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The Superflu - The Hypertrophic Pandemic


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Sydney Australia 04/16/14


The reporters entered in full force, with the CNN doctor on assignment instructing everyone how to properly suit up prior to entering the patients ward. 


"Everyone, a single leak could mean infection, that is why it is YOUR responsibility to ensure you are safe and not spread this any further is that clear? double check your seals and lets head out" Dr. Johns smiled as he lead the reporters through the makeshift isolation ward. The place air was fetid with the smell of cum and sweat, the beds were filled with groaning moaning grunting men, all of them incredibly buff, so much so not a single one could actually reach their immense constantly hard cocks, the smallest of which was just over 2ft long by the looks of it!


"Excuse me, Dr Johns" David asked, while lowering his camera "These men, they don't really look..that bad off, I'll be honest! I mean....LOOK at them! This guy here he could be Mr Universe and he's the smallest!" David was feeling himself grow hard staring at these horny supermen, all so thick with muscle, laying on makeshift cots that barely fit their 7-10ft tall bodies, sweat and cum caking into their furry flexing throbbing muscles.


"Are you kidding me?" The doctor replied only to have his sentence interrupted, a deep, low chuckle! David turned his camera to the corner, standing there, wearing tiny ill fitting glasses, was a mountain, the reason for the supremely high tents, this man was immense! A solid black wall of muscle easily 15ft tall, a hard cock throbbing so massive the tip of it was brushing the base of his pecs. David was in shock wondering who this man was, until he handed a chart to one of the female nurses.


"I'm Dr Alex King, one of the first on the scene before we really realized how intense this virus was, and how contagious it was. It might SOUND fun to be a monstrous musclebound beast Uhh 'David' it says on your namebadge? yes. These muscles are incredible" *He flexed biceps in a double bi pose the thick veins bigger around than the silent camera man's fingers as the peaks on the biceps only seemed to thicken with each passing second. "BUT at what cost? I'm almost constantly aroused, picture having the bluest balls of all time, all day long" The doctor broke it down for the group. "Imagine being so immensely powerful and HUGE you can't enter a building, or drive a car!" He said shaking his head as he watched a nurse collecting a bucket nearby


"But Doctor King, I mean, not everyone gets as big as you!" David answered, trying to find the bright side


"I can't talk to my family, my father, my brother I'll never kiss my son goodnight again! This is not at all what you think it is." Dr King let out another sigh as the towering black behemeth crouched, his thick leg muscles flaring as he did. "OK nurse, I believe Patient 32 is ready again." he patted the whimpering muscle beast on his shoulder "that's ok, she's coming, stay calm" the group watched on in awe as the nurse positioned the bucket at the end of his throbbing 4ft long monster cock and gave it a single stroke, and like a firehose going off the cum blasted over and over into it, almost filling the 4 gallon bucket to the rim. The tired man let out a satisfied grunt as Dr King watched on.


"Fantastic, no further growth this time, that's a good sign." He smiled at the nurse as his massive hand took hold of the heavy bucket, carrying it to the side for disposal. He returned back to the camera crew


"At this time, we don't know why some men just grow to a point and stop and other...less fortunate ones, continue to grow. I myself was only 5'4 prior to infection, and have struggled to restrain from any further ejaculations as I do not wish to risk any further increase in-" his train of thought was interrupted as the nurse brushed past him, his immense cock, thicker around than her waist, trembling as he gripped the base of it with both hands!


"ohh GOD" he groaned as he struggled to move back to turn around and aim for the disposal buckets but the first blast shot right through the air with the force of a car and knocked David to the ground, smashing his camera and half drowning him in cum! The rest of the reporters watched in terrified awe as the towering black doctor continued to spurt and spasm, grinding his hard cock against the ground, trying desperately to stop any further transmission of the virus itself! "Ohh GOD it's so HARD to STOP" he moaned, his muscled arms stretching down growing longer and thicker still until he could barely bend them again, his shoulders spreading further apart as the crew watched, some more terrified than others. His deepening voice sounding TERRIFYING as he continued to cum, the entire corner of the room being just covered in his seed! The reporters struggled to get out of the way of his legs as they continued to stretch behind him, his bulging bubble butt flexing with each shot, swelling bigger and fuller until it was standing out almost 2ft on his immense frame, all before the growth finally stopped.


Now the thick coarse hair spreading just over his chest had grown across most of his body, incredibly dense as his panting heaving pecs throbbed so full he could no longer see down past them! Struggling to stand up, he hit the 17ft high ceilings and swore, now almost 20ft of muscled GOD his head fell into his hands and he started to cry.


Doctor Johns helped David to his feet and with a saddened look watched the man already starting to cough, though it could have been from the copious cum he'd accidentally inhaled, either way, this man was now stuck here. "Well David it looks like you got your wish!" 

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Haha you say he's lucky but he was going to be visiting his family after this shoot, and now he's stuck! Who knows how BIG he'll get, or if he's even infected! That's the scary part, absolutely anyone could become infected!

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Seriously, anyone can just jump in and start writing! you don't have to be as long winded as me! just add!


New York USA 04/19/14


The crowded, packed city bus was driving down the outskirts of the city's center as Kevin and his friend Alex sat, talking back and forth. 


"Have you SEEN it man? all over the goddamned news! guys growing left and right, I saw this one CNN video they had a guy, a big beasty black doctor he was like..he was like IMMENSE man!" Alex was far too excited over this whole thing as his friend just shrugged, but still he went on "I dunno maybe it hits black guys more than others? That's lucky for you!" he beamed


"I dunno about that, I saw a report of a guy in Germany who was even BIGGER than the doctor they had to like airlift him out of his neighbourhood with multiple helicopters." Kevin replied "I just think it hits different guys differently, but I will take a pass thank you!" He laughed as his friend shook his head


"No, no man, I think you're missing out!" Alex let out a cough as the entire bus seemed to flinch and look his way. "I've been out there, in as many crowded places as possible, I've heard the WHO has upgraded this to full on pandemic man! I am NOT missing out on this!" another cough as sweat was already beading off his face. Slowly other passengers started to move back, out of his way, one woman frantically ringing the bell as she scooped up her small boy, covering his mouth with her hand.


"how DARE you! trying to endanger every person on this entire bus! you are a TERRIBLE person!" she snapped at him as others nodded in agreement. The angry mob both leering and shunning him at once.


"Guys, guys, this idiot could just have a cold, he's been coughing since this morning, remember there are other flu's out there in the world to catch OK? seriously, he's an idiot but let's not get crazy ok?" Kevin stood between his friend and the angry passengers, as the situation slowly disarmed itself, and they all sat back down into their seats. The bus pulled just a few feet forward before Alex started to cough again.


"Seriously man, you are starting to worry me here you need to get away from these people, what if you really are infec-Uhnnnn" Kevin stopped as he let out this deep guttural moan as his lean thin body went completely rigid! Fellow bus riders all turned to watch, breathless as he let out another moan, and punched a whole through the bus wall!


His long lean arms started to thicken as his knitted sweater grew tighter with each throb, his dark skin covered in sweat as Alex stared on, jealous and more than a little aroused! The bus lurched to a stop as people struggled to get out by any means necessary, this growth hitting the poor guy seeming to be so powerful his body could barely contain it! His shirt stretched so tight now, you could see the sweatsoaked skin through the weave, and the thick network of veins pulsing up and down every slab of slowly swelling muscle!


"GOD man...not FAIR!" Alex said as his friend just roared again, his feet swelling thicker inside the shoes until they finally SNAPPED, the hightops bursting at the seams as his toes started to flex and swell! the muscles growing up his calves to his quads as his pants started to fray and bust at the seams! In a single SURGE of growth his height went to a full 8ft, stretching down the aisle of the bus as his pecs started to thicken more! His lats spreading as the sides of the sweater started to thin, the seams slowly stretching and popping, one after another as his swelling biceps started to thicken and throb, the shredding snapping sound of his sweater being drowned out by his grunts and deepening roars.


"FUCK OFF! THIS feels SOO....GOOD" he groaned, his mind being overwhelmed by the orgasmic pleasure of this incredible transformation as his head stretched up the back wall, pressing against the roof, his chin burrowing into his now bare pecs as his torn sweater was down to just a few threads, his massive torso having grown into this overmuscled roid gut, expending bigger and thicker and ROUNDER by the second, this rock hard wall of abs growing out of control as he put his foot through the floor of the bus! "FUCK not STOPPING" he groaned as his broad foot started to spread across the ground, his other stretching down the interior of the bus, his calves growing diamond hard as he smashed through row after row of bus seat!


"Get the FUCK OUT OF HERE ALEX" his deep voice seemed to grow deeper with each spurt, as finally his pants burst at the seams, his sweat soaked body flexing as it bulged and throbbed out of control, as in a single surging throbbing spurt his cock lurched up against his expansive roid gut and crashed down in the center of the aisle! Precum leaking steadily  as the now 10ft tall wall of black bulging muscle was clearly losing his mind!


His back and shoulders were hunched up against the ceiling as the metal started to bend and bow and flex and shear his friend nervously shaking at the tip of that immense cock, bigger than a basketball by this point and stretching past 4ft long! He reached forward, only to be grabbed! Turning nervously to see men in hazmat suits pulling him to "Safety"


"NO! NO! let me go back in!" Alex cried, watching his friends head and massive shoulders push up through the roof! his body growing and GROWING as his groans were filling the now cordoned off intersection! The military already there, had the entire place quarantined, including a MASSIVE tarp put up opposite the end of the bus with collection/contamination tanks on the ready!


As Kevin's pecs and thick arms flexed he literally split the bus down the middle, unable to even reach his cock past that swollen muscle gut he was stuck grinding against it, precum spurting harder and thicker as his growing spreading back was reaching from one end of the two lane street to the other! "OHH GOD ITS CUMMING" He moaned as the head military agent shouted in his megaphone


"It's OK, you're going to be OK! just aim for the tarp OK?" He watched Kevin groan and nod, as he neared 18ft in height, cum erupting from the tip of that cock and spraying towards the tankers! hosing dozens of gallons all over before the hard black pillar of cock finally crashed down, now 20ft tall he let out a satisfied grunt as collapsed.


"OK boys, let's get him wrapped up and get out of here." The agent ordered as Alex eyed the massive pool sized cum containment unit with a painful throb in his pants...after all..no one seemed to be watching it right now....

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Matthew and Chris were working the for the TSA at the baggage checkage area inside the secure area.  They loved working the inside job as it gave them time to look inside luggage and pass there shift without dealing with idiots trying to bring shit on airplanes.


Matthew always liked this part of the job the best as he was always sniffing jockstraps and underwear.  Matthew was just lifting another pair of Diesel's to his face when...  


"CODE H.  CODE H.  in Terminal A.  GATE 104."  

"CODE H.  CODE H.  in Terminal A.  GATE 104."

The loud speaker system in O"Hare blasted.


Chris and Matthew ran to the security control room, following the message.  Part of their extra duties... they needed to be aware of the situation.  



"Matthew?, Can you believe what we heard about the man, that just grew 34ft in Terminal A?, Should we go check him out?" Chris said.


"I'm not sure we should be leaving our security post here at the TSA counter." Matthew replied.


"I'll only be a few minutes... and when we'll we ever see another 40ft muscle guy... Please, I really wanna see this."


"Okay, okay... Let's go."


Matthew and Chris head down the corridor towards Terminal A.  Both are just curious to see this 40ft man...

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The virus hits people differently! so you could wind up only gaining an inch of height but 500lbs of muscle! or 30ft of height or more! it's totally up to you!

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