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Genie Jafar


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Some of you may have come across this story within the ideas part of the forum. Giganticbeast gave the okay for people to expand this story. I love the character. Jafars lust for power was never truly captured in the film. Let's carry on Gigantic beasts work by carryong on the growth. Why not introduce other gods? Or savor in the growth a little longer.

The Genie has more Power than you'll EVER HAVE! He gave you your power and he can take it away!" Aladdin said with a sneer, the young man playing this last hail marry struggling to outthink this powerful sorcerer. The genie and half drowned Jasmine stared in terror at this suggestion! Why would he suggest this powermad monster could gain MORE power!?

"You're right...the genie's power DOES exceed that of my own.." the sorceror thought aloud, his serpent form snaking around the struggling street rat. His eyes lit up "That's it! Genie I have my FINAL wish!" He said, abandoning the giant snake form, returning to his former slender self, freezing Aladdin in place with a single wave of his hand.

Aladdin sighed, watching the hourglass fill with sand, the poor princess Jasmine struggling for a breath, as Aladdin prayed this mad man would make his last wish already! The Genie tried to talk him out of it "hold on sir, mister megalomaniacal psychopath if you could just stop with the wishes that'd be greaaaaat" the blue genie adjusting his tie and fixing his glasses while standing beside a suddenly conjured cubicle wall.

Another wave of the magicians hand obliterated the office space, and the sorcer wished "NOW Genie I wish to become an ALL POWERFUL-" taking a breath while Aladdin smirked, his cocky grin sickening the lithe old man, clearly the street rat THOUGHT he had a plan, what a fool!

"ALL POWERFUL GOD" The man bellowed at the top of his lungs! Aladdin cockily dropping from the old man's spell as a blast of magic hit Jafar square in the chest!

"Aren't you forgetting something Jafar? A genie has oh...wait...god!?"

The Genie struggled to complete this wish, his energy draining as he continued to blast the old man, magic wracking through Jafar's lean body as he started to moan and groan from the increase in energies!

"OH YES! you FOOL you think I would want to be a GENIE!? Why be a GENIE when one can be a GOD!" He doubled, losing focus enough to let Aladdin free. The youth freed Jasmine and dashed towards Jafar, scooping up a scimitar as he leaped through the air! Closing the distance and swinging the scimitar downward the blade was halted as if it stuck a block of steel! Aladdin opened his eyes nervously and stared at the thick muscled hand that now gripped the base of that blade showing no sign of harm!

"OHHH YES....I can FEEL IT! Ohh the POWER! the fucking absolute POWER" he grunted as his twig of a forearm BULGED with rippling power, both Jafar and Aladdin watched the wave of growth rush over him! Travelling up his arm as his sleeve burst off! Individual rippling fibers of muscle swelling and BULGING with power as veins snaked up and down the dark toned skin! The old man standing and rising up and UP growing taller as his robes started to fray and stretch across his thickening form!

Aladdin took a swing and another and ANOTHER, but the blade just bounced off the growing gods torso, cutting the stretched robe off, showing his skin changing to a deep red hue! "GO AHEAD and SWING street rat! OHHH Swing while you can! You FOOL! You fucking OHHHH GOD! WITLESS WASTE OF LIFE!" His shoulders bulging and swelling as he doubled in height lurching taller, his growth out of control and forcing his body to jerk and flex without any sign of stopping! His arms stretching down past his knees as he watched his body swell and grow like never before! thickening as his chest and lats continued to heave with every deep intensely pleasurable gasp of breath!

The youth ran to the princesses side, watching as the man grew into the world's newest god! "OH THE UNIVERSE ITSELF WILL BOW BEFORE ME! MY IMMENSE MUSCLES CAN REND THE VERY FABRIC OF REALITY!" he grunted as a single flex of his pecs caused the princesses' clothes to literally vanish! He turned and threw his arms up into a double Bi pose, as his monstrous peaks bulged, Aladdin let out a shriek of pain shrinking in size and shape until he was nothing more than a baby! The towering, still growing god's grunts were only getting louder and more powerful by the second as the genie completed the ultimate wish! His blue form literally fading out of existence as his powers were completely drained!

"WELL PRINCESS LOOKS LIKE YOUR REAL MAN IS NOTHING MORE THAN A MERE CHILD! AS I WARNED YOU!" He laughed his voice dropping so deep as his shredded rags of robes finally exploded off the towering muscle man's 15ft frame! The orgasmic feeling of this growth was so intense even HE was caught off guard!

Jasmine let out a gasp watching his thick legs slowly dissipate, the muscled tree trunks becoming more ethereal as the transformation was progressing just out of control! The hulking behemoths shoulders bulged once again larger, swelling up against his ears as his jaw grew more square and pecs heaved upwards pressing against the base of his chin, almost swallowing his head! A loud CRASH echoed as the red skinned GOD grew right up against the brass domed ceiling! "YOU CANNOT STOP A GOD YOU FOOLS! THIS WORLD IS MINE! ALL POWERFUL! UNSTOPPABLY HUGE! I CAN'T FUCKING STOP GROWING!" He grunted, his body from the waist down merely a swirling maelstrom of gas and cloud until the lusty ever growing beast reached downward and simply started stroking the air itself.

The red clouds of aether started to swirl and grow, stretching from his waist into the form of a monstrous cock! Thickening and growing between his hands, soon bigger than his own arm and growing more massive by the second! "YES PRINCESS I BET YOU WISHED YOU MARRIED ME NOW DIDN'T YOU?!" he asked as he pushed up through the roof of the palace, his cock growing to his pecs! "YOU ARE RIGHT THOUGH I'M NOT A REAL MAN, I"M A GOD! A GROWING ALL POWERFUL GOD!" he moaned as merely GAZING upon him sent the princess into a furious orgasm crumpled up as the all powerful Jafar continued to grow!

Rising up from the ruins of the palace he continued to swell and GROW into the cool night sky! his moans echoing so loudly as he watched the once great city shrink below him! "TO THINK I MERELY WANTED TO RULE THIS CITY! I NOW RULE ALL OF EXISTENCE! A TRUE GOD! AN ALL POWERFUL MUSCLEBOUND GOD!" he laughed his deep voice booming so loudly the earth quaked and the sandy ground cracked open and swallowed up entire houses in the city!

People staring upwards as the night sky was FILLED with this hulking flexing monstrosity! He smiled a wicked grin as his cock bulged against his monstrous pecs "GO AHEAD YOU PITIFUL MORTALS WORSHIP ME, CUM ALL OF YOU! NOW" he barked and with a single thought drove every human on earth into a simultaneous orgasm. It's only fair given the dark terrible things he planned on doing to them all...

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After a long time of reading only, i have my first attempt of writing a story, or better a continuation of a story. I hope you like it, and please forgive mistakes, because my native Language is German.



The orgasm was so shattering that the whole world population, except Princess Jasmine, her Father and the baby Aladdin, collapsed and lost their consciousness. Seeing this, the new God flexed in to a double biceps pose and shouted out loud “NOW I AM YOUR ONE AND ONLY GOD, AND WHEN YOU WILL REGAIN CONSCIOUSNESS ALL MALE ON THIS PLANET WILL BE REFORMED TO MY OWN LIKNESS.” Shortly after shouting this sentence the male population on earth began to transform slowly.


First their bodies started to swell with strong and hard muscles, so big and hard, that all around the world ripping sounds could be heard. After the swelling of muscles, the most important part of the male population began to grow to look like the cock and the balls of their new god. Impotence will never be a part of this world again. Afterwards also the skin-color and hair-color started to change, so that they match the color of their God. Finally the people started to awake, and all around you could hear the population sing and praise their new God.

From outside of the palace everybody inside could hear the people chant, “Hail Jafar, our all powerful and gracious God and Master, we all will serve for all eternity.” Jafar started to grin. After turning to the princess he said to her, “Look princess Jasmine at first, all I wanted was to be your husband and to love you for all eternity, but after you refused me, I could only think of revenge. SO THEREFORE I WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE LIKE YOU HAVE RUINED MINE WITH YOUR REPULSE, PIECE FOR PIECE I WILL TRANSFORM THE LIFE YOU HAVE KNOWN IN TO A LIVING HELL FOR YOU.”


With the end of his last sentence Jafar took the sultan in his hand and said to him, “Listen Sultan of Agrabah, with my never ending power, I will change you, from now on and for all time you will be a new man. And to make things even better, I am going to change your part in history, so that your new you will be known and accepted by the whole population.” The sultan answered monotonous, “Yes Master, please change me, make my life better then before.” “Okay, so let the change begin.”, Jafar said and put the sultan below his humongous god-cock. Then he used his other hand and began to jerk off his monster tool. With the beginning of his orgasm Jafar roared, “AAAAAAHHHHHHHH, WITH THIS CUMSHOT I WILL BAPTIZE YOU AS MY MOST LOYAL SERVANT AND HIGH-PRIEST.” Cumming floods over and over the sultan his body started to absorb Jafars cum.


Seeing his work Jafar started to alter and change the reality. First he used the cum, that the sultan absorbed to transform him in to a real god among men. Therefore he shoutet, “TRANSFORM MY LOYAL SERVANT, GROW MUSCLES BIGGER AND STRONGER THAN ANY MAN ON EARTH” and so it happened. The muscles of the sultan started to swell slowly. First his pecs started to balloon outwards, ripping the chest of his cloths, getting thicker and thicker with slabs of muscles, pushing his now hard and permanent erect nipples downward. Then his traps started to rise and build up higher, at the same time his shoulders got wider and wider with muscle, looking like cannonballs. Then his arms started to fill out, bursting the sleeves of his jacket. Then his legs started to swell with big muscles turning his pants in to shreds. Thick calves an monstrous thighs as big as tree trunks will support the new massive frame of the sultan. The last part of the growing muscles were the back and the abs. First the back swelled, pushing his arms further away from his torso. Then his stomach shrank down until it was flat. But it was not the end, after shrinking down his abs began to contract and relax, so often, that he developed a rock hard chiseled ten-pack. After the muscles of the sultan have stopped their growth Jafar eyed his handiwork and started to smile.



With a moan the sultan said, “Oh yes, thank you for your grace my god.” Then he closed his eyes and started to cum. And with the cumshots his seed started to brighten up until it was a pearly white. Also his cock started to get longer until it looked it would originally be a horse part. But not only his penis got bigger, his balls grew too, to sizes much bigger than any other human. And with the growth of his junk, the sultan started to get younger. First his skin stretched removing the wrinkles, then his skin-tone changed in to the deep red, his god also has, and his white hair turns jet-black like his gods. When he opened his eyes again, they had the same color as his gods. Then his cloths reformed, but it was not the typical garment for a sultan, it was a studded leather harness.


“So after changing your whole body, your history will be adapted and everybody will accept it, even you princess Jasmine.” Jafar said. “So sultan, until the death of your wife your life will be the same, but after your wife died, you were so sad and heartsick, that you thought religion would give your live a new meaning, but you haven’t found the religion that satisfies you, until you found my ancient temple. There you have reawakened me and got my blessing, that has you turned into the being you are now. Being so big, strong and virile you also got another six children, all six are sons, and because they are created with my seed, they are all demi-gods. After the birth of your first son you had a big dispute with you daughter, that you have removed her from the succession to the throne, disinherited her and cancelled the contact to her.” After hearing that, the princess started to cry, but minutes later, she stopped, because all Jafar had said had become reality. And when he lowered the Sultan, behind him were six super attractive demi-gods, all of them were grown up men, because the descendants of Jafar are aging up so fast, that they are fully grown-up, physically and mentally, twenty-one days after their birth.


All six of them are muscular and big cocked like their father, and all of them were clothed in leather harnesses like the sultan. But unlike him some of them were pierced, one in the nipple, one has s Prince-Alberts and one has both. After the seven have stepped down from Jafars hand, he said, “So princess, after taking away your family, I also will alter your great love. You still will love him, but he won’t be the men he was.”


After hearing that, Jasmine suddenly started to cry again, because she realized what Jafar said, but then she started to smile, because of Jafars influence. Then he took the baby Aladdin in one hand and put the other above him, to cover the baby. After he separated his hands again, the baby was transformed in nothing more than a human egg and the squirt of seed orgasmed by his father at the creating orgasm. Seeing the small amont of cum Jafar chukled “Such a puny squirt. When I am done with him, the amount of cum will be much more, because I will replace it with mine.” Hearing that Jasmine started to smile more. “And to strengthen the band that should connect you and him, you will be impregnated with the fertilized egg cell and bear him after a short pregnancy.” When Jafar completed his sentence he started to jerk-off furiously and so long, until he started to cum. Then he used his cumshot to fertilize the egg. Afterwards he used his powers and planted the fertilized egg in Jasmines womb.


Twenty-one days later Jasmine has been in labor. After many hours of pain, she finally gave birth to the new Aladdin, who was now also a demi-god, and totally loyal to his new father Jafar. Another twenty-one days later the new Aladdin was like all other demi-gods a grown up. But unlike his former self, he was now much less naïve, but much more confident, and a little bit self-centered. But a trait from Jafar has come through in his new personality, the great love for Jasmine.


“Finally I got princess Jasmine. Not for myself, but for one of my descendants, and the best thing is, that she is nearly constantly pregnant by him, because of his fertility. So indirect she finally got pregnant by me and also this brought her a new family, at least.” Jafar thought grinning, watching his youngest son pumping his monstrous cock in and out of his wife and thinking of the kids his boy will create with the massive amounts of cum, that he will pump out of his enormous muscular and pierced body.


After watching his other descendants and his high-priest alsos spreading his genes, he started to think what he could do next with his powers…

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Who is the new Aladdin's wife? =3

If it is Jasmine then wouldn't it be incest? <=/

Also: Baby Aladdin? Isn't it pretty illegal by world wide Internet law now to do anything adult with anyone under 18 years old? <=0 Or do I missunderstand something? (I am extremely tired at the moment of writing this so that might be why I might not understand it. ^^;; )

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Who is the new Aladdin's wife? =3

If it is Jasmine then wouldn't it be incest? <=/

Also: Baby Aladdin? Isn't it pretty illegal by world wide Internet law now to do anything adult with anyone under 18 years old? <=0 Or do I missunderstand something? (I am extremely tired at the moment of writing this so that might be why I might not understand it. ^^;; )

No not really. Jasmine would be from her father, and after the Sultan lost his wife, he would be the high-priest and follower of Jafar, so Jasmine would not be a descendant of Jafar.

And I had in mind, that the children of Jafar would magically grow to fully grown-up adults in a short period, so that there is no problem with underage themes. Therefore I wanted them to be 21, because I think then they are in a legal age, depending on different laws I have seen.

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