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  1. Dostille


    *This is my first story ever – please feel free to critique + add suggestions!* Zap! Once upon a time, there was a man named Jake. He had always been self-conscious about his body, growing up he was bullied for being overweight and never felt comfortable in his own skin. However, he had always been attracted to men with big muscles and strong bodies, and he had always dreamed of having a physique like that. He had always wanted to have bigger muscles, to feel more confident and to be able to defend himself. He spent hours at the gym, trying to achieve his dream body but never really seeing the results he desired. One day, while browsing through an antique shop, he stumbled upon a tiny ray gun. The shop was dimly lit, with old dusty items scattered about, and the smell of musty wood in the air. The ray gun was an ancient-looking device, with intricate engravings and a strange arm symbol on the handle. He had no idea what the ray gun did, but he was intrigued by its unique design and decided to buy it. As he was leaving the shop, he saw a gym across the street and decided to check it out. Inside, he saw a guy with huge arms and chest lifting heavy weights. The guy had biceps that were so big they looked like they were about to burst out of his skin, his chest was also impressively massive, and his pecs were perfectly defined. He was lifting weights that Jake couldn't even dream of lifting, each dumbbell easily weighed at least 50 pounds each. The man’s body was dusted in a light coating of hair, glistening sweat running down his rippling muscles and had coursing blood flow of testosterone filled veins popping out of his arms like pythons. Jake couldn't help but feel a rush of arousal as he watched the guy flex and lift. He decided to try out the ray gun and aimed it at the guy's arms. The ray gun made a tiny electrical buzz but the beam was completely invisible. Nothing happened for a few minutes and then, to his surprise, the guy's strength slowly began to fade, making it harder for him to lift the weights rep by rep. His first set had started at an easy set of 12 but the second set he could barely lift the dumbbells for three reps before failure. Jake couldn't believe what was happening, but he couldn't deny the feeling of power and excitement it gave him. As he continued to watch the guy struggle with his lifts, Jake's own muscles began to grow and his clothes started to stretch. He could feel the power coursing through his body, and he couldn't stop himself from staring at another gym-goer with huge quads. Jake: "Wow, look at those quads on that guy. I bet he's really strong." Jake said in a noticeably deeper voice Friend: "Yeah, he's been working out for a long time. You should talk to him, maybe he could give you some tips." Jake: "Yeah, maybe I will." As the second gym-goer was doing squats, Jake zapped him with the ray gun and watched as his strength slowly began to fade. The guy had legs that were massive, his quadriceps were bulging out of his shorts, and his muscles rippling as he lifted the weights. He was lifting weights that Jake couldn't even dream of lifting, the barbell was loaded with plates that weighed at least 600 lbs. Jake couldn't stop grinning as he felt his own legs growing bigger and stronger. He could see his own quadriceps bulging out of his shorts and his muscles rippling as he flexed. His calf muscles became round and firm, his thigh muscles rippling with power. As he continued to use the ray gun, Jake noticed some changes in his body. He had more body hair and a slightly deeper voice each time he used the ray gun. His muscles were getting bigger and harder, and previously barely-there chest hair was becoming coarser, slightly catching on his tight workout shirt as he stood up. Jake's boyfriend couldn't help but notice the changes in his body. He kept commenting on how the gym was paying off, and she couldn't get enough of his growing muscles. Jake felt a surge of testosterone as he flexed in front of him, showing off an impressive physique. Jake: "I can't believe how much stronger I'm getting. I've never felt this good before." Boyfriend: "I know, it's amazing. Your muscles are getting bigger and bigger every day. I can't keep my hands off of them." "I don't know how you're doing it, but it's working. Keep it up." Jake knew that he had found a secret weapon that would help him achieve his goals faster and more efficiently. He continued to use the ray gun every time he went to the gym and he saw his muscles grow at an alarming rate. His biceps bulged out of his sleeves like he had always dreamed, his chest became more defined and his legs became bigger and more muscular, filling out his shorts like tree trunks. He had never felt so confident and attractive. He was addicted to the feeling of power that came with the ray gun, and he knew that he would never give it up. He was determined to become the most muscular and attractive man in the gym. Jake's newfound confidence and muscle mass attracted attention from other gym-goers, and some of them even asked him for tips on nutrition and how to use machines properly. He couldn't help but feel powerful and in control as chose victims to “borrow” a bit of their strength. However, Jake kept the secret of the ray gun to himself, enjoying the feeling of power it gave him and the attention it brought him. One day, after a hard workout set that left him feeling pumped and energized, Jake decided to head to the sauna to relax and unwind. As he entered the sauna, he felt the heat envelop him, and he couldn't help but feel invigorated. He slowly stripped off his shirt, revealing his hot, glistening body, and as he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror, he couldn't believe what he saw. He saw a man with an Adonis-like body staring back at him. His muscles were perfectly defined and rippling, his chest was impressively massive and his pecs were perfectly defined, his abs were like a washboard, his biceps were like bowling balls. He couldn't help but admire his physique, he felt like a Greek God, he flexed his muscles and felt the power coursing through his veins. He knew that he had finally achieved his dream body, and he felt proud and accomplished. He was built like a tank, he had shoulders as broad as a door with every muscle perfectly defined. He turned around to check out his back, he was impressed by the way his lats flared out and his traps stood out like mountains. He was truly a sight to behold. He couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement and arousal as he admired his own muscles in the mirror, he knew that he had worked hard to achieve this physique and it was all worth it. Then, just after Jake was finishing up in the sauna, a new guy walked in that caught his eye. He was tall, with globe-like boulder shoulders and a chiseled chest. Clearly, he had been working out for years, dedicating himself to achieving such an impressive physique. Jake couldn't help but stare, shoulders were always his weak point, and he had never seen such a massive set before. He felt a rush of arousal as he watched the guy walk by, the way his muscles flexed and bulged with each movement, it was like watching a work of art in motion. He smiled mischievously and introduced himself as he offered to help spot his new gym buddy. The guy looked at Jake with a smile and said "Sure, I could use a spotter."
  2. In May of 2020, geektofreek posted this short story: A Conversation with My Son I liked the scenario so much that I wanted it to continue. I wrote an extension of the conversation for my own pleasure, squeezed quite a bit of private enjoyment from it - - and then sort of forgot about it until yesterday. With all due respect and credit to geektofreek who hasn't been around any of their previous platforms for a quite a while, I decided to repost the original story followed by my extension. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Warning: The son in the story is 19 years old. Although there is no sexual contact between the father and son, their conversation is undeniably sexual. If this is likely to bother you, don't read it. ********************************************* A Conversation with My Son by geektofreek (Part 1, slightly edited) I don’t usually like to talk about these sorts of things. Personal problems and such. But my son, Aidan.... He’s just growing so out of control! You would think at nineteen-years old he would have stopped or slowed down a little. But no, not him. It’s almost as if his growth just keeps increasing. Taller, wider, bigger. This never-ending factory of testosterone! Especially his muscles. 270-pounds now. I’ve honestly never felt so small and inferior around another man before! “M-Maybe it’s time you get a girlfriend or something, Aidan...” I couldn’t help but stutter one night. Right at the dinner table, watching him obsessively flex between bites, so in love with own increasing power, his own muscles. He could barely take his eyes off himself. “Meh...” Aidan, grunted in response after finishing off every bit of meat. *BURRRPPP! “No one’s really caught my attention...” He continued, giving his mammoth muscle arm a couple of pumps. 24-inches of hulking teenage bicep. Seeming not even the slightest bit interested in the conversation. No girls. Not even guys. I honestly wouldn’t have cared if he was gay. But it was always just about his muscles. Nothing more. “Plus, I honestly just want to focus on getting bigger...” Aidan stated like always. Pumping the Everest-sized peak of freaky bicep, right up against his face, staring at it obsessively. “Bigger?” I stuttered, dropping my fork to the floor. And yet the conversation had me completely captivated. With my curiosity at a tipping point. I just had to know... How big did my son want to grow? “Well, like... how much bigger...?” I finally had to ask. Seeing a bit of surprise in his face, the big wheels in his small head slowly began to turn with his face turning a little red. It was almost as if he was embarrassed to admit. “It’s okay, son... we’re all friends here.” I tried to comfort him. But my curiosity wasn’t prepared for the magnitude of my son’s muscle lust. “I don’t know, Dad...” Aidan, finally spoke up. “I’ve honestly been having the craziest dreams...” He continued, already making me gulp, watching him bring down one of his arms, adjusting himself in his seat, pulling and tugging at his skintight bulging gym shorts. “Muscle growth dreams, I guess you could say...” He bit his lip. “Muscle growth dreams?” I questioned. “Yeah, Dad...” Aidan, gulped. “Except sometimes, well... I don’t ever stop growing!” He shockingly continued. “Bigger, and bigger, and BIGGER!” Groaning with this insatiable lust. “J-Jesus, Aidan...” I stuttered in disbelief, especially as I watched his huge nipples begin to harden, adjusting himself so much in his chair it began to creak and crack, almost as if he was getting horned up. “400... 500-POUNDS of muscle!!” Aidan unexpectedly snarled his untamed beastly muscle lust. Suddenly flexing into a most muscular pose, blowing his tank-top apart like paper right at the dinner table. *RIIIIPPPP* “F-FUCK!!” Making me squeal like some schoolgirl, shrink into my chair, suddenly overshadowed by these two monstrous blimps of muscle-breast, pecs bigger than watermelons and twice as hairy as my own. “But you’re already so big, son...” I blubbered in confusion, feeling as if I had opened the biggest can of worms. And yet he wasn’t nearly finished describing his fantasy. “More... and more... AND MORE!” He shamelessly continued. “800-pounds... 900-POUNDS! Urrghhh!” Aidan really groaned, grossly bucking his hips, thumping his huge dick a couple times against the underside of the table. “1000-pounds...” Aidan shuddered, whimpered, as if that was the ultimate number. This big ungodly muscle goal. “Unnghh... I’m so sorry, Dad...” Aidan cringed looking down at his foot-long boner lifting the table off the floor. Trying to stop himself, control himself. I once heard his friends refer to it as “The big pussy crusher.” “I just get so excited...” Aidan admitted, rubbing his gigantic muscle chest, flicking his huge, rock-hard muscle nips even though he was embarrassed. Then again, this wasn’t the first time this had happened. Seeing my son uncontrollably horned up was becoming an increasingly frequent awkward event, usually occurring after a heavy workout, but never so randomly like this. “Look, son...” I tried to be supportive. “That’s quite the huge appetite you’ve got there...” I stated admiringly. With his cock still raging out of control, tilting the table, sliding the dishes slowly towards me. My unsatisfied curiosity drove my ignorance to a whole new playing field. “Is it even possible for someone to grow that big?!” I don’t know why I asked. Obviously it wasn’t possible. And yet, I couldn’t seem to stop myself from feeding into my son’s insane fantasies. “I don’t know if it’s possible, Dad... but I want it SO BAD!” Aidan groaned with unbearable lust, cringing, and gritting his teeth helplessly, with his cock suddenly throbbing, raging, appearing to be a whole inch longer and thicker. I thought he was going to cum! I remembered all those times I had to change his sheets in the past couple of months, all the wet dreams he was having... Were they all about him growing!? “Jeez, son... at that size, you’d be squatting semi-trucks,” I said jokingly... *RIIIPPPPP* “SEMI-TRUCKS!? Unnnghh, DAD!!!” Aidan roared with embarrassment as he finally came uncontrollably. “My LEGS would have to be ENORMOUS!!” He roared with wonder, as if I just exploded his imagination. I watched his gym shorts blow apart with his huge horse-crushing cock emerging, engorging to a whole new level of monstrosity, gushing like a fire hydrant, so much cum I didn’t even think it was possible! Rope after rope of thick, warm semen all over the chair, the table, his feet... his gigantic ape-sized hairy muscle legs. “YOU shouldn’t SAY such things, DAD!!!” Aidan had totally lost it, groaning in total ecstasy from a big rumbling pleasure explosion, tilting his head back helplessly. What a fucking beast! While his eyes were closed in cringing embarrassment, I shamelessly peeked under the table... “Oh god...” I was even more astonished. How was this my own creation? My own flesh and blood? My own son? I had never seen a cock so big in my life... not even in the wildest porn! And he couldn’t stop cumming, leaking so much man-juice all over the floor and his shoes, draining his big bull-sized testicles to the very last drop, like he hadn’t released himself in months, rumbling our tiny house as he helplessly bucked his huge, car-crushing muscle butt. “Dad... please...” Aidan choked up a bit. I knew I must have been caught. “Please don’t look...” he begged me. I didn’t know how to respond. Raising my head, I saw him still panting, with his tongue sticking out, his face surrounded by muscle, suffocated by his pecs, drooling helplessly down his colossal hairy chest. “I swear, I’m not gay!!” Aidan unexpectedly continued. “I just really... REALLY like MUSCLE!” He shuddered a bit more, shooting out one last throat-choking load, all his muscles bulging, tensing. “Jesus, fuck, son...” Was all I could say. “I guess I’d better start buying you more meat, then.” *************************************************** Part 2 - The Conversation with My Son Continues by FallenAway “Jesus, fuck, son...” Was all I could say. “I guess I’d better start buying you more meat, then.” Aidan moaned and looked at me, half surprised and half worried, maybe. “Let’s double your portions. How does that sound?” His chest expanded with a huge breath, and his monstrous cock started tilting the table again. “Dad! What are you saying?” “I’m proud of you, son. I love you. I want to help you follow your dreams. How about triple portions? Is that enough?” “Aww, fuck!” He groaned and arched his back, popping eight bricks of hard abdominal muscle into sharp relief. “Dad! That’s enough!” He exhaled and paused, flexing the huge balls of his biceps again. “For now…” He started to relax. “That’s my boy! No limits, right? Do you need heavier weights? Should I buy some old cars for you to lift?” “JESUS, FUCK!” His body went rigid, and the table finally rose high enough to send all the dishes crashing to the floor. “I’m sorry, Dad! It never got that big before! I didn’t mean to…” “There’s nothing to be sorry about, son! You’re a growing boy. No… you’re a man now. And I’m going to help you become the biggest, strongest, most muscular man who ever lived! How does that sound?” “Unnnngh…” Aidan tensed all his muscles. “Fuck, that sounds great, Dad! I can’t believe you’re not mad at me.” “Mad at you? What for? For being a fucking muscle stud? I couldn’t be prouder! Besides, I wouldn’t dare get mad at you. With all that muscle, you could probably pick me up with one hand and throw me through that wall!” “GOD, DAMMIT!! Don’t SAY that Dad!!” He grimaced. “I mean… I’ve thought about that… and you’re right, I could. But fuck! I don’t want to do that!” “I know, son. I’m just saying, I know you could. It’s obvious. But you won’t need to do that, because I will be happy to do anything you want that will keep you growing and help you to look even better than you do right now. You’re a beautiful young man, Aidan.” He was rubbing his thick chest again. “Really? You think I look good like this, Pop?” “Hell, yeah, son! You know I’m not gay, but any man who looks at you must be wishing he looked like that. I could never dream of looking as good as you, and that’s why I’m so amazed and proud to have such strong, handsome son. Like I said, anything I can do to help…” “Well… I’m gonna need bigger clothes…” “Obviously! We’ll have to get things that stretch a lot, and they’ll show off your muscles better.” “Cool. And… this is kind of weird, so you can say no if you want, but…” He stood up and put one of his big hands over his much bigger dick out of modesty. “Could you help me trim my body hair? It’s coming in so thick I can’t keep up with it, you know?” “I can see that.” His body was stunning. So huge and tall and… so powerful! It was hard to believe he was only 19. “I don’t want to shave, though. I want to look like a real man, so if we could just keep it short and sexy, less like a gorilla, you know?” “I know exactly what you mean, I agree. A man should have some body hair, in moderation. We might have to trim it every couple of days, son. And that’s fine with me.” “Thanks, but honestly it needs to be done every day. You wouldn’t believe how fast it grows. My butt crack looks like a forest, and I can’t reach back there… Sorry, Dad! That’s gross. I don’t expect you to do…” “It’s fine Aidan, really. Don’t forget, I used to put diapers on that butt! Although it wasn’t as big and hard as it is now. It looks like a couple of boulders!” “Fuck yeah!” He turned sideways and flexed so his ass looked higher and rounder. “That’s from all the squats. The girls love my ass. They can’t keep their hands off it.” He smirked. “Jeez, Dad, I can’t believe you’re being so cool about this. I really appreciate it.” “Not a problem, I want you to be happy. Um, can I suggest something?” “Sure, Dad. Of course.” He did a side flex and admired his thick biceps and triceps. “Well, I think you’ve been spending so much time in the gym that you never get out in the sun. No offense, but you’re rather pale. Don’t you think you would look better with a good tan? When you were younger you used to get as brown as a chestnut in the summer when you spent more time around our pool.” Aidan smiled as he looked down at his bumpy abs and his tree-trunk quads. He blushed a little. “You’re not the first one to say that. I’ve been so focused on getting bigger I wasn’t paying attention. I guess that would look hot, especially after you trim all this hair.” “You’re gonna look like a fucking god, son. I mean, you already do, but you’ll be a golden god.” He smirked again. “The thing I hate though, Pop, is trying to get tanning oil all over my body.” He turned his back to me. (He was right, his butt crack did look like a dark forest.) “That’s a lot of area to cover.” He flexed his back and spread his lats. Muscle rippled everywhere. “I can’t reach my back now that my arms are so fucking huge.” He raised his arms into a double biceps pose. I could feel the heat coming off his body and felt a little lightheaded. “You see the problem, Dad?” He looked back at me with a sparkle in his eyes. “Um… that’s not a problem, son. That’s a goddamned wonder of the world! How did you get so big?” He turned around to face me again, squeezing his big, soft dick. “Lots of lifting, and a hell of a lot of food. You know that. You buy the groceries.” It was true. I had been spending a lot more on food lately, and it was just the two of us in the house since his mother died years ago. I know I wasn’t eating more than usual. Maybe less, in fact. Aidan took a step closer to me. “So, what do you say, Pop? Do you think you can help me get that tanning oil all over my huge body? Or would that be too weird?” “Weird? No, why would it be weird? You need help, and I’m here to help.” “Uh huh. You keep saying that. I know you want me to take good care of this.” He ran his hand up and down one side of his torso, feeling his smooth teenaged skin. “So, I’m thinking, since you work from home now, you can start the day by cooking us a nice big breakfast like you do on Sundays, except every day. A dozen eggs, bacon, oatmeal. You don’t have to eat it if you don’t want to, but I need a big breakfast, okay.” He stroked his abs. “Okay. That makes sense.” His skin was so smooth and tight against his muscles. I really did want him to take care of it. “Then I can use that fuel for my first workout of the day in the basement. You can get something done for a while. Unless you want to watch me lift. Maybe you would like that.” He flexed one massive bicep again and looked at it, then at me. “Maybe. I would be curious… If it’s okay with you.” “Hell yeah, I like an audience. It helps me grow.” He smiled that crooked smile again. So fucking handsome! He continued, “While I'm lifting you can towel me off between sets because I sweat a lot. That’s why I drink gallons of water every day.” It was amazing to see how much he could swallow in one go, with his big Adams apple bobbing up and down on his thick neck. “You’ll want to rub me nice and dry so it will be easier to trim all this fucking hair.” He widened his stance and let his dick and balls dangle while he ran both hands over the silky black hair on his muscular thighs and calves. He dragged his hand up his furry abs and chest. I was thinking carefully about how much hair to leave on each part of his body to enhance his gorgeous muscles. I wondered how I would handle his bush and his balls. He snapped his fingers. “Are you still with me, Pops?” I startled a bit. “Yes, of course, son. I was just… planning.” “Alright, I’ll need a big protein shake after each workout, so make sure you have those ready to feed my muscles. They get really fucking hungry after I lift!” He flexed both arms again and growled. “I’m sure they do, son. I’m sure they do. I’ll have what you need. Don’t worry.” “Great. I’ll drink my shake while you start trimming the body hair. Make sure you get a top-quality trimmer. I don’t want any snags from some cheap, dull blade, okay?” He gave me a look to make sure I knew he was serious. “I’ll get the best, Aidan. Only the best for you and your body. Trust me.” “I trust you, Dad.” He reached out and squeezed my bony shoulder. It was the first time he had touched me in a long time. It felt nice. “After the trimming, I’ll need a shower.” “Of course.” I waited for him to go on, but he didn’t. “Would you want…? I mean, would you need…?” I couldn’t say what I was thinking. I felt my face flush. His smiled a little and reassured me. “I would never ask you to do anything that would make you uncomfortable.” I felt… relieved? “But… if you want to… I mean, it would be fine with me if you wanted to join me. Then you wouldn’t have to shower earlier. It would save you some time, and it would really help me if you could make sure I get all that hair rinsed off. And I can’t wash my own fucking back anymore, because, well, you see how big I am. And I’ll be getting bigger…” My heart was thumping, thinking about my son getting bigger. “You don’t want me to get acne on my back, do you, Dad? How would that look?” “Terrible. It would look terrible son. Your beautiful skin…” “I know, I need to keep it that way. And guys shower together all the time at the gym. ‘No homo,’ as they say, right Pops?” He grinned. “I trust you, Dad. Even though I’m fucking irresistible!” He threw another pose and laughed. “I’m just kidding! We understand each other, don’t we?” He playfully shoved a huge fist against my shoulder. I understood. I really did. “Of course, son. I would be honored to shower with you if it will help. I only hope it doesn’t bother you to look at my old body. I’m just an ordinary human, unlike you.” “Heh! I like that, thanks! It won’t bother me. Matter of fact, I like to compare my muscle bod to smaller guys. It makes me feel so much bigger and better. Because I am. It’s just a fact.” “It is, you’re right. No point in being modest about it. You’re the finest specimen of a man I’ve ever seen.” “Thanks, Dad. I’m so glad we can talk about this now. I thought you were going to try to talk me out of growing as big as I want to. And I never thought I’d be standing here all fucking naked with you in the dining room. This is so cool.” “It’s a new experience for both of us, son. It does feel good.” I couldn’t stop scanning his body. How could that be made from the same genetic material as mine? He looked like a different species. “So after our shower, you’ll want to get that tanning oil on me right away. It would be good to lock the moisture in while I’m still wet. We might as well do that out by the pool. I can spread out on one of the lounge chairs while you put a nice shine on these muscles. Now that I think about it, you need to get a bigger, sturdier lounge chair. I’m so fucking tall and massive now, I don’t think the ones we have will hold me anymore. Even at my current weight, I’ll just crush them. Look for a metal one, and make sure it has a 500 lb. weight limit. That should do it… for now.” My heart fluttered. I felt like I should be writing all this down, but I knew all the details would be burned in my memory. “What kind of tanning oil do you want?” “Good question. Just get the most expensive kind. You don’t want to take any risks with this.” He gestured to his magnificent physique. “Buy it by the case. Like I said, there’s a lot of area to cover, and you’re going to want to rub it in thoroughly. And I’ll be naked, by the way. I don’t want any tan lines, and a ‘golden god’ should have a golden dick to match, right?” Aidan grinned. “I can’t believe you called me that, Dad. That’s a real boost to my self-esteem. Not that I’m lacking in that department.” He made a smug, goofy face. I couldn’t help but wonder how he would get an even tan on that monstrous cock. I had to ask. “Um, to get that… golden dick, as you called it… wouldn’t you have to make sure it stayed… full size… so all the skin would get tanned?” “Heh! I’m glad I have you here to think about things like that, but I don’t think that’ll be a problem. I can stay hard for as long as I want. You’ll see. It’s a top-quality tool that does whatever I ask it to do.” He squeezed his fat prick for emphasis, and continued mapping out his, and my, daily schedule. “I figure I’ll need about an hour in the sun – that’s a half hour each for front and back in the middle of the day – that should get me nice and brown in no time.” “Yes, your skin always tanned so beautifully. I don’t think you ever got a sunburn.” “I’m sure you’ll keep an eye on me while I bake to make sure I don’t get overdone. Especially the delicate parts.” He winked. “You can do that while you’re making lunch. I’ll need a fuck-ton of lean protein every day, brown rice, lots of vegetables, milk, eggs, yogurt. That’s the ideal, but I can eat pretty much whatever I want, and it still turns to muscle.” He flexed a fat bicep again and admired its shape. “Did I ever tell you about the time I ate twelve whole pizzas at Giovanni’s?” “I don’t think so. I’m sure I would have remembered that son. I’ve always admired your appetite.” “Yeah, one of the guys at the gym challenged me to eat six pizzas in one sitting. I think he was trying to sabotage my routine. But I said, "Fuck that! I’ll eat twelve!" And I made him sit there and watch me do it. He barfed just from thinking about it, but I felt fine. In fact, I had a milk shake for dessert.” He flexed his abs and pulled at the thin skin that wrapped around each block of muscle. “I’m still ripped as fuck, as you can see.” He smiled that cocky smile that oozed superiority. “Then I picked the guy up and carried him into the restroom. I shoved him into a stall, whipped out my dick, and blew a huge load all over him. I just splattered him until he was soaked! God, it felt good. He deserved it. Then I went back to the gym for another long workout, and I lifted heavier than ever. That dude never came back to the gym. Probably gave up weightlifting. He knew he couldn’t compete with this.” Adrien did a beautiful full body flex and admired himself. Hmm. That was a side of my son I hadn’t known about. But it didn’t worry me. “Now that I think of it,” I said, “I do remember a large charge from Giovanni’s on my credit card. I thought you bought pizza for all your friends that day.” “Fuck no. That was all me.” He patted his hard, cobbled gut with a self-satisfied smirk. “Anyway, after lunch, I’ll go to the gym for my heavy workout, and you can get your stuff done. That’ll take about three hours. When I come home, I’ll need my protein shake, and then I’ll take another shower.” “Okay. Will you want me to…” “No, Pop. I’ll want some privacy. I get really horned up after those workouts and I need to pump out a few fat loads just to calm down. Honestly, it wouldn’t be safe for you to be in there. You saw what happened at the dinner table. I don’t have a lot of control when I start fantasizing about getting bigger and stronger, massive as fuck...” He groaned and grabbed his dick again, squeezing it hard to keep it from inflating. His forearm bulged with the effort. “I understand son. That’s perfectly normal for a young man. Nothing to be ashamed of.” “I’m not ashamed of it at all. I love what my dick can do. But I’m not sure I would call it normal. In high school the guys used to call me ‘the geyser.’ None of them could blow as much or as hard as I did. And it’s even better now.” “I must say, I was astonished by your… productivity earlier. I had no idea a man could… make so much…” Aidan blushed and smirked. “That was so fucking embarrassing, Dad. But you handled it well. I still can’t believe you’re not upset. I mean, look at that puddle on the floor! And all those broken dishes. I never lifted a table with my dick before, but… damn that’s fucking hot now that I’m thinking about it.” “It was… impressive, son. I’m not gonna lie.” “Do you want me to clean that up?” “No, no! I’ll take care of it. Do you want to finish going over our schedule?” “Uh, I think you’ve got the general idea. I eat, lift, get groomed, catch some rays, eat again, lift like a fucking mad man, come home, and empty my balls in the shower…” “Then you’ll want dinner. And, as I said, I’m going to feed you triple the amount of meat you’ve been getting. I want to see you really pack on some beef. It’s time to take this seriously.” “Uh… yeah. I mean, I thought I was, but I guess I could step things up.” “If you want to reach those goals, you’d better.” “Okay. Thanks, Dad. Um… do you think those goals are realistic? I was just telling you about my dreams…” “Dreams can come true son! And I’m here to help you make that happen.” “So, when I said I would keep growing, and growing, to…” “400... 500 lbs. of muscle, to start. Yes, I was listening.” “FUCK!” He grabbed his huge dick as it expanded. He sucked a huge breath into his massive chest. “Dad, maybe we shouldn’t get carried away…” “Why not? You must dream big to get big, son! Why not 800… 900 lbs. of hard, powerful muscle?” “JESUS, FUCK! Dad, it’s going to happen again!!” His muscles started to swell as if they were being pumped up. His cock lengthened and hardened into a massive, shiny club. His whole body flexed, and he groaned loudly. I could tell it felt good, but he was trying to hold back. “Aidan, it’s okay! Let yourself enjoy it! You deserve everything you’ve worked for.” He started stroking his cock, now slick with precum. “I want to see how far you can take this. I want to see what you look like at 1000 lbs. Make me proud, young man!” “OH, GOD! DAD! IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!” He let go of his cock and watched it stretch just a little bit longer and a little bit thicker. The head was huge and purple and constantly oozing. His giant balls plumped up and pulled his sack taut. My son flexed his enormous biceps and looked at me with an expression I couldn’t quite read. It was cocky, for sure. He was grateful, I think. But there was something else… He growled and stepped closer, towering over me. Flexing his hard, hairy pecs. He reached out and grabbed a handful of my shirt with one hand and effortlessly hoisted me into the air. “Fuck, yeah, Pops!” He flexed his other arm as hard as he could and pulled my face close to his. “I could throw you right through that fucking wall!” I looked into his eyes and said, “I know, son. Of course, you could.” He smiled a little. “But you know I won’t.” “That’s right. But I like knowing that you could.” “FUCK!” He moaned, and his cock spit out more precum. “Why does that bone me so much?” “Because you know I want this as much as you do.” “Uuuugh! Yes!” He lifted me higher and arched his back. Veins popped out on his abs, visible through the silky black hair. “I fucking knew you would help me! I don’t know how, but I fucking knew it! Maybe it was in one of those dreams…” “Maybe. Does it matter?” “Are you sure you’re on board with this? Are you willing to do everything I asked you to do?” “Hell yes, Aidan! I can’t wait to get started. This is gonna be great! I can’t wait to see you squat a semi-truck.” “OH, FUUUCK!! YOU’RE THE BEST DAD EVER!” He shook me in his fist like a rag doll. “I’m gonna hug the shit out of you! I hope I don’t break you!” He lifted me over his pulsating monster of a cock and pressed me against his hot chest and abs, wrapping his massive arms around me as gently as he could for someone so strong. It felt amazing. “I’M SORRY, DAD, BUT I’M GONNA MAKE A HUGE FUCKING MESS! I CAN’T CONTROL IT ANYMORE!” I patted a slab of muscle on his side. “That’s okay, son. Let it go! Enjoy it!” “UUUUUUUGH!!” He groaned in ecstasy and let loose probably the biggest load of cum he ever produced. I heard it splattering against the far wall and the ceiling. Jet after jet after jet, as if he hadn’t just pumped out a huge load under the dining room table. I patted his thick, hot muscle again. “That’s my boy! You did great. I’m so proud of you!” The End
  3. Danny and The Musclebear God Derrick Danny walked into the changing room and froze at the sight that met his eyes. Standing in the middle of the room was a 55-year-old muscle bear god. He was an impressive 6 feet 2 inches tall, with a broad chest and wide shoulders. His body was an impressive 350 pounds and covered in thick, dark hair. His biceps were huge, bulging out from his body and extending outwards like two massive slabs of granite. His quads were also thick and massive, measuring a full 34 inches around. But what made Danny's heart skip a beat was the sight of the bear god's 8-inch soft dick, which could easily grow to 10 inches when hard. His balls were large and full, and his body was covered in a thick layer of hair. The bear god caught sight of Danny and slowly began to flex his muscles. He started with his biceps, which bulged out to an impressive 23 inches, and then moved down to his quads, spreading them out to show off their full size. His chest and shoulders were also bulging with strength and power. Danny just stood there, mesmerized by the sight of the bear god. He quickly took out his measuring tape and began to measure the bear god, recording all of his impressive measurements. When he was finished, the bear god stepped forward and grabbed Danny, pulling him close. Danny felt his heart racing as the bear god pushed his thick, hard cock against him. Danny could feel the man's strength and size, and he knew that he was in the presence of a superior being. The bear god then commanded Danny to kneel before him and to worship his superior body. Danny complied, feeling a strong sense of awe and admiration for the bear god. He worshipped Derrick, obeying his every command and submitting to his superior strength. The bear god then proceeded to pleasure Danny in ways that he had never experienced before. He used his strength and size to ravage Danny, pushing his limits and beyond. The bear god's thrusts grew more and more intense, taking Danny to heights of pleasure that he had never experienced before. Danny felt his body trembling with pleasure as the bear god aggressively explored his body, pushing Danny's limits and beyond. The bear god's hands grabbed Danny's hips, pushing him down harder and harder as his thrusts increased in intensity. Danny felt himself getting closer and closer to orgasm, and then finally, he let out a loud moan as he felt the bear god's hot cum filling his hole. The bear god then slowly pulled out of Danny, and Danny felt relieved to be free from the intense pleasure. With that, the bear god released Danny and stepped back. Danny quickly gathered his clothes and left, feeling a strong sense of satisfaction. He had experienced something powerful, and he knew that he had been changed.
  4. BiteApple

    Alex GROWS (Stardew Valley)

    Hey everyone, Im back after a little break. Just wanted to get this piece out. Credit to GasaiV for this fantastic art. It belongs to him. I do not claim it, but I did morph some of them. Pure fetish work btw, built off my last story so they are a little similar "A-Alex?!?! Is that you??" The man in front of you had a rippling back, mapped with defined muscles, wide as anything. He was wearing a pair of tight fitting grey sweatpants, highlighting every curve in his legs. The band of his underwear peaked out at the top. He slowly turned around, grunting as he continued to pump out rep after rep of bicep curl, to reveal a strikingly handsome face. Emerald green eyes, pierced from behind a shaved army cut of hazel brown hair. His chiselled features accentuated by his cut jawline and killer smirk, framed by his bulging bull neck. "Haha… ragRgh! It's me alright." It was then that you looked down at the man's front half. It was just as impressive as his back. His bull neck levelled out into bulging traps, bookended by boulder shoulders, each with a sexy cut carved out the centre. His arms were massive. His thick bicep bulged with every rep, pumping bigger and BIGGER as veins popped up across the top and down his massive forearm. His pecs were giant melons of muscle, spilling out from his chest. You watched as they striated with every pump, moving up and down… meaty and huge… just like the rest of him. His nipples were large and pointed, areolas swollen and red. So, so suckable… and his abs… ohhh, they were ripped. A shredded eight pack, defined as hell, tore down his torso into a v just above his crotch, where a noticeable bulge rested. His obliques and lats extended from the sides of him like wings, and his thighs were so meaty and snug inside his pants you wondered how they didn't chaff. "You're… huge. What happened to you?" "Well you see… aRGH! During college I had to seriously bulk up if I wanted to dominate the game… nGrgh! The gym called to me. Soon I was addicted and decided to become a pro bodybuilder when I graduated. So… like what you see?" "Yes…mhmm… I want to…" You instinctively reached a hand out and placed it on his pec, feeling it ripple under your touch. Before you could react his free hand covered yours, holding it in place with his firm grip. You almost came from the stimulation. Looking down… did his bulge seem… bigger? "Want to take this a step further?" Your other hand slowly worked its way onto his other pec. "Yes… daddy…" you pleaded. He smirked, and struck a pose with his free hand. You gasped as the muscle tripled in size, swelling to almost double his head. You caress the swelled muscle, revelling in its solid hardness. Reaching down to grip his bulge, he lets out a soft moan. "Alex daddy… how big are you down there?" "Mmhmm… 9 inches probably… grew a bit when I started to juice" " Neghh… can't wait for you to shove it inside me… and fill me up…" You continue to worship his muscle body, feeling and exploring every sweaty crevice. You slip a hand under his arm… only to find it smooth. He notices your perplexition. "Yeah… could never grow hair there. No pubes either", he says with a slight frown. An idea pops in your head. "Hey Alex… what if I told you… you could be bigger? Much bigger? More manly than you could ever desire.? "Really? How?" "Just leave it to me. I sense you have a thirst… deep inside you. Locked away. A thirst for more. A thirst for muscle. A thirst… for godhood. And looking at you now… you're tiny. But you could be… so much… bigger." "Yes… I'm tiny. Puny even.I want to be bigger. It's true. I've always wanted more. Please baby, make me into a monster. I'll become the alpha of your dreams. Do it to me. Please." "Yes Alex… good. But do you know what doing this to yourself means? You will be bigger but… you will change. I fear you will lose your current self. This serum it… makes you darker. More… prominent. The thirst may very well consume you." "I don't care. I want it. You've unlocked my hidden desire for growth. I must be bigger. More muscular. I don't care what it does to me. I just need it, baby, please… more…" "Very well… strip now. Change into this jockstrap. You'll need it." He pulls off his sweats and underpants, and your eyes widen at the sight of his member. It's thick and long… just thinking of how big it's gonna grow… "I'm ready" he says as he pulls on the jock. You slip out the needle from your pocket, and climb onto a chair before plunging it into the vein on his shoulder. Immediately he cries out in pain. "FUCK… ARGHH… IT… HURTS… AWRFGHH… my body… its on fire… I feel it… coursing through my VEINS! ARGHH!!! PAIN… SO INTENSE… HAHAHAHA… I can feel it now… its beggining to work… transform me! More POWER!!" His arm then explodes as he begins to grow. Biceps swell as his shoulder broadens… becoming rounder… more defined. It's a boulder now. So massive and huge. He flexes his bicep as his triples in size, swelling to almost as large as his shoulder. You can start to see armpit hair sprouting in his pits as his forearms bulge. He notices this too, and laughs, voice beginning to deepen into a sexy baritone growl. He's still gripping the dumbell, and you notice the melting BENDING as his strength quadruples. "OHh… NGghh… yes! I'm getting so HUGE! Watch me… RARGH!! Arms… bulging so fuckin big bro… look at my shoulders. Can't fit through the door now. Daddy's getting huge…!!" Next to grow are his legs. His tree trunk quads are QUADRUPLING in size as they balloon bigger and thicker, becoming so defined and hard that you can't take your eyes off them. A thin coat of hair sprouts across them, and you can hear him grunt in satisfaction. "RAWRGH!! Real MAN legs now. Such a BEAST. Give me more serum baby… please… I need to get BIGGER! I know you want me too… just imagine me, all bulked up for you." You quickly pull out a second needle and push it into his left pec. Instantly, he roars ecstasy as his swelling body lets out a massive shockwave that knocks you onto the floor. You stare up at the growing muscle man in front of you, who's pecs have begun to swell. They grew more solid, spilling across the top row of his eight pack, which had started to become more defined as well. They were a true cobblestone wall now, flexing with every slight movement. "NGH… YES… REAL FUCKING MAN CHEST. Bodybuilder… fuck that's so hot. THIS is bodybuilding…no… GOD building!!" He roars as you notice a change in him. It's working now, the side effects of the serum. His attitude is changing… he's becoming darker… more dominant. Your cock throbbed in anticipation of what you were going to turn him into: an evil muscle god, to conquer and rule with. He lets out a roar as his transformation slows down. He's almost complete. Alex was a true muscle beast now. He was so wide that you knew getting out of this room was going to be a challenge… unless he outgrew it. Even his cock had grown, straining his jock and forming a massive bulge. The thin straps accentuated his bubble butt, his dick leaking precum EVERYWHERE. Suddenly, he started to writhe. "ARFH… My head… nGH… it hurts… FUCK! Must… have muscle… NEED more… muscle… changing… becoming dominant… darker… ARGHH!! NO… MUST RESIST… NGHH…YES… GIVING INTO THE DARKNESS… BECOMING… MUSCLE… GOD." He roars as his mind is corrupted. Sweet little Alex is no more. Now stands before you an evil dominant muscle god. "Your god demands another dose. Give it. Now", he orders in his deep, commanding voice. When you don't pull out another syringe, he roars in anger and picks you up, ripping off your shorts as if he was an alpha in a rut, and snatches up the 3rd vial. He plays with it in his massive palms, before whipping out his now MASSIVE (and hard) cock and plunging it deep within his piss slit. He lets out a deep, dangerous growl as the contents flow into his penis. His eyes are closed, and you can tell he's focussing. Suddenly, he lifts up both hands, and flexes into a double bicep. His body explodes with muscle. Everything swells, quadrupled in size as he moans in pure pleasure. He's… hulking out. Growing so big and massive. It was almost insane. He's becoming so much more than a god… yes… he was becoming a being of pure mass and muscle. The embodiment of only manliness, alpha, dominating manliness. You came in your boxers, watching him ascend. He grabbed another weight, much larger this time, and starts to pump. Immediately his face folds into one of pure ecstasy and pleasure as his cock starts to thicken. Harder. Girthier. Veiner. Until he cums. The room is covered in his essence, his eternal ambrosia. It smells wonderful. He turns to you now, an evil smirk on his face. "Daddy's home. And he's a god now. Open up wide, baby. Daddy's got a full alpha load to breed you with."
  5. himrbicep

    A Sinister Change

    Hi All Don't know why but I thought I'd repost my old story that I wrote for the old forums back when I wasn't himrbicep. I feel like I haven't contributed to this forum since its rebirth. Its a kinky story, and quite dark in places, but I have a feeling some people on here will enjoy it in its fullness haha. I apologise, where I wrote it in parts some is first person and some is third person, hopefully it's not too jarring. Enjoy! And feedback or opinions please let me know I've always been a fan of longer stories myself, so it's a big one! x I guess I ought to start this story with a look at the past, because that’s where it truly began. At the age of 7 my mum and I had just moved into a completely new neighbourhood. Looking back now it was perfectly delightful, but being a young strong minded individual I was still sulking about leaving the estate I’d grown up on. It was a beautiful day, and the house was truly a beauty. White picket fences, a little balcony on the front, nicely trimmed hedges and all that jazz. Truth is my dad had died, I hardly ever saw him while he was living and so I guess the fact he’d gone and left a fair bit of money behind was only a good thing as far as I was concerned. I jumped out of the truck, now I was actually here I was a little less stroppy, but I still couldn’t help be extremely nervous. My name is Charlie by the way, at the age of 7 I was a pretty cute little kid I guess. Light brown hair that stuck up wherever it wanted to, and little blue eyes that were forever sparkling, I used to play outside a lot, and so while at such a young age I was by no means athletic looking, I was definitely fit. I went bounding up the front path and into the house, the massive staircase twisted up and around onto a long slightly darker landing, I remembered where my room was and went running to see… nothing. It was still empty, the only thing in it was my bed, but that was boring, I didn’t want to sleep. I trotted gently to the window to check on my mum, and could see her looking through a couple of boxes in the back of the car whilst waiting for the lorry with the rest of our stuff. It was then I saw someone else out of the corner of my eye. Another kid, who looked to be about my age was playing in his front garden next door. I went running downstairs and out the front door and stuck my head up over the fence, but suddenly found myself with nothing to say. I stared at him, and he stared blankly back at me. “Hello?” he said after a horrendously long silence. I sort of smiled and made a ‘heh’ noise. For some reason I had gone shy. He looked at me like the strangest thing he’d ever seen and I suppose I can understand why. After another couple of seconds he dropped his football and moved closer towards the fence. “I’m Chris” he said plainly, and this time smiled, and I don’t know why but that smile made me so happy I found myself able to talk. “I’m Charlie” I replied simply “I think we’re neighbours now” I added, and the two of us smiled together. Over the next month Chris and I became the best of friends, we were never apart, when we were at school we sat together, and talked behind our books when we were supposed to be reading, and when we were home he was at my house or I at his, and we would make cushion forts, kick a football or something along those lines. My favourite game however, I decided was wrestling, and while we were never technically any good, and we just had fun doing it, there was something really enjoyable about the closeness. Chris had the brightest blond hair you’d seen and sparkly blue eyes and pouty lips and was ever so slightly bigger than me, this almost indefinitely meant I never won, but for some reason that I could not at that age fathom – I didn’t care. I was almost pleased about it, as though letting Chris win was the right thing to do, and me being on the floor underneath him was where I should always end up. There was not a thing about our playing that was sexual at that age, it was just boys being boys, but we were incredibly close, and promised to be best friends forever. Our promise was kept, and we got through four years of junior school, never leaving each other’s side, we still would play outside after school, or sometimes on video games now, and we loved each others company. I had grown a fair bit, and I loved being one of the taller people in class, in fact the only person that made me feel small was Chris, because he had grown even more. The teacher would often mention his size, he wasn’t a freak by any means, but if we all stood together his head poked out above ours, and he was slightly thicker too, most of the kids my age looked like stick insect human beings, apart from Jim the ‘fatty fat fat’ of the class. Why Chris grew faster I didn’t know, I didn’t even consider it, we lived pretty much the same lifestyle, but I guess he just had different genetics to me. I wondered sometimes when we wrestled, and I ended up on the floor underneath his ever heavier weight, just how big he was going to get. By the time we left school he was really starting to grow fast, and I could notice little muscles bulging on his body, you wouldn’t know I had muscles looking at me! But I didn’t care that Chris was bigger, we were best friends, and he could always win wresting matches whenever he wanted, he didn’t have to try very hard at all either, and I still got that strange bubbly feeling inside when he won and was on top of me. The summer holiday that year was a horrible one. My nerves about finally joining the big school were taking over my life. I had gotten used to being the oldest and one of the biggest and now I was going to be the smallest. Chris didn’t care so much, he never really worried about anything much. It was nice to know I would have him beside me. Or so I thought. I remember that day more than any other in my entire life. The day Chris told me he was moving away. I cried inconsolably, I didn’t understand why he had to leave, how he could let his mother drag us apart. It wasn’t fair, and I knew I would never have another friend like Chris. I remember the day I waved goodbye to him and his mother sat in the front of the delivery truck. Tears were streaming down my face and I couldn’t stop them, Chris just looked rather glum, ever the tough one in the friendship…. __________________________________________ But that was over five years ago now, and I look back on it with a sort of appreciation that I had a friend as good as Chris. I had gone to secondary school, and it hadn’t killed me, and I had done pretty well through it, I made some close friends- Clare and Liam the closest, and life was going fine. Today in fact is my first day of sixth form, when I can begin to study towards my A-level examinations. I turned up to school feeling rather pleased with myself, sixth formers had to look smart, and I had a great suit on that I thought I looked quite nice in. I was about six foot now, still slim built, with a hint of athleticism I suppose, so I guess I turned out ok, and was hoping to attract some attention now I didn’t have to wear the old grey school shorts and socks! I went down one of the halls to my new registration group and sat down, everyone was buzzing excitedly and catching up on their summer holidays past. The register was taken and I started to head down the halls for my first biology lesson, I was aware at that point of someone coming down the corridor, and it wasn’t until I did a double take that I noticed the size of him! He was about six foot four I would say, and extremely broad, he wore a suit also and filled it out almost to bursting, he must be a new student, I would have remembered a tank like him. I remember briefly thinking that I wish I could be a little bigger in shape as I went to pass him but the next thing I knew I was shoulder barged so incredibly hard I slammed into the locker and fell to the floor. The corridor thank god was pretty empty so I don’t think anyone saw. I stood up rubbing my head and drew my gaze up the enormous form in front of me; the handsome face was sneering at me with some sort of proud amusement. It was then I recognized the face in front of me, my mouth dropped open and my heart beat faster in my chest. “You always were the small one Char” he said in an incredibly deep voice, and without further ado strut off down the corridor chuckling. I stood frozen for a minute, gob smacked by what had just happened. That was Chris, there was no denying it.. but how much bigger had he gotten, and why had he just shoulder barged his old best friend with the force of a train? Biology passed by without much special occurring, that said if something special had happened I wouldn’t have noticed it, to say my head was somewhere else would be an understatement. Chris was huge; I could hardly believe the change in him. If I looked in the mirror now I could still see the young boy I had grown up from in my features, but Chris was so far from how I remembered him it was hard to believe he was the same person. I kept wondering why he had barged me so hard, I was 99% sure it wasn’t an accident. Maybe he was just being old jokey Chris, heck, if I were as big as him I would probably want to show it off a little, especially to get a reaction from someone who hadn’t witnessed the change in progress. Something deep inside of me however felt like something had changed, that our relationship wouldn’t be able to simply carry on as magically as it used to, if you’ve seen the film Fox and the Hound.. I kinda felt like the fox right now. Still, we had always played rough when we were little, maybe he just didn’t realize his strength these days and was just playing around like we used to in the front yard. I hoped so, and I definitely wanted to speak with him soon. My next class was English, and I looked around the almost full classroom for my now gargantuan friend, but he wasn’t there. I noticed Liam towards the back and went to sit with him instead and told him about what had happened, he told me to be careful and stay away but I laughed it off and thought nothing of it. Lesson after dull lesson occurred and I still didn’t see a sign of Chris, which is tricky with him being the size he was. I arrived at gym class slightly earlier than the rest of the class and had changed into my loose polo top and shorts and was sat on a bench in the gym awaiting the rest of the class. The students were filing in one by one and I was suddenly aware that I didn’t really want to see Chris in this class, he was too big, and as if by some cruel fate no longer had the thought finished passing through my mind when the coach walked in… followed closely by Chris. If he had looked big this morning in his suit he looked positively insane in his PE top. The fabric was stretched so tightly across his body that you could tell exactly what his body would look like if he had been naked. His arms were what first caught my attention, great basketball sized biceps hung from the short sleeves, criss-crossed with veins the thickness of my little finger almost. His forearms were thick and strong, and so veined they looked almost like a road map of some point. I glanced back up to look at his huge shoulders and thick bulging neck and my eyes bulged slightly as I took in the largest chest I’d ever seen, his shirt was stretched ridiculously tight over it, and you could tell there was a deep crevasse in between the two pecs, his nipples had so much muscle packed behind them that they were pointing down almost to the floor and made two large bumps in the material. The t shirt wasn’t tight across his abs like it was the rest of his body purely because the jutting of his pecs pulled the material forwards almost like an awning. His thighs erupted out of his obscenely small shorts like tree trunks of pure power and mighty bulging carves bulged out of his lower leg, his shorts I noticed with an afterthought looked pretty tight too. I swallowed hard as he walked down the gym to sit on one of the further benches; he didn’t so much as glimpse at me. I watched him go past, his expansive back almost resembling the sails on a passing ship as he went, tight muscular round buttocks rolling against each other as he walked under the tight pale blue cotton. I wrenched my gaze back to the coach, mouth slightly open, and was distantly aware of the creaking of the bench at the end of the gym. “Welcome to your first term of Physical Education in the sixth form” he started, the coach was a big man by any standards but after watching Chris enter the room none us were in the slightest bit impressed. “We’re starting this half term with wresting” he announced, and a small part of my soul died at that exact moment. “As it’s the first week we’ll just have some practise bouts and I’ll come around and check how much you remember from last year. I’ll let you choose your own partners, and we’ll have four matches going on at any one time in each corner of the gym. GO” he finished, blowing his whistle, and I stood immediately looking for Liam with an almost terrifying urgency but before I had even made a move a large strong hand had a grip on my shoulders. I turned feeling ready to faint, as I was met with the same smug cocky grin I had seen in the corridor earlier “For old times sake?” he asked, feigning an innocent expression, before steering me onto a mat. After a few moments more everyone else had found their partners, and the first four partners were ready to begin. I stood facing my opponent, trying my absolute hardest not to vomit. Another whistle blew and before I knew what was happening something that I could only compare to a rhino launched itself in my direction, I was thrown to the matt with such force that my head bounced with a sickening thud and then I was shoved onto my front and my arm was pulled behind me so forcefully I was slightly surprised it didn’t dislocate. I felt his ton weight resting on the small of my back, it didn’t hurt but the sheer weight of him was almost making taking breath difficult. “Bring back memories does it?” I heard a snicker in my ear. Several of the other students had laughed at the quickness of the fight, and a couple more had gathered round to watch the next, I wasn’t looking forward to it. Chris climbed off of me and I slowly got up trying to catch my breath and trying not to look too defeated or embarrassed. We got back into the starting positions, and I could see he was looking pumped, his muscles slightly red, almost as if anticipating more. Another whistle blew and this time I managed to take a step forward, I’m not sure what I had planned, but it didn’t matter anyway. Two large hands grabbed onto my waist so tight I thought I might burst, the next thing I knew my body was rising up in the air as if I weighed nothing at all and I was being turned upside down. I felt his head in between my thighs, and was powerless to do anything as he jumped forwards ready to slam me into the ground. I hit the floor hard, and the weight of the man landing on top of me forced every particle of air in my body to come whooshing out loudly. The class burst out laughing and just to add to my embarrassment Chris’ crotch was directly over my face. Winded as I was I was powerless to do anything and wriggled my head in vein slightly only to feel the biggest cock imaginable flop down my cheek. Through the thin material of Chris’ shorts I could feel the heat of it, and it felt to be about 7 inches long, completely soft!! I wriggled frantically now, completely freaked out by what used to be my best friend in the whole world and the class was roaring with laughter now as I tried useless to push up against Chris’ monstrous thighs, it was like trying to life a steel car off of my body. Chris purposefully got up as slowly as possible, and managed to rub his enormous crotch right across my face once more. He finally got up and I went running off into the changing rooms embarrassed out of my mind. As the locker room door closed behind me the laughter was drowned out, and I sat in the cold silence for a second, feeling my face glowing with blush. I look down totally dismayed, I had a raging erection. What had happened to Chris, why was he being so nasty to me? What was happening to me, getting turned on by a beating from another man? I didn’t have time to think as I head the door swing open once again, I did my best to hide under some nearby clothes. I sat trembling under the coats and was all too aware of the heavy footfalls coming in my directions. I thought for one fleeting moment they were going to continue and go straight past but silence fell over the room as the person stopped walking. I knew who it was without having to look; the person on the other side of those coats was almost radiating hugeness. I was starting to feel a little sick. I could hear a deep chuckling building up on the other side of the material and could feel myself going red in the face. “Pathetic” the voice said simply, and then a vice like hand grabbed my through the clothes haphazardly piled atop me and pulled me up into the air again with no effort at all. I was dropped onto the floor directly in front of him, but didn’t manage to land properly and slipped clumsily down onto my ass. I looked up nervously at Chris and… he seemed bigger. I couldn’t tell if it was the angle I was at or not, but from my position on the floor he looked to be at least 6 foot 7, and the pump he had gotten in the gymnasium was still evident, and then a bit more muscle seemed to have appeared on top of that. I stared, shutting my mouth quickly as I realized it was hanging open. Being so close to his feet part of his face was obscured by the jutting chest that hung off his frame. I felt no need to continue staring up at him like this, I didn’t want to fuel the man’s ego, and so I began to rise slowly, though the shaking in my knees made my hope of looking graceful impossible. I stood to my full height, and there was no denying now the change in him, I had to look up to see his strikingly handsome face, and I felt myself shiver at the thought of what Chris could do to me here on my own. “Why’d you run away?” he growled and I decided not to answer him, I thought it was fairly obvious. “I wasn’t finished with you” he added, and that thought scared the life out of me, I would have ended the lesson resembling pate if we had continued any further. He took a step forward so that his almighty chest thumped into me, though at his new height his chest was hitting me more at chin level, and I stumbled back. He grinned evilly. “What’s happened to you?” I asked, trying to sound brave, but my voice quivered betraying me. Again he laughed, and his vast chest shook and his abs contorted and twisted under his top. He looked down at me once again, taking another step forward and forcing me to stumble a pace backwards. “Nothings changed at all, I was always better than you and I still am” he said grinning. “But we were best friends” I said, I heard myself and realized I sounded as though I were begging. At this he took a large step and his chest thumped into me so hard that I was caught of balance and went stumbling backwards until I hit back hard against the wall, smacking my head hard enough against the brick to make me temporarily see stars. Through the fog in my brain I could see him advancing and he didn’t stop until his mammoth body had me pinned against the wall. “Lets get one thing straight little man; I don’t need friends like you anymore,” he paused as he raised his hands into the air “I’ve got these babies now” he said and flexed triumphantly. I couldn’t help but gasp as the biggest bicep muscles I had ever seen in my life burst into life in front of my eyes. The huge peaks of muscle split, rising higher and higher bursting with veins and emitting such evident power I knew then and there he could kill me with them. Despite the intense fear his muscle display was causing me, his show of power and the inexplicably manly smell that was wafting from his deep manly pits was causing a reaction in me I couldn’t even begin to explain, and one I hoped to high heaven Chris wouldn’t notice. He flexed his chest now, and through the top I could veins and striations formed in ways I didn’t know possible, the muscles in his chest, which if I’m honest felt more like rocks, were forcing their way into my chest as though it were made of butter and I could feel myself being crushed against the wall behind me. “You were nothing then… and you’re less than that now” he said, and clearly the friendship we had shared as children meant not a thing to him now. My arousal and fear left no room for sadness at his remark, and my erection was almost painful now. He relaxed his chest and I was able to take a breath in at long last. He shook his head slowly, as though I truly disgusting him, and I felt myself averting his gaze in shame. “I’ll be needing your lunch mo…” he began, but stopped suddenly, and I looked up to see what had stopped him, hoping against hope that he had spotted more worthy of his interest than me. I almost died when I saw him looking at the all too obvious, though not exactly impressive, tent in my shorts. I began jabbering, trying to explain that I wasn’t gay, that he wasn’t turning me on, tried to say anything that would stop the unavoidable beating that was heading my way. He made his way towards me far quicker than he had before and I felt a huge hand wrap firmly around my throat, and my feet left the floor as I was slid effortlessly up the wall. He held me up maybe three feet off the floor, and I began choking something fierce. The force of his grip was so strong my choking was practically useless; there was no way consciousness was staying with me today. I tried to kick my legs but his mammoth chest had them pinned almost painfully against the wall, my fingers worked frantically in vain to try and get him off me, but I soon realized that my two hands working together were powerless to even remove one of his fingers. Despite the seriousness of the situation I found my eyes becoming fixed on the almighty biceps and triceps that kept me up here as though I were a feather, and I was aware that my erection was still throbbing in my shorts, which was probably angering him further. The veins in his forearms popped up in relief as the hand tightened itself tighter around my pathetically fragile neck. I could feel my wind pipe getting close to collapsing, and my vision began fading as I knew I was about to pass out when “Chris?” called a voice from the other end of the changing room, it was the coach. I felt the hand release me and again I fell badly, though this time I managed to land on my feet. I let out a huge gasp and then a cough, but Chris obviously wanting to hide my presence slapped a hand over my mouth with such a force that my face stung from the force of the slap. My body was still trying to get more air into my lungs and I choked still, the sound muffled in the large hand over my mouth. I was in pain, and gasping for breath to stay conscious, and yet somehow I found myself wanting him to put one of those big manly fingers into my mouth for me to suck on. “I’m here coach; I think that little guy took off. I’ll be right out” he called down the changing room, and I prayed to God to bless the man that had saved my life. “I’m not surprised” replied the coach “he looked like a 5 year old girl next to you” the coach continued clearly unaware I was present. A whole new shade of red made itself apparent across my face and Chris looked at me with a smug grin. “This isn’t over” he said simply, venom in his voice. He removed his hand, and strutted round the corner towards the exit of the room. I slid down the wall and burst into tears, my hopes of a friendly reconciliation shattered. My first day of school had gone from an exciting new chapter in my life, to a brand new nightmare thanks to a changed face from the past. _____________________________________________ Charlie sat in his room that night feeling sick to depths of his stomach, his homework, which would usually take half an hour or so had been delaying him for at least an hour now. He couldn’t get the images of today’s meeting out of his head, he couldn’t ignore the soreness around his neck from where the strong hand had crushed into the skin, and by far worse of all, he couldn’t do anything about the random insatiable erections that kept popping up in his boxers. He slept uneasily that night and awoke in the morning mortified to find he’d had a wet dream, he couldn’t remember at all what he’d been dreaming about, but Charlie was fairly sure he knew. Charlie began to pack his things ready for another day of school and for the first time in as long as he could remember he found himself not wanting to go, wanting to pretend to be ill and stay at home, where he knew he wouldn’t bump into a certain someone. But no, there was nothing to be achieved by doing that, and so with as much false confidence as he could muster he made his way to another day of school. The first lesson was fairly normal in its long boring lecture like style, and indeed second period passed without a single mishap, but the one thing that Charlie really did notice, was that wherever he was, he could here someone whispering about the huge new kid, and Charlie couldn’t help but get down a little every time he heard it. Indeed out on the school field during their morning break much talking behind hands was going on, and Charlie headed with much anticipation to where he and Clare and Liam usually hung out, behind a secluded patch of trees where they could have a laugh in their own space, as he paced down the sloping grass he felt his phone vibrate and smiled when he saw Clare ringing him, he didn’t answer as he knew she’d be hurrying him on like she always did and he began to run down to where the trees were. As soon as he was round the corner a foot tripped him and Charlie went skidding across the ground. With his heart immediately in his throat Charlie span round onto his back to look up into the one face he wanted to see less than any other, before he could begin to get up a huge triumphant foot had slammed Charlie back on the ground with a woomph, and struggle though he might, there was nothing he could do. Charlie met the cold gaze of his recent tormentor, and then found he couldn’t look at them anymore and averted his gaze. ‘Little fag can’t stay away’ Chris said slowly, twisting his foot on my chest softly almost as though contemplating whether to crush it or not. ‘Guess you wanted another beating to go home and whack that puny little cock to huh?’ he said in a mocking tone and the blush that seemed to be a permanent feature on Charlie’s face recently made its way across his nose and ears. ‘Chris I’m not gay’ he replied, stunning himself that he even managed to speak a word let alone a sentence. ‘Not gay…’ Chris laughed, bending down to pick Charlie up with one hand on either side of his head, lifting him until his face was crushed against the mammoth left pec of Chris’s enormous chest, hard nipple pressing just below Charlie’s bottom lip through the thin sleeveless vest. Immediately the naturally manly smell of the body in front of him made Charlie feel light headed, ‘then do you mind explaining the pathetic boners you keep springing every time you get near my muscles?’ Charlie shook his head slightly, the rock hard nipple rubbing against his chin. Chris let go and Charlie dropped the two inches or so to the ground, gasping quietly as he realized that the bottom of Chris’ pecs were now level with his forehead, though he didn’t understand it, nor want to believe it, Chris had grown massively again over night and was probably now just over seven foot, how was that even possible!? After a second or so of silence Charlie sighed quietly, ‘I don’t know what to say… I’ve never seen anyone as big as you before’ at this Chris snorted as though it were obvious that no one could be bigger than him ‘and I just’ Charlie paused trying to think of the words ‘I just see how big and powerful and strong you are and it makes me feel so small… like you are so much better than me.’ Charlie didn’t get the chance to say another word as Chris had burst out laughing, ‘I am so much better than you,’ he said with a cocky smirk ‘you are a pathetic little nothing that should be thrilled I even know who you are, and you better think of a fucking good reason why I shouldn’t snap you in half and leave you here for the worms.’ He said, his voice getting quieter as he continued. Charlie visibly shook where he stood, not a clue in the world what to say, ‘for old times sake?’ he said hopefully, but Chris shook his head ‘not good enough.’ Charlie looked back down at the floor again, trying to stop the tears in the corners of his eyes as he realized he was about to sell his soul to the devil. ‘I’ll do anything you say for the rest of my life’ Charlie said quietly, almost hoping that no one would hear him say it. ‘Anything?’ came the deep voice of the man stood above him, and Charlie nodded silently, looking up to the most sinister smug grin he had ever seen in his life. ‘So if I should need some last minute homework doing for me?’ Chris asked and again Charlie nodded in silence, ‘or if I should need some money for food’ he continued and Charlie once again nodded. ‘What about…’ Chris went on, his grin spreading further across his face, ‘what about if my sweaty manly pits need a good clean after a heavy workout?’ Charlie gawped open mouthed, stunned by what the man in front of him had just said, he stood stunned, trying to process what he’d just heard, when he noticed Chris lifting his left arm up above his head, and vest he was wearing allowing for a view of the manly crevasse that Charlie’s new tormentor had mentioned, a large hand cupped the back of his small head and Charlie found himself forced forwards until he could see nothing at all, and all he knew was the feel of the hot skin against his face and the incredibly strong smell now filling his nostrils like a drug. As he shifted his head slightly, Charlie could feel the tendons of Chris’ biceps towards the top of his head, and other ligaments and muscles he didn’t know the name of beneath his nose and chin, the wideness of Chris’ seemingly ever growing lats meant that Charlie was surrounded on all sides by thick muscle, and Charlie suddenly found himself losing control of himself. Charlie stuck his tongue out frantically, moaning slightly as he felt the hard bulging muscle under Chris’ skin, moaning slightly as he tasted the manly sweat that didn’t disgust him in the way he quietly knew is should, the light masculine hair tickled his face as Charlie wanted to more and more to be able to have his face over every part of Chris at the same time, he slid his head up, his tongue sliding from the pit to the underside of Chris’s gargantuan arm, that seemed now to easily be as wide as his own head. Charlie couldn’t explain it, but Chris’ skin, whilst being so silky in texture still allowed for the feeling of the steel like chords beneath it, and every inch of him tasted incredible, Charlie moaned to himself again as his tongue lost itself exploring crevices and ridges of rock solid muscle. Charlie almost creamed in his pants when he heard Chris whisper ‘fuuck’ under his breath, clearly enjoying the seeing to that Charlie was giving him, Charlie didn’t know who was more surprised by this turn of events, but he didn’t dare argue. Charlie’s cock was now rock hard against the hugely wide thigh he straddled comfortably, and he was about to begin thrusting when a heavy shove knocked him to the floor roughly. Chris laughed to himself, looking down still with a certain look of disgust. ‘Guess I may be able to find a reason to keep you around’ he smirked, before walked away, looking bigger than ever, and leaving Charlie with a face full of sweat and an erection he was sure would last forever. _______________________________________________ I awoke the next day feeling extremely tired after what could only be called a restless night’s sleep. I found myself once again dreading the day ahead and what it would bring but felt such a hypocrite having spent most of the night furiously masturbating, thinking of how Chris’ muscles had felt against my face, how powerful he was, whilst I smelled his sweat that had dried on my face. As it happened I had a relatively uneventful day at school, I mean sure I had passed Chris in the corridor and my insides had pretty much turned themselves inside out with fear, but he had simply smirked at me and walked on by. He was easily six foot eight now I looked properly, and while he hadn’t grown height wise much more his muscle had clearly not stopped expanding. He looked like a younger blonder bigger Zeb Atlas strolling down the corridors. The next day again I found myself feeling on edge pretty much all day but again made it through the day without any cause for concern. It was the Friday of that week I went into school feeling a tiny bit better, my body didn’t ache anymore in the areas Chris had gotten rough with and I was starting to think I might just have to suffer evil glances and occasional extra pieces of homework on Chris’ behalf. It was lunchtime and I didn’t have too long until classes started back up again so I ran to get my bag that I’d thrown in the P.E changing rooms before I ate. I retrieved my bag and went to have a quick piss, I had drunk far too much today. I was about to put my cock back in my pants when a large hand grabbed me by the face. It was so quick I didn’t even realise it was a hand at first, I couldn’t see a thing and in less than two seconds I felt myself pushed against a wall. I heard one of the toilet cubicle doors locking and began to tremble slightly; all too aware of what was beginning. ‘Didn’t want you getting too confident around here’ he said, his now familiar sneer planted firmly across his face. Whether it was me getting more attracted to him without realising or something else he seemed to be more handsome every time I saw him. ‘Why me?’ I asked simply, a tone of resignation in my voice, his smile grew even more as he let me go and laughed gently. ‘Don’t tell me you aren’t enjoying it Char’ he said with an almost playful hint in his voice that took me back to us wrestling as kids. ‘You may have noticed I’ve grown a lot since we were kids’ he continued, and I bit my tongue rather than risking my life by giving him attitude. ‘Since I’ve hit puberty I’ve noticed I enjoy exerting my power over people,’ he paused slightly as if recalling memories of such events and then spoke again ‘but more recently I’ve noticed that not only do I enjoy it immensely, but... it seems to make me grow.’ My mouth opened and I squinted slightly ‘that’s crazy Chris... it’s not possible.’ He laughed cruelly ‘the effects have been very very small for the last few years and I figured that just wasn’t going to do anymore, and then I remember you and me as kids.. what a pussy you always were and how you always seemed to be your happiest when I was kicking your ass’ I blushed furiously and shook my head ‘that’s not true!’ I lied quickly, so quickly in fact it gave me away instantly. ‘I figured that if making a small guy submit to me makes me grow, what would happen if I managed to find someone that actually enjoyed it, who felt in his guts like being a bitch was all he was born for..' I shook my head again more forcefully this time as if trying to fool myself more than him ‘it’s not true, you’ve gone mad’ I almost begged. He stared at me silently for a second or two, my heart seemed to beat loudly in slow motion as his hand reached for the collar of his sweat drenched gym polo and yanked. His forearm bulged and with a loud rip that almost sounded like a bang his shirt was in tatters on the floor. His magnificent tanned pecs quivered no more than a foot away from my face and my eyes glazed over, my chin drooping as I stared in amazement at the body of the young god in front of me. His chest was indescribable, striations spread from the crevice in the middle of his chest outward, his enormous nipples lured my eyes to them and I wanted nothing more than to suck them onto my tongue. His huge powerful shoulders supported basketball size biceps both sporting a fat blue vein that pulsed across them and his abs, which I had never seen uncovered, stood fast like 8 solid bricks. ‘Gone mad have I?’ he mused quietly, ‘we both know I didn’t look like this when I barged past you in the corridor on Monday. Even then I felt a tingle in my core when you gazed up at me from the floor.’ I was stood now in silence, no matter how insane it sounded, or how much trouble I was now undeniably in he was definitely bigger, and if he was right and I was the key to that growth then there was a whole load more trouble coming my way. ‘Im afraid I’m starting to like being one of the biggest people on the planet’ he growled, his eyes now piercing into mine with such an intensity I felt like crying ‘so you’re gonna be my bitch from now on whether you like it or not.’ With that he moved towards me and bent his knees, he pushed his pec into my chin and my head was forced sideward against the wall, he straightened his legs still pushing into me and I felt his now erect nipple slide up the side of my face like a marble. I turned to face him, my nose resting in between his pecs and slowly slid my tongue upwards. He had obviously just finished a work out as I managed to catch a large amount of sweat on the end of my tongue, he tasted so good, so manly ‘like my man sweat bitch?’ He grinned a huge grin before flexing his colossal bicep with a grunt ‘get your mouth on this slut’ he growled and before I knew it I was whining like a bitch in heat, sliding my tongue and my lips over the hardest thing I have ever felt in my life, I wanted to kiss, lick, rub and smell it all at once it was so overwhelming. In the corner of my eye I could see Chris watching me and I moaned loudly as my wandering right hand made contact with his freaky quad. I rubbed and squeezed with my puny little fingers, sliding them along the separations in his muscle until the both of us froze when the back of my hand made contact with his cock. I looked him in the eye and without looking down gave his mighty cock a squeeze; I could just about get my fingertips to touch around its thickness. I almost wanted to take my hand away it was so hot, but Chris’ meaty hands pushing down on my shoulders made it clear he had other plans for me. I knelt there in front of him for what seemed like forever, his thighs so thick that they filled my whole field of vision and acted as the perfect backdrop to the biggest dick I’d ever seen. It looked somewhere between the 10 and 11 inch mark, thick as anything and bursting with the sexiest veins I had ever seen. I had never sucked a cock before... or even thought about it, but staring at this giant piece of meat I can’t deny I wanted it. Clearly Chris had become bored with me staring as he suddenly shook his hips side to side as quick as he could and his massive dong slapped my face with such a force that the first hit made me yelp. The second and third still stunned me but I was more embarrassed than anything to think that a guy my age had a cock that was probably stronger than my entire body. I took the hint though and once again gripped his firm meat in my now tiny looking hand. I slowly lent forwards and kissed the head, spongy but hard, I kissed again, pleasantly surprised by the taste. Slowly my tongue slid along the bottom of his bulging head and he hissed, eyes closed, head rearing back. I squeaked loudly as he suddenly grabbed a fistful of my hair and shoved, I thought his dick was going to push my tongue down my throat and I felt my lips stretch to their slutty limits. My mouth was forced wide open as his huge meat rubbed over my tongue and I spluttered as it hit the back of my throat, he pulled out and shoved back in several times with me gagging for air and trying to push his thighs away but of course any such attempt was a waste of time. After a couple of minutes he grunted and shoved all the way in, I’d never felt anything like it, I could feel inch after inch of his cock moving down inside my throat as his head stretched open my gullet on its way down. I felt my neck physically bulged and my eyes streamed with water as Chris looked down and moaned loudly ‘fuck yes, take it’ I could hardly breathe but still found my tongue lapping the underside of his dick as he raped my mouth with such an intensity I wondered how long it could continue. At several points I honestly thought I would pass out, his cock was so huge I simply couldn’t breathe and if it wasn’t for the occasional moment where he withdrew his cock slightly further than usual I would have been a goner. I found myself squeezing his massive thighs, looking up as his huge muscle tits bouncing with his thrusts, seeing the pure pleasure on Chris’ face did something to me I can’t explain, part of me did want to be here serving him. ‘I should warn you’ he said suddenly, and the sound of this deep panting voice both surprised and aroused me ‘the bigger I’ve gotten the more I’ve cum, you might wanna get out the way.’ For some reason I moaned at the thought of his hot spunk, maybe I hoped it would make me grow in the same way he did, but I decided to stick around. He thrusts became even harder and more sporadic and his grunts got deeper and louder, I could see his chest and biceps twitching and he withdrew so that just his cockhead was in my mouth. ‘You asked for it fucker’ he grunted through gritted teeth. What happened next I could never have expected in a million years. His first shot of cum was so huge it completely filled my mouth to overflowing, the excess pouring out in thick slimy clots over my bottom lip onto my school shirt. The sheer force of the thick creamy spunk hitting the back of my mouth forced my head backwards and off his cockhead, and while I was still leant back reeling at what had just happen his second shot was now out in the open and free to hit me square on the bridge of my nose. Again the force of it was so extreme I went to shout but my mouth was still so full that I just gargled more spunk down my front. I winced as it slammed into my nose and flowed with speed up along my forehead and out across my cheeks, I sat there in disbelief drinking every drop I could while shot after shot after huge big thick hot slammed into my face. After what must have been twenty or so helpings he stopped, legs trembling slightly, and sneered down at me completely covered in his load, my chin dripping pathetically. I peeled my eyes open, gasping when I looked up to see he had easily grown another ten pounds in the time he had been fucking my mouth. Even more muscle bulged on his frame, he looked simply incredible. ‘I knew it had to be you’ he said in between pants ‘I fucking told you didn’t I you little bitch?’ he laughed. ‘Good luck cleaning that off before next lesson’ was all he said before he opened the cubicle door and walked away. I waited until I heard the changing room doors close, I don’t know how long it was after that I stood up, it wasn’t until that moment I felt my jaw, and my throat, and realised everything ached in the extreme. I looked down at my school uniform and was speechless, I looked like a blue whale had just used me as a fleshlight, my clothes were completely drenched in his thick load and there was a puddle on the floor where I had been kneeling. I walked over to the sinks and started to cry when I saw myself in the mirror. There wasn’t a spot on my face that wasn’t covered, my hair was thick with it like shampoo and my hair stuck up on top of my head where he had grabbed me. I looked a complete and utter state. I used the back entrance and ran for all I was worth until I got home, uselessly trying to cover my face, my hair, my clothes. When I got home I sat on my bed and stared at myself in the mirror, stunned by what had happened, stunned by what the two of us were becoming, and hating myself for scooping the cum off my face and into my mouth. I awoke on Saturday morning flooded with relief that I didn’t have to go to school, to face the questions of why I had suddenly left the day before, to face Chris. I spent the rest of the day lazing around the house, resting my aching limbs, rubbing moisturiser on my stretched out lips and stalking the muscle monster’s Facebook in the dirty hope of finding a picture I could stroke it to. As Sunday rolled by it was already three in the afternoon and I had to go to pick up a few things in the local store. I kept my tracksuit bottoms on and slipped on a loose fitting pair of sneakers, heading in through the front gates of the church ready to take the short cut through the graveyard. Since I’d left my house I couldn’t escape the feeling I was being followed, and halfway through the trees and graves, the afternoon sun causing everything to be tinted gold, I shivered. Looking to my left there was nothing but a few bugs humming lazily in the air and above me blue skies stretched forever uninterrupted. Gazing over to my right my heart missed a beat as I saw in the distance, stood amongst the gravestones farthest away, Chris. I waited only long enough to see him move a fraction of an inch before turning, filled with complete fear, and running off the path and onto the grass to the left. Hopping over vines and growth and dodging between graves I was too scared to shout or look behind me, my only comfort was that I had been quite a way in front of Chris and the head start might be enough to get me home safe. In a happier moment I would have been proud of myself for running faster than I ever would have thought I could, but instead my thoughts were interrupted by the undeniable sound of bare feet thumping along the ground behind me and getting louder very quickly. In desperation I tried to change direction in the hope that the bigger man would be unable to follow but before I knew anything else two gigantic arms had completely engulfed me and the force of a now 6 foot ten Chris running at full speed hit me like a train. We went flying through the air, me straining for air against the tree trunk arms that had wrapped around me like snakes, and then landed hard on the ground. Chris’ full weight came down on top of me and I tried to scream in agony but as his huge muscular bulk landed on top of me I was completely winded and could only scream silently like a tortured fish. ‘That was fun, you should run every time’ growled Chris, his mouth somewhere above my ear as he held me still, I tried kicking my legs but every inch of me was pinned down by his massively powerful body. I lay there in the moment’s silence completely hating myself. Every time I saw this man I was filled with fear and dread, today more so than ever; and yet as soon as I heard his voice or felt his body I was so turned on I couldn’t think of anything else in the world than doing as he said. Since Friday’s meetings I also had to admit that as I lay underneath him I also craved the feeling of his giant man cock and his thick load in my mouth. ‘Unfortunately for you I’m starting to like growing more and more,’ he continued the smirk on his face audible in his voice. ‘All those sluts at school that follow me around don’t worship me half as well as you do.’ His huge forearm was under my chin and his weight on top of me pushed it hard into my neck and I could feel my head was starting to swim. He pushed himself up with his arms just long enough for me to take in a large gulp of air, grabbed me with one of his huge hands and flipped me effortlessly onto my back so I was now staring up into his achingly handsome face. I noticed now his shirt was gone and I flushed with embarrassment knowing that not only had I had a head start on him, but he had also managed to remove his shirt whilst running and still caught me with absolutely no effort. ‘Don’t pretend like you haven’t missed this Char’ he purred, before stretching his arms out above my head, linking his hands and lowering his colossal chest over my face. His pecs were so huge by this point that my nose could just about touch his breastbone in the gap between his pecs while the rest of his thick heavy chest muscle squeezed down and covered my whole face. He didn’t even need to say anything before I started to lick the sweaty rock hard sinews of his muscle tits. With his hands outstretched in front of him his armpits were fully open to air and even squashed underneath him I could smell his musky smell and found my head buzzing with the excitement of it. I realised that my hands were free and rushed to slide them from his ribs, around his impossibly wide lats and began stroking the thick mounds of his back muscles which bunched and rippled as he moved slightly. At a minute or so of this I slid my little hands back round underneath him and stroked up and down on his solid stomach, moaning slightly into his chest as my dainty fingers found each bump of his abs. Up and down I lovingly caressed when after a short while my eyes opened as my hand bumped into his gigantic cock, which had become hard at all this attention. I grabbed it with my fist and squeezed as hard as I could, he growled like a feral animal above me and I felt his body vibrate slightly as he did so, ‘that’s it, make me feel good, I think I can feel myself growing already’ he said and this turned me on beyond belief as I started sliding my hand up and down the thick meat. He pulled himself up and sat on my chest, I could hardly breathe under him but didn’t dare say so for fear he would stop what he was doing, once again I was truly under his spell. As I stared at the God like man in front of me my mouth hung open, my eyes glazed over with lust, and I moaned quietly as he tore his shorts off with one strong hand. The cock that pulsed in front of me now was even bigger than it had been the last time I saw it only a few days before. It looked now to be around 12 inches, from down on the floor I could feel the heat radiating from it, smell that pure sexual alpha male smell. The veins that rippled all over it stood out in bold relief almost full to bursting, I had never been so turned on in my life. I stuck my tongue out eagerly as he used three fingers to push against the base of it, bringing it down with a thump across my face. It half obscured my vision and I trembled with both excitement and fear as I realised it was now longer than my face. I licked the underside, feeling content in a way I still couldn’t quite understand, I could do this all day if he asked me, though I didn’t want him to know that. He raised himself off me slightly and roughly rubbed the giant head of it all over my face, smearing me with gobs of thick juice as it leaked over my face, he spent a long time just rubbing it side to side over my lips. Looking up into his face he had a look of wonder and pride on his face and clearly found it arousing to see how much power he had over me, and how physically superior he was. I licked my tongue around the head as I had done the day before and he growled, an evil smile flashing down at me. He used his thick cock to slap my face and shoved in roughly into my mouth a few times clearly enjoyed himself. In a move so quick I hadn’t seen it coming he put both his hands under my armpits and lifted me up, we stood facing each other for a moment silently, his huge cock pressed directly into mine as if to show me how pathetically small mine was. He didn’t move or show any expression on his face and it dawned on me he wanted me to make the first move, to admit to both myself and him that I really did want this. I looked at the floor slightly ashamed, also not wanting to blow a load in my pants looking at him, and quietly said ‘I’m ready to suck you again.’ He laughed looking triumphant, fisted his cock a couple of times. ‘I know you are’ he said confidently, ‘but you forgot this isn’t about what you want, and I don’t think my cocks gonna fit down that tiny throat of yours anymore.’ I stared at him for a half a second in confusion before gasping as I realised what it was he had meant. I wasn’t ready for it. I had never taken a cock in my ass in my life and one as big as his would hurt worse than murder, I began to tremble and shake my head ‘I can’t,’ I squeaked terrified ‘I can’t take it!’ He smiled another sick smile ‘Oh but you will.’ I turned in a desperate attempt to run, even though he had caught me before and I made it no more than two paces when his large powerful hands clamped both my hips in a vice like grip, I wailed as he began pushing down and though I tried to resist it his arms proved more powerful than my legs and they gave way. One hand left my right hip and reappeared on my neck pushing my face into the grass and turning my butt up into the air, he ripped my shorts off effortlessly and paused for a second watching me shake underneath him ‘not a bad ass Char.’ I heard him spit a few times and could hear him rubbing his cock head with spit, then again a few more times and this time I felt spots of warm wetness hit my hole with surprising speed. Two fingers came from nowhere and shoved themselves inside me and I groaned as they felt themselves around my tight virgin chute. After a minute or so they were gone and I knew what was about to happen. I felt the head of his cock against my hole, it felt even bigger now that I couldn’t see it, like a powerful sweaty tennis ball at my innocent backside. I started to cry a little, pleading to the universe more than anything else ‘no no no no no’, there was a seconds silence and then I heard him hiss ‘yes!’ Both hands went back to my hips with their iron hold and he push forwards with such force had he let go I would have slid forward across the grass. The pain was indescribable. I screamed into the floor as I felt inch by inch of his mighty cock force its way into a hole that was simply not big enough for it. I could cry at this point, but instead gaped and shuddered as inch after further inch carried on up inside me so far I could feel it rising up inside my stomach area. He leant back to a kneeling position and the pure strength of his erection lifted me from the ground, stretching my hole to near breaking point, bringing another scream from me as my back thumped into his incredible chest. My own weight went against me now as I slid down the last two inches of his cock and felt my burning cheeks land on his rock hard veiny thighs. His right hand clapped over my mouth and pushed my head back against his shoulder and the other pushed down on my left thigh to stop me from trying to remove his cock. He stayed there motionless, as his thrilled cock vibrated and jerked, each time stirring my lower organs and causing more pain inside me. He was clearly relishing the feeling, I could feel his heavy breathing through the pecs and nipples that pushed into my back, hear him swearing under his breath and feel him continue to flex his thick cock inside me. As we stayed in that position, my weak body spread across his larger one like butter over toast the unbearable mind numbing pain lessened a little, not much mind you, but enough that after a while the tears that had been running down my face onto Chris’ hand stopped. Precum was oozing out of his cock now so much this it was already running out my hole down his cock and dripping from his orange sized balls, I wandered momentarily whether it was that that was soothing my insides. So lost in the feeling was Chris that when it finally dawned on him he could start fucking me he jumped slightly with the excitement, again the movement caused his cock to move my insides around once more and I squeaked through his thick hand. ‘Get ready for the ride of your life bitch!’ He started bucking his hips slightly, and as he did a couple of inches of his cock started leaving and entering my ass, being so tight my inner walls gripped him to such an extent that the friction of his movements caused me to shudder, my eyes rolling back in my head as he moaned appreciatively. He slowly but surely began upping the power and his thrusts were becoming so powerful that his hips against my ass cheeks were literally starting to throw me in the air a little. As he pushed up his cock would push deeper than it had gone before, his balls and thighs on my ass and then as he stopped I would rise up in the air, like one does at the top of a rollercoaster, almost floating on his mighty tool. Then he would lower his hips back to their starting position, sliding his cock out of me a little before gravity began to force me back down his cock with a slurpy squelch that ended with me thumping down on his cock and forcing the head of it deeper inside me still, each of these weightless moments were proving to feel truly good and I would whine in pleasure, before falling back down onto the wide base of his cock and grunting as the pain came rushing back. I was starting to look like one of those children’s toys, with Chris being the small wooden bat that would hit the little red ball (me) which bounce around anchored to the bat by elastic (his cock.) He gave a loud shout of effort that made me jump before thrusting into me so hard I slid all the way up his cock until only the head was left inside me stretching my sphincter beyond belief, he had removed his hand from my mouth at this point and I let out a shout as he grabbed both my ankles and spun me 180 degrees so that when I slid back down his monster I was facing the now even larger muscle god. My hands immediately went to squeezing his huge rock hard muscles tits, so large now that my hands really didn’t cover very much of them, but as I played with his thick meaty nipples he groaned and cooed appreciatively and gave me a grin that said nothing other than ‘I own you.’ My fingers danced on the bulges of his sweaty abs as my nose drifted near his shoulder so I could smell the musk of his pits and despite the pain of the situation I knew in my heart I would do it again, as many times as he wanted over and over. His grunting began to get more sporadic, panting and moaning with rhythm as his thrusts became harder and faster. His huge hand grabbed my throat and with a huge squeeze that almost crushed my windpipe he began to push me back. I was now in a very awkward position that probably would have been painful if his one hand on my neck hadn’t been strong enough to support my weight. I was bent backwards now like one of the crab positions you see gymnasts do, my head now at the same height as my well filled ass with my torso forming a high bridge between the two. I moaned and made all sorts of embarrassingly effeminate noises as his cock touched parts of my innards now that I didn’t know could feel so good. As he started thrusting all the way into me again I couldn’t help but briefly wonder where it was all going, how it all fit in. My thought process was interrupted when I heard him give an animalistic growl of lust. ‘O fuck yeah’ he shouted ‘that’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen, my monster cock’s destroying your insides little bitch’ he moaned and as I craned my neck up I could just about see over my ribs and couldn’t help but gasp in shock. The flat tight smooth skin of my stomach was now bulging outwards with every thrust from his mighty tool, like a baby kicking in a woman’s tummy I watched as my skin stretched tight around the thick head of his cock. We took it in turns to place our hand over the bump as it rose and give it a quick squeeze before he withdrew and this pleasured him more than anything that had gone before. He swung me back up with a scream so that we were once again face to face and spat in my face ‘gonna cum.’ He kept his one hand around my neck again and then squeezed my ribcage with his other. ‘get ready bitch’ he grunted before using his hands to slide my whole body up and down on his cock like a giant human fleshlight. I squealed as I flew up down so fast it blurred my vision and made my head hurt. With a final large shout he pushed my right to the base, his pubes tickling my tender cheeks, muscular thighs against mine. ‘Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu’ he shouted and I screamed with renewed pain as his first huge load shot inside me so fast I thought it may have ruptured something. He continued to swear and call me all manner of names as shot after huge thick shot flew inside me, I could feel myself filling up and was now crying from the sensation whilst still being thoroughly turned on. I could feel cum squirted out my hole and down his cock now and I knew I was full and could take no more, I screamed and threw my fists against his chest which were now bulging with hundreds of veins but his eyes were now rolling back in his head such was his ecstasy. Still he shot inside me and I looked down and noticed my whole lower stomach bloating like a pregnant belly from the sheer volume of his spunk. Without warning he craned his head down and forced his large tounge into my screaming mouth. His tounge, now a good 7 or so inches long was so thick and powerful my tounge could hardly move against it, in fact as it slid down into my throat I couldn’t help but struggle to breathe around it. A minute or so later he finally stopped and leant back relaxing, I was panting and moaning and he laughed at me as he came down from his ecstatic high.. ‘O i needed that..’ he chuckled before looking at my little hard cock ‘and so did you if you’re man enough to admit it.’ He gave his body a quick once over, clearly pleased with how he looked. He laughed again triumphantly upon seeing my bloated cum belly, now sticking out a good six inches from where it would usually be. ‘Damn I seeded you good huh’ he said giving it a stroke, he then pushed hard with a finger into my gut and I cried out as I felt a large spurt of cum dribble down his still hard cock. ‘We’re gonna have to do that again soon’ he said with a last cocky grin. He pulled his mighty man dick from inside me and I whimpered as he threw me into the grass, cum flowed from my hole in streams and as my vision began to fade I turned to watch his amazingly muscled glutes walking away. I fainted in the grass, leaking.
  6. HimboEnjoyer

    Brocurious! Chapter 2-3 (added chapter 3)

    ''Ehm, so…how do you want to do this?'' Mike shrugged. ''I guess I have to get into position first. I think it will be easier if I’ll face away from you.'' ''Oh, okay… Sure.'' Mike turned around and got into doggy position. No one could’ve told me that I’d ever see Mike on my bed like this. ''God damn, Mike! Why is your ass so big?'' ''I don’t know, man! I take that as a compliment, though. Tell me when you’ll get hard, okay?'' I already forgot about the video as my stare focused on Mike's behind. That view and the moans from our tv made my dick instantly jump up. Fuck, I couldn’t tell him that I was hard already. ''Yeah, just give me a sec Mike.'' ''Sure do, Bro!'' Not knowing what to do, I positioned myself behind Mike so my dick was hanging above his ass and started jacking off. My body was on fire already. Why was I so horny? ''Almost got it up! One sec.'' The thought of accidentally cumming and unloading on Mike's back made me pick up the pace on my dick. Fuck! Jacking off like this felt way too good. I froze as Mike turned his head back to look at me and then at my dick. ''Oh! So you are hard already?'' What should I say? ''Yeah, that video is so hot! It makes me horny every time.'' He looked at the screen now. ''Yeah, it’s pretty hot. I'll get hard, thanks to that video, soon too. Uh… We need a condom.'' ''Oh, right! Right! Right! Lucky for you, it’s right here in my drawer.'' I leaned over to pull out a condom from my stash. Mike jerked. ''Oh! Hey there.'' How did I not realize what I did? Not only was my chest pressed against Mike’s back, but my raw dick was touching his ass! I pushed Mike too hard as I was trying to pull away from him. He hit his head against the bed frame. ''Ouch!'' ''FUCK! Oh god, sorry! Sorry!'' ''Chill, man! It’s nothing… Just get that condom on.'' I did as Mike told me. The condom slid comfortably around my dick after some adjusting. My brain stopped comprehending what was happening at this point. ''It’s on.'' Mike looked back at my condom-covered cock. He licked his lips and scooted himself closer to me. Our thighs touched. My dick was so close to poking him. ''Fuck Mike! This is crazy.'' ''What do you mean! It’s nothing. Just practice. You’re helping a bro out.'' ''Yeah… It’s like a workout… You are just training to become stronger.'' ''Exactly! Like when I need you to spot me!'' ''I can do that!'' I grabbed my dick and tilted it towards Mike's ass. Electricity rushed through my body as my dick pressed against his butt. Fucking hell! ''NO, WAIT!'' Mike screamed but didn’t move. ''We forgot lube!'' ''Oh…'' I pressed my hips into Mike as a tingling sensation filled my shaft. It felt so good that I wanted to start rubbing against him. ''Do you have lube, Bro? I forgot mine at Jessica’s.'' ''Sorry Mike, the girls I fuck always have lube.'' ''Fuck! Okay… Just use a lot of spit, okay?'' I did not care at this point and spat on my dick. Twice. The first gush of spit landed on Mike's ass. I watched how it dripped into his crack. Perfect. ''Don’t worry. The condom has some lube on it.'' Mike did not say anything. He exhaled deeply. I was sliding my dick up and down Mike's ass on reflex. His body felt so good against mine. Warm and soft but also hard and strong, which I’ve never felt against my dick before! ''You can just put it in. I already opened up under the shower a bit.'' ''Good boy!'' What on gods name possessed me to say that? Mike didn’t reply, but I noticed his asshole twitch. That was my sign to go in. ''I’m gonna put it in now.'' Mike flexed his back and ass as his body tensed. He looked even bigger now. What a stud! My head poked his closed hole. I started to push in slowly. So tight! I could feel Mike twitch. He was trying to relax. ''Holy shit! Bro, go slow!'' ''The tip is not even in. Relax.'' I started caressing Mike's back as he huffed. His colossal body moved with every breath. Squelch. The head of my dick was entirely inside now as Mike's ass lips engulfed me. ''Ohhh!'' Wow, his moan was high-pitched! ''There you go! The tip is in.'' I didn’t want to waste any more time and started pushing again. I’ve fucked girls in the ass before, but Mike was exceptionally tight. It was heaven! I wanted my whole dick in there asap. Squelch. Squelch. ''Holly Shit man!'' More and more of my dick disappeared inside the hole. One final push! My dick completely disappeared between the mountains that were Mike's ass cheeks. ''Argh!'' Mike moaned and looked back at his probed ass in shock! ''Uhhh. Fuck Bro, it’s in!'' ''Yeah, it’s all in! You took it like a champ!'' ''Fuck, it’s so big! Bigger than my dildo!'' I squeezed Mike's ass admiring it. ''It’s so much warmer than my dildo.'' ''Want to fuck it like you do your dildo?'' ''…Yeah. Fuck me with it!'' My dick was so fucking hard right now. I could feel it twitch inside Mike's ass. Without waiting for any second longer, I started to fuck Mike. Slowly but steadily at first. ''Ohh!!….GAH! Huff! Huff!'' ''Deep breaths, Mike! You are doing so good.'' ''UUUHHHH… Bro! Fuck!'' His voice didn’t sound like him at all! It was much higher and slutier! It turned me on so much. I couldn’t help it and started fucking harder, slapping my hips against his ass. I watched as my dick went in and out of Mike. Squelch. Squelch. Squelch. ''You are so tight, man!'' ''FUCK! You are so, AHH, so big!'' Here I was, fucking my best friend in the ass, and it felt so good! I could not stand it anymore and started really fucking Mike. His ass slapped against my stomach every time I entered him fully. I was fucking him deep and hard. Damn, he was very good at this, considering it was his first time. Then it hit me. He was a virgin in some sense. I was the first to fuck him. The first man to stick his dick inside him. This huge fucking stud with a bubble butt. I grabbed Mike's tits, pressed my whole body against his, and took a deep breath. The smell was amazing. Familiar and strong. I started jackhammering his huge butt. It felt so fucking good. ''Aahhhh! Fuuuccckkk!'' ''GAH! Humph.'' Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. ''Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Broooo! Fuuuuckkk'' ''You…GAH! Feel good?'' Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. ''You are… AH! Fucking the, uhhhshit out of me!'' ''That’s right! Cause you asked for it! With that big juicy ass of yours! Fuck Yeah!'' ''I can feel it!… So deep!'' Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap. Mike's butt jiggled in a mesmerizing way with every single of my thrusts! I stopped for a sec to catch my breath. I was breathing heavenly onto Mike's neck. I synced my breathing with the descent and ascent of his chest. Barely a second went by when Mike started pushing his ass against me! My dick disappeared inside his hole again. ''Hungry boy!'' He looked at me and nodded. Fuck! His face was so fucking sexy right now! I wanted to kiss him but instead just smiled at him. He was fucking himself on my dick by now. ''Mmhhh! Good job! You’re making me feel so good! I’m about to cum if you keep this up.'' He looked back at me with pleading eyes and started to fuck me faster. ''Oh yeah? Do you like that? My ass milking you? Want to jizz in it?'' ''Fuck yeah, Bro!'' ''Uhhh! Am I a good bro milking you like that?'' ''You’re the best, bro! AHHH! AAAHHHH! FUCK BRO! I’m cumming'' I rammed into Mike and stayed as deep inside him as I could. I haven’t cum this hard in a long time. My whole body shivered. Mike was moaning with me in unison with every spurt of my orgasm. Mike looked so hot. I wanted to kiss him on the forehead but didn’t. I stayed inside him till I caught my breath but eventually let my dick slip out. One last moan escaped Mike's lips. ''Thanks… Thanks for helping me out, bro.'' ''No problem. Jessica is going to have fun with you, dude.'' I wanted to laugh all the craziness of what just happened off, but Mike just stared at me concerned, got up, and left. He just left like that, disappearing into that fucking bathroom again. It felt like a punch in the gut. I wanted to curl up inside my bed and never come out. I pulled my condom off and realized Mike came all over my bed. His jizz was everywhere. My legs were shaky; honestly, I felt like crying, but I just got dressed and started leaving. Before leaving our apartment, I screamed at the shut bathroom door. ''Clean your jizz off of my bed faggot!'' The door slammed behind me as I went out into the night. I called our coach and asked him if I could come over. It’s embarrassing, but he’s like a father figure to Mike and me. We don’t have any adults around to whom we could reach out. I don’t want to go to any of my friends because they’ll probably figure out something was off. The last thing I wanted was someone trying to figure out what happened. Coach Tom agreed for me to come over. He told us the first day that he would always be supportive and available if we needed him. Coach Tom was a good friend of our high school coach. He promised him that he’d take care of us. On the other hand, train the living shit out of us. He also helped us get out scholarships. I was relieved that I had a place where I could crash today. The bus I took to Coaches place was empty. My chest felt like it was going to explode. I didn’t want to think about what had just happened. Why did I say that horrible thing to Mike as I was leaving? I’ve always been a good friend to him. We sometimes fought, sure, but I never really hurt him. This time it felt like I did. I couldn’t take it anymore and started crying. Thank god no one was around. It was just so wrong! Not what we did that felt like the best thing in the world, but what I said and how we acted afterward. The situation I was in right now was wrong! Did Mike do something wrong, or was it me? Maybe it was the both of us. Coach's place is awesome! He lives in a small mansion with his wife and two daughters. I was getting nervous as I stood in front of their gate. Was Coach Tom rich? How do you act around a rich guy's house? My brain wanted my legs to turn around and leave, but the front door's opening stopped me. Coach stepped out. Man, was he a specimen! I told myself I’d want to look exactly like him when I will be his age. Broad shoulders, thick muscles, a perfectly trimmed porn mustache, and thick dark hair with some gray in it. Coach was wearing grey sweatpants and a black shirt. He started running towards the gate and waved at me with a sincere smile. I noticed his pecs bouncing as he ran towards me. He ran his hand through his thick hair before stopping and forcefully opening the gate. ''Hey, Coach!'' ''Hey there! Sorry…Gah! This thing broke a couple of days ago.'' I watched his bicep flex as he started pulling on the metal. His shirt barely managed to contain the muscles. That’s how you know a man is big! ''I think that’s enough! Squeeze through!'' My ass got stuck between the gate as I tried to fit through. Coach grabbed me by the hips and pulled me out. ''That's a Big boy! There we go!'' He patted me on the shoulder, as his smile widened. I might’ve started blushing a little. That’s why I loved Coach. Well, that’s why the whole team loved him. He was reassuring and made us feel strong. ''Come on in! Martha just made dinner.'' Dinner went by okay, but I must admit that it made me feel weird. Not only couldn’t I stop thinking about what the fuck I was doing here but seeing Coach and his family made me think of my parents and the fact that we never had family dinners like this. It was tough. Sometimes I think I will never be normal because of my parent's neglect. There’s a loneliness in me that will never go away. It’s like a black hole. The thing is that Mike used to fill that hole a little, but now it was completely open and devouring me from the inside. I helped out in the kitchen and listened to Martha telling me to come over more often because her husband was going crazy with all the girls in the house. I laughed it off while Coach was nodding at Martha from the living room while trying to console their daughters' petty fight. After dinner, Coach took me around the house for a tour. This place is so beautiful! It had everything! An office, a gym, huge bathrooms, a garage, a pool, and even a small library! We stopped the tour as we returned to the living room. The girls and Martha weren’t there, probably because it was late. ''Wow, coach! You’re living the life. I wish to have a house like this one day.'' Coach put his big hand on my shoulder. ''It’s all ahead of you, boy. I see big things in your future. I shouldn’t say this, but I think you're a star.'' He winked at me, and I felt warmth in my stomach. ''Don’t say that! I might disappoint you. We never know.'' ''Oh, stop with the self-pity! Not in my house.'' ''Sorry, sir.'' ''And you don’t have to call me sir.'' ''Okay, sir…fuck I mean.'' I scratched my head. ''HAHA, never mind, it’s a fine boy.'' There was that warm feeling again as I heard Coach’s deep laughter. I desperately wanted to ask Tom where the fuck the money for this house came from, but I didn’t. It didn't feel polite to ask. Martha didn’t have a job, and there was no way he could make that much money just by coaching. ''Hey, listen! I’m glad you called and took my offer. You showed me that you trust me today. I value that… You can come over whenever you need something.'' ''Thanks, coach. It means a lot to me too. I… It’s just...'' Oh, for fucks sake, I felt like crying again. ''Hey, it’s okay! You don’t have to tell me anything. I told you to reach out whenever! I know how challenging life can be sometimes. No matter what it is.'' ''Coach I…'' ''Wanna play some PlayStation?!'' That caught me off guard. ''Oh! Heck yeah!'' A spark lit up inside me. ''Get on the coach!'' ''Oh, Frick Coach! You’ve got a PS5!'' ''Hahaha yeah…'' ''So you're a gamer?'' ''I guess you could say that.'' ''Oh wow! I have a gamer coach!'' ''HAHA, you are cracking me up boy!'' We sat down on the Coach and started playing. I let go of all my worries. This was just what I wanted. Excitement rushed through me as I was about to play on a PS5 for the first time. We played into the night, not worrying about waking the house. We had all the time because tomorrow was Sunday. I couldn’t believe this man, was he real? ''Damn, that game is making me sweat! Can I get more comfortable?'' ''Sure thing, coach!'' I continued focusing on the game as I tried to survive the last wave of enemies, but my eyes drifted over to coach for a sec. He was taking off his sweatpants! Okay, why not? He got them off and put his feet on the small table in front of the coach. He sighed in relief. I got another glance at Coach. I’ve never seen him without pants on, so I had to check out his physique. I mean, I was admiring his form. Coach was wearing black underwear and long dark blue socks. WoW, even his feet are enormous. But those legs! Goddamn! Strong Af. We didn’t make it through the last wave of enemies, and our characters died in brutal ways. Coach let the controller drop on his legs. ''We almost had it! Damn! Fuck those nazi German zombies!'' ''HAHA! Yeah, Fuck em.'' ''Damn, Coach! I’ve got to say. You have one big pair of legs.'' ''Oh, these?'' He gave his legs a whack. ''Yeah, they got pretty big with the years.'' He was caressing his hairy legs now. ''Man, I wish I had legs as big as you, coach.'' ''Oh, don’t you worry! When I was your age, my legs weren’t nearly as big as yours are.'' ''Nah! You’re just saying that to make me feel better.'' ''Stop with the self-pity again! Get those pants off! Show me those legs!'' ''Okay! Take a look yourself.'' I took off my pants and put my feet next to Coach's feet on the table. ''There we go! Look at those!'' He gave my legs a whack now. That made me happy for some reason. ''Look, there are almost the same as mine are now! Scoot closer.'' I lifted my butt and sat beside Coach, our big thighs touching. He smelled good. He had that typical smell of cologne mixed with a bit of musk. The hair on his legs pleasantly tingled against my skin. Coach started shaking my and his thighs with his hands. ''Look at those! Both legs so big and strong! All that hard work!'' ''Haha! Okay, you’re right! My legs are pretty big.'' ''Just as I was saying. Now I’m a little intimidated 'cause they are almost the same size as mine.'' I wanted to say like father like son, but thank god I didn’t! I was confused again. Why would I say that? He was not my dad. But maybe I wanted him to be. Yeah, I wanted something like that. Coach stopped shaking our legs but continued to knead my muscles. it felt really nice. My right foot touched Coach's foot, and I could swear he was curling it against mine. He let go of me and got up from the coach. He bent down to pick up his sweatpants, and I watched the fabric on his ass stretch to the max as he bent down. He turned toward me, and his bulge was inches from my face. I looked up at him. He looked like a statue from this point of view. ''I had so much fun today, but I’m pretty tired. What about you.'' ''Yeah, me too, Coach. I had a long day.'' ''Come on, I will bring you up to your room.'' ''Oh no, it’s fine! I can sleep here.'' ''Don’t kid yourself! Up Up!'' He motioned for me to stand. I practically jumped up from the coach. The guest room I was going to sleep in had a beautiful bed I immediately wanted to jump into but had to get cleaned first. ''You have your small bathroom behind that door. Sleep as long as you like.'' ''Thank you, Coach! Really! I don’t know what to say.'' ''It’s fine! It’s no big deal! And thank YOU for making me feel like a kid again. I had so much fun today.'' ''Yeah, me too!'' ''Sleep well!'' ''You too, Coach!'' The door to my temporary room closed. The silence hit me as I felt myself getting back to normal again. What was that? That man! He made me feel like a different person. When I was around him, I felt so young. Oh my god, what was wrong with me? I’ve never been like this. I threw my clothes to the floor and went to wash myself off. I calmed down once I was in bed, but then reality started knocking at my door again, and I started to think about Mike. I could feel the black hole inside me again. I felt so lonely and angry. My bed was huge and had a bunch of pillows on it. I took the biggest one and started to hug it. I’m not gonna cry! I’m a man! Don’t be a pussy! That didn’t help. Now I was even angrier. Fuck this! Fuck me, and fuck Mike! I pulled out my phone and searched for some bullshit cheerleader porn. I needed the distraction. Once I came, fatigue set over me, and I finally managed to close my eyes. That night was horrible. Once I finally fell asleep, my mind started to torment me with the nightmare I had. We were playing a match, and we lost because Mike began arguing with me during the game. The whole field started booing at us, and we both stood naked! People were calling me a failure, and guys were pushing me around and calling me a faggot. The commotion got so bad that I lost sight of Mike completely. Coach, who was the only person who didn't attack me, rescued me. He carried me off the field as I curled up in his arms, still naked. He took me to his truck and told me he would drive me home wherever that was. I was so relieved at that moment. Seconds later, Coach said I disappointed him today, and I curled up in his car seat. The road was endless, but we finally stopped at an empty street. I watched as Coach drove away in his car, leaving me alone. I spent the rest of my dream running down the road, trying to find someone or a place to stay. There was no one. There was no place I would call home: just a barren road ahead and cold asphalt. My whole body shook as I awoke from that terrible nightmare. The morning sun hit my face. I started rubbing my face as if that would make the fatigue disappear. I stretched my body but couldn’t get up from bed yet. It felt too damn cozy. It was getting hot under the covers, and my morning boner came to my attention. I lowered the blanket and greeted my hard dick. I played with it a little and let it smack against my abs several times. I started feeling hornier, so I got to jacking off. My mind was blank as I wasn’t able to think much yet. It was too early. My feet started rubbing against each other and the bed as my body got hotter. I closed my eyes, but they quickly shot open when the sound of the guest room door opening echoed through the room. ''Hey, BudWOAH!'' My whole body froze, dick still in hand, as Coach Tom’s figure appeared before me. His face expressed shock, and his mouth was agape. I wasn’t able to say anything. ''I…I’m so sorry I shouldn’t barge in like that!'' Coach turned around. Oh my god! I jumped out of bed, almost stumbling to the floor. ''Fuck! No, I’m sorry! Sorry! This is so embarrassing, Coach. Please, kill me. I didn’t mean to.'' He immediately turned around again. I was still naked and tried to cover my hard-on with my hands. It didn’t work. ''Heyyy! It’s okay! Totally fine. Nothing to be embarrassed about. I’m a man; I get it. You can get right back to it, but I just wanted to wake you up cause it’s 2 pm. Aaaand imma head out already. Yes, leave you to it!” Coach started backing away to the door stumbling over his feet but catching himself. ''Just come downstairs when you’re ready. I’ve left you some breakfast on the counter.'' The door closed, and I fell to my knees. When will this torment end? A person can only take so much. Thankfully Coach was an expert at acting as if nothing happened, and I played along. The food left for me wasn’t delicious, but Coach said it was the best bodybuilder breakfast. ''Got any plans for today?'' ''Yeah! I'm just gonna head out. I have to get back.'' ''That’s fine. Remember, you are welcome back here whenever.'' ''Thanks, Coach! I’m so grateful for this; I needed it.'' ''I’m so happy I could help out my big boy!'' He smiled and patted my shoulder. The way he said big boy. It gave me a weird feeling. My knees felt weak. Honestly, I wanted to stay here all week but I had to get back. I know I did not do anything wrong but just barging into someone’s home like that, I still felt like I did something impolite. I was so nervous before returning to our place, but when I got there, Mike wasn’t there. I thought he went to the gym, but then I noticed half our stuff was gone. To be exact, it was only Mike’s stuff. Then I saw the paper on the kitchen table. Sorry for not saying anything. I moved in with Jessica. You know, into that apartment her parents just bought for her. Please don’t let anybody move in! I might come back anytime. See you at Uni What the fuck! I was so over everything that I barely reacted to this new information. I spent the rest of the day playing video games while my phone was on mute. I wanted to disappear for a while. Waking up on Monday was especially hard. Not only was I drained, but the anxiety of seeing Mike killed me. I imagined all kinds of interactions that could go wrong. We could act as if nothing had happened. Like everything was fine. That didn’t happen, though. What happened was way worse than I imagined. Mike completely ignored me. He treated me like any other dude at Uni. Like he didn’t know me. I barely got him to say goodbye to me. That broke me. The day dragged on like hell, but I finally returned to our place. Or just my place now. I stood there in the kitchen doing nothing. I wanted to cook something, but I was too tired. I had had enough. Sadness and anger enveloped me entirely as I crumbled onto the kitchen floor. Tears ran down my face, and I couldn’t control the sobs. The pain was just too much. I broke down. Two weeks passed, and I managed to get a grip on myself. I had to distract myself and had girls over almost every night. Our year was going on a trip in one day. I almost called in sick because they assigned Mike and me to our own room, but then I thought fuck it. Besides, I’m not a pushover. The trip was hella ass. The dorm rooms we had were tiny. Two small beds and one shelf, that’s it. We were supposed to do a bullshit project that no one cared about. It was supposed to go on for a week, and we spent the days on the group project. At least everyone got drunk in the evenings and had some fun. Mike was still ignoring me, and I started to do the same. Was it childish? Sure, but what else should I do? Tomorrow was supposed to be the last day. I was getting ready to sleep. Both my and Mike's legs were dangling off of the little beds. If we weren’t in the situation we are in right now, we’d probably connect the two beds to make it harder for us to fall off them. I got into bed. I debated taking my socks off but decided to leave them on since I liked wearing them to bed. Mike wanted to turn off the lights, but I told him not to. I wanted to finish a comic I was reading. ''K! Goodnight.'' ''Goodnight, Mike.'' Fuck why were we like this? Things could’ve just been normal between us. Mike got onto his bed, and it started screeching. He closed his eyes. I wanted to start reading, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how dumb this whole situation was. I looked at Mike, dozing off to sleep in only his underwear. His face seemed so unbothered. I wanted to go over there and shake him until he became the Mike I knew again. Fuck you, Mike! Do you want to act like I don’t exist? I can do the same for you! I’ll show you unbothered. I slid off my underwear and pulled out my dick. Let’s pretend like Mike is not even here! I started to jack off and play with my nipples. It felt good. I beat my meat furiously, hoping Mike would open his eyes and notice. So he did! ''What the fuck, dude! What are you doing? I’m right here?!'' I continued to jack off. ''Oh, so now you finally acknowledge that I’m here? Guess it just took me pulling my dick out! Is that what I have to do to get your attention?'' ''What?! Stop being annoying!'' ''Oh no! You’re the annoying one not saying anything and MOVING OUT WITHOUT A WARNING!'' I was going so hard on my dick now that it almost hurt. ''Oh, come on! As if that was such a big deal.'' ''Of course, it was! Ohhh! Fuck!'' ''God damn! Could you stop jerking off? What the fuck is wrong with you?!'' ''Oh no. I’m going to do whatever the fuck I want.'' ''I said stop jerking off in front of me, you perv!'' ''Make me!'' Suddenly Mike jumped up and threw his massive body onto mine. I grabbed him by his wrists, and we started tussling. He tried to position himself on top of me. After some back and forth, Mike's legs ended up on both sides of my hips. We were of equal strength, and this fight was going nowhere. ''You bastard! AGH! How dare you pull out your dick on me like that!'' ''Oh Fuck you, Mike! GAH! I don’t care!'' That’s when I realized the pleasant sensation around my dick. Mike positioned himself in a way that made him buck against my dick. I felt my cock head move over his underwear to the start of his smooth back. My expression changed, and so did Mike's. Our fighting got weaker, but we still wrestled a bit. I felt my cheeks turn red. I wasn’t letting go of Mike's wrists. He looked at me with a blank stare. I swear I could feel him thrust his hips on my dick, so I returned the movement. The sensation of my dick rubbing against his ass gave me goosebumps. That’s when Mike completely sat down on my stomach and stopped moving. So did I. We stared at each other. The sound of our heavy breathing filled the room. I was waiting for him to say something, but he just thrusted his hips instead. At that moment, all my anger and frustration let loose. I grabbed his underwear and ripped it open, exposing his asshole. My dick landed between his checks, and I started sandwich fucking Mike. He was bopping up and down, reaching back with one hand to feel my hard dick against his ass. It felt amazing. Pure instinct took control of me. I spat in my hand, smearing spit all over my dick and then Mike's hole. In the meantime, Mike's big hand worked my spit-covered dick and positioned the tip against his hole. After smearing his hole, I put my fingers inside Mike's wet mouth. He started sucking obediently. His moans drove me crazy. As he looked at me with puppy eyes, I watched him suck on my fingers. He was telling me to fuck him, so I slid my dick inside him. My fingers flopped out of his mouth. ''GOOAAAHH!'' I was inside him with one strong push, and he took my dick. Wow, he took it well. ''GUH!'' I started thrusting my hips and burying my dick deep inside. It felt like heaven. ''No! This is wrong! We need to stop!'' Thomp! Thomp! Thomp! ''I can’t stop Mike!'' Thrust! Thrust! Thrust! ''But bro! This is gay! We are not gay!'' The bed squeaked with every thrust of my dick. ''Your so big, Bro!... Oh fuck it! Just continue fucking me!'' My bed sounded like it was about to break, but that was the last thing I cared about now. All I cared about was filling Mike and watching him bop up and down my dick like a pro! Mike looked at me. Mouth open wide and eyes filled with shock. I went crazy and started jackhammering his hole. He grabbed me around the neck to steady himself. ''AAAHHHHHHHH!'' ''Yeah, take it!'' ''AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!'' ''Good boy!'' This was way too intense. I was about to cum! I had to pull out and take a breather. Mike farted as my dick slit out his hole. I didn’t give a fuck. It was hot. ''Why’d you stop?'' ''You…You were going to make me cum! Hold on a sec.'' And that’s when it happened. Mike leaned over and put his sloppy mouth against mine. We kissed. Finally! Everything was right! He pulled his face away from mine after a while. ''I want you to fuck me! I want that big dick!'' ''Oh I bet you do!'' He smiled and got off of me. He got on his bed with his back and spread his legs for me. I watched as his already used hole started twitching at me. ''Stuff me, bro!'' ''That’s so fucking hot!'' I got over to him. I kissed him again as I let my dick slip right where it belonged. Mike moaned inside my mouth. God, was I happy. Mike's ass made a wet sound when my dick entered him, but it turned me on even more. I could feel his muscles relax and contract with my dick going in and out. It felt like he wanted to grip my dick with his ass. No pussy felt this tight and warm! ''You are making me feel so good, Mike!'' He just looked at me with big puppy eyes and smiled. I started thrusting deeper and harder now. I grabbed his whole body so we wouldn’t fall off the bed. Whoever slept next to our room must’ve heard us, but I did not care. ''Oh Fuck, Bro! Fuck Yeah! Dick me down!'' We both were sweating all over by now. This was a great workout. I grabbed Mike's massive pecs as I continued to pump. ''Yeah, you like them, big boy? Squeeze 'em!'' I squeezed and watched as Mike's sweaty pecs jumped every time my hips pushed into him. ''You like big bros tits? Uhhh!'' I wanted to suck on them but was too concentrated on giving Mike my dick. I moved my hands from squeezing his pecks to his arms and biceps. Mike flexed for me. My god, was he muscled! All those years of hard work. I couldn’t believe I was fucking a specimen like this! ''I’m about to cum, Mike! FUCK!'' ''Inside?!'' Mike was still flexing as I started coming inside his muscle butt. ''Fuck, dude! Here it comes!'' ''Give Big Bro that protein!'' My dick was shooting load after load. My body felt like it was about to explode, and I started screaming. I wasn’t moving anymore and let my dick unload deep inside Mike's gut. ''I can feel it! It’s so warm inside!'' The last jet of cum shot out of my dick, and I felt my body collapse. I put my forehead against Mike's. We started panting in unison. His breath felt hot against my face and neck. We smelled of cum, sweat, and spit. I looked down at Mike and realized he came too. A coating of cum covered his abs and chest. His dick was still hard and twitching. I felt my dick getting softer inside Mike's ass. His ass muscles were still squeezing my dick. I could feel the filled hole squeeze with every twitch of his dick. I looked him in the eyes and saw pure ecstasy. ''UGH! I never… Came like that! It was amazing! I could feel it in my whole body! Damn bro! What have you done to me?'' ''Hah! I don’t know, man. You were amazing, though, too. No pussy I ever fucked felt as good as yours!'' ''Dude! I don’t have a pussy!'' ''My dick sure disagrees!'' As we both laughed, Mike's hole relaxed, and my dick flopped out of him. ''Ugh!'' His ass made that weird farting sound again. ''Sorry bout that!'' ''It’s fine, dude.'' I moved away a little to check out the mess I had just made. There it was. Mike's tight pink hole! All wet and twitchy. I didn’t know, guys; buttholes moved like that. With every breath Mike took, his hole twitched a bit, and cum oozed out of it. I wanted to push my face against the opening and clean it up, but that would be disgusting, right? Instead, I got up and passed Mike a towel. He wiped himself clean. ''That was crazy, Mike!'' ''Yeah, I know, but it felt good, man! Right?'' ''Right…We should’ve used a condom.'' ''We should’ve, but I’m clean. What about you?'' ''Yeah, me too.'' ''So I guess it’s fine.'' ''We should get checked just in case.'' ''Okay, we will, but why are you so nervous suddenly?'' The sex fog in my head started to clear itself, and my old self returned. All the memories of the last days came rushing over me. All the pain, guilt, and shame! I felt so much humiliation! ''I don’t know. I’m just saying 'cause what we did was pretty disgusting.'' ''What?!'' Mike jumped up and sat on the bed, giving me a weird look. ''You said you didn’t care about that just now!?'' ''Well, I don’t know. Maybe I do care!?'' I got into my bed and put the covers over my naked body. ''But… We agreed that we weren’t gay! I don’t get it. What’s the problem?'' ''God, do you hear how stupid you sound?! We just fucked! Maybe we are fucking gay!'' Mike's expression got a little softer and sadder now. ''Well, if what we did was gay, I don’t care about it! So be it. I still enjoyed it.'' ''So you are gay, and I’m gay too!?'' ''No! Maybe? Who cares!'' ''I care! Oh fuck this, Mike, goodnight!'' He looked like he was about to punch me, but he got up instead, turned off the lights and put his underwear on. ''I gotta piss! Bye!'' He slammed the door when leaving. I was laying on my bed in pitch-black darkness. All the confusing feelings and thoughts circled in my mind. Fuck I had to piss too. I waited for Mike to come back to go to the bathroom myself. He didn’t say anything, just snarled when seeing me. When I returned from taking a piss, he was already lying in bed and seemed to be asleep. I tried doing the same. It didn’t take me too long to fall asleep, even though my head was filled with thoughts. Amazing sex makes you tired, I guess. That was the problem, though. I just had the best sex of my life, and it was with a guy! Not just any guy! It was with my best bro Mike, and I loved it. I wanted to be strong and confident all my life, but now I felt like a pussy! Because that’s what I’ve been told gay guys are... or so I thought. I had a lot to figure out.
  7. HimboEnjoyer

    Brocurious! Chapter 1

    My best friend Mike shares My whole life with me. We both grew up in the same small town, the same neighborhood, to be exact. As lame as that sounds, Mike is like a brother to me. He has been with me through every major life event and has always had my back, something my parents had not. We did not only share the same experiences at school but also at home, with our parents being too busy with work. We took care of each other. Mike never made me feel alone or helpless. After we finished high school, we both decided to study together. Thanks to the help of our football coach, we managed to land the same scholarship. We've been top players and even managed to impress other team coaches. Sometimes I feel bad about what we did cause both me and Mike got into using performance-enhancing drugs. But then I remind myself of where we are and don't mind that we cheated along the way. We stopped using when we turned 19, with the positive effects still visible on our bodies. It also helps that the girls on campus get crazy about our bodies and that we can intimidate most guys with just our physique. Since the start of the semester, I've been inside more girls than I can count. My dick has been getting solid workouts. Mike, on the other hand, quickly found himself a girlfriend. Jessica. She's chill, which is great cause I can spend time with Mike and her without getting annoyed. Not many girls have the balls that Jessica has. Mike says we turn into bullies when I'm with her cause we like to fuck around with him. We always laugh it off in the end. Some time ago, Mike started acting shy around me, so I asked him what was wrong. He told me it was about him and Jessica. More specifically, their sex life. After asking him what was wrong, he turned all red in his face, which was very unlike him. Then he asked me if there was something wrong with him with Jessica being more dominant in bed and their relationship. His words caught me off guard, but I kept my composure. I told him he shouldn't worry and that nothing was wrong with it. I did not expect him to be the guy who likes dominant women, but what did that matter? Our conversation ended quickly. After that, I couldn't help but notice how nervous he got when I tried to tease him about that topic, so I stopped. A couple of days passed, and Mike approached me after a workout session in the gym locker room. We were all alone and surrounded by musky air. At this point, the smell of manly sweat is more common to me than fresh air. When Mike approached me, he was practically shaking. Worried, I put my hand on his strong shoulder. He hasn't changed out of his spandex shirt yet. I gripped him tightly, feeling the material and his muscles. Call me weird, but I love the sensation of tight clothing against my skin. Anyways, Mike looked at me concerned, and boom! He straight-up told me that Jessica wants to play with his ass. Just like that. And the funny thing is, I didn't feel like this was unnecessary information. We have been telling each other everything our whole life. It was just weird that he was so nervous about it. He continued on about how she has brought up the idea, how she told him it would turn her on and that he had such a great ass. I smiled at him and jokingly said that I agree with Jessica. Not the first time I joked about Mike's big-ass. He has a dump truck back there! Mike backed away from me a little. Why was he like this? He got mad at me for not taking him seriously. I told him to chill and to go for it if he wanted to. A lot of straight guys do ass-play with their girlfriends. Some guys even told me about girls rimming them and how good it felt. Mike did not seem convinced by what I was saying. He told me he didn't know how to try this thing out with Jessica. Then someone walked in on our conversation. We continued to pack our bags in silence. And well... Fast forward a couple of days, and Mike was about to ask me something I thought I would never hear. "Bro, can you pause the game for a sec? I wanna talk." I paused the screen as a zombie was about to kill me anyway. "What's up buddy?'' Our couch squeaked as the leather adjusted to Mike's weight. He straightened his back and started fumbling with his hands. It is rare to see a big guy like him get so nervous. Mike took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. Now I was getting nervous. ''Dude, it's... It's about that thing with Jessica again." ''Yeah, what about it?'' ''I'm gonna do it... I wanna do it! For her, you know!'' ''OKAY, MAN! That's... That's great?!'' ''No, listen, dude! I need your help." ''Oh? Okay? I mean... with what?" ''Fuck! It is so embarrassing." Mike started rubbing the back of his neck. His gaze shifted away from mine. ''Spit it out, buddy! Hey, it's just me! You know you can trust me!'' He seemed to calm down a little. ''Okay! I don't know what to do, man! With my ass, I mean. I have never used it for any play. That freaks me out a bit... So I've been playing around lately. You know? Touching my butt while jacking off, putting a finger against my hole in the shower, stuff like that... That will not prepare me though! It will be so different when Jessica does it to me. And you know, I want to be ready. Otherwise, I can't bring myself to go there with Jessica.'' ''Woah... Okay! I need some clarification here, bro. What do you want my help with then?'' ''Look! I trust you, and you are the ONLY one who could help me with this. I've been thinking about how to prepare for this kind of feeling. Please don't freak out!'' ''Duuuddeeee! Spit it out already! I won't freak out, promise! I'm no chicken." I puffed up my chest. ''So... can you like, play with my ass a little?" WHAT!? ''We could, like, play out a scenario of how it will go down with Jessica. I think that would help me a lot, man! Just... I need to see how it feels when someone else plays with my ass. Then I will know how to react to it, you know?'' Fuck! No, I did not know! I was freaking the fuck out on the inside right now and trying desperately hard to hide it. ''Mike, I... I want to help you... You know you can always count on me, but... That is kinda gay, man! Fuck!'' Mike drew his gaze back to me again. He had an earnest look to him. "No, it's not, dude! You are gay for thinking that! Why would you say that? I'm doing it for Jessica. That is the only reason. I thought you would get that." I grabbed Mike's arm as he tried to stand up from the couch. This was so fucked up. I was getting angry at Mike for some reason. I wanted to be the best bro I have always been to Mike. It felt like I was experiencing turbulences in my stomach! Then another feeling overcame me. Determination? Suddenly I felt challenged to a competition I was not going to lose! ''Hey! Hey! Dude, sorry! I didn't mean that. You are right. That is not gay. We can try it. Let's go! I can even do it right now. Pfff! Why the fuck not!'' Mike looked up at me. I was still holding his arm. "Remember when we were kids...Hah! At my dad's lake house. When you told me you were scared to jump from that cliff! You were so embarrassed to tell me that... And we promised then that we always tell each other what scares us and face it together. That was after we jumped into the lake together and you said it was the best day of your life. I'm keeping that promise!'' A big grin appeared on Mike's face. Bingo! ''Thanks, Man! Again, you are the only one I can trust with this." ''Sooo...do you want to do it now?'' ''OH! Yeah... sure. Just let me go wash up." And just like that, the door to the bathroom slammed shut, and Mike was gone. Just then, the realization of what was about to happen hit me. Was I about to play with my best friend's ass? A guy's ass!? That feeling in my stomach was getting unbearable again! I had to calm down! Mike might get uncomfortable again and think that I am gay. But I am not, so maybe this won't be so weird. Heck! Mike has a bubble butt. I will treat it like a girl's ass. NO! Maybe, I shouldn't! What if it reminds me too much of a girl's ass and makes me horny?! God! What was I saying? Suddenly the door of the bathroom opened again. Mike stepped out wearing a different set of black shorts and a grey t-shirt. We both stared at each other without saying a word. Mike got to the couch. ''Okay, bro! Let's get it done!" He exhaled deeply. ''Ehm... You wanna do it on the couch?" I asked, my voice shaky. ''Yeah, it will be comfy, I guess." Mike clapped his hands together. "Okay, so... Can you pretend to be Jessica from now on? Do what you'd think she'd do to me next!" Our couch squeaked again. Mike got on but with his back facing me. He was on his knees now. My eyes immediately darted to the enormous ass sticking out in front of me. I couldn't help it! It looked so much bigger than usual. What the fuck was happening right now? ''God damn, Mike!" I winced. "What?" he tilted his head back swiftly. ''Nothing... your butt looks so big! Cheeked up! On a Thursday afternoon like that?'' ''Stop fucking around, bro! Let's get to it, please. I'm nervous." It didn't seem so hard to pretend I was about to touch a girl's ass anymore. "So you want me to...?" "Do it, bro! The whole point is for you to take action, so I know what it feels like." The sight in front of me was weird, but I was strangely intrigued. Oh, Mikey! I put both my hands on the big globes in front of me. Mike jumped up a bit. Fuck! Mike's ass felt warm and firm in my hands. It felt good. Just like groping a girl. A thick one! I started feeling him out. The material of his stretched-out shorts caressed my fingers. I swallowed hard as I grabbed the fabric at Mike's waist. "I'm gonna pull your shorts down now, Mike." ''Yeah..." Shit! He wasn't wearing any underwear! My jaw dropped as I suddenly realized id exposed my buds bare ass. It was still a bit wet from the shower. I didn't know he was hairless like that. It looked kinda nice; I couldn't lie. ''Woah! Could have warned me you had no underwear on." "Bro, didn't you notice? You were grabbing my butt so hard!'' I didn't know what to reply to that. ''So, should I just touch it now?'' ''Ehm... duh! What are you waiting for? I will kill you if you are fucking with me again, bro! Not right now, please." Oh, Mike! I wasn't in the mood for pranks right now. Not at all! I wanted to get my hands back where they belonged. So there I went. I was feeling my buddy's bare ass, fascinated at that point. It felt like a girl's ass. I couldn't help but lean in closer as I massaged the perfect muscles in front of me. I think Mike moaned as I touched him. ''Fuck, dude! This feels funny. Haha!'' He sounded nervous. ''No homo, bro, but your ass feels kinda good! I can touch it more often if you'd like, haha!'' "Shut up, bro!" I relaxed, hearing Mike laugh. ''Just saying! I could give you some glute massages after our workouts once in a...'' Oh, fuck! I accidentally glimpsed at Mike's hole as I was massaging his cheek! It was pink, like a pussy, and hairless? ''You good, bro?" Mike turned his head to me. ''Ehm... yeah, yeah! Just sorry; I just saw your hole, bro! It was kinda weird.'' ''Well, what did you expect to see? Besides, get used to seeing it. You still didn't even touch it! I already shaved down there for Jessica, don't worry.'' He wanted me to play with his hole! I did not know that! I thought that Mike just wanted me to touch his butt, but he also meant his hole. Jessica wants to do anal play with him! Why did I forget that? The craziness of this situation hit me again. ''Oh yeah... okay, bro! So I will touch your hole now, I guess.'' I had no idea what to say. Mike took a deep breath. ''Do it! I'm ready! I'm no pussy!'' Fuck it! I spread his cheeks apart and exposed his pink hole to me. Fuck! He was all smooth down there. Mike's ass was still wet from the shower. I had to touch it now. Wanted to. It looked so inviting. But it was just curiosity! Nothing else. Mike twitched as I pressed my finger against his hole without warning. Then I started playing with his ass lips a bit, spreading them a little. They felt like very tight pussy lips. "You okay back there, bro?" Mike suddenly asked. "EHEM! Yeah, bro! You?'' ''Sure, your fingers are a bit cold, though. Are you going to put them in now?" Huh? Oh fuck! Oh fuck! My brain stopped working at this point. "Okay... I'm... I'm gonna put them in!'' ''Okay, just be gentle...and don't forget the spit." ''You... You want me to use spit?" "Of course, dumbass! I don't want to get hurt. You never fingered a girl? Put some spit on your fingers!" Mike spat in his hand, and I watched as he smeared it on his hole, touching my fingers in the process. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Then I put my fingers in my mouth and back against his pussy... no I mean ass! And Pop! Just like that, I slit my finger in. Mike's wet insides started squeezing around it. So moist. He screamed suddenly! "OUHHHH! Fuck! BRO!'' I froze. ''You could have warned me!'' "Sorry! Sorry!'' My finger was still inside his hole. ''Go slow now, please.'' I watched Mike's face grimace as I started to push in slowly. His warm insides engulfed my finger more and more. I was transfixed by my finger entering my bro's butt. ''OOOhhhhhAAAAhhhhh!'' fuck. ''Ahh Ahh AAAAAA!'' squelch. ''OH!" My finger was in now. ''I'm all in, bro! You took my whole finger!" ''Hah! I did it! I knew I could... Here we go! You like that, Jessica?" What the fuck? I looked at Mike in confusion and noticed he had shut his eyes. Does he want me to go along with this? Was this roleplay now!? ''You want to finger me, Jessica? Wanna play with my hole, babe?'' I felt my heart stop for a second as he said that, and then I realized. I was fucking hard! I was tenting! Oh no! What the fuck! It was getting harder to breathe. My fingers were still playing with the hole in front of me, but now I could feel it. The tightness in my pants. Oh my god! My bro made me hard! Was I gay? A panic arose in me, but instead of killing my boner, it amplified the feeling! What was going on? ''Move it, bro! I have to feel it!" My head was about to explode, so I started mindlessly fingering away. In and out of my bro's big butt. My finger looked so tiny between his ass cheeks. I was getting into a rhythm now, Mike's ass moving slightly with my movements. He was so tight! MY GOD! I couldn't help but think how it would feel around my dick. Why did I think about that? Oh no! I could feel my dick getting harder! I wanted to pull it out of my pants now! My finger slipped out of Mike's wet hole with a pop. He pulled his shorts back up quickly. I watched in disbelief as he got up and disappeared into the bathroom again. My finger was wet, and my dick was still twitching. I rubbed my crotch a little, the image of Mike's ass not leaving my head. Then I put my wet finger to my face and took a sniff. The smell of salvia, sweat, and sex hit me. It was so good, fuck! Who knew a man's ass smelled this good? I was about to pull my dick out of my pants when I realized what I was doing. Shit! What the hell was wrong with me?! I'm not gay! I stormed off to our kitchen and drank some cold water, hoping it would quench my thirst and horniness! Thankfully it did, and I got back to the couch once I calmed down, looking around the room for Mike. ''Bro, are you okay in there?" The bathroom door slammed open again, and I jumped up in shock. Mike got out all red in his face. ''Sorry, I... had to hide... I... I got a boner, man. It felt quite good, and just like that, you know? I just stormed off because I didn't want you to see.'' ''It's okay, bro! Not like I haven't seen your dick before! Don't worry." An awkward silence filled the room again. ''Well... That was wild, Mike! Can't believe we did that.'' ''Yeah, it was crazy... Thanks for this, bro. You helped out a lot.'' ''I got you, man!'' ''Just one more thing...'' Oh god, what now? ''Could you take a pic of me? Well, my ass, I mean. I want to send it to Jessica. She might like it. It's hard to take a pic of your butt, you know? Haha!'' I dropped my shoulders in relief that it wasn't something as crazy as we did before. ''Sure! I have my phone in my pocket. How you wanna do it?" ''Ehh. I will just get down here on the floor on all fours... Like this! Let me just pull my shorts down again.'' Mike was a big bull. Seeing him in front of me like that while I was sitting on the couch fucked with my head. I never thought id see something like this. Something told me to go over to Mike again and smack his ass, but I didn't. Somehow he looked good on the floor like this, like he belonged there. I pointed the camera at him, trying to capture his whole frame, which was not easy. ''Okay, Mike. Spread your butt cheeks with your hands. I'm sure Jessica would like to see that hole.'' ''Okay... like this?'' There it was! ''Yeah, just like that, bud!'' I couldn't help but admire the pink hole. It looked tight and wet, still covered in Mike's and my spit. The camera clicked. ''All done! I will drop the pics to your phone.'' ''Thanks again!" Mike got up and dressed. His face wasn't red anymore. ''Just make sure to delete that shit, bro!'' ''Sure! Who do you think I am? A perv?'' ''Ehmmm, yeah! You just took a pic of my butt. HAHA!'' And fingered you... Mike playfully punched me in the chest. "Stop!'' I punched back! ''No, I will delete it for real. How often should I say that you can trust me.'' ''Best bros?!'' ''BEST BROS!'' We shook hands and did the usual embrace, our little thing. I had to take a shower after whatever had just happened. Mike went out to meet Jessica. He thanked me again and told me he was prepared for her to do anal play with him. I jokingly warned him not to get pregnant. Well! That's that! I didn't know yet that things were about to get even wilder. After my shower, I sat on the toilet and took out my phone. There it was, Mike's ass pic. I sent it to his phone but stopped myself just as I was about to delete that picture. His ass looked even better in the picture than in real life. How was that possible? I zoomed in on Mike's hole and licked my lips. The memory of my finger getting in and out of his ass returned. So did the sensation in my crotch. My dick started to rise. Something inside me wanted me to see him in that position again. On all fours, with an exposed and fuckable hole. This time though. I would pull my dick out and ram it inside Mike's hole. Out of curiosity. His ass would probably feel so tight! I would start pushing into him just like my finger did. He would turn his head and look at me in shock, asking me what the fuck I was doing. I would start fucking him harder, saying... FUCK! NO! What was I thinking again? I covered my dick, deleted the picture, and ran to bed. This time my dick wasn't going down. I had to jerk off. I tried to think of the last pussies Id fucked as I beat my meat and finally came all over my sheets. Fuck Mike, what have you done to me? As I tried to close my eyes and sleep, I could only think about Mike and Jessica. Between remembering what I was doing to Mike, I was imagining what Jessica was doing to him right now. Was she fingering him as I did, are they maybe using a dildo? UGH! Why was I thinking about Mike having sex with Jessica? And then it hit me. Was what I did with Mike considered sex? Did he cheat on Jessica with me? Was he cheating on ME right now? I was going crazy. Nothing would make me stop thinking about Mike, so I went for a midnight run. I pushed myself harder than before, wanting my whole body to burn. The sensation had to be strong enough to make me stop thinking about everything. The next day everything was back to normal. Practice. Gym time. More practice. And a night out with the boys from our team. Surprisingly, I did not feel the need to talk to Mike about what happened. The only change in our relationship was that I was making even more jokes about his butt than before. I was so glad I had a bro like Mike in my life. We really could do anything together! Everything between Mike and me was just how it had always been. Besides one little thing. I caught myself checking out Mike's ass. More than once. But that wasn't important. The only thing that mattered was that we could continue living together as before. That was until Mike approached me again. "Bro, can you help me with something again? Jessica... she wants to fuck me with a strap-on." ''Woah! Are you okay with that?" Mike looked up at me with concerned eyes. ''Yeah, I am. Do you think it is weird?'' ''No, dude, a lot of guys do it with their girlfriends. It is supposed to feel good, and many chicks are into that stuff too.'' ''That’s what Jessica told me too. Man, after getting into all this butt play… I’m starting to like it. I want to go further. But… Can you just help me with this, one last time? I will never again ask you any weird favors after this.'' I patted my bed and made room for Mike to sit next to me. The bed creaked and thumped against the wall due to the impact of his weight. Mike avoided my gaze. ''It’s the same issue I had last time. After you helped me out last time, my anxiety was gone. I was confident I could please Jessica the right way, you know? It’s mostly about her. I am doing this for her.'' My stomach started tingling in anticipation. It was that weird feeling again. I pushed Mike playfully away from me. ''So what do you want me to do? You want me to, like, put a dildo up your trunk?'' Just as I asked, an image appeared in my mind. Mike was on his knees, moaning as he thrust his ass up and down a big pink dildo. I never thought I would think of my best friend as a dildo slut. Wait a minute! Inserting a toy in a guy's ass that imitates another guy's penis might be kinda gay. ''No. That is not it exactly.'' Mike's words brought me back to reality. ''I want you to… I want your…'' His face turned red, and he looked at me with pleading big eyes. ''I want you to fuck me as Jessica would. Just… I don’t think you will need a strap-on.'' Was Mike saying what I think he was saying !? He put his hands against my chest. His expression turned to shock. ''Please don’t freak out! It’s not what it sounds like! I’m not gay! It’s for Jessica! I’m doing it for Jessica!'' Mike searched my expression, waiting for an answer, but I was still collecting my thoughts. He looked worried now, almost sad. ''I’m sorry. You were the only one I could ask. I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable. I went too far.'' His hands left my chest. Those words felt like a punch to my stomach. It was the brotherly instinct I had that wanted to reassure Mike instantly. Before I could say anything, I lost myself in his eyes. I’ve never seen something like this. When I looked into Mike's eyes, I saw myself. I saw us… As kids playing in our backyard, I saw Mike crying in my bed at night as his parents fought, I saw the joy on his face as we won our first football game, but I also saw a boy who needed me. A man so strong and big but so small, tender, and scared. I wasn’t thinking about what I was saying anymore. Mike’s eyes lured me into doing what he needed me to do for him. That was all that I wanted to do next. ''Mike… It’s fine. Don’t apologize! I can help you. I will always help you out! You’re my best bro!'' He smiled in relief, and I smiled seeing his smile. Mike swiftly looked up to the ceiling as if he was about to thank god for what I had just said. ''Thanks, Bro.'' ''Stop thanking me, Bro!'' I pushed him away again, this time harder. He got up and went to the bathroom without saying anything. My god, how many times will he disappear in there? My hands started to get sweaty as anticipation built up in my body. Why is it that we don't know what to do with our bodies when we are nervous? I started to fumble with my hands, shifted around on my bed, coughed and scratched my head. Good thing no eyes were on me because I must have looked like a complete idiot. Then I stopped moving around. All I could hear was the sound of our shower running. Mike was cleaning himself up. He was getting ready for me! So is this about to happen? What am I supposed to do? How was I supposed to prepare myself for my straight bro asking me for dick! That's right! Mike asked me to fuck him! He wants me to stick my dick up his ass! Instead of thinking about how gay that was, I started thinking about Mike and what he was probably doing under the shower. I pictured the same physique I saw in the gym showers under our shower. Water running down Mike's thick back down to his feet. The stream getting interrupted by the mountain that was his ass, disappearing between his crack and sliding against the cave that was his deep hole. The thought of me entering got me excited. Discovering an unexplored area might be scary, but excitement and curiosity overcome fear. I rubbed my growing stiffy through my pants. Then the room got completely silent. Mike must've finished showering. My whole body froze. Panicked, I pulled out my phone. I did not want Mike to come out of the bathroom to find me all horned up! It felt like hours before he opened the bathroom door, wearing just his white socks and underwear. He scratched his balls through the white fabric. I wanted to do something, say something, anything! ''Damn, Bro! You've gotten even bigger. Your pecs look huge!'' Mike smiled and started flexing for me. ''Jessica loves them. She calls them milkers. HAHA'' I laughed, but it sounded wrong. Mike cleared his through and got on the bed next to me. We both stared at each other without saying anything. I could swear I saw Mike peek at my crotch for a sec. Thank god I wasn't hard anymore. He broke the silence. ''Are we gonna do this or what?'' ''Oh yeah! Sure, sure!'' My fly basically opened on its own, and I started yanking my pants off like they were the most annoying thing in my life right now. ''Hey, there, buddy! No rush!'' I failed at trying to laugh his comment off. Why was I like this? I was, sitting in my underwear, watching my best friend pull his underwear off in front of me. Mike's dick and balls were on full display now. ''We should measure our dicks sometime again. I bet mine is still bigger.'' Mike scoffed at me. ''Well, duh! It’s not like my dick just magically grew.'' He took his dick in his palm and stroked it a bit. ''Anyways! I don’t care about my dicks length anymore. It’s fine, just as is!'' Something compelled me. I pulled my dick out of my underwear, presenting it to Mike. ''You’re just saying that to make you feel better! I know you wish it was as big as mine!'' Mike looked at my dick as I slapped it against my stomach. ''Fuck you! At least my dick doesn’t have a stupid curve like yours.'' ''Sorry! It’s too damn big to stand up straight.'' My dick had a slight curve, but it was barely noticeable. Kinda weird for Mike to point that out. Enough about my dick. ''I should probably get hard, right?'' ''Yeah, that will be necessary. Should I put on some porn?'' ''I’ll do it! I have my phone here.'' I realized my hands were shaking as I searched for porn on my phone. I decided to pick something I recently watched and dropped it onto our tv. Moans filled the room as a video of a girl getting fucked by two personal trainers showed up on the screen. ''Ehm, so…how do you want to do this?''
  8. Hello there! Just joined recently and wanted to write a story, so this is my first attempt at it. This chapter will mostly be set up, so not a ton of action at this point but hopefully it will set the scene. If you're more interested in the action I would recommend skipping to Chapter 4, when it is complete. The other couple chapters beforehand are just a small bit of exposition for those interested but probably not completely necessary. Warning: this has some religious tones in it and if that makes you uncomfortable I would recommend not reading this. Chapter 1: I woke up to the sound of my alarm blaring in my ear. I absolutely hate that sound, jolting me out of a deep sleep. I had to give myself a pep talk to get out of bed, "come on John! Time to get up, you don't have time to lay around!" It was a Sunday morning and it was time to get ready to go to church. I sat up and stretched my body - flexing my toned 15 inch biceps as I contracted my arms. I stood in front of my bedroom mirror shirtless, just my tight underwear on. I flexed a little looking at my defined abs, nice set of pecs and toned arms on my 6' body. I'd really been hitting the gym for 5 days a week for quite a while, eating as often and as clean as I could. I was proud of my body at 28, I had worked really hard to improve my health and to maintain a weight of 185lbs. As much as I'd like to flex a bit I really had to get going - it was nearly time for church and I'd slept in a bit. I changed my underwear and put on a nice pair of khaki pants and a blue button-up shirt. The clothes weren't very form-fitting but I definitely could see some definition from my shirt. I styled my brown hair into a neat, handsome comb over. After brushing my teeth and lacing up my blue flat-footed shoes, I was ready to go! I stepped out of my small 1000sqft 2bed 1bath home. I climbed into my sedan and headed to church that was only a few minutes down to the corner. I've been going to Faith Church ever since I'd moved here to the South. The people there are very friendly and I always enjoy going to the services. It's especially been nice being a part of something since I've moved away from most of my social connections and family. I text back and forth but rarely ever see anybody in person. Honestly, sometimes it was hard to go. I'd been deep in the closet my whole life. I've known I've been attracted to men since a young age. I remember seeing men on underwear packages in the store looking at their muscled and defined torsos. Or shirtless men on the front of men's fitness magazines. I knew that I wanted to look just like that when I grew up. I am not really sure where the envy began and when the attraction started. Growing up in an evangelical background I felt so much shame and confusion around my own attractions. Yeah, I liked taking a look at men's bodies; I wanted to be desired and to desire another man. Being with someone was something my straight peers got to indulge in but in my context I would never be able to enjoy the same relationship. Not me. Honestly, it just filled me with a touch of sorrow. I had very deep connections with friends but now that I was separated by distance we have started to drift a part. It's made living here quite hard even though I needed to move here for my career. I can't say that I wasn't jealous of them too. They were all finding partners, getting married, having children. Meanwhile, I was drooling over meat heads at my local gym. Well after stewing over that less than savory stream of thoughts in my head for the thousandth time, I finally had arrived. There were small groups of families filling the front door of the church with stained glass panels all around the church. I quickly got out of my car and shuffled my way to my usual seat in the back corner of the church. No one really talked with me apart from a few waves and "Hey John!" 's since church was just moments from starting as the piano player began playing a hymn. I settled into my seat, looked through the bulletin, and opened my Bible. I started looking around to see if the pastor was getting ready to welcome everyone to church. Just as the music slowed and the pastor stood up a MAN walked by and sat just in front of me. I didn't quite get a good look of his face but he had a thick head of well-styled, faded brown-hair with just a few strands of gray here and there. He was wearing a really nice smelling aftershave. And he was absolutely fucking massive. He was wearing a tighter red and grey shirt made of a cotton fabric, but the definition of his muscles couldn't be hidden. His traps were huge and encroached upon his girthy neck whose muscles flexed and moved with every little adjustment. I could see his big delts and wife back that fanned out giving him an imposing figure. The pastor began speaking, "welcome everyone. Let me go over a few announcements..." I couldn't pay attention whatsoever. I began to clam up and my dick began to engorge. I looked around and thankfully no one was near me. I was getting a full hard-on in church, as I placed my bulletin over my pants to hide my thick boner from popping out of my pants. Should I be thinking of another man this way in the middle of church? "Please stand and turn to hymn 330. 330" the music director said in a booming, hearty voice. I quickly scrambled for the hymnbook and stood up pushing my dick against the pew in front of me. While the beautiful specimen of a man stood up simultaneously. I quickly looked at his body. His body had a very pleasant shape with his wide back slimmed into his midsection. His shirt was tucked in to a nice pair of tight-waisted gray pants. His glutes bulged out of his pants and his quads were noticeable in the upper part of his pants. I sang along to the hymn but kept getting distracted by the extremely attractive man in front of me. I began to feel a little bit guilty about lusting after this man in church. But this was the story of every person I've been allured to. They were a nice piece of meat for me to look at but remained a forbidden fruit. Men were nice to fuel my fantasies but never to be had. It was frustrating. I thought to myself, "John pull yourself together. Pay attention. Pay attention. Pay attention." But I just can't. The entire service I hardly paid attention to the pastor giving a sermon, any of the liturgy, or the multiple songs. The whole service was my sexual frustration running through my head over and over again. Eventually the whole congregation stood up as the pastor prayed a long and winding closing prayer to dismiss us. It was strange having my head up in the clouds the entire service. All I could think about was what the front of this man looked like as I could hardly even get a side profile. "... Amen." the pastor said loudly, as the congregation replied, "Amen." "You are free to go," he said as the whole congregation gathered their items and began to get ready to depart for home or a restaurant. The man in front of me turns around to gather his items from the pew. He was even more perfect than my mind could conjure up during the service. He was around 5'9" and weighed around 230lbs. Man, was he handsome. He looked to be around his mid-30s. His hair was quite immaculate, and he kept a very short beard on his face tracing out a strong, chiseled face. He had dashing, kind, deep blue eyes. His lips were full and formed a joyful smile. His pecs filled out his tucked in shirt quite nicely, as a sligh outline of his nipped poked through his shirt. I had to jump at my chance immediately. I immediately blurted out, "Uh. Hello sir! My name is John it's nice to meet you." He looked up with a large smile and confidently brought out his veiny hands to shake mine. I obliged and shook his powerful hands. He gripped my hand confidently. "It's nice to meet you John. My name is Charlie!" he said in a deep, confident voice. "Well, we're glad you came this morning Charlie. I hope you found the service to be uplifting!" I said with a slight nervousness in my voice. I was in the precense of one of the most handsome men on earth, it was hard for me not to be. "Oh, yeah. I loved it. I thought the sermon was quite thought-provoking. I just moved to the area, so I have been visiting some churches here and there." Charlie replied, leaning on the pew behind him and cross his arms, causing his forearms to flare up underneath his shirt. " Oh, well, I am new to the area too. If you're looking for a friend maybe we could trade numbers and explore the city together?" I said with eager anticipation. "Oh, well that actually sounds great! I haven't really found anybody to hang out with yet and being single it's been kinda hard to adjust to everything here." My heart just melted. I can't believe that this was actually working. Maybe this was all just a bad idea, getting this close to an absolute hottie was a mistake. But there was no way I'd pass up getting to know this dude. I quickly handed him my phone, opened my contacts, as he did the same for me. I typed my information into his phone. "I'll text you sometime this week, dude! I gotta head out here soon but we'll figure out some time to hang out." Charlie said, shaking my hand again. It amazed me how confident and friendly he was. He was so comfortable in his own body. He was just the type of man I dreamt of when I was younger. He typified everything I loved about men and their personalities and body. The rest of the day my thoughts were occupied with nothing but Charlie. I've been so good about not jacking off, watching porn, or lustful thoughts. But Charlie completely derailed that and threw me for a loop. I edged the whole day thinking about his body. Eventually before I went to bed I completed my nightly routine of taking a shower and planning out my next day. I stripped off all my clothes down to my underwear. My dick was so hard, as I looked down at my bulge in my underwear. I began to rub myself through the fabric. It had been so long since I'd released any sexual tension and I was ready to burst. I pulled my underwear down releasing my dick as it flopped out onto my flat stomach. I began to think of Charlie stripped down to his underwear. His strong muscles drenched with sweat and pumped up beyond belief. His handsome, manly face looking down at his ripped body, heavily breathing as his chest quickly expanded and collapsed. "So... Fucking... Handsome... Uufffffhh" It was too much to think about much further. I began to cum all over my own body. The orgasm was one of the most intense I'd ever had before. I was so tired afterwards I didn't even want to clean myself up. It all felt so guilty but felt so amazing. I fell asleep with my cock out and cum all over my body...
  9. BiteApple

    Beyond a Man: Hudson's Growth

    Beyond a Man Chapter I Hudson was your typical highschool jock. Played football, quarterback, and engaged in all of the typical jock activities. Since highschool started he had managed to bulk up due to the immense volume of testosterone he was producing. Broader shoulders, thicker pecs and a six-pack. Not too shabby. Not Mr Olympia, but who cared? It was on his way home one night after a long hard training session, taking a shortcut through a suspicious alleyway and had suddenly blacked out. He woke up, head throbbing, strapped down to a ice-black chair, shirtless. He struggled against his restraints, but to no avail and took a look around his surroundings. He was in a stark metal room, void of any decor, except for a large plane mirror in front of him. He could see himself perfectly in it. Suddenly, a voice rang out through hidden speakers. "Hello, Hudson. We have been watching you." "Who are you? What did you do to me?" "We simply… took you for a little ride to our facility. See, we're a little known branch of the army, set on creating the perfect super soldier. Strong, resilient, obedient and… hung. We've selected you as our… newest recruit." "This is crazy! What about my parents?" "Your parents have long since forgotten you, thanks to our little memory wipe program. And as for your teammates and friends, the wipe isn't powerful enough to erase all their memories, so we disguised your absence as an 'unexpected trip'." "Get me out of here! Please!" "No can do… you can't avoid the inevitable, Hudson. Preparing to administer Alpha Serum #1" A robotic hand slipped out of a silent panel in the ceiling, grasping a syringe filled with a mysterious green liquid. It lowered onto Hudson's right shoulder, and plunged in, filling his veins with its swirling contents. Immediately, Hudson yelled out in pain. It was unimaginable. His whole arm was cramping and it was spreading, until his whole body was writhing in agony. "Just let it in, Hudson. Resisting will only make this all the more painful". "Ugh! Stop! What are you doing to me…" he reached, as he felt his shoulders begin to broaden. "Fuck…" he moaned. This was starting to feel… good. His biceps bulged and flexed into writhing mounds of muscle mass, his triceps extending into enormous wheels of pure power. His forearms morphed into god-like extensions, rippling with veins as his hands quadrupled in size. "Stop! This is wrong! This is… ugh! Ngh! Uh…" he moaned, as he felt his traps push against his thickening neck. "Shit… I'm getting huge! Ugh! FUCK! I can't! I don't want to… nghH…". His pecs pegan to balloon out as they began to fill with muscle, rounding out into hard, solid mounds of manliness. His midsection tightened as his six pack bulked into a shredded eight pack, obliques ripping up to his expanding lats. "No! I want.. I want more… this feels good. Mmpf… so much muscle… so much power… becoming… ngh… a man!" Hudson moaned, his growth accelerating with each word. "Yes Hudson! Give in to the power! Give in to the lust! Become what you were always meant to be!". Hudson roared, as his abdomened formed a bulging v-shape, veins winding their way to his crotch, which was hard as a rock. His thighs were next, ballooning out with unbelievable definition. They were like solid hams, tree trunks even, hard and writhing with man power. His calves, carved into muscular diamond shapes, flexed as his feet ripped out of his socks. His shorts didn't last long either, as they were torn to shreds by his massive thighs and growing ass. Hudson roared. He was a bulging, masculine mass of muscle, ready to dominate, ready to… what? This wasn't like him. "No! Stop! Release me!" he pleaded. "Ah… so there's still a bit of you still in there. We'll see about that. Administor Alpha Serum #2: Nipple Enhancement and Mind Control. Two vials, filled with a purple liquid, lowered onto his erect nipples, now pointing up due to his massive chest. They plunged into the sensitive meat. Hudson moaned in pain and pleasure as the contents were injected deep within him. Almost at once, he began to grow again. "Some mind control that was… hah… ugh… mmpf! Ngh! So manly… must resist… must become a super-soldier. Fuck! So big… so huge… look at my shoulders… so broad and manly… like a fucking boulde- ngh! More…". He began to flex his massive arms, forcing them to swell and grow even more. Soon, they burst through the restraints and he started to tease his nipples. Huge, immense waves of pure sensual pleasure rocketed their way through his young, buff body. Looking up over his massive pec shelf, he could see them begin to swell. Bigger… thicker and juicier. The areola expanding to the size of coins, then saucers, his nipples became so much more sensitive as his flicked and rubbed them with his new huge fingers. "Looks like you need some help there, son" the voice echoed. Two robotic arms with cups on them came out of the chair and attached themselves to his nips. They began to suck and apply pleasure, flicking and rubbing them. Hudson moaned. "Fuck! Ngh… so good… more… more growth!" He began to flex his now free, and massive arms, enjoying how they swelled to incredible proportions. He was becoming a true man. A sudden wave of growth washed through him. Every muscle exploded with size and power, bulking and swelling to unimaginable size. "Good… Hudson, you're doing so well. I think you're ready for the final treatment. Get him Alpha Serum #3: Hormonal Multiplier." A robotic arm once again appeared. Hudson saw the mysterious milky-white liquid inside and flexed his body. Instantly, he blew up with even more bulk and burst out of his restraints. He snatched up the syringe and ripped open his tight black boxers and pulled out his erect cock, plunging the needle deep inside his piss slit. He roared in pain. He pushed the contents in, making sure none was left in the tube before crushing it with his massive paws. He continued to roar as his cock began to throb. Soon, his moans of pain turned to pleasure as he began to laugh. His cock was growing. Bigger, thicker, girthier, it inched as it swelled to 11 inches… 15 inches… 18 inches! It was a throbbing, muscular pole of veins and sexy lust. His balls began to throb as they began to excrete mass amounts of testosterone. Hudson could feel it, pumping though his body. "Yes! Yes! Ngh! YES!" he moaned, his voice deepening into a manly growl. "FUCK! My voice! YEA, I'm a real MAN now! MORE GROWTH! MAKE ME INTO A GOD!" His armpits began to fill with musky pubic hair as they began to sweat a delicious scent. He bent over to sniff them. Immediately he went into horny overdrive and grabbed his huge, thick cock and began to jack off. "So big… so manly… becoming a soldier… yes… YES! MORE! ARGH!!" A thick pubic bush began to sprout around his crotch, as his orange sized balls started to fill with his man jizz. He could feel it, sloshing around inside. So much. So manly. So big. He stood up, flexing his huge biceps, feeling his massive shoulders, working his thick, musky cock. He sniffed his man pits, filled with a forest of jet black hair. He ran his hand down his abs and chest, ripping off a cup to REALLY play with his nipples. He got up from the chair and stood in front of the mirror to admire what he had become. "Ngh… so big… so huge. Muscle… muscle… MUSCLE!" he roared. He was close now. Every inch of his huge man body was edging him closer. "Yes Hudson!", the voice chorused, "become what you were always meant to be! Become beyond a man! Transform into a soldier! You are no longer a puny little jock! You are a monster, fucking, manly beheamouth! CUM Hudson! Seal your new destiny with your muscle cum!" Hudson let out a rippling, manly roar, in his deep sexy voice that tore though the room. He moaned, as his dick throbbed harder and grew bigger. He could feel the torrent of cum burst out. Thick, smelly white ropes of man-cum rocketed out of his sex pole. "Ngh! Fuck! Take it! So manly! Cumming! Mmpf!" he growled. His cock spewed so much cum. It was so forceful it bounced off the mirror and onto his ripped body and pooled onto the floor as a pool of white man-milk. He growled as he finished off. Looking in the mirror, he flexed his now muscular body, admiring the shape of his torso, his now manlier features. His broad shoulders, powerful pecs, ripped abs and his dripping, wet cock. Suddenly, he heard a door open. "Well done, Hudson. Welcome to the brotherhood." To be continued in Chapter II
  10. michaeldavid

    Massage Envy

    I'm just telling you now, before you start reading, that you will be envious of this experience. You SHOULD be. This actually happens to me and I'm so grateful. I simply have the best massage therapist on the planet. Currently. I get to experience him with regularity. After I share our interactions, you might end up with actual massage envy. "Hello, Michael. Happy to see you," he says as I step into his space at our appointed time. "How have you been?" I become enveloped in a welcoming hug. I'm six foot and 215, so for someone to envelope me they have to be sizeable. This man is. Not cartoonishly, or unbelievably, ficticiously big, but he can wrap me up and does. But more about that in a minute. "I'm well, Carter. Happy to see you, big guy," I reply as I nuzzle just a little into his neck. I enjoy his scent. Nothing overwhelming. Just clean skin and man. He isn't sweaty from other clients, he isn't powdered and fragranced like he's on a date. He just is and it is perfect. I feel his hands on my back and immediately remember the first time he touched me. I have been browsing one of the not-Grindr gay apps looking at the eye candy. I'm terribly average looking. Got a solid case of dad face. My dad bod is improving having found the gym later in life. I'm strong and solid, but with a solid gut, too. I have terrible skin - - always have. It embarrasses me and frequently makes me feel less-than. Carter has never ONCE indicated he even notices or is put-off by it. He's that kind of man. I think he can sense what might make others feel diminished in his demi-god presence and counters it with smiles and warmth. So there he was. His picture on the app. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so we're told. We also know that there are empirically beautiful people. Carter is just that. Stunning. Turn your head in a crowd-level genetics which he has enhanced with hard work and dedication. He stands out in a crowd. Hell, at six foot five anyone would. But six foot five carrying over 240 proportionate pounds? In his pictures you really don't have any idea how formidable he really is. But then you read his stats! When he stands in photos next to his boyfriend, you get a sense. He isn't linebacker huge. None of his muscles are bodybuilder size. He isn't ripped to where you wonder if he's ever enjoyed eating. He's the perfect Venn diagram of all those things. In one photo you think, 'damn those abs are tight.' When gazing at another you think, 'those legs are built!' Then you hit a pic that has to be taken by a professional and you wonder how he isn't on the cover of every magazine? I'm unafraid of rejection, so I reached out and said hello. Told him both he and his boyfriend were my ideal connection. (I'm a fairly newly admitted bisexual and have enjoyed exploring apart from my girlfriend who has been doing the same.) We chatted a bit, I don't remember what about, but we engaged like adults which thrilled me. I asked what he did and he stated he was a massage therapist. "I'd love to see you and have work done, handsome," I dared to type. "I have openings X and Y and my studio space is Z place," he replied. That was it. I was meeting Carter for a massage. It was great. He looked exactly like his profile and we chatted happily about our shared departures from evangelical Christianity and various books we were reading. And he was GOOD. His hands are so big. I prefer a massage to nearly leave me bruised, which I told him. He obliged. He worked hard and for every minute and never let up. I really only remember two things about that encounter. Well, three. Firstly, his place was in a sketchy area. I remember seeing a few people that made me a little nervous. As he worked on me, I remember thinking that if anyone did actually try to cause us trouble, he would probably so very easily be able to overpower another human. That was a comforting, and riveting thought. Secondly, as he slid his fist down the back of my forearms and into my hands and then opened his hand to take mine, finger in finger, I literally drooled at the size of his paws. That hand was just damn big. As he interlocked with me, I squeezed and held on before I even realized I had reacted this way. Carter was unfazed and kept working while holding my hand a little longer than expected. In fact, he manipulated me with ease as he moved me for unique stretches and such. Lifting and shifting me without a puff of exertion. The third thing I remember is trying SO hard to not get...well, hard. I didn't want to offend a professional therapist with an over-eager boner despite my desire. I was going to be a good boy and treat him with the respect he deserved because he was giving me exactly what I paid for. A stellar massage experience. I wanted to repeat. I didn't want him to think I was just a disrespectful, middle-aged chaser that can't appreciate a human for more than their appearance. I really am not that. Though I wouldn't go all the way to sapiosexual, I can't abide an idiot, even if they are attractive. Carter was smart and good humored. I wanted to see more of him. I had kept my eyes tightly shut while I was on my back almost the entire second half of the massage because I knew I couldn't look at that face and not spring to life. I waited a few months before returning. The second visit was more of the same. Good talk, easy conversation about life, friends, hobbies. I melted under his powerful strokes and just lay there noticing his size and feeling his strength. He worked so hard he was breathing a bit more. As I flipped over, I found he had removed his tank top. I started to leak. I kid you not, the sight was so overwhelming to me I kind of stuttered and just leaked pre-cum. I knew he knew the effect he had on me, but he wasn't being salacious, just open. As I laid back, he put his mitt on my chest and pushed a little. He looked me dead in the eyes and simply stated that since I was so respectful he felt comfortable around me. I told him he was overtaking me with his beauty. That face. The long, dark hair. The huge eyes. The big lips. The perfect scruff. I said he should model. He said he's been told that but it just wasn't for him. I closed my eyes so I wouldn't just shoot. He moved his hand down near my groin. That incredible spot where your abdomen becomes your pelvis and your sex organs. He stopped there, hand on my bush and told me that this was a safe place. I could pleasure myself, or if I'd like, he would help me achieve orgasm. I melted. I sank into the table and said I'd love for him to do it and he proceeded to finish our massage in the happiest of ways. The details of that experience are lost to my memory. I only know how I felt. Safe. Cared for. Accepted. He wanted to draw the happiness from my center and I believe he enjoyed that service. As I looked him in the eyes during those moments, I chose to let go. I was a floodgate opened to fertilize a field. It was natural. It was life. But let's get back to the present. Carter had pulled me close and took me in an embrace. I grinned against his chest and gave a low hum of satisfaction. Those hands on my back had just triggered memories of enjoyment. I looked up at him, with his ball cap on backwards, holding back that glorious, dark mane. Can a head of hair be virile? Because his is. It's full and thick and falls every fucking way looking like it's been styled. And it is SO smooth and clean. Doesn't smell like too much coconut or fruity or even musky scent. Just like hair. It's perfect to hold on to while he's engulfing your .... wait - I'm getting ahead of myself! We met eyes and he smiled. I said hello again. I worked up the courage to ask if I could take off his tank, should he choose to loose it today, but before I could speak he said he'd step out and let me undress and prepare. I guess today will be a little more formal, I thought. Skip to the moment I'm on the table, face down in the headrest and he steps in, starts the music. He starts to warm me up and he works long strokes, all the way from by back to my feet. It was amazing to realize that as he stood at my head, he could apply pressure all the way down my back, across my buttocks, down my hammies and calves and squeeze my feet. I could feel his heat. He did that a few times and let his chest touch my back. He was shirtless! I felt his flawless skin touch mine. It was electric. He moved around and began the work. I was quieter today, he mentioned. I thought, 'damn straight - I'm concentrating on feeling every part of you that makes contact!' Instead, I simply stated that I was really looking to connect through our work today and feel of his positive energy. Not much later, he climbed on the table! I'd never experienced that before. He straddled my legs. I thought, for a moment, can a massage table hold my 215 and his 245? That's closer to 500 pounds than 400 pounds of man? He kneaded my hamstrings with his knees. His big palms were flat on either side of my torso and I could feel their strength as he held himself up, not digging into me more than he should. He then worked my back from above and as he ran his hands down my arms, he placed his hands in mine like we would hold if I was falling from a cliff. Palm to palm but 180 degrees different at the wrist - all aligned. He told me to grab his wrists as he held mine. I couldn't get my damn hands around that spot! His hands engulfed my lower arms and I couldn't get mine around his. All at once he pulled my entire torso off the table and my arms were back and I literally let go of his wrists but he just held me. I grabbed again, but knew the only reason we were connected was his strength. He was holding me steady, bending me backwards and it felt effortless. All of this registered for me in just one way. This man was dominating me. Let me clarify. I don't mean he was being dominating and I submissive. He was just, without guile or attempt, bigger, stronger and more capable than me of any physical task you'd assign. He wasn't showing himself off. He was offering his protection, in a way. He was giving me comfort. He was giving me a hard on. The combo of his size and ability just clicked all my buttons and I went from enjoying my session to wanting him in all the ways. Would he be at all amenable? I shut down those thoughts and tried to return to enjoying the interaction I knew he would allow. But then, Carter broke the internet, as it were. He climbed down and moved to the side. He took one arm from the table and hung it down to work my shoulder and triceps. He said, "you can touch me if you like, this is a safe space to explore." I didn't hesitate. I wrapped my arm around the nearest leg and laid my hand on his calf muscle. I don't want to be hyperbolic because I don't want to write fantasy here, but time kind of stopped. That leg muscle was long and sleek and hard. His skin was taught and kind of tender and ideally hairy. In fact, spoiler alert cause I'm skipping. Carter has the PERFECT body hair. Everywhere it should be including the small of the back, but not visible from any real distance. His legs are evenly coated and the hair goes up over his ass, again only visible from close by, and I cannot believe that fucking hair makes that muscular ass just....delicious. I used my hand to hold his leg. I caressed a bit, but couldn't dent the powerful tools which were his corded muscles. They were working to provide leverage. I didn't want to grope and so I spent whole minutes perhaps just holding a spot or slowly gripping it. The feel of his legs was entrancing. I was able to feel the calves, the hamstrings and wrap around a little to the quads, but not much. I tried not to be greedy and admired without forcing him to move around my enjoyment. We repeated the same on the other side but I was slow to touch him that time. I was feeling a little bit of my natural sexuality rise up and I love to slow a person down during an interchange. So I waited to touch him and he rubbed against my hand with an 'I want' feel and I was so excited that he enjoyed me touching him. How could this specimen want my touch? This is where I made a choice, dear reader. I was going to be bold. I was going to enjoy myself. I knew he was a good communicator and we had established respectful rapport. I knew that he'd tell me if he wanted me to stop something or if I'd gone to far. But hell if I was going to hold back from what I wanted for fear of offending or being turned down. I wanted to enjoy the collision of our gravities! All too soon, he put my hands back on the table and moved up hear my head again. I noticed him pause and was pretty sure I sensed the movements that would accompany him removing his briefs. I actually sniffed the air through that dumb face hole on a massage table, hoping I could smell his nakedness. I imagined I could, but I'm sure that was dreaming. He began those long strokes again, from my shoulders down through to my feet. As he return up that first time, he ran his hands across my head very gently and with a tenderness that belies a massage, especially the deep tissue kind he knew I liked. As he moved down my body again, he adjusted his body so his legs came to both sides of my head. As he crossed by ass, he parted the cheeks and ran his hands deeply through the ravine and he kept moving and he laid his cock and balls on the back of my head. He grabbed my feet and held there for just a moment. Well - - this is where time started again. I was fucking REVVED UP! I moaned, arched up my shoulders into his hips and reached forward and grabbed the back of his legs to begin returning in kind. He moaned a bit and began dragging his hands back up my body, taking his manhood from my head. I immediately missed his size, the fact that his standing body could engulf my head and cover my back and reach to my feet. I wanted to feel his weight on me. He started down again and I pulled his ass into me and he completely laid on me, holding my whole body with his. Covering me. I dug my head up into his groin gently but with purpose and and, "oh, God," slide out of my mouth. Let's address this ass, again. Lots of big guys have an ass that is disproportionately small on their body. They've build other things well and skipped the squats. Not this man. It filled my hands completely and felt so firm. I love big, firm tits on a woman and had just found their equal on Carter's backside. As he came back up my legs, he used his mighty hands to really separate my glutes this time and, God damn me, he stuck his face in and teased my hole with his tongue. I just about ejaculated right there. I was instantly sweating and gyrating, pushing my ass up to give excellent access. I've seen guys offer their ass in porn and I was doing my best to peacock the hell out of this moment. He wasn't there long, but that's the first time I wanted a man to eat me a little. I immediately wanted to do it right back. Suddenly, his body weight, and cock and all were gone and his hands were back caressing my head gently. I pulled my face from the rest and turned to look up at him. I tried to get my mouth near his, also perfect phalls. It curved slightly up, didn't look intimidatingly large and I flicked it with my tongue. He allowed me and I shifted to get better access. He kept rubbing me as I took that turgid head into my mouth. I've only had a few cocks in my mouth but I wanted this so badly. I tried to do what I've seen. I tried to please the big man. I could smell him a little now and, I know it is broken record like, but he just smelled good. I wanted his scent on me. I tried to get it on my face. Before I had spent much time, he flipped me around and climbed on the table again. I barely caught up with what was happening when I found his cock back in my face, looking at his ass and hole, feeling his body on me and he had my whole rod in his throat. Again, I nearly came I was so overstimulated. I took a minute to just feel what he was doing to me with his talented mouth and then started trying to eat him whole. I wanted it all in me, frankly. I wanted to taste him and experience him and make him know how good he made me feel. I was LOVING this time with him. I knew it was only an interaction and not some love story or anything, and I respected him for giving this to me. I wanted - - no, needed - - to give him happiness and fulfillment and lust, too. I lost track of movements. He let me guide him. We shifted around several times as we kissed body parts and I felt up his pecs and shoulders and arms and abs. My God, that abdomen. So hard. I also noted he didn't have some artificially tiny waist. He was a man of 77" and more than three pounds of muscle per inch. A tiny waist would look dumb. He just looked solid and felt solid. And the hair on that stomach was so sexy. Up to his chest and just a little there. I could be suffocated there and probably not fight until my cerebral cortex forced the issue out of animalistic survival. Speaking of animalistic. I think the best sexual exchanges have moments of absolute animalistic drive and the slower gear of tender affection. At one moment, Carter sat with legs on both sides of the table and I climbed up on his lap, legs around his torso. I looked him in the eye and asked him if we might kiss on the lips. He replied with a twinkling smile, touched my face and moved in. I could write novels about these kisses. We stopped all other activities, though his rock hard tool on the small of my back felt like a kickstand holding me in place and NEVER diminished during this time. We must have kissed for 10-12 minutes. This, my friends, is my specialty. I am a champion kisser. And he returned in kind! I held his mouth against mine with my hands on the back of his head. His hands were around the small of my back. I exhaled softly and with a humming noise. I pulled my head back and grinned. I flung his cap off and grabbed his hair. That luxurious hair. I held his head in place as I gripped a bit of his lower lip with mine, sucking in slightly. I then turned my head and he matched the other direction and I used my lips to open his wider and we paused there. I sat up on his lap and ground my cock into those abs and breathed out heavily into his mouth. I flicked my tongue in and he flicked his back. I verbalized that I wanted him to give me his tongue. He offered it and I sucked it like his dick. That mouth meat was big! It filled my mouth and he let me suck it. I thrust my body into his more and he started using his strong hands to slide down my ass, part me and play with my taint and hole while helping me hump him. We continued in this manner, tossing back and forth whose mouth was in charge and using every technique I knew. I would feel his mouth turn up at the corners with enjoyment and then I'd dig in more. I held his pretty face in my hands. I tried to wrap my hand around his neck and found I couldn't possibly because even his neck was powerful and thick. I then reached down, grabbed his big back and pulled him into me, shooting my mouth to his ears. Even his ears are painfully perfect, and again, bigger than the average man. I love ears and enjoyed nearly swallowing his. He laid me on my back and straddled me again. He took both of our cocks in ONE. FUCKING. HAND. He could grasp us both. He put his other arms up behind his head. I could've died. That sight. Him towering over me. His weight grinding into by hips. His one hand stroking our cocks, His other hand up behind his head, giving me a sight of manly, deep pits. The way the biceps flexed a little. It was at this moment I noticed how dark his nipples were. I reached up and grabbed them, groping his pecs and tweaking the nubs. He sighed loudly and said, "yes." The grinding intensified and I ran one hand down his torso and the other around to grab a latissimus muscle. He locked eyes with me and I said, "please enjoy this - cum whenever you are ready." It didn't take him long. We had him geared. I was leaking enough (a positive trait of mine) to keep us both lubed. I was watching the most handsome, strongest God of a man I'd ever touched enjoying himself on top of ME! As he started to ejaculate, he worked hard to keep his "humphs" and groans from being too loud in the studio space. I just offered a low growl, smacked his beastly pecs and watched those shoulders, that neck flex as he sent four or five serious volleys up and only me. The smell of a man letting his deepest desires shoot out of him made me crazy. I was using my hips to buck that bronco hard so that he felt my desire, too. It was fantastic. He maneuvered down to kiss me more and his semen spread across the two of us and I low-key never wanted to wipe it off. After he caught his breath - which was quickly. He seemed to return to the idea of service. He asked what I'd like and I said slow it down and just stand next to me and work an orgasm out of me with your hands... He did exactly as I asked. He slowed the whole energy down. He began to, for all intents and purposes, make love to my dick. He used both hands to pull and manipulate. I admired to myself that even his big hand left some of my strong rod exposed. He got some lube and really worked me. He moved close enough for me to use one hand on his torso. Those pecs. If I grabbed, he'd flex. That closest arm. So much tissue there. His lats and pit and down that juicy fucking abdomen. I love that man's stomach. My other hand just molested his firm ass as hard as I could. He used one hand on my cock and got into a lovely rhythm that he would break and alter just before I climaxed. It wasn't exactly edging me, just giving me rises and falls of a roller coaster. Suddenly, that other hand made full contact with my balls, taint and ass. He just manhandled my legs and shoved them open. He had a finger playing my hole, his calluses rubbing my spot and his manly palms caressing my sack. I'm not sure how he was both rough and gentle. My time was approaching. I would be unable to avoid a screaming orgasm if he kept this up. He knew it and loved it. I knew it and never wanted it to end. I uttered all sorts of expletives and writhed under his care. He used that hard-earned muscle and pushed by bottom so hard he shifted me up the table more than once. He gripped my tool perfectly and with his eyes, kinds of said, "cum," while flicking his hair back. Blast off. My rocket was firing. I held that bowling ball ass of his and punched his gut with an open hand and told him to keep going. You see, my favorite part of an orgasm is the torturous sensitivity of your body after you've just hit the backside of the peak. If you haven't had someone hold you down and keep playing with your erogenous zones right after climax, you are MISSING IT! Carter understood perfectly and kept me squirming and throwing my head back against the table for at least 2-3 more minutes. I giggled with pleasure, begged for more, nearly lost consciousness, smiled, cried out while trying not to be loud, gasped and generally had the time of my life. Let's all take a breather for a minute, shall we? He then started to clean us up. He kissed me tenderly and then went right back to work because my massage time wasn't up! Holy Shit, what a class act. I laid there, stunned into silence. In fact, I'm not sure he even knew how much I appreciated it or adored our interaction because I was speechless. Carter, man - - I love being in your gravity! I will continue to see Carter for as long as he will have me. I'll accept any type of exchange he is willing and eager to have. I hope I bring him a modicum of the satisfaction he brings me. Perhaps we'll even have a chance to ride each other sometime, in a setting where we don't have to be quiet. I'd love to have him pin me against a wall while holding me off the ground and kiss and grind into me. I'd love to top the holy hell out of him. I'd like to spend a lot more time with his cock in my mouth. I'd even enjoy being third to he and his boyfriend. But all I know for sure is, this really happens to me when I see him - - you undoubtedly now have massage envy.
  11. RealIn2Growth

    Merry Massmas - Part Four (22-12-22)

    Hope you enjoy the fun Christmas story I've been working on. Merry Massmas Chapter One Daniel Lorca was mopping the front lobby of the gym at 2pm on Christmas Eve when the older man walked in. “We’re closing at 4pm today. That gives you about two hours. That enough time for you to train?” Daniel looked up from what he was doing. As soon as he saw the older man, he knew he had never seen him before because he would definitely would have remembered the body, if not the face. For a guy who was probably in his late 50’s or early 60’s, he had a killer body on him. Of course, since the popularity of Testosterone Replacement Therapy, lots of older guys had great bodies, but none could hold a candle to his guy. Daniel himself was envious of the guy’s bulging pecs, his broad shoulders, his wide lats, and the bulging biceps on display under the tight red compression shirt he was wearing. “Guess it’ll have to be. Won’t it? Can I purchase a day pass?” The guy smiled a perfect smile at Daniel and had a gleeful look in his eye. No, Daniel had never seen him before, but if he had, he definitely would have wanted to see more of him. Upon closer inspection, the guy’s hair and beard might be a mix of silver and white, but his skin and ice blue eyes were timeless. He was one of those individuals who could either be 30 or 300. He was taller than Daniel, around 6 foot 3, with a wide bright smile and and sharp chiselled cheekbones. “Don’t worry about it. My treat. Merry Christmas. If you need longer, just tell me. I’m in no rush. Might train myself again after we close.” Daniel walked over to the counter and grabbed a sheet of paper. “Just need you to fill this out for liability.” The ‘Old Man’ put down his leather gym bag, picked up a pen in his muscular hands, and began to fill out the form. “Not going out tonight?” “Nah. Probably just chill and watch A Christmas Story.” “Great film. Sexy guy like you shouldn’t be watching it alone.” “Thanks. But… yeah. Alone this Christmas.” “What happened to Tristan?” The ‘Old Man’ put the pen down and looked caringly into Daniel’s eyes. “Trist? We… broke up. Three months ago. Said dating a Gym-Rat was cute at 20 but pathetic at 30. He was looking for a ‘Big Man’ who could match him financially. It’s for the best. Honestly. We’d both changed…” “Sounds like it. What about your friends?” “All off visiting family. Damn I sound pathetic!! Daniel laughed and made a valent attempt to change the topic. He hated talking about himself let alone his failed relationship. “What brings you to town?” “Here on business.” The ‘Old Man’ locked eyes with Daniel. His blue eyes were piercing, and Daniel found himself getting hard just from the gaze. “Over the holidays? Damn. Rough.” All Daniel could imagine was the ‘Old Man’ bending him over the bench press and fucking the life out of him. “I’m used to it. Makes for a good change. I work from home most of the time.” Both men stared at each other until the ‘Old Man’ broke the silence. “Do you… want to show me where the locker room is?” The ‘Old Man’ smiled a warm happy smile. “Of course! Sorry.” Daniel walked through the multitude of machines to the stone and silver locker room. The ‘Old Man’ followed close behind Daniel, his large warm body magnetically close to him. “Pretty quiet here today.” “Yeah. Most people worked out this morning. That’s why we’re shutting early. The lockers are right here… and the showers are back there.” The two men stared at each other again. When the ‘Old Man’ breathed in, Daniel could see his shirt straining to hold in his substantial pecs’ “Thanks, Dan. I can take it from here.” The ‘Old Man’ smiled broadly at Daniel. No one had called him ‘Dan’ since his father died four years ago. His father had been a tall and muscular mechanic whose name was also Dan and the name fit his masculine nature. Even when Daniel got in shape and packed on some muscle mass, he never felt like a Dan… only a Daniel. “Oh. Right. Of course. Let me know if you need anything.” “Will do.” Daniel returned to the lobby and resumed mopping the floor. Occasionally, he’d catch a glimpse of the ‘Old Man’ working out. He lifts were insane, and never once did he ask Daniel to spot him, no matter how heavy he went. The only time he came over and spoke to Daniel was in the middle of his bench press when he asked for a bottle of water because he had forgotten his refillable one. The ‘Old Man had taken his shirt off and was mopping his brow with it. His chest was exactly as Daniel thought it would be: Meaty, thick, with a nice coating of slier hair that cascaded over his pecs and over his mountainous abs. Standing close to the ‘Old Man,’ Daniel could feel himself begin to get aroused simply from the powerful aroma he was giving off. The ‘Old Man’ smelled of rich and potent spices. Daniel tried to put his finger on what he smelled like, but all he could come up with was a mix of cinnamon, gingerbread, and leather. Daniel gave him the bottle of water, on the house, and watched him bench for a few minutes before he went back to finishing his closing duties. He had barely realized the time had flown by until the ‘Old Man’ walked up to the counter. He had showered and changed and was wearing a red hoodie over an extremely tight white t-shirt that threatened to split every time he moved. Daniel hadn’t realized how thick and full the ‘Old Man’s’ beard was or how ice blue his eyes were either. His eyes seemed to dance and glow, and when the ‘Old Man’ glanced at you… you felt like he was seeing and caring about only you. Leaning over the counter, his face extremely close to Daniel’s, a cool artic blast of peppermint radiated from his mouth and into Daniel’s nose. “Thanks for helping an old guy out. All the cookies at Christmas aren’t great for my waist.” “Tell me about it. I’ve been trying to be good all month.” “I know you have. Good all year. Very good.” The ‘Old Man’s’ face was inches away from his. His lips were red, and his cheeks flushed from working out. Barely above a whisper he said: “Any other day, I’d be riding that tight as of yours all night… but tonight… just not possible.” The ‘Old Man’ grabbed the back of Daniel’s head, and their lips met. The ‘Old Man’ was a powerful kisser, and Daniel thought he would cum just from feeling his strong and probing tongue toy with his own. Moments later, the ‘Old Man’ let go of Daniel and pulled away. “Fuck it. What happens down here stays down here.” The ‘Old Man’ came around the counter, and moments later the two men were locked in each other’s arms, holding each other tight, and making out. The ‘Old Man’s’ large hand massages Daniel’s cock through his pants as Daniel massaged his thick pecs. Both knew that they didn’t have much time. Daniel watched the ‘Old Man’ undo his black leather belt and let his jeans fall to the floor. Daniel fell to his knees and began to lick the ‘Old Man’s thick cock through the red fabric of his jockstrap. Just as Daniel would have expected, the ‘Old Man’s’ basket was very full with a fat cock and two large balls. Daniel’s hands shook a little as he raised them to the ‘Old Man’s’ waist and pulled the tight jockstrap down, releasing his treasure. The ‘Old Man’s’ cock quickly grew hard, and soon Daniel was face to face with a beautiful uncircumcised 9 incher that he eagerly took into his mouth. The ’Old Man’s’ crotch smelled strongly of his own essence: spice and leather. Daniel tried to get as much of the shaft into his mouth and throat as was humanly possible, but it was impossible to get his mouth down to the curly silver hairs that surrounded the thick root. After a few minutes of eager cock sucking, the ‘Old Man’ grabbed Daniel, forced him up off of his knees, spun him around, and bent him over the counter. No matter how much Daniel didn’t want it to, reality seeped in. He turned his head slightly and said: “the door… need to lock the…” Daniel grunted and moaned as he felt the ‘Old Man’s sturdy hands grab his ass and shove his meaty cock head into him. The ‘Old Man’ thrust again and again and again, filling Daniel up with the longest and thickest cock he had had in a while. Finally, the guy was all the way in, and as he rode Daniel, he said: “No one will come in. Trust me.” Daniel did trust him. The ‘Old Man’ turned Daniel’s head towards him and they began to make out as he rode Daniel’s ass hard and deep. Waves of euphoria washed over Daniel as he felt himself filled up like never before. Skill definitely had come with age. The ‘Old Man’ was the best lover Daniel had ever had, and he never wanted it to end. After fifteen minutes of hard pounding, Daniel heard the ‘Old Man’ grunt several times, and then release a hot load deep inside of him. Feeling the heat as well as the swelling cock so deep within him forced Daniel over the edge, and he began to cum the biggest load of the year all over the paperwork that covered the counter. Daniel’s orgasm shook him to the core, and he found himself collapsing onto the counter. The ‘Old Man’ pulled his half-hard cock out of Daniel’s ass, leaving him feel oddly empty; like someone had given him the greatest gift, and then taking it away. Huffing and trying to catch their breath, the two men grinned at each other. “I hate to tap that and run, but if I don’t, I’ll never get started.” “I understand. That was…”. The ‘Old Man’ grabbed Daniel and kissed him. Then, quick as lightning, he had his jeans pulled back up, threw his red hoody on over his white T-Shirt, and crossed in front of the counter. “You’re a good guy, Daniel Lorca. Here.” The ‘Old Man’ opened his black gym bag and pulled out a glass jar that contained both red and green gumdrops. “Merry Christmas. Now, lock up. You live in the apartment attached to the building, right?” “I… I do…” Daniel still found it hard to speak after such a marathon fuck. “Then go home. Have some fun. It’s Christmas Eve… the one night of the year wrapped in magic.” The ‘Old Man’ closed his leather gym bag, threw it over his shoulder, and in a moment, he was out the door. Daniel found that the room still smelled like the ‘Old Man’ long after he was gone. After downing two bottles of water, Daniel cleaned up the mess and threw the cum coated papers in the trash. After locking the door and turning off the lights, he turned around, and watched as the moonlight hit the jar of gumdrops, causing them to glow. Daniel grabbed the jar and walked to the coded door in the back of the gym that led to his apartment. It was while he was punching in the code that he thought, how did he know my name? I never told him… and how did he know about Tristan and me? Daniel didn’t even know the ‘Old Man’s name. He had gone to look it up after the guy had left, but it had been written on the form that Daniel had let loose his biggest load over, and it had smeared the ink. Ah well. It was a fun Christmas Eve fuck! More exciting left a mystery. Daniel hummed a Christmas carol as he closed the door to his apartment behind him. Surprisingly, Daniel was horny right again after closing the door. He was barely in the tiny apartment before he was tearing his sweatpants off, laying down on the couch in the living room, and jerking himself off quickly to completion. His orgasm was once again unnaturally strong, and he felt ropes of hot cum hitting his pecs and face. Daniel lay there for a while enjoying the afterglow of his orgasm and thinking once again how incredible a lover the ’Old Man’ had been. After breaking up with Tristan and not sure what life held for him, it was exactly what he had needed. He wished he had a way to thank, the mysterious stranger, but deep down he knew that the ‘Old Man’ knew. Then, with a leap, he jumped off the couch and headed into the bathroom to clean up. Looking at himself in the mirror, Daniel was in awe of how large his load had been. He’d been so busy working to cover the shifts of friends and colleagues who had gone away for the holidays, that he hadn’t had time to even think about sex, let alone jerking off. It must have been nearly two weeks since the last time he had orgasm, so it was no wonder the last two times he had nut it had been a deluge! Daniel took a quick shower, enjoying the warm water cascading over his body. He was proud of how he looked. He may not be as big as the ‘Old Man,’ but his body had decent size and symmetry. When he wore tight clothes, he got lots of looks from both men and women, and even if he was thinning a little on top, he knew that he would be classified in the sexy category if asked. He hated that he never went to college, but when his father died, he needed to be the one to bring in the money for his family. Tristan never understood that. He never said it, but Daniel always thought Tristan believed he was just lazy or not very bright, preferring the gym to the classroom. Even when he had gotten his PT certificate, Tristan had acted pleased for him, but deep-down Daniel had felt his ex was never really that proud. Daniel turned the shower off and stepped out into the steam filled bathroom. Rubbing the condensation off the mirror with his hand, something he always regretted doing but did anyway, he took a good look at himself. He stood 5’10, 198 lbs of muscle with a stubborn layer of fat over it. His hair was buzzed short to make up for the areas where none grew anymore and was hiding the fact that some silver was starting to show. Daniel flexed his right bicep and enjoyed the sight of its peak. He couldn’t complain. He may not be the mass monster he always wished he could be, but he was healthy and mostly happy. Sure, he wished his 5-inch cock was longer and thicker, and maybe it would be nice to have bigger, low hanging balls that shot epic loads ever time, but these were the genetic cards he had been dealt. What good did it do to whine about it? After fully drying off, Daniel slipped on a pair of black briefs, left the bathroom, and made his way into the kitchen to reheat his meal. He had originally planned to make a Christmas Eve dinner, but instead he decided to wait and make a ‘feast for one’ the next day. Right now, reheated chicken, some rice, and a veg would do him just fine. He had bought a carton of Rocky Road ice cream as a treat along with some eggnog to eat and drink while celebrating the holidays and watching Christmas lying on the couch. It was a few hours after he had eaten his meal, and in the middle of the film ‘White Christmas,’ when Daniel suddenly began to crave something sweet to eat. He wasn’t in the mood for ice cream yet, and he never kept any other candies or cookies in the house due to his diet. He thought about running out to the gas station get a candy bar when he remembered the Christmas present ‘The Old Man’ had given him. Jumping up from the couch, he grabbed his backpack and opened it up. Inside was the glass jar. Pulling it out, his eyes fell to the printed label: “Make a Christmas Wish! A small gift for Daniel. Make a wish before biting into a green gumdrop, and the wish will come true. Regret a wish, and all you need to do is bite into a red one. Warning, there are far fewer red ones than green ones. Have fun… and be specific! Kris” Daniel laughed at the idea. What an incredible marketing tool! He was sure the company must have sold tons of these this year. Who doesn’t love the fun of imagining their wishes coming true… yet… the label… the instructions and his name were printed directly on it… it wasn’t handwritten… and the label was glued to the glass. There was no way… Daniel turned the glass jar around and looked at the label where the ingredients should be. Instead, there was another message: ‘Believe it, Daniel. Trust me. But remember: once the 25th turns to 26th… the magic in the gumdrops fades away, and what you’ve wished for and kept, will be yours. Nothing like a little Christmas magic! Kris. Oh… they also have no calories! Enjoy!’ Daniel shook his head. How in the world had ‘The Old Man’ done this? He unscrewed the top, and when he took it off, his nose was inundated with the scent of peppermints, cinnamon, and evergreen trees. It was possibly the best thing he had ever smelled in his entire life. Putting his fingers into the jar, he removed a green gumdrop and held it up to the light. It looked exactly how you would expect a gumdrop to look. There was nothing truly magical about how they looked, and yet… Why not? Why not try it. If it didn’t work, no one would know how silly he had been. It wasn’t like there was a hidden camera in his house… right? He looked around but saw nothing out of place where a camera could be hidden. Sitting up, he placed the glass jar on the table and looked at the green gumdrop. Aloud, Daniel said: “I wish I could lose 20 pounds of stubborn fat and be shredded as fuck!!” He put the gumdrop into his mouth and but down. Instantly, his mouth exploded with flavour. The spicy taste of peppermint filled his mouth and then radiated through his entire body. For a moment, he had the sensation he was standing naked in a forest with snow falling all around him. Daniel swore he could smell the pine in the air and the crispness of the winter wind. When the coolness eventually faded away, he was left with the sweet chewy goodness of a masterfully crafted gumdrop. Chewing the rest, he quickly swallowed it. And he waited… and waited… and waited. Soon five minutes had passed and.., The room began growing hot..., or was it Daniel’s own body temperature rising? His face felt flushed, and he could feel tiny beads of perspiration rising all over his body. He went to stand, but his body felt out of his own control, and he fell back onto the couch. Fuck, he thought, that old man poisoned me. He… Daniel felt his body getting more feverish. Sweat was pouring off him now, running over his pecs and down his abs. He stood up again, and although the living room spun around him, this time he was able to stand on his own feet. His stomach had begun to gurgle, and it felt as if steam was rising from the pores all over his body. He stumbled into the bathroom and turned on the lights. When he did, his mouth fell open as he saw with his own eyes the stubborn layer of fat that had always covered his pecs and abs was quickly disintegrating. Daniel could actually feel the fat melting away, and it wasn’t only on his torso. In the small mirror he watched as his face proceeded to grow thinner and sculpted, his neck and chin lost the annoying bulk, his quads slimmed slightly, and his ass lost some of the jelly buy gained a firmness he had never seen. Once the fat had dispersed to who knows where, the skin covering his abdomen began to tighten, and in minutes Daniel had the tight 6-pack he had always dreamed of. Daniel’s body temperature continued to rise and the sweat continued to pour, and the longer this continued, the more shredded his body became. His body fat must have dipped below double digits as his skin began to look shrink wrapped over his musculature. Pipe like veins were now visible circling around his body to feed his muscles, while his face became more angular and chiselled. Eventually, when the extreme temperature began to lower and return to normal, Daniel began to flex his jacked body in front of the mirror. All of the poses he had read about or seen on line or at the gym he began to do. I look like a fuckin fitness model. Hell! I could be a fuckin fitness model!! Daniel flexed more, his cock hardening in his briefs from the excitement. It would have taken more than a year of strict diet and cardio and who knows what else to have gotten these incredible aesthetics… and who could say if I actually could have accomplished this!! Looking at himself in the mirror, Daniel began to grin and stroke his cock. I can have anything I want, he thought. I can become anything I want!! Merry Christmas, Daniel!!! All you need to do is wish it!!! The image of himself at that moment, and the image of what he could become caused his heart to flutter. I can have anything, he thought. I look like a fuckin fitness model. Ha! I could be a fitness model! Daniel flexed a few more times, his cock hardening in his briefs from the excitement. This would have taken more than a year of strict diet and cardio, and who knows if I would have gotten these incredible aesthetics. Looking at himself and grinning, he stroked his cock a few times. The image of himself at that moment, and the image of what he could be caused his heart to flutter.
  12. Ras3rGM

    My gentle monster - part 2

    I woke up feeling my grandfather's huge chest and his hair on my chest, I didn't even feel that I was touching the bed, I started to feel and everything felt like steel, it was my grandfather's hard body, I felt his huge legs on top of me hugging me. - "good morning sun, after that fuck you fell fast asleep, I couldn't resist and I sucked you while you were asleep, I'm sorry son.... I was just hungry for you and you look so damn cute, in fact I feel bigger *grunts* it's like your pretty boy juices make me more powerful. It was true... I felt grandpa was bigger, I lifted my head and saw his arm, it looked thicker oh my god, the vein in his arm was thicker than my wrist or even thicker than my own arm. I touched his arm, to say my hand looked small was an understatement how can there be so much flesh on an arm, it looked bigger than the trunk of any tree literally. - "yeah honey my body is huge, I feel like I could crush this bed if I flexed a little *the bed creaks terrifyingly at the tremendous weight* fuck... I think I passed the 600 pound mark kid." - "hmmm yeah... look at your little hand on my gorilla arm it looks so small and fragile, it looks like it could break in the wind.... *places a monstrous paw on top of my smaller one* god... my grandpa paw completely engulfs yours, in fact I could cover your whole beautiful little head with my giant hand." - "it's barely morning and you're already making this geezer horny honey.... *kisses the top of my head lovingly* hmm your hair smells good son, maybe even better than my monster musk.... Maybe, it looks like this huge arm has you mesmerized, I don't blame you seeing something so fucking huge must be appealing by nature, that's how I feel when I see your skinny little body son, your smallness makes you so cute, my protective instincts kick in when you're near me, I want to protect you from everything and everyone my child, I want to be your blanket in the cold, the mountain that gives you shade in the sun, every lift I do with those ridiculous weights is for you, every breath my colossal chest takes is for you, nothing makes me happier than having you like this in my arms." Grandpa's words sent me to muscle daddy heaven, the most massive monster loved me unconditionally, stroking his arm I still came closer feeling his strong pectoral and hard nipple that tickled me as I moved, I started to lick his bicep, grandpa reacted and tensed his arm a little and got bigger and thicker for me, I couldn't stop drooling on his arm, I stuck my nose in his armpit and started to smell and his man musk, his smell was so strong and overpowering.. "Yeah son you like the smell of the old man in the mornings don't you? *deep growl* damn you're already licking my armpit, that gets me going boy *he puts his giant paw on my head and presses harder* that's what grandpa likes so much yeah... me smelling your precious hair and you smelling my giant armpit all for you... *, I start to press hard on grandpa's huge nipple, while I moan inside his armpit, grandpa's cock gets semi-hard and lifts my body* son stop... you don't want me to destroy the bed, if you go on like this I'll do serious damage to our surroundings *the bed creaks some boards cracking, grandpa's body tenses up*. "I'm serious son if you keep this up soon we won't even have a room to sleep in *grunts* if you don't stop I'll have to take you out. Grandpa grabbed me and pulled me out of his armpit, I breathed I stopped pressing his nipple but my mouth went to his huge nipple and I couldn't take it anymore and I bit it with all my strength, grandpa let out a quick scream everything got harder, it almost seemed like it was growing under me, the bed rattled in a frightful scream, he couldn't take it anymore, the bed was destroyed by the huge weight, my grandpa's body cushioned the fall and I felt no pain or anything, grandpa hugged me tightly as a consequence of the abuse to his giant nipple. "Look what you've done son, fuck I think I wrecked the floor too". Grandpa's body was rock hard, his chest hair prickled me a little, his embrace on me was tight, I began to worry that his state of arousal could not be controlled and he might break me "I'm growing boy... I feel so fucking hard and heavy, I definitely broke the 600 pound mark already, in this you turn me boy into a monster that keeps getting bigger and stronger, at this rate I'm going to get over the fucking house.... I feel huge. Between hugging his pecs I said to Grandpa "Grandpa you're crushing me". "Oh my god son...I'm so sorry I hurt you?..... *I shake my head* you see what I'm telling, you makes me stronger, having me so excited makes me lose control". He loosens his embrace on me but I am still in his arms, grandpa was panting deeply as if he had done intense exercise for a long time. Finally he lifts me up and I look at the damage caused by his body, the bed was in pieces, grandpa's underpants were torn by the pressure of his huge python, the floor was cracked by the blow, the old man gently laid me on the floor and I was speechless when I saw it. He was huge, no.. colossal, massive, I had definitely believed me and a lot his arms if they were twice my size before were now 4 times me, he could no longer see me through his pecs "damn boy now I can't see down my pecs" they were literally bigger than the front of our van and not to mention his nipples.. they were bigger than my erect cock each and as thick as a beer can, his abs or by god.... Each of her 10 pack was bigger than my head and they were so fucking defined I could clearly see the stretch marks, her legs once as thick as tree trunks now so massive I could most certainly crush a small car under them, I put my cold hand on top.. the little thing of nothing seemed to get lost in so much flesh, the aged beast growled animalistically The monster grandfather took a deep breath when he felt my soft touch... his mammoth cock moved, if before I didn't know how he put that thing in my ass now it was definitely impossible, he had a thick vein snaking his cock, it was throbbing like it wanted to get bigger it was so wild and animalistic... I trembled with excitement but at the same time with fear... seeing this abosolute monster made me almost pee there, even though I knew he would never hurt me and he was the most caring and loving being I was scared Grandpa saw my fear and growled "Son don't be afraid, I know I must look fucking intimidating now, fuck I'm so big.... So monstrous... but it's for you, I love you my precious boy *places a giant paw on my chin and gently strokes* holy god my fingers are so thick and big, just one of my fingers dwarfs your beautiful little face" *animal growl* his cock twitches again sending another shudder through me. "Damn it son you better get the fuck away from me, now I don't know how much fucking strength I have and you make me feel so horny my little.. *grunts* I don't want to hurt you by accident, please leave before I lose control again." "No, grandpa I don't want to leave you...I'm a little scared but I know you would never hurt me" I hugged as best I could the monster in front of me. Grandpa was holding back, growling loudly, with deep breaths, he stood still trying to calm the beast, whispering "he's so beautiful, Jesus my little James I love him so much, damn it...old man control him control the power, I will never forgive you if you hurt him...". Grandpa hugged me but gently trying not to hurt me, even so I felt him squeeze me tightly. He lifted me up and kissed me, a kiss like never before... aggressive, animalistic was his way of showing his primitive love for me, I melted into his colossal body letting him take control, he wrapped his arms around me, his cock lifted me up just with his strength, after the intense kiss the beast calmed down. "I need to weigh myself son, I need to see how you have made me bigger, more beastly" he gasped. He carried me in his arms to his personal gym, put me on the floor and stepped on the scale, he stepped on and the contraption made a scary noise and destroyed "fuck son, I'm too big and heavy for this shit... that contraption had a maximum capacity of 700 pounds, my handsome son made me grow way more than 100 pounds and I want to keep growing for you.." "But first Grandpa, can we have breakfast? All that growing up and watching you transform into a beast has given me an appetite." "Of course my boy, I'm hungry too I feel like I could eat a damn elephant...rest up, I'll fix breakfast today." I get up and we head to the kitchen grandpa made me breakfast an omelet with spices and he made himself a buffet to feed 20 men, he ate like a beast partly because he was still so excited. When he finished he looked at me with a face of complicity "I want to try something son" we went to the garage we had the van, a Smart he used and a car we wanted to sell in the scrapyard. "I need to crush something son", he lifted the car with his hands as if nothing, the car groaned noisily as it was lifted, he held it with a huge paw while with the other he sunk his monstrous fingers into one of the ends, grandpa started to crush the car from end to end as if wanting to smash it... the car windows exploded, the metal and steel bent, grandpa grunted but not for the effort if not for the thrill of crushing I was behind watching his gigantic back it was so wide it could completely cover the car behind me, I started to touch myself watching this old beast smash the thing like nothing.... "Fuck my fucking arm is thicker than this garbage.. it feels so fucking light and it must weigh like a ton" *he laughs deeply* "there is nothing stopping me anymore, and I will keep getting bigger... bigger... stronger...." as he grunted these words he was crushing the car until he could embrace it "so much power... so much massiveness" *grunts* "this is all so fucking weak, you little shit" he shoved his monster cock in and started pounding it hard, his cock destroying the metal. The old man was in a trance of musculature and self worship, he felt exaggeratedly powerful, some pre was coming out of his cock as well as mine. "Look at me son, I'm so big and strong, how I wish I had your beautiful soft ass on my cock instead of this wrecked car shit, the steel of this junk is so weak.. just breathing my monstrous chest crushes this.. but I can't, I would hurt you, I would hurt you, I would never in this life or the next want to see you sad or hurt.. that would break the heart of this beast that grows for you, but with time I will learn to control all this strength, just seeing you standing there touching your beautiful little cock thing makes me want to destroy this damn house *sigh* nothing and no one can stop me... only your beauty is able to make me feel weak, if someone would touch you, if someone would hurt you.... God only knows what I would do with that shit" grandpa's body tensed his protective instincts towards me made him alert, his muscles thickened and filled with power. Grandpa's feet were crunching the floor with his strength. I was trembling but not out of fear this time it was out of total excitement to see this massive Elder destroy that car like it was nothing, because of his words towards me.... "I don't know what to say grandpa, you love me so much..." - I started to cry as he touched me - "I just want you to be the happiest man in the world grandpa, sometimes I think you don't need me, you are so strong, big, confident, handsome, I'm so lucky to have you....". Grandpa looked at me very serious "Don't talk nonsense honey, I need you like the air I breathe, everything I do is for your happiness without you.... I wouldn't be so damn gigantic." He hugged the junk tighter, I could see his thick nipples piercing the metal, the old car had no shape anymore, he squeezed so hard that he broke it in two, if you can call a pile of junk two pieces, and moved closer to me.... he was a mountain, a fucking intimidating and imposing monster, he was tall, he must have been 7 inches now, maybe a little more, he lifted me up and hugged me "give this old son a kiss" he kissed me lovingly, his paw touched and caressed my penis, it felt good, I felt loved by my old monster..... End
  13. UltimateSwoldier

    Hyper Hero (Prologue 11/19/22)

    Hey guys! Long time lurker with occasional updates to my progress channel. I've finally decided to try my hand at this writing gig lol. Can't wait to give you guys more! Just keep in mind that I intend for this story to have crushing and destruction themes and deals with steroid use. -- PROLOGUE The room was dimly lit and cool. It had all the trappings of an executive board room, minus a view. Along the walls were framed portraits of some of earths greatest heroes, their names engraved below. There was almost a solemn reverence amongst those seated at the table. The heavy looking table was a long marble slab, with papers and folders strewn about but piled in front of each member of the board. It was organized chaos. In front of each of the 10 board members however, one file remained untouched. A single letter was on the front of the folder. “C” It was the second most undesirable superhero tier in existence. C tier meant that you either had useless powers or you simply weren’t marketable by corporations. They both went hand in hand. C tier meant no money and no fame. You simply had powers and existed. The woman at the front of the room coughed slightly, drawing the attention of the board members back to her. She had grey hair, but looked to be at least in her late 40’s. She wore a simple suit and skirt. Her hair was kept in a tight bun, a habit from her days in the Marine Corps. Underneath the smile, you could see that she had more than her fill of experience with Prodigies. From their first discovery around the world, to their integration into Departments of Justice and Defense. She had seen it all. After 20 years, it was starting to show. She had reviewed this file personally several years ago. Personally, she thought he would have had use as perhaps a tank or bullet absorbing wall (making him a B Tier at best), but field observation and pushback from her superiors had forced her to make a different choice. He was capable of destruction on a mass scale, so he had to be regulated in that manner. Now it was time for a Review Board and his name had come up. This time all she could do was make the pitch. Time for the wind up. “Our final reviewee is Jason Stone.” she spoke in a clipped tone as she tapped a glowing button on the table. The room immediate lit up with a dim blue glow. Holographic displays projected a 3D image of the youth onto the table, as well as several paused videos of a truly massive individual. The young man looked as though he was a pro-bodybuilder. Along the lines of Derek Lunsford or Nick Walker. If he was built like a hero, why was he C-Tier? The woman could see the board members becoming restless. This entire meeting had taken at least two hours. If she wanted to help him, she needed their attention. “He’s a 25-year-old Caucasian male and a student at King City University. He has adopted the callsign: Hyper.” And here’s the pitch! She tapped another holographic button. The 3D projection of Jason immediately morphed from pro-bodybuilder into an absolute mass monster. Easily as wide as he was tall. The weight skyrocketed from 225 pounds to 895. His height didn’t even change. Hell, wider. It should be a physical impossibility for a man to be that size and live. Never mind move. Yet here he was. “Hyper’s main ability is muscle growth. Often to extreme lengths,” This was the fun part for her. A bit like showing off a new car model. “The growth and hardness of his muscles makes him impervious to blades weapons and everything short of nuclear and biological attacks. We’ve attempted to find his strength limits, but no machine can find it. Despite his mass and size, he can move almost as well as a normal human. His muscle also allows him to move faster and jump higher and farther.” The looks on the board members faces melted from boredom into shock and awe. A tank of a human, as naked as the day was long, moving with the ease of a normal hero. Again: impossible on every level! The videos displayed various combat operations with the hero. Skyscrapers crumbling and cars being tossed towards a mech that managed to dwarf the mutant. The mutant easily threw the cars like throwing a ball, each impact making the mech stagger. As it started to tip, the mech fired a missile into a fleeing crowd. As it ran its course, Jason dived and intercepted the deadly weapon. It simply exploded against his massive pecs as he used a hand to sweep the remains of the crowd out of his way. The fall, however, resulted in him breaking the asphalt and landing in the sewer system. The surrounding buildings shook appropriately and swayed. One unfortunate (condemned by the city) finally collapsed into rubble. Seconds later the massive mutant stood up from the wreckage and waved as the blurred figures of heroes swept onto the scene and started to assist however they could. The entire video had been ripped from news footage from a drone, but even from the back, the mutant appeared to be some kind of god. The woman closed the videos to observe the looks of the board members. At least three of them were blushing and sweating. The others that weren’t looked as though this was going to simply be another headache for cleaning up. Time for the bad news. “However, as you’ve clearly seen, the enormous power and size does come with trade-offs,” she hated this part. “His only assumed weaknesses are nuclear and biological warfare. He also has very little control over how much he can grow or the speed at which he grows.” She brought up another video. The man screamed in pain as his body lurched and swelled from the power, his clothes bursting off as he grew at an uneven and terrifying rate. Despite the misshapen beginning, the result was a true monster that should be feared. “He also can’t swim or control his strength in any measurable way.” She could already tell what the answer would be. She almost felt sorry for the kid whom she never met. “It says here that the running cost of cleanup can run into the billions, Mrs. Sanders” the gentleman at the head of the table said. His tone was even. Not unimpressed, but not shocked either. He too had seen his share of Prodigies. This one had been regulated for a reason. “Why should we take the risk of letting him work with the agency? I saw the after-action report on that operation. He’s directly responsible for injuring 5 people and killing 2 more. He’s a hero with a fucking body count!” The woman opened her mouth to answer but drew a blank. She had the right words but no idea how to say them. “Let me take him.” The voice came from a young man near the head of the table. Much to the chagrin of everyone else his feet were up on the table, and he looked more relaxed than bored or horny. The look on his face was one of complete ease. “Director Stevens, I don’t-“ one of the members started until the man sat up in his chair and held up a finger, silencing the naysayer. “First of all. It’s Junior Director. I’m here in place of my boss. Second, the whole point of the Special Crimes Unit is to prevent potential supervillains from becoming actual supervillains.” He gestured to the paused videos floating around the room. “That right there? That’s a potential supervillain. Would you rather have him work for us or for the bad guys?” The various members of the board shared looks around the table. Unfortunately, he was right. The mutant they had just seen certainly wasn’t capable of world domination and control. But he could level cities in minutes if he was left unchecked. The solution seemed simple. “All in favor of a tier upgrade and hire by Special Crimes?” Stevens said with a cheeky grin. A chorus of “ayes” were mumbled around the table. The chief was reluctant but picked up a green stamp and marked the file before handing it to the young man. The look he gave Stevens was one that could kill. It sent a clear message. Learn your place. “He’s all yours… Junior Director.”
  14. MapleMochi

    Incredible Maximus (Chapter 1)

    This is the story I created with the help of AI from https://chat.openai.com/chat, it is quit fun but because of the policy(? The story can't been too violent and inappropriate. Bare with my poor writing, and if some one could rewrite the story with more muscle descriptions and more amazing ideas that will be great _(:3 」∠ )_ (Some parts may sound unreasonable, please forgive me) Here is the story: Max and Marcus were two incredibly strong and muscular men. They were known for their impressive feats of strength, including freehand swimming to the North Pole, lifting heavy weights naked, and even diving into the Mariana Trench to feel the incredible pressure of the water. They were also fond of sunbathing in the desert and lifting the Himalayas to do push-ups. One day, Max and Marcus decided to buy an uninhabited island and turn it into a fitness paradise. Many muscular guys came to the island to train, but one day Max and Marcus disappeared. In reality, they had lifted the entire island and placed it under their feet, creating a secret underground gym where they could train in peace. One day, as Max and Marcus were training on their hidden island, a mysterious muscular man suddenly appeared before them. His name was Maximus, and he was even more powerful and skilled than Max and Marcus. Maximus approached Marcus, who was in the midst of lifting the entire island with one hand, and he hugged him tightly. Then, to the surprise of Max and Marcus, Maximus leaned in and kissed Marcus passionately. Max and Marcus were shocked and confused by this sudden turn of events. They had never met Maximus before, and they didn't understand why he had kissed Marcus. However, they could sense the incredible strength and power within Maximus, and they knew that he was someone to be reckoned with. At first, Max was very angry with Maximus for kissing Marcus. He felt jealous and betrayed, and he wanted to attack Maximus and teach him a lesson. However, before he could do anything, Maximus easily overpowered him, using only one hand to hold him back. Max struggled against Maximus's grip, but it was no use. Maximus was too strong and powerful, and Max was no match for him. In the end, Max was forced to back down, grudgingly accepting the situation. Without saying a word, Maximus picked up Max and Marcus and began to run across the island. He moved with incredible speed and agility, his powerful muscles propelling him forward with ease. As they ran, Max and Marcus could feel the wind rushing past them, and they marveled at the strength and skill of Maximus. He was an incredible athlete, and they were in awe of his abilities. Eventually, Maximus reached the shore of the island, where a massive castle stood on the sea. He ran across the water, his feet barely touching the surface, and he carried Max and Marcus with him. When they reached the castle, Maximus set Max and Marcus down gently, and they looked around in amazement. The castle was vast and impressive, and they could sense the incredible power and wealth within its walls. As they entered the castle, Max and Marcus were amazed by the size and opulence of the place. The walls were made of pure marble, and the floors were covered in rich carpets. One evening, Maximus invited Max and Marcus to join him for dinner in his grand dining hall. The two men were excited at the prospect of sharing a meal with their powerful and mysterious mentor, and they eagerly accepted the invitation. However, when they arrived at the dining hall, they were shocked to discover that they were unable to lift even the smallest cutlery and water glasses. They tried with all their strength, but it was no use. The utensils and glasses were simply too heavy for them to lift. Maximus, on the other hand, had no trouble lifting the heavy objects, and he effortlessly picked up a fork and knife and began to cut his food. Max and Marcus watched in amazement as Maximus ate with ease, using his incredible strength and skill. Maximus chuckled and shook his head, clearly amused by their predicament. He picked up a fork and knife and began to feed Max, who was unable to do it himself. Then, to Marcus's surprise, Maximus leaned in and fed him with his mouth. Marcus was shocked, but he couldn't help but feel a surge of excitement at the intimate gesture. For the rest of the evening, Maximus fed them both, using his own hands and mouth to feed them the delicious food and drink. And as they ate, they talked and laughed, enjoying each other's company and strengthening the bond between them. After dinner, Maximus invited Max and Marcus to visit his gym. The two men were eager to see what kind of equipment and facilities Maximus had, and they followed him eagerly. When they arrived at the gym, they were amazed by the size and opulence of the place. There were weights and exercise equipment everywhere, and the walls and floors were covered in mirrors. However, when they tried to lift the dumbbells, they found that they were stuck to the floor like magnets. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn't lift them. Maximus chuckled and shook his head, clearly amused by their struggles. He walked over to a dumbbell and picked it up easily with one hand. After finishing his workout with the heavy dumbbells, Maximus turned to Max and Marcus and laughed. "These dumbbells are too light for me," he said. "I usually don't train in the gym because these are too light. I train in my own hyperbaric chamber." Max and Marcus were intrigued and asked to see the hyperbaric chamber. Maximus agreed and took them on a tour of the hyperbaric chamber. Max and Marcus were eager to see this hyperbaric chamber, and Maximus led them to a hidden door in the gym. He opened the door, revealing a large, well-equipped chamber filled with all kinds of training equipment. The chamber was a massive, cylindrical room with thick walls and a heavy door. Inside, the air was pressurized to incredible levels, creating an environment that was incredibly challenging to even the strongest of men. After showing Max and Marcus around his hyperbaric chamber, Maximus decided to demonstrate just how powerful it was. He picked up a diamond and held it out for them to see. "This diamond is one of the hardest substances on earth," he said. "But in the hyperbaric chamber, it will be crushed into pieces thinner than paper." With that, Maximus threw the diamond into the chamber, and Max and Marcus watched as it was quickly crushed into tiny pieces by the intense pressure inside. Maximus then walked into the chamber himself, leaving Max and Marcus to watch from the special transparent glass outside. As Max and Marcus watched from outside the hyperbaric chamber, they were amazed by the incredible feats of strength and skill that Maximus displayed. He began by diving into a metal pool that was heated to over 5,000 degrees, and he swam effortlessly through the molten metal, his powerful muscles propelling him through the scorching liquid. He then swam laps with ease, his muscles rippling and bulging with the effort. After swimming in the molten metal pool, Maximus jumped out and put on an anaerobic mask, preparing to engage in intense, high-intensity training. He started running on a treadmill with a huge amount of weight on his back, and as he ran, he did dumbbell curls to strengthen his upper body. Max and Marcus watched in awe from outside the chamber. After three hours of training, Maximus finally started to break a sweat. However, he wasn't as exhausted as he usually was after a training session. Actually, this wasn't even his usual training routine - he had toned it down a bit so as not to scare Max and Marcus. They had never seen anyone train like this before, and he didn't want to overwhelm them. Maximus explained that the workout he had just performed was one that he used to do when he was only eighteen years old. He had been much younger and less experienced back then, and he had not yet reached his full potential. When Maximus finally emerged from the hyperbaric chamber, his muscles were swollen and vibrating. He was excited, knowing that someone had watched him train, and he couldn't wait to show off his strength and power. He picked up Marcus and swung him around, laughing as he did so. "Come on, Marcus," he said. "Let's take a shower and wash off all this sweat. You can join me, if you'd like." Max was a bit jealous that Marcus had been invited to shower with Maximus, but he knew that there was no way he could compete with the muscular man's strength and charm. So, he watched from the sidelines as Marcus eagerly followed Maximus into the bathroom. As they showered together, Marcus couldn't help but stare in awe at Maximus' muscular body. He reached out and began to soap up the man's powerful chest and arms, taking care to scrub every inch of him clean. Maximus grinned and flexed his muscles, enjoying the attention that Marcus was giving him. When they were finished showering, Marcus grabbed a towel and began to dry off Maximus' massive frame. He wrapped the towel around the man's waist, taking care to pat him dry and make sure that he was completely clean. As they emerged from the bathroom, Max was waiting for them. He couldn't help but feel a little bit envious of the bond that had formed between Maximus and Marcus. After the shower, Maximus told Max and Marcus that he wanted to massage his abs to help them recover from his intense workout. To do this, he took them to a special room that contained a large hydraulic press. The press was blaring loudly as it pumped and squeezed the air out of the chamber, creating intense pressure. Max and Marcus were intimidated by its size and power. Despite the noise and the danger, Maximus simply lay down on the press and let the press squeezed and massaged Maximus's abs, making them even more defined and muscular. They were in awe of his strength and endurance. Max and Marcus watched in amazement as Maximus relaxed on the press, completely unafraid of the danger. After a few minutes, Maximus got up and smiled at Max and Marcus. He explained that he loved the feeling of the press squeezing his abs, and that it made him feel even stronger and more powerful. As the day came to an end, Maximus realized that it was time for Max and Marcus to go to bed. He took them to their shared bedroom, where they found that they were unable to lift the heavy quilt that was lying on the bed. Maximus chuckled at their weakness and inability to lift the quilt, and he picked it up easily with one hand. He gently placed it over Max and Marcus, making sure that they were warm and comfortable. As they drifted off to sleep, Max and Marcus couldn't help but feel a little bit humbled by their experience with Maximus. They knew that they had a long way to go before they could match his strength and power, but they were determined to get there. In the middle of the night, Max and Marcus were awakened by the sound of their door opening. They looked up and saw Maximus standing in the doorway, a sly grin on his face. "Come on," he said, beckoning to Marcus. "I want you to come sleep with me in my room." Without a word, he walked over to Marcus and picked him up, carrying him back to his own room to sleep. Max watched in amazement as Maximus effortlessly carried Marcus out of the room, wondering what the future held for them all.
  15. Buenas, para los que no le conocen, ya llevo un rato en esta comunidad, trate de publicar antes pero no podía seguir con esa historia, pero quería contar más, dejaré aparte la primera historia que hice, quizás después de la retome, quizás no . Otra cosa que aclarar es que, está historia va a tomar en cuenta que quieren que pase en el siguiente capítulo, elegirán alguna de lss ideas que propongan y también pueden comentar algunas que les gustaría ver. Está historia está totalmente en español, si alguien quiere traducirla puede hacerlo. Capítulo 1 tesoros del ayer. Mi nombre es Michel, tengo 19 años, soy un estudiante universitario de intercambio del otro lado del país, vivo en un departamento con mi roomy Carl, ambos vamos a la misma universidad pero diferentes carreras, el va a medicina y yo voy a nutricionista, amo los deportes y el cuidado del cuerpo, aunque no es que haya logrado destacar del todo en alguno, más bien era de la gestión de tiempos y estrategias, así que quería llegar a ser entrenador, ¿Cuál deporte? Uno de boxeo, mi abuelo era antes un luchador, y en casa siempre había recortes de periódico y algunos trofeos de su carrera como luchador, una parte de mi quería llegar a ser como él, yo estando en el ring pero mi madre nunca me lo perdonaría, aunque eso nunca me impidió intentarlo alguna que otra vez a escondidas. Cuándo me da tiempo la universidad, voy al gimnasio de mi localidad, uno de los más viejos y reconocidos de la ciudad, Empire of steel (el imperio de acero). Muchas leyendas se forjaron ahí dentro, o eso dice su folleto de entrada, la verdad es que el lugar se siente viejo, atrapado en la década de los años 90 pero está en buenas condiciones. No llevo tanto en el gym, apenas voy para mí segundo mes aquí, así que no es que tenga la mejor condición, soy peso ligero aún, pero al menos puedo presumir que tengo el estómago marcado. Mis estadísticas hijo: Altura: 1,75 m (5,7 pies) Peso: 70 kg (154 libras) Masa corporal grasa: 10% Tez: delgada No era nada sorprendente, mi metabolismo es muy rápido así que me cuesta subir peso, aunque estoy aprendiendo a como subirlo con mis clases, quiero estar totalmente seguro en lo que estoy haciendo antes de meterme a una dieta y arruinar mi progreso sin querer. E tratado de hacer que Carl se una al gym, no para que se vea espectacular sino que se cuide, él es un genio pero con malos hábitos y lo sabe, es un poco más alto que yo y aunque no come mucha comida chatarra es muy sedentario así que tiene grasa acumulada. Pero aún así si tengo a alguien que me acompañe en el gym, es mi guía aquí desde que me uní, David, o como es conocido, el joven Hércules, un tipo bastante guapo, de buena mandíbula con barba corta, unos hermosos ojos verdes y su cabello castaño en punta, tiene mi misma edad pero es mucho más grande que yo, no solo con su altura de 1.85 m (6.1 ft) sino también de peso, él ya es semi pesado y cerca de llegar al pesado, con unos buenos 85 kilos (187 libras) de músculo, también quizás algo de grasa,no tiene los abdominales tan marcados pero no puedes discutir con sus brazos que parece que tiene una pelota debajo de su piel, venas gruesas que registran todo su brazo hasta los dedos de las manos, un gran pecho amplio el cual se nota que se depila seguido para que se aprecie las fibras musculares cuando levante la barra de 118 kilos (260 libras) su era lo más increíble que tiene, podría cargarme con facilidad si él lo quisiera, y hacer peso muerto conmigo; él también trabaja las piernas, siempre usando shorts cortos para mostrar sus piernas gruesas tan anchas y bastante bien marcadas que me recordaba a un tronco de un árbol mediano, fuerte y que solo crecerá para ser más grande e imponente, eso era lo que se esperaba de David, que llegó a ser un culturista de renombre pero él no está tan interesado,más bien lo atribuye más a algo genético para estar así que realmente esforzarse. Lo envidio y admiro en secreto. Pero basta de él, debo concentrarme en mi rutina la cuál era el pecho el día de hoy, estaba levantando unos 59 kg (130 lb) no era mucho pero era un progreso bastante bueno, antes y ni podía levantar la barra, si que estoy feliz por ello. Mientras iba terminando con algo de cardio en la máquina de correr, siempre me preguntaba, qué personas habrán recorrido estos pasillos, correr sobre estás máquinas, levantar los pesos más pesados, y llevar en alto el nombre del gimnasio que los llevaron hasta su máximo potencial ; claro que estaban colgadas las fotos de esas leyendas en el mural de la fama al entrar al gimnasio, pero a lo que me refiero es a sus historias, que tanto trabajo les tomó llegar hasta la cima. De cualquier modo estaba internet para ello y ya también era hora de irme,eran las 9 de la noche y tenía que dormir temprano para los exámenes de mañana, fui a las regaderas y estuve ahí un poco más de lo normal, tenía asuntos pendientes ahí abajo después de ver cuerpos tan trabajados casi toda la tarde, cuerpos esculpidos en mármol por Miguel Ángel, un arte viviente creciente y con lo mejor de todo, que se pueda tocar y llevar a casa. Una vez liberado de ese deseo, salí y me vestí con el cambio de mi casillero número 22, podría decir que ésto era de lo más antiguo del local, los casilleros, estaban ya bastante desgastados, les faltaban algo de pintura y algunas partes estaban oxidadas , varios clientes se quejaron y quisieron cambiarlos pero el antiguo dueño siempre tenía excusas para no mover ni un dedo por ello.tenía asuntos ahí abajo después de ver cuerpos tan trabajados casi toda la tarde cuerpos, esculpidos en mármol por Miguel Ángel, un arte viviente creciente y con lo mejor de todo, que se puede tocar y llevar a casa. Una vez liberado de ese deseo, salí y me vestí con el cambio de mi casillero número 22, podría decir que ésto era de lo más antiguo del local, los casilleros, estaban ya bastante desgastados, les faltaban algo de pintura y algunas partes estaban oxidadas , varios clientes se quejaron y quisieron cambiarlos pero el antiguo dueño siempre tenía excusas para no mover ni un dedo por ello. tenía asuntos ahí abajo después de ver cuerpos tan trabajados casi toda la tarde cuerpos, esculpidos en mármol por Miguel Ángel, un arte viviente creciente y con lo mejor de todo, que se puede tocar y llevar a casa.Una vez liberado de ese deseo, salí y me vestí con el cambio de mi casillero número 22, podría decir que ésto era de lo más antiguo del local, los casilleros, estaban ya bastante desgastados, les faltaban algo de pintura y algunas partes estaban oxidadas , varios clientes se quejaron y quisieron cambiarlos pero el antiguo dueño siempre tenía excusas para no mover ni un dedo por ello. — ¡Oye, Michel! ¿Qué haces aquí tan tarde todavía? — Dijo David semi desnudo, apenas con una toalla en la cintura y acercándose a mí, había olvidado que su casillero está cerca del mío, el número 47. — Oh… hola, David, yo sólo… quería esforzarme más este día, ya sabes, poder conocer mis límites y expandirlos, como tú siempre dices. — le contesté con algo de vergüenza en el tono aunque seguía teniendome como si no me importara. — Pero bueno, mira que tenemos aquí, ¡un futuro luchador que quiere llegar lejos! Eso campeón, da tu mejor esfuerzo. — me toma del cuello con su brazo para poder despeinar mi cabello aún mojado. Él siempre es así, bastante amigable, activo y que no conoce el espacio personal, aunque no me importaba mucho estar tan cerca de él. — ¡Oye, basta! Ya me había peinado. —me quejé aunque riendo un poco, disfrutó realmente de su compañía, como el hermano mayor que nunca tuve. — Solo me alegra que estés dando lo mejor de ti mismo. Recuerdo que cuando llegaste eras un insecto palo andante, ahora ya se puede ver carne debajo de esa piel. — Me suelta y prosigue con lo suyo, abriendo su casillero y comenzando con su desodorante de menta y romero, típico de él, casi que ya son olores característicos de David. Mientras tanto voy dando unos tacos de ojo de vez en cuando, para ver cómo es que luchar para ponerse su playera blanca intencionalmente de una talla más pequeña de la que debería de llevar. — Oye, ¿quieres que te ayude? Parece que ahora sí vas a tener que cambiar tu armario por unas tallas más grandes. — Naaa, yo puedo, quiero llegar al punto dónde se desgarre con solo hacer flexiones, quizás una semana más y no tendré cambio para salir del gimnasio decentemente. Me sonrojé con el pensamiento de solo imaginar esa escena de verlo aún más grande y notar como su ropa se va desgarrando frente a mí. Por suerte él parecía tener prisa, se vistió rápido y se despidió de mí a su manera, un choque de puños y un abrazo fuerte para presumir fuerza, aunque… solo conmigo hace eso. Ya casi terminaba con mis cosas, solo faltaba luchar con el casillero para que cerrase, de que no te iban a poder robar nada podía casi confirmar eso, algunass estaban ya oxidadas o algunas llaves perdidas, ese era el caso incluso del casillero de al lado , el casillero 23. Ese casillero no se a abierto en años, según las leyendas y rumores del gym, le pertenecía a un culturista de principios de los 2000, Amari Stone, un culturista que estuvo a punto de ganar el Mr Olympia dos veces , y en las dos quedando en segundo lugar, era un hombre con casi el doble de ancho de una persona, pesando el triple y aunque no era tan alto, definitivamente tampoco era bajo, medía 1,82 m (6 ft). Su carrera parecía que iba por gran camino, pero a sus 37 años tuvo problemas cardíacos por un soplo en el corazón no diagnosticado.Y murio a sus 38, Iba saliendo del local, pasando por el muro de la fama, de los que llegaron a llevar en grande el nombre del gym, y ahí estaba la foto del legendario Amari Stone, compitiendo en el Mr Olympia del 2002. Me acerqué para verlo mejor en la foto, aunque no sabía bien sus estadísticas, diría que fácilmente pesaba 130 kg (287 lb) estaba claramente definida, sus músculos eran grandes si, pero en buena proporción, aunque a él siempre le gustaba resaltar pecho y brazos, además de sus piernas . Muy parecido a David… en ese sentido, quizás si él se interesará llegaría tan lejos como Amari. Toque un poco la foto, recordando los dedos por el cuerpo de Amari, imaginando cómo se sentiría un cuerpo así de trabajado. Y cuando ya iba a irme, que escucho que algo se cae y se rompe, temía lo peor, me giré y ahí en el suelo estaba el marco de fotos roto. Trate de rápido recoger los fragmentos de vidrio y la foto antes de que viniera el hijo del dueño, aunque no era severo como su padre, tampoco es que me llevara muy bien con él, era un idiota que abusaba de esteroides y acosaba algunas chicas, por suerte ahora mismo quizás y está en privado con una en el baño.Así que solo iba a poner la foto en el escritorio y tirar el marco, pero entre los trozos de vidrio y la foto, estaba un pedazo de metal que no correspondía con el marco de fotos, lo tome con cuidado y al levantarlo ví que era una llave con el número 23 en ella, no lo pensé mucho, ------------------------------------- ¿Qué les gustaría que haya en el casillero número 23? -Esteroides especiales. -Algo para pedir deseos. -Algo para robar músculos. -Ropa usada. Los leo quiero que sea una historia larga y con la participación de la gente.
  16. LJackson

    Scally Teen Bully Adventure

    Andy wiped the sweat from his bench with a towel, and then the sweat from his brow. He was done for the day, and at last it was time for him to drink his shake and go home. Andy always worked hard in the gym – it meant a lot to him. Anyone who has been bullied will know what it means to get tough. He walked back to the changing room, feeling the endorphin rush, the ache in his limbs and pectorals, the bulk of his pump. At the start of the summer holiday, he hadn’t had a clue what he was doing. He had been so skinny he could barely push open the door to the gym. Now he looked like an athlete. A skinny athlete, fine. An athlete with the barest bit of muscle. It was enough. For now. He swept through the changing room door, pulled his vest with difficulty over his pumped upper body, kicked off his sneakers, jockstrap, shorts. He walked to the shower and luxuriated in the heat on his body – and the feeling of being bigger. Bigger than the old Andy. And bigger than – them. It felt so good. He turned off the shower, walked out of the cubicle and that was when he saw them. The lads from the estate. Lee. Dean. They were dressed in the usual scally boy uniform: white trainers and socks, black Adidas tracksuit and white t-shirts. Lee was in a black baseball cap and wore a thick chunky silver chain over his t-shirt and Dean had a skinny gold chain with a little cross hanging from it. They were sitting by his gym kit, waiting for him. Lee pretended not to have seen him. He picked up Andy’s jockstrap and sniffed deep. ‘Fuck,’ he said, ‘that fucking reeks. Must belong to some little poofter gym bunny.’ ‘Yeah, stinks of sweat, disgusting little bum bandit must get fucked in it when he’s not working out.’ ‘Hello lads,’ said Andy. ‘Haven’t seen you in a few months.’ ‘Whoa, fuck me,’ said Lee, looking him up and down. ‘Look at this, Dean, it’s Arnold fucking Schwarzenegger.’ ‘Or is it a little baby bird?’ ‘Cross between the two, I reckon.’ Andy grinned. ‘Take a good look while you talk your shit. I’m not huge but I'm pretty big. Bigger than either of you losers.’ He curled a bicep. ‘You’re nothing now. I’m in control.’ He pulled a ‘most muscular’. ‘And I’m only going to get bigger and bigger. Stronger and stronger. More powerful.’ The two scallies stared at him, taking in the new contours of his physique. For years he had been their bitch. Now the tables had turned. ‘Okay, so it’s true. You’ve been dedicated,’ said Lee, standing up. ‘And it’s paid off. You’ve really changed.’ ‘We heard you’d been working out,’ said Dean. ‘Thinking you could fight back.’ ‘And you know what,’ said Lee, ‘it would have worked. You’re already bigger than I thought you would be.’ ‘You’ll be getting all the local daddies chasing your arse, won’t you, poofter,’ said Dean, and spat on the changing room floor. Andy felt himself getting hard at their words. Fucking hell, he thought, not now. ‘Maybe I will,’ he said, folding his big arms. Fuck, he thought. I’m naked in front of them and I’m more intimidating than they expected. ‘Well, enjoy that, you fucking queer,’ said Lee. ‘But don’t go thinking you’re safe.’ ‘Not from us,’ said Dean. ‘I have nothing to fear from two skinny little chavs,’ said Andy. ‘Maybe not,’ said Lee. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a little brown medicine bottle. ‘But we’re not staying that way for long.’ He unscrewed the bottle and knocked back half the contents, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. ‘Come on, you cunt,’ said Dean, ‘give me the other half.’ Lee extended the hand with the bottle toward his mate. He was breathing hard suddenly, and the hand was shaking. Dean took the bottle quickly. ‘What’s going on?’ said Andy, suddenly nervous. ‘We’re catching you up, gay boy,’ said Lee. He unzipped his tracksuit top and threw it on the floor. His face was a little flushed, his teeth were gritted, and his breathing was getting harder. He ran a hand over his white t-shirt, the cloth flapping around his skinny frame. He swallowed, and swallowed again. And the neck suddenly thickened. Around the neck, Lee’s shoulders flexed and broadened, like wings opening. He raised his little stick arms as if flexing his biceps. He had no biceps to flex, and then suddenly they were swelling inside the white t-shirt, filling it out. ‘Fuck!’ Lee gasped. ‘That feels fucking good!’ He was as big as Andy in the shoulders. Now his pecs were growing to match. The t-shirt went suddenly taut with a twang. The chunky silver chain that had hung loose on his neck was now riding on a pair of pecs rounder and prouder than Andy’s pert little ones. Lee’s hands moved down to caress his waist, and the t-shirt stretched tighter to show thick hard abdominals that had suddenly appeared. ‘Oh yeah,’ said Lee. ‘I’m gonna be beach body ready this year.’ He looked ridiculous, an adult gymnast’s body on a teenager’s legs. But suddenly he convulsed, bent over, and when he stood up straight away, he had gained several inches in height. ‘This is better than sex,’ said Lee, moaning. His hand was actually on his cock. ‘Fucking hell,’ said Dean. ‘Is that gonna fucking happen to – gah!’ He sank to his knees as the chemical took hold. ‘Holy shit, here I come!’ His tracksuit suddenly looked moulded to his physique. He looked up and grinned at Andy, a mad stare. ‘How’s that, you gay cunt,’ he said. ‘All fucking equal now, right?’ ‘Oh shit!’ gasped Lee. ‘How do you – how do you fucking – how you fucking stop the fucking thing working?’ They both stared at him. The height he had gained suddenly swelled by another couple of inches. The tracksuit bottoms were clinging to his hips now. The t-shirt was riding up to show off abdominals swelling into a bodybuilder gut. As his shoulders grew taller, the t-shirt was drawn up to just cover his chest. Then the lats expanded outwards and the pectoral muscles swelled outwards and Lee panted. ‘It’s fucking strangling me!’ he gasped. The shirt burst down the front and hung in two big shreds off his huge form. The silver chain was now getting tight on his throat, but it showed off the massive mounds of his pectorals as if that had been its original purpose. Lee’s teenage face above it looked surreal, but now he grinned; his gasp had turned to a laugh, several octaves deeper than before. He advanced on Andy and effortlessly put a huge hand on the lad’s shoulder. ‘Thought you were big, didn’t you?’ he growled. ‘Well, look at me now, gym bunny. Look who’s in charge now?’ ‘Yeah,’ said Dean. ‘And it’s only just fucking well begun.’ To be continued
  17. Heya y'all! It's my first time actually posting anything on this site (that i can remember, at least) and the first time I try my hand at writing this kind of story. but since I read a lot of content from lots of authors both from here and from the previous website, I figured it was time to give a small fraction of it back. Fair warning; English isn't my mothertongue, so any mistakes are entirely mine! Without further ado, here's part one! I hope you'll enjoy it. Male Hunger Part one The humid air of his room had gotten warmer. Bran huffed and licked his lips, tasting the salty sweat racing down his head, hips rocking, his wide hands wildly jerking off his thick cock. He groaned lowly, racking a cum-covered palm through his short hair and started slapping his dick on his 6-pack, splashing precum everywhere. After a few beats, his heavy balls surged higher.. And Bran stopped, out of breath, hands off his penis, his body tensing, muscles flexing hard to keep himself from cumming. After a few long seconds, he brought a veiny hand to his mouth and licked the pre off his thick fingers, one after the other. The taste of pre and the weight of each rough fingers in his mouth had him shuddering so much his eyes closed. Bran roughly pinched his nips and grunted quite loudly as saliva filled his mouth. His other hand skimmed down his thick pecs, along the valleys of his abs, to finally grasp at his thick shaft. He fisted his dick and – the immediate, overwhelming pleasure had him gasping out and snorting air back in, nostrils wide, hips pumping- he distantly recognized the potent scent of his own musky sweat and semen, different, stronger than ever before – He needed more. “Fuuck…,” he growled out, kicking his muscled legs further apart. He needed just a bit more. His other hand left his fluid-covered pecs to tug at and massage his bloated balls, the sensations shooting up sparks up his body. They felt so good, so full, he threw his head back on his pillow; his pre-covered hair coating them. He rocked his hips harder, the sound of his bed hitting the wall getting louder. He distantly heard some of his dorm neighbors hit the wall back but he couldn’t find it in himself to give a single fuck; his attention solely focused on pleasuring his thick, weeping cock. “Fuck!,” he snarled, teeth bared, as release started sweeping through his body. He tensed ever more, both hands tight on his shaft now, tense, striated pecs protruding more and hiding the root of his dick. Not that it mattered; his eyes were focused on the way his cock thickened even more, despite the two fists holding it. Long moments passed, during which his heavy balls, usually hanging low, pulled up and sent its fiery magma up. Bran panted wildly, wide eyes almost rolling backwards, as the first load of semen burst out and arched up the wall behind him, almost splashing on the wall. Some of the thick magma dropped back down and landed on his face, in his mouth, in his hair and on his pecs. After a few tense seconds, as the thicker and warmer liquid and its unusually strong taste coated his taste-buds, a second explosion of semen went out. It did much the same as the first. The third was much the same. “Mmhhh… So good...,” Bran moaned lewdly, in a pleasure-filled haze, as his body alternated between tensing and releasing loads of thick cum over and over. He groaned some more at the ninth; the final shot, the rest of his release dribbling out thickly and utterly flooding his abs. Still in a daze, heart beating loudly in his ears, Bran stroked his heaving belly, sliding the thick white goo over his wide torso, up his neck, down to his pubes. He thoroughly coated his still-rock-hard penis and huge, heavy balls in the stuff. Then he scooped as much as he could and licked it up with one hand, the other dedicating itself to playing with his hard cock. After a while, Bran’s stomach cramped. He was quite hungry but couldn’t be bothered to move. But the sleepiness he expected after such a release didn’t come: he started feeling antsy, as though he had had too much caffeine. His cramping stomach decided him; he would eat something, maybe watch something mindless on the TV, and then he’d go back to bed. But as he got up, something felt off; but Bran shrugged the idea away. He did the same with the vague idea of putting on clothes; it was too much trouble, besides no one was there to care besides himself. And he felt quite warm; he was still sweating. The fact he used to care a lot more about not being buck-naked in the dorm, even in his room, a few weeks ago amused him distantly. His feet thudded and left perspiration on the floor as he left the cum-covered bed and wall behind him. He felt something warm hit his legs and snorted in amusement; his hard-on was still leaking. Feeling even hungrier, Bran headed straight to the small fridge and opened the door. The sudden light had him squinting -the sudden cold surprised him – as he bent his head to search for something good to eat. The cold felt good against his warm flesh and he shuddered in delight. He reached for a can of coke, rose back up, and drank it in a few big gulps. He drank another, and another after that. Then, stomach feeling less empty, but still needing fuel, he went back down and was about to take another can when he noticed something and huffed out a short laugh. “Fuckin’ hell,” he whispered. So focused he had been on filling his belly, he hadn’t really noticed that his still leaking hard-on had coated some stuff in pre. He smirked, shook his head and took out some leftover – spaghetti bolognese – to heat up while he turned on the light, searched for a fork and a big plate. After serving himself, he set himself in front of the TV and, before turning it on, he couldn’t help but checking himself out. His reflection showed him as he was; sitting on a slightly-too-small sofa, large arms bursting out off thickly muscled shoulders and traps rising high of his bull neck. Big legs spread wide, cock high and thick, still dripping, heavy balls low and resting on the sofa. His tight musclebound gut and the V-shape low on his hips partially hidden by his wide and 10 inches long cock, his tits hanging low on a decent pair of round pecs, biceps close to 17 inches and veins and striations both easy to see on his 6’3 frame… All of those were pretty good reasons for the deep satisfaction he felt at looking at himself, a smirk reflecting such masculine pride tugging at his lips. His cock pulsed heavily as pre made his abs glisten and- his stomach cramped: he took a big bite of his meal, burped loudly – the coke – huffed out a laugh, and, feeling a bit more satisfied but still quite ravenous, he demolished his meal. But before he knew it, he was back at the fridge, pulling out enough to make another, albeit bigger meal – he was that hungry. But a man his size needed to eat quite a lot to stay so big. He smiled. “’m damn glad Ian’s not back yet,” he snickered, “he’d freak if he saw me right now”. He slapped his belching cock absently, a meaner smirk on his lips. “Though I know how I’d shut him up, mmffhhh…”, Bran closed his eyes and inhaled sharply, imagination running wild, his cock pulsing harder. Bran then smiled and stole an under-cooked chicken breast from the frying pan, too hungry to wait any longer. He munched on it, muscled jaw breaking it down fast, and his strong neck moving as he swallowed, eyes glazing over in pleasure, drool dropping from his lips. Too busy eating, he didn’t notice the bigger veins appearing all over his studly body. He was too taken up by the need to fill his void-like belly. Meanwhile, the scent of his body, of male pleasure and exertion slowly but silently got stronger in the warm and humid air of his room.
  18. Previous chapters: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 In the final chapter of the series, Austin lets Jon take control and do whatever the big muscle bullpup wants to his smaller stepson. Jon is all too eager to exert his full strength and size to get what he wants. Thanks to everyone who has been along for the ride, and sorry for the long delay in posting this last chapter. I guess in some ways I didn't want this story to end, and it didn't feel like it would if I didn't post the last chapter! Even though this story has generated less traction than some of my older stories, I'm really proud of it and I think it's some of my best work. When Austin was finished, he pulled out, leaving behind a streak of cum dripping out of Jon’s huge furry hole. He stepped back and gave Jon’s rump a firm, satisfied smack, causing the big man to gasp and chuckle as he looked back at his diminutive Sir. “That’s my bull, mmm felt so good, pup,” Austin said as Jon turned around, still on his knees, still taller than Austin. Jon raised his hands up to his chest and put his fists together, muscles bulging and tensing as he did, and he cocked his head to one side, seeking his master’s praise. “Arrooooo?” he grunted. His jock-bound cock pressed against the side of the deck, leaking pre, hard as a rock. “Oooh yeah pup, we need to drain those big balls of yours too,” Austin said, stepping closer. He reached his hands out and rubbed Jon’s huge pecs in wide circles, spreading the rain and sweat over the chest hair, flicking across his sensitive nipples. Jon gasped and grunted as Austin teased him. “I want to try something that we haven’t done yet, pup,” Austin said conspiratorially. He reached up and tugged his thick chain necklace to make him look down. They locked eyes, Austin’s green staring into Jon’s intense blue. “Borrrk?” Jon grunted, still fully in pup mode. He was locked in to pup space until his monster cock was relieved of its payload. “Bull, you’re the biggest, strongest, most powerful man to ever exist,” Austin said. He reached over and rubbed Jon’s massive right delt and bicep, marveling at the hard, round, full, fur-covered muscle in his hand. Jon flexed in response, always wanting to impress his master. “And you do such a good job of doing everything I say and having me be in total control all the time, like a good bullpup should,” Austin continued. His hand continued down to the convex curve of Jon’s huge muscle gut. Jon breathed a deep sigh, his belly swelling out even more. “Well,” Austin said, stepping closer and lowered his voice to a whisper. “This time, I want my bull to do whatever he wants to his Sir.” Jon took a big breath and stiffened his shoulders, raising himself up higher and tensing. His cock bulged and burbled out more pre. “I’m going to let you borrow control and use me however you want, pup,” Austin continued, leaning his head against Jon’s huge chest. Jon’s breathing intensified and a shiver of excitement and anticipation ran through him like an electric current. His cock bulged and surged more until the head of it pushed out of the tight jock and rubbed against the bottom of his huge gut. “I will always be in control and expect obedience, but I want to feel the full power of my bull pup when he lets go and does whatever he wants. No stopping until you cum, no matter what I say, no matter how hard I might beg you to stop, you hear that, pup?” Austin said firmly, commanding his pup. “AAARRROOOOOOOF!” Jon boomed in excitement. He bolted to his feet and towered over the smaller man. Jon took in the full power difference he had over his Sir, his mind clearing in a way he hadn’t felt in months, and realized just how helpless Austin was before him. He looked down at the sheer size of himself, his enormous, powerful muscles, his round, furry gut, his stupendous height, and he tensed his massive fists. He’d never felt so powerful in his entire life, had never fully realized just how huge he had become. “I’m all yours, pup. What do you want to do to your Sir?” Austin said, spreading his arms wide, his naked muscular body glistening in the light rain, his cock still dripping with football jock cum. He was so grateful that his master was letting him experience the full power he possessed, the true size difference between them. He felt light-headed at the possibilities. Jon looked down at Austin. Jon was twice his height. Jon was several times his weight. Jon was the strongest man on earth. A grin spread across Jon’s face under his pup hood and couldn’t help but laugh in anticipation and excitement. Jon tore at the jock containing his mighty bulge until the elastic snapped, freeing his manhood. It slapped against the bottom of his gut, 20 inches long and as thick as a milk jug. He growled and breathed heavily, his cock throbbing and leaking pre as he looked down at Austin. He reached down and lifted Austin up effortlessly, scooping him up under the armpits and bringing him up to his pup mask. “AAARRRFFF, WOOOOOF!” Jon grunted as he rubbed his master against the snout of his hood and licked him, tasting master’s cum and sweaty and rain-soaked naked body. Jon’s hot, protein shake-smelling breath washed over Austin and the smaller man groaned. “Yeah pup, use your master however you want, don’t stop until you cum, pup,” Austin breathed as Jon nuzzled him aggressively. “MMMLLAAHHH,” Jon breathed as he thrust his tongue aggressively against Austin’s mouth, making out hard, holding him up in the air easily, his hands rubbing against Austin’s tight, hard, muscular body. Austin could hardly breathe as Jon’s tongue pressed into his mouth, pinning down his own tongue, exploring his mouth. Jon walked to the middle of the backyard as he continued kissing his master, scraping his beard against Austin’s face, overwhelming Austin’s senses. Even Jon’s beard was bigger, thicker, and stronger than he was. Eventually, Jon separated from Austin and held him at arm’s length, looking him up and down, rain and sweat dripping down his naked torso. Jon’s cock throbbed in anticipation. Whatever he wanted? As hard as he wanted? Jon bounced Austin up and down in his hands, marveling at the lightness of his muscular, football jock master. Jon laughed at the absurd power difference he felt, really understanding it for the first time. Jon dropped to his knees and set Austin on the grass. Jon raised his arms up and flexed, huge biceps bulging, his furry pits exposed and ripe. “RRPHHH, MMPH!” Jon grunted and gestured for Austin to rub his flexing muscles. Austin got the hint and stepped forward, running his hands over Jon’s huge arms. “Yeah pup, you’re so big and muscular, huh?” Austin said, worshipping his muscle pup. “You like all this attention, don’t you?” “WRRROOOOF!” Jon boomed and flexed harder. He dropped his left arm and reached around behind Austin before pushing him hard towards Jon. Austin stumbled and fell against Jon’s thick, furry chest, gripping on to Jon’s harness. “Yeah, you like having your chest rubbed, huh?” Austin said, his hands running in circles around Jon’s big pecs and flicking his meaty nipples. Austin’s cock rubbed against Jon’s round, hard, furry gut. “MMM-MMOOOOORE!” Jon rumbled as he pushed Austin closer, crushing the smaller man against his huge chest. He pushed and rubbed Austin’s face against his rough chest fur, manhandling Austin as he ran him over the mountains of his pecs, laughing at the ease he controlled Austin’s body. Austin groaned and tried to speak, but his mouth was full of Jon’s beard and chest fur. Jon adjusted his grip and pushed Austin over to his dense, hairy armpit. “TASTE MY MUSK, SIR,” Jon bellowed as he pressed Austin into his pit. He held him there forcefully, ignoring Austin’s squirming attempts to back up. “BREATHE DEEP, SIR, LET THAT BULL MUSK TAKE OVER,” Jon said. Austin finally gasped and breathed in deep, his mind feeling cloudy and overwhelmed by the force of Jon’s potent, masculine pit musk. “THAT’S RIGHT, SIR. GIVE IN TO YOUR PUP,” Jon boomed. “JUST MY MUSK IS STRONGER THAN YOU…IMAGINE WHAT MY MASSIVE MUSCLES ARE ABOUT TO DO TO YOU,” Jon said with a chuckle before finally letting Austin back up and take a breath. Austin coughed and sputtered and gasped, but didn’t have long to recover. Jon dropped down on all fours, his fists slamming into the ground next to Austin. “RUUUFFFF! GRRRUFF, MMPH!” Jon grunted in pup-speak, the ground shaking, 3000lbs of muscle bear looming in front of his Sir. “GRRRRFFF, ARRRRRF!” Jon rumbled as he surged forward and bumped his huge chest against Austin, who staggered backwards. “Heh, yeah pup, you wanna play now?” Austin said, teasingly, moving backwards and sideways to try to avoid Jon’s massive paws and looming muscles. “You wanna roughhouse with your Sir?” “MMMPH, UUURRRFF!” Jon grunted as he his cock pressed against his furry gut and smeared pre around until it dripped to the muddy grass. He moved forward until his chest and gut were over Austin, then he dropped down, pinning his little Sir before he could escape. “Fuck, pup, you’re so, uugghh, heavy!” Austin groaned underneath his massive pup, pushing his arms up to try to keep his chest off the ground so he could breathe. It was a futile effort; Jon kept pressing down harder with his body weight until Austin was crushed against the dirt, mud smearing on his back. “Can’t… move!” he grunted, and he felt the pain of Jon’s bulk crushing him into the ground. “MMMMPH, MORE!!” Jon grunted as he squashed his little Sir. He could feel Austin wriggling and writhing underneath him, trying to escape. Jon knew he couldn’t. He was too big. And master was too small. He pressed down harder and wiggled his huge meaty ass in the air, reveling in the effortless power he wielded. “HAHAHA, CAN’T ESCAPE, HUH? I’M SO… BIG!” Jon laughed as he scooted his torso forward. He planted two massive fists into the grass, strong calloused fingers digging into the soil easily, then pushed himself up off the ground. He hovered his torso over Austin, then scooted forward. Jon coughed as he shifted around, trying to stand up until a massive battering ram of a cock slammed into his chest. He was knocked over again, a smear of warm pre slicking up his chest. He looked up to see the giant cock looming over him; it stretched from Austin’s belly button to his chin, and it throbbed almost as if it had a mind of its own as he looked at it. “MMMPH, SIR IS SO SMALL!” Jon bellowed as he stretched forward and pressed his elbows into the ground. “AND PUP IS SO BIG!” Jon’s cock suddenly surged forward, pinning Austin onto the ground. Austin fell over onto his back, knocked down by the throbbing, hot cock that pressed down on his torso. It bucked and throbbed as Jon pressed more of his tonnage down, pressing into Jon harder until he was unable to move. Austin wrapped his arms around the cock to try to control it, but it was no use. “Pup, whoa ther—oomph!” Austin grunted but was interrupted by Jon’s aggressive humping, the head of the huge cock punching him in the chin, Austin’s jaw reeling from the impact. “HEH, MMPH, UNNNGGG,” Jon grunted as waves of pleasure shimmered up his spine as he felt his cock press and rub against the furry torso of his tiny master. “EVEN MY COCK IS STRONGER THAN YOU NOW, SIR!” Jon’s huge hairy balls slammed against Austin’s own hard cock again and again as he humped, causing Austin to get turned on again despite cumming just minutes ago. Jon’s cock smeared pre across Austin’s slick torso until the whole thing was coated in pup slime. “AARRROOOOF, GGRRRRRRPH, MMMMPH, BIG!” Jon grunted mindlessly, his thoughts lost in pup space, thinking only about his own pleasure for once. He rubbed and rubbed his massive cock against Austin’s lean, hard, muscular body, harder and faster, pressing the smaller man into the dirt again and again, lost in pleasure. Eventually, he shifted down and re-positioned his massive cock until he felt Austin’s tight, furry hole. His Sir’s hole. “MMMMMPH YEEEEAAAAAAHHH,” Jon breathed as he pushed and humped against Austin’s ass, the massive head pressing hard against Austin’s hole, knocking on the door, insistent, undeniable. The huge head split Austin’s hole apart and started pushing in, a moment of pain rippling through Austin before the cock slipped out and rubbed between Austin’s legs instead. “Pup!” Austin gasped, his back and ass grinding roughly against the grass and mud underneath, rainwater and sweat pooling beneath him as Jon started to rub a furrow into the yard. He looked up and back at the massive, jiggling, harness-bound pecs above him and tried to wriggle out from under Jon. “MMMPH GOTTA MAKE IT FIT!” Jon bellowed. He lined up his huge cock against the warm, tight slit underneath him and pushed harder, thrusting forward aggressively. “Aaaahhhh, pup wait!” Austin groaned as the massive cock head battered him, pushing up against his hole and trying to break in, but only succeeding in pushing Austin’s whole body around. Austin tumbled roughly against the ground, grass and dirt scraping against his back and shoulders. “FUCK, TOO, MMMPH, BIG FOR SIR’S HOLE!” Jon groaned as he pressed harder than ever and pinned Austin with his huge, furry gut, trying to hold him in place. Austin braced himself against the ridges of Jon’s roid belly and felt his hole splitting open, and he groaned in pain. But even lined up perfectly, it wouldn’t squeeze in. “HA, GRRRPH, TOO BIG! HAHAHA!” Jon laughed as he slipped his cock out from Austin’s furry crack and repositioned himself until his cock hovered over Austin’s torso. Jon slammed back down on Austin with all his weight and power. The big bull sighed and grunted and groaned as he resumed frotting on his minuscule master. “Pup, stop, you have to, mmmph, wait!” Austin pleaded, his eyes suddenly bulging with fear. He had underestimated just how massive and powerful his pup was. He patted his hand against Jon’s tremendous, furry flanks trying to get the big man’s attention, but Jon ignored him at first. Austin slapped harder, smacking the muscular lats of the huge man humping into the ground. “Stop, pup, you’re too heavy!” Jon froze in place as his master tapped him, instinctively listening to Austin. Rain fell steadily on his wide back as he panted and huffed, looming over his smaller sir as he lifted his tonnage off Austin’s smaller body. But then Jon remembered. His master had ordered him to use him however Jon wanted, as hard as he wanted, until Jon came, no matter what master had said, no matter how hard he begged to stop. Austin’s exact words rang in his mind. He tilted his head to one side and his tongue lolled out of his mouth, and he looked down at his smaller sir hungrily. “NO, SIR!” Jon boomed. He positioned himself carefully over again Austin and then slammed his full body weight back down on him, pinning him effortlessly. “BIG BULLPUP’S GOTTA CUM!” Jon grunted, his mind obeying his Sir’s original orders to the T. He started humping harder and faster than before. He pressed his gut down heavier against Austin, and a new wave of pleasure washed over him. The furry gut pressed down on Austin’s head and face, pinning him back and down even harder. He readjusted, digging his massive hands deeper into the dirt, scraping up more of the lawn as he braced himself to pound his master harder and faster. “No, pup, this is, pppfftt, too much, I can’t breathe!” Austin sputtered, his mouth slimed by spurts of pre that got more and more viscous as Jon humped and pumped harder. He felt the mud around him rising up and onto his pecs and shoulders as his giant pup rutted deeper into the grass. Austin could feel Jon’s balls growing tighter and firmer as he approached climax. Pup ignored his master, lost in pleasure. “MMMMMPH, RRUUFFFFFF, MORE, BIGGER!” Jon groaned and muttered, his heavy chain lock jingling against his harness, his beard draping down to the grass. Thick, meaty muscles jiggled and shook and flexed as he humped his master recklessly, mindlessly. He looked down and under himself, watching Austin wriggle and writhe against his enormous cock, and he laughed, truly seeing the size difference between them now, his vision blurred in a red haze of lust. Jon had become truly gigantic, but all he could think about was MORE. “OHHHHH, MMMPH, HHAAAHHH,” Jon breathed as he imagined himself swelling bigger still, feeling pride as he knew his master would approve, determined to grow and grow endlessly for him. His cock bucked and swelled, burying his Sir harder into the mud. “HHAAAAARRRRRROOOOOOOOF!” Jon bellowed as his cock exploded, jets of hot white cum spraying against Austin’s face until he was in a puddle of mud and cum, more and more fluid filling up the furrow Jon had dug with his enormous cock. When he was done, pup collapsed down, squashing Austin under him. He felt his little Sir squirm and twitch underneath him. Jon reveled in his superior power and strength. He groaned and sighed as his cock throbbed one final time. Snapping out of his trance, Jon pushed himself up then kneeled upright and let Austin stand. Austin sputtered and coughed and caught his breath as Jon looked down at him, his blue eyes glittering through the slits of the pup hood. “Sorry I got a little carried away, Master, but I needed to cum sooooo bad!” Jon boomed as he sat back on his ass, shaking the ground. “No no pup, *cough*, you were perfect and I might’ve bit off more than I can chew, but you obeyed, *pfft*, Sir’s orders to the letter!” Austin said as he wiped goop off of his torso and face. “Sir is so proud of you, big bullpup!” Jon grinned uncontrollably and reached up to take his pup hood off, revealing more of his masculine face and perfectly trimmed beard. “You mean it, Sir?” he asked sheepishly, a lump welling up in his throat. “Of course, dad, you’re the best pup a master could ever ask for!” Austin said as he reached his arms up, indicating he wanted to be lifted up. Jon obliged and he lifted Austin up. Austin straddled Jon’s torso as best he could and rested his knees against Jon’s chest and his feet against Jon’s gut as he leaned in for an enormous, sloppy, slimy kiss. Their tongues wrestled, Jon’s bigger and thicker but giving way to Austin’s aggressive thrusts. Jon leaned back, supporting his Sir with his enormous hands, and he laid back onto the grass, rain falling softly on them, washing away the sweat and cum that coated them both. “I love you, Sir,” Jon rumbled. “I love you too, pup,” Austin said right back. Both of their cocks swelled back to life as they kissed, harder and harder, Jon’s growing until it pressed against Austin’s perky hole, Austin’s cock smaller but harder and rubbing against his bullpup’s enormous, furry chest. They both laughed and groaned as the rain started falling harder, both of them feeling utter contentment.
  19. Hello all, long time guest, first time writer. I am typing this out on my phone and don't have access to a computer, so I apologize if it seems a little bit choppy. This part will mostly be set up, with much more action in the next chapters. Any feedback would be helpful. Chapter 1 It was an early mid summer morning as Zach was nearing his home. He had just graduated college and spent the remainder of his lease at school before returning back home. Zach had found a position near home, and to celebrate his dad wanted to taken him on a beach trip before starting work. Thankfully, he has already sold away most of his apartment furnishings leaving Zach with only a few things to stuff in his hatchback. Meanwhile, Mark was eagerly waiting for his sons arrival at home. At 45, Mark was 5'11, had short, conservative, grey hair, naturally broad shoulders, soft blue-eyes, and a strong jawline. He'd always been in good shape but spent a lot of time building muscle while his son was away at college. Mark started partly because of how much of a hole Zach not being at home left for him. Mark thought a lot of Zach and wanted to spend more time with him and was elated that his son would be returning home. As Zach pulled in and got out of the car, Mark went out to greet him. "Welcome home son!" as he walked over and tightly hugged Zach. As Zach was being squeezed by his father he remembered how much his father had been growing. He felt his dad's bulging arms, and massive chest against him. He'd always admired his dad and wanted to be just like him - successful, happy, great father, and as of recently... Muscle freak. Zach had many of his dad's physical characteristics, was 6'0 with a similarly conservative blonde haircut, blue eyes, and square jaw. Zach had a fairly athletic build he got from his father - a nice built chest, strong frame, and flat stomach but was nowhere near his dad's size. "Wow, dad! It seems like every time I see you, you've packed on some more muscle. How big are you now? " Mark replied, "Oh, around 240 now," he said with a grin, lifting up his arms to flex. Grunting, his biceps balled up into huge baseball sized lumps, his tight t-shirt riding up on his frame to reveal his lower abs and showing a nicely outline of his massive pecs. "I can't believe how big I'm getting. Brett's really helped me these past few years." Brett was the next door neighbor. When Zach went into college, Mark decided to befriend Brett who was into bodybuilding. He was 34, 5'9, had dark-brown hair, hazel eyes, a charming all-American man, and was truly massive around 275 pounds of lean muscle mass. "By the way I forgot to tell you," Mark stated, "your mom went away with some of her friends on a cruise. She wanted us to have a vacation for the men, so invitied Brett along if that's fine." Zach's cock twitched a little when he had heard this. Zach always knew that he was gay but Brett certainly confirmed it for him. Zach loved muscle beasts. Honestly, Zach wasn't sure where the envy stopped and the attraction began, especially when it came to Brett. Zach was always excited when Brett came around. In fact, he remembered the first time he saw Brett. He was outside doing yardwork and stopped to talk to his dad. Zach saw him from the kitchen window, as he stopped and stared at Brett. He was shirtless with sweat glistening over his perfectly sculpted body, leaning up against a shovel. His pecs and arms were pumped and red from all the activity and his abs were like perfect columns holding up the rest of his body. Zach started to get a little flushed in the face thinking about it. "Son, is that fine?" As Zach snapped back into reality, "Uh, oh, yeah. That's perfect!" "Great, I'll help you get your stuff inside. We're leaving as soon as your ready," as Mark picked up some of Zach's tote bags and his muscular biceps bulging. Soon thereafter Zach had everything put away and already packed his bags to leave for the beach. He put his suitcase back into his dad's SUV and not too long after Brett came out of his house with suitcases in hand followed by Mark. "Hey, man!?" Brett called out to Zach as he approached, "long time no see." Brett was wearing a black t-shirt that was hanging on for dear life. His traps were pushing out of top. The shirt was so tight around his chest you could see the ruffles as a sign it was being stretched to the breaking point. His biceps pushed the sleeves up his arm so that they were nearing his shoulder. He was also wearing some khaki shorts that were completely filled up with his quads and left very little to the imagination. "Hey, Brett. I'm doing well, I hope you are?" Zach gulped and became nervous, realizing he answered a question that wasn't asked of him. How was he going to keep calm this whole week in the presence of his buff dad and hot neighbor. "Doing well, excited for this beach trip. I finally going to show off my summer body a bit!" as Brett smiled, "seems like you and your dad are ready to show yours as well!" Zach blushed while simultaneously feeling a little self-conscious. He had certainly kept fit in college but really didn't have an aim of getting huge due to studying all the time. "Well, I'm not as big as you and dad" "No worries, Zach. Look how big your dad got at his age, you still got plenty of time." said Brett as he put his luggage into the trunk. "Hey Brett, sorry to butt in but did you make sure to get that Grey suitcase" "Yep, I already put it in the back in a safe spot. " "Great, thanks for getting that for me! " Zach was perplexed as to what might be in the suitcase, and why it was so important to his dad. Zach quickly moved on as his dad and Brett were hopping in the car. Zach got in the front seat with his dad who spilled over into his seat, and Brett was sitting in the middle bench with the seat belt snugly between his pecs. It was going to take a lot to get these two of Zach's mind, as he wisely placed a pillow over his hardening cock. After a 6 hour car ride we had finally made it to our destination. My dad had booked a large ocean-front house in the Outer Banks of North Carolina for us to stay in. It was a beautiful house painted a light blue. Mark slowly pulled forward into the parking underneath the wooden deck of the home. As we got out to stretch our stiff muscles, the sound of the ocean waves breaking against the shore were all around and the wind blew fiercely. Zach took a glance at his dad. His taut muscles pushing up against his t-shirt as he brought his arms into the air to stretch. His face had a five-o-clock shadow on it. Zach tried to make it seem like he wasn't staring but it was hard to not notice how intently his eyes followed his dad's swollen muscles. Then as Brett was stretching he noticed himself in the window of the car. He hadn't noticed how big he really was getting. He stopped and started flexing into the car window. He flexed his biceps as his sleeves pushed up, and started popping his pecs up and down. His shirt felt so good on him. Tight everywhere. God, he felt so powerful in the moment. Both Mark and Zach tried hard to not let him see that they were staring at him doing this. Everyone carried their luggage up the stairs as Mark put in the code for the lock. The house was decorated in a mix of light pastel blues and white. The kitchen and living room were open with a staircase pushed up near the doors to the balcony on the other end of the kitchen. Brett spoke up after examining the house, "I'm ready to go to the beach. I haven't seen the ocean in so long! I don't care what you guys do but I'm going down now." "Hold up, big guy. We'll go with you. Let's get situated first." replied Mark, "Zach, if you want you can take one of the rooms upstairs and Brett and myself will take the downstairs. That way you can have your own space." "Thanks dad. That sounds like a plan to me," Zach said as he started to climb the stairs. He found the largest room with a queen sized bed and stripped down to put on his bathing suit. Meanwhile, Brett came into Mark's room. Both were shirtless and had their bathing suits on. They both caught each other staring, as they often had in moments like these. Brett saw Mark remembering how small he used to be. Now, standing before him, was a man with a body men half his age would only dream of. He couldn't believe how progressively hotter Mark had become. Mark wasn't as large as himself but his handsome face and lean muscled body just completely turned him on. Likewise, Mark thought about how truly massive Brett had become. How his abs had slowly turned from a 6-pack to mountainous 8-pack abs. His back had grown so wide that he barely fit any clothes that he wore. He'd never seen anyone nearly as big Brett and he craved how big Brett was making him. "Hey - uh - Mark, I have that suitcase with Zach's present here." "Great let's keep it here with me. I can't wait to give it to him," as Mark smiled slyly, "It'll be a dream come true for more than just him." They quickly gathered in the living room when they heard Zach coming down. Zach saw the two muscle gods standing in the living room with just their thigh length swimming suits. Both of them clearly had been working their bodies and losing fat for this trip. Mark and Brett muscles were ripped and were as hard as rock. Their waists were thin and were laughably small compared to their broad backs and huge shoulders. Zach had to carry a towel around his waist just to keep his hard on from showing. He felt so small compared to them. "Great, you're down. Let's go before we lose too much daylight!" said Mark They all set up their chairs at the beach near the water but not without attention. People all around us were staring at Mark, Brett . Groups of women and men would come up to Mark and Brett and take pictures with them. It was easy to tell by their rock hard bulges they enjoyed the attention. After the crowds subsided the group finally were able to take time just to relax and enjoy themselves. They sunbathed, read, and make small talk amongst themselves. Not to mention the occasional glances they would give one another. Eventually, Mark went back in to order pizza for dinner and to have some moments to himself. Meanwhile, Zach and Brett went out to the water to mess around in the waves. "You know, your dad's a good guy. I'm glad we've become friends since you've been away at college. He's really missed you being around," said Brett to Zach. "I'm glad you've been there for him. You've certainly done a great job with him physically." "Certainly. He's responded to the training so well. Although, it doesn't seem like your mom is very appreciative of the mass he's put on." "I think he's looks great. I hope he continues to grow more and more. I hope you do too." Zach stared at Brett's pecs the whole time as the water ran off of them after each wave. "You know I've seen you staring at methe whole time." breaking Zach of his gaze "Oh no, uh, I'm not staring at you, uhm, now..." Zach fumbled "Not just now, ever since we've met I've seen you looking me. I'm not going to lie and say I didn't like it. A young man looking up to me, wanting what I have. So go on, take a feel. I know you want to..."
  20. AlphaLustSean


    “T, you were never supposed to know! I’m sorry, T, really. Your mom and dad couldn’t have kids and they begged me. I’d been working on genetic augmentation and they implored me to implant . . . you . . . into El’s womb. I knew they’d be outstanding parents to you, T.” Brad gushed apologetically. Taranis walked over to a dresser that had some abstract piece of art made of granite, wrapped his large hand around it, and lifted it as if it weighed ounces. “Genetic augmentation, B? Now knowing your libidinous passion for hyper-masculinity, muscular size, and cruel, brutally lethal power fused with an insatiable sexual drive. I’ve got to ask you: When your created my embryo, did you create it to become one of your unappeasable, macrophilic, muscle-monsters? Am I the result of your wanton dreams and desires, you self-absorbed little bug?” Taranis demanded. With that, his inhuman muscles swelled to rock-hard mounds of power, he lifted his other hand and easily snapped the granite into two pieces. He held one piece in one hand while wedging the other piece into the deep cleavage formed between his two colossal globes of pectoral muscle. “AM I?” he thundered as he clenched his fist and flexed his powerful pecs together. Both pieces of granite were instantly obliterated into fine powder and dust. “You made me to be the most massive, powerful, and desirable man to ever exist, didn’t you, and with an unquenchable desire to dominate and fuck?” Brad was practically drooling, unable to ascertain if Taranis was truly angered or if he was, once again, appreciative and playing the brutal beast for his godfather’s pleasure. “I did, T, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I could never have known I could accomplish YOU. I love you, I desire you, I worship you with every fiber of my being, Mighty Taranis! You are wired to become the inhumanly massive, powerful, and slaughterous horny titan of my dreams!” T smirked and began to slowly stroke his ever-leaking, always ready battering ram of a cock. Brad began lustfully stroking in unison with his pure embodiment of brutal masculinity. “With the correct combination of stimuli, you will grow larger, T. Larger in every way. Height, mass, muscle density, and . . . “ Brad hesitated, “ . . . and in a lust to use your limitless power to destroy and decimate, to fuck and kill with unfathomable cruelty . . . and all of that is tied to a lust to satiate your immeasurable and enduring sexual desires, a lust that can never be fulfilled.” As Brad spoke, Taranis began to smile broadly. “FUCK, yeah, ‘Dad’! I can actually FEEL the truth in what you say. That is why your little jack-off session that I witnessed last night resonated so deeply within me. It got me so god-damned horny, even after blasting through the ceiling with my cum! I HAD to FUCK . . . I HAD to use all this pent up strength and power . . . I HAD to feed, ‘Dad’!” he snarled as he lifted both arms and flexed. Veins like cables appeared and mapped all over his monstrously mighty, thickly vein encased body. Triceps larger than Brad’s head hung beneath oaken, trunk-like arms and snapped to solid, rippling attention as biceps mounded and rose majestically towards his colossal clenched fists. He turned his stunning face and licked his biceps before pursing his full lips and sloppily kissing them with a lustful hunger for more. “Ahhh, “FUCK YES!” Taranis thundered, actually FEELING his eternal and immortal existence surging from every cell in his body. “You have created a cruel and barbaric GOD of lust, power, and violently savage domination, you pathetic little CUNT!” Brad was drooling from both his mouth and cock as he blurted, “Oh, GOD, YES, Taranis!” Something then clicked in his lust-flooding brain. “Taranis, where are Kai and El? What have you done with them?” pleading for details of his closest friends’ demise at the hands of their “son”, the all-powerful beast looming over him. Taranis grinned and evil grin. “You mean what have YOU done with them, you fucking little power-and-brutality-slut! I think you’ll like seeing how well your little genetic experiment awakened. Well, not so little, maybe, you horny little bug.” “What do you mean? How can I see what we’ve done?” Brad stuttered out, breathing in ragged breaths, uncontrollably horny to learn what had happened, hoping that Taranis' demonically brutal lusts had begun to emerge. “That’s right, BITCH! What WE’VE done!” T grinned broadly. “Shit, diminutive “Dad”, I will take you there to be with us and witness what has begun.” With that he waved his hand and, instantly, they were both standing in T’s room the night before. Brad could smell the gallons of musky spunk dripping from the ceiling. He heard T tell Kai that he would meet his “mom” and “dad” in the basement. He heard the door close. He turned and asked T, “How? How can this be?” “Everything is becoming clear to me now, little Brad, what I am and what I can do.” T responded. “You will learn, in time, the totality of what you have done, little man, and who you have conjured up. I have known I was not Kai’s and El’s biological son for years . . . ever since Kai began looking like a weak llittle son compared to ME!” T flexing hard for emphasis. “I just didn’t have all of the pieces until you filled in the blanks. I am now free to tap into my full, unlimited power as the singular deity that I AM.” Brad shuddered at the pronouncement and became rock-hard and pre-cum flowing all at once. “Come (and Brad did!)” T continued, smirking at Brad’s spontaneous ejaculation from him just speaking a word, “it’s time.” They walked down into the basement. Kai and El looked up confused to see Brad behind their incredibly massive, totally nude son. Their mouths dropped open as the pair reached the bottom of the stairs. El’s eyes glazed over seeing her powerfully built and heavily hung “son” bare for the first time since he was a small child. She immediately moaned, shoved her hand up her skirt and began to orgasm . . . just at the sight of T’s thick, rippling teen body. Kai’s total emasculation at the sight of T stroking his colossal, pre-pouring cock, caused him to fall to his knees, pitch forward, and begin lapping up the pre-cum roping onto T’s feet and pooling on the floor around him. “HA! HA! HA!” Taranis bellowed, “How could you respond any other way to what I AM, you pathetic, weak little deceivers.” T growled at them, “I know I can’t be your son. You are both way too puny, weak, and stupid. And I am, well, THIS!” He flexed hard over them, his body ballooning with pure, unadulterated power. Kai shuffled towards T, eyes glued on the throbbing cock with flared mushroom head pulsing pre constantly. “Tell me who I am, and you can touch it.” T taunted him. El just grabbed a bat, shoved its base into her wet, drooling pussy, and began rhythmically pushing it in and out as she moaned, “I want you to FUCK ME, Taranis! Let me ride your immense, sequoian-like manhood, my perfect, young Hercules! PLEASE! FUCK ME!” Kai, mesmerized by the size and power of his son, told T that he was Brad’s creation, but he didn’t know why, only that he had manipulated genes to create the perfect male. T told him he was pleased at his obedience and commanded him to strip and approach. Kai obediently tore his clothing off and practically leapt to T’s cock. He wrapped two hands as far as he could around its girth and began lapping at the massive, pre-cum and cum slathered shaft. T palmed Kai’s little skull and lifted him from the floor, kicking and clawing at the unstoppable teen. T brought him to his chest and pushed his head between the massive mounds. T slowly flexed, relishing the creaks and cracks of Kai’s puny, compressing skull. He looked in the eyes and grinned, flexing his pecs together hard. Kai’s head immediately squished like a little bug between T’s billowing, diamond-hard pectorals. Kai’s hard little dick exploded in orgasm as his head was pulverized to mush, his spunk coating T’s rippling, corrugated abs. T flexed his pecs alternately until there was nothing substantial enough left between his pecs to hold the body up, The jerking body flopped down to the base of T’s enormous, twitching cock. T looked into El’s eyes as she squealed, “My god! MY GOD! Fuck me, my brutal Adonis, FUCK ME, PUH-LEEZE!’ she begged. Brad just listened, stroking his hard-again dick, and periodically hissing, “Oh, my GOD, T!” and “You are becoming more than I could have EVER hoped for!” Taranis smiled knowingly at Brad while he licked the blood and brains dripping around his death-dealing pectorals. He then lifted Kai’s headless corpse from the base of his cock, and lifted it to his mouth. He sucked on the dripping neck hole while crushing the lifeless torso with his powerful hands, squeezing and wringing out blood and organs. After ingesting ravenously, he tossed the useless shell of a body aside like so much garbage and walked over to El. “STRIP!”, T ordered, and she excitedly complied. He placed his hands around her waist and lifted her. El purred, “So big, so strong!” as T positioned her hungry, wet pussy over his raging cock head. She began to resist, seeing T’s crown’s size so close to her comparatively small pussy. T lowered her, his hot, flowing pre-cum lubed around her hungry hole and prepped her for tender entry. There would be no tenderness. T growled, “Fucking CUNT!” and plunged into her mercilessly. His titanic shaft, his throbbing, massive mushroom head splayed her open and rearranging her insides as it thrust into her, tearing her apart. She screamed in both pain and ecstasy as he used her like a fucking fleshlight. The closer T came to cumming, the harder he squeezed her pathetic little body until he heard, and felt, her puny little bones begin to snap and break. She was rasping out “GOD! NO, STOOOP! . . . No . . . YES! Oh, GOD! YES! FUCK ME, TARANIS, FUCK ME HARDER!” she sputtered as her organs began to rupture under such a terrifyingly destructive sexual assault. Taranis looked her in the eyes and grinned, “As you wish, lying little BITCH!” as he pulled her skewered body, legs and arms flailing uselessly, down to his pubes. He clenched his hard, rippling ass and began jettisoning his godly seed. The first blast shot through her like a fucking missile, exiting her skull and killing her instantly. Her bloody head lolled to the side and the second blast ripped through her neck, severing her head from her body.. T crushed and compressed her worthless little body around his bucking cock like a once-living condom.” Brad shot his load in unison with T’s brutal raping of El to death and using her remains as gritty cock lube. T lifted his blood-drenched hand and licked it clean. He then waved his hand and both he and Brad were instantly back in the hotel room. T smiled down at Brad. “I ingested some of Mom, too, before burying them far below the basement. What’s left of their remains will never be found. And, just so you don’t have to wonder, little ‘Dad’, I WILL be as those photo’s you created of me on your computer. I WILL live out your sick, innermost desires before you, and more. I will become to you as you wished and prayed for, you horny little faggot, and you will worship me as a GOD.” In return for creating me, I will allow you to live and witness me feeding my burgeoning domination and bloodlusts. Know that it is YOU who will have unleashed hell on earth by creating a living muscle-beast fantasy for your own pleasure, you fucking little insect.” Brad now knew it had begun. His deepest, darkest desires were truly now incarnate. He approached his terrifyingly handsome, brutal, and powerful creation. He kneeled on the floor and crawled to Taranis’ huge feet. He lapped pre-cum from those expansive feet and toes, kissing worshipfully, as fresh pre-cum roped down onto his back from Taranis’ arm-thick, deadly cock. “I have loved and worshiped you since you were but a thought in my head, Taranis. All who lay eyes on you will desire you, will long to please you, will worship what you are. Yet all of them, they are but playthings for you . . . toys for your dark amusement and merciless pleasure.” He looked up at Taranis’ stunningly handsome face, “YOU . . . You have always been, and always will be, my GOD, Taranis, even before I created your perfect, powerful body! I just found a way to call you forth. I now exist to please you, to serve you, to LOVE you.” Brad began to drool, once again, continuing, “When will you make yourself known among the puny inhabitants of this world, Almighty Taranis? You are Lord Over All!” Taranis, looking down over his protuberant pectorals, had the urge to lift his foot, place it on Brad’s brittle body, and simply splatter the puny little flesh-sack out of existence, but at least it now knew its place. “Mmmm, your worthless little worm. I long to begin my barbarous rampage right here, right now, but I will not. I will enroll at the University and, from there, I will begin to make myself known in ways that will forcibly inflame your lustful passions. For calling me forth, contemptibly feeble little insect, I love you as much as I am able without mindlessly obliterating you.” Brad, looking up at such a seductively gorgeous, and deathly brutal, mountain of muscle. He felt fear for the first time in Taranis presence. “What have I DONE?!?!” he thought to himself. Taranis could, indeed, callously, and without mercy, obliterate him, and all others, without a second thought nor a hint of remorse. He began to tremble, even as his body again convulsed in worshipful dry ejaculation. Taranis, now knowing his thoughts, with a rumbling whisper, stated matter-of-factly, “What have you done, indeed, you worthless microbial sentient. You are now beginning to understand. Bringing your hidden and deep, dark desires to life will have lethally destructive consequences . . . for all but ME!” Brad, still trembling, cringed in shock, terror, and remorse as a torrent of piss flowed from his dick. Still, his longing and hunger to witness Taranis’ reign prevailed over all. Taranis reached down and gently encircled Brad’s neck with his inhuman large fist. He lifted him to his face and deeply kissed his creator, virtually raping the little man’s mouth with his long, thick tongue. Brad reciprocated while reaching his arms out, his hands roaming over the hot, hard flesh of his hypnotically handsome, godly, and maliciously virulent creation. The phrase, “Yes, my God, YES!” churned in his brain even as his body, seemingly with a mind of its own, dry humped Taranis’ massive, undulating musculature augmenting before him. Taranis set the little man, forever mesmerized and possessed by his inexhaustible and terrifying masculinity, down. “Time to clean up and rest for our University tour tomorrow.” T said, his demeanor returning to the hulking, lovable teen that had arrived at the airport earlier. “Oh, and, while it’s still possible, you can share the bed with me, Uncle B!”
  21. musclelovingtwink


    Chapter 1 When I met Dane, he wasn’t exactly what you’d call normal. Even at that time in his early twenties, he was 6’3” and well over 200 pounds of shredded muscle. We worked out at the same gym. I fit my workouts in around my university schedule, but it seemed like whatever time I went, there he was, dripping with sweat and lifting some ungodly weight. Within the first week of my working out there, he had met my eyes more than once and smiled as he noticed the slack-jawed expression I usually had while I was ogling at his feats of inhuman strength. One Friday night, he stopped in the middle of a set to come right up to me. “You like what you see, man?” he said, flexing an incredible bicep in front of my face for emphasis. It had a perfect split peak and the striations were beautifully visible through his paper-thin skin. “Y-Yeah.” I managed to say. Struggling to tear my eyes away from the immense arm and to look him in the eye. He smiled even wider, showing off a set of perfect, straight, white teeth. Aside from the physique of a god, his jet-black hair and piercing blue eyes made him the absolute picture of beauty. “Good,” he said, “Because I’m gonna be the biggest there ever was.” He stretch out his hand and shook the limp appendage that was my arm. “I’m Dane.” “Lachie.” I replied. What happened next is still a complete haze to me, but the next thing I remember I was in the locker room being fucked senseless by the most perfect Adonis I’d ever seen. Looking past my own face reflected in the mirror as I gripped the sink, I saw the golden god of a man. Like me, his eyes saw nothing but himself. Both his and my gaze raked every shredded inch of his torso. His perfect 8-pack abs crunched with every thrust, beads of sweat rolling over the deep clefts between them. There wasn’t so much as a hint of fat on his whole body, yet his pecs were so thick and so rounded that they hung over the top of his abs, casting a shadow down. In that moment I wished I’d been born a contortionist just so that I could suck the perfect broad nipples that hung below those pecs while he kept fucking me. I felt his hands dig into my sides, knowing bruises would absolutely be there within minutes. The sudden flex telling me he was close to climax. I looked into his face and he spared me the briefest of glances. Sweat dragged his perfect, dark wavy hair down until it just teased in front of his eyes. His lips twisted into a cocky half-grin accentuated by his inhumanly square jaw, and I felt his monstrous cock explode inside me. It truly felt like a bomb going off deep inside me. How one man could hold that much cum inside him seemed impossible, and he didn’t strike me as someone who had dry streaks. He had to take a good step back to pull all 11 inches of still-hard, tremendously thick meat out of me. I slumped onto a nearby bench, absolutely wrecked while he stood for a second still admiring himself in the mirror. The man had just done a workout that would turn the strongest of men to jelly then spent a solid ten minutes ploughing me with the force of a jackhammer and he wasn’t even winded. It only just occurred to me how in the blur of passion I’d let this guy fuck me in the open in a very public bathroom. I was shocked at the lack of interruption, but blushing furiously I realised the amount of noise I’d made had probably warned people not to come in. Hell, it had probably warned people a block away. Still buck naked, Dane strutted past me to open up a locker. God his ass was so huge, round and striated that, had I not been completely devoid of the energy to move, I probably would’ve sunk my teeth in. He swung a leg over the bench I sat on, bearing his still rock-hard cock right in my face. Saying “balls the size of chicken’s eggs” strikes me as cliched, but I’m gonna be honest here, if your chicken was laying eggs this size you’d have your face in a record book. They slung under his cock and just laid out on the bench. “You don’t mind do you?” he asked, and breaking eye contact with his dick (with some effort) I noticed he had a needle and a small vial in his hands. Without waiting for an answer, he drew on the needle and filled it with a clear, faintly pink fluid from the vial before plunging it straight into one of the enormous testicles sitting in front of him. I’m not afraid to say I flinched, a lot. As the plunger of the needle dropped, I swear to god, I watched veins spring up over the surface of the massive ball, and snake their way up the thick shaft. I can’t attest as to whether he was fully hard when he shot up with the strange liquid, but as the veins sprang out from his cock, it definitely throbbed just a little larger. He laughed in that beautiful deep voice. “Sorry about that, but right after is the best time to do it.” He looked at the look of shock and awe on my face and grinned again. “This is some secret shit, real experimental,” he said tapping the vial with a broad finger. “Don’t tell anyone, I wouldn’t want to have to hurt you.” I looked up at him with more shock, and less awe, and he gave me a quick wink. He stood up and turned back to the locker. Once again I was struck, not only by the sheer perfection that was his ass, but also by just how wide his lats were. The man had to be at least three times as wide as me. I noticed the odd protrusion of his veins was still spreading over his form, albeit less intensely than it had at the point of impact. He pulled a pair of white briefs on that struggled to leave anything to the imagination, in fact, the waistband couldn’t match the tightness of his waistline, as his immense cock and balls pulled it forwards. He pulled on some loose gym shorts and an even looser stringer and strutted towards the exit. He turned back at the door, glancing over vein-covered traps to call back to me. “I put my number in your phone, text me.” I looked at the pile on the floor where I’d left my clothes to see my phone sitting neatly on top. Putting aside the fact that it was pin protected, and I hadn’t seen him have any time to do so, I found a new entry in my contacts under “Dane – BF.” I had no idea what the hell had just happened or what I’d got into, so I just pulled my clothes on, and avoiding the stares of everyone in the gym as I made the walk of shame, I headed home to pass out.
  22. I want to start off by apologizing for being away for so long. I have written and re-written this chapter so many times. Never quite sure which way I wanted to take it and who I wanted the story to focus on next. Hoping to write some more chapters to this and eventually get to a conclusion in this story line. I have quite a few others I would like to get started but not until this one is done. So without further ado, I give you.... Blue Pill Part 21 Sarah headed into the showers after hearing the running water. The showers were private stalls that held a curtain at the front for privacy. Sarah pulled back the first curtain to find an empty stall. As she approached the second stall, Sarah could hear a wet slapping noise. Like the sounds of sex. She grabbed a handful of the curtain and pulled back just enough to peek inside. What she found in the private shower stall left her speechless. It was the most muscular back of a man she had ever seen. Even bigger than Chris after draining her size. He was easily as wide as the shower, his shoulders almost touching on either wall of the stall. She watched as his right arm made long back and forth motions, producing the slapping sound that had drawn her to his stall in the first place. Mesmerized by the sight of his muscles bunching and rippling across his back and triceps, Sarah had hardly noticed the man had turned and was reaching for a bottle of lube on the shelf behind him. A baritone voice filled the shower “well if you came for a show, then i’m going to need a volunteer.” The tall black man slowly turned around and Sarah watched as the water cascaded down to enormous pecs the size of dinner plates with big perky nipples. Which led to a deeply etched eight pack. Sarah’s eyes nearly bugged out when she saw the massive erection he was holding with his right hand. It had to be every bit of 13 inches and it was as thick as a beer can. Sarah swallowed hard, “I would be more than happy to help you out. It’s the least I could do for you since you gave me a show.” The tall behemoth reached forward and pulled back the curtain to allow Sarah entrance. Sarah slid in past the curtain and closed it behind her. Sarah turned back around and found herself eye level with the biggest pair of pecs she had ever seen. They jutted out several inches from the man's rib cage. Sarah brought a hand up and placed it on his massive upper arm. The man then flexed for her, making his arm jump up several inches as it hardened into a solid flex, causing her to stand on her tiptoes to keep ahold of the enormous bicep. “What’s your name big guy?” She asked as she leaned forward and pinched one of his nipples between her fingers. “Names Damien. Why don’t you put that mouth to work and don’t ask any more questions.” So Sarah latched onto his left nipple and gave it a playful bite. This drove the man wild. He grabbed Sarah by the waist and lifted her up. He turned them around so his back was again facing the shower curtain and he rested Sarah between his colossal cock and his ripped abdominals. Damien lowered Sarah down until she felt the curve of his dick along her taint and ass crack. Sarah couldn’t believe how hard this man's dick was. Speaking of hard dicks, Sarah could feel hers pulsing away inside the bike shorts that she was still wearing. Damien took notice of the fabric flexing beneath his abs. So he reached down and grabbed both sides of the bike shorts and pulled, the shorts stood no chance of staying together. They shredded apart like they were made of paper, freeing Sarah’s six inch raging hard on. Sarah began sucking on Damien’s nipple again while she reached behind her and began stroking the head of his massive cock. Her job was getting easier as Damien began pumping out precum into her hand. Once coated, Sarah pulled her hand back and brought it up to her mouth. She stuck one finger at a time in her mouth, sucking all the pre-cum off and moaning as she did so. Sarah then felt a warmth surge through her and Damien could swear she felt ever so slightly heavier resting on his dick. Damien leaned Sarah’s back against the tile wall under the shower head, which was several inches from the top of her head. He brought both of his hands under each ass cheek and lifted until the head of his cock nestled and the entrance of her ass. Sarah reached up and put both her arms around Damiens thick neck for support. She then felt herself slowly being rested on top of his bulbous cock head. Sarah leaned forward and took a nipple back in her mouth and gave it a nibble. Damien moaned and she could feel his cock flex and felt a big glob of pre-cum pulse into her hole. Sarah could feel the head of Damiens cock sliding into her a bit faster now thanks to the pre. This was taking too long for Sarah’s liking so she bit down hard on Damiens nipple and brought a hand down from behind Damiens neck to twist the other. Damien threw his head back and let out a deep moan as he clenched his massive ass cheeks, driving the head of his dick right into Sarah's ass. Sarah had thought she had made Damien cum because his cock was flexing like crazy and she could feel him shooting inside of her. “Oh, that’s how it’s gonna be huh?” Damien said with a smirk on his face. Sarah realized he hadn’t cum yet and that was all just pre. Sarah began to feel a warmth spreading through her body as the pre began feeding her body's growth. She watched as new veins snaked their way up her forearms and hair began sprouting up in places along her arms it had never been before. “Oh this is going to be fun.” Sarah thought. Sarah watched as Damien moved his hands under her arms and wrapped his thick fingers down on her shoulders from behind. “I can play dirty too.” Damien then began pulling Sarah down with his hands. Forcing more of his colossal dick inside of her. With each inch he was inside her Damien swore it was getting tighter. He’d never fucked anyone so tight before. Sarah could feel the dick sliding further and further into her, causing her own raging erection to push up against Damiens rock hard abs. Damien was about halfway in, he brought one of his hands around and placed it over Sarah’s mouth. He flexed his glutes, driving the rest of his dick inside of her, causing her eyes to roll back in her head and a long loud moan rumbled in the small shower. Damien stood there for a moment. Fighting off the urge to cum and to give Sarah a chance to adjust to his size. He could feel his cock throbbing inside, pumping tons of pre into Sarah’s ass. Sarah could feel what could only be described as a small fire growing inside of her. She felt her muscles expanding ever so slightly and she could feel her cock pulsing, each pulse bringing the head of her cock slightly further up Damiens abs. At the same time, she could feel a little less pressure inside of her as Damien’s cock shrank down to match what Sarah had gained. “I can’t have him figure out what’s happening till I take more from him.” Sarah began pulling herself up the length of his dick and dropped herself back down. This sent a moan through Damiens throat as Sarah milked another load of pre out of him. Damien swore he could feel Sarah getting heavier in his arms, but he was sure it was just because he had blasted his arms with an intense workout before hitting the shower. Damien looked down at his arms and he noticed the pump he had when he entered the shower was now gone. His arms were looking somewhat flat. Still extremely massive and very impressive, but flat in his eyes. Sarah noticed Damien taking inventory of his muscles and so she picked up the pace of her thrusts. Every time Sarah came back down on Damien’s dick she got a little bigger and he got a little smaller. This was because Sarah was milking the pre right out of his dick. Damien decided to take control. He reached behind Sarah and pulled her into him forcing her against his body and began pistoning his dick in and out of her. When he did this it forced Sarah’s cock between his rock hard abs and her six pack. In this new position, he knew he had easy access to her g-spot. Sarah felt like her world was dissolving all around her as Damien pounded her G-spot with a barrage of hard hits from his flared cock head. She was seeing little white spots on the edge of her vision and there were sounds escaping her mouth that she didn’t know she could even make. Damien could feel the tell-tale signs of an impending orgasm coming from Sarah, so he leaned Sarah's back against the shower wall again and gripped her cock in his hand. He began pumping her cock and fucking her with the same rhythm. Sarah couldn’t take anymore, She let out one deep long moan and clenched her ass hard onto Damiens dick. Damien continued stroking Sarah’s cock as he felt it flex in his hand. The first shot went so hard and so fast it hit the ceiling of the shower with a loud “SPLAT”. The next one landed right on Damiens face. The several that followed, painted his pecs and abs in a glaze of jizz. Damien could taste Sarah's jizz as it ran down his face and into his mouth. The taste was indescribable. It was doing something to him though, he felt his whole body tense up and his balls began to ache like he hadn’t cum in days. He knew what was about to come, he was. Damien drove his dick into Sarah one last time and threw his head back letting out a deep yell. Sarah came to her senses as she realized what was about to happen. She felt Damiens cock swell inside of her. A torrent of cum flooded her insides. Damien began sliding his cock in and out of her as if to milk out every last drop. Sarah felt like a furnace had just been ignited inside her. The heat was so intense. She began to feel her muscles swell and expand. Her cock began swelling in every direction as if she was about to erupt again. Damien, no longer able to hold her weight post orgasm, pulled Sarah up and off his dick and lowered her down till her feet rested on the tiled floor. Damien then hunched forward under the shower head with one arm rested against the wall just under the head. Sarah took this chance to make a quick escape before Damien began shrinking. She knew she was going to get quite a bit bigger, but she didn’t think she would be able to fend off Damien if he were pissed about his loss of size. She quietly pulled back the curtain while Damien was still in his post orgasmic bliss. She then closed the curtain and turned around, realizing she was completely naked. Sarah could feel herself getting bigger by the second as her body fed off Damiens cum. She could feel her lats pushing out, making her arms flare out further. The gap between her legs was filling up with muscle, making it awkward as she tried to continue walking. Sarah headed out into the locker room in search of something to wear, or maybe in search of some more muscle…. As Sarah exited the showers, the last shower curtain slid back and a man poked his head out. Seeing that she had left, the man slipped out of his shower wrapped in a towel and opened the curtain to the shower that Sarah had just left. “Looks like someone could use a hand in here…”
  23. So, what I’m writing here is all real as best as I can tell you about it. I’m going to get some things wrong - and embellish just a little sometimes - but nothing that didn’t actually happen. Honestly, this isn’t one of those articles where it acts like “man I’m telling you the truth” and then someone is suddenly a nine foot Hercules “in real life”. However, because of the details, I think this fits best in “Stories/Fiction”. I hope you enjoy it. I sure as fuck did! SO WHAT HAD HAPPENED WAS…. I was going on a business trip. I knew someone else from the muscle worship community - the MGS board & CF - who also had the same kind of muscle & macro kinks that I do who lived there. I hit him up on Instagram way ahead of my trip & he was willing to connect when I got there. He talked about getting some dinner first, getting to know each other a bit before maybe losing some clothes. I understood - hey, this guy doesn’t know me, and truthfully, same towards him. So, sure, before meeting a potential nutjob (vs for a potential nutjob) at a hotel, let’s grab a bite. By then we knew each other's pictures, some about height/weight - because you know…that could matter, right? Suffice to say we met & that went well. We had some non-kink stuff in common. Talked about our various current relationships and boundaries, and that was all cool. We had earlier established we both were into muscle worship and power cuddling. From my POV, Jim is a sexy, 40’s, built, medium furry fireplug of a man (5’5”, 220#). There was nothing to dislike at all. That is one hot fucker right there. He told me some guys are disappointed at his height - he looks taller in his pictures. For me, it was a total turn on as I got to picture being “the big guy” in getting together with him. I also loved how at his height that muscle just made him seem bigger & wider! I’m 5’10”, 260#, but just the way my life has worked out, in the few cases I’ve been in a muscle worship or just play situation I’m often the smaller guy. One of my friends is 6’5” and about 290# (but not into muscle, we just have a good time together now and then) and another was about 6’3” and low two hundreds - that one loved flexing and being worshiped. Those are the only real times I’ve had someone flexing for me, so I’m pretty small compared to them. Jim told me it was the first time he’s gotten to be the “little guy”, which from my experience surprised me! I’m just used to guys who are bigger than me - where for him, it's the reverse. As we spent time together it was great to have him enjoying me being “the big guy” for him since I really, honestly, don’t typically see myself that way. I have enough dysmorphia to forget that I’m a 260# musclebear if I haven’t done a therapeutic mirror flex in the last 20 minutes. So, giving him something he was turned on about at the same time I was having an experience I was totally turned on about was just perfect. Jim and I fooled around, lots of cuddling and touching, getting acquainted physically. We never lost any clothes below the waist - seriously, belts, pants stayed on, and nobody got their cock out. Not that I would have minded! But, respecting boundaries, you know? (I like to say you can’t tell someone you’re trustworthy, you can only demonstrate it.) The guy is hot. I wanted to prove he could trust me to keep my word…and also because keeping my word is just important to me. So after some great petting, kissing, and mutual flexing & feeling on the bed, I decided to try a scene I have been fantasizing about in one way or another. I’m happy to say we matched on this, as it turned out. I got him to stand up in front of a mirror in the hotel. I stood behind him. I had him flex his arms with me a few times. I like that, it gets me out of my dysmorphia a little. It also let me be the big guy and him the little one for a moment. Then I told him to close his eyes. Being bigger than him I started holding him across the chest, moving back and forth a little bit here and there and stroking him on the head, chest, etc, very gently. Rubbing my chest on his back, squeezing him gently. Intentionally being just a touch hypnotic & relaxing - and from our conversation at dinner I know he understood what I was doing. I lean in and start to gently talk to him. Quiet but not sexy. “I’m going to tell you a story now Jim. I want you to visualize what I tell you in your mind really clearly.” He nods. “You walk into your gym like it’s any day for your workout. You feel strong, solid. It’s going to be a good one.” “You warm up, start to train, and start using some good weight. You realize you’re feeling strong, and getting a great pump. Things are feeling tight. Flex this right arm for me here.” He does. “Good man. It feels big, the pump is real today.” Jim makes a soft noise, just a little, gently, enjoying flexing his bicep in my hand. I’m getting off on it too. Still petting him around his body as I do this. I’m rock hard in my pants, and so is he, but other than stroking a cock now and then through the jeans nothing happens there at any point in the few hours we had together. “You notice as you’re training that things are looking different, just a little. Like things are just - off somehow. After another set or two you realize that you have to sit differently on the bench, and you have to lean down to put dumbbells back. You’re growing, getting taller, a little more muscular in proportion even, and nobody has quite noticed yet. You’re about five-ten now, closing in on six foot.” Jim: “Fuck yeah….” “Fuck yeah is right…you keep getting bigger, taller, more muscular. A buddy of yours comes up to you and says ‘Jim, what’s happening?!? You’re growing!’ The guy is about six foot, but now you’re about six-five, maybe six-six.” Jim: Moans a little. “That’s right, big man, you’re a head taller than him.” I stroke the top of Jims chest with the blade of my hand. “He comes up to just here on you now. You’re way bigger than him, and wider too.” Jim: Moans more. “You’re still growing. As you get bigger everything seems like it's shrinking, becoming somehow undersized, the people being shorter than you.” Jim is still moaning some. One of my hands continues to pet him, stroke him, indicate I want him to flex one or another muscle. He understands when I prompt for this by gently tapping the muscle, and he complies. I squeeze his trap, pec, shoulder, bicep, as I prompt for a flex, appreciating him as he does it, continuing to kiss him gently on the neck, head, or muscles when I can reach them. Keeping him in the story is the important part. I draw his attention back to the hand I’m keeping flat-bladed on his chest, gesturing to the gym guy’s size. “You’re growing more. Seven feet,” my hand moves down to the middle of Jims’ chest, “eight feet”, my hand moves to the bottom of his chest just above his sternum, “nine feet, “ the middle of Jims stomach. Jim moans with each movement of my flat hand. We both love the giant thing. I know this is part of his fantasy life. “Your six foot buddy is like a child next to you. You’re more than twice his width already…your muscles have blown up bigger than your height as you’re growing.” I lean in close and whisper to him “And you’re not done growing yet, not by a long shot”. Jim moans again, more intensely now. Because of time I decided to accelerate. (I wish we had more time, but we are both working the next day.) Blade-hand moves down. “Ten feet.” And down again and again. “Eleven…twelve feet. You’re double this guy’s size now Jim. You walked into this gym a half-foot shorter and eighty pounds lighter than him…but now, he is half your height. You are a massive beast, bigger than four of him put together, and more than twice as wide.” Jim is really into it, moaning and flexing: “So big..so big….” “You’re still getting bigger…fifteen feet comes and goes…twenty feet…” I can’t move my hand down that far without breaking the body connection we have - I’m wrapped around him gently, my chest moving gently on his back, keeping contact, so I take the blade hand back to stroking and tell him what he’s seeing now. “Your buddy is staring into your bulging teardrop quads right now. Your thigh is easily wider and way thicker than his whole body. He looks up at you, and you lean forward just a little over your huge chest to look down at him.” Jim moans. “You look up above you, you still have room before the ceiling, but not much.” “Twenty five feet, your buddy is down around your knee.” “Thirty feet, He is staring into the front of your calf - it's bigger across than him, and probably has five times as much mass as he has in his whole body. Your muscles have kept growing bigger than your height - you are looking thicker and more muscular every moment.” Jim: “Fuck yeah…” “Thirty five feet - your buddy is starting to be just below your calf, and your head is getting closer to the ceiling. You’re reaching up so you can break a hole in it..because you’re not done growing yet, are you Jim.” Jim, moaningly: “Not done yet…so much bigger…” Jim is still flexing when I touch a fur-dusted muscle, and I’m squeezing it to express my gratitude for the gift of feeling his body, his fur, his flex. Knowing he is into it the same way I am. Sometimes leaning into his ear to whisper “Yes…that arm is giant now, probably over ten feet around if you could measure it…” He moans a little. “I’m so huge”. I whisper to him: “Yes, you are…you’re a growing giant…you are massive and powerful…and this city is going to shrink in front of you as you break out of the gym…” “Forty feet and you are tearing a hole in the ceiling. It is like paper, the steel support struts crumbling as you handle them, still getting bigger, the ceiling approaching your shoulders. You are tearing room open around you, making space in the roof, keeping the debris off your little buddy. You’re quickly sixty feet tall Jim. You are ten times your little friend’s size - he’s somewhere around that ankle above your giant, massive foot, taking up part of the gym.” Jim: “Fuck…fuck…fuck…bigger than the building…giant muscles….” “You look down and see he moved - he pokes out from behind your enormous, bulging calf once or twice - the massive size of your calf is keeping any debris off him like the overhang of a building….” Jim: “So big….” I kept petting him for a few more moments, but stopped storytelling. I leaned in close and said quietly - not whispering, bringing him up gently from suggestibility, “It’s getting close-ish to the time where you said we had to stop…I don’t want to, but I don’t want to keep you later than we said was OK.” (Remember that thing about trust?) He fully opened his eyes, blinked a few times, and nodded. Me: “Can I ask you back to the bed for another quick cuddle before we go? I still haven’t had you be my big guy yet. We have about ten minutes and I would love having my head on your chest…big man.” Jim: “I would love that.” The man is really a furry, broad, muscular fireplug, just sexy as fuck. We lay back down, I scooched down the bed a little, and put my head on his big furry chest. We curled up again in a few different ways for a few minutes, then got off the bed & I helped him get himself together. I asked him about the storytelling: he told me that was new for him too, and really fucking hot, would be happy to do it again sometime. I was really glad to hear it. I’ve wanted to do that for a long time. (I have a few variations in mind as well.) We called it a night. We’ve kept in touch a little & I think we’re both up for doing it again sometime if it's possible. We don’t live in the same city & I don’t travel there often. But those dates are getting set for next year…and I’m reserving him for a couple of nights if I can! …AND THERE YOU HAVE IT. As I said, within the limits of my memory, that’s how it happened. Some details are definitely wrong, but all the spirit is right. I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM YOU. So, I am left wondering, is this thing unique to me, or has anyone else done something like this in person? Not just talk roleplay, but something where you’re in the same room interacting. I’d like to know! If you have any reactions or info to share, that’s welcome in the thread. Oh...and if you might be up for something similar let me know. I'm in the Texas DFW area, but I travel occasionally. -Bear.
  24. musclelovingtwink

    The Prompt

    “Nah. Still no. I don’t get it.” Harry stood with his brow furrowed in front of Jacob, clearly perplexed. Jacob sighed. He’d been ready for this, it was very complex stuff, and Harry wasn’t exactly known for his outstanding intelligence. “Ok, so first off, time isn’t a straight line. We can’t really look at time, but it’s really convoluted…” he began. Harry nodded but already seemed to be lost. “It’s complicated and it crosses over itself and collides at different points.” He drew a big squiggle on the whiteboard to illustrate his point. He gestured to where two parts of the line crossed. “Here, where time collides, is what we call a ‘junction.’” Harry continued to nod. Jacob pointed at the machine. It was essentially a computer hooked up to a helmet, covered in strange electrodes and wires. “This machine sends a signal at a frequency that should be able to pass THROUGH those junctions.” “What, so to a different time?” Harry asked. “Exactly!” Jacob said, excited that his friend was getting it. “This helmet scans your brain waves, and using a sample of your DNA, encodes the signal in a way that would only affect you, but at different points in time.” “Wait, so what, I can get messages from the future?” Harry said, seeming interested suddenly. Jacob rolled his eyes knowing he was thinking about the lottery or something. “Not exactly. Think of it like a really strong hypnosis tape. We put a prompt into the computer, and that message is sent out as a signal. It would be like having an idea soaked into your brain all through your life.” “What do you mean.” Harry said. “Well, it would just be an idea that would be reinforced, like training a dog, but… retroactively. Imagine being able to break a drug addiction by stopping it before it happened, or just changing the way you think just a little bit so you never chose to stop going to the gym or something…” he trailed off, almost revealing too much of his own desires. “Or, for instance, rewriting a lab rat’s mentality so it lost the ability to feel full.” With that he gestured to a glass enclosure which housed a morbidly obese rat, it’s little feet wiggling just enough to reach the floor and roll itself over to the food bowl. “Oh my god, that’s disgusting.” Said Harry, repulsed. “Well, it was a perfectly healthy rat last night. In fact it was a little underweight.” “Jesus. Wait, hang on, so you’re basically telling me that this machine can rewrite history?” he asked, snapping back to attention. “To a degree. It only works on the person wearing the helmet, and it can only change their thought patterns so much. If you try something too radical, the person would consciously reject the idea, and when it kept coming back they’d probably get doped up by a psychologist.” “Ok, so why are you telling me this?” “I need you to be my first human test subject.” Jacob said sheepishly. “Wait, what? And end up like Chubs over there?” Harry said, standing up quickly and pointing at the obese rat which had now rolled onto its side, struggling to get right-side up again. “No, I mean, well, yes, but we don’t need to make the prompt make you FAT, it could be anything!” Jacob said desperately trying to regain Harry’s calmness. “This is for my doctorate, and I need to be able to prove that the machine works.” “Well why don’t you do it yourself?” “I will, but I need to be sure first. I hard-coded it so that whenever my own DNA is used, a secondary prompt will always be used to implant the idea of the machine into me. That way it shouldn’t be able to cause a change that would destroy the machine and prevent me fixing anything that gets fucked up.” “Like me for instance?” said Harry, raising an eyebrow. “Well, yeah.” Jacob said. “Point is, I think it’s completely functional, and it worked on the rat. I just need a human test to make sure the prompt works with the human brain and doesn’t get muddled up somehow.” Harry thought for a while. “And I get to pick the prompt?” he asked, coyly. “Sure. That is, as long as it’s something we can clearly observe.” Harry continued to think. “Fine. But no judgement alright?” “Great! Of course not! So what do you want the prompt to be?” Jacob said, rushing to the computer’s keyboard. “Well, I’ve always been… decently fit I guess.” Started Harry, blushing. It was true, Jacob had always thought Harry had a beautiful body. He was tall and lithe. He wasn’t muscular, per se, but he had a tight swimmer’s build that looked good in everything. “Yeah, and?” “Well I only started really hitting the gym hard recently, and I feel like I sort of missed my prime for it.” “Harry, you’re 24.” “Yeah, I know, but like, if I had’ve worked out seriously through puberty, I could be pretty… hot.” “Ok, so basically you want the prompt to be something like ‘I love working out in the gym.’” Jacob said. “Yeah, that’d make a nice start.” “A start?” said Jacob, half laughing. “Well, if I can rewrite my life, you think I’m stopping after just one go?” “Ok, ok, let’s get to that when we get to it.” Jacob hammered on the keyboard, inputting parameters and the prompt; “I love working out in the gym.” “Alright, we are ready to go, and… done.” He pushed the enter key with a decisive motion. The loud clack of the key was followed by a high-pitched whirring from the computer as fans buzzed to life. Harry felt a tingling sensation in his scalp as automatic sensors wormed their way across his head. After a few minutes, the machine’s activity died down and Harry looked around expectantly. “Is that it?” he asked, sounding a bit let down. Jacob looked at the computer monitor. A blinking, green phrase on the screen read “Transmission successful.” “Yeah, it looks like it worked.” Said Jacob smiling widely. “Really?” asked Harry, looking down at himself. “I don’t feel any different. Don’t tell me this is the improved me and I just don’t remember cos my past changed.” Jacob smirked. “Well the rat took about 10 minutes to see any difference. I noticed the changes so I don’t imagine we wouldn’t notice it happen with you.” He began to finger through a small pile of notes on the machine. “The machine sends messages through junctions in the timeline, which in turn affects the present, and the future, but because we’re making a change that never happened before we basically cause a paradox.” “Can you explain that a bit, I’m not a nerd.” Said Harry, rolling his eyes for effect. “Ok, so there’s a timeline where everything happened normally, which brought you to this point where you made the decision to change your past. Since you changed your past, when you got to this point in your life there’d never be a reason to make that change since it already happened, meaning your past WOULDN’T be changed, and would happen normally.” Harry just looked confused again. “Ok, so in order for you to both make the decision, and not make the decision, you basically have two distinct pasts now. Both have to exist for the other to make any sense.” He drew on the white board again, drawing a line that split in two, and then rejoined, like a river splitting and then coming together again. “As far as I can tell, there’s no reason it shouldn’t work out just fine, in the grand scheme of things.” Jacob looked back at Harry, only to see he was barely paying attention. Harry’s hand was scratching at his chest. As Jacob watched he saw that it was less the way you would scratch an itch, and more the way you would rub a sore muscle, almost massage-like. “Something feels weird.” Said Harry. He took the helmet with all its sensors off his head and got up from the chair. “It’s like, lik- AH!” he said jerking his head back. “Like something’s moving under my skin.” Jacob got up to get a closer look. “Take your shirt off, let me see what’s happening, something could be wrong.” Harry started to pull his t-shirt upward. As it got up to his chest the material grew tight and was fighting being pulled from his skin. “Ow, Jesus, it’s so tight!” Harry protested. “I can’t get it off. As he let go of the hem, Jacob saw the problem. The material was stretched impossibly tight over Harry’s chest, because his chest was getting larger. He watched as what was once a thin, tight chest ballooned into dense, meaty pecs. Two wide, rounded lumps grew in front of Jacob’s eyes as Harry’s nipples grew from almost 2D into thick, swollen tits, and then started to push downwards as the expanding flesh above them continued to grow. There was a harsh crack, and Jacob looked up to see the collar of Harry’s t-shirt had given way. The red material was moving steadily to the sides, accompanied by a loud ripping noise as the split spread downwards. In seconds, Harry’s chest was bare. His pale chest was immense, somehow seeming even bigger now that it was uncovered. A deep crevasse ran between the two huge slabs of muscle, each with a half inch-long tit neatly sitting under it. As the rip continued downwards, Jacob’s eyes followed, and to his amazement he watches as Harry’s stomach contorted and flexed, bringing forth two, then four, then six, then eight spectacular abs. Each was big enough that Jacob could’ve fit his hand around one just barely, and they sat perfectly symmetrically down Harry’s front. The bottom of the shirt gave way, and as it fell to the sides, shredded obliques were revealed below ribs, revealed by the complete lack of body fat. Harry, still somewhat dazed, grabbed at the two sides of the shirt hanging off him and tugged. In one swift motion the sleeves of the tattered garment were obliterated, revealing still swelling delts. Each looked to be in competition with his head for size, but had deep striations that looked to go almost to the bone. Harry roared in approval, raising his arms in a double bicep pose which started unimpressively, but pure muscle rocketed down his arms, twisting into colossal football-sized biceps, and equally impressive triceps. Veins twisted and wrapped around the surface looking like a spider’s web, but as thick as a normal person’s fingers. His forearms broadened until they could be confused for a whole ham. Jacob, both enthralled by the success of the experiment, and enamoured by the changed he was seeing in front of him, reached forwards to fumble with Harry’s belt. A huge meaty paw pushed aside his smaller, fragile hand and grasped at the buckle with seemed to shatter in his grip. As his belt pulled away, his jeans started to drop to the floor, but were caught quickly as, even undone, the waistband was significantly narrower than the legs it was trying to slide past. “Oh shit!” Harry let loose, as the denim filled quickly and began to strain. Jacob had never heard a sound like the resounding splintering noise the jeans made as solid, alabaster steel burst out both sides. Harry’s legs looked freakish, they grew enormous, and the contrast with his narrow waist would have been almost laughable if it weren’t so hot. As the legs of his boxer briefs were forced upwards, deep cuts in the muscle were revealed. Each of the quads was thicker than Jacob’s whole torso, and the cuts were so intense he felt drawn to wrap his fingers around the long, thick muscle heads. As far as he could tell Harry wasn’t even flexing, he was just so immense and so shredded that every single fiber was visible through his paper-thin skin. Beneath the quads, teardrop calves clung onto sturdy lower legs, though at this point they were resembling a capital “P” more so than a teardrop. Jacob almost had to step back as the last remains of clothing on the behemoth twitched before him. The bulge in Harry’s too-small boxer briefs began to swell until it looked like an overgrown banana was being restrained by them; every pulsing inch clearly discernible through the stretched fabric as it sat atop two orange-sized balls. He could even see several inches of thick, vascular cock where the waistband was being pulled away from Harry’s abs, by both the new narrowness of his waist, and the weight of the monster restrained there. Jacob looked up at Harry, his mouth open in awe. Harry looked down, but nervously had to take a step back as he couldn’t see Jacob past his new pec shelf. Just moving his head felt strange, as he could feel the vast muscles of his traps reaching up almost as high as his ears twitching against his thick neck to move. He reached an arm up to feel his neck, and was surprised to meet resistance as his biceps collided with his pecs, limiting movement. Touching his neck he found that it was as thick as his own head, maybe even an inch or two thicker. “Holy fuck.” He said, to Jacob, his voice multiple octaves deeper than it had been, minutes ago. “I mean… holy fuck.” Jacob could barely think, and only managed a few astonished words. “All that from ‘I love working out in the gym?’”
  25. tester26

    Brad and the threesome

    Yasmine clasped her lacy red bra around her huge tits. Her volleyball-sized tits sat high and firm without assistance but her bra made her look pornographic. Her legs were strong, tanned and shapely. Her bubble shaped ass was so firm and shapely, her slim waist and toned stomach completed the perfect package. Her kind, pretty eyes and tumbling dark hair made her look like an angel who you would take home to your mum, her body made her look like a top porn star. Somehow, Yasmine actually managed to talk Martin into a threesome. Martin couldn’t quite believe it himself, but Yasmine had insisted on it as a birthday present for herself. She’d take care of everything, she promised Martin. Martin tried not to think too hard about it as he sat in the living room waiting. Yasmine strode into the room at last. She's done herself up stunningly -- her dark brown hair perfectly coiffed, impeccably sexy makeup extending down to a slight contour over her cleavage, exaggerating its already incredible depth. All she wore was an intricate, lacy red bra and panties. Martin’s cock immediately sprung to its full size in his pants. Her phone buzzed. She practically sprinted out of the room towards the front door. The door flings open and he hears her yell, “Brad!” Yasmine steps back. She has the biggest smile on her face, using one hand to pull the new man in. Martin gawked at the gigantic muscle stud at their front porch, forced to crouch down at the doorway just to enter their home without hitting his head. A mountain of muscle, taking up the entire doorway. Pectorals the size of his head, abs hard enough to stop bullets and biceps large enough to bend steel. In contrast to this hyper-masculine appearance, though, he looked youthful. He wore a skintight tshirt and sweatpants, and clearly had no underwear on. A thick bulge ran from his groin down his right leg, reaching most of the way down to his knee. Such a masculine, monolith of a specimen, that the floorboards were creaking under his weight, the smaller male completely eclipsed within his shadow. At least he seemed nice? It was about the most positive thing that Martin could gleam from the whole thing. Sure, the muscle stud had bit of a cocky aura to him, as one could expect from someone that size, but during the dinner the three had to get their night started, Brad was mostly a delightful guy. That all however, went out the window the moment they moved things to the bedroom. The three of them undressed, Martin clearly nervous as he laid down onto the bed on his back with his girlfriend climbing up on top of him. She leaned down to kiss him reassuringly, pressing her large tits into his chest. She looked back at Brad. The curvy beauty on all fours, shaking her perfect ass cheeks as the monstrous muscle stud stood at the feet of the bed, licking his lips and stroking that gigantic fuck-log of his to an erection. His spear was more than 18 inches, and unbelievably wide and thick. Throbbing veins writhed across it like living vines. The pole stood straight up, pointing at the sky, reaching between his massive pecs. The two of them stared at each other, licking their lips. Poor Martin couldn't even see most of it. Pinned underneath his lover, that stacked body blocking most of his view, only able to catch a glimpse of the approaching muscle stud, while trying his absolute hardest to grasp those enormous ass cheeks of his girlfriend. Doing so in order to spread those cheeks wide to have even the smallest chance of his own, rock hard cock reaching that tight pussy deep within the valley between. All he ended up doing however, was providing Brad with the exact same sight. Of those cheeks spread wide, soaking wet slit aimed directly at the hulking muscle stud... something he took as an invitation to ram that bulbous, fat cockhead right into. She screamed. Brad held himself inside of her and she spasmed in orgasm, once, twice and again. Instantly, Martin knew that things were headed south. He'd barely gotten to rub his own hard cock across that drenched pussy before being so rudely shoved out of the way by something much, MUCH bigger. Something that was radiating heat like a supernova. Mix that with the ear-shattering squeal that came erupting from Yasmine’s mouth and Martin knew this muscle stud was packing, watching his girlfriend's expression go from initial excitement to shock and then just complete cock lust. Regardless, Martin still held onto his girlfriend's hips, helping steady them both as he attempts to thrust his hips upwards in the hopes of sliding within his girlfriend's pussy along with this oversized muscle stud's massive cock, but he only found his dick prodding against the underside of what felt like a tree trunk. A very warm, soft, throbbing tree trunk... which only seemed to be working its way deeper and deeper into her bubble butt. The worst part about it, was that Martin was face-to-face with his girlfriend the entire time, watching those expressions change, her mouth falling open and drool dripping off his lips and tongue, right down upon the hapless man's face. His whining seeming to have no effect on Yasmine, the bimbo whore too far gone and cock drunk to waste a single thought on anything other than the alpha cock currently hollowing out her insides. It would only get worse from there, too, as Martin suddenly felt his girlfriend's body lifting off of him. Trying to keep her down with all his might, but as hard as he held on, those two, large muscle stud hands hoisted Yasmine off her cuck's body with ease. Just enough for the hulking beast of a muscle stud to better shove his battering ram of a dick within the depths of the needy beauty's body. Allowing Brad to go balls deep and in doing so, giving Martin quite the obscene view of what was going on. Yasmine’s orgasm racked her very existence. It was beyond pleasure, beyond the pain. Orgasms hit her in multiple succession. One didn’t always stop before the next began, several climaxes were coursing though her at a time. As she convulsed at the end of his pole, her tits shaking and bobbing wonderfully, her eyes were rolled back as she accepted the savage thrusting of Brad’s 18-inch monster into her. That once smooth, toned stomach of his girlfriend? Gone. What took its place was an enormous bulge that stretched out the toned abs. The skin stretched so taut across the invading muscle stud dick, that Martin could make out Brad's cockhead even through the skin! And it was all mashed down against his own dick. Martin's own, twitching cock was currently pinned between his own abs and that monstrous muscle stud cock pressing down on it through his girlfriend's belly! Once more, Martin tried to catch the attention of his girlfriend, just for his words to effectively go in through one ear and out the other. The clapping could no doubt be heard all the way to the neighbor's house, caused by those powerful hips hammering against her tight ass. Add in the jizz gurgling cum factories swinging between Brad's thighs, and the slurping and squelching of Yasmine's pussy along that turgid slut-wrecking muscle stud dick and the screams of ecstasy pouring from Yasmine’s mouth. There was no doubt the entire neighborhood would not know what was currently going on in their household. Martin was at the center of it all however, watching from up close how his girlfriend was used like a living cock sleeve. How the hulking fuck-stud was basically yanking his girlfriend up and down on that bitch-breaking alpha dick, thrusting his hips forward to meet that ass and each time slamming his cock deep enough for it to come smashing down against the man's own, pitiful prick through that stretched out stomach. She could see stars. It felt like he was halfway inside her body, reshaping her to suit his size. She loved it. Her orgasms left her tingling from head to toe. This all seemed like an eternity to Martin, losing track of time having his junk battered and watching his girlfriend moaning right above him. Briefly, the man even leaned his upper body upwards, probably in hopes of kissing his lover and getting... well, some sort of 'action' out of this, other than getting his junk abused, but as it happens, he'd chosen the worst possible time to do so. Bottoming inside her, Martin could hear the large muscle stud groaning as he exploded, for 2 minutes he pumped and spurted cum deep into Yasmine until she was full to overflowing with potent seed. She screamed in Martin’s face as her body was racked with another orgasm as he unloaded shot after shot of cum deep into her. Yasmine drooled from the ungodly pleasure of being used like a fucktoy. Having load after load of thick muscle cum poured within her battered insides caused her to pass out, collapsing onto Martin’s stunned face, unable to process the intensity of what just happened. Finally it was over. Martin did not know how long it all lasted, watching his girlfriend cum endlessly, listening to Brad up above grunting and groaning, finding himself laying in a puddle of spunk by the end of it, and his girlfriend looking more like a living condom wrapped around the giant muscle stud stud's gut punching schlong... which was still hard? Oh no... A deep chuckle came from behind her which sent a shiver through Martin. Brad slid his hands around Yasmine, clamping onto her giant tits. He cupped them and cradled them. Yasmine opened her eyes and looked back over her shoulder, biting her lower lip. She smiled warmly at his appreciation of her assets. She passionately kissed Brad on the lips. Then he splayed his fingers and squeezed her abundant tit flesh. He lifted her off Martin and sat down on a chair, leaning back and wrapping his arms around her legs. Yasmine’s back rested against the large stud’s front as Brad thrust his still-hard fuck log to the root once more. Yasmine screamed as she came again from getting battered and reamed from down below. Cum sprayed out of her pussy with every thrust, forced out of her by Brad’s monstrous bitch breaker stretching her fuckhole to it's limit, each thrust sending ripples through that bubbly ass. Brad’s massive schlong was making her stomach bulge out around the swollen knob. Yasmine was panting, moaning and babbling incoherently. Brad withdrew and drove his 18 inch monstrosity back into her tight pussy. Brad grabbed her tight toned smooth tanned ass and changed his angle as he thrust into her. She reached back and grabbed his neck. Brad felt his balls tingle and swell as Yasmine pushed back into him. Her pussy was literally milking him. As he fucked into her orgasms wracked her body, one after another, Martin could almost count each one, though they came fast. Her pussy spewed more and her eyes watered. She was slumping forward when he finally pulled out, his Axe-handle sized rod sticking up from between her legs, between her tits, tip touching her chin. Grabbing her huge tits, she slid it through her deep cleavage. His cock flared and grew even thicker. She leaned forward and licked the throbbing cockhead as she squished her big tits around the cum-slick pole. Then suddenly he shot, a concussive burst of seed rocking her head back as the ropes of cum covered her face. Martin lost count of how many spurts shot forth out of his frothing fuck stick. Yasmine was delirious with decadent delight. Pumping furiously with one hand, Brad used his other one to shovel huge handfuls of steamy spunk into her eager mouth, and she joined him with both of her tits, alternating between them. Shots of cum flew past her and onto the floor yards away. His cock was sliding slickly through a couple of inches of its own cum which settled in the valley of her huge tits. He grabbed the back of her head and thrust his huge weapon down her throat. She swallowed eagerly. His cock jerked a few more times, huge globs shooting down her throat, before he finally finished. If Martin thought he'd gone unnoticed or forgotten, he would find just how wrong he was as Brad stood up and lifted Yasmine off of his cock. Before Martin even knew what was going on, he found Yasmine straddling his head between her legs. As he looked up, he found himself staring at her gaping pussy, a steady stream of cum still flowing out of it. Suddenly his view was obscured by a massive, solid piece of man meat pointed directly at the winking asshole of his girlfriend. She spread her knees slightly in her ‘all fours’ position to give more stability. Martin couldn’t get a word of protest out before Brad jammed his hips forward and let Martin watch him splitting that perfect ass wide open around the tip of his hole wrecking monster schlong. Loud and sloppy squelching and clapping filling the room, along with Yasmine’s moans and squeals for pleasure, as Brad rammed his dick into that hungry, spasming asshole. Within seconds, Yasmine was once again a sweating, convulsing mess, clawing at the bedsheets underneath and trying not to let her brain snap from the intense pleasure. Whorish, shaky moans still escaping the beauty’s lips as the muscle man kept picking up his pace, hammering that ass with all of his might and pumping load after load of thick and slimy pre-spunk into that bubble butt. All the while, Martin couldn't do basically anything. All he could do, was squeeze his eyes shut, though that did nothing to prevent him from hearing his girlfriend's squeals and loud wet noises echoing off the walls of the room. Brad pulled slowly out of her. He then pressed his raging erection against her and pulled her backwards. The huge cock head with its flared ridged edge which was built to please bored into her tight asshole. His hands slid down her smooth body and over her fantastic ass and eased her legs even wider as he speared her. Yasmine’s huge breasts pressed into Martin’s face and Martin felt the sickening power of the man above him as Brad fucked her again. He could feel her writhe and shudder in orgasm again and again and punching her hips back to meet his thrusts. The bed groaned and creaked and Yasmine moaned. As the first fiery-hot cord of cum flew forcefully from Brad’s cock, gushing into Yasmine’s tight asshole, she came with him, shrieking and wailing wordlessly, drowning out his low grunts and groans with her own loud cries. Their orgasms occurred nearly at the same time. When Brad finally pulled out of her, Martin heard the loud liquid ‘Splort’ of their thick gooey cum waterfall out her stretched holes. Thick sperm dripped out of her as they caught their breaths, Martin now no more than an afterthought. After they fucked, Yasmine took Brad’s hand and lead him to the bathroom. They took a shower together and headed to the guest room. Martin ended up laying alone on the cum-soaked bed and listened to Brad and Yasmine fuck all night. He heard their screams and moans from the shower, the living room, the dining room, the bedroom. All of this didn't end until about 7am. They slept until about 3pm the next day and fucked one more time in the shower before Brad headed home.
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