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This is pretty much my fursona's story (on my pfp) So... Enjoy ig


Llitas is a rather big town in the kingdom of Lytia, rather well known as the city of hope.


And this is where Arthur was born, he was never really tall, being a pretty average 1m80 or 5'10 and with a pretty slim body, he has always been a fair man, always loved the King's philosophy of life:"Worth can only be proven through hardships and sweat instead of easiness, it will always be better to show how good you are if you struggle than doing it the easy way" And he had always maintained those thoughts, he always wants fairness and equality for everyone he knows.


His family was well known by the royalty, although Arthur did not know about it all, his family were known by them as the strongest men in the kingdom and the most potent men to exist in this world or rather… From great grandpa to great grandson.


But enough of that… You want to know what is happening right ? Let us begin then.


Everything started at Arthur's job, he worked as a mechanic, repairing cars and all that.


It was the day before Arthur's 20th birthday, he was very greasy, his fur coated in black oil as he finished repairing a car.


"Arthur, are you done with the car, i need some tools" A big otter exclaimed out loud.


"Yeah sure, i checked everything and this baby is raring to go"


He gave the tools to the otter. 


"Thanks, you're doing a great job, the boss may give you a higher salary if you continue like that !"


"Thanks Ron !" Arthur smiled as his cleaned his greasy hands, the otter went on to repair another car.


"Tomorrow is your birthday right ? Turning 20 aren't you ?"


"YYYEP, My best friend and… Brother plans on coming to celebrate it and my dads… Let's say they have better things to attend to…" He said shuddering a bit as he knew what the two men were about to do.


"What better things would they attend to ?" The otter asked, puzzled at Arthur's word to which, the arcanine made an "o" with his fingers and put two fingers inside the "o".


"Oh that kind of stuff…" Ron laughed hard.


"Yeah, they may be 48 and 44, they still  love having that kind of stuff" Arthur grimaced as he said it but thinks about his birthday. "Can't wait for my birthday, Nathan is gonna be running so fast juqt to gove me a cake" He drools as he said cake, he'd always been obsessed over cake.


Both smiled and they kept working until the day was over, the arcanine then went back home, took a shower and went to bed, tomorrow was gonna be his birthday and he was quite excited for it.


Meanwhile inside his body, laid a dormant gene that was passed down from his great grandpa, he never knew about this and he was going to learn it the hard way.


The next day was his birthday, his dads wished him a happy birthday and as he came to work, his colleague wished him too.


"Hey, 20 now ?" Ron said.




"You still have a lot to live for pup " The otter smiled.


"I ain't a pup !" Arthur laughed.


"To me you are" The otter snickered.


They went to work for a while, until Arthur noticed a weird and uncomfortable feeling, his genes started to kick in.


He came out of the car he was repairing feeling lightheaded.


"I… I don't feel great…"


"What's happe- woah ! You hit the gym all of a sudden or ?"


Arthur looked at himself and noticed he had some muscular definition, his pecs started to be noticable.


"What is…" Arthur then felt a weird feeling, he went to the toilet to look at himself.


He looked at his reflection and started to see his muscles bulge, he was growing.


"What's happening to me !?" He exclaimed in pure shock, he looked down and saw his dick got erect, he tried to think about something else but his mind was getting foggy, his genes started to skyrocket his libido, his dick started to grow and his shirt shred.


He saw himself in the mirror and watched as he no longer was a slim arcanine but a big bodybuilder that would participate at mr olympia… But it was not over, no.


His dick tore through his underwear and pants as well as his balls that were the size of oranges and quickly got bigger.


He felt a weird sensation, he felt hungry like he hadn't eaten in days and as he touched his dick, he felt that hunger getting satisfied as if he was eating.


Without much control he started jacking off, his muscles growing even more, he had no control over himself as he flexed to the mirror, a huge grin on his face, he loved it all, he looked way bigger than everyone, he looked like a greek god.


His balls quickly became the size of a watermelon as he reached 7 feet tall and he was huge, 225 pounds of pure muscles.


He kept jacking off until climax hit and he let out a roar.


Ron went next to the door of the toilets, Arthur let out so much cum, he came liters/gallons upon liters/gallons of cum, which started to flood the restroom.


 The otter watched in horror as a flood of cum came down through the door, his boss quickly came into the workshop.


Arthur was unable to stop, it felt like there was no end to this, he kept and kept cumming, he was quickly knees down into his cum, his cock pulsing as it kept shooting huge streams of cum into the walls of the restroom.


Their boss came down the door and started to open it, only for a wave of cum to get out.


Arthur was sitting down inside the toilet, his knees covered in his own spunk and panting loudly.


Both men watched the arcanine, panting loudly.


"What… The… Fuck… Is happening to me…" Arthur said as his cock pulsed.

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After the incident, Arthur went to the hospital trying to know what's happening to him.


A cat doctor came into the hospital room and looked at the 20 year old giant that stood before him.


"Arthur Dalen, 20 years old, suffered a massive growth spurt at his work." Arthur nodded, looking very worried.


"We are currently analyzing your blood sample to know what is happening, the results should come shortly"


Suddenly, an arcanine crashed through the door at full speed, he had a bit of a dad bod, brown fur on his mane, orange fur on his body and black stripes just like Arthur, he had a black beard.


"ARTHUR !" He screamed, standing back up as if he didn't just crash through a door at full speed, he had a very noticeable british accent.


"DAD ARE YOU ALRIGHT ?!" Arthur yelled.


"After I got to deal with yer dad,nothing's gonna hurt me more than his d-" He said before getting cut off.


"DON'T MENTION IT !" His son said in disgust.


The doctor went out.


"What happened son ?" He sat next to him, smiling slightly, it looked weird as he had always been taller than his son and now his son looked like a giant compared to him.


"I don't know… I was at my job, then I felt lightheaded and then I got bigger and bigger."


"Oooooh ooooh…" The older arcanine exclaimed.


"...Dad you are scaring me…" Arthur's ears flopped down out of worry, his dad sighed.


"You know how your grandpa had like…  50 siblings ?" His dad said with an awkward grin.


"What does it have to do with this ?" Arthur looked at his dad in sheer confusion.


The doctor came back.


"Alright we looked through your analysis everything is fine, you seem to have a special condition that is inherited from parents or grandparents, it seems like you have the ability to change you muscular structure to their own desire as well as an extreme libido"


"UH ?!" Arthur looked at the cat, shocked.


"Ok lemme get that straight for ye son. Yer great grandpa used to be a heck of a man because he had those special genes, not only was he the perfect male specimen… But also he was incredibly potent… Which is why your grandpa had 50 siblings and you basically inherited genes and you will have to fuck for the… Rest of… Your life…" He said, trying to sound the least concerned.


"WHAT ?!" Arthur's voice shook the room and could be felt through the rooms.


"My eeaaaars !!!! Speak quieter." His dad said.


"W-what am i going to do ?! I can't work if i need to fuck 24/7 !!" The huge arcanine said in panic.


"I… I know… Your great grandpa struggled with this too, I never thought that would ever kick into you." The older arcanine said, sitting next to his enormous son.


Arthur saw his dick drool with a huge amount of precum.


"For fuck sake…" Arthur said in disbelief


"I'm sorry Arthur, maybe there is a way to calm it after all with modern technology there could be something for it" He looked at the doctor, hoping for a solution.


"I'm sorry, it's hard to do, especially considering how rare that condition is. Only a few people have this condition … Or well… Not with the ability to grow at least, but anyway, you can go back home."


Arthur went out of the hospital with his dad, towering over him, Arthur kept looking down, visibly distressed by his situation.


"... Listen if nothing works out, you're still welcome back home, your dad won't care about it and he'll understand it"


"... Thanks… But i think i'll need a moment"  His dad nodded then drove back home as Arthur went to his own.


He went in, and took off his very tight clothes as he went to the bathroom, he was gonna brush his fangs then go to bed but then he looked at himself in the mirror and flexed, his balls emitted some noises as he felt "hungry" again.


".... Might as well have some fun while i'm at it.'' He took a black t shirt and some pants and went to a bar downtown.


He went into the bar and sat down at the counter, he was never a fan of alcohol so he didn't ordered anything, he looks around, trying to find a cute guy to fuck with.


"So if i need to fuck gotta find some-" He thought but his thought got cut off by a fox next to him that immediately started to flirt with him, which surprised him.


"Hey there big guy~ New 'round here ?" He said approaching the huge arcanine.


"I… Yes~" Arrthur grinned.


"Would you like me to give you some fun ?~ You are quite the huge stud~" He said, starting to touch on Arthur's pecs and abs, his abs were so big that they were bigger than the fox's hands.


"Bingo, found a cumdump" The huge arcanine thought with a smirk, without any hesitation he carried the fox.


"So, where do you want me to go cutie~" Arthur said, getting impatient.


"To my appartment~ i'm just right next to the bar~" Arthur went into the apartment, opened the door and put the fox on the bed, both undressed.


"Ooooooh myyyyy you've been lifting alot big guy~" To this comment, Arthur flexed into a double bi pose.


The fox went on all four while lifting up his ass, Arthur licked his lips in anticipation, he took off his underwear and the fox gasped in awe as he saw that 1 meter of cock.


"Oh my god, you're huge !"


"Hehehe~ wait till you see that huge arcanine in action !~" Arthur put the tip of his monster cock next to the fox's ass, precum dripping like a faucet.


"Hmmm give it to me big guy" Arthur penetrated him, the fox moaned and his tail wagged as he was being penetrated by that huge Arcanine, stretching his ass.


Soon enough Arthur's whole cock went inside, it was so big that it could be seen inside the fox's belly, throbbing violently.


"Hm… please fuck me" Arthur let all of his instincts kick in as he violently fucked the fox who screamed in pleasure.


"HOW DO YOU LIKE IT CUMDUMP ?!" Arthur yelled in a very dominant tone.




"You're quick to know your place~" He gave a big pound and the fox started to cum already.


"hmmmm yes daddy, cum inside me !~ Release yourself !" Arthur hit the fox's prostate with so much strength that the fox's screams could be heard in the entire apartment.


Arthur let out a massive roar as gallons upon gallons of cum went into the fox, his belly quickly tripled in size, moaning as he felt all of that warm sperm get inside his body.


Each shot of cum made the fox's belly swell more and more as he screamed in pleasure and cummed himself.


Arthur had his tongue out, feeling his hunger for sex getting satisfied more and more.


Arthur kept cumming until the fox's belly made him touch the ceiling.


"Phew ! I think…"


"Hmmm mmm sho full" The fox had some cum in his mouth, some of the sperm spilled from his ass.


"Wow, went all out did i~" 20 seconds after cumming he felt his libido kick in again


"AGAIN ?! Does it even end ?" He looked at the fox but realized he can't fuck him, he was already at his brim… If he did agains he would blow him up.


Arthur wrote his number on the nearest piece of paper and put it next to the fox.


"I'll see you next time, cutie, i need more men to fuck" The huge arcanine said before going out, the night was going to be WILD with that arcanine in town.


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Arthur spent the whole night with a bunch of hookups, he felt restless, every man filling his hunger for sex more and more, his libido really was extreme, he had to hookup with about 10 guys before his libido left him alone.


He went back home and immediatly his phone vibrated as he received a bunch of messages from the guys he fucked, all sounded eager for more later and arthur grinned, maybe that was his ticket to live a normal life, a bunch of hookups, he went to bed and slept, feeling more relieved now.


The next morning he got back to work but everything seemed hard, his libido really started to be a pain in the ass or rather… Dick.


He tried to repair something but his dick kept getting in the way and his outfit was wet with pre.


"Arthur can i see you in my room for a moment ?" Arthur gulped as he went to the boss's office.


"I'm truly sorry for what is happening to you but… I don't think we can keep you." His boss said in a rather serious tone.


"What ?! No no please, I'll learn to control myself ! I promise !" Arthur panicked.


"No, hypers don't tend to be able to control themselves and seeing how your… Appendage keeps getting in the way, we can't keep you, i'm truly sorry"




"Don't make this harder than it has to be, you've been a great employee but we can't have customers complain about you constantly ejaculating inside their cars or anything." Arthur stood up, nodded and went out.


"What's up buddy ?" the otter said confused.


"I'm fired…"


*Oh… I'm sorry for you."


"I'll take my stuff and go… Thanks for everything anyway" Arthur said as he went out and got back home.


On the other side of the town, an iguana at a local pastry shop put a cake on the counter, his horse intern looked at him weird.


"I… Don't see any customers ? Why did you put that cake here ?"


"Oh he's coming you'll see him" Said the iguana, crossing his arms.


The horse's eyes widen as he saw a brown wolf with a snowflake tatoo on his muzzle, a red and blue vest and a T-shrt with a blue snowflake inside his vest bolt through the door, without stopping a single second, the wolf sent the cake flying through the air, spinned and slapped the money on the counter, caught the cake, bolted through the door and went the other


"WHAT ?!"


"Say hello to the Brown Blizzard hahaha !" The iguana laughed as he put the money in the cash register.


This wolf is Arthur's best friend and adopted brother: Nathan


Nathan knows Arthur since their childhood and have always been there for each other ever since, while Arthur is not the fastest of arcanines, Nathan is… incredibly fast, he's an addict of parkouring, as such, everytime he gets the chance he will show off his quick and swift moves.


Nathan also really loves to run, in fact as i am narrating, he is running through the town, cake in his arms.


Nathan jumped and grinded on a rail then jumped to a window and jumped in front of Arthur's apartment, sighing at the run he just did.


Arthur sat on his couch, crushed under his weight and looked at the ceiling, contemplating the fact he may never find a job…


Then a knock could be heard and Nathan opened the door.


"Sup AR- AH WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU, WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN ARTHUR'S HOUSE" Nathan yelled as he looked at the huge arcanine.




"How can i believe you ?!" Arthur, stood up and showed his lighning marking.


"That and also, remember that time you crashed through a wall just to skip a chemistry class ?"


"Ha ha good times… WAIT WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU ?!" The wolf said in shock.


"Dad just told me, i have some genes in  my body, i'm a hyper now"


"So you are big and… Muscular aren't you ?" *He approached and groped on his brother's biceps. "Always wanted to know how that felt like." 


"And my libido is stupid high, i'm currently so pent up" His dick is throbbing wildly.


"That sounds great !" Nathan said, with a big smile.


"It's. NOT. I just lost my job, what the fuck do i do ?!" Nathan put the cake on the table and sat next to Arthur.


"You can alw-" He said before getting cut off by the big arcanine.


"No i can't, with this libido i can't do shit" The hyper arcanine said in a pretty angry tone.


Nathan cringed a bit at the sight of his best friend and brother being so miserable but then he realized something.


Nathan works as a cameraman for a studio called Lengen, a studio that does many kinds of movies and scenes, but also had gay porn , which got him a good grin.


"Hmm There Is a job for you…" He said with a smile.


"Like what ? Lumberjack ? Construction worker ? Nah none of that will work" Arthur said in a grumpy tone.


"Ever wanted to be a porn star ?"


"Porn star ?" Arhur's expression changed from miserable to curious.


"It just so happens the studio I work at is having trouble as they need porn actors and the cost of viagra and all that is getting too expensive so… What IF ! YOU ! Become a porn actor ?!" Arthur thought about it, He was right, in fact, that seems like the perfect job, getting paid for fucking men while also being able to take care of his libido.


"But do I need anything ?" Arthur said, unsure of the offer.


"I don't think you will, after all, with that GOD-LIKE BOD of yours, no way they don't pick you !" Nathan said as he pointed at different muscles on his body. "Like those huge biceps or these pecs, abs, those-"


"Yeah i get it i get let me get dressed up" Arthur laughed as he stood up.


"Wait, how about a bit of relooking ?"


"Hm ?"


"After all, that overall of yours won't cut it"  Nathan points to the mechanic overall Arthur was wearing, all ripped up.


"I love it tho ! I love blue"


"Hmmm I think we should make you have the image of a proper porn star waddya think ?" Nathan smiles


" Hmmm Sure, let's do it"


"Cum with me !" Nathan said, giggling.




Nathan laughed way too hard and went to the clothing store with him.


They went inside and went on the aisle for shirts but Nathan noticed his friend, visibly feeling uncomfortable.


"What's up buddy ?" Nathan said.


"Horny… Like… Fuuuuck"


"Is it THAT bad ?" Arthur looked at him then shifted his gaze to his huge erection.


"Oh yeah it IS THAT bad !


"How do we deal with this ?"


"I-i need to fuck…" The arcanine said, feeling his sexual needs getting stronger.


"Uhhh uhhh we could uhhh…" Nathan panicked.


"Ok fuck it." Arthur lifted his arms up.


"I NEED TO FUCK, WILLING TO FUCK ANYONE, COME AT ME IF YOU WANT" his voice boomed through the whole store and Nathan slowly crouched, blushing.


"Oh my fucking god you did not just do that…." He hid his face in embarrassment.


"Uh i… I would like to ?" A pretty slim manectric said sheepishly, Arthur didn't hesitate and lifted him up.


"Where'd Ya wanna get fucked ?" Manectric pointed to the toilet, blushing.


"You, take care of the whole thing and find me some clothes, as for you cutie~. Hope you're ready for the fuck of your life !" He went to the restroom, almost smashing the door.


Nathan slowly rose up.


"I… I regret every decision of my life that led to this moment…"  Nathan started to look for clothes.


Arthur pinned the manectric to the wall, making him feel his muscles as he undressed, the manectric touched and licked his abs, the arcanine took off his clothes and pulled in for a kiss, entering his tongue into the moaning manectric.


"Alright, with all that pre gushing, don't think I'll need lube with you" He said as he plunged his cock deep into the manectric who screamed in pleasure.


The manectric kept screaming as Arthur went hard on him, pounding him as he slightly pulled his whole weight on him against the wall, pinned by the huge abs and pecs of the greek god that Arthur is.


The manectric started cumming, screaming so loud that his cries were heard throughout the shop, making Nathan cringe.


"You like this you little slut ?!~ You like this arcanine pounding you right ?!~" Arthur groaned as the manectric moaned.


"Y-y-yes ! Please destroy me !!!~" He moaned and Arthur's poundings were event stronger, crushing his prostate, making the manectric scream his lung out.


Arthur ended up roaring, giving one last thrust as gallons upon gallons of cum came out of his huge appendage, filling the manectric and inflating his belly more and more as some even came out of his mouth.


After a few moments, Arthur came out of the toilets and went to his brother.


"Feeling better for now but I need to do it again soon so let's be quick."


"Bro… never do that again when i'm here, this was the most embarrassing thing ever…" The wolf says still hiding.


"What would be worst, a friend about to jizz or your friend calling for a quick fuck ?"


"Just not right next to me man, anyway, found you some clothes" Arthur took it and started to dress himself, he came out with a dark blue shirt with a black shirt inside with a lightning bolt and black shorts.


"Looking good, you even took a lightning bolt T-shirt like when we were teens"


"Hehe ! You still wear yours so fogured i'd wear one too… But umm… You think that's enough ?"


"I mean yeah it looks good." Arthur wasn't very convinced, he looked around and noticed a pair of sunglasses, he picked them up and wore them.


"How 'bout that ? Always wanted to have some sunglasses !" He flexed with a grin.


"You look like a cool surfer !... Or whatever it gives you a cool look. Now, let's pay and get you this job."


In the restroom, the fox from last night saw the manectric who now had a huge belly and could barely move.


"Got fucked by that Arcanine ?"


"Hmmm Yes ?~ How did you know ?"


"Just… Guessing" he laughed.


Nathan went into the studio and went to his boss's room, his boss was a stoutland named Max Yrstave.


His long "mustache" was braided in diamond shape, he had a nice formal suit and a blade was encased in a glass cabinet in the room, the sword covered in a mysterious crystal, the cabinet also having a strange outfit.


The Stoutland was finishing a call when Nathan opened the door.


"Hey boss, remember when you said you needed a new actor ?" Nathan said, coming over.


"Yes ? Why's that ? We need a muscular  man for our next porn videos" His boss said, he had a noticeable french accent.


"Yes yes I have one, my brother !"


"..... You mean that Mecanic you tell me is obsessed with machines and whom you keep calling nerd ?" He said, unsure of Nathan's proposition.


Nathan let out an awkward laugh as Arthur peeked his head out of the door.


"Really ? Nerd ?"




"Whatever you say meep meep"


"HEY… BUT anyway, something happened to him not long ago and i'd think you would like it."


Arthur  wen through the door but had to go sideway to pass through it, Max's eye widened.


"Oh my he's huge…" Max muttered as he looked at the arcanine from up to down. "Ahem, welcome, please take a seat mister… Dalen right ?"


"Arthur, Arthur Dalen"


"Alrght Arthur, any experience as an actor ?"


"I do not have any unfortunately but i am eager to learn"


*Hmmm mmm, you're a casual at sex ?" Arthur put his arms on the table and approached his head.


"If you are scared about me not being suitable in terms of sex, i'm ready to work the minimum wage for each movie i am in, everything so i can let myself free from this raging sex drive or mine and i do mean A-NY-THING to get it under control" Max stood there silent…


"This libido is troubling you ?"


"I lost my job because of it bu-"


"You are hired, here in Lengen we are built around on thing." He approched his head to Arthur. "Second chances, they couldnlt handle you as a mecanic ? Well welcome as our new Porn actor and handyman."




"You will be paid to do sex but also to work as our repairman slash handyman, you will repair broken cameras, equipement, etc…"


"I… Wow, I don't know what to say…"


"I'm sure that you will also ensure a bright future to the studio… If you are successful which… Considering all of those features… Will likely happen. You will be paid handsomely and the studio will gain lots of money and traction" Max said with a sly smile.


"Thank you ummm…"


"Mister Yrstave. Now go to room B so we can start the filming ! No need for viagra to start, i'm guessing" Arthur shook his head and went to room B almost rushing.


"Look at him go" Nathan laughed.


"Nathan, back to work…" Max said in a serious tone as he ran toward Room B.


Both entered the room, the cameraman started to say hi to Arthur but he did not care and went for the bed where a slim leopard was sitting, Nathan took anotherf position to film.


"Name's Arthur and i'm your hook up for now"


The cameramen started their cameras and Arthur immediately took off his clothes as well as the leopard, Max arrived and looked pissed as he saw the filming start without his saying but then he saw Arthur.


Arthur's dick was throbbing, the leopard's jaw dropped.


"Want a taste of it ?! Then suck it !" The leopard started to lick the arcanine's huge appendage, drinking some of the precum hungrily.


"Good boy, you know your place, suck me dry ! Lemme fill you till you blow up !"


The Leopard increased his pace which had the arcanine groan, Max liked the sight, not only was this incredibly erotic but he knew this was perfect for the studio.


The more the leopard's movement increased the less Arthur had control over himself and something weird happened with his body.


"YES, SUCK THAT HUGE DICK LEMME SHOW YOU WHO'S THE ALPHA HERE" Everyone's eyes widened as they saw that incredible mountain of muscle grow, his muscles started growing, he quickly rose from 2.1 meter to 2.7 and soon 3 meters, the belly started to heavily groan as he took on more mass and size.


Arthur put his cock inside of the leopard's mouth who's gagged a bit, his dick being bigger than the Leopard's body, he moaned hard as Arthur wildly fucked his mouth.




Arthur roared as Gallons of cum violently came out of his dick, the Leopard's belly quickly getting fat, the bed cracking and crumbling under their weights.


"HMMMMM !!~" The Leopard screamed


Arthur kept cumming and roaring as the leopard grew fatter and fatter.


As Arthur finished, he went back to 2.1 meters and the leopard's belly pushed him a bit.


"What the ?! Arthur you grew for a moment ?"


"Uh ?" Arthur looked at himself, confused and looked back at Nathan and Max.


"You were growing ! You were like 3 meter tall"  Nathan exclaims, surprised.


"Really ?..." Arthur looked in front of him then was lost in his thoughts… He then concentrated and he started to grow again.


"Man this… Fellow is quite the interesting one" Max said, Arthur hit the ceiling at a surprising height of 5 meters tall.


"..... You don't like it don't you ?" The stoutland looked at Arthur's discomfort and watched him shrinking back to his original size.


"That's fine but… I don't think i'll do that often, I don't wanna be unfair… But if i can destroy someone's ass…" He changed his gaze towards the guy he just fucked and winked which made him wag his tail and blush.


And this… Is the start of a new porn star and his name is Arthur Dalen.


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