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  1. Warning: This is a snuff story. Many people die senselessly and violently in it. Do not read further if that's not your thing. While Nick was off at the club, Tony had his own fun one night. Teenage Destroyers 7.75: Tony at the Starlight Motel Tony looked at his reflection in the mirror. “Gonna have fun tonight,” he thought to himself as he looked at his huge body. The improbably large teenager facing the mirror, smiling, was fucking huge; height, build, body, fucking everything about him was enormous! His face was strong, green eyes staring back at the mirror. He was 6’ 5” tall and he weighed over 300 pounds, all of it solid muscle. His skin shined as his muscles bulged underneath. He flexed his 28 inch arms and watched as his biceps bulged into gigantic balls of rippling fibers of muscle covered with veins. Tony pulled on a white shirt, almost see through from how tightly it stretched across his chest. His chest was massive, pecs so astoundingly large he looked like he could bury someone's head between them. Small rips had formed around their enormity from the stress they put on the garment, the same tears appearing around his mind-blowing biceps. He slid on a pair of black shorts. They clung more tightly to his legs than his shirt did to his torso, not even covering half of his quads, the barrel-sized start of his legs looking strong enough to crush watermelons! This teen god’s calves and feet were huge as well; practically every pound on him dedicated to pure, raw power. Between his legs, pushing out the front of her tight shorts, was an absolutely monstrous protuberance; even through the dark material there was no guessing what it was that was pulling the fabric even tighter around his waist. A gigantic, tubular bulge that curled on itself several times distended the dark fabric, making the material of his shorts almost sheer from the strain, the end of it creating a certain bell-shaped protrusion against one of his humongous thighs. "Aw fuck yeah!" He grinned at his reflection and squeezed his enormous bulge, anticipating the fun he was about to have. He headed out the door and drove down the highway. Room 101 Tony pulled in to the gravel lot of the Starlight Motel. Only a few cars were in the lot of this middle-of-nowhere building. This would do. He made his way to the lobby. Ben was manning the front desk this night, bored out of his mind. Everyone had checked in; a few traveling businessmen, a group of guys having a weekend rager, the usual crowd. He was about to lock up when he saw Tony walk in the door. His heart skipped a beat. Tony was stunning. He looked like he was made of granite. “Like what you see?” he said. “It’s Tony, by the way.” Tony extended his massive hand. "B-b-b-Ben." Ben stammered, "Holy shit! You’re fucking huge!” he blurted out. “You like big men like me, Ben?” Tony didn't even ask for a room. He didn't need to. Ben nodded slowly. He was totally smitten with big muscle men. “Yeah..."" Ben said, staring up and down Tony's godly form. "What the hell was a guy like him doing here?" Ben thought to himself, his head clouding with lust. Tony rotated his forearm, which looked about as big as Ben’s thigh, and totally ripped to shreds. “Jesus,” Ben gasped. “I-it's a slow night and I was gonna close up. Do you maybe want to come back to my room?” He couldn't believe he just said that, he never was so forward! Ben stood up quickly and pointed toward the door behind him. Tony smiled and followed. Ben turned off the lobby light and showed Tony to his place. Ben closed the door as Tony grabbed him from behind and squeezed his tight ass cheeks. He ran his hands over Ben's shoulders and rubbed his chest and caressed his nipples under his shirt. Ben's cock was hard. He felt Tony's strong chest against his back, warm and muscular. Tony's cock grew in his shorts. His other arm reached down to Ben's crotch and he squeezed at his balls and cock. Ben felt his hot breath on his neck. Tony whispered in his ear, "Let's get more comfortable." Ben led him to the bed. Tony slipped Ben's shirt off and rubbed his hands against his firm, smooth chest. Ben pulled off his jeans and lay on the bed. He looked down at Ben. His naked body looked inviting. His cock was hard and pulsated as dribbles of precum oozed out and dripped onto his stomach. Tony peeled off his shirt and shorts, revealing his massive frame. Ben was totally flabbergasted by the big man’s body. It was like granite. Golden skin, no hair, and a dick that was a good 10 inches soft. He whimpered and came without touching himself. “Holy fuck dude,” Ben said. “How much bigger does that thing get?” Tony smiled, grabbing his meat and swinging it like a club. “How much bigger do you want it to get?” Ben shook his head. “You're unreal,” he said. Tony chuckled. “I get that a lot. Suck this big tool, punk.” Ben gulped but he dove on it. He couldn't fit more than half of the growing member in his mouth, but his enthusiasm pleasured Tony. When Ben came up for air, he got a full view of the 16 inch long goliath between Tony's legs. It was bigger than his forearm! Tony eased Ben down on the bed, then covered Ben’s small, strong body with his own. It took both of Ben’s hands to circle Tony’s gigantic cock, he stared in wonder as he stroked the thick shaft. Tony positioned his hands on either side of Ben’s much smaller frame, the giant shaft of his monsterous cock slapping against Ben’s torso, stretching from his pubes to his pecs. Tony lifted his hips back, pulling himself from Ben's grasp. Ben felt Tony’s big dick begin to probe his manhole. He started to shake his head, to tell Tony no, but Tony just smirked back, pushing forward insistingly. Ben was aflame with desire. Never had he been with a man so huge, so built, so hard, so intimidating. Tony’s body was made of marble, completely unpliable, but his touch was like fire. “Give it to me,” Ben cried out. “I need it!” The teen god heeded the call, his member growing ever larger, thicker, his thrusting slow at first, but then quicker and more excited. It was only after Tony passed the 13-inch mark that Ben began to show signs of distress, and even those were submerged in the frenzy of his lust. Only at the very end did Ben seem to understand that something was amiss. Ben’s eyes began to bulge when he realized that Tony’s ever lengthening rod was going to puncture his sphincter. Ben looked down to see his abs distended as an orange-sized bulge—the head of Tony’s cock—was muscling up towards Ben’s sternum. “Tony,” he said between grunts. “Tony, what are you doing to me? I, uh, I don’t think…” The teen god put his big hand across Ben’s mouth. “Shut up,” he said. “Take it.” Ben closed his eyes, his passion continuing to build. Ben’s gasp of pain was muffled by Tony's hand, as was his shriek of pain when it became clear that Tony was going all the way to the hilt. Only when the muscle god’s tool bottomed out did Ben orgasm, its full mammoth expanse tearing his internal organs to shreds. “Tony,” Ben murmured. “Thank you…” His eyes closed as the life left his body, sending Tony over the edge. He groaned as he unloaded inside Ben's shredded innards, jet after jet filling his chest cavity. He held Ben's bloated body in his arms for another minute before lifting him off and dropping him at the foot of the bed. Tony was still horny. He flexed his still hard cock, spraying the last dregs of his orgasm across the floor. He heard the shower turn on in the next room. "Perfect," he thought. He headed next door. Room 102 Danny was enjoying a long shower after a full day on the road. Meeting after meeting had drained him, and he was looking forwards to heading home tomorrow. Steam filled the bathroom as he relaxed. He admired his lean muscles; he took pride in staying fit even when on the road. His thoughts drifted as he closed his eyes and relaxed. Suddenly, Danny could feel a presence, a change in the air. He turned to look behind him, and standing there was a huge monster of a man. Danny speechlessly ogled the vast expanse of the pectoral muscle that blocked his exit from the shower. He had to be six and a half feet all and covered in such muscle that he looked like a wall. Fully naked, a massive cock stood at attention, all the way up to between the giant's shelf-like pecs! Was this a dream? A nightmare? "WHAT THE-" he could barely get out a word before Tony shoved him against the shower wall so hard the air was forced out of his lungs. He slipped, bumped his head against the tile, and slid to the floor; Tony towered above him; naked, his cock fully erect and dripping with pre-cum. Tony squeezed at his balls and ran his hand up his lengthy shaft. He felt his veins, the blood pulsing, the hot water washing away the dried blood off his body and highlighting his pumped muscles. Danny looked up in awe and fear. His erection throbbed as he tried to see through the stars in his eyes. Tony pulled Danny up by the armpits, and while dizzy, Danny finally got a look at his giant assailant. Tony's handsome, boyish face atop an impossibly large body. His arms with biceps unflexed yet still so unbelievably huge and wide. Danny whimpered; he was breathtaking. "Aw fuck yeah, you'll do nicely." Tony rumbled. Danny wanted to scream but no noise could come out. Tony stepped forward, forcing Danny to stumble backwards again. He pressed his chest muscle up against Danny’s face. "Yeah," he grunts. Tony continued moving forward slowly, backing Danny into the wall of the bathroom. Tony wedged Danny’s face into his deep pectoral crevice, his skull pinned to the wall. "You want to lick these massive pecs, don’t you, bitch? I’ll bet you’re just dyin’ to." He chuckled. Danny’s head was caught between the deadly halves of Tony’s chest. He couldn’t see. All he could hear is Tony’s heart pumping strongly, the heat of the blood nourishing the muscle in which he was trapped. Danny couldn't help but run his hands over the slick pectorals rippling around him. Danny opened his mouth and let the tip of his tongue slowly draw a trail along the smooth skin of Tony’s mountainous pec. Tony grinned and put his palm behind Danny's head, pressing him into the bulging pectoral muscle, then slowly caused his chest to harden as he held Danny's head in place with his oaken arm. Danny was trapped, enclosed in a cocoon of steel-hard muscle, held fast in Tony’s powerful arms. Large, tunnel-like veins throbbed near the surface of the skin on his biceps and forearms. Danny’s naked torso was covered by Tony’s arms, roughly pressing the poor man against the cold tile and hot slabs of muscle. Danny began pounding on Tony's chest as the pressure increased upon his skull, suffocating him. "Oh hey sorry dude," Tony laughing, relaxing his pecs. "Guess I don't know my own strength," he lied, letting the poor man catch his breath. Tony lifted Danny up and positioned his ass over his pulsing teen cock and slowly brought him down onto the pre cum spurting cock head. He moaned deeply as his hot, throbbing fuck pole penetrated the doomed man's virgin ass. Danny screamed. Tony pushed Danny's head back between his pecs, muffling him. He wrapped his other arm around the man's waist and began fucking in earnest. He could feel his cock quiver with pleasure with each organ that tore as he drove further and further into the poor guy's body. Danny’s feet didn’t reach the floor. But he wasn’t going anywhere. Tony began to squeeze him tighter as he thrust, Danny's head trapped between his pecs. His eyes rolled back in their sockets as he faded in and out of consciousness, but somehow he knew what was about to happen. This was it. Tony's deadly arms slowly wound tighter and tighter around Danny. CRAAAACK! Danny’s twig-like arms snapped. Tony dug the bending of the ribs and the "pop" of bones breaking against his mass. As Tony’s arms tightened and flexed the muscles in them became absurdly rock-hard. Tony hissed out a pleasured, "Oh, FUCK yeah!" as he flexed his massive chest to rock hard fullness and Danny's face was crushed between the powerful teen's outstretched palm and his rippling pectoral. The sudden spray of blood on his chest sent Tony over the edge. As he reached orgasm, his dick shot great, steaming wads of cum into the broken man's body. Tony continued flexing as he unloaded, blood and cum spurting out of Danny's ass and mouth. Danny's limp body slid up and down through a thick layer of cum, burying his broken face under a mask of white. After a minute, Tony loosened his hold and transitioned into a most muscular pose. He brought his two giant fists together and flexed his deadly muscles, which allowed the twisted, broken corpse to slide to the floor. Danny's asshole was permanently resized, cum pouring from a gape large enough to fit a tennis ball. Tony’s body was covered with blood and jizz, which accentuated the peaks and valleys of his unthinkably lethal physique. He was breathing heavily, and his massive chest heaved with each breath. Tony relaxed, letting the hot water cleanse him. Tony shut off the water. He grabbed a towel and dried off, leaving Danny in a heap in the corner of the bathroom, blood pooling on the floor. "Aw yeah," Tony thought to himself, "tonight is getting so fucking good." Room 103 Jay sauntered leisurely out of his room, ice bucket in hand. His partner Dean was on the bed, watching TV. Jay made it just a few steps out the door when he glanced up and saw Tony emerge from the room next door, the huge bodybuilder fully nude, bloodlust in his eyes. Tony turned his head and spotted the poor man, an evil smile growing on his face. Jay almost stopped dead in his tracks, a voice in his head telling him that he had stumbled into something very bad. Both guys broke into a mad sprint towards the door to Jay and Dean's room. Tony swiftly seized Jay by his belt and grappled him into a headlock, squeezing the poor man's skull between his impenetrable lats and granite biceps. Jay kicked and punched as he tried to break free, but his efforts bounced uselessly off Tony's solid muscles. With Jay under one arm, Tony wrapped his hand around the doorknob. Jay tried to call out to warn Dean but couldn't breathe, his face turning red. Tony pressed his shoulder against the door and pushed. The wood splintered and popped, the door broke from the frame, and the knob came off in his hand. Tony pushed his way in. "OH MY GOD JAY!" Dean screamed. He ran to the two men, punching helplessly at Tony's arms. Tony laughed, his cock getting hard again. Dominanting these two weaklings so easily was making him so horny. With his other arm, he grabbed Dean by the throat and hoisted him up, holding him at arm's length. Jay let out a whimper as he saw Dean struggle. "Who are you? What do you want with us?!" Dean cried, tears welling in his eyes as he tried to pull Tony's hand open with both arms. "Just a guy looking for a good time," Tony chuckled. "And to fuck up some punks." With that he threw Dean onto the bed, his head hitting the headboard with a thud. "Time to watch your friend die." Tony said, staring straight into Dean's eyes. Tony lifted Jay up with both arms. With astonishing ease he hoisted him over his head, dropped to one leg, and savagely swung the man's spine straight down onto his knee, every muscle in his substantial frame suddenly exploding in size. The spinal column immediately broke in two, Jay seized and let out a sharp, gruesome yelp, his head thrown back. Dean cried as Tony dropped the broken body onto the bed. Tony tore off Jay's pants, and rammed his 16-inch beast into the man's ass. Dean tried to move, to grab his phone or get away, but he couldn't. He was paralyzed in shock as he looked into his partner's dying eyes. Jay was still alive, completely helpless. His eyes were frozen with fear and he shrieked as he felt his ass splitting in half to accomodate the enormous intruder, which effortlessly drove through his body, rupturing his sphincter muscles and pushing organs out of the way. The curved, symmetrical globes of Tony's ass tensed with hard muscle as he pumped his pelvis. Jay was completely submerged beneath the sweaty muscular mass and he was moaning, barely conscious. Tony stared into Dean's eyes as he pounded Jay, the feeling of completely dominating and destroying these two guys was making him harder than ever. He wrapped his arms around Jay's chest, lifting him up to give Dean a better look at the enormous bulge of Tony's cock punching its way through Jay's innards. Tony roared as he flexed his deadly arms around the dude's torso. There was a grisly crunching noise as the guy's chest caved inwards. "uh..uhhh....UHHHH!!!!!" Jay cried out loudly as his own ribcage imploded, his heart was compressed and instantly crushed against his deforming spine and bursting internal organs. His expression was frozen in shock, his mouth gasped twice, before his face relaxed. Dean let out a helpless wail. "Mmmppfff!!" Tony grunted and suddenly seized as his ass-muscles tightened in successive waves and his broad muscle-laden backside tensed and arched. Tony's hefty balls, wedged between his sweaty crotch and the dead man's ass-cheeks, summoned up a vast reservoir of jizz and purged nearly a pint of hot, sticky fluid into the welcoming anus. When he was finished, he unwrapped his arms, and pushed Jay's body off his cock. "Wh...why did you have to kill him?" Dean said, sniffling. "Because...snuffing punks like you makes me cum so hard." he whispered moving towards Dean, licking his lips, "And I know you enjoyed watching me destroy him. Your dick's been rock hard since I walked through that door." Tony growled. It was true, Dean's hand had been in his pants for most of Jay's destruction. He couldn't help but to cum at the sight of Tony's sweaty muscles, flexing and pumping as he fucked. He felt guilty and yet, his cock had never been harder staring at the teen god. "You want me more than you've ever wanted anything, don't you bitch? Look at me, look at my muscles." Tony whispered as he flexed, his sweat highlighting his unbelievable muscle. Without another word Dean reached out and began to rub his hands over the vast expanse of Tony's muscle packed thighs. "My God," he gasped, "your muscles are like steel!" "Kiss them weakling," Tony commanded. "Worship my body." Dean couldn't help but reach out and rub his hand across the expanse of Tony's rippling, blood slick chest. As he reached his massive pecs, Tony slowly flexed, securing Dean's hand in the deep crevice. He stared into Dean's eyes. "Before I snuffed your friend, I crushed the guy next door with my pecs. Broke his fucking face just by flexing. Then I fucked him and pumped him so full of cum it was shooting out both ends. The guy before him I skewered on my cock and filled him until he was more cum than blood." Dean gasped as he continued to feel the rippling, powerful muscle of this god. "You like that? You like hearing about me dominating little shits like you?" Tony taunted. He moaned as he erupted in orgasm, splattering Tony with his cum. Tony laughed and palmed Dean's head, using it to wipe the cum from his abs and chest, and guided Dean to his apple-sized cockhead. “Yeah, worship this fucking muscle beast,” murmured Tony as he slapped Dean with the 16 inch weapon. Dean's face was getting bruised by the long, thick weapon, but he was still worshipping Tony’s muscles, now running his hands on his huge legs and calves. Tony jammed his cock down Dean’s throat and started skullfucking him. With every thrust, he forced more and more of his oversized weapon in. Dean moaned and gagged as Tony fucked his face, a stream of hot precum pouring down his throat. Over a foot of thick, veiny meat pistoned its way in and out of Dean's throat. He began to drift in and out of consciousness, his airways being crushed by Tony's relentless pounding. Dean looked up pleadingly as Tony wrapped his huge hand around the dude’s neck and squeezed, crushing his esophagus and making more friction between the dude’s esophagus and his cock. “Yeah, feels good,” he said. “Your throat feels so fucking good!" Then he started thrusting harder and squeezing harder. Finally he yelled “Yeah, yeah, YEAH!” as he spurt gush after gush of cum down inside Dean’s stomach. Cum sprayed out of Dean's nostrils and the sides of his mouth. Tony felt Dean's body twitch as his lungs were flooded with muscle cum. His torso swelled until it looked like it would burst. When Tony finished, he pulled his cock out and squeezed Dean's neck until it snapped. "Aw yeah, fuckin' beast..." Tony growled as he flexed his arms. "Fuckin' bones me." Next door, he could hear music and multiple voices, chatting loudly. Tony smiled as he curled his arms, the night wasn't over yet. Room 104 The music blaring from Room 104 was so loud that the four guys inside hadn't heard the screaming and banging noises from the rooms down the hall. As they sat around chugging beers, suddenly the door to their room burst open with a loud crack. Tony strutted into the living room, fully nude. The guys looked at the huge teen in shock. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" The guys jumped up, not sure if they should run or fight. “I’m lookin’ for some dudes. I wanna fuck ‘em up.” he said, his massive body filling the doorway. The men stared, slackjawed, at the teen's gargantuan, rippling torso...They had never seen so much vein encased, rippling muscle on any man, no matter what age. The teen had the neck of a bull, triceps as large as a man's head and boulderous biceps...his pectorals hung out, defying gravity, rippling with power...his dark brown, silver dollar sized nipples pointing straight down to his deep 8 pack abs and shockingly narrow waist. Between his legs hung the longest, thickest cock they'd ever seen on any man, perfectly framed between his chiseled legs. One of the guys, Pete, pissed himself at the sight, even as he felt his cock twitch. He had never imagined any being so huge, so perfect, so sexual. His breathing got rapid and he started to sweat profusely. All four guys couldn't help themselves, their cocks sprung to life at the sight of the rock hard anatomy chart of rippling muscle standing before them. Tony stroked his cock as he saw his effect on the men. It began to pulse and rise, throbbing at full mast before the muscle teen's heaving, rippling pectorals, a string of pre-cum slowly stringing from the slit in it's massive crown. "So, who wants first?" Tony growled, flexing. His lats filled the doorway, blocking their exit. The four men looked at each other, a mix of confusion, fright, and sexual attraction filled their heads. The closest two guys, Chris and Paul, ran at Tony and started throwing punches at him. He laughed as their fists bounced harmlessly off his rock hard body. Tony grabbed the backs of the shirts of the attackers and held them at his sides. He smashed his hands together like he was doing dumbbell flys, smashing their two bodies together. Their faces hit each other, breaking their noses and jaws. He smashed them together again and then let them fall to the floor. Their faces were broken and their chests were battered and bruised. Paul started crawling towards the door. Tony laughed evilly. He smashed down with his tree trunk of a leg, breaking his thigh bone with the powerful blow. Then he did the same thing with the other thigh bone. “You’re not goin’ anywhere, bitch,” he said as Paul writhed in pain. “And neither are you,” he said to Chris who was looking at him in awe and fear. Tony hoisted him up by his shirt and spun him around. Chris suddenly felt Tony's impossibly thick forearm reach across his sternum and the palm firmly grip his shoulder, while the other palm swiftly enwrapped his mouth. Tony savagely jerked the guy's head hard to the right. “I’m gonna fuck you all to death.” Tony declared as he dropped Chris' body to the floor. Pete and Brent, the remaining two men in the room, were frozen in fear. They couldn't believe how fast and brutal Tony was. Paul lay on the ground, barely breathing but alive. Chris' body lay at Tony's feet, his head bent the wrong way around. As if to make his point, Tony bent over and pulled Chris up by the head. He cupped his palms on either side and began to squeeze. His deltoids and triceps began to swell and channel a deadly, muscle-driven force down his arms, all of the destructive energy flowing straight into Chris's skull. The head imploded between his clenched hands with a sudden upwelling of blood, skull fragments and brain matter. "FUCK YEAH!" Tony roared triumphantly. He flexed his insane body, every inch of him appearing to double in size. Tony's cock spurt a jet of precum, landing at Pete's feet. Pete shuddered, the wet spot in his pants growing again. He had never seen such a huge, muscular person in his life. "NO!" Brent squealed, the sight of Chris' crushed head shocking him to his senses. He hopped to his feet and tried to dash behind Tony towards the door. But Tony was too fast, clotheslining Brent with his rock-solid arm. He pulled Brent up until he was eye-level with his goliath cock, a steady stream of precum now dripping from its head. Tony swayed his hips, beating Brent's face with his hard member and coating it in clear slime. "What the fffuck! Let go! LET GO of me!" Brent sputtered as his body thrashed and bucked. Tony erupted into laughter as he watched the utter uselessness of the weaker man's attempts to pry away his vice-like grip. He laid back on the bed, dragging Brent with him. He pressed his cockhead to Brent's lips. "Put it in your mouth and suck on that shit." Brent tried to resist, but one thrust from Tony sunk the solid head straight into his mouth. Tony could feel the warmth of Brent's mouth pleasingly envelope around his dick. He placed his palms on Brent's skull and began to firmly guide it in and out, in and out, and a long moan escaped his lips as he felt that tight throat slide against his oversized meat. Tony swung his legs up and clamped his thick calves around the man's neck, then swiftly jerked him forward and drew the face deeper into his crotch, locking his ankles tight behind his back. Brent's face quickly went beet red as the thighs closed further in, squished against his cheeks and forcing his mouth to open wider, letting Tony shove his full length inside. "Hey, buddy." Tony said to Pete who was sitting in the corner, wide-eyed. He had undone his pants and was jerking himself as he watched Tony. "How powerful do you think my legs are, huh? Do you think-"Tony flexed and his quads swelled to unbelievable proportions. Brent squawked as the crushing pressure amplified tenfold. "You think..." Tony grunted, "...I could fucking....err...break his neck?" He twisted his hips sharply. Pete nearly jumped when he heard the swift, sharp crack of the neck snapping. A wild spasm twitched through the man's body, his arms flew up in the air, then flopped limply to his sides. The sound sent Tony over the edge, his cock blasting pure white jizz straight into Brent's stomach. Tony grunted and flexed as he unloaded, Brent's head nearly buried under the mass of Tony's thighs. When he was done, Tony closed his eyes for a moment, a look of deep satisfaction on his face. Tony unlocked his legs and pushed Brent to the floor. Brent's stomach was bloated, as if he had chugged a keg. His head was bent forward, cum and blood seeping from his nostrils, ears, and mouth. Tony stood up and looked down at Paul, the other man who had charged at the beginning. His breathing was ragged; Tony's dumbbell flys with him and Chris had cracked a few ribs. Tony smiled, his cum-covered cock still throbbing hard. Tony picked up Paul and bent him over the edge of the bed. He ripped off Paul's clothes and slapped his ass. “You ever been fucked, dude? You ever had a huge piece of muscle stud meat jammed up your little ass?” Paul looked at Tony in fear and shook his head. He was a total virgin. Tony rubbed his cock and turned Paul around. In one huge thrust, Tony rammed his 16-inch long cock up the man’s ass. The hard weapon broke Paul’s sphincter muscles and smashed through his intestines. Tony started thrusting his hips at the same time he was pulling back on the dude’s shoulders with his huge arms. Tony’s abs were like bricks of muscle, pounding his huge cock in and out of the guy’s bleeding asshole. A beer can sized bulge pushed out of Paul's abdomen, stretching the skin so taut that the outline of Tony's cockhead was easily seen with each thrust. "Aw yeah dude, tearing you apart!" Tony growled as he sped up. Paul's blood and guts lubricated the deadly monster, amplifying Tony's pleasure. Paul's guts bulged out further, as Tony bent him backwards. Spasms of pain surged through Paul's body, contracting his ass muscles and giving Tony even more pleasure. Suddenly Tony’s cock burst through the Paul’s abs. The power of his muscles was so great that he forced his cock all the way through the man’s body. Tony roared as he saw his blood-covered monster cock sticking out of Paul's shredded guts. He came as he fucked the dude’s dying body, spurting gush after gush of his perfect cum onto the bed and floor in front of them. “Fuckin’ weaking,” he said as he pulled out his cock and dropped the lifeless body to the floor. Tony looked around the room, breathing heavily from his last fuck. Blood was smeared across his chest and dripping down his legs, highlighting the contours of Tony's bulging muscles. Pete sat in the corner of the room, quietly moaning as he came down from cumming again when he watched Tony fuck and snuff his friend. Tony swaggered over to Pete, his powerful arms swaying by his sides, swollen with killing-power. Tony pulled Pete to his feet and the two of them stood in front of the floor-length mirror. The contrast between their bodies was incredible. Tony completely dwarfed the little man. Tony grabbed the man's ass. "You got a sweet little ass, man," he said. "My big cock's gonna love that tight little ass." Pete shuddered as he realized that Tony's monster was level with his shoulders. Would it go all the way through him? Tony flexed his thighs. His huge quads sprang to attention, rippling with mass and cuts. He had way more muscle in one of his thighs than the man had in his whole body. He spun Pete around so he was facing him and grabbed the man's hands, guiding them to his chest. "Feel a real man's muscle, wimp," he said. Pete ran his fingers over the huge, flexed muscles. His cock started to harden again as he felt the young giant's huge muscles. Tony looked down and smiled as he saw the effect his body was having on the smaller man. Pete couldn't help himself as his dick got harder and harder. He was getting turned on by Tony's body even though he knew that body was going to fuck him and then kill him within a matter of minutes. Tony grabbed the hair on the back of the man's head and pushed his face into his thick, hard blood-covered cock. "Lick it clean," he ordered. Pete started licking Tony's huge 16 inch weapon. Tony kept hold of the man's head and moved him up and down over his huge cock. His cock started twitching with pleasure as the man's tongue caressed it. He started licking Tony's huge balls, balls that were the size of big lemons. Tony groaned with pleasure as he felt the man's little tongue on his huge balls. Pete moaned as he tasted Tony's precum, lapping at the giant head like a fountain. After his cock was clean of Brent's remains, Tony pulled Pete to his feet. "I wanna fuck," growled Tony. Pete looked into Tony’s eyes and said. “I want you to fuck me the hardest you have ever fucked. I want to give you the best fuck ever.” Tony was caught offguard. Did this guy *want* to be snuffed? He'd fucked plenty of muscle-crazed worshippers, but they were usually begging for mercy by the end of it. Without asking, Pete answered his question by raising his head and kissing Tony's neck. “Fuck me. Fuck the shit out of me,” he said. He was completely drunk on lust. He started kissing Tony’s body, feeling those big hard muscles. “Aw yeah dude! Look at the body of the biggest fucking musclegod on earth! Tell me I’m a monster and a beast! Tell me I’m a god! Worship me, you muscleslut!” Pete's complete submission to him made Tony hornier than ever. Tony wrapped his left arm around Pete's thin chest. With his right hand he grabbed his cock and guided it to just the right place at the man's tight ass crack, just barely touching the soft flesh of the man's round butt. Tony picked him up and slid his meat between Pete's legs. Even from behind him, Tony's cock stuck out twice as far as Pete's. The heat radiating from Tony's meat made the smaller man whimper. Pete took a deep breath, knowing what was about to come. Without a word, Tony lifted Pete into the air and jammed his rock hard cock into Pete’s ass. Pete’s eyes got bright and his cock got even harder. “Oh god, oh god!’ he yelled and he shot a huge spurt of cum all over his chest. Tony held the man by the chest and raised him up and down on his cock, only stuffing a foot of his massive meat inside. He watched his image in the mirror as his huge muscles lifted the man up and down on his cock like it was nothing. He felt the muscles of the man's ass try to tighten around the head of his cock as he lifted the ass up, but he knew his cock was too big and hard for those little muscles to resist when he forced himself in again. After a few minutes of this, he let go with his hands, Pete dangling in the air impaled on Tony's beast. "Look, my cock is stronger than you," he laughed, "It can lift your pathetic little body like a feather." He twitched his cock and Pete bounced up and down. "How does it feel to be lifted off your feet by just my fucking monster cock, bitch?!" smirked Tony looking at their reflection in the mirror. He swayed his hips causing his hard-on and the man perched atop to swing madly from side to side. "I…..I….." Pete trailed off losing the power of speech. His whole body bounced up and down as Tony's mighty knob throbbed inside his ass. "I can't take this anymore….." moaned Pete, pleasure pulsating through his body, "I'm gonna…..gonna….." Pete moaned and came, spraying his load on the mirror. Tony gripped Pete's hips and held him in place, the smaller man's orgasm pleasuring his own rod. Pete stared at their reflection, the mountain of muscle surrounding him. "Please," he begged. "Let me worship you!" Pete cried. Tony corkscrewed Pete on his cock to face him. Pete shoved his face into Tony's pecs, feeling the hard muscles as Tony fucked him harder and harder. He called Tony a beast, a god. He moaned as he recounted how easily Tony destroyed his friends. With his talk and his worshipping, he brought Tony to an absolute peak of erotic pleasure as Tony fucked his little ass. Then, with one incredibly powerful thrust of his hips, Tony rammed his cock all the way into the man's ass, forcing all 16 inches inside. Pete felt his guts tear apart, pain shooting through his body, blood pooling beneath him. Tony covered Pete's mouth, muffling his cries as he thrust his full length into him. "This what you wanted right?" Tony said softly into Pete's ear, "Thinking about my awesome strength. Do you like the way my body feels? Huh? Your ass is so fucking tight man..." Pete was barely conscious, he could barely see the stud’s handsome face and incredibly muscular torso through the mind fog. Even now he felt aroused looking at this huge young bodybuilder even though he was about to die. "Please...fuck...harder..." Pete managed to gasp out, before his eyes closed. Tony smiled. Tony crushed Pete against the mirror, completely covering him with his 300 pounds of muscle. He started fucking again, this time not holding back. Then they heard bones cracking. Pete’s pelvis was cracking apart from Tony’s powerful thrusts. More and more tissues were destroyed by his huge weapon. He pummeled Pete's heart from the inside, enjoying the feeling of its rapid vibrations against his cockhead. Tony was now panting and yelling in erotic bliss. He was ready for the final burst of pleasure. "These fucking guns are gonna pop your head off!" Tony declared as he wrapped his arm around Pete's neck and flexed his big bicep, crushing his windpipe. "God that feels good," said Tony, as Pete turned red. Tony flexed and unflexed his arm a dozen times, hearing and feeling the big muscle bash itself into the poor man's neck, crushing more and more windpipe. Pete couldn’t breathe. Tony pressed him up against the mirror as he rammed his cock into Pete's ass. Even though Pete was near death, he was rock hard as he felt Tony’s huge body envelope him. Cum oozed out of his cock as he started to die. Tony rammed his huge cock in and out hard. The mirror cracked as Tony slammed Pete against it, over and over. "Fuckin' strong muscle!" yelled Tony. Pete started drooling and gasping. He drifted out of consciousness. Finally, Tony pulled his arm up, pulling on Pete's chin. "Time to say goodbye," said Tony. Then he flexed hard and held it, watching his rock hard muscle smash that neck. puh-puh-puh-POP! The enormous force of his rock hard bicep literally popped the vertebrae in Pete's neck. The sound and feel of these vital bones parting sent Tony over the top. He seized as his orgasm sent shuddering waves of pleasure through his god-like body, and an enormous reservoir of hot cum flooded the bloody canals of the dead man's anus. Spasms surged through Pete’s body. Tony spurted over and over for over two minutes. After many blasts of cum Tony finally stopped and pulled his huge cock out of Pete’s mangled body. Pete's body crumpled on the floor, a look of bliss on his face. The big beast took a few moments to flex and admire himself in the mirror, breathing heavily and finishing the impromptu posing session with a double biceps pose and a deep, "Yeaaahhhh." "Awww, fuckin' A... fuck 'em all to death..." Tony mused, as he walked out of the room, effortlessly kicking bodies aside that lay in his way, his huge semi-erect cock swaying back and forth before him like some lethal biological weapon. Room 105 "Yes, God yes, give it to me." Steven lay spread eagle on the bed, teasing Karl. Karl smiled at his lover, his 9 inch cock at attention. They had been waiting all week to get out of town and planned to enjoy every second. Karl thrust forward and buried his entire shaft in Steven. "Its huge, give it to me Karl," Steven groaned. Karl growled and leaned in for a kiss, speeding up his thrusts. For a quarter of an hour the pounding continued. "Oh God yes!" "Drill me, fuck yes, oh God it's filling me." Steven loved it. When Karl fucked him he could see stars, lodged on his big dick. Karl loved hearing Steven go crazy over his cock. Feeling himself getting close, he slowly pushed his dick up to the hilt inside of his lover, told him how sexy he was and how he needed him and shot his thick spunk deep into him. Steven cried out as he came simultaneously. The first shot hit him clean in the face and sprayed down across his chest and over the bed. Shot after shot sprayed the two of them, strings of white dripping off their faces as they rode out their orgasms. The two of them were so caught up in their lovemaking that they failed to notice the door to their room open and a dark shadow silently emerge. The two of them laid on the bed enjoying the afterglow of their fuck, Karl still on top of Steven as they closed their eyes and kissed. Tony smirked in the darkness and pounced. "WHAT THE - " Karl exclaimed before the breath was knocked out of him. Steven's eyes shot open as he saw Karl try to get up, only to have his hands pinned down. "Ow! What are you doing?!" Karl yelled. The weight of another person, a much bigger person, crushed Karl into him even more and he grunted. Karl's head was shoved into a pillow, muffling him as Steven felt the stranger thrust forward against Karl's arse. Steven tried to swing his arms and fight, but his blows landed uselessly against the rock-hard torso of the assailant. Steven groaned "no"as he tried to fight back, to no avail. "Get off him, you bastard!" Steven shouted. He finally caught a glimpse of Tony, the immense size of his body was unreal! This couldn't be happening! Karl shouted "no, please" as he felt Tony shift and prod his giant dick against his asshole. "Oh God, Jesus that's big. Fuck that cock is too big!" There was a fierce thrust as a huge cock entered his ass. Karl screamed. Steven felt a spurt of hot fluid splash against his ass as Tony's goliath tore Karl's asshole open. "Ohh God!" The two of them cried out, Karl in agony, Steven in terror. Tony pulled back and thrust again, hard. Onward and onward he pressed, his arms pinning the two men down as he speared Karl. Karl's cock pressed into his boyfriend's ass and Steven felt the sickening power of the man above him as Tony started to unceremoniously fuck the two of them. Steven could feel every movement as he was forced to take his boyfriend's cock with Tony's every thrust. He could feel Karl writhe and shudder until he came, spraying Steven's insides again. Steven cried out as he came as well, his cock squished tightly between him and Karl as Tony bore down on them. His heart was breaking but his mind was in turmoil as he felt himself get hard again from the relentless thrusting. Tony went into overdrive and drove his huge monster into Karl's ass as Karl struggled to get his words out: "Ohhh, so fucking big, so much ..." Karl was drifting in and out of consciousness as the massive cock tore through his insides. Steven lay trapped under his boyfriend and their assailant and felt the powerful thrusts of a man raping his boyfriend and his heart was filled with sorrow and humiliation. But it went on and on, thrust after thrust after thrust. Karl's face was pressed against his, preventing either of them from seeing Tony. All Steven could feel was 2 bodies thrusting violently and the sound of Tony's balls slapping against his boyfriend's tight ass with each thrust. Steven felt faint as the weight of the two bodies on top of him crushed him further into the bed. He was mercifully unconscious when Tony's cock tore through Karl's lungs and erupted. He didn't hear Karl gasp, "It's blasting into me, fuck ... how much cum, oh fuck!!" Or Karl's coughs as his lungs were flooded with superior jizz. Or Karl's cock shooting his last load inside him as he finally succumbed to his injuries. Tony groaned again as he tightened his grip on Karl's hips as he pushed his titanic cock deeper still into his body. Another blast jetted from his firmly entrenched tool. Karl lay on top of Steven, unmoving and silent as Tony continued to empty his balls into his chest. Cum and blood flowed out of Karl's mouth, dripping onto Steven's unconscious face. If he hadn't died of internal injuries, Tony's orgasm definitely drowned him. Every few seconds Karl's body jerked as if shocked by electricity as life left his body. After a while Tony slowly began to withdraw his still fully erect cock from Karl's thoroughly fucked apart body. He groaned as he felt the wide rim of his flared out cockhead drag through Karl's shredded intestines. Tony's still fully erect monster popped free with a wet slurping sound, and Karl's corpse gave one last full body shiver as his broken asshole relinquished his cum-slick manmeat. As soon as it was free, a steady stream of warm sperm and blood poured from his gaping hole. Tony grabbed Karl by the waist and flipped him off of the bed. The sudden change in pressure shocked Steven awake. The bottom man gasped for air as his eyes shot open. He stared, mouth agape at the sweaty, muscular stud and his twitching erection kneeling on the end of the bed. “Oh… fuck…” Steven gasped, dazed. His nostrils flared as he got a huge breath of his assailant’s pure alpha musk, the thick layer of cum coating his face was overwhelming. His eyes shifted to the cock between Tony’s legs, a massive throbbing baseball bat covered in blood and cum. God, it was as thick as his fucking arm! A cock like that would completely destroy his ass! “It's...gonna kill me!” he moaned. "That's the idea." Tony smiled, nonchalantly jacking his still hard cock. Tony grabbed the man and lifted him over his throbbing cock head and then entered him. Steven tried to scream but the pain was too intense. There was a pop as his hip bones stretched. Steven’s tongue fell from his mouth and his body exploded in a firecracker orgasm just from being entered by such a monster pipe. Tony impaled the man slowly and began masturbating with the doomed man's little body. He made sure he was facing his little fuck buddy as he began to impale him deeper and deeper with each thrust until half of his meat was inside. “Now here comes the fun part.” Tony said as he pulled his cock all the way out, leaving only the massive tip of the head in, “time to die!” With another loud grunt, Tony thrust with all his strength as his bitchbreaker tore Steven apart. This act knocked the wind out of Steven, and he gasped for air as he simultaneously had the biggest orgasm of his life. With a cruel glint in his eyes, Tony lifted himself up and grabbed Steven’s ankles and placed them on his shoulders: it was time for the mating press. Thrusting with the same full strokes as before, Tony’s beastly cock stretched out Steven’s insides more and more. The bed creaked and rocked, the headboard slamming into the wall as Tony fucked Steven into the bed harder and harder. “You’re fucking up my body! Oh my god oh my god oh my god..” An overwhelming feeling of fullness came over Steven that gradually faded to numbness as his guts were churned up and he shut his eyes forever. "Awwww! Fuck YEAH!" Tony boomed as he flexed his rippling ass and shoved the spasming body of his fuck toy to the base of his throbbing dick, stabbing Steven's heart with his cock. With that, Tony began to cum. Cum filled his chest and then poured out of his mouth. It also erupted from the seal his wrecked asshole made around Tony's murderous tool. Tony fell forward onto the bed as he blasted jet after jet of muscle cum into the smaller man. He wrapped his arms around Steven's torso and squeezed, groaning as he felt Steven's ribs crack and pop. The broken ribs rubbed up against his erupting meat, sending waves of pleasure through the muscle god's body. Steven’s mouth fell open and cum flowed out of his mouth in a thick stream. Tony continued cumming for another minute before it was over. Tony relaxed on top of Steven, the smaller man's body completely covered by the giant teen. After a few minutes of relaxation, Tony stood up, letting Steven's body fall to the floor on top of Karl's. A river of white poured out of Steven's stretched-open asshole, like his boyfriend. Both of their faces were unrecognizable, buried under a deep layer of thick jizz. Tony stretched, looking down at his last two kills with satisfaction. The two bodies laid on the floor, a puddle of cum spreading underneath them. Dawn Tony headed home as the sun started to peak over the horizon. When he got home, he walked into his room and stood before the mirror. He thought about what he had just done. Ten guys fucked to death in a night, a new record! The sounds of their bones breaking. The feeling of his cock tearing through their guts. The rush he felt as he drowned them in his load. He had dominated them all with the enormous power of his 300+ pounds of muscle and his massive 16 inch cock. He was a fucking god. As he thought about it and looked at himself in the mirror he started rubbing his body. His face still looked like the face of a teenager, but his body looked like the wet dream of a Mr. Olympia competitor. He thought about how easy it was for him to smash his victims with his huge muscles. His traps bulged out from his neck. He watched his delts bulge like bowling balls of thick shredded muscle on his shoulders. His massive arms, as big as most guys' legs, rippling with muscle and covered with veins. He clenched his hands into fists and watched his forearms and biceps bulge, admiring the arms that snapped necks and crushed skulls. He watched his lats flare out - thick wings of solid muscle that crushed the chests of his toys like they were made of little sticks. Tony raised his arms and kissed his biceps. He watched his abs flex, and his huge legs. His cock throbbed between his pecs as he worshipped himself, the monster that tore apart asses and mouths and smashed through their insides. He hefted his giant balls, heavy with a neverending supply of jizz. He thought about how he could snuff a guy just by cumming. Fuck, he was incredible! He grabbed his cock with both hands and moaned, "FUCK YEAH!” and his cock started blasting cum, spurting gush after gush of cum on the ceiling, splashing back down onto his massive form. It was one of the best orgasms he had ever had. He took a shower and fell asleep happily.
  2. Littlerjim

    Ego Boost (FINAL part added July 11th)

    This place isn’t a club; it’s a hunting ground. At least, that’s the chief thought that runs through Sean’s head as he slinks into the bar with cat-like grace. He has a crooked smile on his face as he thanks the bouncer that lets him in - there’s no waiting in line for him any more, he’s practically part of the furniture here - then scans the crowd for new faces. One place he differs from his feline counterparts, however, is his choice of prey. He’s not looking for something tiny to pester and toy with. He’s in the market for something bigger. Much bigger. At 5’5”, and with a slim though toned frame, you’d hardly think he’d have the swagger to own the place. Yet he struts across the dancefloor like it all the same, receiving smiles - some warm, some false, several nervous - from those that recognize him. Today he’s decided on a more understated look - a simple tank top that cuts off at his midriff, exposing his flat but not ripped stomach, a pair of jeans and some comfortable shoes. Very few people are taken in by it though, his reputation well and truly proceeding him, and for good reason. This man is dangerous. His little tour around the club, taking stock of his kingdom, takes him inevitably upstairs and to the bar. It was always a packed affair, and he usually had people to go and queue for him - but today was different. Because standing at the bar, he had found his quarry. Sean was a man who felt he had seen it all and done it all and, due to his particular circumstances, he’d certainly done a lot more than most others. But as his eyes fall upon the individual waiting patiently for his turn at the bar, they can’t help but widen in surprise. He just hoped they weren’t bigger than his belly. The man is gigantic, and not just in a way that feels that way to the diminutive Sean. He’s gigantic in a way that stands head and shoulders above everybody around him. In a way that makes him broader than anyone close - huge burly muscles clearly visible through the near-transparent white shirt that fails valiantly at covering his tapering torso. His thick arms, bared to the bar, look thicker than Sean’s legs. The man’s jeans stretch to almost paper-thin across impossible quads, his long legs bulk outward to support his impressive frame. He was easily the biggest person Sean had ever encountered; and given his disposition, Sean had encountered several large people. His mind boggles at the possibilities. And yet, for all that size and power, which the attention of the club around him like a black hole, there's a softness to the man. He's by no means fat - every muscle on his frame is displayed with prominence in spite of any painted-on clothing. But they looked pliable, like freshly risen dough, and it took Sean a considerable amount of self-control to resist walking straight up and sinking his fingers in. But soft, too, is the expression on his face. Under a small curtain of dark brown hair, his eyes survey the bar around him with curiosity, and a patient smile plays across his lips. Sean catches himself, closing his mouth and instinctively checking that nobody had clocked him. They hadn't. All eyes in this part of the bar are fixed on the seemingly oblivious giant. The anonymity it grants him is almost refreshing; almost. But he steels the bitter sting of jealousy with one thought; they've seen nothing yet. He approaches. The size of the man was halting from a distance, but from this close, Sean's brain is put into eddying circles. He barely reaches the man's armpits, and he cranes his neck upward; that same, steady smile is fixed there, not noticing the smaller man. Well this was embarrassing. Sean considers clearing his throat, but there's no guarantee the sound would even carry the distance up to the man's ears given the volume of the music in here. Instead he stands close and, spotting the man's hands resting patiently on the bar, reaches forward. Their forearms rest against each other as Sean weedles his slender fingers between the man's much larger digits, the difference in their respective sizes immediately telling. "Excuse me, sir? Sorry, but it seems you've mistakenly put your hand on mine." Sean had been staring into the middle distance, playing coy and pretending not to notice the titan next to him. The man's voice is surprising, less bass-y than he expected but with enough power to carry his otherwise soft tone over the noisy bar. When Sean does turn to once again invoke vertigo by looking up at the man, he finds the patient smile is still present, though this time it's marred by a slightly cocked eyebrow, as genuine concern seeps from every pore. "Did I? How clumsy of me," Sean responds, without hint of an apology, nor moving his hand. "Have you been waiting long?" "Just ten minutes or so. But it's fine, there's a lot of thirsty people here," The man said, shooting another confused look at their hands, but not saying anything. "10 minutes? Sounds like you need the VIP treatment. You strike me as a beer guy, am I right?" Sean asks. "Yes - well, sometimes. I normally don't drink alcohol at all, but it's a nice change from time to time," the man responds awkwardly. "Well, they've got something better than beer here..." Sean says, before leaning over and gesturing to a barmaid that catches his eye. "What's that?" "Free beer." The drinks arrive within seconds, and the barmaid leaves without another word. Sean hands the man a glass, near overflowing with the cold, amber liquid. "Oh no, I couldn't possibly! Here." He takes his hand away from the bar, and reaches into his jeans pocket. Sean isn't quite sure how he found space to actually store anything - perhaps they're bigger on the inside? - but he somehow manages to withdraw a wallet, from which he tries to push a crumpled note into the smaller man's hands. Sean moves his palms into the air like a gun is being pointed at him. "Keep your money!" He laughs, refusing to accept it, "You can always get the next one." "The next one?" That confused look is back on his face - it's kind of cute, Sean admits. "After you drink these with me," he says, sucking a small amount of his own drink through its straw, "Part of the VIP treatment is getting to spend time with other VIPs, don't you know. Name's Sean." "Peter," the large man acting on instinct and offering his hand. Sean doesn't miss his opportunity and takes it, his own quickly enveloped by the soft warm flesh. "Are you here alone? I am..." He says softly, still revelling at the feeling of this huge paw. "No, I'm here with my brother - “ He looks around him and gestures vaguely towards a balcony overlooking this floor below, but his arm quickly falls by his side. David had been there just a moment ago, talking to a young woman the two of them had run into, but now that he looks there’s no trace of him. “-or at least I was.” “You’d think he’d be easy to spot,” Sean says, still staring at their hands. “Why?” This breaks his gaze once more, but again there’s nothing but innocence and confusion on the big man’s face. “Because if there’s any family resemblance at all, he’ll be sticking out head and shoulders above everyone else in the room?” Sean hazards, not quite trusting his apparent sincerity. -zip- Peter pulls his hand away from Sean’s instinctively. He feels… something. He wasn’t sure what - it was almost like a static shock, but not painful. Just a small crack of something in his hand, followed by a warm feeling that spreads through his nervous system. He freezes for a moment, then shakes his head, as if regaining his bearings. “Oh, um, no - he’s not as tall as me. Not since I was, like, 12? I’m sure he’s around somewhere though.” “Well, why don’t you keep me company until he comes back? A little guy like me could certainly use someone like you to keep an eye on him…” Sean says, appealing to his ego. “Aha, well, I’m not sure what to say…” Peter says, an embarrassed smile spreading over his face, a pair of deep dimples sinking into his cheeks. He lifts his arm up and scratches the back of his head nervously, causing Sean to almost drool as he stares at the peak that forms there. It looks bigger than his head, surely that poor sleeve can’t take much more. SHHHHHHRRRRPPPPP As if by magic, a tear forms slowly at first, then rapidly stretches up the length of the sleeve almost to the armpit. Peter drops his arm in alarm - this isn’t the first time he’d destroyed an item of clothing, but this shirt was new-on tonight. It had been tight - everything was tight on him - but surely it wasn’t that precarious? “I’m s-so sorry!” He stammers, seemingly mortified at this display of his absolute size, “I promise I wasn’t trying to show off, or anything! Really, I should be more careful-” “Hey, hey, hey - there’s nothing to apologise for! It’s got to be tough being built like you,” Sean says soothingly, reaching forward to stroke Peter on the arm, his eyes lingering on the shredded shirt for just a moment, “If you’re worried about causing a scene though, why don’t you come with me? We can find a quiet little booth out of the way, but still keep our eyes on the bar for your brother. Sound good?” Peter nods, and lets the smaller man lead him away. Sean is glad to be facing away from him - he can only hold the excitement in for so long, a hungry look haunting his face as he drops his guard for just a moment. It was starting already!
  3. I had to overcome my Catholic guilt writing this one. Haha. I always wanted to write something from my culture and took this season as an opportunity. For many of us, whether we believe in it or not, religion is a cultural thing. Anyway, enjoy! Merry Christmas! PART 1 It was the middle of December, and Joshua Figueroa still felt groggy from the overlong flight from Heathrow to NAIA and from the two-hour bus ride to his hometown in Urreta. His father Domingo had failed to meet him in Manila. “The car broke down,” Domingo said. But Joshua knew that the old man would rather tend to his fighting roosters than inconvenience himself for his own flesh and blood. “You’re a big boy,” he called earlier. “I’m sure you can get home before dinner.” Domingo’s words proved true that afternoon when he heard his son’s footsteps coming from the wooden staircase leading to the antesala. There at the doorway of the comedor, with luggage in hand, stood a 5-foot 7-inch and 200-pound muscle bound man. “You grew.” Domingo sipped his hot chocolate which Felicidad had brought him earlier. “Of course. I wasn’t writing all the time.” The truth was, Joshua got depressed living solo as a graduate student at King’s College. Sure, the abundance of knowledge and the prestige he could get nowhere else first attracted the 140-pound man when he had stepped inside the university. But he realized later that he needed variety in his life, away from the dusty halls and dreadful conversations too common in his field. And so he used the scant time he had working out. He only wanted to blow some steam off initially. But the next thing he knew, he was putting more hours in the gym, lifting heavier weights, and gaining more quality muscle. And to prove to himself how serious he was, he hired a personal trainer named Liam who got him access to gear. “You should compete,” Liam said. “Your proportion and symmetry are to die for. If you diet down hard enough, you could place.” “I’ll think about it.” The new Joshua surprised his peers and advisers. They could not fathom how he even found time to build a phenomenal body when papers were demanding to be written. Joshua suspected that they secretly blamed his mediocrity to his lack of sacrificial dedication to the academe. But the call of the iron and the pump had already caught his heart. At least one man other than himself enjoyed his new body. As soon as he landed in Manila, Ethan called for a brief meet up over coffee. “You look like you ate yourself whole. I like it,” Ethan said, sipping his cappuccino. Merlinda, the town chandler, also said something of the like when he arrived in the cemetery to visit his mother’s grave. Such comments boosted his confidence, a little reminder that he had gone beyond that lanky kid who would ruin the game for his teammates. But there he was now, in the Figueroa ancestral house, standing before his father who kept talking about the time he lifted weights in the 70s. Joshua slept the whole afternoon and woke up late into the night. Felicidad had left him a dinner of chicken tinola which she herself cooked after Domingo’s favorite rooster lost. He devoured the lukewarm meal. He went back to bed, but he found it hard to sleep. His body was still getting used to the eight-hour difference. He wondered how he can survive this sleepy town. His friends in high school only consisted of the members of the chess club, and they had all found work abroad. He was basically setting himself up for a lengthy, unproductive holiday. But Manila was too terrible a city to offer a better alternative. Earlier that morning, inside that small comfort room in the café, Ethan was kissing his pecs and caressing his biceps. His fingers were tracing the details of his washboard abs down to his hardening cock. Seconds later, the smaller man was ramming his ass, reminding Joshua who the boss really was. At the end of the day, Ethan had powerful friends who could take Joshua to places. “See you in a few days,” Ethan said after their quick session. “The guys wanted a get-together. Carla suggests we discuss Philippe Léandre’s new work on post-humanism. But it’s Christmas, and who’s in the mood for that?” He kissed Joshua goodbye. The sound of church bells cut his thoughts short. He checked his phone. It was 4:30 in the morning. He slid the capiz shell window open and watched a familiar scene. The baroque Urreta church dominated the plaza mayor. In its yard stood a nativity scene, its manger still left empty. Cars, tricycles, and jeepneys sounded their horns to signal the arrival of the faithful. Paról or star-shaped lanterns lit every tree in the plaza where gathered the town’s families, couples, musicians, and street food vendors. It was the 16th of December, the first of the Misas de Aguinaldo or the nine Masses celebrated each early morning before Christmas Day. None of the Figueroas were religious, save for Joshua’s mother who took the burden of lighting a candle for her unbelieving relatives. Joshua used to attend such Masses with her because she would reward him afterwards with an ice cream bun and a bag of bibingka or baked rice cake. A brass band would play carols in the plaza grandstand. He would play with the street kids before his mother would call him to help her carry the bags from the market. These things made up his childhood memories of the season, different from those of his British peers who talked of Father Christmas and roast chicken and snow. Joshua got up to get dressed. If he could not sleep, he might as well do something else. He opened his grand wardrobe for some decent church clothes. He told his father to have Felicidad wash them before he arrived. But he realized just now that none of them fit him anymore. Nevertheless, he tried on his small PE shirt. Its sleeves just ripped off his arms before he even put the rest of the shirt over his head. He smirked, thinking how big he had become. He opened his luggage and took out some jeans and his favorite Nirvana t-shirt. He then saw himself topless in the wardrobe mirror. He smiled. His body looked magnificent. His eyes feasted on his broad shoulders, his bulging arms and pecs, the supple lines and curves crisscrossing his torso, all visible under the moon and lantern lights. He got hard in seconds. But his brief vanity gave way to the sound of the bells. He changed quickly and walked out of the house. He let the cool air hit his body as he strolled across the plaza. He let the smell of steamed glutinous rice and coconut milk fill his nostrils. The kids were already up, singing Christmas carols and asking strangers for some spare coins. When they saw Joshua, they flexed their arms. He flexed back and let them touch his 19-inch biceps. The town was full of life, and all the misery in the world vanished like vapor. Joshua felt like a kid again. He wished he could feel like one forever. The church was packed. Joshua came in later than most, so he had no choice but to stand up in the aisles during the whole service. He could force himself in the pews, but he knew he would take up too much space that could have been given for a grandma and her little girl. The pipe organs resounded. “Veni, veni, Emmanuel!” chanted the choir up the loft. Incense invaded Joshua’s nostrils and sent his soul to the holy of holies. And there in the wide nave, walked with utmost devotion, the ministers, acolytes, lectors, priests, and finally, the monseñor. One of the priest had a deep set of eyes which made his face a handsome one when in a good mood and a tired one when not. This time, the gauge turned to “Tired.” Joshua thought he looked familiar, and so he rummaged the obscure parts of his memories. He failed. He leaned against the pillar, letting the ceremony and the prayers pass by his consciousness. He had been dozing off from time to time. Finally his body was begging for a good rest. “Go in peace,” said the monseñor. Joshua came round from his deep slumber. The faithful who were moving out quickly while the choir was rushing through the recessional hymn. Joshua rubbed his eyes and yawned. He walked over to the side chapels by the church door where people were lighting candles and saying a few prayers to a myriad of holy images. One that caught his attention was a statue of a Dominican priest holding a ciborium in one hand and a statue of the Virgin in the other. The pedestal bore the name San Jacinto de Polonia, Urreta’s patron saint. “Making a wish, Josh?” He turned around. Before him approached the padre with a familiar face. He was two inches taller than Joshua. He was wearing a plain white t-shirt tucked into black slack pants, both oversized and made him look skeletal. His face screamed exhaustion. “Josh? Figueroa?” “Padre!” “Please, just Gío would be fine. Gío Castañeda? San Alberto Magno High School?” And then it him. Did he use play basketball? Was he that close friend of jock star Harrison Alvarez? “Oh, yes! Gío!” “Wow, man! You’ve gotten really big. How much can you bench?” A middle-aged woman approached the padre. She was carrying an image of the Santo Niño which looked too heavy for her little frame. She pressed her forehead on the padre’s hand and asked him to bless her statue of the Child Jesus. “Of course, Tita Tess. I’ll be in the grotto.” Tita Tess smiled and left. “It’s good to meet you here, Josh,” Gío said. “But I need to go. Duty awaits. See you!” He smiled and walked through the left aisle followed by more women carrying their icons, rosaries, and prayer books. Joshua noticed that the padre had a slight limp. He thought of Gío’s handsome face which triggered in him an unnamable desire. He brushed it aside. He was in a holy place after all. He turned his gaze back to San Jacinto. People said that if you complete all the nine Misas de Aguinaldo, your wish will come true. He never believed an ounce of it, but it sure filled the church to the brim during the holidays. He dropped a five-peso coin on the box that stood beside a jar of candles. He took one candle and lit it at the foot of San Jacinto. He rubbed his fingers on saint’s robes and made a sign of the cross. He then walked home, eager for a good sleep.
  4. Moderator's Note: I have been reassured by the creator of this work that everyone mentioned is over the age of 18. Simon walked through the boisterous bar with his empty pint glass in hand, the sleazy dive alive with the jovial chatter of friends enjoying each other's company around the assorted tables. Simon had just walked away from his own table of college classmates, his peers deciding to call it an early night. Simon on the other hand was on the prowl. The redhead scanned the bar for a partner that would meet his superficial standards: Tall, strong, and hopefully sporting a massive cock. He heard a heavy shuffling of chairs from behind, a table of men all getting up in unison. He bit his lower lip as he watched them give each other hugs before filtering out of the bar one by one. There was a massive black man that looked like he could bench a car, as well as a smaller athletic man and a medium sized average Joe. But one man dwarfed all of them; a massive and handsome musclestud that seemed to glow with light from within. Simon swooned as he saw the man turn, his face seemed to suggest he wasn't any older than Simon, his bulging muscles clearly visible underneath a tight polo shirt. As the bodybuilder said his goodbyes he strode toward the bar instead of the door, catching a glimpse of Simon’s longing gaze. Simon turned his head in embarrassment for staring, coming face to face with the bartender. "What'll it be?" The man asked, slightly annoyed, Simon not sure how long he had been ignoring him. "Whatever is good on tap." The light around Simon dimmed as the massive figure of the musclestud took his place at the bar beside the red head. The man placed his own pint glass on the bar making the sizeable vessel look more like a shot glass in size. Simon had an idea. "Wait!" Simon interrupted the waiter as he grabbed the glasses, "Get this guy one too, on me." he said motioning to the hunk. The stud looked down at him with a thankful smirk, "And to whom do I owe the pleasure?" "Simon!" The redhead replied enthusiastically with his hand outstretched, the gesture returned when the large man’s massive mitt enveloped and nearly crushed his hand as he shook it. The size difference between the two men was ridiculous, as if they were two different species. If the two were standing face-to-face he would be staring straight at the base of giant’s pecs. "Nick," the beast replied, interrupting Simon's horny daydream, "Thanks for the beer little dude. My friends just took off so I'm here alone. Want to chat?" He said as he motioned toward some barstools. Nick sat at the bar with the comparatively tiny human beside him, the two exchanging pleasantries and introductions in a conversation well lubricated by alcohol. As last call rolled around a casual observer might have assumed the pair to be good friends, but Simon wanted to be far more than friends, he wanted to get the giant musclestud into his bed and climb him like a jungle gym. "It's been nice talking to you dude," Nick sighed as he finished the pint that Simon had bought for him, "but I should probably hit the road." "Uhhh...me too!" Simon stalled, suddenly noticing his need to urinate after so many beers, "Just let me use the washroom before we head out." As soon as the musclestud nodded Simon walked from the table to the washroom, swinging his hips in stride, desperate to arouse something in Nick. As he started to urinate, the sound of heavy footsteps entering the washroom caused Simon to freeze in place, unmoving as a shadow moved behind him and Nick took residence at the adjoining urinal. A long zip and a meaty "thwap" of the musclestud's cock emerging was followed by a watery sound equivalent to the gushing of a garden hose. Simon couldn't stop himself at this point. With his own semi in hand he looked left to a beautiful sight, the meaty cock of the muscle stud glinting in the washroom light right at eye level, it's flesh moist with musky sweat. Even flaccid it was as long his forearm and thicker than a fist. He moaned to himself at the beautiful display. "See what something ya like dude?” Nick asked the awestruck man, Simon jumping at the sound of his masculine voice and his freckled face reddening in embarrassment at being found out. "Come back to mine." Simon begged. "How close?" "Just around the corner" Simon gasped breathlessly, "Please, I want to be taken by you." Nick gave the man a smug smirk. "Sure." Simon unlocked the door to the small apartment and led the giant in. Nick almost had to duck in order to make it through the door, his shoulders just shy of tourching the frame. "This is it!" Simon announced as he switched the lights on. The apartment was a bachelor pad with a small kitchenette and a bed in the middle of the living area. "Uh, why don't you relax on the bed while I get ready, shouldn't take longer than five minutes." Simon said while pointing at the bed. As he closed the door to the washroom he could hear his bed creak as Nick placed his weight on it. Simon quickly showered and cleaned out his rear for the intrusion to come, before trotting out to the living area. Nick was splayed out in the bed naked, his hands interlocked behind his head expectantly. "Took you long enough." The musclestud teased with a wink. "Sorry to keep you waiting!" Simon replied back, climbing onto the bed in the little space left beside the giant, "Where should I start?" "Hmmmmmmm..." Nick hummed with a knowing grin, "Why don't you lay down on my chest and put your face in my crotch?” Simon eagerly climbed atop the ripped belly of the musclestud, the abdominal muscles of Nick' belly looked like carved stone. He straddled the muscleman and moved his face in toward the crotch, feeling the unimaginably powerful source of heat and musk. Simon stared at the flaccid meat, the beautiful thick beast already as long as his face. "My god..." He gasped in reverence. "I see you've met my snake. Why don’t you give him a kiss? I’m sure he’s eager to make friends." Simon dove onto the cock, so turned on that he could wait no longer to have that massive spire skewer his insides. As Nick's giant cock stiffened, Simon moved his head to the side, the shaft snaking its way over his shoulder and down his back leaving a glistening trail of precum on his freckled skin. All the while he continued his dutiful worship, licking down the side of the shaft while massaging the heavy testicles in the leathery scrotum below. "Awww yeah, I'm almost fully hard now," Nick chimed as he toyed with Simon's hole. Simon paused his suckling on the salty, velvety skin of the cock to reply, "I'm glad to be of serv..." only to be interrupted by a finger sliding into his butt. "Put that mouth to use and keep sucking." Nick goaded as Simon cried out with the teasing of his rear. The twink continued his dutiful service, massaging those massive balls and suckling at the shaft until the musclestud removed his fingers. “Alright dude, I’m ready.” Nick stated with a grunt, rolling the smaller man off of his chest whilst moving into a sitting position against the headboard. Simon reached toward the nightstand and grabbed his smartphone while getting himself in position, straddling the massive chest of the stud with the massive cock pressed up against his spine. “Oh…” Simon realized, looking up at the Nick between glances and taps at his smartphone, “I like to livestream myself getting fucked by big sexy guys like yourself, do you mind?” The musclestud had a look of contemplation on his face for a second before shrugging,”If the internet wants to watch me ruin that cute little ass of yours then I can’t blame them.” “Perfect!” Simon giggled in excitement, tapping the phone once more before holding the device at arm’s length. As he stared into the front-facing camera he began his spiel, “What’s up you kinky fuckers? Have I got a treat for you!” He shuffled to the side and allowed the rock hard length of musclestud cock to poke out from under his armpit, the head glistening with a sheen of spit and precum, “I was lucky to find this hot stud at the bar and he’s going to fit his entire musclestud cock into my ass till he’s balls deep inside of me.” With the phone still at arm’s length the kinky ginger gave the head of the cock a kiss and stood up on the bed, Nick taking his cue to grab his partner around the waist in one hand and his cock in the other. “You ready?” The musclestud asked, pulling Simon’s hips down until the blunt battering ram of flesh was pressing intently against the twink's hole. Simon could see the chat of the live stream lighting up with the comments of viewers ready to watch a redhead get skewered on the massive rod. Simon moved the phone down behind his butt to capture the moment of entry, “Take me you sexy fuck!” he cried out almost girlishly. With a grin Nick tightened his grip on Simon’s waist to a crushing strength and forced the man’s hips down, his hole popping open as the broad head forced its way in. Simon cried out in a high-pitched moan as his insides warped around the intrusion. He turned the phone back to his front, his comparatively tiny erection bouncing as his body shuddered around the girth. “Oh my god it’s inside of me.” Simon moaned, almost sounding frightened. “Two inches down…” Nick stated in a sadistic tone, a knowing smirk played across his face, “Sixteen more to go!” With unrelenting force the stud began the slow process of spitting the his partner with his cock, Simon throwing his head back and moaning in staccato breaths as he was taken for the ride of his life. The spear invading his guts slowly forged its way forward. The invasion was so massive the bulge of the cock could be seen moving up the Simon's belly on the livestream, several of the stream’s viewers pondering out loud how he could even survive such internal trauma. As the bulge of the head came to a rest inside of Simon’s chest he could feel his overstretched hole make contact with Nick's pubes. “Hnnngggggg!” Simon moaned lustily in discomfort, moving the camera around to show the massive testicles resting against his freckled butt, then to his front to see the bulge moving under his ribs as he wiggled on the beastly column, smiling in between winces to the livestream “I can’t believe it’s all the way inside.” “Good job buddy,” Nick stated impatiently as he tightened his grip on the petite ginger, “Now time to get fucked!” With a grin the musclestud pulled the human off the shaft by a foot and simply let go. With Simon’s legs not in place to support his own weight he simply fell back down to the hilt and cried out in a girlish shriek. While laughing at the twink's response, the musclegod grabbed him around the waist and neck and began to pound away at the guy's insides, alternating between thrusting upwards to bounce the human on top of his hips and moving his victim physically up and down the shaft, all the while the bulge in the belly clearly visible as the human’s insides were pushed aside to make way for a new organ. “S-s-slow down…hhhnnnn… it’s t-t-t-too much!” Simon stutteringly cried. “Shut up nerd, this is what you wanted isn’t it?” Nick goaded back between thrusts while the lewd of his balls slapping the boy’s freckled butt filled the air, “This is what cock hungry little sluts like you deserve.” “You’re fucking up my body! I’m fucking cumming! Holy shit. Oh my god oh my god oh my god I think I’m fucking dying!” Simon could barely focus on his camera work now, just trying to survive as his body was tossed about like a ragdoll in the dominating bodybuilder's grasp. The chat meanwhile was going crazy. “Holy fuck I already blew my load!” “Do you think he’ll live? He’s going to need an ambulance after this… maybe a hearse.” Nick grunted as he continued to thrust into the smaller man, his breathing becoming rapid as he approached orgasm. Simon’s moans of discomfort had turned to moans of pleasure, his body becoming accustomed to the intrusion of the massive pole. “I’m getting clo-“ Simon started to moan before Nick wrapped his hand over his mouth, silencing him. “Shut up.” Nick goaded again, trying to focus on the tightness of the twink around his cock. By this point, the violence of his thrusts combined with his immense strength now had the walls shaking as the bed dented the wall it was against. As he reached his peak, the musclegod could feel his cock swell, his bouncing balls growing tighten right as he hilted into the redhead. As the first shot of cum blasted his partner's colon, he tightened his grip around the Simon’s neck, Simon gasping as he was pumped full of thick cream. Even while gasping, the twink never forgot about his viewership, his arm still held out in front to capture the selfie of his belly swelling with seed even as his other hand defensively grasped as the stud's massive mitt over his mouth. Simon shot another tiny load onto the chest of the muscleman. With a few more spurts the musclestud’s orgasm died down. As Nick released his grasp the lightheaded twink fell forward into a hug against the expansive chest of the musclestud, minding to still hold the camera at arm’s length and look into the lens as he huffed in his own exhaustion, his body moving up and down with every breath of the muscled beast beneath him. “You did good dude, most guys can't handle more than half of my meat.” Nick said with a sigh. With a pop and a splash he lifted Simon off his massive member, a waterfall of gooey seed pouring out of Simon’s hole and down onto the bed. The thick 18-inch cock fell onto Nick's pecs with a thud, his cum splattering on both their chests as Nick brought Simon back down, sandwiching their dicks between them. “Still one more job left for you to do though,” Nick hinted, “Gonna need you to lick me clean before I’m done with you.” Simon gave a submissive moan as he looked up into Nick's eyes and began to service him, licking Nick's pecs while stroking the cum-covered cock with one hand, the other hand extended out to give his audience the best view. Nick saw Simon look towards the side table before looking up to give him a wink. Following the glance he saw a pair of handcuffs. “Bondage eh?” Nick said as he grabbed the handcuffs and roughly restrained the twink. Grabbing the phone from Simon’s hand he glanced at the livestream window, considering ending the broadcast by simply crushing the device in his hand, however he reconsidered as he saw the viewer count approach ten thousand and donations rolled in by the hundreds of dollars. “Alright buddy, your viewers want a show? Let’s give ‘em a show.” Without warning Nick shoved Simon off the bed, crashing to the floor with a startled yelp and unable to stop the fall for his bound wrists. Nick was standing over him now, the livestreaming cell phone firmly in hand. “What the hell are you doing!?” “Oh stop whining.” Nick barked, “On your feet.” Simon scrambled up to his feet, his head coming to just level with Nick's throbbing cock as his frightened eyes stared past the cell phone and into Nick’ plotting eyes. “Lick me clean.” Nick ordered. Simon moved his face towards the thick monster with trepidation as he extended his tongue. Though he loved domination and sucking cock, this was something different entirely, it felt perilous, like his life actually might be in danger. As soon as the tip of his tongue touched the cock head Nick palmed the twink's entire head and forced it onto his meat, driving half of the 18-inch beast down Simon's throat. Simon let out a muffled yelp and tried to pull his cum coated face away, but Nick's hand held firm. “Suck.” Tears poured out of Simon's eyes as he bobbed his head up and down Nick's massive cock. He extended his tongue out to try and slurp up the plentiful amounts of gooey seed running down the vein-covered pole, trying to pleasure Nick enough to let him free. Instead, Nick shoved him all the way down his member, holding the small man in place as thousands watched. Nick smirked as the redhead choked on his dick. He enjoyed feeling Simon spasm as he fought for air, his cuffed arms flailing to try to break free. He regarded the livestream view of the phone for a moment, noticing that the viewer count was now over twelve thousand. The comments we’re pretty great too. “Do you think he’ll snuff him? That would be so hot!” “He better let Simon go, I can’t jerk off to this slut’s stream if he’s dead.” “What a lucky guy, taking a massive cock like that…” Simon's face turned red, then blue, then started to lose color entirely. His hands, previously twitching to try and free himself, fell limply at his sides. “Heh, pathetic.” Nick remarked, pulling him off his dick to let Simon fall to the ground like a sack of potatoes. As Simon coughed and gasped while regaining consciousness Nick squatted over him, completely eclipsing his body. He shoved the phone in the Simon's face, making sure that the viewers could get a good look at the twink's cum glazed expression from the forced face fucking. “You’re fucking worthless, you know that?” Nick goaded the redhead, grabbing the human’s jaw and looking into the frightened man's eyes with a look of disgust, “The only thing sluts like you are good for is to be used up and thrown away by real men like me.” “Please..” Simon gasped in between fitful coughs, “Please no more.” Simon was suddenly grabbed by the neck and thrown over his desk with his rear hanging off of the edge, only exacerbating his coughing fit as Nick pinned his cuffed hands behind his back. Nick positioned the phone in front of Simon's face, perfectly framing the twink and the massive muscleman behind him. “What the hell are you doing!?” Simon screamed. Nick placed one hand on the human’s upper back, pinning him in place. He used the other hand to guide the head of his cock to Simon’s hole, the rivulets of precum effortlessly falling into the gaping orifice as Nick readied himself to fuck Simon's brains out. “This is going to hurt, try to enjoy it.” Nick taunted. “Help! Please he’s killing me!” Simon cried out. “Someone on the stream send help! I’m too young to die!” Simon screamed as Nick pierced his anus, shoving his whole length deep in one go. Simon let out a high pitched scream. He was in utter agony as the massive intrusion forged its own path through his body. Despite taking Nick's cock all the way before, this time Nick clearly wasn't holding back, plowing Simon with violent force. His cock was so long and thick and hard that it was busting through Simon’s intestines and his vital organs. And every time his cock tore through an organ, a spasm of pleasure went through Nick’s body as he felt his cock destroy the living tissue. Simon could feel everything: the pulse of the musclegod as the shaft twitched with every heartbeat, the unrelenting pressure as the head pushed through his body, spearing his insides without regard for how he might survive, and his heart as it screamed out with pain as if having a heart attack. With what little air he had left Simon coughed, bright red blood falling from his mouth into the table as a sign of just how thoroughly the beast had destroyed his insides. “Please don’t do this. I’ll do anything!” He cried and pleaded as Nick ground their hips together, “I’ll give you everything I have. I’ll be your slave! You could have me whenever you want! Please I don’t want to die!” The chat meanwhile was flooded with comments as they watched Simon's eyes roll to the back of his head. "C'mon dude! Wreck that slut!" "Fuck his brains out!" "Aw yeah, break that bitch!" Nick smirked as he started to hump the man under him, using Simon as little more than a cock sleeve for his pleasure. The thrusts were short, sharp and brutal. He only pulled out two or three inches before slamming back in place, the force of the thrust causing Simon to cough up more blood with every impact, the hefty nuts filling the room with a slapping noise that drowned out the slushy wet sound of the human’s internal organs being repeatedly torn and bruised. His huge abs muscles were pushing his cock deeper and deeper inside Simon’s ass. The chat went wild as they watched the incredible power of Nick’s fucking. They watched Nick’s huge muscles flex and writhe and smash his cock into the puny body of his partner. They were totally turned on by this display of total muscle domination. As the thrusts increased in tempo and length Simon started to realize that he wouldn’t survive. He couldn't feel the lower half of his body anymore. This sadistic muscleman had utterly wrecked his internal organs. His life flashed before his eyes: his life, his home, his family, his various sexual partners, his hopes and dream, his entire future destroyed. Then he heard bones cracking. Simon’s pelvis was cracking apart. It was being broken apart by Nick’s powerful thrusts. Nick thrusts became longer and harder, his grunts and straining more pronounced as he approached climax. “Here I cum dude!” He grunted, slamming forward with as much force as possible. Simon felt the cock hilt, coughing up another gout of blood as he felt the cock expand inside him. As jets of sperm filled what little space was left in him, it quickly ran out of room, the next shots coming out of the twink's mouth and nose as spurts in sync with the stud's cumshots. Cum sprayed all over the phone, covering the video in a milky haze. It looked like Simon was vomiting cum when in reality his throat had just become an extension of Nick’s urethra, the pearlescent substance spurting from his mouth as he gasped for air. The climax began to ebb and the cum flowing from Simon’s mouth slowed to a dribble. Simon gasped for air, the darkness started to fade from the periphery of his vision and an idea start to dawn on him: He might live. Nick pushed himself up and began to pull out of the twink's body, his long cock pulling out with a wet popping sound, a river of pearlescent cum with streaks of blood dripping down Simon’s balls to the floor. Nick brought the phone up, wiped it off, and panned downwards to show Simon's wrecked body, his head buried in a thick puddle of blood and cum, a second pool on the ground beneath him. Nick smirked deviously to the viewers of the livestream as he showed off his handiwork. “Whelp,” Nick chuckled as he addressed the viewers directly, “he was a fun fuck, but I think I broke him.” The chat by this point was going wild. A few viewers were mourning the end of their favorite camwhore, but most were absolutely ecstatic to see Simon filled and drenched in jizz. “Oh man, that was intense!” “Dang, I guess no more Simon streams.” “That sexy musclestud should put his credit card info in the app so we can send him cash to do stuff.” That last chat caught Nick’s attention. He wasn’t short of cash, but who couldn’t use a bit more? With a quick tap over to the settings page he replaced Simon’s credit card info with his own. It was a novel idea, he had never made money off of his prey before, nor had he crowdsourced their torment, but there is a first time for everything. He looked into the camera to address the streamers. “Alright you horny voyeurs, time to pay up!” Nick smiled while framing his squirming gut in frame, “You pay, I do, so tell me what you want to see here before my little toy expires.” Just then a paid chat splashed across screen, “$350: Tease him for a few minutes.” “Alright kid, how ya doing?” Nick asked as he lifted Simon’s cum-drenched face out of the pool of jizz and blood on the table. “Please, please let me go!” Simon gasped. “Heh there's no saving you now buddy. How old are you again?” Nick asked while giving a mischievous smile to the camera. “I just turned twenty! Please, let me go!” Simon cried back while sobbing. Nick grinned, “Twenty years on this planet, but now you're nothing but a broken cumdump. I'm gonna blow a huge fucking load up your ass when I crush that cute little twink body of yours. Aw yeah dude, my muscles love to snuff little twerps like you. Makes me cum so fucking hard.” Simon wailed and sobbed in response, the cruel musclestud making the pain he felt all that much worse with his words. The chat was ecstatic, “Oh man, I’m going to be jerkin it to this vid for the next five years!” one of the commenters remarked. Nick was enjoying the directed torment thoroughly; who knew it could be so profitable to torment prey? He usually did it for free! “$1000: Make him admit he’s done for!” “Shhh, it’s okay Simon, shhh.” The musclestud flipped Simon onto his back, gently patting Simon’s head. Nick straddled the broken twink, flexing for Simon and the camera, his sweaty muscle pumped and glistening, every deeply-carved striation and vascular web visible. "This is what a real man looks like." He flexed his arm and admired the beauty of the bicep, raising it to lips and giving it a kiss. "Pure power, right there. You think you stand a chance of surviving?" All that Simon could do is sob and beg incoherently in response. “I’m looking for an answer, bitch.” Nick said more firmly, still getting no coherent response, “What will you be when I'm done with you?” “I’ll be dead!” He sobbed, “You’re going to fuck me to death!” Nick gave a wink to the camera, his actions hopefully satisfying the viewers. A few more paid chats same through, but nothing to really take note of until a massive one emerged: “$5000: Crush him! Grind him down.” “Alright Simon, it’s been fun, for me at least…” Nick advised while pulling Simon up and wrapping him in a tight bearhug. “But now your viewers want me to crush you into paste. Any last words?” “No no no no no no…” Was all that Simon could whimper over and over again, seeming to succomb the internal damage Nick had caused already. Nick chuckled, shrugging. “Oh well,” He said as he moved the two of them over the bed so that the viewers could get a full view of Simon's last moments. “Something about snuffing my prey always gets me real hard!” Nick said as he winked to the camera, giving a devilish smile. Filled with kill-lust, Nick shifted his hips and shoved his dick back into the tender asshole. The bodybuilder could feel the twink's ribs tremble beneath his crushing grip. Nick held it for a moment, relishing the feel of bone ready to break at his command. His python arms unleashed their full power. cccrrrKRIK! CCrrrrSNAP! Simon let out a groan."YEEEAAHH!!! C'MON! C'MON!" Nick taunted as more ribs splintered, snapped, and drove sharply into Simon's lungs. Nick's dick pumped the guy's anus like an relentless piston. Nick squeezed hungrily, insatiable for the snap of each rib. "Isn't this what you wanted?" Nick said softly into Simon's ear, "No? Wasn't that what you were thinking about when you were watching me at the bar? Thinking about my awesome strength? My huge fucking muscles?" He continued to constrict his prey, excited by the sudden surrender and pop of an unknown bone or the squish of an internal organ. “Fuck, crunch for me you dumb little slut!” Nick cried out as he gave a final crushing squeeze. "uh..uhhh....UHHHH!!!!!" Simon cried out loudly as his own ribcage imploded, his heart compressed and instantly crushed against his deforming spine and bursting internal organs. His expression was frozen in shock, his mouth gasped twice like a dying fish, before his face relaxed and the life that animated his eyes evaporated. Spasms of death surged through Simon's ass giving Nick even more pleasure as he thrust his cock in and out of his ass, which was now twitching in death. Nick yelled orgasmed again, filling up Simon’s body with spurt after spurt of sperm. Cum and blood poured from both ends of Simon, soaking the bed below. After many spurts of cum Nick finally stopped and pulled his huge cock out of Simon’s mangled body. “As I was saying before, there’s just something so hot about crushing preyboys that I can’t ah.. ahh!” Nick moaned in ecstasy as his cock flared again and painted photo of Simon and his family on the desk with a blast of musclestud spunk, sending it shattering to the floor. “Just can’t help myself.” Nick said while panting from the exertion. He knelt over the body, panting hard from the exertion of the kill, sweat dripping off his face, powerful shoulders, and chest. Looking at the clock he realized it was 2AM, about time to wrap things up. The chat meanwhile was wondering what came next. “Well folks that looks like about it for me I-“ Nick began, but was interrupted by another sponsored chat, “$2000: Blow your load on the corpse and tease it!” The musclestud had just blown his load… But who was he to disappoint an audience? He turned to the wrecked body on the bed and grasped his massive cock. “Alright Simon, I’ll be generous and give you one last load,” he bragged as he pumped his length to full hardness. Despite having just cum, it wasn’t difficult for Nick to become aroused again. He loved to revel in what is body did to his prey, their former forms completely destroyed by his powerful god-like body, He started to think about what Simon must have been like - confidant, slutty, educated, he stole all of that in order to pleasure himself and make a quick buck, and he loved it. Nick flexed as he stroked his monster cock, his eyes closed as he reveled in his own power. He picked Simon’s head up with one hand and jammed it into the huge crevice between his pecs. He flexed his monstrous pecs and crushed the man’s face between those huge globes of rock hard muscle, breaking his cheekbones. Then he rubbed the broken face all over his pecs and abs. That was enough to send him over the edge. He tossed the broken body back onto the bed and gripped his meat with both hands. Nick roared as the first shot of his seed splattered over the corpse, blasting like a firehose. Cum immediately covered the entire body, inch thick layers of cum covering Simon until he was unrecognizable. Nick aimed his cock back at the gaping asshole in front of him, and shot a long spray right back into it, laughing the whole time. The rest of the shots were just as voluminous, soaking the rest of the body in semen. Finally after what seemed like 5 minutes, Nick's orgasm finally slowed back down to a trickle. It was finally time to end the stream. “I’d like to thank everyon-“ His sign-off was once again interrupted, “$5000: Crush his skull with your hands!” Nick chuckled. To think he’d been doing that for free for so long. He aimed the camera downwards to give the viewers a good view and lifted up Simon's head with both hands. The audience watched with rapt attention as the striated muscles of Nick's forearms writhed and blossomed with veins. His biceps engorged with blood and his deltoids formed hard, tight curvatures-literally the size of bowling balls. His pecs oozed out meatily and brushed against the back of his prey's head. They all heard the hollow crack, then more crunching noises, and finally the gruesome sound of blood spilling copiously to the floorboards. Nick let go of the wet sponge that his fingers had sunken into and the body fell back to the bed. "Now, THAT is how it is done." Nick said as he curled his arms up into a double bicep pose. He wetly kissed the peaked heads of each bicep and his eyes adored their carved perfection. Letting out a satisfied sigh, Nick stepped off the bed. He reached for the phone, which was still on and surprisingly untouched by the torrent of cum and blood that had covered the bed and desk. “Thanks for the fun dudes!” He signed off of the stream and collected his things, taking a quick shower in Simon’s bathroom before making his way towards the door. The musclestud before he walked out of the building never to be seen again.
  5. tester26

    Brent the God

    In a darkened auditorium, a crowd of 20 men stood around, waiting expectantly. On stage, four muscular men, clad only in skimpy posers, hauled an odd assortment of objects onto the stage: a huge tank, numerous large metal drums, and an oversized rack of weights. Each man was massively muscular, handsome, and clearly well endowed. About half of the crowd appeared to be drooling at the sight of these overmuscled men, but the other half remained unmoved, as if they'd seen such beauty regularly before. In fact, though the crowd was entirely made up of men who clearly prided themselves on their physiques, it was evident that the group had come in pairs, only one partner in each looking around, wide eyed and confused at what they had been brought to. The stage set, the men left and the room momentarily fell silent. Then a chant rises in the audience, the words unintelligible until the crowd speaks in a unified voice. The previously unphased half of the crowd lead the chant, their eyes now focused expectantly on the stage. Their partners, more confused than ever, try to interrupt and ask questions, only to be drowned out by the chorus of voices. From the back of the stage a cloaked figure appears. The cloak falls away revealing a body more stunning than anyone could imagine, although the face is still hidden in shadow. As he steps completely into view, the audience stops chanting. He stands in the middle of the stage and surveys the crowd with an arrogant expression on his face. Ten feet in height, his body the very definition of spectacular muscular accomplishment and incomparable beauty, Brent was a rugged, almost bestial *god*. The crowd murmured as they let their eyes rake over the vast expanse of Brent's form, the sheer volume of muscle bulging off his mighty frame was almost too breathtaking to believe, the crowd was drinking in the sights as though it was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen in their lives. A pair of pectoral muscles carved from a block of marble, clenched and heaved with muscle defining power. Below that ponderous pectoral shelf, a perfect set of abdominal muscles glistened with oil. The freakish, overdeveloped, ridiculously shredded ten-pack flexed and clenched with even the slightest of Brent's movements. Arms that were completely relaxed hung off Brent's shoulder muscles a good distance away from his tight waist, pushed away by the monstrosities trying to pass off as his bulging lats. So muscle-bound were his arms that, fully flexed, they would probably measure a scant inch or two away from being as huge as his freaky quads. Brent sported quads that would have required entirely new words to describe them. Hulking, shredded, teardrop-shaped muscles rippled and flexed against each other like muscular mountains fighting for space along his leg. His diamond-shaped calves were covered in veins, their enormous masses swelling and tightening like hot lava finally cooling after a volcanic eruption. He was so packed he could not keep his legs together; instead, he had to straddle them outward, his feet about a yard apart. The impact of his gargantuan thighs packed with enormous slabs of muscle was almost lost by the inhuman mass mounted between them. A pair of custom-made red posing trunks stretched tightly over his round, muscular butt and barely managed to envelope a set of male sex equipment the size and weight of a bowling ball, drooping down almost to his knees. Even against the muscle god's gigantic body, Brent's cock and balls looked freakishly and wonderfully oversized. The base and a foot of his mighty tool were plainly in view as the posers were pulled downwards by his meat. The shaft was already as thick as a grown man's wrist and must have been eight inches in girth, ten inches around the bulbous head. Brent's cock was easily eighteen inches long, and it wasn't even hard! The huge mass swung slightly as he walked. The monster stud grinned at the audience and turned sideways and bounced up and down on the balls of his feet, proudly displaying his colossal manhood. His heavy sperm-packed balls bounced off his tight thighs. Brent strutted over to a set of dumbbells, each loaded with 1000 lbs, picked them up, and started effortlessly curling. Gasps arose as the peak of his bicep rose and swelled in bursts. He added more plates and resumed curling. His biceps continued swelling, with cruel looking veins as thick as fingers appearing encircling the swollen peaks. When he seemed satisfied with the pump, he tossed the dumbbells aside and swaggered over to the car. The audience murmured as they realized what he intended to do. Brent grabbed the front end of the tank, and flexed his arms. The front rose two feet off the ground! Then his arms straightened, and flexed again. Up and down. Gasps arose from the crowd. He responded by flashing a killer smile. His arms exploded with rippling, throbbing, pulsating movement as his arm meat cranked out rep after rep. The auditorium fell silent, the men slackjawed in awe. Brent squatted down and shifted the massive weight of the tank onto his shoulders, then hand over hand until it was balanced just over his bent, thick neck. Then with a guttural roar Brent stood up and pressed the tank over his head. Up and down for twenty reps. He shifted again, centering the tank until the full massive weight now solely on his right hand. Brent gave one last huge push and heaved the mighty load fully over his head, until his tree truck arm was fully extended. The cheer from the crowd was so huge, it was a wonder the roof didn't come flying off. The tank landed behind him with a loud crash, shaking the stage. The incredible display had many in the crowd with their hands on their hardening crotches, squeezing and rubbing their dicks in appreciation of the spectacle. The muscle man on stage threw down the car and struck another double bicep pose. “You like what you see, boys?” Brent boomed, with a deserved air of superiority. It was the first words the musclegod uttered to the audience, the deep and smooth voice made some in the crowd grow weak in the knees. Brent chuckled as he turned his attention to his own body, watching his god-like chest heaving and his impossibly developed arms tensing and relaxing, pumping blood through muscles that could only be described as superhuman. The peak of his biceps now reached the palms of his hand, completely filling the space within his flexed arm. He grunted like an animal, beads of sweat appearing on his upper body. "FUCK! That felt so GOOD!" grunted Brent, leaning forwards into a truly magnificent most-muscular pose, bringing his enormous fists together in front of his bulging pecs. The pump on his muscles was incredible; he was suddenly nothing but bulging pecs, biceps and traps. His torso was slick with muscle sweat. The pecs stood 6 inches thick off his ribcage, rising on each side of his chin. The side view of his pecs was awesome: the tight pumped chest muscles jutting up and out, so solid they hardly moved. Although he appeared to ignore it, his thick, soft cock started to swell, pulling his posers downward past his knees. More and more of the growing tube of meat appeared between his quads as his posers were stretched to their limit. A network of grotesquely gorgeous veins creeped down the shaft, thickening and pulsating as rich oxygenated blood and raw testosterone was pumped into the wondrous organ. Brent's boulder-sized testicles were rising and falling against his crotch, incredible amounts of testosterone pumping into Brent's body as his massive pillar of man beef continued to grow. “Yeah, that’s right. You like all this fucking muscle, don’t you? All this power just gets me so fucking hard!" Brent growled as he flexed his sweat-covered body. The smell of his musk filled the room, the crowd drooling as they watched Brent's cock grow harder, the immense weight of his muscular penis taking its time as it engorged itself on raw power. He scanned the crowd with his eyes, looking approvingly at the collection of muscle heads watching him with rapt attention. With a snap the red posers exploded from the overwhelming volume of his sex tools, the thick tall shaft of man flesh swinging upwards. Several in the audience screamed. Pre-cum, dense and viscous, began seeping from the swelling cockhead. Harder and stronger did Brent's cock grow, mighty muscles flexing across the length of the rippling beef stick, until three fucking feet of cock flesh was throbbing in front of him, the cock head level with the top of his pecs. Brent's prick was so huge that even he could not wrap his hand fully around it. Brent swaggered over to the row of metal drums, lying on their side. He straddled the first one with his massive thighs and squeezed. The metal drum groaned, deformed, and collapsed like cardboard. More cries of lust from the blissed-out audience. Streams of man-juice lept into the air from the sensory-overloaded men, who were groaning and yelling at the spectacle. Brent laughed as he reduced each drum to pathetic piles of crumpled tin foil, lifting one and holding it between the palms of his hands parallel to his chest before flexing his pecs and flattening it. Another he slammed onto his mammoth erection, the rock-hard pole easily bending the drum in half. Roars from the crowd rose. Finally, triumphantly strutting out to the edge of the stage, the untiring musclegod starting to beat his meat out toward the audience. His shaft was so incredibly thick that Brent used both hands in unison, stroking up and down. “Look at this, you muscle-loving fuckers! Look at this body of the biggest fucking musclegod on earth! You’ve NEVER seen anything like this before, have you? Look at these gigantic muscles! I’m a fucking god! Worship me, musclesluts!” Brent boomed to the screaming audience. The four musclemen from before joined him on stage, all naked, all sporting massive erections easily over a foot long. They teamed up in groups to please their Master, two alternating between Brent's huge balls and cock, the other two massaging his chest and arms. Moans and groans erupted from the crowd as men lost their load at this incredible sight. “Aw yeah, worship my fucking muscles! Stroke this giant fucking stud cock!" It was an orgy of flexing as the four men felt up Brent as he flexed. Freaky double-bi, massive rolling pecs, horseshoe triceps, and mountainous traps. The men switched places - one moved to massaging his huge shoulders, another his massive mounds of pectoral muscle, a third was sucking on his cock, and the last stroked and kissed Brent's powerful legs. Brent surveyed the scene around him. The audience had collectively stripped in their passion, most fucking each other as they watched the erotic display on stage. A group of men had congregated towards the front, begging him to take them, fuck them, degrade them. The smell of testosterone, sweat, and cum reeked through the room. The floor of the small auditorium was becoming slippery with the cum shot from the male audience members going wild with desire. Brent felt like he was in heaven. One of the acolytes wrapped his arms around Brent's huge torso - and rubbed his torso up and down the muscle god's mass. His large cock brushed against Brent's abs - the deep cuts jacking him off. Another came up behind Brent and wrapped his arms around his neck; Brent turned to make out with him as the stud slid his dick between Brent's perfect globes. Without warning, Brent grabbed the first man by the waist and and lunged his massive dick inside. Using his muscular arms, he whipped the bodybuilder's neck back and covered his mouth with his hand, squelching the man’s scream. The audience stared in awe as Brent thrust his beastly dick up the man's ass. The man screamed in pain, but Brent was unyielding. He grabbed him by the waist and tugged hard - moving the muscleman up and down his three-foot shaft, nearly managing to fit his entire cock inside. The massive intrusion made the acolyte cum immediately, his impressive member spraying the first few rows of spectators with jizz. It was clear the men on the stage were well-practiced, capable of enduring Brent's brutal fuck without being torn apart. Behind them, the three attendants embraced one another and entwined tongues. One of the attendants bends for the other and offers himself. The third kneels before them and deep throats the bottom's big dick. They begin to fuck behind the god creating a lustful diorama. Brent pounded his worshipper's ass in half a dozen different positions, the bottom in a state of continuous orgasms as Brent manhandled him. The heat of the god’s coupling washed in waves of lust over the standing men in the audience. Hands fumbled and groped as they reach out to their neighbors, unable to resist the urge to couple themselves, though woefully inadequate to match the intensity they felt from the stage. The acolyte's eyes rolled back in his head as he lost consciousness. Without skipping a beat, Brent slid the man off his still-rockhard dick and then picked up one of the other attendants, positioning his dick at the base of his ass. The intimidating monster looked as if it would split the man in half, but the man showed no fear. Brent penetrated the man's tight, muscular ass and rammed its way inward. The acolyte let out a deep moan as he began to cum, Brent fucking him with unrelenting power, forcing load after load out of his dutiful follower until his body too went limp. Brent was unyielding; he drove his penis into the remaining two assistants, brutally plowing each of them until they could handle no more. The audience had descended to orgy by now, not even seeing the scene on the stage. The final supplicant impaled on Brent's rod moaned and screamed as he shot his load all over the men in the front row until finally Brent pulled out of him and roared. Cum, pure and thick, erupted from everyone in the audience as Brent flexed the greatest double bicep pose ever flexed, his own monstrous penis exploding so mightily the massive jet of cum reached twenty feet before finally arcing earthwards and raining down upon the screaming fans below. Brent aimed his erupting monster at the crowd and watched as man after man keeled over, overwhelmed and overcome by the strongest orgasms they had ever had in their lives. Even for a god, all good things had to come to an end, and it was at the end of three whole minutes of wondrous, blissful, orgasmic release did Brent's finally calm down, though the few conscious members of the audience had long since been reduced in shooting blanks, their eyes seeing stars as they caught their breaths. The auditorium looked like a warzone now, unconscious bodies resting peacefully in gigantic puddles of cum. The room fell silent. From the back of the audience, there is stirring. Half of the men had managed remain conscious through the intensity of Brent's orgasm, though it seemed their partners had not. The men jostle and pick up their unconscious lovers, lining up without saying a word. The four musclemen, having recovered from their brutal fucking, move a massive chair on stage, a throne for Brent. He sits, cum and sweat dripping from his pumped muscles, his elephantine cock extending past his knees and leaking a continual stream of cum onto the floor. The first audience member approaches, a championship-level bodybuilder, carrying a similarly built man in his arms like an offering. Though not yet in the league of the men standing on either side of Brent, he is still a vision of powerful masculine beauty. His thick, stubby dick, the size of a soda can now stiffens and points straight toward his master. Brent smiles and leans in to kiss the man, forcing his mouth open with his own, tasting his lips and his mouth. The man's cock is painfully hard, and his hips bow toward his master, giving himself to his god’s desire. He places his unconscious partner against Brent's pecs, the head sliding between he massive mounds of meat. Without breaking the kiss, Brent begins to glow as the body sinks into his own. His worshipper moans as he feels Brent absorb his offering, cumming as the body disappears completely. Brent pulls back and smiles approvingly at his worshipper, who bows deeply and returns to the audience. The pattern is repeated again and again, each man bringing forth another offering to add to Brent's mass. They ask different things of their god, some choosing to suck on Brent's three-foot monster, some begging him to flex a muscle for them to kiss. Brent was in heaven, feeling more mass build inside him as the men slavishly worship his impossibly huge body. With each absorption, Brent glowed brighter, his eyes closing as he rubbed his hands all over himself, resisting the urge to cum as each offering was broken down into more nutrients and cum. Finally, the last worshipper returned to the audience, joined by the four attendants, all of the men kneeling before their god. Brent stood and walked to the edge of the stage, surrounded by a golden light. Already he looked as if he had grown, but the men knew this was just the beginning. Brent locked eyes with the nearest worshipper, causing the man's orgasm to burst from his already spent cock as if he had been abstaining for weeks. He collapsed on the ground unconscious, his body continuing to convulse. Brent smiled, turning to another as he raised one massive arm and flexed his fingers in a slow-yet-rhythmic fashion. As if on cue, the second man cried out, a great burst of white fluids gushing from him, his pelvis thrusting rapidly as he was rendered unconscious by his massive orgasm. Brent laughed, his deep chuckle sending shivers down everyone's spine. He was too huge, too sexy, and most of all far too muscular for any man on the planet to resist. “Holy *fuck,*“ he moaned, the deepness of that utterance sending chills all the way to my toes. “This… feels… *magnificent.*“ The crowd watched attentively as Brent began to glow brighter. He bellowed lustily as intense waves of power spread across his muscled form. The golden aura around his body deepened. Brent's torso and legs began to stretch to new lengths. His height increased to 11 feet, then 12. His shoulders erupted with inhuman power, muscular mountains fusing into monster traps that barely contained the growing pillar passing for his neck. As he bent forward to look over his thickened pecs, he saw his devotees drooling as they watched him, stroking themselves and each other as their god grew. His monster cock convulsed, as if it was barely holding on to an orgasm to end all orgasms. “I can feel every muscle, every *cell* in my body, just bulging and flexing with insane power!” Brent growled. The crowd could only gape as Brent's growing body swelled. The muscles on his enlarged frame found new space to grow and expand. His mammoth chest lifted and thickened. Brent repeatedly flexed his super-sized chest and felt light-headed by the power that rocketed through his body. Below them, his freak-show abdominal muscles had grown to the size of anvils, and they were still getting bigger! He watched with approval as one muscle after another in his arms grew in volume to fill the spaces from shoulder to elbow and from elbow to wrist. His biceps split into huge lumps of throbbing power. His triceps hung like giant hams, each of the three heads fighting for room. He raised his arms slowly in triumph and found his biceps had grown so large, he could barely touch his head with his fist. "Oh god…..so much fucking muscle and power!" he whimpered to himself, his prodigious pecs bouncing back and forth under his groping fingers. Between his legs, Brent's already monstrous mega-cock grew even larger pressed between his cinderblock brick abs and pillow-sized pecs. Brent moaned, his hands massaging his gargantuan prick as the muscular tower of throbbing flesh continued growing out until the swollen head was throbbing at eye level to him. “Now *that’s* what I’m talking about,” he growled, spreading his huge legs wide. “So much power, so much raw, erotic power! Fuck! I can feel it shooting through my muscles, my cock! Fuck yeah!” Simultaneously, Brent's lats expanded and pushed his arms further outward. The traps and deltoids of his shoulders grew into melon shaped masses of power. The V-taper, already impressive, took on even more dramatic shape. Brent's throat became encased in a thick column of muscle pushing hard against traps that just touched his ears. As quickly as Brent's upper body grew, his legs thickened even more rapidly. His calves, mighty and thick, split into two perfectly shaped diamonds each threatening to tear away from the bone. "Fuuuuuuuuuccckkkkk!" Brent rumbled. Thick, pulsing veins ran like highways over and around every supersized muscle, converging at the base of his throbbing, monstrous, king-sized cock. The muscle giant gripped the base of his cock with both hands, the throbbing head spraying precum onto his face and hair. With no effort at all, he bent his head slightly forward and shoved his leaking cock into his mouth, slurping at it loudly, both hands pumping it at the same time. Spit and precum leaked out by the mouthful, covering his cock and chest in a slimy, clear residue as he felt his testes fill with gallons of potent cum. His throbbing, muscular cock was riddled with veins, easily six feet long and as thick as a man's leg. Brent's moans of pleasure sent shivers through the audience, their god growing bigger than any of their wildest imaginations. As the glowing light faded, Brent's metamorphosis subsided. He sat back on his throne, dripping in sweat, panting as he tried to catch his breath. Brent had grown into a fucking titan, a herculean god. He was a fucking freak, a bulging muscle freak, twelve fucking feet tall and definitely over a ton of pure fucking muscle. Every square inch of his body was filled with distended muscle. Veins wound around his body and throbbed with blood like molten steel. Brent flexed his gargantuan physique. The muscles audibly rumbled as they shifted beneath his golden skin. Brent's hands squeezed his pecs, feeling their new size and weight. He couldn't help himself, every inch of him had been pumped to perfection. Pinching his nipples sent more jolts of pleasure through his body. Cum churned in his balls, processing the last of his offerings, inflating like balloons against his thighs. He wrapped his herculean arms around his titanic cock and began jerking it with his entire body. Every muscle in Brent's huge body was flexing violently, biceps bunching with the pump of his fist, bubble butt clenching, mammoth thighs rippling with shredded muscle, pecs bouncing involuntarily with each stroke. "Oh yeah…..oh fuck yeah….." Brent drawled to himself, his eyes screwed shut, lost in his own self-pleasure. Any man who could focus their eyes long enough through their orgasms was staring fixedly upon Brent's swollen cock. He began to use both hands to stroke himself, using nothing nothing but his copious self-lube to slick up his monstrous pole. Both hands traveled up and down the length of his rod, and he turned and twisted so everybody got incredible shots of his rigid, leaking dick, now even harder and leaking more. He shoved his cockhead into his mouth. Audibly, he began to suck and bob on his cockhead as his hands stroked from balls to crown. Brent groaned with joy as he felt himself getting close, every muscle twitching and flexing, his fingers drenched with pre-cum. The audience were in hysterics, frantically masturbating as they awaited the inevitable. Even those who didn't have a drop of jizz left in their bodies stood massaging their aching erections nonetheless. His groans became faster and louder, muffled by the incredible bulk of his bloating cockhead, and his hands became blurs as they rode the amazing length of his shaft, and then, throwing his head back and screaming, the first shot of cream was spewed forth form his balls. "ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!!!!" Brent let out an animal bellow of orgasm and ecstasy as pints upon pints of thick jizz rushed from his mighty balls, rocketing up his throbbing rod and exploded from his dark red cockhead, soaring over the crowd. All at once the audience came, shimmering wads of cum blasting from their cocks in unison. They fall onto their knees and cry out in pleasure as their orgasms took over, sending them into convulsions of pleasure as they fired loads that were completely dwarfed by Brent's. "AAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!" Brent screamed again. The second jet of thick, heady cum erupted from his cockhead, shooting 30 feet into the air, hitting the ceiling. Cum showered down on the masturbating crowd, upturned faces splattered with cream. Rope after rope after rope of thick, creamy splooge blasted from the muscle god's six-foot monster cock. Some jets soared meters across the room, high above the heads of the crowd, landing here and there randomly on some lucky spectator. Brent's mighty orgasm ripped through ever fiber of his gigantic body, muscles flexing and relaxing involuntarily with ecstasy. "Oh YEAH!" he moaned, cupping his hands over his huge, heaving pecs, squeezing them. His abs crunched as he thrust into the air. The acolytes, zombie-like, moved toward Brent's superhuman body and began rubbing their bodies against his legs and lower torso. Two wrapped their hands around Brent's erupting cock and jerked it with all their strength. The men were in absolute lust for Brent's muscles, squeezing, licking and caressing them with the fervor of pure sexual ecstasy. Brent moaned as he enjoyed his superhuman orgasm, his massive hands squeezing the armrests of his chair tightly as he flexed and thrust his hips in the air. The acolytes aimed Brent's cock at each other, try to swallow what they could, knocking each other over from the pressure of each blast. The hyperconcentrated protein from all of his processed offerings had the effect of the most potent steroids, giving them the strength and mass they needed to endure Brent's intense fuck sessions. They'd point the erupting hose at Brent, letting him drink his own load, all the while whispering how hot he was in his ear. "You're so fucking huge, Brent," whispered one. "I can't get enough of this enormous dick," grunted another. They told him how massive his cock was, how amazing he was, how no man compared to him. Just hearing this made the musclegod writhe with pleasure, his muscles tensing and bulging out, cock flaring and pulsing as his orgasm went into overdrive. He drenched his worshippers for ten whole minutes before his orgasm calmed to a trickle. The slightest of movements caused his muscles to flex monstrously. Every flex was intoxicating. Brent felt so strong it was almost surreal, his head dizzy with excitement. He was the epitome of masculinity, with his insane, overdeveloped muscles and a cock that throbbed with barely controlled sexual energy. He leaned back on his throne, his massive dick resting on his chest, cockhead leaking the last of his epic load onto his shoulder. Streams of white flowed down the deep valleys and grooves of his muscles, pooling on the seat and floor beneath him. "Fuck!" Brent panted, "What a growth." Brent grinned widely, nodding proudly to himself as he surveyed the room. The scene was chaos, a sort of sexual carnage, the aftermath of a lusty rampage of epic proportion. Muscle men were strewn everywhere, their balls drained so thoroughly that they were nearly too exhausted to move. Most seemed unconscious, others were barely hanging on, moaning and writhing weakly. Each was covered from head to toe in sperm… thick lines and ropes and splatters across their sweaty forms. Those still able to move seemed perfectly happy with the situation, their hands roaming their bodies slowly, sliding through pools of hot seed as they brought fingerfuls of creamy cum to their lips or stroked their abused dicks. In the morning, they'd head home, where they would go out in search of new partners, new lovers to become offerings to their monstrous muscle god.
  6. tester26

    Sean meets his twins

    This story is based on an old Metabods story called "The gene" that's no longer on the site. Also, of course, HSMuscleBoy's characters. Sean laid on his bed, his body hot and sweaty, and his enormous cock, a staggering 22.5 inches long, a thick 9 inches around, raging hard and pissing precum all over his chest and face. He gazed at his laptop screen, his hands moving all over his ripped, muscular body. Though well into his twenties, his face looked no older then eighteen, a beautiful face with piercing blue eyes, and full sensual lips. In contrast to his youthful face, he was massively built, broad powerful shoulders that narrowed to a shockingly tight waist, huge slab-like pecs, a hard chiseled eight pack, biceps the size of his head were adorned with throbbing networks of veins. His legs were long and powerfully muscled, wrapped in golden toned, vacuum tight skin, every massive muscle was clearly delineated. He was the wet dream of any championship bodybuilder and he knew it, evidenced by the many medals and trophies lining his walls. This was a game he played often, how much porn could he watch without getting off. Sean groaned as he watched the two handsome muscle studs on the screen embracing, their nearly identical limbs wrapping around one another, their rippling abs sliding over each other. His face was becoming flushed as he licked his lips. His right hand was stroking slowly, smoothly up and down the large shaft. Sean grinned and laid his cock flat against his bare torso, relishing the sight of it sliding up between his pecs. Sean’s gaze traveled over his naked body as waves of pleasure washed over him. His muscular thighs, giant cock, and rippling torso filled him with desire and lust. He loved his own body, wanting himself more and more as each stroke filled him with bliss. Sean released his cock and sat up, abs, contracting into a display of defined, youthful muscle. Sean sat up and ran both hands over his shortly clipped, blonde hair. He stood and wandered over to the large mirror across the room and began flexing his chest and abs, grinning as the muscles contracted into fibrous, erotic, bulges and creases. God he looked amazing. He flopped back down on the bed, his cock smacking his hard chest, then raising up slightly off his bare belly. He closed his eyes, utterly horny, stroking his oversized cock. It throbbed with desire in his hands. His whole body writhed in the feeling of building orgasm. He stroked himself to the brink of orgasm again and again. The sounds of fucking eminating from his laptop increased his pleasure as he fondled himself. After some time, Sean had worked himself into a frenzy. Feelings of sex spread all over his body. He moaned softly to himself and continued to torture his steel-hard pole. A little touch here, a slight caress over the tip. The pleasure magnified to near unbearable proportions. Sean thrust his hips up and down, his cock was so hard that it barely even moved, just sticking straight up above his belly. Sweat began beading on his smooth skin. Eyes still closed, he ran his hands down over his bulging chest to his narrow stomach, feeling, caressing, enjoying himself. He didn't need to see his muscles flex to get off on them. He squeezed his biceps, licking the peaks. In a moment, Sean would lose all control over his cock and cum... but this time, something felt different. Something like an orgasm washed over him, but not from his cock. Sean’s body contracted, every muscle rippling into sharp definition. His chest was heaving, mind reeling... and then suddenly, it stopped. Sean was still on the brink of orgasm... but in coming back to reality, he felt another presence in the room. He listened as his breath slowed, his chest rising and falling a bit more evenly... but it wasn’t just his own. Sean could sense a form lying next to him on the bed. He opened his eyes and looked. What he saw was impossible... Sean was literally lying next to himself! For a brief moment, Sean thought he was having an out of body experience. He gazed down past his clamped shut eyes, face in obvious concentration to withhold the oncoming orgasm. He observed his body’s bare torso, watching his chest and stomach rise and fall evenly, his abs contracting with each exhale. He drank in the sight of himself. Light perspiration made his skin shine in the dim light coming through the window. Even in the darkened room, he could clearly make out the outlines of his body’s abdominals and the deep crease in the center of his pecs. His bobbing cock continued to throb mercilessly from his groin. Precum flowed down its length from his extended self pleasure. Sean’s mind brought him back to reality. This didn’t make sense. He could feel the bed underneath him, the weight of his own body... Sean’s heart was pounding, but his head had cleared. His peripheral senses were returning, and he was blissfully aware of his angry cock emitting pangs of pleasure, twitching, on the verge of tumbling him into an immense orgasm. Sean looked down and saw his cock pointing straight at him. Precum was drooling from the head between his pecs. A pool was forming, running through the center crease in his abs to his belly button. It was true, he had actually cloned himself! That realization alone nearly sent him over the edge. With pounding heart and quivering breath, Sean sat up, cock sliding between his pecs. He didn’t dare touch it. Slowly, he got up on his knees, hovering over his own image. Despite his care and caution, his movement on the bed alerted the man below. Sean’s clone opened his eyes, surveying the room, but not moving his head. Sean had noticed that the other man's cock had softened slightly, he seemed just as thrown off as Sean was only a moment before. The head drooped off to one side, painting his right pec with wet, sticky precum. The clone looked downward in the direction of where Sean was kneeling. Their eyes made contact for the first time. A jolt coursed through Sean’s body... his clone must have had the same reaction, because his cock rapidly twitched and stiffened back to the same oversized length as his own. A look of realization spread over the other guy's face, followed by a huge, uncontrollable smile. “I cloned myself???” whispered the sprawling image on the bed. “You're me???” whispered Sean. Instantly, both of their minds were reeling with possibilities. So much to do... so much to try... And there were questions too. How much time do we have? Is this permanent? If it isn’t, where does he go? And then a wicked thought flickered through Sean’s mind: Can I make more? They began eyeing each other greedily, lustfully. The studs flexed and caressed themselves, not even touching each other — Sean was swooning as he was able to see his body twitch and move from different angles. God, he was ripped. What a huge fucking muscle stud! And his monster cock! Fuck! Sean nearly came just from looking at his double. Their cocks were bouncing and pulsating, pressed tight now against their ripped torsos. Sean’s double placed his hands behind his head and crunched his stomach, showing off his beautiful abs for Sean. His clone’s throbbing cock was obscuring much his abs. With shaking hands, Sean reached forward and grasped his image’s penis with his left hand. The organ felt huge and hard. It was hot and heavy and just like his own... except it wasn’t. But somehow he felt the pleasure inside him, as if an invisible connection linked the two of them. The studs moaned together, one being touched, one touching, both identical. Sean pushed the other man's cock to the left, bringing into view his ripped abdominals. The clone's meat leaked a continual stream of pre, the liquid running over the channels of his abs as he flexed, wetting Sean’s hand as he held the giant cock. Slowly, Sean bent forward and licked the other guy's torso, tracing the defined creases of his clone’s stomach muscles. The precum tasted just like his own... wet and thick and a bit salty. The other Sean was taking husky breaths, trying to crunch his abs even harder for his twin, groaning softly at the sight. Sean looked up and grinned. He was straddling his other body now, kneeling with his legs straddling his image's. He released his image’s cock, watching it snap back to its original position. He could see the veins pulsing, cramming blood into the engorged member all the way up its 22.5 inch length. The other stud's balls were pressed tightly against the bottom of his shaft, giant and ready to explode. Slowly, Sean reached with his tongue, giving his clone’s cock a small lick. The man threw his head back and kicked involuntarily, knees smacking Sean in the ass. “Sorry, I was edging for the last hour,” replied his clone. “Yeah... I know” grinned Sean. “I’m you, remember? Or, we’re each other...” That thought alone nearly drove Sean crazy with lust. Sean leaned forward, pressing himself down on top of his other body. Their monster cocks touched first, causing both studs to swoon. Carefully, Sean sandwiched their two steel-hard cocks together, the shafts throbbed against one another, the heads kissed, mixing copious amounts of precum from one cock to the other, trapped between two sets of thick, bulging pecs. Sean laid all the way down, pressing his chest against the identical chest of his twin. He wrapped his arms around the bare back of his clone, who was already softly stroking Sean’s shoulders and down to his sides. The two stared into each other’s eyes. Identical lusts reflected their inner desires. Sean could feel his clone begin to lightly thrust his pelvis, almost imperceptibly rubbing their slick cocks together in the deep cleavage between their pecs. Sean smiled and reciprocated. He gripped his clone harder, and bent to kiss him. Their mouths locked, setting off fireworks inside their heads. Their tongues entered each other’s mouths, wrestling together, sliding along the other's lips. They embraced tighter, Sean’s clone violently pushing him over. Now Sean’s back was against the bed, his hands roaming over his clone’s bare back, enjoying the silky smooth skin, gripping his twin’s firm ass. Their cocks slid over one another as their hands groped each other’s body. Sean was in sensory overload. This was too much. Too good. He gripped his twin and forced him onto his back once again, then began kissing the stud's body with abandon. Squeezing biceps and triceps, cupping pecs, licking nipples identical to his own. This really made the other Sean moan. They both loved that stimulation. Sean felt his dick rubbing over the other's leg as he made his way down the torso. He looked up with a sly smile and said, “I want to suck you.” “Huh, do you think it’s a coincidence that I was thinking the same thing?” grinned his twin. “Not even a little bit” replied Sean. Sean swung his legs around so that his knees were on either side of his clone’s head. He gripped his own cock and pushed it down, playing with his other self. He rubbed his cockhead over the other Sean’s forehead, down his nose, over his cheek, and glanced off his lips. His clone stuck out his tongue, attempting to catch a quick lick. Sean pushed back the other direction, smacking his cock against his twin’s left cheek. Finally, his clone reached up and grabbed Sean’s shaft with his hands. Electricity shot through both of them as all four hands wrapped around Sean’s thick cock. “Ok” breathed Sean. “You can have it.” The other Sean grinned and took the head into his mouth. Sean swooned again, his body jutting forward, pressing his face against his clone’s identical stomach and cock. Both of the giant muscle studs licked and caressed each other's huge cocks and balls before taking them into their mouths. Sean reached up and jammed his clone’s penis into his mouth. It felt amazing, as if he had two cocks being sucked off at once; which in a way, he did. He heard his clone moan around his own cock. He took some of the shaft in, tracing the large vein of his cock’s underside with the tip of his fingers. Sean just could barely open wide enough... but there was no way he was going to be able to take it all in. He said quietly, “God, we’re so fucking huge.” His cock twitched inside his twin’s mouth. The other Sean released it, chuckling. “Couple of horse hung musclestuds, right Sean?” “Yeah, Sean.” Both guys laughed before throating each other once again. Magnificent, sweaty, muscular bodies writhed in ecstasy. They continued pleasuring each other for a few more minutes, until they were both getting close. Without a word spoken between them, they released each other and stood up off the bed. Sean flicked on the lights and the two sat down on the edge of the bed. They wrapped their arms around each other. Their heads pressed together, but eyes closed as they slowly adjusted to the bright light in the room. They looked into the mirror and witnessed the most erotic sight of his life. Two naked, identical musclegods, rubbing each other’s bare bodies, their massive cocks jutting up from their groins between each other's pecs, crossed like swords. With their legs spread, their heavy testicles hung low off the side of the bed. Sean’s double grinned and leaned over. He began pulling on Sean’s large ballsack. Sean grinned, “God, I love how that feels.” His twin sat up, and Sean repeated the actions on his large balls. Sean could feel hands running up and down his bare side. Simultaneously, the identical studs reached out with their opposite hands and began fondling each other’s giant penises. They began stroking in earnest, pounding their oversized cocks, occasionally leaning down to steal a lick from their spurting cockheads. Sean looked down at the display of identical muscle and cock, his twin did the same. They shifted their gazes back and forth between the mirror and their bodies, feeling the pleasure welling up inside of them. Sean could feel the eruption coming. The two began crying out. Just before orgasm hit, Sean felt that same odd sensation he had felt just before he cloned himself. He looked at the mirror and suddenly, on his left side, another Sean materialized. Standing over the two of them, the new clone's mouth was hanging open, abs flexing, left hand flying up and down on his own enormous cock. With the realization that Sean could clone himself more than once, the dam broke, and orgasm took over. He began erupting all over his own chest, both of them. The sight of Sean releasing carried the two clones over the edge. Sean could feel his other bodies' cocks swell up and begin blasting out their own loads. The first clone moaned as he leaned over, drinking from Sean's cock with ravenous hunger. Sean groaned as he felt his double throat his meat while hot cum sprayed him in the face from two identical dicks. The third Sean stood in front of the two seated studs and roared, thrusting his hips towards the other two as he erupted. His beast pointed straight at their identical torsos, burying them in white. The two seated Seans took turns swallowing jets of jizz from the erupting member. Cum spraying onto their chests and abs. Sean could feel all three orgasms at once, giving him the most intense pleasure he'd ever felt. He knew the clones were experiencing the same thing. They leaned against each other for support as they twitched and shuddered. Bodies heaving after five whole minutes of cumming, the triplets’ pleasure began to finally subside. Sean and his clones still had their hands wrapped around each other’s cocks, but were now stroking slowly, milking out the last of their juices. “Amazing” the three Sean’s said at once. They slowly released each other and laid down, wrapping their limbs around each other. Sean was in the middle, his cock wedged firmly between his pecs, the large poles of his clones sliding against his chest as they turned towards him. “I love you guys” he said. The three smiled at each other. No words needed to be said. The other Seans were exact copies of the original… identical in lust and desire. They paused for just a moment to adjust positions. Skin to skin. The three gripped their large bobbing cocks with their left hands, then paused at the same moment to pull their large ball sacks from between their legs into a more comfortable position. They giggled at the identical gesture, their abs rippling into a display of 24 bulging abs, and began stroking again. Sean could feel the biceps and triceps of his clone’s arm flexing against him as he masturbated himself. With their other hands, they stroked and squeezed each other's arms and pecs. Sean #2 gripped the original and pulled him closer and the two began kissing. Sean rolled on top of him, running his hands all over the Sean on the bottom, feeling his hard chest and abs. His cock was rubbing along the creases of the other man's abs. He leaned down and kissed his image. The Sean on the bottom’s cock was pointing straight up between the muscle stud's ass, leaking pre once more. His hands were at his sides, allowing full access to his perfect body. The sight was fiercely erotic. The third Sean pulled out a bottle of massage oil off the nightstand. Quickly, he unscrewed the cap, lifted the top, and squeezed the bottle. He felt the greasy oil flow down over his neck and shoulders, down his chest and stomach. Thick rivets were running all over him. Sean put down the bottle and began massaging the liquid into his own body. In seconds, he was gleaming from head to toe, setting off his muscles in an incredible display. He gripped his throbbing cock, smearing the oil all over it with both hands, shivering at the intense sensations. “Hey guys” he called to his images. They broke their kiss and looked over, mouths agape. “Don’t you think this would be easier with a little oil?” Sean asked innocently, flexing his stomach and biceps. His muscles popped, and the studs grinned in anticipation. The original Sean on top flopped down on the bed next to his twin. Sean #3 sat up and began drenching their identical bodies with oil. Their hands kneaded in the slick liquid. Sean tossed the bottle away. Soon, all three of their naked bodies were glistening. Their slippery bodies glided against each other. Sean’s oiled cock slid easily against his twin’s bare ass. Sean’s whole body twitched involuntarily as his cock head slid between his image’s legs, poking up against an identical ballsack and thick shaft. He felt hands massaging his cock against the other, feeling his own bulbous head sliding against his image’s oily cockshaft. The horny studs groaned. Sean pressed his forehead against the back of his clone’s neck, sliding it down the length of his bare back, licking the oiled skin as he went. Sean then gently pushed Sean #3 forward, so that he was lying on top of the clone on his back on the bed. The two began making out wildly. Sean stroked his shaft slowly, enjoying the self-love below him. Their cocks were pressed hard together, pulsating as one. Hands caressed identical muscles and flesh. Sean laid on top of the two of them, sandwiching his dick between his chest and his image's back. His butt muscles flexed and relaxed in rhythm as he humped his two copies, pre oozing out from the small of Sean 3's back. The juice trickled down and rolled underneath him to moisten his abs. After some time, Sean gripped the clone on top from behind around the chest and lifted him up again. The two reluctantly separated, grabbing with their hands for each other’s naked bodies, but couldn’t grip each other with their slick skin. Whispering in his Sean 3’s ear, he said, “We’re going to double fuck you.” The stud moaned in anticipation. Sean lifted the giant muscleman easily, lining up the huge pole of the clone underneath. Three identical hands guided the large shaft to the opening. “Ohhhh” moaned the twin underneath. He was clearly enjoying the sensation of his sensitive cockhead pressed up against his tight hole, with his stomach sucked in and chest pushed out. He then thrust slightly, abs flexing as his cock buried itself in an ass just like his own. "Oh my god!" he groaned through gritted teeth. "Fuck that thing is thick." The lower Sean smiled as he gripped his clone's hips and plowed his cock into his image with greater force, pulling him down until his huge balls made a loud slapping sound as they hit his ass. "Oh fuck yeah!" Sean #3 cried out. "Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck! That's a big fucking cock!" The other Sean leaned forward and they continued sucking on each other’s faces. Sean could see his clone’s cock pumping slowly in and out. Crazed with lust, Sean stroked his cock, pumping it up just a bit more, then lined up his own goliath member. The other’s paused as he entered. He could hear his twin moaning softly as his cock joined his twin’s. Sean pushed. Slowly and easily, his cock slid in on top of his identical brother’s. Sean could feel the other monster pole throbbing against his. Finally, their cock head’s touched inside the other Sean’s ass. The Sean he was entering reared up slightly, all of his back muscles on display, glistening and shredding with taut muscle. Sean ran his hands over it, feeling the hardness of his twin’s body. “I can feel you inside of him,” Sean #2 said. The other Sean moaned, “God, you two feel so huge inside of me.” “Yeah, I can feel our heads rubbing together… awwww… feels tooo gooood.” “Look at all this hard muscle…. Damn, we are amazing.” The Sean being fucked was on his hands and knees, his triceps corded into defined horseshoes. Sean felt the hard muscles of the boy’s stomach and chest. He glanced down at his own flexing body and groaned loudly. All of the Seans were. Three voices blending into one. “God, I feel you… both of you…” “We’re together… the same” moaned the Sean underneath. "FUCK!" Sean #3 gasped. "I fucking love this! Fuck me! Fuck me dudes!" Sean pulled his cock as far out as he could, then started pumping his cock in and out as fast as his pulsing, hulking muscles would allow. “Gonna fucking cum!” Sean began thrusting harder, could feel an identical pole thrusting harder alongside his own. Suddenly, the twin being fucked reared up again. His eyes were rolling, cock flopping against his abs, twitching for release. “Ohhh fuck, here I cum!” Without even touching his cock, Sean #3 began spraying his load. It sprayed all over Sean #2's face and chest, volley after volley hitting the headboard and the wall behind it. Sean reached around as his twin began forcing out the rest of his load. They moaned together as he released, pushing Sean and his other image over the edge. The two giants thrust together, then held their cocks deep inside the other Sean, their cocks pulsating and pumping their cum into his perfect ass. Both of their bodies flexed into granite. Sean looked down, catching the eye of his image as they orgasmed. Time stopped. Ropes of cum shot deep inside Sean #3, filling all of the space around the two huge cocks, and then flowing out of his pussy and joining the huge puddle of cum between the three of them. He looked at his clone's red-flushed face, down over his veined chest and biceps, to his rippling, bulging abs. The Sean in the middle began rubbing his cum into the channels, feeling the hardness of the muscles. Two minutes into his orgasm, Sean felt another orgasm building inside him. He started quickly thrusting back and forth into his handsome clone again, still shooting thick ropes of cum. Finally he pushed all the way in again, and released a second massive orgasm on top of the one he was already having. It was amazing. His cock had become a fire hose spraying an unending jet of thick, glorious cum. The two other Sean's moaned as they felt the new wave of hot jizz. The three identical musclegods collapsed onto each other, two still wedged tightly into the one. All heaving with unimaginable pleasure. Finally Sean stopped shooting. The three of them remained locked together for a moment, all of them panting to catch their breath. He uncorked himself from his image, and Sean #3 rolled off his twin. His copies were completely coated in cum, sweat, and oil. The bed and wall in front of them buried in white. Cum was still leaking from their cocks as they rested next to each other, casually leaning into the thick puddles of seed. Sean admired the scene, his own meat still dripping jizz onto the two of them. Their combined emissions filled the deep crevices of their massive pecs and abs, oozing off the bed. He smirked at that. He laid down next to them, the king-sized bed forcing them to squeeze shoulder to shoulder to fit. "Fucking trio of muscle gods," he said, smiling at his two copies. His horniness barely waned from all of their orgasms; his mind was running wild with more smutty ideas as sweat and cum dripped down his body. "Aw fuck yeah dude... Look at all this fucking meat!" Sean #2 groaned as the three of them laid in post-orgasmic bliss. They lazily hefted their heavy cocks, playing with them as they leaked the last dribbles of cum. Sean gripped his doubles and pulled them closer and the three began kissing again. Their hands never left their cocks, stroking themselves back to hardness. Soon, the feeling took hold of all three. “It’s happening,” whispered the clone. Sean’s next body actually sauntered into the room from the hallway, his big, dripping cock leading the way. Grinning, he said, “Well you guys look comfortable.” Sean’s clone curled his pointer finger inward as he licked his lips. “Join us” he replied. The clone obliged, slowly sauntering towards them. Before sitting, the clone kneeled in front of Sean. Winking, he leaned forward and wrapped his hands around Sean’s, who was still gripping his large cock. He pointed the organ down and slid his mouth over the head sucking deeply, flicking the underside with his tongue. This sent Sean into orbit. He pushed his hips forward, thrusting his cock deeper into the other Sean’s throat. After a couple of quick licks up the shaft, the teen moved on to Sean #2 and repeated the actions. Then with 3. With all this identical muscle, Sean was near blowing his load…even after cumming so many times already. He stood up and stretched. His clones spread out a bit on the bed with the extra space, eyes glazing as they watched Sean stretch and flex his bulging muscles. Sean flexed his cock muscles, causing the 22.5-inch penis to bounce up and down. Sean felt three sets of eyes on him and looked up grinning. “You like that?” The three identical studs nodded together, their breathing heavy. Their hands were slowly rubbing over their own bodies, kneading and caressing the muscles of their bulging chests and arms. Sean gripped his cock with both hands and flexed his arms. A large vein popped out, snaking over his bulging biceps muscles. His chest flexed, revealing fibrous muscles. His abs looked like cobblestone pavement. Sean brought an arm up and flexed, licking slowly and sensually the head sized bicep that was throbbing with power. "Fuck..." he moaned, flexing this way and that, posing for himself and his copies. With every flex he felt a new level of pleasure, as though it were flowing in his blood and into his muscles. He wanted more and more of this feeling, and soon found himself flexing so hard he was panting. Pleasure overtook all of them again, and a fifth Sean walked through the door. His eyes flamed with lust, and he walked slowly, sensually, towards Sean, making sure his thighs flexed with every step, swinging his arms just enough that his pecs bounced. He flexed his stomach, his washboard abs gleaming with the sweat that was coating them. "Dude..." he whispered when he approached the muscle god. The clone looked at Sean for all but five seconds before shoving his tongue into his mouth. They touched each other all over - squeezing muscles, grinding their bodies against one another, tongue intertwined. Sean's hands grabbed the image's bottom, squeezing firmly. Meanwhile, the clones on the bed began to feel each other up once more. One man's hands were roaming the other's ripped backside, slapping his muscle, squeezing his ass. The three of them locked in a deep kisses that effortlessly went from one to another. They were moaning loudly, tongues roaming each other's bodies. One's tongue was trailing the lines of muscle of the second's abs, the latter throwing his head back and howling with delight. “Jack me” Sean whispered to Sean #5. The clone grinned at him. He stepped behind Sean and wrapped his arms around him. Sean leaned against the other stud's rock-like body. He could feel his twin’s hard cock sandwiched between them, burning with desire against his bare back. Sean laid his head against his double’s shoulder as his image ran his hands up and down his bare torso, feeling the bulging muscles of his chest and stomach. Sean flexed in reply. "Aw fuck yeah dude! You love this muscle don't you? Yeah, squeeze those hard fucking pecs, man." Sean groaned in pleasure. The clone wrapped his right arm around Sean’s chest as his left hand snaked down and began stroking Sean’s engorged pole. Sean was in heaven. He caressed himself and his image, his hands free now that his twin was manipulating his large organ. Three hands were all over his body. Sean began thrusting his hips, fucking his twin’s hand as it flew up and down his shaft. Sweat was beading on all of the studs, Sean could feel droplets running over the rivets of his muscles. He pushed himself back against his other self and put his left hand over his twin’s. They entwined fingers around his thick shaft and continued stroking. Sean looked down at his clones making out on the floor. Their heaving chests and abs were gleaming, identical muscles flexed in sharp relief. Each of their hands were wrapped around another’s cock, flying up and down. Three sets of balls flopping against the knuckles of the hand on the shaft. Their faces glazed and mouths open, moaning in pleasure. Orgasm nearly overtook him… but the sensation shot through him one more time. The 6th Sean materialized directly in front of him, his massive cock pointed directly at his face. Sean #5 stopped stroking as they looked up to greet the latest addition. The clone smiled back at them and pushed his identical cock and balls against Sean’s. Their two gorgeous cocks thrusted up from their groins, burning shafts pressed tightly together. Precum oozed from both heads, mixing together, running down over their veiny poles. He leaned forward and kissed Sean, cocks now pressing against their identical chests. Sean #5 leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Sean and the clone in front, sandwiching themselves together, and kissed his bare shoulders. Sean was beyond thought or reason. He could feel hands all over, worshipping his body. He could hear moans and groans coming from all directions, all sounding exactly like his own. Sean #6 released the kiss and gripped their shafts with both hands. Sean wrapped his hands around the two of them, and they began jacking their cocks against each other. With a groan, Sean grabbed the newcomer's head and drove his raging hard cock into his mouth. Sean #6 soon had his hands wrapped around the stud's muscle hard bubble ass as the nearly 2-foot long cock slid down his throat. But he was also losing his footing, and would topple over, helped by a lust filled Sean #5 who moved around the two of them and aimed his hard cock up the clone's ass. Sean #3 was right behind him, getting off the bed and sliding between Sean 5's legs, the twin monster cocks both going up Sean #6's ass at nearly the same time. Not to be left out, Sean #3 reached around and lovingly stroked and sucked on the cockhead of Sean 6 the moment he was all the way in. Seans 2 and 4 remained on the bed, stroking each other as they watched the orgy unfolding, the puddles of precum on their chests growing larger at the sight of all the intertwining muscle. Sean #2 rolled over and got on his knees in front of the other clone, his massive cock presenting itself in front of image's lips. Sean #4 immediately took it in his mouth, sucking hard. Sean 2 nearly fell back in pleasure; he thrust into the twin's mouth, and soon he was being deepthroated by his twin. Sean 4's cock bounced on his chest, spurting pre all over his chest and Sean #2's back, who grabbed the pillar of meat and jerked it roughly as he thrust into his twin's mouth, spit and precum splashing all over. Soon Sean #2 erupted, dumping pints of cum into the twin, which spurted out of the sides of Sean #4's mouth and out his nostrils. Still, it wasn't enough. Both wanted more. Sean #2 pulled out of his image's mouth, who seemed to read his twin's mind and flipped onto his stomach, cock sticking out of his side, oozing more and more precum. Sean #2 spread the twin's cheeks wide before driving his massive rod into his partner. "FUUUCK!" Sean #4 roared, his back rippling and tense, arms wrapped around the bed as his twin relentlessly fucked him, going until his balls touched the man's rump before coming all the way out and slamming himself back in, sending massive amount of cum to squelch out of the muscled rump. The two came in unison soon after, flooding the bed. Meanwhile, the group of four had changed positions after flooding Sean #6 from both ends. The clone had erupted in the process as well, falling to the floor as jizz poured out of him from both ends. Sean stood over his image, making out with Sean #5 as the clone jerked his still throbbing dick. "Aw yeah dude, like that dick?" Sean said. "It's so fucking huge..." the clone marveled, touching the massive meat, lifting his gigantic balls, rubbing his ripped and muscled body. "I can't believe how hot you are...we are..." "Aw yeah, just looking at us makes me cum," he said, winking. "Think you can take this big cock?" Without a word, Sean #5 smiled and straddled the muscle god, impaling himself on the raging hard cock. Sean #3 lined up behind Sean, forcing his massive meat deep into him. Sean moaned and reached backwards, grabbing his head and kissing him roughly. The three fucked in tandem, falling to the ground so Sean #6 could sixty-nine with Sean 5, the tangle of flexing muscle moaning as one until Sean #5 cried out from the dual stimulation, his cock exploding in a large fountain of cum, coating the clone sucking him in his spunk. Gagging, Sean #6 fell back and pulled his cock out as his partner coated him in warm spunk. "Yeah, shoot all over me..." he moaned. The thrusting of the other Seans soon became too sloppy, however, and they erupted as well, torrents of seed flooding their asses. They pulled out of each other, wrapping their hands around their rods and jerking ferociously. The four of them swapped spit as their cocks, sandwiched between their bodies, exploded all over them. Sean #3 wrapped his legs around Sean's waist, and the stud managed to shove his cock into the clone, fucking him silly while he orgasmed. The remaining two clones slid to the floor, joining their duplicates as the muscle studs formed a vast elaborate network of probed mouths and asses, their loins burning with wild desire. They thrust, grunted and groaned, those whose mouth's weren't full that is. The Seans eventually reached orgasm almost all at once, no more then a minute separated each one's monstrous orgasm. They were like a wild living fountain of pure sex, cocks spurting, mouths filled and asses filled to overflowing. Cum sprayed everywhere, dowsing the whole room with thick, rich spew. Finally, they all sat back, exhausted. His bodies sprawled all over the room, legs splayed in different ways, muscles flexed or relaxed, but they all had the same face. Content, blissful smiles filled the room. A heap of sweating, cum covered muscle covered the bed and floor. Sean lay there for a few minutes just breathing heavy and basking in what was the most incredible sex of his life. Despite all the action, his giant cock was staring him in the face, almost literally. He flexed it a time or two and it slapped against his gut with a deep thwack. His lips curled into a smile as he had another horny idea. He reached under the bed and pulled out his massive cock pump. The custom-built machine had a tube 3 feet long. The other Seans watched with big, lazy grins, limbs stretched out as they relaxed. "I wonder..." Sean said out loud as he slipped the giant tube over his half-hard meat. He switched it on and immediately all six of them groaned out in unison as they felt the suction pull their massive cocks instantly to erection. The gargantuan cock began to fill up the pump. The tip quickly passed the 2 foot mark with no sign of slowing down. Veins throbbed as the blood engorged monster grew and grew. Simultaneously, his clones' cocks grew at the same rate, as if they too were filling their own respective pumps. They all moaned as they passed 30 inches and kept growing. The two Seans closest to him sat up and began to lick Sean's chest, rubbing their growing dicks against his body, urging him to grow more. The clones turned toward Sean, circled together around him. Closer and closer they inched, until they were standing hip to hip, toe to toe. Sean’s hands felt and squeezed the muscles of his clones’ biceps and triceps. Inside the circle, six pairs of eyes focused on the giant cock being pumped, five identical cocks pressed tightly against it, smearing the outside of the pump with pre as they grew. Heavy breathing and groaning filled the room. They were staring hungrily at each other. Hands were roaming over their naked bodies, caressing idly. He felt connected to all of them, after all, he was them. His cock swelled and his clones’ big cocks responded, growing upwards. "AHHHH. UHHHH..." he moaned, eyes clenched tight. It was like he was having sex times ten! His tongue was sticking out, mouth open in bliss as he felt his cock growing. Sean turned slowly, enjoying the sight of his multiplied body as his meat expanded inch by inch. He reached for one of the clones, caressing his pecs, another’s hard abs. He drew another in for a kiss, wrapping his arms around the twin, feeling the firm muscles of his back. He licked nipples, massaged biceps. His clones were all getting off on his self-worship. Finally, his cock completely filled the tube. Sean kept pumping. The six of them moaned in unison as they felt the pressure inside their now 3-foot-long members increase, each of them on the verge of cumming. The sound of cracking plastic was audible as the pump struggled to contain the monster cock. “Rip outta there!” “Bulge out, bulge out!!!” The clones cheered Sean on. He flexed his cock and the plastic split apart with a loud crack as his monster muscle cock burst out. Cries of amazement erupted from the room and their hungry eyes looked upon Sean's endowment. "OH SHIT!" Sean exclaimed. The two clones closest to him grabbed the three-foot long monster cock in awe. He humped into their palms as his pole throbbed, veins popping up and down his shaft. He grabbed the base and thumped his cock against his body, precum splattering out and flying in all directions. The three of them moved to the center of the circle, the two Sean clones dropping to their knees in front of the original. Sean #2 got between Sean's legs and started to suckle and lick his low hanging orbs. Sean #3 sucked on Sean's cock, both running their hands all over his body, grinding against the muscleman. The other three clones wrapped around them, gripping their own oversized equipment, massaging Sean’s body with their cocks. Sean moaned as three throbbing cocks rubbed over his naked body, smearing cum over his taut muscles. "Yes..." Sean moaned. "Gonna cum so hard...gonna feel so good..." Sean #3 gagged on the huge member. Sean #2 moved up to join him, licking it all over, making it throb and twitch, precum spurting out of Sean 3's mouth, veins pulsating all over the pillar of meat. "Gonna cum...so close..." Sean moaned. The clones all jerked Sean's cock with one hand a piece, their other hands busily jacking their own throbbing dicks. Eight hands wrapped around his massive dick with room to spare. Pre from his clones added to the lubrication provided by the throbbing rod, the spurts of hot liquid splashing on each other eliciting short bursts of pleasure in each of them. Sean could feel his balls tightening. His eyes glazed and he began groaning loudly. Soon all six of them were. Their identical lusts began building on each other. All of them were thrusting and flexing. Their cocks began thickening up one more time. It was coming. “Awww fuck…” “Let’s do it guys…” “Yeah, together…” “All this identical muscle…” “Look at our cocks dude, so fucking huge… getting bigger” “Ohhh, awww, yessss, awww fuck!” "Oh God...Oh...GOD! UHHH!" Sean's entire body flexed. His hands behind his head, eight pack crunched, pecs exploding outward, legs tense but trembling, his orgasm hit. Cum shot out of him like a firehose. "YES! FUCK! YES!" he roared, the sight of him cumming so hot that the clones erupted as well. They screamed as they released their loads. All of their bodies tightened, chests thrusted out, stomachs caving in. The combined feeling of cum rocketing out of six 36-inch long monster cocks was more intense than Sean could have imagined. Every one of them felt each others' orgasms multiplied with their own, layering one on top of the other. Soon all six of them were shooting uninterrupted streams of white, drenching the walls, the bed, and everything else in the room. Sean took hold of his own cock and thrust into the air, completely hosing down his duplicates. The guys took turns placing their warm lips around his cock head and drinking down his jizz. They writhed on the ground, rubbing all that spunk onto their bodies, wrapping themselves around each other, shoving their gushing rods into the nearest mouth or ass. They rode out their mindblowing orgasms together, filling and feeding each other from their seemingly bottomless nuts until finally their orgasms came to an end. As the six muscle gods sprawled out on the cum-flooded floor, Sean closed his eyes, finally sated. Sean opened his eyes with a start. His eyes darted around his room, his mind trying to discern his current location. It took him a while to warp back to reality. It was daylight, and he was alone in his room. No evidence of the sea of jizz and bodies from the evening could be found. He sighed and stretched, but quickly stopped when he felt something strange. He lifted his sheets and saw that his chest were dripping with his spunk. He laughed. He hadn't had a wet dream in a while.
  7. This story is a pastiche heavily inspired by "Wrestling Squad Captain" and other snuff stories. It exists in the same Teenage Destroyers universe, but a few years later. It only features Nick, so I considered it a side story (hence 7.5 instead of 8). Nick goes clubbing It was just before happy hour when the front door of the local club opened. The few people inside all looked up, and for a moment they lost their collective breath and stood in shock. In swaggered a drop-dead gorgeous, nearly 400 lb muscle-beast. Wearing a white tshirt and jeans, the mounds of pure muscle that were his pecs pressed outward against his shirt, casting a shadow beneath them. His gigantic 70 inch chest bulged with muscle, the top of his deep pec cleavage visible under the V-neck of the shirt. His delts looked like bowling balls of muscle capping shoulders that were twice as wide as his hips. Thick, wide lats flared out to the sides, tapering down to his narrow, athletic hips. The tight shirt was pasted against his 8-pack abs, leaving no doubt as to how well-defined and hard they were. His waist was only 32 inches, tiny on a 6 foot 6 inch tall body that was packed with 400 pounds of muscle. On top of all this, his jeans could not conceal how thick and powerful his legs were. His thighs measured an enormous 36 inches, his calves were 24 inches around. All at once, everyone collectively took a deep breath, men and women alike feeling a surge of pleasure shoot into their nether regions. Nick got off on the sudden silence, the stunned looks. He knew he was a fucking god, knew his own power and couldn't help but smile to himself. He turned heads as he wedged himself between two guys at thee bar. He was so big, so muscular, so dominant looking. Nick ordered a beer and drank the whole glass down in one big glug. When he drank, he raised his arm high and flexed his bicep. All the mouths in the bar dropped open as they watched his huge bicep flex, a 27-inch arm pushing his sleeve back and bulging with hard fibers of muscle clearly visible under his tan skin, with veins crisscrossing everywhere. The other patrons started talking amongst themselves in little groups, pretending not to notice the giant stud, but Nick knew they were stealing glances at him, knew they were processing a combination of envy, fear, and lust. Nick cruised the room with his eyes. He noted a few guys that would do. He smiled and headed to the restroom. This was his routine. On top of all his mass and looks, he was hung like a horse; between his legs hung a 11-inch long soft penis arching over a pair of lemon-sized testes; when hard it grew to 16 inches of soda-can thick, ass-wrecking cock. Nick loved dominating other guys and watching them cum just at the sight of him, a perfectly proportioned, 21 year old muscle god with a massive dick to match. Once he pulled out his monster cock most guys had to see it shoot. They couldn’t resist the temptation to feel a huge hard cock like that in their mouths and taste Nick's hot muscle cum. Nick got a blow job or a fuck almost every day that way. Nick waited until some really straight macho dude, who would never even look at another guy's naked body, let alone touch his cock, saw his monster. They’d be standing at the urinals in the rest room, Nick didn’t really need to piss, he was just horny. Nick pulled his cock out slowly, and played with it just enough to get it half hard. The other dude watched, tried to pretend he wasn’t, but Nick saw the way the stud couldn’t take his eyes off Nick's cock, as it swung out, huge and heavy, and he couldn’t not look at it. Then Nick stepped back so the dude got a good look, and the stud’s jaw dropped in awe of the huge beautiful cock Nick waved at him, and Nick stepped closer to the stud. "Whatcha lookin at, stud?" Nick asked, as he shook his rapidly hardening pole and it stretched out still longer, and got fatter and fatter. The dude just stood there, transfixed, unable to move or speak, he never saw anything so big and beautiful as Nick's huge cock. Bigger than any one they’d ever seen, but perfectly proportioned, at once both beautiful and terrifying. He held his own puny little dick in his hand, because he was planning to take a piss, but instead he began getting hard, and his hand wasn’t just holding his cock any more, he was stroking it slowly, mesmerized by what Nick is holding, wanting to touch it, desperate to know what it felt like to wrap his hands around a cock that big. "You like my dick?” Nick asked. "Wanna touch it?" The stud nodded, unable to stop himself, he had never done such a thing, but now he couldn’t help it as his hand moved of its own volition, reached out, touched the huge crown of the giant fuck-pole Nick offered him. Then he couldn’t stop, he slowly rubbed and stroked and fondled that beautiful cock, gently, reverently. Nick reached out and took the stud’s hand, and led him into a stall, closing the door behind him. There he forced the dude to take off all his clothes and toss them on the floor. He liked seeing his prey like this, a jock with a nice, tight, well-muscled body, the sort of guy all the chicks swoon over, but instead he was naked, getting ready to suck his first cock, though he didn’t know that yet. By now the stud was unable to think of anything but how much he wanted Nick's cock. He didn’t know yet how much he wanted it, how far he’d going to go to satisfy his hunger. He was already naked, his clothes scattered around on the floor, facing the biggest muscle man he’d ever seen, waving the biggest dick he’d ever seen. Nick worked his shirt up over his head and behind his neck, revealing his massive chest. He let the dude play with his giant pole for a little while, getting the naked stud totally hooked. Nick's cock swelled still larger, easily over a foot long now and wrist-thick, but still not fully erect. He slapped it against the stud’s abs, eliciting a stifled moan. Nick reached between the stud’s legs and grabbed the dude’s cock and balls and tugged. The stud’s respectable 8 inch cock was leaking so much Nick thought he might be cumming already, but no, the dude was just so totally drunk with lust for Nick's huge cock that his horny stud lust had gone into overdrive, his body is pumping out hormones and precum ten times as fast as usual. "Yeah," Nick crooned softly. "You like that, buddy, don't you? You like my big cock. You've got a nice one here yourself. Man, you're so hard I bet you could bust your nut just from licking the head of my cock. See how it's starting to ooze? I bet you'd like to taste that, wouldn't you, dude? Go ahead, stick out your tongue and lick it off, I won't tell anyone. It'll taste good, and I'll just keep working your dick while you do it, go ahead, lick it." But as soon as he said that, Nick took his hand away from the guy’s cock and pushed him down onto the toilet, bringing his now rock hard 16-inch goliath to eye level with the naked stud. Nick's cock started to ooze, it always started dripping like that the moment he's hard. The dude stared at the big drops of clear cock juice oozing out, dripping slowly down onto his bare legs. He looked up at Nick's face smiling down at him. The glint of lust and need in Nick's eyes spurred the stud’s own lust. He wanted to please Nick now, this big stud with the giant cock was being so nice to him, letting him have just what he wanted. Yes, he wanted to lick that big knob, taste that juice, he had to know what it tasted like. The boy stuck out his tongue and Nick pulled back a little, teasing. The stud followed, of course, he leaned hungrily forward, determined now to lick up some of that nectar. He grabbed Nick's cock - he used both hands - it took both of his hands to encircle that big log - but he got it in his hands and held it. "Yeah, that's good, wrap your hands around it and jack it a couple of times, dude." The guy looked up at Nick adoringly. He’d do anything now, anything Nick asked. He moved his hands slowly back and forth over Nick's huge cock, loving the way the silky skin felt, and the way it glided so smoothly over the iron-hard tube of hot stud cock enclosed. He opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue and licked the head, at last getting what he wanted, a taste of Nick's cock juice, and it tasted like the food of the gods, man-milk, he had to have more, he engulfed the huge head of Nick's cock and sucked desperately, needing more. Nick groaned, he loved that hot virgin mouth on his cock, he could always tell when he got a stud who’d never sucked cock before, there was something so much more urgent and desperate about the way they did it at first, like they’d finally broken down some barrier, and a flood of pent up need comes bursting out. The guy sucked eagerly, happily. The head of Nick's cock was quite a mouthful for him, barely fitting in his mouth. Nick put his hands on the stud’s head, getting ready for the next stage. He pulled the dude’s head towards him, and pushed his hips forward. "Oh yeah, buddy, that's good, but you can take more than that, just the head isn't enough, I need to feel my cock inside your throat. Take it, buddy, take it." Nick pushed, and the stud just automatically opened wider, letting it in, trying to obey his new god, wanting to please the owner of this huge beautiful cock. He started to choke as it hit the back of his mouth and pressed against the entrance to his throat. That's when Nick gave a hard, vicious thrust with his hips, and sank about half his monster cock down the dude’s throat. He always loved the way that felt, stretching some virgin mouth and throat impossibly wide and feeling the awesomely tight smooth flesh strain to contain his giant dick as it throbbed and swelled. And he loved the way they all tried to take it, they wanted it so bad they let him rape their throats that way, and still wanted more. Nick held his cock there for a short time, before he felt the dude start to struggle as he kicked and jerked, his arms flailed desperately, helplessly. His throat made grunting retching noises, choking, suffocating from that enormous pole fucking his mouth and throat. Nick knew that he was about to break his new toy too early. So he pulled it out, and the dude coughed and gasped and gurgled. “Fuck dude, sorry," Nick said sympathetically, "I guess I got carried away, you had me so hot the way you were sucking on it, I just couldn't help myself. You're really good at that, no one has ever sucked my cock as good as that, it was awesome! I promise I won't do that again, but don't stop, that felt so good." Nick reached down and grabbed the dude’s still-hard dick and stroked it a few times, rubbing the dude’s naked chest with his huge cock. The dude’s rock hard abs, ones he was so proud to show off, were smeared with a thick layer of pre and spit. He didn’t care - all the terror and discomfort of the moment before was forgotten, Nick's hands on the dude’s naked body comforted him, he wanted to please Nick, and he had to have that cock! The stud opened his mouth and went down on the beast again. This time he wanted more of it, he’d had it down his throat, he knew that's what Nick wanted, so that's what he wanted, he had to please this muscle god. He sucked it deeper and deeper, choking, suffocating, he has to get it all. Nick helped, holding the guy’s head, pushing slowly until at last his nose was buried in Nick's bush, pressed against his tight hard belly, and Nick moaned. He felt the guy twitch as he came, the feeling of deep throating all of Nick’s cock pushing him over the edge. Hot spurts of jizz sprayed his chest and Nick’s legs. It was the most he had ever cum before. "Oh! Yeah, buddy, that's it, you've got it all, now breathe before you do that again." He pulled out and let the guy come up for air, then fed his cock into his throat again, then again, and soon he was skull fucking the willing stud, he fucked that tight hot throat faster and faster. He held onto the tops of the partitions on the sides, fucking the dude’s mouth, his awesome muscles glistening with sweat. His hapless worshipper jerked himself off as he felt Nick’s hot precum flood his throat. “Aw fuck dude,” Nick groaned, “you’ve got suck a hot fucking mouth.” He rubbed his pecs and played with his nipples, all that awesome muscle god flesh exposed and flexing. He looked down and smiled, grabbing the guy’s head and burying his dick all the way in once more. He fucked the guy’s face so hard, the guy’s body jerked back and forth with every thrust, nearly slamming his head into the wall. He used the man's mouth for his pleasure, barely aware that he was nearly choking to death. Before long Nick threw back his head and growled "Yeah! Cumming! Take it!" Nick wrapped his hands around the stud’s head and shoved his cock all the way in, and held it there as it pumped out pints of his man-milk, straight into the dude’s stomach, and the stud began flailing and struggling again, suffocating, but in heaven. He could feel Nick's huge cock throb and squirt, he wanted it and hung on, his vision going dim, he was getting dizzy from lack of oxygen, but he didn't care, he’d die if he had to, to satisfy this awesome jock's brutal lust. He moaned around Nick’s beast as his own cock erupted again, spraying its load onto his chest. His abs grew less defined as his stomach filled with jizz, his eyes closing as his vision went to black. Nick came and came and came again, holding his victim in place as his balls emptied themselves down the guy’s throat. Cum sprayed out of the guy’s mouth and nostrils as he choked on Nick’s massive load. Nick felt the dude spasm as he struggled underneath him, arms and legs kicking helplessly against Nick’s rock-hard legs. Nick moaned, the feeling of drowning a man with his cock was coaxing more cum from his erupting beast. He felt the stud finally stop breathing, his arms and legs falling limp. Nick humped the guy’s skull as his orgasm ended, cum still flowing out of his mouth and nose. Finally after several minutes, Nick sighed and relaxed as he pulled his cock out of the dude’s ravaged mouth. The stud’s lifeless body flopped back onto the toilet like a ragdoll. Nick stood over his prone body, droplets of cum dripping onto his stomach from Nick’s semi hard cock. He reached down and lifted the guy’s head up. Cum dripped out of his mouth onto his naked chest and legs, but his eyes were blank, a blissed out look on his face. "Thanks dude, that was pretty good. Too bad you couldn’t handle the beast.” Nick said as he shook the last of his load from his cock. He grinned as he looked over the cum covered jock, the formerly defined abs now bloated and covered in a thick layer of white, his hand still gripping his own cock, the clear dregs of his last load dripping out onto the floor. He looked like he had sucked off a whole football team and passed out, drunk on cum. But it was all Nick. The rush of snuffing someone with just his cock made Nick even hornier than when he walked in. Right as he finished up, the door to the bathroom opened. Nick pulled his pants up to just below his cock and walked out of the stall. The dude pissing at the urinal glanced over and then froze as he caught sight of Nick’s massive body and his 13 inch, just creamed goliath swaying between his legs. Bubbles and drips of his thick white jizz were still oozing out of his meat as Nick walked towards the new arrival. “Mother-fucker! Jesus Christ!” Nick smiled and his cock rocketed to full rigidness again on hearing the new guy flip out over his dick. He loved it when people creamed themselves at the sight of him. It looked like he had just found his next victim. “Like what you see dude?” He grabbed his meat with one hand and flexed his massive arm, swinging his cock like a bat. The guy nodded wordlessly, shuffling over to Nick until he was face to face with Nick’s massive torso. Nick dwarfed his new worshipper, a lanky thirty-something with an average build. He clearly worked out, but judging by his gaping mouth, he’d never seen anyone like Nick before. The dude’s dick already rock hard as he mindlessly stroked it, all the while staring at Nick’s huge body. "Look at my fucking body," Nick said, looking over the awestruck dude, at his own reflection. "Touch my arm," he said, holding his arm out straight. The new guy reached out tentatively and touched the stud’s forearm, which was twice the size of any forearm he had ever seen. As if reading his mind, Nick said, "That's right. Twenty inches of forearm power." Nick curled up his arm, and they both watched as his huge arm bunched up and piled up higher and higher. An insanely huge peak capped his arm, the peak itself bigger than a tennis ball atop his 27 inch arm. Nick brought it up to his own mouth and kissed it. "Feel those monsters, dude,” he said to the new guy. The man put his little fingers on Nick’s huge biceps. He squeezed as hard as he could, but he couldn't make the slightest dent in the rock-hard muscle. Then he put both of his hands around Nick’s flexing arm and even with both hands he couldn't get his fingers around even half of its huge girth. Nick smiled with a look of sheer arrogance. He flexed into a double biceps pose. "Fuck YEAH," he exclaimed. The guy could smell the sweat of him, the thick musky muscle sweat. Fresh yet funky and intoxicating. He grabbed the new guy by the back of his head, and forced him between his thick pecs. He pushed the guy’s head deep into his cleavage, all the while staring at himself in the mirror. His new worshipper dutifully licked and fondled Nick’s massive chest, moaning the whole time. He pulled the new guy off his body and ordered him to strip. The guy rushed to fulfill the god’s request as Nick casually pulled off his shirt and pants and hung them on a stall wall. The two of them stood fully nude in front of the bathroom mirror. The contrast between their bodies was incredible. At six feet six inches tall and 400 pounds of rock hard muscle, Nick completely dwarfed the new guy who weighed no more than 150 pounds at 5 feet 8 inches tall. "Feel a real man's muscle, dude,” he said. Nick flexed his thighs. His huge quads sprang to attention, rippling with mass and cuts. The worshipper fell to his knees as he ran his fingers over the huge, flexed muscles. He couldn't believe how big and hard Nick's quads were. His cock was rock hard as he felt the stud god’s huge muscles. Nick looked down and smiled as he saw the effect his body was having. Nick grabbed the back of the guy’s head and pulled him up, guiding the two of them into an empty stall and closed the door behind them. He pushed his worshipper down onto his knees as he sat down on the toilet, his massive meat pointed straight up and smearing pre all over his pecs. Nick pulled the guy’s face to his thick, hard 16 inch monster. "Lick it," he ordered. The worshipper started licking Nick's huge weapon. Nick kept hold of the guy’s head and moved him up and down over his huge cock. His cock started twitching with pleasure as the dude’s tongue caressed it. He started licking Nick's huge balls. Nick groaned with pleasure as he felt the guy’s tongue on his tender balls. He felt like a fucking god as the guy knelt at his feet and worshipped his body. Suddenly they heard the door of the restroom open, and two or three guys walk in. The worshipper froze, eyes wide with in panic. He tried to say something but Nick grabbed the guy’s head and shoved his cock down to the root, muffling him. They listened to the guys outside as they passed by the stall with Nick’s first victim. “Holy shit! You guys see this?” “Oh dude, looks like someone got greedy! Fuck, looks like he must’ve sucked off like 10 guys!” Nick felt his cock twitch in response, sending a spurt of precum straight into his worshipper’s stomach. “At least! Dude looks like a fucking glazed donut!” “Fuck, I wish I had gotten in on it!” “Sleep well slut, hope it was worth it!” They laughed and moved on, using the urinals and sink before heading out. Nick smiled and looked down at his worshipper, somehow still conscious despite having Nick’s goliath buried in his throat for the last five minutes. Nick pulled him off, the guy immediately gasped for air. He stood up and pulled the man to his feet, pressing the two of them together. Nick's cock was twitching with pleasure, sliding up between the smaller man’s pecs. "I wanna fuck," said Nick. The new guy was speechless, completely entranced by the huge muscle god. Nick grabbed the guy’s ass. "You got a sweet little ass, dude,” he said. "My big cock's gonna love that tight little ass." The man whimpered. “O-o-oh my f-f-fucking God!” he whimpered. He knew that he couldn’t resist. Nick lifted his victim up and down a couple of times, playing with him like he was playing with a rag doll. The guy was so light to him it was like he was lifting a feather. His huge cock was pointing up and it was throbbing. Nick slowly lowered the man down so the tip of his cock was right at the opening of his anus. “No no no! YOU’RE GONNA KILL ME!” the guy screamed, the feeling of Nick’s massive cockhead against his asshole jolting him to his senses. He flailed helplessly, his arms pinned to his sides by Nick’s unyielding arms. Nick grunted, “Yup”. Then he jammed his asshole down on his cock with such force that the man’s anus burst open. The man screamed, but Nick quickly moved his hand to muffle his mouth. He thrust his hips forward, burrowing deep into his quivering insides, his deadly cock stretching what could be stretched and ripping what couldn’t. The muscle god afforded his victim absolutely no time to get used to his cock, gripping his torso with both hands and violently tugging him back onto his fat dick, forcing himself deeper and deeper, much deeper than a dick was ever meant to go into a body. “Oh yeah,” yelled Nick. “Nice and tight!” Blood flowed out of his worshipper’s asshole, lubricating Nick’s monster even more. This went on for several minutes as the smaller man moaned from pain and Nick grunted with pleasure. “Nnnnooooo… nnnghghhhrrrrrkk”, the man gasped, his voice going gurgling as blood sprayed from between his lips. The god’s cock was destroying his insides. Killing him. And yet, his own dick was still hard. He came as he felt Nick’s monster stretching him apart. It was the best orgasm he had ever had. “Oh yeah, oh yeah,” yelled Nick as his huge cock brutally tore through his worshipper’s little body. Not only were his ass muscles ripped apart by Nick's huge cock, but his intestines were shredded as well as Nick's 16 inches of rock-hard muscle cock rammed themselves up into the guy’s guts. Nick's cock just pushed the guy’s organs out of the way as it forced its way into his body. When he felt the resistance of vital organs squirming and stretching against his throbbing cock head, he just pushed harder, driving his cock through whatever got in the way, and deeper into the bitch’s body. And every time his cock tore through an intestine or and organ a spasm of pleasure went through Nick’s body as he felt his cock destroy the living tissue. After five minutes of this fucking, there was nothing left of his worshipper’s intestines. The little man was whimpering in pain, nearly unconscious. Nick didn’t care. He laid the two of them on the ground and started fucking again, this time thrusting his hips with enormous force. Sweat was dripping off his golden skin. His huge abs muscles were pushing his cock deeper and deeper inside his worshipper’s ass. His butt muscles were glistening with power and huge dimples formed on the sides of his glutes with every thrust. Then he heard bones cracking as his victim’s pelvis was cracking apart. It was being broken apart by Nick’s powerful thrusts. Then his spine started breaking as Nick pushed himself farther and farther in. By now, Nick’s cock had torn through the guy’s diaphragm. It was now pushing into his lungs. Nick was panting in erotic bliss as he felt the guy’s heart beating against his cockhead, the vibrations causing his cock to spurt jets of precum. He was ready for the final burst of pleasure. With a violent thrust, he rammed his enormous rod into the guy’s heart, crushing it. Nick moaned and started shooting his load, filling up the body with spurt after spurt after spurt of thick white muscle cum. Long ropes of jizz spewed from his victim’s mouth with each pump of his cock. Spasms of death surged through his victim’s ass as he drowned in blood and cum, massaging Nick’s beast and giving him even more pleasure. He wrapped his huge right hand around the man’s neck and squeezed. His hand was so strong it squeezed through all the tissue and crushed the bone. The sound and feeling of crushing bones sent his bloodlust on overdrive, an endless stream of white erupting from him. After several minutes, Nick finally stopped and pulled his huge cock out. His victim laid face down on the ground, torso compressed from Nick’s brutal fuck, neck flattened. Pools of thick cum spread around his mouth and ass, the latter tinged with blood. Nick stood up and caught his breath, sweat dripping off his pumped body. He looked down at the dead body and said, “Thanks for the fuck, bitch.” He stepped out of the stall and wedged the door shut, breaking the lock behind him. He picked up the guy’s discarded clothes, wiped the mess of blood, cum, and guts off his body and tossed them into the trash. He found his clothes and stuffed his softening meat into his jeans again and pulled on his shirt. He smiled darkly at his reflection in the mirror. The night had been a success so far, but his bloodlust wasn’t sated. He strolled out of the bathroom and made his way back to the bar. The club had filled up while he was gone, writhing bodies grinding in unison on the dance floor. Nick reached the bar and grabbed another drink, draining it in one long draught. Setting his empty glass back down, he moved towards the mass of grooving bodies, his gaze landed on a lean twink he spotted gliding between larger guys on the dance floor. He was dressed in a fishnet tshirt and tight black pants, his lithe figure shined as he moved across the club. It was obvious that the twink was on the hunt for some cock, and Nick was more than happy to help. He made his way through the sea of people and stepped up behind the shifting form of the twink, his thick forearms coming down around the smaller male's waist to gently hold him against his larger frame, the guy’s head coming up to just between his pecs. To his credit, the twink barely paused in his motions, settling in comfortably between the arms of the stud behind him, changing up his stance slightly so his rear gently brushed against the denim covered crotch of the man behind him. Taking the actions as acceptance, Nick began to sway his hips in time with the twink's movements, letting the smaller male guide them on the dace floor as the heat in his groin began to grow, his meat starting to swell again in its restrictive prison. They swayed and ground among the dozens of other forms moving to the music, but they never broke contact. The twink kept up his fluidic motions, his backside almost constantly in contact with the Nick’s groin, rubbing across it and applying light but noticeable pressure. Nick's hands traced over the flat stomach of the smaller twink, teasing down towards his belt line but never crossing it, just enough to entire the other male. Emboldened by Nick’s motions, he turned around and slid his hands under Nick’s shirt, moaning as he felt Nick’s rock hard abs and back. He looked up at Nick’s handsome face and felt his knees buckle with lust. “Oh my god, am I dreaming?” he asked. “Oh no dude, I’m all real,” Nick replied and smiled, thinking of what he could do with his new prey. Practically purring, the twink tugged on Nick’s arms encouragingly, leading him off the dance floor. “How about we go somewhere more...private?" he suggested, not waiting for an answer as he led the larger male towards the back rooms, his backside swaying and bouncing with each step. Nick just grinned and followed behind eagerly, letting the smaller twink take him to where the real show would begin. The door clicked shut, and then locked as Nick took in the small, private room at the back of the club. It was more or less spartan; more of a storage closet that had been dressed up just enough to suit the needs of any eager club-goers who wanted to add a little spice to their night. The growing bulge in his jeans wobbled and throbbed, drawing the attentive eyes of his partner. "See something you like?" he snickered. He could tell this twink was a definite size queen. The twink looked up in awe as Nick pulled himself free of his shirt and tossed it to the side, his firm pecs and rock-hard abdomen rippling under his golden skin. Nick’s pumped pecs twitched involuntarily as he stood in front of him, blood rushing to feed the muscle. His traps flowed away from his neck to bowling ball shoulders - and in turn these led the eyes down to gigantic arms - massive slabs for triceps, and huge softballs for biceps. His arms were pushed out by the most massive lats - thick and broad. They formed a sharp V down to a thin solid waist - fronted by a muscled eight pack. Nick brought his arms up and did a double biceps pose, which made the guy start to emit high pitched snorts. The young twink couldn't take all this muscle in. He just kept looking up and down - gasping at the sheer size of this muscleman before him. Nick reached out and pulled him close - tearing the guy’s shirt in the process. He was face to face with the monstrous muscles now. Nick massaged his pecs - grabbing the muscle in his huge hands and squeezing tight - then flexing. The worshipper moved his hands over Nick’s shelf-like pecs - feeling up one pec in each hand - impossibly trying to hold these mounds. He thought he would cum right there. He loved Nick’s muscle - his raw power. Nick started some poses - most muscular, double bi, lat spread. The twink reached down to pull off his pants his dick and came instantly, no longer able to resist. "Mmmmm, that's good boy - like what you feel? Like this fucking muscle dude?" “You’re sooo huge, my God....” the twink panted as his lust for Nick intensified with each passing second. He felt dizzy as he tried to comprehend the mass of muscle flexing in front of him. As Nick moved from pose to pose he rubbed his hands along his muscles, across his chest, down his abs. This was as much for him as his soon-to-be victim; he kissed his giant arms as his excitement grew, his dick pushing against the zipper of his jeans. "Yeah dude - look at this amazing bod. See the power of these guns, fuck man - i'm so fucking strong - worship my massive body.” Nick said. The smaller man moaned as he inhaled Nick’s musk, his arms wrapping as far as they could around Nick’s huge lats. His head was surrounded by muscle as Nick worked his arm behind his head and smashed his face into the side of his muscular chest, near the armpit. Nick suddenly brought his fist toward his shoulder and the bicep muscle jumped and thickened into a hard, round mass. The twink kissed the massive ball of muscle as Nick relaxed and flexed it a few times. His eyes were wide open as he continued his exploration of Nick’s hard body. His hot mouth moved over to Nick’s solid abs, and the stud god tensed it so that it hardened underneath his lips. “Get on your knees before your musclegod," Nick said. The twink immediately dropped down and pressed his cheek against Nick’s oversized bulge. His hand caressed Nick’s calf muscle, which felt like a rock when Nick flexed. Licking his lips, the twink reached up and caressed that heavy bulge, fingers beginning to work on the button and zipper of Nick's jeans. "Let's get a closer look," he winked, deft hands undoing the pants and helping to free the beast within. He let out a small gasp as Nick’s heavy, pendulous balls flopped out in front of his face, followed by a sheath easily as thick as a soda can. Despite being over a foot long, he was clearly still growing. “Omigod….you’re so big!” he murmured, leaning in to nuzzle the fat, leathery balls as they pulsed and churned against his face. He stroked and played with Nick’s mighty shaft, moaning over how massive it was, how it belonged on a horse. "You know what to do boy,” Nick said with a smirk. The twink slid his face across the muscular leg and opened his mouth wide. Then he began to suck on the muscle god’s dick, taking the huge balls in one hand while his other felt along the semi-flexed quad muscle of Nick’s right leg. He looked up and saw that Nick was looking down at him. Nick’s thick pecs jutted out over the rippling ab muscles and he reached a hand up to stroke the bottom of the heavy chest muscles. Nick put his hands on the sides of the twink’s head and pushed him forward on his dick. "Mmmph!" the twink’s surprised exclamation was muffled by the sheer size of the beast filling his mouth, causing him to gulp on instinct as it pushed inside. He could feel it pulse and throb on his tongue as it filled his mouth, stretching his jaws wide as Nick held his head firmly, pushing the growing shaft in deeper as it grew. Grunting out as the tight passage of gullet was pried open by his swelling dick, Nick tossed his head back and groaned happily towards the ceiling as the wet tunnel surrounded his cock, pushing his hips forward as the muffled gagging noises sounded from between his legs. "Nngh...yeah dude…keep swallowing....we're getting there..." he said in a low, lusty tone, his fingers massaging the twink’s scalp. The twink's hands were pressed against the thick, corded thighs of the stud muscle god as he braced himself against the invasion of his throat. Each hard suck pulled that cock into his mouth, inch by inch as he'd stroke the length near the base. He was beginning a slow needy hungry thrusting and bobbing motion, moving his head up and down that fat cock to work inch after hot throbbing pulsing inch into his mouth. The only sound in the room was the "Gawk, Gawk, Gluck" of the guy’s throat stretching around Nick’s giant cock. Nick watched as the twink went down on him slowly, engulfing more of his meat, cramming it into his mouth like a dog with a steak too big for him; His cheeks were bulged out as they produced spittle, and lubed up his cock, cleaning it and making it shine. With a thrust, he pushed the remaining, long inches into his worshipper’s mouth, the entire monster of cock was shoved inside the small body. Nick was surprised that the twink was able to take him without gagging. He moaned, putting a hand on on the guy’s head, and he pushed him on his cock deeply as he could, burying the other's nose in his bush, his balls smacking his chin and bouncing against it, churning so much cum. After letting the smaller male gag around his cock for another minute or so, Nick slowly began to pull himself free of that stretched mouth, feeling his head drag against the warm tunnel on the way out, until the twink's lips bulged and popped off his blunt head with a lewd schlorp!. Grinning down at his conquest, Nick allowed the twink to cough and hack as he caught his breath, gently stroking his heavy shaft as it pulsed to full size. "You okay there, little guy? You did pretty good for a first time! You’ve had some big cocks before, huh?” Catching his breath, chin still dripping some precum, the twink looked up and gasped. "H-Holy hell!" he gasped. "J-just how big is that thing? I-I can’t believe that was inside me!” Nick was way bigger than anything he’d taken before; bigger than any guy, any dildo, any of his his wildest dreams. "Ohh...this guy?" Nick drawled innocently, swinging his ponderous cock flop forward, landing with a hearty smack on the twink's head, the pulsing meat completely covering his face. “Sixteen inches, bitch. And you're going to take every last one of them up that sweet little ass,” he grinned evilly, as a fresh spurt of precum coating the twink's head. Blinking, the twink gaped like a fish as his brain processed those words, scampering to his feet and trying to back away. “Wh-what? I can’t! Th-there's no way I....hey!" he yelped as he was lifted up and shoved up against the wall. He was suddenly very aware of a thick, warm weight resting along the small of his back, causing him to shudder. "You will," Nick snorted, holding the smaller male firmly by the hips as he ground his throbbing, leaking maleness against the twink’s back. Keeping his grip on the twink, Nick took hold of his massive cock and guided it back against the guy’s ass. The twink moaned as he was manhandled by the much larger stud, letting out a gasp as the thick head was pushed against his rear. "W-w-wait! Just let meeeeEEEEEE!" he squealed as the head pushed hard, stretching his asshole wide around the invading girth. Suddenly, with a rush, the head a couple inches of shaft popped in. Nick began to fuck the guy with slow, rhythm strokes, each about 4-5 inches long, enjoying the feeling of stretching this size queen apart. Nick grunted as he worked his thick cock in deeper and deeper, feeling the velvety warmth of the smaller male spread around his throbbing beast. He felt the muscles of the twink’s ass try to tighten around the head of his cock as he lifted the ass up, but he knew his cock was too big and hard for those little muscles to resist when he forced the big weapon in again. "Nnff! Fuck you are tight!" Nick had managed to stuff a foot of his muscle cock in, remarkably without tearing the twink apart. Gulping breath in great gasps, the lean twink yowled and cried out as each barreling inch was shoved inside, feeling his body stretch and warp to fit the massive intruder as Nick continued to buck. Nick had reached the deepest point the twink had ever taken, and there was still more cock to go. He looked down and instantly came as he saw the outline of Nick’s gargantuan meat bulging under his abdomen. Reaching around the front of him, Nick’s hand rubbed over the growing bulge, feeling himself pulse under the stretched skin as he pushed himself in. The twink moaned helplessly as he came, the feeling of being stuffed with cock short circuiting his brain. Pulling back just an inch or two, Nick let his cock spurt another great gout of precum up inside the twink before bucking back in, gaining depth with each hard thrust. Nick stood up straight, his huge cock so thick and powerful that it raised the twink into the air with him with its own strength. Then he wrapped his hands around the little body and started fucking it onto his dick like the twink was no more than a sex toy for him to use, jolting the guy up and down in his grasp, working him down onto that gigantic shaft even deeper, the guy’s limbs swinging hopelessly in the air, his whole body convulsing in pain and pleasure on the stud’s dick. From the outside, anyone would have been able to hear the steady thump-thump-thump of the twink's body impacting the padded walls as he was being brutally fucked. "N-noo...." he wailed, legs quivering as he struggled - futilely - against the larger male's grip and weight. "It...its….too biiiig..." he moaned as over a foot of thick shaft was thrust in and out of his lithe frame. His thin abdomen stretched around the massive intruder, the clear outline of the crown of his cockhead pushing from within. Nick reached around and squeezed his cock through his partner’s skin, impressed with how much the guy was taking. "Yeah...it is. You felt it before this...and you know you wanted it," he snorted softly. His hips gave another buck, the lewd schlorp of more cock being crammed in, precum squirting out of the distended hole. Nick was surprised that he hadn’t town the twink apart yet even though he had almost forced his whole cock inside him. He growled as he pulled the guy down harder, forcing more inside. "Be honest....this is exactly what you wanted when you led me to this room." Nick growled against the twink’s neck. Panting hard, the twink felt his cheeks burn as those words sunk in deep, just like the huge beast invading his insides. He did want this; he was a size queen at heart, and muscle studs were his weakness. "Nngh....y-yes..." he whimpered, feeling it flex inside his ruined passage. "Y-you're....you're bigger th-than....than I....Ooh.....oh gods..." he hiccuped, "I...I can't..." he babbled, feeling lightheaded from it all. With one particularly savage thrust, Nick wrenched the twink all the way down onto him until his hips smacked against the twink’s cheeks and he was balls deep inside of him. “AAghh! Fuck!” the twink screamed and came again, his body convulsing atop Nick’s pole. Each thrust of that massive cock bounced and jerked the twink atop it like some perverse sex toy, Nick snorting and grunting like a feral beast. The harsh pounding was relentless, flattening the twink against the wall as Nick thrust in hard and deep, his heavy testicles slapping thee guy’s rear each time. The worshipper cried in agony and shook, but there was nothing he could do. Each time Nick pulled out, the twink’s groans grew weaker, like his very life was getting fucked out of him. The pair rutted hard for nearly an hour before Nick could feel his balls tense and tighten. Nick slowly extended his arms and flexed his biceps, rock-hard and swollen with destructive power. "Nghh.....almost time for the big show, cutie. These babies are gonna snap your neck!” he grunted, panting slightly from the effort of pounding the smaller male senseless. He got no response; the twink had passed out, the intensity of Nick’s fuck causing him to lose consciousness. Nick wrapped his arm around the guy’s neck, positioning his bicep under his chin, his other arm wrapped around the twink’s waist, holding him tight. Then he flexed his bicep. The giant muscle bulged upwards, smashing itself into the guy’s head. Nick’s cock throbbed in anticipation, buried deep in the twink’s chest. He flexed harder and the rock hard muscle pushed like a steel battering ram on the head, pushing it upwards from his body. Suddenly there was a loud popping sound as the twink’s head was severed from the top of his spinal cord. Nick’s giant bicep had popped his head off. The sound drove Nick over the edge. "FUCK!" he roared, letting out a pleasured moan as he shoved his monster all the way to the base. His balls clenched up and pulled towards his groin as they began to unload, his cock expanded as the first shot of cum hit the twink like a sucker punch, driving the breath from his lungs. The unconscious twink gurgled and gasped as he was filled by a torrent of thick, hot cream, feeling like someone had set off a fire hose inside him. Nick held him firmly, hips mashed together as he bred the poor twink, the spasms of death giving Nick even more pleasure. Gobs of white cum started oozing out of the twink’s little ass as the incredible amount of jism being produced by Nick’s huge, lemon-sized balls blasted out of his huge cock again and again. As Nick’s orgasm waned, a convulsion went through the twink’s body and his ass muscles tightened one more time. "Ummm, feels good," murmured Nick as he lazily humped his latest victim, thick ropes of white spurting out of his overstuffed asshole with each pump. When he finished his incredible orgasm, Nick leaned against the wall to catch his breath, the twink’s body completely held up by his softening meat. What once was a smooth, tight abdomen was now bloated and taut, the victim’s guts somehow able to hold Nick’s immense load. “Fuck dude, you really could handle a cock!” Nick muttered, half admiringly. “Even one as big as mine.” He chuckled and flexed his cock, the twink’s lifeless body swayed as it banged into his giant, rock-hard chest. Blood rushed back into his mighty organ, quickly hardening once more. Nick grinned and flexed again, smashing the twink against his massive pecs with just a twitch of his massive pole. “Aw yeah, my fucking muscle cock is stronger than your little body bitch,” he grunted. He started slowly humping his cock in and out once again in footlong strokes, his massive load lubricating the twink’s guts. “Dude, I pumped you up like a fucking balloon!” Nick grunted as he ran his hands over the twink’s taut abdomen. He gave it a smack, the skin pulled so tight his load barely sloshed around inside. More cum oozed out of the twink’s ass as Nick continued to hump him. His balls lurched as he remembered the other two guys he had snuffed earlier; drowning one in his cum, literally fucking the other to death. The night had been a great success, and he was ready to get off once more. His eyes narrowed as his cock began to throb again. He was ready to tear his toy apart. “Time to pop you, bitch!” Nick growled as he lifted the body up until just his cock head was inside. With a roar he slammed him down on his deadly cock, tearing through his overfilled guts. With a crack, the twink’s hips broke apart, smashed by Nick’s violent thrust. Nick threw back his head, his eyes open as he became a fuck-beast, lost in his own intense pleasure. He felt his cock tear through the twink’s insides, his organs completely smashed by Nick’s rampaging monster. Cum flooded into his chest cavity, mixing with the blood and guts. Nick grabbed the twink’s hips and viciously slammed the body up and down his meat like a fleshlight, roaring as he tore the twink apart from the inside. The victim’s limbs and head flailed wildly. Nick corkscrewed the body on his cock and wrapped his giant arms around the twink’s chest and squeezed, causing a huge jet of cum and blood to shoot out of his mouth. One by one, he heard each rib crackle and snap, the sound amplifying Nick’s pleasure. He was getting close again, his hips and sculptured ass working faster and pushing deeper against the guy’s tender ass. Nick felt his orgasm begin to mount, "Oh yeah," he moaned as he moved his arms down to the body’s abdomen and pulled in with his huge guns. Immediately there was a loud crack as the twink’s spine snapped in two. A surge of pleasure shot through Nick’s body as he erupted, spurting burst after burst of superior jism deep inside the twink’s body. Cum and blood sprayed out of both ends of the corpse, painting the wall and floor as Nick flooded the ruined twink. “FUCK!!” Nick moaned. The muscle god unwrapped his arms and pushed the twink off of him. He grabbed his huge cock which was still cumming, more spurts of pure white cum blasted out of his gigantic beast, covering the twink’s chest and face. A mix of blood and cum poured from his demolished ass, pooling on the floor as Nick buried the twink’s face under a thick layer of white. Finally, after several long minutes, his orgasm subsided. "Mmmff....fuckin' A," he panted, letting go of his heavy cock as it dropped and swayed between his legs. Nick flexed his gargantuan physique. His big, buff body was totally pumped and dripping with sweat, cum, and blood. He breathed heavily, enjoying his post-orgasm bliss as he stood in the dark room thinking about what he wanted to do next. After all, it was the night was still young.
  8. tester26

    Our all-inclusive vacation

    This story was inspired by an idea from user Sluttybella. Trying a first person POV for the first time, but I had to break away a few times (for obvious reasons). It's a cheating/cuckold story, so leave now if that's not your thing. Our all-inclusive vacation Anna is the hottest girlfriend I've ever had. She is 25 and I am 27. She was absolutely gorgeous; she had long black hair that extended about six inches down her back, incredibly soft, smooth skin, almost unbearably beautiful features, which she showed off today in an extremely short, tight, white dress. Her dress was tight enough to show her smooth, taught, abs and an almost impossibly trim waist, which seemed at odds with the wide, dynamic, curve of her hips. She had long, tan, firmly muscled legs, left exposed by her short skirt. Above all, she was extremely buxom; mounds of tit meat were just pouring out of the top of her dress. They were amazingly huge, firm, and shapely; each the as big as her head, you'd think they were implants except for how they moved when she walked. She was fit but she still maintained her feminine curvature. Her body was, in a word, perfect...ideal even. She's a stereotypical "hot babe." Needless to say, she turns many heads when we go out. I'm Greg, I'm only a bit taller than Anna at about 5'10, boyish handsome face (so I'm told) and a toned, fit body from the gym and rock climbing. Even with my decent looks, Anna is a total reach for me. But we share a lot in common and, as she reminds me often, she loves my big 7-inch dick. Anna and I love sex; we can't get enough of each other. We'd have sex just about every night and sometimes twice a day on days off from work. I couldn't get enough of her tight, moist wet pussy, and she'd moan and scream while I plugged her with my meat. She loved to be vocal, to ask for more, and to get thrown around during sex. She was insatiable, maybe more than me, and almost wore me out fucking my brains out. We booked a two-week getaway in Mexico; one of those all-inclusive adults-only resorts by the beach. This resort in particular catered to couples - perfect for us as we planned to spend the days by the beach and the nights between the sheets. When we checked in, the front desk even upgraded us to a suite; our room had a spacious living room, a bathroom with a jacuzzi tub, a king-sized bed, and a balcony over the pool. This was paradise! Anna squealed in excitement as she checked out our lodgings for the next two weeks. We dropped off our luggage and headed out to check out the resort. As we opened our door, a man walked up to the door next to ours. "Oh hi neighbors!" he said with an easy smile. "I'm Brad." "I'm Greg, and this is my girlfriend Anna," I replied. "Nice to meet you." Brad's face broke into a wide, grin as he took my hand and gave me a firm handshake. Brad was a handsome man. He must have been a bit over six feet tall, giving him quite a few inches on both of us. He had close-cropped black hair and lively, emerald green eyes. He was wearing jeans and a charcoal grey t-shirt that was fairly tight across his well-developed pecs and shoulders. What really grabbed my attention was his physique and body, and the look of his muscles flexing and contracting. I tried not to stare too much but there was something about Brad that just made me look. He seemed to have a presence that just screamed "badass." "You guys here on your honeymoon?" he asked. "Oh no, just getting away for a break. This place is amazing!" Anna responded cheerfully. "Definitely, my friend Jessica recommended it to me, she said it was a great place to have some fun. Just got in!" Brad replied with a suggestive wink. "Us too! Are you here with anyone?" I asked. I could see Anna staring at Brad's huge arms, her eyes trailing down the well-defined musculature. "Nah, just me. Jess told me there's plenty to keep me occupied while I'm here." Brad grinned. "Well, we're off to check out the rest of the resort, maybe we'll catch you later?" Anna said, pulling her eyes away from Brad's chest and grabbing my arm tightly. She was getting hot and I could tell. "Definitely, see you guys around." Brad gave a friendly wave and went into his room. Anna gave a lingering glance at Brad as the door shut behind him. The rest of the afternoon we checked out the pools, the hotel bar and nightclub, the spa. This place was great! Anna and I grabbed dinner by the beach and headed back to the room. By the way she was grabbing me, I knew she was thinking of what we were going to do together tonight. I knew she packed some special lingerie for the occasion. I couldn't wait. That night, Anna and I were laying together in bed kissing when we heard a door slam. Moments later, there was a thud as something banged into the shared wall. I propped myself up on an elbow and raised an eyebrow. "Wonder what that was?" "I bet he's drunk. He seems like that sort of guy," replied Anna. "Probably staggered into a wall." A second thud echoed through the room, followed quickly by a third. Soon we could hear the rhythmic pounding of something banging into the shared wall, and before too long the pounding was joined by the regular squeaks and creaks of a bed under heavy strain. "Oh, my God—is he doing what I think he's doing?," asked a flabbergasted Anna. Before I could answer, we heard muffled voices coming from the room next door. We could just make out a woman's voice, repeating the same thing over and over--"Oh! Fuck! Oh! Fuck!" Her cries were interspersed by Brad's deeper, wordless grunts. "Yeah babe, try to take more of it..." "I'm not sure I can, it's so big!" "Oh yeah babe, your pussy feels so good. Damn you are so tight!" These words were coming through the wall as clearly as if they were in the room with us. I was laying on my side facing Anna when I heard her moan softly. She paused and looked at me, our eyes both wide open with excitement. I was rock hard and my hand was involuntarily stroking my dick. I could see Anna's hand moving beneath the sheet. She was masturbating while listening to Brad fuck the girl too! The girl on the other side of the wall was getting louder and louder, indicating she was gonna cum soon. "OH BABY, YOU'RE SO FUCKING BIG AND HARD! OH! UMMMM! OH, IT'S LIKE A FUCKING BASEBALL BAT IS FUCKING MY PUSSY! OH! UMMM! YEAH! FILL ME UP AGAIN BRAD! CUM INSIDE ME! CUM IN MY PUSSY!" To this day, I'm convinced that all 3 of them came at the exact same time. Anna looked like she had come harder listening to Brad fuck than she ever had by fucking me. Once everyone had caught their breath things quieted down. "Did that turn you on?" she panted. "I guess so..." I stammered. Despite my jealousy, I was rock-hard, and she wasted no time impaling herself on my cock. She was already soaking wet. Anna came again almost immediately. She fucked me furiously for five minutes before I came inside her. While all this was happening, Brad and his hookup continued to fuck next door. The bed was slamming into the wall over and over, its springs and frame creaking and groaning, and the woman was begging for Brad to fuck her harder, harder. "YES! Ohhhmmm, I want you to fuck me all night baby! Oh Brad, yes! Ohhhmmm fuck...ohhhh fuck! I want ummm you to fuck me into the bed Brad! Ohhh...fuck me on the floor...ummm...fuck me over the table....OHHHH...fuck me against the door...ohhh, fuck me wherever you want!" For three hours we laid in bed listening to them fuck and listening to the mystery woman spew filthy words about herself, what she wanted from Brad and what she would do. I heard him deliver three more loads into her before things grew quiet and we all drifted to sleep. The next morning after breakfast, Anna and I headed to the pool. I threw on a pair of board shorts and a shirt. Anna had chosen a skimpy black string bikini that highlighted her gorgeous body. Over her bikini, she was wearing a short navy blue wrap and a thin white tank top that showed a nice amount of cleavage (to be fair, with her tits it was very hard not to). She had a thin gold chain around her neck with a small gold heart and a matching gold chain around her left ankle. We found a set of pool chairs and laid out to relax. "Morning neighbors!" We looked up and saw Brad headed our way. Brad had just a pair of board shorts on. Despite their looseness, they were tented out by an enormous bulge. We both gasped involuntarily when we saw him. That chest! His entire body seemed sculpted from stone. It was defined muscle on muscle, all lean and perfectly proportioned. "Good morning." I said. He must have had fun, I thought. "Hi Brad." Anna said, biting her lip. "Sorry if I kept you guys up last night." Brad apologized with a big smile. "Didn't expect to find the fun so fast." "Sounds like you had a great time," Anna said. "Whoever she was is pretty lucky!" Brad gave a sheepish grin. Was the stud embarassed? "Yeah well, it was probably a one night thing. I don't think she'll be up for hooking up again." "Why, you wear her out?" Anna asked, visibly turned on. "Something like that." We chatted a while longer and grabbed some drinks. Turns out we had quite a bit in common, and Brad was good conversation. Soon the alcohol had loosened us up and Anna suggested we take a dip in the pool. Both Brad and I watched with rapt attention as she stripped off her tank top, revealing her bikini that strained to contain her big tits. It was Brad's turn to gasp, and I smiled. After all, Anna worked hard for her body and she was proud to show it off. She smiled and gave a gratuitous sway of her hips as she pulled off her wrap, revealing her bikini bottom and perfect bubble butt. After a quick turn to show off to us, she jumped into the pool, splashing the two of us out of our daydreams. We laughed and jumped in after her. After about an hour, my cell phone rang. My boss needed me on a call. I told the two of them I had to go upstairs, grabbed a beer and went up to the room. I spent a few hours conferencing with my boss and over my headset and staring at my computer. At one point while I was on a conference call I noticed the sun was going down. I stepped up to the balcony and saw that I had a great view of the pool and everyone there. As my boss droned on, I noticed that Brad and Anna were sitting alone in a corner of the pool, with Brad sitting on the edge and Anna standing in the shallow water. Anna starting smiling a little too flirtatiously, and started glancing down at Brad's lap. Brad was openly staring at her breasts as he talked, which looked great confined in her soaked top. I suddenly realized that Anna's nipples were so hard they were almost poking out of her suit. It seemed that Brad was noticing them, too, judging by how hard he was looking. As I watched, Brad said something to Anna and pointed straight at her tits. Anna grinned and raised her hand up to her breast, and started rubbing her nipple through her top. I was shocked. What was she doing? Just touching herself in front of this guy? Brad laughed and then leaned back, far enough that a very large bulge was visible through his trunks. In my ear, my boss called out to me and I had to turn away from the pool. I heard a splash and a giggle that sounded like Anna's, but I pushed it from my mind as the meeting droned on. Back at the pool, Brad had suddenly swept Anna up in his strong arms and jumped back into the pool with her. They surfaced together and as Anna wiped her eyes she felt Brad's lips on hers kissing her passionately. Anna responded by kissing him back, their tongue searching each other's mouths as their lust swept over them like a tidal wave. Anna threw her head back and Brad continued to kiss her lips, her cheeks and then her neck. As he did he held Anna's jaw in one hand his fingers brushing lightly across her full lips. Brad pulled her black bikini down under her breasts, his hands cupping them pushing them up to his waiting mouth where upon he teasingly licked around the nipples circling them as a shark would a swimmer until finally going in for the kill. And when he did he sucked her nipples so hard that Anna could feel her chest being drawn into him. Brad continued to lick and suck Anna's big tits and as he did he grabbed Anna by her tight ass and lifted her so that she could wrap her legs around his waist. As she did she wrapped her hands around Brad's neck meaning that Brad was now free to use both his hands and mouth on her tits. "OHHH GOD Brad, That's sooooo good, suck my big titties, oh shit yeah!!!! I LOVE IT!!" moaned Anna who was squeezing her tits together with her upper arms. Thankfully the pool crowd had dissipated and they were practically alone. Anna felt herself being pushed up from below, and realized Brad's enormous cock was lifting her as it grew. Brad let go of her and flexed his dick, causing Anna to bounce in the water. She was amazed to actually feel herself being lifted up not by Brad's strong arms but by his cock. 'Sorry babe, couldn't help myself but I just loved the feeling of your hot ass on my cock like that," laughed Brad. Grabbing Anna's hand led her to the side of the pool where he lifted her up onto the edge. Brad eased himself out of the pool, leaning on the edge he raised his body slowly. First his chest appeared, then his six pack and finally his cock came into full view and even though it was constrained in his shorts it looked ominously huge snaking around his hip. The two made their way back to the lounge chairs, hand-in-hand. They squeezed onto the same chair, Anna wrapping her body around Brad's, giving him a kiss on the cheek. Soon that escalated into a wild soul kiss. Their mouths were almost immediately wide open; each tried to jam his tongue down the other's throat. As the kiss went on and on, Anna started rubbing and squeezing Brad's engorged cock, while he grabbed and squeezed her huge tits. This is how I found them when I finally came back down. The two were so caught up with each other they didn't see me. I ducked behind the towel station, confused and angry. I knew I should run over there and call them out, give Brad a piece of my mind and pull Anna away, but at the same time the sight of the two of them together made me instantly hard. Their bodies were so fucking hot, it looked natural to see them curled together. I grabbed a towel to hide my erection as I watched them. "So tell me more about last night, stud." I heard Anna purr, in the voice the used when she wanted to get fucked. "Who's dumb enough to give you up after one night?" Brad chuckled. "Well, it's more like can't keep up." Anna stared in amazement with her mouth open as Brad patted his monster bulge. "This thing's so big that is actually scares the girls off." "How big does it get?" she asked. "Wait a minute and you can see for yourself." Brad slowly stroked his penis like it was a puppy sitting on his lap. His cock began to rise into the air and stretched his shorts to the limit. Anna's eyes widened and she bit her lip, clearly impressed. "Better get these off before I tear through them." Anna nodded, wide-eyed. I couldn't believe no one was noticing what was going on, as if the two of them were in their own world. Brad peeled down his board shorts. The enormous length of his penis went on and on. Finally, when the top of the shorts had almost reached Brad's knees, the enormous head came into view. Brad dropped his shorts to the floor. His dick swayed, all twelve-plus incredibly thick inches of it. The huge dick was paired with a pair of equally incredible testicles that supported it. Half again as large as jumbo eggs, they sat tightly in an enormous, downy sac. "HOLY SHIT" I could see Anna mouth, as if suddenly realizing she needed to keep quiet. She grasped his rod with one hand and examined his package closely. Brad leaned back into the chair as Anna began to gently stroke his cock. "This really is impressive, it looks like something you might see under a horse!" she giggled. Anna took hold of it in one of her tiny hands. God it was big. No, it was fucking massive. She wrapped her other hand around it and still there was a mountain of cock exposed including its huge head that looked to be the size of a large peach. Neither hand could stretch not more much than half of the way around Brad's girth. Anna tried to wiggle it. It was too hard. She couldn't move it off center even slightly! "How big is it?" she asked. "About 18 inches, give or take." Brad said with a big grin. I saw Anna's jaw drop and her knees buckle in response. “Fuck, you’re huge!” she moaned. My dick began to leak as I watched Anna fondle Brad's titanium-hard shaft. I'd never been turned on by a guy before, but the sight a of a preposterously massive cock was actually getting me excited. I instinctively reached down and started to stroke my own 7 inches. Brad's erection must have been as thick as a beer can. The head was large and veins protruded from his pulsing shaft. A large drop of pre-cum started to form on the tip of his bulbous cock head and Anna dipped her finger in it and tasted it as if she were sampling some caviar. As she knelt over, I could tell that her pussy was becoming aroused and damp. She was truly a sight to behold as she started to take Brad's huge rod between her pouty lips. “Oh fuck I can't believe this freaky thing is real! Holy shit I want you so fucking bad! Plow my throat with your big fucking dick Brad!” Brad smiled as he reached down and took her huge tits in his hands, sliding his massive cock between them and squishing them around his pole. "Uhhhhh." Anna moaned as her big tits cushioned Brad's massive cock. She watched him draw back and then thrust forward, fucking her big tits whilst she sucked on the huge head. The taste of Brad's precum was sending shivers through her body. Brad pumped faster, fucking her tits as he slid a couple of inches into her hot mouth each time. "Uhhhh fuck!! Fuck you're good!" he grunted. Her eyes watered as Anna sucked harder and harder to milk his huge cock. He let go of her tits and ran his fingers through her hair. Anna wrapped herself around his shaft, his cock so big that what was sticking out from between her tits alone was bigger than me. I watched his cock thicken slightly as it throbbed desperately in her mouth. Surely someone would come by and find them right? I was rooted in my spot, overcome with jealousy but harder than I'd ever been. As if to answer my inner monologue, a group of four gorgeous women walked by at that moment, glancing over to see Anna eagerly swallowing Brad's massive meat. One of the women around laughed and pointed at her face bobbing up and down. "Look she's sucking his cock, Oh my god she is crazy." Brad looked up and locked eyes with the girl and winked while enjoying the heavenly assault on his cock below. The four blushed intensely and walked away, giggling. Anna didn't seem to notice at all, emitting a small moan as she came just from sucking the unreal beast. After what seemed like 20 minutes, Anna was finally rewarded with a massive thick hot load of Brad's cum. Another orgasm tore through her body as the cum blast down her throat, some seeping out from between her lips and dripping down onto her huge tits. I watched her convulse and squirt onto the lounge chair, her hands still wrapping her tits around Brad's erupting rod. Without touching myself, I came too, watching this muscle stud empty his load down my hot girlfriend's throat. More and more huge loads blasted from his cock and into her mouth. Anna desperately swallowed but struggled to keep up. Seed seeped from between her lips and flowed onto her big tits, a river of jizz flowing down her vast cleavage. When he was finished, Brad exhaled heavily. "Wow," he said, panting. "Just wow. That was incredible. Most girls can't handle my loads." Anna beamed with pride as she let go of Brad's cock and let it slide out of her mouth, using her fingers to scoop up the excess spunk and licking them clean. "Thanks for lunch, stud," Anna said with a small burp. Brad and I watched as she hefted her big tits to her mouth and licked them clean. "I can't believe how much you cum!" Brad smiled, flexing his dick, which showed no signs of softening. "How are you still hard? Don't tell me you're ready to go again?" Brad chuckled, "Oh yeah babe, that's the other thing you should know about me I can keep this up for hours." "I can see we are going to become great friends Brad," replied Anna. Brad stood up straight and extended a hand to Anna, helping her rise from her seat. He grabbed a towel off the chair and wiped his cock clean with it, smearing it with his cum, then offered it to her so she could clean herself as well. After Anna finally wiped herself clean, she glanced at the clock suddenly jumped up. "Oh no I lost track of time!" "Everything okay?" "I told Greg I was gonna meet him for dinner and then we were going to the club tonight! He's probably looking for me!" Brad put a hand on her shoulder and kissed the top of her head in a curiously affectionate manner. "All good babe," he said assuringly. "You go find him." "Sorry to leave you like this. I'll see you tonight?" she asked, almost shyly. "You bet." Anna grinned and grabbed Brad's cock, giving the head a devilish kiss before grabbing her things and walking away, giving Brad the perfect view of her ass and the trail of girlcum trickling down her thighs. Club night I quickly ran back to the room as Anna headed my way. I yanked off my cum-stained shorts and quickly wiped off my load. Anna opened the door right as I finished cleaning up. "Hi baby!" She gave me a hug and a kiss. "Sorry I'm late. Let me shower real quick." She emerged in a bathrobe. As soon as she saw me sitting on the couch, Anna straddled me. "Baby, Brad was really looking at me today," she said with a smile. "All day long he was staring at my boobs." She slowly opened her robe, revealing her naked breasts. She grabbed them teasingly. "I think he really wanted to see them, baby. I caught him looking so many times." I kept quiet about what else I saw her doing, and thought maybe if I didn't react she would leave it at that. But instead she reached down and started stroking my cock. "I invited him to join us at the club tonight. Should I tease him a little, sweetie? Would you like me to show off a little and make him sooo jealous of you?" I started to mutter a protest, but right then Anna reached down and engulfed my dick with her mouth. Her delicious blowjob totally silenced me and I leaned back and groaned. I came again in no time, my dick still sore from earlier. "Guess you liked that idea, huh babe?" Anna winked and headed to the bedroom to get ready. I sat speechless and drained. When she re-emerged a few minutes later, she was dressed in a tiny black sequined dress. The dress clung to her body like a glove, with a high slit up one side all the way to her waist and dropping down at an angle to her knees on the other side. The top of the dress emphasized her big tits, two strips of fabric crossing from her waist upwards, giving a full view of her full breasts and cleavage, tied up behind her neck. Her smooth back was fully exposed, showing off the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra. Nor did she need one. The dress fit her perfectly in every way. She paired it with black high heels which accentuated her beautifully shaped calves. And she...she looked stunning as she let her hair fall around her shoulders and down her back. A lovely shade of dark-red/brown lipstick that matched the gentle touch of her blusher and eyeliner. Once she was done stunning wasn't even the word. She looked like a goddess. When we got to the club, it was packed with people, and a DJ was blasting music so loud I could barely hear anything else. I pushed my way through the crowd and found us a table. Anna texted Brad to see where he was, and he soon joined us for drinks. He was dressed in a tight dress shirt that showed off his thick pecs and a pair of slacks that barely disguised the massive penis I knew was sliding down one leg. "Hey guys! Wow, Anna you look gorgeous!" He smiled with a stunning grin. As he sat down, we got a whiff of his scent and it made my cock twitch in anticipation. I saw Anna bite her lip and I knew it affected her as well. We chatted as the drinks flowed, and soon Anna was pulling the two of us onto the dance floor. She led us by our hands to a secluded part of the dance floor. I pulled her in close and we started grinding. Brad stood in front of her and she wrapped her arms around his neck. The three of us ground to the beat. Anna looked up at Brad cross-eyed with her tongue out. His hands began to roam up and down her body. I stood behind them swaying watching the two people oblivious to my presence. I humped my dick against her as I groped her as well. I looked between her legs and could see a huge cock head pulling away from Brad's body, tenting his pants material to an outrageous degree. I knew I should've stopped him, this was my chance, but Anna threw her head back and kissed me hard, enjoying the sensation of four hands groping her tits, ass, and body. My dick continued stiffening in my pants and I knew I had to do something fast. I croaked out that I had to go to the bathroom and stumbled there, closing the door behind me. I splashed water on my face a few times. I was so exhausted and sore from being horny for so long and I really didn’t want to be anymore. Anna and I needed to find some level of control. As hot as Brad was, I needed to step in. I steeled my resolve and headed back to the club. Across the room, I saw Anna dancing with Brad, staring intently into his eyes. He moved her gracefully around the dance floor, his hands dropping lower and lower on her back 'til they rested on the firm ass cheeks of the sensual lady in his arms. I could see his hands knead her ass, bringing her crotch closer to his. When they finally touched, her head fell backwards and her eyes screwed shut. The crowd surged and blocked my view of them. A little while later I returned to find Anna in the same spot still pressed tightly against Brad. Her boobs were smooshed against Brad's body. "Sorry I left you hanging earlier," Anna whispered in Brad's ear. "I can't stop thinking about your giant cock." "No worries," Brad replied, kissing Anna on the neck. "When you left, one of the girls who saw you sucking my cock came over and I fucked her brains out while thinking of you." "Oh my god," Anna gasped, the alcohol preventing her from feeling too bad about being caught. "I don't believe you!" Brad pulled out his phone and opened his photos. A gorgeous model of a woman laid on rumpled bedcovers, naked, covered in sperm, eyes vacant, spread legged with her pussy gaping and disgorging a huge outpouring of sperm. "Holy shit," Anna moaned, her pussy gushing at the sight of the well-fucked beauty. Anna had a hand on his giant schlong and was delicately stroking his length and humping his thigh as they swayed. Her curiousity got the better of her. "She managed to go for two rounds before she passed out," Brad said, answering the question Anna was about to ask. "What about the girl from last night?" Brad flipped to the next picture. A selfie of him with a busty blonde lounging over his reclining body. Her belly was swollen with cum, her face plastered with thick ropes of the same, and locked in a fucked-out smile. Anna threw her head back and moaned loudly attracting the eyes of the nearby dancers. I don't know if they couldn't see the lewd pair or they just chose to pretend not to see. Anna's moans became more of a desperate whimper as the two humped against one another. I could read it on my girlfriend's face she was about the cum. Suddenly the crowd surged again and my view was blocked. The next time I could see Anna, she was grinding up against Brad. Now I could see her guiding Brad's hands under her dress, letting him squeeze her bare breasts as he looked over her shoulder, watching them jiggle as she pushed her ass into his crotch. He was pawing at her tits, pinching her hard nipples and running his hands up and down her torso. Her hands roamed the length of wrist thick cock just beneath the thin material of his pants. She leaned back against Brad and started to kiss him hungrily. Their tongues explored each others mouths as Anna slid her hand in his pants. Brad's hands squeezed and bounced each exposed boob as he humped against my girlfriend's hand. "UNNGGHHH, Oh my goooodddd!" She whimpered humping hard against Brad's leg. "We need to go..." I tried to move towards them to stop the inevitable, but by the time I got across the room they were gone. Anna and Brad had made their way to a private room in the back of the club. Brad eased his huge monster out. It sprung out and he had never seen in look harder, longer or thicker. Anna knelt at his feet and it slid between her tits. It hooked onto a condom packet she had tucked in her cleavage. "One of my boyfriend's I'm afraid. Let's see if it fits!" she giggled. It struggled to stretch over the head of his huge cock. She pulled it down and it covered the head and 6 inches of his throbbing meat. "I never wear condoms because this tends to happen" Brad said with a grin. He held the end of the condom with one hand and pushed gently forward with his hips. The condom disintegrated as his huge piece of meat ripped through the end of it as the material stretched beyond breaking point and his weapon bumped into her lips. Anna laughed and the sex started. "I expect my studs to last 20 minutes" she said. She started sucking his rod down her throat whilst feeding the remainder of the shaft between her huge tits. Soon her tongue was licking his balls with 18 inches rammed impossibly down her throat. Brad pulled out and lifted Anna to her feet. She grinned as he easily hoisted her up and rubbed the head of his cock up and down her pussy lips. She was extremely wet and ready for the fucking she was about to receive. "I've been wanting to do this all day," Brad said. "God, you're so fucking hot, Anna."

 "Ohhh..." Anna moaned. "I couldn't wait to suck your cock. I wanted to so bad after I felt your bulge in the pool." "Do you like it? Do you like my big dick?" Craig said. "Oh god, you're so fucking huge," Anna breathed. "You're so big and hard! Fuck me fuck me...." she mumbled. Brad continued teasing her with his cock. "You're such a hot slut Anna, I can't believe you took my whole load while I fucked your big tits in public." Anna moaned. "I needed to suck you so bad. I didn't care if anyone saw us. I wanted to suck your cock so bad." The huge cock head slowly slipped into her pussy and she started to breathe frantically. Brad grabbed her hips with both hands and gently began impaling Anna with his eighteen inches. At about 8 inches in, she gasped and shuddered in orgasm. Brad said, "Here's where most women give up" as he pushed about twelve inches in. Anna said, "Hold it right there and give me a second, I know I can do this" she said with a whimper. She waited a moment and then reached down and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him into her. He pushed with a grunt and lo and behold his monster was all the way inside her. "Just hold it there for another moment!" she cried as she orgasmed again. His pubic hair was pressed into hers. Brad began to withdraw and piston in and out of her pussy. She spread her knees apart and pulled him in on each thrust with her legs. "Holy fuck I can't believe it fit! God its huge, fuck meee! I brought protection but it isn't my fault if your huge penis shredded his tiny condom!" Anna was moaning and screaming. She was crashing from one orgasm as another took her to a new high. She was oblivious to anything else in the room other than Brad and his huge dick, which was hammering into her. His powerful balls were slapping her ass as they fucked like animals. He grunted, grabbing her hard by her ass and locked himself into her pussy. "25 minutes, I think I passed the time test". "You set new standards in fucking. I belong to you!" she said. "Fuck you're a hot slut Anna, you were made for this dick! Oh fuck I'm gonna cum!" Brad grunted. "Cum on my face! Please! I wanna see your huge fucking load!" With that he lifted her off his massive rod and lowered her to the floor. His abs flexed as he thrust his huge weapon across her face and he erupted in her face. It was like a hose pipe had been turned on. She made no attempt to swallow it as it sailed into her face and hair, down her cleavage and all over her bra and dress. He drove his cock between her tits and her cleavage filled with cum. "Do you ever stop cumming?" she gasped. "Not yet, you are so hot" he gasped. He stuffed his cock in her mouth and stared into her innocent looking deep brown eyes. His balls churned with excitement and further jets of cum were released into her mouth. She swallowed eagerly. "Oh fuck, that was a big load," Brad grunted, his eyes glowing with lust and passion. "You're telling me!" Anna said, wiping the cum from her eyes. "Can you get me a few tissues?" Anna asked sweetly and innocently, as if she had just spilled something down her, rather than been covered in cum after fucking a monster cock. "Sure." Brad replied with a happy, satisfied smile, and found her a couple napkins. She knelt on the floor and took the tissues and started cleaning the cum from her clothes. "You really needed that didn't you?" She replied with a smile. He just smiled in response. "I've got plenty more for you if you're up for it. Just wait until I cum inside you." Brad said proudly and Anna's eyes widened in amazement. "Haven't you cum, like, 4 times already today? You're just going to fill me up completely aren't you!" Anna said in amazement. "Well for someone has hot as you, I'll have no problem." Brad chuckled. "So how about we get to it then?" he said as Anna finished off cleaning his cum from her clothes. He picked her up and carried her to his room. Meanwhile I spent the next few hours outside, on my cell phone, trying to pretend I was busy with something when I was just thumbing through apps. Around midnight, I decided I was going to leave, with or without Anna. I went back into the club, which was thinning out, trying to find her. The dance floor was mostly empty, but she wasn't there. By now I knew instinctively where she was, even if I didn't want to admit it. But before heading down to the rooms I wandered over to the bar and bathrooms just to make sure. I eventually gave up looking for her and went back to our room, where I passed out on the couch. I woke up sharply around one as my phone started to ring. I looked up and saw that Anna still wasn't back. I picked it up and my boss told me that he needed me on a conference call for a couple of hours to finish some things on his end. I slapped myself awake, sat down at my computer, and started to work. On the other side of the bedroom wall, two hours earlier... "Ohhhhhhh baby, OHHHHHH BABY..." moaned Anna as she opened her thighs, almost willing Brad's hands to explore her dripping pussy. She lay on the king-sized bed, her dress discarded on the floor in a pile with Brad's clothes. He knelt over Anna, running his strong hands down her curves and sliding up her thighs. But as inviting as it was Brad resisted the urge to bury his hands in her pussy and get her off right away. For the next five minutes Brad brought Anna to the very edge of a climatic chasm but some how he knew just how close he could take her without sending her spiralling over the edge. "Oh yes Brad....Oh fuck Brad that feels sooooo good, you're strong hands my pussy feels like it's on fire, ohhhh please..." Anna cried out as she thrust her ass cheeks even harder into Brad's strong hands. Anna's was gushing as Brad's fingers entered her. First one then two and then three of his large fingers were deeply inserted in her sopping pussy probing her deeper and deeper. "Oh god Brad, Oh FUCK!!! That feels so good....." gasped Anna as Brad's fingers rubbed her swollen clit. "Mmmmmm. Anna baby you're so wet down there. You like that do you??" teased Brad. "I love Brad...it!..I just love it!!" panted Anna. Brad continued to drive his fingers into Anna's pussy and as he did he helped Anna roll over, sticking her ass up in the air, her pussy exposed. He slid down the bed and grabbed a cheek in each hand and plunged his tongue into her pussy. He didn't hold back as he ate her out; nibbling her pussy lips, tonguing her clit, and sucking the free flowing juices from her. Anna ground her hips back against his face driving his tongue even further, if that was possible into her pussy. "OHHH FUCK BRAD!!! I'M CUMMING, OH SHIT!!!!!" howled Anna who almost convulsed in orgasmic pleasure. Her hips bucked and thrust as orgasm after orgasm racked body. Anna played with her own tits, squeezing her nipples hard as she tried retain some composure. Finally Brad slowly withdrew his tongue, giving Anna's cheeks a light kiss. Anna rolled over and collapsed on the bed as her body recovered from the workout it had just received. Brad knelt on top of her, kissing her neck and tits. Her hand gripped the monster cock, stroking its full eighteen inches. He moved between her legs and rubbed the length of his cock back and forth across her slit. She cried out softly, "Oh Greg, his cock is so big baby, so much bigger than yours!" "Yeah, you like that meat babe?" Brad grinned. "Oh fuck Greg, I think he'll go deeper than anyone has ever been! Oh God yes! Please! Fuck me baby, fuck me!" A low animal growl escaped her throat as his cock head pushed against her outer cunt lips and began to enter her slowly. She was crying, begging him to fuck her, to use her like a slut. "Please Brad, ram that hot hard cock into me! Please! Oh god! Yes! Oh fuck baby, fuck me! FUCK ME!" 
He withdrew his cock almost entirely, and then rammed it back into her, causing her ass to dig into the sheets. His balls slapped against her ass as he fucked her, shaking her almost like a rag doll, her tits bouncing wildly with each thrust. 

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh baby, oh fuck," Anna moaned as she gripped the bedsheets.

Brad grabbed one of Anna's nipples and pinched. She squealed in pain.

 "Your tits are so perfect!" he moaned. "So firm and round. You're such a fuck toy." 

"I can't believe how big your dick is," she moaned. "This is so wrong, I have a boyfriend next door...but I need you so bad! Fuck me!" "Does the idea of Greg hearing you cum on my cock turn you on babe?" Brad whispered to Anna as he fucked her. "You want him to hear me stretch you out?" "Use me baby! Stretch me out real good!" Anna cried out, "Give me that giant dick!" He easily lifted her up in his arms, carrying her across the room to the wall that was shared between his room and hers. Anna's shapely thighs snaked around his waist and she arched her back, offering her huge firm tits up to his face, her back pressed firmly against the wall, impaled his rampant cock. They heard the phone ring in the other room and being answered quickly by Greg. Anna could only just make out that it was his boss. He started talking about work, but then they caught some mention of Anna. "She is so fantastic and I love her so much..." Anna was pinned against the wall as over a foot of huge hard cock drove repeatedly up into that loving girlfriend. Her mind was trying to listen to a call which was muffled by the wall; her body was lost in a world of intense pleasure as Brad worked himself deep into her, relentlessly, remorselessly thrusting up and into her. Her eyes met his and she saw the arrogant smile on his face as he claimed ownership of her. She smiled back, giving voice to the power of 2 magnificent fucking creatures betraying Greg in the most callous way and the need for silence simply heightened their pleasure. "Yes sir, she is my pride and joy. I would do anything for her," Greg babbled into the phone. Anna smiled down at her powerful stud and arched her back thrusting her huge firm tits into his face. She took hold of her tits and offered them to him: "Fuck his pride and joy," she whispered. "Suck on them, show me who deserves these big tits." For the next 10 to 15 minutes he worshipped her body and drilled his cock deep into her. She stifled moans of pleasure as she pressed her mouth against his shoulder as he fucked her. She could feel how deep his dick was inside of her, rearing up like a relentless piston. He released his hands and eased her locked legs from around his waist and suddenly she was held against the wall by just his cock. Over a foot of solid smooth cock slicing into her. Only his hips and cock drilled up higher into her and lifted her. "Uggghhhhhhh!" Anna groaned in a shaky voice before she managed to pant out lustfully, "Ohhh, ummm, fuck me baby, fuck me good! OH YES! UGH! Ohh, you're soo fucking good! Oh Brad, oh fuck, keep fucking me baby...give me your big cock! OH YES!" "Oh God baby, I'm getting close!" grunted Brad as he hilted into her. He felt his balls churn and he stared into her pretty eyes. The intensity in their stare was incredible and then he closed his eyes and stifled a deep groan and his cock spurted the first volley of cum deep into her. Anna knew what she was in for and her body was racked with another orgasm as he unloaded shot after shot of cum deep into her. Brad's spunk continued to shoot into Greg's girlfriend, his hands went to her toned arse and he gripped it as he continued to fuck her. Her hands went to his shoulders and she lifted her magnificent body high against his and her tight cunt muscles flexed and gripped his huge manhood as she ground her hips up and down on his pole as he continued to dump his load into her. A stream of milky white semen began to seep out where their bodies met. Anna came again as she felt the unrelenting jets of hot jizz filling her and pooling between them. She wrapped her arms and legs around Brad, her hands exploring his flexing muscles as he pumped the last of his load into her. They stood there locked together for a moment before he carried her over to the bed and slowly withdrew with grunts of protest from Anna. A river of cum followed him out and ran down the crack of her ass. "Whew! What a fuck you are Anna! You're the hottest girl I ever fucked!" "Oh my god, that was amazing....I still can't believe that crazy thing fits inside me!" Anna mewled as she sat up to suck his sticky, cum coated cock. She just couldn't get enough of his monster. It had not lost any stiffness, throbbing as Anna sucked the last dregs of cum from the tip. "Mmm your cock tastes so good..." she moaned, running her tongue up the length of the shaft. "That's because it was inside you," Brad chuckled. "Mmmmph," Anna groaned, sucking on the head. She fit about a third of his cock in her mouth and stroked the rest of it with her dainty hands. Her head began to bob up and down, until her realization of the time knocked her out of her cum drunk state. "Oh god," she said, pulling her mouth off of his twitching cock with a start, "We've been at this too long, I've got to get back to my room!" Her momentary panic was quickly quelled by her horniness as she looked up at Brad's ripped, sweaty muscles glistening before her. "Don't worry sir, I'll take care of you before I go," She smiled at Brad, still stroking his hard cock with one hand. Her dark eyes burned with lust. With that, she raised herself up and swallowed the 18 inches deep down her throat. Brad started fucking her face. Her lips distorted round his huge cock. Knowing they were on the clock, Brad buried himself in Anna's throat and unloaded. Anna moaned as she felt Brad throb in her throat as jet after jet of hot jizz filled her stomach. He pulled out until just the tip remained in Anna's mouth. She kept her tongue going and kept pumping her hands, eager to milk out as much as she could from Brad. Brad's cock pulsed, again and again, each pulse filling her mouth and forcing her to swallow. And the whole time, she gazed deep into his eyes as she sucked and licked and stroked Brad's cock, until he finally stopped cumming. Anna got up and dressed, the two agreeing to meet the next day. Back in Greg and Anna's room Shortly afterward I hung up, I could hear the door to our suite open, footsteps into the bathroom, and then the shower began running. After another twenty minutes, the door to bedroom slowly creaked open. Anna slowly snuck in, fresh from the shower, wearing only a towel. I watched her slowly slip out of the towel and slip into her bedwear, then slide into bed with me. I wanted her to at least admit what she did, but I didn't want to admit that I was spying on her and Brad, so I pretended that I just woke up. "Hey, it's late. Where were you?" I said. "Oh! I'm sorry I woke you up, sweetie. I couldn't find you after you went to the restroom, but Brad kept me company. Sorry we were out too late, lost track of time. Were you looking for me?" "No," I lied. "What happened? Did you...did you show off to Brad or anything?" I could see Anna smile. "Oh, you're turned on, huh?" I shouldn't have said it that way, I immediately realized. "I showed off for you again," she whispered. Anna reached down and begun stroking my cock through my boxers while telling me how Brad kept complimenting her figure and how she teased him by grinding up against him as she slipped the straps of her dress off. "What did he do?" I asked. "Oh, he pulled his dick out and wagged it at me. He's so immature," she said. She said it dismissively, but it was obvious it had an impact on her. I waited a second, then asked. "Is he big?" She paused for a brief second. "Oh, I wasn't paying that much attention," she said, but it was obvious that she was really impressed. We started making out. I started to get hard again, as Anna bent over and began sucking me with an intensity she never had before. I would've done anything she wanted. "Do you want to have a threesome with him?" I couldn't believe I could hear myself asking my girlfriend but I was harder than I'd ever been as I remembered Brad fucking my gorgeous girlfriend's face. She pulled off my cock, jaw open. She herself seemed surprised now. "What?" "You know, I saw you looking at him. He seems to think you're hot too. Do you want to try it?" She bit my lower lip. "That could be hot." She didn't let on about anything that happened tonight, though I was sure by now he had fucked her. "A threesome or like just if I watched?" Anna was surprised. She became wide-eyed and her mouth was open. Then she laughed. She chuckled and kissed me again. "Ooh haha that's kinky. Are you joking?" "Might be hot. He's really fucking gorgeous, think how it would be to have his big cock stretch you out," I admitted, not even thinking about the words coming out of my mouth and we started to make out again. She could see how hard I was. "Hmm is Greggie getting excited? I never knew I had such a pervy boyfriend." We started to have sex while dirty talking about our perverted fantasy. I could feel her soaked pussy spasming on my dick. She bit my lower lip and looked me in the eye with a teasing, lustful look. "Are you getting hard thinking about me with the big stud, baby?" "Yeah baby," I said thrusting into her. You want that? You want to see those huge muscles push that big dick into you?" She fucked me furiously for five minutes before I came inside her, and then pushed my head down into her pussy to eat her out. She screamed as she came, crushing my head between her spasming thighs. "Thank you...thank you...oh fuck..." Anna gasped as she came down. We curled up together and passed out instantly. The next day The sex was so great that night that the next morning we slept later than we wanted to. She woke me up with a start. "Come on, babe, we gotta go get breakfast before they run out!" she said. She had already showered and was dressed in a tight, low-cut purple sports bra and leggings, with her black hair in a ponytail. Her massive tits were barely contained by the her top, the top half of her breasts on full display. As she stretched, she pressed her arms at her side pushing her huge boobs together obscenely. With her big doe eyes, she looked like a beautiful girl next door. We ate a fantastic meal, chatting about what we'd do that day. We both seemed to avoid talking about last night, and I didn't want to start a fight in public. I reminded her we booked a hike to the waterfalls that afternoon. "Oh babe, I don't know if I can do that right now, I'm so sore from dancing last night!" she said. I had an idea of what she was really sore from, but I didn't let on. Truth was, I meant what I told her last night, the image of Brad and Anna together was burned in my mind and I felt myself getting hard at the thought. "You should go though babe, I know you were looking forward to it!" she continued. "I could reschedule?" I offered. "Oh no baby," she said, her hand sliding up my thigh, "Don't worry about me. I'll catch up with you later." Against my better judgement I agreed, and left her to meet up with the tour group. Several hours later we got back and I texted Anna to give her a heads up. No response. I tried calling her, no luck there either. My heart began to race. I headed up to our room, bracing myself for what I knew was coming. I entered the suite and couldn't find her in the living room or the bedroom. But on the floor of the living room was some rumpled clothes. I reached down and picked it up. It was Anna's top. I suddenly heard moaning from outside on the balcony. Was Brad with her? Were they screwing on a lounge chair? I turned the corner to see Brad was in a sitting position while Anna sat in his lap facing away from him. She still had her leggings on, but the crotch had been torn open. He grabbed her by her hips and guided her up and down his giant pole. "Oh, yes, oh yes!" Anna was half-whispering and half-moaning. "Oh, yes!" "Oh, God, yes...so big...you're so big..." Anna panted. Brad just continued to grunt, and started thrusting harder. Anna bounced up and down, her tits bouncing wildly, her ponytail swishing back and forth. She was covered in sweat from the vigorous shafting she was receiving, and she looked deliriously happy. "Oh! OH! Oh, God, feels so good...so good..." I was paralyzed with confusion and jealousy. I found myself tremendously aroused, so I just stood there and watched. After a few minutes, Anna started moaning louder and louder. "Oh, yes, YES! Oh, God, I'm cumming again! Oh! OH! YES! So good! SO GOOD!" She shrieked, as softly as she could, and began shuddering. As I stood transfixed at the lewd scene before me, Anna turned her head and caught my eye. She said nothing, but gave me a triumphant, self-satisfied smile. At that time, Brad was still unaware of my presence, and was talking to my girlfriend. "You can't get enough of it can you? What would your boyfriend think if he saw his darling girl on her knees, sucking on my dick and begging me to shove my cock up her unfaithful cunt until my balls bang against her ass?" "You can ask him," Anna gasped. "He's standing there like an impotent wimp watching you make me your personal slut!" Brad looked round and laughed at me, without interrupting his rhythm. "Hi Greggie," he said disdainfully. "You just stand there and watch as a I fuck your girl? Who's the best, slut?" "You Brad, you know you are," my girlfriend gasped. "Ever since I saw you, I can't stop thinking about you! Nobody has ever made me feel like this. Sorry babe, I belong to him now, he will be fucking me any time and anywhere he wants. Fuck me harder Brad, show him how hard you make me cum when you empty those big balls into my pussy!" To my shame I stood rooted to the spot, as Anna continued to ride his monster cock. It went on for a further twenty minutes and two orgasms from Anna before Brad groaned and shot his load into her. She threw her head back and screamed as Brad filled her. Her legs shook wildly, Brad gripping her waist to hold her in place as he came. He pumped Anna so full of cream that it began to spray out of her stuffed pussy. Brad's cock never deflated as he pulled out of her. Still spurting thick seed, he shot two ropes across her heaving chest, surprising her. Her big eyes sparkled with awe, and she slowly rubbed the cream into her skin like it was lotion. Anna laid back against Brad's chest and snuggled up to her lover, his huge cum-covered cock towering between her legs. "She just couldn't keep her hands off me," he said with a smirk. Both of them were still breathing heavily as they sat on the lounger together. Anna reached down and stroked his massive penis, still hard and spurting out the last of his load. She looked at me and said, "I caught Brad in the elevator after you left and told him about what you said last night. He liked the idea so much he tore my leggings and shoved his monster cock inside me right there in the elevator! Can you believe it? Out of nowhere, this guy turns into a sex-crazed demon whose sole mission was to rip my pussy apart! No foreplay, nothing! Just gets right down to business! What gets into guys anyway?" Brad chuckled and Anna looked into his eyes before leaning up for a kiss. She turned back to me and said, "He's dumped two huge loads in me already, and made me cum more times than I can count. Can you believe he's still hard? This is what you wanted, right honey? You wanted to watch this muscle god fuck my brains out? He's just so fucking hot, I can't get enough." "Yes Anna, this is what I wanted," I said, face burning with embarassment. I couldn't look at them. I felt a hot wetness spread in my pants and I realized that at some point while them fuck, I had cum without even touching myself. Anna noticed immediately and giggled. "Wow, my pervy boyfriend really liked it! Get over here Greg, come see what Brad does to your girlfriend!" I felt my legs move on their own until I was kneeling at the end of the chair in front of them. Anna spread her legs to reveal her reddened and stretched pussy, which belched forth a mixture of Brad's cum and her pussy juice. Anna grabbed my head and shoved it into her crotch, giving me a closeup view of the open wound that once was my girlfriend's pussy and now could only be called size queen's cunt. As she rubbed her slimy cunt against my mouth, sperm poured into my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed, but still there was more. Add to the fact that she was sitting in a swampy pool of white and it was clear Brad had dumped at least a quart of jizz in her. Anna held my head tight until her cunt was finally empty. My cock was like a rock as I felt their eyes burning into the back of my head watching me clean her. Brad and Anna had started to make out. I instantly stopped and watched. Watching Anna make out with Brad made my dick cry out in pain. It was mesmerizing watching him feel up my girlfriend and hearing her moan while their lips smacked. I saw her open her mouth and lick his tongue, which just seemed so erotic. Brad stood up and lead Anna back inside. I scrambled to my feet and followed. Standing in the center of our bedroom, he posed and flexed. Both Anna and I gasped and he chuckled. He looked like a god with his chiseled torso, every muscle defined and glistening. My dick twitched as I watched my girlfriend follow him and run her hands appreciatively over the slabs of muscle in his chest and his chiseled abs. Anna peeled off the remains of her torn leggings and got on her knees in front of him. He stepped forward, sliding all 18 thick inches of cock across my girlfriend's face. "May I please suck your beautiful cock?" I heard Anna beg. He let her do just that. Thrusting his muscular hips forward, Brad put the tip of his big dick in Anna's mouth. I'd never seen Anna more turned on than I saw her now with this massive cock stretching her mouth. Anna slurped on the big head of Brad's cock for a bit then withdrew with a lewd pop. "Oh my fucking god, this is so amazing," she said. "It tastes so fucking awesome!" smack "Never had anything like this before," I heard Anna say in between kissing and worshipping his big dick. She was running her hands on his tight abs. "Worship that cock, slut," Brad said to Anna, speaking to her like I never would. He turned to me. "Greg, you see this dick? Look at the way she lusts after me. Look at the way she fucking admires it. I own her now Greg, I completely own her." He took his cock in his hands and slapped Anna's cheeks gently with it, smearing precum all over her face. Anna moaned submissively. She continued to lick the sides of Brad's dick, slurp and kiss the head, loud sounds of her licking, slurping, and the wet pop when she withdrew her lusty kisses from his dick ringing through the room. She looked up at him in awe with his big dick stretching her beautiful mouth. My dick was impossibly hard in my pants. "You like that, baby?" she asked me. Before I could answer she grabbed Brad's dick pointed it up against his perfect abs and started to lick the underside of it she licked up and down. Her pink wet tongue and pretty face looked so amazing next to his absurdly huge cock. "Is this what you wanted to see?" she asked in between licks. Then she descended a bit still keeping eye contact with me, grabbed one of his big balls in her dainty mouth, and kissed it with a pop. Still looking at me she did the same to the other lemon-sized ball. "Hmmm this is so hot baby, thank you. Is this what you wanted to see?" she asked me again. "Yes," I answered weakly. Both of them chuckled. "Hmmm this is so hot baby," Anna continued to tease me. "I think I found your kryptonite," they both chuckled. Anna continued kissing and nuzzling Brad's monster for a minute while I watched hypnotized. Anna looked lovingly at me, smiling while licking Brad's big balls, sucking each one in her mouth. She let go of each one with a passionate audible pop from her lips. I heard myself moan and I came in my pants again as I saw Anna start to lusciously bob her head back and forth on Brad's cock and choke on it. I almost passed out from the strength of the orgasm. What the hell just happened? Did I just come again without touching myself while watching my girlfriend worship this stud's dick? The more he took over the more I felt he deserved it and I wanted to give in to him. They just looked so hot together. I felt dizzy and ran to the bathroom to take a break and clean myself up. This was going too far. While I was cleaning up in the bathroom I threw some water on my face. I actually thought I might go back in there to stop it but I knew that wouldn't happen. I fully intended to tell Anna that we should maybe stop but I was just frozen back to my original viewpoint as I went back into the bedroom and saw Brad laying back on the bed and Anna's beautiful firm bare ass facing me. She was on all fours between his legs, sucking his dick. He was up on his elbows just watching my girlfriend go to town on his thick cock. I meant to stop it but I couldn't. I found myself getting hard as steel again and I walked around until I could get a good look. The sight of her pretty lips stretched around his thick meat was like kryptonite. I watched my girlfriend repeatedly bob up and down on this muscle stud's cock on our bed and started to jerk off. "You want my big cock, baby?" Brad whispered sensually as he pulled her up the bed and rolled her onto her back. "You want it deeeeep inside of you?" "YESSSSSS!" Anna screamed. The head of Brad's shaft had made its way to the entrance to Anna's vagina and was now rubbing against her clit. Anna began to moan and breathe hard. Brad raised his massive shaft and slapped it down lightly against her pussy. The weight and heat emanating from his massive dick sent her over the edge. "YESSSSSSSSSSSS!" she screamed, hitting a decibel level that I'd never heard her reach before. A huge plume of girl cum shot out of her, spraying a wide arc, a few droplets even reaching my feet. "Am I better than your boyfriend?" he prodded her. "FUCKKK YESSSS," she responded, continuing to moan. "IT'S NOT EVEN CLOSE!" I watched mesmerized as Anna spread her toned, lithe slightly tanned legs for the muscled stud now taking over. I watched his muscular broad back and saw his big thick cock bobbing aggressively in front of her pussy. The cock that had so quickly changed our relationship. I knew he had already changed both of us. He was taking over my relationship with my girlfriend, but I was strangely OK with it. Actually I was harder than I had ever been. I wanted this to happen! I watched as Brad's huge cock head slide home into Anna's pussy. Anna's breath came in gasps as she welcomed it back into her. As the last of his cock head slid into her pussy I could see the extreme size that her pussy had stretched to, close back over the head and grasp onto the veiny pole. Slowly, inch after huge inch of Brad's freakish cock disappeared up into Anna. "I think I'm fucking up your nice pussy forever Greg." Brad said to me. "Use it baby! Fuck it up real good!" Anna grunted as more of his cock pushed into her. Brad began to pick up his tempo as Anna changed positions so she could get her legs around him. They kissed passionately and whispered things to each other as they fucked. Anna was in full form, her pussy was drenched and Brad's monster cock was almost white from her copious love juice production. "Oh God Greg, it feels like he's pushing my cervix up into my uterus," Anna managed to say between moans. "Does it feel good?" I asked her, unable to help myself. "Oh Fuck Yes! I don't ever want it to end!" she replied. "FUCKKCKCKCK he's fucking me SO HARD baby holy FUCK. Holy fuck I don't know if I can take this baby, he's so fucking big. Oh my goooddddddd. You couldn't fuck me like this baby, he fucking owns me. I'm his little slut, I'm his fucktoy, I'm his property. Fuck fuck fuck fuck he's so deep in me baby I can feel him in my stomach!!! fuckkkkkk. I'm his slut baby, I want him." I sat in the corner of the room as I watched with lustful and jealous eyes the massive pole that was pounding my girlfriend's pussy and had made her cum so many times. Brad kissed my Anna and skillfully brought her to another body shuddering orgasm. "Oh fuck! Ummm! Oh baby...baby...ohhh fuck yes...ohhh his dick is so fucking big....ohhhmmmmm...he's filling me up so good baby! ...unghhh.....unghhhmm...he's so much better than you...and so much bigger....oh baby I love you...umm, uh, uh, uh....yeesssohhhh....but I love his hard cock...ohhh I want him to fuck me all day! Oh fuck yes! Watch him fucking your girl baby...riding her like she needs...ummm...like she wants him too.....oh fuck yeeessss! Oh Brad fuck me baby! Yes!" Anna moaned sexily, the words drove all of us wild. She arched her back with a loud throaty moan and tightened the grip of her legs around Brad. With one mighty thrust of his huge cock and a "YES! Take my cum!" he delivered his potent sperm into my girlfriend's womb. "Oh Greg!" Anna moaned, "He's filling me up again! It feels good!" It was the last coherent thing she said before her eyes rolled back and she let out another scream of pleasure. Indeed he was delivering a copious amount of jizz to my cock-loving slut. Her body slowly began to go slack, and her arms slipped off Brad's shoulders. The overflow shot out of her stretched cunt from around his embedded cock like a leaking plumbing fitting. My cock was about to explode from the excitement I had just watching the unbelievable action. Brad had worked up a sweat and beads of sweat formed on his perfect, smooth muscular back. He looked amazing. I knew I could never compete with this. This was it. This stud had taken my girlfriend fucked her face in front of me, banged out her pussy on my own bed and made me love it. And now he had made her cum so hard that she basically passed out. I watched Anna and she was a hot mess. Sweaty, beautiful black hair was stuck to her forehead. She looked dizzy and totally fucked out. Her body still slightly shook from the intense fuck Brad had given her. This time Brad didn't pull out; he kept rocking his hips in her gently, obviously still hard and ready to keep going despite dumping an incredible amount of cum in her. Where they joined was a swamp of white, her ass sunk into a pool of their combined juices on the bed. The two of them kissed passionately as Brad got on his knees and lifted the two of them off the bed. Anna thrust her chest forward and Brad lifted her upwards, feasting on her tits as cum flowed off their laps. "Fuck yeah baby, bite my big tits! They're all yours!" She squealed as Brad suddenly corkscrewed her on his cock and pushed her face down back onto the bed, shifting position to drive his pole deep into her. "Uhhhh fuck! Oh God it feels bigger like this! Oh, fuck! You're a fucking god! Wreck my cheating fucking cunt! Ruin it for my fucking useless boyfriend !" Anna moaned. "Come here baby," she cooed. Without thinking I made my way to the bed. The light slaps of Brad's muscular thighs and hips could be heard against Anna's shapely ass. They looked amazing together. I knelt down in front so I was almost face to face with Anna, maybe slightly looking up at her. Anna had the most devious, teasing and lustful smile on her face. "You like that baby? You like watching me get ...UGH FUCKED ...ugh by this huge stud.... UGH " she lightly grazed my lips with hers. "Right in front of you?" "Yea Anna, I do. It's so fucking hot. You look amazing. I love you babe." "I love you baby," she responded. And we started making out. Telling my girlfriend I loved her while tenderly and lovingly making out with her while she was getting longdicked by this stud on our bed was amazing. I could tell it was for her too. It was so intense. I could feel her body move rhythmically with Brad's mighty thrusts. I guess seeing the girl he was fucking make out with her loving boyfriend made Brad more excited because he increased his pace. I could hear the slapping sounds increase suddenly and Anna lurched in my arms. I steadied her and felt her warm, wet body on my own, embracing me as Brad fucked the living shit out of her. I felt the power in his fucking and knew I could never match this. Brad and I locked eyes. That exchange said everything we both needed to know. He was fucking my girlfriend's brains out like she had never been before while I held her for him. He had a dominant smirk on his face as he looked down at me. I looked up at him, admiring all the muscles in his chest, his abs, his biceps and arms and his strong hips, his skin glistening with sweat. I listened as Anna pledged to be his personal slut and have her pussy ready for him whenever he wanted. I watched as my girlfriend's pussy stretched to impossible proportions and she couldn't get enough of it. She was building towards a massive orgasm, which was on the brink of sending her to another realm. She was arching her back and Brad continued to pound more and more of his phallic monstrosity into her willing pussy. Finally, Anna totally lost it. "Ohhhhhh my fuckinnnnggg GODDDDD!!!" She screamed so loud if I had been sleeping, I would certainly be awake now. "Fuck me with that huge cock, this pussy is all yours Brad, fuck me harder!" She continued into an orgasmic bliss to the point she was screaming inaudibly, to the point where she couldn't even get a noise out. Her whole body then went limp and it looks as if she passed out, but Brad just kept on going. I watched his shaft spearing her over and over, shiny with her juices; his Ian's well-muscled ass rising and falling as he pounded her. After a few seconds she came back to, right into another orgasm. "Oh my god, oh my god. It's not stopping. Holy shit, this is unbelievable. I didn't know a cock could feel this good." Anna's hands clutched and released the sheets frantically as she came wildly around Brad's incredible rod. As she cursed and squealed from one climax to the next, she was practically convulsing, her cunt spasming wildly, as half-formed obscenities spilled from her mouth. "Fuck... too much... god-damn... fu... fu... FUCK!" Brad, driven past his limits as well, pulled out and unloaded. Thick, ropey streams of sperm erupted from him, long white lines that streaked up her back and splashed over her head, pooling in her small of her back and between her asscheeks. His most powerful spurts even made it to the headboard, painting the wall and pillows in streams of white. The image of my girlfriend impaled on this monster cock was too much to bear. I erupted more cum than I had all night. My rope of jizz shot out, some of it landed on her bouncing tits. The next rope landed on my girlfriend's face which went completely unnoticed as she came on Brad's shaft. When they were both done, Brad fell back a step, breathing hard. He circled her, offering up his throbbing cock to her mouth. Anna leaned back, mouth opening automatically, as he offered up his cock. She took it into her mouth, savoring the taste of his cum, her juices, and his own natural flavor. Her tongue swirled around, cleaning him off, and when he pulled back she planted a sloppy kiss right on the end of his dick. "Thank you, sir. That's exactly what I needed." With a growl, Brad replied, "We're not done. Ass up now, slut." Anna knew what he meant. "Oh God Brad, it's too big for my ass. Please don't fuck me there!" Despite her protest, she brought her legs underneath her in a single smooth motion, positioned herself on all fours with her gorgeous bubble butt in the air. I watched as his cock began to press into her asshole, knowing full well that his cock was about to fuck the tightest of her holes yet. I also knew that she fully enjoyed it and would cum from being ass fucked just as much as she did when her cunt was filled. Anna whimpered, a bit pitifully, as Brad's cock head pressed against her asshole. She cried out as he entered her slowly so she could get used to his size, then faster as he moved in and out with each stroke. When he finally managed to fit all 18 inches inside her, he started fucking her so fast that his hips became a blur. Anna began to get into this, crying out, "Oh God YES! Oh yeah baby, fuck my hot asshole! Yes! That's it, ram it into me Brad, make it hurt baby! Make it hurt!" He started to fuck her harder, letting out small grunts of effort as he hammered home. Anna rocked forward with each thrust, and it didn't take long before her eyes started fluttering as she came. Her tits swung freely underneath her as Brad sped up, fucking her ass like he did her pussy. Some part of me was astonished that she was able to take such a massive dick in her ass. Brad looked like a god behind her, his sweaty and bulging muscles covering his arms and chest standing out as he hauled her back onto him. "FUCKKK....FUCkkk Greg he's fucking me baby, Brad is fucking me in the ass. Fuck baby he's so fucking big holy shit, holy fuck he's fucking me so hard. FUck fuck fuck fuck...." He kept fucking her, and it felt like an hour before he showed signs of his own orgasm. When he did, his head went back and he bellowed out "Oh yeah baby, here it comes! Yes! Tighten that hot asshole around my cock baby! Squeeze it!" With that, he began to empty his balls into her asshole. "YES! GIVE IT TO ME! GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR CUM! CUM INSIDE ME BRAD! OH YEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!" Anna cried out, the last word fading into a wordless scream as the thick head of Brad's monster dick expanded and exploded deep within her. Load after huge load of thick, potent cum blasted deep into her ass, sending another wave of orgasm ripping through her body as Brad emptied his balls deep into her. "Fuck, take my cum, Anna!" he grunted while his cock pumped all of his thick cum into my girlfriend. I cried out as I came again, managing to spray a few watery drops onto the floor. I had never cum so many times back to back, my cock screamed in pain. I watched as cum began to leak out of Anna's plugged ass. Fuck, did he ever stop cumming? The answer was yes, however it took another couple of minutes. Even after seeing him cum so many times, I was shocked at Brad's volume and stamina. Anna's body shook as she rode yet another orgasm with her ass clamped hard onto Brad's enormous dick. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Anna came down from her high and collapsed beneath Brad, her arms falling limply to the bed as she panted for breath and her voice ached from being shouted raw. "Fuck...you fucked me so good!" she said happily, barely able to open her eyes. Brad smiled smugly as he rolled off of her and rested. Anna lay on her belly and I watched the sperm leaking from her cunt and asshole. Brad's giant cock, his legs, her legs, the couch, the walls all had big globs and specks of his and her cum blasts. She looked like such a slut lying there and I knew they were far from done. The all-inclusive night "Did you like that Greg?" Brad said to me, arms folded behind his head. His torso was covered in sweat and cum, making his ripped muscles glisten. His dick barely lost any hardness, still easily over a foot long, dripping a long string of white onto the bed. Finally able to take in his whole body, I was in awe. "Your girl can really handle cock," he said with a chuckle. "Usually girls can't manage to take more than a few of my loads." "Thanks...." I whimpered, looking back at Anna's gaping holes. "Thank you for fucking her....sir..." What was I saying? My mind was racing as I felt myself crawl onto the bed between Brad's spread legs. "Please let me take care of you," I heard myself say as I reached for his monstrous dick. Brad grinned and nodded his approval. It was incredible; hot to the touch, my hands could barely wrap around the base. It didn't look real. I began to lick the huge jizz-covered member clean, feeling it harden in my hands. I felt Brad weave his fingers through my hair. His hands encircled my head and before long he was controlling my mouth up and down his cock. My vision became a blur as tears welled in my eyes and he fucked my face. I never managed to fit more than half of his dick down my throat. After five minutes, he pulled out of me, slapping his now throbbing beast against my face. "Get on the floor and put your legs behind your head slut, I'm going to destroy that asshole." Brad said casually. I got off the bed on all fours and began to crawl away from him. I tried catch my breath as I rolled over onto my back and brought my legs up. When I turned, I saw Brad stroking his giant cock as he approached me. To think that my girlfriend had had all of that cock meat inside her. How the fuck did it all fit? Anna was sat up on the bed and gently rubbing her clit as she watched us. All 3 of us watched as Brad pressed his cock firmly against my hole. All at once as if being welcomed his head popped inside. I gasped and my cock immediately began leaking. At the half way mark I came. My orgasm hadn't even subsided when the next was building. What felt like minutes of inches steaming full ahead into me. I squirmed and humped, feeling little pangs in my butt that coincided with each twitch of my cock. I must have came once for each inch of massive cock driving into me. I shut my eyes tightly until I felt his hips finally pressed firmly against my butt cheeks. When they did, my eyes shot open and like a magic trick that 18 inch monster dong had disappeared. Pressing against uncharted territory in my depths. I felt like I had no purpose on earth other than to be stretched around this fucking cock. He let me savor the insane stretch and pressure for a moment. Then Brad pulled out slowly. I felt like my insides were being tugged out with every inch that vacated me. He pulled out all the way until half his bulbous head vacated me. His held my legs over my head. He positioned to thrust and readied himself for his assault. He attacked, In one quick jab he thrust the whole skyscraper into me in one shot. I screamed as he pounded rapid fire into me. My mouth hung open in a silent scream as I submitted completely to him. Brad fucked me harder and angrier than he had Anna. This wasn't as much about the pleasure of sex, this was about proving a point. He was one male dominating another, proving his natural superiority. The dominant alpha threw his head back and roared as he slammed his dick deep enough in my ass that his balls slapped down on my taint. "OH GOD!" I screamed, unable to silence myself. My cock felt like it was splitting in half as I came again, the first volley sprayed my face and shoulders as the rest of my load splashed back over my chest and abs. It hurt in the most glorious way. I hadn't come this hard since . . . I don't know. Tears were rolling down my cheeks as I came, and I very nearly passed out. Brad stood up and pushed my face onto the floor. He stepped over my body and pressed his foot against the back of my head, pinning me to the floor as he began thrusting downward like a jackhammer. Brad piledrived me like that for almost five minutes, pounding a series of orgasms out of me that left me convulsing endlessly. "UUHHH GOD THAT'S SO FUCKING HOT!" Anna screamed as she came, her whole hand buried inside herself as she watched Brad break me. The two of us rode out our powerful orgasms in tandem, both caused by the massive muscleman fucking my brains out. Brad finally buried himself in me and came. I was seeing stars as I felt his boiling hot load burn me from inside. Semen boiled up around the rim of my broken rectum. My ass was so stuffed with cock there was no place for the semen to go, so it just bubbled up and over. When Brad pulled his cock out of my ruined as he was still cumming. He stood over me as he stroked his cock with both hands, coating me like a layer of frosting on a cake. There was so much that it slowly flowed down my spine and pooled between my shoulder blades. When he let go of my ass, I fell flat on the ground, rolling around in a puddle of our mixed cum. My dick was blood red from having cum so many times and I couldn't move any of my limbs. He flipped me over and aimed his cock right at my face and blasted me with two more spurts of cum, each copious enough to bury my face in white. I felt my eyes roll back and I let myself fall into the darkness. Brad had driven his cock all the way into my mind and shattered it. When I woke up, I was on the floor of the bathroom. My lower back and ass were still coated in white, stuck to the tile in a pool of jizz. I could see the two of them relaxing in the jacuzzi tub, sipping on champagne. Anna sat next to Brad stroking his cock, which easily extended above the water. She marveled at his size. "My god you are blessed." Anna said. "So are you," he replied, his arm wrapped around her shoulder and squeezing one of her breasts. "I can't believe this whole thing fits inside me," Anna said, holding her arm next to Brad's dick for comparison. "Biggest you have ever seen?" Brad asked. "By far." Anna said. "Compared to this everyone is small, I can't even hold it with one hand. I feel kind of feel bad though, Greg over there won't be able to please me now that you destroyed me with this monster." Anna said. "You love it though." he said. "Yeah I guess I'm just a size queen slut now, will you just fuck me already?" She said gripping his cock harder. Brad scooped her up and pulled her from the water. Anna giggled and winked at me as he hauled her naked body towards the bedroom. He threw her on the bed still wet from the tub. Her big tits bounced wildly as she landed abruptly on the bed. Brad grasped his throbbing cock and rubbed her head up and down her lips before plunging effortlessly inside. Anna's mouth opened slightly, her eyes closed, and she let out a soft whimper as she rocked her hips against the massive intrusion. I didn't really see them again for the rest of the evening, but I definitely heard them. "Oh My God! Fuck me! Harder baby! Fuck me with that big cock!" Anna was insatiable, and Brad was like a machine. I imagined Anna with her arms and legs wrapped tightly around Brad, passionately kissing him. Brad was plunging his big cock in and out in long strokes and slamming it all the way back home. I could hear a sloshing sound and I figured it was a combination of Anna's wetness and all of the cum she had in her. Anna was humping back for all she was worth when she finally broke the kiss. "Oh God! I'm cumming! Keep fucking me Brad!" I pictured Anna's whole body shuddering as she came. I could hear Brad was losing his rhythm now and was close to cumming as well as he kept pumping into Anna's pussy. I came in my hand whilst listening Brad in action with my gorgeous girlfriend. "Cum in me Brad. I want to be filled up. Spurt it into me. Knock me up!" "Oh shit babe, here it comes," Brad yelled. "Oh God, I can feel you cumming in me! Oh God!" With that, Anna came again. I listened or 5 more minutes as it became clear that Brad was going to fuck the hell out of my cock hungry girlfriend. The two of them didn't stop so much as to wipe the cum from their porn star bodies before going again. She had cum so many times her mind seemed to be short circuiting. She didn't care about anything but stretching her cunt around this giant monster cock. Exhausted, I curled up on the couch and passed out. This is how it was for the rest of the trip; I watched Brad and Anna fuck and suck almost continuously. Except for stolen snatches of sleep and brief intervals devoted to gobbling down enough food to keep their libidos humming and gulping enough liquid to replace the strong flow of sex scum that had poured out of the lovers' bodies, the totally self-absorbed couple spent every single moment making almost unbelievably voracious, passionate love. Brad shot load after load of hot, rich jism into Anna's cunt, her mouth, between her massive breasts, and deep into her bowels — and not just once but many times a day. I lost count of the number of times I had caught them fucking on the sofa, or walked into the dining area to see Anna lying on the table on her back. They simply didn't care if I saw. And truth be told, I did like to watch. Anna helped me out with a couple of blowjobs, but never offered to fuck me. She would often say that she was a little sore from her most recent go with Brad, but it wouldn't be long before she was screwing his brains out again. They would usually sleep together in our bedroom while I was left in the living room to fantasize and jerk myself off. The only point at which the lovers left the room for any appreciable amount of time was when, usually in the morning, the sex-soaked room had to be cleaned by housekeeping. Anna and Brad could not possibly have tolerated being apart for even the few minutes needed to accomplish that task. The sizzling hot lovers would head to the pool or the beach, where they sucked and fucked as I sat waiting for them nearby with towels, onlookers gawking at the sight of me jerking off to their wildly humping bodies. They then lazily washed the accumulation of encrusted sex slime off their world-class figures before heading back to the room to continue anew. We went back home a changed couple from that vacation. Anna and I found we had the best orgasms as we relived the two weeks we just had. Brad drops by every now and then. When he comes to visit, he stays in our place and fucks my girlfriend senseless for the whole visit. Sometimes if I'm lucky, he'll fuck me unconscious as well. We'd make out as Anna worshipped his massive dick, and he'd fuck her brains out as she lay on top of me. Brad owns us, and we are all happier for it.
  9. “Leave me alone, Ryan,” Megan said, pushing past her ex-boyfriend, "I know you cheated, asshole. Were you too drunk to realize my friends were there watching you? Do you have any idea how humiliating it is to find out your boyfriend cheated on you from your friends?" It had been weeks since she found out Ryan had slept around and dumped him, but Ryan wouldn't give up on her. It was easy to see why he was so interested. Many would have agreed that Megan was the most beautiful girl at her college. She wore her silky soft brown hair down just past her shoulder, and the lighter streaks of blonde were natural highlights that the sun seemed to bring out when the day was bright. Her eyes were light, grey with the palest hint of green and blue, and of course, she had learned long ago, with her gaggle of girlfriends, to always keep her makeup “on point” with teased out eyelashes, perfectly-plucked brows, and flattering lip gloss. “We’re not dating anymore,” Megan said. She continued to walk, wondering what she would do if he grabbed her wrist. Would she scream? Strike him? Rip her arm away? But instead, he walked ahead of her and hovered in front, walking sideways while he talked. “You think I don’t know what you’re doing? Trying to make me look like a punk?” Ryan changed tactic, going on the offensive. "YOU cheated asshole," Megan thought. She said nothing. She gritted her teeth, and couldn’t resist adding one more coda as she pushed past him. “I know you loved this dick, bitch! You'll be back!” Ryan yelled after her. Megan's face flushed, but she didn’t give him the satisfaction of replying. She already heard that Ryan had been hooking up with Yvonne, a cheerleader-come-influencer who Megan couldn't stand. That slut had slept with at least half of the football team, and didn't seem to have any problem with Ryan's cheating. As she turned the corner and walked along the shaded path in front of her dorm, she felt rage where previously would have been sobbing confusion. She was sick of Ryan. Everything about him. And… she needed release. As soon as she got to her room she threw her stuff down and flopped on the bed. She screamed into her pillow in frustration. "What did I do to deserve this?" she thought to herself. In a rage, she texted her friend Lisa. Lisa was 5'5" and voluptuous. Her breasts were large double DD's and her ass was fat and round. Amazingly she had a tiny waist, giving her the proportions of a porn star. Her long luxurious black hair stretched down the middle of her back. When the two of them used to go out together, they turned heads wherever they went. But it had been a few weeks since Megan had seen her; evidently her newest boyfriend was taking up a lot of her time. “Fucking Ryan won't leave me the fuck alone!” Megan texted. “Ugh asshole,” her friend agreed. "Glad you dumped his cheating ass." "I know, but now I'm so pissed I feel like I just need to get off all the time." Megan complained. “Oh I know what you mean Want my help?” “Haha you wanna come fuck my brains out?” Megan said, growing more confident. "Something like that Hang tight, I'll be over in a bit." Megan laid back on her bed and tried to take her mind off Ryan. She pulled off her clothes and grabbed an oversized tshirt. Quickly, she wiped the tears from her face and re-applied her makeup. She wasn't sure what Lisa meant, but knowing her, she probably was going to try and drag her out to to the club to get her mind off of things. Less than an hour later, there was a knock at the door. When Megan opened it, her jaw dropped. Lisa was dressed like a complete slut. She wore a tiny strapless pink dress that was virtually sheer. Underneath her pink thong was clearly visible against her tan skin, the only piece of underwear that she had on. Her ample breasts were practically falling out, her nipples partially covered. The two inch-platforms heels she wore pushed her large ass out even further. But behind her was what rendered Megan speechless. He had the look of a Greek statue and the countenance of one as well. The man was at least 6’4” tall and probably 300 pounds of ripped beef, muscles on top of muscles. Thick thighs, huge pecs, massive calves and biceps. He followed Lisa into the room. Megan was struck all at once at how enormous a man he was. He nearly had to duck under the door frame just to get into the room. His tee-shirt was climbing to the rippling muscles of his upper body like a second skin. Below, he was wearing a pair of skin-tight jeans that hugged his powerful glutes and thighs like a second skin, a massive tube-shaped bulge extending down one thigh. Standing tall, her head only came up to his chest. "Megan! I'm so sorry about Ryan!" Lisa exclaimed, kissing her and wrapping her up in a tight embrace. Whispering in her ear, she said, "I brought someone for you to meet." She let Megan go and stepped back to the man, wrapping an arm around his. "This is Aaron, my new man. Aaron, meet Megan." "Pleasure," the man's voice was deep and soothing. Megan swooned has he extended his hand. "I explained your situation and I thought maybe my boyfriend could help you out." Lisa said with a smile. "You mean..." Megan trailed off, taken aback. She thought Lisa was gonna bring over some porn and maybe a strapon, not another guy! “It's okay babe, we're both good with it! This is awkward, I know- but I'm happy to share!" Lisa's enthusiasm was surprising. “Well,” Megan said. She nibbled her bottom lip as she looked at his crotch. She could see a big, folded length of meat inside his jeans. "Holy shit," she thought to herself, "that can't be real!" She took a deep breath and spoke. “My ex-boyfriend, he’s… the worst. He’s been tormenting me for months.” “He’s harrassing you, huh?” Aaron offered, shaking his head. “Asshole.” “He’s… a lot worse than that, even,” Megan agreed. She clenched her hands and blurted, “I want you to fuck me. I won’t lie - this is kinda just… something I need. To deal with him. So, if you’re okay with that… we’re good.” Aaron looked at his girlfriend and they nodded at each other. “We're good.” he said. “No hangups, no misunderstandings. Whatever you need.” "Yay!" Lisa exclaimed. "I knew you guys would get along." She grabbed both of their hands and led the three of them to Megan's bed. Aaron sat down on the edge, Megan and Lisa on either side of him, their faces were in identical expressions of anticipation. They ran their hands over his tee-shirt, feeling the rack of powerful muscles beneath, making low moaning noises as they felt his physique. Aaron pulled Lisa's head in and extended his tongue; his beautiful girlfriend started to suck it without a second thought, taking it into her mouth, letting Aaron explore her as her lips mashed against his. Then, he repeated the act with Megan, letting her fellate his tongue and make out deeply with him, filling the room with the sounds of her smacking, wet lips. Aaron went back and forth between the two as they stroked and squeezed his cock; when they weren’t sucking on his tongue, they kissed and worshiped his neck. Eventually he stripped off his tee-shirt and tossed it aside, revealing his powerfully-muscled chest. The women followed suit, removing their tops and exposing their ample endowments to him. He took what he wanted - squeezing, pinching, and sucking at their tits as much as he liked, making them squirm with pleasure… and all the while, they never stopped rubbing his crotch. “Take it out,” he ordered. Lisa smiled and guided Megan’s hand to his waistband. They started to slowly side it down together. Megan’s eyes went wide as they tugged and inch after inch of arm-thick shaft emerged. So many, so virile. They could smell his maleness, it seemed to radiate out from his cock in a dizzying wave. “Oh my fuckin’ gawd!” Megan gasped. “It’s so big!” she whispered. “It’s… bigger than anything I’ve ever imagined!” His shaft was so massive and thick, she could barely get two hands around it, let alone one. And no matter how much she pulled on the elastic waistband of his sweats, more seemed to emerge. “Goddamn… how much bigger?” Megan moaned. Her eyes were fixated on the enormous, vein-choked shaft. Aaron and Lisa laughed at Megan’s cock shock. They finally pulled down far enough to bring the whole hardening shaft up and into the light. It sprang out with virile force, bouncing upward. Aaron grunted with relief as his meat hit the open air and bobbed between the two beauties. It was gargantuan in size, sixteen inches long with a thick shaft, and an aesthetically perfect, bulging glans. “What do you think?” Aaron asked. He had a confident twinkle in his eye. “It’s so fuckin’ big,” Megan gasped. "Ooh yeah, you're gonna fucking love it!" laughed Lisa. Turning to Aaron, she said, "And this girl right here is about to become your new little slut. I've been waiting to find another whore for you babe." Aaron moved his dick toward Megan’s mouth, and she uttered a gasp before pressing her lips up against the glans, pursing her lips, rubbing them all over that knob, smearing his pre-cum all over. Lisa gave an envious coo and her hand slid between her legs. Her fingers began to work, rubbing her clit, as Aaron's hand reached out and took hold of her head. “Get down there, babe,” he ordered. “Suck my balls. Get a load ready for her.” Lisa arched her back and thrust her round, full ass up into the air, spreading her knees, ducking her head down and extending her tongue to lick Aaron's heavy nutsack. She began to run her lips over his left testicle at the same time Megan sealed her lips around Aaron's knob and darted her tongue into his pisshole. "Wait," Megan said, taking a breath. Aaron and Lisa looked at her quizzically. Megan smiled wickedly. “Let’s film this,” she purred. “Let’s really go wild.” "Anything for you baby," Aaron said with a smile. Lisa laughed and grabbed Megan's phone from the nightstand. She framed her face in the recording and Megan looked up at her while stroking Aaron's cock just inches from her face. “Hello, Ryan,” she said, and the contempt in her voice was clear. “Since you’re not man enough to fulfill my needs in any way, I’ve got a new guy here who wants to help me out!” She purred and smeared her lips on Aaron's cocktip. “Fuck! It was always so easy to fit your tiny dick in my mouth, Ryan - even when you begged me pathetically for oral sex, I didn’t mind because I could swallow your whole cock and barely feel a thing!” She leaned over and licked around the tip of Aaron's monstrously fat cock, then nuzzled her cheek against it and let it flop on her face, the shaft running from chin to hairline, moaning a hot breath into the underside. “Look how amazing this cock is… it make you look like such a little bitch.” "You like this meat, girl?" Aaron asked Megan in his deep voice. "You wanna become my cock slut too?" "Yes, please," Megan replied slapping the full weight of the cock on her tongue and staring deeply, submissively, into his eyes. He had her completely. He lifted Megan from the bed effortlessly. His strong arms easily held in the air for a minute, as he moved her body up and down his 16" shaft. Megan shuddered in pleasure and excitement. After he firmly placed her on her knees, she slowly began to stretch her lips around the massive cock. She looked directly at the phone and moaned. She slowly pulled her mouth off his soaking wet cock. "I want this fucking dick, bitch, and there's nothing you can do to stop me," she said rubbing his long shaft. "I'm his little slut now." "You got a nice girl here. And man, does she love to slurp all up on my dick," Aaron laughed, joining in. Lisa laughed, forcing Aaron's cock back into Megan's mouth. "That's right you little slut," Lisa said, "He's your master now." Megan began to suck Aaron's massive cock again, with her eyes wide open in disbelief. She could hardly believe that she was sucking on that monster cock. Deep guttural moans emanated from her throat. Lisa grabbed Megan's head and forced it down the massive shaft. Another inch slid in her throat. Megan's spit began to stream down to his balls. Then Megan began to gag and choke. Lisa pulled her off Aaron's dick as she coughed up huge amounts of saliva. Megan stammered, with eyes watering, "God your cock is so big! I can barely fit it down my—" She was cut off as Lisa slammed her head back onto Aaron's dick. Megan soon got the picture and began for face-fuck herself. Each time she smashed Aaron's dick into the back her throat she let out a deep, but brief gasping moan. "Damn, look at her go!" Lisa cheered. "She loves this shit." Lisa grabbed the base of the shaft and held it still as Megan thrust her mouth all over it. "Oh fuck, please let me have that dick, master," Megan whimpered submissively. "I've been a good slut...sucking your beautiful cock. Please sir!" "Not yet slut, you gotta show me how much you want this dick, you hear me," he replied. "Mm-hmm," she said, her mouth already jammed down his shaft. Lisa reached down and began rubbing Megan's pussy, bringing on a violent orgasm. As she came, she pulled her mouth away, screaming in pleasure. Lisa grabbed his dick and began forcing it back in Megan's open mouth. For more than ten minutes this went on. At times, Aaron would thrust his cock into her mouth, forcing it deeper and causing her to gag even more. Megan began letting out low guttural moaning noises. She was climaxing in waves while she slurped on Aaron's dick. Lisa began stroking his dick when ever he pulled it out. Lisa and Aaron continued to talk dirty to Megan, calling her a "stupid whore" and a "dirty cock slut." "Suck that cock you little slut," said Lisa as she slapped Megan's ass. "This is what you wanted, bitch? A big fat cock to gag on." "Mm-hmm," she moaned, his cock deep in throat. Behind the camera, Lisa couldn't help her horniness. She fingered herself as she watched her man face fuck her friend. She passed the phone to Aaron and sat on the floor behind Megan, legs spread wide. The video framed the two of them perfectly. She was screaming out obscenities as the fingered herself. "Cum for us babe, paint us with your fucking load. I can't wait for you to pulverize this whore with that massive cock! Ruin her for anyone else. We're both yours baby! Imagine fucking the two of us every day and every night while her dumb ex watches." She screamed out, lost in her own daydream. Aaron grabbed Megan by her hair and began humping his hips. He forced his bulbous head in and out. He began to hump her mouth more rapidly. Finally he let go. Megan moaned as she felt a hot blast emptying straight into her stomach unimpeded. Then cum squirted past her lips in every direction. Aaron pulled her off his cock with a loud "Pop". Megan saw the thick head expand before spraying load after huge load of thick, sticky cum all over her cheeks, nose, eye, forehead, chin, lips, and even one thick glob into her dark hair. Several thick ribbons shot straight into her mouth, coating her tongue in his pearly seed, before Aaron aimed his cock at her chest and pumped three huge ropes of cum onto Megan's heaving naked tits, one of which slowly oozed down over her erect nipples before immediately shoving his cock towards her open mouth. Megan clamped her lips around his thick shaft as she grabbed Aaron's dick and eagerly began jacking his cock into her mouth. She groaned appreciatively as she slowly bobbed her head up and down the first few inches of Aaron's hard cock, sucking his cum from his dick as Aaron began to pump even more thick seed into her mouth. "Mmmmmph!" Megan moaned around Aaron's thick cock with as much enjoyment as Aaron was obviously having watching her swallow his heavy load, as blast after huge thick blast pumped hotly into her mouth. Megan felt a bolt of horniness rush through her as she watched Aaron film her as she enthusiastically swallowed every drop that he gave her. However as she felt his hips jerk, which erotically pumped his thick cock between her lips, Megan knew that Lisa's boyfriend had finally finished cumming. And so, staring deep into his eyes she stopped swallowing and parted her lips in a seductive smile, then, leaning her head back a little so that only the first two inches of Aaron's big dick remained between her soft lips, the head resting tantalizingly on her tongue, Megan smiled for the camera as three final huge spurts of his cum pumped thickly across her tongue and into her waiting mouth before his cock finally stopped erupting. "Mmm! I fucking love your cum," she said staring into Aaron's eyes. "It tastes so good! Way better than that pindicked loser." "Holy shit baby," Lisa said to Aaron. "You're so fucking incredible." She wrapped herself around Megan and licked her boyfriend's cum off of her tits. "Do you always cum that much?" Megan asked with a smile. Aaron just smiled in response, stroking his still hard beast at the sight of the two cum-covered beauties at his feet. "That's nothing, he usually cums twice as much when he fucks me than when I blow him." Lisa said proudly and Megan's eyes widened in amazement, "So just think how much cum he's gonna pump into you now." "Oh fuck," Megan cried out, feeling her pussy squirt at the thought. "Give me that big dick! Please, I fucking love it, master." Aaron laughed and handed the phone to Lisa. He pulled Megan up onto the bed, positioning her above his cock with ease. Megan's breath caught in her throat as she felt the knob against her entrance. It felt so impossibly huge, she could hardly imagine it being able to fit into her. But as much as she feared the pain, her desire to experience the immense pleasure drove her on. She looked down, casting her gaze through the valley between her big tits, and saw the ungodly monster poised to spear into her. But the view was suddenly cut off by a curtain of black hair. Following it, Lisa's familiar face hovered over her own head, a warm smile on her features as she looked into her friend's eyes. “Don't worry. Just relax.” she whispered softly, soothingly, as she pressed her lips to Megan's, the two girls tenderly kissing. When the two pulled apart, Megan looked Aaron in the eyes as she began to speak. “Do it. I need you to take me, to fill me, to stuff that giant fucking monster cock into me. I need you. Nothing else will be able to satisfy me after watching that. I need you to stretch me, ruin me, wreck my naughty little pussy until I can never feel a lesser man inside me ever again! Reshape me into your personal fucktoy, make me your private slut! I need it! I need you! I need to be yours!” She moaned out, her plea growing in intensity as she continued to speak. Aaron began to slide his massive shaft into her tight pussy. It was so wet and worked in with surprising ease. Aaron took his time working his many inches into her. With each inch that disappeared in her Megan let out a loud moan. Finally, he lifted her up almost all the way off and dropped Megan onto his huge dick, catching her as her pussy slapped on his balls. “Oooh, god, it's so fucking big. So thick, so long... Ohh, it's as deep as I've even felt it, but so fucking THICK! Ohh, it hurts, but I love it, I love how it stretches me...” Megan screamed on the top her lungs. Aaron corkscrewed Megan around his massive cock so she was facing Lisa and Megan's phone. Lisa centered the video on Megan's bouncing torso, Aaron's muscular arms flexing as they began to pump her up and down his rod like a fleshlight. Megan fondled her boobs as she rode Aaron, squeezing her nipples as she moaned in pleasure. The outline of Aaron's cock stretched Megan's toned belly, all the way from her pussy to her sternum. She laid back against Aaron and began to ride him, slamming herself up and down. “God, your cock... it's the biggest! The fattest! The longest! The hardest! It's the best cock! The perfect cock!” She was screaming out her praise by the end, her hips rolling down onto his fat shaft. After ten minutes of riding, Megan began to struggle, her energy sapped by the intensity of the sensations she was feeling. Sensing this, Aaron stood up, Megan firmly impaled on his rod, and laid her onto the bed. Lisa gripped Megan's legs and held her wide opened as Aaron began to smash his huge dick in and out of Megan's soaking wet pussy as hard as he could. Megan writhed in shock, orgasming violently once again. “You like that, slut? Like it when I stuff your fucking womb?” He growled, once more grinding his hips forward. Megan's mouth opened immediately, the words pouring forth with hardly a thought. “YEEESSS! Oh, god, yes! It feels so fucking good! I'm so full of your cock! The best cock! The perfect cock! The perfect MAN! Ohhh, fuck me, fuck every inch of me, fuck me like nobody else ever can! I'm a slut for your cock, your personal slut! You made me your slut, made me a slave to your cock! I'll never fuck anyone else! I'd never be able to fucking feel them! Your perfect cock spoiled me! Ohh, nothing can compare! Nothing goes so deep, stretches me so wide, feels so hot! FUCK ME WITH YOUR PERFECT COCK!” she screamed out. "Yeah Aaron, destroy this slut, pulverize her pussy, Megan doesn't my boyfriend have the best monster cock in the world? " Lisa said leaning down and sucking on Megan's tits as they both kneaded the incredibly soft flesh. "Oh my god, So much cock! This is insane I've never felt so stuffed!" Megan wailed. Megan writhed and squirmed as Aaron picked up the pace working his giant cock faster and harder, bottoming out in the overstimulated beauty. Megan started to cream all over the bottom third of the cock. She threw her head back as she came all over the giant beast pulverizing her. "Oh god baby you're going to break me....! Oh fuck yes fuck yes fuck yea....! I'm yours! Break me! Oh god damn fuck that pussy...! Don't stop...!" Aaron let out a long, low groan as his massive balls began to tighten. “Oh, Megan, here it comes, I’m cumming, god, take it all!” His shaft jerked once, twice inside her, then the third time it fired. A blast of molten manhood, hot and thick, flooded her. Each blast struck the back of her womb like a fire hose and she was speechless to the intense pleasure that rocked her mind. She clung to him, every muscle tight as she rode the waves of pleasuring echoing out from her rapidly-filling womb. Her clenching hole gripped so tight, and his monster was just so big, that not a drop could escape around it‘s enormous girth. Each new shot stuffed her womb beyond capacity until it began to stretch and bulge, her smooth, flat belly swelling out until finally his climax was over. When he was finished she collapsed back to the bed beneath him, panting heavily, her body coated in a glistening sheen of sweat. Her breasts heaved with her heavy breathing, wobbling softly at each end of their movements. Aaron lifted himself up, kneeling now, their bodies still intimately connected at the hips. His own body glistened with sweat as well, a shimmering coat that made his every rippling muscle pop out. "He's your master now too babe, your pussy will never feel Ryan's little bitch cock again. You look so fucking hot taking that big monster cock up your tight little pussy!" Lisa moaned as she came from watching her boyfriend breed her friend. "Ready for more?" Aaron growled. Megan's eyes widened as she felt Aaron flex his still hard beast inside her. She opened her mouth to respond but could only moan as Aaron began to pull back and slammed forward again. His blunt monster pounded into her, drawing a scream of pain and lust. Again he drew back, and again he drove forward. Again and again, faster and faster. Soon his massive monster jack-hammered her, his hips a blur as he used long, swift strokes. "OH MY GOD!!!" she moaned as she looked at the massive cock that was now rocketing in and out of her gushing pussy and back to her phone, which Lisa helpfully held above her face. "Ryan, I cant believe you two are the same species." Megan moaned creaming again on the shaft as her orgasm rolled through her. "I can't resist your giant monster cock, I want you to fuck me all day every day for the rest of my life, I want to be your little fuck toy, My body is yours whenever you want to destroy me, I will literally drop whatever I'm doing whenever you want to fuck my brains out, I'm your sex slave," Megan wailed as she felt wave after wave of pleasure course through her. Her words were nearly enough to set Aaron's geyser off a third time that night, but when her pussy gripped his massive cock as she once again reached the pinnacle of pleasure, that was when it was too much to take. “Fuck, bitch, I’M CUMMING!” He roared, slamming his hips into her hard, his hands grinding their bodies together as his massive shaft throbbed and pulsed once again. Each new shot blasted into her already stuffed womb. "Spluuurrrrggt!" Lisa brought the phone close to Megan's pussy so Ryan could hear Aaron dump his load inside. A whimpering moan escaped her as his seed began to overflow her womb, forcing its way out around his monster, down through her spasming cunt and out around the base of his mighty shaft in thick rivers of white man-cream. For a moment, Megan was held in limbo - back arched, arms limp, breasts, quivering in gravity-defying perfection. She stayed in this position, cumming and groaning and gasping, for what seemed like eternity - until Aaron forcibly yanked his cock out of her. “Fuuuuuuck!” Aaron moaned. His long, fat cock slid out of Megan’s pussy with a loud pop, and a waterfall of semen poured out over the bed. No sooner had he extracted himself before the gigantic monster cock let go once again. Aaron pumped his meat as hard as he could, pointing it right at Megan's face. Lisa moaned and wrapped her body around Aaron's torso, her tits crushed against his back as she humped his muscled form. The huge streams of cum drenched Megan, burtying her in white. Each rope led seamlessly into the next volcanic eruption. Megan gasped behind closed eyes as the liquid coated her. Lisa jerked through every buck of his hips and throb of his cock, her hands joining Aaron's around his bucking dick. Even with four hands, they barely managed to cover half the length. Finally the pulses slowed and then stopped. Lisa pulled his cock up between her tits and in front of her face. She went cross eyes looking at the thick fat cock meat in front of her face and squeezed it between her big tits. Megan made a cooing noise as she wiped the cum from her eyes and rubbed the mess into her skin, making it glisten. Megan smiled and brought her hands to her belly. Her pussy was throbbing and her throat and jaw were aching. Looking around, she found the phone - it was still recording. She brought it to her face and blew the camera a cum-covered kiss. “How do you like that?” she taunted, then lowered the camera so it would have a good view of her pussy. She was stretched and gaping; with a huge creampie leaking out to soak the sheets. She propped herself up on her elbows and poised the camera against a pillow, filming her belly and her creampied, throbbing pussy mound. “You’d never even touch the sides, Ryan,” she purred. “You couldn’t get the job done so I had to find a real man to blow my back out and stir up my guts! He fucking owns me in a way you never could!” She gasped with pleasure at the freedom, the feeling of being able to say whatever she wanted to Ryan, after all his mistreatment and teasing. She shut off the recording. Everything was silent for a moment, and then everyone seemed to exhale. Aaron and Lisa fell to the bed beside her, all three of them glistening with sweat and cum. * To be continued *
  10. Brent was massive. He stood six feet six inches tall and weighed 350 pounds. Maybe 400 pounds, it'd been a while since he checked. At 22 years old, he was an unequivocal monster. He wore a tight white t-shirt that showed off every muscle in his body, the material looking ready to tear should he even move his torso an inch. His shorts were as large as you could find, and were still too small. They cut off just above his knee, showing promise of muscled, marble thighs underneath. His calves were diamond shaped, flexing with every step he took. He had just gotten into town and found a gym down the street. The gym fell quiet when Brent walked in. No one could take their eyes off him. Brent smiled, enjoying the shocked reaction of the crowd. His face was handsome, dark with a strong jaw and wide cheekbones. His neck was huge and you could see it was all muscle. Quiet murmurs filled the room as they took in the sight of the new visitor. His arms were the biggest any of them had ever seen. His forearms were bigger than most men's upper arms, huge bulging forearms covered with fibers and veins. His legs were thick, so densely packed with muscle he almost had to spread them apart to walk. He was so big, so muscular, so dominant looking. He strode up to the front desk. "Sir? Do you need a..." The receptionist started to speak, before being silenced by a glance from the newcomer. The receptionist whimpered as he involuntarily came in his pants. With a shaky arm, he opened the gate for Brent. "Thanks dude," Brent smiled and winked, giving a quick flex of his arm for the receptionist, who audibly moaned. Brent chuckled as he walked in. Brent headed for a free machine and set it to the max weight. He was delighted to find plenty of weight on the machine, he might actually get a pump. He felt the eyes of everyone in the room on him as he easily cranked out a set. Then another. They were all astounded by the weight he was lifting. No one had managed the maximum weight of the machine. After a few more sets, Brent looked around the gym for the next biggest guy compared to himself. He spotted a similarly built musclehead taking quick, furtive glances at him through a mirror in the corner of the room as he headed to the bench press. "Perfect." Brent thought to himself. He got up off of the weight machine and ambled over. Scott loved being the center of attention at the gym. He had the body for it too; over 6 feet tall, 300+ lbs of ripped mucle that was always competition-ready. Every day the guys in the gym would request something from him - to worship is huge muscles, to suck or be fucked by his giant cock. He enjoyed being told to flex this way or that, to sway his hips until his cock got hard, to dump his load into another willing admirer. He was their sex idol, their fantasy. Just the thought of that turned him on like nothing else. So to see this newcomer drawing everyone away had Scott fuming inside. "Who did this asshole think he was, just barging in here?" Scott thought to himself. "And how the fuck was he so huge?" "Must be roids," he thought to himself, shaking off the feeling of envy. He tried to focus on his workout, moving from the leg press to the bench. All the while Scott watched the new bodybuilder in the mirror. His muscles were enormous. He was taller, harder, hotter. Scott hated him. When Brent saw Scott looking at him, he smiled and gave a small wave. Scott frowned and turned away, loading up the bar with extra plates. He sat down and got underneath it, adjusting his grip when a shadow came over him. "Need a spotter?" Brent approached Scott, grabbing hold of the bar and looking down at the large man towering over him. Scott looked up at the newcomer, but found his view was obstructed by Brent's gym shorts, which were so filled with cock that they jutted out from his body, even though he was completely flaccid. "What the..." the muscleman had to blink his eyes to register what he was seeing. When it clicked, he shuddered, feeling a warm sensation in his loins. That couldn't be right though. This guy was the enemy. It must just have been the surprise. "I guess," Scott grunted, not taking his eyes off that clear-as-day outline of cock. It was as though the man were naked, but his skin was a dark blue nylon color. Did he see it twitch? That couldn't be real, could it? Brent noticed the man checking him out, but he kept his cool, smiling to himself. "Well, you going to start or what?" Scott shook his head to snap out of his trance and grabbed hold of the bar, bringing it down. His eyes never moved, and he never realized his mouth was open, breathing heavily as he lifted the bar, brought it down, and lifted again. Brent smiled wider as he felt himself starting to get a semi. Every slight move of his legs stimulated him. He squeezed his muscled thighs together slowly, massaging his balls with his hard legs. He noticed the poor guy starting to get aroused. Brent licked his lips as he watched Scott's shorts tent, raising up. "Not bad," he thought to himself. He guessed the man was packing nine, maybe ten inches. This was going to be fun. Beneath him, Scott couldn't help but stare upwards, the weights feeling like feathers as his mind focued on a much bigger issue. The shorts strained to contain the massive bulge inside them. He never thought there could be a dick so big. It must be twice his size! With every breath the man took, he could smell the heavy musk coming from the massive man, it was intoxicating. He couldn't help himself. He needed more. He placed the bar back on the rack and then wrapped his hands around Brent's waist, grabbing his ass and pulling himself closer to the man, stuffing his face up in between Brent's legs. Onlookers gasped as they heard Scott moan, his cock threatening to tear through his shorts as his face was buried between Brent's legs. "Holy fuck dude," Brent said with a laugh, "Did I do that?" He waited until Scott had let go of him before stepping back. Scott was in a daze, unsure of what had just come over him. "I'm Brent." The muscleman extended his hand. "Scott." he heard himself say, still dizzy, still rock hard. He felt Brent's massive arm reach down and pull him to his feet, a large wet spot spreading across the front of his shorts. "Let's go get you cleaned up," Brent said, as he pointed the two of them to the showers. The crowd eyed Scott enviously as they walked past. The buff pair entered the conveniently empty locker room to undress. Brent could tell Scott was still in a trance, his eyes lazily gazing over every inch of his body. Brent grinned as he pulled off his shirt and slid his shorts down, kicking them off his legs, cock swinging between his thighs. "Liking what you see?" He said with a devilish smirk, posing a bit and flexing a bicep. He put his hands on his hips and stood proudly, his foot long softie stirring mildly as it swelled a little. Brent swayed his hips, making his semi slap against his muscled thighs, growing a little bigger and harder with every swing. Scott's eyes followed it, hypnotized. His tongue rolled out of his mouth and the wet spot on his tented gym shorts started growing, his pre leaking through the cloth. "Aw yeah dude, check this out," Brent grinned at the stupefied look on the man's face. He put his hands behind his head, flexing his towering biceps and crunching his ripped stomach. His cock grew and grew, pointing forwards, then swinging up his muscled body. Finally it slid between his thick pecs and stopped growing - 18 inches of thick, throbbing, cock. Brent turned his head to lick a bicep slowly and sensually with his tongue, lightly thrusting the air so that his huge dick lightly slapped against his chest, trails of precum stretching between his cock and pecs. Scott was stunned speechless, actually starting to pant a bit watching the huge musclegod show off. He squeezed and rubbed his bulge through his shorts, which were growing wetter and tighter as they stretched to accommodate his 10 inch member. "Fuck, dude..." he moaned. He reached into his shorts and started stroking himself, the nylon eventually slipping off and falling between his ankles, his large pole in hands. As much as he wanted to supress it, the sight and smell of that crazily built muscle freak-god-beast was too much for him to comprehend. The look on his face was not lost to Brent, who locked eyes with him and smiled, showing off his perfect teeth. Scott began to cum, his orgasm suddenly exploding from his raging hardon. Brent simply smirked and gave his pecs an awesome power-flex. Scott moaned at the sight of all that muscle exploding and bulging and swelling off that beefy flexed chest. The muscle god had too much power over him, and even the simplest of flexes sent him over the edge. His body was acting on its own, his hips continuing to jerk in the throes of a ferocious orgasm, thrusting his cock into the air. "Fuck..." Scott said, coming down off of his orgasm. "You're huge! How do you do it?" Brent laughed and flexed a bit more. "Been going at it for a few years. Gotta make sure that you eat right too. Feel free to feel, if you want." His musk filled Scott's senses with his pure male scent as Scott stood up to feel Brent's body. He'd never seen anyone so huge, so ripped, or so hung. Scott couldn't help himself, his hands moving on autopilot as they rubbed Brent's golden skin. First the biceps and the forearms, and then the shoulders. Brent groaned audibly as Scott caressed the rippling shoulder muscles and stroked his hard nipples. He flexed and pumped every muscle of his upper body, enjoying the feeling of Scott's fingers as they traced every groove and crevice of his chest. Brad gently held the back of Scott's head, looking deep into his eyes. "How about we take this somewhere more private?" "Wanna go back to my place?" Scott heard himself say. "Please, I'm only a few blocks away." An unfamiliar tremor in his voice surprised him, so used to being the dominant voice in the gym. Brent chuckled. "Yeah sure dude, let's go." He licked his lips. Scott was hot, huge, and falling for him fast. Perfect. They took a quick shower together, threw on some shorts, and headed out the door. The two groped and kissed each other as they walked to Scott's house, their arousals increasing with every step. The thought that someone as hot as Brent was into him made Scott swoon. He felt like he was floating, his lust overtaking him. It wasn't long until they made it to Scott's place, throwing the door open and rushing to the bedroom. Brent and Scott kept making out as they fell on to Scott's bed. "You like muscles, really freaky huge muscles?" Brent growled. "Yes, I do," Scott answered. "Do you want this body? You know you do. You'd give your soul to be like me, wouldn't you?" Brent taunted. "Yes, yes, I'd do anything." Scott had begun to stammer. Brent smiled. "Show me." Brent said. Scott slid down the bed to Brent's feet. Reaching around the backs of Brent's legs, Scott grabbed his huge calves. Brent was so hot. His muscles felt like steel columns covered in satin. Scott licked his way up Brent's tree-trunk quads, so unbelievably big, so thick, so deeply cut and shredded. "Oooh yeah, that's it, baby, worship this muscle beast!" Brent groaned, encouraging him. Scott made his way back up between his legs, his cock leaking pre as it traced over his quads and thighs. He licked the underside of Brent's massive cock, tracing the length all the way up to the tip. "Yeah - fucking bones me being so fucking big." Brent grinned and flexed his pecs. "Fucking bones me a lot." Scott rubbed all over Brent's body as he flexed one body part after another. He wedged himself underneath Brent's monster to worship his abs, gently kissing each smooth brick. He couldn't believe that a human could be so hard and muscular. "Oh my god, Brent....." Scott moaned. "Shit, man! Look at you! You want it so bad?" Brent seized the back of Scott's head and forced his mouth on to the massive tower he called a dick. "Yeah, suck that huge fuckin' dick, man!" Throwing all caution to the winds Scott shoved as much of that fuck-pole as far down his throat as it would go. His head was spinning; Brent's musk and muscles were intoxicating. He needed more. Scott went to town on that fat, pulsing, insistent dong, while jerking on his own like there was no tomorrow. "Mmmmm - nice mouth, dude...........aww fuck yeah!" Brent held Scott's head in place as he began thrusting his cock down his throat. Scott wrapped his arms around Brent's waist, holding on for dear life. "Aww fuck, look at you dude!! You're gonna make me cum right here! Uh uhh hhnnn..." Brent moaned as he climaxed, blasting his load straight into Scott's stomach. Scott choked as he felt the hot liquid flooding into him, rising up and spraying out of his nostrils as Brent overloaded his stomach with jizz. Scott saw stars, his vision starting to go black before Brent mercifully pulled his head off his still spurting cock, spraying Scott point-blank in the face with jet after jet. After drenching Scott's face, Brent slowed down, letting go of his head as his cock fell back onto his pecs with a thud. Scott fell onto the bed, rolling onto his back and coughing up cum as he tried to catch his breath. "Holy....shit..." Scott gasped. He panted heavily, wiping the thick cum off of his face. Both of them were covered in cum, and puddles of white were all over the bed. At some point during Brent's orgasm, Scott had cum again, his comparably smaller load soaking the bed beneath him. "Mmm you got a hot mouth dude," Brent said, pulling Scott up the bed. He leaned over and gave Scott a cum-covered kiss. Scott felt a twinge of pride at the compliment. "Fucking love being this huge," Brent said, lazily stroking his still leaking cock. He raised an arm up by his head and kissed his head-sized bicep. "Fucking look at you, man.....aww fuck....." Scott groaned, stroking his own cock as he watched Brent's self worship. Brent looked over and smiled. "You're fucking hot too dude," Brent said, staring into Scott's eyes. "Fucking beautiful muscles dude, gets me so hard." Brent rolled onto his side to face Scott and kissed him again. Scott moaned into Brent's mouth as the two made out. Brent's hands traveled all over Scott's cum-coated body, fondling his prize-winning muscles. Scott was in heaven. Brent rolled on top of Scott, pinning him beneath his immense body weight, grinding his massive length against his Scott's throbbing drooling member. The massive musclegod's cock slid up Scott's chest, pre running like a continuous sprung tap onto his ripped chest. They frotted, grinding Scott's sizeable member against the larger man's monolithic shaft. "Unf... big body... and big cock to boot..." Brent moaned as he sank his weight down onto Scott. He gripped the other man's impressive cock in one hand. "What's this, 10 inches? So fucking hot dude." The grinding of hips and length on length made Scott shiver and shudder, small whimpers escaping him as he rubbed against the massive bodybuilder over him. He pushed back against the larger man's weight, but Brent seemed even stronger and heavier than his massive built frame suggested, something supernatural in that strength made him flicker in fear. Brent's cock throbbed in Scott's face, shiny with pre. "Mmm... I'm gonna really, really enjoy this." Brent said, looking Scott straight in the eyes as he aimed his throbbing meat towards Scott's ass. "Wait, Brent, mmmph.....oh my god....." Scott tried to clench his ass as he realized what was going to happen, even though he knew he was helpless to resist. Secretly, he wanted it. "Relax." Brent commanded as he pressed in. The larger man's cock pressed heavily against Scott's ass. He had a moment of pain and gritted his teeth, his own dick throbbing again as he did his best to relax. Scott cried out and his body squirmed as he was forced to accommodate the 18-inch monster meat. "..I...can't....take..it..." Scott whimpered. "Aw fuck man, fucking look at me.......you got this, bro. Take that huge muscle dick, dude!" Brent pulled his cock out slowly and completely. Then again, he slowly jammed it up Scott's ass. With one hand, Brent held Scott's writsts together above his head, pinning them to the bed. With his other hand, Brent traced over his chest and nipples, lowering to his dribbling cock, teasing him gently as he shoved over a foot of himself inside with a powerful thrust. Scott cried out in pain and pleasure, the contrast of the two stimulations mixed together blurred them thoroughly in his mind from the combined overwhelming sensory input. The obvious outline of cock raised his skin as Brent pushed further and further into his guts. Scott took deep breaths as Brent slowly slid his huge length in and out, his huge balls slapping against the firm ass cheeks, until finally, he was all the way in. Scott felt Brent's cockhead was throbbing deep inside him, right up against his racing heart. Brent's eyes closed for a moment as he took a slow deep breath, taking in the taste and scent of the handsome bodybuilder beneath him and himself. His eyes opened, flashing with fire. The pace of the thrusts he launched into could only be described as "race horse worthy". From just behind the head back to base, Brent fucked Scott with blinding speed that knocked the air from Scott's lungs and made his bones shake. His ass clenched every time that cock slammed home into him, his own length tensing and splattering pre over his chest, his own need building again for release. "AAghh! Fuck! Jesus, yes I’m your…Ughh!...slut! Aaaaa! Yes, I’m your bitch! Ughh! Fuck Me! Aaghh! Fuck Me Deep! Ughhh! Pound me! Aghhh! Slam that cock in me! Ughhh!!” Loud squelches punctuated the space between his screams. Scott's ass was overflowing with Brent's pre, it sounded like he was churning butter. Suddenly, Brent hilted himself fully and grunted. "Ahh...ugh...Fuck - uh - fuck mEEEEEEEEEEE!" Scott screamed even louder as Brent bred him, powerwashing his insides with semen. He felt his body lift up from the bed as Brent clenched his ass, held aloft only by Brent's exploding cock. Scott erupted as well, painting Brent's chest and chin with his load as he felt himself swell with Brent's load. Jet after jet filled him, until Scott could swear that he felt it rising up his throat. Before cum could spray out of his mouth though, Brent relaxed. Scott gently fell back onto the bed as Brent laid back down. The muscleman panted and laid his incredible weight atop Scott, resting after the sheer intensity of their rut, every muscle in his body on fire. Scott could hardly breathe but he lowered his legs from Brent's shoulders as he came down from his climax. Brent got up onto his knees, pulling his massive cock out of Scott's battered hole. Scott felt a strange emptiness as Brent uncorked himself, his mind still reeling from the intense pounding he just received. Through blurred vision he looked up at Brent, who was smiling down at him. His cock was still rock hard and throbbing. "Ready to go again?" Brent chuckled. Scott tried to shuffle away, but he was too winded. With ease and the strength obvious from his musculature, Brent lifted Scott in the air and lowered him onto his massive pillar of stone, and flexed his cock, making Scott rise and fall as he slid onto the thickening pillar. With each throb and each thrust, the warmth and sensation inside him made Scott nearly faint and his head fell backwards onto Brent's shoulders. Across the room, he watched in the full-sized mirror as his huge body was used like a sex doll by the giant musclegod. He saw his perfect abs distend as Brent's massive invader stretched him out from the inside. Their bodies shined from the sweat and cum covering them. It was a total sensory overload. As he felt Brent inside him and the groans of pleasure from the larger man, Scott shot a load across the room. "Aww FUCK man. All this big fucking muscle and dick making you cum, man? Awwwww FUCK YEAH, man! You like it, dude?" Brent grunted. "Aww Brent......can't stop cumming....uhhh....ugggggg....Aww FUCK me, man!" Scott cried out. His cock stayed hard after cumming, throbbing painfully as Brent continued to use his body. The pain and the ecstasy was so great he fainted as he felt Brent's massive arms wrap around his chest, his dick spurting a weak load as Brent fucked him dry. He woke again as the thrusting of Brent's pelvis made him jerk forward. "...please..." Scott begged desparately. Brent's pounding was destroying any sense of stamina he had and his body couldn't take much more. "Kinda hard to hear what you're saying when you keep cummin', man.......you want my big fucking muscle dick, dude? Is that what you're saying?" Brent was unstoppable. Even after flooding Scott repeatedly, his massive 18-inch cannon never softened or ran out of cum. Scott moaned, shocked and turned on as Brent thrust inch after inch of dick into his ass, continuing a relentless cycle of sex. He continued to fade in and out of consciousness as the other muscleman used him in a variety of positions, enjoying his size and strength. After several hours of vigorous fucking, Scott passed out again, face down on his bed. Brent had been pile driving his pillar into Scott when he fell silent and his form went limp. Brent fucked between his kicking legs…his ass still convulsing and squeezing Brent's dick even after being knocked out. Brent fucked his unconscious body for a few more minutes until he finally pulled out, a loud liquid ‘Splort’ of thick gooey cum pouring out Scott's gaping asshole onto the bed. Brent looked down at Scott with a smirk. "Mmm... you got a great body AND great ass, Scott." he sighed in satisfaction. The other man placed his hands on Scott's wide back, rubbing circles into the thick muscles. Almost in afterthought, Brent flipped Scott over on his back. He wasn’t breathing. Scott wasn't the only thing that Brent had ruined. Scott lay on his back on a mattress that was now a gooey swamp of semen, the headboard smashed into the wall behind it. Scott's face was splattered and coated in white; his ripped chest was coated with cum. His legs were spread wide, a steady flow of thick jizz oozed from between them. "Looks like you enjoyed yourself dude," Brent said, sliding his still leaking cock through the pool of cum on Scott's chest. "Mmm...I've worked up an appetite," he said, mostly to himself as he laid down on top of Scott, engulfing the unconscious bodybuilder under a mountain of muscle. Scott's head was nestled between Brent's pecs, cutting off his airflow. He muttered some words under his breath and his massive form began to glow. Slowly, Scott began to disappear underneath Brent. Brent groaned as he wrapped his arms around Scott's broad shoulders, pulling him in tightly. Scott's head squeezed between Brent's huge pecs, sinking deeper and deeper into the glowing cleavage. His body sank deeper and deeper into the larger muscle beast's form, until it had sunk beneath the surface of Brent's skin and disappeared completely, leaving behind nothing between Brent and the bed. "Yeah, you're mine now, buddy." He closed his eyes and smiled. It was starting. "Oh, fuck...!" Brent moaned as he began to assimilate the other man. He rolled over and began to massage his glowing muscles. He stretched and flexed as his body adjusted to the extra weight inside him. "Fuck... fuck... fuck!" He shouted as pure ecstasy flooded his body. Scott was bigger than any of his previous victims, and just the thought of his new gains had him rock hard and throbbing. The bodybuilder's nutrients were converted into his frame, adding mass to Brent's powerful body. Brent felt his entire body tense as his arms bulged, veins spreading out over his biceps and down his forearms. The muscleman's shoulders stretched wider, his legs and limbs thickened and lengthened as pure power surged across his body, his thick virile scent growing more masculine, his muscles aching as they swelled with new strength, reinforced by the others who had met their end inside him. His thighs grew even larger, pushing apart from each other as he bulked out further, veins popping over his lower body. The curves of his body became more pronounced as his muscles inflated with strength and power. His body lengthened to accomodate the new mass, nearing 7 feet. Finally, the monolithic length between his legs thickened and lengthened further, throbbing and pulsing as it pointed skyward, inch after inch forming anew. He moaned as he felt his heavy nuts swell along with his cock and body. "Fuck!" Brent grunted as his new body suddenly convulsed, his goliath cock blasting rope after rope of thick bodybuilder cum all over the ceiling above of him, spraying back down onto the bed, the floor, and his writhing body. The entire room was being covered in a thick layer of his spunk. He grabbed his monster cock with both hands, humping the air violently as shot after shot erupted from his now 24-inch obelisk. It took several minutes for Brent's orgasm to die down, his cock finally flopping back onto his pecs, not quite reaching a flaccid state. Brent took a deep breath, his great pecs expanding outward before relaxing as he exhaled. His chest and balls weren't moving without him flexing them on their own. His body no longer glowed from within, his skin back to a perfect golden tan. Once he caught his breath, Brent growled deeply, the deep bass in his voice vibrating through the room. "Fuck..." He said, "That might be one of my top five growths." After a few moments, he stood up and looked at himself in the mirror. Beautiful. His body glistened, rivers of white running down his body. His cock hung perfectly horizontally to the ground, a two-foot long missile throbbing lightly to his heartbeat, a thick rope of shiny precum drooling onto the floor. "Damn! Look at me now!" Brent roared as he examined the added mass he had stolen and claimed as his own. Every muscle on him looked as though it had been inflated half again as big by some powerful bicycle pump. The skin appeared almost ready to tear under the strain of all that was swelling underneath it! He flexed an arm, moaning lightly in pleasure at the feeling of the strong muscle bunching up, throbbing with power and strength. He stroked his cock with his other hand, letting out a loud grunt as another shot of pre splashed onto his bicep. The muscle grew even taller at this feeling of pleasure, a thick vein forming and throbbing, seemingly ready to burst from the skin. He rubbed the cum into the soccer ball-sized arm, licking it off with the tip of his tongue as he cock continued to lurch and spew all over his perfect body. "Goddamn fucking muscle god!" he grunted, flexing his arms in a double bicep pose. The peak slammed into his fists, veins running all over them, the muscles each the size of a man's head. He kissed each peak lovingly, admiring the perfect split of his bi's. Brent ran his hands over the rest of the body, enjoying the feel of his freshly pumped muscles under his fingers. "Mmm fucking massive pecs!" he growled as he groped the thick mounds of muscle. His pecs stood out from his chest now nearly nine inches, even though his waist barely thickened. The muscle god pinched one of his nipples roughly with a soft moan. "Mmf... feels so fucking good..." With a flex, his arm-sized cock wedged itself between his pecs, making Brent moan as he involuntarily squeezed his cockhead with his chest. He slid his cock up and down his pec cleavage, leaning over to kiss his leaking cockhead as he brought a hand down to his eight-pack abs and stroked the hard, toned muscle, slipping his fingers between the deep grooves and valleys. Brent ran his hands over his massive chest, feeling up towards his wide shoulders and around his thick traps. He crossed his hands behind his head and flexed, every muscle threatening to tear through his skin as it was stretched to its limit. "Aw fuck yeah..." He hit pose after pose, admiring the view of his muscles from all angles. He ran his hands down his wet body, tweaking his nipples, toying with his abs, feeling his arms and flexing over and over again in different poses. He made his quads bulge with muscle, his abs crunch with power, his arms twitch and throb from the straight of flexing. All the while his cock was thumping on his chest, hard as a rock, begging for attention, leaking an endless river of pre. "Yeah....UUHHHHHH," he moaned as he flexed. "So fucking hot. AWW, FUUUCK!" The pleasure was becoming too great. He leaned forward, bending his neck and head just enough to shove his cockhead inside, gagging already on the massive amounts of pre flooding his mouth. Cum and spit drooled down his lips and onto his chest, separating into different streams as the liquids traced down his abs. He took as much as he could, fondling his balls his one hand and squeezing his base with the other. He could feel himself getting close. He popped his head off his cock and moaned, rubbing his hands up and down the massive, swollen shaft. His cock turned a deep shade of red, a plethora of veins popping out and throbbing against the sleep flesh. His cock was simply ready to explode. And then he let go. "FUUUUCK! YES! YES!!!!" he roared as his orgasm overtook him. Rope after rope of seed shot out, splattering the ceiling, the mirror, and himself. His cock lurched and throbbed with every shot, thumping on his chest after each wad. He writhed and continued to roar and moan, running his hands down his soaked body, up his powerful cock. His orgasm wasn't even showing signs of letting up after two full minutes. Finally, with one final thrust into the air, Brent's last shot of cum shot right into his open mouth, which he gulped down greedily. He breathed heavily, pecs heaving, his body wet as though he had just come out of a bath. His cock softened, spurting its last weak wads of cum. Brent flexed his biceps again with his palms behind his head, letting them brush against his cheeks, his tongue roaming all over them, licking the cum off, tracing the veins with his tongue. He smirked cockily into the mirror. "Thanks for the meal, Scott. I'll make sure to put it to good use." He headed out the door, in search of his next gym.
  11. tester26

    Brad and the threesome

    Yasmine clasped her lacy red bra around her huge tits. Her volleyball-sized tits sat high and firm without assistance but her bra made her look pornographic. Her legs were strong, tanned and shapely. Her bubble shaped ass was so firm and shapely, her slim waist and toned stomach completed the perfect package. Her kind, pretty eyes and tumbling dark hair made her look like an angel who you would take home to your mum, her body made her look like a top porn star. Somehow, Yasmine actually managed to talk Martin into a threesome. Martin couldn’t quite believe it himself, but Yasmine had insisted on it as a birthday present for herself. She’d take care of everything, she promised Martin. Martin tried not to think too hard about it as he sat in the living room waiting. Yasmine strode into the room at last. She's done herself up stunningly -- her dark brown hair perfectly coiffed, impeccably sexy makeup extending down to a slight contour over her cleavage, exaggerating its already incredible depth. All she wore was an intricate, lacy red bra and panties. Martin’s cock immediately sprung to its full size in his pants. Her phone buzzed. She practically sprinted out of the room towards the front door. The door flings open and he hears her yell, “Brad!” Yasmine steps back. She has the biggest smile on her face, using one hand to pull the new man in. Martin gawked at the gigantic muscle stud at their front porch, forced to crouch down at the doorway just to enter their home without hitting his head. A mountain of muscle, taking up the entire doorway. Pectorals the size of his head, abs hard enough to stop bullets and biceps large enough to bend steel. In contrast to this hyper-masculine appearance, though, he looked youthful. He wore a skintight tshirt and sweatpants, and clearly had no underwear on. A thick bulge ran from his groin down his right leg, reaching most of the way down to his knee. Such a masculine, monolith of a specimen, that the floorboards were creaking under his weight, the smaller male completely eclipsed within his shadow. At least he seemed nice? It was about the most positive thing that Martin could gleam from the whole thing. Sure, the muscle stud had bit of a cocky aura to him, as one could expect from someone that size, but during the dinner the three had to get their night started, Brad was mostly a delightful guy. That all however, went out the window the moment they moved things to the bedroom. The three of them undressed, Martin clearly nervous as he laid down onto the bed on his back with his girlfriend climbing up on top of him. She leaned down to kiss him reassuringly, pressing her large tits into his chest. She looked back at Brad. The curvy beauty on all fours, shaking her perfect ass cheeks as the monstrous muscle stud stood at the feet of the bed, licking his lips and stroking that gigantic fuck-log of his to an erection. His spear was more than 18 inches, and unbelievably wide and thick. Throbbing veins writhed across it like living vines. The pole stood straight up, pointing at the sky, reaching between his massive pecs. The two of them stared at each other, licking their lips. Poor Martin couldn't even see most of it. Pinned underneath his lover, that stacked body blocking most of his view, only able to catch a glimpse of the approaching muscle stud, while trying his absolute hardest to grasp those enormous ass cheeks of his girlfriend. Doing so in order to spread those cheeks wide to have even the smallest chance of his own, rock hard cock reaching that tight pussy deep within the valley between. All he ended up doing however, was providing Brad with the exact same sight. Of those cheeks spread wide, soaking wet slit aimed directly at the hulking muscle stud... something he took as an invitation to ram that bulbous, fat cockhead right into. She screamed. Brad held himself inside of her and she spasmed in orgasm, once, twice and again. Instantly, Martin knew that things were headed south. He'd barely gotten to rub his own hard cock across that drenched pussy before being so rudely shoved out of the way by something much, MUCH bigger. Something that was radiating heat like a supernova. Mix that with the ear-shattering squeal that came erupting from Yasmine’s mouth and Martin knew this muscle stud was packing, watching his girlfriend's expression go from initial excitement to shock and then just complete cock lust. Regardless, Martin still held onto his girlfriend's hips, helping steady them both as he attempts to thrust his hips upwards in the hopes of sliding within his girlfriend's pussy along with this oversized muscle stud's massive cock, but he only found his dick prodding against the underside of what felt like a tree trunk. A very warm, soft, throbbing tree trunk... which only seemed to be working its way deeper and deeper into her bubble butt. The worst part about it, was that Martin was face-to-face with his girlfriend the entire time, watching those expressions change, her mouth falling open and drool dripping off his lips and tongue, right down upon the hapless man's face. His whining seeming to have no effect on Yasmine, the bimbo whore too far gone and cock drunk to waste a single thought on anything other than the alpha cock currently hollowing out her insides. It would only get worse from there, too, as Martin suddenly felt his girlfriend's body lifting off of him. Trying to keep her down with all his might, but as hard as he held on, those two, large muscle stud hands hoisted Yasmine off her cuck's body with ease. Just enough for the hulking beast of a muscle stud to better shove his battering ram of a dick within the depths of the needy beauty's body. Allowing Brad to go balls deep and in doing so, giving Martin quite the obscene view of what was going on. Yasmine’s orgasm racked her very existence. It was beyond pleasure, beyond the pain. Orgasms hit her in multiple succession. One didn’t always stop before the next began, several climaxes were coursing though her at a time. As she convulsed at the end of his pole, her tits shaking and bobbing wonderfully, her eyes were rolled back as she accepted the savage thrusting of Brad’s 18-inch monster into her. That once smooth, toned stomach of his girlfriend? Gone. What took its place was an enormous bulge that stretched out the toned abs. The skin stretched so taut across the invading muscle stud dick, that Martin could make out Brad's cockhead even through the skin! And it was all mashed down against his own dick. Martin's own, twitching cock was currently pinned between his own abs and that monstrous muscle stud cock pressing down on it through his girlfriend's belly! Once more, Martin tried to catch the attention of his girlfriend, just for his words to effectively go in through one ear and out the other. The clapping could no doubt be heard all the way to the neighbor's house, caused by those powerful hips hammering against her tight ass. Add in the jizz gurgling cum factories swinging between Brad's thighs, and the slurping and squelching of Yasmine's pussy along that turgid slut-wrecking muscle stud dick and the screams of ecstasy pouring from Yasmine’s mouth. There was no doubt the entire neighborhood would not know what was currently going on in their household. Martin was at the center of it all however, watching from up close how his girlfriend was used like a living cock sleeve. How the hulking fuck-stud was basically yanking his girlfriend up and down on that bitch-breaking alpha dick, thrusting his hips forward to meet that ass and each time slamming his cock deep enough for it to come smashing down against the man's own, pitiful prick through that stretched out stomach. She could see stars. It felt like he was halfway inside her body, reshaping her to suit his size. She loved it. Her orgasms left her tingling from head to toe. This all seemed like an eternity to Martin, losing track of time having his junk battered and watching his girlfriend moaning right above him. Briefly, the man even leaned his upper body upwards, probably in hopes of kissing his lover and getting... well, some sort of 'action' out of this, other than getting his junk abused, but as it happens, he'd chosen the worst possible time to do so. Bottoming inside her, Martin could hear the large muscle stud groaning as he exploded, for 2 minutes he pumped and spurted cum deep into Yasmine until she was full to overflowing with potent seed. She screamed in Martin’s face as her body was racked with another orgasm as he unloaded shot after shot of cum deep into her. Yasmine drooled from the ungodly pleasure of being used like a fucktoy. Having load after load of thick muscle cum poured within her battered insides caused her to pass out, collapsing onto Martin’s stunned face, unable to process the intensity of what just happened. Finally it was over. Martin did not know how long it all lasted, watching his girlfriend cum endlessly, listening to Brad up above grunting and groaning, finding himself laying in a puddle of spunk by the end of it, and his girlfriend looking more like a living condom wrapped around the giant muscle stud stud's gut punching schlong... which was still hard? Oh no... A deep chuckle came from behind her which sent a shiver through Martin. Brad slid his hands around Yasmine, clamping onto her giant tits. He cupped them and cradled them. Yasmine opened her eyes and looked back over her shoulder, biting her lower lip. She smiled warmly at his appreciation of her assets. She passionately kissed Brad on the lips. Then he splayed his fingers and squeezed her abundant tit flesh. He lifted her off Martin and sat down on a chair, leaning back and wrapping his arms around her legs. Yasmine’s back rested against the large stud’s front as Brad thrust his still-hard fuck log to the root once more. Yasmine screamed as she came again from getting battered and reamed from down below. Cum sprayed out of her pussy with every thrust, forced out of her by Brad’s monstrous bitch breaker stretching her fuckhole to it's limit, each thrust sending ripples through that bubbly ass. Brad’s massive schlong was making her stomach bulge out around the swollen knob. Yasmine was panting, moaning and babbling incoherently. Brad withdrew and drove his 18 inch monstrosity back into her tight pussy. Brad grabbed her tight toned smooth tanned ass and changed his angle as he thrust into her. She reached back and grabbed his neck. Brad felt his balls tingle and swell as Yasmine pushed back into him. Her pussy was literally milking him. As he fucked into her orgasms wracked her body, one after another, Martin could almost count each one, though they came fast. Her pussy spewed more and her eyes watered. She was slumping forward when he finally pulled out, his Axe-handle sized rod sticking up from between her legs, between her tits, tip touching her chin. Grabbing her huge tits, she slid it through her deep cleavage. His cock flared and grew even thicker. She leaned forward and licked the throbbing cockhead as she squished her big tits around the cum-slick pole. Then suddenly he shot, a concussive burst of seed rocking her head back as the ropes of cum covered her face. Martin lost count of how many spurts shot forth out of his frothing fuck stick. Yasmine was delirious with decadent delight. Pumping furiously with one hand, Brad used his other one to shovel huge handfuls of steamy spunk into her eager mouth, and she joined him with both of her tits, alternating between them. Shots of cum flew past her and onto the floor yards away. His cock was sliding slickly through a couple of inches of its own cum which settled in the valley of her huge tits. He grabbed the back of her head and thrust his huge weapon down her throat. She swallowed eagerly. His cock jerked a few more times, huge globs shooting down her throat, before he finally finished. If Martin thought he'd gone unnoticed or forgotten, he would find just how wrong he was as Brad stood up and lifted Yasmine off of his cock. Before Martin even knew what was going on, he found Yasmine straddling his head between her legs. As he looked up, he found himself staring at her gaping pussy, a steady stream of cum still flowing out of it. Suddenly his view was obscured by a massive, solid piece of man meat pointed directly at the winking asshole of his girlfriend. She spread her knees slightly in her ‘all fours’ position to give more stability. Martin couldn’t get a word of protest out before Brad jammed his hips forward and let Martin watch him splitting that perfect ass wide open around the tip of his hole wrecking monster schlong. Loud and sloppy squelching and clapping filling the room, along with Yasmine’s moans and squeals for pleasure, as Brad rammed his dick into that hungry, spasming asshole. Within seconds, Yasmine was once again a sweating, convulsing mess, clawing at the bedsheets underneath and trying not to let her brain snap from the intense pleasure. Whorish, shaky moans still escaping the beauty’s lips as the muscle man kept picking up his pace, hammering that ass with all of his might and pumping load after load of thick and slimy pre-spunk into that bubble butt. All the while, Martin couldn't do basically anything. All he could do, was squeeze his eyes shut, though that did nothing to prevent him from hearing his girlfriend's squeals and loud wet noises echoing off the walls of the room. Brad pulled slowly out of her. He then pressed his raging erection against her and pulled her backwards. The huge cock head with its flared ridged edge which was built to please bored into her tight asshole. His hands slid down her smooth body and over her fantastic ass and eased her legs even wider as he speared her. Yasmine’s huge breasts pressed into Martin’s face and Martin felt the sickening power of the man above him as Brad fucked her again. He could feel her writhe and shudder in orgasm again and again and punching her hips back to meet his thrusts. The bed groaned and creaked and Yasmine moaned. As the first fiery-hot cord of cum flew forcefully from Brad’s cock, gushing into Yasmine’s tight asshole, she came with him, shrieking and wailing wordlessly, drowning out his low grunts and groans with her own loud cries. Their orgasms occurred nearly at the same time. When Brad finally pulled out of her, Martin heard the loud liquid ‘Splort’ of their thick gooey cum waterfall out her stretched holes. Thick sperm dripped out of her as they caught their breaths, Martin now no more than an afterthought. After they fucked, Yasmine took Brad’s hand and lead him to the bathroom. They took a shower together and headed to the guest room. Martin ended up laying alone on the cum-soaked bed and listened to Brad and Yasmine fuck all night. He heard their screams and moans from the shower, the living room, the dining room, the bedroom. All of this didn't end until about 7am. They slept until about 3pm the next day and fucked one more time in the shower before Brad headed home.
  12. tester26

    Teenage Destroyers

    This was an attempt to write a snuff story that is based on the Teenage Destroyers series on Snufflovers. It may not be to your tastes. You have been warned. TEENAGE DESTROYERS PART 7 "You should have seen the tight bitch I fucked last week. For a virgin she sure screamed like a whore." Nick chuckled to his friend Tony. "Too bad she wasn't able to take all of my cock." "I'm fucking tired of bitches complaining about getting fucked. Whatever hole I pound, I wanna go hard and fucking balls deep, man." Tony agreed. At only 18, Tony and Nick looked sculpted from marble with 8-pack abs, ripped muscle, and big, firm asses. They were fucking 300-pound teen musclegods. Most days, they showed up at the gym without shirts, their bodies were accentuated by the sweat that glistened off their smooth skin as they worked out. "Fuck, all this talk about bitches has me so fucking boned up, I wouldn't mind a blowjob from a faggot." Tony squeezed his semi through his loose red basketball shorts. Nick's eyes scanned around the lockers, spotting Tom, a thin seedy-looking punk a few lockers away pulling a blunt out of his locker. His lips curled into an evil smile. "I've got an idea. " Nick said, as he slipped off his shorts. A grin of understanding curled on Tony's face and his eyes expanded with glee and quickly stripped as well. "Ah shit...fuckin' love you dude." Nick and Tony rush and corner Tom against his locker. "What's up bitch?" Tony announced. A sound, barely perceptible escaped Tom's lips. "So you're the asshole stinking up the lockers with your fucking blunts, huh?" Nick boomed. Tom shuddered, his head barely reaching up to the shoulders of the two studs. He was less than half the size of either Nick or Tony, and his eyes were filled with a mix of lust and fear. Before him was the naked, hulking body of the teenage bodybuilder Nick. Tom speechlessly ogled the vast expanse of the pectoral muscle that blocked his exit from one side. Nick's arms hung loose at his sides, the biceps unflexed yet still so unbelievably huge and wide. Tom's eyes admired the solid rack of abdominal muscles, then followed the curves of the sculpted obliques as they flowed into a pair of legs so heavily laden with muscle that no one could doubt their monstrous power. Between those pillars, Nick's thick 12 inch cock stood at full attention, nearly pressing into Tom's belly. To his side was Tony, nearly equal in mass and just as naked. His pecs were swollen from the blast he'd just given them. His deltoids were huge and rounded, still engorged with blood from the overhead presses, the detailed serrations still visible. He grinned evilly and he stroked his own massive cock. "Time to teach you a fucking lesson!" Tom didn't stand a chance. Nick picked him up and easily picked him up and threw him onto the bench. "Ahhh!!" the punk cried as he struck the edge of the bench. To Nick, Tom was just a toy. A fucktoy that he could use and brutalize in any way he wanted. And God did he want to! He wanted to use his hard 12 inch cock like a weapon to stab the little shit with. He wished his cock was twice as long and three times as thick, so he could fuck the little shit until his organs had turned into mush. He'd use his horse cock to fill Tom up with so much jizz, it would be forced to drip out of his mouth, nose, ears and eyes. Nick straddled the punk, pressed his ass on the boy's upper body, and squeezed his muscular thighs to pin the kid's arms in place. Meanwhile, Tony got on his knees in front of the bench, his massive cock at the perfect height to enter the fuckbag's mouth. Tony immediately shoved his cock head in the punk's mouth. The 11 inch dick was the biggest, longest, fattest thing Tom had ever had in his mouth. He had less than a third of his rod in when he hit the back of the Tom's throat. Tony applied strong pressure on the kid's head and felt his hard dick continue its long journey down the slut's pipe. The massive tip was acting like a snow plow, sending the small organs to the sides, bumping against his little heart, rearranging his tubes and slowly making its way down the punk's body. It was pure delight for the muscle teens to watch all 11 inches of thick teen cock make its way deep in Tom's throat. "Holy fucking shit, yes!!!" The stud shoved the toy's head down with cruelty to get the large base of his huge cock in the slut's obscenely widened mouth. Just as Tony's trimmed pubes touched Tom's stretched lips, Nick felt a bump under his ballsack. "Fuuuuuuuuuck, man! Your cock is poking through his stomach. I can feel it on my nuts, it's fucking crazy." Tony enjoyed the incredible feeling of having all 11 inches of his enormous cock buried to the root in someone's throat. Even when Tom started to choke and tried to move his head, the way he squirmed felt amazing. Occasionally, Tony would withdraw enough to let the living cumdump breathe before he shoved all the way back in, his balls slapping over Tom's nose and eyes. Nick got up and Tom's arms immediately flailed around but Tony quickly pinned them down to the bench. With one hand, Nick lined up his footlong cock to its target and brutally thrust his whole cock into the kid's colon with a sickening squish. Tom's head was shoved hard against Tony's crotch and the gigantic cock was pushed even further down, the outline of his dick head clearly visible through Tom's chest. Tom's scream was muffled by Tony's meat as he was violated by a second, even larger, cock. "Fuuuuuuuuuuck, that's so freaking hot!" Tony panted. "That's it, slut, feel my cock push against your little heart. You got muscle all around you! Huh you like that? Bet I could snuff you with just my dick. Shoot you so full of cum your goddamn head would explode!" They pulled almost all of their thick poles out of Tom, and then rammed all of themselves back into the small, frail body as hard as they could. In perfect sync, Tony and Nick pistoned their living toy with long hard thrusts. The former ravaged the punk's throat and punched the bottom of his stomach, all the while smashing his teen balls on Tom's eyes and nose. The latter battered the kid's internal organs, forming a footlong fuck tunnel that ran from asshole to sternum. The punk's esophagus and colon were so incredibly tight as they gripped and moved with the teens' cocks. Both teens kept changing the speed, tilting the punk backwards so that Nick's massive tool was pushing against the toy's stomach walls and making it bulge out. "Fuck! You can almost see the veins on your dick through the bitch's stretched guts," Tony marveled. Nick rubbed his hands over the bulge, enjoying the feeling of Tom's insides wrapped tightly around his shaft. Tom was used like a fleshlight, with such wild abandon that when both studs pulled out, it looked as if Tom deflated. But when the two teen gods shoved their pricks back to the hilt, Tom's small body seemed to double in size. Their cocks bumped against one another, as they raped the young punk, was just the cherry on top of the muscle sundae. "This fuckbag is tight as shit, man!" Nick shouted. "I know, bro!" Tony screamed. "His throat is clasping my dong like a motherfucking vice-grip!" Both teens increased their speed at which they pummeled Tom's throat and colon, slamming their massive teen tools in the most ferocious manner, not caring if the living cumdump could take it or not. Sweat ran down their tight abs and dripped all over Tom's body. But they were already close. Their thrusts became more erratic, and out of sync. They both held Tom's sides, four big teen hands squeezing the punk's mid-section, almost completely encircling it. The studs felt both their massive cocks move in and out of the teen beneath their fingers. Jabbing their massive fucktools balls deep inside the rag doll one last time and their cocks spasmed, shooting pure alpha cum into the middle of the punk's blown up body. Somehow, the punk managed to stay conscious during the whole ordeal. But with all 23 inches of cock pulsating each time a jet of hot teen semen shot inside him, Tom had no influx of oxygen and started to choke. He couldn't see nor hear anything besides his own heartbeat drum in his ears, while he frantically hit whatever he could with his small fists. But the slut's panic only fueled the studs' lust, and made them shoot even harder inside the boy. Tony and Nick came deep inside the little fuckbag for close to a minute. After their body wrenching orgasm, the 18 year old gods haphazardly pulled their dripping, still rockhard dicks out of Tom's holes. It was a bit surreal to watch nearly 24 inches of solid teen meat withdraw from the skinny body of a punk. Cum poured out of Tom's gaping ass like a waterfall as he coughed up Tony's load, gasping for air. Nick and Tony high fived over the punk's wrecked body and quickly switched places. Nick took the boy's head while Tony faced the narrow sloppy ass, and they pushed their jizz-covered, rock-hard shafts inside the worn out sextoy. "Fuck Tony, his throat is as tight as his ass..." Nick said as they both bottomed out. "I know, bro! I feel your jizz sloshing around in his guts! Let's see how much damage we can really do with our mother fucking cocks." Tony laughed. With almost 2 feet of massive dick buried to the hilt inside the punk, the two 18 year old teen jocks began to stand. They meticulously went from kneeling, to squatting, without ever pulling out. When they were on their feet, they started to rise while stepping to the side, away from the bench. Nick and Tony stood in the middle of the locker room: two god-like figures with firm round buttocks clenched with enthusiastic depravity, tight abs glistening with teenage sweat as their granite hard tools kept Tom in place. The studs were perfect fuck machines and had every intention of testing how relentlessly... ferociously... and remorselessly they were going to hammer and crush this punk's insides with their mighty pricks. The first fuck had just been a warm-up. Now they were ready to go all in... without any mercy for their toy. The studs hadn't started thrusting yet. They just kept their schlongs buried to the root inside Tom and looked directly at each other with an evil smirk. Both let go of the boy at the same time and put their hands behind their heads, showing off their muscled bodies. The punk was face up, suspended three feet above the ground, supported only by two rock solid teen dicks buried deep in his guts and the pressure from the studs' hips against his face and his ass. Once again, Tom suffered from a cruel lack of oxygen. His head was turning purple and he frantically moved his arms in the air, not even trying to hit the jocks using him. The studs grinned as the punk started to convulse, his little dicklet hard as a nail. But the ripped studs didn't budge. Giving up an inch would allow Tom to slide off Nick's dick and catch a breath. Tom shuddered and began to shake more violently. His little body was being spit roasted by 24 inches of massive teen schlongs. Nick and Tony could feel the fuckbag spasm around their cocks, his throat and ass muscles tightening, deliciously squeezing their fucktools. "Shiiiiiiit Nick, his insides are milking my cock! I can feel his heartbeat on my dick!" said Tony. "Fucking A, man! His motherfucking throat is getting tighter every time he tries to breathe!" Nick's own fat cock stretched Tom's esophagus to the limit, almost dislocating Tom's jaws. But the cumbag's spasms and shuddering slowed down, then suddenly stopped. His arms and legs came to a complete halt, and dropped on either sides of his body as he passed out. Finally, Nick and Tony moved their right hands under the punk to help support his weight and slowly pulled out, until just the heads were in Tom's holes. His insides stopped contracting and the teens were ready to enjoy another mind-blowing fuck. Tom automatically sucked in air while Nick's fat member left his throat. Of course that was only momentary. Both teen gods immediately pushed their shafts balls deep back inside the fucktoy. Not wasting any time, the 18 year olds sped up their thrusts, taking their dicks almost all the way out before they slammed them back to the root. They were still amazed by how deep they could shove their monster cocks and it felt so deliriously good to have their balls slap against the cumbag with every forceful stab. One can hardly imagine what it looks like when two huge teen cocks, each of them being almost the size of a baby's arm, punch fuck a punk boy's skull and ass in perfect synchronicity. Two incredibly sexy teen studs using every muscle in their massive teenage bodies to thrust their thick shafts without mercy, deliberately trying to destroy and break their living fucktoy in half. The athletic teen studs rammed the punk with such wild brutality it looked as if their cocks were going to tear through Tom's chest. Tom was twisted in such a way that his head was forced closer to his little butt and his guts was pushed upward. In that angle, Tony and Nick's porn-sized cocks slammed against the small chest and made it bulge out. The frail cum-filled body was being ravaged with unspeakable violence, but none of the teenage boys gave a shit about his well being. Tom's lifeless arms and legs bounced around with each sadistic jab as the studs used the punk like a punching bag for their cocks. They never spent more than a half second inside or outside the fuckbag. Instead, they constantly slammed the slut's ass and face with such ferocity that he would certainly be covered in mean, dark bruises before sundown. "Aw yeah, you're just a fucking toy. I'm gonna pulverize your guts. Fuckin drown you with my load!!!" Nick grunted. "Aw fuck dude," Tony growled, "Gonna break you, you little shit! End you with just this fucking monster cock! GONNA FUCKING DESTROY YOU!!!!" Nick and Tony slammed their cocks one last time inside the boy's unconscious body and began to breed the punk, completely dousing his insides with their thick, white seed. So much jizz was shot inside the punk, his stomach bloated like a balloon. About half of the 18 year old's mammoth rods tented Tom's stretched out belly and they could clearly see their heads pulse and nearly pierce through Tom's bulging chest with every jet of thick teen spunk. The two teens moaned in pleasure as they rode our their orgasms. Something about being drowned by two enormous loads caused Tom to cough and seize, but not wake up. Too caught up in their orgasm to care, the two teen gods rammed their 12 inch cocks in so roughly that Tom's head touched his butt, breaking his spine in half. *CRACK!!* "UH!-" the punk moaned, his soft body stopped twitching and went limp. Tony felt his cock brush against Nick's tool, their pricks only separated by two condom-thin membranes in the middle of Tom's body. Their huge teen dick heads touched inside the kid's guts, so close that Tony could feel Nick's cock throb as it blasted cum into the fucktoy. Nick pulled his hips back, adjusting himself before pushing his massive cock deep until he felt the dying punk's heart against his spurting cockhead. He moaned as he felt it pump desperately against his hard meat. He thrust his hips again, crushing the heart between his cock and the punk's ribs. "Aww fuck yeahhh..." Nick groaned. The two muscle gods slowly wound down, their cocks still pumping cum into the boy, as they savored the final moments of sexual pleasure and the feeling of the dead boy's spastic twitches. "That's good stuff..." Tony mumbled. Tony let out a long sigh as his cock fired the last of its spunk. "This is so fucked, I can feel your cock pulsing against mine!" He moved his hips from side to side, rubbing his tool against Nick's, and both of them shuddered. The studs slowly let the dead, cum-filled punk slide off their slick, deflating cocks right onto the bench with a thud. Long strings of cum, hung from the teens' cocks to the punk's gaping holes. Two rivers of white, tinged red with blood, poured out of the cum-bloated corpse and onto the ground. "Shit man. Now THAT was good." Tony smiled and looked at Nick. Nick grinned and flexed his enormous guns and began to feel the rock hard muscle with his other hand. He shook his quads, and lovingly caressed the muscle for a moment. "Yeah..." he shook his head with satisfaction. Nick slapped him a high-five.
  13. Sizemologist

    Doubling Device Pt. 2 Added 10/05/23

    A Sample Luke had been going to this new coffee shop, BJ’s Coffee, for about two months now and still couldn’t get over how cute the barista Max was. He had such a cute face framed perfectly by a beard. Big brown eyes that Luke could get lost in. The only problem was he was pint sized compared to Luke. Luke was a hulking 280 pounds at 6’6. He had hated his size ever since he had started discovering how much he loved to be smaller than his partner. And Max was 5 feet tall and 100 pounds soaking wet. But he had such a handsome face for a little guy, Luke had only wished it was on an even bigger body. But today was different. Luke had found the perfect thing to fix his “little” problem. He had bought a device from this sizemologist that had the ability to double anything. Originally, it had the potential for growing food to twice its original size, but the sizemologist had found other uses for the device. Today was the day Luke took the plunge and tried out this doubling device. The sizemologist was very specific with the instructions. He had to get a DNA sample of whatever or whomever he wanted to grow. It might be hard, but Luke had a plan that was a full proof way to get a bit of Max’s DNA. Luke walked into the coffee shop and he saw Max at the register. The little guy was wearing a t-shirt with a big BJ’s Coffee logo on the front and a standard pair of khaki pants. Luke himself was wearing a tight shirt and hoodie as well as skinny jeans. His whole outfit hugged his big body and accentuated every curve of his muscles. “Hi Max. Can I get my regular?” asked Luke as he approached the barista counter. “Sure Luke. Coming right up,” said the smaller man with a smile. Max walked back behind the counter and started making Luke’s drink. Luke had made sure to get to the coffee shop bright and early before the work crowd came so he could get Max while the shop was fairly empty. “So Max, have you been seeing anybody lately?” said Luke as he peered his head over the counter. Max continued to focus on making Luke’s drink. Not paying too much attention to the giant standing in front of him. “No, not really. Why do you ask?” “Oh I was just wondering because I kinda have this problem that I was wondering if you could help me out with. And if you were seeing someone, I wouldn’t want to make things awkward between you and them,” said Luke with a devilish grin on his face. “What? Luke what are you talki-” Max’s words were cut short when he looked up at the hulking behemoth and how he was posing. Being as tall as Luke was, his legs easily cleared the counter that Max was working on. Using this advantage, he had pushed his huge bulge outward with his hips so that it was laying on the counter. His rock hard cock in his pants left almost nothing to the imagination as Luke’s hand grazed it. “Think you could help me out?” The big bulge on the counter seemed to move with his words. Max stared at the outline of Luke’s cock in front of him almost drooling over its size. He was brought back to reality when a ding from the coffee machine rang in his ears. “Um, uh, yeah. Uh, give me a second.” He grabbed Luke’s drink and poured it into the cup. “Here you go Luke. That’ll be $4.99.” Luke pulled out his card and paid. As the receipt printed out, Max grabbed a pen and started scribbling something down on it. “Have a good day Luke,” said Max before running to the back of the store. Luke took the drink and read what Max had written on the receipt. I’m on break in 5 minutes. Meet me out back behind the coffee show and I’ll help you with your problem. Luke smiled knowing his plan was working perfectly. He grabbed his drink and walked to one of the empty tables. He sat down and fished the device out of his pocket. Despite its purpose to make things huge, the device itself was very small. No bigger than a playing card and maybe a centimeter thick. It had a single blue button on it and four red directional arrows. Luke pressed the blue button and the tiny screen blinked to life. The display read No Sample. Luke tried pressing the other buttons, but the machine just continued to read No Sample. Luke turned the device on its side and saw a little divot at the top. He pressed it and out popped a little box. “Guess that’s where this sample goes,” said Luke to himself. After sipping his coffee, Luke got up and threw it away as he headed out the front door. He looked to his right and saw the alleyway in between the buildings. He walked into it and turned the corner to see Max out of his barista apron. “Eager are we?” asked Luke as walked over to the smaller man. “Look Luke. I gotta say, I’ve never done anything like this before,” said Max as he looked up at the blonde man. “What? Been with a guy?” asked Luke as he knelt down to eye level with Max. “Or been with a guy this big?” Luke bounced his pecs in his tight shirt. Max’s eyes were caught between looking at Luke’s handsome face or his thick pecs. “No, not that. I mean, I haven’t been with a guy as big as you. And that list is a very short one. But I mean, done anything with a guy at my work.” said Max as Luke flexed one of his biceps in his face. “Really? Then what makes me the exception?” Luke stood up to his full height and pushed his bulge forward into Max’s stomach. “Because you’re the biggest man I’ve ever seen and drop dead gorgeous.” Max grabbed onto Luke’s bulge and started caressing it. Marveling at its huge size and feeling his heartbeat through his pants. Luke leaned down and kissed the tiny man and began unbuttoning his tight jeans. Pulling them down and letting his underwear flop out. “Fuck Luke! You’re huge!” “Thanks little guy.” As much Luke liked the service he was being given by his smaller lover, this was not his goal. He had to get a sample of DNA from him so that instead of being worshiped for his size, he could start worshiping his own giant lover. He looked down at Max as he pulled his underwear down and out sprung his 10 inch cock. “Hope you don’t get scared and run because it's so big,” said Luke as Max continued to grope his big body. “Are you kidding? It’s incredible. One of the biggest cocks on the planet.” Max started to go down on Luke’s member. Despite his small size, he was able to suck on Luke’s horse cock with relative ease. That sent shivers up Luke’s spine and he felt a bit of pre leak out into Max’s mouth from his big lemon sized balls. Luke looked down at his tiny lover and saw a tiny tent in his pants. Luke had his sights set on the prize. “I’m not the only one who’s gonna be having all the fun,” said Luke as he wrapped his arms around Max. Picking him up with ease and sitting him down on the dumpster behind him. “I know you’re loving this as much as I am.” Luke grabbed at Max’s pants and almost ripped them off to reveal a small bulge in his underwear. “Sorry, not nearly as impressive as yours,” said Max as Luke pulled down his underwear to reveal his 3 inch cock. “No worries little guy. We all can’t have a body as big as mine,” said Luke as he grabbed onto the little cock and started jerking it off. “But I wish I did. So badly. You have no idea.” Luke furrowed his eyebrow at Max’s comment, but kept jerking him off. “Really? A body this big isn’t as great as people might think it is. Why would you want it?” “I just wish I was bigger. So much bigger. I have always been the smallest and I hate it. I wish I could grow and grow and grow and never stop.” The words alone were making it hard for Luke to hold his load in. “Well you can have my size if you really want it so bad. Would you like that?” asked Luke as he squeezed Max’s cock head. “Yes. I would love that,” said Max out of breath. “Then picture it. You and me here. I’m the small one and you’re the giant. Huge. Bigger than any man has ever been. Taller than me. More muscular than me. More hung than me. Bigger in every way. Unable to find clothes that fit. Can’t walk through doors without turning to the side or ducking through.” Luke looked at Max and he was moaning like crazy and it looked like his body was shaking from the pleasure. He was near the breaking point. He just needed a little push. “I would gladly worship your godly body as you grew even bigger.” That did it and Max started shooting out cum. Luke had also made himself cum after voicing his own personal fantasy to his crush and getting such a good reaction from it. After three quick shots that landed on Luke’s hand, Max laid back on the dumpster in exhaustion. “Fuck that was hot,” said Max out of breath. “Yes it was,” said Luke as he grabbed the device out of his pocket with his other hand. “Here, let me help you clean up. I brought a towel out here in preparation for a mess.” Max reached back behind him and grabbed a white rag towel. “No!” shouted Luke as Max tried to reach for his hand and wipe off his cum. “I mean, no need. I can clean myself. But I would maybe clean off your shoes before you go inside,” said Luke as he pointed at Max’s shoes. They were covered in cum. While Luke jerked him off, his feet were dangling on the edge of the dumpster and when Luke shot his load, they were in the splash zone. “Shit!” said Max as he started wiping off his shoes. “God I hope no one notices.” Max frantically started scrubbing his shoes. “Sorry about that. I promise I’ll make it up to you later,” said Luke as he closed the sample compartment of the device and put it back in his pocket. Luke pulled up his jeans and buttoned them as he looked at Max’s shoes. “I don’t think anyone will notice. You stand behind the counter all day so people will hardly ever see your feet.” “That is true. I’ll just hope and pray that my coworkers just don’t look down,” said Max as he hopped off the dumpster and also pulled up his pants. The two of them stood there staring into each other’s eyes for a moment. Just taking in the other person. “Well, I should really get back in there. This was fun…I guess,” said Max as he started to walk towards the door going back into the coffee shop. “Yeah, it was. Thanks for helping me out,” said Luke as he winked at Max. “I’ll see you around Luke.” “See you around Max.” Luke waved goodbye as the short man walked back to the door to the shop. “Max,” Max turned around to see the big man, “I hope we can do this again. And maybe not in this particular way.” “I’d like that Luke.” Max smiled and waved back to Luke as he went back to work. Luke started to walk back to the front with a bit of spring in his step, but he heard a ding coming from his pocket. He grabbed the device and the screen was different this time. It read: Sample has been added to database. You may now begin doubling. Luke could only grin as he walked back to the front.
  14. I dusted off an old, partially written story (I have many of them) and added a second chapter (and a few more). Hope you enjoy it. Let me know if I should continue. The Storm Chapter 1 The storm was coming. Even though the forecasts and long range models still drew diverging pathways on the maps, and the meteorologists still spoke in percentages and probabilities, I could tell this storm was headed straight toward me. I also knew that where I lived and the beach where I loved to surf was going to take a full force hit. The outcome had already been determined, and only I knew with one hundred percent certainty what that outcome was going to be. Although the tropical depression was still days away from becoming a full fledge hurricane, and although it was at least a week away in distance, I could already feel it in the water, and I could feel it coursing through my body. Strength was building – both the storm’s intensity and my own. Last night’s invigorating midnight swim and dreams that followed as well as the more than usual abundance of the flesh in my morning hard-on were proof enough to me. Fuck! It felt good,… and it was big… bigger than before. The flesh was hard as any steel, and now it more than filled my hand. To boot, to the rhythm of my pleasure, my nutsack slapped against my thighs with more force than I recalled. My balls were fuller, bigger. I raised my fist and flexed my biceps as I continued jacking with my other hand. The muscle mounded up round and large and full. It wasn’t huge yet, but it was bigger than before, and large enough to make me gasp in self-appreciation. Fuuuck! I felt a tingling in my cock and in my balls. Power. I felt the power, and suddenly the strength was more than I could stand. I thrust my left hand to the base of my erection and stroked the nob and remaining seven inches with my right, abandoning my flex to coax the storm within me. My hard-on surged within my hand, and I could feel the tension building. Waves of pleasure caressed my ass and balls and perineum. It became too much, and I arched my back and felt my glutes and hamstrings cramp with pleasure. In anticipation, my entire body flexed, and I felt my muscles growing. The wave of tension built within me, and I inhaled and held a breath so large that I thought it might explode my chest, but my ribcage held together. Then I felt the second phase. The wave was cresting, and I knew the thrill was coming. I felt my sphincter spasm and my balls draw up as semen filled the reservoirs within my prostate. I shut my eyes shut so tight that I couldn’t pry them open, but I didn’t need to see in order to experience the vision in my mind. My body was expanding, just a bit for now, but more was coming. This moment before I came was all potential, and despite how much I loved the anticipation thrill, I knew the best was yet to come, and then it happened. My cock expanded in my hands as the wave of pleasure crashed upon me. My body shook, and I roared with pleasure as the motherload of all ejaculations vaulted ropes of white, hot cum from deep within my pelvis up my shaft and through the air in all directions. I lost my sense of being as I tumbled through the abyss of bliss. I smelled the ocean in the air and tasted its salty essence on my lips. It splashed across my face and chest and pooled between the ridges of my belly. The intensity was mind-blowing, and my orgasm lasted longer than expected, but in the end, the power of the wave dispersed and was replaced by a tranquil relaxation that deposited me breathless and tangled in my sheets. Exhausted, I relaxed completely on my bed and felt the force of gravity against my increased mass, the mattress pushing harder against my back and glutes and limbs, the heft of my cock and balls weighing more substantially upon my thighs. I could feel the force and power. I was bigger,… and I was stronger,… and I was going to grow again. The coming storm was my assurance, and it was going to be more powerful and destructive than anyone yet knew. Chapter 2 The vibration of my phone against the nightstand was enough to rouse me from my slumber. It was a text from Billy: Dawn Patrol That was it. Nothing else -- but nothing else was needed. The surf was rising, and “dawn patrol” meant that although the sun had not yet crested the horizon, Billy was headed for the water. Sand was probably already pushing up between his toes, board leashed to his left ankle, eyes fixed on the horizon, sensing, anticipating. I rolled on my side and looked out the window of my beachfront shack which was perched on stilts, just high enough to see the sandy beach beyond the dunes. A lone surfer’s silhouette against the sherbet dawn jogged across the sand, board held high. It was Billy. He wanted to catch a few good rides before the break filled with every Benny, Barney and Kook who would never be good enough to deserve the kind of break that was right out my window. Billy was a disciple of the sea. He lived for the ocean and the waves, and both of them were calling. I looked to the water beyond his silhouette, and my heart pumped. With the coming storm, the swell was gaining size and strength, and the curls were peeling in perfect, long, slow barrels with nothing but glassy water in-between. It was a surfer’s wet dream, and at least for now it was mine and Billy’s, ours alone. The ocean beckoned, and we were obligated to respond. I rolled out of bed and stepped into my favorite board shorts. As I pulled them up my muscled thighs, I couldn’t help but notice that they were tighter. My quads and hamstrings now strained against the cloth, making it hard to hoist them into place. I worked the fabric up and over the thickness of my glutes and had to strain to pull the waist up high enough to settle into place along the narrow of my lower back. I relaxed and exhaled loudly thinking that I had achieved my goal. But then I realized that when it came time to seal the deal, there was just no room left for my amped up bait and tackle. While the storm was gaining size and strength, so too was I. I could feel the power building, manifesting itself in me as strength and size. I felt the need to exert myself, to dominate - to lift something or crush something or fuck something, but there was nothing in my shack to foot the bill. I picked up the dumbbells by my bed, but they were only 35 pounders - inadequately light; so I did next what came most naturally to me. I flexed. I raised my arms into a double biceps pose, and I flexed hard, squeezing every muscle in my body with all my might, concentrating all my energy into the flex and luxuriating in the erotic pain and pleasure of my muscles cramping as they struggled one against the other. Feeling the tightness of the boardshorts against my by glutes and thighs, I sent more effort below my waist, flexing even harder, willing my legs and ass to grow. The fabric tightened, at first snuggly caressing every curve and hollow and then constricting with discomfort. I took a breath and changed my pose to a crushing most muscular pose, and I flexed harder than I had flexed in my entire life. My body shook with effort, and the glow of perspiration turned into beads of sweat that converged into rivulets of moisture that began to flow into the valleys between my bulging muscles. I crunched down even harder, stomping my foot against the floor, concentrating my efforts in my lower body and waiting for the moment when my trunks would split. But no matter how hard I flexed and twisted, I couldn’t cause the cloth to rip. It enraged me, and in one final blinding effort, I flexed with all my might, and I felt the fabric give. I had destroyed my boardshorts, and, I felt like I had won. I knew right then that from now on I would always win. I was Samson, Hercules and Poseidon all rolled up into one, and I would never be defeated. I relaxed my flex and surveyed the situation. The board shorts were ripped in no less than seven places. To say that they had merely ripped was to understate the situation. They had exploded! To cause such damage, I must have had a substantial growth spurt all at once. I caught my breath and admired the increased mass of muscle in my thighs, and then I noticed that my hands were also larger and that my forearms were twitching, muscular and swollen. I clenched my fists and rolled my wrists, marveling as the muscle bellies bulged. I then relaxed and I rolled my fingers, delighting as the individual muscles danced and flexed in a ballet upon my forearm. My vision traveled north, and when it reached my upper arms, I was unprepared for the effect the bulging muscle would have upon my loins. I bent my elbow slowly, and the unflexed biceps bunched and rounded as the triceps lengthened fully. My dick responded harder than it had ever been. It throbbed as I cast my eyes upon the mirror. In my ripped board shorts, my newly enlarged, pumped body bulging with strength and power and glistening with sweat, I looked like some amped up comic book hero – lean, heavily muscled and strong. I crossed my wrists at the level of my waist, and my thickened pecs flexed and thickened in striated glory. Then my arms began the slow, erotic, upward arc that I knew would end in a stunning double biceps pose, the likes of which I’d never seen. Something flipped a switch in me. My mind was focused, and a flurry of image fantasies flashed before my mind’s eye. Samson, Heracles, Poseidon. Muscle, Size, Power. That was all I wanted, and I could feel it all amassing in my body as I flexed. My vision cleared, and a gazed upon my reflection in the mirror. No longer a Marvel hero. I was a god! Big and strong and proud and proud. My hard-on looked enormous, and my ball sack bulged with its twin egg-sized cargo. The seed of deities flowed withing me, and finally it was more than I could handle. I stared at my reflection, the embodiment of maleness, strength and power, and I increased the effort of my flex and thrusted my pelvis forward. The dam was breaking. I could feel the anticipatory tingle around my ass and perineum and then the near panic as my ejaculatory reservoirs filled with semen. Finally, I was overcome with the erotic hammer of ejaculation and white, hot ropes for cum arced across the room, painting the mirror and my reflection with liquid adulation. Fuck! It had never felt so good, and with the pleasure came a cramping in my muscles that I knew would make me grow again. Intoxication of the pleasure overwhelmed me, crippling my mind and body. My flex began to fail, and I dropped one arm and wrapped my hand around my hardon and felt another bolt of pleasure. Before the first orgasm had fully ended, I stroked twice, and came again in spasms, more violent than before. When it ended, I was spent, and the drive to flex and fuck and cum subsided, if only for a while. For a moment, I was satiated, weak and breathless. I crumpled to the bed beside me and milked a few last few drops of glistening cum from my softening erection. I tasted the elixir, and its salty essence reminded of the ocean and how it called me. I was exhausted, but I knew the water would revive me. I needed the ocean, waves and water. I craved the power of the storm.
  15. tester26

    Brent hits the showers

    "Looking good dude." "You too, babe!" The two bodybuilders chuckled a bit as they both continued to work on their leg presses. They loved showing off their bulging legs, each of them clad only in a skintight pair of compression shorts. Balancing their legs out on each of them was a nice, rounded ass that bounced with every step they took, and with every press they did. Dustin and Chase noticed that they were getting several stares from the other gym patrons. They reveled at the attention, as they walked through the gym to other machines. Chase headed over to a bench, pressing at least six hundred pounds, while Henry switched to free weights, taking slow reps on a pair of dumbbells. The two bodybuilders could see the hunger in their mate's eyes as they worked out, feeling the burn in their muscles as they sweated and panted hard, pushing their bodies harder and harder. Dustin gave a smile and a wink over to Chase, admiring the sweat forming over his glistening skin as his arms bulged and flexed. Each flex accented his muscles beautifully as veins popped out of his arms. He could feel his erection starting to form, pressing out against his gym shorts as he watched his man grunt and flex, veins popping up over his body. "Looks like you need some help, dude." Dustin said with a smirk, noticing Chase's growing arousal. "I can say the same for you." Chase said, noting that Dustin was having the same reaction watching his pecs flex and bulge as he continued to methodically work the pair of dumbbells in his grasp. It was like watching a roadmap form on the man's arms as his biceps and triceps flexed and bulged, causing Dustin to lick his lips. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Dustin whispered into his partner's ear. "Head to the shower and fuck? Yes." Chase whispered back. It wouldn't be the first time that their workout sessions devolved into steaming passion, and knowing each other, it would certainly not be their last. The two bodybuilders headed towards the locker room in the back before heading to the shower facilities in the gym. The buff pair could hear one of the showers running as they entered the otherwise empty locker room area to undress, but didn't give it a second thought. The wet gym shorts were placed in their locker, although that moisture wasn't entirely caused by sweat, as their growing and drooling arousals proved otherwise once they were free to the world. The pair flexed a bit once they were exposed to the world, admiring the progress the other was making before heading into the shower room. Their ripped bodies looked practically identical, their big dicks grew as they flexed; Chase licked his lips as he stroked his 12-inch long, wrist thick cock. Dustin smiled, his 10-incher already fully at attention. A thin veil of steam covered the room as hot water flowed out freely. Chase pressed Dustin back against the tiled wall, reaching up to squeeze and grip against the huge pecs of the muscle man. The lovers were mashed against each other, taking up at least two stalls. Chase was practically on top of Dustin, mouths connected and sliding along each other. Their groans grew louder as Chase pressed their hips together, squeezing their throbbing dicks between them. The impressive lengths slid against each other, already leaking precum down to the floor. Dustin gripped and squeezed Chase's bulging pectorals as they slid down the wall. He grunted while they groped each other, tongues never leaving each other's mouths. Suddenly, Chase paused in their lustful smooching and blinked, looking to Dustin again and then swiveling his head with a grunt. They had heard the showers running as they entered the locker room, but now that sound had stopped and the steam cleared. Now they saw him. Towering over the two bodybuilders was a giant, at least seven feet tall. His back faced the stalls in which Dustin and Chase were partially obscured by the steam. Every inch of him bulged with unbridled power. His thighs had to be bigger then their own, with a powerful pair of legs that held up that mighty form. Dustin and Chase couldn't see his face over the giant's massive pecs, but their cocks both immediately twitched and spurted a jet of pre. "Jeez..." Chase whispered, looking up and down at the beefy male in the shower, "Are you seeing this?!" It seemed like the man hadn't noticed that he had company in the showers as he continued to clean up, water glistening off of his skin as he turned slightly, letting the bodybuilders see more of his massive form. The first thing that they noticed was that the giant they were spying on was hung like a horse. His cock had to be over a foot long, even while flaccid, and thick as a beer can. They tried not to drool before they saw the perfect eight-pack of abs he was sporting, at which point they gave up trying. Just the sight of watching this muscular god was clouding their mind and judgment. "Holy fuck..." Chase said, wiping his mouth to remove some of the drool. Both of their cocks throbbed between them, threatening to erupt at any moment. In that moment, Chase and Dustin wanted nothing more than to service and worship the man in front of them. "Liking what you see?" the man said with a devilish smirk, looking down at the two of them. The two men suddenly froze up as they looked into the eyes of the giant. He wasn't just buff, but handsome as well, his body bulging with a bevy of perfectly defined muscles and shining so spectacularly from the shower. Chase was stunned speechless, actually starting to pant a bit watching the big man show off. Dustin, however, was a bit more worried. "You're not upset that we were spying and ogling you?" He said, not realizing that he was unconsciously stroking his dick. "Heh, not at all." He said, "Won't be the first time, won't be the last. Though from the looks of things, you guys pretty well built yourself. Name's Brent." Brent extended one of his beefy arms and helped lift Chase off of Dustin, who hurriedly got to his feet as well. "Why don't I help you out? Hell, you two look like you're about to pop just by looking at me." Brent chuckled, eyeing their impressive erections. The two men went wide-eyed as they were invited to join him. Brent flexed his pecs at them as they made their way towards him. The free show was removing all inhibitions from Chase and Dustin's lust-addled minds. "Fuck..." Chase said, Brent's musk starting to fill both men's senses with his pure male scent, "You're so fucking huge!" Brent laughed and flexed a bit more. "Feel free to feel, if you want." The two didn't need a second invitation. Chase reached up and grabbed at Brent's arm as he flexed it, feeling the rock-solid mass. Brent guided his hand onto his pecs and tensed, trapping it there as the muscle exploded with size. “Fuuuuuuck you’re amazing... Fucking pecs so big, so solid...” All Chase could focus on was the hardness of Brent's body - even without flexing, it was like trying to push into a brick wall, there wasn’t a single millimeter of give. Chase put both hands on just one of those pecs and tried to make a dent. His blush deepened as Brent smiled and flexed, easily pushing back. Dustin, however, had something else in mind and grabbed Brent's cock, giving it a squeeze as well, only to gasp when he couldn't! That flaccid cock was hard as a rock, and only getting harder as he felt it pulse and throb between his digits. "Mmmmm...." Brent said, lightly flexing his shaft, Dustin stroking the massive piece of man meat getting harder and fatter in his grasp. The men's own throbbing erections were ignored as they felt compelled to get Brent as hard as he could. The muscle monster had his hands at the back of his head now, biceps so fantastically awesome swelling at either side of his face as Brent began thrusting his hips between the two bodybuilders. Thick, writhing veins throbbed across the surface as Brent's monstrous endowment grew and bulged! Like a beast awakening from a long hibernation, Brent's enormous prick surged upwards, the frighteningly massive head of his cock doubling in size as it was filled with pure power. They started to grind their shafts against Brent's, feeling the massive stud's heat under their manhoods. They could actually feel the muscle god's heart beating through his throbbing cock as it reached it's full 20-inch length. Dustin traced his fingers along the throbbing veins before he started to tease at Brent's urethra, gazing in awe at the fist-sized knob. Chase wrapped his hand around the base of the massive shaft; his thumb and fingers could stretch not more much than half of the way around Brent's girth. The penis was as hard as stone and incredibly hot to the touch. Chase tried to wiggle it. It was too hard. He couldn't move it off center even slightly! Apart from its shocking length and girth, a complex grid of thick veins that webbed the entire length and breadth of Brent's cock. Beneath, each grapefruit-sized teste was riddled with so many veins the sight of them rising and falling against Brent's crotch as it pumped raw testosterone into his muscles caused Chase to audibly moan. "Heh, you guys are eager to go, aren't you?" Brent said as the two bodybuilders started to work on his massive cock. He moaned out as their skilled fingers traced his throbbing veins as they worked his shaft masterfully. "Fff....Fuck!" Brent moaned, "You two are turning me on so much." The compliment from the muscle god seemed to give them energy as they picked up the pace, making sure every centimeter of his arousal was licked, stroked, or rubbed. And in return, they were rewarded with a fountain of pre pouring from him, as well as their own throbbing dicks. Dustin went to work sucking on Brent's head and glans while Chase gripped the shaft in both hands, squeezed tight, and started jerking slowly, swiveling his hands around the shaft as he went up and down. Spit and precum oozed from between Dustin's lips, providing Chase with plenty of lubrication, plus extra to leak down to Brent's heavy balls. Brent sighed and put his heads behind his head, leaning back on the tiled wall and closing his eyes as the two pleasured him. "Aw yeah..." he moaned, shoving a few inches of meat further into Dustin's throat, who was accommodating more and more of Brent's member. After a while of this, Chase stopped stroking Brent's shaft and straddled it, his cock leaking on the muscled god's chest. Brent smiled as Chase leaned in for a kiss. The two made out lustfully while Dustin continued to milk Brent, who was enjoying it more and more as he could feel the impending orgasm. Chase thrust against Brent's body, smearing him with copious amounts of precum and rubbing it in to the man's pecs, licking it up afterwards. Brent brought his arms on either side of Chase and tensed his muscles, making his chest pop out. Chase groaned and buried his face in there, licking, kissing, worshipping the powerful stud. "Flex for me. Show me those huge muscles," Chase begged between kisses. Brent grinned, bringing his arms to either side of him and flexing his biceps. Chase's mouth went from Brent's chest to an arm, licking and kissing the mountain of muscle. Dustin stopped his blow job and joined in, his lips and tongue liberally exploring Brent's body. Chase dismounted, standing on the opposite side of Brent as Dustin. Dustin stopped his worshipping and brought his lips instead to Chase's. The two made out hungrily, their bodies sandwiching Brent's enormous cock, precum leaking liberally from all three of them. All three men rubbed themselves against each other, Chase and Dustin each having a hand stroke Brent's mammoth cock, while Brent squeezed their glutes. It was when Brent felt the two bodybuilders start to move in unison that he felt this orgasm starting to rise. Both of them began grinding their shafts against his balls before moving lower and licking on the underside of his shaft, Brent couldn't take it any longer and the two men felt the gargantuan cock between them grow even larger. "FUUUUUUCK!" the stud roared, his hips bucking up, thrusting into Chase and Dustin's hands as they jerked him. Cum rocketed out like a firehose, dousing the three of them in thick, creamy seed. Dustin put his face in the stream to get a taste, only to be knocked away by Chase, who tried putting his whole mouth over the hose that was Brent's cock. Dustin tackled him to the ground, licking the cum off his lover's abs in earnest, who began to moan and shoot his own cum from his ten inch cock, adding to the mess. Meanwhile Brent's cock thumped against his body as his cum rained down on them, the walls, and the ceiling. Chase and Dustin stood and raced to grab for Brent's spurting cock, but Chase beat Dustin. He took it in both hands, pumping it feverishly and aiming it at Dustin, who was unprepared for the blast of hot spunk hitting him. The bodybuilder slipped and fell, moaning loudly as he was rained on, rubbing the spunk into his muscled body, arcing his back and writhing on the ground, his own cock exploding in an uncontrollable orgasm. Dustin sat up and licked Brent's erupting cock with Chase, until eventually the storm subsided. Brent's cock continued to throb, short spurts of cum dribbling down its length. He panted heavily, chest rising and falling as he looked down on his two worshippers. "Jesus CHRIST!" Dustin gasped after a few moments panting from all parties. "Oh fuck, I've never cum so hard." Chase groaned as he sat up. Neither man had ever been so turned on in their lives. The smell of cum and sweat filled the shower with an intoxicating musk that drove them wild. "Fuck that was great guys!" Brent said with a sly grin. Both Chase and Dustin stared at Brent in awe, both thoroughly hosed in cum from Brent's monstrous load. Despite their own incredible sexuality, the bodybuilders stared at Brent like some great god. Both of their impressive dicks grew hard again as their assholes twitched anxiously, not knowing if Brent's beast would tear them apart but too turned on to resist trying. "So, who wants to go first?" Brent said with a sultry look in his eyes. Dustin and Chase looked up in shock, still trying to catch their breaths. "Oh never mind that, I'll fuck both your brains out anyways. You! Now." Brent said, pointing at Chase. He merely nodded in agreement, quickly bending over, and propping up his ass. Brent drove his still wet and throbbing 18-inch cock in. There was a meaty, churning sound from deep in his guts as Brent's brutal penetration reshaped his intestines into a sleeve for his cock. Despite his enormous size, the head slid in with relative ease, and had Chase pissing precum immediately. Dustin stood up and stuck his tongue into Brent's willing mouth. Brent groaned as he slowly stuffed every inch of his cock into Chase's bowels. Dustin lifted his partner up by the shoulder's until he was eye-level with his cock. Chase grabbed the hard member and easily throated it. Chase groaned as he felt Brent stretch him, a thick bulge obviously visible even through his perfect six-pack. Both Brent and Dustin bottomed out at the same time. Chase was in bliss feeling thick cocks fill him from both ends. His own erection spilled pre out at a steady rate. Brent was the first to pull back. He left only the tip in before slowly thrusting forward again. As the giant thrust in, Dustin began his slow pull out. Slowly but steadily they increased the speed of this rhythm. The back and forth of the group caused Chase's cock to swing up and down, coating the man's chest in clear fluid. Chase used his free hand to rub it in all over his torso. Above him, Dustin and Brent leaned toward each other. Their lips met in another passionate kiss. Brent's thrusts became more urgent. He pushed forward quicker and harder as both Dustin and Chase were forced to hold on to each other for the ride. After several minutes of relentless pounding, Chase cried out around Dustin's cock, his big dick erupting with shot after shot of cum. His moans and clenches caused Dustin and Brent to erupt as well. After a several shots down Chase's throat, Dustin slipped his cock from his man's mouth, spraying down Chase's face. Meanwhile Brent growled as he pressed his spurting cock into the deepest, hottest depths of Chase's muscular body and let himself release. His ejaculation was nearly as copious as the first, and Chase moaned at the spreading, intense heat of all that semen flooding into his belly. They stayed locked together, dripping with sweat, for a further minute or more, before Brent pulled back and his cock slid from Chase with a wet schlorp that was followed immediately by a thick, white creampie pouring from his ass. Chase's legs buckled as Brent let go and he dropped to the ground, his body shaking from the intensity of the fuck. The sight of Brent fucking his lover and overloading him with cum had Dustin was hard as a rock despite having just orgasmed. He turned around, rubbing his firm ass on Brent's cum-covered erection, hotdogging it between his cheeks. Brent grinned, letting his huge member slap Dustin's back, the throbbing cockhead leaking precum all over it. Brent reared his hips back, lining his cock up with the eager hole in front of him, and slid forward, popping inside. Dustin cried out in pleasure, his cock swelling and spurting a huge wad of pre in front of him. Brent sensually thrust into Dustin, bringing his hips way back and slowly pushing them forward again, making his hot ass clench and flex. "Yeah..." he moaned, grabbing onto Dustin's waist and hammering into him. Chase crawled towards the two musclemen and impaled himself on Dustin's throbbing cock. Each thrust caused more cum to spurt out of his stretched hole, both Dustin and Chase were overwhelmed by their new partner. All three studs moaned loudly, bodies rocking back and forth as one fucked the other. Dustin's eyes started to flicker. "Oh, fuck..." he groaned, getting close, overwhelmed by the pleasure attacking him from front and behind. His cock throbbed heavily, and soon he was emptying his load into Chase, who in turn shot his load in front of him, thumping against his chest with every massive spurt. Brent growled and pulled Dustin further back onto his cock, causing Dustin's spurting cock to slide out of Chase. He lifted Dustin above him, sliding him up and down his cock like a sex toy, load after load of cum spraying in front of him. "Oh FUCK!!" Dustin howled, loving how he was being used. Brent snarled and thrust his hips upwards, slamming into Dustin, his muscled arms flexing hard, veins emerging all over them. Dustin was grunted with each thrust, his cock having already spent its load, now shooting blanks. His abs crunched as he was pushed down onto Brent's throbbing member, his mouth open and drooling. "Here it comes," Brent grunted. His cock expanded and blasted Dustin's innards with white hot cum. "Oh fuck..." Dustin groaned, eyes closing, head rolling back. "Oh fuck..." His ass overflowed with jizz, his abs bloating as Brent filled him up. Chase laid under the two of them, letting the excess cum cover his muscles. He moaned and rubbed the cum into his body, smiling with pleasure. "Fuck..." he whispered, eyes closed. Minutes passed as Brent came, each stream of cum slowly becoming smaller than the last one, until finally he uncorked himself, Dustin's ass literally a waterfall of cum. He let Dustin drop to the floor, eyes glazed over and tongue hanging out. "You aren't human, I've never been fucked like that in my life." Chase groans out. "Me either, fuck my cock has never been this raw." Dustin added. "Oh I'm just getting started." Brent chuckled. He stroked his still erect cock, leaning over to give it a kiss. "And I know you guys have a lot more to give." For the first time, Dustin and Chase shuddered, staring at the insatiable muscleman with his 20-inch monster. They gave each other panicked looks, realizing neither had any strength left to fight for flee. At the same time, their minds were still clouded with lust. Their dicks remarkably hardened once again, the promise of more mindbreaking sex too much to resist. For the next half hour, Brent alternated between fucking and sucking the two bodybuilders, driving them each to states of ecstasy. The three of them swapped positions and locations, moving from the showers, to the lockers, to the benches. Pools of cum spread across the floors, marking wherever they fucked. They went from one orgasm to another, not leaving any time to recover. Dustin moaned as he finished his fourth orgasm while held aloft by Brent's cock. Meanwhile Chase had passed out after cumming three more times, the man's dick so raw that it glowed red. Chase woke up spread out across a bench and looked glassily up at the ceiling, unthinking. He had never been so thoroughly fucked. He lay in a growing puddle of semen, unresponsive to stimuli. Every so often, a new burst of hot spunk would pour from his ass, pooling onto the bench and the floor below. As his spent body recovered slowly, He had the impression of action going on around him, but nothing concrete. Body parts were moving in a haze, disembodied voices cried out half-audible epithets. The scent of sweat and sex was heavy in the room, adding a perfumed density to the proceedings. Gradually, his blurry vision coalesced into the image of Dustin being held in a full-nelson by Brent, having his asshole stretched by his monster cock while his legs were pinned back nearly behind his head. The two studs were facing a full-length mirror, the sight of their sweat and cum-covered muscles flexing and bulging as they fucked adding to their pleasure. That Dustin's dick was engorged and spraying cum was evidence of how much he was enjoying the brutal sex. He even craned his head back to suck on Brent's tongue when he offered it, crying out eventually as Brent unloaded what sounded like a gallon of cum up his ass. This time, Brent split his load between Dustin's depths and his face, lifting Dustin off of his pillar and holding him up by the head to cover his features, marking him. Dustin's body was trembling and fucked-out, his legs bow-legged and shaking as Brent rubbed his spurting cockhead on his face. Sperm was leaking from his ass in heavy, degrading creampie - his nose, cheeks, and chin were plastered with semen. Still, there was a contented smile on his face. When Brent's orgasm finally ended, he let go of Dustin, who stumbled backwards, leaning against the mirror to stay upright. The two caught their breath as they stared into each other's eyes. Chase felt a pang of jealousy as he saw the lust in Dustin's eyes. Brent smiled and wrapped his arms around Dustin. The two hugged tightly, Dustin's impressive body seemingly engulfed by the larger man. Dustin gasped as the massive muscles wrapped around him, causing him to squirm beneath the pressure. Brent held him so tightly that he could hardly move from beneath it. Chase rubbed his eyes in disbelief. Were the two of them glowing? "Mmm... you're going to make some great mass for me, dude," the gigantic stud growled in Dustin's ear as he squeezed tighter. Dustin let out a muffled yelp as his head was gripped by the huge mountains. He heard the deep rumbles and the heavy strains of those mounds while he was pulled forward. He jerked and tried to pull backward, pressing a foot against the wall before he was drawn harder. There was no escaping the huge, masculine Venus fly trap. Chase watched in horror as Dustin sank into Brent's body. He tried to call out, to get up, but he was still too worn out. His arms and legs slipped helplessly in the pool of cum as he tried to back away. "Yes... give it all to me..." Brent growled as he tensed, bringing his huge arms inwards. Every squirm sent shocks of pleasure through him while his muscles bulged and rippled, flaring even bigger in front of him. Every inch that sank in caused another few inches of mass to grow throughout the musclegod's torso. Brent practically drooled from the feel ing of the growth moving through his entire body. He could feel the mass adding quickly. Dustin's form was sinking even faster while Brent tensed around him. All of his senses were being overloaded by the gigantic man and the masculine scent meshing into his nostrils. He squirmed, feeling his body becoming numb. Brent growled deeply and pressed against the man's back a bit more. Every push sent a new wave of growth through Brent's entire body, causing him to groan out and snarl in bliss. With a firm, finalizing flex, Brent's gigantic body absorbed the man completely, sealing him off from the outside world. He squeezed his monstrous pecs as they throbbed and bulged, veins pushing to the surface of his flesh while the growth continued. All of the mass that Dustin had was slowly added to his own. Drunk on the power surging within his new muscles, Brent growled in delight as his phenomenally powerful abdominal muscles crunched and flexed with more power. His arms bloated and bulged, inflating like huge, heavy balloons. They were kept apart from the growing mounds of pectoral muscle, pushing against his chin. His chest bounced and throbbed as he rolled his massive shoulders. Between his legs, his powerfully massive endowment thickened monstrously and lengthened, inching further up his chest. Veins pushed up along the massive length, bulging along the surface while the growth rippled along it. Twenty inches became twenty-eight inches of solid cock, capped with an enormous mushroom head. Brent's penis was fucking bestial, throbbing and eager for release. "Mmnh... yeah..." he growled loudly as he watched himself grow in the mirror. He panted and gripped his cock while it splattered pre over his body, grinding upward between his pecs. Nearly eight feet tall and bulging with more muscle than any man had the right to have, the too-huge muscle-beast laughed as he flexed. Chase lay on the ground, frozen in terror. “Mmm, Dustin's muscles look good on me, don’t you think?” Brent flexed an arm and turned to Chase with a malicious grin. "All mine now...." Realizing that Brent knew he had awoken caused Chase to snap into action. He leapt to his feet and charged at Brent. “You son of a bitch!” Chase immediately went to throw a punch, aiming it at Brent's stomach, but Brent simply laughed as the fist bounced off his abs. For the next few seconds he watched as Chase tried his best to hurt him, throwing punches and kicks all over his body, even attempting to tackle him. Nothing worked - the muscle god stood there, jacked up and seemingly invincible, and when Chase tired of throwing shots Brent gathered him up in a bearhug. "N-no..." Chase yelled weakly in response, squirming against the huge arm that pinned him against the enormous pectoral muscle. He huffed and whimpered louder, feeling that arm engulfing him more, shoving him along the crook while taking in the growing scent as the heat increased. "Yes. Worship me. Feel my power." Brent whispered with his deep, powerful growl that radiated through the room. "Feel all this mass Dustin gave me." "Fuck....you..." Chase grunted while he tried to pull away, gripping his arms around the forearm as it bulked and bulged with so much strength and size that he couldn't reach all the way around it. At the same time, he felt himself harden as he pushed against the cords of muscle, feeling them tense and bulge out beneath his touch. "That's it dude...you can't help yourself around your god...fuck I feel your boyfriend filling my balls...gonna churn him up into cum..." he continued while squeezing and tensing his arm to make it bloat even wider. Chase's face was redder than ever, trying to fight himself and Brent. He whimpered as he felt his strength disappear against that forearm that held him tight to Brent's chest. Brent flexed his massive cock, trapped between the two of them, sending a spurt of pre onto Chase's face. "I wanna hear it, Chase..." Brent growled deeply, "Tell me that you can't resist me..." Chase's eyes widened as he heard the command, squirming against the huge muscleman's grasp. His resolve faltered, Brent's musk and muscles overtaking his brain. "Can't... help myself around you," Chase sobbed while he started moving his hips, humping that huge chest tensing beneath him. He needed to worship every inch of the muscle god. Dustin was a forgotten memory, his sense of survival long gone. He shoved his dick against Brent's monster rod while precum gushed from the two of them like a water fountain. His hands moved up and down Brent's back, massaging the rippling mass. "Can't resist you... Gotta... worship every... bulge..." Chase groaned out as he slid his dick between Brent's cobblestone abs, feeling it squeeze his sensitive flesh while it throbbed harder and heavier. Brent chuckled in satisfaction and released him. Chase fell to his knees. The bodybuilder looked so small compared to the grown Brent. He prostrated himself at the muscle-god's feet, hugging and kissing at his ankles. He looked up, eyes huge, and shuddered with lust as he realized how massive, how powerful, how absolutely enormous Brent was. The stud smiled down at Chase and put his hands on his hips. Chase leaned forward, kissing his way over Brent's calves and thighs, one leg at a time. He left no muscle un-fondled as he worshiped his god, unable to stop himself from babbling his adoration. Brent pointed his massive cock to Chase's face. “Kiss it,” Brent instructed. Chase's mind was a haze, a fuzz of sexual stimuli. But his body obeyed. His hands tried to encircle Brent's monster cock. With one hand it wasn’t even close. With two, he was barely able to encircle his shaft. The scent of sweat and sex and cum was growing even stronger. He leaned in and pressed his lips against Brent's cockhead. He extended his tongue and it slid into Brent's slick glans. Chase groaned. He used one hand to stroke Brent's cock as he kissed it, and reached under with the other, taking a hand and gripping his balls, letting those big, churning nuts pour over his palm. They were heavy, and seemed to thrum with power as he hefted them. "Feel that bitch?" Brent asked menacingly. "Feel my big nuts getting heavier? The last bits of your boyfriend are gonna be a nice big load of cum for you." Chase was too far gone to react to Brent's taunts. He let Brent smear his face with pre and force his mouth onto Brent's beast. His jaw creaked. That musky, monster cockhead stretched his lips open, flattened his tongue down, and burrowed to the back of his mouth. Nasty glottal noises came from his throat and his eyes went wide, tears pooling in them. Spit and throat slime first leaked, then splattered from the corners of his mouth and down his chin. Brent fucked Chase's face for a few minutes, never managing to force more than half of his 28-incher down Chase's throat. Finally, sensing his partner was rapidly losing consciousness, he pulled out and let Chase catch his breath. "Your mass... your musk, it's too much," Chase gasped, as he leaned against Brent's crotch, trying to catch his breath. "Oh, my god!" he cried out as he came without touching himself, spraying jets of jizz on to Brent's thighs. Brent groaned in appreciation, his cock throbbing over Chase's shoulder. Brent bent his legs and crouched down a little, placing his towering penis between Chase's thick quads. Instinctively, Chase began to flex his quads, giving Brent an erotic massage. Brent straightened his legs and he lifted Chase off the floor with his steel-strong cock. Chase gasped as Brent lifted him up, supporting him only with his dick as it stuck out behind Chase's glutes. Brent wrapped his arms around Chase and pulled him in for a kiss. Chase nearly went into convulsions as Brent's tongue penetrated his mouth. They ran their hands up and down each other's muscular bodies. "I'm going fuck you now," Brent growled, excitement growing, "and pump what's left of your boyfriend up your ass." Brent lifted Chase up until his the massive tip of his cock pushed up between the bodybuilder's legs. Slowly, he pushed the grapefruit-sized head against Chase's hole. It looked like there was no way this thing could fit inside. Chase shuddered nervously, knowing he was powerless to stop what was to come. Brent held his cock still and allowed his precum to lubricate the opening. He stared into Chase's eyes. His mighty hands steadily held the stud's legs apart as he waited for the hole to open and welcome him in. "Oh no please! That monster is gigantic, you can't!" Chase begged, knowing it was futile. His heart raced. He took a deep breath and nodded quickly. Brent impaled him in one swift move. Almost instantly, electricity raced through Chase's body. He yowled out loud, but soon was panting and gasping, his ass clenching around the meat that was spreading and stretching him apart. Brent pulled him down hard, watching as his gut distended, stretching around his immense length. Chase could feel his organs being pushed aside as Brent's massive dick filled him up. "Want more?" Brent said to Chase, though the tone of his voice made it clear he was going to get more no matter what Chase said. "Please....fuck....oh fuck..." Chase panted, unable to process anything beyond the massive invader inside him. Brent slammed into Chase's ass again, shoving more of his arm-sized dick into the bodybuilder. Chase's body was forced to stretch and expand around it, bulging his abs upward while spreading him wider and wider. His own dick was throbbing upward, slapping against his own abs as it bounced from the stimulation. Hot pre was oozing from his cockslit, soaking his chest as Brent plunged his 28-inch monster deeper into him. The bulge in Chase's gut was expanding and pushing upward, further stretching his body. Cum squirted back out around the thick member as it surged inside the twitching male. "Fuck...you might rip me apart!" Chase said. He wasn't sure how he was taking such a gigantic length, but it felt too good to ponder for more than a few moments. His waist bulged with the shape of that cock, steadily pushing up through his waist and belly. Squirming, he tried his best to push back, moaning out in bliss. Right at that moment, Brent slammed his muscular hips forward and completely hilted the bodybuilder. His heavy nuts slammed into Chase's ass, and Chase's own nuts bounced against Brent's abs. Brent and Chase roared out, the latter's cock immediately erupting and spraying jizz all over the two of them. His eyes were rolled back in utter euphoria as sensations he never could have imagined coursed through his body. "I'm... yours. You're so big... I can't feel anything but your huge cock..." Chase groaned, gurgling as a bit of precum dribbled from his lips. He choked and coughed a bit as the salty liquid rose up through his throat. There was a tearing sound as Chase's guts were rearranged by the 28 inch, arm-thick monster. Brent lifted Chase's right leg and corkscrewed him around his cock so that he was facing away from him and wrapped his arms and legs up in a full nelson. Brent walked over to the mirror and began pounding Chase up against the glass. For fifteen nonstop minutes, Brent hammered Chase into the wall, until Chase was seeing stars. Then Chase felt the most profound throbbing sensation in his chest as Brent's cock stretched him further. Brent groaned loudly as he came. "Fuuuuuck!" he yelled. His dick jerked violently inside Chase's abdomen and began to explode with cum. Chase's eyes grew wide. The pain and pleasure of Brent's ejaculations became more intense with each successive blast of cum. Chase began to cum again as Brent's load flowed out of his mouth and ass. Finally, Brent was done. He lowered the two of them to the ground, slowly pulling himself out of Chase. As the tip of his cock popped out of Chase's gaped ass, a huge burst of semen gushed out, drenching his legs and the floor. Chase fell into a quivering mess on the floor, his brain short circuited from the overwhelming stimulation. He felt himself being flipped over, his back on the floor and Brent kneeling on top of him. The weight of Brent's body forced Chase's swollen abdomen flat in a deluge of jizz. He couldn’t see his own legs, and he couldn’t feel them either. “Feel.” The command was irresistible, and Chase leaned upwards to feel just one of those biceps, running his fingers along the cords of muscle rippling underneath the smooth skin, feeling the curvature and how it shifted his fingers apart with just the slightest flex. He leaned further forward and pressed his face into those pecs again, letting the hardness shape the soft tissues of his face. “Are you ready to be part of this massive body?” Brent asked through his heavy breathing. The exhausted bodybuilder hesitated before he seemed to make his choice, "I want...no I NEED to be yours...please...please add me to your body and use my mass for yourself." Chase shoved his face between Brent's massive pecs, his face turning deep red. Brent chuckled and immediately flexed them, causing Chase's nose to sink between them. The shameless begging drove the musclegod insane with lust, he decided to graciously grant his request and make it as slow and intimate as possible. The worshipper let out a loud, whimpering moan as he pushed upwards, grinding himself against them while Brent flexed and tensed his huge chest. Brent savored Chase's muscular body. In long teasing strokes, the massive stud used his tongue to trace Chase's neck, then delts, then made his way slowly down his chest. He flickered over the other man's nipples, biting at them. Brent's hands held Chase down by the wrists at one end, pinning him with his hips at the other. He leant in and kissed Chase slowly and deeply, tongue shoving slowly into the other man's mouth. They smiled at each other as they began to glow. Chase was silent, only biting his lower lip while he stared at the huge man. Brent enveloped Chase in his huge mass, his throbbing cock sliding between Chase's legs and up his back. Chase took in a deep breath, intoxicated by the masculine musk surrounding him. This time, Chase knew what was happening, a delighted groaning moan and whimper escaping him as the process began. "This...was what was always meant to happen...what I always wanted to happen...I never knew until now what my purpose truly was but this is it...fuel for a greater male...a god...thank..you...for..everything...sir." Chase felt himself weaken. "Yes... you are mine.. Make me bigger," the huge man rumbled as he brought a hand along the back of the Chase's head. Without another word, that huge hand pulled it forward. Chase's head easily sank between the mountains of muscle, tugging him slowly deeper into Brent's body. Brent gave a deep moan that vibrated through the entirety of Chase's body. Deeper Chase sank, his shoulders and chest sinking in. Brent tensed and flexed, pulling more of Chase forward, thighs now starting to disappear into his great mountains. Brent grinned and let his body work. The man's legs were engulfed by his enormous thighs and quads. He let go of Chase's arms, letting them drift back to his sides as he trailed his fingers along Chase's wide back. He reached around and rubbed his godly pillar of cock, feeling it bulge as Chase's mass began to flow into it. He took a heavy breath and rolled his shoulders, causing his mountainous pectorals to bounce a bit. Giving one last kiss to the top of the head of his prey, Chase sank away into the musclegod, disappearing into the mammoth mounds of muscle. After the deed was done, Brent panted roughly. A warmth spread through his body as his heart pulsed hard. Brent bounced his pecs, already feeling them grow as Chase turned into more muscle for his powerful body. The musclegod threw his head back and let out a deep groan that got progressively deeper while his muscles glowed. His arms expanded, tensing up as veins laced from his shoulders all the way down to his wrists. His biceps inflated like balloons, gurgling and creaking as Brent roared with delight, until they were nearly twice the size of the giant's own head. Brent growled as his arms swelled - they were so huge they wouldn't be able to rest straight down by his side. For a brief moment, Brent doubled over, his chest suddenly feeling like it was trying to pull itself apart. His massive pectorals started to swell in rapid convulsions, his chest pushing up against his chin and preventing him from looking downwards. Those manly muscles pulsed and ached, and it was all Brent could do not to grab and squeeze them, his pecs so enormous they nearly hid his face from view. Across his body, curves were becoming more pronounced, valleys becoming deeper between each massive muscle. Between his legs, his groin pulsed and fattened, filling more space between his huge thighs. He gripped his massive cock tightly and stroked slowly, growling to himself while it spread his thickening digits, getting longer and wider, unable to close his hand around even half of it. He watched it grow and extend before his eyes, gushing precum like a geyser. He groaned and brought his arms up to flex, his gigantic biceps squeezing his head as he did. He turned his head to take a whiff of his own intense musk and climaxed, sending blasts of seed spraying twenty feet across the room. Brent's body thickened, his lats swelling up rapidly to match his pecs, the musclegod's body quickly growing wider and taller it had been before, although his waist didn't change at all. Because of that, it made him look even more exaggeratedly muscular, his overgrown body flexing and throbbing as it grew. His back muscles grew so defined and cut that as he flexed and breathed in deeply it made the Grand Canyon look small in comparison. His legs widened more and more, his calves growing so huge that they pushed each other apart and fought for space, more veins lacing down to his ankles as his thighs grew to match. As Brent grew and grew, he felt himself up compulsively, groping himself utter abandon. The musclegod ground his now 3-foot long monster cock between the mirror and his chest, wringing climax after climax until he was literally coated from head to toe in his own boiling spunk. Finally, the glow faded and his growth slowed, veins receding as his lust-clouded brain cleared. His monster cock softened, hanging down past his knees, drooling onto the floor. Standing back from the drenched mirror, the grinning Brent surveyed his handiwork, nearly overwhelmed by the unbridled might that surged through his veins. He now stood over eight feet tall and at least five feet wide, save for the fact neither his arms nor his legs could hang straight down anymore. His freaky quads were fucking mountains, shredded and rippling and so overdeveloped every fucking muscle was roiling like cables under his skin. They were so huge in fact, that even with his stance adjusted so wide the two masses were still grinding against each other, the slightest of movements causing the muscles to bulge magnificently. Lifting up his incredible arms, Brent flexed them as hard as he could, not caring that he had lost some flexibility since the beginnings of his growth when he realized just how jacked they had become. His growth had pushed him to the absolute limit. His veins throbbed whenever he flexed, every fucking muscle group swelling with power at the slightest of whims. It would be a few days before his body condensed his new gains, compressing the power into mounds of muscles as hard as granite. He estimated he'd shrink down to maybe seven and a half feet tall, four feet wide, enough to regain his flexibility. Until then, Brent would enjoy his overpumped body, reveling in the power coursing through him. Brent smirked and growled monstrously. “All mine…” he whispered with a deep snort and a heavy growl, rubbing his pecs once more before he relaxed, closing his eyes and rumbling heavily. "Guess I gotta hit the showers again..."
  16. I decided to share a story, I have been working on Chyoa. The main theme is not the growth or encounters of a character but about a place itself called Bonerville, where (mostly) all guys are towering, hulking studs with cocks that belong on horses, and women are fit, busty, fertile sluts who like nothing else but to worship and fuck these super-studs. The first part would feature the encounter of Matt, a porn star and bodybuilder character, and Nikky, a young, confident, busty and fervent slut who works at a gas station just outside of the city. So, please, enjoy! (It will mostly include hetero couplings, so if that's not your coup of tea, you might still enjoy the descriptions and actions of the studs.) _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter 1 - The Gas Station Around two miles away from the outskirts of Bonerville, Nikky Jonas was working at a gas station as a cashier. The 21-year-old blonde employee was not in a great mood. Actually, she was pissed. She had just recently broken up with her boyfriend, because he had cheated on her with Vanessa, her (now ex-) best friend. Ugh what a fucking ass!, she was thinking as a notification of a new message buzzed through the room. It was her ex, Andrew, who wrote: "Alright fine, babe! I am sorry. u ain´t got 1 ugly ass! But have u seen vanessas? just daaaamn" "Girl, u gotta admit her bubblebutt is thick as fuck!" She replied, angry and speechless: "Wtf is wrong with u!??? aren´t u at least feeling a lil bit sorrow about hurting my feelings???" She couldn't believe what an actual asshole he was. She stopped typing, as she had to wipe away a tear. Nikky could not believe she had fallen for that ... pig. And why was she still having feelings for him...?! She managed to pick up her mobile again and wrote: "U know what? just fuck off!! and don't ever call or message me again, asshole!!" With that she clicked on 'Block User'. She was breathing heavily, feeling increasingly mad, frustrated and very disappointed. It was a good thing to finally block him, though. She was glad that there was not one customer at the gas station, so nobody had at least noticed her breakdown. And ... she COULD check on her makeup, since no one needed her attention for now, she reckoned. Desperately, she looked at the door to the staff's bathroom. She could actually risk it. "Why the hell not?", she was thinking to herself. It's not like she had other shit to do, as there still weren't any people at the gas station. She smiled excited and couldn't believe she actually enjoyed the lack of customers for once. She quickly grabbed her light-pink colored purse with those golden zippers and headed straight to the staff-toilet. The bathroom actually really wasn't that awful as she thought it would be. It was clean, smelled ok and the toilet worked without any problems. SO glad I don't have to use the public toilet!, she thought as a disgusted shiver ran down her spine. She put the purse on the washbasins shelf and examined herself in the window. Damn, I am a mess, she thought. For her standards, she really was. The long shift, desert heat and shitty problem with her ex did their job. She looked tired, grumpy and frustrated. Her dark eyeliner was quite a mess, the pink lipstick on her puffy lips was pale and her hair which had been pinned up to a cute high bun was tangled up. She had to admit tho, that her messed up hair had something special to it. Quite bad ass, of course in a slutty way. Luckily her fake eyelashes seemed to still be there where they should be and working partially in the sun clearly had not made her tanned body paler. Nicky grabbed the pink lipstick and slowly with experienced strokes she put on a new layer. A few seconds later she was done and looked pleased at the mirror. Perfect. Before she would focus on the rest of her outfit, she had to examine her pretty face a bit further. She really was narcissistic, she had to admit. At least I am not such a cold-hearted bastard like Andrew! A new anger wave flowed through her body, followed by sadness as she had to think about Andrews quite buff body and that delicious penis... No, she would never ever go back to that asshole again. He had definitely broken her heart too often. Enough was enough. She took a deep breath and continued inspecting her body. Her large perky EE tits were certainly not the biggest ones in Bonerville. But for her short frame, standing at only 5'3'', they seemed larger as they actually were and were perfectly sized. And they were big enough to stretch out her cashier outfit. Although she was wearing a bra underneath it, her boss had insisted on it, her always-erected nipples were still noticeable through the fabric. Nikky grabbed one of her jugs and felt the weight of it. She then pressed both together and straightened her pink uniform top. God, how much she just loved these two! With a happy smile she shook her torso slightly to make them bounce. "Hehe, Andrew will never ever see these two naked again!", Nikky thought almost mischievously while she kept on smirking. His bad, not mine! Stupid ass.... Again, she had to think about Andrews athletic muscular body and his big cock. God, she was horny. She turned around while still facing the mirror to have a look at her tight, rather small but fit booty. It was definitely not the thickest either, but the fitness babe's ass was perfectly round and still quite jiggly. Not as much as Vanessas, though, but she was proud of it anyways. Right now, it was covered by the white, fabric of her tight uniform shorts. Nicky was not a fan of her summer college job, but at least the outfit is slutty, she thought and smirked while showing her perfectly white teeth. Sudden motor sounds of a car about to park at the gas station made Nikky look away from the mirror. She quickly grabbed her belongings and left the bathroom. The moment she had arrived at the cash again, a man stepped out of the arrived car. Two things really surprised her. First, the car, and second the driver of said car. The vehicle was a dark-blue Lamborghini. While the sight of such a car was not unusual for city and suburb folk, she had not experienced any type of sport car to hold at the gas station just once since she started working there. But she was even more surprised by the person that had emerged from the car. He was tall, at least 6'2'', and very muscular. His legs and stomach were partially covered by the cars side, so Nikky could only see a portion of his whole body. However, the things she could actually look at made her immediately attracted to the guy, and she could already feel her tight pussy getting wet from just looking at his handsome stature. _Omg, he is hot! _she thought and had to bite her lip to suppress her horniness. He really was looking unusual. Unusually handsome. Even for Bonerville standards, which were very high. First of all, his face. He had short, stylish, very dark hair that was particularly short on the sides. He had shaved his beard as the area around his mouth was completely hairless. His dark blue eyes seemed to be very intelligent but also full of fire and passion. The most impressive features of his face, though, were his high cheekbones, angular looking face shape, rough chin and his wide neck, which seemed very fitting to his overall body size. To sum up, his face was three things at the same time: tough, handsome and friendly. What a perfect mix, Nikky thought as she loved tough guys that knew how to treat a horny girl right. That he also seemed quite nice was rather a bonus which she actually was fond of. And she had to admit, she really could not wait for him to enter the store to pay for the gas. Speaking of which, the guy grabbed one of the gas discharging hoses with ease to fill his car's tank. Noticeable now was his massive bicep that stretched out his white t-shirt. His arm muscles were covered with veins; some seemed even almost as wide as Nikky's little finger. Nikky could not stop herself from biting her full lips as she was further observing his body. He was definitely her type. Apart from having massive biceps, the rest of his torso seemed equally muscular. He had huge pecs, that stretched out his shirt almost as much as Nikky’s tits did her tank-top but were even larger than her jugs, considering how much taller and bigger he was. Furthermore, under his top he seemed to have an 8-pack that was visibly through the fabric, and a rather thin, fit waist. A couple of minutes later, he had finally finished filling his sport car with gas and walked around the back of the vehicle to reach the shop. When he entered the store, his legs were clearly visible. They were equally muscular and strong. Covered by light blue jeans, they were bulging out the clothing. But something caught the young bimbo's eyes, that she hoped she would come across but wasn't expecting at all: There was a massive bulge in his trouser! Reaching almost down to his knee was one of the biggest and thickest dick bulges she ever had the honor to meet. But what was most incredible was the fact, that it seemed completely soft, too. Holy...fucking...shit!' Bella muttered in her mind while starring at his crotch. The hunk started to smile. "Like what you see?", he asked her; his deep voice was rather kinky and relaxed then off-putting. He chuckled and looked at her with a big grin on his handsome face, showing his perfectly white teeth. "Uhm maybe...." Nikky answered him, being quite surprised he was so direct. Her head turned red as she clearly was lying. She really did fight to hold back her attraction to the guy, as she started to bite her puffy lips even more while playing with her bimbo blonde hair and kept on staring at his massive body and his equally hot stud bulge. "But... uhm, didn't you want to pay for the gas?", she asked him, as she was trying to stay professional. His grin grew bigger. "Oh, yeah. When I entered all I wanted to do was just to pay for the gas and drive on to the city, but I certainly did not expect a babe like you working here!" And in fact, he too was examining Nicky. Staring at her young, large tits, her slim waist and wide hips, he continued: "You are looking fine as hell... Nikky." (He had looked at her name tag on her stretched top). She blushed even more, honoured by his words. While she had heard people calling her pretty and slutty a lot before, she was very thrilled to hear HIM say that to her. And he really seemed to be meaning it! She bit her lip and looked up at him. "Ooh, stop it!" She laughed, clearly embarrassed. "It's true, though! I don´t lie to a girl like you, hun!" She blushed again, flattered by his seemingly honest words. And he was clearly flirting with her, which she really did not mind. "Well actually.... you are like super hot as well!", she admitted, blushing again. He laughed. "Well, thank you! Glad you enjoy my body." He chuckled as he started to show off, flexing his massive bicep teasingly. She bit her lips once more. "You really like .. uhm...make me horny, you know?", she admitted. However, she still was quite unsure how he'd react. But as his handsome grin turned into a kinky smile, she was sure, he was starting to get horny as well. And in fact, his bulge seemed to have grown in size since they had started talking. He lowered his voice a bit as he teasingly asked: "Well, why don't we go somewhere more private?" Surprised by that direct question, she tried to fight her very horny to stay rational. She blushed again; this time even more embarrassed. "But what if somebody catches us ... like ... uh ... I am gonna lose my job and all..." "Oh, come on. I am sure that nobody will mind hearing us. I mean it's Bonerville after all!" "It's ALMOST Bonerville ... but I guess... you are right", she grinned teasingly. "See?" He nodded, but still seemed unsure what she was thinking about his kinky idea. "So.…? My offer still stands", he smirked as he looked down at her short but curvy figure. Her aroused smile grew brighter. "Ok", she answered concisely. She bit her puffy underlip once more and grabbed her small purse from the shelf. "Follow me then, stud", she kept on smirking at him while she looked around nervously to make sure that there still was nobody at the gas stations store. Yep, still nobody. Perfect. She steered towards the office that was next to the staff toilet. Her white Nike sneakers seemed to float as they barely touched the floor. She let her fit hips swing so that her athletic bubble butt was bouncing in her tight shorts. Nikky turned her torso towards him and signalled him with a bright smirk and another bite on her lip to follow her. The mountain of a main grinned at her mischievously and together they entered the office. X They soon had made themselves comfortable on the big sofa of the office. Matt's muscular physique, the envy of many gym goers, made the furniture beneath him bend, while Nikky sat on top of him, her fit and plump bubble butt positioned on his wide muscular lap, just inches away from his semi-erect enormous bulge. The two french-kissed, their tongues engaged in a vortex-like entwinement as their lips pressed on another, drenched in their mixing saliva. Nothing could be heard besides the creaking sofa, the wet and carnal sounds of tongue fighting tongue and Nikky's own passionately sweet moans. Finally, Nikky released herself from him and they stopped kissing. She then admitted: "Gosh, I needed that! Being all alone out here... is like really lonely..." She made a gloomy face, clearly playful to get an emotional response from the stud. He of course did not fall for her acting, even as there seemed to be some truth in her words. This gas station was truly abandoned, and he was not sure if she was working there voluntarily or if somebody had made her do it. Nevertheless, Matt started to grin, clearly still enjoying himself, even though they had stopped making out (for now). "I bet", he answered with a comprehensible tone. "I would never want to work here. This place seems more boring that a monastery!" He laughed, trying to make her feel comfortable to lure an answer out of her. It seemed odd to him, that such a bombshell of girl was working at this abandoned gas station far away from the city; even though he did not really care a lot. He was still rather curious though, which didn't occur often, especially when he was talking to hot babes and only wanting to fuck them hard. And she was hot as hell and Matt definitely wanted to get in her pants. Preferably, as easy and swift as possible. He didn't have all day, only a couple of hours. Enough for one, two rounds, nothing serious though. Making sluts feel comfortable and being understood always made them be more willing to open up their legs wide for him. And Matt was good at playing with them, and he enjoyed it most of the time, although it sometimes could turn awkward and become time consuming. Usually that made the sex even more enjoyable, though. His tactic was working, as the rather not-so-bright young bimbo on his lap stopped smirking back and genuinely seemed sad and frustrated. She pressed her puffy lips together before breathing out heavily. Nikky stopped looking at him for a brief second, probably caught by her unpleasant thoughts, before returning the eye contact. "Yeah...", she said, smirking with a frustrated tone, as she probably was happy that somebody at least was sharing her feelings. "This place really is shit!" She smirked shortly, affected by Matt's handsome smile. "But like ... uh... I have to work here. Because of my asshole father ..." She groaned, giving vent to her anger. Damn, she is upset, Matt thought as he was already regretting asking her at all. He really did not need his hookup to cry out her personal stuff. "Uh, why - why is it your dads' fault?", he was asking, trying to make her feel like he would actually care about her problem, playing along. Dude, why are all bimbos you make out with always turning so quickly in Drama Queens? , he thought meanwhile, truly not in a great mood. He guessed that was the prize they had to pay for being so goddamn fuckable. She didn't answer, instead looked embarrassed and blushed, grinning awkwardly. "You don't wanna know!" "Alright", he answered. He really didn't need to know. "Your call." She looked at him for a while, unsure what to do. Matt imagined her little brain-cells working hard on what to say next. Matt grinned. She really didn't look that bright, but he had to admit, he was a bit too harsh on bimbos like her when he was trying to find out their actual IQ. Usually, the smaller it was, the easier it was for slut-hunters like him to make them be willed to hop on his lap. Hers seemed to be somewhere in between being a brain-dead cock-hungry Bimbo and a somewhat intelligence slut that knew what the result of 2 plus 2 is. He wasn't surprised yet didn't really expect that either. He had met quite a few classically busty cheerleader/gym-slut bimbos whose implant sizes had a bigger score than their IQ's, which, admitted, actually wasn't that hard, as most of them truly had huge fake puppies. Matt had to smirk at his last cheerleader encounter. A girl named Candy. Just 5 feet nothing, apparently 21, although he wasn't sure about that, but who cared, with tits bigger than her goddamn head. Boy, how much he had loved groping her silicone jugs with his large hands, playing with them for at least an hour before he gave it to her like the begging bimbo she was... "My dad was uhh.. mad at me when I made out with - well- one of his hot interns.", Nikky finally answered, disrupting Matt's passionate day-dream. Matt grinned even brighter. Yeah, alright. She truly is a slut!, he thought to himself. Easy prey. XX After Nikky told Matt the reason why she's been working at that particular gas station, confirming the hunks feeling that she indeed was an airheaded slut, both of them seemed even eager to go at each other. Making out passionately, Nikky remained "seated" on Matts large lap, clearly enjoying every inch of his massive body; grabbing hold of his chest and shoulders at any time her pretty hands were in reaching-proximity. Regarding Matt, he was an obvious sucker for her short, yet excessively busty and fit stature. Being a, literally, huge fan of skinny, fit gym babes, the bimbo on his lap portrayed almost everything he desired. Hence, the recently soft bulge in his stretched jeans was starting to grow and to expand the fabric even more. Nicky being in a passionate trance hadn't noticed it so far, until she suddenly leaned back, which resulted in her firm ass pressing on his aroused organ. Gasping in surprise and lusty excitement, she immediately stopped worshipping him and instead looked down at his crotch and finally spotted his now fully erect anaconda straining the fabric of his jeans, to an quite comical extant. As a heavily mixed feeling of lust and passion overcame her, she simply responded by biting her puffy lips, trying to suppress it. "Wow... I ... like.. I didn't know you would grow that ... much, when turned on." Sliding off his lap to get a better look at it, she kneeled in front of him, touching his steel-hard shaft intrigued. "Gosh...Pull those jeans off, I wanna like see it for real..!", she added in a surprisingly demanding voice. Smirking at her sudden obsession, Matt seemed pretty happy, if not at all surprised. Whenever a chick would notice his fully erect size, he had only experienced two reactions thus far: either they would freak out, call him a mutant and run away, scared, but later bitter they didn't at least give it a try, or, as in Nikky's case, would just simply turn into a brain-dead nympho.. Now, a cock size like the one Matt was spotting, wasn't a super-rare occurrence in Bonerville. At least half of the population was consisting of massively hung and very muscular hunks. While a third of those were "only" gifted with a cock as big as a foot or 12 inches (called "Basic Studs"), another third was already spotting dicks with sizes ranging up to 16 inches ("Beta Studs") while the last and final third was divided between Alpha Studs and Super studs. Alpha Studs, their colossal dicks reaching sizes of up to 18 inches, were making up the majority of this last third - about 70 percent of this group. Being immensely hung, they were adored and loved by any woman that was brave enough to spread her legs for their anacondas. Now Matt's monstrous dick was 20 inches long. Therefore, he was one of the about two dozen studs or so in Bonverville that made up the last group. "Sure", Matt answered, still with a wide grin on his face. "If you free those two juicy puppies of yours.", he concluded, pointing to her erect titties, that were stretching out the thin fabric of her tight top even more as before. Nikky giggled. "Ok, fine", she nodded and got up from the floor again. "Enjoy the show..!" She invited Matt to lean back on the sofa, making himself comfortable while watching her. Nikky was stepping back a few feet, keeping eye-contact, wanted to knew exactly where he was resting his sight. Right now he was keeping eye-contact as well, his mouth formed to a horny grin, leaning back, looking all chill and cool, his mighty cock sticking up into the air. She bit her lip again, when her gaze fell upon it for a second. God, how badly she just wanted to ride it! Feeling it stretch out her cunt like nothing else she had ever experienced, making her scream and cum... She didn't know Matt was thinking the same. Eyeing her up hungrily. She wasn't the most bustiest or thickest girl he had had the privilege to meet, but her slender and fit cheerleading physique almost compensated that completely. She stripped of her tight top, revealing her large but not massive tits. However, her nipples were incredible. Pink and sticking up high in the air, it was clear she was incredibly aroused. Following her body down, she revealed even more of her body... her very tight and fit waist, her rather wide hips and finally, her tight pussy, leaking a certain amount of juice already, followed by slender yet athletic legs. She spin around, revealing her tight yet perky bubblebutt that jiggled a bit yet remained compact. Matt's smirk grew wider, as she asked him, if he liked what he was seeing. "Oh, yeah, babe. I do. Now, come her and put your cute face to work!" XXX Nikky did as he pleased and knelt in front of his massive legs. A confident and lustful smile on his face, he pulled down his bulged-out pants to reveal his colossal cock which sprung free of its cage, almost smacking her in her gorgeous face. She was too turned on by its sheer size to be shocked as the bimbo-part of her brain took over. Soon, she found herself gagging on his cock as she was blowing him like a true slut, sandwiching his cock between her enormous tits. His hands were on her head, and he kept feeding her more and more inches as he was sitting on the sofa, while she was squatting in front of him. The collision of him against her tits resulted in a constant barrage of loud PLAP! PLAP! PLAP! sounds, while the obscene noises of her face and throat sliding of his stud-cock filled the room: SHLORP! GAG! SHLORP! SUCK! GAG! GASP! SHLORP! After 15 minutes of intense throat-fucking, in which Nikky almost managed to suck all 18 inches of his bull-cock, but found herself almost taping out in the process, he suddenly grunted loud and roared, as he started cumming down her throat, his thick cum flowing out of his cock like a fire hose. But since it was (almost) Bonerville, getting hosed down by gallons of cum of stud-juice wasn't an unusual thing. Hence, Nikky was quite experienced in the art of "giving head" like her generation called it. However, she had never had to deal with cocks that were bigger like Matt's, but neither a lot smaller ones. Her usual size was around 14 inches, with the biggest reaching up to 16 inches. But 18 inches, while not significantly larger, was in fact, and even she realised that, larger. Hence, she wasn't able to suck him balls-deep. But she did try her earnest. And Matt realised that. So, when he finally erupted like a geyser, he appeared satisfied with both the result as well as her job. However, not just was his cock the biggest she had ever had the pleasure to ... meet, but also his cumplosion was the largest she had ever experienced. She tried containing his massive eruption with her experienced mouth. But even she had her limits, as she realised, that she couldn't swallow fast enough, resulting in her her mouth to quickly overflow to the point where she had to let go off his cock and it to unload all over her tits and face, while she continued tit-fucking him, or at least, she was trying to as she was quickly covered in cum like a glazed donut. "Oh, my god!", she managed to utter as she kept getting blasted by his orgasm. "You are drowning me in your cum, Matt!" He only kept grinning and grunting, holding his massive cock with both of his equally massive hands, as it continued to spew his fertile seed. A few second later, after what most have been about overall 15 seconds of constant spurts of his cock, it finally stopped. Gasping for breath, she was completely overwhelmed by the sheer force and volume that had unloaded out his virile weapon. She could feel his cock still between her tits. It felt softer, but barely had shrunken. Her tits were utterly covered in his cum, where even a lake of his potent jizz had formed on top of them, so was her face and - naturally - his cock which was covered in both his own cum as well as her saliva. "God, you glanced me like a fucking donut!", Nikky announced with lust and in disbelieve.. "Oh, yeah I did.", he answered cockily. A smirk on his face, as if it was normal for him - which it definitely was. He then grabbed his cock with one of his hands and stroked it gently, slapping it against her tits once again, making the soft yet firm skin jiggle. "But... I am not yet finished with you! You did a fine job sucking me off like the experienced slut you are. So, lemme return the favour." (End of the finished work)
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    Short Story: Muscle City

    Here's another installment on this series of stories! Hope yall enjoy, and I do take suggestions for the next chapters! --------- "M...mmf" Light falls upon Brad's face as he wakes up, a yawn leaving his face as he sits on his bed, the mattress groaning under his weight. "Mmf...Hey there~" He looked down at his body, smirking at the familiar sight of his massive pecs, his right arm slowly moving to his crotch, slowly stroking his morning wood. He proceeded to lift his left arm as his bicep came to life, veins covering it as he flexed, before proceeding to bury his face on his armpit and take a whiff of his manly musk. "Mmmf...~" This was a morning routine to him, to fully appreciate and worship his body, not an inch ever going unappreciated. He moved his left arm to rub his pecs, playing with his fat nipples as he continued to stroke his cock, a few drops of pre falling to the sheets. "F-fuck..." He started stroking faster, his 10 inches cock throbbing madly as he stroked his cock and groped his body, his lemon sized balls filling up. He had massive, veiny pecs that many times were sucked. His solid 8-pack that could cut class, his rock solid legs that could create holes on the pavement, his firm glutes that could milk the biggest cocks...he was a fucking god, and he loved it. "FFFFUCKKK~" He finally reaches the climax, shooting load after load into the air and covering his body, the sheets, and the ceiling on his seed. After 10 shots, he finally slows down, panting heavily. "Woof...10 shots! Nick won't believe it." Grabbing his hand and licking off some of the cum, he finally gets off the bed, throwing off the sheets into a corner as he walks to the shower. But not before standing at the mirror, seeing his 6'3, cum covered body on it's full glory, his cock with a semi and still leaking some cum. He does a double bicep pose and smirks, walking off to the bathroom to wash himself and clean off the cum off his body. Going out of the shower with a towel around his waist, he chooses his clothes for the day. A nice jockstrap that accentuated his firm ass, some shorts, and a tank top. He didn't needed anything else for the day, nor any other day. "Hehe...Mmph!" He stood once again in front of the mirror, his sight making a noticeable bulge appear on his pants. He cockily gropes it, though, a moan leaving his mouth. He was hot as hell and maniy as fuck. That fact would always turn him on. He eventually leaves the house grabbing his bag, ready to go to the gym. Hia favorite gym was a few corners away from his house, but even so there were many of them on the city. As he walked, he saw many other men walking around. A lot of them in skimpy clothing, some of them kissing or groping their partner. All of them massively muscular and well endowed. This was a city created many decades ago. A city where only men like these live and thrive. One day, years ago, a strange virus broke out among gay men. ONLY gay men. Whoever was affected by it would go through a wild, yet incredibly pleasurable transformation. First their libido would increase, their need for sexual release growing higher than usual, along with their sexual organs growing bigger. Their metabolism would follow, not needing to ingest as much food or liquids to gain energy through the day. Their aging slowed down, making them able to live for much longer than those unaffected. And finally, they would develop muscle mass at a much bigger rate, a few workouts enough to make them gain multiple pounds, and in some subjects, the growth may even occur from flexing or sexual arousal alone. It was a blessing. A miracle. And scientists had no idea why it happened. All men were healthy, MORE than healthy, their bodies showing no abnornalities in any scans. At first it was one or two men in a country. Then 500. Then 1,000. Then 50,000. Soon enough It had become an epidemic, affecting almost every adult gay man in the world and turning them into a God of their own. The world goverments didn't really want to deal with all of this, as such, on a faraway island, a new city was built just for these kind of men. Muscletropolis. And for decades, this place has welcomed these enhanced, godly men, a city built for these men, ruled by these men, where they indulged in all of their deepest needs and pleasures their bodies would give them. Brad finally walks into the gym, the raw smell of sweat and musk hitting him like a welcoming embrace, his cock once again hardening. All around him where men working out in minimal articles of clothing. Some in shorts, others jockstraps, and many in nothing at all. All massive beyond belief, with a need to get even bigger imprinted unto them as they grunted and moaned. "Hey, Brad!" From the other side of the gym, Brad spots his friend Nick, one of the first guys he met when he moved to the city after his infection. He was 6'5, and a bit wider than Brad. "Bro!" The two of them meet and proceed to hold their sweaty bodies close in a bro hug, none of the men of the city afraid of getting physically close. Their bulges rubbed together, Brad feeling Nick's 11 incher, hard as steel, but none of them separating. "Mmf...Nice to see you too, stud~" Nick gropes Brad's chiseled ass, rubbing his bulge against Brad's own before the two of them kiss one another passionately. Everyone in the city was close to one another to this degree. If you has the virus, your inhibitions and reserves would quickly melt away, your libido too high and your need for muscle too strong for any reservations to remain for long. In this city, It was okay to be debacherous, hedonistic, and down to fuck with every muscle stud you laid your eyes own. Many would fuck on the alleys, grope each other without shame, or just walk around naked or with barely any clothes. There was no secrets or shame between these men. "Mmff...bro...I shot 10 loads this morning...isn't that hot as fuck..." "Fuuuck...mmf...and not on my ass, dude?" "Turn around then, big guy. I'll do it right here until you faint on my thick cock." Their cocks were still rubbing against one another, their jockstraps barely able to hold them together. Even so, they break apart with a wink. Nick going back to working with some dumbbells while Brad was ready to work with a barbell several tons heavy. "There we...go...MMPH!" He liftes them with barely any issue, a noticeable bulge still on his crotch as he worked, his arms becoming pumped. "Fuck yes...mff..." Working out his body with the idea of growing even bigger always brought him so much pleasure. Every day since his arrival he's gone to the gym, pushing himself bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger, everything for his own self satisfaction. He needed to be big. He craved it more than anything. And it seems like his body responded to that craving, a pleasurable sensation filling his body as he lifted the barbell. "Hah...MMPH..." His body was growing with every lift, slowly yet surely pound after pound was being added to him, the feeling orgasmic, addicting. The same was for everyone with the virus, every one of these hundred thousand men in the city, and especially those grunting and moaning in the gym. Every rep, every lift, even every flex...it made them all grow. Bigger, taller, stronger, hornier. He took off his shorts, then his jockstrap, having a bit of difficulty with the latter, and then his shirt. Fully naked, he went back to the barbell, ready to keep the pump going, thrusting his hips with every lift. It seems the virus was always active, always mutating within their bodies, making sure their need for size and cock was always there, always growing. It was the reason the world goverments threw them all on an island far away, to stop them from disrupting "normal life" by having almost immortal, incredibly strong, growing muscle freaks running around. "Hufff...mmmff...mmore..." But as Brad kept lifting the barbell, it slowly becoming lighter by the second, his cock joining the growth as it throbbed with thickness, the feeling of lifting so pleasurable he could orgasm right there...this was his normal. Being bigger than any bodybuilder that came before, waking up every morning with a morning wood he couldn't resist jacking off, staring at the mirror and see himself grow wider and taller every day, working out till the sun goes down, fucking and getting fucked until the sun rises, flexing and posing for the world to see, shamelessly walking with a boner for everyone to feel. This was his normal. This was his heaven. "FFUUUUCK~" And as such, he cums, volley after volley falling over him, on the floor, on the ceiling. All around him there were many also climaxing, their own workout so pleasurable they couldn't help themselves, an even louder cacaphony of moans and grunts filling the gym. "Mmmfff...huff..." Eventually, the flow slows down, Brad throwing the now kinda light barbell to the size, standing in a mirror next to him. It was subtle at a glance...but he had definitely grown. Wider, bigger, much more defined. "Hehe..." He groped his still hard cock...He had shot 11 shots, and he still was just as hard as before. Was this a effect of the virus? Was it mutating? Becoming even stronger? Or was he just THAT manly, that powerful? "Fuck yeah...so BIG!" He flexed for himself, his cock throbbing as he felt lust over his reflection, worshipping his arms, his pecs, his abs, his legs, and his oh so beautiful cock and balls. "Look at this, at this fucking stud..." He kept posing for himself, moans leaving his mouth now and then. To say his muscles were basically a sexual organ would not be a lie. "Fuckkk...dude, I need your cock inside me, It's been so long..." Nick came from the side, he also looking slighter bigger. He rubbed Brad's cock with his ass, rubbing it right on the crack. "Heh...fine bro. Let's hit the showers. Been a while since we clogged the drains..." With a smirk and another deep kiss, the two friends walk to the showers, a few of the men following close behind wanting in on the fun. Those were how the days went down on Muscletropolis. A safe heaven of muscle and pleasure for those that were blessed with it's gift. ... "Fuck man, that was so hot!" "Of course It was. I know how this works." Two men watched from far, far away, seeing the events unfold. "A virus that increases their size, their libido, and even slows down aging...put them in a city of just infected, and It's the hottest thing ever, mmfff!~" The louder man stroke his thick cock as he spoke, having cum multiple times as he observed the world's events unfold, and ready to cum again at any second. His companion also had cum multiple times during that, his cock still leaking. "Yup. You need depth and nuance on these kind of things, you know...which is why I hope your next idea is not as swallow as before." "Hehe, of course bro. I'm gonna make something that'll make us cum for hours on end~" At his partner's suggestion, the man's cock twitches. What depraved, decadent pleasures had his partner planned for the next timeline? He couldn't wait to see. And as such, the two proceed on their adventure. Turning all kinds of timelines into pleasurable heavens for their amusement, and to enjoy their limitless power to the fullest.
  18. Vasilij

    Sophie’s family

    The door to the shower opened and two gigantic teenage athletes came into the locker room, torrents of sex juices finally washed from their perfect bodies. Girl and boy, they were equally impressive and powerful. Sophie took her towel to dry off and started with her firm boobs. Owen saw this and his soft dick, already being the size of an average boner, started swelling. - Still not satisfied, gym boy? - giggled Sophie and seductively licked her lips. - I never am, but I can wait. First let’s go to your house. I’d like to meet your parents. Hopefully you don’t have any issues. - Well, mom doesn’t interfere with my dates, but my dad is sometimes… critical. - Critical? - He thinks I should only date “worthy” men, as he says. It’s not like he bullied my previous boyfriends, but he may want to test you. My dad is a bodybuilder too and he loves to compete. - Some family you have, but it will be fun for me. Let’s go! My own dad doesn’t need me right now and, besides, he already knows who is the man of the house. Sophie lived in a single-family house. When she knocked the door, it was opened by a young man, a few years older than Owen and equally muscular, except he was pale and red haired, while Owen was tan and brunette. - Hi sis, that wimp is your new boyfriend? - How did you call me? - asked Owen coldly, clenching his massive fists. - Don’t be angry, Davis didn’t mean to offend you. Davis, this is Owen. I met him at the gym. - So my dick’s not enough for you, sis? - Wait, you guys fuck each other?! - Owen wasn’t disgusted, after he was fucking his own dad, but he was surprised. - If a pussy is next to me, it is mine. - stated Devis, flexing his half hard dick through the jeans. - Actually, big brother, he might be a little bigger than you down there. - We’ll see. Come in, you should meet dad. They went through the house to the door which has led to the back yard. Even before opening it Owen heard loud masculine hoofs and moans. The backyard was made into a training ground. There have been a lot of empty bars, plates, kettlebells, and simple rocks, even the smallest of which would be challenging for an average man to lift. There have also been a few unusually big and thickly built benches. What impressed Owen the most was the user of the weights - an old and already grey bodybuilder at least equal to his own size, though not as ripped, was benching a bar twice the girth of normal bars in the gym, loaded with ten big plates of each side. - Hey there, kids. - said the giant casually, not even slowing the reps - Let me finish this set first. - Wow, that’s more than my usual weight. How much exactly. - 1500… - the man gritted his teeth and struggled in a last rep - pounds! He racked the weight behind his head and it smashed to the concrete floor. Owen mentioned to himself that the old bodybuilder didn’t have anything spitting him, but this beast was too strong to need any. - Dad, this is Owen. He lives in this town and I decided to date him. - Well hello, boy. I wasn’t expecting to see anyone but my kids being so close to me in size. My name is Mitch. - Nice to meet you. - Owen shaked the old man’s hand. - Hey, pops. Maybe we should welcome him into our family and test if these muscles aren’t just for show? - asked David. - You are right. What’s the matter boy, nervous. Owen actually was, for the first time in his life he wasn’t sure if his strength will be enough. Still, he wasn’t gonna refuse the challenge. His motto was: “Any opponent is just a bitch I haven’t fucked yet”. First came the measuring contest between Owen and Davis. Mitch was the judge and he also ordered what poses to make, while Sophie just enjoyed the view. Both studs stroke one mighty pose after another, but each time Owen managed to flex his a little harder, making his muscles swell an inch more and look more defined. Davis was annoyed and strained to outflex him until his pale skin became red, but Owen was still the winner. - Who’s the wimp now? - There is still manhood to measure. - answered Davis. - Make ‘em hard, boys. Sophie, motivate them. The muscle girl was already horned up after watching the bodybuilding skeptical. Without a second thought she took off her pants and underwear, revealing a pussy still tight even after Owen’s savage assault at the gym. Davis got hard first, his duck rising over his navel. - Check this out. That’s the cock that owns this pussy. - You sure? - Owen smirked. During years of practice in gym and bed alike he learnt to control his penis as well and his muscles. With a simple concentration he made his eight inch soft swell to a foot long fuck-sword in just a few seconds. Then he strained a little more, growling: “Come one, grow you fucker!”, and his duck grew two inches more, spurting pre cum on his own pecs. Both Mitch and Davis couldn’t help, but utter “Wow”. Owen proudly flexed his pecs, catching his dick and massaging it with them. He moaned from the feeling and asked: - Bet none of you boys can give yourself a pec job? - That’s just the first round, kid. Let’s see how much you can lift.
  19. tester26

    Brad & Alexa

    A bit of a different style of story for Brad - he's never actually mentioned by name. Thought the voyeur angle was fun to explore. This was very inspired by Slutwriter. Brad & Alexa Chris was expecting his girlfriend, Alexa, to visit him at university during break. She was a kind girl with tumbling dark hair and an impressive curvy figure with large firm tits which she always showed off in the latest athleisure wear. Chris often wondered how he got so lucky. They hadn't seen each other in person for over a month; the phone calls and texts had dried up over the last couple of weeks but he presumed she was just busy with classes. She was due to arrive on the Saturday and so he was puzzled when he got a text from her Friday morning. He opened the message and it was a link that said "A private present from Alexa". Chris was excited. He cast the video to the living room TV, sat on his couch and pressed play. Huge young tits straining against a black shiny sports top that looked wholly incapable of containing these tits filled the screen. They jiggled slightly as her body seemed to shudder. The picture was gradually panning out and her face came into view, her eyes sparkling with sexual mischief. She said "Hello Chris." Chris paused the video and put his hand on his cock, God he couldn't wait until tomorrow. What a pair of tits she had. He loved her. He pressed Play. "I thought you might like to see what I've been up to," Alexa said with a wink. The camera continued to pan out and Alexa's body, especially her tits, seemed to lift higher off revealing a bed she was perched on. Her tits shuddered in their lycra casing and Chris wandered what made that happen. On top of that, her normally toned abs looked oddly distended. Chris wondered if it was a trick of the camera. Then he noticed them. His heart quickened in shock and confusion. As the camera zoomed out, a pair of muscular legs appeared on either side of Alexa. Three seconds later he knew why her body was shuddering and lifting off the bed. The camera showed her torso below her bulging tits but it also showed his powerful thighs flexing. Then his balls came into view and Chris had to stare, he had never seen anything like them. He knew he was not well endowed and these things were huge. The man's sack lurched and swung as it lifted just off the bed as his hips thrust upwards. What was clearly visible within that huge sack were 2 orange-sized balls which looked so full as they lurched and bulged within his scrotum. "Fuck," Chris whispered to himself as he realized they must each be the size of a tennis ball. Chris never felt so inadequate or emasculated. Well for a few seconds anyway. Then Alexa shifted and the huge thick base of a cock came into view, stretching Alexa's pussy. Her eyes sparkled with mischief, as if she could picture Chris's reaction to what he was seeing. She eased her hips upwards and Chris watched open mouthed as a thick shaft eased into view. Inch after inch appeared as her pussy eased upwards. Over 8 inches appeared and still no sign of the crown appeared, then 10, and then 12 inches of huge cock, still no sign of the head of this huge thing coming into view. Slowly she lowered herself down onto him, making a low guttural sound as she did so. She repeated the process time after time after time but it was clearly having a significant effect on her, her body was shuddering with pleasure and her face was flushed. She looked into the camera and said with a smirk: "Life isn't fair, why does he have so much to offer and you have so little." The comment from his girlfriend hurt but Chris had to accept that it was true. Suddenly the man's hips moved and changed from a slow deep grinding screw to thrust up into her. With easy and relentless power this giant cock assaulted Alexa's pussy. Whereas before this had seemed like two equals enjoying a great fuck, it quickly became apparent that Alexa was simply having orgasm after orgasm as this cock relentlessly ploughed her. Chris had thought he was watching Alexa fuck her new man but he quickly realised that what he watching was an incredible stud claiming Alexa's body. On and on he went, minute after minute of driving his hips up into the young busty slut. Her tits no longer jiggled and shuddered, they bounced around her chest within the tight confines of the lycra top. Alexa's tongue fell out of her gaping mouth as she struggled to cope with this relentless assault on her pussy. His hips were lifting off the bed as he drove his huge cock into her. He slid further beneath her and speared straight up into her, changing the angle slightly but not the speed or power of his thrusts. Alexa looked over her shoulder and smiled at her hidden lover with lust-filled eyes as her body shuddered to another orgasm and she gasped, "So deep, so fucking full. I love your cock. So big, God it feels so good." Turning back to the camera she looked into it, at Chris, and said, "You are a loser, your little dick doesn't do it for me. Uhh fuck me stud, show this wimp your magnificent cock. Fuck me". His intensity picked up to another level, driving his huge rod up into her. Alexa let out a series of groans as he savagely fucked her body. From the angle he reached, for a moment Chris saw past his cock and saw his ripped abs flexing and his broad strong chest but not his face. His muscular buttocks were visible to Chris as they flexed and powered up into her. He pulled down and a gap of a foot appeared between them but his cock was still inside of her, just a long shiny endless shaft covered in the foam of their combined juices. Chris saw the man's strong body up to his shoulders this time. Only the face of this muscular tanned Adonis was hidden; that and the tip of his cock which was buried in his girlfriend even when almost a foot of arm-thick cock shaft slid out of her. This really wasn't an exhibition from her, it was the stud's show and Alexa was literally along for the ride. "Oh God, that cock, I can feel it, that hard ridge of your cock head, so deep inside of me!" Alexa cried out. A huge thrust and a deep groan from this stud was met with a high pitched groan followed by a moan of pleasure from Alexa as the first pulse of spunk being fired into her. It seemed that there was a 4 or 5 second period of constant release whilst the base of his cock and his balls released huge quantities of spunk up his shaft and deep into her at high force. There were audible spurting sounds as his virile penis exploded into Alexa, pumping untold amounts of his semen into her twat. There was a pause as his cock slid down; 7, 8, 9 inches of shaft became visible and then suddenly he was driving himself up into her again with another huge release. Chris sat mesmerised as this stud repeated the process time and time again for the best part of 2 minutes. He lost count of the number of huge ejaculations. Alexa was like a rag doll, a passenger on a pleasure ride, unable to control her constant orgasms, her head hung low as she accepted the savage unloading of spunk into her. Finally it was over. The two bodies settled back on the bed, the monstrous cock still distending Alexa's now slightly swollen belly. It took Alexa a while but eventually she looked into the camera and said, "I thought you might want to see why I can't be bothered to come and see you this weekend. We've been fucking all day but as you can see he is still hard." He ground his hips in a circular motion and Alexa's pussy spasmed around the thick root. A deep chuckle came from behind her which sent a shiver through Chris and he looked down to see a wet patch spread across his groin. He looked up to see the man's hands sliding around Alexa and clamping onto the giant lycra covered young tits. The muscled lover cupped and fondled them and Alexa cooed warmly at his appreciation of her assets. Then he splayed his fingers and squeezed her abundant tit flesh. Chris couldn’t help staring at his girlfriend who had been so thoroughly fucked. How big was the penis stabbing into her guts? Their movements implied it was more than a foot long! But… how could that be possible? Alexa reclined, sated and satisfied, on the chest of a huge muscle man. There was a heavy, slick sound as the man finally lifted Alexa off of his lap and his manhood slid from the young woman’s twat. Chris watched it emerge, saw the shaft slide out of the widely-stretched and well-fucked hole, saw the strands of lubrication clinging to it and then breaking as it emerged. After an impossibly long time, a fist-sized cock head emerged from Alexa's pussy, landing on the man's pecs with a deep thud. As Alexa moved out of the way, Chris was able to see more of the mystery stud, still otherwise nameless and faceless to him. He was massive! Plate-like pectorals protruded above what seemed like a rack of eight brick-like abdominals. His thighs were like barrels, corded with muscle. His mammoth chest formed the perfect backdrop for his cum-covered monster cock, still hard and leaking over a pair of thick pecs. Chris couldn't believe all of that meat fit inside his girlfriend! It looked to be at least 18 inches long, and as big around as his arm! Massive veins crisscrossed the heavy shaft, topped with a cockhead the size of a fist, and backed by a pair of massive, sloshing balls. Chris watched with shock as the camera panned over to show Alexa as a huge creampie slopped out of her pussy and onto the ground. Chris had never seen so much cum in his life! Alexa rubbed her belly obscenely as she felt herself evacuate the goo. “Nnngh, you shot so much cum into my twat!” she said, adoringly, bending over and kissing the stud's erection in worshipful fashion. Alexa knelt between the mystery stud's legs and pressed her lips against his cock head. She used one hand to stroke his cock as she kissed it, and reached under with the other, gripping his balls. After a few further moments, she kissed her way down his shaft, letting the behemoth cast a shadow on her shoulder, and lifted his testicles to her mouth, planting a sloppy, saliva-glistening kiss and dragging her tongue over the circumference of the smooth, heavy nut. She made oral popping noises as her mouth disengaged and re-engaged with his flesh. "You got cum all over me, slut. Clean me up," the deep voice entones. Alexa slowly licked her way up his chest, eyes closed as she lovingly traced her tongue around his pectorals. The stud ran his hand through her hair and caressed her ass as she licked over his perfect abs. The mystery stud guided Alexa's mouth to his cocktip. Alexa opened her mouth as wide as she could. The monster cockhead stretched her lips open, flattened her tongue down, and burrowed to the back of her mouth. She made a lewd, gurgling noise as she drooled around him. He pulled her head into his lap slowly, making her neck bulge out as his meat disappeared, inch-by-inch, down her throat. "Still watching this, buddy?" the faceless stud said, laying a thick layer of sarcasm on that last word. "Your girl is fucking fantastic at this—but I guess you wouldn't know. She says you don't really have enough for her to work with." He chuckled. Chris shivered. The camera zoomed in on Alexa's face as it pumped up and down. Chris watched the screen in shock as Alexa made constant gagging and heaving noises: Hrrrrrrrgh! Hrrrrrrrrrrrrrk! Glrrrrrrrrrrgh! Spit blew out of her dick-sleeve mouth and dripped onto her big tits, the latticework of white, bubble expectorate contrasting with her black top. The muscle stud stood up off the bed, his pipe still buried down Alexa's throat. He held her head in his hands and began thrusting. She wrapped her hands around the man's hips and dug into his ass, clutching his muscled glutes. He ground into her with short, grinding thrusts of his enormous meat. Alexa moaned as an orgasm tore through her gorgeous body, causing her to spasm at his feet. Chris heard a loud splattering sound as Alexa came, her fluids joining the pool of white between her legs. She was being utterly skull-fucked by this monster cock and clearly loving it. “Here it comes babe!” he grunted, his breath quickening. Alexa grabbed his ass tighter. He began to cum deep inside her, straight into her stomach. Slllrg. Spppprt. Splllllrg! Chris could hear the powerful, virile ropes of nut as they splattered inside Alexa. Her groaning cry around the man's brutal fuckpipe was filled with pleasure. Only after cum spurt out of Alexa's nostrils and the sides of her mouth did the stud withdraw his mighty tool. Stream after stream of glorious cum flew from his colossal cock, covering Alexa's tits, her hair, everything. Alexa was gasping in submission, rubbing his cum into her tits as ropes of sperm sprayed across her eyelashes, nose, lips, and cheeks. When it was over, Alexa laid back on the cum-soaked floor with a glazed look in her eyes. Her beautiful features were buried under a dripping mask of sperm, her black lycra top painted white. She was a mess. Streams of cum dripped down over her taut, toned belly and over the tops of her thighs, joining the lake of juices spread underneath and around her. The camera zoomed in and panned up her body, capturing every detail of her drenched form. For a moment, they seemed to both need to catch their breath, though Alexa's eyes never stopped looking up at her lover. "You're incredible," Alexa panted to her stud, licking cum from her face and wiping her eyes. "As are you, sexy," Chris heard the man chuckle, his enormous cock twitched as it dripped cum onto the floor. Alexa turned to the camera. "I can't get enough of this stuff." She started to scoop up his emission with her fingers, periodically depositing his sperm into her mouth while she made appreciative noises. She lifted her top, sucking her cum-covered tits one at a time. She emitted tiny moans of pleasure as she cleaned herself off. She made a show of playing with his spunk, letting the ropes of seed coat her hands and form a sticky spiderweb between her fingers, rubbing some into her skin, and letting it drip onto her tits before holding them up to her mouth and licking them clean. The look on her face as she eagerly gulped down the big gobs of cum was a look Chris couldn't recognize. "You're so delicious, baby. So thick and rich," she said as she licked her fingers clean. The Adonis stroked himself as he watched Alexa lick herself clean, his own large hand unable to encircle his thick pole. When Alexa was nearly done, the stud stepped forward and lightly slapped Alexa's obedient face several times with his erect cock. “Mmm! Is that for me?” Alexa asked, looking up. She must've received the answer she wanted, as she squealed and raised her arms excitedly as the man picked her up with ease. He held her aloft as his 18 inches of wrist-thick meat protruded between her thighs. Her engorged labia spread softly over the top of the shaft as it bobbed in front of her belly like a serpent. The musclegod thrust his hips slightly, drawing his penis back and forth along her slit, and instantly Alexa's eyes crossed and her tongue fell out of her mouth. “Tear up my pussy with that amazing dick!” Alexa started reaching down, trying to grasp at him. "Oh my god, please, put it back in, baby, it's so big, I want it, I want you to break me, use me like a whore-" Alexa threw her head back and screamed as he raised her up until her crotch was parallel with his chin, flexed his cock, and then impaled the busty woman on his unreal appendage. Alexa screamed as the mighty meatrod penetrated her, her limbs wrapping around her lover's muscular bod. “It’s so fucking big!” she cried, her pussy squeezing and sliding on his rock-hard slab of beef. As he pulled her back up and the wet shaft emerged, the walls of her tight cunt gripped it like a vise, becoming visible for a moment as they massaged his length. He turned her around on his cock so Alexa was once again facing the camera. “Ever fuck her like this?” a deep male voice said. Chris shook his head, even though he knew they couldn't see him. “Fuuuuuuuuck I love getting messed up by this monster coooooock! Make sure you watch, Chris!” She bit her lower lip as she addressed the camera. Alexa was nearly hyperventilating as she leaned back into her lover, snaking a shapely, toned arm around his neck while his hands reached around her to squeeze and knead her large breasts. The sounds of wet kisses filled the room as the two passionately locked lips. The muscle stud folded his hands together behind her head, packaging her tight body in a full nelson position. Alexa found herself folded up and unable to move, her cunt packed full of dick and totally at the monster's mercy. Then, he began to lift her up and down on his fuckpipe. “AAAHHHHHHHHHHH! IT FEELS BIGGER LIKE THIS!” Alexa screamed as she was pulled back down. Several more inches disappeared into her guts as her juices slid down the thick shaft. Alexa cried out and her body tensed as the two started another bout of unrelenting sex. She began to have chain orgasms, one after another, like explosions in her innards. He made the motions look effortless as he held her aloft, and her pussy, absolutely soaking wet, made an obscene, sloppy sound as it slurped up the brutal meat. “Chris! He’s… all the way in my womb!” Alexa was in a frenzy. “He’s making me cum! Your worthless dick is so much smaller than his god cock… nnngh…” Her head tilted back and she cried out in ecstasy. Her insults grew increasingly cruel as she came over and over. “My lover's stretched me out so much that you’ll never even touch the sides,” she purred. “He fucking owns me in a way you never could!” Alexa moaned and orgasmed constantly, her huge tits bouncing and slapping against her midriff while her butt-globes did the same against the Adonis' muscled thighs. Beneath her bouncing tits, her belly stretched out lean and tight. The bulge of the club fucking her distended grotesquely with each thrust. The stud grunted and there was a splattering sound as his monstrous prick began to flood her womb again with a huge amount of viscous, virile semen. Alexa's belly seemed to twitch from the sheer amount of thick semen being blown directly into her womb. The cum quickly overflowed and splattered her pussy and both of their inner thighs, their combined juices spraying onto the floor. Alexa's spasming and jerking culminated in a euphoric, eye-rolling orgasm face as the man released his full nelson hold and pulled his cock from her stretched pussy, causing a torrent of thick sperm to spray out of her. The sight of the sheer volume of cum rushing out of her sent Chris over the edge, shooting the biggest load of his life onto himself. Despite her exhaustion and the aftershocks of her climax, Alexa knelt under her stud, her legs spread open to show the steady stream of cum pouring from her gaping twat. The monstrous manhood flexed again and Chris realised he wasn't done. A thick stream fired from the tip, passing over Alexa to drench the headboard and pillows. The Adonis took aim at her once again and shot an enormous, glistening rope of hot cum that landed all over Alexa's beautiful face and breasts, criss-crossing her fair skin with a lattice of thick, virile sperm. She opened her mouth expectantly and he slid his cock back into her mouth. She swallowed once, twice, and a third time as his orgasm waned. When he was done, she took her mouth off of him with a pop and opened her eyes, blinking rapidly as the heavy cords of spunk hung from her eyelashes and obscured her vision. She smiled up at her new man, who gave a sigh of pleasure. Alexa turned to the camera as she rubbed the cum into her huge tits and licked her lips. The muscle man stepped behind her, his cum-covered beast hanging by her head like a pendulum. She looked directly down the lens of the camera. “I hope you enjoyed that Chris, I know I did!" She laughed as she stroked her stud's massive cock with one hand and continued, "I want you to sit at home and jerk your impotent dick, thinking about how my new man is superior to you in every way.” To punctuate the farewell, Alexa leaned her head back as the stud milked his cock downward and filled her wide-open mouth to the brim with sperm until it poured down her cheeks. She swallowed greedily, making lewd gulping noises once, twice, three times. She blew a sperm-soaked kiss to the camera and winked.… and then the screen faded to black.
  20. tester26

    The New Champion

    The audience cheered as two huge studs stepped into the ring and faced each other, both naked but for skintight shorts, both with their giant, swollen, veined, hugely pumped up muscles gleaming with oil. The reigning five-time champion, Dan Lonning, was about to face off against a new challenger, Evan Haney. The crowd buzzed in anticipation. Dan was famous for putting on a show; all of his fights ended with him raping his opponent in the ring, his huge cock turning the toughest opponent into a ruined cum-covered mess. The two circled the ring, sizing each other up. Both fighters looked incredible. Their facial features were flawless, their skin as smooth as it was the day they were born. Amazingly broad shoulders. Biceps that made footballs blush and forearms like steel. Throughout their muscled bods ran thick veins, which stood out proudly. Both men had huge slabs of beef for pectorals, chiseled and cut perfectly, protruding out from the body by several inches. Between them was a divide that seemed so deep, it looked like water had carved out a canyon. The 8-pack abs on both men gave a new meaning to the term washboard abs. All of this on top of powerful, tree trunk legs and a bulge that made it clear that they were hung like horses. “I’m gonna enjoy beating the shit out of ya. I’ll trash ya good and then fuck the living daylights out of ya”, Dan growled. “You talk the talk but can you walk the walk?” Evan answered tauntingly. “Let’s do this!”, Dan yelled and moved in on his opponent. "Contestants ready?" the ref said. They both nodded. A bell sounded and the two muscle studs began pushing against each other. The audience cheered. Dan moved Evan backwards a step or two, but Evan came back strong, using his powerful legs to press back. They both panted and squinted their faces as they fought the force of the other. Dan's huge arms bulged as he started to bend Evan's wrists backward. Evan yelled in agony as Dan muscled his wrists. Evan's feet nearly left the floor as Dan lifted him. Evan hissed and stepped forward, knocking Dan slightly off balance. By sheer brute force, Evan bent his wrists forward, and Dan's back. Evan jerked his body hard, in an effort to force Dan back more. Dan began pressing Evan's arms backwards. Evan's face was red with intensity, and his breathing became shorter and harder. Dan's huge body was dominating Evan's. Evan was being forced lower. The crowd was deafening. Evan looked up into the eyes of his tormentor, and Dan seemed to smile. Dan bit his lip a bit and pushed Evan downward farther. Evan was almost kneeling in front of the champ, in a sort of forced worship. Finally, Dan's gargantuan arms bulged in one last push, and Evan's knee touched the floor. A great cheer went up as Dan pushed Evan to the ground. The two studs grappled and rolled, clenched on to each other's bodies as if they were inseparable. Muscle clutched muscle, limb wrapped around limb. Neither seemed able to get any purchase on the other. Dan locked his huge paws behind the challenger’s neck and took him in a full nelson. Evan squirmed and flexed his muscles to escape but the strong hold didn’t break. No matter what he tried, he couldn’t break his opponent’s grip. A bell rang. "First fall, Dan!" “YEAH!”, Dan boomed as he released his opponent. “Thirsty for more?” he asked as he circled around the Evan. Evan growled and sprang to his feet, charging at Dan. Before he could react, the challenger's strong arms wrapped around Dan and he was body slammed hard onto the mat. He grunted in pain as his broad back collided with the mats. “What’s the matter? Not strong enough to get free?” Evan asked mockingly as he withstood the champ’s struggles. Second bell. One fall each. The two sex objects grappled each other for what seemed like an eternity, their hugeness glinting and glimmering in the spotlights. Muscles tensed and strained, veins popped unbelievably. Eyes flashed, teeth bared, sexy threats rang across the ring to the cheers from the crowd. Thick muscled bodies crashed onto the mat. Impossible holds were impossibly escaped from. “Let’s end this,” Dan said and jumped up while maintaining his grip on the other muscleman. He stretched his torso upward and threw his opponent down as he released his grip. “Agh,” Evan grunted in pain as his thickly muscled back crashed hard onto the mat. Dan slowly lowered himself atop the fallen stud, pressing his protruding chest into his opponent’s thick pecs and waited for the ref the end the match while staring Evan in the eye. “1… 2…” Just before the referee could say ‘3’, Evan placed his big hands against the side of Dan’s pecs and lifted him up. He cranked out a few reps as if he was doing bench presses and shoved the wrestler aside, jumping to his feet. Dan couldn’t believe his opponent had escaped his hold but wasn’t going to let him get away. He got up quickly, trying to catch Evan off guard to knock him over again. But Evan braced himself for Dan's approach and locked his arms around him in a bone crushing bear hug. He used the momentum of his opponent’s charge to turn around and slammed him down on the mat. Dan smacked down on the mat on his back, closing his eyes and grunting as pain hit him. Dan’s hulking body shook in pain as Evan's arms overpowered him. It felt like steely girders wrapped around and compressing his concrete-like hard muscles. His head shot back as more excruciating pain rolled over his body as Evan tightened his grip. He tried to summon every last ounce of power left in him to break free. Evan saw the determination on Dan’s face and felt the wrestler squirming in his grasp. He roared deeply and tapped onto the last reserve of power left in his own body. He grunted from the effort as his rock-hard arm flexed harder. Dan moaned in deep pain, his eyes closed as the impossibly hard peaks of his opponent’s massive biceps dug into him. He was on the verge of passing out. Evan flipped him around and wrapped his arms around Dan's neck in a sleeper hold. He leaned in and growled in Dan's ear. "Well here we are, champ. Who's gonna fuck who now, huh? Don't you love the feel of my huge muscle crushing yours? Yeah, man, feel this huge arm cuttin' off your air supply! Feel that huge bicep flexing under your chin and that thick forearm sqeezin' against your jugular! Sleepy, yet? Here, let me help you! There - almost out! But not so far gone that you can't feel THIS!" Evan bent slightly through his legs, his quads bulging with mass and power, and stretched upward quickly. He turned around, opened his hold and slammed the wrestler down on the mat with full force. Another weak grunt of pain escaped Dan’s mouth as his back smacked hard onto the mats. He reopened his eyes and saw the challenger moving in. He didn’t have time to react as the other stud sat down on his chest, preventing him from moving. The bell rang. "The champion Dan Lonning is down! His challenger Evan Haney gets the final point by fall and wins the match." The announcer's muffled voice rang in Dan's ears, confirming what he already knew. The match was over, and the former champ's fighting spirit shattered into a million pieces. He had lost his title for the first time in five years and was about to face the consequences of his defeat. Right now, the ex-champ was buried under a literal mountain of muscle. As soon as his defeat was clear, the stud released him from the oppressive hold and gave Dan a moment to catch his breath. But of course that wasn't the end of that. The best was yet to come. Evan flexed every great, provocative muscle in his body as he struck first a most muscular pose, then a front double bicep as he placed a foot on Dan's chest and ROARED. The crowd took up the roar and developed a continuous chant: "Loser gets fucked! Loser gets fucked! Loser gets fucked!" Without wasting another second, Evan stripped off his shorts and straddled Dan's chest, shoving his sweat-soaked red jockstrap right into his face, smothering him with the rapidly swelling bulge. The defeated stud groaned as drops of sweat dripped onto his face, leaving a tangy, salty taste on his lips, and every breath he took was rank with the muscleman's musky stench. "I've been waiting to do this for a long time, you smug bitch. Months and months of training, but now, it's time," Evan snickered. A triumphant grin grew on his face as he ogled Dan with hungry eyes. Rocking his hips back and forth, he rubbed more of his heavy musk and sweat into the fallen champ's face while flexing for the audience, stoking the masses with his bulging muscles. He had robbed Dan of his title, and now it was time to rob him of his dignity in front of everyone, including the television cameras. The entire world would learn that the champion had fallen. After reveling in the cheers and applause for another minute, Evan returned his attention to the beaten man. "I think that's enough teasing. Wouldn't want to neglect my prize, would I?" The new champ reached behind his butt and quickly unlocked the straps of his jock, pulling it away and tossing it into the crowd with a single swing. An ecstatic cry emerged from the ranks as a lucky guy caught the priceless gift. However, the piece of soaked, musky fabric couldn't compare to the glorious cock that flopped on Dan's face. A massive slab of uncut meat, the wet dream of at least half of the audience, and the ultimate symbol of his defeat. He knew that the image of more than a foot of cock leaking pre and sweat all over his face would decorate more than a few magazine covers in the weeks to come. As if the penis in his face wasn't humiliating enough, the stud shuffled forward and teased Dan with his bloated nuts before burying him under his heavy ass. Everything went black, and the sounds of the raving masses were muffled by a pair of crushing thighs. A potent, masculine flavor flooded his senses and made his head spin, triggering the most embarrassing reaction and making him rock-hard in no time. "Are you enjoying yourself this much already? Color me surprised. I didn't take you for such a butt slut," Evan sneered and brushed his hand over Dan's growing bulge, teasing him with his own depraved arousal. The last scraps of the former champion's authority vanished into thin air, and he yielded to his victorious opponent and his own swelling lust. Evan's cock grew as he tormented the fallen champ, rising up eighteen inches long, with an incredible thickness to match. His cockhead slid between his sweat soaked pecs, his perfectly carved torso forming a perfect backdrop for the incredible organ. The audience went wild with lust. Evan moved his fingertips over his shaft. It looked like it was laced with thousands of veins, popping out and bulging all over. Even against his massive body, his cock looked terrifyingly oversized. He cupped his orange-sized balls and pulled gently on the base of the skin of his shaft. Evan took the opportunity to drive the audience crazy as he hit a few poses on his knees, his huge baseball bat of a cock pointing nearly straight up. After humping Dan for another blissful minute, Evan called it with a raunchy chuckle. "Alright, that's enough for now, boy. Time to give you a big cream filling." The new champion rose from Dan's face, pausing for a moment to really rub in how much bigger, stronger, and better he was as he towered over the champ in all his musclebound glory. Evan reached under the fallen champ's thigh and around his neck and threw him back on his belly. Dan wheezed as he smacked into the ground and his voice rising to a horny whine as the stud tore his shorts open, forcibly spread his firm buttocks, and spat on his exposed asshole. As if this moment wasn't already humiliating enough! And yet, having not suffered defeat in years, the abrupt and utter loss thrilled Dan more than he liked to admit because, for better or worse, he had finally found someone who could beat him. Evan granted the stud a moment of peace, allowing Dan to catch his breath and steel himself before he grabbed his waist and aligned his fist-sized tip with the defeated champion's asshole. Then, without any warning, the muscleman thrust forward, forcing Dan's sphincter wide open and shoving inch after inch into his tight depths. Dan howled at the top of his lungs as the musclestud rammed his schlong into him, claiming his whole rectum in one fierce shove and pounding his prostate into utter submission. Where the fingers had only spawned an occasional flicker of pleasure, the overwhelming girth of the new champ's prick elicited a sparkling bonfire of stimulation, more than his sorry brain could handle. And yet, the sensation of the initial penetration was still nothing compared to the pounding that followed. The tightness of his wet, warm hole alone wasn't enough for the horny stud. He needed more, and he began to hammer Dan's ass with reckless abandon. Within seconds, the former champ's brain turned to mush, and he moaned with pleasure. Every thrust, Evan rammed his cock a little deeper inside him, mercilessly breaking him in and subjugating him to his superior strength. Dan had found his match in the musclebound stud, and as lust clouded and muddied his brain, he learned to fully appreciate the shift in power. Looking around, he could see all the cameras recording him from virtually every angle. The same mechanical eyes that had captured his numerous victories now showed his defeat in the highest fidelity. For the first time, he was on the receiving end, getting humiliated in front of thousands of watchers, and there was no way to undo the match or its outcome. He had lost his title and was now nothing more but the muscleman's slut, a reward for his strength and superiority. This was his fate, and as soon as that realization struck him, a switch flipped in his brain. The last bits of his shame at his defeat vanished, and he embraced his new position. Staring right at one of the cameras, Dan's mouth flopped open, and he began to moan with intense passion. "Fuck yeah dude, let everybody hear how much you love my monster cock," Evan roared and bent over, wrapping an arm around Dan's neck and pulling him back up against his massive, sweaty chest. "Let's give them the show they deserve." The new champ sweated and grunted through gritted teeth as he fucked his new conquest even harder and forced the last few of his eighteen inches of thick cock meat into his tight ass. More than enough to visibly bulge Dan's ripped abdomen and make him lose it completely. The defeated champion moaned and howled, not caring one bit about his rapidly decaying image. He wasn't an immaculate hero anymore. He had been dethroned, and he had the unique opportunity and duty to make even his downfall the most remarkable imaginable. Even as he surrendered his title, he wanted to entertain the crowds the best he could, and it looked like it was working. The raving of the masses had acquired a lewd touch as they celebrated the defeat of the unbeatable. Dan winced when Evan suddenly licked his ear. Once the stronger male had gained his attention, he showed him his next trick. "Your jock looks like it's about to burst. Shall I lend you a hand?" he growled and slipped a finger under the man's waistband, ripping it off. In a chain reaction, the rest of his jock exploded and revealed his large cock. It was a few inches smaller than Evan's behemoth but still an impressive sight. Admittedly, a little less so at the moment, as it flailed around like a thin twig in the wind, stirred by his partner's excessive thrusts. "Don't you dare touching yourself. Losers don't get to touch themselves," Evan added raunchily and held down Dan's hands. The stud whined in protest but complied, especially since he was pretty close anyway. His body was bursting at the seams with lust. Every thrust of Evan's fat, thick schlong pummeled his prostate, distended his belly, and drowned his mind with stimulation, enriching his voice with slutty joy and pleasure before he ultimately broke under the endless onslaught. The whole world watched as Dan succumbed to a powerful anal orgasm. He roared and howled at the top of his lungs as time slowed down around him. His balls tightened, his cock jumped, and the first squirt of cum erupted with immense force. A thick, milky rope shot high into the air and arched through the ring before hitting the lens of one of the cameras dead-center. But that was just the beginning, and Evan's endless pounding wrenched even more semen out of his poor prostate, eliciting a huge torrent of sticky jizz. More and more strands rained down on the floor, painting it white with the messy goo. "Fuck, you've nutted just from taking it in the ass? I underestimated you," Evan cackled before pounding him even harder, making Dan squirm and struggle as he hammered his hypersensitive insides. "Now I'm gonna show you what a true orgasm looks like." Evan immediately put his words into action. He shafted his cock inside the muscle stud and came with a deafening roar, churning up a massive load for his thoroughly defeated opponent. Bent back against the new champion, Dan's belly was fully exposed to the audience and the cameras. They could witness Evan's massive orgasm in its whole glory, from the throbbing cock distending Dan's ripped midriff, the gurgling and sloshing of thick jizz as it rushed through his guts, and the growing bulge as he was bloated and inflated with cum. Evan's orgasm kept going with undiminished intensity for more than a minute. The musclestud grunted and huffed directly into Dan's ear, lewdly licking his cheek as he continued to blast out semen like a loose fire hose, turning Dan from a seasoned fighter into a moaning cum-dump. Aroused by the sheer perversion and humiliation of Evan's superior load, Dan got hard again in no time. His cock swelled back to full mast, throbbing and dripping with pre as Evan kept bloating and ruining him. But soon, even Evan's voluminous eruption came to an end. "You're a lot of fun, slut," the new champ sighed and ran his hand over Dan's bloated belly, rounded and brimful with cum. Pushing the sloshing bulge and squeezing Dan's leaky cock, he teased a few more meager grunts and groans from the defeated male and toying with him in front of the mechanical eyes of the world. "Oh, how you've fallen. Now you know what a stronger male feels like." Dan moaned and toppled over as Evan pulled out of him, his massive cock parting with an obscene slurp and a visceral pop, and before he could get back up, Evan reached for Dan's ass and spread his gaping, battered asshole for the cameras. The sight of the former champ's ruined, leaking crater flashed on the countless monitors scattered around the arena as the stud presented it like a lewd trophy, a sign of his accomplishment and ultimate victory. He hadn't just won the fight and unseated the champ, the bull-hung bastard had literally ruined him. As he did this, a spurt of thick sperm blew out of Dan's asshole and down side of his lower cheek, piling on the floor. In a cruel, taunting display he gave Dan's right ass cheek a big spank and then kissed it. But even now, the stud wasn't done with him. Evan moved behind Dan, pulled him on his knees, and draped his soaked cock and fat nuts over his shoulder. Another great image for the cover pages, another show of ultimate dominance and humiliation. But in a fit of wanton lust, Dan decided to give it a personal spin. With a naughty grin, he turned his head, grabbed Evan's massive wang, and pressed it against his face, kissing and licking it, having a taste of the new champ's cum and his own ass. "The Defeated Champion Worships His Victorious Opponent's Sweaty Cock." How was that for a title? "Fuck, you're really getting into this, aren't you?" Evan chuckled as he finally stepped back. He even offered Dan a hand to help him back on his feet. "You took the defeat pretty well. Not that I'm complaining. That was the most fun win I've had in a long time." "I can't wait to get my revenge and make you eat those words," Dan grunted with a crooked grin. "We'll see about that, ex-champ. I've got the feeling that you're going to throw the next match just because you want more of my dick. How about I fuck your smug face in the showers and cram another nut into your stomach right now?" Evan laughed and reached under the muscleman's butt, picking him up with ease and throwing him over his shoulders in another display of raw strength. Dan's heart raced in his chest, and he almost burst with excitement as the hunky muscleman carried him out of the ring and out of the arena like a cheap whore, to the cheers of the crowd. Evan made his way down the hallway, Dan bent over his shoulder, the noise of the crowd fading in the background. Dan panted as he tried to come to grips with what had just happened. He had just lost his cherished title and been brutally fucked and humiliated in front of the world. But he enjoyed it? His asshole twitched as he felt Evan's load drip down his leg. Neither man said a word until they reached the locker room. Finally out of sight of the cameras, Evan set Dan down on a bench. He grinned ear to ear as he looked down at Dan, all of his training having finally paid off. He turned his attention to the mirror by the showers, flexing his triumphant body. The beaten Dan lay on the bench, sore from the pounding he took. “Fuck, I’m HUGE!” he grunted. “Do you want this body? You know you do. Aw fuck yeah, fucking musclegod dude!" Evan said, mostly to himself as he admired his reflection. Dan sat up and watched the new champion flex and pose, the god that had taken his crown and claimed him for his own. Without thinking, his hand drifted to his soft cock and began stroking himself as he lusted for Evan's body. "Having fun there, slut?" Evan said with a grin, catching Dan's eye in the mirror. Dan snapped out of his trance and turned beet red. "That was a good match, you nearly had me for a second, champ," Evan laughed. "Come here," he commanded. He turned away from his reflection and grabbed his fellow stud's armpits. Dan’s legs shook slightly as they supported his weight. He looked straight into the other stud's blue eyes. “Let’s see what you’re made of, champ,” Evan sneered. He turned his gaze to the mirror to compare their incredibly muscular physiques. Dan looked in the mirror again to admire the body that had beaten his. The muscles on both their bodies were beyond huge: slabs of protruding beef hung heavily from their chest atop a deeply grooved 8-pack of cobblestone-sized abs; thick, perfectly round bowling ball-sized delts gave them an awesome v-taper; huge, long arms hung relaxed yet threatingly next to their torsos. “Pair of fucking muscle studs man," Evan said, admiring the two of them. "Check this out," he said, flexing an arm in Dan's face. "This is the body that took you down.” Dan stared like a zombie, copying Evan's every move. “Let’s check our arms,” Evan said He stepped up behind Dan and the two of them flexed their arms. Dan’s mouth fell open in disbelief at the scene: when Evan’ arms were fully extended, his titanic triceps already hung lower than his own flexed ones; the bulging biceps exploded upward and outward, easily surpassing his. Evan brought in his arms completely and hardened his flex; the peaks that rose to the ceiling. Dan just stared as the mind blowing muscles swelled some more. He never thought there'd be anyone who'd make him feel small. Yet between Evan's size and confidence, Dan felt tiny, submissive. He couldn’t believe that Evan’ biceps were bigger and clearly harder than his own huge ones. He lowered his arms and gaped at the full glory of the new champion's arms in the mirror. Evan smirked as he thought of how he had overpowered Dan’s powerful body and completely dominated over him. His cock grew hard once again, sliding up between Dan's glutes and smacking his back. Dan shivered as he felt the 18 inch cock smack against him. He turned around, his own hard dick brushing against Evan’s goliath and extended his hands to feel the hardness of those flexed monster arms. “Worship my perfect body, dude”, Evan sneered at the former champ. He groped his titanic, flexed right bicep with his left hand and felt the hardness of the mound. Dan fondled Evan's flexed right bicep and began licking the hot, hard surface. The tip of his tongue traced the thick veins that snaked across the cannonball-sized muscle atop his arm. “Mmh, hard as steel,” he grunted in between licks. “So fucking strong,” he said as his tongue descended to his low hanging tricep and he sniffed Evan's deep armpit. Dan knelt down and kissed Evan's feet, then reaching around the backs of his legs he grabbed Evan's huge calves. “Feel those thighs, fucker!” Evan commanded. Dan stroked and squeezed Evan's giant legs, sliding his fingers between the rock-hard valleys. He began to run his tongue along the ridges and veins, eliciting a groan from above, “Oooh yeah baby, you love those thighs, don’t you? Show me how much you love them.” Dan licked his way up Evan's legs. Evan put his hands behind his head, flexing as he swayed his hips slowly side to side, enjoying Dan's worship. Dan kissed the deep grooves of Evan's Adonis belt, inhaling the heady mix scents from Evan's musk and their first fuck. Finally he was face-to-head with Evan's 18-inch long beast, a stream of pre dripping onto the ground. Dan buried his face in Evan's large ballsack and began to kiss the shaft, when Evan pushed his mouth away. "Not yet buddy, get up here and worship my chest," he growled. Dan stood up and began to grope the edges of Evan's titanic pecs. He closed his eyes as he kissed his way down Evan's collarbone, the new champion murmuring his approval. Evan slid his dick between Dan's legs; the heat radiating off the massive bat sent a shiver down Dan's spine. All at once, Evan rippled his right pec, tensed and flexed his left bicep, and brought his massive left thigh up between Dan's legs, trapping him in a cage of muscle. Dan was being crushed inside a velvet-lined vice of iron, his fully engorged 14 inch long dick pointed straight up, the dark red head crushed between his pecs. But Dan didn't notice it all: he was drinking in the muscle god wrapped around him. He moaned as an orgasm rolled over him. His throbbing dick was trapped between his pecs and blasted load after load of thick, sticky cum right onto his face, in his eyes, and onto both of their oversized chests. After 7 blasts, his orgasm slowed down and more loads flowed from his cock, pooling onto his pecs and slowly sliding into the deep canyon that held his deflating cock. Evan laughed. “Did I made you cum without even touching yourself? My fucking huge muscles make you cum bitch?” Evan released Dan from his massive embrace and the former champ crumbled to the floor. Evan laughed and threw another double bicep pose. Dan’s cock jolted at the sight of the monstrous biceps hardening again and it shot a final load onto his cum-covered face. He lowered his head in defeat and every ounce of resistance left him as he noticed that Evan hadn’t even climaxed himself. “Fuck dude, that was a nice load," Evan smirked as he traced the ropes of cum sliding between his abs. "I’m gonna shower,” Evan said. “You can come suck me off while I get cleaned up.” Evan stepped over Dan and slowly strutted into the shower zone, his erect cock throbbing and smearing Dan's cum on his pecs as he savored his domination. Evan grabbed some soap and began soaping his chest and abs. Dan weakly got up on his knees, crawling to join Evan and grabbing hold of the other stud's thick quads for support and faced the plump cock that stood atop a set of orange-sized balls. He opened his lips, took in the monster shaft and began sucking. Evan rumbled in pleasure as his cock was teased by the muscleman’s tongue. He stopped soaping his torso and played with his hard nipples as the sucking on his huge cock intensified. “Oh yeah”, Evan grunted as Dan's tongue and teeth played with his rock hard shaft. He slid his left hand down from his chest, over his intimidating 8-pack and grabbed the back of Dan’s head. He began bucking his hips and fucked the mouth of his opponent. Dan choked slightly as the beast began thrusting the 18 incher roughly in his mouth. He tried to retreat but the strong hand held his head in place. He grabbed the flexing quads in front of him to steady himself and kept sucking hard on the shaft. He could feel the massive bulge of Evan's cum-tube flattening his tongue, the leaking of his hot, thick pre-cum down his throat - so much it was like he was pissing. “Here it comes!” Evan growled, his breath quickening after a few minutes of ripping up Dan's guts with his pipe. “Swallow it all, you fuckin’ bitch!” he hissed through gritted teeth, tossing his head back. Dan grabbed Evan's ass and an orgasm tore through his massive body. He could feel the powerful, virile ropes of nut as they splattered inside him. “YEAH!!” Evan’s roar filled the shower area as his cock exploded in his former opponent’s mouth. He pumped in and out of the spasming throat as load after load of cum flew from his cock. Dan gagged and swallowed as cum blasted from the 18 inch long monster fucking his face. Evan roared in ecstasy as his second orgasm of the day rolled over him. He looked down and grinned as he saw cum pouring from corners of the other stud's mouth and nose. He withdrew from his mouth, spraying a final jet onto Dan's face. Dan looked up as the cock left his mouth, just to get his face covered in cum. His eyes slowly traveled up along the majestic body towering over him and locked onto the piercing blue eyes staring down. He nodded respectfully. Evan smiled and pulled the other muscleman up. “Good boy”, he said, “Now get up, I want that ass again.” Dan reached for the tiled wall for support and managed to get up off the slick tile floor. The instant Dan stood up in front of him, Evan lifted him by the waist and rammed his still fully engorged cock into the tight muscled ass. He groaned in pleasure as he fucked the muscleman with full force: the feeling of the strong muscles clenching around his rock hard dick drove him wild. Dan instinctively clenched his ass in protection as he felt the hot rod enter. “Ugh,” he moaned as his body rocked back and forth by the force of the fucking. Tears flowed down his cheeks and his muscles swelled even more as Dan rode Evan's cock. "Aw fuck yeah, clench that ass, bitch!" Evan commanded. He admired Dan's flexing body as it squeezed and twisted around his massive invader. Evan placed his hands against the tilled wall for extra support and upped the force of his thrusts even more. He reveled in being able to shove all of his cock into Dan's ass at full force. He felt all powerful ravaging the former champ. "Yea, flex those muscles, boy. Turn me on with your incredible body. Your flexing is making my dick so fucking hard!" “Fuuuuuuuuck!” Dan cried. His mouth opened and he sprayed out harsh breaths. His penis was squeezed tightly between their chests, the cockhead being mashed flat by Evan's pecs, and his insides were gripping the invader like a second skin. It felt… Amazing. Overwhelming. There was absolutely no restraint in his cry, no pride, no grasping for the last vestiges of dignity as he rode Evan's monster. His eyes rolled. He moaned like a wild beast. Without touching himself, his big dick erupted once again, spraying the two rutting beasts in the face. He came harder than he ever had in his life, all over that giant cock. He cried out as he laid his head in the crook of Evan's neck, supporting himself with his hands behind him. Dan was seeing stars. The intensity of Evan's fucking was unlike anything he'd ever experienced. Evan crushed Dan against the tile wall, his muscled chest giving the wall stiff competition as to which was harder. The black dots now almost filled Dan's vision as his big muscles did everything they could to withstand Evan’s unstoppable mass. The unbearable pain mixed with pleasure as the hot, hard shaft invaded his ass again and again. “You were such a cocky bitch but now you’re cumming like a slut all over this cock,” Evan growled into his ear. “You really love that cock, huh? Let me hear you say it.” Dan panted and gasped. Evan hilted himself inside him. “Yes! Yes, I fucking... love it!” he wailed, his eyes looking overwhelmed and exhausted from the pleasure and pressure of being dominated. “I fucking love your giant cock!” Dan's switch had been hit. Evan hadn't just beaten him in a match, he'd conquered him. The brutal, soul-evaculating orgasms had more intense than anything he had ever felt. He looked down at his own midsection with glazed, spent eyes and looked at the bulging dick-shape that was stretching out his chiseled abs with pure awe. Realizing he had dominated this massive muscle stud both physically and sexually sent Evan over the edge. Evan bellowed in pleasure and his muscles flexed as his cock exploded in the muscular ass he was fucking. Volley after volley of thick cum blasted from his throbbing shaft. He could feel his own cum sliding along his rock hard 18-inch erection as more loads blasted from it. Dan cried out as the dick in his ass exploded. His huge body shook in harmony with the blasts that filled him. A watery load of cum dripped from his own semi-hard cock, sore from the overstimulation. “FUCK YEAH!!!!” After twelve blasts, his orgasm cooled down and Evan withdrew his slowly deflating dick from the other behemoth’s ass. He grinned in triumph as his opponent slumped down, cum dripping from his ass. Dan’s worn out body just collapsed as the huge cock retreated from his ass. He stared up in awe and defeat at the godly frame towering over him. Evan milked the last few blasts of cum from his cock onto Dan's face. He released his deflating cock and looked down on his beaten opponent. Dan blinked as two strong hands grabbed his armpits and lifted him up. He shook from exhaustion as his weight rested once more on his feet; luckily the big paws still supported him. He looked groggily into the blue eyes in front of him. “Finally know your place, buddy?” Evan boomed at the worn out opponent in his grasp. He grinned as he saw the big guy nod weakly. As if in a trance, Dan leaned forward and kissed Evan on the lips. Evan was shocked but didn't resist. They embraced. Evan took Dan's cheeks in his hands and held his head still while he pressed his lips against the former champ's. Dan's knees bent slightly, then he put his hands on Evan's freakish triceps to steady himself. Evan's mouth opened in the kiss, as did Dan's and their lips alternately parted and touched. Evan pushed his tongue into Dan's mouth, causing the latter to moan loudly and reciprocate. The two men embraced fully, running their hands up and down each other's bulging muscles. Dan and Evan stepped out of the shower, not releasing their embrace. Dan grabbed his towel and dried the new champion's body lovingly before drying his own. He spread the towel down on the bench and laid down on it. Evan laid on top of him, the bench creaked from their combined weight. The two men continued kissing, passionately, wrapping their huge arms around each other, overcome with lust for each other's bodies. “I need more,” Dan whispered, looking deep into Evan's eyes. “Please, I need that fucking monster in my ass again.” Evan smiled, sitting up as Dan spread his legs to show off his gaped hole, deep red from the brutal fucking it had already endured. Evan pushed his cock head up against the stud's ruined hole and looked down at him. "Beg me for it, tell me how much you want this." A devilish grin on Evan's face came as he teased Dan, prodding the hole with his cock. Dan's feet were on each side of Evan's shoulders now, completely trusting his body for Evan to use it. "Fuck me! Please fuck the shit out of me!" Dan pleaded. "Shove that big fucking cock into my fucking ass and take me. FUCK!" Evan roared, burying his oversized fuck pole balls deep into Dan's horny hole in one thrust. Evan grunted as he rammed his 18-inch goliath in the muscular ass, “Gotta love being huge. I feel so powerful!” He began pumping his cock violently in and out the clenching ass in foot-long strokes. Dan moaned in pleasure and exhaustion as his ass was being plowed by the muscular behemoth. He held onto the bench for support and closed his eyes as Evan's thrusts became a blur as his 18 thick inches jammed inside Dan's body roughly, over and over, making Dan gasp as the huge intruder stretched his insides. "FUCK FUCK FUCKKKK YEAH you fuck me so fucking good!! AHHHHHHH!'' Dan screamed. The sensation was overwhelming. His throat was getting sore from how much he screamed for Evan and his monster cock but he didn't care. The once proud champion now looked like the cheapest slut. Eyeballs rolled to the back of his head, mouth wide open moaning, fingers hornily pinching and twisting at his own nipples, belly sucked in from how the new champ's monster cock bulged it out, his 14-inch dick flopping everywhere as he endured Evan's brutal thrusting. Evan felt his orgasm start to build up as his whole body tensed up. "FUCK DUDE.. I'M GONNA CUM....." Dan looked up in bliss at his new master and moaned loudly, "YES CUM... CUM IN ME.. BREED ME! COVER ME! FUCK YESSSSSS....!!!" “Just… ugh… remember . I… ugh… OWN you…” Evan groaned in between quickening breaths. He upped the pace of his thrusts and drove his cock into the muscular ass like a battering ram. "YES! I'm all yours! Fuck me whenever you want! Wherever! OH MY GOOOODDD---!" Dan triggered his own orgasm as his cock shot the biggest load of his life without anyone touching it, spraying his face yet again. Evan couldn't hold himself back any longer either. "OH FUUUUUUUCK!!" He screamed out and pumped out rope after rope of thick cum, flooding Dan's insides for a fourth time with his massive release. Dan let out his loudest scream yet, not caring if the whole world knows he was getting railed by the biggest cock there was. The pain and the ecstasy was so great he drifted in and out of consciousness while he was pushed into a cycle of endless orgasms, his cock turning red as it came until he was empty. The visual of Dan's sexy body spasming in ecstasy drove Evan wild as his cock kept pumping more cum inside his ass. This was a huge load, even for him! And especially after dumping three loads into Dan already. Dan was on the verge of passing out from exhaustion and pleasure. After their massive mutual orgasms, they both came down to earth. Dan looked up in a state of lust and a level of high he never knew before. His belly was full from Evan's impossibly huge loads, his ass sore with creamy sticky cum pouring out of it. "Thanks dude....that was fun," Evan grunted as he slowly fucked the last dregs of his load into Dan's overstuffed ass. Dan nodded at his master’s remark and marveled at Evan's power, both physically and sexually. Evan laid down on top of Dan once again. They laid there, clasped in each other's deliciously sweaty arms, giant muscles and bodies welded to each other, feeling each other's every breath and muscular contraction. A half hour later, Evan pulled out of Dan, causing a waterfall of cum to pour from his ruined asshole. He stood up and grabbed a fresh towel, wiping his cum-covered chest and cock clean before tossing it onto Dan's chest. "Get yourself cleaned up slut, you're coming home with me." He grinned as he looked down at Dan. "You aren't human, I've never been fucked like that in my life. Fuck, my cock has never been this raw before." Dan groaned. Evan laughed and said: “Oh we're not done yet baby, I'm gonna fuck you until you can't walk. Hope you're ready to get your brains fucked out!” He flexed a massive arm while he stroked his hardening monster cock with the other. Dan couldn't believe Evan was ready to go again. He stared up at his insatiable muscle god and nodded.
  21. Chapter 1 – The Assistant I slowly replied, “come in,” to the loud knocking on my hospital room door. How am I ever supposed to recover when these people never let you get any rest? The door swung open, and a massive beast of a man entered my room completely filling the door frame. He was about 6’3 and well over 300 pounds of massive muscle that his scrubs strained to cover. He closed the door quickly (wait, did he lock the door too?) and turned towards me and started speaking from the entry area. His voice was one of those low bass, deep masculine sounds that hit that spot in my ear that goes from my brain to my dick in a microsecond. My brain was too focused on processing the visuals and couldn’t compute the audio. He was HUGE and handsome with a light bronze-colored skin tone, bald head, high cheekbones, full lips, a thick black beard, and deep brown eyes. His bull neck was anchored by high traps set like sloping mountain ranges that peaked up and dropped to each side of his incredibly broad shoulders. Wow, I have never seen shoulders that wide before in real life! The armholes in his scrubs had been slit to make room for the guns that shot out on each side, their thickness had to be in the 22+ inch range. And each bicep had a rope-thick vein that surrounded the gigantic muscle like it was fighting to constrain the mass but was losing the battle. As he spoke his hands moved to emphasize his words which caused his tremendous pecs to flex and pop under the tight confines of his scrubs. His pecs were so thick that the upper shelf could hold a 2-liter bottle of water upright without even flexing hard. He started walking into my room and stopped at the edge of the foot of my bed blocking the TV’s nightly baseball game. His quads were so huge that he had that bodybuilder waddle from having to rotate his hips to accommodate the mass movement from one leg to the other. But there was an even larger than normal obstacle in the dead center of his movement, a bulge that obscenely pushed outward and down his left leg, rotating with the movement and bouncing in its containment. Was that real? Did my eyes play tricks on me? The lower half of his freaky body was now below my view, blocked by the edge of my bed so I could no longer see that tantalizing bulge of man meat. The deep voice sound was no longer resonating in my ears, and I realized he was standing there waiting for me to respond to whatever he had just said. He had stopped speaking and was looking at me like I’m an idiot for not responding. “I’m sorry, Sir, but the meds they have me on, well, they make me very groggy. It takes me a few minutes to become fully aware and functional. Do you mind repeating all that?” “I understand” his voice once again hitting that sweet connection spot deep in my core. “My name is John and I work for Dr. Malik. Did you comprehend that statement?” he said with just a hint of irritation. “Yes, Sir, nice to meet you John, I’m Jason.” “Dr. Malik asked that I stop by in advance to do a pre-assessment on your condition to see if you may be a qualified candidate for his incredible program before he visits you later this evening,” John said as his right hand lifted my medical chart and began flipping through the pages. Every action of his huge muscles caused me to lose focus again and become entranced by the visual movement of his actions. Focus, Jason, focus! This man is here to do his job not to be your ultimate muscle worship fantasy! You’re a 50-year-old grown man, stop acting like a horned-up teenager! “Patient is a white male, 50 years of age, 5 foot 10 inches tall, 220 pounds, car wreck accident”, Big John recited into his mobile phone / recording device. “It says that you had some spinal damage with partial paralysis in both legs. But it appears you’re slowly gaining feeling in both legs, is that correct?” Oh My Thor! What is that aroma of pure sex, musk, and testosterone coming from this man? I took another breath, and the aromatic sensation went straight to my throbbing cock. Wait, what! I looked down and for the first time in months I had an erection tenting the sheet between my legs. That had not happened since the accident. I quickly covered it with my hands and tried to hide my hard dick from John’s eyes. “Uh, yea, um yes Sir, I’m slowly getting some feeling and movement in both feet, but I am not able to walk or move my legs on my own.” “Well, it looks like your little penis is working,” John said with a grin as he eyed me trying to cover my raging hard-on under the sheet. Little penis, what the hell, I don’t have a porn star dick but I’m a little above average at 7 inches. His cockiness and dominance were pushing all my buttons though! Nothing sexier than a true Alpha male! “Sorry, I’m embarrassed, Sir, and honestly this is the first erection I’ve had in a very long time. Not sure why it chose now to make an appearance?” Even though I clearly knew exactly why I had a steel pole throbbing between my legs, I didn’t want Big John to know it was all because of him, but part of me knew he realized his power. He knew. He was now standing to the side of my bed reviewing my chart. My eyes traveled down from those impossibly wide shoulders down the deep valley between his massive pecs and quickly to the monster meat strangely bulging from his groin and down his immense left quad. “Clearly, you’re excited by big muscles, is that correct little man?” and with that my eyes traveled quickly from that gigantic sleeping cock to the rising right arm that was curling upward into the classic muscle pose of a single bicep flex. John’s wrist tightened towards his shoulder and the bicep bunched into a circular ball of concrete before exploding upwards with the two peaks fighting for height. The triceps hung like slabs of hard beef under the elbow stretching the tight armband of the scrubs to the breaking point. “Oh, fuck yes! Wow you are so huge!” I grunted in amazement. Big John quickly dropped my chart on my bedside table and threw up his left gun to a matching double bicep pose that literally made me gasp for breath. His lats flared out so wide and thick I just knew his scrub top was going to rip at the seams. He rotated both wrists back and forth like he was priming the pump and then slammed hard into the flex, causing both peaks to rise again on both biceps! He held that flex hard and long, I could see sweat beads gathering on his skin and his deep muscle pits were already soaking the thin lining of the scrubs. He repeated this pose again and again, his arms becoming more pumped with each hard flex. Skin glistening from his sweat. I laid there completely immobilized and transfixed by the power and monstrous size of this beast of a muscle man. I took a deep breath, and again, the scent of his testosterone-fueled aromatic pits filled my nostrils, sending me into a sudden orgasmic state. My body convulsed as my orgasm hit me, I wasn’t even touching my throbbing cock, yet the intoxicating smell of this muscle god was forcing my seed out of my flared cock head and soaking the cover sheet with load after load. Once I regained myself, I looked down at the sticky wet mess and said, “Damn, how did you do that? Wow, I came from just looking at you flex and smelling your muscle pits!” “Yeah, gay guys love my sweaty scent, sends them into orbit, and makes them nut so fast. Glad you liked it, little man. Now, I need to scoop up that semen for a sample for Dr. Malik.” he said, as he pulled back the cover sheet and filled the large sample cup. “Definitely got more than I needed here, let me get you a washcloth to clean up, Big Shooter.” I looked down and was amazed at the volume I had shot. I’ve never been a big load shooter, but this was impressive by any standard! After the cleanup, Big John and I chatted a little bit more about my current condition, my muscle fetish and lifelong desire to grow massive, his bodybuilding history, and his wife and kids. He told me he had done some flexing and muscle worship for some gay men in the past when he needed extra money but that he was not sexually attracted to men. However, he said with that overconfident grin, the gays do pay extra big bucks to service this foot-long dick! OMG, I was rock hard again. “Can I see it? I’m obsessed with huge dicks almost as much as I am with huge muscles!” He reached to untie his scrub bottoms and said, “I have to have custom underwear made because it is so big, even soft, and I’ve got these balls the size of oranges.” With one quick motion, he shoved the scrubs down over his huge glutes and quads to the floor. Big John stood there in his custom-sized poser-style underwear with the bulge now bouncing free between his legs. He then turned around facing the other way and started to peel down his underwear over his muscular, basketball-size glutes. I would have given anything to be able to shove my face in that huge, hard ass! The thick hamstrings and quads flexed out as he bent over completely, slowly pulling the posers down seductively drawing my eyes with them. Over the diamond-shaped calves, and then stepping out, pushing the poser out of each of his gigantic feet. Jesus, everything about this man was just freaky huge! Just as his posers hit the floor there was a loud knock at my hospital room door. “It’s Dr. Malik, may I come in?”
  22. tester26

    Summer days with Sean & Ty

    Another tribute to HSMuscleboy's characters, a pastiched story where Sean and Ty get summer jobs but more or less spend all day fucking. Summer Days with Sean & Ty Sean and Ty's libidos made them need to fuck as many men as possible. Why have just one partner when they can each fuck over a dozen in a day? Still, they hungered for each other above anyone else. The tightness of Ty's muscle ass clenching around Sean's prick. The sensation of Sean's strong muscular asscheeks shuddering and flexing as Ty slammed his bulky thighs into them. The thoughts of fucking each other made them fuck harder. Made their orgasms longer. Their heat for each other was insatiable. One summer, Sean and Ty took up jobs at Argo gym, the local gathering spot for powerlifters and bodybuilders. Besides a revolving door of new partners every day, they loved teasing each other on the job, pushing each other until they inevitably fucked each other's brains out. This morning, Ty was sitting the receptionist desk at Argo gym. At 18 years old, the 6'4" muscle stud wore the bare minimum of a gym uniform, a tight tank top and tiny red workout shorts that left nothing to the imagination. He had deep chocolate eyes and an easy smile. His rich ebony skin stretched tight over a broad, deeply chiseled chest that was completely hairless, topped with large nipples and brick-like abs to die for. His arms were bigger than most people's heads and his legs looked bigger than tree trunks. Between his legs swung a massive 19-inch long cock backed by a pair of orange-sized nuts. But, his most impressive feature was his ass. It was cut and striated and hard and square and looked like a couple of raging beasts fighting under his skin when he flexed. Sean could smell Ty's sweet masculine musk as soon as he walked into the lobby. He ogled his partner as he walked up to him. Licking his lips as he took in every overdeveloped muscle group. Sean got more and more erect with every step he took. His massive thighs batted his stiffening prick around in its thong, the bowling ball sized package swaying as he walked. Ty could barely contain his arousal as he sat on a computer chair that could barely hold his massive frame. "HHrgnnnff…Mmm..hey there hot stuff," Sean said. Ty looked up at Sean and moaned. Sean towered over the desk, the 6'6", 18 year old muscle monster was so incredibly handsome and so huge. Ever the exhibitionist, he had long given up on the employee uniform; instead he showed up every day in skimpy posers or shorts. His oiled body emphasized his golden skin, shining as if he was glowing. His beautiful blue eyes sparkled as he looked down over his massive pecs at his partner. His pecs jutted out like a shelf over a monumental eight pack. His neck was as big as some normal guy's legs and his traps pushed up toward the side of his head. His shoulders were amazingly broad and each movement of his hands caused them to flex and striate deeply. His arms were enormous. Two head-sized masses with splits and striations showing every muscle fiber atop thick forearms looked like a couple of steel wrapped bowling pins. His massive legs pushed out an overstretched posing strap that barely contained Sean's massive 20" cock and orange-sized balls. The two of them growled at each other in heat. "MMmmm…fuck..." Ty mumbled, his hands instinctively stroking his own huge dick under the desk. His dick was throbbing hard as he tried to maintain his composure, staring into Sean's piercing blue eyes. "What can I do for you stud?" Ty crooned in his thick baritone. His dick throbbing with every word he spoke. "How about a day pass, big guy?" Sean replied with a wink. Ty licked his lips. His computer chair groaned in relief as he lifted his massive ass up off it. His workout shorts struggled to contain his huge erection, a large wet spot spreading from its throbbing head. The spectacle made Sean's massive goliath burst out of his thong, destroying it completely as he became fully erect. His naked, swollen cock tip throbbed right in the teen’s grinning face. His dick veins flared angrily as it stretched to its full twenty-inch length. Ty winked and turned around. He was barefoot and his bubble ass swayed hypnotically. Sean stared, drooling at his powerful asscheeks. His skintight workout shorts barely contained them, his massive erection pulling the skintight cloth to the breaking point. "Hrmmm…what do we got here…" Ty hummed. Ty pretended to rifle through boxes behind his desk looking for the pass Sean requested. He bent over, pointing his sculpted ass to his boyfriend. Sean moaned over the sight of Ty’s perfect glutes. His pre-spitting prick throbbed madly, spraying all over Ty's desk. "Hot in here ain't it? I'm sweatin' up a storm. Let me slip outta these." Ty teased. Ty put his thick thumb into the hem of his workout shorts and pulled them down over his huge cheeks, presenting his defined muscle ass in all its naked glory. Sean growled. The hulking stud pounced on the receptionist, jumping over the desk and pushing the muscle teen down underneath him onto his hands and knees. He mounted him and shoved his monstrous prick balls deep into his perfect ass. "Aw fuck yeah! Give it to me stud!" Ty moaned as Sean sank his full length into him in one thrust, stretching him out like no one else could. Sean pounded his huge cock in and out of Ty’s ass hard and fast. Over and over. Giving his warm, wet muscle hole the fuck it needed. He felt immense strength in the Ty's muscular glutes as his groin bounced off his asscheeks with every thrust. Sean didn’t have to hold back with Ty. He fucked him harder than any other partner, their combined motions shaking the floor around them. Ty's moans and groans of heat fed Sean's rut. His meaty toes curled in time with the hulk stud's thrusts. He needed this bad. The intense masculine satisfaction of fucking an ass this perfect made Sean’s balls ache for release. Every time his fat balls slammed against Ty’s ass his need to cum was driven to new heights. The immense pleasure of the muscle sex made it impossible to hold back for long. Sean roared in orgasm as his powerful prick expanded in Ty’s hole. His urethra yawned wide and he blasted his thick sperm deep into his partner’s ass, completely filling the muscle ass instantly and overflowing down their legs. Ty moaned as he erupted at the same time. His huge cock pumped out his own virile load as his muscle god boyfriend's load kept blasting into him. The two teen muscle gods blasted mighty ropes of cum out all over the reception floors, walls and ceiling. They roared as they felt the full force of each other's masculinity. The incredible orgasms finally died down after nearly five minutes, their combined emissions had covered nearly everything in sight. The two men laid on the floor, grunting in afterglow in a mess of their virile seed. "HHhhh....There ya go stud…needed that didn’t ya?" Sean said with a smile. Sean caressed Ty's face, bringing his lips to his own. The hulking men brought their lips together and kissed. Sean’s prick still throbbing in his boyfriend's inseminated ass. Their powerful arms wrapped around each other in a hyper muscular embrace. Variations of this scene played out every day, to the helpless dismay of the cleaners. Over the summer, the two of them painted the now permanently cum stained reception area with jets of jizz over and over as they bred each other. Same with the lockers. And the weight bench. Sometimes they'd each find worthy partners, and after hours of fucking in the locker room they'd sling the newcomers over their shoulders. Inevitably, the partner's ass would be pointing forward, Sean or Ty's cum pooling out his hole and down the backs of his thighs for all to see. They'd carry their new toys back to their apartment, splay their hyper muscular bodies across their bedsheets and keep on breeding their partners till sunrise. If they passed out, as they often did, Sean and Ty would push the toys off the bed and go to town on each other til daybreak. They simply had a voracious need to fuck. Another morning, the couple were out on a walk on the beach after their morning lovemaking. Ty was shirtless, only wearing his tiny workout shorts. With Sean wearing his usual barely concealing speedo and stringer, the pair were basically naked. Their powerful bodies still drenched in the sweat of their sex, their semihard cocks still leaking cum through their flimsy containments. Ty could feel his stud’s thick sperm sloshing around in his ass. Sean pressed his nose into his lover’s sweaty, muscular neck. He breathed in long and deep, savoring his lover’s musk as they walked down the path to exit the beach. Sean groped and kneaded Ty’s ass, making the teen’s rock-hard cheeks clench. Ty’s toes curled and flexed on the pavement in pleasure. The two studs' muscle groups were pumped. Huge. The force of their sex was immense, a full body workout. Their lovemaking pushed more muscle into their already oversized bodies. Sean and Ty loved it. Each stud couldn’t stop ogling his mate’s bulging, glistening muscles. His pecs, his arms, his abs. The sweat rolling down their protruding, muscular pecs as they glistened in the morning sun, highlighting every muscular bulge and crevice. Sean lowered his head, put his lips against his mate’s nipples and licked up it. Tasting him. "MMFFF!!" Ty groaned, his thick cock slipping out of his shorts and rapidly hardening. Ty grabbed Sean’s ass hard. Groping him with his thick fingers just like Sean was groping him. The virile stud grunted in need, his tongue still gliding over his mate’s pecs. Ty tore off Sean's stringer hungrily to reach for his abs. Sean’s prick tore out of his speedo as he became fully stiff. Ty flexed his ass cheeks. His powerful glute muscles bulged big and blasted out of his shorts. Ripping them asunder and leaving him as naked as his mate. His prick throbbing just as hard as Sean’s. Both men were grunting in heat. Fondling each other's wet muscles in public. Their heat rising. "Wh…!! Whoa!!" "H-Holy Fuck!!!" The muscle gods were so consumed by their heat they didn’t notice the beachgoers approach them. Two young men, less than half their size, were stopped in front of them. Mouths agape. Boners tenting through their board shorts. Their athletic bodies smaller than just one of the muscle men’s arms. They were frozen in shock and arousal. Sean and Ty looked at each other. A grin spread across their faces. Ty raised and pointed his thick finger down at the pair. "You…" he growled. The young men felt the bass of Ty’s voice in their chests. They gasped in lust. "Prey…" Sean added. Sean’s baritone voice was just as powerful as Ty’s. The newcomers moaned hearing it. The two muscle gods stared down at their prey. Then in unison, they each grabbed one young man and forced them onto their partner's cock. "SUCK" The muscle men commanded in tandem. The young men gagged as they were forced to inhale Sean and Ty's oversized cocks. Sean and Ty kissed as they skullfucked their new toys. With one hand, they pumped their new worshippers up and down their mate's oversized meat, with the other they continued to feel each other up, taking turns to suck on each other's pecs and lick the sweat off of their pumped bi's. They turned to face each other and embraced, forcing the two young men to kneel at their feet, back to back, pressed between four massive tree trunk legs. They groaned and moaned, their worshippers cumming as they were overwhelmed by pure muscle sex. Nearly simultaneously, Ty and Sean felt their orgasms approaching and thrust their huge dicks balls deep. They roared and erupted, blasting muscle cum straight into the stomachs of their prey. After about a minute, they pulled out, hosing the two worshippers down with the rest of their massive loads. "STRIP," Sean and Ty commanded, barely giving the two young men any time to catch their breath. They were both drenched in a thick layer of white, nearly slipping as they stood up to pull off their clothes. They tore their board shorts off as quickly as they could, flinging them to the ground, their small but erect dicks sprung about as the elastic waistbands slid over them. They presented their backs to the two muscle gods, nervous but excited about what was about to happen. The two men were small but beyond horny. Sean and Ty scooped up some of their cum off of their worshippers and lubed up their massive cocks. In tandem, they lined themselves up and impaled their partners, causing them to scream in pain and pleasure. Their massive thighs slapped against the men’s tight asses with passion, spraying cum and sweat everywhere as they fucked. The pavement beneath them became so slick with cum it looked like it had been snowing. It was a loud fuck, their soft, wet holes squelched as they were penetrated over and over. The pleasure of the sex overwhelmed the young men. This was the ultimate in muscle sex. The muscle gods rubbed each other’s girthy pricks as they bred the two young men, neither of them able to fit the entirety of their thick meat inside. Still kissing each other, Sean and Ty relentlessly pounded their partners as they swapped spit, ceasing briefly to moan or grunt when the much needed fuck pushed even more pleasure through their bodies. The two young men were pushed into a cycle of endless orgasms, their small loads splattering on the ground. They wouldn’t last long. But nether would Sean and Ty. "UUGGNNNFF!!!" "HHGGNNNFFF!!!" Their orgasms approached fast. The four of them cried out in pleasure as Sean and Ty erupted. Their muscle asses clenched hard as they lifted their partners up by flexing their cocks. Ropes of cum blasted out their girthy pricks. The young men screamed in pleasure as their asses filled with cum from these muscle god dicks. They drifted in and out of consciousness, the euphoria too much to handle. Sean and Ty were built for sex. Built to fuck men dry. "Mmmrghh…" "HURgghh…." The four men hung their heads and panted. Sweat raining from their bodies as they basked in their overwhelming afterglow. The muscle gods groped each other’s chests, stroking the post orgasmic bliss through their bodies. They pulled out of their submissive bottoms one last time, milking out some final dregs of cum. Sean and Ty stood up straight, letting their partners flop to the ground, entirely spent. The muscle gods grinned down at their toys, lifted their muscular feet and pressed them down against the young mens' softening dicks. "Aw fuck yeah…" Sean rumbled. "Thanks for the fun…" Ty added. The two worshippers could only squeal and splutter in pleasure as the soles of Sean and Ty’s muscular feet pushed even more pleasure into their post orgasmic dicks. The deep chuckles of the men made them throb even harder. Their strong feet were as big as their torsos. Satisfied with the performance of their prey, the muscle gods rubbed their big toes up and down their shafts a few last times before lifting their feet off them. The young men passed out, overwhelmed by the experience. "Heh.." Ty laughed. The muscle gods again turned their attention to each other. Sean caressed his lover’s head. He guided it towards his face. Ty groped his stud’s pecs. The two continued making out. Pressing their lips together and sharing saliva. Their heat for each other hadn’t waned in the slightest. Sean and Ty left their toys panting and spent on the ground. Fully naked, they continued on their way back home. Sean and Ty fucked anywhere and everywhere. At the gym, on the train, in the stairwell of their apartment, in broad daylight in the street. Sean’s need to pump his prick in and out of Ty’s hungry hole was constant and Ty’s need to fuck Sean was equal in intensity. The muscle gods had almost made it home from the beach. Their powerful bodies glowing with the ever present mist of their sex sweat. Fully nude, they walked down the street, enjoying the sounds of shock and awe from onlookers as they passed by. Occasionally they stopped to flex and pose, laughing as people around them involuntarily came at the sight of the angelic-faced muscle monsters. They loved the attention, and who was going to stop them? The last time someone called the cops for public indecency they ended up double teaming the cop in the park for three hours. The walk home did little to cool their libidos, their soft cocks slapping their thighs as they walked, spraying a wide arc of pre on their path. By the time they had almost made it home, the two studs were fully erect once more, their hands fiercely groping and slapping each other as they jogged, then chased each other back. Ty was particularly excited, grabbing Sean and pinning him against a telephone pole. As he made out with Sean his left hand rubbed up and down the inside of his thick thighs. The back of his arm jostled around Sean’s bloated balls and erect prick. His right hand kneaded Sean’s muscle ass cheek. Pulling it apart then running his fingertips against Sean’s muscle hole. "HHuuhhh!! HUUGgghhH!!" Sean was panting in need. His lover threw his massive arms around his sweaty body and thrust his groin into the side of his ass. Grunting in need into Sean’s ear. Making his stud moan. Making him feel the stiffness of his 19-inch beast as its swollen tip pressed into his asscheek. Ty’s primal desires had become uncontainable. "MMGHRRFFF!!" Ty’s roared in lust. His massive prick throbbed so hard it sprayed a jet of pre all over the two of them. The teen in heat pushed his fat fingers in between Sean’s muscle cheeks and spread them. Sean let out a deep bellowing moan, so loud it drew the attention of red faced onlookers. The two were standing in the parking lot beside their apartment. They could have just gone upstairs, but they needed it now. It couldn’t wait. "HRGHHHH!!" Ty grunted in sexual heat as Sean presented himself. He bent over to give his mate his hungry hole. The teen stud lunged onto his mate’s back. Grabbed him by the pecs to steady him for the onslaught that was coming. He grunted in his ear. His monster cock throbbed bigger, harder than ever as he plunged it balls deep into Sean’s quivering muscle hole. His thighs slammed against Sean’s muscular asscheeks with a loud, wet thud. "UUGGGHHHH!!!" Sean roared as he felt Ty stretch him open. Ty’s huge length throbbed inside Sean as the teen ground his muscular groin against his mate’s butt. Onlookers moaned in heat as the muscle god began to thrust. Sean’s muscular asscheeks shuddered then flexed as Ty’s thighs slammed into them over and over. Sean’s tongue lolled out. He was drooling as his mate groped and kneaded his supple pecs. Pounded his hole in front of a growing audience. The toes on his meaty muscular feet flexed and curled in pleasure on the asphalt. "HRRRGGHHHH!!" the two of them grunted and groaned. Pleasure reverberated through the men’s mountainous bodies. With every thrust into Sean, Ty’s horniness rose. Thick virile seed churned in his powerful balls as they slammed into Sean’s rump over and over. "UGFF UGGNNFF UUGGHNFF!!" Sean’s legs gave way and he fell backwards, ass first onto his mate’s prick. Both men roared in pleasure. Ty's huge dick pushed deeper up into Sean as he sat on it. Sean arched his back and moaned. The stud spun around on his mate’s prick. His soft hole putting tension on it, rubbing it as it twisted round. He held onto Ty’s huge traps and thrust his huge ass down onto his mate’s dick. Over and over. Slamming his muscle ass onto his stud’s erection again and again, desperate to milk out his load. "UUGH!! UGGH!! UUGGHH!!" Ty’s powerful thighs pistoned his prick up into Sean’s hole over and over. Pushing it deep inside with more force than Sean was fucking him. Ty flipped the two of them over and straddled him. He was on top of his mate in a feral, primal mating press. "RRGHHHHH!!" Ty fucked Sean faster and faster. Pounding him so hard car alarms around them went off. Loud meaty thuds rang out as his powerful thighs slammed into Sean’s muscle ass over and over. The teen was a piece of muscular farming equipment. A breeding machine. And he was going to make Sean feel it. Ty pressed his body down on his mate. Holding Sean’s lurching cock still between his bulging pecs. Letting him fuck faster and faster. "RRRGGUUHHH!!!" Ty’s powerful fuck reached its climax. With a guttural roar, Ty thrust so hard into Sean’s muscle ass the ground shook. He moaned in pleasure as he pumped his hot cum deep into Sean’s waiting hole. Filled him completely until his thick jets of cum flew out and splattered the asphalt beneath them. Sean's cock expanded and erupted, covering Ty's pecs and face. Ty unclenched his pecs, letting Sean's dick swing wildly as it blasted ropes of jizz across the parking lot. "HHGHH…Aw fuck yeeah...HHGHHH…Fucking strong!…HHGHh…Can't stop cumming..." Ty hung his head. Panting. He was done. The two of them were drenched in sweat and cum. Sean panted, catching his breath. The two of them had pushed each other more than they ever had before. Ty lowered his head and took a deep breath. They smelled amazing. Ty gave Sean’s ass one final hard thrust. He pulled out his prick slowly, to let Sean feel his length. When it popped out, his thick cum streamed out Sean's hole and down the backs of his muscular legs. Ty helped Sean to his feet. The two musclegods began softly kissing one another. Standing in profile, their huge pecs swelled as their nips erected and dueled with each other. Their giant fuck-rods waved in their own dance, sliding up and down each other, generously lubricated by Sean's cum. Their lips never parted but their hands were everywhere, molding, caressing, squeezing. When they hugged, their enormous biceps fought to drag the other guy even closer. At that point Ty pulled a little back, still holding on to Sean, and sat on the hood of one of the cars in the lot. The car creaked and groaned out of protest. Sean closed in on him, pushing Ty's knees apart as he fucked his cock in the deep cleavage between Ty's giant pecs as his lover pulled the blonde head into his own chest. Sean's butt salaciously waved from side to side as he pleasured himself on Ty's sweat and cum covered torso. Sounds of metal bending and snapping filled the air as the car struggled to support the motions of the two massive teens. A crowd of onlookers gathered around them, some of them pairing off and fucking each other as they watched the two muscle gods enjoying each other. Sean half turned to grin wickedly at the horny onlookers as he placed his hands on Ty's outrageous delts and started to push him down to swallow the big blond dick. As Ty slurped disgustingly on his oversized meal, Sean stretched his torso back arched, flexed and spread, showing off his massive body. But when the sap began to rise and Sean started to groan in anticipation, he suddenly stood up, swung Ty around, and sat him on his lap, on his tree trunk of a dick. Without changing his rhythm, Ty started to fuck himself on Sean's 20-inch monster. Sean had one hand on Ty's bulging pec, the other on his huge dick. Ty, with his deep brown eyes, stared down their audience as he started to massage the sweat and cum into his own lats, his chest, his huge veined bis, even his face, bending over to lick the sweet honey of his pre-cum off his throbbing cock as he fucked his own mouth with it. Ty's eyes pierced into each person's soul, sending them over the edge at the sight of these two perfect specimens in love. Person after person fell to their knees as they came at the sight. Then he flexed a humungous bicep and started to lick it. Then the other. The crowd around them were all on their knees now, some of them passing out from an endless cycle of orgasms. Sean grinned at the crowd, "Enjoying yourself, dudes? I know we are!" Ty raised his pelvis a little to let Sean start the upward fucking motion himself. "Aww, shit, Sean! Yeah, fuck me, dude! Harder! Fuck the jizz outa me!" Sean slapped both his paws hard on to Ty's pecs and Ty reached back with both arms to use the car back for additional leverage as both of them rammed up and down against each other. The hood buckled underneath them as the car gave in, the tires burst with a loud bang followed by the suspension collapsing underneath them. "Shit! Fuck! Aww, shit, fuck, yeah! Gonna cum!" "Me too!" Sean pulled out of Ty's ass and pointed his dick in direction of the crowd under Ty's balls. Ty pushed his dick down slightly as they erupted. Two fire hoses simultaneously jetted across the parking lot, spraying down the moaning crowd. Torrents of cum covered the lot in white. Those who were still conscious hungrily shoveled the improbable loads into their mouths. Sean lifted Ty up in his arms and the two of them shared a deep kiss. Then he stood up, cum and sweat dripping off their magnificent bodies and headed inside. Sean carried his mate back to their apartment, to their bed. As their post orgasmic onlookers watched them in awe. The muscle gods were insatiable.
  23. Chapter 1- That Pumping Thought Keith was your typical college athletic dream. Good grades, great looks, gets all the babes. Your typical young hunk. His blonde hair kept styled always to the left with a short hair cut and swept bangs. He could fill out a nice athletic uniform with his tight muscles screaming through the clothing as his uniforms and overstretched clothes sprawled across his muscular frame. At about 6' 3" tall, he towered over most of the team mates. Didn't matter what sport. Swim Team, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, you name it. He was in it. The swim team was his favorite though. His time to show off what he had worked hard for since he was 18, now 23. His muscles glistened in the sunshine as his body would drip from the water cascading off his bulging shoulders. The sinews of his pecs and traps, biceps and large horseshoe triceps and ham like hamstrings and bulging thigh muscles, and his cobblestone 6 pack, creating a path for the streams of water to cut deeply on. Every night, after a big meet, he would proudly display is confidence. At least, that's how his family and his friends saw it. Except, deep down he was a little insecure. He had worked hard to build his 200 lbs. frame up to proportionate v taper that every man dreams of. The one thing, though, he hated the most was his package. Sure he had the body any wetdream consisted of. But the one thing lacking, at least in his eyes, was the size of his cock. His balls were pretty above average already, so no problems there, about large hen egg size in a tight hairless sack. His penis, however, was fairly average. About 5.25" when hard about 1.5" wide. Not porn star size by any matter but it mattered.... a lot.... to Keith. Here I am again, standing in front of my mirror. Gosh I really hate the way I have a smoking hot bod and nothin' below the belt to match. Hmph. "Keith! Dinner is ready!" "Okay Mom! Heading down in a bit!" I holler down to my mother. After these swim meets, why do I always have to look at myself and point out the worst thing about me. "Why can't I just be happy about what I got? What I built." I ask myself These thoughts keep racing through my head. Deep in the back of my mind, I keep wondering at the dinner table. "What if I can build up my cock too and why not my balls while I'm at it. Go big or Go Home I always say." I chuckle thinking to myself. "What's on your mind champ?" Dad asks. "Oh it's nothing, just thinking about how I smoked the other swimmers in today's meet. "You got that right! You're just as an athlete as your old pop was in my heyday." "Don't make it weird. I shove his shoulder." "Pretty soon, Dad, Keith will be just as big as you!" My brother, Jason, chimed in. Jason is about 6' and is a bit athletic but nothing like me. He does have broad shoulders and large feet. He'd be good if he could keep the muscle on him. Doesn't work to well on him. Though he maintains a fair bit of toned definition at 155lbs. He'd be good as a swimmer, but sports aren't his thing. "Yea sport. Try not to eat so much or you'll outgrow the house!" Dad laughed. "Anyone want desert?!" Mom asked as we continued our meals. After supper, I went back to my room. That thought keeps popping up in my mind. Could I build a better package. As I lower my sweatpants, revealing my blue boxer briefs with the slight mound I dreadfully call my own. Pulling them down, I go to my bedroom door and lock it so as no one comes in. I go my bed and bring my laptop. I look up my favorite story website about male growth, specifically the muscles and cock section to pound out my sorrows as I lust to have the feeling of my cock skin to stretch over an engorging monster of a penis. I my penis swells to it's full measly 5.25" size as I pound away. I grab some tissues as I feel myself closer to climaxing. I usually have to use a towel but I totally forgot about it. Tissues are the only option at this point. As pre-starts to flow like a faucet from my ample egg sized balls, I begin to twitch as I feel the fountain unleash within and I burst forth with my cum. It quickly overflows the tissues and pools on the tiled floor in my bedroom. I do the best I can to clean it up after I come down off of my high. My muscles feeling pumped like after a workout. Well, it was a workout. The best kind I would say. Hah. I chuckle thinking to myself. An ad pops up on the website and I notice it after cleaning my spooge lake I created in my bedroom. "Hm..." I see what it says thinking how interesting a fantasy... too good to be true. Ad: The UberPump Pump Ring. Just slap on the ring around your cock and watch it grow! Looking to add serious size and girth. Not recommended for those with body image complex. $99 + shipping and handling. "Well, what do I really have to lose I suppose. I'll try anything at this point." I say, looking down at my little guy who seems to be excited about what I am thinking. He certainly approves of this. With my part time job at the pubic pool and the local gym, I have saved money through my freshman and sophomore college years. Now that I'm a Junior, it's time I started looking the part below the belt. A big package for a big guy. I whip out my credit card from my wallet and click on the add. I add the device to the cart and begin reading. A secondary item pops up! Ad: Do you want a more forceful pump while feeling a bit adventurous, then add on this UberPump Hand Pump to take it up a notch for the whole package. Recommended for those looking for SERIOUS GIRTH AND LENGTH GAINS. "Sure, why the hell not." I say and add this item to the cart as well. I look through the typical legal jargon and entering my information. I finally purchase what I've been looking at. The item says it processed and will arrive Friday. "Great!" I thought!. "Just before summer break begins. Even more time to have fun!" And I drift off to sleep. Chapter 2- The Tightening (Inflation Begins) Friday arrives and after waiting since Wednesday I sigh in relief. "Thank you! I thought I let myself get scammed in my post orgasm arousal brain." Once I got home from the local college, I rushed upstairs with the package to try it out for myself. No one home. All by myself. The perfect timing. I open the package and lay its contents on my bed. Going back to the door and locking it as I am still paranoid about that, I begin to undress down to my boxer briefs and walk over to the bed. Staring down at the ring that supposed to be adjustable to "any size" the contents packaging says. I wonder how I am supposed to fit it over my small-ish and flaccid length. "Better read this first." I pick up the instructions. Reading the directions, mostly in terribly translated English I decided to just download the SmartPhone app and pair it to the ringed device lolling around in my hand. It's slightly rubbery yet firm and seems to have some give and cushioning on the inside diameter. But don't really see any buttons or dials. Just a rubber ring. My phone finishes "Syncing" the ring to the app. Pump Me. is the name of the app. "That's a weird cliche name for an app like this" I say to myself. The app quickly responds after opening. "Please place penis into ring and hold firmly in place." The app prompts me. "Well, better late than never." I slide the ring and hold it firmly to my pubic bone. The app suddenly pings and give me my exact penis stats. "Wow, how'd it do that!?" I say out loud. Suddenly I feel a tightening around the base of my cock. Snug, but not tourniquet tight. The app pings again. "Fit complete. Begin inflation process? Yes or No?" "Interesting, I don't remember reading anything like this on the website." I say as I hit yes. I yelp as I suddenly feel the ring tighten further around the base of my dick and then a small prick. "What the hell was that?" I say, panicking wondering whether I am about to ruin my so called one-eyed pal. The app *pings* again. "What size do you wish to go?" It prompts with a text box. There's a small warning under the text box but I fail to read before typing. "Um, I say 9" long." "Girth?" It asks next "Um...Let's get a little crazy seeing how this thing is probably bogus anyways. 8" girth?" *ping* "Inflation Process beginning. Sit back and enjoy." I suddenly feel as if I am getting an erection. My penis feels flush and hot, and I feel as if it is literally inflating with air. I look down at my penis as it quickly reaches its 5.25" length. I feel a tightening in my groin as the ring begins to force more growth into my cock. Slowly, I stare at my penis wide eyed as it begins to pulsate and beat as if it has a heart beat and begins to inch slowly upward in length, surpassing its former length going into new territory. Length: 5.5 in Width: 1.5 in "Fuck! This feels freaking insane" I yell as I sit down on the end of my bed. Staring down, seeing my once average cock growing and swelling, inflating with pure size. "I glance down toward my phone as again, I notice the red warning under the text box input. *Warning: Do not input size greater than 1 inch of current penis size. This may cause painful stretching of the skin. DO NOT OVER DO IT! "Oh fucking shit! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!, Hell!" I burst as I suddenly realize my horrific mistake. Then suddenly *squeak* I feel my skin begin tightening around my shaft and head the ring begins to force more growth into my penis. Length: 6.25in Width: 2in *Squeak* The skin tightens even more as the growth continues its onslaught. My toes curl as an uncontrollable urge to cum takes over. Then the skin tightens more and stretches. I painfully stare down at my cock as it turns bright red and see it inch a little longer. Another *squeak* this time and audible stretching sound I hear coming from my over taxed skin. Veins stand out in bold relief as the pressure builds in my cock. I finally stand and wobble over to the dresser, digging through to find my tape measure. I want to know exactly how long this thing is Standing there, I place it over my tight, drumlike skin, and it reaches to 7.25in long. I have to measure the width. I wrap it around and do some quick math: 2.5 in wide. "Fuck!" I say, slightly sweating now as the stretch becomes form painful and oddly pleasurable. A sound that sounds more like overtaxed leather begins to creak from my groin as another round of growth hits, this time with more force. *Stretch* *Squeak*. Sounding more like a balloon. "My God! Look at this fucking thing!" I look down, still sweating from the onslaught my penis is enduring right now. "Fuck me! It looks like a purple dirigible!" And that it did. My penis has now reached an unnatural shade of purple. The sounds coming form my skin more like that of a balloon than stretching skin! Another pump goes and my penis inflates. Faster than any other time! *Squeak* *Stretch* *Squeal* This time jumping a half inch in under 5 seconds. "FUCK!!!" I yell. Clawing at the device to try and pry it off. Realizing at this point I might actually make my penis explode for trying to be such a body image hog. *SQUEAAAAAAAAAL* and long stretching balloon sound comes from my dirigible of a cock that's attached to me. I feel it spread out to almost 2.75" in width. It having already reached it's goal of 9" albeit abit longer than what I typed in. The girth now spreading out to match what I had typed in! "Fuck! It feels like I'm going to fucking POP!"" I yell out, clammering for my phone. Trying to find anything to stop this onslaught.! *STREEEEETCH* *SQUEEEEAK* *BLOAT* *BLOAT* The area just behind the head of the shaft begins blowing up. giving it that baseball bat look. Stretch marks beginning to appear along it's length. My penis crying out in pain and pleasure as the final *PUMP* *BLOAT* pushes my cock into blimp like territories. With a final *BLOAT* and *PUMP* my bloated dirigible cock shudders and stops swelling, leaving me with a painfully erect cock that has been mutated into a dream and horror as I look on in silence. Afraid to touch it. I feel the ring suddenly release itself. The pin prick feeling gone and now just a normal cock ring feeling. A wave of lust fills my mind as thoughts race through my mind. "Holy fuck!" I huff, as a trembling hand caresses the bloated cock balloon before me. Then the sudden realization hitting me that the thing forcing my legs to stand wide apart, spread eagle, is my fucking cock. My dirigible cock, now a veiny monster pulsating within its vice like grip of the skin. The cock head seemingly keeping in proportion to the penis, now fist sized. The piss slight now as if you could fit a whole quarter into. The stretched feeling is still there painful, as I begin to hunt for my phone. The app *pings*. "Final measurements" It reads out across the screen. "9.1in Length. 3in Diameter. Girth: 9in" I toss my phone down on the bed and lay back gently, so as not to wobble the balloon stretching from my groin. As if not to pop it. Feeling the tightness of it's mass, I kept wondering why the app didn't stop pumping my girth up past the 8in I typed. "Man this tightness is arousing. Almost too much. I feel if I cum I might pop!" I run my right hand up and down it's fat lenght. "Fuck! I can't even reach around this thing with my meaty paws. I try to look up, only being met by my might pecs. Sweat running down and into the cleavage of my muscle tits. *Stretch* "Fuck!" I feel my arousal heighten as my bloated cock engorges itself into a steel like erection with all the stimulation it recently received. I rush up form the bed, the dirigible bouncing into my abs, smearing pre-. I rush to my on suite bathroom and catch a glimpse of the purple, stretch marked, mass that is my baseball bat shaped cock. I suddenly feel the urge to cum, overwhelmed by it even. I rush over to the toilet and before I get a chance to aim, I suddenly feel my balls draw up and tighten. Trying to release their contents into the toilet. The sudden extra pressure pushes my cock even further. Bloating it more, as I normally doing while cumming. The feeling and sound of my skin stretching more to accommodate the growing mass intoxicating. The flow becomes more of a fire hydrant release as my cum sprays out as a stream. Not multiple squirts, a stream. The veins of my cock standing out as my balls forcefully eject their contents into the toilet. Finally, my cock calms down and begins to deflate. The skin sighing in relief as the pressure is release off of it. The stretched feeling disappearing and turning more into a heft. Something I've never felt before. Going completely soft now, the cock ring releases fully and I am able to slide it off. A little more difficult now with the extra heft. "Damn. I'm a fucking stud now." I say, looking at the limp and thick beast hanging between my muscled thighs. I walk back into the bedroom and get the tape measure out. "Let's see how big you are soft now, hopefully you go down a bit more." Stretching it along the length. "Damn, I'm longer soft than I used to be hard." Flaccid: 5.5in Flaccid width: 1.75in "I guess I'm a grower." Picking up the phone, I begin reading. I read that some length gains and girth gains are permanent. "I guess pushed the boundaries for you little guy. I say, rubbing him through my now bulging boxer briefs. Still a bit sore from the punishment. "I will say this, we are definitely going to be working you out more! I wonder if there's a setting for balls to be pumped on here." I wonder as I comb through the app. Finding out what I needed, a slight devilish grin appears on my face. "We are definitely having more fun this summer with you!" I say, looking at the ring and the extra device with arousal and lust in my eyes. "Or find someone to experiment with...." The rest of the story can be found here: http://www.patreon.com/uberpumpstories
  24. UberPump

    The Filling

    The Filling.... Don't Drink and Inflate... “Oh yea… Just one more inch!” I moan as I feel the air hose inserted into my cock’s slit. The air rushing into the meat erotic. I can feel every throb of growth coursing erotically throughout my dick and balls. “Just about there! Unnnngh….” I moan as I hold the ruler against the bloated surface of my cock. My balls squeezing themselves fatter between my thighs as big as cue balls. Everything in my groin feels tight and pressurized. “8 inches!” *Scheww* as I turn the pump off. Both hands reach for my groin as I begin fondling the bloated masses resting in my lap. The veins throb off the surface like nets through the stretched out skin. The ridges visible as each separation in my dick is visible through the tight skin. My balls churn and bubble with all the air that has been forced into them as they scream for release. “Fuck, man. This is bigger than yesterday…” I stroke up and down slowly, feeling my fingers spread apart and come back together again as they traverse the girth of my vein riddled cock. It spreads out fat as it approaches the flare of my cockhead. The head expands out a good 2.5 inches in all directions, nicely mushroom capped. I continue stroking as I slowly grab for the hose lodged into my cock. I pull on it. The hose slides out as I moan “unnnnnhhhhgh” from the sensation of it being dragged through the inside of my inflated cock. Everytime I fill my cock up with whatever, air or water, the small hose I use always sucks itself down further into my cock. When I feel it lodge at the base with nowhere to go, I can feel the stuff begin pumping into my balls and overflowing them into my cock. That’s when the real fun begins. “Everytime you get hungry and decide to eat this… mmmph….” As it slides through out of my cock, like a long string of cum being pulled from the end of my cock. The hose, limp, rests now on the side of my bed with the pump. “So fat and long!” I look at my engorged cock astonished at its size… my once 5 inch skinny pencil dick is now a fat 2.5 inch wide 8 inch long porn star cock. My strokes speed up as I feel my cock begin quivering signaling the release of all this pressure. “Already! Come on I haven’t even had time to … mmm… play!” As I feel my balls seizing in anticipation. My cock throbs violently as it pulses up and swells with each throb. My hand furiously rubbing up and down. I can feel it getting closer as my balls contract. They slam up into the base of my cock as I rush to cover my dick with as much of my bedsheets as possible. The first one hits hard… “UNNnnnnnghhh…” *Splat* *Splooot* As it violently ejects the pressurized cum and air from within. It’s loud as it rockets out of my cock and balls. The covers help with the sound as it echoes through my bedroom like a deflating balloon. Each *Splat* is followed by a *Splooot* as it violently lurches with each throb, deflating down to a more meager size. The final *Splat* is followed by a long drawn out *Splooooooot* as my cock and balls go limp after they end their bloated party balloon fun. My arousal still heigh, even as my cock falls long and limp like an overstretched party blimp. “If only I could keep filling you up without risking an explosion…” I drop backwards onto the bed, my cock and foamy cum still under the sheets. *Knock* *Knock* *Knock* “Jason! Are you ready?” I hear the guys outside my college apartment. “It’s about time to head on over to the Halloween party!” “Yeah, yeah! Let me finish up and I’ll be out in a minute!” I grab my costume, a bull costume. It’s bare chested, showcasing my thick upper body muscles. Really, its just a leather speedo with boots and a pair of horns to go on my head…. Also, partly the reason I decided to fill the little guy up again… gotta fill out the bulge to be a bull. “Okay! I’m ready!” I open the door. “What the hell is that?” I hear Ethan call out, snickering at me. “Stuffing our speedos, are we?” Jacob calls out. “Look guys, it’s a pool party, right?” “Right…” “And we needed Halloween costumes, right?” “Right…” they groan rolling their eyes… “If I’m going as a ‘bull’”—I throw air quotes up—”then I needed something to fill me out a bit. Everything else fits the part you know… I just needed something that was good for swimming and showing off the characteristics of a true bull.” “That still doesn’t explain…” “Trust me, I’m not stuffing…” I pull my speedos away from my body, I feel them pulling at my bubble butt. They look into them. “That can’t be real?” “Sure is…” I whip it out, it’s still slightly swollen from earlier… they’ve only seen me post inflation… but they’ve never seen me when I’ve pushed it a bit far… my limp cock still hangs about 6 fat inches in my hand. My balls still swollen but not huge, above average now. “I’m just excited I guess to show off, it’s a bit chubbed right now.” “Well we’ve never seen you hard, so I guess that explains it…” They shrug. “Come on now or we’re gonna be late!” Ethan perks up, whisking us quickly to the house across the street. The house, an old well-kept Victorian with Halloween spiderwebbing strewn across its decorated porch. The house, blue and ornate. Music thumping from around the back and through the open house. The party has already begun. “There’s a lot of people here tonight!” I yell over the music. “Yeah! We know! It’s the whole football team and their partners too!” Ethan yells. “Let’s head ‘round the back to the pool!” “Okay!” We head through the crowded corridor of the house towards the back and through to the pool area behind the house. We see there’s still people but not as much as inside. “Ah, that’s better. I can hear myself think now.” I sigh. “Hey! It’s the Bull!” I hear one of my team mates call out walking up to us. His breath reeks of beer. The nickname was bestowed on me on the football team since I’m hugely muscled standing 6’3” tall and weighing over 210 pounds of solid man. I mow players down on the field without question. “Pshew man… you should cool it on the alcohol…” I jokingly wave my hands in front of my face. “Yeaa.. yEaaa…” he slurs and hiccups as he talks. “I’mm.. g…gonna go back inside to bang my … girl…. Take care of this for me…” He hands me the cup of whatever. I toss it, not wanting anything to do with getting drunk tonight. I must stay focused on my college career if I’m gonna make it big. “Loosen up man…” Jacob brings me a full cup of beer. “Look man, I don’t want to ruin my career by getting drunk and kicked out of school.” “Dude! You’re 21 now! Enjoy it while it lasts…” and he walks backwards and steps into the pool gracefully with a splash. “I guess they’re right…” I sigh, picking the cup up to my mouth and begin a long night… Throughout the party, from swimming to costume contests to loud music, the night dragged on. By midnight, most of us were wasted. Particularly me having just consumed enough beer to put a bull to sleep. In my stupor my dick starts leading the charge. My brain takes a back seat at this point as my growing member begins making itself known… I’ve wandered into a dimly lit corner of the party by the pools’ pump housing… lit by the moonlight. My dick has shoved its way out of my speedos as they fall slighty down over my muscular thighs. “Someone is ready to play tonight…” I drunkenly stroke my cock as it approaches its slightly larger size of 6.5 inches. It’s shrunk down some from earlier. “You look a bit puny right… now… but so fucking hot.” I bite my lower lip as I brace my hand against the wall of the house, leaning my head down as my left hand roughly jerks my cock. My hips seize and I spurt a good amount of cum on to the concrete. “No one will see it…” I shrug as I begin to walk away, forgetting about pulling my speedos back up… my cock still hard as a rock bobs in the moonlight. That’s when I notice it…. ‘Caution: Fill valve’ it read. “Want to have some fun…?” My cock jerks wildly. I reach for the hose attached to the valve as I inspect the end of it… it was a stem tapered sprayer on it… Looks like a pressure washer attachment to a garden hose. “This will do fine…” I say as I guide the tapered sprayer to the slit in my cock. “Nnnhuh…yes… tightly sealed…” I push it in until it stretches my cock slit tightly. I reach over to the valve and slowly open it up…. *Sqeak* *Hiss* as the valve opens and water begins filling the hose. It reaches the tip of my cock and pushes inward. I feel it building up in my cock slowly like I have to piss like a racehorse. The feeling makes me harder than ever. Once I feel it enter with little escape, I slowly begin working the valve open more. More and more water pours into my cock until finally, I feel a *Pop* and my cock begins swelling. “Oh yes… get bigger… Let’s see how much we can blow you up tonight.” I stroke my swelling log of flesh as it grows bigger and heavier. The feeling is different with water because it adds weight to my cock and balls. I feel it sloshing about, gushing in as water continues to flow rapidly into my bloating cock. My cock head swells, now starting to envelop the sprayer on the hose. More and more of it disappears into my swelling cock. It feels tight as the skin stretches over my ballooning cock. I look down, realizing now that my hands are taking longer to reach the end of my dick. “Oh man… you’re getting big! Huge…mmmm yea…” I moan as I look at the swelling dick. My drunk haze doesn’t allow me to realize I’ve already passed the 8-inch mark in a matter of seconds…. My dick is swelling uncontrollably into a new territory of size I’ve been too afraid to explore. It jiggles and jostles about, the veins growing on its surface as they swell to match the girthy size of inflating dick. The filling of the water in my dick stretching it out in all directions has me in a haze of alcohol and arousal. *Creak* As my cock begins to overstretch approaching 10 inches long and as thick as my forearm. My cocks girth is now twice what it was at the house. 5 inches wide…. I feel a tug at my cock head. I look down…. “HOLY SHIT! Nnnnhuh!” I moan as the sight before makes me weak at the knees. The weight suddenly rushes into my groin as my cock looks like a swollen watermelon. Red and marked with veins. I feel a tightness around the shaft of cock as it continues to swell. That’s when the tugging sensation gets worse. I look to my cock head as my cock throbs over and over again, the hose slowly inching its way further into my cock. I grab for it to stop and pull it out but no luck. It gets pulled through my fingers further and further down until I feel it lodge deep at the root of my cock. The pressure builds and builds until *pop* it begins to flow into my balls. My balls jump at the suddenly influx of fluid then drop down heavily in their sack. They begin bloating up until they reach cue balls. The pressure starts there. “Man my balls feel soooo heavy…” I reach down and begin rubbing them from underneath, on my knees as my legs give out form the sensation. I feel each rush of water pour into them as they churn violently. The weight increases rapidly as they expand with more and more volume. They begins stretching the skin. I feel the sack tighten rapidly around my now grapefruit sized testicles. “I’m no fucking Bull now… I’m the Bull! Nnnnnhuh…” I moan again loudly, this draws the attention of others now. “Holy fuck! Get a load of this!” As a man strolls over other football players, muscled thickly, round behind him. “How’s he fucking so big!” One says, starting to stroke my fattening cock as it creaks and groans. The sloshing sound of water pouring into it audible through the thick cock. It now reaches over 12 inches as it continues to swell with water; the hose trapped in its tight confines… “Nnnhuhn.. Guys… you gotta help me…” I groan, rubbing the side of my overfull dick. I feel so tight and huge. The weight of my jiggling cock balloon so heavy now that it begins arching down toward the ground, the underside swelling down fat in an arch bulging from the underbelly of my bloated blimp. “Look at this!” Another drunk football player looks at the hose, follows it to the valve at the wall. “This is…. awesome!” “Let’s see how big we can make him!” They all begin cheering. The man by the wall places his hands on the valve. “No!” I yell as I’m suddenly sober from the realization that these drunk assholes may very well blow me up until I pop. They count down…. 3….2….1! and the man turns the valve up to full blast. *Whooosh* I feel the sudden influx of water slam hard into my cock and balls. The churning in them violently thrashes against the inner walls of the massive cock and balls. My cock quickly approached 15 in… 17in…. 20….in… and on the girth now as big as my huge thigh muscles. I feel it begin scrapping on the concrete below as it swells and drags its weight across the surface. The guys surrounding me now move to the side as the whale of cock creaks and groans past them. They each take turns thumping its surface as it audibly stretches like a balloon. I feel it getting tighter and tighter. My groin filling up with more water as my balls appear from under the massive cock swelling before me. My balls have touched the concrete, as big as basketballs and still swelling. “Guys…nnnn… please stop! It’s tooooo much!” I moan as my cock and balls keep swelling from the water filling them to the brim. My cock and balls creak and groan. The pressure is intensifying as the stretch in my skin pulls taught. My cock meat visibly writhing through the surface of my dick as it throbs and sloshes from the filling. My balls have begun spreading out, sloshing side to side as my cock and balls are bombarded by the meaty hands of my assailants. “Guys… I’m… I’m gonna pop!” I can feel the tension in my enormous cock mounting as it begins slowing down in length… unable to creak past 36 inches. My girth, however, continues to swell up. My cock begins rounding out again as the bloat pushes out causing my dick to getter fatter in the middle of the purple shaft. My balls have begun pushing upwards on my dick as they steadily swell to the size of bean bag chairs. The stretch marks have formed along the blimp’s surface as it jostles about. *Creak* *Groan* as the pressure pushes on it, expanding it fatter and fatter. My balls approaching critical mass as they struggle to hold together. Cum and water are now spraying from the slit of my cock as the pressure forces it’s way out and around the hose plugging the exit. My cock continues getting thicker. It bloats up further as it begins to pulse as if it’s breathing. The monster cock now stretches around as fat as it is long, spreading out like dough on the concrete, etched with veins and stretch marks and the ridges of my cock meat struggling to hold together. “Oh.. please…” I beg out loud, my cock throbbing violently as it attempts to expel all the pressure from within. “Make it stop… I… can’t hold much more!” I moan. “Damn! He looks ‘bout ready to pop!” “Look at the stretch marks!” “I can hear it groaning!” And angry stretch mark races it way across the top of my cock as it audibly sounds of with a resounding *POP* and a *CREAAAAAAAK* as it expands one last time. It has swollen up to 48 inches long and 45 inches wide…. The skin so tight I can feel it quiver with every breath or touch I feel on its surface… my balls have all but stopped swelling as they no longer have room to expand. They pulse and throbbing, swell and relax as the water attempts to fill them even more, but rushes back into my expanding cock. “It feels so tight!” One of them flings the side of my cock with a resounding *plunk* *plunk*. The vibrations bouncing through the water inside my engorged cock. “I… I… guess I’m not a bull anymore!” I groan.. rubbing my cock. “Ohhhhhhnnnnn…….” *GROOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAN* I moan as I feel my cock and balls give one final push in size from the mounted pressure. It releases deep inside me as my cock expands faster. My balls lifting me up on top of them. My cock sounding like an overinflated balloon squealing as it swells for its grand finale! “Watch out! He’s gonna blow!” They scatter as my cock swells taking up more and more space on the concrete. “Ahh!” I hear someone scream. I feel my cock envelop something at the tip and then feel it fill up space inside my dick…. “Nnnnnn.. did.. did my cock just swallow someone?” I moan as I feel something pressing on the inside of cock as it continues its wrath… then the sensation moves to my balls and they swell up fast. Someone else screams and they become muffled as my cock continues plowing people over and swallowing them as if it were hungry enough. “Stooopp! Please!” I grab onto my cock as more and more continue to be swallowed up inside. Each football players mass added to my already massive cock and balls. The pressure continues to rise as they become cum in my balls. “Sooooo much…… waaaatter… and cuuuuumm” I groan and rub the top of my balls, while they rest fat and heavy underneath me. They must be at least 20 feet in diameter from all the jocks my bloated cock swallowed up…. My cock blocks my view… taking up the entire area of the pool as the water from it rushes out of it as my dick swells into the hole in the ground overfilling it. I feel a sudden easing of pressure in my dick and balls. The pressure no longer increases as a “What the fuck happened to you?” blasts into my ears. It was Ethan and Jacob. “You’re really stuffed down there now aren’t ya?” “Took it a bit far did we?” “No guys! It’s… it’s not what you think?” I moan back, my cock still swirling and churning with water. “I was drunk and it started out small but now… these drunk assholes tried to see how big I’d get before I… p… popped!” I wince as a pinching feeling is spreading throughout my dick. The skin, I now notice is searing in pleasure and pain as it painfully stretches like a billowing water balloon. Only now it’s the size of a backyard pool. *Thump* *Thump* I wince again. The feelings vibrate through the tight skin like a drum. “Don’t do that! I might e… explode!” I moan… looking down at them.. “Can you pull the hose out of me?” I point to the monstrous head of my cock. “What hose?” “Just find it! It’s lodged in my cock slit and I’m too big to reach it!” “Fine! But this is insane.” “Insanely hot!” I hear Ethan announce. “Okay, we found it!” I feel them tugging as it slowly slides its way out… “It’s like we are staring at a flesh covered penis shaped goodyear blimp filled with water!” “That’s because it is filled with water!” I yell back. “And little bit of jock muscle in it as well,” I whisper to myself. “All right… one last tug!” I hear them say as it maddeningly scraps out and *POP* out of my cockhead. They’re sprayed by a little bit of cum and water before the hole seals back up. “I… I need help cumming guys!” I beg with them. “Don’t have to ask us twice.” “Just hurry up because I feel like my dick and balls could explode any second,” I groan. Their hands make contact with the turgid flesh of my once human sized dick and balls. My cock quivers at their touch as they thump and scrape and gyrate into the mass of flesh before me. My cock suddenly lurches as spray erupts from the tip. It intensifies until my balls suddenly swell and gurgle deeply, groaning from the mounting pleasure of cum multiplying rapidly within. My cock lurches once more as Ethan and Jacob back away. The rumbling builds as my cock continues spraying cum and water. Then… the dam breaks. All hell breaks loose as a *whoooooooosh* jetted blast of cum explodes out the end of my cock with a thunderous roar. “Holy geeezuz!” I hear them over the gushing sounds of water and cum exploding out of the end of my deformed cock. My balls deflate as we begin noticing costumes begin spilling out of my cock…. I had hoped those would’ve digested in my balls first… “What… the hell… are those….” They look on as my bloated cock and balls begin returning to normal size… well… normal compared to what they were before. My balls rest heavily in my lap at the size of beanbag chairs as my cock stretches thick and fat over them like an enormous, vein covered snake easily 5 feet long and 4 feet wide. My fat cock aches from the near bursting The Filling did to me… “Well guys…” I look at them, breathing heavily…. “Don’t inflate your junk while you’re drunk…” They stare at the mass of flesh pulsing in my lap. The cum covered clothing of my bulging cock’s assailants turned victims floats in the now cum-filled pool. Veins pulsing on it's surface, my cock burning as cum continues to slowly leak out of it's bloated mass. Find more stories here: http://www.patreon.com/uberpumpstories
  25. Mitchell was walking home on a very sunny and hot day. As he continued to walk, he saw his best friend, Leo, outside doing some yard work. As Mitchell got closer, he could see Leo was wearing 5 inch grey shorts and that a huge bulge could be seen. His dick was at least 10 inches soft and uncut. Mitchell also noticed that his balls were as big as lemons. Leo was 5'8 and he was an absolute caveman. Extremely hairy, always smelled like a man whose testosterone levels are through the roof. He was extremely muscular and bulk which was attractive. All Mitchell could smell was that manly aroma. A boner arose in Mitchell's shorts, but he made conversation. Mitchell: What's up Bro! Whatcha up to Leo: Just doing some yard work, its hot as fuck out here Mitchell: deadass I've been walking home and this heat is killing me Leo: You know what, now that you're here. You wanna stay the night? Mitchell: yea why now Leo: alright let me go shower and change. Come on inside 7 hours later Mitchell: Damn its hella late,. Hey Leo wake up, we fell asleep. Im still high from that hit earlier Leo: huh, what time is it? Mitchell: It's 12 PM and guess what? We got a full moon tonight Leo: what do you mean? The full moon is tomorrow, it's the 12th right? Mitchell: Damn dude, what time zone are you in? Today is the 13th Suddenly Leo stood up and ran towards the window and opened it. The moonlight pierced into the room, shining onto Leo. He could suddenly feel his balls starting to swell and produce testosterone and an increase in libido 10,000x. Leo grunts towards the floor and tries to stand up. Leo: Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. I messed up the dates...ughh...I didn't mean for you to...see this. Arghh this hurts and feels so good Mitchell: What the fuck is happening to you and why are you talking like that? Are you growing --bigger? Leo: Fuuuuuuuuuck, now that you're here. I want you to experience my growth ...URGHHHHHH... You.. will... become like MEEEEEE Suddenly Leo's voice becomes much deeper. Leo's musk seems to fill the room and he falls to the floor in pain. His bones break and come back together. Leo is growing taller and as that occurs, his muscles start growing bigger. Leo screams in agony as his skin stretches and grows bigger to allow for more muscle. His entire body is red and sweating from the transformation. Leo's cock is growing bigger as well. It doesn't seem to stop, it burst from the shorts and underwear. His cock grew exponentially larger. It was 31 inches big and you have to hug it in order to jerk it off. His cock is red and swelling for release, especially those balls. They were as big as a the target red balls. Leo's muscle grew and grew and the agony did not end there. Leo grew as tall as 7'8 and was 300 lbs of muscle. Leo was as hairy as a rainforest and it was so thick. The smell only made you hornier every second you smelt it. Mitchell's dick was extremely hard to the point it hurt. Leo: Fuuuck look at me now, a fucking real man. Mitchell stick your dick in my pishole and fuck it until i come. Your dick will absorb my cum and you will become like me immediately.
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