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  1. RoseConspiracy

    Daddy's Dildo (Part 2 updated 09/30)

    "Ro? Sweetheart? Oh god, please tell me you're dressed and almost ready to go." Rich hollered up to me as he started making his way up the stairs to the bedroom. His voice was laced with panic and I could just imagine the tiniest beads of sweat forming above his upper lip. "I know you haven't met the man, and I know it's kind of your hallmark trait to be fashionably late, but my father hates people who lack punctuality." I grinned at that before stepping up to the doorway. Rich's foot had just hit the top step when he looked up at me and gasped. I pulled my curls back as I finished placing one of my big diamond earrings into the pierced hole. "You really think your father will hate this?" I smirked as I gestured down at the black dress that I knew hugged all the right curves. Rich gulped. "On second thought, I'm going to send him a text that we can't make it tonight." "Oh don't be silly," I laughed. "There will be plenty of time for a good ole romp after we have supper with your Dad." Rich snorted but offered me his arm as we both descended the staircase. "Did you seriously just say, romp? And supper?" I blushed and chuckled. "I just want to make a good impression. You and your father come from money. I– don't." "Aw, but I love your filthy little mouth," Rich laughed. He booped my nose but then quickly added. "But maybe don't use the word cunt or call anyone a whore fucker. And maybe just refrain from any f bombs at all. Oh, and you probably shouldn't tell that one joke about Superman watching Wonder Woman masturbate but its actually the Invisible–" "Rich," I snapped. By now we were in his Tesla and buckling up our seat belts. "I got it. Would you relax?" "I know. I'm sorry," he sighed. "It's just– my father has never approved of anything I do. And it doesn't help that I've gained like ten pounds since we started dating." "Wait, what?" My head snapped towards Rich, my right eyebrow arching over my bright blue eyes. "He would really say something about that?" Rich nodded as my eyes slowly drew over him. He wasn't that overweight and he certainly wasn't unattractive. But he definitely sported the "dad bod" despite not being one. I had tried to encourage him to come to the gym with me, but honestly, he was always out of town for work. "Well, I can't tell that you've gained ten pounds," I shrugged. "So maybe he won't notice either." "Thanks, babe." At the stoplight, Rich leaned over and pressed a quick kiss to my lips. "Is your Dad like some crazy skinny health nut or something?" I asked when we started moving again. For the second time that night, Rich just sighed. "Not exactly." When I gave him a confused look, he followed up with, "You'll see." And boy did I see. "Richard." A rather large man, well over six feet tall stood as he saw us. I could see he was grinding his jaw as he held out his hand for Rich to shake. 'Whoa' was all I thought. It was all I could think. This man– and my very timid, very painfully, average boyfriend looked nothing alike. Was Rich adopted? "Sorry, Dad. Traffic was–" I tried to bring my attention back to what had just been said instead of ogling my boyfriend's father. I cleared my throat, and cleared my thoughts, but then that very sexy man turned and looked at me. "And who's this?" His smile was dazzling and butterflies swarmed my stomach as his large hand reached for mine. My breath hitched as he brought my fingers up to his lips. "Rosalie Carter, sir," I quickly regained my composure. Or at least I faked it pretty well. Something I was absolutely used to by now. "None of that, I won't have my son's girlfriend calling me 'sir'," he chuckled. It was a deep, sort of manly sound that kind of vibrated through you. I almost sighed– and then snapped the fuck out if it. What the hell was the matter with me? "You can call me, John. That's what most people do." He spared Rich a look then added, "or Dad. Perhaps, Daddy–" I nearly choked on that but just smiled and shook my head. "John it is." I was relieved when we all sat down and I could take a big swig from the wine glass already waiting for me. Unfortunately, it was awful. Had the elite never heard of adding sugar to their grape juice? Or did they just prefer to drink wine as dry as their souls? This was going to be a long night. Especially if I had to be on my best behavior. "So, Ms. Carter, Richard tells me you're a trainer at the YMCA?" "Oh, uh, yeah," I said. Slightly caught off guard. No one had ever called me Ms. Carter before. "And who or what exactly do you train?" I was surprised when I didn't respond with the first snarky thing to pop into my head– 'pole dancing'. "Mostly old people," I smirked. "We get a lot of seniors, like yourself, that come in and don't necessarily know how to use the equipment." "I can assure you I know my way around the gym, little lady. And I'm not a senior." Only after making sure that he saw me completely look him over did I respond. "Well, I also teach a few other classes. Kettlebells, boxing–" "Boxing? Son, you never told me she could spar." "I didn't– I didn't know that you were–" My poor, naive little Rich. "Of course I'm interested. And you could use a little exercise yourself," he pointed towards Rich. "How about we start tomorrow–" "Dad, I can't. I'm leaving for Colorado." "Oh. And do you stay in that big house, all by yourself, Rosalie?" Oh crap. The big, sexy player was looking right at me. "Uhm… yep." "Nonsense! You should come stay with me at my house! It's bigger," he winked. "Oh no," I started to protest. "I couldn't." There was lots of head shaking and hand raising. But then Rich dropped the bomb. "Actually that's perfect. The roofers are coming out tomorrow to repair the damage from the hail storm. They said it would take three days. I'll be back by then." Violence was never the answer. But right now, I wanted to kill my boyfriend. After that, it was "all settled" as both my boyfriend and his father liked to say. I literally had no say in the matter. None. Whatsoever. And that's how I found myself, standing outside my boyfriend's father's home at 6am the next morning. My gym bag in one hand, luggage in the other. "I guess this is my kingdom now," I groaned as Rich let us in and led me up to the spare bedroom. "Just call me the Fresh Prince of Hell-aire." I got a chuckle as he turned and pulled me against him. "You'll be fine. I promise." Rich kissed my nose, then my chin, my forehead and finally my lips. "He'll be nice to you. It's me he doesn't like." That's what I was afraid of. "So there's a bathroom through that door," he pointed towards the ensuite. "And a walk-in closet over there. If you get lonely, some of my old college hoodies are in there." "Wait. Is this your old bedroom?" I laughed as I ran over to the bed. "Was this where you first made the magic happen?" "Oh god, would you stop?" Rich blushed. "You know you are my first girlfriend." "I know that's why your left arm is bigger than your right," I sang. "You're impossible." "And cute." Rich stalked over to where I sat on his bed. We kissed for a few minutes, but when his watch buzzed, he pulled back. "I've gotta go, or I'll miss my flight." I let out another groan and tugged on his silk tie. "Don't leave me," I wailed theatrically. But I knew he had too. "My Dad has a meeting at the Lodge this morning and then he'll hit the gym. He won't be home till noon. If you play your cards right, you can be out the door before then and avoid seeing him till you get off work." My face cracked open with the biggest smile. "I could kiss you right now. But only if you can tell me his schedule for the rest of the week!" Rich laughed and I kissed him anyway. "I promise, it won't be that bad. I'll see you in three days." I saw Rich off then decided to go explore my new kingdom. His father wasn't wrong when he said it was bigger. Soon enough I found myself in a dark bedroom with a hint of cigars and cologne. This must be John's room, I smirked. I traipsed through to the master bathroom, afterall, I needed to check the prescriptions. Make sure I wasn't staying under the same roof as a serial killer. Coincidentally, I probably looked like the psycho as I started rifling through his drawers. "What the hell is this?" I muttered. I hefted it out, my jaw dropping in awe. This thing was even bigger than Homelander's Star Spangled Banger. I didn't even know they made dildos this inhumanly huge. I started carrying it out of the bathroom, towards my own room. Then I stopped. What was I doing? I couldn't possibly– Could I? I looked back down at it. It was so heavy. So mind-bogglingly huge. My pussy ached just thinking about it. It was barely seven, and Rich said his Dad wouldn't be home till noon. That was plenty of time. Time for what, I asked myself– Then almost immediately replied. Time to see how much of this terrifyingly tremendous dildo I could fit into my wet, little cunt. I laid back after grabbing the bottle of lube and letting a drop fall onto my lips. A thrill ran down my spine, I was already getting wet. Especially as it took two hands to lift and maneuver the giant dildo up. I inhaled and held my breath in anticipation. Was I really going to do this? Without a second thought I pressed the dildo to my folds. My pussy lips parted and I let out a sigh. I pressed it lightly against my entrance, then harder. Goddamn. It was so huge! I subconsciously rocked my hips. My folds slid along the tip coating that giant head with cream. I couldn't help but groan at the sensation. *** Across town, John was just taking a seat on the bench at the gym. He looked down as his watch buzzed– Richard texting to say he was boarding his flight. How the hell his son had scored such a sexy little minx, he'd never understand. Pre-workout in hand, John took a big swig before laying back and getting under the bar. His hands wrapped around the cool metal, lifting up and then down. It felt lighter today. A twinge of excitement shot down his spine. His lips parted in a whisper. "What the–" His cock stirred and his balls churned with anticipation. His fingers readjusted. "Oh god–" he groaned. A sensation of power overtook him. "Oh god, this feels so good!" *** "Oh god!" I wailed. The skin of my entrance was wrapped tight around the head of the dildo. But fuck! "This feels so good!" The monstrous head of the toy filled the first few inches of my sex. I pushed it in farther, my god, there was still so much! My pussy lips were stretched taut around the thick silicone shaft, but I wanted more! *** "Oh fuck yes, MORE!" John roared as he pumped the bar with exceedingly more ease. The only reason he even had to put it back down was so he could adjust his hands to make room for his swelling pecs. He wasn't entirely sure what was happening, but he could feel his whole fucking body shudder with growth. His feet slid across the gym floor as his legs grew longer too. But not just longer, thicker. More powerful. He felt like he could press a truck! "Holy fucking Christ!" He yelled. John swore his voice sounded deeper as his giant python snaked down his pant leg. He could feel his balls swell. He was getting so hot. Ready to explode. *** Lube was mixing with my juices, being spread all over the enormous dildo. I was moving it so furiously inside my hungry hole, feeling the shaft hitting hard against me. I was growing so hot, ready to explode. The sensation was so intense, my orgasm so close I could taste it. I guided the dildo back inside, fucking myself with long, deep strokes. Suddenly, I felt it. No, not my orgasm. I felt the dildo, suddenly growing even bigger, thicker and longer inside me. "Oh holy fucking Christ!" I screamed. It was unlike anything I had ever felt before. Penetration never used to be enough to get me off, but now I was helpless and at the mercy of this growing monster dildo. I stopped abruptly, leaving myself impaled on the dildo's new full length. I could feel my pussy trembling– could feel my flesh tightly gripping every inch of this dildo's impressive girth. My eyes fluttered closed and I gripped the toy with both hands. This was it! With a final hard plunge, I moaned and bucked and screamed. I passed out a few moments later, but not before pulling the dildo from my well-fucked hole. **Part 2 will be uploaded soon** ***A/N- Kinda written for our fave, resident beast friend. And kinda just because, well... DADDY. If you follow me over on Twitter, you know I've been pretty sick. If you find ANY errors, feel free to point 'em out. Also, if you're not following me on Twitter, you're really missing out! @hstrikes3***
  2. Hey peeps, I've been working on a new project and thought I'd release the pages. Let me know what you think Here's the cover and first 2 pages: Cheers, George
  3. TimHayes90

    Angry in the gym

    Here is a little RP which I made into a POV story. Let me know what you think! Giving first person POV a go. Ryan I walk into the locker room. “Where are you, you weak little cunt? I’ve had one fuck of a workout and I need a hole to get off in!” Ethan I hear your loud, deep voice yelling for me coming into the locker room! I panicked and run into the nearest locker, closing the door and trying to stay quiet as you stomp in. I think to myself, “will he find me?” Ryan “I can smell you, you smell like fear. Makes me HOT”. I’m so horny as I March around. I look at the sick veins on my arms, getting hard at knowing I’ve got the power to rape Ethan. Ethan I hear you as you threaten me, knowing if you find me my body is all yours. I start to sweat, shivering in fear as I hear lockers opening and closing as you search for me. You become more angry and frustrated as time goes by, your horny body wanting to get a hold of me. Ryan “Hey Ethan. I know you told coach you’ve been me on roids. You’ve got no idea what I’m doing to myself, you shit. I’m injecting the strongest stuff to make me a FREAK. It’s making me unstoppable”. I’m now leaking as I admit my roid addiction. I slam my fist into a locker, bending it in half. Ethan My head starts to become dizzy as I hear those words come out of Ryans mouth. “Who told him that I told coach about his steroid addiction, and now he’s admitted to it!” I think to myself. I am almost crying now, fearing you will find me and throw me out the locker to do anything to me. Ryan Im now too horny and full of roid rage to even think straight. “Ethan! That does it. I want you to know how much this body can do to you!” I pick up a barbell and start to bend it. “URRHHHHHH YEA. IM STRONGER THAN STEEL”. My roided up cock burst free of my boxers as my shirt ripped apart at my display of power Ethan I look through the vents of the locker to see Ryan curling a 50lb dumbbell in his one arm. I see his shirt has ripped and is displaying his massive pecs, ripped arms, and 6 pack. I start to get nervous as he gets closer to me, but start jerking my cock to his huge body. Ryan “Grrrr Ethan. Im feeling so super jacked. I might even give you a private show - you know I’m into roids? But did you know how much I like to overdose? Well, you little shit, ive never shown anyone what a freak I am. But you deserve this”. I grab my bag and pull out five syringes. Ethan I look and see you bring out 5 syringes of steroids and see that it’s true, you actually are on steroids. I sit in fear as I know what’s going to happen to you, and I can’t stop it. I think to myself “no, Ryan don’t do it! Your going to grow and find me even faster!”. I lock the locker and it makes a click sound Ryan I heard the click. I knew where you are. Finally - an audience to watch me become a MONSTER. I grab the locker door and rip it off. “Hello bitch”. I see your veiny dick. “Ethan. Your cock is almost as veiny as my arm!” I flex my bicep next to you. Ethan I watch as you walk to my locker and pull on the handle. It’s locked, so Ryan can’t open it. You become frustrated and rip the door off to see my cock out and me staring at you. You flex you bicep in front of me and I fall to the ground, fear taken over my body. Ryan “Well Ethan. You wanted roids. So here you go!” Even I was a little nervous - the most I had ever done was 2, but I forced 2 into my arms, 1 into my neck and butt, and I locked eyes with Ethan as I also injected my cock. “YEA WATCH ME GROW”! I felt insane amount of mass pour into me. I felt the veins pumping new power to my swollen muscles. Ethan I see Ruan inject needles into his body, fearing for his life. “Tim, let go of me! Your crazy, why would you inject so much in one time.” I feel as you tighten your grip on me and I can’t escape. Your muscles start to enlarge and I secretly like watching it. Ryan I watch Ethan become harder and start to cry as I swell up. “Yesssssss I’m so yoked!” I flex harder than ever. The veins are so sick now they are criss crossing my abs. My cock is dripping almost a pint of pre into the floor. My arms are 4 inches bigger than minuets before. “ETHAN. THIS IS FOR YOU” Ethan I watch as you grow into a muscle monster! “Ryan, what are you doing to yourself! Your getting huge!” I start to jerk my cock as you grow, but still concerned for your health as you have tears coming from your eyes Ryan The change is so extreme that I can’t take it. I roar as the overdose takes over and my shoulders expand even more. I grab you by the neck and force you onto my enhanced cock
  4. RoseConspiracy

    Fight Night *Revised*

    "Geezus, Cage! Get him off the fucking fence!” I yell. I see your arms wrap around Sanders’ middle section yet again, but the piece of shit has been holding on to the cage all goddamn night. I’m not sure what the hell the ref is doing-- if he’s been paid off by Sanders’ team or if he really just doesn't see it. I see you duck your head as you release Sanders’ but it’s a second too late and his left hook lands successfully on the side of your head. I wince as I see the red spray and your head whip to the side. Feedback comes from your right ear, trickling down the side of your cheek. You should have been able to block that punch, but you’re right eye is swollen shut. It’s been your downfall since the start of the third round. “C’mon baby! You’ve got this!” I scream at the top of my lungs again, willing my voice to reach you over the roar of the crowd. I’m not sure if you actually hear me or not, but I see a nod and a grin spread across your face as you throw a blind punch to Sanders’ abdomen. I smile too as I watch the air and spit get forced out of his mouth. That seemed to be all the encouragement you needed as you struck another blow. You manage a composed left hook to his cheek, being able to see out your left eye. Surprisingly, the punch knocks Sanders’ head to the side with enough force to cause him to go down. You’re on him in a heartbeat, relentlessly delivering punch after punch with your left hand. It doesn’t last long though as you’ve left your right side vulnerable. Of course Sanders attacks with a low blow the second he gets an opening. “Oh for fucks sake!” I scream, tugging on my brunette locks as I watch the referee shrug and do nothing. Sanders’ fist lands on an already bruised region in your rib cage, I see you cry out before doubling over in pain. Your knee drops to the canvas, a taunting smile plays on Sanders’ lips as he stands over you. I try to bolt forward as I see his fist reel back. He screams as he throws the punch and it lands satisfyingly across your face. Your head snaps back and then your entire body seems to go limp. “Cage!” I scream out but the body guards you’ve hired hold me back. Aside from the sound of my own frantic sobs, there’s a pin drop silence in the stadium-- no cheers or waving signs or even any flashing lights. It’s like the entire venue stands still as they gape down at your motionless body. Not a single muscle twitches and if it wasn’t for the steady rise and fall of your chest, I’d probably have thought you were dead. My eyes sting as they flick over to the ref. He lets out a breath before rushing to your side. He starts tapping the canvas on a countdown and the crowd finally seems to blink out of their stupor. “One!” his hand slams next to your head. “Two--” I wrestle out of Aaron and Julian's grasps as I see you push up to your feet. I fly down the steps to the ring as the referee blows his whistle and the three ring bell signals the end of the round. Your coach shakes his head as he sees me approach. “It doesn’t look good, kid,” he says. But I ignore him as I rush into the cage, pushing past the sea of trainers and paramedics to get to you. “You can’t be in here,” the referee snarls as he sees me enter the ring. My hair flies out around me as his large hand grips my upper arm and whips me back towards him. “And who’s going to stop me?” I growl. My eyes narrow slightly as I press my chest against his black and white striped shirt. His nostrils flare as he looks down at me but there’s no way I’m backing down. “How much are they paying you anyways?” I tilt my head to the side, my words ending with a slight snarl. I can feel his grip immediately loosen and I wrench my arm free. As I turn back around I sigh slightly in relief. You’re sitting up now at least, and somewhat back to your feisty self. I can see you swat at the hand of an EMT as he presses his fingers to your ribs. “Cage!” Immediately you look up at me and a tight smile strains your lips. You raise your left arm to catch me, and though I know you’re in tremendous pain, you know I need this. Need to hold you, feel you. I hiccup slightly as the tears fall freely now. “I should have given you this earlier,” I cry. I shake my head sadly as I pull a tiny yellow tablet from out of my back pocket. “I’m so sorry baby, this is all my fault.” “Hey, hey, hey. Stop that.” You shush me as you cup my face with your hands, turning my head slightly to look up at you. “This was not your fault,” you say. “This was nobody's fault but my own. Sanders is prepared. He’s faster than I anticipated, stronger. He has moves--” “Yeah, illegal ones!” I cut you off as I angrily grind my jaw. Quickly I glance at the bastard over my shoulder and it dawns on me, he wasn't nearly this big last night. “What a coward!” I shake my head. With those giant arms of his, at this point, I’m thinking it’s even a miracle you’re still alive. I hear the ref tell the med team to get out and I lean forward to press my lips against yours. As I suddenly pull back I shove the capsule into your mouth. “Baby-- mmph!” I clamp my hand over your mouth as I reach down for your red and white sports bottle. “I need you to win,” I whisper against your ear. I tilt your head back before pouring the water into your mouth. With just a single gulp, you immediately start to look better. The swelling around your eye diminishes and if I’m not mistaken, your muscles look a little more pumped. Suddenly I find myself being pulled backwards by a pair of powerful, sweat-soaked arms wrapping around my midsection. Glaring bright lights flash in my face as I feel a set of thin lips press harshly against my own. “Soon I’ll have taken his title, his money, and then-- I’ll even take his girl!” I push back against Sanders’ sweaty chest in disgust. Snarling before slapping him hard across the cheek. Out of the corner of my eye I see you rise. Your slightly ballooning pecs heave as you roll your head back and forth against now much more massive shoulders. Even your shorts start to ride up, revealing deep cuts in your thick powerful legs. The changes are too subtle for anyone outside of the cage to notice, but I can see them. And as Sanders slowly starts to back up, I know he does too. I blink once and swear you look even bigger. The veins crawling over your biceps bulge as they pump even more power into the mounds of muscle. You were a beast before. But now– now you're becoming a monster. You grin at my gasp as I watch you flex your entire body. Your lats flare out, almost like you're growing wings and your traps rise just a little bit higher too. With two long strides, you move forward and pull me back from Sanders. I can feel your body hulking out around me, filling ever so slowly with even more insane muscle. “Call it,” you growl. Sanders looks over at the referee and gives a tiny shake of his head. The ref turns to you, and a look of fear flashes in his eye as he watches your ever broadening frame rise and fall. That's right you sons of bitches. Sanders had somehow gotten his hands on one of the same pills I gave you, but clearly you were born to be alpha. “Call the fucking round. Now!” I shiver at the deepening timbre and authority in your voice. Your one arm wraps around me, tightly, pulling me in for a long, needy kiss. You release me suddenly and shove me out of the cage. Pointing to somewhere behind the crowd. “Wait for me, and be ready.” Your tone leaves no room for discussion. I slowly head up the stairs, listening to the sounds of you beating Sanders into a bloody pulp. I hear him let out a scream, so guttural and ear-splitting, I know you’ve broken something of his. I barely make it back into the tunnel when I hear the MC and the ring of the final bell. “And winner by way of TKO- Cage Jamison!” I can hear the crowd erupt into a roar of approval, but I don't turn around. I proceed to the locker room and wait, just like you tell me to. A few minutes go by when the door opens abruptly. Your large frame fills the entire doorway and I'm barely able to catch glimpses of the media frenzy behind you. I jump up immediately and rush to your side. “Fuck baby--" I gasp, but you cut me off with a growl. Your eyes burn with need and you look so damn big, so intimidating and strong. I know it's pointless to argue. Especially as you kick the door to the locker room shut behind us. I notice how your nostrils flare and your chest heaves as you look down at me from your impressive six-foot-ten height. Somehow that tiny pill had turned you into a hulking demigod.  "I warned you to be ready for me..." My eyes widen at the deepness in your voice. I push slightly against your monstrous sweat slicked body, but you don't stop moving forward. There's no way by now that the crowd hadn't noticed the changes in your physique. "So I'll only ask you once-- are you?" I tense as your warm breath fans against my soft skin. "No," I say weakly. "I just--"  You nuzzle my earlobe as your big, warm hands roam the length of my body. I'm barely able to think as your strong fingers slide up underneath my shirt and teak one of my rock hard nipples. "You just what?" You whisper. The muscles in your back and shoulders go rigid as you slam your other hand alongside me, boxing me in.  I'm trembling visibly, shuddering with each passing second. I'm unable to focus on anything but your touch. Your thick, muscled quad is shoved deliciously between my thighs. Every bulge, every flex ignites something inside me that aches for more. My hands greedily explore the planes of your chest before dipping down below, pressing my fingertips into the ridges of your six pack. It's your massive arms though that I love the most. Slowly, I drag my palms over the bulging peaks. Your body vibrates with the immense potential of your strength. You look down at me and smirk, knowing how easily you could dominate me-- knowing I wouldn’t have the strength to resist you. With a soft moan I tilt my head to the side. "I just--" was all I could manage to reply.  "Just remembering that you're mine?" As your lips crash into mine, they leave a wet trail down my jaw to my exposed neck. Suddenly you pull away, your fingertips caress my cheek. You raise up to loom over me again and with one look at your face, I know you’re going to take me-- right here, right now. “Cage,” I whimper. "You belong to me." I gasp as your lips assault me and your strong fingers dig into my hip bone. Fuck. If I don't have bruises there tomorrow, I'll be surprised. As your lips hungrily trail down my jaw to my neck, my brain refuses to form sentences. Hell, it was difficult to even think of words.  "Wait," I finally cry out. Arching my back, I shove against your heavily muscled and very naked torso, but this action only seems to arouse you more. Snarling with excitement, you pin me even harder against your body. It’s as if you’re trying to show me your strength-- your dominance. I can't help the slight moan that escapes my lips. My body melts into yours. You know how crazy you make me. Your muscles, your power, your dominance. "I’m not going to be able to stop,” you warn. Your voice has grown so much rougher, more deep and sexy-- it’s hard for me to deny you. My flesh feels like it’s on fire as you force my legs around your waist. I’m practically aching for your lips to lick and soothe my searing, white hot flesh. I clutch at your impossibly large shoulders, massive traps and thick, bulging delts-- unsure if I can pull you any closer than you already are. I need to feel you, worship you and marvel at your superhuman, overpowered body. Your hand lowers between us and I feel your fingers shove my thong aside. I hiss slightly as you cup me roughly before letting a digit slip between my swollen folds. "Cage!" My voice returns full force as I feel your hardness pulsing between my thighs. I need a moment to mentally prepare but you give none. Your breathing becomes ragged and your lips quickly move to mine. Your tongue demands that I give, that I submit, but we both know that's not in my nature. I shove against you once more, but you grab my wrists with one hand and pin them high above my head so I can't move. Pulling back, your burning gaze angrily meets my own. I watch as your eyes take on a darkened gleam. "You enjoy this, don't you?" Your chest swells with pride. "Your body wants me. Craves a strong, powerful man that can either protect or dominate you." I struggle against you for a moment, the words, "you're delusional," fall from my lips. With a roar, your hips move against me before sliding your erection over my damp sex. I'm not even sure when you had shredded your pants. "Don't lie to me baby girl," you snarl. "I can sense your excitement." As your head falls against my neck, you let out a groan as if in agony. "I need you." Your voice grows softer as you rock your body against mine seeking entry. "I need to be inside you." I feel you lower me slightly before raising your hips to impale me. "Oh shit," I moan. Apparently even your cock had been affected by that pill. You feel longer, thicker, harder. Usually I loosen up after a few good strokes. But fuck, not tonight. I’m panting now, the air is ripped out of my lungs by your forceful thrusts. I can feel every thick vein and hard ridge as it slides deliciously inside me. Your grunts and snarls signal me that you're close. Suddenly your arms pull me closer as my body spasms against you. “Oh god, Cage!” I shout breathlessly as I hold on to you for dear life. A second later your head flings back and I can feel the heat of your cum splash hot and thick directly against my quivering walls. “Fuck, baby. I love you so much.” Your forehead slumps against mine as you try to catch your breath. “And after tonight, no one will ever threaten to take you from me again.” As my head falls against your pecs, I feel your right arm tighten around me as your left hand gently strokes my hair. “You’re safe, I will always protect you," you growl. "Now. Do you have any more of those little pills?” *Follow me on Twitter @hstrikes3* **MORE+NEW original content to come**
  5. RoseConspiracy

    The Last Summer Holiday

    My chest swelled the moment our eyes connected followed by a loud growl tearing from my lips. It would have startled the shit out of anyone– if they could have heard it over the hum of the damn tank I was currently riding on. Those gorgeous evergreen eyes trailed down my body and my cock actually stirred as her pink, little tongue darted out to lick her lips. I almost smirked knowing she liked what she saw. But the look on her beautiful face was immediately replaced with panic. “Oh my god, Linkin!” A woman frantically yelled as a boy of about five darted out into the street to grab a bag of skittles. It all happened so fast. The blaring sirens around us from the parade drowned out the mother still struggling to get out of her chair. She pointed desperately as she screamed. “Hailee! Grab Linkin! Grab my baby!” The woman who with just a single look had me almost collapsing to my knees, darted out after him. As the tank barreled towards them, the oblivious little boy stretched his hand out to grab his prize. Hailee was tall, curvy, toned, gorgeous– she reached him in no time. But so did we. A tank couldn't exactly stop on a dime. Her brunette hair flew out all around her as she grabbed the boy with one arm and swung to take the brunt of the hit with her back. I watched her long eyelashes flutter closed as she just waited for the pain. But the only thing her back collided with was the meaty brawn of my chest. The vehicle rocked slightly as it hit me, but my own body was built as powerfully as the tank itself. Maybe even more powerful. Fuck, it barely felt like a tickle. This time I did allow myself to smirk as I spun the woman around in my arms. Her gasp was just so damn cute when her eyes snapped back open. She licked her lips again as she looked down at my thick, beefy arms. It had to of been nearly a hundred fucking degrees in Chicago today, and my sweat soaked tee clung to my body like a second skin. I could tell by the look on her face though that she wasn't complaining. “How did you–?” Her head tilted to the side but she didn’t seem able to form words as her eyes lingered a little too long on each one of my magnificent pecs. I immediately fell in love with the sound of her voice. Not too high pitched or deep, just absolutely perfect. I didn’t want to let her go. I never wanted to let her go. The boy sandwiched between us though brought me back to reality. Finally his parents had managed to waddle the way out of their chairs and Linkin went running into their arms. I wanted to say something– anything– But the tank had kept on rolling without me. Assholes. I snarled mentally in my head. “I– I’ve gotta go,” I said as I gestured towards my ride. She nodded her head and as I ran to catch back up, I noticed how much tighter my clothes suddenly felt. Shit. Had I actually almost hulked out in front of everyone? I looked down and gave a little flex. Oh fuck yes. My pecs and arms looked bigger and I felt stronger too. My god, what could this woman do to me? A half hour later I was sitting inside the little Mexican restaurant just across from the vixen. Our VFW float had been in the beginning of the parade, so I still had plenty of time to creep on Hailee and her family. Even after that near brush with death, she continued to run after her nieces and nephews while everyone else just sat. I sipped on my Corona as I watched, my thick fingers curling into a fist. Her tan skin begged for them to dig into her waist and pull her towards me. I longed to hear her gasp again but only this time with my big, fat cock rubbed up against her ass. I heard it then. The seams in my shirt and cargo pants pleading with my body to stop. A part of me wanted to just let loose. Afterall, growing always felt so good. And the way Hailee’s eyes greedily soaked in my body– But I couldn’t. Not here. Not now. I stood abruptly and threw down enough money to cover my meal and a decent tip. I was taller than when I came in here. Broader. Thicker. Fuck. If I wasn't careful, I was sure my ass and cock would burst through the fabric of my pants. Something told me I wasn't done growing yet. It took almost two hours to get from downtown to a little bar just eight miles away on the southside. I should have just walked, but I didn't want to leave my truck parked at the VFW post overnight. Everyone else had BBQs and parties to rush off to. But not me. No family. No friends. I had hunkered down in the darkest corner of Hatleys. A little hole in the wall bar right off the lake. The bikers inside looked rough, but most of them were fellow veterans who'd give the shirt off their backs just like me. I spent the rest of the day there and when the sun started to go down I figured it was about time for me to head home. I had just closed out my tab when she suddenly strolled in. My traitorous cock instantly rose to half mast at the sound of her laugh. Another two hours past and I continued to just sit there and watch. I realized I would be perfectly happy to just sit there and watch her all fuckin' day. The way her own muscles flexed, I could tell she knew her way around the gym. A couple of times I had caught myself stroking the monster tenting my pants at the glimpse of her toned little shoulders and biceps in the dim light. In no time she had commanded the attention of the entire bar. She never sat for any length of time, running around singing karaoke, playing darts or just joking around with the other patrons. The older woman she had come in with for the most part just sat and watched her too. She definitely seemed to enjoy the free drinks that Hailee was securing from all over the bar. I noticed Hailee stuck to only the areas with full lighting. Which meant she never fluttered my way. Good girl. She'd probably been touched or groped one too many times in these dark corners. Of course she had. She was fucking gorgeous. And clearly the guy who had been sitting at the bar for as long as I had agreed. He kept calling Hailee back over to him. She always looked a little uneasy, but she went. If he got too handsy, she'd just swat him away with a laugh and a tiny kiss to his cheek. She had told him once that he looked a little like Jason Momoa and that seemed to put him on cloud nine. The idiot thought he had secured her as his escort for the night. I growled and clenched both of my fists. Fucker needed to be taken down a notch. "Forget Irish car bombs! Alicia, make us a round of my Italian-Irish car wrecks, please!" I had been creeping on them long enough to know that Hailee was mostly of Italian descent, while her celebrity look alike was half Irish and half Mexican. The bartender served up five, half full glasses of Angry Orchard and then set down the same amount of shot glasses filled with Jameson and Bailey's. The little group claimed Hailee's concoction tasted like a maple glazed donut and by the fourth round the big guy was starting to get out of hand. "Come on baby girl, are you going home with Papi tonight or what?" He growled at her while gripping the fishnets just under one of her ass cheeks. The same bouncing globes I had been watching poke out from under her shorts all night long. It suddenly dawned on her that everyone was clearing out of the bar. The same look of panic flashed across Hailee’s face as she realized even her friend was gone. She glanced my way, head tilting to the side like this morning– but I knew there was no way she could see more than a burly shadow of my figure. Papi stood to his full height, towering over her five foot eight frame from his six foot four. She visibly trembled as she looked up when he pinned her back against the bar. "Enough," I snarled. I slowly stood from my spot, allowing myself to finally be revealed. I knew my sleeves had rolled up as my biceps had grown even bigger watching her. I was surprised the shirt was still able to contain my two massively growing pecs. Delicious tingles shot down my spine as I continued to rise– widen– thicken. The half Irish prick was a big man. But I was even bigger. I strode up to them as his hand cupped her breast before going to her throat. She was shaking her head, whimpering for him to stop. She looked up at me over his shoulder. My breath hitched. Unlike Papi, it wasn't fear in her eyes when she looked up at me. It was lust. I tapped Papi on the shoulder, smirking as he turned around. He hadn't expected someone the same height as him, and I wasn't. By now, I was at least a head taller. "She said STOP." I growled. My beefy fingers easily wrapped around his wrist as I removed his hand from Hailee's slender neck. I could see the fight or flight reaction written all across his face. For a moment he actually looked like he would argue. But then he heard it. We all did. It started with the fabric along the collar of my ever thickening neck. A tiny tear at first, but then the rip just kept growing. "Goddamn." My voice dropped an octave as I released the asshole and watched him run for the door. The fabric of my shirt had finally decided it had stretched enough. Hailee hesitated for all of about two seconds before she grabbed my ginormous hand and pulled me out towards the back exit. "Why– why aren't you afraid of me," I asked. My voice was so deep, so loud. But I couldn’t help it. I was growing so much. She smirked as she looked up at me. My bald head still rising in the light of the moon. "You're him, aren't you?" Her eyebrows knitted together as she whipped out her phone and showed me my own Twitter account- The Growing Green Beret. I nodded and grinned. I might not have had family and friends, but followers I definitely did. I knew there were a few women who enjoyed my content, but it was so far and few between. Sure, lots of women were into big, beefy men. But big, beefy, growing men? Fuck. And judging by the lust in this woman's eyes, I had hit the proverbial jackpot. "I won't be able to stop," I warned. "I can't stop." I corrected. "So don't." "Fuck, woman." "That's the plan," she smirked. I grabbed her roughly by the waist. My hands still growing till my fingers completely encircled her and touched. She felt so tiny. So fragile and weak. It actually caused my growth to halt. "I'm not a goddamn vase," she growled– it was like she could read my mind. "I won't break." Apparently, that was all the encouragement my body would need. I was like a goddamn animal as I lifted her with one hand, hauling her up my chest. I roared and snarled. My back arching as hundreds– or fuck, was it thousands of pounds of muscle – piled onto my ever growing frame. She attacked my lips first and then moved on to my chest. Pausing for only a moment to push the remnants of my shirt off my rising traps. She may have stopped the half Irish punk from ripping her clothes off, but I'd be damned if she tried to stop me. "Oh fuck," she gasped, rocking her tiny hips against me. My powerful fingers were no match for her fishnets and lace panties. I sunk a thick finger between her folds then immediately growled in her ear. "Wet for me already?" She blushed as she looked up at me, but the embarrassment didn't last long. "Jesus!" She cried out. I smirked because I had thrust a second finger deep inside her. My other hand tearing off her shirt and bra. "Why did you keep going back to him?" I asked. "I– I thought I could handle him." "And me?" I laughed darkly, even deeper than the devil himself. "You think you can handle me? Look down." I growled in satisfaction at the look of terror on her face. It was so goddamn cute as her hands frantically tried to grab on to my pecs and traps. But they'd grown too big– too thick. I hadn't fancied her the type to be afraid of heights. But then again, she was hovering nearly twelve feet off the ground and all that was keeping her held up was one of my big, strong hands. "Oh, fuck yes," I roared. "Baby girl, I'm nearly as thick and wide with muscle as I am tall. I feel so fucking good! So powerful. Goddamn, what are you fucking doing to me?" With renewed fervor, I practically wedged her between my pecs before fisting her hair in my hand. Her lips parted and like a good girl, her tongue partook in a dangerous dance with my own. She growled suddenly and looked down, my eyes following after hers. "There's no fucking way this thing is going inside you," I laughed. I stroked it for emphasis from the thick root upwards with my free hand. "It'll rip you in half." With a force that came out of nowhere, Hailee grabbed my chin and lowered my face to look me dead in the eyes. "I swear to Christ if you don't shut up and fuck me, I will murder you in your goddamn sleep." Feisty. She was fucking goddamn feisty. But who was I to argue with a lady? My fingers dug into the soft flesh of her waist, and with one hand I lifted her– Then impaled her right on my giant, rigid cock. *Don't forget to like, comment & follow me on here or Twitter!*
  6. Hey guys! I've written quite a few stories over the years, but they generally focus on extreme strength. This one has MG elements too so I thought I'd post it here. It's also loosely based on an encounter with a nicely built old friend in Amsterdam earlier this year - the set-up and parts of the ending, but it'll be pretty clear where the fantasy elements kick in. Enjoy. Reunion, Part 1: Schiphol The fields and canals of the Dutch countryside spread out for miles and miles below me as I leaned to look out the plane window. The KLM flight from Barcelona had been uneventful, flying up through France on a clear evening with a perfect view of Paris at one point. I put it on my list of destinations to visit someday. But I was still completely satisfied with the week I’d just spent in Spain, traveling from the north of the country in Bilbao through the center in Madrid and ending up on the Mediterranean coast in Barcelona. It was a trip I’d been wanting to take for years, and one I was finally able to take when the international travel situation permitted. For the flight back to Canada, I’d had the option of an early morning departure from Spain with a quick change of planes in Amsterdam, or a flight the evening before with an overnight stay in the bustling Dutch city. There were plenty of hotels available near Schiphol, so accommodation wouldn’t be a problem. Not being a morning person (especially a ‘wake up at 3 am to catch a 6 am flight’ person), I opted for the latter choice. Am I ever glad I did. So, so glad. The sun was setting behind the plane as it made its final approach, giving the landscape a golden hue. The settlements grew larger the closer we got to Amsterdam. Cars trundled along an expressway, looking sluggish compared to the speed of the plane. A line of wind turbines marched along the pancake-flat land, bearing little resemblance to the stocky, iconic windmills of centuries past; these turbines stood hundreds of feet high with three massive blades rotating. I’d been to the Netherlands before, a few years ago, and found the mid-sized cities like Rotterdam and the Hague more to my liking than the tourist-plagued hustle and bustle of Amsterdam. But this was only for one night, really a bonus mini trip after a week on the Iberian Peninsula. Plus, as it turned out, I knew someone in Amsterdam, which hadn’t been the case the first time. Evan was an old friend of mine from Calgary who’d moved away about five years prior. First he’d moved to Toronto, then he’d found a job with a European company and ended up in the Netherlands about three years ago. We’d been reasonably close when living in the same city, but as often happens when someone moves away, we’d fallen out of touch over the ensuing years. He had social media, but rarely posted, and there hadn’t been any updates in over two years. But I still had his email address, so I figured I’d send him an email a few weeks before I left on my trip. Maybe we could meet up for a beer or even breakfast during my overnight layover. I was pleasantly surprised to hear back from him almost immediately. He sounded excited that I would be stopping into Amsterdam and invited me to stay over at his place rather than the hotel I’d booked. Fortunately, I hadn’t pre-paid for the room and was able to easily cancel it. For some reason, I got the impression that he had an extra room, though he hadn’t actually stated it. Now, I think a little background information about our friendship is in order. We met through a gay dating website, though we were only ever friends. We just kind of clicked that way. I won’t deny that there was some attraction on my part; he was a handsome man with a beautiful smile and a nicely sculpted physique. Not exactly massive or anything, but definitely bulge-y in a tight polo shirt. I will admit there were the occasional ‘benefits’ over the years, but nothing overtly sexual. Cuddling on the couch a few times while watching a movie at my place, things like that. He got involved in a couple of serious relationships over the few years that we were friends, nice guys, but nothing that ever worked out long-term. I found our friendship quite fulfilling; we had a lot in common, and always talked easily over dinner or coffee. It was kind of a blow to me when I found out he was leaving town. He was moving on to greater career opportunities, and I was happy for him, but it hit me harder than I’d expected when he left. I was really looking forward to seeing him again and catching up, figuring he must have some interesting stories after three years of living in Europe. The plane landed uneventfully. Now my least favorite part of the trip – navigating the zoo that is Schiphol Airport. It generally makes rush hour on the Los Angeles freeway system seem calm and organized. But fortunately, I didn’t have to go through customs, and the voyage from the gate to the baggage claim area only felt like I was walking the length of ten football fields instead of the usual twenty. A win in my book. My suitcase took a little while to show up, but so far everything was on time. I was supposed to meet Evan in the plaza area just after exiting security, where there was a variety of shops and restaurants as well as the train station. There was a thump, and I saw my suitcase starting to rotate around the conveyor belt right in front of me. Perfect. The plaza area was busy, but felt less chaotic than the terminal area. He’d mentioned meeting at Burger King; I couldn’t find a map and I didn’t hadn’t connected to the Wi-Fi yet, so I turned left, which naturally turned out to be the wrong direction. I continued around the plaza on a loop until I saw the familiar fast-food logo in the distance. Europe is a continent with an amazing selection of delicious cuisine, but the longest lineups you see are invariably at places like Burger King and KFC. I didn’t see Evan anywhere in the teeming seating area, so I circulated until a table opened up that had a view of the entrance to the shopping and dining concourse. A thought suddenly popped into my head – I really didn’t have any idea of what our plans might be. It was already 8 pm, and though I was more-or-less over my jet lag, I was still pretty tired from traveling for a week straight. Maybe we could just go to a pub somewhere, or hang out at his place and catch up. I figured I’d let him take the lead on that one since he was the local. Around me, hungry, harried travelers chowed down on burgers and fries before heading on to their evening flights or into the city. I took the opportunity to relax and center myself; I’ve always been a fan of being anonymous in a crowd, of feeling that energy while not having to be directly involved in it. Naturally, a busy airport is about the best opportunity around for people-watching. The travelers were an extremely diverse crowd, representing the citizens of cosmopolitan Amsterdam as well as arrivals from dozens of countries across the globe. That was interesting to observe…but let’s be honest, when it comes to people-watching, I tend to be on the lookout for muscle. Spain had been a little disappointing in that department; the occasional kinda-big guy in Madrid and Barcelona, but no one displaying muscle in a way that would really catch me eye. Shallow, I know, but what can I say. My fantasy of a huge bodybuilder sitting beside me on a plane hadn’t come true either on any of the three flights so far. Amsterdam seemed to be pretty much the same, unfortunately. A few reasonably in-shape guys walking around, but no one to write home about. I pulled out my phone and went through the steps to sign in for the airport Wi-Fi. I scrolled through the news for a few minutes, then when I looked up from my phone, my eyes immediately locked onto a huge figure in the distance. By far the biggest man I had seen on my travels – any of my travels. He had his back to me, looked to be checking his phone, but the width of that back was evident even from far away. The beast was standing still, and people had to go out of their way to get around him, like ships avoiding a huge protruding rock. Eventually, the crowd thinned out enough that I could get a clear look at him from the back. Monstrous legs that swelled out of a pair of tight shorts, only made tight by the size of his quads and thick booty. Lats that pushed his trunk-like arms out at an angle I’d need a protractor to measure. A broad neck that merged into a set of traps carved from marble. I noticed he didn’t have a suitcase with him, and wondered who the lucky person was that he was there to meet. Why didn’t I ever have a massive bodybuilder waiting to pick me up at the airport, perhaps holding a welcome sign with my name on it…ah well, a man could dream. I mentally went through the list of Dutch bodybuilders I followed on Instagram, wondering if it could be one of them. He definitely looked big enough to compete, if not blow away the competition. He didn’t look all that tall, no more than 6 feet, nowhere near the giant Oliver Richter’s territory. Another name, Wesley Vissers popped into my head, but he had a mop of curly hair and this guy had a close-cropped haircut. Ah well, someone I could search for later, I thought. Or maybe Evan might know who he was, since he’d always had a thing for muscle guys as well. Speaking of which, I thought, where was he? I hoped I hadn’t missed a message or anything. But my attention was diverted as the muscle guy turned and started walking towards the Burger King seating area. Yep, just as impressive from the front as the back. Thick barrel pecs that swelled under the polo and stretched it as tight as a drum. Sleeves that were pulled up over dynamite-packed arms, both of which had a thick vein running up and over the bicep. Forearms that swelled and tapered over heavyset hands. God, this guy was my fucking fantasy. Maybe I could get a surreptitious picture as he walked by. We were less than 100 feet apart, and striding faster. But before I could get my phone out, I glanced up at his face. And gasped. Our eyes met, and I saw that smile. That beautiful smile. Oh God, it couldn’t be…? But he called my name. It was. “Evan?” I said, standing. A goofy grin came to my face as well. All the new muscles aside (and THAT was going to be a topic of conversation later, I knew), I was just happy to see my old friend again. There were a few flecks of gray in the heavy stubble on his chin, but it was the same bright face I remembered from years ago. We embraced…well, he hugged me fully, and lifted me off the ground a bit, though I don’t think it was intentional. I did my best to get my arms around his lats, just barely getting onto his back. The muscle I felt under that tight polo was like the side of a mountain. When we ended the hug, I stepped back and looked him over again, trying to process all that muscle. He was around 190 last I saw him, and he looked to have put on over 100 pounds of sheer mass. The thought he could be approaching (or over) 300 pounds…a tiny shiver went down my spine. “Evan, you look…I just…I mean…” He tipped his head back and laughed. “Yeah I’ve been hitting the gym a bit more since I got here,” he said. He rippled his right pec a few times under the pale blue polo, subtle but definitely enough for me to notice. “You look good too man.” I know he was just being polite; I appreciated it. “It’s a little more than…what the…” I still couldn’t get a complete sentence out. “Plenty of time to talk about that later,” Evan said. “First I want to hear about your trip. No, scratch that. First I want to get a couple of Whoppers. I haven’t eaten in like two hours. You want anything?” I asked for a regular cheeseburger, as I’d had dinner on the plane. As he strode over to the line, I got another good look at him from the back. I swear he looked about three times as wide as anyone else in line, an absolute unit. I also saw the glances people gave as they walked by, often with eyes growing wide. A kid on the other side of the seating area pointed and said something I couldn’t hear, but his mother quickly shushed him and led him away. Evan would have stood out in the audience at a bodybuilding competition, but in a fast-food place among mere mortals, he looked like the windmills that completely dominated the unremarkable landscape outside. When he returned, he ate his two Whoppers in the time it took me to finish my cheeseburger. We did talk about my trip – although I was fascinated to find out about his transformation, I enjoyed recounting my travels of the past week. He filled me in about some highlights of the past few years, oddities about living in a foreign country, other places he’d visited in Europe. It was easy to slip back into the engaging conversations we used to have. Sure, he had a ton of new muscles, but underneath he was the same Evan I knew. In some ways, it felt like we had just seen each other the previous week, not years prior. The catching up continued for another twenty minutes. Finally, there was a break in the conversation, and Evan asked if I wanted to head out. He grabbed my fully packed suitcase and hoisted it like it was empty; it barely made his massive right arm ripple. I expected us to head to the train station, but we kept on walking to the parking garage. We continued chatting along the way, laughing and reminiscing about old times and mutual acquaintances. The parking garage was a lengthy walk away that took us out into the cool night air. I zipped up my jacket, but Evan seemed perfectly comfortable in his polo shirt and shorts. Fifteen minutes after leaving the plaza, we climbed a set of stairs and emerged next to his car. It actually looked fairly large by Dutch standards, but it would have been considered a mid-size in North America. He popped the trunk and lifted my suitcase in. “I really do need a bigger car, but they’re damn near impossible to park in the city here if you have one,” he said, sounding almost apologetic. He turned to face me, the overhead lighting in the garage spotlighting every muscle straining under his shirt. One corner of his mouth turned up in a sly smile. “So, I’m guessing you have two questions,” Evan said. “First of all, they’re 24 inches. Well, like 23 and ¾, but I think I’m good to round up a bit. I’ll be there soon enough. And yes, you can feel them.” My eyes widened and I let out a sharp breath. “Yeah. Pretty much bang on.” The smile broadened. “Well, you’ve been staring at them for like the past 45 minutes. Now I know why you were never any good at poker.” He raised his right arm in a slow, brutal, perfect flex. The cannonball muscle pushed the sleeve back into the depths between his upper arm and shoulder. The thick vein I’d seen before pulsed over the soaring peak. Up close, I could see a network of smaller veins climbing up over that bicep and down over his equally impressive rippling tricep. I reached out and slowly closed my hand over the peak. I swear I could feel fireworks going off around me. The size, the hardness, the density…it was just sublime. Like nothing I’d ever experienced. An odd sound somewhere between a gasp and moan escaped my lips. “Guess you approve,” Evan said before dropping the flex. “I gotta show you something else too.” He looked around the garage to make sure no one was nearby. Then he crouched down a little and slid his right hand under the corner of the rear bumper. I just had time to say “What are you…” before he grunted and lifted the car off the ground. The frame groaned and the left rear tire reluctantly raised upward. His arm was bulging like crazy now, facing a challenge much more intense than a 40-pound suitcase. Evan gritted his teeth and raised his arm slowly, the bicep I’d just felt contracting into a muscle supernova. To my shock, the right rear tire started raising off the concrete as well. His breathing was slow and steady, his concentration rock solid. The rear bumper was nearly level with his lower pecs. He held the car in place for a full ten seconds, until a loud cracking sound emerged from the bumper. That was his cue to slowly lower the car back down until it cautiously touched the concrete. Not even the slightest bounce. “I gotta be careful with that, I’ve cracked a few bumpers that way. I’m getting better though,” he said. Casually, like it was the most normal thing in the world he’d just done. “Evan. Holy fuck.” Well, I guess that qualified as a complete sentence. “If you’re impressed by that…well, you don’t have all that much time here, so we should get going. I guess I have a few more things to fill you in on. But not here.”
  7. Arcalpha

    Arthur's growth

    This is pretty much my fursona's story (on my pfp) So... Enjoy ig ------------------ Llitas is a rather big town in the kingdom of Lytia, rather well known as the city of hope. And this is where Arthur was born, he was never really tall, being a pretty average 1m80 or 5'10 and with a pretty slim body, he has always been a fair man, always loved the King's philosophy of life:"Worth can only be proven through hardships and sweat instead of easiness, it will always be better to show how good you are if you struggle than doing it the easy way" And he had always maintained those thoughts, he always wants fairness and equality for everyone he knows. His family was well known by the royalty, although Arthur did not know about it all, his family were known by them as the strongest men in the kingdom and the most potent men to exist in this world or rather… From great grandpa to great grandson. But enough of that… You want to know what is happening right ? Let us begin then. Everything started at Arthur's job, he worked as a mechanic, repairing cars and all that. It was the day before Arthur's 20th birthday, he was very greasy, his fur coated in black oil as he finished repairing a car. "Arthur, are you done with the car, i need some tools" A big otter exclaimed out loud. "Yeah sure, i checked everything and this baby is raring to go" He gave the tools to the otter. "Thanks, you're doing a great job, the boss may give you a higher salary if you continue like that !" "Thanks Ron !" Arthur smiled as his cleaned his greasy hands, the otter went on to repair another car. "Tomorrow is your birthday right ? Turning 20 aren't you ?" "YYYEP, My best friend and… Brother plans on coming to celebrate it and my dads… Let's say they have better things to attend to…" He said shuddering a bit as he knew what the two men were about to do. "What better things would they attend to ?" The otter asked, puzzled at Arthur's word to which, the arcanine made an "o" with his fingers and put two fingers inside the "o". "Oh that kind of stuff…" Ron laughed hard. "Yeah, they may be 48 and 44, they still love having that kind of stuff" Arthur grimaced as he said it but thinks about his birthday. "Can't wait for my birthday, Nathan is gonna be running so fast juqt to gove me a cake" He drools as he said cake, he'd always been obsessed over cake. Both smiled and they kept working until the day was over, the arcanine then went back home, took a shower and went to bed, tomorrow was gonna be his birthday and he was quite excited for it. Meanwhile inside his body, laid a dormant gene that was passed down from his great grandpa, he never knew about this and he was going to learn it the hard way. The next day was his birthday, his dads wished him a happy birthday and as he came to work, his colleague wished him too. "Hey, 20 now ?" Ron said. "Yep" "You still have a lot to live for pup " The otter smiled. "I ain't a pup !" Arthur laughed. "To me you are" The otter snickered. They went to work for a while, until Arthur noticed a weird and uncomfortable feeling, his genes started to kick in. He came out of the car he was repairing feeling lightheaded. "I… I don't feel great…" "What's happe- woah ! You hit the gym all of a sudden or ?" Arthur looked at himself and noticed he had some muscular definition, his pecs started to be noticable. "What is…" Arthur then felt a weird feeling, he went to the toilet to look at himself. He looked at his reflection and started to see his muscles bulge, he was growing. "What's happening to me !?" He exclaimed in pure shock, he looked down and saw his dick got erect, he tried to think about something else but his mind was getting foggy, his genes started to skyrocket his libido, his dick started to grow and his shirt shred. He saw himself in the mirror and watched as he no longer was a slim arcanine but a big bodybuilder that would participate at mr olympia… But it was not over, no. His dick tore through his underwear and pants as well as his balls that were the size of oranges and quickly got bigger. He felt a weird sensation, he felt hungry like he hadn't eaten in days and as he touched his dick, he felt that hunger getting satisfied as if he was eating. Without much control he started jacking off, his muscles growing even more, he had no control over himself as he flexed to the mirror, a huge grin on his face, he loved it all, he looked way bigger than everyone, he looked like a greek god. His balls quickly became the size of a watermelon as he reached 7 feet tall and he was huge, 225 pounds of pure muscles. He kept jacking off until climax hit and he let out a roar. Ron went next to the door of the toilets, Arthur let out so much cum, he came liters/gallons upon liters/gallons of cum, which started to flood the restroom. The otter watched in horror as a flood of cum came down through the door, his boss quickly came into the workshop. Arthur was unable to stop, it felt like there was no end to this, he kept and kept cumming, he was quickly knees down into his cum, his cock pulsing as it kept shooting huge streams of cum into the walls of the restroom. Their boss came down the door and started to open it, only for a wave of cum to get out. Arthur was sitting down inside the toilet, his knees covered in his own spunk and panting loudly. Both men watched the arcanine, panting loudly. "What… The… Fuck… Is happening to me…" Arthur said as his cock pulsed.
  8. There's been a big slowdown in new content so I thought I'd try to inject some activity. This story will contain similar themes from my other stories, but it will be a lot more lighthearted, I believe. Hopefully you'll find some enjoyment out of it as well. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ My Roommate Rivals CHAPTER ONE: “So, Rory, are you gonna live on your own now? Enjoy the bachelor life a little?” Amy questions me as I help her box up her things. Amy is my roommate, my soon to be former roommate to be exact, and also great friend from college. “I don’t think so, I’ll probably get another roommate. Maybe even two. I’m only 24 so that extra income really helps with the mortgage.” “I would guess, I still can’t believe you were able to get a house like this.” “Yeah, perk of living in the Midwest and buying in a down market. Big houses that are cheap. You’re not going to get that out in Denver.” “Oh trust me, I know,” Amy rolls her eyes in exasperation. “I’ll have to get used to a 400 sq ft apartment. You got it lucky here.” I purchased my home a little under three years ago when I was just out of college. I like my city and knew I had a very safe position in my job even back then, so I bit the bullet and bought my first home. Certainly no mansion, but as Amy mentioned it had a lot of space for a starter home. Two bedrooms and 1-1/2 baths upstairs with a fully finished walkout basement with two more bedrooms and another full bath downstairs. A little of 2500 square feet, no too shabby, even though half of that is a basement. That being said, purchasing a house so young I knew I some assistance with the mortgage would be needed. So since I bought my house I’ve had a handful of roommates over the years and it had worked out great. The house was perfect to rent rooms out with the walkout. It gave me my privacy upstairs when I wanted it and it’s hard to argue with the extra income. Plus, I was still young and more than happy to stay connected as much as I could to my college friends, many of whom were still undergrads. With a big open backyard as well, my home made for a good place to have the occasional shindig as well. Amy offers a lead as I carry some boxes upstairs, “Well if you don’t have anyone lined up yet, my cousin just graduated and is looking for a place. He’s a business major, works for the air conditioner manufacturing plant across town.” “Oh yeah? That’s cool. I already put out a feeler among my buddies on Facebook. I’d much prefer to find roommates from friends like you rather than sift through the weirdos on Craigslist and such. Then if he sucks I can blame you." Amy giggles as we load the boxes into her car. “He’s cool. He’s a frat boy, Theta Chi.” I give her skeptical look. “I know, I know! But he’s alright. Yeah, a little bit of a tool but all fratties are. If he gives you shit let me know and I’ll kick his ass.” We share a laugh and Amy tells me she’ll get me in touch with him. “Sweet, I’ll let Grif know.” “Grif? Really?” “Shut up!” Amy then gives me a devious look, “Plus Rory, regardless of their personalities, don’t act like you haven’t told me that you think frat guys are hot.” I smirk back at her, “Ok, you sold me. As long as he wears a polo. If he’s ok living with a gay dude then I could give it a try." - Seven days later I’m sitting at a BWW’s reading a menu when I see a hand reach out to me in my peripheral vision. I look up and see a stunning young man smiling down to me. “Are you Rory?” I nod. “Hey bro, I’m Griffin, nice to meet you.” I shake his hand and my eyes trace up the defined forearm, past his elbow to nicely pumped biceps which are encased in snug sleeves. I take in his torso…oh yeah, he’s even rocking a polo. I laugh inwardly wondering if Amy told him to do so to make a good impression on me. Either way it’s working. I can make just out his pecs through the polo and note how his waist is still hiding in the loose fabric, indicating its tightness. He has very broad and round shoulders, perhaps he was a swimmer back in high school. Standing there I judge him to be about 5’10 with a nicely gym built body. Far from huge, but he definitely uses the weight room on a regular basis. I look up to his face. Oh yeah, typical frat boy, but I can’t deny I’m temporarily smitten. Strong jaw, full lips, Roman nose. His face is a perfect combination of masculinity mixed with a still maturing, yet boyish face. On top of his head is neatly styled dirty blond hair contrasting his bright blue eyes. My stomach flutters as I attempt to regain my voice. “Hi Griffin. Have a seat, I already ordered a beer, the waitress should be back soon. You like wings?” “Hell yeah man, who doesn’t! The hotter the better.” We chat and I do my best to get a feel for the guy. The waitress comes by and takes our order and Griffin orders himself a beer as well. “So I guess that means you’re 21?” I ask. “Yep, just turned two months ago.” “Are you a big drinker, Griffin?” “Call me Grif, bro. I’m not a huge drinker, but I like to party, yeah.” Grif chuckles, sensing my apprehension. “But I promise I’m not one of those alcoholic frat boys. I like to party, but I keep it reasonable. Only the weekends. Plus, too much booze is bad for the abs.” Griffin smiles, leans back and pats his stomach. The fibers of his tanned forearms undulate as he does. Inside I’m wishing he would pull up the shirt and give me a glimpse. As we chat more I quickly catch on that he has the frat boy charm. He’s a guy who is used to getting what he wants, but it also becomes clear he’s worked for what he has too. He came to college with minimal scholarships and worked part time for most his undergrad. I can respect that. He lets me know he’s got a typical 8-5 job so our work schedules would be the same. We are both into watching sports even though I’m not nearly as athletic as him. It seems like a good fit, and I trust Amy’s judgement. “Well, Grif, I think this could work out if you still want to rent out my room?” “Sweet, dude! Yeah man, if those rates you told Amy are still good then I’m in for sure. Amy told me about the basement and I trust her. Sounds like you got a great setup.” “Great! Oh…um…I don’t know if Amy mentioned this, but-” Grif cuts me off “You’re gay right, bro? Amy already told me.” “Um…yeah. Is that a problem?” Grif smiles and takes a drink of his beer. “Fuck no, dude. Some of my favorite guys from Theta Chi were gay. Is it gonna be a problem that I’m a breeder?” I laugh out loud and Grif raises his glass to mine and we cheers. - It’s just three days later when Grif starts moving in. He has a couple of his frat bros helping him and I’m swooning at all the hot young men in my home. They are all boisterous and playful but I can tell they are good dudes. And their muscle definitely comes in handy and not just for my eyes and spank-bank. All the bros are wearing cutoff shirts exposing their rock arms and giving me glimpses of pecs. Their strong bodies easily handle the big items. I’m not sure I would’ve been able to help Grif move in his dresser, the thing was massive. Luckily I got to stand by and hold the door open as these jacked frat boys move Grif’s stuff in. Grif and his bros are impressed with my house as well, which I take pride in. I can tell Grif is excited, “Damn dude, Amy didn’t do this basement justice. This living room down here is HUGE! And you even got a bar down here? With fridge and microwave? This is awesome!” Grif throws his meaty arm around my shoulder, “Whenever you bring over a hot stud I got all I need to stay down here and let you have at him!” I laugh and reciprocate, “Yeah Grif. And if you have a chick down here you got all you need.” “Not ‘IF’, Rory-boy. WHEN!” Grif squeezes my shoulder and pats me on the back. I reward the guys with pizza and beer which only cements my endearment to Grif’s buddies. They ask if I ever host parties and I tell them occasionally. “But you guys can certainly come over anytime you want to hang with Grif.” Grif smiles and adds, “And to hang with you too, buddy!” Late that night after Griffin’s friends have left I leave him alone to get settled in. As he does I notice a new message on my phone from my mother. [Hi Rory. My coworker Wendy has a son who is looking for a room. He’s in his last year at the University. He was always a good kid in high school. Here is his Facebook page if you’re interested. Love you!] [Thanks mom. Give me a few days to think about it. New guy seems cool. I prefer one roommate but let me think it over. Love ya too.] The next day the decision becomes easier. I find out that all annual merit raises as work have been frozen since business is down. I grumble but I suppose I should be thankful that I wasn’t one of the 15% who were laid off last month. All of sudden the income of another roommate is very enticing so I let my mother know I’ll set something up. I bring it up with Grif too. “That’s up to you, Rory-boy. I’m good with another roommate if you are. I lived in a frat house with 40 other guys, just 2 other roommates is a huge improvement. Just please don’t bring in a weirdo.” “I won’t Grif. He’s a bartender, I’m meeting up with him tonight.” “A bartender, huh? Well that’s a good sign. Plus if he can get me free or reduced drinks at his bar then I’m in for sure!” I’ve arranged to meet up with the new prospect at his bar. He works most nights so this was the only way I could see him during my normal hours. Being a college town and with it still being summer, the bar shouldn't be too busy so he assures me via text that he’ll be able to talk. I ask the woman behind the counter, “Excuse me, is Osbourne here?” She looks at me before shouting down the bar, “Oz! Someone’s here for you!” A man comes from behind the wall of booze wiping his hands on a towel and approaches me. His is a fine specimen of man I must say. He is long and lean with dark complexion that goes perfectly with his short black hair. He either has some Mediterranean genes or he has spent a considerable amount of time tanning this summer. I take in his dark piercing eyes, he is one of those guys who looks like they are wearing eyeliner. He’s a got a couple small tattoos on his forearms which look like black flames but I don’t look too closely. His has a very tight and lithe body, sort of like a male runway model. I can tell he has some power in his taut muscles, he gives me the impression of a compressed spring. A man with a lot more power than he looks. I peg him at about 5’11, maybe 170 lbs. He’s wearing a snug black shirt which gives an impression of the firm muscles underneath. The dark jeans he’s wearing show off a surprising ample ass, which no doubt gets worked a lot, either in the gym or with the women he picks up. All in all, the guy is smoldering. The type of guys that gives ‘dark and mysterious’ its appeal. He smiles at me, “Hey man, are you Rory? I’m Oz. What can I get you, it’s on the house.” “Top shelf it is!” I joke and he grins. “Kidding, any hefeweizen will do.” “Got just the thing for ya, man.” Like any good bartender he is charming and engaging. He makes me feel like he genuinely interesting getting to know me, even if he isn’t. I certainly want to get to know him better, especially sans clothes, but I keep this to myself. “Just got a few classes left before I can graduate with my business degree,” he lets me know. “This bartending job pays pretty well so I’m not in a huge hurry to get my degree, honestly. So instead of one tough final semester I’m going to stretch what I have left over two semesters and graduate next Spring.” “Smart man. So I already have one roommate, is that cool?” “If it’s not a problem with him its not a problem with me. I just gotta get out of my current place. I currently live with four other dudes. Five guys in one big house is way too many. The place is a pigsty and I’m a very clean person.” “I like hearing that, Oz. So you’ll still be bartending for the next year then?” “At least. I’d be a great roommate. We wouldn’t even really cross paths too often. I work afternoons and nights until closing and my normal days off are Sunday and Monday. So most of the time I won’t see you. We wouldn’t be in each others way too much.” This revelation gives me conflicting feelings, I love the idea that the second roommate will almost be invisible…yet at the same time I WANT to see as much of this gorgeous man as I could. “One last thing, Oz. I don’t know if your mom told you, but I’m gay, I hope that’s alright.” Oz chuckles as he smiles at me. “She didn’t tell me but honestly I pegged you as gay right away.” “You did? How!?” Oz smirks at me, “Because I’m hot, dude. And Erica, the girl who called me over. She’s smokin’ hot too, but you were only looking at me.” I hide my face, embarrassed and Oz laughs. “No worries man. It wasn’t obvious. It’s a skill I’ve picked up being a bartender. And to answer your question, I don’t care at all that you’re gay. Love is love, man. Here, have another free beer since I embarrassed ya.” He sets a new bottle down on the bar in front of me and gives me a smoldering wink. - The following weekend Oz pulls into my driveway on Saturday morning with the back of his pickup full of of his belongings. I welcome him inside where Grif and I have been eating breakfast. Grif and Oz lock eyes for the first time in my home. Grif drops his cereal spoon, rolls his eyes and moans dramatically. “Awww man, Rory? You’re letting this loser live here?” I’m taken aback by Grif’s rudeness but turn to see Osbourne smirking at Grif. “I take it you two know each other?” Oz approaches Grif and slaps him on the shoulder with a grin. “Griffin of Theta Chi! How’s it going man? Still salty about how we beat you guys for the flag football crown?” Grif huffs, “That was a lucky fuckin’ fluke play and you know it!” “We still won!” Oz grins brightly. “So you two do know each other.” “Yeah, Grif and I here were in the top two frats at the university. Our frats were big rivals. My frat, Phi Delta Theta has won the most intramural Greek trophies in the last few years. We usually beat the little Theta Chi boys here like Grif. But hey man, 2nd place is still pretty good,” Oz says patronizingly. “The Phi Delts always got the calls by the refs, some shady shit if you ask me,” Grif grumbles. “But my frat was known for having WAY better parties with MUCH hotter girls. Can’t deny that, Oz! Sorry you guys were never invited.” The two continue to banter and I watch them close. While it’s clear they are both proud members of their frats and both extremely competitive, I don’t get the sense that they hate each other. They seem to have a frenemies relationship. Regardless I decide I better make sure this is the case. “So boys, is this gonna be a problem? You two are going to start coming to blows are you? Because you guys are both a lot bigger than me, I can’t stop you.” The two laugh and Grif answers, “Naw boss, we’ll be fine. Plus, if we fought, Oz here would be in trouble since I’m clearly bigger and stronger.” Grif smirks and quickly throws up a single arm flex. A well developed biceps muscle pops up. Oz grins and turns to Grif. He stands right up to him, “Are you sure your bigger, Grif? I’ve got a couple of inches of height on you, little guy.” “Couple of inches my ass! You are maybe an inch taller, bro. I still weigh more than you, skinny.” “Barely. Well I’m still taller!” “And I’m still bigger!” - Oz takes the day to get settled in. He is wearing a sleeveless shirt as we hauls his stuff in and I enjoy his caramel skin which is stretched tight over his very lean muscles as I suspected. Oz is much more vascular and lean than I previously thought. He’s not as bulky as Grif but has that wiry look, almost like a wrestler. I catch a glimpse of his abs through he side of his very loose cutoff tank…and it’s very nice. By that evening Oz is settled into his room in the basement next to Grif’s. With a big sigh Oz joins us on the couch in the living room. “No plans tonight, Grif?” he asks. “Did you lose all your friends or what?" “No, twat. Just a low key Saturday tonight. I went out last night.” “Got it. No friends.” Oz teases and Grif chucks a pillow at his face. Later that night their intensely competitive streak comes out again as I hear screaming coming from the basement living room. I tromp down the stairs to find the two studs playing Call of Duty. “What the hell are you guys doing down here?” “Well, Oz here is fucking CHEATING, that’s what’s happening.” Oz just laughs, “Sorry, boss. Grif here just can’t handle losing to the better man. You’d think he’d better at coping by now, poor guy.” “Fuck off!” Grif slams his controller down and stomps to his room. I laugh as I watch him sulk off, “It’s not that big of a deal, Grif,” but he just huffs as he walks by. I may have underestimated the intensity of their rivalry.
  9. Dedicated to a certain M/F writer You warned me what would happen if I started taking it. I sort of believed you, but I didn't believe that it would work in the first place. How many fake ads were there online that claimed to be able to grow your cock and increase your musculature overnight. When you bought those pills, I laughed, VirilX, came from some unknown distributor in a cheap little bottle, a dozen capsules. Each one was supposed to make any man stronger and way more potent in bed. They rolled around in the bottle like candy, but they didn't look like pills as far as I was concerned. So, we sat there, kissing, making out. You always turn me on so fucking much. Short, I was already a foot taller than you, but you have curves in all the right places, such kind eyes but they burn with passion whenever you're fucking me, and you absolutely know how to ride me to get me to bust all over those delicious tits of yours. But compared to me, I'm a string bean against your toned and fitness model body. You had been edging me to get to the gym, and I had started to go just to get some cardio so I could keep up with your frantic fucking in bed. You fucked like a rabbit, and each time I came, it felt a little weak, but you said, adding a few pounds of muscle here and there and I'd be rocking you in the sack instead of the other way around. But you said I hadn't made enough progress, and that's why you were shaking the bottle, running your delicate hand against my trim stomach, grinding your crotch against in those yoga pants that turn me on so much, your breasts pushed up against my non existent chest. You had rushed home after your workout, covered in sweat and I could practically feel how wet you were through my shorts. You jumped on top of me, riding my lap as I watched TV. Something had you going, and as I grew harder and harder you wordlessly popped the pill in your mouth and kissed me. I could feel the pill hit me as it worked its way down. My throbbing was getting stronger as I kept kissing you, pulsing, changing. My cock was threatening to completely tent my boxer briefs as it pushed up between your cheeks, my hands pulling down that zipper of your sports bra and my mouth clamped down on your hard swollen nipples. Something overcame me as I started breathing harder, my hands clawing at your ass and your tits as I groped you, my cock feeling like it wasn't truly hard, but I could feel it stretching out my gym shorts to their limit. I hadn't felt this fucking horny since I was a teenager, I practically growled as I kissed your neck and lifted you to feel how fucking hard I was, my shaft contained only by the little clothing between us. Then I heard it, a stitch popped, something snapped and I think I felt you gush. I roared as my cock tore out of my underwear, my balls feeling the oppressive tightness too and followed suit as they outgrew the tight pouch. Simultaneously you bit your lip and watched my body as it slowly changed from a thin wiry guy and started really packing on pound after pound of muscle. I didn't really have any fat, but what fat was there melted away, each group stretching and tearing before repairing itself in breathtaking speed. Every muscle, writhing under my skin as it began forming inhuman cords of bulging muscle, thick and veiny, each part made to fuck. My hands seemed bigger, thicker, fingers longer, I grabbed your yoga pants and with a little effort tore them apart, your little manicured fingers feeling my softball sized bicep, and doubly thick horseshoe tris as I made quick work of the rest of your clothes, tearing them into a heap of cloth on the floor. You worked your way up to the definition of my shoulders, my delts turning into cannon balls, my pecs surging forth into monstrous slabs of beef. Everywhere you touched grew on command. My lats flared out into cobra like wings, my stomach formed a slate of thick cobblestone abs, first four, then six, and finally nearly eight visible boulders. My neck thickened as you struggled to hold on, as you felt my neck slowly disappear into my newfound traps, I felt the sagging couch begin to creak and then give way altogether. I didn't even have to touch you to know you came again at the thought. My legs, well, the pill made sure I didn't look like I skipped leg day as each thick cable of muscle surged into existence, crisscrossed by a network of veins that would make a bodybuilder proud. My gym shorts turned into compression ones as my butt and my thighs filled them out to bursting. Finally, it seemed you left the best for last, my cock, it was already bigger than before, but now it was gaining a girth that would make you struggle, make you pant, and each veiny thick inch of it would be absolutely made to fuck the lights out of you. My balls kept up in proportion as my sack sagged down, the heavy tennis ball sized testicles churning with so much cum I could practically feel them wriggling within. As the transformation tapered off. I only looked at you with a sexual hunger I never knew existed. I was now changed, a man made to fuck. Made to make little sluts like you cum on command, I was looking at you like a lion looks at its prey. With one swift grip of my hands I picked you up and threw you down on the remains of the couch, my double digit shaft now leaking a steady stream of thick pre-cum, your slick little cunt oozing down your thighs as I pushed it up against the lips, looking for your approval to take you and make you my submissive little gym bunny. My newfound wide, shredded back blotted out the light, so I could barely see you, but I could make out your little nod. I pushed it in, and you met your newfound muscular god.
  10. Azerreza

    The Hulk pill: Contagion (part 3!)

    Hello, here is my new project! As you know, I'm particularly fan of Jaypat's stories. My first story was a sequel to The swimming hole. But there is also another story that I really like: The Hulk pill. And so yes, as you have probably guessed from the title, I would like to write a sequel to The Hulk pill! It is not totally mandatory to have read the original story but I highly recommend. Note that I use a character from the original story (Mike) and that the protagonist of this part is his little brother, David, just mentioned at the end of The Hulk pill. I want to "tell" the contagion so the first character is the link between my story and the original but after that it will be exclusive characters. It is always risky to continue masterpieces because I don't think I have Jaypat's talent, but I really hope it will bring you as much pleasure as possible. Like my first story, I don't want to take advantage of his popularity, just offer the possibility to have a sequel to one of my favourite stories. I hope it will live up to your expectations! Good reading! __________________________________________________________________________________________ My breathing was heavy, my hands were gripping the bar, my heart was beating fast. It was the moment I feared: I HAD to lift this bar! Otherwise, I'll be the laughing stock of the gym. I took down the bar and... Shit! SHIT SHIT SHIT! My face became red. My arms were shaking. It was too heavy... FUCK! 125 FUCKING pounds and I'm already shitting! FUCKING SHIT! "HAHAHAHAHAHA! So David, how is the warm-up going?" mocked Rob. Shit, once again I make a fool of myself in front of these idiots. SHIT! I tried to force but impossible to lift it. "Wooh, calm down David, you'll hurt yourself" said Greg, one of the regulars, who was much nicer than the others bastards; By the way, I could heard them to be laughing out loud. Shitty bastards... Greg helped me to lift the bar. "Don't try to lift so much next time David. I know you would to be like your brother, Mike, but you are clearly not yet strong enough." "Yes, I know... Thanks Greg..." Yeah, unfortunately, I was not at the level of my brother, Mike, he had been training for a while and had acquired a solid physique and a big strength. I was so envious... In the back of the room, I could hear them hitting the floor with laughter. "He is so weak HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!". My face was becoming red with anger, my fists were shaking. "SHUT UP BASTARDS!" I shouted, angry. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder that slowly shook me a bit. "David..." I could slightly hear, behind me. Bastards, are you happy to make fun of me because I'm weak? Fucking bastards! "Hey David, wake up..." We'll see in a few months if you'll still be laughing so h-" "DAVID!" Hu? What the? At this moment, my eyes opened very slowly, my eyelids still stuck a little. Great: it was just a dream, or rather, a nightmare... What a shitty nightmare, be humiliated even in a dream... "Ah! Finally!" said a thunderous voice, that startled me, there was someone in my room. What the? It was strange because this voice... I recognized it, it was... it was the one of Mike, my brother, but it sounded... different. And what the hell is he doing here? Usually, he doesn't come into my room. "Mike? What the hell are you doing he-?" I turned around and what I saw, I will never forget. My eyes widened as never before, my jaw dropped to the floor, the temperature suddenly dropped, my face became instantly white. I stepped back as fast I could and pressed myself against the wall then I shouted. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" I yelled. Nothing could prepare me for this vision: in front of me, there was my brother, Mike. But not the Mike I knew! No... In front of me, there was a giant or rather what do I say, a FUCKING TITAN! It had to be at least 8 feet tall and above all, muscles... muscles EVERYWHERE! He was INSANELY MUSCULAR: traps that engulfed his neck, shoulders that are bigger than my head, his arms... oh my fucking gosh, HIS ARMS! What are these fucking monsters? His pecs were so huge that he must have had trouble looking down! Then... holy shit... his abs... HIS ABS! EIGHT FUCKING BOULDERS! I've never seen abs like this! Enormous, ripped and hard as fuck! My eyes went down and... fucking... fucking shit... h-his dick... HOLY CRAP! I-It was BIGGER than my arms!! And his legs were so big and thick that I bet I could hide behind one of them! My eyes went up to his face, Mike was smiling and said: "Hello bro'!" "M-M-M-M-M-M-". I stuttered so much that I had a hard time pronouncing his name. "M-M-M-Mike? B-B-B-B-B-" "But how?" guessed Mike. "Well, honestly... I don't know exactly, it just... happened. Maybe a sudden growth spurt" he said. "But... I FUCKING LOVE IT!" he said, with a evil smile. My brain was bugging. A sudden growth spurt? Is he kidding me? Gain one inch and few pounds due to a growth spurt ok but here, HERE, it was more like 2 fucking feet and probably more than one FUCKING TON! A growth spurt? It was impossible, absolutely and totally IMPOSSIBLE! But there had to be a rational explanation! "... Well, calm down, David, your brother is just a fucking HULK and... it's just impossible, totally impossible so there must be an explanation, a rational explantation...". And suddenly, it hit me: I had to dream, yeah I had to do the weirdest fucking dream of my life! "Well, David, you are dreaming, you are just fucking dreaming. It's not the reality, you are dreaming! It's like in Inception, you are dreaming in a dream!" I said to myself. "HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh no no no bro', this is not a dream but the reality. But perhaps... you need to be woken up for good!" he said with an evil smile. I don't like that, even if it's a dream, I don't like that! Mega Mike grabbed the end of my bed and... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" I yelled: he lifted it, he lifted my fucking bed (and myself) as if it weighed nothing!!! And... he shook it! "P-P-P-PLEASE M-M-M-M-MIKE! S-S-S-S-STOP!!!" "So awake now?" he asked me. "Y-Y-Y-Y-YES!" I said, terrorized. for a dream it was pretty detailed and realistic... "Well, where do you plan to go today?" asked Mike. "What?" "Where-do-you-plan-to-go-today?" he repeated. "T-T-To the mall, w-w-w-with f-f-f-friends" I replied, worried. "Perfect! Go ahead! But there is a condition..." he said. No, really, I don't like that! "A-A-A c-c-condition?" I said, stammering. "Don't touch anyone!" said Mike, more seriously. "What?" "You heard me: DON'T-TOUCH-ANYONE!" he repeated, louder and more angry. "B-B-But w-w-why?" I asked. "You'll see. But really, don't touch anyone and when I say anyone, it's ANYONE! And if I find out that you didn't respect my instructions, you'll end up like this..." Mike took what appears to be a block of wall and... HOLY CRAP! He crushed it to dust with one blow, as if it were nothing!!! And where the hell did this block come from? I looked around and... I saw the entrance to my bedroom and noticed that it had been somewhat expanded... I looked Mike and I forgot to mention that he was FUCKING WIDE! Probably too wide for a "normal" entrance. Here is where this block came from! Mike looked me and said again. "Understood bro'? Don't touch anyone!" "Y-Y-Y-Y-Yes!" I said, frightened by the demonstration of power. "Very well... And don't forget your phone, you'll call me during the day, I'm sure hehehe! ... Well, excuse me but I have some friends to visit". He turned back and "went back" through the entrance. HOLY SHIT! His back... it was only huge muscle mountains! And... is that the ground SHOOK? Holy crap! I was here, tetanized in my bed. What the fuck just happened? If it was a dream, he was fucking realistic but it seemed to much realistic for to be a dream. But if it wasn't a dream... how? HOW my brother became a fucking muscle god? It doesn't make sense! Suddenly, my phone vibrated. It was a message from Ben, my friend. "So David, ready to change your wardrobe?". Honestly, I was not fan to shopping, but I needed to buy new clothes and shoes. "Yeah!" I replied. Then I received another message "Logically Matt come with us but he told me he will be late. So I'm waiting you in 5 minutes to the bus stop ;)". Crap! Already? I put quickly a shirt and a pant and went out of my bedroom. In the corridor, I noticed some signs of my brother's passage: there was a hole in the wall, as if he had bumped into it, several steps of the staircase were cracked, a piece of the railing seemed to have been crushed, a good part of the tiles on the ground floor was cracked. I hurriedly ate and drank and went out and... the door handle was completely crushed. No doubt, Mike had been there. I walked two minutes towards the stop bus. Ben was here, waiting me. "Hello!" I said with a wave of my hand, having in mind my "big" brother's sentence: "Don't touch anyone!". I don't know why he said that but something told me that there was a good reason. "Hey!" replied Ben. "Ready for a shopping day?" he said in smiling. Ben liked shopping more than me. "Yeah, yeah" I replied, trying to be as usual despite what had happened. honestly if I told him that my brother had become a 8 feet muscular freak, would he believe me? I doubt it. The bus arrived and fortunately it was not full, we went to fuck in the back and I made sure not to touch anybody. I sighed, this shopping session was going to be boring but I needed it: I don't know if my mother had washed my shirt but it was a little tight when it usually wasn't. It must have shrunk in the wash. After 10 minutes we reached our destination "So David, where do you want to start?" "Well, I have to buy new shirt and pant and my favourite clothing shop is at the beginning." "Yeah, good idea dude!" "By the way, did you know why Matt is late?" "He didn't tell me but I think I guess why" replied Ben. "Let me guess: Billy the Bully?" "Bingo. I know that Matt is their whipping boy. I bet he had an altercation yesterday with his gang" Poor Matt... Billy Larson was the biggest asshole in the school. He and his gang always attacked those weaker than themselves and if you had the misfortune to be his target, he will pursue you all your schooling. And unfortunately, Matt was one of their favourite targets. I hope he is okay. When we arrived at the clothing store, I went to my usual department. I had a classical style: white shirts, jeans. I found quickly a shirt and a pant and I saw also a jacket, well now, let's see the sizes: L, no... M, no... XL, no... Suddenly, I was thinking to Mike and the fact that he would need now a XXXXXL size at least. I was asking what he was doing now. Well, let's try this shirt and this pant. It's been a while since I moved too much in size, I always took S. I went to a cabin and tried on my shirt but when I put it on, I could feel something unusual: he was tight, even very tight. What the hell? I tried the pant and... it was tight too also. Obviously I couldn't help but think of Mike... No, get a grip on yourself David, you've just had to change a bit lately, it's been a while since you bought anything so obviously. I went back to the department to get a size M, something I had never done before. Obviously, it was better but usually, I would have floated in it and that wasn't really the case. I went to the cashier to pay. Ben joined few minutes later. "Already? You go fucking fast." "Yeah but I took the same clothes so it was not really difficult. Well, I need also new shoes, it's the store right next door." "No problem dude" said Ben. Same as for my shirts, for the shoes I always take the same style and the same shoe size for some time. A few minutes later, I already had my new pair in hand and I was going to try them and again, it was much too small. What the hell is this? Well again, don't panic David, it's been a long time, I may have changed a bit since then. I took the next size, went to the cashier again and paid then we went out. Suddenly Ben's stomach gurgled. "Fuck dude, I'm starving!". I hadn't really been paying attention but now that he said it... me too, I was starving, terribly starving. As we were heading towards the fast food, we heard a voice who called us. "HEY BEN! DAVID!" It was Matt. "Hello Matt!" I said, in being careful to greet him with my hand. "Yeah, sorry guys, I'm late but I did a fall down the stairs yesterday and I needed of bandages" Clearly, he was lying. It was sure that it was because of Billy. "A fall down in stairs?" I asked. "Y-Y-Yeah, I know it's ridiculous" he said, clearly embarrassing by my question. You lie badly Matt, very badly. "Well, we were going to eat, are you coming with us?" asked Ben. "Of course!" replied Matt. "OH! LOOK! They still have the discount on the giga menu! It's too fucking good but honestly, they exaggerate on the quantity, I barely ate a quarter last time!" "No problem, I'm starving!" said Ben! "Me too!" I replied. We took 3 giga menu and damn right, the quantity was HUGE! But I was starving, terribly starving, abnormally starving... I ate my hamburgers and my big soda like it was nothing. I had a hard time finishing a normal menu and there, I had no trouble finishing when it was more than double! Ben and Matt were watching me, stunned. "Damn man, but you are a fucking ogre!" said Matt. I finished my giga menu under their astonished eyes. And the worst thing about it: I was always hungry. Ben had not even finished the half and I was almost drooling on his remains. "Hem Ben? May I... May I eat your leftovers?" "WHAAAAAAT???" shouted Ben and Matt in same time. "Holy shit man, even an ogre doesn't eat that much!" said Ben. Myself, I was totally surprised. Never of my life I ate so much but I was hungry like I've never been hungry before. And it wasn't the only thing that disturbed me: my clothes... my new clothes felt... tight! and that was not the case when I bought them! Even my new shoes seemed to get too small. Fuck! Fuck fuck FUCK FUCK!!! This time, no doubt: something was wrong! "Excuse me guys I-I have to go toilet" I say a bit panicked. "Hahaha! Not really surprising with the mountain of food you ate!" joked Ben. I quickly made my way to the bathroom in taking my bag. I felt a tingling feeling through my body and I was panting. I found myself in front of the mirror and with a little apprehension I removed my jacket... ... ... HO-LY SHIT!!!!! I could hardly believe what I was seeing: I was filling my shirt, my pecs was budding through my shirt, my shoulders were rounded, my biceps stretched the fabric, my back was wide and I started to have a V-shape and... and... holy shit! Was it the bumps on my abs that I saw? I swallowed hard and I slowly lifted my shirt... HOLY CRAP! Bricks, I had FUCKING muscle bricks! Goddamn fucking hell!! I looked like... like... A FUCKING BODYBUILDER! "What the hell? What's happening to me?". Well, was my voice deeper? it didn't sound like the usual. I was totally flabbergasted. Not that I didn't like becoming muscular but... how? HOW? I didn't do anything special and all of a sudden I become a fucking muscle god? What the hell? Then suddenly, I remembered the sentence of Mike: "you'll call me, don't worry". He had to know more, it was sure! I take my phone and tried to call him. After a few rings he picked up the phone. Hem... I'll overlook the fact that I could hear someone moaning as fuck in saying sentences like "Oh fuck! So big! So hard" with sounds of suck and lick. Well, Mike seemed "busy"... but despite that, he answered me. "So bro', how is your day going?". Crap, I had forgotten how deep his voice was now! I could hear an undertone in. "M-M-Mike... I-I-I think s-s-something is h-happening" I said, with a panicked voice. "Let me guess: a problem of clothing size perhaps?" he replied, in a slightly mocking tone. "Mike... what the hell is happening to me?" I asked, even if I knew the answer. "Roooooh bro', don't be stupid, you know perfectly what's happening to you!" "I-I know, I-I'm growing, but I mean, what the hell? WHY I'm growing like that? And above all, HOW?" "Hehehe, well, let's say that... I am the cause of your current situation bro'" "WHAT THE? Mike, did you drug me?" "HAHAHAHA not exactly, but not so far. I was not given all the details and I still don't understand very well but apparently, it's a story of a muscle pill and nanobots" "WHAT THE HELL? Mike... ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Muscle pill and nanobots? It looks like a bad fan-fiction. We are not in a marvel here!" "Oh David, for god's sake, look at you, were you like this this morning?" I looked myself in the mirror. And... obviously no, this morning, I was the classic skinny David I have always been but here, here, I looked like someone who had spent several years in a gym. It was real, really real!" "But... it's not logical! I haven't eaten anything like a pill since this morning so how..." "This is where it gets interesting bro'! Nanobots you get with the pill, apparently, they are... contagious!" replied Mike, with a touch of excitement on the last sentence. "WHAT? Contagious? You mean I'm sick?" "In some way. Do you remember the condition I asked this morning?" "Yeah: don't touch anyone" "Indeed. And the reason is simple: nanobots are everywhere in your body, including in your fluids: cum, blood but also... your sweat. "My... my sweat?" I asked. "Yeah, and I guess you've noticed that you've been sweating a bit more recently, right?" Indeed, since 2-3 hours it was the case. "It means that you can transmit your nanobots by simple... physical contact hehehe! This is how I got infected, I didn't eat neither. I just had a workout with a friend who was infected and inevitably, I was too.. When I woke up tomorrow, I was like you saw me. By the way, I renegotiated my "contract" with Dad. He strangely accepted all my conditions hehe..." At this moment, everything made sense even if had bad to believe it. it looked like a fucking science fiction movie but... but... I was here, looking like a bodybuilder. It was the truth, the fucking truth! But... there was problem: I didn't touch Mike! "But Mike, we didn't touch each other!" "Oh yes, really? So tell me, WHO woke you up this morning?" Finally I understood. "It was... it was..." I was stammering "Yeah? Who?" "You... It was you, you woke me up by shaking my shoulder..." "And that's it, you have been condemned from that moment on bro'!" "And... and... d-d-do you think I will grow as big as you?" "I am not sure but most probably yes! In any case much more than what you are now" I was shaking, a little scared but mostly I couldn't believe what it meant: I was going to become me too a fucking titan. "... and anyone I touch will become..." "Like us" replied Mike. It was insane, completely insane. "Oh and by the way, the contagion is not permanent reassure you, it works only during the first 24 hours from the infection. So tomorrow afternoon, you'll not be contagious... but you will be Hulk HAHAHAHAHA!" I shuddered just to imagine the scene "Now that you know everything, I let you choose if you want to make a "gift" to your friends or not, but remember that everyone you touch in the next few hours will become a behemoth. And by the way, tonight, we will do a special workout. I think that like me you want to see what you can do. Well, I leave you bro', I have "things" to do". Mike didn't hang up though, it must not have been easy to type on the keys of his phone with his gigantic fingers. just before I hung up I could hear him shouting "SUCK ME BITCH!". Yes, he was "busy". I stayed a few minutes, stunned by what I had just heard: in few hours, I will be like my Hulk brother! Before to return near Ben and Matt, I changed shirt and pant, the M size was becoming too small. When I saw myself shirtless, I had to restrain myself from cumming instantly. Fuck ! Fucking fuck! I was hot! And it was just the beginning... I put quickly my L new shirt. Well, perfect, it's a little less conspicuous but it was only a matter of time before it became too small. Finally, I returned near Ben and Matt. "Whoaaah, shit David, you are worse than a girl! you spent 20 minutes in the toilet" said Matt. "Well, what do we do now?" asked Ben. "There is a cinema in this mall, no?" said Matt. "Oh yes, I hadn't thought of that, good idea" replied Ben. I wanted to decline, to find and excuse but... fuck it: I will grow, no matter what happens, I couldn't hide it forever and then my decision was made: Ben, Matt, you will be my next victims hehehe! And I think that if they knew, they would be the first to throw at me: I knew Ben loved muscular men but had never had the motivation to workout, and Matt I think if he could crush Billy, it would be the best day of his life. "Oh! I had forgotten there was a new Hulk movie!" shouted Matt in showing the poster. Hahahahahaha! Matt, if only you knew what was going to happen to you my friend! i had just to touch them hehehe. So... well, it was time to change their lives forever, time to give them a little helping hand, literally. I was behind them: I raised my arms and... "GOOD IDEA GUYS" I shouted, in giving them a pat on the back. Here it is, it's done. But what I forgot was that I wasn't just more muscular, I was also stronger: they were both thrown one or two feet forward. "FUCK DAVID, ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY OR WHAT?" shouted Ben. "ARGH SHIT DAVID, ARE YOU SICK? IT'S HURTS DUDE!" shouted Matt in rubbing his back. "Great, yesterday, I get beaten up by Billy and now, it's my friend who want to kill me... Really great..." Hehehe, welcome to the Hulk club guys! We bought our tickets and I took care to take seats a little apart because from now on, they too could contaminate. I was curious to see if they would notice anything, but it will certainly be tonight that they will really notice the change. The movie started and like every reboot, we redo the history of the character even if we know it by heart. And inevitably came the accident that transformed Bruce Banner in Hulk. Matt seemed enjoyed and said "I always loved this kind of scene". I couldn't help but have a slight nervous laugh. Oh fuck hahahaha, If only you knew Matt, if you knew that it is currently slowly happening. From my side, we can say that this movie was in 4D for me because the growth, I felt it, I felt it even very well: things were slowly accelerating, if this morning I felt nothing, here, I could clearly feel a almost constant tingle. Well, it was obviously not extreme but I felt my clothes tightening, the feeling of my skin rubbing against the fabric slowly but surely, stretching it more and more. It was strange but nice, really nice. And I wasn't only more muscular, I was becoming taller too: I was forced to slump in the seat so as not to block the view behind me. Oh my gosh: I loved these fucking feelings, it was so.. SO AWESOME. At some point, Ben squirmed a bit, as if something was bothering him. Ah! Wouldn't we feel discomfort in our clothes Ben? I couldn't help but smile in thinking of the cause and especially when they realize that something is wrong. We must have been two thirds of the way through the film when suddenly, among the sounds of popcorn and bags of chips, I heard another, slight but noticeable sound. *riiip riiip* What? *rip*? I looked down on my chest, I slowly lowered my eyes, a little panicked at the idea of what I was about to discover, and... my eyes went wide, my mouth open and I really almost dropped a "HOLY SHIT" but I restrained myself! My pecs, oh gosh, my pecs were HUGE! And my back was so wide. When I tried to move my arm, I understood where this stretching sound came from: I was totally filling the size M shirt. Shit! Fucking shit! I had to change my clothes, quickly! Fortunately it happens during the film. I grabbed my bag and walked discreetly to the toilet. And crap, my pants were fucking tight too! Matt saw me got up said softly "You're going to spend another 20 minutes in the bathroom?". Oh shut up Matt haha. When I entered in the toilet, bad luck for me there was a mirror in the toilet, it would have a chance if I wasn't "hulking" in a mall, that I didn't blow up my clothes and that the whole situation made me feel incredibly turned on. But my luck ran out: someone was coming in the toilet... SHIT! Not now! Fortunately there were cabins, I hastened to lock myself in one of them. And to make matters worse, I realized that... it was Ben. And guess who decided to show up at that moment: my muscle growth! Of course. The sensation filled my whole body and I felt my skin slowly but surely pushing against the fabric again. and of course it had to be enjoyable. it wouldn't have been a problem if only I was not locked in a bathroom stall with my buddy right next to me! I gritted my teeth and tried as best I could to stifle my moans (and it's FUCKING hard!). My face was turning red and I'm pretty sure the vein in my forehead was bulging. Oh crap my shoulders were becoming cannonballs. My biceps had completely filled my sleeves, which were slowly tearing apart under the pressure. My pecs were pushing the shirt further and further forward, nipples are totally visible and I could feel the collar be more and more stretched. And at the level to my back, it was same, I could feel my lats stretching this poor shirt badly, to the point where I could hear little rips. I felt my abs solidify and deepen even more: we often talk about concrete abs, well I think mine were not far from this description, at least they were close! And if my shirt was abused, of course my pant was too! My quads were growing, stretching the fabric to the point where the seams began to give way I was doing my best not to grumble but it was impossible to remain totally silent. And of course Ben noticed my muffled grunts. "Hahaha! So David, you evacuate your 2 gigas menus?". Thank god he thought I was taking a dump. "Y-Y-Yeah!" I said while my fists were shaking and I was red as a tomato. "Hahaha! I'm already amazed that your stomach could take all this in, so your anus...". Very funny Ben! You won't let me grow in peace? "Well, see you in 20 minutes dude!"; "Y-Yeah, s-see you". And he's gone. Thank god. I took the opportunity to release some pressure but not too much. "Oh fuck! Aaaaah! Gnnnnnnhhh! Shit! It's soooooo gnnnnnnnhhh intense aaaaaaaaah". But fortunately, it calmed down quickly. I was here, in this toilet cabin, panting in sweat, my clothes full of tears. I got out and I saw my reflection in the mirror... ho-ly-CRAP! I looked so fucking good! Well, so far from Mike obviously, but already most bigger than this morning. Then I looked the clothes, I looked the tears and an idea came to me: if I really imitate him, Hulk? It could be funny! Anyway, these clothes are ruined so... I closed my fist and I flexed my whole body to maximum. Instantly, I could see the tears became larger, the room was filled with a large number of tearing sounds. hell, I had always found these scenes hot but here, here, I was the one who exploded out of his clothes, I was this superhero. And fuck yeah I loved it! but it was nothing compared to my reflection, shirtless now. I gasped with surprise and lust. The guy in the mirror, was not a simple teenager, it was a fucking bodybuilder, no Mr. Olympia of course but in comparison to my "original" body, the difference was insane: pecs which was close to balloons (and obviously, I couldn't help but bounce them, ripped hard abs with a net of veins, boulders shoulders, a neck that was more a bull neck than a human neck, biceps with a nice vein (I couldn't help but kiss it), a muscular forearms covered with veins like a road map, a large back which gave a V-shape, and what was left of my pants showed the muscle hills of my quads. And this guy was myself. I could have had a hard-on for this kind of physique and here... it was mine! I was MINE! Oh gosh, oh my fucking gosh, it was too much, too hot. I couldn't stand it and I really didn't want to do it next to my friends: I had to empty my balls, here, right now. But I don't want someone to show up in the middle of the act. So I returned in the toilet cabin and I locked the door. Well anyway, these pants are ruined then... I grabbed it and tore it up like a sheet of paper. My underwear, although put to a severe test, was intact! I'll have to remember this brand, at least it's not crap hahaha! He took it off and... HOLY SHIT! What this monster? I mean it's also big than a porn actor! I grabbed it and started to caress... Shit..; Oh shit! Oh fucking shit! It was not just bigger, it was also more sensitive! but of course, as I started to jerk off and began to moan loudly, what was not supposed to happen did happen: someone entered in the room. CRAP! And wait, do you know the worst part? Guess who was that, guess! MATT! FUCK! My first "friend" prevents me from enjoying my growth and then, the second prevents me from jerking! there are days when I would put them on the enemy list rather than friend! But it was impossible for me to stop or report my "session". So I continued, stifling my moans as much as possible, again and... holy shit it's hard not to moan in these conditions, really hard. I was shaking with effort, biting my lip, shooting load after load. Fuuuuuuck, I almost fill this toilet pot with my thick cum. I heard Matt leave. Finally! I hurried to get dressed before anyone else showed up... Well clearly it made me look a bit weird, relatively tight at the top but floating at the bottom, my waist being much narrower than my upper body. Before to leave, I didn't forget to flush, making my super contagious cum go down in the sewer. I laughed a bit as I imagined what would happen if an animal came in contact with it: imagine that it touches a rat... In 24 hours we would have a 50 pounds rat with concrete abs. It would be so ridiculous but funny! On the other hand, if it goes to sea and touches a great white shark, we risk seeing the Megalodon reappear, it would be less funny... Well, it was time to go back to my "buddies", you know, the ones that bother you at the wrong time... When I arrived to my place, Matt looked me and said "Finally, you're worse than a chick, you took more than 30 minutes hahaha!". Yeah, I wouldn't have taken 30 minutes if I hadn't been disturbed, asshole. "Shut up Matt..." I said. 20 minutes later, the movie ended. "Crrraaaappp! It was great! Hulk is really my favourite superhero! And the scene where he lifts the car and start to crush it in roaring, gosh, it was so awesome!" exclaimed Matt. Oh fuck hahaha, I had to restrain myself from bursting out laughing in knowing that tomorrow he will be able to do the same. "Yeah, it was a great movie" replied Ben. "So what do we do now?" I hope they won't make this day last too long because at this rate, I'm going to blow up my XL shirt in few hours. "Well, I still have homework to do so if we go home?" said Matt. Oh god damn it thank you Matt! "Yeah, I also think it's time to go home." At the bus stop, we were talking when I saw Ben squirm a bit. "A problem Ben?" "No... not really, it's just a little weird, I didn't remember my clothes being so tight" replied Ben. "Ah, you too?" said Matt. Internally I was exultant with joy. Hahahahaha, if only they knew what was in store for them! On the way back, as in the movie, I kept feeling my body slowly filling my shirt. As for Ben and Matt, I could see that they were more and more disturbed. Finally, we were back and he was time for everyone to go home. "it was a great day guys!" said Ben. "Yeah I agree" replied Matt. Then he stared at me. "What?" I asked. "I... I don't know how to explain but, it's strange I... I have the impression that you are different from this morning" "Now that you mention it, it's true that you look bigger... and I didn't remember you being taller than me by the way" added Ben. "Hahaha, you guys must be dreaming" "No really, you look... different" said Matt, questioningly. "Maybe I'm becoming Hulk HAHAHAHAHAHA!" "Hahaha you're a fucking idiot David" replied Matt. "Hahaha who know... By the way, have you siblings?" I asked. "What? Why this question? And I have a sister" said Matt. "Oh for nothing" I replied. "And you Ben?" "Just a little brother" said Ben. "But I don't know why you ask that" suddenly jean's stomach began to growl loudly. "Crap, I'm fucking starving!" said Matt. "Yeah me too" replied Ben. "Well, I'm going home" Then he wanted to shake my hand. I shook it and... *CRACK* "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! You fucking crushed it, man! Why do you squeeze so hard? What's wrong with you?" Squeeze so hard? Man, I barely squeezed your hand... "Roooh! You're really soft Ben!" said Matt, in holding out his hand. I shook it also and... *CRACK* "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Are you sick or something? You almost broke my knuckles bastard!" shouted Matt. Well it seems that I don't control my strength anymore hehehe. "Haha sorry guys, I didn't do it on purpose..." "You're really weird today" said Ben. "Oh believe me, strange things will happen again tonight..." I said, in smiling. "What? What do you mean?" asked Matt. "Oh you'll see. But if I have to say something, I just ask you one thing, one thing only" "Yeah?" they asked, almost in same time. "Don't touch anyone this evening" "Eh? David, you're REALLY weird today!" said Matt. "Really, do what I ask, just for tonight. and believe me, you will not regret it, but not at all!" "Yeah, now you're starting to scare me a little bit David" said Ben. "Hahaha don't worry, but really, trust me. And if tomorrow nothing happened, I'll give you giga menus and movie tickets for life" I said. "Well, that's the weirdest request I've ever heard, but for giga menus and movie tickets for life, ok" said Matt. "Well then, if you offer the cinema tickets for life, ok I'll take the bet too" replied Ben. "You won't regret it guys, you'll see. Well, ciao guys" I could have told them more or shown them, but that would have spoiled the surprise, the best surprise of their life. And it's all the more appreciable when you don't know what's inside the gift package. When I got home, I found my mother, sitting at the table almost catatonic. "Hello Mom', I'm back" But she did not answer. She didn't even notice that I was a little... different from this morning. "Dad is not here?" I asked. "He...he... he is at his store" she said, with a shaking voice. "... probably getting drunk" she added. "And Mike?" I saw that she swallowed hard, I felt a little sorry for her but she will get used to the fact that her son was now 8 feet behemoth. However, I don't think that telling her now that her second son was going to be another behemoth was a really good idea. "He... he... he is in his chamber" she said. "... well, what is left of his chamber" she added, with a quavering voice. "M-M-Mike?" she called him. There were a few seconds of silence and then... BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM Holy crap! At each step you could feel the house shaking, plaster dust was falling from the ceiling. It looked like a T-Rex was moving. Yes, no doubt, Mike was here! I heard him coming down the stairs, the steps cracking, literally I mean. Then he appeared. HOLY SHIT, I felt big and strong but in front of Mike, I felt like a fucking bug. "Hello bro'" he said with his deep voice. "So, this shopping day?" "Well, I found few clothes to my new size but..." I lifted my shirt, revealing my big ripped, shredded, hard six-pack "... something tells me that soon they won't be, at my size" I added in smiling. Mom watched my midsection with eyes as round as marbles. "D-David, y-y-you too?" she said, astonished, understanding that it happened to me too. "Perfect! Absolutely perfect!" replied Mike with an evil face. "Have you tested your new abilities?" "Not yet, but apparently you have prepared me a special workout" "Oh yeah, but we will start slowly hehehe! Follow me bro'" Mike left the house and I followed him. Shit! I felt the ground tremble with each of his steps, it was like be right behind a heavy tank. "We don't go to your bedroom? I thought your weights was here" I asked. "My weight? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Now even with all weights, it's like lifting a sheet of paper. Do you really think that I have time to waste on this? And anyway, they are a bit... how to say... crushed. Destroy, it's really fun hehehe!" "So what the hell are we doing outside? There's nothing to lift" I asked. "Oh yes: this!" replied Mike, in pointing... our SUV" "WHAAAAAAAAT? MIKE, ARE YOU CRAZY? You know how much this monster weighs?" "Around 5.000 pounds" WHAT? 5...5.000 pounds? He wants me to lift 5.000 FUCKING POUNDS? He's crazy!!! "M-M-Mike, I-I think you may be overestimating my strength" I said "Or you underestimate it. man, you're becoming Hulk, not just a Mr Olympia, a fucking HULK! So a SUV, it will be a piece of cake... Try, I'm sure you'll be surprised" "And you, are you able to li-" I did not have time to finish my sentence that Mike put his 2 hands under the back and... HO-LY-SHIT! He lifted the SUV with a disconcerting ease. FUCKING CRAP! This thing weighed 5.000 pounds and he lifted it like it was NOTHING!!! Then he put the SUV on the ground. "Does it answer your question bro'?". I swallowed hard. Holy crap! I knew he was strong, but not SO strong! "Your turn!" he said. I swallowed hard. I put my 2 hands under the back and I tried to lift. Obviously, it was heavy, it was fucking heavy. My face became all red, veins popped everywhere, I grunted loudly. "GGGNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" but while I thought it was impossible, well, the impossible happened: the wheels were lifted from the ground. One inch... two inches... three... five... ten... twenty. Crap! I was at my maximum, my body was shaking, my veins were going to explode, my teeth were fucking clenched, I was redder than a tomato. It was too much: I "put" (or rather dropped) the SUV on the ground. It fell back heavily. "You see that you can do it? And in only a few hours, it will seem ultra light! Well, before getting down to business, I'm starving" I hadn't noticed it but indeed, I was starving, the kind of starving so intense that I could eat anything! And in fact, that's kind of what we did. We raided the fridge, anything that looked like food was immediately engulfed. I was thinking about the giga menu and when I eat 2: here, I think I must have eaten the equivalent of 5 or 6! And Mike probably more than a dozen. HOLY SHIT! We were literally ogres! When Mike finished to eat, he did the loudest burp I've ever heard in my life! *BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP* HOLY CRAP! "Well, I'm a bit lazy to go there now, we'll go after that" said Mike. "After that?" I said, not understanding what he meant. "That!" he said in pointing me. I lowered my eyes and... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! MY SHIRT! HOLY CRAP! I WAS FILLING MY XL SHIRT! "WHAT THE?" I said, shocked. "Ah yes, I forgot to tell you: food helps accelerate the growth process, that's why you're so hungry: because it requires a very large amount of energy to feed your muscles. So prepare to grow hehehe" Oh shit, fucking shit! I started to sweat and pant. "Hehehe! I think you should take a trip to the bathroom bro'" I could feel it, the tingling, but this time we were passed to the superior stage: I had the sensation that my whole body was in fire. I got up and staggered to the bathroom, it was difficult to stand. I could already feel my chest stretching the fabric, same for my pant. It was a matter of minutes before I blew my clothes off. Finally, I reached the bathroom and rushed to the mirror. Oh fuck! My shirt was totally soaked with sweat, strongly accentuating the details of my musculature. "NNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" SHIT! It was fucking intense! If before I had to concentrate to feel this growth, here, there was no need, I could clearly see the fabric slowly moving, at all levels: shoulders: back, pecs, legs! And the sound... oh fuck this sound, this characteristic stretching sound!!! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH NNNNNGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Fucking fuck! I felt so tight, the slightest bend would have shattered my shirt! But I didn't want to do, I wanted to enjoy, this feeling, oh my gosh, this feeling was so AWESOME! "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCKKKKKK NNNNNNNNGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!" And I was becoming not only bigger, I was becoming also taller: my shirt was becoming too small, don't covering entirely my chest, letting appear little by little the last row of my abs. Oh fuck! Oh my gosh it's so awesome! It's... ???!!! Oooooh ooooh OH FUCK! AAAAAAHHH! The-NNNNNNNNGGGGGGGHHHHHH-pressure, it's-AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH-increasing! It was so intense I could hardly stand, I had to hold on to the porcelain sink. OH GOSH! AAAAAAAAAHHHH! OH MY FUCKING GOSH! I-I-I will NNNNNNNNGGGHHHHHHHHHH exploooooOOOoOoOoOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! BOOM! My whole body exploded, adding a lot of mass to my frame, I heard several ripping sounds. I squeezed so hard the sink that I crushed it! And it wasn't done! The burning continued, it was so intense that I could hardly stand. I was staggering around trying to find something to grab onto. I finally grabbed the metal bars of the towel rack as I felt a new wave arrive. My whole body tightened up. Fuck, it was funny and enjoying at the beginning but now it was really disabling. When it focused on my back and legs, I was forced to get on all fours, it was impossible to stand. I tried painfully to move as I felt my lats expand and my hands automatically move apart. a last muscular jolt tore me a scream, and finally, it calmed down. Fuck, I didn't expect that, I really didn't. Lucky it didn't happen to me in the mall. I could not have done anything to hide it. I stayed on all fours for a few minutes, panting as I tried to recover from what I had just experienced. Well, it was to see the results... I looked my reflection and.. "HOLY SHIT!!!" I shouted in surprise. I was huge, I was FUCKING huge. And my voice was so fucking deep. Well, obviously, not like Mike yet, but I was ready for pro competitions of bodybuilding. My traps had emerged like mountains, giving me a bull neck, my shoulders were gigantic, striated, my arms... oh fuck my arms! They must have been over 20 inches! My forearms alone should be bigger than some biceps of muscular guys to school. My hands were so fucking huge. My pecs were so big that I had trouble seeing over! My abs... oh my gosh my abs! They were so FUCKING big, bigger than my fist! So ripped, bulged, deep crevices. And on the last row, I could see a fucking net of veins like I rarely see. at my crotch you could see a huge bulge... Hahahaha it's not only my muscles that have grown! If my shirt was in a bad state, it was the same with my pants: tears everywhere! It could no longer contain what had become of my quads: huge muscle mountains, with a large number of hills, and covered with veins. and my shoes were also shredded by my growing giant feet. My clothes were to agony, they were still holding on but the slightest new growth will shred them! And obviously, this is what soon happened! I felt my whole body swelling, again. OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH NNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! And again that obscene stretching noise but especially afterwards, sounds of tearing, everywhere! My shirt tried to resist but lost the fight: the shreds of what was my XL shirt were falling to the ground. my pants had the same fate a few seconds later but one part remained "alive", giving me like shredded short. My shoes did not resist either. HAHAHAHAHAHA! The situation was funny because I was looking like Hulk, the same Hulk from the movie we saw a few hours ago, or rather a "mini-Hulk" because I was obviously still smaller, but soon, soon I will be REALLY Hulk! and for Fuck's sake I'm looking forward to it! I looked my reflection and... HO-LY SHIT! It was magnificent, almost divine! Look at me this FUCKING body, LOOK AT ME! I'm a freak, a fucking MUSCLE FREAK AND I LOVE IT, I FUCKING LOVE IT! "OH MY FUCKING GOSH HAHAHA! AWESOME!". Craaaap, my voice was even deeper than before! I was totally turned on by what I saw. And this time, I was going to enjoy it, without holding me back! I plunged my hand in my "short" and took the "monster" out of its cage. OH MY FUCKING GOSH! LOOK THIS COCK! It-it was so fucking BIG! Even an porno actor would feel insignificant in front of his monstrosity! Without waiting I started to jerk off and... OH FUCK! OH FUCKING FUCK! OH FUCKING FUCK OF FUCKING FUCK! It was bigger, venous as fuck but above all... it was incredibly more sensitive. Nothing could have prepared me for the divine feeling I was experiencing! "OH FUCK! OH MY GOSH! SO GOOD!" My eyes were rolling in their sockets, I started to drool and the pleasure was such that I cried. I jerk off during 10 minutes, 10 long minutes of pure pleasure like I've never known before. By the end, I couldn't even speak, just make glutinous noises of pleasure. I was a beast, a fucking beast driven only by his primal instincts. Then, I felt the climax coming... "ooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Oh my gosh: I wasn't screaming, I was ROARING (when I say I was a beast, I could hardly do a better description), firing huge load after huge load. An gosh, my shots, MY SHOTS! It sounded more like an assault rifle fire than a "normal" ejaculation. By the way, the mirror passed away, getting destroyed by each of my shots. I don't know how long my orgasm lasted but it was clearly abnormally long (but it was not to my displeasure hehehe). Finally, after many minutes, the flood dries up. I have only one thing: HOLY FUCKING SHIT! A good part of the wall was covered with thick and sticky cum. I didn't know I could cum so much! HOLY SHIT! That's when I received a notification of a message: it was Matt. OH CRAP! YES! They finally realized that there was something wrong! Matt: Guys... if you're there answer RIGHT NOW, something NOT AT ALL NORMAL is happening! IT'S EMERGENCY!!! Ben: It can be weirder than I'm experiencing dude... David: Let me guess, did you get the wrong size clothes? Matt: It's not exactly that but... I think I'm... GROWING! David: Matt, of course you're growing, you're a teenager, it's normal you're growing. Matt: DO YOU REALLY THINK IT'S NORMAL TO GROWING LIKE THAT? Matt sent a pic of his biceps, it should be 16 inches. Ben: HOLY CRAP! I think the same thing is happening to me. I was starving, I ate like never before and then I dozed off for an hour and when I woke up, my shirt was fucking tight and was torn in several places. And above all, I'm FUCKING MUSCULAR! And it seems to continue! Matt: Exactly like me! I was in front of TV and suddenly, I felt so fucking tight and when I looked my arms, it was like I showed you. IT'S NOT AT ALL NORMAL!!! Ben: And you David, have you noticed anything? Have you grown? David: Now that you mention it, it's true that I may have grown up a bit, but really just a bit... And I sent them a pic of my current godlike body. Matt: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Ben: HOLY SHIT!!! YOU CALL IT JUST A BIT? DUDE YOU'RE FUCKING GIGANTIC!!!!! Matt: WE NEED TO TALK, I'M GOING TO CALL YOU, NOW! Few seconds later, I receive a grouped call. I obviously accepted and came across a totally panicked Matt "HOLY FUCKING SHIT DAVID? WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? WHAT'S HAPPENING TO US?" shouted Matt. "D-D-D-DAVID? I-I-IT CAN'T BE YOU!!!" said Ben, also panicked. "Calm down guys hahaha!" "CALM ME DOWN? DUDE, I'M BECOMING A FUCKING BODYBUILDER! HOW DO YOU WANT ME TO CALM DOWN?" Whooooaaah Matt was in total panic. "Well, I owe you some explanations" I said. "Yeah I think that would be nice..." replied Ben, with a shaking voice. "Yes, you're becoming Hulk, well, not exactly: the green colour option is not included in the packaging hahaha. But I reassure you, it's not dangerous, well, for you... As you can see, it's far from over." "And what is this fucking spell? magic? A disease?" "I would say nanotechnology" "Nanotechnology? Are you kidding me?" said Matt. "No, I'm serious. And... did you remember what I asked to you?" "Yeah, don't touch anyone" said Ben. "Did you respect it?" I asked. "Yeah, even if I don't understand why you asked us that" said Matt. "Oh it's very simple: what you're happening is... contagious" "CONTAGIOUS?" shouted Matt. "Yeah, but this contagion is not permanent, it could be happening only in first 24 hours. And the condition for infected someone is..." "In touching him..." guess Ben. "Well done Sherlock! And I imagine you know WHO infected you?" "You... You infected us..." said Matt. "Yes! In giving you the biggest pat of your life hahahahahahaha!" "So you knew it, you knew it since the beginning?" asked Ben, a bit angry. "Yes, well, not exactly, even I didn't know about it at first. but when I found out, you were on my victims list" "And why did you do that?" asked Ben. "Because your are my friends, I mean my true friends. If there are people who deserve this privilege, it was you two" "You should have told us about it anyway..." said Ben, a bit angry. "That's true but it was more fun to let you find out and I didn't know about it right away either you know, I had the same reaction of surprise as you. And damn it, you're not ready for the next part, believe me but I'm sure, you'll fucking love it!" "And... there is a cure?" asked Matt. "I don't know, but honestly Matt, would you want a cure? Seriously?" "I...I don't know, probably not but.. David, do you realize what you are telling us? I mean, you're literally telling us that in a few hours we'll be like you?" said Matt, astonished by the news. "Nope!" "What? Nope?" exclaimed Matt. "Yeah, you'll be not like me because... I didn't finish my growth" There was one second of pure silence then, they shouted in same time: "WHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT?????" shouted Ben and Matt in same time. "D-D-David, are...are... ARE YOU SERIOUSLY TELLING ME WE'RE GOING TO BE BIGGER THAN YOU?" shouted Matt. "Oh yeah! Much more BIGGER! And if I know that, this is because I have a specimen on hand, so... do you want a preview of the final result?" I asked. "... Honestly, I'm not sure is a good idea but... yeah, it would be nice to know that before" replied Ben. "I agree" said Matt. "Very well, don't move guys" I went out of bathroom and went looking for my brother. When he saw me, he had a big smile, a little unhealthy. "Haaaaaa, now you're starting to look like a true man! Well, let's go?" "Two minutes, I am in line with my... victims. They started to notice the changes so I had to update them, and they would like to see the final result" "Hehehe with pleasure bro'! Go ahead, show them what is the ultimate alpha male!" replied Mike, in doing an awesome double biceps pose. "Well, guys, here is the final result" I said in turning my phone for show Mike. Again, there was one second of silence then... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT! W-W-W-W-WHAT IS THIS THING?" shouted Matt. Ben, as for him, he couldn't pronounce a single word, he was all white, shaking, and I could just hear him stuttering "G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G..." "HEY! This "thing" has a name and it's Mike!" said my brother, a bit contraried. "M-M-Mike? ... MIKE? NO WAIT! DAVID, I-I-IS IT Y-Y-YOUR BROTHER?" asked Matt. "Yeah!" I replied. "OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" shouted Matt. "By the way, he is the cause of my growth" Ben was still stuttering "G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G...". Ok, we lost Ben. "So now you understand why I told you not to touch anyone, especially those you don't like? If you do it, they will become like my brother" Finally, Ben regained his speech. "Yeah... so... note for myself: don't touch my little brother in next hours" he said. "But on the other hand, if you wish to make a small gift to certain people, you still have a few hours to do so, let's go hehehe..." "Yeah... I-I-I think I will visit one or two people" said Matt. "Same" added Ben. "Here, you know everything. Enjoy to maximum of the next hours, you'll see, you've never felt anything like it" "Y-Yeah..." said Matt, still astonished by the news. "I never thought I'd live to see this day..." replied Ben. "Hehehe, I told you that you would not regret it! Well, I leave you, I have a special workout with my BIG brother. So... good Hulkification guys!" And I hang up. "Well, bro', now, I'm ready!" "Perfect!" said Mike. When we went out, I saw again our SUV. "Just a moment please, I would like to try again" I said in looking the SUV. "Hehehe I was just about to suggest it" I put my hands under the back and I lifted. To my great surprise and especially to my great satisfaction, it was easiest than the last time. Well, clearly it was not light, it was still a vehicle that weighed 5.000 fucking pounds, but I was not at the end of my life like the previous time. "FUCK YEAH!" I shouted in dropping the SUV which bounces heavily against the ground. Mike seemed to be happy. "So bro', do you like your level up?" "If I like it? Mike, how dare you ask that question? FUCK YEAH I LOVE IT! HAHAHAHAHA" On the way, there were electrical poles. Suddenly, an idea came to me. "Mike... do you allow me to...?" I asked, in pointing the electrical pole. "Go ahead David, have fun" I approached to the pole, grabbed it and... try to crush it. no surprise it wasn't that easy. I may have been super strong, I was not like Mike, not yet. But at same time, I heard a sound of metal bending. Slowly, I could feel my finger sink into the metal. Holy shit! It was so fucking good! Honestly, I could explode right now... After 2 miles, few car lifting, crushing metal poles and trying to pull out a fire hydrant (by the way, Mike humiliated me by simply kicking it, as if it were nothing more or less than a common soccer ball), we arrived to the gym. There was a lot of cars in the parking. "Hem M-Mike? I-I think it's crowded, is it really a good idea?" "Yeah it's a good idea. And for the runts, they'll go away, don't worry." Mike entered (well, he entered... let's say that he enlarges the entrance). The security guard looked at him, eyes amazed, and strangely did nothing at all. He walked towards the gym. When we entered, it was filled with the sounds of touching cast iron, grunts, even also moans. Few people saw my brother and froze instantly but the majority had not seen him. Mike seemed to be irritated. "Ok, you fucking runts, clear out!" A good half of them saw Mike and their faces instantly became white. But those who were listening to music or in full effort did not hear it. Mike sniffed furiously and shouted... "YOU-FUCKING-RUNTS, CLEAR-OUT!" Holy crap! I think that even the walls shook... In any case, all had their heads turned towards my behemoth brother. All seemed frozen in time but no one moved. Obviously, this made Mike angry... "GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!" Well, I think even a lion doesn't roar so loud... But it worked, it worked very well: it was the stampede. They all ran towards the exit, almost trampling each other. "Haaaaa! Finally alone." "Well, we start by what machine? "None" replied Mike. "What? None? But why did you bring me here?" "For that!" he said, in pointing a deadlift bar. "What? A deadlift bar?" "Yeah, come on, put yourself in place" I lowered myself and took the bar with my hands. "What the fuck are you doing?" "Hu? Well, you asked me to put in place and..." "But not for that idiot, lie down!" "What?" I said, don't understanding. "Lie down for to bench! You're really idiot" "WHAT THE HELL? Y-You want I use this deadlift bar as a... bench weight?" "Finally he understands!" said Mike, in rising his eyes. "But why we not use directly the bench?" "The bench? With only few hundreds pounds? Are you here to lift weights or not? Few hundreds pounds, it's so light!" Well damn, if someone had told me that this morning, I wouldn't have believed it... I put myself in position, but on the ground because no bench would support the weight. "How much weight?" "1.000 pounds" Craaaaap, it was so fucking insane. Well, I lifted a 5.000 pounds SUV but it was touching the ground, so the weight was distributed. Here, I have to lift the whole weight. It was totally different. But... I can do it! I started to push, my face became red and... I felt the bar get up slowly as I grunted with effort. "OH SHIT MIKE! DO YOU SEE THAT HAHAHAHA IT'S SO AMAZING!" "Yeah, it's good... but too easy, so ... Ie'll spice things up a bit hehehe" What? Reassure me, it is not serious... But unfortunately for me, I saw him come back with 500 pounds weight plates. HOLY SHIT! HE'S SERIOUS, HE'S FUCKING SERIOUS! "M-M-Mike, i-i-it's a bad idea, I can't..." "Oh fuck yeah you can, and he added two plates. "M-MIKE! I-I-I'M NOT SURE I CAN..." My face was all read, my arms were shaking as fuck, I clenched my teeth to broke them but I was able to keep the bar up. "Funny, you're more resistant than I thought" he said, amused. And... he added again two plates. "MIKE NO!" I shouted. I was going to kill me, really. This time, it was impossible to keep the bar up and slowly, it lowered. "MIKE! WHAT DO YOU DO?" I shouted, panicked. "What I do? That!" he said. And... he added the last 4 plates. "MIKE!!! I'M BEING CRUSHED, I'M BEING FUCKING CRUSHED!!!" "I see that, but you know what to do" he said in smiling badly. "What?" I said. "Grow bro'! Grow and grow, and grow AND GROW!!! COME ON BRO'!!!" He was crazy! He was fucking crazy but... hell yes, he was right. It was time, time to... GROW! "RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" With my all anger, I pushed and pushed and pushed but obviously, the bar didn't move from only one inche. But no way to give up! I pushed again and again and again. And suddenly I felt it, I felt this tingling that I had felt this morning and the more I pushed, the more I felt this tingling increasing. It became a burn and then I felt like my blood was replaced by lava. But I kept pushing, until the moment where... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" My whole body exploded adding dozens, maybe even hundreds muscle pounds. My "short" has been shredded this "muscle-plosion", releasing my enormous dick. But it was not sufficient to lift the bar, so I continued to push. Mike was completely elated, he was shouting. "THAT'S IT BRO'! GROW! GROW AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!" "FUCK YYYYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" I pushed again and again and again and suddenly... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" BOOM! A new "muscle-plosion"!!! But still not sufficient! So I continued! And I could see it, I could see: my body started to swell, at a clearly visible pace. It was like to swell a balloon, except here, it wasn't air, it was muscle, pure muscle. At each second, a large number of muscle pounds were added to my frame. I was hulking hahahahah! FUCK YEAH I WAS HULKING HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! And I could feel it, I could feel my strength was increasing, quickly, very quickly! In only few ten of seconds, I felt my strength doubling, tripling, QUADRUPLING! And it didn't stop... And the miracle happened: the bar moved upwards, very very slightly at the beginning then more and more quickly. "FUCK YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!! DO YOU SEE THAT MIKE? DO YOU SEE ME BECOME A FUCKING HULK?". Crap, my voice... MY VOICE! It was inhuman, insanely deep. "YEAH BRO' I SEE!!! COME ON, LET'S GET THE SAUCE!!" Do you want I get the sauce Mike? Okay bro', LET'S GET THE SAUCE!!! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" I roared as never, I pushed beyond my limits and... the bar was at its highest! So I lowered it... and I lifted it again, this time, I lifted smoother and a little easier... and I lowered again... and I lifted again... and I lowered again..." "THAT'S IT BRO'!!! THAT'S I WANT TO SEE!!!" yelled Mike. As the seconds passed, the bar became lighter and lighter and it was easier and easier. I didn't pay attention to it but my cock was hard as it has never been. And as if to thank me, my body gave me the ultimate gift: the tingling come back. But increased to a level never seen before! I barely had time to realize that suddenly... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" My traps exploded to the point where I felt my ears touching them. My shoulders exploded in a size that was difficult to describe. My arms... how to say... if I say that Arnold Schwarzenegger or Ronnie Coleman were maggots in comparison to me, does that give you an idea of what a monster I was? And if said that my main vein was bigger than a garden hose? My forearms were probably bigger than a bull leg! My pecs exploded so much than they definitively masked my view on my midsection. But even with a masked view, I could feel my insanely hard midsection, I could feel each bricks swelling, pushing against others to occupy all the space available. And just when I thought it was over for my abs, the first row exploded out of my stomach, doubling in size, the sensation was so intense that I roared. Then... I roared a second time... and a third! But it wasn't done, my body had one more surprise in store for me: I roared a fourth time! and if my calculations are correct, it meant I had... A FUCKING EIGHT-PACK! Hahahahaha FUCK YEAH! I could feel also my back rubbing against the ground, it was thickening but above all, widening as fuck. And my legs exploded also! and as I tried to put my feet together, it took me a few seconds to realize that what I felt there was not my feet but my... quads! They were so FUCKING big that they were touching long before I could put my feet together! My calves exploded also, it felt like if someone implanted two balloons under my skin. And obviously, my gigantic cock grew too! I could feel it rubbing against the central crevice of my abs. It grew until to reach my pecs. HOLY CRAP! IT WAS SO FUCKING BIG! This whole and last muscle growth was insane, really too insane. I was going to cum, it was inevitable! I let go of the bar with one hand (and held it with only one hand! And guess what? It didn't change anything, it was still light! I grabbed my dick with my other hand. the first thing that struck me was the absolutely insane vascularity. the second thing was that the sensitivity had reached heights that can be described as divine! As soon as I started to jerk off, my eyes rolled in their socket to the point where you could only see the whites of my eyes. I grunted also like a beast. After several minutes, my hand had reached an incredibly pace. The pleasure was almost continuous. And then I felt the climax is coming. Obviously, I restrained myself and could enjoy 15 seconds of orgasm more. But I could not hold on any longer... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" My cock, or rather my "cannon" fired. I shot gigantic load after gigantic load, with the power of a true cannon. "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!" shouted Mike. Even him was totally stunned by what was happening! And my shots weren't the only thing that was incredibly powerful: my yell was so fucking loud that walls shook and windows exploded. And I shot and shot and shot and shot, it was a fucking flood and it lasted for a fucking eternity. When finally it was over, the whole gym was bathing in a thick layer of sticky cum. The ceiling was a battlefield filled with holes as if it had been bombed. "HOLY SHIT HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! IT WAS SO FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!" I said, with my incredibly new deep voice. Mike was speechless. He was in a state of absolute lust. Shaking, drooling. I think he didn't expect that, and to tell the truth, neither did I... I put the bar on the ground (which I had almost forgotten about because it was so insignificant light now...) and I got up. And quickly I had the confirmation I wanted: I was like my brother, a fucking 8 feet behemoth, weighing probably several tons of muscle. The first thing that disturbed me was that everything seemed so... small, I mean I was 8 fucking feet tall!. The second was this sensation of absolute power that ran through my veins, my body and my mind. It was as if we had implanted a nuclear reactor in each of my muscle. Even if the simple act of breathing was enjoyable, feeling this titanic muscle wall heaving in and out. It was insane, insanely insane. It wasn't a wet dream, no I was a fucking titan. after a few seconds, I smile with exultation and... "GRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!" I let out a roar of victory, releasing all my power. Then I turned towards my brother. "So Mike, what do we do now? because well, if you want to put me to the test, you'll need something heavier than this crap" I said, in showing the 5.000 pounds bar. It took several seconds for my brother to come to his senses. Suddenly we heard a small voice. "What...the... hell?". There was a guy in the entrance, his eyes were widened and he was tetanized but honestly, I would have had the same reaction as him in his place. I recognized him, it was Dylan, the handsome guy from high school, handsome to the point that even the straight guys questioned their sexual orientation. It was not the most enormous but he had a model's physique and apparently often used to come to practice in the evening. I looked at my brother to know what to do with him... HOLY SHIT! He had the most carnivorous look I've ever seen in my life! Crap, I had never seen it like that, he looked like a hungry lion ready to pounce on his prey and to tell the truth it was a bit like that: he was his prey. So yes, Dylan had a good reason to be terrified, really... "DYLAN! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I was going to pay you a visit but in the end it won't be necessary... You couldn't have come at a better time!". Holy crap, Mike was almost drooling. What was he going to do with this guy? He would have eaten it all raw that it would not have surprised me. "You know... I found you were always beautiful, in particular your sexy firm ass... And, how to say that... I haven't had dessert in a few days and now I'm starving, TERRIBLY starving...". Ok, It answers my question: yeah he's going to eat him, he's going to eat his ass, raw! Poor Dylan... Dylan's face became, white, all white, more white than white, when he understood the meaning of the sentence. Despite his trembling legs he wanted to turn around and run but... too late, a huge hand grabbed him by the collar and lifted him like a piece of straw. "N-N-N-NO P-P-P-PLEASE!!!" shouted Dylan, believing his last moments were coming... Holy crap! Did Mike just lick his lips? Fuck, he was really scary sometimes... "I guess you won't leave it "like that"" I say. "He's a bit small for you, isn't it?" "Indeed" replied Mike. "But we're going to fix that!" Obviously he wanted to "hulkify" him. "So, do you want I touch him?" I asked. "It would not be necessary, I have better, much better! Something more radical and fast" What? It would not be necessary? What was he going to do? He's not going to fuck this guy like that? "P-P-P-PLEASE!" shouted Dylan, tetanized. He even pissed on himself. But he ignored him completely and went to the pond of my cum and... he plunged Dylan into. And that's not all, well... um... he... he used Dylan as a... rag. Holy crap! I was even a little sorry for Dylan, it must have been so humiliating, he was dragged all over the place in my cum. "Um... Mike, y-you know, it is a human being, not a rag..." "Shut up David, I'm cleaning your shit" said Mike, with a bad smile. "And I use whatever I want for it" he added. And he continued to wipe again and again in using Dylan. The poor guy was coughing, almost choking in my cum. When he finally done, Dylan was a fucking sponge, totally impregnated with my cum. Cum, cum everywhere: his shirt, his short, his arms, his face, his hair. All was covered with my sticky white milk. He had it everywhere. Now, he was on all fours, trying to slowly escape, shaking like a leaf, coughing because he had some in his mouth, wiping his face to see something. Well, needless to say that to be contaminated. If he wasn't, nobody would be. One more hulk in the family. But now what? Mike was going to wait 24 hours for Dylan to huklify? Isn't that a bit long? But suddenly I heard Dylan start to moan loudly, almost... painfully! What? "Aaaaaaaaah wh-what's h-happening t-t-to me? gggggnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!!!". And then I could clearly see that his back had started to grow. What the hell? It's starting already? "Mike? What the...? Isn't it supposed to take several hours before it really starts?" "The speed of growth depends on whether you were briefly in contact with contaminated fluid or if you were strongly infected, like him for example. So in his case, it should be a bit more... immediate I think." Holy shit! So he's going to grow now? Right now? I got my confirmation when I heard him really screaming in pain. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH IT'S HURTS, IT'S HURT SO BAD!!!". Yeah, he's growing... I could see his back had already grown very large, the first tears was already starting to appear. As he liked to show his body, he always wore tight clothes and you could clearly see the bumps moving under the fabric. but he had not yet understood that because until now, the tone in his voice was clearly one of concern and fear. I wonder when that will change, when he would realize that he was becoming fucking more muscular. I didn't have to wait long for this to happen... "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH MY ARMS, THEY HURT SO AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH MUCH, THEY... WH-wHAT GGGNNNNNHHHH AAAAAAAAAH MY...MY ARMS ARE OOOOOOOHHHHHH GROWING! AND MY... OOOOOOOOOOOOHH SHOULDERS TOO! AND GGGNNNHHHHHHHHHH... N-NO AAAAAAAAH IT-IT'S MY GNNNNNHHHHHH WHOLE BODY! I-I AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH I'M GROWING! FUCK! I'M GROOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH-WING!" Oh gosh, it was unbelievably hot to watch, I was as hard as ever! When I thought it would explode from all sides, it stopped. What the hell? I mean he was much more bigger than few minutes ago but, far from to be like Mike. Why did it stop? Dylan was still on all fours, panting loudly trying to recover from what he had just experienced. "Ha..ha... holy... crap... ha... ha... I don't know... ha... ha... what it was but... ha... it was... AWESOME!" He said, with a voice which was definitively deeper. He managed to get back on his knees. Craaaaap, I may have been much more bigger than him, see a more or less normal guy becoming pro bodybuilder in few minutes was still incredibly hot! "Oh my fucking gosh!" he said, looking with astonishment at his huge forearms. He flexed his biceps, which should now be a good 19 inches, tearing a little more in the process his sleeves. "HOLY SHIT! Is... is it my arms?" he said, totally stunned by the huge muscle peak. Then he lowered his eyes for to see his two huge beach balls, enjoying to bounce them. Dylan caught his shirt, already torn in several places, and with one blow he tore what was left of it. Craaaap, his previously athletic build was now the one of a pro bodybuilder: bull neck, canonball shoulders, big ripped pecs, six huge bricks carved in marble... He passed his hand on them, feeling their hardness. Then, a smile appeared on his face and he started slowly to laugh. Surprise gave way to lust. "Ha... ha... haha... hahaha... hahahaha... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" he exploded with joy. "YES! OH MY GOSH YES!!! OH FUCK YES!!!" he shouted, in flexing his newly muscular chest. "Shouldn't he be bigger?" I asked. "Yeah but I think it's not finished. His hole is still too small. I think a little extra cleaning is neces-...?" But before Mike could finish his sentence, Dylan threw himself on the ground, rubbing himself in my cum, wriggling in it while exulting. What the hell? He even licked the ground! Well, he probably understood that this was what had made him grow and the least we can say is that he wanted it to continue! His smile was demonic, no doubt what he had in mind at that moment, he wanted to grow, much more! "Hehe! Finally, he is even more impatient than I thought! So much the better, it was getting too long there!" said Mike, by holding his huge cock, which was ready to explode. And it wasn't long before before Dylan grows again. But this time, he knew what was going on and his attitude was very different from the previous one: he was laughing, almost like a madman. But among his laughter, we also heard loud moans of pain. He was turned in our direction, so we could clearly admire the show... and what a show. His neck were widening while at the same time his trapezoids emerged from his back. His shoulders were swelling, like balloons, becoming larger than his former head and continuing to swell. His biceps were swelling at an incredible pace, gaining in few seconds what it would have taken years to obtain, his veins were getting bigger, more like garden hoses. His forearms were becoming bigger than the majority of the school's athletes' arms. His pecs swelled and began to block his view, his nipples were moving and went down. His abs were swelling and suddenly, each row exploded out of his stomach, doubling almost in size, his legs were growing as fuck becoming much larger than tree trunks and don't forget to mention his enormous dick, which gained in length and circumference. Dylan was growing, and growing and GROWING! During the whole process, he laughed like a maniac, his laughter being interspersed with his moans of pain. even though I was 8 feet tall, it was terrifying. All reason seemed to have left his body, he was in pure ecstasy, growing, shouting, laughing. I didn't realize it but I was as hard as ever and I was even shaking but clearly not from fear! This show was so... so... Suddenly he shouted louder, or rather he ROARED louder. and the cause was soon clear: he was "exploding" in muscle mass. do you see the muscle growth scenes like in Dragon Ball? Well, it was the same! everything was literally exploding, becoming bigger, harder, deeper, more carved. His six-pack evolded into a incredible eight-pack, his biceps were clearly bigger than any head, his pecs and traps were so muscular than it was starting to engulf his neck. His back were now so large than he couldn't enter somewhere without destroy the wall. It was really too much for myself: I fired several loads that were going to smash violently against the wall in front. And Mike was not insensitive to the situation either had to bite himself in order not to cum on the spot but clearly his gun was ready to fire. Finally, Dylan completed his transformation with a howl worthy of the Hulk. and it was over, for good this time. He was panting loudly on for some minutes and with difficulty he got up. yeah, no doubt, it was as big as us. He looked at his fists, opening them, closing them, bouncing his gigantic pecs, felt his huge eight-pack then, he said from his powerful new deep voice: "OH MY FUCKING GOSH!". He caught cast iron disk and slowly crushed it. A wide bad smile of appeared on his face, exulting in the sight of his power. Yeah, he loved the way he felt, you could see it very clearly. Then he turned towards my brother, precum oozing from his dick (and Mike's too, both were now human fountains), then, he said "So you want my ass Mike? But for that, man, you have to earn it and i prevent you: it's not going to be easy" he said, in smiling badly and flexing his monumental biceps. Craaaap, this evil smile was really scary and this biceps too... Mike looked at Dylan, with the same demonic smile "Oh fuck yeah! I don't like it when it's too easy" said my brother. And the clash of the titans began... They rushed towards each other and started a kind of fight, well not by hitting each other but one as the other was trying to dominate the other and to submit him. And frankly they were REALLY NOT pretending: it was better not to be between the two of them because everything was bound to be crushed, trampled, torn to pieces. He sent my brother against the wall, half destroying it. My brother retaliated and sent Dylan waltzing across the room, crushing all machines in its path. It was a fucking carnage. I backed off a bit, even though I was an 8 foot giant, it was really a bad idea to find myself in the middle of their battle. Holy shit, it looked like a life-size kaiju fight. It was violent, bestial, wild and above all sexual, both fighting to determine who would be below and who would be above. Finally my brother succeeded, by grabbing him by the throat, to put Dylan on the ground, and this violently, exploding the tiles in the process and creating a small crater. Then He stood on him to prevent him from moving. He struggled to free himself but Mike held him down firmly, to the point of breaking bones. "Stay down, tonight you are my whore!" said my brother. Dylan smiled and said "Well, indeed, it seems that you win this round". Mike roared victoriously. "But I want another round after! You may have won a battle but certainly not the war!" said Dylan, who didn't seem to mind losing. "Oh yeah, even 100 if you want! And I would win them all, these battles" said Mike, smiling like someone drooling over his favourite dessert. "Bro..." he said while he was still looking Dylan, with a tone that made me think I wasn't going to like what he was going to say. "Adult stuff is going to happen, kids are not allowed so... get out of here!" he said. "Eh! I've been 18 for a few months, I'm not a kid anymore!" I said, a bit angry. "For me you'll always be a kid, even if you are 8 feet tall, so... get out, don't make me say it again!" he said, with a touch of anger. Gloups... well, I'd better not stay here, even before when Mike gets mad it was a mess, but now I wouldn't dare to imagine this same situation with his current condition... "Very well, have fun between adults" I said, leaving the room. "Don't worry for that..." said Mike, with a psychopathic look. When I let the gym, I met the same security guard who still did not seem to have recovered from his emotions and it wasn't going to get any better for him... "It was a good workout" I said in flexing my gigantic biceps. He recognized my head (but probably not my body!) and when he saw my biceps, I saw his eyes get even more squared off, to the point where they could pop out of their sockets, and suddenly he lost all colour and fainted. when I got to the parking lot, I noticed a funny detail: there was an SUV that was pretty close to dad's. I smiled: it was time to test my new strength. I placed a hand under the back and lifted and... instantly, I lifted the vehicle without any problem, with one hand. Hahahaha! Insane, I had really become a fucking Hulk, for real! As I put the SUV down, I heard the loudest yell I have ever heard, even during my growth. It was insane, even the scream of a T-Rex was ridiculous in comparison! The ground shook as if there had been an earthquake, the windows of the gym and all the vehicles in the parking exploded instantly, the car alarms went off... Well, it looks like my brother finally got his "chocolate mousse". And a few seconds later, I heard a new noise coming from the room. The next round had started... I suddenly thought about Ben and Matt, where were they in their hulkification process? Were they like me in their bathroom, on all fours, in moaning painfully while they were exploding out of their clothes? One thing was sure, they would not sleep much, their night will be... agitated hehehe. From my side, I was still contagious for a few hours and I was going to take advantage of it! I was thinking about who I could visit in the next few hours, who would be next on my "to hulkify list". Greg seemed a good choice, he was always nice to me, he deserves a little reward. And on the contrary I was thinking also who was going to be on my "to terrify list", those I will visit later, when there is no more risk of contagion. I think I'll start with this dear Rob, this bastard deserves a little correction! Yeah, the next few hours were going to be fun, really fun!
  11. Yachirobi

    Life Changes

    Some quick smut I banged out today. Give it a like on my Tumblr if you're so inclined. Inspired by a photo Michael Kidd, shot by Rey Rey's Photography. He is not the character, this is fiction, you're an adult so you know the drill. Please, don't sue me. I'm poor. *** Dad wouldn’t tell me what he was up to but he was bigger. The way he filled his shorts in was obscene. He said he was just working out harder. Right. It had only been a month since mom left him and he’d grown. He been growing. He kept growing. My father got visibly larger every day. We’d worked out together before. Lifting weights was our regular father/son bonding since I was twelve. Even when I came out, we didn’t miss a session. But almost imediately after mom left, he insisted on training alone in the basement. He would’t let me down there anymore. Said it wasn’t me, just that he needed space alone. I figured he was crying down there, needed a place where he didn’t have to be “strong” when he felt weak and helpless. Then I heard the grunting through the vent. At first I thought he had a dog down there. A weird ass dog to boot. Maybe one of those mutts from Ghostbusters. Mom was allergic to dogs but dad had grown up with them. He actually got choked up talking them. He always stopped to pet dogs who came across him when he was out. But I never heard those sounds when he wasn’t down there. He’d have told me if he had a dog. None of those dogs made the sounds I heard. They were borderline sexual. That’s why I had to go down there. I needed to know what he was doing, why he had to be alone instead of spending man-time with his only child. He left the door unlocked one day while he was out. I’d been coming over mre often to check on him. Dad had said some stuff that made me worry he might hurt himself. Break-ups will cause that, especially one after thirty years of marriage. But I was glad he was out. I thought he might have found a girlfriend. And it gave me a chance to snoop. But I wasn't ready for what I found. The muscle mags were one thing. Dad was working out hardcore. Okay. Not that I ever knew he had so many. Then I saw that some of those mags had nudes. I didn't even know they still published skin mags with the Internet going strong. So my dad was gay and didn’t even bother to tell his queer as fuck only son. Terrific. And the mags were scattered everywhere. Pages were lying loose on the floor. Some were stapled to the wood paneled walls. Then there were the rags. Torn up t-shirts. Ripped pants. Jockstraps with the jock torn open. All scattered everywhere. So my dad was turning into the Incredible Hulk in the basement? No wonder mom had left. One of the shirts--a nice polo shirt I’d gotten him for his birthday, I might add--was stuck to the wall like he’d thrown it there. I saw splatter marks from the impact. That splatter? It was cum. Cum was fucking everywhere. Some of it was even fresh, scattered all over the mags and the exercise equipment. Pools of it. The smell was overwhelming. And it made me hard as a rock. I’m not even a smells guy but it turned a switch on in my brain and I couldn’t turn it off. I tried. Something about that stench made me feel manlier, like I was getting bigger and stronger just from inhaling my father's crazy-ass super loads. I took deep snorts of the stench. It made my nose buzz. It didn't even smell like cum or sweat as much as it smelled like manhood. And manhood smelled terrific! It felt terrific! I put my finger into some of the cum that he'd shot on the lifting bench and thought "fuck yeah, dad." I had a vision of him in his more powerful body pushing those weights up and down while he was rock hard and... I snapped back, sickened. I was in my childhood basement, holding my crotch in my hand while I was putting a cum coated finger into my mouth while rock hard, thinking about my own father. I got the hell out and thanked my lucky stars that Dad hadn't come home to catch me. But I was still rocking a stronger hard-on of my life for two hours, even though I tried to think about anything other than sex. Then the call came. “Abel,” dad said, “Let's go for a walk.” His voice was cold. Growly in a way that was unfamiliar. I hesitated but said yes. If he wanted to yell at me, so be it. I had some yelling to do too. When I got to the park he walk looking alpha as fuck. That had become standard but the effect never diminished. On that day, he seemed twice as manly as the day before and I hated it. On any other man that would be instant boner fuel. Thick, vascular thighs. Pumped arms. Gray beard. But he was my dad. Even gay boys don’t get hard to their own dads. I never had before. Then I caught a whiff, just a little whiff, of that freak man-smell, It might have been my imagination. Didn’t mater. I felt my dick buzz all over again. And I felt shame. “I’m not mad, Abel. I wish you hadn’t gone down there but, well...” Dad kept his eyes on me and I was the one who looked away. “That’s fucked up, Dad. That’s really... I don’t wanna know.” Sometimes we tell lies thinking they’re the truth. “You have to know now. I can’t keep it secret much longer anyway.” “Secret? What?” Just because dad wasn’t yelling didn't mean I couldn't. “Is this the shit that drove mom away?” “No. But if she hadn't left, this wouldn't have happened. I'm glad it happened too." “God damnit. Just tell me what's going on so you can get it off--" I winced. Bad word choice "--your chest." And, with even better timing, I noticed Dad's chest flaring. He'd always had a good shape to it but, for the first time, I realized my dad had pecs. Big ones. "Are you gay, Dad? Did you let me come out to you and not tell me you were gay too? Because that’s really fucked up. That’s fucking cruel. That’s...” My voice was breaking. “It’s not quite like that. I mean...” I shouted “Then what the fuck is it?” “Shut up.” If he'd slapped me with the back of his hand, it wouldn't have been as effective. “Follow me.” And I did follow, red faced and sniffling. We followed a paved trail deep into the woods, then he went off on a dirt path. I thought it was for bikes but it was too narrow and unkempt. “It happens at home sometimes. I like that. Gives me a chance to explore it on my own. But it's better here.” I screwed my face up in disgust but, before I could complain, I caught that scent again. “It’s better with the others. It’s stronger. Fuller. I dunno. I need to be with the others.” “There’s a group of you? Aw, dad. You were always warning me about internet freaks and now--” “This ain’t on the internet, Abel. And you better not tell anyone. We can’t let outsiders know.” That was when I noticed Dad's voice. It was deeper. Strained. He huffed and puffed. He put his hands on a tree and stretched out. His back... it was wider. "That smell means it's coming, son. It's coming real strong." I heard footsteps. Leaves rustling. “I’m sorry about this. But you won’t be. It’ll bring us closer together, I promise.” He punded his fist against a tree. I heard something snap. Not a branch from the men walking towards us but from his body. There was another snap. Then Iooked down at his ass. How and when my father had gotten a bubble butt, specifically a perfect bubble butt, was beyond me. And all of the sudden, as he arched his back forward, popped that ass out, cried out, and the cloth split open. I saw my father's ass crack for the first time in my life. And I smelled that superhuman man-funk erupting from his skin, stronger than what he'd left in the basement. And as my dad grunted and groaned and swelled and stretched, I saw those others come out. They were not men. Men aren’t that big. Guys spend whole paychecks on drugs and gym hours to look half as powerful. Now I know it’s a waste. They wore tatters that were wrapped around their carved-stone arms and legs. One man tore the remains of a shirt from his chest. Schwarzenegger could only dream of having a chest that big with a waist that small. I didn’t say no. Didn’t say yes either. I might have flinched or pushed a hand away once. But I walked head first into someone's someone’s hard, hairy, inhuman chest and any resistance I had went at that touch. I sank to the ground, surrounded by a set of Tom of Finland super cocks that all had a variation of my father’s freak smell. Then I found the one that wasn’t a variant. “I have to do this, Abel" he said. He pressed my head against his crotch. "I tried to fight it but I don't want to anymore. I wan’t you to be one of--” The moment he said “us.” I clamped my mouth on his cock and he growled. His voice dropped another octave. “I should have done this sooner!” the others laughed. Then they cheered. They cheered because the saw the start of my body swelling up and stretching out. I moaned because I felt stars exploding inside myself. I roared because I felt like a man. More than a man. More than an animal. When people ask me what's going on, I tell them I'm working out harder. It's true. I haven't bought new clothes yet. I don't want to. I'll do so when I'm down to my last set. Then I'll buy a new wardrobe to destroy. I've moved back in with Dad. It's easier that way. More private. More satisfying. When the urge overwhelms one of us, we both go for the ride. The house is a mess now. We fuck too much. Break too much. The neighbors are complaining. They say there's a smell coming from the house. The women don't like it. But the men? They've been poking around. Trying to see what's going on. Needing to smell what's going on. I think they'll come around soon. They might do it without us. I'm already seeing the changes on their bodies. Less fat. Less bone. More muscle. More men. They're looking alpha as fuck these days, but Dad is the real alpha. I'm second in command. We're sitting back. Watching it happen. Waiting. It won't be long. We can wait. Barely.
  12. Links to parts: Part 2 --------------- The room is lit, barely, by the idle signal of the long forgotten TV, and what little of the streetlamp’s glow makes it past the curtain. It’s a sticky night, and sleep evades Jack as he lies in the gloom on the sofa, staring blankly ahead. Not that the heat mattered much; sleep and Jack never got on much. From down the hall, at the other end of the apartment, he hears the distant snore of Bradley, curled up and at peace. He wished he could join him in that moment, safe and calm and unconscious, but he knew it would be some hours before he finally became exhausted enough to pass out. How he envied his boyfriend. Snap. Pain, which quickly subsides, but fades instead to extreme dizziness. His vision is a blur of creeping grey shadows, his ears filled with white-noise ringing. Am I dying? he thought, some aneurysm caused by years of insomnia catching up with him? His stomach lurches, he tries to cry out but a slur staggers in his throat, barely audible. He rolls off the sofa and stumbles to his knees, then feet. His movements are slow, jerking in awkward motions as he stumbles forward across the room, hand grasping at the door frame. Something is… off. Not just the dizziness, but the room itself seems different. Or is it just the shadows? The dim gloom of the room, brought to life by his vertigo, making the top of the door frame seem just a little bit closer. The hallway feels endless, a black corridor that seems to stretch two steps forward with every one that he takes. He falls sideways with one misplaced foot, bouncing off the wall, knocking a picture to the ground. His stomach lurches. He’s gonna hurl. The bathroom door bursts open as he charges inside, flicking on the light which buzzes angrily as it blinds him. On instinct he continues forward, his eyes scrunched tight as his fingers grasp unsteadily in front of him, finally coming into contact with the basin. He retches once, but nothing comes. It's cool here. He’s steadied. He slowly becomes accustomed to the light, and as the dreadful feeling dissipates, he turns on the tap and brings cool water over his skin. Then he opens his eyes. The person staring back in the mirror is not him. It looks like him, vaguely - his skin is flushed pink and his expression a mask of dumbfound disbelief, but otherwise the person’s face is more or less like his. But there the similarities stop. His usually sandy hair, cropped short around the sides, is instead a shaggy brown mop. He stands tall - much taller than Jack’s 5’11”, the top of his head reaching up past the mirror, and likely the doorframe he’d just stepped through. And he is an adonis - his body packed with thick muscle, stocky like a rugby player but on a frame tall enough to be in the NBA. His arms look bigger than his head, fed by thick veins, two of which spread from there to the sides of his thick pecs, which are dusted with a thin layer of fur. Beneath them a set of abs is visible despite the bulk of the stomach beneath them, stretching his underwear almost to breaking point. Ah. That’s not where the similarities stop. He’s wearing the same boxers… Shocked out of his fugue state, Jack looks down, and sees the same colossal body from the mirror. What the fuck was happening? He moves his arm, flexing it to yet more absurd degrees, studying every detail of it from the shoulders down to the thick fingers. He runs his hands over himself. Seconds ago he thought he was dying, but he was fairly sure this - whatever it was - was not an aneurysm. His heart still pounded like a drum with fear - this was terrifying! It was insane! It was fantastic. The thought catches him off guard, but it was true, wasn’t it? Look at me, he thought. Look at this body. I’m fucking huge, I’m amazing! And if I’ve had so much already, couldn’t I have more? He senses something deep in his chest, but it’s not the same horror from before. It feels like he’s been tethered to something, and as he focuses on the idea of more, it’s like he’s pulling against that rope. It resists him, but he overcomes it, and with each excruciatingly slow pull he feels himself getting bigger. Here his arm swells, there the seam of his pants pops, now his face is completely above the top of the mirror. Yes! More, give me more! Give me - “Jack…” The voice from behind him makes him jump, but nothing can prepare him for the sinking feeling of dread when he turns around. Propped up against the doorframe, barely remaining vertical, is an emaciated figure. His eyes are sunken into his skull which is sparsely covered with a sprinkling of white hair. He can’t be more than four feet tall, and that tiny frame looks about ready to crumple under its own meagre weight. Jack wouldn’t have recognised him, if it wasn’t for the tattoo of a Swallow on the tiny man’s shoulder. When Jack responds, despite his newfound size, his voice is barely even a whimper. “Bradley?!”
  13. PARTE 1 Joel había dedicado todo el verano a entrenar con la ilusión de unirse al equipo de rugby. Para eso, él estableció una pequeña rutina diaria, saliendo a correr 5 km cada mañana y luego para terminar unas flexiones de brazos hasta que el límite de su cuerpo lo permita. Algunas veces hacía 15, otras llegaba a 20-23. Finalmente, llegó el gran día y Joel se presentó en el club. Él estaba ansioso y nervioso. Cuando entró al vestuario, se sintió intimidado por el tamaño de los demás chicos. -- "63 kilos..." -- dijo el entrenador cuando Joel se bajó de la báscula. Oficialmente, eso lo lo convertía en el jugador más pequeño del equipo, a pesar del esfuerzo de sus últimas semanas Joel se desanimó. Pero el entrenador lo miró a los ojos y le dijo -- "Admiro tu perseverancia, muchacho. Puedo ver que te esforzaste en el verano, pero me temo que no es suficiente. En este deporte se necesita ser grande y fuerte En ese momento, Matias, el capitán del equipo interrumpió la conversación, flexionando sus generosos biceps. Su fisico de 1,80 y 90 kilos de musculos, hacian que Joel se viera pequeño a su lado -- "¡Así es como se ve un verdadero jugador de rugby ja!" --. El entrenador volvió su mirada hacia Joel, y le ofreció una oportunidad -- "No puedo incluirte en el equipo, pero estoy seguro que si entrenas con nosotros, te harás fuerte, y quizás te ganes un lugar para la próxima temporada, que dices? te gustaría?" --. Joel aceptó, y desde esa misma semana comenzó a entrenar junto a todos los otros muchachos del equipo. Si ya estaba impresionado con el tamaño de los otros muchachos del equipo, lo estaría mas aún cuando vió la fuerza que tenían. Todos ellos eran capaces de levantar cargas de peso de 5, 6 e incluso 8 veces más pesadas que él. Sigue este treath, para ver como Joel crece
  14. Here is the first chapter of a new story I've started. You may remember Dixon from a past story called High School. This story focuses on Dixon as he comes to terms with the events of his time as a High School principal and his metamorphosis into a different version of himself. I hope you enjoy. Coming into His Own Chapter 1 Gary Dixon, or just Dixon as he preferred to be called, woke up at the crack of dawn as he did every morning. The springs of his mattress groaned as he stood up and heading down the hall to the kitchen. Armed with a fresh cup of coffee in one hand and a large protein shake in the other, he stepped onto the large covered porch of his cabin just as the sun was cresting over the lake. The last six months had been unusual, but things were starting to feel normal again. Dixon still had flashes of his former students, Jacob and Mark pushing their young bodies beyond the extremes of human developments. He often replayed the two behemoth’s showdown that day in the high school gym. Just the mere thought of their grotesquely massive, 300 plus pound bodies caused Dixon’s thick cock to swell in his shorts. He often yearned to return home to see just how massive the young freaks had become but he knew that was not possible. It was a miracle he was not in legal trouble for the part he played in their demonic growth contest and knew returning would be pushing his luck. Besides, life had retuned to a sense of calm Dixon didn’t think he would ever have again. Finishing his coffee and shake, Dixon turned and caught his refection in the glass window of the cabin he now called home. When he left town, he had beefed up to a respectable 255lbs. While he was dwarfed by Jacob and Mark, in normal circles, he was considered larger than average. The last six months have been beneficial to say the least. Dixon couldn’t resist bouncing his thick, hard pecs in the window’s reflection. At 275lbs his 5’10”, 36 year old body was truly a sight to behold. After leaving town, and subsequently his career, Dixon decided to use a comfortable inheritance he received when his parents passed away over a decade ago. He bought the remote cabin with cash and had spent the first four months renovating it. The bulk of his funds went into converting the dilapidated barn on the large property into a fully equipped gym that would rival most professional facilities. Dixon flipped on the lights and smiled as the huge space came to life. He eyed the stacks of weights and gleaming equipment as he focused his attention on the day’s gruelling work out. Within minutes, the sounds of birds in the surrounding woods was overpowered by the groans and grunts of Dixon’s brutal workout. If there was anyone in the remote woodland, they would have assumed someone was being tortured against their will. “22, 23, 24, UUUGGGGHHHH, 25.” Dixon screamed before letting the 220lb barbell crash to the ground. He stumbled away from the bar and raised his trembling arms into a formidable double bicep pose. His fully-pumped, 21” biceps exploded with raw power. Thick veins criss-crossed their smooth surface as drops of sweat puddled at his feet. Dixon wasted no time before lumbering to the nearby dumbbell rack, grabbing the 80lb weights and started cranking out piston-fast reps. Pain tore though his already pumped biceps as he surpassed 30 reps before dropping the weights. Breathing heavily, Dixon again, struck a double-bicep pose. “FUCK YEAH! Getting bigger,” he growled “but not enough.” Dixon dropped the pose and reached for the 100lb dumbbells. As he hoisted the weights off the rack, his grip faltered and one dumbbell tipped forward and hit the massive floor-to-ceiling mirror. The glass shattered instantly and started to rain down on Dixon’s sweaty body. “SHIT” Dixon screamed and jumped away from the falling glass. Quickly inspecting his exposed flash, Dixon was relieved to see that he had not sustained any injury. His attention immediately returned to the destroyed mirror and related mess. “FUCK, this is going to take forever to clean up!” Dixon cursed both for the mess and the fact that his intense workout had been cut short. He went to the back of the gym and opened the door into the neighbouring garage. He pulled the shop vac off the shelf and returned to the gym. He plugged in the machine and cursed again when he discovered it was no longer working. “FUCK THIS DAY!” Dixon yelled and tossed the vacuum across the room where it shattered against the wooden wall. Dixon took a few deep breathes and headed towards the cabin to eat, shower and figure out where he was going to find a glass store that could replace the broken mirror. “It’s one large mirror measuring 6ft wide and 8ft high.” Dixon said into the phone as he stood in his bedroom, naked and still wet for his shower. He absent-mindedly flexed and relaxed his left quad as he spoke. Barely noticing the 28” slab of beef rippling in the morning sun streaming in the window. “You can’t see if you have anything that big in stock? Can’t you check your computer system?” Dixon was trying hard not to sound frustrated. “When does the store open? 10 a.m.? Ok, thank you.” Dixon said and hung up. “Guess I’m heading into town” He said and opened his closet door. After a few failed attempts at finding an outfit that fit his ever-growing body, Dixon settled on a very tight tank top and tight jeans. On the rare occasion Dixon ventured into town, preferring home deliveries whenever possible, he normally covered up his large body to curb garnering attention. Today however, he was feeling particularly attractive and extra huge, and as he had just discovered, was in need of some bigger clothes. “Looks like it’ll be a whole day in town, mirror, vacuum and clothes shopping.” He said as he hit a quick most muscular pose in the mirror, marvelling at his thick traps rising towards his ears as his neck swelled with power. --- Dixon pulled his Jeep into the parking lot of Baxter Windows and Doors. He glanced at his watch and sighed that it was only 9:37 a.m. He was considering going to grab another coffee when he saw a car pull into the lot. Moments later, the driver got out and approached the main doors with a large key chain in his hand. Dixon got out of his truck and walked up behind the employee. He cleared his throat causing the person to jump two feet in the air, dropping the keys as he did. “FUCK!” Screamed the guy as he spun around to face Dixon. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you.” Dixon said. Dixon watched the guy’s eyes widen and scan Dixon’s upper body. He watched him stop at his round shoulders, thick pecs and exposed, ripped arms. “N-n-o-o problem, I just wasn’t expecting anyone to be here this early.” He said without taking his eyes off Dixon’s imposing size. “Again, I’m really sorry I startled you.” Dixon said as he bent down and picked up the keys. As he stood back up he locked eyes with the employee. He was younger than Dixon, maybe in his mid-twenties. He had shaggy brown hair and short stubble on his face. He was wearing a heavy flannel jacket and loose fitting gyms which hide his body. What struct Dixon were is bright, hazel eyes. Dixon handed the keys to the guy and couldn’t help but notice his hand were clammy. “It’s cool. Let me unlock the door and you can come right in. It will just take a minute to turn on the lights.” Once inside, the guy disappeared to the back of the store and as the lights came on, Dixon started to roam around the aisles. A few minutes later, the guy emerged from the back and approached Dixon. He had removed his coat and much to Dixon’s surprise, he now displayed what was hidden underneath. He was wearing a plain black v-neck t-shirt that was pulled tight across his wide upper body. While not nearly as big as Dixon, the guy clearly knew his way around the gym and sported round biceps and a set of thick pecs and wide lats that were visible from the front. “So, how can I help you. Name’s Peter by the way.” “Dixon. I need to replace a mirror, a big mirror.” “We have some mirrors over on aisle three with the other home furnishing items.” Peter said and turned in that direction. “It’s for my gym, it 6ft wide by 8ft high.” Dixon said. Peter stopped dead in his tracks. “Oh shit! That’s a big mirror.” “Yeah, it’s a big gym.” “You mean Hank’s Warehouse in town?” Peter asked. “No, it’s my gym at home.” Peter smiled and scanned Dixon’s body again, “Ah, that explains it then.” “Explains what?” Dixon said. “You look like a bodybuilder and I haven’t see you at Hank’s before, since there aren’t any other hardcore gyms nearby, you must have a pretty great home gym to build that body.” Dixon smiled and felt his chest swell involuntary. “Thanks, yeah, it’s a pretty great set-up. It’s been working for me so far I guess.” “It definitely is man, you are jacked!” Peter replied. “Thanks, not quite jacked but getting there. Long way to go.” Dixon responded. “Really? Shit, I’m stoked I’m 234lb finally, looks like you have 25lbs on me.” “Try 40” “What!?” Peter said with wide eyes. Dixon couldn’t help but chuckle “275lbs yesterday.” “Wow! That’s awesome!” “Thanks, getting there.” Dixon replied. Peter’s stare lingered on Dixon’s body for a few more moments before he turned and refocused on the reason Dixon was here. “Ok, for a mirror that large, we’ll have to order it. It may take a few weeks to arrive. It will have to be delivered. Follow me up front and I get all the details from you.” Dixon followed Peter to the front counter, admiring Peter’s wide back and prominent traps. He had a sudden flash of his former student Mark hoist astronomically heavy weights as he forced his body to grow past 300lbs of grotesquely shredded muscle. Dixon’s mouth went dry and he desperately tried to push the thoughts out of his head. When they arrived at the counter, Dixon barely registered that Peter was had start speaking again. “Dixon? You ok?” “Y-y-yeah, sorry.” He said, regaining his composure and they worked out the details and Peter placed the order. “It was really great meeting you Dixon. Too bad you don’t lift at Hank’s, you’d make a great trainer.” Peter said as they shook hands. “Thanks. I might have to stop by some day and check it out.” “I think I’d rather check out your setup. It’s clearly got everything you need to get huge.” Peter said catching one last glance at Dixon’s tight, vein-covered arm. “Thanks again Peter. I can’t wait to have the mirror replaced. Have a good day.” Dixon said as he walked through the front door. As he approached his truck, Dixon could feel his heart pounding in his chest. He leaned against the vehicle for a moment trying to calm down. He thought about how ridiculous his reaction to Peter was. He knew nothing like what had happened at the high school would ever happen again but it didn’t stop him from reliving that insane time over in his head. Once he felt like he was back to normal, Dixon got in the Jeep and headed in the direction of the hardware store where he was going to buy a new shop vac.
  15. Chapter 1 "The advertisement" Joe read the advertisement. He read it again. Yes, it did state what was written. "An extremely wealthy man and his partner seek intimate male company for summer holidays on their private island. All costs covered. Applicants must be young, athletic and be willing to fulfill ALL needs of the couple. Applications together with a set of body pictures to be submitted to the following email address…." He felt it was his lucky day. He fulfilled the criteria ideally. He was 22, 185 cm (6"1) and 105 kg (230 lbs) of muscle. He was also broke and had no summer plans. Joe believed that this was a dream job - he will lie down on the beach during the day and at night he will join the two probably older men and fuck them. He will be well fed and he will work out, cause they will have a gym for sure. A dream holiday. He smiled as he realized the usefulness of the photo session he did last month. The photographer worshiped him both with the lense and with his hands and tongue. That was the payment for the photo set, cause Joe had no funds to pay him. The very little extra funds he had went to purchase of gear. Speaking of gear - maybe the rich guy will provide it too? He wrote the email describing himself and adding all the good pictures he had. One picture showed him curling the EZ bar loaded with 60 kg (130 lbs). His fully pumped 47 cm (19 inch) biceps were stretched to the max (cold they were 5 cm (2") smaller). Blood was pulsating under the skin. Veins criss-crossing creating a beautiful map of an unknown terrain. The viewer was invited to lick them while Joe struggled with the weight. Just behind the EZ bar, you could see Joe's meaty pecs. Not as pumped as the arms (it was arm day, not pec day), but proportionally built. He always wanted bigger pecs. The ones he had, a dream for most average guys his age, were certainly not big enough for him. And just above the pecs you could see Joe's handsome young face. His sparkling blue eyes, his dark blond, slightly curly hair, his long eyelashes… He could work as a model with his great body and charming face. He just had no connections to the modeling business. But maybe some day… Another picture showed Joe seductively lying on a sofa with just red briefs on. It showed Joe's legs, which were his pride. He never skipped leg days. Big meaty well-defined quads, quite good hamstrings (less visible on the photo), and those calves … he was gifted with great calf genetics and he used it to the max. He was extremely proud of his 44 cm (18") diamond calves. And at the end of the photo were his feet. These have been admired and worshiped by several of his lovers. Long and elegant, he always thought that there was something royal in them. A third picture showed his back. He had a really good V-shape with a thick upper back. He loved pulldown and rowing exercises. And below his back was his lovely meaty ass grown by countless squats. He loved to top, but he was vers and he sometimes allowed lucky guys to fuck him. And they were always in awe of his back door. He was thinking of telling his ex about the advertisement, but then he had a second thought - Ben was such a jerk, that he didn't deserve to have a perk holiday. Once the email was ready and the pics attached, he clicked the "Send" button. And waited.
  16. The Stone of Agios Part One My fifteen years of study, research, and excavation finally led to my discovery of the whereabouts of The Stone of Agios. It had been unearthed in 1928 by an Englishman, Sir Lionel Pherril, who had kept it in his private geological collection without quite knowing what it was. Since the family had now found themselves falling on hard times, they were more than willing to sell the yellow crystal for a song when I approached them with my offer. I found it difficult to hold back my excitement as the mythical stone was placed in my hand. It was larger than depicted in drawings and heavier than I thought it would be, but small enough to fit comfortably in my carry-on that evening. I was taking no chances. After giving the envelope with £50,000 cash to Mr. Pherril, I went right to Heathrow airport and booked the first direct flight home. Several times I opened my bag to make sure the stone was safe, and many times I wanted to trial it’s power for myself, but I strengthened my resolve to wait until I was in the privacy of my own home. I leaned my head back against my seat in Business Class and closed my eyes. As I thought of the stone, a smile appeared on my face and my stubby cock got slightly hard in my jeans. The Stone of Agios. I had first read of its mythological origin during an archaeological dig while an intern in college. An ancient scroll unearthed that fateful day told the legendary tale of The Stone’s origin, how it had given birth to the Ancient Titans at the beginning of time and fueled their power. A crafty prehistoric man stole it and used its power to evolutionary propel themselves further than they ever should have gone. The Stone had granted man power over fire, assisted in the invention of the wheel, and given them victory in battles. From my decade of research, I discovered that the stone was rumored to grant the desires of those who held it. These legends birthed the tales of wish granting genies and other such items around the world. Eventually, I could never find out quite how it came into the possession of a priest who feared its demonic powers. He was t able to destroy it, so he hid it from the world until it was unearthed by a local craftsman who had purchased a rundown abbey. The legends, having long been forgotten, left the stone to an uninteresting life of being a paperweight. I knew it was still in the possession of the Pherril’s after seeing it sitting on a desk in a photograph. Now… it was mine! As I drove home from the airport my hand brushed the uneven surface of the stone. Soon, I thought. Soon I’ll have everything I ever imagined. I parked the car in the driveway and walked into my home. For the past twenty-five years I had lived in this three level Victorian conversion which I purchased several years after I became a professor at the university. Teaching Ancient Greek and Latin studies enabled me to continue my quest for the stone while holding down a fairly easy job that I enjoyed. I had several partners come and go, but none who’s interest ever held me long. My split with my last partner had only been six weeks prior and he had messaged me while I had been in the UK. “Hey, Johnathan. Give me a call when you get back. Thought we might grab dinner or a movie. Hope your trip to England was good. Talk soon.” I’d have to remember to call Steve and see how he was. For now, I was more than interested in the dusty yellow crystal I held in my hand. Walking into the kitchen, I turned on the lights and walked over to the sink. Running warm water, I ran the stone under the flowing tap until it was clean. I then carefully towel dried it and carried it into my library. There, I poured a glass of wine and sat on the leather couch staring intently into it. No time like the present. Clearing my throat, I said out loud: “I wish…” I stopped. I needed to think. I needed to test it before I attempted any elaborate wishes. “I wish… I wish I was the very definition of a stud and my cock was 13 inches when hard and 8 inches thick with a 9 inch thick head that swells to near bursting! ” I felt the crystal begin to throb in my hand as if it were breathing. Soon after, a bright yellow light began to pulse within the heart of the crystal growing brighter and more powerful each second. Suddenly, the light became blinding as the crystal pounded in time to my own heart beat. I found myself turning my eyes away from the blinding glow as it grew in intensity. Then, just as it started, the glow faded and the stone was still. I was shaking as I gently placed the stone on the table. Would the wish be granted just as I had asked? If so… what would I ask for next? I felt butterflies begin to fly wildly within my stomach as I thought of all the possibilities that now lay before me. I could… Fuck… I could be a God… a Titan! My 4” cock began to harden in my trousers. I rubbed the head with my hand as it jumped in its fabric covered prison. Then, with shaking hands, I began to undo my belt and unbutton my jeans. If it was going to grow… and I had every faith that it was going to… I needed to watch! Pulling my jeans and underwear down, my rigid cock slapped against my flat stomach, harder than it had been in years… harder than when I was a horny teenager! Grabbing onto the shaft, I began to slowly stroke it, relishing in the steel-like sensation and sensitivity I was experiencing. I imagined what all of my partners would say when the finally saw the massive cock I had hidden in my pants. How many times hook-ups had told me my cock was too small to be a dominant top? Now, they were going to be in for a massive surprise when I rammed their tight asses over and over and over again with my giant cock! “Fuck yeah! A Giant cock! A real warrior's cock with the sex drive of an army!” I grunted as the head of my cock swelled and began to start leaking a considerable amount of pre-cum. All of my life I had wanted to be one of those guys whose cock leaked their own lube like a fountain, but no matter how hard or aroused I was, it never happened. Now, my cock was actually shooting ropes of pre onto my stomach and leaking down the shaft. Bringing my hand up to my face, I took in the potent musky smell. Fuck!! It smelled of masculinity… of virility…. I hungrily began to lick my own fingers enjoying the powerful flavor. My cock grew even harder, and what had once been pleasurable minutes prior was now a throbbing ache. The flow of pre became an even wilder river as more and more was expelled in larger amounts. The spurts of pre were now so powerful that my abs and then pecs and finally neck was getting pelted by it. From the amount flowing off of my body and onto the leather couch, it looked like I had pissed myself! I laughed and grunted again as an even larger wad was fired at my chest. Pain radiated up from my balls causing me to inhale a shallow breath. The sensation of being kicked in the balls over and over again by a mule grew stronger as the stream of pre shooting out of my cock grew stronger. Soon, there were no longer any spasms or spurts, but a continuous cascade of pre-cum bursting out of my swollen cock head. I found myself stifling a loud groan as the pain grew worse. Instinctually grabbing onto my nuts to calm the pain, I felt them begin to pulse and then proceed to swell in my hands. Moments of pain mixed with orgasmic pleasure passed, and soon I could feel my walnut sized balls swell until they closely resembled two chicken eggs, both fighting for room in my tight sack. Sweat was pouring down my face as my head rested on the back of the couch. I was terrified my ball sack was going to split as my egg sized testicles soon appeared to grow again until they more closely resembled large kiwis. I had been so distracted by my balls swelling right before my eyes that I failed to notice that my cock head had begun to start growing thicker as well. I brought my right hand to the head and stroked it, shocked by how sensitive it now was. I watched in awe as the head flexed and pulsed, growing heftier, fleshier, meatier, and more delicious looking. My head swam as my entire body was overloaded by erotic sensations. I could feel saliva dripping out of my open mouth as I took in the deep red color of my fist sized cock-head. The morphed-looking glans belonged to my own cock, and I was afraid of it. Any ass or orifice it entered would no doubt be stretched to capacity, and I was glad that I would never be the one being impaled by it! “Fuck!!” I cried out as my balls swelled even larger. I lifted the swollen orbs in my hands and was amazed at how heavy they now were. My sack had stretched along with the unbelievable growth of my nuts, but no matter how large it became, the swelling testicles took up more and more room. As the expanded, I began to feel a new and welcomed sensation from within; the creation and churning of gallons of potent cum. The amplification of my balls was turning me quite literally into what I had asked for. I was becoming the very definition of a stud. My balls now felt filled to capacity with sperm, and every second I sensed my cum engines were creating more. I knew that I was now so potent that any woman I fucked would get pregnant with just a drop of my cum, not to mention the gallons that would be shot out when I finally did ejaculate. “Thank… God… I’m fucking… gay!! I’d have a billion kids!! I could repopulate this planet!!” My cock was an open faucet causing puddles of pre to appear on the couch cushions and dripping onto the floor. My fingers stroked the portobello mushroom sized head which caused me to audibly gasp. The shaft now looked ridiculous, like a pencil holding up the roof to a house! “Grow!!” I grunted, willing my shaft to stretch and swell along with the rest of my sex organ! Massaging and lifting the increasing weight of my balls, I felt them pulse and expand past the size of kiwis until they both rivaled ripe peaches. Never in my life could I imagine a human man with such ridiculously sized bull balls, but I was going to become more than the average human male. What I would turn into would be the epitome of the Alpha male… created for sex and pleasure… built to dominate, master, and control. I would be a new form of man that the world would lust for! I spread my legs wider and felt my ball-sack stretch closer to the floor, heaving and heavy with my peach sized testicles. As my balls grew, I noticed that my pre was changing as well… becoming more of a golden color, thicker and stickier like syrup. It was more than just a lubricant… it was the primer coating for fertilization with my sperm! “I… just… wanted to fuck… every guy… I… saw!! Instead… my wish… is transforming me… into… a stud… born to… breed!!” Suddenly, I felt a throbbing in the base of my cock. Looking down I saw that the skin of my shaft had begun to develop a beet red color and when I touched my hand to it, I felt it was hot to the touch. Then, with a loud grunt, I felt a massive push as more blood was forced into my cock causing it to expand. “Starting… to swell… growing… thicker…” I wrapped my hand around it only to discover that my thumb and pointer finger no longer touched anymore, and each time it throbbed, they got even further apart. I no longer recognized the cock I had been jerking and fucking with since I was 14! It was morphing into this angry tool of pleasure mixed with destruction, and I loved it. My shaft continued to balloon wider while my balls grew even more dense. The churning rising up from my sack was easily audible now, and as my balls continued to swell, it only got louder and more hypnotic. My own pheromones appeared to be growing stronger as a new scent rose up from my balls. It smelled of leather… wood… dirt… and primal sex. I found myself being turned on by my own scent. I couldn't imagine what it would do to anyone else. “No one… will be able… to resist… me!” I didn’t know how I knew this, but instinctively I knew that my pheromones would act as a spellbinding opiate, making me even more alluring and magnetic! I could only laugh as the gap between my pointer finger stretched from three… to four… to five inches. Thick veins erupted along the surface of my cock that now looked broader than a Pringles can. Much thicker! My cock had grown to over 5 inches long, but that was only due to the immensity of my cock. To me, it now resembled a fire hydrant; stumpy but meaty! I knew that anyone who saw my cock now would call me a freak, but I welcomed it. All of my life I had been average, but with the stone, all of that was going to change. Soon every man would be jealous of what he was packing in his jeans… and what he had become! Suddenly, I cried out and grabbed both sides of my head as a loud ringing noise filled it. With no warning, my mind was inundated with images, thoughts, ideas, sexual positions, massage techniques, and tongue artistry that could fill hundreds of books on sex! It felt like an unknown source was downloading every possible sexual idea or thought into my brain until I knew everything there was to know about sex with both men and women, and every way to bring pleasure to my partner… or partners. I knew how to watch for changes of breathing pattern, the flush of a chest, the rise in a pulse, or the change in pheromone intensity to indicate what a partner was enjoying or not enjoying. Even with a cock as thick and intimidating as mine, I knew how to bring hours and hours of pleasure to my partners along with myself, making me the most proficient lover in the world!!! I laughed and grunted as I discovered that I now relished every fetish imaginable. Nothing was taboo to me any longer. I could accomplish thousands of positions and pleasure myself or others for days. I opened my eyes and a world of endless sex lay before me. I found I had no other wants or needs but endless sexual pleasures. As my sexual knowledge grew vaster, I found I could now control my own pheromones, strengthening them until every person on earth would serve only me “I am… the definition… of a… stud…” I laughed and found the sound of my own voice entrancingly erotic. Then, a stabbing punch in the base of my massively thick cock caused me to groan. I watched with lustfulness as my cock finally proceeded to inch longer, soon passing six inches… seven inches… and then eight. When my cock grew past nine inches, I even wanted to worship at the altar to it. It was so incredible to look at… so beautiful… so masculine. It went perfectly now with my tight muscular body. All I wanted to do was walk around naked so the whole world could witness the mastery of what the male body could be. Uncontrollably, I began to stroke my cock, but each time I did, I had more area to cover. My entire house reeked of my scent, and the bigger my cock and balls grew, the stronger it became. I knew with one whiff I’d have an army of men at my feet ready to worship me. I felt a slight burning coming from my shaft, and watched as thicker, pipe-like veins began to erupt and snake around my cock. This new network succeeded in forcing more blood to the shaft, allowing it to grow even thicker and longer. Looking down at the rising leviathan, I watched as the head swelled larger and shot denser wads of golden pre further than before. There was barely a surface in the living room that hadn’t been marked by the bombardment of precum fired by my flesh bazooka. I didn’t think it could be possible, but the growth of my cock picked up speed, and in the blink of an eye, it was over ten inches and moving onto eleven. I would definitely need to wish for larger hands as they looked so tiny compared to the flesh cylinder I was currently stroking. I felt a sharp snap and watched the head mushroom further and swell larger than the width of the shaft. I suddenly had the desire to see what the poor souls would witness just before I fucked them. Standing up, I was shocked by the weight tugging at my groin. As I walked towards the bathroom, my enlarging sex organs swung and throbbed, slapping my quads and knees, leaving behind a trail of pre down the hallway. Turning on the light, I finally saw what I was becoming. No longer did I see Johnathan Briggs. I saw a cock that was a deep red, pulsating, buttress of masculinity that needed to be worshiped. I needed to be worshiped myself because I was now much more than a man. A small portion of me screamed out to go back to the stone and reverse the wish… call it off before it was too late. My subconscious knew that something wasn’t right and it was doing its best to figure it out… but my new self shoved it down and stifled it until it could no longer be heard. Looking deep within my eyes, intense carnal knowledge passed through my brain making me aware of the millions of ways I would be pleasuring myself. Most I had never imagined, but each one I was now willing and eager to try. Using both hands to stroke myself in front of the mirror, I watched as my cock grew even longer and thicker and soon it had passed twelve inches in length and was quickly approaching 13! My cock pulsed to the frenzied beating of my heart. Looking at myself in the mirror, I saw what the world would see, my body was now just a base on which my dominant cock existed. I was quickly metamorphosing into the very definition of a stud, a human fuck machine, and I knew that this was exactly what I had always wanted to be. “I will exist… merely to fuck… merely to breed… merely to give myself and others sexual pleasure!” With more determination, I stroked the entirety of my cock. It was now even more sensitive as millions of nerve endings rose closer to the surface granting me more pleasure. My cock had now surpassed the wished upon 13 inches and was quickly gaining on 14, while the shaft had to be over 9 inches thick. I didn’t know how this could be possible. I had been very specific when it came to the dimensions of my cock. I could only groan as my weighty balls began to rise up in my sack. My entire cock felt like it had been edged for days. I could barely think. My only thoughts were about my cock and the mounting pressure now building up in my balls. Suddenly, I began to uncontrollably grunt and groan as my entire body started to shudder and convulse. Soon, a river of my seed began to rise up the mighty stanchion and explode out of the bulbous head! A torrent of cum shot out of my cock like a cannon and quickly began to cover all areas of the bathroom. My cock grew even longer causing the cum to have to flow further and further up my shaft to exit into the world. I grabbed onto the sink to keep falling onto the floor as my orgasm grew in intensity. All I could do was moan and groan loudly as my cock ballooned. I tried to watch as it grew past 13 inches… 14 inches… 15 inches… 16 inches… My cum was no longer coming out in short bursts but in long continuous explosions that forced my entire body to flex. Lights flashed in front of my eyes as my body trampled and thrashed, forcing me onto my knees onto the bathroom floor. Finally, after five minutes of overwhelming orgasm and cumming, it began to fade. I gasped for breath as my cock shot a final eight ropes of cum followed by a drooling and then a dripping. Staggering backwards, I slammed into the wall of the bathroom and slid to the floor. I almost cried out as my sensitive ball sack hit the cold tile floor causing it to shoot one final thick wad of cum. My cock was still hard, and rose up like the monument it was. I couldn’t even comprehend its size. It was just so long… so thick… so monstrous! I grabbed at one of the drawers in my vanity and pulled out the measuring tape that I used to write down my body’s stats. Moving the tape down the shaft, I was dumbstruck as I saw that it was nearly 20” in length and 10” around… not to mention the head that rose up thicker and meatier than the shaft. Lifting my voluminous balls, I could already feel them churning and producing more sperm to be released in another torrential orgasm. I breathed slowly as my cock began to slowly deflate. Finally, at 13 inches, it was completely soft, or as soft as it ever would be. I stood up and walked back into the living room, exhausted but horny once again. Sitting onto the pre covered couch, I picked up The Stone of Agios. “What have you done to me? I wish…” I knew I shouldn’t do it. I knew that I should put the stone down and step away. Maybe return to it tomorrow after a night's sleep, or not even at all. Yet, wasn’t this what I always desired? I was repairing all of the mistakes of my own DNA. I was transforming myself into what I knew I truly was deep down inside. My cock hardened slightly as I gazed deep into the stone. “I wish… my body was like that of 7 foot tall barbarian, weighing over 550 lbs of pure muscle. My power and size are unrivalled in all the world, and my strength is legendary.” The stone began to pulsate and glow, but the words refused to stop flowing from my lips. “No! Not 7 foot tall. 8 foot… weighing over 700 lbs of pure muscle… No… 900 lbs! I’m a mountain of muscle… just muscle on top of muscle on top of muscle.” The stone on my hand glowed so brightly that it was hit to the touch. Pulling my hand away from it, it dropped to the floor and rolled under the table. To Be Continued...
  17. EDIT: I forgot to post the link to the Archived stories. It's not completely complete, but a good start that may give me time to catch up and rewrite everything for one continuous post. Much thanks to ZFerrari for salvaging my old work. So I can't say this was worth the wait or anything, as it's been like, what 20 years lol But I'm wanting to rewrite the entire series and repost it here, as a lot of it got all messed up in the HTML or something and all the "quotations" are now ?quotations? lol But I dunno. If there's still a lot of interest and this sparks some fervor or whatever, it may inspire me to write a lot more. I have a lot of ideas, but don't know how much time in my life I have free to write as much as I'd like to. Anyways, I reworked some behind the scenes stuff lol like "recasted" a few of the characters, and even traded Dirk's for Max and casted a new Dirk--I know, I know! But I didn't realize that I had casted Dirk as a Brown haired guy and was writing he had blond hair the entire time, etc... Sloppy sloppy me lol Anyways, not really something to worry about right now anyways, if at all. But hope it still has continuity and all. I've been away from it for so long, and have just been trying to catch back up with my own creations. Like I said, I hope to do a sorta rewrite and edit later anyways, if I ever have the opportunity. And I don't remember where I left off in terms of parts.... so think of this as a sort of rough draft to a potentially better one...I hope I've included some ENER stats (not the graph--you'll get it as you read below), and they're more just something I like to do for myself, so they might change. But you can see the recast and shuffle. But a bit of a "data book" thing, if you will. I dunno. It's just something I like doing. Anyways, here goes nothin' SEAN What Luther said was the truth. The key wasn’t a physical key to unlock anything physical, but was still a key to unlock something hidden away. Because Hanazins had the ability to manipulate matter, and manipulate thoughts, they could transform and combine the two to form something separate, like the key Sean had retrieved for Dirk. His father had instructed him to revert the key back to its raw matter and raw knowledge. For the first time in a while, Sean was having a lot of trouble. Pulsing veins crossed his forehead, his psychic energy pulling each bit of knowledge encoded in the key. And each time he would succeed, a portion of the key would turn to dust. Sean remembered when he was able to store the entirety of the key within his natural energy, and later reconstruct it perfectly. But taking it apart with a much more meticulous hand took a lot more skill and power than Sean had expected. He had to visualize it all like a house with a bunch of rooms full of things he’d never seen, as it was like removing furniture you never owned from a room you’ve never seen, and passing through doors you didn’t know existed, in a home you’ve never lived. And you’d better time your exit from the front door just right to meet the movers with their tiny truck, or be forced to hold the weight of all the furniture until they arrive. Or drop it all, Sean thought, releasing his hold on the bit of the key he was deconstructing. He’d have to start all over with that segment and have to find the room again among the thousand he had identified, and hope it was in the same location. They tended to move around the house without any regular intervals of time. Sean groaned, slamming a veiny fist into the solid earth beneath him and sending a blast of fragmented rocks a hundred feet into the air. Before, when he had deconstructed the entire key to store within himself, it was much easier. About 100,000 times easier! It was like moving the entire house into a new lot or something. Everything in the house moved with it, as long as it stayed locked. And the house and room analogy helped Sean visualize the goal he needed to achieve. The physical key was designed to unlock the door to the house where each constantly changing location of every room held knowledge that together would be the figurative key to accomplishing whatever it was his father, Dirk, had wanted to accomplish. Or it was the key to the destruction the Hanazin world was so dedicated in trying to prevent. But it’s what his father had meant when he had said he was afraid Sean might miss something. It would have been next to impossible to piece the key back together had Sean prematurely unlocked the door, even with his enhanced Hanazin brain. Now Sean wasn’t feeling all too cocky. Sean’s body responded to the influx of energy he had to pull in to effectively expel the mass of psychic energy he was utilizing in order to pull the knowledge off the key. Thick veins pulsed as if they were arteries, appearing then disappearing underneath his skin, before appearing again to feed his engorging muscles, climbing upward or running downward in networks like tree branches or roots growing on an accelerated time skip. His abs shuddered before collapsing towards his spine, the fat underneath his skin almost nonexistent. Sean’s body was so incredibly lean that every fiber of every muscle, and every striation that built each part of the muscle could be seen moving and building itself bit by bit. Sean was a masterpiece of a man, with no exception given to his fat, dripping cock that bobbed with each steady beat of his heart. His sack heaved underneath his slick pole, always as if breathing, but instead filling his 15-inch shaft with his warm fluid. A network of veins climbed up his shaft, and Sean knew he was ready to blow. The earth rattled around him, and Sean couldn’t hold it in anymore. His massive tool erupted out before him, spraying over the cliff face and raining down into the valley. The key jangled to the ground as, Sean let it go and grabbed his exploding man meat, his hand moving across his slimy shaft at the speed of a jackhammer. All around him the earth violently shook, the birds fleeing from the surrounding trees. But they were too slow to escape Sean’s blast of energy that moved out from his body like a tidal wave, yellow and tinged with red, joy and ecstasy colored with anger. The muscles of his body convulsed as they adjusted to the rapid influx of power, and Sean bellowed deep, veins rapidly birthing and climbing and running over every part of him. His height grew to nine feet, his lats spreading out to an enormous five, his traps climbed his now thickening neck just as its vascular network pulsed and reached out to join the thick vascular cords of his shoulders and chest. His pecs danced in unison as lean fiber upon lean, ripped fiber built upon the last. Sean cock was sputtering and spitting short bursts of cum—like it would back when he was human. Each spurt of his hot fluid felt like an electrical current of his best orgasm, sending tingles of absolute ecstasy from the tips of his toes to the top of his head, where it felt as if it were water flooding over his brain and pouring down through the rest of his now massive body. Sean pulled his entire cock downward by its fat tip, and it sprang back to hit his abs and pecs with a loud thwack! “FUUUUUUUCK!” Sean screamed, and he blasted over the valley once more, the earth shaking so violently, that rubble started falling from the cliff face, before it too cracked under the stress of Sean’s power. Sean threw his arms out to his side and he felt himself levitating upward by the force of his own expelling power. His voice dropped down low as he bellowed. The ecstasy he was feeling was like no other he had felt before. At that moment, he strangely recalled how he and Jason would sit in their dorm room and try their best to come up with a good analogy that would’ve helped their pre-Hanazin, human selves imagine how good a Hanazin climax could be. He remembered Jason had jokingly, but accurately, compared it to when human you really REALLY had to pee, but you held it and held it and held it until you finally found a toilet and let it out. That feeling of relief. That feeling of cool and calm release. It was like that, but 1,000 times better. But what Sean was experiencing at that very moment was 1,000,000 times better than his best Hanazin climax to date. The ecstasy pulsed through him over and over, and starting over and starting over, endlessly looping with no lull in the intensity. “The power,” he said. “The fucking POWER!” He roared once again, leaning back, his face towards the sky, eyes closed, laughing maniacally, before letting his immense power flow out of him and across the canyon around him. Again, Sean’s muscles seemed to be violently convulsing, though it caused him no pain, only pleasure. He wondered if it’d be better to move into his Intermediate power level, if the pleasure of power would increase. And what if he just jumped right into Hyper power level? *** DIRK Dirk grinned happily as he stared over at his son. He was a whole 50 miles away, but Dirk could see Sean with the clarity as if Sean were right there next to him. Sean was forcing himself to remain in Rookie power level, something Dirk himself enjoyed. In that state, you could feel the power, truly feel it move through every pulsing vessel of your body, feeding the engorging tissue, building new massive muscle, fiber by fucking fiber. Dirk was impressed at how lean his boy had managed to become, and even at the far distance, Dirk could see the striated fibers of Sean’s muscles moving about underneath his skin, now covered in the innumerable perusing branches of his vascularity. Veins crawled over even Sean’s forehead and down by one of his ears, and on the other side crawled down his cheek and throat to join with the third cords of his widening neck. Dirk felt his son’s power moving into him, the power link the Stervis bloodline had passed onto he and his son effectively operating to bond their collective powers as one. And because of his gift from his Archer bloodline, Dirk knew his son had the potential to bring them both unfathomable power. The thought made him hard, and Dirk’s slick fuck pole went full mast, trembling with his heartbeat, its tip sputtering pre-cum in short spurts that filled Dirk with incredible pleasure. Pulsating veins flooded over every one of Dirk’s now shuddering and expanding muscles. Just as his quads reshaped into perfect symmetry, another vascular network birthed upward towards his crotch, climbing in a second’s time up through his inner thigh to join the network feeding his heaving sack. And just as the connection was made, Dirk felt himself washed over by the ecstasy of his power. “Fuck YEEEEEEEAAAAAAH!” He roared, his ripped pecs broadening with his shoulders, his 25 inch guns instantly expanding to 30 inches, more and more veins pumping and pulsating and feeding his growing muscles. The earth itself seemed to shift, and the sky turned dark, as the tip of Dirk’s cock exploded with a torrent of his hot man juice. “FUUUUUUUUCK!” He screamed. Lightning flashed over him as he allowed his power to lift him into the sky, and he continued to blast his pearl-white cum over what was left of the surrounding area, creating a thunderstorm of slick, viscous rain. His power had already destroyed much of the mountain plateau, the land and the cliff faces, trees and rivers—all of it just gone, leaving only barren earth. He spotted the key that Sean had dropped, and in a millisecond’s time he had retrieved it and stood underneath his still floating and blasting son. Dirk grinned once more, the edges of his lips slowly creeping more and more upward, until he too was joining in on his son’s maniacal laughing. In the later years of the Academy, students are taught how to measure in numbers the power ratings of their opponents, and because Hanazins had such keen sensory abilities, they could measure the power levels within themselves, and within other Hanazins to an exact numerical point of measure. Records were kept on every student at the Academy, and further through the rest of their lives, updated by passing Constables, Scouts, and Surveyors. Hanazin energy was measured in ENER, or emitting native energy radius, and displayed on an ENER-Graph. And the power flooding over him from Sean’s energy was more than he could’ve expected, approaching a 90,000 ENER reading in each of his 9 measured attributes. 90,000 ENER in just his Rookie power level. He knew his son would soon surpass even him, once gaining the knowledge of the key—a key only one of Archer blood could…well, unlock. Dirk chuckled a little, tossing the key upward and then catching it again. He stared down at its silver exterior, noticing only a fraction of the physical surface gone from Sean’s work. “Still so much to go”, Dirk thought. “So much to go, but so much power already gained.” Dirk could feel it pouring into him through their connection, and watched the thick cords of his forearms pulse and climb over the expanding muscle. Through the Archer power, Dirk knew he would be strong enough to free his son Rex. And after, their cumulative power would be invincible.
  18. Genetonic

    The Masseuse

    I washed my hands as my next client undressed and lied down on the table. Opening my tub of cream marked with an X, this one has paid extra for the special offer. An extra special muscle rub down. Little did he know what was in store for him. Walking into the air conditioned room, he was lying facedown on the massage table. His gym clothes were neatly folded on the white chaise. He was already very muscular, not the biggest I’ve seen, but definitely someone who’s spent a decade in the gym. He was fairly tall, but his height didn’t seem to deter from his apparent thickness. Probably around 6-foot judging from how far his legs came down. Very proportional. Laying a towel over his rear, I started first with a light opener massage to get a feel for things. His back was wide and meaty. Rubbing down into his muscle, he let out a moan of relief as I started to work my magic. He was already big and meaty, his two slabs of lat muscles loosening under my grip. As I pushed up his spine, I told him to exhale a big strong breath. His big arms swung down as he relaxed his body. Now that he was loosened up and relaxed, his muscles were ready for the next stage. Pulling on my gloves, I started working in the cream, mixing it into his thick skin. Even through the gloves I could feel the heat from his body rising. With each press I could feel his lats press back harder. The rock-like muscles grew under my grip, filling out more space around his back, stretching taller and wider. His traps were being pushed up by the growing lats. I moved upwards, applying more cream to his traps and shoulders. He let out a rumbling moan of approval as his back expanded and thickened. His traps began burning, rising and expanding until they matched his wing like lats. Even lying down his traps now pushed up to his ears. Next, his deltoids started to work with the flow of my hands, bulging more and more. With each deep rub they rounded out bigger and rounder. He winced a little. Holding his hand, I quickly gave a yank to the right. His shoulder joint popped and his arm swung out wider than before. He sighed and swung his arm a little. Popping his other shoulder into place, he was definitely wider than the table now. Standing in front of him, I began rubbing a small application of cream on his neck. Feeling his neck muscles push against my fingers, his throat slowly rose and thickened against his traps. His neck now just a bit thicker than his head, he cleared his throat. His Adam’s Apple popped down and swelled, his cough dropping in pitch as his vocal cords resonated in the deeper tone. It dropped again as it swelled bigger, his cough sounding more and more like a thundering growl. I turned to his lower back. Applying my magic touch, I helped adjust his back, cracking it as his vertebrae lengthened and grew. He shrugged his shoulders, adjusting his growing upper body. His shoulders broadened some more and his back continued to widen past the sides of the table. His whole upper torso looked like it was inflating out bigger and wider. If he wasn’t getting taller he wouldn’t be able to turn his arms or neck he’d be so inflated with muscle. The growth continued down his back to his hips. Once he had finished stretching and was adjusted, I moved on to the buns. Following permission, I removed the cloth covering his glutes. He already had a nice round bubble butt. Rubbing in the cream and massaging the big cushions, he groaned as his cheeks flexed and rose up bigger and rounder. Filling out wider and meatier, his ass grew out like a shelf that came out nearly as high as his back. He was going to have a fun time waddling around with these two globes bouncing behind him. These were some powerful glutes too; soft and firm, each bigger than a pillow. He even shaved his hole, always nice to see that. Placing the unfolded towel over them like a tarp, I moved down to his legs with a smile. His thighs were going to be a bit weird. I applied a small amount to the back of his thighs, watching as they thickened and grew out more. The real punch would be when I worked my magic on front of his legs. His calves however, I worked them until they were each diamond-hard and melon-sized. Working the cream into his feet, I cracked his toes and worked the bridge, watching his feet stretch and grow to match the rest of his size. His legs were already overhanging the table by a lot. Pulling his meaty legs by the ankle, I heard them crack into position. He had to have gained another couple of inches at least. More room to fill out with muscle. I had him turn over, making sure his eyes remained closed the entire time. Placing a warm washcloth over his eyes, he grinned as I gave his ear a little squeeze, “we’re only halfway there.” Going back down to his feet, I rubbed some more cream into the legs before coming up to his quads. His thighs slowly widened and rose in all directions. I watched as the gap closed in tighter and tighter until his quads touched. I then grinned as they had to push each other apart because they were still growing. Readjusting his legs, he stretched out by another couple inches. His legs were overhanging the table at his knees, his big sasquatch sized feet firmly on the ground. I like to save whatever a client has underneath the cloth for last. Probably much to their chagrin when I pass from their quads to their stomachs. He was already pretty firm. Had a lite 4 pack even while lying down relaxed. Working into him, his midsection starting to grow tighter, denser. His obliques pressed out more and more prominently. His abs came from being slightly visible to four hardening abs, then to a faint third row. Once his 6-pack grew into big bricks, a fourth, often elusive, row of abs grew into view. The ridges deepened and tightened as his brick-like abdominals grew into cobblestones. His v line was becoming more prominent and the cloth was starting to move. His thick snake was rigid against the cloth and was practically begging for attention. His pecs looked comically small at this point. Surrounded by rolling hills of muscle and a pair of lats that extended past his chest was a common sight at this point. Starting with his right pec, I worked his meaty chest bigger and bigger. His pec blew up and out eagerly. Stretching and expanding, I could hear his muscle growing. Giving his nipple a playful squeeze, it blew out bigger and meatier. The thick grabbable nub was forced further and further down as his pec grew even bigger, matching the rest of his size. Compared to his left pec, it was like a king sized pillow next to a dinner plate. Working his other pec, his chest ballooned out to proportion, a crevice forming as the two muscles rose up higher and higher. His pecs were forcing his arms out to a wide degree already. Giving his other nipple a rub, it filled out to match his other grabable handle. His pecs were starting to push against his chin. The only place where two massive mountain ranges of muscle weren’t colliding was at his arms. Giving his pecs another lather, they swelled and bulged even bigger, burying his chin in the meaty pillows. There was so much surface area to cover, I had to work quickly to round out the size on all sides. Grabbing the nipple, it filled out my hand more and more until it was thicker than a doorknob. His groaning was muffled by his huge chest, the deep vibrations making my hands vibrate on his enormous chest. Even with his legs falling off the table where they were before, his shoulders were now hanging off the top of the table. His chest had grown so huge and wide it expanded past the table’s edges. His arm hanging from his massive boulder of a shoulder looked shrunken. Applying what some could say was an excessive amount of cream, his bicep and tricep started heating and expanding faster than the other muscles. A red hot horseshoe exploded through like I had branded him with a poker, expanding and stretching until I needed both hands to grip his tricep. His bicep kept growing, pressing and rising higher against his massive pec. Thick veins crawled across the growing muscle as it swelled bigger and thicker with each second. Some of the cream must’ve rubbed off on his pec cause it grew even thicker and heavier. As his arm expanded outward and downward I focused on blowing up his forearm and hand to size. Filling out like a football, his forearm was growing more monstrous in my hands. His fingers cracked and expanded with his palm, coarser and stronger. When I let go of his monstrous hand it fell and brushed against the floor. His other arm cracked and grew easily, rising and pushing against his growing pec until his chest was another inch wider. His gorilla hand squeezed back after I finished. He grunted through his thicker Adam’s apple, “imma need something to fill these hands with.” Grinning with his big cocky head cushioned by those traps and pecs, I first took a step back to admire my handiwork. Standing at his feet, it was quite a view to take in. His quads were enormous and forcing his legs off the sides of the table. Each leg was so heavily muscled that only half of each thigh was still on the table, they were too thick. His poor dick was rock hard but the bulge looked so out of place tiny. His rising belt of abdominals were running up like cobblestones. His wall of pecs rose above them like a cliff. His chest rose above his head by nearly a foot, rising even higher when he took a deep breath. His shoulders were hanging off the top of table, he had become so broad that his arms didn’t even touch the table. The table was actually custom made to be the width of a regular doorway. He’d have to turn sideways just to fit through the average doorway now. His arms were spread eagle, fingers brushing the floor and still his biceps were pressed against his pecs. He had outgrown himself and the table in every which way and direction. Pulling the cloth off his crotch, his dick swung out, rock hard and a thick string of pre hanging to his monstrous quad. He was already decently big down there. His cock was probably 7.5 inches already and was nearly thick as a can of red bull. Jerking him off, I could hear his muffled groaning grow louder. “You want me to make this bigger too?” He grunted in a thunderous but quiet bass, “make it huge.” Curt, clear, and to the point. He didn’t even have to try to make his voice sound serious. It was a command. Jerking him off slowly, I squeezed his grape sized nuts. He shifted uncomfortably. “Why don’t we start with these lil guys.” Rubbing some cream into his nutsack, I could feel his small nuts start to churn. In a couple seconds, they must’ve filled to their capacity cause they started swelling. Soon they swelled and filled to the size of plums. He was groaning louder now. “Don’t blow your load, they only keep growing as they fill up so hold back for as long as you want them to grow.” “Got it.” I could hear him starting to wince as he said that, his nuts were already the size of tennis balls and growing fast. The pressure of the biggest load he could ever blow times 10 and still growing. His nutsack stretched out more and more as his bull nuts kept growing and swelling with his load. Rubbing more cream into his nuts, I could tell this big guy wasn’t gonna blow his load any time soon. Having to hold one nut at at time, they were already the size of grapefruits and seemed to be swelling even faster. His cock was throbbing with anticipation as his nuts grew even bigger. They were red hot and filling out his lap as they swelled bigger than cantaloupes. I could hear his cum sloshing inside them now. “Bigger,” he grunted. Applying another handful of cream, his nuts sloshed audibly in my hands, swelling bigger and bigger. His bull nuts were bigger than basketballs and were still swelling. I could hear his groans almost turn to growling. The amount of testosterone filling his system, I wouldn’t be surprised if he hulked out right now. His muscles were tensing and flexing as his nuts swelled to new proportions. His cock was raging against the orbs, throbbing against the growing valley formed by the two melon-sized nuts. “GROW MY COCK TOO PUNY MAN!!” His cock responded to the cream much faster than I expected. With each heartbeat it swelled an inch longer and fatter, growing in quick spurts as it quickly passed the 12 inch mark. Applying more cream to the growing monster cock, his cock rose higher and higher. His cockhead swelling thicker each second, it was soon bigger than my fist. Even with a horsecock rising from his crotch, it was still outmatched by his growing monster nuts. His nutsack had to accommodate two great big pumpkin-sized nuts that held the biggest load I’d ever get to see. Applying more cream to his arm-thick cock, it grew even faster. Stretching and swelling longer and thicker than my arm, he passed the 2 foot mark in a matter of seconds. His cockhead flared out angrily, pumping bigger and thicker, thicker than my head now. His muscles were tensing and flexing so hard he looked like he had a pump from being at the gym all day. His pecs were rising higher and his quads looked even more monstrous. Raising his arms, his biceps were clashing more with his pecs as his hands clasped his growing cock. His dinner-plate sized hand found my tub of cream and grabbed a massive handful of it. He rubbed it all over his cock like it was lube. Instantly it grew out thicker and fatter and shot higher and higher. He applied even more to his monstrous nuts, finding the huge overfilled orbs still rising behind his telephone pole-thick cock. I had to take a step back. He was growing like crazy. Running to the wall with the hidden panel, I waited with baited breath. His hands grew thicker and huger from the cream. Rubbing a mixture of cream and precum all over his chest, his pecs blew out even bigger and meatier. Pulling down his swelling cock to his chest, his cockhead already reached his face. Residual cream rubbed all over his upper body as he jacked off his huge huggable cock. Precum spurting all over his chest and face, I heard his thunderous growling deepen into a thundering roar. The table groaned and bent as he stood up. His enormous nuts swung down and hit his shins with an thunderously thick gurgle emanating from them. He roared in pain like a caveman with blue balls, his tree trunk cock swinging down and slapping against his swelling balls. His nuts rumbled and swelled to the size of two beach balls resting on the floor. His cock swung up and down, growing longer and fatter with each swing. His cockhead had to be bigger than a yoga ball now. I didn’t even notice his enormous chest and shoulders growing thicker and meatier. Whether it was the residual cream or simply the hormones flooding his system from his enormous nuts, his enormous upper body piled on more and more mass. His quads flexed and strained under his growing weight. They kept flexing, bigger and bigger, growing thicker as he shifted his stance. His head grew closer to the 15-foot ceiling as his enormous legs grew even bigger. His nuts rumbled loudly and swelled bigger and bigger, growing across the floor as their enormous loads of cum sloshed like an ocean. His cock stretched and stretched, growing longer and fatter before it crashed against the wall. Cracking the tile, his enormous cock kept swelling. Unable to crack through, he was pushed back by his growing cock. The lumbering musclebound giant loss his balance as he blindly stepped backwards. Crashing onto his back, he roared as his enormous body shook the building. His cock grew thicker and thicker, ramming into the ceiling and leaving streaks of precum. It kept swelling and growing across the tiled ceiling, surpassing 20 feet. His nuts rumbled as they quickly ran out of room, swelling to fill the rest of the room. His muscles flexing and swelling even quicker now. I pressed the switch on the wall. A small team of orderlies rushed into the room while a panel on the far wall opened up, revealing a giant tube. The orderlies rushed to move the giant’s cock toward the enormous hole. Two of them had to jump up on top of his enormous truck sized testicles to harness it down. Sliding his growing cock into place, the orderlies' scrubs were already drenched with precum. Looking down, I didn’t even realize my feet were submerged in the growing pond of precum filling the room. I knew we should’ve installed drains after last time. The orderlies were working to stimulate the muscle bull’s cock as it continued to grow and fill the tube. Stepping out of the room, I felt my soaked shoes grow tight as my feet started swelling. Kicking them off, I looked down at my sizable feet. Looking through the hidden mirror, the orderlies were struggling to get the giant to cum. He kept growing bigger and bigger. His cock was nearly as wide as the giant tube and it was still stretching bigger and bigger. His nuts were nearly each as big as the giant’s body. Two of the orderlies were jumping on the huge nuts, thunderous roars shaking the room as the giant groaned and grew even more. “YOU’RE NOT GONNA GET ME TO CUM YET PUNY MAN!!!! I’M GOING TO KEEP GROWING BIGGER AND BIGGER AND YOU CAN’T STOP ME!!!!!!” That was the last straw. I gave the order and another orderly injected a syringe into the giant’s left nut. His muscles were too thick to get a needle through but a nut shot should work just as well. The giant roared as his nuts were forced to pull up, the enormous pressure inside them finally able to be released from his redwood-sized cock. His roar shook the room and the orderlies rushed out. Removing their soaked scrubs, their own muscles growing and swelling from the monster’s precum. Luckily it wasn’t as potent as the real stuff. The cream rushing down the tube should fill the tanks enough to last us a year. One of the orderlies approached me panting, his scrubs ripped and torn. He was several inches taller and probably a hundred-fifty pounds heavier than when he went in there. “Boss he’s too big to go in the warehouse with the others.” “Not a problem, he’s not going anywhere anyways,” his muscles continued to swell as if just to prove my point. “Hopefully he won’t get too much bigger than the room and then we’ll just milk him whenever he starts to swell.” The orderly whistled as he looked back at the muscle giant. “He’s the biggest one by far boss.” “Sure is, for now at least.” Looking down at his crotch, the orderly’s huge bulge was snaking down his leg as he continued watching the muscle giant shoot hundreds upon hundreds of gallon of muscle-growing seed.
  19. This is the first part of my new story I've been working on for a few weeks, in parallel with another posted recently. I won't spoil anything about the story but... There will have logically at least 3 parts but I do not exclude to continue it further. Although being the first part, I tried to make it sufficiently hot to satisfy you. I hope you'll enjoy and as usual, don't hesitate to give me a feedback (what you liked, what you would like, even what you did not like: anything that can improve your pleasure is welcome, so really, don't hesitate to contact me) Prepare the handkerchiefs and enjoy! ______________________________________________________________________________________ “Oh fuck…!” There was Leo, mouth open in front of the TV. I did not expect this reaction, but maybe it was my opportunity. This boy, no, sorry… this beautiful angel was Leo, the most gorgeous man I have seen in my life. And when I say beautiful, I mean he’s really fucking beautiful. Piercing blue eyes, magnificent nose, full lips, astonishing jawline, whiter-than-white teeth, naturally tanned skin, a dreamy, slightly muscular build like a top model. By the way, he’s a top model. He was perfection incarnate. Never could I imagine someone so handsome. And I imagined even less that he would become my boyfriend. I was the happiest of men, but… there was one thing I didn’t tell Leo: the main reason why I was looking for someone like him. I work in a lab, and we were working on a top-secret project. The main goal, which seemed absurd and unreal the first time I heard about it, was to create an improved version of a super soldier serum. To transform a normal human being into an incredibly powerful titan with the usual superpowers: superhuman strength, superhuman stamina, increased longevity, etc. Yeah, I found this ridiculous and unbelievable at first, but I’ve always loved comics, and they made me think maybe it was possible. It had convinced me to try. But obviously, it was a failure. Our experiments were, at best, great dopants, but nothing that transformed a normal human into an 8-foot titan. What did I expect? That we would really create this super serum? Ridiculous. Well, that was true until that fateful day, the day that changed my life. One day, when I thought the project was going to be abandoned, my supervisor, Doctor Krakovski, came in with a strange substance. It was a kind of blue goop. He didn’t want to tell me what it was, but it was expensive, very expensive, and he had never seen anything like it. Doctor Krakovski was not a bad man, but he was the archetypal crazy scientist. Put a scientific discovery in his hands and he will almost laugh out loud. Of course, he asked that we incorporate it into the formula. Honestly, I was skeptical. Guys, this isn’t a movie, this is reality. But Krakovski insisted. So obviously, as with any new substance, we tested it on a lab rat. I will always remember this moment. I was ready for anything, but not that, not… At first, he contorted himself while crying out in pain. I sighed thinking that it was still a failure, but suddenly I was stunned, totally stunned: the rat seemed to be… growing. I blinked several times, not believing what I was seeing but a few seconds later, it was very clear. Yeah, he was definitely growing! And when I say growing, I mean it was becoming more muscular and taller! He widened at the shoulders, then his shoulders rounded out, his traps emerged, his front paws lengthened, and what would be his biceps were growing. His back legs also lengthened and were growing, his round belly was shrinking, and it looked like pecs were popping out, and his midsection was shrinking to six blocks! Not only did he become more muscular, but his size was also increasing. His screams were becoming deeper and louder and… if at first he seemed panicked, after a few minutes it was like… he loved it! Suddenly he shouted louder and… boom, he exploded with size and muscles. Holy crap! Was this a rat? It was a fucking rat? Because now he looked more a fucking gigantic furry bodybuilder! His neck had disappeared in the enormous traps that surrounded it. His shoulders were two cannonballs, huge and striated. Holy shit! His “arms” were bigger than his head, with big veins. His pecs were two mountains, which blocked his view of his midsection. Speaking of his midsection… eight… his abs were eight fucking “boulders”! And his legs looked like tree trunks! I was speechless in front of this display. I expected anything except that. But the result of the experiment was clear: it worked! Our formula was an absolute success! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Krakovski was jumping around the lab. Then the rat was on its four legs but realized that it was easier for him to stand. He looked at his arms with astonishment. Then he started to flex his body and seemed to love that because he let out a scream (which sounded more like a little roar by the way). By the way, we almost lost our specimen. When he realized he was a lot stronger, he grabbed the bars of his cage and… he stretched them, like in cartoons. We had to put him to sleep with a dart, a fucking elephant dart. I was totally stunned by what I had seen. It was so unreal, but… yeah, it was real, really real! I asked my colleague what this stuff? We were working on this project for months with no success, nothing comparable to what I had just seen. My colleague seemed very annoyed. It was a very sensitive subject with many risks, but from what he heard, they were spying on a guy for a while who was illegally working on this blue goop. He got fired and his experiments were stored somewhere in barrels. That’s when they took the opportunity to steal one of barrels. And this was the stuff we’d just used. I understood why it was sensitive: it was not authorized and probably not legal either. Honestly, if I hadn’t seen it, I would have thought it was a science fiction movie scenario… but it was not science fiction. It was working, it was fucking working! This blue goop was really a kind of muscle growth serum, and very efficient! We subdued the Hulk rat, (well, we had to shoot him with an elephant dart), and analyses of his body showed several very interesting things: he had quadrupled in volume, his muscle mass was much denser, he weighed more than a dozen pounds which was absolutely gigantic for a rat, his strength was incredibly enhanced, and he was also smarter. In brief, it was as if this rat had become the Hulk (a rat version) but kept his intelligence. It was a total success, beyond all expectations. Maybe too successful by the way. We had to put the rat in a reinforced steel cage to prevent it from escaping. It didn’t stop him from trying, but it seemed to hold (or not) … Krakovski was happy, very happy. Finally, we had results! So, we passed quickly to phase 2: experiments on a monkey that was closer to a human. We attached a monkey to an operating table. At first, we wanted to experiment on a gorilla, even closer to a human, but the results with the rat made it clear this was not a good idea. It would have been very difficult to control him. And the dose would be reduced as well. We overdosed the rat because we didn’t expect such results, but if a simple rat became so strong, what would it be like with a much larger animal? We didn’t want to take any risks. Speaking of the rat, we were surprised to discover the reinforced metal cage with the bars spread out and, obviously, no rat inside. He fooled us. I’m not kidding! On the surveillance cameras we saw he was perfectly capable of bending his reinforced cage. He just had to struggle a little more, but it was relatively easy. Fuck! I think I wouldn’t be able to bend them! Defeated by a rat… what a disgrace! And that was not all. We found what appeared to be a tunnel in the wall that was dug with its bare feet! Great! Now we had a fucking Hulk rat in the wild. I pity the cat that crosses his path: he might have a hard time. Despite this escape, the first test was a total success. Which meant that we would continue testing. So we did it with a monkey and the experiment was a success again. Now we had a super monkey that could lift 10 times his weight. We reintroduced him to the gorilla enclosure and I was told he knocked out the chief with a single punch. He now spent his time lifting tree trunks much bigger than him and… *hem hem* doing you know what with the females. After this second success, Doctor Krakovski wanted to continue to phase 3: human experiments. He wanted the most perfect specimen possible to see how far he could push the limits. We chose fashion models because those guys were genetically lucky and, statistically, we had a better chance of finding the perfect test subject. It was easy to get a spy into the fashion world because I sometimes did their photography. And I had also been lucky: piercing brown eyes, a nice jawline, a fit muscular body. This nice body allowed me to round out my experience with modeling. Since I knew that world, they sent me there to find our test subject. And that’s how I found myself walking the runway one day, when suddenly, on my way back to the stage, I saw someone beautiful. The most beautiful man I ever saw in my life! Usually, we’re supposed to remain impassive, but it was impossible to resist. I had to watch him. And he did the same. Honestly, I believe our hearts began to beat as one from that moment. After the show I couldn’t get his face out of my head. Then a hand rested on my shoulder followed by a “Hey.” It was the sexiest voice I’d ever heard, a very manly voice. I turned around and instantly melted: it was him. “I met you on the stage, very nice show,” he said smiling. Oh fuck… oh fucking fuck, this smile… is it possible to make a more beautiful smile than this? Perfect white teeth, perfect lips. Craaaap! I swallowed, trying to regain my composure, but I couldn’t stand up to this angel. “Th…thanks. But I was nothing compared to you.” He laughed. Holy shit! Even his laugh was perfect. At one point I thought I was dreaming; it couldn’t be possible. We went to my dressing room. I was getting hotter and hotter, and I think he was too. We talked for several minutes, pretending nothing was happening, but we could not take our eyes off each other. We felt it, both of us, but neither dared to take the first step. Then he fell silent, and I did the same. We were looking at each other, hear only the sound of our own breathing. Finally, he stood up and slowly walked towards me. I did the same. We found ourselves face to face, we looked at each other in silence, then he put his mouth forward and I did same. The wait seemed interminable, and yet it lasted a second and when our lips touched each other there was a flood of emotion. I ran my hand through his hair while he was caressing my body. I started to cry. I never felt anything like that. It was… indescribable. Then he broke the kiss, looked me into eyes, wiped my tears, smiled, and said: “I didn’t introduce myself… I’m Leo.” “Ryan,” I replied. And we resumed our kissing. I will never forget that night. I knew Leo was the perfect test subject. But what would he say? He would probably reject me if I told him the truth and then I didn’t know if he would like it. And above all, now I didn’t want to lose him. A few days passed, Krakovski became impatient, and apparently the higher-ups were getting impatient. Results were needed, and fast. I was more and more torn. I was the happiest man with Leo and never wanted it to end, but at the same time I couldn’t help but imagine him shouting while bulking up, muscle mass popping up everywhere. Fuuuuuck, the idea was so hot! But I was resigned that it would never happen; it would simply remain my ultimate fantasy. That’s what I thought until this evening. We were watching the first Captain America movie, and we were at the scene where Steve becomes Captain America. While he was shouting during his growth, I could hear Leo panting. He said, “Oh fuck, if only it could work like that in real life, it would be great, so fucking great! I would love to be in his shoes!” I raised my head, stunned by his statement. “What?” I asked. “Yeah, just imagine, you’re all frail and suddenly boom, you grow and grow and grow and become one of the most powerful men. It would be so fucking enjoyable!” I was totally stunned by what I was hearing. He loved that idea? Really? Maybe it was time to tell him. “Hey, don’t take me seriously. It’s just a movie. A muscle growth serum that transforms you into a super soldier? It doesn’t exist, unfortunately,” he sighed. Really? Oh Leo, you would be surprised! “And… if it wasn’t a movie, would you like to test it?” I asked. “What? Why are you asking this question, Ryan?” He looked a bit confused. “I know, it’s a weird question—but if it wasn’t a movie, would you like to participate in that kind of experiment?” “Ryan… it’s just a movie,” he said, not understanding why I asked. “Please, my love, answer,” I said. “Y…Yeah, of course I would. Who wouldn’t want to try that?” “You know… sometimes reality exceeds fiction,” I said. “What? What do you mean, Ryan?” “You know I work for a laboratory. Well, we’re working on a project, a top-secret project, and in fact we… created a super soldier serum.” “W-w-what? Are you kidding me?” asked Leo, not knowing if I was joking or not. “No, Leo, I’m serious. And, no offence, but the super soldier serum in this movie is crap compared to ours. The effects are much more significant with ours” “A-Are… are you really serious?” “Yeah, I know it hard to believe, but it’s the truth. Come here, I want to show you a video.” I showed Leo the recording of our first little test subject, the lab rat. Leo’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he saw the rat grow. “WTF?? But… but…” he said, totally stunned. “Haha, I told you ours was much better,” I replied. “What? Did you see these arms? Holy shit! They were bigger than his head, and his pecs, daaaaamn! And his abs, look at those abs! He... he had an eight-pack! Holy shit!!” “So, it seems a little more credible to you now?” I said, smiling a bit. “Honestly, I can’t believe it, but holy shit!!” I felt it was time to tell him the truth, perhaps it was a mistake, but I wanted to be honest with him. “Leo… to be honest, I was present at the fashion show mainly to… to… to find our test subject…” “Your… test subject?” “Well… we successfully experimented with this serum on animals, but now we need to experiment on… a human. And…” “You’re suggesting that I be this test subject, aren’t you?” I swallowed. Shit, I was dreading his answer. “Well, not exactly. My supervisor sent me to find the most perfect test subject. That’s why we focused on the fashion world. Yeah, you would be the perfect test subject but…” “But?” he interrogated. “But I really fell in love with you. I didn’t lie about that. I love you. I love you so much. That’s more important than anything. I don’t want you to think that I was manipulating you, or risk that this offer would scare you away, but I feel guilty about lying to you.” My eyes were wet, I was worried. Leo was looking at me with no expression. Shit, he’ll leave me, that’s for sure. Shit! Why does it have to be like this? Why does it have to be… “Well… where do I sign?” said Leo. “Huh?” I said, stunned. “Where do I sign?” he repeated, smiling. “B-but… you’re not angry?” “Angry? Are you kidding me? It’s a fucking fantasy come true! Obviously, I accept!” he replied, overjoyed. “B-but… Leo, do you understand the changes? I mean, it wouldn’t be just few extra pounds! You would be a fucking titan, the most powerful, tallest, most muscular man in the world! So yes, it’s fucking exciting but… what about fashion shows? You would probably not be a model again. Never again! Your life will change forever. Are you sure you want to do this?” “Fuck all that, Ryan! You’re offering me a chance to realize a dream I thought was unattainable. As for fashion shows, it was just a way to earn money. I don’t care if I can’t do it anymore. And…” “Yeah?” I asked. “My life already changed forever the day I met you,” replied Leo. “Leo…” I couldn’t stop myself from shedding a tear. Yeah, he was right: our life had definitely changed that day. He smiled and wiped my tears and started to kiss me. I placed my hand on his back and slowly removed his shirt. Two minutes later we were lying in bed, naked, caressing each other’s bodies. And a few minutes after that I was moving back and forth while Leo was moaning. I loved him so much. After we had sex, I called my supervisor. He was happy, relieved, and could not wait. The experiment would be scheduled for tomorrow. When I told Leo, he exploded with joy. “Wow! I can’t wait until tomorrow!” Leo was like a kid before Christmas. I had a little trouble sleeping, partly because we spent the evening “expressing our feelings,” but personally I had another feeling. I looked at Leo, the Leo I fell in love with. Tomorrow evening, this Leo would no longer exist. The next day when we arrived at the lab, Leo couldn’t believe his eyes. “Whoa! It’s like in the movies! A super ultra-secret lab!” To be honest, yeah, it looked like in the movies. “Well, well, who is this? The lucky one?” I recognized his accent: Doctor Krakovski. “Doctor, this is Leo. Leo, this is Doctor Krakovski.” “Nice to meet you, Doctor!” said Leo. “I am the one who is delighted,” replied the Doctor. Honestly, I had the impression that he was seeing Leo more as his “test subject” than as a human. “So, when do we start?” asked Leo, all excited. “Settle down, hahaha, we are preparing, but you will have to undergo some tests first,” replied Krakovski. “Some tests?” I asked, a bit worried. “Don’t worry, Ryan, we just need to measure his performance before the experiment and make sure he doesn’t have any health problems. As you know, it won’t be pleasant.” Yeah, I remembered very well the rat and the monkey yelling while they were growing. Imagining my Leo in that situation in few hours was disturbing. But I didn’t force him, I respected his choice. And I won’t deny that imagining him with 300 pounds of extra muscle was… fucking hot! They put him through a series of tests of strength, stamina, resistance, etc. Finally, we were ready for the next phase. “Damn! I can’t believe that this will happen!” said Leo, clearly excited. “You’re not afraid?” I said, a bit worried about something going wrong. “Man, I’m like Steve Rogers, and very soon I will be Captain America. No, I’m not scared. On the contrary, I’m impatient!” “Ready Leo?” asked Doctor Krakovski. “Oh, fuck yeah, I’m ready!” replied Leo. “Follow me,” said the Doctor. We walked to a part of the complex I had never been to, probably because I didn’t have the required level of clearance. In the room there was a glass tank probably 12 feet high. Leo was led inside wearing only his black boxer briefs. There were several types of cable and scientists were attaching them to his arms and legs. “Very nice test subject. You have chosen well, Ryan,” said Krakovski. “Hem… thanks Doctor.” I was a bit disturbed that he was talking about Leo like a test subject, not like a human, but I knew that Doctor Krakovski was a man you could trust. “Tell me, it seems that you are close. Am I wrong?” asked the Doctor. Arf, he noticed… “Hem, well… yes… in a way,” I replied, a bit embarrassed. “Don’t worry, Ryan, everything will be fine,” he replied. “Yeah, don’t worry, you’ll get your wife back, hahahaha!” said a mocking voice. I recognized the voice, but unlike Krakovski who was a respectable man, I had no respect for this bastard, Kenny. He had been there for a few months, but we didn’t really know how he got there. Even the doctor seemed annoyed by his presence, and it didn’t take long to realize that he was a big bastard. “Shut up, Kenny!” I said, a bit angry. “Please keep it to yourself, Thompson,” replied Krakovski. Kenny grumbled before shutting up. “Doctor Krakovski, we are ready,” said one of scientists who was attaching cables to Leo. “Very well… Leo, are you ready? You can talk with us through the mask, you will be heard, even after the tank is filled.” “Yes!” replied Leo, excited. “Very well, close the tank and fill it,” said the Doctor. The glass front rose slowly to the top of the tank. Leo was totally locked in his glass prison. “Glass? Isn’t it a bit fragile?” I asked. “It’s a special glass, ultra-reinforced. You could shoot it with a shotgun several times and it wouldn’t break. And it’s glass because it allows us to better analyze the experience.” Suddenly water began to flow from below to fill the tank. The water quickly reached Leo’s knees, then his waist, then his chest, and finally he was totally immersed. He was floating in the center of the tank, held by the cables attached to his legs and arms. “Are you okay, Leo? Can you breathe? Are you feeling well?” “Very well! But… I don’t feel any changes,” he said a bit disappointed. “Hahaa, don’t be so impatient, Leo, it is only water for the moment. The experiment hasn’t started yet, but we have to make sure everything is okay,” replied Krakovski. To the control center he said, “Confirm that his vital signs are okay?” “Yes, Doctor,” said one of scientists. “Perfect! So, we are entering the second phase. Set the power to 20%.” As soon as the control center activated, a whirring sound was heard, and we saw the blue serum mixing with the water. “Ooooh oooOoOoOOOOoooh.. it… it feels… weird,” said Leo. “Aaaaaah! it… it tingles… nnnnngggghhhh… everywhere, all over my body!” The water took on a bluish hue as more and more serum was injected into the tank. “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Oh god!! It’s nnnnnnggghhhhhhhh burning so much!” Leo had his eyes wide open. His body was pumped and… yes, I could see it, I could see his body was slowly growing! “Oh fuck!! I can feel it!! It’s starting! Oh my god it’s really starting!! It’s…” Suddenly, the growth accelerated. “Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!” Leo started to shout. In a mere ten seconds his body already looked like he spent his life in a gym: his shoulders were rounding, his biceps were becoming small muscle balls, his pecs emerged from his chest to become muscle hills, his abs were digging in, changing from small bumps to boulders, his back was widening, clearly making a V-shape, his legs were growing, his quads divided into muscle valleys. I didn’t mention his crotch, but his package had clearly grown too! Wow! Now he looked like a bodybuilder! Damn—in a few seconds Leo showed results that would have taken 2-3 years to build in the gym. I was fucking hard. I tried to hold back, but it was fucking impossible! He was beyond perfection now; I couldn’t look away! Leo was not only more muscular, but he was also becoming taller! He was probably more than 6’3” now! “Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh aaah aaah…?? Oh shit, it’s going up again!! Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhh!!” This time he was inflating like a balloon! His shoulders were becoming cannonballs. His traps emerged and were surrounding his neck. His pecs… well, they looked more like basketballs. Each brick of his ultra-ripped six-pack exploded and became as big as my fist. There was no doubt that I would break my knuckles on abs like that! His lats were widening so much he was now twice the width of his waist at the shoulders! His legs were becoming fucking tree trunks, with a network of veins. And holy shit! He was gigantic! Probably near 7 feet!! The skinny Leo I knew had already disappeared. He was a fucking muscular giant! And it was just the beginning. I knew he would be more, much more. “Doctor Krakovski, we reached 20%.” “Very well.” He took the intercom. “So, Leo, how do you feel?” “Oh fuck! It’s… it’s… awesome!!” His voice had already changed a lot, it was deeper, louder. “Excellent. Do you feel able to continue?” “What? Did you need to ask? Of course, continue! Send the sauce, Doctor!” Even his behavior had changed. He seemed arrogant, narcissistic even, but frankly, who wouldn’t be in this situation? “Very well!” Krakovski turned off the intercom and said to the scientist: “Increase it to 50%.” “Yes Sir!” The roar of the tank increased, the water became even bluer, and above it all we heard a voice, or rather a scream, a deep scream. “Oh, fuck yes! It’s starting again!! Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh !!” It was totally insane, the growth got completely carried away. Leo was growing and growing and growing!! “Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh hahahahahaha aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh oooooh fuuuuuuuuuuuccckkkkkkk!! Bigger!! Hahahaha yes bigger!!” Holy shit!! Leo was literally exploding with muscle! His traps engulfed his neck. His shoulders were becoming planetoids. His arms were much bigger than my head, his forearms were almost bigger than my legs. Leo roared while his pecs exploded, blocking his view of his incredibly hard six-pack and… wait, wait! “Nnnnnnnngggghhhhhh!!” The first row was swelling and… Holy shit! “Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!” Leo roared like hell as the row exploded out of his stomach, almost doubling in size and… crap! “Nnnnnnnngggghhhhhh!! Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!” The second did the same and… “Nnnnnnnngggghhhhhh!! Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!” And the third! Holy fucking shit! His abs were bigger than my two fists together and… wait… wait! “Nnnnnnnnnnnnggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!” Holy shit! A fourth popped up from nowhere, a fourth row! He had an eight-pack!! He had a fucking eight-pack!! And what an eight-pack!! It would not surprise me if it could stop a car!! His back, holy fuck his back!! It was more than double the width of his height. Holy crap!! It would become as wide as a double bed! “Oooooooohhhhh fuuuuuuuuck!! My legs!! Hhahahahaha yes more!! Moooooooaaaarrrrr !!” His legs were now bigger than tree trunks! He would be unable to see his feet because his quads were too fucking big!! Ah yeah, obviously… his boxers did not hold. They were totally torn apart by the monster inside. And fucking hell, what monster!! The thing was bigger than my arm!! I swallowed hard as I imagined this gigantic thing penetrating me. I think I’m going to need more than one jar of Vaseline now… I was shaking and… cumming, and maybe drooling, because to tell the truth my mind was elsewhere. I didn’t even try to resist any more, it was just impossible. I knew he was going to be impressive, but not that impressive. Leo was just monstrous: monstrously large, monstrously big, monstrously muscular, monstrously tall. Leo was… 9 fucking feet tall!! His strength must be insane!! “We reached 50%,” said one of scientists. I don’t know what amazed me more, the fact that this fucking titan was my “skinny” boyfriend of yesterday, or that this fucking titan was only at 50%?? Krakovski took again the intercom. “Well, Leo, how do you feel now?” “How do I feel doctor?? Hahaha are you kidding me?? Look at me doc, look at me!! I’m a fucking muscle god!! And fuck! I love that, I love that so much!!” Krakovski seemed to be thinking. “I must admit that I didn’t expect you to react so well to the serum. You’re really an ideal test subject. Too good for me to pass up this opportunity. Logically, we should stop now, but you’re only at 50% of the maximum potential of the current serum. If you agree, I would like to push it to the maximum.” “Do it!” replied Leo. “But I have to warn you, we have never pushed so far and y—” “Do it!!” replied Leo, louder. I knew what the Doctor meant to say: it could be dangerous for him if we pushed too far. So, I intervened. “Leo, it can be really dangerous and yo—” “Do it!!” shouted Leo, angry. I was shocked, he never got angry, never. I was no longer dealing with the Leo I knew. “Leo, calm down. It’s just that if you push it too far, it can be dangerous. I just don’t want to lose you!” I heard him about to get angry, but he answered me more calmly. “Don’t worry Ryan, it’s just… you can’t imagine how good it is, it’s… it’s insane!!” “I know, I can’t believe it, you… you’re so… so…” “Don’t worry Ryan, it will be fine. So do it.” replied Leo, calmly this time. “Vital signs?” asked Doctor Krakovski. “Perfect, really nothing to report.” “Well, I don’t think we will often have the opportunity to push the experiment this far. Leo, are you sure that you want to do it? I mean, really sure?” “Fuck Doc, of course I’m sure. Go ahead doc, send it all!” “Okay.” To the control center he gave the order: “Maximum power!” The roar of the tank became even louder, the color of the water quickly turned neon blue. And of course, Leo’s reaction was immediate. “Oh fuck!! Oh my god!! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!! Ins-gggnnnnnhhhhh-ane!! Oh shit!! Hahahahahahaha!! Look at me guys, look at me!! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh I… I will explode, I will explooooaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggghhhhh!!” Shit! Oh, my fucking god!! His whole body began to shake violently, and I could see his muscles growing at a crazy pace, much more than previously. “Aaaaahhhhhhhhh hahahahahahaha aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhh mooooooooaaaaarrrrrr !!” His thundering voice echoed throughout the lab. It was difficult to describe his growth because it was beyond comprehension. He was already gigantic but now he was titanic! Suddenly his dick exploded. His cannon shot huge white load after huge white load. The transparent blue water quickly became a milky blue. He was shooting again and again and again and again. Quickly the entire water tank was mixed with his cum, so much so that he was no longer visible. Even the cameras inside were drowned in the milky liquid. Though we couldn’t see him, we could hear him… and even without seeing it, the sound was enough to imagine what was happening inside the tank. “Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh oh fuck aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh hahahahahaha yes yeeeeeessss!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh !! Gggnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhh oh shit my… my traps!! They are so fucking huge…aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh!! Shit, my shoulders are exploding hahahahahah!! Ooooooooh fuck!! My-aaaaaaaaaahhhhh… My arms!! They were growing, they were… Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhh!! Gnnnnnnnhhhhh!! Oh fuck, my… My pecs, they’re-aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!! Gnnnnnnhhhhhhhh!! Oh fuck! My abs are on fire!! They’re going to explode, I can feel it, I-aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh-aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh-aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh-aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh…aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh!! Nnnnnnngggggggggggaaaaaaaahhhhhh!! My…my legs, they’re becoming gnnnnnhhhhhhhh wider than sequoias!! God, I can feel them rubbing against each other!! Oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh!! My… my back, I-I…I’m getting wider… hahahaha yes!! Oh, fuck yes!!” I must mention that his voice became deeper and deeper as he cried out. It was too much for me and I completely flooded my pants, shooting load after load after load. “Scan the tank with the infrared ray!” shouted Krakovski. “I want to see what the situation is!” But suddenly, over Leo’s heavy grunts and moans we heard another sound. *criiiiiiiiic criiiiiiiiiiiiic* What the…?? It was like a cracking sound. I looked carefully at the glass tank and I saw small cracks. “What the hell? Doctor… didn’t you say it was ultra-reinforced glass?” “Yes, but even his screams shouldn’t cause that, I-I don’t understand!” “Doc.. Doctor Krakovski, you… you should see this!” said one of scientists, clearly panicked. Krakovski approached the screen, and when he saw it, his face turned white and he shouted, “Holy shit!” He had never sworn like that, I had to see what caused this reaction. When I saw the screen, my jaw dropped and my eyes popped out of their sockets: on the screen I saw Leo’s form, but he was curled up because he was taller than the tank! And what was causing the cracks were not his screams but… his shoulders were pushing against the glass. Leo was simply becoming too big for the tank!! I could only make some guttural sounds of surprise. We knew he would get huge, but not that much! “Hahahahahahahaha yes bigger!! Bigger!! Biiiiigggggggeeeeeeeerrrrrrr!!” shouted Leo. The glass cracked more and more; jets of water appeared. The cracking continued for several more seconds, covering the entire surface with cracks until suddenly… *crrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaacccccccckkkkkkkkk!* With a loud sound of breaking glass, water invaded the lab. But what held my attention was the titanic shape in the tank: 12 feet tall, probably more than 7 feet wide, and weighing several tons. It was Leo. My Leo, the one who, until a few hours ago, would have posed for a model magazine. Now, I didn’t think he would fit through any door, in height or width. Yes, he could obviously get through a door, but only by destroying the entire wall in the process. It was indescribable: traps like mountains surrounding his neck, shoulders several times bigger than my head, fucking gigantic arms - one of those monsters would be heavier than me! - enormous forearms with a lot of veins, gigantic hands, planetoid pecs, hiding his view of his… two… four… six… eight… t-t-ten? Ten fucking bricks of abs!! Each one was almost as big as my head. His V-line was so cut that it had to be carved with an axe, with a network of enormous veins leading to his crotch! Legs… no, sorry, I mean fucking sequoias! They were so huge I could hide behind one of them! Not to mention his cock! My arm looked pathetic compared to his dick! My body was shaking, I couldn’t believe it! He left the tank and took a few steps. I swear I felt the ground shake! He smiled a little and then… Fffuuuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!! Oh my god, hahahahaha!!” His screams resonated through the whole lab. The walls shook! “Awesome!” he said in a very deep voice while flexing his gigantic biceps. Holy shit! Those mountains had to be 2 or 3 times bigger than my head!! And the main vein was thicker than two of my fingers! He would have more strength in his little finger than in my whole body! “Too bad it’s already over. I wouldn’t have minded a few more feet!” A few more feet? Leo, holy shit dude, you’re already fucking gigantic! I approached him, amazed, excited but at the same time a bit terrified by so much power. “L-L-Leo?” I said with a shaking voice. “Fuck, Ryan, it was even better than all my fantasies!” he said while flexing his enormous muscles. “Hahaha, you’re so small now!” Indeed, I barely reached the bottom of his abs, abs that were almost as big as my head, by the way. “Leo, I must say that I didn’t expect such a result!” said Doctor Krakovski. “Me neither!” replied Leo, smiling, and flexing his incredible ten-pack. “Would you agree to retake some tests, Leo?” asked Krakovski. “And if I refuse, what are you going to do?” Leo laughed. “Hem… eh….” Krakovski seemed a bit embarrassed, knowing he was powerless. “I’m kidding, Doctor, hahahaha! I’m also keen to test my new abilities. But—” “But?” asked the Doctor, a bit worried. “It will take something heavier than 200 pounds. Hahahaha!” “Hem, yeah, clearly…” replied Krakovski. As he was leaving the lab, Leo accidentally enlarged the entrance. “Oops!” said Leo before adding, “You will have to adapt your doors, Doc, they’re a bit narrow, hahahaha!” Nobody said anything. We moved to the test room, or rather to a hangar. I was wondering why, but when we are arrived, I understood why. In the middle of the hangar there was… a fucking Panzer VII tank! Holy shit! “Eh, Doc, are you serious?” I asked. “A Panzer VII tank? Don’t you think that’s a bit much?” “Probably, but the objective is not to lift it, but to see if he can put it out of action.” “Ah, finally, a challenge!” replied Leo, cracking his knuckles. “Leo, I want you to put this tank out of action, understood?” said Krakovski. “Understood, Doc!” replied Leo. He approached the cannon, grabbed it, and with loud creaking sounds he bent the cannon all the way back to the hatch. Holy shit!! I was stunned by the titanic strength he had now! “Very well, now we can pass to the next—” “I haven’t finished,” said Leo. “Er… I think it’s done in, isn’t it?” said Krakovski, a bit surprised. “No, no, I haven’t finished,” said Leo one more tim. Then he placed his hands below the tank. Wait… wait! He-he’s not going to try to do what I think? “Gnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggahhhhhhhhhh!!” His face turned red and… …!! God-fucking-damn- it!! He lifted the front of the tank… he lifted the front of the tank!! “D-Doc-Doctor Krakovski?” I asked, stuttering. “Y-yes?” said the Doctor, also stunned. “H-how much does that thing w-weigh?” “9-9-99 short tons…” My face froze. Did he just say… 99 fucking short tons?? I swallowed hard. I expected Leo would get stronger… but not that much stronger!! “Leo, we can pass to the next—” said Krakovski. “I said I’m not finished!” shouted Leo, a bit angry. “But—” “Gggnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!” Leo strained and suddenly… I almost fainted - little by little he raised the tank… above his head!! And it was not the only surprise he had in store for us… “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!” He squeezed the tank and after few seconds the metal began to bend!! I couldn’t believe my eyes: Leo was lifting and bending a fucking tank!! The doctor was as stunned as I was. “Fuck, yeah! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!” shouted Leo. On his face there was a strange smile, an expression of pure lust: he clearly loved this. When he was finished the tank was a heap of crumpled metal. “There, I’m finished!” he said while flexing his monumental biceps. “So, Doc, am I strong enough for you?” The Doctor and I were speechless. This was much more than we had imagined. “Let’s move on to the resistance test.” A soldier appeared with a gun. His eyes widened as he passed the tank’s carcass. “Wait, Doc, are you going shoot him?” I asked, a bit worried. “Don’t worry, Ryan, it has rubber bullets.” The soldier shot and, no surprise, it had no effect on Leo. “Well, are we doing this test or not?” asked Leo, impatient. “But… that was the test,” replied Krakovski. “That? Are you kidding me, Doc?” Leo looked at the soldier. “Hey you! You have an M16, right? Shoot me for real!” Wh—? He was serious? Leo, fuck, it’s a fucking M16! I took the intercom. “L-Leo… I don’t think that’s a very good id—” “Shoot me!” shouted Leo, angry. The soldier seemed a bit panicked. “Doc-Doctor… wh-what should I do?” “Do what he said.” What the hell? “Whenever you’re ready,” said Leo, smiling while flexing his abs. Shaking, the soldier took his M16 and aimed at Leo. A few seconds passed. “Do it,” said Leo in a very low voice. But nothing happened. “Do it!” he said, a bit louder. Still nothing. “Do it!” he shouted. I don’t know if it was from surprise or fear, but the soldier fired a burst. I froze, expecting to see him fall to the ground, injured but… he smiled. The soldier looked down and picked up one of the spent bullets. “Do-Doc… it-it’s completely… crushed!” “Hehehe!” smiled Leo. “Now empty your clip.” “Do what he said,” replied the Doc. During the next minute hundreds of bullets were shot at Leo who just smiled. Finally, the clip was empty. “Okay, I must admit it tickles a little bit, hahahaha!” Again, we were totally speechless. All the bullets were crushed, all of them! Not one had been effective. They were all crushed. “You see, dude, that is why you have to work your abs, hahahaha!” Leo rubbed his ten-pack. The soldier swallowed hard, petrified. The doctor looked slightly pale. “Okay, let’s go to speed test…” We went out onto a long track where a circuit had been made, and there was a race car. “Okay Leo, the goal will be to overtake this car while it is at full speed.” “No problem! Nobody can beat me in a race!” The car started and ran at full speed. “Ready, Leo? … Go!” Leo started to run, quickly, very quickly, but not enough for to overtake the car. “How fast does the car go?” I asked. “Up to 200 mph, maybe more,” replied the Doc. Holy shit! I knew he was now superhuman, but still… 200 mph for a human, that’s… insane. And indeed, Leo was not able to overtake the car. Well, that’s what we thought… “It’s a shame, I was hoping he would be able to-” said the Doc “Well, the warm-up is over!” said Leo when he passed in front of us. “What? The… warm-up?” we replied at same time. Suddenly, Leo accelerated… I mean he really accelerated and… holy fucking shit! He was catching the car! He was catching the car!! And the kicker was, he didn’t stop there—no, he continued to run until he caught up to it a second time! Holy shit! I couldn’t believe it… this was insane. He was closer to the Hulk’s specs rather than Captain America! They performed several more tests with Leo, who passed all of them with flying colors. Doctor Krakovski was ecstatic. “It is a total success; a complete success, hahahahahaha!! Finally, they will respect my experiments after this!” I think he didn’t expect this. “That will be all for today, we have arranged a room for you, Leo, adapted to your size,” said the Doc. “Perfect! … Ryan?” said Leo. “Yeah?” “Can you wait for me in the other room for a few minutes, I have to talk with the Doc.” “Talk with the Doc? But why?” I asked, intrigued. “Please,” replied Leo. “Okay, I’ll wait for you.” “Thanks,” replied Leo. I wondered what he had to ask him, but it didn’t matter. I went to the room and… holy crap! Yeah, it was adapted to Leo’s size: the door was more than two times taller and wider, and the bed was bigger than a king size bed. I felt like an ant in the room of a giant. Ten minutes later I heard Leo coming, or rather I felt it: I could feel the vibrations caused by his footsteps. Then he entered in the room while reflexively bending down a little. “Hahahaha! No, you’ll not destroy this one! They have planned for everything now,” I joked. “So much better! Even though I love destroying walls, hahaha,” he replied. My eyes were magnetized to the incredible man standing in front of me. I had never seen anything so beautiful. I was still struggling to realize that yeah, this fucking insanely muscular titan was Leo, the guy I was fucking this morning, the one who had a fit body. And now, in front of me, was a fucking titan 12 feet tall, at least 7 feet wide, weighing several tons of pure muscle, who could overtake a car, had the strength to lift and crush a tank, and abs that could stop bullets. His naturally tanned skin made him look incredibly hotter. I was almost sweating just from looking at him. Yeah, this monstrous force of nature was… my boyfriend! “Oh fuuuuuuukkk! I will never get used to this sight!” I said, noticing that precum was already oozing from my dick that was totally hard. “And I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this body,” said Leo, smiling while flexing his gigantic biceps. Oh fuck! That was already too much for me, and I shot load after load. “You can’t imagine how I felt in the tank… it was so… so indescribable! I felt myself getting bigger and stronger and bigger and stronger, each second was more intense than the previous one. Even the best orgasm is nothing compared to that sensation! It was insane! Thank you, Ryan, thank you for giving me this opportunity. You will be rewarded very soon, I assure you!” Oh, I was already rewarded, Leo! And speaking of orgasms, I was having one repeatedly. Drool was pouring out of my mouth. Leo turned and saw me. “You like this, don’t you?” He flexed his monumental biceps. “Oh, fuck yes, I like it!” I replied while drooling more. “You want to feel them, don’t you?” “Yes!” “And lick them?” “Yes!” “Okay, do you want me to join you in bed?” I couldn’t say a word, I was just panting as I shot load after load. Leo walked towards the bed. I moved to avoid being crushed by the behemoth. I felt the ground shake with each of his footsteps. Leo laid down on the bed and… *crrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaccccckkkkk* The bed was in pieces… “Grrrr—adapted to me, my ass! Adapted to my size perhaps, but adapted to my weight, absolutely not!” Leo looked over at me. “So, Ryan, what are you waiting for, hahahah? This body is yours, all yours!” I think I broke the world record for undressing. I almost tore my clothes off! I approached Leo, shaking with lust, drooling like hell, and obviously cumming. This was so perfect I was sure I would wake up next to “skinny” Leo. This was too good to be true, really, way too good! My hand was approaching his chest. His skin radiated an extraordinary warmth. Finally, I touched him! Holy shit! My dick went into automatic fire mode, I was panting like never before, worse than a dog, and I had a stream of drool dripping from my lip. His skin was hot and hard, fucking hard, insanely hard! I felt like I was touching rock. I started to climb the monster, clinging to his abs. I had to go up a little farther to pass his enormous pecs until I finally reached his head. I was barely half his size! I started to kiss him while clinging to his traps. There was plenty to hold on to! It was a bit weird. His lips were too big compared to mine. It was like kissing a giant. In fact, I was kissing a giant! Instantly I felt tears on my cheek. My hands caressed his body everywhere, again and again and again. After several minutes of pure frenzy, I broke the kiss, looked at Leo and said, “Fuck me! Leo, I want you to fuck me!” I knew he was a lot bigger than me, but I wanted him to fuck me. It was an irresistible desire! I wanted to be dominated, to be fucked by this titan! Leo stroked my hair and smiled. He said “Honestly, I would like it so much but… if we try anything now, I will crush you like an egg. We will find a solution quickly, don’t worry!” “I don’t know if I can hold out any longer,” I said, so impatient. “But even if I can’t fuck you now… well… worshipping me is strongly recommended!” he said with a malicious smile. Oh fuck! That was all it took to put me in a trance. Don’t worry, it will be a pleasure to worship you, Leo! My hands were everywhere, feeling his huge traps, his titanic striated shoulders, his gigantic pecs. Then I noticed Leo was almost twice as tall as me and I was lying on him so that my crotch was on his ten-pack. I could feel my dick rubbing against the enormous muscle bricks. Perfect! Without hesitation I wedged my cock in the deep central crevice. Awwwwww, it was so tight! I could feel his enormous boulder abs compressing my dick! Then I started moving it back and forth… Oh fuck! Shit! Oh crap! Oh my god! Insane! It was so… insanely good!! I cried with joy. Never had sex felt so fucking good! Leo was grunting with pleasure and sometimes stroked my hair with his huge hands. He could grab my entire head with only one hand. And I could feel him, I could feel his titanic strength. Slightly too much pressure would break all my bones. I felt a little sorry for him because he had to hold back while I was having the best sex. While I was licking his enormous pecs my mouth reached his nipple and I instinctively began to suck it. The effect was immediate. “Ggggggggrrrrooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!” roared Leo with pleasure. “Don’t… d-don’t d-do…it-it’s so-so sen-sensitive—” he said, stuttering. So sensitive? Hehehe, here is a gift, honey! I sucked stronger. “Oh shit!! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh!! It’s so good! Don’t…” Then suddenly he stopped. “No…no, continue… I’m tired of trying to hold back! Let’s go Ryan, suck me! Suck me stronger! Let’s go Ryan! Do it, hahahahaha!!” No need to tell me twice, Leo! I started to suck and lick like never before! Oh god, it was a dream, it was a fucking living dream! I was in pure ecstasy, crying with joy, cumming non-stop, and sucking/licking my boyfriend. “Oooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh fffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk!!” roared Leo. Okay, I wasn’t the only one who was in ecstasy. Leo was shouting and grabbing things that he reduced to dust with his superhuman strength. “Gggggnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Soooo gooooooood!! Aaaaaahh… Oh fuck, oh fucking fuck I-I…I’m going to…t-to explode!” I was so absorbed I didn’t notice that Leo’s dick was as hard as ever and ready to shoot! I stopped, raised my eyes, and looked at Leo. “Oh man! That was awesome! Fortunately, you stopped because I was going to expl—” I didn’t let him finish. I dived again on his nipple and redoubled my efforts. “Ooooooooooh shiiiiiiiiiiittttt!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh t-too m-much aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!” Leo began to thrash in all directions, hitting the floor with his feet, crushing anything he could reach with his hands. Hehe, yeah, the pleasure was intense! “Aaaaahhhhh!! I’m going to explode! I’m going to explode! Ohmygod I’m goinnnnnnnngggggggggggnnnnnnnhhhhhh!!” The explosion was imminent. Fortunately, Leo had good reflexes. He grabbed his dick and pointed it towards the ceiling. Finally, the floodgates opened… “Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh!!” I had almost forgotten that my boyfriend was now a 12-foot titan, and his orgasms were no longer the same. His big loads hit the ceiling like cannonballs, and I’m not just speaking figuratively; they really looked like cannonballs being fired. If one had hit me, I don’t know what state I would be in! With each shot, pieces of plaster were falling! I swear I felt the walls shake due to his roar. Fuck, it was awesome! I was also cumming and shouting, but my shouts were drowned out by Leo’s. I came, and I came, and I came, like Leo, except that I shot a few pints while he shot enough to fill a swimming pool. I filled the central crevice of Leo’s abs with my cum. After many minutes of orgasm, calm returned. It was a deluge, there was cum everywhere! “Ha… ha… ha… ha… oh my god! You know how to worship perfectly!” said Leo in his deep voice. “Ha… ha… ha… It’s not hard when you have a boyfriend like you!” I replied. After a few minutes we started again, and again, and again. It was the hottest night of my life: constant sex until exhaustion. I started to count our orgasms but after the sixth one I stopped. Who wouldn’t be that turned on by worshipping a 12-foot ultra-muscular boyfriend? I don’t know when I fell asleep, but when I woke up my head was resting on something hard, very hard. I looked around to see a huge pec. Oh my! It wasn’t a dream. Leo was really a 12-foot titan! He was still sleeping, snoring very loudly, and I felt my whole body move up and down with his breathing. Suddenly, someone knocked at the door. “Leo? Ryan? Doctor Krakovski would like to see you—” He entered the room and… “Holy shit!” he shouted in surprise after seeing the condition of the room. There was cum everywhere, even on the ceiling, a big hole in the ceiling, the bed and furniture were crushed, there cracks in the walls… it was carnage! “Hem… w-we are awake…” I said, a bit embarrassed. Leo moaned loudly as he opened his eyes. “Good morning, my big lover! The Doc is waiting for us.” “Good morning, my little honey! I had a great night, did you?” asked Leo. “Oh yeah, it was a great night! A fucking great night!” I said happily. “Don’t worry, we’ll do it again tonight, hehehe!” he said with a strange tone, as if he was hiding something from me. “Well, I would love to do it again, but the Doc is waiting for us,” I said. I hurried to wash what I could (I stank of sex…) and to dress. Leo didn’t have anything he could fit into. We went to see Doctor Krakovski. “Good morning, Doc,” I said. “Good morning, Ryan. Sleep well?” “Hem… the night started out a bit rough…” I stuttered. “I see that…” replied the Doc. I blushed like never before. It was so embarrassing… “So… you wanted to see us?” I asked. “Yeah, follow me!” he said. We went through corridors that I had never been in before. We passed a good number of security guards. What the hell, where are we going? Finally, we arrived in another, larger lab. And what I saw made my jaw drop: in this lab there was… another fucking tank! And this one was bigger! “W-w-w-what the hell??” I shouted. “The one we used yesterday was for the first experiments. This one is more advanced, bigger, sturdier,” said Krakovski. Another tank? Bigger? Wait, does that mean he will…? “You mean, you’re going to make Leo grow again??” I was totally stunned, imagining Leo even bigger, stronger, wider. Holy crrrraaaaaaaaap! “No,” replied Krakovski. Huh? Did I hear that right? He just said… no? “No?” I asked, surprised by his answer. Leo exploded in laughter. “Hahahahahahahahaha!! Ryan… do you still not understand?” “Understand? Understand what?” “Ryan… you’re the next test subject!”
  20. Ienjoisk8ing

    THE HIMs Virus Part 02 Added 7/19/23

    This is not my First Rodeo, have written other stuff before, just have not written in a few years... This will prob only be a total of 3 parts. Read the original female version of this story, as well as the All male version which can be found on this site also. I wanted to take the story into a new direction. Growth will be more focused on Part 2. Enjoy, and let me know how you all think! THE HIMs VIRUS Part 1 DREW'S POV: I've seen the news stories and the warnings in the tabloids about the Virus that has finally been contained and the levels of it being out in the world have been drastically removed from society, but let's take a step back so I can explain what had gone on. Over the last 3 years a lot of men, but not all, had come in contact with this very rare disease that has literally turned them into actual GIANTS… One of the last recent outbreaks that had happened by accident where an older gentleman actually got it from some of the virus being on a napkin that was bought on the dark web. This guy apparently got to 12 feet tall and then some other trigger happened later or something and it was reported he found a way to get even Larger! Well, that happened about a year ago… And now it supposedly actually is contained as there has not been any more of these outbreaks since that incident… That is until hopefully today… when something actually showed up for me on a deep web auction trade… One of these giants felt they had a relapse and claimed he grew another foot in height almost instantly and managed to possibly get some of the virus collected to possibly reopen this pandemic across the world again. Not wanting to think of this to get out deeper than what it should, the auction went up and was only up for 6 hours… there was three people bidding on it including myself and I'm sure the people who found the listing were either not of wealth or young like me, early college student who felt there was more in life to continuing education (The men who grew after contacting the original virus never had to ever work again as it distracted the rest of society and made them solely want to give these men the pleasure they "deserved"). As the bidding was running out of time, with only a minute to go, I watched as it hit $450, and with 10 seconds left I slammed in $1000… it was a blind auction and nobody saw my bet and I watched the others go frantic…. $500… $600… 5 seconds left $650…. $800… I threw another random bid to play it safe… $1050 $900… $950… 2 seconds left… I was nervous as I pushed it to $1100 when I saw another bid hit for $1000… 1 second $1050… At 0 my eyes went wide as the last bid hit and it was $1100… but I miraculously tossed another at $1101… "I fucking did it… I.. I just got a One Way ticket to fucking Giant Town…" I sent the seller all the information they needed… address… payment… with this type of sale they didn't want a name attached… So I waited two long and grueling weeks… I had the shipment actually shipped to my home since I was away at university and I'd be home for summer break by then, and I actually was lucky because it had not arrived until I was home… The mail came on a Wednesday morning, rather earlier than usual… I was expecting none of my family to be home that day, but my mom, dad, and 18 year old younger brother, Tyler, were all home. I managed to get the mail though and raced it up to my room. My younger brother was playing on my PS5 the new Final Fantasy 16 game that I bought while at school and I decided to set it up for him to try out while I was on break. "What's in the package, Drew?" He asked me a bit curious as I seemed to be shaking with nervousness and excitement. "Nothing bro, just a school project I have been working on for the last couple weeks. I couldn't take it home with me cause I had too much to bring back as it was." Tyler looked me straight in the eye, knowing something was up "OK dude, whatever… something that small and flat of a package I'm sure could have fit in your bag. Better not be some like porn magazine or something dumb, I'm sure the rents wouldn't care at your age." He rolled his eyes and continued to play the game. I noticed the package however was pretty sealed tight… a lot of tape and it was in a plastic envelope… I was gonna need something to open this shit then just my hands. "Hey, Tyler… I need to go to the kitchen to get some scissors, I'll be right back." He watched me intently as I made my way to the door normally and as soon as I was out of his vision range I walked faster… earshot of him, I sped up more down to the kitchen. "Hey mom, do you have a pair of scissors I can use…" TYLER'S POV: I watched my bro looking a bit strange.. he got this package in and slapped it down on his bed behind me, while I played on the PS5… He was making Hella-A-Lot of noise for some weird thing that just arrived with no warning to me or the rest of the family that something was on the way. The package was in a plastic envelope with tons of tape and zip ties around it, so of course anyone was going to need something else to open it. "Hey, Tyler… I need to go to the kitchen to get some scissors, I'll be right back." I watched him with a bit of a stare as he left before turning back to the TV as he hurried out of the room like a bat out of hell… Something was definitely up… I left the game running so in case he did come back or to try to check on his room he'd not come in fully and to think I'd be still playing, as I got up from the floor where I was sitting and made my way on top of his bed. "Alright, bro… let's see what your fucking hiding from us…" I had worked earlier that day at my local supermarket… love having a 6am shift and being off by 10am… and still had my box cutter in my pocket… Drew was in a mad rush… he looked super excited and overly nervous about this package… I think it would be better to just open it fast and quickly… I jammed my box cutter into the side, cutting through the plastic… I wasn't caring about the packaging so If I didn't need to have much of it opened to get to the contents on the inside then that was my goal… I sliced 2 of the zip ties off and then dug the box cutter in again, managing to open the plastic envelope just wide enough to see a piece of a zip lock bag… with two fingers I managed to pull the plastic through and with the box cutter I managed to slice just enough more to pull out what looked to be an old dirty sock and a note inside of it… the note was clearly visible on what it said… "Used Cum Sock while I grew 16 extra inches in height instantly…" My face lit up… "Possible HIMs infected…" I slowly made my way to my brother's bedroom door… closing it so it was only partially opened… walked back to his bed… dropped my shorts… and hopped back on his bed… leaning my body back against the head board… DREW'S POV: Mom found me the scissors and then her and Dad went out to catch an early matinee at the theater… Well that saves me two people from not being here with what I was about to have happen… I knew of the protein rations the government handed out to families during the pandemic… 5 for each male in the household in case someone was exposed it was just enough to help them with their calorie intake to grow into full fruition… Dad had stored them in the garage after they managed to contain it so there are a total of 15 in the house… As I made my way back up to the room I heard some moaning and ruffling… I didn't really catch on till I saw my door partially closed… I felt the blood leave my face… please for the love of god I hoped and prayed he did not open it… "Ty… " I pushed the door open and there sat my 5'4" not even 130 lb little brother with what appeared to be a dirty stained yellow sock over his dick as he stroked it with his eyes closed… curling his little toes that didn't make it even ½ way to the edge of the bed. His eyes opened and he stared at me with a sinister smirk… "Whats up BIG Bro… or soon to be LITTLE Bro… maybe I should start calling you that now…" "Wh-wh-what have you done?" I was literally shaking… first with rage… but now nervousness? fright? There were so many emotions going on in my head as I saw him kicking back on MY bed with a sock wrapped around his cock… I started to move towards him… "I wouldn't take one more step… you see… this sock… you were hiding it not just from me, but from mom and dad too… You know how fucking hard they tried to keep that virus out of our house… Dads younger bro.. BOOM huge… his boss at work… BOOM, he blew up to a giant… he was exposed twice and even self contained himself to make sure he didn't grow…" He continued to stroke his dick up and down in that yellow colored sock that obviously used to be a normal white knee high… "You… you need to remove that off you bro… look I'm sorry I didn't tell mom, dad, or you but I wanted to be infected…" "And you fucking think I didn't want to be infected either? watching a few classmates literally break their desks in class and be rushed out as they began to get huge right in front of me? Seeing 4 guys in gym class blow up to mass monsters and get escorted and expelled and I never got to see them again? Guess what, fucker, I tried getting involved every time and someone else got in MY way and they later got infected… Well not this time, Little Andy…" "Take it off!" As I reached for the sock I heard him moan…. in his boyish voice as it dropped an octave almost instantly and whatever dick size he had in that sock, it literally began to grow and crawl up the material… "To fucking late, BRO… Infection rate is one per person, and I don't know if you remember or not but you were TRIPLE VAXXED and I was too young to receive not even one… Better go get me some food and Growth Canisters cause Mommy and Daddy will be pissed fucking off if they come home and I'm dead!" I ran out of my room as fast as I could and went to the garage, grabbing 2 large gallon jugs, rushing back to my room with them as quickly as possible, not knowing what I was going to return to…
  21. So here we go, my first ever posted story. Always been into growth stories and roleplays and I’ve been writing this lately. Enjoy and let me me know what you think ——————————————————————— Twink vs Bully: The One True Alpha “Oh fuck I’m actually bigger!” Said Owen as he felt his small but hard bicep. He was standing in the locker room flexing in the floor length mirror. Owen stared at himself, flexing and hitting poses, his lean muscular body a little vascular from his workout. Although Owen enjoyed what he saw. He knew it wasn’t enough. He wanted more. Way more. He wanted huge rippling muscles. Thick veins. And to be taller wouldn’t hurt either. His small bulge stirred as he fantasied about being bigger. The perfect male specimen. Then he opened his eyes to see his reflection and sighed. Standing there in nothing but his white boxer briefs, his 5’10 frame was lean and pale. His thin pecs had little definition, as did his barely visible abs. His arms were thin but muscular, his legs were the same. Owen angled his face looking at his soft jawline, he didn’t mind his wavy brown hair or green eyes though. “At least I won’t be like this for long....” Owen grinned at himself. “I can’t wait to be huge!” Owen flexed a most muscular pose, his thin muscles tensed and a few veins stirred as he let out a pathetic grunt. The locker room door slammed open “what the fuck do we have here?!” Sneered a deep masculine voice. Owen jumped and turned around to see his tormenter, Callum. The source of all his pain, the alpha of the jocks, the school bully. Callum stood there with a cocky stance. Although he was only 18 Callum was an absolute beast. His 6’4 frame was thick with rippling vascular powerful muscle. His big feet inside a pair of huge black leather wrestling boots. His jeans so tight around his long thick legs that they showed every crevice. His bulge constantly tight. His white sweat soaked T-shirt skin tight. His black leather jacket hanging open from his broad shoulders. His tight pecs jutting out over what Owen knew must have been a ripped 8 pack. Callum’s neck was thick with muscle, a few veins ran up and over his sharp Adam’s apple. His light brown hair perfectly swept over and back. Framing his chizzled model-like face, cheekbones and a ridiculously square hard jawline. His bright blue eyes shone with hunger as he stared at Owen..... his prey. Owen stared right back at the huge jock. As much as he hated himself for it, Owen was so turned on by Callum. Even if he did hate him with a deep passion. A wide arrogant grin spread across Callum’s face. “You trying flex bro? Trying to pose like a real man? Hate to break it to you Owen but you can’t flex what you don’t have.” Callum put his hands on his hips to add to his cocky stance, spreading his lats. “Me on the other hand...” he said as he raised his left arm, flexing his bicep, his leather jacket straining skin tight over the teens huge arm, veins pulsing over his clenched fist. “Oh fuck off Callum...” hissed Owen. He turned back to the mirror and continued imagining what he would be like as a muscular alpha male. Although he was thrown aside into the lockers by a huge force. “The fuck you say to me bro?!” Growled Callum as he pushed Owen against the lockers with his huge chest. “You know what happens when you don’t respect your alpha brother!” Owen thought back to the time Callum had humiliated him in front of all the other jocks in the showers. Forcing Owen to worship his pumped naked body. “I’m not your ‘brother!” Snapped Owen. “Sure you are bro” grinned Callum as he pressed his chest harder against the twink. “I’m just... bigger... better... stronger...” he snarled. Owen gulped as he felt Callum’s pecs flex into hard stone. Pushing him harder against the lockers. “Don’t tell me you don’t like it?” Grinned Callum flexing a double bicep. His leather jacket once again strained to the max over his bulging arms. Owen quickly slipped down and out of the jocks hold and dived for his bag. “Where you going little bro?” Owen rummaged in his bag until he found it. The small clear bag containing a large black pill. “Oh fuck bro?!” Laughed Callum. “You taking roids now?!” “Oh you got no idea!” Spat Owen before swallowing the large black pill. He stared Callum straight in the eye. “What do you say Callum? How about we switch things up a bit?” “What the fuck you mean man? What? You wanna feel what it’s like to have this body? Be a born and bred alpha?” Callum mocked groping his left pectoral. “Nah man” said Owen. “I mean you be the one who gets dominated. You be the beta bitch.....bro” mocked Owen. “Oh fuck this is gonna be good! I can already feel it!” “Bro what the fuck..” “Shut the fuck up!” Barked Owen. “Oh fuck yeah.... it’s coming.... I feel it.... I fucking feel it! And it feels so... fucking.... GOOOOD!” Owens voice dropped a few octaves to a deep husky rumble as he growled the last word. Owens hands clenched into fists as veins pulses thick up his arms. Over his shoulders, spreading over his bare chest, up his neck. Callum stared at Owen, still taken aback at his voice dropping to that growl. What the fuck was going on? His question was answered. Owen let out a series of deep grunts and growls as he began flexing his body. “Grrraaah!” He roared as his neck bulged with muscle. A sharp Adam’s apple poking out. Owen flexed again, this time his traps ballooned out, his shoulders bulging with corded muscles as they grew broader. His lats flaring out giving him a huge v-taper down to his tight waist. “Oh fuck brah.... this is fucking amazing! Come on! Bigger! I want fucking.......BIGGER!” Owen roared as his voice dropped lower again, he surged taller, then taller again. His limbs growing longer to make room for all that growing muscle. “FUCK YEAGH!” He bellowed as his chest burst forward into two huge ripped pectorals. Owens arms bulged and flexed with huge biceps, triceps, meaty forearms as his hands curled into huge veiny fists. He used his new muscle paws to caress his stomach as a deep cut 6pack bulged forward. “Come on! MORE!” Growled Owen fingering his abs. The growth obeyed his will as his 6 pack became an 8 pack... then a chizzled 10 pack. With a hard v-line growing down to his bulge... which was growing thicker every second. Owens white boxer briefs now skin tight. Barley able to wrap around his huge solid quads. Veins pulsing down over his tree trunk legs to his rippling calves. His feet growing in length, in width, to support his new powerful frame. “OH FUCK YEAAAGH!” Roared Owen flexing a double bicep pose, veins throbbing over his python like arms, over his chest and abs. Callum stood fixed to the spot. Staring in amazement at the 6’7 shredded giant alpha muscle jock in front of him. Owen slowly looked down over his chest. His eyes bright with hunger and new found power. His jawline sharper and squared as an evil grin spread across his face. “Like what you see?” He growled as Callum’s bulge hardened. Owen took two huge strides towards Callum, flexed his huge legs, his 10 pack abs and chest, his arms and shoulders and snarled deeply. “I’m the alpha now...” “Oh fuck...” said Callum in a slight whimper as he couldn’t help but reach up and caress Owens huge chest. His other hand feeling the grooves of Owens 10 pack. “What the fuck man.... you’re.... a total beast!” He said in awe. “Fuck yeah I am!” Said Owen with an arrogant grin as he reflexed his biceps. “Fuck, can’t contain it any longer...” Owen snarled as he grabbed his boxers and easily tore them right off. His new solid 10 inch veiny muscle rod lurching up and hitting Callum in the chin. “Fucking worship me brah!” Owen commanded. Callum had no choice. He ran his hands up Owens hard obliques and lats. Caressed and squeezed his biceps. Owen moaned in pleasure as Callum then reached up and licked his pecs. Then worked his way down Owens solid 10 pack, feeling each brick with his tongue as his hands felt up the beasts huge rippling hairy quads. “Fuck yes!” Roared Owen flexing again. “Now taste my true muscle you fucking beta!” Owen bucked his hips in pleasure as Callum was forced to take his huge thick cock in his mouth. He would have gagged but it felt so good to Callum. The rod was warm in his mouth, so solid, he could feel the veins. Owen snarled deeply in pleasure as he moved back and forth with Callum, working his shaft. “Fuck yes! Fuck yes!” Owen flexed his tryumphant double bicep pose again, harder than ever. His veins throbbing. “I’m the alpha!” He roared. “I’m the bigger bro! I’m the stronger bro!” He thrust harder holding his pose. “I AM. A FUCKING. BEAAAST!” Owens tight muscular hips bucked hard, his whole body flexing harder than ever as he blew his huge load into Callum. Callum swallowed again and again, his mouth and thick neck working furiously to take down all that thick alpha cum. Owen withdrew, still solid. His eyes shut tight. “Ohhh!” He moaned groping his pecs. Feeling up his new massive powerful body. A few moments passed as Owen caressed his jacked up frame. Then he opened his eyes and slowly looked down. His eyes fell upon Callum who was leaning against the lockers, staring at Owen. Hunger and thirst in Callum’s eyes as he wiped the last of Owens cum off his mouth and licked it off his thumb. Callum let out a deep sigh. “I was hoping you’d do that....brah” he said quietly. Not breaking eye contact. Callum walked forwards a few steps, “you see Owen, that was super impressive! Fuck I bet you’re the biggest jock around! Actually you’re probably the biggest muscle beast in the city! You could rival all champion bodybuilders!” Owen was enjoying the worship, but he was growing suspicious. Where was Callum going with this? “But you know bro... you’re just not cut out for this shit. Unlike you... I was born to be an alpha” Callum teased as he once again groped his own chest. “And you should know brah.... once an alpha.... always the FUCKING alpha!” Spat Callum as he flexed his own double bicep, this time, the leather of his jacked bursting right open exposing two huge solid veiny bicep peaks. Biceps peaks that were starting to swell. Even with his new powerful body, Owen stared at Callum. Fearing what was about to happen. A dark menacing grin spread across Callum’s chizzled face. He stared hard into Owens eyes as he squeezed and squeezed his double bi. His biceps throbbing bigger and covered in veins. As if raw power was pumping around inside him, waiting to be unleashed. Owens body acted for him. He balled his veiny fist and threw a punch with all the might he could summon. His fist hit something solid. The palm of Callum’s hand. Callum caught the punch in his hand easily and closed his fingers around Owens. Callum’s grin widened as his hand grew bigger and thicker, more muscular and veiny as it engulfed Owens fist. With this Callum let out a thunderous laugh. Although it wasn’t his usual laugh. It was far far deeper, ground rumbling... demonic. Callum’s neck muscles quivered as it sounded. Owen knew. This was it. What had he done?! As Callum’s baritone devilish laugh filled the locker room, he started to swell. His fist still wrapped around Owens. His clothes tightening further and further into the creases of his muscles. He grew taller and taller and taller. Bones cracking and reforming much longer. Preparing him for what was to come. With a deep animal like snarl Callum raised his huge left foot. The leather of his wrestling boot almost skin tight around the muscle and flesh it held. Callum kicked at Owens solid 10 pack abs and sent him crashing backwards into the lockers. Callum widened his stance and balled his veiny fists at his chest, like he was trying to keep a bomb from exploding inside, building up the power. Still with his chizzled devilish grin spread wide, Callum’s neck thickened with corded vascular muscle. His writs writhing with veins. His pecs forced his shirt a little further open as they rippled and flexed with the power that was filling up inside Callum. Ready to explode. His growth in height made his v line and the bottom of his 8 pack visible as his shirt rode higher. “This power.....” Callum grunted through gritted teeth as his jawline flexed, his voice inhumanly deep. “... you have wasted it... squandered it! You couldn’t see it’s full potential! But I can! I was born an alpha! I was born to be a GOD! OHH!” He roared as his biceps surged bigger, his shoulders bulging in his skin tight jacket. “FUCK! Can’t... hold on...any longer! So... much..... POWERRRRGGH!” He roared as his voice dropped lower again and his body erupted in muscle. He bent over forwards as his clothes ripped open down the centre of his hulking back. His shoulders bulging bigger and bigger causing the fabric to tear and rip at the seams. Callum arched backwards as another spurt of growth hit him. His pecs fighting for space under his shirt and open jacket. More and more abs showing as his shirt rose upwards. His hands bulged longer with more veiny muscle as he grabbed the painfully tight clothes over his torso. “YEEAASS!” He roared like a savage. “GRROOAAARGH!” Callum boomed as he tore his shirt and leather jacket completely apart. His mountainous torso erupting out. He clawed at his pecs with his fingers like a hungry animal as his chest filled with raw godlike power. Each slab of muscle throbbing, rippling and flexing into a huge set of vein webbed striated pectorals. A deep crevice gorging down in between. “BIGGER!” He roared in command. His abs contorted and flexed into a cut 12 pack. But upon feeling them with his long thick fingers, Callum snarled his disapproval. “I WANT EVERYTHING ITS GOT!” He growled. The growth obliged as his abs flexed and bulged further and deeper until 18 cobblestone abs separated by sweaty gorges had been dug into his stomach. A hard, long veiny V-line arrowing down to his huge bulge. He raised his arms, allowing rippling obliques to line his 18 pack abs. The muscles shredding up into his armpits as his lats flared out like massive veiny thick wings. Forming the most incredible v-taper. “FUCKING ALPHA GOD MUSCLE PITS!” Callum roared in ecstasy as dark hair thick with musky hot sweat grew under his arms, a thin dark stubble like layer growing over his pec shelf and down the middle of his abs. Highlighting every grove and crevice. Callum’s arms were next. He stretched and flexed them as huge watermelon sized biceps writhed with snaking veins. “FUCK YEAARGH! BIGGERR!” He roared, pumping them larger. Triceps curved sharp and thick underneath. Forearms thick with veiny muscle meat corded down to his huge hands. Callum flexed a hulking, monstrous most muscular pose as his shoulders grew out to over 3 meters broad. Each delt separating into huge rounded shredded boulders. His traps bulged and sloped upwards and in behind Callum’s head as his face became even more chizzled and muscular. His jawline freakishly sharp and bold. “FUCK! I’M HUUUGE! SO MUCH FUCKING MUSCLE!!” He growled. “MORE! I WANT MORRRRE!” Bellowed Callum as he soared past 8 feet tall. With a thunderous “YEEAASS!”, Callum raised his left leg and stomped down hard. His foot surged bigger and shredded apart his leather wrestling boot. His foot grew longer and wider, more muscular and corded with veins. The pulsing veins grew up over his calf which bulged into a huge cut diamond. His left thigh exploded with muscle as it ripped apart the last of his jeans, forming a massive tree-trunk-thick tear drop shaped quad. With a snarl of pleasure Callum stomped his other leg. Growing it to the same proportion. More stubble-like dark hair grew over his huge legs, highlighting each grove of the vascular muscle. As Callum reached just over 11 feet tall, his body hulking with godly power, his white Calvin boxers stretched paper thin and began to tear. With a monstrous “GROOAAARRH!” Callum flexed his entire body. Every muscle fighting for space, throbbing with snake like veins, shining with musky sweat. His boxers ripped off as a 2 foot long - forearm thick, vein webbed muscle rod flexed free. Swinging up to hit Callum’s abs. Power radiating from the monstrous teen jock as his growth seamed complete. Callum slowly raised his head, his eyes shining an ever brighter blue as he looked down over his chest to see Owen. The now defeated alpha laying in the wreckage of lockers he’d flown back into. Owens eyes locked onto the gargantuan beast that was Callum. His mouth wide open. His now pathetic muscle rod completely solid. Callum grinned and let out a deep growl. Raising his arms to see how massive they’d become. He continued to inspect his body. Hitting flexes and professional poses to show off his titanic frame. “You see Owen?!” He snarled. “This! This is true power! This is my true form!” Callum spun around and grabbed a whole locker from behind him. Lifting it with no effort at all. He turned back to face Owen. “THIS IS MY PURPOSE! TO GIVE THIS WEAK WORLD THE GOD IT DESERVES!” And like it was made of paper, Callum ripped the locker in two, throwing each piece so hard they took chunks out of the walls. Owen stared in half horror, half amazement at the powerhouse god infront of him. Callum’s body hulking with each breath, veins throbbing with raw testosterone. As Callum flexed his behemoth legs, his thick muscle cock throbbed harder than steel. “Fuck!” He moaned. “If your seed did this to me.... imagine what mine could do to others!” Callum’s eyes shon with hunger, with greed. His jaw curled into an arrogant devilish grin. “I think it’s time I payed a visit to my fellow jocks. If they kneel before their alpha then I might just reward them by letting them suck my godrod! Imagine that Owen! An army of beasts... loyal to their one true god!” He flexed his entire body once more, showing the raw muscular power he held. Showing the ultimate unstoppable predator he had become.
  22. Chapter 1 Cal was searching frantically in the supply room. “Let’s go, boys! On the field in five!” Shit shit shit.” His first practice and he didn’t have a uniform. He counted himself lucky to be on the football team as a freshman, but being late to his first practice wouldn’t bode well for his future. His parents had helped him buy his own set of pads, pants, and cleats, but he was supposed to get a jersey from the school. If it wasn’t for his ass of a math teacher he would’ve been early to get a jersey, but now he was shit out of luck. Pushing aside old bags of deflated balls and pads that still reeked of B.O., his hopes dashed by a jersey only to find a huge tear in it. He could feel his heartbeat faster as he counted down the seconds. “Fuckin finally!” Pulling a jersey out of the corner, he inspected it quickly. Still sporting the school colors but in an almost retro design. No holes, rips, and it didn’t smell that bad, it was, however, nearly 4 sizes too large. Standing at a proud 6’0 and 183 lbs, Cal was a size large, an xl accounting for his pads. Checking the tag, it was a size 5xl. Putting it on, cursing his luck. Checking in the mirror, the collar and sleeves were disproportionately huge, the waist billowing halfway down his thighs. Still, it was manageable and would probably last until he could get a fresh jersey. Running out to the field, his oversized jersey billowing around him. The other players were already on the field doing warmups, Coach Stevens off to the side talking to the quarterback and a couple of other seniors. Joining everyone else for what seemed like a couple of laps around the field, Cal took the opportunity to check out his fellow teammates. It was hard to tell under everyone’s gear, but it looked like Cal was the biggest freshman there. He was still clearly outmatched by some of the more seasoned athletes. Still, he was proud of how far he’d come. He spent his junior high years playing soccer and only recently started lifting weights in his free time. By the time Summer started, the repeated soccer practices and games started to lose their excitement. It had started out fun, the competition, the training, the wins. But after a few weeks, it didn’t seem as exhilarating. Soon lured by the intensity of football, Cal found himself admiring the lifestyle. The games, the intensive training, the social life. Starting in June, he began working out, increasing his calorie intake, and even started taking supplements. He remembered fondly the thrill of first seeing the fruits of his labor. After two weeks of his regiment, he felt his shirtsleeves starting to bunch up over his biceps. Soon he could feel his pecs start to press out against the fabric. He practiced flexing in the mirror, seeing his muscle tone increase week by week. By the time Fall came around, he proudly marked his progress over the summer in his head: 1 inch taller and 23 lbs of bulk added to his powerful frame. Cal could feel his pulse beginning to rise as he quickened his pace. The excitement of actually being on the field, Cal tried to take it all in. The smell of sweat and fresh grass filling his lungs, his cleats digging into the field as he jogged ahead. Completing their laps, the players gathered round for a quick introduction and an overview of their games for the season. Remorsefully, Cal accepted that he wouldn’t be able to play most of the season’s games. Going out on the field in groups, Cal paired himself up with two other freshman newbies for some beginner tackles. Trusting his size and abilities, Cal prepped himself to rush the faux quarterback and the poor guy protecting him. The ball was thrown and Cal launched himself at the receiver, taking him down in a tumble. Cal could feel his muscles vibrating with energy as he jumped back up, ready to go again. That whole afternoon, it seemed like nothing could tire him. They kept going until sunset. By then everyone was ready to collapse, but Cal felt like he could keep going for hours. Getting home and tossing off his sweaty clothes, he got into the shower. Feeling the heat from his pumped muscles escape into the frigid water, Cal relaxed his energized body. As the water crept up in temperature, he paid close attention to his groin. Proud of what he had for his age, Cal soaped up his schlong and balls. Swinging to its full 6.5 inches, he gently stroked it. Getting out of the shower, his hard on bouncing up and down, Cal started to towel off his muscular torso. Looking down, he could feel something off about his point of view. His normally small but hard pecs looked bigger, protruding further out. Checking himself in the mirror, he could tell his frame was much thicker than it was that morning. Jumping on the scale, it read 195. “195? What the fuck?!” Out of nowhere, a deep voice behind him chuckled, “Awesome right?”
  23. MMF

    Short Stories - big muscles

    Hey! I've written some short muscles stories. I'm not the type to dive right into big stories with lots of characters. Just some short, muscle growth related stories. The bigger, the better. Hope you like! More to follow! The binding contract Mr. Brown looked at his watch and locked the screen of his computer. It was time for the next injection of subject MG-23, the best candidate yet to respond to the drug. Unfortunately, the young man's attitude changed as the project progressed, and each of the sessions became more complicated - and not just because of his mass. But the human geneticist had no choice, as investors were breathing down his neck and wanted to see results. He opened the safe via fingerprint and voice recognition to get out the new NASA miracle drug. There were still 4 syringes in the small box after Doc took out one of the sealed vials. He placed them in an acrylic box and headed to treatment room 2. As he approached, he could already hear the grumbling of their test subject. "No! Untie me! You fuckers! I don't want this anymore!" The voice was bass-heavy and very deep which was a side effect of the altered larynx situation. As he opened the door, Prof. Dr. Brown sighed. Test subject MG-23 - or Mason, as he used to be called - immediately began a hate tirade. "You fucking assholes! That's not what we talked about! Get off me!" The young man was in pure rage and could only be brought to the lab sedated. Fortunately, the behemoth was restrained. The treatment table resembled a cross, with the individual elements that supported the limbs movable. This allowed during the morph phase that the body could move semi-free. The professor put down the small acrylic box and flipped a switch on a console - to the constant complaints of MG-23. The integrated scales indicated that the subject was within the predicted parameters at 320 lbs and 8% body fat. A look at the muscle monster was always fascinating even for the geneticist. The 22 years only showed the youthful facial features. The alert eyes, the fine lips, and although the chin was masculinely prominent and broad, he looked like a male model. But then any comparison with a model ceased. The man's bull neck was now already wider than the actual head and the traps would surely grow beyond the ears after the next injection. The man's range of motion in the head area was already limited, and Mr. Brown estimated that complete immobilization could not be averted. Even lying down, the larger-than-average pectoral muscles were almost permanently touching the man's chin and the nipples were barely visible due to the outward bulging belly. A point that still had to be negated. The so-called roidgut was higher than the pectoral muscles when lying down and although the shadows of 8 abdominal muscles could be seen on it, this would cause problems when used later. The arms, fixed at 90°, were each dominated by gigantic biceps, the size of a honeydew melon, and showed strong vascularity. The man's hands kept clenching into fists to get out of the titanium alloy restraints. Unfortunately, a new necessity, as even with the security personnel in place, no one could put a stop to the man. But he couldn't really leave. His legs were already making for a waddling walk as the quadriceps muscles were above the norm. After all, they had to stabilize the 300 pounds and were challenged every day. The calves were so immensely trained that the man's feet only fit into the leg cuffs with great difficulty. After this injection, they certainly had to be extended. "You stupid idiots!" the professor was brought back by the subject's statement, and a sigh made it clear how weary he was of the subject. "Mr. Davids. I hate to repeat myself, but you signed a contract. You knew all the risks and what this project was for: To prevent the degeneration of astronauts' muscles during year-long missions in space. From the very beginning you were aware of this and also that it was a clinical test. That deliberately an overdose is applied to detect possible risks.“ The sound of bending metal combined with the young man's rage made the entire staff take a startled step backward. He roared in a low voice, "And isn't that enough? I'm a muscle freak. A monster! I can't tie my shoes anymore because of my roidgut. My 7XL shirt is a crop top. I can't turn my head all the way to the side anymore and I always waddle to the side when someone talks to me. I can't get through doorways with my broad shoulders anymore and it's getting harder and harder to get sideways because of my muscle tits. Another dose? Then soon I won't be able to do anything! So untie me! I want to get out of here! Fucking shit! I can't even jerk off anymore!" with which he shook the gurney again. It was still holding. A look of the doctor at the man and his penis confirmed this problem. The penis did not grow with him and the testicles also remained at their previous size. No one needed male astronauts in a confined space with too much testosterone in their bloodstream. The problem with MG-23 was that because of the extra mass, however, the penis almost completely disappeared between his legs. Despite this, the doctor could see that the small erection (under normal circumstances, he would probably be considered normally endowed) was already trembling and Pre was protruding from the tip. "MG-23. your words are one thing. But I think on a deep level, you want nothing more than to become an immobile muscle freak. That's what the psychological evaluation told us, and that's why you were selected.“ With that, the doctor walked up to the defenseless man and opened the small flap of the access that had already been placed. "Just accept it. You are in no position contractually to negotiate either way." With that, he pushed the contents of the syringe into the man's bloodstream. MG-23 began twitching almost immediately and the access was immediately connected to a nutrient pump. 23,000 kcal were pumped into the man within the next hour to provide optimal support for muscle growth. The pulsation became stronger and the veins all over the body stood out. The integrated scale jumped from 320 to 321. After a short time 341. Then 352. The chin slowly disappeared in the gap of the two gigantic pectoral muscles. The joints of the gurney continued to move outward as pound after pound was packed onto the body. The doctor turned to Ms. Peabody and spoke, "When he's done, sedate with etomidate and back to the storage cell. Please play the new data directly to my pad. I need to talk to the investors. Thank you." With that, he left the room, leaving behind the muscle blop that kept growing. "A very good evening, gentlemen. We did another injection on subject MG-23 today with promising results. His initial weight was 143.4 lbs and 22% body fat and now we are at 612.85 lbs and 5% body fat. We are currently simulating the results in zero gravity at a period of 5 years. The test person on Earth has thus also reached immobility. He is not able to walk without help and due to the muscle growth he is dependent on artificial nutrition, because his arms cannot be bent enough. His aggression has subsided since...", a sigh followed, "... since we allowed him to have a penis pump. The psychologists advised us to do so, and it is indeed helpful." "So the subject is more cooperative?" "Yes. That's the assessment of the psychology team." "All right. We'd like to see another dose with this subject." "Mr. Board Chair, I would advise against that from a medical standpoint. We have already simulated this and estimate that with another dose he will weigh a little over 1000 lbs." "Mr. Brown. I have not phrased this as a suggestion or a request. If you want more grant money, we would like another injection." "Yes, sir.“
  24. (AUTHOR'S NOTE: Well, this is what happens when you're too damn clever! Twenty-years ago, I wrote the first two chapters of CYCLE ONE -- each imply a malevolent force behind the creation/ distribution of the sports drink, but who was it? I never answered that question within the text of CYCLE ONE, but while I was writing the original KING REX series a few years later, I playfully connected the two universes, revealing that the secret ingredient in Cycle One was the mystical cum of the super-villain, King Rex. (Here I am twenty-years later trying to crawl out of the mess created by that decision! So, as you will see in the coming story, characters from both "franchises" populate these pages. You don't necessarily need to read both of those stories to understand this one, but... it's kind of fun, in a completest kind of way... (Let me know if you think I succeeded or not. Hope you enjoy!) ******************************************************************************************************* CYCLE ONE: FOUR BACKSTORIES ONE: There’s a mom&pop coffee shop in Ellicott City, MD, that the writer favors, not just for the view and the free wi-fi, but because it’s intimate and quiet -- he can sort his thoughts before he writes without worry of distraction. He leaves his little apartment, walks the steep downhill toward the Patapsco River, and spends his mornings writing at the coffee shop, enjoying the sunrise over the rushing water. He’s a big man, thick and solid -- not at all the build one would expect a writer to have -- but small compared to the bodybuilder that suddenly enters the shop, a very muscular man dressed in tight joggers and matching jacket over a t-shirt that fits him like spandex. The guy moves like he’s not used to the dimensions of his own muscular body. Awkward. The writer has seen this kind of thing before -- although, it’s been long enough that he’s surprised to see it again. It’s possible that the guy has never adjusted to the change, the growth, but that seems unlikely, not after nearly twenty years. This is too fresh. The bodybuilder spots the writer and a small, hopeful expression appears on his face. He crosses to the writer’s corner booth in a few heavy steps. “Sam Bennett?” he asks. The writer sighs and looks up, locking eyes with the bodybuilder. “Can I help you?” he asks. “I sure hope so,” the bodybuilder says. “My name is Ben Fortunato and I’m in desperate need of help.” He indicates the seat on the opposite side of the booth. “May I?” he asks. Sam nods and the big, Italian bodybuilder squeezes into the booth. “Mr. Fortunato…” “Ben.” “Ben... “ The writer draws a breath for strength. “What brings you by?” (He asks in a tone that implies he knows the answer already.) Ben pulls something out of his jacket pocket and sets it on the table between them. A crisp new bottle of CYCLE ONE, a magic potion disguised as a sports drink. There is a growing horror on Sam Bennett’s face as he stares at the bottle. “What the fuck?” he asks. “Are you kidding? Is that real?” He pushes it back toward Ben. “Jesus Christ, do you know what people would DO to you to get that? Put it away before someone sees it!” He looks around, paranoid -- nothing’s amiss, nobody else is even in the room, but it doesn’t stop his panic. “Put it the fuck away!” Ben is confused, but does as he’s told. “I just wanted to prove I was legit.” But Sam didn’t lose his intensity. “You realize people will fucking KILL you for that? You know that, right? There are some crazy motherfuckers out there, Ben -- addicts, all of them! And they will do anything for their drug of choice. Where the fuck did you find that? No, wait, don’t tell me -- I don’t want to know.” “I have a lot more than this one bottle.” Sam Bennett, the writer, takes another breath -- he likes to believe he’d be stronger than this, but it’s right there in the man’s pocket… Sam could just TAKE it… Why is he even entertaining the thought? It’s been nearly twenty years… Does he really still want it that badly…? “Ben,” he asks instead, “do you understand what addiction is?” Ben’s expression is unreadable. “Yeah, I’m getting a pretty good idea…” “Imagine you’re taking a drug that makes lifting better than sex, and sex better than anything. Imagine that you spend a good few years of your life getting other guys hooked on it, turning them into addicts, too. Imagine that you do that for pay -- good pay -- and INCREDIBLE bonuses! And the world is just one powerful playground ripe for the taking. “And then one day, the drug disappears -- it goes out of production, the magic formula is lost, whatever -- new stock isn’t being produced. What’s left is what’s left. “And people go fucking crazy! First, it’s the guys with money -- they try to stockpile it -- the would-be dealers and petty hoarders. There’s fights over it, attacks, takeovers -- guns are always blazing and bodies -- big, muscular bodies -- begin piling up. Gangs form -- safety in numbers, right? -- some become cults, worshipping the drug and the drug’s creator. They isolate, hiding with their horde, fighting to be the last guy with the last drop. It’s the Supply War -- it’s a dark time led by power-hungry addicts. “But there’s another type, too -- another kind of guy, fewer in number, of course. Guys who understand and accept that it’s addiction -- they form support groups specializing in this drug. And there they learn how to navigate their lives without it, without this incredible drug that makes lifting better than sex and sex better than anything. Without it, they don’t get pumps at the gym anymore -- so lifting loses its… magic. No pumps, no good workouts, so bodies… don’t remain in the same condition. They still keep most of the size, but they get softer, saggier. “And of course, sex loses its vibrancy. I mean, what’s the use? You don’t feel attractive, so you stop attracting and pretty soon self-gratification is your only option -- and you don’t feel much like pleasing yourself, either.” He sighs, looking far away. “I know you didn’t come all this way to hear that, Ben,” the writer says, re-establishing eye-contact, “but you should know there are no happy endings when it comes to CYCLE ONE.” Ben speaks quietly. “I’m really sorry,” he says sincerely. “It wasn’t my intent to trigger you. I just wanted to have a conversation with someone who understands and can help me.” The writer does something mildly out of character and lays his hand on Ben’s arm. “Ben, I can connect you with several support groups…” Ben almost laughs. “It’s not that,” he says. “Honestly, I don’t care if I never drink another drop of this shit again! Isn’t that funny? As a kid, I dreamed of having a body like this -- getting a body like this by drinking a magic potion, in fact -- super-hero shit -- and now my life is one big fucking nightmare. No, the problem isn’t with me -- it’s my brother, Glenn. I mean, you wanna talk about addicts…? He’s been on a two-week binge…” Sam Bennett cocks his head curiously. “Two weeks…? How much CYCLE ONE do you have?” They make eye contact and Ben speaks quietly. “About twelve-hundred cases,” he says, waiting for a reaction like he’s revealed a poker hand. But Sam Bennett is silent, immovable -- stunned. “What the fuck..?” he finally whispers. “Do you have any idea how much danger you’re in?” Ben shakes his head -- he’s being misunderstood. “It’s not me, so much, it’s my brother. I need to know how to stop him from drinking it -- like, separating him from it, you know? I just… he’s not listening…” “No, I mean your life is in danger! There are people who will kill you for the bottle you have hidden in your pocket, much less a case!” He forces himself to a whisper again. “And you have a THOUSAND cases!” He shakes his head in disbelief. “You have clearly stumbled across someone’s stash and it’s only a matter of time before they come looking for it -- or for you. This is like mafia-shit, Ben -- I’m totally serious! And just by talking to me, you’re risking my life, too!” There’s a moment when Ben considers continuing this conversation, but then realizes there’s nothing to gain in it. He sighs and stands. “I’m really sorry to have bothered you,” he says, offering his hand. “Thank you for talking to me.” They shake and Sam partially rises. “I’m sorry, too,” he says. “I don’t mean to be so… well, it threw me to see the stuff again… I hope you understand. But I still hope you take my words to heart.” “I will,” Ben says. “There is someone I can connect you with,” Sam says. “He can probably offer a solution for your brother, but, um… I wouldn’t tell him about the stash. I wouldn’t trust him.” Ben nods. “Thank you.” And just as Ben is about to leave the coffee shop into the warm, morning sunshine of Ellicott City, Sam calls him back. “You know, Ben,” he says, swallowing his guilt, “on second thought, I will take that bottle.” Knowingly, Ben nods, smiling slightly in support. The writer doesn’t make eye contact with him, looking shamefully at the floor, broken by his confession, his own addiction. Ben places the bottle on the table and leaves -- he doesn’t see how long it takes for Sam Bennett to touch it. Imagine, lecturing Ben Fortunato on addiction -- or warning an Italian about the mafia! Jesus God, ridiculous! Still, Sam Bennett is right about one thing: there are no happy endings with CYCLE ONE. *********************************************************************************** TWO: “Welcome, brother,” the nearly naked bodybuilder says, wrapping Ben in a hug in the doorway of the church. “I’m glad you’re here.” For Ben, who’s never considered himself gay, this connection is a little too intimate, but there’s a strange masculine pleasure brewing, too. (He can’t help but remember what he and his brother had done when he first…) Fucking CYCLE ONE… “Thank you for meeting me,” Ben says, trying gently to pull away -- the bodybuilder doesn’t just let him. Instead, the moment becomes awkward -- especially when Ben can feel the nearly naked bodybuilder start to get hard in his tiny little thong, pressing against the inside of Ben’s hip. Worse, Ben can feel his own dick start to respond. “The pleasure’s all mine,” the bodybuilder says. “You smell fresh.” Ben breaks the hug and steps back. “Excuse me?” “It’s still in your system, the Cycle One,” the bodybuilder says. “You’ve had it so recently, I can smell it. I’d consider it an honor if you let me have your cum.” Ben is shocked -- speechless. The bodybuilder smiles, adjusting his hooded cape back across his shoulders, slitted open in the front to reveal his pouch. “It’s a sacrament, not sex,” he says. “You ARE new! Come inside and let’s talk -- welcome to the Brotherhood of Rex, the last remaining sect.” He leads Ben into the large, airy cathedral. “I’m Father John J,” the bodybuilder says warmly. “I’ve been the leader of this sect since our Lord plunged into the Multiverse.” They enter the sanctuary, Ben notes the lack of pews and such, just soft matting on lounge chairs set up to face the Altar, a towel on the back of each seat -- the place smells immaculately clean and fresh. He sees that there are superheroes on the stained glass, not religious figures, but he doesn’t have much time to process that as they come upon the altar. Ben swears it’s merely a California King-Size Bed with a black spandex/neoprene fitted sheet, but in this atmosphere, it feels more important. At the head of the bed -- of the altar -- stands a marble statue of a hugely muscled, hyper-masculine god -- an ancient greek statue given a 21st century physique. He’s a handsome man, with strong features and a build that would seem impossible if Ben hadn’t seen what he’s so recently seen. Ridiculously wide shoulders sloping to the tiniest of waists then exploding out again in a sweep of thigh. But that’s if you could NOT get distracted by the statue’s overladen balls and fantasy cock, erect and gently bending up. It’s so lifelike, it’s as if Father John J had poured white paint over a live model who’s eight feet tall and just standing there frozen -- it’s disconcerting. Father John J genuflects before the statue and speaks, looking only at the statue’s face. “This is our Lord and Creator,” he says reverently. “The Living God now lost in the Multiverse, King Rex. I am honored to be among the first he transformed -- I even aided him in the acquisition of Superion, His Majesty’s consort and husband. Pardon my prideful bragging, but there’s a reason I am where I am, and I sincerely doubt you’ve read my resume.” Ben legit smiles -- strange as all this is, he still maintains his humor -- it helps diffuse the anxiety. “No, I haven’t. The truth is I was sent here by Sam Bennett.” “Sam Bennett?” asks Father John J. “That’s a name I haven’t heard in a few years. How’s… um… how’s Sam?” “He seems well,” Ben says, shrugging. “I mean, he was a little surprised to see me and warned me extensively about continuing this journey -- he made it all sound very mafia.” Father John J nods understandingly. “His perspective has always featured a little paranoia -- it’s one of the things that makes his fiction so good. Come, let’s go to my office where we can talk a little more comfortably.” HIs office is surprisingly simple for a religious leader, fairly modern and standard but for another… altar in the back -- this looks more queen-sized than the altar in the sanctuary, same sheeting, though. Father John J directs him to the sitting area by the window and Ben takes one of two comfortable chairs. Father John J removes his cape, draping it across the altar and, dressed only in his golden thong and slippers, takes the other chair. Ben is still awed by the Father’s body, the impossible made flesh. (Nearly as big as his brother…) “I’m sorry,” the Father says. “I’ve been rude. Would you like something to drink? Coffee, water… Cycle One?” Father John J smiles in a teasing way. Ben snorts and unconsciously crosses his arms. “No, thank you,” he says, forcing a smile. “I appreciate you meeting me on such short notice -- time is… important.” Father John J nods. “Tell me what brings you here, Ben.” Ben is thoughtful for a moment, as if he’s debating whether to confess at all, much less to what extent. “You’re safe here,” Father John J says. “You’re Catholic, right? Let’s consider this confessional.” He leans back in his chair, putting his hands behind his head and inadvertently flexing his abs -- not many priests do that. “Thank you,” Ben says, still not at ease, but he sighs audibly and starts his monologue. “My brother and I… purchased a storage lot, three connected units. It was a blind buy, so we had no idea what we were getting, just someone’s abandoned junk, we assumed. It turned out to be a stash of Cycle One. And someone had clearly been living there, guarding it -- hell, one whole unit was a gym for this poor guy, and the next was the living quarters. “So we find this stash of Cycle One -- there’s something… familiar about it in the back of my mind, but I can’t remember what, and my brother drinks one like they haven’t been sitting there twenty years! I mean, like, who the fuck knows what’s really in the bottles and have the preseratives turned to poison or has there been some kind of freaky fermentive process? I mean, he’s fuckin’ CRAZY!” Father John J is thoughtful, curious. He gently asks, “How many bottles were there?” Fortunately, Ben is not so far gone that he doesn’t recognize the ploys of priests -- he WAS an altar boy, after all. He’s deceptive. “Let’s just say, quite a few,” he says, which doesn’t satisfy the Father, but it will have to do. “And he starts exercising, you know, playing around on the gym equipment, feeling all energetic and silly. I immediately blame the Cycle One -- so does he. And he starts slugging them down like it’s a frat party and he’s arrived late. “Because of some… bungling on my part, I ended up getting locked outside with my brother trapped inside and I had to run home to get the tools necessary to free him! It was an incredibly stressful few hours, but I did take the time to do some internet research on Cycle One -- that was how I connected it with King Rex. “I was fifteen, sixteen at the time that all went down, when all the superheroes suddenly became hypermasculine homosexuals -- I had no idea it was connected to Cycle One!” The Father smiles. “The cum of our Lord and Creator, the Living God lost in the Multiverse.” Ben is quiet again, lost in his own thoughts. The Father prods him. “Is your brother still trapped?” “Hmm?” Ben says, coming back to the moment. “No, not anymore. Not by accident.” Father John J tilts his head like an interested dog. “So, I went back. I got tools and I went back to free him. I’d only been gone, like, five, five-and-a-half hours -- it was crazy. I had no idea what Cycle One could do! I mean, I’m trying to free him and from inside he suddenly… rips the sliding door from its track and destroys it and… he’s HUGE! I mean, bigger than you and you’re fucking HUGE!” The Father can’t help but run a hand over his massive torso, and neither of them miss the twitch of his dick. “And he’s dressed the same way as you, in barely nothing, and he’s roaring and flexing and his cock is hard and um… I trip back over a piece of cinderblock and whap my head against the wall and pass out.” He smiles. “Glamorous.” The Father is wise enough to know that he shouldn’t interrupt, but he does offer a comforting smile. “When I wake up, I don’t know how much time has passed, but I discover my brother has chained me to one of the pallets…” “‘ONE of’...?” “Yeah,” Ben says, unthinking, lost in his own story. “And in order to get to the keys, I’d have to be strong enough to drag it across the room.” He swallows. “Only one way to do that.” There is another awkward silence as Ben gathers the strength to continue. “And as if that weren’t enough, he literally sealed me in, cemented the wall with old cinderblocks -- real Edgar Allen Poe shit, you know? He’s crazy, right? I mean… I had to… drink or die. Worse, he’s FILMING the fucking moment, too! So I get to have my humiliation digitally preserved forever. I was so fucking pissed…” The Father reaches over and puts his hand on Ben’s knee. They make eye-contact briefly. “You don’t have to tell me…” “I do,” Ben says. “I need you to know why I need your help.” He places his hand on top of the Father’s -- Father John J adjusts so they can hold hands. Ben is near tears. “You know what the stuff is like,” Ben says quietly. “The way it makes you feel -- the power and the masculine explosion of strength and desire and will. At first, it feels like it’s churning there in your balls, forcing the creation of testosterone, linking sexuality with the spirit, the cock and the muscle. God, I’ve hardly talked about it, because I’m trying so hard not to want it again -- because it’s fucking incredible, that feeling! That like… righteous anger that fills you with the belief… that you’ve gained power -- that you’re somebody!” Even Ben can’t help his cock’s reaction, that twitch of desire -- or memory. “And you feel like you can do anything, like even drag a heavily laden pallet across a cement floor. And if you fail, you just slug back another bottle of the magic potion until it amplifies everything all over again -- but especially the emotion, the masculine connection. It’s like coke, or meth, like that -- this… false sense of power. “Pushing the pallet was easier than pulling it -- it was like hitting sleds at high school football practice -- and the pallet scraped its way slowly across the floor. Each inch it moved was a triumph for me -- I swear, I’d celebrate by downing another bottle of Cycle One, like a fucking addict lost!” “Sounds like a lot of Cycle One,” the Father said, unable to hide his growing erection. “It usually takes only ten-to-twelve to complete the transformation.” Ben scoffs. “I had way more than that,” he says. “Maybe it’s old.” Father John J smiles gently. “Maybe,” he says. “Go on.” “Well, I had to… uh… get through the wall,” Ben says, trying to hide his own hard-on. “My brother had cinderblocked me in, remember.” Father John J shakes his head in disbelief. “Amazing…” “Turns out he had it wrong -- moving the pallet was WAY harder than destroying the wall. The wall was just… a couple of punches and some torn stone. The cement hadn’t really set -- there hadn’t been enough time -- so it wasn’t that difficult to get through. Though, I admit, I did get a couple of scratches and a shit-ton of semi-wet cement in my hair. But right then I was flying so high on the Cycle One, I wasn’t feeling ANYTHING real. “And I break through this wall and I’m feeling mighty and manly and there sits my brother on the cot, jerking off. He’s huge, I mean, bigger than when I’d seen him when he’d torn the door off its track, just… impossibly huge. “And his cock…” Ben almost doesn’t continue, looking down, remembering, then he speaks on. “I never wanted a cock before. I never… desired…” He licks his lips. “And it wasn’t that I wanted his cock so much as I wanted what was inside him -- his essence. His power.” “‘Well, look at you,’ my brother said, playing with himself. ‘You got BIG!’” “And instead of being weirded out by that, I realized he was right -- I HAD gotten big! I hadn’t really paid that much attention. My loose t-shirt was now too tight because of the muscle I’d never had before -- I ripped it off with glee, flexing my big pecs, my insane arms! I was rock hard celebrating my rock hardness! “So, the whole gay incest thing was unexpected -- at least it was for me, maybe Glenn had had some more time wrap his head around it, but I sure hadn’t considered the sexual response. For me, it was all about the Me Big, Me Strong thing -- it wasn’t until I realized that my cock was part of the equation that I got Me Horny, too! “And it just felt so weirdly natural, jerking off with my muscular brother while we flexed for each other. He had me wear this electric blue thong he’d found in the dresser -- I’d never worn anything like it, so scanty and sexy -- but I looked AMAZING in it! My fucking body -- in the mirror, hypnotized by my own reflection, so turned on by myself. “We worked out and pumped up and flexed and he kept pounding back the Cycle One, bottle after bottle. “Pretty soon flexing and jerking off weren’t enough anymore. Men fuck. And um… when my own brother tried to fuck me… that was the end for me. I… I couldn’t.” A tear rolls down Ben’s cheek. Father John J hugs him, drawing him in close. Ben tries not to weep, but loses the battle, hugging Father John J back -- he’s ashamed of his erection. Father John J seems to be okay with it, pressing himself even closer against the hardness. “Everything’s okay,” Father John J whispers. “I will help you with your brother, but first things first.” Using his right hand, he casually strokes Ben’s erection. “Let’s make an offering to God.” ******************************************************************************* THREE: In the Beginning, Rex the Almighty was born on this Earthly plane, a mutant to two normal mortals. His Divine Power manifested as He ascended to manhood -- transforming mortals into His worshipful slaves by granting them muscle mass and a spark of His Hyper-Masculine Energy. Finding himself ready to accept His destiny, our Lord Rex began His Holy Crusade, the elevation of the Super-Hero. Until this time, no one had submitted the Mighty Superion, the greatest of all the mortal heroes. His power and will were legendary, until humbled by our Lord. Rex not only enslaved Superion, He took the hero as His Royal Consort. And unlike most marriages of powerful families, these newlyweds truly and deeply loved one another. This marriage was blessed by the gods themselves. Rex continued His Divine Campaign and recruited the Justice Club itself to His cause -- at one crucial point, He absorbed the mystic lightning used to transform Timmy Thompson into the Planet’s Most-Powerful Protector, Captain Thunder, and Rex was elevated even further, truly becoming KING Rex, the most powerful man on the planet! His Majesty discovered that His ejaculate had been mystically enhanced, as was fitting for a living god -- with little more than a drop, He could transform a mortal man into a hypermuscular slave without using His God-gifted powers. Diluting it, packaging it, and marketing it as the sports drink, “Cycle One” was a stroke of His genius -- it began the subtle transformation of the masses into His worshipful followers. These were the Glory Days of the Church! The Acolyte John J was the first man transformed by His Majesty, King Rex, the Living God. A museum security guard, the skinny waste of a man John J quickly cast aside his old life to follow His Saviour and Transformer. Blessed by the gift of Rex’s power, John J now had the body of his dreams, power he’d only imagined, and finally, a purpose for his purposeless life. He was more than happy to recruit other men into the fold, to help them experience the bliss of worshipping King Rex, their creator and Living God. The Acolytes John J and Sam Bennett distributed the Cycle One, turning gyms into churches and athletic departments into sects. All of that male sexual energy further empowered His Majesty, creating a never-ending cycle of growth. A worship service could have as many as a thousand muscular men cramming the sanctuary, praising His Majesty as they edged themselves into Bliss -- it was possible to actually see King Rex grow from the worship. There was no greater reward. And then, the Great Tragedy -- King Rex lost in the Multiverse! Thus began the Period of Despair -- the Consort Superion went into mourning, completely unable to function or uphold his duties, emotionally devastated to lose his King and lover. For weeks, he remained cloistered in their marital chambers, not seeing visitors, not spending time in the sun -- he weakened, some thought, hoping to die. There was dysfunction in the Church, suddenly lacking a spiritual leader. With their Lord and Saviour trapped in the Multiverse and Superion unwilling to take His place as figurehead, there was nothing to hold the flock together. The men who’d been transformed by His Majesty, the Almighty King Rex, suffered only emotionally. Those who’d been transformed by the Cycle One lost touch with the magic, their masculine spirit. With Rex gone, the supply of Cycle One was suddenly finite -- that was the conclusion many reached at once. The fight for the remaining reserve became the next battlefront. Men who’d been long-addicted to the stuff suddenly lost the will to train, the ability to get a pump, their interest in sex -- they knew they’d never again get that rush, that high without Cycle One. And thus began the Supply War. It was during this low-level, guerilla-style warfare -- bloody and heartless as it was fast becoming -- that the Acolyte John J began to counsel the Consort Superion, trying to get him past his crushing loss to see how badly the world needed a champion again. All this bloodshed, all this death for a drug made out of his husband’s cum -- this is what finally brought Superion to action. In less than a week, he’d recovered most of the lost stock of Cycle One, returning it to the vaulted catacombs in the bedrock deep beneath the Church. He still refused to participate in Religious Services, but created a statue of his Husband and Lord that stands in the Sanctuary today, as a reminder. Instead, it became the Acolyte John J’s mission to save the Church -- but he immediately realized it wasn’t religion these men needed, it was counseling. They were addicts and their god was gone. Without the drug, they were unable to access their own masculine energy. Workouts lost their meaning -- sex became impossible. And thus evolved the practice of Group Masturbation, sexual stimulation with the goal of connecting to the masculine spirit, building energy by edging, the harnessing of energy rather than ejaculation. On Cycle One, sex had always been about power -- now sexual energy was used to build power. Men who were used to getting powerful, rock-hard erections now had to take a step back, relearn stimulation and fantasy, enjoy the other wonders of the body, the taint, the balls, the asshole. Sex was more than penetration. Training changed, too -- the evolution of Connective Bodybuilding, forging a link between cock and muscle. In the Before Time, the gym had become a place almost as sacred as the Church. Cycle One had always made working out better than sex, but now there was no more Cycle One, so no connection to masculine energy. Weight training required almost too much adaptation, further separating those who’d been transformed by the Almighty from those who’d only had the Cycle One. Imagine how disheartening it would be to see some men still achieve the kind of pump you used to be able to get, but now could not -- to lift the kind of weights you used to handle with ease, but now could not. It was too hard for too many. The Acolyte John J -- now FATHER John J -- protectively doled out the Church’s supply of Cycle One in the form of Communion. A shot glass of Cycle One for the faithful once a week, then engaging in Group Masturbation while singing the praises of the Almighty Rex. Many men lost the Path, strayed. Spiritual readiness takes patience and no one began taking Cycle One because they were patient. Some men preferred their misery to the challenge of rebuilding their sexual power. After the deaths, the abandonments, the suicides, there were just a few hundred in the congregation, masturbating together and praying. As the years passed without a Second Coming, more and more fell away -- then it was a decade, then it was two. “And so here we are,” Father John J says, gently pushing Ben to a seated position on the Altar, facing the statue of King Rex. “There’s only a handful of us now, awaiting Him, praying for His return.” He kneels between Ben’s legs and unlaces Ben’s tight joggers. “But we have learned things in this time,” he continues, pulling Ben’s joggers down over his newly-muscled thighs. “Things about pleasure, the giving and receiving of it.” Ben wears a sparkly thong, barely holding his enhanced genitals -- his erection fights the material. “Let me show you,” Father John J says, releasing Ben from the confines of the thong -- his hard-on flops up on his muscular abs. “I’m not gay,” Ben mumbles, leaning back on his elbows, the soft matting of the Altar accepting his weight. “But ever since the Cycle One…” “It’s not about labels, Ben,” the Father says, gripping Ben’s erection at the base. “It’s about pleasure.” He licks the head of Ben’s cock and a shudder goes through the man. “Cycle One just bumps up your hormones and lowers your inhibitions -- neither of which will hurt you, unless it builds up in your system too much. Then you need release. Holy Release.” The Father’s hands are smooth and skilled -- a firm grip on Ben’s balls, thick fingers riding down the sides of his perineum, giving him sensations he’s never felt before -- strange new pleasure. Ben is losing himself in it. “What you feel is a gift,” says the Father, expertly swallowing the whole of Ben’s big new cock. He constricts his throat around Ben and waits for Ben’s natural thrusts before continuing. “A gift from His Majesty,” he says, lapping the tip of Ben’s cock, before descending on it again. “King Rex.” Ben looks up at the statue as the Father continues to work -- it’s unbelievable physique and impossible cock, so masculine and perfect. Ben can feel the Father fingering his asshole, gently teasing his way inside, searching for Ben’s secret button. The statue holds its arms open, as if ready to accept worship -- or orgasm -- or offering. What happens next makes no sense. The Father’s skilled mouth works in tandem with his talented fingers and, just as the Father discovers Ben’s prostate, Ben swears he sees the statue open its eyes and look directly at him, into his soul. “REX!” he screams as his orgasm overwhelms him! Not that the Father lets any get away, but Ben knows there’s a lot of cum -- he can feel it like his cock is a firehose. He shoots and shoots, crying to Heaven, certain the statue is real. “Yes, my brother,” the Father says, lapping Ben’s fading erection, cleaning every delicious drop away. “Now you feel Rex’s power. Give yourself up to it.” “I… I…” “Say it,” the Father says, standing, masturbating his own giant cock. “Let me hear you say it.” Ben smiles. “Hail King Rex,” he says, as the Father allows himself to orgasm, as if the words put him over the edge. “HAIL KING REX!” the Father yells, echoing through the sanctuary, shooting a thick rope of cum across Ben’s face. Father John J smiles again. “You’ve been baptised now in the name of our saviour, King Rex,” he says calmly, milking the last drops of cum from his cock and offering his finger to Ben -- Ben gratefully takes it in his mouth. “You are now one of us.” “Thank you,” Ben says, relieved, watching the Father refit his big package into that tiny little thong. “I actually feel better -- I feel the release. But what do we do now?” “Now we save your brother,” the Father says. “And I know just the guy…” “You’ll do that for me?” Ben asks, suddenly joyful, standing and redressing himself. “Thank you!” “Well,” the Father says, playfully kissing Ben, “we should first discuss a TITHE…” ******************************************************************************** FOUR: Ben parks the truck outside the ETERNAL STORAGE building, an old, abandoned facility scheduled for demolition (to build an Amazon distribution center -- welcome to the modern world). The parking lot is cracked and broken, stray grass and weeds growing wherever they can, reclaiming the land. It’s surrounded by a rusty chain link fence topped with barb wire. The building is in no better shape, holding its form only because it’s made from cinderblocks, but suggesting the same sort of neglect. Behind the wheel, Ben forces a deep breath before exiting the cab, in an attempt to settle himself -- it’s obvious he’s nervous, no matter the supportive talk from his passenger, Father John J. Ben is dressed in the same tight gray jumpers he wore to the Church -- the Father wears black spandex shorts, black wrist gauntlets, sandals, and a form-fitting white t-shirt that reads “REX = KING”. Exiting the cab, the Father, looking around, says, “You’re right. This IS the middle of nowhere.” Ben nods, shutting the driver’s side door behind him and looking toward the building. “Yeah,” he says quietly. “I hope nothing’s happened to him.” “Who?” Father John J asks. “Oh, you mean your brother! I thought you meant…” And then, from out of the sky, a being lands on the ground before them with a surprising amount of force, breaking into the cement and creating a small crater from his weight. It’s the hero Superion! Ben has seen pictures, of course, but has never seen him live -- and the pictures don’t do him anywhere near justice! If he’s not seven-feet tall, then he’s six-and-three-quarters -- it doesn’t seem possible that a being with a build like Superion’s could exist at his height. He’s almost a giant in a children’s story, he’s so colossally large -- human proportions, but so much taller! And the muscle -- the mind-boggling muscle! Like Father John J, Superion has been transformed by King Rex, given the Royal Gift of Mass and Power, Hypermasculine Endowment, and Sexual Realignment. As Royal Consort, he’s second only to Rex Himself -- and with Rex lost in the Multiverse, Superion reigns supreme. He wears black combat boots and bright blue leggings, accented by black piping, that proudly display his oversized package and seem to barely contain the mass of his leg muscles or his thick, ripped glutes. They’re low-waisted, so that the buckle of his belt sits at the base of his cock, allowing us to see his extremely ripped abs unencumbered. Shirtless, he wears only a harness that supports his “S” shield and acts as the anchor for his red cape. Bigger than the biggest bodybuilder, his pecs are round and thick and his pink nipples hide just below the bottom edge. But it’s the width of shoulders that gives Ben pause, those crazy way-larger-than-coconut delts -- bowling ball delts! -- the strong, confident arms, the artistic curve of the lats. And if you can take your eyes from his body, to see his thick neck, his square jaw, his sunny blue eyes, his very kissable lips… Superion strides toward them, breaking Ben’s thought. He smiles, glowing white teeth catching the light. “Hello, Johnny,” he says, opening his arms for a hug. Father John J takes a knee. “Your Majesty,” he says, bowing his head. Superion puts his finger beneath the Father’s chin and raises his head. “Johnny,” he says earnestly, “it’s been twenty years. We have to move on.” He takes Father John J’s hands and raises him to his feet, then they hug. They hold each other very closely -- Ben isn’t sure if Father John J is crying or not. “He will come again,” the Father says, into Superion’s pec. Superion holds the back of Father John J’s head and whispers, “I dearly hope so” into the Father’s ear. He kisses Father John J’s forehead and releases him, turning his attention to Ben. “You must be Ben Fortunato,” he says, holding his hand out to shake. Ben considers dropping to his knees, that’s how strikingly beautiful this man is. Instead, he stammers, “Um… yes. Ben. And you must be… incredible!” Superion smiles broadly -- he’s heard this joke. “Superion,” he says, shaking Ben’s hand. “I’m sorry we have to meet under these circumstances.” “I’m so grateful for your help,” Ben says. Superion grunts. “Anything to put another one of these fires out,” he says, looking up at the building. Something happens to his eyes as he looks, but Ben can’t say exactly what. “He’s up there,” Superion announces, studying. “He’s okay -- he’s pretty big.” “Thank God he’s okay,” Ben says, crossing himself. “How big?” Father John J interrupts. “Is the Cycle One okay? How much is left?” They both look at the Father dryly. Superion says, “Do you know, Johnny, nothing would make me happier than to destroy this building and all the Cycle One in it -- you know that, right?” The Father squares off with him. “I do,” he says, trying to maintain his bravado. “But you won’t, right?” Superion smiles enigmatically. “I’m gonna go get your brother,” he says to Ben. “I won’t be a minute.” He enters the building and disappears from view. Ben and the Father don’t even have time to begin a conversation before the wall above them blows out, throwing chunks of cinderblock, cement, and bottles of Cycle One raining down like shrapnel as Superion’s body comes crashing through, flying about twenty feet before slamming into the ground. Superion stands, wiping the dust from himself -- with the back of his hand, he strokes the side of his jaw that has just been punched. Superion is clearly unhappy. He strides toward the building, kicking away the stray bottles, determined. “You guys might want to stand back,” he says. “He’s not being cooperative.” Superion flies back into the hole he just made. Seconds later, a different body crashes out through the roof -- not Superion -- a hugely muscled man dressed only in a pair of neon green short shorts that ride into his ass-crack. “For the love of God!” Ben yells. “GLENN!” His brother sails up about thirty or forty feet into the air before arcing down toward the ground. He lands hard on his back with a wind-losing smack. Trying to shake it off and stand, he snorts like an animal. Ben is trying to comprehend what his brother has become. Even in the few days since Ben last saw him, Glenn has grown. His brother had always been a heavy-set, snowman/ pear-shaped guy, wide hips and narrow shoulders. Now he’s a freak bodybuilder with a roidgut that rivals a beach ball, supporting these thick and ponderous limbs. It should be impossible for him to move, given the size of his muscle -- traps that almost keep him from turning his head, a back so wide he can’t lower his arms completely -- yet move he does, with confidence and surprising grace. Superion flies up out of the hole in the roof and lands about ten feet away from Ben’s brother. “Stop!” he commands, holding up a flat palm. But like an angry bull, perhaps egged-on by Superion’s flowing red cape, Glenn charges, gaining steam with each step. It takes little effort for Superion to side-step him, trip him, and force him forward till he slams into the side of the building. Glenn roars in anger, throwing a chunk of broken block at Superion. As Superion knocks it aside, Glenn takes advantage of the distraction and tackles Superion from the side, taking him to the ground. His brother is bigger than Superion! “He’s in a rage!” Father John J says as he and Ben seek a better observation spot, running to the far-side of the building -- Father John tries to grab the extra bottles. “His energy is out of control.” Glenn has Superion in a schoolboy pin, squatting across Superion’s torso, kneeling on his biceps, punching him over and over in the face, raging. “GLENN!” Ben calls, distracting his brother for just a moment, but enough. Glenn looks at Ben and Superion grabs Glenn’s fist, halting it mid-strike. Superion stands, holding Glenn by the wrist, spins him around and around like a lasso, before throwing him to the other side of the parking lot, where he lands with a loud crunch. “This guy’s pretty far gone,” Superion says to Father John J as Glenn starts to charge back across the lot -- a rhino. “Any ideas? I don’t want to hurt him.” “You have to release his pent-up energy,” Father John J frets, shaking his head as Glenn leaps into the air. “You have to…” Glenn lands within their circle and the reverberation knocks them all off their feet. He steps toward Ben, fierce anger filling his eyes, no recognition, but the hard-on beneath his spandex shorts is more than obvious. Before he can strike, however, Superion grabs him from behind in a full-nelson and flies them up about ten feet into the air. Glenn is trying to shake his grip, thrashing about, but he lacks leverage. That he’s sexually stimulated is lost on no one -- his erection throbs. “You have to make him cum!” Father John J yells. “You have to make him release!” Superion’s grimace speaks volumes, but he sighs and reaches around Glenn, grabbing Glenn’s erection at its thick base, rubbing his hand over the spandex material. Glenn reacts in a surprising way, moaning in his deep throat -- his whole drive seems to shift from “rage” to “lust” as easy as the stick on an old jalopy. He starts dry-humping the air, rubbing his ass against Superion. Horrified, Ben can’t look away. Of all the things he didn’t think he’d be seeing today, this had to top the list. On the other hand, his brother had tried to sexually engage Ben after Ben’s transformation, which had freaked Ben out so much he ran away and brought back Superion. And now it looks like Superion is enjoying himself, too -- there’s no hiding what’s going on in his blue leggings. Father John J had said Superion hasn’t had sex since his lover -- this King Rex -- got tossed into the Multiverse. How does someone go twenty years without sex? MONKS don’t even do that! “It’s not enough to jerk him off,” Father John J yells. “You have to... press his button!” Superion’s frustrated reaction weakens his grip on Glenn, who breaks Superion’s hold and suddenly drops to the ground with a heavy, dull thud. Superion is on him in a flash and the two of them wrestle in the parking lot -- but it isn’t to fight. This is different -- it’s two men squaring off. This is foreplay. Other than size, Glenn has no real advantage over Superion. And now that Superion has a new drive, there’s really no stopping him. Superion is erect himself, his cock as supremely out of proportion as everything else about him -- whatever else this Rex favors, it’s big-dicked muscle-bottoms. They flex at each other, Superion and Ben’s brother, a Most Muscular, an ab/ thigh -- showing off, mutual worship -- double biceps, erections straining flimsy material. Glenn smacks Superion’s pecs with an open hand, then squeezes the muscle as Superion flexes -- fucking rock hard -- punching cement. Looking each other in the eye, Glenn falls to his knees and begins mouthing Superion’s cock through the heavy spandex of Superion’s leggings. Superion unclasps his belt and releases it, allowing Glenn to take it in his mouth. Clearly at some level, Glenn knows what he needs. Or what he wants. “Get it wet,” Superion orders him. “Get it good and wet -- or it’s gonna hurt.” “What’s going on?” Ben asks Father John J as the Father collects stray bottles of Cycle One. Father John J looks at Superion, then at Ben. “He’s going to fuck him,” Father John J says. “He’s gotta fuck him and press his button, release the energy. Same as I did with you at the Church!” Ben crosses himself. “But you just used your fingers,” Ben says. “Why does he have to…?” Father John J shushes him. Glenn holds Superion’s cock in his fist and spits on the head, immediately putting it back in his mouth, soaking the thick, super-shaft. Superion pushes him onto his back, straddling Glenn’s chest to allow Glenn to continue sucking his cock, but putting Superion into a dominant position. Superion licks his fingers and reaches for Glenn’s hole -- so tight -- Glenn squirms, discovering a new sensation. “Yeah,” Superion says. “Big boy likes that.” “All Hail His Majesty’s Consort, the Mighty Superion,” Father John J intones, falling to his knees with an armful of bottles. “All praise King Rex!” Superion shoots Father John J a snide look. “Don’t do that shit, Johnny,” he says. “This is pragmatism, not Church! Toss me a bottle of that stuff!” “It IS Church!” Father John J argues, still on his knees. “You engage in the holiest of acts, a sacrifice -- an offering! I must pray!” Superion shakes his head but doesn’t argue. “Throw me a bottle of that stuff!” he says again. Father John J won’t release what he’s gathered, so it’s Ben who throws one to him -- or overthrows, actually -- he doesn’t know his own strength. Superion catches it with such confidence and ease that it makes it look like it had been intended that way. Superion cracks open the Cycle One, sniffs it -- a memory floats across his features -- and he pours a tiny bit over his cock, into Glenn’s desperate mouth. Glenn groans again, desperately lapping it off. Superion pulls his cock out of Glenn’s mouth and says, “On your hands and knees -- NOW.” He levitates slightly, allowing the three-hundred-plus giant to spin beneath him -- moving from one submissive pose to the next -- then he slowly pours the Cycle One down Glenn’s ass-crack, until it reaches the fingers Superion has against Glenn’s hole. Using the honey-thick Cycle One as lube, Superion pushes his fingers in. Glenn’s moan is a roar that can be heard for miles. “Bigger than that coming,” Superion says, pushing his fingers in and out. Father John J weaves while he prays. “We commend this energy to you, Great Lord, lost in the Multiverse, that it might find you and strengthen you for your journey home!” Superion yells. “Johnny, please!” as he pours the Cycle One on his hard cock, like sauce on a meaty rib. “Just let me do what I came here to do!” “Release it!” Father John J prays. “Give it back to the Master!” Superion slams his foot-long cock into Glenn’s waiting ass -- they both scream, both of them from a different sort of denial, but coming together here in this parking lot. Has there been a change in the light? Ben wonders, unable to take his eyes away from his brother’s submission. Where did this wind come from? “Can you feel it?” Father John J shouts. “CAN YOU FEEL THE MASTER?” Superion begins fucking Ben’s brother, doggie-style, gently at first, even then, barely keeping control of himself -- it’s been so long, Superion -- but then, even Glenn wants him to go harder, pushing his ass back into Superion’s cock, trying to form words. Trying to find his own button. And there’s something else around Superion, something familiar, whispering in his memory, filling him with strength and power -- a masculine spirit. Making him fuck -- forcing him to connect and dominate. It feels like his husband… Is he feeling the effects of Cycle One? He releases -- who fucking cares? Fuck -- Superion wants to fuck. He drives into Glenn’s ass, fucking so hard they break the pavement. It’s power and forgotten masculine urges, decades of repression. “CAN YOU FEEL IT?” Father John J yells above the din, the wind, the energy. “PRAY WITH ME! PRAY TO OUR LORD, LOST IN THE MULTIVERSE!” Superion fucks Glenn with his super-long cock, pounding a forgotten, manly rhythm in his loin, awakening something deep within him. The energy crackles like lightning around them. Ben falls to his knees, his legs weak -- what is he seeing? They’re fucking there in the broken parking lot, his brother and Superion, it’s broad daylight, but there’s a sense of darkness around them, reality seems to shift as their sexual energy grows. Superion groans. “I’m so close…” Glenn rises up on his knees, exposing own erection that rises exactly along the curve of his distended belly, almost to his navel. Glenn is flexing his arms in a double bis -- Superion uses them as anchors, deep-thrusting. “Gonna… cum…” “WE CALL ON THEE, GREAT LORD! WE GRANT THEE THIS OFFERING!” Superion, a being that hasn’t orgasmed in nearly two decades, shoots his almost impossible load -- Glenn, who has never anally-orgasmed, explodes with incredible pent-up masculine energy, his “overdose” on Cycle One, and climaxes simultaneously. They scream together, too, full-throated and deep. There’s an explosion -- well, something very much like one. It’s like nothing Ben has ever experienced before. There’s no sound, no BOOM -- it’s almost as if someone takes reality, twists it, and then releases it to snap back into place. The explosion -- if one can call it an explosion -- is energy, electricity and force, concussive and multi-layered. There is a soundless brightness that blows them all back -- Ben’s back slams into the wall of the Eternal building, cracking the brick. There’s a hissing in the background, like pink noise, that settles out of the silence -- and then Ben’s hearing comes back. Or reality comes back -- it’s hard to say. His brother Glenn’s body slams on the ground before him, steaming a little, digging up the asphalt a little more. He rolls over on his back directly in front of Ben. “GLENN!” Ben calls, scrambling over to his brother. He slaps his face. “Glenn, wake up! Oh, God… Oh, sweet God be okay.” Glenn comes to, a little disoriented -- the crazed, drug-addled look in his eye is gone. “Ben?” he asks, looking Ben in the eye. “What’s going on? I… Bro… what happened? You’re huge! Wait, I’M huge!” Ben chuckles. “It’s a long story,” he says, nearly in tears. “And I don’t think it’s over yet…” Both Superion and Father John J had been knocked back, too, in opposite directions. Superion is already recovering, steaming himself, studying the blast area. The spot where they’d cum is now a blown out pit, smoke and steam and electric crackles encircling it. Superion immediately checks on the others, locating and diagnosing their injuries -- bumps and bruises, but generally okay -- when he hears a moan come from the pit itself. What? How is that possible? Father John J hears the sound as well, and draws up onto his knees like a hopeful teen. As Superion stands on shaky feet, the figure in the pit finds his footing, too, his face hidden by the steam, the unnatural shadow, and electrical snaps. He is a giant of man, bigger than Superion, more powerful, more muscular. His god-given body beyond fantasy, his muscle on the edge of impossible. In his purple shorts with the gold piping, the golden boots and gauntlets, the simple over the shoulder cape and the electric-metal lightning bolt emblazoned on his chest, he is instantly recognizable. Especially to Superion. “Rex…?” he asks, a smile finding the corner of his mouth. “Is it really you?” The muscle god smiles. “Superion?” he asks. “Am I home? Am I finally home?” They fall into each other’s arms, laughing and kissing, relieved and amazed. Even Ben smiles, happy that there’s a happy ending with Cycle One for once. Glenn, confused, asks his tearful brother, “What’s happening…?” He’s answered by Father John J. “It is the return of His Majesty, Rex the Almighty!” Rex and Superion continue to kiss, flying up into the air together. Father John J opens his arms to the world. “IT IS THE SECOND COMING!” **************************************************************************************** EPILOGUE: “Hey everybody, this is Glenn!” “And this is Ben!” “We’re the Fortunato Brothers! And you’re watching another episode of ‘Can You Believe They Bought That Shit?’” TITLE -- THEME MUSIC “In this episode, we’re actually gonna be talking about SELLING shit for a change.” “Hey! Before we go on... Viewers, did you notice our new logo in the opening?” (CUTAWAY: the old logo, the Fortunato Brothers looking like cartoon Laurel & Hardy (one fat, one thin) fades to the new logo: Laurel & Hardy as bodybuilders, one arm wrapped around their brother and the other flexing their biceps. (CUT BACK to the live Brothers in the same pose as the logo, barely holding their laughter.) “If you’ve noticed we look a little different than we have in past episodes, but you don’t know why, it’s possible you missed our TRANSFORMATION SPECIAL that dropped a couple weeks ago.” “I don’t know, Ben. With over two-hundred million downloads, I don’t think many people have missed out TRANSFORMATION SPECIAL!” “It’s still available if you have, that’s all I’m saying…” “But what you HAVEN’T missed is what transformed us into this muscled perfection, the awesome sports drink CYCLE ONE!” Glenn reveals a bottle in frame, holding it for the camera to see -- plain, ordinary looking stuff for what it could do. “It took about a dozen of these to transform my skinny brother Ben there into THAT!” Ben flexes for the camera, his muscle pumped, his confidence high. “No lie,” Ben says. “Believe me, I would never have done this without CYCLE ONE -- I was too lazy and too weak. Not anymore.” Glenn wraps his massive arm around Ben’s neck and pulls him close -- he kisses the side of Ben’s head. “Isn’t he cute?” Glenn asks. “So, we’re doin’ something we don’t normally do: we’re selling some shit. CYCLE ONE, to be specific. You can get to my brother’s size with a twelve-pack -- you can get to mine with a case!” The brothers flex for the camera -- the spandex shirts they wear ripple with muscle. “We haven’t even talked about the biggest bonus!” Glenn continues to flex for the camera. “Tell ‘em, Ben!” “When you go to the bidding page, click the link to join King Rex’s Holy Order and be a Knight for His Majesty, the power behind Cycle One, the Living God, King Rex, once lost in the Multiverse but now found! Be His Knight, His Holy Warrior, and join the Crusade in His second coming!” Glenn laughs. “Geez, Ben, you sound like a fanboy!” Ben is sincere. “I witnessed God’s Second Coming, Glenn,” Ben says simply. “That kind of thing… changes a man…” ************************************************************************************* Sam Bennett pauses the video. He’s watched it a thousand times -- he knows what it says by heart, by now. Still, it’s the first thing to give him an erection in almost a decade. How should he feel about that? He presses Play. “...sound like a fanboy.” “I witnessed God’s Second Coming, Glenn. That kind of thing… changes a man…” Pause. Not really believing he’s doing it, but somehow certain it’s the right move, Sam Bennett presses the link to join the Knighthood, the Holy Order of King Rex. He does it because he wants to believe in Happy Endings.
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