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One Fateful Night (Part 3 07.10)


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Hey everyone, long time lurker here. This will be my first story here but I love to write so I hope to create many parts to this. There is no growth in this first section, but there will be a bunch in future installments. It will be more of a romantic slow-burn (think in the vein of AJ & Noah). Let me know what you think, I appreciate any feedback!

* PART 1 *

Caleb sits on the train heading towards the city center, just like every Friday night. People are milling around him, making room for the latest passengers and shifting to let the stragglers out. Feeling a vibration from his pocket, Caleb opens up his phone to see if someone has messaged him. A couple notifications pique his interest, which is quickly dashed as he clicks on them to discover they’re nothing more than people too old for him or too horny for him. Sighing discontentedly, Caleb slips his phone back into his pocket and takes stock of the latest batch of newcomers to the train. 


Standing a couple meters away with his back to Caleb is a promising specimen. He looks to be about the same height as himself, he’s dressed sharply in a figure fitting jacket and dark jeans that accentuate a trim waistline, and his closely dropped blonde hair, practically white, is coiffed to the side in an effortless yes classic style. The blonde reaches for his phone in his back pocket, drawing Caleb’s attention to his beautiful ass. It wasn’t the biggest ass Caleb had ever seen, but then, neither was the gentleman. His butt was simply well shaped, whether by training or by gifted genetics was beyond telling, and accentuated by the dark jeans. 


Caleb quickly looks at the other passengers to avoid revealing his interest, instead letting his peripheral vision monitor the stranger. He hopes the man will turn around so he can see if the front of the stranger is as equally attractive as the back, but in such a tight space, it isn’t likely to change any time soon.


As fate would have it, the subway car pulls into the next station and the doors quickly open. A number of passengers exit, but one woman taps the man on the shoulder, asking to get by. As the man turns to allow the woman through, Caleb is granted vision of his side profile, stealing Caleb’s proverbial breath away. He is wearing glasses and the subtle stubble is groomed perfectly to accentuate a square and prominent jaw. The jacket protrudes ever so slightly around the man’s chest, just enough to hint that this guy frequents the gym. A slight bulge in his jeans also betrays a hefty package, and judging by the rest of the ensemble, this guy knows exactly what he’s doing to make himself look as mouth watering as possible. Caleb notices what appears to be the tips of a tattoo sneaking out of the jacket sleeve and onto the back of the stranger’s palms. As the woman leaves, she mutters a quick thank you, which the stranger returns with a gleaming smile and rich baritone voice, perhaps that of a singer or a trained orator. 


As the train doors close, the hunky blonde remains facing the same direction, but shifts into a more comfortable position by placing the weight onto his left leg, resting against the back of the seat across from Caleb. Caleb again averts his eyes hoping not to betray any intention of checking the guy out, but cannot avoid moving his eyes slowly across the man, choosing things in the background to read that allow him the opportunity to continue gawking. 


A robotic female voice announces the next stop: downtown. Caleb prepares to stand and notices the guy in front of himself also turning around, readying himself to depart. Rising along with his hopes, Caleb shuffles out behind the couple people between him and his target. The man leads the group of passengers to the escalator and everyone follows him, stepping on and slowly ascending to the surface above. 


At the top of the escalator, the crowd scatters into the larger crowd that is downtown. Caleb continues to follow the man towards the club, eager to see if their destination is the same. Squeezing through the crowd, Caleb soon sees the sign for the club and the bouncers outside checking ID’s. The blonde approaches the bouncers and flashes an ID card before the bouncers allow him to pass. Caleb does the same and follows into the club, already packed nearly to capacity. Mystery guy quickly stops off at the beer to grab something, but Caleb can’t hear the guy’s voice over the deafening bass of the club. The bartender returns shortly with a small beer, which the guy immediately takes a large swig of. Caleb follows suit and approaches the bar as the blonde pushes his way deeper into the club.


“I’ll have what he had,” Caleb shouts to the bartender, motioning generically in the direction of his dream guy. Like clockwork, the bartender returns with the beer and Caleb pays, turning to see if he can find the blonde.


Pushing through the crowd, he eventually sees the stud taking another sip of his beer, gently swaying and bopping along with the beat. Caleb pushes close to him, but far enough away to not arouse any suspicion, not that anyone in the club was paying any attention to either of them. Caleb takes a sip of his drink and starts to dance as well.


Several songs bleed together and Caleb admires his quarry from afar. The seething crowd eventually places Caleb dangerously close to the blonde twunk, but Caleb accepts it and continues to dance. The guy is gyrating his hips along with the music and pumping his fist in the air when appropriate, which Caleb also does. All Caleb can imagine is dancing closer to him and jumping alongside him. As the song crescendos, the rowdier people behind Caleb begin jumping and one of them inadvertently shoves Caleb forward, sending him into the twunk. Neither of them falls over thanks to the sheer volume of people they fall against, but Caleb’s hand is pressed directly against the guy’s pec for a solid three seconds before they stand upright again.


“I’m so sorry!” Caleb shouts, his cheeks flushing red with embarrassment.


“Don’t worry about it!” the guy shouts back. Caleb now notices the German accent in his voice. “People in here can get pretty crazy!”


“Yeah, definitely!” The guy says something to Caleb, but an electronic distortion makes it too hard to hear for Caleb. “What?”


The guy leans in closer, his mouth practically against Caleb’s ear. “I’m Lukas!”




“Nice to meet you!” Lukas shouts, adding an extra wink.


“Likewise!” Caleb says, trying to hide his shock. He can count the number of times somebody has winked at him on one hand, unless he counts his family.


Lukas seems to notice Caleb’s slight discomfort and grins. He leans in close again, grazing Caleb’s ear with a stubbly lip. “Can I get you another drink?”


Caleb looks down at his glass and sees it is nearly finished. “You don’t have to do that!”


“No, it’s no problem!”

Caleb sighs and gives in. He quickly finishes off his drink. “Ok!”


Lukas pulls away and heads back to the bar. Caleb can hardly believe it. This isn’t a gay bar, is Lukas just being polite or is he actually gay? What are the odds of that happening? How many guys has he had a crush on and how many of them have turned out to be gay? Caleb’s head is spinning and his heart is pounding. This has to be some kind of cultural difference, right?


Moments later, Lukas comes back bearing two fresh glasses and hands Caleb one of them.


“Thank you!” Caleb shouts.


“Bitte schön!” Lukas says. They smile at each other and continue to dance. Lukas dances closer and closer to Caleb as the songs come. His eyes roam up and down Caleb’s body and Caleb’s eyes glide over Lukas’. “Where are you from?”


“I’m originally from America but now I live on the east side of town, kind of in the outskirts. What about you?” Caleb asks.


“I am from here, my family lives in the village on the other side of the river, so I grew up here.”


“That’s cool!”

“Thanks! How did you decide to come to Germany?” Lukas asks, just a hint of skepticism in his voice. In Caleb’s experience, every German finds it incredibly difficult to see Germany as a desirable place to live.


“What’s not to love? The culture, the language, the history, sexy European boys…” Caleb says, trailing off suggestively.


Lukas grins. “You think Germans are sexy?”


“What can I say? I love tall, blonde studs with foreign accents!”

“Then you should go to Sweden. It is even better there than in Germany.”


“Maybe, but I don’t like the snow. And besides, they don’t teach Swedish in American schools. Though to be fair, they barely teach any languages in American schools these days.”


Lukas chuckles to himself. “Yes it is not common to see Americans living here.”


“Guess I’m one of the special ones,” Caleb says.


“Yes, I think you are,” Lukas says. Caleb blushes and Lukas flashes his award-winning smile. 


Caleb can’t recall the last time a smile has had such an effect on him. Maybe it’s the alcohol, or maybe it’s the man the smile is attached to, or perhaps it’s the pervasive sense of loneliness and hopelessness of finding someone, or maybe a combination of everything. Whatever the exact source is, Lukas’ smile gives Caleb a sense of stillness, like it is opening up the hurricane around them to create an eye big enough just for the two of them. 


As the night goes on, Caleb and Lukas continue to dance and do their best to have a conversation amidst all the chaos. Caleb notices his usual nerves just melt away and words have never come easier to him. All he wants is to lean in and kiss Lukas, but he could never be so forward so quickly. Instead, as the night starts to wind down, Caleb and Lukas leave the club and walk back towards the train station. 


“I had a really nice time in there,” Caleb says.


“Ja, I had a good time as well. I don’t often meet such cute boys in these clubs,” Lukas says. Caleb winces a little internally at being called cute. He knows certain types of people are really into his specific look, but Caleb wishes beyond anything that he could change it. He has always felt like he wasn’t enough for people. He was always one of the skinniest people around, never the tallest, never the hottest, not even among the cutest. He knows he can be kind of cute if he styles his hair and takes care of his skin, but attached to such an unremarkable body, all he would ever be is a forgettable twink.


“There are guys way better looking than me there. I know because I’m looking at one right now,” Caleb says dejectedly. Lukas smiles reassuringly, melting away some of Caleb’s insecurities but adding a few new ones. The two of them enter the train and sit down next to each other.


“Don’t say that, you are very cute. And thank you. But you do not need to compare yourself to me or to any other people. You are cute, it is true, but you have something else too, and that is kindness and sympathy. You are real and honest, and that is something better to have than the handsomest face or the biggest muscles.”


“Yeah but some big muscles wouldn’t hurt would they?” Caleb says, softly punching Lukas’ pec and gritting his teeth awkwardly. Immediately, Caleb feels a surge of embarrassment at his brashness. Lukas chuckles and looks down at his pec. 


“My muscles are not that big,” Lukas says, rubbing his chest tenderly, feigning pain and insult.


“Better than what I’ve got,” Caleb says.


“Well, that can easily be fixed. Just hit the gym some more and you’ll be huge in no time,” Lukas says.


“Ha, I wish. Too bad there isn’t some magical elixir to do it all for me.”


Lukas looks like he’s about to say something, but the electronic woman’s voice comes over the speakers, announcing Lukas’ stop. “Naja, this is my stop. Would you like to text via WhatsApp?”


“Sure,” Caleb says, pulling his phone out and exchanging it with Lukas. The two of them enter their numbers in each others’ phones as the train pulls into the station. Lukas and Caleb hug each other goodbye and Lukas leaves. Caleb watches Lukas walk towards the stairs through the windows as the train starts to move again.


Caleb sits back down and thinks about how lucky he was to have met Lukas. Somehow fate had smiled upon him tonight. After arriving at his station, Caleb exits the train and walks up the stairs to the street. He walks along the street contemplating everything when he accidentally kicks something. Looking down, Caleb sees a glass bottle, but this one is full of some blue liquid and it hasn’t been opened. Out of curiosity, Caleb picks up the bottle and written on the label in big bubble letters are two words:



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*PART 2*


Caleb inspects the label with a scoff. It has to be like that Muscle Milk, right? Just another protein drink? The label has a picture of a ripped torso and several small slogans promising astounding things: grow your muscles, burn away body fat, increase vascularity, increase the size of your penis. Caleb blinks his eyes slowly, making sure he understand that correctly. Normally these kinds of male enhancements promise to increase sex drive, but outright increase penis size? There’s no way anything can do that.


He turns the bottle around, looking for any nutritional information, ingredients, manufacturing information, but all he finds is a short bio about the product and some basic instructions: MUSCLE JUICE is designed to help men reach their truest potential and achieve their destinies. For optimal results, mix 10 ml of muscle juice into 250 ml of water. Results appear shortly after. Repeat until desired size is reached. Not safe for consumption by women.

Caleb looks back to the front and notices the whole bottle is 500ml, which means there are fifty doses of this stuff if used appropriately. What would one dose even achieve? Would one dose really do anything or is it just meant to be a scam? Without any information about nutrition or manufacturing, maybe it’s just a fake label over some juice, or maybe something toxic. Caleb stashes the bottle in his pocket and finishes the rest of his walk home.


Upon entering his apartment, Caleb goes to the kitchen and puts the bottle of juice on the table, deciding whether he wants to risk a foreign substance entering his body without any clue of what it is. The bottle is sealed with a real bottle cap, so it doesn’t appear to be something easily messed with, but it could still be bad. On the flip side, maybe it could work. Or maybe it’s just really nutritious and would improve his workouts, like some kind of new liquid pre-workout. Or maybe it’s just a sports drink. Caleb thinks back on his night with Lukas and how good he looked in his form fitting but not obscene clothing. He would give anything to fill out his clothing like that, and he would love to show it off, especially to Lukas. Looking down at himself now, Caleb reflects on his perfectly unremarkable body. He keeps slim naturally, not through any real effort, and casually going to the gym off and on has given him the faintest hints of abs in decent lighting and sometimes he can see a vein in his arm if he really tries. He knows he would be a heartstopper if he could just pack on a few pounds, but he has always found it easier to just settle for being skinny because of all the effort and money it takes to workout, eat healthy, and maintain other healthy habits. But that could all change for him if this drink does what it says it does.


With cautious optimism, Caleb grabs a glass from the cupboard. Measuring out 250 ml of water, he pours it into the glass and opens the muscle juice. Luckily, the cap has 10 ml written on the inside, pointing right at the rim. Caleb pours a capful of the electric blue liquid, careful not to spill any, and pours that into the waiting glass of water. The open bottle of juice smells of sports drink, which makes Caleb feel a little bit better about the substance not being toxic. He mixes the drink together with a spoon and watches as the clear water becomes vaguely blue throughout. He looks at it cautiously, heart starting to race. It was now or never. Caleb steels his resolve and drinks it all in two large gulps. 


It tastes exactly like he expected, like a sports drink heavily diluted by water. He waits a couple seconds, not sure whether to expect gut wrenching pain from poison or to suddenly burst forth from his clothes like the hulk. After about a minute, nothing has happened and Caleb takes the drink back with him to his room, capping it and putting it on his desk. The bottle doesn’t say how long to wait, only that it’ll be shortly after. Shortly after could mean 2 minutes, or in the case of history, shortly after could mean days, weeks, months or years even. Caleb reclines on his bed, not expecting anything to really happen, when he feels a vibration in his pocket. He opens up his phone to find a message from Lukas.


“Did you get home alright?” it reads. Caleb smiles a little as he responds.


“Yeah, I’m all good. Just laid down in bed,” he responds. Caleb sees Lukas is typing.


“Great! Me too,” Lukas responds with a winking face emoji. Caleb is about to start his response when he receives a picture of Lukas in bed. It is just from the shoulders up, but it still steals Caleb’s breath and rockets his blood southwards. Lukas has shed his glasses and looks sleepily into the camera with a goofy face that on anyone not completely stunning would look completely absurd. His shoulders and traps bulge upwards in a way that betrays regular visits to the gym, but not so large as to swallow his neck. Yet. But what really catches Caleb’s eye is the light but amply spread dusting of blonde hairs sprouting from the top of Lukas’ tight and perky chest. The split is defined and accentuated by the arms that are undoubtedly squeezing it together slightly, but it is also clear that Lukas is by no means massive. The combination of the chest hair and sculpted muscles beneath immediately cause Caleb to start salivating. 


Eager to respond, Caleb pulls his own shirt off and tries to recreate the same picture as Lukas, noticing the stark differences between their end results. Caleb looks cute, but the lack of chest hair, cleavage, and traps are in sharp contrast to Lukas’ powerful looking torso. They both wear glasses, but that appears to be the only similarity. Lukas’ trimmed beard draws Caleb’s attention to his shabby whiskers that he shaves once a month and Lukas’ near platinum blonde hair is much lighter than Caleb’s medium brown. Lukas has blue-green eyes while Caleb has hazel.


“I had a good time tonight,” Caleb responds, putting on his best sleepy face.


“I did too. By the way, you look really nice.”


“Thanks, you look stunning,” Caleb types. As he’s waiting for Lukas to respond, Caleb suddenly starts to feel very warm. It starts in his throat, like he’s just consumed a warm tea, and slowly spreads out to his head, arms, and stomach, which starts to rumble. His forehead breaks into a sweat and he feels the warmth soak into his groin and legs. A minute passes, the warmth starting to throb all over his body, but nothing seems to happen one way or another. The warmth seems to be in his skin, which is flushed red. After a couple more minutes of the warmth in his skin, it fades, as if his muscles are draining it from his skin.


That’s when Caleb feels a rush directly from his balls to his head, causing a rush of pleasure, like he’s just had his cock licked after a month without any action. Again, starting with his throat and spreading out, the muscles in Caleb’s body flex of their own accord. Each flex of his muscles is like a stroke of his cock, feeling like his entire body is experiencing an orgasm. Veins rise to the skins surface as Caleb starts to feel his skin growing tighter all over. A moan escapes Caleb’s mouth as his Adam’s apple grows, dropping the voice a pitch or two into a sultry baritone. His neck throbs and grows wider, as do his traps and shoulders. The process is slow, like a water balloon being filled. Caleb feels his chest rise a bit and his nipples grow erect. Caleb looks down and sees that he now is starting to have a shallow cleft between his pecs. The feelings spread to his arms, causing his biceps and triceps to plump up, squeezing nicely against his recently grown chest. The forearms, eager to match their upper arm counterparts, surge with growth, a network of veins swelling into clear view.


Caleb’s back comes next, his lats and lower back shedding any trace amounts of fat and extending outwards. Wrapping around his torso like the arms of a lover, Caleb’s obliques and abs bubble to the surface, small but finally visible. Caleb runs his hands over the abs and moans; they feel just as he always imagined. Following suit, the proverbial lover’s hands cup Caleb’s package in what feels exactly like the warmth of an eager mouth. Caleb’s hard and throbbing pole, already a respectable 18 cm, extends out further, slowly but relentlessly. With the new length comes an increased girth. In fact, the girth at this moment seems to outpace the length as Caleb’s cut cock is now proportionally fatter than it was before. Caleb’s balls, pulled euphorically tight to his pelvis, grow slowly from the size of golf balls to the size of large chicken eggs and drop lower in the sack, now resting gently against Caleb’s ass. As such, Caleb’s largely untrained but nonetheless perky ass juices up and raises his hips further into the air. The warmth continues downwards, wrapping around his quads, hams, and calves in sensual vines. All three groups simultaneously swell. The muscle fibers are starting to appear every time the muscles involuntarily flex. 


Soon, the warmth fades altogether and Caleb is left panting, cock still throbbing, balls pulsating. Caleb tentatively touches his hand to his cock and the pleasure is too much, causing Caleb to blow the fattest load he’s ever experienced. The orgasm lasts several seconds longer than normal and the volume of cum has nearly doubled thanks to his fresh orbs. Stream after stream of cum splatters against Caleb’s chest, face, and the wall behind his head. Some lands in his mouth and he tastes the salty tang of his own cum, which tastes better than it ever has. Caleb is left quivering and breathless in bed as he recovers from the whole experience. 


Altogether, about ten minutes have passed since the onset of the warmth and Caleb remembers he has to respond to Lukas. Before he can respond though, he has to clean himself up. Caleb stands up and feels the now heftier pull of his cock and particularly his balls swinging between his bulkier thighs. Eager to see everything, Caleb rushes to the bathroom to wash up and inspect the changes. Upon seeing his cum-stained reflection, Caleb gasps. He hasn’t grown a lot, but definitely noticeably. Everything is larger, more defined, and veins are visible beneath his skin. He even has the beginnings of an Adonis belt aiming at his new manhood. Caleb grabs a washcloth and washes all the cum off of himself before stepping onto the scale in the corner of the room. Before his growth, Caleb had been somewhere around 60 kg, but afterwards the scale showed 65 kg. One dose of that muscle juice had equated to roughly five kilos of muscle, not even counting whatever losses of fat he had experienced. Thinking back to the 50 servings of juice, if every dose would promise 5 kg of muscle, that entire bottle could be worth up to 250 kg of muscle. There was no way to know yet if each dose would have the exact same effect, but the thought of swelling with 250 kg of brawn caused Caleb’s cock to grow hard and throb once again. All Caleb has ever wanted was to be huge, and the thought of weighing over 300 kg of shredded muscle was almost too much to bear. 


Fighting the urge to drink the entire bottle immediately, Caleb returns to his room and lays down in bed. He grabs his phone and sees a message from Lukas.


“Aw, thank you, cutie. I try,” Lukas writes. Attached below is a picture of Lukas winking with his tongue out, flexing an arm into the camera. Again, Caleb is awestruck by the moderate peak of Lukas’ casually gym-trained biceps. Caleb recreates this picture too, and with his new and improved physique, Caleb’s bicep is actually not too much smaller than Lukas’. 


“Same,” Caleb writes with a winking emoji.


“Wow… I had no idea your arms were that big… hot,” Lukas responds, accompanied by the red sweating face emoji. Caleb smiles, feeling a little cockier than usual.


“Thanks, you should feel them sometime,” Caleb says.


“I’d love to.”


“How’s Tuesday?” Caleb asks


“I think I can make that work. It’ll have to be after 8 though, I have to hit the gym in the evening.”


“Great, that’s just fine,” Caleb says. “I’ll see you on Tuesday at 8:30?”


Lukas sends a thumbs up emoji. “Have a good night,” he says.


“Good night, Lukas,” Caleb says. He puts his phone on his charger next to his bed and turns off the light, imagining what Lukas will look like on Tuesday fresh from the gym. That bicep picture was already so hot, with a pump they would surely be even hotter. Caleb’s own engorged biceps rub tenderly against his swollen pecs and Caleb can hardly imagine a sexier sensation, not including the growth process. Then, a thought creeps into Caleb’s brain. With a grin, Caleb drifts off to sleep, images of Lukas swelling filling his every thought.

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*Part 3*


Over the next several days, Lukas and Caleb are constantly writing back and forth with each other. The conversation flows easily and naturally, which makes Caleb feel as though Lukas is showing genuine interest and like they are connecting on deeper levels. Lukas tells Caleb that he’s a graduate student in town, studying mechatronics, and also works at a robotics company. Caleb tells Lucas about being a teacher and the process of moving abroad. They talk about their families, their favorite music and movies, other hobbies, and about life in general. The two of them also continued to take ridiculous pictures of themselves and send them to each other. 


Every time Caleb receives a picture from Lukas, he’s reminded of the muscle juice sitting in his room. Waiting to use it has been killing Caleb, but he is determined to wait at least until after seeing Lukas again to continue using it. But it hasn’t stopped Caleb from enjoying the benefits of his first dose. Around the house he has been permanently naked, enjoying every innocuous sensation: the slightly heavier thud of his feet on the floor, the brushing of his biceps against his chest, the feeling of thickness in his shoulders, back and chest, the slight crevasse between his pecs as he scratches them, and best of all, the feeling of his heftier cock and fuller balls swinging lower and heavier from his groin. Caleb’s sensitivity has also increased dramatically, but whether it is directly as a result of the muscle juice or purely in his head is still unclear. Either way, Caleb’s nipples are now plumper and feel much more sensitive when he plays with them, not to mention the mind blowing orgasms he has been giving himself all weekend.


When Tuesday evening finally comes, Caleb begins preparing by choosing some clothes for his date. For a few years now, Caleb has been trying to dress more stylishly and pays closer attention to the fit of clothes on his body. The result has been much more tapered clothing, but with a little room to grow. But now the growing has been done, and Caleb is left with a bunch of very snug clothes hugging his amplified muscles closely. His underwear now produces a much more pronounced bulge, which makes Caleb start to feel horny all over again. His slim-fit jeans now seem like skinny jeans a size too small as they wrap around his bigger thighs and pronounced butt. The baby blue button down t-shirt Caleb selects now demands the top button be opened, both for space and for showing off the top of his cleavage. The sleeves, which used to hang over his biceps and close to his elbow, now pull tightly around the middle of his bicep, which only accentuates the subtle vein cresting its peak. His shoulders and back now stretch the shirt just enough to make Caleb feel if he has to bend down to pick something up, he might accidentally tear it. That thought doesn’t help the boner rapidly hardening inside Caleb’s pants, leaving very little to the imagination should anyone be looking Caleb’s direction. He sprays some cologne and applies some product to his hair and soon he’s starting to look like the type of guy he always crushed on in college. With a satisfied grin and a quick squeeze of his pec, Caleb walks out his front door to meet Lukas.


Caleb arrives at the Italian restaurant they decided to meet at in the city center and stands outside waiting for Lukas to appear. It’s just past 8:30, so Lukas should be arriving in just a minute. A vibration from Caleb’s phone signals a message from Lukas.


“Nearly there,” it says. Caleb starts to feel butterflies in his stomach. He hasn’t been this excited to meet someone for a date probably ever. And unlike previous dates, Caleb doesn’t feel nervous at all. Lukas has a way of making Caleb feel perfectly comfortable and satisfied without the need to perform or pretend to be something other than what he is. He starts to wonder if Lukas will notice the changes in his body in person, when all weekend he’s only seen Caleb from the shoulders up. He starts to get hard thinking about it, when a hand clasps his shoulder and a head appears over the other one. 


“Now I’m here!” Lukas says with a warm smile, gently squeezing Caleb’s shoulder, as if to double check it’s as hard as he thinks it is. “Wow, did you just come from the gym too? You’re looking pretty pumped!”


Caleb grins back and the two give each other a hug. “Nah, I didn’t hit the gym at all since Friday actually. I should probably start again though if I’m gonna keep up with you.”

“Looks like you already are,” Lukas says, giving Caleb’s arm a playful squeeze. “Your arms are looking huge in that shirt.”


“Must be the shirt,” Caleb smirks, laughing internally at Lukas’ immediate recognition of his improved physique. 


“Yeah, must be,” Lukas says. “Want to go sit down?”




Caleb and Lukas head to the door and Lukas holds the door open for Caleb. Inside, the waiter finds them a table and leads them to it. As they’re sitting down, Lukas strips off his jacket and places it on the back of the chair. Caleb rakes his eyes over Lukas. He has freshened up since coming from the gym, but the throbbing veins in Lukas’ biceps and forearms show he probably just had the best arm day of his life. Lukas is also wearing jeans that fit him like a glove and a black t-shirt that adds width to his shoulders. This is the first time Caleb has seen the entirety of Lukas’ arm tattoo though, which depicts an intricate tree that stretches the length of his forearm. The tips he had seen on Friday appear to be the roots creeping down onto his wrist. 


“I love the tattoo, by the way, I forgot you had one,” Caleb says. Lukas rotates his arm to get a better view of it, inadvertently giving Caleb a perfect view of the twisting sinews inside his arm.


“Yeah, I love tattoos. I have a couple more you haven’t seen yet, too” Lukas says mischievously.


“Well, I hope I get to see them soon. Does the tree have any special meaning or do you just really like trees?”


“Well, I do really like trees,” Lukas giggles. “But I also think of trees as these grounded things. They’re old and have seen so much of the world, but stay just as they are. They’re resilient, and they put down their roots, and that makes me think of traditions. I just like feeling connected to the world and a tree feels like the perfect embodiment of that.”


“Wow, yeah, I never thought about them like that before.”


The waiter came up and took their orders.


“Yeah, trees and nature are really special to me. Part of the reason I got into engineering and robotics was because I wanted to build things that save people time so they can go out and enjoy the world more.”


“So how come you ended up in robotics instead of something outdoorsy?” Caleb asks, intrigued.


Lukas narrows his eyes and squeezes his lips, staring behind Caleb into the middle distance. After about 10 seconds, he responds, “I guess I just want nature to stay a luxury for me. If I had to work in it every day, I feel like maybe it would lose its wonder. I wouldn’t be able to go enjoy it as much because it would just feel like work. Robotics and engineering are places for me to work, but nature is the place where I get to be me.”


“That makes a lot of sense.”


“And I do enjoy robotics. Math and science make sense to me, and I get to work on projects that I think are important for people, that help people live better,” Lukas says thoughtfully. He catches Caleb looking intently at him. “And the money is pretty great too.”


Caleb chuckles. “Yeah, gotta love the money. Not too used to that feeling really.”


“How come you decided to be a teacher?”


“I just wanted to come here, to see something new. Teaching is always in demand and I can do it anywhere. Plus, I’m a people person. Math and science are cool, and I was pretty good at them, but my interest always lay with people. I need a human connection in my life, or else I get bored. I just like talking to people and feeling like I’m giving them something they want or need,” Caleb says.


“That’s really great too,” Lukas says, smiling. “What do you think you could teach me?”


Caleb guffaws. “I don’t think I know anything I could teach you. You already speak English pretty much perfectly, you’re already really smart, and clearly you take care of yourself.”


“Oh, I don’t think so, I’m sure we could find something you know more about than I do. I bet there’s a lot,” Lukas says.


The waiter comes back with the food and drinks, setting them down before the two men and wishing them a good meal.


“Alright, here’s something. Did you know the average Italian person eats over 50 pounds of pasta a year?” Caleb asks.


“No, actually I did not know that. See? There are things you know that I don’t.”


“I also know the fastest way to build muscle,” Caleb says.


Lukas chuckles, taking a bite of his food. “There are no fast ways of building muscle. Just lots of food, lots of lifting, and lots of rest.”


“Oh, you’d be surprised about the other things you can do,” Caleb says sneakily. “If you could snap your fingers and make yourself grow, would you?”


“Obviously, but no such thing is possible,” Lukas says skeptically.


“Sure, but humor me a second. If you could instantly make yourself any size, what would it be?”


Lukas stops and considers for a second, taking a sip of his drink and swishing it around in his mouth. Caleb notices how his perfectly trimmed bearded cheeks protrude in and out as he swishes the beverage around. Even something as innocuous as drinking and thinking is attractive when Lukas is doing it. Lukas swallows with a click and an ahhh, before finally answering.


“Ok, if I could make myself any size, just by snapping my fingers, I would want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, maybe even bigger.”


Oh, if only you knew how possible that was, Caleb thinks to himself.


“That big huh? I bet you’d look hot with all that meat on your bones,” Caleb says, wiggling his eyebrows at Lukas.


“Yeah, too bad I’m far too busy and constrained by genetics to ever achieve that. What about you, how big would you get?”


“I think about the same. I want to be massive. If I could snap my fingers and make myself as big as I wanted, I don’t know if there is a size too big so long as I could still move. Three meters tall, packed with lean brawn, that would be perfect if I could ever attain it. But then it would be hard to live, wouldn’t it? Think of the food and the implications of that,” Caleb says. “Probably better to just stay in the realm of possibilities.”


“We’re talking about magically applying muscles to our bodies, I don’t think reality is that important, oder?”


“Yeah, maybe you’re right. A hulking wall of muscle it is then, final answer,” Caleb says, pressing an imaginary button in the middle of the table.


“Well, for what it’s worth, I think you’d look sexy as fuck as a hulking wall of muscle,” Lukas says, winking at Caleb. “But you’re pretty damn sexy already, too.”


“Likewise,” Caleb says, returning the wink. The two of them finish up their food and signal the wait for their check. “Would you like to come back to my place and continue the evening?”


“Of course, you still owe me a proper feel of those arms,” Lukas says as they leave the restaurant and make their way to the train station.


“When we’re back at home, you can feel a lot more than that,” Caleb says, reaching for Lukas’ ass and giving it a quick pat.

“Just what I was hoping for,” Lukas says, returning the bum pat to Caleb. The two sit down on the train next to each other, smiling. “You don’t have roommates, do you?”


“They’re hardly around. And if they are, it doesn’t really matter to me. Just be quiet… or don’t,” Caleb says, giving Lukas’ thigh a gentle squeeze. Even relaxed and unpumped, Caleb can tell Lukas has not been skipping leg day. The jeans cling tightly to the quads and to the bulge near Caleb’s hand, that is starting to throb ever so slightly.


“No problem, then,” Lukas says, tracing his thumb over Caleb’s hand on his thigh. He rolls the prominent vein back and forth absentmindedly, noticing how soft Caleb’s hands are.


The train soon lets them off near Caleb’s flat and the two walk back to the flat, stealing glances at each other along the way. They get to the door and Caleb lets them in, taking notice of how Lukas’ ass looks as he climbs the stairs in front of him. The urge to squeeze it again comes to Caleb, but he knows he will soon have plenty of time to do that and more.

Caleb proceeds to lead Lukas to his bedroom, where Lukas takes his jacket off and throws it over the back of the chair. He sits on the bed and looks up at Caleb with a cheesy smile plastered on his face.


“You’re damn fucking cute, you know that?” Caleb says, taking a seat next to Lukas, nonchalantly placing a hand on his thigh.


“I’ve heard it once or twice,” Lukas says. “But you’re very sexy as well.”


“Thanks,” Caleb says. He catches Lukas’ eyes drifting to his shoulders, chest, and neck. Caleb has been lightly chubbed the entire time he’s been with Lukas, but the intensity of Lukas’ eyes mentally undressing him cause all the blood in Caleb’s body to immediately reroute to his aching cock. Caleb once again takes stock of the perfect curves of Lukas’ body: the biceps bulging out of his sleeves, the pecs pressed against their cotton prison, the bulge heaving in his jeans. Caleb moves his hand around Lukas’ shoulders and places the other one on Lukas’ perky chest, lightly rubbing the nipple with his thumb. 


Lukas breathes deeply, shivering slightly. They are closer than they’ve ever been before, mere centimeters between their faces and bodies. Lukas moves one of his hands to Caleb’s lower back and the other to Caleb’s abs.


“Those feel pretty nice,” Lukas whispers.


“Thanks,” Caleb says chuckling. He squeezes Lukas’ ample chest. “So do these.”


“Glad you like them,” Lukas says, popping it a couple of times.


“Would it be okay if I kissed you?” Caleb says, heart beating frantically.

“Please do,” Lukas says.


And so they do.

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