilder yet out a yelp of pain before going into a trance like state. “These nanonbots will flow into your muscles and... Other bits. They will remove your muscle fibers piece by piece, and travel to my body. The muscle will then be mine. I also decided to get some of your genes because, as you said in high school, you're the world's most perfect man and I'm not. I figured I'd also give you my allegedly horrible genes. You know, so we aren't too genetically similar. That would just be sooooo weird.” Isaac smiled as he walked over to a smaller chamber across from the bodybuilder. He could see the horror in Trent's eyes, but the nanobots were suppressing his nervous system so he couldn't act on his fear. As Isaac removed his clothing and entered the tube. “Activate Transferal Program, also initiate Project Oblivion.” Tubes shot down from the top of the tube and attached themselves to Isaac's body. The anticipation of growing made Isaac giddy. “Finally! Justice will be served.” The nanobots went to work, chipping away at Trent's muscle mass and moving it from Trent to Isaac. The transferal from Trent to Isaac would take over a minute, but Isaac at least got to witness Trent violently shrink. The muscleman's once taught skin wrinkled as the muscle was pulled out from under it. His traps and delts softened and shrunk, exposing a portion of his neck that hadn't seen the light of day for years. His shoulders were now rounded and moving inward as his chest's massive width diminished. The pec shelf he once had quickly fell, leaving droopy skin over his chest where his impressive pecs once were. He no longer had cobblestone abs and there wasn't a trace of them to be found on his narrowing stomach. His sculpted obliques vanished, making the portion from his chest to his waist a straight drop. His arms, once thick and veiny pythons of power, were now pathetic garden snakes. All he could do was look down as his noodle like arms barely responded to his commands. His muscles were so weak, he didn't even know if his arms could move anymore. Down below his enormous quads were chipped away to nothingness, leaving two bony legs. Legs that would make others wonder how the man could even stand. Between his legs, his pride and joy were reduced to embarrassment and sadness. Even a prepubescent boy would laugh at its size. Isaac made sure to over-shrink them to crush Trent's ego to dust for good. Trent stood there, quaking in pain and horror as he was reduced to a 6'0” blob of droopy skin and bones. Ah, but not for long. Even his height was changing, causing him to cry out as his bones broke apart, making him shorter with every audible crack. “No...” Trent could only moan in a higher pitched voice as his nightmares were finally realized. The nanobots did do him a favor though. They took away his masculine features and made him resemble a wimpy boy so his body would match his face. The nanobots also tightened up his skin as the tubes pulled away. The small openings in his skin quickly healed, but Trent could still feel the lingering pain of losing his years of hard work. “Did you like that?” Isaac smirked, his voice somewhat deeper. “Good! Because the nanobots will eat every single fraction of muscle you try to gain. You'll look like that forever. Aren't you glad?” Trent's eyes glazed over with anger as the chamber opened and he fell out. He collapsed on the floor, looking up at Isaac as the second phase of Isaac's revenge had already begun. Isaac's facial features were bolder, and he was growing taller. Isaac winced in slight discomfort as the nanobots stretched out his skeletal frame. Even his cock appeared fuller, with a pair of testicles to match. Then came the main part of the phase. The best part for Isaac. He could feel the other nanobots flowing into him, placing the muscle building blocks they stole from Trent into Isaac's body. Isaac's torso widened as his shoulders seemingly raised upwards and sideways as they squared off. His small hunch disappeared as his growing lats, delts, and other muscles all worked to greatly correct his posture. He lost about half of his neck under his muscle, if not more. Moving his head from side to side felt slightly strained, but it also felt amazing for some reason. Isaac's pecs pushed outward, stretching his skin as they blew up like balloons. Isaac massaged his chest, groping his growing mounds of muscle mass. He felt his nipple slide from the center down to the bottom of his chest. He could no longer put his fingers between his chest muscles either. “Nice!” Isaac's deep voice echoed from within the tube. His pecs pushed against the chamber's glass, causing him to back up. Isaac's arms pulsed and raged, going from a flat desert to a vast mountain range. He desperately wanted to flex, but found room in the tube was scarce. His biceps rounded out with power, lines emerging as his muscles grew. “Veins. Ha.” Isaac muttered, looking at the pulsing lines of vascularity grow in number and thickness. His forearms felt heavier, and his hands were definitely tougher and larger. His protruding abdominal muscles and obliques were dangerously cut, forming the coveted curvatures all bodybuilders aspired to. The classic V tapper from a titanic upper torso down to a classically narrow waistline. Isaac had to shuffle around in the chamber, realizing he was running out of space now. He wish he had time to build a bigger chamber before Trent arrived. Isaac's quads were now pushing against each other, causing the growing man severe discomfort. “Aaarg! My junk!” Isaac growled. He tried to widen his stance to accommodate room for his package, only to find it was still a tight fit. “Stop growing...” He moaned, yet his quads said no as they grew more. He grunted and groaned, having mixed feelings about what was happening. “It's... Only temporary...” He grunted once more as he dealt with the severe discomfort. Either way he was happy to have such powerful tree trunks holding him up. “And ah, the roots...” Isaac mused as he flexed his calf. He couldn't see them, but they were indeed beautifully shaped, putting most melons to shame in terms of size. His ankles were equally beautiful, not an ounce of fat to be found anywhere around them or his newly grown feet. “I feel like I could crush cinder blocks with these!” The tubes detached from Isaac and the gargantuan nerd evacuated the cylinder as it were on fire. He shook out his legs and dipped down a bit, in attempts to alleviate the pressure from his manhood. “Damn, that barely went as planned. I didn't know you had such huge legs, Trent.” Trent stared like a deer caught in a car's headlights. Isaac grinned and flexed his arms. Finally glad to see them at their full glory. He could feel the weight of his new body. It was foreign to him, but he enjoyed it as he got used to it. He walked over to Trent, trying to find a walk that worked just right for his new body. He may have been a giant now, but he still had the mannerisms of his old self. Regardless, he forcibly pulled Trent up by the back of his neck with ease. “Ow-ow-ouch!” Trent yelped, his voice now hilarious high pitched. “Stop! Stop now you fucking crazy bastard!” “No thanks, little man.” Isaac laughed as he threw Trent on the ground. Trent tried to get up to his feet, but was met with great force as a foot slammed down on to his back. Trent yelped again, growling as Isaac applied and removed weight from the scrawny boy's back. “Squish, squish, squish. This is fun. Oh, hey, by the way... While we were having fun, I had some awesome programs running. Just a little something created by a genius like me.” Isaac kicked Trent in the side to roll him over, placing his foot on the poor guy's chest and stomach. Trent clawed at the giant's calf, gritting his teeth as he withstood the intense pressure. “Genius? You're a fucking psycho! Get the fuck off of me!” Trent's attempts to fight back were amusing, but Isaac stopped it all by applying a bit more pressure. “Anyway, you're kind of poor now. Thanks for the money. Oh, and you eloped with an exotic woman to an equally exotic land. Who knows when you'll be back. I made sure to tell your coworkers and clients so they wouldn't wonder about you too much.” “I'll... I'll get the cops here! They'll-” Another kick stopped Trent from babbling. His sides, back, and front were bruised and tender. “You are really dumb. You have no money. No one will look for you. You don't even look like yourself. You're a tiny, pathetic, useless, and powerless pile of failure. Do you really want to leave my home looking the way you do?” Isaac grabbed Trent and forced him to his feet. He carried him to the nearest mirror, making sure to grip Trent really hard. Isaac stood Trent up in front of the mirror as if he were a doll, and fiercely gripped his shoulders to keep him in place.. Trent cringed as he tried to fight the pain. Trent could only stare at his new image. His eyes darted from his head to his feet. His mind just couldn't register it. The lightness he felt in his muscles and bones, the fact the ceiling was farther away, and his narrow body... It just didn't add up. He knew he had shrunk, but this was the first time he seen everything at the same time. His gaze fell down to the floor, disgusted by what he saw. Isaac just laughed, “This is really way more better than I though it'd be. So, Trent, ready to be my little slave? I got a lot of cleaning to do around here... The cleaning stuff is in the closet to your left. I guess I'll buy a little racing car bed for you too. But tonight you can just sleep on the floor. Or better yet, you can sleep in the garbage can where you belong. Look on the plus side, you get to live here and get fed if I remember to leave food out for you.” Trent's fists clenched and he spun around, a spark of fire igniting in his eyes. “You're still a fucking nerd. You're still a loser. So you know what? No. I'm not going to listen to a piece of shit like you! You're dead! I'll just sli-” “Ah, but if you kill me then you'll never get these back.” Isaac imitated Trent's poses from earlier. Although his form wasn't the best, it got the point across. Two mounds of massive bicep muscle taunted Trent, while beautifully flexed pecs added insult to injury. “If you're a good boy, I might just give you some things back as a reward. I won't give your muscle back or your height since you don't need it... But maybe I'll make it so you can actually get an erection. At least this way you can have something to entertain yourself since you'll be stuck here. Forever. Alone.” “We'll fucking see!” Trent barked. Isaac's patience was wearing thin. He thought the bully's ego would be obliterated by now. It wasn't. It was intact and in full swing. “You can beat me all you like, but I'm tough. I'm not a wimpy little bitch like you. You're not going to get me to do a single fucking thing!” A twisted smirk crossed Isaac's lips. “I was hoping you'd like to do this the hard way.”
  16. Host: Hello everyone and welcome to another season of "Gainers". I am your host Freddi Fit and you may remember me from becoming the muscle alpha I am today on our very first season just three years ago. *Freddi Fit raises a double bicep flex, stretching his button down short sleeves to their limit. "After all, who can forgot that glorious moment when I was voted to steal everything from Hank The Tank who had been growing massive all season. It was a major upset and the audience was ready to see a new alpha show that brute a lesson. Since then I've been living the dreams as America's hunkiest bodybuilder. Well tonight this dream begins once again with 8 brand new contestants. After twelve weeks, one of them will be left with a hulking body while the others leave smaller than they came. And like always, every week you the audience will decide who gets what. Now let's not waste any time here and meet our contestants. Screen switches to contestant video number one. A nineteen year old college wrestler named Cam. "Hey everyone! The name is Cameron, or Cam for short. I've been wrestling for six years and I can't wait to show the other men who the real jock is gonna be. Maybe if you're lucky you might even see me put some of them in headlocks and drain the muscle from them." Screen switches to contestant video number two. A 39 year old college professor who has been working out for many years. "Hello everyone, it Max here. I've been a health science teach for about 10 years and have always wanted more in life. I'm hoping to win and become the next leading model for muscle god magazine. Either way, I'm hoping to teach the other men a thing or two about what it means to be blessed with muscle." Screen switches to contestant number 3. A 24 year old ex fire fighter who recently begun a modeling career. "If you thought fighting fires was hot, wait till you see me on nothing but my suspenders. Hey everyone my names chad. Make sure you vote for me this season so I can become the muscular flame that makes you sweat." Screen switches to contestant number 4. A 31 year old cop from NYC. "Hey. It's Stu. I've been lifting ever since becoming a cop, but to keep the streets safe, I'm going to need your help to grow my guns and have the fire power needed to intimidate the bad guys and fight crime." Screen switches to contestant number 5. A 27 year old businessman. "Hello everyone, being a businessman keeps me quite busy. So I'm going to need your help building these muscles as big as they can get so I can really fill out my suites nicely! By the way, the name is Dominique." Screen switches to contestant number 6. A 42 year old father. "Hello everyone. My name Ken. Before I had children I was in pretty good shape. However since then I've begun to get out of shape. I need your help to be bigger and better than I was when I was younger." Screen switches to contestant number 7. A 21 year old college graduated pursuing a career in acting. "Hey y'all. Zac here. I've been trying to make it big as an actor but you know they are looking for muscular guys these days. Help me become a jacked up actor." Screen switches to contestant number 8. A 25 year old man living in his parents house. "Hi everyone. I'm Tony, and I've been having a really hard time finding a job. Can you help me you help me out and give me the chance to pursue a career in fitness and get the hell out of my parents house. They'd really appreciate it as well!" Tony is clearly the smallest guy. Although he still has slight hints of muscle, there isn't much for the others to take. Host: "Well don't we just have a great batch this year. The group will be entering the growth cell now where they will spend the next 12 weeks changing. Go online now to vote for your top 4 favorite guys who will receive a special serum boost tomorrow night to start off the game. And don't forget to send in your nicknames for each dude. The most votes will decide what we call each contestant from here on. Anyways. Goodnight Gainer fans! Freddi Fit signing off!" *Freddie fit solutes the camera and transitions in to an archer pose as the credits roll.*
  17. This story is a conversion of an old RP I did with a friend, @jsmith230. It was one of my favorite RPs so I thought I would convert it and share. While my first preference is muscle growth with a secondary love of height growth, you could say his preferences are the inverse of mine. So that will give you a hint of what this story will entail. Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11Part 12Part 13 *************************************************************************** Elongro “Dude, have you heard of that new 'Elongro' drug? I have to get my hands on it. I want to get huge this year!” Seth rolls his eyes as he listens to Trevor ramble on about the new miracle drug that has been making a splash among the young adult community worldwide. Trevor and Seth are college roommates and best buddies currently in their second year of college. The two were paired up as dormmates during Freshman year and their friendship blossomed from there. Both 19 years old, the two share a small apartment just off campus. To the outsider, Trevor is the alpha of the friendship, much more confident, outgoing and outspoken than his counterpart. He has always been very athletic and since coming to college has fully invested his free time into fitness and working out. He's obsessed with trying to put on mass and is always trying the latest supplements, pills and powders, along with constantly reading articles on new exercises programs to try. He has built himself up to a nice, ripped, 185 lbs on a 5’10.5 frame. His body fat hovers around 10-12% and he sports a nice 6-pack. But, like any true wannabe bodybuilder, it wasn't, deep down he wanted more. Much more. Seth is Trevor's roommate and while he also has a natural athleticism to him, he hasn't pursued it nearly to the degree that Trevor has, though few people could really say that. Some of the reason behind this is that Seth always felt just a bit too small to ever have great success in sports. He was one of those people who were content to be good enough to make the high school baseball team though he only saw limited playing time. Since college began, Seth exercised a couple times a week, mainly by just jogging, leaving him with a naturally slim and toned 145 lbs on his 5’8 body. The pair were pursuing business degrees although Trevor wasn't quite sold on the idea after his first year. While Seth fully intends to pursue a sales and marketing career, Trevor has considered switching to a more body-centric physical therapy program that would work well in parallel with his pursuit of fitness excellence. What currently has Trevor excited is the discovery of a new drug that offered an exciting possibility. Within the past year, a new compound was developed and released in Korea that is commonly known as “Elongro”. It's use had begun to spread across the developed world. However, due the USA’s overly strict drug testing protocol, the drug is still not legally available in the USA though it is available in most of Asia, Europe and Canada. The drug has caused excitement for people who are small in stature, either height or build. What the drug does is that it basically freezes a young adult growth rate, including hormonal levels, where that rate might be starting to wane. Along with enhancing the sex characteristics, it also keeps their growth plates open for an extended amount of time, allowing an individual to continue to grow for much longer than they normally would. Seth shakes his head as he listens to his roommate explain the drug. “What that means, Seth, is that if you naturally had, say, one more month of growth before your plates fused, you might keep growing at the same rate for another 2-3 months instead with Elongro. But, just think, if you were in the middle of a big growth spurt and originally had many months, or year left, you could potential retain that growth rate for a few more years! Isn't that awesome!” “Uh huh. Sure man. Sounds cool man,” Seth replied cooly. “Sounds a bit too good to be true, really.” “Well, it's not perfect, you're right.” Trevor pulls up his phone to read the details of the drug from the website he'd been researching. “The major drawback of the drug is that it has been shown to cause devastating side effects if a person is still showing any signs of puberty. Most humans complete puberty by the time they are 16 or 17 but keep growing in size for another 1 to 4 years. Because of this risk, most countries that allow the sale of the drug ban it from being used on any person under the age of 19. Also, the drug will not work if a person’s growth plates have already fused, which for many people has already occurred by the time they are 19. Thus, the window for success for the drug is very limited, if open at all. The reports say that only about one-quarter of the people who try to drug experience any results.” Trevor looks away from his phone at his disinterested roommate, but his own excitement cannot be interrupted and he keeps scrolling through the information showing on his phone. “For those that it does work, though, the results have been significant! Bro, this website says there are online rumors from the drug’s testing phase of people putting on 40-50 lbs of muscle and growing up to 6 to 8 inches taller well into their 20s! Shit dude, that would ROCK! I read that for those who are lucky enough to still be growing, the average success rate has been 15 lbs and 2-3 inches over an additional 6 months to 1 year of growing. I would give anything to put on some more size like that! My training has really stalled lately.” “That is pretty sweet, Trev. But you said it yourself, it may not even work. If you've finished your natural growth you're S.O.L.” Trevor huffs as Seth downplays Elongro. Tervor can't help but imagine the possibilities. Though he never mentioned it, while focused on growing his muscles, he secretly always wanted to be taller as well. He hadn't told Seth, but he had already started the process of obtaining the Elongro. He had already set up a quick weekend trip to Canada where a close friend was to obtain a prescription and then supply him with a vial of Elongro. He's aware of the illegality but the chance to put on some size even if it's just a few pounds or an inch in height, is too much to pass up. Because of the drug’s scarcity and the fact he has to obtain it illegally, it will cost Trevor over $1200, a huge amount for a poor college kid. “Seth, from my doctor’s appointment this summer I found out that I had grown another ½” to my current 5’10-1/2 height. So I'm positive I'm on my final growth spurt! I just KNOW it will work. But I got to get started soon before my growth stops.” “Ok, man, whatever. Man, you really are obsessed with size. You've got that dysmorphia thing, haha. I men, you are already jacked, you should be happy.” “Never big enough, bro!” the handsome stud chuckled in reply. “So how does it work? Is it a pill or something?” “Naw, it's an injection. It works from just one single injection. Each vial contain enough liquid for 5 injections, even though only one is needed. This is where you come in, bro!” “Me? What for?” “Well, the thing is, this shit is really expensive. And, like I said you only need one injection, but each vial has enough for five injections. So, I wanted to ask, If I get the Elongro, could I sell you an injection too? It would help me out and I would appreciate it. My girlfriend already said she'd take one of the injections too. Help a brother out, it's fuckin' expensive stuff. I'm not even asking for the full price of a dose, just $200 to help me cover.” “C'mon Trev, don't ask me that. I don't... Man, I don’t think I’ve grown in a couple of years, it would most likely be a waste on me.” “But, Bro, even if you had the slimmest chance to be just a little taller and stronger, wouldn’t you want to take it?” Trevor tries his best to pitch the idea. Seth rebuffs his approaches but he knows what will get Seth on board. “Hey, you know that girl that works at the rec center you’ve been crushing of the past year? Remember how you told me you overheard her talking with her friends that she said she would never date a guy under 5’10 and 175 lbs? She says that because she's pretty tall for a girl, like 5'9 or so. Just think, buddy! If you put some size maybe she’ll give you a second look!” Trevor sees the gears turning in Seth's head. He still seems unconvinced but he can tell he's touched a nerve. “C’mon man, you always told me how you felt like you were too small in high school to be one of the jocks on campus even though you were on the baseball team. This could be your chance to put on some size and least be average height. Wouldn’t you want that, little buddy?” Trevor tosses in ‘little buddy’ because he knows Seth hates when bigger dudes call him that. And that seals the deal. “Ugh. Fine, bro. Whatever," he says with annoyed defeat. "And hey, I’m way past puberty so there’s no risk, right? Other than I’ll be out $200." “That’s the spirit, pal! I promise this will be worth the investment!” * Seth walks to his room to collect the cash. He can't help but shake his head at Trevor's crazy antics. "This stuff is never going to work on me," he says to himself. But, knowing how into this Trevor is he knows that the right thing to do is to support his roomie and at least give it a try. Plus, that way when it doesn't work, he can hold that over his head! Or at least Trev will give it up and move onto something different, just like he always does. The following weekend Trevor makes five hour drive up North to Canada. Upon his return he excitedly enters their apartment and makes himself known. That night, the two friends administer the shot. They both have it their our heads that the effect would be immediate, even though all of the documentation says they won't know right away whether or not it works. But the placebo effect is very real those first few days and it drives the two crazy not knowing for sure if they will see an impact, but the excitement builds. That night Seth dream of growing taller, standing over guys who always made fun of his short height and pushing his skinny body around... being seen as tall... growing again... finally becoming the man he'd always wanted to be. Not being relegated to playing right field in baseball having never hit a home run. All those guys looking down at Seth! He jolts awake and realizes his dick is tenting the sheets. Even though he was skeptical at first, he can't help but think how deep down he must want this injection to work. How badly he needs to become bigger and stronger. He chuckles, knowing how slim the odds are and fades back to sleep. After the first few days of no noticeable changes the two both act as if nothing has happened. Although they both seem to be constantly checking themselves against the heights of familiar landmarks and people, including each other. Inside Trevor is still stoked, convinced that he will reap significant gains. Knowing that Seth hasn't grown upwards in years, he knows it likely won't work for his friend, but he was happy he at least he got $200 out of Seth. Truthfully, Trevor loved having Seth as his roommate. Not only from a personality standpoint, but he loved being the bigger and more dominant man compared to Seth. It was nothing against Seth, it just fed well into Trevor's desire to get bigger and build up his physique. Whenever they went out, Seth always demurred to Trevor when choosing which movies to watch, with parties to go to, what girls to hang with. Trevor was the alpha apparent. Two weeks after the injections the two are eating dinner and Trevor notices Seth is wolfing down a ton of food. "Hungry, there Seth?" "Dude," he says between mouthfuls of grilled chicken, "I can't remember the last time I was this hungry. I just can't get to feeling full lately... it's so weird..." Trevor chuckles as he watches Seth go back to finishing his chicken before starting on some brats. Trevor shakes his head, teasing Seth that “the freshman 15 is real, just delayed for you" before getting up to do the dishes. A bit later the two are hanging out watching TV and chatting about classes and wanting to catch the new Spiderman movie. Seth rubs his full round belly and ponders, pausing, before finally asking his roomie a surprising question. "Have you been making any gains in the gym? I was thinking rather than just running maybe I would try lifting some." Trevor is taken off guard. He knew Seth never went to the rec center other than to run, and certainly never made his way into the weight room. "I was thinking... maybe... I could like... join you sometime?" While Seth has managed to stay relatively thin, having a fitness obsessed roommate might be starting to rub off on him a bit. "Its just, with how I've been eating... maybe I should," he jokes. "I'll get fat if I keep eating like this. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to have a bit more muscle for the ladies... maybe get some attention for once. It seems to have worked out well for you!" "Hell yeah buddy! I would love to be your training partner. Hell, I was thinking I might want to make a career out of it in the future, either personal training or physical therapy. I'd love to show you the ropes, you could be my first client! But, don't worry, little buddy, I won't charge you." Seth's face tightens at the words 'little buddy' and Trevor instantly feels bad. "Er...sorry, Seth. But yeah, even though you haven't been lifting I can tell you are a little bit thicker lately, just from all the food you've been eating. I'm still making gains, but it's slow going." The next day Trevor takes Seth to the gym for his first weightlifting workout. Seth marvels at the poundages that Trevor buddy can lift. Trevor boasts that he can bench 225 lbs ten times and Seth seems to be in shock when he performs the feat. On his turn, Seth can barely do 135 lbs five times. He is disappointed but his new trainer props him up. "Hey, dude, honestly that's a great weight, especially for your first workout. When I started I couldn't even bench 95 lbs once!" Seth perks up at that. As the two leave the weight room Seth notices the hot girl at the towel desk, Stacy. He is understandably smitten as he steals glances. “Fuck, Trevor. That Stacy is one super hot chick.” "Oh I hear ya man. I certainly don't mind the eye candy when I come here to lift everyday. Would love to get into that...if I weren't currently dating Brooke, that is, haha." Grinning stupidly, Seth replies. "Yeah, she's so hot Trev.... but I doubt she'd pay much attention to a guy like me." Seth can't help but notice her height, not too far off from Trevor's. Noticeably taller than he is, certainly. That seems to be the case with a lot of girls on campus. So many of the college girls and guys seem so tall lately. Trevor laughs and reminds his friend that time in the gym won't hurt and that if he stays consistent and pushes himself that she won't care how tall he is. "Muscles always seal the deal!" Trevor chuckles and throws up a double bicep pose, flexing his impressive exposed arms, grinning cockily, causing Seth to roll his eyes. "Trev, doubt you'll be saying that when you are a six footer with me looking WAY up at you!” Seth jokes. "Then you will be tall AND muscular. I'm going to look like a little kid next to you.... so yeah, I better start lifting more I guess!" * A few weeks go by and Seth has been sticking with the gym, much to the surprise of his roommate. While it wasn't like Trevor had no faith in his buddy, he just knew the dropout rates for new lifters was very high. Trevor continues to coach and direct Seth, both in the weight room and giving him advice on his diet . His training advice is sound, and both can already see an improvement in Seth's physique, though it's not been easy for the new gymrat. "Ugh, Trevor, is it normal to ache all the time? I can never seem to really recover..." “Haha, buddy that's part of the deal. Though the more you lift the less sore you should be. It could be that you're not taking enough time to recover. Could be that your muscles are actually growing or any number of reasons. Just growing pains. But, it means that you are actually working and growing, so be excited, man!” Before long, Seth begins to notice that his shoes are uncomfortably tight. He'd worn size 9s since he finished growing taller a few years prior. At first he figures it's the workout. One day after class he hits the mall to get a new pair. While Trevor hangs out at their apartment he gets a text from Seth: [Trev, you won't believe it. I had to get new shoes! Size 10.5!! Crazy!!] Tervor's mind races, trying to process Seth's text. He'd been denying Seth's progress, playing it off as beginner gains. But could his smaller buddy actually be growing? A hint of fear and jealousy permeates his mind. He thinks to himself how his size 11 shoes haven't been feeling any tighter. He calms down and rationalizes that maybe the little guy is going to have one small growth spurt. There is still no way Seth will ever catch him. He convinces himself that must be growing too, even if his shoes still fit. I mean, your feet don't HAVE to get bigger to increase your height, right? Trevor remembers how he is up 7 lbs to 192 lbs, the biggest he's ever been and he doesn't seem any more muscular or more fat, so he assumes that extra weight is coming from added height. The thought calms his nerves and he smiles to himself, excited for the growth that lies ahead. * It is now six weeks after the shot and the two are once again in the gym working out. Seth has been make even more noteworthy progress and has settled into a dedicated routine. This time Trevor brings a notebook. In the locker room after the lifting session Trevor confronts his protege. "Dude, I am a terrible trainer! I forgot to take your initial stats to see how you are coming along. So let's start now, better late than never. We'll use this notebook to make sure you keep progressing. It's good motivation too to see your lifts go up week after week. Ok, how tall again?” "5 ft 8" Seth says, slightly annoyed. "Well, just a bit under actually." “Really? Are you sure?” Trevor looks at Seth, unconvinced. At first he is apprehensive to find out for sure, but he can't deny that Seth looks at least a little taller. Wanting to be a trainer though, he knows he needs to be accurate and thorough with his log books. "Nah, dude, let's find out for sure." Trevor directs Seth to stand against the wall while he takes a tape measure out of his bag. He measures his buddy. "Just a hair under 5 ft 9, dude!" Seth eyes widen and he looks at Trevor excitedly. He shouts, "Maybe that stuff is working for me! I've never been over 5'8 before!” “Dude, that's awesome! You're not quite AS tiny as before, haha. Ok c'mon let's take your weight.” Next, Seth hops on the scale. It reads 160 lbs. “Great job, Seth. That's a 15 lb gain in just 6 weeks. Those are pretty good beginner gains, dude!” Seth can't be more excited as Trevor notes his huge grin. He is thrilled! “Ok man, let's get your other measurements for the log.” Trevor tapes all of Seth's a major muscles groups and writes them in the notebook. Arms: 14.5” Chest: 38.5” Waist: 31” Quads: 21.5” Calves: 14” Trevor can't help but mentally compare his own stats to feed his ego. While Seth may have crept up in height he took solace that he still had him beat everywhere. He knew his 17” guns, 42” pecs, 24.5” legs and 15.5” calves were all well bigger while his tight 30” waist was even more ripped than his little buddy's. Not to mention, from what he had seen of his roommate in the showers, he had more 'down there' as well, the thought of which gave him a reassuring grin. “Not bad, dude! You've got some really big arms compared to the rest of you, definitely a strength. A good one to have too. Chicks dig big guns.” "I still can't believe it, Dude. I grew! I grew!" he keeps saying, trying not to draw a ton of attention to himself. "This is awesome. If it's working for me, it MUST be working for you too! Do you want me to measure your height too?" Tervor shifts a bit, clearly looking uncomfortable and conflicted. "It'll only take a minute... come on... this is exciting!!" Trevor shrugs and submits. Seth grabs and extends the tape measure, coming in closer to take his height. As he does, Trevor can't help but notice how much Seth seems to have closed that gap. The difference between 5ft8 and 5ft10.5 is noticeable, but an inch and a half really isn't. From a distance the two could look the same height! The thought causes the competitive trainer to shudder at the thought. He's always been bigger and taller than his roommate. "And it'll stay that way," he thinks to himself as he stands as straight as you can. The wait for Seth to declare the number feels like hours. Finally, he speaks. "Five Ten, Trev. Still." Seth pauses and watches for Trevor's reaction. He seems deflated momentarily before regaining composure. Seth attempts to reassure him. "Maybe it works different on people depending on their growth stage... I'm sure your growth will come soon!!" Seth says, slapping his back, "Hell, you've made great gains in the gym so something is happening!" Trevor seems to take this to heart, but Seth can tell he isn't completely convinced. Even so, while Seth is jubilant about his growth, he keeps it to myself to not offend his roommate. "Hey Trev, how about you have Brooke come over? I can cook us dinner tonight. I'm starved!!" he says as they grab their bags and head for the door. On the way back to their condo Trevor is obviously dejected but does his best to hide it. He can't believe that Seth is only about an inch shorter than him. And what happened to 5'10 and a HALF? Seth must've missed that last ½ inch, he tells himself. Still, it hurts not feeling as big. With the overall presence of his ripped muscles on his frame Trevor always felt like he towered over his smaller roommate. Not so much anymore. That night Brooke comes over as Seth is whipping up a feast in the kitchen. Having listened to Trevor go on an on about how important a big diet is for big muscles, Seth knew a big nutritious meal would cheer his friend up, let alone sate his own growing hunger. By now the two are well into the second semester of the school year. Everyone is deep into their studies neither had seen Brooke in about three weeks. When she comes in Trevor is stunned at how gorgeous she looks, even more beautiful than he remembered. He felt a stirring in his crotch as his girlfriend made her entrance. The FaceTime chats that they had been relegated to just didn't do her justice. She comes in wearing heels and is almost as tall as Seth! Trevor remembered her being about three inches shorter than Seth when he first introduced her. He now realizes she must be about 5'7 now! Seth too was stunned, noting how tall and sleek she looked. He recalled how Trevor told him he gave her the shot too and it seemed it was working on her too, maybe even more so than Seth! "Hey boys!", she said as she entered. “Hey babe! Damn, I've missed you. You are smokin'!” She goes over to her boyfriend gave him a kiss. Seth notices that Trevor didn't have to bend over like he used to, or at all to kiss her on the lips. She looks over at her boyfriend's roomie. "Hey Seth! You are looking good! I can tell you've been hitting the gym. Trevor said you'd been lifting with him lately. I can see that you've put on some muscle. You're going to have to move up size large, that medium shirt is looking a little tight! Trev, Babe, you must be a fantastic trainer!" The trio have a great evening catching up with each other and enjoying the grilled Caribbean chicken dish that Seth prepared. That night, after the friends retire to their rooms, Trevor goes to town fucking Brooke. All night long he had been staring at his girl full of lust. She just looked so fit and healthy. She was always fit, but she seemed to be on a another level tonight. Maybe it was the longer legs. He also couldn't deny that he was in much need of some release due to the frustration that he seemingly wasn't growing nearly fast enough. * Over the next few weeks, Seth is like a demon in the gym, pushing himself harder and harder and harder. Trevor watches and celebrates his gains, proud that his training techniques are working so effectively. And yet jealously, he see's his buddy making gains so quickly. While Seth started out benching 135, he's now pushing 185 for the same number of reps easily. It's an astounding change. And his shirts keep getting tighter and tighter, to the point now that he's started borrowing old shirts from Trevor! Trevor shakes his head, barely believing that his supposed small roommate needed them now. The duo keep pushing themselves in the gym, even during finals. They can hardly believe that the semester is almost over. It's even harder to believe that two are both getting summer jobs, though Trevor's will be out of state. "Sucks I won't be able to train with you for a couple of months, Trev... it's really been awesome. I've never been so buff in my life." Trevor has recently noticed that Seth's voice has gotten deeper over the last few weeks. Luckily, though, Seth hasn't seemed to have caught him in height. It's something they both have been watching for out of the corners of their eyes. During their last lift together for the school year Seth points to his notebook in Trevor's bag. "Maybe we should take stats again so that I can keep track of the progress myself?" “Erm...yeah man. Of course. Let's see how much mass you've put on, bro!” he says, purposely not mentioning height. The two head to the locker room and strip to their skivvies. Trevor notes how's Seth's body has developed so much that he's not too far behind himself, a thought that worries him. Seth steps on the scale first. The two watch it, with widening eyes, as it swings to 175 pounds. Seth's face brightens excitedly. "Dude... that's another 15 pounds in five weeks. NO WONDER none of my clothes fit!!! Oh wow I could tell I was getting some muscles when I look in the mirror, but this is awesome! Ok, let's take my other measurements. Bro, you are an awesome trainer!" The two high five and Trevor grabs the tape and steps up to Trevor. “Ok. Arms...16 and a quarter”. Woah dude. You are still rocking those huge guns, damn! And they are so defined, crazy, man.” Seth flexes his arm and Trevor watches, stunned, as the ball of muscle leaps into relief. It isn't huge, but a big, solid, undeniable lump of muscle bulges. It is the first time he has seen his roommate flex in any way. “Holy shit, Seth. Your peaks is sweet. Geezus. Ok, let's get the rest. Chest is...41”. Big gain of over two inches, wow. Waist is still 31”, so you're not getting fatter. It seems to be all muscle, dude! Legs...now 23”. Calves...another inch at 15. Those are some studly gains, dude! You're beginner gains won't quit!” “Thanks Trevor, I owe a ton of it to you bro!” “Any time, roomie! Ok move out the way so I can check my weight.” “Hey Trev, can you take my height?” “Erm...um yeah I suppose. You think you are still growing?” “I think so. I hope so.” It's the moment Trevor been dreading. Seth steps against the wall, standing as straight as he can. The anticipation is killing him. He WANTS to be bigger. HE WANT to be taller, even if it seems like he hasn't quite matched Trevor yet. Trevor measures him once... then again... and again. "Dude, what's up?" Seth asks. Trevor grins at him. Internally, Seth worries that he's hasn't grown anymore. Then shares the news. "You are five-ten now!" Now Seth understands the grin on Trevor's face. If he's 5ft10, that means... "Dude! Trevor, you must have grown TOO!!" The two high five, both ecstatic at each others' growth. "I told you, Trevor! It was only a matter of time!!" Trevor looks thrilled, FINALLY this drug was WORKING. Seth steps aside and readies his measurements without a word. It's clear he wants to know. He NEEDS to know. Seth first takes his weight, "200 pounds! Swole man, damn!!" And then he measures his height. "Almost 6ft, dude! You are nearly there!!!" * Trevor is so excited he could almost cry. He bear hugs Seth and lifts him off the ground, taking note of how newly solid and heavy Seth now feels. "Hell yeah buddy! We've both put on about an inch!” He sets his friend down. “But wait, you said 'almost 6 ft'. What was it really?” "Oh,...um...it was right at 5ft11.5. Maybe just a hair under.” Trevor's smile slightly wanes but he certainly can't be disappointed after the last measurement turned up no discernible growth. "But still, Seth, that's just about an inch of growth. I am totally going to hit 6 ft, I just know it!" “Hell yeah man, and maybe I can at least get to 'almost 6 ft' like you said, haha. Starting out at 5'8” I'd be more than happy being 'almost 6 ft'!” “I guess you were right, Seth. It does affect everyone a bit different. I mean, Brooke actually grew the fastest out of all us so far, she's put on like two and half inches.” “Sorta makes sense, I remember back in Junior High that the girls often grew faster at first compared to the boys. But yeah, man, it's working for Brooke though. She looks extra hot lately. Hope you don't mind me sayin'.” “Haha. No prob, dude. You can look, just don't touch!” The two laugh and high five again. Even though Trevor discovered that he is just slightly shorter than what Seth had originally let on, he is still joyous. His confidence that he always remain the bigger roommate returns. That night after the measurements Trevor meets up with Brooke for their last night together before they break from summer. Like him, she will also be away for the summer so they plan a last special night together. After eating at their favorite restaurant the two head home for some intimate time. Back at Trevor's condo, his excitement in the bedroom is palpable and spills over into his performance. “Woah there, tiger. What's gotten into you? I like it, stud.” Brooke asks, pleased at the sensations he is giving her. Brooke is also looking taller and more voluptuous than ever, further revving up the horny college stud. He proceeds to give her a heavy dicking from all the excitement at finally growing and making some noticeable muscle gains. He relays the news to Brooke and in the middle of their fucking she wants to be measured too. Trevor excitedly obeys and measure her now at 5 ft 8.5! He thinks to himself how his girlfriend is becoming quite the vixen before the two return to the bed for another round. The two, both enhanced and excited by the results of the Elongro, are able to go longer than they ever had before. The couple drift asleep in each other arms, Trevor dreaming of growing stronger, more muscular and taller than he could've ever imagined. To Be Continued... Jump to Part 2: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/16655-elongro/?do=findComment&comment=207069
  18. **Note from Author: hey everyone, this is my first ever story on the forum, so be easy on me. I’m heavily inspired by @dredlifter’s hot stories, and I wished there was more content like his, so I decided to start something. Let me know what you think!** “Colton!!” My friend Shawn barrels down the hall, hugging me tight. I had just finished moving my stuff back into my dorm room for my Sophomore year at college, and I was very excited to be living on the same floor as all my best friends. I hadn’t seen them all summer, and to be honest, we weren’t very good at keeping up via text, but I knew we would be able to pick it right back up. “Hey Shawn!” I say, settling down from the hug. “How has your summer been?” “Great!” Shawn says, running his tan fingers through his blonde hair, which has grown out a little bit longer from what I remembered. “I have been skateboarding a lot this summer, and just spending a lot of time exploring the city. You’ll never guess what I..” At that point, our friend, and Shawn’s roommate, James comes out of the floor elevator, arms full of stuff and yells over at us. We run over and start helping him out. We head down to his car, and realize he has at least 4 more loads to bring up, even with all of us helping. “James, I didn’t realize you had so much shit!” I say, lugging a oscillating fan over my shoulder. “Whatever,” James snarks, “You’re young, and you guys are in shape, you can do a few loads.” “In shape” might have been somewhat of an overstatement. I’m about 6 feet tall, 190ish pounds, some of it is muscle, but I definitely like to eat a little more than I like to go to the gym. Shawn and James are about the same height as well, but they’re quite a bit skinnier than me, at about 155 pounds. I was always jealous of their metabolism, but I am proud of the few muscles I have that they would never be able to have. “Yeah, this isn’t gonna be a big deal.” Shawn says, grabbing one of the bigger suitcases and carrying it back towards the dorm. I never really thought Shawn could carry something that heavy, but I’m glad to not have to carry that up later. After a couple trips, we’re pretty sweaty, covered in August sweat, with a few more trips to go. James whips off his shirt, revealing his slender body, and Shawn and I follow suit, although I am always somewhat hesitant to strip, as I’m a little uncomfortable with my extra fluff. I look over at Shawn, and he’s tan as hell and, although still thin, has the ridges or abs and the start of some pecs and biceps balling up as he moves around. “Damn Shawn, you been eating like crazy this summer?!” James notes. “Something like that!” Shawn says, dismissively, as he jokingly flexes at us, his newly existent biceps popping up. He grabs a bottle of water, and I look at Shawn directly for the first time since we have gotten back. Is he a little taller than me? I mean, we’re 20, so he might’ve had some puberty left in him. I hope I’ve got that coming up soon too... He looks good. I guess I’ve always thought he looks good. His blonde hair, his smooth, thin body, and his pretty big dick, which I’ve seen in the dorm showers quite a few times. He’s not shy. Maybe I’m just more self conscious than my friends... I only recently have come to grips with the fact that I am gay. You’d think I would know that, what with all the gay porn I’ve watched since I was a kid, but it took a lot of therapy to undo the religious guilt I felt. I know Shawn isn’t gay, because he’s pretty obsessed with this girl Izzy from his Bio class last semester, and he’s not afraid to share all the details with us. I haven’t told Shawn and James that I’m gay yet, it felt weird to text them over the summer, but I plan to soon. Maybe later this week. Before school ramps up, for sure. We finally finish unloading all of James’ stuff, and we chill in their room for a little while, just catching up about our summers. “I mostly just worked,” James shares. “My dad’s bakery has been booming, and I needed the cash. I’ve gotten pretty good at baking though! Too bad we have to live in the dorms for two years here.. I guess I may not be able to maintain my skills!” “I bet we could bake at Izzy’s place!” Shawn says. We look over at him, surprised. “Oh, haha, I guess I forgot to text y’all, I had my internship here over the summer, and she was actually one of the other interns. We got to talking, and we’ve now been dating for a few months now!” “Congrats man!” I say, crossing my legs, trying not to plump up think of Shawn’s now-wiry body pulsing next to Izzy, “She lives close?” “Yeah, just across the street. You’ll probably have the room to yourself quite a bit, James.” Shawn laughs, and nudges James, winking. We roll our eyes, and James asks, “It is too bad Alex has to drop out over the summer. Do you know who your new roommate is?” I had been planning to room with our friend Alex this year, but a few weeks ago his Mom passed away, and he had to take a gap year. I had hoped nobody else would sign up for my room, but a few days ago someone named Kyle showed up on the housing website. I tried looking him up on social media, but all he had was a Facebook account that hasn’t been updated in 4 years. The profile picture wasn’t even a picture of him, just some artwork from a video game I didn’t recognize. “I don’t know him, but his name is Kyle!” I say. “He seems like a nerd, so we will probably get along, I hope.” “Oh cool. ” James says, “I’m surprised we haven’t seen him moving in yet!” “Yeah, but we have been in here a little while. You guys want to head back to my room with me, and see if he’s in there?” “I’m actually gonna shower up, and head over to Izzy’s place.” Shawn says, “I want to have some ‘quality time’ before we start feeling the stress of the semester. She had something she wanted to give me too, but she said it was a secret.” “Huh.” I say, “You will have to keep us in the loop. What about you James, you in to meet my roommate?” “Nah, I’m pretty pooped. I think I’m gonna crash for the night. I’ll meet him tomorrow!” “No worries. Probably better to not swarm him all at once anyways.” I head out of their room, and head across the hall to my room, the door propped open. I look in, and on the other wall of our room is a giant pride flag, with the correlating desk covered in Drag race stickers, pride kitsch, all the works. “I guess Kyle’s gay too,” I think to myself. I hope he’s hot. Or maybe I don’t. I’m still figuring out myself as a gay guy. Even if he was hot, available, and wanted to fuck his roommate, I wasn’t sure if I was ready. I piddle around the room, setting up my desk just the way I want, anxious to meet my roommate. After about 20 minutes, the door creaks open more, and a little guy, wrapped in a towel, furry chest on display, comes in. “Oh hey! You must be Colton!” He says, “I’m Kyle! Nice to meet you. Sorry I’m just hopping out of the shower. I have been moving in for the past little while!” “Nice to meet you too Kyle!” I stand up, walking over to shake his hand. As I walk over, I realize just how short he is, his eyes about on level with my collar bones. After I shake his hand, and we chit chat for a bit he starts getting dressed, changing locker room style, keeping the towel on even after putting on shorts. He’s a shy little cutie, but not really my type. I’m relieved. I think we’ll get along, and it will be good to have another gay guy around as I work on coming out to everyone. It’s a small school, so I haven’t known any other out gay men. Not that I have been looking, before now. After we settle in, he starts playing league of legends on his computer, headphones on, and I start playing the FFVII remake I tried to finish before school started. Just as I’m getting in the groove, there’s a knock on my door. “Come in.” Kyle shouts at the door, not looking up from his game. “Hey!” Shawn peeks in, “I’m Shawn, one of Colton’s friends. I live right down the hall. I just wanted to swing in to see if Colton wanted to come workout with me in the morning, before classes start.” “Workout?! Since when?” I say. “Just a few weeks ago,” Shawn says, blushing. “Izzy was telling me that she likes her men buff, so I’m trying to fulfill the fantasy.” “Ah! That’s why you look the way you do. I’m in, having some accountability should help me stay to a regimen. What time?” “Pretty early, like 6?” “Yeah, sounds good.” I reply. At this point, Kyle pulls his headphones down and looks over, “do y’all mind if I tag along? I just transferred, and I don’t really know anybody.” “Yeah, totally.” Shawn replies. “Our friend James might eventually join us too, but when I asked him, he looked at me like a maniac. His loss, when the three of us are jacked, he’ll be struggling to keep up!” I find myself crossing my legs once again at the thought of a jacked Shawn, but I laugh, and tell him to have a good time with Izzy. As Shawn heads out, Kyle wraps up his game, and pulls his headphones off and looks over at me. “I don’t mean to butt in, I hope I’m not crashing the party by asking to come along to the gym!” “No way,” I say, adamantly shaking my head. “Why would you even say that?” “I just don’t mean to.. intrude.” He pauses, “I know how it feels to have interrupted time with a crush.” “A crush?” I ask. “Oh!” Kyle asks, “I guess I misread the situation. I just felt some chemistry between you two.” “Well, to be honest, you’re not wrong.” I admit. “I have had a little bit of a crush on him, but I only recently even realized I was gay. I planned to come out to my friends tonight, but it just didn’t happen. I don’t think they’d care, but they’re also somewhat aloof. How’d you know?” “Call it men’s intuition,” he says. “You’re cute. You should be more confident. I mean, he seems straight, so maybe a confident crush on someone else?” “Haha, thanks for the advice, gay oracle.” I joke. “I’m just telling it like I see it. Do you know if there are any cute guys that will be at the gym tomorrow?” “Not sure, I never really go to the campus gym in the mornings. I’m more of an evening workout guy.” “Well, I’ll dress up, just in case.” And with that, Kyle puts his headphones back on and starts up another game. I grab a seltzer out of my fridge, play a little more of my game, and start wrapping up for bed. I’m wiped from the day, and end up turning in for the night pretty quickly. I fall asleep fast, not even disturbed by the clicking of the mouse echoing from Kyle’s rig, which would usually keep me up. I wake up around 5:45 to my alarm, and see Kyle already up and ready, stretching in some tight little shorts and XS JJ Malibu tank, showing off his tight butt, and surprisingly wide back. “Oh hey!” He says, seeing me get up and changed pretty quickly. “Do you want to head over to Shawn’s room, or meet him there?” “Let’s head across the hall. I’m about ready.” I say, slipping on an old t shirt, while brushing my teeth. I leave the room, Kyle following behind, and we head to Shawn and James’ room. I jiggle the handle, the door unlocked like usual, and there was Shawn, ready to go, in a shirt that looks just a little too tight on him, mixing something into a cup. “Hey guys,” he says, keeping his voice low to not wake up his roommate. “Izzy gave me some protein powder last night that her dad’s company makes. Do you want some?” “Nah,” I say. I always feel like my metabolism can’t keep up with the extra calories, I do my best to keep from gaining weight. Maybe protein would help, but I have just never felt comfortable with it. “I wouldn’t mind some!” Kyle pipes up, “I wouldn’t mind bulking up a bit. Maybe I can make up for my height with some more width!” Shawn whips up a water bottle for Kyle, and we head down the stairs and towards the campus gym. A perk of such a small campus is just how easy it is to walk everywhere. We get to the gym and head to the weight area. Shawn and Kyle look a little lost, I know Shawn has never stepped foot in this gym, and Kyle is probably looking at the early morning gym bros. They’re there en masse, the gym is much more crowded than I thought it would be. At least there’s views, and I look over at Kyle, who raises his eyebrows at me, gesturing at all the buff men, giving me a big thumbs up. I gesture over to the dumbbell rack, and start warming up with some 25 pounders. Shawn comes up next to me and warms up with some 10 pounders, and Kyle heads straight to the squat rack. I quickly move up to my max, this summer I was able to curl the 40s for reps, which I have been pretty proud of. I was surprised to see Shawn not far behind, curling the 30s with quite a bit of fervor. I go through my workout like usual, and Shawn follows behind me, obviously copying my workout. I don’t mind, and it feels good to be lifting more than him. Although, not as much more as I thought I would be. He’s only about 10-20 pounds behind me in most lifts. He must’ve really gone for it over the summer, getting those beginner gains before we got here. I look over at Kyle, and he’s talking to a few other guys at the squat rack, his shorts riding dangerously high on his ass, while a few others around him look on. He’s a bottom on a mission, and he’s letting the whole gym know. After about 45 minutes we wrap up with some stretches. Kyle starts talking to Shawn, “that’s the best I’ve ever felt during a workout. That protein powder was great!” “Yeah, Izzy said that it’s a new experimental protein. I didn’t really understand everything she was saying, but it has some preworkout components to it, so it just jazzes you up.” “I definitely feel ‘jazzed up’, but I thought it was just the men in there!” Kyle says, laughing. I laugh too, but I take a quick glimpse at his shorts, noticing he’s sporting a noticeable semi, as is Shawn. Welp, look at that, so am I now. We head down to the showers, and Shawn strips naked immediately. He looks great, his pump making him look even bigger than he did yesterday, and... do I find myself looking up into his eyes? I mean, I guess I noticed that he grew yesterday, but it’s even more noticeable now. I try not to look down, but there I go anyways, and I see his dick, still somewhat hard, looking as great as ever. I quickly head over to a shower stall and lock it, hoping I didn’t stare too much, or my erection was too noticeable. Him and Kyle follow shortly behind, taking the stalls to my left and right. The water starts flowing, and I get in and out. As I walk back to my locker, I notice that Shawn didn’t quite close the stall door all the way, and he’s straight up jerking off in the stall. He’s playing with his nipple while he leans against the wall, and looks like he is in pure ecstasy. Filing that away for later. I change, and, not wanting to wait around too long, head back to my room on my own. About 20 minutes later I hear some laughter coming down the hallway, and Kyle joins me in the room. “Hey Colton! Where did you go?!” “Oh, I just didn’t want to wait around for y’all. I take quick showers.” “Yeah, sorry about that. I usually do too, but I was just so horny, I ended up jerking off in the shower! It’s like I had to!! I have never felt that way before. I’m telling you, Colton, that protein powder is something else. I feel great too!! I mean, look at me! This is the best I have ever looked!” With that, Kyle flexed his arms, and he looks notably more muscular than he did this morning. I must not have been paying attention. I mean, his gym clothes are VERY tight. It is strange that both of them were jerking off in the showers, though. Must be some horny goat’s weed in that experimental mixture too. I may have to give it a go the next time we head to the gym.... To be continued!
  19. Hey guys, this story has been in my head for a while, and I thought I'd finally write it down. To be honest, the finished product isn't what I wanted it to be, but I sincerely would welcome your critiques, because I hope to write more chapters. Prologue: The Closet "Don't tell me you've never heard of The Giant before?" Jake asked his girlfriend. She shrugged, and Jake threw his arms up, as if giving up. Clyde sipped his water quietly, but Gerald would have none of it. He took out his phone and got onto Youtube immediately, searching for "King Matt", which in its heyday was the most watched video on Youtube. "Here, watch this," he said, offering Gina his phone. The boys had all seen this several times before, but nonetheless, they leaned in to watch. This seemed to be the shorter version of the whole video, but it opened with the picture shaking terribly, as the holder of the video camera was terrified at the sight of a naked bodybuilder's likeness growing and filling the night sky, up past the tallest building, and then double its height. Lights shown up from helicopters and skylights from buildings to reveal the most massive and perfect muscles and a square=jawed man with a five o'clock shadow, looking very tired. The giant man looked down at the city, seeming to be taking in his new surroundings, and the video maker behind the camera babbled, "It looks like he's on the edge of town...is he coming this way?" The giant man's eyes locked on the fighter jets heading his way, but he was impossibly big; he had to be at least a thousand feet tall, if not more, so when they reached his enormous pecs to fire, they saw that their bullets had no effect at all. They scattered, and the giant simply stood there, and crossed his mighty arms across his chest, puffing it out all the more and looking even more intimidating, but didn't even budge his legs. The video caught sight of tanks rolling toward the giant, and minutes later, there were loud explosions and some evidence of light coming from them, aimed at the giant's legs, but still he remained motionless. About fifteen minutes into the video, the giant cleared his throat, and it was perfectly heard throughout the city. "YOU CAN SEE THAT NOTHING CAN STOP ME," he stated matter-of-factly. "THE MOST I FELT WAS ITCHY WITH ALL THOSE TINY BULLETS REFLECTING OFF MY CHEST. I DEMAND AN AUDIENCE WITH THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. IF HE IS NOT PRESENTED SOON, I WILL GET HIM MYSELF." A sudden hush fell through the city, and minutes more of the giant standing his ground finally ended with him turning his torso toward the tallest building, but not approaching it. "MR. PRESIDENT, I AM SORRY IT HAS COME TO THIS," he started, obviously now speaking with him. "I KNOW IT IS HARD FOR YOU TO ACCEPT THAT ONE OF YOUR CITIZENS HAS MORE POWER THAN YOU EVER WILL, BUT I WANT TO OFFER AN OLIVE BRANCH, SO TO SPEAK. ALL I WANT IS MY SON BACK, AND FOR YOU TO LEAVE US ALONE. NO COMING AFTER HIM FOR RANSOM, NO COMING AFTER ME FOR EXPERIMENTING. IN EXCHANGE, I WILL USE MY POWER IN WHATEVER FASHION YOU NEED, EXCEPT MILITARILY." He looked down at his feet, his eyes beginning to well up with tears, and the videographer breathed easier, thinking this man was actually human and harmless. "I DO NOT WANT TO HURT ANYONE OR ANYTHING, BUT IF I DON'T HAVE MY SON, I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING ELSE TO LOSE." The President was clearly using a microphone to communicate with the giant, but still he had to lean in closer and cup his ear. "YES, I WILL SHRINK DOWN AND MEET WITH YOU. I WILL NOT BE UNDER ARREST, AND I WILL HAVE MY SON IN MY ARMS, HOWEVER, UNLESS YOU WANT THIS TO HAPPEN AGAIN." The video ended, and Gerald put his phone away. Jake turned to Gina and said, "See? And now, eighteen years later, his son decided to come here for college, and he came along. That's what all the notices around the city are for - telling people what to do when he does construction, or a rescue mission, or something like that." Gina thought for a moment, then said, "I guess I have heard of him, but I don't see the big deal. That video shows that he doesn't want to hurt anyone." "At any moment, he could crack," piped up Gerald. "And suddenly he'd stomp you flat, and you'd never have seen it coming. I hear he's responsible for killing his wife." "No, she just had complications when giving birth to their son," Clyde said quickly. "When they had sex for the first time when they were eighteen, he was just a normal guy who looked like you or me, but I guess that was the tipping point, telling his genes to modify his body into his now-normal size, a six-foot-four bodybuilder. Contrary to myth, he pulled out before growing inside her and tearing her vagina." Everyone stared blankly, and Clyde shrugged, sipping more water. "I know a lot about The Giant." Gina finally broke the silence with, "So he can grow anytime he wants? Isn't that kind of obscene? Or do his clothes grow with him?" "He hulks out if he's got clothes on, and there are videos of that too," Gerald said. "But when he and his son lived in DC, they had a warehouse they nicknamed 'The Closet' that housed his uniform, so to speak, when he grew to various sizes. If he's a hundred feet tall or shorter doing a job, they have jeans and a t-shirt for him, but anything larger, they just have various sizes of shorts for when he grows, because it's too expensive for anything else." He leaned over across the table and asked Jake, "I wonder if there's a new Closet here in town?" "There's gotta be," Jake replied. "On the roof back in DC, they had something LIKE a bat signal from Batman, along with an air raid siren, both to alert him to danger and to tell the public that if they don't want to see something obscene, they need to turn away for the time being. There has to be one here too." "I know where it is," Clyde said, and instantly regretted it, as everyone turned to him and asked, "Where?" as if it was the most important thing to know. "It's, uh, a little bit outside of the city. So he can grow without crushing anything, you know." Jake reached in his pocket and flung his keys on the table at Clyde. "You drive. I've had too many anyway. Let's go see." Clyde scratched his ear nervously, grabbed the keys, and as everyone was getting up, he said, "There's military posted there 24/7. We can't get in." "But we can get close. Come on!" Jake said, putting Gina's coat on for her. They walked out together, and Clyde checked his phone and sighed in relief. He'd gotten the text message he'd been waiting for all day about an hour ago. Now he could go have fun. While driving, they were still obsessed with chatting about The Giant. "Wikipedia says his son's name is Clyde - hey, Clyde, are you his son?" Gerald was literally holding his breath for a response, and the other two gasped, wide-eyed. Clyde shrugged as he drove and said, "My last name is Masterson, not Hahn." With that, all of them stopped staring at him, reassured. "The biggest The Giant's ever gotten was two thousand feet tall," Gerald said, still looking up facts on his phone. "He had gone searching for a lost Brititsh ship in the ocean, and when he saw it was on its side, he grew to turn it upright." Jake whistled in admiration. "What a beast," he said. "That's admirable," Gina stated, and Jake excitedly added, "He does stuff like that all the time. His treaty with the government was that they'd pay for whatever him and his son need, and in exchange, he's been working his butt off for the country. He's flown off everywhere, for construction, demolition, rescues, military training --" "-- and one porno," Gerald interrupted. Clyde stopped the car faster than he expected to at the stop sign, but Gina ignored it, and asked, "A PORNO? Gross." "It was a movie about a giant," Clyde said, driving on. Gerald shrugged and said, "Might as well have been a porno. With all those love scenes and his shirt off all the time. Plus, it seemed like the director really liked his package." "Oh yeah, did he ever remarry?" Gina asked as they parked the car just outside the installation. Gerald looked at his phone, and replied, "No, it doesn't look like it. It DOES say that he has a giant sex drive, though, and every time he masterbates, he has to go to an underground facility, because he can't help but grow when he does. And apparently if he doesn't masterbate every week, he can't control his growth." They started dying of laughter, but Clyde, who did not find it funny, only kept up a chuckle as they got out of the car. "I bet it's underneath the Closet," Jake suggested. "Maybe he's doing it right now." "I think we'd hear the grunts of a giant, even above ground," Gerald said. They got to the fence, which had the normal KEEP OUT signs everywhere, and Clyde said, "Well, this is it. The Closet. Up on the roof is the siren," he pointed quickly. "Maybe we should go. If there are that many lights on in the building, it might mean that he's here." "Maybe we can meet him!" Gerald exclaimed excitedly, and looked back at his phone. "Wait - it says here his wife's name was Erika...Masterson." He looked up from his phone, and they all dramatically turned their heads to Clyde, whose face was slowly turning red, and then quickly turned a shade of white, seeing something behind Gerald. He didn't know how, but Matt Hahn was quiet when he walked, even when he grew to proportions like now, at nine feet tall, wearing Army fatigue pants and a tan T-shirt tucked into them that hardly contained his massive muscles, and when he crossed his arms across his chest, Clyde thought he heard a rip somewhere. The giant looked down and said, "Hello, son," in a deep, manly voice. "What are you doing out here?" Gerald, Jake, and Gina were all frozen in fear, all within the shadow of Clyde's dad. Clyde sighed, taking his phone out of his pocket and showed his dad briefly the text he'd gotten, saying, "I got the text you sent saying you'd made it home safe from fixing the trains about an hour ago, so I assumed you wouldn't be out here anymore." Matt sighed, and said, "You three can relax," and he uncrossed his arms, hoping to seem less menacing, but it didn't help. The three of them turned around and looked up at Clyde's dad. He was blocking the light coming from the building, seeming both angelic in the light and demonic in his size. Gerald gulped and said, "We're friends of Clyde's from school." Matt nodded. "What are your names? I assume you know I'm Matt Hahn, but you can call me Matt." After introducing their names respectively, Matt took their small hands and enveloped them in his massive shovel of a hand, but very gently shook them, except for Gina, for whom he bent over and kissed her hand. Standing back up, he shrugged and said, "Well, if you're here anyway, how about a tour?" Jake and Gerald nodded vigorously, grateful for the opportunity to meet their idol. "Okay, just hang on a few minutes for me to go shrink and get other clothes on." As he turned to leave, Gerald said, "Could you stay the way you are? It's not every day you meet a giant." Matt chuckled, and with a quick glance to Clyde, who nodded, he also nodded in agreement. "Follow me, then," he said, turning again, and taking short, easy steps toward the entrance, and they all followed, noting his bulk was forcing him to walk in a strut, although he didn't mean to. Through the gate and the gate guard, they came inside to a common area with a few couches, a kitchenette with coffee brewing for the guards and a refrigerator. All along the walls were framed thank you notes from various people and companies Matt had saved. Through another door they came into the main warehouse area, which smelled inevitably of man musk, as they saw a football field-long concrete room with several layers of fabric stretched across the room, with different sizes getting smaller as they stacked, into about a pyramid shape. "This is the Closet, as they call it," Matt turned around to say as he walked them around the large room. "When I grow, the signal above the common room alerts people to avert their eyes, and I do my best to quickly get the roof open and pull out the appropriate size." "You rip the roof off every time?" Jake asked, amazed. Matt snorted. "No, I detach it with latches and then lift it off and set it aside." He pointed up, and they could see several latches around the ceiling. As they walked, they passed by several small closets, with various gear but mostly clothing of all sizes, but nothing below 3XL, as even small, he was not a small man. They got to the other side of the warehouse, and Gerald began asking burning questions. "How does it feel to be so big?" Matt's face contorted to show humility, but he said, "Honestly, the bigger I am, the better I feel. It's unfortunate not everyone can know how awesome it feels to hold a US Navy destroyer in their hands and set it upright, or to stop hurricanes with your back." All of their hearts skipped a beat. "You stop hurricanes with your back?" He looked around again and nodded. "Grow to be about a thousand feet tall, and then, yeah, I lay down just along the beach. My wide lats catch the worst of the storm, enough for people to evacuate. One time I saw the hurricane was going to be so bad that I got approval to uproot the hotels along the beach and relocate them a few miles away." "Have you ever accidentally stepped on anyone?" "No, I work with local authorities who evacuate everyone." With regret, he went on. "Once in a while, I get a little careless, and my bulk damages buildings as I walk by, or I step on cars, but after I deal with whatever crisis there is at the time, I go back and fix it myself." Just then, a soldier came running up to them and saluted Matt, who returned it. "Sir, the dam just called and said that there's a serious leak threatening to burst it open." Matt instantly pulled off his shirt, ripping it more in his hurried state, and revealed a bodybuilder's physique magnified by about three times. He started undoing his pants and yelled, "Clyde, get them in the main room." Clyde nodded and had to drag Jake and Gerald away and started them running back to the common area. As he did so, a light came on that indicated the siren was about to sound, so Clyde quickly grabbed some ear protection along the side of the room and handed it to each of them as they got back to the room. The siren sounded, and Clyde waited a few moments for his dad to grow. "Take a peek out the door," he said, giving in to their admiration as he was used to doing. "You'll see how he undoes the roof. Don't worry - for a dam, you shouldn't have to see anything you don't want to see," he added in case they were worried. They opened the door in time to see giant fingers working along the walls and the ceiling. The roof was lifted and put aside to reveal Matt Hahn again, but this time he had to be at least five hundred feet tall, but crouched, and he reached in the warehouse, grabbing one of the black shorts toward the middle of the pile. He carefully took it out without unfolding the others, but they saw as he stood to full height, revealing a dick that rivaled buildings' height. He quickly stepped into the pantslegs, however, and brought the shorts up. They could see that even though they fit, they were akin to compression shorts - his ass cheeks were clearly defined in the back, and the bulge left little to the imagination in the front. He began walking slowly away from the Closet, each step sending a tremor. When he was out of sight, and the tremors died down, they noticed the siren was now off, so they took off their ear protection, and flipped on the tv to watch the news. It read BREAKING NEWS - DAM TROUBLE. The anchorwoman was relaying the story. "We just heard the siren, and now we have footage of The Giant making his way to the dam." The picture showed Matt, at five hundred feet tall, with helicopters all around illuminating the ground for him to avoid stepping on anything. "This is the first time The Giant has had a mission here, so as a reminder to viewers, even though he is taking light steps away from the city, take caution of tremors causing things to fall, and stay out of his way. In addition, with the dam being damaged..." The report went on, but Gerald looked wide-eyed at the others and said, "He's avoiding the roads, so why don't we drive over and watch him at work?" Clyde shook his head. "The police will have blocked off the roads to avoid just that." "So let's get as close as possible and then walk it," Jake suggested. Clyde sighed, knowing he wouldn't be able to convince them otherwise. They got out into the car, and started driving toward the dam. Clyde knew the police would block as little road as possible to allow for freer travel, so he brought them to just about before where he thought they'd block the road, and they parked on the side of the road. Getting out, they dashed into the forest. After a few minutes of rushing, Jake, the fastest, suddenly stopped, and when the others joined, they saw why - looking around the clearing, there were trees that were in shambles and splinters now, and the clearing was awfully level and uniform to be normal. Looking around, they realized they were in The Giant's footprint. "Cool," Gerald whistled, and Clyde rolled his eyes. Jake began sprinting again, this time following the footprints, and they followed. About twenty minutes later, they heard loud grunts, obviously from Matt, and they came to the edge of the forest on a cliff overlooking the dam. Matt was taking preventative measures first, as there was only slight indications of water leaking out of the dam for now - he was bulldozing mud from down the river up into a large mound, and creating a bowl to give himself time. Now finished, he noticed more cracks forming in the dam, so he crawled up and over the mound he'd made, and grabbed one of about ten trucks containing concrete that was alongside the bank, and after looking into the driver's seat to make sure there wasn't anybody inside, he squeezed the truck like a tube of toothpaste to make the concrete fall on his hand, and he began rubbing it along the dam wall, as if making a painting. After a few more trucks and more applied concrete, he was reasonably certain he'd fixed it, so he took his non-concrete hand up and over to one of the stations next to the dam, where a worker gave a thumbs-up, and Matt slowly lowered his hand, to allow the worker to climb on top and roll to the middle of the palm. Secured, Matt moved slowly to where he'd put the concrete, and moved slowly along every part of the wall, making adjustments up, down, or side to side as the worker directed. After a while, the worker turned to look up at Matt and gave another thumbs up, and Matt dorkily used his concrete hand to return it. He replaced his palm next to the station, where the worker got off, and Matt saluted down to him. He turned around, and began replacing the mud to make the river smooth again, and after another ten minutes, it looked good as new. He stood up to full height, sweat pouring and creating quite the tiny stream down below itself, and it was then that he took notice of the four tiny people on the ledge. "Uh oh," Clyde gasped. They looked at him, and he said, "He doesn't like it when I get near him when he grows normally. Says it's hard to see me, and he doesn't want something to happen." They looked back, and Matt was sauntering over to them. In a few steps, they looked up toward his face, as the bottom of his pecs were level with the cliff they were on. He looked menacingly over the mountains that were his pecs and leaned over slightly for them to see his stern face better. It looked for a second like he was going to get angry, as blood was pumping the veins in his great neck wider into pipes, but he turned his face away from them to sigh, presumably to not blow them over, and turned back, took a couple steps away, and put his hands on his hips, looking like a giant Superman. "DID YOU ENJOY THE SHOW?" his voice echoed. Gerald yelled in appreciation, and Clyde got red. "WELL, I ASSUME YOU WALKED HERE. NEED A RIDE BACK?" They all yelled yes, and he smiled, presenting his palm next to the cliff. Clyde was the last to get on, but also the most graceful, as he'd done this a couple times before, and when they were securely in his palm, he waved back at the dam, and took off back toward the Closet. It took him only a few minutes to get back to their car, where he began to bend down, but Gerald yelled, "Sir! Would you actually take us the whole way and the car too?" Matt smiled, and nodded. He carefully pinched the car between his fingers, and placed it securely on the shelf of his pec - he didn't want a vehicle rolling on the curvatures of his palm toward his son and his friends, and he couldn't use his palm with his son in it to move the car gently to the center of the other palm. A few minutes more, and they were back at the Closet. He carefully lifted the car from his pec and back on the ground, and then put his palm with his son next to it. They clamored off, and looked as Matt stood back to full height. They were hardly as tall as his foot, and he looked like the paragon of male perfection. "GET INSIDE," he said. Clyde gave them a knowing look, and they went back. They felt a few tremors, presumably of Matt slipping the shorts off, and then heard the roof returned moments later. Matt came in the front door, only his normal height of 6'4, dressed in sweat pants only. Seeing the three amazed faces, he took a bow. "Don't ask me how physics works with me, but this concrete is going to be a bitch to get off my palm," he showed his big palm, and they chuckled as he strode over to the sink.
  20. A normal day would have a phenomenal ending for Tyler. Walking to work, suddenly he was struck by a viscous liquid, it dropped in him with the power of a waterfall, and it didn’t stop falling from the sky. The goo was hot and burnt his skin, causing him to suffer greatly. He screamed, but no one could listen to his pleas, quickly the sound of his voice got muffled by the primordial soup that was covering him. The more he tried to free himself, the more the goo glued to his body, he tried, but it made matters worse, until he fell on the floor and got immobilized by that thing. He thought he was going to die at any moment: the pain was excruciating, and yet, he didn’t. What’s more, he was still conscious. He kept feeling the pain, and yet he couldn’t move or scream anymore, he was powerless to prevent what happened next. The goo started to corrode his clothes, layer by layer. Feeling baffled by seeing his coat, his shirt, his pants, being reduced to ash, slowly but surely, he prayed that no one could see him in such a sorry state. Finally, his trousers were destroyed, and he was naked. And then, in free contact with his skin, the goo started another chain reaction, one that made him grow. The chemicals his body was infused in changed his composition step by step. He started to grow, his chest expanded and got more and more robust, dense, strong. His abdomen was flat before, now was starting to reveal itself more and more sculpted. As his skin kept on burning from the contact with the goo, his arms grew stronger, bigger, and so did his shoulders, that would slowly compete with space and prominence with his ever more powerful neck. His face hardened, his jaw was reformed, so were his eyes, that acquired a tough expression. His cock was awake, stimulated by the composite, and as he felt pain, he also felt an incredible pleasure. He was experimenting something indeed prodigious. He was being remodeled, his arms so veiny and thick, his skin being hardened by the formula, he could barely see beyond his strong pectorals now, when looking down, he couldn’t see the spectacle that were his abs, but he could see his cock, big as it was, dripping pre that was mixing itself with the solution. Tyler was changed, so much he wondered if he could still call himself Tyler, so muscular, so... powerful, was he even a human at this point? “Fuck, I’m huge” was the first thing he said when he could start moving again. His strength allowed him to awake, even if he was still covered in a cocoon of goo. He contorted several times, adjusting himself. Pain no more, was pure pleasure and raw male power, the goo, from an enemy, was now a dear friend, covering him like a blanket of power, that primordial soup was a soup indeed, providing him with nutrients to grow ever stronger. He forgot about his work entirely, the only thing he could think of was of how strong he was, how his muscles were hot, how he wanted to fuck. His deeply sensitive dick needed not many stimulus to arouse to its fullest, and yet the blanket was a whole new experience, he playfully shook his cock and ass, contorting, moving frenetically just to improve his momentum. He caressed his cock with his now muscular strong hands, moving his fingers in the head, growling and roaring in absolute bliss. As he roared, he noticed his voice deeper, like a growl of a monster that he now was. He was growing more and more conscious of the fact indeed he was a monster now, a creature of powerful muscles and raw primitive strength. He was not sure of his name, he could only vaguely remember his old life, his focus was on his body, his cock and the streams testosterone flowing inside him. At the end of this extraordinary process, the goo, now soaked with his seed, got absorbed by his body, making him grow even further, making his skin get a silver hue. This was his rebirth. Tyler no more.
  21. hero1000

    magic The Guardian

    The Guardian Nate and Chris came out of the gym. They walked to their car and hugged briefly. Nate's eyes sparkled as Chris kissed him. "Great work out" Nate kissed him back, "Yeah, can't wait til we get home" They started to get in the car, but a loud voice came from behind them, "Look a couple of fags!" Three scrawny boys with scruffy facial hair came from behind a van. The leader stepped up and said, "What a waste. Look at these freaks, Tony." He turned to his friends. Tony sniggered, "A couple of muscly gay ass shit. Who the hell would want all that muscle for..." The third one had his hands behind his back, but he spoke up, "Hey, Curtis, I bet that makes it easier to butt fuck." They all laughed like this was the funniest thing they had ever heard. Nate and Chris stood quietly taking the abuse. Curtis, the ring leader, finally spoke up, "You guys like this shit?" Nate muttered quietly under his breath. Curtis laughed again, "Hey mumbles. I'm talking to you." Nate spoke up, "You might want to stop now before it's too late." Curtis sneered, "Too late for what, faggot?" He turned to the third one, "Bobby, show em" Bobby pulled an aluminum baseball bat from behind his back and swung it menacingly. Chris moved back towards the car, "Hey, Nate, let's just get out of here." Bobby swung the bat at Nate and hit him in the knee. Nate dropped to the ground and mumbled again. A siren whooped in the parking lot and a cop car cruised by. Bobby quickly hid the bat. Tony said, "Man let's leave these two man-queers alone" He and Bobby started to walk away. Curtis waited, "I'll catch up. I have one more thing to do here." Chris was trying to help Nate to his feet. Curtis watched, leering. "We don't need faggy boys like you." Nate looked him in the eye, "Your fate is almost on you." "What are you talking about? You mumbling and all that gross ass muscle couldn't stop you from dropping to your knees." "Your fate is here." A bead of sweat trickled down Curtis' face. "Yea? Yea? What fate?" "You can still stop it, but you must leave right now" "I ain't having no sick muscle fag telling me what to..uhhh" Chris backed up, "Nate you didn't use it did you?" Nate just smiled. Curtis made a grimace as a strange sensation passed through him. Unbidden, images of sucking dicks and the thought of sucking another dick went through his head. He began to feel really odd. "You..you faggots...get..out of my....head...." He shook his head and strange lumps appeared under his t-shirt. It took a moment for him to realize those were his muscles and they were growing. His shirt and his jeans were getting tighter. His eyes widened in horror. "No...I don't want this ....gay....ugggg" Veins raced up his arms as they swelled and first the right sleeve then the left sleeve of the t shirt exploded from the massive biceps and triceps that bulged outward obscenely. "NOOOO! That's so gross! Stop! Stop! Stop!" With each repetition of the word "stop" his voice grew deeper and huskier. He shuddered and his eyes rolled back in his head. His chest swelled outwards and the front of the shirt stretched grotesquely then began to rip in multiple places as massive pectoral muscles made their bid for freedom. HIs crotch swelled out, and Curtis opened his eyes, but they appeared glazed and a spot of drool appeared on his lip. His back flared outwards pushing his arms to 90 degrees and causing the shirt to look like a rag hung from a collar that was stretching from a thickening neck. Traps rose up and bulged against the bullish neck and the collar, too, gave way. The shirt fluttered to the ground and deeper rips were heard. The sides of the jeans burst apart as legs like tree trunks grew out wards. Curtis staggered briefly adjusting his stance. Although he didn't get any taller, the 5'9" youth now weighed close to 400 pounds of muscle and had a foot long dick at full erection. Chris sighed and looked at Nate, 'Really? Let's get him in the car out of sight" The two went to help Curtis into the car, "In here big boy." Curtis muttered then said in his new bassy voice, "Can I suck your dick in here?" Nate smiled, 'Let's wait until we get back to your place." Several hours later, Curtis woke up naked in his bed back to his normal size and with horror remembered the things he had done with Nate and Chris. He jerked up right and saw Nate standing there smiling. "I tried to warn you, but you wouldn't listen. 'Live by the sword. Die by the sword.' as the good book says" Curtis shrank back, "I don't know what you are, but stay away from me. I'll leave you alone. Just don't ever do....that....to me again." He pointed at Nate's dick. "Awww, but a few hours ago you couldn't get enough of my snake" Curtis cringed. "Please, I'm sorry. Just go. I'll leave you alone." Nate waited a beat then said, "Oh. Wow...unfortunately, it doesn't work like that. You see, this is now your fate. Anytime you or your friends bully anyone. I mean anyone, gay, straight, girl, woman, animals, whatever. You will turn into...how did you put it?... a muscle fag....that's right. And you will defend the person being attacked. You see, you are sort of a Guardian now. Against your will, but it is your fate. And I did try to warn you. Have a nice night." Nate turned and left. He found Chris waiting in the car. Nate smiled at him. "I wasn't sure I wanted to do it, but since he....well, let's just say this is so well deserved." Chris shook his head, "I think you have unleashed a monster."
  22. Trio

    transformation Topher's Big Day

    Topher got lost in the forest of that odd planet, if he could call it that way, and was starting to get very concerned. Even if he was born in this foreign place, he never got used to its surroundings, to its miasma, and wanted to change that when decided to be a part of the corps of his colony. It turned out to be a bad idea, being at the bottom of the hierarchy, he was put in menial tasks. This was supposed to be his first true mission, to just explore the region, but things went terribly wrong, and there he was, lost. Had his armour, but nothing could shield him from hunger and the dangerous nature, he had to go home. He walked and walked, Not paying attention where he was stepping his foot on caused him to fall on a deep hole. It was fast, didn’t even have the time to think about it. At its bottom there was a lake, but not of water. It had a different name: Xenomass. Green and thick. His armour absorbed the impact, but his weight was too much for it to float on that piece of substance, even if it was thick. He sank into it. His despair was visible, as no human ever was exposed to the xenomass, and as the miasma, it was supposed to be toxic and deadly, it had no use to no one, and yet he was immersed in it, protected only by his armour. He was scared, but didn't scream, as he figured the armour would keep him safe. After a bit, he started to try to move his body, trying to reach the surface of the lake. Again, bad idea, the substance started to damage his equipment, to corrode it, and then layer by layer he was getting more vulnerable. Finally, it reached the last sheet before entering in contact to his skin. It was a matter of time before Xenomass would touch him. It happened, pain, pain. He screamed, drowning on it, scared and feeling his skin burn, as the xenomass started to invade his last layer, it was quick, all his body was exposed to it, he soon went unconscious. Something happened, Topher didn't die, but his body was offered to the planet, as a sacrifice, but the planet was benevolent. Exposed to the weird chemicals, he started to grow in size and in muscle, he was, before, a skinny awkward boy, but that started to change. Slowly, Topher was becoming more muscular and thicker, taller. His pecs soon started to grow, inflating, becoming large, defined, robust, hard. His abs came to life and were sculpted by the substance, 6 hard packs came to the surface, his shoulders would greatly expand, becoming round, thick, huge and large, strong, enough to support a great deal of weight. His arms expanded, becoming huge and as muscular as ever, and so did his legs. Skinny awkward boy no more, he was getting big. The chemicals changed his DNA and the mutation became deeper, his burnt skin transformed, being covered by metalic scales, his teeth grew and sharpened, his feet and hands metamorphosed. His two feet became paws with 3 huge fingers with claws, and his hands were formed by 4 fingers with claws in it, his eyes were covered by a multitude of lenses, becoming transformed and superior. All his hair was gone, and a group of horns appeared on his head and shoulders. His heart was obsolete, giving place to a strong plasma producer that would supply his body with his new needs. His lungs were transformed, and he could breathe through his skin, but his nose was kept. He was no human anymore, Topher gave in to a magnificent creature, that was about to come to life. The armour had disappeared, everything merged into him, his dogtag was now where his heart once was. The creature came to life and opened his changed eyes, coming to the surface quickly and roared. But he was still human on his mind, so the roar made him extremely scared, Topher soon realized the changes in his body and was desperate, he cried for help and begged for mercy, and then he had a need to drink the xenomass, he did it like an animal. Confused and worried, he had no idea he had no need for anything, anymore, that this was a blessing. He could still talk but his voice was changed, similar to a growl, even if he still was the awkward guy in his mind, what was left of him. The self discovery journey was a long one, he spent weeks in the cave, learning that he needed xenomass now like a human needs water. He discovered how strong he was when he had to open passages through the walls, so frustrated he was by coming into dead ends. He discovered how powerful his vision was when he could see creatures hiding beneath the rocks. He slowly started to like his changes, to find beauty in it, seeing his new muscles made his cock awake. He was only vaguely sexually awaken by then, as a human, let alone as the creature, but his new powers made his cock hard, and since he was alone, he decided to relieve himself, he jerked off, first very timidly, then more confidently and finally he was enjoying a pleasure he never felt. He felt so many things when he came, felt aggressive, felt in charge, felt like he was meant to be the creature, he licked the cum in his hands and roared of satisfaction, this was a new beginning for him. This cave was his new home now, as he found out he needed no one anymore, he spent a month living in it after finally discovering a way out. That cave was his home, but he decided to pay a visit to his former brothers in arms. Not as Topher, but as Genesis.
  23. geektofreek

    Dwarfed by Dad - PART 3

    Thanks again for all the great feedback everyone! Once again this was mostly written on my phone, so please excuse the errors. Hope you enjoy the next installment. - PART 1 - PART 2 ************************* DWARFED BY DAD PART 3/4 “Oh-NO… Dad, not my NEW pants!” I barely even made it through the front door of his house, suddenly overshadowed by his colossal bodybuilding figure, hearing the all too familiar sound of his gigantic arm muscles beginning to work and move, simply flex, the tortuous ear filling commanding power, the old man's twenty-nine inch bicep, raising towards my face. His horrendous forest of silver armpit hair exploded against my nose, smothering me in his rank grandpa-aged musk, causing my dick to bloat, bone up humiliatingly. Then I felt the warm marbled layering of muscle striations build against my whimpering lips, this entire mountain of inhuman strength stack, so high, the peak reached the outstretch of his hand, erupted dangerously into his own face. It was as if someone had stuffed this enormous jack o'lantern under his skin, the biggest arm muscle the world would ever see. Within a few seconds, a few simple pumps of this gigantic daddy spectacle, I started shooting streams of jizz, pathetically, right into my own pants. “HAHA!” Dad voice thundered above me. “Measured them at THIRTY-inches this morning!” He pumped his arm once more, once again suffocating me in his arm muscles, the now thirty-inch monster of old man power. My brand new khaki pants were literally destroyed, soaked, sopping wet with the humiliating incestuous juice of my own boy-sized dick, right through the front of my zipper. I cringed embarrassingly. You think I would have been used this by now. After all, this was now at least a twice-daily occurrence, the rules and regulations of being a slave to a growing muscle-god. “Should I get my mask on, sir?” I still timidly asked “Nope!” Dad grinned looking down at me, barely visible through the outstretch of his own titanic male pecs. “I got something SPECIAL planned for you today…” Now usually the old man would make me wear this demeaning monkey-mask, an old costume from childhood, ever since that first day in the shower, a mere two weeks ago. He never wanted to participate in anything “queer”, the whole “ignorance is bliss” thing, even though he was letting another man, his own son for that matter, worship his gigantic naked physique, most of the time until he would shoot, shower me with his creamy thick gallon-sized load. But today, just as he said, he had something “special”, a new level of mockery that I was inevitably going hopelessly eat up. As he placed his hands around his waistband, as the floor and walls began quaking with every monstrous step, as he slowly turned around, bulging out of these sweaty skin tight gym-shorts, I knew, what was grossly in store for me. “W-Wait, d-dad, p-please…” “I always did enjoy the feeling of women's TONGUE up my ass.” Dad snickered. “And now you're going to CLEAN me with yours!” The old man menacingly laughed, beginning the long and lengthy process to pull off his own shorts, wiggle and squeeze down the swampy grey fabric, so much musk wafting his obscene child-gobbling asscrack, I honestly thought I was going to pass out, let alone even make it to the licking part. I held my nose together as the elasticity in his waistband began to crackle and pop, watching his tire-sized hairy muscle-glutes heave outward towards me, blimp almost dangerously large, breaking any known barrier of bubblebutt size. “I can't imagine how BAD I smell…” Dad continued his bantering. “After a SIX-hour workout, I must be RIPE!” The old man laughably struggled, barely able to pull his own shorts down even halfway his ass. There wasn't so much the problem of his swampy bubbled butthole, or his equally growing large male appendage in the front, but more so with his insanely monstrous and inhuman massive forty-two inch bloated hairy daddy-thighs, eighty-four inches in diameter combined! Even a pair of XXL shorts found complete struggle, fabric fraying and stretching to unbelievable transparency. I honestly didn't think they were going to make it... *RIIIIPPPPPPP* “Fucking UNREAL!” Dad roared proudly, as his shorts ripped and blew apart to the floor. “Won't be long before I'm squatting entire NAVY-ships!!!” He grunted jokingly, taking and rubbing one of his colossal hands along the lining of his gigantic hairy stink-hole, the seemingly endlessly muscle canyon of his asscrack. That was just a taste of how the old man had been talking lately, by the way, his insatiably unrealistic dreams of growing, leaving me always speechless, stammering in dumbfounded fear. Last week he actually tried lifting his Honda right in the driveway, right in front of all the onlooking neighbors, the jaw-dropped kids in the street. He grabbed it by the tail end and growled furiously, his muscles surging bigger than ever, as they always did, but thankfully, the car didn't budge. I know a vehicle is nowhere near being some ship on the sea, but I don't know, just the fact that he was even trying, still endlessly growing, gave me worry that these ridiculous dreams of his, would soon become my nightmare of a reality. “WELL?” Dad boomed questionably. “You going to get CLEANING or what!?” “...yes sir.” I responded with a gulp, but what choice did have? That's not to say, I wasn't completely drooling over the once in a lifetime opportunity, monkey-mask free, to get my actual face up against those two mighty and stage-crushing monster muscle glutes. It was still just so humiliating to me, especially with the way dad would treat me, about the “comical” rate he outgrew me, how he was excited to “double me”, he would often remark. I guess he was getting close, weighing in at a shocking 383-pounds of bone crushing grandpa-aged silver hairy man muscle. But you know, it was just three weeks ago I was some proud bodybuilder, and now... “FUCK-yeah!” Dad deeply groaned. “Get your tongue WAY up there…” He grabbed the back of my hair, smothering my face into all his sweat and left over shit before forcibly squeezing my head, an insignificant grape between his buttcheeks, further up into dark depths of his swampy asscrack. Who knew the old man would like this much assplay, or that I ever would ever turn out to be such a fag for muscle freaks. I'll admit though, there was something kind of comforting about digging and licking my way up his suffocating muscle hole, that familiar fatherly musk I had known since birth. The whole scene ended with the old man groaning like a pig and bent over, his foot long horse cock draped on the floor like a Python, splooging a river of cum, out of this totally tongue-sized piss hole. Then he made me lick up the whole thing up. “Now I really do feel like a KING…” Dad remarked, relishing on the whole humiliating view in the reflection of the living room mirror, as he relentlessly posed. Those words were the beginning of the end, destiny veering it's ugly head. A few days later, the old man demanded I moved in with him, needing his “slave” to be around whenever he commanded. He still fucked woman regularly, daily almost, “pussy splitting” them with his grotesquely veiny old man cock. I still didn't get how he was doing it, how he was growing all over, like some testosterone dripping teenager during a growth spurt. His height had reached a daunting six-foot-four, his feet to a shoe-popping size sixteen, clothing dimensions you wouldn't believe. “Hand me another one, SQUIRT!” Dad boomed above me. “Y-You want M-MORE?” I stammered in disbelief. It was about a week later at the grocery store, aisle seven, the frozen meat department. Dad had finally surpassed his eagerly awaited 400-pound mark, 423-pounds to be precise, so much muscle bulging into muscle, it wasn’t just freaky, it was downright terrifying. Yet he still wanted more, guzzling back four protein shakes already as we wandered up and down the aisles, a man dying of thirst, only it was his muscles, and you wouldn’t believe how much they needed to feed. His brand new XXL-sized clothes looked on the verge of bursting, especially around his grotesquely bloated muscle-gut, the nearly painted on and tortured light blue denim, splitting obscenely around the seams of his legs and groin. I reached down into the shopping cart regardless, never wanting to disobey my master, handing him another bottle of Muscle Milk, only two left now out of the original six-pack. The old man swiped it fiercely from my hands, blowing off the cap with a single thumb, raising the spout to his lips. “God-DAMN, feels like my shirt is gonna BURST!” Dad winked looking down at me, another devilish grin on his face. “OH-Well!” He was so unapologetic, so arrogant in his actions. He didn’t even stop to think about the mounding spectacle of people forming, women and men alike, staring at the over 400-pound muscle god with three full shopping carts. There was this pregnant wife with two children, some little cheerleader with all her friends, even another father with his son after baseball practice, then came the smartphones. With all that protein building up, filling him with a nearly boundless amount of fuel, I knew, it was only a matter of time before there would be another incident, another explosion of muscle growth, just like that day at the gym, captured on the endless amount of cameras surrounding us. “MMPF, SO-good!” Dad grunted under his gulping breaths. “D-Dad, y-your clothes…” I cringed, whimpering devastatingly, as his nearly transparent shirt, the already painted on and skintight ripplings of his freaky muscle striations, began ballooning even bigger. You could already hear the whispers and squeals of the crowd, the baseball boy roar in amazement, as if he had just seen the Hulk, a real life superhero. The various artificial sounds of camera shutters echoed throughout the store, just as I could hear the first small tear, somewhere underneath his armpits, then a second around the underside his two overshadowing inflated blimps of hairy mammoth pecs. *SNAP, POP* “SORRY folks!” Dad chuckled carelessly with a belch. “I was just SO hungry!” *BURRPPPP* *RIIPPPPPPPPPP* As he let out another thunderous belch, before I could even blink, nearly every thread in his shirt suddenly unraveled across the insane rumbling muscle dimensions of his chest into a million tiny pieces, blowing around his beachball-sized arms, detonating around his barn door wide lats, absoluting exploding around his gorilla-sized neck. The crowd variously gasped as every inch of his shirt helplessly fell to the floor, revealing to all them, even the now drooling store employees, the worlds most disgustingly powerful, the most musclebound hairy old man chest, the biggest daddy to walk the planet! “OOPS...” Dad smirked, hearing the various pathetic remarks, the words of disbelief and terror. He started posing anyway, with that wild grin on his face, flexing nearly every muscle he could, starting with his arms first, his burly and gigantic thirty-three inch beasts, nearly crushing his own skull as the two mountainous peaks collided with his stubbled silver face. Then he pleasurably began to bounce and quake his gigantic chest, the blimping hairy chest cleavage, the two overshadowing airships of power, feeling as if the aisle was actually beginning to shake. A few of the women's awes turned into sweet tiny moans, as they publically grabbed grabbed their sopping wet groins, finger-damming there uncontrollable gushing pussys. Even some of the men began bulging in there pants, throbbing pervertedly, continuously adjusting themselves. “JUST started working out a few MONTHS ago!” Dad arrogantly stated, the big crowd pleaser, making everyone chuckle, as if it was a joke. He looked down at me right afterwards with that smirk again, like they had no idea what was to come, as he powerfully turned his stance and showed off his absolutely door-crushing backside. You could tell that he was aching for more, more muscle, occasionally glancing down at the two remaining bottles of Muscle Milk with his piercing blue eyes. I thought he was going to do it, but then, out of nowhere, embarrassingly enough, the old man let out this gigantic grandpa fart. *RIIIPPPPPPPP* “OH-fuck!” Dad devilishly laughed, turning his neck and attempting to look down towards his ass. “Was that my PANTS!?” The crowd gasped once more, I couldn't believe it, covering my mouth and staring like everyone else. His two bulbous and obscene muscle glutes, the pornographic airbag sized butt cheeks, just from a simple fart, had rumbled and quaked to such a severity, that the light blue denim fabric had actually torn apart, right down the shockingly deep muscle valley of his asscrack. Luckily, for the all children's sake, the now dozens of families watching, his swampy grey briefs were still strongly held together. But you could still hear the sound of fabric crackling, slowly snapping apart, as if the old man wasn't done growing yet, as if this whole show was just beginning. “He’s G-GROWING!!!” This woman suddenly shrieked. “You FOLKS want to see some REAL MUSCLE!?” Dad roared, the old man was fucking eating it up. I don't know if he was growing on purpose, or if he just couldn't stop, but he did forcefully and ultimately playfully pump and flex his legs, blowing the remaining seams around his tremendous muscle thighs and groin in an instant. Still mostly held together, however, the now tattered and tortured blue jeans, he let out this deep sinister laugh as the growth took place, as the skin of silver monster muscle legs began effortlessly squeezing through the gaping holes of the fabric, torrentially swelling bigger. It was shocking to say, that his nearly basketball-sized calves were the first to completely blow through the bottom of his pants. *RIIIPPPPPPP* “I make ARNOLD look like an ANT!” The old man mocked, towering above us looking six-foot-seven, posing like the champion he was, the total reigning supreme bodybuilding god of the world. After his calves, his shoes completely blew apart, tearing around the front first from these gigantic hairy toes, then around the laces due to his widening feet, brand new Nike’s, completely destroyed. The crowd continued to gasp, most family's ran. It was just in time as his over fifty-inch muscle thighs blasted through the rest of his denim, the teeth of his pant-zipper erupted with this firehose-bulge of musky underwear fabric. The whole thing ended with those planetary muscle-glutes, those two car-crushing swampy butt cheeks, snapping what was left of the destroyed fabric clinging to his legs. “Better SHIELD your EYES!!!” That was dad’s favorite part, as he boomed the words with laughter, as he shattered the aisle with a most muscular pose. We watched the video what must have been a dozen times, one of many recordings posted online, along with hundreds of shocking photos, the old man's new ego-exploding treasure trove. He couldn't even operate the computer his hands were so big, crushing his desktop keyboard at first, making us revert to my tiny eleven-inch laptop. “They're calling me a GOD!” Dad chuckled delightfully, slowly standing up from his broken chair. “I think it's time you WORSHIP your GOD…” I'll just let you know, that he was completely naked, and he was pointing to his size-twenty feet. It felt just like that first time in the shower. I didn't even ask if I should wear my monkey-mask. My tongue started slowly with those gigantic-toes, kissing and working my way up to those cock-boning disgustingly freaky bowling-ball calves, then I made my way up his gigantic monstrous silver thighs. It was absolutely terrifying, being next to these legs nearly triple the size of my own body. But I kept on worshiping, despite his questionable movements, the occasional thump from a single tiny motion, shaking the entire house, nearly snuffing me out. It was then I looked up, terrified, just knowing what was going to happen next. “GOD-damn, just look at those pretty little LIPS!” Dad suddenly grabbed me by the cheeks, stuffing his gigantic thumb down my throat. “I think it's time you SUCK your DADDY’S cock!” I always knew I was a little gay... **************************** Comments are appreciated

    Liquid Manhood- Chapter Six

    A year long wait for Part Six, sorry, school got ahead of me and when I was finally free I wasn't in any mood to write. This part is mostly filler and some plot, more transformations to come in the next part though. Thanks for reading. Read Part One HERE Read Part Two HERE Read Part Three HERE Read Part Four HERE Read Part Five HERE Liquid Manhood Chapter Six Chris lay awake in bed, staring at the ceiling deep in thought. The room was still dark, but dim light shone through the gaps in the curtains. The light illuminated the cause of Chris’ thinking, a large tent in Melvin’s bed sheet, and two massive feet that hung out the end of that bed. A couple of months ago Melvin had been a small runty nerd who Chris could twist around his little finger, but then Melvin took some of the magical elixir home. Now Melvin was more confident, he was questioning Chris’ decisions more and he was keeping Chris awake with hour-long fuck sessions every single day. The only benefit to being kept up so late is that Chris had the time to think over the events of the past few days. That first day when he found out what had happened to Melvin had been the hardest. Hearing that deep voice over the phone made his heart drop, but he nearly died when he found Melvin. Melvin had directed Chris to come talk to him at some apartment, his nerdy roommate opened the door in just his underwear. He was now tall, built and from the look of the bulge in his briefs, hung like a donkey. Seeing Melvin had only added fuel to the theory that the elixir had a plan of its own, that the changes it caused weren't random. That in fact it mattered on what sort of person you were, an undeserving person would end up as unappealing, but a deserving person, as Melvin appeared to be, would end up owning mouthwatering pecs with big silver dollar sized nipples, abs you could wash clothes on and a bulge that looked like it could feed a small village. The conversation between the two roommates was awkward mainly because Chris could see the four girls who lived in the apartment had been fucked senseless for what must of been several days. From where Chris sat he could see the girls in a sleeping cum stained heap on a bed in a bedroom, the doors having been pulled off its hinges, they all had smiles on their faces. A smile which matched Melvin’s smug smirk, he knew the situation between them had changed. Melvin though didn’t rub it in that he was now a towering stallion compared to Chris, which Chris had expected. Instead he talked about what had happened to him and what he’d thought was going on with the elixir. In the days following Melvin’s marathon fuck session both boys shared their theories on how the elixir affected the user. Chris’ theory that who you were mattered held more water then anything Melvin offered. It was nearly confirmed when Chris and, the now meathead, Melvin found out what happened to the people dosed by the water bottles from the school gym that Chris had tainted. The equipment manager Thaddeus Stern had ballooned into some ebony black beast of muscle and manhood, he was instantly recruited by football team to his own delight. Yuri was also dosed too, and to Chris’ delight he didn't end up huge. Instead the slim swimmer had swelled into some hairy bear. A gut of muscle and fat replacing his toned abs. Melvin didn't think the change was that bad, Yuri looked pretty intimidating, an opinion which seemed to be shared by others. Yuri had been recruited to the football team too. The third person to be dosed had surprised Chris. Coach Peters had changed and it seemed to have knocked him out of the funk that losing his football team had caused. His flabby gut had been sucked in and tightened, his hair darkened and his face lost a good 20 years of wear and tear. The man who now stomped around campus in a sweat suit with a big cigar in his mouth was nothing like the old Coach Peters. Scary was the word that Melvin had used after he'd been cornered and almost forced to join the football team by the new Peters. He was rebuilding the team and taking anyone who even looked like they lifted weights. Chris though was half attracted to the new barrel chested daddy like-coach. He would have expected that Peters to get the bad side of the elixir, but instead Peters’ love and loyalty to the boys on his team had instead made the elixir turn Peters into a better man than he already was. Chris’ reminiscing was ruined by the loud wet slapping coming from Melvin’s bed. The big lug had thrown back his blankets and was fisting his Pringles can cock with both of his meaty fists. Chris just rolled over and buried his face into his pillow hoping Melvin would only jerk off once this morning. ——————————————————————————————————————————— “Good workout today man” Thaddeus’ Barry White-like voice said Both he and Sean were standing in the locker room of the school gym, they had it to themselves as the other patrons seemed to flee the room when they both came in sweaty from their workout and stuffed into gym shorts that looked close to bursting. They'd both showered on the far side of the showers from each other, both trying to sneak in a quick wank, though it was hard to keep two massive muscle men jerking wrist fat monster cocks secret. Neither of them brought it up, even thought they’d both cum at the same time. “Yea, good lift” Sean agreed, pulling on his shirt The two muscle men were both buttoning up their shirts, both having the same issue of pulling the shirt together over their pecs. Thaddeus with his glistening ebony pec pillows and Sean with is fire-red furry slab like chest. Sean and Thaddeus had met soon after Coach Peters had recruited them both for football team and they’d become fast friends. Mainly it was due to them being forced together as they were both of similar size, but they shared an intense interest in video games, so a friendship had blossomed. A tv bolted up to the wall loudly played some sporting news show, the announcer worriedly talking about the removal of some big name athlete from the Dallas Cowboys because of some sort of disease. Sean had seen the guys face all over the internet and he’d even jerked off a fair bit to the guys modeling pics. Sean gave up on closing his shirt, his entire hairy pec cleavage on show. The button just below his pecs barely holding the shirt closed. “You coming round mine tonight to game” Sean asked pulling up the zipper of his jeans again Since his last growth spurt Sean had found a guy on Craigslist who was selling a tonne of clothes in sizes that could actually contain him, but now after a couple of months of actually working out, playing football and slowly growing he was beginning to outgrow them. Thaddeus, was himself just stuffing his overpacked undies into some jeans. He pulled the zipper up and gave his hefty bulge a good grope with a big black hand. “Nah man” Thaddeus chuckled deeply “Got a date tonight” Sean laughed “What again… did last nights go so well” Thaddeus left their gaming session last night with some cheerleader under this arm. The big black stud had been grinning ear to ear earlier when they started their workout, so it must of gone well. “Yea, yea, it did, nearly broke her bed” Thaddeus laughed, doing a little thrusting movement with his hips “But its not the same girl… her friend" “Slut” Sean laughed lightly punching Thaddeus’ shoulder Thaddeus packed up his gym bag and seemed ready to leave, obviously eager to get to this date. “Yea pretty much, I used to be some pathetic virgin” the black stud laughed “But since my growth spurt I've been getting pussy every day… even multiple pussies sometimes” Sean felt his eyes roll, Thaddeus just laughed at his reaction. The two friends said goodbye and the black beast thudded out of the locker room, leaving Sean to struggle to get his clown feet into sneakers that were falling apart because they were at least a size too small. The walk back to his dorm room was quick, but it was a constant barrage of stares as he stomped across campus. He knew his heavy bulge was bouncing from thigh to thigh with each step and his pecs were dangerously close to launching the remaining buttons of his shirt across the path ahead of him. Sean was struggling with his keys at his door, his big meaty fingers fumbling over the tiny, little pieces of metal. “Sean” a quiet voice asked Sean turned to look and just saw an empty corridor. Then he looked downwards. A nervous yet smiling brown haired boy stared up at him. It was the guy he’d brought all the old clothes from. A guy of barely 5ft2 who for some reason owned clothes ranging from XXL to XXXXL, Sean didn’t ask why. “Hey... Ben right” he asked, hoping he’d got the name right Ben nodded as Sean turned away from his door to look down at Ben. The smaller guys eyes widening as he stared at the thick overhang of Sean’s pecs. Thankfully his eyes weren’t looking down to the overstuffed bulge of his pants which was shockingly close to Ben’s eye level. They were silent for a few moments, Ben just watching as Sean’s pecs slowly heaved with each breath. Sean broke the silence “So, why are you here” He knew that Ben didn’t live in the dorm. He loved in one of big frat houses on the other side of campus. Ben muttered something, sounded like he was nervously gathering his words. “Just… just... wanted to see if you wanted to hang out” Ben asked, smiling slightly Sean wondered if Ben had actually wanted to ask something else, but the sight of Sean’s hulking hairy form had knocked all the confidence out of the little guy. Sean chuckled slightly “Sure, I was going play some games, but we can hang out” Sean opened his door, the gust of warm musky air washed over them both. Ben actually squeaked in surprise. “It's only a single-player game, but I’m sure we could find you something to do” Sean said, letting Ben pass into the room Sean followed him in, giving his big bulge a quick rearrange before closing the door and trapping the little guy. ——————————————————————————————————————————— “Do you have any books on witchcraft” Barrett asked up to the librarian Without even looking pass their glasses and down to the runty Barrett, they muttered a floor number. Barrett had gotten used to being ignored since his fall from grace. He quickly headed up the stairs, taking two at a time, which was a stretch for his short skinny legs. Luckily no one would recognize him, he wasn't the Barrett anyone on campus would recognize. A few months ago Barrett had received an email about his campuses links to magic and witchcraft, since then he’d been researching the subject. He’d read more books and written more down in these months then he’d ever done in his life. It had started as a simple way of passing the time and maybe distracting him from his diminished body and from the housekeeper's son cleaning the swimming pool shirtless, but it had become a desperate passion once AJ returned home. The doctors had said that AJ had a muscle wasting disease, the same thing that the doctors has said to Barrett. AJ had lost his position in the NFL and returned him a broken man. AJ was nearly as small and runty as Barrett was and was getting smaller all the time. His personality shift was more dramatic than Barrett’s had been, Barrett regularly could hear AJ crying himself to sleep. When AJ was a towering beast Barrett had never even heard a single word spoken in a unsure tone, let alone seen him shed a tear. The CDC had even visited the house to check it out for any environmental causes, they found nothing. Just like they’d found nothing at the athletic department on campus. Barrett had actually stopped off to see how things had changed. It was just the same as Barrett had left it, without any reminder that Barrett had ever existed. The CDC had even kept an office on campus, but they didn’t seem to be doing anything. Just some guy sitting alone in an office bouncing a tennis ball off the far wall. The suddenly collapse of his brothers obscenely manly physique and the CDC’s continued inability to find a medical cause had only pushed Barrett closer towards witchcraft and magic. It had knocked Barrett out of his depression, he’d become more active, more set on finding an answer. He’d be researching anything and everything that could link to his and AJ’s situation. Quickly moving away from any sort of scientific explanation and focusing almost entirely on the thin hope that something beyond explanation had caused his and AJ’s predicament. He came to the correct floor, wheezing, he was so unfit now. He moved through the cases and desks looking for some sort of sign directing him to his answer. The floor was pretty much empty of students. Just one guy with long black hair sitting at a desk with headphones on. Barrett stopped to stare at his guy, he was well built. Large pecs straining at his shirt and thick arms gripping the table. Barrett bit his lip, muscle really got to him, his little cock hardening in his pants. The guy let out a moan and Barrett could see a hand was beneath his shirt feeling up his pecs. Barrett knelt down to check under the table, having to look between the legs of chairs and desks between him and the big guy. A blond haired head was moving back and forth between the guys massive jean clad legs. Barrett let out a gasp and scurried between some bookcases. He heard a sloppy sounding slap and a guy, probably the blond, taking in deep breaths. “Zach, did you hear something… I think someone is here” one voice said between deep breaths “No one is here” another deeper voice said “Get back to sucking bitch” There was slapping sound and a return to wet sucking noises. Barrett was sitting on the floor, his back leaning against a bookcase. His cock rock hard at the sound of the blond struggling to deepthroat whatever this Zach had between his legs. Down the line of books, Barrett saw a massive ornate bookcase. Leather bound books of various sizes filled its shelves and a sign above in posh looking gold lettering read. “Tiberius J.J. Haber Occult Library” Barrett jumped to his feet, for the first time thankful that he was small, his feet making no sound as he moved. He ran down the aisle towards the bookcase. As he approached he saw how run down the bookcase was. The golden sign was faded, the wood chipped and in placed moldy. The books were covered in thick dust, but Barrett saw a few finger marks. A couple of books on the middle shelf had been touched recently, but only those books. He strained to reach up to them, again hating how small he was now. “Did you see that guy… getting a blowjob in the library” an insanely rich and deep voice boomed from down the aisle “From a guy…” another voice stated sounding annoyed “Damn” the deep voice muttered “I mean, nothing against gays, Chris, you know that…” The other guy, Chris, just sighed loudly. Barrett fell back to another set of shelves and hid behind them as the two men approached. One was tall with strong features, almost model like in his movements. The other was a brute, towering nearly as tall as the bookcases and nearly as wide as the aisle. The massive dude had a hand down his shorts and was obviously scratching at his balls. Chris though was inspecting the occult bookcase. Chris gently lifted the middle books away from shelf and tapped at the wood behind them. “Good, it’s still jammed” Chris said returning the books to their place “Huh” the big guy said, he’d been busy sniffing his hand after scratching his nuts “The compartment where we found the magic book… we jammed it so we’d know if someone else found it” Chris said, trying not to raise his voice at the giant guy The big guy's viking like face made an expression of understanding. His heavy lantern jaw moving to make an ‘oh’ sound. “It’s still jammed so whoever was asking about witchcraft never found it” Chris mused “Wait… how’d you know someone asked about that” the big guy asked “I paid the librarian to call me if someone did, why do you think we even rushed over here” Chris said smirking arrogantly “We don’t want anyone finding out what we did… well not till I’m your size” Chris gave a playful backhanded tap to the big guy’s abs which were showing through his shirt. The two turned and left, Barrett’s head spinning, could magic actually be real, what where they are hiding. He waited for the big guys wide back to vanish around a corner before slowly he started to follow them. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Sean was laying on his front on his bed. It was too small for him. His pecs were hanging off the end and he was awkwardly propping his meaty arms on the edge so he could play his game properly. His big mits pressing buttons and his TV loudly sounding out the gun shots of his character. “You ok back there little dude” Sean asked peeking over his shoulder to Ben Ben was laying between Sean’s legs, the big guys legs bent and pressing down on Ben’s back. Ben’s face was pressed between Sean’s rounded muscle ass and his tongue deep between the cheeks. “Just slap my ass once if yes, twice for no” Sean said, trying not to chuckle Ben’s little hand flew up and slapped the rock solid left cheek of Sean’s ass and then fell back to gripping at Sean’s thigh. “Good boy” Sean said returning to his game “In a bit I’m move across to my gaming chair, you can suck or sit on my dick if you like” Sean’s cock was rock hard and laying between his legs and throbbing against Ben’s tummy. “Well you going suck or ride it either way, I’ll let you choose which happens first” Sean’s let out a deep moan and almost crushed his controller as Ben excitedly assaulted his asshole with his talented and surprisingly large tongue. ——————————————————————————————————————————— On opposite sides of campus, two groups of friends were meeting. One a group of young men who were busy planning the next phase of their Homes for Humanity project. The other a group of young men planning which news agency’s website they were going to bring down with a denial of service attack. They were in similar number and a similar makeup of guys, just different in personalities. But one thing that these groups shared was that the refreshments at their meetings tasted weird.
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