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Mysterious Comet


A Dark, Dirty story about a young man who gets possessed by a sinister alien race, controlling him, the alien sets out to spread its presence across the newly discovered planet. Who can stop him?




Author Note:


I wrote this story after watching some really crummy horror movies. It's a little schlocky and maybe even cliche. I did take the TFs in a slightly different direction. There's possession, sex, M/F TFs, nerd to jock, jock to more jock, etc. I've never done anything in the Continuous Stories section, but I think if this is something people might be into, their/your stories would be really cool contributions. Again, some of the premises here are probably standard and maybe even boring, and others might be bordering on the really weird. But if readers enjoy this, I'd love to see others stories too. I have part I and part II here. Feel free to post or PM questions but clearly since this is in the Continuous section...make things up as you go along. Oh, a quick shout out to alwaysmyway, his stories kinda inspired this.





Pt I – The Arrival: Steve & Heather's Transformation



My hands were shaking as I drove the car up to the top of Sunnyside Park, a bluff that overlooked our town. I spent better part of senior year spreading my seed casually around to any girl who wanted it, using my good looks, athletic build and charm to woo them out with me. Fellow football jocks had made a pack to try to get to any girl who was on the cheerleading team, then the girls' basketball team, then the swimmers. I was nervous when we first set out to do it in the fall, now it was a fun challenge to finish before graduation. We'd go after any girl who we knew wanted us and we knew were into it. Only Tyler tried to coax the more shy girls out of their shells. Brad and I, and most of the other guys, tried playing on a simpler, even field. Still, didn't make me any less nervous.


I looked at Heather as she bit her lower lip, smiling, she was getting started pulling her shirt off, slowly, running her hands down over her bra as she continued peering into my sight. “Damn,” I whispered, “you know what you're doing...”


“More than you think,” Heather answered as she shoved me against the door of the car, unbuttoning my shirt, and quickly throwing it off. She yanked my t-shirt over my head and smiled as she looked at my chest, pumped from my years of playing hard football, lifting weights and pushing my body to its athletic extent. “Just what I always wanted,” she said as she continued to dig into me. I knew she was referring to the hair on my body. Most of the team shaved, she must have been with a few guys before me.


I pushed her bra away and felt her breasts with my palms. They were large and well developed, and she knew how to use them on me. My dick started to get an aching, cramp pain within my jeans, and I moved her hands down toward my belt.


She backed away from my mouth and smiled at me, something sinister in her eyes. “You're not gonna get away with me that easily, beefy boy,” she said, a wink in her eye. Shoving me against the door of the car, Heather unbuckled her skirt and kicked off her flip flops. “Summer heat is wearing me out inside this little car, no space for my big man. Let's step out,” she said, opening the door and tumbling us out and onto the soft grass. Only in her tight pink panties, Heather stood and walked a few steps away from me, I tried to regain my balance and lift myself out, kicking my own sandals off.


“I want to play a little game,” Heather said, turning back to me, flaunting her body in the warm, night air. “I'll make myself available right here, looking this quaint little town, we can fuck like we own every bit of it, but I want you to strip for me, take off every bit of your clothing and show me just how strong and athletic you are.”


My eyes opened wide with excitement. “A challenge?!” I asked, a smile growing on my face. I had never been with a girl this aggressive before.


“You jocks always take pride in your bare bodies, in your ability to go unabashedly nude and show off. Steve, take pride in the bodies you have, show me that it's worth it for me, that you deserve me, take pride in it, and prove it to me.” Heather wasn't requesting, it was an order. I was going to take her up on it.


My barefeet touching the damp, warm ground, I unbuckled my belt and unbottoned my jeans, standing with pride for Heather to take me in. “This is what you want?” I ask her, teasing. “Can you handle what you're going to get...”


Heather smiled, “I always get what I want.”


Tucking my thumbs underneath my briefs, I decided getting naked in one motion would be the better way to impress her. My dick had died down after the makeout and I figured she might respect me seeing it in its semi-flaccid state. I pushed my jeans and briefs quickly down, bending my knees and concealing my package for a moment longer. “Ohh, I like an aggressive man,” Heather said, increasing my confidence, and my drive.


Stepping out of my jeans, I slowly stood to reveal myself in its natural form. I smile at Heather, stepping forward to show her my whole self in all its glory. I looked down to see my work, my body, strong, athletic, attractive, hairy. I could tell Heather was impressed, “what do you want me to do to prove myself to you?” I asked.


But before she could answer a loud buzz came from overhead, a sharp spark of light lit right above us and it roared into the nearby tree coverage to the west. “CRASH!”, the wave of air pushing Heather and I back a few steps. “Jesus,” I said, “what was that?”


Heather was equally spooked, grabbing my arm, almost forgetting the game we were playing. She rubbed it, giving her confidence again, maybe she liked the body, maybe I did provide something more than mere fun for her. But her attention dwindled from me. “Uhh, Steve, go check it out,” she said.


“I don't know,” I answered, “I'm sure it's nothing, can't we just...”


“Do it Steve!” she said, shoving my back toward the fallen object which lit a flame on the bushes nearby.


I walked toward the bushes, my mind still on the game we were playing. How I could I forget? I was still buck naked. I could tell her eyes were glancing on my ass muscles. I turned around to smile, Heather giving me a small smile back, but still worried.


Looking down, I saw a small, black orb sitting in the bush, smoke billowing off of it. “it looks like a rock of some sort,” I said, “an...orb or something.”


As I looked into it, I couldn't help but notice the rock-like substance starting to bubble, starting to, liquify almost. “Something's happening. Fucking weird...” I said as I started backing away, “Heather, can you grab my clothes, I think we should probably get out of here.”


Heather moved ahead of me but as the liquid started to bubble out of the rock, I couldn't help but stare. Something was beckoning me to watch, to see what would happen. A stream of liquid rose and snaked its way toward me, and before I could turn back to the car to leave, it quickly accelerated and attached onto my feet.


“Woah!” I shouted, the oily substance felt smooth, and warm, it was nice, comforting in an odd way. I could tell it was sentient somehow. It was, almost, feeling me out, seeing what kind of person I was; and as it crawled over my feet I could feel it getting more aggressive, burrowing underneath my nails, under the pores of my skin, and as it did it seemed to give me an extra boost of strength, of confidence. I immediately liked it. It felt as if it were designed for me. As if, by being naked, I made myself the perfect thing for it to bond with.


“Steve? STEVE!” Heather shouted, but I couldn't listen to her, all I could do was feel the pleasure of the orb integrating into my body. I turned my head back to Heather, having trouble moving my feet with the substance covering them. “Heather check this out!” I shouted, “woah...it feels fuckin great!”


What was I saying? The substance racing through me could not have truly been something that I wanted?...or could it? I started to chuckle as I felt the oil crawl under my skin, break off and like mini snakes, it traveled under my skin, racing underneath my hairy shins and up toward my body. As it did I started to feel myself change. To grow. It was so strange, so foreign and yet I couldn't help but revel in the pleasure it was giving me. As the liquid orb buried itself into my feet and legs I felt it swim and burrow itself into every part of my body, integrating into every possible organ, every muscle that it could. I opened my mouth, I could feel myself changing, bringing on some other kind of ability, and I was loving it. I felt its energies stimulate me. As it did, something truly amazing started happening all at once: My muscles started to grow before my eyes, taking on new strength and new forms with each passing second. Every muscle in my super-evolving body surged in pleasure as they absorbed the energy of the oil like a thousand nuclear reactors, surging in size to the proportions I had only dreamed of. I felt as if I was the strongest man alive.


I hadn't noticed that the oil had advanced up my body as far as it had. The oil wrapped itself over my exploding legs and quads, pushing itself into my ass and through my pecker. As it did, they both started to lock in and grow, hair pushing with aggression to match the definition of the purest masculinity. I doubled over as I felt my abs contort themselves into deep-grooved slabs of stone, dense, thick and strong. My pecs continued pushing outward as hair wrapped over them.


“Steve! Oh god Steve what's happening to you?!” Heather screamed, though I could barely hear her, I couldn't pay attention to anything other than my miraculous transformation. The oil from the orb swam into and rocked my mind, I could think of nothing else but the incredible, foreign power increasing its energy over me.


I was becoming thankful for what I was given, for who I was becoming. I smiled and soon after a purpose formed in my head, an objective, a way to pay back the powers that were gifting me with this colossal body. An image of a race, of a species entered into my consciousness, an alien of some sort. Yes! And they chose me! Me, of all people, to integrate their powers and assimilate into humans. No, it was more, I was to take over the human race! To spread my seed and influence, allowing my race to rule again on a new planet. “Yes...” I shouted, “YESS!” I could feel the powers of the race borrow into my body, it was the most immaculate thing I had ever experienced.


My vision blurred briefly as my eyes metamorphosed not only into the perfect seeing instruments, but into the perfect weapons as well. Every superhuman muscle in my ultra body became reservoirs for the powers they now possessed, using that power to transform into whole new kinds of super-strong tissue, evolving me even further. I learned I could transform into anything I wanted, I could influence people in ways not known before, I was gaining some sort of extraterrestrial power that was before now was completely unknown to any human. I wasn't a human, I was becoming something else entirely. And I loved it.


I experienced one final, spectacular surge of full-body orgasmic pleasure as my new, hyperstimulated nervous system realigned itself throughout my body, becoming conduits for the powers I was now armed with: Immortality, possession, the ability to control other people, and of course, my true purpose, to spread my seed and my race, to take over the planet with my new powers. I wanted nothing more. I was no longer human, I was the Orb, the Orb was me, and I intended to use it to fulfill my true purpose.


My naked body soaked in the last of my oily essence as I turned back toward Heather, terrified with what she had just seen. I smiled at her but couldn't look for long without first admiring my newly evolved body. “Ahh, what a perfect specimen,” I said, “young, male, athletic, it's the perfect vessel with which to push my influence and spread my kind. And a male...yes...I think my kind will enjoy being male.”


“What the fuck are you talking about?” Heather whispered, not intending me to hear it, but I could hear perfectly now, I could read her thoughts too.


“This body is perfect,” I shouted to her, “I integrated perfectly, the melding of Human genes with our essence...should prove to be the perfect host with which to finally build our army...” I continued examining my new body, my newly evolved body. Hair stretched itself over my hulking quads, my swagging dick wider than I could have ever imagined possible, my testicles holding my new power-ridden seed, bouncing between my thighs...begging for release.


Smiling at Heather, I took a step forward. “What?” I asked, smiling. “This is what you wanted, your man naked, strong, to be before you for you to...admire...”


My dick started growing as I took more steps toward her, Heather backing toward the car. “What are you talking about, Steve?” She asked. Thinking of the name I remembered my past self, a former consciousness that no longer existed of his own. He was altered, he became me, a hybrid of a human with my evolved, transformative, possessive race. After years of searching for a species to take over it seemed we had finally found one worth working to obtain.


“I have become more than human, something you will get to soon experience, get to revel in as I have, as I am now...” I mysteriously said as I took a few more steps toward her. My dick was jumping to attention, aching with release, excited to expel its new seed.


“Don't you want to feel what I've become?” I asked, pushing Heather against the car as I tested human lust, digging my mouth into her's.”


“You aren't Steve at all,” Heather whispered, “you just have his...ummm....memories,” she said as she fell under the spell of my lust. “Oh...wow,” she said, feeling the power of my lust.


Reaching down into her panties, I ordered them to dissolve having them fall off before I turned my attention to her slit, Heather moaning in pleasure as I touched it. I could feel it wet and aching for something to fill it. The human was clearly into me, wanted me, the body was aching for my seed. I dug my tongue back into her again, feeling her lust exude completely from her body. She finally spoke again, “take me, Steve, take me...you...I want it, I want it!”


I pushed my dick into her body, the warmth and wet home beckoning me, begging me to pump, to deposit. The human slipped her legs over my ass and massaged them. She pulled me closer and dug into my mouth further.


I pulsed, and pushed, every bit of the female's body begging for my release. It didn't take long for my testicles to churn, my body to push its energies toward its orgasmic purpose; the feeling of 10,000 orgasms racing from every muscle of my newly formed body into my testicles, my entire being built for this moment. “Oh fuck...” I said as I crested, my ass tightening, my leg muscles spasming, my dick rocking with the power of a volcanic explosion into Heather, continuing to push harder and harder into her. “OH!” she shouted, voice immediately becoming deeper, “OH I can feel it YES! MOOOREE!” she commanded as I continued pumping, ounces of my seed rushing into her.


I let go of her lips and looked into her. Our minds met. She was becoming one of us. She was changing. My seed was working. I looked down to see her breasts flattening, pulling against her chest as her nipples shrunk while a strange, liquifying substance washed across her. Heather shut her eyes, “oh yeah...” she said, her deeper voice sounding more masculine.


I looked down to her abs as they started contorting, rotating, forming deep grooves similar to my own. As they expanded her mid section expanded with her, legs staying tightly wrapped across my body as they began to shake, first slimming down, looking younger, before beefing out to monstrous sizes, hair starting to grow on them. “She is becoming one of us!” I said, almost surprised to see my duty taking effect so quickly.


Soon I felt immense pressure on my cock, slipping it out I noticed her genitals reforming themselves, her slit closing as hair started growing on it, dark pubic hair growing up toward her belly button. Her flat chest started bulking out as her pecs formed a tight groove, pushing monstrous sizes out, snaking its sinew out across her tightly wound arms and forearms, becoming more masculine, gripping me tighter as her strength increased. Her eyes stayed, a smile growing wider and wider as Heather lapped up every orgasmic moment of her transformation, just as I had moments before. Brown hair started forming under her pits, brushing itself out across her arms and toward her hands, bulking up and reshaping into a new, masculine build.


I couldn't help but be impressed. What I did was working! She was becoming one of us, taking my deposit and adapting into a male human form, and she seemed to be loving it. Muscles continued to expand across her body, clumps of her long, blonde hair falling out and curling into a wispy, surfer like, hair-do. As it did her face re-contorted, , flattening, becoming wider, and more masculine as a shadow graced across her face, dark blonde hair sprouting to masculine measure; her neck thickening as her throat grew to show her deeper vocal chords.


Heather, or my kin that Heather was becoming, seemed to be so lost in her transformation that she didn't even notice I was still tightly wound her wrapped, expanding body. As the muscle in her quads snaked up, locked in and met her waist, a deep adonis V grew over her, all of her muscles pointing toward the new tool that her body was incubating. I could see her midsection pushing out new lines of flesh, ,a new and evolved sex organ growing to massive and mature size; as it grew out of her waist it grew with such force that the size of the dick and balls were mature even before they appeared. They dropped fast and pushed hard against my own evolved package. Pushed against each other, they were like twins, perfectly formed and suited exactly for the same task.


I couldn't help but be in awe. This was my creation, this new creature was mine, and it was perfect.


Heather dropped its legs and pushed me back as they continued expanding, the creature's new dick continuing to grow and wag, the body's ass reshaping into a boxy, hard bubble, one that exuded pure masculine force. Heather bent at the knees to stretch the new muscular ass and thighs. “YESSS!” he shouted, “YES I can feel it, I'm one with the Orb, one with you!”


The creature crackled with the same immortal powers that graced me only moments before, and stared at me in all its new-found glory.


“Ohh...this is perfect!” the creature shouted, “Mmm, it feels so good to be back! And in this perfect state, this perfect specimen of a species...that of a human.” My creation looked up at me. “Brother...it is good to see you again, to be here.” The creature again stretched itself, every muscle relishing in its existence. “You, Steve, the human name...what shall I be called? For it's because of you that I'm back. And does it feel good.”


“Zack,” I said, the first name coming to my mind. My brother nodded as he continued examining his body. “Yes, the second one. Zack. I like it.” Zack rotated his head as he thought. “This orb couldn't have landed in a better place. A small town, possessing a young couple, you and I: we now started the perfect group to spread ourselves, to breed. Human high schoolers, seniors just about to graduate, it's the perfect place to start our campaign, to start our rite to take over the galaxy once more.”


Zack and I smiled at each other. Yes it was.






Pt II – Chris Grows



Zack and I looked back toward Steve's car. We knew we wanted to assimilate more humans, to transform them to our kind. We could have driven the car back into town, or simply teleported ourselves. Unlike the humans we merged with, we didn't need to eat or sleep, though we knew we had to figure out ways to assimilate into this town one way or another.


“We don't want people being confused about the car, let's take it back to Steve's house,” Zack said. “We can turn invisible and wait the night out, then we can morph ourselves back to Steve and Heather and continue living their lives at school.”


“Yes,” I agreed, “tomorrow the football team is going to lift together, in the locker room we can both resume our natural selves and corner the team, we can transform 20 of them at one time.”


“You're getting me excited already,” Zack responded, his dick growing in anticipation. “You already got to have the pleasure of it, I need to use my tool soon.”


As if a wish were coming true, Zack and I heard a car pull up across the small lot at the top of the park. “Quick!” I said as we turned ourselves invisible. The car thankfully didn't see us. As the human came within closer approximation, I could feel his thoughts. “Another high school senior,” I told Zack, “your lucky day it seems.” Zack smiled back at me.


It was a man, Chris, a loner who Steve and Heather knew from school. He was not one of the in-crowd, he was a science geek and a lover of astronomy, one who wanted to meet alien species even, and dreamed of leaving earth. “This guy is going to love this!” I said to Zack.


“Let's see what he'll do...we'll find the right time to introduce ourselves,” Zack replied.


Chris stepped out of the car, not noticing Steve's clothes from his strip earlier, and walked to his trunk to pull out his telescope. As he was setting it up, Zack signaled for me to walk around to introduce myself to him first. As I did, he heard the crunching gravel and looked around, finally noticing Steve's clothes on the ground. “What the fuck?” he asked, walking over and picking up the jeans and underwear, going through the pocket and finding Steve's wallet. “Perfect time,” I told Zack, who stayed invisible.


“Hey Chris,” I said, stepping toward him. He dropped Steve's wallet and took a step back, shocked to see someone there, then again to see a naked man.

“Woah!” he shrieked, “Uhh...Steve? Is that you? What are you doing here?”


“No worries, man,” I said back, “just doing a little naked mile workout, you know...”


Chris blushed, “yeah, I guess so,” he said, looking down. “You're kinda making me uncomfortable, your muscles are huge too, have you been working out lately?” He couldn't help but take a glimpse or two at my dick, wagging as I walked around him, I could sense the jealousy, and the admiration.


“Yeah man!” I said flexing, inviting him to look at me. I took a few steps closer, Chris backing away. “No need to worry, man, you can be like this too, if you want...”


Chris looked up at me again, getting more nervous, but also with a hint of excitement, “really? What are you talking about, Steve?”


“It's easy,” I answered, “it might not be fun at first, but you'll appreciate it as soon as we're done...”


“We?” Chris was clearly confused, he started backing toward his car, “what do you mean? Uhh, maybe I should just go...” I could tell he wanted the body like mine but was too confused and worried to say any more. I disappeared from his vision and walked up to his back side before whispering in his ear, “We're the species that you've dreamed about, Chris, become one of us...”


He jumped in fear and turned back toward me. “What the fuck, man?!” he said. I touched his tshirt, causing it to burn off as it shredded around his skinny, pale frame. “Jesus, who are you?”


“I told you,” I said, walking toward him again. “Give Zack and I a chance, we'll make you one of us, you'll love it...”


Zack and I knew it was a point of no return, it was time for Chris to become us. I teleported around Chris and at his back I grabbed him in a bear hug, lifting his small and light body slightly into the air. He started kicking in fear but said surprisingly little. “Wait!...Steve, just...I don't know what you want but just wait...”


Zack phased back into vision and walked toward us, Chris freezing in fear. With every step Zack's dick swayed longer and slower before it started growing at attention, higher and thicker before extending to full attention, eagerly awaiting command from its captain. At a mere few inches from Zack I gently lowered Chris toward the ground, keeping his feet from touching. Chris was in complete fear, staring at the muscular monster before him.


“don't worry, dude,” Zack said, “when we're done, you'll be one of us, you'll be, perfect.”


Zack grabbed his tool and slowly, deliberately, started pumping, admiring his body as he looked between himself and his soon-to-be brother. Chris couldn't help but stare, “oh my god,” he said, “quit it, don't do it man!” he whispered, worried, but not moving his attention away from the dick an inch away from his abdomen.


“Just a second...” Zack said between breaths. As he continued pumping his breathing increased, his muscles began twitching, the alien was building his body up to its purpose, every organ aligning itself for its first ritual. “Mmmm, I can feel it...Ohhhh SHIT!!” He shouted.


As his cock tightened, it locked in and his balls flung themselves into his huge waist. A thick black load of cum sprayed out and hit Chris square in the abdomen. Then another, and another. Multiple loads as the virility and thickness gained. Zack lost his balance and pushed himself onto Chris, his dick landing on the oil that quickly awoke and started swimming over Chris's body. Chris could only wimper. “Just you wait...” Zack said between breaths, grabbing his shoulder before I let our host go, soon to become our newest brother.


Chris started running once again toward his car but he was disoriented, dizzy, he tried scraping off the swimming seed over his body but he couldn't get it off. He ran toward his car once again but froze as the oil gained direction and immediately dove under his pants and boxers and toward his ass crack and pecker. Zack and I both closed our eyes, we could feel our brother connecting with his new body, soon to assimilate into Chris. “ARGH!” Chris shouted as he bent his back forward. “Woah...what the fuck is...happening to me!”


Chris's jeans, shoes, socks and underwear ripped in one full motion, leaving the human completely naked. He stood back up to look at himself in horror. Zack's seed had completely collected over the human's midsection, forming a tight bound over his body like a pair of small, tight, liquid briefs. Chris could tell the oil was positioning itself to intrude into his body but he also knew there was little he could do about it. Perhaps, he reasoned, it was actually good for him.


Chris's ass quaked as the seed found an orifice to climb into, I could see it pull itself into his ass and have his cock drink it in. As it did it gained length and girth. Chris shut his eyes as he paused for a moment to take it in. “Umm...” he said quickly, perhaps he was going to enjoy this. “Woah...” he said again, looking down as his cock grew, integrating with the seed.


Zack and I could feel him assimilating to us, becoming us, we smiled as our creation continued to grow over this body. “Oh yeah!” he shouted, more enthusiastic this time, “I can feel my muscles growing! Haha, it feels fucking great, oh yes I love the body, the confidence, the assurance!”


Chris moved and stretched his body as his bones cracked and muscles thickened. Bending his shoulder muscles back to their relaxed position, I saw the first bouts of muscle grow over his shoulder blades, protruding out, then wrapping down and into his biceps. They were becoming refined, strong, and assured. Looking down at his lower arms Chris noticed the veins protrude and additional muscle warp itself around his forearms.

Grabbing his abs, Chris chuckled as they begin to expand. His abs contorted and slimmed liquifying into almost a puddle of water, then began to grow outward: even, defined muscles forming an eight pack. They hardened as the creases grew deep grooves into his body. As the muscle growth hit his waistline, new muscles begin to form on his quads and under the last bit of black seed, creating tight contours pushing against the oil.


As the last of it entered into his body, Chris grabbed his butt enthusiastically massaging its growth. His rear formed hard muscle on itself, growing outward, strong. As the side ass muscles flexed and locked in place, rounding to become a tight bubble butt, hair wrapped around and onto his legs, creating a new thick layer of black hair over him. His thighs snapped tall and grew, becoming refined and strong as he gained height from his short 5'6” to an athletic 6'3”. His quads peced outward and began matching the growth of his ass. They became like footballs as rock hard muscle grew into them. Soon, the hair spread down to his legs, then up and around his man package. His pubes began to grow over his waistline, wrapping itself around his belly button and up, in a thin line toward his chest. There, his black hair began growing, slightly but evenly, over his new man-pecs and chest. His arm hair grew and darkened and his arm pits tuffed additional hair underneath.

Looking down and checking out his growing body, Chris, or our brother who was becoming Chris, began to chuckle at the pleasure. Chris could feel the athletic endurance rushing over him. Admiring himself as he continued to grow, Chris looked down to his package as it begin to fill out with our seed, his cock and balls becoming large and clearly accentuated between his hulking legs, dropping with aggression.


As our brother assimilated into Chris's personality, our immortal powers rushed over him, “YESS!” the creature shouted with excitement! “Our powers!!”


Even the original Chris couldn't help but enjoy what was happening to him. All he wanted was to evolve beyond being a human and we were allowing it to happen. He was a pure piece of athletic masculinity while also being an all-powerful extraterrestrial, able to woo and pleasure any human—man or woman—who he wanted. He was becoming one of us and he was the happiest he ever imagined.


As the power transformation completed, our new kin turned to us with a wide smile. “FUCK YEAH!” he said. “Oh...brothers! Thank you for giving me this, I couldn't be happier, this is who I am, what a perfect fucking body...”


Chris clearly had more aggression than I did, in personality and body, and even his muscles were a little firmer than mine or Zack's. But he was one of us, and happy to join our party, and our cause. “How does it feel, Chris?” Zack asked.


Chris kneeled to him. “Feels like being a fucking god, a fucking ruler. Thank you.” he restood and ordered his body to levitate before flying up. “Yes!” he said laughing. Chris and I joined in as we flew higher and higher into the sky, our naked bodies relishing in the night air as it became thinner and thinner. We laughed as we raced around the stratosphere, high above the town.


I paused as the other guys caught up with me. “Tomorrow we can continue our agenda,” I said. “Zack and I can infiltrate the football locker room. Chris, do you think you can spread ourselves with the chess and astronomy teams?”


“Absolutely!” Chris said, ecstatic. “there's only about 5 per group, but we need to get the nerds assimilated as quickly as the jocks. With all of us on the same side it'll be tough for any one group to get suspicious. I'll meet with them both...and use this new tool to show them how amazing this actually is...” patting his dick, Chris smiled.


“Tomorrow is a Friday,” Zack said, “Cindy, Heather's friend, is hosting a party for the football players and cheerleaders, we know it'll be a fuck fest. We can start transforming more women tomorrow night. Fuck, this is going to be fun...”


We laugh as we fly back toward town, I use my power to phase Steve's car back to his house. We camp in the clouds tonight. Tomorrow, we continue our mission, and our fun.

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Mysterious Comet III – Zack Wants a Man


Told from Zack's perspective; the newly formed alien can't wait to use his powers and decides to transform another member of the football team. He gets creative.


I couldn't sleep. I needn't sleep. My mind was racing so quickly with the powers I gained and the creature I had become that I couldn't stop. I could feel my brothers thinking the same thing. Steve, our de facto leader, the first of our brothers to merge with our species, was handling it the best, he had the most maturity, if that's what one would call it, to control his urges. But Chris and I couldn't help but give into them, they were strong, and we felt an intense desire to spread ourselves, our kind.


Laying in the clouds, high above the town, I practiced tugging at my new dick without actually orgasming. It was easier than I thought it would be. But it was big, and it felt so pleasurable to hold I found it the only thing I could do to keep my mind off spreading myself. But I knew it was futile.


I flew over to Chris and together we went to Steve, he was flying in circles, letting the night air whisk him around in his bare state. “Brother,” I told him, “three of us transforming the football team will not be enough tomorrow, I want to transform a leader tonight, someone else to have on our side when we invade the locker room. Matt. The quarterback. We get him tonight, the four of us will be able to take the remaining team swiftly and...”


There was no need to convince Steve, he knew what was going on: “You're fucking horny and you can't control your desires!” he shouted back. But we're here for a reason, if you want to get Matt tonight then we shall. I'll give you the honors. Chris? Care to watch?”


“Fuck yeah, be good lesson for tomorrow!” Chris answered in a new, jock-like fashion. “But I sense Zack doesn't want to go as Zack.”


I smile at Chris before turning back to Steve. He understood.


I dropped out of the atmosphere, falling thousands of feet down toward Matt's house. It was well into the twilight hours, the jock was home, sleeping, we could sense him. The three of us dropped into the backyard of the ranch where he lived. Everyone was asleep, Matt's room being at the far end of the house. “I want to coax him, intoxicate him. Let's see how he feels about having Heather show up in his bedroom.”


“He has a girlfriend,” Steve said, “she's the only one he's ever had sex with.”


“That wont' stop me,” I said as I flexed my shoulders back. Ordering my body to turn back into Heather, I was reminded that I was a human only a short while ago, a female at that. Stretching my shoulders and arms, I looked down with a smile as I saw my muscular frame slim into one more bulbous and feminine, while still containing the power of an athlete. My shoulders dropped down as my abs flattened before contorting into a narrow, barely defined 4-pack. The hair receded from my chest and arms before my pecks realigned themselves and flattened into an even, hairless surface. Weight gained in front of me as breasts pushed out, muscular, shapely. “Mmmm….” I said in pleasure as I heard my voice move higher and higher, “feels good….”


My legs snapped before my hips aligned themselves outward, my thighs pushed additional curvy flesh as the hair on my legs moved back into my body. Soon my hips started pulling in my man-tool, balls first before my cock shrunk smaller and smaller, eventually pulling into my body, living a feminine slit to complete me.


I wagged my long hair and looked at myself. I was Heather all right, though more athletic and enduring than before. “I could do that all day,” I said, turning my attention back toward Matt's room. “I can feel him, he's in there...” my brothers looked in my direction. “A little human pheromone, some seductive talk, he won't be able to resist me.”


“What if he does anyway, he's a strong willed man,” Steve said. “You can't have him remembering his friend's girlfriend tried to have sex with him.”


“That won't happen,” I answered, “he's turning into us tonight whether or not he likes it. If I need backup, I know who to call.”


My feet walked silently to his window and I levitated myself close. I ordered a piece of lengerie on me so as not to scare the jock too much before taking him. The jock was sleeping but not deeply. He hadn't wacked off in a few days, saving himself up for his girl tomorrow. Putting my hand against the window I ordered the lock to turn. Opening the window I dropped into the room and re-shut it. Walking over to the bed I could see him breathing slowly, his shadow of a beard bristling against the breath of his nose. His jet black hair extending down ever so slightly over his face, his black, hairy arms up on his pillow. He was shirtless with only his boxers on. My brothers were watching, invisible, at the far end of the room, I smiled to them and threw the covers off of him, quickly waking him up.


“What, what is it?!” Matt whispered loudly. He had a thin line of chest hair over his sturnum, thickening at his belly button. His quads were made for running, and his black hair extended over the bulked horsepower of his muscular legs. The jock enjoyed not shaving and showed his hair as a level of masculinity amongst his fellow football players.


“Shh, Matt, it's only me” I said, sitting at the end of the bed. Rubbing his eyes he realized Heather was in his room and he backed away.


“Heather?! What….what are you doing here? What's wrong? Do you need help?” Matt asked back, trying to seem kind and helpful but truthfully concerned and scared for himself.


“It's good now, I came to see you, I had to be with you, I couldn't stop thinking about you all night.” I replied.


“What?” he asked again, “what about Steve? If he knew you were here,”


I turned to him and stared into his dark brown eyes, taking my right hand and brushing it through his dark hair. “I know you want me,” I said, “I can feel it in you. I want it too...” every word I said seemed to put Matt into a deeper and deeper trance, he couldn't look away, look at my body, adore every piece of me. I could feel his blood pressure increasing, his pupils dilating, every bit of him that wanted to say “no” was quickly being pushed to the back of his mind.


“What are you doing me?” he asked, as if in a daze. “Why are you doing this?”


An explanation would have been too much talk, and I dove my mouth into his, pusing his head deep into his pillows as I pushed my breasts against his bare chest. His eyes opened wide with surprise then subsided, he shut them, he let himself go, he took me in with all my energy and felt infatuation like he had never felt before. “Mmm...” He said.


Pressure in his shorts, I took my left hand and shoved his muscular, broad ass toward my loins, just in time for his dick to jump to full attention. Even through the cloth I could feel the pulsing of his member, the complete want of this body. The complete lust for what was in front of him. He dragged his hands up my legs and noticed there were no panties, nothing to cover me except this skimpy dress, which he quickly wanted to throw off. I lifted my arms to allow it. “Woah,” he says, staring at my body, “Heather you're incredible,”


No time to talk, I tilted my head to the side and dug into his neck, tangling my fingers in his hair and rolling over so I was on my back. Giving in, Nathan kissed back and gripped my naked hips, he moved his hairy leg against mine and I could feel his nervousness, his excitement, his body urging him to do something he knew was not right. I moaned as he trailed his hands across my thighs, the pleasure itself less intoxicating than the eventual transformation I was going to force on him. I pushed my arms down to his boxers where his member was so hard it had pushed his band down, a drop of pre oozing onto his pubes. I put my hands in at the sides of his shorts and forced them downward, getting his dick exposed. He smiled, stood on his knees over me and slid his shorts off, revealing his massively hard dick and thick balls. He threw the boxers away. He stared at a me a moment, a moment of pride for the jock to show himself in his naked state. He worked hard for his body and he like having admirers. I cuppled my hand against his large balls and played with them for a moment, his dick rocking to the pleasure. Matt couldn't help it any longer, he couldn't resist. He pushed his naked body against mine. I moan as he pressed his erection into me.


“Ahhh!” he screamed as he felt the comfort of me, he couldn't stand a chance now, he was our's. “Oh fuck that feels good,” he pants as he starts thrusting inside me. He was completely lost, he couldn't or wouldn't be anywhere else at this moment. Deep inside me I felt my own essence preparing itself to enter my partner. Matt was completely lost in his own bliss, he couldn't even open his eyes. I concentrated on my powers, prepared myself to release my seed back into his dick. I could feel his member throbbing, preparing himself. “I'm gonna go...I'm gonna go...” he started whispering. “Oh fuck, Heather I love you...”


The innocent man had no idea what was about to happen to him, and for a moment I felt a pain of guilt, a bit of sorrow. This man was committing an act of love, and I was trapping him into my species, forcing him to become one of us.


“What the fuck is wrong with you?!” Steve shouted to me through thought, I could feel him still observing us. “Concentrate! This is who you are!”


He was right. Or was he? This man was about to join our ranks, to become one of us, to elevate beyond humanity. That is the right thing, isn't it? Aren't we better than humans? Of course, I wouldn't change who I had become for anything in the world. I locked my eyes back onto the human. “Welcome, Matt,” I said.


He was too engrossed in his own dick to hear me. He ruptured. “Oh!” he shouted quickly and loudly, his hot cum spilling into me, mixing with my powerful genetic code. As it mixed, adapted to the human I was to spread my essence to, he looked at me, mouth open. “What?!” he asked, he had never felt an orgasim like this before.


My essence climbed back into his dick, forcing his member to drink it before settling back into his balls. “Whhat?!” he shouted again in confusion. “Oh, what are...” he gulped, “you doing me?!” he asked.


My body pulls his dick in further even as it starts to lose its erection, forcing him to take in the seed that will transform him. “Oh shit,” he says again in confusion. I stare at him. “Take it, Matt, you're about to become us.”


“Argh!” his hips dip forward into me as he twists his back. I can feel my brother connecting with him, transforming him. “Oh shit, oh god, what's happening to me?” Matt says between breaths, “I'm fucking...grrroWWWWING!”


I push him out of me as the muscles in his hips and ass quake. The seed starts spreading throughout his body as it forces his mortal flesh to become immortal, power-ridden containers, ones full of girth and muscle. He throws himself onto his mattress as his hips crack as his ass grows, becoming wider and more bulbous against his body. My seed spreads down to his quads as they double in size and lock into clearly defined athletic power. As thick a pole vaulters, his shins shake and build with new layers of sinew.


The man is holding himself above me but he can no longer hold himself up as his body spasms. I phase myself out of the bed and leave his chamber for him to transform alone. “Oh yes!” he shouts for the first time with enthusiasm. “MORE!!” he quakes as the girth rises over his adonis belt, defining it with deep contours up from his massive thighs. He throws himself on his back as his abs lock in deep grooves, forming a massive 8-pack. He rubs his expanding hands over them as his pecs rumble out to the size of pizzas. He can't help but feel himself. “I didn't think it could get better than this!” he shouts to us as he twists his body, allowing his biceps to freely grow and pump up. As his neck thickens Matt opens his eyes to the pleasures of his body, he hops onto his bed and feels himself as his transforming package drops to the size of a greek god. “Fuck yeah!” he shouts, hair twisting and growing over his body.


We feel our brother connect, feel him gain our powers, our abilities, our supreme evolution. As Matt realizes this he flexes not with pride but with unadulterated assurance, masculine confidence.


The naked beast stretches before levitating himself onto his floor. “I thought that sex was the best thing I had ever experienced. Now I have one better, this transformation. Oh brothers, it feels good to be here!”


Together we cackle, drunk with our power. Steve was right, this is my purpose. Lifting and phasing ourselves out of his house, we fly once more into the clouds, a new brother at our side. “Tomorrow, the team is our's!”



Mysterious Comet IV – An Unsuspecting Encounter


This chapter is told from the perspective of a new recruit on the team.


Bell rang for last class. “Finally,” I muttered under my breath as I grabbed my books and fled the classroom. Last year of school but it seemed to be the slowest. Or maybe I was just coasting through. In any case I couldn't wait to get out of there and head to practice, we had a big game against the state champs from last year and we seniors were all excited to have our chance to beat them again.


As I was tossing the last book in my backpack I heard a familiar, almost ceremonial, call from down the hall. “Yo Dave!” he shouted. Turning I smiled and raised my hand, “What's up, Terrell,” I said, receiving his high-five. “You ready for practice today?”


“Hell yeah, man,” he answered back, “we gotta work our assess off if we expect to beat East County tomorrow though. Man I dunno, I heard their QB, what's his name, Evan? He's got the arm of a pro, throws 50 years like it's nothing.”


“Shit dude,” I said, shutting my locker and walking toward the athletic center, “I hope our defense can keep up with him. The wides don't have too much to worry about against their defense at least.”


“I hope not,” Terrell said, giving the occasional high fives to other friends down the halls, “but I haven't seen Steve or Matt or all day. Carlos said he saw them at lunch but they were being really quiet. Said they had this new guy, I don't know, Chris maybe was his name, they were only talking to each other, nobody else. So I don't get it.”


We reached the locker room to find our usual slew of friends tossing their bags into the lower lockers, and opening their upper lockers to reveal their uniforms of the day. “Full dress today, huh, boys?” Carlos asks opening his own locker. “Big 'ol scrimage I hear. Gotta get ready for them East boys? The East Easys...”


“Yeah fuckin' right,” Tyler answers back, “they're gonna pounce on us, the last time we played them I felt like Andy in the shawshank movie. Made me cry back to my bed all the way home.”


“Yeah, right into some chick's puss,” Terrell answered back, “dude I don't know anyone who gets laid more than you.”


“I needed comforting, what can I say,” Tyler said, quickly getting undressed for practice.


I tossed my shoes and socks in the locker before removing my boxers. I always liked the freedom of boxers but I was in the minority. Terrell had boxer briefs and Tyler and Carlos kept their super tight briefs. Carlos usually found ways to josh me for them. “Dude, anyone with a locked and loaded ass like that needs to show it off!” he shouted, “boxers are for skinny dudes with tiny pricks.”


I turned to show my low package, grabbing it and biting my lower lip before jumping and dancing around him. “Say what you will, Carlos boy but I got the punter ass, big thick quads for kicking your sorry ass football you can't catch down to the goal!” Laughing he shoved me a step back, running me into Terrell, just before he peeled his own boxer briefs off.


“Watch it Tiny Dancer!” he shouted back, grabbing my shoulders. “Dude, do you ever have the feeling where you don't know if you need to just pee or take a shit?” he asked, bringing us back to a more usual level of sillyness. “Yeah I got one of those right now.”


“You start with the pee and if you gotta shit, then you go to the shitter!” Tyler said back, putting on his jockstrap. “And anyway we got probably 10 minutes before coach is gonna call us to drills.”


Tossing his briefs in his locker Terrell shuts it and shrugs. “I gotta make the usual intimidation rounds to the juniors anyway, mine as well walk over there bareing all I gots.”


We laugh as Terrell struts himself over to the urinals. I grab my own jockstrap and grimace at the sweat leftover from yesterday. “I gotta wash this thing more often,”


I say as I peel it up my hairy shins. I look to the right to see Tyler doing the same thing. “I don't know what it is about compression, man” he says, “if I can't feel the pants on my ass then I don't know my right from my left. Keeps me running faster, you know?”


“I can't kick with those things,” I answer back, “there's also something masculine about wearing them.”


“Dude don't start with that philosophical bullshit,” Tyler strikes back, “you're too smart for me on that shit. Yeah I like wearing jocks because it shows my bod, but I'm not going deep into the alpha-ness of masculinity today.” He grabs his football pants and starts inspecting his pads when we both turn to the sound of slipping. “What is that?” Tyler asks.


“OH FUCK!” We hear Terrell shout, “guys I...arrrghh!”


We both run toward the urinals to see Terrell being covered by a liquid. It's acting fast, it seemed to have come from the urinal and latched onto his body. “What the fuck?” I whisper.


Tyler first springs into action, running over and pushing Terrell back from the urinal, but the substance simply stretches and pulls him back toward it. “What the hell is that?” he says.


I'm frozen in my own shock. The substance seems to be a black, oily slime. It's over his chest and around his back, a thick, gooing slime that's now quickly racing down to his midsection. Tyler turns his attention to Marty, a junior, and shouts to him, “go get the coach, the custodian, whoever, help us with this thing!” The junior nods and runs out of the locker room. I finally come to my senses and spring into action as the goo flows over Terrell's butt and down over his quads, locking his legs together like a tight, mummified cast. He slips onto the floor and bangs his head on the tile. “Ooff...” he said.


Tyler and I both grab his arm as he extends it to us, slightly in a daze from falling on the ground. We're getting help,” I said, “can we try to scrape this shit off you?”


“I don't know,” he said, going deeper into a meditative daze. “Just, umm, try to get it off.” Terrell was going into a deep daze, almost a sleep.


“Are we losing him?” I ask quickly, panicking. “Tyler what do we do?”


“I don't know, I don't know!” he shouts back. “I, uhh...”


“I'm scraping it off!” I shout, and let go of my friend's hand as it quickly becomes consumed by the slime. I shove my hands into his chest and try to scape but it's to no use. The substance quickly heats up and starts burning my arms. “ARGH!” I shout again, backing away in pain. Strange visions flash my mind, I can't make sense of them but they knock me back in a daze, landing me on my rear. “What the fuck is this? We need help, I'm fuckin going to get someone...where's Marty!”


By this time the slime was consuming Terrell's head. The goo formed itself like a cocoon over my friend and was slowly moving in a massaging like motion over his entire 6 foot body, condensing it into a smaller and smaller mass.


I could hear commotion occurring at the entrance to the locker room “Marty! Coach!” I shouted. But it wasn't any help at all coming through the door. It was Marty, but he was ashamed, he failed. He was looking down at the file floor as a hand nudged him forward toward the group of us around Terrell.


“The door is locked,” the man said. “It's just us men, now. Don't try to escape. You can't.”


As the voice came into my focus I could tell it was someone I knew. It was Steve! But he was a lot bigger than I remembered. He looked like he had a 7 day workout session over the course of a night. And he was naked. And incredibly hung.


“Look at our teammate!” Steve said. I turned around to the blob by my side, it was quickly liquifying as it seemed to dissolve his body.


My mouth dropped. “Oh my god.”


“Don't worry, we're making him better. Just as I became better. Look at me, brothers, look at what I've become. You will soon see Terrell become the same state as I. And, if you want it, you can have it for yourselves.”


Behind Steve emerged Matt. Equally bulked in size and equally naked. Two other guys who I didn't recognize followed behind them. The four beasts stared at the liquifying puddle with concentrated effort. I could have easily tried escaping, but I was too afraid. Too in shock.


I felt the puddle slide by my feet and quickly zoom past me as the team moved out of it's way. When the puddle was in the middle of the team, clearly in a spot for everyone to see, it started bubbling, boiling as it came together in a thick steam of mud.


The slime climbed on top of itself as it formed into a tall pillar before bubbling out and into the shape of a person. A man. “Terrell?” I asked.


As the slime started to take form, a sculpture started to chisel out of it. A stark, hard, incredibly defined sculpture with every muscle clearly chiseled. Arms extended out in a flexed position and the knees were slightly bent, huge quads forming above them. Terrell's face was starting to become clear, a wide and proud smile was etched on it. As the steam from the slime wrapped around this statue, I could see the oil sinking into what was now his skin wrapped around his hardened, athletic, perfectly sculpted body. “Argh...” a voice said, perfectly in control. He took a breath. He was perfect.


“Oh yeah.” He said calmly, assuredly. “This is what I'm fuckin talkin about.”


Terrell took a few steps toward Steve and extended his hand, shaking it before pulling him into a hug. The whole ordeal seemed ritualistic, as if he was meant to do exactly that. “Brother,” he said, “thank you for choosing me. For letting me be the first.”

“The first?” I asked, looking to Tyler, equally perplexed. “Steve, what the fuck is going on, what happened?” my question was almost automatic. I was as much in fear as I was in fascination.


He and Terrell both turned their attention to me, smiles on their faces. “You will soon find out, Dave,” Steve answered. “All of you will.”


My mind flashed an image in my head. Information seemed to be pouring in at a rate I couldn't comprehend, it just seemed to happen. The goo, the slime when I slammed my hand into my friend. It was definitely otherworldly, but it was giving us a gift, a gift of power. “Woah...” I said standing back. I had touched the power firsthand, I knew what it was. Looking back to my naked friends I could tell they were sending me a message, allowing me to understand.


“What is this?” I asked, less hostile and more excited. “Who are you?”


“We don't know, yet.” Matt answered. “We do know we haven't lost ourselves, I'm still in control of myself, but I share my body with a power, a power of a race that's come from far away. It's given us things we can't explain, but we're compelled to share. We want to share it with our brothers, with our team. With you.”


I turn to Tyler who is too freaked out to say anything. He starts walking toward the door but I grab him with my hand, another automatic reaction, transcending my knowledge of the power to my friend. “Woah!” he shouts in an almost orgasmic sense and spasms his hips forward. “What the fuck was that?!” he asks.


“Did you see it?” I ask. “Did you feel it?”


As Tyler makes sense of what he just experienced a smile grows on his face. “Fuck yeah, man” he says, grabbing Carlos, who in turn experiences a glimpse of the powers.


“We need this guys,” I become convinced as I see my friends enjoying the intoxication. All of us want it, I can see it.


Tyler and I look to each other with smiles before turning back to the four beasts. “What do we need to do?” Tyler asks. “I think I already know,” he adds, looking down at their naked bodies.


Terrell steps forward. “Whoever wants this gets naked. Whoever doesn't stays clothed.”


He didn't need to continue. All three of us quickly started removing our clothes. I had the faintest fantasy it would be the last time I would ever need to wear anything. And releasing myself from my jock felt liberating. It wasn't the act of getting naked that felt so good, though. It was gaining these powers, these bodies that the beasts held on them.


Steve and Terrell walked toward Tyler and I, now standing at attention, and our dick's equally at attention, and walked right up to us. I could smell their athleticism, their masculinity, the seemingly endless power that they held within them.


Terrell positioned himself right in front of me. Even with a flaccid dick it was longer than my semi. His eyes started to glow. “Don't be scared dude, this is just the beginning. When I'm done, it's gonna be all worth it.”


I looked into his glowing orange eyes. I couldn't look away. I could feel the team's attention on us. I could sense both the fear excitement in my friend Tyler. My attention was turned back by a gurgling sound coming from deep within Terrell as he cocked his head back. The oil, the slime was climbing out of his mouth.


He coughed it right onto my chest where it awoke with an aggressive life. “Oh fuck!” I shouted as the slime clinged onto my chest and swam its way across me and down toward my naked cock and butt. I looked to the right and saw the exact thing happening to Tyler. Less shocked, he turned to me with a wide smile. “We're gonna gain some powers, dude.”

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Thanks. This was a story experiment for me, kind of a weird fantasy experience for some of these characters. I wanted to put it in the continuous story section to see if other writers wanted to contribute to it but haven't seen anything yet. I forgot about this story for awhile. I still think the first part is the best. Do you guys have any suggestions on where it could go? I'd love to see some other writers contribute to these.

I got a few others I'm working on right now but I'll try to add more to this sometime in the next few weeks.

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