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    Influence (PART 2)

    Hey Y'all first time posting, I've got a couple chapters done of this story, hope yall like it! While sitting in art class I found myself unable to look away from Vinny Lorenzo’s ass. He was a goofy jock with a bold Mediterranean nose. He didn’t take the class seriously, just a place to goof around with his friends. His back faced me as he stood joking around with his buddies, and his cute butt creased the fabric of his Nike sweatpants. I had a perfect view from the table behind him, in a spot where I could make furtive glances without looking far from my clay sculpture project. He wore a white T-shirt, which revealed his slim waist when he lifted his arms; it seemed to make his ass look even better. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I love the tall jockish guys. Doesn’t matter what sport they play: football, baseball, wrestling, swim, they’re all just different flavors of eye-candy. Vinny played football or something, at least I think that’s the group he hangs with. His sport gifted him with wide shoulders, big arms, and a meaty pair of jugs. “Wait, wait let me see,” Vinny leaned over his friend to look at their phone, and the white brim of his boxers peeked over his waistband. Things like that are so sexy to me. My dick got hard under the table, I scooted farther underneath to hide the stiffy in my jeans. I felt myself enter a state of laser focus, the world around Vinny’s ass blurred out of view. His cheeks began to take up more room in his joggers; it was working. I felt myself get even harder. I rubbed my cock up against the underside of the table. With each tingle of pleasure, my influence made his rear swell larger. He jerked his head back, laughing at the video on his friend’s phone. Falling backwards, he bumped his fat ass into my table, jostling the clay mug in front of me. I grunted as the edge of the table slammed against the bottom of my belly, and squashed my dick. “Woah, sorry,” he said with a chuckle, receiving scoffs from the others at my table. He walked back to his cackling friends, and I watched as his once slightly baggy pants now clung to his meatier legs. The crease of his ass was no more, as the material was now stretched taut between the pure density of his cake. It was so fucking huge, that thing started to cast a shadow over his thighs. And then, he flexed it. The cheeks bunched up toward the center, pinching the tight gray fabric, then parted like the red sea, and I swear it jiggled before returning to rest. I was so horned up, that I let my influence get carried away. He literally surged larger in that moment, in all directions with a low, sexy grunt that turned all the heads toward him. His white T-shirt now clung close to his beefier torso, pulled extra tight around his armpits and meaty shoulders. The hem of his shirt now hovered juuust shy of his belly-button, displaying the soft treasure trail on his abs. Now I’d like to shed light on something I haven’t brought up enough yet: Vinny’s ass. It was so huge now, that I could make out where the seam down his crack was beginning to split. Those poor pants looked painted on to that man's lower body. I was in disbelief, he must have gained ten pounds in that second alone. I saw his friend’s eyes lower to Vinny’s junk. “Woah, dude,” he said with a laugh. “You should go take care of that monster before someone gets hurt.” Vinny let out a goofy chuckle, and turned toward the teacher, revealing his front to me. His pecs now stretched the shirt into a uniboob, the only other landmarks on the curved surface were his erect nipples. I brought my gaze down to the pièce de résistance. His thick cucumber cock reached over half way down his thigh, clearly visible through the tight gray material. Slack jawed, I raised my gaze to his thicker neck, which added to his heavy masculine jaw. I looked at his eyes, and realized they were staring right into mine. A wave of pink washed over me as his sleepy brown eyes lusted for me, with an expression of gluttonous desire. Then he blinked and jiggled his head, like he returned to reality. “Miss B.,” he shouted. “Can I go to the little boys’ room?” He grabbed the hall pass, and sauntered toward the bathroom, his head noticeably closer to the top of the door frame. I felt embarrassed as all eyes watched their freshly beefed-up classmate leave the room, with an ass you could balance a cup on. He didn’t seem to mind though, as he swaggered through the room with the sound of stretching fabric following his thickened body through the door.
  2. TheWeremuscleForest

    Bro Scent: The Secret is in the Air

    “So, you somehow rented out the gym for an entire night? How did you manage this, Parker? I have to say that this would have had to be really expensive, right?” “Uh, no? I know the gym owner, so he made up a story about how the gym needed to close for a couple of days to take care of a few things that needed renovated or something like that. Something about fixing the showers or updating some of the machines. It was a very convincing story I thought. Most, if not all, of the members believed it. I would have believed it too.” “Yeah, I did read that on Tiktok and Bluesky. I don’t get why we would need the entire gym to ourselves though. This makes me incredibly nervous, and I wonder if I can fully trust you. You have tried to trick your friends before.” “You have known me for literally 12 years Vik. Besides, you had to know that the reason why I met you here at the gym was because I am a sports scientist, and I have been working on ways to enhance the gym going experience.” Vikram stares at Parker glassy-eyed and realizes why he is there. “OH! No no no no... no... Parker, I didn’t sign up for this. You know how I feel about those experimental projects you have been working on with Kyson. I have no interest in becoming a guinea pig for you or him.” Parker grabs his arm and nervously giggles as he stops him from trying to move towards one of the gym exits. “Vik...I... uh...well I admit that I have sort of dreamt about you becoming a huge, hunky, Indian hulk on more than one occasion. Besides, don’t you remember how much fun we had spending time together at the beach a few months ago? All the big muscle that passed us by there.” Vik sighs as he relaxes just a bit and is then embraced by Parker. The two men stand there hugging each other for a couple of minutes as Vik then surprisingly leans in to kiss his friend’s lips. Parker caresses his Indian friend’s soft black beard before they finally separate. “See...you know how much we like each other. I just want to turn you into my beautiful musclebound beefcake, Vik. You are already so handsome and... uh...I just have this thought to see you...” “You will have to do it too then Parker. I will be extremely pissed off if you do this to me and don’t reciprocate on yourself. This is your insane plan to turn me into a freak and well...I also have to admit that I have this fantasy of you experimenting on yourself with a growth formula.” Parker laughs and kisses Vikram on the lips again. They walk to the back offices together and go into one of the rooms to continue their conversation. “Are you wearing your workout clothes Vik? Here is what I am wearing.” The scientist takes his button-up shirt off and is wearing a white tank top. He then takes his dress pants off and is wearing black gym shorts. He already has sneakers on and is showing that he is well-toned but isn’t greatly developed. Vik sighs again as he takes his own button-up shirt off and is wearing a blue tank. He slowly takes his jeans off and is wearing matching gym trunks, showing off his skinny legs and torso. He is wearing loafers, which makes Parker giggle. “Well, I guess that was probably smarter to wear than what I have on.” “I wasn’t entirely sure what to wear. This was my best guess considering what I thought would be just a regular gym session. I didn’t know that you were going to test one of your concoctions on me.” “It isn’t a concoction silly.” He pulls four vials out of the desk in the office. Vikram stares at them in jest. “Four? How many of us were you planning on trying this out on Parker?” He laughs as he puts them back in the drawer and pulls out a single unlabeled bottle from the same drawer. “I just wanted to see your reaction to them. Those are actually vials of GH. The gym owner has those in his desk for himself. I put my secret stash in here as well. This bottle is what I have been working on. They are just capsules, but they have stuff in them that nobody will be consuming except us...and possibly a couple lucky growers.” “Pills? Really? That isn’t what I was expecting. I figured you were going to jab me with something. Well at least that is a relief.” “Yeah, the stuff in these capsules is activated once your hormones begin to travel through your system. In other words, you can expect things to happen if you get aroused or amped up by working out.” “Aroused? Well then you need to take the first one then. I will certainly respond once I see you start growing.” The scientist unlocks the cap and plops two of the pills in his hand. He points to one of them and has Vikram take it. He then quickly flips the remaining capsule into his mouth and swallows it before locking the bottle. He remembers to get two small bottles of water out for them. The thin Indian doesn’t put it in his mouth yet. “Open your mouth, Parker.” “Damn, you are paranoid Vik.” He opens up and shows that it isn’t hidden anywhere before closing his mouth. He even opens one of the water bottles to drink it. “Down it goof. I did what you wanted me to.” “Fuck, I feel like I am being used by you, but for some reason I feel like you are confident that this would work if you took it.” Vikram puts the pill in his mouth and swallows it while also guzzling water. He is now leaning against his friend and seems more relaxed now that they have proceeded with this. Parker has his right arm around his back and is holding him against him. “Heh, here I was expecting you to get more worked up, but now you are calming down. I am not sure it will work if you stay this way.” “I am just glad that you are being real with me Parker. Do I have to do something to make you, you know...get beautiful?” Parker lightly punches him in the gut and makes a few ‘hmmphs’ as he lets go of Vikram and starts walking back into the main gym. The Indian follows behind him and grins at him. The scientist then turns around and starts to moan. “Maybe you don’t deserve me if I am beautiful mister...mmm...oh yeah...this stuff is already starting to work...” He points down at his legs as they begin to swell. The muscle fibers quickly thicken as his quads and hamstrings stretch his shorts to their limits. He reaches down to rub on his cock as it also starts to grow. His breathing intensifies as his excitement accelerates, feeling his pecs and arms squeaking as they begin to expand as well. He can see that Vikram is becoming entranced by what is happening to him and fully expects his friend to lose control of his inhibitions at any moment. “Ah Vik...I really had no clue that this would be so incredibly intoxicating. The hormones are flooding my mind and my muscles. MMM...you are entirely responsible for this you know that? I can’t imagine myself ever going back to the way I looked before this started.” Parker grunts in delight as he watches his biceps and triceps swelling bigger and squeezes his forearms with both of his hands, feeling them bulging with power. His pecs are now stretching his tank to the point that there is now a huge gap in between the fabric and each impressive mound. Vikram can feel things stirring within himself, but he is groaning, trying desperately to stay in control of his current self, watching in earnest as his friend continues to hulkout. “OH YEAH BABY! I am becoming a fucking huge alpha beast. I need to turn around to look at myself transforming Vik.” The growing beast turns to stare directly into the mirrors and begins flexing. The pump is enough for his shorts to rip all the way up to his waist as his big cock flops out and stands erect towards the mirror. His huge bubble butt has now freed itself and is making Vikram moan deeply as the Indian tries to keep his own manhood from escaping from his trunks. Parker has now ripped his gym shorts completely off and thrown them onto a nearby bench. His tank top tears in multiple places from the back as he grunts loudly feeling his immense chest do the same from the front. He pulls it off and bounces his huge beefy melons for several seconds, also studying his defined face and running his hands all over his thick manly mounds and his blocky six pack. He can feel himself getting ready to cum. “Vik...baby...I love my muscles so much that I am going to...AHH!” Parker blasts the mirrors with his massive load, showering them numerous times and shouting in pleasure as he lustfully stares back at his Indian friend at the same time, making sure that he is still eyeing him. He finishes unloading and turns back around to walk over to the Indian. “It is your turn mister. Oh...erraagghh...” He grunts as his feet finally emerge from his sneakers. “Ha, I completely forgot I was wearing those. I put on so much mass that these shoes felt like nothing against my feet.” He puts both of his hands on Vikram’s face and rubs on his beard slowly. He can feel his friend trembling from the excitement and nervousness. The hunky white beast then leans in to squeeze his huge pythons along his partner’s sides and picks the Indian up in his arms. “Look at me Vik. Am I beautiful to you now? I look and feel so fucking huge, and I want you to do the same. I crave a big, luscious, olive-skinned beast.” “Err Parker...I can feel it building up so much inside me...I can’t stop it any more...I can only think about...OHH...GROW...ING...” The white beast moans as he feels his friend starting to expand in his arms. Vikram’s lower half rapidly expands as it forces Parker to let go of him as the Indian lands on the floor. His loafers explode off his feet and go flying into the walls. His gym trunks can do very little to contain the big uncut power tool that is now arching its way down Vikram’s massively expanding right quad. He stares into the white beast’s eyes and laughs as he feels the growth moving into his upper body. His loose blue tank is now being filled with thick furry mounds of flesh popping out from every crevice of the Indian’s frame. He can feel his biceps and triceps inflating as he turns his attention to them and can’t believe that they are growing as big as they are. The thick garden hose veins on each arm stretching from his wrists all the way up to his shoulders makes him start leaking on the floor. Parker is now brushing up against Vikram and is rubbing his partner’s thick man meat. “YES VIK! You are becoming the dreamboat I have always wanted to be with. I want you so much.” The olive beast grunts in delight as his trunks finally rip off his mammoth quads and pelvis as he grabs Parker and wraps his huge hairy cannons around him to pull him into his swelling chest. “RRAARR...I knew this would turn me into a dom... I could feel it deep within me. I am going to stretch that hot hole of yours Parker and you won’t want anyone else.” “Oh yeah baby...push that big, beautiful beast inside me. I want you to fill me up hairy daddy.” As he manages to separate the white beast’s huge quads to start sliding his cock inside his partner, Vikram sighs as his blue tank top surrenders to his incredible size, shredding under the weight of his immense man cleavage and his rock hard eight pack. Parker yells in pleasure feeling his friend penetrating him forcefully and reveling in the Indian’s amazing thickness. “I have wanted to top you for years Parker. Mm...” Vikram licks his lips as he feels Parker’s hole hugging his huge 11-inch beast like a glove. It has been one of his goals since the two men started taking things up a notch just a few months prior. They have now moved over to one of the workout benches as the Indian beast flips Parker onto his back, lifts his legs up in the air and sits them on his massive chest, and grunts as he positions himself over top of the white beast and growls as he pushes his thick rod all the way in. “OH, FUCKING YES VIK...” “You are my huge hunky power bottom Parker. I have so much milk in these huge balls of mine for you to consume. I am going to pound you so hard...mmm...then, I want to shower you in my thick load and watch as you smother yourself in my gorgeous body.” The huge hulking olive beast yells as he grips Parker’s thick calves and thrusts in and out of his lover. Feeling his cum flowing into his cock after several minutes of intense fucking and the sweat pouring off both hulks, he pulls out of the white bodybuilder and lets his seed start to coat his partner in waves. “OH FUCK YEAH DADDY! Feed me that load!” “RRAARRHH...MMM...open that beautiful mouth Parker. He wants to be drained properly by a hungry mouth.” Vikram sits him up and shoves his big beautiful uncut furry cock in Parker’s face as it continues to squirt its juicy milk all over him. He slowly opens his lips as it slides down his throat. He shutters in pleasure as he gets very acquainted with it. His thick neck muscles flex as the Indian beast moans staring down at his lover as he begins swallowing his wet goo. “AHH...I am in love with you hunky white beast. I feel like I could cum for days.” Parker pulls his thick snake out to look up at him and smiles. “Well, you know I would gladly play with this gorgeous beast for eternity, Vik.” He lovingly strokes him, making the huge olive hulk grunt in pleasure. He picks Parker up off the bench and locks his lips on his lover’s. The two beasts moan loudly as they massage each other passionately, squeezing their muscles together and giggling in delight. They both are reveling in the intoxicating scent in the air that they have created from their fluids and their musk. “MMM...we smell fucking good daddy. This place has been christened by both of us as the growth gym.” Vikram agrees as Parker caresses his partner’s huge hairy chest and lays his head on the Indian’s massive pec shelf as they stand there together. They both turn their heads at the same time and notice that they have a bystander, who has dropped their gym bag on the floor. “WHAT THA...is that...you Parker? And... WOW...is this your friend Vikram?” “Ah, hello there Gregg. I can’t thank you enough for allowing us to use your establishment here to further develop...my studies...and to...well...I think you see that it has been successful, right?” “Uh...oh yeah guys. You are both looking freaking huge...and mmm...it smells really ripe in here as well.” The older man starts moaning under his breath as he takes in the manly vapors that have permeated the gym floor. He is the gym’s owner, judging by his polo with the gym’s name on it in green and gray letters. He is wearing a pair of jean shorts that show off his nicely toned legs and is wearing sock shoes. The bald, mustachioed, 49-year-old is now running his hands along his chest, as he feels his pecs starting to inflate, his nipples stretching the fabric and making his cock twitch as it begins to form a giant outline along the left side of his shorts. The two beasts are now encouraging his muscles to keep growing. “OH YEAH GREGG! We could both use another beast to come and join us.” “MMM...yeah what Parker said. Hulkout for us big daddy!” “GRR...yeah, I have been hungering to get bigger boys. Make me blow up so I can join your party here.” Gregg grunts in delight as his feet tear through his shoes and his swelling quads start to strain the fabric on his shorts. He especially loves the feeling of his upper body testing the limits of his shirt as he flexes his expanding biceps and grins as he watches them continue to inflate. “MMM...all those supplements were such a fucking waste of time...I could have just waited until now to...AHH...it feels so fucking GOOD. My cock is getting so fat and veiny.” The middle-aged man looks down and sighs as his cock starts ripping its way out of his shorts. It swells even bigger as he feels it twitch and shoot several ropes of cum across the room. The two other hulks moan in delight as they continue to watch Gregg growing. He moans louder as his swelling biceps and triceps make loud stretching noises. The veins pulse and expand to twice their size. He strokes his big tool as they walk over to get an even better look at him. “Yeah, beast man, get huge. Me and the Indian hulk are hungry for some more muscle and milk, right Vik? “You better fucking believe I am ready for more, Parker.” They both get down on their knees and start messing with Gregg’s big cock as he feels his shorts give way, releasing his thick tree trunk-sized quads from their prison as well as his expanding ass, which Vik has taken a liking to. The bald beast looks down at both of them and laughs as his pecs start to rip his polo. The sound of the fabric tearing excites all three of them as they leak profusely. Parker and Vikram take turns slurping on Gregg’s veiny shaft. “OH, FUCK BOYS! Daddy Gregg has some more spunk he can share. There is so much power raging in these muscles too, appreciative of what you have done for them. I can’t think you both enough for this.” Both beasts savor the older man’s thick frothy load as they take turns gulping it down as Gregg marvels at how quickly he is able to destroy his polo with his back and chest. His thick abs heave in delight as he greedily rips his top off and slings it to the side. He starts flexing his huge round biceps and wide chest when Vikram gets up off his knees and starts lovingly punching him in his gut, making him react in delight. Parker also gets up off the floor after finishing his cock meal and looks into Gregg’s eyes, petting the older beast’s thick furry chest, and then moans as he leans down to lock his mouth on the gym owner’s huge left pec. Vikram is now trying to maneuver himself in between Gregg’s massive glutes with his bloated brown cock. Gregg is laughing as he attempts to do so as the three beasts enjoy themselves immensely. Unbeknownst to all three of these hulks, another man has quietly entered the gym from a back entrance and has ventured into Gregg’s office. He quickly put his briefcase down on the floor, along with a gym bag that he brought with him. He can hear them down the hall moaning and groaning with each other and can smell their vapors. It is Kyson, the Spanish-born lab partner of Parker’s, and he is intensely shy. The man unfortunately is unprepared for what he is about to experience. Still wearing the dress clothes that he put on at the beginning of the day, he had just left the lab where he was working on more research for another project he was going to present to Parker in a few days. He is inhaling the intense man scent of each of the beasts, and it is already making him feel a bit excited. “MMM...Parker has done it this time. I had no idea it would be...so...ahh...” He can feel his legs and arms expanding beneath the fabric of his shirt and pants. He goes into one of the other rooms in the back and notices that there are mirrors everywhere in the room, so he gets even more pumped up. He moans watching himself growing as his chest starts swelling as well. The stretching sounds coming from his muscles is making his cock leak profusely as he stares at himself in the mirrors. “Ahh...this is something that I always thought was a pipe dream. Now...mmm...heh...it is really happening...” He can feel his feet getting ready to burst through his dress shoes as his expanding quads start ripping the seams on his pants. He can also feel his triceps doing the same to his white button-up shirt. He greedily puffs his chest out and grins as it starts testing the limits of the front. He reaches down to run his right hand along the thick outline of his Spanish cock and his left along the contours of his growing pecs and sighs. “Mmhmm...yyeess...the amount of testosterone and adrenaline pumping through me is so intoxicating...” Kyson watches his face become enveloped in a reddish-brown layer of fur, which is also making him smile. He can feel his ass and back muscles swelling to the point that they are about to emerge at any second from their confines. Interestingly, he feels like he can control the growth now and is savoring the feelings in his head. He looks down at his shoes as his growing toes start tearing through his shoes. “AHH...I love it so much. I could easily fall in love with myself with all of this...mmm...heh...okay I guess you can be free...” The Spanish-American feels his huge biceps tearing through his sleeves as his glutes shred the back of his pants. His cock is getting extremely hard, as it prepares to rip itself out. He moans as he slowly lifts his arms, hearing more seams ripping along the sides of his shirt as his thickening lats begin to flare outward. His pits are filling to capacity with thick fur, which is quite visible to him in the mirrors. He grunts, flexing his huge biceps as they destroy even more of the sleeves, both arms now entirely exposed. He puts his arms back down to his side as he feels his chest starting to blast the top buttons on his top in the mirrors. “YUM! OH yeah...they are getting so big and beautiful...ahh...I think I have really huge fucking abs too...” His swelling neck and traps are now tearing seams as he looks on and stares intensely as his big, swollen pecs launch even more buttons into the mirrors and are now exposed. His big Spanish cock frees itself as his pants start to fall down his huge lower half. It throbs wildly as he continues to look on at his chest as it heaves, drenched in sweat. He rubs each round furry mound in pleasure while also running his fingers along each one of his big cascading abdominal slabs. “I am so fucking beautiful. MMM...seeing myself hulking out like this makes me want to...” “Want to what, Kyson?” Unknowingly, his beastly business partner has sneaked in behind him to catch the last parts of his transformation. Parker is now slowly wrapping his huge arms around the Spanish beast as he leans in to kiss him on his neck. The other two hulks enter the room a couple of minutes later to join them. Parker tears the rest of Kyson’s shirt off as he finds his Spanish partner’s hole and begins to enter him with his huge pole. The Spanish beast moans in delight as he gets tons of attention from behind. Vikram is now starting to give him attention from the front. “Whoa, you are freaking gorgeous. If I had to pick...well...let me just have some fun.” The huge Indian is now starting to suck on Kyson’s huge pecs as he vigorously strokes the Spaniard’s big cock. Gregg is standing beside them and is massaging everyone’s huge muscles as he gets ready to get off again. Will the chain continue to grow if more guys enter the gym during this time? I have no doubt what the answer would be, do you know?
  3. Hi guys. Long time lurker here. I've been working on a story blending together the elements of some of my favorites, including "Jason: The Bigger the Better," "Elongro," "A New Performance Incentive," and "Contract Law" with my own twists. I love guys growing huge, but I don't see enough of them adjusting to their new bodies. Don't expect a ton of sex or continuing growth--the main character grows all at once and then the rest of the story is about him adjusting (although there will be plenty of explicit scenes and some continued growth). It's a slice of life, and there will be a lot of repetitive scenes. There's a bit of an overarching plot that begins after the initial growth adjustment but nothing too complicated. No, I will not be taking suggestions, the story is already written and I'm just making slight edits. Hope you enjoy! KING OF THE COURT PROLOGUE Vikram Singh, the youngest sibling at 25, often finds himself in the towering shadows of his brothers, both literally and figuratively. His eldest brother, Gurinder, stands at a formidable 6 foot 7 inches, with a presence as commanding as his height. At 32, Gurinder's life is a testament to discipline and precision, his career as a software developer marked by a series of calculated moves that have led to a string of successes. His short topknot and beard are not just a style statement but a reflection of his no-nonsense approach to life. He speaks sparingly, but when he does, his words carry the weight of thoughtful analysis. Harminder, the middle brother, is even taller at 6 foot 9 inches. His fashion is as sharp as his wit, with three-piece suits that seem to be crafted just for him. His jet-black hair, always in a perfect coiff, complements his meticulously groomed short beard. As an attorney at counsel at Gully & Sons LLP, Harminder's brilliance is as renowned as his sarcasm. His reputation precedes him, not only within the legal community, where he's been named the #1 Young Lawyer to watch, but also in social circles where his charm makes him a favorite among women. His ambition is palpable, with his eyes firmly set on the prize of partnership. In contrast, Vikram, or Vik as he's affectionately known, carries a different kind of presence. Standing at 5 foot 9 inches, he lacks the imposing stature of his brothers but makes up for it with a charisma that is all his own. His low taper fade haircut and short beard give him a boyish charm that endears him to those he meets. As a first-year associate at Gully & Sons LLP, Vik's journey is just beginning. His honesty and trustworthiness have earned him the respect of his peers, even if he doesn't always feel like the sharpest tool in the shed. Living together in a house Gurinder owned in the city, the brothers' interactions are a mix of playful banter and deep-seated loyalty. The house is one with tall ceilings, tall doors, and wide halls to accommodate the two huge older Singh boys. Gurinder and Harminder, protective to a fault, often treat Vik like the baby of the family, their teasing a sign of affection, albeit sometimes bordering on annoyance. Vik, for his part, navigates their overprotectiveness with a mix of frustration and love, knowing that beneath the surface, there's an unbreakable bond that ties them together. Their home is a microcosm of their world, where each brother's unique traits contribute to a larger, more complex picture. It's a place where Vik's charm, Harminder's intellect, and Gurinder's stoicism come together, creating a balance that, while sometimes precarious, always finds its way back to harmony. CHAPTER ONE: A WHOLE NEW WORLD Exhausted from the relentless demands of his role at Gully & Sons LLP, Vikram had succumbed to the comfort of his silk pajamas, a small act of rebellion against the endless hours. He would keep them in his office and wear them once everyone else had left to relax. He looked stupid in them—like Ebineezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. But Vik was a sucker for comfort. The office was silent, a stark contrast to the cacophony of the day. As he settled into his chair, the case files for Accelercola—an energy drink company under fire for its potentially lethal product—loomed over him like a dark cloud. The company came under fire when it was revealed that a certain batch of the drink contained over four times the amount of caffeine it was supposed to have, causing heart attacks in several customers. The senior partner, Rebecca Lawson, had entrusted him with a critical task: to send a batch of the contaminated energy drink for testing. But fatigue clouded Vikram's judgment, and he placed the case of Accelercola perilously close to his personal cache of Diet Coke. Hours ticked by, and the night deepened. Vikram's hand, guided by muscle memory, reached for a can. The hiss of the opening was familiar, but the taste was anything but. A fiery sensation spread through his mouth, an unexpected spiciness that made him gasp. Heat flushed through his body, his heartbeat thundering in his ears. Panic set in just as darkness claimed him, and he collapsed into a cold sweat. When consciousness returned, the world seemed different—smaller. Vikram's silk pajamas were stretched to their limits, barely containing the new, muscular form beneath. He was a giant among men, standing at an astonishing 12 feet. The ceiling, once a distant overhead, now allowed for only a foot of clearance. A primal urge led him to the bathroom, but the journey was fraught with obstacles. The doorway, a portal he had passed through countless times, was now a barrier. His head met the wall with a thud, leaving a dent as a testament to his newfound stature. Cursing under his breath, Vikram maneuvered through the wreckage, his body a mass of rippling muscles and raw power. The bathroom mirror revealed the extent of his transformation. His reflection was that of a Desi Hercules, a bodybuilder with a physique that artists would clamor to sculpt. A smile crept across his face, a mix of disbelief and excitement. "This is gonna be good," he murmured, his voice a deep, resonant timbre that vibrated through the room. Vikram's mind raced with possibilities. His brothers, always the protectors, would now see him in a new light. The cases that had weighed him down seemed trivial in comparison to the strength he now possessed. As he explored his new form, a sense of invincibility washed over him. He was no longer just Vikram Singh, the overwhelmed attorney—he was a force to be reckoned with, and he was more than ready to embrace this extraordinary twist of fate. He managed to pull down his barely together silk pajama bottoms without tearing them to shreds. Vik suddenly because aware of the new size of his phallus. Vik had always been average in every department. But this thing was monstrous. Vik realized he was too tall to piss in the urinal standing up. He fell to his knees and the bathroom shook as he released his firehose piss in the bowl. The sensation of the powerful piss stream traveling down his long and girthy tool was euphoric. The sound of his powerful stream echoed off the bathroom walls, reverberating with a force that matched his newfound physical strength. Vikram couldn't help but marvel at the sheer intensity of the experience. As he stood up, a sense of euphoria surged through him, blending with the rush of adrenaline that came with his colossal transformation. As Vikram emerged from the bathroom, his new towering form was a sight to behold. Jasper, a fellow first-year who had arrived at the office unusually early (on a Saturday to boot), was frozen in place, his eyes wide with astonishment. The sight before him was something out of a comic book—a colleague who had grown into a giant overnight. "Vik... is that really you?" Jasper stammered, his voice barely above a whisper. With a grin, Vikram flexed his muscles, the sheer size of his biceps casting shadows on the walls. "It's me, Jasper. Just a bit... upgraded," Vikram replied, his deep voice filling the room. Jasper's initial shock gave way to curiosity as he circled Vikram, taking in the unbelievable transformation. "How did this even happen?" he asked, his scientific mind already running through the possibilities. Vikram, still reveling in his newfound strength, simply shrugged. "I guess I just needed a little pick-me-up," he joked, bouncing his pecs with a chuckle. Realizing the practicalities of the situation, Jasper quickly agreed to help Vikram find suitable clothing. Vik waited in his office, sitting on the floor and fondling his new muscles for about 2 hours. Jasper returned with an assortment of athletic and dress clothes, which, against all odds, fit Vikram's massive frame—albeit snugly. God knows where he got them, but Vik didn’t care. At least he could leave this office. As Vikram slipped into the black athletic shorts, he gave another flex for Jasper, who couldn't help but laugh. "You're going to need a whole new wardrobe, man," Jasper said, shaking his head in disbelief. The notification on Vikram's computer caught his eye, and he read aloud the message from the senior partner, Rebecca Lawson, granting him a day off on Monday for his hard work. "Looks like I've got some time to adjust to this," Vikram mused. Determined to leave the office before anyone else saw him, Vikram attempted the elevator, only to find that he was far too large to fit. The stairs were his only option, and as he descended the 51 flights, he felt the stairwell shrink around as his shoulders crashed into the walls, leaving many a dent in his wake. CHAPTER TWO: TELL IT TO ME STRAIGHT, DOC The morning air was crisp as Vikram stepped outside, the city still quiet in the early hours. With each stride, his towering form drew curious glances from the few passersby on the street. He made his way to the office of Dr. Julian Brownly, his endocrinologist, and the one person he hoped could make sense of his bewildering transformation. Vik had been seeing him since a potential thyroid scare a couple years ago. Dr. Brownly, a brilliant and handsome 30-year-old physician with a passion for bodybuilding, was taken aback as Vikram ducked through the doorway of his clinic. The doctor stood at a modest 5'9", a stark contrast to Vikram's colossal stature. "Vikram, what on earth..." Dr. Brownly trailed off, his professional curiosity piqued. Without wasting a moment, Dr. Brownly set to work, measuring Vikram's height, taking blood samples, and running a series of tests. The clinic seemed to shrink around them, the equipment dwarfed by Vikram's size. The doctor had to measure Vik laying down as there was no way he could reach his lofty head. “Twelve feet on the dot.” The doctor said, astonished. Vik sat up and flexed his arms— “I like how that sounds. Vikram the 12-foot-tall giant.” As he heard his measurement, Vik’s already immodest bulge thickened into a fat semi. The doctor could not help but stare, but quickly composed himself to return to his work. After a thorough examination, Dr. Brownly delivered his findings with a mixture of concern and astonishment. "The Accelercola—it wasn't the cause of your growth. It was laced with something lethal. But somehow, your body reacted... differently," he explained. Vikram listened intently as Dr. Brownly revealed the existence of a dormant 'giant gene' within him. A rush of hormones, triggered by the contaminated drink, had activated the gene, altering his body to save his life. A sense of pride swelled within Vikram. He stood taller—if that was even possible—and flexed his muscles, a playful smirk on his face. "So, I'm not just a giant in the courtroom now, huh?" he teased. Dr. Brownly couldn't help but smile at Vikram's good humor, despite the gravity of the situation. "You're certainly something special, Vikram. But we need to monitor you closely," he cautioned. Vikram nodded, but his attention was elsewhere. He caught his reflection in the mirror, his new form a marvel to behold. He bounced his pecs, the movement sending ripples across his chest. The feeling was exhilarating, empowering. "Looks like I've got some new assets to work with," Vikram quipped, turning to Dr. Brownly, who was scribbling notes furiously. Dr. Brownly looked up, adjusting his glasses. "Just remember, don’t try to take on too much more heart stress. Your labs are perfect, better than perfect, but who knows what could happen," he said, with a tinge of concern. Vikram laughed, the sound deep and resonant. "Don't worry, Doc. I'll be fine. I think I might be close to invincible now." Vik glanced down at Dr. Brownly’s modest 5’9”. From his new vantage point, he laughed— “is that what I used to look like?” Vik came dangerously close to the doctor, his body heat radiating onto the smaller man. “No wonder Gurinder and Harminder thought I was a midget.” The doctor, a once proud bodybuilder gulped. “Let’s schedule a follow up in a few weeks to make sure you are still good.” With his newfound confidence, Vikram thanked Dr. Brownly and left the clinic, his mind racing with possibilities. The world was a different place for him now, and he was eager to explore it with his giant steps. As Vikram Singh, now a giant among men, exited Dr. Brownly's office, the morning rush was beginning to swell on the streets. His departure was anything but inconspicuous; pedestrians halted mid-stride, their expressions a blend of awe and disbelief. Children pointed, their eyes wide with wonder, while adults fumbled for their phones, eager to capture the extraordinary sight. Vikram, however, was unfazed by the attention. With a confident stride, he made his way to a local cafe, a quaint establishment he had frequented in his former, more average-sized life. CHAPTER THREE: SUPERHERO DAY Ducking to avoid the top frame, Vikram entered the cafe, the bell above the door jingling in his wake. He relished the sensation of his muscles flexing and contracting as he navigated the narrow doorway, the fabric of his black shorts stretched taut over his powerful legs. The cozy interior was a stark contrast to his grandiose physique. Patrons glanced up from their lattes and laptops, their conversations trailing off as they took in the sight of the colossal newcomer. Behind the counter stood Evan, a barista Vik had never seen before. His eyes met Vikram's, and for a moment, there was a silent exchange of mutual respect—Evan for the man who dared to dream beyond his size, and Vikram for the artist who sought to capture the essence of life in song. "Quite the entrance," Evan remarked, his tone light and playful. Vikram chuckled, the sound deep and resonant. "Just trying to fit in," he quipped, flexing his arms casually. The motion was fluid, a testament to his newfound strength and control. Evan couldn't help but be impressed. "Well, you certainly stand out," he said, reaching for the largest jug he could find. "And I suppose you'll be needing coffee to match." The two engaged in conversation, their topics ranging from the mundane to the profound. Vikram shared his aspirations and challenges, while Evan spoke of melodies and harmonies that danced in his head, waiting to be set free. As Evan prepared a giant jug of coffee, the rich aroma filling the cafe, Vikram found himself grateful for the normalcy of the interaction. It was a reminder that despite his dramatic change, the simple pleasures of life—like a good chat over coffee—remained unchanged. Evan slid the jug across the counter, a smile playing on his lips. "Here you go, a brew fit for a giant." Vikram accepted the jug with a nod of thanks, his large hands enveloping the container. "You know, Evan, maybe this size isn't such a bad thing after all," he mused, the steam from the coffee warming his face. Evan laughed, the sound mingling with the soft notes of jazz playing in the background. "Just don't outgrow us all, Vik." With a final wave, Vikram left the cafe, his spirits lifted by the encounter. The city was waking up, and with each step, he felt more at ease in his towering frame, ready to face whatever the day might bring. --- Vikram, with his newfound stature, strode through the city streets, the giant coffee jug in his hand now seeming no larger than a regular cup. His destination was the law library, a repository of legal wisdom where he hoped to unearth a long-forgotten case citation for work. The morning sun cast long shadows on the pavement, mirroring the elongated silhouette of his imposing figure. As he approached the library, a shrill screech pierced the air. Vikram's sharp eyes caught sight of a school bus, its frantic driver wrestling with the steering wheel as the vehicle barreled down the street, brakes evidently failed. Without a moment's hesitation, Vikram set his jug down and sprinted towards the impending disaster. The ground trembled beneath his colossal strides. Onlookers gasped, their fears for the children on the bus momentarily eclipsed by the spectacle of this giant man in motion. Vikram reached the bus just as it neared a busy intersection. With a roar of effort, he planted his feet firmly on the asphalt and extended his arms, his hands grasping the rear of the bus. Metal groaned under the force of his grip, and with a herculean heave, Vikram slowed the bus's momentum. Sparks flew as his shoes slid across the ground, his muscles bulging with the strain. Inch by inch, he brought the runaway vehicle to a halt, just shy of the crosswalk. As the dust settled, Vikram stood tall, towering over the bus. The children inside, wide-eyed and breathless, peered out the windows at their savior. The driver, overwhelmed with relief, mouthed a silent 'thank you' as emergency services arrived on the scene. Vikram surveyed the crowd that had gathered, their expressions a mix of awe and gratitude. He had become more than just a lawyer or a giant; he was a hero in the truest sense. With a nod to the first responders, he retrieved his coffee jug and continued on his way to the library, his heart pounding not from exertion, but from the realization of his own strength and the difference he could make. --- The library doors, once imposing, now felt like gateways to a new chapter in his life. As he ducked inside, Vikram knew that no matter how tall he stood, it was his actions that truly made him larger than life. Vikram's arrival at the library was a moment of relief; the high ceilings allowed him to stand tall, unencumbered by the fear of bumping his head. The scent of old books and the quiet whispers of knowledge-seeking patrons filled the air. It was here, amidst the rows of legal tomes, that he met Marcus. Marcus, the law librarian, was a 28-year-old with a physique that spoke of hours dedicated to bodybuilding. Yet, even his well-defined muscles seemed modest in comparison to Vikram's towering form. Marcus couldn't hide his fascination, his eyes tracing the contours of Vikram's massive frame, which dwarfed his own 6-foot stature. "Never thought I'd meet a real-life Goliath in the stacks," Marcus joked, breaking the ice. Vikram laughed, the sound echoing off the library walls. "And I never thought I'd need to duck under doorways," he replied, gesturing to his height. As they conversed about obscure case laws and landmark rulings, a camaraderie formed between them. Their shared passion for the law bridged the gap that Vikram's size might have created. It wasn't long before Marcus enlisted Vikram's help with a problem: the library's ladder was broken, and a stack of books awaited reshelving on the highest shelves. With ease, Vikram lifted the volumes, organizing them with a care that belied his size. Marcus directed him to the right sections, impressed by Vikram's ability to handle the delicate task. After the work was done, Marcus scribbled his phone number on a piece of paper and handed it to Vikram. "How about we hit the gym together? I could use a workout buddy, especially one who doesn't need a spotter for the heavy weights," he said with a grin. Vikram accepted the offer with a nod. "I'm in. It's not every day you find a friend who's not intimidated by a little extra height," he responded, tucking the number into his pocket. As Vikram left the library, he felt a sense of belonging. His size might have changed, but his ability to connect with others hadn't. With a new friend and potential gym partner, Vikram's world seemed a little less daunting. --- Vikram's stomach grumbled with the ferocity of a thunderstorm, echoing off the skyscrapers as he lumbered down the street. Hunger pangs struck with such intensity that he half-expected to see a 'Feed Me' sign hanging from his neck. Spotting an 'All You Can Eat' buffet, his face lit up like the neon sign above the entrance. As he ducked into the restaurant, a collective gasp rose from the patrons. The maître d' froze, clipboard in hand, eyes tracing the arc of Vikram's stooped entry. "Table for one?" he ventured, the question sounding more like a hope against hope. Vikram nodded, his eyes already scanning the smorgasbord of culinary delights. The maître d' led him to a table, but it was clear that no mere piece of furniture could accommodate Vikram's colossal frame. With a sheepish grin, Vikram opted to stand, his plate resting on the table like a toy saucer. Plate after plate, Vikram sampled everything—the roast beef, the sushi, the exotic cheeses, and an impressive mountain of shrimp. The other diners watched in awe, their own forks paused mid-air as Vikram devoured dish after dish. The chefs in the back began to sweat, their culinary creations disappearing faster than they could say 'buffet.' Finally, with the contented sigh of a man who had eaten his fill, Vikram leaned back—careful not to topple over the dessert cart—and let out a belch that rumbled through the restaurant like a bass note in a symphony. Patrons chuckled, and even the staff couldn't suppress their smiles. The restaurant owners, a charming couple who had never seen their buffet so thoroughly appreciated, approached Vikram with a mix of trepidation and fascination. "Sir, we must say, we've never had a customer quite like you," the wife said, her eyes wide with wonder. Vikram winked, flexing an arm as thick as a tree trunk. "Well, I do have quite the appetite. Hope I didn't cause too much trouble," he teased, the corner of his mouth twitching with a playful smirk. The husband laughed, shaking his head. "Trouble? No, no. You've set a new record! Tell you what, come back anytime, and we'll make sure to reinforce the tables." As Vikram thanked them and squeezed back out the door, the couple exchanged glances. "Maybe we should start a new promotion," the husband mused. Vikram strolled away, his hunger sated and his spirits high. The city had never seemed so small, nor the buffet so endless. CHAPTER FOUR: SHOWDOWN AT THE SINGH HOUSE Vikram's journey home was a study in contrasts. The familiar streets seemed narrower, the doorways smaller, and his own house appeared as if it had shrunk. He had to twist and turn to squeeze through the front door, feeling a bit like Alice after she drank the potion in Wonderland. Inside, the world was different from this new vantage point. The ceilings felt lower, the furniture doll-sized. Vikram marveled at the transformation, a grin spreading across his face as he realized the power and size he now possessed. He stretched out an arm, his hand almost spanning the width of the hallway. The sensation was intoxicating. Gurinder walked in first, his eyes glued to his phone, not noticing the colossal figure of his younger brother. It wasn't until he bumped into Vikram's leg, which he mistook for a new, oddly placed column, that he looked up. "Vik...?" Gurinder's phone clattered to the floor, his voice a mix of shock and awe. "What in the world happened to you?" Harminder, entering behind him, stopped dead in his tracks. "You're... huge!" he exclaimed, his eyes traveling the length of Vikram's towering form. Vikram beamed, his chest swelling with pride. "Yeah, it's a long story. Let's just say I had a bit of a growth spurt." Gurinder circled Vikram, his analytical mind kicking in. "This is incredible. You must be over twelve feet tall! How do you feel?" Vikram could sense the shift in dynamics as he towered over his brothers, the air thick with unspoken tension. Gurinder's excitement was palpable, his hands gesturing animatedly as he bombarded Vikram with queries about his newfound stature. Harminder, usually the most confident of the trio, now seemed withdrawn, unable to meet Vikram's gaze directly. “What the hell is that?” Harminder asked, pointing at Vik’s prodigal crotch bulge. “Oh, this?” Vik asked innocently as he gave it a squeeze, a mischievous glint in his eyes. "Seems like my growth spurt affected more than just my height and muscles," he replied with a chuckle. Harminder blushed furiously, averting his eyes as if trying to unsee what he had just witnessed. Gurinder, ever the scientist, leaned in closer, his curiosity piqued. As they settled into the living room, Gurinder couldn't contain his curiosity any longer. "How did this happen? Are you some sort of superhero now?" he blurted out, eyes wide with wonder. Vikram chuckled, running a hand through his hair that seemed to touch the ceiling effortlessly. "I wish it were that simple. Long story short: I feel like one,” he replied, trying to downplay the magnitude of his transformation. Harminder finally spoke up, his voice tinged with a mix of awe and envy. "I can't believe this! How did you get so huge overnight?" Harminder's voice quivered with a hint of jealousy, his eyes flickering between admiration and resentment. “And why do you get to be the giant?" Vikram shrugged, a small earthquake in the gesture. "I guess I just got lucky. Or maybe it's karma for all those times you guys used me as an armrest." Vikram could sense the emotional turmoil within his middle brother and decided to address it head-on. "I know this might seem overwhelming, but it's still me, Harminder. Just a different version. And who knows, maybe this could be a blessing in disguise. We'll figure it out together," Vikram said, his tone gentle yet firm. Gurinder nodded in agreement, offering his support with a reassuring smile. "Yeah, bro. We're here for you no matter what. You're still the same Vikram we've always known, just a bit... enhanced," he added with a chuckle. Harminder's expression softened as he absorbed their words. Slowly, a smile tugged at the corners of his lips. "I… I’m still your big bro, I can run circles around you at work, and I can still pummel you. Well, Mr. Giant, how about I prove that size isn't everything? I challenge you to a wrestling match." Vik’s arched an eyebrow, “At work, sure, no doubt. But the pummeling?” A wry smile formed across Vik’s lips, “You wanna go?” --- The backyard of the Singh household had been transformed into an impromptu wrestling ring, the grassy expanse a stage for the brothers' test of strength. Vik, the youngest and now the largest, stood at the center, his massive form casting a long shadow in the afternoon sun. Gurinder and Harminder, no strangers to physical contests, eyed their younger brother with a mix of anticipation and wariness. They were tall and athletic, but next to Vik, they seemed almost ordinary. As the makeshift bell rang, Vik's deep voice boomed across the yard. "Ready to learn a lesson from your little brother?" he teased, a playful smirk on his face. The wrestling began, and it was immediately clear that Vik's size and strength were in a league of their own. His movements were fluid and precise, each muscle in his body working in perfect harmony. His arms, thick as tree trunks, wrapped around his brothers with ease, lifting them off the ground as if they were children. Gurinder grunted as he tried to find leverage, but Vik's grip was unyielding. "I have to admit, you've become quite the force of nature," he said, struggling to break free. Harminder, caught in a similar hold, couldn't help but let out a laugh despite his predicament. "I think 'force of nature' is an understatement. He's more like a one-man earthquake." Vik chuckled, the sound resonating through the air. Vik's muscles rippled under his skin, their power evident in the way they flexed and bulged with every exertion. His brothers could feel the immense strength coursing through him, their bodies pressed against his like pebbles against a boulder. Harminder and Gurinder grunted and strained against Vik's overwhelming force, their attempts to break free met with little success He released his brothers gently, allowing them to regain their footing. "I can't deny it; I love being this huge, this powerful. It's like I've been reborn as an alpha, and I'm not going to lie—it feels incredible." The brothers circled each other again, their movements a dance of power and agility. Vik's legs, each the size of a small person, propelled him forward with surprising speed. His back, a broad canvas of rippling muscles, flexed with each twist and turn. As the match continued, Vik's dominance was undeniable. He moved with a confidence that came from knowing he was the strongest, the biggest, the alpha. And yet, there was a grace to his actions, a reminder that he was still their brother, still Vik. When Vikram finally pinned Harminder to the ground, it was with a gentleness that belied his gargantuan form. Lying on the grass, Harminder conceded, "Alright, you win, Vik. This new size of yours... it's something else." Vikram helped his brother to his feet, his laughter booming across the yard. "I think I could get used to this.” The tournament ended with laughter and backslaps, the brothers acknowledging Vik's superiority in good spirits.As they caught their breath, Vikram bounced his pecs, the movement sending ripples through his muscles. "Still think size isn't everything?" Vik's thoughts were on the future, on the possibilities that lay ahead for a man of his size and strength. Gurinder chided Vik, “Just don’t become a bully.” Vikram shook his head. "Never. I'm still your little brother, just a little... bigger." After their match with Vik, Gurinder and Harminder stood up, shaking off the defeat with good humor. They locked eyes, the unspoken challenge hanging between them. It was Gurinder who broke the silence, his voice laced with competitive spirit. "Alright, Harminder, you and I haven't had a proper go in a while. Let's see if you've still got it." Harminder smirked, rolling his shoulders in anticipation. "You're on, Gurinder. But don't expect any brotherly mercy from me." The two brothers circled each other on the soft grass, their athletic forms a testament to years of friendly rivalry. They lunged and parried, each seeking an advantage, their movements a dance of strength and agility. As the match progressed, it was clear that both brothers were evenly matched, each countering the other's moves with practiced ease. But it was Gurinder who found the opening, a momentary lapse in Harminder's defense, and with a swift maneuver, he took his brother down to the ground. Harminder grunted as he hit the grass, a mix of surprise and respect flashing in his eyes. "Well played, Gurinder. I guess you've still got the edge," he conceded, offering his hand for Gurinder to help him up. Gurinder pulled Harminder to his feet, a triumphant grin on his face. "It's all in the technique. But you put up a good fight, brother." The brothers shared a laugh, their bond unshaken by the outcome of the match. As they walked back to the house, their conversation turned to plans for the next family tournament, where they would once again test their mettle against each other—and against the giant that was their younger brother, Vik. Vikram's new size and strength were overwhelming, his pecs bouncing in a triumphant dance as Harminder looked on, defeated but impressed. CHAPTER FIVE: BED AND BREAKFAST The night had fallen, and the house was quiet as Vikram, now a giant among men, prepared for bed. He entered his bedroom—a room that once felt spacious, now seemed like a dollhouse around his massive frame. "Alright, Vik, let's see if we can do this without breaking anything," he muttered to himself, a habit he found comforting in the face of his new reality. He raised his arms for a goodnight stretch, misjudging his own strength and size. His fist connected with the ceiling with a thud, leaving a hole where smooth plaster once was. "Oops," he chuckled, "Guess I don't know my own strength yet." Carefully, he maneuvered towards the bed, the furniture creaking a warning. He sat down gingerly, only to hear the wooden frame groan under his weight before it surrendered with a crack, the mattress hitting the floor. "Well, that's not going to work," he said with a resigned laugh, looking at the bed now resembling a nest rather than a place to sleep. Lying down proved to be another challenge; his feet dangled off the edge, scraping against the wall. "I'm going to need a bigger bed," he mused aloud, the absurdity of the situation not lost on him. Despite the discomfort, exhaustion took over, and Vikram drifted off to sleep. His snores were deep and guttural, vibrating through the house, a testament to his new, gargantuan size. The walls trembled with each breath, a lullaby of sorts that echoed his earlier thoughts. Gurinder, from upstairs, heard the sounds. "With great size comes great... snoring" he mused. Morning light streamed through the windows, casting a warm glow on Vikram's face as he stirred from his slumber. For a moment, he lay still, the events of the previous day feeling like fragments of a dream. But as he attempted to stretch, his hand met the resistance of the ceiling—reality came crashing down. The transformation was real; he was a giant. With a groan that sounded more like a growl, Vikram rolled out of bed—or what was left of it—and stumbled towards the kitchen. His movements were awkward, uncoordinated, like a puppeteer learning the strings. "Time for breakfast," he mumbled to himself, his voice a deep rumble. The kitchen, once a place of culinary experiments, now felt like a dollhouse. Vikram ducked under the doorway, his tighty-whiteys hugging his massive frame, leaving little to the imagination. The sight was enough to stop his brothers, Gurinder and Harminder, in their tracks. "Vik, for heaven's sake, put on some clothes!" Gurinder chided, trying to avert his eyes. Harminder just whistled. "You're going to need a custom tailor, brother. At least make sure they’re clean before leaving your room." Vik's looked down as his enormous manhood and testicles bulged, the fabric of his underwear stretched to its limit. A huge spot of precum made his underwear almost see-through at his massive cock head. The scent of musk and sweat emanating from Vikram's groin was strong, an earthy and slightly sweet smell that only added to the intensity of his current state. It was unlike anything Gurinder or Harminder had ever seen, a testament to his new size. Ignoring their comments, Vikram set about making breakfast. He cracked eggs with one hand, each one looking like a quail's egg between his fingers. The frying pan was comically small, but he managed, flipping pancakes that were more like silver dollars on the griddle. He raided the fridge, devouring everything in sight—bacon, bread, leftovers from last night's dinner. The protein powder was next; he tipped the container, and the contents vanished like dust in a vacuum. As he ate, his appetite seemed insatiable, each bite only fueling his hunger further. He finished with a belch that rattled the windows, a satisfied grin on his face. Gurinder, ever the analyst, had been calculating on his phone. "Vik, at this rate, you're going to eat us out of house and home. Literally." Vikram's smile faltered. "I... I didn't think about that. I'll cover the costs, don't worry." Harminder raised an eyebrow. "With what? You're going to need a raise just to pay for breakfast." The reality of his financial situation dawned on Vikram. His associate salary, once a source of pride, now seemed meager. "I'll figure something out," he said, determination setting in. "Maybe I'll start a side hustle. Giant for hire, anyone?" The brothers laughed, the tension easing. They would support Vikram, no matter his size or appetite. But as Vikram looked around at the empty shelves and the demolished pantry, he knew that being a giant in the modern world was going to require more than just a big personality.
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    “I want all your muscles, your stamina, your metabolism, your masculine beauty, your physical potential, your athleticism.” **** A stream of warm water spurted out from the thick shower head. In the steam-filled shower booth, Austin's naked body began to be drenched in water. The tanned, healthy skin became shiny when it touched the water stream. Water cascaded down his broad shoulders and down his massive, deep muscular chest like a mountain range. It soon cleansed the eight-pack abs and moistened the massive cock and testicles between the thick legs. As Austin lazily turned back, the warm water flowed down his deep, bulging, broad muscular back, and soon his firm buttocks could feel the water. Austin enjoyed the warm, wonderful sensation for a few minutes and then took out the shower soap. His thick hands gently massaged his broad chest, brushed down his shoulders, and toned down his 20-inch biceps and deep abs. He then gently stroked his pipe-like 11-inch cock and large testicles, wiping away any traces of the night's fun. He reluctantly moved his hand from his cock to his firm, thick thighs, where his muscles were clearly visible, and rubbed them for a while. He begins to slowly brush his knees and calves, following the lines of those beautiful muscles. While enjoying his shower time, Austin thought about Ted and the 'bet' he had made. Ted was very popular as the best football player in the school, but to Austin, Ted was just a bad student who bullied Austin himself. Austin, who wanted revenge on Ted, decided to use witchcraft he had discovered in ancient books. Everything went according to Austin's plan, and as a result, Austin won the 'bet' and demanded a reward from Ted: his muscles, his physical potential, and his masculine beauty. From then on, as time passed, Ted took Austin's essence and gradually became smaller and more ordinary, and as Austin took Ted's essence little by little, he became bigger and stronger. After taking a shower, Austin returned to his room and put on a white shirt and underwear. Then suddenly, Austin stopped as he felt a huge pain in his testicles. Austin lifted his underwear and looked down to see that his testicles were writhing as if they were being squeezed. Austin finally realized that the final swap had begun. Austin had no time to react to this sudden phenomenon and just moaned and held his testicles in his hands. He felt the last of Ted's original essence being absorbed into his testicles, and it soon began to pump the last of his strength, causing his veins to pulsate throughout his body. "!!" While Austin just let out a moan, his body once again became covered in sweat and began to slowly bulge and grow. The muscles in his entire body twitched and became bigger and stronger, increasing his height to nearly 7ft. The cock and testicles he held in his hand seemed to swell and grow in size. It was too big to hold with one hand, so Austin managed to hold it with both hands. "Aaaah... yes! YES!!" Meanwhile, Austin's vision was forcibly becoming clearer, and he was getting a mild headache as more athletic knowledge flowed into his head. Even that was enough to give Austin an ecstatic feeling. In every way, Austin's body grew bigger and stronger. When Austin finally let out an orgasmic scream, the white shirt he had just been wearing was torn apart. Austin, who had been panting for a while as if after his long workout, checked out his body in amazement. Now he realized he had a muscular body of exactly the same size and shape as Ted had before his bet: biceps approaching 25 inches to prove it. Ted's biceps were the biggest in the school, they were 25 inches, and when Austin measured himself with a tape measure now, they were exactly 25 inches. Austin let out a low laugh, throwing his torn clothes on the floor, cutting off his underwear with scissors and throwing them on the bed. At this moment, a new school athlete was born who would perfectly replace Ted. What was even more pleasant was that this spell modified parts of reality so that no one would notice their changes. In this reality, Ted will always be a small, weak student, while Austin himself will be the dominant school athlete. Well, maybe he's even better than Ted in that he's sincere, humble, and kind. Austin giggled as he looked at the sweaty 7ft massive muscular body and went into the bathroom to wash up again.
  5. Sizemologist

    Growth Drive! (Updated 3/22)

    Moderators Preface: This story asks for people to vote / like in order to generate the next stage of the story. It is not to be seen as a method of generating views or income for the user. Week 0 Jared jogged down the sidewalk with his airpods in his ears. He was dressed in a big hoodie that hugged his pecs tight and accentuated them jiggling up and down. It didn’t help that Jared’s pecs were already the size of textbooks strapped to his chest. The sleeves of the hoodie strangled his arms inside. As he jogged through the city, his soft cock bounced with his body, clearly visible through his gray sweatpants. His wide hips gave his bubble butt a nice natural sway to his run. “I’ve got the eye of the tiger, a fighter. Dancing through the fire ‘cause I am the champion. And you’re gonna hear me roooooar…” hummed Jared as he passed by a storefront. It was typically abandoned, but there seemed to be one shop lit up at the end of the street. That’s never there, thought Jared to himself. Jared always ran this way to his Friday night shift for work and there had never been any kind of business here. Not even any that were being renovated. Jared paused his music and took his airpods out of his ears. He slowed his pace to a walk, reading the tacky neon signs in the window. BIG SALE read the blue letters, lit up in an explosive cloud of smoke behind it. Jared lifted his head up and saw the massive sign above him light up. “The Sizemologist Cauldron?” mused Jared. He pushed open the door and walked into the surprisingly spacious store. He walked through the shelves of items. His wide shoulders brushing up against the glass bottles on display. He turned his body to read one of the potions on the shelf, but in doing so, his big shoulder made two vials wobble and begin rolling off the wood. “Woah there big guy!” came a voice from behind him. Jared jumped forward startled by the gentleman leaning down behind him. His big pecs lurched forward and pressed into many more glass bottles in front of him on the shelf. “Shit, fuck. Sorry!” Jared steadied himself and carefully pushed the bottles to the back of the shelf. “I thought I had more room to move.” Jared slowly turned back around to see a man with platinum blonde hair holding two bottles. “Jumbo Juice and Two Ton Tonic, a fun mixture, but probably not for right now,” said the man as he put the two bottles on the shelf. “And don’t worry about it. I know how tight these hallways can be,” said the big man as he rubbed his own prestigious belly. The man seemed to be in his mid forties and had a stocky muscular build with a round belly that stuck out a foot or two in front of him. He stood just an inch or two taller than Jared, but Jared was definitely the wider of the two. “Sorry about that. Sometimes I forget how big I am,” replied Jared as he returned the last potion to the shelf. “No worries big guy. My husband says the same thing. Now, what can I do for you today?” asked the salesman as he led Jared through the aisle. “I’m just browsing. I’ve never seen your shop before. When did you open?” asked Jared as his eyes peered across the name tags. Bubble Butt Brew? Pillow Pec Potion? Muscle Milkshake? What’s this guy selling here? thought Jared. “Just yesterday. Had to get out of the last place I was in a bit of a rush. And lucky for me, this place was available to move in immediately.” They entered the main shopping area with multiple kiosks setup with jewelry, sunglasses, even some speedos on manikins. “Feel free to look around. I’m clearing out my entire inventory to make room for a new line of products so don’t be shy.” Jared immediately ran towards the speedos. The manikins modeling them had a substantial bulge outlined in their front pouch and an ass that was spilling out the sides and could be seen from the front. “How much for one of these? I could always use a new speedo for work.” asked Jared, feeling the fabric of a striped red one. “And do they come in bigger sizes?” He brushed his fingers across the hard plastic dick inside. “Those speedos are pretty cheap, only $5. They aren’t as great as you think they might be.” The shopkeep walked over to the manikin and pulled the speedo off of the plastic to reveal a smooth surface. “The charm of the clothes only are in effect when you’re wearing the clothes. Not good if you’re going for long term gains.” Jared’s eye’s did a double take when he saw there was no mold of a dick on the manikin. He grabbed the one he was holding and pulled it off to reveal the same smooth surface. “What the fuck?” Jared backed up from the display and looked around at some of the other items. Lock Cock Ring? Juicer Belt? Gainer’s Snack Sack? His head was spinning as he could only imagine what he might’ve stumbled onto. “What? Not a fan? I would’ve thought you'd at least enjoy looking like you had bigger junk. Given your line of work,” said the shopkeep. “I meant the magic speedos! What kind of place are you running here? And how do you know where I work?” asked Jared. “I’ve seen your act and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed by your size.” Jared gazed into the eyes of the older man leaning against the counter. “And this place is for people who want to get really big. Like yourself.” “Thank you. I have been growing a lot lately,” smiled Jared as he held up his bicep. It balled up and swelled to the size of an orange in its poor black sleeve. “And I’m always looking to grow more.” “You have no idea. Well if you’re interested in a nice speedo, I can show you to my more exclusive selection.” The shop keep held up his hand and pointed towards a sign that read Does This Make Me Look Big?. “Well if everything is on sale, why not? I have time before work.” Jared turned and followed the bigger man down the hallway. At the edge of the shop, there was a glass display with three speedos underneath. “Normally, these speedos would go for around a few hundred bucks, but hopefully they’ll be in your price range.” The shop keep flipped the light and the speedos lit up. “Why are they so expensive?” asked Jared as he examined the selection. There was a dark red one with a black diamond design running down it, a light blue one with white circles emanating from points of the speedo like ripples, and a royal purple one with a golden stag on the crotch. “They allow someone to grow by being paid for it.” Jared snapped his head to the shop keep and his eyes nearly bulged out of his head. “If I wear this, people can pay to grow me bigger?” His eyes glared back down at the speedos, wide with the possibilities. “Yep.” The shopkeep held the key in his hand with a smirk on his face. “I had a feeling you’d be intrigued by these.” “How does it work?” Jared pressed his face up to the glass, “Is it like a coin machine and it gives candy out?” he changed angles on the glass, “Or is there a barcode I can scan for Venmo or Cashapp?” he changed his angle to stare down at the speedo, “Or will people need to swipe their cards through my ass?” “No no no, calm down big guy.” The shop keep peeled the big excited man off the glass. He turned the lock and pulled out a rectangular metal box behind the display. “It’s done using this remote.” He clicked a button on the remote and the white circles on the blue speedo lit up. “This remote is a money-getting machine. It has a hole to suck in any cash or coin thrown your way, a card reader that can swipe, chip, or tap, as well as a projector for a barcode for people to scan to send money to as well.” The man clicked a button and a barcode lit up on the wall. “That is incredible.” Jared was in awe as he picked up the purple one. “Are they all the same?” “No, they each have special features that can accompany the growth. The red pair is a boost in the wearer’s muscles. The blue is a boost to the wearer’s cock. And the one you’re holding, those will boost both.” Jared stretched the speedo out with his hands and found it had a surplus of stretch. “And I’ve never met someone who has been able to outgrow them if you were worried about that.” “There’s a first time for everything,” said Jared with a smirk. “I’ll take them. How much?” “Normally they’d cost you around $500 for this particular pair,” said the shop keep as he reached for another remote. “But I’ll give them to you for the low price of $50. Do we have a deal?” He plugged in some numbers on the remote and turned it to show Jared the screen that read $50. “Deal.” Jared didn’t waste any time pulling out his wallet and tapping his card on the screen. “So how does this thing work?” Jared took the remote from the man’s hands and started fiddling with the screen. “Why don’t I let him explain.” He leaned forward and tapped a button on the side of the remote that lit up a light blue. Out popped a man clad in only the same speedo as the one Jared had just bought. Except the man was entirely translucent and shiny blue. “Hello there! You must be my new master!” beamed the hologram. The man was completely bald and had a round jaw line with a cartoon-like muscular body beneath his head. “Wo-ho-ho you bought these?! You wanna get bigger? My good sir, you're already huge!” the hologram zipped back behind Jared’s shoulder as it talked like a mosquito in his ear. “I mean look at you! You could already bench, what, 250, 300 pounds? What do you need me here for?” The hologram reached forward and squeezed Jared’s hefty pecs. “350, actually,” Jared swatted away the hologram’s hand, surprised he could feel its touch. “Exactly, what are you doing here looking to get even bigger?” The hologram poofed away and reappeared in front of Jared’s pecs with a straw hat and a flannel. “Y’all tryin’ to grow these milkers even bigga’.” The hologram reached forward and grabbed Jared’s nipples that were visible even under two layers of clothes and started milking them like a cow. “Hey! Cut it out!” Jared reached his arms forward to swat at the hologram only to have them go straight through it. “Wait, what the? How are you doing that!?!” yelled Jared as the hologram vanished and appeared beside the shop keep like a gnat buzzing around the room. “Go easy on him R. People here aren’t as familiar with the mystic arts. This is R, he will teach you how to use the speedo.” The hologram brought its hand up and waved at Jared before putting his hands together in front of him. “Sam I can smell this guy’s hunger for size from here, this isn’t a good idea.” the hologram turned back to the shop keep and glared at him. “Hush up, I just wanna see what he can do. Give him the royal treatment,” said the shop keep, giving the hologram a comically exaggerated bow. “Oh we’re giving this one the royal treatment? He’s that big a deal?” asked the hologram. “I’m definitely a big deal.” Jared smiled and hit a double bicep pose and flexed his arms down in front of him. The hologram simply rolled its eyes and looked back at the shop keep. “Fine, I’ll give him the royal treatment. Hell, I’ll make him as big as he wants.” Jared’s eyes lit up with excitement and he looked back at the remote. “Let’s go, R. I’ve gotta get to work, and I’m sure you can walk and talk.” Jared tapped the Settings button on the remote and connected his airpods to the remote in a second. “Thank you so much sir. I can’t thank you enough. Hopefully, you’ll see how big I get soon.” Jared stuffed the speedo in his pocket and started to briskly walk towards the door. “No problem Jaren. You have a fun time at work!” yelled the shop keep as R blinked the further away Jared got. “I hope you know what you’re doing,” buzzed R as he flickered away. Jared pulled the door open and barreled out of the shop towards the club. He only had a few blocks to go, but he walked slow as he put his air pods back in. “Testing, KEEEETTTCH, Testing, SHEEEEESH Testing, Testing, Testing, is this thing on!” rang a loud voice from the air pods. “God dammit, yes dude I can hear you.” Jared pulled out the remote and looked down at the screen to see a little 2-D animation of R floating on it. “Excellent, let’s start with introductions!” blared the animation. R poofed away and was replaced by 4 more R’s in marching band uniforms holding trumpets blasting a fanfare into Jared’s ear. “Welcome to the Royal Speedo from the Sizemologist’s 4th collection! I am your guide for this machine as well as sometimes the machine itself, here to grow you beyond your wildest dreams!” shouted an R wearing a long flowing royal purple cape and a golden crown. “Still very loud, but I don’t think you understand how big I can dream,” replied Jared. He looked around to see if anyone saw him talking to this remote, but he was alone before he walked into the club. “We’ll see about that,” replied R as he flew off the screen and his head appeared next to the main menu. “So, to get started, you will need to select your levels.” A button labeled Levels highlighted itself and Jared clicked on it. “Select what levels of growth you want based on your prices.” Jared was presented with a screen of sliders. He saw lengths on the left side of the screen and dollar amounts on the right. He swept his fingers up and down on the screen to adjust the numbers accordingly. “What do you think is a generous number for how much I want to grow?” asked Jared. R blinked and the lens of the remote flashed and an angel R and a devil R appeared on Jared’s shoulders. “It would be wise to keep your ratio of cash to size low considering how much money men already give you for your body,” said Angel R on Jared’s shoulder holding a harp with a halo on its head. “Or knowing that you’ll be rolling in the dough come show time, you could make it pretty easy for you to grow with just a little bit. That way you can get huge fast!” grinned the Devil R holding a pitchfork with horns on his head. “I like that idea waaaay more!” Jared didn’t think much as he started moving his money meter down. “No no no, you can't do that! You’ll get so big so fast! That could be dangerous!” shouted the Angel R. “I suggest that you make it so that $100 would grow you a foot.” The Angel R crossed his arms and puffed air out of his nose as he flew in front of Jared’s face. “Dangerous shmangerous, let’s get this cash cow growing!” The Devil R bumped the Angel R away as Jared settled on his ratio. “Excellent choice master.” “Master, I kinda like that.” Jared devilishly grinned as he walked to the back entrance of the club. He had landed on $10 would grow him a foot taller. “And your name is just R? Does that stand for anything?” “Royal Model. I was fashioned for some of the most powerful people in the world,” replied R from back on the remote screen. “Then it’s perfect I’ll be wearing you. But I don’t like the name R. What about…Rob. Short for Robot.” R changed into a floating head with three dots coming out of it giving Jared a blank stare. “Alright, I’ll be Rob. Now to get the machine active, you’ll need to put the speedo on first.” Jared entered the club and made his way to the dressing room. Taking off his hoodie, he peeled off the tight tank top he had on under it. Shimmying out of his sweatpants and sliding his jock off to reveal his chubbed up 8-incher. Picking up the speedo, he fit one leg through the hole then the other. He was surprised just how much they were able to stretch around his massive legs. He pulled it over his fat ass and pulled the creases out around it and his crotch. He rearranged his balls nicely inside then looked at himself in the mirror. He was hot in them, even though it wasn’t advertised for it, Jared could swear his dick looked bigger in the speedo. He turned to the side and his jaw dropped from how fat his ass got. Like an overgrown cantaloupe overflowing the sides of the speedo. “Fuck, I love these things.” “Uh-huh, yeah I know they’re great. Now get over here,” chirped Rob from the remote. “Let me get a quick read through of your stats.” “A what? What are yo- Whoa!” Jared felt a surge of energy flow through his crotch as the golden stag lit up. It rode its way up his body over his abs, up to his pecs, and out his arms. All while running down his legs and spreading to his back. “What the fuck was that?” “You like?” the remote blinked as Jared picked it up and focused on the screen. “That’ll be what it feels like to grow. But for now, it was just to see what we’re working with now.” A table came up as it started tallying together some stats on Jared’s body. Height: 6 Feet Tall Weight: 250 Pounds Cock Size (Flaccid): 8 Inches Long Cock Size (Erect): 10 Inches Long “My oh my, you are a big one. I am excited to watch you grow.” Rob beeped and the screen went away. “Once you’re on stage, you just let me handle collecting the money. You just focus on getting those men’s hard earned cash and getting huge.” “You don’t have to tell me twice.” Jared pulled out his airpods and set them down next to his clothes. “Alright gentlemen, y’all are in for a treat tonight!” came Rob’s voice from the loud speaker. Jared admired himself in the mirror for a moment as his intro music played. “We have for you tonight one of the biggest men out there. And he just plans on getting bigger! You guys like that, right?” The crowd outside erupted with boisterous applause while Jared popped his pecs in the mirror. Rubbing his big nipples with some glitter as he stretched. “Well folks, if you would like to see this next dancer get even bigger, then don’t be afraid to show him some love. And by love, I mean cash!” Jared bounced his hair with his fingers and smiled at himself in the mirror. “Please give it up for…The Hulking Himbo!” (A quick author’s note here at the end, this is a growth drive! For Macro March, I am growing this hulking himbo as big as he can get and that will be based on how much you guys like him. To participate, click on the linktree I have in my bio and it’ll take you to the main post on my Twitter where you can grow this hunk. You can also grow him here by liking/favoriting the story, giving me a follow, or commenting on it on any of the other sites. Either way it’ll count towards this man getting bigger. The first round will go through March 1st to March 13th and I will post those results on March 16th. We’ll see how much he grows after just 1 week Hope you guys enjoy and Happy Macro March!)
  6. musclelovingtwink


    Chapter 1 When I met Dane, he wasn’t exactly what you’d call normal. Even at that time in his early twenties, he was 6’3” and well over 200 pounds of shredded muscle. We worked out at the same gym. I fit my workouts in around my university schedule, but it seemed like whatever time I went, there he was, dripping with sweat and lifting some ungodly weight. Within the first week of my working out there, he had met my eyes more than once and smiled as he noticed the slack-jawed expression I usually had while I was ogling at his feats of inhuman strength. One Friday night, he stopped in the middle of a set to come right up to me. “You like what you see, man?” he said, flexing an incredible bicep in front of my face for emphasis. It had a perfect split peak and the striations were beautifully visible through his paper-thin skin. “Y-Yeah.” I managed to say. Struggling to tear my eyes away from the immense arm and to look him in the eye. He smiled even wider, showing off a set of perfect, straight, white teeth. Aside from the physique of a god, his jet-black hair and piercing blue eyes made him the absolute picture of beauty. “Good,” he said, “Because I’m gonna be the biggest there ever was.” He stretch out his hand and shook the limp appendage that was my arm. “I’m Dane.” “Lachie.” I replied. What happened next is still a complete haze to me, but the next thing I remember I was in the locker room being fucked senseless by the most perfect Adonis I’d ever seen. Looking past my own face reflected in the mirror as I gripped the sink, I saw the golden god of a man. Like me, his eyes saw nothing but himself. Both his and my gaze raked every shredded inch of his torso. His perfect 8-pack abs crunched with every thrust, beads of sweat rolling over the deep clefts between them. There wasn’t so much as a hint of fat on his whole body, yet his pecs were so thick and so rounded that they hung over the top of his abs, casting a shadow down. In that moment I wished I’d been born a contortionist just so that I could suck the perfect broad nipples that hung below those pecs while he kept fucking me. I felt his hands dig into my sides, knowing bruises would absolutely be there within minutes. The sudden flex telling me he was close to climax. I looked into his face and he spared me the briefest of glances. Sweat dragged his perfect, dark wavy hair down until it just teased in front of his eyes. His lips twisted into a cocky half-grin accentuated by his inhumanly square jaw, and I felt his monstrous cock explode inside me. It truly felt like a bomb going off deep inside me. How one man could hold that much cum inside him seemed impossible, and he didn’t strike me as someone who had dry streaks. He had to take a good step back to pull all 11 inches of still-hard, tremendously thick meat out of me. I slumped onto a nearby bench, absolutely wrecked while he stood for a second still admiring himself in the mirror. The man had just done a workout that would turn the strongest of men to jelly then spent a solid ten minutes ploughing me with the force of a jackhammer and he wasn’t even winded. It only just occurred to me how in the blur of passion I’d let this guy fuck me in the open in a very public bathroom. I was shocked at the lack of interruption, but blushing furiously I realised the amount of noise I’d made had probably warned people not to come in. Hell, it had probably warned people a block away. Still buck naked, Dane strutted past me to open up a locker. God his ass was so huge, round and striated that, had I not been completely devoid of the energy to move, I probably would’ve sunk my teeth in. He swung a leg over the bench I sat on, bearing his still rock-hard cock right in my face. Saying “balls the size of chicken’s eggs” strikes me as cliched, but I’m gonna be honest here, if your chicken was laying eggs this size you’d have your face in a record book. They slung under his cock and just laid out on the bench. “You don’t mind do you?” he asked, and breaking eye contact with his dick (with some effort) I noticed he had a needle and a small vial in his hands. Without waiting for an answer, he drew on the needle and filled it with a clear, faintly pink fluid from the vial before plunging it straight into one of the enormous testicles sitting in front of him. I’m not afraid to say I flinched, a lot. As the plunger of the needle dropped, I swear to god, I watched veins spring up over the surface of the massive ball, and snake their way up the thick shaft. I can’t attest as to whether he was fully hard when he shot up with the strange liquid, but as the veins sprang out from his cock, it definitely throbbed just a little larger. He laughed in that beautiful deep voice. “Sorry about that, but right after is the best time to do it.” He looked at the look of shock and awe on my face and grinned again. “This is some secret shit, real experimental,” he said tapping the vial with a broad finger. “Don’t tell anyone, I wouldn’t want to have to hurt you.” I looked up at him with more shock, and less awe, and he gave me a quick wink. He stood up and turned back to the locker. Once again I was struck, not only by the sheer perfection that was his ass, but also by just how wide his lats were. The man had to be at least three times as wide as me. I noticed the odd protrusion of his veins was still spreading over his form, albeit less intensely than it had at the point of impact. He pulled a pair of white briefs on that struggled to leave anything to the imagination, in fact, the waistband couldn’t match the tightness of his waistline, as his immense cock and balls pulled it forwards. He pulled on some loose gym shorts and an even looser stringer and strutted towards the exit. He turned back at the door, glancing over vein-covered traps to call back to me. “I put my number in your phone, text me.” I looked at the pile on the floor where I’d left my clothes to see my phone sitting neatly on top. Putting aside the fact that it was pin protected, and I hadn’t seen him have any time to do so, I found a new entry in my contacts under “Dane – BF.” I had no idea what the hell had just happened or what I’d got into, so I just pulled my clothes on, and avoiding the stares of everyone in the gym as I made the walk of shame, I headed home to pass out.
  7. This is a prequel to the Brent series. All characters are of legal age. Previous parts: - Brent visits a new gym: https://musclegrowth.net/topic/26631-brent-visits-a-new-gym-formerly-the-newcomer-at-the-gym/ - Brent hits the showers: https://musclegrowth.net/topic/26951-brent-hits-the-showers/ - Brent the god: https://musclegrowth.net/topic/27165-brent-the-god/ The music was loud enough to make the walls vibrate, and conversation had to be shouted even if you were standing next to someone. Brent was very unsure as to why he was even here. And worst of all, his friends had never showed up, leaving him alone in a sea of random people. The lean high school senior made his way through the throng of people loitering in the doorway into the kitchen, where the sound of the thumping bass was dulled enough he could hear himself think. His 5' 6" frame barely got a second look from the group of jocks nearby, who were busy chatting it up with a gaggle of girls as he moved past them towards the counter that had been turned into a makeshift bar. Despite being an all-senior party, this was most certainly not his scene, he grumbled to himself as he perused the various bottles and decanters left out haphazardly. Brent wasn't much of a drinker, but maybe the alcohol would help loosen him up enough to try talking to someone. His gaze flitted over each bottle, some brands he recognized, others he didn't. There was one smaller little bottle way at the back that he picked up that was still sealed, but the label had been scratched or ripped off, leaving barely anything to describe what was in it. Brent could just make out the remnants of a -U on the label, and shrugged to himself, rooting around for a plastic cup. He had just finished opening the little mini bottle and pouring it into the cup, when a pair of giggling voices startled him, causing him to fumble and empty the whole little bottle into his cup. Straightening, he looked up to see a pair of guys coming into the kitchen. Both were taller than Brent, and probably a year or two older. The first guy looked latino, with an easy smile. He wore a ripped t-shirt and jeans, both tight enough to show off his toned physique. His partner was unmistakably Irish, with red hair and freckles. He wore a tank top and had a plaid shirt tied around his waist. His face was red, as if he had been recently crying. The pair had a slight stagger to their step, indicating this was probably not their first visit to the liquor spot. "I'm telling you, hun, Robbie doesn't know what he's missing," the first guy said, waving his hand dismissively as he poured a drink with the other. "Maybe," the other sighed, pouring one for himself. "Still irks me that he just falls into Kevin's trap like that, even though I've been putting the moves on him for weeks." The first guy snorted, tossing back half the drink he had poured. "Please....that slut's been with half the football team, and the soccer team already. If he has any interest at all, he'll see you're the better choice." "And if he doesn't?" "Then do what he's doing! Find some random guy here, take him upstairs, and make him jealous," the first guy slurred and giggled. His eyes looked around the pretty much empty kitchen, before landing on Brent, who was busying himself with examining the sink and counter-tops, trying not to look out of place. "There! How about him? He's cute and looks like he needs to get laid!" "Dude!" the second guy turned beet red as he chugged his drink. "Hey buddy!" the guy called over, taking a step towards Brent. "You from Westridge too?" "Umm...n-no," Brent said, gripping his plastic cup tight. "I'm from across town. I...ah...came with some frien-" "Yeah, cool," the slightly taller guy waved him off, speaking over his stutter. "You wanna get lucky tonight?" he asked bluntly, jabbing a thumb over his shoulder at his friend, who was now shrinking away. "My buddt here could use a hand to woo this guy...y'know what, never mind. Point is, he need a fling, and you could probably use a little action to, amirite?" "Wha...ah? Um," Brent stammered, as he looked over the two guys. This was a prank, right? "I...I don't, uh...." "You're an ass, Jose!" the second guy admonished, smacking his friend in the shoulder. "I'm not just gonna do some random guy to get his attention!" With that, he stalked off out of the kitchen, leaving the senior and the first guy alone. "Ahhh, well fuck it," Jose grumbled, tossing back his drink. He watched his friend go, then looked back at the thin teen still blushing intensely as he nursed his drink. "Sorry, I guess," he shrugged. Brent shook his head, cheeks burning. "I-its fine," he whispered. He shuffled on his feet and looked at the floor for a bit, before raising his gaze and realizing he was still checking him out. "Uh..." "You are kinda cute," the inebriated guy said with a dopey smile. He reached over and rubbed his arm, picking at the shirt that hugged his lean frame. "Thanks?" "Sorry for getting your hopes up," the man said, still petting his chest. Brent wondered if he could feel his heart racing under his sternum. "Looks like you could probably use the fun as much as my friend could," he chuckled. He traced Brent's shoulder a bit, his eyes dipping down across his lower body, making Brent shuffle a bit in embarrassment. "So....you wanna go upstairs?" "Huh?" Brent blinked, looking back at him in confusion. Jose shrugged, grinning in his drunken state and chuckled softly. "I mean...kinda threw it out there, then took it back, eh? Not cool, really." He stifled another laugh, his eyes dripping down over Brent once more. "Unlike Mister Hopeless over there, I'm not against having a little fun with a cute guy tonight. Honestly, this party kinda blows and I could use the excitement." Brent blinked again, his eyes slowly widening. "W-wait...so you seriously want to....uh?" "Yeah, come on dude," he said, tugging on his arm. "Its no biggie, and plus we'll both probably enjoy it," he shrugged casually. "Finish your drink and let's go, cutie." Brent's mind ran in about five different directions. Was this hot guy seriously offering him to get laid, just like that? He'd heard some parties like this people ran loose and easy, but he never thought he would get a score like this, especially since he was a virgin! Brent wrestled with himself; part of him not wanting to just bed some random guy from across town, made him feel cheap. On the other hand, there was no way Jose would have ever paid him a second glance if he were sober. Finally deciding, he tossed his cup back and downed the liquor in one go, the burn on his throat nearly making him choke and gasp. A wave of warmth ran down his gullet and pooled in his belly, infusing him with some liquid courage as he allowed Jose to pull him out the back of the kitchen and upstairs. Jose picked out the first available bedroom, leading him inside and locking he door. His hands were on Brent's crotch a moment later, and Brent bit back his urge to squeal in surprise. "Mmff...now, lets see what we're working with," he said, wasting no time in undoing his pants and tugging them down. Brent felt his face heat up as he knelt down, coming face to face with the growing tent in his boxers. Clearly he was more drunk than he thought, or really just had no inhibitions, as he leaned in and rubbed his face against his erection. "A-aah...." Brent stammered, his legs wobbling at the friction. Jose was full on nuzzling his groin as his wandering hands groped his tight backside. "Oh....wow..." "Hehe, you like that," he slurred, looking up at the thin guy with a dopey grin and half lidded eyes. "Let's see what you're packing..." he tugged Brent's boxers down, letting his cock to spring up at hit him in the nose. "Holy Shit! Is this 8 inches?" Jose said with a laugh, wrapping his hand around the base of Brent's cock. Brent nodded, turning red. He knew he was bigger than average based on what he saw in the showers after gym class, but he'd never let anyone see. Framed by his lean body, his dick looked even larger, out of proportion to the rest of him. "Nice dude! Mmmm I'm gonna enjoy this..." Jose murmured as he slurped over it and swallowed down his shaft, making the teen blush and gasp, his hands holding Jose's head as he swallowed. "Ffffuck...." he groaned, feeling his tongue wrapping around the base as he bobbed on him without hesitation. Jose sucked around his pulsing dick, swallowing him down to the base as he let Brent hold his head, getting him good and ready. With his free hand between his own legs, he unfastened his pants and shimmied them off, freeing his own 7-inch cock to play with. Taking Brent's base in a hand he pulled back, stroking him slow and firm as he pulsed in his hand, looking up at him. "Doing okay, cute stuff?" "Y-yeah....damn..." Brent panted, his legs wobbling a bit as he braced himself on Jose's broad shoulders. "Tsk...awww, first blowjob?" he teased lightly, working his hand up and down his big cock. He nodded, blushing, and he chuckled more. "Well, I want to get something out of this before you pop, so why don't you sit back on the bed?" Brent nodded again, moving back to the bed against the wall and flopping backwards on it, his chest still heaving with excitement. The liquid courage still blossomed in his gut, the warmth surging through him, but pooling particularly in his loins, a thin bead of precum dripping from his shaft. He watched Jose kick off his jeans and boxer briefs, climbing up over him and straddling his waist, lining up his ass to rub against Brent's throbbing pole. "Mmm...then lets forget the foreplay, and just get to the fun, huh?" he said, grinding against his shaft as he shuffled Brent into position. Brent opened his mouth to say something, but it turned into a gasp as Jose pushed down, slipping Brent inside his asshole with surprisingly little resistance. The heat building in his loins flared out and he felt his balls tense, pumping a thick wad of precum up into Jose as he wriggled down the first few inches. "O-oohh fuck!" he moaned, bucking up against Jose instinctively. "Mmff...oh yes," Jose grunted, biting his lip as Brent pushed inside, spreading him open around his surprisingly thick shaft. He could feel the gush of precum up into him, and he chuckled, impressed by the quantity. "Oooh...those balls are productive!" "Hhngh..." was all Brent could reply, bucking up into him again as he rolled his hips, the hazy lust of his first time getting laid fogging his mind. He was dimly aware of how warm he felt, his lower body almost tingling like pins and needles, but it was drowned out by the feel of Jose's tight ass wrapping around his cock. He bucked up again, sinking himself to the hilt inside, and making him moan as he arched his back. "H-aaah! Eager are we?" Jose grunted, pushing back down against him as they managed to drive Brent inside up to his base, the more muscular man squirming a bit at the feel of the throbbing cock spreading his insides. "Oooff....you're big, cutie," he panted, rocking atop Brent. "Perfect for an ass like mine...." Brent bit his lip and grunted, pushing up into him steadily as his lust drove him on, his hips on autopilot. "F-fuuck...so warm," he panted, bucking against Jose and feeling his full balls slap against his backside, his cock throbbing hard and pumping another good spurt of precum. Jose arched his back, wiggling down on him as he felt his hole dripping already from him. "Sh-shit you pre a lot," he grunted, working back and forth atop him as the lean guy pushed up against him. His tunnel tightened down around Brent's dick, making him feel the throbbing cock more firmly, and he spasmed as it flexed inside him. "Ohh! Nngh...y-you sure you're a virgin?" "Y-yeah!" Brent grunted, laying his head back and holding Jose's tanned thighs as he rode him. His mind was imploding with pleasure from how warm and tight Jose felt, his heart pounding in his chest as he got lucky for the first time so casually. Forget his friends, this was starting to rule! "Y-you're really tight!" He shook his head as he squirmed a bit, feeling a little odd as he rode him. Jose never felt a stretch like this, and it was driving him crazy, almost like the little man had grown inside him. "N-no...mff...i-it feels like...aah...you're getting bigger!" The mismatched pair groaned as Jose began to ride him harder, the bed creaking softly, but not enough to be heard over the music from downstairs. "Nnngh...r-really good...for a virgin...." he panted, bouncing on Brent as his cock jabbed at his insides. They moved together for a time, grunting and panting as Brent's cock slid in and out of him, biting his lip. After a few more moments though, he felt Jose clamp down around him again tightly. "Mmff...ahh..fuck...!" he cried out, hips shoving upwards a little harder than intended. Jose arched his back and squirmed, as it felt so odd to feel this good with someone so inexperienced, but it was drowned out by the intense pleasure of having Brent's thick 8-inches rubbing against his insides, making sparks explode in his mind. "Nnaah....keep going,"he grunted, pushing back against his hips as he thrust up, determined to keep feeling this sensation, even as it felt harder and harder to pull up off of him. The warmth that had been pooling and building in his gut and loins stared to grow and flare, making Brent moan again as pleasure washed over him. He panted and slowed his pace of thrusting up into Jose, getting close. "Mmff...th-think I'm gonna cum..." he grunted, trying to pull back. Shaking his head, the horny hunk pushed down harder, forcing Brent deeper as he moaned. "Not yet!," he growled, riding him harder as his whole body flexed. He didn't know who this guy was, but his dick felt like magic! "Soooo good...come on!" His legs wrapped tighter around Brent's as he felt his balls brushing against his taint. Brent grunted instinctively as his cock began to swell. He had never felt so full down below before, building up to what he knew would be the greatest orgasm he had ever had. He gripped Jose's hips tightly, mashing their groins together as he bucked into the larger man. Brent ground himself inside Jose again and again as he clenched around his dick. It was like the more he pulled his partner down onto him, the tighter he gripped his cock. As Jose's body tightened, his muscles rippled. Suddenly he jerked and a big glob of cum burst out from his cock, spraying ropes of white onto Brent's face and chest. "Shit!" Jose called out with each burst. His pole lobbed long ropy globs of cum into the air. "Shit! Shit! Shit!" The hunk shook his head from side to side, unable to control himself. "Oh FUCK!" he moaned. His muscular physique tightened. He swore he saw spots in his vision as a wave of pleasure washed over him. "Nngh! Ahh! Ahh yes!" he groaned, his body jerking as it rode out the orgasm. Brent's vision swam, trying to make out the hot guy squirming on his dick as Jose's asshole clenched his cock like a vice. "Nnngh...shit! Ahh...fuck...fuuuuck!" Brent moaned as he finally climaxed, spraying thick wads of cum deep into Jose. His hips bucked as he came and came, harder than he ever had before. The two enjoyed simultaneous orgasms. Jose's cock squirted all over Brent and the bed, and Brent's cock filled the stud's ass with his load. The two exchanged moans and expletives as they simultaneously released the pressure of their sexual dams. "Unnf! Nnngh! Aw yeah on baby....cummm!" Jose could feel Brent's balls pulse as they emptied. He couldn't believe how good a fuck this guy was! He had a bit of a reputation of hooking up with multiple guys at the club each night, and yet here he was, what was supposed to be a quickie was leaving him winded. The cutie under him jerked and spasmed as they rode out the last of their orgasms. Jose felt so heavy stop him, like a wave of fatigue from their sex washed over him, but still the two bucked together. When they were done, Jose collapsed on top of Brent. The two kissed and gazed into each other's eyes, basking in the afterglow. After a moment, Jose's eyes closed and his body went slack, passing out. Brent felt Jose's full weight shift on top of him, pinning him down like a weighted blanket. Though he gasped to catch his breath, he didn't have the strength to push the larger guy off of him. His eyes closed as he gave into his exhaustion, not noticing the unnatural glow eminating from between them. Brent's eyes opened with a start. His heart was racing, he was covered in sweat. His eyes darted around the room, his mind trying to discern his current location. How long had he been out? Jose was nowhere to be found. Laying there panting, he tried to sit up, still trying to figure out what just happened...and if he wasn't just having some crazy dream. Suddenly, his body clenched violently, making him curl in himself. He fought the urge to cry out, lest he draw any attention to him. It felt like liquid heat rushed to every part of his body, all the way from his fingers to his toes. He watched as his leg muscles tensed and thickened, growing more toned. "Nngh...fuck...augh!" he grunted through his teeth. He could feel his chest tighten and expand as his arms curled, the muscles once barely existent now plumped up with more mass. Brent panted and jerked atop the cum splattered bed as his body grew. Finally, the growth stopped. A cool sensation of relief washed over him and he struggled to sit up. His cock was easily several inches bigger and thicker than before, already hard and pointing straight up in front of him. He shuffled over to the nightstand, throwing on the light. Staring back at him from the floor-length mirror at the foot of the bed was himself....but more. "What the hell?" He stared at his reflection for a good five minutes, eyes wondering all over his body. The teen was now a good four inches taller than he had been. Whereas before he was thin, almost lanky, now he had a swimmer's frame. His pectorals were firm and pronounced, showing off a chest he never had before. His abdomen was firm, but toned, the muscles there just starting to show. Even his arms and legs were larger than before, yet still lean. He couldn't help but feel a rush of excitement as he looked at his new self, grinning hugely. He extended and arm and looked it up and down, running his other hand over it, squeezing his bicep as he flexed it, amazing at how far up the muscle traveled.He had sometimes dreamed of something like this happening, but now it was real! He couldn't believe it. His newly enlarged 10-inch long cock throbbed as he explored his body. Brent wrapped both hands around his huge shaft and pumped it slowly, throwing his head back and groaning in pleasure. A small wad of precum dribbled out and slid down his shaft, running over his fingers. He made a circle with both hands, interlocking his fingers, and placed it at the top of his cock, then pushed it down his shaft, squeezing tightly. His cock throbbed in response, seemingly growing even harder as a huge, thick vein bulged out, traveling the length of his cock. He moaned loudly when he felt it pulsating against his palm, his hands still traveling down his length until finally ending at the base. His whole cock quivered and throbbed as though ready to burst. It only took two strokes to send him over the edge. "Ohh YEAH!" he roared, thrust his hips upward, fucking his hands, cum shooting out in massive, long, thick ropes, splattering against the ceiling and falling back onto him. Warm splatters decorated his body, and soon began to soak into the bed. The pleasure was too great. Brent lost control of his body, his arms falling to the side and spasming as he writhed, howling in pleasure, his cock thumping against his chest and spurting a long rope of cum onto his face and the wall behind him. After a minute of mind numbing pleasure, Brent felt his body unclench and relax. He wiped the cum from his face and gasped for air. He breathed deeply, watching his pecs rise and fall as he caught his breath. Brent's thoughts raced as he remembered feeling Jose's weight sink into him right before he lost consciousness. How he felt heat envelope the two of them as his eyes closed. Had he literally absorbed him? How was that possible? This post-orgasm realization sent a rush of terror through him. He leapt off the bed, looking at the mess of cum he had splattered all over. Panicking, he quickly began to pull on his clothes, a distant part of him noting how much he filled out the front of his jeans now. He clicked off the lights and snuck downstairs, making a beeline for the door and heading out into the cool night air as his mind raced with the fact that he just had sex....and absorbed his partner. "Wh-what was in that drink?"
  8. Feedback makes me hard - as long as it's somewhat positive. Enjoy My grandpa died recently. He was the most brilliant man I had ever heard of. He won the Nobel Prize in Physics twice and the Nobel Prize in Chemistry once. How does a person do that? I guess that was 6 months ago now. I’m starting to lose track of time as I think back of what my life was before. Sometimes it feels like 2 years, sometimes like 2 weeks. Things are getting fuzzy. When it comes down to it, the first 23 years of my life have been pretty good. I have smarts – I’m no brain trust, but I’m sharp and witty enough. I’m shorter than I’d like to be at 5’ 7’ but it could be worse. People have told me my entire life that I am cute, adorable, etc. I guess I’m OK. I have sharp elf-like features I’ve been told – maybe a bit of Scandinavian mixed with Eastern European – like some Lord of the Rings citizen of Lothlorian, but shorter and more tan. I should get one of those ancestry kits and see what I’m made of. Anyway, ya, I guess I’m cute’ish. Nothing of global significance, but if I were found in a small pond, I’d be attractive. And I’ve been able to stay thin and lean after high school and college. I can’t put on a pound of muscle to save my life, and I have tried. But, I do have a nice high tight round ass, a decent 7” cock when I get really excited, and low enough body fat to have 6 noticeable abs and squared off – if mostly flat – pecs. I wear fitted clothes easily. But enough about me for now. So back to my grandpa and looking back on how this all began for me – he was, no joke, the smartest man on this planet. I idolized him. I still do. Grandma is still alive, barely, and I love her as much as I loved him. She supported him always and never waivered from his side. A few hours after grandpa’s funeral, my grandma delivered a box to me at my small apartment, smaller than a shoebox. I was so sad to loose him. I was devastated. But she grabbed my hand and said, “Trevor, he really wanted you to have this. I don’t know what’s inside, but I think I know. He said it was his most valued possession, other than me.” She pushed the box into my chest, surprising me with her sharp shove. “I need to go take a nap, Trevor. It’s been such a long day.” The funeral had been just a few hours ago after all. “He told me to tell you to read the note first and wait a while to open the rest of the gift.” I watched her waddle away, my nan. What a tough woman to have balanced a force like my granddad. She could hang with the best of ‘em. I looked at the box and decided that I would open it after a well-deserved nap. I was exhausted. ********************************************************* Trevor woke up from his nap wondering whether it was after sunset or if it was the next day. His body stretched like a wakening feline. He could feel his lean body lengthening as he reached behind his head and grabbed the top of the headboard. Again the thought came to him – Is it morning or just a couple hours after going to sleep? He looked over at the clock. 7:59PM. Good. He hadn’t overslept into an entirely new day. There was the box. The box his grandfather left him just to the side of his clock. His curiosity got the best of him. “What would grandpa want to give me?” was the only thing he could think to himself. “Grandma seemed a bit – annoyed – about the whole thing,” he muttered under his breath. He unwound the tape that was holding the box closed and opened up the leaflets to what lay inside. “What the fuck is this then?” Trevor peered into the box and saw a small bottle made of clay. It was so nondescript he thought it looked like a kindergartener may have made it on Arts-and-Crafts Day. There were a few folded pieces of paper on the bottom of the box too. He grabbed the paper with his thick fingers (he did have big hands for his size which he always liked about himself) and started to read the words written on the page in an elegant fountain pen handwriting style. “Trevor, I miss you already. I miss your nan. I miss your brother and sisters. I miss your mother and your cousins. All of them. I need to give you something of great importance. When you read this letter, I want you to resist doing anything else afterward except to take a few hours and contemplate what I have written. That is all I can ask of you. My eldest grandchild, I wish you well. I wish you happiness. I wish your desires granted beyond your wildest dreams. Grandpa Wallace” There was a second sheet underneath, written in the same pen strokes. 1. Ask questions. Ask as many and as often as you need. 2. There are many rules. You will learn them as time goes on. 3. Attempt to anticipate consequences far beyond your normal understanding. 4. Maintain control of your emotions, wishes, desires. It will be difficult beyond any explanation I can give you. 5. Embrace who you are but do not lose sight of reality. 6. Help him go further than he could ever hope. It’s up to you now. That was the entire second page. Trevor sat on the bed wondering what the note meant. It was more than cryptic. It was confusing and frustrating. He remembered his grandmother just before she scurried out of the room telling him to “wait a while” before opening the rest of the gift and the note stating that he should “take a few hours and contemplate.” All Trevor saw was a small clay jar, misshapen, old, and ugly really. What did the words in the note mean? Ugh. He didn’t have much patience for this. But he trusted his grandpa and grandma more than just about anyone so he sat there quietly and alone with his thoughts. ****************************************************************************************** Dantalion waited patiently in his vessel. His consciousness swirled in a tight mist. This would be his 12thand final cycle. He knew that he was surely to be destroyed by one of his elder brothers during this binding. He thought back to the beginning when the djinn were created. They were governed by an immensely complex system of laws, regulations, and norms. Twelve of them had been created and now there were only three left. All of them had started on a quest to fill the Well of their power. Each of the twelve had their own Well. The first of the 12 to fill his Well would ascend to Godhood and then would have the power to crush the vessels of the remaining brothers, destroying them and snuffing them out of existence. The humans always considered the djinn to have godlike powers, but with their restrictions, they were more servants to their Bound and trapped in a labyrinth of regulation. He remembered with apathy his previous Bound. According to his personal opinion, the prior 11 were relatively weak men with little imagination. They all wanted power, control, money, or sex. There was nothing horribly creative about that and Dantalion was often bored. Unfortunately for the Bound, one of the laws was that a djinn could not change his physical self to be that of a woman. He was sure he would have spent his previous cycles in various female forms satisfying sexual urges otherwise. Not that sex with a woman was inherently unpleasant, but he knew that it would be one more thing to be bored by – acting out another fantasy without being able to enjoy it. After thousands of years, he was still a virgin, mostly because none of his previous Bound had granted him the ability to feel sex, feel what it was like, what the big deal was all about. He didn’t really care. Humans were so simple, really. Motivated by four or five base instincts. His 11thand most recent Bound wanted knowledge. He was a very measured, unique man, and never lost control. That was unfortunate for Dantalion. He was unable to extract much mana from him to fill his Well. He was attentive to the man but Wallace was so tight wound and controlled. He never let Dantalion really show the range of his power, not even the smallest iota. But Wallace had from the beginning stated he had mostly what he wanted in life. His desire was for knowledge. Apparently, the acquisition of three Nobel Prizes was good enough for the man. Dantalion would have rather ruled the world with him, but that was not his luck. Dantalion had no moral compass with regard to human interactions. He had always been there to fulfill the desires of his Bound – that was his purpose of existence – at least that is what they believed. He knew that it was far more than that. Three wishes would be offered a selected Bound. Those wishes would allow the potential companion to experience the galactic power of the djinn soon to be at his service. Then if the binding was accepted, and it always was, the ritual would begin and the two life-forces would be joined together. Once a Binding was complete, the djinn would wick a steady flow of mana from the desires and emotions of the Bound. As more wishes, desires, dreams were fulfilled – and with increased power used to fulfill them – the more mana would be wicked into the Well. The more intense the satisfaction of the Bound, the more desire an action of the djinn satisfied, the more mana would be drawn away. Dantalion had been woefully unlucky in his chance pairings with humans. But this was the first selected pairing. His 11thsuggested his grandson, Trevor, to be Dantalion’s 12thand last binding. All those before had been so selfish of their power over this djinn, they had hidden the vessel rather than pass it along to anyone else. This would be his last cycle. None of the brothers had filled the Well yet, but Bael and Asteroth were close, he could sense it. He knew that he was so far behind them in the fucked up game that they were a part of, he would never be able to catch up. He didn’t know how they had found such powerful Bound to link with in prior cycles, but Dantalion was resigned to being destroyed at some point in the next few years, if not sooner. He had been in existence for thousands of years, but now he was on borrowed time. All of these thoughts swirled in his mind as he realized that in a moment, he would meet his 12thand last Bound. It was a bittersweet feeling that he felt in his mind. He would do his duty, obey the law, fill his Well as best he could, and then await destruction. He knew that if he had not filled his Well by the end of the 12th cycle, he would just simply cease to exist. In 11 cycles, his Well was only half full. He would do his best, as always, but there was a sinking feeling deep inside of him. No time for that now. He needed to make a good impression to assure the new Bound would accept his offer. He quieted his mind and continued to swirl in his vessel. ****************************************************************************************** Trevor held the small clay blob in his hand. It was hollow from the lightness of it. There was a small hole in the top, which had been plugged with a stone and sealed with wax. He was confused. What was in there that was so special? Maybe the jar was some ancient relic of museum quality. Maybe there was nothing in there at all. He was curious though. Curious about why his grandfather would think of giving him this and why his grandma was so brusque about it. He got a knife from the kitchen and started whittling away at the wax. He needed to get that stone out. On closer inspection, it appeared to be a green gem set in the hole – a bit cloudy in its clarity, but still lustrous. He kept chipping away at the wax. Maybe he could sell the gem to a jeweler if anything. Finally, he was able to remove the stone. He shook the jar. Nothing inside. He was more confused now than ever. Sitting the jar down, he just shook his head. Weird. He was sitting on the edge of his bed and leaned back to stare at the ceiling. Dantalion emerged slowly from the jar in a wisp of whitish blue mist. He was tentative. He had met the man who would become his 12thBound before and knew that a brash show would just serve to frighten. He was calculated in his approach. The mist became more condensed. Dantalion began to speak softly, gently, and soothingly. “Trevor. Trevor. We need to talk.” Trevor heard his name and sat up with a start. He saw a man, thin, tall…familiar, forming I front of him. The mist increased in density. It almost appeared solid now. Before him stood his grandfather’s diligent and devoted assistant impeccably dressed in a dark suit, mid-twenties, thin, wearing stylish glasses in an attractive boy-next door way. What the fuck? “Trevor, we need to talk.” He soothingly spoke again as he became solid. Real. “What the fuck is this?” Trevor’s voice was shaking and had a terrified look in his eyes. “Trevor, I am here to bind with you like I did with your grandfather. I will satisfy every desire you have, within the confines of djinn law.” Trevor looked at Dantalion with caution, like he was in the room with a hungry lion he did not want to offend. Trevor found shook his head and pinched his arm. He wasn’t dreaming apparently. “I know you. You’re my grandfather’s assistant, Dante. Wait, what do you mean ‘bind’ with me?” He had always thought of Dante as cute, maybe not as cute as him, but pleasant to look at. He’d look better with more muscle. “Have you heard of the djinn? Genies?” “The fuck you are!” Trevor spat out at the man he knew as Dante. “I was able to grant your grandfather’s greatest desires of knowledge. But he did not take full advantage of my capabilities. My power is without measure or your ability to comprehend. I can fulfill your wildest dreams, within confines of djinn law.” Trevor looked at him apprehensively. “You keep saying ‘within the confines of djinn law’. What does that mean?” Dantalion/Dante approached the bed slowly as not to scare the human before him. He had this discussion with 11 men before, and was able to eventually get through their disbelief and explain himself. “I have immeasurable power to give what you desire, but there are regulations and laws that I must abide by…too many to discuss tonight. But I can answer any question that you have as they arise. For now, you can ask three wishes of me before you decide if you would like to bind to me.” The man stood there looking down on Trevor. His eyes, Trevor suddenly noticed, were red-orange like a fire, flickering as a small flame and deep as an endless pit. He felt as if the deep pools of dark flames were hypnotizing him as he stared at the djinn’s countenance. Of course he remembered that the djinn were fire spirits. At least that is what he knew from his college course on Mythology. “So I get three wishes to decide if I want to “bind” with you? We’ll talk about what that means soon I hope.” Trevor paused, “I admit I’m a bit confused.” “Make a wish. I need you to know what I can do for you.” Dantalion used his most soothing calm voice. But there was a pleading quality to it. Trevor couldn’t look away from Dantalion’s eyes. “I wish I had some coffee, black, 180 degrees, 16 ounces in a thermal cup.” A cup of coffee appeared on the bed stand, which Trevor picked up and sipped. It was amazingly perfect. “You can do better than that, Trevor.” Dantalion was a bit annoyed that his new master’s first wish was to make him an errand boy. He would definitely not put any mana into his Well with this sort of imagination. Trevor looked at the coffee. His mind started to run wild. He had imagined this type of power from 6 years old. Reading stories of Aladdin, or the short stories of Middle East philosophy, The Arabian Nights and others, he had been enamored of the idea. But to actually have it manifest in his bedroom was overwhelming. Trevor, for some reason, began to feel a bit aroused. What if this was real? Geez, he’d jacked off to the thought of having an all-powerful genie grant him three wishes. He thought he knew exactly what he would do back then, but most of them involved muscle and sex. His brow began to sweat. He started to feel his cock push against his dark slacks. He was still in his funeral attire. “God, I can’t believe this is happening to me. Today. Now.” But his mind continued to flit across the many dreams, wishes, hopes that he had banked in all 23 years of his life, most of those created with his right hand around his hard cock. He gulped and remembered the words written on the paper his grandfather left him ‘Ask questions.’ “Can you change your body? Can you change my body?” He could barely believe that is how the conversation started. There were certainly many more pressing things to ask. Dantalion took a step toward Trevor and said, “Yes” in a low grumbling tone. “But I cannot assume the form of a woman. It is against djinn law.” “Well, who said I wanted you to be a woman? That’s an odd assumption.” Trevor sat up straight and grabbed the warm coffee on the nightstand. “And you can change my body?” “Only in any way imaginable that you see fit…Master.” Dantalion knew he had to be careful here. Other djinn law forbade him to make himself or his Bound too conspicuous. That is how they had stayed hidden for centuries. “I can change your physical being into anything you can imagine, within the con…” “Ya, ‘within the confines of djinn law.’ I get it. But what does that mean?” Dantalion took one more step toward him. He looked his soon-to-be Bound in the eyes. He could feel the flames licking his eyelids. His weak, thin, form that he had been possessing in his previous cycle was so inadequate for what he needed to show the 12th. But he needed to be patient. “It means, ultimately, that as long as you do not draw too much attention to yourself, you don’t have limits. I don’t have limits. One of the primary laws states that undue attention should not be drawn to the djinn or his Bound. “ Trevor licked his lips and his mind switched gears instantly. “Ok. I wish that you would, without drawing too much attention, as this seems very problematic for you, put 5 million dollars into my bank account. It can be over as long as 6 months – as not to alarm anyone.” Dantalion turned away and rolled his eyes. “Yes, I can do that.” He realized that Trevor, his last Bound would be like all the others. Selfish, yes, he expected that…but also foolish, myopic, and infantile in the ability to understand what power they truly possessed when enlisting his services. He would be blotted out now, he was sure – his Well only half-full and that would be the end of his existence. “You can do that, Dante?” “I have started the process already. I have invested the sum of your meager savings account into stock that I will deftly control over the next 6 months, should I survive that long. You will have 5 million dollars in your investment account before the end of those 6 months.” Dantalion stood tall, still in the dark business suit he wore as Wallace’s assistant. Trevor looked a bit perplexed. He heard every word that Dante had said, but he also picked up on the “should I survive that long” part. He would ask about that later too. He started looking carefully at the djinn. He was so poised, confident but almost shy and thin in a healthy way. Maybe the word was ‘deferential.’ “Is this your true form?” Trevor looked into the eyes of his djinn. He knew that he would accept the binding. He could feel it inside of himself. His grandfather had bequeathed this gift to him. But he wanted to know a bit more – curiosity and all. “No, this is not my true form. I have two actually. The form of the mist and the form of physicality. The form of the mist is how I am able to reside in my vessel for thousands of years on end without outside interactions. It is a distillation of my consciousness. The form of physicality is my true form when I am extended out of my vessel. It is against djinn law to show you my physical form until we are bound.” “Do you have a sense of right and wrong? Standard philosophy or ethics? Things like that?” Dantalion took one more step toward the bed. He was nearly shin-to-shin with Trevor who had remained seated. “I do not have the ethics of a human. Because of that, I can serve every desire you may have. If you wish for me to pull the very continent of Atlantis from the bottom of the sea, I can do that, regardless of ethics, and in such a way that it would be explainable scientifically. I can crush all of the armies of the world in a matter of minutes and make it appear to be self-inflicted or one army pitted against another that could be explained.” Dantalion appeared to be getting excited just thinking about accomplishing these feats of wonder. He wantedto use his limitless power. “I do not have your morals. It allows me to fulfill your human desires whatever they may be. There are no judgments.” Dantalion spoke in a low rumbling purr. Trevor gulped as he stared into the eyes of the man he knew as Dante. His mouth was suddenly dry. The embers of Dantalion’s eyes licked his pupils and bore into the young man sitting before him. In his current form, he appeared to be near the same age. Trevor appeared maybe a bit more muscular. With Dante’s tailored well-fitted suit, he just looked very thin. His mind was racing, darting around to late night jack off sessions on the internet, a thousand morphed photos of different dream men he would love to fuck and be fucked by, stories of strength and muscle growth, and cock growth and …. Beads of sweat continued to form on his upper lip and forehead. His breath became shallow and ragged as his mind spun fantasy upon fantasy. His respectable 7” cock began to push against his well-fitted square cut briefs even more than before. He had imagined this moment in so many of his fantasies. For his third and final wish before accepting the binding, he wanted to know if it were true. Dantalion could not read the man’s mind but he felt that something was coming. Some powerful urge was rising. A heavy-weighted door was unlocking and creaking open in the deepest recesses of Trevor’s mind and Dantalion could see it on his face and see it in his cock. He felt that the next words that were spoken would determine that trajectory of his 12thand final binding. Somehow he just intuitively knew – this one would be different. Trevor hastily formed a wish and he knew it wasn’t going to be perfectly formed and he didn’t care. If Dante could make this come true, he would be able to bind with him and have endless wishes. “I wish that your body grew to 8 feet tall and that your arms became so large with dense, hard, striated muscle that they reached from floor to ceiling. Your skin so thin that a single sheet of paper would think it was too thick in comparison. These are 12-foot ceilings. You think you can do that, Dante?” He could feel his hard dick getting bigger and bigger, pulsing with unabashed curiosity and desire to see his third wish come true. Dante looked at Trevor with perplexity. None of his other Bound had asked him to demonstrate control over his own presentation unless it had been to terrify an enemy. Those before had wanted money, military defeats, the building of great structures…and more recently, knowledge. But this man was different. Something was very very unique as he looked in the man’s eyes and saw the man’s penis growing, throbbing, fighting with his trousers. “Curious,” he thought to himself. He nodded. “Yes, I can do that for you.” ****************************************************************************************** There was a pregnant pause between the two. Dantalion was attempting to read Trevor’s body language. He didn’t know the human well enough yet. “Would you like to instruct me on how to fulfill your wish, or would you like me to take…liberties?” Trevor’s breath caught in his throat. This was actually going to happen. “Can I instruct you for the beginning? Then maybe you can take ‘liberties.’” “You can do whatever you desire. I exist to serve you,” the genie rumbled. Dantalion and his deep flaming eyes looked down at Trevor on the bed. He sensed something close to supplication from the human, near worship. A pleading flicked across his face - A desire that Dantalion probed and where he found great depth. He, of course could not read the mind of the 12thunless granted access, but he could feel the edges of it with his expanded mind. Dantalion had been around humans for thousands of years and knew how to pick up on behaviors. The 12thwas seeping into the wildest recesses of his desires. Fuck, he could feel the energy building as Trevor contemplated how to begin. This one was so incredibly different, he repeated silently to himself. “I want to see you naked, first” Dantalion’s clothes vanished just as the last word left Trevor’s mouth. The djinn’s body was tight, thin, lean, and beautiful in a marathon runner sort of way. His skin the color of a summertime tan and his hair shortly cropped and a light sandy brown. “Over the course of 30 seconds, pleasegrow to 8 foot tall, same dimensions you have now.” Dantalion paused. He had rarely, maybe never, hear the word “please” when directed at him. Another something new. His naked thin body kept the same dimensions as before as he slowly expanded. He stopped thinking about what might be going on in Trevor’s head. He was in the middle of wish-granting and a djinn took that very seriously. He waited for his next command as he reached the 8-foot mark. Trevor, for all of his attempts to remain calm, looked at the tower of man in front of him and realized that this was all real and that his most depraved and wild fantasies could become flesh. His cock began to expel pre-cum into his trousers wicked away by his tight square cut briefs. Dantalion could smell something sweet. The beginnings of sex in the air. He had experienced that with previous Bound as they celebrated victories, defeats, destruction of enemies – but they had all been with harems of women, not directed toward him or when he was alone with his master. He was curious again. After thousands of years, he didn’t know curiosity would be so exhilarating. Trevor’s voice was again becoming ragged, shallow, pressured. He loved arms, he loved forearms, he love pecs, he loved lats and traps, he loved glutes (shit, he loved glutes), he loved quads and hamstrings, he loved delts, and he loved calves. He loved all muscle. He picked one of the many. “Please, increase your biceps and triceps to 30 inches around over the course of 30 seconds. The skin should remain thin and nothing thicker than single ply plastic cling film. And I want veins. Lots of veins on the surface to feed your growing muscles.” Trevor could barely breath. Did he just say that out loud to a stranger – even worse, his grandfather’s assistant now standing in front of him naked. Dantalion and his flame-licked eyes focused on Trevor’s face, on his erection pushing pre-spunk out in a slow stream, on the smell of need and desire in the air around them. He looked at his right arm then left and started growing them. He had never been asked for this expression of his own physicality. It was new and somehow excited him on a profound level. His biceps began to grow quickly and the skin covering his arms became somehow even thinner. Dantalion’s triceps quickly formed multiple bellies with striations so detailed, it appears that they were constructed of thousands of threads of fishing line, all writhing underneath the skin. Dante’s arms were stunning and perfectly symmetrical with a 30” exact diameter. They were the vision of pure raging power. But Trevor’s wish was just beginning. Ok, now to 80 inches in diameter,” he looked with a ravenous hunger at Dante’s arms. The djinn’s biceps grew and blossomed. Trevor, now standing up, reached to feel Dantalion’s growing arms and the djinn humbly leaned forward to allow him access to the change that was occurring. Trevor could feel the muscle fibers dividing quickly. It felt as if he had his hand over a steel morning-bloomed flower who’s petals keep unfurling over and over and over, cycle after cycle. Trevor peered at Dante’s right arm and saw skin so thin, he could actually see the beefy red muscle cells underneath. Veins as delicate as spider’s webs covered the blossoming biceps and triceps. Several thick radiator hose sized veins surfaced slowly, running along the top of the arms and the inside from the elbows to Dante’s armpits. Somehow, veins 3 inches in diameter seemed right…and HOT. “Now, I want to see those fucking arms to go from floor to ceiling,” he spoke softly and with a moan afterward. 10 seconds later and the arms of the god in front of him had grown to a size that Trevor had to back up and sit on his bed again. Dantalion’s arms had grown so much; his monstrous triceps were contacting the floor and causing his still thin, yet very tall, body to rise off of the ground. The twin biceps continued to escalate toward the ceiling, the fibers dividing endlessly without pause, all visible thanks to the paper’s width skin Trevor had requested. The veins of Dante’s arms continued to grow thicker and more plentiful. Trevor could now see them pulsing and writhing pumping growth juice into every individual cell. Dante was taking “liberties” with how he presented himself in this way. He eyed Trevor and saw the smaller man studying the webbing of the vessels, the constant replication of muscle cells, and also saw him rubbing his cock that continued to crawl down the leg of his tight trousers. His new-to-be Bound had said he was 7” when hard. He was clearly 8” now. What did that mean? Dante knew he was doing something right. For Trevor, this was the culmination of so many wet dreams. This was better because it was real. Finally, as the growth slowed, Trevor looked up at Dantalion’s face suspended in mid-air, body elevated several feet off the ground thanks to the titanic triceps bellies writhing underneath and pressing into the floor. The arms that he requested took up more than half of the bedroom. But something was off. “Dante, will you grant me another wish, just so that I can see how glorious you are?” Pulse, pulse, pulse went Trevor’s dick. He wanted to take it out and start beating in right there. “I will grant you one final wish before you decide on your binding to me,” he rumbled while looking down on the man below. “Dante, I wish that your forearms, hands, and deltoids were proportional to your arms. You may take liberties.” Without warning, an eruption of muscle so powerful and swift occurred that Trevor was blown towards the far wall. Just before he collided, he felt the newly enormous right hand of Dantalion catch him more softly and gently than he would have believed. He felt the giant 3 foot wide mitt draw back toward the wall-sized pulsating muscle that had just exploded with mass. “Trevor, have I pleased you?” Dante’s voice was powerful and deep like one million earthquakes but also curious, cautious, submissive. Trevor was beginning to lose his grip on reality. His breath was becoming more shallow. Trevor looked down on the 40” forearms riveted with throbbing arterials pulsating in rhythm with Dante’s heartbeat. WAIT, they were pulsating with Trevor’s own heartbeat, mimicking his pulse rate. Fucking crazy. Dante’s deltoids rose to near ceiling height, just shorter than the unbelievable mountain range of the biceps peaks - jagged, gnarled, but somehow perfectly balanced. “Can I touch you?” Trevor asked in a whisper. “You can do what ever you would like with me, Trevor,” Dantalion breathed into his hand where Trevor was seated struggling to maintain control. “You own this body and everything that it can do.” It was obvious from Dantalion’s innocence that he did not understand the weight of his comments on Trevor’s mind. In and other place that comment would be a proposition. In matters of sex and attraction, Dante was a child. Trevor reached out to touch the throbbing, hard, indestructible wall of muscle in front of him. He made contact and then pulled down his pants. Dante’s skin felt like warm buttery silk. The fibers beneath like steel cables an engineer would use to suspend a bridge. A groan so loud that it actually surprised both himself AND the djinn burst forth from Trevor’s mouth. “FUCKIN YES! Make my dreams come true, you fucking beast!!!” Shot after shot of Trevor’s cum hit Dantalion. His enormous hands and forearms were covered with cum and rivulets of seed collected in the crevices of the djinn’s enlarged hands. A certain quite fell onto the room. Dantalion felt so alive, so energized, so different than he had felt with any other Bound – and they had not made the binding yet. This was all so new and unexpected. Trevor leaned back into the giant paw that held him off of the ground. He was still recovering from the longest, most intense, most reality based orgasm of his life. “Trevor, do you bind yourself to me? I can fulfill this and infinitely more wishes based on your need and desires.” All that Trevor could see was walls of throbbing angry hard dense muscle. “Fuck ya, I want to bind with you. I won’t let your power be wasted.” Thoughts of just a few minutes earlier pummeled his mind. So much power, so much muscle, so much of everything he had beat off to for years. Laws, regulations, and more complicated stuff he couldn’t consider at the moment. “How do we do this ritual?” Trevor’s voice was sure and steady. Dantalion smiled and the flames dancing in his eyes flared and began to burn blue. “You must start by calling me by my true name: Dantalion, not Dante. I will do the rest.”
  9. EnviousGeorge

    Your pleasure account is overdrawn

    Teleportation was not a form of travel Jalveth enjoyed: when expected it was a jarring experience, but when it came out of nowhere it was nauseating. The problem was that the Magisters of the Collective operated on their own schedule with scant regard for others. Jalveth took in the sumptuous furnishings of the Magister’s parlour as he tried to keep the remains of his lunch from adding to the decoration. “I take it you know why you are here?” stated the figure sat at an expansive desk without looking up from his paperwork. “No my lord,” replied Jalveth meekly and with good reason: a Magister’s word was law and they had enough power to administer any punishment they so chose. Childhood stories of what they do to those who wronged them leapt to the forefront of his mind, which he tried to repress as he hadn’t done anything wrong that might justify any form of punishment, had he? A piece of parchment levitated from the cluttered desk and floated in front of his face; it was a fairly long list: ‘Silver Goblin Trading’, ‘Griffin Claw Holdings’, ‘Black Root Alchemicals’ and others were written in a clear hand. “This is a list of accounts I administer.” said Jalveth confused, but in a contrite a fashion as he could muster. “Did you think it wouldn’t be noticed,” said the figure, looking at Jalveth for the first time since his arrival. “A crystal here, a couple of crystals there, not enough for one organisation to really notice but overall they do mount up…” “But I…” Jalveth began before a wave of paralysis suffused his entire being resulting in sudden breathlessness and a stiffness through his muscles, and to his embarrassment a similar reaction from his genitalia. “Do not interrupt,” admonished the Magister, “I am told you have a head for figures, I would have thought you more capable of covering your tracks than this; and so unoriginal, such scams have been around forever, they are even older than I.” Jalveth unable to respond was unsure how he would have if he could: he had known nineteen summers and the figure before him barely looked much older; but this was a Magister and appearances were almost certainly misleading. “We expect our computers to be intelligent, so what made you think you could get away with it?” the Magister asked looking directly at Jalveth. If the rest of his appearance did not bely his age the same could not be said of the Magister’s eyes: the black pools looked as though they had seen stars die and possibly caused them to do so. “There must be some mistake,” Jalveth squeaked, “those accounts were fine, with no crystal unaccounted for.” “Are you saying a Magister is wrong?” the man said in what seemed to be a friendly inquisitive tone. Jalveth knew better than to trust the friendly demeanour; his heart was racing as his body felt like it was betraying him: it felt hot and constrained in his clothes, not to mention he was so hard it was throbbing despite the situation, was there something about the Magister’s voice that made him feel this way? Jalveth couldn’t discount the possibility. Not that his mind was faring much better, it kept speculating on what punishments the Magister may enforce that Jalveth had trouble focusing on the situation he found himself in. “Of course not my lord,” he found himself saying, “merely that you have not been given all the information,” and wondered to himself just how he would justify that claim. “So enlighten me,” said the Magister with a tone that suggested there was nothing he didn’t already know, “who else had access to those accounts? One of your colleagues perhaps?” “No-one at the Counting House could have done it, would have done it,” replied Jalveth emphatically, “they are my friends, my family they have been nothing but helpful since I arrived at the Collective.” “And you are sure of this?” said the Magister clearly showing his view on the matter. “Only one bonded to the accounts would be able to change them.” said Jalveth firmly, “the only one bonded is…” and he trailed off as he realised the implications while the Magister just smiled at him. “Please,” Jalveth begged, “let me speak to my colleagues, maybe they will have some idea how this has happened.” “Oh you won’t be returning to the Counting House.” said the Magister, “By your own admission it is clear you are responsible: either it is deliberate for which you need punishing or accidental which shows you to be a liability; either way you cannot be trusted to look after the finances of others.” “But my smarts, my skill with numbers, that’s all I have,” wailed Jalveth as he prostrated himself before the Magister. Bringing his hands together in a begging gesture caused an audible ripping noise from his tunic and Jalveth looked at his body for the first time since his arrival. The reason for the constrained feeling was now obvious: he was larger than he should be, his slim scrawny build was replaced by a somewhat more athletic one. “There are many ways to serve the Collective,” said the Magister, “and if your suitability is wrong then we can easily change it, there are many positions that require less cerebral acumen and more physical presence such as soldier or labourer or…” “Please don’t make me a pleasure slave!” Jalveth begged crying. “Oh so you know about the pleasure slaves then,” the Magister stated, “just by reputation, or have you partaken?” “My colleagues organised it, they said it was a rite of passage.” replied Jalveth but his focus was diverted by the figure that had magically appeared in the chamber. He was magnificent: large powerful legs supported a strongly defined core, but still with a fairly narrow waist, which in turn were surmounted by a pair of pronounced pectorals that competed for space with a pair of massive arms, but the crowning achievement was the huge organ protruding from his groin. It arced up through the deep valley of the pecs and stopped just below where a beautiful face was waiting. It was only the expression and look behind the eyes that let the figure down for Jalveth: there was little sign of intelligence or even awareness there. The figure had not reacted to its translocation and it seemed was awaiting any sort of instruction for a while, which means it stood motionless for some time. Eventually, whether it finally realised nothing was forthcoming, or more likely just following its baser instincts moved to take the massive head of its member in its mouth and started pleasing itself. Jalveth watched mesmerised as the figure bounced its pecs, together and separately, to stimulate the shaft of its immense penis in complete oblivion to its surroundings. Not that the figure was the only one. “I said what was it like to be fucked by a pleasure slave,” said the Magister testily, completely ignoring the figure’s arrival. “Huh,” said Jalveth distracted, “but I didn’t…” and when his brain caught up to his mouth felt the need to clarify: “I wanted to but it was so large and I got scared and just spent the time worshipping his body.” “You do know they are ensorcelled to provide only pleasure and no pain?” Asked the Magister in a flat tone to which Jalveth gave a slow calculated nod. “Ensorcelled by a Magister, so which is it you doubt, our skill or our power?” Jalveth doubted neither as both were clearly evident in the way his tunic burst in multiple places from the strain, he could feel his bulging biceps resting on his protruding chest, neither adjective would anyone have considered attributing to Jalveth before now. His breeches had so far still remained intact but it was clear they would not remain so if he underwent another growth spurt. The bulge at the front was large and the confined space was beginning to pinch uncomfortably. “Ah I see how it is, this all makes sense,” said the Magister looking at Jalveth who was exploring the changes in his body with his hands, but his eyes were still focussed on the activities of the third person in the room. “It is because you are jealous of the pleasure slaves.” the Magister said as a statement of fact and not a question. “Well who wouldn’t be?” replied Jalveth, “after all they were made by the Magisters as perfect physical specimens. Are you doubting the Magister’s skill? Or their power?” Jalveth groaned internally as he realised what he had just uttered, how stupid was he to rile one who had so much power, Jalveth braced himself for the inevitable consequences. Which never came, instead the Magister just laughed, “I suppose I could have phrased that better, tell me were you happy in the Counting House?” Jalveth nearly blurted out ‘of course’ but thought better of it, “I had a job I could do easily, colleagues that supported me, and it paid enough to meet my needs.” Jalveth eventually said carefully choosing his words. “But did that make you happy?” said the Magister in a tone that was clear that he knew the answer but wanted to hear Jalveth say it. “No,” Jalveth admitted, “the work was dull, I did it because I could and not because I wanted to; my colleagues were friendly because they were my colleagues and not because of me and while my needs were met there was little extra for anything else.” “And then you met a pleasure slave, you thought you would be the superior one in the situation despite his physical attributes you were the free one, the one with the intellect; however, you realised that of the two of you only he was happy with his life and you were envious of that.” explained the Magister. “But he was so stupid,” retorted Jalveth, “all he could do was grunt or talk in a monosyl…, a mono…, in one word answers and only then about his body or sex.” At the mention of the word sex the third person in the room ceased their self-ministrations and moved towards Jalveth seductively; the giant ever-erect penis bouncing back and forth as he moved until he came to a stop in front of Jalveth and took up a pose that showed off his muscular body. Jalveth gulped involuntarily as he forced himself not to lean forward, not to touch and was fighting an impulse to join him in flexing. The Magister continued to act as though the other man was not even in the room. “Really, you were stuck in a role you despised in a life you thought had no meaning, whereas he was someone who really enjoyed his work, who would be thrilled to be in the company of his colleagues and whose needs and desires were both met without his input. That is what you were jealous of, that is why you wanted to be him.” elucidated the Magister. “But I don’t want to be dumb, my intelligence, my skill with numbers is all I have, it’s all I am!” Jalveth exclaimed, tears running down his face. “But has that intelligence ever made you happy, or is it what is holding you back from getting what you really want?” The Magister began. Jalveth opened his mouth to respond but stopped when the Magister raised his hand. “It was your ‘intelligence’ that stopped you experiencing the joys of that pleasure slave. It is the same ‘intelligence’ that is trying to plan a way out of this but is ignoring your desires, it is not even realising they are showing themselves anyway.” Jalveth looked confused and was surprised when the pleasure slave gently wiped the tears from his eyes. The Magister continued, “ You were the one to suggest being turned into a pleasure slave, in fact it is what you have been thinking about since you arrived in my chamber; I wonder if your subconscious forced you to make those mistakes to bring us to this outcome.” “But I didn’t, I wouldn’t…” Jalveth sobbed, “I don’t know what you want from me?” “Simple,” answered the Magister, “I just want you to tell me what you want, what you really want.” Jalveth knew he was stuck, his strategy had been to tell the Magister exactly what he wanted to hear, but clearly what the Magister wanted to hear was what was clearly something that was not intelligent to say; as such his thoughts led in circles as his brain tried to find a way out of the contradiction. In the confusion this meant that his mouth was operating unsupervised, “I want to be a pleasure slave,” Jalveth mumbled quietly. “Sorry what was that?” said the Magister who had clearly heard what he said. “I want to be a pleasure slave!” Jalveth said louder and with more conviction, “I want to be so dumb that I don’t know what a number is, let alone what to do with one! And I want to be so big that anyone who sees me will be awestruck to the point where they can’t think of them either! I want to spend my days having sex with anyone, with everyone! But most of all I want to be happy!” “There, that wasn’t so difficult,” said the Magister, “I think you deserve a reward for your honesty.” and with that the pleasure slave moved behind Jalveth with clear intent. Jalveth was confused, how did that make any sense? Just saying what should have been a bad idea somehow was going to see him receive the sex he had foolishly denied himself in the past? Magisters may have tremendous power but Jalveth wasn’t entirely sure of their sanity. Not that was his most pressing concern: he was harder than he’d ever been before in his entire life; but as his breeches burst from the strain the nature of this ‘reward’ became obvious. His erection was growing at a rate that was clearly visible to the eye and from the heat that pervaded his body that growth was not limited to his sex organ. Jalveth’s mind was not willing to go without a fight, and following his earlier declaration was repeating simple random multiplication to prove it couldn’t be banished that easily. ‘Four by twelve is forty-eight’ The pleasure slave removed the remains of Jalveth’s tattered clothing by ripping them off his body ‘Seven by eight is fifty-six’, the pleasure slave put his hand on Jalveth’s surprisingly hairy rear and Jalveth shot the biggest load of his life which stopped him thinking of anything for a while. When he came to his senses he looked down to see that his cock had reached his large hairy pecs. Jalveth had always been ashamed of his body hair and considering that both the pleasure slave in the room and the one he’d encountered earlier had smooth bodies it was a surprise that he not only retained his body hair, it was not thinned out by the muscle growth, but if anything was denser, thicker and more widespread. ‘Eight by five is fuckty… er forty’ Jalveth thought as he reached down to check on his balls, his stance had widened to accommodate the size of his legs and that gave his balls which were significantly larger, and hairier, more room. Jalveth gave them a squeeze and was rewarded with another large load. ‘Seven by four is… forty?’ Jalveth thought as he flexed a large hairy arm and watched as it grow before his eyes. ‘Six by nine is… six by nine is…, six by… sex…, sex!’ Jalveth thought as his cock was now at a point where he could easily take it into his mouth; which he did so with gusto. What looked up after he shot yet another huge load, this time into his hungry mouth which he slurped up greedily, was in no way bothered by multiplication; with numbers at least. It looked down on the pleasure slave before it and realised he was bigger than the man in all aspects including height. “Me big,” it said eventually. The pleasure slave took the opportunity to caress Jalveth’s furry bulk: gently stroking the soft hair across the bulging muscle. Jalveth wanted to tell him how attractive he found the man, what he wanted to do to him and what he wanted from the man but the words weren’t there. Eventually he settled on a single word that expressed all his feelings: “Fuck” “Fuck?” came the reply from the pleasure slave. “Fuck!” replied Jalveth with a smile and pulled the other pleasure slave into a passionate embrace. “Oh Boys!” called a voice from near a large bed, the only furniture in the room. For some reason Jalveth had a feeling something was wrong about that, but he couldn’t see what would be wrong with a hot guy calling him over to a bed. The Magister moved his hand and his clothing vanished revealing a tight muscular body and what would be considered a large cock in any other company, he kneeled on the large bed pushing his rear seductively in the air. A test for the new pleasure slave, which was on the way to scoring high marks as the Magister felt the tickle of a soft beard before a tongue masterfully worked at his hole. The other pleasure slave was before him and the Magister had no hesitation in taking as much of his manhood into his mouth as he could. In other circumstances the Magister would have grown his body to match them and switched off for a night of mindless debauchery; alas he had other duties that needed attending beforehand, primarily figuring out just who had framed Jalveth in the first place. If the young man had used the intellect he’s claimed to possess to be more suspicious of his colleagues then maybe he wouldn’t be in this position, using his tongue to devastating effect, as his naivety must have played a part in being chosen as the scapegoat. That and his appearance: Jalveth may not have realised with his insecurities but he was a very attractive man; to the extent that the Magister had little to do to his countenance in his transformation, essentially just making sure his face fit with the massive hairy muscle-bound moron he’d become, and frankly the beard had done most of that work for him. People think that magic can do anything, and by and large it can, but it still has its limitations. Even with knowing what was done the Magister could think of seven ways that Jalveth’s credentials could have been faked and was not arrogant enough to consider that to be an exhaustive list. Add to that not knowing who, when or why led to too many variables. The Magister had a spell trying to resolve it but with the lack of information would take a long time to report; it would be very surprising indeed if framing Jalveth was the whole point of the endeavour, so it was a matter of time before the real plot revealed itself and may well do so before his spell had concluded. So the Magister was relying more on a non-magical ploy: Jalveth. He felt the bulbous head of the new pleasure slave’s massive prick teasing his hole and the ecstatic thrill when it pushed home. Once the fate of Jalveth was announced to his colleagues the Magister expected them to lay low for a while, time they are likely to spend enjoying this very position with the new slave. Whether it will be regret about what they have done to Jalveth, or to gloat about it and fooling a Magister the culprit will have no qualms in confessing everything to someone they know doesn’t understand what they are saying. Pleasure slaves have a built-in aura of isolation that protects their clients from attack or interference when they are at their most vulnerable. The feeling of absolution at disclosing their darkest secrets and only receiving pleasure as a response was nearly as big a draw as the pleasure the slaves could bestow. Of course the slaves may not be able to understand but that didn’t mean the couldn’t listen, and repeat everything they heard to any curious Magister, but the populace would rather assume any information was discovered by magic. Jalveth would have his revenge, even if he now didn’t care about it, and his guilty former colleagues would learn there are worse punishments than becoming a pleasure slave. As for Jalveth, the Magister thought as both slaves unloaded in him simultaneously, he was too exquisite a prospect to relinquish. The Magister had considered his personal harem big enough but knew that when this was resolved there would be a place for Jalveth, one where he would have the very happy life he wished for.
  10. This is my first story. I like to think that my writing gets better as the story unfolds. Of course there are always misses and hits, but please continue to read, and give me your feedback. Authors live for your feedback. The Wall I’m a successful Wall Street executive. My life is good. In fact, sometimes I think it is too good. I don't complain. My office is in the city, and I have a nice home on Long Island from which I commute to work every day. My work days are long and sometimes stressful, but I enjoy the challenges, and I decompress by obsessively working out in the gym and working in my garden. The garden is beautiful, but I always thought that it was lacking a few defining structures; so, when the idea hit me that a beautiful stone wall would create the backdrop it deserved, I hired a reputable landscape contractor who could make my ideas into reality. I was so excited. Monday was to be the start of the new wall project, and I had been thinking of little else for weeks. Unfortunately, the garden, where usually I love to entertain, was about to become a construction zone. So, the weekend before, I decided to invite my friends John and Ernie over for lunch by the pool and an afternoon swim. They accepted and had asked if they could bring couple of their friends along that they thought I would enjoy. You see, John and Ernie are toned and attractive enough, but they know I what really like is muscle -- lots of it. I get off on big, beefy, masculine men - physical men who enjoy rough housing and showing off. Nothing turns me on like a big man who’s willing to rip off his shirt, wrestle me into a bear hug and show me that he’s at least a strong as me. I work out a lot myself, and at 6’2” and 245 lbs, I make a worthy competitor. I like feeling the strength of other men, and I love being tested and felt up and appreciated by big men even more. I had left a note on the front door for Ernie and John and their friends to let themselves in and meet me on the terrace by the pool. They arrived single file down the garden path - first John with a big hug and a whistle, and then Ernie with pat on my rump and a tousle of my hair. Then, Ernie made his hands into fists and started pounding on my pecs. “Someone’s been working out!” Another whistle. Then with a squeeze, “You’re gonna need a binder for these things if they get any bigger, Max.” Then Ernie doubled back for grope of my arm and said, “Oh wow! I can’t get my hands around it. You may be getting too big, or is there such a thing?” Now Ernie and John know I love a little admiration and that I don’t really have a limit for too big; so, I knew they were up to something when they started fawning over me and teasing. I also know that Ernie and John are aware that throwing a little admiration my way goes straight to my dick, and I was just starting to chub up a bit when their two friend showed up next, sending me straight to full mast steel in seconds flat. John said, “Maxie, if you’re not careful, you may get as big as our friends Eric and Lars here.” Gulp... “Max, meet Eric and Lars. Boys, this is our host Max.” Oh my God. Two men of my dreams, Eric and Lars were big and tall and looked like superheroes in shorts and polo shirts. Eric was fair skinned and dark haired, and Lars was golden all over – hair, skin and eyes - like a lion. I was slack jawed and salivating, and they looked pretty hungry for me as well. With a firm squeeze of my rump Ernie said, “Well, isn’t anybody going to say anything? Hellowwww? Gentlemen…?” Knocking on the top of my head, “Hellowwww... Is anybody in home? ... Earth to Max!” Startled back into civility, I offered my greeting to both Eric and Lars, and we said our polite hellos while continuing to survey each other’s physiques like hungry wolves eyeing fatted lambs (or in our case, like other hungry wolves. I couldn’t stop staring, and I couldn’t seem to maneuver my hardon into a less obvious position. It was straight up, hard as a rock and going nowhere. The attraction was so strong, that I think it was actually uncomfortable for Ernie and John, although, Ernie could always come up with a quip or a bitchy remark to lighten the tone. “OMG, you three! get a room! Or should I just jerk you off right here so we can get that lunch we were invited for today. AND DRINKS! I'm sure we were promised DRINKS!” Then nodding to the iced pitcher by the grill, “Maxie, my dear, get it in gear. Those margaritas are not going to serve themselves!” Long story short, the afternoon was fantastic. Besides being absolutely gorgeous hunks of prime muscle beef, Eric and Lars were also interesting and witty and delightful. They were just so damn sexy that I couldn’t stop staring and fantasizing. Every hearty laugh expanded a massive chest. Every lift of a fork flexed bulging biceps. A twist and stretch near the end of the meal made Eric’s shirt rise up above his navel, exposing the base of a rippling 6 pack. I stayed hard for 2 hours. When lunch was through, I offered the pool to my guests and indicated a changing room just off the deck. Eric and Lars acknowledged acceptance with a nod and set off to get changed, but John and Ernie declined, saying that they had eaten and drunk too much and needed a nap instead and would just head home early if I didn’t mind entertaining Eric and Lars for the afternoon. John gave me a wink and a peck on the cheek, while Ernie just groped me in the crotch and said, “I’m sure you three can find something fun to do without us,” and then, “I hear Lars is quite flexible.” A few minutes later, Eric and Lars emerged from the pool house, and I didn’t know if I would pass out right there or just cum in my shorts. My God, those boys could fill out their speedos. And talk about perfection, each in his own way the definition of what manliness should be. Eric was fair with a swirling pattern of dark hair on his chest, a defined trail down the middle of his abdomen, with more abundant hair over his thickly muscled legs. Lars was golden all over, with honey colored skin and a light dusting of golden hair all over his chest, forearms and legs that shimmered in the sunlight, making him look like a salted caramel ready to be sampled. Both of them were hugely built. Eric had absolutely enormous legs, butt, back and arms. Lars had the biggest pecs hanging over the tightest abs and most defined atlas belt I had ever seen. I was slack jawed, and they were all grins. I think Ernie and John must have alerted them ahead of the game that they could have some fun with me, and when they dropped their towels on the chaises and started rubbing suntan oil onto each other, then I had to get in on the action. I walked over, and Lars started flexing his pecs, bouncing the huge slabs up and down and saying, “Hey, Eric, have you noticed how Max can’t stop staring at my pecs. I think he might be a chest man. What do you say, Max? Do you want to help Eric put some sunscreen on my chest?” Before I could reply, Eric said, “No, Lars, I think he’s an arm man. Look how his dick twitches in his pants when I flex like this.” Eric flexed a huge arm in front of my face, and true to form, my dick twitched and pumped out some precum that made a wet spot on the front of my shorts. Lars then said, “You know, I think John and Ernie said that more than anything else, Max would like to flex for us. I could definitely go for that. Why don’t we get him out of those clothes and see what he’s got. From the tent in the front of his shorts, I don’t think we’ll be disappointed.” Eric then grabbed my shirt by the hem and pulled it up over my head while Lars unbuttoned/unzipped my shorts and pulled them to my feet. It happened so fast I could hardly react, but my dick responded, all nine inches of it, throbbing straight up toward my pecs and leaking copious precum as my guests made their inspections. Eric let out a low whistle and moved close behind me, pushing his own hardon up against my butt while reaching around me to rub sunscreen onto my chest and shoulders. “Hey, Lars, his chest is almost as big as yours, but I think you should get closer so that we can more easily compare.” Lars nuzzled up front, grinding his still speedo-covered erection into my hardon while flexing his pecs and his abs. “Hey Eric, he does have an amazing rack, but I think I’ve still got him beat. What about his arms? They look pretty big. Why don’t you each flex a biceps for me so I can decide who’s is bigger?” Eric’s right arm appeared in my peripheral vision and flexed into an enormous peak just beside my right cheek. I couldn’t help but turn my head and begin licking it, and I thought I might cum right then. Lars interrupted, “No! No! No! Do not cum yet. You may not cum until the comparison is through. Okay, Max, flex that big arm for me and let me see how yours feels compared to Eric’s.” I flexed with all my might, turned on like I had never been before and somehow willing myself not to come until permitted. “Oh, man, Max, your arm is as big as Eric’s, but I think his peak is still higher." My dick was shuddering like crazy, and the precum was leaking in a continuous stream. "Yeh, big man, you and Eric are close in the arm department, but his back and ass are like nothing you’ve ever seen and can't be beat by anyone. Turn around, and Eric can drop his trunks and you’ll see what I mean.” With that, still sandwiched between the two musclemen, I turned around and then watched as Eric took a step back, turned around and raised his arms into a double biceps. My hands were instinctively all over his arms and shoulders, and my cock was shuddering but somehow still under control. “Rear lat spread,” commanded Lars, and Eric complied, lowering his fists to his waist and forcing the wings of his back to spread as wide as any back I had ever seen. Then, while Eric was still flexing, Lars reached around and pulled Eric’s speedo to the ground. That ass was magnificent. High, tight and covered with a light dusting of hair. As Eric shifted weight from one foot to the other, the landscape of his gluteus muscles flexed and rolled. I could see some glistening sweat and a tuft of slightly thicker hair at the base of his spine, disappearing into the top of his ass crack, and I nearly blew my load again. I had never seen and ass that beefy and beautiful before. I needed to be inside that ass, and I needed it right then. Seeming to sense my need, or maybe revealing his own, Eric leaned over and grabbed his ankles. Then Lars grabbled a glob of precum from my dick and lubed Eric’s hole. Then Lars commanded me to flex my own double biceps pose while he positioned my dick at Eric’s hole. He then shoved his own 8-inches into me, which in turn forced me to enter Eric with a single thrust. Mphggh! It was pleasure beyond anything I had ever dreamed. With Lars fucking me and squeezing my biceps while I was fucking Eric and feeling his big muscle ass, I finally came, buckling over Eric at the same time that Lars came and buckled into me, and Eric came and nearly buckled to the ground. I must have pumped a gallon of cum into Eric. Lars was still feeling my arms and my pecs and ramming my ass, and I just kept cumming and cumming, worshipping Eric’s huge muscled body from behind while myself being worshipped the same. Finally, we were done and exhausted and laughing and lightly wrestling and flexing and feeling and then doing it all over again in the opposite direction and several different combinations. Eric and Lars stayed for the night and most of the following day. Then we said our farewells, and they were gone. Like I said, the weekend was relaxing. Now it was Sunday evening, and I needed to get ready for the week. Let me know if you enjoy the story so far. I can continue it if you like.
  11. Links to parts: Part 2 --------------- The room is lit, barely, by the idle signal of the long forgotten TV, and what little of the streetlamp’s glow makes it past the curtain. It’s a sticky night, and sleep evades Jack as he lies in the gloom on the sofa, staring blankly ahead. Not that the heat mattered much; sleep and Jack never got on much. From down the hall, at the other end of the apartment, he hears the distant snore of Bradley, curled up and at peace. He wished he could join him in that moment, safe and calm and unconscious, but he knew it would be some hours before he finally became exhausted enough to pass out. How he envied his boyfriend. Snap. Pain, which quickly subsides, but fades instead to extreme dizziness. His vision is a blur of creeping grey shadows, his ears filled with white-noise ringing. Am I dying? he thought, some aneurysm caused by years of insomnia catching up with him? His stomach lurches, he tries to cry out but a slur staggers in his throat, barely audible. He rolls off the sofa and stumbles to his knees, then feet. His movements are slow, jerking in awkward motions as he stumbles forward across the room, hand grasping at the door frame. Something is… off. Not just the dizziness, but the room itself seems different. Or is it just the shadows? The dim gloom of the room, brought to life by his vertigo, making the top of the door frame seem just a little bit closer. The hallway feels endless, a black corridor that seems to stretch two steps forward with every one that he takes. He falls sideways with one misplaced foot, bouncing off the wall, knocking a picture to the ground. His stomach lurches. He’s gonna hurl. The bathroom door bursts open as he charges inside, flicking on the light which buzzes angrily as it blinds him. On instinct he continues forward, his eyes scrunched tight as his fingers grasp unsteadily in front of him, finally coming into contact with the basin. He retches once, but nothing comes. It's cool here. He’s steadied. He slowly becomes accustomed to the light, and as the dreadful feeling dissipates, he turns on the tap and brings cool water over his skin. Then he opens his eyes. The person staring back in the mirror is not him. It looks like him, vaguely - his skin is flushed pink and his expression a mask of dumbfound disbelief, but otherwise the person’s face is more or less like his. But there the similarities stop. His usually sandy hair, cropped short around the sides, is instead a shaggy brown mop. He stands tall - much taller than Jack’s 5’11”, the top of his head reaching up past the mirror, and likely the doorframe he’d just stepped through. And he is an adonis - his body packed with thick muscle, stocky like a rugby player but on a frame tall enough to be in the NBA. His arms look bigger than his head, fed by thick veins, two of which spread from there to the sides of his thick pecs, which are dusted with a thin layer of fur. Beneath them a set of abs is visible despite the bulk of the stomach beneath them, stretching his underwear almost to breaking point. Ah. That’s not where the similarities stop. He’s wearing the same boxers… Shocked out of his fugue state, Jack looks down, and sees the same colossal body from the mirror. What the fuck was happening? He moves his arm, flexing it to yet more absurd degrees, studying every detail of it from the shoulders down to the thick fingers. He runs his hands over himself. Seconds ago he thought he was dying, but he was fairly sure this - whatever it was - was not an aneurysm. His heart still pounded like a drum with fear - this was terrifying! It was insane! It was fantastic. The thought catches him off guard, but it was true, wasn’t it? Look at me, he thought. Look at this body. I’m fucking huge, I’m amazing! And if I’ve had so much already, couldn’t I have more? He senses something deep in his chest, but it’s not the same horror from before. It feels like he’s been tethered to something, and as he focuses on the idea of more, it’s like he’s pulling against that rope. It resists him, but he overcomes it, and with each excruciatingly slow pull he feels himself getting bigger. Here his arm swells, there the seam of his pants pops, now his face is completely above the top of the mirror. Yes! More, give me more! Give me - “Jack…” The voice from behind him makes him jump, but nothing can prepare him for the sinking feeling of dread when he turns around. Propped up against the doorframe, barely remaining vertical, is an emaciated figure. His eyes are sunken into his skull which is sparsely covered with a sprinkling of white hair. He can’t be more than four feet tall, and that tiny frame looks about ready to crumple under its own meagre weight. Jack wouldn’t have recognised him, if it wasn’t for the tattoo of a Swallow on the tiny man’s shoulder. When Jack responds, despite his newfound size, his voice is barely even a whimper. “Bradley?!”
  12. Dedicated to a certain M/F writer You warned me what would happen if I started taking it. I sort of believed you, but I didn't believe that it would work in the first place. How many fake ads were there online that claimed to be able to grow your cock and increase your musculature overnight. When you bought those pills, I laughed, VirilX, came from some unknown distributor in a cheap little bottle, a dozen capsules. Each one was supposed to make any man stronger and way more potent in bed. They rolled around in the bottle like candy, but they didn't look like pills as far as I was concerned. So, we sat there, kissing, making out. You always turn me on so fucking much. Short, I was already a foot taller than you, but you have curves in all the right places, such kind eyes but they burn with passion whenever you're fucking me, and you absolutely know how to ride me to get me to bust all over those delicious tits of yours. But compared to me, I'm a string bean against your toned and fitness model body. You had been edging me to get to the gym, and I had started to go just to get some cardio so I could keep up with your frantic fucking in bed. You fucked like a rabbit, and each time I came, it felt a little weak, but you said, adding a few pounds of muscle here and there and I'd be rocking you in the sack instead of the other way around. But you said I hadn't made enough progress, and that's why you were shaking the bottle, running your delicate hand against my trim stomach, grinding your crotch against in those yoga pants that turn me on so much, your breasts pushed up against my non existent chest. You had rushed home after your workout, covered in sweat and I could practically feel how wet you were through my shorts. You jumped on top of me, riding my lap as I watched TV. Something had you going, and as I grew harder and harder you wordlessly popped the pill in your mouth and kissed me. I could feel the pill hit me as it worked its way down. My throbbing was getting stronger as I kept kissing you, pulsing, changing. My cock was threatening to completely tent my boxer briefs as it pushed up between your cheeks, my hands pulling down that zipper of your sports bra and my mouth clamped down on your hard swollen nipples. Something overcame me as I started breathing harder, my hands clawing at your ass and your tits as I groped you, my cock feeling like it wasn't truly hard, but I could feel it stretching out my gym shorts to their limit. I hadn't felt this fucking horny since I was a teenager, I practically growled as I kissed your neck and lifted you to feel how fucking hard I was, my shaft contained only by the little clothing between us. Then I heard it, a stitch popped, something snapped and I think I felt you gush. I roared as my cock tore out of my underwear, my balls feeling the oppressive tightness too and followed suit as they outgrew the tight pouch. Simultaneously you bit your lip and watched my body as it slowly changed from a thin wiry guy and started really packing on pound after pound of muscle. I didn't really have any fat, but what fat was there melted away, each group stretching and tearing before repairing itself in breathtaking speed. Every muscle, writhing under my skin as it began forming inhuman cords of bulging muscle, thick and veiny, each part made to fuck. My hands seemed bigger, thicker, fingers longer, I grabbed your yoga pants and with a little effort tore them apart, your little manicured fingers feeling my softball sized bicep, and doubly thick horseshoe tris as I made quick work of the rest of your clothes, tearing them into a heap of cloth on the floor. You worked your way up to the definition of my shoulders, my delts turning into cannon balls, my pecs surging forth into monstrous slabs of beef. Everywhere you touched grew on command. My lats flared out into cobra like wings, my stomach formed a slate of thick cobblestone abs, first four, then six, and finally nearly eight visible boulders. My neck thickened as you struggled to hold on, as you felt my neck slowly disappear into my newfound traps, I felt the sagging couch begin to creak and then give way altogether. I didn't even have to touch you to know you came again at the thought. My legs, well, the pill made sure I didn't look like I skipped leg day as each thick cable of muscle surged into existence, crisscrossed by a network of veins that would make a bodybuilder proud. My gym shorts turned into compression ones as my butt and my thighs filled them out to bursting. Finally, it seemed you left the best for last, my cock, it was already bigger than before, but now it was gaining a girth that would make you struggle, make you pant, and each veiny thick inch of it would be absolutely made to fuck the lights out of you. My balls kept up in proportion as my sack sagged down, the heavy tennis ball sized testicles churning with so much cum I could practically feel them wriggling within. As the transformation tapered off. I only looked at you with a sexual hunger I never knew existed. I was now changed, a man made to fuck. Made to make little sluts like you cum on command, I was looking at you like a lion looks at its prey. With one swift grip of my hands I picked you up and threw you down on the remains of the couch, my double digit shaft now leaking a steady stream of thick pre-cum, your slick little cunt oozing down your thighs as I pushed it up against the lips, looking for your approval to take you and make you my submissive little gym bunny. My newfound wide, shredded back blotted out the light, so I could barely see you, but I could make out your little nod. I pushed it in, and you met your newfound muscular god.
  13. RoseConspiracy

    The Last Summer Holiday

    My chest swelled the moment our eyes connected followed by a loud growl tearing from my lips. It would have startled the shit out of anyone– if they could have heard it over the hum of the damn tank I was currently riding on. Those gorgeous evergreen eyes trailed down my body and my cock actually stirred as her pink, little tongue darted out to lick her lips. I almost smirked knowing she liked what she saw. But the look on her beautiful face was immediately replaced with panic. “Oh my god, Linkin!” A woman frantically yelled as a boy of about five darted out into the street to grab a bag of skittles. It all happened so fast. The blaring sirens around us from the parade drowned out the mother still struggling to get out of her chair. She pointed desperately as she screamed. “Hailee! Grab Linkin! Grab my baby!” The woman who with just a single look had me almost collapsing to my knees, darted out after him. As the tank barreled towards them, the oblivious little boy stretched his hand out to grab his prize. Hailee was tall, curvy, toned, gorgeous– she reached him in no time. But so did we. A tank couldn't exactly stop on a dime. Her brunette hair flew out all around her as she grabbed the boy with one arm and swung to take the brunt of the hit with her back. I watched her long eyelashes flutter closed as she just waited for the pain. But the only thing her back collided with was the meaty brawn of my chest. The vehicle rocked slightly as it hit me, but my own body was built as powerfully as the tank itself. Maybe even more powerful. Fuck, it barely felt like a tickle. This time I did allow myself to smirk as I spun the woman around in my arms. Her gasp was just so damn cute when her eyes snapped back open. She licked her lips again as she looked down at my thick, beefy arms. It had to of been nearly a hundred fucking degrees in Chicago today, and my sweat soaked tee clung to my body like a second skin. I could tell by the look on her face though that she wasn't complaining. “How did you–?” Her head tilted to the side but she didn’t seem able to form words as her eyes lingered a little too long on each one of my magnificent pecs. I immediately fell in love with the sound of her voice. Not too high pitched or deep, just absolutely perfect. I didn’t want to let her go. I never wanted to let her go. The boy sandwiched between us though brought me back to reality. Finally his parents had managed to waddle the way out of their chairs and Linkin went running into their arms. I wanted to say something– anything– But the tank had kept on rolling without me. Assholes. I snarled mentally in my head. “I– I’ve gotta go,” I said as I gestured towards my ride. She nodded her head and as I ran to catch back up, I noticed how much tighter my clothes suddenly felt. Shit. Had I actually almost hulked out in front of everyone? I looked down and gave a little flex. Oh fuck yes. My pecs and arms looked bigger and I felt stronger too. My god, what could this woman do to me? A half hour later I was sitting inside the little Mexican restaurant just across from the vixen. Our VFW float had been in the beginning of the parade, so I still had plenty of time to creep on Hailee and her family. Even after that near brush with death, she continued to run after her nieces and nephews while everyone else just sat. I sipped on my Corona as I watched, my thick fingers curling into a fist. Her tan skin begged for them to dig into her waist and pull her towards me. I longed to hear her gasp again but only this time with my big, fat cock rubbed up against her ass. I heard it then. The seams in my shirt and cargo pants pleading with my body to stop. A part of me wanted to just let loose. Afterall, growing always felt so good. And the way Hailee’s eyes greedily soaked in my body– But I couldn’t. Not here. Not now. I stood abruptly and threw down enough money to cover my meal and a decent tip. I was taller than when I came in here. Broader. Thicker. Fuck. If I wasn't careful, I was sure my ass and cock would burst through the fabric of my pants. Something told me I wasn't done growing yet. It took almost two hours to get from downtown to a little bar just eight miles away on the southside. I should have just walked, but I didn't want to leave my truck parked at the VFW post overnight. Everyone else had BBQs and parties to rush off to. But not me. No family. No friends. I had hunkered down in the darkest corner of Hatleys. A little hole in the wall bar right off the lake. The bikers inside looked rough, but most of them were fellow veterans who'd give the shirt off their backs just like me. I spent the rest of the day there and when the sun started to go down I figured it was about time for me to head home. I had just closed out my tab when she suddenly strolled in. My traitorous cock instantly rose to half mast at the sound of her laugh. Another two hours past and I continued to just sit there and watch. I realized I would be perfectly happy to just sit there and watch her all fuckin' day. The way her own muscles flexed, I could tell she knew her way around the gym. A couple of times I had caught myself stroking the monster tenting my pants at the glimpse of her toned little shoulders and biceps in the dim light. In no time she had commanded the attention of the entire bar. She never sat for any length of time, running around singing karaoke, playing darts or just joking around with the other patrons. The older woman she had come in with for the most part just sat and watched her too. She definitely seemed to enjoy the free drinks that Hailee was securing from all over the bar. I noticed Hailee stuck to only the areas with full lighting. Which meant she never fluttered my way. Good girl. She'd probably been touched or groped one too many times in these dark corners. Of course she had. She was fucking gorgeous. And clearly the guy who had been sitting at the bar for as long as I had agreed. He kept calling Hailee back over to him. She always looked a little uneasy, but she went. If he got too handsy, she'd just swat him away with a laugh and a tiny kiss to his cheek. She had told him once that he looked a little like Jason Momoa and that seemed to put him on cloud nine. The idiot thought he had secured her as his escort for the night. I growled and clenched both of my fists. Fucker needed to be taken down a notch. "Forget Irish car bombs! Alicia, make us a round of my Italian-Irish car wrecks, please!" I had been creeping on them long enough to know that Hailee was mostly of Italian descent, while her celebrity look alike was half Irish and half Mexican. The bartender served up five, half full glasses of Angry Orchard and then set down the same amount of shot glasses filled with Jameson and Bailey's. The little group claimed Hailee's concoction tasted like a maple glazed donut and by the fourth round the big guy was starting to get out of hand. "Come on baby girl, are you going home with Papi tonight or what?" He growled at her while gripping the fishnets just under one of her ass cheeks. The same bouncing globes I had been watching poke out from under her shorts all night long. It suddenly dawned on her that everyone was clearing out of the bar. The same look of panic flashed across Hailee’s face as she realized even her friend was gone. She glanced my way, head tilting to the side like this morning– but I knew there was no way she could see more than a burly shadow of my figure. Papi stood to his full height, towering over her five foot eight frame from his six foot four. She visibly trembled as she looked up when he pinned her back against the bar. "Enough," I snarled. I slowly stood from my spot, allowing myself to finally be revealed. I knew my sleeves had rolled up as my biceps had grown even bigger watching her. I was surprised the shirt was still able to contain my two massively growing pecs. Delicious tingles shot down my spine as I continued to rise– widen– thicken. The half Irish prick was a big man. But I was even bigger. I strode up to them as his hand cupped her breast before going to her throat. She was shaking her head, whimpering for him to stop. She looked up at me over his shoulder. My breath hitched. Unlike Papi, it wasn't fear in her eyes when she looked up at me. It was lust. I tapped Papi on the shoulder, smirking as he turned around. He hadn't expected someone the same height as him, and I wasn't. By now, I was at least a head taller. "She said STOP." I growled. My beefy fingers easily wrapped around his wrist as I removed his hand from Hailee's slender neck. I could see the fight or flight reaction written all across his face. For a moment he actually looked like he would argue. But then he heard it. We all did. It started with the fabric along the collar of my ever thickening neck. A tiny tear at first, but then the rip just kept growing. "Goddamn." My voice dropped an octave as I released the asshole and watched him run for the door. The fabric of my shirt had finally decided it had stretched enough. Hailee hesitated for all of about two seconds before she grabbed my ginormous hand and pulled me out towards the back exit. "Why– why aren't you afraid of me," I asked. My voice was so deep, so loud. But I couldn’t help it. I was growing so much. She smirked as she looked up at me. My bald head still rising in the light of the moon. "You're him, aren't you?" Her eyebrows knitted together as she whipped out her phone and showed me my own Twitter account- The Growing Green Beret. I nodded and grinned. I might not have had family and friends, but followers I definitely did. I knew there were a few women who enjoyed my content, but it was so far and few between. Sure, lots of women were into big, beefy men. But big, beefy, growing men? Fuck. And judging by the lust in this woman's eyes, I had hit the proverbial jackpot. "I won't be able to stop," I warned. "I can't stop." I corrected. "So don't." "Fuck, woman." "That's the plan," she smirked. I grabbed her roughly by the waist. My hands still growing till my fingers completely encircled her and touched. She felt so tiny. So fragile and weak. It actually caused my growth to halt. "I'm not a goddamn vase," she growled– it was like she could read my mind. "I won't break." Apparently, that was all the encouragement my body would need. I was like a goddamn animal as I lifted her with one hand, hauling her up my chest. I roared and snarled. My back arching as hundreds– or fuck, was it thousands of pounds of muscle – piled onto my ever growing frame. She attacked my lips first and then moved on to my chest. Pausing for only a moment to push the remnants of my shirt off my rising traps. She may have stopped the half Irish punk from ripping her clothes off, but I'd be damned if she tried to stop me. "Oh fuck," she gasped, rocking her tiny hips against me. My powerful fingers were no match for her fishnets and lace panties. I sunk a thick finger between her folds then immediately growled in her ear. "Wet for me already?" She blushed as she looked up at me, but the embarrassment didn't last long. "Jesus!" She cried out. I smirked because I had thrust a second finger deep inside her. My other hand tearing off her shirt and bra. "Why did you keep going back to him?" I asked. "I– I thought I could handle him." "And me?" I laughed darkly, even deeper than the devil himself. "You think you can handle me? Look down." I growled in satisfaction at the look of terror on her face. It was so goddamn cute as her hands frantically tried to grab on to my pecs and traps. But they'd grown too big– too thick. I hadn't fancied her the type to be afraid of heights. But then again, she was hovering nearly twelve feet off the ground and all that was keeping her held up was one of my big, strong hands. "Oh, fuck yes," I roared. "Baby girl, I'm nearly as thick and wide with muscle as I am tall. I feel so fucking good! So powerful. Goddamn, what are you fucking doing to me?" With renewed fervor, I practically wedged her between my pecs before fisting her hair in my hand. Her lips parted and like a good girl, her tongue partook in a dangerous dance with my own. She growled suddenly and looked down, my eyes following after hers. "There's no fucking way this thing is going inside you," I laughed. I stroked it for emphasis from the thick root upwards with my free hand. "It'll rip you in half." With a force that came out of nowhere, Hailee grabbed my chin and lowered my face to look me dead in the eyes. "I swear to Christ if you don't shut up and fuck me, I will murder you in your goddamn sleep." Feisty. She was fucking goddamn feisty. But who was I to argue with a lady? My fingers dug into the soft flesh of her waist, and with one hand I lifted her– Then impaled her right on my giant, rigid cock. *Don't forget to like, comment & follow me on here or Twitter!*
  14. pasidious

    Grindr Growth

    Alright, forgive me, please, but this may be a bit unrefined. I worked on this for far longer than I initially wanted to. It was supposed to be a simple, very short story. And then it became what it is. Weeks after starting it, I finally finished. And I'm not even sure I'm happy with it. But, I hope you can at least somewhat enjoy it. As usual, no one in the story is under 18. _______________ Grindr is probably the worst app ever. Wait. Scratch that. PEOPLE are the worst. All Grindr does is connect us to others. And I've found that people can't read or are just plain dumb. I don't know. Either way, I specifically put in my description that I'm attracted to muscular dudes. It's clearly written. So why, oh, why do I constantly still get a bunch of old saggy creepy dudes or skinny twig twinks? And a ton of fat blobs?? I mean, I know I'm no adonis. I'm not exactly a model, either. But I can't help what turns me on. I can't force myself turned on to settle for whatever I can get. If I have to force myself hard, then I might as well just jerk off. No need to involve anyone else. Grindr continues to be a failed experiment for me. I can't win with it. But there's this one ridiculously skinny twink dude who will not relent. I've ignored him, told him no, told him I'm not into him, and all manner of things to reject him. He still constantly messages me. I'm not one to block people. I hate when it's done to me, so I rarely block others. This dude hasn't done anything in particular to offend me. He's just eager and relentless. I have a pretty big cock. Not gonna lie. Eight inches and thick. I used to think I was average until I downloaded Grindr for the first time and got a glimpse of what else is out there. And the reactions I get when people see my cock... it's astounding. So, yeah, not my words. I have a big cock. Which, I suppose, is why many are hungry for it. But I'm turned on by only one thing. Muscle. Which is a concept lost on many. But this relentless dude. He's another level of dense. He doesn't get it. He is convinced I can make an exception. Like he can do something for me that no one else can. He ain't muscular, so it ain't gonna happen. And I've tried. Lord knows I've tried. I can't force it, though. I've even tried in the past to imagine muscles and muscle growth and anything else I can to get hard and stay hard. But it never works. I need the real thing. And he's convinced he needs my cock. "Dude you need to stop. I can't deal with you every day messaging me nonstop and I've told you a billion times by now I'm turned on by muscle." "You haven't experienced what my mouth can do." "Unless you explode into a muscle god from sucking my cock, I don't think there's anything you can do. You're a twig." Which was the most recent transcription of our conversation thread. And he did suddenly stop after that. He'd usually keep barraging me with more messages protesting my stubborn stance, but I'd never been so direct as in my last message. I guess I finally got through to him. But then two days later I got another message from him. I, of course, heard the telltale alert on my phone and, probably too eagerly, opened the app to see who the message was from. And my mood instantly dropped when I saw it was from him. "FUCKING hell," I thought to myself. I honestly thought he was done. "If I workout, will you let me suck you?" was his message. I wanted to plain ignore the message. I didn't want to acknowledge it. I didn't want to open the flood gates for more constant pestering. I didn't believe for one second he'd actually pick up a weight, and even if he did, he'd never do shit with it. But, somehow, the idea of him working out still intrigued me. I'm so attracted to muscle that I figured, what the hell? Let's see if he does anything. And it ain't like he's ugly. He's actually cute. What if he did add some muscle to his body? "If you workout AND add some muscle, then yeah, I'll consider it." And then silence from him for hours. It was past midnight when I got another message. "How much?" "How much what?" "Muscle." "You mean weight?" "Yeah." "Idk dude, decide for yourself." "I need a goal. Set it for me." I sighed. "Uhh, let's say 20 lbs." "That it?" "Don't underestimate how hard it is to gain muscle." "Don't underestimate how bad I want that dick." "Fine make it 50lbs." Then more silence. An hour goes by. Another message. This time a video. "What the fuck," I think. I figured it'd be some dirty and vulgar video, but it was surprisingly something else. The video started with him pointing his phone at his bathroom mirror at his thin, shapeless body. He's shirtless, wearing only cotton shorts, and he points the camera down at a digital scale. The number reads 102. And then the video ends. And then a text message. "Just showing you my starting point. Made it a video so you know I ain't lying." "Ok" was all I could think of to respond with. Still didn't believe for a second he'd actually do anything. I expected he'd be back to his old self in a day or two, messaging me nonstop begging to let him suck me off. "Ok?" he responded after several minutes. "Yeah." "Don't you wanna see me gain muscle?" "Ngl dude I don't think you'll do shit. I'll be surprised as hell if you do, but most dudes who wanna workout don't realize the amount of pain and effort that goes into it and quit within a month. If that." "We'll see." And then he shut up. He didn't say another word. I expected more pestering about letting him suck my dick, promising he'd be bigger soon or some shit, but he said nothing. A week goes by. I still check Grindr and reject the usual dudes who think I'll go for some geriatric action or some other gross shit. But the skinny twink's tile continues to show up. Which, of course, isn't surprising. What was surprising was the silence. Not one word from him. But then he surprised me a bit. His tile was always blank. Like he was one of those "DL" guys who doesn't wanna be seen. But one day a little over a week later his tile was suddenly a decent face picture. "Huh," I thought to myself. "That's weird." I, of course, can never help myself. I open the Grindr app all the time to check to see who's around. I never know when I might encounter someone new who's interesting or maybe even muscled that may actually wanna meet up. But skinny twink is always there. Always on the app. His tile stays right there at the top every time I open it. Another week goes by and his tile remains the same. His new profile picture still throws me off. I can't understand why he was always blank and then suddenly he has an actual photo of himself. Just a simple image of his face, a cute smile. Nothing too cheesy, of course. Just like a school picture or something. But still, he hasn't said a word to me. I found myself half-tempted to actually open his profile and read if he changed anything there. But the app has that new feature that lets people know when you've viewed their profile. I didn't want to open the flood gates. But then there was a new picture. A different picture. It still showed his face. But he wasn't smiling. I mean, it wasn't like he was scowling or anything. But it was definitely an expression upon his face that was more confident. And what's more, it was a little farther away from his face, showing his neck a bit more. And, in the photo, it was clear he was shirtless. Still could only see him mostly from the neck up, but it was clear there was no shirt worn while the photo was taken. Now, this may not seem like an abnormal thing. "So what?" you may be asking. Well, I just recall a more thin appearance to his neck. Maybe I was imagining things. But his neck looked thicker. And, I also didn't even want to believe it, but his traps seemed to be... well, there. Again, might all be inside my head. Maybe the fact that my imagination was running a bit wild after our last conversation and my mind was playing tricks on me and I actually wanted him to workout and bulk up. Well, hell, I did actually want him to workout. I'd love to see a dude actually pick up weights and gain muscle thanks to me in some way. Just... never thought it'd have been in this particular way. But his relentless pestering has always made me want to dislike him. But I couldn't allow myself to get all excited over what will likely amount to nothing. Maybe he was working out. But he'll still be the same skinny twink in the end. Even if he does gain a little weight. I mean, come on. Twinks never really get thick with muscle anyway. What was I even thinking?? I was surely imagining things, anyway. Why was I thinking about this dude so much? I closed the app and moved on to something else I needed to focus on. As it would happen, I didn't actually bother to open the app again for a few days. Work was consuming a lot of my time and even though I'd often be horny, it's not like looking at the app ever amounted to anything anyway, so I would just look at my usual muscle porn, jerk off, and call it a night. By the time I actually did decide to look at Grindr again, it was maybe four days later. The tiles loaded up on the screen of my phone and, of course, it was the usual faces to which I'd grown accustomed after all this time. This area didn't change much. But skinny twink wasn't there. I was surprised. I guess maybe he hadn't been on the app in a while, either. I sometimes had to wonder to myself why I even bothered with Grindr. It's not like I ever really found anyone worth a damn. I was constantly disappointed, and what few dudes I'd actually talked to who I wanted would ghost me. But, I'd still always log on and check it out. But then he reappeared at the top of my list. And this time it was one hell of a new profile picture. I honestly didn't even know it was him at first. I just saw the pic and said to myself "wow"... because the picture was of a flexed arm. A biceps that had to be the size of a tennis ball flexed into a perfect shape, which is of course something that caught my eye immediately. I touched the tile and got a closer look of the sexy arm, and when I swiped the photo to get another image, I saw his face. At first I thought I'd accidentally swiped too hard and I switched to the next profile, but in seconds I felt my heart thud in my chest as I realized it was the same dude, same profile. Skinny Twink. "No fuckin' way," I said aloud to myself. He had to be stealing that photo and trying to pass it off as his own. But the next image he had on his profile dispelled any doubt. He was mugging for the camera, flexed biceps into hardness, and even the top portion of his now developed pecs were in the image. He had a slight cleft between his chest muscles. "Holy fuck," I said aloud to myself. And then I heard the Grindr alert noise that I received a message. And it was from him. Of course it was from him. He got the notification that his profile had a new view. And it was from me. So, no hiding the fact that I've seen his new muscular development. "Want head?" was what his message said. Of course it did. Even with his new muscles he was still the same guy. I didn't respond. I mean, how could I? What would I even say? I didn't want to gush over his new development. I didn't want to come off as too eager. And I hated myself for now being entirely attracted to him. I DID want head. And I wanted to feel his new muscles the entire time. He wasn't huge or anything, based on the photos he has publicly viewable. But his new muscles were tight and sexy. And, I suspected he'd probably continue growing. I felt my cock throb in my shorts. But then he sent another message. "Told ya I wanted that dick. Like what you see?" He baited me. And I took the bait. "You got good at photoshop, huh?" I said. Immediately he hit back with "Lol!" And then a few minutes went by. I put my phone down thinking he'd say nothing else, but then he came back with "How's this?" and seconds later an image came through. And my dick spurted some pre right into my shorts. He was flexing his arm again, this time with a shirt on, but his bicep was bulging up into the sleeve with no space. He made sure his face was in the image as well, and he was smirking. A new thing for him. He'd smile in his pics, but never smirk. This was a look of confidence. "Just took that one" he said. Trying to remain in control, I replied with "How much?" "How much what?" "How much weight you gain?" I asked. And this time many moments went by. I thought he was trying to come up with some plausible number for me to believe since I was still suspicious of whether or not he was being for real. But then the Grindr alert for a new message came through, and it was a video. I eagerly played it. It was very much like the first one he ever sent me. He was standing in the bathroom in front of his mirror, shirtless, and only cotton shorts on. But the similarities ended there. His shoulders were rounded, broader, and his chest was pushing out when before it was completely flat, almost sunken. And he had fucking abs now. Abs! Nothing crazy, barely a 4-pack, but still, abs! And his arm hanging at his side as he held his phone was taut and had the clear appearance of a worked-out arm. His forearm was clearly thicker, and his bicep was bulging even in a relaxed state. And it was just a brief image as he smirked still for the camera right before looking down at the same scale as before. The digital number read 124. Before I could even respond to the video, he sent another message. "22!" I couldn't help myself and I replied with "Jesus". "Can I suck you off now?" he asked. "I thought your goal was 50." "Dude I'll get to 50 and probably more. But you initially said 20. I beat that. I wanna suck that big cock." And my cock was oozing pre into my shorts just at the idea of being able to touch his new body. I felt myself acquiescing. It wasn't quite registering with me that he grew this much in only a month. But I didn't care. "Fine come suck my dick but if you wanna be sure I'm hard and throbbing you gotta show off those muscles for me" "Dude it's literally the whole reason I started working out" and then "What's your address?" I stared at my phone, marveling at the fact I finally did it. I finally got a dude to workout and gain muscle. And it was, according to him, all for me. I couldn't believe it. "??" He was clearly impatient. And I forgot I needed to tell him where I lived. And I told him my address right away. I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel a certain element of whiplash. I went from rejecting this dude whole-heartedly to wanting him in an instant. And not just to suck my cock. And it was a true testament, for me, that muscles truly are the driving force behind my sexuality. Like, yeah, I liked dudes. But my cock only truly responded to muscles. I paced my place, suddenly nervous about the idea of meeting this dude. And, there was still a part of me that believed he was putting on a good and convincing act. I still partially expected to see the same skinny twink when I opened my door. And I wasn't sure exactly how I'd react if that were the case, but if it was, I was hoping I could withhold my tongue well enough to simply slam the door in his face. But then there was a knock on my door. My heart pounded in my chest. I opened the door, and there he was. He was shorter than I expected him to be, but I shouldn't have been surprised. He was fully clothed, and I didn't know if he wasn't quite used to the idea of having muscle on his frame or if he intentionally did it, but he was fully clothed and it wasn't in the type of clothing a gym-rat wears. Most dudes, when their bodies are burgeoning muscle, seek to show it off in any way possible. I would have expected a sleeveless shirt or something, but he was wearing nerd clothes. A stupid too-large t-shirt with one of the billion Call of Duty logos across the top front. And plain gray joggers with black accents around the quad area. His dirty blonde hair was a bit disheveled but that's how it always looked, even before. But, in spite of this, it was still clear he'd put on muscle. His chest was pushing out on that Call of Duty logo. His developing traps were pushing out of his neck a bit, which actually was made obvious thanks to the oversized shirt having a larger neck hole. And, I wasn't too sure on this, but either his quads were thick and wrapped nicely by those joggers, or it was just an affect of the joggers themselves. Hard to say these days with the trendy pants dudes have been wearing lately. And as he stood there, he had this slight grin on his face, and he gave a little wave in greeting, raising his arm and causing his forearm muscles to writhe a bit. "Can I... come in?" he asked. I didn't say anything I just stepped aside. He stepped past me and entered my home, and as I shut the door I turned around to look at him and he'd already made his way into the living room. "Can you... take off your shoes, please?" I asked. "Oh yeah of course dude," he said, and removed his shoes and placed them by the door where I was still standing, brushing past me as he did so. Looking at his form, knowing what was waiting under those clothes, I knew I should be getting hard, but my nervousness was keeping my cock at bay. I moved towards my sofa to sit down, hopefully to encourage him to do the same. I like to ease into these things. I didn't want to just drop my pants. But as I stepped forward, I felt a hand around my arm and he spun me around. I looked down at his face and he was slightly smiling. "Don't keep me waiting," he said, and immediately reached down and palmed my crotch through my pants. I felt a twitch in my cock from his touch. "Uh, whoa," I said, pushing against his chest with my hand, trying to get him to back off a bit. There was definitely muscle in that chest, too. I felt my cock stir further. And he did. Back off, I mean. He stepped back, and I saw his hands clench into fists a few times, making his forearms bunch. "You said I could suck you!" he practically whined. I couldn't help but grin at that. "Yeah, but slow down a bit man. I also said something else, too. Remember?" "Ohh yeah," he said, grinning back at me. And with that, he didn't even waste a moment. He pulled back the sleeve on his right arm and flexed his bicep, triumphantly raising it in the air for me to see. And holy fuck was it beautiful up close. That tennis ball bicep bulged up into hardness, and I felt my mouth drop open. "Holy shit," I said aloud, not entirely meaning to. "Yeah," he simply said, still with a grin. My cock was swelling within my shorts as I gazed upon his newly built muscle. "How about this?" he asked and flexed his other arm, now in a double bicep pose. He didn't pull the sleeve back on this one but his bicep bulged up into the sleeve, almost completely filling the empty space. "H-how?" I stuttered, feeling my cock throbbing into full hardness. "How what?" he asked, cocking his head, lowering his biceps a bit, but still keeping them half-flexed in the air. "How did you gain this much so quickly?" "Oh!" he responded, lowering his arms completely to his sides. The sleeve on the right arm didn't quite lower all the way and his arm remained mostly exposed, and it bulged nicely at his side. "I, uh, started working out right away after I showed you that first weigh-in. I did everything I could to gain muscle. I eat, like, eight-thousand calories a day, most of it protein foods." I stood there, mouth agape, as he told me how it happened. "I really want to suck your cock. Like, really want to suck it. If building my body is what it takes, then I'll do it." "Looks like you already did it," I muttered. He grinned. "Nah, I'm just getting started. Remember? Fifty pounds was the goal." I felt myself panting. He'd gone from an annoying twiggy pest to this sexy gym-rat who was only going to get hotter if he kept going the way he's been going. And hearing him say what he'd just said was... well, sexy as fuck. "But, uh--" I found myself struggling a bit to find words, "--Don't you like being on the, uh, skinny side?" He grinned. "I did. I definitely did. I never wanted to do this. I'm a twink! But, now--" he paused, and raised his arm and flexed that impressive bicep, "--I'm growing. And it feels amazing. I felt my cock throb. Hard. Usually I have control over my cock, but it throbbed super hard and sent shivers throughout my body. I'd always had little half-baked fantasies about things like this, where I would have a dude workout and get big for me and I'd get to reap the benefits. I just never thought it would become reality. And certainly not this guy. "Looks like I've awakened the beast," he said, smirking that new confident smirk, eyeing my now completely hard dick's bulge protruding from the front of my pants. "Fuck," I said, not really meaning to. It was my generic response to a situation that got my dick super hard. He closed what gap there was between us and stood almost nose to nose with me. He almost looked hesitant, but I suspected he was waiting to see if I pushed him away again. I didn't. His hand reached for my crotch and palmed the hard appendage that was writhing within my pants. His fingers ran themselves over me, caressing the bulge. It sent shivers up my spine. He lifted his other arm and flexed his bicep again, that hot tennis ball bulging up against his sleeve. The sight made me shudder. And my cock throbbed again. And suddenly he dropped to his knees. His eyes looked up into mine, and his fingers began undoing my pants. He almost had a submissive expression on his face, and maybe it was entirely submissive. As a skinny twink he was probably used to being in a submissive role. I wasn't interested in domination in any way. And with his burgeoning physique he'd probably find himself in far less situations where he would be playing a submissive role. My cock was leaking pre into my pants in anticipation. I felt the wetness. I was quite the leaker. I could literally feel when my cock would spurt pre, and it was happening a lot. And suddenly I felt my pants dropped, and my cock bounced out, springing up and flinging some pre across his face. It landed on his nose, lips, and across his cheek. He didn't recoil, though. He had a hungry expression on his face and used his tongue to lick up what it could reach. "Fuck, you taste good," he muttered. "Mmm" I grunted, completely unable to think of any words to say. My body was almost in a catatonic state. I felt my breathing becoming heavy. I was so aroused. "Here we go," he said, and his eyes hungrily averted their gaze onto my throbbing member. And he suddenly went into attack mode. He started licking my cock, I guess as a sort of appetizer. I was already shocked at how good it felt. He was running his tongue all over, and my favorite moments were when his tongue would run over the underside of my dick. "Mmmm" he would moan a little from time to time, enjoying himself. And then without warning he popped the head of my cock into his mouth and sucked. "Oh god," I breathed. "Mmm" he grunted, and I could tell he was smiling. And then he did what I should have been waiting for. I mean, I guess I definitely was waiting for it, but I'd been so enthralled by his licking to this point I let it slip my mind. He flexed. He was kneeling before me, my cock at least partially in his mouth, and he flexed both his arms into a double-biceps. "Ohhh god," I moaned, barely able to contain myself as I watched his tennis ball biceps mound up. I felt my cock throb and pulse as he sucked on just the head. I really hope he didn't doubt me when I said muscles turned me on, but if there ever was any doubt, I'm sure it's gone, now. He was able to hold his flex, his biceps hard balls of muscle, while simultaneously sucking on the head of my dick. "Mmm" he grunted and moaned again. But then he let my entire cock slip into his mouth. He swiftly let it slide all the way, and I felt his throat open as the head entered his actual throat, the size too big for just his mouth. And he kept his arms flexed. Here this dude was, flexing his arms and deepthroating my cock. I'd have been lying if I said I wasn't impressed, but I wasn't able to focus on his skills. All I could see were two sexy fucking biceps as my cock was experiencing pleasures I never knew possible. He was bobbing his head know, throat-fucking my big dick. I felt myself bucking my hips in time with his head-bobbing. I could feel a climax coming, sooner than I'd have thought. "Mmmf" he moaned again, and I was almost certain he knew I would climax soon. And, he didn't slow down. In fact, he took his hands and pulled the sleeves back on both arms and flexed again, his biceps on complete display. His delts were now in sight, too, which had also clearly grown. I definitely had to give this dude an 'A' for effort. He tailored this blowjob for me. And the sight of his exposed bulging muscles sent me over the edge. I felt the explosion welling up. And explode, I did. I bucked my hips wildly, the sensation of cum releasing from my balls into my shaft so intense I almost felt my legs give out. But he could somehow sense this. His arms dropped and he reached both hands to the backs of my legs and squeezed. He was holding me steady as his mouth continued to suck, waiting for the deluge of cum. And I felt it happen. The first explosion. It must've hit his throat hard, because he immediately gagged. And he'd been able to keep from gagging to this point. But he didn't let up or release a single centimeter of my dick. He sucked down every drop. And the next shot came and shot into his throat, as he eagerly swallowed that one as well. "MmMmmmM" he moaned, swallowing every drop of cum I shot. Not a single drop escaped his mouth. I must have shot a good 5 or 6 times, each one as voluminous as the last. I felt myself breathing heavily but shallow, almost like I couldn't catch my breath. Like I'd run a marathon or something, and yet I didn't move from this spot. My orgasm was still subsiding, even though I was no longer shooting. He continued suckling at my cock, coaxing what few drops out that were left. I wanted to collapse onto my sofa, but his hands were lingering on the backs of my legs, squeezing them. When I felt my cock finally beginning to soften, I said "Dude that was probably the most intense orgasm I'd ever experienced." I felt his mouth give one last good suck, before he finally let my dick pop out of his mouth. My dick bounced a little as it continued to deflate. He smirked that confident smirk. "Told you you didn't know what this mouth could do." I almost got frustrated with him as he once again seemed to miss what it was my cock responded to. Yeah, he had a skilled mouth, for sure, but it was his muscles that did the job. "Dude," I said, still somewhat breathlessly, "You got a skilled mouth, yeah, but I'm tellin' ya, it was those hot biceps that did the job." "Oh you mean these?" he asked and flexed his arms again, still in that kneeling position in front of me. His sleeves were still pulled all the way back and now with a more clear mind I was seeing them in a somewhat different light. More clearly. They were sexy fucking arms. Like, really sexy. He had beautifully sculpted arms with veins in all the right places. "Y-yeah," I felt and heard myself stutter. He stood up, but didn't stand back or anything. "Whoa," he said, and it looked like he was about to lose his balance. I reflexively reached out and my arms wrapped around his back, holding him in place so he didn't fall. My arms made contact with a hard, tight body, and he allowed himself to be pulled into me. His torso pressed against me, and I could feel his pecs pressing into my body. It felt amazing. I looked into his face and he had this grin. And suddenly his arms went around my body and he kissed me. I was shocked and my first instinct was to push him away, but I suppressed it, suddenly wanting his lips on mine. We kissed for a few seconds, my hands roaming the expanse of his back through his shirt, and I could feel individual muscles. But then he suddenly pulled his face away, still grinning. "I can feel it," he said. "Huh?" I grunted, not even sure if I heard him right. "Feel what?" I asked, but suddenly realized he may have meant my cock which was hardening again, pressed against his body. "Oh yeah, I guess feeling your muscles against me is making me hard again," I chuckled. "No, man." He pushed me away, this time. Not hard or anything; just enough to get about a foot of space between us. But then he looked down at my rising cock and chuckled. "Well, yeah, that, but not that." I cocked my head, furrowing my brow at him. I was entirely confused at this point. "God your cock is hot," he said, eyeing my cock again. But he shook his head as though he was trying to break out of some sort of reverie. "But no, what I feel is your cum." "Oh really?" I chuckled a little. "Was it a lot?" "Fuck yeah it was a lot, but it's not what I mean." His breathing was getting shallow. "Oooof, yeah, I can definitely feel it." "Okay dude, you're starting to get weird on me." "Am I?" he asked, and once again flexed his arms. One of his sleeves fell down but the other was pulled back still. His biceps exploded into size and were once again making my cock throb. One was exposed to the air and I could see a prominent vein running across the peak. The other was wrapped in the sleeve and pressing against the cloth like a second skin. "Fuck your arms are hot," I breathed, yet again taken aback by how sexy his muscles were. He dropped his arms. "You still haven't noticed yet?" "Noticed what?" I asked, my mind clouded a bit by my once again completely hard cock. But then I did notice it. His chest. It was pushing out of that shirt way more than it was when he arrived. And I knew it wasn't just my imagination because I remember specifically how it looked based on the logo on the shirt. His chest had grown. In the span of less than an hour. "Oh fuck," I said, and then "How are-- How is--- What's happ--" "I'm growing, dude." My dick was still exposed to the air, my pants around my ankles. And it was harder than ever, throbbing wildly as I stood there looking at this former twink. He was still twink-ish when he arrived, but that was becoming a thing of the past. Right in front of me. "H-How?" "All I needed was your cum. Now--ungn--it's time for me to--oh god--get huge." And in that instant, he suddenly grew about an inch in height. He was only about a foot away from me, and I was looking down at him a little, but my eyes were suddenly looking more directly forward. "Fuck yes," he breathed, and then "Ohhh god" and he shot up another inch. His shirt tightened around his chest even further. "Fuck!" I said, not even meaning to. My cock was pulsing and throbbing at this sight before me. "Yeah, watch me grow," he said, and flexed his arms. They both exploded into baseballs, the sleeve tightening to painted-on status on the one arm the sleeve was still covering. The other arm was too big now for the sleeve to even naturally fall on its own. "Grrr" he literally growled as he held his flexed arms, visibly shaking as he was clearly flexing as hard as he could. And I saw his face light up as his arms simultaneously pulsed bigger as we both watched them. "Holy fuck," I whispered. "Yeah, you ready?" he asked. "Ready for wha--" I got out before he swiftly extended both arms and then flexed them again. This time they once again grew bigger, and the sleeve covering his one arm busted open in a loud POP as the threads all snapped. "FUCK yeah!" he shouted, continuing to flex and unflex his biceps. And then he lowered his arms and rolled his shoulders back a bit so his chest was more prominently visible, and what a chest it had become. His cliché Call of Duty logo was stretched across bigger pecs, much bigger than when he walked in. He looked down at his own chest and I watched as he bounced each side individually, seemingly to a tune only he could hear. And then he bounced them both at the same time, really making the front of the shirt jump, with one sleeve bunched up still between his biceps and delt, and the other sleeve hanging like a rag from his other arm. "Oooo yeahhh UNNGH," he practically moaned, and I watched his chest bulge outward in one short burst, like it was waiting for the perfect moment to grow bigger. RRRRRIP his shirt tore down the center as he flexed his newly grown pecs, and a beautiful cleft was visible now. "OH! OHH!" he gasped, and he shot up another several inches in height. I was looking up at him now, my head forced to tilt backwards. And suddenly I was overly aware my cock was standing straight up and out, throbbing intensely with greater vascularity than I've ever seen in my entire life, oozing pre onto my carpet. And there have been plenty of moments in my past when I thought I was turned on and harder than ever before. This, by far, topped any previous moment. I was... afraid? I guess? To even move. Like, if I moved, this entire fantasy playing out in front of me would dissipate and I'd wake up in my bed. His shirt was laughable, at this point, as it was basically a big rag hanging off of him. He rolled his shoulders again, and more rips could be heard as he deliberately pulled it as tight as he could across his back. His lats were wider. "I guess I don't need this anymore," he said, smirking, and took one hand and pulled his shirt off his body in one fluid motion, tearing it apart in the process. He tossed the now useless rag it had become across the room, his biceps bulging impressively as he did so. "Fuck--unnngg--look at me! I love this!" he shouted, flexing his arms triumphantly high in the air. His joggers had ridden up his legs thanks to his increased height. They were only covering down to just below his knees, and the elastic cuffs were stretched really tight around his now-bulging calves. I never got a real look at his legs before now, but I imagine they were skinny stick legs like many twinks have. The kind that had zero muscle tone and you'd wonder how the dude even walked on his own without help. But his calves now were clearly muscular. You know how you can see the calf muscle on an athlete's leg even from the front? That's what his looked like now. And they were twitching and swelling bigger as he stood in front of me. But that certainly wasn't all I could see. Because as I allowed my eyes to finally drift away from his calves, I could finally take a moment to realize his joggers were now wrapped tight around his upper legs, as well. His quads were getting bigger and bigger, clearly, as the cloth was unable to hide any longer the fact there was muscle beneath it. The individual heads of his quads were even visible through the cloth. "I see--nng--you've noticed my--uungh--legs," he said, grunting as he continued to swell before me. "I really liked these--ughh--joggers," he said, and I had the privilege of seeing him flex his legs and hearing RRIIPPP as his joggers tore up the sides, his muscular flesh swiftly becoming exposed to the air. "OH, OH FUCK," I gasped, as my cock exploded cum in a torrent, ropes of my juice shooting out across from me. My body shuddered as I shot blast after blast, before finally subsiding after, I think, 5 shots. "Holy shit," I rasped, breathless. I just came without even touching myself. I opened my eyes, not even realizing I'd closed them, to notice some of my cum landed on his abs. "Shit dude, did you just blow a load without even touching your cock?" he asked, looking down at his own abs and the globs of cum that had landed on him. "Man you really are a muscle fag." "Uhh, I... I think so..." I barely got out. And then "Wait, w-what?" "Well I guess I--oh god--shouldn't let any of it go to waste," he grunted, ignoring my "what," his abs clenching and defining themselves as he spoke. I gasped as I watched him take his fingers, his vascular forearms twitching has he brought his hand down to his abs and scooping up as much as he could and bringing it back to his face, sliding his tongue across his hand, eagerly swallowing up as much as he could. "Mmmm" he moaned, "You really do taste fucking good." I could only just stand there, as realization set in that he just ingested more of what made him start growing into this... beast before me. "A-are you g-gonna... get even b-bigger from that?" He grinned. "I'm not even done growing from the first load." He flexed his arms again to accentuate his point. His arms pulsed and grew even bigger as he did. "AHH" he gasped, as once again his height shot up another couple of inches, his joggers ripping even further. "Oof," he grunted, "There it is. I can--unghh--feel it charging me up again." "Every second--uff--that goes by I think to myself 'that's gotta be it, there can't be more,' and then--unggh--I get even bigger!" "Oh fuck," I whispered, feeling helpless as this former twink continued his transformation into a... well, a god. Looking at his biceps now, my body shivered. They had grown huge. They were bigger than softballs now, and still growing. His height continued to increase to accommodate more muscle on his frame. "Mmmffuck yeah," he muttered, in awe of his own flexed biceps as he looked, almost lovingly, from one to the other. "This power..." he muttered, and trailed off. He lowered his arms and then arched them out at his sides, like he was about to flex into a most-muscular pose, but stopped short. "Ohhh this power welling--ughh--up inside of me!" and I watched in absolute awe as he suddenly surged bigger. His whole body exploded with size in an instant, and what remained of his joggers exploded off his legs and the soft cloth fluttered to the floor. "Ohmigod" I heard myself say. As the rags that were once his joggers fell to the floor, the former twink was now completely nude, and I watched as a gigantic semi-hard cock flopped out from its confines. I don't know how I hadn't noticed it until now; maybe it was the fact he was transforming into a muscle god before my eyes, but his cock was now bigger soft (or at least semi-soft) than mine is fully hard. And I noticed I was once again completely full throbbing hard. He now towered over me. He was easily at least 6'7", maybe taller. He held his arms arched at his sides, and he almost... glowered at me, but his mouth was upturned enough it was still a smirk. "Still... grrrrr" he growled, and suddenly he flexed into an actual most-muscular, his muscles exploding into stark relief, veins snaking all over his body. His cock was swelling bigger, pulsing, hardening, and standing out and rising. "RRRR Still... Grrrowwwwwiiiinggg" he moaned, and continued to swell in front of me. His biceps and pecs were literally throbbing, increasing in size with each throb as his heart pumped blood through his engorged veins. His head was rising up as he grew taller, and his shoulders were spreading even farther apart as hard, striated muscle wove into tight boulders on each side of his head, attached to rising traps that surrounded a strong, thick bull neck. I felt my cock throbbing hard and I could actually feel yet another ejaculation brewing at the base of my crotch. The feeling was intensifying as my wildest fantasy was coming true before my eyes. But I somehow felt a pressing need to keep myself from blowing yet another load; some sort of sixth sense was telling me I needed to keep him from growing any bigger than he was going to get. "Yesssss..." he breathed, his voicing dropping an octave. "God fucking damn..." I muttered. His growth finally seemed to come to a stop as his head brushed up against the ceiling. I could actually hear it happen when it made contact. And, based on his attitude, I don't think he'd have made any effort not to bust right through the ceiling had he grown any bigger. "Fuck yessss..." he rumbled, his chest heaving as he breathed heavily. He launched into a mind shattering double-biceps, and the Cheshire Cat grin that formed on his face was so menacing I almost wanted to run out my front door. "Is this what you like?" he asked, shifting into an impressive side-chest pose. The fluidity of his pose was confusing to me. It's like he'd been practicing bodybuilding poses. His cock was huge, jutting out from his body like... well, cliché as it sounds, a third fucking leg. But, speaking of legs, his actual legs were tree trunks. Giant, decades old Oak tree trunks. I nodded. I couldn't find words. "I think I met my goal of 50 pounds, huh?" he rumbled. I nodded again. "Can I suck you off again?" he asked, finally relaxing his huge muscles and standing relaxed in front of me. He reminded me of The Hulk, just not green. And still with the face of a twink. I didn't know how to respond to his question. Was he actually asking? I wasn't sure I wanted him any bigger. Not in my home, anyway. But, before I could even think of a response, he said "Wait. What am I doing?" and he dramatically raised his hand to his forehead and slapped it with the palm of his hand. "I don't need your permission any longer. I can literally take it by force. Think you could stop me?" he asked, and flexed his impressive mountain of a vascular bicep right in my face. "Uhh..." I made a sound. I had no response. I felt like I didn't want to poke the bear and I couldn't tell if he was being funny. And that was somehow scarier than actually knowing he wasn't joking. "Am I still a twig? Huh? Was I so unworthy of your time when I was just a twig?" he growled. Suddenly his bigger hands were grasping my upper arms. I yelped as I realized he wasn't joking around. And suddenly my feet were dangling in the air as he held me up with no effort, my pants left in a puddle on the floor, my hard cock still leaking pre as it stuck right out from my body, still steel hard. "I'll suck you off when I'm ready, bro. But I wanna test this new dynamic out." Surprisingly, he let me down gently. "Wh-wh-wha--" I stuttered. "Shut the fuck up." Suddenly there was immense weight on my shoulders as I felt him pressing down on them with the palms of his hands. He let one hand off me and wrapped his fingers around his newly giant member. "You'd better get used to sucking dick. I know it ain't your thing, but, I don't care. Open wide." He was so tall now, I didn't even need to get on my knees.
  15. RealIn2Growth

    Food of the Gods - Parts 1-12 (06-03-24)

    Hope you enjoy the start of a new story! Food of the Gods Part One “Vince!!” From across the bar, Mason shouted at the top of his lungs. Mason was sitting at a table in the corner, looking fairly content, if not almost jubilant, with a greasy hamburger, fries, and a half a beer in front of him. Taking off his black woollen hat, Vince crossed over to his table, not making eye contact with the bartender and servers who definitely wanted him drinking if he was taking up space. “Just the fella I wanted to see!” Vince extended his hand to Mason, but his friend grunted slightly and then hungrily picked up the hamburger instead of shaking Vince’s hand, and took a huge bite. “You texted me, Mason. You told me I had to meet you here..” “Sit down. Sit down. Want a beer?” Mason took another bite, practically forcing half of the burger into his mouth. “No thanks. Too many carbs. I’m good.” “It’s on me. Get a beer. Maybe you want a whiskey?” “Beer would be great.” As Vince loosened the scarf his mother had knitted him last year for Christmas, Mason waved his hand at the server and forcefully pointed to his beer. Vince imagined how much the server must loathe Mason’s non-verbal bar communication signalling he wanted another round. Mason was in the bar most nights, so Vince was sure the staff must be used to his demeanour, but it didn’t make it any less off putting. Once he had gotten the servers attention, Mason threw a handful of fries into his mouth and then looked Vince in the eyes. “Rumour on the street is that for the past four months you’ve been selling that legendary cock of yours for $50.00 blowjobs.” Mason always was a straight shooter. “Yeah, well, desperate times. Since I was cut loose due to cutbacks, I’ve been struggling a bit. Need to use what I got.” Vince wasn’t ashamed of what he had to do to make some money. He was just surprised the news had spread all over town so quickly, especially since he drove 40 miles into Wichita to hustle his ass. In the last two weeks, he had gone further than receiving blowjobs from patrons and had been fucking three to four different men or women a night. “Understandable. That’s why I thought of you when this fell into my lap the other day. Do you…”. Mason grew quiet as the Server came over to the table and deposited Vince’s beer. He didn’t speak again until he was far enough away. “Do you know what this is?” Mason dug into his pocket and removed a plastic bag which he held up for Vince. Inside was a handful of what Vince could only guess was dried corn. “Got me. Chicken feed? And if this is about raising turkeys again to sell for Christmas, I’m out. I still have scars on my hands and wrists from last time.” “We’re not going back to the turkey biz, Vince. This is going to be bigger. Much much bigger. What do you know about Professor Regwood?” “Who?” Vince took a sip of his beer as Mason hungrily finished off the last of his fries. “This was before your parents moved you here. I think he came to Tander around 1980… 1981.” Vince hated when Mason talked with his mouth full, but he couldn’t deny that his friend was a great storyteller. Sure, most of the things he came up with were bullshit… but it was always entertaining. “Apparently he’d been a chemistry professor or researcher… kind of like you…” “I am a chemistry researcher. The lab let me off like every other place in this area. If my mother wasn’t so sick, I’d move somewhere else and I’d be working again.” Vince didn’t know why he was defending himself to Mason. He didn’t know why their relationship was always competitive, but it was. “I’m not arguing with you, Vince. It’s the main reason I told you to meet me here. I’m just giving you some background. Professor Regwood was exactly that. A professor. He taught at University of California or Nevada before being thrown out for ‘unethical practices;’ whatever that means. I've done some research online and all mentions of him working at any university have been wiped clean, so I’m guessing whatever it was was pretty extreme.” Mason paused for a moment to close his eyes and probably gather his thoughts. Like an uncontrolled creature, his hand reached out for more fries, but the basket was empty. Upset, he flipped it over and grabbed for his beer. “He moved here without his wife or son. That’s still a mystery. I never even heard of them till about 5 years ago… long after Regwood was dead. I’ve discovered evidence of them both leaving California with him, but never arriving here to Kansas. I reached out to some relatives, but none of them were very close with her and had no clue or cared about her whereabouts “ “You ever think about joining the force or the FBI? You’re pretty good at this research shit.” Vince took another mouthful of beer and wished Mason hadn’t eaten all of his fries. He was starving and couldn’t afford to buy some of his own. “Unfortunately I was never fit like you are. They wouldn’t take me. Anyway… local legend…” “Local legend?” “Local legend has Regwood moving here to do research on something called Herkalor IV.” “How the hell you know all this?” “My grandfather, you remember him, he was chief of police. You know that. He used to tell me stories just before he died. Can I continue?” “Go on.” “This Herkalor IV was some alkaloid that would help create an extendable food source.” “A what?” “Damn! For being so friggin smart, you’re thick! It would grow livestock bigger. Bigger cows… bigger chickens… bigger pigs…” “I get it.” “Apparently, the initial testing was done on six chickens. My grandfather interviewed Mr Skinner who supposedly worked for Regwood with the feeding and care of them. He confirmed the stories. He said the chickens grew to about six times their original size and were totally healthy. Unfortunately for Regwood, he had to terminate the experiment because the chickens started turning against them both; acting violent… attacking both him and Redwood. Of course, this was before the wasps and rats got at the feed mixed with Herkalor IV.” “Come on. This is bullshit.” “I’m telling you what I’ve been told. Everyone who lived through this is pretty much dead, but if they weren’t, they’d tell you it was 50 wasps and 20 rats that grew and began to attack residents. That I call bullshit. My grandfather said it was something like 2 wasps and 5 rats that were easily handled with rounds of bullets. He said that in all likelihood, they were only beginning to grow and who knows what the hell might have happened if they had been allowed to continue.” “Regwood was found dead at his house. Autopsy showed it to have been from anaphylactic shock. Killed by multiple bee stings on his hands and face. My grandfather guessed they were caused by some giant bee, but none were discovered. He did say that he did wonder if what Regwood had been working on caused the sudden emergence of killer bees in the US. Who knows.” Mason pointed to the server for another round for both of them. “Skinner pointed my grandfather to the chicken feed, and it was taken in as evidence. Evidence that was never used, but the bags of it remained in large air proof totes in police holding until recent flooding hit the basement.” The story paused while the server delivered the beers and waited for payment from Mason. Smart kid, Vince thought. Wonder how many times Mason got drunk in here with no funds available to him. “Alan, you know my Alan, he came in early to work at the station three Monday’s ago to find the basement under 4 feet of water. Paperwork and boxes that should have been destroyed 20 years ago were now floating around and causing havoc. It took 3 weeks for the cleanup to be completed, and eventually they delivered to me, at the dump, 25 cartons of moldy ass paperwork and two totes filled with feed to incinerate.” Mason grinned at Vince. “And?” “Two totes filled with seed!” “What? You’re thinking this feed is the same shit that made the chickens grow.” “I know it is.” “Prove it,” “Thought you’d say that.” Mason pulled himself up from the chair he was sitting in, shocking Vince for the first time since he sat down. From when they had been kids and through their teenage years, Mason had always been shorter and pudgier than the 6’3 Vince. Vince guessed that Mason stood about 5’6… maybe 5’7 on a good day. He had always made up for his lack of height with a round belly and a quick, if not sometimes, cruel mind. Now though, as he stood for Vince with a shit eating grin, it was obvious that all of that had changed. Mason was still overweight, but he now towered above the sitting Vince at around 6’2. “Holy fuck!” “Gained this from a handful.” Mason sat back down in the chair and leaned into Vince. “Shit makes everything grow, if you get my meaning!” “You're lucky it didn’t kill you.” “Sometimes you need to take risks. This one was worth it. I’m slightly over 6’2 now and my 5 inch cock grew to nearly 8 inches when hard.” “Fuck.” “Took it last night. The growth stopped around 10 this morning.” Looking at Mason now, it was obvious to Vince that Mason was indeed much bigger than the last time he had seen him, which had been about a week ago. It wasn’t that he had simply grown taller. Mason's entire body had… Vince searched for the word he was thinking… magnified. Everything was bigger… including his sizable stomach. “Damn! You’re nearly taller than me now.” “Yeah. If my cock grew anymore, I could start selling myself like you… but I have a better idea. That’s where you come in.” Mason leaned in closer still till Vince could smell the beer and burger on his hot breath. “I want you to use that chemistry brain of yours and find out what exactly Herkalor IV is. How does it work? How does it make shit grow? How can we remake it and use it to our advantage?” “You said you have two totes. Sell it to the highest bidder. You could make a mint.” “I can’t. It’s stolen property. I was supposed to incinerate it. Remember? I can’t just go around selling laced chicken feed.” “True.” “But, if you could figure it out… you could remake it… and we can sell it.” Mason’s eyes gleamed as he talked about money. “It’s not that easy…” “You must really love selling ass if you aren’t interested in this.” “I don’t love selling ass…” “Then take the corn and let me know how it works. How long do you think it will take?” “To recreate it? I have no clue.” “Isn’t that what you used to do?” “Kind of. Finding out the chemical properties of different vaccines or drugs and re-engineering them to make off-label brands is a little different from what you want. Besides… I don’t have the things I need…” “I thought you’d say that.” From Mason’s coat pocket he pulled a thick white envelope. Putting it on the table, he slid it over to Vince. “Open it.” Vince did as he was told. Inside were about 40 100 dollar bills. “That should get you started. There’s more where that came from. This…” Mason pulled a second envelope out of his pocket. “This is for you. To help tide you over. Another 3,000 dollars.” Vince badly wanted to grab the other envelope and shove it in his jeans pocket, but he stopped himself. “Maybe you should just burn the feed. Like you said, it's dangerous. What if more rats ate it?” “You don’t need to worry. I’ve got it safely contained where nothing can get at it.” Mason leaned on the table as best as he could. “You really surprised me, Vince. I thought you’d be jumping at this chance. Don’t you want to be rich? Don’t you want to help your mother out? Make her comfortable in what could be her last days?” “Of course I do.” “Don’t you want it to be like it was when you were Captain of the football team back in highschool. Fuck!! Those were the days! You were the fucking golden boy. You had pussy falling at your feet, was on that float in the Thanksgiving parade, and even got your face on the front of the paper. You had everything. I thought you were gonna be a huge star… take the world by storm. But, let’s be honest, you wasted it. You were just a tall kid with a big cock and a great body. You didn’t know what you were doing and didn’t have anyone to guide you… direct you. Imagine if you had all of that back again. You're smarter now… college graduate… better head on your shoulders. You could have all of it… and more. Lots more. Imagine the money you could be making.” “Say I did do it. How would we split it?” “60/40. You take the bigger percentage. You did all the work. I just found the shit.” “You’d give me 60 percent?” “Sure. 40 percent of a couple of million would be enough for me.” Vince knew that there had to be a catch, but the money sitting on the table was calling to him. “Look, Vince. I know you owe three months on rent and they’re threatening to evict you. You have no food in the house, and your mother’s fighting cancer in the hospital. Let me help you by making you help yourself. Find out how the Herkalor IV works… how you can remake it… and let me take it from there. By this time next year… we might be rolling in dough.” “I don’t know.” “What have you got to lose? I mean… let’s be honest, Vince, your life is shit. You're thirty seconds away from either living on the street or moving back in with your mother, which at your age is pathetic. You don’t have a girlfriend or a boyfriend or anyone in your life. I mean… come on… even I have a guy and a girl I fuck regularly!! You’ve been out of work for 8 months and can’t get a job bagging groceries. It’s either this or just put yourself out of your misery. You know what I mean? “I know what you mean.” “This is your chance to get what you had back… possibly even more. Your final chance to hold your head up… way up!” Masons fingers played with the empty fries basket. Looking down at them, Vince could see how much larger they were… thicker… chubby but stronger looking. If Mason decided to punch someone now with that fist… he’d do some serious damage. “I should be able to order the stuff I need tonight… get it delivered tomorrow. It’ll take me a little while to synthesize it.” “We need to be quick, Vince. We need to strike as soon as we can.” “How are you going to explain your new size?” “I’m not. It is what it is. It’s not like I’m fucking King Kong or something! Besides, at this height and size, who’s going to question me? “I’ll need to deposit that money… pay my landlady…” “Have what you need delivered to my cousin Kenny’s place.” “Why there?” “He’s in rehab so the place is empty. Besides… he has a barn which will be the perfect place to set up.” To sweeten the deal, Mason slid the fat envelope closer to Vince. “This will solve a lot of your problems… and there will be a shit load more where this came from. I promise. Is it a deal?” Vince looked from the envelope to Mason. Finally, need won over fear and he grabbed it and put it in his jacket pocket. “Smart boy.” “I still think it’s crazy… but… who knows. I thought the internet was a crazy idea!” “Go deposit that before it’s too late and order what you’ll need. I want you starting on this by tomorrow night. You can stay with me at Kenny’s. Bring anything you think you’ll need. And don’t tell anyone what we’re doing. It needs to be a surprise.” “Alright.” Vince chugged the rest of his beer, put on his hat, and stood up from his chair. As he turned to leave, Mason stopped him. “Be at Kenny’s tomorrow. Early.” Mason watched Vince exit the bar much faster than he had come in. As he took a sip of his beer, he winced as he felt his feet grow slightly thicker in his recently purchased sneakers. He had thought the growth had stopped this morning, but it had begun to rear its ugly head again about 15 minutes ago. All during the conversation with Vince, he could feel himself growing slightly larger. He could feel it in the tightness of his clothing, how much smaller the chair was feeling, and how his stomach moved closer and closer to the table. He guessed that when he had left the house that morning he had been around 6’2 and now he guessed that he was closer to Vince’s height of 6’3. The chemical that made him grow was no doubt leaving his body, and these small growth spurts were probably the last of it. Maybe he’d grow an inch more. He didn’t mind the thought of that at all. Looking over at the server, Mason waved him over to his table. “I’d like another burger. A double. With fries. And bacon. I’ll get another beer as well… and whatever you’re drinking.” Mason paid his bill and watched the server walk away, feeling how much more room his cock and balls took up in his briefs. He was proud to be sporting, what he could only guess without seeing, was now over 8 inches. It felt good being this big. He was really enjoying it. Walking in the parking lot to go pick up some new clothes at Walmart, Mason had taken in how people watched him maneuver his much larger body. He had been lucky that at home he had sweatpants and a sweatshirt that were large enough to fit him, but he hadn’t been so lucky with underwear. As he walked commando around the store, picking up clothes that would fit, he found himself getting hard as he noticed more people glancing his way with admiration. Yeah. Being big was a powerful feeling that, now he had it, he never wanted to lose. He had to pee. Leaving his new jacket on the chair, Mason stood up Looking around at the bar from his new height, Mason thought to himself how different the bar and the patrons looked from this perspective. Much more… insignificant. Walking to the bathroom, Mason noticed that his new jeans had already started to rise up slightly revealing his socks, and when he reached the narrow hallway, Mason found that he had to maneuver himself differently to get through the narrow door and into the bathroom.. Pulling out his 5 inch soft cock caused Mason to chuckle. He was seriously growing down there. He was now as big soft as he had been hard. Wait till he hooked up with Alan. He was sure that he wouldn’t be able to get enough of his now much longer and fatter cock… not to mention the rest of his body. Sure, the Herkalor IV had also grown his fat, making him over 120 lbs heavier than he had been yesterday, but he could deal with that. In fact, he actually liked his bulk in this new body. It made him seem even bigger than he was… more imposing. After relieving himself, Mason stood at the urinal and watched as his cock began to harden. He was in awe as he watched it plump up thicker and longer. When fully erect, it now had to stand at a whopping 9 inches long and 4 inches thick. Fuck! He was nearly bigger than Vince was and he knew that boy was packing a serious 10 incher. His balls had also doubled in size and now hung lower and larger in his sack. As he stroked himself, Mason commended himself on his own brilliance. At first, he had wanted to try the formula on a mouse to make sure that it worked and that it wouldn’t kill him, but paranoia drove him to take a handful himself. He was so concerned that the police might be checking out his place for the feed that he took it over to his cousin Kenny’s and hid it in the safe in his basement. There was no way anyone was going to come and take his new size and his new revenue away from him. The feed falling into his lap was like a gift from god… and it was a gift he was going to use to its fullest. Mason grunted as his cock suddenly swelled thicker in his hand. As his feet grew even more crowded in his sneakers, he felt both his torso grow longer and his stomach fatter. His t-shirt rode up over the bottom part of his belly just as a roll came pouring out, revealing his belly button. With both hands, he pulled it down to cover his bulk, but it refused to stay, continually riding up. As his cock flexed and proceeded to grow slightly longer, Mason groaned. The Herkalor IV had to nearly be out of his system. It had been nearly 24 hours since he ate, and he hadn’t even ingested that much. His shoulders broadened as his cock proceeded to near the 10 inch mark. 10 inches!! All of his life he used to imagine what he would do if he was built like Vince and had 10 inches of cock… and now he nearly had it. He most certainly would have it, if not more, by the end of the day! He might just end up packing 11 inches of cock by the time this was over. Alan was a real size queen at heart, and even though he let Mason fuck him, he was always remarking about how huge his ex husband had been. Yeah. He couldn’t wait to surprise him with this piece of meat. Another guy entered the bathroom and Mason found himself quickly trying to do up his pants, not realizing how difficult that was going to be with his cock so huge and so hard. Chuckling to himself, he turned so that the new patron in the toilet could see all of him. The stranger's eyes grew wide as his 10 inches came into view. “Sometimes it sucks being this huge… but what the fuck can you do? Interested in having a go on it?” The guy turned red and went into the available stall. “Guess not.” Laughing, he did up his zipper the best that he could, and pulled down his shirt to cover the immense bulge. He then opened the door without washing his hands and walked back to his table where his food was waiting for him. Hell yeah! He was starving and needed to eat before he headed over to his cousins. The guy from the bathroom walked out and joined his friends who all proceeded to look over in his directions. Lifting his beer, Mason looked back and toasted them. Hell yeah!! This was the best thing that had ever happened to him. He was like a kid on Christmas Day!! As he ate, Mason thought about the money that would be pouring in once Vince could remake the formula. Maybe even improve on it! It had been around 4 am, as he was growing, that Mason had come up with his money making scheme involving Vince. Vince had never been the brightest bulb, and Mason knew that his vanity, his longing to be relevant again, and his money situation would have him take part in his scheme. He knew Vince wouldn’t be able to resist the $3,000, but Mason had stashed another $2,000 in another pocket just in case he had to use it. Now Mason had him exactly where he wanted him. Vince would reproduce the formula for him and if Mason felt generous enough, he’d give him 10 percent. Like he told Vince, businesses would pay big bucks for the formula… but so would some people who would do anything for power. He could imagine some politicians, some film stars, some guys in the mafia paying major bank to grow taller! Also, looking on the internet, Mason found a whole community of people who’d also pay to watch someone grow. He could pay some guy to take the formula and then put him on Only Fans. Maybe have a whole stable of giant guys and girls. He could pimp them out at a million a go! Oh yeah. Soon… very soon… he was going to have enough money to do whatever he wanted. Let the world deal with a giant problem. He’d laugh as he lived in a villa somewhere far away! Mason caught himself loudly grunting and nearly spit out the piece of burger he was chewing on as he felt himself shoot larger. Fuck!!! That was the strongest pull since late last night! It had really caught him unaware. When another hit him quickly after the first, Mason was reminded of standing in his living room and just jerking off as he grew bigger. Fuck!! Suddenly his world was spinning and he was feeling confined in the much tinier chair. He wanted to finish his food, but a third pull had other plans for him, forcefully grabbing him from what felt like the pit of his soul. Arching his back, Mason growled, attracting the glances of the people around him. As his clothes grew tighter, his arm shot out, knocking the glass of beer and plate of food on the floor. Everyone was watching, but there was nothing he could do. He couldn't control his own body. His mouth was wide open and he was grunting and groaning like he was having a fit. He tried to force his body to be still, but the pull was too powerful. Everyone was silently staring as his bulk exploded with serious mass. When it finally ended, much to the relief of himself and all the bar patrons, Mason was shocked by how much heavier he felt, even sitting down. Starting to stand, his ass and thighs got stuck on the arms of the chair, and Mason found himself pulling it off of his body. With a forceful tug, it shot out from under him and flipped onto its back. His T-shirt rose up over his belly button giving the entire bar a peak of his now sizeable stomach. He tried to pull it down, but there was no way possible that he ever could. He had grown way too big for it, and it was pulling taught across his shoulders and his chest which now looked more like tits. Mason laughed as he looked at all of the people staring at him. His cock was hard again and with the button blown off of his jeans, the head was now rising up against his stomach. Seeing it caused his smile to grow wider. It was definitely bigger than Vince’s now, standing proud and thick at nearly 11 inches! “Umm… Mason…”. The server was standing next to him and trying to get his attention. Looking to his right, Mason needed to look down to stare him in the eyes. Hadn’t the server been the same height just an hour ago? Now he was at least two inches shorter, putting Mason at 6’4. Fuck!!! 6’4! He was pretty much bigger than everyone in the fuckin bar!! “What?” Mason grinned as the server took a step back. “You.., you need to go. You’ve had enough.” “I’ll let you know when I've had enough, and I’ve only just started. Get me another…”. Mason's stomach gurgled as it swelled larger while his shoulders spread wider, tearing a seam under his arms. His cock rose up higher, forcing his zipper to open up further, revealing more shaft and pubic hair. “Look, Mason. Don’t make me call the cops. You… you can come back tomorrow.” The cops. No. As soon as they saw him they’d know. It was bad enough if someone talked about what had gone on at the bar. Fuck!! He was stupid. “Pick up my jacket.” The server quickly did as Mason told him. When he had the jacket In his hand, Mason patted the server on the head, turned and left. Walking to his car, Mason had never felt bigger or heavier. He guessed he weighed over 350 lbs now. It wasn’t just that he was taller and fatter. No. Looking at himself in a store window… he realized that he actually took up so much more space than ever before. It was like… well… like he was now two people in one! Was it possible that even his head was larger? Fitting himself in his car was difficult now that there was so much more of him to fit in the front seat. Sitting caused his zipper to pull down completely, and his 11 inch cock flopped out along with two XL egg sized testicles. His cock was no doubt the best part of growing bigger. His cock was now bigger than 98 percent of the male population in the world, and Mason was definitely proud of that. He couldn’t wait to fuck Alan with it. And with his extra mass… there would be much more force behind his pumping. A lot more. Mason definitely felt stronger than he ever had. He never before could use his muscles to get out of anything, always having to rely on his brain and his cruelty to do that for him. He was feared by many people… but due to the variety of ways he could harm them… but none would ever have been physically. Now, he felt that if he got into a fight he could totally hold his own. Probably even win. When he got to his cousin’s farm, he would have to test out his strength and see how it was. Looking up, Mason pulled his arm back and proceeded to forcefully punch the roof of the car causing a fist size dent to erupt in his hands place. Oh yeah. He was much stronger than ever before. Much. Mason started the car and pulled out into the street. His cock was still hard, and he jerked it slowly as he drove. His mind was playing out the next couple of weeks, and he couldn’t wait till the money started to pour in. Pulling onto another street, Mason began to whistle. He was practically euphoric. For a brief second, he wondered if it was the drug in his system causing him to feel on top of the world. He felt powerful… strong… and ready to take on anything. He was definitely horny, but he would have to wait till tomorrow to go to Alan’s. His hand would just have to do. Singing a song he made up, Mason drove down the road. Paying attention more to the road and his own cock, he didn’t notice when the back of his T-shirt split, nor the seam in his right arm pit. Even with his hand on his cock, he didn’t notice how it had begun to force his grip further apart as it moved in length ever closer to twelve inches. No. Mason wouldn’t take the changes in until he was at his cousin’s house and in the bathroom, admiring himself in the mirror. Fuck, he thought. I have to be… like… 6’5! Hell yeah!!! Tall… big… and with a cock that would split anyone in two!!! I’ll need to tell Vince to get me some new clothes. Doubt he’ll be able to buy them in Walmart. Might need to go to the Big and Tall!!! Mason lifted his arm and flexed. A sizable peak rose up as he did. As he felt it with his hand, his cock hardened. Watching his new anaconda rise up had Mason drooling. It was soooo long… sooo thick! It had more than doubled in size in 24 hours Mason grinned as he began to stroke his cock while watching himself in the mirror and admiring his massive bulk.. When he came, he thought he felt himself grow slightly larger, but as he cleaned himself and the floor and the mirror off, he thought he had only imagined it. He was exhausted. Walking into the living room, he took off the rest of his clothes, lay down on the couch, and shut the lights off. He only wanted to rest his eyes for 10 to 15 minutes; needed to rest them. But, his cock had other plans. In seconds it was hard again… achingly hard… and leaking onto his stomach. In the dark, with a grin. he grabbed it with both hands and slowly began to stroke it.
  16. TheWeremuscleForest

    Super Size Me: Force Feeding My Muscles

    Andrew was talked into going to what some of his personal friends have said is a very unusual restaurant. His friends, who shall remain nameless for the time being, told him how amazingly great the food was, and that the service from the staff was keen on keeping them satisfied. What they didn’t know though was that the restaurant was picking and choosing certain patrons to try and experiment with their secret recipes and experimentations. After spending a few minutes at the bar in the restaurant, he and his good friend Terrence chatted with the hunky bartender about random goings on in the world. They both remarked at how incredibly well-built and friendly all the guys there are, and how they don’t seem to care how skinny both himself and his brownish-skinned friend are. Eventually, Andrew notices that most of the people that were dining in the restaurant have left. Terrence asks the bartender if they need to leave as well, but they are both reassured that things are going as planned, which seems a bit odd to both young friends. Terrence is then approached by a few members of the restaurant staff and is asked a couple of questions. It appears that they are wanting him to try out some of the new recipes that they are developing for additions to their menu. Andrew admits that he is a bit jealous that they went to his friend first, but one of the buff staff members smiles and quickly invites him to come along as well. The two skinny men look at each other and agree to the proposition and are ushered into the back of the restaurant. They are surprised to see that there is another table set up for people to sit at and eat. The three men that are with them pulls the two chairs out for them to sit in, as well as one for one of the staff members. He sits directly left from where Terrence is sitting, while Andrew sits to his African American friends right. The man, who clearly spends a great deal of time in the gym, is well tanned and is wearing a pair of grey slacks and a white shirt underneath his restaurant attire, looks as if he could burst free from his clothing at any given moment. His giant arms leave nothing to the imagination as their huge veins can be seen beneath the fabric of his shirt. He has a thick reddish beard and is incredibly handsome. He tells them both to sit down so he can start going over the itinerary for the evening. “Hello my friends. Well, I hope we can be friends. My name is Bryson Chambliss. I will be your host tonight. You have both been selected to taste a few of the new recipes that we are testing out for our menu that may or may not be added in the future. I hope you are both hungry.” Both young men shake their heads yes in unison and mumble under their breaths about how they really like Bryson’s British accent. “That is good to hear. The chefs here at Myostatin Grill wanted to catch you both before you ordered something already on the menu.” The man signals for the other two beefcakes to leave the room. Andrew and Terrence look at each other again with a puzzled look on their faces. Andrew starts asking questions. “So, what exactly are we taste testing? Is this something that we should be concerned about, health wise? I don’t want to end up in the hospital after this.” Bryson lets out a low grunt. “I don’t think you will have anything to worry about, what is your name mate?” “Andrew Mason.” “Ahh Andrew. Is it okay if I can call you Drew? It suits you much better.” “I suppose that is alright.” “Perfect!” The two friends are calmed down by his laid-back attitude and they both clearly find him very attractive. The man hasn’t taken his eyes off Terrence this whole time except to address Andrew with his questions. “And what is your name, mate?” Bryson stares into Terrence’s eyes and smiles. “Umm...Terrence Garrett.” “Nice to meet you, Terrence. What is a nickname that I can call you by?” The lanky 5’7 black 23-year-old looks at him in confusion. “Uh...I don’t know. My friends call me Deron.” “OH! I really like that name mate. I will call you that from now on. My name is Bryson. The taste testing will begin soon enough for you both.” After a few more minutes of random chatter between the two young men, two members of the kitchen staff bring out two trays with appetizers on them. The men are asked what they would like to try from the trays, and both agree that they would be interested in the chicken wings. Bryson smiles at his staff and shakes his head yes, before saying to the two unsuspecting guinea pigs, “I think you will both like these quite a bit.” The wings are put on small plates and put in front of them. They are asked what they would prefer to drink and are given water for Andrew and Terrence asks for an energy drink, which gets a rather muted response from the British server. The young black man then decides that he will get a water as well. Bryson starts talking again, as the kitchen staff return to the back once again. “I don’t know how you both like your wings, but I think you will both notice a slight difference in the taste. Eating proteins can sometimes lead to some very interesting sensations after a few minutes of digestion. This is why we need you to be honest with your assessments of the recipes that we use here.” Before we move forward with the story, I want to point out that Andrew is wearing a long-sleeved white polo shirt, blue jeans, black belt, a pair of boxers, black socks, and a pair of Nikes. Terrence is wearing a loose blue button-up shirt, black jeans, black belt, white socks, no underwear, and a pair of blue Converses. Andrew and Terrence are also both clean-shaven. Bryson watches in earnest as the two men take a few bites of the wings before putting them down on the plates. Andrew looks a bit disgusted, while Terrence looks relatively satisfied. The buff restauranteur grins as he sees the 23-year-old’s face light up. Andrew tries to hide the fact that he hates how they taste. “It is okay if you find it disgusting Drew. Their taste isn’t for everyone.” He can see that Terrence wants to eat more of the wings. “Go for it, Deron. Feel free to get more of them if you wish.” Andrew watches as his friend continues to eat more of the wings and shakes his head. Bryson is turning his full attention to what the African American is doing. “It seems that the recipe is to your liking, mate?” “Mm, oh very much, bro. They taste really good. They have a nice seasoning on them, of course I have always liked spicy food.” “That is great to hear, Deron. Drew, would you like a free meal on the house from Myostatin Grill? We can get anything for you.” Andrew can see that he is no longer going to be treated the same way as his friend and it is starting to annoy him. “Now hold on a minute. I thought that we were both going to do this. I don’t like the taste of the wings; can I have so other appetizer maybe?” Bryson turns to give him a wink. “Well, a part of the process is to see whether you can get past the first course of the meal. You said that you didn’t like the taste of the wings we provided you. The rest of the dinner will likely not change the way that you feel about the taste of the food. Each of us responds to the recipe in different ways. We are willing to provide you with a meal that you would probably like.” Andrew decides that maybe he should go ahead and accept the free meal, but he also feels like Terrence may be in some kind of danger without him there with him. “Terrence, are you sure that you want to continue with this? I am not sure what is going to happen without me being here with you.” The smiling young black man turns to him and says, “I will be fine Andrew. In fact, I have this overwhelming hunger to keep going. I feel almost euphoric.” His 24-year-old white buddy sighs and says, “Alright Bryson, where do I go now?” The buff man pushes a button as one of his staff members comes in and escorts Andrew out to the main atrium where he will be provided his food. Bryson goes back to focusing his energy on the black man. “Are you starting to feel something happening to you, Deron? Like maybe your body is tingly or perhaps your muscles are getting a bit sore, mate?” Terrence stares back at him and can feel his cock starting to ache. He lightly moans as leathery stretching noises start emanating from every muscle fiber in his body. He is now looking down and notices his forearms and biceps are slowly expanding as the veins surface and swell ever so slowly beneath his bronzed skin. His nonexistent pecs now have contours and are slightly visible beneath his shirt. He can feel his quads starting to fill in the space inside his jeans. His cock, nicely thick and girthy, has grown an additional inch as it stretches down his left leg. He feels it as it brushes against the denim, his veiny sheath now clearly visible beneath the fabric. Bryson reaches down underneath the table to pet it, grunting as it leaves a wet spot on Terrence’s jeans. The young black man jumps slightly but is also lightly moaning. He is no longer the skinny 23-year-old that entered the restaurant. His face is now more defined and has grown a bit of a beard as well. His clothes fit better also. The buff man sitting beside him has started to massage his left arm. “Feels good, doesn’t it Deron? I know it does. The same thing happened to all of us in the restaurant. We sort of stumbled upon the recipe by accident. Of course, this is not meant for the public because that would be an absolute catastrophe. It is a shame that your friend didn’t like the recipe, but that just means that we can have a bit more fun without him here.” Bryson has taken his host jacket off and is now wearing just his white shirt and slacks. His outfit does very little to contain the mass beneath it. He flexes his huge pythons, which are straining the hell out of the sleeves of his shirt, as they ride the edge of his bloated shoulders. His lower body looks like it is painted to his pants and his cock is now clearly visible. He is getting turned on clearly. “I imagine you are still hungry, mate. Let’s just move on to the main course.” The kitchen staff brings him a dish that makes his eyes light up. “Wow, it is a brisket. Oh, and it looks amazing. I can’t wait to eat it. It smells incredible too.” “I definitely think you will enjoy it, Deron.” After savoring it for the next several minutes, the athletic African American leans back in his chair and sighs as it permeates his insides and his senses. Bryson motions for the staff to take his plate away as he stands up to get behind him and begins to rub on his shoulders. “I know that had to be even better than the wings, right mate? I am glad that you approve of the brisket because things are about to get very interesting.” Bryson makes eye contact with Terrance again and tells him to get up from the table. He leads him over to a sitting area with a big couch and a very unusual looking chair. He tries to get the young man to sit in the chair, but he is stumbling a bit. The Brit attempts to get him to focus again. “I have a very unusual question to ask you Deron. Is there a bodybuilder that you have ever wanted to look like? Or maybe you have wanted to meet one to have some fun with?” “Huh? Uh, I have never thought about any of that before. Why are you asking me these questions? Oh wait...I know why you are. I am turning into one, aren’t I?” Terrence bolts for the door that himself and Andrew entered in the very beginning. Bryson tries to keep up, but he is not as small and agile and is attempting to keep pace. The young black man’s buddy can hear him calling out his name and runs over to where he is. They both manage to get away from Bryson and his crew for the time being by finding an empty office and locking the door behind them. “I knew that there was something wrong with this entire scenario Terrence.” The athletic 23-year-old African American is sweating profusely and is breathing heavily but seems really happy at the same time. “No no bro... He has done something great for me. He was wanting to keep you from enjoying the experience and was going to stick me in some chair to hold me down so that he could mess with me, I think.” Terrence can feel his body getting ready to grow again. Andrew wonders if he is okay. “Are you sure you are alright dude? Hmm...I just noticed that you have a beard and... oh you have bigger muscles.” They can hear someone trying to get into the room and there are voices saying “Deron” and “Terrence” behind the door. The two young men open the one window in the office and climb through it. Surprisingly, there is no one on the other side. When they reach the ground below them, Andrew is stopped by his friend. They are now outside of the building. “BRO! I am about to grow again. Fuck, I think I am going to get REALLY BIG!” Andrew watches in amazement as he sees Terrence swelling in front of him. His forearms and biceps start ripping through his sleeves revealing his dense expanding vascular bronze cannons. “OH YEAH DREW! It feels so good. I can feel myself getting more powerful with every second that passes.” The growing hulk’s quads are now ripping out of his jeans, making him moan in delight as his huge brownish cock hangs out the left side of one of the openings and starts dripping precum all over his leg. His shoes are no match for his growing feet as his socks rip like paper. “Oh my god Terrence, you are going to be so fucking...HOT!” “Drew...I want you so fucking bad. I want to be the one to turn you into a beast like me. MMM...my back is getting so fucking massive.” The black hulk grunts as his delts and lats start to tear through the back of his shirt. He can feel his pecs stretching the buttons on his shirt to their limits as his ass blasts through the back of his jeans. He is now breathing down Andrew’s face as he makes his friend feel him as he grows. “Feel how huge I am Drew. Big, mother fucking dense black muscle. I had no idea that I needed this so much. And I need you too.” Andrew hears several tearing sounds coming from Terrence’s pants as the beast’s huge cock rips itself free from them and is rubbing up against his chest. The black beauty’s pecs are now blasting the buttons off his shirt as they are revealed. Huge, heavy, incredibly vascular like the rest of his body is. He tears his shirt off and moans as he continues to feel himself swelling. His friend is now lusting over him as he stares in awe at his black friend’s huge frame and is feeling all his muscles. “I can’t concentrate Terrence; you are the most beautiful man I have ever seen in my life. I mean...” The hulk grunts as he lifts him up and locks his lips on Andrew’s. They kiss for quite a while, losing track of whether they are still being hunted by Bryson and his crew. Terrence holds him tightly against him, flexing his huge 22” guns and grimaces as he flexes his pelvic floor, ripping the last remaining fabric away from his body as his belt splits in half and his jeans fall to the ground. They finally stop kissing. “Mm... I admit I have wanted to embrace you for months Drew. I wasn’t about to let some random guy I don’t know take this away from me. I mean...he is hot, but he isn’t you.” Andrew is petting Terrence’s huge pecs making him sigh in pleasure as he is put back down on the ground. The hulk’s huge 11-inch cock bounces in anticipation of being milked as it starts to be stroked by the black beauty. “Ahh...I am so fucking hot for you bro. I want to drown you in my boys and watch you become like me. I don’t even fucking care if we are found at this point because this is between the two of us now.” Andrew is now down on his knees and is caressing Terrence’s bloated quads, running his hands down between each split and kisses both, making his partner sigh deeply. He eventually makes him stop stroking his cock so he can have a go at it. “Let me make this beautiful muscle spit on me dude. I have wanted to...mmm...” He slowly starts to slide his friend’s huge cock down his throat and moves back and forth in very slow movements. Terrence tries not to yell in pleasure as he bucks his hips and squeezes his ass. Andrew smiles as he looks up into the beast’s eyes. He moans tasting its sweet nectar as it flows into his gut. He pulls it out as several strands of precum drape from his lips to its cockhead. “Oh, fuck dude, we are meant to be. I can take this beast and I want your cum.” Terrence quickly shoves his cock back inside Andrew’s mouth and hastens his thrusts. His moans are getting louder and deeper as he feels his massive load starting to flow into his cock. Andrew looks up into his eyes again with lust as the beast sighs dumping his thick protein into his partner’s body. “OH...FUCK BRO... I had no idea that you could take my beast so easily.” Andrew gags a few times as a little bit of his partners cum drips off his chin and onto his polo. He stops sucking to let it continue to fill him. He is now closing his eyes and moaning softly. Terrence is wondering what is going through his head. He opens them when his partner asks him a question. “You okay Drew?” He pulls his cock out of his partner’s mouth so he can speak. “Oh, I am fine dude. I can already feel something happening inside me. You were right when you thought that your ‘protein’ was enough to grow me. I never got the chance to eat anything in there because you ate your food so fast. I am really happy I waited because...whew...it feels like it is going to start at any moment.” The black hulk helps him up to his feet as he braces himself for what is about to happen. Terrence rubs his back slowly and watches as Andrew’s face begins to grow stubble. He unzips his jeans and pulls his cock through his boxers to let it hang freely. He can hear his muscles making stretching noises as he rubs his chest. “Ah I can feel the hormones pumping through my brain dude. Your cum is so powerful.” “You better believe it bro. I am anxious to see you get huge like me.” Terrence now has one of his hands on Andrew’s cock as it swells in his grip. He grunts as he sees his white friend’s lower half starting to stretch his jeans. The growing beast lets out a few manly yelps as he feels his pecs expanding under his hands. His feet have now started to rip through his Nikes as his socks tear in half. He lustfully stares into the black beast’s eyes and moans. “You are turning me into this gorgeous massive beast Terrence. I love it so much.” The black hulk is now stroking his partner’s huge 10-inch cock as it starts to leak all over his huge hand. His other hand is squeezing Andrew’s swelling right bicep as it slowly starts to rip through the sleeve. He can hear the growing beast grunt as his mammoth quads burst through his jeans and keep expanding. His traps are now tearing seams along his neckline. “FUCK YES! RRAARRHH! Oh, I want to just tear everything off, but watching myself leave my puny me behind is too exciting.” Both beasts moan loudly as they watch Andrew’s pecs start to rip out of the front of his polo. The sound of the fabric giving way sends them both over the edge as they blast cum in two different directions. Two huge heaving golden-haired mounds of power emerge ready to be admired. His thick and blocky six pack is also in full view. “AHH YEAH! What an absolute rush. I didn’t think I was going to cum like that, but the feeling of just hulking out was too much.” “Yeah bro! I was incredibly turned on myself. We crossed streams.” Andrew rips the rest of his polo shirt off to start flexing his gargantuan 21” guns and to show off his expanding back. His jeans are now falling apart as his glutes rip completely out and his belt splits in half the same way Terrence’s did. He goes ahead and destroys the rest of his pants and boxers and tosses them to the side. The two beasts embrace as they start to get more acquainted with each other’s hulking muscles. In the midst of their transformations, the two hulks had no idea that they were being watched by the others. Bryson had witnessed the entire sequence from both men and didn’t want to interrupt. He had his own cock out and was blasting cum multiple times from inside the office they were in. Other members of his crew were feeling themselves up as well. The buff Brit starts making loud grunting noises from inside the window to get their attention, which works for a few seconds. They stop focusing on each other to turn to look up. “Hello mates, I would like to congratulate you both on joining us here at the Myostatin Grill. It is obvious that the recipe is a complete success as you Deron, have become a big bloke like us, and passed your own protein on to your friend Drew. I did wonder if you were going to be a problem.” The two hulks smile as they lovingly punch each other in the chest. They both say a few words to Bryson. “We both thought you were really hot Bryson, but you were so shady. You were trying to get me out of that room so fast. If it wasn’t for Terrence, I don’t think I would still be here right now.” “Yeah bro, I care deeply about this white hulk. He has always been there for me, and I wasn’t about to leave him out of this.” “I can understand that guys. That doesn’t matter anymore, now does it? My guards are going to let you back in through a side door. We need to discuss what the next move will be for not only you two, but for whom the recipe will be offered to next.” Two huge men are now trying to get them to go through a side door, but Terrence is messing with one of them. Andrew starts laughing because he knows that he can put up a fight, if need be, as well. Bryson starts to sigh to himself. “Okay guys, I get it. You are both as big as the rest of us, but what you don’t know is we can get even bigger if it is necessary. Don’t make me tell them to take the booster.” One of the men pulls out a syringe and gets ready to plunge it into his partner before Terrence yells out that he will cooperate. “Good, just come back inside so we can discuss the future. You both will likely enjoy what I have in store for you.” Both Andrew and Terrence are led inside by the two men, who quickly close the door behind them. Bryson shakes his head and makes sure no one is around before talking to himself. “I love this job so much, but getting to this point can be so frustrating. I will have to work really hard to get that black beast away from his white knight. He is going to be a BIG problem for sure. I can sense an aggressiveness with him. They do complement each other, but I need Deron’s obvious ability to turn runts into hulks. Mm... just thinking about him filling me with his seed makes my muscles sore with pleasure. Anyway, time to work my magic.” Bryson zips his pants up and leaves the office to go find the two beasts. It is just another night at the Myostatin Grill.
  17. Preamble: A big thank you to @rolling24, who besides commissioning the following multi-part series and inspiring me with idea's, also made ton of spelling corrections and other improvements. Cheers! Index. (Click on the parts to be taken to them) Part 1 & 2: Below. Part 3 Part 4 Dad, The Homewrecker. PART 1: Despite our best efforts, some places on our globe remain shrouded in mystery, tempting us from afar with intrigue. Like, for example, the bedroom of a failing marriage. ----------- “Dad….” Luke called out meekly, intense pleasure shooting through every fiber of his body. Fuck. It was hard to focus while Macy was giving you a blowjob. Images of the bedroom formed a whirlwind in his mind. But his dad remained the one point of clarity, visible through the mist. While Macy was giving her husband a blowjob, Luke’s father was stretching open her pussy with great expertise. She was thankful her husband’s penis didn’t take up as much space as the equipment his dad packed, making it a lot easier to let out moans of pleasure. “Dad.” Luke tried again, his voice now rising above the involuntary crescendo of moans from Macy and the brutish grunts from his dad. His dad still didn’t seem to have heard him. Maybe the ecstasy clearly etched on his face while he fucked his latest conquest completely dominated his mind. Luke focused on his dad’s body again. The effect was unmistakable this time. He had to tell him. Through the smoke of bodily odors and sex he tried making eye contact with his father. He could see his brown eyes shining as their gazes met, on opposite sides of the same woman, his wife. His dad just pulled a smirk, cockily raising his right arm into a bicep flex. Of course, Luke didn’t need to tell him. He had probably figured it at himself at this point. Luke was mesmerized by the bicep flex, you could see it most clearly there. With the sound of his dad’s heavy balls slapping against Macy’s body as background noise, both men watched the already flexed peak slowly rise higher and higher, inches of brawn magically flowing into the muscle by the minute. The effect slowed as Luke’s Dad’s dominant humping tapered off. Son and father made eye contact again. “I’m fucking growing.” His dad said in between heavy breaths with a confident grin. Luke came. ----------- 48 HOURS EARLIER. “I’m a bad little cop. I can’t help but ogle all the hot secretaries, and I like toying with the bad girls I arrest.” A small uncomfortable silence lingered before the reply. “No, this is not it.” There was a little rummaging in the box of props. “Your scores are terrible, you only look at my bulge in class, but if show me your tits I might give you a passing grade…” This time the answer came much more quickly. “Nope, doesn’t do it either.” More rummaging in the box of props. “Girls like you shouldn’t mess with guys like me. We both know we won’t be able to cage our... Desires.” The replier hesitated for a moment, gently avoiding a hurtful comment. “I’m sorry Luke, I don’t think this is gonna work for me.” Luke seemed disappointed by the response, and he shoved his set of role-play props in the closet. Macy stood up from the bed and put her bra and underwear back on, dissatisfaction with the night’s results evident on her face. “Did I at least spark something in you?” He asked, while the couple was on opposite sides of the room, getting ready for another sexless night. Macy asked herself if the image of her chubby husband hanging over her, playing various roles, saying the corniest lines with the worst acting had ignited any arousal. “No,” she replied. Luke’s cheeks went scarlet. He had been so sure role-play would be the answer. He jumped into the bed and quickly covered himself up with the blanket, his belly jiggling wildly in the process. Luke stared at his wife while she prepared for bed. He knew most men would kill to have a wife as good-looking. She was voluptuous and beautiful, with an hourglass figure few women could emulate. A few years back they had been the resident power couple on their college campus, both of them sexy and virile. Him strong, muscular and wide, her curvy and enchanting. Now one of them was slacking, and it wasn’t the woman who looked like she hadn’t aged a day since college. It was the man who couldn’t resist a donut each morning, who ate through an entire tub of ice cream while waiting for his wife to get back from her modeling gig, who hadn’t set a foot into a gym since his days on the football team. “We can just try regular sex.” Luke proposed with an eager tone, desperate to please his wife. Macy gently smiled while she looked at her soft husband in bed. He tried his best, there was no denying that. “We already did so last night. I know about your stamina.” Macy quickly kissed him on the forehead. “Honestly, it isn’t that big of a deal, most women go without an orgasm for years.” “We’ll give it another whirl soon then, yeah?” He saw the unused strap on his wife had bought still protruding from the box of earlier discarded role-play props. The sight made him slightly uneasy. “What other option do we have?” she asked, while stepping into bed. And then the doorbell rang. -------------------------------- Luke opened the front door, ready to tell the idiot who thought it was a good idea to ring doorbells after midnight to go to hell. But the big shadow in the cold night air wasn’t just your regular old idiot. “Dad?” Luke called out in disbelief. He almost couldn’t believe the man standing in front of his porch was his old man, he hadn’t heard from him in months. “Lukey! Kiddo. Sorry to drop in on you like this at… 8pm? But...” “It’s 1:30AM.” “Right! 1:30. Just got back from a business trip from Hawaii. This gorgeous gay couple I was counseling was having difficulty finding the male G-spot so I---” “Look, my evening hasn’t been great. I’d appreciate it if you could just get to the point.” Luke said, with a face that confirmed he was pretty tired of his dad’s endless tales of the sex therapy he provided. “Riiiight... So, you know the girl I was dating?” Luke nodded, unsure what his father’s love life had to do with his sudden reappearance. “Welllll. She kicked me out. Turns out I hadn’t told her we were in a polyamorous relationship. Crazy how that happens. Anyways, I just need a spot to rest my head for a few days until I get an apartment.” Luke just raised an eyebrow in reply, hoping his dad wasn’t asking what he thought he was asking. “... I was hoping that spot could be here? I’ll sleep on the couch. Or on the floor. All the nearby motels are full, I’m kinda out of options.” Luke sighed in exasperation. He turned his head and stared at the starry night sky for a moment. Luke couldn’t look his dad in the eyes while he thought. He had to make a rational decision. Luke rather wouldn’t have dealt with his dad for another moment if he had any option, but he was family…. “Sure. Fine. Whatever. Come on in.” Luke said with a shrug, like the decision had been entirely out of his hands. There probably was some truth to that. Men like Luke don’t say no to men like his dad. As his dad stepped out of the night black and into the warm lighting of the house, part of the reason Luke preferred not to talk with his dad became obvious. Because where Luke was all soft and flabby with a thick layer of fat, any vestige of his college football body long past, his dad continued to have a body that radiated masculine energy to some extent. He hadn’t given in to his every whim as Luke had and it clearly showed. Matt looked good for a man his age. He had maintained his quarterback build from thirty years ago with a strict gym regimen. Even though he had a good layer of chunk covering him it was clear he still muscular and handsome. His dad couldn’t be faulted the unfortunate difference between them, but Luke always blamed him a bit for having to reside in his more muscular shadow. At least the few inches of height Luke had on his pops gave him a few coat hangers to hang his masculine pride on to. He couldn’t help but long for the college days when he dwarfed his dad with his own muscularity, but those days were now long gone. “Matt! It’s been too long!” Macy squealed while she ran down the stairs. Luke tried to not to blame his dad for his obvious ‘excitement’ upon seeing Macy. The way her rack bounced up and down as she rushed down the stairs was unintentional, but Luke could see how a red-blooded man like his father was aroused. The pair exchanged quick hugs, and Luke thought his dad’s eyes rested on Macy’s body just a second too long. “Did I just hear correctly you’ll be staying with us for the next couple of days?” She innocently asked. She had a certain shine and glimmer to her most people didn’t have at 2am, and her beauty contrasted sharply with her husband’s sunken and pudgy face. Matt let out a short uncomfortable laugh while scratching his mostly bald head. Luke was reminded with a grin how much his dad disliked being in anyone’s debt. “Yeah, Lukey was kind enough to let me have the couch for the next few days. I hope you don’t mind.” Macy quickly waved her hands in giddy excitement. “Of course not! We haven’t chatted in forever, it’s about time I got all caught up with my father-in-law. There are some blankets in the cupboard Matt, I imagine you’ll probably want to hit the hay.” Luke was glad his dad nodded and head towards the couch. He’d feel a lot better about having his dad strutting around his house if his wife wasn’t wearing her revealing nightgown. “We’ll catch up tomorrow dad. Good night.” “Good night kiddo.” ----------- When the couple was again tucked in, the events of the evening replayed in Luke’s head. Some part of him felt like he had made a terrible mistake. He’d put his foot down this time, and not let his father walk all over him. “This time will be different” Luke softly mumbled while sleep slowly caught up with him. He stretched out his arms and gently spooned Macy. His big body may fill him with self loathing, but at least it was good cuddle material for his wife. While he brought her in for a hug he noticed how tense her body still was. She was wide awake. “Everything okay hun?” Luke asked as he drifted further and further away. “Luke. Babe. We need to talk.” Immediately Luke was brought back to reality. He felt a bit anxious. “Alright,” was all he could mutter. “I’ve been thinking about my little… predicament. I know we’ve been trying really hard, but it feels like we aren’t getting anywhere, so II did some googling today….” Please don’t suggest strap on. Please don’t suggest strap on. Please don’t suggest strap on. “... And I think we should bring someone else into the bedroom.” Luke shot up in surprise. He definitely hadn’t been expecting that. He could get behind it though. Another sexy woman crawling over him, that’d be sure to finally be able to push his wife over the edge. “Who do you have in mind?” Luke asked with as much innocence as he could muster. He had his mind on their sexy, young neighbor girl. Her husband had been deployed for the past few months, and she looked horny enough to even fuck Luke, fat rolls and all. It helped she was always watching whenever Macy was sunbathing in her bikini. The thought of the two women making out was already flashing through his mind. Luke’s last attempt at eating out Macy had gone rather horribly but the neighbor looked like a girl who knew her way around those parts. “I was thinking Matt.” Luke’s blood turned ice-cold right away. “My dad?” he practically screeched in disbelief. “Calm down. Yes, it’s a little weird. But honestly, anything besides a guy isn’t gonna do much for me.” “Okay. Fair enough. But still, my dad?” Macy shrugged. “Do you know any other guy as sexually liberated as him? He has a fling every other night. One woman could not be enough for him. I want this to be a one time thing, and your dad is the only one I know who sees sex as just sex. Do you wanna get in some internet weirdo?” Luke had to admit she had a point. He couldn’t count his dad’s ‘girlfriends’ in the last month on one hand. Slowly, Luke felt his wife’s gentle and tender hands interlock with his. “Only say yes if you’re okay with it hun.” Macy softly said. But in her eyes Luke could see a certain kind of desperation. Their sex had been dull for months. He hadn’t heard her orgasm for nearly a year, and he was sure she had been faking it for a while before that. They used to go at it daily, even when Luke had turned into a blob, but Luke’s sex drive was slowly drying up while hers was still very much active. Luke couldn’t imagine the amount of hormones raging through her body, a woman like her needed to be pleased. “Okay babe.” Luke said with a gentle smile. The idea of his dad in the same bedroom as him, fucking the same woman, was still really weird to him. But Luke also knew it’d be good for her. He had heard the female orgasm was kind of like an engine, after a kick start it could be relatively easy to reactivate. And as unfortunate as it was, his dad was the best man for the job. And hey, maybe his dad wouldn’t even succeed in getting her off, wouldn’t that be a blow to his ego as self certified sex guru. The couple looked at each other and smiled. After one awkward encounter maybe their troubles could be behind them. Finally, after a long, eventful evening, Luke dozed off. “And whenever had a little awkwardness killed anyone?” He softly mumbled while the world faded to black. ---------------------- The events of the night before suddenly jumped back into Luke’s mind when he found his dad jerking off on his living room couch. First Luke calmed down somewhat while remembering that he had voluntarily provided lodgings to his dad. Then he was severely freaked out because his dad was lying completely nude and jerking off in his living room. He wanted to scream out but hesitated for a moment, the sight intriguing him. He could see why his dad was such a lady killer, he had the body to pull it off. Perhaps he’d was best categorized as a having the build of a coach, with thick juicy pecs and the faint outline of abs. All of it covered in a slight layer of grey fur. And of course, there was the thick cock he was jerking off in a slow rhythmic motion. Luke found himself a bit jealous of his dad’s member, because he looked to be packing an inch or two more than Luke. In fact, seeing his dad lay there say comfortable in his own skin flared up quite a few of Luke’s own insecurities. Luke stopped his pondering and brought himself back to reality. “Dad? What the fuck!” Matt didn’t seem the slightest bit dazed by the interruption of his son. “Hey Lukey! Morning.” He said, while not looking up from his jerking. Luke had prayed his dad had grown some inhibitions since they last slept under the same roof but that clearly wasn’t the case. He knew that sexual self-confidence was probably just as attractive to the younger women Matt slept with as his masculine body. It was annoying to deal with if he was your dad though. “There’s a bathroom upstairs. If you gotta take care of your morning wood, do it there. There you aren’t in the view of the neighbors.” Luke calmly explained, trying not to look while his dad let out a few more grunts of pleasure. “Alright. Alright. I’ll go do this out of view…” Matt smacked his hard member in his hands, the sound plastering a grin on his face. “Wanna join me? Often during therapy sessions I recommend guys jerk off with their friends, helps the bonding experience as well as activate…” “Normal dad’s don’t jerk off with their sons. Don’t be weird.” Matt let that hang in the air for a moment, considering if he should go with his reply. “Most dads don’t fuck their son’s wives either.” He said in an amused tone. Luke felt his blood turn cold. “How did---.” “Macy. She asked me if I’d be willing to fuck her as she left for work. I’m glad she did, it’s gonna be a reallll fun evening.” Matt said while slapping his son on the back with the hand he had just seconds earlier being using to jerk off with. There was a smirk on his face but it didn’t seem cruel, rather one of genuine excitement. Luke cringed and winced, but he was thankful he himself didn’t have to be the one asking his dad if he’d be up for the threesome. “Alright, I’m gonna take care of this.” Matt said pointing as his cock before bounding up the stairs with a confident whistle. As Luke heard the slapping of his dad’s balls between his trained thighs Luke reminded himself to kick him out as soon as possible. Probably the worst part of the jealousy that raged through Luke while he heard more grunts of pleasure emerge from the bathroom upstairs, was knowing his dad didn’t mean to make Luke feel bad. Matt had always been completely relaxed with nudity, his many, many sexual partners and countless hours of discussing intercourse in lecture halls had dissolved any restraint about sex and being naked. He didn’t mean to make his son feel bad about his fat and sexless body, but feeling bad was all that Luke could do while he compared himself to his more virile dad. Luke sighed, and hoped the eight hours of office work that were ahead of him would take his mind off things. PART 2: They decidedly did not. “Threesome?” He heard the snack lady ask while she strolled past his desk. Luke felt his blood turn hot. “What? No.... I wouldn’t do that kind of thing. Happily married. Who told you? My wife---” He stuttered and stumbled. How could she know? Did the whole office know? Did everyone know? Was his life over? Should he moved to Texas? India? The snack lady looked unfazed. “Tea, want some?” She asked again, shaking the kettle she had on her cart. Ah. He had just misheard. Shit. Luke mumbled something along the lines of ‘No thanks’ and she moved the cart along. He knew that mishearing ordinary conversation probably wasn’t an indication of confidence, yet still he didn’t feel like pulling out of the night’s upcoming plans. Part of that was desperation, part of it knowing there weren’t that many alternatives that didn’t tap into his wife’s fetish for fucking men with dildo’s, and part of it a certain….morbid curiosity. Luke’s phone buzzed with a text. It rarely did that. “Hon, grab some dinner near work and only walk into the bedroom at 8pm sharp. I want both my studs walking through the door at the same time. -Mace” Luke smiled a little, his wife could be one kinky fucker. And being called a stud made him feel a little better while chomping down a donut. --------------------- Luke quietly looked at his dad again under the dim light of the lamp. Matt’s handsome square jaw and stubbled face looked intensely into nothingness. Luke was reminded again of how much better his dad looked in his fifties than he himself looked now in his thirties. He tried not to let that bother him, especially as they were so close to the big moment. Both men were standing in nothing but their briefs, so Luke had ample time to scan up and down his dad’s body. He didn’t even look that great, but he carried that body with such confidence he didn’t need to be ripped like a model. “At least I’m not 5’9.” Was all Luke could think while he looked at his own belly with discontent. “Come on in boys.” Macy’s songbird like voice sang from the other side of the door. The two men quickly glanced at each other. Father and son. An unusual couple, but Matt had enough gentle warmth radiating about him that Luke felt somewhat put at ease. His dad was just treating this as fun. Luke reminded himself he should do so too. With a last nod of consent both men entered at the same time. Macy laid there, temptingly and tantalizingly nude with just a then sheet covering her exquisite body. She was a goddess. Luke suddenly felt bad that he’d never shared her before. Her figure was beautiful. They had been each other's first the initial semester of college a dozen years back an neither had been with anyone else. Luke placed himself in front of Macy’s ‘entrance’ and softly pushed his bulge covered in sagging tighty-whities against her. He had hoped the display would be a tease, but it looked more like he was just pushing his belly into her. “Lukey, baby, I want you up here.” Macy said with a wink and a gentle tap next to her head. Luke took his new position with a little unease. His wife stripped him of his unflattering garment, his cock jumping into the warm air of the room with eager excitement. Macy’s eyes were completely focused on Luke’s hard cock and Luke’s cock alone. Macy stretched out her hand and slowly jerked it, her small her hands making the average piece of equipment look bigger. Luke tried focusing on the way his wife’s eyes beautifully sparkled while she stared at the piece of meat in her hands. But he found his gaze alternating between his wife’s curvy form and his masculine dad, who was standing at the end of the bed. Matt’s gaze was firmly planted on Macy’s hot body, his big chest heaving while he rubbed his bulge through the fabric of his stylish and tight underwear. Luke thought he’d be a whole lot more weirded out by his dad standing there if he hadn’t seen him naked and in a state of arousal so many times. Seeing him slowly getting himself hard felt strangely… Normal. With a gruff his dad stepped out of his underwear into complete nakedness. Macy didn’t even look, her eyes were still plastered firmly on her husband. It was something Luke was thankful for, he knew how much of a thing she had for muscular guys, and his dad somewhat fit into that category. Luke wanted nothing more than for his eyes to roll back and to be lost in a wave of pleasure, but he couldn’t pull away from the sight of his dad preparing to enter his wife. Matt pulled out a condom, and rolled it onto his completely hard dick with a single casual hand and the expertise of someone who did it often. Luke felt jealousy burn in him again. Why did his shit genes not endow him with a thick seven and a half inch tool like his dad had swinging between his legs instead of saddling him with an average five and half? Slowly and gently his dad entered, without pause. Macy took it like a pro, her vagina was made for cock. Without even a glance at Matt, she directed Luke onto the bed and pulled his cock into her mouth, licking up the small drop of pre at the tip, savoring the taste. Luke felt like he was on top of the world, his model like wife giving him a blowjob with an expression of pure pleasure plastered on her face, undoubtedly because she had the honor of servicing his great cock…. Then Luke remembered there was another man inside of her, and he was much more likely to be the source of the pleasure. His feeling of greatness was shattered by the large silhouette of his father standing on the edge of the bed. Luke pursed his lips in dissatisfaction while he looked at the guy standing on the other end of Macy, a man with a trained physique and superior endowment, who Luke knew was much more virile than he currently was. Luke once again found himself not looking at his beautiful wife, but at his dad. Part of him hoped he could spot some secret technique that he could replicate to give his wife the pleasure Matt was currently providing. That would mean her new moans of pleasure weren’t just a consequence of a bigger, better cock. Then Luke spotted something awfully strange while looking at his dad’s silhouette. He knew people said sex is the best work-out, but he had never thought to take it seriously. His dad looked a little leaner than just a few minutes ago. Like he had burned a half dozen pounds. Clearly all of it had been fat, because the abs that were now on display looked great. His pecs looked a little deeper and square too. Luke was just about to comment on it when he felt himself going over the edge. It had come suddenly, but then it almost always did with him. He didn’t even get to shout that he was cumming before shooting his small dribble into his wife’s mouth. A wave of tiredness washed over Luke following the encounter. He always felt drained after sex. He threw himself back onto the bed. At first he closed his eyes as sleep always came seconds after he came. But the sound of Macy’s soft moans and his dad’s grunts were too overwhelming to ignore. “Now it’s just you that needs to come.” Matt said smiling while lifting Macy up in his arms. It was the first time that Macy really looked at her father-in-law while getting fucked by him and her faced showed she clearly liked what she saw. Matt increased his pace and depth, making Macy’s eyes roll back in their sockets. Matt closed his eyes as he drilled her, savoring the feeling of stretching yet another woman open. Luke was the only one aware of the remarkable scene unfolding while Matt’s cock continued to firmly push into Macy. Because it almost appeared as with every thrust his dad made, he seemed a little bigger than before. It’s effect was nearly unnoticeable, but due to Matt’s rapid pace he slowly seemed to inflate with the tiniest part of a pound. And it wasn’t fat, mind you, it was the most masculine of compounds. Muscle Luke could see that after ten minutes of continuously fucking his wife, his dad seemed a bit beefier. Proportionally more muscled. Luke didn’t think about how that was odd and against every law of nature he knew till the screams of pleasure from his wife suddenly dragged him back to reality. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck? Oh fuck!” Macy yelled out while experiencing an orgasm for the first time in forever. Her stiffened body loosened as she rode her wave of bliss into cloud nine. Matt gently laid her on the bed and pulled his thick cock out of her. He didn’t seem to have noticed yet that his arms looked just a tad beefier and more muscular than before. Luke bit his tongue. Whatever he saw, he assured himself, it probably wasn’t real. A trick of the light, or whatever. People don’t just grow, right? Matt looked at his rock hard dick. He still hadn’t cum, but he felt like he was just a few tugs away from exploding. He looked Macy directly in the eyes and then gave his baby maker a firm squeeze. “Fuck yeah.” He growled with a grin, while he shot his load into condom. Luke thought his dad’s dick looked just a hair longer than a few minutes ago, had he not been fully hard when he entered? Matt carefully peeled the tight condom off his rod, and looked at it cluelessly for a second. “You got a bin?” He asked. Luke stared out into the distance, the entire last minute feeling more and more like a dream and haze. He only registered the question had been aimed at him after a few seconds. “Oh! No. Just put it on somewhere on the desk.” Luke said with a slight, dismissive wave of his hand. He just wanted to catch some rest before he started seeing weirder stuff than growing dads. Matt shifted his naked weight from one leg to another in front of the desk, not certain where to put the stretched-out cum-filled rubber. He ended up hanging it over a picture so it wouldn’t drip out over the table. Luke wasn’t sure if he intentionally chose to hang it over a honeymoon photo, covering Macy’s face with the worn out condom. “Thanks for the fun and a great lay” Matt said as he winked at Macy with a chuckle. A girlish giggle from Luke’s wife was the only reply. “We’ll see you tomorrow dad.” Luke said, while firmly looking at the door. “Oh. Before I forget, Lukey. Mind grabbing me a tub of protein from the store tomorrow? I’m gonna be apartment hunting and super busy, but I’ll need some after my heavy lifting session tomorrow. Don’t want this body getting soft!” “Get your own protein. Dad.” Luke said with snark and sleep invading his voice. Matt’s eyes flared for a moment and Luke thought he had made a terrible mistake. He was fully prepared for a speech about what happened if you ignored requests from the better men in the world. The more muscular men. The more hung men. The men that fucked your wife. But such a speech did not come. “Good night, Lukey.” His dad said with a shrug. Luke looked at the variety of bodily fluids slathered over his wife’s puss. He did not feel like saying “Good night” back. -------------------------- Quietly Luke shut the door on his car. It was 6am and he had tried to be as quiet as possible while he had sneaked around the house. He had originally just wanted to sit in the living room and watch some TV till it was time to leave for work, but he had forgotten his dad had taken over the couch. So instead he sat in the car. The scenery was better too, because it was a place that didn’t involve seeing memories of his dad in every bit of furniture. Memories of his dad growing and swelling with muscl---. “No.” Luke mumbled to himself. He wouldn’t give in to spectral images just yet. People don’t just grow. He had to take his mind off things. He slowly kicked the car into gear, driving to the nearest 24H grocery store. Yet still images of his dad were all that filled Luke’s mind. His heavy breathing. His muscles slowly inflating with each and every thrust... Luke turned on the only piece of distraction he had readily available in his car, the radio. “...To close of the midnight show, here is Lizzo, with her hit new single ‘Juice!’." Luke wasn’t familiar with the tune but considering it was designed to be an earworm, it didn’t take long for him to sing along unapologetically loudly. “Ain’t my fault I’m out here getting loose.” Luke sang, while tapping on the steering wheel with his fingers. “Gotta blame it on the goose, gotta blame it on my juice baby.” The rhythm was infectious, and Luke almost forgot about the pickle he was in. Almost. Because while he waited for the traffic light to turn green, his mind conjured up strange daydreams and images. Daydreams that were more akin to remnant’s of nightmares. Instead of being in the car he suddenly found himself outside his bedroom door, peeking timidly into the room he had spent countless nights. The colours were hazy, washed out and vague, but what he saw inside burned into his eyes nonetheless. His wife was being held suspended in the air by one man’s beefy arms. Another big man was standing in front of her delicate body, stretching her passage wide open with his superior manhood. Luke couldn’t see their faces, but he didn’t need to, he knew who these men were. They were his worst fears personified. The fear that sooner or later his hot wife would get powerful men worthy of her delicious body. Luke felt sick. When he had first lost his football honed body to rolls of fat, this was a common nightmare for him. But he hadn’t seen it for a year or two. Had the threesome reawakened his anxiety? But he had consented to his dad’s participation, so why did he still feel so… Defiled? Luke felt his mouth go dry. Besides the deep horror, some of the vision inspired awe, he had to admit it. It’s in our human nature to love seeing the best our species has to offer during their most intimate moments, straight porn of guys with big dicks is popular for a reason after all. And jeez were these men and his wife perfect together. The man railing her was much bigger than Luke had been in his prime, with muscle cascading over muscle to form a thick and solid build that would be the envy of any man. His wives mewling sounds coupled with the juices cascading over her thighs, convinced Luke this modern hercules was big everywhere. Luke’s goggling was interrupted by a sudden sharp scream of pleasure coming from his wife. Luke knew it was all a daydream but it certainly sounded very real. He made eye contact with this dream version of the woman he was married to. Her mouth formed into a cruel grin, and she opened it to speak. But the sound that left her throat wasn’t the voice of Macy. It was the voice of Lizzo, singing her new hit single. “Ain’t my fault I’m out here getting loose. Gotta blame it on my juice. Gotta blame it on my juice. Gotta blame it on my juice. Gotta blame it on my juice. Gotta blame it on my--- HONK Luke jumped awake again with a startle. The traffic light was green again, and clearly the people behind him wanted to get on with their day. He quickly pulled into the parking lot of the grocery store, rubbing the temple of his head trying to figure out where those strange dreams kept coming from. ------------- Even when he pushed his shopping cart through the isles there wasn’t much else Luke could think about. He threw in some croissants, breakfast was his favourite. He passed by the tub of protein his Dad had requested. He halted for a moment in front of it. He could be the rebellious little devil and disobey his dad’s request, but there was no harm in helping him out, just this once, right? He threw the tub of protein in his shopping cart. While he did so he felt a strangle electric shock travel through his body. Luke clicked his tongue and pulled his face into a frown while an uncomfortable thought lingered in his mind. He suddenly thought hadn’t been daydreaming or experiencing left over nightmares at all. It was something more powerful. More primal. Not just a simple conjuring of the mind, instead it was a warning. A word of caution. An exhortation. Luke felt a chill travel through his spine while he sought the exact word to describe the alien feeling. A premonition. ------------------------------------- Continue to part III
  18. (So, this is the first time I found the courage to post a little story I’ve written recently. English isn’t my primary language so hopefully the story is readable. Enjoy and let me know what you think.) LUKE - part 1: THE RECORDING Dylan and Matt were best friends. Always sharing everything together. “Hey dude” Matt said. “I found this file on the web that says it contains the deepest voice ever recorded. No footage, only audio.” Dylan looked at his best friend to see if he was joking again. But apparently Matt was very serious. “I’m sure our girlfriends would love us to have a super deep voice, hehe” A moment later they both sat down and started the audio file on Dylan’s tablet. Some voice over started explaining a few facts about the audio file. “Listen carefully. This recording contains the voice of a minor. There used to be video footage to, but it has been removed because it was too obscene. Too revealing. And most people could no handle what they were seeing. Also keep in mind that the voice on this recording is not meant for male audiences. Listen to it on your own risk.” Matt and Dylan looked at each other. They only noticed the last too sentences. “Why would they say it’s not for male audiences?” Matt asked Dylan. “I have no idea, but to be honest, it actually makes me more curious.” Dylan answered. “So let’s continue. The file continued. It started a count down. 3…2…1 “Hi” an incredibly deep voice boomed through the computer speakers. Matt and Dylan were both erect when they heard the hyper manly voice. “My name is Luke and I just turned 18.” The incredibly deep voice continued shaking the two friend’s senses. “That voice…it’s…oh fuck…so m-manly.” Matt said, while he stroked his dick through his pants. Dylan was already openly stroking his cock after he took off his jeans. He was breathing heavily. What happened next is something both boys could not have imagined… “I’m your alpha.” the voice said, causing Matt to stick out his tongue and open his pants to jerk off his cock too. “Your superior.” making both boys drool, and their cocks leak tons of pre. “Your god.” which made the boys empty their balls with a seemingly endless supply of cum. They kept cumming for two minutes straight. “And now…” the monstrously deep voice continued “…you are mine. If you are a girl, your tits might have grown bigger and your butt more bubbly. Your body adapted to look more beautiful for me. And if you are a guy, your body has realized how manly I am. Turning you into a horny, weak little gay boy. Submitting to me. Forgetting about your lover, because I am the one you really want. Becoming horny whenever you only think about this recording. Your cock spurting cum when hearing the slightest rumbling sound of my voice. You are all MINE” The recording ended. Matt and Dylan kept cumming endlessly while hearing the rest of the audio file. They were kissing each other and moaning uncontrollably, only to pass out next to each other. The recording was programmed to send itself to all contacts that were available on Dylan’s tablet……..
  19. Sizemologist

    Happy Birthday! (Updated 02/10/23)

    Commission I did for an anonymous user on Twitter. Dean is running late getting home to see his husband for their birthday, but forgets he still has to get a dessert. He stops at the first shop he see's and finds something that might not only save his butt from his husband, but also his marriage. Part 1: 06/20 I ran across the sidewalk with my briefcase in hand. “Dammit, I’m so late.” I looked down at my phone, almost midnight. “I’m the worst husband ever.” I stumbled across many puddles and fell down in front of a lit up store front. I wiped some water off of my face as I sat up and looked at the bright neon sign. “The Sizemologist’s Caldron? I’ve never seen this here before,” musing to myself as I stood up. I looked at my phone and saw a text message light up across the screen. “Are you at least bringing ?” shined a text from a user named ‘Big Daddy’. “Cake? Cake! Shit, shit, shit! I forgot the cake!” I yelled as I wrapped my hands around my head. “Fuck, what am I gonna do?” I looked around and then back at my sizable butt in my work pants. “No, I did that last year. He deserves better for such a day.” I brought my phone down and looked into the windows of the dimly lit storefront. A light emitted from the very back of the store and I had to press my face up against the glass to see anything inside. My eyes scanned around the room until they focused in on a sign. ‘Eat Me & Drink Me’ read the sign and a smile grew across my face. “Hello! Hello!” I knocked on the window and saw some shadows move in the background. “I’m sorry! I know it’s late! I was just wondering if I could bother you to buy some sort of dessert? A cake perhaps?” I saw the outline of a very large man coming towards me. His silhouette seemed to only grow bigger as he strode closer to me. Not only did he tower over me, he sported one of the biggest guts I’d ever seen. As a light flickered on, the man’s features were revealed. In an extremely tight blue t-shirt that had ‘The Sizemologist’s Emporium’ stretched across it. As he leaned his head down to reveal a small beard and a head full of bushy blonde hair, he opened the door. “Sir, we’re open till Midnight, feel free to come in,” said the large man as he pulled the door open and stepped to the side. “Oh, uh…thanks.” I walked in and continued brushing water off myself. “Sorry I didn’t think you were open. It’s just the lights were off and I didn’t see anyone inside.” I said as I entered the shop. The room looked so much more spacious than I expected on the outside. I had to sidestep the big belly bulging out in front of the big man as it threatened to push me over when the big man swung it around to head towards the back. “Yeah, that’s my bad. The lights in here are on motion sensors at night. And normally I get up to turn them on, but I might’ve dozed off after I polished off a few pieces of sourdough bread. Woof, I really did some damage,” said the shopkeep as he patted his big belly. The ripples cascading over the blue fabric of the t-shirt. “I see, well I saw the sign from outside “Eat Me & Drink Me” and I was hoping you’d have some sort of dessert. A cake preferably.” I said and started walking over to the section. “That’s my newest section. Opened it up just a couple weeks ago. I’m Sam by the way. The Sizemologist. I run this shop,” said the shopkeep. I turned my head to see the big man smiling down at me. “Nice to meet you. I’m Dean,” I said and reached out to shake his hand. “And about the cake, I actually just sold my last cake earlier today. It was to a lovely couple celebrating their anniversary. Awe, they’re gonna have a fun night,” mused the shopkeep as he waddled past me toward a bar built into the wall. “But I have plenty of other desserts and treats for you to select from.” He lifted up an opening in the bar and squeezed his love handles through the sides as best he could. He started putting out plenty of desserts and pastries as I took a seat in the stool in front of him. Cookies all labeled with ‘Eat Me’ on them, brownies that had colorful sprinkles on top, and many selections of bread were set in front of me. I could even smell some more treats cooking in the back. “Take your pick.” “Wow, you’ve really got quite the selection here. It’s for my husband’s birthday. He loves cheesecake and I was really hoping to surprise him after I’ve been such a bad husband today.” “Oh I bet you couldn’t be that bad of a husband. You are buying your husband a cake for his birthday. That’s something,” said Sam as his head disappeared under the bar where he started rummaging around below. “Yeah, but this’ll be the one good thing I’ve done for him today. I was supposed to have today off, but I got called into the office for some emergency meeting that turned into a lot of work and I kept getting hit with project after project and I couldn’t get away from any of it until now. Almost midnight and I’ve barely spent any time with him today.” I wracked my head and shook some water from my fluffy brown hair. “You’re certainly feeling guilty and stressed about it if you’re willing to reveal that to a random customer service worker you just met,” said Sam as he came from the bar with a glass and a clear liquid in a beer sized bottle. “I’m sorry si-” “Sam, just call me Sam.” “I’m sorry Sam. I didn’t mean to put that all out on you. It’s just, my husband and I, we’ve been arguing a bit lately. And today just must feel like a punch in the gut to him.” I looked at Sam and he started putting ice in a shaker. “It’s okay. I understand, and I’ve been there. Marital troubles can be tricky. What’s got you two arguing?” I saw Sam polishing off the glass and setting it down in front of me. “You know, I really should get going. I’m already late enough as it is. I can’t have a drink right now. Maybe another time,” I said and started getting up from my seat. “Just stay and talk a moment. I promise it’ll be quick.” Sam grabbed a bottle cap opener and popped the top off. The smell from the beer hit me immediately and I froze in place. “Wow, that smells really good. Maybe I can stay for just one drink,” I sat back down in my chair and I heaved my briefcase onto the bar stool next to me. Sam had a satisfied smirk on his face as he poured the liquid into the shaker. “I thought this would change your tune. So, tell me, what’s the matter?” asked Sam as he started to shake up the drink. “It’s complicated. My husband has been a bit self conscious about his body as of late. He’s been trying to work out and grow his muscles out, but has been getting minimal results at best. He started off at maybe 120 pounds and 5 foot 7 and has only gained 10 pounds in almost a year,” I said as Sam poured the drink into the glass. “Well you seem pretty fit, big guy.” said Sam nodding to my pecs that protruded from my white button down shirt. “Maybe you could give him some pointers in the gym?” He slid the drink over to me and popped open a bottle for himself and started drinking it straight from the bottle. “That’s part of the problem. We started working out together. Before we got married, I was on the heavier side. And not in the muscly way I am now. I was fat. And just fat. No muscles. So we joined the gym together. He wanted to put on more size and I just wanted to reform my fat into muscle. I’ve succeeded so far, but he’s been not so successful.” I reached down to take a sip of my drink and my eyes nearly bulged out of my head. “Mmm this stuff is incredible! What is it?” “Made with a special rubber plant from South America, I call it “Stretchy Cider”,” said Sam as he took a swig of his own drink. “As for your husband, you shouldn’t feel guilty just because you have been seeing improvements and he hasn’t. That isn’t fair to your goals’ importance.” “I mean, sure. It’s just that I know we’ve both wanted this for a long time. We bonded a lot over fitness and wanting to grow bigger before we even committed to the gym. And we’re both sorta size queens so that plays a factor into this too. I know he wants to be a massive man with muscles all over his body and he knows I want that for him too. He just puts so much pressure on himself and I hate to see him do it. And I hate being one of the causes of it too,” I said as I took another sip of my drink. Sam gave me a morose look and put his hand on my shoulder. “I’m sorry Dean. That does not sound like a fun environment to be living in.” I hung my head and let out a long sigh. “It is a bit of a toxic web we’ve sown as a foundation for our relationship. And that’s only half of it. He’s been really wanting to have kids lately. And I get it. He’s turning 40. He’s not getting any younger. But we can’t get our finances together to get a kid since it costs so much to have a single child as a gay couple. Let alone the cost to raise one. I bet with our salaries, we could have tons of kids. We’re just gay men so we can’t afford to have kids in the first place.” “I see. Well Dean, it’s your lucky day. I think I have a great birthday gift from you to your husband. Be right back.” Sam did a quick about face, leaving his fat body wiggling for a second or two after, and walked through a door to what I assumed was the back. I looked down at my phone and it read 11:55p.m. “Shit Connor is gonna kill me,” I said through gritted teeth as I brought the drink up to my lips and started chugging the whole thing. “I’ve got just the thing for you. Here’s this muffin I have. It’s for a special promotion I’m doing this week. This is a muffin that helps people be the biggest person in any room,” said Sam as he placed a red velvet muffin down right in front of me with star shaped sprinkles on top. “I don’t know, a muffin on his birthday? That doesn’t sound like the best thing to bring home to a probably very upset husband,” I said as I looked down at the muffin. Sam brought a sparkling, extravagant yellow birthday candle out and pushed it into the top. “This’ll help set the mood. Trust me, he’ll love it.,” said Sam as he started getting a bag out for it. “Alright, I guess I’ll take it. It’s not like I have many other options,” I said and reached for my wallet. “How much for the muffin and the drink?” “Just $5 for the muffin and the drink is on the house. Just come and thank me after you have your kids.” Sam winked at me and slid the bag forward. “Thank you Sam. You are too kind. I hope this works.” I pulled a $5 bill out of my wallet and grabbed the bag and my briefcase. “Sorry to keep this short, but I’ve gotta run. Thanks again!” I darted towards the door and Sam waved me off. “Not a problem Dean! You two have fun tomorrow!” yelled Sam as I walked out the door. I tilted my head at the tomorrow part, but kept running towards home. I looked down at my phone, 11:55 still. “Damn, he said it would be quick, but I wasn’t thinking that.” I kept running until I got to our apartment building. I bursted through the doors and hit the up button to the elevator repeatedly. With a ding, the doors looked like they were moving at a snail’s pace to open up. I tapped my foot and hurried in the elevator just to stand and press the close door button repeatedly in hopes it would go faster. I went up floor by floor over what took an eternity. “Come on. Come on.” With another ding, the elevator started to open up into our apartment on the top floor. I emerged from the elevator to see a short man with his hands crossed across his chest. “Finally home from work. And it’s not midnight yet. Congrats babe. You didn’t miss all of my birthday,” said the man as he walked away from me into the kitchen. “Connor, look I’m sorry. I didn’t think that this one meeting would take away our entire day!” I followed him into the kitchen until I stopped in my tracks as he swiveled on his feet to get up in my face despite his much shorter stature. “Today was supposed to be our day. I wanted to spend a lovely birthday with my husband, but it was one thing after another, again. And I get pushed to the side for your career, again. Why would I think today would be any different than any other day,” said Connor as he stormed off through the house away from me. “Please babe. I’m sorry. I just had to stay. I kept trying to get away, but they wouldn’t stop pulling me into meetings “I had to be in”.” I used my fingers to make air quotes around those words and followed him into our bedroom. “Connor, stop running from me. Can we just celebrate a little late? I did bring home a dessert for you.” I fumbled to set my briefcase down then tear open the bag Sam had given me. “I didn’t get anything for me, but I was thinking that could be part of my punishment.” Connor turned around and saw the birthday muffin I was holding. “Is that a muffin? I think I’d prefer you just give me your ass instead.” I shrugged and then wrung my head. “Connor, I’m so, so sorry. I’ve been the worst husband lately. And especially today of all days.” I walked past Connor and sat on the king sized bed in our bedroom. “I had forgotten to get you a cake and could only find this one little shop open and all they had left that you would have liked was this.” I sighed and set the muffin down on the bedside table. I could see in Connor’s face that his anger was slowly simmering down. “You’re not the worst husband in the world,” he said as he sat down on the bed with me. “I just feel like our lives have been drifting in two different directions these past few months.” We both sat there in silence for what felt like an eternity. “Yes, we are. But I don’t want us to be,” I reached for his hand and I could see tears welling up in his eyes. “I don’t either. I just feel like sometimes I can’t even talk to you about it. Some days, despite living in the same apartment as you, I never see you. You’re always at the office, or at the gym, or when you’re home, you just go into your study and don’t come out all day playing your games.” Connor had a couple of tears running down his face as we continued to sit in silence. “I’m sorry. I’ve been so wrapped up in work. Ever since that promotion last year, I just can’t get away from the office sometimes.” I put my hand on Connor’s thigh and squeezed it. “Why did you even take that promotion? You hated your job before you took it. And now it’s just gotten worse. And it’s not like we need the money. We live in a penthouse apartment in the city. While it is expensive, I make more than enough to cover it alone. That and just about all of our other living expenses. I just don’t understand why you do this job that I know you aren’t happy in.” Connor stopped his long winded question to me and I paused again. “Because I thought you wanted kids, babe. I have been busting my ass so we could afford to have some kids,” I said and Connor gave me a weird look. “Honey, we could have kids tomorrow if we want. At least start the process. Our savings account is filled with the child fund. You know this. You helped set it up with me. We even used the fund already and it’s grown the money back. This is something else.” I looked into Connor’s big brown eyes and my heart just melted. “It’s because I’m afraid.” “Afraid? Afraid of what honey.” “Afraid that we had grown too far apart to come back together again. I didn’t want to come home and face the silence and coldness that I would’ve sat in with you.” I blurted out as I started to cry as well. It was Connor’s turn to think on my words. “I knew we had been growing apart and I didn’t want to face it. But now I see running from my problem only makes it even harder to deal with.” “You took the job so you wouldn’t have to deal with me?” asked Connor. “No. No! Not at all babe. It wasn’t to deal with you. I did it cause I thought that’s what I needed. To be thrown into my work. After trying and failing to have a child and going through the painstaking process of venting and paperwork of in vitro just to have no results was heartbreaking. I couldn’t handle it.” The tension in the room could be cut with a knife as I sobbed quietly into my hand. “I understand that babe. After the surrogate failed to have any eggs that attached, I also was feeling broken. But I needed you. My husband. And you ran away to your terrible job.” Connor began to join me in crying. “I’m so sorry Connor. I was being selfish with my reaction to the news. I was doing what I needed to do to protect my own feelings. And as your husband, I needed to be there for you too.” “It’s okay. We each have our own coping mechanisms. I know that about us. This is just the first time it’s hit us so hard. I don’t think we could’ve prepared ourselves for this one,” said Connor as he put his hand on mine. “But I think we know what’s happening now. For the first time in over a year.” I cracked a smile amidst my tears and went in to hug Connor. “We are. I don’t think we really talked about what we wanted to do going forward after failing to have a kid the first time. Do you think we could do it?” “Dean, I have never had any doubt in my mind that when we become parents, we will raise beautiful children. However I do think that we need to have a lot more love in the home before we bring a child into it.” We looked into each other's eyes and hugged each other. We held each other and just breathed for a moment. We hadn’t had this much physical contact in months. “Same to you Connor. You’re gonna make a wonderful dad.” I pushed his body away to kiss him and it was like fireworks went off. This was the first time I had felt something around him in months. “I do hope we’ve begun to rekindle that love today.” “I think so. We’re definitely headed in the right direction.” Connor leaned back in and we shared a passionate kiss. I felt his hand pressing into my chest and he gripped my pecs. “And I don’t think we’ve done anything with your new body since we’ve started working out.” “Yeah and we haven’t done anything with yours either big daddy,” I smiled and kissed Connor back only to feel him lose steam part of the way through. “Uh huh, like I have any progress to show,” said Connor as he kept massaging my pecs over my shirt. “But you have babe. You’ve slimmed up since working out and now you’re starting to put on more muscle,” I went to grab at his chest but he flinched when I did. “Babe, I just spilled my guts about my tough feelings. Maybe tonight we just get all of our feelings out in the open.” “What feelings? I’m fine, babe. We were just about to have sex for the first time in forever. I’m great!” Connor started to kiss me violently and pounced onto me. Forcing me to lean back on our bed with him on top. “Hun, you’re talking to the king of not talking about things that bother me.” He broke the kiss and rolled off me. “Spill it babe.” Connor looked at me as we both lay on the bed together. “I can’t get big. I can’t be the big man of my dreams and I definitely can’t be the big man of your dreams.” “Okay, what do you mean by that?” “The gym isn’t working to get me bigger.” “And I don’t have a problem with that. Everyone’s bodies are different and gain size in different ways.” “Oh Dean, stop beating around the bush. The entirety of our relationship was based off of our shared love for growth. You remember all of the role playing we did back in the day. Do you remember that one where you were the sweet scientist and me, your science experiment that got huge. I wanted that for you.” Connor sat up and put his elbows on his knees and head on his hands. I followed suit soon after. “Connor, those were fantasies. And while they were hot at the time of doing them, I don’t really care about them now. And I definitely never expected you to get THAT big. Babe at one point we said you were over 100 feet tall and many tons of muscle. No one has even come close to that big before.” “I know, but maybe if I thought that maybe if I did get bigger, it would help us rekindle that spark.” I brought my arm around him and pulled him in close to me. “Well after tonight I hope you can put that idea out of your head since we might not be past our differences, but we are on the road to recovery.” I leaned in and kissed the short man. We sat on the bed in silence for a long time. Just me holding Connor in my arms. “I did however mention to the guy that sold me the muffin that you were having some issues in the gym and he assured me that the muffin makes men feel like they’re the biggest one in the room.” “What does that even mean? And you were talking to a random baker about that?” “I don’t know. I assumed it had a bunch of calories in it or something. But yeah. I did kinda vent to him for a sec cause I felt so guilty about how bad of a husband I was being.” I stand up and open up a drawer in the night stand to reveal a lighter. “At this point I’ll try anything to make me grow,” said Connor as he got up and stood beside me. “But that cupcake is so small, what are you going to eat?” “Think of it as a punishment to myself for being so late and forgetting to pick up a cake today.” I started to light the candle that was on top of the muffin and presented it to Connor. “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Connor, Happy Birthday to You.” Connor gave me a cheesy smile and blew out the candle. “Thanks babe. Despite all of the drama I couldn’t have wished for a better 40th birthday,” said Connor as he started eating the muffin. “Feliz cumpleaños mi amor. Did you make a wish?” “Of course. I always make a wish. You can’t not make a wish. But I’m not gonna tell you.” Connor continued to eat his muffin and was delighted by how good it tasted. “You don’t need to tell me until it comes true.” “Well then I can tell you what I wished for last year?” “What?” “You.” I smiled at Connor and leaned down to give him a big kiss. “I’m glad I granted your wish then. I just hope I can grant this one for you too.” We kissed a couple more times before we sat down on the bed. We began to make out, small moans escaping our lips as we did. “You definitely can babe. But actually,” Connor paused our kiss and let out a long yawn, “I’m feeling really tired all of a sudden. Think maybe we can pick this up in the morning?” Connor began to lie back in bed onto his pillow and tapped the one beside it. “Sure babe. Screw work if they call me in. I’m gonna spend tomorrow with my husband.” I climbed over to my side of the bed and got under the covers with Connor. “Thank you Dean. I would love that as a birthday present. As well as snuggling with you tonight,” said Connor as he wrapped his arms around my body as I faced the opposite way. “Goodnight Dean.” “Goodnight Connor.”
  20. ChurchOfHarvey

    Slim + Tiny

    I walk through the party, past cousins and other relatives. I don’t really like family reunions, but I do love reminding everyone that I am the biggest in the family. I enjoy making my younger cousins I grew up with squirm. I push past the crowd and bump into one of my uncles I almost didn’t recognize. “Yo, Uncle Dave? How have you been? You look skinny!” I’ve only known my uncle as absolutely jacked. Rough and chiseled from working in construction for 30 years. His sleeves used to hug his biceps and his chest would never let his top buttons close. He was the one other person in the family who could almost size up to me. Now his shirt hangs loosely off his skinny shoulders. “Hey, Petey. Yeah, I lost some weight,” he sighed. “I gotta get you in the gym, Unc. Put some meat back on those bones. I’ll get you looking huge like me again in no time!” I snickered. I spread out my arms and curl my biceps. My thick muscles pack my shirt tight and my sleeves stretch around my girthy arms. I’ve always been a muscle head since I was a kid. I played football and started powerlifting at 13. I was a beast growing up and now I’m twice the size of anyone else in the family, especially now that Uncle Dave is skinny. Fuck, seeing how big I am compared to him now is feeding my ego well. “Of course, you’ll still be tiny compared to these veiny pythons! But it’ll be a start,” I laughed. “Speaking of, have you seen Slim and Tiny around anywhere? Need to find those twigs and put them in their place!” “Slim and Tin—? Oh... Go out and check the shed. I’m sure they’ll find you…” • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • I walk out into the backyard and make my way past the circles of cousins and uncles all chatting over some beers. In the back corner of the yard by the shed, there are stacks of 45 plates, a bench press, a squat rack, and even some cable rigs to make a rough prison yard gym. Bet those two nerds went all out to try and start working out. I need to go put those boys in their place and show them how a real man lifts! I flex my pecs in anticipation. From the shed, I hear deep grunts and metal plates clanging. Rep after rep, the grunts transform into barks. I turn the corner and my jaw and flex drop as I see what is inside the dark shed. An absolute behemoth of a man stands in a too-small stringer and leggings that squeeze the definition out of his massive quads and put his near-absent bulge on display. He carries a barbell at his chest and reps out more military presses. Three plates are stacked on either side of the bar. His monstrous delts ripple as he barks and lifts. On the bench against the wall sits another hulking beast hunched over with his haunches of forearms resting on his knees. He grunts out in a deep voice, calling out the rep count of his giant friend. Twenty-seven, twenty-eight… He turns and catches a look at me. “Well, shit… look who it is, Tiny!” he growls in a mocking tone. “Looks like little big-shot Petey decided to show up!” Tiny? No, that can’t be. And that would make him… Slim... No, these aren’t my cousins. They had to be actors hired to play a prank on me or something. These can’t be those same little nerds I used to tease back in high school. They’re too fucking big! Tiny drops the barbell to the mat with a clang and turns to face me with a smile. His veiny, pumped-up delts protrude off of his shoulders cartoonishly. His monstrous arms hang out to the sides with his meaty lats grown too big for his ribcage. He is a brick wall of muscle. “You know, I used to remember you were bigger, Pete,” Tiny grins. “Have you lost weight or something? You look skinny!” The two behemoths approach me and I can finally see the tight definition of their terrifying size in the sunlight. These two goliaths tower above me. Must be nearly 7’ feet tall. My eyes are level with their chiseled pecs that squeeze against the tanks they have so clearly outgrown. Slim flexes his pecs intimidatingly and his massive tits free themselves from beneath his tank as the fabric stretches and is squeezed between his pecs. His shirt rides up and reveals his chiseled Adonis belt and I see the thick bulge threatening to fall out from his shorts. “No… no, this isn’t right,” I stammer as I step back from these two behemoths. “Where are my actual little cousins? You’ve got to be fucking with me…” “We’re right here, Petey…” Tiny grins as he approaches and wraps his arms over my shoulders. “We got pretty big, huh, Tiny?” Slim groans with another flex. “Oh, bigger than that… You see Pete, we got tired of ego-fueled meatheads like you walking all over us. Calling us small and weak and pathetic…” “And so we decided to grow… and grow…” “Oh, we fucking grew…” Tiny flexes and crushes my neck between his forearm and chiseled bicep. “Now we’re fucking giants and it’s all thanks to cocky gym rats like you,” Slim pokes into my sternum and pushes me back. “No, this can’t be…” I feel powerless. “What are you gonna do to me? “Hey, Ma! Come take a picture of us and Petey!” Slim roars out across the yard, avoiding my question. “Yeah, we want you to remember how big you used to be before we drain you…” Tiny growls in a whisper. I gulp and try to think of a way out of here. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • After getting a picture, it’s just the three of us again all sitting on the bench in the shed with the two of them crushing me between their massive shoulders. The smell of their musk is overwhelming as they wrap their arms around me and squeeze me between their lats. Their ripe stench stuffs my nose full and for some reason my dick twitches. The two titans stand up, carrying me with them, and pin me into a tight circle between them. Slim looks down and sees my dick jumping against my will. “Oh, ho! Looky here…” Slim chuckles as he flicks my bulge. “Looks like the little man loves being crushed between two superior alphas!” “No wonder little Petey was in the gym all the time,” Tiny guffaws. I had truly never been attracted to men. The thought repulsed me. Even now, the stench of their ripe musk was sickening, but my penis throbs despite my opposition. Slim raises his arms and the wafting musk hits me like a wall. He crunches his thick, bullish abs and flares out his lats to put his pits on display. “Think it’s time for the pit crew!” Slim creaked a smile. Oh shit… Before I can react, Tiny grabs me and forces my face deep between Slim’s muscles and into his hairy pit. Same move I used to pull on them growing up. But fuck, my eyes roll back and I can’t help but moan out. Fuck, this isn’t right. Something about his scent is hypnotizing me. I can’t control my own dick. It twitches and hardens. I remember doing the same thing to Tiny and Slim growing up. I would sneak up behind them and call out for the pit crew before pulling them into a headlock under my arms. Kept them locked in to force them to huff my pit sweat until they squirmed under my superior arms and begged for me to let them go. Never wore deodorant to family gatherings just to really torture them. Fuck, I never expected them to ever get me back for it all. “I can feel his dick getting hard against my quads!” Slim lets out a belly laugh. Fuck, I am getting a boner. I can’t help it. I feel my dick growing and slipping between the muscle definition of his quads. So thick and hard pressed against my boner. Tiny keeps pushing me into Slim, forcing my dick to grind and press against his rock-solid muscle. I feel Slim flexing his quad on purpose to tease my erection. Fuck, I’m so hard… And then I feel something else press into me. A long, thick piece of meat squished against my abs. Oh, fuck… Is that his dick? It’s fucking massive too… I feel it press into my belly button and hang down next to the base of my shaft. It’s still only soft too… What fucking happened to him? “God, he’s so fucking horny! Look! He’s still huffing my pits!” Slim laughs. I didn’t even realize that Tiny had stopped holding my face into it. His pits were a fucking trap I couldn’t pull my nose out of. Fuck, I don’t know if I even wanted to. “Think this little guy is gonna cum off my alpha musk alone, Tiny!” Slim teases. “All right Slim, you’ve had your fun,” Tiny sighs as he let go of me. “I’m hungry and I want to feed while he’s still got those extra inches…” Fuck, what are they going to do to me? Slim grabs the back of my head and pulls me out from his armpit. He cricks my neck back and forces me to look up at him. He just smiles and looks down to scan my physique. There is a hunger in his stare. “Y’know what, I think little Petey has grown a bit since we last saw him,” Slim chuckles. “Not like us muscle freaks,” he flexes, “but I see some extra size on those biceps now. Check him out, Tiny!” I can’t tell if they’re still fucking with me. “Why don’t you flex for us, Pete?” Tiny asks in a stern tone. I step back, but Slim blocks me with his massive body. “Tiny gave you a command, Petey…” I take a heavy breath and follow their orders. I raise my right arm and curl my bicep. My peak pops out and my veins pump. I felt more than satisfied with my muscle and size just a few minutes ago, but now as I stand here beneath my two younger cousins with a boner I can’t control, I feel so weak and small. “Look at that peak! There’s some good meat there,” Tiny smiles. I bring up my other arm and curl it as well. I puff up my chest and flare out my lats to make myself as big as possible, but I know it’s useless. I’m puny compared to them. My cock throbs harder as I flex my muscles like a toy for these two behemoths. “Definitely some good meat…” Slim laughs slowly. Slim steps closer as I hold my flex. He wraps his hand over my bicep, holding my entire peak in his palm. He runs his thumb into the valleys of my muscles and works his thumb into the meat of my arm. He’s so strong… I feel my bicep grow numb as he gropes my muscle. “Oh, yeah… This’ll make me grow nice and big…” What the fuck did he say? Oh, shit… Fuck, my muscles are twitching and flexing compulsively. My bicep aches. And then I turn and see what’s happening. My arm is shrinking! Oh, fuck… my arm deflates with all its muscle mass, looking tiny compared to the rest of my body as Slim keeps groping and squeezing the muscle from my bicep. I look up to Slim with fear in my eyes as he drains me. Slim only chuckles under his breath. Then he begins to grow. His thick chiseled arm throbs even bigger, growing muscle in waves. As my biceps shrink, his swell bigger and bigger. Fuck, his arm is getting so huge… It expands faster and outsizes the rest of his body. Then he takes his other hand and does the same to my deteriorating bicep. He uses every ounce of muscle from my arm to grow two gorilla-huge arms that hang lankily compared to the rest of his body. My right arm is a twig hanging from my still-chiseled torso. It hangs as the drained husk of what once was a 19-inch python of an arm. And then I feel Tiny latch his hand around my left lat and squeeze the muscle up into my pit. “Don’t hog all the good meat, Slim,” Tiny teases. “There’s plenty of him to share.” Tiny squeezes the muscle from me. Stealing pound after pound of muscle from my back. My body shrinks and topples slightly as my balance is thrown off by the mass being stolen from me. My pecs feel too heavy hanging from my chest now. All my mass flows into Tiny’s back and his lats stretch wider with every pulse. He lets out a deep groan and growls as he expands. His lats push his arms further out from his body as they swell. He throbs bigger and bigger until I can hardly see around him. His little tank top stretches and begins to tear as he outgrows it with the muscle he takes from me. Tiny moans in pleasure as his body expands and his shirt is torn to shreds that fall from his chest. His bare torso is chiseled with pure muscle that churns as he steals my mass. Waves of size ripple up his lats and visibly surge with more and more muscle. “Ohh, fuuckk yeahhh… Make me fucking grow, Petey,” Tiny whines. “God, I’m getting so fucking huge!” My two cousins continue to grope and use my muscles to grow. They play with me and steal my size in no particular order, leaving me an asymmetrical mess of muscle as they moan and grow happily. A quad here. A pec there. Taking and taking to fuel their insatiable lust for growth. They stack bigger and bigger above me as I fall more and more powerless to their whims. My clothes drape over my shrinking frame as they take and take. “Oh yeah, this is even better than draining Uncle Dave,” Slim huffs. “It felt so good to finally be bigger than him so we could drain that old man of all that useless muscle. Got fucking huge off of him.” “But Pete has that thick and defined muscle, little body fat, perfect for fucking growing…” Tiny growls. “Oh fuck, look at us… We’re getting so much fucking bigger off him alone.” The two behemoths stretch bigger and bigger, outgrowing everything. Their muscles surge with seemingly endless mass. Slim’s tank begins to tear as his stomach inflates into a gut of pure muscle. He chuckles and flexes his pecs proudly and his shirt is torn apart by his swelling chest. Tiny’s quads pump and swell asymmetrically, practically fighting for dominance as his legs are crushed together by their size. His leggings stretch across his quads and eventually begin to rip. Tears spread across his legs and reveal the throbbing muscle beneath. The elastic of the waistband finally gives and there’s a loud crack as his leggings explode and he’s stood naked above me. His cock throbs, but even hard it barely pushes out past his surging quads and muscle gut. It looks tiny in comparison to his powerful muscles. Slim’s ass expands and overwhelms his shorts much quicker. The fabric tears and falls to reveal much more. As the shorts fall, Slim’s cock unfurls from its hiding spot and swings down his legs. It’s fucking monstrous. 13 inches of veiny cock hangs lazily. And then it starts to grow… It inches bigger as the veins throb. Slim lets out a deep rumbling growl as his cock expands further and further down. He humps forward and makes it rock up and swing under its immense weight. It surges faster. 17 inches. 20 inches. It throbs and bounces on its own, drooling out a thick stream of precum as Slim moans in deep pleasure. His cock grows massive to match his pulsing muscles in contrast to Tiny’s little dick which is dwarfed by his muscles. They tower bigger and bigger above me. Naked behemoths with surging mass. They both hit the ceiling as I shrink down below their hips. Slim’s gargantuan cock hangs in front of my face, drooling like a hungry animal. My clothes drape off my shrunken body. “Fuck…” I mutter under my breath. “I’m fucking puny…” Then Slim grabs me around my entire waist and lifts me off the ground. He brings me closer to eye level with them as they hunch to fit inside the shed. They must be fucking 9’ feet tall… They are fucking freaks of muscle mass. Meanwhile, I’ve been shrunk down to barely 4’ feet of skin and bones. “Puny?!” Slim laughs. “Oh, I fucking love that!” He shakes me in his hand and my shorts fall off of me and down to the ground. My cock springs out, rock hard. My 9” inch dick hangs down in front of me. I had always been proud that my cock was big to match my naturally muscular frame. Now it looks freakishly oversized hanging from my now scrawny frame. It throbs against my will and swings itself between my knees. I’ve always wanted a bigger cock to outsize my build, but not like this. Fuck, it’s too big for my weak body… It feels too heavy swinging from my waist. I can feel it weighing down and pulling my skin tight. My cock is too fucking big… “Hey, Tim,” Slim smirks. “Looks like Puny here has got some last extra meat for you to take!” “About time,” Tim chuckles. “You always take the dicks first, Slater.” Tim takes my throbbing dick in his hand and squishes the shaft. He lifts it up from where it hangs and it feels like a huge relief. Even my 9” cock barely fills his giant hand. It’s so sensitive that even just his crushing grip makes my cock spit up precum. I can’t hold back my moans. My dick spits precum and throbs as he takes my inches from me. Precum pools into his hand as my cock shrinks into his fist. My vision goes blurry from the stimulation, but I can see Tim’s cock expanding. Pushing longer and fatter from behind his muscle gut. It throbs bigger and bigger, hitting double digits as he groans from the growth. It surges and throbs with more girth. It keeps swelling thicker and thicker. Inches pack onto his pulsing cock. Tim moans and laughs as he throbs. He’s growing so big from my cock… “Oh… fuck yes!” Tim groans. “Oh, yeah… my cock is getting so heavy… fuuckk… more!” My dick shrinks until he is just barely holding it between his giant thumb and forefinger. It feels like such a relief to have all that extra weight taken off of me. He rubs my puny cock between his fingers and I can’t take it anymore. I try to hold back my moans, but it’s useless. I whine and moan and beg to cum. My cock spasms between his fingers. Tim smiles and slides his hand under my taint and uses his middle finger to push into my hole. My cock throbs happily. I didn’t think having my ass penetrated could feel so good… My dick looks like a tic tac in his giant palm. It flexes against my will and then it starts to squirt. Shooting my load into his hand as it bounces around. I moan and heave to try and catch my breath from my orgasm. My cock spurts its load across his palm and starts to pool in the middle. My exhausted penis hangs over my balls as the last bit of cum spills out. Tim just chuckles under his breath as he brings his palm up to his mouth. With one lick, what felt like a huge load was slurped up with ease by his giant tongue. With my head starting to clear, I could now see the monster cock he used me to create. It was thick and veins pulsed all along the shaft. The head throbbed to size up to his overwhelming girth. Thick beads of precum oozed down his tip. Then another surge of growth shot up his cock like an aftershock. My cum was giving him even more size! I watched his girth throb bigger and stretch his skin tight. It pulsed past 14” inches and shot up to 19” in just three big spurts of growth. Tim moaned and his cock just began pouring precum. It spasmed on its own and slowly the precum grew milky. “Get ready, Puny,” Slater laughed as he placed me back onto the ground. “Agh, fuuck…” Tim roared. His surging cock jumps and shoots out a thick jet of cum that splatters across my body and onto the wall behind me. His creamy white cum paints my naked body. His cock continues to erupt hands-free. His cock bounces with each shot and swings back and forth on its own accord. Long white ropes spurt over and over as he climaxes. The overwhelming sensation of growth forced him to erupt without warning. The cumshots slow down, but his dick remains rock hard. It continues to ooze precum as it hangs above me. I stand in the aftermath of his orgasm and look up at the two behemoth cocks looming above me and the brutes connected to them. Tim and Slater face each other and their dicks press together. I thought Tim’s 19-inch dick was enormous, but now it was dwarfed beneath Slater’s hulking 27-inch beast of a cock. Slater’s dick was as thick as his arm and just as veiny with his foreskin spilling out precum as well. I stare in awe at their size. I fantasize about how it must feel to be that fucking huge. It must feel fucking amazing to be so big and powerful. I grab my puny 2-inch cock between my fingers and stroke my cock. They are gods above me. I don’t know what I want to do, but I know I wanted their size. Slater looks down and sees me touching myself. “Nuh-uh, Puny,” he smiles. “You won’t be needing that anymore.” He bends down and pinches my dick between his fingers. He groans as his dick pulses once and expands slightly from the last bit of my cock. He releases and flicks my precum off his finger. And my dick is gone. All my inches, all my muscles, my height, everything has been taken from me. I was nothing and they were gods. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • They poke me out of the shed with my clothes draped across my body and send me back to the party with my new size while they enjoy theirs. “Wow, they really got you, huh, kid?” Uncle David says as he approaches me. “Yeah…” I sigh. “They’re fucking massive now.” “They did the same thing to me last month. I’m only just now starting to get some muscle mass back.” “I don’t think anything is going to be able to stop them now.” “They won’t stop until… fuck, I don’t think they’ll ever stop.” And then the shed begins to bulge and crack and collapse as Slater breaks through the ceiling.
  21. Richie is promised a surprise by his boyfriend of six months that he will likely never forget. His partner, Leslie, has been known to vanish once a month due to unknown reasons, and up until this point, has never let his partner know why that is. He usually tells Richie that he has important business he must attend to. The 33-year-old, 5’4 cutie with thin glasses, is of mixed race, which is partially Arab and South African, has been working as a freelance journalist. He has traveled a great deal during the last decade and is no stranger to meeting guys in his past. One of those men he has mentioned to Richie a great deal is a man from Spain named Maxus. This man was apparently built like a heavyweight bodybuilder and was incredibly gorgeous. After spending a night together and having some intense sex, the man apparently filled Leslie’s body with his seed and changed his life forever. Depending on how you look at it, it was either a gift or a curse. Leslie apparently hated it at first but has learned to love all of it over time. He told Richie that this happened around four years before they met. He said that this happened on the full moon of that month, and it prompted the hot beast he was with to become the alpha type he was crazy about. On that same day/night he would also become an enhanced version of himself. Leslie remembers that Maxus seemed to be more pumped up than usual that night, which made the sex even more wild and satisfying, since he was probably about half the size of the beast he was fooling around with. Incredibly, he said that he could take this hulk’s pounding despite their weight discrepancies. Maxus had apparently pumped him so full of cum that it caused his stomach to swell so big that he looked like he was going to give birth at any moment. The man loved how it looked and was kissing it lovingly every minute afterwards before they both finally dozed off. He remembers waking up the next morning and the man was gone. His stomach was still swollen from the impregnation, but he somehow felt different. He could sense that something was going on inside him but couldn’t figure out what it was. He said the next month on the full moon he found out what this ‘feeling’ he had was and it shocked him to his core. Now, he is willing to show his boyfriend what happens when the moon is big and full in the sky. Leslie’s boyfriend Richie is 35, extremely shy and introverted, and admits that he isn’t very experienced in the intimacy department. Ironically, this is what attracted the cutie to him in the first place. Both men are relatively thin. Richie is a bit taller though at 5’8. He is told to meet with his boyfriend at 11:30, the night before the moon is at its fullest. Richie knocks on Leslie’s apartment door. The cutie answers and is wearing a loose red top and black shorts. He also looks as if he just shaved. “Hello sexy boy...come on in. I have been waiting for you to come see me.” He hugs Richie tightly and kisses him softly. They then both go in as Leslie tells his friend to sit down on the couch. He looks quite anxious and is pacing a bit. “You doing okay Les? I don’t think I have ever seen you like this before.” “Uh yeah, I will be okay bro. I just know what is coming in the next few hours. I always get like this before the ‘change’ happens. When I first started doing this, it was not very fun. Now though, I can anticipate the progression. Normally, I would be completely nude close to midnight, but...” Richie looks at him with a wry look on his face. “Well, you do what makes you comfortable.” “Oh, trust me. I plan on giving you a show. The ‘change’ is slow, but incredibly satisfying.” After a few more minutes of general chit chat and Leslie trying to calm himself down, he looks out the window behind where Richie is sitting and sees that the moon is getting a bit closer and bigger. He can feel his breathing getting heavier. It is now a minute before midnight, and he can feel something stirring in his crotch. He stands in front of Richie and stops talking as he lightly moans. Richie can see his partner’s cock twitching. “I am guessing it is about to start, judging by what is going on down below.” “OHH YEAH! You can reach out and feel it if you want to.” Richie does and runs his fingers along Leslie’s shaft and feels it flexing and throbbing. He is getting excited himself and he feels his own cock reacting in his shorts. It feels as if the energy from Leslie is trying to transfer into him. He has a feeling of ecstasy passing through him as time switches over to the peak of the full moon. He looks down at his own crotch and sees his own cock tenting in his pants. “Wow, just the anticipation alone has me excited Les. What does this mean?” The cutie standing in front of him smiles and seems extremely happy about that. “I was hoping that we had a connection bro. Mm...it feels so overwhelming at first...the rush of testosterone flowing from my brain...oohh...into my balls...ahh...my testicles...are starting to grow.” Richie moves his hands down and feels his partner’s sack swelling. He realizes that Leslie is not wearing underwear at this point as the young man takes his glasses off and puts them on a nearby table while wiping his brow from the sweat that is starting to drip down his face and body. He reaches down to adjust his cock as it slowly begins to stretch against his right leg. “Richie...I am going to let it keep going for the next few minutes. Just realize that this is just the first part. I think you will approve.” The young man watches his partner start to rub his chest and nipples slowly as things start to get a bit more interesting. He can hear the 33-year-old groan under his breath. Richie undoes his shorts and pulls his hard cock out to slowly stroke it. Leslie briefly closes his eyes, only to open them back up again to look down at Richie and continues smiling at him as he decides to give him some more commentary on his changes. “FUCK BRO! I’m so glad I am already getting you worked up. I promise that you will be spilling your seed all day long. Don’t worry about it going dry either, I will make sure that doesn’t happen. Just keep focusing on me growing for you. Mm...it feels so fucking good.” Leslie’s chest and arms are now swelling bigger as his lower half starts to do the same. He moans as he squeezes his inflating pecs. His forearms and triceps flex and tremble as they expand wider and thicker as he feels his hands getting larger as well against his chest. The fur on his body is starting to spread and darken as well. Richie tries to maintain some of his composure as he reaches out to feel his partner’s quads blowing up. The veins in both legs, huge and pronounced, strain against his shorts, as the fabric starts to beg for mercy. The growing beast’s cock is now turning towards his partner’s face as it attempts to rip its way out the front of his pants. “MMM...I love how you are rubbing on me, Rich. My cock is getting fucking huge too. Feel free to let your hands and mouth roam...I am just moments away from looking like Derek Lunsford.” He stops playing with his pecs and lets them continue to expand further outward. His shirt is now extremely tight against him as a gap develops beneath his huge swelling tits. His nipples are completely visible from beneath the fabric. Richie can now see his rapidly growing eight pack for the first time. Leslie’s bloated pelvic floor is starting to become too much for the waistband of his shorts as they slowly start to fray. His breathing and moaning are much louder now, as he is getting extremely excited. His swelling glutes are testing the limits of his shorts as well. “Now you can see why I wore these clothes bro. You will get to see me fucking destroy them too.” Leslie flexes his engorged, massively veiny biceps and grunts as he stares at them rising. The sleeves on his shirt burst, allowing his mammoth arms to swell even bigger. At the same time, his quads are ripping the sides of his shorts open. Richie groans as he watches this happening and is leaking precum all over his hand as he pets his growing partner’s cock, which is barely contained within the confines of Leslie’s shorts. He can smell the massive amount of testosterone being produced inside the beast’s swelling crotch. “UHH YEAH...are you ready to meet my beast maker? He REALLY wants to meet you...RRAAUUHHH...” Leslie grunts as his lethal cock finally rips out the front of his shorts. His enormous furry ball sac is now completely visible as well. Richie immediately starts licking on his partner’s throbbing shaft and catches some of his precum. The growing beast moans deeply as his partner works his cock with his hands and mouth. He can feel the cum moving quickly through his testicles. “MMM BRO... I hope you are really hungry. I will make the best protein shake you will ever have...in... your...life...” Richie moans as he starts to guzzle down Leslie’s thick load as it flows freely from his huge 11-inch tool. His savory cum starts moving down his throat and into his stomach. His eyes are also watching in amazement as his hulking partner’s mammoth pectorals heave up and down. There is a mountain of thick brown fur covering each one of them that is visible through the opening of his top. Both pecs are nearly touching Les’s chin at this moment, which he clearly loves. “OH MY GOD, my pecs are fucking godlike. I love the feeling of them up against my face. They are throbbing so much and practically have a mind of their own.” He knows that his immense chest will be free at any moment and motions for Richie to stop sucking on his cock for the time being. The smaller man finishes drinking his partner’s load and notices that his stomach is quite engorged. He pulls Les’s shaft out slowly and kisses his cockhead as a few strings of saliva drool down his face. “Hey bro, mmm it felt so good draining my boys...uuhh...ohhh...I am trying so hard to keep from...” He reaches down and picks up his partner in his bloated arms at the very moment that he feels his back ripping the back of his shirt open. His huge delts and traps quickly start mangling the upper half as his pecs start ripping out of the front of his shirt. Richie hears Les moaning deeply as his inflated furry tits reveal themselves to him and hit his face. He starts to lock his lips onto both, taking turns sucking on his partner’s pronounced nipples as they point towards the ground. He caresses Les’s chest, rubbing his huge abs, feeling each deep ridge between them with his hands and is drooling heavily as his spit coats his own top. He can feel the beast’s cock flexing beneath his ass as it starts to flow precum once again. “AHH FUCK RICH! I love it! I don’t think I have ever felt such fucking ecstasy in my pecs before. You know what I want to do now...” Leslie props his partner up with one arm and moves the other one down to tear his partner’s pants open. He starts to move his cock up in between Richie’s ass cheeks and slowly teases his hole with it. “OH, MY GAWD YES LES! FUCK ME PLEASE! I want you so much!” “I know you do bro, but just know that whatever happens next will be overwhelming.” “I am ready beast.” “Okay bro, enjoy the ride then!” Amazingly, Richie’s tight hole loosens up to allow Leslie’s big cock inside him. The much smaller man yells in anguish for a few seconds but is much too eager to allow whatever happens to him next to occur. He starts bouncing up and down on the beast as the two men are entranced with each other. Leslie has noticeably become even more handsome than before. The fur on his face has thickened and is covering portions of his swelling neck and traps. He grunts as he tries to forcefully pump his partner full of his seed. “I have a BIG surprise for you babe. I can do this...” Leslie flexes his mammoth quads and ass as he feels his bloated ball sac twitch as they fill his huge rod with his thick load. Richie moans and feels his intestines filling up. His massive partner smiles as he looks down and sees his bottom’s midsection swelling up against him. He is hoping that this is where he can do something he has always wanted to do to another man. “Uh...what are you doing to me Les?” “You should find out in the next few minutes Rich. You got too curious about my big secret and just had to be a part of it. Well...here we are. This is me as a huge human, but I am actually holding back a little bit. Pumping you full of my seed brings me so much happiness because now I will have another monster in this part of the world to have fun with.” “Uh...another monster? Wha does that mean?” “Shhh...let it work itself inside you. Mm...it is crazy because when I was converted, it took a while to take effect, but right now, I can just sense it as I hold you against me. Bro, you are going to be the hottest beast I have ever been with.” Leslie finally pulls out of Richie as he puts him back down on the ground. He adjusts his cock as he starts to feel his bloated muscles and watches his partner stare down at his big stomach. “I can barely fit my gut in my shirt now. There is so much cum...” The huge, bearded beast pulls the rest of his clothing off and slings it at the windows in the room. They make a cracking noise as Richie notices that they are likely going to break due to the force behind Leslie’s power. He then turns back around to look at the beast again. “This is your doing, Rich. I never do this inside of a building because I know what will happen. My urge to destroy things is growing as this progresses. Speaking of progression...mmm...I am going to show you...” Leslie’s back cracks as he begins to get taller. He moans as he feels himself getting closer to the ceiling. His muscles begin to inflate again as his arms and chest start to squeeze against each other. He grunts feeling his cock stretching and thickening to over two feet long and about a foot wide. He is now starting to tower over his partner at over 7’ tall and is over 450 pounds. He stomps on the floor just a bit, loving the sound of the floorboards cracking, he squirts precum all over Richie when he does this. “MMM...my voice is starting to echo bro. This is when I know that things are getting serious.” Richie notices that the cum in his stomach is starting to move around in his body and his belly is returning to normal. Leslie is trying to control himself and not attempt to grow again for the time being. “OMG, how are you growing so large, Les? I don’t understand how...ohh fuck...is this going to happen to me?” “HAHA! You are not going to care much longer. I have a feeling Rich, when it starts, you are just going to let it do whatever it wants.” “I am not sure what to think.” Leslie is struggling to contain his excitement in wanting to destroy his apartment. He can feel the endorphins rising in his brain and knows that they will have to be released at any second. “Here... MMM...I am just going to grow again. My mind is going crazy right now and I just want to turn this room into rubble babe. Don’t worry...I won’t let you perish, but you might be a bit surprised when I do...AHH...FINALLY...TTHHIISS!!!!!” His back starts cracking again as he literally starts to blow up in size. Within just a few seconds, Leslie goes blasting through the top of his apartment and continues to grow wider and thicker. He quickly reaches down to pick his partner up in his hand and closes it to protect Richie from the falling debris. All that the 35-year-old can hear is the mountainous giant saying, “MORE...MORE...MMOORREE!!!”. The loud crumbling noises finally ceased after a few minutes. Leslie’s hand opens and he rolls Richie onto the ground below. “Uhh...where are we now Les?” The 15’ 950-pound behemoth stands about five feet from him, breathing heavily, his entire body raining sweat onto the grassy field they are in. He doesn’t appear to want to speak anymore, but he is glaring down at Richie, obviously wanting him to just start growing. “Oh, you don’t want to talk anymore. Well...I guess that is understandable...OHH MY GAWD...I can feel it starting...” Richie moans as he feels his cock and balls stretching in his pants. His ass is growing rapidly as it swells out the back of his shorts, which were ravaged by Leslie earlier. He watches his arms and chest make quick work of his top as his back cracks multiple times sending him higher into the air. His mind has now sent him into another dimension as he starts to catch up to his partner in size. “OOHH YYEEAAHH!! I need to GROW! Give me MORE!” In a matter of seconds, Richie’s clothing is obliterated, and he can only think about how big he is going to be and how much fun he will have with Leslie. The swelling beast doesn’t take long before he is brushing up against his partner and they stare into each other’s eyes. The two giants know that they can say hardly anything to each other, or it will risk damaging something other than the apartment that they are both looking at. They end up growing again, this time together, to gargantuan sizes. Well...at least that is what Richie was trying to convey to Leslie. The 33-year-old though has a different idea going through his head. He wants to find something else to destroy but wants his now 36’ 10k pound partner to do it for him. After a couple of minutes of pushing each other, the two giants agree to instead cause a flood with their cum. Both set themselves up on opposite ends of the city and start stroking themselves to climax. Since traffic is quite light during that part of the night, it will be a surprise when people are awakened by a white river moving down their streets. It is now after 2am when Leslie and Richie cause their neighborhoods to experience an unexpected natural disaster. They try to contain their pleasure in doing so, but their voices cause windows to break and trees to fall unexpectedly. When they finish unloading, the two giants vanish into the night to hide out together until the morning comes when they will return to their original sizes. They awaken at around 10am in a neighboring town, looking like their normal selves, but will need to find a way back to Richie’s place. The two nude men manage to convince someone to give them towels to cover up with and they get a ride back to the city. When they get to the edge of the city, they can see the carnage that they caused. The fire and maintenance departments are cleaning the streets of goo, people are screaming at the police over what has happened to their properties, and there are even some people that are looking pregnant. Men and women both. Leslie and Richie get out of their ride’s vehicle in front of his apartment and smile at each other. They feel like they have accomplished a great deal in the previous ten hours. As they rush inside his apartment, Rich turns back around and looks at his neighbor’s as they stand outside staring at their bellies. “I think maybe next month we might have some friends joining us, Les.” Leslie laughs loudly. “Do you know what we have done, Rich? We have probably impregnated literally dozens, maybe hundreds of women in this city with our beast makers. And yeah, it is hard to tell how many fucking gorgeous monsters we have created as well. The next full moon is going to be the greatest night ever.” They both turn back around and go inside.
  22. #Recording file M - 2908 "I... i can't help but moan. Orgasm... with some pain." "It happened every time my body got bigger, which then activated my orgasm more intensely. First of all, the legs." "Oh my goodness! The thin, wrinkled legs I once had were no longer there, and in their place were healthy legs with huge, muscular thighs and calves. Huge muscles work in harmony to show off each other's greatness, and snake-like veins stand out on the legs. My skin was as smooth as when I was in my 20s. No, it was much healthier and softer than my skin was in my 20s!" "This transformation wasn't just about my legs. Every time the red power essence of the young man in the bathtub flowed into my bathtub, and each time it was absorbed into my skin, my body became hotter and bigger. My chest grew and bulged, and my slim abdomen became thicker and firmer, soon revealing strong ten abs. My shoulders and back suddenly became wider and stronger, and my pale skin became healthy and smooth. My body gradually began to resemble the giant muscles of a young man. Yes, in just a moment I will be an 8 foot tall muscular bodybuilder." "And I felt my power essence flowing out of my body and into the bathtub next to me. It was blue and so fragile. Each time it was absorbed into the young man's body, the young man's body gradually became smaller. His chest, which was bigger than anyone else's, dried up and his abs disappeared. His shoulders and back narrowed, and his healthy tanned skin turned pale. The young man will soon be five feet tall, thin and frail, just like I used to be." "As you can see, we are exchanging each other's power essence. This was possible thanks to my research results. However, the unfortunate thing is that we cannot change our age. That is, my body from the neck down was young and strong, like that of a young man, but my head and face were still the same as those of a man in his 90s: a wrinkled white beard and an old face full of hair. Still, there were some good points. The healthier my body became, the more changes I noticed in my old hair and face. The wrinkles remained the same, but the tanned skin became firmer, healthier, and more attractive. My once sparse white hair has now grown voluminously, long and even shiny, covering my back. "There are no more helpless, useless old scienti-" *Crack!* *Crack!* "Ugh! Argh!" *Crack!* *Crack!* … ... "Ah… haha… I'm sorry, I suddenly got bigger again." "Okay, now I'm pretty close to 8 feet. The experiment will end in exactly 3 minutes. And I will become a perfect elder bodybuilder…" "So just a little more…"
  23. hairymusclemorphs


    Part 0 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ It was still cold outside when I enter the corridor of the public swimming hall. I was in my second year of university when I decided to join the swimming club. I wasn’t built for swimming. I enjoyed weight lifting and wrestling. Well… and growing in every aspect possible. But my doctor told me I could use the extra cardio to get my blood pumping once a week. Most of the other studs were twunks. Maybe it was just my view of the world. I was tall with my 6’4 (193cm) in height. And no one even got close to my physique. I looked like a muscle freak compared to their slim swimmer bodies. And it wasn’t a bad thing… To be honest – It was a great feeling to outman them with my own image of masculinity. I rummaged through my bag searching for my speedo. But it was no luck. I glanced over to Jake. We weren’t close friends, but I could sense his lust for my body. I catched him checking me out from time to time. And even now he was clearly glancing further down towards my prominent bulge. I was packing close to 10 inches. And I couldn’t hide the fact that my bulge was pushing my jockstrap slightly down, revealing the heavy base of my shaft.. “You don’t happen to have a spare speedo?” He slowly took his opportunity to glance all over my frame. I was pumped from my workout earlier. My pecs were slightly hairy and my cock was pushing my jockstrap out to perfection, revealing a slight trail of pubic hair. I was the only stud inside the swimming group who wasn’t shaved to the bones. Probably because speed didn’t matter in my eyes. He just nodded towards the equipment room. “I don’t have any… But they have a collection of lost speedos. Just pick of them.” He focused on my massive cock and blushed when I slowly adjusted my fat package, pushing my jockstrap further up again… “Thanks man” I slapped him on his athletic back before I slowly steered towards the storage room. The light was dim in there. It stank like chlorine when I searched for lost items. The lost stuff was stored inside a huge wooden chest. *Damn… Looks like no one wants a pair of lost speedos back…* When I opened the heavy box, I found a collection of 30 to 40 speedos, several bodysuits, and swimming caps in all colors and sizes in there. Most looked rather boring. And many were way too small for my physique. I slightly got hard when I just imagined how they wouldn’t even survive my pumped calves or quads by trying them on. I already heard the showers running in the nearby shower room when I grabbed the hottest one out of the pack. It was a signal red one with a white cross over the top. That man had to be a fucking freak, because when I tried it on… It fit. And to my surprise: It was even a few numbers too huge for my 10 incher and my bull nuts. I felt small for once when I had to use the built in Laces to pull it tight around my sculpted hips. I spotted Jake in the shower room and took the spot right next to him. Just when the water hit my sculpted body and the fabric of my speedo I let out a deep, long and uncontrolled moan. I slightly crunched forward under the pleasure… Fuck…. It felt like I just came when the water hit my package… I let out a low grunt, slowly trying to get back control over my lust before I inhaled slowly… Until I realizing everyone in the shower room stared at me. A few were clearly aroused by the sight. Others disgusted. “Care bout your own business already” My voice was deeper.. manlier… I saw Jake gaping when I just forced him into a headlock. I was rock hard. I ignored the other men in the showers who just left as quickly as possible. “Fuck… Whatever you put into my speedo… You clearly knew what was going to happen, right?” I pinned him rougher against my musky pit, ignoring his weak attempts to get out of my grip… “I PROMISE..” His voice was muffled “..NNGH I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WITH YOUR SPEEDOS” He squirmed and gasped for air when I released him. At least he was also popping a boner now… “..I swear I’ll fucking break you if you lied” I saw his red head.. He was still cute with his pumped athletic frame. I Couldn’t be mad about him more than few minutes so I decided to help him with his boner problem in an instance. I pulled him underneath my showerhead and switched the water to the coldest setting. It was winter. And I knew how cold the water could get in public places. The cold stream hit our bodies. He wanted to shift away, tried to shout but I Just muffled his shouts with my rough hand, forcing him up against my sculpted body. It worked for him… But it didn’t work for my part. It only made me even harder when I felt the water hit my massive pecs, rushing down over my sculpted abs and my throbbing boner. It was almost as if my body just adapted to the cold while I felt him shiver in my arms. At least the trick worked for him… When I switched the water back to hot. He was clearly pissed, pushing my arm away before he stomped off into the swimming hall. I sighed, watching his bubble but waddling away while I still waited a few more minutes until I had my fat cock back under control. It still was semi. But I didn’t care. I couldn’t hide my cock even if it was soft. They can stare as long as they want. Because I would do the same if I saw my reflection in a mirror right now.
  24. Another short story found on an old cd from TWENTY years ago. Again,author unknown? FARMER MAN Jack’s dad was away for the week, leaving him alone to take care of the farm. His dad had to go buy some new supplements for the horses. The new experimental supplement they had for the horses made them stronger, but made them too big and they actually lost speed. Now there were cases of the supplement left in the barn, the bottles themselves looked like beer bottles. Neither of them knew what to do with the extra cases, but Jack was supposed to find a way to get rid of them while his dad was gone. The day after his dad had left, Jack was cleaning up the barn when he grabbed his beer bottle and took a swig. He swallowed hard and coughed loudly. It definitely wasn’t beer, it tasted like strangely sweet medicine. Taking a look at the bottle in his hand, Jack was shocked to find himself holding an opened supplement bottle. The strangest thing was he suddenly developed an erection. He was horny at most of the day but this one felt particularly potent to him. “Hmm…” the erection felt so good, Jack grabbed his crotch and without thinking took another swig of the bottle. Moments later, his crotch got even harder, pumping up against the front of his jeans. This was the strangest reaction Jack had ever heard of and Jack began getting dizzy and felt weak all over his body. Teetering awhile longer, Jack finally fell to the ground, feeling strangely pumped throughout his body but unable to move. His crotch throbbed harder against his jeans, making him moan with pleasure. He had no idea what was happening but wasn’t afraid at all. His balls seemed to pump ever greater and his muscles seemed to be being fed by his large genitals. A half-hour later Jack came into his jeans and he found he could move his body again. Stepping out of the barn and falling into his house, he started to examine himself. His pecs were plump, stomach was defined, and his arms and shoulders were swollen. Feeling the front of his jeans Jack was startled to find that the large bulge there hadn’t gotten any smaller since he had relieved himself. It seemed that cock and balls had gotten much bigger. Getting excited all over again, his crotch got even bigger. Jack rushed out of the house and towards the barn. He wanted more. Breaking opening the crates that contained the bottles, Jack’s eyes were met with dozens of rows of supplement bottles. Grabbing the first bottle, his forearms bulged and effortlessly twisted off the top of the bottle. Quickly downing the entire contents, Jack’s body was seized by an entire body orgasm. Collapsing again, Jack’s crotch popped his Jean’s buttons as they swelled twice as big. His muscles condensed and bulged, pumping in the same time as his balls. Pleasure sweeped across his muscled body and Jack looked with half-glazed eyes at the stacks of crates behind the one he had opened. ==================================================================================== Water is Essential for Musclegrowth “… and water makes up about 75% of our body weight.” Gary’s face slouched and his eyes drooped during Mr. Yawning’s lecture about water. School was almost out and of course Mr. Yawning had saved his most exciting lecture last. Which meant that it could almost be more interesting than watching molding bread, almost. Something wet hit Gary on the neck. Gary looked in the back to see Scott and Brent, the class clowns, trying to hide their laughing. His face turning red Gary turned back to his desk. One of these days he’d like to beat the crap out of Scott and Brent. He’d like to, except they were both pretty big and known throughout the school as pretty good fighters. “What’s wrong fag?” whispered Scott, “thought you saw the man of your dreams? Yeah, you like this don’t you?” Scott flexed his thick arm, and though he hated to admit it, Gary felt a slight stirring in his pants. Not only was he known as a good fighter, Scott was also one of the hotter guys in the school. Scott’s friend Brent tried to hold it in but couldn’t help the loud snickering escaping through his hand, making a few of the students look to the back of the room. Mr. Yawnings looked up from his gray textbook, “Is there a problem Brent?” Brent immediately stopped laughing and started looking stupid. “Well, I suppose that’s a no, shall we continue?” said Mr. Yawnings, he paused before continuing the lecture about water. Brent and Scott glared at Gary as if it was his fault. Gary knew he was going to get beat up after school. It wasn’t because Gary was some small and nerdy kid, quite the opposite, he was nearly failing math, and his lit teacher was getting suspicious of some of his assignments. And he wasn’t too disappointed with his body, he was in wrestling after all, but Scott and Brent were bigger and they were always together whenever they beat him up. Class finally ended and he started walking home, Gary planned on bulking up during the summer. Maybe he’ll grow big enough to take on both of those jerks. That’s when he remembered the package he had ordered weeks ago. Today was when he was finally going to get it! He ran towards his house, excited that perhaps he just might be able to beat up those jock jerks earlier than he had thought. He opened his mailbox, taking out brown paper wrapped package. Gary hurried inside while ripping away the paper. A bottle rolled out and Gary gazed at it, reading the label. “Hydro-Muscles! Specially modified water pills to help you gain muscle!” Gary followed the instructions and took a pill right away. The affects were supposed to be slow but should become stronger the longer he took the pills. Being rather impatient Gary decided to take two. Immediately new energy swept though his body, he needed to work out badly. Luckily, his wealthy parents had bought him a complete home gym and so he went downstairs to the basement and immediately started working out. He worked out nearly twice as hard and long as usual before he became aware of the time. He checked himself out in the mirror, not too bad, but he’d still get beat up the two jock jerks. Gary went to take a shower. Stripping off of his clothes he turned on the shower, jacking off his dick. It wasn’t fair that to go along with all those muscles, both of those jerks were massively endowed. While Gary had an average 6 inches both of those jerks had 8 inches and balls to match. He had to admit those two did give him some nice fantasies. Speaking of fantasies, Gary looked down at his body. “What the? What’s going on here?” Gary cried out, his body was definitely beefier than before he went into the shower. As he stared at his chest, he noticed it was still gently swelling. Gary quickly went out of the shower but before he tried to towel himself off, he noticed that he was already dry. “What the hell? Were those pills hallucinogens or something?” After a few minutes Gary reasoned out that it had started after he had gotten into the shower… plus the fact that he was completely dry when he got out. He decided to test his idea. Gary climbed the stairs to the kitchen where a plastic gallon container of drinking water sat on the counter. Unscrewing the cap, Gary hauled the water up to his mouth and started to drink. Even with the large gulps of water he was taking in, Gary wasn’t feeling full at all… just strangely turned on. Before he knew it, the plastic container was empty. Gary could feel the growth in his muscles as his body absorbed the water. Gary smiled… bulking up this summer will be easier than he thought. Over the next few weeks Gary switched off between working out and drinking water, he didn’t want to seem too suspicious to people. But even while being careful he couldn’t help indulging himself with a bit more water than he had planned to drink. His muscles continued to grow while he took the water pills. His parents were still away and Gary couldn’t wait to see the looks on Scott and Brent’s faces. However, Gary forgot that Scott and Brent wouldn’t be the only ones training. One day, when Gary was out jogging he looked over to see Scott and Brent wrestling around. Scott looked up and pointed to Gary… “Whoa… I see the little fags been working out.” Brent called out. Gary couldn’t believe how much they had grown, definitely roid work. The two walked over to Gary, who could see that he wouldn’t stand a chance against them. The two proceeded to beat up Gary, unlike before though he did manage to fight back and get in a few good hits. Back at home, Gary’s mouth was tight on the hose… still bleeding and bruised up. His blood was on fire; he hated those two so much now! His hand twisted on the knob, allowing more water pressure. His body swelled and swelled, the arm holding onto the hose bulged with biceps. His rage seemed to add to his growth, his wet shirt twisted and stretched tight over his bulging chest and widening back. He didn’t even notice that his jeans were ripping away at his legs, his crotch swelled with mass… but unknown to Gary, the two jocks had sneaked into his house.... "Well, what do we have here?" The End
  25. Hi folks. Just found this on an old cd disc from 2004. Don't know who the author is/was,but thought some of you might like to read it? Jasen with an E Jake was a short nerdy looking kid. He liked music such as classical and The Beatles which no cool jock liked… it also didn’t help much that he was in his School Orchestra and he was as skinny and as tall as a rail. He was always picked on and had a few friends but they were all in the Orchestra or Chorus. One day he was walking into his gym class (aka. His least favorite class) he got pined on the ground by someone big but he really didn’t see whoever it was because he got blindfolded pretty much right after he was pinned. He felt himself being carried somewhere. After about five minutes he finally heard a door close. He got sat into a chair and got his blindfold taken off. When he got in off it looked really bright in the room, even though it was quite dark, he couldn’t see anyone though. Finally he saw someone, he really couldn’t distinct him though. “Jake… Jake…” Jake could hear the person talking to him but he was talking very quietly. Jake… You are getting very relaxed and obedient…” Right before Jake’s vision blurred away he could see it was the star Quarterback for the football team. They hadn’t won in three years and they were always complaining how they needed a good football player. After every thing went black became tried and fell asleep but still could hear the person talk. He kinda thought it was strange. “Jake you will listen to my every command and shall obey my every word…” *All of a sudden I feel very in-tune with this person’s voice.* “I want you to listen, your name from now on shall be Jasen with an E. J-A-S-E-N and when anyone spells it or says it wrong you get real mad” *Jasen… but my name is Jake wait no it isn’t it is Jasen with an E and I get pissed of when anyone spells in wrong. * “I also have never been in the Orchestra in fact you hate the Orchestra because they are all nerds, dork, and gay. You have been in the football team instead for as long as you used to be in Orchestra. But for four years after second grade you were in the swim team…” *On the swim team… football… I was never part of any of those things or was I? Yes I was on the swim team till Fifth Grade and on the Football team for three years when I entered High school… ya! I am a real jock.* “Jasen… when you woke up this morning you didn’t look like an Orch Dork you looked like a swimmer and a football player. You had big strong arms and thick legs and calves for swimming. You had an eight pack. And you were so tall you couldn’t see your face in the mirror. You had to bend over to see your face because you are 6’ 7” and you have all the muscles to match. When you saw your face you had handsome features… big strong square jaw. And you had big Aquamarine eyes that any girl would die for. You had puffy cheeks and a rather large but fitting nose.” After he was done saying this Jasen (Jake) felt a large burning all over his body. First he felt and heard his arms and legs growing. It hurt so bad he wanted to scream but he couldn’t. It was like all his work to get those muscles was happening to him in five seconds. Then he felt the same pain I his abs. He could almost feel each ab forming as the pain increased. He again felt pain in his legs and torso but it was different. It was like he was being reshaped. He knew what was happening as he felt the back of his chair become lower. Then he felt extra muscles form from swimming under his football muscles. Then he felt a burning in his eyes and face as his face rearranged. “Lastly Jasen you are growing to have your hair grow longer and with each 1/2 of an inch of hair you will gain 1 inch to your Cock. It will stop after 3 inches are added to your hair.” Jasen felt a large sensation in his head and penis… no wait cock… and felt his pants get tight, really tight. “I see you are about to burst out of those clothes, so take them off” Slowly Jasen took of his clothes and when he got it all off. He could feel a difference in the way his parts moved. “Know we need to change your grammar… okay you are an honors student at the moment and you are really smart. Now I want you to take ¾ of that knowledge and change it into football knowledge. You know everything there is about football but you don’t know any thing about your academics.” Jasen could feel a difference from that one but not much. “Know Jasen I want you to open your eyes and look at your self. Also you can talk” Slowly Jasen opened his eyes he looked at himself and saw a huge difference. His perspective was much different in everyway. Everything seems smaller and farther away. He guessed it was from growing seven inches. He then looked at his arms. They were huge he could tell he had done both swimming and football because of how huge his arms were compared to other football players. He then looked farther down and saw his fuckstick which was also huge he had a seven incher soft but now it was at least 13 inches soft, 18 inches hard and 3 inches thick. He then looked at his abs and saw a thick stab of perfectly carved metal. It looked like an 8 pack but he could see two more forming making an almost ten pack. He then looked farther down and saw his feet, which were a size 14 before now they had to at least be 17. Then he saw his legs… oh the legs… the most perfect thing he had ever seen. Perfectly sculpted in every way. They were beautiful. “Man… this is fucking awesome!” Oh my god He had never said fuck in his life, what is going on, “Holy fuck, why am I fucking talking like this?” “Ok Jasen, what ….” The quarterback asked a bunch of football questions and a bunch of science and math questions. He got all the Science and Math questions wrong and all the Football questions right. “What the fuckin’ hell is happen’ to me!?!?!” he screamed, “I hav’ n’ver talk’d like tis befor’!” “Now Jasen I would like you to go back to sleep. I want you to now start thinking you have always been like this and that you think changes have never happened to you. And I will make sure that everyone else thinks you were always like this…” “You will now wake up in 5…. 4…. 3…. 2…. 1…. Awake!” “Sup homey, Paul, I haven’t fuckin’ seen you since a week ago!” “I’m Good Jason” “Hey! Fuck You Paul my NAME is JasEn with a fuckin’ E! Never get it wrong again!” “Hey it’s time to got to football practice, Jasen, now go and don’t be late… you’re the new quarterback this year and you can’t be late on coach will be Fuckin’ mad! I can get there late because I’m the Center.” “Fuck you and see you later. Oh and hey where the fuck is my clothes!?” “On the Ground” Jasen picked up his clothes and looked at them… they looked too small but when he put them on the fit perfectly. On his way to Football practice he got looks by the ladies. That felt somehow strange for him but all he did was nod and say “What the Fuck up, whore?” and kept on walking as Jasen with and E!
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