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  1. Chapter 1: Standing there John a 22 year old college student felt that everything around him felt hazy, aimlessly he walked down a corridor where a light was shining. Drawn by the light source, his eyes focus on it, seeing a figure slowly come into focus. With each step he took the figure became clearer but it seemed almost as if he wasn't actually getting any closer. With the urge to find out what exactly he was looking at, he closed his eyes and made a mad dash to try reach the figure. His body felt light as he ran but his thoughts were cut short running into something, causing him to be knocked down to the floor from the impact. "Need a hand" the figure spoke Looking up he saw what looked to be a monstrous being of muscle mass extending his arm towards him. He wasn't able to get a look at the figures face since his pecs were blocking his view casting a shadow below them. Taking the figures hand he felt a jolt of power rush through him which at first felt like pain then quickly turned to pleasure, it felt as if his whole body was having an orgasm, his knees buckled under the immense pleasure he was feeling then giving way as he collapsed to the floor. As his face was about to smash against the floor he shot up straight in his bed, opening his eyes to find himself in his own room staring down at the wet spot on his sheets caused by the hardest morning wood he had ever had in his life. Looking over at his phone he sees his alarm going off with the text displaying 23rd birthday on it. Before he had any time to process any of the dream he just had, he hears his fathers voice yell for him from down stairs. "Coming dad!" John responded Before going down he did his morning routine and made sure to put his stained bed sheets to wash. As he walked towards the stairs his 24 year old brother Daniel appears as if he was waiting for you and wraps his arm around him pulling Daniel in for a hug. "Hey dweeb happy birthday, did you miss me!" "Daniel?! What are you doing here I thought you were still at college." "Seriously John did you forget, it's spring break of course I'd be coming home to visit for your birthday." Taking a step back John took a second to take a look at Daniel and noticed Daniel was looking different. "Woah you look..." Daniel cuts John off "JACKED RIGHT!" Daniel raises both arms into a double bicep pose and flexes hard making the bulky mounds of muscle in his long sleeve shirt rise up. "I started working out last year and I haven't stopped since, guess you could say I got bit by the iron bug. Now come on dweeb dad has breakfast ready for us." As he walks past, John catches Daniels scent from just having worked out and starts feeling aroused, he feels an odd sensation wash over his body. Breaking from his trance he follows Daniel to have breakfast. Sitting at the table John sees his 45 year old father Sebastian and Daniel both conversing about Daniels year at college as they both stuff their faces with food. John could tell there was a shift in their relationship as their dad has always been the man of the house but now that Daniel had been working out he had eclipsed their fathers slim toned body. It didn't help that Daniel was already taller than their fathers height of 5'6 standing at 6'0, but now he was out weighing him in muscle. After breakfast everyone went on with their daily routine and celebrated your birthday. As the days passed John watched as Daniel starts pushing the boundaries with their father, clearing out an old room used for storage without asking to be used as his weight room whenever he visits home. Their father without question didn't argue with Daniel although they could both tell their father was not happy with Daniels actions. Every morning and night John would hear the clang of metal and the grunts of his now beefy brother Daniel. This distracted him as he would just picture his sweaty pumped body throughout the day as he took his online college classes or relaxed in his room. Every time he would start fantasizing about his brothers impressive gains he would feel a sensation a kin to the one he had in that intense dream he had a few nights prior. In fact just about any time he started feeling horny he could feel the sensation start to take root in him, seeming to get stronger with each passing day. One day when he was feeling particularly pent up he even started jerking off to his fantasies and this time the sensation felt stronger than ever. As he jerked off he felt he could hear his brother seemingly get louder during his workout. Finally climaxing he cleaned himself and readied to take a shower to clear his mind. Coming out of his room John saw Daniel also heading towards the shower. Daniels body was red his his clothes were plastered to his body dripping with sweat. His post workout pump made his body look ready to burst right out of his already previously tight shirt. He flashed John a cocky smile as he continued for the bathroom locking the door behind him. Now riled up again John went back to his room trying to get his composure after seeing Daniel look the biggest he has ever been, completely unaware that these strange new sensations might have something to do with how big Daniel had been getting since getting home. Later on in the week on the night before spring break would end and Daniel would leave back to college, Daniel had a few of his friends over. As they arrived Daniel would stand proud puffing his chest out as he caught all his friends looks at his improved physique, the whole night Daniel would be showing off as he loved to talk about his body. The guys got drunk and Daniel got a whole lot more loose even starting to flex for his friends. In particular his best friend Tyson seemed the most interested since he took every opportunity he got to feel up Daniels muscles. After Daniels friends left, John heard some commotion coming from Daniels room and decided to check it out. Peeking through the door John sees Daniel drunk checking himself out in the mirror. He would do different poses starting at every bulge on his body, the longer it went on John could see the bulge in Daniels pants get larger. Staring at his brothers impressive physique he felt the strange sensation coming back. As John kept staring, his knees gave way and he stumbled into the room. Standing up Daniel saw his brother looking at him. Johns face flushed red waiting for Daniels reaction, but instead of being embarrassed or angry, Daniel looked like he was enjoying Johns gaze on his body. "Took you long enough dweeb I thought you were never gonna walk in here." Walking closer to John he makes sure to get close to his face. "You know dweeb ever since I got home I've been catching you looking at my body it's like your eyes are glued onto me. How's about you start doing a lot more than just looking." With that Daniel presses his body against John as he grabs the back of Johns neck and locks lips with him. As he continues kissing John, Johns feels that odd feeling flare in strength. Fully giving himself to Daniel he wraps his arms and legs around him as Daniel picks him up effortlessly with one arm. Walking over to his bed Daniel lays John down and sits down on Johns chest. Looking up all John could see is Daniels grinning face looking down at him past his pecs. "I know you want to rub your hands all over these gains but I think your gonna have to work for it." Daniel spoke With that Daniel pulled the elastic waist band of his shorts down and out pops his 6 incher smacking straight across johns face. Quickly overwhelmed by the scent of Daniels member John wraps his lips around it's head. As John services Daniels member he feels the odd sensation once again grow stronger. Not giving a care about it at this moment he fully gives himself to it. Continuing the blow job John open his eyes and what he see stuns him. Daniels pecs were visibly bigger, and not just that they seemed to still be inflating. Unaware of what was happening to him Daniel flexed a most muscular pose in hopes of giving John a show, only for his shirt to rip clean off. "What the hell that was my favorite shirt man! Guess I just don't know the limits of these clothes bro." Looking over into his mirror as he dominated John he thought he was seeing things. "Shit I must be wasted I look like a god." Releasing you from his cock Daniel gets up and walks back over to the mirror where he admires his body before really getting a good look at himself. "Holy shit I am bigger...." looking back over at John in bed he sees John staring in amazement at his own body. "Did you do this bro?" Daniel spoke Unsure of how to react John put his attention on the sensation coursing through his body as he stroked himself, focusing on Daniel. Without hearing a word from John he got his answer as he felt a warmth fill his whole body. Looking back in the mirror Daniel could see the bulk that he had amassed over the last four months begin to disappear being replaced with pure muscle. One by one his abs became more pronounced as his body involuntarily flexed them. His body shone with a layer of sweat further showing off the increasing definition of his expanding musculature. His pecs seemed to inflate with every breath he took as the shadow they cast grew larger Next his shoulders widened making more room for muscle, the sinews of muscle in his delts striated, his traps becoming freakishly developed capable of holding a large bottle. Daniel felt himself becoming intoxicated with the growth wanting more. So he walked back over to John and ripped his shorts right off. Picking John up he placed Johns ass directly at the head of his dick. Slowly he entered his brother as John latched his mouth and hands to Daniel, worshiping his growing body. Each slow thrust into John sending waves of pain and pleasure through his body. The sensation in John's body grew stronger as he felt Daniels grip on him increasing. With each passing moment he could feel the strength in Daniels body getting stronger as Daniel picked up the pace of his thrusts, his brother was turning into a raging growth bull. John plants his face between Daniels cleavage as his pectorals envelop Johns face muffling the sounds of Johns moans as Daniel fucks him. The whole while Daniel was watching himself in the mirror as he kept growing, at some point he even noticed his view seemed different as his head was gone from the reflection "FUCK bro your making me taller too!" Daniel spoke John only responded with a loud moan learning that not only was he making Daniel muscles bigger but his height was also increasing. Soon it was all too much for Daniel as he pulls out of John and blows the biggest load he's had in his whole life. Collapsing on the bed both John and Daniel lay exhausted from the effects of whatever John had done to Daniel and dozed off to sleep with Daniels new size taking up the whole bed, completely enveloping John. As they peacefully slumbered they had no idea that John wasn't the only one that was alarmed from the noise that came from Daniels room that night.
  2. Sizemologist

    Growth Drive! (Updated 3/22)

    Moderators Preface: This story asks for people to vote / like in order to generate the next stage of the story. It is not to be seen as a method of generating views or income for the user. Week 0 Jared jogged down the sidewalk with his airpods in his ears. He was dressed in a big hoodie that hugged his pecs tight and accentuated them jiggling up and down. It didn’t help that Jared’s pecs were already the size of textbooks strapped to his chest. The sleeves of the hoodie strangled his arms inside. As he jogged through the city, his soft cock bounced with his body, clearly visible through his gray sweatpants. His wide hips gave his bubble butt a nice natural sway to his run. “I’ve got the eye of the tiger, a fighter. Dancing through the fire ‘cause I am the champion. And you’re gonna hear me roooooar…” hummed Jared as he passed by a storefront. It was typically abandoned, but there seemed to be one shop lit up at the end of the street. That’s never there, thought Jared to himself. Jared always ran this way to his Friday night shift for work and there had never been any kind of business here. Not even any that were being renovated. Jared paused his music and took his airpods out of his ears. He slowed his pace to a walk, reading the tacky neon signs in the window. BIG SALE read the blue letters, lit up in an explosive cloud of smoke behind it. Jared lifted his head up and saw the massive sign above him light up. “The Sizemologist Cauldron?” mused Jared. He pushed open the door and walked into the surprisingly spacious store. He walked through the shelves of items. His wide shoulders brushing up against the glass bottles on display. He turned his body to read one of the potions on the shelf, but in doing so, his big shoulder made two vials wobble and begin rolling off the wood. “Woah there big guy!” came a voice from behind him. Jared jumped forward startled by the gentleman leaning down behind him. His big pecs lurched forward and pressed into many more glass bottles in front of him on the shelf. “Shit, fuck. Sorry!” Jared steadied himself and carefully pushed the bottles to the back of the shelf. “I thought I had more room to move.” Jared slowly turned back around to see a man with platinum blonde hair holding two bottles. “Jumbo Juice and Two Ton Tonic, a fun mixture, but probably not for right now,” said the man as he put the two bottles on the shelf. “And don’t worry about it. I know how tight these hallways can be,” said the big man as he rubbed his own prestigious belly. The man seemed to be in his mid forties and had a stocky muscular build with a round belly that stuck out a foot or two in front of him. He stood just an inch or two taller than Jared, but Jared was definitely the wider of the two. “Sorry about that. Sometimes I forget how big I am,” replied Jared as he returned the last potion to the shelf. “No worries big guy. My husband says the same thing. Now, what can I do for you today?” asked the salesman as he led Jared through the aisle. “I’m just browsing. I’ve never seen your shop before. When did you open?” asked Jared as his eyes peered across the name tags. Bubble Butt Brew? Pillow Pec Potion? Muscle Milkshake? What’s this guy selling here? thought Jared. “Just yesterday. Had to get out of the last place I was in a bit of a rush. And lucky for me, this place was available to move in immediately.” They entered the main shopping area with multiple kiosks setup with jewelry, sunglasses, even some speedos on manikins. “Feel free to look around. I’m clearing out my entire inventory to make room for a new line of products so don’t be shy.” Jared immediately ran towards the speedos. The manikins modeling them had a substantial bulge outlined in their front pouch and an ass that was spilling out the sides and could be seen from the front. “How much for one of these? I could always use a new speedo for work.” asked Jared, feeling the fabric of a striped red one. “And do they come in bigger sizes?” He brushed his fingers across the hard plastic dick inside. “Those speedos are pretty cheap, only $5. They aren’t as great as you think they might be.” The shopkeep walked over to the manikin and pulled the speedo off of the plastic to reveal a smooth surface. “The charm of the clothes only are in effect when you’re wearing the clothes. Not good if you’re going for long term gains.” Jared’s eye’s did a double take when he saw there was no mold of a dick on the manikin. He grabbed the one he was holding and pulled it off to reveal the same smooth surface. “What the fuck?” Jared backed up from the display and looked around at some of the other items. Lock Cock Ring? Juicer Belt? Gainer’s Snack Sack? His head was spinning as he could only imagine what he might’ve stumbled onto. “What? Not a fan? I would’ve thought you'd at least enjoy looking like you had bigger junk. Given your line of work,” said the shopkeep. “I meant the magic speedos! What kind of place are you running here? And how do you know where I work?” asked Jared. “I’ve seen your act and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed by your size.” Jared gazed into the eyes of the older man leaning against the counter. “And this place is for people who want to get really big. Like yourself.” “Thank you. I have been growing a lot lately,” smiled Jared as he held up his bicep. It balled up and swelled to the size of an orange in its poor black sleeve. “And I’m always looking to grow more.” “You have no idea. Well if you’re interested in a nice speedo, I can show you to my more exclusive selection.” The shop keep held up his hand and pointed towards a sign that read Does This Make Me Look Big?. “Well if everything is on sale, why not? I have time before work.” Jared turned and followed the bigger man down the hallway. At the edge of the shop, there was a glass display with three speedos underneath. “Normally, these speedos would go for around a few hundred bucks, but hopefully they’ll be in your price range.” The shop keep flipped the light and the speedos lit up. “Why are they so expensive?” asked Jared as he examined the selection. There was a dark red one with a black diamond design running down it, a light blue one with white circles emanating from points of the speedo like ripples, and a royal purple one with a golden stag on the crotch. “They allow someone to grow by being paid for it.” Jared snapped his head to the shop keep and his eyes nearly bulged out of his head. “If I wear this, people can pay to grow me bigger?” His eyes glared back down at the speedos, wide with the possibilities. “Yep.” The shopkeep held the key in his hand with a smirk on his face. “I had a feeling you’d be intrigued by these.” “How does it work?” Jared pressed his face up to the glass, “Is it like a coin machine and it gives candy out?” he changed angles on the glass, “Or is there a barcode I can scan for Venmo or Cashapp?” he changed his angle to stare down at the speedo, “Or will people need to swipe their cards through my ass?” “No no no, calm down big guy.” The shop keep peeled the big excited man off the glass. He turned the lock and pulled out a rectangular metal box behind the display. “It’s done using this remote.” He clicked a button on the remote and the white circles on the blue speedo lit up. “This remote is a money-getting machine. It has a hole to suck in any cash or coin thrown your way, a card reader that can swipe, chip, or tap, as well as a projector for a barcode for people to scan to send money to as well.” The man clicked a button and a barcode lit up on the wall. “That is incredible.” Jared was in awe as he picked up the purple one. “Are they all the same?” “No, they each have special features that can accompany the growth. The red pair is a boost in the wearer’s muscles. The blue is a boost to the wearer’s cock. And the one you’re holding, those will boost both.” Jared stretched the speedo out with his hands and found it had a surplus of stretch. “And I’ve never met someone who has been able to outgrow them if you were worried about that.” “There’s a first time for everything,” said Jared with a smirk. “I’ll take them. How much?” “Normally they’d cost you around $500 for this particular pair,” said the shop keep as he reached for another remote. “But I’ll give them to you for the low price of $50. Do we have a deal?” He plugged in some numbers on the remote and turned it to show Jared the screen that read $50. “Deal.” Jared didn’t waste any time pulling out his wallet and tapping his card on the screen. “So how does this thing work?” Jared took the remote from the man’s hands and started fiddling with the screen. “Why don’t I let him explain.” He leaned forward and tapped a button on the side of the remote that lit up a light blue. Out popped a man clad in only the same speedo as the one Jared had just bought. Except the man was entirely translucent and shiny blue. “Hello there! You must be my new master!” beamed the hologram. The man was completely bald and had a round jaw line with a cartoon-like muscular body beneath his head. “Wo-ho-ho you bought these?! You wanna get bigger? My good sir, you're already huge!” the hologram zipped back behind Jared’s shoulder as it talked like a mosquito in his ear. “I mean look at you! You could already bench, what, 250, 300 pounds? What do you need me here for?” The hologram reached forward and squeezed Jared’s hefty pecs. “350, actually,” Jared swatted away the hologram’s hand, surprised he could feel its touch. “Exactly, what are you doing here looking to get even bigger?” The hologram poofed away and reappeared in front of Jared’s pecs with a straw hat and a flannel. “Y’all tryin’ to grow these milkers even bigga’.” The hologram reached forward and grabbed Jared’s nipples that were visible even under two layers of clothes and started milking them like a cow. “Hey! Cut it out!” Jared reached his arms forward to swat at the hologram only to have them go straight through it. “Wait, what the? How are you doing that!?!” yelled Jared as the hologram vanished and appeared beside the shop keep like a gnat buzzing around the room. “Go easy on him R. People here aren’t as familiar with the mystic arts. This is R, he will teach you how to use the speedo.” The hologram brought its hand up and waved at Jared before putting his hands together in front of him. “Sam I can smell this guy’s hunger for size from here, this isn’t a good idea.” the hologram turned back to the shop keep and glared at him. “Hush up, I just wanna see what he can do. Give him the royal treatment,” said the shop keep, giving the hologram a comically exaggerated bow. “Oh we’re giving this one the royal treatment? He’s that big a deal?” asked the hologram. “I’m definitely a big deal.” Jared smiled and hit a double bicep pose and flexed his arms down in front of him. The hologram simply rolled its eyes and looked back at the shop keep. “Fine, I’ll give him the royal treatment. Hell, I’ll make him as big as he wants.” Jared’s eyes lit up with excitement and he looked back at the remote. “Let’s go, R. I’ve gotta get to work, and I’m sure you can walk and talk.” Jared tapped the Settings button on the remote and connected his airpods to the remote in a second. “Thank you so much sir. I can’t thank you enough. Hopefully, you’ll see how big I get soon.” Jared stuffed the speedo in his pocket and started to briskly walk towards the door. “No problem Jaren. You have a fun time at work!” yelled the shop keep as R blinked the further away Jared got. “I hope you know what you’re doing,” buzzed R as he flickered away. Jared pulled the door open and barreled out of the shop towards the club. He only had a few blocks to go, but he walked slow as he put his air pods back in. “Testing, KEEEETTTCH, Testing, SHEEEEESH Testing, Testing, Testing, is this thing on!” rang a loud voice from the air pods. “God dammit, yes dude I can hear you.” Jared pulled out the remote and looked down at the screen to see a little 2-D animation of R floating on it. “Excellent, let’s start with introductions!” blared the animation. R poofed away and was replaced by 4 more R’s in marching band uniforms holding trumpets blasting a fanfare into Jared’s ear. “Welcome to the Royal Speedo from the Sizemologist’s 4th collection! I am your guide for this machine as well as sometimes the machine itself, here to grow you beyond your wildest dreams!” shouted an R wearing a long flowing royal purple cape and a golden crown. “Still very loud, but I don’t think you understand how big I can dream,” replied Jared. He looked around to see if anyone saw him talking to this remote, but he was alone before he walked into the club. “We’ll see about that,” replied R as he flew off the screen and his head appeared next to the main menu. “So, to get started, you will need to select your levels.” A button labeled Levels highlighted itself and Jared clicked on it. “Select what levels of growth you want based on your prices.” Jared was presented with a screen of sliders. He saw lengths on the left side of the screen and dollar amounts on the right. He swept his fingers up and down on the screen to adjust the numbers accordingly. “What do you think is a generous number for how much I want to grow?” asked Jared. R blinked and the lens of the remote flashed and an angel R and a devil R appeared on Jared’s shoulders. “It would be wise to keep your ratio of cash to size low considering how much money men already give you for your body,” said Angel R on Jared’s shoulder holding a harp with a halo on its head. “Or knowing that you’ll be rolling in the dough come show time, you could make it pretty easy for you to grow with just a little bit. That way you can get huge fast!” grinned the Devil R holding a pitchfork with horns on his head. “I like that idea waaaay more!” Jared didn’t think much as he started moving his money meter down. “No no no, you can't do that! You’ll get so big so fast! That could be dangerous!” shouted the Angel R. “I suggest that you make it so that $100 would grow you a foot.” The Angel R crossed his arms and puffed air out of his nose as he flew in front of Jared’s face. “Dangerous shmangerous, let’s get this cash cow growing!” The Devil R bumped the Angel R away as Jared settled on his ratio. “Excellent choice master.” “Master, I kinda like that.” Jared devilishly grinned as he walked to the back entrance of the club. He had landed on $10 would grow him a foot taller. “And your name is just R? Does that stand for anything?” “Royal Model. I was fashioned for some of the most powerful people in the world,” replied R from back on the remote screen. “Then it’s perfect I’ll be wearing you. But I don’t like the name R. What about…Rob. Short for Robot.” R changed into a floating head with three dots coming out of it giving Jared a blank stare. “Alright, I’ll be Rob. Now to get the machine active, you’ll need to put the speedo on first.” Jared entered the club and made his way to the dressing room. Taking off his hoodie, he peeled off the tight tank top he had on under it. Shimmying out of his sweatpants and sliding his jock off to reveal his chubbed up 8-incher. Picking up the speedo, he fit one leg through the hole then the other. He was surprised just how much they were able to stretch around his massive legs. He pulled it over his fat ass and pulled the creases out around it and his crotch. He rearranged his balls nicely inside then looked at himself in the mirror. He was hot in them, even though it wasn’t advertised for it, Jared could swear his dick looked bigger in the speedo. He turned to the side and his jaw dropped from how fat his ass got. Like an overgrown cantaloupe overflowing the sides of the speedo. “Fuck, I love these things.” “Uh-huh, yeah I know they’re great. Now get over here,” chirped Rob from the remote. “Let me get a quick read through of your stats.” “A what? What are yo- Whoa!” Jared felt a surge of energy flow through his crotch as the golden stag lit up. It rode its way up his body over his abs, up to his pecs, and out his arms. All while running down his legs and spreading to his back. “What the fuck was that?” “You like?” the remote blinked as Jared picked it up and focused on the screen. “That’ll be what it feels like to grow. But for now, it was just to see what we’re working with now.” A table came up as it started tallying together some stats on Jared’s body. Height: 6 Feet Tall Weight: 250 Pounds Cock Size (Flaccid): 8 Inches Long Cock Size (Erect): 10 Inches Long “My oh my, you are a big one. I am excited to watch you grow.” Rob beeped and the screen went away. “Once you’re on stage, you just let me handle collecting the money. You just focus on getting those men’s hard earned cash and getting huge.” “You don’t have to tell me twice.” Jared pulled out his airpods and set them down next to his clothes. “Alright gentlemen, y’all are in for a treat tonight!” came Rob’s voice from the loud speaker. Jared admired himself in the mirror for a moment as his intro music played. “We have for you tonight one of the biggest men out there. And he just plans on getting bigger! You guys like that, right?” The crowd outside erupted with boisterous applause while Jared popped his pecs in the mirror. Rubbing his big nipples with some glitter as he stretched. “Well folks, if you would like to see this next dancer get even bigger, then don’t be afraid to show him some love. And by love, I mean cash!” Jared bounced his hair with his fingers and smiled at himself in the mirror. “Please give it up for…The Hulking Himbo!” (A quick author’s note here at the end, this is a growth drive! For Macro March, I am growing this hulking himbo as big as he can get and that will be based on how much you guys like him. To participate, click on the linktree I have in my bio and it’ll take you to the main post on my Twitter where you can grow this hunk. You can also grow him here by liking/favoriting the story, giving me a follow, or commenting on it on any of the other sites. Either way it’ll count towards this man getting bigger. The first round will go through March 1st to March 13th and I will post those results on March 16th. We’ll see how much he grows after just 1 week Hope you guys enjoy and Happy Macro March!)
  3. RoseConspiracy

    The Last Summer Holiday

    My chest swelled the moment our eyes connected followed by a loud growl tearing from my lips. It would have startled the shit out of anyone– if they could have heard it over the hum of the damn tank I was currently riding on. Those gorgeous evergreen eyes trailed down my body and my cock actually stirred as her pink, little tongue darted out to lick her lips. I almost smirked knowing she liked what she saw. But the look on her beautiful face was immediately replaced with panic. “Oh my god, Linkin!” A woman frantically yelled as a boy of about five darted out into the street to grab a bag of skittles. It all happened so fast. The blaring sirens around us from the parade drowned out the mother still struggling to get out of her chair. She pointed desperately as she screamed. “Hailee! Grab Linkin! Grab my baby!” The woman who with just a single look had me almost collapsing to my knees, darted out after him. As the tank barreled towards them, the oblivious little boy stretched his hand out to grab his prize. Hailee was tall, curvy, toned, gorgeous– she reached him in no time. But so did we. A tank couldn't exactly stop on a dime. Her brunette hair flew out all around her as she grabbed the boy with one arm and swung to take the brunt of the hit with her back. I watched her long eyelashes flutter closed as she just waited for the pain. But the only thing her back collided with was the meaty brawn of my chest. The vehicle rocked slightly as it hit me, but my own body was built as powerfully as the tank itself. Maybe even more powerful. Fuck, it barely felt like a tickle. This time I did allow myself to smirk as I spun the woman around in my arms. Her gasp was just so damn cute when her eyes snapped back open. She licked her lips again as she looked down at my thick, beefy arms. It had to of been nearly a hundred fucking degrees in Chicago today, and my sweat soaked tee clung to my body like a second skin. I could tell by the look on her face though that she wasn't complaining. “How did you–?” Her head tilted to the side but she didn’t seem able to form words as her eyes lingered a little too long on each one of my magnificent pecs. I immediately fell in love with the sound of her voice. Not too high pitched or deep, just absolutely perfect. I didn’t want to let her go. I never wanted to let her go. The boy sandwiched between us though brought me back to reality. Finally his parents had managed to waddle the way out of their chairs and Linkin went running into their arms. I wanted to say something– anything– But the tank had kept on rolling without me. Assholes. I snarled mentally in my head. “I– I’ve gotta go,” I said as I gestured towards my ride. She nodded her head and as I ran to catch back up, I noticed how much tighter my clothes suddenly felt. Shit. Had I actually almost hulked out in front of everyone? I looked down and gave a little flex. Oh fuck yes. My pecs and arms looked bigger and I felt stronger too. My god, what could this woman do to me? A half hour later I was sitting inside the little Mexican restaurant just across from the vixen. Our VFW float had been in the beginning of the parade, so I still had plenty of time to creep on Hailee and her family. Even after that near brush with death, she continued to run after her nieces and nephews while everyone else just sat. I sipped on my Corona as I watched, my thick fingers curling into a fist. Her tan skin begged for them to dig into her waist and pull her towards me. I longed to hear her gasp again but only this time with my big, fat cock rubbed up against her ass. I heard it then. The seams in my shirt and cargo pants pleading with my body to stop. A part of me wanted to just let loose. Afterall, growing always felt so good. And the way Hailee’s eyes greedily soaked in my body– But I couldn’t. Not here. Not now. I stood abruptly and threw down enough money to cover my meal and a decent tip. I was taller than when I came in here. Broader. Thicker. Fuck. If I wasn't careful, I was sure my ass and cock would burst through the fabric of my pants. Something told me I wasn't done growing yet. It took almost two hours to get from downtown to a little bar just eight miles away on the southside. I should have just walked, but I didn't want to leave my truck parked at the VFW post overnight. Everyone else had BBQs and parties to rush off to. But not me. No family. No friends. I had hunkered down in the darkest corner of Hatleys. A little hole in the wall bar right off the lake. The bikers inside looked rough, but most of them were fellow veterans who'd give the shirt off their backs just like me. I spent the rest of the day there and when the sun started to go down I figured it was about time for me to head home. I had just closed out my tab when she suddenly strolled in. My traitorous cock instantly rose to half mast at the sound of her laugh. Another two hours past and I continued to just sit there and watch. I realized I would be perfectly happy to just sit there and watch her all fuckin' day. The way her own muscles flexed, I could tell she knew her way around the gym. A couple of times I had caught myself stroking the monster tenting my pants at the glimpse of her toned little shoulders and biceps in the dim light. In no time she had commanded the attention of the entire bar. She never sat for any length of time, running around singing karaoke, playing darts or just joking around with the other patrons. The older woman she had come in with for the most part just sat and watched her too. She definitely seemed to enjoy the free drinks that Hailee was securing from all over the bar. I noticed Hailee stuck to only the areas with full lighting. Which meant she never fluttered my way. Good girl. She'd probably been touched or groped one too many times in these dark corners. Of course she had. She was fucking gorgeous. And clearly the guy who had been sitting at the bar for as long as I had agreed. He kept calling Hailee back over to him. She always looked a little uneasy, but she went. If he got too handsy, she'd just swat him away with a laugh and a tiny kiss to his cheek. She had told him once that he looked a little like Jason Momoa and that seemed to put him on cloud nine. The idiot thought he had secured her as his escort for the night. I growled and clenched both of my fists. Fucker needed to be taken down a notch. "Forget Irish car bombs! Alicia, make us a round of my Italian-Irish car wrecks, please!" I had been creeping on them long enough to know that Hailee was mostly of Italian descent, while her celebrity look alike was half Irish and half Mexican. The bartender served up five, half full glasses of Angry Orchard and then set down the same amount of shot glasses filled with Jameson and Bailey's. The little group claimed Hailee's concoction tasted like a maple glazed donut and by the fourth round the big guy was starting to get out of hand. "Come on baby girl, are you going home with Papi tonight or what?" He growled at her while gripping the fishnets just under one of her ass cheeks. The same bouncing globes I had been watching poke out from under her shorts all night long. It suddenly dawned on her that everyone was clearing out of the bar. The same look of panic flashed across Hailee’s face as she realized even her friend was gone. She glanced my way, head tilting to the side like this morning– but I knew there was no way she could see more than a burly shadow of my figure. Papi stood to his full height, towering over her five foot eight frame from his six foot four. She visibly trembled as she looked up when he pinned her back against the bar. "Enough," I snarled. I slowly stood from my spot, allowing myself to finally be revealed. I knew my sleeves had rolled up as my biceps had grown even bigger watching her. I was surprised the shirt was still able to contain my two massively growing pecs. Delicious tingles shot down my spine as I continued to rise– widen– thicken. The half Irish prick was a big man. But I was even bigger. I strode up to them as his hand cupped her breast before going to her throat. She was shaking her head, whimpering for him to stop. She looked up at me over his shoulder. My breath hitched. Unlike Papi, it wasn't fear in her eyes when she looked up at me. It was lust. I tapped Papi on the shoulder, smirking as he turned around. He hadn't expected someone the same height as him, and I wasn't. By now, I was at least a head taller. "She said STOP." I growled. My beefy fingers easily wrapped around his wrist as I removed his hand from Hailee's slender neck. I could see the fight or flight reaction written all across his face. For a moment he actually looked like he would argue. But then he heard it. We all did. It started with the fabric along the collar of my ever thickening neck. A tiny tear at first, but then the rip just kept growing. "Goddamn." My voice dropped an octave as I released the asshole and watched him run for the door. The fabric of my shirt had finally decided it had stretched enough. Hailee hesitated for all of about two seconds before she grabbed my ginormous hand and pulled me out towards the back exit. "Why– why aren't you afraid of me," I asked. My voice was so deep, so loud. But I couldn’t help it. I was growing so much. She smirked as she looked up at me. My bald head still rising in the light of the moon. "You're him, aren't you?" Her eyebrows knitted together as she whipped out her phone and showed me my own Twitter account- The Growing Green Beret. I nodded and grinned. I might not have had family and friends, but followers I definitely did. I knew there were a few women who enjoyed my content, but it was so far and few between. Sure, lots of women were into big, beefy men. But big, beefy, growing men? Fuck. And judging by the lust in this woman's eyes, I had hit the proverbial jackpot. "I won't be able to stop," I warned. "I can't stop." I corrected. "So don't." "Fuck, woman." "That's the plan," she smirked. I grabbed her roughly by the waist. My hands still growing till my fingers completely encircled her and touched. She felt so tiny. So fragile and weak. It actually caused my growth to halt. "I'm not a goddamn vase," she growled– it was like she could read my mind. "I won't break." Apparently, that was all the encouragement my body would need. I was like a goddamn animal as I lifted her with one hand, hauling her up my chest. I roared and snarled. My back arching as hundreds– or fuck, was it thousands of pounds of muscle – piled onto my ever growing frame. She attacked my lips first and then moved on to my chest. Pausing for only a moment to push the remnants of my shirt off my rising traps. She may have stopped the half Irish punk from ripping her clothes off, but I'd be damned if she tried to stop me. "Oh fuck," she gasped, rocking her tiny hips against me. My powerful fingers were no match for her fishnets and lace panties. I sunk a thick finger between her folds then immediately growled in her ear. "Wet for me already?" She blushed as she looked up at me, but the embarrassment didn't last long. "Jesus!" She cried out. I smirked because I had thrust a second finger deep inside her. My other hand tearing off her shirt and bra. "Why did you keep going back to him?" I asked. "I– I thought I could handle him." "And me?" I laughed darkly, even deeper than the devil himself. "You think you can handle me? Look down." I growled in satisfaction at the look of terror on her face. It was so goddamn cute as her hands frantically tried to grab on to my pecs and traps. But they'd grown too big– too thick. I hadn't fancied her the type to be afraid of heights. But then again, she was hovering nearly twelve feet off the ground and all that was keeping her held up was one of my big, strong hands. "Oh, fuck yes," I roared. "Baby girl, I'm nearly as thick and wide with muscle as I am tall. I feel so fucking good! So powerful. Goddamn, what are you fucking doing to me?" With renewed fervor, I practically wedged her between my pecs before fisting her hair in my hand. Her lips parted and like a good girl, her tongue partook in a dangerous dance with my own. She growled suddenly and looked down, my eyes following after hers. "There's no fucking way this thing is going inside you," I laughed. I stroked it for emphasis from the thick root upwards with my free hand. "It'll rip you in half." With a force that came out of nowhere, Hailee grabbed my chin and lowered my face to look me dead in the eyes. "I swear to Christ if you don't shut up and fuck me, I will murder you in your goddamn sleep." Feisty. She was fucking goddamn feisty. But who was I to argue with a lady? My fingers dug into the soft flesh of her waist, and with one hand I lifted her– Then impaled her right on my giant, rigid cock. *Don't forget to like, comment & follow me on here or Twitter!*
  4. Sizemologist

    Happy Birthday! (Updated 02/10/23)

    Commission I did for an anonymous user on Twitter. Dean is running late getting home to see his husband for their birthday, but forgets he still has to get a dessert. He stops at the first shop he see's and finds something that might not only save his butt from his husband, but also his marriage. Part 1: 06/20 I ran across the sidewalk with my briefcase in hand. “Dammit, I’m so late.” I looked down at my phone, almost midnight. “I’m the worst husband ever.” I stumbled across many puddles and fell down in front of a lit up store front. I wiped some water off of my face as I sat up and looked at the bright neon sign. “The Sizemologist’s Caldron? I’ve never seen this here before,” musing to myself as I stood up. I looked at my phone and saw a text message light up across the screen. “Are you at least bringing ?” shined a text from a user named ‘Big Daddy’. “Cake? Cake! Shit, shit, shit! I forgot the cake!” I yelled as I wrapped my hands around my head. “Fuck, what am I gonna do?” I looked around and then back at my sizable butt in my work pants. “No, I did that last year. He deserves better for such a day.” I brought my phone down and looked into the windows of the dimly lit storefront. A light emitted from the very back of the store and I had to press my face up against the glass to see anything inside. My eyes scanned around the room until they focused in on a sign. ‘Eat Me & Drink Me’ read the sign and a smile grew across my face. “Hello! Hello!” I knocked on the window and saw some shadows move in the background. “I’m sorry! I know it’s late! I was just wondering if I could bother you to buy some sort of dessert? A cake perhaps?” I saw the outline of a very large man coming towards me. His silhouette seemed to only grow bigger as he strode closer to me. Not only did he tower over me, he sported one of the biggest guts I’d ever seen. As a light flickered on, the man’s features were revealed. In an extremely tight blue t-shirt that had ‘The Sizemologist’s Emporium’ stretched across it. As he leaned his head down to reveal a small beard and a head full of bushy blonde hair, he opened the door. “Sir, we’re open till Midnight, feel free to come in,” said the large man as he pulled the door open and stepped to the side. “Oh, uh…thanks.” I walked in and continued brushing water off myself. “Sorry I didn’t think you were open. It’s just the lights were off and I didn’t see anyone inside.” I said as I entered the shop. The room looked so much more spacious than I expected on the outside. I had to sidestep the big belly bulging out in front of the big man as it threatened to push me over when the big man swung it around to head towards the back. “Yeah, that’s my bad. The lights in here are on motion sensors at night. And normally I get up to turn them on, but I might’ve dozed off after I polished off a few pieces of sourdough bread. Woof, I really did some damage,” said the shopkeep as he patted his big belly. The ripples cascading over the blue fabric of the t-shirt. “I see, well I saw the sign from outside “Eat Me & Drink Me” and I was hoping you’d have some sort of dessert. A cake preferably.” I said and started walking over to the section. “That’s my newest section. Opened it up just a couple weeks ago. I’m Sam by the way. The Sizemologist. I run this shop,” said the shopkeep. I turned my head to see the big man smiling down at me. “Nice to meet you. I’m Dean,” I said and reached out to shake his hand. “And about the cake, I actually just sold my last cake earlier today. It was to a lovely couple celebrating their anniversary. Awe, they’re gonna have a fun night,” mused the shopkeep as he waddled past me toward a bar built into the wall. “But I have plenty of other desserts and treats for you to select from.” He lifted up an opening in the bar and squeezed his love handles through the sides as best he could. He started putting out plenty of desserts and pastries as I took a seat in the stool in front of him. Cookies all labeled with ‘Eat Me’ on them, brownies that had colorful sprinkles on top, and many selections of bread were set in front of me. I could even smell some more treats cooking in the back. “Take your pick.” “Wow, you’ve really got quite the selection here. It’s for my husband’s birthday. He loves cheesecake and I was really hoping to surprise him after I’ve been such a bad husband today.” “Oh I bet you couldn’t be that bad of a husband. You are buying your husband a cake for his birthday. That’s something,” said Sam as his head disappeared under the bar where he started rummaging around below. “Yeah, but this’ll be the one good thing I’ve done for him today. I was supposed to have today off, but I got called into the office for some emergency meeting that turned into a lot of work and I kept getting hit with project after project and I couldn’t get away from any of it until now. Almost midnight and I’ve barely spent any time with him today.” I wracked my head and shook some water from my fluffy brown hair. “You’re certainly feeling guilty and stressed about it if you’re willing to reveal that to a random customer service worker you just met,” said Sam as he came from the bar with a glass and a clear liquid in a beer sized bottle. “I’m sorry si-” “Sam, just call me Sam.” “I’m sorry Sam. I didn’t mean to put that all out on you. It’s just, my husband and I, we’ve been arguing a bit lately. And today just must feel like a punch in the gut to him.” I looked at Sam and he started putting ice in a shaker. “It’s okay. I understand, and I’ve been there. Marital troubles can be tricky. What’s got you two arguing?” I saw Sam polishing off the glass and setting it down in front of me. “You know, I really should get going. I’m already late enough as it is. I can’t have a drink right now. Maybe another time,” I said and started getting up from my seat. “Just stay and talk a moment. I promise it’ll be quick.” Sam grabbed a bottle cap opener and popped the top off. The smell from the beer hit me immediately and I froze in place. “Wow, that smells really good. Maybe I can stay for just one drink,” I sat back down in my chair and I heaved my briefcase onto the bar stool next to me. Sam had a satisfied smirk on his face as he poured the liquid into the shaker. “I thought this would change your tune. So, tell me, what’s the matter?” asked Sam as he started to shake up the drink. “It’s complicated. My husband has been a bit self conscious about his body as of late. He’s been trying to work out and grow his muscles out, but has been getting minimal results at best. He started off at maybe 120 pounds and 5 foot 7 and has only gained 10 pounds in almost a year,” I said as Sam poured the drink into the glass. “Well you seem pretty fit, big guy.” said Sam nodding to my pecs that protruded from my white button down shirt. “Maybe you could give him some pointers in the gym?” He slid the drink over to me and popped open a bottle for himself and started drinking it straight from the bottle. “That’s part of the problem. We started working out together. Before we got married, I was on the heavier side. And not in the muscly way I am now. I was fat. And just fat. No muscles. So we joined the gym together. He wanted to put on more size and I just wanted to reform my fat into muscle. I’ve succeeded so far, but he’s been not so successful.” I reached down to take a sip of my drink and my eyes nearly bulged out of my head. “Mmm this stuff is incredible! What is it?” “Made with a special rubber plant from South America, I call it “Stretchy Cider”,” said Sam as he took a swig of his own drink. “As for your husband, you shouldn’t feel guilty just because you have been seeing improvements and he hasn’t. That isn’t fair to your goals’ importance.” “I mean, sure. It’s just that I know we’ve both wanted this for a long time. We bonded a lot over fitness and wanting to grow bigger before we even committed to the gym. And we’re both sorta size queens so that plays a factor into this too. I know he wants to be a massive man with muscles all over his body and he knows I want that for him too. He just puts so much pressure on himself and I hate to see him do it. And I hate being one of the causes of it too,” I said as I took another sip of my drink. Sam gave me a morose look and put his hand on my shoulder. “I’m sorry Dean. That does not sound like a fun environment to be living in.” I hung my head and let out a long sigh. “It is a bit of a toxic web we’ve sown as a foundation for our relationship. And that’s only half of it. He’s been really wanting to have kids lately. And I get it. He’s turning 40. He’s not getting any younger. But we can’t get our finances together to get a kid since it costs so much to have a single child as a gay couple. Let alone the cost to raise one. I bet with our salaries, we could have tons of kids. We’re just gay men so we can’t afford to have kids in the first place.” “I see. Well Dean, it’s your lucky day. I think I have a great birthday gift from you to your husband. Be right back.” Sam did a quick about face, leaving his fat body wiggling for a second or two after, and walked through a door to what I assumed was the back. I looked down at my phone and it read 11:55p.m. “Shit Connor is gonna kill me,” I said through gritted teeth as I brought the drink up to my lips and started chugging the whole thing. “I’ve got just the thing for you. Here’s this muffin I have. It’s for a special promotion I’m doing this week. This is a muffin that helps people be the biggest person in any room,” said Sam as he placed a red velvet muffin down right in front of me with star shaped sprinkles on top. “I don’t know, a muffin on his birthday? That doesn’t sound like the best thing to bring home to a probably very upset husband,” I said as I looked down at the muffin. Sam brought a sparkling, extravagant yellow birthday candle out and pushed it into the top. “This’ll help set the mood. Trust me, he’ll love it.,” said Sam as he started getting a bag out for it. “Alright, I guess I’ll take it. It’s not like I have many other options,” I said and reached for my wallet. “How much for the muffin and the drink?” “Just $5 for the muffin and the drink is on the house. Just come and thank me after you have your kids.” Sam winked at me and slid the bag forward. “Thank you Sam. You are too kind. I hope this works.” I pulled a $5 bill out of my wallet and grabbed the bag and my briefcase. “Sorry to keep this short, but I’ve gotta run. Thanks again!” I darted towards the door and Sam waved me off. “Not a problem Dean! You two have fun tomorrow!” yelled Sam as I walked out the door. I tilted my head at the tomorrow part, but kept running towards home. I looked down at my phone, 11:55 still. “Damn, he said it would be quick, but I wasn’t thinking that.” I kept running until I got to our apartment building. I bursted through the doors and hit the up button to the elevator repeatedly. With a ding, the doors looked like they were moving at a snail’s pace to open up. I tapped my foot and hurried in the elevator just to stand and press the close door button repeatedly in hopes it would go faster. I went up floor by floor over what took an eternity. “Come on. Come on.” With another ding, the elevator started to open up into our apartment on the top floor. I emerged from the elevator to see a short man with his hands crossed across his chest. “Finally home from work. And it’s not midnight yet. Congrats babe. You didn’t miss all of my birthday,” said the man as he walked away from me into the kitchen. “Connor, look I’m sorry. I didn’t think that this one meeting would take away our entire day!” I followed him into the kitchen until I stopped in my tracks as he swiveled on his feet to get up in my face despite his much shorter stature. “Today was supposed to be our day. I wanted to spend a lovely birthday with my husband, but it was one thing after another, again. And I get pushed to the side for your career, again. Why would I think today would be any different than any other day,” said Connor as he stormed off through the house away from me. “Please babe. I’m sorry. I just had to stay. I kept trying to get away, but they wouldn’t stop pulling me into meetings “I had to be in”.” I used my fingers to make air quotes around those words and followed him into our bedroom. “Connor, stop running from me. Can we just celebrate a little late? I did bring home a dessert for you.” I fumbled to set my briefcase down then tear open the bag Sam had given me. “I didn’t get anything for me, but I was thinking that could be part of my punishment.” Connor turned around and saw the birthday muffin I was holding. “Is that a muffin? I think I’d prefer you just give me your ass instead.” I shrugged and then wrung my head. “Connor, I’m so, so sorry. I’ve been the worst husband lately. And especially today of all days.” I walked past Connor and sat on the king sized bed in our bedroom. “I had forgotten to get you a cake and could only find this one little shop open and all they had left that you would have liked was this.” I sighed and set the muffin down on the bedside table. I could see in Connor’s face that his anger was slowly simmering down. “You’re not the worst husband in the world,” he said as he sat down on the bed with me. “I just feel like our lives have been drifting in two different directions these past few months.” We both sat there in silence for what felt like an eternity. “Yes, we are. But I don’t want us to be,” I reached for his hand and I could see tears welling up in his eyes. “I don’t either. I just feel like sometimes I can’t even talk to you about it. Some days, despite living in the same apartment as you, I never see you. You’re always at the office, or at the gym, or when you’re home, you just go into your study and don’t come out all day playing your games.” Connor had a couple of tears running down his face as we continued to sit in silence. “I’m sorry. I’ve been so wrapped up in work. Ever since that promotion last year, I just can’t get away from the office sometimes.” I put my hand on Connor’s thigh and squeezed it. “Why did you even take that promotion? You hated your job before you took it. And now it’s just gotten worse. And it’s not like we need the money. We live in a penthouse apartment in the city. While it is expensive, I make more than enough to cover it alone. That and just about all of our other living expenses. I just don’t understand why you do this job that I know you aren’t happy in.” Connor stopped his long winded question to me and I paused again. “Because I thought you wanted kids, babe. I have been busting my ass so we could afford to have some kids,” I said and Connor gave me a weird look. “Honey, we could have kids tomorrow if we want. At least start the process. Our savings account is filled with the child fund. You know this. You helped set it up with me. We even used the fund already and it’s grown the money back. This is something else.” I looked into Connor’s big brown eyes and my heart just melted. “It’s because I’m afraid.” “Afraid? Afraid of what honey.” “Afraid that we had grown too far apart to come back together again. I didn’t want to come home and face the silence and coldness that I would’ve sat in with you.” I blurted out as I started to cry as well. It was Connor’s turn to think on my words. “I knew we had been growing apart and I didn’t want to face it. But now I see running from my problem only makes it even harder to deal with.” “You took the job so you wouldn’t have to deal with me?” asked Connor. “No. No! Not at all babe. It wasn’t to deal with you. I did it cause I thought that’s what I needed. To be thrown into my work. After trying and failing to have a child and going through the painstaking process of venting and paperwork of in vitro just to have no results was heartbreaking. I couldn’t handle it.” The tension in the room could be cut with a knife as I sobbed quietly into my hand. “I understand that babe. After the surrogate failed to have any eggs that attached, I also was feeling broken. But I needed you. My husband. And you ran away to your terrible job.” Connor began to join me in crying. “I’m so sorry Connor. I was being selfish with my reaction to the news. I was doing what I needed to do to protect my own feelings. And as your husband, I needed to be there for you too.” “It’s okay. We each have our own coping mechanisms. I know that about us. This is just the first time it’s hit us so hard. I don’t think we could’ve prepared ourselves for this one,” said Connor as he put his hand on mine. “But I think we know what’s happening now. For the first time in over a year.” I cracked a smile amidst my tears and went in to hug Connor. “We are. I don’t think we really talked about what we wanted to do going forward after failing to have a kid the first time. Do you think we could do it?” “Dean, I have never had any doubt in my mind that when we become parents, we will raise beautiful children. However I do think that we need to have a lot more love in the home before we bring a child into it.” We looked into each other's eyes and hugged each other. We held each other and just breathed for a moment. We hadn’t had this much physical contact in months. “Same to you Connor. You’re gonna make a wonderful dad.” I pushed his body away to kiss him and it was like fireworks went off. This was the first time I had felt something around him in months. “I do hope we’ve begun to rekindle that love today.” “I think so. We’re definitely headed in the right direction.” Connor leaned back in and we shared a passionate kiss. I felt his hand pressing into my chest and he gripped my pecs. “And I don’t think we’ve done anything with your new body since we’ve started working out.” “Yeah and we haven’t done anything with yours either big daddy,” I smiled and kissed Connor back only to feel him lose steam part of the way through. “Uh huh, like I have any progress to show,” said Connor as he kept massaging my pecs over my shirt. “But you have babe. You’ve slimmed up since working out and now you’re starting to put on more muscle,” I went to grab at his chest but he flinched when I did. “Babe, I just spilled my guts about my tough feelings. Maybe tonight we just get all of our feelings out in the open.” “What feelings? I’m fine, babe. We were just about to have sex for the first time in forever. I’m great!” Connor started to kiss me violently and pounced onto me. Forcing me to lean back on our bed with him on top. “Hun, you’re talking to the king of not talking about things that bother me.” He broke the kiss and rolled off me. “Spill it babe.” Connor looked at me as we both lay on the bed together. “I can’t get big. I can’t be the big man of my dreams and I definitely can’t be the big man of your dreams.” “Okay, what do you mean by that?” “The gym isn’t working to get me bigger.” “And I don’t have a problem with that. Everyone’s bodies are different and gain size in different ways.” “Oh Dean, stop beating around the bush. The entirety of our relationship was based off of our shared love for growth. You remember all of the role playing we did back in the day. Do you remember that one where you were the sweet scientist and me, your science experiment that got huge. I wanted that for you.” Connor sat up and put his elbows on his knees and head on his hands. I followed suit soon after. “Connor, those were fantasies. And while they were hot at the time of doing them, I don’t really care about them now. And I definitely never expected you to get THAT big. Babe at one point we said you were over 100 feet tall and many tons of muscle. No one has even come close to that big before.” “I know, but maybe if I thought that maybe if I did get bigger, it would help us rekindle that spark.” I brought my arm around him and pulled him in close to me. “Well after tonight I hope you can put that idea out of your head since we might not be past our differences, but we are on the road to recovery.” I leaned in and kissed the short man. We sat on the bed in silence for a long time. Just me holding Connor in my arms. “I did however mention to the guy that sold me the muffin that you were having some issues in the gym and he assured me that the muffin makes men feel like they’re the biggest one in the room.” “What does that even mean? And you were talking to a random baker about that?” “I don’t know. I assumed it had a bunch of calories in it or something. But yeah. I did kinda vent to him for a sec cause I felt so guilty about how bad of a husband I was being.” I stand up and open up a drawer in the night stand to reveal a lighter. “At this point I’ll try anything to make me grow,” said Connor as he got up and stood beside me. “But that cupcake is so small, what are you going to eat?” “Think of it as a punishment to myself for being so late and forgetting to pick up a cake today.” I started to light the candle that was on top of the muffin and presented it to Connor. “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Connor, Happy Birthday to You.” Connor gave me a cheesy smile and blew out the candle. “Thanks babe. Despite all of the drama I couldn’t have wished for a better 40th birthday,” said Connor as he started eating the muffin. “Feliz cumpleaños mi amor. Did you make a wish?” “Of course. I always make a wish. You can’t not make a wish. But I’m not gonna tell you.” Connor continued to eat his muffin and was delighted by how good it tasted. “You don’t need to tell me until it comes true.” “Well then I can tell you what I wished for last year?” “What?” “You.” I smiled at Connor and leaned down to give him a big kiss. “I’m glad I granted your wish then. I just hope I can grant this one for you too.” We kissed a couple more times before we sat down on the bed. We began to make out, small moans escaping our lips as we did. “You definitely can babe. But actually,” Connor paused our kiss and let out a long yawn, “I’m feeling really tired all of a sudden. Think maybe we can pick this up in the morning?” Connor began to lie back in bed onto his pillow and tapped the one beside it. “Sure babe. Screw work if they call me in. I’m gonna spend tomorrow with my husband.” I climbed over to my side of the bed and got under the covers with Connor. “Thank you Dean. I would love that as a birthday present. As well as snuggling with you tonight,” said Connor as he wrapped his arms around my body as I faced the opposite way. “Goodnight Dean.” “Goodnight Connor.”
  5. Hi folks. Just found this on an old cd disc from 2004. Don't know who the author is/was,but thought some of you might like to read it? Jasen with an E Jake was a short nerdy looking kid. He liked music such as classical and The Beatles which no cool jock liked… it also didn’t help much that he was in his School Orchestra and he was as skinny and as tall as a rail. He was always picked on and had a few friends but they were all in the Orchestra or Chorus. One day he was walking into his gym class (aka. His least favorite class) he got pined on the ground by someone big but he really didn’t see whoever it was because he got blindfolded pretty much right after he was pinned. He felt himself being carried somewhere. After about five minutes he finally heard a door close. He got sat into a chair and got his blindfold taken off. When he got in off it looked really bright in the room, even though it was quite dark, he couldn’t see anyone though. Finally he saw someone, he really couldn’t distinct him though. “Jake… Jake…” Jake could hear the person talking to him but he was talking very quietly. Jake… You are getting very relaxed and obedient…” Right before Jake’s vision blurred away he could see it was the star Quarterback for the football team. They hadn’t won in three years and they were always complaining how they needed a good football player. After every thing went black became tried and fell asleep but still could hear the person talk. He kinda thought it was strange. “Jake you will listen to my every command and shall obey my every word…” *All of a sudden I feel very in-tune with this person’s voice.* “I want you to listen, your name from now on shall be Jasen with an E. J-A-S-E-N and when anyone spells it or says it wrong you get real mad” *Jasen… but my name is Jake wait no it isn’t it is Jasen with an E and I get pissed of when anyone spells in wrong. * “I also have never been in the Orchestra in fact you hate the Orchestra because they are all nerds, dork, and gay. You have been in the football team instead for as long as you used to be in Orchestra. But for four years after second grade you were in the swim team…” *On the swim team… football… I was never part of any of those things or was I? Yes I was on the swim team till Fifth Grade and on the Football team for three years when I entered High school… ya! I am a real jock.* “Jasen… when you woke up this morning you didn’t look like an Orch Dork you looked like a swimmer and a football player. You had big strong arms and thick legs and calves for swimming. You had an eight pack. And you were so tall you couldn’t see your face in the mirror. You had to bend over to see your face because you are 6’ 7” and you have all the muscles to match. When you saw your face you had handsome features… big strong square jaw. And you had big Aquamarine eyes that any girl would die for. You had puffy cheeks and a rather large but fitting nose.” After he was done saying this Jasen (Jake) felt a large burning all over his body. First he felt and heard his arms and legs growing. It hurt so bad he wanted to scream but he couldn’t. It was like all his work to get those muscles was happening to him in five seconds. Then he felt the same pain I his abs. He could almost feel each ab forming as the pain increased. He again felt pain in his legs and torso but it was different. It was like he was being reshaped. He knew what was happening as he felt the back of his chair become lower. Then he felt extra muscles form from swimming under his football muscles. Then he felt a burning in his eyes and face as his face rearranged. “Lastly Jasen you are growing to have your hair grow longer and with each 1/2 of an inch of hair you will gain 1 inch to your Cock. It will stop after 3 inches are added to your hair.” Jasen felt a large sensation in his head and penis… no wait cock… and felt his pants get tight, really tight. “I see you are about to burst out of those clothes, so take them off” Slowly Jasen took of his clothes and when he got it all off. He could feel a difference in the way his parts moved. “Know we need to change your grammar… okay you are an honors student at the moment and you are really smart. Now I want you to take ¾ of that knowledge and change it into football knowledge. You know everything there is about football but you don’t know any thing about your academics.” Jasen could feel a difference from that one but not much. “Know Jasen I want you to open your eyes and look at your self. Also you can talk” Slowly Jasen opened his eyes he looked at himself and saw a huge difference. His perspective was much different in everyway. Everything seems smaller and farther away. He guessed it was from growing seven inches. He then looked at his arms. They were huge he could tell he had done both swimming and football because of how huge his arms were compared to other football players. He then looked farther down and saw his fuckstick which was also huge he had a seven incher soft but now it was at least 13 inches soft, 18 inches hard and 3 inches thick. He then looked at his abs and saw a thick stab of perfectly carved metal. It looked like an 8 pack but he could see two more forming making an almost ten pack. He then looked farther down and saw his feet, which were a size 14 before now they had to at least be 17. Then he saw his legs… oh the legs… the most perfect thing he had ever seen. Perfectly sculpted in every way. They were beautiful. “Man… this is fucking awesome!” Oh my god He had never said fuck in his life, what is going on, “Holy fuck, why am I fucking talking like this?” “Ok Jasen, what ….” The quarterback asked a bunch of football questions and a bunch of science and math questions. He got all the Science and Math questions wrong and all the Football questions right. “What the fuckin’ hell is happen’ to me!?!?!” he screamed, “I hav’ n’ver talk’d like tis befor’!” “Now Jasen I would like you to go back to sleep. I want you to now start thinking you have always been like this and that you think changes have never happened to you. And I will make sure that everyone else thinks you were always like this…” “You will now wake up in 5…. 4…. 3…. 2…. 1…. Awake!” “Sup homey, Paul, I haven’t fuckin’ seen you since a week ago!” “I’m Good Jason” “Hey! Fuck You Paul my NAME is JasEn with a fuckin’ E! Never get it wrong again!” “Hey it’s time to got to football practice, Jasen, now go and don’t be late… you’re the new quarterback this year and you can’t be late on coach will be Fuckin’ mad! I can get there late because I’m the Center.” “Fuck you and see you later. Oh and hey where the fuck is my clothes!?” “On the Ground” Jasen picked up his clothes and looked at them… they looked too small but when he put them on the fit perfectly. On his way to Football practice he got looks by the ladies. That felt somehow strange for him but all he did was nod and say “What the Fuck up, whore?” and kept on walking as Jasen with and E!
  6. Daladon was on his way home from one of the worst days he’s ever had when he stumbled upon a cart vendor with potions, clothes, and other goods. Daladon is in for a surprise when he meets the owner of the shop and see’s what some of these goods are capable of. From Small Beginnings The bell rang through the halls of the Marian Smith factory as Daladon Pentorn breathed a sigh of relief that the day had finally ended. “Freedom at last,” exhaled the exhausted human. Standing up from his desk, he grabbed his worker’s jacket and headed to the door, “I thought today would never end.” He pushed his way past many factory workers that out sized him, but he ducked and squeezed through the big muscular men in the crowd making his way outside. Walking towards the town square as the sunset painted the sky around him, Daladon rubbed his eyes as the lanterns in town began to light up. “Dal! Wait up!” called a large half-orc stumbling out of the factory. Daladon turned his head and saw his friend Brucelog Gondar running towards him. The 6’3 half-orc had plenty of muscle packed onto his frame, and a sizable midsection poking out from below his white undershirt. “Go away Bruce. I’m not in the mood tonig-HEY!” Daladon was caught off guard as Bruce grabbed his torso and hoisted Daladon up onto his shoulders. “Bruce, put me down! Today sucked and I just want to go home.” “I’m just your giant transport service. We’re going out. We need some drinks after today,” said Bruce as he sauntered off into town with his smaller friend on his shoulders. “And I already heard what happened. My dad let me in on everything. He told me that you might’ve misread a measurement on a giant’s breast plate and now we have to waste a lot of metal remaking it,” said Bruce as he turned right towards the local tavern, Triple B’s. “One, you’re not a giant so stop carrying me around. Two, I’m not in the mood to go out tonight. And three, that 8 looked like a 9,” said Daladon as he steadied himself on his new elevated position. “While I agree with you Dal that it did look like a nine, 80 feet long and 90 feet long makes a BIG difference in what we’re building.” Daladon grimaced a bit and sat back on his friend's broad shoulders as they rounded the corner. “At least take me home and let me change. I don’t want to go out in my work clothes,” said Daladon as he pulled his friend’s black hair. “Ouch, fine. I’ll put you down. But you’d better come back out. No “Oh I’m tired and wanna be alone” crap. Come be with your friends. Kimlen even said he’d come out tonight. Plus Jaren and Siv told me that there’s a private party in the back room that they can get us into.” Bruce grabbed Daladon’s hips and put him down at the entrance to the tavern. “I’d better be seeing you soon,” stated Bruce as the tall half-orc walked through the wide double doors. Daladon looked into the tavern at the candle lights inside, lighting up with energy and the sound of coins clinking against wood faded away as he turned towards a shortcut home. Daladon sat with his thoughts as he walked back behind a few houses with their lights off. Making his way to a dirt path back to his house. Most people were already home in bed at this hour, but his boss made him stay until the final bell of the workday rang due to his performance today. He gazed out onto the mountains on the edge of town and he saw a few torch lights moving up the steep ridges. Despite being many miles away, Daladon could see every subtle move the giant climbing the mountain side made. It helped when the torch the giant was carrying was a tree he plucked from the Earth. As he locked eyes with the flame quickly disappearing over the peak of the mountain in the distance, Daladon’s cheek was met with sharp pain as he ran into the back of a cart. With a loud thud, Daladon hit the ground and rubbed his head. “Damn, where’d this come from?” He sat up and looked at a wooden cart blocking his path home. Daladon stumbled up to his feet and walked to the other side of the cart to where a sales window sat. “Hey buddy, you’re not allowed to park carts on these paths,” said Daladon as he looked inside the window. But much to his surprise, it was completely abandoned. Only a few crates scattered here and there on the floor with dust collecting. “Sorry about that!” called a voice from back where Daladon came. “I’m right here. Sorry, I just put my cart there for a second so I could find where I needed to set up shop. ” Daladon sighed then started walking out to the side of the cart where the voice was coming from. “It’s okay, I just wasn’t paying attention to wher-” Daladon stopped immediately in his tracks and stared at a massive man bounding towards him. Not only was he probably 20 feet tall, he looked as big as a whale with how much fat was on him. His tight blue shirt exaggerated every jiggle and jostle his belly made as he screeched to a stop in front of Daladon. “Yeah, but still, I am parked illegally. I’m a bit turned around. I just got here a few minutes ago and I am already lost,” said the giant as he casually picked up the cart and hoisted it onto his shoulders like it was nothing. “Hi, I’m Sam, the Sizemologist,” said the giant with a smile as he threw his cart like a hammer throw towards Triple B’s. With a light bounce off the ground, the cart landed perfectly next to the tavern. “Bullseye.” “You’re a- a- a-” stuttered Daladon as he looked up and up at Sam as his belly eclipsed most of his view. “Oh yeah, sorry. Forgot this far away from the city, you don’t see many people like me.” The big man waved his hand a bit and suddenly his size started to diminish away. His belly receded into his clothes as his bright blue shirt stayed taut against him. Sam’s face came more into Daladon’s view as he shrunk down in height as well. His elven features became more and more apparent as the fat drained away. His platinum blonde hair stuck out of his hat and curled around his pointy ears as he stopped shrinking himself. Landing at about 6 feet tall with a nice beer gut on him. “And before you say it, no I’m not a giant or a gainer.” Sam walked past Daladon whose face was still frozen with excitement, lust, and fear all at once. “But you were just like 50 feet tall or something. And had a belly bigger than my whole body,” said Daladon as he turned to see Sam walk back towards his cart. “I don’t get my size like most people around here do,” said Sam as he gestured Daladon to his side. “But I am sorry that you hit my cart. I didn’t think I had parked it anywhere that might get hit by someone. But I guess this is a chance for you to see my stock. Here, why don’t you come in and I can show you what I got. Maybe even get you a drink on me,” said Sam as he disappeared and walked behind the cart. “Thanks uh Sam was it? But I really do need to get going. I promised my friends I’d meet them out at Triple B’s after I went home and changed. And I really need to feed my chinchillape. He’s been home all day,” said Daladon as he resumed walking along the path towards his house. “No no no, come in. I insist. Besides, I’m working Triple B’s tonight. I can give you something to wear so you won’t be late. It’s just like you took a bit of a detour. And now your chinchillape will be fed and thinks you’re there with him now,” said Sam with a snap as he quickly walked back to Daladon and put his arm around his shoulder, ushering him behind the cart. “And I might just have something in my shop that you’ll absolutely love.” Even at his shrunken size, Sam easily pushed the 5’5 skinny Daladon into the cart. When Daladon stepped up into the cart, he was apprehensive about going in since the cart didn’t even look big enough to fit Sam’s belly alone inside. But to his surprise, he walked into a room almost bigger than his own tiny home. “Woah, this place is massive.” The ceilings were 20 feet high above his head and there were shelves full of boxes all around them. “Sorry about the mess. I packed up my shop in a bit of a rush earlier so I haven’t had much time to make things look nice,” said Sam as he shut the door behind Daladon. A snap rang through the room and suddenly, the boxes vanished and were replaced with bright shiny jars with various colorful liquids sloshing around inside. Daladon’s eyes lit up with amazement as the room went from an empty warehouse to a lively storefront. Lights began to string along the shelves connecting them as signs fell down from the ceiling reading Eat Me and Does This Make Me Look Big?. “So, are you some kind of magician or something?” asked Daladon as he walked forward and browsed the shelves. “A sorcerer actually. And a pretty good one at that,” said Sam as his smaller, but still substantially sized belly pushed into Daladon’s back as he walked by. “But that’s only a side hustle to my true love. Alchemy.” Sam grabbed a couple of glass bottles off the top of a shelf and an empty glass jar. Daladon looked at the big man now walking behind a bar and watched intrigued as he poured orange and green liquids into the jar. “Aren’t all the sorcerers supposed to be in Sizeopolis? I didn’t know y’all were allowed to leave.” Daladon wandered around the big room as the brown mixture changed colors to a dark purple in Sam’s hand. “Most of us train there, but we aren’t required to stay,” said Sam as he sprinkled little green flecks down onto the drink. “After we complete our apprenticeship, we’re free to travel the world spreading size and magic to everyone. Or at least that’s what the administration says we should do. But many do stay in Sizeopolis after they graduate for all the jobs they offer magic users there.” Sam stirred the mixture as the specs of green dissolved and the mixture turned white. Daladon continued to look around the shop in amazement at all of the different items that must be magical. A jewelry section lined with necklaces and earrings with beautiful crystals sprouting from them. Plenty of rings on display varying in size from a normal sized ring to a hula hoop sized one. “Do you get a lot of giants buying wedding rings in your shop?” asked Daladon. “Uh…sure,” said Sam as he garnished the drink with a pink flower. Sliding it towards the edge of the bar, he grabbed a bottle with a blue liquid out from behind the bar with his other hand. “I have one funergy drink for…sorry, I just realized I never got your name.” “My name is Daladon. Daladon Pentorn,” said Daladon as he walked away from a purple silk nightgown shimmering in the lights. “Nice to meet you Daladon. Consider this one on the house as an “I'm sorry for parking my cart somewhere I wasn’t supposed to” apology drink.” Daladon grabbed the glass from the bar and took a sip. “Mmm, this is delicious!” Daladon put the glass to his lips and started to drink up the white liquid until the glass was empty. “What was that stuff?” “A funergy drink. It doesn’t take magic for me to tell that you’re beating yourself up about something,” said Sam as he waddled around the back of the bar. “Sit a spell. Tell Big Sammy about your troubles URP!” Sam let out a belch before taking another swig of his drink and keeping the bottle in his mouth so he could grab a few crates out from under the bar. “It’s just work. I work at the Marian Smith factory in Grimford and I hate my damn job. I don’t like it, I’m not good at it, nobody there thinks I'm right for the position, it’s just a terrible set of circumstances,” said Daladon as he sat down at the bar. Running his hands through his short dirty blonde hair. “From what I’ve heard, Marian Smith factories change drastically depending on what managers you have. Maybe you could go to a different location,” said Sam as he downed the last bit of his bottle. “I would, but I don’t like the work. I don’t want to be a factory foreman for the rest of my life.” “Then quit. Sounds like you’ll be a lot happier for it. And you won’t need a funergy drink to get you to go out with your friends.” Sam started unboxing the crates to reveal large jugs labeled Big Dick Energy with a cartoonish twink holding a bottle up against his impressive bulge packed tightly into a cyan colored speedo. “I can’t. The job pays too well for me to leave. Especially in this economy,” said Daladon as he massaged the back of his sore neck. “Besides, businesses are shutting down left and right around here. It’s not like there’s a good option to go to if I do quit.” “You could always be a traveling salesman. I’ve found it’s not a boring job in the slightest.” Sam grabbed another crate and unloaded some more jugs. This time labeled Big Ass Energy with a similar twink now turned to the side the bottle perched on his huge ass in a speedo. “Yeah, but I’m not a powerful wizard from the big city who can conjure size from nothing,” said Daladon. He picked up one of the jugs and started to read the small print on the back. “I’m a Sorcerer. There is a difference. Wizards are very cliquey and kind of snotty.” Sam grabbed a final crate and unloaded another set of jugs labeled Big Bara Energy with the same twink on the bottle now looking like a twunk with his big bicep balancing a bottle on it. “And I can’t conjure size from nothing. Like I said before, I’m not a giant or a gainer. I use magic to change my size.” “What’s the difference? All I know is you were like 10 times my size and shrank right in front of me to a normal size. I assume you can grow to that size again if you wanted to. So if it looks like a giant, it is the size of a giant, I’m gonna say you’re a giant Sam.” Sam rolled his eyes a little as he set all of the jugs down on the edge of the bar. “I mean yes, I was the size of a giant, but I don’t belong to the giants. I can’t just grow or shrink my height because I want to. I have to focus on a spell to shrink me down.” “But you didn’t say anything before. You just shrank.” “That’s just because that small of size manipulation can be done with a simple flick of the wrist.” “That’s a small spell? But you were so big.” “I wasn’t THAT big. At least not compared to the giants I’ve seen in Hitclo or Sizeopolis.” “It’s clear you don’t get out around these parts often. We don’t have any giants in Grimford. Or at least any that stay in town for long. Most shrink down to get their deliveries and are off back to Hitclo or wherever they’re going. The tallest guy that stays in town is my friend Jaren and he’s 7’6,” said Daladon as he started to twist the top off of the bottle of Big Ass Energy before getting swatted by Sam. “No drinking these. These are for a private party,” said Sam as he placed a final jug on the bar. “You probably want to set that down by the way. And maybe stand back.” Daladon frantically put the jug next to the others and got up from his bar stool as Sam began to circle his arms over the jugs. “Animatré grandonta meriandé! Animatré grandonta meriandé!” Sam started to chant and Daladon saw yellow sparks forming on Sam’s finger tips before cinders fell down onto the jugs below. Daladon braced himself and rushed behind a display of cakes, cookies, and muffins that read Eat Me in icing on them. When Sam stopped chanting, Daladon watched and waited for something to happen. “You didn’t have to step back like that. Nothing’s gonna explode. Not yet at least,” chuckled Sam. Daladon emerged from his hiding spot looking intently at the jugs. Walking back, Daladon could tell something was different about them, he just couldn’t put his finger on it. “A big light show for better booze for the guests?” “Give it a second. Just watch.” Sam smiled and turned one of the jugs to face Daladon. Looking closer, Daladon saw the twink on the jug now waving at him. “Awe, that’s cute,” said Daladon as he waved back to the tiny label twink. The twink then grabbed the sides of the label and pulled himself out of it. Daladon’s eyes nearly gouged out of his head as he saw more little men jumping out of all the big jugs and onto the floor. “Well would you look at that. Finally, someone who’s shorter than me,” said Daladon with a satisfied smirk on his face, staring down at the little men that were maybe 8 inches tall. “Wanna bet?” chuckled Sam again as he peered over the counter at the 12 little men standing on the ground. “Come on guys. Up and at ‘em.” The twinks all looked at each other and smiled as each one began to grow. Looking down at the twinks, Daladon stared in shock as the twinks that couldn't even reach his knees were now growing up to his waistline. “They get bigger too?” asked Daladon as the twinks swelled up higher and higher. Now level with Daladon’s nipples. “Indeed they do. And you haven’t even seen the best part,” said Sam as the twinks continued to grow. Each one fighting for space near the bar as their bodies expanded up to Daladon’s neckline. Daladon stepped back as they reached his height and didn't stop getting taller. The room was getting more and more cramped by the second as 12 large men started to crowd around the bar. Growing up and up and up until settling at 6’8 towering over Daladon. “Well, I guess I’m the shortest again. That didn’t last long,” sighed Daladon as he admired the big men in their very tight speedos. “And we’re gonna be specific tonight boys so get your best assets ready.” All of the men let out some moans as their bodies started to change again. Daladon looked at all the men surrounding him and realized what Sam meant by assets. Each man started growing differently depending on which bottle they came from. The Big Dick Energy twinks’ speedos started to stretch as their cocks elongated in them. The dick print became more and more prominent until the sides were bowing forward to accommodate the growing python and two orange sized balls under it. Looking at some of the others, one of them was getting pumped full of muscle as his toned swimmer’s body blew up to bodybuilder levels of big. His pecs inflated out towards Daladon’s face. His biceps were getting pushed away from his torso because of their massive size. His legs got separated as his quads swelled into each other. A row of abs appearing right above the defined 6-pack that already was there. He was turning into a mass monster. “Excellent guys. You all look fantastic. Now head in there and you’ll meet, oh what was his name, hold on.” Sam ruffled through a few stacks of paper behind the bar as Daladon gawked at the sexy men around him. “Ah ha! Found it. Go find a guy named Siv Drucian. He’ll help you guys get set up.” The boys all nodded at Sam and then started walking past Daladon going to other parts of the shop to get various bottles and cases of potions. Their big bulging bodies bumped into him as they walked past. Especially the ones whose hips had widened. Daladon turned his neck to watch an ass with cheeks the size of basketballs walk by and he was practically drooling over him. Their speedos looked more like thongs with how much strain they were putting on them. “Wow, they’re gonna be serving us at that private party at Triple B’s? I think I’m now much more willing to go out tonight,” said Daladon as he stared at the big men sauntering out of the shop. “No, that's just the funergy kicking in,” said Sam. “Oh and Ricardo, see me before the event starts for the specialty drinks tonight.” One of the hunks on his way out waved at Sam and ducked out the door. “So will those guys be selling your potions tonight?” asked Daladon, retaking his seat at the bar with a noticeable bulge at attention in his pants. “Indeed they will. They’ll be your cock and tail waiters tonight ready to give out some specialty potions requested by our employer. And if you think that they’re great now, you should see them when we’re hired as performers,” said Sam as the last one squeezed his wide hips out the door and shut it behind him. “Damn. Now I wanna tell my friend not to perform tonight so I can watch them.” “Your friend is working this party?” asked Sam as he looked up from collecting more bottles of potions. “A couple of them actually. Siv, the guy your boys are meeting, he’s one of my friends. Love that guy.” “He’s the one performing?” “No, he’s just the bartender. My friend Jaren is the one performing.” “Oh yes, the giant boy. Well knowing who we’re serving tonight, I’m sure they’ll love a guy that big,” said Sam as he walked out from the bar. “And if your bartender friend needs any help with the drinks, I can make just about anything. And what I can’t make, I can conjure. Now I do believe I also told you I’d get you something to wear for tonight.” Sam wiggled his fingers and the sign that read Does This Make Me Look Big? lit up. “I don’t know Sam. I don’t really have the size to call anything about me big,” said Daladon, looking down at his fairly average body. “Nonsense. Anything can be big. You might feel small right now, but I’ve met men that live life at a fraction of your size. As well as men who live life bigger than entire planets.” Sam pat Daladon on the back and led him through the shop. “But maybe I could give you a little bit of an upgrade if that funergy drink didn’t get you one hundred percent ready for tonight.” Reams of fabric started flying off the walls into Sam’s hands as he occasionally muttered something to himself. “Now what size do you want?” “Well I wear a small shirt and have about a-“ “I didn’t ask what size do you wear, I asked what size do you want?” Daladon stopped in his tracks once Sam sat down at a sewing station. “You could make me bigger?” “That’s what I do. It’s what I LIVE for. Now tell me, what kind of body do you want to have tonight?” Sam started cutting bright blue fabric and mumbling things under his breath again. “Um, I don’t know. I definitely could be taller. Maybe a bit of muscle, but not like aggressive muscles. A bit of fat is fine. Ooo actually a belly would be nice. Maybe not one as big as yours though.” Daladon paced behind Sam and continued to ramble off parameters for what he wanted his body to be. “I’ve got limited fabric here so I can’t do all of that, but I think I’ve got a good snapshot of what you want.” Bright blue fabric started to unfurl around them and sewing needles flew through the air. Sam’s muttering began to get louder and louder into a full blown chant. “Exeto incantrabe god petsha yunn marcotauph!” Sam shouted aggressively and raised his arms into the air again. Scissors started slicing through fabric followed by needles threading in and out, connecting everything together. Daladon watched in disbelief as reams of fabric spun around them creating a vortex. But Daladon’s smile began to fade when a blue singlet formed before his very eyes with a weird patch of yellow fabric on the left pec. “A singlet? Really? Sure, you’ve got your cock and tail waiters that look like they’re models in Sizeopolis, but I don’t think that’s my style Sam.” Daladon walked to put his hand on Sam’s back on the chair while the singlet floated down. “The magic you have to say with words takes a second. Here, go try it on and then tell me if you got anything like it at home.” Sam sat up and handed Daladon the singlet. “It does look like you got the measurements right,” said Daladon as he held it up to his body. “Trust me. I always get the measurements right.” Daladon turned to go to the dressing room where he slid the curtain shut and started undressing from his work clothes. Daladon held the singlet up to him once he was just wearing his underwear. After taking a deep breath, Daladon brought the singlet down to put his legs in. Pulling the singlet up and pushing his arms through the holes, Daladon looked at himself in the mirror. “Maybe a little tight,” said Daladon as he tugged the straps up to be perched on his traps. “Give it a second!” shouted Sam as the yellow patch on Daladon’s left pec began to shine. Daladon let out a small moan as a shiver ran through his body. He felt his cock immediately start twitching as a warmth flooded his system. Daladon’s body began to expand with size. It was very small and unnoticeable at first, but Daladon could feel the sides of the singlet digging into him a bit. Looking down at himself, he saw his pecs blowing up under the blue fabric. Daladon couldn’t help but grope his chest and feel the muscle that was forming on his chest. The straps dug into his shoulders as his traps and neck thickened. He looked to his side and saw the strap of the singlet extending out into a sleeve around his growing arms. As the sleeves formed, he could feel his biceps pushing back against the fabric as they swelled with size. Daladon was pulled away by a new sensation. The fabric around his crotch was getting tighter and tighter. He could feel his dick fighting for space in the singlet as the underwear inside snapped. Unable to hang on due to his widening hips. Daladon moaned again, his cock now free to surge up in size. He looked down at his remarkable bulge he sported now. Pulsing with life, the beast swelled bigger and bigger with every heartbeat. Extending out to 10 inches long with balls as big as eggs and still growing. He also saw the fabric around his legs receding into the singlet. Cutting itself off to look like booty shorts, strangling his massive quads inside them. The last of his underwear sliding down the pant leg in tatters on the floor. Turning to the side and looking in the mirror in front of him, Daladon got a great view of his dump truck ass. Grabbing the big cheek, it felt heavy as he shook it. He couldn’t help but feel himself get hard over how huge he was getting. He smacked his ass and practically moaned when he saw the ripples cascading along the fabric. He stopped admiring himself as the singlet’s fabric started to recede again. This time it moved upwards from his waist, exposing his belly button that started to swell out in front of him. His once flat stomach rounding out as he heard a gurgle emit from his belly. He reached down to pat his swelling orb of a belly and ran his hands along it. Feeling how expansive it was. The fabric stopped just under his textbook sized pecs as the yellow patch of fabric started to fold and morph into an S symbol. And it wasn’t just an ordinary S on the outfit, it sported a curled bicep on the top right tail, a couple of moobs followed by a heavy belly as the curve on the left side, a perfectly round belly on the right curve, and a massive cock as the bottom tail of the S. “Woah,” said Daladon. He couldn’t believe the sight before him. He stood there looking like he was out of his own wet dream. Not only had the singlet made him bigger, it also had heightened his other features. He now sported a nice square jaw line as well as bright blonde styled hair. The singlet itself had morphed into a top that covered Daladon’s chest with long sleeves on his arms that had holes over where the peak of his bowling ball sized biceps were. He could barely see the booty shorts he was wearing below his pecs and belly, but looking in the mirror, they left nothing to the imagination. The blue fabric accentuated his cock and balls perfectly. Making them look absolutely stuffed in the shorts. And after seeing how much size he got in his ass, he guessed the entire outfit was fighting for dear life to contain his size. “Well don’t leave me in suspense! Come out!” called a giddy Sam. Daladon turned and walked out of the dressing room to see Sam smiling up at him. “Damn I’m good,” mused Sam as he let out a whistle looking Daladon up and down. Daladon’s already big smile grew even bigger as he realized he’d grown taller too. Before, he was eye level with Sam’s pecs, but now Sam was eye level with Daladon’s. “This is incredible! Thank you, thank you, thank you Sam!” shouted Daladon. Running up to Sam and crouching down to give the big man a hug only to hoist him up into the air with glee. “You’re welcome, big guy. Now, go have fun with your friends. Enjoy your night,” said Sam as Daladon released him from his tight grip. “I’ll be sure to tell my friends to tip your boys well tonight,” said Daladon as his heavy footfalls shook the whole shop. “Don’t worry about it. We’re already getting paid handsomely by whoever’s throwing this party. But I’ll see you in there.” Sam winked at Daladon and Daladon threw the door to the shop open and ducked out of the shop, but not before squeezing his hips out. Smiling to himself, Sam turned and waddled back to the bar and began making drinks for tonight.
  7. RoseConspiracy

    Daddy's Dildo (Pt. 4 updated 10/19!)

    "Ro? Sweetheart? Oh god, please tell me you're dressed and almost ready to go." Rich hollered up to me as he started making his way up the stairs to the bedroom. His voice was laced with panic and I could just imagine the tiniest beads of sweat forming above his upper lip. "I know you haven't met the man, and I know it's kind of your hallmark trait to be fashionably late, but my father hates people who lack punctuality." I grinned at that before stepping up to the doorway. Rich's foot had just hit the top step when he looked up at me and gasped. I pulled my curls back as I finished placing one of my big diamond earrings into the pierced hole. "You really think your father will hate this?" I smirked as I gestured down at the black dress that I knew hugged all the right curves. Rich gulped. "On second thought, I'm going to send him a text that we can't make it tonight." "Oh don't be silly," I laughed. "There will be plenty of time for a good ole romp after we have supper with your Dad." Rich snorted but offered me his arm as we both descended the staircase. "Did you seriously just say, romp? And supper?" I blushed and chuckled. "I just want to make a good impression. You and your father come from money. I– don't." "Aw, but I love your filthy little mouth," Rich laughed. He booped my nose but then quickly added. "But maybe don't use the word cunt or call anyone a whore fucker. And maybe just refrain from any f bombs at all. Oh, and you probably shouldn't tell that one joke about Superman watching Wonder Woman masturbate but its actually the Invisible–" "Rich," I snapped. By now we were in his Tesla and buckling up our seat belts. "I got it. Would you relax?" "I know. I'm sorry," he sighed. "It's just– my father has never approved of anything I do. And it doesn't help that I've gained like ten pounds since we started dating." "Wait, what?" My head snapped towards Rich, my right eyebrow arching over my bright blue eyes. "He would really say something about that?" Rich nodded as my eyes slowly drew over him. He wasn't that overweight and he certainly wasn't unattractive. But he definitely sported the "dad bod" despite not being one. I had tried to encourage him to come to the gym with me, but honestly, he was always out of town for work. "Well, I can't tell that you've gained ten pounds," I shrugged. "So maybe he won't notice either." "Thanks, babe." At the stoplight, Rich leaned over and pressed a quick kiss to my lips. "Is your Dad like some crazy skinny health nut or something?" I asked when we started moving again. For the second time that night, Rich just sighed. "Not exactly." When I gave him a confused look, he followed up with, "You'll see." And boy did I see. "Richard." A rather large man, well over six feet tall stood as he saw us. I could see he was grinding his jaw as he held out his hand for Rich to shake. 'Whoa' was all I thought. It was all I could think. This man– and my very timid, very painfully, average boyfriend looked nothing alike. Was Rich adopted? "Sorry, Dad. Traffic was–" I tried to bring my attention back to what had just been said instead of ogling my boyfriend's father. I cleared my throat, and cleared my thoughts, but then that very sexy man turned and looked at me. "And who's this?" His smile was dazzling and butterflies swarmed my stomach as his large hand reached for mine. My breath hitched as he brought my fingers up to his lips. "Rosalie Carter, sir," I quickly regained my composure. Or at least I faked it pretty well. Something I was absolutely used to by now. "None of that, I won't have my son's girlfriend calling me 'sir'," he chuckled. It was a deep, sort of manly sound that kind of vibrated through you. I almost sighed– and then snapped the fuck out if it. What the hell was the matter with me? "You can call me, John. That's what most people do." He spared Rich a look then added, "or Dad. Perhaps, Daddy–" I nearly choked on that but just smiled and shook my head. "John it is." I was relieved when we all sat down and I could take a big swig from the wine glass already waiting for me. Unfortunately, it was awful. Had the elite never heard of adding sugar to their grape juice? Or did they just prefer to drink wine as dry as their souls? This was going to be a long night. Especially if I had to be on my best behavior. "So, Ms. Carter, Richard tells me you're a trainer at the YMCA?" "Oh, uh, yeah," I said. Slightly caught off guard. No one had ever called me Ms. Carter before. "And who or what exactly do you train?" I was surprised when I didn't respond with the first snarky thing to pop into my head– 'pole dancing'. "Mostly old people," I smirked. "We get a lot of seniors, like yourself, that come in and don't necessarily know how to use the equipment." "I can assure you I know my way around the gym, little lady. And I'm not a senior." Only after making sure that he saw me completely look him over did I respond. "Well, I also teach a few other classes. Kettlebells, boxing–" "Boxing? Son, you never told me she could spar." "I didn't– I didn't know that you were–" My poor, naive little Rich. "Of course I'm interested. And you could use a little exercise yourself," he pointed towards Rich. "How about we start tomorrow–" "Dad, I can't. I'm leaving for Colorado." "Oh. And do you stay in that big house, all by yourself, Rosalie?" Oh crap. The big, sexy player was looking right at me. "Uhm… yep." "Nonsense! You should come stay with me at my house! It's bigger," he winked. "Oh no," I started to protest. "I couldn't." There was lots of head shaking and hand raising. But then Rich dropped the bomb. "Actually that's perfect. The roofers are coming out tomorrow to repair the damage from the hail storm. They said it would take three days. I'll be back by then." Violence was never the answer. But right now, I wanted to kill my boyfriend. After that, it was "all settled" as both my boyfriend and his father liked to say. I literally had no say in the matter. None. Whatsoever. And that's how I found myself, standing outside my boyfriend's father's home at 6am the next morning. My gym bag in one hand, luggage in the other. "I guess this is my kingdom now," I groaned as Rich let us in and led me up to the spare bedroom. "Just call me the Fresh Prince of Hell-aire." I got a chuckle as he turned and pulled me against him. "You'll be fine. I promise." Rich kissed my nose, then my chin, my forehead and finally my lips. "He'll be nice to you. It's me he doesn't like." That's what I was afraid of. "So there's a bathroom through that door," he pointed towards the ensuite. "And a walk-in closet over there. If you get lonely, some of my old college hoodies are in there." "Wait. Is this your old bedroom?" I laughed as I ran over to the bed. "Was this where you first made the magic happen?" "Oh god, would you stop?" Rich blushed. "You know you are my first girlfriend." "I know that's why your left arm is bigger than your right," I sang. "You're impossible." "And cute." Rich stalked over to where I sat on his bed. We kissed for a few minutes, but when his watch buzzed, he pulled back. "I've gotta go, or I'll miss my flight." I let out another groan and tugged on his silk tie. "Don't leave me," I wailed theatrically. But I knew he had too. "My Dad has a meeting at the Lodge this morning and then he'll hit the gym. He won't be home till noon. If you play your cards right, you can be out the door before then and avoid seeing him till you get off work." My face cracked open with the biggest smile. "I could kiss you right now. But only if you can tell me his schedule for the rest of the week!" Rich laughed and I kissed him anyway. "I promise, it won't be that bad. I'll see you in three days." I saw Rich off then decided to go explore my new kingdom. His father wasn't wrong when he said it was bigger. Soon enough I found myself in a dark bedroom with a hint of cigars and cologne. This must be John's room, I smirked. I traipsed through to the master bathroom, afterall, I needed to check the prescriptions. Make sure I wasn't staying under the same roof as a serial killer. Coincidentally, I probably looked like the psycho as I started rifling through his drawers. "What the hell is this?" I muttered. I hefted it out, my jaw dropping in awe. This thing was even bigger than Homelander's Star Spangled Banger. I didn't even know they made dildos this inhumanly huge. I started carrying it out of the bathroom, towards my own room. Then I stopped. What was I doing? I couldn't possibly– Could I? I looked back down at it. It was so heavy. So mind-bogglingly huge. My pussy ached just thinking about it. It was barely seven, and Rich said his Dad wouldn't be home till noon. That was plenty of time. Time for what, I asked myself– Then almost immediately replied. Time to see how much of this terrifyingly tremendous dildo I could fit into my wet, little cunt. I laid back after grabbing the bottle of lube and letting a drop fall onto my lips. A thrill ran down my spine, I was already getting wet. Especially as it took two hands to lift and maneuver the giant dildo up. I inhaled and held my breath in anticipation. Was I really going to do this? Without a second thought I pressed the dildo to my folds. My pussy lips parted and I let out a sigh. I pressed it lightly against my entrance, then harder. Goddamn. It was so huge! I subconsciously rocked my hips. My folds slid along the tip coating that giant head with cream. I couldn't help but groan at the sensation. *** Across town, John was just taking a seat on the bench at the gym. He looked down as his watch buzzed– Richard texting to say he was boarding his flight. How the hell his son had scored such a sexy little minx, he'd never understand. Pre-workout in hand, John took a big swig before laying back and getting under the bar. His hands wrapped around the cool metal, lifting up and then down. It felt lighter today. A twinge of excitement shot down his spine. His lips parted in a whisper. "What the–" His cock stirred and his balls churned with anticipation. His fingers readjusted. "Oh god–" he groaned. A sensation of power overtook him. "Oh god, this feels so good!" *** "Oh god!" I wailed. The skin of my entrance was wrapped tight around the head of the dildo. But fuck! "This feels so good!" The monstrous head of the toy filled the first few inches of my sex. I pushed it in farther, my god, there was still so much! My pussy lips were stretched taut around the thick silicone shaft, but I wanted more! *** "Oh fuck yes, MORE!" John roared as he pumped the bar with exceedingly more ease. The only reason he even had to put it back down was so he could adjust his hands to make room for his swelling pecs. He wasn't entirely sure what was happening, but he could feel his whole fucking body shudder with growth. His feet slid across the gym floor as his legs grew longer too. But not just longer, thicker. More powerful. He felt like he could press a truck! "Holy fucking Christ!" He yelled. John swore his voice sounded deeper as his giant python snaked down his pant leg. He could feel his balls swell. He was getting so hot. Ready to explode. *** Lube was mixing with my juices, being spread all over the enormous dildo. I was moving it so furiously inside my hungry hole, feeling the shaft hitting hard against me. I was growing so hot, ready to explode. The sensation was so intense, my orgasm so close I could taste it. I guided the dildo back inside, fucking myself with long, deep strokes. Suddenly, I felt it. No, not my orgasm. I felt the dildo, suddenly growing even bigger, thicker and longer inside me. "Oh holy fucking Christ!" I screamed. It was unlike anything I had ever felt before. Penetration never used to be enough to get me off, but now I was helpless and at the mercy of this growing monster dildo. I stopped abruptly, leaving myself impaled on the dildo's new full length. I could feel my pussy trembling– could feel my flesh tightly gripping every inch of this dildo's impressive girth. My eyes fluttered closed and I gripped the toy with both hands. This was it! With a final hard plunge, I moaned and bucked and screamed. I passed out a few moments later, but not before pulling the dildo from my well-fucked hole. ***A/N- Kinda written for our fave, resident beast friend. And kinda just because, well... DADDY. If you're not following me on Twitter, you're really missing out! @hstrikes3***
  8. Hey everyone, this storyfied roleplay takes place within the universe of my previous demi-story and tells another tail. Enjoy! --------------- Credits to the following (discord) role-player’s I met to create this: JonasCopperwire, growingwolf, Lyra Strings Copyright disclaimer: I don't own any picture. I link every source if possible. Please contact me or a moderator in case of demanded removal.
  9. Sizemologist

    Not Nut For You

    Part 1: One Ring to Stop Them All Joey moaned in distress as he walked around his home in a panic. Racking his head as he breathed heavily. The buff man was clad in just his underwear where there was a clear indent from his cock as he walked around the house. It was November 25th and he had been trying to participate in No Nut November this year. It was his first time ever trying it and he was in pain from how much his cock ached for release. He had gone 25 days without cumming and his balls were begging for release. And with just 5 days left, he didn’t know if he’d be able to make it much longer. A knock on his door broke his concentration from his hardon and he opened it to see his friend Brian standing at his door. “Hey Joey! I got your text. What’s up?” asked Brian as Joey pulled him into his house quickly and slammed the door behind him. “Brian, you’ve gotta help me dude! My balls, I think they’re gonna explode from how pent up I am. I mean just look at this.” Joey motioned with his arms downward to his enlarged junk throbbing in his underwear. Even though Joey was already bigger than most men down stairs, his balls did look more swollen than usual. He twisted his hips and the bulge barely jiggled from how stiff he was. “I’ve been sitting with this hard on all day! And I never even touched my dick. It’s just always hard!” “You won’t explode big guy. Well not EXPLODE explode. Just make a big mess,” said Brian as he walked in and sat on Joey’s couch. “I can’t take it anymore. I need some way to get some relief,” said Joey as he followed Brian to his living room. “It’s unbearable! I go to the gym and someone compliments my gains, I’m hard. I put on a t-shirt that’s too small and hugs my muscles, I’m hard. Hell, even you calling me big guy just made it throb even harder!” “Well here’s an idea. Have you thought of just cumming and stop torturing yourself?” asked Brian. “You know I won’t do that. As painful as this is, I much prefer proving you wrong that I can do this.” “Uh-huh. I honestly am surprised you made it as long as you did. In the time I’ve known you, I don’t know a time that you’ve gone for more than a week without jerking off or fucking some twink from the club. Who would’ve thought that you could last so long with so much pent up jizz inside those massive balls.” Joey took a deep breath as Brian grinned a devilish smile. “Stop it. I know what you’re doing and it won’t work.” Joey slowed his breathing for a second as a little wet spot formed on his underwear. “I just need to know, did you bring it?” “Yes, I brought it. I don’t think it’ll be as helpful as you think it will be, but here.” Brian shifted his weight as he pulled out a ring from his pocket. “This was the cock ring we used that one time.” “Thank you thank you thank you!” Joey snatched the cock ring from Brian’s hand and kissed the smaller man on the cheek. “This is gonna save me.” “Sure it will.” Joey wasted no time in putting it on. He reached down and pulled back his underwear to expose his throbbing cock. He quickly slipped the ring down his shaft to the base and he sighed in relief. “You realize this ring isn’t gonna relieve anything for you? It’s just gonna keep you as pent up as ever?” “Yeah, but I prefer the cum getting spread out than just having it brewing in my already too big balls.” Joey closed his underwear and plopped himself next to Brian on the couch. Brian looked at him with a confused look on his face then stood up. “Whatever you say, big guy.” Brian turned around and got on his knees in front of Joey. “Now would you like some help giving those balls some relief?” Brian reached his arms forward and caressed Joey’s large thighs and it sent shivers up the big man’s spine. “Why do you think I called you?” replied Joey as he leaned down and kissed Brian. The two held the kiss for a moment as the cock ring’s effects were already being felt by Joey. “I haven’t felt this body in weeks. I won’t lie, I kinda missed it.” Brian and Joey continued to make out and Brian’s hands began to explore Joey’s big body. “I missed these massive pecs. I swear you have bigger tits than any girl I’ve seen. And I think they’ve gotten bigger than the last time I felt them.” The two of them continued to make out as Brian’s hands went down to caress Joey’s exposed chest. Kneading the juicy muscles like they were dough. Moving his mouth to start kissing Joey’s ear, he felt the big guy’s body already shivering with pleasure. “Fuck little guy. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to hold this in.” Joey moaned as Brian nibbled on his ear and twisted his nipples. “And we haven’t even gotten to the main course, big guy.” Brian smirked and started to move his lips down Joey’s body. Still rubbing the big guy’s chest and abs until he replaced his hands with his lips. Kissing the massive pecs and licking in between the large valley between them. “And even if you don’t hold it in, that’ll just make all of this better.” Joey’s big pecs heaved up and down with each moan. Brian had gotten his lips around one of his nipples and had his hand teasing the other one. “Fuuuuuck!” Joey moaned as he felt his throbbing dick spasm. But nothing came out. Instead he watched his view of Brian get worse and worse as his pecs started growing. He was getting a full body orgasm as he felt nothing coming out of his dick. “This was my favorite part!” Joey continued to swell bigger as the cum in his balls diverted to the rest of his body. His 6 pack abs started to fade as they bloated forward and he developed a roid gut. “Mine too,” whispered Brian as he moved lower. Kissing Joey’s happy trail as he played with his bulge in his over packed underwear. “I love it when you grow bigger for me. It’s always the best and I never know where the best spot to focus on is. It’s all just so big.” Brian’s hands moved over to Joey’s massive thighs that were now thicker than Brian’s waist. “Especially when it’s all still gonna get bigger.” “Fuuuuuck! You’re gonna make me not cum again with that kind of talk.” Joey’s breath was shaky as he felt his balls fill up again just as fast as they had emptied. “That’s the plan.” Brian shoved his face right into the massive bulge barely contained by Joey’s underwear. “I could get you to take these off the normal way, but I have a better idea.” Brian got up off his knees and straddled his legs across Joey’s lap with his ass grinding just above Joey’s cock. “Have I mentioned I love the way you think, little guy?” Joey pushed his lips into Brian’s as he bucked his hips upwards and his bulge pushed into the crevice between Brian’s supple ass cheeks. “I know you do. That’s why you’re gonna grow out of those underwear for me big guy.” Brian and Joey aggressively made out and Brian could even make out Joey’s heartbeat from how hard his cock was throbbing against his ass. “You’re gonna get massive, big guy. Bigger than any man that ever was,” said Brian in between kisses. “Bigger than anything ever,” replied Joey as his hands started to explore what was beneath Brian’s shirt. “And then bigger still. Your muscles will be pressed so close to one another, you’ll barely be able to move. These pecs will be big enough to have their own zip codes. Each. And these arms? They’ll be so big that you could crush the moon with just one hand.” “I can’t wait to be that big.” “And I can’t forget about this cock.” Brian exaggerated his point by arching his back and grinding it along Joey’s massive bulge. “It’s going to tower over even the tallest buildings in the city. With two balls swinging below it that could flood the entire country.” “Fuck little guy, I’m gonna be so huge!” Joey moaned as his body was sweating from the pleasure. “And everyone will be looking up at you like a god. You’re their giant muscular god for them to worship. And there will be so much of you to worship. You’ll have hundreds of men begging to get the best and biggest spots on your body to worship.” Brian kissed Joey again and Joey moaned into his mouth as another orgasm racked his body. Brian felt Joey’s pecs pushing him further and further away from the big guy’s lips as his head rose higher and higher. “You drive me crazy, little guy,” said Joey right before a tear and a loud slap was heard. Brian felt Joey’s massive growing cock hit him in the center of his back with a wet THWAP. “I know I do. And that’s just the way I like it.” Brian moved his ass backwards and his cheeks nuzzled Joey’s dick like a giant hotdog between two big buns. “And because I know I drive you crazy, I had a feeling I'd maybe need this.” Brian reached down into his pocket and pulled out a little vile no bigger than an inch tall and about as thick as a pencil. “Stretchy Cider?” Brian nodded as he threw the vial back and drank the white liquid inside. “If that’s the case, then let’s not waste any time.” Joey grabbed Brian in his big arms and started to stand up. Unaware of how big he had become, Joey’s head slammed into the 7 feet high ceiling in his house. “If we keep doing this, you should move somewhere that has higher ceilings,” chuckled Brian. Joey grinned and lifted his now much smaller lover towards his bedroom as they continued to kiss. Only to be stopped again as his massive shoulders hit the door frame. “And wider doors.” Brian laughed again as Joey tried to turn himself to get the two of them inside his bedroom, but between his wide shoulders, massive pec shelf that Brian was attached to, and his own massive dump truck ass, he couldn’t fit through the door. “Fuck this.” Joey let go of Brian with one of his arms and punched the side of the door frame and the wall crumbled like it was paper. “That’s better.” His hand returned to Brian’s back and he carried him to his bed where he threw the smaller man down. Looking up at Joey, he cast a wide shadow on Brian as he stood over him. At this angle, Brian now could take stock of how big Joey had grown already. His friend had already been tall at 6’4, but now he could only guess he was over 8 feet tall. His muscles were bigger than any bodybuilder Brian had ever seen. His pecs were obstructing Brian’s view of Joey’s face they had grown to the size of textbooks. It didn’t even look like Joey could bend his arms with his biceps bigger than beach balls. And his massive throbbing cock was out for the world to see and what a cock it was. The massive appendage was pressed against Joey’s bloated abs. It was at least 2 feet long now and as thick as a 2 liter soda bottle. “And if you’re gonna ruin my clothes, I’m gonna ruin yours.” Joey reached his big mitts down and grabbed Brian’s shirt and pants tightly. With one quick motion, the fabric was reduced to shreds that fell to the floor. Brian watched as the massive man descended down onto him and kissed him once again. His queen sized bed creaking under the newly grown giant. As they kissed, Joey grabbed Brian’s legs and raised them up into the air behind his head. Moving his hips back, he held his massive cock below him and started to aim it towards Brian’s ass. After finding Brian’s ass cheeks, Joey pushed into the ass and swirled his cock around Brian’s hole teasing it. “You ready little guy?” “Always,” Brian practically screamed as Joey shoved his hyper cock into his ass. The head of his cock alone was longer than a normal man’s cock and as thick as a DVD (look it up Gen Z). Joey felt the initial resistance, but he pressed further into Brian. Brian moaned again as his inside stretched to accommodate the giant python. Brian looked down and saw a massive bulge forming in his stomach as Joey’s balls hit Brian’s ass. Joey moaned so loud that it shook the walls of his home as his dick experienced so much pleasure that it put his mind into a state of ecstasy. Not giving Brian a moment to breathe, he immediately started to pull his dick back out just to thrust the giant cock back into Brian. The thrusts developed a rhythm as Joey picked up his speed. His balls hit Brian’s ass and the claps sounded like thunder as the giant pounded the smaller man. The bulge in Brian’s stomach visually went up and down as he thrust. “Fuck yeah big guy! Harder!” Brian cried out in between moans and Joey smirked. He used his long arms to grab the back of the head board of his bed with his massive pecs hovering over Brian. Once he got a good grip, he used all of his strength to slam his cock into Brian. He thrusted his hips like he was a jackhammer on Brian’s ass. “I’m so close little guy!” growled Joey as he shoved his massive pecs into Brian’s face. “Just let go big guy! Remember how much you’ll grow after you cum,” said Brian with faint breath as he felt his own orgasm cumming on. Joey reeled his head backwards and roared as his dick spasmed in Brian’s ass. Brian’s own dick started shooting cum all over the massive man’s abs as the transformation began. Joey’s core started to bloat out again. Making his abs vanish behind the cum stored in his belly. His pecs began to stick out further and further from his body creating a pec shelf that was more like a pec bench. Each one looked wider than the pillows on his bed. His biceps inflated bigger as he hit a double bicep pose. They grew to the size of yoga balls and he had to spread his arms out to the side when he put them back down due to their massive size. Brian looked down at himself as he felt another transformation taking place. Looking at the bulge in his stomach, it started to grow bigger and bigger. Lengthening and widening as the cock inside him grew. Brian felt his body begin to lift off the ground as the cock he was impaled on reached longer than a yard and kept growing. Even though Joey was on his knees on the bed, Brian could still see his hair scraping along the ceiling as his thrusts slowed. “Fuck…that was one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had.” Joey was panting as his big body turned to the side and fell like a tree onto the bed. The weak wood finally gave out as the legs snapped under the massive guy’s weight. Brian, still impaled on Joey’s cock, watched Joey’s massive pillow pecs heave up and down as the big guy caught his breath. “Maybe I should take breaks from cumming more often. That was incredible. And I got so much bigger this time.” Brian laughed a little bit as Joey’s eyes began to droop. “Well considering you had all that cum stored up, it only makes sense that you’d grow bigger this time.” Brian leaned forward and kissed Joey on the lips and held the kiss for a long time. “And before you fall asleep, can you get out of me?” Brian reached forward and squeezed what he believed to be Joey’s cock head bulging out of his stomach. “Oh come on. Can I please just stay inside you a bit longer?” Joey looked up at Brian and gave him a big puppy dog face. “Don’t do that to me. Even at this size, you know I can’t resist that face.” “What face? I’m just asking if I can stay nice and cozy in my little cock warmer,” said Joey with a smile. “Not this time big guy. I don’t know how long that little bit of Stretchy Cider is gonna last and I’d prefer not to see my insides when it does.” Brian grabbed onto Joey’s massive traps and pulled himself up. Joey frowned and pulled his hips back to release his dick from Brian’s hole. “Okay fine.” Joey yawned as he twisted his body so that he laid down flat on the bed as Brian stood up. “Are you going now?” asked Joey as Brian looked around the room. “I was, but all my clothes are ripped to shreds,” said Brian as he picked up a few pieces of fabric off the floor. “Then stay here tonight and I’ll get you new clothes in the morning,” said Joey as he patted his big chest. Brian looked at the big guy and rolled his eyes a little bit then walked back over to Joey. He leaned over and kissed Joey on the forehead then started to lay down on Joey’s body. It was the only place he could lay considering Joey’s massive frame took up the entire bed. “I’ll stay here tonight and then leave you with your new toy in the morning,” said Brian as he flicked Joey’s now pepperoni sized nipples. “Hey! Don’t do that unless you want to wake the beast.” Joey motioned to his semi hard cock. “Fair point. But I do think we should take the cock ring off now. You’ve gotten all of your horniness out of your system.” Brian sat up and crawled across Joey’s big body to the base of his cock. He started to grab at the overstretched ring only to have his whole body be pulled backwards by Joey’s massive hands. “I think I’ll leave it on. I don’t want to have a wet dream overnight and lose No Nut November. It’s staying on until December 1st,” said Joey as he wrapped Brian in his big arms and snuggled him against his chest like he was a stuffed animal. “Are you sure you want to do that? I don’t know if that ring is meant to stay on for that long,” said Brian as his face was smothered by Joey’s massive muscles. “I’m sure it’s fine. What could go wrong? Now let’s just go to bed and you enjoy the giant bed you get to sleep on tonight.” Joey’s arms were wrapped tightly around Brian as he rested his head on the pillows behind him. “Alright big guy. Sweet dreams,” said Brian as he rested his head down on Joey’s big pillow pecs and closed his eyes.
  10. Notes: Exam week just ended, which means I can finally continue working on the next chapter of "The Beast’s Curse". In the meantime, here's an old story that I wrote a year ago. Enjoy! The Jockstrap: Old man Muscle Growth “That’s one hot mouth you got there, gramps. Consider this as a small tip for returning my watch back there.”, The man said just as he was slipping his cock out of the old man’s mouth with a pop. The old janitor stayed kneeling, basking in his afterglow. Tasting and swallowing the leftover cum in his mouth. After the man tucked his dick inside his slacks, he left the changing room. Albert Davis is a 59-year-old janitor of a gym inside of a popular gay cruising spot. The place is always booming with customers for its good reputation. Among the other cruising spots in the city, this establishment is wildly exclusive to hot and attractive men. Customers from different social backgrounds tend to cruise here for a hot session with another hot stud. Social classes do not matter either as long as you have a fairly hot bod and some cash. As Albert scrubbed and cleaned away the dirt, sweat, and cum stains left behind by the countless bodies that traversed through the massive space, he couldn't help but feel a deep sense of longing for something more. In a place filled with diverse types of beautiful men, Albert often found himself admiring the guys whose bodies were more toned and rippling with muscles. His own body, functional at his age, lacked the sheer beauty and power that seemed to radiate from those he admired the most. And yet, despite these feelings of inadequacy, he continued to work in the gymnasium, day after day, his job of cleaning the fairly spacious gym was the only source of temporal happiness in his life. Sometimes, with a slight stroke of good luck, a generous customer would offer their muscular bodies for Albert to worship. On luckier occasions, they would offer Albert a taste of their cocks. Because of these small and short moments of lust in his job, performing his duties just to bask in the glorious bodies he could no longer achieve, was worthwhile. One day, as Albert was diligently mopping the floor, when he came across an abandoned jockstrap lying on one of the benches. “Jesus, whoever forgot their underwear must still be in cloud9…” He couldn't resist picking it up and examining it closer. The fabric was soft and had a distinct smell. Albert immediately recognized the jockstrap from its brand and sheer size. “My goodness, this must be The Mountain's!”, Albert exclaimed. The only person who wore this was none other than the biggest bodybuilder in the cruising spot. The man himself is a regular customer who only comes by at the last open hour. Albert gave the stud the nickname, “The Mountain”, purely based on his first encounter with him. It was 2 years ago when his old self accidentally tripped from one of the unracked equipment, when the giant of a man caught his fall. Even when Albert was standing up to his 5’11 height, the giant towered over him with his 6’10 muscular, hairy body. Since that first encounter, he wanted to at least feel and explore the man’s musculature. “Just the size of his thing is just… incredible.” Intrigued, he decided to put it on. “It wouldn’t hurt to see what I look like in them.” He wanted to be just a bit closer to The Mountain. Even if he can never reach him, he can at least be close to him in some way. Albert disrobed himself from his usual janitorial uniform, leaving him naked. As Albert slid the jockstrap up his legs, feeling the smooth material against his skin, he couldn't help but feel a sudden surge of confidence. “The fabric feels so good against my skin, it must be hella expensive.” He caught his reflection in the mirror and began imitating bodybuilding poses, imagining himself as a senior bodybuilder. He tried to mimic the posing routine of The Mountain from the times Albert caught him posing in the gym mirror. “Yeah… Big strong bodybuilder, massive muscles…” After a while Albert felt a growing pulsing sensation all over his body. “Ah fuck, what’s with this strange sensation?” Looking down at his body, Albert couldn't believe what he was witnessing, right in front of his very own eyes, his body began to change. Before the old janitor could even react, the first changes took place. “ARRRRGH! My face feels so hot it hurts!” His face was the first to undergo a transformation. Although his facial features remained largely the same, they were now accentuated by a sprinkling of white stubble along his jawline and a well-groomed mustache appeared, which lent him a more rugged, masculine air. The remaining strands of hair that once clung to his scalp fell away, revealing a more robust visage adorned with prominent veins running across his forehead. “Bigger… I’m growing bigger!” As the seconds ticked by, muscle after muscle emerged on his previously frail frame, enveloping his limbs and torso like a senior version of the Hulk. His arms grew stronger, his shoulders broadened, his chest expanded, and his back became increasingly defined. “HAHAHA! My arms are so fucking huge!”, Albert flexed his arms as his biceps bulged with prominent veins. Albert's quads, calves, and ass grew bigger along with his torso and arms. The pair of legs that once belonged to a skinny and frail janitor gained large amounts of mass and power as they throbbed. White hair began covering the growing body of the old man. Albert's unimpressive penis grew into a beast itself as the limp and sleeping monster cock throbbed and pulsated inside the jockstrap. “OHHHHHHH Fuuuuuuuuuck… even my cock is getting bigger too.” The growing beast's cock surged with power as it grew longer and meatier with every motion as its owner began to move his broadened hips. Albert began dry-humping the air as he thrust his hips up and down, savoring every second of his still flaccid and growing monster cock. “Dammit, why am I not hard yet? Is it because my growth is still incomplete?” With every new development, Albert has fully realized that his dream has come true. He stood there, awestruck at the incredible changes unfolding before him, knowing full well that he would never go back to his previous self. “I’M GROWING INTO A MASSIVE ALPHA BEAST. HECK EVEN MY VOICE GOT DEEPER!” The jockstrap, now a part of him, enhanced his newfound masculinity, making him feel stronger and more assertive than ever before. His mind raced with thoughts of what he could do with this newfound power. He imagined himself seducing the very athletes who once made him feel inferior, taking them to heights of pleasure they had never experienced before. “FUCK, I WANNA SEE MY BODY GROW” With his newfound confidence, he headed toward the large mirror of the gym. Besides from his old body experiencing the ongoing muscle growth which made it a challenge to walk, he noticed something different. As Albert strode into the large mirror, he realized how his usual walk turned into a sexy swagger as he felt his bulging muscles sway with confidence. Once he reached the mirror he was shocked to see the once old and humble janitor turn into a muscle god covered in a light dusting of white hair. Eyeballing his measurements, he deduced that his new massive body must have weighed approximately 500 lbs. He also grew taller by 2 more inches, reaching a height of 7’11. With slight hesitation, he explored the expanse of his chest, feeling the dense muscles and fur, and pinching the erect and hard nipples on both mountains. Feeling his 6-pack abs, he could feel them throbbing and changing as a silhouette of another pair began to slowly emerge. Turning his back to look at the changes at his rear, he marveled at the hairy muscle bubble ass that bulged snuggly against the jockstrap., “MY GOD, IS THIS REALLY ME..? WHAT AM I EVEN SAYING?! THERE IS NO DOUBT THAT THE ABSOLUTE BEAST IS ME!!!”, The massive janitor flexed his body into an intense, most muscular pose. His body language had also changed drastically as his posture became more dominant and confident. Unshackled by any lingering doubts or fears, Albert fully embraced these transformations. He allowed himself to completely immerse himself in the process, relishing each new development that took place within him. “GRRRRRRRRR…”Albert flexed and tensed every muscle of his growing body with loud and beastly grunts. As he did so, his physical appearance underwent more drastic alterations. The beast's physique continued to transform into something far more imposing and powerful. Every time he would move a single muscle, the sheer force and strength behind it was evident. Veins coursed through his body like an intricate network, their presence indicative of the immense growth taking place beneath his skin. These veins were not just confined to his limbs; they extended all the way up, to his trap muscles. “COME ON! GROW FUCKING BIGGER!!!” As he continued to flex and push his muscles to their limits, the traps expanded exponentially, reaching ever closer to his ears. Broadened shoulders and deltoids continued to change, swelling with incredible bulk and power. With the tensed-up beastly arms and tree trunk legs, they are becoming denser and stronger than before. The hairy and mountainous chest area underwent remarkable changes, displaying the sheer power of the pectoral and abdominal regions. The continued growth was accentuated by the emergence of well-defined six-pack abs on his stomach, which bulged outwards due to the increased mass beneath them. Throughout this entire transformation, Albert reveled in every aspect of it, fully accepting and embracing the beastly nature that was gradually coming to life within him. Albert, now transformed into an immense muscular creature, began to relax his tensed body as he allowed the process to unfold further. His eyes were fixated upon his own reflection in the mirror, absorbing every detail of his transformation. The changes that had previously been gradual now seemed to occur rapidly, almost instantaneously. His once flaccid and dormant manhood began to stir, awakening from its slumber. “HEHE NOW YOU WANT TO JOIN IN THE FUN HUH, BIG GUY?”, The old muscle beast chuckled It started out small, gradually gaining momentum until it reached a point where it stood tall and proud. The sight of this transformation aroused Albert immensely, causing his libido to reach unprecedented heights. Witnessing his own transformation from a mere mortal to a colossal muscle beast fueled his desires, making him feel more alive than ever before. Feeling the imminent surge of his pent-up desires, he instinctively reached downward, seeking to please his growing cock within the tight embrace of his jockstrap. His fingers found themselves wrapped around the smooth pouch, as he gripped onto it with lust. The sensation of his confined manhood beneath the fabric seemed to heighten his urgency even further. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest, echoing the rhythm of his rapid breaths. As if driven by an uncontrollable force, he continued to stroke himself through the fabric barrier, attempting to find relief from the overwhelming pressure building up within him. However, despite his efforts, the discomfort only intensified, causing his frustration to mount. With Albert's meaty and muscular hands, he grabbed the fabric of the underwear and tore it off his body. “FUCK! I’M CUMMING! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!” With an almighty roar, the unleashed beast's massive penis erupted just as he tore off the jockstrap, spewing forth copious amounts of its powerful, steaming semen across the entire expanse of the gymnasium. The thick, viscous fluid cascaded down from every corner, drenching the walls, the ceiling, the large mirror, and even the very being that had released it. The sheer volume of the potent muscle-infused ejaculate was enough to cover everything in sight, leaving no surface untouched by its forceful outpouring. As the waves of the torrent subsided, the once bustling gym now lay submerged underneath a sea of milky white liquid, a testament to the raw power and ferocity of the creature that stood amidst it all. "So much spunk... I- I can't..." Albert tried to regain his composure, but the exhaustion immediately made him fall on his back. The old beast janitor rested on the warm floor flooded with his cum. Before his exhaustion takes over him, he hears the front door of the gym open. The large, towering shadow of another muscle beast loomed over the newly transformed janitor. “What a great show you put on there gramps. I knew I made the right decision to turn you into one of us the moment we met.” The Mountain said while taking in the grown muscles of the man below him. “Tsk, such a shame that it took one hyper orgasm to knock you out. But don’t worry, I’ll help you get used to it…” As the beast slept, his hairy balls quickly replenished his cum and his massive cock rose up again with more life than before. Albert unconsciously began beating his massive meat with his hands as he lay there in his own cum. THE END(?) (Feel free to continue this story if you like)
  11. Sizemologist

    Chest Cologne

    Encouraged by his friend, Jacob asks out the hottest, buffest guy in the gym, Patrick, for Valentine’s Day. But after hearing Patrick’s dating history, Jacob thinks he might need some help bulking up to meet his standards. “Ask him out!” Jacob was at the gym pretending to do some bicep curls, but he hadn’t even gotten one in. He was too busy staring at the hunk of the gym, Patrick. “You’ve been staring at him all day. And tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! Just do it. You know you want to,” said Jacob’s lifting buddy, Connor. “Dude no. I’m not asking him out,” said Jacob as he got up from the bench to put the weights back on the rack. “Especially not for Valentine’s Day. Do you see how hot he is? He’s eye candy for everyone at this gym. He probably has a line out the door of dates for Valentine’s Day.” “That’s not what I heard,” said Connor. “Rumor has it that he’s turned down every guy that’s asked him out. Maybe he’s waiting for that special someone to ask him.” Connor nudged Jacob in the ribs and pushed against his back to go towards Patrick. “Connor! Stop pushing me!” said Jacob in a harsh whisper. “I don’t want to ask him out!” “Oh come on, what’s the worse thing that can happen? He’ll say no?” said Connor as he continued to push Jacob towards Patrick. “You clearly have never been rejected by a muscle gay. Some of those guys can cut to your core for even looking at them.” Jacob tried to push back against Connor, but he couldn’t get a good footing. “Oof!” said Jacob as he was pushed again. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to run into you.” Jacob turned his head to see Patrick smiling back at him. “Oh, no worries. The fault is all mine. Well not mine. My friend’s fault actually. He thought it would be funny to push me,” said Jacob as he awkwardly laughed and started to turn bright red. “What friend?” Jacob turned around to see Connor nowhere to be seen. You could practically see the fumes coming out of Jacob’s ears. “Nevermind. But I am sorry I ran into you. It won’t happen again,” said Jacob. He was getting really embarrassed now. “Not a problem Jacob,” said Patrick as he started gathering up his things to leave. “You know my name?” asked Jacob. Both confused and elated now. “Do I know your name? Ha! Of course I know your name. We’ve both been coming to this gym for years. You’ve spotted me many times. I know your name Jacob.” Jacob was still red from embarrassment, but now he was blushing too. “Oh uh, well then, good. I’m glad you know me.” Words were just fumbling out of Jacob’s mouth now. “Me too. I’ll see you later.” Patrick threw his gym bag over his shoulder and started walking to the door. Jacob panicked a bit as his chance for getting a date was leaving. Then suddenly, Jacob felt himself getting pushed again. “Connor! Where do you keep going and coming from with this pushing!” whispered Jacob. “You were doing so good! He’s not getting away this time.” Connor kept pushing Jacob towards the door that Patrick was walking to. “How’d you get strong enough to push me like this?” asked Jacob as he continued to resist. “Because, unlike you, I go to the gym to actually workout. Not ogle at beefcakes all day.” Connor kept pushing, but they weren’t getting to Patrick in time. “Wait! Patrick!” Connor made his voice higher to sound like Jacob’s and then immediately ran away again. Patrick turned around to see Jacob standing close to him. “What’s up?” asked Patrick. Jacob walked up to his side as he was walking out the door. “If it’s not too much to ask, and you’re not busy tomorrow, and if you don’t already have a date, and if you like Valentine’s Day, I know some people hate it, which is understandable, it’s really only meant for couples and we’re barely just friends, I found out that you know my name today so it would be a lot asking someone out for Valentine’s Day of all day’s so I’d understand if-“ Patrick put his fingers to Jacob’s lips. “I’d love to go on a date with you for Valentine’s Day. Here, give me your phone.” Jacob was on cloud 9 now. He practically had hearts in his eyes. He reached into his pocket and handed Patrick his phone. “There, this is my number. I’ll text you later and we can plan out the details,” said Patrick as he handed Jacob back his phone. “O-o-okay. Sure. Sounds great,” said Jacob still riding the high of Patrick saying yes. “Cool. And Jacob,” Patrick started walking out the door, “there’s no need to be so nervous. I’m probably more nervous than you.” Patrick leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek then walked off to his car. Jacob’s knees went weak when the door shut, but he felt two arms go under his and pick him up. “So that went a lot better than I thought it would,” said Connor as he started dragging Jacob back inside. “I have a Valentine’s Day date with the hottest guy in the gym,” said Jacob with not a care in the world. “Yeah you do. And Patrick is so picky. He must have a sweet spot for you,” said Connor as they started getting their stuff. “He is…” Jacob started thinking. “What if this is a charity date? What if I’m gonna get pranked by him and all of his buff friends? What if we get to the date and I’m not the man that he thought I was? What if he only likes me when I’m looking pumped in the gym?” Jacob’s mind started crashing after the love bug high of Patrick saying yes. All of the bad scenarios flooding his head. “Woah woah woah there. Nothing like that is gonna happen. Patrick even said that he was just as nervous as you.” Connor tried to bring him back down to Earth. “This is just the predate jitters. Everybody gets them.” “Yeah, but everybody doesn’t go on dates with Patrick. He reserves his dates for giant men. All big and look like they are competitive bodybuilders. While I’m…not that,” said Jacob as he looked in the mirror. “And? Size isn’t everything. Maybe he’s trying something different with you. Being less superficial and dating for what’s on the inside,” said Connor as they started walking out of the gym. “Maybe, but I don’t want to risk it. I’ll see you later,” said Jacob as he ran to his car. When Jacob got home, he got on his phone and searched through Patrick’s Instagram. He saw pic after pic of studs with Patrick. All of them having big meaty pecs. Despite what Connor said, Jacob did workout at the gym, but he wasn’t even in the same realm as these guys. Especially in the pecs department. Jacob barely had any muscle on his chest. He had consistently had a hard time growing his pecs at the gym. He needed a plan. He went through his phone and found his old friend Sam. He pulled up his contact info and opened a text with him. “Hey Sam, long time no see. Listen, this may sound weird, but I need a favor.” Jacob sat on his couch and saw the three dots appear on his screen “Hey buddy. It has. And sure. I’ll do anything I can. Just name it.” “I remember in college that your parents had that store for people with certain problems. I think I might have one of those problems.” “Oh, well I inherited the store when they retired. I should be able to help you with whatever problem you might have. Come by the store tomorrow and I’ll get it all straightened out.” Jacob put his phone down and breathed a sigh of relief. Sam would fix it. Sam can fix anything.
  12. 1. It was that time of year. Spring had ended and Summer had officially hit. The sun beat down on the town of North Carlisle, and there was no avoiding it. A heat haze rose from the hot asphalt of the town’s main street where Chris sat with his two closest friends, Matt and Brett. In between high school and university, the boys were running out of ways to fill their holidays already, and it had only been a few weeks. Chris was tall and gangly, there was no sugarcoating it. He tried his best to work out in the modest gym on the edge of town, but try as he might his body just didn’t seem to put on muscle. He was good looking, but his body made him shy and he tended to hide away behind his wavy brown hair. Matt wasn’t bad looking. He had strong, Mediterranean features, olive complexion, thick dark hair and bold eyebrows, however he still seemed very young to look at which often made him overlooked next to other guys, and he was plagued by oily skin and recurring acne. He was very self-conscious of his youthful appearance, and had a fiery temper that came out whenever someone dared to call him “Matty,” though his mother still refused to call him anything else. His efforts to get people to call him by his full name, “Matthias,” had been largely laughed off as a joke. Brett was much more average-looking than the other two with is messy blonde hair and muddy brown eyes, but he had confidence in barrels to make up for it. It was no secret why either; he’d tell anyone who’d listen that he was only a few inches short of being a tripod, and from what anyone had seen of him in the locker room, he was barely exaggerating. The three of them sat on hot metal café furniture, drinking cold drinks and chatting in the weak shade provided by a large umbrella. Their town was small, but not too far from the major city. As such, the main strip of shops tended to be ephemeral, small businesses popping up looking for city traffic without the high rent, then leaving once they realised there wasn’t any. “We’d better be heading off soon, it’s gonna be dark soon.” Said Brett, chugging the last of his iced coffee. “What’re you talking about?” asked Matt, half surprised and half annoyed. “It’s only like 4, where are you in a rush to get to?” “He’s just desperate to keep grinding that new game he got.” Responded Chris laughing. Matt smiled coyly. “It’s kind of sad that you actually believed that.” “What do you mean?” Chris was confused. “He probably doesn’t even have a game, he just used that as an excuse cos he was busy jacking off, you know what he’s like.” It was true. Brett probably jacked off two to three times as much as any guy Chris had heard of. He claimed his big dick meant he had a big sex drive, but the truth was he was just a horny guy filled with hormones. Chris would’ve been impressed that he was finally learning to have some humility about it, but really, he was just grossed out. “Fuck man, we waited like 15 minutes for you this morning.” “Whatever, nothing’s happening anyway, let’s get going.” Brett said, with the whine of a child asking ‘are we there yet?’ “Fine,” relented Matt, “but we still need to work out what we’re doing tomorrow.” “I thought we agreed on swimming at the lake?” said Chris. “Oh, right.” Chris could tell Matt was less than enthused. He was pretty sure he hated going swimming just because of how he looked in swimwear. The three got up to leave and started walking down the street, the sun singeing the backs of their necks as they walked, when a loud yell rang out from behind them. A man was running down the street towards them carrying something bundled in his arms. Looking further back they saw a dishevelled old woman hanging out of a doorway, waving her fist and shouting something obscene. Chris took a second to piece the scene together but the man was already upon them, however as he passed, Brett stuck out his leg and the man tripped, sliding face first on the pavement and dropping what looked like a small pile of rags. He scrambled to his feet looking worried and annoyed and sprinted away without picking up what he dropped. Chris picked up the bundle of rags to find it was some ancient-looking handbag stitched together from various differently patterned fabrics. As he straightened up, he found himself face to face with the old woman. “Oh, thank you boys so much, I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t been here.” She said gratefully, tugging the bag out of Chris’ hands briskly, “I was just checking something in my shop and he grabbed my bag from behind the counter and bolted. I have so many cards and things in here, I just wouldn’t know what to do if I lost them.” “No problem.” Said Brett, puffing out his chest. “Just doing what anyone would have.” “No, it was very brave of you.” She said, waving down his modesty. “Tell you what, you boys come back to my shop, I want to reward you.” Brett started to argue, still eager to return home but she shushed him and bustled the boys off towards a rustic looking storefront that none of them really remembered seeing. The sign simply read “Antiques.” Once inside, they found a modestly sized store filled with cluttered shelves and piled-up tabletops. If there was some order to it, Chris couldn’t see any. It just looked like piles of old crap. “So, are you going to pay us…” Chris started. “Oh, no, no, no.” said the woman. “Something much better, I’m going to let you have one thing you like from my store, absolutely free.” The boys were less than thrilled, but she seemed so excited and grateful that they began to wander through teetering piles of junk. “What would you recommend?” asked Chris, not sure where to even start looking. “Oh, I find that if someone is meant to have something, that object will find its way to them!” she said cryptically, a look of pride cracking her wizened features. As soon as he turned his back, Chris rolled his eyes. He wandered to the back of the store, and found his eye drawn to a small table. Unlike the other tables it wasn’t covered in an assortment of items, instead it held only one thing, a camera. Chris enjoyed photography, but it wasn’t exactly his passion in life. Picking it up he found it was an old-style polaroid camera. That sort of thing was kind of cool to him, in a classic sort of way, so he decided that was good enough, nothing else here looked even remotely interesting. He shrugged, picked up the camera, and headed to meet the others near the exit. Brett was toying with a small ring. It appeared to be gold. Its band was thin at the bottom, but thick at the top where a large, squarely cut ruby sat. Brett seemed to think he had some rare expensive piece of jewellery, Chris thought it looked like cheap crap some nightclub owner would wear for attention. Matt took a little longer, but he came back carrying an ornate silver comb. It wasn’t anything particularly impressive, but had some nice carvings down the spine. The woman smiled warmly. “Looks like everyone’s found something nice.” The guys quickly excused themselves and left the store. Chris was surprised to see that the sun was indeed starting to set, and realised they must have taken a lot longer than they thought. Heading towards time, Matt and Brett split off to their own homes, confirming the plans to go swimming in the morning. 2. Chris got home and ate a quick meal of leftovers from the fridge. His dad and stepmother were on a holiday in Europe for a few weeks, so it was just him and his stepbrother Eric at home. Eric was older than him by about a year. He was a bit of a jock; tall with broad shoulders, but he was more of a swimmer than a footballer so he was more toned than muscular. He had sandy blonde hair, and if they lived anywhere near a beach, Chris would probably have assumed he was a surfer. Chris crept past Eric’s door, hoping not to catch his attention, but a few steps further down the hallway he heard the door open behind him. “What’re you home so late for?” Eric said, looking annoyed. He was hanging out of the doorframe wearing nothing but boxer shorts. Chris hated his confidence in his body, both out of jealousy for wanting that same confidence himself, and out of shame for his deep attraction for a guy who didn’t even seem to care that he existed. “Nothing, was just with the guys.” Chris said, avoiding staring at the tight abs in front of him, with a deep Adonis belt leading downwards temptingly to a low-sitting waistband. “The guys? You mean those two losers you hang out with, pimples and the hornbag?” Eric said, smirking. “Fuck off.” Said Chris, and he turned away and headed down the hallway to his room, but Eric called after him. “What’s that you’ve got?” Chris moved the camera so it was out of sight. “Nothing, just an old camera.” “Where’d you get a camera? Where’d you get money for a camera?” “None of your business!” said Chris quickly, and he slammed his bedroom door, flicking the lock behind him. He sat down on his bed and started to take his first really good look at the camera. There were some oddities he hadn’t noticed in his quick glance in the store. It seemed to be a polaroid camera, meaning it would require film, but as much as he looked, he couldn’t find any way of opening the camera. In fact he couldn’t even see a seam where it would open. On top of the camera were two dials. One was labelled “delay” and could be set from 0 to 3. Chris thought that seemed odd, a delay was meant to allow you to move into the shot for the photo, so 3 seconds wasn’t much of a window. The other said “intensity” and just had one of those little icons that showed which direction was more or less. Intensity seemed like a strange way to label the flash. Deciding it wasn’t worth worrying about the strangeness of the camera itself, he set the delay to 0 and the intensity to low, and held the camera up to take a selfie. The flash was bright, and it must have been some sort of old bulb in there, because Chris felt a soft wave of heat hit his body as the light strobed. Chris shook his head at the slight rush he felt, and saw the camera ejecting a small piece of photo paper. At least it had film. Plucking the polaroid from the slot, he waved it in the air until an image started to show up. He looked good. Great even. He didn’t know how, but in the photo he seemed to just look… bigger? Photo him had the hint of chest muscles visible through the material of his slightly tighter shirt. His arms weren’t so much weedy as lithe. He stood up, and looked at himself in the mirror standing up against his bedroom wall. He flexed his arms a little, and tried moving to see his chest at different angles, but try as he might, nothing looked as it did in the photo. Then, as he primped and preened, trying to see how he had got that photo, he felt the same tingling heat from the flash. Before his eyes, the material of his shirt became less lax. He felt warmth spread across his chest and tingle electrically at his nipples as they pushed out slightly. His whole body seemed to tense up and he even felt a slight dizziness as his head seemed to move further from the floor. Staring back at him from the mirror was the same guy he saw in the polaroid. Taller, just slightly more toned and in shape, but enough to notice. His jaw was hanging open in astonishment. He couldn’t believe what had just happened, what the camera had done. He couldn’t hold back. Pulling his t-shirt over his head, he dropped his jeans to the floor and stood in nothing but his blue briefs. His whole body just looked so much better. Some of that persistent belly fat had simply disappeared and the beginning of ab definition was showing down his stomach. His legs, already skinny, now had light striations down them without him even flexing. After quickly admiring himself, he picked up the camera. He left the delay off but cranked the intensity up a little bit past halfway, and holding it up, pushed the button. A wave like flames coursed through him in an instant, singeing him with pleasurable burning. Eagerly he waited, and after what seemed an age, the polaroid spat out. He grabbed it and waved it quickly and after a few tremendously slow seconds, the black faded to colour. Seeing the image, he nearly choked in surprise, and dropped the picture to the floor without even taking a good look. He bent down, and realised it had slid under his bed, but as he began to crouch down further he felt an agonising ecstasy rip through him, and that wasn’t the only ripping. A sharp crack came from behind him, and he felt his ass searing with heat. He started to try to get to his feet to examine what was happening, as he now felt coldness on his ass which he realised his underwear had completely given way to glutes, but the heat spread up him, and his back arched in pleasure, dropping him torso to the ground, muscular ass still pushed up into the air. He felt pressure between him and the floor, and found his chest was pushing him up, inflating like two meaty balloons. The feeling of his expanding nipples grinding across the rough carpet was like a hotline straight to his dick which sprang to attention. He reached out to try to push himself back to standing, but as his hands planted on the ground he felt the bones of his hands flex and expand, and he managed to turn his head to see thick ropes of muscle fibres spring from his wrist and coil their way up his forearm, twisting into the shape of a ham with deep cuts and striations. His upper arm followed suite, his biceps and triceps swelling as he pushed harder into the ground. On one side of his arm was what looked like a baseball; solid flesh turned iron, and on the other side a football to match it. Not as thick, but wider and just as impressive. The powerful arms seized and pushed him almost to standing in one heave. He turned to face the mirror just in time to see his stomach warping and contorting. Beneath slab-like pecs, slashed horizontally by deep cuts, his abs began to bulge like a flattened cartoon character inflating themselves. Two by two they slammed outward and locked into place until a tight core of 8 bricks stacked themselves around a sexy, ever so slightly protruding belly button. Was it protruding, or was there just no fat to hide it? Chris was too stunned to know. His obliques were absolutely shredded and the deep V-line of muscle looked so thick you could grab on like a handle. His rock-hard cock sat at its usual impressive 7 and a bit inches, standing at full attention. At first Chris thought his balls had swollen, but realised that they were just sitting forwards more, pushed outward by long, diamond quads that touched at the centre, leaving no room for his junk to hang. His calves were surprisingly even larger than his biceps, and tapered down to ankles that looked almost comically small by comparison. Like his hands, his feet seemed to have been upgraded by a few inches. He stared in awe. His face looked much the same, if slightly less chubby, but he looked more handsome simply from the fact that it rested on a neck thicker than his jaw, with huge, visible veins protruding under the skin, and two huge, rounded traps framing it. He looked like a physique competitor. Scratch that, a physique competitor who dominated the competition so fiercely that it put them to shame. The muscles twitched and flexed at the slightest whim, and in a moment of rapture, Christ put his hands on his neck, raised his elbows above his head, and flared his wing-like lats out as wide as they’d go. At the same time, his abs crunched together in a flex so hard it was almost audible. The sheer power of the pose, the sexiness of his elite body and the lingering heat of the growth caused Chris’ cock to explode a volley of cum across the room, splattering on the mirror. The bucking of his hips caused shots to land as high as his head in the reflection, and after a few seconds the orgasm ceased. Whether from pleasure, or exhaustion, he did not know, but Chris flopped backwards onto his bed which gave a threatening creak. Basking in the wavs of power he felt rushing from his body, he passed out almost instantly, still naked and spread eagle on his king-size bed. 3. Chris woke up to the warm feeling off the summer sunlight streaming through the window onto his bare chest. He’d had such an incredible dream last night about growing huge, so he kept his eyes shut to hold onto it just a little longer. When he opened them, he nearly fainted with the shock of seeing his view blocked by two mounds of striated meat. Spearing up between them in the distance was his morning wood, which surged in appreciation of the musculature he was seeing. Looking in the mirror, he once again flexed and admired his enormous body, revelling in every twitch and pulse as he moved. He shot another load hands-free which joined the already sloppily-covered mirror. Realising the time, Chris pulled on a small red speedo. It was considerably smaller on him than it had been even last week. His dick hadn’t seemed to grow, but the huge globes of gluteal muscle packed such mass into the tiny piece of material that it was stretched skin-tight, every vein in his dick was clearly visible, and he found he liked that. Turning around to appreciate the full package, he saw that the waistband barely came halfway up his ass, and the tops of his cheeks were plain to see, along with just too much crack. He didn’t care though, who would when he looked like this? Deciding a little humility may be wise on the way to the lake, he tried to pull on a pair of boardshorts, but they only made it halfway up his shredded quads before a ripping noise told him they weren’t going to be possible. Throwing a few things, including the camera, into a bag, he swung it over his shoulders and admired how puny it looked on the vast expanse of his lats. He hurried out of the house, quietly relieved that Eric seemed to be out already, and headed for the lake. It wasn’t a long walk to the lake, and most of it was along a dirt track, but to get there he needed to cut through the main street, and boy did he get attention. Heads turned. Jaws dropped. Someone like him was certainly an oddity in this town, and the locals seemed to be lapping it up. He loved the way the sun shone on his vast, pale muscles. A handsome, 30-something guy openly gaped at him as he strutted past, and he bounced his pecs in appreciation of the attention. The man’s face flushed so suddenly red that he looked like you could cook an egg on his face. Arriving at the lake, Chris laid out a towel and laid down in the sun. He supposed he had no excuse now not to work on a tan. He put on some sunglasses and laid back on his folded arms. The sunglasses allowed him to surreptitiously see the various passers-by absolutely ogling his sculpted physique, and there was barely a person that made it past without a second look or downright pausing to take in the view. After about 15 minutes of enjoying the sun and attention, Chris heard someone behind him say “Woah.” He raised himself on his elbow and turned to see Brett and Matt staring in lust and jealousy at him. “Hey guys.” He smiled, noticing that his voice had gotten significantly deeper, as he hadn’t talked since the night before. “I guess yours must be special too?” said Brett. Sinking out of his self-appreciation for the first time, Chris really took in the two guys in front of him. Matt’s changes were certainly more subtle than his own, but impossible not to notice once you’d seen. His acne was completely cleared up, his usual somewhat oily skin had a much clearer glow to it. His hair which similarly had problems being greasy instead had an elegant waviness to it. He couldn’t say for sure, but even his jawline and cheekbones looked slightly more prominent and defined. Overall, Matt just looked… handsome? He felt his cock give a slight twinge of approval just looking at him. And speaking of cocks… Brett, like Chris, had foregone his usual boardshorts, and there was certainly no questioning why. Brett was wearing a deep indigo speedo, and in the front patch was an enormous, bulbous cock. The size and colour gave Chris the distinct impression of an actual eggplant. The heft of the thing was so much so that the waistband of the tiny swimwear has pulled a centimetre or so away from his abdomen. Chris couldn’t help but notice several bulging veins running from Brett’s scrawny abs down to the beast that must demand a hell of a blood supply. On his finger, he noticed the red-jewelled ring. “Fuck, you two look good!” he said in appreciation. “You’re one to talk.” Said Matt, who was struggling to look any higher than Chris’ pecs. “How big is that thing?” Asked Chris, gesturing to the monstrous dick hanging obscenely between himself and Brett. Vaguely he wondered if the only reason Brett hadn’t been nabbed for indecent exposure was the eye-catching appearance of Matt next to him distracting people. “Haha,” laughed Brett, “well it was 10 inches soft this morning, and 14 hard, but I’m pretty sure it’s grown a bit since then.” With one hand he readjusted his package for emphasis, and as he let go the weight of it was clearly apparent as it bounced in the confining material. “And how about you, how big are you now?” Chris furled his brow. “To be honest I’m not really sure, I didn’t have much of a chance to measure anything before I headed out here.” Matt raised an eyebrow at this, but kept quiet. After a few more minutes of comparing notes, the guys worked out the long and short of each other’s gifts, and the conversation steered to how they could use those gifts. “How strong is the camera?” asked Matt, eyeing it hungrily as it turned in Chris’ hands. “Like how much muscle does it add?” “Well I used it twice last night,” answered Chris. “it has a dial for intensity, the first time I had it set to low and it was just a slight improvement, then I cranked it up halfway and came out a physique competitior.” “Halfway?!” Spat Matt. “What do you think the full intensity would do?” Chris grinned. “How about we find out?” he raised the camera. “Woah, woah, woah.” Said Matt waving his hands in front of the lens quickly. “I’m not being your guinea pig, what if it turned me into some kind of freak?” They both looked at Brett. “Ha, no thanks, you can beef me up once you’ve worked out how it works.” Chris shrugged, and set to work scanning the lakeside for a victim. There weren’t many people out today, so the choices were scant. He settled on a guy they’d gone to school with; Dave. Dave was a bit of a geek, and didn’t have too many friends, so he was sitting alone under a tree, eyeing a group of guys from one of the local sporting teams. Out of curiosity, Chris set the delay to ‘1’ and then wound the intensity dial as far as it would go. He raised the camera, ensured only Dave was in the frame, and then pressed the button. There was a whirring noise for a few seconds, followed by a blinding flash and a heat that Chris could feel even from behind the camera. Dave had obviously felt it, as he jumped about a foot and started looking around left and right. Chris and the others quickly huddled together and looked away, avoiding looking suspicious, and after a couple of second snuck a look over at Dave who seemed to have given up his search. He took the polaroid from the camera but it hadn’t seemed to develop. “Is that it?” said Brett. “No, but I wanted to try the delay. Obviously, it’s a little longer than I thought.” Said Chris. “With me it was basically instant.” They went about their day by the lake, keeping an eye on Dave who still showed no signs of anything interesting. Spending some time swimming in the lake, both Chris and Matt were getting absolutely eye-fucked by basically everyone that looked their way. The combination of Matt’s beauty and Chris’ huge body seemed to be enough to skip over most people’s apparent sexuality, as even the guys they knew with girlfriends had to make an effort to hide bulging in their swimwear. At one point, Brett had to stay in the water a little longer, blushing a little when the guys asked him why. Chris put his head below the water’s surface and was met with what looked like a full salami you’d see hanging in a butcher’s shop. Emerging from the water his jaw hung open. “That thing is insane man, that’s gotta be over 15 inches.” Brett laughed nervously; he was clearly enjoying the size but Chris could see some hesitation. “Are you sure you don’t want to take that thing off for a bit? You don’t want to do anything permanent…” Brett agreed, and pulled the ring off to chuck into his bag. It was only then that Chris noticed how perfectly it fit his finger. How odd for a random ring from a store to be the exact right size, even if it was magic, or cursed, whatever. “Uh guys.” Said Matt sounding eager, “You may want to have a look at this.” The two of them turned around and saw Dave, who they’d forgotten about briefly, starting to stand up. He was adjusting his clothes, a loose-fitting t-shirt and board shorts, as he seemed to be feeling some discomfort. He was messing with his sleeve, and Chris saw that his bicep was ballooning up, and filling the material. What had moments ago been a loose-fit was quickly becoming uncomfortably tight. Chris saw the material showing signs of strain as two humongous lats were pushing out sideways. The bottom of the shirt rose up to reveal an absolutely shredded lower back. Chris couldn’t help but get turned on as he watched the nerdy Dave’s head rise about 2 feet, putting him at almost 7 feet tall. His arms were getting further and further apart and had already become substantially beefier than Chris’ own. There was a resounding crack, and most of the lake goers looked around to see the material of Dave’s shirt giving out. Large splits were forming down the sides, and mounds of lats were spilling outwards. Dave hunched over, in what could have been pleasure or pain, and as he stood up, shredded material flew in all directions. It was a full-on hulk-out. Tree trunk legs erupted outward, forced sideways by the collision of his own quads. His already wide arms lurched even further, and despite his colossal 8 feet of height, he was easily wider than he was tall. His swimwear proved no match for his globular ass cheeks, and eviscerated themselves, allowing his hard 8 inches of cock to fly free. Chris was interested to note that his cock wasn’t as superhuman as the rest of him, and decided that confirmed the camera’s power was limited to muscle. The guys simply didn’t know how to react. A guy had just exploded to roughly ten times his starting size, and basically everyone at the lake was watching with rapt attention. How could they explain it? It seemed… they didn’t have to. A couple of the local jocks that Dave had been eyeing moments before were moving towards Dave, eyes burning with lust. “Looks like Dave’s ready to go!” One of them called to the others as he dropped his speedo, rock hard cock standing at attention. They basically melted into Dave’s monstrous form, worshiping his inhuman mass. There were at least ten of them mounting him from every angle, but his immense size still made him clearly visible through them. Two guys were ravaging the head of his cock which seemed to be attempting to drown them in precum. One lucky son of a bitch had his cock pincered between the enormous steel glutes, and he looked like he’d never been happier. 4. After several minutes spectating the show, which prompted Brett to offload his 15-inch cock with a volley like a shotgun, the guys hurriedly threw their stuff in a bag and headed over to Chris’s house. Gathering in his bedroom, still scantily clad, they sat the camera, comb and ring between them and sat silently for a bit. Matt broke the tension. “They just… accepted it?” he said “I mean like, we got noticed, but nobody called us out, but I guess it’s more than just that, people are just going to be happy to accept the changes.” “Yeah.” Said Chris. “I think that makes the most sense.” “Well great.” Said Brett, reaching for the ring. “Let me slap this back on then. There’s no consequence, everyone’s gonna accept my freakish cock, so may as well get to work on it.” “Wait though.” Chris stopped him, quietly marvelling at how fast and powerfully his hand whipped out to grab Brett’s. “I mean look at you, you’re already past the point of most people being able to take all of you, is that really what you want?” Brett hesitated and drew his hand back a bit. “I guess.” “At least stay as you are for now, get used to this size before you decide.” Brett still didn’t seem happy, but agreed nonetheless. After some careful decision making, the guys decided to try out each other’s gifts a little. A couple of minutes of playing with the comb left Brett and Chris substantially altered. Brett’s face had taken on a rounded, almost cherubic look. His blonde hair fell in almost elegant curls, rather than his usual dishevelled mop, and his muddy brown eyes had given way to a rich chocolate colour that kept catching Chris’s attention. Chris on the other hand was the image of masculinity. His jaw was almost perfectly square. Atop his newly thickened neck it gave him chills to look at in the mirror. His hair now naturally had the supermodel, effortless, just-rolled-out-of-bed look that really took guys hours of styling to achieve. A perfect spray of stubble adorned his chin. It didn’t take long before Matt made some excuse to grab his comb back. Chris could tell there was some jealousy spiking in the looks he was shooting. Matt was devastatingly handsome, and Chris suspected he had spent more than a few minutes with the comb even after discovering its effects, he still outshone both Brett and himself, but the other guys catching up didn’t seem to be sitting well. The ring took some experimentation. Brett hadn’t exactly been helpful in saying “you just wear it!” but after a little messing around, they found that it reacted particularly potently to excitement. While Chris wore it, Brett took out his monster cock with the intent of measuring it properly. He let Matt and Chris give him a hand to reach his… full potential. Both could fit a hand on with some room to spare, and with Chris’ animalistically large hands, that was impressive. In getting into the rhythmic stroking, Chris felt his own cock harden up as it had so many times in the past day, but he felt the ring grow warm, and with a feeling like getting an erection while his cock was already hard, he felt an extra inch or two expand forward. He moaned loudly which caused the other two to question him. When he pulled out a 10 inch cock, bound in rope-like muscle fibres, with thick coursing veins, and a pair of balls that looked like tennis balls, the others understood his pleasure. They quickly realised arousal was what caused the ring to work, which they made quick use of in growing Matt’s dick to a hefty 9 inches of thick meat. It didn’t take them long before their attentions turned to the camera. With some careful discussion and tuning of the dials, Chris took a photo of each of the guys. In a matter of moments, Brett burst out of his clothes. Already being tall, it was especially noticeable that he gained about 6 inches in height. He almost, almost, seemed in proportion with his goliath cock. He put on some serious mass too, his gangly frame already being slim gave them quite the view of muscle growing beneath his skin. He was beyond an amateur bodybuilder, far too much mass on far too much height. He was practically statuesque. Matt on the other hand didn’t gain any form of impressive height, his expansion was nearly universally outward. With his incredibly good looks, and an absolute tank of a body, he struck quite the figure even despite being shorter than the others. It didn’t take long before the extreme changes led the three of them to lust. In a collision of titans, the thrusting, sweaty muscle monsters were nothing but a ball of flesh. Their mouths explored the multitude of hulking muscles, their tongues tasted the hot, salty musk of deep armpits. Chris found himself on all fours on the floor. Beneath his face was the huge pulsing cock that belonged to Matt, he knew it was part of the comb’s gift but even his cock had an enchanting beauty about it, which was to say nothing of the absolute perfection of his abs. When people said “aesthetics,” they had no idea a physique could reach this point of visual pleasure. Going to town on the thick meaty rod in front of him, he kept his eyes locked on the sculpted torso in front of him, and the stunningly gorgeous face barely visible between two enormous pecs. As he tasted the sweet precum filling his mouth, one hand began to feel up Matt’s tennis ball-sized nuts, and the other reached up to rip at his huge nipples which were staring at him from below the slabs of chest muscle. He felt his own body being caressed, and then his huge glutes being parted by Brett’s monster cock. He firmly believed that if not for the camera’s work, he would never have been able to take that enormous anaconda of a cock, and yet here he was feeling inch after glorious inch sliding into him. His tight abs were forced to distend by the sheer volume of cock filling him up. With Matt’s dick deep in his throat he could barely moan to express the sheer pleasure he felt. Load after load was firing out of his cock, and he felt something similar going on inside him from both ends. He saw Brett’s hand feeling up his beefy arm, and saw that he’d slipped the ring on again. Its power was addictive to him. That explained why it felt like a bodybuilder’s leg was currently occupying his digestive tract. After what felt like hours the three men broke apart and lay on the ground in a pool of sweat and cum, bathing in the afterglow. It had taken Brett several seconds to pull out of him fully. What hung between his legs was easily over 3 feet long, and thicker than his own impressive quads. If he stood, the head would brush against the floor, and he was soft now. Matt seemed to have found the comb mid-throng, as he was now decisively hard to look away from, every small detail that Chris took in pulled at his heart, and if he hadn’t just emptied his balls profusely, he felt he would have done so again at the sight. Chris decided to make his way home to sleep it off, but before he left, he made a decision. “I’m taking these off you two for a bit, you’re fucking addicted.” He said, grabbing the ring and comb, before slinging the camera around his neck to leave. The others put up a little protest but all in all were too out of it to care. He made his way home where he dropped the gifts unceremoniously onto the kitchen table before collapsing onto his bed to pass out. 5. When Chris woke up, he felt uneasy. In the heat of the orgy the sheer size and beauty of the other two had been incredibly hot, but in the sobriety he now felt, it became more and more obvious they were beyond freakish, even if he did enjoy it. Making the decision to hide the gifts until he could work out what to do, he wandered to the kitchen. They were gone. He looked around in a panic. Nothing else seemed to be out of place, nobody had broken into the house. He hurried to the hallway where he saw a flash from under Eric’s doorway followed by a familiar whirring of film reloading. He slammed the door open, not knowing what he’d find, and what he did terrified him. Eric stood with his back to the door in nothing but a pair of small, black boxer briefs, the camera held in his hand as if to take a selfie. As he turned at the sound of the door opening, Chris’ jaw dropped. On his finger was the ring, and it had obviously been there for a little while, as the tiny boxer briefs were stretched almost to breaking point by what looked like a football-sized mound of cock. Chris saw the comb discarded on his desk, which explained his appearance. His sandy hair fell with grace and seemed to glow with its own light. His once slightly handsome features had become incredibly accentuated. His jaw had widened to an almost perfect square, his lips looked full and perfect. Chris actually felt a spray of precum wet his pyjama bottoms at the look from the Adonis. “Hey Chris.” He said. “What’s up with this camera, I can’t get it to work?” In horror Chris looked at the floor and saw a handful of undeveloped polaroids on the ground. He quickly rushed forward and took the camera, only to find the delay dial was up a little past 1, and he realised Eric had taken more than one photo of himself. He didn’t even dare look at the intensity. It didn’t take long. He didn’t even get the questions out about why Eric messed with his stuff. Eric began to swell before his eyes. It came in surges, and Chris assumed that must be different photos starting at different times. First his pecs ballooned forward, as they swelled to a monstrous size they retained incredible definition. Pecs that had to weigh several kilograms on their own were sculpted by enormous muscle fibers, each wrapped in paper-thin skin. His tits stretched huge but were quickly forced downwards where they met with the top of an expanding gut of pure muscle. His abdomen rounded outward as the muscles each fought for space. What started as a toned six pack quickly evolved into a monstrous 10 pack that put professional bodybuilders to shame. There was a distinct creaking noise as his shoulders broadened, the deltoids divided into head which each were about the size of watermelons. His disgustingly beautiful, masculine face began to be swallowed between his chest and mountainous traps that rose up on either side. His neck was tremendously thicker than any Chris had seen, but the entire height of it was lost to the traps. His arms began to raise, and Chris realised it wasn’t by any action of his own, but due to quickly growing biceps and triceps colliding with unbelievable wings. His lats weren’t just impressively wide, but thick as well, easily two feet from back to front. He was growing outward and upward at an accelerating pace, but the growth meant his width was well past exceeding his height. He was over 8 feet tall, which put him past 10 feet broad. It was impossible to define the 4 muscles of his quads, as there were so many deep striations separating thick branches of muscle bundles, leaving the appearance of at least 12 different muscles in each thigh. His calves were huge meaty balls of muscle, each larger than a basketball, which tapered down to tiny ankles which looked dangerously small to hold up such an insanely huge figure. The black boxer briefs didn’t last long at all. The material basically evaporated as an insane cock burst forth. Even Brett’s inhuman tool would look inferior next to this god. It was as hard as steel, and easily a foot across. It swung upwards to slap his roid gut before dropping down under the weight of grapefruit-sized balls. Even from the front Chris could see the sheer volume of his glutes as they flexed to balance his body against the weight of the substantial tool. Eric was panting, sweat dripped from his face which accentuated his inhuman beauty. Beads of sweat ran down his oversized figure and gave a sheen to his flawless, but incredibly thin skin. Chris managed to pull his eyes away for just a moment, to see that only around half of the pictures on the floor had developed. This wasn’t over. He felt the blood draining from his face, as he saw the grossly overdeveloped form starting to move towards him, reaching towards him with one colossal arm, while the other began to stroke his monstrous cock.
  13. RoseConspiracy

    Insatiable ( Chapter 2 NEW! 11/5)

    In somewhat strange but related news, federal authorities are still looking into the disappearances of multiple bodybuilders across the country. The deputy director has declined to make any further statements, citing that no new evidence has been uncovered. At this time, all six men are still missing and their fates unknown. The State Department is uncertain if a group or a single individual is to blame and they advise that all large, muscular men be cautious and on alert. Any tips that could help investigators in this case can be called in or texted to the number at the bottom of the screen. Incredible artwork done by the very talented @HardbodyVideo
  14. thisba

    Incredible transformations

    Hello I would like to write a series of stories. Sorry for my poor command of English sometimes. All can be read independently. some of them will perhaps follow one another. Tell me if u should continue, and thank you for your feedback. 1. A new Superhero in the city 2. Ethan and John: - New arrival at school - Ethan nightmare 3. Hicham the paraplegic man A new Superhero in the city Jérôme and Max, a couple of police officers, shared not only their work but also their life. Their relationship had withstood the test of time, becoming a pillar of mutual support. It was a hot summer day, and they had taken a day off to relax and enjoy the sunny weather. Their car trip had taken them on a picturesque road, far away from the concerns of police work. Jérôme, 25 years old, was a tall, blond man, standing at 1.83 meters and weighing 80 kg. His blue eyes reflected his determination to make the world a safer place. Max, his partner and lover, was 23 years old. He stood at 1.78 meters, weighing 75 kg. His blue eyes shone beneath his thick brown hair, and he proudly sported a neatly trimmed short beard. Max harbored a heavy and extraordinary secret, a gift passed down through generations in his family: he was a muscle-wolf. This unique gift allowed him to transform into a powerful bodybuilder of nearly 140 kg, endowed with superhuman strength. However, this transformation was a complex and painful process that involved a series of remarkable physiological changes. As they traveled down the winding road, their peaceful day was abruptly disrupted by the sound of a collision. A woman behind the wheel had crashed into an electrical pole, and her car was on the brink of catching fire. Trapped in the vehicle, the driver was severely injured, and a glimmer of despair filled her eyes. In her state of shock, she was not even aware of their presence. Alarmed, Jérôme immediately grabbed his phone to call for help. He knew that every minute counted in such a critical situation. However, he could sense that time was running out, and the emergency services likely wouldn't arrive in time to save the woman. It was at that moment that Max, with unwavering determination, made a decision that would change the course of their day. He knew it was time to reveal his secret to Jérôme, even if it meant exposing his uniqueness. Max's transformation began slowly, but the process was painful and arduous. His muscles swelled rapidly, and his veins became increasingly visible through his stretched skin. The pain was intense as his clothing's seams strained, ready to burst at any moment. The clothes could no longer contain the extraordinary force that now inhabited Max. His veins pulsed, carrying an increased flow of blood to the rapidly growing muscles. Max's breathing intensified as his lungs worked hard to supply his developing muscles. His once thin arms became massive and powerful, tearing the sleeves of his shirt to shreds. His shoulders broadened, bursting the seams of his shirt, and his chest took on an impressive size. The buttons on his shirt flew in all directions, and scraps of fabric rained down like confetti. Jérôme, initially in shock, was overwhelmed by the incredible transformation unfolding before him. His breathing quickened, and he stuttered, unable to find the words to express his surprise and fear. Max's legs gained size, tearing his pants into pieces. The leather of his shoes burst under the pressure of his growing feet. Each of his muscles became more prominent, creating waves of power throughout his body. During the transformation, his body also became very hairy, with thick and dense hair forming an additional layer of protection and fierceness. The injured woman, in a coma, was unaware of the incredible transformation taking place before her. She had no idea that her fate would be disrupted by a hero with extraordinary powers. Jérôme, astounded and overwhelmed by the situation, abandoned his phone, forgetting about the emergency services. Max, with a voice transformed by the metamorphosis, declared, "Jérôme, it's time for you to know the truth. It's my inherited gift, and I use it to protect others, even at the risk of my own life." The injured woman, in a coma, couldn't hear the conversation. She was oblivious to the hero standing before her. Without further delay, Max used his superhuman strength to clear the wreckage, extract the injured driver, and place her in safety. Flames threatened to spread, but Max acted quickly and decisively, extinguishing the incipient fire and saving the woman's life. Jérôme, astonished, realized that his partner and lover was a genuine hero with an extraordinary gift. Max, exhausted from the superhuman effort, slowly returned to his usual form, breathing heavily, and with his body glistening with sweat. He now stood naked, except for his underwear, as all his other clothes had been destroyed during the transformation. They had succeeded in saving the woman, but now, Jérôme faced a difficult choice: to protect Max's identity and escape before the emergency services arrived, fearing that his secret would be discovered. They discreetly moved away from the accident scene, and Max hid behind a tree, gradually returning to his initial form to avoid drawing the attention of the finally arriving emergency responders. Their future was uncertain, but their love and devotion to each other were stronger than ever as they walked away together to safeguard Max's secret. Their future was uncertain, and the weight of Max's secret hung heavily between them as they walked away from the scene. Jérôme's mind raced with a whirlwind of emotions and questions, but he knew he had to protect Max's identity at all costs. As they found a secluded spot, Max, now back to his usual self, dressed only in his boxer briefs, turned to Jérôme with a mix of anxiety and relief in his eyes. "Jérôme, I know this is a lot to take in," Max began, his voice trembling with uncertainty. "I've kept this secret my whole life, and I've used my abilities to help others, to save lives. But I've never shared this with anyone, until now." Jérôme, still reeling from the shock of witnessing Max's incredible transformation, managed to find his voice. "Max, this is... this is unbelievable. I mean, I've heard of superhero stories, but I never thought..." Max interrupted gently, "I'm no superhero, Jérôme. I'm just a guy who happens to have this unique ability. I've always wanted to protect you, but I also want to protect us." Jérôme's face softened as he looked into Max's eyes, realizing the depth of their connection. "Max, I love you, and I will do everything I can to keep your secret safe. But we need to be careful. We can't risk anyone discovering this." Max nodded, relief washing over him as he pulled Jérôme into a tight embrace. "Thank you, Jérôme. I knew I could trust you." They stood there for a moment, their love stronger than ever, before reality intruded once more. The sound of approaching sirens reminded them of the accident scene they had left behind. "We need to go, Max," Jérôme said, breaking the embrace. "The authorities are arriving. We'll figure out how to deal with this, but for now, let's get away from here." They hurried back to their car and drove away, leaving behind the events that had unraveled their day. As they put distance between themselves and the accident scene, Max couldn't help but think about the fragile balance they had to maintain. He knew that, with Jérôme by his side, they would face the challenges together, and their love would guide them through the uncertainties of their extraordinary life. In the days that followed, Jérôme and Max remained on edge, constantly aware of the secret that now bound them even closer together. They were back on duty, patrolling the city streets, but their lives had taken on a new layer of complexity. Jérôme, true to his word, was determined to protect Max's identity. He used his influence within the police department to ensure that the details of the accident and the mysterious hero who had saved the woman's life were kept under wraps. He knew that any inquiry into Max's abilities could lead to unwanted attention and scrutiny. Meanwhile, Max continued to use his unique gift to help others, always under the cover of darkness and away from prying eyes. He had saved lives and prevented disasters, but his actions left no trace of his involvement. Their love story had taken on an even more profound significance. The unspoken understanding between them, the shared secret, only deepened their connection. They found solace in the safety of their love, a sanctuary amidst the chaos of their extraordinary lives. But as time passed, a new challenge emerged. Rumors of a masked hero with incredible strength began circulating in the city. People started talking about the mysterious savior who seemed to appear out of nowhere, saving lives and averting danger. Max's actions were drawing attention, and Jérôme knew they needed to be even more cautious. One evening, as they sat in their quiet apartment, Jérôme spoke up. "Max, the rumors are spreading like wildfire. We need a plan, a way to protect your identity more effectively." Max nodded, his face etched with concern. "You're right, Jérôme. We can't continue like this, with people getting closer to discovering the truth. But what can we do?" Jérôme thought for a moment and then said, "I have an idea. What if we create a fictional character, a superhero persona, to divert attention from you? We can ensure that this persona is always at the right place at the right time to perform extraordinary feats, while you remain in the shadows." Max considered the suggestion. "It's risky, but it might work. What would we call this fictional hero?" Jérôme smiled, a spark of excitement in his eyes. "How about 'Silver Guardian'? It's mysterious and heroic, just like you." And so, the plan was set into motion. Max would continue to use his abilities to help others, but now, he would do so while disguised as the Silver Guardian. With the help of Jérôme's inside information and connections, they ensured that the Silver Guardian became a legend in the city, a symbol of hope and protection. As the city's residents celebrated the hero in silver, Max and Jérôme kept their secret safe. Their love story had evolved into a tale of two heroes—one hidden in the shadows, the other wearing a silver mask—and together, they would continue to protect the city and their love, forever intertwined in an extraordinary journey.
  15. Sseugierus

    A New Shower

    Coach Andy was at a loss; No promising athletes have enrolled at the college in 2 years. "How could that even happen? Is this school cursed or something?" He thought to himself His football team was currently made up of very ambitious, but painfully ungifted students, Chip being the poster boy for those descriptors in particular. He was 20 years old and 5'6", but only weighed 115 lbs, and Andy was convinced all of that weight was just bone. But Chip was in the gym every day working his ass off trying to be better and Andy couldn't help but root for the little guy. He knew that Chip just wanted to get bigger to impress him but he'd take what he could get... no one else was joining after all. He always aspired to be the hands-on kind of coach that works out with his team and pushes them, that's why Andy worked hard to fit the bill of a coach that could be inspiring and respected. He stood at a mountainous 6'4" and 310lbs, defined muscles packed onto his immense frame. He let his body hair grow out some to emphasize his masculinity and really sell the image, but he wasn't particularly hairy anyway, so it ended up just being some light chest hair and a treasure trail. Nonetheless, he cut an impressive and imposing silhouette that anyone would be incredibly proud of but despite that, none of his other recruits seemed to be interested in working out with their coach. In order to motivate the rest of the team (and maybe entice other athletes) Andy had put in a work order for a whole new locker room and showers, and Chip was the lucky duck that was going to be the first to see it all. "Okay Chip, hit the showers you animal" Andy said with a laugh as Chip finished his last set of bench presses "Coach! I can do more, I promise!" Chip replied, drenched in sweat and panting uncontrollably "Chip, if you want to get stronger, you can't hurt yourself and I can tell that you got no more juice, now go wash off so I can close up the training room for the day, why did I even get new showers if no one is gonna use em?" Andy scoffed "Okay..." Chip said defeated as he headed towards the locker room, grabbing a towel outside before heading in. "Good kid" Andy said with a sigh, Chip had made some progress in terms of strength over the past couple months, but not enough to be able to stand against a 200lb opposition, maybe he'd just have to forego this season. ------------------------------------------------- Chip stepped into the locker room and admired the newly renovated area, he'd been in such a rush coming in that he didn't really get to take it in, but it was really nice. It was clean and large, new benches, new paint, new posters on the wall, the whole shebang. He whistled as he went to the showers and could smell something unusual getting stronger the closer he got. He pinpointed it as coming from the last stall and saw a note on the wall: "Hey Andy! You probably don't remember me but we went to high school together! I really appreciate you sticking up for me! I heard that you don't have much of a team this year and thought I could help with that, just have anyone who needs a little boost, shower in this stall and say their own name inbetween the word bigger so "Bigger Andy Bigger!" 3 times and let my little gift work it's magic Best! Julian" "What the hell?" Chip said with a smile "What a weird ass note, I should give it to Coach Andy after I shower, I wonder if he does remember that guy" And with that Chip took the note down and started to shower, completely missing the fact that the paper was the source of the musk earlier. He felt unusually horny today and felt himself getting hard while he washed his body, a thought suddenly flooded his mind of him growing while shouting those words from the letter and he came a little. "Well, I mean, I don't lose anything and no one else is in here... RIGHT?!" He shouted, no one answered. "Okay, um, bigger Chip bigger?" He started "Bigger Chip bigger" He paused before the last chant in anticipation "Bigger Chip ... Bigger!" He waited, water raining down on him, then laughed, feeling silly for believing that note. He sniffed and could smell that smell from earlier getting stronger and stronger "Ugh what is that, it smells like sweat" he lifted his arm and sniffed "Oh geez! It's me, gross! UGH-" he suddenly leaned forward, his abdomen cramping "Oogh what? Why does my stomach- AUGH!" He shouted, his voice a little deeper "What is haPPENING?" His voice dropping again, sounding much manlier He watched as his dick started plumping up more and more, getting harder and harder, pushing past his previous 6 inches and steadily getting a little longer and thicker. "Fuck, I'm so horny..." he said as drool slipped out of his mouth. He reached down and wrapped his hand around it, not knowing how sensitive it now was "FUCK!" He exclaimed, throwing his head back in ecstasy, squeezing his growing member as he braced himself against the wall of the shower with his other arm. His whole body felt warm and sensitive now, as if even his fingers had an erection, he closed his eyes and began stroking himself slowly, unaware that his body was growing outward as he did so. His arms, previously thin and unassuming, were filling up with rock solid muscle, his hands growing thicker and stronger to match, allowing him to hold his bigger dick with more assertiveness. This forearms thickened and swelled as hair began to spread across them and grow in density, only stopping when it reached his fingers. His biceps and triceps grew and grew until his upper arms hit 19 inches, then slowed down to match the pace of the rest of his body, the same way his dick had slowed to a steady growth. Shoulders cracked and spread apart, touching opposite walls of the shower stall before ballooning in size, looking like watermelons had been sewn under Chip's skin "Guh, fucking so horny, fuck" Chip moaned as his pace increased on his now 9 inch log. His voice deepened slightly as his neck and jaw cracked and grew out into a pillar of muscle, giving him a jawline that could cut steel. He squeezed his eyes shut as his face restructured itself into a stronger brow and cheekbones, black stubble growing across his jaw in the process. His other hand left the wall as he stood up straighter, body lengthening up to 6'2", and went to his nipples as he gently flicked them. "UGH FUCK, more please, yeeeeesssss" he groaned as his chest thickened out into 2 massive pillows of concrete muscle, his abs shredding sown beneath them. His back followed suit gaining more and more mass until could stop bullets and giving him an unmatched side profile. "Unh unh unh yes unh" he panted as he humped his 11 inch cock into his rough hand like a fleshlight "fuck yes BIGGER!" He shouted ------------------------------------------------- "BIGGER!" Andy heard someone shout. He was in his office and Chip was still in the locker room, who was shouting?? He got up to check on Chip and headed toward the lockers ------------------------------------------------- Chips legs practically exploded with size at his plea, each thigh expanding to be half as big again as his waist was previously, calves growing proportionally to match, his feet were the last to grow, spreading across the floor, massive and thick, fitting of the colossus that Chip now was, and marked the end of his growth, but not before hair sprouted across his chest and down his abs, heading down to his feet, leaving a forest on his legs. Chip could feel climax coming as he began jerking his footlong dick with both hands, grunting like an animal as he got closer and closer. Suddenly, the door to the stall swung open, Andy shouting as he saw this goliath of a stranger cranking it in their facilities "WHAT THE HELL!" He began to shout, startling Chip as he whipped around and began spraying his seed all over the shower, and Andy, the stream not stopping for a full minute until everything, and everyone, was drenched. ------------------------------------------------- "Jesus Chip, it got in my mouth even, what the hell happened to you?" Andy said, wiping himself off after Chip had calmed him down and told him who he was "I found this note, and the chant works!" He boomed in his powerful new voice, cause himself to chub up again "Fuck did it work..." he trailed off reaching down and groping his junk "Julian? I remember him, he always carried around weird books about witchcraft, I guess he figured it out or something cause if he could do this back then, I doubt he would have missed that chance." Andy glanced at Chip "Look at you kid! You're a beast! You're almost a tall as me, and definitely bigger!" Chip blushed and said a soft "thank you" as they went to take his measurements. He was 6'3" and 360lbs, but looked like he could race a cheetah. Shredded muscle covered in fur adorned his massive physique with 26" biceps, a 62" chest, and 35" thighs. He was the answer to Andy's prayers. "This is amazing! We just have to get the rest of the team in there and you'll all have futures set in the NFL!" Andy exclaimed, reaching for his phone to call a team meeting tomorrow. "Wait!" Chip stopped him. "I think there's someone else who should use it first" he said eyeing Andy up "A coach should be an inspiration to his players, something they can strive for..."
  16. Hey there, as a passionate fan of @GiganticBeast's massive fan(a)tasies I finally decided to collect my drafts of "stolen" text-sheds and made a (improved) transcript. Whilst doing it I learned lots of hidden techniques in telling growth by just "All Dialoge" and the art of doing those audios with driving passion and good one-man voice-acting. I also loved the way of sharing fantasies in fantasies... and MAN there you go with the hot ideas to give all listeners/readers a proper boner! And yes, I enjoyed this particular scenario a LOT. I hope you do as well! Best experience would be to read this while listening to it! Enjoy! :3 -------- Source of the edited audio-transcript: Pornhub - gigantic_beast – “Servicing a Raunchy Growing Trucker” (GiganticBeast @ Twitter) - https://de.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5f17482069df0 The trucker and the boy A door closes with heavy steps haling in a toilet-room. An old ventilator causes noises in the background. The steps approach a clanging pissoir. The big noisemaking man moans in relieve while strong pissing-noises break the otherwise calm environment… „Oooooooohhh, there we go… Ooh fuck-“ The sound of pissing vanishes abruptly as the man catches someone filming… „Huh? … … Hey! Ha… Wanna take a picture, boy? It will last longer that way.“. He flushes the toilet and steps towards the intruder – a young and a head shorter man… „No no. Don’t back away now! Come on! You won’t get to be modest now. I see the cellphone there. Did you think you can sneak a pic of that fat fucking cock and go back to your girlfriend at the parking lot? Is that what you thought?” The small man is silent in shock and glances at the big man, making him chuckle… „Go on, put yours out!“ The small man falls silent in surprise and looks confused at the big man … „Yeah, you heard me! You saw mine, now let’s see yours.”. The small man asks whether he shall put away the camera … “No, leave it filming!” Then there is an unsure silence of what to do … “Come on, take your little dick out! I can see it throbbing against those tight pants of yours.“. The small man’s slowly pulls down his trousers … „Ughh… Fuck, stop going so SLOW!“. With new loud steps the big man approaches the boy like a bull … „I don’t have all day for this. Get over here!“. He makes some noises by fumbling with his big hands … „Ah fuck, you’re hard as hell, aren’t you?” The bull sighs by the almost mockable sight of having a small rock-hard man-meat in his hand… “God, that‘s as big as it gets?” Then there is an embarrassed silence of truth … „Shit, boy, mine’s not even half hard and I am TWICE as fucking big…” The small man’s interested look makes the big man up for action… “That’s what you wanted to see, huh? Your little girlfriend waiting outside-“ The sound of a first little stretching makes the big man groan for a moment… “-waiting for YOU…“. More stretching, halting with a moan… „Guh… God, have you any idea of what you are in here for? For fucking hours, I bet, you just wait to see some big fat fucking trucker cock, don’t you?“. Another pulse of stretch… „Hayeah, you film it and then go home and worship it, don’t you?” In a short silence the small horny man stares embarrassed and simultaneously desperately hungry for touching … “Fucking beg me for it then, boy! Fucking beg me for this big fat cock, you little-dicked boy-bitch! Go ahead and ask me for it!” A modest question is being asked … “Ah yeah… Tell me how bad you need it! Say ‘Beast sir, can I PLEASE touch your big fat swelling god cock?’. Do it! Fucking SAY IT!“. Hearable swelling with a pleasured moan of delight follows as the demanded words are punnily repeated - more willingly said than both could have imagined … „Oh yeah! Here... Can you see it growing? Do you see it getting harder? Oh yeah, look at those veins up and down on it!” Accumulating ripping and moaning with groans of pleasure. A hearable building excitement whilst the sound of skin being rubbed slowly. First parts of the man’s clothes start to stretch… “Oh yeah! Feel it thr-THROB… like the veins of my big bowlingball-biceps! You haven’t seen a man like this, have you? I am a fucking dream come true to you, aren’t I? How many times have you-” An intense thump of growth and longer moan of the big man follows… “-have you dragged your little girlfriend out to this truckstop – desperate for something like this?”. Short mocking and giggling as the boy gazes amazed … „Tell me you dream of this! That I am a fucking-”. Sound of a first big rip occurs… „-dream come true for you. Oh yeah, I am something you have been jacking your little dick off to since you are a teen… Go ahead!” Another mocking and pleased giggle as the gaze of the boy continues to drool… „Go ahead, you can touch it. I know you are fucking dying to. Get your little hands around this fat monster! Feel it!“ A fat intense stretch down south with another slight moan underlines the moment… “Uhh yeah… -feel it!” A steady growth continues with noisy rumbling. Skins touch with anticipation with moans and groans. The big man pauses every now and then because of the stretching happening … “Yeah, feel it-. Huh-ye, its big and I am a grower too… … … Aaah yeah, feel your fingers around that fat fucking shaft! Run that thumb up my … uhh yeah … up my veins, down the back. Do you feel that(?) … pumpin’ … and … grooowin’, pushing your fingers apart… … yeah! Fuck … huhhh … I want you to picture this when you’re fucking that girl of yours out there. Picture MY fat god damn-“ A short surge rumbles through the room… “-BEAST … Ooh, yeah … growing and … STRETCHING her apart as you are begging me for just a little taste of it… oh, yeah … this is what a MAN’s cock is. This is what a BEASTs cock i-hh-s-Ohhhh… … Almost pushing you back there, ai righ’? God DAMN, this feels good!“. Huffing with a smile and a chuckle sound as the boy moans in anticipation… „You are trembling, boy. You are like a dog who chase cars and you finally got one. What you gonna do with it now?”. A slight thud on the ground… „Ooh, on your knees already? FUuuck… I like thaat!“. The boy growls of surprise and ask a question of wondering about the big cock… „Yeah, it‘s still growing…“. The small man asks about the measurements… „Uh no, I don‘t know how big it gets, I never measured…”. The big man huffs in pleasure. Steady unnoticeable growth coming calmly through as there is a longer moment of calm. Comments off disbelieve are being spoken… „Do I look like I am fucking kiddin‘? Oohh, yeah, just LICK that monster! Slide that tongue-hh… up and … OH … hooooh-” A big breather of surprise whilst a halt of growth underlines the statement… “Oh BOY, right inside of you! There you go!” Rumbles of growth happen in three mini-waves with rippling clothes plus a growl – indicating the pleasant blowjob… “FUCK, god, I’m so hot … you make me … feel so fucking … BIIGhh …” A question about the strange noises follows… „What? … Ah yeah … don’t worry about that sound! Just … keep worshiping that big … fat fucking cock. … Oh yeah…” Another obvious question arises to the small man… „Nah, it‘s just getting hard … People don’t fucking grow like that, man … just … fucking enjoy it! Put it up against your arm! Yeah, it is fatter than your wrist already.“. Interruption Sudden noises from outside appear. The big man grunts in disturbance. Pulling out, a growl happens with the teeth grinding against the cockhead… „Uhgn-shit! ... Arrrhh... Someone is coming… Ghh… Get into the fucking stall! I am not done with you yet.“. With quick steps and pushing of bodies the big man closes the door to the stall and locks it bearably. Low volume grunts of relieve and a short silence are followed by the opening of the main door to the toilet-room. Hearable steps of high heels are coming in. Halting steps lead to sudden two knocks on the recently closed stall… „Its occupied…“ The woman stubbornly but vainly pulls on the doorhandle… „I SAID its occupied!“. A loud whiff and a sight of the person reacts to the deep rumbling impatient statement. She leaves the room which gets silent again. After moments of only the ventilator vibrating, the boy complains about being cramped. A comment which makes the deepened voice regaining volume and breath in and out excitedly … „Ye, this stall IS tiny. I fucking love it. I feel … huuhh-“. A pleasured grunt with a hearable flap against skin by the big grown man happens… „... so… BIIIG! … fuck yeah…“ Hilarious short laughter follows by the big man as the boy stares in utter surprise - awkwardly starring. Then boy then asks about the big man’s height … “What? No, I was always that tall. Calm down! Get fuckin-“ The bigger man growls in pleasure, whilst the pull of the boy’s head onto the big cock happens… “-get fucking sucking, boy!”. Then there is lots of fapping and wet noises of lips and blow-jobbing… „Fuck, this is incredible!” The boy asks his first question again… “Ye, it just wasn’t hard, right? It wasn’t all the way hard yet, right? Just…” The boy mumbles in curiosity and asks about its final size. “No, I don’t know how big it gets… just keep-Guh-” Moan of pleasure… „God, yeah, keep touching! Keep STROKING!”. Sloshes of one cum-shot seed into the boy's mouth and another one onto the floor. Stunned and overwhelmed by the big load the boy asks whether the big man just came… „Ohh, whaaat? Can‘t you take a little pre?” A loud shout of disbelief of the boy sounds around. He states something hilarious, making the big man laugh … “Hahaha! FUCK me… boy, you never even suck a cock?!” Silence. The boy nods… “God, I swear if I feel your tooth for another second I gonna fucking break your jaw with my cock!” Gasp of surprise happens as the boy states an interfering wish… „Hhh-fuck yeah… What? You wanna… you wanna feel the rest of me? Fine, fine, feel what you want…“ The big man moans in delight. Both are heavily breathing in due the satisfaction by the hot-blooded worship… “Go ahead, yeah. You can-“ The first surge of growth after the interruption intervenes – being silently controlled… “-feel my legs.” The big man gasps in utter surprise… „Fuck… they gotta be THICK already! Have to be under my rig all day… MAN, and look at those fucking guns! I am a fucking-“ The big man growls pleased and massively turned on by his observation… „-BEAST!“. Slightly louder more prominently sounds of stretching reappear, making the boy ask again… „I said: Don’t mind that sound! I am just … huhh … focus on those balls! Pull them out for me!“ Little extra growth happens due to the groping and kneading of the balls… “Ohhh, fuck them now… My jocks are getting so tight!”. The boy suddenly asks whether he grows bigger all over… „Growin’? What the fuck are you talking about? Just feel them! Aren‘t they big enough already?” The boy comments in astonishment of the massive balls in his hands… “Yeah! They fucking fill your whole palm, don’t they? Oh yea... they are FULL of fucking cum cause I am a brawny boy. And I haven’t released them in fucking WEEKS. Is that what you want? Your sweet little girlfriend out there you picture yourself getting choked and huh-“ Hornyness accelerates growth spurt while imagining the mentioned Sex. Starts of intense groaning while talking… „-and gagging hooh-“ More intense stretching… A BIG horny moan and growling out of the big man’s throat happens… “-cuffing up gallons of some THICK fucking trucker cum… OH yes… some BIG muscle bulged trucker just PUMPIN’ you full.” The spurt ends while his voice deepens a bit… “There you go… Fuck this stall is tiny!”. The massive man laughs as nothing but another obvious observation happens … „No, I have always been this tall. God, are you even standing? God, I have always bein’ this big. You always just got up to my packs when you got in here. What are you fucking talking about?“ The boy persists on his statement… „Ohh fuck. Who cares how tall I was earlier? A loud full rip of the big man’s shirt ends the discussion… “Yeah, my shirt’s tight. It’s fucking old already… I just rip it off-“ Some extra growth makes the shirt go loosen even quicker. The big man audibly suppresses the urge to growth with breather of sweat… „-huhhh. Fuck me… I am just getting pumped, alrighty? Yeahhh… Fuck, I love the sight of you reach me on your tiptoes-Ooooh-“ The big man loves the view and widens a bit more with a roar… “Just try to feel these fucking traps!” “Successfully distracted” the boy then comments amazed by how wide the big man is … “YEh, my shoulders are fucking BROAD!” The shoes The big man then suddenly gasps in pain… “Fuck these boots are TIGHT... God, I am so BIG… Go on, get down back on your knees, boy, and take those off from me!“ Kneeling down the boy then starts to work as commanded… “Oh fuck yeah, unlace these!” Slowly the boy tries to unlace the heavy boots and fails on the knots… „Oh fuck! Shit seems to be popping already. Ye, I am SO… big…” The boy asks about his shoe-size… „Size 16. Ye, I think these are just getting old… Big fucking broad feet on this field-hopped boots…” A stronger growth spurt happens accompanied by the man’s deepening voice. He rips his trousers and slowly tears open his shoes. He underlines the command with a breather of hurry… “HURRY UP! Fucking get those laces off before…“ Another surge with a vividly tried suppression by holding the big man’s breath occurs… „…BEFORE…“. In the same moment visible stretching of his feed pop through the garment. Groaning and a final looong ripping with a loud moan of delight sound through the room… „FUCK mee…” A silent moment of accusation starring follows as the boots fully ripped in two. Boy repeats his question regarding the unbelievable stated foot-size… “Yeh! They were old, alright? They were old boots. I am so big! And I told you: Size 18. Jesus Christ! Listen boy, look… what you made me do!” The boy once more accuses the massively buffed up man of growing… “No! My feet aren’t too big for me, you were just to fucking slow! That’s why that happened! God, can’t get my fucking sized 20 feet in those fucking shoes anymore, thanks to you!“ The boy resigns. He asks for another favour instead… „Yea, fine, put it to your chest!” Feeling the boy exploring the massive man’s feet are a new sight to his liking – so he growls in appreciation… “Feel all that sweat of that fucking beast sucking through your shirt, ey?“ Laughing and scoffing of the big man follows as the small one comments about the puddle of pre on the floor and watches the massive man sitting on the creaking toilet as he lifts his massive legs up to the small chest – completely covering it… „Oh hot! You’ve got a good sucking on that fucking big toe… ey? Growin’ in your mouth…” Further moaning in pleasure sound deeply through the room. Short noises of growth while pleasured exhalation happen. Hands wander onto the massive hairy legs. The beast groans out loudly as the hands audibly but vainly squeezes the muscle with all might… „Fuck yeah… Your hands up and down on my calf … they almost… fuck they already ARE as big as your thigh… even bigger!” The smaller man then surprises the big man, making him breath in in surprise, causing some more stretching and a moan in pleasure… „Rock hard muscles… growing… throbbing … BULGING…“ In horny exhalation the big beast swears words in pleasure. The boy finally interrupts. He heard multiple times what he wanted to hear and mocks that he surely is not lying the whole time… „Fuck… What?! No, I didn’t say ‘growing’. Fuck … God, this little stall is so… claustrophobic. It’s so tiny, isn’t it?” The huge man giggles and gasps in uncertainty for a moment… “Fuck…” The boy states literal hard facts making the giant hearably shaking his head… „Nah, I always was shoulder to shoulder with these metal fucking walls! … … Ooh god… Imma stand up here…“ A loud stomp shakes the ground as the feet force to the ground and pump up the beast right to the ceiling… „Fuck me … Godhhh …”. Exhaustedly breathing, the boy innocently asks again whether he always was THAT tall… „No, I was always scraping the fucking ceiling! I came in here, crouching, 10 feet tall … fucking … big… broad…” Unwantedly growing again, he groans while he verbally defends himself… “My clothes were hanging off of me when I got in here. I was… I got this … ah … condition and ah … oh fuck, I can’t even…”. The ridiculous situation makes him thunder a chuckle… „Look at your fucking face!” The huge man laughs surrendering as he noticeably realizes his ridiculous sounding excuse… “Nah, I don’t care anymore… Yeah, I am fucking GROWING.”. He gasps passionately as he surges up a little bit once again. His growth makes his voice-deepening mentionable within his coming words… „Fuck, I am getting MASSIVE as you fucking worship me! … Oh my goood … yeahhhh… I’ve… I have never gotten this BIG before… Oh shit…” Suddenly the even hairier trucker-belly growls loudly, slowly begins to wobble and swells out with gurgling noises… “Here is my fucking roid-gut swelling out there for you, boy! Ripping out that shirt…”. Stunned by the giant bear in front of him, the huge man’s hand engulfs the boy’s waist without resistance. His small cock throbs in his pants as the huge man sets him onto the giant's thick two foot long hard, pre oozing and throbbing shaft. By offset almost his height in the air, the boy holds onto the giant’s waist, discovering the growing valleys of rippling muscles and even thicker growing hair… “Ah yeah… Get these fingers in between those GROOVES!“ Pleasure and passion are mixing up audibly as the boy pets the giant’s abs-valley in trance of sheer wish fulfilment … „Ooh yeah! Feel it! Feel the hair getting so thick… Grab a fucking fistful of my pelt there, boy.” Maximally teased the boy moans and feels his pants wetting with pre… “Don’t you come yet! I never had some growing this BIG…” He moans as he swells up another inch in all directions… “Never had someone who is so fucking … dumb’n … fucking EAGER to see me-“ An even greater spurt passes through, which makes the giant gush out a sloshing load… “-HOH! … see me GROWING!“ The spurt continues in shrinking waves – for now… „Oh my god. All these little lot-sluts were running away from me before I am 8 feet tall but … but YOU … you are so fucking cock-hungry, you made me so-“ The spurt recedes with a thumping extra on top… „-hhhmm… SOO… FUCKING… BIG! … … Oooh, boy, I won’t be even able to fit into my own rig after this…“ Thinking of busting his own truck makes him noticeably enjoying the moment even more… ”Go on! You want it? You are on it, right?” Hearty laughing at the LUSTFULL stare of his little buddy he moans in mere pleasure… “Ohh… GOD, YEAH… You are fucking terrified, YEAH. But … you wanna feel that big fat fucking cock inside of you before it … hhh … before I get too big to fit, don’t ya? Go on, you want it. You-“ Mixing swearing, grunting and moaning triggers a sudden new wave of growing … “-oh wanna FEEL my FAT cock growing … and… STRETCHING! Come on, get me in there… hhh…” He growls hungry and does the work of ripping of the last of the little one’s clothes, accompanied by small spurt as the tip of his huge cock docks the small ass… “Ooh fuck yeah! You are so fucking tight, boy… I gonna lie down here…“ Too much for the beast Objects are rumbling away as the giant thuds onto the ground and leans against the wall. He gasps in sudden surprise… „What are you-” He abruptly moans LOUDLY in a new form of delight… “Oh GOD YEAH! You LIKE these big fucking nimps, ey? Go on, make’em fucking thumb-thick beast GROW in your mouth!“ Something builds up with every lick… „OHhh yeah… hhhh … I am so BIG … I’m so HARD… Look what you have done to me, boy! I’M … GROWING … SO … BIG!” A sudden pump in all directions fly by with an intense growl of the beast. He gasps and chuckles in horny surprise… “Oh-Oh my god! I don’t… I don’t think I can control it anymore… I don’t think I-“ He chuckles, getting lost in the moment … “I don’t think I control-” Another bigger thud… “Oh my god!” Pump… “Can you feel this boy? Can-“ PUMP… “-HHH! Can you feel your bod’ sliding against mine as I GROW underneath you …? Fuuuck! Lying on the floor … growing across… ugggrh!” The giant moans in utter pleasure as the unsteady growth spurt is gaining speed. Meanwhile more objects are pushed away. The stretching of the beast is rumbling and intensifying. Room-filling grunts of effort thunder through the half-filled room… “… knocking those stalls out the way… I can’t even control. I can’t take it anymore … Fuck me, the walls are squeezing on me here. I can barely get … oh god … barely get a full breath! I feel so… Oh god… I feel so cramped as I … as I GROW-“ Rest of the stalls are crumbling. The walls are getting damaged with the growth furtherly intensifies. The huge man’s voice thunders even more loudly and deeply… “… I AM GROWING INTO THAT BRUTE… OH MY GOD, I’VE NEVER GOTTEN THIS BIG… BUT I LOVE IT! FUCK ME. I CAN’T STOP GROWING AND STRETCHING YOU LIKE A FLASHLIGHT AROUND MY COCK! I AM NOT FUCKING YOU ANYMORE. I AM JACKING OFF WITH YOUR LITTLE BODY…” Swearing, moaning and gasping is mixing with rumbling. The giant is bursting up and up with loud moans in pleasure, growing even some more quicker… “GOD, I AM SOAKING IN SWEAT… GO AHEAD BOY, GET YOUR FACE UP IN THIS PIT!” The huge man moans from the small barely conscious man then just trying to touch him on his sides. Little surges with hungry moans of liking the view accompanies with the groaning, which mixes with enjoyment of a steady growing, making the suddenly very tight room fills audibly whilst the boy gasps in awe of the total view… “I COULD FUCKING CRUSH YOU WITH A FLEX, BOY, BUT I AM NOT GONNA… JUST … HOHHH… IT FEELS SOO GOOD. OOHH, YEAH, FUCKING LICK YOUR WAY, LITTLE BOY… OOHH FUCK ME… MY COCK GROWING SO BIG INSIDE OF YOU! FEEL IT! FEEL IT THROBBING AGAINST YOUR BACK. I AM GROWING INSIDE OF YOU SO MUCH. OH GOD, LIKE A HOOLIGAN.“. More stretching and rumbling happen. depending on the little one’s actions. „ITS AMAZING! BIGGER… BIGGER … AND BIGGER! FUCK, YES!“ Rumbling spurts are filling the room more and more and more whilst the giant grows even bigger, bigger and bigger… „FUCKING MONSTROUS BEAST… OH MY GOD, I CAN’T EVEN MOVE MY ARMS. THEY ARE PINNED AGAINST THE WALLS. MY LEGS ARE FUCKING CURLING UP HERE. OHHH, MY TRAPS SWALLOWING MY HEAD. BOY, YOU GOT ME GROWING OUT OF CONTROL HERE!“ Suddenly everything calms a bit as the giant's knees reach the ceiling and his feet the other side of the room… „FUCK! IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED? FUCKING GETTING… CRUSHED BY A GROWING MUSCLE BULL IN A FUCKING DIRTY TRUCKSTOP-” Building up pressure, clamped between walls, the beast moans in pressure and disbelieve. The rumbling multiplies. Suddenly another burst rumbles through the whole mountain of a man. Pump… pump… PUMP… “-OOOOH, YOU LITTLE FUCKING BITCH?!“ The air slowly connects with the outside as his head digs with increasing force through the ceiling. The enormous head is booming off and out of the buildings roof. A loud moaning fills the air as the giant’s head comes to fresh… „OH MY GOD, THERE GOES THE FUCKING ROOF! I CAN BREATHE AGAIN AT LEAST!“ Everything is rumbling as the giant stands up and chuckles monstrously. Now, also the walls are collapsing. Thundering in excitement he damages the ground and everything around as he steps and stabilizes… „AH SHIT! THERE IS YOUR GIRL! YOU… WANNA SAY ME ANYTHING TO HER…? OR MAYBE WE LET HER JOIN THE FUN?”
  17. Sizemologist

    Doubling Device Pt. 2 Added 10/05/23

    A Sample Luke had been going to this new coffee shop, BJ’s Coffee, for about two months now and still couldn’t get over how cute the barista Max was. He had such a cute face framed perfectly by a beard. Big brown eyes that Luke could get lost in. The only problem was he was pint sized compared to Luke. Luke was a hulking 280 pounds at 6’6. He had hated his size ever since he had started discovering how much he loved to be smaller than his partner. And Max was 5 feet tall and 100 pounds soaking wet. But he had such a handsome face for a little guy, Luke had only wished it was on an even bigger body. But today was different. Luke had found the perfect thing to fix his “little” problem. He had bought a device from this sizemologist that had the ability to double anything. Originally, it had the potential for growing food to twice its original size, but the sizemologist had found other uses for the device. Today was the day Luke took the plunge and tried out this doubling device. The sizemologist was very specific with the instructions. He had to get a DNA sample of whatever or whomever he wanted to grow. It might be hard, but Luke had a plan that was a full proof way to get a bit of Max’s DNA. Luke walked into the coffee shop and he saw Max at the register. The little guy was wearing a t-shirt with a big BJ’s Coffee logo on the front and a standard pair of khaki pants. Luke himself was wearing a tight shirt and hoodie as well as skinny jeans. His whole outfit hugged his big body and accentuated every curve of his muscles. “Hi Max. Can I get my regular?” asked Luke as he approached the barista counter. “Sure Luke. Coming right up,” said the smaller man with a smile. Max walked back behind the counter and started making Luke’s drink. Luke had made sure to get to the coffee shop bright and early before the work crowd came so he could get Max while the shop was fairly empty. “So Max, have you been seeing anybody lately?” said Luke as he peered his head over the counter. Max continued to focus on making Luke’s drink. Not paying too much attention to the giant standing in front of him. “No, not really. Why do you ask?” “Oh I was just wondering because I kinda have this problem that I was wondering if you could help me out with. And if you were seeing someone, I wouldn’t want to make things awkward between you and them,” said Luke with a devilish grin on his face. “What? Luke what are you talki-” Max’s words were cut short when he looked up at the hulking behemoth and how he was posing. Being as tall as Luke was, his legs easily cleared the counter that Max was working on. Using this advantage, he had pushed his huge bulge outward with his hips so that it was laying on the counter. His rock hard cock in his pants left almost nothing to the imagination as Luke’s hand grazed it. “Think you could help me out?” The big bulge on the counter seemed to move with his words. Max stared at the outline of Luke’s cock in front of him almost drooling over its size. He was brought back to reality when a ding from the coffee machine rang in his ears. “Um, uh, yeah. Uh, give me a second.” He grabbed Luke’s drink and poured it into the cup. “Here you go Luke. That’ll be $4.99.” Luke pulled out his card and paid. As the receipt printed out, Max grabbed a pen and started scribbling something down on it. “Have a good day Luke,” said Max before running to the back of the store. Luke took the drink and read what Max had written on the receipt. I’m on break in 5 minutes. Meet me out back behind the coffee show and I’ll help you with your problem. Luke smiled knowing his plan was working perfectly. He grabbed his drink and walked to one of the empty tables. He sat down and fished the device out of his pocket. Despite its purpose to make things huge, the device itself was very small. No bigger than a playing card and maybe a centimeter thick. It had a single blue button on it and four red directional arrows. Luke pressed the blue button and the tiny screen blinked to life. The display read No Sample. Luke tried pressing the other buttons, but the machine just continued to read No Sample. Luke turned the device on its side and saw a little divot at the top. He pressed it and out popped a little box. “Guess that’s where this sample goes,” said Luke to himself. After sipping his coffee, Luke got up and threw it away as he headed out the front door. He looked to his right and saw the alleyway in between the buildings. He walked into it and turned the corner to see Max out of his barista apron. “Eager are we?” asked Luke as walked over to the smaller man. “Look Luke. I gotta say, I’ve never done anything like this before,” said Max as he looked up at the blonde man. “What? Been with a guy?” asked Luke as he knelt down to eye level with Max. “Or been with a guy this big?” Luke bounced his pecs in his tight shirt. Max’s eyes were caught between looking at Luke’s handsome face or his thick pecs. “No, not that. I mean, I haven’t been with a guy as big as you. And that list is a very short one. But I mean, done anything with a guy at my work.” said Max as Luke flexed one of his biceps in his face. “Really? Then what makes me the exception?” Luke stood up to his full height and pushed his bulge forward into Max’s stomach. “Because you’re the biggest man I’ve ever seen and drop dead gorgeous.” Max grabbed onto Luke’s bulge and started caressing it. Marveling at its huge size and feeling his heartbeat through his pants. Luke leaned down and kissed the tiny man and began unbuttoning his tight jeans. Pulling them down and letting his underwear flop out. “Fuck Luke! You’re huge!” “Thanks little guy.” As much Luke liked the service he was being given by his smaller lover, this was not his goal. He had to get a sample of DNA from him so that instead of being worshiped for his size, he could start worshiping his own giant lover. He looked down at Max as he pulled his underwear down and out sprung his 10 inch cock. “Hope you don’t get scared and run because it's so big,” said Luke as Max continued to grope his big body. “Are you kidding? It’s incredible. One of the biggest cocks on the planet.” Max started to go down on Luke’s member. Despite his small size, he was able to suck on Luke’s horse cock with relative ease. That sent shivers up Luke’s spine and he felt a bit of pre leak out into Max’s mouth from his big lemon sized balls. Luke looked down at his tiny lover and saw a tiny tent in his pants. Luke had his sights set on the prize. “I’m not the only one who’s gonna be having all the fun,” said Luke as he wrapped his arms around Max. Picking him up with ease and sitting him down on the dumpster behind him. “I know you’re loving this as much as I am.” Luke grabbed at Max’s pants and almost ripped them off to reveal a small bulge in his underwear. “Sorry, not nearly as impressive as yours,” said Max as Luke pulled down his underwear to reveal his 3 inch cock. “No worries little guy. We all can’t have a body as big as mine,” said Luke as he grabbed onto the little cock and started jerking it off. “But I wish I did. So badly. You have no idea.” Luke furrowed his eyebrow at Max’s comment, but kept jerking him off. “Really? A body this big isn’t as great as people might think it is. Why would you want it?” “I just wish I was bigger. So much bigger. I have always been the smallest and I hate it. I wish I could grow and grow and grow and never stop.” The words alone were making it hard for Luke to hold his load in. “Well you can have my size if you really want it so bad. Would you like that?” asked Luke as he squeezed Max’s cock head. “Yes. I would love that,” said Max out of breath. “Then picture it. You and me here. I’m the small one and you’re the giant. Huge. Bigger than any man has ever been. Taller than me. More muscular than me. More hung than me. Bigger in every way. Unable to find clothes that fit. Can’t walk through doors without turning to the side or ducking through.” Luke looked at Max and he was moaning like crazy and it looked like his body was shaking from the pleasure. He was near the breaking point. He just needed a little push. “I would gladly worship your godly body as you grew even bigger.” That did it and Max started shooting out cum. Luke had also made himself cum after voicing his own personal fantasy to his crush and getting such a good reaction from it. After three quick shots that landed on Luke’s hand, Max laid back on the dumpster in exhaustion. “Fuck that was hot,” said Max out of breath. “Yes it was,” said Luke as he grabbed the device out of his pocket with his other hand. “Here, let me help you clean up. I brought a towel out here in preparation for a mess.” Max reached back behind him and grabbed a white rag towel. “No!” shouted Luke as Max tried to reach for his hand and wipe off his cum. “I mean, no need. I can clean myself. But I would maybe clean off your shoes before you go inside,” said Luke as he pointed at Max’s shoes. They were covered in cum. While Luke jerked him off, his feet were dangling on the edge of the dumpster and when Luke shot his load, they were in the splash zone. “Shit!” said Max as he started wiping off his shoes. “God I hope no one notices.” Max frantically started scrubbing his shoes. “Sorry about that. I promise I’ll make it up to you later,” said Luke as he closed the sample compartment of the device and put it back in his pocket. Luke pulled up his jeans and buttoned them as he looked at Max’s shoes. “I don’t think anyone will notice. You stand behind the counter all day so people will hardly ever see your feet.” “That is true. I’ll just hope and pray that my coworkers just don’t look down,” said Max as he hopped off the dumpster and also pulled up his pants. The two of them stood there staring into each other’s eyes for a moment. Just taking in the other person. “Well, I should really get back in there. This was fun…I guess,” said Max as he started to walk towards the door going back into the coffee shop. “Yeah, it was. Thanks for helping me out,” said Luke as he winked at Max. “I’ll see you around Luke.” “See you around Max.” Luke waved goodbye as the short man walked back to the door to the shop. “Max,” Max turned around to see the big man, “I hope we can do this again. And maybe not in this particular way.” “I’d like that Luke.” Max smiled and waved back to Luke as he went back to work. Luke started to walk back to the front with a bit of spring in his step, but he heard a ding coming from his pocket. He grabbed the device and the screen was different this time. It read: Sample has been added to database. You may now begin doubling. Luke could only grin as he walked back to the front.
  18. Hey everyone here is part 3 of changeling, finally featuring some muscle growth! Once again I plan on this being more slice of life and the great thing about Wes' ability to change back and forth is all the different things and sizes he can try in the future, so expect all kinds of situations and growth. Once again horny while writing do don't mind any mistakes, if you want to proofread feel free to message me with anything you might see wrong ha. Changeling Pt. 3. An Explanation is in Order I thought he was going to run, call the police, hell, even the government and turn me into some sort of mad scientist experiment, but he just sat there propped up, drenched in cum with a puddle of it having formed around him. “I…I…don’t know what to say,” neither of us moved an inch, just a moment of prolonged awkward silence between us. It felt like it dragged on forever, a moment frozen in time. If it wasn’t for the slight breeze and cum dripping from ourselves and the walls I would have sworn time had stopped. The only slight bit of relief I felt was the neighbors were far apart and the fences were high, I couldn’t imagine right now any of the neighbors having seen this and what that possible reaction could bring. Finally Kai spoke up, “I just how did that happen, what happened…it’s impossible…it’s crazy,” his voice went quiet as he eked out the word crazy, a slight tinge of it seemed to be laced with fear and maybe…curiosity? I walked over to him expecting him to back up, but he didn’t. I reached down to offer a hand and to my surprise he took it and I helped him up to his feet. “Honestly it started yesterday, I haven’t exactly figured out how or even how to control it as you just saw. I guess the booze and all the excitement got to me and I just…lost control.” “Like you controlled all that? But I don’t understand.” “Me either to be honest but it’s like if I focus it I can just make my cock grow or shrink, I guess all of what was happening made it harder to think straight,” trepidation crept into my voice, I didn’t know Kai well and wasn’t sure what was going to happen next, the anxiety of it all kicked me into panic mood and I could feel my heart racing. The awkward prolonged silence settled in the air again only supplanted by the sounds of cars from the distant highway. “I just don’t know what to say, to think.” “Well maybe for now we should get cleaned up, I made a bit of a mess,” my voice croaking he just nodded. We walked back into the house tracking mud made from my cum with us. “There are towels in the guest bathroom.” He wandered off toward the bathroom and I watched him turn the corner into the hall before heading into the master bedroom. I walked into the bathroom and pulled off my clothes and left the semen covered pile of them on the floor. I avoided looking into the mirror, I was a freak, a monster even. If I couldn’t keep control it wouldn’t just be Kai asking questions, it would be everyone. I stepped into the shower and switched on, the immediate cold war hitting my body made my heart freeze up some in turn and calm ever so slightly. As it warmed I began to lather myself up, wiping away the jizz that held onto my body hair like thick honey. The smell of it was exponentially more potent with the water now warm and eventually steaming. It filled my nostrils, I usually enjoyed the smell of cum but this was just a reminder of the freak occurrence that just happened with someone I hardly even knew. I had always wanted to be big, bigger than big! But now? Now that I had this strange new power I wasn’t sure anymore. Of course in the stories I had read online that was sometimes a part of them, those “Big Boy Problems.” Now actually experiencing it with someone else I was unsure how much I enjoyed the existential problem that came with it. I finished my shower with the sheer amount of cum washing away, occasionally clogging up the drain before the hot water forced it down. I stepped out soaking wet, the rapidly cooling water making me cold and shiver a bit even with all my fur. I finally looked at myself in the mirror, of course it was just me, the only thing that was different was the larger cock. I closed my eyes again focusing, it came easier this time, maybe it was all the commotion and panic of what Kai would do next. I hadn’t heard the security system ding of a door opening so I assumed he hadn’t completely run off yet, though I half expected him to be out by morning. I opened my eyes again and my cock and balls were back to complete normalcy, the man staring me back in the mirror was now completely me, the old me. I stepped out of my room and looked toward the hallway, I couldn’t see Kai, only the trail of muddy come prints from his shoes leading the way. As quietly and carefully as I could I made my way toward the front of the house, I couldn’t hear a shower running and assumed he must have finished showering. The light from his room was on and streamed out into the hall illuminating wet foot prints sans come from the bathroom to his door. Other than the slight burr of the air conditioner and fridge the house was silent. My head fell hanging, thinking, wondering all the possibilities of what the next day could bring. By this point I was too tired and too uneasy to clean. Instead I trudged back to my bedroom avoiding the mess and crawled in bed. With a feeling of disquietness plaguing me, along with all the, what I figured to be, strain on my body from growing so huge and shrinking back down it wasn’t long before sleep took me. It was a dreamless and empty sleep; a sleep that only came with abject worry. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sunday came and with no alarm and the deep slumber of the night I had slept in. Checking my phone there were no messages or calls from Kai. I opened the security app and the last door to be opened and closed was still the back door after the fateful encounter, Kai was still in the house. I got up and pulled on a clean pair of boxers, they were black this time with red chevron waves going across them. Donning a dusty pink pair of shorts and a black shirt I stepped from the room. The first thing I picked up on was the sound of the washer in the laundry room and before long took notice that the house was…cleaned. All of the puddles of mud and cum had been wiped away and the floor looked perfectly cleaned up. The only thing that remained was a slight ammonia bleached scent of cum in the air. Glancing around I didn’t notice Kai out of his room and instead walked toward the kitchen glancing into the hall and seeing his door once again with the light on. I flipped on the coffee pot and not long after the hissing of the machine and smell of dark black coffee replaced the heavy air. With a click I turned to see Kai stepping out, he was wearing plaid pajama bottoms and a white shirt hug over his perfectly proportioned husky frame. “Morning,” I squeaked out, not good morning, just morning because I wasn’t sure if it was good, in fact I was almost certain it was not. “Good morning,” he responded, his expression barren of any sort of emotion. Was that a good thing or a bad thing? “Thank you for cleaning up, you didn’t have to.” “Well if I am going to live here we can’t exactly have the house staying a mess can we.” My heart pounded now. If he was going to stay here? He wasn’t running for the hills? Calling the F.B.I? I was stunned and, to be honest, a bit relieved. “Yeah about last night…” I said as the final spurt of the coffee machine puttered into the pot. Kai cut me off before I could say more, “Yeah we need to talk about that, but for now maybe we just need to have coffee.” I grabbed two of the largest coffee mugs I had from the cabinet, one adorned with a bunch of Pokemon on them, me being a little on the nerdy side, and the other a plain large white mug. I poured us both a cup and we sat at the dining table sipping on it for a bit not really saying anything but at the same time saying a lot. Saying things with quick glances like: what now, who speaks first, or what the hell is happening. “So how did you do that last night? Grow,” he finally said, looking directly in my eyes. It was hard to keep eye contact but I did. “Well I am not entirely sure to be honest. The night before you came I was on the couch, jacking off. Then sort of just thinking about my cock it started to grow bigger,” I tried hard to think of the night before last and remember everything that happened but with all the commotion it was difficult to piece it all together. “Did it get as big as last night?” “No, it was only about two feet then before I came, and then I panicked a bit knowing you were moving it, couldn’t exactly explain away a two foot dick shoved down my pants, and when I focused on it, when my mind was clear, it just sort of shrank back down.” “I see and nothing happened to trigger it, if you had never had this happen before I mean surely something. Something you ate, maybe, or drank?” It was beginning to feel like an interrogation, but his soft voice kept me cool. I probed my mind for a bit, thinking hard. Then it finally came to me, “Well…” on top of this how was I going to explain such a niche fetish like macro or hyper to a man I hardly knew, my conversations about it with other men had only been the men I met and chatted with online to discuss the topic in a place where we knew we had mutual interests. “...it is going to sound ridiculous…” “You have to admit it is all a bit ridiculous,” he chuckled, his hearty laughing made me even crack a slight awkward smile. “Well you see I have this fetish…it’s called macro and hyper and it is something I have sort of been into since before I can even remember or was able to put a name to them. Basically the idea that a man could grow to impossible sizes…” Kai nodded, “I have a vague idea of what you are referring to. Sure it didn’t start with video game culture?” He chuckled again, each small laugh making me slightly calmer. “I mean I have been on the internet enough and some of the things I have seen come from the furry community that I have just happened upon remind me of that. Plus you got the hulk and ant man.” “Funny, it might have come from the hulk, I do recall jerking off to those transformation scenes as a kid,” now was my time to laugh, remembering the times I would lock myself in my room watching the hulk and putting those scenes on repeat. “But,” he continued, “that doesn’t explain how you are able to do it now.” “Well, that night, when I was jacking, it sounds stupid,” once again his face twisted into a grin reminding me the whole thing was a bit silly, “I made a wish on this shooting star out the window, I wished I could control my body, change it however I want. Then shortly after that was when my dick started growing.” Shrugging I took another huge gulp of coffee. “A wish? Now it does sound a bit daft,” his smile remained indicating he wasn’t too serious about the statement. “Well what can I say, I can’t think of anything else that would have caused it. Silence fell again for a moment, I could see in his eyes he was thinking. A few more moments and he responded, “So the way you worded this…wish. Can you change anything else?” I had to admit I had thought about it, could I? I hadn’t tried, I was trying to keep it under control but obviously last night I couldn’t. “Well I am not sure, I haven’t tried it. When it happened with my cock the first time I was focused on my cock,” I paused for a moment, “and last night I was thinking about it too I guess because we were jacking off…I got excited you were impressed with the size of it. “Well I was…impressed with it. Was that your normal size.” Now it was my turn to really laugh, “No it wasn’t I had kept it bigger than normal because it felt like something I could more easily hide behind clothes and also some guys are just porn star dicked. “Well the clothes didn’t do much to hide it, I noticed pretty immediately. And you were very forthcoming once you noticed me hard, so safe to assume we are both into men?” “Yeah, I guess it is pretty safe to assume though I have to admit I have a horrible gaydar. Then I had so many beers and my cock was bigger so I guess I felt confident in…testing a theory if you were.” “Well you could have just asked, maybe in the future if you need another roommate you can add it to the form,” he smiled and shifted in his seat. “You are a great looking man, you didn’t have to grow your cock if you wanted to impress me, though maybe take me out next time before you coat me in jizz.” The air felt so relaxed as we both laughed, “A date it is.” We joked around for a moment before he addressed me again, “So would you want to try?...Try to change other things?” “If I am being honest, yes I would, but I also don’t want to lose control again.” “Well maybe if we stay away from beer and stick to coffee, and keep the clothes on you wouldn’t have as much of an uncontrollable urge.” “You want to see me grow? Try other things?” “Only if you want to, more than anything out of morbid curiosity.” I pulled my chair back and stood up, my now less encumbersome cock and balls unable to be seen in my shorts. “So I assume that is your usual bulge?” “It is honestly I was pretty freaked out last night after everything, I wasn’t even sure you would be here this morning.” “I think we were both freaked out, but I must admit that a part of me was a bit turned on as well. Plus I need the room and who would believe me even if I told them that a man grew a cock the size of me in front of my eyes.” “I guess you are right about that, if it wasn’t happening to me I’d say you were crazy,” I paused and then added, “So should we test the theory, see if anything else can grow.” “I mean why not? Might as well find out what you are capable of if I have to live in your spare bedroom here, plus I am keen to find out for myself.” “What should I try first?” He thought again for a moment, “I love your body as it is but you said you like hyper proportions, maybe not going that far but would you want to beef yourself up some. Maybe try adding some muscle.” I closed my eyes, I focused in on my body, then behind that imagined a more muscular version. I really tried to hone in on something that wasn’t too big. Not bodybuilder, and not swimmer, but something in between. A muscle bear that probably played football in high school, had gotten big but not a bodybuilder big. I could see myself, my shoulders broadening, arms filling in my shirt tightly, legs straining against my shorts as they grew. I thought of my chest, one thing I had always wanted more muscle on, ballooning out slowly until I had a decent set of pecs. “Wes I think it’s working,” I heard Kai say almost excitedly. I opened my eyes and could feel it, see it. I looked down at myself as my muscles steadily swelled larger, the feeling of it was euphoric and not painful at all. I noticed my arms increasing, my biceps slowly gaining mass with a thin layer of the fat I had previously over them. Eventually they pressed up against my sleeves. I turned my attention to my chest, it grew, and swelled and even with the black tshirt on I could see the fabric pushing outwards. I had obviously focused on my chest more than other parts because as all my muscles swelled larger my chest seemed to do so ever so slightly faster. Soon I had gone from largely flat chested with my gut to my chest on par with my hairy gut below it and overtaking it. Below that I watched as my legs increased in sizes. My thighs and calves almost in a race to keep up with one antoher. After a few moments my thighs pressed into my shorts more, and then more, and finally my shorts had to ride up higher ever so slightly. I had always had thick legs but now they looked even more amazing. I could feel my arms moving further away from my body as my shoulders broadened, I looked to Kai and he sat there, a dumbfounded look on his face. Soon my already broad shoulders were now built even more like a bear of a man, the shoulders pressing into my shirt. This growth moved into my traps as my neck began to thicken, and get swallowed up ever so slightly but new muscle groups I had never previously worked on in my life. I had to stay focused, I didn’t want to get too carried away. I slowly thought about it all slowing down, steadying. My muscle groups grinding slowly to a halt with their growth and I stood there in front of Kai now a more muscular version of myself. No wear near a bodybuilder in scope but big enough I looked like I worked out frequently. My clothes were now snug against my skin and my new pecs had pulled away the cloth just enough to see the slightest big of chest hair poking out from them. I lifted my arm and flexed for Kai making the sleeve draw back to reveal more of it, “Well safe to say I can grow muscles too.” “Yeah you can man, honestly it is sort of amazing!” I felt my chest and the muscle bounced, could I bounce my pecs now? I flexed them and they jumped up with their new mass, I had always wanted to be able to do that. I made them bounce more and dance as I flexed my arms again. “I could get used to this.” “I mean now that I know everything, no need to get smaller on my account. You can even get that porn star dick back you liked.” It was almost instant I didn’t even really have to focus, more of a fleeting thought at the excitement at my new body. My cock started snaking larger in my underwear and began to show behind my shorts. My balls grew heavier and rounder behind it and draped a bit lower. Between my new thicker thighs, larger balls, and now my growing cock soon a prominent bulge and the shape of my dick outlined my shorts. I just couldn’t resist at this point and it grew to twelve inches soft rather than 9, not having tucked it it came close to the head poking out the bottom of them. Then just as quick as it started it stopped. “That feels better to be honest. I really enjoyed the bigger cock.” “I bet you did big man,” Kai grinned and hearing the words “big man” honestly made my cock jump a bit but I didn’t get fully hard, I was really resisting that from the evening before. “Well I may just stay this way since you are cool with it, might have to shrink down for work but at least around the house, maybe it can help me learn to keep it more under control.” “And now you have me as a roommate I’ll just start yelling at you if you get too crazy!.” I had a chuckle and without thinking walked across to him and hugged him, my thicker arms wrapping around his shoulders and my pecs pressing against his chest, “Sounds like a good arrangement to me man.”
  19. RoseConspiracy

    Fight Night *Revised*

    "Geezus, Cage! Get him off the fucking fence!” I yell. I see your arms wrap around Sanders’ middle section yet again, but the piece of shit has been holding on to the cage all goddamn night. I’m not sure what the hell the ref is doing-- if he’s been paid off by Sanders’ team or if he really just doesn't see it. I see you duck your head as you release Sanders’ but it’s a second too late and his left hook lands successfully on the side of your head. I wince as I see the red spray and your head whip to the side. Feedback comes from your right ear, trickling down the side of your cheek. You should have been able to block that punch, but you’re right eye is swollen shut. It’s been your downfall since the start of the third round. “C’mon baby! You’ve got this!” I scream at the top of my lungs again, willing my voice to reach you over the roar of the crowd. I’m not sure if you actually hear me or not, but I see a nod and a grin spread across your face as you throw a blind punch to Sanders’ abdomen. I smile too as I watch the air and spit get forced out of his mouth. That seemed to be all the encouragement you needed as you struck another blow. You manage a composed left hook to his cheek, being able to see out your left eye. Surprisingly, the punch knocks Sanders’ head to the side with enough force to cause him to go down. You’re on him in a heartbeat, relentlessly delivering punch after punch with your left hand. It doesn’t last long though as you’ve left your right side vulnerable. Of course Sanders attacks with a low blow the second he gets an opening. “Oh for fucks sake!” I scream, tugging on my brunette locks as I watch the referee shrug and do nothing. Sanders’ fist lands on an already bruised region in your rib cage, I see you cry out before doubling over in pain. Your knee drops to the canvas, a taunting smile plays on Sanders’ lips as he stands over you. I try to bolt forward as I see his fist reel back. He screams as he throws the punch and it lands satisfyingly across your face. Your head snaps back and then your entire body seems to go limp. “Cage!” I scream out but the body guards you’ve hired hold me back. Aside from the sound of my own frantic sobs, there’s a pin drop silence in the stadium-- no cheers or waving signs or even any flashing lights. It’s like the entire venue stands still as they gape down at your motionless body. Not a single muscle twitches and if it wasn’t for the steady rise and fall of your chest, I’d probably have thought you were dead. My eyes sting as they flick over to the ref. He lets out a breath before rushing to your side. He starts tapping the canvas on a countdown and the crowd finally seems to blink out of their stupor. “One!” his hand slams next to your head. “Two--” I wrestle out of Aaron and Julian's grasps as I see you push up to your feet. I fly down the steps to the ring as the referee blows his whistle and the three ring bell signals the end of the round. Your coach shakes his head as he sees me approach. “It doesn’t look good, kid,” he says. But I ignore him as I rush into the cage, pushing past the sea of trainers and paramedics to get to you. “You can’t be in here,” the referee snarls as he sees me enter the ring. My hair flies out around me as his large hand grips my upper arm and whips me back towards him. “And who’s going to stop me?” I growl. My eyes narrow slightly as I press my chest against his black and white striped shirt. His nostrils flare as he looks down at me but there’s no way I’m backing down. “How much are they paying you anyways?” I tilt my head to the side, my words ending with a slight snarl. I can feel his grip immediately loosen and I wrench my arm free. As I turn back around I sigh slightly in relief. You’re sitting up now at least, and somewhat back to your feisty self. I can see you swat at the hand of an EMT as he presses his fingers to your ribs. “Cage!” Immediately you look up at me and a tight smile strains your lips. You raise your left arm to catch me, and though I know you’re in tremendous pain, you know I need this. Need to hold you, feel you. I hiccup slightly as the tears fall freely now. “I should have given you this earlier,” I cry. I shake my head sadly as I pull a tiny yellow tablet from out of my back pocket. “I’m so sorry baby, this is all my fault.” “Hey, hey, hey. Stop that.” You shush me as you cup my face with your hands, turning my head slightly to look up at you. “This was not your fault,” you say. “This was nobody's fault but my own. Sanders is prepared. He’s faster than I anticipated, stronger. He has moves--” “Yeah, illegal ones!” I cut you off as I angrily grind my jaw. Quickly I glance at the bastard over my shoulder and it dawns on me, he wasn't nearly this big last night. “What a coward!” I shake my head. With those giant arms of his, at this point, I’m thinking it’s even a miracle you’re still alive. I hear the ref tell the med team to get out and I lean forward to press my lips against yours. As I suddenly pull back I shove the capsule into your mouth. “Baby-- mmph!” I clamp my hand over your mouth as I reach down for your red and white sports bottle. “I need you to win,” I whisper against your ear. I tilt your head back before pouring the water into your mouth. With just a single gulp, you immediately start to look better. The swelling around your eye diminishes and if I’m not mistaken, your muscles look a little more pumped. Suddenly I find myself being pulled backwards by a pair of powerful, sweat-soaked arms wrapping around my midsection. Glaring bright lights flash in my face as I feel a set of thin lips press harshly against my own. “Soon I’ll have taken his title, his money, and then-- I’ll even take his girl!” I push back against Sanders’ sweaty chest in disgust. Snarling before slapping him hard across the cheek. Out of the corner of my eye I see you rise. Your slightly ballooning pecs heave as you roll your head back and forth against now much more massive shoulders. Even your shorts start to ride up, revealing deep cuts in your thick powerful legs. The changes are too subtle for anyone outside of the cage to notice, but I can see them. And as Sanders slowly starts to back up, I know he does too. I blink once and swear you look even bigger. The veins crawling over your biceps bulge as they pump even more power into the mounds of muscle. You were a beast before. But now– now you're becoming a monster. You grin at my gasp as I watch you flex your entire body. Your lats flare out, almost like you're growing wings and your traps rise just a little bit higher too. With two long strides, you move forward and pull me back from Sanders. I can feel your body hulking out around me, filling ever so slowly with even more insane muscle. “Call it,” you growl. Sanders looks over at the referee and gives a tiny shake of his head. The ref turns to you, and a look of fear flashes in his eye as he watches your ever broadening frame rise and fall. That's right you sons of bitches. Sanders had somehow gotten his hands on one of the same pills I gave you, but clearly you were born to be alpha. “Call the fucking round. Now!” I shiver at the deepening timbre and authority in your voice. Your one arm wraps around me, tightly, pulling me in for a long, needy kiss. You release me suddenly and shove me out of the cage. Pointing to somewhere behind the crowd. “Wait for me, and be ready.” Your tone leaves no room for discussion. I slowly head up the stairs, listening to the sounds of you beating Sanders into a bloody pulp. I hear him let out a scream, so guttural and ear-splitting, I know you’ve broken something of his. I barely make it back into the tunnel when I hear the MC and the ring of the final bell. “And winner by way of TKO- Cage Jamison!” I can hear the crowd erupt into a roar of approval, but I don't turn around. I proceed to the locker room and wait, just like you tell me to. A few minutes go by when the door opens abruptly. Your large frame fills the entire doorway and I'm barely able to catch glimpses of the media frenzy behind you. I jump up immediately and rush to your side. “Fuck baby--" I gasp, but you cut me off with a growl. Your eyes burn with need and you look so damn big, so intimidating and strong. I know it's pointless to argue. Especially as you kick the door to the locker room shut behind us. I notice how your nostrils flare and your chest heaves as you look down at me from your impressive six-foot-ten height. Somehow that tiny pill had turned you into a hulking demigod.  "I warned you to be ready for me..." My eyes widen at the deepness in your voice. I push slightly against your monstrous sweat slicked body, but you don't stop moving forward. There's no way by now that the crowd hadn't noticed the changes in your physique. "So I'll only ask you once-- are you?" I tense as your warm breath fans against my soft skin. "No," I say weakly. "I just--"  You nuzzle my earlobe as your big, warm hands roam the length of my body. I'm barely able to think as your strong fingers slide up underneath my shirt and teak one of my rock hard nipples. "You just what?" You whisper. The muscles in your back and shoulders go rigid as you slam your other hand alongside me, boxing me in.  I'm trembling visibly, shuddering with each passing second. I'm unable to focus on anything but your touch. Your thick, muscled quad is shoved deliciously between my thighs. Every bulge, every flex ignites something inside me that aches for more. My hands greedily explore the planes of your chest before dipping down below, pressing my fingertips into the ridges of your six pack. It's your massive arms though that I love the most. Slowly, I drag my palms over the bulging peaks. Your body vibrates with the immense potential of your strength. You look down at me and smirk, knowing how easily you could dominate me-- knowing I wouldn’t have the strength to resist you. With a soft moan I tilt my head to the side. "I just--" was all I could manage to reply.  "Just remembering that you're mine?" As your lips crash into mine, they leave a wet trail down my jaw to my exposed neck. Suddenly you pull away, your fingertips caress my cheek. You raise up to loom over me again and with one look at your face, I know you’re going to take me-- right here, right now. “Cage,” I whimper. "You belong to me." I gasp as your lips assault me and your strong fingers dig into my hip bone. Fuck. If I don't have bruises there tomorrow, I'll be surprised. As your lips hungrily trail down my jaw to my neck, my brain refuses to form sentences. Hell, it was difficult to even think of words.  "Wait," I finally cry out. Arching my back, I shove against your heavily muscled and very naked torso, but this action only seems to arouse you more. Snarling with excitement, you pin me even harder against your body. It’s as if you’re trying to show me your strength-- your dominance. I can't help the slight moan that escapes my lips. My body melts into yours. You know how crazy you make me. Your muscles, your power, your dominance. "I’m not going to be able to stop,” you warn. Your voice has grown so much rougher, more deep and sexy-- it’s hard for me to deny you. My flesh feels like it’s on fire as you force my legs around your waist. I’m practically aching for your lips to lick and soothe my searing, white hot flesh. I clutch at your impossibly large shoulders, massive traps and thick, bulging delts-- unsure if I can pull you any closer than you already are. I need to feel you, worship you and marvel at your superhuman, overpowered body. Your hand lowers between us and I feel your fingers shove my thong aside. I hiss slightly as you cup me roughly before letting a digit slip between my swollen folds. "Cage!" My voice returns full force as I feel your hardness pulsing between my thighs. I need a moment to mentally prepare but you give none. Your breathing becomes ragged and your lips quickly move to mine. Your tongue demands that I give, that I submit, but we both know that's not in my nature. I shove against you once more, but you grab my wrists with one hand and pin them high above my head so I can't move. Pulling back, your burning gaze angrily meets my own. I watch as your eyes take on a darkened gleam. "You enjoy this, don't you?" Your chest swells with pride. "Your body wants me. Craves a strong, powerful man that can either protect or dominate you." I struggle against you for a moment, the words, "you're delusional," fall from my lips. With a roar, your hips move against me before sliding your erection over my damp sex. I'm not even sure when you had shredded your pants. "Don't lie to me baby girl," you snarl. "I can sense your excitement." As your head falls against my neck, you let out a groan as if in agony. "I need you." Your voice grows softer as you rock your body against mine seeking entry. "I need to be inside you." I feel you lower me slightly before raising your hips to impale me. "Oh shit," I moan. Apparently even your cock had been affected by that pill. You feel longer, thicker, harder. Usually I loosen up after a few good strokes. But fuck, not tonight. I’m panting now, the air is ripped out of my lungs by your forceful thrusts. I can feel every thick vein and hard ridge as it slides deliciously inside me. Your grunts and snarls signal me that you're close. Suddenly your arms pull me closer as my body spasms against you. “Oh god, Cage!” I shout breathlessly as I hold on to you for dear life. A second later your head flings back and I can feel the heat of your cum splash hot and thick directly against my quivering walls. “Fuck, baby. I love you so much.” Your forehead slumps against mine as you try to catch your breath. “And after tonight, no one will ever threaten to take you from me again.” As my head falls against your pecs, I feel your right arm tighten around me as your left hand gently strokes my hair. “You’re safe, I will always protect you," you growl. "Now. Do you have any more of those little pills?” *Follow me on Twitter @hstrikes3* **MORE+NEW original content to come**
  20. HyperSizedWes

    Changeling Pt.2 - Move in Day.

    This part is a bit longer and still fairly slow but just trying to set things up to try to make this something I can write in the long haul. Still no muscle growth but this chapter does include hyper cock growth, hyper cum, and changes involving musk and pheromones. Once again was horny so did not completely proofread but let me know what y'all think. Changeling Pt. 2 - Move in Day I woke up to the sun streaming from my window and the sounds from outside louder than usual having left the window open. Groaning, I turned over trying to get a few more minutes of sleep, the smell of cum still fairly present in the room but nowhere near the level from the night before. However, as I switched up positions I jolted a bit, the feeling of my new bigger cock from the night before surprising me a bit. Only it was a bit more than just a surprise. Pulling the covers back I gasped at my morning wood, it was like another leg, literally. Pulling back the blankets I saw the largest morning wood I had ever seen, three feet of hard thick dick pressed against the mattress and my balls had swollen to the size of beach balls. “Oh shit,” I muttered under my breath. My dreams had bled over to reality in my sleep and my desires had time to run rampant. This is going to be a problem. A pool of pre covered my crotch, the blanket, and the mattress of my bed and was still oozing from the thick cock head, thicker than both my fists balled up combined. “I don’t have time for this,” glancing at the clock it was about three hours before Kai was supposed to move in and I needed to focus. I concentrated again on shrinking my dick back down to the pornstar size from the night before, only this time I couldn’t resist making it even slightly bigger, thicker. Now that I had a general idea of what I was doing it was a bit easier to feel and notice the shrinking of my cock. Before long it was a solid 12 inches hard and my balls were a nice tennis ball size, still larger than any normal man. It was still somewhat plausible in my twisted version of “plausibility”. I stroked my dick, it was more sensitive, me not having realized my fantasies had also taken on a role of increasing sensitivity and pleasure. A moan escaped my lips as I began jerking feverishly with both hands. After only a minute or so of pleasuring myself I came. Much less than the night before but still at least half a cup of jizz exploding from it landing all over me, my pubes, and the bed. I took a deep breath and whispered, “Fuck,” breathing heavily from the experience. I realized quickly I was a shower as it only softened to about 9 inches and hung like a thick snake between my legs. Crawling out of bed I drug myself to the shower and cleaned off all the jizz from my body hair, the warm water and the lathering creating a half chub even after the orgasm I had just experienced. I dried myself off and put on a pair of white boxer briefs, careful cramming in my larger balls and thick monster of a cock, I adjusted it, tucking it to the left. Even after arranging the elastic of my underwear pulled away ever so slightly from the girth of my package. Looking in the mirror my husky hairy body looked back at me, everything normal except for the obscene bulge, it almost looked like one of the morphs I had seen online. It was perfectly shaped and thick, and the cock head pressed against the fabric prominently and left nothing to the imagination. I pulled on a pair of faded blue jeans and realized there was no hiding my size, though secretly I did not want to. Hopefully Kai didn’t pay attention to my crotch the time we met, it would be hard to explain this. I slipped on my steel toed brown and green cowboy boots before donning a simple heather maroon t-shirt. My beard was slightly unkempt having not shaved in a couple of weeks. “I wonder,” I said to myself, staring in the mirror, I focused on my beard. Imagining in my mind's eye a clean cut beard, thicker than it was now, perfectly trimmed. I watched in awe discovering a new ability as my beard thickened while the original hairs on my face receded in unison. Soon I was looking at a short neatly trimmed beard, so thick you could not see any of the skin behind it. I stroked it with my hand, impressed at the masculine visage I had created. All of this made me more eager to test my abilities but I worked hard to resist the urge not wanting to get carried away before my encounter with Kai. I spent the rest of the morning making coffee and breakfast, the robust odor of the black coffee masking any smell of the cum that was still lingering. The bedding tumbled in the wash, removing the copious amount of cum from the morning, as the time grew closer to Kai’s arrival. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The ring of the doorbell chimed over the music playing in the living room signaling what I could only assume to be Kai’s arrival. Putting my phone down on the coffee table I jumped off the couch and sauntered to the door. Opening it I saw Kai standing there, a backpack and two large suitcases being the only thing he had with him. As the uber on the street sped off I just, “Welcome Kai, happy move in day man!” “Hello there Wes,” he said, his accent still a bit jarring to me just being out of the norm of what I was used to hearing. We shook hands and I ushered him inside grabbing one of his suitcases for him in the process. I walked him into the hallway to the left and opened the first door, I had changed the locks on my door and his to where they required a key, figuring any roommate and myself would want to have some privacy, especially now. “Well here it is in all its glory,” the room was largely barren except for the small desk, daybed, and nightstand. “It looks great,” he said, putting down his backpack on the desk and turning to me, “thanks again for the bed and furniture, it is a bit hard to ship stuff overseas without paying an arm and a leg.” I gave a chuckle, “It was here anyway man, glad it will get more use than just being a place for me to toss crap on.” I showed him the closet, it was roomie and I had put some of my extra hangers in there for him. “Let me show you around man.” As I said this I noticed his eyes quickly dart up, had he noticed my bulge? My jeans weren’t tight by any means but also did little to hide what I was packing. I played it off and turned to leave the room, the thought still in the back of my mind. I walked Kai over to the guest bathroom, which would now be exclusively his. Then to the laundry room near the front door where my bedding was tumbling away in the dryer. Finally I showed him the kitchen, dining, and living areas which were all a large open space that ran the length of the house. We ended our tour with the spacious backyard: it didn’t have much other than a grill, firepit, and two plastic lawn chairs. “I figured I could cook us dinner tonight out here,” I said, slapping the grill with my hand. “A bit of a welcome to the house and also haven’t used this thing in a while.” For a moment I thought I saw his gaze travel to my crotch again but didn’t, or tried not to, think much of it. I had gotten a few cases of beer and stuff to make burgers. It was summer in Texas but once the sun set the outside usually wasn’t too bad, at least for me. I wasn’t exactly sure how he handled the 100 degree days in Texas coming from a country that rarely got into the 80s. “You have a great place Wes,” Kai said, stepping back into the house. “Well I’ll give you time to settle in man, if you need anything let me know.” I watched him head back to his room and I had to admit to myself that he had an amazing ass. Secretly, I hoped he was gay, and who knew, maybe one day I could get the chance to plow it. The thought made my cock twitch for a moment as I went on about my own business of making my bed using the clean sheets and prepping dinner for later that evening. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That evening I took the stuff outside to grill along with a cooler full of ice and beer that doubled as a table in between the two white plastic lawn chairs. Opening the grill I got a whiff of my pits, shit I had forgotten to put on deodorant that morning. I wasn’t opposed to my own smell, in fact after yard work or some heavy lifting I enjoyed the smell. I wondered if my new found abilities could change that too. It was as quick as the thought came that my pits went in the opposite direction perhaps of what I should have focused on. The smell increased, I no longer needed a light whiff, even with my arms down now the musky scent filled my nostrils. I pondered for a moment and focused on taking the smell away entirely but something in the back of my mind didn’t want to, I mean I had an excuse to stink a bit, sweating slightly over the flames of the grill nearby. I decided against it and just enjoyed it, perhaps a bit too much. After about fifteen minutes or so of preparing and starting to cook the sun was mostly set with only a slight glow in the sky toward the horizon. A few stars popped up here and there and Kai stepped outside, I gave him a bit of a wave with a beer in hand already, “Shouldn’t take too long to get everything ready. Feel free to grab a beer from the cooler.” “You didn’t have to do this Wes but I appreciate it,” he grabbed a cold one before plopping down on one of the arm chairs. I wished I could get a read on him: gay, straight, bi? I could swear up and down he was looking at my crotch earlier. By the time I was done making the burgers I had consumed about three bottles of beer. A slight buzz began to take over and I felt good. We sat there eating and chatting about the many differences between the U.S. and England and the culture shock that he experienced since moving. My buzz had moved to slight intoxication at this point, at least a case of empty bottles tossed in the grass between us. I looked over at him: his dark eyes, salt and pepper hair, and well kept beard all made for a handsome bearish face. My cock twitched a bit in my jeans and I felt every sensation of it brushing against my tight white briefs. “Buuuurp,” I accidentally belched, the taste of beer and red meat rising up out of my throat, ”Excuse me man.” I patted my gut a bit, “Guess I might have had a few too many,” I said drunkenly at this point. “Better out than in,” he giggled a bit at it, I could tell at this point he himself was also close to or at the same level of intoxication as me. I lifted my arms behind my head looking up at the sky, I was slightly sweaty from the grill and also just the humidity, by this time I had forgotten I had made my smell stronger but the scent still turned me on and was only exacerbated by the sweat soaking through my shirt. In my mind I wish I could just know, find out, drunk me was horny me and though I had no intention of fucking my roomate the idea still crept in. Then another idea, if he was gay he would be attracted to a man's pheromones right? I had always questioned if that was a real possibility and reading the raunchy gay fiction online it was an idea people had thrown out before. I closed my eyes for a moment, trying not to lose focus in my hazy mind. Not only did I smell like a man, I needed the pheromone ridden sweat of a man too. If he was gay maybe that would give him a boner, maybe I would know then. At the same time this thought passed through me my smell increased along with it, a side effect perhaps of the change if it was doing anything. I reopened my idea to test my through and got up a bit haphazardly. “Here let me get your plate man,” I stood in front of him, making sure that not only was my crotch in line of sight but that for a moment my pits would get close to his face as I grabbed his plate. I took it inside and came back out. As I sat down I tried to steal a glance and noticed him shift uncomfortably, perhaps I lingered for too long but there was no doubt about it, the man was rock hard in his chair, his cock pressing against the fabric of his chinos trying to tent them. My own cock responded to seeing this as well as the beers not helping with any self control I would have had left. I could feel it hardening in my briefs, snaking more to the left as my jeans pushed up and strained against the mass of my dick. It took everything in me to stifle a moan from the pleasure of my shaft lengthening against all the tight fabric, and it was not long before a spot of pre formed, leaking from the fabric and getting bigger. Soon a full 12 inches of cock were fighting to get free. In all of the ecstasy of it I couldn’t help myself and looked over to Kai and saw his own cock doing the same, nowhere near the size of mine for sure but the pre was soaking through the tan pants that hugged his thick thighs. “All this beer must be getting to us,” I said, not even thinking clearly anymore. “What do you…woah,” he looked over and saw my blue jeans straining, his eyes widened. “Woah,” he exclaimed a second time, “that thing is massive mate!” “You got quite the bulge yourself dude,” I grabbed my shaft through my jeans and squeezed, this made the spot of pre grow more and my body shiver slightly from the feeling. “Might need to take care of these things man…you know just between two dudes.” He sat in stunned silence for a moment, “Yeah guess we need to take care of them.” I leaned back in my chair and undid my leather belt and the button, undoing my zipper I shimmied my jeans down to my knees and my cock instantly pressed harder and higher against my boxers, pre was literally dripping off them onto the chair. I had to pull up on the elastic and grab my shaft, it plopped out my hand gripping it fingers unable to wrap around its thickness fully. A foot long penis now glowed with pre under the light that was on at the back of the house. “Whew, it feels better to be free,” I smiled and then watched Kai silently do the same, pulling out his still above average veiny cock. Instinctively we both stroked our dicks, a grunt and a moan escaped my lips as I closed my eyes for a moment then opened them again watching Kai stroke his cock. I noticed his own eyes never room themselves from my shaft. My hand and cock were dripping an unnatural amount of pre, I hadn’t realized subliminal parts of my drunken mind had made that change. As we continued my confidence rose a bit with the beer, “You can touch it if you want man, I am sure you haven’t seen something like this before.” “I…ugh,” he blushed but didn’t move. I stood up and moved in front of him, my freakish member pointed directly at him. “Go on,” I said stroking it one last time, some pre dripping down onto his crotch. “Give it a feel.” Silently he took his hand away from his own cock and reached up, his hands tried to wrap around it but like mine they couldn’t all the way. My heavy balls underneath churned and jolted a bit at his touch. I no longer needed to say anything, just moan as one of his hands reached forward more and cupped my heavy balls, fondling them. With my cock free I didn’t even realize that the musk and pheromones must have gotten stronger. His cock looked so hard that it seemed like it was going to hurt him. “Mmm fuck,” I moaned as he continued fondling me. “You’re good at this.” “I have experience,” he eeked out blushing slightly. This turned me on even more. I took over grabbing my cock and stroking it myself as he went back to his, I was putting ona show though, standing in front of him. I grabbed the last of my beer with my other hand and chugged it down, I let out another fairly loud belch as I stroked. “Oh fuck man I won’t last long after all this,” we jerked off together for a bit before I finally felt my balls getting ready to pump a hot load through my dick. “Better watch out man.” “I don’t mind,” he said as close to a whisper where I could still hear him. “Oh fuck yeah, fuck, fuck, FUCK,” I yelled out. My cock started to cum but I lost control of something else, my concentration. I was in so much pleasure that at first I didn’t realize what was happening. My cock and balls were growing rapidly. Bigger and bigger, cum erupting from my thick and growing head. The shaft thickened and my balls dropped lower, heavier, bigger. “Ugh Wes,” I heard Kai say, a bit of fear in his voice. This snapped me back to reality, “Shit shit shit,” I said my cock still cumming. I was lost, lost in my own mind, in my orgasm. My cock grew and grew. Before long a two foot monster of a dick thicker than my arm was in front of Kai and he was getting drenched head to toe in cum. He fell backwards, his chair clattering to the ground. “No stop,” I attempted to say through gritted teeth more and more cum erupting now with such force it was hitting the back of the houser, the fence, and the windows. Puddles of it forming in the grace and on Kai. He scrambled backwards more, his own cock having already came what little it could. I thought we would get up, run, yell, but he just watched. Fear, and perhaps a morbid curiosity, in his eyes. Soon my cock was three feet, then four. At this point it was as thick as the fire hydrant out front of the house and my balls hung well past my knees like two huge beach balls.Five feet…thicker…my body was almost too weak to hold it but something took over and though my body didn’t change size my strength must have increased to accommodate as I was able to stay standing the whole time. I had to focus, to stop this, I was turning into a freak. I loved it but I knew I couldn’t stay this way. I tried to take a breath, all the energy of this event had sobered me up fast. I closed my eyes but felt my balls now hit my ankles and swell bigger, my cock had to have been 6 feet, as big as myself. Slow down, stop cumming, go back….slow down, stop cumming, go back…I kept repeating this mantra in my mind. I stopped cumming first, I could feel it, things settling down. Then I watched as I opened my eyes my cock started to go limp as I willed it to happen, the head hit the ground before retracting back further, my balls were no longer touching the ground. Kai watched in shock as my cock slowly retreated. Finally after what felt like an eternity my cock was back to its porn star size. My jeans and boxers around my ankles soaked in cum, the chairs soaked in cum, the yard, the wall, and Kai. Kai dripping with cum propped up with his arms watching it all. He said nothing, “Kai, I’m…I’m sorry.” I couldn’t think of anything else to say. If I wasn’t in such a state of shock I may have been close to tears. “What just happened,” he asked. “I wish I had an easy answer,” I said.
  21. HyperSizedWes

    Changeling Pt.1 - New Roommate, New Me

    First time writing in a hot minute for stuff like this. Please let me know what y'all think (and if you find any errors I was too horny to proofread). This will end up being more slice of life with hyper themes and other raunchy elements later. Changeling Pt.1 - New Roommate, New Me Sitting at my desk at the end of my shift the vibration and sound of my phone dinging jolted me to my senses and I looked at the message coming through eagerly. It was Kai giving a heads up and confirmation that he would be here the next day ready to move in. My ad for a roommate had been up for months before finally getting a solid bite a few weeks prior from a man who had just moved to the United States from England. He had been staying in an air bnb looking for a place to rent for a couple of months having just moved to Texas for his job at an international logistics agency. His interest stemmed from the fact that the city had been too far out of his budget as well as some of the common interests I had listed through the advertisement in what I had been looking for. Situated just outside of the city in a small farming and agriculture town I had bought a house the year prior and planned to live alone but quickly realized my own financial woes that came with owning a home and my eagerness to find a way to supplement that grew. I had listed I was looking for someone to move in who had no pets and was more of a homebody like myself as well as someone who may share my nerdy interests given that after work and weekends largely consisted of me cooking, playing video games, and occasionally the outdoor excursion or too when it wasn’t blistering hot summer weather. We met once after his initial response and I was immediately taken by how handsome he was. I had not disclosed my sexuality to him or anyone on the potential listing but meeting at a coffee shop in the city I was immediately taken by the handsome English bear of a man before me. He was burly in all the right places and his salt and pepper hair and beard only reinforced the attraction I initially felt for him. I myself was a a husky man, only slightly younger than him but with a bald head and dark trimmed beard that matched the copious amounts of body hair on me. Like me he was more of a nerd and homebody and even worked from home most of the time, which I had no problem with but in the back of my mind I did feel a tad weird about giving I had to commute to work at a usual 9-5 leaving a man I hadn’t known long to stay in my home. Over the next few weeks I got the front bedroom ready for him and we continued to converse through texts and the occasional call just to ensure compatibility before sending of a lease to be signed. He didn’t have any furniture having moved across the ocean but it wasn’t a big deal given that I had a daybed, small desk, and a few cheap shelves in the front room of the home. Back to my phone I sent off a quick reply, “See you tomorrow, happy to have you around roomie.” Roomie? I wasn’t sure why but it felt odd adding that little quip at the end. Maybe it was my long dormant flirtatious side coming out, though I knew I had to try to resist that. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Work ended and I drove back to the house and worked frantically to make sure everything was picked up and cleaned for the move in day the next morning. Most everything had been done and was put together but my anxiety about the whole thing made me second guess myself. Finally I stopped eager to take a breather and a break, I opened up my phone and clicked through a few servers before landing on one of the couple of fetish servers I was in. A picture of an inhumanly muscled man appeared in front of me. His massive bulge caused the seams in the now tight underwear beginning to rip. My cock chubbed up at the hand drawn masterpiece, all the muscle, cock, and manliness of it making my head swim with thoughts. I had been into hyper sizes and macro fetish content since before I knew what they were. My first foray into it I had just entered middle school, I recall laying in my bed one night watching TV in my bedroom when I flipped channels to the Incredible Hulk. I watched the scene of Bruce Banner growing, changing, bulging all over as he ripped out of his clothes and roared, having turned into a massive green monster of a man. It was over then, all I could think about was wanting that to happen to me, wanting to be huge, to be big! Later in middle school I got a computer, and access to the internet, that allowed me to explore more. It started with finding any and all Hulk transformations scenes I could find on youtube, which eventually led me to the thing, four arms from Ben 10, and more. Before long I was able to put a name to my fetish and realized there were other people out there who had a similar interest to mine. Hyper proportions and macrophilia became a huge part of my sexual awakening. I read stories, found pictures and videos, and even discovered studio bites of men talking about growth. Now at almost 30 the fetished had carried over with me and I had even had the chance on occasion to meet guys in real life who were also into or open about the topic. Staring at the picture on my phone I slowly unzipped my pants and released my cock from the confines of my jeans and underwear, it rose up as I imagined myself ballooning to the proportions of the artwork on my phone. I glanced out the window for a moment and saw a star shoot by, it was dumb but I had read about it happening in the stories from the forms, I made a wish. I want to be able to grow, to become the man of my dreams and fantasies anytime a wish, to have full control and power over my body. The thought made my cock jump and pre ran down my hand. I continued pounding my meat, I imagined my cock swelling, growing in my hand until my fingers were pushed apart from the sheer girth of it, my balls getting bigger and heavier churning with more and more cum. A shiver went down my spine, I was lost in bliss stroking and staring at the image on my phone I didn’t realize at first my cock was widening, lengthening and my balls were swelling. I focused more on the man’s bulge. That thing had to have been as thick as my forearm and a foot long soft, the balls alone had to be the size of soccer balls nearly, I loved a huge set of heavy nuts in these sort of pictures. Something about thinking of having massive heaving balls full of cum turned me on. Then I noticed something was off…different. I looked past my screen and dropped my phone in shock. As it clattered to the floor I released my hand from my cock and watched it swell and grow, the shaft getting thicker, soon it was plumped thicker than my forearm, and it didn’t take me long to notice my balls. I stood up and they dropped down, heavy, I nearly fell forward a bit just from the sheer fact the weight was so different. I walked into my room cock still swelling and balls growing, I stood in front of a full length mirror with my jeans at my ankles. My cock had to be over a foot long now and much thicker than my forearm, pre dripped from the head in copious mounts, some of it soaking into my jeans and the carpet below, the smell of it stronger, that alone turning me on even more. “What is happening,” I said out loud as I watched my balls drop further. The veins on my shaft snaked around the huge dick and the head was plump and even thicker than before. After a bit the growth slowed to a stop, I stood looking at the hyper proportioned cock I had always dreamed up, I placed my hand around the shaft the best I could, my fingers no wear near able to wrap around it’s girth, my dark bush at the base even seemed to have thickened in response to the event that was taking place before me. I shuddered and a moan escaped my lips as I now stroked the massive member with two hands, the sensation ran through my whole body, the sensitivity of it all dialed up along with the mass of my new member. I continued to stroke and moan, the pre pooling at my feet, coming out now more like a stream than the dribbles it did previously. The sensation, the size, the magnitude of what was happening to me was all too much. It didn’t take long before I could feel the sensation of an impending orgasm about to happen, only my heavier and larger balls heaved up, I could sense every bit of it happening. “Oh fuck,” I roared out and let go of my dick. It spasmed like a bucking broncho as shot after shot of thick cum erupted from the engorged head. It hit the mirror, the ceiling, the wall, going everywhere as I just let it happen. The smell of cum filled the room as the amount rivaled probably dozens of men all cumming in unison if not more. Finally after almost a minute it subsided, I collapsed onto my bed nearby, my balls hanging over the edge, my still hard throbbing dick leaking the remains of the crescendo of pleasure that just occurred. “What the fuck,” I breathed heavily taking in the sights of not only the monster between my legs but the cum all over my room. It was the cock of my dreams, well at least it was getting there, I had always imagined bigger. As this thought crossed through my head my cock responded in kind and slowly but steadily grew more. “No no no,” I said, grabbing onto it. “No I can't. I mean I want it but I can’t.” It was like I was speaking to my cock, as if I had any control. Control? That's it. Maybe I did have control. “Please no you have to go back, back to normal. I have a new roommate coming tomorrow. I have work and life.” More than anything I wanted to be big but I had to think practically, I had to focus. I closed my eyes and let go of my cock careful not to touch it lest I lose total control from the sensation of it. I tried to picture myself, normal, without a cock to rival the image I had seen before. I could still feel my cock growing. Stop. I tried to will it, to concentrate. I created a mantra in my head, back to normal, back to normal… a bit bigger than normal, a bit bigger than normal. I imagined one of my favorite pornstar’s dicks, not normal by any means, but not a hyper stud like my fetishes. Then I felt it, the feeling of it receding finally. My cock felt as if it was pulling into me almost, my balls retracting back toward me, the weight decreasing. “Yes, that’s it, a porn star cock,” I said aloud. I opened my eyes finally and watched in amazement, and with a slight tinge of disappointment, as my dick got smaller, and smaller. My balls pulled up toward me and the circumference decreased as they did. I watched as my will power took over the size decrease taking me town before stopping. It wasn’t my cock, well it was mine but much bigger than it had been previously, it was a stunning what looked like eight inches now soft hanging over a pair of hefty balls. Well at least I can have this and not be too suspect, I thought as I grinned holding my new member. “Well fuck now I made a mess,” I chuckled still reeling and a bit in denial of what was going on. The rest of the evening I stayed naked, enjoying the feeling of my now heftier dick as I cleaned the cum from the walls, ceiling, and carpet the best I could. There was so much it took multiple towels and nearly a whole bottle of carpet cleaner just to get up the majority of it but the smell remained strong. Though I was eager to test the limits of what I could do to my body I resisted the urge knowing that the next day would bring a roommate into my life and I couldn’t exactly answer the door with a three foot dick. Instead I opened a window to help air out the room and fell asleep dreaming of massive cocks…massive cocks connected to me.
  22. geektofreek

    Outgrowing The House

    Hey guys! Hope everyone has been enjoying the new forum like I have. If you haven't already bookmarked my brand new website, I posted this story earlier today. It's been a long time since I've written a macro story, and while it still mostly focuses on muscle, I'm sure there is going to be something for everyone in this story. Enjoy! ******************************** It was strange to say that someone would want to outgrow their own home, but high school senior Zachary Parker wanted exactly that. He stood there naked in the bathroom, a giant of nothing but muscle and young teen sweat, eyeing his shower like it was the competition. He knew today just had to be the day. The young teen was teetering on 400 pounds of solid muscle after this mornings workout. His body felt so incredibly pumped, so unstoppably huge. He knew immediately as he put one foot into the shower that things were definitely different. The small growths that he had been experiencing were nothing compared to the explosion of muscle that had happened earlier. There was no telling how huge he had grown this morning (with a smashed scale now sitting in his bedroom). All he knew was that the shower began to make this horrific cracking noise, the pipes inside the walls strained, and even the tiles began shattering like glass. “It’s finally happening...” Zach snickered. It was actually almost hard for the muscle teen not to get aroused at this point. He had been fantasizing about this moment for so long, he almost didn’t even know where to start. He figured he would do something that would typically be innocent, washing his body for example. There was almost that sinister chuckle as he popped of the cap. There was no way the shower going to hold, just no fucking way. As he began lathering up his mountainous hairy pectorals, the first bolt blew off the wall, bouncing off his 70 inch muscle chest. Zach just laughed and continued casually washing his chest, hearing the strain of the metal framework, the impending destruction of the all the grout and plaster holding everything together. With a flinch of his giant hairy legs, a flex his mountainous arms and barndoor-wide back, he triggered another small growth. It was almost frightful how comical the young god thought the whole thing was. There was such an overwhelming amount of joy he felt feeling his body squeeze and fill the tiny space, just like when he had outgrown the houses small door frames. With barely any effort, and what felt like pounds of muscle packing onto his frame, his shoulders and legs become wedged and almost stuck between the showers bending frame... STRRRAIIINN CRACK Zach watched in amazement. The cheap walls around him collapsed to the floor like they were nothing to him; childrens architecture in the face of a real god. With his body now totally unleashed, completely exposed, there was almost a part of Zach that wanted to just keep growing until the he filled the entire bathroom. A fun thought, bringing him a small chuckle. He figured though he should probably wait, he wanted to enjoy every minute of this. He arrogantly stepped on the broken shower door and crushed the plastic frame beneath his feet. After the shower it was onto the clothes, his third favorite part of the morning. Everything he wore was a size XXL and up, yet it still seemed to be no match for his hulking muscle boy body. The once super sized varsity football tank barely even reached the upper part of the teens hairy brick plated abs. It was all caught between the teens boulder sized hairy pecs which seemed to almost stretch over a foot off his breast cage, nipples the size of fucking pancakes, the most immense canyon of hair and muscle. Next came his fully tailored briefs, white just the way he liked them. The pouch was specifically designed for the teens heavy nut suck and enormously large foot long cock. Truth be told though, as crazy as it sounded, his manhood was almost starting to look comically average when compared to the size of his gigantic muscle body, small even. Even though Zach was a little disappointed that it had seemed to stop growing like it once did, there was a small satisfaction knowing that he managed to make MELON sized testicles look small. By the time Zach got downstairs for breakfast, he was the definition of obscenity. After his briefs, the giant teen had somehow manage to squeeze himself into his last remaining pair of custom 46X38 jeans. His dad nearly choked on his coffee watching the morning news. Even though he lived with the giant muscle teen twenty four seven, nothing could have prepared him for the way that Zach looked this morning. “You see something you like old man?” Zach taunted, flexing one his gigantic arms. He knew what his dad was looking at, it was the same thing he was always looking out. While his father was mostly straight, he recently learned that the man was a total fag for big muscle arms, and now that his monster teen biceps were a record breaking 28 inches in size, chiseled like some hairy fucking mountain of muscle, engorged in the most disgusting display of vascularity, he knew there was no way his dad would stand a chance. Zach just arrogantly whiffed his own pitts, watching his father's crotch bulge between his jeans. It really was only a matter of time before the old man would crack. Eighteen years old and he was already among some of the biggest muscle studs in the world. He was literally a factory of testosterone, dripping with power, effortlessly packing on more muscle and hair then most bodybuilders could ever dream of. "How b-big are they now s-son...?" His dad could barely ask the question. Zach menacingly thumped a little closer. It must have been his undersized white tank and swollen blue jeans that was making his dad really whimper today. He knew it really was the perfect choice of outfit to show off his unstoppable growing teenage physique. He never understood why so many muscle men hid beneath their baggy gym clothes all day when they could look like this. The clothes were so tight, so painted onto his super roided out muscle-boy body that you could even see detail in his rock hard nipples and firehose sized cock. After all It was because of this his own old man was literally sitting there in his recliner with a full on erection beneath his jeans; no remorse, no hiding, he had totally lost it over his big muscle boy. The drool just wept from his dad’s lips like an endless river, I mean school girls had more control than this. That’s not to say there wasn’t a small part of Zach that was totally getting off on this moment. After all what son doesn't look forward to totally dwarfing their dad when they grow up. “Why don't you take a guess" Zach finally decided to start, raising one of his meaty muscle boy arm. His triceps hung there like huge hairy slabs of meat, while his bicep, it was like looking at a mountain of muscle, swelling bigger with every passing second. The young teen smirked as his unmatchable and magnificent muscle peak went flexing past his own eye level, swelled beyond his own head, squeezed into his own face. It was long until the freaky mammoth peak reach it's full and daunting size of 28 inches. “O-oh my g-god, LOOK at it!!” His father stuttered pathetically "Ooooh yeah that's right, biceps bigger than your fucking waist!” Zach squeezed his bicep that much bigger. It was then he looked down with a sneer and watched it happen like clock work. His fathers cock, like every other man’s, began throbbing faster and faster between his legs; the size of his young muscles, the enormity of his pits, the sheer stench of his musk, even the straightest of men couldn’t handle it. His dad just shamefully began blowing what had to have been the biggest load of his adult life, right in between his own jeans. He clenched the sides of his armchair as he continued to look up, struggling to hold back his cries of pleasure. "You know I'm going to outgrow this entire house right dad?" “Breakfast!" His mom shouted "Yes!!" Zach said with excitement. The teen rested his giant arm, leaving his now humiliated father to soak in his own shame. The entire house now made that daunting thump as he took each hulking step towards the completely loaded breakfast table. His mother like most mornings had prepared a meal large enough for a whole feast; pancakes, sausage, eggs, bacon, potatoes, all piled up like endless rolling hills, enough for ten people at least. Zach felt his large cock bloat between his monster legs like it always did before a feast. The notion that every bit of this food would soon turn into raw muscle was such a get off. He couldn’t wait to get in there and stuff his face so he could grow even more. “Thanks for breakfast mom” Zach gently kissed her on the forehead "w-wow just look at you this morning" Just like his father, his mom seemed to have an extreme attraction for certain parts of the male physique. For years he had been catching her stare down at his monster muscle thighs and epic bubble butt, but just like his dad, this morning she couldn’t resist from full on “deer in headlights” mode. She was especially glancing at his hefty horse-sized teenage package. Zach smirked having to admit his lower half was ridiculously gigantic, in fact it was almost becoming a struggle to walk. He figured, in the same unorthodox fashion as earlier, that he would give his mother an equally as impressive show. “You like these legs mom?” Zach widened his stand, slowly beginning to flex his guerilla sized thighs. It was only a matter of seconds before the blue denim began to snap and tear along what was probably the most muscular legs in the human race. Zach eagerly watched her awestruck face as the first tear had formed along his right leg. The denim fabric was practically painted onto his skin at this point. You could see everything, absolutely every freaky detail of his monstrously out of control thighs. There wasn't a single doubt that they had to 38 inches of bone crushing hairy muscle, yet there they were growing bigger, beefier! SNAP “Ooooh yeah…” SNAP “Get a load of this mom!!” Zach chuckled like a kid at Christmas. Both seams had blown open, relieving only momentary pressure. Lucky for him though, it was far from over. As the arrogant stud flexed even further, It wasn’t long before the rest of the blue denim threads began snapping away off his jeans like power-lines in a thunderstorm. His mom squealed and covered her mouth as the most monstrous hairy thighs began squeezing out of his large denim jeans. Zach had to keep adjusting his stance wider and wider to accommodate the irregular amount of size his ultimate leg flex was taking on. They already had to be a freaky 39, maybe even 40 inches of solid muscle, biggest on the planet! Within his own two feet spread almost further apart than he could bare, the large bulging zipper that contained his jaw breaking cock BURST open. THUMP His mom fainted. “Is she ok!?” His little brother spoke up, watching the whole spectacle from the large breakfast table. When Zach finally turned around, his little brother could see why there mother fainted. Between his barely held together jeans was the teens giant manhood stretching his white briefs between the gaping zipper hole. The poor kid couldn’t even grasp how anyones cock could ever achieve such size. The enormous and freaky cock head looked bigger than his own fist, a piss slit so huge you could stick your tongue down it. “You know I’m starting to think my clothes aren’t going to last through the day...” That’s all Zach said. He knew his giant cock was tenting his briefs through his jeans, exposed for his little brother to lay his scrawny virgin eyes on, but he didn’t care. He looked back down at the opulent breakfast feast and felt his stomach rumble with immense hunger. He began walking forward, feeling the house truly thump this time. Dishes in the cupboards rattles, the floorboards beneath his giant feet almost bent. He knew colossal thighs must have been approaching near the immobile territory. There was such strain and heft to his footsteps, enough even to make Zach wonder just how much bigger he could grow. As he pulled out one of the chairs, even attempting to sit down almost seemed to be struggle. His thighs were just swollen against one another. He widened his stance once more, wrapped his legs around the specially reinforced seat. You could hear his remaining clothes crack and strain. It was always the sound people heard before the teen would burst through his own clothes, before thousands of more dollars would be spent trying to keep him looking somewhat normal and decent. "How much you want to bet I could eat this whole thing Jeremy?" He said with a cocky grin, watching his little brother poke away at small plate of food. With one of his huge burly hands he lifted one of the serving plates up to his face. His monstrous cock just bulged even bigger underneath his briefs as he gazed his hunger upon 24 deliciously scrambled eggs. With one of the now seemingly small forks on the table he began wolfing them down his throat. Only a few minutes later he moved onto the meats, the potatoes, and finally finished off with the pancakes. Of course with all this new fuel being added to his body, Zach started to slowly grow once more. As he consumed what must have been over 20 pounds of food, what remained of his jeans began tearing away hopelessly. He didn’t even have to flex this time, even move, he was just getting bigger! RIIIIIIIIPPPPPP "Fuck yeah, look me grow little bro!" Zach was so unapologetic. He continued to eat like a beast, packing on muscle faster and faster, scarfing down every last bit of food on the table. He even grabbed his brother left overs and lifted the plate to his mouth, dumping the food into his mouth like some dump trunk, finishing it all off with one loud gulp. SNAP The chair collapsed. With his now unimaginable weight, it sounded as if a bomb went off as he went crashing to the floor. His little brother just squealed as the hardwoods beneath his global butt exploded upward, the dust and plaster from the ceiling went falling to the ground, and the walls and windows surrounding the kitchen cracked; It felt as if a fucking 6.0 earthquake had just hit the house, yet It was really just one teens accidental destruction. Zach just laughed arrogantly, slowly picking himself back up. His tank had ripped free during the incident, and what little denim remained on his legs soon began to rip free as he stood up. Standing there now in just his barley strapped on briefs, Zach looked around realizing he must have now stood almost 7’5”! “I think I’m going to have to start thinking of a new goal with the way this house is shrinking so fast...” Zach laughed deeply. The excitement of his impending demolition of his childhood home was getting him so rock hard he couldn’t bare to stop. Jeremy nearly pissed his pants as his own gigantic brother raised both of his large arms in the air. So powerful they seemed, yet you could tell there was significantly more of a struggle to move then there was before. Zach knew within an instant that extreme immobility was beginning to take place. There was no longer a space reserved for the him to wash his hair or even scratch his neck. It was just muscle swelling into muscle. Zach teased though anyways, playfully trying to demonstrate a simple crab pose from his onlooking kid-brother. He barely got half way before his biceps squeezed into his face, his elbows bumped into the ceiling above. His biceps had to to be well over 34 inches at this point, so big in fact they threatened to crush his own face like a grapefruit. Unlike most men though who would cower in fear over this situation, Zach just snickered, and reached his tongue out for one massive worshipping lick. "You know I think I can guess what muscles you like most..." Zach sneered down at his brother “... you like my pecs don’t you?” Zach thumped closer, towering over two feet taller than the barely adolescent teenager. With one of his big hairy knuckled hands he relentlessly squeezed one of his boulder sized furry pecs like some crazed muscle worship video. He almost felt bad taunting him like this, the kid was always so nice, so supporting of his insatiable desires. The fact was though, even a boy of his age wanted to see something like this. “You know I can barely see below them...” Zach chuckled “That’s not to say I don’t want them bigger though” Zach gripped his fist together in front of him, purposely ballooning his mountainous pectorals almost two feet off his breast cage. With the small whimper his brother seemed to release, he knew this was his muscle of choice. It was only a few seconds of growth before Zach literally couldn’t see below them. He grinned with a freaky satisfaction knowing that he would no longer be able to see his own two feet, suck on his own cock, do anything remotely normal. He just proudly kept on growing them until they became so enormous, so astronomically huge, that even his own chin helplessly started to be pushed up. “Are these big enough for you yet little bro!?!” Jeremy whimpered. He had always admired the superheroes in movies with a nice thick set of pecs, but this was taking things to a whole new level. Massive rolling hills of hairy muscle, bigger then fucking tires, now hung from his macro-addicted big brother’s chest. He wanted to lick and worship every inch of this chest, suck on those rock hard freaky sized nipples. As he thought about this though, he heard the strain of something below. He gulped and slowly looked down, not wanting to almost see what he knew had been growing... “Ooooh yea, DIG IT little brother” SNAP Zach’s briefs went exploding onto Jeremy’s head. The poor kid whimpered as the most horrendously musky and pre-cum soaked fabric covered his face. The smell that crept into his young nose was intoxicating, so musky and yet sweet he almost didn’t want to stop smelling. After what must have been finally a few minutes, Jeremy reached up pulled down the yellow cum stained fabric, witnessing the tremendous thump of his brothers head hitting the ceiling. Zach casually reached up and pushed his hands against the ceiling. There was that extra moment you could tell he thought about it, what he was really doing. It was short lived, because only a few seconds later, that thought turned into delightful chuckle. “It’s time the world witnesses a new god...” And with that, Zachary, outgrew his house.
  23. Hey! Quite cliche for me to say this, but long time lurker giving it a try at a first story. This ist more of a long burner that takes inspiration from multiple sources of media and things that I like in general. I hope people like it as much as I’ve liked past stories I’ve read here. I’ll take my time setting it up, but be patient enough and I promise the good parts will come! Let me know if you have feedback! ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Chapter 1 I woke up with the sound of credits rolling up. John had been staring at me wide eyed as I opened my eyes and closed my mouth, which at this point was even drooling a bit. “How could you sleep through that movie?” He asked. John was my roommate. A really nice guy, too innocent and always with his head up in the clouds. You see, John was also not bad looking himself and part of me wishes I hadn’t first approached him when we met in college pretending his looks wasn’t what had drawn me to him. Of course I played nice and pretended that was just a convenient seat in class, but eventually we found out we didn’t really connect or it just wasn’t meant to be. We still became good friends regardless. He had a slim frame, short blond hair and a pair of dazzling blue-ish eyes. I almost forgot how his wide smile always killed me whenever he flashed it. John was tall and liked working out during his free time. He wasn’t a gym rat by any means but it was just enough for him to stay healthy and keep his slim frame. He also knew what clothes fit him well despite having a very laid back and relaxed personality. It might not look like it but deep down he was somewhat vain, he just didn’t show it. We had know each other for years now. That meant we knew each other quite well. We even shared an apartment since neither one of us could afford a nice place on our own shortly after graduating and wanting to live downtown somewhere near our jobs. “First of all that movie made absolutely no sense. Also, I wasn’t sleeping, just resting my eyes a bit ” I told him as I shrugged it off and yawned. John just laughed at my very basic attempt to cover up the fact I was completely exhausted from a crazy week at work. “Yeah, right bro.” Even though it was Friday I still felt completely like I was hit by a bus after working long hours throughout the week and barely any sleep. All I wanted was to rest a bit, but I had promised John we’d go out hiking the next morning. “Are you sure we are still going out tomorrow mr. old man?” He questioned me while getting up from the couch and grabbing the now empty popcorn bowl from the coffee table in front of us. I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea to see go on a hike after such a brutal week. “You’d just get lost without me, so yeah, we’re going” I replied. John made his way to the kitchen to drop the bowl in the sink. I’m pretty sure he was just gonna leave it there had I not threatened him with a cold stare over my shoulders. I didn’t like his laziness but at this point I’m pretty sure he just did it to annoy me on purpose. “Ok, calm down. I’m gonna clean it. And you gotta stop with this whole “work is killing me, I’m past my young days, bla bla bla. Where’s the fun, party guy I knew in college?” He said as he turned his back to me and immediately started cleaning the bowl and whatever crap he had used while watching the movie. While he was doing the dishes I got distracted by a brief second. I would always forget what his best asset was, until he put on those sweatpants he’d normally wear when home. His butt looked so round and so bubbly in those pants it was almost unbelievable. “Earth to Peter. Are you even listening or just daydreaming about this peach over here?” He said while slightly shaking his butt. Oh god, I was mortified. I had kept staring at his ass dancing in those sweatpants and he had noticed. My face immediately turned redder than the apple standing by the kitchen counter and I quickly turned to my phone trying to fake a reaction. “Yes we are going hiking, I’ve said it already” I quickly responded pretending I was checking my social networks. John was straight, but he just didn’t mind me being gay and I appreciated this the most about our friendship. He used to tease me me all the time with small stuff like this. At this point I’m pretty sure he just likes his ego being stroked every once in a while. He quickly finished the dishes and came over again, throwing himself on the couch sitting uncomfortably close to me trying to spy on what I was checking on my phone. He kept trying to see the screen and I kept just moving my hands away trying harder and harder for him not to see anything and see through my ruse. “C’mon you were totally checking me out. There’s nothing on your screen” “Get off of me, I wasn’t”. “You really need to go out on more dates” he said. “If only my job wasn’t killing me” I replied annoyed at the situation. “Ok, then I promise we’re gonna have fun tomorrow and then you I’ll stop with this. It’s just sometimes I feel like you always work so hard and don’t stop to look around and enjoy the little things” he said trying to cheer me up and get me hyped for our hike. I tried seeing the bright side of things. If anything I’d at least spend some quality time outdoors. It wouldn’t hurt and it had been forever we last did that. “I’m gonna let you go now and hope you’re ready tomorrow!” He said enthusiastically “Yeah, yeah.” I laughed and forced myself to get up so I could go shower and get changed. “I will see you tomorrow mr. young and free”. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— By the time the first ray of sunlight was up we were already out there. We woke up early in the morning, which meant I hadn’t completely recovered from my week. My morning wood only made it more difficult to leave bed as I really wanted to give it some attention, but we were gonna be late and I could already hear John moving around the apartment. I’m not a big guy by any means, just average, but I’ve never had anyone complain about it. I would say I’m perhaps a bit about average in terms of girth which make my bulge look nice in my underwear, but this morning my hard on made it feel like it was even beyond that. It’s what you get for not giving it the proper attention for more than a week now, but once I heard John knocking at the door that’s when I knew it was gonna be postponed yet another time. I just got up, got ready and packed my stuff so we could leave. John noticed I was feeling a little bit moody so he offered some jokes to lighten up the mood. I was not gonna say no plus I was starting to feel more energetic to be outside. The weather was nice and we were both in just regular outdoor wear with gym shorts and tshirts, our backpacks and some water and food for the hours ahead of us. The rest of the things stayed in the car and we’d return later. By the time we reached the lake that John really wanted to go to the sun was already shining. The sweat in his shirt was visible and it made the fabric cling to his body in a way that only accentuated his features. His slightly developed chest was heaving up and down and every chance I got to look at it I did. It was a pretty uneventful morning up until that point. I never saw someone remove their shirt so quickly to jump into the water. It was September so even though the sun was high up the water wasn’t exactly warm, but John had this careless free spirit I never shared, which I quite admired. He was just in his white trunks which immediately made me think he didn’t think everything through. “Are you really going in with just that?” I asked. “It’s just us here, no one’s gonna mind” Before he had even finished the sentence he was already inside the water. I had barely had time to contest him, but he was right. There was nobody around so I removed my shirt and joined him by the water. When I approached, though, my suspicions were right and the water was super cold. I just had my feet in and John was already diving head in. Fast forward a couple minutes of me literally moving 1 inch per minute trying to enter the cold water while pretending to admire the beautiful landscape and the crystal clear waters and I notice something glowing next to where John was swimming. “Hey, dude, what’s that thing over there? That orange glow.” I asked. He looked at me, puzzled, and then realized it was something underwater. He shrugged his shoulder saying he had no clue but before I could say anything he just took a deep breath and went down to check it. After a couple seconds I could see the glow fading from the surface and John had come up with a tiny pebble in his hand. He was holding it against the sun, mesmerized at it. There was no orange glow at all and we were both asking ourselves if that was something we both hallucinated or something. “Check it out it’s just a weird black rock. It was sitting at the bottom but I’m sure I saw it glowing. That’s what made it so easy to tell it apart from all the other rocks at the bottom of the lake”. It did look like a normal rock at first but upon closer inspection there were three things that were outstanding. First one was that the rock had markings. Not scratches, markings. The markings all looked like barcodes, like they were carved in it. Second thing was that it’s shape was very odd. Even though it seemed like a normal rock all its edges seemed oddly angular. Like it was man made. Something about its shape gave it an alien nature, but I’m not quite sure how to describe it. It’s almost like you could tell that 1000 years wouldn’t have been enough for nature to shape something like that. And the third one was a that right in the middle of it there was a slit. It was almost unnoticeable, but it was there. Maybe that’s where the weird glow came from. The both of us were incredibly intrigued by it, so much that we didn’t even pay attention to our surroundings as we were getting out of the water. John was soaking wet, obviously, and that’s when I looked down at his bulge while he was distracted with the rock. I’ve seen him before in undies, walking around the apartment with only a towel wrapped around his waist but somehow he looked mesmerizing today. The water dripping from his body, the wet undies outlining every one of his smooth curves and bulges. His dick was also clearly visible since he was wearing white trunks. I never put much thought into his size but it definitely looked big considering he had literally just been in the cold water. You could see the shaft pressed against it and the white, almost transparent, fabric moving slowly as he walked. The head looked big and juicy. You could clearly see he was uncut as well. I’d guess maybe 4 or 5 inches soft? When I looked up I realized he was staring at me and that’s the first time I think I ever saw him blushing. He didn’t mind walking around half naked, but I think this was the first time he was this close to being naked around me. “Uhm, sorry” he said half smiling and half trying to hide his dick print with one of his hands. “I’ve seen naked guys before” I joked, trying to ease him up a bit and not make it seem like I was obsessing over him. The sun was starting to hide behind the clouds so we thought it’d be a better idea to just take it back to the cabin we had rented for the weekend and be gone before we got caught in the rain or bad weather. Despite the brief moment of blushing John seemed to have his attention completely snap back to the rock after he finished dressing up again and picking his stuff from the side of the lake where we left our stuff. “Did you notice if that was the thing glowing when you picked it up?” “Well yeah. Or at least I think so. It stopped glowing the moment I touched it. It’s like there was this thin jello membrane around it and once I touched it there was this kind of jolt feeling. But then that was it. The glow ceased, I picked it up and came up for air”. During the walk back we both took turns examining the rock but there really wasn’t anything else that we could make of it. It didn’t take long for us to reach the cabin and John immediately went for a shower as he wanted to get cleaned up and enjoy the rest of the calm afternoon warm and in dry clothes. I, on the other hand, tried to crack the rock open through the small opening in it, flash a light inside it, anything that could bring the glow back. Nothing had worked. Eventually the both of us just gave up and left it aside as we still had to gather some wood to set up a small fire for the marshmallows later that evening. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful as I just read a book while John was gathering some wood and preparing the fire pit. When night fell the fire was already up and we unpacked some food we brought. As we were preparing the food to start cooking it John accidentally cut himself in the finger. “Ouch!” I heard him complain in pain as a drip of blood left his cut. It wasn’t anything deep or serious but he rushed to the restroom to get a bandaid from the first aid kit as he didn’t really like the sight of blood. A couple seconds later when he returned from inside the cabin, where all the lights were off, I swear I could catch a quick glimpse of a small glow around him. It clearly wasn’t as strong as the one we saw that morning in the water but just faint enough that I didn’t know if I was just imagining things when looking at him since the fire pit was standing between me and the path to the cabin from where he was coming from. We finished dinner and prepared to go to bed early as we wanted to continue exploring a little longer on Sunday before we made our way back to the city. Usually I always slept like a rock so it wouldn’t be an issue to fall asleep. Little did I know what was to come.
  24. czechhunter69

    Hulk - Chapter 5: Escaping

    No introduction needed. 4) Exes Once more 3) Alex Loses Control 2) Alex's First time 1) Tom’s final time Source: WB Hunk’s version of Hulk. Alex was at a crossroads in his life, unsure of what direction to take. Overwhelmed by his unpredictable transformations, he felt like a ticking time bomb. The only solution was to distance himself from others and seek refuge in the mountains of West Virginia. Though he knew it was a risky move, he couldn't bear the thought of causing any more harm to those around him. With a heavy heart and a mind full of uncertainty, he purchased a bus ticket to nowhere. Armed with a tent, basic camping supplies, and a map, Alex embarked on his journey to escape and learn control over his transformations. He yearned for seclusion, for a place where he could be alone with his thoughts and his struggles. Yet, amidst his quest for peace, a part of him also longed for excitement, for the thrill of the unknown. Three hours into the silent bus ride, Alex encountered his first challenge. Each bump on the road sent a jolt of electricity through his body, igniting a surge of excitement in his loins. The loose fabric of his pants only added to the problem, as if the very vibrations of the bus were urging the hulk within him to break free. He knew what he needed to do, what he craved the most - to fuck something, anything. It had been nearly two days since he last saw Ryan, and the thought of his lover only fueled his desire. He gripped the armrests tightly, trying to steady himself as conflicting emotions battled within him. On one hand, he yearned to let go and embrace his transformation, to revel in the power it brought. On the other, he feared what that would mean for himself and for those around him. The memories of the destruction he had caused, the lives he had put in danger, weighed heavily on his conscience. As the bus hit another bump, Alex was jolted forward, his cock brushing against his pants. He smiled, feeling it creep down his left thigh. He rotated sideways, taking up the entire row, hoping to ease the tension by sprawling across 3 seats. But he knew it was futile, that nothing could stop the hulk from emerging. The being within him was too vast, too gargantuan to be contained. His mouth was dry, and his heart raced as he braced himself for what was to come. Despite his inner turmoil, the physical transformation that Alex was undergoing was undeniable. He had come a long way from his once lanky and skinny self, and now he was easily tipping the scales at 190 pounds rather than his usual 178. The sleek lines of his frame had given way to the rugged contours of raw powerfully violent masculinity, with not an ounce of fat to be found on his chiseled form. As he looked down, he could see nipples through his shirt, point down. He wasn’t big enough yet to show anything more… yet. Closing his eyes tightly, Alex tried to focus his thoughts and gain control over the transformation, but with each passing moment, it became harder and harder to resist the pull of the hulk. The primal urge to release the beast within was growing stronger with every passing moment, and he felt his body shaking with the force of it. He longed to unzip his pants and let his massive cock loose, to play with the rim of his mushroom head and slowly run his fingers up and down the length of his shaft. As the yearning to transform grew stronger, every inch of his clothing began to stretch, threatening to burst at the seams at any moment. His once loose-fitting shirt exposed a good portion of his broad chest and the seductive trail of chest hair that led down to his chiseled abs. His torso must have gotten longer. Alex's muscles swelled, expanding with power as sweat dripped down his face, and his heart pounded in his chest like a thundering drumbeat. He had to fight the hulk. He had to stay human long enough to get away from other. Alex was on the verge of losing himself, of giving in to the gargantuan beast within him, and he knew that once he crossed that threshold, there would be no going back. "Not now, please not now," he muttered to himself in a deep, husky voice that betrayed the strength building within him. He could feel the vibration of it in his chest, as if his vocal cords were drumming with the force of the transformation. Alex shifted uncomfortably in his seat, noticing how his shoulders bulged and his torso and butt seemed to fill the space, even sideways. His pants were already tightening around his growing thighs, and he could feel his cock straining against the fabric. He looked around the nearly empty bus, desperate for a distraction or permission, but the late hour and the silence only amplified the pressure building inside him, urging him to unleash the hulk. What harm would it be? He could get out of the bus, and run. Nothing could stop him. The bus continued to bounce and sway, every bump sending a shiver down Alex's spine. He looked around, desperate for a distraction, but the late hour and nearly empty bus offered him no respite. All he could focus on was the growing pressure building inside of him, urging him to unleash the hulk. He felt his muscles grow larger, his shirt straining at the seams, and he knew that he was at the largest of human proportions - all muscle. He wanted to let go so badly, it was all he could think about. Every inch of him screamed to punch something, to embrace the primal force within him. As he sat there, his mind racing with the thought of just stroking himself off to end it, he couldn't help but imagine the other 4 passenger waking up and seeing him as the muscle god he already was, and just how godly he could become. He could picture their awe and admiration, their desire to be near him, to touch him. No, that wasn’t quite right, they would fear him. But then he could…. At that idea - he looked around. A nice silver fox, sat just two seats away. The fun he could have with that man if he just kissed him. The man a few seats away snored lightly leaning against his wife, completely unaware of the incredible display of masculinity happening just feet from him. Alex felt a surge of desire, wanting nothing more than to reach out and touch the man, to show him the incredible power that he possessed. But he knew he couldn't, not now, not like this. He repositioned his dick into his waistline, growling in satisfaction, at his own touch. He underwear already soaking wet with precum. Instead, he looked down at his arms, using one hand to feel the muscles as they grew larger and stronger. He could see the veins bulging beneath his skin, and the patches of black hair that were now visible on his chest and arms. He felt like a god, unstoppable and invincible, and the primal urge to let go and become the hulk only grew stronger. As he shift he grunted trying to move in the seat realizing just how much larger he was. As Alex sat there, his mind racing with the thought of transformation, he realized that he couldn't see clearly over the seat just a couple of moments ago. But now, his vision was crystal clear, his eyesight sharpening as he grew larger and more powerful. The anticipation of what was to come sent shivers down his spine, and he couldn't help but imagine the other passengers waking up and seeing him as the muscle god he could become. In his mind's eye, he could picture their awe and admiration, their desire to be near him, to touch him as he touched himself, his own hands massaging his bulging muscles. His fingers grazed over the bulging muscles of his biceps, triceps, and forearms, feeling their rock-hard texture under his skin. He ran his hands down his chest, feeling every curve and ridge of his chiseled abs. His touch sent shivers down his spine as he felt his muscles growing, swelling with power, and his heart pounding in his chest. As his shoulders passed the top of the seat, his legs already pouring into the aisle, Alex knew that he had to be almost 6ft 7” and built stronger than the bus he was riding. His skin was turning a sickly green, veins bulging beneath the surface, a sure sign that the transformation was near. He relished in the feeling of power coursing through his veins, knowing that soon he would take on the green hue of the hulk. And he wanted it, needed it, more than anything. This time was going to be different, he thought, sinking lower in the seats just in case the driver looked up. He didn’t want to give it away too soon. But he also couldn’t help himself, slowly lifting the hem of his shirt, stretching the tight skin, as his abs seemed to pulsate bigger, and bigger. The feeling was orgasmic just to feel his fingers dip between each ab, every dark black hair as standing in contrast to his sickle skin. No, not sickle, he could see some darker green tint to it now. He had to calm down. He didn’t want to, but he had to if only to edge himself. Several bumps shook the bus as the driver hit the rumble strips on the side of the road. He laughed thinking his abs kinda felt like that if he moved his hands over them fast enough. The thought of sharing his transformation with others only intensified his urge. As he felt his mind slipping away, he knew the primal force was taking over. He closed his eyes and gave in to the sensation of his muscles swelling and his senses sharpening. The only way to satisfy the growing primal urge was to let go and become the hulk. He could feel his mind slipping away as the urge took over his body. He shoved a couple of fingers into his pants, but the waistline barely accommodated them now. His erection pressed against his pants, clearly visible. He began to stroke it, running a thick, meaty finger up and down the shaft, completely lost in the thrill of it all. The green skin and muscle began to force the seats around him to make room, creaking and straining as his shirt gave way. Finally, the button on his pants snapped and the zipper gave way, and he heaved a sigh of relief. The desire within him was intense, and as his body grew in size and strength, so did his hunger. Alex's primal instincts were in control now, and all he wanted was to satisfy them completely. His hairy chest was now exposed as his shirt gave way completely, and he could see his abs rippling with each movement. He felt a surge of power that was indescribable, and the urge to let go completely grew even stronger. Just then, an older man walked past Alex's bus seat on his way to the restroom. "Excuse me," the man said, but he was taken back by the unexpected size in Alex's appearance. As he tried to move forward, he found that the aisle was blocked. He tried to go back to his seat, and Alex stopped him again. Alex, now almost fully transformed into the Hulk, growled, "No, you're staying here," as he grabbed the man and pulled him into a passionate kiss. The man was shocked and surprised by the sudden display of affection, but he couldn't resist the Hulk's raw power. As the bus bounced and swayed, Alex's massive form seemed to fill every inch of the surrounding space. The seats around him groaned under his weight as his bulging muscles expanded, pushing him against both seats on either side. Alex's shoulders bulged and began ripping the fabric of his shirt, making it clear that he was far too big for any conventional form of transportation. His torso was so wide that it left no room for his arms, which were forced to rest awkwardly on top of his chest. His massive legs, each one the size of tree trunks, were pressed tightly together, making it entirely impossible for anyone to pass by him in the narrow aisle. The older man couldn't believe what was happening to him. His wife was asleep at the front of the bus, but he could care less about that. One moment he was just walking down the aisle of a bus, and the next he was being pressed against a wall of bulging green muscle. He cupped Alex’s pecs, massaging them up and down impressed he could even move them. He could feel the Hulk's hot breath on his neck as he ran his hands all over his massive frame, feeling the raw power pulsing beneath his skin. He loved the mans chest hair, feeling the sinew ridges from being so dry and cut. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on Alex. But the Hulk took him by his head, forcing his massive cock deep into the man's throat. The man savored the sensation of the Hulk's cockhead brushing against the back of his throat. He relaxed his throat muscles as much as he could, allowing the Hulk to push deeper and deeper. He felt the pressure building in his chest, and he began to worry that he might gag, but he forced himself to relax and let the Hulk take control. He could barely breathe with how large it was. The Hulk's movements became more forceful, his breathing becoming more ragged, and the man realized that he was close to cumming. The man gagged and struggled for breath, but the Hulk showed no mercy. He pounded into the man's mouth, savoring the sensation of his hot, wet tongue wrapped tightly around his cock. The man tasted every inch of the Hulk's pulsing shaft, feeling the rough texture of the skin against his tongue and the salty tang of his precum on his lips. He tasted the saltiness of the Hulk's precum, which had begun to flow freely from the tip of his cock, and he felt it dribble down his throat. It was a musky, earthy taste, and it made him want to explore more. As the Hulk pounded his mouth harder, the man could feel the pleasure building inside him. He felt his own cock begin to throb in his pants, and he knew that he was about to cum as well. Suddenly, the Hulk let out a loud roar, and the man felt a hot, sticky flood of cum shoot into his mouth. He swallowed it eagerly, savoring the taste of the Hulk's seed on his tongue. The Hulk's orgasm seemed to last forever, and the man swallowed every drop of his cum, feeling satisfied and fulfilled. The man sat back on his heels, breathing heavily, as the Hulk withdrew his cock from his mouth. The taste of the Hulk's cum lingered in his mouth, and he felt a sense of pride in having pleased the Hulk so thoroughly. He knew that he had been initiated into a world of raw, primal sex that he could never have imagined before. The Hulk looked down at him with a mixture of lust and satisfaction, and the man knew that there would be more cum from Alex here soon. As the bus buckled under his weight, Alex had no desire to turn back to his normal self just yet. He was reveling in the sensation of his muscles growing larger and more powerful. Suddenly, the vehicle bottomed out, sending the back end of the bus careening down the road. The other three passengers and the driver looked around in alarm, their eyes widening as they saw Alex's green, muscled form expanding and bulging. As the man in front of him fell over and down the aisle, Alex couldn't help but smile. Flexing his arm, he watched the muscle swell from the size of a football to a basketball in mere seconds. The feeling of power turned him on, making him eager for more. Amidst the chaos, Alex heard the man's grunts and moans of pain, as if he had broken something. But then something strange began to happen: the grunts grew deeper, and the man started stumbling to his feet. His muscles began to rip and tear, starting up the sides of his gut, expanding rapidly and then ripping down his neck, exposing a rapidly growing chest. Alex watched in fascination as the man's pain transformed into pleasure, and he ripped off his shirt, exposing dark green skin in a fit of rage. The old man's body continued to expand, muscles bulging and veins popping out from his skin. His biceps grew so large that they tore through the sleeves of his shirt, exposing his rippling shoulders and chest. The man let out a deep roar, his eyes glowing with excitement as he realized the true extent of his newfound strength. Alex could feel a thrill of excitement as he realized that his suspicions were confirmed - he could indeed pass on his ability to turn into the hulk. As the other passengers looked on in horror, Alex couldn't help but wonder how many others he could share his powers with. The possibilities were endless, and he couldn't wait to see where his newfound strength would take him.
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