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  1. Chapter One thru 4 of Tales of Xzarda in full follows. Then Chapters 5 and 6 are in a reply. This is the beginning of a science fiction novel dedicated to muscle worship. There are 25 chapters in total, all averaging 20-25 pages each. 180,000 words in total - even I can’t believe it - and it all glides the reader along exactly like the following chapter. I hope you like it. The entire book available now: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09LLDPTQT Tales of Xzarda: An Erotic Science Fiction Fantasy Dedicated to the Cult of Hercules Part One: Fuckpuppy to the MuscleGods Chapter One: The Arrival It’s not always easy to get what you want. It’s also not easy to figure out what you want. There are too many distractions and so much information trying to convince you what you need. It’s hard to have the strength to sift through it all. I ended up in life with a series of sub-optimal choices. Even so, some friends and relatives were still jealous of my choices compared to theirs. The grass is always greener on the other side, as they say. At least my choices were leading to a safe life. A comfortable life provided the planet didn’t burn up in another twenty years. But maybe a bit boring and lonely in all honesty. Of course, some drama would invariably crop up at work. I may have said the wrong thing, or someone decided to interpret something I said negatively. Or I simply put my foot in my mouth, drawn to stupidity like a moth to a flame. There certainly were plenty of nights that I replayed the minor conflicts at work endlessly, ...so much time spent on nonsense that basically went nowhere. And yet, time after time, I would get hooked. Pointless drama is addicting. Maybe it is a cure for boredom. Or just a useless trick of our monkey minds. I was in my house a little after 9 PM, stoned on the sofa and surfing the net while I watched TV. Nothing unusual. I had to work the next day yet again, so my aim was to unwind. I lived on my own. But I was used to that. I moved to a small city to pursue my career, even if that meant having to sacrifice my social life. There weren’t many gay men to connect with in my town. None that were easy to find. But I was open to the possibility of meeting someone and went to the gym regularly. I accepted solitude and, secretly, enjoyed it. I came from a family with a lot of drama, so I found peace and quiet comforting. Maybe I distanced myself from others more than I needed to. Maybe the peace I experienced was good for me. Suddenly, I felt jerked around as if I were having a seizure. I was breathing and conscious and then noticed I was really floating in the air. I swallowed deeply and spun, then stopped, and felt a massive rush in my head like when you stand up too fast. Then I passed out. After what felt like only minutes, I woke up and found myself lying on top of a large, soft table/bed in a sterile lab. I was fully awake, but felt disoriented and small on the cushioned surface. It seemed like they made it for someone twice my size, maybe 8 ft tall. The pair of gray 2xist briefs I was lounging in at home were neatly folded beside me, cleaned and very much real. Still feeling cloudy, I could discern a few people moving toward me. As they approached, I noticed they wore dark glasses, had fine fur-like hair, and were grayish with rodent-like features. They were slender, and shorter than me at slightly over 5 feet. Their ears looked like giant mice, and they had a non-threatening, almost comical, presence despite being engaged in a professional purpose. They raced around making excited, high-pitched sounds. Despite feeling anxious, I found them amusing. But I also knew something strange had just happened. The technicians were working on equipment I had never seen before. But I found nothing odd with that, I wasn’t interested enough in the health field to be up to date on its technology. The workers may have also just been in costume. However, after having watched a lot of science fiction in my day, I got a sneaking suspicion I was quite far from home. A while later I noticed a few larger, more menacing figures come closer toward the bed. The grayish folk scattered and disappeared. I began to get my bearings and saw things a bit more clearly as a wave of fear engulfed me. Three men came toward me, and they were large and imposing but seemed human. As they moved closer, I thought, “Shit!” And my heart started beating faster while the fear subsided, but my adrenaline continued to surge in overdrive. The men were enormous, super-fit, and damned handsome. They had incredibly muscular bodies under their lab coats. They were tall. Taller than any men I was used to seeing. They must have been close to 7 feet each, with massive, bulging round shoulders as wide as walls and comparatively narrow waists. Their chests were huge, with biceps that stretched the sleeves of the thin, silk-like cloth of their lab coats. They looked like superheroes. A little further down from their jackets I noticed their baskets and watched as their groins swole and pressed against tight, spandex-like pants. Cords laced their crotch areas and secured their waists like football pants. Their clothing, although serious and professional-looking, was fashionable and designed to complement their well-developed physiques. One had royal blue tights with an embossed jacquard design and a black cord. He also wore a yellow mesh shirt that hugged and defined his thick and hairy chest. The second wore black tights and a gray shirt with a deep V-neck that revealed his huge and perfectly sculpted pecs. A field of short, light brown hair had grown on them. The third was smooth and wore similar black pants and a dark gray, almost transparent shirt under his coat. He turned and I could see the black fabric entered between and defined the beautifully round muscle of his large, dimpled butt cheeks. Like those of a well-muscled, giant male ballet dancer. I was naked on the bed and grew a boner as I watched them come closer. I looked along my much smaller body and saw my smooth chest was still full and squared, my 6-pack was marginally visible, and my legs were nicely shaped and defined. I was well-worked out; I had not shrunk. There was at least a foot of space above my head and below the heels of my bare feet, and a couple of feet of space on either side of me, but the table/bed was massive. As much as I fought against it, the blood continued to flow into my exposed, 7-inch cock and I mindlessly stroked it as I attempted to hide it. They noticed how I was looking at them and I felt embarrassed. They glanced at each other, then peered down at me and grinned at my pathetic attempt to hide my boner. The one with the exposed chest reached into his pants and adjusted his big dick for greater comfort. I watched mesmerized. The thought flashed in my mind of how I wanted to go down on it, or at least have him rub it against me. I pretty much forgot I had just been abducted. The one in royal blue reached over with his massive hand and gently stroked me from my pec down my right leg. He wanted to feel the hardness of my body and softness of my skin. I gave in to the fact my exposed dick was full, hard, and pointed upward. They seemed thrilled and I smiled back at them, excited despite my uncertainty and anxiety. I enjoyed being touched and wanted the superman to do it more. To them, they hit the jackpot. Those three giant musclemen craved nothing more than to kiss, cuddle and fuck me there on the spot. Despite their overwhelming interest, they were restrained, and I remained unsure, still a patient on a hospital bed, or a prisoner at their mercy. Little did I know they were a small part of a larger plan, and there was much more in store. (this is where the last post ended) In retrospect, I now realize they were an advance crew of scientist-physicians who evaluated those brought through a wormhole to their world. They were there to determine if the humans coming through met their target criteria. If so, they would act as ‘hosts’ to the ‘traveler’. The initial evaluation at the lab also mined my genetic material to integrate it into their reproductive process. Their objective here was to enhance their genetic diversity. Varied human gene stock was guaranteed by their focus on gay men influenced by sthenolagnia, or muscle worship, being the sexual attraction to the display of strength or male muscular development. This attraction cuts across most human cultures and influences both gay men and heterosexual women but is not often expressed openly by Earthmen. However, it was behavior the Xzardans were able to zero in on through their technology. Returning to Earth was impossible. The wormhole I came through went in one direction and we were half a universe away. However, this world carefully selected targets through observation to find the most compatible candidates to avoid ‘mistakes’, and waste resources. Recently, they became better at remote observation and targeting. They could also access any electronic database from Earth and increasingly understood our world. As a result, the advance technicians communicated with me in broken English. Part of their purpose was to teach their language and introduce the ‘traveler’, me in this case, to their world and way of life. They also assessed ‘travelers’ for their potential to appreciate the most physically developed men who were celebrated in their civilization. If the ‘traveler’ were gay and attracted to their champions, or could learn to be attracted to them, they would be prepared for a potential coupling. These men would be twice the ‘traveler’s’ size, exceptionally strong, and would not speak any Earth languages. It was a plum job for these ‘hosts’. They were not part of the elite, but they were among their society’s top scientists, and all were on track to elite status. Their job was a rare opportunity to meet and interact with the smaller human ‘travelers’ who were their sexual ideal. For my first few weeks these three scientists, who were tall, massive, and handsome competition-level bodybuilders, would become my teachers and lovers. Their names were Stanj (pronounced “staa-nish”), Ruud (pronounced “rood”), and Dzaan (pronounced “Jaan”). I am called Greg. ◆◆◆ It now seemed like many hours had passed since I woke up in their lab. They gave me some odd-looking food which was surprisingly delicious. I watched the three tall and fantastically beautiful men move about as I ate. When their tests seemed to wind down, they removed their lab coats as if to show themselves off. Stanj was in the royal blue and yellow shirt. He had short, dark brown hair and a remarkably good-looking face that was wide and angular. His thick, soft beard outlined his jaw, crept up his cheeks, and settled into a crisp goatee. His otherworldly blue eyes matched his pants and contrasted with his black hair. The man was stunning, god-like even, and ridiculously beautiful. He had a determined but gentle look to him, like a failingly anonymous Clark Kent. He looked to be in his late 30s, was almost 7 feet tall and his body was beyond anything from a Mr. Olympia contest. His size and symmetry reached further than what I thought possible as perfect and attractive. I figured he could be over 360 lbs. and was exactly twice my size. He looked strong, stronger than any human ever. The size of his body parts was fully proportionate, built from lean muscle mass. His shoulders were round like bowling balls and double my width, while he tapered to a 36-inch waist. His biceps were enormous at over 27 inches and when he flexed as he moved, I could see his arms were larger than either my head or even his. I couldn’t help but notice his monstrous, hairy chest and abs through his shirt and could see they were spectacular. I knew that seeing him shirtless, let alone touching him, could have the potential to make me cum on the spot. His butt was as fine as his colleague Dzaan’s, tantalizingly shaped, plump, and muscley. The way his tights highlighted and traced the cleft between his cheeks would be considered illegal in our world, an unabashed display of sexual potency and power. As I watched him turn around, I wanted to slide my hand up there, if not bury my face inside it. He tied the strings of his sandals like lacework which showed his calves off rather nicely, along with his hairy feet. Further up his powerful legs, the bulge of his crotch gave the impression his balls were being tortured under the fabric and black laced drawstring, desperate for escape. The material was light enough to show the outline of the head and crown of his protruding penis pressed against it. The thickness of his legs caused his junk to push forward. When he walked, he waddled. He showed off his dick and muscle like an uncomfortable hulk that demanded the relief and care of my tongue and hands. He looked human but was beyond human with his superbly muscled tank of a body and stunning face. Ruud was the one in the grey V-neck shirt and black pants. He had thinning, light brown hair, and a small manly bald spot. A short beard outlined his jawline with a goatee grown long at the chin. His facial hair complemented his angular face, which also appeared infused with testosterone. There was a brutally masculine look about him. He was in his early 40s or looked like it, and older than Stanj. His hazel eyes complemented his beard. He was deeply tanned, which offset the lighter hues in his hair and added to his appeal. His expression seemed both severe and kind. He was about as tall and wide as Stanj, but bigger and rounder and even more cut with less body fat. He stood at 6’,11" and had 375 lbs. of pure muscle tapered to a 35" waist. I was unaware at the time that he competed in a high-status bodybuilding contest the previous week in his quest to join the elite. Both he and Stanj were pre-elite tier competitors among their world’s 35,000 professional, as opposed to recreational, competitive bodybuilders. And close to the level of the planet’s elite champions. When Ruud removed his lab coat, my heart almost jumped out of my mouth. I couldn’t take my eyes off him since he adjusted his dick while staring at my boner a little earlier. The muscle on this man was unlike anything I had ever seen as a lifetime bodybuilding enthusiast. The deep V-neck of his shirt revealed a pair of thick and round plates of muscle. His pecs created a cleavage you could sink your face into, or even bury your hard cock as you fucked the deep cleft between them. There was something about his muscle that revealed it was well-worked over many years and had kept maturing, becoming bigger, fuller, more striated, more defined, and fed by ever-multiplying pipes of pumping veins. This was going on all over his pecs and massive arms and under his clothes. I was dying to see and taste his prick and had to stop myself from reaching for it as my hard dick throbbed. His exposed pecs capped a view of his rocky, cut abs that were so well-defined and large I could easily fuck the space between just one pair of his 10-pack, and secretly he was eager for me to try. In fact, he wanted it badly. His arms were the same size as Stanj’s but seemed larger because of their deeper cuts, his lower overall body fat, and muscle maturity. From behind, his enormous back was thick with muscle and definition, which you could make out from under his shirt. Beneath his narrow waist his large, hard, round butt comprised two perfect spheres of muscle, separated erotically by his pants that were tailored to advertise the shape of his butt cheeks. Because of his size and bearing, his display of his heavily worked-out and perfectly shaped gluteus muscles was masculine and powerful. His legs were wide, thick, and cut, like tree-trunks as they say. His pants clung to his calves, and he wore what looked like black running shoes with no socks. He was horny, as his hard dick pressed against the tight fabric that outlined a large tool that was at least 10 inches long and 6 and ½ inches thick and pushed forward by his massive thighs. I figured I could handle it, but it would hurt, and hoped I could spend time with him. I couldn’t stop staring and all 3 of them knew, and they kept smiling. Apparently, they had removed their lab coats on purpose to gauge the potential of my attraction to them and men like them. Dzaan was also a bodybuilder but seemed to be from a different group than the other two as there was a lean quality to his body. He wore black pants like Rudd, an excellent choice, I’ll admit, as they complimented the lower half of his body spectacularly. And what a body this man had. Dzaan was fucking handsome in a ruggedly pleasing and exotic way, and seemed playful. His skin was caramel-hued, shiny, soft, and smooth over his big, hard, and cut body. His physique compared well to his colleagues and suggested he was also an accomplished swimmer. He stood around 7 feet tall, the tallest of the three, and weighed 355 lbs. His muscles were full, well-defined, and corded with veins. His head was longish and covered in wavy brown hair. He had sharp, angular features with a wide, testosterone-infused jawline, and soft, cleanly shaved skin on his face. His lips were full and wide, with small lines that curled up, giving him a smile as his normal expression. His lower lip was defined by a soul-patch. The tops of his ears were pointed, which complemented the shape of his head. His eyes were golden, unlike anything I had ever seen, and together with his ears gave him the most alien appearance of the three. He was probably a little older than Stanj but seemed to have a younger spirit. His butt was incredible, tantalizingly round, and dimpled, and sucked you right into it. Possibly the sexiest of the three. His junk looked massive with a VPL (visible penis line) that dominated the front of his pants. His arms and shoulders were also huge and veiny. He walked like a stallion despite his muscle mass, but he also seemed to be deliberately displaying his muscle and crotch for my benefit. What I could see of his super-built torso under his soft black shirt made me desperate to see more. I looked over at Ruud to imagine the possibilities. He was almost as cut as Ruud and with an even more erotic shape to his physique. I had an overwhelming desire to kiss Dzaan and get lost in his mouth even as I lay in that lab like some experiment. I found him intoxicatingly handsome and kissable. When he stroked me softly with his large hand out of his desire, I felt like purring and he could tell I liked it. So, he did it again, and I reached out to suck his finger while I thought about his beautiful, monumental cock. As I did that, I could see it grow in his pants and drip pre-cum, creating a small, wet stain and showing me that his prick was big but that he wanted me to handle it, taste it and do whatever else pleased me. It was a damn good thing I had already been de-contaminated and acclimatized to their world by the time I awoke. I was ready and willing, actually desperate, to worship them and exchange fluids as I involuntarily held and stroked myself. My mind continued to race in overdrive. Beside desperately needing to shoot a load I worried about missing work. I experienced waves of anxiety, but the beauty of the men focused on me, combined with my intense attraction to them, ultimately calmed me. ◆◆◆ The next step was to prepare me for what they brought me to do. Ruud came over and caressed my head as he motioned to Dzaan to cool it. Stanj, Ruud, and Dzaan were genuinely nice and gentle, almost loving, as they finished their tests. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them. Finally, Stanj brought over a small robe, like the lab coats they wore, and asked me in English to get up and sit at the edge of the bed. I suppose they could have given me the robe earlier, but they probably enjoyed seeing me naked. Now, sitting there surrounded by these amazing musclemen, musclegods as they were beyond anyone on Earth, Ruud spoke as two gray, furry folk, called ‘Erindans’, emerged from the shadows to bring more food. As we all ate, he told me they had brought me to their world to enhance their genetic diversity and as a gift for their elite. A wave of panic hit me. I was “brought” there? Where was “there” I wondered. For my genes and as a gift for their elite? Did that mean I was now a slave? Adrenaline replaced sexual arousal with panic. My dick shrank. It was a lot to take in. I was shocked, but also fascinated. Ruud assured me that the three of them were there to help me transition to their world and not to worry, he could see that I would adapt well. I would have choices and control; they would impose nothing on me. I wondered how long I would be there and where I was. They did not give straightforward answers, except to say I was in a place called ‘Xzarda’, and it seemed like their plan was long-term adaptation. I was worried and realized my family would think I died. I became quiet, perturbed, disturbed. But these men were beautiful, incredible—beyond words. Dzaan came beside me and put his hand on my shoulder and softly massaged it. He then sat next to me and hugged me with his superhero arm, which perked me back up again. I considered the circumstances. Gorgeous men now surrounded me with a strong sexual vibe. I lived alone in a different city than my family and had few other ties as a single gay man. I also had few romantic prospects where I was from, and I missed that. Pressed against Dzaan’s warm muscular body, I felt comfortable and that there was no real threat, so I relaxed and decided to find out more. Ruud continued with an outline of their world. Adult men lived among themselves and were catered to by the Erindans who supplied meals, performed household tasks, and helped out in many other ways. Procreation was through scientific intervention rather than biology and the ratio of men to women was 5 to 1. Xzardan society was predominantly homosexual. The men occupied themselves with military training, teaching, professional activities, sports, and bodybuilding. They worked around 25-30 hours a week on average and devoted the rest of their time to exercise and recreation. Bodybuilding was the ultimate sport, and they structured their social calendar around the competition schedule. It was also a celebration of male beauty, excellence, and strength, which were at the core of their culture and resonated with their religion. Some men became so good at bodybuilding that they comprised an elite class and were supported in luxury to train and compete exclusively. Selected for the size and beauty of their musculature, their good looks and sex appeal, their strength, and their professional accomplishments, the top champions were the ideal of Xzardan male society. Only the absolute best made it to the elite level and were treated like kings. The elite level of bodybuilders comprised about 250 men from each city-state, of which there were currently 7. These 250 men were the cream of an exceptional crop, and unbelievable in their beauty, size, and symmetry. Ruud was getting close to the elite level, along with Stanj, and was at the top of the amateur pile. They had not yet reached elite status, which could take them many more years or not at all. Dzaan was a bodybuilder and swimming champion, and almost the size of the other 2, and possibly even better looking. Something told me they were all close to the elite level, or they would not have this job. The top champion bodybuilders had it made in this society and were musclegods in many senses of the word, from how they looked and their focus on building their physiques, to how they were treated and catered to. They lived in stunning areas within what was the referred to as the ‘tamed’ part of the planet, the Xzardan archipelago. Above all, Xzardan champion bodybuilders liked their hard work to be admired. Their ultimate reward was to be worshipped by other men as a hero. Their sexual ideal was a much smaller guy attracted to their hulking, muscular physiques who they could fuck, cuddle and be worshipped by. Their desires were tied to their psychology and founding myths, but full satisfaction was exceedingly rare. They often chose younger and smaller adult Xzardans among the under 28s as their preferred sex partners. The smaller the better, but the smallest was still over 6 feet and 245 lbs. Xzardan men ranged in height from 6 feet, 4 inches to 7 feet, 4 inches and weighed from 245 lbs. upward to over 475 lbs. The youngest men usually preferred their peers, so the cultivation of younger Xzardans for elite men was possible but had limits. A human guy, say 5 feet, 10 inches, 180lbs, almost washboard abs, muscular and handsome, was already seen as intensely desirable by most Xzardan men. A gay one wildly attracted to well-developed male muscle, an eager and willing human ‘puppy’ from their perspective, was the supreme fantasy of most of the Xzardan musclegods. To have a guy like that as a lover and be worshipped by him, rather than a younger Xzardan man, was an almost impossible ideal. Their recent exposure to information from Earth, and their ability to identify gay men, whetted the champions’ appetites. Because of the hunger of the musclegod kings for human ‘pups’, and the resources their society devoted to their pleasure, they recently found a way to pull people from our world into theirs. The only problem was the limits to their technology, which could accommodate only one, maybe two ‘travelers’ per city-state per year. Some of those would be ‘mistakes’ who were not hot and hungry gay men interested in their elite musclegods. So far there were about four to six gay Earthmen per city-state who each became primarily monogamous with one champion. This left most of the top men, the musclegod kings, fantasizing about Earth dudes. Ruud said that I was number 5 for their city-state and seemed like I may be the best match yet. He, Stanj, and Dzaan would prepare me over the next few weeks, teaching me their language and their ways. We would live together in a villa within the city but separate from the focused bodybuilder area. He said it was for my safety and they found it was best to introduce new Earth ‘pups’ to their world gradually as many became overwhelmed at first. The more Ruud spoke, the more relaxed and excited I became. I was being prepared to live among the elite musclegods and to choose one as a lover. Stanj, Ruud, Dzaan, and I would enjoy as much sex as we wanted while we lived together, but I needed to remember that we would separate in a short while. We would always be friends, and they would always be available if I ever needed help. The reason there were three in the transition team rather than just one or even two, was to prevent me or them from attempting to pair off. They assured me I would enjoy the elite life once I left their care. They said if you like us, you will love them. And the feeling would be more than mutual. End of Chapter One Chapter Two: Chapter 2: The First Two Days It was already evening by the time we prepared to go to the designated transition villa. I walked between my hosts to their shuttle, which was a flying vehicle. I enjoyed watching Rudd’s awkward muscle waddle as he led the way through the building. We walked down a hall along a glass wall with a forest on the other side. The colors were like a rainforest on Earth but with a light blue hue, as if seen through tinted glass. We stepped onto a circular pad and arrived at an open space with 6 shuttles parked at the edge of the platform. Ruud brought us to a sleek and elegant brown and steel blue machine with masculine lines. I sat in the back with him. We flew out from the port and emerged into Anaxandri. Ruud wrapped his massive arm around me as we flew over the city for a few minutes. I could tell from the architecture that this world celebrated masculinity and artistic design. Our destination was a beautiful beige and white villa on a cliff overlooking the city’s skyline and the sea beyond. The air had a salty smell and felt humid, but pleasant. A contrast from the cold autumn air I experienced going home after work a few days ago, the last time I was outside. On a level lower than the main house was an Olympic-sized swimming pool surrounded by two outlying buildings. They occupied an expansive terrace carved into the hill. One building housed a gym that was suitable for both me and the guys with our different levels of strength. The other was a beach house with what looked like a few separate rooms with beds to nap on, an open kitchen, toilets, and a large shower room. A gleaming tiled patio was covered in an abstract pattern that blended curves and angles. There was an area with daybeds and lounges, and a dining table under a pergola surrounded the pool and outbuildings. The pergola overlooked the city and sea. Tall trees circled the villa and gave it privacy. However, the surrounding hills were peppered with similar homes. The architecture was Greek classical mixed with whimsical curved elements on various parts of the buildings and in the balcony's layout. It looked as if they fused the work of Antonio Gaudi with ancient Greece while on LSD. And yet it all worked stunningly. On Earth it would be a home for a plutocrat. Everything I saw along the way appeared rich and clean. The climate was tropical, warm, and pleasant during the evening. It was sunny and warm to hot during the day. We were greeted by two Erindans who spoke to Stanj when we entered the main house. The Erindans were alien; they were humanoid but seemed as if they evolved directly from rodents, rather than via primates. They had soft, fine fur on their skin that was shiny and reflected the light. They were not hairy, as their fur was very short and thicker than human body hair. It was almost skin-like, but you could make out different colored areas the way a cat or dog could have varied spots of color on their coats, but muted. Their mouth area was a hybrid of a mammal and human mouth that appeared like a cleft top lip, but that was an illusion caused by their facial muscles. It was possible to discern their various expressions with practice. They had a nervous energy and hurried. From what I could tell, having seen them at the lab and now here, it was normal for them to be in constant motion. Dzaan seemed to know where to go and I followed him into a large bedroom decorated in dark woods and surrounded on three sides by windows. Rudd and Stanj were close behind. The bed was gigantic, about 9 x 8 feet, with two satellite beds 6 x 8 feet each angled to the sides at the foot of the main one. I realized substantial beds without covers were a major piece of furniture in this world, used in different ways and contexts. They variously were used as beds, sofas, daybeds, lounges, or settees. The Erindan crew already prepared our bedroom for sleep as thin blankets lay folded by the edge of each one. The guys agreed among themselves that I would sleep on the main bed between Dzaan and Rudd. Stanj would be on another. They planned to alternate who slept beside me each night in succession. Once settled, they stripped and peeled their tight clothes from their huge muscles while I removed my lab coat. At the lab, I dreamed of going to bed with them and could not believe we were doing it. Despite my occasional anxiety, I was thrilled and horny as hell. The first night with the guys was perhaps the best in my entire life to date. I slept between Rudd and Dzaan with a hard-on throughout. I occasionally awakened to touch, kiss, and lick them; and snuggle into the crevices of their awesome bodies. The three scientists were spectacular in the buff, they seemed to drip testosterone from every pore. Dzaan’s body was more amazing than I imagined once his shirt came off; soft skin, bulbous muscle-bellies, cut, and erotic as hell. When he removed his tights, I asked him if he shaved his legs and he said no; he was naturally hairless. His hard dick was a massive club of almost 13 fat inches with a beautiful mushroom head, even larger than what I saw of his VPL in the lab. He flexed to get me going and tease me; he knew I liked muscle and could tell his physique impressed me, which pleased him. Rudd in the nude was spectacular to see. All his muscle was well worked, dense, round, and shredded. His hard, fat cock was also a beautiful 10 and 1/2 inches of uncut meat and matched his veiny, super-muscular body. They wanted to fuck me stupid but held back as they knew they were there to train me to accept and enjoy their comparatively large and thick penises. A part of me craved to be brutalized and torn apart by their powerful, manly meat, but I was elated just to be around them. The first phase of the process was very gentle and erotic. They liked to stroke and pet me, often using their heavy dicks for this purpose, and reach over and press their tongues in my mouth and kiss. I enjoyed the attention and responded as they hoped I would. For them, I was amazing and responsive right out of the box, remarkable as a solid, muscular guy of only 5"10", 180 lbs. With a shaved head, dark goatee, and smooth skin, I also seemed like a giant penis that they wanted to screw, kiss, and worship. That first night, I must have quietly cummed about three times sleeping between Rudd and Dzaan, finding crevices on their bodies to fuck and rub my dick against as I fell in and out of sleep. I occasionally woke up to see one of them, or Stanj, standing over me and masturbating. When we got up many hours later, Erindans had brought some food to the bed for the four of us to eat, and the guys taught me some words as I admired their otherworldly muscle. ------- Day 2: After eating our fill, Stanj stood up naked in front of me and asked if I wanted to get washed. I agreed with a smile and he took me to the magnificent adjacent bathroom. The shower area was almost 10 feet square with several jets pointed at different angles. Along the walls were soft benches with wide seats on the floor, covered in a waterproof material. I stood in the center of the shower area as he adjusted the jets and temperature. He came up behind me and hugged me in his enormous and strong arms, and squeezed me against his thickly muscled and hairy chest while we got wet. Held tight in his grip, he pressed his hard dick against my back and rubbed himself on me. He soaped my front, paying careful attention to my crotch, and caressed it with one hand as he felt and cleaned my pecs and torso with his other. When he finished, I turned and reached up to feel and soap him, while I explored his massive pecs, shoulders and armpits. I rubbed and admired his arms as he flexed. I pressed my face between his hairy pecs and snuggled in his body hair as my nose and lips drifted down over his rocky, defined 8-pack; licked and kissed his throbbing cock on the way down, and settled onto my knees in front of him. I lifted his heavy, engorged penis to get to his balls and sucked on one of them. His dick was now a stiff 9 inches and fat. His balls were big and full. Just one was difficult to get my mouth around. I sucked on it and kneaded my junk as he pulled on his dick just above my face, careful not to hit me. This went on for almost 10 minutes until he stroked faster and ultimately came. He lifting me off his balls and into his arms and kissed me hard and deep. Then he sat down against the wall on the leather cushions and pulled me into his lap. His solid dick was against my lower back and he slid it under my bottom. He held me in his enormous guns, and my head rested in the cleavage of his pecs. His massive thighs trapped my butt and lower body. He jerked me off as he brushed his biceps against me and kissed my bald skull. I reached around to peck the peak of his bicep. The water continued to rush over us, and I was in ecstasy as his gigantic hand stroked my 7-inch cock. I came after a few minutes and moved to lie on top of him as he lay back on the cushions. I kissed him hard. The man was a phenomenal, hot, and massively muscled funhouse. We stood up and finished washing each other’s legs and feet, and any remaining cum from our bodies and the shower walls. He got out first, dried himself, brought me a towel, and dried me off. He then gave me a device to clean my teeth and showed me how to shave with it. After about an hour we emerged from the bathroom, very satisfied and a little tired. Stanj figured that because the other two slept with me, he would be the first to cum with me. I felt that I wanted to make sure the three of them were happy and satisfied as I began to enjoy my new circumstance. Dzaan and Rudd were standing on the terrace waiting for us, still naked. While I was with Stanj, I got lost in how stunning he was. But when I saw Dzaan and Rudd casually standing with their magnificent muscle and good looks, my heart skipped a beat. I had to stop and catch my breath. But I just smiled as though nothing much was going on. Dzaan filled me in on the day’s schedule in his muddled English through a strong, accented voice. He sounded as hot as he looked. I went over and leaned against him as he put his big hand on my shoulder. It did not take long to feel comfortable with these men, they were extremely affectionate, even with each other. Dzaan announced a tailor was coming from the city center to meet me. He wanted to get to know a bit of my personality, and for me to select the fabric, patterns, and colors I liked. He planned to create a wardrobe for me geared to Xzardan tastes. Getting dressed in a manner to enhance one’s physique and sexual appeal was a standard requirement in this world. The rest of the day we would eat, relax, work-out and they would continue to teach me. They said they were easing me into their world and knew such a transition could be a shock for anyone. They aimed to take things slowly and make my transition enjoyable. It was only my first day outside of the lab, but the thought of not being able to return home was a little let less stressful. I processed the experience more like an incredible vacation than anything else. When the tailor arrived at the villa we were dressed in briefs for the pool, with me in my 2Xist ones that were my only possession from Earth. The Xzardans spoke in their language for a moment. When they spoke, it was very sexy. It was soft in strong, throaty male tones and incorporated many sh, b, t, p, k, and oo sounds, similar to a very erotic and masculine Brazilian Portuguese. It made them seem like they liked to kiss, which they did. After a brief while, they came over to translate for me. The tailor was hot, but he was not a competitive Xzardan bodybuilder. He looked like a bodybuilder, however. Although not as heavily muscled as the guys. He was 7 feet plus an inch or so, a few inches taller than Stanj and an inch higher than Dzaan and Rudd. He was a swimmer, and at 285 lbs. he was very lean and streamlined. In our world, he could be a competitive bodybuilder with so much lean muscle, and he had perfect proportions. Here, however, he was slender, and incredibly attractive to the biggest men who could reach up to 7 and ½ feet and well over 400 lbs. of fat-free beef. His lover was in fact one of the largest bodybuilders ever, a very tall hulk of over 450 lbs. of lean muscle with an unbelievable 18-inch, beer-can thick cock. And he was not yet part of the top elite competitors. The tailor was blond with long hair that covered his neck and wore black slacks and an intricately laced shirt. They called him Shen. He could see I was getting along well with the guys and that I was, in fact, one of their most willing ‘travelers’ yet, especially so early. Shen seemed to think I was attractive. We sat together and selected fabric and patterns and examined colors. He acted like it was an honor to do this for me. He said he would have things brought over as he had them made and would start with some basic everyday wear in a few days. In the meantime, he learned of my measurements from the Erindans at the lab and already made a few items to lounge around the villa and pool. I thanked him for his thoughtfulness and Stanj translated. It blew me away how nice everyone was in addition to how beautiful they were. There was a great deal of planning and resources spent to make me comfortable and integrate me into their world. It made sense if they devoted so many resources to importing me through a wormhole, then why not add a little more to ensure I was happy? At least compared to throwing me in a dungeon. I remained confused, but it was fun, so I didn’t question too much. When they were talking with Shen, I kept hearing this word repeated and about me, “rooshk”, and asked Dzaan what it was. He said it meant ‘pup’. He said he hoped I didn’t mind, but I was referred to in their society as a human ‘pup’, which they liked very much and, apparently, I was an ideal one. I must admit in that context I liked it and let Dzaan know I would not object. I also wanted to kiss his dick, which was visible in his skin-tight white swim trunks. Or at least lick the protruding curve of its head, but decided not to in front of Shen. ---- After the tailor left, we went outside to the terrace, and it was the first time I saw their city in the daylight. It was an exceptional view as we were on a hill separate and above the core city. From the vantage of the balcony, the whole place was at our feet and it was stunning. The natural beauty was amazing with tall hills and small mountain ranges that led to beautiful beaches, the sea and a few outlying islands. There were incredible public buildings in polished stone, sculpted metal, and glass. Housing appeared to be a mix of villas and complexes that were inviting and impressive. It was a wealthy place with shuttles flying around and all sorts of watercraft in the harbor and beyond. It was artistic in layout and design. Otherworldly, while also relatable. Xzardans used space like humans. There were about 300,000 Xzardans in the city-state of Anaxandri. Of those, 50,000 were female and lived in a separate zone. They cared for all children 0- to 9-years-old, a cohort of 45,000. The remaining Xzardans were male, a ratio of 5 men to 1 woman. 90,000 of the population were children under the age of 20. Male Xzardan children in the 10-19-year-old cohort comprised 37,500 individuals. The military raised them with the support of the 50,000 adult men who were lifelong members. Of the city’s 160,000 active adult men, 110,000 others went through the military and practiced various professions. Professional activity focused on science, administration, air, and sea management, resource extraction and building, trade and communication, exploration, design, health, and sport. The 7 city-states that comprised the settled area of the planet had similar demographics. Anaxandri was the typical model of a city-state that they replicated as they expanded. Their rate of expansion accelerated by the time I arrived. An 8th city-state was due to become operational in a year and a 9th would follow 8 years later. Each city-state developed in harmony with an Erindan provincial settlement of 6 million. Dzaan, Rudd, and Stanj said they needed to work out after lunch for a couple of hours and that they would show me around the gym. I was eager to watch them train. Afterward, we could have a snack and hang out by the pool (and maybe have sex). There was something in the food that made me recover from an orgasm and be ready for another, and so I was ready again. I wanted to worship Dzaan’s massive sausage, or at least lick it for a while. And yet there was Rudd, so magnificent in his black briefs and erotic muscle waddle. We went over to the gym and they began their routines in their briefs, thinking nothing of changing into gym clothes. I enjoyed watching them train and get pumped, but figured I should get into my routine and get pumped as well. It felt like a few days had passed since my last workout. I looked in the mirror and thought my body was nice but needed work. I was lean, but I thought I appeared puffy. My legs and calves were well-defined, and I had a small waist and a petite but hard ass. They considered me a hot guy in most gay communities, at least when I visited them. To a Xzardan, my look and size made for a very desirable ‘pup’ and I loved the idea of being one, but I wanted to be even better. Two or three days ago I would never have imagined myself thinking like this, in a situation beyond imagination, and now I didn’t want to leave. Next thing I knew, Rudd came up behind me and kissed the top of my head. Looking at him through the mirror, I couldn’t get over how handsome, built and affectionate he was. Rudd alone was a dream come true. Those hot black briefs pushed his dick and balls out front and, in the back, they cleaved into his big, perfect, round, and hard muscled ass more than his pants did the day before. I could put my entire hand in there before the fabric reached his asshole. He had the power to crush my hand as I did it. I asked him if he had a posing routine and he said yes, of course, many even, and if I would like to see the one from his last contest after they finished training. He said he came in second during an event held about a week before. He also said he would only do it with me in private because he would want to have sex after. Asking to see a Xzardan’s routine in private had sexual connotations. Muscle posing was erotic for Xzardans, and one-on-one it was for sexual display. It presupposed a desire to have sex by both parties. An offer to perform was an invitation to play. I had no problem with this and wanted to see each of their routines often. We made a plan for the late afternoon after training. He kissed my head again and said thank-you as if I was doing him a great favor; yet my heart beat so hard I thought it would explode through my chest. I turned around and went to feel his big hard muscled butt while I licked the nipple on his massive, thick pec, which was about as high as I could reach on him. He didn’t move a millimeter until I finished, enjoying my touch as much as I enjoyed touching him. His dick swelled huge in his black trunks, the full head of it now visible through the stretchy material that covered it. With my hand still feeling the inside of his butt cheeks, I moved down his body to put my face against his cock’s head and kissed it. He wanted to pull his throbbing, full cock out right there in front of me. I stood up and motioned that we should get back to training with the guys so we could hurry and go off together. About 20 minutes later I wrapped up my routine as all I wanted to do was go over to watch my new Xzardan buds. I was transfixed as they exercised almost nude, stretching and pumping their massive muscles until they swelled even bigger than I had seen them yet. It was great fun to observe, as I unwittingly rubbed my hard dick on the metal of a barbell while I looked on in rapt fascination. They concluded after another 40 minutes, after which we moved to the pergola for some food. I had a few bites and jumped in the pool to wash off and Rudd followed. He was pumped and contest ready and stood in front of me to display himself. I reached out to touch each of the ten slabs of his protruding ab muscle. I slid my hand into his trunks and held his fantastic, swollen meat. I told him I was ready to check out his routine. We surfaced from the water and he dried both of us with a soft towel-like cloth, then heaved me over his shoulder. He took me to a large room about 20 by 30 feet. It had high ceilings, and many windows interrupted with a 12-foot wide mirrored wall. A 6 x 9 foot daybed and a sofa were neatly arranged, along with an 8 x 8 foot platform positioned against the wall in front of both the bed and sofa, elevated at knee height. Music was controlled through some weird-looking device on a table by the platform, or dais. Between the bed and the sofa was another table with lubes, oils, creams, and sex toys. He laid me down on the bed, kissed me, and slipped my shorts off and pecked my dick. He brought about 6 pairs of posers in various colors and patterns from the table and asked me to choose one. I selected the solid black ones; I always loved black on bodybuilders as the color suits most men well. Rudd was no different. In fact, black looked amazing on him. He slipped off his briefs as I stared, and he attempted to fit his swollen package into the minimalist posers. His boner grew as he saw me stare. So he had further trouble putting them on. He succeeded in getting the material to cover his throbbing prick, but part of his testicles were visible. From behind, the fabric clung to his cheeks and entered far into the cleavage between them the way his briefs did. The deep cleft of his ass also complemented the canyons of the well-worked muscles on his massive back. Unlike the briefs, however, there was no fabric on the sides of the posers to mask the dimples in his butt cheeks. The cloth covered the round curves of the outside of his cheeks and enhanced their separation. Connecting the back to the front of the posers were thin strips of material that led to a V-shaped pouch that exposed his light brown pubic hair. The pouch contained most of his junk and highlighted the lines on his body that led from his waist to his dick. The cloth was like silk, but stretchy enough to accommodate a swelling cock, if not all of his balls, and exposed every contour and line of his jewels as if he were naked. He asked me if I wanted to cover him in oil and I said ‘yes’. Oiling him was great. I was already familiar with his body from sleeping with him the night before, but oiling gave me the chance to touch and see every inch of him up close in the light. Both of our dicks were rock hard as I rubbed the glistening balm into him and got to know him that much better through my fingers. As I was more than a foot shorter, I used a stool to reach his face and focus on his upper body first while I looked straight into his eyes. This encouraged him to grab onto and kiss me. I caressed his growing chest hair and memorized each inch of his herculean pecs and abs. His skin reflected the light as I worked the terrain of his superhero back and massaged his thickly muscled traps and shoulders. I made sure the oil didn’t look wet, but became a part of him, soaked into his skin. From each enormously round shoulder, I followed his thick triceps around to big double-peaked biceps. Working on his mountainous arms, I lingered and admired them and told him that each time he flexed it bumped my excitement a notch. He achieved a level of muscular development and perfection unheard of on Earth. I silently worshipped his monstrous arms as I polished them, then moved onto his forearms, hands and fingers. My hands reached into and around the open sides of his trunks to massage the exposed part of his powerful behind. I slipped my hand through one opening to reach his dick and balls and caressed his meaty package. As I held his dick, I stooped over to peck it but realized I wanted to see him pose before ripping off his posers. I turned my attention to his massive, cut, and rock-solid legs. Moving over his thighs, I pressed my face into the crack of his butt to sniff him. My dick was pounding and so was his. When I finished oiling his feet, I got up, and he crouched over to kiss me. He reached over to start the music and hopped onto the dais with a thud. He started with a front double bicep pose. His arms were like small mountains with double peaks. They measured 29 inches to my 16.5. This guy was as strong as he was incredible, and if I wasn’t so solid myself, he could easily hurt me. If he had me in a headlock, he could crush my head like a cantaloupe with one flex of his arm. I didn’t know at the time he was an accomplished warrior, besides being a physician and scientist. The thought of how powerful he was and yet so gentle and loving got me going. The beauty of his huge and perfect body was unbelievable. In terms of muscle mass, symmetry, and perfection, the man was beyond any Mr. Olympia, let alone a Mr. Universe. He was beyond anyone from Earth, even though he was human. After 5 minutes, he finished. His thick cock throbbed and dripped pre-cum as it threatened to burst from its covering. I rose to peel the posers off his ass and prick as I buried my face in his balls, licking them and his exposed club, as my meat was about to explode. I moved up between his legs to chew his taint. This made him crazy and ready to shoot. He crouched to lift me and press his tongue deep into my mouth as I sucked on it. He brought me to the bed while we continued to kiss. I climbed on top of him and reached to feel his super meaty pecs and play with his protruding, wet nipple. At the same time, I squeezed his slippery dick between my thighs as he pumped, and rubbed my cock against his hard and cut washboard abs. We kissed for a while until I moved down to worship his penis. I kissed and licked every inch of him along the way and took a detour to bury myself into his armpits and lick them and taste his odor. My senses filled with his smell. When I got back to his musty dick, I focused on its head and licked and nibbled it as he responded in ecstasy. I then spent time with his balls and sucked each one as I could just fit each one in turn in my mouth. I asked him to flip over so I could explore his ass with my tongue and bury my face in his fantastic muscle while licking his hole. It drove him nuts as I dug deep into him. Eventually, he turned over and placed me on my back in the middle of the bed against the headboard, and sucked on my jewels. I stroked his big, handsome head, played with his bald spot, and amazed at his awesome shoulders and muscular back as his head bobbed. It was too much for me and I struggled not to cum. After a while, he got up and moved to sit up on the bed. He pulled me next to him with one arm, trapped me, and kissed me as he jerked himself off. I reached for some lube and did the same as his tongue pushed toward my throat. Suddenly, he gushed a streak of cum that continued to bubble from his piss hole. The sight of his Xzardan load made me shoot over our chests and into his face. I went on to pump out more cum and became exhausted. He tenderly placed my head on his chest. I rested in his arms and told him how awesome I thought he and his routine was before I fell asleep. When we got up, he asked if I would go shower with him, which I considered odd since I’d follow him anywhere like a happy pup. We went into the nearest bathroom and he set up the jets. He wielded a semi hard-on and employed it to soap me up. I bent over and let him rub it against my head and face as he got the soap to lather and cover me using only his penis. He did it against the rest of the front and back of my body, teasing me at the butt by playfully trying to push his dick into it. He bent onto his knees and used his hands to finish soaping my legs and feet. I then used my hands to soap him and admired him yet again. He lifted me into his arms and he kissed me as the water fell over us and rinsed the soap away. When we emerged from the shower, a couple of hours had passed and the sun began to set. Dzaan and Stanj were naked and lounged around the pool as they had been fucking each other while Rudd and I were busy. They were so turned on by what we were up to that they fucked each other nonstop for well over an hour. Thinking of the two of them together excited me and was something I wanted to see, which I told them. Still naked, we moved to the balcony overlooking the city and Dzaan asked if I wanted a special fruit that gets you high like pot, with a euphoric and relaxing feeling and a sense of giddiness. He was now calling me ‘pup’. Dzaan seemed to like this fruit, but the others were also eager to have some and said they often had it at sunset. A couple of different Erindans brought out the fruit with other things to eat and drink as we spread out on a group of three daybeds. Each of the beds was large enough for me and one Xzardan to lie on as they were about 5 feet wide by 8 and 1/2 feet long. They had a thin but comfortable cushion and a covering like a pillowcase. The plan was to relax, eat, hang-out, and teach me a few new things. Dzaan pulled me onto his bed and curled himself around me. “Thank you all for being so hospitable, you are amazing guys, and I enjoy being with you.” I meant what I said. It was strange being in this alien world and I would be freaked out but for being so turned on. Maybe they were playing with my mind, but so much of what was going on was beyond my imagining. I could not see some alien species mining my head to make me dream this ‘dream’. Everyone and everything was consistent, and there were no gaps to suggest unreality, which I searched for. The guys really were wonderful. “I enjoy being with each of you,” I said. “You honor us, I am glad you like us, I think you are amazing,” said Ruud. “We’re lucky you got here, and that we were selected to help you,” added Stanj. “We all went through a long process to get into this position to help you transition to Xzarda. There were hundreds of men who competed to have this job. Few of us will ever know an Earthman.” Dzaan said. He stroked me from my shoulder to my foot. Ruud took the opening to start a lesson, the first of many. “We Xzardans are from Earth, which is why we look to it with our technology. We started as a group of 250 warriors from Thebes and Sparta that fought each other at the Battle of Leuctra in Earth’s ancient Greece 2500 years ago. The Muraan took our forebears from the battlefield, an alien species from a world system far from Earth, so that they could relearn aggression and martial skills from cultures that mastered them. They were far more advanced than us by eons and developed a pacifist nature. However, they were under threat at the time and believed the Spartan and Theban warriors suitable for their purpose. They abducted the group much as we did you. The stolen Greeks gave the Muraan what they needed, and they returned the favor by fostering a new colony among them. The 250 original men were overwhelmingly homosexual on both the Theban and Spartan sides and reproduced through Muraan technology. Over two thousand years we developed and prospered with the Muraan until we reached their level of technological understanding and numbered over 10,000 people.” “Some ancient traditions we continued while we evolved as a new people. Some we adapted to new circumstances. The name ‘Xzarda’ is a play on ‘Sparta’, but it means the ‘bringers of peace’ in our language. If we now number two and a quarter million from only 250 souls two and a half thousand years ago. You can imagine there have been many twists and turns in our evolution.” said Stanj. “When we Xzardans reached 10,000 and had the same knowledge as the Muraan,” said Ruud, “we wanted to find a home of our own. About 220 years ago, we set off in a group of ships to a new planet we identified for settlement, but we flew off course. You cannot plan for every eventuality with space travel. Once lost, our ancestors responded to a distress call from a planet in their immediate vicinity, which was this one. The distress call came from the Erindans. They were originally a Bronze Age, agrarian society that was enslaved by a culture capable of space flight. The Erindan slave ship veered off course and landed on this planet. The broken and abandoned ship sent a distress call that went unanswered for a few generations.” Stanj interrupted again, “The planet is hostile to humanoid life. Our forebears formerly called it the Planet Deimos, a land of fear and dread. It is full of huge and terrifying beasts that are known as ‘megafauna’. They knew nothing of beasts like these in ancient Greece, or the Muraan home world. The Erindans lived cowed in caves on the island of the city-state we call Chreondzoi, where the slave craft landed. They developed a cave-dwelling gatherer existence over generations, darting in and out of hiding to forage, and experienced a high mortality rate. They eked out a squalid existence while being prey for many endemic beasts. Both you and we would also be easy prey if we left the protected zone without a military team and a lot of equipment.” “To shorten the story a bit,” Ruud continued, “our ancestors came and helped the Erindans, and over time we cleared a few large islands for comfortable settlement. This was in keeping with the values we absorbed from the Muraan, to respect and value all life, but especially intelligent life. The Erindans are an extremely productive people when not living in terror and so they thrived under our protection and grew to almost 50 million today. They renamed the planet Xzarda in our honor. Our cooperation has led to enormous abundance on this land. There is a great surplus produced by both groups. We trade domestic help and food for security and fresh territory to expand on, and processed resources such as metals. We have a ‘tamed’ zone for our civilization that comprises a substantial archipelago, but only makes up 3-4% of the planet’s territory.” Dzaan added, “The Erindans want us to reproduce faster to help them expand as their population is exploding. Our growth is aligned with theirs. We have tried to encourage them to slow their birth rate by educating them to the development level of Earth’s 20th-century consumer society. We also need them to learn to take more of a role in ecological management and monitoring the boundaries. They are nervous and passive by nature, but highly social. With prosperity they became focused on the arts and intoxicants to slow themselves down. But they focus little on security where they defer to us, who they see as their protectors.” “Their settlements can be awfully noisy with all their festivals!” said Stanj. “But they have also changed us; where the Muraan made us wise and compassionate, the Erindans taught us to enjoy life’s pleasures.” “On average, there are 20-25 Erindans per Xzardan who rely on our protection to prosper. We also help supply them with raw materials such as metals for their industry. Every Xzardan relies on 3 Erindans to support us through producing our food and acting as domestic help. The Erindan state pays the ones who help us from the value of the goods we supply. They have a money economy, we do not. That is the arrangement in a nutshell.” said Ruud. “There seem to be more student interns helping us as more of the adults pursue intellectual work,” said Stanj. “Luckily, they consider food and cooking a high art.” “That sounds incredible, but why is everyone so much bigger than a regular human? And why so few women, on Earth there is a relative balance between male and female that holds true for the whole of the animal kingdom?” Dzaan, who had his thickly muscled arm over me and held me firmly against him, said that they became focused on perfecting the human body over a thousand years ago. Genetic manipulation was now an ancient art. They increased the human body’s average size 15-18% over Earth’s 21st century standards. They also allowed for a greater level of muscle mass on the male body by suppressing myostatin, the gene that inhibits muscle growth. This led to their ability to develop beautiful physiques across the board. Most teenage Xzardans would appear like world-class athletes on Earth, and that would be before becoming adept at bodybuilding. All this tied into the classic Spartan and Theban founding myths that they were born from Hercules. For Xzardans, Hercules became a central figure in their consciousness and was considered the original bodybuilder in both our worlds. Hence, the pursuit of male beauty through bodybuilding. This mindset, combined with starting from 250 gay male warriors who adopted the superior technology of the Muraan, led their society to develop on a largely homosexual path. As reproduction was removed from a biological imperative as in the animal kingdom, and could be accomplished outside a female, they evolved by design to produce more men. However, women were always seen as important to men and their well-rounded development, so they found an ideal ratio of 5 to 1 to promote Xzardan growth. Xzardan society had male and female sub-societies. The female society was lesbian and had its own culture and norms that evolved over millennia. Women took part with men in government and worked alongside them in various professions, but were mostly focused on child-rearing. They also had help from male adults and Erindans, who were motivated to encourage Xzardan reproduction. Alternative lifestyles were accommodated in areas next to the women’s zone, and the community supported women who chose to reproduce biologically. It was a lot to take in. They were human, they seemed human, I was attracted to them as if they were human. Their stuff was very human. The villa compound and surroundings had alien, or futuristic architecture, but it served human purposes. Things seemed to make sense within the context of these new parameters. The mega-faunae thing was wild, and I still could not quite grasp that we were in a small, protected zone of a very hostile planet. I thought about dinosaurs but remembered there were also saber-tooth tigers and mammoths or giant cave bears not so long ago on Earth that were mega-faunae. “But why exactly am I here? It must take tremendous resources to bring Earthmen.” “The Muraan taught us the technology centuries ago, we have only recently been able to bring Earthmen with the motivation to integrate with us to this location, which is far from the Muraan homeworld. It is difficult to identify ideal candidates remotely, but we are getting better at it,” said Stanj. “Each city-state can only bring 1-2 of you a year, which is a recent development. We need you for new genetic material to add to our genetic strength and diversity. That is already recognized as a tremendous gift to us. We are also a homosexual culture, and you are seen exceptionally attractive as a native from our ancestral homeland. Since you are likely attracted to our elite champions judging by your reaction to us, you offer the possibility of an ideal experience. That is to bond with another man from Earth, who is pure of all the genetic manipulation that has altered us over 2 and ½ thousand years. In a prosperous society, there need to be goals and incentives to strive ever harder. If we could bring 100 of you a year, it would still not be enough. Just 1 or 2, however, at least offers a possibility.” “You might be the best one yet.” Dzaan was very affectionate and hugged me to him. “Some Earth men we brought earlier were not suited to our life, and they were absorbed into the alternative areas where heterosexuality thrives. There are also outlying islands for different lifestyles, and options will increase as Xzarda grows. Anyone we bring is treated well and with gratitude for the service of allowing us access to their genes. We know we have caused trauma to some, and act to gain their forgiveness.” This all sounded strange, and yet erotic and exciting as well, and showed that I had a great deal of power in this world. I was being treated like a celebrity, given anything I wanted, lived in luxury, and was catered to by some of the hottest men in this world with Stanj, Dzaan, and Rudd. I would be able to choose a lover among over 250 men who were even hotter than my guys, if that was possible. My elite musclegod lover would be devoted to me and would strive to make me happy, or I could choose another. Some gay Earthmen had to be trained to appreciate very large musclemen, but I was among a group that was sexually compatible with them, which made Stanj, Dzaan, and Ruud’s job a pleasure. The guys repeated how much they liked me and were sorry they could not compete for me. As I sat and listened, all I wanted to do was spend my days sucking the cum out of each of them. I could barely get my head around the concept of an elite musclegod who would be a couple of notches above them in symmetry, muscle mass, and sex appeal. They let me know I would get a peek at the elite zone in a few weeks and then attend one of their premiere annual events. My head was swimming. I told them I was always gay and had a fetish for musclemen since I was a kid. In my world, there were competitive bodybuilders and bodybuilding was an activity some people took part in, especially gay men, but not like here. The biggest bodybuilders and the ones who competed tended to be heterosexual, as was the base of the society. And then they worked toward an unsustainable ideal. The human body could not achieve the potential for muscle mass and symmetry the way a Xzardan body did. Men who were seriously into bodybuilding comprised only one one-thousandth of the male population, if that. I found competitive human bodybuilders attractive, and the developed muscle of a man very erotic. This was a minority taste on Earth, but I was fully compatible with Xzarda. I made for an ideal ‘pup’ in their terms and was delighted to be one. As I lay with Dzaan, I studied Stanj and thought about how handsome and symmetrical his face was. His eyes were wildly unique as well, being so bright and royal blue. Earth did not have many men close to being that handsome. Looking at him, it amazed me that someone so appealing could have a body like a stunning, hairy hulk. He looked as if he could push tall, wide trees over with his bare hands, or would do that for fun just to show off. He exuded strength, even his flaccid penis proclaimed his power. I could see that he and men like him would intimidate anything they came across as Xzardan warriors, ready and able to tame a hostile world. I wanted them to take the whole planet over and dominate it. The raw strength these men exuded was intoxicating. I felt content in warrior Dzaan’s magnificent arms, wrapped in his power and caressed by his soft skin. His semi-hard dick pressed against my back. He felt fantastic to lean against and caress while being cuddled in his massive guns. I was looking forward to sleeping between him and Stanj that night, safe between one hairy and one hairless musclegod. Thoughts of home easily passed as I enjoyed my new friends. We spent the rest of the evening lounging on the patio, being brought food by Erindans, and eating more of that delicious, relaxing fruit. Dzaan wanted to keep me snuggled on the lounge with him and I watched Stanj and Rudd intently as they moved their glorious naked bodies around the balcony. I admired them as they pointed out and described parts of the city from our high vantage point. Stanj motioned that over and behind the villa, past the forest nestled in nearby hills, was the leading Erindan metropolis of the Anaxandri state, called Eyra. There were over 3 million living there and those that helped in the Xzardan city commuted daily by road and ferry. Within Eyra there was a growing consumer economy that produced goods such as clothes and furniture for both Erindans and Xzardans. Smaller Erindan cities were devoted to fishing, agriculture, and administration. These were scattered on the plains of the main Anaxandri Island, or on different harbors and lagoons. It appeared like the Erindans and Xzardans lived harmoniously rather than in subjugation, as the Erindans had a lot more going on besides helping Xzardans. Beyond the Erindan cities were other islands of the Anaxandri sub-archipelago and then the southern sea frontier. Rudd moved his astoundingly built body around the railing of the balcony to describe the city-state from our vantage point. As we could view the city like the rim of a partial circle, he pointed out clockwise from Eyra, which was at the position of 7-8 O’clock. The military and youth zone was at 9-10 O’clock. From 10 to 11 O’clock there was a small buffer forest, then a small village between the road to the Erindan city and the women’s zone bordering the sea to the northwest. It was a village of about 6,000 that was for the small minority of Xzardan men and women who were heterosexual. They worked with the women’s society, and their men would also take part in the economy and various sports. The Women’s zone was partially visible from the villa’s railing. This was where they raised Xzardan children under 10. From the Women’s zone, a small mountain range emerged, which was where the villa was situated. Next to the Women’s zone and the zone we were located was the professional and scientific zone at 12:30. At 1-2 O’clock was the Central zone and city seafront which we could see below us. Next to us and moving down the mountains beside the Central zone was the Dionysian zone, devoted to entertainment and design. Beside it was a sliver of beachfront and a triangular district that was the young men’s city for 20- to 27-year-olds. That cohort moved from the care of the military as adolescents to explore independent life and choose a profession. They were neighbors to the guardians of the sea, the Poseidon zone which reached from 2:30 O’clock. Bordering the Poseidon zone to the east was another mountain range, or low-lying sierra, that was the end of our view from the villa. That sierra marked the start of a satellite township with a massive beachfront. It was hidden from everything and very exclusive, offering a view that was said to be the most spectacular of the city-state. The mountains of this area housed villas and apartment complexes for the men which descended to the beaches and recreation facilities. These included a few monster gyms, pools, sports fields and training areas. There were also dining areas for communal meals, clubs for parties, bars or gathering nooks and booths to meet. They placed magnificent public buildings and temples for optimum impact. Anything you could want or dream of was available. If they did not have it and you could think it up, they would try to make it. A thick spit of land that stretched into the sea defined the zone. It formed the core of a massive recreation area devoted to 5,000 Xzardan bodybuilder gods from whom the elite emerged. These men came from the top of the military and other professions and had become accomplished competitive bodybuilders, an activity practiced to varying extents by most Xzardan men. Once invited to live in this district they devoted their time to muscular perfection to an almost religious degree. The guys here were spectacular. Stanj and Rudd were typical and lived in this zone, they moved to the villa temporarily to take care of me. While the Hercs, the men of this zone, were free to go anywhere at will, others needed permission to enter their area. Dzaan was from the Poseidon zone, but he was on a competitive bodybuilding path and looked like a well-morphed classic bodybuilder. He was also an expert swimmer. Beyond this zone was a small buffer forest and then the Hermes zone, geared to those Xzardans who protected the skies. Beyond that section was a spectacular and exclusive neighborhood. This was the Governor’s zone, which was actually the zone for Xzardans over 80 who were either retired or devoted to spiritual activities. This area was at the start of several outlying islands, many of which were used for private villas and retreats. Xzardan men continued to grow and their musculature matured well into their 70s, then plateaued and declined to a 110-130-year lifespan. This was a slower rate of aging than Earthlings experience, another result of their mastery of genetics. The administrative governors who ruled the society and the entire planet came from this group. Deeper inland at 5 and 6 O’clock to our villa, before the mountains that cut the bodybuilder zone off, were further military areas and buffer forests. These gave way to Erindan farms that spread out from Eyra. Rudd brought his hulking body over to kneel by the daybed and kiss me while Dzaan held me tight between his hard body and golden bicep. Stanj was leaning against the balcony facing us as his muscles twitched and flexed. The guys were in a constant state of growth, of breaking down and building up each fiber of their physiques. If you liked muscle it was fascinating to watch. Stanj had his hand on his crotch and was thinking about bedtime and sleeping next to me. I kept forgetting that as attracted as I was to them the feeling was very mutual and I was in fact the rare one in the group. I asked Stanj and Ruud to flex against the flickering light of the skyline because I thoroughly enjoyed watching them. They liked that I found it attractive and thought they were super-hot. It did wonders for their egos and made them want to please me even more. Stanj asked a while later if we could go to bed, not to sleep but just to pet me for a while. I smiled and said sure. I got up from the daybed and let him take me to our bedroom, and the others weren’t too far behind. The three buff musclegods came onto the massive bed to lie with me and chill. I told them again how fantastic they were, and we spent a while expressing our mutual admiration as we touched and kissed. I watched them touch and kiss each other as well but was blissfully lost in the middle of the action. They were also forming a relationship with me as the catalyst. They let me know they looked forward to their work with me. That we would get to know each other very well and become close friends. But, they repeated, none could become my lover as they were not yet elite bodybuilders, and their roles were to be my guides to transition to their world. When the time came, I would have my choice of the most beautiful and accomplished Xzardan men. However, they would always be my first Xzardan friends and the ones I could go to for any reason in the future. We would always be connected. I could also invite them over with any new partner, they had a very social culture, and we would not have to end contact. Any partner would also accept that I may have sex with other men, or even in a group with him. Although, I would probably want to form a bond with him for a period before sharing with others. Or I may feel comfortable being solely monogamous. Their open attitude toward sex was a function of their value of sharing in an all-male society. And yet they also promoted and nurtured relationships. It seemed contradictory, yet a weird sense of freedom welled in me as they spoke. Whatever I might decide to do, they assured me they would understand and be there to support me. Which, of course, started to make me fall in love with them. End of Chapter 2. Chapter 3: Following is Chapter 3 of Tales of Xzarda. It is about a 30 minute read. If you are offended by lots of gay sex this probably will not be to your liking. If not, grab a 'sundowner', relax and have fun. Let me know what you think. Remember: you can always read more at the following link: Tales of Xzarda - Kindle edition by McBooty, Zooty. Chapters 1 and 2 are already posted on this forum and are also at the link above. Presenting... Chapter 3 of 25 (I will post chapter 4 next week. Then chapters 5 and 6 to the end of Part One) Chapter Three: Through Week One Day 3 I woke up in Dzaan’s smooth and muscular arm. He kept me snuggled next to him and hogged me from Stanj. Or he’d cup my butt in his hand when Stanj pulled me toward him. Ruud stretched and flexed his beefy frame on the satellite bed. Dzaan loved to touch my behind, more than the others. He had me attached to him for a good 14 hours since sundowners the day before. I loved being pressed against his hairless, bulging body and wrapped in his arm. I pawed him all night. Occasionally I would bury my face in his incredible, muscled ass and lick his taint. As we awoke, Stanj and Ruud went to the bathroom and I climbed on Dzaan. I squished myself against his three-dimensional abs and deeply carved chest and kissed him everywhere my lips reached. With his massive hands, he grabbed me by the sides of my ribs and lifted me above him as if I was a toy. Then positioned me so my dick was on top of his face and laughed at how light I was for him. He brought me toward him and licked my cock, easily receiving my full 7 inches and both my balls into his warm and wet mouth. After a few minutes of making me crazy while he sucked, he moved me so our lips could meet and kissed me hard. “Fuck, Dzaan.” “Yes, Pup…” He continued to kiss and squeeze me against him. “I’d like to see your posing routine later.” He grinned and kissed me again strongly as a reply. Then turned me over on my back so he could look at me while he stroked his monster prick. He caressed me with his heavy sausage, and I flexed my arms and body as he rubbed his cock over my skin. Soon after, he knelt on top of me and poked my hard dick with his as he stared into my eyes. My heart jumped, I was kind of infatuated with him, and it looked as if the feeling was mutual. The next thing I knew, Ruud came into the room with a tray of food and drinks. Stanj was behind him. Both were naked, and both were magnificent, and god-like. The plan was to stay at the villa all day, train, relax, eat, and teach me some more. Dzaan was going to show me his routine later in the afternoon. We would have sex alone until sunset, but I would sleep between Stanj and Ruud that night. I was in a constant state of awe by their beautifully muscled hulking bodies and good looks. Even as I was falling for Dzaan, I was falling for Ruud and Stanj as well, and it was only our third day together. The Xzardan strategy to make me forget my world and adapt to theirs was ingenious. We made our way down to the pool and gym. The day was sunny and warm again. I wore a short gray toga Shen brought the day before. It was nice, thin with a silver belt, and cut low at the thigh. The swim briefs I wore had a nice mock laced-up design in front. The clothes were light and comfortable. All the pants and trunks and posers I had seen so far emphasized the crotch area with designs geared to enhance a man’s package. Apart from that, I was shirtless, it was hot enough not to want to wear a shirt. Or any clothes, frankly. I also noticed my body fat diminished a tad and my 6-pack abs were becoming clearer. I then realized I no longer had any need for glasses, my eyesight had become perfect. Ruud came up beside me and looked incredibly powerful and sexy wearing a pair of exquisite gold and black briefs with an imperial design based on a coat of arms that incorporated mythical creatures like griffons and phoenixes, or maybe they were representations of local mega faunae. The briefs were like Speedos but tailor-made, thin, stretchy, and cut to accentuate his butt and basket. They reached deep into his butt crack and outlined the lines of his junk. The material was also stretchy enough to handle a 10–11-inch boner growing from a soft 7-9 inches and was made to enhance both a hard and flaccid state of his prick. The gold caught the light the way his head and body hair did. The black contrasted well with his dark gold tan. From his narrow waist his shredded, erotically shaped legs flared out to dominate the ground. Ruud turned to face me, and he took my breath away like the first time I laid my eyes on him. His cobbled, 10-pack abs led up to an even bigger set of muscular pecs that were like flat, square watermelons. Those led to round, multi-muscled and striated cannon ball shoulders that flickered with every movement. His superb physique revealed additional dimensions to the muscles of his neck, traps, and shoulders as they led to his remarkably large and powerful upper arms. And then he turned. From behind, his thick back and wondrous butt were as magnificent as ever. His trunks looked like something I wanted to steal and wrap around my head and mouth while I yanked myself dry. I smiled at the prospect of sleeping with him later that night. Stanj, the stunning mega muscletank, wore steel-blue with a clean, modern design in deep brown. His pubic hair fell over the top of his briefs, which exposed the first inch of the shaft of his cock. He seemed stuffed into the tight and stretchy material, and he bulged all over. The outcrop of his crotch was in harmony with the mountains of his heavily muscled chest, arms, shoulders, and glutes. The steel blue worked with the royal blue of his eyes. With his dark, hairy chest against his reddish-brown tanned skin and thick solid frame sculpted with so much unworldly muscle, he looked incredibly strong. To Stanj’s look of pure power, Ruud’s look was magnificent and elegant. Dzaan, however, responded with an achingly erotic and superbly sculpted ultra-heavyweight Mr. Universe physique. Dzaan wore banana yellow trunks with a stylized pattern of leaves embroidered in metallic green silk. It contrasted beautifully with his shiny gold skin. The fabric Dzaan wore was rich, and the trunks clung to his body like a glove. They covered and revealed the outline of his cock and the intricate design moved with, and complemented, every state of his penis from soft to hard. I loved to watch him walk both toward and away from me. His ass was a wonder of hyper-muscled perfection. Each massive cheek bounced and squeezed up and together tantalizingly as he walked. His abs were chunky and crystal clear under his pecs. His torso was a superbly sculpted masterpiece that exploded from his humongous shoulders. The smooth shininess of his paper-thin skin made this beautiful muscleman an incredible sight to behold. He carried himself with the quiet confidence of a god. I felt like praying to him as I watched him work his enormous arms in the gym. After I finished my routine, I sat in rapt fascination for an hour as I watched the three musclegods train with heroically heavy weights. Their sweat made them glisten in the light, which also highlighted their beautiful trunks. I was hard yet again as I admired every movement they made. After Dzaan finished his workout, he came to see if I was ready to go off with him. Imagine… if I was ready. We had already cum 15 times in my mind as I watched them work out. All pumped he looked spectacular. I muttered an incoherent ‘sure’ and he peeled off his trunks as I did my shorts. Once stripped, he threw me into the pool and dove in behind me so we could rinse off. Then he grabbed and kissed me before carrying me back onto the patio and drying me off. We hurried naked to the posing room. As I got comfortable on the bed, he brought over a few pouches to select from. I picked one in a gold sparkling material that felt soft and erotic and stared as he struggled to get his huge semi-hard dick and fat, full balls into it. I laughed as he toiled. “You sure you wore those before? Do they still fit?” He looked at me and grinned as he got it all together and made sure he looked great and was comfortable. His cock looked amazing pressed against the light material that acted like a glove. He didn’t really need to wear anything. I reached over to lick the pouch and pinch the skin on his abs to see that it was paper-thin over each hard, bulging cobbled ab. He insisted I rub him down with oil to make his skin gleam more. He knew what made him look awesome. As he walked onto the dais, it shook under his thundering thighs. The sound and vibration of his concentrated weight on the floor added to my arousal. I hopped off the bed and followed. He was a spectacular giant, and I oiled him as an act of worship. I wanted to express how much I admired him without saying a word as his presence left me speechless. Starting with his wide, veiny feet, I proceeded to suck each of his toes. He moaned in his deep, manly voice. “Oh that’s wonderful! Puppy… mmm ahhh.” I caressed his calves as he tensed them into hard geometric shapes. I rubbed each individual muscle. He was smooth with no hair or even stubble. I could feel every aspect of his legs as I massaged the oil into him. His dick had now grown to its fullest and stretched his pouch to its limits. He hit me several times with his bound club and snickered as I made my way up his thighs. I spent quite a while at his ass. First tracing the string of his posers deep in his crack, and then ever so slowly to work the oil into his hard butt cheeks. From behind, I moved over the short plain of his lower back to the wide sweep of the set of his lats that emerged like huge, fleshy wings a foot from each of his sides. And folded again into a canyon that ran along the center of his back up to the top of his spine. I brought over a stool to gain some height and give him a minor massage while oiling his body. From his thick, protruding traps I rubbed the oil deep into the skin of his shoulders. Each were at least a foot in diameter. They added to his back to create a wall of beef over 3 feet wide, wider still than the trio’s top competitor, Ruud. His upper width must have aided somehow in his swimming career. As Dzaan settled on the dais under the glow of the lights, his back muscles twitched and moved under his tight, thin skin. From his right shoulder, I worked along its back and outer heads to its front and faced him to look into his incredible, alien, golden eyes. His lips pouted as he coaxed me to kiss him while I held onto his basketball-sized shoulders for balance. I moved my hands up over his head and felt around his almost pointed ears. As we continued to kiss, I felt and marveled at his huge, thick, smooth pecs, like pillows filled with some amazing gel-like material. The feel of his flesh was seductive in its hardness and squishiness that he alternated by flexing. Those beautiful, perfect pecs seemed like some fantastic armor that was punctuated by protruding nipples. They inspired me to step off the stool and suck. My mouth reached them as they were level to me when I stood on the dais in front of him. “Oh Graaaayshhhnn.” He moaned as I licked and sucked on him. “Mmm …Come, finish oiling me and let me pose for you before we get crazy.” I massaged the oil into his pecs and chunky, hard abs as he flexed under my hands, playing games of catch-up. When I finished, he bent onto his knees and reached for my dick to place it in his warm mouth and sucked. This lasted for a few minutes as I marveled at his traps and sculpted back. With a firm suck, he pulled off me to start the music and begin his routine. The music he chose was unique to me, but pleasant and dramatic. At first, he stood relaxed, his body gleaming with cords of thick veins running over his shoulders and arms, through his pecs and abs, and all along his legs. Like a monstrous and fantastic penis. As he flexed his arms, I felt like exploding at how handsome he was. He continued through his routine that displayed his awesome, god-like beauty. His side triceps and kneeling poses were particularly breathtaking. There is nothing more beautiful than the male body and Dzaan was gorgeous. His routine was super erotic as sex permeated his being. He felt no inhibition against touching himself. I could no longer stand just sitting there and watching. I came over to him as he finished and tried to pull his pouch off with my teeth. I tried to get the pouch over his hard dick and the string from around his muscled round ass. He smiled and laughed heartily as I struggled. I licked every place the string and the fabric escaped my mouth. All the while my mind was full of Dzaan. His smell was blissful. I could think of nothing apart from how I worshipped this man and wanted to be full of him, fused to him, and filled with his cum. His exposed dick was magical, and I took its head into my mouth and began to suck, lick and kiss it as if there was nothing else in the entire universe. Just me and this fantastic, near 13-inch prize. I licked up and down his shaft and then met his balls while I enjoyed his salty taste. I kept thinking of how I could take it up my ass. If it was still too big for me to enjoy without too much pain. And if he would soon train me to take all of it. I must have spent at least half an hour worshipping his dick, balls, and taint as he moaned in ecstasy and murmured, “good puppy” in his deep, accented voice. Geez, was I into Dzaan! I had never been so into anyone, ever. Ruud came close and was a constant source of awe as well. Stanj was third, even though the sight of him always made my heart jump. His face was spectacularly handsome. The difference with Dzaan was the sexiness that oozed through every pore of his hairless skin and his naughty irreverence and humor. Next thing I knew, Dzaan lifted me from his jewels and laid me flat on my back on the bed. He crawled next to me and kissed and licked my face, then hovered over my smaller pecs and lingered on my nipples. “Fuck!” I said as I was so close to cumming. I found it hard to believe he could be attracted to me. As he licked from my pecs down to my dick, over my balls, and along my legs, he also used his huge pecs to stroke me. He came up again to taste and suck on my stuff. It was hard to keep from cumming, but I wanted to continue and forced myself not to. I moved my hand to my prick to squeeze it into obedience and as I did that, he moved up to kiss me some more. He put some oil on his fingers and played around my butt as he moved his tongue around my mouth. Soon his smallest digit poked inside my hole as he continued to massage around it. He popped it in and out repeatedly and moved slowly and expertly. He progressively used ever-larger fingers as we locked our lips. He removed his hand and brought his imposing arm over to hug me. We continued to kiss as he pulled on his great big, delicious prick. I did the same while he squeezed me in his arm and propped me up with his bicep. As he was about to cum, he got up and knelt on top of me like a giant statue. Staring into my eyes, he stroked himself violently. I then sped up and shot onto his abs and chest as I yanked out my load. At that he shook and groaned loudly and then sprayed and pumped at least a cup of cum over me. We slowly squeezed every drop from our balls. I got up and motioned to him to lie flat so I could climb on him and squish our cum together and into each other. So I could feel his hard muscle against mine. We ground and squished the mess against our bare skin, untrammeled by stubble. I worshipped his outstanding body with mine. When we stopped grinding, I lay on top of him, still mildly pumping on his abs, and soon fell asleep. I enjoyed being with him, and even sleeping on him was an incredible pleasure. We awoke pressed and stuck together, but the Erindans had brought warm, wet towels. They also left drinks and cake made from the euphoric fruit on a table by our bed. Exhausted, but happy, we cleaned, had snacks, and continued to wrap ourselves around each other. As I lay in his arms, he reached to caress my ass and said, “Pup, I can’t wait to fuck you”. “Yeah, I’m really into the idea of you doing it to me, but I am more of a top where I come from and never really liked to be fucked. And yet, you Xzardans, you make me want you to dominate me just by the look of your pure power.” “Most of us would love your reaction. As for submitting to my sensitive rod, I can tell you’ll like it a lot, I’ll do it so you can’t help but like it.… And don’t forget we love to fuck, and we went to great effort to bring you over…” He snickered. “We plan to wait awhile and ease you into being able to accept and enjoy our much larger bodies. I can see you are tight, which for me is incredibly erotic. I could explode thinking of my dick up your ass. But we, meaning Ruud, Stanj, and me, want to loosen you up with some toys over the next couple of weeks. I know you‘ll really enjoy being fucked by me and I constantly think about how I want to be inside you, which is why I keep caressing your cute little behind every chance I get. I often jerk off thinking about just that. I even did that at the lab while you slept. I’ve committed your tight little ass to memory.” He winked and snickered. I laughed. He was cute, direct, and sexy as hell. My dick couldn’t help but perk up again as he talked. “One reason they selected me for this job was that I am also known as an excellent fuck in the Herc zone. I love doing it and I approach it like an art. Many of the elite men ask me to come over to screw them, even as some protest they don’t like to be fucked and put in a submissive position.” He chuckled. Then he looked straight into my eyes with his golden irises and said, “I promise you, Puppy, I will please you and you will love it.” I told him I would not only like that, but I would love to see him in action. He asked if I would like to watch him fuck Stanj or Ruud. I said yes, both. He smiled and laughed and said he would do anything I asked. Dzaan said there was a separate room they would use to train and prepare my butthole. The elite men were twice my size or bigger, extremely strong, and generally had large meat. They will all want to top me, but they like to play in a lot of ways and will try to get me to like them. I should also know they come from a warrior culture and may have moods where they like to play aggressively. This could be a great deal of fun and would always be in the context of pleasure. He said I should take Ruud as an example. He was affectionate and safe while being immensely powerful. Being playfully rough could be a lot of fun, but I needed to feel confident I was solid enough. The elite men I chose would take my lead, but controlled aggression and roughness with someone my size, combined with penetration, was an unbelievable sexual fantasy for them. The first step was to learn to handle their larger bodies. There were human men with 12-13-inch dicks, but that was very rare. The Xzardan range was 8-14 inches, with some even larger and impossibly thick. I could physically handle about 80% of them but needed to learn how to enjoy it. Up to then, I had known only a rare few who could screw me in a way that I liked it. Dzaan measured 12 and 3/4 inches long and as thick as the inner core of a roll of paper towels, with a beautiful shape. However, it seemed like it would take a bit of effort to get from point A to point B in terms of becoming a successful bottom. “I am eager to teach you, and I want to protect you. I am also sad you will leave us as soon as we make you ready, and I am becoming very fond of you.… I would love to put you in my pocket and keep you as my lover. That can’t happen, but we can take our time getting you ready.” He whispered. I thought of how my life changed in just a few short days. How quickly I developed emotional bonds, and how Dzaan was so fucking amazing. And yet my mind pulled me toward home, whatever that was. I had gone missing from my web of connections. I was still interconnected on Earth despite being on my own in a small city. I felt guilty for a moment. Just then, Dzaan bent over to kiss me. I loved spending time in his mouth against his boyish soft skin and being the sex object of a fantastically muscled, exotic, and erotic superman. I shifted my focus back to what was in front of me. ◆◆◆ Dinner was on the patio by the pool. The four of us had our treat as the sun set spectacularly over the city and sea beyond. The moon was much closer to the planet than on Earth and dominated the horizon. The colors of the sunset shifted from shades of purple to red to a golden amber and then darkness illuminated by clouds of stars. The Erindans prepared savory pastries with a fruity wine-like drink that left a pleasant buzz. Partaking of a snack at sundown to get high, whether by drinking, eating, or inhaling, was a standard part of the day. They also referred to it as ‘having sundowners’, or just ‘sundowners’. It was an Erindan contribution to the culture that had a parallel on Earth but was previously unknown to the Xzardans. That evening, ‘sundowners’ merged into a tapas-style dinner with various plates of different sweet and savory dishes brought out by Erindan staff. The ‘sundowner’ fruit available this day was called ‘nreesj’. It was tear shaped with a deep purple peel, the size of a golf ball or large fig. It opened to three fleshy sections that surrounded two green seeds. The flesh took on the color of the seeds and the skin, and I could hardly discern a smell except perhaps mild plastic. When popped in your mouth, the fruit tingled on your tongue like a fizzy drink, then collapsed into a citrusy-tart, and syrupy sweet jelly that was surprising but pleasant. As soon as I felt the tingling, a wave of euphoria engulfed me, then lingered as the fruit rested in my belly. The guys munched on it freely. There was always a lot to eat. My Xzardan bodybuilder buds were in a constant state of growth and regularly needed fuel. But evening dinner was still an occasion. Many plates were available with sweet and savory foods. Some were sublimely delicious; others were odd and pungent. There was an art to balancing the various flavors as one ate, an art I had no clue about. This was a source of ongoing amusement to the others. Stanj talked about the Xzardan way of life as another lesson commenced. He worked it into dinner conversation well. Xzardan children began in the women’s zone where they were raised until the age of 10. At 10 years old, they raised the boys into adulthood in the military zone. The girls remained in the women’s zone to be raised in their ways. The military zone had several roles. It managed and coordinated land, sea, and air defense; it controlled land defense and expansion; and a large part of it was geared to raising boys. It had a significant educational component. I pictured a boy’s boarding school, but his description made it seem like there were far more resources and options available to the youths than I could imagine. There was a serious commitment by the entire society to increase their numbers and raise new generations. As the boys aged, they were educated and trained to assist in the effort to expand Xzardan territory. The planet was hostile to intelligent life. As some mega-faunae preyed indiscriminately on humanoid species, they had to be removed from areas designated for expansion. Even though only 4% of the planet was settled, they planned to 'tame’ 30% of it over the next century. They continuously created buffer areas as they expanded, so they controlled over twice as much raw territory as was settled. Monitoring outposts were arranged across the planet's surface. Some areas outside ‘tame’ sectors were used for mining and needed to be maintained actively. Land defense was responsible for these activities, with some input from air and sea. Their adversary was the untamed planet. A planet of terror… and peace. They were also required to operate per Xzardan values, which emphasized respect for life. “I loved my time in the military,” Ruud said. “We are a big family, and my memories are fond ones.” “Did you have to kill many beasts, was it dangerous?” I asked. “Only boys 18 and over would go on expeditions, and then only as junior observers. It is the professional land defense that handles those functions. When I was there, I had to kill, unfortunately. The expeditions are dangerous and there are casualties. Some creatures out there are terrifying and cunning. They are driven by their survival instinct, and we appear, smell, and taste like food to many of them. Even with all the precautions that can be conceived, it is always risky. There are many men who stay in the military for most of their lives. And many guys do not want to leave. Exploration and expansion is an appealing life despite the danger and misgivings.” said Ruud. “For large endeavors, or projects, we create massive fortress-like structures. Some men become fantastic hunters and can take down monstrous beasts single handedly. Teams of 3-5 soldiers are needed to stop individuals from some species. But we do our best to evade direct confrontation. We also try to avoid mass slaughter, which requires a large warrior force to implement creative measures. In a sense, we’re warrior/scientists.” Stanj said. This seemed vague and he did not want to go into detail. When they said mega-fauna, I only thought of elephants and hippopotamuses, or maybe a dinosaur. I couldn’t wrap my head around the concept fully. Anyone can tell you about a pterodactyl, but you have to see one to appreciate its implications. There were millions upon millions of unfriendly creatures like that. “Were any of you hunters?” I asked. They didn’t seem to follow where I was going with this. Which was to project a definition of being ‘macho’ on them. They weren’t biting. “I definitely encountered and had to slay a few creatures. I know Stanj has as well since we’ve been on expeditions together. It is not a thing I like to think about, it does something to you. I didn’t like it and I wouldn’t seek it out. These beasts can be shrewd and can come out of nowhere. In fact, they watch to ensure they catch you off guard. It’s a battle to keep your wits about you, let alone protect yourself. They operate without morality; they do what they do. But we are the ones who came to them. We put them in conflict with us. ” Ruud said. “I Had some run-ins while in the military, and with sea predators in Poseidon. Most guys do. I wouldn’t say I am a ‘hunter’, however. Some guys are specialists and they come in very handy in some circumstances. Nevertheless, we must all learn how to defend ourselves from an early age. There are challenges in this world, pup. But we’re prepared. There is no danger for us here, the archipelago containing the city-states is safe.” Dzaan said. “I picked up a love of bodybuilding in the military. It’s a major pastime and encouraged from a young age.… The guys with the biggest muscles are always the most popular.” Ruud said and chuckled. He flexed his arm to show and laughed. It was reassuring to know muscle obsessed them as it did me. That evening I got into bed first so Stanj and Ruud could surround me. Each of my shoulders pushed against each of their pecs. They pressed their swollen cocks against the sides of my body as they became comfortable. Each one licked my ears and kissed my head while they lightly pumped my sides. Ruud held Stanj over me in his massive arm and trapped me between them. I faced each in turn as they alternated sticking their tongues into my mouth and sucking on my lips and nose. Stanj used his free hand to massage my jewels with his wide palm and fingers. It felt amazing to be between their strong, soft, and hairy muscles. I could hear the lube slosh on Dzaan’s dick above us. We ground and pumped to the wet sounds of sloshing lube. After a few blissful minutes, we all climaxed. Ruud wiped us clean and Dzaan went back to his bed. ◆◆◆ Days 4–7: End of 1st week My ass had a lot of action toward the end of the week. As I would play with one guy, another would insert progressively larger toys. I wasn’t used to getting pleasure from my anus, but these men were experts at it. And it was incredible to watch and spend time with them. They were from an ancient homosexual culture that attached no shame to that very complex body part. They understood how to maximize the art of taking enjoyment from it and devoted themselves to teaching me. We played with various dildoes with distinctive qualities over the days and evenings. Some were inflatable, some were textured, and some were smooth. The rest of my first week followed the same pattern. We stayed in the villa, had sex, and worked out. In between, they taught me more about their world and language. They kept me occupied with fantastic musclesex and fascinated with their stories. My thoughts about home became gentler and less imperative. The hosts were amazing, and I felt our bonds deepen with each passing day The following week we continued with the toys, and I started to fuck with Stanj, with his relatively smaller, but thick, 9-inch weapon. It was massive from my perspective and well above the Earth norm. The way they approached my training was a great deal of fun, and full of pleasure. They also showed me all the ways they give each other enjoyment as I watched some of the most incredible live Xzardan muscle porn that had previously been unimaginable to me. It was paradise. They told me I would have a full understanding of Xzardan sexual culture by the time they were done. One of the more intriguing sexual practices regarded cum. Xzardan men did not eat cum during sex, or accept it inside them, unless it was from a lover as it was part of an intimate bonding rite. They also found that their cum had an even greater effect on Earth guys. It was like a superfood, or even a steroid, especially from the most advanced elite bodybuilders. This may have had to do with their genetic makeup and enhanced nutrition. An Earth guy could live on it alone for weeks. Consuming it strengthened the bond of Earth-Xzardan couples. It also helped the Earth dude become more buff and solid. For that reason, my hosts wouldn’t cum inside me or let me eat theirs. It would be something I shared with a partner I chose. This invariably led to the key question. What exactly was going on? It was a blast, but I needed to know more. Information seemed to trickle slowly, and yet there was a lot to take in. They said we would go on a tour of the city-state of Anaxandri, beginning with an overview of the settlements that comprised its vast area. The tour of the island would give me a better understanding of their world. We planned to go in a few days. Meanwhile, we continued with our regimen of sex, working out, relaxing, and learning. The Erindans kept us fed and maintained the villa while we played. My phenomenally hunky new friends had me endlessly entertained and time flew by. I even noticed continuous improvements to my body. My muscles were more defined, and I had less body fat. I also felt my love handles were melting, and my six-pack was getting clearer. I focused more on developing my glutes, I saw how attracted the Xzardans were to my ass, and I wanted to please them. My hosts were a constant inspiration in many ways. Besides being wildly attractive and superbly muscled, all three of the guys showed an earnestness that was reassuring and charming. They did not betray ulterior motives. Their behavior was consistent with their words. It was disconcerting to notice they had no guile but were incredibly intelligent and accomplished. I surmised this was a consequence of their culture and the make-up of their society. It seemed inconsistent that negative intentions would motivate a society that produced men like these. I became increasingly comfortable as each day passed and I started to love them. Still, I wondered, where was the fly in the ointment? I actively searched for it. I supposed it would be a negative experience if I were an unwilling straight man. But even then, they mentioned Xzardan society accommodates diverse lifestyles. Being torn from your home and life with nothing to attract you could be traumatic for anyone. Not to mention being surrounded by physically superior, larger homosexual men who wanted you and could break you like a twig if you didn’t comply to their demands. And/or brutalize and rape you at will. They were sexually attracted to Earthmen, regardless of orientation. Being abducted in that circumstance, and for genetic material, would seem like a hostile act. No matter how well they treated you, you would always be on edge. That would be a major fly in a lousy ointment. But for me, I found paradise. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to read more? There's a lot more to come. Another 22 chapters and a whole lot of characters and action. It's a really fun read. Click the link, its both easy and easily accessible. Tales of Xzarda: An erotic science fiction fantasy dedicated to the Cult of Hercules - Kindle edition Chapter 4 Tales of Xzarda by Zooty McBooty Part One: Fuckpuppy to the Musclegods CHAPTER FOUR: WEEK TWO... CHAPTER FOUR: WEEK TWO We had a few false starts on our outing. It was a lot of fun to hang out with the guys at the villa. So much so, it was easy to put off our trip. Stanj and I were having a mini affair as I became accustomed to his cock. I would still be affectionate with Dzaan and Ruud, but the focus of the week was training to enjoy an ever-larger tool, beginning with Stanj. Besides my lingering anxiety about being MIA (missing-in-action) from Earth, I also had to deal with becoming a bottom. I would always be the smaller partner here, and the desire to top me was off the charts. I wanted to be topped by these guys too. Their size and power were exciting, and the thought of sex with men more magnificently built than even Ruud had me eager with anticipation. I was learning to appreciate being penetrated, and there was an art to it when done well. I had been there almost 10 days, maybe a few days longer, but I was unconscious at first. There was a lot that I learned since I arrived, but still much to adjust to. Not least a sore rump, as Stanj was eager to train me. I relished being squished against his soft hair and bulging, bulbous muscle while he gradually got my ass used to his fat 9-inch prick. His stunning face was irresistible, and he loved to kiss like the others. Toward the end of the week we accomplished our day trip. It was my first outing since arriving at the villa, or on the planet, actually. The plan was to use the shuttle to tour the main island from above and fly over the outlying islands to get an overview of the city-state’s territory. The shuttle reminded me of a giant cock; it had seating for 4 or 6, depending on the configuration, in a tubular design that pierced the air in front of it with a cone-shaped hood. The rear maintained its shape but tapered inward slightly as narrow wings emerged from the lower halves of its sides. The roof of the seating area was transparent and slid under the body to allow easy entry and exit. They painted its metallic parts in an angular, abstract design that had some symbolism I wasn’t yet aware of. It was steel-blue with silver and brown trim and a brown tan interior. A handsome machine, well suited to a trio of Xzardan musclegods. I slid on the front bench with Ruud, and the vehicle secured us in place without either of us taking any action. It did the same for Dzaan and Stanj, in the back. Ruud flicked his hand and fingers and the shuttle pulled out of the port, hovered, turned direction, and took us into the sky about 30 feet high. We hooked around the city along the coast and quickly reached the start of the sprawling Erindan metropolis of Eyra. It had a few central areas and an extensive seafront port. The buildings looked organic and sturdy. Every inch of area shaded by the hills was built upon or into. They used neutral tones in their architecture but decorated extensively in bold colors and patterns. The closer into central business areas, the more colorful it became. The central areas were in a sea of suburban housing that was based on a concept of a shared yard for 6-9 families. They built their houses in the ground, so they appeared like mounds. Their yards were like parks with shaded gazebos. A few apartment-blocks popped up in the central areas and overlooking the sea along the coast. It appeared to be a middle-class society with a narrow range of income groups. Ruud explained the Erindans followed a biological reproductive model and were extremely social and family oriented. I noticed the roads were full of small, open-air cars, with everyday things lying on their seats. The road network was extensive and well-kept. The city had a modern infrastructure that would be familiar to anyone from a Canadian or Australian town. It was an alien city, nonetheless. Its appearance was colorful and organic, somewhat dark as they took advantage of shadows when building in the ground, but gave an inviting impression, nonetheless. In fact, there were a lot of open spaces with sun protection that appeared designed for gathering and interaction, following the concept of the shared yards. “The Erindans appear to have a prosperous life. Are there poor areas we haven’t passed yet?” I asked. “Poor areas? What do you mean?” Ruud asked. “Areas where some Erindans may not have enough to eat or live in houses that leak in the rain or have no running water. Areas with Erindans who do not have many resources.” “No, the Erindans are not poor. Some get involved with powerful intoxicants and may sleep on the beach and not work. But even they will live with a relative or a communal apartment that is clean and respectable. The Erindans are prosperous and take care of themselves as a community.” From what Ruud and the others said, the Erindans overcame being a slave society. They were enslaved for a couple of thousand years before landing here. The group that crashed on this planet over 300 years ago was on a transport ship intended to bring slaves to a new colony being opened by their overlords, the Griets. The Griet transport must have gone off course in an area of space outside their control. They probably assumed the transport was lost and the Erindan slaves would perish in the hostile environment of this planet. The Erindans were now self-governing and independent. They viewed the Xzardans as a fundamental part of their world and their well-being but may have come to take them for granted. They governed their settlements within city-state frontiers as provinces within a loose Erindan nation. Their federal government was based in Chreondzoi city-state, in their mother city of Eyrim. The combination of Xzardan technology and Erindan resourcefulness in a spirit of compassion and mutual interest created a virtuous circle of prosperity. The Xzardans were doubtless aware of the Spartan legacy of having enslaved fellow Greeks over centuries. Their enslavement of fellow Greeks was among various Theban concerns at the Battle of Leuctra. That must have factored into their treatment of the Erindans. On this planet, the Erindans considered it an honor to work with Xzardans. But only about 10% interacted with them. In a sense, they cultivated the Xzardans as their warrior caste and desired to keep them well-fed and happy. Their society was wealthy enough to support Xzardan needs without negative consequences for their own growth and prosperity. Helping Xzardans was a fundamental component of their success. After a while flying over Eyra along the coast, the city gave way to rolling hills interspersed with thousands of small farms and villages. They generally built into the hills to maximize shade. Despite the architecture blending seamlessly into the terrain, the farms and towns were full of color and the evidence of activity. Otherwise, the countryside seemed quiet and empty of life. The guys said the Erindans preferred to work in open areas after sunset. There was not much to shade their sensitive eyes in the open fields. There were small fishing boats in the waters by the shorelines, and occasionally we would pass vast stretches of forest as we went into the interior. A great deal of the island’s land was unsettled or designated as wildlife reserve areas. We decided to stop at an outlying island off the southern shore. The shuttle could reach a speed of 750 MPH, but we had been cruising at 150 MPH for over an hour. From north to south the main island was 165 miles long, and 275 miles at its widest. The current settled area could support over two million family farms, with the potential of twice that number. The output of Anaxandri alone could feed half of all Xzarda. The Xzardans liked to plan for almost every eventuality. If you think about it, building one’s physique to outstanding perfection required a lot of planning. The more I witnessed, the more I realized these people were masters of organization. Under their guidance, the Erindans married Xzardan organizational know-how with high productivity. The Xzardans also supplied raw materials which entailed further exchange between the societies. The Xzardans translated the exchange of raw materials to a monetary transaction that required strict adherence to fiscally responsible practices. Hence, to receive needed but otherwise inaccessible resources to feed their rapid technological development, the Erindans had to ensure their leadership was not corrupt. Money that would be paid to the Xzardans for the raw materials paid comfortable salaries for those Erindans working to support Xzardan needs. This guidance, along with their own cultural traits, encouraged the Erindans to develop a more democratic and egalitarian society. This was clear by the thousands of prosperous, small farms that stretched over the horizons. There was also no visible decay or poverty in their cities. The Xzardans were otherwise self-sufficient and could have used robots to do much of the work Erindans offered. This was their strategy for the planet they originally planned to reach. But there was something intangible the Xzardans received from the exchange which caused them to stay and was fundamental to their spirituality. Their belief system was also flexible enough to allow themselves to be influenced by the Erindans. It seemed like the guys enjoyed their presence or took it for granted as a good thing. I noticed no negative reaction on their parts toward anything Erindan related. It just seemed like the Erindans were there and everyone was fine. In retrospect, it was me who was not focused on the Erindans. There was a lot to absorb, and they were on the back burner in my mind. And yet, they pointed to the reality that this world could not have existed without the motivation of altruism. It could only have been a positive impulse that led to a seemingly endless, well-organized prosperity. I was kind of welling up from the experience, it was emotional and visceral. I now understood how they had to show me rather than speak of their motivations and the nature of their world. They came from a good place. I was the one from a more brutal one. We landed on an outlying island off the southern shore. We were at the edge of the Xzardan archipelago, the area of the current 7 city-states which were all on larger islands in the group. The islet was sub-tropical and ringed with inviting beaches. The sand was white and the water was mint green and crystal clear. Beyond the southern frontier was a small continent composed of 2 islands. The Xzardans were preparing it for settlement and had already secured the airspace from the archipelago over the great islands and the surrounding sea. This ensured the southern part of Anaxandri, although on the frontier, was exceptionally secure from any mega-faunae incursions by sea or air. We emerged from the shuttle after having flown from north to south for over an hour and a half. We parked at a designated port and walked down to an idyllic picnic area on an elevated patio cut into a few enormous boulders. The section was empty of any other sign of intelligent life. It was pristine and looked like a tropical paradise, but with some very odd plant life. There were the sounds of various birds, or similar flying creatures, calling out as the waves splashed. They used the island for recreation like a park which was conveniently accessible by shuttle. We could have arrived there from our villa in 15 minutes had we gone directly at speed. The guys took out containers with a delicious looking lunch and got it ready. Stanj brought us swimming briefs from the villa and handed me mine and then stripped along with the others. I was feeling particularly affectionate and went up to Ruud, who had finished changing, to feel his pec so he would bend over and kiss me. He reached down to grab me in his arms and laid his mouth on mine as I rubbed his great round shoulders and traps. He surrounded me in pure muscle while he probed my mouth with his tongue. I looked forward to being fucked by him. “I can’t wait to fuck you, puppy,” he said breathlessly as he briefly released my lips. “I know, I’ve been thinking about it, too. You are so wonderfully muscular. I love feeling you.” I said. He enjoyed hearing that and held me with one arm while he flexed his humongous double-peaked bicep with the other, which made me that much harder. He then used both arms to lift me and my crotch to his mouth, and he kissed my junk over my briefs. As the guys approached, he lowered me. “Lunch is ready!” Dzaan announced. He was distracting with his alien good looks. The length and shape of his cock and balls were also tantalizingly clear as they pressed against his orange briefs. He may as well have been naked. I slid my hand over his package, and he stroked my shoulder as we made our way to the table. I slipped behind him to appreciate his glorious ass, which I wanted to bury my face in. The guys looked outstanding in the deserted, tropical paradise setting. “Do you want to go for a swim after we eat? The waters are warm and safe around here. The great islands to the south prevent the waves from getting too high.” Dzaan said. “Sure, sounds like fun.” I went along with anything since they hadn’t steered me wrong yet. We continued to eat and watched each other. The guys were not only attracted to me, …and everyone was horny. The light reflecting off my agreeable hulks, mixed with the natural setting, was seductive and intoxicating. I decided I’d swim in the nude since my persistent boner was uncomfortable in my briefs. I quickly shed them, as did the others. Ruud was rock hard and looked god-like against the sea as he stood in the surf. He had a superhero’s silhouette against the sun, and he struck a few poses that appeared like the ideal male bodybuilder, perfectly proportioned and larger than any Olympian. I came over and knelt in front of him so I could put his cock in my mouth. Its capped head filled my cheek while I sucked from his crown upward and used my tongue to play with his piss slit. I simultaneously fondled his heavy balls and stroked his long shaft. I looked up and watched him flex his enormous and powerful muscle from his abs to his shoulders. After a while, he bent down and lay in the surf beside me. He turned on top of me and kissed deeply as I watched his incredible arms twitch and flicker as he held himself above me. He lay his big, heavy cock between my legs and over my junk while he gently rubbed himself against me. Carefully and sensually focused, …back and forth. Again, and again. While we were intertwined, Dzaan and Stanj were making out in the water. Their giant arms squished against themselves as their heads and shoulders bobbed like a clutch of flesh-colored beach balls. Ruud picked me up and carried me into the water to join the others. We easily merged into a four-way kissing session and soon I was in the middle, consumed by the three great musclegods while their pricks pressed against me. Stanj slid his dick inside me as I hung onto Ruud and kissed him deeply. My rod found the wonderful deep groove between his rows of abs. Dzaan moved around Ruud and plugged his massive cock into him with a determined thrust. My tongue pushed into Ruud’s mouth while Dzaan drilled the superman’s manhole and worked his jewels in his hands. The four of us found a rhythm as we fucked each other harmoniously. I wished it would never end. I eased into the sounds of our bodies squish mixed with the gentle slosh of the water. The smell of sea water, muscleman sweat, and Xzardan breath blended as I inhaled. We continued for a marathon session of 40 minutes until Stanj and Dzaan pulled out and Ruud and I released. We were spent. We rested for a while in each other’s arms as our loins relaxed. We cleaned in the water and went back to our picnic and had a bit more to eat and drink. Dzaan brought out a few towel-like cloths to dry ourselves. They were light like half pillowcases, but they pulled the water off me and left me dry and feeling clean. Stanj took his and flicked it over the beach like snapping a towel, and all the remaining liquid flew off it. I did the same, and it was dry again. We put our togas and tunics on sans briefs and returned with our things to the shuttle. Ruud and I both wore short togas with no shirts. When we were all on board, he put his hugely muscled arm around me and we rose, hovered a few seconds, and took off. “The weather always seems so nice,” I said. “It’s not always like this. We’re in the dry season. All our freshwater comes from rain. You arrived at the start of the calm, dry season. It should be like this for a few more months. After that, the rains will start, and the heat will rise. Some areas of the archipelago encounter fierce storms, but Anaxandri is more sheltered because of ‘The Lovers’, the great islands to the south.” Said Stanj. “Does it rain continuously?” I asked. “Sometimes, yes. But usually, it’s for a few hours and some days it may not rain. However, it gets very humid. Many people like to go to mountain resorts that we’ll soon pass, or other city-states to avoid the humidity. Chreondzoi is popular in the hottest month because it is high on a plateau. There are also a few other islands that are pleasant at that time. …There are many interesting and varied recreation areas to visit. Xzardans are always shuttling around.” Stanj added. The guys explained that there were 7 city-states in the protected Xzardan archipelago: Anaxandri - central and to the south; Chreondzoi - center-east, the first city-state; Leuctrapolis - center-west, acting capital; Laconadzom - to the northeast; Demaradzom - to the southeast; Leonidzoi - to the northwest; and Archidzoi - to the southwest. Each city-state was unique, and every Xzardan prime city was in a special setting unlike any other. An 8th city-state was slated to open in a year and would be built in a mountain range and would therefore be cool. Eight years later another would open and then the frequency of opening new city-states would accelerate. They planned to expand by replicating the city-state model where each one would contain 275,000-315,000 Xzardans. Each new city-state would be accompanied by 4-5 million Erindans. They would settle newly ‘tamed’ land with farms, villages, and cities, and form new provinces. Within 40-50 years they expected to settle the rest of the archipelago, the great islands to the south, and a great prairie land on a supercontinent to the north of Chreondzoi. That would comprise roughly 7-8% of the planet and more than double the population. “Are there any other people on this planet?” I asked. “No. They could not survive. And no indigenous species is close to evolving into intelligent life. The planet has extraordinarily hostile creatures. We could not survive in this shuttle if we got lost in Phobos, the ‘untamed’ wilderness. You need a lot of specialized equipment out there.” Ruud said. I still had a few questions. Which were two sides of the same coin. Why continue forward and expand if you could easily have a comfortable society using less than 10% of the planet. And/or why not undertake mass annihilation of the pesky predatory mega-faunae and anything else that is dangerous and go whole-hog in settling the place? What are the boundaries between respect for intelligent life and respect for all life? Raising these questions was far less clever than answering them. We planned to zig-zag across the island a bit faster to see some of its natural features, such as inland lakes and three tall mountains that rose from the plains like Mt. Fuji or Kilimanjaro. A large section of rocky terrain and koppies in the south was designated wildlife reserve and offered some fascinating sights. I could have easily spent a few days there. Otherwise, there were farms and small Erindan towns neatly woven into the gentle countryside with odd splashes of color among the brown and green. The interior was at higher elevations and supported a variety of sub-tropical crops. The mountains were terraced and able to support temperate zone produce. My initial impression of Erindan society was reinforced the more I saw of Anaxandri. I also found the variety of environments remarkable. There was much more to explore and discover than I thought possible on one island and its satellites. We headed northeast toward the coast and flew out over Anaxandri’s small, northern archipelago of at least 20 mid-sized islands and scores of smaller ones. Each was its own little world. As we came in toward the city itself, we crossed some islets included in the Governor’s zone. Then curved around the seafront from the Herc zone to the Central zone and finally landed at our villa in the hills above. “Wow, that was a great trip. Thanks!” I said. It really was a lot to process, though. I was exhausted and needed a nap. “I really enjoyed it too. You’re a lot of fun to show around.” Stanj bent toward me and winked. “In a few days, we’ll take a tour of Anaxandri city and the Herc zone,” Ruud confirmed. “I also had a wonderful day with you, thank-you.” ◆◆◆ The following day we decided to stay in the villa to work out, hang out, and continue learning the language. That night we had a new type of sundowner that was derived from a different intoxicating plant made into baked treats. The effect was a bit like MDMA as it released gentle rushes of dopamine over a few hours. I asked the guys, who were also scientists, if there were any negative effects to the ‘sundowners’. “No, the effects are transitory and leave no lingering effects. A behavioral problem would occur if it interfered with your day-to-day life. That’s why we have a designated time during the day to do it …so that it doesn’t interfere with life but complements it… if we want to do it. You don’t have to partake in ‘sundowners’ all the time. We borrowed the practice from the Erindans who have uh… a more… complicated relationship with it.” Rudd added as I watched the effects of our treats take hold of him. The guys became like pups themselves, even giggled, and became more tactile than usual. We spent the rest of the night together on the large bed, feeling and kissing each other, and playing with toys. I was treated to the spectacle of the beefy herculeans slowly fuck and make love to each other while emitting brutal and slippery sounds with groans of pleasure. The best was watching Dzaan deliver his huge cock into Ruud again and seeing his expressions of ecstasy like it was the best fuck he ever had. He was so massive, rugged, and perfect, and yet brought to a whimper by Dzaan’s skill. Stanj held me against him and massaged my cock as we watched. Over a few hours my mouth, my balls, and my butt became sore from so much activity. ◆◆◆ The next day was the last of the current phase of my anal training regimen. It would be the last fuck with Stanj before graduating to Ruud’s larger size. Stanj wanted to make it memorable, and I had become comfortable and more skilled at controlling the experience. I increasingly enjoyed being topped by the larger man and considered how I could make it more enjoyable for my partners. Dzaan asked me to start the day by showering with him, we had spent little alone time that week. We didn’t cum, but we spent a good hour touching and kissing in the marvelous shower room. I could see in the mirrors that I had become leaner and more muscular while I maintained the same weight at 180 lbs. I found my body very attractive, whereas I used to be critical of it. Dzaan next to me was intimidating since I was far less developed. I was a comparative twink next to a stunning nude musclegod. We looked at each other in the reflection as both our dicks hardened. He lifted me and kissed deeply as the water rained on us. I loved feeling his hard muscle and powerful tongue in my mouth. His face was also breath-taking. After a long while of giving our facial muscles a workout, Dzaan lowered me and lathered his enormous cock with soap. Pointing at me to kneel in front of him so he could rub my head with his soapy sausage. He used it to soap my skull and face, moving down my shoulders around my upper torso. He motioned for me to stand up as he lathered himself some more and rubbed me deliberately with his meat, ensuring every inch was sparkling clean. When he finished my legs and feet, I knelt and brought his delicious, round balls to my mouth and licked. His legs were hairless, and veins twisted and protruded all over as he flexed them into multi-dimensional pinnacles of hard and squishy rock. The more he flexed, the more inspired I was to lick his shaft and put it in my mouth as far as it could go. Battling to draw his cum, I sucked until he lifted me off him in ecstasy lest he shoot in my mouth and I involuntarily swallowed. I swallowed his pre-cum, nonetheless. I lathered up his feet and thickly carved calves, which were works of art themselves. He treated me to the continuous show of his flexing quads as I washed him. I lingered on his fleshy ass as he flexed. When I got to his masterful member, I examined it and committed it to memory. Playing with his foreskin by gliding it up and down, I watched how it moved as he softly groaned. I eagerly awaited Ruud but realized something even better was ahead. I wanted to kiss him again and puckered my lips at him so he would bend down and give me his mouth. He sat cross-legged in the shower to be more accessible, and I bent over to kiss him. I also lathered soap in my hands and worked it into his head and face. Once rinsed, I readied to clean his thick traps and massive shoulders. I massaged the soap on him as we kissed. After a while, I knelt in front of him as he flexed his huge biceps and got ready to lather them. He squeezed his guns into peaked cantaloupes as hard as rock. I massaged and worshipped them as I buried my face into his armpit and licked. I did the same on his other side and eventually got his arms and shoulders clean. His back and torso were left, and I saved the best for last. I moved behind him as he remained cross-legged in the shower and knelt higher to reach his traps. I enjoyed gliding my hands across his smooth skin and his thick back. The valleys of muscle on it were deep and easily kept my grinding dick in place. Even from behind, he was beautiful. I finished and turned in front of him and almost gasped as I saw his pecs and abs anew. Like a Roman noble’s chest plate, but bigger and real, his pecs popped like square cushions from his front delts. He made his abs dance in waves and then flexed and kissed his biceps. He teased me with the poses he had been practicing. I made like a puppy and lay on my back in front of him as my dick swelled to its fullest. He climbed on top of me but held himself up by his elbows and we kissed again. He glided his massive cock over my jewels as he licked and explored my mouth. I loved the smell of his breath and the strength of his lips and tongue. He stopped for a bit and looked down on me as he panted. We could have stayed like that for hours. Just looking at him was a pleasure. He moved beside me and pulled me against his pec as he leaned against the shower wall. As he held me in place, he bent to kiss me while we jerked ourselves off. We almost came in unison, almost, and then lay spent on the shower floor. Exhausted, I lay my head on his pec for a couple of minutes. I got some more soap and made some lather to spread on his pecs and abs. We kissed as I rubbed the soap into his spectacular torso. I was still exhausted, but it was a pleasure to finish the job. After a little over an hour, we emerged from the shower, sparkling clean. When we got to the patio, Ruud and Stanj were already working out. They got into a heavy legs session and would be at it for another hour and a half. My workout wouldn’t be as grueling, but Dzaan was also on a competitive track and eager to join Stanj and Ruud’s level. He spent the rest of the morning working out and swimming. I would rather watch them than do anything else, but I still had language homework. I thought about the day before and smiled at the young Erindan male who acted as a server. It was hard to see his expression with his square sombrero-like hat with a veil attached. They were definitely not sunworshippers. But it was nice to know they were happy to be there and well paid, and their gracious attitude was most likely genuine. I had thought little about them before, but realized they were multi-dimensional people. They also came and went like a service, so the same ones didn’t come all the time, which made it hard to get to know any individuals. At first, they all looked very similar, and only over time did I learn how to distinguish the variances in their features, even male from female. They often wore those wide-brimmed hats and/or dark glasses with colorful frames during the day to guard against too much light. But the look also depersonalized them. I kept thinking they reminded me of Beatrix Potter characters, but I hardly remembered those stories and only brought to mind anthropomorphized, or humanized, gentle rodents such as mice or rabbits. Maybe I kept pushing them from my mind because they were the most alien element of this world and recognizing them meant I wasn’t on Earth anymore. And I wasn’t. They were not wearing costumes. Which led to thoughts about home. I was alone by the pool and thought how I would not see Earth again. I let everyone down and was alone wherever I was. Maybe I was dead, I was on a fast-track to being legally dead. I wondered at what point you considered a missing person dead. I couldn’t Google it. I was truly incommunicado, whether or not I wanted to be. A wave of sadness hit as I acknowledged the reality. I decided to have some alone time that afternoon to process everything and used the excuse of studying the language homework. I pretended to look at work while I descended into a gloomy reverie. The time for sundowners crept up and a new Erindan server brought out a sweet wine, which had a milder effect than the day before. We had it with a few pastries filled with meat and a sweet bean paste. The guys gave me space as they realized I would need to mourn the loss of my old life and everyone I cared about and knew. The guys were available to touch and hold but made no demands. They were remarkably comforting, which I wouldn’t have expected from magnificent musclegods. We went to bed together that evening without having sex. As I lay between Ruud and Stanj, I noticed Stanj had shaved and was smooth. His muscles swelled and bulged, and I noted how sexy he looked when he got up to take a piss. I followed him to the bathroom and asked if he would pose and then fuck me in the posing room. He went to get a pouch, but I told him to forget it, I would rather watch him pose nude. When we set up the lights and he got on the dais, I was amazed at how he looked. Like a super-handsome Bluto with an incredible contest-ready physique of quality muscle. He bulged in all the right places. Having shaved his body hair, his thick, cut muscle appeared to swell to an even more erotic degree. His contrasting dark beard made him look hyper-masculine while his muscle was irresistible when he flexed. I went over to him and grabbed his prick to put in my mouth and started to suck it like a calf on a teat. He looked down and continued to flex, knowing I wanted him to take me and wrest my mind from gloomy thoughts. But he enjoyed my cock worship, and I was getting into a zone as I kneaded his thick, round muscle-ass. I sucked for a while as he held an abs and thigh pose. Then he gently backed away. He flexed some more with a side triceps and side chest and motioned for me to get on the bed. I eagerly complied, and he waddled over and stood at the far edge with a jar of lube and his cock pointed at me. “Come closer, Gray’shn.” He said. He used the Xzardanized form of my name, Greg. I scooted in front of him, and he pulled my legs on his shoulders and filled my ass liberally with lube. He slid in and maneuvered my legs to an ideal position and plowed skillfully as he flexed his pecs, abs, and arms. I focused on how he felt and squeezed at my own pace as he plowed. Eventually, he lifted me while still inside and moved us, so I was sitting facing him while he continued his rhythm. I smashed my face against his beard, then his mouth. He gripped me in his solid arms and pressed me against his bulging pecs while my cock slid against his abs. “Harder!” I demanded. I absolutely felt muscle fucked as his body squeezed hard and soft against me, keeping me pinned while being pummeled. It was a good thing I liked it because he could easily have taken whatever he wanted and left me whimpering. I lost myself in his thrusts and his body as I needed him to destroy me. He went even harder, and I acceded to his power and wanted to be made sore by a hulk. He didn’t disappoint but pulled out before cumming, only to explode a few seconds later as he moved to lie beside me. I shot a few moments afterward, and we lay spent. Glimpsing into nothingness for an instant. I felt raw, but glad to think of something else. ◆◆◆ Want More??? There is a lot more to come. Chapters 5 through 25 are at the following link: Tales of Xzarda: An erotic science fiction fantasy dedicated to the Cult of Hercules - Kindle edition by McBooty, Zooty. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com. Chapters 5 and 6 will be posted in a few weeks...
  2. shawnkid

    Jocking Up - My Roommate

    Long time lurker - finally got my fingers down to write a story, and hopefully many more to come. Posted in WarpMyMind (leejhaw) and MuscleGrowth.org (shawnkid). -Chapter 1- Meet Charles "Sup," my roommate nonchalantly greeted me as he walked out his room. My eyes almost fell out of its socket. The reason is apparent - my body-conscious roommate is walking around half naked. Beneath his grey sweatpants, his VPL proves that he's freeballing too. That could only mean one thing - it worked. What I did actually work! It's true - some of us are more susceptive to hypnosis. And it comes in many forms, you have the usual suspects: binaural, subliminal, and the trance, which opens up a wide array of possibilities, especially for a closeted gay man like me. It's financially impossible to live in the city nowadays, especially when the rental is through the roof. Since I'm the only occupant in the one-room studio, it's natural to resort to renting out the room to another person to offset the cost to enjoy the convenience of the centrally-located apartment in the city. The first time I met Charles, he wasn't much of a looker. I blame it on his hair, which is in need of serious professional help. He was wearing an oversized t-shirt that did not do justice to a man of his size. He works at the local coffee shop down the road, which explains the coffee scent in his hair whenever he walked past me. I reckoned he's around 25 years old, though I did not actually ask. He promised to clean the entire place once a week, I couldn't be any happier. Truth to be told, I was kind of desperate, and he looked decent enough - at least he has a job - so we shook on a deal. When I stumbled upon the whole new concept of hypnosis, I was thrilled. But, how would I know if it truly worked if I have done so on myself? It wouldn't take anyone much to consider the case of convenience, right under the same roof. I went to the local hardware shop and bought some speakers and downloaded some audio software on my computer. It wasn't easy to get this figure out, but I was really eager to try. When Charles left for work at 7 am, I set my plan in motion. I equipped his room with speakers over the plastic ceiling and wired it across my working desk. So, it would play whatever I needed it to play for an extended period of time, albeit needing to run in and out just to check if the volume is optimal for subliminal tracks to play without causing any distress and potential fallout before the plan see the day of light. I move quickly, knowing that he will come back in the evening after dinner. And the rest will happen throughout the night. My moral conscience would reprimand me if I ruin one's life for my own pleasure. So I decided to start off my experiment with something light. After going through tons of hypnosis books, I attempted to write a hypnosis track that focuses on confidence and preferences. Charles would sleep naked because it's more energy efficient as such - less laundry and less electricity needed to keep cool. He would be more comfortable with his own body, and perhaps begin pay attention to his body more. That should be relatively fine and not qualified as manipulative? I have my doubts, especially on my ever-changing standards. Heh - oh well. I let the track run for a week until one faithful morning - I see my roommate walking out of his room with nothing over his bare torso. I must say, he definitely look better with his shirt off. Why would he hide his toned body over all the baggy shirts - and that would be the next thing to go. And now I know my proof of concept works. I sat back down on my computer and prepared the next script for my dearest roommate, Charles.
  3. This story will contain some themes of incest. Please do not continue if that is disturbing to you. Chapter 1: I was driving up to my Uncle Ryan's house. At age 35 he was my dad's younger brother. I hadn't seen him in years, in fact, it was before Covid lockdowns. He lived in the opposite end of the state and often missed events due to his intense work schedule or from Covid outbreaks. He was my favorite family member growing up. Ryan was always the life of the family and I had missed not seeing him the past couple years. But now I was coming to live with him for a while. I was granted a partial scholarship to a university only a few minutes walk from Ryan's house. My uncle graciously opened his home to me so that I wouldn't have to take out loans. I eventually got to his house, pulled into his driveway and stepped out of my car to open my hatch. It was hot and humid in the early August sun. As soon as the trunk slid open I heard, in a deep resounding voice, "Hey Andrew! How's my favorite nephew doing!" I turned around and it was my Uncle Ryan. He was an extremely handsome man with a thick head of graying hair that was cut high and tight. Ryan also had a very short and trimmed beard that nicely accentuated some of the rounder features of his face. He was a taller man standing at 6'0" only a couple inches taller than myself. He kinda had a bloated stomach and love handles poking through his shirt, although his arms were bulky with a good bit of muscle, despite not having a ton of definition. He began to hug me tightly with a large layer of fat between us two. Uncle Ryan wasn't always like this. Growing up he really got into bodybuilding in high school and college and really packed on a lot of solid muscle. Family trips to the beach were always a treat when I got to see him without his shirt. Every year he grew more as his physique improved. His body was absolutely magnetic to me at the time and didn't understand. Growing up I jacked off to the thought of Ryan flexing his muscles for me, letting me feel him up. It's kind of embarrassing to admit but Ryan helped me to realize that I was gay. On top of that, he inspired me to pursue my own fitness goals. Since I graduated high school I had taken a year to work and save money, then a couple more years going to community college. All the while I signed up for a gym membership and dove into bodybuilding. I wasn't massive but at 5'10" and 170 pounds I felt that my body was quite respectable - at least that's what the sexual attention I got from men seemed to indicate. It was somewhat deflating to see Ryan hadn't been able to keep up with it. Being only 22 I was excited about how much room I had left to grow. "I'm so glad you made it Andrew! I'm excited to have somebody come stay with me for a while. Now, why don't I help you get your stuff into the house." Ryan said to me. I replied, "Sure, that'd be great. I didn't pack much since I knew you would have most of the furniture. I just brought clothes, electronics, and personal items." We both gathered the luggage and went inside his fairly large sized 3 Bed, 3 Bath home. Ryan lead me into a room that was fairly empty - only a bed, a dresser, a night stand, and a desk and chair - that had an in-suit bath attached to it. "Here's where you'll be staying, Andrew. Please, make yourself at home. You're going to be living here for the next few years, so no need to act like a stranger. All my Wi-Fi and streaming passwords are on the fridge." "Hey, thanks Uncle Ryan again for letting me stay here with you. You don't understand how much this means to me!" "No worries, man. I love having you over. Now I am going to go to the store to get stuff to make meals for the week. Do you need me to get you anything?" "I think I should be fine, Uncle Ryan. I just need to spend sometime putting away all my stuff and getting settled, but thanks." "Alright, sounds good. I will leave you to it then! I am running some other errands so I will be back in a couple hours." After Ryan had left to go the store, I really began to unpack all of my belongings. I hung my shirts up in the closet, put my other clothes away in the dresser. I also brought with me my supplements that I had been taking and protein powder. Looking the the bag I found a huge box of hundreds of little packets of powder that I had bought from a mutual acquaintance. They are supposed to be stirred into water to drink. He swore up and down that they're perfect for losing fat and gaining muscle fast. This dude was huge and he came with a good recommendation. I had bought them last week and had been using them but they didn't quite seem to be working all that well for me. It was disappointing to say the least, especially because of how expensive the box was. I gathered all of it and put it on the kitchen island to ask Ryan where I could store them when he got home. I went to Ryan's massive living room and sat down on the comfortable sectional couch and turned on the television. It was so nice to be out of my parents house for a while, even if it was my uncle's house. I suddenly was filled with excitement for this new chapter in my life - I'm finally getting out of my hometown! [...] "Hey Andrew! Dinners ready!" Ryan called out from the kitchen. I came out of my room to join him there. I saw that he had already set the table and made me a plate - it was grilled chicken and sautéed vegetables. Simple, yet it looked absolutely fabulous. I sat down at the table with Ryan and we began digging in. "I saw all those supplements you had on the kitchen table, Andrew. Looks like you're really getting into bodybuilding. Look at how big those arms are!" He said taking a glance at my biceps that were showing ever so slightly through my shirt sleeves. I blushed ever so slightly and replied saying,"That means a lot coming from you, Uncle Ryan. You know you were the one that inspired me to get into working out?" "Really now?" Andrew replied with a surprised tone in his voice, "Well, it's somewhat of a shame that I haven't kept up with it these past few years. Work has really taken over my life since covid began. I am hiring some new people to take off a lot of stuff off my plate but now I have really just lost the motivation to keep it up. I even have a garage full of gym equipment that I don't use anymore. Maybe you can put it to good use?" "I'd be glad to!" I said, I was going to look for a place to workout but now I don't even have to step out of the house. "Great, now excuse me. I gotta use the restroom. I'll be right back." Ryan got out of his chair and walked to the hallway bathroom and shut the door. Across from me I could see his food and a large glass of water. I looked over to my supplements on the counter. I got up and walked over to them and grabbed some of the powder that dissolves in water. The powder wasn't doing much for me but maybe it would help Ryan to at least feel more energized. I ripped off the top and poured it into his water. Frankly, I don't think he'd notice. The powder really doesn't have much of a taste to it and it dissolves quickly. I heard him flush and begin to wash his hands. I hurriedly threw away the packet and sat back down at my seat. Ryan almost immediately opened the door and came back in to the kitchen. He sat down and took a big gulp of water, sitting his glass down. He made no mention of the water or any odd taste or smell. Both of us sat at the table and caught up for hours and hours. It was so enjoyable to spend time with Uncle Ryan again. He was personable and carried great conversation. Having started dinner at 6:30 it was nearly 10:00 by the time we had to call it quits. Ryan had to go to work tomorrow - it was going to be a dreaded Monday. My classes won't start for another week or so, so I just made plans to explore the town and campus a little bit. I helped him to clean up - I noticed he drank all of his water. I don't know how much of it would help but I was intent to keep slipping him some every day I could. [...] The next morning I got up about 6:30 to go workout in the garage. Before getting there I hear a loud grunting sound. I opened the door and there it was Uncle Ryan curling some heavy weights in front of a mirror he'd hung up on the wall. He was wearing a gray shirt that was large on him and absolutely soaked with sweat. His hair was a messed and matted down with tons of sweat. I couldn't tell if it was the workout but here certainly looked pumped and slimmer than he did yesterday. He saw me come in, as he placed the weights back on a rack and sat down on a bench. He turned my way, "Good morning, Andrew. Sorry I'm taking up your time in here. I just woke up this morning and felt this desire to pump a little iron, something I hadn't felt in a while." "Oh, that's no problem Uncle Ryan. In fact, I wouldn't mind if we worked out together. I think it'd be a good motivation tool. Do you need me to get you some water?" "That would be great, Andrew. I have a big bottle of water in the fridge I carry with me throughout the day. I usually fill it up before I go to bed. Could your bring that to me," he replied between huffs of trying to get some air. I went inside to the kitchen to get his water. Of course, I picked up another packet and put it in there. I could sense it was working well for my uncle. I took him his water as he began to slowly down it. I absolutely knew that both he and I were in store for some great times ahead.
  4. Hey guys! I've written quite a few stories over the years, but they generally focus on extreme strength. This one has MG elements too so I thought I'd post it here. It's also loosely based on an encounter with a nicely built old friend in Amsterdam earlier this year - the set-up and parts of the ending, but it'll be pretty clear where the fantasy elements kick in. Enjoy. Reunion, Part 1: Schiphol The fields and canals of the Dutch countryside spread out for miles and miles below me as I leaned to look out the plane window. The KLM flight from Barcelona had been uneventful, flying up through France on a clear evening with a perfect view of Paris at one point. I put it on my list of destinations to visit someday. But I was still completely satisfied with the week I’d just spent in Spain, traveling from the north of the country in Bilbao through the center in Madrid and ending up on the Mediterranean coast in Barcelona. It was a trip I’d been wanting to take for years, and one I was finally able to take when the international travel situation permitted. For the flight back to Canada, I’d had the option of an early morning departure from Spain with a quick change of planes in Amsterdam, or a flight the evening before with an overnight stay in the bustling Dutch city. There were plenty of hotels available near Schiphol, so accommodation wouldn’t be a problem. Not being a morning person (especially a ‘wake up at 3 am to catch a 6 am flight’ person), I opted for the latter choice. Am I ever glad I did. So, so glad. The sun was setting behind the plane as it made its final approach, giving the landscape a golden hue. The settlements grew larger the closer we got to Amsterdam. Cars trundled along an expressway, looking sluggish compared to the speed of the plane. A line of wind turbines marched along the pancake-flat land, bearing little resemblance to the stocky, iconic windmills of centuries past; these turbines stood hundreds of feet high with three massive blades rotating. I’d been to the Netherlands before, a few years ago, and found the mid-sized cities like Rotterdam and the Hague more to my liking than the tourist-plagued hustle and bustle of Amsterdam. But this was only for one night, really a bonus mini trip after a week on the Iberian Peninsula. Plus, as it turned out, I knew someone in Amsterdam, which hadn’t been the case the first time. Evan was an old friend of mine from Calgary who’d moved away about five years prior. First he’d moved to Toronto, then he’d found a job with a European company and ended up in the Netherlands about three years ago. We’d been reasonably close when living in the same city, but as often happens when someone moves away, we’d fallen out of touch over the ensuing years. He had social media, but rarely posted, and there hadn’t been any updates in over two years. But I still had his email address, so I figured I’d send him an email a few weeks before I left on my trip. Maybe we could meet up for a beer or even breakfast during my overnight layover. I was pleasantly surprised to hear back from him almost immediately. He sounded excited that I would be stopping into Amsterdam and invited me to stay over at his place rather than the hotel I’d booked. Fortunately, I hadn’t pre-paid for the room and was able to easily cancel it. For some reason, I got the impression that he had an extra room, though he hadn’t actually stated it. Now, I think a little background information about our friendship is in order. We met through a gay dating website, though we were only ever friends. We just kind of clicked that way. I won’t deny that there was some attraction on my part; he was a handsome man with a beautiful smile and a nicely sculpted physique. Not exactly massive or anything, but definitely bulge-y in a tight polo shirt. I will admit there were the occasional ‘benefits’ over the years, but nothing overtly sexual. Cuddling on the couch a few times while watching a movie at my place, things like that. He got involved in a couple of serious relationships over the few years that we were friends, nice guys, but nothing that ever worked out long-term. I found our friendship quite fulfilling; we had a lot in common, and always talked easily over dinner or coffee. It was kind of a blow to me when I found out he was leaving town. He was moving on to greater career opportunities, and I was happy for him, but it hit me harder than I’d expected when he left. I was really looking forward to seeing him again and catching up, figuring he must have some interesting stories after three years of living in Europe. The plane landed uneventfully. Now my least favorite part of the trip – navigating the zoo that is Schiphol Airport. It generally makes rush hour on the Los Angeles freeway system seem calm and organized. But fortunately, I didn’t have to go through customs, and the voyage from the gate to the baggage claim area only felt like I was walking the length of ten football fields instead of the usual twenty. A win in my book. My suitcase took a little while to show up, but so far everything was on time. I was supposed to meet Evan in the plaza area just after exiting security, where there was a variety of shops and restaurants as well as the train station. There was a thump, and I saw my suitcase starting to rotate around the conveyor belt right in front of me. Perfect. The plaza area was busy, but felt less chaotic than the terminal area. He’d mentioned meeting at Burger King; I couldn’t find a map and I didn’t hadn’t connected to the Wi-Fi yet, so I turned left, which naturally turned out to be the wrong direction. I continued around the plaza on a loop until I saw the familiar fast-food logo in the distance. Europe is a continent with an amazing selection of delicious cuisine, but the longest lineups you see are invariably at places like Burger King and KFC. I didn’t see Evan anywhere in the teeming seating area, so I circulated until a table opened up that had a view of the entrance to the shopping and dining concourse. A thought suddenly popped into my head – I really didn’t have any idea of what our plans might be. It was already 8 pm, and though I was more-or-less over my jet lag, I was still pretty tired from traveling for a week straight. Maybe we could just go to a pub somewhere, or hang out at his place and catch up. I figured I’d let him take the lead on that one since he was the local. Around me, hungry, harried travelers chowed down on burgers and fries before heading on to their evening flights or into the city. I took the opportunity to relax and center myself; I’ve always been a fan of being anonymous in a crowd, of feeling that energy while not having to be directly involved in it. Naturally, a busy airport is about the best opportunity around for people-watching. The travelers were an extremely diverse crowd, representing the citizens of cosmopolitan Amsterdam as well as arrivals from dozens of countries across the globe. That was interesting to observe…but let’s be honest, when it comes to people-watching, I tend to be on the lookout for muscle. Spain had been a little disappointing in that department; the occasional kinda-big guy in Madrid and Barcelona, but no one displaying muscle in a way that would really catch me eye. Shallow, I know, but what can I say. My fantasy of a huge bodybuilder sitting beside me on a plane hadn’t come true either on any of the three flights so far. Amsterdam seemed to be pretty much the same, unfortunately. A few reasonably in-shape guys walking around, but no one to write home about. I pulled out my phone and went through the steps to sign in for the airport Wi-Fi. I scrolled through the news for a few minutes, then when I looked up from my phone, my eyes immediately locked onto a huge figure in the distance. By far the biggest man I had seen on my travels – any of my travels. He had his back to me, looked to be checking his phone, but the width of that back was evident even from far away. The beast was standing still, and people had to go out of their way to get around him, like ships avoiding a huge protruding rock. Eventually, the crowd thinned out enough that I could get a clear look at him from the back. Monstrous legs that swelled out of a pair of tight shorts, only made tight by the size of his quads and thick booty. Lats that pushed his trunk-like arms out at an angle I’d need a protractor to measure. A broad neck that merged into a set of traps carved from marble. I noticed he didn’t have a suitcase with him, and wondered who the lucky person was that he was there to meet. Why didn’t I ever have a massive bodybuilder waiting to pick me up at the airport, perhaps holding a welcome sign with my name on it…ah well, a man could dream. I mentally went through the list of Dutch bodybuilders I followed on Instagram, wondering if it could be one of them. He definitely looked big enough to compete, if not blow away the competition. He didn’t look all that tall, no more than 6 feet, nowhere near the giant Oliver Richter’s territory. Another name, Wesley Vissers popped into my head, but he had a mop of curly hair and this guy had a close-cropped haircut. Ah well, someone I could search for later, I thought. Or maybe Evan might know who he was, since he’d always had a thing for muscle guys as well. Speaking of which, I thought, where was he? I hoped I hadn’t missed a message or anything. But my attention was diverted as the muscle guy turned and started walking towards the Burger King seating area. Yep, just as impressive from the front as the back. Thick barrel pecs that swelled under the polo and stretched it as tight as a drum. Sleeves that were pulled up over dynamite-packed arms, both of which had a thick vein running up and over the bicep. Forearms that swelled and tapered over heavyset hands. God, this guy was my fucking fantasy. Maybe I could get a surreptitious picture as he walked by. We were less than 100 feet apart, and striding faster. But before I could get my phone out, I glanced up at his face. And gasped. Our eyes met, and I saw that smile. That beautiful smile. Oh God, it couldn’t be…? But he called my name. It was. “Evan?” I said, standing. A goofy grin came to my face as well. All the new muscles aside (and THAT was going to be a topic of conversation later, I knew), I was just happy to see my old friend again. There were a few flecks of gray in the heavy stubble on his chin, but it was the same bright face I remembered from years ago. We embraced…well, he hugged me fully, and lifted me off the ground a bit, though I don’t think it was intentional. I did my best to get my arms around his lats, just barely getting onto his back. The muscle I felt under that tight polo was like the side of a mountain. When we ended the hug, I stepped back and looked him over again, trying to process all that muscle. He was around 190 last I saw him, and he looked to have put on over 100 pounds of sheer mass. The thought he could be approaching (or over) 300 pounds…a tiny shiver went down my spine. “Evan, you look…I just…I mean…” He tipped his head back and laughed. “Yeah I’ve been hitting the gym a bit more since I got here,” he said. He rippled his right pec a few times under the pale blue polo, subtle but definitely enough for me to notice. “You look good too man.” I know he was just being polite; I appreciated it. “It’s a little more than…what the…” I still couldn’t get a complete sentence out. “Plenty of time to talk about that later,” Evan said. “First I want to hear about your trip. No, scratch that. First I want to get a couple of Whoppers. I haven’t eaten in like two hours. You want anything?” I asked for a regular cheeseburger, as I’d had dinner on the plane. As he strode over to the line, I got another good look at him from the back. I swear he looked about three times as wide as anyone else in line, an absolute unit. I also saw the glances people gave as they walked by, often with eyes growing wide. A kid on the other side of the seating area pointed and said something I couldn’t hear, but his mother quickly shushed him and led him away. Evan would have stood out in the audience at a bodybuilding competition, but in a fast-food place among mere mortals, he looked like the windmills that completely dominated the unremarkable landscape outside. When he returned, he ate his two Whoppers in the time it took me to finish my cheeseburger. We did talk about my trip – although I was fascinated to find out about his transformation, I enjoyed recounting my travels of the past week. He filled me in about some highlights of the past few years, oddities about living in a foreign country, other places he’d visited in Europe. It was easy to slip back into the engaging conversations we used to have. Sure, he had a ton of new muscles, but underneath he was the same Evan I knew. In some ways, it felt like we had just seen each other the previous week, not years prior. The catching up continued for another twenty minutes. Finally, there was a break in the conversation, and Evan asked if I wanted to head out. He grabbed my fully packed suitcase and hoisted it like it was empty; it barely made his massive right arm ripple. I expected us to head to the train station, but we kept on walking to the parking garage. We continued chatting along the way, laughing and reminiscing about old times and mutual acquaintances. The parking garage was a lengthy walk away that took us out into the cool night air. I zipped up my jacket, but Evan seemed perfectly comfortable in his polo shirt and shorts. Fifteen minutes after leaving the plaza, we climbed a set of stairs and emerged next to his car. It actually looked fairly large by Dutch standards, but it would have been considered a mid-size in North America. He popped the trunk and lifted my suitcase in. “I really do need a bigger car, but they’re damn near impossible to park in the city here if you have one,” he said, sounding almost apologetic. He turned to face me, the overhead lighting in the garage spotlighting every muscle straining under his shirt. One corner of his mouth turned up in a sly smile. “So, I’m guessing you have two questions,” Evan said. “First of all, they’re 24 inches. Well, like 23 and ¾, but I think I’m good to round up a bit. I’ll be there soon enough. And yes, you can feel them.” My eyes widened and I let out a sharp breath. “Yeah. Pretty much bang on.” The smile broadened. “Well, you’ve been staring at them for like the past 45 minutes. Now I know why you were never any good at poker.” He raised his right arm in a slow, brutal, perfect flex. The cannonball muscle pushed the sleeve back into the depths between his upper arm and shoulder. The thick vein I’d seen before pulsed over the soaring peak. Up close, I could see a network of smaller veins climbing up over that bicep and down over his equally impressive rippling tricep. I reached out and slowly closed my hand over the peak. I swear I could feel fireworks going off around me. The size, the hardness, the density…it was just sublime. Like nothing I’d ever experienced. An odd sound somewhere between a gasp and moan escaped my lips. “Guess you approve,” Evan said before dropping the flex. “I gotta show you something else too.” He looked around the garage to make sure no one was nearby. Then he crouched down a little and slid his right hand under the corner of the rear bumper. I just had time to say “What are you…” before he grunted and lifted the car off the ground. The frame groaned and the left rear tire reluctantly raised upward. His arm was bulging like crazy now, facing a challenge much more intense than a 40-pound suitcase. Evan gritted his teeth and raised his arm slowly, the bicep I’d just felt contracting into a muscle supernova. To my shock, the right rear tire started raising off the concrete as well. His breathing was slow and steady, his concentration rock solid. The rear bumper was nearly level with his lower pecs. He held the car in place for a full ten seconds, until a loud cracking sound emerged from the bumper. That was his cue to slowly lower the car back down until it cautiously touched the concrete. Not even the slightest bounce. “I gotta be careful with that, I’ve cracked a few bumpers that way. I’m getting better though,” he said. Casually, like it was the most normal thing in the world he’d just done. “Evan. Holy fuck.” Well, I guess that qualified as a complete sentence. “If you’re impressed by that…well, you don’t have all that much time here, so we should get going. I guess I have a few more things to fill you in on. But not here.”
  5. Hello, here is my new project! As you know, I'm particularly fan of Jaypat's stories. My first story was a sequel to The swimming hole. But there is also another story that I really like: The Hulk pill. And so yes, as you have probably guessed from the title, I would like to write a sequel to The Hulk pill! It is not totally mandatory to have read the original story but I highly recommend. Note that I use a character from the original story (Mike) and that the protagonist of this part is his little brother, David, just mentioned at the end of The Hulk pill. I want to "tell" the contagion so the first character is the link between my story and the original but after that it will be exclusive characters. It is always risky to continue masterpieces because I don't think I have Jaypat's talent, but I really hope it will bring you as much pleasure as possible. Like my first story, I don't want to take advantage of his popularity, just offer the possibility to have a sequel to one of my favourite stories. I hope it will live up to your expectations! Good reading! __________________________________________________________________________________________ My breathing was heavy, my hands were gripping the bar, my heart was beating fast. It was the moment I feared: I HAD to lift this bar! Otherwise, I'll be the laughing stock of the gym. I took down the bar and... Shit! SHIT SHIT SHIT! My face became red. My arms were shaking. It was too heavy... FUCK! 125 FUCKING pounds and I'm already shitting! FUCKING SHIT! "HAHAHAHAHAHA! So David, how is the warm-up going?" mocked Rob. Shit, once again I make a fool of myself in front of these idiots. SHIT! I tried to force but impossible to lift it. "Wooh, calm down David, you'll hurt yourself" said Greg, one of the regulars, who was much nicer than the others bastards; By the way, I could heard them to be laughing out loud. Shitty bastards... Greg helped me to lift the bar. "Don't try to lift so much next time David. I know you would to be like your brother, Mike, but you are clearly not yet strong enough." "Yes, I know... Thanks Greg..." Yeah, unfortunately, I was not at the level of my brother, Mike, he had been training for a while and had acquired a solid physique and a big strength. I was so envious... In the back of the room, I could hear them hitting the floor with laughter. "He is so weak HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!". My face was becoming red with anger, my fists were shaking. "SHUT UP BASTARDS!" I shouted, angry. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder that slowly shook me a bit. "David..." I could slightly hear, behind me. Bastards, are you happy to make fun of me because I'm weak? Fucking bastards! "Hey David, wake up..." We'll see in a few months if you'll still be laughing so h-" "DAVID!" Hu? What the? At this moment, my eyes opened very slowly, my eyelids still stuck a little. Great: it was just a dream, or rather, a nightmare... What a shitty nightmare, be humiliated even in a dream... "Ah! Finally!" said a thunderous voice, that startled me, there was someone in my room. What the? It was strange because this voice... I recognized it, it was... it was the one of Mike, my brother, but it sounded... different. And what the hell is he doing here? Usually, he doesn't come into my room. "Mike? What the hell are you doing he-?" I turned around and what I saw, I will never forget. My eyes widened as never before, my jaw dropped to the floor, the temperature suddenly dropped, my face became instantly white. I stepped back as fast I could and pressed myself against the wall then I shouted. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" I yelled. Nothing could prepare me for this vision: in front of me, there was my brother, Mike. But not the Mike I knew! No... In front of me, there was a giant or rather what do I say, a FUCKING TITAN! It had to be at least 8 feet tall and above all, muscles... muscles EVERYWHERE! He was INSANELY MUSCULAR: traps that engulfed his neck, shoulders that are bigger than my head, his arms... oh my fucking gosh, HIS ARMS! What are these fucking monsters? His pecs were so huge that he must have had trouble looking down! Then... holy shit... his abs... HIS ABS! EIGHT FUCKING BOULDERS! I've never seen abs like this! Enormous, ripped and hard as fuck! My eyes went down and... fucking... fucking shit... h-his dick... HOLY CRAP! I-It was BIGGER than my arms!! And his legs were so big and thick that I bet I could hide behind one of them! My eyes went up to his face, Mike was smiling and said: "Hello bro'!" "M-M-M-M-M-M-". I stuttered so much that I had a hard time pronouncing his name. "M-M-M-Mike? B-B-B-B-B-" "But how?" guessed Mike. "Well, honestly... I don't know exactly, it just... happened. Maybe a sudden growth spurt" he said. "But... I FUCKING LOVE IT!" he said, with a evil smile. My brain was bugging. A sudden growth spurt? Is he kidding me? Gain one inch and few pounds due to a growth spurt ok but here, HERE, it was more like 2 fucking feet and probably more than one FUCKING TON! A growth spurt? It was impossible, absolutely and totally IMPOSSIBLE! But there had to be a rational explanation! "... Well, calm down, David, your brother is just a fucking HULK and... it's just impossible, totally impossible so there must be an explanation, a rational explantation...". And suddenly, it hit me: I had to dream, yeah I had to do the weirdest fucking dream of my life! "Well, David, you are dreaming, you are just fucking dreaming. It's not the reality, you are dreaming! It's like in Inception, you are dreaming in a dream!" I said to myself. "HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh no no no bro', this is not a dream but the reality. But perhaps... you need to be woken up for good!" he said with an evil smile. I don't like that, even if it's a dream, I don't like that! Mega Mike grabbed the end of my bed and... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" I yelled: he lifted it, he lifted my fucking bed (and myself) as if it weighed nothing!!! And... he shook it! "P-P-P-PLEASE M-M-M-M-MIKE! S-S-S-S-STOP!!!" "So awake now?" he asked me. "Y-Y-Y-Y-YES!" I said, terrorized. for a dream it was pretty detailed and realistic... "Well, where do you plan to go today?" asked Mike. "What?" "Where-do-you-plan-to-go-today?" he repeated. "T-T-To the mall, w-w-w-with f-f-f-friends" I replied, worried. "Perfect! Go ahead! But there is a condition..." he said. No, really, I don't like that! "A-A-A c-c-condition?" I said, stammering. "Don't touch anyone!" said Mike, more seriously. "What?" "You heard me: DON'T-TOUCH-ANYONE!" he repeated, louder and more angry. "B-B-But w-w-why?" I asked. "You'll see. But really, don't touch anyone and when I say anyone, it's ANYONE! And if I find out that you didn't respect my instructions, you'll end up like this..." Mike took what appears to be a block of wall and... HOLY CRAP! He crushed it to dust with one blow, as if it were nothing!!! And where the hell did this block come from? I looked around and... I saw the entrance to my bedroom and noticed that it had been somewhat expanded... I looked Mike and I forgot to mention that he was FUCKING WIDE! Probably too wide for a "normal" entrance. Here is where this block came from! Mike looked me and said again. "Understood bro'? Don't touch anyone!" "Y-Y-Y-Y-Yes!" I said, frightened by the demonstration of power. "Very well... And don't forget your phone, you'll call me during the day, I'm sure hehehe! ... Well, excuse me but I have some friends to visit". He turned back and "went back" through the entrance. HOLY SHIT! His back... it was only huge muscle mountains! And... is that the ground SHOOK? Holy crap! I was here, tetanized in my bed. What the fuck just happened? If it was a dream, he was fucking realistic but it seemed to much realistic for to be a dream. But if it wasn't a dream... how? HOW my brother became a fucking muscle god? It doesn't make sense! Suddenly, my phone vibrated. It was a message from Ben, my friend. "So David, ready to change your wardrobe?". Honestly, I was not fan to shopping, but I needed to buy new clothes and shoes. "Yeah!" I replied. Then I received another message "Logically Matt come with us but he told me he will be late. So I'm waiting you in 5 minutes to the bus stop ;)". Crap! Already? I put quickly a shirt and a pant and went out of my bedroom. In the corridor, I noticed some signs of my brother's passage: there was a hole in the wall, as if he had bumped into it, several steps of the staircase were cracked, a piece of the railing seemed to have been crushed, a good part of the tiles on the ground floor was cracked. I hurriedly ate and drank and went out and... the door handle was completely crushed. No doubt, Mike had been there. I walked two minutes towards the stop bus. Ben was here, waiting me. "Hello!" I said with a wave of my hand, having in mind my "big" brother's sentence: "Don't touch anyone!". I don't know why he said that but something told me that there was a good reason. "Hey!" replied Ben. "Ready for a shopping day?" he said in smiling. Ben liked shopping more than me. "Yeah, yeah" I replied, trying to be as usual despite what had happened. honestly if I told him that my brother had become a 8 feet muscular freak, would he believe me? I doubt it. The bus arrived and fortunately it was not full, we went to fuck in the back and I made sure not to touch anybody. I sighed, this shopping session was going to be boring but I needed it: I don't know if my mother had washed my shirt but it was a little tight when it usually wasn't. It must have shrunk in the wash. After 10 minutes we reached our destination "So David, where do you want to start?" "Well, I have to buy new shirt and pant and my favourite clothing shop is at the beginning." "Yeah, good idea dude!" "By the way, did you know why Matt is late?" "He didn't tell me but I think I guess why" replied Ben. "Let me guess: Billy the Bully?" "Bingo. I know that Matt is their whipping boy. I bet he had an altercation yesterday with his gang" Poor Matt... Billy Larson was the biggest asshole in the school. He and his gang always attacked those weaker than themselves and if you had the misfortune to be his target, he will pursue you all your schooling. And unfortunately, Matt was one of their favourite targets. I hope he is okay. When we arrived at the clothing store, I went to my usual department. I had a classical style: white shirts, jeans. I found quickly a shirt and a pant and I saw also a jacket, well now, let's see the sizes: L, no... M, no... XL, no... Suddenly, I was thinking to Mike and the fact that he would need now a XXXXXL size at least. I was asking what he was doing now. Well, let's try this shirt and this pant. It's been a while since I moved too much in size, I always took S. I went to a cabin and tried on my shirt but when I put it on, I could feel something unusual: he was tight, even very tight. What the hell? I tried the pant and... it was tight too also. Obviously I couldn't help but think of Mike... No, get a grip on yourself David, you've just had to change a bit lately, it's been a while since you bought anything so obviously. I went back to the department to get a size M, something I had never done before. Obviously, it was better but usually, I would have floated in it and that wasn't really the case. I went to the cashier to pay. Ben joined few minutes later. "Already? You go fucking fast." "Yeah but I took the same clothes so it was not really difficult. Well, I need also new shoes, it's the store right next door." "No problem dude" said Ben. Same as for my shirts, for the shoes I always take the same style and the same shoe size for some time. A few minutes later, I already had my new pair in hand and I was going to try them and again, it was much too small. What the hell is this? Well again, don't panic David, it's been a long time, I may have changed a bit since then. I took the next size, went to the cashier again and paid then we went out. Suddenly Ben's stomach gurgled. "Fuck dude, I'm starving!". I hadn't really been paying attention but now that he said it... me too, I was starving, terribly starving. As we were heading towards the fast food, we heard a voice who called us. "HEY BEN! DAVID!" It was Matt. "Hello Matt!" I said, in being careful to greet him with my hand. "Yeah, sorry guys, I'm late but I did a fall down the stairs yesterday and I needed of bandages" Clearly, he was lying. It was sure that it was because of Billy. "A fall down in stairs?" I asked. "Y-Y-Yeah, I know it's ridiculous" he said, clearly embarrassing by my question. You lie badly Matt, very badly. "Well, we were going to eat, are you coming with us?" asked Ben. "Of course!" replied Matt. "OH! LOOK! They still have the discount on the giga menu! It's too fucking good but honestly, they exaggerate on the quantity, I barely ate a quarter last time!" "No problem, I'm starving!" said Ben! "Me too!" I replied. We took 3 giga menu and damn right, the quantity was HUGE! But I was starving, terribly starving, abnormally starving... I ate my hamburgers and my big soda like it was nothing. I had a hard time finishing a normal menu and there, I had no trouble finishing when it was more than double! Ben and Matt were watching me, stunned. "Damn man, but you are a fucking ogre!" said Matt. I finished my giga menu under their astonished eyes. And the worst thing about it: I was always hungry. Ben had not even finished the half and I was almost drooling on his remains. "Hem Ben? May I... May I eat your leftovers?" "WHAAAAAAT???" shouted Ben and Matt in same time. "Holy shit man, even an ogre doesn't eat that much!" said Ben. Myself, I was totally surprised. Never of my life I ate so much but I was hungry like I've never been hungry before. And it wasn't the only thing that disturbed me: my clothes... my new clothes felt... tight! and that was not the case when I bought them! Even my new shoes seemed to get too small. Fuck! Fuck fuck FUCK FUCK!!! This time, no doubt: something was wrong! "Excuse me guys I-I have to go toilet" I say a bit panicked. "Hahaha! Not really surprising with the mountain of food you ate!" joked Ben. I quickly made my way to the bathroom in taking my bag. I felt a tingling feeling through my body and I was panting. I found myself in front of the mirror and with a little apprehension I removed my jacket... ... ... HO-LY SHIT!!!!! I could hardly believe what I was seeing: I was filling my shirt, my pecs was budding through my shirt, my shoulders were rounded, my biceps stretched the fabric, my back was wide and I started to have a V-shape and... and... holy shit! Was it the bumps on my abs that I saw? I swallowed hard and I slowly lifted my shirt... HOLY CRAP! Bricks, I had FUCKING muscle bricks! Goddamn fucking hell!! I looked like... like... A FUCKING BODYBUILDER! "What the hell? What's happening to me?". Well, was my voice deeper? it didn't sound like the usual. I was totally flabbergasted. Not that I didn't like becoming muscular but... how? HOW? I didn't do anything special and all of a sudden I become a fucking muscle god? What the hell? Then suddenly, I remembered the sentence of Mike: "you'll call me, don't worry". He had to know more, it was sure! I take my phone and tried to call him. After a few rings he picked up the phone. Hem... I'll overlook the fact that I could hear someone moaning as fuck in saying sentences like "Oh fuck! So big! So hard" with sounds of suck and lick. Well, Mike seemed "busy"... but despite that, he answered me. "So bro', how is your day going?". Crap, I had forgotten how deep his voice was now! I could hear an undertone in. "M-M-Mike... I-I-I think s-s-something is h-happening" I said, with a panicked voice. "Let me guess: a problem of clothing size perhaps?" he replied, in a slightly mocking tone. "Mike... what the hell is happening to me?" I asked, even if I knew the answer. "Roooooh bro', don't be stupid, you know perfectly what's happening to you!" "I-I know, I-I'm growing, but I mean, what the hell? WHY I'm growing like that? And above all, HOW?" "Hehehe, well, let's say that... I am the cause of your current situation bro'" "WHAT THE? Mike, did you drug me?" "HAHAHAHA not exactly, but not so far. I was not given all the details and I still don't understand very well but apparently, it's a story of a muscle pill and nanobots" "WHAT THE HELL? Mike... ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Muscle pill and nanobots? It looks like a bad fan-fiction. We are not in a marvel here!" "Oh David, for god's sake, look at you, were you like this this morning?" I looked myself in the mirror. And... obviously no, this morning, I was the classic skinny David I have always been but here, here, I looked like someone who had spent several years in a gym. It was real, really real!" "But... it's not logical! I haven't eaten anything like a pill since this morning so how..." "This is where it gets interesting bro'! Nanobots you get with the pill, apparently, they are... contagious!" replied Mike, with a touch of excitement on the last sentence. "WHAT? Contagious? You mean I'm sick?" "In some way. Do you remember the condition I asked this morning?" "Yeah: don't touch anyone" "Indeed. And the reason is simple: nanobots are everywhere in your body, including in your fluids: cum, blood but also... your sweat. "My... my sweat?" I asked. "Yeah, and I guess you've noticed that you've been sweating a bit more recently, right?" Indeed, since 2-3 hours it was the case. "It means that you can transmit your nanobots by simple... physical contact hehehe! This is how I got infected, I didn't eat neither. I just had a workout with a friend who was infected and inevitably, I was too.. When I woke up tomorrow, I was like you saw me. By the way, I renegotiated my "contract" with Dad. He strangely accepted all my conditions hehe..." At this moment, everything made sense even if had bad to believe it. it looked like a fucking science fiction movie but... but... I was here, looking like a bodybuilder. It was the truth, the fucking truth! But... there was problem: I didn't touch Mike! "But Mike, we didn't touch each other!" "Oh yes, really? So tell me, WHO woke you up this morning?" Finally I understood. "It was... it was..." I was stammering "Yeah? Who?" "You... It was you, you woke me up by shaking my shoulder..." "And that's it, you have been condemned from that moment on bro'!" "And... and... d-d-do you think I will grow as big as you?" "I am not sure but most probably yes! In any case much more than what you are now" I was shaking, a little scared but mostly I couldn't believe what it meant: I was going to become me too a fucking titan. "... and anyone I touch will become..." "Like us" replied Mike. It was insane, completely insane. "Oh and by the way, the contagion is not permanent reassure you, it works only during the first 24 hours from the infection. So tomorrow afternoon, you'll not be contagious... but you will be Hulk HAHAHAHAHA!" I shuddered just to imagine the scene "Now that you know everything, I let you choose if you want to make a "gift" to your friends or not, but remember that everyone you touch in the next few hours will become a behemoth. And by the way, tonight, we will do a special workout. I think that like me you want to see what you can do. Well, I leave you bro', I have "things" to do". Mike didn't hang up though, it must not have been easy to type on the keys of his phone with his gigantic fingers. just before I hung up I could hear him shouting "SUCK ME BITCH!". Yes, he was "busy". I stayed a few minutes, stunned by what I had just heard: in few hours, I will be like my Hulk brother! Before to return near Ben and Matt, I changed shirt and pant, the M size was becoming too small. When I saw myself shirtless, I had to restrain myself from cumming instantly. Fuck ! Fucking fuck! I was hot! And it was just the beginning... I put quickly my L new shirt. Well, perfect, it's a little less conspicuous but it was only a matter of time before it became too small. Finally, I returned near Ben and Matt. "Whoaaah, shit David, you are worse than a girl! you spent 20 minutes in the toilet" said Matt. "Well, what do we do now?" asked Ben. "There is a cinema in this mall, no?" said Matt. "Oh yes, I hadn't thought of that, good idea" replied Ben. I wanted to decline, to find and excuse but... fuck it: I will grow, no matter what happens, I couldn't hide it forever and then my decision was made: Ben, Matt, you will be my next victims hehehe! And I think that if they knew, they would be the first to throw at me: I knew Ben loved muscular men but had never had the motivation to workout, and Matt I think if he could crush Billy, it would be the best day of his life. "Oh! I had forgotten there was a new Hulk movie!" shouted Matt in showing the poster. Hahahahahaha! Matt, if only you knew what was going to happen to you my friend! i had just to touch them hehehe. So... well, it was time to change their lives forever, time to give them a little helping hand, literally. I was behind them: I raised my arms and... "GOOD IDEA GUYS" I shouted, in giving them a pat on the back. Here it is, it's done. But what I forgot was that I wasn't just more muscular, I was also stronger: they were both thrown one or two feet forward. "FUCK DAVID, ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY OR WHAT?" shouted Ben. "ARGH SHIT DAVID, ARE YOU SICK? IT'S HURTS DUDE!" shouted Matt in rubbing his back. "Great, yesterday, I get beaten up by Billy and now, it's my friend who want to kill me... Really great..." Hehehe, welcome to the Hulk club guys! We bought our tickets and I took care to take seats a little apart because from now on, they too could contaminate. I was curious to see if they would notice anything, but it will certainly be tonight that they will really notice the change. The movie started and like every reboot, we redo the history of the character even if we know it by heart. And inevitably came the accident that transformed Bruce Banner in Hulk. Matt seemed enjoyed and said "I always loved this kind of scene". I couldn't help but have a slight nervous laugh. Oh fuck hahahaha, If only you knew Matt, if you knew that it is currently slowly happening. From my side, we can say that this movie was in 4D for me because the growth, I felt it, I felt it even very well: things were slowly accelerating, if this morning I felt nothing, here, I could clearly feel a almost constant tingle. Well, it was obviously not extreme but I felt my clothes tightening, the feeling of my skin rubbing against the fabric slowly but surely, stretching it more and more. It was strange but nice, really nice. And I wasn't only more muscular, I was becoming taller too: I was forced to slump in the seat so as not to block the view behind me. Oh my gosh: I loved these fucking feelings, it was so.. SO AWESOME. At some point, Ben squirmed a bit, as if something was bothering him. Ah! Wouldn't we feel discomfort in our clothes Ben? I couldn't help but smile in thinking of the cause and especially when they realize that something is wrong. We must have been two thirds of the way through the film when suddenly, among the sounds of popcorn and bags of chips, I heard another, slight but noticeable sound. *riiip riiip* What? *rip*? I looked down on my chest, I slowly lowered my eyes, a little panicked at the idea of what I was about to discover, and... my eyes went wide, my mouth open and I really almost dropped a "HOLY SHIT" but I restrained myself! My pecs, oh gosh, my pecs were HUGE! And my back was so wide. When I tried to move my arm, I understood where this stretching sound came from: I was totally filling the size M shirt. Shit! Fucking shit! I had to change my clothes, quickly! Fortunately it happens during the film. I grabbed my bag and walked discreetly to the toilet. And crap, my pants were fucking tight too! Matt saw me got up said softly "You're going to spend another 20 minutes in the bathroom?". Oh shut up Matt haha. When I entered in the toilet, bad luck for me there was a mirror in the toilet, it would have a chance if I wasn't "hulking" in a mall, that I didn't blow up my clothes and that the whole situation made me feel incredibly turned on. But my luck ran out: someone was coming in the toilet... SHIT! Not now! Fortunately there were cabins, I hastened to lock myself in one of them. And to make matters worse, I realized that... it was Ben. And guess who decided to show up at that moment: my muscle growth! Of course. The sensation filled my whole body and I felt my skin slowly but surely pushing against the fabric again. and of course it had to be enjoyable. it wouldn't have been a problem if only I was not locked in a bathroom stall with my buddy right next to me! I gritted my teeth and tried as best I could to stifle my moans (and it's FUCKING hard!). My face was turning red and I'm pretty sure the vein in my forehead was bulging. Oh crap my shoulders were becoming cannonballs. My biceps had completely filled my sleeves, which were slowly tearing apart under the pressure. My pecs were pushing the shirt further and further forward, nipples are totally visible and I could feel the collar be more and more stretched. And at the level to my back, it was same, I could feel my lats stretching this poor shirt badly, to the point where I could hear little rips. I felt my abs solidify and deepen even more: we often talk about concrete abs, well I think mine were not far from this description, at least they were close! And if my shirt was abused, of course my pant was too! My quads were growing, stretching the fabric to the point where the seams began to give way I was doing my best not to grumble but it was impossible to remain totally silent. And of course Ben noticed my muffled grunts. "Hahaha! So David, you evacuate your 2 gigas menus?". Thank god he thought I was taking a dump. "Y-Y-Yeah!" I said while my fists were shaking and I was red as a tomato. "Hahaha! I'm already amazed that your stomach could take all this in, so your anus...". Very funny Ben! You won't let me grow in peace? "Well, see you in 20 minutes dude!"; "Y-Yeah, s-see you". And he's gone. Thank god. I took the opportunity to release some pressure but not too much. "Oh fuck! Aaaaah! Gnnnnnnhhh! Shit! It's soooooo gnnnnnnnhhh intense aaaaaaaaah". But fortunately, it calmed down quickly. I was here, in this toilet cabin, panting in sweat, my clothes full of tears. I got out and I saw my reflection in the mirror... ho-ly-CRAP! I looked so fucking good! Well, so far from Mike obviously, but already most bigger than this morning. Then I looked the clothes, I looked the tears and an idea came to me: if I really imitate him, Hulk? It could be funny! Anyway, these clothes are ruined so... I closed my fist and I flexed my whole body to maximum. Instantly, I could see the tears became larger, the room was filled with a large number of tearing sounds. hell, I had always found these scenes hot but here, here, I was the one who exploded out of his clothes, I was this superhero. And fuck yeah I loved it! but it was nothing compared to my reflection, shirtless now. I gasped with surprise and lust. The guy in the mirror, was not a simple teenager, it was a fucking bodybuilder, no Mr. Olympia of course but in comparison to my "original" body, the difference was insane: pecs which was close to balloons (and obviously, I couldn't help but bounce them, ripped hard abs with a net of veins, boulders shoulders, a neck that was more a bull neck than a human neck, biceps with a nice vein (I couldn't help but kiss it), a muscular forearms covered with veins like a road map, a large back which gave a V-shape, and what was left of my pants showed the muscle hills of my quads. And this guy was myself. I could have had a hard-on for this kind of physique and here... it was mine! I was MINE! Oh gosh, oh my fucking gosh, it was too much, too hot. I couldn't stand it and I really didn't want to do it next to my friends: I had to empty my balls, here, right now. But I don't want someone to show up in the middle of the act. So I returned in the toilet cabin and I locked the door. Well anyway, these pants are ruined then... I grabbed it and tore it up like a sheet of paper. My underwear, although put to a severe test, was intact! I'll have to remember this brand, at least it's not crap hahaha! He took it off and... HOLY SHIT! What this monster? I mean it's also big than a porn actor! I grabbed it and started to caress... Shit..; Oh shit! Oh fucking shit! It was not just bigger, it was also more sensitive! but of course, as I started to jerk off and began to moan loudly, what was not supposed to happen did happen: someone entered in the room. CRAP! And wait, do you know the worst part? Guess who was that, guess! MATT! FUCK! My first "friend" prevents me from enjoying my growth and then, the second prevents me from jerking! there are days when I would put them on the enemy list rather than friend! But it was impossible for me to stop or report my "session". So I continued, stifling my moans as much as possible, again and... holy shit it's hard not to moan in these conditions, really hard. I was shaking with effort, biting my lip, shooting load after load. Fuuuuuuck, I almost fill this toilet pot with my thick cum. I heard Matt leave. Finally! I hurried to get dressed before anyone else showed up... Well clearly it made me look a bit weird, relatively tight at the top but floating at the bottom, my waist being much narrower than my upper body. Before to leave, I didn't forget to flush, making my super contagious cum go down in the sewer. I laughed a bit as I imagined what would happen if an animal came in contact with it: imagine that it touches a rat... In 24 hours we would have a 50 pounds rat with concrete abs. It would be so ridiculous but funny! On the other hand, if it goes to sea and touches a great white shark, we risk seeing the Megalodon reappear, it would be less funny... Well, it was time to go back to my "buddies", you know, the ones that bother you at the wrong time... When I arrived to my place, Matt looked me and said "Finally, you're worse than a chick, you took more than 30 minutes hahaha!". Yeah, I wouldn't have taken 30 minutes if I hadn't been disturbed, asshole. "Shut up Matt..." I said. 20 minutes later, the movie ended. "Crrraaaappp! It was great! Hulk is really my favourite superhero! And the scene where he lifts the car and start to crush it in roaring, gosh, it was so awesome!" exclaimed Matt. Oh fuck hahaha, I had to restrain myself from bursting out laughing in knowing that tomorrow he will be able to do the same. "Yeah, it was a great movie" replied Ben. "So what do we do now?" I hope they won't make this day last too long because at this rate, I'm going to blow up my XL shirt in few hours. "Well, I still have homework to do so if we go home?" said Matt. Oh god damn it thank you Matt! "Yeah, I also think it's time to go home." At the bus stop, we were talking when I saw Ben squirm a bit. "A problem Ben?" "No... not really, it's just a little weird, I didn't remember my clothes being so tight" replied Ben. "Ah, you too?" said Matt. Internally I was exultant with joy. Hahahahaha, if only they knew what was in store for them! On the way back, as in the movie, I kept feeling my body slowly filling my shirt. As for Ben and Matt, I could see that they were more and more disturbed. Finally, we were back and he was time for everyone to go home. "it was a great day guys!" said Ben. "Yeah I agree" replied Matt. Then he stared at me. "What?" I asked. "I... I don't know how to explain but, it's strange I... I have the impression that you are different from this morning" "Now that you mention it, it's true that you look bigger... and I didn't remember you being taller than me by the way" added Ben. "Hahaha, you guys must be dreaming" "No really, you look... different" said Matt, questioningly. "Maybe I'm becoming Hulk HAHAHAHAHAHA!" "Hahaha you're a fucking idiot David" replied Matt. "Hahaha who know... By the way, have you siblings?" I asked. "What? Why this question? And I have a sister" said Matt. "Oh for nothing" I replied. "And you Ben?" "Just a little brother" said Ben. "But I don't know why you ask that" suddenly jean's stomach began to growl loudly. "Crap, I'm fucking starving!" said Matt. "Yeah me too" replied Ben. "Well, I'm going home" Then he wanted to shake my hand. I shook it and... *CRACK* "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! You fucking crushed it, man! Why do you squeeze so hard? What's wrong with you?" Squeeze so hard? Man, I barely squeezed your hand... "Roooh! You're really soft Ben!" said Matt, in holding out his hand. I shook it also and... *CRACK* "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Are you sick or something? You almost broke my knuckles bastard!" shouted Matt. Well it seems that I don't control my strength anymore hehehe. "Haha sorry guys, I didn't do it on purpose..." "You're really weird today" said Ben. "Oh believe me, strange things will happen again tonight..." I said, in smiling. "What? What do you mean?" asked Matt. "Oh you'll see. But if I have to say something, I just ask you one thing, one thing only" "Yeah?" they asked, almost in same time. "Don't touch anyone this evening" "Eh? David, you're REALLY weird today!" said Matt. "Really, do what I ask, just for tonight. and believe me, you will not regret it, but not at all!" "Yeah, now you're starting to scare me a little bit David" said Ben. "Hahaha don't worry, but really, trust me. And if tomorrow nothing happened, I'll give you giga menus and movie tickets for life" I said. "Well, that's the weirdest request I've ever heard, but for giga menus and movie tickets for life, ok" said Matt. "Well then, if you offer the cinema tickets for life, ok I'll take the bet too" replied Ben. "You won't regret it guys, you'll see. Well, ciao guys" I could have told them more or shown them, but that would have spoiled the surprise, the best surprise of their life. And it's all the more appreciable when you don't know what's inside the gift package. When I got home, I found my mother, sitting at the table almost catatonic. "Hello Mom', I'm back" But she did not answer. She didn't even notice that I was a little... different from this morning. "Dad is not here?" I asked. "He...he... he is at his store" she said, with a shaking voice. "... probably getting drunk" she added. "And Mike?" I saw that she swallowed hard, I felt a little sorry for her but she will get used to the fact that her son was now 8 feet behemoth. However, I don't think that telling her now that her second son was going to be another behemoth was a really good idea. "He... he... he is in his chamber" she said. "... well, what is left of his chamber" she added, with a quavering voice. "M-M-Mike?" she called him. There were a few seconds of silence and then... BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM Holy crap! At each step you could feel the house shaking, plaster dust was falling from the ceiling. It looked like a T-Rex was moving. Yes, no doubt, Mike was here! I heard him coming down the stairs, the steps cracking, literally I mean. Then he appeared. HOLY SHIT, I felt big and strong but in front of Mike, I felt like a fucking bug. "Hello bro'" he said with his deep voice. "So, this shopping day?" "Well, I found few clothes to my new size but..." I lifted my shirt, revealing my big ripped, shredded, hard six-pack "... something tells me that soon they won't be, at my size" I added in smiling. Mom watched my midsection with eyes as round as marbles. "D-David, y-y-you too?" she said, astonished, understanding that it happened to me too. "Perfect! Absolutely perfect!" replied Mike with an evil face. "Have you tested your new abilities?" "Not yet, but apparently you have prepared me a special workout" "Oh yeah, but we will start slowly hehehe! Follow me bro'" Mike left the house and I followed him. Shit! I felt the ground tremble with each of his steps, it was like be right behind a heavy tank. "We don't go to your bedroom? I thought your weights was here" I asked. "My weight? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Now even with all weights, it's like lifting a sheet of paper. Do you really think that I have time to waste on this? And anyway, they are a bit... how to say... crushed. Destroy, it's really fun hehehe!" "So what the hell are we doing outside? There's nothing to lift" I asked. "Oh yes: this!" replied Mike, in pointing... our SUV" "WHAAAAAAAAT? MIKE, ARE YOU CRAZY? You know how much this monster weighs?" "Around 5.000 pounds" WHAT? 5...5.000 pounds? He wants me to lift 5.000 FUCKING POUNDS? He's crazy!!! "M-M-Mike, I-I think you may be overestimating my strength" I said "Or you underestimate it. man, you're becoming Hulk, not just a Mr Olympia, a fucking HULK! So a SUV, it will be a piece of cake... Try, I'm sure you'll be surprised" "And you, are you able to li-" I did not have time to finish my sentence that Mike put his 2 hands under the back and... HO-LY-SHIT! He lifted the SUV with a disconcerting ease. FUCKING CRAP! This thing weighed 5.000 pounds and he lifted it like it was NOTHING!!! Then he put the SUV on the ground. "Does it answer your question bro'?". I swallowed hard. Holy crap! I knew he was strong, but not SO strong! "Your turn!" he said. I swallowed hard. I put my 2 hands under the back and I tried to lift. Obviously, it was heavy, it was fucking heavy. My face became all red, veins popped everywhere, I grunted loudly. "GGGNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" but while I thought it was impossible, well, the impossible happened: the wheels were lifted from the ground. One inch... two inches... three... five... ten... twenty. Crap! I was at my maximum, my body was shaking, my veins were going to explode, my teeth were fucking clenched, I was redder than a tomato. It was too much: I "put" (or rather dropped) the SUV on the ground. It fell back heavily. "You see that you can do it? And in only a few hours, it will seem ultra light! Well, before getting down to business, I'm starving" I hadn't noticed it but indeed, I was starving, the kind of starving so intense that I could eat anything! And in fact, that's kind of what we did. We raided the fridge, anything that looked like food was immediately engulfed. I was thinking about the giga menu and when I eat 2: here, I think I must have eaten the equivalent of 5 or 6! And Mike probably more than a dozen. HOLY SHIT! We were literally ogres! When Mike finished to eat, he did the loudest burp I've ever heard in my life! *BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP* HOLY CRAP! "Well, I'm a bit lazy to go there now, we'll go after that" said Mike. "After that?" I said, not understanding what he meant. "That!" he said in pointing me. I lowered my eyes and... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! MY SHIRT! HOLY CRAP! I WAS FILLING MY XL SHIRT! "WHAT THE?" I said, shocked. "Ah yes, I forgot to tell you: food helps accelerate the growth process, that's why you're so hungry: because it requires a very large amount of energy to feed your muscles. So prepare to grow hehehe" Oh shit, fucking shit! I started to sweat and pant. "Hehehe! I think you should take a trip to the bathroom bro'" I could feel it, the tingling, but this time we were passed to the superior stage: I had the sensation that my whole body was in fire. I got up and staggered to the bathroom, it was difficult to stand. I could already feel my chest stretching the fabric, same for my pant. It was a matter of minutes before I blew my clothes off. Finally, I reached the bathroom and rushed to the mirror. Oh fuck! My shirt was totally soaked with sweat, strongly accentuating the details of my musculature. "NNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" SHIT! It was fucking intense! If before I had to concentrate to feel this growth, here, there was no need, I could clearly see the fabric slowly moving, at all levels: shoulders: back, pecs, legs! And the sound... oh fuck this sound, this characteristic stretching sound!!! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH NNNNNGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Fucking fuck! I felt so tight, the slightest bend would have shattered my shirt! But I didn't want to do, I wanted to enjoy, this feeling, oh my gosh, this feeling was so AWESOME! "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCKKKKKK NNNNNNNNGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!" And I was becoming not only bigger, I was becoming also taller: my shirt was becoming too small, don't covering entirely my chest, letting appear little by little the last row of my abs. Oh fuck! Oh my gosh it's so awesome! It's... ???!!! Oooooh ooooh OH FUCK! AAAAAAHHH! The-NNNNNNNNGGGGGGGHHHHHH-pressure, it's-AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH-increasing! It was so intense I could hardly stand, I had to hold on to the porcelain sink. OH GOSH! AAAAAAAAAHHHH! OH MY FUCKING GOSH! I-I-I will NNNNNNNNGGGHHHHHHHHHH exploooooOOOoOoOoOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! BOOM! My whole body exploded, adding a lot of mass to my frame, I heard several ripping sounds. I squeezed so hard the sink that I crushed it! And it wasn't done! The burning continued, it was so intense that I could hardly stand. I was staggering around trying to find something to grab onto. I finally grabbed the metal bars of the towel rack as I felt a new wave arrive. My whole body tightened up. Fuck, it was funny and enjoying at the beginning but now it was really disabling. When it focused on my back and legs, I was forced to get on all fours, it was impossible to stand. I tried painfully to move as I felt my lats expand and my hands automatically move apart. a last muscular jolt tore me a scream, and finally, it calmed down. Fuck, I didn't expect that, I really didn't. Lucky it didn't happen to me in the mall. I could not have done anything to hide it. I stayed on all fours for a few minutes, panting as I tried to recover from what I had just experienced. Well, it was to see the results... I looked my reflection and.. "HOLY SHIT!!!" I shouted in surprise. I was huge, I was FUCKING huge. And my voice was so fucking deep. Well, obviously, not like Mike yet, but I was ready for pro competitions of bodybuilding. My traps had emerged like mountains, giving me a bull neck, my shoulders were gigantic, striated, my arms... oh fuck my arms! They must have been over 20 inches! My forearms alone should be bigger than some biceps of muscular guys to school. My hands were so fucking huge. My pecs were so big that I had trouble seeing over! My abs... oh my gosh my abs! They were so FUCKING big, bigger than my fist! So ripped, bulged, deep crevices. And on the last row, I could see a fucking net of veins like I rarely see. at my crotch you could see a huge bulge... Hahahaha it's not only my muscles that have grown! If my shirt was in a bad state, it was the same with my pants: tears everywhere! It could no longer contain what had become of my quads: huge muscle mountains, with a large number of hills, and covered with veins. and my shoes were also shredded by my growing giant feet. My clothes were to agony, they were still holding on but the slightest new growth will shred them! And obviously, this is what soon happened! I felt my whole body swelling, again. OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH NNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! And again that obscene stretching noise but especially afterwards, sounds of tearing, everywhere! My shirt tried to resist but lost the fight: the shreds of what was my XL shirt were falling to the ground. my pants had the same fate a few seconds later but one part remained "alive", giving me like shredded short. My shoes did not resist either. HAHAHAHAHAHA! The situation was funny because I was looking like Hulk, the same Hulk from the movie we saw a few hours ago, or rather a "mini-Hulk" because I was obviously still smaller, but soon, soon I will be REALLY Hulk! and for Fuck's sake I'm looking forward to it! I looked my reflection and... HO-LY SHIT! It was magnificent, almost divine! Look at me this FUCKING body, LOOK AT ME! I'm a freak, a fucking MUSCLE FREAK AND I LOVE IT, I FUCKING LOVE IT! "OH MY FUCKING GOSH HAHAHA! AWESOME!". Craaaap, my voice was even deeper than before! I was totally turned on by what I saw. And this time, I was going to enjoy it, without holding me back! I plunged my hand in my "short" and took the "monster" out of its cage. OH MY FUCKING GOSH! LOOK THIS COCK! It-it was so fucking BIG! Even an porno actor would feel insignificant in front of his monstrosity! Without waiting I started to jerk off and... OH FUCK! OH FUCKING FUCK! OH FUCKING FUCK OF FUCKING FUCK! It was bigger, venous as fuck but above all... it was incredibly more sensitive. Nothing could have prepared me for the divine feeling I was experiencing! "OH FUCK! OH MY GOSH! SO GOOD!" My eyes were rolling in their sockets, I started to drool and the pleasure was such that I cried. I jerk off during 10 minutes, 10 long minutes of pure pleasure like I've never known before. By the end, I couldn't even speak, just make glutinous noises of pleasure. I was a beast, a fucking beast driven only by his primal instincts. Then, I felt the climax coming... "ooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Oh my gosh: I wasn't screaming, I was ROARING (when I say I was a beast, I could hardly do a better description), firing huge load after huge load. An gosh, my shots, MY SHOTS! It sounded more like an assault rifle fire than a "normal" ejaculation. By the way, the mirror passed away, getting destroyed by each of my shots. I don't know how long my orgasm lasted but it was clearly abnormally long (but it was not to my displeasure hehehe). Finally, after many minutes, the flood dries up. I have only one thing: HOLY FUCKING SHIT! A good part of the wall was covered with thick and sticky cum. I didn't know I could cum so much! HOLY SHIT! That's when I received a notification of a message: it was Matt. OH CRAP! YES! They finally realized that there was something wrong! Matt: Guys... if you're there answer RIGHT NOW, something NOT AT ALL NORMAL is happening! IT'S EMERGENCY!!! Ben: It can be weirder than I'm experiencing dude... David: Let me guess, did you get the wrong size clothes? Matt: It's not exactly that but... I think I'm... GROWING! David: Matt, of course you're growing, you're a teenager, it's normal you're growing. Matt: DO YOU REALLY THINK IT'S NORMAL TO GROWING LIKE THAT? Matt sent a pic of his biceps, it should be 16 inches. Ben: HOLY CRAP! I think the same thing is happening to me. I was starving, I ate like never before and then I dozed off for an hour and when I woke up, my shirt was fucking tight and was torn in several places. And above all, I'm FUCKING MUSCULAR! And it seems to continue! Matt: Exactly like me! I was in front of TV and suddenly, I felt so fucking tight and when I looked my arms, it was like I showed you. IT'S NOT AT ALL NORMAL!!! Ben: And you David, have you noticed anything? Have you grown? David: Now that you mention it, it's true that I may have grown up a bit, but really just a bit... And I sent them a pic of my current godlike body. Matt: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Ben: HOLY SHIT!!! YOU CALL IT JUST A BIT? DUDE YOU'RE FUCKING GIGANTIC!!!!! Matt: WE NEED TO TALK, I'M GOING TO CALL YOU, NOW! Few seconds later, I receive a grouped call. I obviously accepted and came across a totally panicked Matt "HOLY FUCKING SHIT DAVID? WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? WHAT'S HAPPENING TO US?" shouted Matt. "D-D-D-DAVID? I-I-IT CAN'T BE YOU!!!" said Ben, also panicked. "Calm down guys hahaha!" "CALM ME DOWN? DUDE, I'M BECOMING A FUCKING BODYBUILDER! HOW DO YOU WANT ME TO CALM DOWN?" Whooooaaah Matt was in total panic. "Well, I owe you some explanations" I said. "Yeah I think that would be nice..." replied Ben, with a shaking voice. "Yes, you're becoming Hulk, well, not exactly: the green colour option is not included in the packaging hahaha. But I reassure you, it's not dangerous, well, for you... As you can see, it's far from over." "And what is this fucking spell? magic? A disease?" "I would say nanotechnology" "Nanotechnology? Are you kidding me?" said Matt. "No, I'm serious. And... did you remember what I asked to you?" "Yeah, don't touch anyone" said Ben. "Did you respect it?" I asked. "Yeah, even if I don't understand why you asked us that" said Matt. "Oh it's very simple: what you're happening is... contagious" "CONTAGIOUS?" shouted Matt. "Yeah, but this contagion is not permanent, it could be happening only in first 24 hours. And the condition for infected someone is..." "In touching him..." guess Ben. "Well done Sherlock! And I imagine you know WHO infected you?" "You... You infected us..." said Matt. "Yes! In giving you the biggest pat of your life hahahahahahaha!" "So you knew it, you knew it since the beginning?" asked Ben, a bit angry. "Yes, well, not exactly, even I didn't know about it at first. but when I found out, you were on my victims list" "And why did you do that?" asked Ben. "Because your are my friends, I mean my true friends. If there are people who deserve this privilege, it was you two" "You should have told us about it anyway..." said Ben, a bit angry. "That's true but it was more fun to let you find out and I didn't know about it right away either you know, I had the same reaction of surprise as you. And damn it, you're not ready for the next part, believe me but I'm sure, you'll fucking love it!" "And... there is a cure?" asked Matt. "I don't know, but honestly Matt, would you want a cure? Seriously?" "I...I don't know, probably not but.. David, do you realize what you are telling us? I mean, you're literally telling us that in a few hours we'll be like you?" said Matt, astonished by the news. "Nope!" "What? Nope?" exclaimed Matt. "Yeah, you'll be not like me because... I didn't finish my growth" There was one second of pure silence then, they shouted in same time: "WHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT?????" shouted Ben and Matt in same time. "D-D-David, are...are... ARE YOU SERIOUSLY TELLING ME WE'RE GOING TO BE BIGGER THAN YOU?" shouted Matt. "Oh yeah! Much more BIGGER! And if I know that, this is because I have a specimen on hand, so... do you want a preview of the final result?" I asked. "... Honestly, I'm not sure is a good idea but... yeah, it would be nice to know that before" replied Ben. "I agree" said Matt. "Very well, don't move guys" I went out of bathroom and went looking for my brother. When he saw me, he had a big smile, a little unhealthy. "Haaaaaa, now you're starting to look like a true man! Well, let's go?" "Two minutes, I am in line with my... victims. They started to notice the changes so I had to update them, and they would like to see the final result" "Hehehe with pleasure bro'! Go ahead, show them what is the ultimate alpha male!" replied Mike, in doing an awesome double biceps pose. "Well, guys, here is the final result" I said in turning my phone for show Mike. Again, there was one second of silence then... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT! W-W-W-W-WHAT IS THIS THING?" shouted Matt. Ben, as for him, he couldn't pronounce a single word, he was all white, shaking, and I could just hear him stuttering "G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G..." "HEY! This "thing" has a name and it's Mike!" said my brother, a bit contraried. "M-M-Mike? ... MIKE? NO WAIT! DAVID, I-I-IS IT Y-Y-YOUR BROTHER?" asked Matt. "Yeah!" I replied. "OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" shouted Matt. "By the way, he is the cause of my growth" Ben was still stuttering "G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G...". Ok, we lost Ben. "So now you understand why I told you not to touch anyone, especially those you don't like? If you do it, they will become like my brother" Finally, Ben regained his speech. "Yeah... so... note for myself: don't touch my little brother in next hours" he said. "But on the other hand, if you wish to make a small gift to certain people, you still have a few hours to do so, let's go hehehe..." "Yeah... I-I-I think I will visit one or two people" said Matt. "Same" added Ben. "Here, you know everything. Enjoy to maximum of the next hours, you'll see, you've never felt anything like it" "Y-Yeah..." said Matt, still astonished by the news. "I never thought I'd live to see this day..." replied Ben. "Hehehe, I told you that you would not regret it! Well, I leave you, I have a special workout with my BIG brother. So... good Hulkification guys!" And I hang up. "Well, bro', now, I'm ready!" "Perfect!" said Mike. When we went out, I saw again our SUV. "Just a moment please, I would like to try again" I said in looking the SUV. "Hehehe I was just about to suggest it" I put my hands under the back and I lifted. To my great surprise and especially to my great satisfaction, it was easiest than the last time. Well, clearly it was not light, it was still a vehicle that weighed 5.000 fucking pounds, but I was not at the end of my life like the previous time. "FUCK YEAH!" I shouted in dropping the SUV which bounces heavily against the ground. Mike seemed to be happy. "So bro', do you like your level up?" "If I like it? Mike, how dare you ask that question? FUCK YEAH I LOVE IT! HAHAHAHAHA" On the way, there were electrical poles. Suddenly, an idea came to me. "Mike... do you allow me to...?" I asked, in pointing the electrical pole. "Go ahead David, have fun" I approached to the pole, grabbed it and... try to crush it. no surprise it wasn't that easy. I may have been super strong, I was not like Mike, not yet. But at same time, I heard a sound of metal bending. Slowly, I could feel my finger sink into the metal. Holy shit! It was so fucking good! Honestly, I could explode right now... After 2 miles, few car lifting, crushing metal poles and trying to pull out a fire hydrant (by the way, Mike humiliated me by simply kicking it, as if it were nothing more or less than a common soccer ball), we arrived to the gym. There was a lot of cars in the parking. "Hem M-Mike? I-I think it's crowded, is it really a good idea?" "Yeah it's a good idea. And for the runts, they'll go away, don't worry." Mike entered (well, he entered... let's say that he enlarges the entrance). The security guard looked at him, eyes amazed, and strangely did nothing at all. He walked towards the gym. When we entered, it was filled with the sounds of touching cast iron, grunts, even also moans. Few people saw my brother and froze instantly but the majority had not seen him. Mike seemed to be irritated. "Ok, you fucking runts, clear out!" A good half of them saw Mike and their faces instantly became white. But those who were listening to music or in full effort did not hear it. Mike sniffed furiously and shouted... "YOU-FUCKING-RUNTS, CLEAR-OUT!" Holy crap! I think that even the walls shook... In any case, all had their heads turned towards my behemoth brother. All seemed frozen in time but no one moved. Obviously, this made Mike angry... "GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!" Well, I think even a lion doesn't roar so loud... But it worked, it worked very well: it was the stampede. They all ran towards the exit, almost trampling each other. "Haaaaa! Finally alone." "Well, we start by what machine? "None" replied Mike. "What? None? But why did you bring me here?" "For that!" he said, in pointing a deadlift bar. "What? A deadlift bar?" "Yeah, come on, put yourself in place" I lowered myself and took the bar with my hands. "What the fuck are you doing?" "Hu? Well, you asked me to put in place and..." "But not for that idiot, lie down!" "What?" I said, don't understanding. "Lie down for to bench! You're really idiot" "WHAT THE HELL? Y-You want I use this deadlift bar as a... bench weight?" "Finally he understands!" said Mike, in rising his eyes. "But why we not use directly the bench?" "The bench? With only few hundreds pounds? Are you here to lift weights or not? Few hundreds pounds, it's so light!" Well damn, if someone had told me that this morning, I wouldn't have believed it... I put myself in position, but on the ground because no bench would support the weight. "How much weight?" "1.000 pounds" Craaaaap, it was so fucking insane. Well, I lifted a 5.000 pounds SUV but it was touching the ground, so the weight was distributed. Here, I have to lift the whole weight. It was totally different. But... I can do it! I started to push, my face became red and... I felt the bar get up slowly as I grunted with effort. "OH SHIT MIKE! DO YOU SEE THAT HAHAHAHA IT'S SO AMAZING!" "Yeah, it's good... but too easy, so ... Ie'll spice things up a bit hehehe" What? Reassure me, it is not serious... But unfortunately for me, I saw him come back with 500 pounds weight plates. HOLY SHIT! HE'S SERIOUS, HE'S FUCKING SERIOUS! "M-M-Mike, i-i-it's a bad idea, I can't..." "Oh fuck yeah you can, and he added two plates. "M-MIKE! I-I-I'M NOT SURE I CAN..." My face was all read, my arms were shaking as fuck, I clenched my teeth to broke them but I was able to keep the bar up. "Funny, you're more resistant than I thought" he said, amused. And... he added again two plates. "MIKE NO!" I shouted. I was going to kill me, really. This time, it was impossible to keep the bar up and slowly, it lowered. "MIKE! WHAT DO YOU DO?" I shouted, panicked. "What I do? That!" he said. And... he added the last 4 plates. "MIKE!!! I'M BEING CRUSHED, I'M BEING FUCKING CRUSHED!!!" "I see that, but you know what to do" he said in smiling badly. "What?" I said. "Grow bro'! Grow and grow, and grow AND GROW!!! COME ON BRO'!!!" He was crazy! He was fucking crazy but... hell yes, he was right. It was time, time to... GROW! "RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" With my all anger, I pushed and pushed and pushed but obviously, the bar didn't move from only one inche. But no way to give up! I pushed again and again and again. And suddenly I felt it, I felt this tingling that I had felt this morning and the more I pushed, the more I felt this tingling increasing. It became a burn and then I felt like my blood was replaced by lava. But I kept pushing, until the moment where... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" My whole body exploded adding dozens, maybe even hundreds muscle pounds. My "short" has been shredded this "muscle-plosion", releasing my enormous dick. But it was not sufficient to lift the bar, so I continued to push. Mike was completely elated, he was shouting. "THAT'S IT BRO'! GROW! GROW AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!" "FUCK YYYYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" I pushed again and again and again and suddenly... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" BOOM! A new "muscle-plosion"!!! But still not sufficient! So I continued! And I could see it, I could see: my body started to swell, at a clearly visible pace. It was like to swell a balloon, except here, it wasn't air, it was muscle, pure muscle. At each second, a large number of muscle pounds were added to my frame. I was hulking hahahahah! FUCK YEAH I WAS HULKING HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! And I could feel it, I could feel my strength was increasing, quickly, very quickly! In only few ten of seconds, I felt my strength doubling, tripling, QUADRUPLING! And it didn't stop... And the miracle happened: the bar moved upwards, very very slightly at the beginning then more and more quickly. "FUCK YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!! DO YOU SEE THAT MIKE? DO YOU SEE ME BECOME A FUCKING HULK?". Crap, my voice... MY VOICE! It was inhuman, insanely deep. "YEAH BRO' I SEE!!! COME ON, LET'S GET THE SAUCE!!" Do you want I get the sauce Mike? Okay bro', LET'S GET THE SAUCE!!! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" I roared as never, I pushed beyond my limits and... the bar was at its highest! So I lowered it... and I lifted it again, this time, I lifted smoother and a little easier... and I lowered again... and I lifted again... and I lowered again..." "THAT'S IT BRO'!!! THAT'S I WANT TO SEE!!!" yelled Mike. As the seconds passed, the bar became lighter and lighter and it was easier and easier. I didn't pay attention to it but my cock was hard as it has never been. And as if to thank me, my body gave me the ultimate gift: the tingling come back. But increased to a level never seen before! I barely had time to realize that suddenly... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" My traps exploded to the point where I felt my ears touching them. My shoulders exploded in a size that was difficult to describe. My arms... how to say... if I say that Arnold Schwarzenegger or Ronnie Coleman were maggots in comparison to me, does that give you an idea of what a monster I was? And if said that my main vein was bigger than a garden hose? My forearms were probably bigger than a bull leg! My pecs exploded so much than they definitively masked my view on my midsection. But even with a masked view, I could feel my insanely hard midsection, I could feel each bricks swelling, pushing against others to occupy all the space available. And just when I thought it was over for my abs, the first row exploded out of my stomach, doubling in size, the sensation was so intense that I roared. Then... I roared a second time... and a third! But it wasn't done, my body had one more surprise in store for me: I roared a fourth time! and if my calculations are correct, it meant I had... A FUCKING EIGHT-PACK! Hahahahaha FUCK YEAH! I could feel also my back rubbing against the ground, it was thickening but above all, widening as fuck. And my legs exploded also! and as I tried to put my feet together, it took me a few seconds to realize that what I felt there was not my feet but my... quads! They were so FUCKING big that they were touching long before I could put my feet together! My calves exploded also, it felt like if someone implanted two balloons under my skin. And obviously, my gigantic cock grew too! I could feel it rubbing against the central crevice of my abs. It grew until to reach my pecs. HOLY CRAP! IT WAS SO FUCKING BIG! This whole and last muscle growth was insane, really too insane. I was going to cum, it was inevitable! I let go of the bar with one hand (and held it with only one hand! And guess what? It didn't change anything, it was still light! I grabbed my dick with my other hand. the first thing that struck me was the absolutely insane vascularity. the second thing was that the sensitivity had reached heights that can be described as divine! As soon as I started to jerk off, my eyes rolled in their socket to the point where you could only see the whites of my eyes. I grunted also like a beast. After several minutes, my hand had reached an incredibly pace. The pleasure was almost continuous. And then I felt the climax is coming. Obviously, I restrained myself and could enjoy 15 seconds of orgasm more. But I could not hold on any longer... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" My cock, or rather my "cannon" fired. I shot gigantic load after gigantic load, with the power of a true cannon. "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!" shouted Mike. Even him was totally stunned by what was happening! And my shots weren't the only thing that was incredibly powerful: my yell was so fucking loud that walls shook and windows exploded. And I shot and shot and shot and shot, it was a fucking flood and it lasted for a fucking eternity. When finally it was over, the whole gym was bathing in a thick layer of sticky cum. The ceiling was a battlefield filled with holes as if it had been bombed. "HOLY SHIT HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! IT WAS SO FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!" I said, with my incredibly new deep voice. Mike was speechless. He was in a state of absolute lust. Shaking, drooling. I think he didn't expect that, and to tell the truth, neither did I... I put the bar on the ground (which I had almost forgotten about because it was so insignificant light now...) and I got up. And quickly I had the confirmation I wanted: I was like my brother, a fucking 8 feet behemoth, weighing probably several tons of muscle. The first thing that disturbed me was that everything seemed so... small, I mean I was 8 fucking feet tall!. The second was this sensation of absolute power that ran through my veins, my body and my mind. It was as if we had implanted a nuclear reactor in each of my muscle. Even if the simple act of breathing was enjoyable, feeling this titanic muscle wall heaving in and out. It was insane, insanely insane. It wasn't a wet dream, no I was a fucking titan. after a few seconds, I smile with exultation and... "GRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!" I let out a roar of victory, releasing all my power. Then I turned towards my brother. "So Mike, what do we do now? because well, if you want to put me to the test, you'll need something heavier than this crap" I said, in showing the 5.000 pounds bar. It took several seconds for my brother to come to his senses. Suddenly we heard a small voice. "What...the... hell?". There was a guy in the entrance, his eyes were widened and he was tetanized but honestly, I would have had the same reaction as him in his place. I recognized him, it was Dylan, the handsome guy from high school, handsome to the point that even the straight guys questioned their sexual orientation. It was not the most enormous but he had a model's physique and apparently often used to come to practice in the evening. I looked at my brother to know what to do with him... HOLY SHIT! He had the most carnivorous look I've ever seen in my life! Crap, I had never seen it like that, he looked like a hungry lion ready to pounce on his prey and to tell the truth it was a bit like that: he was his prey. So yes, Dylan had a good reason to be terrified, really... "DYLAN! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I was going to pay you a visit but in the end it won't be necessary... You couldn't have come at a better time!". Holy crap, Mike was almost drooling. What was he going to do with this guy? He would have eaten it all raw that it would not have surprised me. "You know... I found you were always beautiful, in particular your sexy firm ass... And, how to say that... I haven't had dessert in a few days and now I'm starving, TERRIBLY starving...". Ok, It answers my question: yeah he's going to eat him, he's going to eat his ass, raw! Poor Dylan... Dylan's face became, white, all white, more white than white, when he understood the meaning of the sentence. Despite his trembling legs he wanted to turn around and run but... too late, a huge hand grabbed him by the collar and lifted him like a piece of straw. "N-N-N-NO P-P-P-PLEASE!!!" shouted Dylan, believing his last moments were coming... Holy crap! Did Mike just lick his lips? Fuck, he was really scary sometimes... "I guess you won't leave it "like that"" I say. "He's a bit small for you, isn't it?" "Indeed" replied Mike. "But we're going to fix that!" Obviously he wanted to "hulkify" him. "So, do you want I touch him?" I asked. "It would not be necessary, I have better, much better! Something more radical and fast" What? It would not be necessary? What was he going to do? He's not going to fuck this guy like that? "P-P-P-PLEASE!" shouted Dylan, tetanized. He even pissed on himself. But he ignored him completely and went to the pond of my cum and... he plunged Dylan into. And that's not all, well... um... he... he used Dylan as a... rag. Holy crap! I was even a little sorry for Dylan, it must have been so humiliating, he was dragged all over the place in my cum. "Um... Mike, y-you know, it is a human being, not a rag..." "Shut up David, I'm cleaning your shit" said Mike, with a bad smile. "And I use whatever I want for it" he added. And he continued to wipe again and again in using Dylan. The poor guy was coughing, almost choking in my cum. When he finally done, Dylan was a fucking sponge, totally impregnated with my cum. Cum, cum everywhere: his shirt, his short, his arms, his face, his hair. All was covered with my sticky white milk. He had it everywhere. Now, he was on all fours, trying to slowly escape, shaking like a leaf, coughing because he had some in his mouth, wiping his face to see something. Well, needless to say that to be contaminated. If he wasn't, nobody would be. One more hulk in the family. But now what? Mike was going to wait 24 hours for Dylan to huklify? Isn't that a bit long? But suddenly I heard Dylan start to moan loudly, almost... painfully! What? "Aaaaaaaaah wh-what's h-happening t-t-to me? gggggnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!!!". And then I could clearly see that his back had started to grow. What the hell? It's starting already? "Mike? What the...? Isn't it supposed to take several hours before it really starts?" "The speed of growth depends on whether you were briefly in contact with contaminated fluid or if you were strongly infected, like him for example. So in his case, it should be a bit more... immediate I think." Holy shit! So he's going to grow now? Right now? I got my confirmation when I heard him really screaming in pain. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH IT'S HURTS, IT'S HURT SO BAD!!!". Yeah, he's growing... I could see his back had already grown very large, the first tears was already starting to appear. As he liked to show his body, he always wore tight clothes and you could clearly see the bumps moving under the fabric. but he had not yet understood that because until now, the tone in his voice was clearly one of concern and fear. I wonder when that will change, when he would realize that he was becoming fucking more muscular. I didn't have to wait long for this to happen... "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH MY ARMS, THEY HURT SO AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH MUCH, THEY... WH-wHAT GGGNNNNNHHHH AAAAAAAAAH MY...MY ARMS ARE OOOOOOOHHHHHH GROWING! AND MY... OOOOOOOOOOOOHH SHOULDERS TOO! AND GGGNNNHHHHHHHHHH... N-NO AAAAAAAAH IT-IT'S MY GNNNNNHHHHHH WHOLE BODY! I-I AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH I'M GROWING! FUCK! I'M GROOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH-WING!" Oh gosh, it was unbelievably hot to watch, I was as hard as ever! When I thought it would explode from all sides, it stopped. What the hell? I mean he was much more bigger than few minutes ago but, far from to be like Mike. Why did it stop? Dylan was still on all fours, panting loudly trying to recover from what he had just experienced. "Ha..ha... holy... crap... ha... ha... I don't know... ha... ha... what it was but... ha... it was... AWESOME!" He said, with a voice which was definitively deeper. He managed to get back on his knees. Craaaaap, I may have been much more bigger than him, see a more or less normal guy becoming pro bodybuilder in few minutes was still incredibly hot! "Oh my fucking gosh!" he said, looking with astonishment at his huge forearms. He flexed his biceps, which should now be a good 19 inches, tearing a little more in the process his sleeves. "HOLY SHIT! Is... is it my arms?" he said, totally stunned by the huge muscle peak. Then he lowered his eyes for to see his two huge beach balls, enjoying to bounce them. Dylan caught his shirt, already torn in several places, and with one blow he tore what was left of it. Craaaap, his previously athletic build was now the one of a pro bodybuilder: bull neck, canonball shoulders, big ripped pecs, six huge bricks carved in marble... He passed his hand on them, feeling their hardness. Then, a smile appeared on his face and he started slowly to laugh. Surprise gave way to lust. "Ha... ha... haha... hahaha... hahahaha... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" he exploded with joy. "YES! OH MY GOSH YES!!! OH FUCK YES!!!" he shouted, in flexing his newly muscular chest. "Shouldn't he be bigger?" I asked. "Yeah but I think it's not finished. His hole is still too small. I think a little extra cleaning is neces-...?" But before Mike could finish his sentence, Dylan threw himself on the ground, rubbing himself in my cum, wriggling in it while exulting. What the hell? He even licked the ground! Well, he probably understood that this was what had made him grow and the least we can say is that he wanted it to continue! His smile was demonic, no doubt what he had in mind at that moment, he wanted to grow, much more! "Hehe! Finally, he is even more impatient than I thought! So much the better, it was getting too long there!" said Mike, by holding his huge cock, which was ready to explode. And it wasn't long before before Dylan grows again. But this time, he knew what was going on and his attitude was very different from the previous one: he was laughing, almost like a madman. But among his laughter, we also heard loud moans of pain. He was turned in our direction, so we could clearly admire the show... and what a show. His neck were widening while at the same time his trapezoids emerged from his back. His shoulders were swelling, like balloons, becoming larger than his former head and continuing to swell. His biceps were swelling at an incredible pace, gaining in few seconds what it would have taken years to obtain, his veins were getting bigger, more like garden hoses. His forearms were becoming bigger than the majority of the school's athletes' arms. His pecs swelled and began to block his view, his nipples were moving and went down. His abs were swelling and suddenly, each row exploded out of his stomach, doubling almost in size, his legs were growing as fuck becoming much larger than tree trunks and don't forget to mention his enormous dick, which gained in length and circumference. Dylan was growing, and growing and GROWING! During the whole process, he laughed like a maniac, his laughter being interspersed with his moans of pain. even though I was 8 feet tall, it was terrifying. All reason seemed to have left his body, he was in pure ecstasy, growing, shouting, laughing. I didn't realize it but I was as hard as ever and I was even shaking but clearly not from fear! This show was so... so... Suddenly he shouted louder, or rather he ROARED louder. and the cause was soon clear: he was "exploding" in muscle mass. do you see the muscle growth scenes like in Dragon Ball? Well, it was the same! everything was literally exploding, becoming bigger, harder, deeper, more carved. His six-pack evolded into a incredible eight-pack, his biceps were clearly bigger than any head, his pecs and traps were so muscular than it was starting to engulf his neck. His back were now so large than he couldn't enter somewhere without destroy the wall. It was really too much for myself: I fired several loads that were going to smash violently against the wall in front. And Mike was not insensitive to the situation either had to bite himself in order not to cum on the spot but clearly his gun was ready to fire. Finally, Dylan completed his transformation with a howl worthy of the Hulk. and it was over, for good this time. He was panting loudly on for some minutes and with difficulty he got up. yeah, no doubt, it was as big as us. He looked at his fists, opening them, closing them, bouncing his gigantic pecs, felt his huge eight-pack then, he said from his powerful new deep voice: "OH MY FUCKING GOSH!". He caught cast iron disk and slowly crushed it. A wide bad smile of appeared on his face, exulting in the sight of his power. Yeah, he loved the way he felt, you could see it very clearly. Then he turned towards my brother, precum oozing from his dick (and Mike's too, both were now human fountains), then, he said "So you want my ass Mike? But for that, man, you have to earn it and i prevent you: it's not going to be easy" he said, in smiling badly and flexing his monumental biceps. Craaaap, this evil smile was really scary and this biceps too... Mike looked at Dylan, with the same demonic smile "Oh fuck yeah! I don't like it when it's too easy" said my brother. And the clash of the titans began... They rushed towards each other and started a kind of fight, well not by hitting each other but one as the other was trying to dominate the other and to submit him. And frankly they were REALLY NOT pretending: it was better not to be between the two of them because everything was bound to be crushed, trampled, torn to pieces. He sent my brother against the wall, half destroying it. My brother retaliated and sent Dylan waltzing across the room, crushing all machines in its path. It was a fucking carnage. I backed off a bit, even though I was an 8 foot giant, it was really a bad idea to find myself in the middle of their battle. Holy shit, it looked like a life-size kaiju fight. It was violent, bestial, wild and above all sexual, both fighting to determine who would be below and who would be above. Finally my brother succeeded, by grabbing him by the throat, to put Dylan on the ground, and this violently, exploding the tiles in the process and creating a small crater. Then He stood on him to prevent him from moving. He struggled to free himself but Mike held him down firmly, to the point of breaking bones. "Stay down, tonight you are my whore!" said my brother. Dylan smiled and said "Well, indeed, it seems that you win this round". Mike roared victoriously. "But I want another round after! You may have won a battle but certainly not the war!" said Dylan, who didn't seem to mind losing. "Oh yeah, even 100 if you want! And I would win them all, these battles" said Mike, smiling like someone drooling over his favourite dessert. "Bro..." he said while he was still looking Dylan, with a tone that made me think I wasn't going to like what he was going to say. "Adult stuff is going to happen, kids are not allowed so... get out of here!" he said. "Eh! I've been 18 for a few months, I'm not a kid anymore!" I said, a bit angry. "For me you'll always be a kid, even if you are 8 feet tall, so... get out, don't make me say it again!" he said, with a touch of anger. Gloups... well, I'd better not stay here, even before when Mike gets mad it was a mess, but now I wouldn't dare to imagine this same situation with his current condition... "Very well, have fun between adults" I said, leaving the room. "Don't worry for that..." said Mike, with a psychopathic look. When I let the gym, I met the same security guard who still did not seem to have recovered from his emotions and it wasn't going to get any better for him... "It was a good workout" I said in flexing my gigantic biceps. He recognized my head (but probably not my body!) and when he saw my biceps, I saw his eyes get even more squared off, to the point where they could pop out of their sockets, and suddenly he lost all colour and fainted. when I got to the parking lot, I noticed a funny detail: there was an SUV that was pretty close to dad's. I smiled: it was time to test my new strength. I placed a hand under the back and lifted and... instantly, I lifted the vehicle without any problem, with one hand. Hahahaha! Insane, I had really become a fucking Hulk, for real! As I put the SUV down, I heard the loudest yell I have ever heard, even during my growth. It was insane, even the scream of a T-Rex was ridiculous in comparison! The ground shook as if there had been an earthquake, the windows of the gym and all the vehicles in the parking exploded instantly, the car alarms went off... Well, it looks like my brother finally got his "chocolate mousse". And a few seconds later, I heard a new noise coming from the room. The next round had started... I suddenly thought about Ben and Matt, where were they in their hulkification process? Were they like me in their bathroom, on all fours, in moaning painfully while they were exploding out of their clothes? One thing was sure, they would not sleep much, their night will be... agitated hehehe. From my side, I was still contagious for a few hours and I was going to take advantage of it! I was thinking about who I could visit in the next few hours, who would be next on my "to hulkify list". Greg seemed a good choice, he was always nice to me, he deserves a little reward. And on the contrary I was thinking also who was going to be on my "to terrify list", those I will visit later, when there is no more risk of contagion. I think I'll start with this dear Rob, this bastard deserves a little correction! Yeah, the next few hours were going to be fun, really fun!
  6. Dostille


    *This is my first story ever – please feel free to critique + add suggestions!* Zap! Once upon a time, there was a man named Jake. He had always been self-conscious about his body, growing up he was bullied for being overweight and never felt comfortable in his own skin. However, he had always been attracted to men with big muscles and strong bodies, and he had always dreamed of having a physique like that. He had always wanted to have bigger muscles, to feel more confident and to be able to defend himself. He spent hours at the gym, trying to achieve his dream body but never really seeing the results he desired. One day, while browsing through an antique shop, he stumbled upon a tiny ray gun. The shop was dimly lit, with old dusty items scattered about, and the smell of musty wood in the air. The ray gun was an ancient-looking device, with intricate engravings and a strange arm symbol on the handle. He had no idea what the ray gun did, but he was intrigued by its unique design and decided to buy it. As he was leaving the shop, he saw a gym across the street and decided to check it out. Inside, he saw a guy with huge arms and chest lifting heavy weights. The guy had biceps that were so big they looked like they were about to burst out of his skin, his chest was also impressively massive, and his pecs were perfectly defined. He was lifting weights that Jake couldn't even dream of lifting, each dumbbell easily weighed at least 50 pounds each. The man’s body was dusted in a light coating of hair, glistening sweat running down his rippling muscles and had coursing blood flow of testosterone filled veins popping out of his arms like pythons. Jake couldn't help but feel a rush of arousal as he watched the guy flex and lift. He decided to try out the ray gun and aimed it at the guy's arms. The ray gun made a tiny electrical buzz but the beam was completely invisible. Nothing happened for a few minutes and then, to his surprise, the guy's strength slowly began to fade, making it harder for him to lift the weights rep by rep. His first set had started at an easy set of 12 but the second set he could barely lift the dumbbells for three reps before failure. Jake couldn't believe what was happening, but he couldn't deny the feeling of power and excitement it gave him. As he continued to watch the guy struggle with his lifts, Jake's own muscles began to grow and his clothes started to stretch. He could feel the power coursing through his body, and he couldn't stop himself from staring at another gym-goer with huge quads. Jake: "Wow, look at those quads on that guy. I bet he's really strong." Jake said in a noticeably deeper voice Friend: "Yeah, he's been working out for a long time. You should talk to him, maybe he could give you some tips." Jake: "Yeah, maybe I will." As the second gym-goer was doing squats, Jake zapped him with the ray gun and watched as his strength slowly began to fade. The guy had legs that were massive, his quadriceps were bulging out of his shorts, and his muscles rippling as he lifted the weights. He was lifting weights that Jake couldn't even dream of lifting, the barbell was loaded with plates that weighed at least 600 lbs. Jake couldn't stop grinning as he felt his own legs growing bigger and stronger. He could see his own quadriceps bulging out of his shorts and his muscles rippling as he flexed. His calf muscles became round and firm, his thigh muscles rippling with power. As he continued to use the ray gun, Jake noticed some changes in his body. He had more body hair and a slightly deeper voice each time he used the ray gun. His muscles were getting bigger and harder, and previously barely-there chest hair was becoming coarser, slightly catching on his tight workout shirt as he stood up. Jake's boyfriend couldn't help but notice the changes in his body. He kept commenting on how the gym was paying off, and she couldn't get enough of his growing muscles. Jake felt a surge of testosterone as he flexed in front of him, showing off an impressive physique. Jake: "I can't believe how much stronger I'm getting. I've never felt this good before." Boyfriend: "I know, it's amazing. Your muscles are getting bigger and bigger every day. I can't keep my hands off of them." "I don't know how you're doing it, but it's working. Keep it up." Jake knew that he had found a secret weapon that would help him achieve his goals faster and more efficiently. He continued to use the ray gun every time he went to the gym and he saw his muscles grow at an alarming rate. His biceps bulged out of his sleeves like he had always dreamed, his chest became more defined and his legs became bigger and more muscular, filling out his shorts like tree trunks. He had never felt so confident and attractive. He was addicted to the feeling of power that came with the ray gun, and he knew that he would never give it up. He was determined to become the most muscular and attractive man in the gym. Jake's newfound confidence and muscle mass attracted attention from other gym-goers, and some of them even asked him for tips on nutrition and how to use machines properly. He couldn't help but feel powerful and in control as chose victims to “borrow” a bit of their strength. However, Jake kept the secret of the ray gun to himself, enjoying the feeling of power it gave him and the attention it brought him. One day, after a hard workout set that left him feeling pumped and energized, Jake decided to head to the sauna to relax and unwind. As he entered the sauna, he felt the heat envelop him, and he couldn't help but feel invigorated. He slowly stripped off his shirt, revealing his hot, glistening body, and as he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror, he couldn't believe what he saw. He saw a man with an Adonis-like body staring back at him. His muscles were perfectly defined and rippling, his chest was impressively massive and his pecs were perfectly defined, his abs were like a washboard, his biceps were like bowling balls. He couldn't help but admire his physique, he felt like a Greek God, he flexed his muscles and felt the power coursing through his veins. He knew that he had finally achieved his dream body, and he felt proud and accomplished. He was built like a tank, he had shoulders as broad as a door with every muscle perfectly defined. He turned around to check out his back, he was impressed by the way his lats flared out and his traps stood out like mountains. He was truly a sight to behold. He couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement and arousal as he admired his own muscles in the mirror, he knew that he had worked hard to achieve this physique and it was all worth it. Then, just after Jake was finishing up in the sauna, a new guy walked in that caught his eye. He was tall, with globe-like boulder shoulders and a chiseled chest. Clearly, he had been working out for years, dedicating himself to achieving such an impressive physique. Jake couldn't help but stare, shoulders were always his weak point, and he had never seen such a massive set before. He felt a rush of arousal as he watched the guy walk by, the way his muscles flexed and bulged with each movement, it was like watching a work of art in motion. He smiled mischievously and introduced himself as he offered to help spot his new gym buddy. The guy looked at Jake with a smile and said "Sure, I could use a spotter."
  7. There's been a big slowdown in new content so I thought I'd try to inject some activity. This story will contain similar themes from my other stories, but it will be a lot more lighthearted, I believe. Hopefully you'll find some enjoyment out of it as well. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ My Roommate Rivals CHAPTER ONE: “So, Rory, are you gonna live on your own now? Enjoy the bachelor life a little?” Amy questions me as I help her box up her things. Amy is my roommate, my soon to be former roommate to be exact, and also great friend from college. “I don’t think so, I’ll probably get another roommate. Maybe even two. I’m only 24 so that extra income really helps with the mortgage.” “I would guess, I still can’t believe you were able to get a house like this.” “Yeah, perk of living in the Midwest and buying in a down market. Big houses that are cheap. You’re not going to get that out in Denver.” “Oh trust me, I know,” Amy rolls her eyes in exasperation. “I’ll have to get used to a 400 sq ft apartment. You got it lucky here.” I purchased my home a little under three years ago when I was just out of college. I like my city and knew I had a very safe position in my job even back then, so I bit the bullet and bought my first home. Certainly no mansion, but as Amy mentioned it had a lot of space for a starter home. Two bedrooms and 1-1/2 baths upstairs with a fully finished walkout basement with two more bedrooms and another full bath downstairs. A little of 2500 square feet, no too shabby, even though half of that is a basement. That being said, purchasing a house so young I knew I some assistance with the mortgage would be needed. So since I bought my house I’ve had a handful of roommates over the years and it had worked out great. The house was perfect to rent rooms out with the walkout. It gave me my privacy upstairs when I wanted it and it’s hard to argue with the extra income. Plus, I was still young and more than happy to stay connected as much as I could to my college friends, many of whom were still undergrads. With a big open backyard as well, my home made for a good place to have the occasional shindig as well. Amy offers a lead as I carry some boxes upstairs, “Well if you don’t have anyone lined up yet, my cousin just graduated and is looking for a place. He’s a business major, works for the air conditioner manufacturing plant across town.” “Oh yeah? That’s cool. I already put out a feeler among my buddies on Facebook. I’d much prefer to find roommates from friends like you rather than sift through the weirdos on Craigslist and such. Then if he sucks I can blame you." Amy giggles as we load the boxes into her car. “He’s cool. He’s a frat boy, Theta Chi.” I give her skeptical look. “I know, I know! But he’s alright. Yeah, a little bit of a tool but all fratties are. If he gives you shit let me know and I’ll kick his ass.” We share a laugh and Amy tells me she’ll get me in touch with him. “Sweet, I’ll let Grif know.” “Grif? Really?” “Shut up!” Amy then gives me a devious look, “Plus Rory, regardless of their personalities, don’t act like you haven’t told me that you think frat guys are hot.” I smirk back at her, “Ok, you sold me. As long as he wears a polo. If he’s ok living with a gay dude then I could give it a try." - Seven days later I’m sitting at a BWW’s reading a menu when I see a hand reach out to me in my peripheral vision. I look up and see a stunning young man smiling down to me. “Are you Rory?” I nod. “Hey bro, I’m Griffin, nice to meet you.” I shake his hand and my eyes trace up the defined forearm, past his elbow to nicely pumped biceps which are encased in snug sleeves. I take in his torso…oh yeah, he’s even rocking a polo. I laugh inwardly wondering if Amy told him to do so to make a good impression on me. Either way it’s working. I can make just out his pecs through the polo and note how his waist is still hiding in the loose fabric, indicating its tightness. He has very broad and round shoulders, perhaps he was a swimmer back in high school. Standing there I judge him to be about 5’10 with a nicely gym built body. Far from huge, but he definitely uses the weight room on a regular basis. I look up to his face. Oh yeah, typical frat boy, but I can’t deny I’m temporarily smitten. Strong jaw, full lips, Roman nose. His face is a perfect combination of masculinity mixed with a still maturing, yet boyish face. On top of his head is neatly styled dirty blond hair contrasting his bright blue eyes. My stomach flutters as I attempt to regain my voice. “Hi Griffin. Have a seat, I already ordered a beer, the waitress should be back soon. You like wings?” “Hell yeah man, who doesn’t! The hotter the better.” We chat and I do my best to get a feel for the guy. The waitress comes by and takes our order and Griffin orders himself a beer as well. “So I guess that means you’re 21?” I ask. “Yep, just turned two months ago.” “Are you a big drinker, Griffin?” “Call me Grif, bro. I’m not a huge drinker, but I like to party, yeah.” Grif chuckles, sensing my apprehension. “But I promise I’m not one of those alcoholic frat boys. I like to party, but I keep it reasonable. Only the weekends. Plus, too much booze is bad for the abs.” Griffin smiles, leans back and pats his stomach. The fibers of his tanned forearms undulate as he does. Inside I’m wishing he would pull up the shirt and give me a glimpse. As we chat more I quickly catch on that he has the frat boy charm. He’s a guy who is used to getting what he wants, but it also becomes clear he’s worked for what he has too. He came to college with minimal scholarships and worked part time for most his undergrad. I can respect that. He lets me know he’s got a typical 8-5 job so our work schedules would be the same. We are both into watching sports even though I’m not nearly as athletic as him. It seems like a good fit, and I trust Amy’s judgement. “Well, Grif, I think this could work out if you still want to rent out my room?” “Sweet, dude! Yeah man, if those rates you told Amy are still good then I’m in for sure. Amy told me about the basement and I trust her. Sounds like you got a great setup.” “Great! Oh…um…I don’t know if Amy mentioned this, but-” Grif cuts me off “You’re gay right, bro? Amy already told me.” “Um…yeah. Is that a problem?” Grif smiles and takes a drink of his beer. “Fuck no, dude. Some of my favorite guys from Theta Chi were gay. Is it gonna be a problem that I’m a breeder?” I laugh out loud and Grif raises his glass to mine and we cheers. - It’s just three days later when Grif starts moving in. He has a couple of his frat bros helping him and I’m swooning at all the hot young men in my home. They are all boisterous and playful but I can tell they are good dudes. And their muscle definitely comes in handy and not just for my eyes and spank-bank. All the bros are wearing cutoff shirts exposing their rock arms and giving me glimpses of pecs. Their strong bodies easily handle the big items. I’m not sure I would’ve been able to help Grif move in his dresser, the thing was massive. Luckily I got to stand by and hold the door open as these jacked frat boys move Grif’s stuff in. Grif and his bros are impressed with my house as well, which I take pride in. I can tell Grif is excited, “Damn dude, Amy didn’t do this basement justice. This living room down here is HUGE! And you even got a bar down here? With fridge and microwave? This is awesome!” Grif throws his meaty arm around my shoulder, “Whenever you bring over a hot stud I got all I need to stay down here and let you have at him!” I laugh and reciprocate, “Yeah Grif. And if you have a chick down here you got all you need.” “Not ‘IF’, Rory-boy. WHEN!” Grif squeezes my shoulder and pats me on the back. I reward the guys with pizza and beer which only cements my endearment to Grif’s buddies. They ask if I ever host parties and I tell them occasionally. “But you guys can certainly come over anytime you want to hang with Grif.” Grif smiles and adds, “And to hang with you too, buddy!” Late that night after Griffin’s friends have left I leave him alone to get settled in. As he does I notice a new message on my phone from my mother. [Hi Rory. My coworker Wendy has a son who is looking for a room. He’s in his last year at the University. He was always a good kid in high school. Here is his Facebook page if you’re interested. Love you!] [Thanks mom. Give me a few days to think about it. New guy seems cool. I prefer one roommate but let me think it over. Love ya too.] The next day the decision becomes easier. I find out that all annual merit raises as work have been frozen since business is down. I grumble but I suppose I should be thankful that I wasn’t one of the 15% who were laid off last month. All of sudden the income of another roommate is very enticing so I let my mother know I’ll set something up. I bring it up with Grif too. “That’s up to you, Rory-boy. I’m good with another roommate if you are. I lived in a frat house with 40 other guys, just 2 other roommates is a huge improvement. Just please don’t bring in a weirdo.” “I won’t Grif. He’s a bartender, I’m meeting up with him tonight.” “A bartender, huh? Well that’s a good sign. Plus if he can get me free or reduced drinks at his bar then I’m in for sure!” I’ve arranged to meet up with the new prospect at his bar. He works most nights so this was the only way I could see him during my normal hours. Being a college town and with it still being summer, the bar shouldn't be too busy so he assures me via text that he’ll be able to talk. I ask the woman behind the counter, “Excuse me, is Osbourne here?” She looks at me before shouting down the bar, “Oz! Someone’s here for you!” A man comes from behind the wall of booze wiping his hands on a towel and approaches me. His is a fine specimen of man I must say. He is long and lean with dark complexion that goes perfectly with his short black hair. He either has some Mediterranean genes or he has spent a considerable amount of time tanning this summer. I take in his dark piercing eyes, he is one of those guys who looks like they are wearing eyeliner. He’s a got a couple small tattoos on his forearms which look like black flames but I don’t look too closely. His has a very tight and lithe body, sort of like a male runway model. I can tell he has some power in his taut muscles, he gives me the impression of a compressed spring. A man with a lot more power than he looks. I peg him at about 5’11, maybe 170 lbs. He’s wearing a snug black shirt which gives an impression of the firm muscles underneath. The dark jeans he’s wearing show off a surprising ample ass, which no doubt gets worked a lot, either in the gym or with the women he picks up. All in all, the guy is smoldering. The type of guys that gives ‘dark and mysterious’ its appeal. He smiles at me, “Hey man, are you Rory? I’m Oz. What can I get you, it’s on the house.” “Top shelf it is!” I joke and he grins. “Kidding, any hefeweizen will do.” “Got just the thing for ya, man.” Like any good bartender he is charming and engaging. He makes me feel like he genuinely interesting getting to know me, even if he isn’t. I certainly want to get to know him better, especially sans clothes, but I keep this to myself. “Just got a few classes left before I can graduate with my business degree,” he lets me know. “This bartending job pays pretty well so I’m not in a huge hurry to get my degree, honestly. So instead of one tough final semester I’m going to stretch what I have left over two semesters and graduate next Spring.” “Smart man. So I already have one roommate, is that cool?” “If it’s not a problem with him its not a problem with me. I just gotta get out of my current place. I currently live with four other dudes. Five guys in one big house is way too many. The place is a pigsty and I’m a very clean person.” “I like hearing that, Oz. So you’ll still be bartending for the next year then?” “At least. I’d be a great roommate. We wouldn’t even really cross paths too often. I work afternoons and nights until closing and my normal days off are Sunday and Monday. So most of the time I won’t see you. We wouldn’t be in each others way too much.” This revelation gives me conflicting feelings, I love the idea that the second roommate will almost be invisible…yet at the same time I WANT to see as much of this gorgeous man as I could. “One last thing, Oz. I don’t know if your mom told you, but I’m gay, I hope that’s alright.” Oz chuckles as he smiles at me. “She didn’t tell me but honestly I pegged you as gay right away.” “You did? How!?” Oz smirks at me, “Because I’m hot, dude. And Erica, the girl who called me over. She’s smokin’ hot too, but you were only looking at me.” I hide my face, embarrassed and Oz laughs. “No worries man. It wasn’t obvious. It’s a skill I’ve picked up being a bartender. And to answer your question, I don’t care at all that you’re gay. Love is love, man. Here, have another free beer since I embarrassed ya.” He sets a new bottle down on the bar in front of me and gives me a smoldering wink. - The following weekend Oz pulls into my driveway on Saturday morning with the back of his pickup full of of his belongings. I welcome him inside where Grif and I have been eating breakfast. Grif and Oz lock eyes for the first time in my home. Grif drops his cereal spoon, rolls his eyes and moans dramatically. “Awww man, Rory? You’re letting this loser live here?” I’m taken aback by Grif’s rudeness but turn to see Osbourne smirking at Grif. “I take it you two know each other?” Oz approaches Grif and slaps him on the shoulder with a grin. “Griffin of Theta Chi! How’s it going man? Still salty about how we beat you guys for the flag football crown?” Grif huffs, “That was a lucky fuckin’ fluke play and you know it!” “We still won!” Oz grins brightly. “So you two do know each other.” “Yeah, Grif and I here were in the top two frats at the university. Our frats were big rivals. My frat, Phi Delta Theta has won the most intramural Greek trophies in the last few years. We usually beat the little Theta Chi boys here like Grif. But hey man, 2nd place is still pretty good,” Oz says patronizingly. “The Phi Delts always got the calls by the refs, some shady shit if you ask me,” Grif grumbles. “But my frat was known for having WAY better parties with MUCH hotter girls. Can’t deny that, Oz! Sorry you guys were never invited.” The two continue to banter and I watch them close. While it’s clear they are both proud members of their frats and both extremely competitive, I don’t get the sense that they hate each other. They seem to have a frenemies relationship. Regardless I decide I better make sure this is the case. “So boys, is this gonna be a problem? You two are going to start coming to blows are you? Because you guys are both a lot bigger than me, I can’t stop you.” The two laugh and Grif answers, “Naw boss, we’ll be fine. Plus, if we fought, Oz here would be in trouble since I’m clearly bigger and stronger.” Grif smirks and quickly throws up a single arm flex. A well developed biceps muscle pops up. Oz grins and turns to Grif. He stands right up to him, “Are you sure your bigger, Grif? I’ve got a couple of inches of height on you, little guy.” “Couple of inches my ass! You are maybe an inch taller, bro. I still weigh more than you, skinny.” “Barely. Well I’m still taller!” “And I’m still bigger!” - Oz takes the day to get settled in. He is wearing a sleeveless shirt as we hauls his stuff in and I enjoy his caramel skin which is stretched tight over his very lean muscles as I suspected. Oz is much more vascular and lean than I previously thought. He’s not as bulky as Grif but has that wiry look, almost like a wrestler. I catch a glimpse of his abs through he side of his very loose cutoff tank…and it’s very nice. By that evening Oz is settled into his room in the basement next to Grif’s. With a big sigh Oz joins us on the couch in the living room. “No plans tonight, Grif?” he asks. “Did you lose all your friends or what?" “No, twat. Just a low key Saturday tonight. I went out last night.” “Got it. No friends.” Oz teases and Grif chucks a pillow at his face. Later that night their intensely competitive streak comes out again as I hear screaming coming from the basement living room. I tromp down the stairs to find the two studs playing Call of Duty. “What the hell are you guys doing down here?” “Well, Oz here is fucking CHEATING, that’s what’s happening.” Oz just laughs, “Sorry, boss. Grif here just can’t handle losing to the better man. You’d think he’d better at coping by now, poor guy.” “Fuck off!” Grif slams his controller down and stomps to his room. I laugh as I watch him sulk off, “It’s not that big of a deal, Grif,” but he just huffs as he walks by. I may have underestimated the intensity of their rivalry.
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    Bull virus

    warning look at the tags before you read this u have been warned Chapter .5 (just set up really) zack pov “It’s spreading like wildfire this bull virus” the news reporter said “for the few of you that don’t know it changes men mostly with some effects on women. “Men were either turned into bulls (hulking breeding machines) or cows ( another option for bulls to breed ).your best option to avoid it is to wait it out those infected are only infectious for a few months after the initial infection so just stay indoors and relax now it’s time for Sheryl with the weather after that we will have the current specialist on this disease to talk about it later”. ”fuck my flight back just got canceled” my runt of a “big” brother ray said. “Oh boo hoo looks like you will just have to wait it out with us runt”I teased “dude I get that you don’t like me but I got projects I got to finish back on campus otherwise I wouldn’t care” he starts calling his school to see what he can do. awhile later dad walks in ,a mountain of a man in what’s basically a hazmat suit “boys shower now we can’t take any chances with this virus”. “together dad were both men now that’s weird “I complain. “Well if you didn’t manage to break the second one last week we wouldn’t have this issue now would we zack” ray grabs my arm “ let’s just get this over with dude” we strip and I hate to admit it but he isn’t a runt in one area when he's soft he’s larger than me hard but he’s to nice of a guy to tease me about it after we shower dad sets some rules : 1 unless it’s an emergency Or for food no leaving the house 2 ray is in charge of groceries (dad managed to find an extra suit in his size ) 3.no company over 4. zack will make the food the rules made sense dad can work from home and ray being smaller would probably help him avoid the bulls and I managed to convince dad to let my girlfriend stay with us. Unfortunately dad forgot to check ray’s entire suit and that would change our family forever
  9. So here we go, my first ever posted story. Always been into growth stories and roleplays and I’ve been writing this lately. Enjoy and let me me know what you think ——————————————————————— Twink vs Bully: The One True Alpha “Oh fuck I’m actually bigger!” Said Owen as he felt his small but hard bicep. He was standing in the locker room flexing in the floor length mirror. Owen stared at himself, flexing and hitting poses, his lean muscular body a little vascular from his workout. Although Owen enjoyed what he saw. He knew it wasn’t enough. He wanted more. Way more. He wanted huge rippling muscles. Thick veins. And to be taller wouldn’t hurt either. His small bulge stirred as he fantasied about being bigger. The perfect male specimen. Then he opened his eyes to see his reflection and sighed. Standing there in nothing but his white boxer briefs, his 5’10 frame was lean and pale. His thin pecs had little definition, as did his barely visible abs. His arms were thin but muscular, his legs were the same. Owen angled his face looking at his soft jawline, he didn’t mind his wavy brown hair or green eyes though. “At least I won’t be like this for long....” Owen grinned at himself. “I can’t wait to be huge!” Owen flexed a most muscular pose, his thin muscles tensed and a few veins stirred as he let out a pathetic grunt. The locker room door slammed open “what the fuck do we have here?!” Sneered a deep masculine voice. Owen jumped and turned around to see his tormenter, Callum. The source of all his pain, the alpha of the jocks, the school bully. Callum stood there with a cocky stance. Although he was only 18 Callum was an absolute beast. His 6’4 frame was thick with rippling vascular powerful muscle. His big feet inside a pair of huge black leather wrestling boots. His jeans so tight around his long thick legs that they showed every crevice. His bulge constantly tight. His white sweat soaked T-shirt skin tight. His black leather jacket hanging open from his broad shoulders. His tight pecs jutting out over what Owen knew must have been a ripped 8 pack. Callum’s neck was thick with muscle, a few veins ran up and over his sharp Adam’s apple. His light brown hair perfectly swept over and back. Framing his chizzled model-like face, cheekbones and a ridiculously square hard jawline. His bright blue eyes shone with hunger as he stared at Owen..... his prey. Owen stared right back at the huge jock. As much as he hated himself for it, Owen was so turned on by Callum. Even if he did hate him with a deep passion. A wide arrogant grin spread across Callum’s face. “You trying flex bro? Trying to pose like a real man? Hate to break it to you Owen but you can’t flex what you don’t have.” Callum put his hands on his hips to add to his cocky stance, spreading his lats. “Me on the other hand...” he said as he raised his left arm, flexing his bicep, his leather jacket straining skin tight over the teens huge arm, veins pulsing over his clenched fist. “Oh fuck off Callum...” hissed Owen. He turned back to the mirror and continued imagining what he would be like as a muscular alpha male. Although he was thrown aside into the lockers by a huge force. “The fuck you say to me bro?!” Growled Callum as he pushed Owen against the lockers with his huge chest. “You know what happens when you don’t respect your alpha brother!” Owen thought back to the time Callum had humiliated him in front of all the other jocks in the showers. Forcing Owen to worship his pumped naked body. “I’m not your ‘brother!” Snapped Owen. “Sure you are bro” grinned Callum as he pressed his chest harder against the twink. “I’m just... bigger... better... stronger...” he snarled. Owen gulped as he felt Callum’s pecs flex into hard stone. Pushing him harder against the lockers. “Don’t tell me you don’t like it?” Grinned Callum flexing a double bicep. His leather jacket once again strained to the max over his bulging arms. Owen quickly slipped down and out of the jocks hold and dived for his bag. “Where you going little bro?” Owen rummaged in his bag until he found it. The small clear bag containing a large black pill. “Oh fuck bro?!” Laughed Callum. “You taking roids now?!” “Oh you got no idea!” Spat Owen before swallowing the large black pill. He stared Callum straight in the eye. “What do you say Callum? How about we switch things up a bit?” “What the fuck you mean man? What? You wanna feel what it’s like to have this body? Be a born and bred alpha?” Callum mocked groping his left pectoral. “Nah man” said Owen. “I mean you be the one who gets dominated. You be the beta bitch.....bro” mocked Owen. “Oh fuck this is gonna be good! I can already feel it!” “Bro what the fuck..” “Shut the fuck up!” Barked Owen. “Oh fuck yeah.... it’s coming.... I feel it.... I fucking feel it! And it feels so... fucking.... GOOOOD!” Owens voice dropped a few octaves to a deep husky rumble as he growled the last word. Owens hands clenched into fists as veins pulses thick up his arms. Over his shoulders, spreading over his bare chest, up his neck. Callum stared at Owen, still taken aback at his voice dropping to that growl. What the fuck was going on? His question was answered. Owen let out a series of deep grunts and growls as he began flexing his body. “Grrraaah!” He roared as his neck bulged with muscle. A sharp Adam’s apple poking out. Owen flexed again, this time his traps ballooned out, his shoulders bulging with corded muscles as they grew broader. His lats flaring out giving him a huge v-taper down to his tight waist. “Oh fuck brah.... this is fucking amazing! Come on! Bigger! I want fucking.......BIGGER!” Owen roared as his voice dropped lower again, he surged taller, then taller again. His limbs growing longer to make room for all that growing muscle. “FUCK YEAGH!” He bellowed as his chest burst forward into two huge ripped pectorals. Owens arms bulged and flexed with huge biceps, triceps, meaty forearms as his hands curled into huge veiny fists. He used his new muscle paws to caress his stomach as a deep cut 6pack bulged forward. “Come on! MORE!” Growled Owen fingering his abs. The growth obeyed his will as his 6 pack became an 8 pack... then a chizzled 10 pack. With a hard v-line growing down to his bulge... which was growing thicker every second. Owens white boxer briefs now skin tight. Barley able to wrap around his huge solid quads. Veins pulsing down over his tree trunk legs to his rippling calves. His feet growing in length, in width, to support his new powerful frame. “OH FUCK YEAAAGH!” Roared Owen flexing a double bicep pose, veins throbbing over his python like arms, over his chest and abs. Callum stood fixed to the spot. Staring in amazement at the 6’7 shredded giant alpha muscle jock in front of him. Owen slowly looked down over his chest. His eyes bright with hunger and new found power. His jawline sharper and squared as an evil grin spread across his face. “Like what you see?” He growled as Callum’s bulge hardened. Owen took two huge strides towards Callum, flexed his huge legs, his 10 pack abs and chest, his arms and shoulders and snarled deeply. “I’m the alpha now...” “Oh fuck...” said Callum in a slight whimper as he couldn’t help but reach up and caress Owens huge chest. His other hand feeling the grooves of Owens 10 pack. “What the fuck man.... you’re.... a total beast!” He said in awe. “Fuck yeah I am!” Said Owen with an arrogant grin as he reflexed his biceps. “Fuck, can’t contain it any longer...” Owen snarled as he grabbed his boxers and easily tore them right off. His new solid 10 inch veiny muscle rod lurching up and hitting Callum in the chin. “Fucking worship me brah!” Owen commanded. Callum had no choice. He ran his hands up Owens hard obliques and lats. Caressed and squeezed his biceps. Owen moaned in pleasure as Callum then reached up and licked his pecs. Then worked his way down Owens solid 10 pack, feeling each brick with his tongue as his hands felt up the beasts huge rippling hairy quads. “Fuck yes!” Roared Owen flexing again. “Now taste my true muscle you fucking beta!” Owen bucked his hips in pleasure as Callum was forced to take his huge thick cock in his mouth. He would have gagged but it felt so good to Callum. The rod was warm in his mouth, so solid, he could feel the veins. Owen snarled deeply in pleasure as he moved back and forth with Callum, working his shaft. “Fuck yes! Fuck yes!” Owen flexed his tryumphant double bicep pose again, harder than ever. His veins throbbing. “I’m the alpha!” He roared. “I’m the bigger bro! I’m the stronger bro!” He thrust harder holding his pose. “I AM. A FUCKING. BEAAAST!” Owens tight muscular hips bucked hard, his whole body flexing harder than ever as he blew his huge load into Callum. Callum swallowed again and again, his mouth and thick neck working furiously to take down all that thick alpha cum. Owen withdrew, still solid. His eyes shut tight. “Ohhh!” He moaned groping his pecs. Feeling up his new massive powerful body. A few moments passed as Owen caressed his jacked up frame. Then he opened his eyes and slowly looked down. His eyes fell upon Callum who was leaning against the lockers, staring at Owen. Hunger and thirst in Callum’s eyes as he wiped the last of Owens cum off his mouth and licked it off his thumb. Callum let out a deep sigh. “I was hoping you’d do that....brah” he said quietly. Not breaking eye contact. Callum walked forwards a few steps, “you see Owen, that was super impressive! Fuck I bet you’re the biggest jock around! Actually you’re probably the biggest muscle beast in the city! You could rival all champion bodybuilders!” Owen was enjoying the worship, but he was growing suspicious. Where was Callum going with this? “But you know bro... you’re just not cut out for this shit. Unlike you... I was born to be an alpha” Callum teased as he once again groped his own chest. “And you should know brah.... once an alpha.... always the FUCKING alpha!” Spat Callum as he flexed his own double bicep, this time, the leather of his jacked bursting right open exposing two huge solid veiny bicep peaks. Biceps peaks that were starting to swell. Even with his new powerful body, Owen stared at Callum. Fearing what was about to happen. A dark menacing grin spread across Callum’s chizzled face. He stared hard into Owens eyes as he squeezed and squeezed his double bi. His biceps throbbing bigger and covered in veins. As if raw power was pumping around inside him, waiting to be unleashed. Owens body acted for him. He balled his veiny fist and threw a punch with all the might he could summon. His fist hit something solid. The palm of Callum’s hand. Callum caught the punch in his hand easily and closed his fingers around Owens. Callum’s grin widened as his hand grew bigger and thicker, more muscular and veiny as it engulfed Owens fist. With this Callum let out a thunderous laugh. Although it wasn’t his usual laugh. It was far far deeper, ground rumbling... demonic. Callum’s neck muscles quivered as it sounded. Owen knew. This was it. What had he done?! As Callum’s baritone devilish laugh filled the locker room, he started to swell. His fist still wrapped around Owens. His clothes tightening further and further into the creases of his muscles. He grew taller and taller and taller. Bones cracking and reforming much longer. Preparing him for what was to come. With a deep animal like snarl Callum raised his huge left foot. The leather of his wrestling boot almost skin tight around the muscle and flesh it held. Callum kicked at Owens solid 10 pack abs and sent him crashing backwards into the lockers. Callum widened his stance and balled his veiny fists at his chest, like he was trying to keep a bomb from exploding inside, building up the power. Still with his chizzled devilish grin spread wide, Callum’s neck thickened with corded vascular muscle. His writs writhing with veins. His pecs forced his shirt a little further open as they rippled and flexed with the power that was filling up inside Callum. Ready to explode. His growth in height made his v line and the bottom of his 8 pack visible as his shirt rode higher. “This power.....” Callum grunted through gritted teeth as his jawline flexed, his voice inhumanly deep. “... you have wasted it... squandered it! You couldn’t see it’s full potential! But I can! I was born an alpha! I was born to be a GOD! OHH!” He roared as his biceps surged bigger, his shoulders bulging in his skin tight jacket. “FUCK! Can’t... hold on...any longer! So... much..... POWERRRRGGH!” He roared as his voice dropped lower again and his body erupted in muscle. He bent over forwards as his clothes ripped open down the centre of his hulking back. His shoulders bulging bigger and bigger causing the fabric to tear and rip at the seams. Callum arched backwards as another spurt of growth hit him. His pecs fighting for space under his shirt and open jacket. More and more abs showing as his shirt rose upwards. His hands bulged longer with more veiny muscle as he grabbed the painfully tight clothes over his torso. “YEEAASS!” He roared like a savage. “GRROOAAARGH!” Callum boomed as he tore his shirt and leather jacket completely apart. His mountainous torso erupting out. He clawed at his pecs with his fingers like a hungry animal as his chest filled with raw godlike power. Each slab of muscle throbbing, rippling and flexing into a huge set of vein webbed striated pectorals. A deep crevice gorging down in between. “BIGGER!” He roared in command. His abs contorted and flexed into a cut 12 pack. But upon feeling them with his long thick fingers, Callum snarled his disapproval. “I WANT EVERYTHING ITS GOT!” He growled. The growth obliged as his abs flexed and bulged further and deeper until 18 cobblestone abs separated by sweaty gorges had been dug into his stomach. A hard, long veiny V-line arrowing down to his huge bulge. He raised his arms, allowing rippling obliques to line his 18 pack abs. The muscles shredding up into his armpits as his lats flared out like massive veiny thick wings. Forming the most incredible v-taper. “FUCKING ALPHA GOD MUSCLE PITS!” Callum roared in ecstasy as dark hair thick with musky hot sweat grew under his arms, a thin dark stubble like layer growing over his pec shelf and down the middle of his abs. Highlighting every grove and crevice. Callum’s arms were next. He stretched and flexed them as huge watermelon sized biceps writhed with snaking veins. “FUCK YEAARGH! BIGGERR!” He roared, pumping them larger. Triceps curved sharp and thick underneath. Forearms thick with veiny muscle meat corded down to his huge hands. Callum flexed a hulking, monstrous most muscular pose as his shoulders grew out to over 3 meters broad. Each delt separating into huge rounded shredded boulders. His traps bulged and sloped upwards and in behind Callum’s head as his face became even more chizzled and muscular. His jawline freakishly sharp and bold. “FUCK! I’M HUUUGE! SO MUCH FUCKING MUSCLE!!” He growled. “MORE! I WANT MORRRRE!” Bellowed Callum as he soared past 8 feet tall. With a thunderous “YEEAASS!”, Callum raised his left leg and stomped down hard. His foot surged bigger and shredded apart his leather wrestling boot. His foot grew longer and wider, more muscular and corded with veins. The pulsing veins grew up over his calf which bulged into a huge cut diamond. His left thigh exploded with muscle as it ripped apart the last of his jeans, forming a massive tree-trunk-thick tear drop shaped quad. With a snarl of pleasure Callum stomped his other leg. Growing it to the same proportion. More stubble-like dark hair grew over his huge legs, highlighting each grove of the vascular muscle. As Callum reached just over 11 feet tall, his body hulking with godly power, his white Calvin boxers stretched paper thin and began to tear. With a monstrous “GROOAAARRH!” Callum flexed his entire body. Every muscle fighting for space, throbbing with snake like veins, shining with musky sweat. His boxers ripped off as a 2 foot long - forearm thick, vein webbed muscle rod flexed free. Swinging up to hit Callum’s abs. Power radiating from the monstrous teen jock as his growth seamed complete. Callum slowly raised his head, his eyes shining an ever brighter blue as he looked down over his chest to see Owen. The now defeated alpha laying in the wreckage of lockers he’d flown back into. Owens eyes locked onto the gargantuan beast that was Callum. His mouth wide open. His now pathetic muscle rod completely solid. Callum grinned and let out a deep growl. Raising his arms to see how massive they’d become. He continued to inspect his body. Hitting flexes and professional poses to show off his titanic frame. “You see Owen?!” He snarled. “This! This is true power! This is my true form!” Callum spun around and grabbed a whole locker from behind him. Lifting it with no effort at all. He turned back to face Owen. “THIS IS MY PURPOSE! TO GIVE THIS WEAK WORLD THE GOD IT DESERVES!” And like it was made of paper, Callum ripped the locker in two, throwing each piece so hard they took chunks out of the walls. Owen stared in half horror, half amazement at the powerhouse god infront of him. Callum’s body hulking with each breath, veins throbbing with raw testosterone. As Callum flexed his behemoth legs, his thick muscle cock throbbed harder than steel. “Fuck!” He moaned. “If your seed did this to me.... imagine what mine could do to others!” Callum’s eyes shon with hunger, with greed. His jaw curled into an arrogant devilish grin. “I think it’s time I payed a visit to my fellow jocks. If they kneel before their alpha then I might just reward them by letting them suck my godrod! Imagine that Owen! An army of beasts... loyal to their one true god!” He flexed his entire body once more, showing the raw muscular power he held. Showing the ultimate unstoppable predator he had become.
  10. BiteApple

    Alex GROWS (Stardew Valley)

    Hey everyone, Im back after a little break. Just wanted to get this piece out. Credit to GasaiV for this fantastic art. It belongs to him. I do not claim it, but I did morph some of them. Pure fetish work btw, built off my last story so they are a little similar "A-Alex?!?! Is that you??" The man in front of you had a rippling back, mapped with defined muscles, wide as anything. He was wearing a pair of tight fitting grey sweatpants, highlighting every curve in his legs. The band of his underwear peaked out at the top. He slowly turned around, grunting as he continued to pump out rep after rep of bicep curl, to reveal a strikingly handsome face. Emerald green eyes, pierced from behind a shaved army cut of hazel brown hair. His chiselled features accentuated by his cut jawline and killer smirk, framed by his bulging bull neck. "Haha… ragRgh! It's me alright." It was then that you looked down at the man's front half. It was just as impressive as his back. His bull neck levelled out into bulging traps, bookended by boulder shoulders, each with a sexy cut carved out the centre. His arms were massive. His thick bicep bulged with every rep, pumping bigger and BIGGER as veins popped up across the top and down his massive forearm. His pecs were giant melons of muscle, spilling out from his chest. You watched as they striated with every pump, moving up and down… meaty and huge… just like the rest of him. His nipples were large and pointed, areolas swollen and red. So, so suckable… and his abs… ohhh, they were ripped. A shredded eight pack, defined as hell, tore down his torso into a v just above his crotch, where a noticeable bulge rested. His obliques and lats extended from the sides of him like wings, and his thighs were so meaty and snug inside his pants you wondered how they didn't chaff. "You're… huge. What happened to you?" "Well you see… aRGH! During college I had to seriously bulk up if I wanted to dominate the game… nGrgh! The gym called to me. Soon I was addicted and decided to become a pro bodybuilder when I graduated. So… like what you see?" "Yes…mhmm… I want to…" You instinctively reached a hand out and placed it on his pec, feeling it ripple under your touch. Before you could react his free hand covered yours, holding it in place with his firm grip. You almost came from the stimulation. Looking down… did his bulge seem… bigger? "Want to take this a step further?" Your other hand slowly worked its way onto his other pec. "Yes… daddy…" you pleaded. He smirked, and struck a pose with his free hand. You gasped as the muscle tripled in size, swelling to almost double his head. You caress the swelled muscle, revelling in its solid hardness. Reaching down to grip his bulge, he lets out a soft moan. "Alex daddy… how big are you down there?" "Mmhmm… 9 inches probably… grew a bit when I started to juice" " Neghh… can't wait for you to shove it inside me… and fill me up…" You continue to worship his muscle body, feeling and exploring every sweaty crevice. You slip a hand under his arm… only to find it smooth. He notices your perplexition. "Yeah… could never grow hair there. No pubes either", he says with a slight frown. An idea pops in your head. "Hey Alex… what if I told you… you could be bigger? Much bigger? More manly than you could ever desire.? "Really? How?" "Just leave it to me. I sense you have a thirst… deep inside you. Locked away. A thirst for more. A thirst for muscle. A thirst… for godhood. And looking at you now… you're tiny. But you could be… so much… bigger." "Yes… I'm tiny. Puny even.I want to be bigger. It's true. I've always wanted more. Please baby, make me into a monster. I'll become the alpha of your dreams. Do it to me. Please." "Yes Alex… good. But do you know what doing this to yourself means? You will be bigger but… you will change. I fear you will lose your current self. This serum it… makes you darker. More… prominent. The thirst may very well consume you." "I don't care. I want it. You've unlocked my hidden desire for growth. I must be bigger. More muscular. I don't care what it does to me. I just need it, baby, please… more…" "Very well… strip now. Change into this jockstrap. You'll need it." He pulls off his sweats and underpants, and your eyes widen at the sight of his member. It's thick and long… just thinking of how big it's gonna grow… "I'm ready" he says as he pulls on the jock. You slip out the needle from your pocket, and climb onto a chair before plunging it into the vein on his shoulder. Immediately he cries out in pain. "FUCK… ARGHH… IT… HURTS… AWRFGHH… my body… its on fire… I feel it… coursing through my VEINS! ARGHH!!! PAIN… SO INTENSE… HAHAHAHA… I can feel it now… its beggining to work… transform me! More POWER!!" His arm then explodes as he begins to grow. Biceps swell as his shoulder broadens… becoming rounder… more defined. It's a boulder now. So massive and huge. He flexes his bicep as his triples in size, swelling to almost as large as his shoulder. You can start to see armpit hair sprouting in his pits as his forearms bulge. He notices this too, and laughs, voice beginning to deepen into a sexy baritone growl. He's still gripping the dumbell, and you notice the melting BENDING as his strength quadruples. "OHh… NGghh… yes! I'm getting so HUGE! Watch me… RARGH!! Arms… bulging so fuckin big bro… look at my shoulders. Can't fit through the door now. Daddy's getting huge…!!" Next to grow are his legs. His tree trunk quads are QUADRUPLING in size as they balloon bigger and thicker, becoming so defined and hard that you can't take your eyes off them. A thin coat of hair sprouts across them, and you can hear him grunt in satisfaction. "RAWRGH!! Real MAN legs now. Such a BEAST. Give me more serum baby… please… I need to get BIGGER! I know you want me too… just imagine me, all bulked up for you." You quickly pull out a second needle and push it into his left pec. Instantly, he roars ecstasy as his swelling body lets out a massive shockwave that knocks you onto the floor. You stare up at the growing muscle man in front of you, who's pecs have begun to swell. They grew more solid, spilling across the top row of his eight pack, which had started to become more defined as well. They were a true cobblestone wall now, flexing with every slight movement. "NGH… YES… REAL FUCKING MAN CHEST. Bodybuilder… fuck that's so hot. THIS is bodybuilding…no… GOD building!!" He roars as you notice a change in him. It's working now, the side effects of the serum. His attitude is changing… he's becoming darker… more dominant. Your cock throbbed in anticipation of what you were going to turn him into: an evil muscle god, to conquer and rule with. He lets out a roar as his transformation slows down. He's almost complete. Alex was a true muscle beast now. He was so wide that you knew getting out of this room was going to be a challenge… unless he outgrew it. Even his cock had grown, straining his jock and forming a massive bulge. The thin straps accentuated his bubble butt, his dick leaking precum EVERYWHERE. Suddenly, he started to writhe. "ARFH… My head… nGH… it hurts… FUCK! Must… have muscle… NEED more… muscle… changing… becoming dominant… darker… ARGHH!! NO… MUST RESIST… NGHH…YES… GIVING INTO THE DARKNESS… BECOMING… MUSCLE… GOD." He roars as his mind is corrupted. Sweet little Alex is no more. Now stands before you an evil dominant muscle god. "Your god demands another dose. Give it. Now", he orders in his deep, commanding voice. When you don't pull out another syringe, he roars in anger and picks you up, ripping off your shorts as if he was an alpha in a rut, and snatches up the 3rd vial. He plays with it in his massive palms, before whipping out his now MASSIVE (and hard) cock and plunging it deep within his piss slit. He lets out a deep, dangerous growl as the contents flow into his penis. His eyes are closed, and you can tell he's focussing. Suddenly, he lifts up both hands, and flexes into a double bicep. His body explodes with muscle. Everything swells, quadrupled in size as he moans in pure pleasure. He's… hulking out. Growing so big and massive. It was almost insane. He's becoming so much more than a god… yes… he was becoming a being of pure mass and muscle. The embodiment of only manliness, alpha, dominating manliness. You came in your boxers, watching him ascend. He grabbed another weight, much larger this time, and starts to pump. Immediately his face folds into one of pure ecstasy and pleasure as his cock starts to thicken. Harder. Girthier. Veiner. Until he cums. The room is covered in his essence, his eternal ambrosia. It smells wonderful. He turns to you now, an evil smirk on his face. "Daddy's home. And he's a god now. Open up wide, baby. Daddy's got a full alpha load to breed you with."
  11. I've written my first story, to accompany one of my drawing sequences. I hope you enjoy and be kind and leave feedback! Warning, contains unwilling transformation and some bro on bro action. If you enjoy this then please consider me for commissions! Message me for rates - open to all kinds of transformation. You can also support me on Patreon to see exclusive work and vote on future works: patreon.com/user?u=63775323 Oh and also - I would LOVE for other people to write kinky stories to go with some of my sequences! Or write me a new story so we can collab hehe ************* A Tale of Two Brothers: Donnie & Marco There was nothing particularly remarkable about brothers Marco and Donnie Diaz. Born to a mixed white and Latinx family they were raised predominantly by their father, Mr Diaz, after their mother walked out when Marco was just 6 and Donnie was 2. Mr Diaz worked for a local private science group and their lives were perfectly normal and respectable – they went to church every Sunday, Donnie studied hard and Marco hardly studied now he’d graduated high school and dropped out of community college after a couple of years. Out of the two brothers Marco, the older, was definitely the less inclined to hard work and study. He enjoyed gaming, drinking and sleeping in until well past midday – oh and masturbating of course. He was handsome, and had broken more than a few girls hearts with his tanned skin and thick dark chestnut-brown hair. He favoured sportswear and silver jewellery such as his fine silver chain necklace. If there was one thing he hated though it was his glasses and he swore to get laser eye surgery when older. The one thing Marco did put effort into was sports and he particularly enjoyed basketball, despite being only 5’9’’. Younger brother Donnie on the other hand was adorable, but more in the way that you just wanted to take care of him. His skin tone was paler but his thick tousled hair darker and he was even shorter than his brother at just 5’6’’. Like Marco, he too wore glasses, though they complimented his bookish personality. Whereas Marco liked dark clothes, Donnie favoured bright, peppy colours and a silver crucifix hung around his neck. Donnie studied hard and clearly had a similar mind to his father, fascinated by science. He was shy though and kept his head down, he did not have his brother’s confidence. Donnie and Marco didn’t exactly along and were prone to arguing or fighting, usually provoked by Marco when he was bored or restless. This was worse during the week when their father would leave them to look after themselves now they were both of age. Recently his work had meant he was frequently away until late at night leaving the boys to look after themselves. Though Marco was in technically in charge, it was unsurprisingly Donnie who took up most of the cooking and cleaning. “What are you working on, dad? What’s the top secret project?” Donnie would ask excitedly, his scientific brain whirring with possibility. But Mr Diaz would only chuckle and say it was more than his pay grade to tell Donnie that. After Mr Diaz left the room, Marco would snigger and flick balls of paper at Donnie calling him a “nerd”, though he too was privately curious. Over weeks the brother’s curiosity would lead to them trying new methods to getting their dad to share what his work was – Marco believed it must be some sort of secret FBI technology, whereas Donnie felt it must be a project for sustainable energy. Mr Diaz however never gave anything away. The brothers didn’t even know the name of the company their dad worked for! Their routine continued unremarkably until one week where Mr Diaz abruptly announced he would be away the full week for work – it was a crucial time for the project and he needed his sons to look after themselves. That same Monday morning he loaded up his car with his briefcases, laptop, loading cases and other paraphernalia and gave his sons a big hug goodbye. “You look after your little brother, now – you’re the man of the house after all” he joked, tousling up Marco’s hair to Marco’s annoyance. Donnie smiled resignedly, knowing it would be a week fo Marco doing sweet fuck all, whilst Donnie tried to keep on top of things, all the while that Marco would either be in his room jerking off, off out drinking with mates, or existing purely to wind him up. They watched their father drive away before Donnie headed back up to his room and study. Marco however wasn’t going to waste a minute. Although Donnie was the one always asking about his father’s work, Marco was dying to find out. He might be lazy, but he wasn’t stupid and his father’s secrecy was more than enough to raise his suspicions. Hell, if it was some Musk level science shit their might be some serious money! So as soon as his dad was out of sight and Donnie was in his room, he snuck into his dad’s study. The room was called a study but was more like a home laboratory with multiple screens, fridges, freezers, centrifuges and test tubes. And it was a bombsite. Marco stared in shock – it looked like it had been raided, or that Mr Diaz had left in a hurry. Cupboards were open, scraps of paper everywhere, lights flashing. Marco held his breath as he looked across the notes and logs and calculations – only nothing made sense to him (he was not a natural scientist after all). For a full half hour he carefully searched for some hint of what the project was when he discovered two vials in the smallest fridge, filled with bright green liquid. They were labelled differently: “H1-M80 formula: premium. Masculinity and Virility certain.” “H1-M80 formula: unbalanced, Effects uncertain.” Now, he may not be bright but he knew what masculinity and virility meant. He looked again at the notes strewn around him – phrases jumped out at him, now making more sense: “increased libido”, “significant mesomorphic growth”, “testosterone output exponential”. He also knew that his future didn’t lie in hard work and study. He grinned as he pocketed the two left over vials – he knew what he planned to do with one but it would be a shame to waste the other. He chuckled softly to himself as he looked up to a framed photo of him and his stupid, dorky brother Donnie… *** “But you never make dinner?” Donnie said suspiciously as they sat down for Marco’s home made curry that evening. “Well bro, I realise I’ve kinda been a dick to you and… well I just wanted to make it up to you this week. Now – eat up!” said Marco, uncharacteristically sweetly. The curry in fact didn’t taste half bad! Though there was something about it which tasted… different to any other curry Donnie had tasted before. “Marco, what exactly did you put in this curry?” “oh just some… buffalo sauce… secret recipe tip” Marco lied, quickly and efficiently. “Well, I guess it did the job!”, Donnie hesitated a wary smile at his brother before tucking into the rest of his meal… *** The next morning Donnie woke up feeling like his head was full of fog. As he stretched he didn’t notice that his bones seem to click and pop a little more than usual. He winced as his watch felt like it was digging in, so he loosened the strap. Wearing just his pyjama pants he frowned at his more-persistent-than-usual boner. He chanced it and hesitated before heading into the corridor to head to the family bathroom. He let himself in and gasped suddenly as he saw himself in the mirror, pyjama bottoms tented. Firstly – his previously slightly doughy body was toned now – he had a flat stomach and even a slightly proud pair of pecs. A dusting of dark hair worked up his abs and he gingerly touched the growth of small dark hairs on his top lip. “Looking butch, bro” chuckled Marco’s voice and Donnie span round to see his brother – once taller, now a similar height, stood in nothing but bulging boxer shorts. He too looked buffer – he had always been lean but now he looked like an actual gym-jock. Donnie’s eyes couldn’t help but rake over the broad tanned chest and impressive bulge before he yelled and shoved his brother out the room before he washed and hurriedly shaved his face smooth again. Later, as he was forcing his way into a now too-tight t-shirt which now revealed an inch of belly and those pesky trail hairs and showed off his new lean body shape, he noticed with horror that the upper lip hairs had grown back, thicker and darker than before. He tried to spend the rest of the day as normal, but he couldn’t help the looks he got in the coffee shop (was the nerdy, twinky barista actually checking him out?) or the librarian asking if he was feeling okay, as he could feel his clothes getting tighter. Donnie just nodded his head, stifling a groan at the pain in his stomach. As soon as he got home to his room he tore off his clothing and, shocked at his own pent up horn, jerked off over his bed before passing out to sleep as, unbeknownst to him, Marco grinned and watched through the door crack, gently rubbing his own package… *** The next afternoon Marco grinned himself in the mirror as he hauled his naked ass out of bed. His small pecs have increased in size and his arms ache as his forearms look thicker and meatier. His biceps swelling a little as his hands too look broader. Marco can feel every bit of pain in his transformation as his spine lengthens his back making him just a little taller. His feet have grown outward, by a couple inches, as his butt stands pert, round and proud. His cock and balls begin to swell and grow more as his balls fill with new fluids of a man growing. His legs feeling heavy as his calves bulge out. Marco doesn’t even feel the changes, only the fresh breeze on his exposed now cock and balls which he fondles. Sexy stubble peppers his chin but unlike Donnie he doesn’t seem to have grown any body hair – if anything it’s starting to retreat. What was once a thick bush is now stubble around his thick cock. He fingers a drop of pre as he hears his bro yell in shock as he too wakes up late and stumbles to the mirror. Donnie stands before his mirror, hands clutching his body as his pecs bounce as they slowly swell. His arms even larger than the day before. His legs getting more muscular, years of intense workouts can’t even compare to what his legs seem now. His abs have pushed out of his flat stomach forming a nice 6-pack. His Adam’s apple too has grown and is now quire prominent as his groans get deeper. His facial hair growing at a faster rate then before giving him a clear developing moustache as well as stubble across his jaw. His skin tight as his acne starts to fade away. “What the actual fuck” he whispers, before gasping at his new, lower voice. He runs to his brothers bedroom and stops in the door as he sees Marco reclined on the bed stroking his thick, uncut cock. “Sup bro”, Marco winks. Donnie runs out the room, scrambling to pull on some red joggers. He stocks up on food from the kitchen and returns to his room, locking the door, only he can’t get the image of his muscled up bro stroking his cock out of his head, he curled up in bed and slipped into an anxious sleep. Meanwhile Marco spent the afternoon switching between jerking and sending pics of his new body and cock to all his snapchat contacts – male, female, he just didn’t care – he wanted to show off! Many didn’t believe him, but it didn’t matter. He just liked the attention of it all. Donnie woke up that evening to his head having this painful throbbing sensation. He ran into the bathroom to see if there was anything to treat the headache, but there wasn’t. The pain got worse gradually. He clutched his head as his deep groans filled the room. The ache was too much. His tears ran down his face, he wanted it to stop, but it didn’t. In fact, the headache start to feeling it was changing him. He tried to think, but found it difficult to even think of a solution. Usually, whenever he had a problem, he could figure it out in the matter of seconds, but now this was a problem he couldn’t solve. Tears stung his eyes as the pain of his head felt worse, his thoughts all foggy and uncertain, unable to think much. The one thing he could think of was that image of his brother on the bed. Slowly, almost unwillingly, he released his thick cock from his red sweatpants and grabbed one hand around his dick and started stroking. He had never been like this. Each stroke was making him feel better in many ways. Donnie jaw dropped allowing saliva to fall on his dick. Thoughts of his bros body and cock filled his head and he liked it – he imagined his brothers butt jiggling and cock swinging as he felt pressure build up in his dick. He was going to release. Donnie was ready and didn’t care where it would land as long as the dumb headache would go. And it did. Donnie let out a white stream of cum as he laughed dumbly as the stream splattered up his abs and his pecs… wait his pecs!? He scrambled to his feet and the panic returned as he noticed those tight pecs had grown… only now they were round and bounced as he panted… hell they were almost like breasts. A cold sweat broke over him as he muttered to himself, “What in the name of God is happening to us…”. “We’re becoming Gods bro” came a voice from the door, and Donnie looked over to see Marco flexing as he winked once more – “oh, and thanks for the show.” *** The next afternoon Donnie woke up in a big sweaty mess as he grunted and grown – a mix of plain and erotic pleasure. He starts grinding on the bed not being able to control himself at all. He tries to stop but it feels so good. His body producing an odor of a heavy sweat. He can feel his body swelling again. His pecs bulging and becoming rounder. His arms becoming bigger as more dark hair sprouts over his body. His genes are rearranging. He doesn’t even realize how big he is getting, since he is too busy fucking his bed. His balls growing larger as Donnie moans, nipples growing wider. He uses one hand to rub them as he moans louder with each thrust put into the bed. He can feel his head aching again as he needs to release his cum. He needs to breed. He needs to fuck something. Donnie is terrified but at the same time he secretly loves it. His feet grow larger as they hang off the bed, also sprouting dark hair. He is so big now. Donnie’s face changes as his face matures, looking older – more like a man in his 30s now. . The pressure is building up and too much to hold and the bed sheet are filled with sweat and pre cum. He moans loudly one last time as thick cum spurts over his round chest, face and headboard. Donnie rolls into the big mess he has made with his mouth open and tongue out, trying to lick up anything he can. Donnie can’t control himself anymore. He just needs cum now. He doesn’t want anything else. All the times studying wasted when he could have been jerking his cock. Donnie walks up to his mirror, noticing how big he is and how much different he looks. He fucking loves it as he flexes his huge hairy arms. He loves how big and bouncy his balls are. Even if he shaved the monster of hair on his balls would grow back in the matter of hours. The drool on his face is wiped as he rubs his large nipples. He loves the feeling and so he rubs more vigorously, vaguely wondering where his hot brother is. *** Meanwhile Marco is already out – he got up early and hard as a rock, his height has shot up overnight as had his muscle mass and cock size. Pulling on some tightly stretched active wear he ventured out into the world in search of some release. He found it when he swaggered into the coffee shop his bro would always go to – and there he is, that nerdy, kinda cute barista that is clearly gay – nametag reading ‘Joel’. As he ordered a latte he leaned forward and whispered into the nerdy twink’s ear to meet him round the back in 10 minutes. 10 minutes later Marco’s moans echoed round the back of the building as gagged and tried to take in his huge cock in his mouth. Between slobbering and sucking the twink would marvel at Marco’s tanned huge muscles and Marco would just laugh and cock slap the barista. Joel used both his hands to rub the huge dick and inhaled the sweat from Marco’s hot hairless body. He bathed the huge balls with his tongue as pre spurted and stained his apron. He was so taken up with his task that he barely noticed Marco’s dick getting larger and fatter, or even that the foreskin seemed to fade into his fat, long, dick. Marco’s head hair remained full though it receded slightly up his forehead as his face matured more – jawline pushing out and lips plumping up. His swollen pecs and abs become more noticeable as they bulge yet bigger. It wasn’t long before Marco roared and shot thick, gloopy cum over Joel’s face. Joel collapsed spent and stared up at the God. “Are you free this evening?” he panted? Marco just laughed cruelly and took a long piss just feet away from where Joel lay. “Not for you, nerd” he scorned before tucking his bulge back in his sweatpants and walking away. Joel just lay their in the cum in a daze – why did he always fall for the big douche men, why couldn’t he find a nice guy – like that Donnie guy who always comes in. Thinking of which, he hadn’t seen Donnie in a few days now… *** The two brothers stare at each other in the kitchen. Both have changed so much they start to look unrecognisable. Marco’s stubble has pushed out into a goatee as his bodybuilder sized bronzed mahogany body ripples. He once again stands over Donnie, who looks significantly older than his bro now – lines across his face as a moustache bristles over a heavily stubbled chin. They are both stark naked – both cocks well over a foot long. In a brief moment when the fog has lifted Donnie stares at Marco with sadness and fear as he whispers “what did you do to us?”. He then gasps and clutches his round pecs as they inflate and grow bigger than his head, his bubble butt swelling out real thick as specks of grey appear in his dark hair. Thick dark hair not only covers his pecs, surrounding wide saucer sized nipples, but also his ass, shoulders and lower back. Abs push out, softened by the layer of paunch in top. Marco too feels his mind fading as his massive square pecs push out, obscuring his view of his feet. His lips swell as his eyebrows get thicker and untrimmed as his face aged up too – grey streaks through his thick dark chestnut hair. His brown nipples swell wide too, though nothing compared to Donnie’s tits. He plays with his smooth pecs and huge nipples as he feels his once younger little bro, step closer, breathing heavily. Marco moans as he feels Donnie’s hand encircle his heavy cock. Marco moans and nods in encouragement, maintaining intense eye contact with Donnie. Donnie lowers his eyes and starts to suck on Marco’s big brown dark nipples. His veins swell and flex as the taller man’s muscles expand even more, his height creeping up. His feet swell disproportionately large for his body, as do his hands, giving him an almost primal look. His cock spurts pre violently as it swells like a balloon, balls hanging lower. Donnie bites his lip and seductively turns round and bends over revealing what was once a tight pucker is now a throbbing, swollen donut ring of a hole between two hairy globes. Marco licks his lips… *** SOME WEEKS LATER ‘NastyPig’ was one of the most famous leather and kink clubs in the USA. Men of all sizes and tastes gathered from across the states to descend into debauchery, and tonight was a special night. On the raised stage was a banner with bright red letters encircled on a black background: “D&M”. Onto the wipe-clean stage strode two Gods of men. One, aged maybe mid 40s, was a 7 foot, ultra tanned, goateed muscle god. His shoulders so wide revealing a barrel chest with two brown nipples the size of dinner plates. A thick cock, at least two feet long, swung below his meaty thighs. The other man was mid-late 50s and was shorted but wider. He had a kind friendly face with a salt and pepper moustache. But the most remarkable thing about him were his colossal bouncing tits, with enormous nipples the size of dinner trays. A silver crucifix on him looked absurd on clearly such a pig of a man. Both men wore leather harnesses, and also glasses. It was an unorthodox choice for two such virile, masculine men, but their fans felt it gave them a unique look – like nerds gone butch. The two men on stage faced each other and started sensually making out, the taller one reaching round and unmistakably slipping a thick finger inside the other’s puffy hole. One musclebear leaned to the man next to him and whispered: “Y’know, I heard they’re secretly brothers?” Mr Diaz smirked and nodded as he watched the show escalate until the shorter man with the breast like pecs was on all fours, panting and moaning like a slut as the taller muscle man pushed his whole hand in his ass, right up to his elbow. “I know.”
  12. Bigrowinggod

    Your going to be a god babe

    chapter 1 Marcus pov “Babe a package arrived for you says it’s from titan corp” my adorable husband ray said. I carefully went down the stairs even though they were reinforced i was still 500 pounds of muscle. I grab him from behind lifting him up “i still can’t believe I convinced you to marry me” I say kissing him. He blushes “I think I should be the one saying that your the beautiful dark god the swept me off my feet with your love of dnd” ray said looking at me with nothing but love and a little lust as he reminded me of how we got together. about 7 years ago the government randomly selected people for the titan program which was really just them testing out super solider serum on the lower class wether it work on you or not you got a fat check and all medical covered for life and free college. And it worked for me went from a 140 pounds to 500 all muscle and I’m still growing a bit. After my results and a bunch of tests I was released and went to a nearby college where I met ray a kinda chunky guy but the way his eyes lit up when he talked about dnd or his other hobbies drew me in and after we hung out a few times I asked him out the rest is history. I opened the package and pulled out the vial inside the same stuff that grew me “babe this is for you even though I think your perfect the way you are I wanted to give you the option to grow as big as me” “how did you even get your hands on this isn’t this worth millions as this point “ ray says “I pulled some strings alright don’t worry ” I put the vial in his hand “just drink it if you want to or toss it up to you babe” ray pov I didn’t even have to think about it I opened it and downed it in one go. Even though I knew he loved me for me I always had that voice in my head that I wasn’t worthy enough to be in a relationship as perfect as this one. Just seeing him walking around the house made me hard and now I was gonna grow just as big as him (picture of Marcus)
  13. This is the first part of my new story I've been working on for a few weeks, in parallel with another posted recently. I won't spoil anything about the story but... There will have logically at least 3 parts but I do not exclude to continue it further. Although being the first part, I tried to make it sufficiently hot to satisfy you. I hope you'll enjoy and as usual, don't hesitate to give me a feedback (what you liked, what you would like, even what you did not like: anything that can improve your pleasure is welcome, so really, don't hesitate to contact me) Prepare the handkerchiefs and enjoy! ______________________________________________________________________________________ “Oh fuck…!” There was Leo, mouth open in front of the TV. I did not expect this reaction, but maybe it was my opportunity. This boy, no, sorry… this beautiful angel was Leo, the most gorgeous man I have seen in my life. And when I say beautiful, I mean he’s really fucking beautiful. Piercing blue eyes, magnificent nose, full lips, astonishing jawline, whiter-than-white teeth, naturally tanned skin, a dreamy, slightly muscular build like a top model. By the way, he’s a top model. He was perfection incarnate. Never could I imagine someone so handsome. And I imagined even less that he would become my boyfriend. I was the happiest of men, but… there was one thing I didn’t tell Leo: the main reason why I was looking for someone like him. I work in a lab, and we were working on a top-secret project. The main goal, which seemed absurd and unreal the first time I heard about it, was to create an improved version of a super soldier serum. To transform a normal human being into an incredibly powerful titan with the usual superpowers: superhuman strength, superhuman stamina, increased longevity, etc. Yeah, I found this ridiculous and unbelievable at first, but I’ve always loved comics, and they made me think maybe it was possible. It had convinced me to try. But obviously, it was a failure. Our experiments were, at best, great dopants, but nothing that transformed a normal human into an 8-foot titan. What did I expect? That we would really create this super serum? Ridiculous. Well, that was true until that fateful day, the day that changed my life. One day, when I thought the project was going to be abandoned, my supervisor, Doctor Krakovski, came in with a strange substance. It was a kind of blue goop. He didn’t want to tell me what it was, but it was expensive, very expensive, and he had never seen anything like it. Doctor Krakovski was not a bad man, but he was the archetypal crazy scientist. Put a scientific discovery in his hands and he will almost laugh out loud. Of course, he asked that we incorporate it into the formula. Honestly, I was skeptical. Guys, this isn’t a movie, this is reality. But Krakovski insisted. So obviously, as with any new substance, we tested it on a lab rat. I will always remember this moment. I was ready for anything, but not that, not… At first, he contorted himself while crying out in pain. I sighed thinking that it was still a failure, but suddenly I was stunned, totally stunned: the rat seemed to be… growing. I blinked several times, not believing what I was seeing but a few seconds later, it was very clear. Yeah, he was definitely growing! And when I say growing, I mean it was becoming more muscular and taller! He widened at the shoulders, then his shoulders rounded out, his traps emerged, his front paws lengthened, and what would be his biceps were growing. His back legs also lengthened and were growing, his round belly was shrinking, and it looked like pecs were popping out, and his midsection was shrinking to six blocks! Not only did he become more muscular, but his size was also increasing. His screams were becoming deeper and louder and… if at first he seemed panicked, after a few minutes it was like… he loved it! Suddenly he shouted louder and… boom, he exploded with size and muscles. Holy crap! Was this a rat? It was a fucking rat? Because now he looked more a fucking gigantic furry bodybuilder! His neck had disappeared in the enormous traps that surrounded it. His shoulders were two cannonballs, huge and striated. Holy shit! His “arms” were bigger than his head, with big veins. His pecs were two mountains, which blocked his view of his midsection. Speaking of his midsection… eight… his abs were eight fucking “boulders”! And his legs looked like tree trunks! I was speechless in front of this display. I expected anything except that. But the result of the experiment was clear: it worked! Our formula was an absolute success! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Krakovski was jumping around the lab. Then the rat was on its four legs but realized that it was easier for him to stand. He looked at his arms with astonishment. Then he started to flex his body and seemed to love that because he let out a scream (which sounded more like a little roar by the way). By the way, we almost lost our specimen. When he realized he was a lot stronger, he grabbed the bars of his cage and… he stretched them, like in cartoons. We had to put him to sleep with a dart, a fucking elephant dart. I was totally stunned by what I had seen. It was so unreal, but… yeah, it was real, really real! I asked my colleague what this stuff? We were working on this project for months with no success, nothing comparable to what I had just seen. My colleague seemed very annoyed. It was a very sensitive subject with many risks, but from what he heard, they were spying on a guy for a while who was illegally working on this blue goop. He got fired and his experiments were stored somewhere in barrels. That’s when they took the opportunity to steal one of barrels. And this was the stuff we’d just used. I understood why it was sensitive: it was not authorized and probably not legal either. Honestly, if I hadn’t seen it, I would have thought it was a science fiction movie scenario… but it was not science fiction. It was working, it was fucking working! This blue goop was really a kind of muscle growth serum, and very efficient! We subdued the Hulk rat, (well, we had to shoot him with an elephant dart), and analyses of his body showed several very interesting things: he had quadrupled in volume, his muscle mass was much denser, he weighed more than a dozen pounds which was absolutely gigantic for a rat, his strength was incredibly enhanced, and he was also smarter. In brief, it was as if this rat had become the Hulk (a rat version) but kept his intelligence. It was a total success, beyond all expectations. Maybe too successful by the way. We had to put the rat in a reinforced steel cage to prevent it from escaping. It didn’t stop him from trying, but it seemed to hold (or not) … Krakovski was happy, very happy. Finally, we had results! So, we passed quickly to phase 2: experiments on a monkey that was closer to a human. We attached a monkey to an operating table. At first, we wanted to experiment on a gorilla, even closer to a human, but the results with the rat made it clear this was not a good idea. It would have been very difficult to control him. And the dose would be reduced as well. We overdosed the rat because we didn’t expect such results, but if a simple rat became so strong, what would it be like with a much larger animal? We didn’t want to take any risks. Speaking of the rat, we were surprised to discover the reinforced metal cage with the bars spread out and, obviously, no rat inside. He fooled us. I’m not kidding! On the surveillance cameras we saw he was perfectly capable of bending his reinforced cage. He just had to struggle a little more, but it was relatively easy. Fuck! I think I wouldn’t be able to bend them! Defeated by a rat… what a disgrace! And that was not all. We found what appeared to be a tunnel in the wall that was dug with its bare feet! Great! Now we had a fucking Hulk rat in the wild. I pity the cat that crosses his path: he might have a hard time. Despite this escape, the first test was a total success. Which meant that we would continue testing. So we did it with a monkey and the experiment was a success again. Now we had a super monkey that could lift 10 times his weight. We reintroduced him to the gorilla enclosure and I was told he knocked out the chief with a single punch. He now spent his time lifting tree trunks much bigger than him and… *hem hem* doing you know what with the females. After this second success, Doctor Krakovski wanted to continue to phase 3: human experiments. He wanted the most perfect specimen possible to see how far he could push the limits. We chose fashion models because those guys were genetically lucky and, statistically, we had a better chance of finding the perfect test subject. It was easy to get a spy into the fashion world because I sometimes did their photography. And I had also been lucky: piercing brown eyes, a nice jawline, a fit muscular body. This nice body allowed me to round out my experience with modeling. Since I knew that world, they sent me there to find our test subject. And that’s how I found myself walking the runway one day, when suddenly, on my way back to the stage, I saw someone beautiful. The most beautiful man I ever saw in my life! Usually, we’re supposed to remain impassive, but it was impossible to resist. I had to watch him. And he did the same. Honestly, I believe our hearts began to beat as one from that moment. After the show I couldn’t get his face out of my head. Then a hand rested on my shoulder followed by a “Hey.” It was the sexiest voice I’d ever heard, a very manly voice. I turned around and instantly melted: it was him. “I met you on the stage, very nice show,” he said smiling. Oh fuck… oh fucking fuck, this smile… is it possible to make a more beautiful smile than this? Perfect white teeth, perfect lips. Craaaap! I swallowed, trying to regain my composure, but I couldn’t stand up to this angel. “Th…thanks. But I was nothing compared to you.” He laughed. Holy shit! Even his laugh was perfect. At one point I thought I was dreaming; it couldn’t be possible. We went to my dressing room. I was getting hotter and hotter, and I think he was too. We talked for several minutes, pretending nothing was happening, but we could not take our eyes off each other. We felt it, both of us, but neither dared to take the first step. Then he fell silent, and I did the same. We were looking at each other, hear only the sound of our own breathing. Finally, he stood up and slowly walked towards me. I did the same. We found ourselves face to face, we looked at each other in silence, then he put his mouth forward and I did same. The wait seemed interminable, and yet it lasted a second and when our lips touched each other there was a flood of emotion. I ran my hand through his hair while he was caressing my body. I started to cry. I never felt anything like that. It was… indescribable. Then he broke the kiss, looked me into eyes, wiped my tears, smiled, and said: “I didn’t introduce myself… I’m Leo.” “Ryan,” I replied. And we resumed our kissing. I will never forget that night. I knew Leo was the perfect test subject. But what would he say? He would probably reject me if I told him the truth and then I didn’t know if he would like it. And above all, now I didn’t want to lose him. A few days passed, Krakovski became impatient, and apparently the higher-ups were getting impatient. Results were needed, and fast. I was more and more torn. I was the happiest man with Leo and never wanted it to end, but at the same time I couldn’t help but imagine him shouting while bulking up, muscle mass popping up everywhere. Fuuuuuck, the idea was so hot! But I was resigned that it would never happen; it would simply remain my ultimate fantasy. That’s what I thought until this evening. We were watching the first Captain America movie, and we were at the scene where Steve becomes Captain America. While he was shouting during his growth, I could hear Leo panting. He said, “Oh fuck, if only it could work like that in real life, it would be great, so fucking great! I would love to be in his shoes!” I raised my head, stunned by his statement. “What?” I asked. “Yeah, just imagine, you’re all frail and suddenly boom, you grow and grow and grow and become one of the most powerful men. It would be so fucking enjoyable!” I was totally stunned by what I was hearing. He loved that idea? Really? Maybe it was time to tell him. “Hey, don’t take me seriously. It’s just a movie. A muscle growth serum that transforms you into a super soldier? It doesn’t exist, unfortunately,” he sighed. Really? Oh Leo, you would be surprised! “And… if it wasn’t a movie, would you like to test it?” I asked. “What? Why are you asking this question, Ryan?” He looked a bit confused. “I know, it’s a weird question—but if it wasn’t a movie, would you like to participate in that kind of experiment?” “Ryan… it’s just a movie,” he said, not understanding why I asked. “Please, my love, answer,” I said. “Y…Yeah, of course I would. Who wouldn’t want to try that?” “You know… sometimes reality exceeds fiction,” I said. “What? What do you mean, Ryan?” “You know I work for a laboratory. Well, we’re working on a project, a top-secret project, and in fact we… created a super soldier serum.” “W-w-what? Are you kidding me?” asked Leo, not knowing if I was joking or not. “No, Leo, I’m serious. And, no offence, but the super soldier serum in this movie is crap compared to ours. The effects are much more significant with ours” “A-Are… are you really serious?” “Yeah, I know it hard to believe, but it’s the truth. Come here, I want to show you a video.” I showed Leo the recording of our first little test subject, the lab rat. Leo’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he saw the rat grow. “WTF?? But… but…” he said, totally stunned. “Haha, I told you ours was much better,” I replied. “What? Did you see these arms? Holy shit! They were bigger than his head, and his pecs, daaaaamn! And his abs, look at those abs! He... he had an eight-pack! Holy shit!!” “So, it seems a little more credible to you now?” I said, smiling a bit. “Honestly, I can’t believe it, but holy shit!!” I felt it was time to tell him the truth, perhaps it was a mistake, but I wanted to be honest with him. “Leo… to be honest, I was present at the fashion show mainly to… to… to find our test subject…” “Your… test subject?” “Well… we successfully experimented with this serum on animals, but now we need to experiment on… a human. And…” “You’re suggesting that I be this test subject, aren’t you?” I swallowed. Shit, I was dreading his answer. “Well, not exactly. My supervisor sent me to find the most perfect test subject. That’s why we focused on the fashion world. Yeah, you would be the perfect test subject but…” “But?” he interrogated. “But I really fell in love with you. I didn’t lie about that. I love you. I love you so much. That’s more important than anything. I don’t want you to think that I was manipulating you, or risk that this offer would scare you away, but I feel guilty about lying to you.” My eyes were wet, I was worried. Leo was looking at me with no expression. Shit, he’ll leave me, that’s for sure. Shit! Why does it have to be like this? Why does it have to be… “Well… where do I sign?” said Leo. “Huh?” I said, stunned. “Where do I sign?” he repeated, smiling. “B-but… you’re not angry?” “Angry? Are you kidding me? It’s a fucking fantasy come true! Obviously, I accept!” he replied, overjoyed. “B-but… Leo, do you understand the changes? I mean, it wouldn’t be just few extra pounds! You would be a fucking titan, the most powerful, tallest, most muscular man in the world! So yes, it’s fucking exciting but… what about fashion shows? You would probably not be a model again. Never again! Your life will change forever. Are you sure you want to do this?” “Fuck all that, Ryan! You’re offering me a chance to realize a dream I thought was unattainable. As for fashion shows, it was just a way to earn money. I don’t care if I can’t do it anymore. And…” “Yeah?” I asked. “My life already changed forever the day I met you,” replied Leo. “Leo…” I couldn’t stop myself from shedding a tear. Yeah, he was right: our life had definitely changed that day. He smiled and wiped my tears and started to kiss me. I placed my hand on his back and slowly removed his shirt. Two minutes later we were lying in bed, naked, caressing each other’s bodies. And a few minutes after that I was moving back and forth while Leo was moaning. I loved him so much. After we had sex, I called my supervisor. He was happy, relieved, and could not wait. The experiment would be scheduled for tomorrow. When I told Leo, he exploded with joy. “Wow! I can’t wait until tomorrow!” Leo was like a kid before Christmas. I had a little trouble sleeping, partly because we spent the evening “expressing our feelings,” but personally I had another feeling. I looked at Leo, the Leo I fell in love with. Tomorrow evening, this Leo would no longer exist. The next day when we arrived at the lab, Leo couldn’t believe his eyes. “Whoa! It’s like in the movies! A super ultra-secret lab!” To be honest, yeah, it looked like in the movies. “Well, well, who is this? The lucky one?” I recognized his accent: Doctor Krakovski. “Doctor, this is Leo. Leo, this is Doctor Krakovski.” “Nice to meet you, Doctor!” said Leo. “I am the one who is delighted,” replied the Doctor. Honestly, I had the impression that he was seeing Leo more as his “test subject” than as a human. “So, when do we start?” asked Leo, all excited. “Settle down, hahaha, we are preparing, but you will have to undergo some tests first,” replied Krakovski. “Some tests?” I asked, a bit worried. “Don’t worry, Ryan, we just need to measure his performance before the experiment and make sure he doesn’t have any health problems. As you know, it won’t be pleasant.” Yeah, I remembered very well the rat and the monkey yelling while they were growing. Imagining my Leo in that situation in few hours was disturbing. But I didn’t force him, I respected his choice. And I won’t deny that imagining him with 300 pounds of extra muscle was… fucking hot! They put him through a series of tests of strength, stamina, resistance, etc. Finally, we were ready for the next phase. “Damn! I can’t believe that this will happen!” said Leo, clearly excited. “You’re not afraid?” I said, a bit worried about something going wrong. “Man, I’m like Steve Rogers, and very soon I will be Captain America. No, I’m not scared. On the contrary, I’m impatient!” “Ready Leo?” asked Doctor Krakovski. “Oh, fuck yeah, I’m ready!” replied Leo. “Follow me,” said the Doctor. We walked to a part of the complex I had never been to, probably because I didn’t have the required level of clearance. In the room there was a glass tank probably 12 feet high. Leo was led inside wearing only his black boxer briefs. There were several types of cable and scientists were attaching them to his arms and legs. “Very nice test subject. You have chosen well, Ryan,” said Krakovski. “Hem… thanks Doctor.” I was a bit disturbed that he was talking about Leo like a test subject, not like a human, but I knew that Doctor Krakovski was a man you could trust. “Tell me, it seems that you are close. Am I wrong?” asked the Doctor. Arf, he noticed… “Hem, well… yes… in a way,” I replied, a bit embarrassed. “Don’t worry, Ryan, everything will be fine,” he replied. “Yeah, don’t worry, you’ll get your wife back, hahahaha!” said a mocking voice. I recognized the voice, but unlike Krakovski who was a respectable man, I had no respect for this bastard, Kenny. He had been there for a few months, but we didn’t really know how he got there. Even the doctor seemed annoyed by his presence, and it didn’t take long to realize that he was a big bastard. “Shut up, Kenny!” I said, a bit angry. “Please keep it to yourself, Thompson,” replied Krakovski. Kenny grumbled before shutting up. “Doctor Krakovski, we are ready,” said one of scientists who was attaching cables to Leo. “Very well… Leo, are you ready? You can talk with us through the mask, you will be heard, even after the tank is filled.” “Yes!” replied Leo, excited. “Very well, close the tank and fill it,” said the Doctor. The glass front rose slowly to the top of the tank. Leo was totally locked in his glass prison. “Glass? Isn’t it a bit fragile?” I asked. “It’s a special glass, ultra-reinforced. You could shoot it with a shotgun several times and it wouldn’t break. And it’s glass because it allows us to better analyze the experience.” Suddenly water began to flow from below to fill the tank. The water quickly reached Leo’s knees, then his waist, then his chest, and finally he was totally immersed. He was floating in the center of the tank, held by the cables attached to his legs and arms. “Are you okay, Leo? Can you breathe? Are you feeling well?” “Very well! But… I don’t feel any changes,” he said a bit disappointed. “Hahaa, don’t be so impatient, Leo, it is only water for the moment. The experiment hasn’t started yet, but we have to make sure everything is okay,” replied Krakovski. To the control center he said, “Confirm that his vital signs are okay?” “Yes, Doctor,” said one of scientists. “Perfect! So, we are entering the second phase. Set the power to 20%.” As soon as the control center activated, a whirring sound was heard, and we saw the blue serum mixing with the water. “Ooooh oooOoOoOOOOoooh.. it… it feels… weird,” said Leo. “Aaaaaah! it… it tingles… nnnnngggghhhh… everywhere, all over my body!” The water took on a bluish hue as more and more serum was injected into the tank. “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Oh god!! It’s nnnnnnggghhhhhhhh burning so much!” Leo had his eyes wide open. His body was pumped and… yes, I could see it, I could see his body was slowly growing! “Oh fuck!! I can feel it!! It’s starting! Oh my god it’s really starting!! It’s…” Suddenly, the growth accelerated. “Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!” Leo started to shout. In a mere ten seconds his body already looked like he spent his life in a gym: his shoulders were rounding, his biceps were becoming small muscle balls, his pecs emerged from his chest to become muscle hills, his abs were digging in, changing from small bumps to boulders, his back was widening, clearly making a V-shape, his legs were growing, his quads divided into muscle valleys. I didn’t mention his crotch, but his package had clearly grown too! Wow! Now he looked like a bodybuilder! Damn—in a few seconds Leo showed results that would have taken 2-3 years to build in the gym. I was fucking hard. I tried to hold back, but it was fucking impossible! He was beyond perfection now; I couldn’t look away! Leo was not only more muscular, but he was also becoming taller! He was probably more than 6’3” now! “Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh aaah aaah…?? Oh shit, it’s going up again!! Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhh!!” This time he was inflating like a balloon! His shoulders were becoming cannonballs. His traps emerged and were surrounding his neck. His pecs… well, they looked more like basketballs. Each brick of his ultra-ripped six-pack exploded and became as big as my fist. There was no doubt that I would break my knuckles on abs like that! His lats were widening so much he was now twice the width of his waist at the shoulders! His legs were becoming fucking tree trunks, with a network of veins. And holy shit! He was gigantic! Probably near 7 feet!! The skinny Leo I knew had already disappeared. He was a fucking muscular giant! And it was just the beginning. I knew he would be more, much more. “Doctor Krakovski, we reached 20%.” “Very well.” He took the intercom. “So, Leo, how do you feel?” “Oh fuck! It’s… it’s… awesome!!” His voice had already changed a lot, it was deeper, louder. “Excellent. Do you feel able to continue?” “What? Did you need to ask? Of course, continue! Send the sauce, Doctor!” Even his behavior had changed. He seemed arrogant, narcissistic even, but frankly, who wouldn’t be in this situation? “Very well!” Krakovski turned off the intercom and said to the scientist: “Increase it to 50%.” “Yes Sir!” The roar of the tank increased, the water became even bluer, and above it all we heard a voice, or rather a scream, a deep scream. “Oh, fuck yes! It’s starting again!! Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh !!” It was totally insane, the growth got completely carried away. Leo was growing and growing and growing!! “Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh hahahahahaha aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh oooooh fuuuuuuuuuuuccckkkkkkk!! Bigger!! Hahahaha yes bigger!!” Holy shit!! Leo was literally exploding with muscle! His traps engulfed his neck. His shoulders were becoming planetoids. His arms were much bigger than my head, his forearms were almost bigger than my legs. Leo roared while his pecs exploded, blocking his view of his incredibly hard six-pack and… wait, wait! “Nnnnnnnngggghhhhhh!!” The first row was swelling and… Holy shit! “Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!” Leo roared like hell as the row exploded out of his stomach, almost doubling in size and… crap! “Nnnnnnnngggghhhhhh!! Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!” The second did the same and… “Nnnnnnnngggghhhhhh!! Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!” And the third! Holy fucking shit! His abs were bigger than my two fists together and… wait… wait! “Nnnnnnnnnnnnggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!” Holy shit! A fourth popped up from nowhere, a fourth row! He had an eight-pack!! He had a fucking eight-pack!! And what an eight-pack!! It would not surprise me if it could stop a car!! His back, holy fuck his back!! It was more than double the width of his height. Holy crap!! It would become as wide as a double bed! “Oooooooohhhhh fuuuuuuuuck!! My legs!! Hhahahahaha yes more!! Moooooooaaaarrrrr !!” His legs were now bigger than tree trunks! He would be unable to see his feet because his quads were too fucking big!! Ah yeah, obviously… his boxers did not hold. They were totally torn apart by the monster inside. And fucking hell, what monster!! The thing was bigger than my arm!! I swallowed hard as I imagined this gigantic thing penetrating me. I think I’m going to need more than one jar of Vaseline now… I was shaking and… cumming, and maybe drooling, because to tell the truth my mind was elsewhere. I didn’t even try to resist any more, it was just impossible. I knew he was going to be impressive, but not that impressive. Leo was just monstrous: monstrously large, monstrously big, monstrously muscular, monstrously tall. Leo was… 9 fucking feet tall!! His strength must be insane!! “We reached 50%,” said one of scientists. I don’t know what amazed me more, the fact that this fucking titan was my “skinny” boyfriend of yesterday, or that this fucking titan was only at 50%?? Krakovski took again the intercom. “Well, Leo, how do you feel now?” “How do I feel doctor?? Hahaha are you kidding me?? Look at me doc, look at me!! I’m a fucking muscle god!! And fuck! I love that, I love that so much!!” Krakovski seemed to be thinking. “I must admit that I didn’t expect you to react so well to the serum. You’re really an ideal test subject. Too good for me to pass up this opportunity. Logically, we should stop now, but you’re only at 50% of the maximum potential of the current serum. If you agree, I would like to push it to the maximum.” “Do it!” replied Leo. “But I have to warn you, we have never pushed so far and y—” “Do it!!” replied Leo, louder. I knew what the Doctor meant to say: it could be dangerous for him if we pushed too far. So, I intervened. “Leo, it can be really dangerous and yo—” “Do it!!” shouted Leo, angry. I was shocked, he never got angry, never. I was no longer dealing with the Leo I knew. “Leo, calm down. It’s just that if you push it too far, it can be dangerous. I just don’t want to lose you!” I heard him about to get angry, but he answered me more calmly. “Don’t worry Ryan, it’s just… you can’t imagine how good it is, it’s… it’s insane!!” “I know, I can’t believe it, you… you’re so… so…” “Don’t worry Ryan, it will be fine. So do it.” replied Leo, calmly this time. “Vital signs?” asked Doctor Krakovski. “Perfect, really nothing to report.” “Well, I don’t think we will often have the opportunity to push the experiment this far. Leo, are you sure that you want to do it? I mean, really sure?” “Fuck Doc, of course I’m sure. Go ahead doc, send it all!” “Okay.” To the control center he gave the order: “Maximum power!” The roar of the tank became even louder, the color of the water quickly turned neon blue. And of course, Leo’s reaction was immediate. “Oh fuck!! Oh my god!! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!! Ins-gggnnnnnhhhhh-ane!! Oh shit!! Hahahahahahaha!! Look at me guys, look at me!! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh I… I will explode, I will explooooaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggghhhhh!!” Shit! Oh, my fucking god!! His whole body began to shake violently, and I could see his muscles growing at a crazy pace, much more than previously. “Aaaaahhhhhhhhh hahahahahahaha aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhh mooooooooaaaaarrrrrr !!” His thundering voice echoed throughout the lab. It was difficult to describe his growth because it was beyond comprehension. He was already gigantic but now he was titanic! Suddenly his dick exploded. His cannon shot huge white load after huge white load. The transparent blue water quickly became a milky blue. He was shooting again and again and again and again. Quickly the entire water tank was mixed with his cum, so much so that he was no longer visible. Even the cameras inside were drowned in the milky liquid. Though we couldn’t see him, we could hear him… and even without seeing it, the sound was enough to imagine what was happening inside the tank. “Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh oh fuck aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh hahahahahaha yes yeeeeeessss!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh !! Gggnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhh oh shit my… my traps!! They are so fucking huge…aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh!! Shit, my shoulders are exploding hahahahahah!! Ooooooooh fuck!! My-aaaaaaaaaahhhhh… My arms!! They were growing, they were… Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhh!! Gnnnnnnnhhhhh!! Oh fuck, my… My pecs, they’re-aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!! Gnnnnnnhhhhhhhh!! Oh fuck! My abs are on fire!! They’re going to explode, I can feel it, I-aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh-aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh-aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh-aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh…aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh!! Nnnnnnngggggggggggaaaaaaaahhhhhh!! My…my legs, they’re becoming gnnnnnhhhhhhhh wider than sequoias!! God, I can feel them rubbing against each other!! Oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh!! My… my back, I-I…I’m getting wider… hahahaha yes!! Oh, fuck yes!!” I must mention that his voice became deeper and deeper as he cried out. It was too much for me and I completely flooded my pants, shooting load after load after load. “Scan the tank with the infrared ray!” shouted Krakovski. “I want to see what the situation is!” But suddenly, over Leo’s heavy grunts and moans we heard another sound. *criiiiiiiiic criiiiiiiiiiiiic* What the…?? It was like a cracking sound. I looked carefully at the glass tank and I saw small cracks. “What the hell? Doctor… didn’t you say it was ultra-reinforced glass?” “Yes, but even his screams shouldn’t cause that, I-I don’t understand!” “Doc.. Doctor Krakovski, you… you should see this!” said one of scientists, clearly panicked. Krakovski approached the screen, and when he saw it, his face turned white and he shouted, “Holy shit!” He had never sworn like that, I had to see what caused this reaction. When I saw the screen, my jaw dropped and my eyes popped out of their sockets: on the screen I saw Leo’s form, but he was curled up because he was taller than the tank! And what was causing the cracks were not his screams but… his shoulders were pushing against the glass. Leo was simply becoming too big for the tank!! I could only make some guttural sounds of surprise. We knew he would get huge, but not that much! “Hahahahahahahaha yes bigger!! Bigger!! Biiiiigggggggeeeeeeeerrrrrrr!!” shouted Leo. The glass cracked more and more; jets of water appeared. The cracking continued for several more seconds, covering the entire surface with cracks until suddenly… *crrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaacccccccckkkkkkkkk!* With a loud sound of breaking glass, water invaded the lab. But what held my attention was the titanic shape in the tank: 12 feet tall, probably more than 7 feet wide, and weighing several tons. It was Leo. My Leo, the one who, until a few hours ago, would have posed for a model magazine. Now, I didn’t think he would fit through any door, in height or width. Yes, he could obviously get through a door, but only by destroying the entire wall in the process. It was indescribable: traps like mountains surrounding his neck, shoulders several times bigger than my head, fucking gigantic arms - one of those monsters would be heavier than me! - enormous forearms with a lot of veins, gigantic hands, planetoid pecs, hiding his view of his… two… four… six… eight… t-t-ten? Ten fucking bricks of abs!! Each one was almost as big as my head. His V-line was so cut that it had to be carved with an axe, with a network of enormous veins leading to his crotch! Legs… no, sorry, I mean fucking sequoias! They were so huge I could hide behind one of them! Not to mention his cock! My arm looked pathetic compared to his dick! My body was shaking, I couldn’t believe it! He left the tank and took a few steps. I swear I felt the ground shake! He smiled a little and then… Fffuuuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!! Oh my god, hahahahaha!!” His screams resonated through the whole lab. The walls shook! “Awesome!” he said in a very deep voice while flexing his gigantic biceps. Holy shit! Those mountains had to be 2 or 3 times bigger than my head!! And the main vein was thicker than two of my fingers! He would have more strength in his little finger than in my whole body! “Too bad it’s already over. I wouldn’t have minded a few more feet!” A few more feet? Leo, holy shit dude, you’re already fucking gigantic! I approached him, amazed, excited but at the same time a bit terrified by so much power. “L-L-Leo?” I said with a shaking voice. “Fuck, Ryan, it was even better than all my fantasies!” he said while flexing his enormous muscles. “Hahaha, you’re so small now!” Indeed, I barely reached the bottom of his abs, abs that were almost as big as my head, by the way. “Leo, I must say that I didn’t expect such a result!” said Doctor Krakovski. “Me neither!” replied Leo, smiling, and flexing his incredible ten-pack. “Would you agree to retake some tests, Leo?” asked Krakovski. “And if I refuse, what are you going to do?” Leo laughed. “Hem… eh….” Krakovski seemed a bit embarrassed, knowing he was powerless. “I’m kidding, Doctor, hahahaha! I’m also keen to test my new abilities. But—” “But?” asked the Doctor, a bit worried. “It will take something heavier than 200 pounds. Hahahaha!” “Hem, yeah, clearly…” replied Krakovski. As he was leaving the lab, Leo accidentally enlarged the entrance. “Oops!” said Leo before adding, “You will have to adapt your doors, Doc, they’re a bit narrow, hahahaha!” Nobody said anything. We moved to the test room, or rather to a hangar. I was wondering why, but when we are arrived, I understood why. In the middle of the hangar there was… a fucking Panzer VII tank! Holy shit! “Eh, Doc, are you serious?” I asked. “A Panzer VII tank? Don’t you think that’s a bit much?” “Probably, but the objective is not to lift it, but to see if he can put it out of action.” “Ah, finally, a challenge!” replied Leo, cracking his knuckles. “Leo, I want you to put this tank out of action, understood?” said Krakovski. “Understood, Doc!” replied Leo. He approached the cannon, grabbed it, and with loud creaking sounds he bent the cannon all the way back to the hatch. Holy shit!! I was stunned by the titanic strength he had now! “Very well, now we can pass to the next—” “I haven’t finished,” said Leo. “Er… I think it’s done in, isn’t it?” said Krakovski, a bit surprised. “No, no, I haven’t finished,” said Leo one more tim. Then he placed his hands below the tank. Wait… wait! He-he’s not going to try to do what I think? “Gnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggahhhhhhhhhh!!” His face turned red and… …!! God-fucking-damn- it!! He lifted the front of the tank… he lifted the front of the tank!! “D-Doc-Doctor Krakovski?” I asked, stuttering. “Y-yes?” said the Doctor, also stunned. “H-how much does that thing w-weigh?” “9-9-99 short tons…” My face froze. Did he just say… 99 fucking short tons?? I swallowed hard. I expected Leo would get stronger… but not that much stronger!! “Leo, we can pass to the next—” said Krakovski. “I said I’m not finished!” shouted Leo, a bit angry. “But—” “Gggnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!” Leo strained and suddenly… I almost fainted - little by little he raised the tank… above his head!! And it was not the only surprise he had in store for us… “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!” He squeezed the tank and after few seconds the metal began to bend!! I couldn’t believe my eyes: Leo was lifting and bending a fucking tank!! The doctor was as stunned as I was. “Fuck, yeah! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!” shouted Leo. On his face there was a strange smile, an expression of pure lust: he clearly loved this. When he was finished the tank was a heap of crumpled metal. “There, I’m finished!” he said while flexing his monumental biceps. “So, Doc, am I strong enough for you?” The Doctor and I were speechless. This was much more than we had imagined. “Let’s move on to the resistance test.” A soldier appeared with a gun. His eyes widened as he passed the tank’s carcass. “Wait, Doc, are you going shoot him?” I asked, a bit worried. “Don’t worry, Ryan, it has rubber bullets.” The soldier shot and, no surprise, it had no effect on Leo. “Well, are we doing this test or not?” asked Leo, impatient. “But… that was the test,” replied Krakovski. “That? Are you kidding me, Doc?” Leo looked at the soldier. “Hey you! You have an M16, right? Shoot me for real!” Wh—? He was serious? Leo, fuck, it’s a fucking M16! I took the intercom. “L-Leo… I don’t think that’s a very good id—” “Shoot me!” shouted Leo, angry. The soldier seemed a bit panicked. “Doc-Doctor… wh-what should I do?” “Do what he said.” What the hell? “Whenever you’re ready,” said Leo, smiling while flexing his abs. Shaking, the soldier took his M16 and aimed at Leo. A few seconds passed. “Do it,” said Leo in a very low voice. But nothing happened. “Do it!” he said, a bit louder. Still nothing. “Do it!” he shouted. I don’t know if it was from surprise or fear, but the soldier fired a burst. I froze, expecting to see him fall to the ground, injured but… he smiled. The soldier looked down and picked up one of the spent bullets. “Do-Doc… it-it’s completely… crushed!” “Hehehe!” smiled Leo. “Now empty your clip.” “Do what he said,” replied the Doc. During the next minute hundreds of bullets were shot at Leo who just smiled. Finally, the clip was empty. “Okay, I must admit it tickles a little bit, hahahaha!” Again, we were totally speechless. All the bullets were crushed, all of them! Not one had been effective. They were all crushed. “You see, dude, that is why you have to work your abs, hahahaha!” Leo rubbed his ten-pack. The soldier swallowed hard, petrified. The doctor looked slightly pale. “Okay, let’s go to speed test…” We went out onto a long track where a circuit had been made, and there was a race car. “Okay Leo, the goal will be to overtake this car while it is at full speed.” “No problem! Nobody can beat me in a race!” The car started and ran at full speed. “Ready, Leo? … Go!” Leo started to run, quickly, very quickly, but not enough for to overtake the car. “How fast does the car go?” I asked. “Up to 200 mph, maybe more,” replied the Doc. Holy shit! I knew he was now superhuman, but still… 200 mph for a human, that’s… insane. And indeed, Leo was not able to overtake the car. Well, that’s what we thought… “It’s a shame, I was hoping he would be able to-” said the Doc “Well, the warm-up is over!” said Leo when he passed in front of us. “What? The… warm-up?” we replied at same time. Suddenly, Leo accelerated… I mean he really accelerated and… holy fucking shit! He was catching the car! He was catching the car!! And the kicker was, he didn’t stop there—no, he continued to run until he caught up to it a second time! Holy shit! I couldn’t believe it… this was insane. He was closer to the Hulk’s specs rather than Captain America! They performed several more tests with Leo, who passed all of them with flying colors. Doctor Krakovski was ecstatic. “It is a total success; a complete success, hahahahahaha!! Finally, they will respect my experiments after this!” I think he didn’t expect this. “That will be all for today, we have arranged a room for you, Leo, adapted to your size,” said the Doc. “Perfect! … Ryan?” said Leo. “Yeah?” “Can you wait for me in the other room for a few minutes, I have to talk with the Doc.” “Talk with the Doc? But why?” I asked, intrigued. “Please,” replied Leo. “Okay, I’ll wait for you.” “Thanks,” replied Leo. I wondered what he had to ask him, but it didn’t matter. I went to the room and… holy crap! Yeah, it was adapted to Leo’s size: the door was more than two times taller and wider, and the bed was bigger than a king size bed. I felt like an ant in the room of a giant. Ten minutes later I heard Leo coming, or rather I felt it: I could feel the vibrations caused by his footsteps. Then he entered in the room while reflexively bending down a little. “Hahahaha! No, you’ll not destroy this one! They have planned for everything now,” I joked. “So much better! Even though I love destroying walls, hahaha,” he replied. My eyes were magnetized to the incredible man standing in front of me. I had never seen anything so beautiful. I was still struggling to realize that yeah, this fucking insanely muscular titan was Leo, the guy I was fucking this morning, the one who had a fit body. And now, in front of me, was a fucking titan 12 feet tall, at least 7 feet wide, weighing several tons of pure muscle, who could overtake a car, had the strength to lift and crush a tank, and abs that could stop bullets. His naturally tanned skin made him look incredibly hotter. I was almost sweating just from looking at him. Yeah, this monstrous force of nature was… my boyfriend! “Oh fuuuuuuukkk! I will never get used to this sight!” I said, noticing that precum was already oozing from my dick that was totally hard. “And I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this body,” said Leo, smiling while flexing his gigantic biceps. Oh fuck! That was already too much for me, and I shot load after load. “You can’t imagine how I felt in the tank… it was so… so indescribable! I felt myself getting bigger and stronger and bigger and stronger, each second was more intense than the previous one. Even the best orgasm is nothing compared to that sensation! It was insane! Thank you, Ryan, thank you for giving me this opportunity. You will be rewarded very soon, I assure you!” Oh, I was already rewarded, Leo! And speaking of orgasms, I was having one repeatedly. Drool was pouring out of my mouth. Leo turned and saw me. “You like this, don’t you?” He flexed his monumental biceps. “Oh, fuck yes, I like it!” I replied while drooling more. “You want to feel them, don’t you?” “Yes!” “And lick them?” “Yes!” “Okay, do you want me to join you in bed?” I couldn’t say a word, I was just panting as I shot load after load. Leo walked towards the bed. I moved to avoid being crushed by the behemoth. I felt the ground shake with each of his footsteps. Leo laid down on the bed and… *crrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaccccckkkkk* The bed was in pieces… “Grrrr—adapted to me, my ass! Adapted to my size perhaps, but adapted to my weight, absolutely not!” Leo looked over at me. “So, Ryan, what are you waiting for, hahahah? This body is yours, all yours!” I think I broke the world record for undressing. I almost tore my clothes off! I approached Leo, shaking with lust, drooling like hell, and obviously cumming. This was so perfect I was sure I would wake up next to “skinny” Leo. This was too good to be true, really, way too good! My hand was approaching his chest. His skin radiated an extraordinary warmth. Finally, I touched him! Holy shit! My dick went into automatic fire mode, I was panting like never before, worse than a dog, and I had a stream of drool dripping from my lip. His skin was hot and hard, fucking hard, insanely hard! I felt like I was touching rock. I started to climb the monster, clinging to his abs. I had to go up a little farther to pass his enormous pecs until I finally reached his head. I was barely half his size! I started to kiss him while clinging to his traps. There was plenty to hold on to! It was a bit weird. His lips were too big compared to mine. It was like kissing a giant. In fact, I was kissing a giant! Instantly I felt tears on my cheek. My hands caressed his body everywhere, again and again and again. After several minutes of pure frenzy, I broke the kiss, looked at Leo and said, “Fuck me! Leo, I want you to fuck me!” I knew he was a lot bigger than me, but I wanted him to fuck me. It was an irresistible desire! I wanted to be dominated, to be fucked by this titan! Leo stroked my hair and smiled. He said “Honestly, I would like it so much but… if we try anything now, I will crush you like an egg. We will find a solution quickly, don’t worry!” “I don’t know if I can hold out any longer,” I said, so impatient. “But even if I can’t fuck you now… well… worshipping me is strongly recommended!” he said with a malicious smile. Oh fuck! That was all it took to put me in a trance. Don’t worry, it will be a pleasure to worship you, Leo! My hands were everywhere, feeling his huge traps, his titanic striated shoulders, his gigantic pecs. Then I noticed Leo was almost twice as tall as me and I was lying on him so that my crotch was on his ten-pack. I could feel my dick rubbing against the enormous muscle bricks. Perfect! Without hesitation I wedged my cock in the deep central crevice. Awwwwww, it was so tight! I could feel his enormous boulder abs compressing my dick! Then I started moving it back and forth… Oh fuck! Shit! Oh crap! Oh my god! Insane! It was so… insanely good!! I cried with joy. Never had sex felt so fucking good! Leo was grunting with pleasure and sometimes stroked my hair with his huge hands. He could grab my entire head with only one hand. And I could feel him, I could feel his titanic strength. Slightly too much pressure would break all my bones. I felt a little sorry for him because he had to hold back while I was having the best sex. While I was licking his enormous pecs my mouth reached his nipple and I instinctively began to suck it. The effect was immediate. “Ggggggggrrrrooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!” roared Leo with pleasure. “Don’t… d-don’t d-do…it-it’s so-so sen-sensitive—” he said, stuttering. So sensitive? Hehehe, here is a gift, honey! I sucked stronger. “Oh shit!! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh!! It’s so good! Don’t…” Then suddenly he stopped. “No…no, continue… I’m tired of trying to hold back! Let’s go Ryan, suck me! Suck me stronger! Let’s go Ryan! Do it, hahahahaha!!” No need to tell me twice, Leo! I started to suck and lick like never before! Oh god, it was a dream, it was a fucking living dream! I was in pure ecstasy, crying with joy, cumming non-stop, and sucking/licking my boyfriend. “Oooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh fffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk!!” roared Leo. Okay, I wasn’t the only one who was in ecstasy. Leo was shouting and grabbing things that he reduced to dust with his superhuman strength. “Gggggnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Soooo gooooooood!! Aaaaaahh… Oh fuck, oh fucking fuck I-I…I’m going to…t-to explode!” I was so absorbed I didn’t notice that Leo’s dick was as hard as ever and ready to shoot! I stopped, raised my eyes, and looked at Leo. “Oh man! That was awesome! Fortunately, you stopped because I was going to expl—” I didn’t let him finish. I dived again on his nipple and redoubled my efforts. “Ooooooooooh shiiiiiiiiiiittttt!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh t-too m-much aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!” Leo began to thrash in all directions, hitting the floor with his feet, crushing anything he could reach with his hands. Hehe, yeah, the pleasure was intense! “Aaaaahhhhh!! I’m going to explode! I’m going to explode! Ohmygod I’m goinnnnnnnngggggggggggnnnnnnnhhhhhh!!” The explosion was imminent. Fortunately, Leo had good reflexes. He grabbed his dick and pointed it towards the ceiling. Finally, the floodgates opened… “Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh!!” I had almost forgotten that my boyfriend was now a 12-foot titan, and his orgasms were no longer the same. His big loads hit the ceiling like cannonballs, and I’m not just speaking figuratively; they really looked like cannonballs being fired. If one had hit me, I don’t know what state I would be in! With each shot, pieces of plaster were falling! I swear I felt the walls shake due to his roar. Fuck, it was awesome! I was also cumming and shouting, but my shouts were drowned out by Leo’s. I came, and I came, and I came, like Leo, except that I shot a few pints while he shot enough to fill a swimming pool. I filled the central crevice of Leo’s abs with my cum. After many minutes of orgasm, calm returned. It was a deluge, there was cum everywhere! “Ha… ha… ha… ha… oh my god! You know how to worship perfectly!” said Leo in his deep voice. “Ha… ha… ha… It’s not hard when you have a boyfriend like you!” I replied. After a few minutes we started again, and again, and again. It was the hottest night of my life: constant sex until exhaustion. I started to count our orgasms but after the sixth one I stopped. Who wouldn’t be that turned on by worshipping a 12-foot ultra-muscular boyfriend? I don’t know when I fell asleep, but when I woke up my head was resting on something hard, very hard. I looked around to see a huge pec. Oh my! It wasn’t a dream. Leo was really a 12-foot titan! He was still sleeping, snoring very loudly, and I felt my whole body move up and down with his breathing. Suddenly, someone knocked at the door. “Leo? Ryan? Doctor Krakovski would like to see you—” He entered the room and… “Holy shit!” he shouted in surprise after seeing the condition of the room. There was cum everywhere, even on the ceiling, a big hole in the ceiling, the bed and furniture were crushed, there cracks in the walls… it was carnage! “Hem… w-we are awake…” I said, a bit embarrassed. Leo moaned loudly as he opened his eyes. “Good morning, my big lover! The Doc is waiting for us.” “Good morning, my little honey! I had a great night, did you?” asked Leo. “Oh yeah, it was a great night! A fucking great night!” I said happily. “Don’t worry, we’ll do it again tonight, hehehe!” he said with a strange tone, as if he was hiding something from me. “Well, I would love to do it again, but the Doc is waiting for us,” I said. I hurried to wash what I could (I stank of sex…) and to dress. Leo didn’t have anything he could fit into. We went to see Doctor Krakovski. “Good morning, Doc,” I said. “Good morning, Ryan. Sleep well?” “Hem… the night started out a bit rough…” I stuttered. “I see that…” replied the Doc. I blushed like never before. It was so embarrassing… “So… you wanted to see us?” I asked. “Yeah, follow me!” he said. We went through corridors that I had never been in before. We passed a good number of security guards. What the hell, where are we going? Finally, we arrived in another, larger lab. And what I saw made my jaw drop: in this lab there was… another fucking tank! And this one was bigger! “W-w-w-what the hell??” I shouted. “The one we used yesterday was for the first experiments. This one is more advanced, bigger, sturdier,” said Krakovski. Another tank? Bigger? Wait, does that mean he will…? “You mean, you’re going to make Leo grow again??” I was totally stunned, imagining Leo even bigger, stronger, wider. Holy crrrraaaaaaaaap! “No,” replied Krakovski. Huh? Did I hear that right? He just said… no? “No?” I asked, surprised by his answer. Leo exploded in laughter. “Hahahahahahahahaha!! Ryan… do you still not understand?” “Understand? Understand what?” “Ryan… you’re the next test subject!”
  14. BiteApple

    Beyond a Man: Hudson's Growth

    Beyond a Man Chapter I Hudson was your typical highschool jock. Played football, quarterback, and engaged in all of the typical jock activities. Since highschool started he had managed to bulk up due to the immense volume of testosterone he was producing. Broader shoulders, thicker pecs and a six-pack. Not too shabby. Not Mr Olympia, but who cared? It was on his way home one night after a long hard training session, taking a shortcut through a suspicious alleyway and had suddenly blacked out. He woke up, head throbbing, strapped down to a ice-black chair, shirtless. He struggled against his restraints, but to no avail and took a look around his surroundings. He was in a stark metal room, void of any decor, except for a large plane mirror in front of him. He could see himself perfectly in it. Suddenly, a voice rang out through hidden speakers. "Hello, Hudson. We have been watching you." "Who are you? What did you do to me?" "We simply… took you for a little ride to our facility. See, we're a little known branch of the army, set on creating the perfect super soldier. Strong, resilient, obedient and… hung. We've selected you as our… newest recruit." "This is crazy! What about my parents?" "Your parents have long since forgotten you, thanks to our little memory wipe program. And as for your teammates and friends, the wipe isn't powerful enough to erase all their memories, so we disguised your absence as an 'unexpected trip'." "Get me out of here! Please!" "No can do… you can't avoid the inevitable, Hudson. Preparing to administer Alpha Serum #1" A robotic hand slipped out of a silent panel in the ceiling, grasping a syringe filled with a mysterious green liquid. It lowered onto Hudson's right shoulder, and plunged in, filling his veins with its swirling contents. Immediately, Hudson yelled out in pain. It was unimaginable. His whole arm was cramping and it was spreading, until his whole body was writhing in agony. "Just let it in, Hudson. Resisting will only make this all the more painful". "Ugh! Stop! What are you doing to me…" he reached, as he felt his shoulders begin to broaden. "Fuck…" he moaned. This was starting to feel… good. His biceps bulged and flexed into writhing mounds of muscle mass, his triceps extending into enormous wheels of pure power. His forearms morphed into god-like extensions, rippling with veins as his hands quadrupled in size. "Stop! This is wrong! This is… ugh! Ngh! Uh…" he moaned, as he felt his traps push against his thickening neck. "Shit… I'm getting huge! Ugh! FUCK! I can't! I don't want to… nghH…". His pecs pegan to balloon out as they began to fill with muscle, rounding out into hard, solid mounds of manliness. His midsection tightened as his six pack bulked into a shredded eight pack, obliques ripping up to his expanding lats. "No! I want.. I want more… this feels good. Mmpf… so much muscle… so much power… becoming… ngh… a man!" Hudson moaned, his growth accelerating with each word. "Yes Hudson! Give in to the power! Give in to the lust! Become what you were always meant to be!". Hudson roared, as his abdomened formed a bulging v-shape, veins winding their way to his crotch, which was hard as a rock. His thighs were next, ballooning out with unbelievable definition. They were like solid hams, tree trunks even, hard and writhing with man power. His calves, carved into muscular diamond shapes, flexed as his feet ripped out of his socks. His shorts didn't last long either, as they were torn to shreds by his massive thighs and growing ass. Hudson roared. He was a bulging, masculine mass of muscle, ready to dominate, ready to… what? This wasn't like him. "No! Stop! Release me!" he pleaded. "Ah… so there's still a bit of you still in there. We'll see about that. Administor Alpha Serum #2: Nipple Enhancement and Mind Control. Two vials, filled with a purple liquid, lowered onto his erect nipples, now pointing up due to his massive chest. They plunged into the sensitive meat. Hudson moaned in pain and pleasure as the contents were injected deep within him. Almost at once, he began to grow again. "Some mind control that was… hah… ugh… mmpf! Ngh! So manly… must resist… must become a super-soldier. Fuck! So big… so huge… look at my shoulders… so broad and manly… like a fucking boulde- ngh! More…". He began to flex his massive arms, forcing them to swell and grow even more. Soon, they burst through the restraints and he started to tease his nipples. Huge, immense waves of pure sensual pleasure rocketed their way through his young, buff body. Looking up over his massive pec shelf, he could see them begin to swell. Bigger… thicker and juicier. The areola expanding to the size of coins, then saucers, his nipples became so much more sensitive as his flicked and rubbed them with his new huge fingers. "Looks like you need some help there, son" the voice echoed. Two robotic arms with cups on them came out of the chair and attached themselves to his nips. They began to suck and apply pleasure, flicking and rubbing them. Hudson moaned. "Fuck! Ngh… so good… more… more growth!" He began to flex his now free, and massive arms, enjoying how they swelled to incredible proportions. He was becoming a true man. A sudden wave of growth washed through him. Every muscle exploded with size and power, bulking and swelling to unimaginable size. "Good… Hudson, you're doing so well. I think you're ready for the final treatment. Get him Alpha Serum #3: Hormonal Multiplier." A robotic arm once again appeared. Hudson saw the mysterious milky-white liquid inside and flexed his body. Instantly, he blew up with even more bulk and burst out of his restraints. He snatched up the syringe and ripped open his tight black boxers and pulled out his erect cock, plunging the needle deep inside his piss slit. He roared in pain. He pushed the contents in, making sure none was left in the tube before crushing it with his massive paws. He continued to roar as his cock began to throb. Soon, his moans of pain turned to pleasure as he began to laugh. His cock was growing. Bigger, thicker, girthier, it inched as it swelled to 11 inches… 15 inches… 18 inches! It was a throbbing, muscular pole of veins and sexy lust. His balls began to throb as they began to excrete mass amounts of testosterone. Hudson could feel it, pumping though his body. "Yes! Yes! Ngh! YES!" he moaned, his voice deepening into a manly growl. "FUCK! My voice! YEA, I'm a real MAN now! MORE GROWTH! MAKE ME INTO A GOD!" His armpits began to fill with musky pubic hair as they began to sweat a delicious scent. He bent over to sniff them. Immediately he went into horny overdrive and grabbed his huge, thick cock and began to jack off. "So big… so manly… becoming a soldier… yes… YES! MORE! ARGH!!" A thick pubic bush began to sprout around his crotch, as his orange sized balls started to fill with his man jizz. He could feel it, sloshing around inside. So much. So manly. So big. He stood up, flexing his huge biceps, feeling his massive shoulders, working his thick, musky cock. He sniffed his man pits, filled with a forest of jet black hair. He ran his hand down his abs and chest, ripping off a cup to REALLY play with his nipples. He got up from the chair and stood in front of the mirror to admire what he had become. "Ngh… so big… so huge. Muscle… muscle… MUSCLE!" he roared. He was close now. Every inch of his huge man body was edging him closer. "Yes Hudson!", the voice chorused, "become what you were always meant to be! Become beyond a man! Transform into a soldier! You are no longer a puny little jock! You are a monster, fucking, manly beheamouth! CUM Hudson! Seal your new destiny with your muscle cum!" Hudson let out a rippling, manly roar, in his deep sexy voice that tore though the room. He moaned, as his dick throbbed harder and grew bigger. He could feel the torrent of cum burst out. Thick, smelly white ropes of man-cum rocketed out of his sex pole. "Ngh! Fuck! Take it! So manly! Cumming! Mmpf!" he growled. His cock spewed so much cum. It was so forceful it bounced off the mirror and onto his ripped body and pooled onto the floor as a pool of white man-milk. He growled as he finished off. Looking in the mirror, he flexed his now muscular body, admiring the shape of his torso, his now manlier features. His broad shoulders, powerful pecs, ripped abs and his dripping, wet cock. Suddenly, he heard a door open. "Well done, Hudson. Welcome to the brotherhood." To be continued in Chapter II
  15. Thedemon1906

    More Of A Man Than You

    Part 1: The Beginning Alex had always been skinny and even though it had bothered him in the past since he started the gym he was feeling more confident. It wasn't as if he had gained a lot of muscle, his arms and legs were still very small compared to other men his age, but he felt invigorated and more comfortable with himself as man. That was until he moved in with his new roommate. At first he thought it would be a great chance to make a new friend. Being new on campus and coming from a different city meant he had no family or friends nearby. So when he was assigned a room with Markus he felt excited by the prospect. How wrong he had been. Markus wasn't your run of the mill jock. Incredibly buff for a twenty year old, blonde and with handsome features. He was tall, not as tall as Alex that stood at 6'4, but a respectable 6'1. He had big veiny arms, his most impressive feature, they made him look threatening even when resting. He wasn't grotesque in any way, just a big all natural manly man. Wide back, small waist and a killer smile. Everything about him screamed alfa and MAN. Even his face, which some people considered "pretty", with its touch of femenine features and full lips made him look like a stud. When Alex first met him Markus didn't even seem to notice him. He even seemed surprised, and angry, when later that night ,as he arrived from a frat party, he saw Alex sleeping in their room. He had brought a girl, brunette and clearly drunk, to fuck. Seeing Alex there sleeping didn't stop him though. The poor skinny guy was awoken by the powerful moans of a woman. He looked beside him towards his roomates bed and saw what can only be described as a bull of a man fucking one of the prettiest girls he had seen. Even though he wanted to look away he couldn't, the way the girl was moaning begging for more, the way her tits bounced rhythmically, her snatched waist and clear ecstatic expression made him wanna cum. He was a dude after all. He could never pleasure a woman that hot like that he thought. Even though Alex did consider himself a handsome guy, he had a sharp jaw and jet black hair and brows that made him look older than 18, he wasn't a stud by any means. He had fucked a girl once, a friend of his in highschool. Sadly the experience hadn't lasted long since he came almost immediately after awkwardly putting it in and after that they never fucked again. He saw the men in porn films and wondered how they managed to keep up like that, to be so full of virility and sex drive. He had felt as if something was missing from him, something to make him a real man. After a while he convinced himself porn movies were completely fiction and no stud like that existed in real life. Markus had just destroyed this illusion. After the first days things didn't get better. He saw Markus in the room only three times a day, when he woke up, when he came to shower after the gym and when he came at night probably drunk and with a chick to fuck. None of those helped Alex's self esteem one bit and probably Markus wanted it that way.The jock would wake up naked, kick a random girl from the room and go to the showers. That's how Alex found out how big of a man Markus really was. It wasn't as if he was gay but his roomates cock was imposible to avoid. It swung between his legs, thick and heavy making a sound every time it hit his muscular legs. It was huge, masculine, perfect, truly impressive. The rare times Markus acknowledged Alex's existence it was to berate him. He was probably trying to get his roommate to leave the dorm so he would have more space to himself. He didn't know Alex had already tried to get assigned another room that very same day they met to no avail. They were trapped together and they both hated it, but especially Alex. Being mocked all day by a man like Markus destroyed him emotionally. It made him feel even less of a man he already felt. Markus would call him toothpick instead of Alex, not very original from his part. He would mock his clothes, the stuff he ate, his lack of girls. Everything in his life was the punchline to an awful joke. One morning though Alex got fed up. He had gone to sleep late the night before so he hadn't awoken yet when Markus did. The first thing he heard was the manly voice of his roomate. -What the fuck is that?- Markus had said while his booming laugh filled the room. Alex opened his eyes to see what the jock had found so funny. His boxers were tented by his cock and a small puddle of cum lay in his stomach. He had been dreaming about that brunette girl. -That's barely even a cock- Markus said, bringing Alex back to reality. He then tried to cover his erection, his face now fully red from embarrassment. But Markus stopped his arms and easily pinned him to the bed with one hand. -Hey Patrick, come over here! you gotta see this bro- Alex couldn't believe this was happening, it must be a nightmare. His cock wasn't even that small. Yes it was thin and barely 4 inches but he had seen guys work with far less. -Damn I guess it's not true what they say about tall guys- Patrick was Markus' best friend. He was only 5'6 but even more muscular than his friend. He has perfect black skin and thick legs. He was built like a wall basically. Short, wide and handsome. Alex had never felt this embarrassed in his whole life, he could see some other guys starting to peek through the open door to see what the shouting was about. Then suddenly Markus took a phone out and took a picture of him. Alex was unable to stop any of it and even while he told him to stop he could feel himself starting to cry. -All this time I thought that a pussy like you would still have something going for him, something to make him get laid or respected. But now, see, having u here weeping with your tiny cock out i see you are not even a man- Markus said and then left with his friend. As he was about to exit the door though he looked back at Alex and holding his phone in his hand he said. -Tell anybody and I leak the pictures-. With that Alex was alone in his room. At first he couldn't stop crying. Tears kept streaming down his face, he felt as if he was unable to breath, gasping for air every five seconds. Someone in the dorm had been nice enough to close the door for him, at least no curious students could see him in this state. Suddenly though, his tears stopped and a single thought took over his entire mind, body and soul. Revenge. He had to get revenge no matter what. He was gonna need to get bigger for this though, much bigger. He made plans for starting to take the gym seriously the next day but he knew that wasn't gonna be fast enough. So he started his research. He began by looking for supplements on google. He read about the best ones, when to take them, how to calculate how much to take. He then moved to exercises and gyms nearby, then he researched for good trainers. He started reading about steroids, tren cycles, miracle hormones… It was already dark outside when he got a sudden ad. It was from Etsy, apparently people had started a trend where they sold spells on the website. The one in the ad in particular was for a pact with a love and fertility goddess. It said it would allow him to take down his enemies and rule over them. It was silly and obviously fake but since it was only five dollars Alex thought it would be a fun thing to buy. He didn't know what love and fertility had to do with revenge though, but it felt it would motivate him to work even harder. So with no second thought he bought the product. He needed to fill a form and then send it to the seller. The form itself was quite simple, you just had to insert your name and the name of the one you wished to punish, it also said to write a short message with a wish, the thing u wanted the other person to experience. Alex filled the blank spaces with the names but then had trouble with the wish. The image of Markus this morning popped back in his mind "You are not even a man" he had said. He filled that last part with determination "I wish I could show him i'm more of a man than he could ever be" and with that he pressed send. A wave of electricity passed through him, like a silent humming and suddenly he felt extremely tired. He lay his head on his pillow and thought about what a day it had been. "I'll show him a real man" he thought as he fell asleep.
  16. Here's the first chapter of a new story I've been writing. I have no idea how long it will be but so far, it's been fun to write. I hope you enjoy. Chapter 1 The bright morning light streamed into the bedroom. I opened my eyes and watched the sun reflecting off the lake in the distance. It had only been a month since I moved to the cabin but I knew waking up to this view would never get old. I rolled out of bed and made my way down to the main floor. With a fresh cup of coffee in hand, I slid open the back door and stepped onto the huge patio. I took a deep breath, inviting the fresh morning air into my lungs. Between the cabin and lake, was the rustic, unkept lawn that lead down to the dock. Like most of the property, the cabin included, it needed a lot of work but did little to deter me from knowing I had made the right decision. I always hated living in the city. Savouring the quiet and privacy from the patio only made me more excited to finally be here. The sounds of birds were my only company as I finished my coffee, with one last glance at the shimmering lake, I turned stepped back inside. My routine had been the same since the first day; coffee, gym, planning the renovations. Today was different, today; the renovations began, but not before getting in a good workout. I was sweating and breathing heavy as I stepped onto the patio. The sun had risen higher and the warmth felt good on my pumped body. I caught my reflection in one of the large windows. Squaring my shoulders and flaring my growing lats, I admired the growing body reflected back at me. At 37 years old and 6 feet tall, I was happy with the improvements I’d made in the short time at the cabin but I was also determined to make many more. “Must be the clean lake air.” I said as I raised my arms into a double bicep pose. I smiled as my biceps flexed, display impressive roundness. My lats spread wider as I tightened my already tiny waist. Placing my left leg forward, I let out a small grunt as my quad muscle rippled. Glancing down, I raised my foot and flexed my calf. Hitting a few more poses, I finally relaxed and stepped off the patio and walked towards the lake. I dove off the dock and swam a few strokes underwater before surfacing. The cool water felt incredible on my warm skin. I floated for a moment before starting to swim towards the centre of the lake. As my body sliced through the water, I felt my muscles tighten as I gained speed. Since moving to the cabin, this had quickly become my favourite form of cardio. I got lost in the rhythmic movements and before long, I was a fair distance from the cabin. I stopped, breathing heavy and tuned to face the cabin in the distance. The dense forest spreading undisturbed in both directions, the nearest neighbour far from my small piece of land. After a minutes rest, I started to swim back to shore, driving my arms and legs as hard as I could. I reached the dock and as I pulled myself out of the water, I saw someone walking around the side of the building. As I stood up, the person stopped and waved. I had no towel handy so I walked towards the cabin, water dripping from my body. As I approached, I could see his face taking in my nearly naked body. He looked young and the closer I got, the thicker and wider his body appeared. “Rick?” The kid said when I was thirty feet away. “That’s me.” I said. “I-I-I’m Ben from Cole & Sons construction. I have the lumber.” I finally reached him and extended my hand. Ben’s eyes were wide as they moved from my face to my pecs, abs and quads. “Nice to meet you Ben. Sorry I didn’t meet you out front, I was taking a swim and lost track of the time.” I said running my hand over my wet, smooth, hard abs. “N-n-n-o p-p-problem” Ben sputtered. “It looks like it was a good workout.” “That was just cardio, the real workout was before, in my gym.” I said with a quick bounce of my pecs. Ben was shorter than me by a good amount, I would have guessed him to be 5’6” at the most. He was definitely young, barely 20. He wore a baggie t-shirt that covered everything but his forearms and equally baggy work pants. Even covered up, I could see he was wider than normal with a hint of thick traps and round pecs. I had a keen eye for people that had muscle, even hidden under clothes. “Let me dry off and get changed and I’ll meet you out front.” “Ok.” When I stepped outside a few minutes later, wearing a tight tank top and shorts, I found Ben pulling large pieces of lumber off the back of the truck. There was a small stack piled by the cabin and a considerable amount still on the truck. What stuck me most, was the fact that Ben was lifting multiple pieces at once, which must have weighted a lot but he didn’t seem to struggle at all. I stood and watched as the young kid gripped six pieces, each twelve feet long and with barely a grunt, hoisted them off the truck, swung them around and added them to the pile on the ground. “Impressive.” I said as Ben looked up, noticing I’d appeared. I caught a glimpse of his exposed forearm and saw thick veins criss-crossing his pale skin. “Not really, I do this all day.” “I wouldn’t say that. Those boards aren’t light.” Ben just smiled innocently and reached for more pieces but instead of the previous six pieces, he managed to bundle ten before easily hoisting them off the truck. He manoeuvred the additional load with easy before stacking them perfectly on the growing pile. “Damn kid, you have some crazy strength there.” I said as I stepped off the small front porch. “Getting there,” Ben said and turned to grab another load. “So what’s all this for, if you don’t mind me asking?” “I plan to completely renovate the cabin. I want to make it my dream home.” “Nice. It’s a great spot out here. What are you doing first, the kitchen?” He asked. “That will come later. My first project is the gym.” Ben placed another huge bundle on the pile. “The gym?” “Yeah. I need a better setup to really start making gains.” I said. Ben looked me up and down again. “Start? No offence Rick but you are already jacked.” I chuckled. “Thanks but this is nothing.” I said with quick pec bounce. Ben just swallowed and continued to stare before looking away. “You want to see the gym?” Ben’s eyes grew wide with excitement, “Sure!” “This way.” I said as I walked around to the side of the cabin. About twenty feet away stood a crumbling separate building. It had once been a large storage shed that I had turned into a makeshift gym when I first moved in. I slid the huge door open and stepped inside. The building was in rough shape, light streamed through the rotten walls and the whole place smelled musky. The lack of windows provided very little natural light. All that aside, the barn was loaded with gym equipment. “Woah!” Ben exclaimed as he started to maneuver through the room, inspecting the equipment and the various weights scattered around. He found his way to the bench press still loaded with four 45lb plates with an additional 25lb plate pure side. “Want to give it a shot?” I said, noticing Ben lingering. “I don’t know. I should get back to unloading the lumber, the rest of the crew will be here soon.” “Come on. I saw you out there, you have some serious power. Plus, I can tell you want to.” Ben smiled and turned towards the loaded bar but to my amazement he didn’t lay on the bench but instead, planted his feet behind and gripped the bar loaded with 275lbs. With a low grunt, the kid lifted the bar and started to curl. “Holy shit!” I exclaimed. Ben performed a perfect rep and I watched in awe as the once baggie sleeves of his t-shirt filled with thick, round muscle. “That wood is light as fuck to be honest.” Ben said as his completed his second rep. “I’ve been making serious gains lately. Working construction helps but real gains come from lifting heavy ass weights.” He said completing his fifth rep before gently lowering the bar back onto the rack. “That was incredible!” I said. “Thanks. I knew you’d would appreciate some real strength.” Ben said and reached across his body, pulled the t-shirt up to his shoulder and slowly flexed his right arm. Instantly his bicep erupted displaying a massive peak, complete with a deep bicep split. An equally dense tricep hung dramatically underneath creating perfectly sculpted arm that betrayed his young age. “WOW!” Was all I could muster at the sight. “Pretty impressive isn’t it? But this is nothing. I plan to get a lot bigger. I’m only 220lb at the moment but I plan to be 240lb when I turn 20.” Ben said, lowering his arm but because he was already pumped, the fabric of his shirt didn’t fall down, leaving his right arm exposed. “You’re not even 20?” “Not for three more months.” “FUCK!” Ben smiled and turned his attention to the nearby cable machine. He leaned down and dropped the weight pin almost to the bottom of the stack. He gripped the rope handle, causing waves of muscle to explode on his bloated forearms before starting to crank out tricep extensions. The already hiked up sleeve rose even higher as his tricep expanded exponentially. Two reps in and deep striations appeared on the surface. “I’m going for that really freaky croissant looking tricep definition. Give it a feel Rick.” He said, holding the rope at the bottom of the rep. I stepped forward and placed my hand on his warm, smooth skin. I was instantly shocked by how hard the muscle felt. Being this close, I could see the network of countless veins just under the surface of his pale skin. “Incredible!” I whispered. “Thanks but you’re no slouch in the muscle department Rick.” Ben said as be preformed one more rep as I felt each individual muscle in his arm flex. “Show me what you got.” He said releasing the rope. I stepped into position and with obvious effort, I started to move the weight. It was much heavier than I usually used but suddenly I felt a strong hand grip my arm. “Fuck yeah, look at your tricep swell. You got this Rick, pump out a few more reps, feel that muscle work.” I couldn’t stifle a load grunt as I willed two more reps, my arm shaking and Ben’s grip tightening. After the third rep, I let go of the rope and the weight stack crashed loudly. “Nice.” Ben said. I turned to face Ben and as our eyes meet, I sensed him move slightly closer to me before stopping. “I need to get back to the truck. If that lumber isn’t unloaded before the others arrive, I’ll get in shit.” “O-o-ok Ben. I can help.” “That would be great.” Ben said as he cleared his throat and turned towards the door. My offer to help Ben unload the remaining lumber was barely helpful as the very strong kid worked with renewed drive, lifting massive bundles of wood at an incredibly fast pace. He was very quiet and I noticed he avoided eye contact with me as I removed a few boards. We were both huffing and puffing thirty minutes later when the last of the lumber was neatly stacked by the cabin. I was dripping with sweat but Ben barely seemed warm. “You ok? Want a water?” I asked. “I’m fine. Water would be good.” He said continuing to stare at the ground. I returned from the cabin with two bottles of water as two large trucks pulled in. I recognized Cole, the owner of the construction company. He was a friendly guy in his late fifties. Two other men stepped out of his truck. Both younger than Cole but looked a lot like him, I assumed they were the sons of Cole & Sons. Both men wore baggie flannel shirts that couldn’t disguise their thick, strong bodies. The door of the third truck opened and another man emerged. He looked to be about 5’10” tall with short dark hair and an incredibly handsome face. He was dressed more formally than the others with tight dark pants and a tight polo shirt that showcased his impressive body. While not huge, he was in great shape with thick quads, round shoulders, shapely arms and a nice chest. “Rick!” Cole said, breaking me out of my trance. “C-C-Cole.” I said, approaching the older man and extending my hand. “Great to see you again. This is Donny and Jack, my two sons.” Donny stepped forward and smiled, showing a bright white set of teeth. He had curly brown hair and light stubble that gave him a rugged look I couldn’t deny looked sexy. His grip was very firm and I couldn’t help notice some separation between his biceps and shoulder even through his heavy flannel shirt. Jack playfully pushed his brother aside and extended his own hand. Jack was an inch taller than me and up close, he looked a little older than Donny and had piercing blue eyes. His grip was equally strong and while his shirt was very baggy, I sensed it covered an impressive build. “Nice to meet you both.” I said “I see Ben uploaded all the lumber.” Cole said. “Yes, he did it without any problem.” “That sounds like Ben.” Cole said with a sense of pride. “Rick, this is Andrew Blake. He’s the project manager and architect on this job.” As Andrew stepped closer, I was taken aback by his handsome face sitting atop a nice thick neck and budding traps. “Nice to meet you Rick. This is great spot you have out here. I’m really excited to get to work help you turn this cabin into paradise.” Andrew said with a smile. “Thanks. I’m excited to see what you plan to do.” “Why don’t we head inside and go over the plans while Cole and his crew start setting up?” Andrew said. As we stepped inside, Andrew walked around the main floor, commenting on the amazing potential the cabin offered. Andrew approached and placed a large roll of building plans on the kitchen counter. “Come take a look Rick.” We starting reviewing the drawings and I had to admit to Andrew that it was like trying to read Greek. “Don’t worry, I know what this all means.” He said with a laugh as he placed his hand on my shoulder. “Wow, you are hard as a rock.” “Thanks. I’ve been working out pretty hard since I moved in. I’m really excited about the cabin renovations but I have to admit, I really want to see your plans for the gym.” “I was curious about that request when Cole told me. I wondered why someone would want to prioritize a gym and one that big but seeing you now, I get it.” Andrew said without removing his hand from my shoulder. “Like I said, I’ve been working out a lot since moving out here but I really want a place to take my training to a whole other level.” Andrew let go of my shoulder and bite his lip as I continued. “I’ve put on about 12 pounds in a month but with more space and extra equipment, I can really start adding serious size.” “That’s amazing Rick. I mean, you look seriously jacked to me. I workout pretty hard but you are making me feel tiny right now.” I smiled and placed my fists together at my waist and flexing my pecs, arms and shoulders. While not a proper most muscular, I could see from the expression on Andrew’s face, he was impressed. “Holy shit! Not only are you huge, you are ripped Rick.” “Thanks Andrew but I disagree. I need a lot more mass and much lower body fat to be considered huge or ripped.” “Whatever you say Rick, but from where I’m standing, you look amazing.” Andrew said. “Well, the sooner we get started on the gym, the sooner you can see just how big I plan to get. Why don’t you walk me through those plans?” Andrew tore his attention away from my body and showed me the plans. The more he explained his designs, the more excited I got. He planned to rebuild the barn, placing it closer the cabin and connecting it with a short walkway. He positioned the barn so the southern wall would be all windows looking towards the lake. The increased floor place would allow for more gym equipment and there was even another patio outside. “Wow Andrew! This looks amazing, it’s exactly the type of space I want. I can’t wait to have it finished. What’s this on the patio?” “That’s a hot tub. I know it wasn’t on your wish list but-“ “I love it!” “Great! The best part is, because we are moving the building closer to the cabin, you can still use your existing gym until the new space is finished.” “Really! That’s awesome!” I said. “Well, I didn’t really understand why the gym was so important until I met you and now I’m happy you don’t have to take a break while we build the new one.” I smiled and flexed my arm, running my free hand over the hard surface. “Me too Andrew. How long will this take?” Andrew didn’t respond right away, instead, he stared at my bicep. “Andrew?” “Sorry. The gym should take two months, being that it is a new structure. The rest of the work will take another four months.” “That sounds great Andrew. I’m very happy Cole put you on this project.” I said as I stepped closer and extended my hand. “I hope you’ll be around during the whole project. Maybe we can even get a workout in sometime.” “I’d like that Rick but I doubt I could keep up with you.” “That’s just more incentive to lift harder.” I said with a wink. “Should we check on the others?” Andrew looked a little disappointed but nodded and followed me towards the door.
  17. Ras3rGM

    My gentle monster - part 2

    I woke up feeling my grandfather's huge chest and his hair on my chest, I didn't even feel that I was touching the bed, I started to feel and everything felt like steel, it was my grandfather's hard body, I felt his huge legs on top of me hugging me. - "good morning sun, after that fuck you fell fast asleep, I couldn't resist and I sucked you while you were asleep, I'm sorry son.... I was just hungry for you and you look so damn cute, in fact I feel bigger *grunts* it's like your pretty boy juices make me more powerful. It was true... I felt grandpa was bigger, I lifted my head and saw his arm, it looked thicker oh my god, the vein in his arm was thicker than my wrist or even thicker than my own arm. I touched his arm, to say my hand looked small was an understatement how can there be so much flesh on an arm, it looked bigger than the trunk of any tree literally. - "yeah honey my body is huge, I feel like I could crush this bed if I flexed a little *the bed creaks terrifyingly at the tremendous weight* fuck... I think I passed the 600 pound mark kid." - "hmmm yeah... look at your little hand on my gorilla arm it looks so small and fragile, it looks like it could break in the wind.... *places a monstrous paw on top of my smaller one* god... my grandpa paw completely engulfs yours, in fact I could cover your whole beautiful little head with my giant hand." - "it's barely morning and you're already making this geezer horny honey.... *kisses the top of my head lovingly* hmm your hair smells good son, maybe even better than my monster musk.... Maybe, it looks like this huge arm has you mesmerized, I don't blame you seeing something so fucking huge must be appealing by nature, that's how I feel when I see your skinny little body son, your smallness makes you so cute, my protective instincts kick in when you're near me, I want to protect you from everything and everyone my child, I want to be your blanket in the cold, the mountain that gives you shade in the sun, every lift I do with those ridiculous weights is for you, every breath my colossal chest takes is for you, nothing makes me happier than having you like this in my arms." Grandpa's words sent me to muscle daddy heaven, the most massive monster loved me unconditionally, stroking his arm I still came closer feeling his strong pectoral and hard nipple that tickled me as I moved, I started to lick his bicep, grandpa reacted and tensed his arm a little and got bigger and thicker for me, I couldn't stop drooling on his arm, I stuck my nose in his armpit and started to smell and his man musk, his smell was so strong and overpowering.. "Yeah son you like the smell of the old man in the mornings don't you? *deep growl* damn you're already licking my armpit, that gets me going boy *he puts his giant paw on my head and presses harder* that's what grandpa likes so much yeah... me smelling your precious hair and you smelling my giant armpit all for you... *, I start to press hard on grandpa's huge nipple, while I moan inside his armpit, grandpa's cock gets semi-hard and lifts my body* son stop... you don't want me to destroy the bed, if you go on like this I'll do serious damage to our surroundings *the bed creaks some boards cracking, grandpa's body tenses up*. "I'm serious son if you keep this up soon we won't even have a room to sleep in *grunts* if you don't stop I'll have to take you out. Grandpa grabbed me and pulled me out of his armpit, I breathed I stopped pressing his nipple but my mouth went to his huge nipple and I couldn't take it anymore and I bit it with all my strength, grandpa let out a quick scream everything got harder, it almost seemed like it was growing under me, the bed rattled in a frightful scream, he couldn't take it anymore, the bed was destroyed by the huge weight, my grandpa's body cushioned the fall and I felt no pain or anything, grandpa hugged me tightly as a consequence of the abuse to his giant nipple. "Look what you've done son, fuck I think I wrecked the floor too". Grandpa's body was rock hard, his chest hair prickled me a little, his embrace on me was tight, I began to worry that his state of arousal could not be controlled and he might break me "I'm growing boy... I feel so fucking hard and heavy, I definitely broke the 600 pound mark already, in this you turn me boy into a monster that keeps getting bigger and stronger, at this rate I'm going to get over the fucking house.... I feel huge. Between hugging his pecs I said to Grandpa "Grandpa you're crushing me". "Oh my god son...I'm so sorry I hurt you?..... *I shake my head* you see what I'm telling, you makes me stronger, having me so excited makes me lose control". He loosens his embrace on me but I am still in his arms, grandpa was panting deeply as if he had done intense exercise for a long time. Finally he lifts me up and I look at the damage caused by his body, the bed was in pieces, grandpa's underpants were torn by the pressure of his huge python, the floor was cracked by the blow, the old man gently laid me on the floor and I was speechless when I saw it. He was huge, no.. colossal, massive, I had definitely believed me and a lot his arms if they were twice my size before were now 4 times me, he could no longer see me through his pecs "damn boy now I can't see down my pecs" they were literally bigger than the front of our van and not to mention his nipples.. they were bigger than my erect cock each and as thick as a beer can, his abs or by god.... Each of her 10 pack was bigger than my head and they were so fucking defined I could clearly see the stretch marks, her legs once as thick as tree trunks now so massive I could most certainly crush a small car under them, I put my cold hand on top.. the little thing of nothing seemed to get lost in so much flesh, the aged beast growled animalistically The monster grandfather took a deep breath when he felt my soft touch... his mammoth cock moved, if before I didn't know how he put that thing in my ass now it was definitely impossible, he had a thick vein snaking his cock, it was throbbing like it wanted to get bigger it was so wild and animalistic... I trembled with excitement but at the same time with fear... seeing this abosolute monster made me almost pee there, even though I knew he would never hurt me and he was the most caring and loving being I was scared Grandpa saw my fear and growled "Son don't be afraid, I know I must look fucking intimidating now, fuck I'm so big.... So monstrous... but it's for you, I love you my precious boy *places a giant paw on my chin and gently strokes* holy god my fingers are so thick and big, just one of my fingers dwarfs your beautiful little face" *animal growl* his cock twitches again sending another shudder through me. "Damn it son you better get the fuck away from me, now I don't know how much fucking strength I have and you make me feel so horny my little.. *grunts* I don't want to hurt you by accident, please leave before I lose control again." "No, grandpa I don't want to leave you...I'm a little scared but I know you would never hurt me" I hugged as best I could the monster in front of me. Grandpa was holding back, growling loudly, with deep breaths, he stood still trying to calm the beast, whispering "he's so beautiful, Jesus my little James I love him so much, damn it...old man control him control the power, I will never forgive you if you hurt him...". Grandpa hugged me but gently trying not to hurt me, even so I felt him squeeze me tightly. He lifted me up and kissed me, a kiss like never before... aggressive, animalistic was his way of showing his primitive love for me, I melted into his colossal body letting him take control, he wrapped his arms around me, his cock lifted me up just with his strength, after the intense kiss the beast calmed down. "I need to weigh myself son, I need to see how you have made me bigger, more beastly" he gasped. He carried me in his arms to his personal gym, put me on the floor and stepped on the scale, he stepped on and the contraption made a scary noise and destroyed "fuck son, I'm too big and heavy for this shit... that contraption had a maximum capacity of 700 pounds, my handsome son made me grow way more than 100 pounds and I want to keep growing for you.." "But first Grandpa, can we have breakfast? All that growing up and watching you transform into a beast has given me an appetite." "Of course my boy, I'm hungry too I feel like I could eat a damn elephant...rest up, I'll fix breakfast today." I get up and we head to the kitchen grandpa made me breakfast an omelet with spices and he made himself a buffet to feed 20 men, he ate like a beast partly because he was still so excited. When he finished he looked at me with a face of complicity "I want to try something son" we went to the garage we had the van, a Smart he used and a car we wanted to sell in the scrapyard. "I need to crush something son", he lifted the car with his hands as if nothing, the car groaned noisily as it was lifted, he held it with a huge paw while with the other he sunk his monstrous fingers into one of the ends, grandpa started to crush the car from end to end as if wanting to smash it... the car windows exploded, the metal and steel bent, grandpa grunted but not for the effort if not for the thrill of crushing I was behind watching his gigantic back it was so wide it could completely cover the car behind me, I started to touch myself watching this old beast smash the thing like nothing.... "Fuck my fucking arm is thicker than this garbage.. it feels so fucking light and it must weigh like a ton" *he laughs deeply* "there is nothing stopping me anymore, and I will keep getting bigger... bigger... stronger...." as he grunted these words he was crushing the car until he could embrace it "so much power... so much massiveness" *grunts* "this is all so fucking weak, you little shit" he shoved his monster cock in and started pounding it hard, his cock destroying the metal. The old man was in a trance of musculature and self worship, he felt exaggeratedly powerful, some pre was coming out of his cock as well as mine. "Look at me son, I'm so big and strong, how I wish I had your beautiful soft ass on my cock instead of this wrecked car shit, the steel of this junk is so weak.. just breathing my monstrous chest crushes this.. but I can't, I would hurt you, I would hurt you, I would never in this life or the next want to see you sad or hurt.. that would break the heart of this beast that grows for you, but with time I will learn to control all this strength, just seeing you standing there touching your beautiful little cock thing makes me want to destroy this damn house *sigh* nothing and no one can stop me... only your beauty is able to make me feel weak, if someone would touch you, if someone would hurt you.... God only knows what I would do with that shit" grandpa's body tensed his protective instincts towards me made him alert, his muscles thickened and filled with power. Grandpa's feet were crunching the floor with his strength. I was trembling but not out of fear this time it was out of total excitement to see this massive Elder destroy that car like it was nothing, because of his words towards me.... "I don't know what to say grandpa, you love me so much..." - I started to cry as he touched me - "I just want you to be the happiest man in the world grandpa, sometimes I think you don't need me, you are so strong, big, confident, handsome, I'm so lucky to have you....". Grandpa looked at me very serious "Don't talk nonsense honey, I need you like the air I breathe, everything I do is for your happiness without you.... I wouldn't be so damn gigantic." He hugged the junk tighter, I could see his thick nipples piercing the metal, the old car had no shape anymore, he squeezed so hard that he broke it in two, if you can call a pile of junk two pieces, and moved closer to me.... he was a mountain, a fucking intimidating and imposing monster, he was tall, he must have been 7 inches now, maybe a little more, he lifted me up and hugged me "give this old son a kiss" he kissed me lovingly, his paw touched and caressed my penis, it felt good, I felt loved by my old monster..... End
  18. Guest

    A Competitive Workout

    This is my first story. I wanted to adapt something that really happened to me in a trip, some years ago, and see if you like it (it's a short read) A Competitive Workout Lots of days have passed since I went on a vacation travel with some friends. Flying from Perú to make our dreams of knowing Hong Kong, Japan, Cambodia and Thailand a reality. Those were awesome days, Tokyo was actually a dream, and staying at Koh Phi Phi at the end of our trip was the best ending for it (and it was also quite weird, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE was insanely muscular, like if the water had steroids in it, but that might be another story...). And so, our last day of vacation arrived. The last night before taking the plane back, I stayed in the airport hotel, where they had this amazing and well equipped gym (maybe the best gym I've ever been). I always workout at night (like really late, after midnight), and it is usually empty at that time (even more when working out in a hotel hahaha). I went to workout arms as usual (and as you can tell from my pictures, that's my favorite body part to train). Biceps and triceps were the treat of the day. I don't know if it was because I had rested a lot before coming to train, but I felt particularly strong and my muscles resisted a bit more weight that night. Bicep curls with 40lbs in each arm, made my muscles pump to no believe, I could see two enormous veins filling with blood over my huge biceps (one on each arm). Then came the triceps extensions with 180lbs and the horseshoe on my arm became even more visible, I almost felt it was going to explode because of the amount of muscle that was pumping beyond believe... I was flexing, looking in the mirror, my enormous physique engorged with blood and a strength I never had before. My guns were HUGE. And then, suddenly, someone else came to the gym too. He was a really muscular man, taller than myself (well, I'm a bit short, it's not that difficult to be taller than me hahaha), and he was built like a bull. His neck was amazingly thick, putting mine to shame. He went to the mirror and started flexing his amazingly big muscles too, admiring himself. But, he also glanced at me while I was working out, like he was planning something. And then it began. Whenever I finished an exercise and started resting between sets, he went straight towards the weights I just left, and started lifting them for his own workout making lots of grunting sounds (which I really, REALLY hate hahaha). I could see all his muscles pumping and growing (which was a great sight, can't deny that), but somehow, he also seemed to struggle with the weights I was using. Whenever he finished a set, he always looked at me and flexed his gigantic arms, like if he was defying me to lift even more weight. I tried to ignore him for a while, just concentrating on my own workout, but I must confess I got really bored of his horrible grunts and his attitude, so I decided to teach him a lesson and END this muscle and strength competition. I went to the triceps pulldown machine, put the weight to the max (220lbs if I remember correctly), and started lifting a set with it, getting to 10 reps. My triceps became huge, and it was difficult to move them because of the pump they got. I didn't have to flex them in order to see a perfect horseshoe I had on the back of my enormous arm. Then, I got to the dumbbells, left the ones I was using before (40lbs), and got the ones that weighted 50lbs to do bicep curls, finishing my set too. My guns were amazingly huge right now. The two engorged veins were pulsating with power each time I moved the weight up and down, feeling how they got bigger and bigger. I couldn't touch my head as they were so pumped right now. It was like having two huge slabs of muscle attached to my body, responding to enormous strength. As I finished, now I was the one who looked at him, defying to outclass my already surprising strength. I'm not lying to you, he actually gulped. He was afraid. He had watched in awe as I moved all that weight with the power of my arms alone and started walking to were I left the weights. He first went to the triceps pulldown machine and tried to lift it to no avail. He tried, his face turning red, his already enormous muscles just stuck without moving... He had to reduce 40lbs of weight in the machine to finish his set. Then, he went for the 50lbs dumbbells. He looked at me and flexed his arms in a double biceps that would have amazed anyone in this forum, and then tried to lift the weights. He got them, each on one hand, and I thought that with his humongous size, he would be able to curl them... But he couldn't. Not even one rep. He went back for the 40lbs and angrily finished his set. I decided to give a coup de grace to his arrogance. One final set. I went to the dumbbell rack and got the ones that weighted 60lbs. I had NEVER lifted that much weight in each arm, this was a really a risk. But I felt confident, felt strong, my arms looked like they had doubled in size because of the pump and the adrenaline and I decided to try... And suceeded. I made my last set while looking directly at him as I pumped my arms. He was in complete disbelief. He watched this impossible weight (at least it was for me), go up and down for reps, my guns becoming EVEN MORE HUGE. I finished, drop the weights and looked at him while trying to cross my arms (it was difficult because of the pump really hahaha), and he just left the gym, afraid and ashamed. That was the most fun I’ve ever had in a gym, I guess competitive people like him deserve experiences like this one. This was a final selfie I took just after I finished, couldn't move my arms that much (my camera sucked big time at that time).
  19. UltimateSwoldier

    Hyper Hero (Prologue 11/19/22)

    Hey guys! Long time lurker with occasional updates to my progress channel. I've finally decided to try my hand at this writing gig lol. Can't wait to give you guys more! Just keep in mind that I intend for this story to have crushing and destruction themes and deals with steroid use. -- PROLOGUE The room was dimly lit and cool. It had all the trappings of an executive board room, minus a view. Along the walls were framed portraits of some of earths greatest heroes, their names engraved below. There was almost a solemn reverence amongst those seated at the table. The heavy looking table was a long marble slab, with papers and folders strewn about but piled in front of each member of the board. It was organized chaos. In front of each of the 10 board members however, one file remained untouched. A single letter was on the front of the folder. “C” It was the second most undesirable superhero tier in existence. C tier meant that you either had useless powers or you simply weren’t marketable by corporations. They both went hand in hand. C tier meant no money and no fame. You simply had powers and existed. The woman at the front of the room coughed slightly, drawing the attention of the board members back to her. She had grey hair, but looked to be at least in her late 40’s. She wore a simple suit and skirt. Her hair was kept in a tight bun, a habit from her days in the Marine Corps. Underneath the smile, you could see that she had more than her fill of experience with Prodigies. From their first discovery around the world, to their integration into Departments of Justice and Defense. She had seen it all. After 20 years, it was starting to show. She had reviewed this file personally several years ago. Personally, she thought he would have had use as perhaps a tank or bullet absorbing wall (making him a B Tier at best), but field observation and pushback from her superiors had forced her to make a different choice. He was capable of destruction on a mass scale, so he had to be regulated in that manner. Now it was time for a Review Board and his name had come up. This time all she could do was make the pitch. Time for the wind up. “Our final reviewee is Jason Stone.” she spoke in a clipped tone as she tapped a glowing button on the table. The room immediate lit up with a dim blue glow. Holographic displays projected a 3D image of the youth onto the table, as well as several paused videos of a truly massive individual. The young man looked as though he was a pro-bodybuilder. Along the lines of Derek Lunsford or Nick Walker. If he was built like a hero, why was he C-Tier? The woman could see the board members becoming restless. This entire meeting had taken at least two hours. If she wanted to help him, she needed their attention. “He’s a 25-year-old Caucasian male and a student at King City University. He has adopted the callsign: Hyper.” And here’s the pitch! She tapped another holographic button. The 3D projection of Jason immediately morphed from pro-bodybuilder into an absolute mass monster. Easily as wide as he was tall. The weight skyrocketed from 225 pounds to 895. His height didn’t even change. Hell, wider. It should be a physical impossibility for a man to be that size and live. Never mind move. Yet here he was. “Hyper’s main ability is muscle growth. Often to extreme lengths,” This was the fun part for her. A bit like showing off a new car model. “The growth and hardness of his muscles makes him impervious to blades weapons and everything short of nuclear and biological attacks. We’ve attempted to find his strength limits, but no machine can find it. Despite his mass and size, he can move almost as well as a normal human. His muscle also allows him to move faster and jump higher and farther.” The looks on the board members faces melted from boredom into shock and awe. A tank of a human, as naked as the day was long, moving with the ease of a normal hero. Again: impossible on every level! The videos displayed various combat operations with the hero. Skyscrapers crumbling and cars being tossed towards a mech that managed to dwarf the mutant. The mutant easily threw the cars like throwing a ball, each impact making the mech stagger. As it started to tip, the mech fired a missile into a fleeing crowd. As it ran its course, Jason dived and intercepted the deadly weapon. It simply exploded against his massive pecs as he used a hand to sweep the remains of the crowd out of his way. The fall, however, resulted in him breaking the asphalt and landing in the sewer system. The surrounding buildings shook appropriately and swayed. One unfortunate (condemned by the city) finally collapsed into rubble. Seconds later the massive mutant stood up from the wreckage and waved as the blurred figures of heroes swept onto the scene and started to assist however they could. The entire video had been ripped from news footage from a drone, but even from the back, the mutant appeared to be some kind of god. The woman closed the videos to observe the looks of the board members. At least three of them were blushing and sweating. The others that weren’t looked as though this was going to simply be another headache for cleaning up. Time for the bad news. “However, as you’ve clearly seen, the enormous power and size does come with trade-offs,” she hated this part. “His only assumed weaknesses are nuclear and biological warfare. He also has very little control over how much he can grow or the speed at which he grows.” She brought up another video. The man screamed in pain as his body lurched and swelled from the power, his clothes bursting off as he grew at an uneven and terrifying rate. Despite the misshapen beginning, the result was a true monster that should be feared. “He also can’t swim or control his strength in any measurable way.” She could already tell what the answer would be. She almost felt sorry for the kid whom she never met. “It says here that the running cost of cleanup can run into the billions, Mrs. Sanders” the gentleman at the head of the table said. His tone was even. Not unimpressed, but not shocked either. He too had seen his share of Prodigies. This one had been regulated for a reason. “Why should we take the risk of letting him work with the agency? I saw the after-action report on that operation. He’s directly responsible for injuring 5 people and killing 2 more. He’s a hero with a fucking body count!” The woman opened her mouth to answer but drew a blank. She had the right words but no idea how to say them. “Let me take him.” The voice came from a young man near the head of the table. Much to the chagrin of everyone else his feet were up on the table, and he looked more relaxed than bored or horny. The look on his face was one of complete ease. “Director Stevens, I don’t-“ one of the members started until the man sat up in his chair and held up a finger, silencing the naysayer. “First of all. It’s Junior Director. I’m here in place of my boss. Second, the whole point of the Special Crimes Unit is to prevent potential supervillains from becoming actual supervillains.” He gestured to the paused videos floating around the room. “That right there? That’s a potential supervillain. Would you rather have him work for us or for the bad guys?” The various members of the board shared looks around the table. Unfortunately, he was right. The mutant they had just seen certainly wasn’t capable of world domination and control. But he could level cities in minutes if he was left unchecked. The solution seemed simple. “All in favor of a tier upgrade and hire by Special Crimes?” Stevens said with a cheeky grin. A chorus of “ayes” were mumbled around the table. The chief was reluctant but picked up a green stamp and marked the file before handing it to the young man. The look he gave Stevens was one that could kill. It sent a clear message. Learn your place. “He’s all yours… Junior Director.”
  20. scarletic

    Sugar Rush

    Sugar Rush Marty sat alone on the teacher’s desk, watching the vermillion sun gleam through the trees and into the classroom. Outside, the cicadas were singing, welcoming the evening. His last class ended anticlimactically, a relief for his weary heart. Senior high kids were a menace; at least today Marty only needed one painkiller. As he was finishing up grading the last of the week’s test papers, he heard the sound of whistling coming from down the hall. And he held his breath, his eyes glued to the door, waiting for him to appear at the window. His name was Eric O’Ronell―he was a freshly turned 18-year-old high school jock, but everyone who knew him referred to him as THE jock, THE baseball star. Infamous for being the go-to guy for between-class “favors” in the genderless washrooms with one or two others. He was 5’11”, fit enough that his tight muscles outlined through his white and khaki uniform, thickly cologne with an air of narcissism. An all-American boy. With a 9-inch cock. Marty heard his footsteps approach the classroom. Then there he was. He smiled through the door window and entered, locking it behind him. “Hey there, sir,” he said, with a raised chin. “You’re early.” Eric strutted over and rested his hand on the desk. “Did you want me later? I could come back in a bit. That glee club sounded like they needed some help with their pipes. Something about an unclogging in their throats.” “You know I don’t want you in general, Eric.” He walked around and stood next to Marty. “Yeah, you need me.” He unbuttoned his white shirt from his collar down to his abs, revealing his thickly muscled torso. In a second, the shirt was inside-out, hanging off his waist where it stayed tucked in his pants, showing off his tightly packed briefs in front. “Alright,” he said. “I’ve been waiting all day for this.” He pulled down his briefs, allowing his full, throbbing 9-incher to fly freely. Marty looked up at the big kid, who then thrusted his pelvis, egging Marty to take the meat in his mouth. There was inevitable resistance; Marty was supposed to be a teacher almost twice Eric’s age ― but this wasn’t about him. Eric laughed at the disgust on Marty’s face. And he began thrusting forward and side to side, slapping the littler man’s face with his swelling member. Marty had had it. He took the schlong by the hand and squeezed it tightly before shoving it in his mouth. Eric wasn’t leaving without his cock slobbered in saliva. Eric rejoiced silently at the submission and pounded it down Marty’s mouth, bruising the back of his throat. Despite Marty’s pained groans of protest, Eric continued to face-fuck him. By the end of it, Marty’s mouth was filled with cum. The bleach-like smell of it made him gag a bit, but he swallowed. They always swallowed. Eric, satisfied, pulled out and suited back up. “A’ight, thanks for that,” he said. “I’ll be back again tomorrow.” As Marty rested his head on the table, Eric dug around the desk drawers. He pulled out a rogue piece of candy Marty didn’t remember having and pocketed it with a smile. “Oh, shit, yeah. I love candy,” he said. “Thanks for this, sir. Really appreciate the tip.” He winked. The door closed behind Eric as he left, leaving a fatigued Marty alone in the room once again, with a mouth full of cum, his quiet alone time no longer quite as peaceful. § § § An hour later, two students chilling on a bench along an empty corridor caught the unmistakeable scent of nocturnal emissions emanating from the genderless washroom by the staircase. The first kid, taller and with prominent Spanish features, spotted a bodacious senior cheerleader exiting the washroom first, a limp in her gait, a wobble in her jaw. Who followed was a jock, a big guy, someone he never caught the name of. He was new to the school, so he didn’t know all the athletes just yet. “What do you think happened there?” the first kid asked. “Is that a usual thing at this school?” The second kid ― smaller, weaker, and far more breakable ― chuckled. “Oh, right, you don’t know Eric. Why don’t you go talk to him? I think you’d like him.” The first kid, Spain, gave Tiny a puzzled look. “What makes you think I’d like him?” “I dunno. You both have massive egos. You could talk about the gym or something.” Spain scoffed. “I don’t go to the gym, man.” And out of nowhere, he found the urge to relieve his bladder. “Anyway, I’ll be right back. Just gotta go empty the tank.” “No rush,” Tiny replied. As Spain walked into the washroom, he found Eric rinsing his face. They made eye contact and simultaneously looked away. As Spain stood at a urinal, Eric finished up and stood next to him ― along a row of empty urinals. Eric looked over at the underclassman constantly as if it were a competition, looking down at him from his height of 5’11”. Both boys took out their cocks and began to piss. Eric did his best to be discreet in checking out what his competition was packing. He didn’t hold out very long. “You’re pretty big down there for a kid, ain’t ya?” Eric remarked. “You too,” Spain said. “I guess.” Eric raised a brow. “How many inches?” “7 and a half last time I checked,” Spain said. “I’m a 9-inch man. It’s pretty big, right?” “Yeah. Sure.” Both guys finished pissing and zipped back up. They glanced at each other with cattish eyes before Eric disappeared out the washroom as Spain washed his hands. When he later left, Eric was nowhere to be found, just Tiny still sitting on the bench. They were alone again. All the other kids had gone home or were off studying elsewhere, leaving only the odd faculty behind. “So, what was up with Eric?” Spain asked. “Oh,” Tiny said. “He’s shown you his dick, right?” “Yeah, yeah.” “The thing is that most of the students at the school are virgins, so they started flocking to him to teach them what the sex stuff is all about since he’s older. When it started, he was just telling us to play and tease around his dick, but it kinda became full-on blowjobs. The girls and gays love sucking him off.” “Wild,” Spain said. When they were ready to head home, Spain and Tiny caught Eric passing by, still in his uniform. He was storing his books and gym equipment in his locker when he spotted the boys. “Shit,” Tiny said. “He’s back.” Eric walked up to them and leaned against the wall. “So, what are you kids still doing here?” he asked. “We were just about to leave, don’t worry,” Spain said. Eric took out the candy from his pocket and unwrapped it as he walked up. “Good. If you stayed any longer…” He threw the candy in his mouth. “I’d have to—” He began to choke, falling to his knees as he struggled. His eyes filled with tears. Spain and Tiny watched him choke and began to frantically think of what to do. “You’re kidding,” Spain said. Spain pulled out the 1L bottle of water from his bag and forced Eric to swallow the candy down with water. Tiny could only watch, frozen in place, as Spain shoved his water bottle down Eric’s throat, postured to drown the big jock. Eric eventually swallowed the candy and gasped for air. He snatched the bottle from Spain’s hand and got up to his feet. Sweat was pouring down his face like a waterfall. “Fuck,” he said, “that was way too big to be a candy.” Spain and Tiny got up and tried getting Eric to sit, but he refused. “Don’t baby me! Just because you saved my life doesn’t mean you get to act like the bigger person.” Spain was about to speak when they noticed something happening to Eric: his face flushed red, and he started panting. Eric tumbled forward and grabbed onto Spain’s shoulders for support. Spain wrapped his hands around Eric’s torso to support him, surprised by an intense warmth boiling underneath his skin. “Wha— what’s happening? Why— why am I getting hard? It’s so fucking hot…” Spain looked down and saw a massive erection throbbing inside Eric’s khakis. He could feel Eric’s grip on his shoulders begin to strengthen, to harden. The longer he waited for Eric’s grip to relax, the stronger and stronger it became. “Hey, ouch! Get off of me!” Spain cried. Ignoring Spain, Eric reached over and grabbed the half-finished bottle of water from the bench. He chugged it down, not taking a break to breathe. Spain and Tiny watched in awe at what was happening to Eric. He was beginning to inch slowly taller, as if he were inflating. With every gulp, Eric’s already one-size-too-small uniform pulled and stretched along his growing body. His muscles were thickening even faster than he was rising in height. The uniform didn’t stretch, either. The big senior was at least 6’1” now. Two inches taller than he just was. Spain noticed his muscles were also beginning to inflate much quicker. The ensuing growth was most obvious in the arm holding up the bottle of water. As he chugged, the bicep grew bigger and pushed out the sleeve. It strained his arm, struggling to hold it in. Eric grew wider, thicker, and stronger. He was oblivious to the shrinking world around him. Spain’s head only reached Eric’s chin now. He had to be at least 6’4”. The uniform began to undo itself as Eric’s pecs pushed outwards, demanding more and more space. As Eric continued to chug, he grew even faster. Eric spread out his legs to even out the weight as he began growing even faster. Spain only reached Eric’s mid-chest, and Tiny was facing Eric straight in the abs. He had to be 6’7” now. The uniform began tearing around his shoulders. The sleeves no longer fit around his growing arms. Each arm was thicker than Tiny’s own legs. The pants tore down his legs as well. He was covered in tattered fabric as his growth continued limitlessly. By the time his growth seemed to slow, he was at least 6’11” and built like an obscene bodybuilder. Spain was a big kid, but Eric had become twice as wide as he was. His cock was as big as Tiny’s upper arm. It erected freely in the air, hitting Tiny in the face due to its sheer size. His already gigantic feature had grown the biggest. It was by far the fastest growing thing on him. Spain had to crane his neck to look at Eric, being hidden under the massive expanse of his pecs. His head barely hit the top of Eric’s abs, and Tiny was staring face-to-face with his python of a cock. Eric crushed the bottle in his hand and threw it on the ground. Each bicep was easily bigger than either of the kids’ heads. He was a giant. He looked down, all the way down, at Spain and Tiny and laughed. “More! I need more!” he yelled. He ran to the drinking fountain and began drinking. Spain and Tiny watched in horror as his growth continued, surging back to life. His wide back continued to grow bigger, wider, thicker, covering up more and more of the fountain. It wasn’t long before he outgrew the steel fountain and crushed it under his weight. The water sprayed everywhere. Eric staggered up to his new height and realized just how small everything had become. He had grown to be 7’5” and more muscular than any living man at that height. He turned around and saw how small Spain looked compared to him. “Fuck! What the hell happened?!” Eric hollered. “You’re so fucking tiny! I’m a fucking giant!” He picked up Spain in his gigantic arms and held him up against the wall. “Hey, let me go!” Spain said. Eric snickered. “So this is what’s like to hold someone up against a wall.” His massive penis pressed against Spain’s abdomen, making it difficult to breathe. Eric dropped him on the ground and stepped back. He peeled away whatever rags were left straggling on his body. Tiny rushed over and helped up Spain. He was afraid of Eric now. He watched the new giant walk up to the glass windows and begin flexing in his reflection. He was mesmerized by his own humongous form. “I’ve got some business to attend to, kids,” Eric said. “We’ll talk more tomorrow.” Spain and Tiny watched as the massive man walked down the hallway. Every step caused the ground to tremble until he was out of sight. The drinking fountain continued spraying water everywhere, causing a massive puddle to form. “What the fuck just happened?” Spain asked. “I don’t know,” Tiny said. Spain looked around on the pile of remains and found what looked like the candy wrapper. He pocketed it and walked Tiny home with him. § § § Reed headed home for the night, passing by empty streets with poorly lit street lights. The wind blew through the trees, and dead leaves fell onto Reed’s head. He shook them off when he began to feel tremors coming from the ground coming from down the street. Clutching his bag, he made a mad dash towards the main road. There, he was face to face with a nightmare. It was a giant—muscled-up beyond belief and taller than any man or woman in the streets. He shoved man and woman aside as he walked, not minding the puny, lesser things in his way. Being naked, every muscle swayed and bounced to the wind and step. His massive cock stood out far in front of him. People began to panic as he walked up to them. He could have easily crushed everyone and pulped them with ease if he felt like it. Reed ran up to him and recognized him to be Eric, a senior from his high school. Reed barely hit the bottom of Eric’s massive pecs, jutting out several inches from his ribcage. He was a wall of thick, solid muscle. “Eric! Eric!” he said. Eric stopped and stepped back. He looked down and saw the high school uniform calling out for him. “What the hell do you want, kid? I’ve got somewhere I need to be.” “How did you get so big? Did you eat something that looked like a candy?! In a peppermint wrapper?” Eric’s eyes lit up. “Yeah, why? You got more?!” “If you help me, yes. I know you might want to get even bigger! Don’t you, big guy?!” Eric raised his arms up to a gigantic double bi and laughed. “You know I do, baby! I want to grow even bigger!” “I’ll help you get as big as you want to! Just do what I tell you and—” Eric kicked Reed away, easily knocking him several feet back. “Fuck, no! You don’t order someone this big around!” He walked up to Reed and picked him, raising him several feet in the air. “You WILL make me bigger. Got it?” “Yes, yes, okay. Please don’t hurt me.” Eric dropped Reed and gave him his address. “Wait for me here. I have business to attend to.” Reed watched the gigantic man walk further down the road until he disappeared from sight. § § § “Make room, you little shits.” The other prisoners in the cell pressed themselves against the walls and corners. They had to give the new detainee a lot of space to spread his legs and flex his massive arms like nobody's business. He demanded their respect. Being the only one without clothes, he tore off everyone else’s. He forced them to be completely naked in the presence of this muscle giant. No man came close to his size, and he loved it. The ceilings were only 6’7” tall, forcing him to crouch. He began stroking his massive cock, causing it to engorge and rise up to full mast in seconds. His face turned red with pleasure with every stroke of his cock’s head. His moans echoed throughout the cell and down the hall, alerting the others. “One of you suck this thing. It’s too big.” Some of the detainees crawled up to his huge form and began stroking his dick without hesitation. It was impossible to fit even the head in their mouths. There were at least three servicing him. “Yeah, fucking worship me!” He tilted his head back from the sheer feeling. The others were no longer paralyzed in fear. They crawled up to his humongous body and began worshiping him out of instinct. They had no control over themselves. They wanted to feel him, feel his strength. He flexed his arms in a double bi, allowing the weaklings to bury their faces in his underarms. Each pec was triple the size of the biggest of their heads. One of the worshipers got on his knees after sucking on his nipple. “Um, sir, could I ask you a question?” he asked. “Call me Eric.” “Okay, Eric. How'd you get arrested?” He laughed. “Some janitor caught me fucking up the uni’s baseball equipment. I used to be a baseball kid too, but now look at me. I can’t believe I used to be so fucking small.” He flexed his bicep. “But why did you do it?” Eric’s tone shifted. He was completely serious. “Because those assholes ruined my life. The next time I get out, they’re not gonna get away.” “Why don’t you just break out? You look big enough.” Eric’s eyes lit up. “You’ve got a good fucking point, midget,” he said. “All you get off!” He shook his body, sending the other prisoners slamming into the walls. The smaller worshipers helped him get up, allowing him to crouch in the small cell. His torso alone took up half the headroom. Everyone else had to squat just to avoid getting hit by his pecs or arms. “Move!” The prisoners all moved to the side as he turned to face the brick wall behind him. He wound up a single punch. That was all it took. He sent his fist flying into the wall, and almost like paper, it blasted open. He kicked open a bigger hole, sending more bricks flying. “You all worship me now, is that understood? I’ll show you just how good of a giant I can be when I grow even bigger! You all want me to grow even bigger, don’t you?!” Everyone yelled, feeding Eric’s ego. They all followed him through the massive hole, back into the city. § § § The thugs led Eric down a series of dark alleys, cold and untouched by the sun. It was difficult for him to manoeuvre. Because of his gargantuan form, he knocked down pillars and lamp posts like toys. Any time the gutters stained his skin, the thugs would bend over and wipe him clean. “Where are you guys taking me again?” Eric asked. “You’ll see.” They arrived at an underground bar in the next few minutes. The thugs got through the staircase with ease. Eric struggled. He destroyed walls and foundation with ease as he squeezed and contorted himself to fit. The staircase was made to fit one person—Eric was three. He squeezed through the door and found himself surrounded by men. It seemed to be an abandoned bar, but there didn’t seem to be anything functioning. It was a cold, lifeless space now. Everyone’s eyes were on him, watching his head scrape the ceiling as he walked. Everyone was barely eye level with his heaving pecs. The thugs brought him to the center of the abandoned bar. “Wait here.” They disappeared into the back room. Eric waited, wondering what the other ex-prisoners were so eager to show him. Everyone around him murmured. Eric could only assume they were talking about his body and sudden appearance. The thugs later emerged with the largest among them, dressed in only a wife-beater and boxers. He was only a child compared to Eric, being a few months younger. Yet, he was the second biggest in the room. He had the face of an 18 year old, fresh and clean, but the body of a bodybuilder. Eric guessed he was around 6’3”. Eric was over a whole foot taller. “The fuck is going on here?” the large boy asked. “Who’s this shit?” He gestured at Eric. Eric became annoyed. “Hey, who the fuck do you think you’re talking to, you puny fuck? Did you want me to beat the shit out of you?” The boy stormed over and stood in front of Eric, tiptoeing to try and seem as big as he could. He puffed out his chest, but Eric did the same and knocked him backward. The boy wobbled, almost losing his balance. The large boy grunted. “You wanna fucking go?!” Eric cracked his knuckles, creating an echo in the silent room. “Try me, kid.” The large boy wound up a fist, but before he could do anything, the other thugs came and separated them. They pushed them aside and made sure they couldn’t escape... or hurt each other. The boy was no struggle, but Eric needed some extra hands. “Hey, let me go! You're supposed to respect me!” the large boy said. The thugs began yelling in reply. “Not anymore, Dom! We’re tired of your shit.” “Yeah, we want a new leader!” “There's someone way bigger than you right here!” Dom’s face grew red with anger. “What?! You can’t fucking replace me! Why do you think you’re all here?” “What’s going on?” Eric asked on deaf ears. Everyone yelled again. “We don’t give a shit about you anymore! I’m tired of getting ordered around and beaten! You’re not even that big!” The thugs began dragging Dom out of the bar by his arms, needing at least five men to make sure he didn’t escape. They locked the door behind them and fortified it with furniture. Dom was gone. Dom banged on the door. Eric noticed everyone ignored his complaints and focused on his body instead. All the thugs gathered around Eric and eyed him with great desire. “You’re our leader now,” they said. “What? What the fuck is going on?” Eric said. "Who the fuck are you people?" “We're all from this forum where we worship muscle,” one said. “We found Dom lurking with us and decided to dedicate meetings to worship him. But he just got too violent. And you’re the biggest guy any of us have ever seen.” “What, so you people just worship anyone with muscle?” Eric took a glance at the onlookers and saw that they all seemed to be drooling at the mouth from impatience. All their thirsty eyes were glued on his massive body. They almost didn’t seem human. The head man stuttered. “Is that a problem?” A smug grin grew on Eric’s face. “I guess not!” he said, throwing his arms in the air. “Now fucking worship me, you midgets!" Everyone sprinted towards Eric. They threw themselves onto his humongous body, knocking him onto the floor. A loud thud echoed throughout the bar. The worshipers explored every part of his body with their hands and tongues, not giving him a break to think. His face turned red with erotic pleasure. The sheer force of ecstasy flowing through his entire body made it hard for him to even think up a proper sentence. He flexed his every muscle, juggling around the smaller people with his weight. “Fuck, this feels so fucking good!” he yelled, biting his lip. No one replied. Then an idea came to him. “Hey—fuck—you tiny shits want me to get even bigger, right?” They paused and stared him in the eyes. “Okay, okay, don’t stop! We’ll talk more when you guys—mmpf—get me off!” § § § “Eric, are you sure we’re not gonna get caught?” “Relax. I know my way around. Just follow me quietly,” Eric said. He led his followers through the unlit hallways of the high school. The halls and rooms were all completely abandoned and unguarded. Plus, the school had to cut nighttime guards because of the budget. Normally, it would be Eric handling the school, armed with nothing but a mop and his spirit. Now, he had a body that would make the hulk look weak, and strength Goliath could only dream of. He couldn’t even wear clothes anymore, having to walk around naked. His cock swung about like a heaving pendulum between his stone thighs. “Oh, man. Look at this.” They passed by the water fountain Eric destroyed before he transformed. In its place was an empty space where a water fountain should have been. “Did you really destroy this, Eric?” “Yeah, I barely leaned on it and it broke apart like nothing.” As they entered the classroom hallways, it was difficult for Eric to manoeuvre because of his size. The ceilings were only 6’9”, made for high schoolers. Eric was 7’5” and almost took up the entire width of the hallway. His arms were colliding with the lockers as they snuck. “We’re here. Two of you come with me.” They arrived at one classroom where Eric grabbed onto the doorknob. He ripped it off and went inside, remembering the scene with Marty vividly in his head. “Start looking. I need a red sack full of candy,” Eric said. “The wrapper looks like a peppermint and looks homemade.” In one pull, he tore off the shelves of the desk and ransacked its contents. He threw everything out and left everything he didn’t want on the floor. The two men who accompanied him inside searched the lockers and desks. They spent most of the night scouring for it. Eric brought in the rest of the men to help look, but still, they could not find any red sacks. Or so they thought. While Eric and the others weren’t paying attention, one man found two. They matched Eric’s description. He pocketed them and made sure not to let anyone know about it. After about an hour, the same man approached Eric. “Eric, we’ve searched everywhere! The red sack isn’t here anymore.” “Shit, you’re kidding? He must’ve taken it home.” The man pulled out one of the two candies in his pocket and showed it to Eric. "I did find one of these though." Eric’s eyes lit up at the sight of it. He snatched it from his hand and held it close to his eyes, watching the moonlight glimmer on the plastic. He clutched it in his grip and ordered his followers to move out. “We’re heading for the buffet!” § § § Eric knew he couldn’t just be strolling around the city at night wearing nothing. He ordered his men to find him some clothes immediately. In a second, they came back with a large white blanket that they draped around Eric’s body. He resembled a Greek god in his toga. However, it covered absolutely nothing. The cloth only reached his delts and cut off before reaching Eric’s wide shoulders and his mid-thigh. This allowed his enormous cock to hang down his thigh, slapping his knee. It looked more like a short dress than anything. His pecs stuck out so far that they had to wrap two belts around his waist so he wouldn't look like an old woman in a duster. The belts pulled up the fabric even further, leaving his cock even more exposed. “This is fine, don’t worry,” Eric said. “In a few hours, I won’t even fit in any blanket you could ever find… unless you went to India or something. They’ve got those huge carpets and shit.” As Eric and his men strolled down the busy street, all eyes were on the 7’5” tall muscle man. No one came close to reaching his chest. Some tall men did reach his pecs, but they were all skinny and looked stretched out. Eric’s men entered the buffet restaurant first. Behind them, Eric took up almost the entire entrance with his hulking body. His head was even covered by the doorway. He strolled in as a Greek god would, head held high—or crouching, considering his height—and chest puffed out. Even here, everyone couldn’t help but stop and look at him. He was larger than life… and larger than all of them. “Look at all this attention,” Eric said. “It’s good to be big.” He sat down at a round booth that should have been enough for at least eight people. With Eric on it, it only fit five people, not including him. The table was just high enough that his knees didn’t get jammed underneath. His upper back was completely exposed to the audiences at the other side of the small booths behind them. He was like a makeshift wall of swollen muscle that loomed over them as they ate. They couldn't leave out of fear. Every man standing began food to the table. The lucky five who sat next to the behemoth were going to feed him and help Eric devour the food as fast as possible. Eric clapped his hands. “Come on, guys, move a little faster!” he said. “Your lord hungers!” He eyed the candy in his hands and felt his heartbeat intensify. “Won’t be long now,” he whispered. The food voyeurs ran as fast as they could. They had massive plates fully-loaded with everything on the buffet. All of it at once on the table looked ridiculous. There was barely any table left to be seen under the mountains of food. The chefs watched in anticipation and fear of the behemoth about to partake in a feast fit for a king—a god. As Eric unwrapped the candy, the five men around him picked up serving plates and got ready to start feeding him. Eric held the translucent candy in his hand, eyeing it in the light while it still fit between his fingers. The men waited in anticipation, sweating up a storm in their clothes and underwear. The wait was unbearable. “Here we go,” Eric said. He placed the candy in his mouth and crunched it, swallowing the fragments in one gulp. His arms raised up and rested themselves on the divider. He threw back his head and opened his mouth to its fullest. “Go!” The five men began stuffing his mouth with food: pizza, cake, fish, steaks, milk, soda, everything. Eric kept up with his chewing. His mouth never closed to take a break. Food flew everywhere as he gnawed and swallowed everything whole, barely chewing. It took a while. As they continued feeding Eric, they felt an intense heat emanating from his muscles. “Yes, I can feel it! Give me more!” Eric spread out his legs and raised his arms to a double bi. He laughed as every single bulging muscle on his body began to inflate. Food spilled out from his mouth and landed on his pecs and cock. He swallowed every mouthful with an intense vigor. His cock, already massive, surged even longer. It slammed against the table, pushing it upwards. Eric’s elbows smacked into the two men at his sides as he grew. The growth was faster than any of them could have anticipated. He was inching upwards and outwards every other second. The toga barely held together, tearing apart. His waist spread outwards so fast that the belts holding the cloth snapped. He had outgrown the toga. He was completely naked. His pecs were bloating outwards and his lats flared, rising above everyone. The men on either side were separated by the growing wall of mass—and he only continued growing. His head rose closer and closer to the ceiling as he grew. The table was already being lifted by Eric’s knees, nearly knocking all the food off as it rose off the ground. The men had to get off to make room for Eric’s growth. Even seated, Eric’s pecs loomed dangerously high above them like massive balloons. “Oh, fuck, I’m getting so big!” he yelled with a mouthful. “Keep making me bigger! Give me more food!” His gigantic feet peered out from underneath the table as they stretched outwards. Eric’s humongous arms hovered above the entire booth, already bigger than anyone’s legs. The people eating behind Eric fled in fear. His back broke through the backrest, spilling over into their booth. Seated, not even the father’s head was anywhere near Eric’s own rising shoulders. Eric had to be at least three heads taller than him now. Only to the onlookers’ horror, his growth wasn’t stopping. Eric’s massive legs locked the men into the booth with him. They had to climb him like a mountain just to get the food in his mouth. He fell on his back, crashing into the booth behind them. His cock, nearly as thick as his own arm, flung the table of food forward, spilling the food all over the floor. “Bigger! MAKE ME BIGGER!” All the men began grabbing food and ran up to the still-growing Eric. They began overloading him with food. One of the men tried wrapping the full expanse of his arms around even just one of Eric’s pecs and couldn’t get it around. His head worshipper crawled onto the behemoth’s abs and dumped a pot of warm meat stew onto him. The other worshippers followed and began eating food off of Eric’s gigantic body. “Yeah, eat that shit off my fucking body, you puny shits! It tastes good, doesn’t it?!” Even while lying down, Eric’s abs were used as a table with how big his body was. His pecs were huge domes resting on his wide chest. From the kitchen, the waiters brought out the head chef who saw what was happening. The head chef ran up to the massive giant and struggled to the find the words. He was speechless. “S-sir! I’m sorry, but we’re going to have to ask you to leave please! You’ve destroyed my restaurant and eaten almost all the food!” Eric raised his head in anger, swallowing all the food in his mouth in one loud gulp. He slowly got up, dropping the food all over his obelisk of a cock. His head nearly hit the ceiling. “What did you just say, little dude?” Eric asked. He stood up to his full height, breaking through the roof with a single punch. Nothing could be seen above his nipples. His chest and head were hidden above the ceiling. No one even reached up to his abs. The tallest among them was only face-to-face with Eric’s pelvis. Each of his legs were already as big as most people. His cock was gargantuan, tapping against the ceiling with balls as big as basketballs. “You’re gonna tell someone this big what to do?” Eric asked, stepping on him, pressing down on him under his foot. “Bad idea, little man.” “Wait! Wait! I’m sorry! Please, I’ll do anything, just don’t crush me! I’ll do whatever you want!” the chef said. “Anything?” Eric asked. “You sure you can handle the demands of a giant?” “Yes, please!” “Fine then!” Eric said. “Men, we’re taking him with us! He’ll be cooking us food until he dies.” Everyone cheered in celebration, welcoming the chef into their ranks. “What? But where will I get the food—” “What happened to ‘anything’? Did you want me to crush you?” “No, I’m sorry! I’ll handle it, sir.” “Good.” Eric crawled back into the restaurant. He accidentally slammed his pecs into his men, knocking them over. He laid himself back on the ground. His men began crawling onto his body and licking up the food on his body—swollen beyond belief. His cock tapped the ceiling as it stood at full mast. “What did I say?! Didn’t I say I’d get bigger? Is this big enough for you lot?!” Tens of tongues and little fingers explored every single nook and cranny of Eric’s body. Not a single part of him was left untouched. His balls were aching for release. He finally came, blasting a geyser into the ceiling, coating everyone in his thick, white gunk. He laughed again. “FUCK! Yeah,” he said. “Time for us to give the baseball team a visit, boys!”
  21. anondog

    Hulking Husband

    Author's note: So basically I wrote a little story about the incredible hulk told in a first person perspective. Just the typical growth thing. I posted it to the discord and one of the Mods encouraged me to post it to the forum as well, so here it is. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PART 1: We were both working late at night in the lab. It was storming out and rain could be heard outside. I was a medical researcher and pseudo nurse for our government funded agency and you were another research working with certain chemicals to make a super soldier. Although we were paid well, we were still on overtime and having a coffee break over our rut with the new chemicals. During coffee we chatted about our personal lives and plans. Although we didn't say it, there was a spark and a bit of a mutual crush going on. You accidentally spilled fresh hot coffee on yourself, because of our ramping exciting banter. I help dress the burn wound on your hand and we lock eyes with each other. A bull necked general comes in and barks that its time to get back to work. We begrudgingly get back to our stations. You are mixing chemicals in a flask, while I am doing theory crafting on a white board. The broad shouldered general continues barking down our throats and breathing down our necks. We are short staffed and the only ones here, with him as our supervisor. He tells you to speed it up and shoves you before making his way over to me. Chemicals spill onto where you were burned with coffee. Something about the chemicals, the stressful atmosphere, the coffee even, made you turn. You hunched over and began groaning. Slowly you put on more and more size, you're skin turning jade green. The general backed away slowly his mouth wide open. You legs grew first, calves becoming rock hard and massive diamonds. Your quads and hams beefed up so much that you would put Olympic cyclists to shame. Then your back packed on slabs and slabs of muscle. Your back made you resemble the wideness of a king cobra. Your abs grew in slowly at first. Rising to the slowly to the surface like ice in a vat of water, before exploding to the surface of your skin, shortly followed by your pecs which had the same growth process. They swelled and ballooned which caused you to growl. The last thing that grew was your soon to be might arms. I couldn't measure them with my eyes but they had the general's beat by a landslide. We were both there in awe and terror. You flexed your arms in a most muscular that tore off the remainder of your lab coat with a mighty tearing sound. You looked at the general and growled, rushing him, as he pulled out his gun and fired at you. The bullets made contact with you skin and at first dented it, like a child poking holes into play dough, however the bullets didn't penetrated you skin. I could tell it stung and that made you even more irritated. The general continued firing, but now the bullets didn't even dent your skin because of how dense and thick your muscles were. Thanks to your new height you were upon him immediately; the muscle in your legs and size of your stride made you close the distance incredibly quickly. You ripped the guns from his hand and crushed it in your hand so quickly and easily there was a horrendous sound of screeching metal and heat coming off of the now paper weight sized fire arm. You then picked the general up surprisingly gently into a hug. He whimpered and pleaded for you not to hurt him. You smiled, your eyes with a green blaze. Slowly you increased the pressure of your bear hug, causing him to scream out, but soon his screams were muffled as you crushed him into your chest. You removed your arms and faced me with a satisfied look on your face, he was being slowly dragged, kicking and screaming into your body... merging and feeding your growth. I was overwhelmed but tried to process all that was happening... You locked eyes with me and I was too afraid to look away, however I already had my hand on the exit door. You raised your hand and pointed at the general that was about 25% merged into you and kicking and screaming, albeit muffled. You tensed your body and he couldn't move, and when you relaxed it he was dragged deeper inside of your slowly growing muscles. I looked at the process in horror as you repeated it several times and then had a a satisfied grin on your face. After merging with our supervisor you had a grin akin to someone who had a hearty meal and rubbed your massive hand across your abs and pecs as if to show off that he was gone. You still had smirk on your face as you sauntered over to me, swagger in your step, with your foot steps thundering and crushing the ground beneath them. You didn't roar, you didn't growl, you didn't say anything. You simply crouched down to be at eye level with me. I was afraid I was going to be absorbed next and my heart raced as you were face to face with me. You leaned in and inhaled deeply and then exhaled. Your breath was hot and knocked me back a bit. I winched and you laughed a little. You knew I was completely under your thumb and control so there was no point in trying to intimidate me. You tore off my lab coat and sniffed it, before stuffing it into the pockets of your pants that somehow still survived this entire ordeal (albeit they were now purple). I was confused and then pieced together and asked if you were going to track me. You simply smiled. I reached for my lab coat and began crying. You kept me away gently and shushed me, you brought my hand onto where your coffee burn was and smiled. I fell to me knees. I didn't know how much of my old crush was in there, but enough was there to tell me I was safe. I would have to live knowing a monster was on the loose. You stood up and walked through the door way your head scraping against the 6'9'' frame. I heard your foot steps grow faster and more distant and the screech of gun fire in the distance. I got up and collected my thoughts. I had no idea what to do, but for now I would go home until you inevitability tracked me down.
  22. YoungHunk69

    Max’s Muscle Blog

    This is a new story I’m starting that will be written as several blogposts documenting the muscle growth of a guy from a stick to a god. I will update it once every day or every other day, and it will include pictures. Hi, I’m Max and this is a new blog I have created to follow my muscular progress. I’m about to start taking this new supplement called Alpha Mix. (I’ve heard it’s been banned in most countries). I’ll be taking it every day before I work out in my high school’s weight room. I’m super pumped to see if it helps my muscle growth! Here goes nothing! Day 1: Well, as you can clearly see, I’m not a very muscular guy. I just started working out again last week, so I’m pretty new to this. Every time I’ve started working out, it seems like all the other guys in the weight room seem to laugh at my skinny little body, so I’m hoping to get at least a bit bigger with the help of this Alpha Mix. Speaking of Alpha Mix, today was the first day I tried it, and even though nothing has changed, I felt strangely confident all day, and my whole body felt almost like it was throbbing under my skin after the workout. That’s definitely never happened before. Anyway, I jerked off a bit when I got home later, and I noticed something strange. My cock felt a little odd the whole time, and then my cum was a bit oozier then normal. I just shrugged it off, though. It must just be a weird side affect of Alpha Mix.
  23. anonymouswriter

    Unforeseen Consequences

    The moans coming from the bathroom woke Richard from his sleep. He knew exactly what was going on and the past three years had taught him that he should remain as immobile has possible. He even tried to control his breathing to let her think that he was still asleep. In the past, even if he thought that he was not making any sound, she would stop whenever he did anything that made her think that he was awake. And God did she have a sixth sense to know when he was awake. One time - only one time a few days ago - had he managed to let her finish was she was doing. The fact that she was masturbating in secret pained Richard for two reasons. First, because he did not understand why she did not want to talk about this. They had a very honest relationship in his opinion, but the few times he tried to brush the subject, she closed herself like an oyster. Second, because he also knew that he could not satisfy her in bed. He had tried. God he had tried. *** Richard was a nice looking man who would be called handsome more than beautiful. He was in good shape, having spent most of his adult life jogging to clear his mind and doing weight training two or three times a week. Nonetheless, he would never be called muscular or jacked. He had a charming personality and he had had a few girlfriends before meeting Linda. He had a 6.5” cock that was a little above average in terms of girth (or so he had been told by some of his sexual partners). Of course, at first, his sexual performance had not been too good, but he took pride in the fact that he rapidly tried to understand his partner’s needs and managed to give them orgasms most of the time. Once again, he would not have said that he was a sex master, but he thought that he was at least average in that department also. He had met Linda at work, during a Christmas party. She was a police officer and he was an accountant for the police department of a big city. When he saw her that first time, Linda had been cornered by a new officer who had joined the force recently. It was clear from a distance that she wanted to leave, but the other man would not let her pass. She probably could take care of herself, but the size difference between the two… Linda was barely 5 foot 5 and must have weighted less than 110 pounds while the other man was built like a brick house. Also, he did not want things to reach the point where she would have to attack him or make a scene to get out of there. He did not know her at the time, bu luckily, she was in her police uniform so he saw her name tag and called “Officer Cain. Sorry to disturb you during the party, but I was supposed to talk to you about an expanse you submitted. Do you have the time now?” The other man turned around, did not look pleased and it was all the distraction Linda needed to get around the guy. At first, she did not look happy that he had intervened. She told him that she did not need rescuing. He introduced himself, told her he was sure of that, but this way, a non violent solution had been found. She still murmured under her breath that the new officer would need to learn a few things. From there, they spent a few minutes talking. They both hated parties and were there only because their bosses had told them that in their cases, attendance was mandatory. They asked about each other’s work, Richard even manage to make her laugh with an accountant’s joke. During the following few days, Richard kept thinking about Linda. He had had a lot of fun during the few minutes they had spent together. She had a quick mind and a good sense of humour, but seemed to hide them behind a fortress that appeared almost impenetrable. One afternoon, when he randomly ran into her (which he took for a sign, having never seen her before on this floor), he asked her out for coffee. She hesitated, than said “No”. For once, Richard did not simply capitulate. He told her, in a tone that clearly indicated it was a joke, that it would be as payment for the knight in shining armour that had saved her at the party and that if after the coffee she did not want to see him anymore, he would not make another invitation. For a few seconds, he thought he had made a mistake. Her eyes became hard, she murmured something again about not needing help, but rapidly that expression was gone from her face. She hesitated again and finally said “Yes”. Their coffee date went well and they agreed to meet each other again. Coffee dates became evening in restaurants, then weekend doing hicking, and so on. During that time, their relationship and intimacy grew rapidly. When the topic of sex came up, Linda told him, quite shyly, that she had not been with many men in her life and that she did not have a high libido. She had decided from past experiences that she was going to wait after marriage to have sex with another man. She told him that if this is what he was looking for in a relationship, it might be best to stop this right there. By that time, Richard had realized that Linda was his soulmate. He told her how he felt. He told her how she was his whole world now and that he did not care about sex, as long as he was with her. At that moment, he imagined that she had had a very traumatizing experience in the past and he was sure that with time he could make her love sex. Nonetheless, he was truthful when he said that spending time with her was more important. Six months into their relationship, Richard asked Linda to marry him. She looked at him and told him that he must have a hidden superpower because she had never imagine finding a man in her life that she would want to marry. She told him “Yes” without hesitation. They had a small intimate wedding at City Hall (Linda had no living family and very few friends; Richard only had a brother that could attend and not many more friends than Linda). They decided that they were going to wait for their honeymoon so that they could both take four weeks off and travel somewhere in Asia. This meant that they spent their first night as a married couple in Linda’s house, well their house now. Richard had moved in Linda’s house about a month ago. She had a really modern looking house, made of ciment, visible h-beams and hard wood on a very nice forested terrain outside the city. The commute was about 45 minutes, but the beauty, tranquility and intimacy of the place made up for that inconvenient. When they arrived that night, Richard slowly picked her up to pass the threshold of the house (boy was he glad for the last few weeks in the gym, she felt so light in his arms), and carefully brought her to the bedroom. He slowly set her on the bed and ask her if she wanted to have sex, saying that he could wait if she was still not ready. She said that she was, so he started to remove her clothes. As she laid there, naked on the bed, Ricard thought “God is she beautiful”. They had lived together for a month and they had spent weekends away together so he had seen her naked before. But each time, he was amazed at this beautiful woman, with her blonde hair almost white, her deep blue eyes, an hourglass shape that would have put to shame any model (or porn star he often tought). Although she was not truly muscular, the fact that she had almost no body fat made all her muscles show. She had nice toned arms and a firm 6-pack. But the thing that Richard could not stop looking at was her breasts. Despite her petite size she had C-cup breasts that stood perky and firm. Richard went slowly. He started with small kisses around her neck and arms. He teased her for awhile by touching her and kissing her, deliberately avoiding her breasts. When he finally decided to touch them, he found them ever firmer than he anticipated which excited him greatly. He tried to kiss and gently bite her nipples, which were also harder than he anticipated. Waiting for any response from Linda to see if she liked it or not, he was surprised to realize that she had no reaction at all. She was there, lying on the bed, taking deep breaths, eyes closed. Richard thought that more direct stimulation might be necessary. He rapidly kissed the inside of her thighs and then tried to kiss and lick her clit. Again, he found it more stiff than expected and all his effort did not elicit any reaction from her. At this point, Richard had a raging hard-on and decided that if his usual tricks did not work, maybe direct penetration would. He had waited for months to have sex with the woman he loved with all his heart. He did not think that he had ever been this eager to plunge his dick in a pussy. At the first stoke, the tightness of Linda’s vagina was so great that he simply could not enter it. Linda took a deep breath, seemed to try to relax and the second time, he managed to penetrate her, but she was so tight that it was quite difficult. He tried with all his strength to keep going in and out, but every time she moved a little, the pressure her vagina applied on his dick made it almost impossible to get in. It was like his dick was stuck in a vise grip. A few minutes later, Linda feigned to have an orgasm (he was sure of it) and the pressure being applied to his dick almost prevented Richard from coming also. Nonetheless, he had been waiting for this it seemed forever. He was having sex for the first time with the woman of his life, he could finally touch and play with the boobs who had occupied most of his recent dreams, so even the amount of pressure exerted on his penis did not prevent him from cumming. In the following weeks, they had sex a few times and every time was as the first. It seemed that there was nothing Richard could do to stimulate Linda. He came each time (with difficulty), but she clearly did not. Richard tried to discuss this with Linda, but she never wanted to. He talked about using some toys, but her response was so harsh that he never brushed the subject again. Of course their sex life was not great, but the rest of their life was. They liked being with each other. Linda’s work was more stressful and less predictable than his, but when she came back from a hard day at work, when she had seen the worst of what humanity was capable of, Richard was always there with a comforting ear and a warm cup of tea. The first time he realized that Linda was masturbating in the bathroom, Richard was puzzled. He had always thought that Linda had a very low libido or had had a very traumatizing experience before she met him. Those masturbation sessions did not occur often, but once he understood that she did not want him to find out, he tried his best not to make any sound and pretended he was still asleep. The only time he managed to let her finish her business, a few days ago, had been an experience he would never forget. Although she tried to muffle the sound she made, it reverberated within Richard’s core, within his soul. Even with the door closed, he could smell the odor of sex coming out of her. He could have sworn that the whole house trembled. He came immediately without the need for any other stimulation. *** Linda was still in the bathroom masturbating. Thinking about the last time when she had reached climax, Richard got excited and moved his hand to reach his raging penis. As soon as his hand started to move, he knew he had made a mistake. Was it the squeak of the bed? The movement of the sheets? He did not know what had given him away, but Linda quickly stopped. A few seconds later, she was back in bed. Both of them pretending that nothing had happened. The following morning, Richard had a day off. He decided that he was going to go to the city, buy some food for supper and use that time to go to the gym (he had not been in weeks because of work). He parked his SUV near a butcher’s shop he liked that was close to the gym. He took his gym bag and started walking towards it. He was waiting at an intersection when the light changed allowing him to cross. There was a woman in front of him. Suddenly, Richard realized that a car was coming and it did not look like it was about to stop. He had barely a second to grab the arm of the woman in front of him and pull hard to prevent her from being trumped by the car. The driver, texting on his phone, never noticed that he had almost killed someone. Richard and the woman crossed the street. On the other side, the lady told him: “Thank you so much, sir. I never saw that car and all the power in the world would not have prevented me from dying today if not for you. You might not believe me, but I can grant people their deepest desire if they tell me what it is. Be careful, I know what you want and if you don’t tell me your true desire, I won’t be able to grant it.” Normally, Richard would have thought the lady was crazy and would have been on his way. Was it the adrenaline or some stroke of faith, no one will ever know, but Richard found himself saying: “I wish I had what it takes to satisfy my wife, sexually”. “Done”, the lady replied and was on her way. For a few seconds, Richard stayed there, not sure of what to do, looking at the back of the lady, walking away like nothing had happen. His heart was still beating so fast from what had just happened with the car that he almost decided to skip the gym and go back home. He finally decided that the workout was going to be good for his nerves and walked the few remaining feet and entered. He started with few minutes on the treadmill to warm-up, running was so natural for him. He decided that he was going to train his upper body today and went to the bench press. He felt really good throughout his workout. He was especially proud that he had managed to do four sets of 12 reps with one full plate on each side (135 lbs). He had never managed to lift that charge for more than one or two reps before. He even got a boner when he realized what he was doing. He still struggled with the weight, but he did manage all reps with perfect form. When he racked the bar on his last set, he felt like a god. He inwardly laughed… Who thought they were a god for lifting 135 lbs? Still, it made him happy. The rest of his workout was the same. Nothing that would impress real bodybuilders or gym rats, but Richard manage to lift more weights than he ever had in the past. Shoulder presses with 40 lbs dumbbells; 100 lbs on the pulldown and row machines; 30 lbs dumbbells for his biceps curl; 65 lbs on the rope pushdown. He felt pumped, he felt good and once again he felt like a fucking god and wanted to flex his relatively non existant muscles in the mirror. Richard went to the changing room to take a shower. He tried as best he could to hide the chubby he was sporting. When he looked at himself in the mirror, his pump was ”insane”. Again there was really nothing to write home about, but he felt his muscles were more defined, a little bit bigger. It did not help his hard-on. Was he turning himself on? The only thing that prevented him from jackin-off right at this moment was that they had communal showers at his gym and he did not want to get caught. He showered quickly and changed. On his way out, he took a look at the tv in the lobby and saw Linda. From what he understood, there had been a gas leak at a children’s daycare and an explosion. They were looking for survivors, but their estimation was that there were probably none. Richard thoughts went first to the families of these kids and employees, but quickly he thought about Linda. These things always troubled her more than he would expect. It’s not that he did not understand that she was would be upset or sad, but she always took these things personally, like it was her fault these events occurred or she should be able to prevent them all. He would need to go back home soon if he wanted to be there when she arrived. Even in the sad mood he was in, he could not help himself and take a pause when he exited the gym. The smell of the summer air, the warm heat of the sun on his skin, the residual pump in his muscles made him feel more alive than he ever was in his life He stopped by the butcher’s shop to buy meat for supper and headed home. The drive home was uneventful, except for the fact that his dick remained semi-hard the whole way. That thing just would not go down. He’d have to take care of that tonight. Contrarily to Linda, he had no problem whatsoever with masturbation if she was not in the mood. He parked his SUV in their double garage and noticed that Linda’s car was already there. She must have been more troubled with the explosion than he thought if she was already home. When he opened the door, a strange odor hit his nostrils like a whip. At first, he thought he smelled something spicy and that Linda had started supper. With a sudden gasp, he realized that what he smelled was sex. There was no other way to describe it. If sex had an odor, that would be it. It was like the time Linda had reached orgasm in the bathroom, but a 100, no a 1000 times more potent. In an instant, he imagined that she was fucking someone else in the house. He ran inside to find her slowly preparing tea. Being so close to her, to that scent… It permeated his whole being and removed all his inhibitions. He needed to have her and he needed to have her NOW. “Let’s have sex” he told her without so much of a “hello”. “I’m really not in the mood Richard”, she said, sulking. Richard would not take no for an answer so he took her two wrists in his hand and started to move her towards the bedroom. Linda tried to escape his grasp but could not. A look of shock - or was it fear - passed in her eyes. Richard had never acted like this in his life. She looked around, panicked - probably trying to find a way out. Then it was if all the tension in her melted away. She followed him voluntarily to the bedroom. Once there, there was nothing of the gentle, caring Richard left. Only an animal in heat. He took her, threw her on the bed and literally ripped the clothes from her. He removed his pants and underwear, did not take the time to remove his socks and t-shirt. His 6.5” cock was at full attention, almost vertical. It looked almost purple with all the blood that was trapped in it. Then, without any preparation or warning, he simply impaled his raging cock in her pussy. In the back of his mind, the part of Richard that was still Richard expected resistance - as always - but his dick went in like a warm knife in butter. The cry of pleasure that emanated from Linda rang more beautifully in Richard’s ears than any symphony. He immediately felt the contractions of her vagina on his penis, indicating that she had reached orgasm with a single thrust of his mighty dick. But Richard was not done. He kept pounding Linda’s pussy like his life depended on it. For a while, each trust was met by a little more pressure on his dick, but nothing that could prevent him from reaching the bottom of her vagina. Linda’s cries and moans kept building in complexity and strength. At some point, each trust was met by the same level of pressure on his dick. After that, Richard and Linda were lost in sexual bliss. He did not know how long it lasted, but every few seconds, he would feel Linda’s pussy contract a few time on his ever hard cock. The few cells of his brain that remained conscious during this whole experience felt like every once in a while, he had to reposition himself because Linda was kind of getting away. He could feel Linda’s arms and legs around him, trying to cling to him, almost like she wanted his whole body to penetrate her. He wrapped his arms and legs around Linda also. Richard was barely conscious of what was going on. The only thing that mattered was his dick and the tight vagina that would let him know every few seconds that Linda had reached another orgasm. They must have rolled on the floor, because Richard could feel the cool concrete floor on his back. Nonetheless, he kept ramming his dick in her pussy. Eventually (had it been minutes? Hours? Days?) the stimulation on his own dick reached the point of no return and Richard erupted inside Linda. As soon as he did two things happened almost simultaneously: Linda slipped from his arms and he heard a loud crack. This immediately woke Richard from his sexual stupor. He opened his eyes and he could not understand what he was seeing. Linda was stuck on the ceiling and the impact had cracked the concrete. She was covered in cum. She appeared to be breathing an the pure look of bliss on her face told him that she was not dead, at least. Then he took a look at his surroundings and realized that Linda was actually on the floor and that he was floating, his back placated against the ceiling. Instinctively, he knew how to get down. As soon as his two feet touched the ground, he took a look at himself in the mirror and a second crack was heard and the mirror shattered. In just one second, he had seen a God and that had been enough to make him shoot a second time in less than 10 seconds with a strength that had clearly been way to big for the glass. In that second, Richard had seen the epitome of manhood and virility. The man in the mirror was at least 6’6” and had been the most beautiful man Richard and ever seen. Dark black hair, deep blue eyes with a strong nose, a strong chin and already the sketch of a thick full beard. His neck looked as big as some oaks and it was a miracle that the collar of his shirt, stretched to its maximum, had barely remained unbroken with a few pieces in tatters hanging from it. The rest of the shirt was nowhere to be found. His shoulders were like big bowling bowls, but only if bowling ball were clearly separated into three distinct pieces that seemed to play a dance with one another when he moved them. He had seen arms as big as most man’s legs. His pecs were like two giant shields that could probably stop bullets. The crevice between them could certainly accommodate a flashlight. Each of his abdominal muscles was symmetrical and perfectly placed to create a immaculate 8-pack with deep groves separating each muscle. His quads were ticker around than his waist before the transformation. Each part of the muscles visible. His calves bulged on each side of his tibia. But the one thing that had caught Richard’s eyes in that second, beside the fact that he looked like an anatomy chart with every striation of every muscle visible, beside the fact that all his veins, most as thick as his thumb used to be, were visible, beside the golden glow of a perfectly tanned and unblemished skin, was his cock. He had been relatively proud of his cock before, but now… He would need to measure it at some point, but it was at least 12” long and thicker than it was before. It stood straight up and did not show sign that it would go down soon. All this happened in a few seconds. Once the shock of all this faded a little, he quickly went to check on Linda. She was breathing, obviously in sleep, in post-coital ecstasy. Nothing appeared broken. Maybe he should have tried to wake her up, but she looked so peaceful and he really wanted to test his new muscles. He did not have any weight set at home and he instinctively felt that his strength was greater than he expected. So he went to the garage, flexing his biceps, gasping at the huge ball it made, following the veins with his fingers. He tried to encircle it with his giant hand and although he could now, without a doubt, easily palm a basketball, he miserably failed at that. Once he reached the garage, he took the bumper of his SUV and lifted. He did not really expect to be able to lift it, but both rear wheels left the floor without so much of an effort on his part. He almost came again. Heart racing, he had to see what he could do next. He went to the backyard. It was clealy morning. They had gone at it for the whole night, at least. Richard would need to check the date. He felt they might have made love for more than one day. Once again, he noted the heat of the sun of his skin and it felt good. He looked for the biggest tree in the forest in their backyard. He had read stories and seen movies where people were given superstrength and decided to uproot trees and it had always been one of his fantasy. What Richard realized that the stories don’t tell, is that yes, there is satisfaction and pleasure in knowing you can uproot a tree, but there is an indescribable feeling in digging your fingers in it, hearing and feeling all these small splinters of wood destroyed by the mere pressure of your hands. Then, there is also the sound of every root that breaks, one after another, the sight of rocks coming out of the ground before the tree can be lifted and thrown, like a javelin. Once this was done, Richard still wanted to test his strength. He looked at the big boulder in the yard. It had taken heavy machinery to move it there, according to Linda. At first, Richard wanted to lift it and throw it, but he decided that it was probably going to be too easy. So he looked at his still rock-hard cock and tested if it was indeed hard as rock. With one trust, he impaled the boulder that simply split in two. The sensation of knowing that your cock is stronger than rock was beyond anything that Richard could describe. He decided that he was going to test it against steel. He went to the living room and pushed his cock against the big h-beam that supported part of the ceiling. In retrospect, it was not the most brilliant idea - what would he have done if it had broken - but it did not. It just made a terrible screeching noise as his dick deformed it, like a finger that passes through a balloon. And it had been as easy as that. “Guess I cannot even say I have a cock of steel”, Richard thought, chuckling. At this moment, Richard realized how strong he was. Nothing could stop him. He was beyond human standards. He could rule the world and no one would be able to stop him. They would try, but they would miserably fail. For an instant, he could feel the shower of bullets hitting his colossal chest, creating as much damage a swarm of flies hitting a windshield. He could imagine his hands ripping apart tanks as if they were made of paper. He would barely register the pressure of earth and rocks on his skin as he dove underground, reaching nuclear shelters where world leaders tried to hide, piercing through them as easily as a hand passes through cobwebs. He could think of hundreds of ways of killing them, showing them before they died how insignificant they lives and efforts had been. In an ultimate effort to kill him, humanity would assemble its most powerful bomb. He could picture the world’s population, watching their screens, seeing the nuclear mushroom erupt as the bomb stroke him and holding their breath. He could feel their incredulity as he emerged from the inferno. He could sense the mix of fear and lust as the cameras slowly focused on his naked godlike body (although his body had survived, his clothes had not), flying above the ground, with his raging hard-on caused by the knowledge that his body was mightier than a nuclear bomb. Richard imagined the world erupting in a common orgasm at the sight of his impossibly divine body, subconsciously acknowledging at the same time that they would need to bow and serve their new all-powerful God for the rest of their lives. At that thought, for the third time within a few minutes, his own mighty cock erupted in a rapid succession of spurts that hit and broke the concrete ceiling and sounded like a machine gun had been fired. This broke Richard’s revery and as quickly as his idea of world domination came, it went away. “She could never love me again”, he thought. The sound of his last feat of strength must have woken Linda, because he could hear her begin to stir from the other side of the house. He thought back on the lady he had saved this afternoon. He guessed she really had the power to grant people their deepest desire. His had just had unforeseen consequences. He flew to the bedroom at lighting speed. When she opened her eyes and saw the God before her, Linda clearly had another orgasm. He settled back beside her and asked: “Ready for round 2, Linda? Or should I say… Supergirl?”
  24. Preamble: A big thank you to @rolling24, who besides commissioning the following multi-part series and inspiring me with idea's, also made ton of spelling corrections and other improvements. Cheers! Index. (Click on the parts to be taken to them) Part 1 & 2: Below. Part 3 Part 4 Dad, The Homewrecker. PART 1: Despite our best efforts, some places on our globe remain shrouded in mystery, tempting us from afar with intrigue. Like, for example, the bedroom of a failing marriage. ----------- “Dad….” Luke called out meekly, intense pleasure shooting through every fiber of his body. Fuck. It was hard to focus while Macy was giving you a blowjob. Images of the bedroom formed a whirlwind in his mind. But his dad remained the one point of clarity, visible through the mist. While Macy was giving her husband a blowjob, Luke’s father was stretching open her pussy with great expertise. She was thankful her husband’s penis didn’t take up as much space as the equipment his dad packed, making it a lot easier to let out moans of pleasure. “Dad.” Luke tried again, his voice now rising above the involuntary crescendo of moans from Macy and the brutish grunts from his dad. His dad still didn’t seem to have heard him. Maybe the ecstasy clearly etched on his face while he fucked his latest conquest completely dominated his mind. Luke focused on his dad’s body again. The effect was unmistakable this time. He had to tell him. Through the smoke of bodily odors and sex he tried making eye contact with his father. He could see his brown eyes shining as their gazes met, on opposite sides of the same woman, his wife. His dad just pulled a smirk, cockily raising his right arm into a bicep flex. Of course, Luke didn’t need to tell him. He had probably figured it at himself at this point. Luke was mesmerized by the bicep flex, you could see it most clearly there. With the sound of his dad’s heavy balls slapping against Macy’s body as background noise, both men watched the already flexed peak slowly rise higher and higher, inches of brawn magically flowing into the muscle by the minute. The effect slowed as Luke’s Dad’s dominant humping tapered off. Son and father made eye contact again. “I’m fucking growing.” His dad said in between heavy breaths with a confident grin. Luke came. ----------- 48 HOURS EARLIER. “I’m a bad little cop. I can’t help but ogle all the hot secretaries, and I like toying with the bad girls I arrest.” A small uncomfortable silence lingered before the reply. “No, this is not it.” There was a little rummaging in the box of props. “Your scores are terrible, you only look at my bulge in class, but if show me your tits I might give you a passing grade…” This time the answer came much more quickly. “Nope, doesn’t do it either.” More rummaging in the box of props. “Girls like you shouldn’t mess with guys like me. We both know we won’t be able to cage our... Desires.” The replier hesitated for a moment, gently avoiding a hurtful comment. “I’m sorry Luke, I don’t think this is gonna work for me.” Luke seemed disappointed by the response, and he shoved his set of role-play props in the closet. Macy stood up from the bed and put her bra and underwear back on, dissatisfaction with the night’s results evident on her face. “Did I at least spark something in you?” He asked, while the couple was on opposite sides of the room, getting ready for another sexless night. Macy asked herself if the image of her chubby husband hanging over her, playing various roles, saying the corniest lines with the worst acting had ignited any arousal. “No,” she replied. Luke’s cheeks went scarlet. He had been so sure role-play would be the answer. He jumped into the bed and quickly covered himself up with the blanket, his belly jiggling wildly in the process. Luke stared at his wife while she prepared for bed. He knew most men would kill to have a wife as good-looking. She was voluptuous and beautiful, with an hourglass figure few women could emulate. A few years back they had been the resident power couple on their college campus, both of them sexy and virile. Him strong, muscular and wide, her curvy and enchanting. Now one of them was slacking, and it wasn’t the woman who looked like she hadn’t aged a day since college. It was the man who couldn’t resist a donut each morning, who ate through an entire tub of ice cream while waiting for his wife to get back from her modeling gig, who hadn’t set a foot into a gym since his days on the football team. “We can just try regular sex.” Luke proposed with an eager tone, desperate to please his wife. Macy gently smiled while she looked at her soft husband in bed. He tried his best, there was no denying that. “We already did so last night. I know about your stamina.” Macy quickly kissed him on the forehead. “Honestly, it isn’t that big of a deal, most women go without an orgasm for years.” “We’ll give it another whirl soon then, yeah?” He saw the unused strap on his wife had bought still protruding from the box of earlier discarded role-play props. The sight made him slightly uneasy. “What other option do we have?” she asked, while stepping into bed. And then the doorbell rang. -------------------------------- Luke opened the front door, ready to tell the idiot who thought it was a good idea to ring doorbells after midnight to go to hell. But the big shadow in the cold night air wasn’t just your regular old idiot. “Dad?” Luke called out in disbelief. He almost couldn’t believe the man standing in front of his porch was his old man, he hadn’t heard from him in months. “Lukey! Kiddo. Sorry to drop in on you like this at… 8pm? But...” “It’s 1:30AM.” “Right! 1:30. Just got back from a business trip from Hawaii. This gorgeous gay couple I was counseling was having difficulty finding the male G-spot so I---” “Look, my evening hasn’t been great. I’d appreciate it if you could just get to the point.” Luke said, with a face that confirmed he was pretty tired of his dad’s endless tales of the sex therapy he provided. “Riiiight... So, you know the girl I was dating?” Luke nodded, unsure what his father’s love life had to do with his sudden reappearance. “Welllll. She kicked me out. Turns out I hadn’t told her we were in a polyamorous relationship. Crazy how that happens. Anyways, I just need a spot to rest my head for a few days until I get an apartment.” Luke just raised an eyebrow in reply, hoping his dad wasn’t asking what he thought he was asking. “... I was hoping that spot could be here? I’ll sleep on the couch. Or on the floor. All the nearby motels are full, I’m kinda out of options.” Luke sighed in exasperation. He turned his head and stared at the starry night sky for a moment. Luke couldn’t look his dad in the eyes while he thought. He had to make a rational decision. Luke rather wouldn’t have dealt with his dad for another moment if he had any option, but he was family…. “Sure. Fine. Whatever. Come on in.” Luke said with a shrug, like the decision had been entirely out of his hands. There probably was some truth to that. Men like Luke don’t say no to men like his dad. As his dad stepped out of the night black and into the warm lighting of the house, part of the reason Luke preferred not to talk with his dad became obvious. Because where Luke was all soft and flabby with a thick layer of fat, any vestige of his college football body long past, his dad continued to have a body that radiated masculine energy to some extent. He hadn’t given in to his every whim as Luke had and it clearly showed. Matt looked good for a man his age. He had maintained his quarterback build from thirty years ago with a strict gym regimen. Even though he had a good layer of chunk covering him it was clear he still muscular and handsome. His dad couldn’t be faulted the unfortunate difference between them, but Luke always blamed him a bit for having to reside in his more muscular shadow. At least the few inches of height Luke had on his pops gave him a few coat hangers to hang his masculine pride on to. He couldn’t help but long for the college days when he dwarfed his dad with his own muscularity, but those days were now long gone. “Matt! It’s been too long!” Macy squealed while she ran down the stairs. Luke tried to not to blame his dad for his obvious ‘excitement’ upon seeing Macy. The way her rack bounced up and down as she rushed down the stairs was unintentional, but Luke could see how a red-blooded man like his father was aroused. The pair exchanged quick hugs, and Luke thought his dad’s eyes rested on Macy’s body just a second too long. “Did I just hear correctly you’ll be staying with us for the next couple of days?” She innocently asked. She had a certain shine and glimmer to her most people didn’t have at 2am, and her beauty contrasted sharply with her husband’s sunken and pudgy face. Matt let out a short uncomfortable laugh while scratching his mostly bald head. Luke was reminded with a grin how much his dad disliked being in anyone’s debt. “Yeah, Lukey was kind enough to let me have the couch for the next few days. I hope you don’t mind.” Macy quickly waved her hands in giddy excitement. “Of course not! We haven’t chatted in forever, it’s about time I got all caught up with my father-in-law. There are some blankets in the cupboard Matt, I imagine you’ll probably want to hit the hay.” Luke was glad his dad nodded and head towards the couch. He’d feel a lot better about having his dad strutting around his house if his wife wasn’t wearing her revealing nightgown. “We’ll catch up tomorrow dad. Good night.” “Good night kiddo.” ----------- When the couple was again tucked in, the events of the evening replayed in Luke’s head. Some part of him felt like he had made a terrible mistake. He’d put his foot down this time, and not let his father walk all over him. “This time will be different” Luke softly mumbled while sleep slowly caught up with him. He stretched out his arms and gently spooned Macy. His big body may fill him with self loathing, but at least it was good cuddle material for his wife. While he brought her in for a hug he noticed how tense her body still was. She was wide awake. “Everything okay hun?” Luke asked as he drifted further and further away. “Luke. Babe. We need to talk.” Immediately Luke was brought back to reality. He felt a bit anxious. “Alright,” was all he could mutter. “I’ve been thinking about my little… predicament. I know we’ve been trying really hard, but it feels like we aren’t getting anywhere, so II did some googling today….” Please don’t suggest strap on. Please don’t suggest strap on. Please don’t suggest strap on. “... And I think we should bring someone else into the bedroom.” Luke shot up in surprise. He definitely hadn’t been expecting that. He could get behind it though. Another sexy woman crawling over him, that’d be sure to finally be able to push his wife over the edge. “Who do you have in mind?” Luke asked with as much innocence as he could muster. He had his mind on their sexy, young neighbor girl. Her husband had been deployed for the past few months, and she looked horny enough to even fuck Luke, fat rolls and all. It helped she was always watching whenever Macy was sunbathing in her bikini. The thought of the two women making out was already flashing through his mind. Luke’s last attempt at eating out Macy had gone rather horribly but the neighbor looked like a girl who knew her way around those parts. “I was thinking Matt.” Luke’s blood turned ice-cold right away. “My dad?” he practically screeched in disbelief. “Calm down. Yes, it’s a little weird. But honestly, anything besides a guy isn’t gonna do much for me.” “Okay. Fair enough. But still, my dad?” Macy shrugged. “Do you know any other guy as sexually liberated as him? He has a fling every other night. One woman could not be enough for him. I want this to be a one time thing, and your dad is the only one I know who sees sex as just sex. Do you wanna get in some internet weirdo?” Luke had to admit she had a point. He couldn’t count his dad’s ‘girlfriends’ in the last month on one hand. Slowly, Luke felt his wife’s gentle and tender hands interlock with his. “Only say yes if you’re okay with it hun.” Macy softly said. But in her eyes Luke could see a certain kind of desperation. Their sex had been dull for months. He hadn’t heard her orgasm for nearly a year, and he was sure she had been faking it for a while before that. They used to go at it daily, even when Luke had turned into a blob, but Luke’s sex drive was slowly drying up while hers was still very much active. Luke couldn’t imagine the amount of hormones raging through her body, a woman like her needed to be pleased. “Okay babe.” Luke said with a gentle smile. The idea of his dad in the same bedroom as him, fucking the same woman, was still really weird to him. But Luke also knew it’d be good for her. He had heard the female orgasm was kind of like an engine, after a kick start it could be relatively easy to reactivate. And as unfortunate as it was, his dad was the best man for the job. And hey, maybe his dad wouldn’t even succeed in getting her off, wouldn’t that be a blow to his ego as self certified sex guru. The couple looked at each other and smiled. After one awkward encounter maybe their troubles could be behind them. Finally, after a long, eventful evening, Luke dozed off. “And whenever had a little awkwardness killed anyone?” He softly mumbled while the world faded to black. ---------------------- The events of the night before suddenly jumped back into Luke’s mind when he found his dad jerking off on his living room couch. First Luke calmed down somewhat while remembering that he had voluntarily provided lodgings to his dad. Then he was severely freaked out because his dad was lying completely nude and jerking off in his living room. He wanted to scream out but hesitated for a moment, the sight intriguing him. He could see why his dad was such a lady killer, he had the body to pull it off. Perhaps he’d was best categorized as a having the build of a coach, with thick juicy pecs and the faint outline of abs. All of it covered in a slight layer of grey fur. And of course, there was the thick cock he was jerking off in a slow rhythmic motion. Luke found himself a bit jealous of his dad’s member, because he looked to be packing an inch or two more than Luke. In fact, seeing his dad lay there say comfortable in his own skin flared up quite a few of Luke’s own insecurities. Luke stopped his pondering and brought himself back to reality. “Dad? What the fuck!” Matt didn’t seem the slightest bit dazed by the interruption of his son. “Hey Lukey! Morning.” He said, while not looking up from his jerking. Luke had prayed his dad had grown some inhibitions since they last slept under the same roof but that clearly wasn’t the case. He knew that sexual self-confidence was probably just as attractive to the younger women Matt slept with as his masculine body. It was annoying to deal with if he was your dad though. “There’s a bathroom upstairs. If you gotta take care of your morning wood, do it there. There you aren’t in the view of the neighbors.” Luke calmly explained, trying not to look while his dad let out a few more grunts of pleasure. “Alright. Alright. I’ll go do this out of view…” Matt smacked his hard member in his hands, the sound plastering a grin on his face. “Wanna join me? Often during therapy sessions I recommend guys jerk off with their friends, helps the bonding experience as well as activate…” “Normal dad’s don’t jerk off with their sons. Don’t be weird.” Matt let that hang in the air for a moment, considering if he should go with his reply. “Most dads don’t fuck their son’s wives either.” He said in an amused tone. Luke felt his blood turn cold. “How did---.” “Macy. She asked me if I’d be willing to fuck her as she left for work. I’m glad she did, it’s gonna be a reallll fun evening.” Matt said while slapping his son on the back with the hand he had just seconds earlier being using to jerk off with. There was a smirk on his face but it didn’t seem cruel, rather one of genuine excitement. Luke cringed and winced, but he was thankful he himself didn’t have to be the one asking his dad if he’d be up for the threesome. “Alright, I’m gonna take care of this.” Matt said pointing as his cock before bounding up the stairs with a confident whistle. As Luke heard the slapping of his dad’s balls between his trained thighs Luke reminded himself to kick him out as soon as possible. Probably the worst part of the jealousy that raged through Luke while he heard more grunts of pleasure emerge from the bathroom upstairs, was knowing his dad didn’t mean to make Luke feel bad. Matt had always been completely relaxed with nudity, his many, many sexual partners and countless hours of discussing intercourse in lecture halls had dissolved any restraint about sex and being naked. He didn’t mean to make his son feel bad about his fat and sexless body, but feeling bad was all that Luke could do while he compared himself to his more virile dad. Luke sighed, and hoped the eight hours of office work that were ahead of him would take his mind off things. PART 2: They decidedly did not. “Threesome?” He heard the snack lady ask while she strolled past his desk. Luke felt his blood turn hot. “What? No.... I wouldn’t do that kind of thing. Happily married. Who told you? My wife---” He stuttered and stumbled. How could she know? Did the whole office know? Did everyone know? Was his life over? Should he moved to Texas? India? The snack lady looked unfazed. “Tea, want some?” She asked again, shaking the kettle she had on her cart. Ah. He had just misheard. Shit. Luke mumbled something along the lines of ‘No thanks’ and she moved the cart along. He knew that mishearing ordinary conversation probably wasn’t an indication of confidence, yet still he didn’t feel like pulling out of the night’s upcoming plans. Part of that was desperation, part of it knowing there weren’t that many alternatives that didn’t tap into his wife’s fetish for fucking men with dildo’s, and part of it a certain….morbid curiosity. Luke’s phone buzzed with a text. It rarely did that. “Hon, grab some dinner near work and only walk into the bedroom at 8pm sharp. I want both my studs walking through the door at the same time. -Mace” Luke smiled a little, his wife could be one kinky fucker. And being called a stud made him feel a little better while chomping down a donut. --------------------- Luke quietly looked at his dad again under the dim light of the lamp. Matt’s handsome square jaw and stubbled face looked intensely into nothingness. Luke was reminded again of how much better his dad looked in his fifties than he himself looked now in his thirties. He tried not to let that bother him, especially as they were so close to the big moment. Both men were standing in nothing but their briefs, so Luke had ample time to scan up and down his dad’s body. He didn’t even look that great, but he carried that body with such confidence he didn’t need to be ripped like a model. “At least I’m not 5’9.” Was all Luke could think while he looked at his own belly with discontent. “Come on in boys.” Macy’s songbird like voice sang from the other side of the door. The two men quickly glanced at each other. Father and son. An unusual couple, but Matt had enough gentle warmth radiating about him that Luke felt somewhat put at ease. His dad was just treating this as fun. Luke reminded himself he should do so too. With a last nod of consent both men entered at the same time. Macy laid there, temptingly and tantalizingly nude with just a then sheet covering her exquisite body. She was a goddess. Luke suddenly felt bad that he’d never shared her before. Her figure was beautiful. They had been each other's first the initial semester of college a dozen years back an neither had been with anyone else. Luke placed himself in front of Macy’s ‘entrance’ and softly pushed his bulge covered in sagging tighty-whities against her. He had hoped the display would be a tease, but it looked more like he was just pushing his belly into her. “Lukey, baby, I want you up here.” Macy said with a wink and a gentle tap next to her head. Luke took his new position with a little unease. His wife stripped him of his unflattering garment, his cock jumping into the warm air of the room with eager excitement. Macy’s eyes were completely focused on Luke’s hard cock and Luke’s cock alone. Macy stretched out her hand and slowly jerked it, her small her hands making the average piece of equipment look bigger. Luke tried focusing on the way his wife’s eyes beautifully sparkled while she stared at the piece of meat in her hands. But he found his gaze alternating between his wife’s curvy form and his masculine dad, who was standing at the end of the bed. Matt’s gaze was firmly planted on Macy’s hot body, his big chest heaving while he rubbed his bulge through the fabric of his stylish and tight underwear. Luke thought he’d be a whole lot more weirded out by his dad standing there if he hadn’t seen him naked and in a state of arousal so many times. Seeing him slowly getting himself hard felt strangely… Normal. With a gruff his dad stepped out of his underwear into complete nakedness. Macy didn’t even look, her eyes were still plastered firmly on her husband. It was something Luke was thankful for, he knew how much of a thing she had for muscular guys, and his dad somewhat fit into that category. Luke wanted nothing more than for his eyes to roll back and to be lost in a wave of pleasure, but he couldn’t pull away from the sight of his dad preparing to enter his wife. Matt pulled out a condom, and rolled it onto his completely hard dick with a single casual hand and the expertise of someone who did it often. Luke felt jealousy burn in him again. Why did his shit genes not endow him with a thick seven and a half inch tool like his dad had swinging between his legs instead of saddling him with an average five and half? Slowly and gently his dad entered, without pause. Macy took it like a pro, her vagina was made for cock. Without even a glance at Matt, she directed Luke onto the bed and pulled his cock into her mouth, licking up the small drop of pre at the tip, savoring the taste. Luke felt like he was on top of the world, his model like wife giving him a blowjob with an expression of pure pleasure plastered on her face, undoubtedly because she had the honor of servicing his great cock…. Then Luke remembered there was another man inside of her, and he was much more likely to be the source of the pleasure. His feeling of greatness was shattered by the large silhouette of his father standing on the edge of the bed. Luke pursed his lips in dissatisfaction while he looked at the guy standing on the other end of Macy, a man with a trained physique and superior endowment, who Luke knew was much more virile than he currently was. Luke once again found himself not looking at his beautiful wife, but at his dad. Part of him hoped he could spot some secret technique that he could replicate to give his wife the pleasure Matt was currently providing. That would mean her new moans of pleasure weren’t just a consequence of a bigger, better cock. Then Luke spotted something awfully strange while looking at his dad’s silhouette. He knew people said sex is the best work-out, but he had never thought to take it seriously. His dad looked a little leaner than just a few minutes ago. Like he had burned a half dozen pounds. Clearly all of it had been fat, because the abs that were now on display looked great. His pecs looked a little deeper and square too. Luke was just about to comment on it when he felt himself going over the edge. It had come suddenly, but then it almost always did with him. He didn’t even get to shout that he was cumming before shooting his small dribble into his wife’s mouth. A wave of tiredness washed over Luke following the encounter. He always felt drained after sex. He threw himself back onto the bed. At first he closed his eyes as sleep always came seconds after he came. But the sound of Macy’s soft moans and his dad’s grunts were too overwhelming to ignore. “Now it’s just you that needs to come.” Matt said smiling while lifting Macy up in his arms. It was the first time that Macy really looked at her father-in-law while getting fucked by him and her faced showed she clearly liked what she saw. Matt increased his pace and depth, making Macy’s eyes roll back in their sockets. Matt closed his eyes as he drilled her, savoring the feeling of stretching yet another woman open. Luke was the only one aware of the remarkable scene unfolding while Matt’s cock continued to firmly push into Macy. Because it almost appeared as with every thrust his dad made, he seemed a little bigger than before. It’s effect was nearly unnoticeable, but due to Matt’s rapid pace he slowly seemed to inflate with the tiniest part of a pound. And it wasn’t fat, mind you, it was the most masculine of compounds. Muscle Luke could see that after ten minutes of continuously fucking his wife, his dad seemed a bit beefier. Proportionally more muscled. Luke didn’t think about how that was odd and against every law of nature he knew till the screams of pleasure from his wife suddenly dragged him back to reality. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck? Oh fuck!” Macy yelled out while experiencing an orgasm for the first time in forever. Her stiffened body loosened as she rode her wave of bliss into cloud nine. Matt gently laid her on the bed and pulled his thick cock out of her. He didn’t seem to have noticed yet that his arms looked just a tad beefier and more muscular than before. Luke bit his tongue. Whatever he saw, he assured himself, it probably wasn’t real. A trick of the light, or whatever. People don’t just grow, right? Matt looked at his rock hard dick. He still hadn’t cum, but he felt like he was just a few tugs away from exploding. He looked Macy directly in the eyes and then gave his baby maker a firm squeeze. “Fuck yeah.” He growled with a grin, while he shot his load into condom. Luke thought his dad’s dick looked just a hair longer than a few minutes ago, had he not been fully hard when he entered? Matt carefully peeled the tight condom off his rod, and looked at it cluelessly for a second. “You got a bin?” He asked. Luke stared out into the distance, the entire last minute feeling more and more like a dream and haze. He only registered the question had been aimed at him after a few seconds. “Oh! No. Just put it on somewhere on the desk.” Luke said with a slight, dismissive wave of his hand. He just wanted to catch some rest before he started seeing weirder stuff than growing dads. Matt shifted his naked weight from one leg to another in front of the desk, not certain where to put the stretched-out cum-filled rubber. He ended up hanging it over a picture so it wouldn’t drip out over the table. Luke wasn’t sure if he intentionally chose to hang it over a honeymoon photo, covering Macy’s face with the worn out condom. “Thanks for the fun and a great lay” Matt said as he winked at Macy with a chuckle. A girlish giggle from Luke’s wife was the only reply. “We’ll see you tomorrow dad.” Luke said, while firmly looking at the door. “Oh. Before I forget, Lukey. Mind grabbing me a tub of protein from the store tomorrow? I’m gonna be apartment hunting and super busy, but I’ll need some after my heavy lifting session tomorrow. Don’t want this body getting soft!” “Get your own protein. Dad.” Luke said with snark and sleep invading his voice. Matt’s eyes flared for a moment and Luke thought he had made a terrible mistake. He was fully prepared for a speech about what happened if you ignored requests from the better men in the world. The more muscular men. The more hung men. The men that fucked your wife. But such a speech did not come. “Good night, Lukey.” His dad said with a shrug. Luke looked at the variety of bodily fluids slathered over his wife’s puss. He did not feel like saying “Good night” back. -------------------------- Quietly Luke shut the door on his car. It was 6am and he had tried to be as quiet as possible while he had sneaked around the house. He had originally just wanted to sit in the living room and watch some TV till it was time to leave for work, but he had forgotten his dad had taken over the couch. So instead he sat in the car. The scenery was better too, because it was a place that didn’t involve seeing memories of his dad in every bit of furniture. Memories of his dad growing and swelling with muscl---. “No.” Luke mumbled to himself. He wouldn’t give in to spectral images just yet. People don’t just grow. He had to take his mind off things. He slowly kicked the car into gear, driving to the nearest 24H grocery store. Yet still images of his dad were all that filled Luke’s mind. His heavy breathing. His muscles slowly inflating with each and every thrust... Luke turned on the only piece of distraction he had readily available in his car, the radio. “...To close of the midnight show, here is Lizzo, with her hit new single ‘Juice!’." Luke wasn’t familiar with the tune but considering it was designed to be an earworm, it didn’t take long for him to sing along unapologetically loudly. “Ain’t my fault I’m out here getting loose.” Luke sang, while tapping on the steering wheel with his fingers. “Gotta blame it on the goose, gotta blame it on my juice baby.” The rhythm was infectious, and Luke almost forgot about the pickle he was in. Almost. Because while he waited for the traffic light to turn green, his mind conjured up strange daydreams and images. Daydreams that were more akin to remnant’s of nightmares. Instead of being in the car he suddenly found himself outside his bedroom door, peeking timidly into the room he had spent countless nights. The colours were hazy, washed out and vague, but what he saw inside burned into his eyes nonetheless. His wife was being held suspended in the air by one man’s beefy arms. Another big man was standing in front of her delicate body, stretching her passage wide open with his superior manhood. Luke couldn’t see their faces, but he didn’t need to, he knew who these men were. They were his worst fears personified. The fear that sooner or later his hot wife would get powerful men worthy of her delicious body. Luke felt sick. When he had first lost his football honed body to rolls of fat, this was a common nightmare for him. But he hadn’t seen it for a year or two. Had the threesome reawakened his anxiety? But he had consented to his dad’s participation, so why did he still feel so… Defiled? Luke felt his mouth go dry. Besides the deep horror, some of the vision inspired awe, he had to admit it. It’s in our human nature to love seeing the best our species has to offer during their most intimate moments, straight porn of guys with big dicks is popular for a reason after all. And jeez were these men and his wife perfect together. The man railing her was much bigger than Luke had been in his prime, with muscle cascading over muscle to form a thick and solid build that would be the envy of any man. His wives mewling sounds coupled with the juices cascading over her thighs, convinced Luke this modern hercules was big everywhere. Luke’s goggling was interrupted by a sudden sharp scream of pleasure coming from his wife. Luke knew it was all a daydream but it certainly sounded very real. He made eye contact with this dream version of the woman he was married to. Her mouth formed into a cruel grin, and she opened it to speak. But the sound that left her throat wasn’t the voice of Macy. It was the voice of Lizzo, singing her new hit single. “Ain’t my fault I’m out here getting loose. Gotta blame it on my juice. Gotta blame it on my juice. Gotta blame it on my juice. Gotta blame it on my juice. Gotta blame it on my--- HONK Luke jumped awake again with a startle. The traffic light was green again, and clearly the people behind him wanted to get on with their day. He quickly pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store, rubbing the temple of his head trying to figure out where those strange dreams kept coming from. ------------- Even when he pushed his shopping cart through the isles there wasn’t much else Luke could think about. He threw in some croissants, breakfast was his favourite. He passed by the tub of protein his Dad had requested. He halted for a moment in front of it. He could be the rebellious little devil and disobey his dad’s request, but there was no harm in helping him out, just this once, right? He threw the tub of protein in his shopping cart. While he did so he felt a strangle electric shock travel through his body. Luke clicked his tongue and pulled his face into a frown while an uncomfortable thought lingered in his mind. He suddenly thought hadn’t been daydreaming or experiencing left over nightmares at all. It was something more powerful. More primal. Not just a simple conjuring of the mind, instead it was a warning. A word of caution. An exhortation. Luke felt a chill travel through his spine while he sought the exact word to describe the alien feeling. A premonition. ------------------------------------- Continue to part III
  25. Wild

    Male Energy

    Daniel: aka Dan The Man, from Texas. 40 year old Scientist who formerly was an college athlete and parlayed a Kinesiology degree into science work. Theo: Nova Scotian. Brown hair, shaved sides, has a little goat patch. 26, Technician. 140 pounds, 5’6. Micah: Albertan. Ginger nerd. 6 feet tall, 120 pounds, 32 year old Biologist. Dressed in loose nerd t-shirts and baggy clothes. At Altas Station, three scientists are studying a pocket of blue energy. They've been there studying it for 6 months to determine what exactly it is. Daniel stepped into the study, and put his hands on the door and locked it. He slowly peeled off his jacket and put it on a hook, giving out a sigh before turning to Theo and Micah, who were playing a card game. “So, you remember that change of colour I discovered in the energy cloud? Well, it’s been a week, and after running a colour pass filter, I was right. I wasn’t imagining it. Its R colour rating has increased by 6. And its volume by… 2%.” “Does it matter?” Micah looked up from his cards for a moment, and domed them. “it’s nearly impossible to get a good volumetric reading on a pulsing cloud. This kind of energy is already pretty flexible…” “That’s what I thought of too. So, I went over the old footage before we got here. And months and months ago? Same colour.” Daniel advanced on the pair, as Micah flipped over several new cards, looking back and forth between Theo and Dan. “When I checked out the door logs, I saw that you’ve been accessing the energy chamber outside your shift.” “C’mon guys, let’s just play cards…” Theo grumbled and slumped forward with a sigh, rocking back in his chair. “Just say what you want to say.” Micah didn’t even look up from his cards. “Micah, you’re behind the change in energy, aren’t you?” Micah folded his cards into his hand and splayed them down on the table, stood up and apologetically raised his hands “You got me.” “Don’t you know how dangerous that is? If we’re right, and this really is Male Energy, then it’s connected to everyone on the planet, US most of all! We don’t even know what that means! There is no telling what changing this could do!” “It’s fine Daniel. You just don’t understand.” “What gives you that right?!? And how? Nothing we’ve used has had any effect on it. Theo, open up the pantry, we can hold him in there until this all gets sorted out.” “I’m not sure if…” Theo slid his chair back on the ground away from the two. “C’mon, Danny, it’s Micah.” Daniel strided over to Micah, and grabbed him by the wrist, and pointed at the pantry. “Go on, get IN.” “I’m not going anywhere with you.” With a grunt, Daniel put his arm on Micah’s shoulder and started pressing towards the pantry. This time however, Micah didn’t give an inch. Daniel leaned into it with a huff, his bare forearm bulging as he pressed in, thumb resting on his collarbone, but still, Micah didn’t budge. “C’mon, get moving!” Micah reached up and covered Daniel’s hand with his own, picking off the fingers, and tugged off Daniel’s hand completely. Daniel tried to pull his hand back, but Micah held it snuggly in his hand. “How are you…?” Each pull merely rocked Micah, but he was going absolutely nowhere. This wasn’t the 120 pound fun but nerdy guy that collapsed carrying a duffle bag anymore. “You’re going to try to stop me, no matter what, aren’t you?” “Of course!” “That’s a real shame.” Micah released the hand. Daniel rubbed it, trying to get blood into it again. As Daniel resuscitated his hand, Micah stepped to the fingerprint scanner by the door. With a Zzzt, the panel denied him. “It’s my time in there. Privacy mode. Won’t open for anyone else for 2 hours. Until then, let’s go call Head Office.” “Open this door, please Daniel. I don’t want to make you.” “Make me? Make me? I gotta have 60 pounds on you. Even with that ninja stuff you’re doing there…” Theo stepped between the two, and pointed a hand out to each of them, trying to keep them separated. “Guys, calm down. Micah can stop the modifications… we can talk this through, it’s just a little colour!” “No! It’s Micah playing with forces he doesn’t even understand! He could change everything about us!” Daniel rolled his shoulders open, bouncing on his feet to warm up. “We’ve been here for almost half a year, and you’re my friend! But I gotta stop you.” Raising his fists in a guard, he passed by Theo who futilely tried to stop him, and towards Micah at the door, his right fist leading, testing Micah’s front. “After you wake up, you can apologize, and I’ll see if we can keep your job.” “Stop talking, and let’s get this over with.” Micah calmly stood by the fingerprint scanner, reaching up to pull off his glasses. Wasting no time, Daniel approached and reared back for a haymaker, but Micah didn’t move. “I’m serious! Move Micah!” “You’re going to have to make me.” After pulling back several times, Daniel resolved to it fully, his 190 pound frame raring back for his fist, putting his entire weight onto his front leg and swinging at Micah’s head with all his strength. Deltoids twisting, biceps furled, the perfect brawler’s haymaker. Finally, Micah moved, planting his feet, and caught his friend’s fist. Daniel swore under his breath, as Micah slid his other hand to Daniel’s forearm, grasped it, and swung Daniel like a bat into the door. It didn’t budge. Crumbling to the ground, Daniel heaved on the ground, the air knocked clean out of him, leaving his head ringing. Clutching his wrist, Micah raised Daniel’s hand to the scanner and calmly pressed Daniel’s finger into it, freed the hand, only to bring his foot brutally down on the scanner, and leaving through the now open door. Theo rolled Daniel onto his back, while he struggled and gasped, finally getting air into his lungs. “When did he get so… ugh… we gotta stop him…” “Don’t move too quick Danny. He could have really hurt you! Nothing seems broken, just stay still a bit, and I’ll try to get the door open.” Theo looked up at the fingerprint scanner. “Caved in and busted. No use. But the panel under it? With some time…” Theo started to undo the screws. “It’s pretty fried. I can bypass it but it’s going to take a minute.” “Can you get Coms to the Energy Chamber?” “Oh yeah, that’s easy.” Theo opened up the Energy Chamber feed. Micah was already steps away from the Energy Cloud, his hands dipping into the energy. A roiling blue vortex of pulsing energy coiled around in self in an ever shifting cloud. But it was stable. A brilliant blue core centered the vortex, with darker blue energy drifting from it, clouding the outside as it shifted into a deep blue, filling the room with a calm blue light. Already his clothes began to burn away, elbow deep into the blue energy, slowly moving to the center to it. “That energy has melted anything we’ve put into it, but… he’s immune?” The once wiry and angular frame they had seen when they arrived at Atlas Station, had become substantial. Lean and powerful muscles, as if defined by years of training, popped on his form. The once 120 pound scientist had to be nearing 180. There was clear definition in each muscle, and while not massive in size, was shaped and tapered and powerful. Something popped inside the energy cloud with a pulse that blew through the room, as the energy crackled for a moment and started to relax. The mostly blue energy flowed over his skin, and flowed into him like an ocean into a teacup. The same energy flared in his eyes as his work continued. It had shifted redder again. “Micah, you have to stop doing this. We don’t even fully understand this energy! You have no right! This affects us all!” “I thought the same thing once, Daniel. Remember when I almost fell in and you caught me? Well, I didn’t almost. My hand touched it and I knew what it was. Anyone would. But I could feel something was wrong with it. Someone must have came here, probably years ago and did something to it. They changed it. And if THAT was done without our permission, then I have every right to change it back.” “We don’t know what will happen! Or even if you’re right! You could have told us!” “Why are men more likely to be colourblind? Why are we more likely to lose control and hurt people? …why are we more likely to commit suicide? I don’t believe that’s part of being a man… and if this energy is connected to us all? While I still have access, I’m going to fix all that.” “You don’t know that you can make those changes! You can’t make this decision by yourself! You’ll be affecting everyone everywhere!” “...” Daniel smashed a fire extinguisher onto the panel causing the screen to crack, the monitor going black, and peeled back the metal front, stepping aside to let Theo unscrewed the edges, dipping into the wires and pulling them free with a spark. Suddenly, and the door unlocked with a massive CRUNK, sliding barely open enough for a child to slip through. Theo and Daniel leaned against the door together, straining as they pushed it open, and then entered the chamber. There it was in front of them. The Energy Cloud. Male energy. But now, flecks of red had joined the blue core, turning the clouds around it from the darkest shade of amethyst. Micah was massive. Amethyst energy pulsed under his skin like veins. It had been nearly 30 minutes, the once athletic looking Micah now looked like a bodybuilder. Massive trunk legs supported his thick core. Three rounded deltoids supported one of the biggest arms Daniel had ever seen in person. Micah huffed, sweat dripping off his wide triangular back puddling on the floor as he continued to manipulate the energy. He was struggling. “You gotta stop!” Daniel pleaded. “I’m… almost… done…” Micah tipped forward, his broad heavy shoulders pulling him inward into the energy, his eyes closing. Theo charged forward, grabbing Micah’s massive leg and pulling him back. Micah’s eyes shot open again, getting his weight back on the ground. “*UMNH* Damn you’re goddamn heavy… but I won’t let you go…!” Up to to his shoulder in the energy, Theo grabbed through it, holding onto the slumping Micah. Theo’s quickly leaving strength were the only things stopping Micah from fully falling into the energy. The energy was getting closer as Theo struggled. The amethyst energy drew over Micah’s front, and slipped closer, and closer, coming beside Theo’s head. But Theo wouldn’t let go. With his back against the energy, Theo pressed into Micah’s stomach, his legs straining as he dead pressed Micah’s weight outwards away from the energy, managing to get Micah out up to his chest. He didn’t have the strength to keep it up much longer. Suddenly, Theo felt arms reach around his, opposite him. Daniel grappled Micah’s midsection, heavily groaned as he pulled with all his weight backward. Together, it was just enough to pull Micah free, a wave of purple energy pulsing through the room as they lay on the stone floor panting. Micah huffed heavily, muscles bulging with every breath, pulling himself off his back and onto his knees. Micah’s whisper of a frame was no more. Thick quads held a huge triangular trunkish core. Instead of a flat rib chest, a pair of massive pectorals as big as his massive hands rested under his chest. Thick traps bordered his new bullish neck. Even broader than before, Micah resembled a powerlifter, almost as wide as he was tall. Grooves lined every muscle as they fought for space on his body. He laughed, and weezingly pumped a fist in the air, even weakly beating his chest as Daniel covered him with a lab coat. Theo sat up slowly, raised his arms and rubbed the back of his head. “Whoa…” Brown hair now lined his knuckles and his forearm, and his left shoulder was noticeably larger than his right. Pumped and thick, it looked like it belonged to a seasoned blacksmith. The muscles of Theo’s left shoulder were angular and powerful, and even the back of his lat rested further down his back. Having burned away the clothes around his shoulder, Theo adjusted the sides of his shirt and beige binder that now struggled having difficulty continuing to hold his with the new mass, especially missing a strap. “We don’t know what you’ve done…” Daniel put his arm around Micah and helped him stand. Theo looked over Micah. That energy that flowed through him once was now back in the chamber. “Maybe we don’t have to tell Head Office quite yet.”
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