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MG Project: Test Subject #5 (Ch. 36 The Idiot added 7/23/22)


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7 hours ago, dredlifter said:

Awesome job man!  Great pace.  The change isn't too slow or too fast.  Really enjoying it. 


Would love to see YOU flex too :)

Thanks bigman, glad you are enjoying the story. 

Here's a few flex pics. I also threw up my IG profile link in my profile here. Not a bodybuilder but I love to flex! :)



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On 10/4/2021 at 2:09 PM, HeyDaddy01 said:

Thanks bigman, glad you are enjoying the story. 

Here's a few flex pics. I also threw up my IG profile link in my profile here. Not a bodybuilder but I love to flex! :)



You remind me of these muscle daddies in the stories on this forum.

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Chapter 9 - The Bodybuilder

Nick was an incredible sight to behold and normally I would have taken the time to savor the unreal beauty of this muscular beast positioned to serve, but the Superdrive was still in control and all I could do was dive right in! 

Don’t get me wrong, the Huang Twins were amazing with their 185-pound ripped bodies that were ultra-flexible and could be molded and manhandled in any imaginable way possible. But Nick was a formidable monster and one of the largest men in Texas who had been bulking up in his offseason since our last encounter and was now a mountain of muscle weighing in at 308 pounds! He had also let his natural body hair grow out and had sexy light fur on his legs and arms, with a light covering over his monumental ass. 

David grabbed the giant glutes and parted the way as I aimed my cock towards his hairy manhole. He was already lubed and ready, so I easily slammed every inch down in his tight cave until my balls smacked against him. There was no give in Nick’s body as I crashed into him, he was planted like a muscled tank and didn’t move an inch as I rammed in him as hard as I could. Nick began squeezing his ass muscles in time with my strokes, tightening his hole and rippling his glutes as I fully entered and releasing on the pull back out. The musclefuck went on and on with David standing to our left enjoying the show and slowly stroking his club. I couldn’t believe I was fucking this enormous bodybuilder! It took me about 45 minutes of constant assault before another orgasm took hold and I drowned that muscle-hole with my load. “My turn,” David insisted as he tried to motion me to pull out. 

I KEPT FUCKING! “Not yet, son, I gotta keep pounding this incredible, gigantic ass!” I refused. David then moved to the front and let Nick suck and stroke his colossal club cock. Nick was still planted firmly to the ground; the strength of this stud was impressive and hot as fuck. The globes of his glutes gave way to the tight waist which then shot out incredibly wide to his cobra lats, thick slabs of meat hanging thick on each side. His back also expanded upward due to the thickness of years of focused deadlifts and heavy rows. Sweat had accumulated on his back and ran in streams down the sides and toward his ass, gathering in a small puddle at the base of his tight, Christmas tree erector spinae muscles. His left fist now supported all his upper body weight and my pounding thrusts while his right hand was wrapped around the foot long club of David’s beautiful cock. “Yes daddy, own this ass, give me that fat cock, daddy!” Nick moaned in between swallowing David’s huge meat. 

I KEPT FUCKING! I told Nick I wanted him to flip over. We decided to move over to his oversized sectional sofa with Nick lying flat on his back with each of his 23” calves resting on my shoulders, my arms wrapped around the tree trunk quads as my cock plunged back into the warm, fuzzy hole. David then straddled Nick’s gigantic chest and slapped his dick on his pecs and began fucking the deep valley of his chest, David was bucking and moaning hard as he closed in quickly on his orgasm. With a loud groan David was stroking that huge club frantically as he shot out his cum as he completely drained his balls. David quickly rolled off and stretched out his 6’5’’ frame on the adjacent sectional, looking exhausted from the previous hours of sexual activity.

The sight of the sweaty 308-pound, handsome bodybuilder submitting below me was almost literally quite breathtaking. Nick had raised both hands behind his head, his 23-1/2” guns semi flexed, and the hairy muscle pits were soaked with sweat. I reached out and played with the thick slabs of hairy muscle on his pecs and worked the pointy nipples causing him to moan in ecstasy. David’s residual cum had rolled into the cavern between his pecs and followed the hairy, happy trail down between each brick of his abs down to the well-worn jock which was soaked with several loads of Nick’s own muscle loads.

I KEPT FUCKING! Not sure when it started, and I only realized it when I came out of it, but at some point I went into a mesmerized, hypnotic state where the only thought and focus was my thick cock and the piston thrusting motion and incredible feeling inside Nick’s muscle ass. As I came out of it, Nick was now lying flat face-down on the floor and I was still riding his hole on top of him. David must have gone to the bedroom and crashed on Nick’s bed. I don’t know if I had just cum or what broke me out of my state of mind, but I slowly stopped pumping and just collapsed on top and inside of this beautiful muscle-stud. Nick turned his head to the side and leaned back as we kissed. “That was amazing, daddy!” He said with a huge smile. “You are incredible!” I replied, my hands feeling the bowling ball sized delts and the traps so thick I could barely get my hands around them. 

I rolled off and sat on the floor with my back against the sofa, “I want you to stand up and flex for me, do your routine for me while I stroke this hard daddy dick.” Nick jumped up, grabbed his phone, activated his wireless speakers, and turned on his instrumental music that he used for his latest competition. He then returned to a spot 3 feet in front of me and began his posing routine planting each foot and standing in the bodybuilder ‘relaxed’ position.

The bodybuilder slowly pointed each fist out and down, flexing his huge triceps with his abs tight and his monster quads screaming with striations and veins traveling over the huge terrain. He then raised both fists up and formed a jaw dropping double bicep pose, with each peak forming that envious double head. The lats flared into a ridiculous width and the sweat started to trickle from his hairy pits as he strained from the exertion. He was so massive in every way standing over me he looked unreal. “I’m so fucking pumped daddy! I feel like I’ve been lifting for hours, this is crazy!” Nick then turned to the left side and began to do a side triceps pose but he missed grabbing his arm from behind his back. He tried again and missed again. “I’m so fucking pumped daddy I can’t reach it! This is crazy!” Nick then stopped and went racing down the hall. Two minutes later he came back with his digital scales and plops it on the floor. “I can’t believe this daddy...I don’t know what’s happening,” Nick said with a little shock in his voice as he stepped on the digital scale. “I’ve gained 15 pounds since yesterday!” as the numbers blasted out 324 pounds. 

I laughed and said, “it’s all that muscle daddy cum I’ve been pounding into you for the last 6 hours!” He laughed but then we both stopped and looked at each other wondering could that be true? Did my loaded man-juice really juice him up?

“All I know is I need all 324 pounds of my muscle stud riding this dick, right now!” I commanded as I motioned for Nick to come over and ride my throbbing meat. Nick was one of the best at riding cock. Typically, this is my least favorite position when I’m fucking a stud, I like to be in control and driving my dick in hard. But Nick has a way of constantly changing his rhythm, the depth, the tightness, it’s difficult to explain but the sensations he causes on my cock caused me to shoot another massive load within 15 minutes. I then put him in the oversized chair and started slamming hard into that gigantic, muscled ass. The hypnotic trance came over me again and I lost all focus except for my dick in that tight hairy hole.

A little after 8 pm, David snapped me out of my trance as I was still pumping into Nick. David stood with protein shakes for both of us in hand. I pulled out of Nick’s warm and wet hole still rock hard and downed the giant container.  “Damn daddy, you’ve been fucking for over 16 hours, and you’re still rock hard and ready to go!” David said in amazement. “Yep, I’m still horned up, but I don’t have that Super drive to only fuck now, I think I’m ready for my hole to be stuffed with your big club cock!” 

“Looks like you’ve worn Nick out finally,” David said to the exhausted but still awake bodybuilder under me. Nick smiled but could barely move a muscle. David suggested we head home and let Nick get some rest. Nick barely was able to raise his head to kiss me goodbye once we were dressed and ready to head home.

“We need some food daddy; can we hold off on fucking until later tonight?” David asked as we got into the car heading home “Sure son, I can entertain myself until you’re ready.” I said, as I dropped my shorts and began stroking my throbbing thick cock with both hands. “Oh, and invite over some of your top buds, I feel like my hole is going to need an all-night gang bang!”

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Chapter 10 - The Delivery Drivers (Year 1, 3rd quarter update)

It has been a crazy 6 months since I last updated my journal on the MG Project. Between my workouts, sex, meals, sex, sleep, sex, and work, my 24-hour day is jammed full. Shortly after those 48 hours of non-stop fucking after my first booster procedure, it seems like my life shifted into a different gear and some amazing things happened.  

I started back at my job from my short-term disability leave on the Monday after the booster procedure and was at my desk for a whole hour before the news came in that we were being bought out by another firm. We were then told to go home and await further instructions. Thankfully, later that day I was informed that my position was maintained, and I could also option to work-from-home full time!  Hell Yeah!  This gave me the flexibility to do my work on my schedule which allowed me to continue my weight training and meal schedule with David. 

Speaking of David, we realized that our relationship worked best as a daddy/son, without any romantic interests between the two of us. We continued to have incredible sexual escapades but knew that we weren’t cut out for romance in our relationship. Besides, David was a complete top with zero interest or desire to ever bottom and I was versatile and wanted to have the opportunity to be inside of my lover from time to time. Our bond as a daddy/son was our strength and we thrived in supporting each other in those roles. He continued to train me daily and be my driver (out of choice, not out of necessity), plus support me at home doing chores around the house wherever needed. Interestingly, he and Texas State Trooper, Tony Huang, have become boyfriends and almost inseparable after that night we met 6 months ago. Officer Huang is over every night after his shift, and I’m usually woken up to his moans as David is driving his club cock into that tight little muscled ass. When a total top and a total bottom meet, the pieces fit together like peanut butter and jelly. When they are together, they literally cannot keep their hands off each other, it’s adorable.

While I don’t have a boyfriend, I do have a lot of regular fuck buddies. And I mean a whole lot! Once the initial Superdrive wore off, my sex drive settled back to where I would cum about 3-5 times per day. And when word got out of my stamina and size, boys were lining up to let daddy pound their holes. Add to it another large group of tops and versatile studs who liked pumping my muscle ass and my sex life had never been better. Number one on that list is Bodybuilder Nick. After that complete exhaustive fuckdown after my first booster, he came jumping back like a little puppy begging for more treats. As David says, ``that big boy loves to get daddy fucked!” and he is an insatiable power-bottom who can take all I can give him. We realized that I did give him a size boost during my Superdrive period as we repeated the second booster with a 10-hour marathon of me flooding his manhole and again he put on 15 pounds of mass. Unfortunately, though, the size gain was only temporary and wore off after about a week both times.

I get the sense sometimes that Nick wants something more than just sex, but I’ve kept him at a distance because I just don’t have the time or capacity to devote to someone right now. Maybe in a couple of years once I’m finished with the MG project and my life becomes more settled, then I can focus on that. But for now I’m just focusing on my workouts, enjoying the muscle growth and all the extra benefits I’m experiencing as part of this incredible project.

Tomorrow is my 3rd quarter booster for year one marking 9 months since my original procedure and I’m still amazed at my growth. I’m now 5’11.5” tall (+1.5”) and weigh 258 pounds (+38#), my chest is 49” (+5”) and my waist tightened from 34” to 33” (-1”). My arms and calves both just hit the 19.5” mark (+2”) and I love to flex these big guns in every mirror I pass. My quads were always my weakest body part before, but they have exploded and are just shy of the 30” mark at 29” (+5.5”). My hands and feet continue to grow and I’m now wearing size 12.5 US shoes (+1.5). My almost constant rock-hard cock hasn’t gotten any thicker, but it has gotten longer at 8-¾” (+2”), but I tell everyone it is 9” (LOL). 

I can’t wait for this weekend’s Superdrive Party, which is what the boys now call the weekend after my boosters, it is going to be amazing!  We learned from the previous two booster weekends that we need a couple of power-bottoms for the first day and lots of tops for the second! David and Nick have spent the last month planning the big event with a special curated guest list. Nick, of course, being the primary power-bottom on day 1 and David the super-top on day 2. Terry Huang is closing his garage for the weekend and letting us use his loft playroom for a nonstop 2-day orgy of muscles, man-ass, and man-meat! I can’t wait! 

David and I just got home about an hour ago from the gym and as typical we both stripped down to our jocks and I headed up to my home office on the 2nd floor of the townhouse to do some work. Turns out my primary work project got postponed for three weeks which freed up this time for me to finally write some updates in this journal. 

Bang! Bang! Bang! Someone was pounding on the front door. I waited to hear David saying he’s got it, but nothing. Bang! Bang! Bang! The pounding continued. Frustrated, I jumped up and headed downstairs wondering where David disappeared to and why was this fucking idiot - Bang! Bang! Bang! - pounding on my door. No David in sight, he must’ve slipped out to run an errand and I didn’t hear him say goodbye. Bang! Bang! Bang! “I’m coming, hold on!” I yelled towards the front door, still surprised at how much deeper my voice had become over these past few months. I flipped the deadbolt and threw open the door ready to curse out the fucker who was banging down my door. 

The handsome young man took a step back and his mouth fell open and his eyes got big. He and his partner, standing a few steps behind him, were both dressed in tight white t-shirts and jeans with a Superior Service logo on the right pec. They were both Latino, late 20’s or early 30’s and built! Not from years in the gym sculpting their muscles with weights, nope, these studs were built from lifting heavy furniture and crates, combined with years of hard, physical labor. I then realized I was standing almost naked in my sweaty jock with my always hard cock barely contained in the custom fit pouch. Fuck it, I was pissed at the interruption and just stood my ground. “What do you want?” I barked in my deepest voice.

“I’m suu, su, sorry, Sir. I didn’t mean to bother you, but we have a delivery for this address and since there were no cars in the drive, I wanted to make sure that no one was at home before I left. I rang the doorbell several times, but I don't think it is working.” The young man spoke with a slight accent, clearly nervous and judging by the way his eyes were eating me up and the bulge expanded in his tight jeans, very turned on. 

Realizing I was being a jerk for no reason, I said, “I’m sorry, I just got in from the gym and was about to hit the shower. Come on in guys and let’s get this sorted out and so I’m not standing out here showing my dick and ass to the neighborhood.” I stepped back, ushered the young studs in and then closed the door.

“I’m Juan with Superior Service and this is my helper, Luis, we are here to deliver and set up your custom king size bed.” Juan said as he handed me the tablet with the shipping invoice information for me to review, all the while their eyes were locked in on my jock. He pushed back his long curly black hair and I noted how handsome he was. Juan was the older of the two, around 5’8’’ and around 200 pounds of solid muscle. I reached out my hand and gave him a firm handshake enjoying the feel of his calloused, strong hand in mine. “I’m Jason, and again sorry for snapping at you guys. Oh Yea, the bed, I forgot that it was being delivered today.” I then reached over to Luis and shook his hand, his hands were even rougher, and his handshake was stronger as he tried to outmuscle me in that young buck, macho way. Luis was in his late 20’s, same height as Juan but had about 20 more pounds of beef on him. “Of course, let me show you where it is going to be set up.” I said releasing my grip, “but first let me find some shorts to throw on.” As we all looked down at my huge 9-inch fat cock tenting out the stretched sweaty jock. “That’s Ok Sir, if I was built like you, I don’t think I would ever wear clothes.” Juan said with a smile. “Are you a bodybuilder? You’re so big!” 

“Nah, I’ve never competed. Plus, I can’t really hide this big dick in one of those tiny little posing suits those guys have to wear.” I replied as I wrapped my big paw around the base of my meat. Juan visibly gulped. I turned quickly and headed up the stairs, “follow me.” 

I intentionally stopped short at the top of the stairs letting the studs get a close-up view from their lower steps of my exposed muscle ass framed by my jock straps as I took an extra few seconds to flip on the light switch to the upstairs hallway. I then took a right to the recently emptied master bedroom and said, “here we go, in here and I want it up against this back wall. Just be careful with the mirrors.” as I pointed to the wall of mirrors to my left and on the ceiling. My exposed pit sent out a wave of musk as I raised my arm to indicate the upper mirrors. The intended effect hit them both like a wave and I watched as the urge to orgasm began to build. I lowered my arm quickly and hit a full most muscular pose in the mirrors. “Damn, maybe I should think about competing, I’m so fucking massive!” I said in a joking, cocky bro kind of way. I hit the pose again and smiled over at the young delivery guys with their mouths open in a silent expression of awe. I broke off the flex and said, “I could do this all day but let me get out of the way and let you guys get to work on installing this bedroom furniture. “How long do you think it will take?” I asked Juan as I popped my hairy pecs. His eyes watching my thick muscles jump up and down, he took a moment, regained himself and replied, “Sir, it should take less than an hour to unload, assemble, and install the furniture.” As I was walking out of the room, I said, “Great, let me know if you need anything, I’m going to grab my phone and then hit the showers.” They both replied in unison, “Yes, Sir.”

I went to the office and grabbed my phone and then went back to the master bathroom and intentionally left the door fully open and turned on the shower and quickly dropped my sweaty jock to the center of the floor. As I stood up and turned facing the sink and mirror, my fat cock smacked my 6-pack abs and stood at the full and upright position. Just then, the delivery studs walked into the room with their toolboxes, and I could see in my peripheral vision they were checking out my erect cock. This game continued as I faked looking and responding to items on my phone before I finally stepped into the glass doored shower stall which had a direct line of sight to the master bedroom. I showered and soaped up my pumped body with the guys going up and down the stairs with equipment, boxes, and furniture pieces, always sneaking looks. As I finished drying off in the walk-in closet and threw the towel in the laundry chute, Luis tapped on the open door, his sweaty body filling the width of the door frame as his white t-shirt was now clear and molded to his body, wet with sweat from all the lifting, climbing stairs, and building furniture. “We’ve finished Papi, I mean Sir, if you’d like to take a look?” I smirked at the slipup and thought, another hot young stud with daddy issues. “Sure thing,” I grabbed some shorts to put on, but Luis said, “You’re not going to need those” and motioned for me to come on back through the bathroom to the bedroom. Luis licked his full lips as he stared at my throbbing dick.

I guess I should backup and explain that this was not some ordinary bedroom furniture that I purchased. I had decided that with my predictive muscular growth over the next few years that I needed a sturdier bed and I landed on a steel caged bed that I purchased from a BDSM furniture supplier. It was a solid four poster style with an adjustable sling option and built-in restraints with a lot of other fun features. 

As I walked into the room, Juan was completely naked, gagged, and strapped into the sling which extended out at the end of the bed. “I thought you might want to test it out, so I tied up this little bitchboy for you to use, Sir.” Luis said from behind as he was removing his sweaty t-shirt and jeans.

Luis had a thick, uncut cock framed with an untamed black bush of hair. He was a little bit longer than me at 9.5” and I couldn’t resist dropping to my knees and savoring his Columbian cock! His sweaty crotch gave off a strong, manly scent as I deep throated that uncut sausage. After getting him soaked with spit, I said, “now let’s tag team this little pig and make him squeal!”

We spent the next few hours, with the addition of David when he returned, to triple teaming Juan in the sling. At one point after we had released Juan from the sling and tied him up in the bed, Luis and I double penetrated his hole and that set me off to an incredible orgasm feeling the thrusting of Luis’ meat against mine inside of that tight ass. The night ended with all four of us dog-piled in the new bed, sweaty, cum-soaked, and exhausted. The delivery drivers got a big tip when I sent them on their way the next morning, Superior Service indeed!

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  • HeyDaddy01 changed the title to MG Project: Test Subject #5 (Ch. 36 The Idiot added 7/23/22)

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