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This is pretty much my fursona's story (on my pfp) So... Enjoy ig


Llitas is a rather big town in the kingdom of Lytia, rather well known as the city of hope.


And this is where Arthur was born, he was never really tall, being a pretty average 1m80 or 5'10 and with a pretty slim body, he has always been a fair man, always loved the King's philosophy of life:"Worth can only be proven through hardships and sweat instead of easiness, it will always be better to show how good you are if you struggle than doing it the easy way" And he had always maintained those thoughts, he always wants fairness and equality for everyone he knows.


His family was well known by the royalty, although Arthur did not know about it all, his family were known by them as the strongest men in the kingdom and the most potent men to exist in this world or rather… From great grandpa to great grandson.


But enough of that… You want to know what is happening right ? Let us begin then.


Everything started at Arthur's job, he worked as a mechanic, repairing cars and all that.


It was the day before Arthur's 20th birthday, he was very greasy, his fur coated in black oil as he finished repairing a car.


"Arthur, are you done with the car, i need some tools" A big otter exclaimed out loud.


"Yeah sure, i checked everything and this baby is raring to go"


He gave the tools to the otter. 


"Thanks, you're doing a great job, the boss may give you a higher salary if you continue like that !"


"Thanks Ron !" Arthur smiled as his cleaned his greasy hands, the otter went on to repair another car.


"Tomorrow is your birthday right ? Turning 20 aren't you ?"


"YYYEP, My best friend and… Brother plans on coming to celebrate it and my dads… Let's say they have better things to attend to…" He said shuddering a bit as he knew what the two men were about to do.


"What better things would they attend to ?" The otter asked, puzzled at Arthur's word to which, the arcanine made an "o" with his fingers and put two fingers inside the "o".


"Oh that kind of stuff…" Ron laughed hard.


"Yeah, they may be 48 and 44, they still  love having that kind of stuff" Arthur grimaced as he said it but thinks about his birthday. "Can't wait for my birthday, Nathan is gonna be running so fast juqt to gove me a cake" He drools as he said cake, he'd always been obsessed over cake.


Both smiled and they kept working until the day was over, the arcanine then went back home, took a shower and went to bed, tomorrow was gonna be his birthday and he was quite excited for it.


Meanwhile inside his body, laid a dormant gene that was passed down from his great grandpa, he never knew about this and he was going to learn it the hard way.


The next day was his birthday, his dads wished him a happy birthday and as he came to work, his colleague wished him too.


"Hey, 20 now ?" Ron said.




"You still have a lot to live for pup " The otter smiled.


"I ain't a pup !" Arthur laughed.


"To me you are" The otter snickered.


They went to work for a while, until Arthur noticed a weird and uncomfortable feeling, his genes started to kick in.


He came out of the car he was repairing feeling lightheaded.


"I… I don't feel great…"


"What's happe- woah ! You hit the gym all of a sudden or ?"


Arthur looked at himself and noticed he had some muscular definition, his pecs started to be noticable.


"What is…" Arthur then felt a weird feeling, he went to the toilet to look at himself.


He looked at his reflection and started to see his muscles bulge, he was growing.


"What's happening to me !?" He exclaimed in pure shock, he looked down and saw his dick got erect, he tried to think about something else but his mind was getting foggy, his genes started to skyrocket his libido, his dick started to grow and his shirt shred.


He saw himself in the mirror and watched as he no longer was a slim arcanine but a big bodybuilder that would participate at mr olympia… But it was not over, no.


His dick tore through his underwear and pants as well as his balls that were the size of oranges and quickly got bigger.


He felt a weird sensation, he felt hungry like he hadn't eaten in days and as he touched his dick, he felt that hunger getting satisfied as if he was eating.


Without much control he started jacking off, his muscles growing even more, he had no control over himself as he flexed to the mirror, a huge grin on his face, he loved it all, he looked way bigger than everyone, he looked like a greek god.


His balls quickly became the size of a watermelon as he reached 7 feet tall and he was huge, 225 pounds of pure muscles.


He kept jacking off until climax hit and he let out a roar.


Ron went next to the door of the toilets, Arthur let out so much cum, he came liters/gallons upon liters/gallons of cum, which started to flood the restroom.


 The otter watched in horror as a flood of cum came down through the door, his boss quickly came into the workshop.


Arthur was unable to stop, it felt like there was no end to this, he kept and kept cumming, he was quickly knees down into his cum, his cock pulsing as it kept shooting huge streams of cum into the walls of the restroom.


Their boss came down the door and started to open it, only for a wave of cum to get out.


Arthur was sitting down inside the toilet, his knees covered in his own spunk and panting loudly.


Both men watched the arcanine, panting loudly.


"What… The… Fuck… Is happening to me…" Arthur said as his cock pulsed.

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15 hours ago, Arcalpha said:

"What… The… Fuck… Is happening to me…" Arthur said as his cock pulsed.

Welp. You gonna be ROYAL!

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