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  1. MrMuscleJake

    One Fateful Night (Part 3 07.10)

    Hey everyone, long time lurker here. This will be my first story here but I love to write so I hope to create many parts to this. There is no growth in this first section, but there will be a bunch in future installments. It will be more of a romantic slow-burn (think in the vein of AJ & Noah). Let me know what you think, I appreciate any feedback! * PART 1 * Caleb sits on the train heading towards the city center, just like every Friday night. People are milling around him, making room for the latest passengers and shifting to let the stragglers out. Feeling a vibration from his pocket, Caleb opens up his phone to see if someone has messaged him. A couple notifications pique his interest, which is quickly dashed as he clicks on them to discover they’re nothing more than people too old for him or too horny for him. Sighing discontentedly, Caleb slips his phone back into his pocket and takes stock of the latest batch of newcomers to the train. Standing a couple meters away with his back to Caleb is a promising specimen. He looks to be about the same height as himself, he’s dressed sharply in a figure fitting jacket and dark jeans that accentuate a trim waistline, and his closely dropped blonde hair, practically white, is coiffed to the side in an effortless yes classic style. The blonde reaches for his phone in his back pocket, drawing Caleb’s attention to his beautiful ass. It wasn’t the biggest ass Caleb had ever seen, but then, neither was the gentleman. His butt was simply well shaped, whether by training or by gifted genetics was beyond telling, and accentuated by the dark jeans. Caleb quickly looks at the other passengers to avoid revealing his interest, instead letting his peripheral vision monitor the stranger. He hopes the man will turn around so he can see if the front of the stranger is as equally attractive as the back, but in such a tight space, it isn’t likely to change any time soon. As fate would have it, the subway car pulls into the next station and the doors quickly open. A number of passengers exit, but one woman taps the man on the shoulder, asking to get by. As the man turns to allow the woman through, Caleb is granted vision of his side profile, stealing Caleb’s proverbial breath away. He is wearing glasses and the subtle stubble is groomed perfectly to accentuate a square and prominent jaw. The jacket protrudes ever so slightly around the man’s chest, just enough to hint that this guy frequents the gym. A slight bulge in his jeans also betrays a hefty package, and judging by the rest of the ensemble, this guy knows exactly what he’s doing to make himself look as mouth watering as possible. Caleb notices what appears to be the tips of a tattoo sneaking out of the jacket sleeve and onto the back of the stranger’s palms. As the woman leaves, she mutters a quick thank you, which the stranger returns with a gleaming smile and rich baritone voice, perhaps that of a singer or a trained orator. As the train doors close, the hunky blonde remains facing the same direction, but shifts into a more comfortable position by placing the weight onto his left leg, resting against the back of the seat across from Caleb. Caleb again averts his eyes hoping not to betray any intention of checking the guy out, but cannot avoid moving his eyes slowly across the man, choosing things in the background to read that allow him the opportunity to continue gawking. A robotic female voice announces the next stop: downtown. Caleb prepares to stand and notices the guy in front of himself also turning around, readying himself to depart. Rising along with his hopes, Caleb shuffles out behind the couple people between him and his target. The man leads the group of passengers to the escalator and everyone follows him, stepping on and slowly ascending to the surface above. At the top of the escalator, the crowd scatters into the larger crowd that is downtown. Caleb continues to follow the man towards the club, eager to see if their destination is the same. Squeezing through the crowd, Caleb soon sees the sign for the club and the bouncers outside checking ID’s. The blonde approaches the bouncers and flashes an ID card before the bouncers allow him to pass. Caleb does the same and follows into the club, already packed nearly to capacity. Mystery guy quickly stops off at the beer to grab something, but Caleb can’t hear the guy’s voice over the deafening bass of the club. The bartender returns shortly with a small beer, which the guy immediately takes a large swig of. Caleb follows suit and approaches the bar as the blonde pushes his way deeper into the club. “I’ll have what he had,” Caleb shouts to the bartender, motioning generically in the direction of his dream guy. Like clockwork, the bartender returns with the beer and Caleb pays, turning to see if he can find the blonde. Pushing through the crowd, he eventually sees the stud taking another sip of his beer, gently swaying and bopping along with the beat. Caleb pushes close to him, but far enough away to not arouse any suspicion, not that anyone in the club was paying any attention to either of them. Caleb takes a sip of his drink and starts to dance as well. Several songs bleed together and Caleb admires his quarry from afar. The seething crowd eventually places Caleb dangerously close to the blonde twunk, but Caleb accepts it and continues to dance. The guy is gyrating his hips along with the music and pumping his fist in the air when appropriate, which Caleb also does. All Caleb can imagine is dancing closer to him and jumping alongside him. As the song crescendos, the rowdier people behind Caleb begin jumping and one of them inadvertently shoves Caleb forward, sending him into the twunk. Neither of them falls over thanks to the sheer volume of people they fall against, but Caleb’s hand is pressed directly against the guy’s pec for a solid three seconds before they stand upright again. “I’m so sorry!” Caleb shouts, his cheeks flushing red with embarrassment. “Don’t worry about it!” the guy shouts back. Caleb now notices the German accent in his voice. “People in here can get pretty crazy!” “Yeah, definitely!” The guy says something to Caleb, but an electronic distortion makes it too hard to hear for Caleb. “What?” The guy leans in closer, his mouth practically against Caleb’s ear. “I’m Lukas!” “Caleb!” “Nice to meet you!” Lukas shouts, adding an extra wink. “Likewise!” Caleb says, trying to hide his shock. He can count the number of times somebody has winked at him on one hand, unless he counts his family. Lukas seems to notice Caleb’s slight discomfort and grins. He leans in close again, grazing Caleb’s ear with a stubbly lip. “Can I get you another drink?” Caleb looks down at his glass and sees it is nearly finished. “You don’t have to do that!” “No, it’s no problem!” Caleb sighs and gives in. He quickly finishes off his drink. “Ok!” Lukas pulls away and heads back to the bar. Caleb can hardly believe it. This isn’t a gay bar, is Lukas just being polite or is he actually gay? What are the odds of that happening? How many guys has he had a crush on and how many of them have turned out to be gay? Caleb’s head is spinning and his heart is pounding. This has to be some kind of cultural difference, right? Moments later, Lukas comes back bearing two fresh glasses and hands Caleb one of them. “Thank you!” Caleb shouts. “Bitte schön!” Lukas says. They smile at each other and continue to dance. Lukas dances closer and closer to Caleb as the songs come. His eyes roam up and down Caleb’s body and Caleb’s eyes glide over Lukas’. “Where are you from?” “I’m originally from America but now I live on the east side of town, kind of in the outskirts. What about you?” Caleb asks. “I am from here, my family lives in the village on the other side of the river, so I grew up here.” “That’s cool!” “Thanks! How did you decide to come to Germany?” Lukas asks, just a hint of skepticism in his voice. In Caleb’s experience, every German finds it incredibly difficult to see Germany as a desirable place to live. “What’s not to love? The culture, the language, the history, sexy European boys…” Caleb says, trailing off suggestively. Lukas grins. “You think Germans are sexy?” “What can I say? I love tall, blonde studs with foreign accents!” “Then you should go to Sweden. It is even better there than in Germany.” “Maybe, but I don’t like the snow. And besides, they don’t teach Swedish in American schools. Though to be fair, they barely teach any languages in American schools these days.” Lukas chuckles to himself. “Yes it is not common to see Americans living here.” “Guess I’m one of the special ones,” Caleb says. “Yes, I think you are,” Lukas says. Caleb blushes and Lukas flashes his award-winning smile. Caleb can’t recall the last time a smile has had such an effect on him. Maybe it’s the alcohol, or maybe it’s the man the smile is attached to, or perhaps it’s the pervasive sense of loneliness and hopelessness of finding someone, or maybe a combination of everything. Whatever the exact source is, Lukas’ smile gives Caleb a sense of stillness, like it is opening up the hurricane around them to create an eye big enough just for the two of them. As the night goes on, Caleb and Lukas continue to dance and do their best to have a conversation amidst all the chaos. Caleb notices his usual nerves just melt away and words have never come easier to him. All he wants is to lean in and kiss Lukas, but he could never be so forward so quickly. Instead, as the night starts to wind down, Caleb and Lukas leave the club and walk back towards the train station. “I had a really nice time in there,” Caleb says. “Ja, I had a good time as well. I don’t often meet such cute boys in these clubs,” Lukas says. Caleb winces a little internally at being called cute. He knows certain types of people are really into his specific look, but Caleb wishes beyond anything that he could change it. He has always felt like he wasn’t enough for people. He was always one of the skinniest people around, never the tallest, never the hottest, not even among the cutest. He knows he can be kind of cute if he styles his hair and takes care of his skin, but attached to such an unremarkable body, all he would ever be is a forgettable twink. “There are guys way better looking than me there. I know because I’m looking at one right now,” Caleb says dejectedly. Lukas smiles reassuringly, melting away some of Caleb’s insecurities but adding a few new ones. The two of them enter the train and sit down next to each other. “Don’t say that, you are very cute. And thank you. But you do not need to compare yourself to me or to any other people. You are cute, it is true, but you have something else too, and that is kindness and sympathy. You are real and honest, and that is something better to have than the handsomest face or the biggest muscles.” “Yeah but some big muscles wouldn’t hurt would they?” Caleb says, softly punching Lukas’ pec and gritting his teeth awkwardly. Immediately, Caleb feels a surge of embarrassment at his brashness. Lukas chuckles and looks down at his pec. “My muscles are not that big,” Lukas says, rubbing his chest tenderly, feigning pain and insult. “Better than what I’ve got,” Caleb says. “Well, that can easily be fixed. Just hit the gym some more and you’ll be huge in no time,” Lukas says. “Ha, I wish. Too bad there isn’t some magical elixir to do it all for me.” Lukas looks like he’s about to say something, but the electronic woman’s voice comes over the speakers, announcing Lukas’ stop. “Naja, this is my stop. Would you like to text via WhatsApp?” “Sure,” Caleb says, pulling his phone out and exchanging it with Lukas. The two of them enter their numbers in each others’ phones as the train pulls into the station. Lukas and Caleb hug each other goodbye and Lukas leaves. Caleb watches Lukas walk towards the stairs through the windows as the train starts to move again. Caleb sits back down and thinks about how lucky he was to have met Lukas. Somehow fate had smiled upon him tonight. After arriving at his station, Caleb exits the train and walks up the stairs to the street. He walks along the street contemplating everything when he accidentally kicks something. Looking down, Caleb sees a glass bottle, but this one is full of some blue liquid and it hasn’t been opened. Out of curiosity, Caleb picks up the bottle and written on the label in big bubble letters are two words: MUSCLE JUICE
  2. Warning: This is a snuff story. Many people die senselessly and violently in it. Do not read further if that's not your thing. While Nick was off at the club, Tony had his own fun one night. Teenage Destroyers 7.75: Tony at the Starlight Motel Tony looked at his reflection in the mirror. “Gonna have fun tonight,” he thought to himself as he looked at his huge body. The improbably large teenager facing the mirror, smiling, was fucking huge; height, build, body, fucking everything about him was enormous! His face was strong, green eyes staring back at the mirror. He was 6’ 5” tall and he weighed over 300 pounds, all of it solid muscle. His skin shined as his muscles bulged underneath. He flexed his 28 inch arms and watched as his biceps bulged into gigantic balls of rippling fibers of muscle covered with veins. Tony pulled on a white shirt, almost see through from how tightly it stretched across his chest. His chest was massive, pecs so astoundingly large he looked like he could bury someone's head between them. Small rips had formed around their enormity from the stress they put on the garment, the same tears appearing around his mind-blowing biceps. He slid on a pair of black shorts. They clung more tightly to his legs than his shirt did to his torso, not even covering half of his quads, the barrel-sized start of his legs looking strong enough to crush watermelons! This teen god’s calves and feet were huge as well; practically every pound on him dedicated to pure, raw power. Between his legs, pushing out the front of her tight shorts, was an absolutely monstrous protuberance; even through the dark material there was no guessing what it was that was pulling the fabric even tighter around his waist. A gigantic, tubular bulge that curled on itself several times distended the dark fabric, making the material of his shorts almost sheer from the strain, the end of it creating a certain bell-shaped protrusion against one of his humongous thighs. "Aw fuck yeah!" He grinned at his reflection and squeezed his enormous bulge, anticipating the fun he was about to have. He headed out the door and drove down the highway. Room 101 Tony pulled in to the gravel lot of the Starlight Motel. Only a few cars were in the lot of this middle-of-nowhere building. This would do. He made his way to the lobby. Ben was manning the front desk this night, bored out of his mind. Everyone had checked in; a few traveling businessmen, a group of guys having a weekend rager, the usual crowd. He was about to lock up when he saw Tony walk in the door. His heart skipped a beat. Tony was stunning. He looked like he was made of granite. “Like what you see?” he said. “It’s Tony, by the way.” Tony extended his massive hand. "B-b-b-Ben." Ben stammered, "Holy shit! You’re fucking huge!” he blurted out. “You like big men like me, Ben?” Tony didn't even ask for a room. He didn't need to. Ben nodded slowly. He was totally smitten with big muscle men. “Yeah..."" Ben said, staring up and down Tony's godly form. "What the hell was a guy like him doing here?" Ben thought to himself, his head clouding with lust. Tony rotated his forearm, which looked about as big as Ben’s thigh, and totally ripped to shreds. “Jesus,” Ben gasped. “I-it's a slow night and I was gonna close up. Do you maybe want to come back to my room?” He couldn't believe he just said that, he never was so forward! Ben stood up quickly and pointed toward the door behind him. Tony smiled and followed. Ben turned off the lobby light and showed Tony to his place. Ben closed the door as Tony grabbed him from behind and squeezed his tight ass cheeks. He ran his hands over Ben's shoulders and rubbed his chest and caressed his nipples under his shirt. Ben's cock was hard. He felt Tony's strong chest against his back, warm and muscular. Tony's cock grew in his shorts. His other arm reached down to Ben's crotch and he squeezed at his balls and cock. Ben felt his hot breath on his neck. Tony whispered in his ear, "Let's get more comfortable." Ben led him to the bed. Tony slipped Ben's shirt off and rubbed his hands against his firm, smooth chest. Ben pulled off his jeans and lay on the bed. He looked down at Ben. His naked body looked inviting. His cock was hard and pulsated as dribbles of precum oozed out and dripped onto his stomach. Tony peeled off his shirt and shorts, revealing his massive frame. Ben was totally flabbergasted by the big man’s body. It was like granite. Golden skin, no hair, and a dick that was a good 10 inches soft. He whimpered and came without touching himself. “Holy fuck dude,” Ben said. “How much bigger does that thing get?” Tony smiled, grabbing his meat and swinging it like a club. “How much bigger do you want it to get?” Ben shook his head. “You're unreal,” he said. Tony chuckled. “I get that a lot. Suck this big tool, punk.” Ben gulped but he dove on it. He couldn't fit more than half of the growing member in his mouth, but his enthusiasm pleasured Tony. When Ben came up for air, he got a full view of the 16 inch long goliath between Tony's legs. It was bigger than his forearm! Tony eased Ben down on the bed, then covered Ben’s small, strong body with his own. It took both of Ben’s hands to circle Tony’s gigantic cock, he stared in wonder as he stroked the thick shaft. Tony positioned his hands on either side of Ben’s much smaller frame, the giant shaft of his monsterous cock slapping against Ben’s torso, stretching from his pubes to his pecs. Tony lifted his hips back, pulling himself from Ben's grasp. Ben felt Tony’s big dick begin to probe his manhole. He started to shake his head, to tell Tony no, but Tony just smirked back, pushing forward insistingly. Ben was aflame with desire. Never had he been with a man so huge, so built, so hard, so intimidating. Tony’s body was made of marble, completely unpliable, but his touch was like fire. “Give it to me,” Ben cried out. “I need it!” The teen god heeded the call, his member growing ever larger, thicker, his thrusting slow at first, but then quicker and more excited. It was only after Tony passed the 13-inch mark that Ben began to show signs of distress, and even those were submerged in the frenzy of his lust. Only at the very end did Ben seem to understand that something was amiss. Ben’s eyes began to bulge when he realized that Tony’s ever lengthening rod was going to puncture his sphincter. Ben looked down to see his abs distended as an orange-sized bulge—the head of Tony’s cock—was muscling up towards Ben’s sternum. “Tony,” he said between grunts. “Tony, what are you doing to me? I, uh, I don’t think…” The teen god put his big hand across Ben’s mouth. “Shut up,” he said. “Take it.” Ben closed his eyes, his passion continuing to build. Ben’s gasp of pain was muffled by Tony's hand, as was his shriek of pain when it became clear that Tony was going all the way to the hilt. Only when the muscle god’s tool bottomed out did Ben orgasm, its full mammoth expanse tearing his internal organs to shreds. “Tony,” Ben murmured. “Thank you…” His eyes closed as the life left his body, sending Tony over the edge. He groaned as he unloaded inside Ben's shredded innards, jet after jet filling his chest cavity. He held Ben's bloated body in his arms for another minute before lifting him off and dropping him at the foot of the bed. Tony was still horny. He flexed his still hard cock, spraying the last dregs of his orgasm across the floor. He heard the shower turn on in the next room. "Perfect," he thought. He headed next door. Room 102 Danny was enjoying a long shower after a full day on the road. Meeting after meeting had drained him, and he was looking forwards to heading home tomorrow. Steam filled the bathroom as he relaxed. He admired his lean muscles; he took pride in staying fit even when on the road. His thoughts drifted as he closed his eyes and relaxed. Suddenly, Danny could feel a presence, a change in the air. He turned to look behind him, and standing there was a huge monster of a man. Danny speechlessly ogled the vast expanse of the pectoral muscle that blocked his exit from the shower. He had to be six and a half feet all and covered in such muscle that he looked like a wall. Fully naked, a massive cock stood at attention, all the way up to between the giant's shelf-like pecs! Was this a dream? A nightmare? "WHAT THE-" he could barely get out a word before Tony shoved him against the shower wall so hard the air was forced out of his lungs. He slipped, bumped his head against the tile, and slid to the floor; Tony towered above him; naked, his cock fully erect and dripping with pre-cum. Tony squeezed at his balls and ran his hand up his lengthy shaft. He felt his veins, the blood pulsing, the hot water washing away the dried blood off his body and highlighting his pumped muscles. Danny looked up in awe and fear. His erection throbbed as he tried to see through the stars in his eyes. Tony pulled Danny up by the armpits, and while dizzy, Danny finally got a look at his giant assailant. Tony's handsome, boyish face atop an impossibly large body. His arms with biceps unflexed yet still so unbelievably huge and wide. Danny whimpered; he was breathtaking. "Aw fuck yeah, you'll do nicely." Tony rumbled. Danny wanted to scream but no noise could come out. Tony stepped forward, forcing Danny to stumble backwards again. He pressed his chest muscle up against Danny’s face. "Yeah," he grunts. Tony continued moving forward slowly, backing Danny into the wall of the bathroom. Tony wedged Danny’s face into his deep pectoral crevice, his skull pinned to the wall. "You want to lick these massive pecs, don’t you, bitch? I’ll bet you’re just dyin’ to." He chuckled. Danny’s head was caught between the deadly halves of Tony’s chest. He couldn’t see. All he could hear is Tony’s heart pumping strongly, the heat of the blood nourishing the muscle in which he was trapped. Danny couldn't help but run his hands over the slick pectorals rippling around him. Danny opened his mouth and let the tip of his tongue slowly draw a trail along the smooth skin of Tony’s mountainous pec. Tony grinned and put his palm behind Danny's head, pressing him into the bulging pectoral muscle, then slowly caused his chest to harden as he held Danny's head in place with his oaken arm. Danny was trapped, enclosed in a cocoon of steel-hard muscle, held fast in Tony’s powerful arms. Large, tunnel-like veins throbbed near the surface of the skin on his biceps and forearms. Danny’s naked torso was covered by Tony’s arms, roughly pressing the poor man against the cold tile and hot slabs of muscle. Danny began pounding on Tony's chest as the pressure increased upon his skull, suffocating him. "Oh hey sorry dude," Tony laughing, relaxing his pecs. "Guess I don't know my own strength," he lied, letting the poor man catch his breath. Tony lifted Danny up and positioned his ass over his pulsing teen cock and slowly brought him down onto the pre cum spurting cock head. He moaned deeply as his hot, throbbing fuck pole penetrated the doomed man's virgin ass. Danny screamed. Tony pushed Danny's head back between his pecs, muffling him. He wrapped his other arm around the man's waist and began fucking in earnest. He could feel his cock quiver with pleasure with each organ that tore as he drove further and further into the poor guy's body. Danny’s feet didn’t reach the floor. But he wasn’t going anywhere. Tony began to squeeze him tighter as he thrust, Danny's head trapped between his pecs. His eyes rolled back in their sockets as he faded in and out of consciousness, but somehow he knew what was about to happen. This was it. Tony's deadly arms slowly wound tighter and tighter around Danny. CRAAAACK! Danny’s twig-like arms snapped. Tony dug the bending of the ribs and the "pop" of bones breaking against his mass. As Tony’s arms tightened and flexed the muscles in them became absurdly rock-hard. Tony hissed out a pleasured, "Oh, FUCK yeah!" as he flexed his massive chest to rock hard fullness and Danny's face was crushed between the powerful teen's outstretched palm and his rippling pectoral. The sudden spray of blood on his chest sent Tony over the edge. As he reached orgasm, his dick shot great, steaming wads of cum into the broken man's body. Tony continued flexing as he unloaded, blood and cum spurting out of Danny's ass and mouth. Danny's limp body slid up and down through a thick layer of cum, burying his broken face under a mask of white. After a minute, Tony loosened his hold and transitioned into a most muscular pose. He brought his two giant fists together and flexed his deadly muscles, which allowed the twisted, broken corpse to slide to the floor. Danny's asshole was permanently resized, cum pouring from a gape large enough to fit a tennis ball. Tony’s body was covered with blood and jizz, which accentuated the peaks and valleys of his unthinkably lethal physique. He was breathing heavily, and his massive chest heaved with each breath. Tony relaxed, letting the hot water cleanse him. Tony shut off the water. He grabbed a towel and dried off, leaving Danny in a heap in the corner of the bathroom, blood pooling on the floor. "Aw yeah," Tony thought to himself, "tonight is getting so fucking good." Room 103 Jay sauntered leisurely out of his room, ice bucket in hand. His partner Dean was on the bed, watching TV. Jay made it just a few steps out the door when he glanced up and saw Tony emerge from the room next door, the huge bodybuilder fully nude, bloodlust in his eyes. Tony turned his head and spotted the poor man, an evil smile growing on his face. Jay almost stopped dead in his tracks, a voice in his head telling him that he had stumbled into something very bad. Both guys broke into a mad sprint towards the door to Jay and Dean's room. Tony swiftly seized Jay by his belt and grappled him into a headlock, squeezing the poor man's skull between his impenetrable lats and granite biceps. Jay kicked and punched as he tried to break free, but his efforts bounced uselessly off Tony's solid muscles. With Jay under one arm, Tony wrapped his hand around the doorknob. Jay tried to call out to warn Dean but couldn't breathe, his face turning red. Tony pressed his shoulder against the door and pushed. The wood splintered and popped, the door broke from the frame, and the knob came off in his hand. Tony pushed his way in. "OH MY GOD JAY!" Dean screamed. He ran to the two men, punching helplessly at Tony's arms. Tony laughed, his cock getting hard again. Dominanting these two weaklings so easily was making him so horny. With his other arm, he grabbed Dean by the throat and hoisted him up, holding him at arm's length. Jay let out a whimper as he saw Dean struggle. "Who are you? What do you want with us?!" Dean cried, tears welling in his eyes as he tried to pull Tony's hand open with both arms. "Just a guy looking for a good time," Tony chuckled. "And to fuck up some punks." With that he threw Dean onto the bed, his head hitting the headboard with a thud. "Time to watch your friend die." Tony said, staring straight into Dean's eyes. Tony lifted Jay up with both arms. With astonishing ease he hoisted him over his head, dropped to one leg, and savagely swung the man's spine straight down onto his knee, every muscle in his substantial frame suddenly exploding in size. The spinal column immediately broke in two, Jay seized and let out a sharp, gruesome yelp, his head thrown back. Dean cried as Tony dropped the broken body onto the bed. Tony tore off Jay's pants, and rammed his 16-inch beast into the man's ass. Dean tried to move, to grab his phone or get away, but he couldn't. He was paralyzed in shock as he looked into his partner's dying eyes. Jay was still alive, completely helpless. His eyes were frozen with fear and he shrieked as he felt his ass splitting in half to accomodate the enormous intruder, which effortlessly drove through his body, rupturing his sphincter muscles and pushing organs out of the way. The curved, symmetrical globes of Tony's ass tensed with hard muscle as he pumped his pelvis. Jay was completely submerged beneath the sweaty muscular mass and he was moaning, barely conscious. Tony stared into Dean's eyes as he pounded Jay, the feeling of completely dominating and destroying these two guys was making him harder than ever. He wrapped his arms around Jay's chest, lifting him up to give Dean a better look at the enormous bulge of Tony's cock punching its way through Jay's innards. Tony roared as he flexed his deadly arms around the dude's torso. There was a grisly crunching noise as the guy's chest caved inwards. "uh..uhhh....UHHHH!!!!!" Jay cried out loudly as his own ribcage imploded, his heart was compressed and instantly crushed against his deforming spine and bursting internal organs. His expression was frozen in shock, his mouth gasped twice, before his face relaxed. Dean let out a helpless wail. "Mmmppfff!!" Tony grunted and suddenly seized as his ass-muscles tightened in successive waves and his broad muscle-laden backside tensed and arched. Tony's hefty balls, wedged between his sweaty crotch and the dead man's ass-cheeks, summoned up a vast reservoir of jizz and purged nearly a pint of hot, sticky fluid into the welcoming anus. When he was finished, he unwrapped his arms, and pushed Jay's body off his cock. "Wh...why did you have to kill him?" Dean said, sniffling. "Because...snuffing punks like you makes me cum so hard." he whispered moving towards Dean, licking his lips, "And I know you enjoyed watching me destroy him. Your dick's been rock hard since I walked through that door." Tony growled. It was true, Dean's hand had been in his pants for most of Jay's destruction. He couldn't help but to cum at the sight of Tony's sweaty muscles, flexing and pumping as he fucked. He felt guilty and yet, his cock had never been harder staring at the teen god. "You want me more than you've ever wanted anything, don't you bitch? Look at me, look at my muscles." Tony whispered as he flexed, his sweat highlighting his unbelievable muscle. Without another word Dean reached out and began to rub his hands over the vast expanse of Tony's muscle packed thighs. "My God," he gasped, "your muscles are like steel!" "Kiss them weakling," Tony commanded. "Worship my body." Dean couldn't help but reach out and rub his hand across the expanse of Tony's rippling, blood slick chest. As he reached his massive pecs, Tony slowly flexed, securing Dean's hand in the deep crevice. He stared into Dean's eyes. "Before I snuffed your friend, I crushed the guy next door with my pecs. Broke his fucking face just by flexing. Then I fucked him and pumped him so full of cum it was shooting out both ends. The guy before him I skewered on my cock and filled him until he was more cum than blood." Dean gasped as he continued to feel the rippling, powerful muscle of this god. "You like that? You like hearing about me dominating little shits like you?" Tony taunted. He moaned as he erupted in orgasm, splattering Tony with his cum. Tony laughed and palmed Dean's head, using it to wipe the cum from his abs and chest, and guided Dean to his apple-sized cockhead. “Yeah, worship this fucking muscle beast,” murmured Tony as he slapped Dean with the 16 inch weapon. Dean's face was getting bruised by the long, thick weapon, but he was still worshipping Tony’s muscles, now running his hands on his huge legs and calves. Tony jammed his cock down Dean’s throat and started skullfucking him. With every thrust, he forced more and more of his oversized weapon in. Dean moaned and gagged as Tony fucked his face, a stream of hot precum pouring down his throat. Over a foot of thick, veiny meat pistoned its way in and out of Dean's throat. He began to drift in and out of consciousness, his airways being crushed by Tony's relentless pounding. Dean looked up pleadingly as Tony wrapped his huge hand around the dude’s neck and squeezed, crushing his esophagus and making more friction between the dude’s esophagus and his cock. “Yeah, feels good,” he said. “Your throat feels so fucking good!" Then he started thrusting harder and squeezing harder. Finally he yelled “Yeah, yeah, YEAH!” as he spurt gush after gush of cum down inside Dean’s stomach. Cum sprayed out of Dean's nostrils and the sides of his mouth. Tony felt Dean's body twitch as his lungs were flooded with muscle cum. His torso swelled until it looked like it would burst. When Tony finished, he pulled his cock out and squeezed Dean's neck until it snapped. "Aw yeah, fuckin' beast..." Tony growled as he flexed his arms. "Fuckin' bones me." Next door, he could hear music and multiple voices, chatting loudly. Tony smiled as he curled his arms, the night wasn't over yet. Room 104 The music blaring from Room 104 was so loud that the four guys inside hadn't heard the screaming and banging noises from the rooms down the hall. As they sat around chugging beers, suddenly the door to their room burst open with a loud crack. Tony strutted into the living room, fully nude. The guys looked at the huge teen in shock. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" The guys jumped up, not sure if they should run or fight. “I’m lookin’ for some dudes. I wanna fuck ‘em up.” he said, his massive body filling the doorway. The men stared, slackjawed, at the teen's gargantuan, rippling torso...They had never seen so much vein encased, rippling muscle on any man, no matter what age. The teen had the neck of a bull, triceps as large as a man's head and boulderous biceps...his pectorals hung out, defying gravity, rippling with power...his dark brown, silver dollar sized nipples pointing straight down to his deep 8 pack abs and shockingly narrow waist. Between his legs hung the longest, thickest cock they'd ever seen on any man, perfectly framed between his chiseled legs. One of the guys, Pete, pissed himself at the sight, even as he felt his cock twitch. He had never imagined any being so huge, so perfect, so sexual. His breathing got rapid and he started to sweat profusely. All four guys couldn't help themselves, their cocks sprung to life at the sight of the rock hard anatomy chart of rippling muscle standing before them. Tony stroked his cock as he saw his effect on the men. It began to pulse and rise, throbbing at full mast before the muscle teen's heaving, rippling pectorals, a string of pre-cum slowly stringing from the slit in it's massive crown. "So, who wants first?" Tony growled, flexing. His lats filled the doorway, blocking their exit. The four men looked at each other, a mix of confusion, fright, and sexual attraction filled their heads. The closest two guys, Chris and Paul, ran at Tony and started throwing punches at him. He laughed as their fists bounced harmlessly off his rock hard body. Tony grabbed the backs of the shirts of the attackers and held them at his sides. He smashed his hands together like he was doing dumbbell flys, smashing their two bodies together. Their faces hit each other, breaking their noses and jaws. He smashed them together again and then let them fall to the floor. Their faces were broken and their chests were battered and bruised. Paul started crawling towards the door. Tony laughed evilly. He smashed down with his tree trunk of a leg, breaking his thigh bone with the powerful blow. Then he did the same thing with the other thigh bone. “You’re not goin’ anywhere, bitch,” he said as Paul writhed in pain. “And neither are you,” he said to Chris who was looking at him in awe and fear. Tony hoisted him up by his shirt and spun him around. Chris suddenly felt Tony's impossibly thick forearm reach across his sternum and the palm firmly grip his shoulder, while the other palm swiftly enwrapped his mouth. Tony savagely jerked the guy's head hard to the right. “I’m gonna fuck you all to death.” Tony declared as he dropped Chris' body to the floor. Pete and Brent, the remaining two men in the room, were frozen in fear. They couldn't believe how fast and brutal Tony was. Paul lay on the ground, barely breathing but alive. Chris' body lay at Tony's feet, his head bent the wrong way around. As if to make his point, Tony bent over and pulled Chris up by the head. He cupped his palms on either side and began to squeeze. His deltoids and triceps began to swell and channel a deadly, muscle-driven force down his arms, all of the destructive energy flowing straight into Chris's skull. The head imploded between his clenched hands with a sudden upwelling of blood, skull fragments and brain matter. "FUCK YEAH!" Tony roared triumphantly. He flexed his insane body, every inch of him appearing to double in size. Tony's cock spurt a jet of precum, landing at Pete's feet. Pete shuddered, the wet spot in his pants growing again. He had never seen such a huge, muscular person in his life. "NO!" Brent squealed, the sight of Chris' crushed head shocking him to his senses. He hopped to his feet and tried to dash behind Tony towards the door. But Tony was too fast, clotheslining Brent with his rock-solid arm. He pulled Brent up until he was eye-level with his goliath cock, a steady stream of precum now dripping from its head. Tony swayed his hips, beating Brent's face with his hard member and coating it in clear slime. "What the fffuck! Let go! LET GO of me!" Brent sputtered as his body thrashed and bucked. Tony erupted into laughter as he watched the utter uselessness of the weaker man's attempts to pry away his vice-like grip. He laid back on the bed, dragging Brent with him. He pressed his cockhead to Brent's lips. "Put it in your mouth and suck on that shit." Brent tried to resist, but one thrust from Tony sunk the solid head straight into his mouth. Tony could feel the warmth of Brent's mouth pleasingly envelope around his dick. He placed his palms on Brent's skull and began to firmly guide it in and out, in and out, and a long moan escaped his lips as he felt that tight throat slide against his oversized meat. Tony swung his legs up and clamped his thick calves around the man's neck, then swiftly jerked him forward and drew the face deeper into his crotch, locking his ankles tight behind his back. Brent's face quickly went beet red as the thighs closed further in, squished against his cheeks and forcing his mouth to open wider, letting Tony shove his full length inside. "Hey, buddy." Tony said to Pete who was sitting in the corner, wide-eyed. He had undone his pants and was jerking himself as he watched Tony. "How powerful do you think my legs are, huh? Do you think-"Tony flexed and his quads swelled to unbelievable proportions. Brent squawked as the crushing pressure amplified tenfold. "You think..." Tony grunted, "...I could fucking....err...break his neck?" He twisted his hips sharply. Pete nearly jumped when he heard the swift, sharp crack of the neck snapping. A wild spasm twitched through the man's body, his arms flew up in the air, then flopped limply to his sides. The sound sent Tony over the edge, his cock blasting pure white jizz straight into Brent's stomach. Tony grunted and flexed as he unloaded, Brent's head nearly buried under the mass of Tony's thighs. When he was done, Tony closed his eyes for a moment, a look of deep satisfaction on his face. Tony unlocked his legs and pushed Brent to the floor. Brent's stomach was bloated, as if he had chugged a keg. His head was bent forward, cum and blood seeping from his nostrils, ears, and mouth. Tony stood up and looked down at Paul, the other man who had charged at the beginning. His breathing was ragged; Tony's dumbbell flys with him and Chris had cracked a few ribs. Tony smiled, his cum-covered cock still throbbing hard. Tony picked up Paul and bent him over the edge of the bed. He ripped off Paul's clothes and slapped his ass. “You ever been fucked, dude? You ever had a huge piece of muscle stud meat jammed up your little ass?” Paul looked at Tony in fear and shook his head. He was a total virgin. Tony rubbed his cock and turned Paul around. In one huge thrust, Tony rammed his 16-inch long cock up the man’s ass. The hard weapon broke Paul’s sphincter muscles and smashed through his intestines. Tony started thrusting his hips at the same time he was pulling back on the dude’s shoulders with his huge arms. Tony’s abs were like bricks of muscle, pounding his huge cock in and out of the guy’s bleeding asshole. A beer can sized bulge pushed out of Paul's abdomen, stretching the skin so taut that the outline of Tony's cockhead was easily seen with each thrust. "Aw yeah dude, tearing you apart!" Tony growled as he sped up. Paul's blood and guts lubricated the deadly monster, amplifying Tony's pleasure. Paul's guts bulged out further, as Tony bent him backwards. Spasms of pain surged through Paul's body, contracting his ass muscles and giving Tony even more pleasure. Suddenly Tony’s cock burst through the Paul’s abs. The power of his muscles was so great that he forced his cock all the way through the man’s body. Tony roared as he saw his blood-covered monster cock sticking out of Paul's shredded guts. He came as he fucked the dude’s dying body, spurting gush after gush of his perfect cum onto the bed and floor in front of them. “Fuckin’ weaking,” he said as he pulled out his cock and dropped the lifeless body to the floor. Tony looked around the room, breathing heavily from his last fuck. Blood was smeared across his chest and dripping down his legs, highlighting the contours of Tony's bulging muscles. Pete sat in the corner of the room, quietly moaning as he came down from cumming again when he watched Tony fuck and snuff his friend. Tony swaggered over to Pete, his powerful arms swaying by his sides, swollen with killing-power. Tony pulled Pete to his feet and the two of them stood in front of the floor-length mirror. The contrast between their bodies was incredible. Tony completely dwarfed the little man. Tony grabbed the man's ass. "You got a sweet little ass, man," he said. "My big cock's gonna love that tight little ass." Pete shuddered as he realized that Tony's monster was level with his shoulders. Would it go all the way through him? Tony flexed his thighs. His huge quads sprang to attention, rippling with mass and cuts. He had way more muscle in one of his thighs than the man had in his whole body. He spun Pete around so he was facing him and grabbed the man's hands, guiding them to his chest. "Feel a real man's muscle, wimp," he said. Pete ran his fingers over the huge, flexed muscles. His cock started to harden again as he felt the young giant's huge muscles. Tony looked down and smiled as he saw the effect his body was having on the smaller man. Pete couldn't help himself as his dick got harder and harder. He was getting turned on by Tony's body even though he knew that body was going to fuck him and then kill him within a matter of minutes. Tony grabbed the hair on the back of the man's head and pushed his face into his thick, hard blood-covered cock. "Lick it clean," he ordered. Pete started licking Tony's huge 16 inch weapon. Tony kept hold of the man's head and moved him up and down over his huge cock. His cock started twitching with pleasure as the man's tongue caressed it. He started licking Tony's huge balls, balls that were the size of big lemons. Tony groaned with pleasure as he felt the man's little tongue on his huge balls. Pete moaned as he tasted Tony's precum, lapping at the giant head like a fountain. After his cock was clean of Brent's remains, Tony pulled Pete to his feet. "I wanna fuck," growled Tony. Pete looked into Tony’s eyes and said. “I want you to fuck me the hardest you have ever fucked. I want to give you the best fuck ever.” Tony was caught offguard. Did this guy *want* to be snuffed? He'd fucked plenty of muscle-crazed worshippers, but they were usually begging for mercy by the end of it. Without asking, Pete answered his question by raising his head and kissing Tony's neck. “Fuck me. Fuck the shit out of me,” he said. He was completely drunk on lust. He started kissing Tony’s body, feeling those big hard muscles. “Aw yeah dude! Look at the body of the biggest fucking musclegod on earth! Tell me I’m a monster and a beast! Tell me I’m a god! Worship me, you muscleslut!” Pete's complete submission to him made Tony hornier than ever. Tony wrapped his left arm around Pete's thin chest. With his right hand he grabbed his cock and guided it to just the right place at the man's tight ass crack, just barely touching the soft flesh of the man's round butt. Tony picked him up and slid his meat between Pete's legs. Even from behind him, Tony's cock stuck out twice as far as Pete's. The heat radiating from Tony's meat made the smaller man whimper. Pete took a deep breath, knowing what was about to come. Without a word, Tony lifted Pete into the air and jammed his rock hard cock into Pete’s ass. Pete’s eyes got bright and his cock got even harder. “Oh god, oh god!’ he yelled and he shot a huge spurt of cum all over his chest. Tony held the man by the chest and raised him up and down on his cock, only stuffing a foot of his massive meat inside. He watched his image in the mirror as his huge muscles lifted the man up and down on his cock like it was nothing. He felt the muscles of the man's ass try to tighten around the head of his cock as he lifted the ass up, but he knew his cock was too big and hard for those little muscles to resist when he forced himself in again. After a few minutes of this, he let go with his hands, Pete dangling in the air impaled on Tony's beast. "Look, my cock is stronger than you," he laughed, "It can lift your pathetic little body like a feather." He twitched his cock and Pete bounced up and down. "How does it feel to be lifted off your feet by just my fucking monster cock, bitch?!" smirked Tony looking at their reflection in the mirror. He swayed his hips causing his hard-on and the man perched atop to swing madly from side to side. "I…..I….." Pete trailed off losing the power of speech. His whole body bounced up and down as Tony's mighty knob throbbed inside his ass. "I can't take this anymore….." moaned Pete, pleasure pulsating through his body, "I'm gonna…..gonna….." Pete moaned and came, spraying his load on the mirror. Tony gripped Pete's hips and held him in place, the smaller man's orgasm pleasuring his own rod. Pete stared at their reflection, the mountain of muscle surrounding him. "Please," he begged. "Let me worship you!" Pete cried. Tony corkscrewed Pete on his cock to face him. Pete shoved his face into Tony's pecs, feeling the hard muscles as Tony fucked him harder and harder. He called Tony a beast, a god. He moaned as he recounted how easily Tony destroyed his friends. With his talk and his worshipping, he brought Tony to an absolute peak of erotic pleasure as Tony fucked his little ass. Then, with one incredibly powerful thrust of his hips, Tony rammed his cock all the way into the man's ass, forcing all 16 inches inside. Pete felt his guts tear apart, pain shooting through his body, blood pooling beneath him. Tony covered Pete's mouth, muffling his cries as he thrust his full length into him. "This what you wanted right?" Tony said softly into Pete's ear, "Thinking about my awesome strength. Do you like the way my body feels? Huh? Your ass is so fucking tight man..." Pete was barely conscious, he could barely see the stud’s handsome face and incredibly muscular torso through the mind fog. Even now he felt aroused looking at this huge young bodybuilder even though he was about to die. "Please...fuck...harder..." Pete managed to gasp out, before his eyes closed. Tony smiled. Tony crushed Pete against the mirror, completely covering him with his 300 pounds of muscle. He started fucking again, this time not holding back. Then they heard bones cracking. Pete’s pelvis was cracking apart from Tony’s powerful thrusts. More and more tissues were destroyed by his huge weapon. He pummeled Pete's heart from the inside, enjoying the feeling of its rapid vibrations against his cockhead. Tony was now panting and yelling in erotic bliss. He was ready for the final burst of pleasure. "These fucking guns are gonna pop your head off!" Tony declared as he wrapped his arm around Pete's neck and flexed his big bicep, crushing his windpipe. "God that feels good," said Tony, as Pete turned red. Tony flexed and unflexed his arm a dozen times, hearing and feeling the big muscle bash itself into the poor man's neck, crushing more and more windpipe. Pete couldn’t breathe. Tony pressed him up against the mirror as he rammed his cock into Pete's ass. Even though Pete was near death, he was rock hard as he felt Tony’s huge body envelope him. Cum oozed out of his cock as he started to die. Tony rammed his huge cock in and out hard. The mirror cracked as Tony slammed Pete against it, over and over. "Fuckin' strong muscle!" yelled Tony. Pete started drooling and gasping. He drifted out of consciousness. Finally, Tony pulled his arm up, pulling on Pete's chin. "Time to say goodbye," said Tony. Then he flexed hard and held it, watching his rock hard muscle smash that neck. puh-puh-puh-POP! The enormous force of his rock hard bicep literally popped the vertebrae in Pete's neck. The sound and feel of these vital bones parting sent Tony over the top. He seized as his orgasm sent shuddering waves of pleasure through his god-like body, and an enormous reservoir of hot cum flooded the bloody canals of the dead man's anus. Spasms surged through Pete’s body. Tony spurted over and over for over two minutes. After many blasts of cum Tony finally stopped and pulled his huge cock out of Pete’s mangled body. Pete's body crumpled on the floor, a look of bliss on his face. The big beast took a few moments to flex and admire himself in the mirror, breathing heavily and finishing the impromptu posing session with a double biceps pose and a deep, "Yeaaahhhh." "Awww, fuckin' A... fuck 'em all to death..." Tony mused, as he walked out of the room, effortlessly kicking bodies aside that lay in his way, his huge semi-erect cock swaying back and forth before him like some lethal biological weapon. Room 105 "Yes, God yes, give it to me." Steven lay spread eagle on the bed, teasing Karl. Karl smiled at his lover, his 9 inch cock at attention. They had been waiting all week to get out of town and planned to enjoy every second. Karl thrust forward and buried his entire shaft in Steven. "Its huge, give it to me Karl," Steven groaned. Karl growled and leaned in for a kiss, speeding up his thrusts. For a quarter of an hour the pounding continued. "Oh God yes!" "Drill me, fuck yes, oh God it's filling me." Steven loved it. When Karl fucked him he could see stars, lodged on his big dick. Karl loved hearing Steven go crazy over his cock. Feeling himself getting close, he slowly pushed his dick up to the hilt inside of his lover, told him how sexy he was and how he needed him and shot his thick spunk deep into him. Steven cried out as he came simultaneously. The first shot hit him clean in the face and sprayed down across his chest and over the bed. Shot after shot sprayed the two of them, strings of white dripping off their faces as they rode out their orgasms. The two of them were so caught up in their lovemaking that they failed to notice the door to their room open and a dark shadow silently emerge. The two of them laid on the bed enjoying the afterglow of their fuck, Karl still on top of Steven as they closed their eyes and kissed. Tony smirked in the darkness and pounced. "WHAT THE - " Karl exclaimed before the breath was knocked out of him. Steven's eyes shot open as he saw Karl try to get up, only to have his hands pinned down. "Ow! What are you doing?!" Karl yelled. The weight of another person, a much bigger person, crushed Karl into him even more and he grunted. Karl's head was shoved into a pillow, muffling him as Steven felt the stranger thrust forward against Karl's arse. Steven tried to swing his arms and fight, but his blows landed uselessly against the rock-hard torso of the assailant. Steven groaned "no"as he tried to fight back, to no avail. "Get off him, you bastard!" Steven shouted. He finally caught a glimpse of Tony, the immense size of his body was unreal! This couldn't be happening! Karl shouted "no, please" as he felt Tony shift and prod his giant dick against his asshole. "Oh God, Jesus that's big. Fuck that cock is too big!" There was a fierce thrust as a huge cock entered his ass. Karl screamed. Steven felt a spurt of hot fluid splash against his ass as Tony's goliath tore Karl's asshole open. "Ohh God!" The two of them cried out, Karl in agony, Steven in terror. Tony pulled back and thrust again, hard. Onward and onward he pressed, his arms pinning the two men down as he speared Karl. Karl's cock pressed into his boyfriend's ass and Steven felt the sickening power of the man above him as Tony started to unceremoniously fuck the two of them. Steven could feel every movement as he was forced to take his boyfriend's cock with Tony's every thrust. He could feel Karl writhe and shudder until he came, spraying Steven's insides again. Steven cried out as he came as well, his cock squished tightly between him and Karl as Tony bore down on them. His heart was breaking but his mind was in turmoil as he felt himself get hard again from the relentless thrusting. Tony went into overdrive and drove his huge monster into Karl's ass as Karl struggled to get his words out: "Ohhh, so fucking big, so much ..." Karl was drifting in and out of consciousness as the massive cock tore through his insides. Steven lay trapped under his boyfriend and their assailant and felt the powerful thrusts of a man raping his boyfriend and his heart was filled with sorrow and humiliation. But it went on and on, thrust after thrust after thrust. Karl's face was pressed against his, preventing either of them from seeing Tony. All Steven could feel was 2 bodies thrusting violently and the sound of Tony's balls slapping against his boyfriend's tight ass with each thrust. Steven felt faint as the weight of the two bodies on top of him crushed him further into the bed. He was mercifully unconscious when Tony's cock tore through Karl's lungs and erupted. He didn't hear Karl gasp, "It's blasting into me, fuck ... how much cum, oh fuck!!" Or Karl's coughs as his lungs were flooded with superior jizz. Or Karl's cock shooting his last load inside him as he finally succumbed to his injuries. Tony groaned again as he tightened his grip on Karl's hips as he pushed his titanic cock deeper still into his body. Another blast jetted from his firmly entrenched tool. Karl lay on top of Steven, unmoving and silent as Tony continued to empty his balls into his chest. Cum and blood flowed out of Karl's mouth, dripping onto Steven's unconscious face. If he hadn't died of internal injuries, Tony's orgasm definitely drowned him. Every few seconds Karl's body jerked as if shocked by electricity as life left his body. After a while Tony slowly began to withdraw his still fully erect cock from Karl's thoroughly fucked apart body. He groaned as he felt the wide rim of his flared out cockhead drag through Karl's shredded intestines. Tony's still fully erect monster popped free with a wet slurping sound, and Karl's corpse gave one last full body shiver as his broken asshole relinquished his cum-slick manmeat. As soon as it was free, a steady stream of warm sperm and blood poured from his gaping hole. Tony grabbed Karl by the waist and flipped him off of the bed. The sudden change in pressure shocked Steven awake. The bottom man gasped for air as his eyes shot open. He stared, mouth agape at the sweaty, muscular stud and his twitching erection kneeling on the end of the bed. “Oh… fuck…” Steven gasped, dazed. His nostrils flared as he got a huge breath of his assailant’s pure alpha musk, the thick layer of cum coating his face was overwhelming. His eyes shifted to the cock between Tony’s legs, a massive throbbing baseball bat covered in blood and cum. God, it was as thick as his fucking arm! A cock like that would completely destroy his ass! “It's...gonna kill me!” he moaned. "That's the idea." Tony smiled, nonchalantly jacking his still hard cock. Tony grabbed the man and lifted him over his throbbing cock head and then entered him. Steven tried to scream but the pain was too intense. There was a pop as his hip bones stretched. Steven’s tongue fell from his mouth and his body exploded in a firecracker orgasm just from being entered by such a monster pipe. Tony impaled the man slowly and began masturbating with the doomed man's little body. He made sure he was facing his little fuck buddy as he began to impale him deeper and deeper with each thrust until half of his meat was inside. “Now here comes the fun part.” Tony said as he pulled his cock all the way out, leaving only the massive tip of the head in, “time to die!” With another loud grunt, Tony thrust with all his strength as his bitchbreaker tore Steven apart. This act knocked the wind out of Steven, and he gasped for air as he simultaneously had the biggest orgasm of his life. With a cruel glint in his eyes, Tony lifted himself up and grabbed Steven’s ankles and placed them on his shoulders: it was time for the mating press. Thrusting with the same full strokes as before, Tony’s beastly cock stretched out Steven’s insides more and more. The bed creaked and rocked, the headboard slamming into the wall as Tony fucked Steven into the bed harder and harder. “You’re fucking up my body! Oh my god oh my god oh my god..” An overwhelming feeling of fullness came over Steven that gradually faded to numbness as his guts were churned up and he shut his eyes forever. "Awwww! Fuck YEAH!" Tony boomed as he flexed his rippling ass and shoved the spasming body of his fuck toy to the base of his throbbing dick, stabbing Steven's heart with his cock. With that, Tony began to cum. Cum filled his chest and then poured out of his mouth. It also erupted from the seal his wrecked asshole made around Tony's murderous tool. Tony fell forward onto the bed as he blasted jet after jet of muscle cum into the smaller man. He wrapped his arms around Steven's torso and squeezed, groaning as he felt Steven's ribs crack and pop. The broken ribs rubbed up against his erupting meat, sending waves of pleasure through the muscle god's body. Steven’s mouth fell open and cum flowed out of his mouth in a thick stream. Tony continued cumming for another minute before it was over. Tony relaxed on top of Steven, the smaller man's body completely covered by the giant teen. After a few minutes of relaxation, Tony stood up, letting Steven's body fall to the floor on top of Karl's. A river of white poured out of Steven's stretched-open asshole, like his boyfriend. Both of their faces were unrecognizable, buried under a deep layer of thick jizz. Tony stretched, looking down at his last two kills with satisfaction. The two bodies laid on the floor, a puddle of cum spreading underneath them. Dawn Tony headed home as the sun started to peak over the horizon. When he got home, he walked into his room and stood before the mirror. He thought about what he had just done. Ten guys fucked to death in a night, a new record! The sounds of their bones breaking. The feeling of his cock tearing through their guts. The rush he felt as he drowned them in his load. He had dominated them all with the enormous power of his 300+ pounds of muscle and his massive 16 inch cock. He was a fucking god. As he thought about it and looked at himself in the mirror he started rubbing his body. His face still looked like the face of a teenager, but his body looked like the wet dream of a Mr. Olympia competitor. He thought about how easy it was for him to smash his victims with his huge muscles. His traps bulged out from his neck. He watched his delts bulge like bowling balls of thick shredded muscle on his shoulders. His massive arms, as big as most guys' legs, rippling with muscle and covered with veins. He clenched his hands into fists and watched his forearms and biceps bulge, admiring the arms that snapped necks and crushed skulls. He watched his lats flare out - thick wings of solid muscle that crushed the chests of his toys like they were made of little sticks. Tony raised his arms and kissed his biceps. He watched his abs flex, and his huge legs. His cock throbbed between his pecs as he worshipped himself, the monster that tore apart asses and mouths and smashed through their insides. He hefted his giant balls, heavy with a neverending supply of jizz. He thought about how he could snuff a guy just by cumming. Fuck, he was incredible! He grabbed his cock with both hands and moaned, "FUCK YEAH!” and his cock started blasting cum, spurting gush after gush of cum on the ceiling, splashing back down onto his massive form. It was one of the best orgasms he had ever had. He took a shower and fell asleep happily.
  3. TonnyGiant

    "Godzilla Project"

    "Project Godzilla" Day 1. The first day was considered within the normal range according to the scientists. The first test subject was Regan, a Canadian bodybuilder. The results were BIG.
  4. Psuace

    Cole and Jake, part 4

    The first 3 parts can be found on my page or in the Storyverse section. I sit in the comfortable deck chair on the patio of my 2nd story condo and watch the dull yellow disk of the sun rise up over the tall naked trees and mountains to the southeast of town. I am wearing a grey Champion sweatshirt and dark blue sweatpants by Champion as well. I also have on my soft fur-lined comfortable Eddie Bauer slippers. I tossed on some ankle socks and my dark blue Duke baseball hat. Jake had given the hat to me as a present 5 months ago for my birthday July. The weather now is chilly bordering on cold. The condo is warm, but I want to feel the chill, and experience a real late fall Saturday morning. Clouds are gathering to the west and will eventually block the sun. Precipitation of some sort is going to follow by mid, to late afternoon. I’m not sure if it will be wet or frozen until it starts to fall. The leaves are gone from the trees, leaving a naked landscape for me to look out over. The park my patio overlooks is desolate. I see a bundled jogger or two, but not many people are out so early, if 7:30AM is considered early in upstate NY, in early December. I stare at the sky and feel a tear build in my left eye and roll out. It slowly slides down my face, along the side of my nose, to the top of my upper lip. I reach my tongue out and wipe it away. I can taste the sharp salt in the drop. I check my phone again, even though it’s sitting face up in my lap. I touch the side button and it comes to life. I check the text icon, but do not see any new messages. The phone icon does not show any missed calls. I click it off, put it on the table in front of me, face down. I extend my legs to the other chair on the patio and put my arms behind my head, interlocking my fingers. I lean my neck back and feel some bones crack. I sigh with satisfaction. I close my eyes and start to rethink what went wrong. I feel another tear building, but focus on my thoughts and it subsides. I was so happy. Jake was happy too. We were two peas in a pod; talking, laughing, and planning our future together, then it slowly fell apart. I’m not sure if was really either of our fault, but it may have been both of ours. ** For three months after I moved here to be with Jake, life was great. I lived with him and Nona. I worked remotely for 6 weeks for the old company, then was done, as I had agreed with my old boss, Chuck. I had money socked away, so I could afford a little time off to find a new job. Jake and I found the condo and I started to rent it. Jake wanted to help, but I pointed out that he still lived on the estate and it may be a financial burden on him. He wasn’t upset with me, but I could tell it didn’t sit well. I put my resume together and with Jake and Rose’s help, spread it around town. I didn’t want another high-pressure financial consultant job, I wanted a lower stress job, but one that would keep my challenged. Several offers came my way. Jake and I discussed each of them, then I decided on a property management job. It was perfect for a number of reasons. Jake had finished his degree and wanted to get into the same field. We talked about working together, then eventually branching out and starting our own firm. With his hands-on experience taking care of the mountain house and my business knowledge, we were sure we had it nailed down. Jake graduated from college in August, after finishing his summer classes. I was so happy for him. His family had a party and all his friends were there, including some of his ex-boyfriends. I had met most of them, and was friends with quite a few of them thru our gym membership. There was no jealously or hard feelings with any of them. It was mid-September and Jake was all set to stop working at the estate full time and start his job at the same company as me. Nona was excited for him and was actively looking for a replacement. Jake’s parents had asked his brothers, Steve and CK if they were interested. Neither really gleaned to the idea of working there. CK had a nice full-time job in town and Steve was doing well with his part-time work as a contractor and EMT. Several local people applied for the job at the estate and Nona, Jake, and Jake’s dad conducted the interviews. They had it narrowed down to three people and were set to make offers, then it happened. Nona had her first stroke. Jake called me at the office. He was at the hospital with her. His emotions were running high and he was panicking, something I never thought I’d see him do. By the time I got there, the rest of his family was there, except for Jen and Tiny. With Tiny, or Tim, being so young (7 yrs old), they did not feel it was right of him to be there. Jen was watching him. I had offered to watch him so Jen could be with the family, but she declined, saying they wanted a family member to stay with Tiny, just in case something happened. I understood. I didn’t crowd the family. I gave them what I thought was appropriate space. I spent time with Jake when he wanted, or needed me. If he said he wanted to be alone, I let him be, figuring he had stuff to work thru. When we were together, we’d go to the pond, usually late at night, and watch the moon and stars. We’d hold hands and I would squeeze his to let him know I was there for him. Normally I would put my head on his broad shoulders and he’d wrap his long muscular arm around me and pull me close. After the stroke, it was reversed. I’d feel his head on my shoulder. I’d wrap my arm around him and pull him close, reassuring him everything would be ok. I’d kiss his mess of dark wavy hair and rub his thick thigh with my hand. He’d cry, I’d cry, then we’d sit. I’d carefully talk about Nona and ask if he needed anything. Sometimes he’d answer, most of the time he did not. I accepted it. I’d only known Jake for 6 months. I didn’t know everything about him. This was the first real test in our relationship. Even though I was not family, I’d been there enough that the nurses let me visit with her, when Jake did. On one visit, before her second stroke, Jake and I were in the room with her. She looked different, smaller, frailer, but when she spoke, the fierceness was still there. I half expected her to climb out of bed, put on her flower print sundress, grab a wool sweater and her scissors, and head out to the flower garden to cut some late summer flowers for the room. During the visit she asked Jake to wait outside for a minute. I was suddenly petrified. Jake also had a nervous look on his face. He slowly left, watching us the way whole until the door shut. Nona reached her bony arm out to me. I approached and gently took it. Her grip was still strong, but I could feel it failing. She nodded to a chair and I pulled it next to the bed. With all the monitors and wires hooked up to her, she looked like some weird science experiment. She spoke with grit and determination, “Cole, I know I have not always been kind to you.” I thought back to our first frosty meeting and how we treated each other. “But I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.” She winked at me and I smiled softly. Her tone turned serious, “Be there for Jacob. He’s going to need you.” A sense of dread came over me. She knew what was up, even though everyone else thought, or hoped she was getting better. She caught the look in my eye and said, “I’ve lived a long life. Jake’s Pappy is waiting for me. I don’t want to go yet, but my body isn’t what it used to be.” I squeezed her hand and felt a tear form. “None of that Cole Patterson. You need to be the strong one now.” I saw a tear in her eye. “Jake helped you when you needed it most. Now, you must help him.” I sniffed back a tear, but felt more welling up. “He’s a Fischer, strong, proud, obstinate. I think he gets it from me, but I’m not sure.” I cracked the barest of smiles and so did she. “He will push you away. You need to push back. You need to push back hard and do what it takes to make sure he’s ok.” I nodded in understanding, not realizing the full extent of what would be needed. “Timothy was right about you.” I looked at her not understanding what she meant. She saw my confusion. “Tim said, ‘You were the one’. He means, you are the man for Jake. You two are meant to be together.” I blushed. “It’s funny that Jake hasn’t figured out what he meant, whereas the rest of the family knew it the first time we heard him say it about you.” I slowly nodded. “Nona…” I went silent trying to think of the right words. “Cole, it’s fine.” Strong and resilient as always. “Just promise me you’ll be there for my baby.” I nodded and leaned over to give her a kiss. She gripped my forearm in gratitude. “Please send him in. I need to have a few words with him as well. Maybe I’ll explain what Tim means. Clear the fog from his head.” She cracked a smile, as did I. I left, found Jake, and sent him back in. He was there for a long time. I waited in the waiting room with Rose, CK, and their dad. Rose gave me a hug as did their dad. CK just nodded to me. When Jake came out, his face was red and puffy. Tears were still fresh on his face. I jumped up and went to him, but he brushed past me and walked outside. I turned to Rose and she immediately went after him. Ten minutes later she sent me a text, ‘He wants to be alone.’ I reluctantly sent back an ‘ok’, knowing I should have pushed the issue, like Nona had told me to. I drove home, waited a few hours, then sent him a text. I asked if he wanted to meet. He didn’t reply. I sent another saying I’d be at the pond around 9pm. I didn’t tell or ask him to meet me. I just wanted him to know I’d be there. It was our way of letting the other know we were there for them. I pulled into the caretaker’s house around 8:30 and saw his pickup in the driveway. Knowing he was at least home, I started to walk to the pond. I got there around 8:45, but he was not there. I sat and watched the moon rise and arc overhead. I listened the night critters sing their songs, hunt their meals, and talk to each other. I drowsed, woke, then drowsed again. When I woke a second time, I checked my phone and saw it was 10:30. I was still alone. He wasn’t coming. I walked back to the house and saw his pickup was still there. I let myself in and called his name. No answer. All the downstairs lights were off. I moved slowly, turning lights on as I entered each room. He was not downstairs. I headed upstairs and started to check the bedrooms. All were empty. I even checked Nona’s. As I stood there, I moved on a hunch and checked the hall bath. There he was, sitting in the dark, in the shower, knees pulled up to his chest. His face was still puffy and red from tears he recently cried. I left the light off and moved toward him. I opened the door, squeezed in, and sat next to him. I didn’t say a word. I put my arm over his shoulder and pulled him close. He sniffled back some tears, then choked up, and the floodgates opened. No words passed between us. I let him work thru his emotions. After an hour, he slowly stood. I got up with him and we walked to his room. He got on the bed and rolled onto his right side. I got on next to him and wrapped my left arm over his body. I spooned him and rubbed his hairy chest thru his shirt. After a few minutes his breathing eased and he feel asleep. I listened to him for a while, then drifted off as well. I woke the next morning, still tired and worn out, but pushed it aside to be there for the man I loved. Jake was facing away from me and his breathing was still measured. I put my left hand on his left shoulder and softly patted him. I didn’t want to wake him, but I wanted to make sure he knew I was there for him. I rolled out of bed, showered, cleaned up, and went downstairs to make breakfast. About 20 minutes later I heard his boots clomping down the back steps. I turned and waited for him to come into the kitchen. When I heard the garage door open and shut, I didn’t know what to think. I moved quickly to the door, pulled it open, and called to him, “Jake, I’ve made us some breakfast…if you’re hungry?” He paused, didn’t turn, but shook his head ‘no’. I felt a lump in my throat and a weight in my chest. I walked out to him as he headed to his pickup. He got in and had it started by the time I got to him. I put my hand on the door and he slowly rolled the window down. His eyes were puffy and red. His face was pinched. He had taken the minimal amount of effort to get ready for today. He hadn’t showered or shaved. I could smell a healthy dose of Old Spice body spray on him. He quietly said, “I have work to do at the big house.” I stuck my right hand thru the window and put it on his left bicep. He turned to look at me. “Jake, I think the work can wait for a few minutes while you eat.” He had a dull look in his normally bright green eyes. I squeezed his arm. I pleadingly said, “Please, just come in and have a bit of something to eat and drink.” His chest expanded and contracted once or twice as he considered it. He reached his hand for the key and I held my breath hoping he’d turn the pickup off. Instead, he reached for gear, shifted it into reverse, and started slowly backing up. I quickly pulled my hand off his arm and watched as he backed up, turned the vehicle around, and headed up to the house. The weight in my chest grew heavier. I tried to sniff back a tear, but failed miserably. I stood there for a while, then went back inside. I salvaged what I could of breakfast, even though I was no longer hungry, and put the rest in the fridge. I went upstairs, straightened up his room, cleaned up the bathroom, and went back down to the kitchen. I grabbed a notebook, tore out a piece of paper, and found a pen. Knowing he would not respond to a text; I sat at the kitchen table and wrote a note to him. Jake, I cannot imagine how hard this must be, but I am here for you. I want to give you the space you need, but please allow me to help you, the same way you helped me. I love you and always will. Please reach out to me. Cole I read it twice, felt a tear form, and saw it drop on the page toward the bottom. I left the note in a place I knew he’d see it and went out to my car. As I got in, I sent Rose and his dad a text asking if I could meet with one of them. I said it was about Jake. His dad said he was at the hospital with Nona and could not get away. Rose wrote back saying she could meet. We met in the park near the diner. She looked a bit better than Jake, but not by much. We hugged and sat. She put her hands on top of mine and squeezed, the same way Jake would. I felt more tears welling up. I softly said, “I don’t know what to do…” My voice faded as tears started rolling down my cheeks. I glanced up and saw the same thing with her. “I know he needs some space…to deal with everything…but…” She squeezes my hands again. “I don’t want to lose him.” I whisper. “Oh Cole…” I glance up to see her eyes are moist, but she’s smiling. “You’re on is list of the most important people in the world to him.” I scrunch my face a bit. “I’m sure you know the two people ahead of you…” I think to myself, ‘Tiny and Nona’. I sigh heavily, grateful to hear this. She softly continues, “He got like this when Pappy passed away, but not this bad. Nona is our last grandparent and Jake; well, he loves her fiercely. I’ve tried to talk to him too, but he only gives me quick, simple responses.” I nod knowingly. “Tiny is asking for him and if he’ll come over to visit.” I feel my body tremble with anxiety. I look up and see the tears streaming down her face, smearing her make-up. She cautiously asks, “I know he loves you, and is trying to deal with his pain, but could you try…to get him…to visit Tiny?” She rubs her eyes with the heels of her hands, smearing the make-up even more. I gather myself up, sit up straight, and confidently say, “Yes Rose. I will go back to the estate now and force him to come with me.” Her eyes brighten. “Where is Tiny, at your parent’s house?” She nods ‘yes’. “Ok, give me an hour or so. I’ll drive or drag him over, preferably the first.” I shoot her a quick smile and she gives me one back. I get back to the estate and head right to the main house. His truck is still there and has a load of branches in the bed. I get out of my car, walk to it, then wander around the house. I go around the side of the house, thru the flower garden, and out to the pool area. I don’t see him. I check the pool house and exercise room, not there. I continue around the backside of the house, to the dining room patio area and spot him. He’s sitting in a wrought iron chair, staring off into the clump of evergreens that surround the 20 by 20 area for privacy. I walk up to him from the side, so I don’t shock him. I put my right hand on his shoulder and squeeze. He doesn’t move. I move to the front of him and purposely get into his line of sight. I squat down so we are eye to eye. I use my left hand and lift his chin up so he has to look at me. His eyes are still red and puffy. I gently use my left thumb to wipe away a tear. His look does not change. I mull over what type of approach I should use. I make my decision. While still looking at him, I forcefully say, “Fischer, get your ass up. We’re going to your parent’s house.” He blinks a few times at my tone, but makes no effort to move. I know I cannot move him on my own, due to his size and strength, so he has to want to come. I continue, “Jake, Tiny wants to see you, and probably needs his Monster right now.” That makes him look at me. He sniffs back some tears, and sits back in the chair. ‘Progress’, I think to myself. “Come on big guy, this isn’t all about you.” I wave my hands around. “There are quite a few other people who love Nona and you, who want to help you, and” I emphasize the next part, “Need…your…help…” I see him sigh. “Listen Fischer, we can do this the easy way, where you get up and get in my car willingly, or the hard way, where I get a fucking crane and lift your ass out of that chair and into my car.” He almost smiles. “What’s it going to be?” He sighs. “I promised Rose, I’d have you there in…” I check my Movado, “thirty minutes. I doubt I can get a crane here that fast, so there is only the first option.” He rocks forward and back in the chair. On his next rock forward, he stands up. I get up as well and reach for his hand. He takes it and give it a squeeze. He softly says, “A fucking crane?” There is the slightest bit of sarcasm in his voice. I drive us over as quickly as I can. My hand on top of his, squeezing it, and softly rubbing it. He just looks out the window at the passing town. He barely says two words to me, but as we pull into his parent’s driveway, I hear him whisper, “Thank you.” I smile. He squeezes my hand, then opens his door and gets out. I stay in the car, hoping he’d turn and ask me to come in with him. He doesn’t. As he approaches the house, the front door flies open and I see Tiny come running out. At the last second, he leaps up and into Jake’s waiting arms. Jake pulls him in and hugs him. I see tears in Tiny’s eyes. He carries him back to the house. I see Tiny look in my direction with tears still in his eyes, but a smile on his face. I wink to him, not knowing if he’ll see it. He waves back, and then is gone as the door shuts. I drive back to my condo. I get a text from Rose asking why I didn’t stay. I respond with, ‘This is family time.’ She sends back a frowny face and says, ‘You’re family too. You should come back.’ I ponder her statement. I really want to see Jake and be there for him, but his family needs him more than I do. If he wanted me to stay, he would have asked, or at least I hope he would have asked. I begin to doubt myself and my instincts. I write back, ‘Tomorrow. Give everyone my love.’ I send the note and a heart emoji. Within seconds she sends back, ‘Thank you.’ And a heart emoji as well. A few minutes later I get another text from her, ‘I told Jake he needs to talk to you tomorrow. If he does not, I told him I’m going to go full Nona on him.’ There a winky face with the note. I laugh to myself and hope he does contact me. A day later, she had her second stroke. His parents were there when it happened. Word spread quickly and everyone was soon back at the hospital. I offered to watch Tiny, but his parents said Tiny needed to be at the hospital. I knew what that meant. Two days later, she passed away, after a third stroke. The funeral was four days later. I moved back to the caretaker’s house to be with him. I wanted to share his bed, to be close to him, to help him in any way I could, but he quietly asked if I could sleep in one of the other rooms. At the funeral, I was holding Jake’s hand the whole time. I would squeeze and hope he’d squeeze back, but he didn’t. I could sense him drifting away, getting lost in his grief. A week later, I found a note from him on the kitchen table. It was lunchtime and he was still out working on the estate. The note was short, but unfortunately, to the point. Cole, I love you so much, but right now, I need some space to work thru my feelings. I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Please understand when I ask, but could you move back to your condo. Jake I read it again, then again. On the third time thru, tears were splattering the note, smearing the ink. I wanted to scream, to ball the note up, go find him, and tell him to fuck off. But I knew it would not do any good. He had made his mind up. I cried. I packed my bags, and cried again. I drove back to my condo and got there around 2pm. As I opened the door and turned the lights on, I could smell him. His body spray lingered in the air. His scent was in the carpet and pillows and towels. I started to well up again, but forced myself not to. I was worn out. I pulled a blanket off the bed, went back into the living room and lay on the couch. I stared at the ceiling. I picked up my phone and sent a quick note off to Johnny, “Hey, wanted to let you know, Jake’s grandmother passed away a few days ago. He’s not taking it well.” I hit send. A few minutes later my phone rings. I hope it’s Jake, but see it is Johnny. “Hey Johnny.” “Dude, you should have called sooner. How are you doing?” His concern is as clear as a church bell on a Sunday morning. Of course, my emotions get the better of me now. I start to well up with tears, but manage to choke out, “Not good brother, not good.” “How’s Jake?” Just as much concern for a guy he’s met a few times. “I’m not sure…” He cuts me off and angerly shouts, “What?!?” “He’s shutting me out, Johnny, and I don’t know what to do…” My voice fades to a whisper and the tears start flowing again. “Fuck this. I’m on my way up. Send me the address.” He’s adamant. “No, Johnny. It’s too far and by the time” He cuts me off again, “Shut up Cole. Just send me your fucking address. I’m leaving in twenty minutes.” I choke out a laugh and say, “Ok. Be warned, it’s 4-hour drive.” “Yeah, that’s what you think.” And he’s gone. I send him the address and get a thumbs up a minute later. I recline on the sofa, turn on some soft music and pull the blanket up. As I stare at the ceiling, I wonder what I am doing wrong? I’m giving him his space, not pushing him to talk, not crowding his family, but he’s still shuts me out. My breathing becomes ragged, I feel tears start to well up again. I wipe my nose on my shirt. I take some deep breaths and start to calm down. I close my eyes and try to think of something other than Jake. I focus on the soft 70’s music playing and let the sound wash over me. It starts to carry me away. Next thing I know, my doorbell is ringing. I hear Johnny call my name thru the door. I slowly open my eyes and remember where I am. I grab my phone and see I’ve missed three texts from Johnny and a call. The doorbell again. I call out, “On my way, give me a sec.” I plant my feet on the soft beige carpet and put my hands on my knees. I check the time and see it’s about 5:30. He did make it in record time. I smile and go to the door. As I open it, I sarcastically say, “Took you long enough.” I give him a hug and feel his thin arms wrap around my back and pull me to him. We stand there, in the doorway for a full minute, in our hug. He pats me once or twice on the back. When we part, I feel a bit better. Some weight has been lifted. He comes in and brings his overnight bag with him. He launches into a tirade about the trip up as soon as the door shuts. “These upstate people have no clue what a passing lane is, do they?” I recognize this as a rhetorical question and let him continue. I have a grin on my face. “Left lane, passing lane; Right Lane, driving lane.” I nod in agreement as I move to the fridge and grab some beers. I pass one to him and he twists the top off. We clink bottles and move to the living room. I see him glance around. “Pretty nice Colester, pretty nice…” I nod. “You buy or rent?” “Renting.” “Ok…Is Jake on the rental agreement?” He looks out of the corner of his eye at me. I whisper, “No.” “Well, that’s something.” He says flatly. I feel some anger boil up in me, but realize he is being practical and thinking about me first. “Job going ok?” I nod. “Are you in touch with his siblings or parents?” I shrug my shoulders and say, “A bit. I’ve talked to Rose about what’s up, but no one else.” Now it’s his turn to nod. “I’m sure his family is asking why I have not been around much. I’d really like to know what he’s saying to that.” “Yeah, I’m curious too.” “Funny thing about this,” He says ‘hum?’, “His grandmother, Nona, told me he’d get like this and that I’d have to push him hard to get him to open up to me.” I feel my chest tighten as I remember the conversation. “I…I…still love him so much. And, I get he’s depressed right now. Ok, I was upset when my grandparents died, but I didn’t shut out the people who loved me.” I take a breath. “Rose said he was the kind of the same when his Pappy passed, but not this bad.” He lets me ramble. “He and Nona had turned a corner. She was accepting him for who he was. Hell, she welcomed me into her house. Not sure that would have happened a year ago. And he was more diligent about his job on the estate and his classes.” I sigh. “He graduated in August. Did I tell you?” He nods yes. “I was so happy for him. He was getting ready to step away from the caretaker’s job and join me at the Property Management firm. It was all set.” I look down and see my hands are trembling. “Life’s a bitch, Cole” My eyes snap up to meet his. He says solemnly, “’Best laid plans of mice and men…can still go wrong.’ Robert Burns, ‘to a Mouse.” I roll my eyes at him. “Cole, roll your eyes all you want, but it’s true. It sucks now, and probably will for a while, until he gets his head straightened out. But, my friend,” He pokes me in the chest with his empty beer bottle, “you need to live your life.” Another tear starts to form. “When Jake is ready, he’ll come back to you, if you two are meant to be. I just want to be sure you’re not waiting for him forever, cuz if he decides to call it quits, will you be prepared for that?” He taps the side of my head lightly with his bottle. I stand there and think about it. He walks back to the kitchen, and I hear the fridge door open. “JFC Cole, I know you can afford to buy some decent beer, what’s with this garbage?” I hear him twist off two more caps and then walk back to me. He hands me a bottle and we sit on the sofa. I think out loud, “Jake has been my life for the past 6 months. What would I do if we broke up? Would I move back to the city? Try to get my old job back? Nah, not going to happen. Stay here and be forced to see him, or his family around town, all the time? Can I deal with that?” We talk thru my questions for the next hour, drinking a few more beers along the way. I look at the clock on the DVR and see it’s 7:30. I ask, “You hungry?” “Does a bear shit in the woods?” “Ok, let’s go. I gotta place we can grab some good grub at.” He nods as we both get up. “You may need to double your run over the next few days to work it off, but the food is worth it.” I clap him on the shoulder as we head out. Ten minutes later we’re walking into the diner and I do a quick scan, but don’t see any of Jake’s family. I breathe a sigh of relief. Ronnie sees me come and has a big smile on her face as I approach. I make introductions, and she seats us at a back booth. She leaves two menus and disappears to get some water. Johnny scans the menu and then he sees it. His eyes dart up, just over the top of the menu. He coughs and shrug my shoulders. He asks, “Is it any good?” My mouth starts to water. “You have no idea.” He nods and folds up the menu. Ronnie comes back with the waters. We both order the Monster special and shakes. She smiles, nods, then puts her hand on top of mine. She gently says, “I’m so sorry to hear about Nona, everyone here is. I hope Jake and the family are doing ok.” I nod. “Give them our love, will you?” “Of course.” I say without hesitation. She walks away and I turn to see Johnny with a look on his face. “I may run into one of them at some point.” He shakes his head from side to side. He starts talking about life in the apartment building, his job, his conquests (of which there have not been many). We laugh and joke. I ask about my apartment and he says it was rented within a week of me leaving. I figured it would be. The new people are just that, new. Johnny doesn’t have a reason to come up to the 6th floor anymore so he doesn’t know anything about them. He still running and wants to do a few marathons at some point. The food arrives and we start to eat. The burger is excellent as I expected. The shake is thick with just the right amount of Oreo’s and chocolate. Ronnie also left 2nd cups with the extra’s from the mixer. We are silent as we eat. Johnny looks up from his burger, smiles, and nods with satisfaction. 15 minutes later we’re picking at fries and scooping the last few chunks of cookie bits from our shakes. Ronnie pops by and checks on us. I ask for the check. We pay and head out. I take a meandering path back to the condo. I show him the town, as much as there is to show. We drive past my office, the gym, the local bar, and the park. I decide to show him the estate. I drive up to the gate, enter my code, and the gate still opens (thank God for small favors). I take a slow drive up and point out all the features. Johnny whistles and nods with a smile on his face. He asks in his most mocking voice, “You spent a month here, and didn’t think to invite me up for so much as a weekend?” I crack a grin, “Some best friend you are.” He claps me on the shoulder. We pass the caretakers house, but Jake’s pickup is gone. We near the big house and Johnny whistles again. I pull to a stop at the front door and we take a quick tour. He is impressed and checks out everything. The view in the fading light is wonderful as usual. He pulls his phone out and snaps off a few pictures. We head back to the condo. We talk some more, have a few more beers, and I can sense Johnny is veering the conversation away from Jake. I feel better. He’s still on my mind, but talking about other stuff helps. After a while I let out a huge yawn and Johnny follows suit. I get up and lead him back to the spare bedroom. He drops his bag and opens it to unpack. I head to the kitchen, put my phone in the charging station, and look up to see a photo on the fridge of Jake and I from his graduation party. I run my fingers over his face, then pull it off the fridge, and put it into my junk drawer. One less reminder, at this point. I head to bed. The rest of Johnny’s stay flies by, but he helps me immensely. I feel the weight is lifted and I have regained some resemblance of control over my life. He takes off three days later and makes me promise to call him, not text, but actually call him every Monday and Thursday, just so he can make sure I’m doing ok. I nod. A day later, I’m back at work. I’m getting back into my groove, reviewing files, and setting appointments to have work done at locations. If feels good. When the day ends, I head to the gym for a workout. I get changed and head out to the floor. It’s about 4:30, so there are quite a few high school and college aged kids. They’re all on their phones and yakking it up. I weave in and around them, getting on machines when I can. I do a mish-mash workout of chest and shoulder, with some light leg work. After an hour and half, my body is hating me, but my brain is on fire. I’ve been listening to some Cage the Elephant and Linkin Park, just letting the lyrics wash over my body. I decide to call it quits and head to the locker room. Then I see him. CK is there getting changed for his workout. I knew I’d run into someone from the family at some point. I take a deep breath and when he sees me, his face lights up. “Colester…dude, how’ve you been? Miss you buddy.” I smile and nod. We bro-hug and his face scrunches. “You’re kind of sweaty…Just finishing up?” “Yeah, first workout in a few days, so I really went at it. I’m sure I’ll be sore tomorrow.” He gives me a knowing smile. “But it was good. Worked thru some stuff, so…” I see his smile waiver. “Not putting you on the spot, CK, don’t worry.” He sighs and says gently, “Not sure what’s up with Monster. We’ve all been asking for you, but he is eerily silent.” Now I feel uncomfortable and shift my eyes from side to side. He catches it. “What are you doing Friday night?” I shrug my shoulder as I don’t have plans, but have a feeling I may in a minute. “Ok, I’ll talk to Rose and Steve and see if they want to meet up for a beer.” I fidget a bit. “Don’t worry, Monster won’t be invited. But the rest of us still want to see how you are.” I sigh and think it may be a good idea. I nod ok. His smile becomes wider and he claps his hands together. “Great. I talk to them tonight and get it set up.” We come together for another bro-hug and he says, “We’re on your side and don’t want to lose you as a friend.” I hug him a bit tighter. For the rest of the week, I concentrate on work and working out. I get back into a routine, and it becomes natural again. Friday comes and goes. Meeting with Rose, Steve, and CK was nice. They were all very happy to see me and wanted be sure I was ok. I assured them I was. I remember to tell them Ronnie from the Diner says Hi and passes on her condolences. We had a few a beers, talked, and enjoyed each other’s company. Jake did not come up a whole lot, much to my surprise. Rose said Tiny was asking for me. She said she told him I was away for a bit, but would visit when I got back. ** Days turned to weeks. Weeks passed and the normalcy of living without Jake became…normal, but not comfortable. I still met with Rose, Steve, or CK every so often, just to keep in touch. I kept in contact with Johnny too. I went home for Thanksgiving and visited my parents, brother, and sister. They were woefully inept about not talking about Jake and my move. ** The chill has definitely turned to cold. I get up from the deck chair and my body feels frozen. I go in and get a quick shower before heading out to meet Steve and Tiny for lunch. I asked we not meet at the diner, just for something different. And because Ronnie knows something is up between Jake and I, and I don’t want to have to rehash it. As I let the warm shower water wash over my body, I’m happy to see I’ve kept off any depression weight and am still making gains in the muscle area. I’ve made a few friends in the gym and several have mentioned how fit I look. I’ve checked out some guys and talked to a few. I’m not sure what the proper protocol is with this. Am I allowed to go out on a date with another guy? Am I holding on too long to the thought that Jake is coming back to me? It’s been 4 months and nary a peep from him. His family says he’s been really depressed, but has gotten better. I want to blurt out, ‘then why hasn’t he called or at the very least, texted me, to let me know he’s doing ok?’, but hold my tongue. This may be a Johnny conversation on Monday. I get to the restaurant and see Steve’s pickup in the lot. I head in and see them in a corner booth. Tiny sees me and his face immediately brightens. Mine does as well. He gets out of the booth and runs over to me. He doesn’t jump up, like he does with Jake, but grabs me around my waist and hugs me fiercely. I pat him on the back. He releases his hug. I squat down and we hug again. He whispers to me, “I’ve missed you a whole lot, Cole.” I pat his back a few times. “I wish you’d come over.” “We’ll see Tiny.” Is all I can manage. We head to the table and Steve and I shake. I sit and glance over the menu. Although I’m hungry, nothing on the menu jumps out to me. I’m still studying it when the waiter comes back. I ask for an iced tea and a few more minutes with the menu. He nods and heads off. Tiny smirks at me and says, “Tough to decide when there’s no Monster Special listed.” I snort and nod in agreement. He then innocently asks, “What would you say if there was a Monster here? Would you get it?” I look over to him because the way he says this is just a bit different. I see him look past me. I freeze suddenly grasping what he means. My body shakes with nervousness. I slowly turn my head and spot him out of the corner of my eye. He’s just coming thru the door with CK. I freeze again and quickly turn back to Steve. He has a half smile on his face and nods down to Tiny, indicating it was his idea. I realize I’ve been holding my breath and exhale. They’re half way to the table and my sense of ‘fight or flight’ kicks in. I could get up and walk out, and nobody would probably blame me, but then, I’ve waited for this day for too long to let it pass. Jake and CK get to the table. I can see Jake is just as surprised as I am. The twins start to move away and motion for Tiny to come with them. Tiny doesn’t move. They begin to reach for him and Jake gives them a look letting them know Tiny can stay. They quietly move to a different table to give us some space. Before Jake or I have a chance to say a word, Tiny speaks up and his own way spells it out to us, “You two need to talk. I tried and Nona tried, but you just wouldn’t listen.” We both glance at him, then back at each other. He looks the same, but has probably dropped a few pounds. His face looks slightly gaunt. I can see the beginnings of dark circles under his eyes. His beard is not trimmed, nor is his chest hair. His hands are under the table and he’s not making eye contact with me. I lightly place my hand on the table. The waiter comes back with our drinks, but sees the situation has changed. Tiny politely says, “Monster will have a water and I’ll be over there” He points to Steve and CK “when you come back with my water.” The waiter seems flustered for a moment, but nods his head, and walks off. Tiny stands up, looks at both of us, and quietly says, “You were meant for each other.” He walks over to Steve and CK and sits with them. Well, here I am. The man I love is right in front of me. We won’t be allowed to leave until we’ve talked. He’s still looking down. He’s wearing his baseball cap, backwards, as normal. There are a few tendrils of his wavy dark hair sticking out. I want to reach over and curl them around my index finger and tug on them gently. His boulder shoulders are sagging a bit. He moves his hands from under the table to the top. He sighs and I see his fingers are shaking. I reach over to him and put my hand within reach of his. I softly ask, “How are you?” He shrugs and I hear him sniffle back a tear. “Jake…” I hope he’d look up, but he doesn’t. With a bit more force, I say, “Jake, it would help if you looked at me.” He slowly lifts his head and his face is puffy and red. I instinctively reach for his hand. He does not pull away. My thumb rubs against his knuckles tenderly. He lets out another sigh and glances up to me. I crack a smile. “Hey, how are you?” He quietly says, “Well, you know…” then fades to silence. “Um, actually…” I whisper the next part do I don’t sound too much like a douche, “no, I don’t.” I grip his hand a bit firmer. I lean to him and say, “You see, my wonderfully great, outstandingly funny, monster of a boyfriend is going through a really rough patch, but he won’t talk to me or let me in to help him.” His eyes glisten over. “I’ve tried calling, texting, yelling, cuddling, waiting…but he…” now it’s my turn to well up. “I don’t know if he loves me anymore…” I feel a tear roll down my cheek. I glance away, then look back. He’s looking at me, his green eyes sad and forlorn. I feel him put his other hand on top of mine. “He does.” Is said very quietly. “And he wants you back, but isn’t sure if he’s ready…or if you’ll have him given everything that he’s done…or not done.” I grip his hands, rub them again, and am determined to make some headway with our situation. He’s still…‘fragile’ doesn’t seem accurate, but I cannot really place his emotional state. I’m happy to hear he still loves me, but am not happy with being shut out at a time when he needed me most. I get that everyone deals with the loss of a loved one in different ways, but excluding your boyfriend, who only wants to help and support you, is upsetting. There are other choice words, that I’m sure Johnny would use, but those won’t help me right now. I look at Jake, he’s worn out, exhausted, depressed. I roll an idea over in my head and decide to toss it out and see what he says. I squeeze his hand again, and begin, “Hey lover-boy,” He looks up into my blue eyes, “what say you and I blow this popsicle stand, and go to the pond for a bit? I raise an eyebrow to him. I see the slightest of grins. “You, me, the wildlife, and the chilly wintery afternoon.” A slight nod. “There is one thing…and you must agree to this, or it’s off.” He pulls back just a bit, but I grip him and don’t let him move further. Now for the make-or-break condition, “You need to talk to me. I want to know what’s going on up in that pretty head of yours.” He sighs. I react and quietly say, “Jake, man, I love you. I want to help, but you gotta let me in. I’m not asking for full access in our first sitting, but let me help you…please…” my voice fades and I release his hands. I keep mine on the table, because now it’s his move. He sits back, slumps in the booth, and turns to look out the window at the encroaching gray afternoon. His chest expands and contracts with his heavy breathing. A minute later, he turns to me and softly says, “Ok.” My face brightens and I want to lean over and kiss him, but I keep my hands where they are and sit still. I need him to make the first move. He slowly moves his left hand to my right. He turns his hand over and slides it under mine, we join them together and I feel him apply some pressure. I smile and return it. He smiles a bit. I turn to the table with Steve, CK, and Tiny. They all look at me with smiles and hope. I nod slightly. They all exhale at the same time. Steve and CK ‘high-five’ each other. Tiny slips off his chair and comes over to us. I raise a finger of caution and he comes to stop. I slip off the bench, walk to him, and squat down. “Tiny, I’m very happy you got Monster to come.” I give him a hug. As I lean back, I continue in a more serious voice, “He and I have a lot of stuff to work thru. It’s going to be a long road for us.” He nods with understanding, but I hope he knows what I mean. I look over the twins and give them a nod. They nod back. They get it. I stand and lead Tiny to Jake. “Jake,” He turns to look at me. I see some color has returned to his face. “I’m going to head to the condo and put on some warmer clothes.” I check my watch and say, “The pond in an hour.” He looks at his, turns back to me, smiles and winks. I turn and start to head out. I see the waiter coming towards me. He frowns and asks, “Everything ok?” I clap him on the shoulder and happily say, “Yes sir, I think I just got my boyfriend back.” I turn and see his brothers are in the booth with him, but he is watching me. I wink, turn, and walk out. I get home, check the forecast, and decide on some winter boots, a heavier coat, gloves, and a knit hat. I also fill a Yeti thermos with some hot water and grab some tissues. As I head over, I’m singing along to a Death Cab for Cutie song on the radio. I take my time and don’t speed thru town. I know where the local speed traps are. I get to the entrance to the estate and enter the code. The gate slides open and I slow drive up the road. The view is very different from the spring. All the Maples, Oaks, Willows, and Birch trees have lost their leaves. Only the Pines and Yews have foliage. I can see for quite a distance in all directions, but the pond is out of view. I see some deer in a meadow on the right side of the drive. They look so peaceful and at ease munching on the dying grass. I pull into the caretaker’s house and see Jake’s pickup. The garage door is open. I go up to the door and knock. I don’t want to be presumptuous and just walk in. I wait for a minute and knock again. I hear his boots on the steps. A moment later the door swings open and there he is, my rugged mountain man. All bundled up in a dark gray Carhatt Yukon winter jacket, which looks snug on him. Matching gloves and Brown Timberland Greenstride original Waterproof boots, size 13. He’s got a knit scarf and is pulling on his ever-present baseball cap, brim to the back, a few tendrils of his wavy dark hair sticking out the front. He’s shaved and trimmed up his beard. I smell his Old Spice body spray, through all the layers of clothes. I feel a twitch and want to jump him right now, rip everything off him and well…, but realize that won’t happen for a while. We have too much baggage to work thru. I feel underdressed in my Under Armour Legacy Sherpa jacket. But I did put on a pair of long underwear to keep everyone nice and warm down below. Guessing Jake did the same. He’s got a backpack slung over his right shoulder. It’s bulky, so I guess he has a blanket in it and some other stuff. He catches me staring and winks. I blush. I jokingly say, “Just like the first time, in the woods, so long ago…” He smiles and I can tell he is thinking back to the day. He nods and moves to join me in the garage. He pulls the door shut and we head out of the garage. He punches the code in and shuts the door. I lock my car and we head out. As we head across the road to the path, I stretch my left hand out and he takes it in his right. I just hold it and let him make the first move to squeeze. He does and I sigh to myself. We walk the beaten path and watch rabbits, field mice, deer, and birds scatter as we near them. We get to the pond about 10 minutes later and the one thing that strikes me right away, is the lack of critter noise. If this were summer or even early fall, we’d be hearing frogs, crickets, owls, and doves all singing their songs. Now, it’s just the wind blowing thru the bare trees. We sit on the wooden bench, Jake to my left, as usual. I sit close to him, but leave some space. I pull out the thermos and pour some warm water into the lid. I offer it to him and he takes a sip. I do as well. We sit for a bit and I feel the cold breeze at my back. It tickles the exposed portion of my neck. He starts off by very quietly saying, “I’m sorry. It’s the best I can offer right now.” I let the words flow over me. He squeezes my hand. “Nona…was everything to me…even when we were not getting along…” I think back to the first time I met her. Her presence and demeanor would make the strongest person quiver. She ruled the estate with an iron fist and Jake was definitely intimidated by her. He cowered and submitted to her demands, even though he has one of the strongest personalities I know. “For a number of years that I worked at the estate with her, I was not living my life as I wanted, and I resented her for that. I thought she was embarrassed by my being gay, but it went deeper than that.” I sit and listen to him open up, gaining a profounder respect for his relationship with Nona. “You know, it wasn’t until I met you and saw how open and…free…you were with being gay, that I decided to have a talk with her.” I turn to look at him and see his misty green eyes looking at me. I see gratitude and a hint of a smile. I gently say, “Everyone’s situation is different.” He nods. “I was out for years, like you, but was not…hindered…by my family.” He gives me a little shrug of his shoulders. “Not to say, you lived in a cave, but from what you’ve told me, you kind of kept being gay to a ‘need to know’ basis cuz you lived in such a small town.” He looks at the ground and nods. “Jake…” He looks at me again. “You saw were I lived. Nobody gives a fuck if you are gay, straight, bi, or painted green with bright blue hair.” He laughs at the image. “I dated hot men, ugly men, women who dressed like men, men who dressed liked women, and some other very weird people, but you know what we all had in common?” He nods his head up and down and says, “You didn’t give a rat’s ass what people thought.” “Exactly.” I squeeze his hand. “I get small town life, even if I never lived it. Everyone knows everyone. Everyone is in everyone else’s business and won’t hesitate to gossip and spread rumors, just for fuck’s sake.” He cracks another smile. He says, “I had to live the ‘I’m gay, everyone knows it, but we don’t talk about it’ life, and I think that’s what bothered Nona so much.” He sighs. “When I confronted her, we had quite a stare down and I let it out that I’d been with plenty of guys in town and there were quite a few who nobody suspected were gay, or at least like to walk on the ‘wild side’ every so often.” I raise an eyebrow with a ‘do tell’ look. He sees it, cracks another smile, and shakes his head. “Maybe later.” I smile. “That’s the day we really turned a corner, gaining a deeper respect for each other. She said she’d try to be more accepting of my lifestyle, and quite honestly…” he goes silent and I see a few tears form, he whispers, “she was…” He sniffles back some tears and snot. I pull a tissue out and hand it to him. He turns and blows. I put my hand on his muscled thigh and give it a squeeze, not making a dent, but getting my point across. “At least you had the chance to clear the air with her and start a new chapter.” He smiles and says, “The dinner you came over for,” I nod, “was the first time she’d allowed me to bring a ‘friend’”, he airs quotes the word, “over. She went out of her way to make you feel comfortable. I knew she still wasn’t crazy about the idea, but after dinner…” I remember how that night ended, “she could see how much we cared for each other, and she told me as much.” He goes quiet and looks out over the partially frozen pond. I look as well and see snowflakes have begun to fall. It’s very light at this point. Jake reaches into his backpack and pulls out a dark green blanket and spreads it out over both our legs. I pour more warm water into the Yeti lid and offer it to him. He takes another gulp and so do I. He reaches his right arm around my shoulders and lets it sit there. He’s letting me know it’s now my turn to make a move. He’s made the effort and has opened up to me, more than I expected, for which I am grateful, but I know we still have a way to go. I inch closer to him. His arm comes down on my right shoulder and I feel him pull me a bit closer. He can feel his body relax and he sighs. I rub his leg again. We sit and watch the snow start to fall a bit harder, but make no move to go back to the house. He says, “Nona loved the winter. Decorating for the holidays, having family parties, and just watching the seasons turn. She’d sit in the sunroom on a snowy day for hours, just watching the snow accumulate. I’d want to go out and plow and shovel, but she’d say, ‘There’s no one at the estate, it can wait, come sit with me.’ We’d sit and she’d talk about my Pappy and the life they lived.” He’s smiling and just looking out over the meadow. “This place was their life for so long…” his voice cracks. I rub his leg as he pulls me closer to him. “I knew it was, but to me, they were a maid and a gardener.” I sigh knowing where he's headed. “When my dad asked me to help out when Pappy died, my first thought was, ‘I’m a glorified gardener and my life is over.’” “Oh Jake…” “I know now…but five or six years ago…man, I wanted to finish college, get my degree, continue to work out and do fitness competitions, but it was put on hold, again…” I hand him another tissue. “I guess that’s where I started to rebel a bit against Nona…meeting guys as I did jobs around town. I’d have some quickies during the day when I should have been working. She knew.” I laugh, knowing he’s right, “She always knew. When we had the talk, she brought it up, not throwing it in my face, but letting me know she knew and how upset she was that I took advantage of my job to do it.” He leans back, tilts his head back as he looks up into the snow. “I guess that’s when I realized what the job really meant to her and to Pappy too. People in town didn’t think we were better than they were, but we were the ones who took care of ‘the estate’.” He snorts and laughs. “Nona always called it ‘the estate’. It was never the big house or anything else, always ‘the estate’. Now I get it.” He goes silent. There is a calm with the snow falling and the fading light. We continue to sit. After a while, he hugs me again and asks, “Ready to head back?” I nod. We get up and shake the snow off ourselves. He folds up the blanket and puts it back in the backpack. He reaches his left hand out to me and I take it. We get back to the caretaker’s house, I guess it’s his place now, and shed our wet, snow-covered coats and outer wear in the garage. We head inside and he turns on the TV and flips to the local news, looking for the forecast. It comes on and they say the storm should dump 8 to 10 inches overnight, then be gone by morning. He turns and asks, “Want to stay here? It may better than trying to drive home over partially plowed roads.” I know he’s only concerned for my safety, which I appreciate, but I need to take a stand at this point. I mull it over for another minute and say, “Yes, I’ll stay, but on one condition.” He raises an eyebrow and gives me a snarky smile. I see it, let out an audible sigh and sarcastically say, “Just the opposite big guy.” He gives me a confused look. I take his hands in mine and explain, “The condition is, we stay in separate bedrooms.” I wait for the fallout, but he is silent, just staring at me. “I still love you, Jake, but I don’t feel right about sleeping together at this point.” I whisper, “I hope you understand.” I release his hands. He immediately pulls me into a hug. His big strong arm clenching my body to his. I can smell his sweat and body spray. I force myself to think other thoughts so I don’t pop a woody. After a minute he releases me. We look at each other and he tenderly says, “Cole…given all I’ve put…” he pauses, thinks, and quietly says, “I understand.” I breathe a sigh of relief. He then says with the confidence I know him to have, “I hope one day, we can get back to the way we were.” I smile. “I know it will take time, and that you have set up boundaries to protect both of us. I respect that.” He hugs me again. He leans back and has a sneaky smile on his face. “Who’s making dinner?” I laugh, pat his muscular chest, and say, “Your house. I’m just a guest.” I turn and head to an oversized wing-back chair with a yellow and red floral print on it. I sit, grab the remote, and casually say, “Let me know when dinner’s ready Monster.” I look at the TV, but shift my eyes toward him. I see him smile, shake his head, and head to the kitchen. I turn the sound up a bit as he starts to rattle some pots and pans. Twenty minutes later, I smell some very flavorful aromas wafting thru the air. I hear him pull out some plates and silverware. I get up and go help. He gently pushes me away and says, “No, no, no…you’re the guest. I’m the host.” I put my hands up and take a step back. “Dinner will be ready in 5 minutes. Not sure if you’d like to go freshen up.” I see him give me the once over. I nod and head to the bathroom. I run some warm water, dampen a cloth, and quickly wash my face, neck, and hands. I emerge feeling relaxed. Jake’s moving platters and pots to trivets on the table. I help and he does not stop me. We sit to eat. I ask, “May I say a few words of thanks? I know we’re not the most religious guys in the world, but I’d like to get some things off my chest.” I see some tears forming in his eyes. He nods slightly. I close my eyes and say, “To whatever omni-present being is watching over us, I want to thank you for bringing Jake into my life. I also want to thank you for bringing Nona and the rest of his family into my life. The pain I was going thru before I met this man was palatable. I didn’t want to continue.” I feel Jake’s maw of a hand cover mine and squeeze. “You stepped in using Chuck, who allowed me to come to this Eden of a sanctuary to heal myself. The month I spent repairing my body and mind, and finding real love for the first time, changed my live and my direction.” I sniffle a bit. “Jake’s family has been wonderful to me. My relationship with Nona grew and flourished. I’m a bit upset you took her away from us.” He squeezes my hand again. “I’m hoping she’s found peace and is with Pappy.” I open my eyes to see tears spilling down his face. “Did Nona tell you what she said to me when I was alone with her in the hospital?” He shakes his head ‘no’. “Oh…” I quietly say, “She told me to be there for you, regardless of hard you tried to push me away.” I glance up to him. “I tried Jake. I really tried…But you pushed me away harder. For weeks, I…” He quietly interrupts me and says, “Cole, it’s ok…” Tears well up in my eyes and start to fall. “I know I pushed you away. I’m sorry.” He squeezes my hand again. “You want to know what she told me that same day?” I smile and nod. “I know she told you she’d clear the clouds from head and explain what Tiny’s message meant, you know, ‘He’s the one’.” I nod. “Well, she also told me she approved of you and thought you were the perfect guy for me.” Tears just flow down my face. “She also said she knew she was dying and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it. That hurt me…so…much.” He gets choked up. He takes a sip of water and a few deep breaths. “Like you, I’ve never been the most religious person out there, but I felt that God, or who-ever is in charge, yanked a rug out from under me for absolutely no reason, but to fuck with my life.” Now it’s my turn to squeeze his hand and let him know I am here for him. “I looked down at her that day and knew she was not coming out of that room…alive…Cole, it killed me. Here I am, 6’1”, 230lbs of muscle and bravado, but I couldn’t help my 95lb grandmother in her time of need. I felt…useless…I retreated and…” Now it’s my turn to interrupt, “Jake, it’s ok.” We’re both flushed and red. “I know it’s no consolation, but she knew her time was coming. I think…she had made…peace with it. And, we’ve started on our path back to each other.” He quickly nods in agreement. I look to the sky and jokingly say, “Well, omni-present being, what else you want to throw at us?” The lights go out. Jake says, “Really Cole. You just HAD to challenge him?” He starts to laugh as do I. ** Two weeks later *** It’s a few days before Christmas and I’m debating on whether to travel to Philly to spend the holidays with my family or stay in upstate NY with Jake. Over the past few weeks, he’s really opened up and talked about how Nona’s death impacted him. We are back to talking every day. We’ve taken quite a few trips to the pond. This seems to be the best spot for him. We’re away from prying eyes and he can let his feelings come out. I always bring extra tissues and a thermos of warm water. The snow has continued to accumulate and there is a good 2 feet on the frozen ground. Gratefully my Volvo is AWD and his pickup is front wheel drive. I’m back to work and back to the gym. He’s back to the gym and has been interviewing people to help him out at the estate. His parents sit in on the interviews. Jake wants to get someone on board before the New Year, so he can start the training. He’s still looking to step away but knows it’s his job until suitable replacements can be found. He heard from my old company that a family will be up for the holidays, from December 21 thru January 2. We both know this means a lot of his time will be spent preparing the big house and making sure everything is in tip top shape. I’ve offered to help, but he declines, and lets me know he appreciates my offer. I have not moved back in with him, nor has he moved in with me. We are ‘okay’ with still living apart. We’re closer, don’t get me wrong, but until we both feel the time is right, we agreed to live apart. This also means we have not slept together. Trust me on this on, it’s getting tougher for me to keep my thoughts and hands off him. His body is back into his normal shape: muscular, toned, and hard as granite. He keeps his hair and beard trimmed. The dark circles are gone from under his eyes. We are back to working out together and sometimes Steve, CK, or Tiny will join us. With Tiny’s pee-wee football over, Jake makes special trips to his parents’ house and takes Tiny out on Saturdays or Sundays to give his parents a break. Usually, it’s just the two of them doing stuff, but occasionally they will invite me along. These days almost always involve snowball fights, building forts or snowmen, or sledding down the larger hills on the estate. If I’m not invited, I will try to explore the surrounding area, for both work and personal knowledge. It’s December 19th and my mom has called for the third time in two days to see if I’m coming down or not. I keep putting her off but know a decision will need to be made. I send Jake a text and ask him if he’ll be free tonight. I want to talk to him about it, prior to making my decision. I don’t hear from him right away, which I take to mean he’s busy cleaning and getting the big house ready for the guests in a few days. I get back to work. Funny how busy we’ve been in the last few weeks. Lots of work to be done on the properties we manage. Gratefully, our maintenance staff does a wonderful job. Around 2 I get a text from Jake. He says he’s sorry and that he’s been running around the estate getting last minute items cleaned up. He says he can meet up for dinner, if it’s at the caretaker’s house and doesn’t take too long. I respond, “Ok, I can grab some food from the diner? Want me to bring a change of clothes and help you out?” I look at me response once I’ve sent it. I wonder if I’m over-stepping any boundaries wanting to help? A minute later he sends back a thumbs up and smiley face emoji. He then says all the work will be around the house and pool area. This gives me an idea of what to grab, clothes-wise. 5:30 later I’m pulling up to the big house. His pickup is parked in the circle. I see debris in the bed and some boxes near the front door. I go in and hear the vacuum running in the dining room. I see he has decorated the house for Christmas. He’s got lights on the indoor plants, Poinsette’s, and Christmas Cacti spread around the floors and table. There are nick-nack decorations on tables and the stairway going up to the bedrooms has a couple large Nutcrackers. There is garland wound around the banister. I step into the kitchen area and can see a twenty-foot Vermont White Spruce in the sunken living room. It’s completely decorated and has white lights on it. I see a 6-point star at the top. I walk over and see it’s a real tree to boot. There is a dark green apron around the bottom of it with a silver interwoven pattern along the edge. I whistle to myself and think, ‘I came up at the wrong time of year.’ I see a mop in the kitchen and rags on the granite countertop. I grab a rag, a can of dust cleaner and move to the sunken living room. I start wiping down the end tables, leather sofa, and pictures. I grab a dry mop and sweep the hardwood floor. I also dust the walls and corners, removing any cobwebs. I move to the kitchen, wipe down all the counters, clean the glass cabinet doors and the brass pulls. I wipe the refrigerator, stove, and microwave. I see the dishwasher has been run. I put everything away. I check the inside of the fridge and freezer and they look fine. I hear the vacuum turn off, but Jake does not come out. I’m guessing he’s dusting and cleaning all the furniture in the room. I yell, “Hey Jake, I’m here. I cleaned the living room and am now in the kitchen.” He yells back, “Thanks. Be down in a bit.” I continue to clean. I move into the pantry and check the food for expiration dates. Everything seems ok. I wonder if the guests sent a list of food items they’d like to have. I make a mental note to ask Jake. As I’m bent over sweeping some dust bunnies into a dustpan, I hear a sexy growl behind me. Jake says in a low tone, “Nice ass. Bet you could bounce a quarter off it.” I flex the cheeks just to hear his reaction. He whistles. I stand up, turn, and see he’s wearing black nylon exercise shorts, a skintight dark green tank top, and Asics sneakers. There is a sheen of sweat covering his body. I feel a tingle down below but try to put those thoughts out of my mind. I stumble over my greeting, “Hey…” I see him give me the once over and smile. He takes a step closer and runs the fingers of his left hand thru my shaggy blonde hair. I’ve continued to let it grow out. Can almost put it into a ponytail but may need another month or so. His fingers feel good. The touch is not the same but hoping we can get back to it. “Nice to see you.” I nod. “Thanks for your help. I knew how much work there was to get the house ready for guests, but never really knew 'how much work there was’.” I pat his muscular forearm in agreement. “Not sure how she did it all by herself.” “Well, she had a fantastic grandson to help her.” I wink and he blushes. “Yeah, be that as it may, but it’s still a lot.” “Do you have much more to do tonight? I’ve got the food in the car. Wasn’t sure how long you’d be. I can run out and grab it if you want to eat here?” He waves me off, “No, no. Just about done in the house. The pool is closed, but the hot tub is still open. The workout room is good to go.” I can see him doing a mental checklist in his mind. He pauses and I say, “The house looks really nice. I love the tree and decorations.” He smiles and nods. I ask, “You do it all yourself?” He flinches a bit. “Well…” I think, ‘Here it comes.’. “Truth be told…Nona always had a service come in and do the decorating.” I chuckle. He smiles again and says, “Why mess with a sure thing? It only took them a few hours to get it all done. They also left me a set of instructions for the tree and a number if anything happens.” I pat his steel pecs and say, “I’m with you on that one. Anyway, they do a great job.” He nods. “If you’re good for the night, want to head down and have dinner?” “Absolutely. I’m starving.” We head out. He locks up the house and we take the short drive down. After we park, he opens the garage door, and we head in. I stop dead in my tracks. He takes a few more steps then, stops and turns to me. He has a puzzled look on his face. I quietly say, “Jake, you have not decorated?” He sighs a very heavy sigh. I walk to him, wrap my arms as far around his back as I can, and give him a hug. He easily wraps his arms around me and hugs me back. I hear him sniffle a bit. His voice is trembling, but he says, “I wanted to Cole, I really did, but…I couldn’t.” I hug him tighter. “The memories of her are in each ornament, wreath, or string of lights. I had gotten a box or two out of the basement and was looking thru them, but…” I try to console him and gently say, “You should have called someone, Rose, Steve, me?” I take a chance tossing my name in the mix. “Any of us would have been here in a heartbeat to help you.” I hear him sniffle again and he breaks the hug. I look at his reddened eyes. “Jake, you’re not alone in this.” He nods. “Ok, you get the dinner ready. I have to use the men’s room. Give me a few minutes.” I head to the hall bath and shut the door. I quickly send Rose a note asking if she’s free tonight and can she come the house and help Jake do some decorating. I wait a minute or two and she responds that she’ll be there in half an hour. I send a thumbs up and heart emoji. I flush the toilet and wash my hands. I head to the kitchen and see he’s plated up the food. We sit and begin to eat. He asks, “So why did you want to meet up? You had a question?” Now it’s my turn to be tentative. “Well…my mom has been texting me to see if I’m coming to Philly for Christmas…” I glance at him. He eyes look sad. I say, “I haven’t given her an answer because I didn’t know where we were…” I move my left hand between the two of us “and I didn’t know if you wanted some alone time with your family.” I look away, but when I look back, he’s still staring at me. I see a few tears on his cheeks. He reaches his right out to my left one and softly says, “You’d give up Christmas with your family…to stay with…me…after everything?” I shrug my shoulders with indecision. “Cole, I don’t know if I have the right to ask you to stay.” I say, “That’s just it…If you asked me to stay with here with you…I would.” We both go silent. “I know this year will be hard for you. I want to be here for you…if you want me to be here…for you.” I’m rambling and repeating myself. I need to shut up. He sniffles again, then says, “If you’re asking…then, yes, please stay. I’d love for you to be here.” I feel his hand grip mine tighter and a weight leaves my heart and shoulders. He lightens the mood by saying, “Plus, I’m sure Tiny would be very upset if you were not here.” I roll my eyes and sarcastically say, “Yeah, I’m sure.” Knowing he is probably half right. The rest of dinner takes a much lighter tone. He asks me about how my family celebrates the holiday. I go into detail about some of the Patterson traditions. Some he enjoys, some make him cringe. I laugh at both and say, “Ok, wise guy. I’ve told you mine, you tell me some of yours.” Just as he’s about to begin, we hear some cars pull into the driveway. Doors open and shut. There’s a half knock at the door from the garage and it opens. Rose steps in with Tiny and CK behind her. Tiny is all bundled up in his dark gray winter jacket and knit hat. He starts shedding layers as he walks toward us. CK puts a hand on his shoulder and pulls him to a stop. He says, “Oy, Tiny, what do you think you’re doing?” He motions to the dropped winter outerwear on the floor. “Pick it up.” Tiny lets out a heavy sigh and does what he’s told. Rose and CK just shake their heads. Jake looks at me with suspicious eyes and asks, “What’s this about?” I forwardly say, “You need to decorate this house. These guys know how it should look. Ergo, I asked them to come over.” Jake looks sad, but excited. I move to him, put a hand on his shoulder and quietly ask, “I hope I did not overstep.” He mists up, wraps his arm around my waist, and pulls me close as he softly says, “No.” He watches his siblings mill around the kitchen getting glasses of water and a few beers. “Thank you.” He walks out of the kitchen toward the hall bath. While he is gone, I clap my hands together and say, “Ok kids, let’s get some boxes out and put some holiday spirit into this room.” They all smile and nod. “CK, tree, real or fake?” He looks at me with a dull expression, “Look around Colester. Do you think Nona would actually allow a fake tree into this house?” I concede the point, nod to him and say, “Ok. You’re on tree duty.” I check my watch. “You have 45 minutes to get one.” He looks at me blankly, “Don’t care how, don’t care where…get a move on CK.” I jokingly point to my watch, “Time’s a wasting…” He gives me a mock salute and heads for the door, picking up Tiny on the way. “You’re with me little man.” “But I want to stay with Monster and Cole.” Tiny whines. “Yeah, yeah, and I want to be on a beach in Florida. We don’t always get what we want.” He stops, collects Tiny’s outer wear and is out the door. After they’ve left, Rose comes to me and gives me a hug. “Everything ok?” She asks. I shrug my shoulders. She quietly asks, “Getting better, I hope?” she has a slight smile on her face. I put my fingers about a quarter inch apart and nod. She smiles and hugs me again. Jake comes back from the bathroom. “Where’d Tiny and CK go?” “To get a tree.” I respond. “The three of us will get started with everything else.” I turn the TV to the holiday music channel and turn it up. We all smile and sing the refrain to Holly Jolly Christmas with Burl Ives. We spend the next half hour getting nutcrackers of all sizes and colors out of individual boxes and putting them around the room. There are strands of garland which line the mantle over the fireplace. Smaller nutcrackers are placed in the open areas as are some blue and silver Christmas balls. We put a pinecone wreath on the front door and candles in the windows. Nona was up to date as I see the candles are on timers. I let Jake mess with that and get them synced up. As Rose and Jake are getting more boxes out, I heat up some milk and grab a box of hot chocolate mix from the cupboard. I spy some mini-marshmallows and get them out too. I get a text from CK that they are on their way back. I yell down for them to bring up the tree stand. The bring it up with a dark blue skirt which has a silver fringe. Jake and I move the furniture around so the tree can be placed in the sunroom in middle of the window. Rose is getting the tree decorations ready to go. I pull out a string of white LED lights and plug them in to make sure they are still working. Jake gets the outdoor lights out and plugs a few strands in to make they still work. He sees one or two lights are out and lets out a disgruntled grunt. We are knee deep in lights and decorations when we hear CK’s truck pull back into the driveway. Tiny comes bursting thru the door with snowflakes in this hair and on his jacket. He’s dropping gloves and coats as he runs across the hard wood kitchen floor, making a B-line for Jake. Due to his clothes and boots, he doesn’t jump, but wraps his hands around Jake’s waist. Jake rubs his head with affection. CK comes thru the door, looks at me, and sarcastically says, “Lost my elf, care to help?” I nod and laugh. I walk out and see the tree in the back of the truck. “How much?” I ask. He waves me off. “Dude, tell me or I just VENMO you what I think it costs.” He tells me. I’m not entirely shocked, but not surprised. I pull my phone out and send him the money. We carry it in, get it into the base, make sure it’s secure, then let Jake and Tiny cut the string holding it bound up. As the boughs fall and settle, I see the tree is a Northern blue spruce, about 9 feet tall and 6 feet across. It is still a foot or two from the ceiling, so we’re ok there. Rose grabs a watering can of water and fills the base. We get the lights and a step ladder. Jake climbs the ladder and starts winding the lights around the tree. CK suggests we just spin the tree. We laugh but try it. We’re done in a matter of minutes. 45 minutes later, we’re done, except for the star. Rose pulls out a metal silver painted 5-point star which is bejeweled with sparkly do-dads (yeah, real technical terms). She hands it to Jake, and I see a tear run down his cheek. I move to steady the step ladder. He climbs up, put the star on and just looks at it for a few seconds. He descends and I see some more tears. I pull him in a for another hug. He hugs me back. Then I feel more arms around us. We’re in a group hug. I feel Tiny’s hands around my waist and his face in my lower back. We break the hug, step back and admire the tree. I say, “It looks great. Nona would be happy.” Jake slips his left arm around my waist, pulls me to him and gently says, “Yes, she would.” Then I feel him turn and he kisses my cheek. I blush and feel a rush of blood go south. I want to turn and pull him into a hug and kiss him all over his masculine bearded face and wrap my arms around his neck and hold him close. But I break his hold, and quickly announce, “Anyone want hot chocolate with marshmallows?” I don’t know if I’m ready yet. I walk to the kitchen with Tiny on my heels. I carefully pour him a full mug and let him put the marshmallows in. He grabs a spoon and stirs it around. He wanders to the table and sits down to let it cool. Half an hour later, we dim the lights in the sunroom and admire the white lights as they dance on the windows and glass ceiling. Rose says the tree is beautiful and we all nod in agreement. CK speaks up and says Nona would be happy with it. Jake reaches for my hand, grasps it, and squeezes. I squeeze it back. Tiny asks where the presents are. We all laugh, and Rose explains they will be there Christmas morning. His siblings pack up and take off. Jake and I sit on the sofa and look at the tree and watch the snowflakes fall outside. I carefully mention, “I hope they all get home safely.” Jake puts his paw of a hand on my thigh, grips it, and confidently says, “They will. We all grew up learning how to drive in the snow. This is nothing for CK and Rose, unlike you ‘city-folk’ who get scared of a few flakes.” I turn and see he has a grin on his face. “And on that note, I’m heading up.” “You sure you don’t want to stay here for just a bit longer?” I turn to see him looking at me longingly. His green eyes are both sad and excited at the same time. He pats the sofa, then rubs the cushion. I bite my lower lip and look from side to side. “I promise I won’t bite.” He cracks half a smile. I really want to sit and feel his strong, loving arm around my shoulder, but I’m not sure we’re ready. I don’t know… My hesitation is very clear to him. “It’s ok Cole.” There’s a sadness in his voice. “I understand it will take time for us to get back to where we were. I was hoping tonight would be a step.” I smile, nod, and quietly say, “It has Monster, it has.” I walk to him, lean down, and kiss his bearded cheek. I inhale his mixed musk of sweat and Old Spice. I put my hand on the back of the sofa and push off and away from him. His face looks content. I head up to my room. I get changed, finish in the bathroom, and lay on my bed. I stare at the ceiling. I wonder to myself, ‘How long is a good question.’ I sigh. ‘We’re taking it slow. He’s talking to me every day about how he feels, what his emotions are, and the weight of running the estate.’ I turn over. ‘Have I been fair to him? He’s done what I asked, why am I hesitating to be with him?’ I hear his size 13’s on the stairs, then the hallway. He pauses at my closed door. I can almost feel him looking at me thru the door. I feel a tear in my eye. I miss him so much, but I want to be sure. He moves on to his room. I hear his door shut. I start to overthink it, ‘What if my not being with him is causing him more pain. He wants to be with me, he’s made it clear, but how far do I let it go the first time. All the way, halfway?’ Next thing I know, I’m out the door and down the darkened hallway. I stand in front of his door and put my hand on the knob. My other hand is on the wood panel. I let my head slowly lean to the door and press against it. I stand there for a minute taking some deep breaths. I softly knock once, then turn the knob. His room is dark. I see him on the bed, under the sheets, but with his arms behind his head as he stares at the ceiling. He looks to me, his face showing the slightest sign of happiness. I move to the bed and slide under the sheets next to him. He slides his right arm around my shoulder. I lean my head back into his unflexed bicep and smile as I remember the feeling of my head on his muscle. I put my left hand on his upper thigh and pat him. We slide down the bed a bit and I turn my body, so I am facing him. I drape my right arm over his chest, as I have done many times, and let it rest on his hairy pecs. Our breathing comes into sync. He whispers, “Thank you.”, then we fade out. I stir the next morning and feel I have turned away from him. I am on my right side, but feel his left arm draped over my ribs, holding my body to his. I slowly open my eyes, but do not make an attempt to move. His breathing is deep and paced. I stay still and enjoy the moment. I glance to the clock and see it is still quite early. I don’t need to be at work for a while. I put my left hand on top of his and let it rest, feeling his warm hirsute forearm. His legs twist a bit, and he starts to roll to the other side of the bed. I release his arm and it slides off me. I feel him turn over. I slowly turn to face his muscular back. I notice he’s letting his hair grow out too. I put my fingers into his hair and gently play with some of the curls. I let my fingers run along the nape of his neck and down to his shoulders. My hand comes to rest, and I start to think, ‘I hope this is the right thing, for both of us. I hope it’s not too soon.’. I awaken again and realize I am flat on my back. Jake’s arm is across my mid-section, pinning me to the bed. The covers are strewn around the bed. There are none on his side and the ones on my side are only covering my legs. I glance as his body and watch his godly naked body sleep, hoping he will be boyfriend again. He snores a bit, then slowly wakes. I watch his eyes flutter open slowly. He stares at the ceiling, then tentatively turns his head to me. I wink at him, and he smiles. I say, “Morning.”, and smile. “Hey.” He turns his body toward me and reaches his left hand for my head. His hand slides along my cheek, then to my ear. His fingers play with my hair, and he smiles again. “I miss this.” He says softly. I nod in agreement. I take his wrist in my hand, pull it from the back of my head, and to my lips. I softly kiss it. His skin is soft. I hold it to my face and let the heat warm me. He doesn’t make any move to pull away. We continue to stare at each other. I wonder what he’s thinking and I’m sure he’s doing the same of me. I make the first move, and lean up, “I hate to do this, but I need to get a shower and ready for work.” He nods, but I see a sadness in his eyes as our moment is ending. My heart sinks. I slowly lower myself back onto the bed and snuggle closer to him. I put my arm over his chest and pull him a bit closer to me. He sighs with appreciation. I kiss his cheek and intertwine my legs with his. “Maybe I can call out today, because of the snow.” He smiles, moves closer, and kisses my forehead. I move my right hand from his chest to his face. I turn his face toward me. When we’re looking eye to eye, I lean to him and kiss him on the lips. No force, just a simple kiss. My moist lips touch his warm ones. I close my eyes and let my mind drift thru all the times we’ve done this. I can feel my heart beat a bit faster. I groan to myself. I’ve missed my man. I feel him slide his right arm under my armpit and he pulls me closer. The kiss does not increase in pressure or force, he just wants me closer to him. I decide to take the next step. I release my right hand, break the kiss, and untangle my legs. His face shows disappointment at my sudden disengagement. I surprise him by twisting my body around. I throw my right leg over his waist, then use my arms to pull me up so I am straddling his midsection. I look down and see his excited green eyes looking back at my clear blue ones. He moves his hands to my hips and lets them sit there. I start to lean down onto his body. I know my added weight won’t cause him any issues. We are lying chest to chest. His naked steel plate pecs with pointy, sensitive nipples are poking into the t-shirt I’m wearing. I move my face closer to his. I take a deep breath and move in for the kill, so to speak. We kiss, gently at first, but then I increase the pressure. I feel his hands move from my hips to my back. He hugs me to him. I moan at the feeling I’ve missed for too long. I exhale into his mouth. He takes it in, then breaths back into mine. I move my hands to his hair and let my fingers run thru his curls, feeling the softness of them. I feel his hands move to match mine. He runs his fingers thru mine, curling my blonde hair in his strong fingers. We continue to kiss. I pull his head up to mine, increasing the force of my kissing. He reciprocates. I feel a low groan emanate from his midsection. As it comes out of his mouth, he squeezes me tighter. This sensation causes my unit to twitch. I’d been very careful up until now, but the feeling of his body warming up and his hands wandering over mine, caressing my back and ass, pushes all the right buttons in me. A woody starts to form. I break our kiss and push myself upright, using Jake’s chest as a push off point. He smiles at me, and I can tell he’s felt my hard-on. As I sit on his waist, I can feel his unit has hardened a bit too. I give him a snarky smile and think to myself, ‘Well this is a fine pickle you’ve gotten yourself into. Where do you go next?’ I look down at his green eyes, bedhead hair, neatly trimmed beard, and prominent jawline. My brain clicks. Next thing I know I’m shifting my hips backward and forward on his midsection. I brace my hands on his pecs and start to move a bit faster and apply more pressure. He rises to the occasion. I feel his hands move to my hips and take hold of me. I scoot back a few inches and am right on top of his steel pipe. I slow my pace and lean down again, taking his left nipple into my mouth. I let my tongue slather saliva on his hairy pec and then wrap it around the tip of the nipple. I lightly wiggle it left and right and feel Jake exhale a deep breath as he tries to calm himself. I purse my lips and suck his nip and some of the areola into my mouth. His skin is warm, the nipple firm. I dampen it with more moisture and then suck it off him violently, using my tongue. I rake my teeth across the area and suddenly feel his arms on my back as he hugs me tighter to him. He emits a loud moan and his body quivers. I release him and quietly ask, “You ok there, big guy?” He growls back to me, “Fuck yeah. Don’t stop!” I drop my head back to his nipple and start the process over again. I feel his left hand on the back of my head. He applies pressure and forces my mouth down onto him. I nibble him again and he shakes some more. His right-hand clenches the bedsheet and I know there is no way I can break his hold until he releases it. I go back to doing my thing. I lift my head and slide to the left to give his right nipple the same care. I also start to gyrate my hips some. He arches his back and his unit presses into my abs, thru more shirt. My unit is confined by my PJ bottoms, but is freely spewing pre-cum. I can feel the dampness and stickiness. As I rake my teeth over his nip and areola for the fourth or fifth time, I feel him move his hands to my lats to push me off him. His breathing is ragged, his chest is heaving, and sweat has formed on most of his naked body. I latch on to his lats in a futile attempt to stay connected to him, but his strength is too much. He just pushes a bit harder, and my mouth comes off him. I give him my best puppy eyed dog look and he winks at me. “Stand up.” He commands me. I climb off the bed and stand next to it. He gets up next and moves so we are chest to chest. He puts his hands on the bottom my t-shirt and lifts it up and off me. He looks at my bottoms and the obvious tent which has formed, then into my eyes. He cocks an eyebrow and looks down again. I get the message and quickly undo the drawstring, maneuver them over my unit, and let the fall to ground. He moves in, gives me a kiss, and softly says, “Very nice, Cole, very nice.” He kisses me again and I feel his left hand move and take hold of me. His grip is firm, and he begins a slow and steady motion. I grab him and match his movements. I one-up him by taking his left nipple in my right and start to twist and tug at it. He looks upward, closes his eyes, and starts to moan again. I move to kiss his exposed neck. His soft beard smells like the bed sheets and his musk. I nibble at his throat and lick this beard, coating him with more saliva. I feel like I’m marking my territory. He continues to moan and groan. I begin to feel pre-cum ooze out of him. He body tenses. I jerk him a few more times and try to twist off his nipple. He lets loose a roar which probably started in his gut. His body shakes violently, and he grips me a bit harder than he normally does to steady himself. I feel his load travel up his unit, under my fingers, then explode out of him and onto my abs. It feels like paint gun pellets hitting me in quick succession. As his load eases, he lowers his head, then grunts one or two times as I yank him to make sure every drop of cum is out. He bucks his hips to help me. I feel his warm cum start to slide down my abs toward my crotch. I glance down at it. He immediately says, “Don’t you worry buddy, I’ve got this.” He quickly moves his hands to my hips, squats down a few inches, then pushes upward, lifting me off the ground and tossing me back onto the bed. I land in the middle and immediately sink into the comforter. Jake is on me in a flash. He winks, then moves south. He grabs my unit in one hand and moves it out of the way. I feel his warm tongue on my abs as he licks and scoops his cum from my body into his mouth. He’s very adept at this and is done in a few seconds. Feeling his rough tongue on my body sends a shiver down my body. He feels it and when he finishes with his load, he moves my hardened unit to his mouth. He doesn’t play games. He simply opens his mouth and swallows me to the hilt. His nose hits my lower abs, and he pushes a bit harder, trying to get more of me into him. I suck in my gut and feel him move his hands under my ass. He grips my butt cheeks and pulls them upward, forcing more of me into him. Now it’s my turn to groan. I stretch my arms out to the sides and grip the comforter and sheets for dear life. Jake goes into autopilot mode. He starts bobbing his head up and down and a quick pace. His strong fingers kneed my glutes. I tightly close my eyes, trying very hard to extend this feeling and moment for as long as I possibly can. Then he does it. I didn’t even feel him spread my cheeks apart. His left middle finger massages my hole once or twice. I don’t even have time to get used to it. After the second swirl around the hole, he plunges it into me. I gasp and thrash my head from side to side. Now it’s my turn to try to get him off me. I attempt to squirm away, but he simply crooks the finger in my ass and pulls my body back to him. He picks up the pace of blowing my unit, which is now hitting the back of his throat with every downward push. His tongue is depositing copious amounts of saliva on me. I can feel some leak out of his mouth, down my hips, and onto the sheet below me. He plunges his finger all the way into me, swirls it around, buries his nose in my crotch, and sucks for all he’s worth. I cannot hold it any longer. I feel the lightning bolt shoot from my brain to my crotch. My balls feel like they are crawling into my body and my load empties from them. It travels the distance in what feels like years, but is only a few seconds. I let out a roar and feel my eyes roll into my head. My body convulses four times as each shot leaves me. Jake just keeps his lips attached to my unit. I hear him suck my cum up like a Dyson vacuum, and swallow it. He eases his finger out of my ass and slowly lowers my body to the bed. He moves up the bed and lays next to me, propped up on his right elbow. He smiles and moves to kiss me. As we kiss, I can taste my cum and the remnants of his on his lips. Our sweaty bodies lie on the sheets for what seems like eternity, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. His left hand is softly caressing my left thigh and hip. I stare at the ceiling. I turn to the left and look at him. He smiles and leans over to gently kiss me. He says, “That was nice.” I smile back. We kiss again. “I hope this is our new starting point.” I reach my right arm over to him and pull his body on top of mine. We kiss as his weight settles onto me. I quietly say, “I’ve missed you so much Jake. I was scared to make the first move.” He looks at me with confusion in his eyes. “Then last night, I heard you pause at my door. I could almost feel you looking at me thru the wall. My heart ached to be with you, but my brain was overthinking it.” I move to caress his sweaty back. “Next thing I knew, I was at your door, then in bed.” He smiles. “I want to be with you again, as your boyfriend, but I’m still scared you may shut me out again.” His face darkens. “I’m not sure…” I look away. “Cole.” I hesitate to look at him. He puts his hand on my cheek and with some gentle force, turns my head so I am looking at him. “I’m sorry for what I put you through. You saw the grief I was going thru. I have no excuses for what I did. I turned a deaf ear to Rose, and everyone else who told me to talk to you.” I feel a tear form. “I was scared of being with you, and scared of losing you, at the same time.” He takes a breath, rolls off me, and stares at the ceiling. “Nona was my rock, my conscience, my world.” The last part comes out as a whisper. “Yeah, we did not always see eye to eye, but I knew she loved me. To then lose her so quickly, and to hear her say she was ready…just…” His voice fades. I scoot back on the bed and sit against the headboard. I take his head into my hands and move it to my lap. I pat his shoulders and chest, letting him know I am here for him. “I knew you wanted to help, but I did not want you to see me as weak, someone who couldn’t cope with…” “Oh Jake,” I say pleadingly. “We all take the death of a loved one hard.” He takes a few deep breaths, and his chest expands and contracts. “I’d have been more scared if you hadn’t been mourning her.” I pat his body again. We stay silent for a few minutes. I try not to overthink it. ‘I’m back with my boyfriend, he still loves me as much as I love him. Christmas is around the corner.’ “Shit.” I say out of shock. “What?!” “I need to call my mom and let her know I won’t be down.” “Is that going to be a problem? If it is, I think you should go.” I caress his hair. “I’ll be here, waiting for you.” “No, I made my decision to stay with you. I’m sticking with it. Explaining it won’t be an issue, but the guilt she’ll try to put on me, will be.” I groan in my head and about the conversation and how it will go. I pat his shoulders and say, “Ok, now I really do need to get up and get moving. I’ve got a lot to do, and only a few days to get it done.” “Or…we could stay in bed and enjoy this snow day with some really hot sex.” He says as he turns over and takes ahold of my stiffening unit. He wiggles his bushy eyebrows and rolls his tongue inside his mouth. His hand feels great on me, but I need to get moving. I put my hand on his bearded cheek and softly say, “Later today, I promise.” He grudgingly let’s go of me. I slide to the edge of the bed and then off. I turn to see him watching me leave. I flex my glutes. “Not funny Patterson. I’ll get you back for that.” The day flies by. I made it back to my condo without incident. I got to work, late, but made it. I explained I was not used to driving in the snow. They bought the excuse, this time. I text Jake a few times to make sure he’s doing ok. He gets back to me when he’s able. I’m sure he still has quite a bit to do to get the big house ready for the guests. At lunch, I decide it’s time to make the call. I call mom. She picks up on the first ring. I’ll be she was watching the phone, just waiting for me to call. “Hey mom.” I say in a cheerful voice. “You’re not coming down, are you?” She sounds down. Not sure if it’s my news or holiday stress in general. I go thru my explanation. She ‘um’s and hmm’s’ a few times but does not interrupt. When I finish, she condescendingly says, “Well, if you think it’s best to stay with Jake, I understand.” “Thank you.” I say thru partially gritted teeth. In my mind I’m saying, ‘No mom, don’t show any sympathy for the man I love. You know the guy who has gone thru a rough emotional patch and that I want to be with at a time when he’ll be missing his grandmother immensely.’ “I’ll call Christmas eve and Christmas day and talk to Tommy and Caleb.” “Thomas.” She curtly corrects me. I decide not to get into with her. “I sent their gifts to Michelle’s place a while ago. She let me know they arrived.” “Yes, we rec’d your packages too. So did Alexander.” We are silent for a few seconds. The ugly pregnant pause. It drags. I know she’s waiting for me to speak first so she can get a dig in. I quickly say, “Ok then, I’ll call in a few days. Love you. Bye.” I hang up, not waiting to hear her response. I get back to work, feeling good that I will not be around her drama. I reinforce my mood by going online and finding a few gifts for Jake and Tiny. I’ll get gift cards for everyone else. I pay extra for the rush delivery, but I’ve got the money, and they’re worth it. As I’m leaving at the end of the day, I get a text from Jake asking how my call to my mom went. I send back a quick note saying, “Fine.” He replies, “Liar.” I laugh to myself. He knows me. “Want to meet for dinner and talk about it? I can listen as well as you can.” A smile creeps across my mouth. “Ok, but I want to hit the gym first and work off some tension. Say 7, at the diner?” I get a thumbs up response a few seconds later. 730 later. Dinner was good. I need to take a break from the Monster Special. I can feel the weight in spite of my exercising. He looks me in the eyes and slowly says, “So…” I roll mine. “I’ll have to take you to meet her at some point. Then you’d know why I hardly go back.” He lets out a chuckle and reaches his left hand to my right. His thumb caresses the top of my hand. I take some breaths. “She said she understood why I didn’t want to come down for Christmas, but I know she feels I’m snubbing her, for you.” “Aren’t you?” He asks cautiously. I think about it for about 2 seconds, then look him in the eyes. With all seriousness I say, “Jake, you’ve just been thru 4 of the roughest months of your life. We’re just starting to get back on track. I think my family can cope with me not being there for the annual Patterson family Christmas snooze fest.” He grins and grips my hand. “Trust me, the money I spent on their gifts will smooth over any sore feelings pretty well.” “Ok then.” He says in an uncomfortable tone. I relent and ease off a bit. “Jake, I’m sorry.” He half smiles and asks, “Has it always been this way? This bad?” I shrug my shoulders. “How do your siblings feel about it?” “Michelle and her husband deal with it. Mom dotes on Tommy and Caleb, so Michelle is pretty much stuck where she is. If she tried to leave, the grief she would get for taking ‘the grandchildren’ away would shame her into staying. Zander, well, he’s kind of like me. I got away. He’s trying. If he had a better job, not saying that being a carpenter is bad, but if he could move away, he would.” I sigh heavily. “When I was in the city, I offered him a bed and told him there were so many opportunities for a guy with his skills, but he could never make the move.” “What about now?” Jake asks. I raise an eyebrow. “Well, we are still looking for a caretaker. Do you think he’d be interested?” I roll it over in my head. ‘Would he jump at the chance to get away, or would he feel inclined to stay?’ I slowly say, “I could ask him at some point.” Jake nods to me. We finish, pay, and leave. In the parking lot, Jake wraps his right arm around my waist and pulls me close. We get to my car first. I pull out the remote car starter, click it, then turn to him. I lean back onto the car, and he moves in for a kiss. Our warm breaths mingling in the chilly air. I feel his hands move to my ass and grip me firmly. I put my hands on his boulder shoulders and squeeze his muscles thru his winter jacket. The kiss goes on. He pulls my hips closer to his. I feel his boner thru his jeans. I’m sure he can feel mine. Then his phone rings. We break our kiss. He pulls back, pulls his phone out, and checks to see who’s calling. He whispers, “I have to take it. It’s dad.” I nod and he moves off a few feet. 3 minutes later, he comes back over. He has a sad look in his eyes as he says, “I need to head over to mom and dads. Tiny’s acting up and they think I can help.” I nod. I lean in for one last kiss. “Call me later, I’ll be up for a while.” He nods. “I hope Tiny is ok.” “Me too.” An hour later, I’m at the condo paying bills when my phone beeps. I look to see a message from Jake. Tiny’s in a bad way and he’s going to spend the night to try to help out. I send back a thumbs up and ask if he needs anything. He writes back that’s he’s fine and we’ll talk in the morning. I send another thumbs up back to him. I close my eyes, lean back in my chair, and put my hands behind my head, weaving my fingers thru my hair. I massage my scalp softly and think about the last few days. I think to myself, ‘I’m hoping we’re back on track. It seems like it.’ I’m still hesitant to move back in with him or have him move in with me. Just something in the back of my head is poking at me. As far as getting back in the sack with him, ‘It would be fun, but would it send the wrong signal? But I can’t be wishy-washy for too long, can I? I know he says he understands, but is he saying it to placate me, or does he agree that we need to take it slow?’ My phone beeps and I come out of my thoughts. I see Zander has texted me. ‘Uh-oh, word has spread. Wonder what he thinks?’ I read his message and it’s just as I thought. I decide to call. Texting would lose a lot in the translation. He picks up on the first ring, “Yo bro!” His voice is cheerful. “Dude, what’s shakin?” I give it right back to him. “So…boyfriend over family? Is that what it takes to get out of this cluster?” He laughs as he says this, but I can hear the underlying accusation. I can also see him spreading his hands and arms out and waving them around his apartment in Media. “Z, what do you want me to say? We all know how she can be, especially around the holidays.” I pause and add, “I am glad I was down for Thanksgiving. Jake and I were not in a good place, and seeing you, Michelle, and the kids was nice. It really helped.” I hear him grunt. “But we’re just starting to get back on track and it’s going to be rough. I mean, he’s still living in the house and she’s everywhere.” I pause. “We decorated a few days ago. It was very emotional for him, and his siblings. If I hadn’t pressed the issue, I doubt he would have put anything up.” “Oh.” He says quietly. “Yeah, mom really didn’t say too much about that.” Now it’s my turn to grunt, but with disapproval. “I’ll call Christmas morning. Guessing you’ll be having breakfast with them?” “Yeah…then presents…then the long afternoon until dinner.” I groan at the agony of the long day it ends up being. “I wish I could say ‘I’m sorry I’ll miss it’, but…not really.” I say with just a hint of sarcasm. “Yeah, yeah, rub it in Cole, rub it in…” I can hear the sadness in his voice. Not that we’ve been best buds over the years, but at Christmas, we put it all aside and we have fun. “Ok, ok, sorry.” I say with all sincerity. “Hey, on a different topic, how’s work?” “Eh, you know…ebbs and flows.” “You every think of looking for something more stable?” He grunts. “Jake’s looking for a new caretaker at the estate, someone with a good head on their shoulders, knows how to do stuff, and can work without a lot of supervision. Now, I know you fit all but the last one…” “Keep it up funny boy.” “Honestly, would you be interested? I can get Jake to call you and talk details, but he really needs someone reliable and pretty quickly.” I go silent and let Z think about it. “I don’t need an answer right now. How about I start a text thread with the three of us. That way you’ll have each other’s number. You can then figure it out between the two of you.” He’s still silent, but he quietly says, “Yeah, I think that may be best. I make no promises.” “I don’t expect any.” “But a change may be what I need.” “I’ll send him a note tonight and make sure it’s ok. If it is, I’ll send the text. If you don’t get it tonight, definitely tomorrow morning.” “Ok. And thanks Cole.” I can feel him smiling and calming down. “What are big brothers for…Don’t answer that.” We both laugh. After a few more minutes of catching up, we hang up. I check the time and see it’s not too late. I send Jake the note and get back to paying bills. I wander to the kitchen, grab a beer, and sit to read a book on my Kindle. As I start to doze, my phone buzzes. I see it’s a note from Jake. He sent a big smiley face and a row of ‘thumbs up’. I smile to myself. I start a new text thread as promised. *** December 24th. Christmas eve morning. Gratefully it’s Saturday. I was able to sleep in a bit. Now, finishing wrapping presents, watching ‘The Year without a Santa Claus’, then off to Jake’s for quick trip to the pond, with him and Tiny. Tonight, dinner at his parents, back to Jake’s, then on to Christmas day. My overnight bag is already packed and the bulk of presents in bags, ready to be delivered. As I’m finishing up, I get a text from Jake asking what time I’ll be over. I write back, ‘About ½ hour, if that’s ok?’ He writes back, ‘Perfect! Tiny is excited to see you.’ He adds winking emoji. I think to myself, I hope he isn’t the only one. I laugh and put all the wrapping supplies away. I quickly clean up, check my bags, then carry everything to my car. I see a dusting of fresh snow on top of the two feet we already have. Never got to see too many white Christmas’ in the Philly area growing up. Glad I get to see one now. The drive over is quick. Not too many people out. I pull into the estate and drive right to the caretaker’s house. Jake’s truck is there. I see small and large footprints all around. I grow a bit suspicious. As I get out of my car, Jake comes out of the garage with his jacket on, but not zipped up. He jokingly says, “I thought you’d be here sooner, given how you city folk drive.” He’s got a huge smile on his face as he walks up to give me a kiss. After we kiss, he doesn’t let go. His grip loosens but he whispers to me, “I’ve got a little surprise for you…” I whisper back, “I thought we didn’t call him ‘little’. As I squeeze his ass. “Oh, he’s not little, but the guy behind you is…” and with that, he spins me around to face Tiny who has a hand full of snowballs. He starts throwing them at me from point blank range. I struggle in Jake’s arms to get out of the way, but he holds me in place with ease. Tiny laughs every time one hits me. Once he’s out, Jake let’s go of me. I reach for Tiny and pull him to me. I pick him up and toss him in the air. I catch him on the way down. He’s still laughing, almost crying with joy. I set him down, squat down in front of him, and ask, “Was this your idea or Monster’s?” He looks past me to Jake, then back to me and giggles. He points to Jake, and I wink at him. I lean close to him and say, “Maybe we should toss some at him?” I raise an eyebrow and scoop up some snow. He does the same. I hear Jake say, “Careful there Cole…be sure you want to do what I think you’re going to do…” I wink again to Tiny with a huge grin. I mouth ‘three, two, one’ to him and we turn and throw the balls at him. Tiny is laughing again and running around the driveway scooping up more snow. I sidle up to Jake, pull in him for another kiss, and say, “You know, I will have to get you back for this.” He kisses me and sarcastically says, “I’m expecting some sort of payback.” He winks then kisses me. Tiny comes up, pelts us with some snowballs and says, “Come on you two, we need to get to the pond. The best snow is out there.” He grabs Jake’s hand and starts tugging him. “Ok, little man, ok.” He says with exasperation. “Just let Cole take his stuff inside and let me get my hat and gloves and we’ll be on our way.” Tiny rolls his eyes and wanders off to make some more snowballs. As I take my bag inside, I comment, “You’re trying to wear him out for tonight, aren’t you?” He gives me a knowing nod and a half smile. “Hope it works.” I lean over and kiss him again. We make our way to the pond, build some snowmen, make some snow angels, and drink some warm cocoa. Jake and I add a splash of bourbon to ours. After about 45 mins, Tiny seems to be slowing down. He is sitting on the bench while Jake and I build another snowman. Jake nudges me and I nod in agreement. We gather everything up and head back to the house. Jake checks to see if the guests have called. They have not. He picks up the phone and gives them a call to let them know he is heading out for the evening. He gives them his personal cell phone number in case of an emergency. When he hangs up, I stare at him. He sees my confusion and calmly says, “Cole, not everyone comes up for a month of rest. Some people actually like to stay connected to the real world while they are here.” I sigh and shake my head. I wander to the sunroom and see the tree still looks nice. I see some presents under it. I see some bigger ones as well. I peek and see they’re for Tiny, naturally. Tiny comes to my side and quietly says, “I tried to lift this one,” He points to the biggest one with his name on it, “but I couldn’t budge it.” He tugs on my sleeve, and I lean down. In his best ‘whisper’ voice, he asks, “Can you lift it and shake to see what’s in it?” His eyes dart around the room making sure Jake isn’t watching. He pushes me toward it. I play along and try to lift the box, but find it is rather heavy, heavier than I expected. Jake’s booming voice comes across the room, “What are you two up to over there? I hope you’re not trying to get a sneak peek at what Santa left.” I casually respond, “No, not us, we’re just admiring the quality wrapping job on the gifts, isn’t that right Timothy?” Tiny is giggling and tugging my sleeve, trying to hide behind me. I look down to see him nodding his head up and down. “See, nothing to worry about Jacob.” Jake gives us a sly look and says, “Ok, we need to get cleaned up and ready to head over to dinner. Tiny, you get to shower first.” He walks over to us and shoos him up the steps. “Keep most of the water in the shower, please. The bigger the mess you make, the longer it will take for us to get to dinner.” Once he’s up and we hear the shower turn on, I pull a couple Stella’s from the fridge and hand him one. We clink bottles. I say, “The night will go fast, probably too fast.” He nods and sighs. “You’re thinking of Nona, aren’t you?” He slowly nods again. I move around the island and pull him into a hug. I wrap my arms around him and pull him to me using his lats. I can smell the sweat and perspiration on him. I feel a tingle down below, but quickly stop it from becoming more. I kiss his cheek and say, “I’m here for you, Jake. Remember, everyone is here for you. If you’re sad, I’m sure someone else is too. Talk about Nona. Remember her life and the fun Christmas’ you had with her. It’s the best way to honor her.” He nods again and quietly says, “Thank you Cole, for everything. For being here, staying here, staying with me. It means the world to me that you’re here with my family today and tomorrow. I will not forget this.” He leans over and gives me another kiss. We hear the water turn off and the shower door slam shut. Jake rolls his eyes and starts for the steps. A few minutes later Tiny comes down, ready to go. I hear the shower turn on. I watch over Tiny til Jake’s done. When he comes done, I head up. I quickly shower and change. We head over. Tiny is chatting away in the back seat. He’s gotten his second wind. As we pull up, we see we’re the last ones to arrive. Once the car is parked, Tiny jumps out and runs to the house. We get out and wander up. I admire the lights on the bushes and trees. White lights on the low bushes and colored lights wrapped around the fir trees in front of the house. At the front door, there are a stack of fake wrapped gifts with colorful paper and bows. I also see two 4-foot-tall Nutcrackers. One is in a bright red uniform and is holding a sword, the other is in gold uniform with a black shield with yellow decorations. We enter the house and see it is decorated expertly. There’s a small live white pine tree with just white lights in the foyer. It is surrounded by pink and white Poinsettia’s. In the hallway to the kitchen, garland is strung over the pictures on the wall. In the kitchen, not too many decorations, but what is displayed is very nice and fits the decor perfectly. I wander into the dining room and see a festive runner on the table with pine boughs around the white and red candles. On the buffet table are holiday plates and dark green cloth napkins. There is also a different set of silverware out. I see wine glasses and an impressive selection of white and red wines. The lights are low, but it is still bright enough to see. In the living room is the main tree. A real 8-foot blue spruce. White lights and an assortment of classic ornaments and ones that have been made by 6 children thru the years. There a 5-point silver star on top and a full manger set-up under the tree. Over the fireplace are a row of stockings. I count nine and pause. There are names on all of them and I see one for me. My breath catches and my hand reaches out for the wing-back chair I am standing next to. Colleen (Jake’s mom) comes in and sees me. She walks up, wraps her hand around my waist and says, “Of course you have a stocking. Jake insisted we put one up for you.” I feel tears well up in my eyes. “What he didn’t know is I had already gotten one for you.” I turn to her and see her eyes are as misty as mine. “Oh Cole, don’t act so surprised. With everything you’ve done for Jake over the past few weeks and months, while I know it wasn’t easy, the fact that you stuck to him, did not go un-noticed.” I sigh and squeeze her back. “All the times he was here trying to sort thru things and we’d ask if he had talked to you, and he hadn’t. Well, let’s just say, Nona wasn’t the only one who could go all Nona on him.” She breaks into a sly smile. The smile fades a bit as she continues, “I know it took a long time and some trickery to get him to meet you…but, I’m glad it worked.” Now it’s my turn to smile. “Now he just chatters away about being back with you and how supportive you are.” I let out a huge sigh and look towards the ceiling to keep the tears from falling. “You’ve made my baby happy again, and for that, I’m eternally grateful.” She leans over and kisses my cheek. “Now, I need to get some food in you, you’re just skin and bones compared to everyone else.” I let out a chuckle as she takes my hand and leads me back to the kitchen. Everyone is gathered around the island or in the sunroom having snacks and drinks. Rose comes up and takes my hand and leads me to the hallway. “You ok?” I shrug my shoulders. “Yeah, Fisher family Christmas is an event. Just wait ‘til you meet all our cousins.” My eyes go wide. She lets out a raucous laugh and says, “You didn’t think it was only us, did you?” I slowly nod my head nervously up and down. She laughs again, grabs my arm, and says, “Oh, just wait for the family picnic next spring. It gives a whole new meeting to the phrase ‘family gathering’.” I’m at a loss. “Well, dad is the oldest of 5, with each of his siblings having more than 3 kids, and mom is one of 4, where each sibling has at least 2 kids.” I shake my head. “Quick math puts us at 30 cousins, ranging in age from 32 to 5. Yeah, Jake’s not the oldest and Tiny’s not the youngest.” I whistle. She continues to chatter away about the family as we make our way back to the kitchen. Jake sees me and walks over. “What did you tell him, Rose? He looks paler than normal.” “Oh, I just mentioned we have a few cousins.” Jake rolls his eyes, “Really? That couldn’t wait until after the holidays. I just got more boyfriend back. I really don’t want to see him running out of the house before dinner.” He slides his hand around my waist and pulls me in for a kiss. “Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as she probably made it seem.” I studder out, “She said there are 30 cousins?” “Ok, when you say it like that, I guess it could be a bit…over-whelming.?” I roll my eyes and say, “I need a beer, or maybe something stronger.” We walk to the sunroom and see one more tree. This is their fake Ficus. It has pink lights and is decorated with small nutcrackers and some strands of beads. I make an orange crush and start to sip it. Once I feel the alcohol start to warm my belly, I begin to relax. I have a few snacks and wander around the room chatting with everyone. Dinner is ready about 20 minutes later. I’m on my second drink and decide to switch to water. As we gather in the dining room and get in line for the buffet, Jake’s dad shushes everyone and leads us in a prayer. After that he says a few words, “First, I want to welcome Cole to our Christmas celebration. I’m very happy he stayed decided to stay and spend it with our family. With everything our family has gone thru, having you around means a lot to everyone, not just Jake.” We all smile, and I feel Jake’s hand around my waist. He gently tugs at me. I feel his nose in my hair as he kisses my head. “Nona is missed and will be missed for a very long time. She…was…a force…” He pauses to sniffle back a tear, “and I know she’s looking down on us and the rest of the family and making sure we enjoy this night.” Colleen steps next to him and pulls him into a hug. “Now, if we could all raise our glasses, I’d like to propose two toasts.” Glasses are raised. “The first to Nona, may she and Pappy be having a very Merry Christmas, and the second to our new guest, Cole. Thank you for everything.” All glasses go up. I blush as everyone says, “To Nona and Cole.” Glasses clink all around. Everyone hugs everyone else. Jake turns me to him and whispers, “I love you.” I smile and feel a tear form. “Love you too, big guy.” We kiss. I hear CK call out to us, “Cut the PDA lover boys.” I giggle thru our kiss. Dinner is a blur. Too much food, lots of talking, plenty of stories about Jake when he was younger. A few hours later, I’m nibbling on a Ricotta cheese Christmas cookie, listening to Jen and Rose sing songs. I turn and see Tiny nodding off in Steve’s lap. I wander to Jake and slip my hand into his. He looks at me and nods, knowing it’s time to go. We make our rounds and discuss what time to be over tomorrow. Seems like 10am is going to work for everyone. Steve takes a sleepy Tiny up to get changed for bed. We head out. We take our time driving thru the neighborhood, enjoying all the lights and decorations. I stare out the window in awe. Not that we didn’t have similar set-ups in Philly, it’s just, they look some much more in place with snow on the ground and a light round of flurries falling. We get back to the caretaker’s house. Jake takes a quick run up to the main house with his tractor to clear the dusting of snow off the driveway. While he’s gone, I send texts to my family and hopes everyone had a nice dinner. I turn the tree lights on and turn on the TV. I put the holiday music station on and turn the volume down. I pull two beers from the fridge and wait for him to return. A few minutes later, I hear his tractor coming down the road. He opens the door while shaking snow off his hat and jacket. He sees me on the couch and smiles. He peels off his boots and makes his way over to me. Before he sits, he leans down and kisses me. “Merry Christmas, Cole.” I put my hand on his bearded cheek and say, “Merry Christmas to you too, Jake.” We kiss again, and he sits. The cushion compresses due to his weight, and I slide to him. He puts his right hand on the nape of my neck and gently massages the area. I moan at the feeling. I twist my head around and his fingers continue to work their magic. My left hand moves to his right thigh, and I rub his muscular leg thru his pants. I feel him turn my head to him. He takes his baseball hat off and tendrils of curly dark hair fall over his face. I use my hand to gently move them, then move closer. His right arm slips down my back and he pulls me closer. We start to kiss again. I close my eyes and enjoy the moment. His breath is warm when he exhales, but his lips are moist as they press against my chapped lips. I use my right hand on his left cheek to keep our faces together. The kiss becomes more intense. I stretch my tongue out and push it inside his mouth. We jockey for position, and I think he lets me win. His right hand moves up and down my back, with his fingers raking my skin thru my shirt. I feel my unit start to tingle. I continue to put pressure on his lips and move my right hand to his hair. I run my fingers thru it and massage his scalp. My hand comes to rest on the back of his skull, and I apply some more pressure, pushing his face to mine. I realize I’m breathing hard and feel a light sweat breaking out. We come up for air. He smiles and winks, and says, “I’ve missed you.” I wink back at him. I stand up, slip my shoes off, and turn to face him. I reach my left hand out and he takes it. I pull back, trying to pull him to his feet. He gets the idea and stands up. My right hand moves up and down his left arm, feeling his bicep and forearm. He instinctively flexes his arm as my hand passes over it. I feel the hard muscle underneath and allow my unit to become engorged with blood. It starts to expand as I continue to feel him up. I move my left hand to his chest and find his right nipple thru his polo. I gently grab it and twist. He moans with gratitude. He looks me in the eye, slips his right hand around my body, and gets a firm grip on my ass. I clench my cheeks as he squeezes harder. I twist his nipple and grab his bicep with more force. My unit feels like a hot metal rod and I can feel it pointing upward. He growls, “Someone is ready for some action…” He moves in for another wet, moist, warm kiss. My hands continue to work his body over. His left continues to squeeze my ass cheek. I moan at the pressure. We break and I move to lift his polo off his body. He sucks in his gut, I wrench the shirt out of his pants, and pull it up his body. He lifts his arms and once it’s free, I toss it to the side. I place the palms of my hands gently on his hairy pecs and let them rest, just feeling his chest expand and contract as he breaths. His body is warm. I slowly rub my hands thru his silky chest hair, closing my eyes, enjoying the feeling of our bodies touching. He moans again and moves a step closer. His hands reach for my blue and white striped button-down shirt. He winks at me, then quickly moves his hands to the center of my shirt. He grabs it and yanks his hands side-ways. Buttons fly in every direction. The shirt rips open, exposing my hairless chest. Now, it’s my turn to growl. He pulls the torn shirt from my body, takes a long look at me, then rubs his hand over his crotch. I can see is hardening unit thru the fabric of his pants. I move to him and grind by waist to his. Our units rub against each other, causing them to expand more. He growls again and puts his hands on my ass, forcing me even closer. We bump and grind for another minute or two. I feel myself start to sweat. I put my hands on his chest again and push, separating us. I take a few deep breaths, cooling myself down. Jake tenderly rubs his massive left hand up and down my right arm, caressing my bicep and forearm. He looks my in the eye and quietly asks, “Ok?” I nod yes. “Good.” And with that, he crouches down a bit, wraps his hands around my waist, pulls me to him, and stands up. I let my body fold in half over his shoulder. He easily moves to the steps and takes us both up without hesitation. Into his bedroom, he squats down again, my feet hit the floor. I stand up and so does he. We slip our pants and underwear off. I stare at him. His muscular hirsute body on display for me. Shaggy dark hair, deep green eyes, full beard on a squared off jaw. I start to salivate, and my sagging unit perks up. I see him taking me in as well. Long blonde hair, blue eyes, swimmers build body, with a bit more muscle. I inhale and my chest puffs out. He grins, reaches his hand over to me, and caresses my right pec. He flicks my nipple and I smile. His warm hand feels nice. He moves close and wraps his arms around me again. We back up to the bed and he falls backward. I fall onto his chest and scoot up his sweaty body, so we are face to face. I lower my body and let my weight settle on him. I bring my lips to his. A sheen of sweat covers his forehead. I move my left thumb to his head and wipe some sweat onto my finger. I bring it to my lips and lick the moisture off. I can taste the salt. He growls at me, “Enough of this taking it slow crap. Either you get your dick into me, or I plow you like I’m moving 4 feet of snow with my tractor.” I push my body up from his, look down into his hungry eyes and punch his right pec. He laughs it off. I slide off his body, move to the end of the bed, pat the mattress and say, “Get your ass down here big man. I’m going to make you see Christmas lights every time I ram myself into you.” I start to giggle at the statement and the fake toughness I said it with. Jake has a huge grin on his face and immediately slides into position. I yank my unit a few times and line up my tip with his hole. I see him peering over his inflated chest to watch the action. I grab his muscular thighs and pull my body into his. I quickly slide into his loose hole. I sigh at the feeling, remembering what it’s like. I close my eyes and tilt my head upwards, which pushes me in just a bit more. I start to pound his ass with everything I’ve got. After a few minutes, I hear him go ‘umph’. I open my eyes, look down at him, and casually ask, “Too rough for you?” I withdraw a bit, then thrust forward. He grunts again. “I can always…” withdraw/thrust/grunt “Go a bit easier on your…” withdraw/thrust/grunt “Delicate body…” He lets out a loud roar and yells, “Give it to me little man. Don’t you hold back!” I push into him 3 times in quick succession. He grunts and moans at the same time. I feel sweat beading on my face and arms and rolling down my chest. I keep my grip on his thighs and continue to pound him mercilessly. I slow for a bit, pull out until my tip is showing, then slowly move it back in. It disappears into his furry ass. He clenches his hole, to keep me in, and to stimulate me more. When I bottom out, I grunt and use all the strength in my arms to pull on his thighs to get deeper inside him. It works. We’re both breathing heavily. I pant out a few breaths to recuperate some of my strength. He looks over his chest and says with sarcasm, “You get started yet? I haven’t felt anything…” A sneer comes over my face. I get on my tiptoes, withdraw a bit, then piston into him. I bottom out again. Our skin smacks together. Driblets of sweat go flying. I do it again, then again. We’re both groaning and moaning. He reaches his hands to the comforter and balls his fists. I feel my load churning. His body tenses. He suddenly screams with pleasure and ropes of cum fly out of his body, covering him and the bed. I continue to pound him until his load slowly abates. Mine is at its peak. I thrust into him one final time and my load erupts from me. He quickly maneuvers his mammoth legs around my waist and pulls me to him, locking my body to his. I convulse three or four times. I feel my cum travel up my unit and pour into him. I close my eyes again and feel all the tension and pain release from my body. I become weak in the knees. They start to shake, I feel like falling, but Jake’s legs keep me from moving. Once my load is spent and I begin to soften, I slide out. He unlocks his legs but sits up and reaches his hands to my forearms. He steadies me. He stands, pulls my body to his, wraps his hands around my lower back, and says, “You ok?” I nod ‘yes’. He smiles, crouches down a bit, then scoops me up into his muscular arms. We kiss. Long, slow, and deep. He walks us to the bathroom, and he sits me down on the edge of the tub. He turns the shower on and sits next to me, waiting for it to warm up. We kiss again and he softly says, “I’ve missed you, Cole. I’m…sorry…” I shush him. I see a tear fall from his eyes. I wipe it away. I turn his head to mine, and whisper back, “Merry Christmas Jacob Daniel Fischer, the third.” I kiss him again. He lets out a heavy breath, stands up, reaches for my hand, which I give him. He pulls me up and to him. He leads us to the shower and says to me, “Merry Christmas to you, Cole Edward Patterson.” We kiss as we enter the warm shower.
  5. musclelovingtwink

    The Prompt

    “Nah. Still no. I don’t get it.” Harry stood with his brow furrowed in front of Jacob, clearly perplexed. Jacob sighed. He’d been ready for this, it was very complex stuff, and Harry wasn’t exactly known for his outstanding intelligence. “Ok, so first off, time isn’t a straight line. We can’t really look at time, but it’s really convoluted…” he began. Harry nodded but already seemed to be lost. “It’s complicated and it crosses over itself and collides at different points.” He drew a big squiggle on the whiteboard to illustrate his point. He gestured to where two parts of the line crossed. “Here, where time collides, is what we call a ‘junction.’” Harry continued to nod. Jacob pointed at the machine. It was essentially a computer hooked up to a helmet, covered in strange electrodes and wires. “This machine sends a signal at a frequency that should be able to pass THROUGH those junctions.” “What, so to a different time?” Harry asked. “Exactly!” Jacob said, excited that his friend was getting it. “This helmet scans your brain waves, and using a sample of your DNA, encodes the signal in a way that would only affect you, but at different points in time.” “Wait, so what, I can get messages from the future?” Harry said, seeming interested suddenly. Jacob rolled his eyes knowing he was thinking about the lottery or something. “Not exactly. Think of it like a really strong hypnosis tape. We put a prompt into the computer, and that message is sent out as a signal. It would be like having an idea soaked into your brain all through your life.” “What do you mean.” Harry said. “Well, it would just be an idea that would be reinforced, like training a dog, but… retroactively. Imagine being able to break a drug addiction by stopping it before it happened, or just changing the way you think just a little bit so you never chose to stop going to the gym or something…” he trailed off, almost revealing too much of his own desires. “Or, for instance, rewriting a lab rat’s mentality so it lost the ability to feel full.” With that he gestured to a glass enclosure which housed a morbidly obese rat, it’s little feet wiggling just enough to reach the floor and roll itself over to the food bowl. “Oh my god, that’s disgusting.” Said Harry, repulsed. “Well, it was a perfectly healthy rat last night. In fact it was a little underweight.” “Jesus. Wait, hang on, so you’re basically telling me that this machine can rewrite history?” he asked, snapping back to attention. “To a degree. It only works on the person wearing the helmet, and it can only change their thought patterns so much. If you try something too radical, the person would consciously reject the idea, and when it kept coming back they’d probably get doped up by a psychologist.” “Ok, so why are you telling me this?” “I need you to be my first human test subject.” Jacob said sheepishly. “Wait, what? And end up like Chubs over there?” Harry said, standing up quickly and pointing at the obese rat which had now rolled onto its side, struggling to get right-side up again. “No, I mean, well, yes, but we don’t need to make the prompt make you FAT, it could be anything!” Jacob said desperately trying to regain Harry’s calmness. “This is for my doctorate, and I need to be able to prove that the machine works.” “Well why don’t you do it yourself?” “I will, but I need to be sure first. I hard-coded it so that whenever my own DNA is used, a secondary prompt will always be used to implant the idea of the machine into me. That way it shouldn’t be able to cause a change that would destroy the machine and prevent me fixing anything that gets fucked up.” “Like me for instance?” said Harry, raising an eyebrow. “Well, yeah.” Jacob said. “Point is, I think it’s completely functional, and it worked on the rat. I just need a human test to make sure the prompt works with the human brain and doesn’t get muddled up somehow.” Harry thought for a while. “And I get to pick the prompt?” he asked, coyly. “Sure. That is, as long as it’s something we can clearly observe.” Harry continued to think. “Fine. But no judgement alright?” “Great! Of course not! So what do you want the prompt to be?” Jacob said, rushing to the computer’s keyboard. “Well, I’ve always been… decently fit I guess.” Started Harry, blushing. It was true, Jacob had always thought Harry had a beautiful body. He was tall and lithe. He wasn’t muscular, per se, but he had a tight swimmer’s build that looked good in everything. “Yeah, and?” “Well I only started really hitting the gym hard recently, and I feel like I sort of missed my prime for it.” “Harry, you’re 24.” “Yeah, I know, but like, if I had’ve worked out seriously through puberty, I could be pretty… hot.” “Ok, so basically you want the prompt to be something like ‘I love working out in the gym.’” Jacob said. “Yeah, that’d make a nice start.” “A start?” said Jacob, half laughing. “Well, if I can rewrite my life, you think I’m stopping after just one go?” “Ok, ok, let’s get to that when we get to it.” Jacob hammered on the keyboard, inputting parameters and the prompt; “I love working out in the gym.” “Alright, we are ready to go, and… done.” He pushed the enter key with a decisive motion. The loud clack of the key was followed by a high-pitched whirring from the computer as fans buzzed to life. Harry felt a tingling sensation in his scalp as automatic sensors wormed their way across his head. After a few minutes, the machine’s activity died down and Harry looked around expectantly. “Is that it?” he asked, sounding a bit let down. Jacob looked at the computer monitor. A blinking, green phrase on the screen read “Transmission successful.” “Yeah, it looks like it worked.” Said Jacob smiling widely. “Really?” asked Harry, looking down at himself. “I don’t feel any different. Don’t tell me this is the improved me and I just don’t remember cos my past changed.” Jacob smirked. “Well the rat took about 10 minutes to see any difference. I noticed the changes so I don’t imagine we wouldn’t notice it happen with you.” He began to finger through a small pile of notes on the machine. “The machine sends messages through junctions in the timeline, which in turn affects the present, and the future, but because we’re making a change that never happened before we basically cause a paradox.” “Can you explain that a bit, I’m not a nerd.” Said Harry, rolling his eyes for effect. “Ok, so there’s a timeline where everything happened normally, which brought you to this point where you made the decision to change your past. Since you changed your past, when you got to this point in your life there’d never be a reason to make that change since it already happened, meaning your past WOULDN’T be changed, and would happen normally.” Harry just looked confused again. “Ok, so in order for you to both make the decision, and not make the decision, you basically have two distinct pasts now. Both have to exist for the other to make any sense.” He drew on the white board again, drawing a line that split in two, and then rejoined, like a river splitting and then coming together again. “As far as I can tell, there’s no reason it shouldn’t work out just fine, in the grand scheme of things.” Jacob looked back at Harry, only to see he was barely paying attention. Harry’s hand was scratching at his chest. As Jacob watched he saw that it was less the way you would scratch an itch, and more the way you would rub a sore muscle, almost massage-like. “Something feels weird.” Said Harry. He took the helmet with all its sensors off his head and got up from the chair. “It’s like, lik- AH!” he said jerking his head back. “Like something’s moving under my skin.” Jacob got up to get a closer look. “Take your shirt off, let me see what’s happening, something could be wrong.” Harry started to pull his t-shirt upward. As it got up to his chest the material grew tight and was fighting being pulled from his skin. “Ow, Jesus, it’s so tight!” Harry protested. “I can’t get it off. As he let go of the hem, Jacob saw the problem. The material was stretched impossibly tight over Harry’s chest, because his chest was getting larger. He watched as what was once a thin, tight chest ballooned into dense, meaty pecs. Two wide, rounded lumps grew in front of Jacob’s eyes as Harry’s nipples grew from almost 2D into thick, swollen tits, and then started to push downwards as the expanding flesh above them continued to grow. There was a harsh crack, and Jacob looked up to see the collar of Harry’s t-shirt had given way. The red material was moving steadily to the sides, accompanied by a loud ripping noise as the split spread downwards. In seconds, Harry’s chest was bare. His pale chest was immense, somehow seeming even bigger now that it was uncovered. A deep crevasse ran between the two huge slabs of muscle, each with a half inch-long tit neatly sitting under it. As the rip continued downwards, Jacob’s eyes followed, and to his amazement he watches as Harry’s stomach contorted and flexed, bringing forth two, then four, then six, then eight spectacular abs. Each was big enough that Jacob could’ve fit his hand around one just barely, and they sat perfectly symmetrically down Harry’s front. The bottom of the shirt gave way, and as it fell to the sides, shredded obliques were revealed below ribs, revealed by the complete lack of body fat. Harry, still somewhat dazed, grabbed at the two sides of the shirt hanging off him and tugged. In one swift motion the sleeves of the tattered garment were obliterated, revealing still swelling delts. Each looked to be in competition with his head for size, but had deep striations that looked to go almost to the bone. Harry roared in approval, raising his arms in a double bicep pose which started unimpressively, but pure muscle rocketed down his arms, twisting into colossal football-sized biceps, and equally impressive triceps. Veins twisted and wrapped around the surface looking like a spider’s web, but as thick as a normal person’s fingers. His forearms broadened until they could be confused for a whole ham. Jacob, both enthralled by the success of the experiment, and enamoured by the changed he was seeing in front of him, reached forwards to fumble with Harry’s belt. A huge meaty paw pushed aside his smaller, fragile hand and grasped at the buckle with seemed to shatter in his grip. As his belt pulled away, his jeans started to drop to the floor, but were caught quickly as, even undone, the waistband was significantly narrower than the legs it was trying to slide past. “Oh shit!” Harry let loose, as the denim filled quickly and began to strain. Jacob had never heard a sound like the resounding splintering noise the jeans made as solid, alabaster steel burst out both sides. Harry’s legs looked freakish, they grew enormous, and the contrast with his narrow waist would have been almost laughable if it weren’t so hot. As the legs of his boxer briefs were forced upwards, deep cuts in the muscle were revealed. Each of the quads was thicker than Jacob’s whole torso, and the cuts were so intense he felt drawn to wrap his fingers around the long, thick muscle heads. As far as he could tell Harry wasn’t even flexing, he was just so immense and so shredded that every single fiber was visible through his paper-thin skin. Beneath the quads, teardrop calves clung onto sturdy lower legs, though at this point they were resembling a capital “P” more so than a teardrop. Jacob almost had to step back as the last remains of clothing on the behemoth twitched before him. The bulge in Harry’s too-small boxer briefs began to swell until it looked like an overgrown banana was being restrained by them; every pulsing inch clearly discernible through the stretched fabric as it sat atop two orange-sized balls. He could even see several inches of thick, vascular cock where the waistband was being pulled away from Harry’s abs, by both the new narrowness of his waist, and the weight of the monster restrained there. Jacob looked up at Harry, his mouth open in awe. Harry looked down, but nervously had to take a step back as he couldn’t see Jacob past his new pec shelf. Just moving his head felt strange, as he could feel the vast muscles of his traps reaching up almost as high as his ears twitching against his thick neck to move. He reached an arm up to feel his neck, and was surprised to meet resistance as his biceps collided with his pecs, limiting movement. Touching his neck he found that it was as thick as his own head, maybe even an inch or two thicker. “Holy fuck.” He said, to Jacob, his voice multiple octaves deeper than it had been, minutes ago. “I mean… holy fuck.” Jacob could barely think, and only managed a few astonished words. “All that from ‘I love working out in the gym?’”
  6. Hey guys, I've decided to try and make my first muscle growth comic "Overdosed". Pages 1 - 2 are done. Let me know what you guys think Follow me on Twitter if you guys wanna see more: https://twitter.com/GDSMuscleFreaks
  7. compactmuscle

    Biker Muscle

    Also known as "Big Dan". This story dates from the 1990s, I believe. The first five original parts were written by Michael Yoder (myoder). TCCowboy wrote the sixth part. This version was preserved by fred2001, with slight corrections by me. Big Dan Part I Dan was a biker. He liked being on the open road and only took jobs when he needed the bucks for food or a good workout. His favorite jobs were construction and logging - anything that worked his huge muscles hard and helped him grow. He was a huge man and wanted to be even bigger! He was 35 years old stood 6'8" and weighed 480lbs. His neck was a thick 25" around and his shoulders spanned 38" across his back! His chest, thick with dark brown hair was an incredible 75". His biceps stretched the tape at 26" but he wanted them bigger. His hairy forearms measured 22" and his wrists were nearly 10" around. His waist was 36" and his abs jutted out like bricks. His thighs were an amazing 40" and his calves were blown to almost 29". He was a giant, totally powerful and totally in control. His hair shoulder length, thinning a little on top and he kept it brushed back, and he wore a mustache that framed his sneering lips. After one his construction jobs, Dan went down to a gym near the Italian district. The place was small, but he noticed the men coming out were big. He figured this would be a good place for him to pump up. He wandered into the small, dark gym and paid for a workout. He stripped into some shorts and immediately grabbed the heaviest weights he could find and started pumping. The other guys were astounded at Dan's incredible strength - warming up his arms with 200lbs! He pumped out 20 reps and put them down looking for bigger weights. He settled on 250lbs for another 20 reps. His arms were ripped and huge, but he wished they could be bigger. Then a guy came over and started talking with Dan. "Hey, big guy! You wanna get bigger?!" Dan put the weights down and looked over. This guy wasn't as tall as Dan - only 6'2", but he was big! He rivaled Dan in muscle size, and probably strength. He said his name was John. "Bigger than this?!" Dan said. "Yeah, Fuck man, I wanna be the fucking biggest freak around!" He flexed his pumped 26" biceps and grunted. "Fuckin' huge, man. You can make me bigger?" "Yeah," the guy said handing Dan 4 small blue pills. "Take one of these, workout for a while and you'll pump so huge you won't believe it. Forty bucks." Dan grabbed his wallet and paid the guy. "If this doesn't work, I'll pound your fucking ass man!" He swallowed one of the pills and started to bench press with 500lbs. He completed a few reps and suddenly felt dizzy. He put the weight back on the rack before it crashed onto his chest. The dizziness persisted for a moment, and then Dan felt a rush - like fire in his veins. The rush ran through his whole body as the steroid took effect. Then he felt a rush of power and grabbed the 500lb barbell. Now it felt like a toothpick! He hefted it up and down, pumping out 20 reps, 30 reps, 40 reps! "Not enough weight!" he shouted, jumping up from the bench. He grabbed another 500lb barbell and started doing curls with it! "Yeah! Fuck man, this is wild!" He watched in the mirror as his arms expanded before his eyes. The 500lbs was like nothing to him as his power increased with every passing second. He wanted more weight. He grabbed the leg press machine - loaded down with plates and lifted the whole thing over his head with a shout of power! He sneered at the puny men gathered round to watch this incredible feat. He pressed the 1500lbs of machine over his head like a toy! "BIGGER! FUCKIN' BIGGER!" He looked in the mirror and saw how his T-shirt was stretched tight over his massive and expanding muscle. The veins in his neck and arms were like thick ropes, Striations were bursting through his skin. His dick was getting bigger, too, he could feel it growing in his shorts which were stretched over his massive quads! He was mesmerized by his reflection and tossed the machine down with a tremendous crash! "Somebody measure me, man!" He held his gargantuan biceps up and flexed. His shirt sleeves tore away. He rolled his big pecs and the shirt ripped open falling to the floor in shreds. He flexed every muscle as the guys measured him. "Biceps - 30"; chest - 80"; waist - 40"; thighs - 40"; calves - 34"... Everyone gasped as Dan posed and flexed his superhuman body. He hit a most muscular pose and gritted his teeth looking like a wild man. His muscle was huge and cut. His dick started growing in his shorts, getting longer and thicker and the admiration he was getting was making it hard, too. He knew before long the shorts would give out. Then he pulled out the other pills and downed them all. "Don't!" John said. "You'll get too big!" With one massive hairy hand, Dan pushed John away as the pills took effect. The dizziness lasted a little longer than before, then the rush pressed through Dan's veins like a train. He looked in the mirror and watched as his body started to grow. The shorts fell away quickly as his thigh expanded and his dick sprang out - huge and hard as a rock! "MEASURE MY FUCKING COCK, MAN!" He bellowed. His voice was deeper and he felt like he was soon going to be the strongest and biggest man on the planet. "15 inches! and 11" around!" they gasped. Dan grinned knowing his dick was bigger than any of their puny ones. Even the largest guy couldn't have a cock harder and bigger than this horsedick - fuck even a horse couldn't! Dan walked over to a weight bench and grabbed four fifty pound plates. He flexed his rock hard cock a few times and then placed the plates one by one over the head of his massive dong. The weights stayed in place as his huge cock flexed. Two-hundred pounds lifted by this monster's prick! "FUCK, THAT'S HOT!' Dan bellowed, showing off the power of his mammoth dick. "JOHN, GET OVER HERE!" John came closer and Dan picked him up in one hand. The giant man, muscles bulging and still growing placed the 250lb man on his dick straddling the massive prick. Then Dan lifted John and the weights with his cock! 450lbs lifted by the muscle dick! "RIDE MY MUSCLE COCK!" Dan bellowed as he flexed John up and down. John grabbed onto Dan's mountainous hairy pecs and Dan threw his head back and laughed as he flexed them for John. John got so hot reveling in the power of Dan that his cock stiffened and he shot in his gym shorts. "FUCKIN' MUSCLE STUD!" Dan shouted. "I'M GETTIN' BIGGER BOYS. LOOK AT THIS!" He flexed his biceps and the peak rose up almost to his fist! His forearms were thick and hard. The triceps extended down in a mass of veins and his muscle was twisted and pumped. He lowered his arms although they sat out at a angle pushed out by his incredible lats. He had to be 3 feet thick! All muscle, all man! His chin rested on top of his pecs and when he flexed his huge hairy pecs, the striations looked about 2 inches deep, hair furrowed through the thick cords of muscle. His abdominals were like slabs of beef stretching over his gut and jutting out in a deep six-pack. His thighs were ripped and every muscle in his quads and calves were striated and thick. He turned around and spread his back. Even relaxed it was cut with mountains of muscle. His traps raised over his shoulders like twisted mountains of brutal flesh! His cock flexed and pulsed with his excitement as he grew bigger. "TIME TO MEASURE ME AGAIN!" he shouted. "EVERY FUCKIN' INCH!" They wrapped the tape around his obscenely huge muscles and called out the measurements. "Neck - 28"; chest - 90"; biceps - 37"; forearms - 30"; waist - 46"; thighs - 48"; calves - 38" Dan laughed as each measurement was read off. "Measure my dick, too" They taped it at 19" long and 14" around! "YEAH! YOU LITTLE GUYS EVER SEEN A REAL FUCKING MAN BEFORE!" Dan's muscle and power had peaked now and he was so hot he knew he was going to shoot off soon. In a burst of strength he gathered up the guys and sat them on top of a long bench. He lay under the bench and pressed it. It had to weigh 2000 lbs. He pumped out 30 reps without stopping and then stood up with the bench in his huge hands. He held it high overhead and started pumping more. His cock flexed with his inhuman strength and the guys were so turned on by his power they started jerking off too. Sweaty hard bodies all swarmed over Dan - like ants on a huge beast. Dan laughed insanely as these huge bodybuilders climbed on him! "WORSHIP THIS MUSCLE, YOU PUNY MEN! WORSHIP MY MASS AND POWER!" He stood still as they used his body like monkey bars, chin raises off his massive arms, pushing at his thighs trying to move them, straddling his 19" rock hard cock as he flexed it for them! Finally, they all started shooting hot loads all over Dan's body. Their total worship of his muscle got him hot. He flexed his cock, throbbing it more and more and shot a load that sprayed over all of them. He was the biggest man in the world, and this was going to be just the beginning of his adventures...
  8. Emil


    My health had been in decline for a number of years. A combination of daily stress, my mother passing away, my finances, PTSD, and my general future overall helped to erode my wellness. I was also battling some depression and anxiety so a therapist I was visiting prescribed medication. This plus the meds I was already prescribed by my general doctor for cholesterol, and blood pressure made me feel like a pill-popping loser. A friend of mine suggested I get back to a regular workout regimen which amounted to walking or running and free weights. He said it would help fight depression, and lower my blood pressure. I nodded and did what I normally do when someone makes a suggestion, place it in the back of mind and forget about doing it until much later. Well, that time had come. I was sick of feeling like hammered dog poo. I was going to go back to the gym one way or the other. The last time I stepped into a gym to be totally honest a certain actor turned politician had been President. Having been away from a workout joint was a bit strange. Part of me remembered from long ago the feeling of impotence working out on Nautilus machines and free weights while men and women with picture perfect physiques worked out. I was scrawny, skinny and lean back then and my workout t-shirt, shorts, and tube socks made me appear downright dorky. The floor to ceiling mirrors plastered all over my old gym didn't help. I hated looking at my reflection, especially when a muscle god or goddess sauntered by. I felt out of place back then and now that I was about to begin anew those feelings resurfaced. The place was titled Gym Tonic. I decided this was going to be my gym and dammit I was going to do what I should've done so long ago, workout on a regular basis and get fit. Gym Tonic was a decent sized place. The open floor plan allowed anyone entering to see virtually the entire facility. Rows of gleaming machines, stationary bikes, and treadmills were neatly divided on one side of the cavernous interior. Racks of free weights, barbells, and dumbells lined up on the other. The only difference between this gym and my old one were things like the interior color palette; gone were the muted pastel colors, grays, and neon lights. Now they were bold red, steel gray and black. Gone too were the piped-in pop songs from bands like Tears For Fears and 'Til Tuesday. Now it was from artists like Ariana Grande, Meek Mill, Halsey, and Kanye West. I had the chance to sign up for either 6 months or 1-year membership. I went for the year-long one and handed the form with my credit card to a black guy named Troy who was working the front desk. Troy and his 5% body fat muscled physique were a good enough advertisement for this place while at the same time reminding guys like me that we would never look as good, not in a million years. Another guy took his place at the desk while Troy gave me a quick tour of the place. The place was super clean and maintained. There were a fair number of people spread out evenly amongst the machines and free weight area. A couple of bald muscleheads groaning and sweating through some intense heavyweight repetitions, a few women on the treadmills, and a couple of guys my age looking pitiful on the "Nautilus" machines. Then I caught my reflection in one of the huge mirrors. The mirror of shame, the mirror of truth, the godawful reflection staring back. I just rolled my eyes and followed Troy as we went to the men's locker room where he gave me a key for my own space and a quick look-see at the showers, and hot-tubs. He made a few jokes and asked me if I had any questions as we walked out of the area back to the main floor. I think I asked about the the hours of operation and how late the place was open during Friday and Saturday nights. He was in the middle of telling me as we began to pass the free weight area and the mirrors of shame when I spotted someone who nearly made me stop dead in mid-stride. I did a double take at what I saw and nearly tripped. I think I was just beginning to ask Troy another question but the words had trouble forming. My mind was both flustered, disjointed, and downright confused as I laid eyes upon the reason for my upset. A creature of both beauty and brawn the likes of which I had never seen before. I only had a second or two to take in the magnificent form of this person before bumping into Troy's back. I said an apology to Troy for my clumsiness as I looked over my right shoulder to steal a quick peek of the mysterious person. It was like looking into the sun. It was that brief but in that instant "he or she" locked eyes with me. My mind was in meltdown and a weird warm feeling rose from my abdomen, neck, and cheeks. I saw the face of a girl or a girl like a face atop a massively muscled sculptured physique. A very loose black tank top draped a torso that screamed perfection. Two beefy bulbous pecs like armored slabs topped with large areolae and nipples jutted out like the prow of a mighty battleship. So it was a "he". The wideness of his shoulders and back, those rounded segmented delts crowned biceps/triceps that looked like hams. This creature's forearms were like steel cables clustered and bound together. Veins that appeared like roads and rivers covered those insane arms. The tank top only revealed this top of the first abdominal muscles but they looked like silver ingots. His waist and hips were incredibly narrow before fanning out too long legs that were akin to mighty oaks. Those glutes were jaw dropping and his calves pointed diamond shaped muscle. I dared give much thought to what lay under those small black shorts. My intuition or imagination told me that it was something incredible, something dormant yet powerful like a volcano. That warm feeling within me got a few degrees hotter. I quickly tried to shake those thoughts away. They were unnatural I reasoned. His physique wasn't the only assault upon my sensibilities. This physical specimen possessed a face that did not go with the body. That clash of face and body caused me to stumble. To say that this young man or male had a beautiful face sounded strange. Shouldn't it be a handsome face? But it wasn't just handsome it was more. It was cute, beautiful, and his dark brown eyes were looking right at mine. His face reminded me of someone. I tried to think who exactly but couldn't come up with a name. I looked away and saw that Troy was near to the front desk. How long had I been staring? I was embarrassed. I must've made a fool of myself looking. I took one more look. His massive sting-ray shaped back was turned to me and apparently, he was putting some weights back when Tony asked me how everything looked. “This place is great. I look forward to working out here Tony. Thanks for the tour,” I said. Just as was leaving the front entrance I looked back one last time. He was nowhere to be seen. I thought perhaps he went to the men's locker room and showers. As I made my way into the parking lot to my car the thought of him taking a shower made my own organ tent up. I started my car and shook my head trying to get rid of that image. Who was this person and why did he have such a sudden hold of my thoughts. I had been a member of Gym Tonic for a week and a half. My schedule wasn't very consistent. Sometimes I went during the late afternoons, other times at night. The mystery male had yet to make a presence since that first night. Every time I went I was both anxious, tense, and a bit afraid when I arrived. When I saw that he wasn't present I relaxed and went about my routine. Speaking about the routine I was happy to see that I was finally settling into one after so much time away. I chatted with a few people who were regulars. I even inquired with one of the regular male bodybuilders about the stranger. To my surprise, he claimed to have seen him the previous night. A night which I could not make of course. This bodybuilder named Bob told me how he saw this guy doing an insane amount of weight without anyone spotting him. He apparently worked out alone. I asked Bob if he knew this guy's name. He thought for a minute but couldn't quite remember other than it sounded European. Oh, and that he was perhaps from Denmark or something. He wasn't quite sure. Bob mentioned the stranger had a reputation though. One of Bob's friends supposedly heard from a friend at another gym that the "Scandinavian guy" was something of a man-whore and who fucked anyone he wanted. He also claimed the guy was insanely strong. As I sat on a bench listening to Bob my shorts got a bit strained but quickly realized that 3rd party stories or rumors were usually 95% rubbish. I tried to picture the face I saw with the rumors. Yeah, they had to be made up. After a month and a half of working out, I felt better than I ever did for years. The stranger was still absent. I was filled with a bit of renewed confidence in my self and abilities. That's when I made my first mistake. It was a Friday night workout and I was exercising my chest and shoulders. The place was nearly empty. Foolish me thought I was good enough to wander a bit from the suggested weights Troy had made to me earlier. I was overconfident and added a bit more weight to the bench press. Why not? Nothing ventured, nothing gained right? Wrong. Even as I began my first repetition I realized I may have placed too much on the bar. My mind reasoned “May have” as to mean “maybe yes, maybe no”. Either way after three reps my exertion was quickly emptying my reserves of strength. Okay, all I have to do is push really hard and get the bar close to the stops. Those notches on the tops of the bench press structure looked miles away from my vantage point. Laying on my back with a bar and weight that was getting heavier by the second. I said to myself, push with your feet and arms. Ready, set, man the bar is getting unsteady. Have I aged this much? I remember when I was so much younger that this wouldn't have been much of a problem. Oh, who was I kidding? Even way back then this weight would've been an issue. I sudden;t realized that I was the only one in the free weight area. Great! Not one person to spot me if I need help. Shouting for help would make me look like a weakling, a dumb novice. I couldn't do that it would be embarrassing. Man, this thing is heavy! Quick one more push now! Use up all the reserves of strength! If I can just keep this damn thing level. Hell, my arms are shaking. Come on legs help me push this thing up so it doesn't flatten my chest. The song Cerebral by Boys Noize began to play over the speakers. Okay ready, let's push on the count of three,....one, two, three! Hello, arms? Hello, muscle? Can you hear me?! I said push dammit push! My eyes closed, my face no doubts beet red from exertion when suddenly the enormous weight felt like a feather. Clunk! The bar was back on its rest. I opened my eyes taking a deep breath. Whaaaa...? There he was peering down upon me over his huge pecs with a smile. One of his hands gripping the bar "You shouldn't do that much weight. You'll hurt yourself. Try smaller weights. At your age, you want to build strength not mass." Did he just speak? My head was spinning. I closed and opened my eyes and he was gone. I sat up and saw him standing a few feet away. This time I took him all in. His short cinnamon-colored hair, piercing brown eyes, and serious dark eyebrows accentuated his slight feminine face. There wasn't a hint of body hair on his chest or legs. He had flawless skin. Did he have freckles across his nose? This creature couldn't possibly be real. He wore the same gym outfit as the one before. A torn vintage Dep Leppard t-shirt turned tank top draped over an incomparable torso. Yes, something quite mighty was harnessed under those shorts. Great, I was getting a hard-on. Whether he noticed or not he didn't let it be known. I wasn't sure what to say to him/her,.....it was a guy right? My sexuality was under major assault at the moment. “Thanks, I needed some help. Thanks for showing up. I was afraid I was going to have to shout for some assistance,” I said. "You're welcome," he answered with a nod. “My name's Paul,” I extended a hand still sitting down not wishing to stand yet. “I'm Aras,” he firmly took my hand. "Well, Aras thanks," "Don't mention it, Paul," Aras' voice wasn't deep nor was its high pitch. It's tone interestingly enough had something of a calming effect. I was sure I had seen his face before. It was on the tip of my tongue but the harder I tried to remember the more the answer retreated into the dark of my mind. “Look this might sound strange but I know you from somewhere. I've seen you someplace before,” I tried to explain. He chuckled causing his muscles to tense, “I get that a lot from people. They say I've seen you or I've met you before. I suppose I've just got that face I suppose,” he shrugged. Aras went to his locker and I had decided that it was time to leave. I didn't wish to hang around waiting for him as that would appear a bit strange. I said goodnight to Troy and headed out to the parking lot. That's when I spotted the flat on my SUV's rear left tire. “Wonderful,” I grumbled. Well, my options were phone AAA as I was a member or change the flat myself. I had only changed a tire once before years ago on a '64 Ford Galaxie. My vehicle now was a Toyota Land Cruiser, much heavier and much larger. I retrieved the jack and began to take the spare tire from its mount when I heard a voice behind me. “Uh oh, you have a flat huh?” It was Aras. He was wearing sweatpants and a hoodie sweatshirt. His breath forming clouds of vapor as his hands were stuffed in his sweatshirt pockets. "Yeah got a flat. Wouldn't you figure? This day has turned out to be a dandy I'll tell ya." “I'd be happy to help,” Aras answered taking his hands out from his pockets. “I appreciate that. Let me just get the jack and set it up,” I said. “No need,” Aras replied with a smile. “What do you mean?” With that, he walked up the rear of the Land Cruiser, knelt down a bit and placed his right hand under the bumper. I honestly had no idea what he was planning to do. Certainly, it couldn't be what I was thinking, he couldn't possibly be serious. Without any apparent exertion upon his face, he hoisted the back of the SUV until both tires were off the ground. “Holy sh,....,” I muttered. “Go ahead I won't drop it. This is easier than using the jack,” he explained. “Are you sure?” Aras then pumped the Toyota up and down a few feet to prove he could hold it. I was astounded. He was holding up the back end of a truck weighing 5,700 lbs! I got to work immediately on the removing the flat. The car creaked and occasionally groaned as I worked the lugnuts off. He could drop the SUV right on top of me if he wanted to. How in the world was it possible for a human being to be this strong? “How's it coming down there?” he asked. "Almost done. Uh, you're not getting tired are you?" I inquired half-jokingly. “Not at all,” he sniffed. He had calmly held the SUV up for nearly 10 minutes before I said, "Ok, the new tire is on." With that Aras gently lowered the Toyota back on the ground with his one hand. He finished by dusting his hands off. I noticed that he wasn't even breathing heavy. He pulled the hood back. Not one sign of exertion on his face. I extended my hand to and he took it. The same hand he just used to hoist the back end of a big SUV off the ground like it was a toy. “You know I'm not even gonna ask how you did that, but I do have to ask one question,” I said putting the tire iron back in the rear compartment. “Shoot,” he said. "With your strength why are you working out in a gym? All the weight in there is peanuts for someone like you," I inquired hoping I didn't overstep any boundary in doing so. "To be honest you're right. Basically, I go to gyms to meet people. Some go to grocery stores, others go to bars or clubs, or even libraries to meet people. I go to gyms," Aras shrugged. Fair enough I thought. Would he mind if I asked him to move something else? “I totally understand Aras. Listen would you mind if I hired you to move some bulky heavy items on my property? I know it sounds a bit strange. I'd pay you of course,...” “Sure, Paul I'd be happy to help no problem. We can work on the price later. Can I ask for a favor from you?”, Aras looked up at the night sky as it began to sprinkle cold rain. “Can I get a lift to my place?” "Yeah, of course, hop in," I motioned wiping my hands with a small rag. The Toyota seemed to lean a bit when he sat in the vehicle. Made me wonder how much Aras weighed. Well with all that muscle I gathered he was clearly no lightweight. He didn't say much during the drive and his directions led to a street near downtown. “You can pull up to the beige building on the right,” Aras motioned. His place turned out to be a Youth Hostel. He got out, grabbed his gym bag and leaned into the vehicle, "What time shall I come out Paul?" I handed him my business card with my home address and number written upon the back, "How about 11 a.m.? Do you want me to pick you up tomorrow morning?" “No, I can get a ride no problem but maybe you can drive me back if that's okay with you,” Aras inquired. "Okay sounds good. Thanks, Aras see you tomorrow." “Bye,” he waved. I watched him briefly from behind walking up the steps to the hostel. Even dressed in sweats his physique spelled muscle-beast. No amount of clothing could hide that insane body. The entire drive back to my home I kept thinking how easily he had lifted my SUV. Just a toy I thought. Did it make Aras hard lifting it? What could this kid, or young man do if he got angry? Stay on his good side I decided. Aras arrived right on time. His ride drove him down my long driveway to the front of my home. I let him inside and we shook hands. Was he wearing eyeliner? Aras wore shorts, sneakers, and a green shirt that whose length ended just above his "innie". His light-colored beige shorts were bursting at their seams. Aras possessed a spectacular chest to waist/hip ratio. I gave him a quick tour of my home as we made our way to the back deck and property. "Wow, this is like a huge mansion. Very nice place, "he smiled. "Yeah, it is. I just managed to get it just how I like it. All the remodeling and renovation is finally over," I replied. “Is this your wife and children?” he pointed to a photograph of my ex Karen and two daughters. “Yeah, we're divorced. We share the kids, I get them one weekend a month,” I replied. “It's hard on the kids,” “Did your parents divorce?” “No, I'm an orphan. Never knew my parents,” With that, I led him out onto the deck which was bathed in sunshine. “Is all this yours?” he pointed out to the vast property. “Sure is, come on follow me,” We walked out past the line of mown grass to an old tree. “This is a chestnut tree. I reckon it's over 90 years old but it got zapped last month during a bad storm. I'm about to call a crew out to have it taken down so-” “You want me to do it instead?”, Aras added his hands upon his hips. "I'll give you 350.00. Just make sure when you chainsaw it lands that way," I motioned to the northwest. Aras smiled and squinted looking up at the 85-foot tree carcass. “Paul, you didn't have me come out to use a chainsaw did you?” I felt a lump in my throat. “Well, I wasn't completely sure-” "You wanted to see me use my bare hands. Trust me I can do it easily. I don't need a noisy chainsaw. Just stand back okay?" He took off his shirt. For the first time, I got to see his naked torso. My shorts began to tent as he handed me his top. I felt weak at the knees. Accentuate everything I had noticed on him back at Gym Tonic and increase x10. He was cut and every slight movement striated criss-cross muscle to pop up. His concave abs were unreal segmented armor plate. Just an orphan I thought. He walked around the tree once and looked in the direction it was to fall. Aras walked around and planted himself with his back facing me. He squatted slightly and the seams of his shorts were close to ripping apart. His back, lats, hamstrings, and calves were the stuff of legend. Aras wrapped his arms around the tree in a sort of bear hug. I heard a slight grunt. Nothing happened. Poor guy. Oh, well he tried. Suddenly there was the sound of muffled popping and cracking sounds. I looked at the top of the tree and it was wiggling. A loud crack sounded. Whoa, what in the world? His back muscle knotted and seemed to expand. I couldn't believe it. I think he was actually lifting the tree up from the ground. FWACK! Muffled cracking sounds resounded as he hoisted not only the trunk but root system as well. Dirt flew in every direction. I should've gotten my camera. Too late now. Aras carried the tree several steps forward, set it down vertically and let gravity do the rest after a gentle push with his finger. FWUMP! The chestnut tree was split into two massive trunks each with its own large limbs and branches. He bent down and placed one hand underneath one trunk while placing his other on top. I witnessed his muscle tense for a brief second before a loud snap. Aras had broken the trunk off from the main base as if were a matchstick. The limbs were rendered quickly thereafter before he turned his attention to the other major portion of the tree. I was shocked, to say the least. He had broken the chestnut tree down in minutes with his bare hands. If he could break trunks, and limbs so easily imagine what he could do to a person's bones. Aras wasn't finished yet. Having ripped the roots away he propped up the massive main trunk vertically. The bifurcated trunk portions had been torn away leaving what was left to form a chunky Y-shape that was as tall as he. Aras grabbed hold of the inner portions of the trunk where it began to split off. He was attempting to pull the thing apart! I saw his lip tighten slightly and his pecs suddenly grow striated muscle and veins appearing. His entire torso began to have the hint of sweat. There was a slight cracking sound. His brown eyes narrowed and they suddenly locked onto mine. A slight smile grew across his face. SNAAAAAP! Aras let the two ripped halves fall. His chest glistening in the sun. Every vein over his entire body stood up. This kid, guy, young man whatever was simply unearthly. He walked back brushing himself off. Not a scratch on him. Aras' face still as beautiful as ever. The small signs of exertion had already disappeared. However, something not so small had awakened in his shorts. I gulped and tried not to stare. “How was that?” he beamed. “Speechless to be honest,” “It was easy. Got anything else you want me to remove?” “Actually yes, but before I show you are you thirsty? “I could use some water,” he answered looking over at my pool. “Sure no problem I'll go get a bottle.” I was pulling out a large bottle from the refrigerator when I heard a splash outside. I grabbed a towel and walked out to find Aras standing waist high near the shallow end slicking his hair back. The water beading off from his skin, his thick nipples diamond hard. I nearly tripped. His shorts were on the concrete. That meant he was- “I hope you don't mind. I just had to cool off really quick,” How could I possibly say no to that face and body? Wait this was wrong, all wrong. What was I doing? I just hired Aras to remove a tree, not get into bed with him! My mind wandered elsewhere. It was trying to picture the thing between his legs. Aras must've had the need to cool off because splitting that chestnut tree made him hard. Did that mean doing feats of strength got him off? I was getting hard. I placed the water bottle down on the patio table and sat on a chair under the umbrella. "Paul, can you throw me the bottle?" “Why don't you come and get it?”, I replied. Oh, man did I really just say that. What's the matter with me? He smirked and stepped out from the pool. My heart nearly stopped. I shouldn't have been so surprised after all the signs were there. He had been hiding something but I had never actually seen one like this. This thing was obscenely huge. Like a whopping big pork loin hanging down more than halfway down his herculean glutes. Uncut his foreskin hung at least a half inch from the tip. A beast of a dick. Speaking about hanging his balls hung heavily like two cue balls in a sock. The only hair was a small landing strip. Everywhere else was as smooth as a baby's bottom. He walked to within two feet of me and picked up the bottle taking a sip. Was there any shrinkage from the cool water? How long had I been staring? “Thanks for the water Paul,” he said. I looked up at him and he winked before returning to the pool. Good thing my closest neighbor is over a mile away. I cleared my throat and watched him to a backstroke. "This water feels great. Why don't you let your inhibitions down and hop in? I promise I won't bite," he grinned. “Have you done this before?” “What's that?” “Seduce people,” I replied. He got out of the pool and took his time toweling off, taking a few extra moments to dry his prodigious meat and potatoes. Aras walked over to where his shorts lay His flesh log wobbling around with every step. How many partners had he utterly dominated with that thing? That thing coupled with his physical strength. I got a bit dizzy. “Don't we all Paul?” he said putting his shorts back on. Aras took his meatball and balls and arranged them in his shorts before zipping them up. “Perhaps. Can I ask how old you are?” I inquired. He smiled and answered, “Old enough. How old are you?” “Too old.” “Oh? You don't look it.” “My mother's genes I suppose.” “Do you feel young?” he asked slipping on his sneakers. “I don't feel my age if that's what you mean.” “Then you'd agree that age is just a mind game. Why get so turned around and twisted over a number? Act the age you feel.” “Well at some point it has to matter.” “If you don't feel like your age then don't. You're 37 right?” "Hehe, nice try I'm 51 but thanks for the compliment." “Really you're 51? Well like I said you don't look it.”, Aras said. “And you?” “Take a guess.” "19," I said. “Yep.” I gave him a tour of my back property in one of my restored vehicles; a candy apple red 1961 Ford F250. He looks out eyes wide open as if he was on some safari. I couldn't help looking sideways at his body. He wasn't wearing his shirt and his shorts were hiked up around his massive thighs. Of course, his manhood making a hefty basket of the cotton material. “How many acres do you own?”, Aras asked. “Over 450. Quite something eh?” “So much,” he replied. “We're coming up on your next challenge in the next clearing up ahead. The truck bounced along a small trail through the woods before opening into a small field. Right smack in the middle of the clearing sat an oblong granite boulder. "Well, this is it. You see how it's resting," I pointed. “Yeah, I'd say most of it is underground resting like this,“ he motioned with his hand showing the boulder at a reclining position. “There are other boulders scattered around but nearly all of them are in wooded areas. I figured these are glacier rocks,” I surmised. “Left over from the last Ice Age right?” “Yeah deposited here as the glaciers retreated I suppose,” Aras walked around the exposed boulder the size of a VW Bus touching it, running his hand over its rough surface. “It's gotta weigh over a ton maybe more,” I shrugged. “How much to move it?” he asked. “Well, if you can do it I'll give you 600.00,” I offered. “Where do you want it placed? “Well if you can do it, you can roll it into that wooded corner,” I pointed. “600 and you want it over there?” "Right, but if you can't it's no big deal. This thing is rooted in the ground and has been for a few thousand years. An excavating company with a 'dozer will probably have to do the job." “I can do it no problem. You won't have to call anyone Paul.” This teenager was quite sure of himself. Part of me doubted he'd be able to do it. A dead tree was at best iffy but a boulder weighing a few tons stuck into the earth was a whole different story. “Are you really sure you can do it? I don't want you to hurt yourself Aras,” I admitted. “The thing that's going to be hurt is this rock's pride. You'll see.” It was going to be an epic battle between a geological artifact and raw teen muscle power. Could this beautiful specimen win? I got my camera out to film the undertaking. The oblong rock afforded a decent area to get under. Aras took his sneakers off, stretched, and placed his hands under the overhang. Then with a slight grunt, he began to push. I could see the balls of his feet pressing into the grass and dirt. Every muscle tensed, every fiber flexed. Then he stopped. “It's too much huh. I thought so,” I nodded. “I'm just getting started. Don't give up on me yet,” he shook a finger. He then went to one side of the overhang and pushed. His tight half moon shaped ass facing me as his feet dug into the ground. His mighty back and lats doubling up ever so briefly. He stopped again before going to the opposite side and repeated the same routine. Now I could see what he was trying to do. Aras was attempting to loosen the vice-like grip the earth had upon the boulder by wiggling it, like a bad tooth. His brief grunts continued as he pulled down on the overhang, and pushed. All the while rotating his position to attack all sides of the massive rock. I felt a fresh breeze come over me from behind. The afternoon had been hazy and still up until this moment. That's when I looked to the west and northwest and could see distant clouds building. I turned back to Aras and his body glistened with sweat. I wondered how long he could go at this. He had finished that huge tree in less than half an hour. This rock however looked to be a bit more trouble. He pulled down his lats exploding sweat dripped from his forehead. That's when I saw the giant rock move. The continual onslaught of Aras' pushing and pulling was having an effect. My cock twitched. The look on the teen's face was one of absolute concentration and determination. His hands gripped granite like a pair of vices. Pushing, pulling rocking, his feet dug small trenches into the earth. Aras twisted his muscled body this way and that. Hard pecs and nipples rubbed rough granite. He was winning. Another fresh breeze brought relief but I'm sure Aras was too invested in his assault to notice. His khaki shorts were ripped and streaked with dirt. I then heard the first distant rumble of thunder. I turned to see that the west horizon had gone from a copper-white color to a chalky slate blue. A whopper of a storm was building but it was nothing compared to the tempest of muscle Aras was unleashing upon this massive rock. He pulled hard. That's when I saw something that caught me completely off guard. Not only had he managed to loosen the boulder from the earth's grip but in doing so he tipped the rock down causing the buried portion to rise up. A long gash of dirt and grass extending nearly 20 yards blossomed upward. Aras was forcing the rock long hidden for thousands of years to surface. It did in a muffled detonation of earth that flew everywhere. “Holy shit,” I said aloud. This giant boulder lay fully exposed to sunlight. The sucker was massive, some 30 yards in length. It was shaped like some elongated eggplant. “Well done Aras!” He smiled and waved his body streaked with clay, dirt, and black gray streaks. “You think you can roll it?” Another muffled rumble this time it sounded a bit closer than the last. Now the western sky had caught Aras' attention. “It's going to rain soon,” he pointed. “You don't have to do anymore. Forget about moving it,” I shouted as the wind began to pick up a bit. “No, a promise is a promise. You haven't seen anything yet,” he insisted. I had already filmed him rooting the thing from the dirt. There was no need to finish the task. What I saw next made my draw drop and my cock point up. Aras grabbed one end of the oblong object with both hands. Then he got under the rock pushing it up as he walked forward. Was he going to flip it end over end? Another boom resounded across the sky, this time it was associated with a small flash. Okay, now we really needed to think about getting back to the truck. “Aras that was lightning,” I shouted walking towards the pick-up. I stopped in mid-stride. The weather wasn't going to stop him. He had gotten to the middle portion of the boulder. Wait a minute, he wasn't trying to flip it end over end. He was trying to- BOOM! Lightning struck somewhere close maybe a mile or two from us. The sound of rolling thunder echoing overhead. Like the coming storm, the physical might of Aras was being demonstrated as the first spatter of cool rain fell. He squatted slightly and with a mighty heave held the giant stone aloft. Aras was triumphant with a smirk across his face. "Impossible! “, I yelled over the approaching storm the wind gaining momentum. He stood there for what seemed like minutes as if to say he had beaten the stone. I felt like beating something just looking at him. Aras held it high, turned away from me and actually threw the boulder into the woods resulting in a fantastic crash. A flash of lightning outlined his massively muscled frame and diamond hard ass. At that moment he seemed like an unstoppable giant. His thick pecs heaving, his fists clenched he turned back towards me. Those concave silver ingot like abdominals flexing and contracting. Who was this teen? Where did he come from? His monstrous organ hung out from his torn shorts. With a swipe of his hand, the shorts were ripped free from his body. His cock grew in size with every step. A beast of an organ as it quickly fattened up to half mast. Rain dripping from its turgid thickness. His heavy ball sack flopped lazily off of one muscled glute to the other. Finally, the titanic cum cannon stood at full salute resting between his muscled cleavage. His body wet with rain. Aras walked up to me. His eyes locked onto mine. “Paul, I told you not to give up on me. Now we'll finish what we started by the pool. Let go of your inhibitions,” he said grabbing me with one hand behind my head. Diary- I fucked him hard! Nearly tore him in half. I had a serious case of blue balls. Okay, okay when do I not have that but that first nut is such a relief. I figured I had him when I ripped that to pieces and then walked out of the pool with my junk in full view. He resisted but I could tell he wanted to touch my forbidden fruit. After I pulled that little rock out and tossed it I knew I had him. The look on his face! Awesome!!! He didn't know what to think! They never do. Like they're amazed and afraid. The temptation,......(you know what I mean). We got in the truck and he handled my cock (surprise!) like a pro. For a guy that looked conflicted about his sexuality, you'd never know it when he put his hands and mouth on my beef-bat. It was too big for him to swallow (nearly always is except for a few who have and you know who you are if you're reading this). I give Paul props for trying to get the head in his mouth but at least he got the tip in (a real trooper). Whatever it still felt awesome. Shit, did I nut! Paul actually swallowed a bunch of my jam (so did I yum!) I couldn't properly fuck him until we got back to his mansion because the pick-up is too tight. Shit, my muscle takes up over half of that cab. As soon as we got inside while like a tornado is raging outside (it was blowing!), my dick needed ass (bend over now!). We were in his kitchen, I pushed him against the marble counter, ripped off his shorts, and put it in. TIGHT! Virgin ass! Yes, yes my kryptonite! Shit, did he yell, buck, and scream and yeah there was some blood. I had to control myself which was hard, like really, really hard. I was only able to get a quarter of my cock in. I figure I'll train him good and get more inside eventually (I'm a great teacher). We fucked a lot more. His ex-wife must really miss Paul's cock. The guy has a fat 9-incher. He face-fucked me like a madman (I made it so sloppy:)). My ass loved it (nice thick fucker). Speaking of his ex, she's a hot MILF and his daughters,.....oh yeah. Funny thing is, his younger daughter is a fan of Harry Potter. She loves Hermione! No fucking way so do I! Shit, I remind people of that actor in the face. Let me put on my make-up, wig, and custom made school uniform (thanks Mimi). I'll be putting my big ass wand up her sweet peach. Leviosae baby! One way or the other I got Paul so I'll add him to my Fuck/Money Buddy list. He gave me an even 1,000 for my "work". I didn't want to break it to him that it was easy. Shit, if Paul knew what I can really do he'd shit his pants. Then again so would everyone. Gotta keep that a secret for as long as I can. Later diary!
  9. MuscleMorphing

    Turnin Tricks

    Tunin tricks ain't that bad... actually it can be kinda fun. I mean, these little white dudes see my muscles and practically drive their cars into a lamp post. I act all nice like, "yo can I flex for you?" and grab my junk, wink, cheesy shit like that. Collect up front and suck 'em off for a while. Definitely make sure they got a good view of my big ass bulge. Tell em to get us a room if they want to see my cock. Again... collect up front. Once we're in the room, time for some fun... No more mr nice guy. Now you got em by the balls. No one in those motels give a shit if some dud is screaming bloody murder. I mean, what's little white boy gonna do? Run home and tell his wife? File a police report? So I take off the j-strap and let him worship my monster cock for a while as I flex. They'll suck it and lick it for a little while, not very well. I get off on the muscle worship, I mean I don't spend all that time bangin iron for nothin. Sometimes I'll oil up a little, shine a light on me like it's a show or somethin. I'll stash some posing briefs under my cap and slip em on. Get posers that are too small so they can't hold it all. Do my posing routine with my dick stickin half out. Make sure you catch em before they pop off, or they'll just leave. Usually by now I'm grabbing them and ripping their pants off. I hate using lube, but my cock is so fat I gotta. No John ever expects to bottom, I guess they think I'm gonna be their slut or something? Yea, this is where things get rough. Got em pinned down poundin like there's no tomorrow. They're screaming, sobbing, clenching their ass cheeks like its gonna stop me. God I love plowin these little fags. I'll flip em onto their back and and keep fucking so I can see their face... look down to see my thick ass cock stretching their asshole wide open, turning them inside out. I already got the money anyway, so I hurry up and finish, blow all over their face before they squirm away. Take the rest of the cash they got, then head back out for the next one.
  10. tester26

    Teenage Destroyers

    This was an attempt to write a snuff story that is based on the Teenage Destroyers series on Snufflovers. It may not be to your tastes. You have been warned. TEENAGE DESTROYERS PART 7 "You should have seen the tight bitch I fucked last week. For a virgin she sure screamed like a whore." Nick chuckled to his friend Tony. "Too bad she wasn't able to take all of my cock." "I'm fucking tired of bitches complaining about getting fucked. Whatever hole I pound, I wanna go hard and fucking balls deep, man." Tony agreed. At only 18, Tony and Nick looked sculpted from marble with 8-pack abs, ripped muscle, and big, firm asses. They were fucking 300-pound teen musclegods. Most days, they showed up at the gym without shirts, their bodies were accentuated by the sweat that glistened off their smooth skin as they worked out. "Fuck, all this talk about bitches has me so fucking boned up, I wouldn't mind a blowjob from a faggot." Tony squeezed his semi through his loose red basketball shorts. Nick's eyes scanned around the lockers, spotting Tom, a thin seedy-looking punk a few lockers away pulling a blunt out of his locker. His lips curled into an evil smile. "I've got an idea. " Nick said, as he slipped off his shorts. A grin of understanding curled on Tony's face and his eyes expanded with glee and quickly stripped as well. "Ah shit...fuckin' love you dude." Nick and Tony rush and corner Tom against his locker. "What's up bitch?" Tony announced. A sound, barely perceptible escaped Tom's lips. "So you're the asshole stinking up the lockers with your fucking blunts, huh?" Nick boomed. Tom shuddered, his head barely reaching up to the shoulders of the two studs. He was less than half the size of either Nick or Tony, and his eyes were filled with a mix of lust and fear. Before him was the naked, hulking body of the teenage bodybuilder Nick. Tom speechlessly ogled the vast expanse of the pectoral muscle that blocked his exit from one side. Nick's arms hung loose at his sides, the biceps unflexed yet still so unbelievably huge and wide. Tom's eyes admired the solid rack of abdominal muscles, then followed the curves of the sculpted obliques as they flowed into a pair of legs so heavily laden with muscle that no one could doubt their monstrous power. Between those pillars, Nick's thick 12 inch cock stood at full attention, nearly pressing into Tom's belly. To his side was Tony, nearly equal in mass and just as naked. His pecs were swollen from the blast he'd just given them. His deltoids were huge and rounded, still engorged with blood from the overhead presses, the detailed serrations still visible. He grinned evilly and he stroked his own massive cock. "Time to teach you a fucking lesson!" Tom didn't stand a chance. Nick picked him up and easily picked him up and threw him onto the bench. "Ahhh!!" the punk cried as he struck the edge of the bench. To Nick, Tom was just a toy. A fucktoy that he could use and brutalize in any way he wanted. And God did he want to! He wanted to use his hard 12 inch cock like a weapon to stab the little shit with. He wished his cock was twice as long and three times as thick, so he could fuck the little shit until his organs had turned into mush. He'd use his horse cock to fill Tom up with so much jizz, it would be forced to drip out of his mouth, nose, ears and eyes. Nick straddled the punk, pressed his ass on the boy's upper body, and squeezed his muscular thighs to pin the kid's arms in place. Meanwhile, Tony got on his knees in front of the bench, his massive cock at the perfect height to enter the fuckbag's mouth. Tony immediately shoved his cock head in the punk's mouth. The 11 inch dick was the biggest, longest, fattest thing Tom had ever had in his mouth. He had less than a third of his rod in when he hit the back of the Tom's throat. Tony applied strong pressure on the kid's head and felt his hard dick continue its long journey down the slut's pipe. The massive tip was acting like a snow plow, sending the small organs to the sides, bumping against his little heart, rearranging his tubes and slowly making its way down the punk's body. It was pure delight for the muscle teens to watch all 11 inches of thick teen cock make its way deep in Tom's throat. "Holy fucking shit, yes!!!" The stud shoved the toy's head down with cruelty to get the large base of his huge cock in the slut's obscenely widened mouth. Just as Tony's trimmed pubes touched Tom's stretched lips, Nick felt a bump under his ballsack. "Fuuuuuuuuuck, man! Your cock is poking through his stomach. I can feel it on my nuts, it's fucking crazy." Tony enjoyed the incredible feeling of having all 11 inches of his enormous cock buried to the root in someone's throat. Even when Tom started to choke and tried to move his head, the way he squirmed felt amazing. Occasionally, Tony would withdraw enough to let the living cumdump breathe before he shoved all the way back in, his balls slapping over Tom's nose and eyes. Nick got up and Tom's arms immediately flailed around but Tony quickly pinned them down to the bench. With one hand, Nick lined up his footlong cock to its target and brutally thrust his whole cock into the kid's colon with a sickening squish. Tom's head was shoved hard against Tony's crotch and the gigantic cock was pushed even further down, the outline of his dick head clearly visible through Tom's chest. Tom's scream was muffled by Tony's meat as he was violated by a second, even larger, cock. "Fuuuuuuuuuuck, that's so freaking hot!" Tony panted. "That's it, slut, feel my cock push against your little heart. You got muscle all around you! Huh you like that? Bet I could snuff you with just my dick. Shoot you so full of cum your goddamn head would explode!" They pulled almost all of their thick poles out of Tom, and then rammed all of themselves back into the small, frail body as hard as they could. In perfect sync, Tony and Nick pistoned their living toy with long hard thrusts. The former ravaged the punk's throat and punched the bottom of his stomach, all the while smashing his teen balls on Tom's eyes and nose. The latter battered the kid's internal organs, forming a footlong fuck tunnel that ran from asshole to sternum. The punk's esophagus and colon were so incredibly tight as they gripped and moved with the teens' cocks. Both teens kept changing the speed, tilting the punk backwards so that Nick's massive tool was pushing against the toy's stomach walls and making it bulge out. "Fuck! You can almost see the veins on your dick through the bitch's stretched guts," Tony marveled. Nick rubbed his hands over the bulge, enjoying the feeling of Tom's insides wrapped tightly around his shaft. Tom was used like a fleshlight, with such wild abandon that when both studs pulled out, it looked as if Tom deflated. But when the two teen gods shoved their pricks back to the hilt, Tom's small body seemed to double in size. Their cocks bumped against one another, as they raped the young punk, was just the cherry on top of the muscle sundae. "This fuckbag is tight as shit, man!" Nick shouted. "I know, bro!" Tony screamed. "His throat is clasping my dong like a motherfucking vice-grip!" Both teens increased their speed at which they pummeled Tom's throat and colon, slamming their massive teen tools in the most ferocious manner, not caring if the living cumdump could take it or not. Sweat ran down their tight abs and dripped all over Tom's body. But they were already close. Their thrusts became more erratic, and out of sync. They both held Tom's sides, four big teen hands squeezing the punk's mid-section, almost completely encircling it. The studs felt both their massive cocks move in and out of the teen beneath their fingers. Jabbing their massive fucktools balls deep inside the rag doll one last time and their cocks spasmed, shooting pure alpha cum into the middle of the punk's blown up body. Somehow, the punk managed to stay conscious during the whole ordeal. But with all 23 inches of cock pulsating each time a jet of hot teen semen shot inside him, Tom had no influx of oxygen and started to choke. He couldn't see nor hear anything besides his own heartbeat drum in his ears, while he frantically hit whatever he could with his small fists. But the slut's panic only fueled the studs' lust, and made them shoot even harder inside the boy. Tony and Nick came deep inside the little fuckbag for close to a minute. After their body wrenching orgasm, the 18 year old gods haphazardly pulled their dripping, still rockhard dicks out of Tom's holes. It was a bit surreal to watch nearly 24 inches of solid teen meat withdraw from the skinny body of a punk. Cum poured out of Tom's gaping ass like a waterfall as he coughed up Tony's load, gasping for air. Nick and Tony high fived over the punk's wrecked body and quickly switched places. Nick took the boy's head while Tony faced the narrow sloppy ass, and they pushed their jizz-covered, rock-hard shafts inside the worn out sextoy. "Fuck Tony, his throat is as tight as his ass..." Nick said as they both bottomed out. "I know, bro! I feel your jizz sloshing around in his guts! Let's see how much damage we can really do with our mother fucking cocks." Tony laughed. With almost 2 feet of massive dick buried to the hilt inside the punk, the two 18 year old teen jocks began to stand. They meticulously went from kneeling, to squatting, without ever pulling out. When they were on their feet, they started to rise while stepping to the side, away from the bench. Nick and Tony stood in the middle of the locker room: two god-like figures with firm round buttocks clenched with enthusiastic depravity, tight abs glistening with teenage sweat as their granite hard tools kept Tom in place. The studs were perfect fuck machines and had every intention of testing how relentlessly... ferociously... and remorselessly they were going to hammer and crush this punk's insides with their mighty pricks. The first fuck had just been a warm-up. Now they were ready to go all in... without any mercy for their toy. The studs hadn't started thrusting yet. They just kept their schlongs buried to the root inside Tom and looked directly at each other with an evil smirk. Both let go of the boy at the same time and put their hands behind their heads, showing off their muscled bodies. The punk was face up, suspended three feet above the ground, supported only by two rock solid teen dicks buried deep in his guts and the pressure from the studs' hips against his face and his ass. Once again, Tom suffered from a cruel lack of oxygen. His head was turning purple and he frantically moved his arms in the air, not even trying to hit the jocks using him. The studs grinned as the punk started to convulse, his little dicklet hard as a nail. But the ripped studs didn't budge. Giving up an inch would allow Tom to slide off Nick's dick and catch a breath. Tom shuddered and began to shake more violently. His little body was being spit roasted by 24 inches of massive teen schlongs. Nick and Tony could feel the fuckbag spasm around their cocks, his throat and ass muscles tightening, deliciously squeezing their fucktools. "Shiiiiiiit Nick, his insides are milking my cock! I can feel his heartbeat on my dick!" said Tony. "Fucking A, man! His motherfucking throat is getting tighter every time he tries to breathe!" Nick's own fat cock stretched Tom's esophagus to the limit, almost dislocating Tom's jaws. But the cumbag's spasms and shuddering slowed down, then suddenly stopped. His arms and legs came to a complete halt, and dropped on either sides of his body as he passed out. Finally, Nick and Tony moved their right hands under the punk to help support his weight and slowly pulled out, until just the heads were in Tom's holes. His insides stopped contracting and the teens were ready to enjoy another mind-blowing fuck. Tom automatically sucked in air while Nick's fat member left his throat. Of course that was only momentary. Both teen gods immediately pushed their shafts balls deep back inside the fucktoy. Not wasting any time, the 18 year olds sped up their thrusts, taking their dicks almost all the way out before they slammed them back to the root. They were still amazed by how deep they could shove their monster cocks and it felt so deliriously good to have their balls slap against the cumbag with every forceful stab. One can hardly imagine what it looks like when two huge teen cocks, each of them being almost the size of a baby's arm, punch fuck a punk boy's skull and ass in perfect synchronicity. Two incredibly sexy teen studs using every muscle in their massive teenage bodies to thrust their thick shafts without mercy, deliberately trying to destroy and break their living fucktoy in half. The athletic teen studs rammed the punk with such wild brutality it looked as if their cocks were going to tear through Tom's chest. Tom was twisted in such a way that his head was forced closer to his little butt and his guts was pushed upward. In that angle, Tony and Nick's porn-sized cocks slammed against the small chest and made it bulge out. The frail cum-filled body was being ravaged with unspeakable violence, but none of the teenage boys gave a shit about his well being. Tom's lifeless arms and legs bounced around with each sadistic jab as the studs used the punk like a punching bag for their cocks. They never spent more than a half second inside or outside the fuckbag. Instead, they constantly slammed the slut's ass and face with such ferocity that he would certainly be covered in mean, dark bruises before sundown. "Aw yeah, you're just a fucking toy. I'm gonna pulverize your guts. Fuckin drown you with my load!!!" Nick grunted. "Aw fuck dude," Tony growled, "Gonna break you, you little shit! End you with just this fucking monster cock! GONNA FUCKING DESTROY YOU!!!!" Nick and Tony slammed their cocks one last time inside the boy's unconscious body and began to breed the punk, completely dousing his insides with their thick, white seed. So much jizz was shot inside the punk, his stomach bloated like a balloon. About half of the 18 year old's mammoth rods tented Tom's stretched out belly and they could clearly see their heads pulse and nearly pierce through Tom's bulging chest with every jet of thick teen spunk. The two teens moaned in pleasure as they rode our their orgasms. Something about being drowned by two enormous loads caused Tom to cough and seize, but not wake up. Too caught up in their orgasm to care, the two teen gods rammed their 12 inch cocks in so roughly that Tom's head touched his butt, breaking his spine in half. *CRACK!!* "UH!-" the punk moaned, his soft body stopped twitching and went limp. Tony felt his cock brush against Nick's tool, their pricks only separated by two condom-thin membranes in the middle of Tom's body. Their huge teen dick heads touched inside the kid's guts, so close that Tony could feel Nick's cock throb as it blasted cum into the fucktoy. Nick pulled his hips back, adjusting himself before pushing his massive cock deep until he felt the dying punk's heart against his spurting cockhead. He moaned as he felt it pump desperately against his hard meat. He thrust his hips again, crushing the heart between his cock and the punk's ribs. "Aww fuck yeahhh..." Nick groaned. The two muscle gods slowly wound down, their cocks still pumping cum into the boy, as they savored the final moments of sexual pleasure and the feeling of the dead boy's spastic twitches. "That's good stuff..." Tony mumbled. Tony let out a long sigh as his cock fired the last of its spunk. "This is so fucked, I can feel your cock pulsing against mine!" He moved his hips from side to side, rubbing his tool against Nick's, and both of them shuddered. The studs slowly let the dead, cum-filled punk slide off their slick, deflating cocks right onto the bench with a thud. Long strings of cum, hung from the teens' cocks to the punk's gaping holes. Two rivers of white, tinged red with blood, poured out of the cum-bloated corpse and onto the ground. "Shit man. Now THAT was good." Tony smiled and looked at Nick. Nick grinned and flexed his enormous guns and began to feel the rock hard muscle with his other hand. He shook his quads, and lovingly caressed the muscle for a moment. "Yeah..." he shook his head with satisfaction. Nick slapped him a high-five.
  11. photoguy

    Fraternal - P 8 up now

    Hey guys, Longtime lurker who’s finally decided to take the plunge. Not much exposition here - suffice it to say the characters are 18+ fraternal twin high school seniors, one of whom is developing a bit faster than the other... Anyway, definitely not literature; I just want us all to nut like crazy till we’re dehydrated. ************** Fraternal Part 1: Daydream Believer Matt stared off into space, blocking out the droning teacher, dreaming about his twin bro. Fuck, what if Derek kept growing? What if he shot up and out, towering over him, hitting 7’? His massive, sweaty muscles hulking with veins and striations, bulging and flexing rock hard with man power. He’d storm into their bedroom, casually breaking the door down with one massive fist, ducking down and turning sideways to squeeze through the opening... “What the fuck?!” “Sorry lil bro, but I got so fuckin horny workin out! I need your ass,” Derek growled, his deep bass voice matching his ruggedly handsome, thickly bearded teen face and gigantic body. His veiny monster dick was rock hard and leaking a thick rope of precum, slanted off to the side and ripping through the heavy material of his shorts. Derek flexed his abs and cock hard, blowing his shorts and jockstrap apart completely, his monster dick flipping upward and slinging precum onto his briefcase-sized pecs and into his thick teen beard. A big rope hung off his heavy mustache, right over the full lips, and his incredibly long powerful tongue unfurled to lap the salty goo off sensually. Derek strode over to the bed, his huge feet thudding. He reached down and grabbed Matt by the throat, his giant paw wrapping easily around the jock’s neck. He lifted his bro out of bed with one fluid motion, barely registering the weight on his hulking arm. He dangled Matt in midair. Their eyes were completely level, while Matt hung eight inches off the floor. “Enough talk. Fuck time!” Derek roared, flipping Matt around and impaling his beefy ass on the dripping, veiny 13” long x 3” diameter monster dick, the apple-sized cockhead busting past his glutes and stretching his ring wide open. Matt saw with horror in the mirror that he no longer had a tight puckered little manhole, but thanks to Derek’s repeated battering a gaping, sloppy, loose-lipped mancunt hung from his jock boy ass and hugged the giant meat wetly. His back arched as he begged for more, goading his twin into a frenzy of musclefucking, globs of hot precum belching out of his red, prolapsed, destroyed pussy, the massive cock distending his abs like some kind of alien invader. Matt watched through tears as Derek’s incredible girth dragged his guts inside out, filling him like no other man could. Suddenly Derek gripped his side hard with one huge paw, slamming Matt down until Derek’s dick was buried to the orange-sized balls. He flexed hard, a full body flex that made the veins on his muscles and cock surge, forcing him to grow outrageously bigger, stretching out Matt’s already wrecked asshole and lifting his body up. “Unnnf... so fuckin BIG...” he moaned, clamping his mancunt down and suddenly erupting like the fucktoy slut his bro’s muscle and dick had transformed him into. “Grrr, yeah, fuckin’ big.. an’ gettin’ BIGGER!” Derek growled, suddenly straightening up his towering body and flexing to appreciate his new height and power, Matt’s whole body weight supported easily by Derek’s steel-hard monster. Razor-cut striations jutted out even more across the insanely muscled expanse of this body, while veins pulsed and bulged even thicker. Fuck, Derek was noticeably bigger and leaner than he was earlier that day, bulging with raw masculinity and dripping with sweat. He felt Derek’s balls swell and tighten up as the first cannon blasts of cum began to batter his guts, his gaping pussy meat sliding up the veiny shaft from the force... RRRRING! Matt snapped to attention back in class, dick spent and dripping down his leg, as the bell rang.
  12. Jar

    The Elevator - PART 1

    It was a long and hot day at the office. Arthur, a twinky 5'8 accountant working on the 32nd floor of an office building in NYC, had just clocked out and was dying to get home. His boss, Sharon, really disliked the cold, so the AC never went very low. Arthur would put a fan at his desk, but it wasn't enough considering his desk was directly in front of the window. "Damn, when can we finally put on the cool air?! "exclaimed one of Arthur's coworkers as they all walked to the elevator to go home. "I hope soon, maybe if we all join together, she'll actually listen to us and just put on a jacket to keep herself warm," Arthur said. As they waited for the elevator, Arthur could still feel the sweat running down his neck. The elevator finally arrived, but Arthur, the last in line, didn't manage to fit with the others. It's okay, guys. I'll take the next one. " The next elevator arrived, Arthur stepped in and was finally on his way down to his car. On the 23rd floor, it stopped to pick up some people from the fitness magazine. They were always the sexiest and fittest guys. But, today was a major exception. Something has happened. The boys, men, were somehow bigger. Thick, meaty. They usually wore dress shirts and slacks with no ties. Today was no exception to that, but it seemed that all of their clothes were straining to hold on to their bulging, thick bodies. The men walked in and surrounded Arthur at all four corners of the elevator. Arthur couldn't seem to concentrate at all on what they were talking about. It was probably something about the hot chicks they had been shooting that day for the August issue of the magazine. But he didn't really care. His eyes, a good two feet below the tops of the men's heads, had been transfixed on the monstrous bulges in all of their pants. "What happened here?" he thought. "How did this happen? What could have done this?" As he was thinking, the elevator stopped suddenly. Lights out, emergency lights on, and a voice from the speaker: "Umm, hello. Attention. It seems the heat outside has caused a bit of a power surge, and the building has temporarily lost power. No worries. We will have it back on soon enough. " "Fuck, well this is great," said one of the towering muscle guys. "What the fuck are we supposed to do in here?" The four men groaned a bit before looking down. "Oh damn, we didn't see you there, buddy. Sorry about that." "It's okay," Arthur replied. "Has this ever happened here before?" One of the guys asked "Uhhhhh..." Arthur muttered as he noticed the beads of sweat coming through the shirt of one of the massive guys standing next to him. He was so close. He could smell their manly musks filling the tight space. more and more as time goes by. The sweat from all of them was soaking their clothes. The tight shirts almost became translucent on the hulking giants, and you could see the hairy chests pressed against the fabric. Their massive thighs gripped the pants legs.What became most noticeable was the stench of their big bubble asses emanating from Arthur's nose. His face was so close, all he wanted to do was bury his face in it and get lost in the round, sweaty melons attached to the backsides of these godly men. Without noticing, Arthur was rocking hard, staring straight at the sweaty glutes. "Enjoying the view down there?" said one of the men as the man behind him grabbed his shoulders with his massive hands. The man pinned him so he couldn't move. Not that he wanted. On his back, he could feel the thick bulge digging into his back. The other three stared down at him with their thick muscled chests. "You like staring at these?" another said as he took a big handful of his fat cock, still being barely held back by the fabric of his pants. "I'm sorry..." Arthur tried to speak, but his mouth was dry as a bone as he grew more and more lustful for the thick, juicy shafts in front of him. He could smell them as the heat got more intense. He could almost taste them. "Sir," one of the beasts said in his deep voice. "You need to address us right, BOY. We are more than that to you.
  13. Found this file last week and I can’t stop listening. Enjoy bro
  14. I am french native speaker, for a long time I have been reading all your stories with delight. And I wanted to get started. Feel free to correct me and leave me your comments to make me want to continue. Let’s start: My Boyfriend Is A Weremuscle – Prologue My name is Kyle, I’m going to tell you my story. Even if it’s hard to believe, everything is true. Let’s start by the beginning, 5 years ago, when I met Him. I just began a new job as receptionist at the policeman office, in a little city from Texas. And I saw him, Officer Ethan Delcourt, a beautiful 27 years old. He’s not very tall, measuring 1,79m, but he’s pure muscles French born hunk, weighting 95kg.. It was hard to get my eyes off him. His hairy big pecs lifting his tight shirt, and defined arms compressed into the sleeves of his uniform… made me instantly hard. I immediately thought he can’t be gay or interested by me. I’ve always been sporty myself, more a swimmer body, 1,78m 74kg, but smooth. Against all odds, we fell in love very quickly. And once month later, I moved in with him. He was the man of my dreams and everything was perfect. I got used to take care him, and the house, washing machines, ironing… By dint of taking care the laundry I just noticed one strange thing: regularly some of his clothes or uniforms disappeared and he kept buying new ones. I didn’t say anything, our story was so much a fairy tale for me. All his teammates sense that he is lonely. He alone solves the investigations and arrests the most dangerous criminals. The captain often sends him alone on dangerous business, and each time he gets the honors. He is the hero of the police station... and at the same time a mystery for all. Even for me, who lives every day with him. At home he is the perfect boyfriend, protective, attentive. He likes a lot show off his big muscles and strip for me. His pecs are perfect pillows to sleep on. I have always assumed my homosexuality while remaining very masculine. I am versatile and with him I learn to become a real passive. I have never seen a man so demanding sex, several times a day he begs me. I wonder how he was doing when he was single… I had to get used to the size of his excessive member… but what a pleasure every time. I doubted very much that I would manage to take inside me his enormous 23cm shaft. Can you imagine how long it is and it’s quite as wide as a coke can? He always seeds me and cum so much and keep all inside my hole. Few years after, we’re still together and I think I'm lucky he chose me. I know all his secrets and knows mines… In this diary I’m going to tell you how I discovered his gift. And this special day I understood why he prefers working alone. Just promise me never to reveal it. To be continued if you want to…
  15. Ozymandias

    Entelechy (Part 2 added 20/10)

    Hi all, here's the first part of my second story: Entelechy. It's quite different from my first, Control; this story is set in futuristic universe. I won't spoil the details, but suffice it to say that I have conceived of the world in this story as a realistic future for humanity. It'll have plenty of growth, muscle worship and all that lovely stuff, alongside plenty of exploration of the psychology of muscle addiction, but some of the exposition is also designed to be thought-provoking about society, politics and what the future may hold. If you're more interested in the muscle, then fear not - you won't be disappointed! But if you like to be challenged, this story will have a little bit extra for you. Part 1 doesn't have much growth; it's largely outlining our main character. But there will be a hell of a lot of muscle to come, I can tell you that. Entelechy: a word used by Aristotle, 'the state of something that is fully realised'. ---- Entelechy: Part 1 He stood amongst the heaving crowd, almost suffocated by the thronging masses. Blessed with neither notable height nor width, the Youth struggled to get a glimpse of the public screen. There was a ripple through the crowd; a fortunate shift in its arrangement afforded him an unbroken line of sight to watch the spectacle unfold. The screen - an anachronism, since it was actually a one-dimensional holographic projection - showed the Emperor seated upon the Eternal Throne. Clad in his usual impenetrable attire (mask, robes and cloak of black and red), he contrasted with the white, gold and ocean blue of the Throne. A ceremonial guard of Imperial Guardsmen, great staves held straight, lined the gilded walkway leading to the Throne. A number of attendants - various High Councillors and military officials - were clustered around the Throne. The crowd held its breath as the camera panned to show the great entrance doors to the Throne Room, which silently slid open to reveal an alien, surrounded by five Guardsmen arranged in a pentagon around him. The alien looked somewhat reptilian, dressed in fine armour...but the splendour did not conceal the humiliation readable in its posture. “And there he is,” continued the commentator, “Val’syth, Sovereign of the now-subjugated Farith Empire, come to pay homage to our Immortal Emperor.” The people around the Youth jeered at the defeated alien monarch, as his party walked towards the Throne. The camera panned behind them, showing the alien trudging towards the Emperor, who sat unmoved and impassive. The Guardsmen, and the alien, came to a halt at the base of the dais upon which the Throne sat. Two Guardsmen then tore off Val’syth’s ornate armour, throwing it to the floor, followed by his undergarments. In mere moments he stood naked before the Emperor. The crowd’s jeering came to a tense tense halt as they watched the defeated alien stand motionless...before erupting into jubilant cheers as he prostrated himself before the Emperor, forehead touching the cold metal floor. “And there’s the proskynesis, the ceremonial submission before the Emperor,” resumed the commentator. “The act symbolises...” He zoned out the both commentator and the cheers. He did belong amongst these mindless automatons who went about their life. He was different. He couldn’t quite place how, only that he was. He did not fit in the Grand Society; its norms and expectations were…restrictive to him. He would not - could not - conform. Instead, he would leave them all in the dust, revelling in his excess. Let the rebellion begin, he thought to himself. *** He had never felt like he belonged. Not quite ostracised from the Society, but not quite part of it either. In creating the Society three centuries ago, the Emperor had adopted an effective organising framework: within set boundaries, you were free to do what you wished - but cross those boundaries, and the Society exiled you. Moderation was the ruling tenet: most ‘vices’ were acceptable, in moderation. Sex, drink, food, drugs, partying; as long as you kept the habits under control, it was not the Society’s concern. But indulge them to excess, and the Society would quickly sanction you. Assuming the legal order of the Society didn’t formally intervene to redeem you, that is. But that moderation did not appeal to him. It was stale, lifeless - mass-produced. Moderation was easy, and boring. Where was the joy in moderation? Throughout his teenage years, this internal conflict had grown and festered, eventually crystallising into a need to break free, to rebel. His first act upon completing school had been to leave his home city of Copenhagen, crossing the sea to the much-larger Capital - the Eternal City. With a population of 25 million, it was the largest city on Terra. Surely he’d find ways to rebel there? The Society quickly provided him with an apartment (all housing was state-provided, of course), and he’d settled in, but then things had...stalled. Wanting to rebel was all well and good, but how does one go about actually doing it? He’d tried the Lower City, where all the ‘cultural establishments’ were. It had been fun at first, immersing himself in the permanent carnival-atmosphere of the clubs and bars, but it soon became clear that they too all worshipped at the altar of Moderation. He could have over-indulged in drink, drugs and sex but that was not rebellion - that was self-destruction and would achieve nothing. No, he had to be more subtle in his rebellion - and thus pose a far greater challenge to the Society. Undermine the tenet of Moderation, and be revered for it. Excess. But again: how? Within weeks of arriving he felt as lost as ever, his ‘rebellion’ failing before it could even get started. It was depressing. He felt lonely and dejected. Perhaps this rebellion had, afterall, been a stupid idea borne of an immature mind. He could’ve got a job, perhaps (almost all menial or simple work was done by robots, but there were still plenty of jobs where a human touch was liked), but he felt no need to; the Basic Income more than covered his needs. Thus it was that the Youth found himself wandering into a new establishment he had not yet visited, seeking inspiration. He was startled to realise he’d stumbled into a male orgy club, decorated like a Classical symposium: low couches and tables, carved stone columns and walls decorated with reliefs. A statue of Apollo and Hyacinthus, their hands intertwined, stood in the centre. He could make out another floor above. The patrons, in varying degrees of intoxication, were engaging in passionate group sex on the sumptuous couches. He walked through the establishment, studying the men he passed. All conventionally attractive and identically built in the Society’s ideal: athletic and toned, but not muscular or ponderous. Lithe, graceful: a useful body. The Youth himself had such a body. Some of the older men were more saggy, but still fit. This was, of course, simply the old Classical ideal...as part of the Society’s construction, many of the values and ideas of the Ancients had been studiously revived and systematically applied. None of the men interested him. It was not that they were unattractive, but rather they screamed moderation. There was nothing deviant about them; body, hairstyles, clothes (where worn). Even this orgy was moderation; he doubted any of the patrons attended more than a couple of times a month. Everywhere was order; the establishment was a Temple to Self-Control. Credit to the Emperor, the Youth thought. His Society works. Further into the establishment, there were numerous warmly-lit alcoves for more intimate encounters. They were likewise filled with oh-so-boring Servants of Moderation. He had just about given up hope of finding any trace deviance when he glanced into the final alcove. His breath caught in his throat and his stomach fluttered. At last. Seated in the alcove was the biggest man the Youth has ever seen. Not in terms of height (he was ordinary in that regard), but of width. Of mass. Of muscle. His body hung heavy with bulging muscle; he was no longer athletic. No, most of that muscle was useless. An obstacle to human grace. It was instead the body of excess. A Servant of Moderation straddled the man’s crotch, taking his manhood inside of him, while he ravenously devoured the man’s flexed arm, savouring the swollen muscles with lips and tongue. The man’s head was thrown back in pleasure, eyes closed, softly moaning. The Youth was rooted to the spot as a curious rush flowed through his mind. It was as if the disparate pieces of a previously hidden jigsaw puzzle had suddenly come together, inspired by the man of excess before him. In an instant, the fog cleared and his path became clear. The man of excess had shown him the way to rebel - how to subvert the Society. The next morning, he changed his gym routine.
  16. musclelovingtwink


    Chapter 1 When I met Dane, he wasn’t exactly what you’d call normal. Even at that time in his early twenties, he was 6’3” and well over 200 pounds of shredded muscle. We worked out at the same gym. I fit my workouts in around my university schedule, but it seemed like whatever time I went, there he was, dripping with sweat and lifting some ungodly weight. Within the first week of my working out there, he had met my eyes more than once and smiled as he noticed the slack-jawed expression I usually had while I was ogling at his feats of inhuman strength. One Friday night, he stopped in the middle of a set to come right up to me. “You like what you see, man?” he said, flexing an incredible bicep in front of my face for emphasis. It had a perfect split peak and the striations were beautifully visible through his paper-thin skin. “Y-Yeah.” I managed to say. Struggling to tear my eyes away from the immense arm and to look him in the eye. He smiled even wider, showing off a set of perfect, straight, white teeth. Aside from the physique of a god, his jet-black hair and piercing blue eyes made him the absolute picture of beauty. “Good,” he said, “Because I’m gonna be the biggest there ever was.” He stretch out his hand and shook the limp appendage that was my arm. “I’m Dane.” “Lachie.” I replied. What happened next is still a complete haze to me, but the next thing I remember I was in the locker room being fucked senseless by the most perfect Adonis I’d ever seen. Looking past my own face reflected in the mirror as I gripped the sink, I saw the golden god of a man. Like me, his eyes saw nothing but himself. Both his and my gaze raked every shredded inch of his torso. His perfect 8-pack abs crunched with every thrust, beads of sweat rolling over the deep clefts between them. There wasn’t so much as a hint of fat on his whole body, yet his pecs were so thick and so rounded that they hung over the top of his abs, casting a shadow down. In that moment I wished I’d been born a contortionist just so that I could suck the perfect broad nipples that hung below those pecs while he kept fucking me. I felt his hands dig into my sides, knowing bruises would absolutely be there within minutes. The sudden flex telling me he was close to climax. I looked into his face and he spared me the briefest of glances. Sweat dragged his perfect, dark wavy hair down until it just teased in front of his eyes. His lips twisted into a cocky half-grin accentuated by his inhumanly square jaw, and I felt his monstrous cock explode inside me. It truly felt like a bomb going off deep inside me. How one man could hold that much cum inside him seemed impossible, and he didn’t strike me as someone who had dry streaks. He had to take a good step back to pull all 11 inches of still-hard, tremendously thick meat out of me. I slumped onto a nearby bench, absolutely wrecked while he stood for a second still admiring himself in the mirror. The man had just done a workout that would turn the strongest of men to jelly then spent a solid ten minutes ploughing me with the force of a jackhammer and he wasn’t even winded. It only just occurred to me how in the blur of passion I’d let this guy fuck me in the open in a very public bathroom. I was shocked at the lack of interruption, but blushing furiously I realised the amount of noise I’d made had probably warned people not to come in. Hell, it had probably warned people a block away. Still buck naked, Dane strutted past me to open up a locker. God his ass was so huge, round and striated that, had I not been completely devoid of the energy to move, I probably would’ve sunk my teeth in. He swung a leg over the bench I sat on, bearing his still rock-hard cock right in my face. Saying “balls the size of chicken’s eggs” strikes me as cliched, but I’m gonna be honest here, if your chicken was laying eggs this size you’d have your face in a record book. They slung under his cock and just laid out on the bench. “You don’t mind do you?” he asked, and breaking eye contact with his dick (with some effort) I noticed he had a needle and a small vial in his hands. Without waiting for an answer, he drew on the needle and filled it with a clear, faintly pink fluid from the vial before plunging it straight into one of the enormous testicles sitting in front of him. I’m not afraid to say I flinched, a lot. As the plunger of the needle dropped, I swear to god, I watched veins spring up over the surface of the massive ball, and snake their way up the thick shaft. I can’t attest as to whether he was fully hard when he shot up with the strange liquid, but as the veins sprang out from his cock, it definitely throbbed just a little larger. He laughed in that beautiful deep voice. “Sorry about that, but right after is the best time to do it.” He looked at the look of shock and awe on my face and grinned again. “This is some secret shit, real experimental,” he said tapping the vial with a broad finger. “Don’t tell anyone, I wouldn’t want to have to hurt you.” I looked up at him with more shock, and less awe, and he gave me a quick wink. He stood up and turned back to the locker. Once again I was struck, not only by the sheer perfection that was his ass, but also by just how wide his lats were. The man had to be at least three times as wide as me. I noticed the odd protrusion of his veins was still spreading over his form, albeit less intensely than it had at the point of impact. He pulled a pair of white briefs on that struggled to leave anything to the imagination, in fact, the waistband couldn’t match the tightness of his waistline, as his immense cock and balls pulled it forwards. He pulled on some loose gym shorts and an even looser stringer and strutted towards the exit. He turned back at the door, glancing over vein-covered traps to call back to me. “I put my number in your phone, text me.” I looked at the pile on the floor where I’d left my clothes to see my phone sitting neatly on top. Putting aside the fact that it was pin protected, and I hadn’t seen him have any time to do so, I found a new entry in my contacts under “Dane – BF.” I had no idea what the hell had just happened or what I’d got into, so I just pulled my clothes on, and avoiding the stares of everyone in the gym as I made the walk of shame, I headed home to pass out.
  17. This story is a pastiche heavily inspired by "Wrestling Squad Captain" and other snuff stories. It exists in the same Teenage Destroyers universe, but a few years later. It only features Nick, so I considered it a side story (hence 7.5 instead of 8). Nick goes clubbing It was just before happy hour when the front door of the local club opened. The few people inside all looked up, and for a moment they lost their collective breath and stood in shock. In swaggered a drop-dead gorgeous, nearly 400 lb muscle-beast. Wearing a white tshirt and jeans, the mounds of pure muscle that were his pecs pressed outward against his shirt, casting a shadow beneath them. His gigantic 70 inch chest bulged with muscle, the top of his deep pec cleavage visible under the V-neck of the shirt. His delts looked like bowling balls of muscle capping shoulders that were twice as wide as his hips. Thick, wide lats flared out to the sides, tapering down to his narrow, athletic hips. The tight shirt was pasted against his 8-pack abs, leaving no doubt as to how well-defined and hard they were. His waist was only 32 inches, tiny on a 6 foot 6 inch tall body that was packed with 400 pounds of muscle. On top of all this, his jeans could not conceal how thick and powerful his legs were. His thighs measured an enormous 36 inches, his calves were 24 inches around. All at once, everyone collectively took a deep breath, men and women alike feeling a surge of pleasure shoot into their nether regions. Nick got off on the sudden silence, the stunned looks. He knew he was a fucking god, knew his own power and couldn't help but smile to himself. He turned heads as he wedged himself between two guys at thee bar. He was so big, so muscular, so dominant looking. Nick ordered a beer and drank the whole glass down in one big glug. When he drank, he raised his arm high and flexed his bicep. All the mouths in the bar dropped open as they watched his huge bicep flex, a 27-inch arm pushing his sleeve back and bulging with hard fibers of muscle clearly visible under his tan skin, with veins crisscrossing everywhere. The other patrons started talking amongst themselves in little groups, pretending not to notice the giant stud, but Nick knew they were stealing glances at him, knew they were processing a combination of envy, fear, and lust. Nick cruised the room with his eyes. He noted a few guys that would do. He smiled and headed to the restroom. This was his routine. On top of all his mass and looks, he was hung like a horse; between his legs hung a 11-inch long soft penis arching over a pair of lemon-sized testes; when hard it grew to 16 inches of soda-can thick, ass-wrecking cock. Nick loved dominating other guys and watching them cum just at the sight of him, a perfectly proportioned, 21 year old muscle god with a massive dick to match. Once he pulled out his monster cock most guys had to see it shoot. They couldn’t resist the temptation to feel a huge hard cock like that in their mouths and taste Nick's hot muscle cum. Nick got a blow job or a fuck almost every day that way. Nick waited until some really straight macho dude, who would never even look at another guy's naked body, let alone touch his cock, saw his monster. They’d be standing at the urinals in the rest room, Nick didn’t really need to piss, he was just horny. Nick pulled his cock out slowly, and played with it just enough to get it half hard. The other dude watched, tried to pretend he wasn’t, but Nick saw the way the stud couldn’t take his eyes off Nick's cock, as it swung out, huge and heavy, and he couldn’t not look at it. Then Nick stepped back so the dude got a good look, and the stud’s jaw dropped in awe of the huge beautiful cock Nick waved at him, and Nick stepped closer to the stud. "Whatcha lookin at, stud?" Nick asked, as he shook his rapidly hardening pole and it stretched out still longer, and got fatter and fatter. The dude just stood there, transfixed, unable to move or speak, he never saw anything so big and beautiful as Nick's huge cock. Bigger than any one they’d ever seen, but perfectly proportioned, at once both beautiful and terrifying. He held his own puny little dick in his hand, because he was planning to take a piss, but instead he began getting hard, and his hand wasn’t just holding his cock any more, he was stroking it slowly, mesmerized by what Nick is holding, wanting to touch it, desperate to know what it felt like to wrap his hands around a cock that big. "You like my dick?” Nick asked. "Wanna touch it?" The stud nodded, unable to stop himself, he had never done such a thing, but now he couldn’t help it as his hand moved of its own volition, reached out, touched the huge crown of the giant fuck-pole Nick offered him. Then he couldn’t stop, he slowly rubbed and stroked and fondled that beautiful cock, gently, reverently. Nick reached out and took the stud’s hand, and led him into a stall, closing the door behind him. There he forced the dude to take off all his clothes and toss them on the floor. He liked seeing his prey like this, a jock with a nice, tight, well-muscled body, the sort of guy all the chicks swoon over, but instead he was naked, getting ready to suck his first cock, though he didn’t know that yet. By now the stud was unable to think of anything but how much he wanted Nick's cock. He didn’t know yet how much he wanted it, how far he’d going to go to satisfy his hunger. He was already naked, his clothes scattered around on the floor, facing the biggest muscle man he’d ever seen, waving the biggest dick he’d ever seen. Nick worked his shirt up over his head and behind his neck, revealing his massive chest. He let the dude play with his giant pole for a little while, getting the naked stud totally hooked. Nick's cock swelled still larger, easily over a foot long now and wrist-thick, but still not fully erect. He slapped it against the stud’s abs, eliciting a stifled moan. Nick reached between the stud’s legs and grabbed the dude’s cock and balls and tugged. The stud’s respectable 8 inch cock was leaking so much Nick thought he might be cumming already, but no, the dude was just so totally drunk with lust for Nick's huge cock that his horny stud lust had gone into overdrive, his body is pumping out hormones and precum ten times as fast as usual. "Yeah," Nick crooned softly. "You like that, buddy, don't you? You like my big cock. You've got a nice one here yourself. Man, you're so hard I bet you could bust your nut just from licking the head of my cock. See how it's starting to ooze? I bet you'd like to taste that, wouldn't you, dude? Go ahead, stick out your tongue and lick it off, I won't tell anyone. It'll taste good, and I'll just keep working your dick while you do it, go ahead, lick it." But as soon as he said that, Nick took his hand away from the guy’s cock and pushed him down onto the toilet, bringing his now rock hard 16-inch goliath to eye level with the naked stud. Nick's cock started to ooze, it always started dripping like that the moment he's hard. The dude stared at the big drops of clear cock juice oozing out, dripping slowly down onto his bare legs. He looked up at Nick's face smiling down at him. The glint of lust and need in Nick's eyes spurred the stud’s own lust. He wanted to please Nick now, this big stud with the giant cock was being so nice to him, letting him have just what he wanted. Yes, he wanted to lick that big knob, taste that juice, he had to know what it tasted like. The boy stuck out his tongue and Nick pulled back a little, teasing. The stud followed, of course, he leaned hungrily forward, determined now to lick up some of that nectar. He grabbed Nick's cock - he used both hands - it took both of his hands to encircle that big log - but he got it in his hands and held it. "Yeah, that's good, wrap your hands around it and jack it a couple of times, dude." The guy looked up at Nick adoringly. He’d do anything now, anything Nick asked. He moved his hands slowly back and forth over Nick's huge cock, loving the way the silky skin felt, and the way it glided so smoothly over the iron-hard tube of hot stud cock enclosed. He opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue and licked the head, at last getting what he wanted, a taste of Nick's cock juice, and it tasted like the food of the gods, man-milk, he had to have more, he engulfed the huge head of Nick's cock and sucked desperately, needing more. Nick groaned, he loved that hot virgin mouth on his cock, he could always tell when he got a stud who’d never sucked cock before, there was something so much more urgent and desperate about the way they did it at first, like they’d finally broken down some barrier, and a flood of pent up need comes bursting out. The guy sucked eagerly, happily. The head of Nick's cock was quite a mouthful for him, barely fitting in his mouth. Nick put his hands on the stud’s head, getting ready for the next stage. He pulled the dude’s head towards him, and pushed his hips forward. "Oh yeah, buddy, that's good, but you can take more than that, just the head isn't enough, I need to feel my cock inside your throat. Take it, buddy, take it." Nick pushed, and the stud just automatically opened wider, letting it in, trying to obey his new god, wanting to please the owner of this huge beautiful cock. He started to choke as it hit the back of his mouth and pressed against the entrance to his throat. That's when Nick gave a hard, vicious thrust with his hips, and sank about half his monster cock down the dude’s throat. He always loved the way that felt, stretching some virgin mouth and throat impossibly wide and feeling the awesomely tight smooth flesh strain to contain his giant dick as it throbbed and swelled. And he loved the way they all tried to take it, they wanted it so bad they let him rape their throats that way, and still wanted more. Nick held his cock there for a short time, before he felt the dude start to struggle as he kicked and jerked, his arms flailed desperately, helplessly. His throat made grunting retching noises, choking, suffocating from that enormous pole fucking his mouth and throat. Nick knew that he was about to break his new toy too early. So he pulled it out, and the dude coughed and gasped and gurgled. “Fuck dude, sorry," Nick said sympathetically, "I guess I got carried away, you had me so hot the way you were sucking on it, I just couldn't help myself. You're really good at that, no one has ever sucked my cock as good as that, it was awesome! I promise I won't do that again, but don't stop, that felt so good." Nick reached down and grabbed the dude’s still-hard dick and stroked it a few times, rubbing the dude’s naked chest with his huge cock. The dude’s rock hard abs, ones he was so proud to show off, were smeared with a thick layer of pre and spit. He didn’t care - all the terror and discomfort of the moment before was forgotten, Nick's hands on the dude’s naked body comforted him, he wanted to please Nick, and he had to have that cock! The stud opened his mouth and went down on the beast again. This time he wanted more of it, he’d had it down his throat, he knew that's what Nick wanted, so that's what he wanted, he had to please this muscle god. He sucked it deeper and deeper, choking, suffocating, he has to get it all. Nick helped, holding the guy’s head, pushing slowly until at last his nose was buried in Nick's bush, pressed against his tight hard belly, and Nick moaned. He felt the guy twitch as he came, the feeling of deep throating all of Nick’s cock pushing him over the edge. Hot spurts of jizz sprayed his chest and Nick’s legs. It was the most he had ever cum before. "Oh! Yeah, buddy, that's it, you've got it all, now breathe before you do that again." He pulled out and let the guy come up for air, then fed his cock into his throat again, then again, and soon he was skull fucking the willing stud, he fucked that tight hot throat faster and faster. He held onto the tops of the partitions on the sides, fucking the dude’s mouth, his awesome muscles glistening with sweat. His hapless worshipper jerked himself off as he felt Nick’s hot precum flood his throat. “Aw fuck dude,” Nick groaned, “you’ve got suck a hot fucking mouth.” He rubbed his pecs and played with his nipples, all that awesome muscle god flesh exposed and flexing. He looked down and smiled, grabbing the guy’s head and burying his dick all the way in once more. He fucked the guy’s face so hard, the guy’s body jerked back and forth with every thrust, nearly slamming his head into the wall. He used the man's mouth for his pleasure, barely aware that he was nearly choking to death. Before long Nick threw back his head and growled "Yeah! Cumming! Take it!" Nick wrapped his hands around the stud’s head and shoved his cock all the way in, and held it there as it pumped out pints of his man-milk, straight into the dude’s stomach, and the stud began flailing and struggling again, suffocating, but in heaven. He could feel Nick's huge cock throb and squirt, he wanted it and hung on, his vision going dim, he was getting dizzy from lack of oxygen, but he didn't care, he’d die if he had to, to satisfy this awesome jock's brutal lust. He moaned around Nick’s beast as his own cock erupted again, spraying its load onto his chest. His abs grew less defined as his stomach filled with jizz, his eyes closing as his vision went to black. Nick came and came and came again, holding his victim in place as his balls emptied themselves down the guy’s throat. Cum sprayed out of the guy’s mouth and nostrils as he choked on Nick’s massive load. Nick felt the dude spasm as he struggled underneath him, arms and legs kicking helplessly against Nick’s rock-hard legs. Nick moaned, the feeling of drowning a man with his cock was coaxing more cum from his erupting beast. He felt the stud finally stop breathing, his arms and legs falling limp. Nick humped the guy’s skull as his orgasm ended, cum still flowing out of his mouth and nose. Finally after several minutes, Nick sighed and relaxed as he pulled his cock out of the dude’s ravaged mouth. The stud’s lifeless body flopped back onto the toilet like a ragdoll. Nick stood over his prone body, droplets of cum dripping onto his stomach from Nick’s semi hard cock. He reached down and lifted the guy’s head up. Cum dripped out of his mouth onto his naked chest and legs, but his eyes were blank, a blissed out look on his face. "Thanks dude, that was pretty good. Too bad you couldn’t handle the beast.” Nick said as he shook the last of his load from his cock. He grinned as he looked over the cum covered jock, the formerly defined abs now bloated and covered in a thick layer of white, his hand still gripping his own cock, the clear dregs of his last load dripping out onto the floor. He looked like he had sucked off a whole football team and passed out, drunk on cum. But it was all Nick. The rush of snuffing someone with just his cock made Nick even hornier than when he walked in. Right as he finished up, the door to the bathroom opened. Nick pulled his pants up to just below his cock and walked out of the stall. The dude pissing at the urinal glanced over and then froze as he caught sight of Nick’s massive body and his 13 inch, just creamed goliath swaying between his legs. Bubbles and drips of his thick white jizz were still oozing out of his meat as Nick walked towards the new arrival. “Mother-fucker! Jesus Christ!” Nick smiled and his cock rocketed to full rigidness again on hearing the new guy flip out over his dick. He loved it when people creamed themselves at the sight of him. It looked like he had just found his next victim. “Like what you see dude?” He grabbed his meat with one hand and flexed his massive arm, swinging his cock like a bat. The guy nodded wordlessly, shuffling over to Nick until he was face to face with Nick’s massive torso. Nick dwarfed his new worshipper, a lanky thirty-something with an average build. He clearly worked out, but judging by his gaping mouth, he’d never seen anyone like Nick before. The dude’s dick already rock hard as he mindlessly stroked it, all the while staring at Nick’s huge body. "Look at my fucking body," Nick said, looking over the awestruck dude, at his own reflection. "Touch my arm," he said, holding his arm out straight. The new guy reached out tentatively and touched the stud’s forearm, which was twice the size of any forearm he had ever seen. As if reading his mind, Nick said, "That's right. Twenty inches of forearm power." Nick curled up his arm, and they both watched as his huge arm bunched up and piled up higher and higher. An insanely huge peak capped his arm, the peak itself bigger than a tennis ball atop his 27 inch arm. Nick brought it up to his own mouth and kissed it. "Feel those monsters, dude,” he said to the new guy. The man put his little fingers on Nick’s huge biceps. He squeezed as hard as he could, but he couldn't make the slightest dent in the rock-hard muscle. Then he put both of his hands around Nick’s flexing arm and even with both hands he couldn't get his fingers around even half of its huge girth. Nick smiled with a look of sheer arrogance. He flexed into a double biceps pose. "Fuck YEAH," he exclaimed. The guy could smell the sweat of him, the thick musky muscle sweat. Fresh yet funky and intoxicating. He grabbed the new guy by the back of his head, and forced him between his thick pecs. He pushed the guy’s head deep into his cleavage, all the while staring at himself in the mirror. His new worshipper dutifully licked and fondled Nick’s massive chest, moaning the whole time. He pulled the new guy off his body and ordered him to strip. The guy rushed to fulfill the god’s request as Nick casually pulled off his shirt and pants and hung them on a stall wall. The two of them stood fully nude in front of the bathroom mirror. The contrast between their bodies was incredible. At six feet six inches tall and 400 pounds of rock hard muscle, Nick completely dwarfed the new guy who weighed no more than 150 pounds at 5 feet 8 inches tall. "Feel a real man's muscle, dude,” he said. Nick flexed his thighs. His huge quads sprang to attention, rippling with mass and cuts. The worshipper fell to his knees as he ran his fingers over the huge, flexed muscles. He couldn't believe how big and hard Nick's quads were. His cock was rock hard as he felt the stud god’s huge muscles. Nick looked down and smiled as he saw the effect his body was having. Nick grabbed the back of the guy’s head and pulled him up, guiding the two of them into an empty stall and closed the door behind them. He pushed his worshipper down onto his knees as he sat down on the toilet, his massive meat pointed straight up and smearing pre all over his pecs. Nick pulled the guy’s face to his thick, hard 16 inch monster. "Lick it," he ordered. The worshipper started licking Nick's huge weapon. Nick kept hold of the guy’s head and moved him up and down over his huge cock. His cock started twitching with pleasure as the dude’s tongue caressed it. He started licking Nick's huge balls. Nick groaned with pleasure as he felt the guy’s tongue on his tender balls. He felt like a fucking god as the guy knelt at his feet and worshipped his body. Suddenly they heard the door of the restroom open, and two or three guys walk in. The worshipper froze, eyes wide with in panic. He tried to say something but Nick grabbed the guy’s head and shoved his cock down to the root, muffling him. They listened to the guys outside as they passed by the stall with Nick’s first victim. “Holy shit! You guys see this?” “Oh dude, looks like someone got greedy! Fuck, looks like he must’ve sucked off like 10 guys!” Nick felt his cock twitch in response, sending a spurt of precum straight into his worshipper’s stomach. “At least! Dude looks like a fucking glazed donut!” “Fuck, I wish I had gotten in on it!” “Sleep well slut, hope it was worth it!” They laughed and moved on, using the urinals and sink before heading out. Nick smiled and looked down at his worshipper, somehow still conscious despite having Nick’s goliath buried in his throat for the last five minutes. Nick pulled him off, the guy immediately gasped for air. He stood up and pulled the man to his feet, pressing the two of them together. Nick's cock was twitching with pleasure, sliding up between the smaller man’s pecs. "I wanna fuck," said Nick. The new guy was speechless, completely entranced by the huge muscle god. Nick grabbed the guy’s ass. "You got a sweet little ass, dude,” he said. "My big cock's gonna love that tight little ass." The man whimpered. “O-o-oh my f-f-fucking God!” he whimpered. He knew that he couldn’t resist. Nick lifted his victim up and down a couple of times, playing with him like he was playing with a rag doll. The guy was so light to him it was like he was lifting a feather. His huge cock was pointing up and it was throbbing. Nick slowly lowered the man down so the tip of his cock was right at the opening of his anus. “No no no! YOU’RE GONNA KILL ME!” the guy screamed, the feeling of Nick’s massive cockhead against his asshole jolting him to his senses. He flailed helplessly, his arms pinned to his sides by Nick’s unyielding arms. Nick grunted, “Yup”. Then he jammed his asshole down on his cock with such force that the man’s anus burst open. The man screamed, but Nick quickly moved his hand to muffle his mouth. He thrust his hips forward, burrowing deep into his quivering insides, his deadly cock stretching what could be stretched and ripping what couldn’t. The muscle god afforded his victim absolutely no time to get used to his cock, gripping his torso with both hands and violently tugging him back onto his fat dick, forcing himself deeper and deeper, much deeper than a dick was ever meant to go into a body. “Oh yeah,” yelled Nick. “Nice and tight!” Blood flowed out of his worshipper’s asshole, lubricating Nick’s monster even more. This went on for several minutes as the smaller man moaned from pain and Nick grunted with pleasure. “Nnnnooooo… nnnghghhhrrrrrkk”, the man gasped, his voice going gurgling as blood sprayed from between his lips. The god’s cock was destroying his insides. Killing him. And yet, his own dick was still hard. He came as he felt Nick’s monster stretching him apart. It was the best orgasm he had ever had. “Oh yeah, oh yeah,” yelled Nick as his huge cock brutally tore through his worshipper’s little body. Not only were his ass muscles ripped apart by Nick's huge cock, but his intestines were shredded as well as Nick's 16 inches of rock-hard muscle cock rammed themselves up into the guy’s guts. Nick's cock just pushed the guy’s organs out of the way as it forced its way into his body. When he felt the resistance of vital organs squirming and stretching against his throbbing cock head, he just pushed harder, driving his cock through whatever got in the way, and deeper into the bitch’s body. And every time his cock tore through an intestine or and organ a spasm of pleasure went through Nick’s body as he felt his cock destroy the living tissue. After five minutes of this fucking, there was nothing left of his worshipper’s intestines. The little man was whimpering in pain, nearly unconscious. Nick didn’t care. He laid the two of them on the ground and started fucking again, this time thrusting his hips with enormous force. Sweat was dripping off his golden skin. His huge abs muscles were pushing his cock deeper and deeper inside his worshipper’s ass. His butt muscles were glistening with power and huge dimples formed on the sides of his glutes with every thrust. Then he heard bones cracking as his victim’s pelvis was cracking apart. It was being broken apart by Nick’s powerful thrusts. Then his spine started breaking as Nick pushed himself farther and farther in. By now, Nick’s cock had torn through the guy’s diaphragm. It was now pushing into his lungs. Nick was panting in erotic bliss as he felt the guy’s heart beating against his cockhead, the vibrations causing his cock to spurt jets of precum. He was ready for the final burst of pleasure. With a violent thrust, he rammed his enormous rod into the guy’s heart, crushing it. Nick moaned and started shooting his load, filling up the body with spurt after spurt after spurt of thick white muscle cum. Long ropes of jizz spewed from his victim’s mouth with each pump of his cock. Spasms of death surged through his victim’s ass as he drowned in blood and cum, massaging Nick’s beast and giving him even more pleasure. He wrapped his huge right hand around the man’s neck and squeezed. His hand was so strong it squeezed through all the tissue and crushed the bone. The sound and feeling of crushing bones sent his bloodlust on overdrive, an endless stream of white erupting from him. After several minutes, Nick finally stopped and pulled his huge cock out. His victim laid face down on the ground, torso compressed from Nick’s brutal fuck, neck flattened. Pools of thick cum spread around his mouth and ass, the latter tinged with blood. Nick stood up and caught his breath, sweat dripping off his pumped body. He looked down at the dead body and said, “Thanks for the fuck, bitch.” He stepped out of the stall and wedged the door shut, breaking the lock behind him. He picked up the guy’s discarded clothes, wiped the mess of blood, cum, and guts off his body and tossed them into the trash. He found his clothes and stuffed his softening meat into his jeans again and pulled on his shirt. He smiled darkly at his reflection in the mirror. The night had been a success so far, but his bloodlust wasn’t sated. He strolled out of the bathroom and made his way back to the bar. The club had filled up while he was gone, writhing bodies grinding in unison on the dance floor. Nick reached the bar and grabbed another drink, draining it in one long draught. Setting his empty glass back down, he moved towards the mass of grooving bodies, his gaze landed on a lean twink he spotted gliding between larger guys on the dance floor. He was dressed in a fishnet tshirt and tight black pants, his lithe figure shined as he moved across the club. It was obvious that the twink was on the hunt for some cock, and Nick was more than happy to help. He made his way through the sea of people and stepped up behind the shifting form of the twink, his thick forearms coming down around the smaller male's waist to gently hold him against his larger frame, the guy’s head coming up to just between his pecs. To his credit, the twink barely paused in his motions, settling in comfortably between the arms of the stud behind him, changing up his stance slightly so his rear gently brushed against the denim covered crotch of the man behind him. Taking the actions as acceptance, Nick began to sway his hips in time with the twink's movements, letting the smaller male guide them on the dace floor as the heat in his groin began to grow, his meat starting to swell again in its restrictive prison. They swayed and ground among the dozens of other forms moving to the music, but they never broke contact. The twink kept up his fluidic motions, his backside almost constantly in contact with the Nick’s groin, rubbing across it and applying light but noticeable pressure. Nick's hands traced over the flat stomach of the smaller twink, teasing down towards his belt line but never crossing it, just enough to entire the other male. Emboldened by Nick’s motions, he turned around and slid his hands under Nick’s shirt, moaning as he felt Nick’s rock hard abs and back. He looked up at Nick’s handsome face and felt his knees buckle with lust. “Oh my god, am I dreaming?” he asked. “Oh no dude, I’m all real,” Nick replied and smiled, thinking of what he could do with his new prey. Practically purring, the twink tugged on Nick’s arms encouragingly, leading him off the dance floor. “How about we go somewhere more...private?" he suggested, not waiting for an answer as he led the larger male towards the back rooms, his backside swaying and bouncing with each step. Nick just grinned and followed behind eagerly, letting the smaller twink take him to where the real show would begin. The door clicked shut, and then locked as Nick took in the small, private room at the back of the club. It was more or less spartan; more of a storage closet that had been dressed up just enough to suit the needs of any eager club-goers who wanted to add a little spice to their night. The growing bulge in his jeans wobbled and throbbed, drawing the attentive eyes of his partner. "See something you like?" he snickered. He could tell this twink was a definite size queen. The twink looked up in awe as Nick pulled himself free of his shirt and tossed it to the side, his firm pecs and rock-hard abdomen rippling under his golden skin. Nick’s pumped pecs twitched involuntarily as he stood in front of him, blood rushing to feed the muscle. His traps flowed away from his neck to bowling ball shoulders - and in turn these led the eyes down to gigantic arms - massive slabs for triceps, and huge softballs for biceps. His arms were pushed out by the most massive lats - thick and broad. They formed a sharp V down to a thin solid waist - fronted by a muscled eight pack. Nick brought his arms up and did a double biceps pose, which made the guy start to emit high pitched snorts. The young twink couldn't take all this muscle in. He just kept looking up and down - gasping at the sheer size of this muscleman before him. Nick reached out and pulled him close - tearing the guy’s shirt in the process. He was face to face with the monstrous muscles now. Nick massaged his pecs - grabbing the muscle in his huge hands and squeezing tight - then flexing. The worshipper moved his hands over Nick’s shelf-like pecs - feeling up one pec in each hand - impossibly trying to hold these mounds. He thought he would cum right there. He loved Nick’s muscle - his raw power. Nick started some poses - most muscular, double bi, lat spread. The twink reached down to pull off his pants his dick and came instantly, no longer able to resist. "Mmmmm, that's good boy - like what you feel? Like this fucking muscle dude?" “You’re sooo huge, my God....” the twink panted as his lust for Nick intensified with each passing second. He felt dizzy as he tried to comprehend the mass of muscle flexing in front of him. As Nick moved from pose to pose he rubbed his hands along his muscles, across his chest, down his abs. This was as much for him as his soon-to-be victim; he kissed his giant arms as his excitement grew, his dick pushing against the zipper of his jeans. "Yeah dude - look at this amazing bod. See the power of these guns, fuck man - i'm so fucking strong - worship my massive body.” Nick said. The smaller man moaned as he inhaled Nick’s musk, his arms wrapping as far as they could around Nick’s huge lats. His head was surrounded by muscle as Nick worked his arm behind his head and smashed his face into the side of his muscular chest, near the armpit. Nick suddenly brought his fist toward his shoulder and the bicep muscle jumped and thickened into a hard, round mass. The twink kissed the massive ball of muscle as Nick relaxed and flexed it a few times. His eyes were wide open as he continued his exploration of Nick’s hard body. His hot mouth moved over to Nick’s solid abs, and the stud god tensed it so that it hardened underneath his lips. “Get on your knees before your musclegod," Nick said. The twink immediately dropped down and pressed his cheek against Nick’s oversized bulge. His hand caressed Nick’s calf muscle, which felt like a rock when Nick flexed. Licking his lips, the twink reached up and caressed that heavy bulge, fingers beginning to work on the button and zipper of Nick's jeans. "Let's get a closer look," he winked, deft hands undoing the pants and helping to free the beast within. He let out a small gasp as Nick’s heavy, pendulous balls flopped out in front of his face, followed by a sheath easily as thick as a soda can. Despite being over a foot long, he was clearly still growing. “Omigod….you’re so big!” he murmured, leaning in to nuzzle the fat, leathery balls as they pulsed and churned against his face. He stroked and played with Nick’s mighty shaft, moaning over how massive it was, how it belonged on a horse. "You know what to do boy,” Nick said with a smirk. The twink slid his face across the muscular leg and opened his mouth wide. Then he began to suck on the muscle god’s dick, taking the huge balls in one hand while his other felt along the semi-flexed quad muscle of Nick’s right leg. He looked up and saw that Nick was looking down at him. Nick’s thick pecs jutted out over the rippling ab muscles and he reached a hand up to stroke the bottom of the heavy chest muscles. Nick put his hands on the sides of the twink’s head and pushed him forward on his dick. "Mmmph!" the twink’s surprised exclamation was muffled by the sheer size of the beast filling his mouth, causing him to gulp on instinct as it pushed inside. He could feel it pulse and throb on his tongue as it filled his mouth, stretching his jaws wide as Nick held his head firmly, pushing the growing shaft in deeper as it grew. Grunting out as the tight passage of gullet was pried open by his swelling dick, Nick tossed his head back and groaned happily towards the ceiling as the wet tunnel surrounded his cock, pushing his hips forward as the muffled gagging noises sounded from between his legs. "Nngh...yeah dude…keep swallowing....we're getting there..." he said in a low, lusty tone, his fingers massaging the twink’s scalp. The twink's hands were pressed against the thick, corded thighs of the stud muscle god as he braced himself against the invasion of his throat. Each hard suck pulled that cock into his mouth, inch by inch as he'd stroke the length near the base. He was beginning a slow needy hungry thrusting and bobbing motion, moving his head up and down that fat cock to work inch after hot throbbing pulsing inch into his mouth. The only sound in the room was the "Gawk, Gawk, Gluck" of the guy’s throat stretching around Nick’s giant cock. Nick watched as the twink went down on him slowly, engulfing more of his meat, cramming it into his mouth like a dog with a steak too big for him; His cheeks were bulged out as they produced spittle, and lubed up his cock, cleaning it and making it shine. With a thrust, he pushed the remaining, long inches into his worshipper’s mouth, the entire monster of cock was shoved inside the small body. Nick was surprised that the twink was able to take him without gagging. He moaned, putting a hand on on the guy’s head, and he pushed him on his cock deeply as he could, burying the other's nose in his bush, his balls smacking his chin and bouncing against it, churning so much cum. After letting the smaller male gag around his cock for another minute or so, Nick slowly began to pull himself free of that stretched mouth, feeling his head drag against the warm tunnel on the way out, until the twink's lips bulged and popped off his blunt head with a lewd schlorp!. Grinning down at his conquest, Nick allowed the twink to cough and hack as he caught his breath, gently stroking his heavy shaft as it pulsed to full size. "You okay there, little guy? You did pretty good for a first time! You’ve had some big cocks before, huh?” Catching his breath, chin still dripping some precum, the twink looked up and gasped. "H-Holy hell!" he gasped. "J-just how big is that thing? I-I can’t believe that was inside me!” Nick was way bigger than anything he’d taken before; bigger than any guy, any dildo, any of his his wildest dreams. "Ohh...this guy?" Nick drawled innocently, swinging his ponderous cock flop forward, landing with a hearty smack on the twink's head, the pulsing meat completely covering his face. “Sixteen inches, bitch. And you're going to take every last one of them up that sweet little ass,” he grinned evilly, as a fresh spurt of precum coating the twink's head. Blinking, the twink gaped like a fish as his brain processed those words, scampering to his feet and trying to back away. “Wh-what? I can’t! Th-there's no way I....hey!" he yelped as he was lifted up and shoved up against the wall. He was suddenly very aware of a thick, warm weight resting along the small of his back, causing him to shudder. "You will," Nick snorted, holding the smaller male firmly by the hips as he ground his throbbing, leaking maleness against the twink’s back. Keeping his grip on the twink, Nick took hold of his massive cock and guided it back against the guy’s ass. The twink moaned as he was manhandled by the much larger stud, letting out a gasp as the thick head was pushed against his rear. "W-w-wait! Just let meeeeEEEEEE!" he squealed as the head pushed hard, stretching his asshole wide around the invading girth. Suddenly, with a rush, the head a couple inches of shaft popped in. Nick began to fuck the guy with slow, rhythm strokes, each about 4-5 inches long, enjoying the feeling of stretching this size queen apart. Nick grunted as he worked his thick cock in deeper and deeper, feeling the velvety warmth of the smaller male spread around his throbbing beast. He felt the muscles of the twink’s ass try to tighten around the head of his cock as he lifted the ass up, but he knew his cock was too big and hard for those little muscles to resist when he forced the big weapon in again. "Nnff! Fuck you are tight!" Nick had managed to stuff a foot of his muscle cock in, remarkably without tearing the twink apart. Gulping breath in great gasps, the lean twink yowled and cried out as each barreling inch was shoved inside, feeling his body stretch and warp to fit the massive intruder as Nick continued to buck. Nick had reached the deepest point the twink had ever taken, and there was still more cock to go. He looked down and instantly came as he saw the outline of Nick’s gargantuan meat bulging under his abdomen. Reaching around the front of him, Nick’s hand rubbed over the growing bulge, feeling himself pulse under the stretched skin as he pushed himself in. The twink moaned helplessly as he came, the feeling of being stuffed with cock short circuiting his brain. Pulling back just an inch or two, Nick let his cock spurt another great gout of precum up inside the twink before bucking back in, gaining depth with each hard thrust. Nick stood up straight, his huge cock so thick and powerful that it raised the twink into the air with him with its own strength. Then he wrapped his hands around the little body and started fucking it onto his dick like the twink was no more than a sex toy for him to use, jolting the guy up and down in his grasp, working him down onto that gigantic shaft even deeper, the guy’s limbs swinging hopelessly in the air, his whole body convulsing in pain and pleasure on the stud’s dick. From the outside, anyone would have been able to hear the steady thump-thump-thump of the twink's body impacting the padded walls as he was being brutally fucked. "N-noo...." he wailed, legs quivering as he struggled - futilely - against the larger male's grip and weight. "It...its….too biiiig..." he moaned as over a foot of thick shaft was thrust in and out of his lithe frame. His thin abdomen stretched around the massive intruder, the clear outline of the crown of his cockhead pushing from within. Nick reached around and squeezed his cock through his partner’s skin, impressed with how much the guy was taking. "Yeah...it is. You felt it before this...and you know you wanted it," he snorted softly. His hips gave another buck, the lewd schlorp of more cock being crammed in, precum squirting out of the distended hole. Nick was surprised that he hadn’t town the twink apart yet even though he had almost forced his whole cock inside him. He growled as he pulled the guy down harder, forcing more inside. "Be honest....this is exactly what you wanted when you led me to this room." Nick growled against the twink’s neck. Panting hard, the twink felt his cheeks burn as those words sunk in deep, just like the huge beast invading his insides. He did want this; he was a size queen at heart, and muscle studs were his weakness. "Nngh....y-yes..." he whimpered, feeling it flex inside his ruined passage. "Y-you're....you're bigger th-than....than I....Ooh.....oh gods..." he hiccuped, "I...I can't..." he babbled, feeling lightheaded from it all. With one particularly savage thrust, Nick wrenched the twink all the way down onto him until his hips smacked against the twink’s cheeks and he was balls deep inside of him. “AAghh! Fuck!” the twink screamed and came again, his body convulsing atop Nick’s pole. Each thrust of that massive cock bounced and jerked the twink atop it like some perverse sex toy, Nick snorting and grunting like a feral beast. The harsh pounding was relentless, flattening the twink against the wall as Nick thrust in hard and deep, his heavy testicles slapping thee guy’s rear each time. The worshipper cried in agony and shook, but there was nothing he could do. Each time Nick pulled out, the twink’s groans grew weaker, like his very life was getting fucked out of him. The pair rutted hard for nearly an hour before Nick could feel his balls tense and tighten. Nick slowly extended his arms and flexed his biceps, rock-hard and swollen with destructive power. "Nghh.....almost time for the big show, cutie. These babies are gonna snap your neck!” he grunted, panting slightly from the effort of pounding the smaller male senseless. He got no response; the twink had passed out, the intensity of Nick’s fuck causing him to lose consciousness. Nick wrapped his arm around the guy’s neck, positioning his bicep under his chin, his other arm wrapped around the twink’s waist, holding him tight. Then he flexed his bicep. The giant muscle bulged upwards, smashing itself into the guy’s head. Nick’s cock throbbed in anticipation, buried deep in the twink’s chest. He flexed harder and the rock hard muscle pushed like a steel battering ram on the head, pushing it upwards from his body. Suddenly there was a loud popping sound as the twink’s head was severed from the top of his spinal cord. Nick’s giant bicep had popped his head off. The sound drove Nick over the edge. "FUCK!" he roared, letting out a pleasured moan as he shoved his monster all the way to the base. His balls clenched up and pulled towards his groin as they began to unload, his cock expanded as the first shot of cum hit the twink like a sucker punch, driving the breath from his lungs. The unconscious twink gurgled and gasped as he was filled by a torrent of thick, hot cream, feeling like someone had set off a fire hose inside him. Nick held him firmly, hips mashed together as he bred the poor twink, the spasms of death giving Nick even more pleasure. Gobs of white cum started oozing out of the twink’s little ass as the incredible amount of jism being produced by Nick’s huge, lemon-sized balls blasted out of his huge cock again and again. As Nick’s orgasm waned, a convulsion went through the twink’s body and his ass muscles tightened one more time. "Ummm, feels good," murmured Nick as he lazily humped his latest victim, thick ropes of white spurting out of his overstuffed asshole with each pump. When he finished his incredible orgasm, Nick leaned against the wall to catch his breath, the twink’s body completely held up by his softening meat. What once was a smooth, tight abdomen was now bloated and taut, the victim’s guts somehow able to hold Nick’s immense load. “Fuck dude, you really could handle a cock!” Nick muttered, half admiringly. “Even one as big as mine.” He chuckled and flexed his cock, the twink’s lifeless body swayed as it banged into his giant, rock-hard chest. Blood rushed back into his mighty organ, quickly hardening once more. Nick grinned and flexed again, smashing the twink against his massive pecs with just a twitch of his massive pole. “Aw yeah, my fucking muscle cock is stronger than your little body bitch,” he grunted. He started slowly humping his cock in and out once again in footlong strokes, his massive load lubricating the twink’s guts. “Dude, I pumped you up like a fucking balloon!” Nick grunted as he ran his hands over the twink’s taut abdomen. He gave it a smack, the skin pulled so tight his load barely sloshed around inside. More cum oozed out of the twink’s ass as Nick continued to hump him. His balls lurched as he remembered the other two guys he had snuffed earlier; drowning one in his cum, literally fucking the other to death. The night had been a great success, and he was ready to get off once more. His eyes narrowed as his cock began to throb again. He was ready to tear his toy apart. “Time to pop you, bitch!” Nick growled as he lifted the body up until just his cock head was inside. With a roar he slammed him down on his deadly cock, tearing through his overfilled guts. With a crack, the twink’s hips broke apart, smashed by Nick’s violent thrust. Nick threw back his head, his eyes open as he became a fuck-beast, lost in his own intense pleasure. He felt his cock tear through the twink’s insides, his organs completely smashed by Nick’s rampaging monster. Cum flooded into his chest cavity, mixing with the blood and guts. Nick grabbed the twink’s hips and viciously slammed the body up and down his meat like a fleshlight, roaring as he tore the twink apart from the inside. The victim’s limbs and head flailed wildly. Nick corkscrewed the body on his cock and wrapped his giant arms around the twink’s chest and squeezed, causing a huge jet of cum and blood to shoot out of his mouth. One by one, he heard each rib crackle and snap, the sound amplifying Nick’s pleasure. He was getting close again, his hips and sculptured ass working faster and pushing deeper against the guy’s tender ass. Nick felt his orgasm begin to mount, "Oh yeah," he moaned as he moved his arms down to the body’s abdomen and pulled in with his huge guns. Immediately there was a loud crack as the twink’s spine snapped in two. A surge of pleasure shot through Nick’s body as he erupted, spurting burst after burst of superior jism deep inside the twink’s body. Cum and blood sprayed out of both ends of the corpse, painting the wall and floor as Nick flooded the ruined twink. “FUCK!!” Nick moaned. The muscle god unwrapped his arms and pushed the twink off of him. He grabbed his huge cock which was still cumming, more spurts of pure white cum blasted out of his gigantic beast, covering the twink’s chest and face. A mix of blood and cum poured from his demolished ass, pooling on the floor as Nick buried the twink’s face under a thick layer of white. Finally, after several long minutes, his orgasm subsided. "Mmmff....fuckin' A," he panted, letting go of his heavy cock as it dropped and swayed between his legs. Nick flexed his gargantuan physique. His big, buff body was totally pumped and dripping with sweat, cum, and blood. He breathed heavily, enjoying his post-orgasm bliss as he stood in the dark room thinking about what he wanted to do next. After all, it was the night was still young.
  18. BigZargo12

    Power tastes like shadows

    Power tastes like shadows I thought I would never return to this building ever again, I figured that I would be off on to my next job by now. But for some reason, the pool of jobs available had dried up. So, when my old boss Bernard Thornton called and offered me some kind of special job, I figured that I would humor him. Especially cents I had nothing better to do, and the way he made it sound so mysterious piqued my curiosity. Mr. Thornton seemed pretty okay, but I do not think he was the kind of guy who would go out of his way to help his employees. Still, he was a fair employer so hearing him out wouldn’t be a problem. Having thought about that I made my way towards one of the reception areas on the first floor. The building had white walls, grayish floor tiles, and the traditional white light panels and the light bulbs; complemented with comfortable-looking chairs with wooden frames and red cushions. Walking up to the receptionist I asked if Bernard Thornton was available? “Your name?” she asked with a smile. “Oh, my name is Tom Blackburn,” I answered her. “Okay, he should be available in 15 minutes,” she said while typing on her computer. “He should be on the fourth floor. There should be a second reception hall there,” she says as she hands me a card. “Taking this guest card, it should let you past through security without any issues.” She says with a smile. “Just. show this to the receptionist and they will show you the way.” I say my goodbyes and thank her for her service, as I quickly make my way to the elevator hitting the button to the four-floor. I was decently familiar with the layout of this building so when I got off of the elevator I knew where to go. Only stopping when I noticed that the sign that said reception area was covered up and had a new direction written all over it. Following these new directions, I found myself entering the role of cubicles where the back of the occupants could be seen. There is next to the door was another person sitting on the desk with the word receptionist plastered all over it. I didn’t recognize him and in return, he probably didn’t recognize me from the time I worked here. “Hey, my name is Tom Blackburn and I have an appointment with Mr. Thornton,” I said to the man. “Okay Mr. Blackburn let me check his schedule,” the receptionist man said. A couple of clicks later and a slight grimace on his face told me that something was wrong. “Okay Mr. Blackburn I have some bad news is that your meeting with Mr. Thornton moved to a different time it had been moved by one hour. Sorry about this last-minute change. I can have it be changed if you want to a new day,” he asked. “Oh, it’s fine, I can wait an hour. Do you know why his schedule had changed,” I asked? “I don’t know some blonde guy in a trenchcoat said he needed to talk to Mr. Thornton badly. he even showed me some kind of badge.” He said, shaking his head in confusion as if he had cobwebs in it. I sat down on a chair, sadly the only available ones were the plastic chairs with metal legs. I sat for 10 minutes on my phone playing Pan-Pan, when curiosity got the better of me. “Hey, do you know what happened to the reception room on this floor?” I asked the receptionist man. For a second, I figured he wouldn’t answer me. “I actually don’t know. When I was moved here, I was told that the room was destroyed and that it was being repaired.” He said while typing away on his computer. I wonder how it was destroyed I thought to myself. But then I felt it a strange feeling, a strange taste on the tip of my tongue, a headache coming on as if two points of my head were trying to push out. Maybe just maybe I could have headed out and done something like maybe ordered some lunch or something. I looked at the receptionist about to get up and ask him…. My tongue tasted of thick shadows as I began to watch the receptionist grow. It was like slow-motion as I watched him begin to fill out his shirt. I saw how his muscles began to fill out then stand out against his clothing. He started loosening up his tie against his thickening neck. Then I blinked but he was still growing, about to tear apart his own clothes with his growth, so I closed my eyes and waited a minute. Telling myself that this wasn’t happening and felt the taste of shadows slowly fade away. I opened my eyes again and the receptionist was still muscular, but he wasn’t growing anymore. His eyes moved from his computer to me. “Do you need something?” the man asked in a deeper voice. “Oh no uuu... Do you exercise?” I asked in desperation. “Well yeah, I do. You don’t get these gains from nothing. The job came with nice health benefits and a free gym membership,” he said proudly flexing a little until one of his shirt buns pop out. “Oops, not again,” he whispers to himself as his face turns red from embarrassment. Something was going on, but I didn’t know what it was. Then that feeling hit me again the taste of shadows and I looked immediately away from the receptionist into one of the cubicles. I couldn’t completely see the man thanks his office chair, but I somehow knew that he was growing. The man’s shoulders began widening and stretching out against his shirt, which was increasingly shrinking against the man’s growing body. Sounds of tearing could be heard as the man’s clothes lost against the growth of his muscles revealing his huge biceps and sculpted back muscles. I blinked and the man has clothed again with the same work shirt just bigger to fit his new huge body. But he was still growing so I decided to look away and close my eyes. Waiting for the taste of shadows to disappear and the strangeness to end. It was then I noticed the strange feeling in my pants, between my legs, and it was my cock, and it was hard. Embarrassment flow through me as I try to keep a level head in this strange turbulent situation. I kept breathing in and out trying to keep the thoughts of the growing men from my mind. “Mr. Blackburn, Bernard Thornton is ready to see you now,” The receptionist said. I looked up in surprise the taste of shadows no longer on my lips. “He is?” I said as I looked at the clock. Time really does fly when you’re beefing up people, I thought to myself as I made my way to Mr. Thornton’s office, after confirming with the receptionist on its location. I probably should cancel the meeting with Mr. Thornton, but I’m already committed, and I don’t like my time being wasted and hate to do it to others. What was so important that he couldn’t say on the phone. I opened the door to his office and saw the man sitting on his chair writing notes on his desk. Bernard Thornton was a small man with a jelly belly which he hides well with his suit. Shorthair's clean-shaven face, weak chin, big round glasses, surprisingly jolly cheeks, and a smile that made everyone feel better, which he hides with a 24-hour neutral expression. an average boss with the potential to be more and a business that had the potential to be more. “Hello Mr. Blackburn, it seems that you are interested in my job offer,” he said in a jolly time. “Normally I wouldn’t have come with the lack of information about the job, but I have nothing better at the moment and I was quite curious about it,” I said honestly. He looked at me with his usual piercing eyes, but I noticed that something was off. They seemed a little off not focused like they were slowly fogging up. “Well Mr. Blackburn I believe LS Waste Disposal could use your services; it will be a similar job that you had with us. They are looking to hire people with similar expertise, and they want to keep this job on the down-low; But they did tell me enough to make a sales pitch to you,” he said and said and said as the conversation continued. I knew I should be paying attention, but I was kind of bored and annoyed. The LS Waste Disposal was shifty as hell; one of my friends said a few weeks before he disappeared. So, if I knew it was the LS Waste Disposal company, I would have never indulged in the idea of coming. Thornton was talking about some of the benefits of the job when I felt and tasted the shadows. Apart from me didn’t really want to change Mr. Thornton while the other part felt it would be very interesting. I watched as Mr. Thornton’s body began to change. First, his jelly belly flattens out, and then his chest expands out. Then his pecs began to expand and rise like bread dough, as his now flat belly begins ballooning out towards the world as one by one abs begin to appear, rising and barely noticeable against his shirt. Then his shoulders began to expand with muscle as the growth spread to his arms slowly filling out his shirt sleeves. So far, his muscular body was contained by his office suit but no longer with the sounds of ripping and tearing the heavily muscled body underneath was revealed as Mr. Thornton’s began growing out of his clothes. He continues to talk not noticing with every breath he destroys his own suit. Eventually, his clothes fall off of his huge chest, as he subconsciously begins removing the torn cloth with his now huge muscular arms. Mr. Thornton began adjusting his tie, loosening it up against his growing bull’s neck. Not even noticing when his big hand began scratching at his newly growing scruff. He probably would have grown even more if it had not been for the fact that his chair broke sending him to the floor. I blinked and Mr. Thornton has clothed again the same clothes only bigger to fit his new body. The taste of shadows disappeared, and I move to help him up. “Are you okay Mr. Thornton,” I asked with genuine concern. “I’m okay,” he said to me as I helped lift him up. “I swore I got the new chair today,” he mumbled to himself. “Thank you, Mr. Thornton. I know you’re going to think that this is superstitious but I’m going to take it as a sign from the universe and decline the job offer. Sorry but I do not think it’s the job for me,” I said. Mr. Thornton grip was stronger than the first time I met him, and I was barely able to lift him off the ground with his new weight. The meeting soon to an end and I was starting to feel, sick and exhausted and I need to go to the bathroom all the same time. I was familiar with this building’s layout which had made it quite easy to head to the restroom, So, I thought. As I began feeling sicker and more drained every second as I made my way to the restroom. The lights became brighter and brighter as my head throbbed were new waves of agony, thump, thump the drums in my head are screaming louder and louder. The next thing I knew I was puking in the restroom stall. The taste of shadows well on my lip as a puked out a dark substance into the mouth of the hungry toilet stall. I… I could feel the shadows inside me, boiling and moving inside me like a living being. I waited for it to calm down, wondering what the hell is going on. Is this, this power inside me, is it the reason why my parents put me up for adoption? Am I a freak of nature, beefing up man until they explode or something? Home, I…I need to go home before something else happens. I found my strength, flush the toilet, and began making my way to the sink to get some water, before making my way back home. The water felt like heaven and tasted of shade as I rinse my mouth out. I took a few sips of water before making my way out of the restroom. But it was then I noticed the man blocking the way to the door of the restaurant. The man had short blonde hair was average in height, a face, and had a body of an action hero with cold blue eyes. He was wearing a trenchcoat with blue jeans and a black shirt holding a katana in his right hand. The man had a smirk on his face as if he caught his prey. “Well, that was anti-climactic. No blood, no destruction, no screams of terror I was expecting a person tied to the dark to do more, instead I find you here puking your guts out. Quite abnormal, an illusions type, maybe, you have the shocked look of a beginner; but I didn’t hear screaming or confusion shout of coming from the other people. You could be a necromancer but you’re not showing the signs of raising the dead, but you may have talked to some spirits. By how pale your face has gotten you probably had talked to some spirits,” The man said. The man began slowly walking towards me, as he monologues. “If you were experienced with your dark power, you wouldn’t have let me interfere with your power pool. This means that you are inexperienced or this is your awakening. One less potential servant of the dark bastion in one less foe to face for the light sanctuary. Now die dark one!” He said with glee. “Wait is it because I’m black,” I asked? “What un no!” he said in confusion and annoyance. At this point, he was a couple of feet away from me which made it easy to kick him in the balls while he was distracted. He roared out in pain but rather than crumbling down, he became angry and began to attack with his sword. I backed away unable to pass him without getting cut to ribbons. Eventually hitting the restroom wall as I ran out of room to maneuver. By looking at the man’s rage-filled eyes I knew that he was going to kill me with no hesitation. With one last powerful slash at me, he committed to the killing blow, and I knew that I cannot dodge left or right, but I could duck letting my ass hit the floor, as a sword was gunning for my head. Rather than hearing the sword bouncing off the wall instead it dug in and got stuck. I quickly realized I wouldn’t be able to get crawl through his legs or past them in time to escape before he pulled the sword out of the wall. I began to taste shadows on top of my tongue, and I began to focus on the man before me. I figured if I could make the man's crotch grow to ridiculous size, he would have a hard time chasing after me and be a suitable distraction for my escape. For the first time, I felt some kind of resistance like it wasn’t taking hold. The man laughed a cruel laugh as he said, “Your dark powers don’t work on me, servant of the dark. My magical items protect me from your dark powers.” I felt the taste of shadows with my tongue in the form of exhaustion hit me. Dammit, I thought to myself I had never tested to see if the powers work on me. Then I felt something deeper darker and more malevolent boil from within me. A hunger that was so primal that it had to be fed. Then I smelt it, fear but not for me but from him. “By the light, Demon blood!” The man screamed out in fear. “Fuck! No wonder your abnormal.” I… I could sense the light in him, so self-righteous, so arrogant and so petty; I wanted to devour it, consume it no I needed it. I felt my canines sharpen as the taste of shadows and infernal fire poured from my mouth. The man began backing off forgetting his sword as fear had claimed his heart. “Boo!” I say in a deepening voice. The man flinches and trips and falls onto the restroom floor, and like a beast, I pounce on him. I grinned as I realize the tables had turned and now, I was on top. But what to do him I wondered? Then a thought hit me my original plan to deal with him. I wonder how much he can grow before he exploded; And as I thought about the plan, I was already acting on it. Waves of pleasure began bombarding my prey causing his screams to become moans of pleasure as I opened up his pants. His cock was hard and already leaking cum as I dove in and began to suck on it. Every second I was devouring it he grew slowly at first, but he grew, nonetheless. I felt as his pants became tight, I heard as his shoes popped off against his growing feet; And how the sounds of tearing fabric as his clothes began submitting to his growing bulk. Second, by second his shaft grew wider and longer, and yet I was able to handle it. More and more I felt his growing balls against my chin as his power and soul gathered there. I stopped to see the results of my work. He was now huge and naked his growth completely destroying his clothes. He had huge tree trunk thighs, huge bowling ball biceps, hands big enough to grab a man’s face whole, a row eight pack abs over a huge muscle gut, round pillow-like pecs, and Boulder-like shoulders on a wide barrel-like chest. The man was drooling all over his stubble jaw as pleasure encircle him. Nearly glazed eyes both hungered and feared for more pleasure which I was happy to give. I resume sucking on his huge cock which was now like a third limb on him. The sweet, delicious taste of his life-filled cum was delectable as I consumed it; Every second I did I could feel his memories were fading away, then his personality, and then instinct as I saw the light fade from his eyes. Then within one instant, the lights in his eyes came back and with a bellowing roar from his throat. A geyser of cum shot from his huge cock and as it did, I drink all of it as if my life depended on it. The man slowly became colder as he began to deflate like a balloon, as I was drinking all of his life force. I drink until his balls were gone, I drink until all that was left was skin and bones and I drink until evening that was gone relishing every second of it. I felt the shadows inside me grow with even more might after my feeding. I felt myself growing in power both physically and mentally. I somehow knew that my body was going to change now and that I should try to remove my clothes. I quickly removed my shoes and tie before my body began to change, But my other clothes were not so lucky. a feeling of both hot and cold passed through my body as I felt my clothes becoming tighter against my body grew. I felt my bones pop and stretch as they began lengthening, growing, and changing. I felt a strange pressure come from the back of my spine and two more on my head. My pants were really starting to become uncomfortable, especially with the strange pressure coming from my back near my ass. I felt the tips hands and feet change is nails became sharper. A quick look at the restroom mirror revealed to me that I was growing two horns and that my eyes were now the color gold that was surrounded by black. My… My pecs were huge and growing before my eyes I would have been in disbelief if I hadn’t seen other people grow today, but I want to have a closer look, so I grabbed my shirt and ripped it off my swelling body as easy as tearing apart paper. The pieces of fabric fell to the floor as I began grouping my pecs. Then I began feeling abs, a nice eight pack to compliment my pillow like pecs. Throughout my body growth, my skin was darkening which was both concerning and exhilarating. I started flexing my biceps watching them and my lower arms grow with every flex. I was no longer in a building in the middle of town now I was here and now watching myself change into perfection into something more. My chest was widening, as my shoulders grew with the strength of mountains. Then I felt a pressure near my ass, and it was becoming unbearable as it pressed against my pants; grabbing the back of my pants I attempted to pull it down, but it got stuck against my thick meaty ass and I ripped it apart destroying my belt in the process. I sighed in relief as I felt a part of myself was free. I turned around to see something swaying around and I grabbed it to find that I had a forked tail, it was still growing and dark as the night. The remains of my pants were losing the battle against my body as more holes start opening up against the seams. Didn’t know how to flex using my legs by began trying, finding the idea of flexing them off to be exhilarating. When the pants were holding on to me by a thread, I yanked them revealing my tree trunk-like thighs and, my huge meaty calves. The only thing on was my destroyed socks and my boxer briefs which were straining against my heavily muscled body and my now huge cock and balls. just think my package was pretty average this morning and now my cock is a mouthwatering 10-inch hard monster in my balls are like two crab apples in a sack. I tore off the remains of my undergarment, and like a Jack-in-the-Box my cock shot out, a display for the whole world to sees if I wasn’t in a restroom. If I thought my transformation was over itching that spread through my skin told me otherwise. The hair on my head and any other hair on my body began falling off my black skin, to my dismay. Looking at the mirror again I saw my face and it had changed. I had two 3-inch white horns pointing upwards, pointy ears and I open my mouth I noticed my teeth were sharper, especially my canines. My facial features had changed to become more masculine and devilish. Then I felt the itching again as a new silver hair began spreading all over my body starting from the bellybutton the growth spring all out words all over my body to my huge meaty pecs to my arms and legs even spreading toward my huge back and ass. Sadly, when it reached my head all I got was a beard and mustache combo and thick bushy eyebrows. Damn, I’m a sexy daddy demon I thought to myself with a grin. If I wasn’t flexing my huge muscles I probably would have been panicking at the whole situation, but I was high on adrenaline and ego and I was horny as hell. I headed to the urinal with my big hard cock leaking pre-cum on the way there. I began feeding my horny desires and started stroking my cock, letting the stresses of today out. Thoughts of heading to Mr. Thornton office and turning him into my sexy buff thrall and having him lure other office workers into my thralled; watching those the weak, the scrawny, the fat, and average transform into big dumb thralls was extremely sexy to me. Sexy enough for me to come and shoot my load into the restroom urinal. I panted for a second thick orgasm so mind-blowing so exhilarating. But I was still horny, still hungry, and eager to try out these new powers. Then I felt it a disturbance, a disturbance of… Something? Then a dark rift opened up and a huge man came through. He was wearing a well-fitted black suit which hugged his body and showed off his huge form. He had long black hair tied up into a ponytail, stubble on his handsome face, and dark eyes that both men and women find alluring. “Well, that was quite entertaining. You hand self pretty well for a newbie. I was afraid I would have to intervene but to be honest I probably should have,” the new man said. “Who are you?” I said with my new deeper voice. “Oh, where are my manners you may call me Logan. And I was sent here to take care of Darren Mcpherson the one you killed. I must be honest with you I kind of didn’t care if he killed you. I was just sent here to take him in. But you had killed him save me a lot of trouble. Who would expect a dark sorcerer to have fiendish blood?” He says sarcastically. “No wonder why they sent me, I always have to deal with the idiots. That might explain why they didn’t order me to save you. Between you and me that’s all I can guess on the council’s part. Now what to do with you? We can’t have you walking out of here like that. But I need your permission to teleport you to my Citadel are could just knock you out and then teleport you to my Citadel. Know what I have an idea.” He said as inspiration hit him. The destroyed pieces of my clothes began reforming and fusing with the remains of Darren’s clothes to form something new, and in a flash, I was clothed in a strange combination. The man looked pleased with himself. “I think I’ll have a representative talk to you and explain a little bit more details of what’s going on. If the researchers and the recruiters are right, then you are a dark sorcerer with fiendish blood; Whose blood was activated when you ran out of normal magical power. Now take these,” he said as he hands over several items to me. “The bracelet will suppress your fiendish blood along you to walk among the normal people; and as a bonus help hides from those who have ill will towards you or agents of the light from checking you. While letting me and those who serve the dark bastion be able to find you. The other is my business card with my number; call me if you need anything, but do not abuse it. And finally, a brochure this is a law of information for you but trust me to read the brochure explains the basics. Now go home and don’t take any other stops unless you have to. All the things that were in your pockets are now in the right pocket of your new jacket, and on your left are the spoils of your victory. I gave it a 30-minute lock so that you would be tempted to open it up in this building,” he said as a dark rift opened up. He turned around and walked through it leaving me horny and with more questions than answers. I decided to take his advice and placed on the bracelet and decided to head home. It’s been a long exciting, frightening, and horny day.
  19. tester26

    Brad and the Size Queen

    This was lost in the site crash, but since edited a bit. It is a remix/rehashing of several stories, the framework is based strongly on a story by BigTimmy. Brad and the Size Queen Brad was alone at home, doing some curls with 200lbs dumbbells in the back garden. He admired his body as he worked out, his V-shaped torso mounted with two large steel plaques of pectorals, narrowing down to a deep 8-pack slab of rock-hard abs. On either side, one could also admire the creases of his well-defined oblique abdominals, a testament to his many hours of bodybuilding training. Below this colossal upper body structure lay the seat of his incredible virility, barely hidden by his custom-made oversized posing pouch. His giant soft manhood filled the casing to bursting point, 12 inches of soft man meat ready to fill up with pints of blood and grow to gargantuan proportions. Suddenly, he heard a gasp and saw his busty blond neighbor Jessica peek over the edge of the fence. "Wow, you're so muscular Brad, why don't you come over and show me those huge muscles of yours!" she exclaimed. She stared up and down his near-naked form, biting her lips enticingly as she admired his physique. Brad knew what she really wanted; ever since he moved in she had made a point to drop by every day in increasingly tight and skimpy clothes. Brad smiled and walked over to join her in her back garden. She was wearing a cropped baby T-shirt that tightly hugged her enormous breasts. Despite the absence of a cleavage, her hardened nipples were clearly visible, poking at the stretched fabric, and the tight material showed every curve of her massive firm tits. Her sumptuous body was further put in evidence by the Lycra body shorts that barely covered her hips or ass. As Brad approached, she quickly pulled off her shirt, revealing a two-piece bikini, the small triangles of material of her top barely concealing her arealoas. Her hard nipples were pointing straight out. As she pulled off her shorts, she revealed a G-string thong, so minuscule her cuntlips were almost visible as she swayed her hips. Brad licked his lips in anticipation, his soft cock beginning to stretch his posers. The two hypersexual individuals didn't need to say a thing as they passionately embraced and kissed. Jessica started running her hands all over Brad's body, feeling his huge 24" biceps and 8-pack abs and pressing her big tits against his massive pecs. Then, she started to run her hands down his abs to his soft shaft. Her hand plunged into Brad's posers. "Holy shit! This thing is for real. Please let me take it out, I wanna see it." Without waiting for my answer, she pulled his posers down in a swift tug, revealing the wide root of his immense dick, her mouth forming an O as more and more inches of giant soft manflesh was uncovered. She ducked under his legs and let his cock rest on her face. Looking up with googly eyes and a hungry smile, she laughed, "Oh my god! It's bigger than my face! You have the biggest cock I have ever seen by far! My boyfriend is only 5 inches!" she gasped. Her mouth darted for Brad's glistening knobhead. She polished it roughly at first, her tongue fluttering near the cumslit while her left hand mauled his oversensitive glans. Her other hand was busy kneading his sperm orbs in turn. She was moaning, groaning and incoherently muttering how enormous his genitalia was and how Brad made all the other men she ever had look like little boys. Precum leaked from his massive, throbbing cock ran down the top of her head and onto her ass below. Brad was nearly 4 times longer and 4 times thicker than her boyfriend at 18" long and 11" around. She next opened her mouth so wide that he could hear her jawbone crack. She turned her head sideways and fastened her wide-open mouth to her lover's shaft at a point just below its crown. For a while, she sucked and sucked on his rock hard love muscle at that point. Brad moaned in appreciation, running his hands through her hair. The giant-breasted stunner then slowly, ever so slowly, ran her wet, dripping, wide-open mouth down the length of the thick shaft to its very base. After applying gentle kisses near the root, she very slowly retraced the exciting journey back to the tip of his massive dick. By that time, his shaft was slippery and shiny with her saliva. "Yeah, that's good, go on!" Brad urged as a wave of excitement was overtaking his whole body. She stuck her tongue out as far as it would go and resumed her thrilling open-mouth trips up and down the length of his monster shaft. This time, the extended flat end of her tongue along with her open mouth encompassed over half the staggering circumference of his prong. After tonguing, sucking, and generally slobbering all over the underneath portion of Brad's cock, Jessica pulled down on the shaft and administered this electrifying tongue-lip-and-mouth treatment to the upper side of the giant dick. Finally, she returned to the cockhead and drooled thick trails of saliva to lubricate his helmet further. She had problems fitting the whole head in as it was so hard that it must have been the size of an apple. After some three-dozen bobs of her luscious mouth, she managed to get the entire knob of his penis into her mouth. The coating of her saliva helped it ease in her mouth and into her throat. Jess whimpered as it went deeper. Pulsing veins passed between her lips like depth markers. Brad gripped the back of her head with a fist full of hair. His muscles flexed with the effort of forcing it through her tight neck. Wet gurgle sounds came from Jessica as she was throat stretched by his meat log. It was about 15 inches inside her face when he started pumping in and out. “You love my cock, don’t you?” He asked as she bobbed energetically up and down a good 10 inches. A wet sound came from the back of her throat each time it popped down there. She grabbed the soda can thick shaft and jerked it with both her hands. “Hmmm ummm.” The girl answered affirmatively with her mouth full. More licking and sucking. “Blow your big load in my mouth baby.” Rivers of pre-sperm were oozing from his wide-opened slit and she began slowly jacking him off. "I'm ccccuummiinnngg!" Brad growled. His first voluminous jet filled her mouth entirely, viscous cum coating her tonsils and teeth. He came like a fountain directly in her stomach, cum was running out of her mouth and nose, there was so much of it. Her eyes expressed both shock and discomfort at the unending rope of spunk she had to swallow. Brad slightly pulled back for the second streamer, which landed all over her long blond hair, coating strands together with great sticky globs of goo. Cum landed with audible ‘splats’ across her forehead. Across her lips, her cheeks. "Ooh, yeah, sssoo much, Brad!" she moaned, as he continued to douse her face and body with long ropes of cum. Milking the final dregs from his cum-cannon, he let a giant dollop fall directly into her hungry, upturned mouth. Jessica's face was so pasted with pools and rivulets and clumps of cum that no one in the world would recognize her. It looked like a sperm balloon had exploded in her face. "Now pull your g-string off, I'm going to ram my giant dick up your slutty pussy!" Brad panted, wielding his still hard monster. The massive musclebound teen leaned down to help Jessica to her feet, his cum still dripping off her. "Oooh, yes!" gleamed Jessica. She took a step away and turned her back to Brad and wiggled her cute heart shaped backside. She crossed her legs and bent forward. Steadily she worked her thong downwards. It caught momentarily in her tight ass cheeks, but then the elastic snapped down. The tiny slingshot passed her fit thighs and fell to her ankles. She positioned herself on all fours on the deckchair, her cunt glistening with wetness. "You are ten times the man my boyfriend is. Your teenage dick is four times his size!" "Beg me!" "Please fuck me with that huge teenage muscle cock!" Brad placed his tubesteak at her pussy's entrance, feeling the folds of her puckered lips with his apple-sized knobhead, collecting some of her vaginal fluids to lubricate his mammoth ramrod. Both holding different parts of his cock, Jessica grunted and pressed back, the cum-lubed tip of Brad's cock fighting against her still-too-tight pussy. With one more push, her sex finally stretched around the head, pushing the folds of her shaved camel-toe inwards as several inches of forearm-thick megacock brutally invaded her innards. "Shit, Brad, you're so fucking HHUUGE!" screamed a delirious Jessica as his cockhead tore through her the entrance to her pussy. The precum that soaked his length was definitely helping this penetration. Brad moaned in response, his glans finally hugged by her tight depths. The now-speared woman's body shook in orgasm, her cunt instantly spraying girlcum down the length of Brad's pole. Brad wrapped both hands around her waist and began to slowly piston his hips. Making sure to have a tight grip, he began to rock her body back and forth in time with his thrusts. Despite the fact that he was already inside of her, the thickness of his weapon made penetration a slow act, even with all the sexual fluids wetting his cock. Jessica couldn't believe what she was feeling. With every new inch he fucked into her, she whimpered and screamed, the nerve-endings in her cunt being stretched and pushed to their limit. At the twelve inch mark, Brad withdrew his rock hard tool until only the massively-flared head stayed inside, then rammed his humongous pussy-pleaser back into her cunt until its head bumped against the back of her cervix. Despite the pain of such a violent onslaught, Jessica garnered enough strength to scream. "You're hurting me so good Brad! Keep going, fuck my brains out!" Brad complied and then some, hammering away at lightning speed, burning her pussywalls as his invading red-hot monster scraped against them. Over and over, he plowed Jessica's body with his tireless 18-inch dick, his heavy seedmakers loudly slapping against her thighs. "OH FUCK ME! UGHHH YES! OHHHHH FUCK! UHHHHHHHNNNGHH!" The hot size queen screamed loudly as she threw her head back, leaning back on the chair on her hands, arching her back and pushing her glorious tits out as she gave in to the ecstasy rushing through her. "OH FUCK GIVE IT TO ME! GIVE ME THAT BIG DICK! YES! OH FUCK YESS! OHHHHMMMMM! YEAH! OHH FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG FUCKING COCK BRAD!" Loud manly grunts echoed throughout the backyard as the mating continued unabated, until Jessica felt the tinges of her orgasm. "You gonna cum babe? You gonna cum for me?" He growled harshly, his balls beginning to tingle as he watched Jessica's eyes widen, wild and lost in the pure pleasure surging through every vein as he jackhammered his hard dick into her relentlessly. "YES! YES! OH FUUCK YES! OH KEEP FUCKING ME! OHHH KEEP FUCKING ME! I'M GONNA CUM...OHHHHFUUUCKKKKU... I'M CUMMING BABY...OH FUCK I'M CUMMING...UNGHHHHHHH!" Jessica screamed, her whole body shaking with orgasmic convulsions around his unyielding bullcock. "Ughhhh fuckk...I'm cumming...ugnnnn...gonna fill your pussy with cum baby! FUCKUGHHHH!" Brad growled through gritted teeth before he rammed his monster shaft deep into her pussy before his balls tightened. Unable to hold off his incoming discharge, Brad firmly held her hips as the first pellets of scalding cum bolted out of his cumslit, filling her uterus to the brim instantly. He filled her up so much that cum was running down his cock and her legs. Brad pulled his cock out and blasted her face, her arms and all over her body. After minutes of nonstop cumming, Jessica now fully drenched once more, his orgasm finally started to peter out. Jessica slid off the chair and knelt between his thighs, a river of white pouring from her stretched pussy and pooling on the ground. Holding his still-turgid ramrod in both hands, she slowly licked up and down its incredible 18-inch length. She suckled on the inch-wide cumslit and furiously jacked the immense crank with her fists, her toned arm muscles clearly straining from the efforts. Brad watched intently, his enormously-pumped up muscular body seemingly relaxing as the busty cock-hound assaulted his mega-cock with her hands and mouth. Soon, his pre-splooge started running continuously out of his helmet. His pre-cum coated Jessica's tonsils and dripped down her chin onto the vast surface of her milkbags, mixing with the thick layer of teen cum already frosting them. Every now and then, she would leave his angry cockhead to lick his overly muscular abs and chest clean of his own cum, her eyes never leaving his as she winked and purred in pleasure while continuously stroking his giant tool. Brad would then scoop fingerfuls of warm spunk from her face and feed them to her hungry mouth. Suddenly, a male voice was heard screaming from across the fence and a man bolted into the backyard. Ken, Jessica's boyfriend, yelled profanities as he ran at Brad while the young stud had his 18-inch rod buried halfway down Jessica's throat. "What the fuck is going on? Are you raping my girlfriend? I'll fucking call the cops on you!" spouted Ken, before he stopped dead in his tracks. He was now seeing ten inches of Brad's colossal cock sticking out of his girlfriend's mouth, and he could not comprehend the sight before him. Averagely endowed at five inches himself, he did not imagine anyone could be as hung. "I ain't raping her, she's begging for it!" answered Brad sneeringly. To prove his point, he withdrew his giant rod from Jessica's mouth. Immediately, she moaned and tried to pull the mighty organ back into her mouth, muttering "gimme, gimme" incomprehensibly. "See, now she's hooked and she'll never be satisfied by your puny cock!" snarled Brad at his hapless neighbor. The studly teenager grabbed the wrists that were attempting to encircle his mammoth dong and raised Jessica from her kneeling position, positioned his still monstruously-hard beast between her thighs. Ken watched in awe as the 18-inch rod stuck way past her asscheeks on the other side. She laughed as she jumped up, hooking her arms around his neck before sliding her feet against him, one on his thigh and the other on the bottom side of his powerful cock. He pulled her closer, getting a low moan from her as her pussy is pressed against the root of his dripping cock. He rubs her up and down there for a minute, just pushing her up and down a couple inches of his cock, drawing out more moans of pleasure from her. His other hand comes up, rubbing her generous tits before lifting her up to press her whole body against his. Jessica kissed him softly while she sat on his tumescence, grinding her pussy along the base of his mammoth appendage. "Fuck me, lover!" she moaned lustfully into his ears. Brad easily lifted her up with his strong arms and groaned mightily as he slowly impaled her with his giant cock. Jess screamed as the mighty meatrod penetrated her, her limbs wrapping around Brad's body, latching onto it. In just seconds he had forced her onto more than half of his tremendous titan, an outline of his cock showing through her pale stomach; Jessica shook and moaned as an orgasm immediately wracked her body. Brad turned her head towards the stunned Ken. "Ever fuck her like this? Actually, you don't need to answer, - with a body like that I'd doubt you'd be able to!" The power in his corded muscles was displayed in its full glory in this standing position as he used Jessica as a jacking device for his demanding organ. Grunting and roaring, he powerfucked Jess, her body rapidly bouncing up and down on his mighty rod, her firm breasts swaying in front of his face. Like he was lifting nothing more than a sack of potatoes, he moved the busty blonde up and down rapidly. She had totally relinquished control of her body over to her virile lover, letting him use her body as he wished. Jessica screamed as another climax shot through her, her cunt leaking like a fountain, dripping onto the concrete beneath her. Brad started to actively thrust into Jessica in time with her bounces, shoving more of her meaty member into the slut. Jess orgasmed again, and fuck, it looked like she was pissing herself there was so much of her feminine nectar gushing from around the stud's prodigious pole. It ran down Brad's balls and legs, soaking them in her essence. And it just kept coming. Her climaxes seemed never ending, each one bleeding into each other so closely together, it looked like she was squirting in one long, continual stream. Ken was petrified by the sight, but he couldn't look away. "Oh my GOD, OH MY GOD!" she kept repeating while Brad continued fucking her unabated. "You are filling me ssssoo much!" Ken covered his eyes as his girlfriend enjoyed the most powerful orgasm of her life from the super-virile teenage boy who lived next door. What would his future hold, he wondered? As the massively-endowed eighteen year old ravished his girlfriend over and over again, bringing her to countless climaxes, Ken felt utterly defeated and humiliated. Jessica caressed the boy's chiseled musculature, cooing with delight at the feeling of his strong arms and chest, encouraging him to display even more raw power to the watchful cuckold. "MMMM, YEAH, OH YEAH...OHHH FUCK THAT'S GOOD...OHHH KEN, BRAD'S FUCKING ME SO GOOD...OHHH HE'S FUCKING ME SO MUCH BETTER THAN YOU DO...OHHH HIS DICK IS SO MUCH BIGGER THAN YOURS...UMMM, SO MUCH BETTER BABY!! OHHHH...I LOVE HIS COCK IN ME SO MUCH!! I WANT BRAD TO FUCK ME FOREVER!! HE'S GOING TO FUCK ME...OHHH...HE'S GOING TO FUCK ME WHENEVER HE WANTS...UMMMM, YEAH!! YES BRAD FUCK ME!" Jessica was fucked mercilessly for over half an hour, in various positions, while Ken was forced to watch his girlfriend's re-deflowering. Brad lifted Jessica in his strong arms, effortlessly bouncing her curvaceous body up and down unfathomable inches of his super-rigid mega-thick dick. OHHHH DON'T STOP! OH FUCK DON'T EVER STOP FUCKING ME! OHHHH FUUUCKK YEEEESSSSS!!" Jessica screamed as she clamped her eyes shut, relishing in the feverish surges of ravishing pleasure that tore through every inch of her body, fucking her ever closer to the greatest orgasm of her life. "FUCK! FUCK! OHHHH FUCK! NAIL ME BABY! FUCK! FUCK MY PUSSY AND FUCK ME HARD BABY! OHHH FUCK I LOVE YOUR COCK...OHHH FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG COCK FOREVER!! OHHHH FUCK YOU'RE FUCKING ME BETTER THAN ANYONE EVER HAS! OHHH FUCK! OH YES! YES! YES!" Jessica panted erratically as she bit down hard on Brad's shoulder. Her world quickly began to spin and her pussy was so alive with pleasure that the hot girlfriend thought that at any moment she was just going to explode with how many charged bolts were shooting through her. While Jessica was still recovering from a state of perpetual ecstasy, Brad took her missionary-style, mashing her giant tits against his V-shaped torso, licking her breasts and neck, even French-kissing her, right in front of her boyfriend. By the time Brad was ready to erupt once more, he had managed to distend Jessica's pussy so much that nearly all of his monster cock sawed in and out of her easily. "Fuck, that's some tight pussy!" exclaimed the massive stud. "I'm fucking gonna CUUM!" he bellowed, his thick cock expanding deep inside her before it shot blast after huge, thick blast of potent cum deep inside her pussy. Load after heavy, hot loud pumped deep into Jessica's spasming, well-fucked body, sending the hot girlfriend over the edge. Fuck, she had never felt so much cum inside her in her life. Brad whitewashed Jessica's deepest recesses with many scalding wads of his creamy spunk before pulling his disgorging python from her overfilled pussy with a loud plop. His gunk cascaded between her crack while the mighty organ convulsed once more and sent a giant plume of white sperm past Jessica's head that landed on the lawn several yards beyond. Ken watched in awe as the young stud covered his delirious girlfriend from head to toe in ounces of boycream. Brad steered his wildly bucking anaconda from Jessica's writhing body and aimed the next salvoes towards a speechless Ken. The enormity of his discharges meant that the paralyzed neighbor's clothes soon ended up covered in his virile seed, long strands crisscrossing his until-now impeccably clean shirt, monumental stains coating his trousers, splashes of thick goo covering his black shoes until their color was almost undistinguishable under the creamy layer. "Fuck yeah! There's more coming! Ummpph!" roared the teenager. Jessica immediately knelt in front of her over-endowed lover, letting him blast her countenance with pellet after pellet of his red-hot spunk. Overpowered by the ferocity of his own orgasm, Brad lost control of his discharging rod and Jessica quickly grasped the cannon with both hands, pushing down on the steel-hard rod while it spewed giant volleys of gunk high up in the open air. "Shit, look at all that spunk! I can't believe I'm holding the biggest, fattest cock in the world and it's just cumming and cumming and cumming!" She was getting delirious as ten, twelve then fifteen enormous streamers rocketed out of Brad's rockhard manhood. Finally, she managed to tame the bucking beast, aiming the final jets at her heaving tits, coating her entire upper chest in Brad's voluminous offerings. After a minute or so of almost continuous ejaculations, his dong rested on her right shoulder, still drooling thick dollops of semen on her back, the threatening helmet aimed at her cuckolded hubby. She held Brad's slightly softened tool up with her hands as if lifting a weight bar and licked the drying spunk from its vast surface. "Fuck, it feels so heavy, it's like holding a fucking baseball bat!" "Honey, how could you do this to me?", moaned her boyfriend as he attempted to clean some of Brad's spunk from his shriveled penis. "Because THIS is the biggest cock in the world and it's attached to the hottest, most muscular stud I could ever find in my life! He's a dream come true and he's gonna fuck me until I can't walk!" she said with a wicked smile. Brad lifted her off the ground and sat her on his rock-hard cock then crossed his arms, to show her and her wimp of a boyfriend what his monster was capable of. She looked bewildered, suspended in mid-air, her whole body resting on his cock, not bending it in the slightest. "Fuck, this is unbelievable! Look honey, he's carrying me on his cock!" she moaned as she reached between her legs and furiously wanked his engorged cock which had already started leaking pre-cum once more. "Come on," said Jessica. "Take me inside and fuck me senseless, I want us to cuckold him in his own bed." Brad walked inside their house and signaled to her boyfriend to follow them. He looked utterly defeated, his small stub of a dick barely visible under my coating of potent semen. "Jessica, please no! Will you really let this monster fuck you on our bed?" he pleaded. "Try and stop me!" she answered. Brad stood at the foot of the bed as she dismounted from his horse cock onto the bed, sliding her cum-coated body along the sheets. She took hold of Brad's almost four-inch wide flared head and rubbed it against her labia, while moaning breathlessly and looking Brad straight in the eyes. "Fuck me now you stud, while my pathetic, useless boyfriend is watching. Show him how a real man fucks a woman!" she grunted. Brad took her hand away and made her lick her fingers, then held his giant cock by its firm base and pushed forward in one mighty lunge. Her whole body was pushed by the sheer strength of his cock and she almost hit the headboard. "Oh, ooh, I'm cumming already! Oh fuck! Fuck me harder you fucking stud!" Brad admired her body while he continued pounding her, her beautiful hair was in a heap over the pillow, her huge firm tits pointing skyward and wobbling slightly every time he bottomed out of her long vagina at the end of lengthy foot-long strokes. Her flat stomach was deformed by the size of his apple-sized knobhead hitting deep inside her cervix, her muscular legs were spread wide in total submission. Brad groped her big, heavy tits roughly, squeezing the pliant flesh in his hands hard so that his fingers moulded into the soft-but-firm globes as he pulled Jessica back onto his spearing dick while he harshly massaged her naked breasts. "Ohhh yeah, squeeze my tits Brad...mmmm...fuck, oh I love it when you squeeze my tits when you fuck me...mmm...fuck, give me your big dick bad boy!" Jessica moaned loudly, panting heavily as the two fucked as enthusiastically as they could on the loudly groaning, shaking bed. "OHHHH YEAH! Ohhhh yeah Brad, ohhhh, fuck, make me scream...ohhhh fuck me and make me scream like my boyfriend can't!! Show him how to fuck his girlfriend!! OH YES! YES! OHHHH!!" She groaned hotly back, thrusting her ass back onto his dick ever more erratically as her orgasm built again quickly. "Ohh, please don't stop fucking me! I don't want this to ever end! Oh God, I'm coming AGAIN!! AHHH!," his girlfriend exclaimed. And as Jessica's own mind and body ripping orgasm slowly began to finally give way, her weak arms suddenly giving way so that she slumped down, her tight ass high as she was still impaled rigidly on his cock, gripping the edge of the bed, moaning and purring contentedly into the covers as her large tits pressed softly into the bed..she heard Brad's growl...and then suddenly he slammed nearly his entire 18 inch cock deep into her pussy, pressing her firmly into the mattress, and with a loud gasp, Jessica suddenly felt the thick head expand deep inside her. "Ooh fuck, oh fuck...OHhhh fuck! OHHHFUUUCCKKK! Here it comes you hot slut!! Ohhh fuck, take my cum baby!! UGHHH!" Brad roared gutturally. "OOOOOOOHHHHMMMPPHH!!" Ken's sexy girlfriend moaned erotically as suddenly a huge, thick load of potent cum blasted deep into her unprotected womb once again, followed swiftly by a second, a third, a fourth, a fifth... Brad's huge cock pumped large, thick globs of his potent cum deep into her pussy and Jessica shuddered as an orgasm passed through her body again ... fuck, he was cumming as much as his last few loads! Fuck! He was incredible! His cum was going to be filling her mouth if he carried on shooting so much into her! She felt Brad finally slow down, her taut belly bulging slightly from all the cum inside her. Brad laid down next to her, keeping his still-hard erection buried in her pussy. He teased her left nipple with the tip of his tongue as he continued to slowly fuck her. "Ohh, keep doing that," she told Brad as Ken looked on in amazement. "Shit, look honey, he's still hard! Are you going to fuck me some more stud?" asked Jessica while pursing her lips seductively. Jessica instinctively knew what to do. she turned her whole body towards Ken so that he could get a good view as Brad started to quicken his pace. "OH god, his cock is amazing!!" she exclaimed, fingering her clit as Brad fucked her from behind. "Fuck me Brad. I'm yours. Fuck me any way you want, rip me open, but FUCK ME NOW!" squealed Jessica. Brad was now gaining some serious rhythm as he thrust his hips forward driving his huge cock into Jessica who in turn ground her hips back towards Brad. His blunt monster pounded into her womb, drawing a scream of pain and lust. He growled with desire as his cockhead pressed up against her cervix. He rotated Jessica around his cock, kneeling on the bed with her legs on his shoulders. Again he drew back, and again he drove forward. Again and again, faster and faster. Soon his massive monster jack-hammered at her barrier, his hips a blur as he used long, swift strokes. Each time he felt her depths open a little wider, and each stroke made her titanic mounds wobble wildly with the force of the impact. Jessica was rapidly losing what remained of her composure, screaming and moaning wildly with each unstoppable thrust. She felt something deep inside her give, and felt the fat cockhead plow through her barrier to her womb, felt the heat and hardness of his superior cock invade her deepest parts. Brad roared in triumph as he finally bottomed out in her. She screamed out, voice ragged with pleasure, bursts of light flashing behind her eyes as a sudden orgasm crashed over her like a tidal wave. Cunt squeezing Brad's cock even tighter, a high pressure stream of girlcum sprayed from her cunt onto Brad's washboard abs. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her whole body shook in pleasure and pain. Brad let out a pleasured groan as the size queen's womb gripped on his enormous cockhead, her deepest parts spasming around his invading shaft. When he ground his hips forward, stuffing her to the hilt once again, he ground the tip of his shaft into the back wall of her fertile womb and prompted the sweetest moans. "You like that, slut? Like it when I stuff your fucking womb?" he groaned, once more grinding his hips forward. Jessica's mouth opened immediately, the words pouring forth with hardly a thought. "YEEESSS! Oh, god, yes! It feels so fucking good! I'm so full of your cock! Ohhh, fuck me, fuck every inch of me, fuck me like nobody else ever can! I'm a slut for your cock, your personal slut! You made me your slut, made me a slave to your cock! I'll never fuck anyone else! I'd never be able to fucking feel them! Your perfect cock spoiled me! Ohh, nothing can compare! Nothing goes so deep, stretches me so wide, feels so hot! FUCK ME WITH YOUR PERFECT COCK!" she screamed out, her voice rising to fill the entire house. Brad wasted no time fulfilling her wish. Soon he was rolling his hips against her, his shaft driving in and out like a piston, and she was matching him. The rhythmic slapping sounds of their bodies meeting filled the room. She heard his bed creaking as his relentless pounding made it shake and rock and she heard the thudding of the headboard against the wall. Jessica was seeing stars, her eyes shut from her seemingly endless orgasms. Every now and then, she opened her eyes and admired Brad's body, wandering from his mountainous biceps to his wide shoulders, his sculpted pecs and his washboard 8-pack, glistening with a tiny sheet of sweat. When she could, she lifted her head up from the pillow to admire the sight of Brad's massive 18-inch slab of meat ripping her cunt apart, before cumming powerfully again. Jess couldn't even scream anymore; her eyes rolled back in her head as she convulsed underneath Brad. Her back arched, and she went rigid, everything in her mind blasted away by Brad's unrelenting fuck. Brad was really pounding away now, his cockhead pulling at her cervix with each pull and pounding into the back wall on each thrust. His heavy, cum-filled balls churned as they slapped her juicy ass. Her entire body rewarded him for each stroke, from her clenching hole to the view of her epic, wildly wobbling tit-flesh, to her lips as they poured fourth her gratitude and begged for more with each breath, only interrupted my moans and screams of pleasure. Sweat was glistening on his body, and hers as well. There was a new instrument playing its part in the symphony of their sexual congress—a cracking, splintering sound, like wood giving way under repeated, powerful hammer blows. But if either Brad or Jess recognized what that sound meant, they gave no sign; they were both too lost in each other to think about such things. Soon his hips were a blur, his mighty cock an unyielding piston, a battering ram that pounded at her depths, ravaging her womb. He growled and gritted his teeth. These short strokes wouldn't be enough. He shifted, planting his feet, and dragged his hips back forcefully, pulling the head from her gripping womb, pulling back, further and further, until just the head was left inside her. Jessica's eyes widened as she felt him tear that fat helmeted head from her womb and drag it back, lighting her nerves afire as it passed. She felt almost painfully empty with it gone, but the sparks of pleasure from it dragging on her walls almost made her forget about the emptiness. She looked into his eyes for a moment, emerald eyes sparkling with desire, anticipation, and fear. Then she felt him thrust again, and she couldn't help but howl with pleasure as he plowed into her, stretching every inch of her channel once more, spearing through her cervix, and once more seating himself to the hilt in her needy pussy. "YESSSSSSS! Oh, oh god, oh my fucking gooooood~! That was incredible! Oh, more, please, fuck all of me, every inch! I need you in me forever! Come on, fuck me harder! Fuck that pussy! Your personal pussy! It's all yours, I can't live without this GIANT FUCKING COCK! You broke me! Ruined me with your cock! I'm just your slut now!" She screamed out, waves of pleasure crashing over her mind, washing away the last vestiges of restraint. With a splintering crunch, the bed collapsed, its frame shattered by Jess and Brad's vigorous fucking. The side-rails fell away, and the mattress slammed into the ground. Brad fell forward, his cock still buried inside Jess's pussy, and ended up slamming into her with all his weight, burying himself deeper in her than either of them would have thought possible. "Fuck yeah! Your pussy is ssso good!" yelled Brad. His geyser started unloading inside Jessica again, huge wads of teenage spunk splashing deep inside her womb. After a minute of non-stop cumming, Jessica's womb was filled to the brim with his ball-batter, the white slosh obscenely dripping out of her distended pussy. They both stayed in place, locked together, for some time. Jess's arms and legs were wrapped around Brad. His face nestled in the crook of her neck. Both of them were breathing hard as their mixed juices dripped from Jess's overstuffed cunt and pooled on the bed. Brad removed his cum-cannon and a huge river of goo plopped out with it. He moved to the side of the bed and offered his spurting monster to the cock-hungry slut, who gladly swallowed it whole, while holding the thick shaft at midpoint, caressing the tumescent monster with her fingernails. "Oh fuck baby that was amazing!" Jessica purred as she stroked her lover's meat. Suddenly she got a wicked glint in her eye and turned to Ken, who had pulled off his semen-drenched clothes and was quietly sitting in the corner, whimpering as he came watching the hottest sex he'd ever seen. "Ken! Get over here!" Jessica commanded her cowering boyfriend. Ken crawled on to the bed. "See what a real load looks like?" she asked as she grabbed Ken's head and pushed it between her legs. As she rubbed her slimy cunt against his mouth, the sperm in her began to flow right out and into his mouth. "Aw yeah, eat that fucking cum! Taste that musclecum!" Jessica moaned. It took a while for him to finish, her hole was so bloated from the huge amounts of jizz and it was running out of her pussy like a river. Ken was so busy swallowing that he didn't notice Jessica whispering to Brad, making him smirk and walk around the bed behind him. And then… he felt it. Something big. Heavy. Warm. It flopped down into the space between his ass cheeks, lodging there. He could feel it throbbing. He felt a throbbing against his anus and knew it was Brad's big, fat, monster, bulging against his opening. Next, a drizzle of hot liquid on his lower back. Whap! Something big and heavy slammed into Ken's right ass-globe. “Ah!” he yelled. The impact was repeated again and again. Whap! Whap! Whap! Then, it began to alternate sides. Brad spanked him over and over with his hardening cock. Brad pulled Ken's head out from between Jessica's legs and said "Your turn, bitch." Ken panicked. He shook his head and pleaded for mercy as Brad shoved his big cum-coated cock into Ken's mouth. Ken sucked as best as he could, but Brad was being a little too rough with him, and Ken began to gag. He held Ken's head and fucked his mouth like he wanted to break Ken's jaw. Brad viciously thrust his hips, his immense cock ramming in and out of the Ken's face. "Fuck his face! I want to see him take it all!" Jessica was lost in her own passion, she shoved 4 fingers in her pussy as she watched Brad force his meat down Ken's throat. Brad fucked Ken's throat like a man possessed, in and out again and again. Ken felt the cheeks of Brad's ass tighten, then with a loud "Arghhhh!" he started to cum and cum and cum, it seemed like slow motion, ever detail seemed to be amplified, only slowed down, stream after stream of cum shot into Ken's mouth. Ken couldn't swallow it fast enough and cum began spraying out of the corners of his mouth and down his chin. When Brad pulled his penis out of Ken's mouth he cock-slapped him in the face again, and then he dragged Ken to the middle of the room, dropping him face-down onto the carpet. Brad kicked Ken's legs open and wasted no time in lining his massive pelvis-pulverizer to Ken's virgin anus. “Oh my god, you're going to completely destroy Ken’s ass!” Jessica gasped, looking at the intimidating size difference for the first time. A blood-curdling scream immediately reverberated through the room as Ken felt a new immensity start to enter his ass. Ken was weeping and clawing at the floor as Brad's cock slowly but surely sunk into his bowels. "Yeah," Jessica grunted, so horny that she could barely sit straight. "Fuck him. Fuck that little bitch." Ken's eyes went wider than they’d ever been and even rolled up and crossed slightly as the intruding tool began to burrow into his guts, inch by inch, making a bulging shape in his belly from sheer size alone. There was a meaty, churning sound from deep in his guts as Brad's brutal penetration reshaped his intestines into nothing more than another sleeve for cock. From that moment forward, excretion and any other functions would be secondary to the main purpose of the warm, wet, gripping confines of his asshole. Ken’s guts were rearranged by the 18 inch, arm-thick monster. His prostate made a crunching sound. His eyelids fluttered and his tongue fell from his mouth. He made a high-pitched moaning sound as Brad mounted him and squashed him flat and began to pound him into the ground. Ken’s penis had hardened to be straight as an arrow, seemingly fit to burst, a transformation that Jessica watched with approval. “Oh shit! Ken, your cock is harder than I've ever seen it! You like being a little bottom for this god?” She dropped down to crawl next to her boyfriend and watch his penis strain and throb as it bobbed in the open air. Jessica reached a hand out to press against Ken’s smooth midsection, rubbing Brad’s cock through the membrane of her boyfriend's skin, jacking that dick while it plowed away inside his asshole. She could even see the fat divot of Brad’s huge dickhole beneath Ken’s skin, like a second belly-button! "Nnngh, I’m going to cum, watching you become Brad’s bitch!" she moaned, sliding beneath Ken and letting his throbbing cocktip spear into her pussy. “Aw fuck, Brad's stretched me out so much I can't even feel you any more!” She had to scoot her butt up and let Ken fuck down into her via a piledriver sort of position, otherwise the cock-bulge from Brad’s assfucking would have intruded between them. “Fuck him harder, Brad!” she begged. “Fucking destroy my boyfriend’s ass and force his cock into my pussy!” She reached up and spread her thighs lewdly, balancing on her shoulders, pulling back on her knees, presenting her pussy for Ken to drill down into, spurred on by Brad’s thrusts from behind. His eyes were squinted shut with tears. “It feels like I'm barely touching the sides!” The sounds certainly gave that impression - meaty slurps and schloorps and slllrrches of sopping, lubed up pussy trying to cling but really just serving as a loose, wet meat hole. “Oh fuck!" Jess moaned in Ken's face. "Brad’s pulverized my pussy so much it’s taken on the shape of his dick!” Every second, Brad would thrust his huge, hammering fuck pillar into Ken’s asshole, bulging him out lewdly. This would in turn force Ken forward and jam his downward-pointing fuckmeat into Jessica’s pussy. But Ken might as well have been fucking nothing or damn near close to it, only her outer lips gripping his base in the loosest sense of the word. It was like he rutted straight into the air -- warm air, at least -- but that was about all the sensation he got. Tears filled Ken's eyes as Jessica smiled at him evilly. “Oh, fuck!” Jessica moaned, cumming all and squirting all over Ken’s cock. “Pump your stud cum up my boyfriend’s little ass, Brad! Make him your bottom bitch! It makes me so wet to watch you make him into your cocksleeve!” The tight sensation of Ken’s ass, in combination with the nastiness of Jessica, was quickly pushing him to the edge. "Here it comes!" Brad warned, snarling into Ken's ear, "Take my fucking cum!" His thrusts were getting more erratic and haggard as he reached the edge, and Jess saw his big, swollen balls draw up a little in his scrotum as they prepared to erupt and power a tidal-wave-sized load into Ken’s ass. Pistoning his hips one last time, Brad sheathed the entirety of his behemoth into the helpless boyfriend. Letting out a strained moan, his cock flexed within him, his balls rumbling against his ass. When it happened, Brad buried his cock as far as he could in Ken’s ass and roared loudly. A long, low, burbling spraying noise came from within Ken’s body as his stomach expanded to make him look pregnant. “Brad is filling up your ass with a huge fucking load,” Jessica moaned, sliding out from under the two of them and climbing onto the bed for a better view. She vigorously fingered and fisted herself to multiple thunderous climaxes as she watched Brad fill her barely conscious boyfriend. "Oh that feels so goddamn good!" she screamed as she came again. Ken shuddered to orgasm himself and slumped over, barely conscious. Brad pulled out and kicked Ken onto his back, standing over him as he used both hands to stroke his pulsating pole, his fists rapidly flying up and down its length. Cock pointed downward, he used it like a fleshy hose to completely and utterly cover the man. Cum rained over Ken's body in thick streams, painting him in lashes of off-white cream. When Brad's orgasm ended he bent over to run his cock all over Ken's face and chest, smearing the semen around, and then he stuck his cock into Ken's mouth and forced a foot of his monster rod down his throat until he felt Ken pass out. Brad pulled out and he slapped Ken across the face, but got no response. Ken was out cold, his body spread wide in a pool of cum, a stream of white tinged with red flowing from his wrecked ass. Brad stood up and turned to Jessica, his glistening muscles framing his monster cock as he made his way back to the bed. Jessica fondled herself in anticipation, rubbing her cum and sweat covered tits as she spread her legs for her approaching master. Brad didn't say a word as he grabbed his thick log of cock around its base and smacked it against her tits several times, causing her to let out an embarrassingly whorish moan. "Shit, you're so huge!", she exclaimed. Jessica wrapped her huge mounds around Brad's shaft and began to make out with his cockhead. "OOOH! SLLLURP! Mmmh, your massive cock tastes so good Brad, you're such a fucking beast!" enthused Jessica as she licked the bulbous head of the stud's angry weapon. "Yeah, suck it!" encouraged Brad, one hand tugging on Jessica to give him leverage during this sumptuous fellatio. Once again, the enormously-endowed young man let loose a volley of pre-cum that spewed as high as Jessica's hair, covering her nose and forehead with a heavy dose of salty seminal juices. Finally, her head began to bob up and down real fast, but Brad pulled her mouth off of his twitching cock and said, "Now it's time for you to feel my cock up your ass baby!" "P-please! Fuck me!" Jessica howled with obvious need. Brad picked up the giant-titted goddess, lowering his behemoth with one hand and angling Jessica towards him with the other until her tight buns reached the edge of the bed. Kneeling down, he placed his titanic boycock at her anal entrance, letting loose with an ounce or so of lubricating pre-splooge. He swiveled his giant glans back and forth, smearing her asshole with his potent goo. Jessica sucked in a deep breath at the feeling, hips jerking, trying to match Brad's movements while also forcing his cock into her. Then, he carefully inserted the apple-sized head of his colossus, letting Jessica catch her breath with each invading inch. Eventually, his helmet was fully lodged inside her cavity and he continued his upwards journey up her distended bowels. "God, it's so fucking huge, you're ripping me apart but it feels so good! AAAH, I'm coming already!" moaned the size-queen, juices squirting out of her pussy and splashing over the deep crevasses of Brad's rock-hard abs. Brad had only penetrated her with a third of his shaft before he felt some resistance, her hole becoming narrower. His titanium pole dug its way nevertheless, impaling Jessica with several more inches before the stud stopped and sawed back out. He slammed back in, his heavy spermbags noisily bouncing against the sheets on the side of the bed. Brad increased the pace and brought Jessica over the edge time and time again, her loud cries of ecstasy resonating through the whole house. Keeping a good rhythm, Brad pistoned his hips at the buxom beauty below her. His hard thighs pressed into Jessica's much softer pair, using them like a trampoline to bounce off of on each thrust. Her giant tits were bouncing atop her chest and Brad took hold of them, massaging them while he continued his assaults on her backside. Her entire body convulsed in another squirting orgasm and her tongue lolled out of her mouth. By this point, Jessica’s shaking didn’t stop and neither did her squirting; Brad literally had her in a cycle of never ending orgasms. The bed creaked and rocked, the headboard slamming into the wall as Brad fucked her into the bed harder and harder. Sawing his log of fuckmeat into her ruined hole faster and faster, Brad's body tensed as his climax began to build once again. He could feel his cock harden even further, the veins pulsing across it intensely. Hilting himself at last, the thick base of his massive meat hugged completely by Jessica's pulled-taut asshole, he held the woman still as the beginning of his load raced up his cock. His shaft bulged, stretching out the slut's depths even more. "Fuck yeah!" he bellowed, the first blast firing from his throbbing crown. Audible sounds were heard as hot lances of thick cum hosed down Jessica's spasming, dick-gripping asspipe and pooled deep in her guts. She brought a hand to her belly and rubbed the spot where Brad's cocktip was bulging beneath her skin. "Shit, I can feel it, it's so fucking strong! AAAH!", she screamed as Brad unloaded more powerful jets of cum in her overflowing hole. Then, as Brad thrust his ultra-stiff monster again, her head hit the headboard with a loud thud as her eyes closed as she fainted. Brad pulled his disgorging rod out of her ass, a torrential downpour of her frothy progeny following it and pouring onto the now-ruined bedspread. Grappling with his bucking beast, which fired a long stream of white across the ceiling, Brad pointed it down towards the prone slut. Jessica's hair was hit first, her head instantaneously plastered against the bed's coverings. He blasted her fat mounds next, completely drenching them in her goo. Half a dozen thick strands erupted from his peach-sized helmet and each was bigger and stronger than the previous one. Cum covered her entire body again in thick layers. As his orgasm began to peter out, Brad lazily stroked his giant bitch breaker, letting the remaining dregs liberally coat the wall behind the bed, claiming her bedroom with his slimy gunk. Rubbing his cock slower and massaging it below the ridge of the fat glans, he looked down at the near-comatose woman. Bubbles popped across the swamp of semen plastered over her visage in time with her breathing, her chest rising and deflating with every labored breath. Brad smiled as he wiped his cock across Jessica's cum-enveloped face. Wielding her cock like a club, he slapped Jessica’s face gently with a laugh, waking the girl from her orgasm induced slumber. "Time to wake up babe." Opening her eyes, Jessica looked up at Brad through cum-frosted lashes. Jessica did her best to sit up, having trouble due to the weight of the cum filling and covering her. She raised both hands to her face and did her best to shovel off the white goop that covered her visage. "Oh fuck, how long was I out? Oh fuck, I'm totally coated in your spunk!" She moaned as she took in the sight of her cum-drenched body and ruined room in front of her. Letting out a satisfied sigh, Brad stepped off the bed and slowly wanked his monster to milk the last dollops of cum from its 18 inch sperm canal. He was sweating profusely from this monumental fuck session and held his arms up behind his head to show off his mighty teenage muscles. His biceps ballooned out and his chest heaved with power as the ripped muscles strained from the exertion. His muscles moved and pulsed like a well orchestrated machine, her eyes fixated on the sheer massiveness of his form. Jessica stared up at him as she scooped up handfuls of cum from her body and sucked it down. She squeezed her big tits, licking her own nipples clean before sitting up to lick Brad's pumped muscles. Jessica smiled at him and crawled up to him to clean up his cum and sweat covered pecs. She slid down, licking his abs clean of their combined juices before lifting his softening cock, slurping up the warm sap from the unending length of his pillar of flesh and sucking the goo dangling from his heavy seedmakers. “Thank you for fucking me, God,” she moaned, breathily, before pulling his glans up against her face and making out with his cockhead. "Please come back soon." Brad bent down and kissed her, "See you tomorrow, slut." He left her to clean up the mess and went back home. THE END
  20. I think I finally pinned this story down. The whole thing I think will end up a trilogy which will house 3 major parts divided up. And they'll probably be out of order. Take a look at this prologue and tell me what you think. I gladly accept constructive criticism. The Grey Scale The Takeover (prologue) "We soldier on Such a short ride Light bulbs and batteries are almost gone Like a steep slide Watch the world unwind On the outside Here in the sunshine!" Johnathon Coulton - Sunshine It only took a matter of 2 weeks for all the world's lakes, rivers, and watersheds to be domed off to humans. One moment, humans were in their homes just living their lives, the next minute they were teleported to wastelands or other undeveloped areas around the world. These places weren't completely desolate. There was some vegetation and water, but the population would have to try and re-engineer what they had before "The domes." A couple of days afterward, the Greys came hunting. You know the ones, big black bug looking eyes and pale grey smooth skin. But these weren't your typical thin scrawny looking aliens. These Greys got a serious upgrade. They now tower above humans reaching heights of 10 to 14 feet tall. All of them have muscle upon muscle, making even the biggest of Mr. Olympia class bodybuilders look scrawny and undernourished. The Greys have no issues showing their size and strength off. They hunt in uniforms that barely cover their bodies looking more like something out of a porno mag than a military outfit. It's entirely possible they were made that way deliberately so their massive musculature could have all the room it needs to flex and bulge outward with the massive pump they get at nearly any intensity of work. Their strength is many times stronger than their bodies and considering their size already, they can bring down entire buildings with a properly placed punch. Everything they own is 10 times heavier than any human could lift. The Greys looked and seemed almost godlike. The Greys hunt with a smile, a wave, and a pitch. Sounding almost like a true salesman, they tell humans about joining them and being converted into a hybrid grey-human. They say that they themselves are very similar due to an advancement in their evolution. They claim that we actually helped them achieve reaching their godlike proportions and strength. Sure these Grey hulks are armed, but with small laser pistols that stun... at least small to them to which they rarely ever use. Some accepted, and were taken into the massive domes never to be seen or heard from again. No one knows what goes on inside the domes. No one knows what happens to those who enter them. Gradually, over time, human consumption wastes away at the limited vegetation outside the domes. Cities become desolate and deteriorate as people move to new areas. Only the dregs of society remain laying claim to the abandoned cities. The world outside the domes gets more desolate, vegetation wanes, the sun seems to get hotter as the lands dry out. Every so often the Greys come out to hunt for new converts to their "society." Conspiracy theorists plug their assumptions of Humans 2.0. A majority of humans warily decline. Some hear rumors ranging from being eaten to fulfill their need for protein to keep the big muscles to becoming sex slaves to fulfill their limitless libidos as shown by their massive sex organs. The Grey hunters seem to have 4 sexes instead of 2. Almost like the human sex chromosome, the Greys have a male-male, male-female, female-female, female-male depending on where each sex is grandly displayed on the upper and lower body. Those who chant bible verses can only look on in horror at the amount of near naked flesh that they must avert their eyes. The domes house an entire alien red light district. Some of them claim. What really goes on in those domes?
  21. FallenAway

    Mister Alpha by LORUS

    With the author's permission I am reposting stories that were written for the old forum and were later deleted. Fortunately, I saved copies for myself because I like his work very much. This is a single-episode short story that might be referred to as a "one-shot," but the number of times you shoot while reading the story is entirely up to you. MISTER ALPHA by LORUS Lane Huntington took up most of the king-size bed at the Forbes Plaza Hotel, where he’d been staying at the expense of his mysterious benefactor, Ward Melchior. He had yet to meet the man in person, but already the enigmatic billionaire’s lavish hospitality had given the young bodybuilder a taste of what it was like to live a five-star penthouse suite kind of existence. Lane liked it. He liked it a lot... and he wanted it all. Stud-A stirred in his sleep to his left, whilst Stud-B, to his right, adjusted his position somewhat, feeling up the powerful bags of muscle that formed Lane’s impressively sculpted chest, but not entirely waking up. Lane loved every moment of it. The twinks were both Brazilian and tremendously beautiful, each one endowed with superstar looks, although Lane’s features – from head-to-toe – completely overshadowed them in just about every way. He’d just won the Mister Alpha Muscle Pageant, staged only that previous night, at the Forbes Plaza which was just one of a multitude of hotels owned by Melchior. The billionaire, it seemed, had a thing for musclemen... the bigger the better. Well... they didn’t come bigger than Lane Huntington. He was horny as fuck, although he’d milked both Studs dry several times during last night’s steamiest of bedroom romps. They were depleted and wouldn’t be of any use to him for hours yet. Melchior had insisted, over the phone, that part of the prize for winning the pageant was that he could order anything he wanted... room-service being only too happy to oblige. Lane was stiff as a board, now, and gazed down at his beautiful and super-ripped muscle-bod as he ran his fingers down along his rock-hard flesh, not a hair in sight, except for the thick, dark bush of his pubes. Elsewhere he was smooth and taut, and oh... how his muscles looked so beautiful... for they seemed to get bigger and better with each passing day. His fingers played, for a time, with his fully erect pole, and he gasped, constantly overwhelmed by its mammoth size. “Fourteen inches hard. Awww I can barely close my fingers around it at its thickest point. So much blood going into it.... heh... makes me light-headed.” He needed to fuck.... badly. Stud-A and B were sleeping off the ecstasy he delivered into them both via his huge fuck-rod, their rectal passages stretched beyond anything they could ever have put into themselves in the past. “Room-service,” he called aloud. Immediately a computer-generated woman appeared as a life-sized holographic display, projected from an orb set into the ceiling. There was one in every room. State-of-the-art technology... the best money could buy. “You called, Mister Huntington? How may I be of service,” the voice, a sample of that of actress Sharon Stone, politely inquired. “Bring me breakfast. I’m starving. I want eggs over easy, hash browns, bacon and mushrooms, coffee, orange juice and some bran muffins. And send up the two studly runners-up in the Pageant I so deserved to win. They’re gonna get so goddam fucked they’ll be singin’ like Shirley Temple for the rest of their lives.” Being the Alpha Male made Lane ever so cocky. He loved to be arrogant and self-obsessed. It boned him just thinking of words like that which so accurately described him. “Right away, Mister Huntington. Will there be anything else,” the cyber-Sharon inquired, as per her programming. Lane thought about it for a moment. “Yeah, tell me something I want to hear, bitch,” he growled, now jerking lightly on his rod just to get the precum flowing. “You are the sexiest... hugest... most well-endowed... motherfuckin’ sex-god, not only staying at the hotel, but in the entire world, Mister Huntington,” the hologram replied, smiling her polygonal smile, implying emotions she didn’t really have. “Yeah, you better believe it,” he snorted gruffly, bouncing his pecs to get the blood flowing better. “Thank you for choosing Forbes Plaza, Mister Huntington. Your room-service will arrive shortly.” And Sharon blinked-out in a trice. “Damn... I won’t be able to wait for shortly to arrive,” he growled, stiffening every part of him as he lay between the dreaming twinks. Precum drizzled down his dick in copious, sticky rivulets. His fingers were coated in it. And so, he licked each one clean, the taste intensifying his burgeoning lust. “The only gay in the competition that I know of, and I fuckin’ outmuscled every one of ‘em. Fuck yeah!” He couldn’t stop himself from turning Stud-B over on the bed and then straddling him, so worked-up into a lather of lust, that he must relieve himself into the exhausted, sleeping twenty-year-old from Sao Paolo. He entered the young man, his precum gushing out of him, now, adding to the manly soils already making the mattress damp. Stud-B winced and came awake with a start. “Unnnngh,” was all he could say (neither spoke a word of English anyway). “Take all these hunky, fuckin’ hot inches of my horny weapon....grrrrr!” Lane’s lust got lustier as he took the twink, ploughing so much length, so much wet, sticky cock into his tight-but-serviceable bubble butt. Stud-B moaned out of sheer bliss, clawing at the pillow that now engulfed his face, pressing his butt upwards with every ounce of his strength, pushing against Lane’s monstrous invasion, but the bodybuilding hunk’s power was too great. Stud-B passed out once more, utterly exhausted, but Lane, a master when it came to controlling his passions, held off from cumming, but momentarily swam through the reverie created by his ever-rising sense of bliss. He wanted more, however.... he wanted to mega-fuck. Room service arrived in the form of a very cute, quite well-built hotel porter, and he filled-out his uniform more than adequately. The youth, no more than nineteen or maybe twenty, was very beautiful and immediately Lane found himself drawn to him. Behind the porter, Max Mason, and Alfredo Desoto, first and second runners-up in the Mister Alpha Muscle Pageant, stood in just their posing suits from the night before. Glistening and rippling, the hunks seemed a little nervous, knowing what their fates had in store for them this day. But they had to comply. Ward Melchior would have it no other way. Lane made a bolt for the food trolley, but he noticed the bulge in the front of the porter’s workpants, deciding that right now the lad probably loved his job more than anything because he got to witness events of this magnitude: standing in a room with three huge bodybuilders and two unconscious Brazilian hunks. The smell of manly musk formed of precum, sweat and spunk, hung heavily in the air. Anyone caught in its miasma immediately grew hard, even Max and Alfredo, both of whom were happily married with wives and kids. Weren’t they all staying at the hotel? Lane didn’t care about such things. He only cared about himself and getting what he wanted. Lane gorged on the food as the porter stood next to the trolley, his brow dappled with the kind of sweat that suggested he was uncomfortable. “You gay?” Lane enquired, between mouthfuls of breakfast. He slurped his orange juice noisily. Despite that he was the most gorgeous man in the world, his eating habits easily tied with those of your average farmyard pig. “Uh, no sir,” the porter replied with a somewhat evident tremor to his voice. “Bet you do gay webcam, Sean Cody kinda stuff, to get yourself through med-school, though, or something like that. Bellboy wages can’t pay your bills alone.” “Unngh...I...er... have done stuff in the pa––” Before the lad could finish: “Get that sexy body of yours naked... by the time I count to five, or I’ll fuckin’ tear that uniform off you,” Lane, now done with eating, commanded as the Alpha that he was. No man would be able to resist him. He flexed a double-biceps pose whilst still seated at the edge of the bed. Massive upright peaks of rock-hard muscle exploded upwards, pressing against his thick forearms so that the pressure against the spaghetti-network of veins on his arms caused the blood within to flow even faster. The extra pressure made his veins bulge even more, and his hungry muscles gorged on the blood, fueling themselves to grow bigger and harder. Behind the porter, Max and Alfredo, confirmed heterosexuals both, balked at the idea of being dominated by Huntington, but when they saw how much bigger his biceps looked this morning – compared with last night on stage – primordial lusts awakened in them, and their cocks soon became too big for their tight, sexy posers. “What’s your name, kid?” Lane repeatedly bounced his pecs before the porter, his taut but pouting nipples pointing perfectly downward, each one somewhat blurred by the very crescent-shaped shadow cast by the jutting, bulbous under-swell of each pec-mound. “Unnngh.... Steve, sir... Steve Highway,” the lad answered, as he began to shrug off his clothing. “Nice name... but you’re too fucking slow,” growled Lane, and he shot off the bed, knocking over the breakfast trolley as he went, bounding towards Steve, almost with furious intent, his muscles seething, shifting as if in metamorphosis. With one tug he ripped through Steve’s uniform and gasped, smiling, at the sight of his thickly muscled, impressively shredded bodybuilder’s physique now on show. He was blonde-haired, and so he had a light dusting of fine blonde hairs across his thickly fleshed pec-rack. He shuddered against Lane’s sudden advances, and every muscle across his upper body flexed simultaneously. “Jeezus... you should have competed with me last night, not that you’d have won against me. But you might’ve finished sixth place, maybe fifth.” “Suh-sir.... please.... I have to get back to wo....mmmphfffff!” Steve’s ability to speak was silenced as Lane Huntington fucked his face with a tongue that would put a horse’s to shame. “I always get what I want mmmmmmm,” Lane boasted and sucked on Steve so hard, he could have cut off his air-supply, rendering him unconscious. But the lad was strong... and could be huge if he put his mind to it, so Lane thought. Lane now worked feverishly at Steve’s cock, delighting – gasping – at how it pulsed hugely in his grasp, filling out, thickening to a massive size. “Whoa... what you got down there.... unngh... ten inches, beer-can-thick?” Lane’s lust had him dripping cups of precum at a time. The carpet upon which he stood was soon sodden. “Mmmmpfff....gasp.... more like.... unngh... twelve, suh-sir.... eight and a half thick... oh god!!” “Well, you’re about to... unngh... feel what fourteen inches feels like.... fuck yeah.... I’m the fucking biggest in every fucking body-part.... unngh yeah!!!!” Lane blasted a full lat-spread right in front of Steve. Being three inches taller than the blonde six-footer, Lane hefted up his gloriously striated pectorals and his usually downward-pointing nipples shot into an outward-jutting position. The top of his pecs flexed so high, why... he could comfortably rub the tip of his nose against them. Beneath his nose, a dirty sex-mad tongue massaged drool all over his heaved pecs. Steve, overwhelmed by lust, began to suck on his nipples, firstly the one on the left, whilst pinching the one on the right between fingers that had so obviously performed this ritual before. He made his fingers to journey across the amazing topography of Lane’s back, tracing invisible lines along the bumps and valleys which his back’s musculature consisted of. The divisions between each muscle were deep enough to hide coins in. In fact, Lane Huntington’s striations could probably hide a couple of hundred bucks worth of change. “Alfredo, you pipsqueak... get behind Steve. Start working him from behind,” Lane snapped an order. Then, to Max: “Fuckwad... kneel on the bed behind me and stick that long tongue of yours you love to wag onstage to the audience, stick it far up my ass. Don’t stop tonguing me until I say you can. Grrrrrrrr.... get to it!!!!!” The runners-up to Mister Alpha Muscle, both stared blankly at one another, and quickly removed their wedding rings before carrying out Lane’s instructions. “Mmmm.... you’re the best fucking thing to come out of this,” Lane moaned, kissing Steve so hard, over and over, whilst the college student worked his hands all over the massive bodybuilder’s incredible physique. His muscles were beyond comparison. Secretly Steve wished he could get this big one day. Certainly, being with Lane, now, like this, heightened a muscle-lust Steve didn’t know he had. “From now on... forget whoring it online with your inferior fuckbuddies... forget any big-tittied-bitch you might have for a girlfriend. You belong to me now, Stevie... you got it?” Lane blasted out another insanely peaked double biceps, and Steve cupped each bi with hands he considered to be bigger than average. Still, though, he had trouble getting his fingers around the apex of each bi. They were huge, over thirty inches each, easily putting his (moderate by comparison) twenty-one-inch guns to shame. “Yessir... I’m your boyfriend now... unngh,” moaned Steve, feeling the invasion of Alfredo’s rim job from behind, a new experience to them both. He returned his attention to Lane’s nipples and moaned in awe when Lane began to bounce each pec, so that Steve had to wrestle with his tongue to nip at each erect bud. Lane loved to have his nipples nipped at. He screamed out his bliss, which served to heighten the lusts of the others. Stud-A and B, now fully awake, began to fuck one another, enjoying the arousal of the orgy occurring before them. It went on like this for a long time, finally culminating in Lane Huntington blowing a massive load, so much warm, salty cream on tap for everyone present. Everyone showered in it and drank of it, for with balls that could swell to the size of touch footballs, Lane Huntington could produce a massive amount of spunk at a time. He fucked each one of them many times over, creaming again and again until it seemed he could never stop. His orgasm lasted for hours... it was unbelievable just how huge and sexually charged he had become. Finally depleted, they each one and all collapsed into a mountainous muscle pile atop a spunk-wet mattress with Lane forming its super-solid base, Max, Alfredo and Steve in the middle, and the Brazilian studs clambering on top. The bed groaned to support the weight of six men, with Lane Huntington the heaviest of them all. Lane slept soundly, so pleased with who he was and what he was capable of doing. It was brilliant being Mister Alpha. Epilogue: When he awoke, things were very different. He was alone in the hotel room, the bed immaculately fresh and clean. In fact, not a trace of the sex he’d had could be found anywhere. It had become a spunk-free zone. “But... the fuckin’ room was drenched in the stuff,” he reasoned. Even the mess from the toppled breakfast trolley was nowhere to be found. The entire suite was clean as a whistle. The massive bodybuilder got off the bed and quad-waddled from room to room. Everything was neat and in place, all signs of his earlier company non-existent. Could he have dreamed it? No way, for it was too real. He had been the muscle master, so much in control... but now? He was alone. The silence was disquieting. He decided to call for Room Service. Immediately Sharon the Cyber-Babe appeared, shimmering in holographic hues that alternated between various blues and greens. She was beautiful, if you liked that sort of thing, he figured. “Hello, Lane. How may I be of service?” Her voice was sensuous, soothing.... perhaps even hypnotic. “Where are the others? What’s going on here?” He didn’t like feeling out of control, but something about his sudden situation made him feel helpless, far from at ease. “They’ve gone, Lane. The average human can only take so much pleasure,” Sharon politely explained, grinning pleasantly, albeit artificially, “However, it could be argued that an Alpha like you was never average to begin with.” “I want to speak with Ward Melchior. I won his fuckin’ pageant, so I get to live out all the pleasures I deserve,” Lane, his anger rising, exclaimed harshly. “You are speaking with her, Lane. My name is Ward Melchior,” the hologram’s smile seemed more animated now... certainly more human in its aspect. “You.... you’re him? Buh-but....aw shit, this is fucked up.” He began to pace back and forth, gripping his temples as if to keep his skull from exploding as his brain struggled to make sense of what was suddenly going on. “I will try to keep it simple, Lane,” Ward Melchior explained, her body fleshing out into a more earthly palette, firming up, solidifying, but still vaguely translucent. “I’m all ears, lady,” Lane gruffly blurted. “You were in an accident. Your car went off the road and struck a tree. You happened to be near my research clinic when it happened and so the paramedics brought you to me. An ordinary man would have surely died, but as a bodybuilder you were afforded some protection. Alas, you couldn’t be saved. Fortunately, we specialize in preserving the human synapses and uploading them to our server, the Forbes Lowell Ethereal eXperience, or FLEX for short. Forbes Lowell was my father and founder of the clinic. He died two years ago, but he lives on as Steve Highway, the muscle-twink porter. Heh, he’d always hated his original name. Melchior is my name by marriage. I’m married to the world’s most renowned computer programmer who helped to build the FLEX server.” Ward paused speaking in order that Lane could digest what he was hearing. He found it difficult to get his head around it. “Wait... you’re telling me that I’m....DEAD? Buh-but, why the charade? Couldn't you have been a little more forthcoming with the truth?” A look of total perplexity washed across his handsome face. “Physically you are dead, but your brain patterns have been uploaded into your cyber-self. In essence you are still mentally alive... and always will be. These scenarios, or charades, are essential to gradually ease you into your new experience, hence the hotel and bodybuilding pageant scenario. In addition, your cyber body is even better than the real thing. Look,” said Ward, and sidestepped to allow a mirror to form up in front of him. Lane gazed. Lane gasped. “Jeezus.... I’m fuckin’ enormous,” he cried, completely shocked by his reflection. “We thought you’d like the improvements we made to your physical parameters,” said Ward with a chuckle. “It’s like that movie Vanilla Sky... the one with Tom Cruise in it,” said Lane, now posing like he’d never posed before. His body was “hulkingly” huge: easily three hundred pounds heavier than it had been when he’d been alive and competing at a shredded weight of 275. He massed into a bulging showcase.... a massive most muscular that flooded each muscle with humongous weight and definition. “Gonna pop,” he snarled, loving every moment of how he suddenly felt. “Well, this program was around before that movie was even thought of. But the comparison you make is sound.” Then... after a moment to allow Lane to further enjoy his massively sculpted, super-bloated and altogether beautiful body, she added: “We... can make you even bigger than you are now, Lane.” “Huh? How big?” He only half-heard her, so rapt was he on blasting out insane poses, muscles bunching ferociously, vascularity pushed beyond maximum, skin stretching snake-fashion to accommodate his muscular engorgement.... muscles climbing over muscles, smothered by their own combined mass. “Beyond your imagination, Lane,” said Ward, and before Lane’s disbelieving eyes, she morphed into Steve Highway, only this time he was as hugely muscled as Lane was himself. “Huh, I thought you said that Steve is your father. Jeezus, this is confusing.” Lane’s head began to swim from a combination of sensory overload and a sudden rush of blood southward, as his now twenty-inch cock sprung to attention at the site of the Steve Highway character displaying muscles as huge as Lane’s. “We like to share this image, from time to time. I’m still alive and have commitments beyond the server, so when you’re with Steve it’ll mostly be my father. But he’s sleeping now, so I get to use the body.” Ward/Steve moved closer to her/his new boyfriend, a secret which she would keep to herself and not inform her techie husband, for she had ways of keeping him out of her affairs when she traversed the server in cyber-form. “So your dad swings both ways, huh? I guess I’m okay with that.” Lane locked lips with Steve, their drooling tongues salivating with muscle-lust. Their huge, hulking muscle-bods became laved with musky sweat, their senses overwhelmed by their incredible, stunningly beautiful masses. The kissed for ages, fucked intensely for even longer, time seeming to stand still on the server, their lusts ever rising. And as they fucked, they grew to titanic proportions, thousands of pounds of muscle seethed across them, their dicks and balls swelling ever larger to cope with the demands made of their burgeoning lusts. “Don’t....gasp... let this end... not ever.... gonna cum.... gonna cum forever, fuck yeah!!!” “That’s doable,” gasped Steve, and with the merest mental command, both men shot massive loads whilst tonguing each other, slurping up each other’s cum as quickly as it was issued. They drank and drank... came and came. Time was meaningless here. And they continued to grow in every way imaginable... or unimaginable. Their orgasms intensified, their muscles bulging ever larger.... way larger.... too fuckin’ large, but then not large enough. Alpha became Omega. The circle closed and was re-opened.
  22. SecretlyWriting

    The Growing Android

    This is my first try at a muscle growth erotic story, other ones always stayed at a constant build up. It's unedited and raw but i want you guys thoughts on it. I wanna learn if i did this right and should continue, where can i improve myself and what are the problems and did this story achieve anything. Please write them in the comments ----- “So you are telling me, if I order this, all my sex desires can be…” I said to John. After all the talk with him about my unsatisfying sex life he came to my desk at the office and proposed this new invention as an idea. “Yeah, they will be real. The android adjusts itself to it’s owners,” he said. I knew him since high-school and the fate somehow kept us together. I always wondered why he was so eager to listen to my gay ass babble. He always was the best looking guy around, with that blond hair swept forward, high cheekbones, and those iconic blue eyes but unfortunately he’d had many girlfriends, so most likely was straight. “Awesome!” I said. He came closer and took my phone. Seeing his slightly defined pecs closer, with the 1 foot 2 inches difference of height was quite hard to endure for my overly horny body parts. I’ve been 5 feet even, since high-school. “I ordered it for you! Hope this will help.” Damn, what a good friend. “I still can’t believe someone like you would continue to be with me. I’m so lucky.” “Ugh, just shut up,” he said. “You put yourself down too much.” “So, when would it arrive?” “I don’t know, but don’t open it till my business trip is over. If it acts up I can’t be there otherwise.” He gave me his card, as if I didn’t have his number… This guy really loved giving his card to me, many times. He must’ve known me better, of course I wouldn’t wait for his trip to end but didn’t answer his question and simply nodded. After looking at me with suspicion he let it go. I met with John many years ago at my birthday, 2009. That day was a disaster and my family didn’t even remember I had one. But coincidentally as I ran outside for some fresh air, he was walking right around our house. Nice enough to ask if a stranger was okay... That guy is something. Even in the darkness of the night, his eyes were seemingly beautiful, deeper than ocean blue. But enough with history, because a huge box had arrived at my doorstep. It looked more like a coffin than a cargo. I slowly pulled it inside, trying to prevent any possible damage. Weirdly, the box wasn’t taped. It didn’t matter either way, I wouldn’t have used the box cutter even then. In the box there was a petite human-like iron figure. On the dark, shiny texture there were no visible gaps, or screws. Though the robot had no face, ear or… That too. On the curtain, that inside of the box was covered with, there was a remote with a dimmer switch on it. “Easy-Normal-Hard-Hardcore” was what’s written in a circular fashion on the device. It sounded weird. Normally I would go with the highest setting but this time I couldn’t get myself to since the technology was very much new, anything could’ve happened. “Okay then, Easy it is!” I pressed the button, and then the magic happened. A pale tone covered the robot and slowly his face, ears, dick and every other part that was missing built itself out. He looked no different than a human but the process wasn’t finished yet as his body got bigger with newly bulging muscle. Oh my fucking god, he was getting muscular. Now I understood what John was talking about, as the android filled the box and broke it apart with his body growing taller and weightier. He stood up looking at me with seemingly surprised face. It added to his cuteness, though I would’ve preferred a more masculine look this was great too. His face had a boyish look with green sparky eyes, and brown hair. His smile complemented his cutish look. Though, still short, he was 7 inches taller than me according to the device, at 5 feet 7 inches. I could see his athletic build. Still in early but muscular anyway. With slightly buried six pack, somewhat wide shoulders and arms. His pecs were easily the most developed part. “What’s my bidding master?” he said with a cute, joyful voice. Crap, I didn’t think I would give orders. Why put ‘modes’ if I’m gonna organize everything? My face was flushing because of that sentence. I couldn’t believe I was gonna have whatever I want with someone, that was my whole fantasy. Maybe I’ve wished for someone bigger, but still, I could do nearly anything. “Y-you sure?” I asked stupidly. “Of course,” he responded without missing a beat, “I would do anything to make my master’s desires come true.” Him saying these in that athletic body, with that greatly shaped face. Was this a dream? “T-then…” Fuck, I couldn’t bring myself to say it. “C-can I… Suck you off?” He looked at me more surprised than before as if he hadn’t expected that. “Did I say something weird?” “No-no, I just didn’t think someone would want to give a robot pleasure than themselves. But if it’s what will bring my master’s dreams to reality…” He gripped his 3 incher soft cock. “I would be delighted to help you do whatever!” Him saying those words with such an energetic, positive spirit gave me the confidence I much needed. I sank to my knees, he seemed bigger down there with his thighs seemingly bulging. I wish his tool was bigger, he was stronger, but I guess it’s okay too. I shouldn’t get too spoiled. “If you want…” he said, “I can get bigger with that controller. You just need to adjust the mode to a higher mode. But, my personality will change with it too.” “C-can I do it?” But, wouldn’t that be too selfish. It was like telling him he wasn’t enough, I can’t do that. He’s already a perfect person. “If my master feels anxious about it, I can do it for you. I would like to be bigger for a more intense session.” My eyes shone by how great he was. I didn’t say a word as he took the controller to his hands, “I will change it over time, let’s have our fun.” I knew he was acting like this so I wouldn’t feel guilty, but that made me really happy. How could I look at such a perfect person as something less than a human. I tried to act up licked his dick before he could adjust himself. A moan came just in the time, one of his hands found it’s way to behind my back, to gently hold me. As I was sucking, it got harder and bigger, he moaned more. Oh my, was that his feet in my cock. That felt so weird. Uh, I never felt anything other than my hands to masturbate. Uhhh, I felt too hot all of a sudden, and his dick reached 6 inches. Not too small, but not what we call big either. But I didn’t care, because who owned that was me. I could taste that dick as much as I wanted as he rubbed his soft foot against my crouch. Damn it, I should’ve taken my pants off first. But I couldn’t stop sucking him off now, till he reached his climax. Then I felt something. His dick slowly grew bigger inside my mouth, longer and wider. It’s veins were much more vibrant against my mouth. And I had to slowly stand up, in order to reach his cock. His thighs, were getting huge. Hell! What’s those balls? His moan got louder and deep. At some point it sounded so sexy, I had to look up but his hand behind my head didn’t let me. I rose my eyes trying to see his face, but his huge packs blocked my view. I could see his enormous biceps and well defined six pack too. He must’ve pushed the remote button. “I will let you see me, if you make me come,” he said with his new manly voice. My cock cried for release as his now bigger foot just hold it even though my pants, and suddenly he gripped my pants with his toes and took it down. My small dick was now exposed, 3 inches at max. Monstrous toes held it tight and squeezed it. It was so good, I felt the breath getting outta me. Tried to focus on sucking the cock as I moved my tongue around his cock, now filling my mouth. Although he only increased the level only one times, his authority of the scene got hella stronger. Because even though I was still sucking his cock, he pulled me from my legs upside down. Felt a sudden surge of blood to my brain which took my vision for some seconds. I thought he was at the end of his growth but the dick got even wider and longer forcing itself to my throat. I could feel his grip on my legs getting stronger and his fingers covering all the way. Even though I was only looking at his bush, I could still see his bigger muscles connecting above to his pack. He must’ve been close to 7 feet now. Was normal mode supposed to be this big? It was now impossible for me to use my tongue effectively because of his giant thing filling my mouth completely and it was not even completely in. I moved my in order to give him the pleasure, and he moaned harder. That loud rumbling voice vibrated my body. “YEAH, SUCK ME!” Still, he did not come. I couldn’t breath properly any more as his body radiated with heat, and my throat nearly filled with a giant rod. He put me on the ground, but still did not give me a choice to move out. He was sitting on a couch, and gazing at me intensely now. I was between his powerful legs. From this position I could see his upper body a lot better, but the evergrowing cock didn’t let me focus too much. He had a cocky grin on his face, how long has it been since he didn’t talk though… His abs were, 8 FUCKING PACKS!? And his pecs were large as a melon. How big did he get? He was many times wider than me! He didn’t moan anymore as I tried to suck, instead just growled with such intensity, that made me vibrate with him. His hand was still at behind my head, forcing my head inch by inch to take his cock. My jaw was getting pressured, I was gagging without a stop. But he didn’t let that bother his session. And continued to push me further down. I punched him to stop with all my strength but to no avail… Couldn’t breath. My face was turning paler and paler, and then to purple slowly. My nose was at his bush now, his cock, still growing, shaped my neck down to my spine, making it look wider. Then, he dropped the controller, that’s when I saw it. I predicted this outcome but couldn’t prepare myself to believe it… He changed the mode each time as he got cockier without taking my consent, level to level, until the maximum, hardcore. The world was getting blurrier as he laughed loudly, my body swung with his cock to one side to another. I should’ve listened to John and waited for him to come… John… Then he pulled me back, and said: “Don’t die on me, we are just starting!” I couldn’t even make him come, but my cock has spilled all it’s share already. And was aching now to release just air. My intense pleasure was mixed with so much pain. I coughed, tried to get words out of my mouth but he probably outshaped my throat too much for me to be able to talk. He gazed at me with those monstrous eyes. A grin was there too, a grin of a predator. “Do you see this remote? This limits my ability to be whatever, but now that I have the full control over it…” He squished the remote in seconds. “Now, I’m free!” He had to be at least 8 feet then, I couldn’t comprehend how big he could get. I tried to scream, kick, do anything… But his grip on my body, like a toy, didn’t even twitch one bit. “I can’t wait anymore, to taste that ass of yours!” My eyes opened wide as it can get. The terror grew as his smile turned to laughter. He laughed and laughed as his muscles grew more, and became bulkier, taller! Only one of his hands was enough to grip me now. His fingers that carried me reached tip to tip. He must’ve been at least 10 feet now! So big, so filling, the couch just broke down. I didn’t know what to do anymore. “Or…” he said, “We can play this game another time, looks like your door is ringing.” J-JOHN! What if it was him?! The monster held my head, as if he would squish my brain outta it, if I did anything. I couldn’t see anything because of that. His steps made the whole house tremble! When he opened the door, a voice came, but it was not a human voice, this was a recording! It said, “2009-12-12 Did you like your gift?” This was my father’s voice. Then it dawned on me… Those eyes. When the monster threw me to the broken couch like a ball, I wanted to utter those words! But I couldn’t because of my damaged vocal cords… Then a miracle happened. A card, his card. I held the card to the monster, as if to make him remember who he was. “John” That day, years ago, my family did not forget to buy me a gift… I was mistaken, and got my gift earlier, with meeting him outside. He was a robot that was developed at my father’s lab. But for some reason, he didn’t act like one… Oh, of course… I remembered what he said: “The android adjusts itself for it’s owner’s desires.” That day, I needed a friend. So he became my friend. Now, I needed to relieve my kinks, he became what I desired each time. As I slowly came to myself, saw him… This time, he was in terror. Pulling his head, screaming! Those were not the screams of John trying to get into control, no… This was the sorrow that came with remembering everything. He was crying, punching himself, throwing things randomly… And there I was, not afraid anymore. Came closer to him and put my hands against his punch that was coming to his face, and it suddenly stopped. He couldn’t punch my hand, not anymore… That day we sat down on the floor silently for a time. -- “So you can talk fine now?” the giant said, even though it’s been days he couldn’t return to his normal self. My father’s re-modification of him in order to lure my desires even more savagely turned out to be nearly a murder machine. But now I have my friend again. Even though he can’t forgive himself, I didn’t think he was the responsible one here. “Yeah, but this will stay for a while.” I said pointing at my neck. There was a white, clothish bandage around it. Suddenly John’s eyes saddened with remembering what, his other-self done. How dare he look at me with those puppy eyes. “I’m sorry…” “I already told you, that was not your fault.” He was having a hard time to adjust to his 10 feet muscle giant form. He had to always slouch a lot to stay on his feet. I held his arm, that was where I could normally reach to touch, “I gotta take a bath, can you help?” First he looked at me shocked, wanted to say ‘no’ without a doubt but pulled himself together and nodded. After all, there was no way he could refuse helping my problems that were caused because of that day. I admit, I use it to blackmail him to be more brave. I sat in the bathtub as he tried to balance cold and hot water. I was watching him, silently trying to constraint himself in anyway possible. “Do you wanna talk?” I asked. “Uh, if you want, of course.” “Then, tell me how did your business trip go?” “Ahahaha, yeah, that was a big ass lie, to cover my disappearance.” “Then why did you ask me to wait for you?” His eyes went wide, “I… Didn’t want you to see me, like that.” “So you thought of me, even then?” “No… I thought of myself. I couldn’t come to accept you loving that weird version of me more than me… I really didn’t think things would go this wrong.” This was a hidden confession. He seemed to like implying more than straight talk, which I was not good at. “So you liked me, since when?” His face flushed. “I-I have no idea. It didn’t happen in one day, it just built itself in time. I’ve come to realize this, at your birthday.” “Wait, didn’t we meet that day?” “Yes, but I’ve known you much, much before. Your father programmed me just for you, so I had many chances to see you, watch your recordings in my entire life.” A ten feet giant, confessing his feelings to a half his size me, was so bizarre but entrancing too. “I wish I knew all of this. Why did you get girlfriend though?” “To get rid of this weird programming issue. I shouldn’t have loved you, this much at least…” As he slowly washed my feet, then to my legs with his giant hands I felt the sensitive motion in him. This close to my face, he was slowly cleaning my body in a caressing way. “I love you too.” He looked at me shocked, “But you shouldn’t, I hurt you so much already!” his voice was loud and angry. “Is this about this body…” I slapped him. “Do you think I would confuse these feelings with horniness? It was you who warned me not to put myself too down. But now you are doing it…” “NO!” he said in panic holding my arm. “I’m sorry, I hurt you again.” He was crying. This was his fear after all, hurting me. Since that day, he had been trying to constrain himself in every way. Making a mistake, damaging me again, was the horrifying thoughts that carried through. “Only thing that hurts me is, you hurting yourself. It was not your fault, trust me!” “But, these hands…” he gazed at his palms in a paranoiac way, “I saw everything, this body is a murder machine!” I pulled his hands towards myself and said, “As long as you are the one who uses them, I know these can’t hurt me.” I hugged him. Felt his thick tears rolling behind my back. When we went to bed he asked again, “You sure to do this?” “Yeah, doctor said there was no harm in doing normal sex.” “What if…” He held himself back. Try to accept what’s happened and continue, was his new goal, set by me. --- There's supposed to be a steamy sex scene here but i couldn't continue. So, please write your thoughts and suggestions! I might continue this story another time if it's done well
  23. Ziel


    Russel had never felt more out of place. He was a shrimp in a hall of ripped muscle gods. It seemed like everyone at this gym had been going regularly for years, and here he was entering a gym for the first time since P.E. class in middle school. It didn’t help that his work out shirt was comically huge on him. Russel was half tempted to go home and change… or maybe just go home altogether, but he had promised his pal he would at least try to start a gym regimen. In many ways it was only because of Russel’s friend that he was even here today. Russel had long said he was going to start working out. He had always dreamed of having a big, buff body like he saw in the magazines, but he just never seemed to put on any muscle when he tried lifting weights at home. He doubted even having access to professional lifting equipment would help his case at all either, but Russel’s pal, Kurt, was insistent he at least try. Kurt even went so far as to give Russel a new set of workout clothes, a shirt and jockstrap, for Christmas to help him kick off his fitness journey, and it was that outfit that Russel was wearing to the gym this very afternoon. The shirt was a seemingly standard muscle shirt with the caption “Loading Muscles…” on the front as well as a comical loading bar underneath the text. The loading bar was actually completely empty which seemed almost like a cruel joke to the poor, puny Russel. To make matters worse, the shirt was so huge that it hung loosely off of Russel’s wimpy frame. Russel still wasn’t sure if he was wearing it because it was a gift from a cherishes friend, or because he was just too cheap to buy something for himself, or even if he was just motivated by sheer spite, but that hardly seemed to matter at this point. His oversized shirt just made him feel even punier than ever, and his shirt wasn’t the only spacious part of his attire. His jockstrap was a little extra roomy around the Netherlands as well. Russel’s painfully average cock just wasn’t up to the task of filling the ample pouch of the “Enhance” brand strap. Fortunately, he had an old pair of jogging short on over top of the strap so nobody else had to know about his shortcomings in that department. Figuring that even the longest journey begins with a few steps, Russel made his way over to the treadmill. He might not know much about lifting weights, but he did at least know how to jog so the treadmill seemed as good a place as any to get the ball rolling. Russel quickly settled into a routine of jogging along at a reasonable pace while scrolling through a beginner’s guide to working out on his phone. It was strange. He expected to get winded pretty easily since he had never been the most athletic dude, but the more he jogged, the more energized he felt. He felt like he could run nonstop for days! But before he even realized the timer on the treadmill dinged to alert him that he had done a respectable warm-up. Russel hopped off the treadmill and decided to put the newbie guide to weightlifting he had been perusing to good use and made his way towards the weight room. The weight room had tons of mirrored walls all around the place. Try as he might, Russel couldn’t help but catch a glimpse of his own reflection. When he saw himself, he did a double take. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but something seemed different. He wasn’t what he would call fit by any stretch of the imagination, but he was looking healthier than when he had walked in. He chalked it up to the rush of endorphins from the jog and the slight sheen of sweat which had settled onto his skin, but there was something else afoot that he had not yet begun to realize. Russel quickly adjusted his oversized shirt and went back to focusing on his next workout, completely missing the fact that the loading bar on his shirt now had an almost imperceptibly small bit of blue filling the otherwise empty loading bar. The first exercise on his to-do list was a few simple bicep curls. Russel figured he’s be ahead to start light and grabbed one of the smallest set of dumbbells he could find, but after a few experimental curls he quickly realized that five pounds was far, far too light. He quickly moved up to ten and then fifteen pounds and found that those were too light as well. He was surprised to say the least. The guide he was reading didn’t suggest going above fifteen pounds for a lightweight beginner like himself, but here he was hefting a thirty pounder like it was nothing. Perhaps even more surprising was the bulge of a bicep the poked out when he reached the highest point of his curls. Russel was amazed by what he saw. It was a muscle! He had an actual muscle! It was small, sure, but everyone had to start somewhere, and the fact that he actually had some sort of muscle definition to show off on his first day at the gym was beyond a miracle. Perhaps he had not given himself enough credit. He tended to carry a few heavy books around campus. Maybe his nerdery was good for something after all. Russel was not about to rest on his laurels just yet though. If anything, this newfound discovery spurred him on to work out even more. If just a few bicep curls could bring out his latent muscles, just imagine what a regular routine could do! He could be buffed like those babes on the cover of Men’s Health in no time! After what he assumed to be a suitable amount of reps, Russel put up his barbells and made his way towards the bench press station, completely unaware that his loading bar had gained a few more pixels in the past few minutes. Russel loaded the bar on the weight rack with what he thought would be a safe and easy starter weight, and laid down to do a few reps. To his surprise, the bar was incredibly light! He wasted no time in adding more weight to it and trying another few reps. Again, the bar was too light. Before he knew it, he had doubled and then tripled the starting weight before he began to feel even a little strain from lifting. He was so amazed by the amount of weight he was benching that he almost didn’t notice the bulges forming in front of him… almost… Russel’s jaw dropped when he caught sight of the mounds in front of him. From where he was lying he had a front row view of his own chest and could see two very clearly defined pectoral muscles. He had pecs! Sure, they weren’t he hugest pecs he had ever seen. They would even be classified as fairly small by most of the muscleheads at the gym, but they were there, and they were his! He couldn’t believe his eyes. He quickly got up from the bench and turned to check himself out in one of the mirrors on the wall. There was no denying what he was seeing. He was cut! He wasn’t bulky by any stretch of the imagination, but he had some honest-to-god muscles on his body. He had a lean, lithe, swimmer’s build. Russel could barely fathom what he was seeing. He had gained a noticeable amount of muscle since he had arrived, but how!? As if to answer his question something caught his eye. A slight movement down below… Russel glanced down at the reflection of his shirt, and for the first time he noticed the additional blue on the loading bar. “Loading Muscles…” indeed, and from the look of things, he had a long way left to go! The loading bar had barely even begun to fill in. If he was this cut with just a little bit of bulking, he could hardly imagine how huge he’d be when he was done! The sheer thought of it sent a shiver of excitement up his spine and surge of excitement down his groin. Russel quickly adjusted himself down there. His chubby was feeling particularly cramped in the confines of his running shorts, but he paid it no mind. He was far too enthralled by his muscles to worry about a little thing like that. Russel couldn’t wait for more muscles to stack on. His mind was racing with ideas of just how huge he’d grow and how to speed up the process. Was there some sort of catalyst besides the shirt? Did pumping the old irons cause him to bulk up faster? He didn’t know for sure, but he knew there was no harm in trying. If nothing else the rush of endorphins and the pump that came with a good rep was starting to go to his head. He couldn’t wait to really test the limits of what his body was capable of. Russel glanced around the gym for the next station he would try out. There were so many options. He was like a kid in a candy store. Eventually his eyes fell upon the simple, unassuming bar attached to the far wall. A pull up bar. Such a simple device, and yet so full of promise. Russel had never in his life successfully performed a pull up. He was shaking with anticipation as he placed his hands on the bar, and then with the greatest of ease he pulled himself up so that his chin was over the bar. It felt so effortless that he might as well have been picking up a tissue. He could scarcely believe that the pull up bar had been the bane of his middle school existence. He remembered struggling and straining for half an hour to accomplish even a single chin up, but now he was effortlessly doing a chin up and beyond. He could pull himself all the way up until the bar hit his chest. Russel was so caught up in the rush that he did another pull up and another and another. He was a well-oiled pull up machine. He kept going up and down like a pistol, completely unaware of how his body was changing. His muscles were thickening all around him, and weight was packing on elsewhere as well. By the time the rush finally died down and he dropped down from the push up bar, he was feeling something very strange indeed. It was tough for him to put his finger on it at first. It was a strange pressure around his legs and groin, but all it took was a look in the mirror to put two and two together. His shorts were getting incredibly tight on his bulking frame! Russel was amazed at what he saw. During his brief stint on the pull up bar he had gone from twink to twunk! He went from a lean, cut, swimmer’s build to having a thick body that would grace the cover of a fitness magazine. He had quads that would amaze a quarterback! His formerly airy running shorts now dug into his thick thighs, but it wasn’t just his muscles that were filling his briefs to the brim. It was plain to see that his dick had grown as well. Russel could only stand and stare in awe at the outline of his own cock and balls that now pressed so hard against the front of his shorts that he could see the very shape and size of them. He could scarcely believe that thick set of sausage and eggs was his! He had a schlong that had to be closing in on a foot long and every bit as thick as his wrist and a pair of softball sized stones to match! It was hard to believe that just mere moments ago he had had trouble filling out his jock strap. Now he looked like he’d be spilling out in the very near future. Russel couldn’t wait to work out more and grow even larger. He already had the body of his dreams, but still, he wanted to be even bigger, and if the loading bar was any indication he had a ways to go yet. Russel didn’t want to waste any time moving onto the next exercise and getting any bigger. He turned and set up shop at the very next station his eyes fell upon – the pull downs. Russel sat down on the seat and glanced up at the bar above his head. Despite how swole he was looking, he was still pretty much a newbie when it came to working out so he was glad to see that there were guide marks on the bar telling him where to place his hands for ideal results. Russel wasted no time getting to work. He placed his hands where the marks said to and began to pull down on the bar until his hands were even with his thick pecs. He was amazed how easily the bar came down. He hadn’t even bothered changing the weights on it before he began working out, and the guy who had been using this station before him was one of the biggest bros at the gym! Russel could now hit the weights with the best of them and then some! And at the rate things were going he was soon going to dwarf even the biggest musclehead the gym had ever seen. Just imagining what it would be like to be so huge got his huge cock to stir to life in his undersized shorts. His semi was straining hard against the fabric of his too-tiny running shorts. He could already tell that one way or the other something was going to have to give. His shorts were reaching their breaking point in more ways than one, and as he pulled down on the bar over and over again he could actually feel himself getting bigger and thicker by the moment. He could actually hear the sound of his shorts straining against his thickening brawn. The sound of straining fabric just spurred him on to work even harder and reach new amazing sizes. He couldn’t wait to see what he would look like when he finally filled the loading bar. Russel was so fixated on his pull downs and his shorts that he hadn’t even noticed what was going on with his shirt. By the time he finished his reps on the pull-down station and returned once more to the mirrors to check his progress he was in for quite a shock. His once far-too-huge shirt was now looking a few sizes too small. The fabric of his muscle shirt strained across his thick pecs and his sculpted abs. The straps of the shirt now rested firmly in the groove between the thick mounds of his delts around his neck and the bulging mass of his traps around his shoulders, but perhaps what was even more amazing was how much his thick lats spilled out the sides of his open-sided muscle shirt. His wings had grown so thick that they would have shredded clean through the sides of his shirt had his shirt not already been open on the sides to accommodate it, but as amazing as his torso had become, it was hard for him to keep his eyes off the improvements below the belt. Russel’s cock was beyond huge at this point. He put even the most ridiculously hung porn star to shame. His dick was looking more like a third leg which each passing moment. His junk was so massive that it didn’t even fit in his shorts anymore. His package rested on the fabric of his shorts as if using them as a hammock instead of actually fitting inside his shorts. Only the tip of his melon-sized cock head actually fit inside his shorts, and his basketball sized stones were even less contained. With how huge his dick had become it was a miracle that any of it could fit in his shorts, and that was saying nothing of his jock strap. His strap had been a bit roomier than his shorts to begin with, but it was still a miracle that it held his bait and tackle in place as well as they did. The red fabric of the front pouch of his jock strap was so strained that it had taken on a sheer, pink texture. The color of his cock and ball flesh was starting to show through. Russel didn’t waste too much time ogling his new size in the mirror. If the loading bar on his shirt was any indication, he still had plenty more growing to do. He was already larger than the biggest bodybuilder in the gym, and he was still just shy of the 50% mark on his loading bar. Russel next made his way over to the squat rack to do some squats. He loaded the bar down with every weighted plate he could get his hands on. The bar was so heavily loaded by the time that he was done that the metal bar actually started to bend and warp under the sheer weight of the plates. Russel figured that that would be a good enough starting point and proceeded to load the bar onto his shoulders and squat down low. He made it halfway through the first squat when a loud, rending sound split the air. His over-stuffed pants had reached their limit and then some. His body was already too big for his britches, but bending down was the final nail in the coffin. His shorts split open clean down the back leaving his big, beefy ass exposed to ass to see. Russel quickly stood back up and set the weight bar back on the rack. The sheer weight of the bar caused the entire gym to rumble. Russel glanced at his reflection once again in the mirror and realized that his shorts were beyond ruined. They were doing more harm than good at this point, and it’s not like he was ever going to fit into them again, so he reached down and unceremoniously ripped them clean off. The waistband snapped with ease leaving him clad in just his shirt, his strap, and his sneakers. With his shorts no longer interfering, Russel once again set to work on his squats. He once again shouldered the weighted bar and squatted down low. He was amazed at how light the bar felt. He had apparently packed on even more muscles during even just the short interlude. The lightness didn’t bother him though. If anything, it spurred him on to work out even harder to grow even larger. He squatted down low and stood back up over and over again while eyeing his reflection in the mirror. He was enamored with how his muscles flexed and rippled with each rep, but there was something else that caught his eye too. With each squat, his hefty nuts came ever closer to touching the floor, and it wasn’t because he was squatting lower. He could actually see his cock and balls getting bigger with each rep! He soon reached the point where he squatted down low and his nuts touched the floor, but he didn’t stop there. He went again and again, squatting down and standing up, and each time he watched as his nuts reached the floor sooner and sooner in each rep. He soon reached a point where his beachball sized nuts were so massive that they reached the floor halfway through his squats and sat there as he finished his motion. Russel was amazed that his strap had held on so long. The fabric was so strained that it had become nearly see-through. Rips and tears had spread through the fabric giving large, uninhibited glimpses as the bare cock and ball flesh tucked away beneath. By the time Russel had finally had his fill of the squat rack, his jockstrap had more than had its fill of his cock and balls! The fabric of the front pouch split wide open, causing his cock and balls to spill out. Russel stared in awe as his dangly bits spilled forth. He had known his junk was huge, but the pouch had hidden just how huge they really were! His beachball sized nuts dangled down to his shins, and the head of his cock rested solidly on the ground at his feet. He had more than a third leg! His cock was not only longer but thicker than his impressively thick thighs as well. His dick nearly rivaled his thick, sculpted midriff for sheer girth! Russel placed the bar back on the rack one final time and took another moment to admire how huge he had become. His torso was sur burly that his muscle shirt was having trouble adjusting. The front of the shirt had become nearly completely swallowed by the dense chasm between his massive, meaty pecs. Only the loading bar, which was now stretched taut across his top row of abs, could be seen. Russel smirked at his progress. He was already so massive, and yet he was barely 60% done? He couldn’t wait to see how much larger he would become. Russel grabbed a pair of the largest dumbbells he could find and took a seat at one of the benches near the free weights. The bench groaned under his massive, muscular bulk, but held its ground. Russel glanced down and smirked at his bare cock and balls which now rested solidly on the ground at his feet before he hoisted the pair of dumbbells up over his shoulders and began to lift them above his head. He quickly settled into a routine of lifting the dumbbells up over his head and then bringing them back down to around his shoulders, but there was something slightly offer. He was getting so massive now that his muscles were getting in the way! The bulge of his traps around his shoulders made it hard for him to raise his arms straight up, and the bulge of his delts around his neck was so thick that the dumbbell kept bumping into it when he returned his arms to the low position. Eventually his traps got so huge that the his could only lift his arm to a 45-degree angle. He figured by that point that it was time to move onto a new exercise. When Russel stood up to move onto the next exercise he was in for a shock… two shocks, actually. First of all, his lats had grown so much during his brief stint doing shoulder presses that he couldn’t even lower his arms all the way! He lowered his arms as low as they would go, and he looked like he should be saying “Welcome to Chili’s”, but the lack of mobility didn’t bother him. If anything, it got him even more worked up. His already semi-boned cock got even harder than before which brought his attention to the second thing which shocked him. His cock had grown even more! He had sort of assumed that once he had lost the pouch of his jockstrap the growth would stop. After all, his jock strap was now less of a strap and more of a belt that barely wrapped around his swelling hips, but the Enhance brand strap hadn’t stopped enhancing his junk! Even now that he was standing straight up, his nuts rested heavily on the floor at his feet, and his semi-boned cock jutted a few feet out in front of him. He could scarcely believe his eyes. His semi was as thick as his midriff, bulging obliques and all! Even as awed by his own body as he was, Russel couldn’t help but notice how eerily quiet the gym had become. For the first time since he had started growing he looked around the room at the others who occupied the gym with him. All eyes were glued to him and his massive muscles and cock. There were a wide range of emotions displayed in those eyes. Jealousy. Wonder… Lust. Just seeing how hot and bothered the other gym-goers were got Russel even more worked up than before. His semi soon reached rock hard status and then some. His massive cock was so hard it was dribbling pre onto the rubberized floor of the gym weight room. Russel was already so massive that it was getting tough to move, but he couldn’t quit now – not when he was so close to maxing out his download bar, and definitely not when he had such an eager audience to please. The question was, what to do next? He had already gone through every exercise on his list, and he doubted he could even fit on most of the gym stations. That was when an idea popped into his head. At his size, he didn’t need gym stations. He was his own station. All he needed was himself and the two barbells he still had in his hands. All eyes were on him as he moved his massive, nearly-nude form into position. He leaned forward so that his enormous cock was resting on the ground in front of him and then laid down directly on top of it. His dick was so massive that while straddling it as he currently was, his feet could barely reach the ground below him and the tip of his dick reached so far forward that his chin rested comfortably on the puffy glans. Once he was happily in position, Russel set to work on his next exercise. He dropped his hands as low as they could go until he was nearly hugging his fat cock and then raised his arms back up until his arms were spread wide by his sides. The murmur of approval from the crowd made it clear they were enjoying the show. Russel could only imagine what they must be seeing though. With his body as exposed as it currently was, there was no doubt his enormous muscles were rippling with each motion, but that wasn’t all. Russel could feel his cock getting thicker between his legs. He could feel the head of his dick poking further and further forward with each fly he completed, and that was saying nothing of his nuts and muscles. He couldn’t see his nuts to check on them, and he had no way of checking his loading bar either. He just had to trust the invigorating rush that was flowing through him to prove that he was still getting larger and larger. Soon Russel reached a point where his chin no longer rested on the spongy head of his cock. His dick had grown so massive that the tip of it poked out past his own head by several inches, and yet it was still growing. As Russel continued his reps he became aware of something interesting. It was getting tougher and tougher to complete a fly. His arms just wouldn’t go all the way back down. At first, he chalked it up to just his cock getting too fat for him to wrap his arms around, but he eventually began to realize that there was something else at work. Part of him wanted to continue his reps, but the curiosity was getting the better of him. He had to see with his own eyes and verify his suspicions. He awkwardly propped himself up and hopped off of his own cock and turned to stare into his own reflection. Sure enough, it was just as he had suspected. His pecs were now so massive that they impeded his ability to bring his arms together. Russel couldn’t believe how massive he had become. He couldn’t believe that he had been a stick when he had walked into the gym this afternoon. Now he was easily five times wider than he had been before. His broad shoulders were so wide he wouldn’t be able to get through a normal doorway without shifting his weight around, and that was saying nothing of his cock which was every bit as thick as his broad, barrel chest, and then there were his nuts which were each about as large as a Lay-Z-Boy recliner. His pecs were the size of mattresses. His individual abs were so huge that each one bulged out like basketballs. His biceps alone were bigger than his whole head, and his quads were as thick as oak trees! And yet, as massive as he was, he could still see himself steadily creeping up in size. Russel knew he had to be reaching the end of his growth. He was already so massive that he was having trouble moving, and yet he didn’t want it to end just yet. Unfortunately, he couldn’t read the loading bar on his shirt. His shirt had been completely swallowed by his pecs. He awkwardly fumbled as best he could with the fabric and tried to pull his shirt out from underneath his pecs so he could read the loading bar, and to his surprise, when he finally did get a chance to read it, the bar was nearly complete! This was about as big as he would get? On one hand he was glad he wouldn’t grow to immobility, but on the other hand, the rush of getting larger and larger was too great to be ignored. Part of him wanted to keep going. Part of him wanted to get even larger than before. He didn’t care if he outgrew the whole gym! A telltale ding came from his shirt to alert him that the download had been completed. For better or worse, this was his new size. Russel wasn’t too bummed out about it though. He was bigger than he ever dreamed possible. He couldn’t wait to show his new bulk to all his friends on campus, but first things first… he needed to rinse off some of the funk from the powerlifting he had done. He put up the barbells and made his way towards the locker rooms for a quick shower. Russel stopped off by his locker briefly to put up his clothes. He had to pull and tug at his shirt to get it unstuck from between his massive muscles, and when he finally did remove it he had to chuckle at what had become of it. The shirt was so badly stretched out that it looked more like a series of spaghetti straps than an actual shirt. Next came the jockstrap, or what was left of it anyway. That part came off much easier than the shirt. All he had to do was shimmy it down across his thick thighs and then step out of them. With that off, all that was left was to kick off his shoes, which he did with ease. It was strange. He had been pretty much bare-assed naked for half of his gym set, but somehow shedding the last few tatters of his clothes left him feeling awkward and exposed. He never was the most outgoing guy, and he had always been afraid of showering in public like this. He had to remind himself that he was no longer a little shrimp with something to hide. He was massive! He had the muscles of a god and the cock of a whale! He had nothing to hide anymore. It didn’t take long for him to psyche himself up and make his way towards the showers. He was not too surprised to find that he was too large to fit into any of the stalls. He was so huge that he couldn’t even get just his dick into one of them! Still, he wasn’t so quick to be discouraged. There was a showerhead on the side of the wall that was out in the open. It was obviously designed for those who were going to hit the pool and just needed to hose off real quick while still in their suits, but it worked just fine for Russel’s purposes. He shimmied his bulk towards the showerhead, turned the knob, and then did his best to soak up underneath the flow, but he was so massive he could only get small parts of him wet at a time, and that was saying nothing of lathering up. There was no way he could reach his arms around his cock to wash it, and his backside was even harder to reach! Fortunately, he didn’t have to worry about what to do for long. He soon felt the warm touch of a wet washrag against his bare skin. Russel glanced over to see one of his admirers from the gym had made the journey into the showers with him. It was hard to believe how tiny the guy looked. He was without a doubt one of the burliest bros Russel had ever seen before, but even this guy looked puny next to Russel’s new mass. Russel didn’t know what to say. Part of him wanted to thank the guy for stepping in to help out, but at the same time he felt kind of weird having someone rubbing him down like this. Fortunately, the new arrival didn’t seem to be too keen on conversation. His eyes were glued to Russel’s enormous pecs. The guy ran the soapy cloth across Russel’s massive pectoral muscle and sensually stroked the thick mass of brawn. Russel’s pecs were so massive that the guy couldn’t even reach all the way across to wash both pecs. The best he could do was focus on the one closer to him. He’d have to walk around to the other side if he wanted to have any hope of washing Russel’s another pec, but for the time being he was content just to wash half of Russel’s front. The suds cascaded down Russel’s pecs and coursed through the deep trenches of his sculpted cum-gutters before reaching his crotch and dripping off his cock and down his immense nuts before splattering onto the tiled floor below, but soapy water wasn’t all that was splattering onto the floor. Russel was trying to keep a level head as he focused on soaping up the parts of his body he could actually reach, but the sensual rubbing from his new friend was getting him even more hot and bothered than he already was. His rock-hard cock was drooling pre so fast that it rivaled the showerhead for sheer output. Pre oozed out from the tip of his supersized cock head and down onto the floor, and things were only going to get even steamier in the showers. Another set of hands soon found their way towards Russel’s enormous body. This time the hands fixated on his backside, and Russel could only assume that the owner of said hands was just as enrapt as the Russel’s first helper. Try as he might though, Russel could not catch a glimpse of the guy behind him. He just couldn’t turn around enough to look behind him, but he was fine with letting his new helper remain anonymous. The mystique just added to his arousal. Russel soon found himself so hot and bothered that his cock was shuddering with joy as the new arrival soaped down his backside. By the time the newcomer had reached down low enough to start massaging Russel’s massive ass, Russel was so close to cumming that he had to try his hardest to tune out the sensations that were overcoming his senses. Having two helpers was almost more than Russel could take, but soon he had yet another newcomer working over his enormous mass. This guy didn’t seem interested in Russel’s muscles though. Russel could only watch in awe as another cute gym jock strode towards him. Even before this newcomer began soaping down a part of Russel’s enormous brawn, Russel knew exactly where he was going to focus his efforts. The guy’s gaze never left Russel’s enormous cock even for a second. The look in his eyes was even hornier than Russel felt! Russel half expected the guy to start washing his cock with his tongue, but instead the guy soon joined in the other two helpers in lathering up Russel’s body with a washcloth and soap. Russel stared in hormone addled awe as the guy stared down Russel’s enormous cock head, a cock head which eclipsed the dude’s entire torso! The guy silently went about his business as he soaped up and stroked down the spongy tip of Russel’s cock. Just feeling how tiny the dude’s hands felt against his cock drove Russel even crazier than before, and the feeling of the dude’s hands sliding under his foreskin to stroke around the fringes of swollen cock head. Russel almost came right then and there. It was only by sheer force of will that he kept himself from dousing the new arrival in a torrential spurt of spunk. Although, judging by the devious glint in the guy’s eyes, Russel wouldn’t doubt that the dude was hoping for just such a shower. Russel’s mind was almost as foggy as the steamy showers as the three guys works over their respective portions of Russel’s colossal body. Guy A had shifted sides and was now working over Russel’s other pec and the other half of his abs and occasionally even dropping a hand low enough to caress Russel’s inner thigh – the guy’s hand wedged tightly between Russel’s thick quads and enormous cock and ball sack as he did so. Guy B had gotten more adventuresome in his worship and cleansing of Russel’s backside and was now giving Russel’s meaty ass a washing he would never forget. Russel was a very hygienic guy, but even had never spent so much time scrubbing the crevasse between his butt cheeks before. Russel was sure he had even felt a tongue in there amidst the lathers and strokes of the washcloth. Meanwhile, Guy C had gotten even more hands on than he was before. He had climbed onto Russel’s cock as if it was a roadhouse mechanical bull. The guy used his entire, soap-covered body to rub and lather Russel’s cock which dwarfed the dude in terms of sheer girth. Even in terms of length, Russel’s dick had a few inches on the guy’s whole body. It was all too much for Russel to take. Dude A stroking his muscles so tenderly, Dude B massaging his ass, balls, and taint so fervently, Dude C gyrating and grinding his whole body against Russel’s cock so erotically, it all worked together to send him over the edge. Russel tried to hold back, but all he managed to do was forestall the coming torrent long enough to let out a loud, low groan. His moan echoed through the misty showers, and then cum erupted from his colossal cock. Russel was so lost in the ecstasy of his own colossal climax that he couldn’t even comprehend what was happening around him. For all he knew everything faded away into the fog of the steamy showers, but he wasn’t the only one in the throes of orgasm. His three attendants had cum as well. Each one without so much as laying a hand on their own cocks. The group came and came again and again, but the trio of attendant’s loads seemed inconsequential next to the flood of spunk that erupted from Russel’s gigantic cock. After a mere two spurts, there was a standing pool of spunk up to Russel’s ankles, and he was nowhere near done draining his nuts. By the time he was finally spent, the thick layer of spooge had seeped out of the showers, into the locker room, and even out into the gym lobby. The four guys slumped down in an exhausted, post-coital haze and basked in the afterglow and the warm sprinkle from the showerhead. Eventually, Russel’s attendants had recovered enough to continue their work, but Russel took much longer to come to his senses. He was only vaguely aware that the three of them were still rubbing him down, and by the time he had mostly come to his senses, his body had been once more washed and was free from spunk. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for much of the locker room. Russel staggered his way back towards the locker room and over towards his locker. He soon realized a small problem that he had not taken into account during his growth – he now had no clothes to wear! His gym shorts were a tattered wreck. They were useless to him even if he wasn’t too huge to wear him, and he hadn’t brought anything else to wear home – not that anything he owned would even fit him anymore. Even the muscle shirt he had been given by his friend which had once been the largest garment he owned was now far, far too tiny for him. He figured he could maybe force it on over his bulky brawn, but what then? The thing would be so stretched out that it would appear to be little more than spaghetti straps. Russel stared down at the stretched-out garment in bemused fascination. He could hardly believe that this little bit of fabric had completely transformed his life and his body. He had gone from the smallest shrimp to the biggest bodybuilder in the span of an hour! He was even bigger than the biggest bodybuilder by a huge margin! Russel was just about to shove the stretched-out ribbons of a shirt back into his locker when he noticed something odd. The loading bar had vanished! It instead had been replaced by what looked to be a pop-up window. Russel unraveled the shirt as best he could and stared in awe at the new message on the fabric. “A New Update is Ready to be Installed” it read.
  24. armwreslr

    The Kid Freak (Part 6 Added)

    This is my first story. I intend on expanding it or continuing it. Let me know your thoughts. THE KID FREAK Oliver is just entering 12th grade, when he starts to notice some changes happening to him. Oliver had always been a tall, skinny, geeky kid with dark hair and green eyes. His mother is a Chemistry professor at a local college. She always encouraged her son to study, get good grades and perhaps be a professor one day. When Oliver wanted to play sports, she generally discouraged it. It’s the beginning of 12th grade and there’s a party at Candy Johnson’s house. Candy is a popular girl because she’s not just beautiful, she’s smart as well. Her parties always attracted the jocks and the nerds, a rare mix. Oliver is hanging with a couple of his World of Warcraft buddies, when an arm wrestling match breaks out between a couple of the big jocks at the kitchen table, Big Mike, from Oliver’s high school, and Brock, from a rival high school. They were both shirtless. Big Mike is 6’ tall, 230 lbs, but he’s not lean. He’s got brown hair and a scruffy face. He’s pretty thick. Brock is 6’1” tall and weighs 210 lbs with blonde hair and blue eyes but is pretty lean. The match starts, and Oliver is mesmerized by the test of strength. Both guys have pretty big arms, but Brock’s arms are more defined with a nice peak to his biceps. After about 30 seconds, Brock puts Big Mike down. “It’s getting easier to beat you, Fatty,” says Brock, with a big smile on his face. Big Mike responds, “The only reason you can beat me is because your father is a pro arm wrestler!” “He’s actually the Super Heavyweight World Champion!” says Brock. Brock catches Oliver staring at him. “You wanna arm wrestle, Nerd?” asks Brock. “Umm…no.” Oliver’s friends push him over to the kitchen table. Melvin, a nerdy, skinny kid with thick glasses, says, “C’mon Olly! You’re stronger than you think!” Brock puts his elbow on the table and wiggles his fingers. Oliver looks around at everyone staring and slowly puts his elbow on the table and locks hands with Brock. Big Mike starts them up. “Ready, Go!” Brock and Oliver start slow. Brock is smiling because he knows he has total control. He’s going against a skinny geek. Brock starts to put some real effort into putting Oliver down, but he’s noticing it’s much harder than expected. Big Mike says, “C’mon Brock, stop playin’! Put him down!” Brock pushes harder, but Oliver is not going down easily. Melvin pulls up the sleeve of Oliver’s oversized t-shirt to reveal a small, but ripped and peaked biceps. Big Mike’s eyes show surprise. “Holy shit! I didn’t expect that from Olly,” says Mike. Brock is sweating and now putting maximum effort into beating Oliver. After 45 seconds, he finally puts Oliver down. “Holy shit, Oliver! You’re a lot stronger than I expected. You put up a real fight!” exclaims Big Mike. Brock butts in, “No way, dude. You tired me out. I would destroy him fresh.” Big Mike pulls Oliver aside. “Have you ever lifted weights?” Oliver responds, “No. My mom never let me play any sports. She just wanted me to study.” “Bro, let me train you. You have incredible potential,” says Mike. “You really think so?” “Fuck yeah, I do. Somehow, you’ve built some muscle and strength from doing nothing. Let’s see what you can do if you actually lift weights and challenge yourself.” Oliver agrees to do it. *** Oliver shows up to the football gym with Brock, after all the players have left. “Let’s get some baseline measurements, Olly. Take your shirt off and jump on the scale.” Oliver looks around. “No one is here, buddy,” says Mike. Oliver takes off his shirt. “You’re quite skinny, but you don’t have an ounce of fat.” Oliver has a lot of veins showing as well. Oliver steps on the scale. “Okay, your height is 6 feet tall, and you weigh 155 pounds. Let’s measure your arm.” Oliver flexes his arm and a small, but ripped and peaked biceps appears. Mike measures it. “Wow, Olly, you’re not big, but your bicep is peaked and has great shape. It’s almost 15 inches.” “Really?” asks Oliver. “I swear. When you start to add size, I wouldn’t be surprised if you could be a serious bodybuilder.” “But I want to be strong, so people like Brock can’t pick on me or make fun of me anymore.” “Olly, there is something about you. I think you could be, not just a bodybuilder, but maybe one of the strongest bodybuilders.” “I’m just a nerd,” says Oliver. “I know it appears that way, but something in my gut is telling me different,” responds Mike. Mike takes a couple more measurements. Waist, 27 inches. Quads, 23 inches. Mike takes Oliver over to the bench press. “I’m going to test your strength in different exercises to get your baseline max in each exercise. Then we can measure again every few months.” Oliver agrees. After several warmup sets, Mike puts 155 lbs on the bar. “Anyone that can bench press their bodyweight for 10 reps is considered to be in good shape.” Oliver takes the bar and starts to bench press. He presses it 10 times very easily. “Yes! Too easy!” says Mike. Mike loads 225 lbs. Oliver bench presses it for 5 reps. Mike loads 275 lbs. Oliver bench presses it for 1 rep. “Holy shit, Olly! I knew it! I knew there was something about you.” Oliver is surprised. “Is this considered good?” “Bro, you’re skinny as fuck weighing 155 lbs, and you just bench pressed 275 lbs! And look at yourself in the mirror!” Oliver goes to the mirror. He’s never seen his muscles pumped. He’s sweaty and shiny. His chest is showing a little thickness and rips like he’s never seen before. Abs are shredded. He flexes his arms, and they appear bigger and more ripped. Oliver finishes the rest of the tests. He ended up squatting and deadlifting 305 lbs. He curled 120 lbs on a straight bar. Oliver and Mike agree to keep training together and to keep everything under wraps. No showing off, and Oliver will continue wearing baggy clothes to hide his gains until they decide to reveal them. *** Over the entire 12th grade and into the summer, Mike trained Oliver in secret, nearly every day. Mike and Oliver were shocked at Oliver’s gains. The main state college branch is in their hometown, and freshman year has started, so Mike takes down Oliver’s stats and tests his strength. Height, 6’. Weight, 180 lbs. Biceps, 18.5”. Waist, 28.5”. Quads, 25”. One rep maxes…Bench press, 495 lbs. Straight bar curls, 225 lbs. Squat, 725 lbs. Deadlift, 755 lbs. Oliver asks, “So, honestly, Mike, how do you think I’m doing?” Mike shakes his head in astonishment. “Bro, you’ve far exceeded my expectations. In one year, you look like a real competitive bodybuilder, but what’s blowing my mind, is your strength to weight ratio.” “What about it,” asks Oliver. “You totally don’t get it, do you,” asks Mike. Oliver has a blank stare. “Bro, at this rate, you’re going to be benching over 600 lbs in a few months and maybe you’ll be the lightest person to ever do that,” Mike exclaims. “Whoa…” Oliver is blown away. “I had no idea.” Mike nods his head. “Maybe it’s time for you to test your strength against others.” Oliver smiles. *** A couple months later, it’s time for Candy’s yearly party. Big Mike takes Oliver with him. It’s chilly outside, so Oliver wears a jacket. Oliver and Mike go into the house. It’s quite warm with all the kids partying. They go into the kitchen, where there are about 15 guys and girls. Mike grabs a beer for Oliver. Oliver takes a sip and looks at Mike. He processes the taste. He looks at Mike and smiles. “I never thought I would like beer, but it’s actually pretty good,” says Oliver. An hour goes by, and Mike and Oliver drink about 6 or 7 beers, when Oliver’s nerdy friends show up. “Oliver!” screams Melvin. A big smile comes across Oliver’s face. Melvin shakes Mike’s hand and then Oliver’s. “It’s been a year, since I’ve seen you, Olly,” says Melvin. “I know. Big Mike here has been training me, so I haven’t had a lot of time. I miss you guys.” “Yeah, I knew something was up, and when I just shook your hand, it’s so much bigger,” says Melvin. “Come here. I want you to feel something,” says Oliver. Mike smirks. Melvin comes in close. Oliver flexes his biceps by his side. His jacket arm fills out. Melvin’s eyes get big. He puts both hands around Oliver’s biceps. “Oh my God, Oliver!” Oliver’s heart rate increases with the exhilaration of his friend. “Your arms are massive and hard as a rock!” Oliver smiles and looks at Mike, who nods back at him. “I can’t wait to show you what I can do with this muscle,” says Oliver. Mike says, “It won’t be long. Look who showed up.” Brock walks into the kitchen with a couple friends, Jeff and Scott, both pretty big guys. He’s wearing a tank top and looking bigger and leaner than last year. Brock sees Big Mike. “Yo, Mike! You’re looking bigger than last year,” says Brock. “I am bigger,” replies Mike. “Not as big as this,” says Brock. Brock hits a double biceps shot showing off his 18-inch biceps. “That’s true, but your arms aren’t as big as Olly’s,” says Mike. “What? The nerd I beat last year?” asks Brock. “I wouldn’t call him that anymore, Brock. Show him, Olly.” Oliver steps forward and looks at Mike. Mike nods his head. Oliver is sweating profusely from wearing the jacket in the hot house. Oliver slowly unzippers his jacket. First a glimpse of his chest and then his abs. He removes his jacket and a few audible gasps come from some of the kids in the kitchen. “Oh my God,” says Melvin. Oliver is standing there, dripping sweat, pumped and totally ripped with thick slabs of muscle and not an ounce of fat. Even Mike is shocked. “Show the arm wrestler some real arms, Olly,” says Mike. Oliver hits a front double biceps shot. His arms are ripped with huge peaks, hitting 19.5” with a thick biceps vein. “You may be big, but I’ll destroy you in arm wrestling. I just won the state championship,” exclaims Brock. Mike says, “Let’s do this!” Brock takes a seat at the end of the long kitchen table as does Oliver. They put their elbows on the table and clasp hands. Some of the kids start recording video with their phones. Jeff starts them off. “Ready, Go!” Brock screams and hits first bringing Oliver’s arm down about halfway. Brock laughs. Brock leans in with his shoulder putting all his weight into it to put down Oliver. Mike screams, “C’mon Olly! Don’t let him intimidate you! You’re stronger than he is! Get angry!” Oliver screams and starts pulling hard. His biceps vein starts to pop thicker, and the cords of muscle of his biceps start to increase in prominence. Oliver bends his wrist activating his huge forearms, pumping bigger. Oliver’s biceps start to peak larger as he starts to move Brock’s arm up. “Jesus, look at the kid’s arm,” says one of the guys watching. Oliver pulls his arm almost back to the center position, when Brock grabs the side of the table with his free arm. He screams and using all his strength pulls Oliver back down to the halfway point again. Mike screams, “Brock is cheating grabbing onto the side of the table!” Jeff responds, “No way, bro. Arm wrestling tables have pegs on the side to grab, so it’s fair.” “Okay, but the table is too long for Olly to grab the side with his hand,” retorts Mike. Jeff just shrugs his shoulders. Melvin screams, “C’mon Olly. Show me that muscle, that strength!” Oliver grunts loud and pulls hard, but he can’t move Brock. “No way you can pull through this!” Brock laughs. Oliver screams and pulls with everything he has. At first, he doesn’t move, but after a few seconds, Oliver starts to move Brock’s arm back. Jeff screams, “No way! He’s doin’ it!” Scott adds, “Yeah, and he’s doing it with just one arm!” Oliver’s skin is paper-thin showing all the muscle fibers in his cannonball shoulder and his biceps and triceps, rippling. His biceps is peaking extremely high as he gets back to the center. Melvin says, “Jesus, his arm is more massive than Brock’s!” Brock gets angry and screams trying to pull Oliver back down, but Oliver is ready for it and holds him there. Brock tries several times but can’t break through. Oliver screams and starts to pull Brock down. Oliver’s abs and chest are completely shredded as those muscle groups help with the effort. Oliver’s biceps vein is pumping huge amounts of blood to the muscle as it continues overpowering Brock’s efforts. Brock screams and tries will all his strength to stop Oliver, but Oliver’s ripped muscle is just too strong. “Yeah,” screams Oliver as he continues pushing Brock’s arm down. Oliver stops his assault with Brock’s wrist three inches above the table. He looks at Brock. Oliver shifts his weight and arm position so that he’s just using his triceps. “Give me everything you have,” says Oliver. Brock screams, trying to pull with everything he has. Oliver’s triceps explodes as he takes everything Brock has and overpowers him, slowly pushing Brock’s arm down. Scott says, “Holy shit! The kid’s just using his triceps to overpower Brock! That’s just raw strength!” A few seconds later, Oliver pushes Brock’s arm to the table. Mike screams, “Yeah! You did it, Olly!” “You cheated! You had to have cheated,” said Brock. “Bullshit! I even let you use both hands,” screams Oliver. Brock looks around the room. “You all better delete those videos before I beat your asses.” One of the kids says, “Sorry man. I think that kid Joey was live on Instagram.” “I’m gonna kill him,” Brock screams. Brock runs out looking for Joey. Oliver turns to Mike, “I was acting.” “What,” asks Mike. Oliver responds, “Yeah, he was very easy to arm wrestle. I just screamed for effect.” Mike smiles. “Son of a bitch! You’re getting too strong!” Mike and Oliver grab another beer. All of a sudden, there is a commotion out back by the pool. Mike and Oliver walk out to see what’s going on. Everyone is surrounding some big man, trying to get autographs. “Holy shit! It’s Grip Master,” screams Mike. “Who’s that,” asks Oliver. “He’s a huge professional wrestler that beats his opponents in unbreakable wrestling holds,” Mike responds. “Candy’s older brother is friends with him,” he adds. As Mike and Oliver approach, some of the kids gasp as they see Oliver, pumped and sweaty from his arm wrestling match. Grip Master, who has a shaved head and is 6’5” tall and weighs 310 lbs, looks over to see what’s going on. Mike says, “Hey Grip Master! Huge fan! Could we get a pic with you?” Grip Master responds, “Well, shit, this guy is going to out angle me.” Mike says, “Naa, he’s a kid. He doesn’t even watch pro wrestling.” Grip Master asks, “Wait, he’s a kid?” “Yeah, he’s just 19 years old, but he’s a KID FREAK.” “How big are you,” asks Grip Master. “I’m 6 feet tall and weigh 205 lbs,” says Oliver. “You look much bigger than that,” says Grip Master. Mike adds, “What’s freaky is his strength. The kid bench pressed 585 lbs yesterday in his workout, and he did it easily.” Grip Master gives a skeptical look and says, “I seriously doubt that. I can bench press 680 lbs, and I’m much bigger than him. No one can bench press 585 lbs at his bodyweight.” Mike responds, “It’s true! If we had a bench press here, Olly could show you.” Mike thinks for a second. “What if he could break one of your unbreakable wrestling holds? Would you believe him if he could do that?” Mike asks. “Yeah, but we all know that’s impossible,” Grip Master responds. Oliver adds, “Please, let’s try it. I want to test my strength against you.” Grip Master starts to walk around Oliver, slowly, eyeing him up and down. Mike starts recording video on his phone. Grip Master slips behind Oliver and wraps his arms around Oliver’s torso from the back, putting him into a reverse bearhug, pinning his arms by his side. Oliver winces in pain. All the kids gather around to watch this test of strength. Some are recording it with their phones. Grip Master lifts Oliver off the ground, shaking him and crushing him. Oliver tries to pull his right arm up. His shoulder is ripped and pumped as he puts forth the effort. His arm starts to slowly slide up, especially will all the slippery sweat. He frees his right arm and starts on his left arm, pulling up. Grip Master is tightening his hold, but Oliver is strong enough with the slickness of his body to pull out his left arm. Now Grip Master tightens his hold enough to push the air out of Oliver’s lungs. He starts coughing. “C’mon Oliver! You have to break his grip,” screams Mike. “No way he can do that,” screams one of the kids. Oliver breaths in deep and screams, hitting a massive front double biceps shot. Gasps from the crowd as they are in awe of his massive and shredded physique. Grip Master’s hold is that he’s grabbing his right wrist with his left hand. Oliver crisscrosses his hands, grabbing Grip Master’s right fist with his right hand and grabbing Grip Master’s left hand with his left hand. Oliver screams and starts pulling apart as if he’s trying to bend the bars of a steel cage. His biceps explode in size with thick biceps veins pumping massive amounts of blood to his incredible ripped muscle. Every muscle fiber can be seen. His lats expand with the massive effort being put forth. Grip Master is holding the grip in place. “Nice try kid, but you’re going to have to try harder than that,” says Grip Master. Oliver screams and pulls harder. His biceps seem to be getting larger with the effort as well as his forearms. Sweat is dripping down his heaving chest and his chiseled abs. Grip Master seems to be starting to labor a bit. One of the kids says, “This kid is ripped as fuck, and he’s making Grip Master work!” Hearing that excites Oliver. Oliver screams again increasing the pressure. Grip Master starts to breath heavy. Another kid says, “This kid’s arms are huge.” “Yeah, and his strength is insane,” responds another. Oliver goes nuts after hearing that, screams and pulls with everything he has. His ripped biceps are nearly exploding with every muscle fiber showing through his paper-thin skin. His shoulders are huge, round and ripped. Abs are shredded. Oliver looks down at his own body, in awe of his incredible strength. He slowly starts to pull apart Grip Master’s unbreakable reverse bearhug. “Yeah,” Oliver screams as he feels himself overpower the strongest grip in professional wrestling. Oliver can hear the kids… “Impossible,” “No way,” “He’s breaking free!” Oliver slowly pulls his hands apart. Grip Master screams and, using his incredible chest strength, stops Oliver. Grip Master tries to close it back up, but somehow Oliver’s arms and shoulders begin to overpower Grip Master’s incredible chest strength, continuing to pull apart his arms. Grip Master falls backwards, staring at his hands in shock. He then looks back at Oliver as Oliver turns back around. Oliver screams and hits a front double biceps, with biceps that must be over 20 inches, pumped. Mike walks over to Oliver. “Believe it now, Grip Master,” asks Mike. “Hell yeah. I’ve never felt that much power before from anyone!” Oliver smiles. *** Another year goes by. Mike continues training Oliver in secret. Somehow Oliver continues making incredible gains in size and strength. Oliver’s latest stats are: Height, 6’. Bodyweight, 230 lbs. Biceps, 22 inches. Waist, 30 inches. Quads, 28 inches. Oliver’s strength level is incredible with a 685 lb bench press, 275 lb strict straight bar curl, 960 lb squat and a 980 lb deadlift. His bodyfat is as low as it has ever been. “How would you like to test your physique against bodybuilders and your strength against arm wrestlers, powerlifters and strongmen, all in the same day,” asks Mike. “Hell, yeah, but where can we do this?” “At the Arnold Classic this weekend. It’s two months away. Let’s see what kind of gains you can make until then.” responds Mike. Oliver says, “Let’s do it!” *** Mike and Oliver are in their hotel room at the Arnold Classic. They are lying in their beds resting. “You awake,” asks Oliver. “Yeah, what’s up?” “My mom hasn’t really spoken with me much about my gains. I thought it was weird because she never encouraged me to do any athletic or physical activity. It was always about studying. So, I asked her if she was shocked by my transformation,” says Oliver. “Okay,” responds Mike Oliver continues, “She says she wasn’t. She met my father in a one night stand. She never even got a picture with him, but he was an incredibly built man with muscles everywhere and no bodyfat. What made her lust for him was an incredible feat of strength he performed.” “What did he do?” “A car accident happened in front of a gym. He was training after hours. My mom was waiting for a taxi, when a car went out of control up onto the sidewalk and hit and ran over an old man. His leg was pinned under the tire. Without thinking, my father put his hands under the passenger side of the car, screamed and lifted the side of the car up. She pulled the old man out from under the car.” “Holy shit,” exclaims Mike. “Yeah, that night they went to dinner together and had sex. He left the country never to be seen or heard from again. She suspects that he was likely married and ashamed. She never told me all this because she didn’t want me to go down that path.” “Oh man. I’m really sorry to hear that.” “Here’s the interesting part. My mom asked how he got so strong. He told her the usual stuff about lifting heavy weights, but he also told her he had a rare genetic mutation that not only allowed for good muscle growth but allowed for the muscle to contract extremely hard. His nervous system was also somehow enhanced. A year after I was born, she got me tested, and I have the same condition as my father.” “Wow! This is incredible. I wonder what your limits are,” said Mike. “I don’t know, but I’m going to push myself to get stronger than any human alive,” exclaims Oliver. “Hell yeah!” Mike jumps out of bed. “Since we’re going to hit bodybuilding first, let’s put on your last coat of tan,” says Mike. Over the next hour, Mike paints Oliver’s skin with the bodybuilding posing tan making his skin dark, which shows the cuts and rips in Oliver’s muscle much better, especially under bright lights. Mike gives him a pair of posing trunks to wear under his clothes. Mike and Oliver enter the ballroom where they have bodybuilding. The press conference just ended, and they’re getting some photos and videos of Rob Coulson, last year’s Arnold Amateur champion, who is competing at the pro bodybuilding competition. He’s considered to have some of the best arms in bodybuilding. He’s a top contender to win. Off to the side of the stage, Mike has Oliver strip off his clothes. Mike quickly puts a light coating of oil on Oliver’s body. While Rob is hitting some poses, Oliver jumps up onto the stage from the ground, which grabs everyone’s attention, since the stage is very high. A couple whistles from the small crowd still there with photographers. Rob laughs at Oliver jumping up on stage. He hits a front double biceps shot. Oliver stands next to him and hits a front double biceps shot. A few audible gasps from the crowd. Oliver’s arms appear to be bigger than Rob’s arms. Not only that, he’s so ripped that you can see every muscle fiber in his arms, chest and completely shredded quads. Rob’s girlfriend screams for him to do his money shot, his back double biceps. So, Rob and Oliver turn around. They both hit their back double biceps shot. “Oh my God,” says Rob’s girlfriend. Oliver has him beat on his best shot, with bigger, more peaked arms, larger and more ripped shoulders and a much wider back. Oliver’s hamstrings are also bigger. One of the photographers says, “Who’s this kid? He’s destroying Rob.” Mike steps up and says, “His name is Oliver. He’s 20 years old and just getting into bodybuilding.” The photographer screams, “20? Are you fucking kidding me?” Someone screams, “Hit a most muscular shot!” Rob and Oliver turn around and both hit a most muscular crab shot. Oliver is matching Rob’s size from a muscular standpoint, but he’s much more shredded. Oliver’s chest is completely ripped with monster shoulders and traps. The biceps veins are nearly exploding they’re so thick. Abs are like steel armor. Oliver’s quad sweep is also wider and denser than Rob’s. “This kid could have won the show,” exclaims one photographer. Rob gets angry and walks off the stage. Mike gives the photographers contact info for Oliver. Oliver jumps off the stage and puts on a pair of shorts over his posing trunks. They exit the ballroom and go to the main wing of the expo where they have all the other events and activities. About as soon as they enter the expo hall, a bunch of people come over wanting pictures with Oliver. He’s shirtless and wearing shorts that show off his massive quads and calves. They make their way to the Animal Cage where they are starting a bench press competition. Mike registered Oliver for the contest. There are 10 competitors, most are big and fat, but powerful men. Oliver weighs in at 245 lbs and is easily the leanest competitor. The biggest and strongest competitor, nicknamed Grizzly, is 6’5” tall and weighs in at 330 lbs. Grizzly says, “Boy. You a bodybuilder? Cause you gonna git hurt here. This ain’t no play time in the gym. This is big boy weight.” He laughs. Everyone submits on written cards what their first lift will be. The announcer gets on the microphone. The announcer says, “Okay folks. We’re getting started with 405 pounds on the bar, and we’ll finish with Grizzly with 675 pounds…wait…there must be a mistake here. Who is Oliver? Oliver raises his hand and says, “Me sir!” Someone in the crowd says, “Holy shit! He’s jacked as fuck!” Announcer asks, “You’re opening with 685 pounds? Is that a mistake? Because no one has ever opened with that much weight, and honestly son, you don’t look like you could do something like that.” Oliver responds, “Yes sir. 685 pounds is my opener. I want to make sure I get the lift, so I can go heavier.” Announcer asks, “So this is easy for you?” Oliver says, “Yes sir.” Grizzly yells, “I smell bullshit! No one can beat me in bench press, especially not some bodybuilder!” The competition starts, and Oliver warms up. They get to Grizzly, and he presses 675 lbs, with a huge effort. The staff loads 685 lbs onto the bar. Oliver lays down on the bench. The crowd quiets down to watch. Oliver grabs the bar. Announcer asks, “You want a liftoff young man?” Oliver says, “No sir. I got this.” Oliver lifts the bar off the rack. He slowly lowers the weight and touches his chest, holding the bar there.” Judge says, “Press!” Oliver pushes the bar back with incredible power. It flies up. Judge says, “Rack it!” Oliver puts the bar back. He gets a good lift signal. He jumps up and hits a most muscular shot. He’s sweating profusely. The crowd goes wild. Grizzly throws down his belt. Everyone submits their lifts. Oliver is doing 720 lbs. Grizzly finds out and puts 725 lbs for himself. Fifteen minutes later, 720 lbs is loaded onto the bar. Oliver sits on the end of the bench and flexes his pecs several times. His chest is shredded and sweaty. Mike comes over to give him a liftoff. Mike says, “You got this Olly. Let’s put this guy out of his misery.” Oliver screams, “Hell yeah!” He lays on the bench. He nods his head for Mike to give the liftoff. He lowers the bar and holds it on his chest. Judge says, “Press!” Oliver screams and presses the bar extremely hard. The bar goes up steadily and fairly quickly. Judge says, “Rack!” Oliver racks it and get a good lift signal. He jumps up and hits a double biceps shot. Someone from the crowd, “Jesus, this kid is an animal.” Grizzly is up. 725 lbs is loaded onto the bar. He sits down. He sniffs a bottle of smelling salts, throws it aside and screams. He lays down. His spotter gives him a liftoff. He lowers the bar and stops on his chest. Judge says, “Press!” Grizzy screams and pushes. The bar goes up very slowly. It gets stuck halfway up, but after a couple seconds, he screams and is able to slowly push through to a lockout. Judge says, “Rack!” Grizzy racks it. He sits up, and his nose is bleeding. He stands up and then stumbles. A couple staff help him to his chair. Everyone is submitting final lifts, except for Grizzy. He’s going to stick with his last lift of 725 lbs. Mike says, “That last lift went up really fast. I don’t know…you think you could do 750, or is that just too much?” Oliver thinks for a couple seconds and says, “Fuck it! Let’s do it!” After 15 minutes, it’s Oliver’s turn. 750 lbs is loaded onto the bar. Announcer says, “This kid has already broken records today. Now he’s going for 750 lbs, more than three times his bodyweight. He’s completely ripped up, and he’s only 20 years old!” The crowd cheers. Oliver sits on the bench, flexing his chest and arms. He lays back and screams. Mike comes over and grabs the bar. Oliver nods his head for the liftoff. Mike does it and steps back. Oliver takes a deep breath and lowers the bar. He touches and holds the bar on his chest. The judge waits an extra seconds before giving the signal. Judge says, “Press!” Oliver screams and starts pressing. His chest is pumped and shredded. His triceps are popping out and ripped. The bar slowly goes up. It slows down near the halfway mark. Oliver screams again using his chest power to press the bar high and higher, until he finally locks out. Judge says, “Rack!” Oliver racks the bar. The good lift signal is given. The crowd erupts in cheers. Grizzly walks out. Oliver hits a huge most muscular shot. Mike comes over and gives Oliver a hug. Mike says, “Bro! I’m blown away!” “Me too man! I can’t believe it! It’s like nothing can stop me!” Mike says, “Maybe nothing or no one can!” They exit the cage and go onto the next event. Mike says, “I think you’re going to like this next event. It will really test your strength like nothing has before.” Mike and Oliver enter the Bending Arena. Oliver’s eyes light up. There are all kinds of things to bend here, including nails, thick bolts, tools, including wrenches. They have steel bars to bend like on World’s Strongest Man from the 1980s and 1990s. A big sign says… “WHOEVER BENDS THE THICKEST BAR TODAY, WINS A FREE SET OF CAPTAINS OF CRUSH GRIPPERS!” Mike and Oliver go over to the steel bars. Jake is managing the challenge. “Wow, you must be a bodybuilder,” says Jake. Oliver says, “Well, I…” “He’s really a power bodybuilder,” says Mike. Oliver smiles. Jake says, “Well, you’re in the right spot if you want to test you strength.” Oliver asks, “What are the Captains of Crush Grippers?” Jake breaks out all the grippers ranging from Captains of Crush (CoC) 1 all the way to a 4. Jake says, “They range in strength from level 1 to level 4. Only 5 people in the world have ever closed a number 4.” Oliver says, “I have to try that!” Jake says, “Okay big boy, let’s start you off with a number 2. Most bodybuilders can barely do that.” Oliver takes the number 2 and puts it in his hand. He closes it, and his forearms pump up. He closes it for reps. After he hits 20 reps, Jake stops him. Oliver says, “I’ll take the number 4 now.” “I don’t think you should jump up to it right away, but here you go.” A crowd starts to form to watch Oliver. Jake records video using his phone. Oliver places the number 4 gripper in his hand. He takes a couple deep breaths, screams and squeezes as hard as he can. He closes it. Jake screams, “Holy shit!” Oliver lets it open and closes it again. And again. Veins are snaking in his forearm pumping it close to 19 inches thick. And then he holds the gripper closed for 20 seconds. Jake screams, “Yeah! What a pump!” Mike says, “Bro, your forearm is massive!” Oliver flexes his forearm for the camera. Oliver says, “Let me bend some bars.” Jake says, “Normally I’d start someone with a 1/2” thick steel bar to try, but you’re much stronger than the guys that usually come over here. Here’s a 5/8” thick steel bar that’s 4 feet long.” Oliver grabs the bar and holds it at either end. Jake continues, “So before you try anything, let me tell you how to properly bend…Wait!” Oliver starts pushing on the bar, trying to bend it. Jake says, “Hold on man! You can’t bend it in front of your body like that. It’s impossible!” A guy from the crowd says, “Have you ever seen anyone so ripped?” Oliver screams. His chest and abdominals are shredded. His biceps are popping. Another scream and slowly the bar starts to bend. Jake says, “No way!” Oliver continues pouring his strength into bending the bar in front of his body. After a few seconds, the ends of the bar touch. Oliver drops the bar and hits a double biceps shot, screaming, “Yeah!” Jake says, “Holy shit! I did not expect that.” Mike asks, “What’s your thickest bar?” Jake responds, “Well, it’s called the Ultimate, and it’s not really meant to be bent.” Mike asks, “What do you mean?” Jake says, “Well, it’s 1 and 1/4 inch thick cold-rolled steel at 5 feet in long. It’s believed that no one can really bend it. That’s why there is a cash prize for anyone that can bend it just with their upper body and make the ends touch, wins $100,000. That’s just impossible.” Oliver’s eyes get big and says, “I gotta fuckin’ try it!” Jake says, “You can try it, but no one has even come close to making the tiniest of bends in the bar. It’s still perfectly straight.” Mike asks, “How quickly would Oliver get the money if he does it?” “It’s an instant bank transfer,” says Jake. Jake gives Oliver the bar and a thick bath towel. Jake says, “This time you won’t be able to bend it in front of your body.” “So, what do I do?” Jake responds, “Fold the towel and put it on your head for protection. Put the bar on top, using your head as a leverage point. Bend the bar down as far as you can, then put it behind your neck and bend it until the ends touch.” Oliver folds the towel and puts it on his head. The crowd is getting really big now. Oliver places the bar on top and grabs the ends of the bar with his hands. Mike screams, “You can do this Olly! No one has ever bent a bar this thick! You’re gonna do it in front of all these people, not as some fat strongman, but as a ripped-up power bodybuilder. No one has ever seen anything like this before! You can do it!” Oliver takes a couple deep breaths and screams. He pulls down hard, but the bar doesn’t budge. He takes a break. Jake says, “I told you bro. You can’t do it. No one can.” Oliver goes nuts and screams and pulls with everything he has. His biceps explode into huge ripped peaks. His lats flare out wider than ever. His abdominals contract as hard as they ever have before. At first, nothing happens, but after a few seconds, a squeal comes from the bar. The bar starts to slowly bend under Oliver’s strength. His lats are contracting so hard, you can see every muscle fiber. Oliver screams again pouring all of his strength into the task of bending the thickest steel ever bent by a human. The crowd starts talking… “Oh my God!” “He’s doing it!” “He’s fuckin’ ripped up!” “That’s just raw strength!” Jake is in complete awe of Oliver’s ripped strength. Jake says, “He’s bending the unbendable!” Oliver bends the bar halfway and stops for a second. He screams again and continues bending the bar until it’s about a 90-degree angle and can’t bend further on his head. He’s sweating profusely. He drops the bar behind his neck. Using his chest, he tries to crush the bar in, but it’s still a bit too wide for that. Oliver tilts the bar behind his neck, so that the end in his left hand is now down by his hip. The end of the bar in his right hand is above his head. Bracing the left end against his body, Oliver screams and pulls down on the bar with his right hand. Someone from the crowd says, “Jesus Christ! Look at the kid’s arm!” Oliver’s 22-inch right biceps explodes into ripped glory pulling the bar down, dripping sweat. His abs contracting hard to stabilize his core. Oliver screams again! The impossible to bend cold-rolled steel tries to resist, but Oliver’s biceps is just too strong, bending it more and more. “Yeah,” screams Oliver as he dominates the bar. Now the bar is at a 45-degree angle. Oliver centers the bar behind his neck, with his arms on both ends of the bar. Oliver screams and pushes the ends of the bar towards each other. His chest and abs are ripped to the bone. His chest is heaving and pumping blood as massive amounts of strength pass through to his hands. Oliver screaming and pushing slowly presses the ends of the bar towards each other. After several seconds, the ends touch. Jake, in utter disbelief, faints for a moment. Oliver lifts the bar from his neck and throws it to the ground. He hits a huge most muscular shot as the crowd cheers and then a huge front double biceps shot. Mike then hugs him, and Oliver hugs him back. People in the crowd come up to congratulate him and get pictures. Finally, Oliver gets a bank transfer from Jake’s company. Mike says, “It looks like we just have one more stop.” Oliver responds, “Arm wrestling!” Mike nods his head. Oliver adds, “You think Brock’s Dad, Titus, will accept my challenge?” “Well, he is the Super Heavyweight World Champion, so he may not take you too seriously. You’re only 20 years old, and arm wrestlers always think they can destroy bodybuilders. But, you do have some money that you can put up to sweeten the pot.” Oliver says, “Yes!” On the way to the arm wrestling competition, they stop to get some burgers and refuel. Oliver eats six double cheeseburgers and six orders of fries. They finally arrive at the arm wrestling contest. It doesn’t start for another 15 minutes. Mike speaks with the promoters to try to get Titus to take on Oliver. At first the promoters said no because Oliver hasn’t competed and earned a spot to challenge Titus. When Mike offered Titus $20,000 to take the match, he accepted. Announcer says, “It’s time to get started! Up first is a best of three supermatch between your current super heavyweight world champion, 6’3” tall, 350 pounds of solid mass, with 23-inch arms and 20-inch forearms…Titus!” Cheers from the crowd as Titus walks out. The announcer continues, “His challenger is a complete unknown but considers himself a power bodybuilder, 6’ tall weighing 245 pounds of completely ripped muscle, 22-inch arms and only 20 years old…Oliver! The usual audible gasps form the audience. Brock looks up in shock. Brock says, “No way! Oliver is challenging my Dad? Jesus, he really packed on some size.” Titus and Oliver both come to the table. Oliver asks for his arms to be measured since it’s been a couple months, and he still has a pump from the bar bending. The referee measures Oliver’s arm. The referee says, “It looks to be…22 and 3/4…wait…23 inches…matching Titus!” “Looks so much bigger than Titus,” says one guy from the crowd. His friend responds, “Yeah, cause he’s got a huge peak and the muscle is completely ripped up.” Oliver smiles. The referee measures his forearm. “The bodybuilder’s forearm is 19.5”, just under Titus!” Oliver smiles and nods his head. Titus says, “You think cause you have a little muscle you can challenge me? Kid, I have over 20 years of experience in arm wrestling. I know every technique and trick in the book, and I haven’t lost a match in over three years! No way you can beat this arm!” With that, Titus flexes his right arm to cheers in the crowd. Oliver responds, “I’m tired of your son bullying kids, so I’m going to teach you a lesson. I don’t need any arm wrestling techniques or tricks. I’m gonna beat you with raw strength!” Oliver hits a double biceps shot, totally ripped with a light coat of sweat for shine. The crowd starts talking… “That kid’s arms are bigger than Titus’!” “Have you ever seen someone so shredded?” Titus gets mad and slams his elbow on the pad. Oliver grips up and squeezes Titus’ hand. Titus tries to pull out, but Oliver’s grip is too strong. Finally, Oliver lets Titus slip out and re-grip. The referee starts the match. “Ready, Go!” Titus hits hard, but Oliver holds him. Titus hits harder and pulls Oliver’s arm down just a bit off center. The crowd doesn’t know how to react. “That kid is holding back Titus!” Titus screams and goes all out trying to pull down Oliver. Oliver does go down a little until Oliver screams and starts pulling with everything he has. He stops Titus and starts to pull Titus back up. Oliver’s arm is incredibly shredded showing every muscle fiber working. His chest is ripped and sweat is pouring off his body. “Yeah,” Oliver screams. Oliver gets their arms back to the center starting position. Brock screams, “Arm Lock! Dad, use your Arm Lock!” Titus shifts his weight and his arm position, essentially locking his arm into place, making it very difficult, if not impossible to move. Oliver is confused. He’s not sure how Titus is blocking him from pulling his arm down. “Yes, just hold him there, Dad! He’ll burn out soon,” screams Brock. Another grunt from Oliver, but he can’t move Titus. Titus smiles. “No one has ever broken through my Arm Lock, kid. Not even the strongest arm wrestlers,” says Titus. “I’m a power bodybuilder, and this ripped muscle is gonna bust through your Arm Lock.” Titus laughs. Oliver screams and pulls harder. His biceps seeming to pump larger, and his forearms expand with corded muscle trying to push through his paper-thin skin. Titus’ smile goes away. “This kid has some serious muscle,” says someone from the crowd. “Yeah, his biceps are really peaked, but I don’t know if he has the strength to pull through Titus’ Arm Lock. It’s impossible,” says his friend. Oliver hears this talk from the crowd. It gets him very excited. Oliver screams again and pulls with everything he has. His chest is shredded and pouring on the strength that can bench press well over 700 lbs. His biceps and forearms that curl nearly 300 lbs are increasing the pressure that no one else can create. “You can do it,” screams Mike. “This kid…I’ve never seen so much ripped muscle,” exclaims someone from the crowd. Oliver very slightly moves Titus’ arm. Titus’ eyes are wide, and his head is shaking with the effort to contain Oliver. “Fuck yeah,” screams Oliver. “Impossible,” says Brock. Oliver looks over at Brock. Brock is in shock. The crowd starts talking… “The kid bodybuilder…he’s doin’ it!” “That’s pure, raw strength!” Titus screams, trying to stop Oliver, and he does for a second, but the kid bodybuilder’s strength is building. His ripped muscle contracting harder. Oliver starts pushing through the Arm Lock with every muscle group engaged including his back with crazy striations, his biceps with impossible peaks and his chest just ripped to the bone with massive forearms at the lead. As Oliver is pulling Titus’ arm down, closer and closer to the pin pad, Titus does a King’s Move, dropping his body below the table and stretching out the arm to make it impossible to pin due to the angle of the arm. Brock screams, “Good move, Dad! Hold him there and burn him out!” Oliver continues pulling Titus’ arm, but it’s completely stuck. It’s even harder than his Arm Lock. After 10 seconds of pulling, Oliver isn’t making progress. Mike screams, “Olly, do a shoulder press! Stand up tall and use your shoulder and bodyweight to press his arm down!” Oliver stands up tall and starts pushing with just his triceps. He doesn’t lean over and use his shoulder and bodyweight. Titus is smiling. He’s in a good position. The King’s Move doesn’t use much energy. It’s all about leverage, angles and the arm’s natural straight arm end range. “No one can push through my King’s Move, kid! It’s ten times harder than my Arm Lock!” Oliver grunts loud and pushes hard. Titus’ arm is like hardened steel. It’s just not moving. “You can’t do it, Olly!,” screams Brock. Oliver screams and starts pushing with everything he has! His triceps shows every cross-striation. His shoulders are shredded. His biceps vein looks massive and mean. His chest is heaving with ripped abs and sweat pouring off him. Titus’ smile turns to gritting teeth. “If this kid’s ripped muscle pushes through Titus’ King’s Move, it will send me over the edge,” whispers a guy to his friend right near the table. This excites Oliver even more, somehow allowing him to push even harder. His ripped triceps start to very slowly move Titus’ arm towards the pin pad. Oliver looks down at the guy watching and sees his eyes getting bigger and the guy says, “Oh my God! He’s doing it!” The guy starts shaking. Oliver screams again, pushing more! His triceps is exploding. The crowd starts speaking again… “This kid’s strength is insane! He’s doing it with just his triceps!” “This kid bodybuilder is beating the strongest arm wrestler at his own sport!” “No! You can’t!” mutters Titus. A cracking sound starts to come from Titus’ arm. “Stop! You’re going to break his arm,” screams Brock. Oliver backs off. “Want to give up, so I can spare your arm,” Oliver asks. “I’ll never give up!” “Good, cause I wanna see how strong these triceps are,” yells Oliver. Oliver looks directly at Brock. He screams and pushes again. His ripped triceps is monstrously huge. Titus’ arm moves slightly. It’s getting stuck as the bones near the elbow start touching. Titus’ arm is nearly at the pin pad, but now it’s completely stuck. “You think he could break his arm,” someone asks from the crowd. “No man. I don’t think it’s possible,” replies another. Oliver gets excited and goes nuts! He screams, and his triceps responds somehow pushing harder. “Yeah, I’m gonna do it,” screams Oliver. Titus starts to scream. His arm starts to slightly bend under the strength of Oliver’s triceps. Oliver looks at Brock. Brock has his hands on his head in disbelief. Oliver screams again pushing as hard as he can with just his triceps strength. About three seconds later, a grinding sound and then…SNAP! Oliver breaks Titus’ arm. Titus’ hand hits the pin pad. He pulls his arm away grabbing it for support. Oliver slams his fist down onto the pad, crushing the pad and bending one of the thick steel supports holding the table up. He then hits a double biceps shot at Titus. Incredibly ripped biceps explode to over 24 inches with high peaks. Lats flare out like wings. Abs shredded. Sweat pouring off his body giving it a beautiful shine. Cheers and shock coming from the crowd. Mike gives Oliver a hug. “I knew you could do it, Olly,” says Mike. “I couldn’t have done all this without you, Big Mike,” responds Oliver. “Maybe you should call me, Little Mike, from now on.” They laugh. Brock runs over to his Dad and takes him away for medical attention. Someone from the crowd says, “Bro, you broke the table.” Oliver looks at it. There are four steel support bars that run from the base on the floor to the tabletop. One of them is bent inwards. Oliver bends down and grabs the bent support bar at the middle of the bend with his left hand. His other hand is on the tabletop for support. Oliver grunts and starts pulling. His biceps and forearm explode as does his lat. Very slowly, Oliver starts bending the support bar straight. “No way! This kid is bending fucking steel,” says one guy from the crowd. “Jesus, his arm strength is off the scale!” Oliver completely straightens the support bar. He then hits another double biceps shot at the crowd. The crowd cheers. The crowd comes over to Oliver for pictures and autographs. Oliver looks at Mike. “Let’s keep doing this shit! I want to see how strong I can get!” Mike responds, “Hell yeah kid!” THE END
  25. Hi guys I have transferred this story over from the old forum. Pt 4 is still getting written I will have it out ASAP BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, Bobby Jr presses the entrance buzzer outside HM Longside Prison and waits. A few seconds later the door unlocks, "Enter" came the voice from the intercom. Bobby Jr walks in and heads to the sign in desk. "Bobby Jr here to see Bobby Sr" he tells the officer sitting at the desk. The officer looks at Bobby. "You look just him!!" The officer replies as he hands Bobby a visitor pass. "Head over to the search area then to the waiting room, then they'll call you from there." Bobby takes the pass and heads over to the search officer who goes over his body with a metal detector. After this is done he directs Bobby to the waiting room. This was Bobby Jr's weekly visit to see his father. Bobby Jr is 18 and his father has been in prison for around half his sons life. Bobby Sr was sent down 6 and a half years ago following the reopening of a case in which he was accused of assault and lethal battery at the age of 18. At the time he was accused of crushing a young mans head in at a illegal underground fight club, at the same event he brutally murdered his brothers friend. Other incidents include the savage beating of his next door neighbours son and 2 on duty police officers. At the time their was amazingly no overwhelming evidence to tie him to the murders. That was until 6 years ago when the case was reopened following the recovery of a bodycam during the demolition of his house, which was found to belong to one of the deceased police man. A trial ensued and Bobby Sr was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. Bobby Jr had been waiting around 5 mins when the visitation officer came to get him and lead him and other visitors to the prisoner visitor room. As they were walking to the room Bobby got a message, he had a quick glance and it read, " All is in place BB, 8PM tomorrow at the old location" The message was finished with a punching emoji,a boxing glove emoji. An happy but slightly unerring evil grin became etched on Bobbys face. He quickly replied back " fucking yes, can't break a family tradition!!" The door to the visitor room opened, Bobby Jr walked in and instantly saw the mirror image of him sat at the table only difference being his dad was 20 years older. Bobby bound over and gave his waiting father a hug. "Oooomphhhhh" cough cough, " pretty strong like I was at your age son!" Bobby Jr's bear hug nearly squeezing the life out of his dad. "Looks like the test affect has taken hold, looking broad son! Told you you could trust Vasily!" Bobby let go of his dad and chuckled, "seems I've more than definitely acquired your freaky genetics dad, 250kg for 10 on bench press earlier, won't be long till I'm hitting 300kg and yes I'm looking huge, got pics to show you later." Bobby takes a seat opposite his dad. "So son how has the 'other' training been coming on? You managed to break my record yet hahaha? Also last week you told me you were waiting on further info about the event, so come on tell all?" Bobby Sr enthusiastically asks. Bobby Jr again etches the unerring evil smile on his face, reaches into his pocket and gets his phone out. " I thought you'd never ask pops, your record was 6 padded and 4 steel in one hour?" Bobby asks as he scrolls through his photos, his dad nods in agreement. "Take a look at these!" Firstly Bobby shows his dad a photo of his basement gym, the boxing area completely empty and time stamped at 1456pm. Bobby scrolls across to the second pic, time stamped at 1556pm, the pic made his dad's eyes bulge, the boxing area was now full with 12 completely destroyed padded boxing bags and 8 mangled steel columns. " Double what you got dad, fuuuuuuck I'm something special aren't I!" Bobby exclaims. "Damn son you seem to be a shit tonne stronger and more powerful then I was at 18, I can safely say your definitely gonna own this event, whatever it is." Bobby's dad beams with delight as he knows his son will most certainly be carrying on his work in some way. " So son I'm intrigued to see what Vasilys test has done in helping you with your physique, as I said earlier your looking broad!!" Bobby Sr asked. He wasn't wrong. Bobby Jr's frame belying his 18yrs, even through his super tight clothing you could see the orbs that formed his shoulders, 2 juicy thick slabs of pec stretching his top, every bend of his arms forced his biceps to bundle n bulge into a powerful peak. " Just look at this, took this fresh after a upper body session this morning!!" Bobby Jr selected the pic and showed it to his dad. Bobby Sr eyes again bulged when he saw his sons large physique. "Fucking hell son, lean but sweet Jesus you have a shed load more muscle than I did, seeing that I can now understand how you destroyed more bags n colums then I did. Please tell me your gonna be putting all that power and muscle to good use!!" Bobby Sr asked. Bobby Jr's eyes lit up, he smiled once again, " Now that you mention it! You see, there hasn't been any sort of meet ups like you did back when you were my age with Uncle Johnny, so I started asking round a couple of months ago and low and behold I've managed to get one up and running, same location as back in your day too, got confirmation on the way here for tomorrow being launch night. Can't wait now! Been a while since a D'eath has competitively broke a few bones and the odd skull!!" As his dad was about to answer the buzzer went for time up. They both got up and embraced each other, "Can't wait to hear how you've done son!" Bobby Sr whispers into his sons ear. Bobby Jr acknowledges him, "Off course, no one's gonna beat me!" With that he turned and left. As he was walking out he got his phone and made a call, " Hey its me, on my way back, is everything ready?" An evil grin came across his face as he listened to the reply, " Excellent, why wait till tomorrow to start!" He ended the phone call. Bobby arrived home around 20 mins later, he was met by Vasily, "So where is the little shit Vas?" Bobby asks as he peels his top off, his huge frame glistening slightly from having the top on, he cracks his bull thick neck and rough calloused knuckles. " He's In the area down the basement sir!" Vasily replied, " this one should not take you too long!" Bobby turned back and looked at him, " The short n sweet ones are just as enthralling, I'll let you know when to make the call!" Bobby opens the basement door and shuts it behind him. He walks down the stairs into at first a dimly lit but we'll equipped basement gym. He turns a corner, and there in the middle of the floor is The Area, which has more light surrounding it. Stood in the middle was a guy in his mid 20s,blindfolded, stripped to the waist, his body was uncomparable to the mass of Bobby's, he was thin and athletic, Bobby must have had at least 90lb on him. The guy could hear Bobby coming. Bobby entered The Area, "Name?" He barked at the guy. " S s s ssimon" came the fear laden answer. "W w w w wwwhooo aare you?" Bobby reached out and tore the blindfold off, with the other hand he instantly wrapped it round Simons thin neck and easily hoisted him 4ft off the floor. "Your not Simon anymore…….." he brings Simon face to face with him, "..... your practice!" Bobby tightens his grip round his neck and swings the rest of his body round on to his collosal shoulders and beefy traps, he uses his other hand to steady him. He then lifts Simons body up and few feet then slams it down hard across his traps and delts, to Simon it felt like being bashed against solid stone, each slam met with a loud masculine grunt and the crunching of bone. After 6 shattering slams Bobby let's Simons broken body fall on the floor, he turns round and looks down at the bruised body. Simons breathing now slow, painful and crackly. Bobby kneels down next to him, grabs his head and sits him up, Bobby lifts his right muscular arm, his deep, sweaty, hairy teen pits oozing a masculine scent, he rams Simons head deep inside and holds it there, Simons body begins to convulse, he is fighting for breath but Bobby's pit is suffocating what life is left. After around 30secs Simons body goes limp, for extra reassurance, it wasn't needed but Bobby loves to experiment, he tenses his tricep and slams it down on to the side of Simons head, a dull crack broke the silence, Bobby lifted his arm and saw a sizeable dent in the side of his victims head. He pushed the body off him, he got up and made his way back upstairs, he opens the basement door, Vasily is sat waiting. Bobby smiles at him, " 3mins 26secs! Quickest yet! Make the call! " Bobby continues upstairs to go and shower and change. Vasily began a video call. The organiser of the fight club wanted evidence that all competitors have what it takes to go "All the way!" Vasily began walking round the dead body paying close attention to the deformed torso and broken head. A few mins later the voice of the organiser spoke, " This is acceptable, full confirmation is now given to attend tomorrow, Bobby will be the youngest competitor, he will fight first." The call ended. The next day Bobby woke up at 8, he looked at his plan for the day, all it read was, food, 2hrs push workout including boxing, inject, more food, and in capitals FIGHT NIGHT. Bobby made his way downstairs to the kitchen were Vas was preparing his pre workout breakfast, as well as it being fight night it was also the start of a major bulk phase for Bobby, he turns 19 in 2 months, the goal, to be the biggest, strongest, meanest 19yr old there is. His starting cals would be 7250 per day, with a steady increase every few weeks. Bobby sat down in front of 2 huge plates of food. Vas had prepared 4 bagels, 300g oats mixed with 80g of protein powder and 2 rump steaks, a whopping 3066 cals. Bobby demolished it all in 15 mins. "That didn't even touch the sides, I'm feeling good about today, feeling STRONG" he flexes his unpumped 18 n half inch bicep."Time to go and destroy my chest!!" Bobby leaps off his chair and heads down to the basement, Vas follows with a medium sized zipped up black case. Once in the basement Bobby heads straight to the bench press. "Load that to 100kg man while I stretch!" Bobby orders Vas. Vas nods and loads the bar to the required weight, " thanks, now fuck off and get the punch area ready, gimme 20 and 12 I'm feeling goooooooooood!" Bobby says. "Yes boss, enjoy your workout!" Vas replies as he walks to the other side of the expansive basement gym ro prep the punch area. Bobby peels his tee off, he loves to workout topless, seeing his muscles bulge before his very eyes. He lays down on the bench, grabs the bar and easily hoists it off, he then fires out 50 perfect reps, 100kg nothing to him. He racks it, looks at his reflection, his pecs already bulging, he adds a further 50kg, again easily getting 25 reps. His pumped pecs, still with enough power for more. Bobby whacks it up to 200kg, 17 reps. He stands up, " No more fucking games, I'm doing it!!" He screams out. He adds a further 100kg to the bar, his previous best was 250 for 10. "ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH" He screams, he instantly lays back down, grabs the bar, he slowly but steadily hoists the bar off, as he lowers his arms begin to shake, but he growls as it gets lower, he then begins pushing up with all his strength,it goes up a little easier, " YOU PUSSY ONE MORE" he yells to himself, again the bar lowers, pain etched on his face, but he wasn't giving up, again he begins to push up, he slams the weight back on the rack,he gets up and looks at his reflection in the mirror, his pecs were beet red and bulging with sickenly pumped muscle, he grabs a near by mug, he squeezes it into his pec gap, he twists to the side and hits a side chest pose, as his pecs bunch up they inflict a devastating amount of power on the mug, CRRRRACCCKKK, within seconds it's in pieces and fell to the floor. He begins to march purposefully over to the punch area, Vas had only just finished putting the last steel beam up. "Move out of the fucking way!!" Bobby barks. Vas knows by now that when Bobby is in this mood he does well to stay clear, he leaves the area. Bobby descends on the first of 20 punch bags, his fists primed ready, "1" bam,bam,bam SMASH, "2" bam bam bam SMASH. With unerring power and accuracy Bobby begins a 3 punch demolition job on the punch bags, after every 3rd punch the bag explodes, as the onslaught continues his punches get harder and harder, he breezes through the rest, with one to go, he composes himself, his knuckles crack as he clences and unclenches his fists, he primes his left fist, BAM, SMASH, with one punch the last bag obliterates. "The Power!!!" He strides over to the 12 steel beams and begins a similar destruction job, after only 6 punches on each the beams buckle and give way to Bobby's ridiculous power. Once he had finished he strode over to where Vas was standing. In one hand Vas had a 2500cal gain shake and in the other a 2ml syringe of a misty coloured liquid. Bobby grabbed the shake and downed it in seconds. "Do it" he orders Vas, Vas pins the needle into Bobby's meaty delt. The super mix of Test Enth, Test Cyp, Tren, Deca, Winny, Dbol and Growth starts circulating through Bobby's body. "Time to rest now Vas, need to get myself mentally prepared for tonight." Bobby heads off to his room. It's 830pm later that day, Bobby and Vas have arrived at the designated place for the fights. They are both sat in the competitor zone along with the other fighters. Bobby looks round, a focused and powerful look etched on his face, he sees that he has a physical size advantage over a few of the other fighters, but the power he knows he has means that he is not afraid of the bigger ones either. Deep down he wants to test himself against the much bigger fighters but also can't deny that he'd like to completely annihilate one of the smaller ones too. "OK Bobby," Vas says, " your first on remember so remember the rules, you have 5mins to either snuff the fuckers or put them in a worse condition then you come the end. That's the only 2 ways you win, if it's feeling easy, put on a show like I know you can!!" Bobby turns and cracks a little smile, " if anyone lives I've not done my job right Vas, I've run various scenarios in my head, I know what I'm gonna do!" Bobby quickly returns to deep concentration. At 845pm a announcement tone comes through the speakers, BING BONG, " Could Bobby and Martyn please make there way to the fight zone. Without even a acknowledgement of Vas Bobby gets up, he looks and sees Martyn. Martyn was one of the smaller fighters, his physique was one of a seasoned gymnast, he looks over at Bobby, his eyes easily giving away that he finds Bobby's bigger physique intimidating. They both make their way to the fight zone, they meet in the middle, Bobby's physique easily dwarfing his opponents, his dominating gaze fixed on Martyns ever growing look of worry and trepidation, Bobby cracks his neck and bounces his bulging pecs in intimidation. After being reminded of the rules by the organiser they separate to their respective ends. A bell indicates the start of the 5min timer. Bobby strides in whilst Martyn moves more cautiously, Bobby moves closer and let's fly with a few ghost punches, he purposely leaves his midsection exposed hoping his opponent would take the bait, he did, Martyn aims a hefty punch at Bobby's midsection, it's met with a dull thud, a slight wince appears on martyns face, laughing and sensing strike 1 Bobby loads up his left fist and let's fly with a strike plum in the centre of martyns face, Martyns nose shatters as he collapses onto the floor, he stays down, in and out of consciousness, " Get up and fight!" goads Bobby. Martyn gingerly gets to his feet, "4 mins remaining" came the call. Martyn advances once again letting fly with punches but Bobby easily blocks or dodges. Bobby gets closer, letting fly with a quick one two to Martyns midsection, Martyn stumbles back against the padding, Bobby senses his opportunity, he moves in quicker, with fists super charged he begins a rapid punching onslaught to the midsection of Martyn, left,right quicker than the eye can see, Bobby's fists connecting with organs and bone in equal devastating fashion. Bobby's punches are so hard, bone starts breaking through skin. After 20secs of constant beating, Bobby stands back and aims one final punch the the side of Martyns head,he hits the floor in less then a second, his body gyrating as he is rendered unconscious. Bobby bends down and with one hand scoops up Martyns nearly lifeless body and brings it closer to his, with his other arm he proudly flexes his clearly pumped bicep and begins to parade around the fight zone. " Let it be known that the D'eaths are back and I fear no-one!" Bobby announces him self and then with one powerful squeeze of his arm he shatters Martyns spine and let's the lifeless body drop on the floor. He walks off back to the competitor zone where Vas is waiting for him. "Enough of a show!" He snarls as he walks past him. The fight club is weekly so Bobby's next round would be a week later. After a quick freshen up they start making there way home. Their route home takes them through a industrial estate,with it now being pitch black it was difficult to see what was around them. They were nearly through it when suddenly there came a flash of light from the left, quicker then they could react two figures appeared and dragged them into a building. THUD, Bobby's spins round and sees that Vas has been knocked out. "Vas!' He turns back round and is met with a rocket powered punch to the face, Bobby collapses to the floor, as he looks up he sees a huge figure of a man, bending closer to him, he feels himself getting dragged up, then BANG, another hit to the face, a third is attempted but a familiar voice intervenes. "Enough for now Ivan, get him up" came the voice. Bobby feels himself getting picked up and sat on a chair, Firstly he looks at his attacker, a tall broad guy in his mid 20s, he had the physique of a off season pro bodybuilder but the strength of many a men, it takes a lot to knock Bobby of his feet. His gaze then turns to the man approaching him. "Uncle Johnny??" Bobby asks in surprise. "Hi Bobby, I see you've already been made welcome by Ivan here, its amazing how strong those Russians get, now before I let him continue, how's your father doing inside, miraculous how that bodycam footage just appeared wasn't it haha!!" Johnny replied. Bobby, slightly groggy but able to speak, " You fucking traitorous bustard, it was you, you thought my dad was mean, well wait till I get my hands on you!!" Johnny smiles, " tut tut boy, think its time you learned some manners, over to you Ivan" Johnny replies as he walks away. Ivan walks over to Bobby, he picks him up one handed from the chair, he then head butt's him twice, shattering his nose, he throws Bobby on the floor, he grabs him by his tee and slams him hard back first on the floor twice, he then grabs Bobby by his arm hoists him till he is on his tiptoes then begins pounding his midsection, Bobby is a tough nut but even his defences are starting to weaken now. Ivan grabs him with both hands and lifts him over his head and launches Bobby against the wall. Bobby lands with a thud. Ivan walks over , kneels next to him, lifts Bobby's head and aims two powerful punches to his face, knocking him cold out. Ivan gets up, walks out and locks the door behind him. After what only felt like seconds the darkness was slowly pierced by the Bobbys eyes reopening as much as they could and letting the light in, at first everything was a blur and he could hear mumbling noises which sounded like his name being called out. After a few more minutes his eyes got used to the light and the mumbling became distinctively clear, he was hearing the familiar tone of Vasily calling his name, " Bobby, bobby can you hear me!!" Bobby shirked and nodded his head, as of yet unable to speak due to his face being in a bad way from Ivans beating. He looked around and saw that he was in his bedroom, he tried to sit up but pain shot through his back, he winced and stayed lying down. Vasily leaned forward, " Don't try to move yet Bobby, your still in a bad way but im slowly fixing you. What did that thug do to you man?? Don't be mad at me as im kind of to blame! You see until last night i thought i was still pals with your uncle Johnny, he approached me some months ago and ask to me to come up with a anabolic which gifted both size and strength in rapid time, i explained to him that i would need to test it before drafting a final product, but your uncle was having non of it and didnt care for the testing, and who am i to question a D'eath!! So reluctantly i set about making the anabolic, i sent it off to Johnny but heard nothing. So i assuming he used it to create that freak from last night!" Bobby tried to smile but he couldn't, " No need to apologise Vas, you werent to know, but one thing is for sure they are going to pay!!" came bobbys slow croaky response. Vasily took Bobbys hand in his, " That is in hand young sir, because you see, i made 2 anabolics for johhny but only gave him the one, the other i have kept since and been constantly tweaking it, adding new variants to it, i ran the final compound through a modelling system this morning, i entered all your stats and figures into the system and it came back with a 100% compatible match, so once your all better we can start to pump you full of it, it works just fine by itself but it also makes you very very hungry so were gonna combine it with a very high calorie food plan, i estimate the full course will take 5 days, so lets get you better and get you HUUUUUGE!!" Over the next few weeks with help from a physician, Vasily got Bobby back on his feet, stretching, getting used to being active again, slowly increasing his calories in readiness for the huge mass eating phase coming up. Bobby slowly got back to gym work, he'd not touched a weight in 4 weeks but he could still rep out 150kg like it was nothing. Finally 4 weeks after the incident Bobby was ready to begin the 5 day growth phase using Vasilys improved formula. (the following part im doing as a diary entry style as wanting to focus more on the good stuff later on!!!) Day 1, 2ml jab on waking. Morning weight: 180lb. Breakfast cals: 6500. Bench press( 10 reps): 200kg, Deads(10 reps): 270kg. Squat(10 reps): 220. Lunch cals: 4500. 100 pull ups. 100 press ups. Teatime cals: 4500. 1 min timed: 20 bags, 10 steel columns. Pre bed cals:1000. Day 2, 2ml jab on waking. Morning weight: 220lb. Breakfast cals: 8500. Bench press( 10 reps): 270kg, Deads(10 reps): 310kg. Squat(10 reps): 260. Lunch cals: 6500. 150 pull ups. 150 press ups. Teatime cals: 6500. 1 min timed: 35 bags, 22 steel columns. Pre bed cals:1500. Day 3, 2.5ml jab on waking Morning weight: 300lb. Breakfast cals: 10500. Bench press( 10 reps): 295kg, Deads(10 reps): 340kg. Squat(10 reps): 295kg. Lunch cals: 8500. 210 pull ups. 210 press ups. Teatime cals: 8500. 1 min timed: 42 bags, 30 steel columns. Pre bed cals:2000. Day 4, 3ml jab on waking Morning weight: 380lb. Breakfast cals: 11500. Bench press( 10 reps): 330kg, Deads(10 reps): 390kg. Squat(10 reps): 320kg. Lunch cals: 9500. 260 pull ups. 260 press ups. Teatime cals: 9500. 1 min timed: 51 bags, 37 steel columns. Pre bed cals:2500. Day 5, 3.5ml jab on waking Morning weight: 450lb. Breakfast cals: 12500. Bench press( 10 reps): 400kg, Deads(10 reps): 470kg. Squat(10 reps): 360kg. Lunch cals: 10500. 310 pull ups. 310 press ups. Teatime cals: 10500. 1 min timed: 70 bags, 50 steel columns. Pre bed cals:3000. Bobby woke up on day 6 and made the familiar walk to the bathroom for his morning weigh, he can hear and smell his breakfast getting cooked downstairs by Vasily, he gets to the bathroom and before he even looks in the mirror he gets on the scale, he looks down at the number, the scale reads a staggering 502lb!!! He looks in the mirror and sees the final result of the past 5 days. "Fuuuuuuck!!!" came the deep loud cry form Bobbys mouth, " there is definitely gonna be no stopping me now!!" This is what Bobby saw in the mirror: Underneath his still youthful but rugged bearded face were what can only be described as 2 large atlas stones covered in thick dense juicy lean muscle that made up his shoulders both looking big enough and powerful enough to do brutal damage to anything it touched. Leading down to a gargantuan set of arms, both look they would stretch the tape close to 30 inches and easily bigger then some guys heads, quads and even waists. He looks at his pecs, both thick enough even unpumped to stand a dumbbell vertically on the shelf. Flanking the chest were some insanely thick wide lats, even unflexed they were wider than some flexed lat spreads, they added to what was already some incredible overall width, shoulder to shoulder Bobby had to be at least 3.5ft wide, add at least another 1.5 when flexed!! Make no mistake about it this was lean mass gain of the highest order, his body still holding a relatively low amount of body fat which made his muscles bulge and make his overall appearance look frightening which was the ultimate goal. Bobby bound downstairs to the kitchen where his colossal breakfast was waiting for him, Vasily took one look at Bobby, smiled and nodded his head. "Yip its safe to say i got that formula spot on, that thug stands no chance against you now Bob, your at least twice his size and ALOT stronger too!!" Vasily added. Bobby proudly flexed his huge guns, peaks bigger then anything they had both seen formed on his arm, rising nearly past half way up his forearm, underneath his arm revealed 2 dark cavenous pits, easily big enough to house the luckiest of heads. " You got that right Vas, that fucker stands no chance im going to fucking annihilate him, destroy him, make him beg to stay alive!! But im a D'eath and revenge is my only game!!! I need to test this strength and power on some unknowing souls, get it sorted Vas!!!" Bobby barked. Again Vas just smiled, " that is all in hand, i knew you'd want to have a trail run, so last night i took the liberty of getting hold of a said soul, he should be round in an hour, whilst your having fun down there i'll be finding out where Johnny and his thug are camping out and we can pay them a visit tonight!!" Bobby cracked a dominant smile, " Your the best Vas, im heading down to prepare, bring the soul down when he gets here!!!" Bobbys marches off down to the basement to prepare. Upstairs, Vasily was using all his contacts he could to find the whereabouts of Johnny and Ivan, every now and then the silence getting broke by the loud growls and the banging of extremely heave weights by Bobby in the basement. Around 45 mins later the bell rang, Bobbys soul was here. Vas got up, opened the Basement door, he was met with a powerful stench of teen muscle sweat and musk, " He's here Bob, get ready!" he said. All he got in reply was a bone shivering growl!! Vasily got to the door and opened it, in front of him was a guy in his early 20s, he looked around 200lb, slightly muscled but more fat, a casual gym goer you;d say, he had a bright red t-shirt on, emblazoned on the front were the words, SOME GUYS LOVE MUSCLE WROSHIP, GET OVER IT! Vas smiled, " You must be Rob, come in, Bobby is downstairs waiting, i'll take you down!!" Rob smiled, " Thanks man, ive never seen Bobby on the scene before, must be new, im looking forward to it!!" He follows Vas. Vas opens the basement door and leads Rob down, quietly locking the door behind him, once downstairs he leads him to The Area, where there is a single chair in he middle of the lit up area, Vas point to chair. " Take a seat Rob, i'll go and get him for you, i hope you enjoy it as much as he will" Vas says as he walks off, Rob sits on the chair and waits with giddy excitement. A few mins later Bobby broke the deathly silence, " So you must be Rob huh, well Rob im Master Bobby, get a load of this!!" Bobby steps out of the darkness and into the lit up Area. Rob looks up at the huge 500lb monster in front of him. " WHHHOAHHHHHH!" came robs response. " Jesus you are huge!" Rob gets up, to any other guy 200lb would look big, but next to Bobby Rob looked pathetically small. Bobby looks at him and gives him a bone shivering evil grin, " its time to have some fun!!" Bobby growls. Without giving Rob any time to reply, Bobby moves in quickly, grabs Rob by the neck of his tee and tosses him up in the air as though he were a tennis ball, he threw him with such power that Rob collided with the ceiling in less then a second, and such was the force his body cracked the cement in the ceiling. Robs body landed on the floor with a thud, his limbs shattered and facing in all sorts of directions, his breathing slow and crackly, his life 85% took out of him by a single throw from Bobbys monster arm. Bobby marches over and looms over his prey, he reaches down grabs Rob by one of his broken arms and lifts him effortlessly of the floor, his feet dangling in the air, he pumps up his huge pecs, he brings Robs head towards them , he rests his chin on top of his bulging left pec and lets go leaving Rob being held up by his awesome pec size and power. With Rob hanging from his pec, Bobby places his hands on both sides of Robs torso and begins to squeeze, within a matter of seconds Robs breathing was drowned out by the loud shattering of bone inside him, skin begins to break and bone cut through, blood seeps out all over but Bobbys grip remains strong, Bobbys hands condensing Robs torso as easily as squeezing a sponge, Bobby looked into Robs eyes and watched whatever life was left drift away leaving a mutilated corpse at Bobbys devastating disposal. The only part of Robs corpse that was not mutilated was his face, although bloodied and bruised from the impact with the ceiling it remained in one piece. Bobby quickly set about putting that right, he grabs the back of Robs head cups it in his hand and brings the head away from his pec, he raises the body slightly, he tenses his pecs and with the same force in which he tossed him up to the ceiling, he brought Robs head down on his tensed pec, CRAACCHBOOOOM. Robs lifeless head combusts, splitting his head in all different directions. Bobby tosses the unrecognisable mound that was once a human on the floor, grabs a towel and wipes the blood off his pumped huge muscles. He marches back upstairs to Vasily. " Please tell me you have more good news Vas!!" Bobby asks. Vas looks at him and nods confidently, "we got them!"
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