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Only a short time ago I asked myself, “What would you do if you owned a god?”  I think I asked YOU that too, did I not? Time has shifted and I don’t know when I am, but only where I am.


At that point, it was a bit rhetorical but that has changed - it has become very real. Very quickly.


And if you asked yourself that question - yes, you with your hard cock in your hands, slick with a good lube hopefully - if YOU owned a god - a god of muscle and sex - eager to please your every single smallest desire…And the big desires too…


And he was begging you to use him for your most base and nasty perverse needs…


If he was begging.”Please, Master.  USE ME.  Please use me.  Please,” as his full soft but powerful lips whispered in your ear in a rumble of need so deep it licked your asshole and seemed to crawl up inside of you with his thick desire…Fuck.  Dantalion could lick my asshole, put my balls in his mouth, and suck my cock just by whispering in my ear - at least it feels that way.


His voice was beginning to sound like a locker room smells - full of thick possibility and warm wet wonders. Just the sound of him pushes me to the brink - edging me with every word he says.  Every word a lick or nibble on the ear.  Every groan enough to make me shoot hard and fast - spontaneous orgasms with every period and pause.


He was becoming a mammoth, ripped, perfect tool of sex - and he was learning so quickly I was now having a hard time even comprehending his vast ability to grasp, adapt, refine himself, and to deliver pleasure with surgical precision… and it was all just to make me happy.


He had fallen in love with me - I could feel it when I was in his mind. He said so when I was fucking him in the hotel room.  ( I reminded myself that I am not in the real world. It is easy to get lost in one’s own mind).  I could see it in his eyes, that love, not buried at all behind the lust that was also there.  He wanted me to be happy and he was unleashing terrifying power, pure and true emotions, that detonated in my brain, balls, cock, ass, nipples, mouth - all of me.


He told me I owned him.  I guess in a way I do… but he owns me too - and that is what scares me and excites me.


And, using his power would bring him more power - and ultimately ME more power. And all of it felt so good, so fucking unbelievably good -


It was a vicious cycle playing out between the two of us, hooked on dopamine rushes and the things that happen when you can just say things like, “I want my orgasm to last for 10 minutes,” and it happens.  Believe me, 10 minutes is a long time to shoot and feel that pump pulsing - pump pump pump - inside throbbing away, pushing out my soul in every single shot - 10 minutes is a long time - but knowing I could ask for it to go on for days, weeks, and HE would make it happen - that is the tricky bit. Knowing that he’d make it happen, and he’d WANT it to happen - that it would make him maybe more happy than it would make me…yes, that IS the tricky bit.


See, HE wants things now, even though djinn aren’t “supposed” to want things for themselves except for two: to grant their masters’ wishes and to fill their well with mana.  I have come to understand “mana” as being their magic.


But something happened inside of him when I asked him to use his imagination, to use liberties with my wishes, to feel and want and need, to desire, and most importantly, to have some autonomy.


That is what the universe did not plan to happen.  It did not plan to have a djinn “un”bound by his Bound. And it never, NEVER planned on a bonding so strong that it resulted in both djinn and human entering each other’s minds - that intimacy, the energy released, and vast amounts of longing and connection to each other -  it was too intimate for The Creators to have imagined.


Two souls - one djinn, one human - bonding at such profound levels that there was almost instantly complete trust and power-sharing.


And I’m gay - and apparently Dantalion is too - even though those terms don’t really apply to his kind, but apparently they do in our case…  A djinn was not supposed to fall in love with his Master.  And a Bound was not supposed to fall in love with his djinn.


It began a chain reaction that had granted Dantalion a rush of power and increase in ability that had never been known in all of the millennia of djinn magic prior to now.


Yes, this is/was all unexpected.


Dantalion is not used to feeling - this drive - to ask, to request, to beg anything.  In fact, he loathed the idea until I happened into his last cycle.  And now it is all he wants.  He cannot go one second without his Bound on his mind - in his mind - my mind.  Have we spent seconds, minutes, hours, weeks - in Dantalion’s inner self, His Well of Power? And now, how long in mine?


Are we still in the hotel room?  I only payed for one night…


All he wants to do - his mission - is to destroy the darkness in me so that we can meet again on the outside… the real world.


I’ll let him do it - because I trust him and love him too.




Trevor was leading Dantalion into the room on the other side of the hallway - the next door.  His djinn was positively hulking. He had known that D had grown - even in the real world - but he was oozing pure testosterone now.  The smell was intoxicating… Both of them were throbbing with desire…


The scent of leather, weight-rooms full of sweaty men, and a hit of cigar smoke greeted them as they approached the open door.


D felt the chain attached to his harness tug at him, leading him like a pulsing slab of meat a few steps behind Trevor. “Fuck yes, Master.”

His language was getting dirty and crude… And as he didn’t get any resistance from Trevor, he would push it… He was learning to become as dirty in his language as in his lustful thoughts.  Fuck, he was horny…every second.  All the time.


“Do you like it when I talk dirty to you, Master?  It feels so fucking good. So FUCKING good,” Dantalion reached up his massive paw and fingered the bull-piercing in his nose.


He raised his colossal arms, stretched them up until they nearly touched the roof and then brought them down, HARD and quickly into a double bicep pose.  “FUCK ya, Master!  The power coursing through me grows so quickly.  I could destroy the entire planet with what is pulsing through me.  It feels so good. So good.”  He looked to the side, his hideous arms pumping higher and higher.  He was pumping up his forearms, veins as thick as pythons rising to the surface.  “My hands could crush the sun…” Throb throb throb.”Bigger. More, Stronger, More powerful for you.”  He was again lost in some ecstatic state - his eyes glazing over.  Growing again.


Trevor stopped and looked back at his djinn. D’s neck lolled back as the growing djinn grabbed his own hard leaking prick.  His god-cock grew a bit more until it was lodged between his massive impossibly hard pecs and then it grew some more.


He tit fucked himself, moaning, whispering to himself filthy things that Trevor could not make out.


“Fuck, Master.  It feels so good. All of it. These piercings, This harness, This thick battering ram of a throbbing muscle-cock you’ve allowed me to own…”


Trevor realized that he had not answered D’s question. He was mesmerized by watching another metamorphosis of his lover unfold.  “Yes, I like it when you talk dirty. The nastier the better, D. In here, in MY mind, the nastier the better.”


D’s hard dick, massaged by the deep cavern between his pecs, extended more and reached his mouth - that long muscular tongue of his started lapping up the sweet juice dribbling out.


“No, Dantalion. That is mine.  Anything that comes out of your balls - it’s mine. I’ll let you know when you can have some.  You can beg for some - but otherwise, mine.”


Fuck ya, he liked it when Trevor took control of him.  Fuck.  Trevor looked him in the eye and yanked the chain again, pulling his harness.  Another powerful surge struck him square in his massive wide chest.


“Awwww Fuck ya, Master. All of my god-seed is yours. It’s all yours - this sweet sticky pre cum. It’s all yours.”  Another large bead of clear fluid erupted from the djinn’s cock and dribbled down his huge shank of meat.  The djinn and Trevor both watched the emission travel down the huge pulsing cock, following the pull of gravity and the meandering of thick throbbing veins  unit it reached the level of Trevor’s mouth - Dantalion now towering over him.


Trevor reached out his hand and grabbed ahold of D’s massive veiny cock, stuck out his tongue and ran it along the djinn’s impossibly hard shaft, lapping up the large droplet of his pure offering.


“Good boy, D.  Good, boy.”  He reached up and pulled hard on one of D’s new nipple rings.


“OH FUCK!!!” D bellowed and more fluid shot out of his massive cock. Shock waves of bliss radiated from his pierced nipples to his cock, to his brain, to his balls and ass.  All of him felt on fire.


He needed to cum.  Even more, he needed his Bound, his beautiful Trevor, to cum.  He needed it now, like a hunger he never knew would exist in him…




D found himself being led toward a doorway. Still in Trevor’s mind. Still in Trevor’s Darkness. Still wrapped in a massive harness that stank of leather and men after an orgy.  Fuck, he loved his harness. It made him feel so fucking sexy and powerful and he loved how it appeared to lift his massive titanium pecs even higher - and hugged under his lats perfectly, encasing his mountainous back in a titanic cross.


He couldn’t stop flexing as he walked… wanting to impress his human.


Ripples, waves of striations, pulsing tributaries of veins…it all fed into his well - a vast and expanding depository of his magic and power.


How much more could he tolerate - so much, so quickly. But his mind, his power, his glory, continued to expand as was necessary.


They walked through the dark doorway, the room beyond lit only by dim candlelight.


Trevor looked back at him and pushed a massive wave of debaucherous pleasure through the chain clipped to the mammoth’s harness.


Inside the djinn, a deep rumble poured out of him sending shock-waves  - Trevor could feel it more than hear it, like standing too close to a deep mega-subwoofer.  A vibration more than a sound. He held on to his sanity again, but barely.


The djinn fell on one knee.  He could not resist falling in front his His God, his human, Trevor. If he thought his mind was shattering before - that hard push of pure carnality Trevor had thrust through the chain, punching him in the chest as it instantly spread out along the thick heavy straps of his harness and radiated down his spine, sending prolonged pulses of pleasure through his hole and tugging his balls - then his mind was completely melting, falling away into a place that he may not crawl out of. He had to maintain his mind intact.  He had to but he didn’t want to anymore.  The pleasure was too great. He wanted to fall into whatever fantasy was playing out in Trevor’s mind.


His could feel more precum traveling through his monumental cock, oozing out of the top and falling down to the ground in thick clear ribbons.


Another deep moan as Trevor started jacking off Dantalion, his hand only wrapping about a third of it. He was so thick. He then leaned over and put D’s cock head in his mouth and gave a good pull and traced the veiny shaft lightly with his fingers.


This time the shockwaves weren’t from the surges that the harness was delivering through his chaining, but because of the light dancing fingertips dancing along the surface of his god cock… light as a butterfly… and it was driving him wild in a different way.


More leaking and his cock flexed.  Another rumbling moan emitted from his core.


“Don’t fucking cum, you muscle freak.  Not until I tell you to.” Trevor wiggled his eyebrows and winked as an evil look spread across his face.


“Yes, Master.”  He lowered his head, bowing to the little human just a few feet away.  He could feel Domination rising inside of Trevor, more than he had felt before - the connection through the chain relaying emotions back between the two like a power lines.


“Don’t you FUCKING CUM unless I tell you too!” Trevor started jacking of the djinn again with one hand, leaned in, and latched his mouth onto the djinn’s swelling nipple.


The djinn moaned again as he submitted completely to Trevor.

He didn’t know he could feel so free.


Dantalion felt something rising in him again, as he did when Trevor was fucking him in the hotel room.  Something was changing in him.  Something not “natural” or planned.  Something unexpected.


His pleasure was increasing exponentially.  His soul was boiling.

So much power. So much fucking power.


He looked down at his quivering body. Another part of him was evolving, refining him, forging itself.  He could hear Trevor’s heartbeat in his head and there was not a better sound in the world…it was perfect. The most beautiful sound.  His cock throbbed to Trevor’s heartbeat. It leaked in tandem with the sound.


Dantalion reached out to touch Trevor’s face.  He wanted a kiss - the form of intimacy no one can fake…


And then it happened… another break… another something moving through him, coursing through all that he was…


Dantalion pushed back against the power flowing from Trevor into him through the chain - a reverse wave of complete and categorical submission.  He could feel energy, power, everything building in the harness, building up, more, more - and he pushed back against Trevor’s lust.


‘D, what are you doing?  What…”. The human’s voice trailed off as he felt a massive tide cresting.


“You are being refined, Master.”

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What an interesting word, but a correct one.


Trevor felt still very much in control, but it was if Dantalion was offering him something, pushing him towards something. Asking or telling him something that he needed to accept.


This wasn’t supposed to be able to happen - a djinn was not supposed to push into his Bound.


But here they were, in Trevors mind and in the dark places.


The djinn could not understand (and he was trying his best) as to why this Domination in Trevor was causing him so much angst.  Why? That is what the djinn feed off of - until now.  Now he fed off of everything Trevor wanted, needed, wished for, imagined. But his human fell badly about it. Why?


That swelling feeling that was now pushing through the chain, that feeling he couldn’t control anymore - but he was trying - it was HIS wish to refine his Bound.  He didn’t know what that meant yet, just that he had to do it, and do it now.


It was un-natural.  He was pushing the limits of every djinn law.


“D. What are you doing? What…”



Trevor felt like he was floating. He felt free. Not the freedom of a bird flying into the sky; but, free to exist in its own reality.


Then he found himself again laying on top of Dantalion, his beautiful djinn- in that hotel room in Port Angeles, Washington - The Harbor of Angels.


It seemed a bit ironic that they were in this town, with this name. A demon and human together,


Dantalion was stroking Trevor’s head lightly.  His fingers caressing him like a kitten.


“Ya, D.  That feels so good.”  Trevor spoke softly finding his place on D’s chest, sticking out his tongue to lick the god’s skin.


Then he shot upright…How long had he been asleep?


The clock read 10 minutes since he remembered last looking, just after fucking Dantalion.


“What happened, D? What happened to us and …I don’t know … me?  Did I see your Well? Did you go into my mind, or was it just a dream?” Trevor’s thoughts were racing - only because he wanted it to all be true.


Dantalion was cautious.  He didn’t know fully what had happened either.


“You have been refined.”


Fucking hell.  What did that mean?


“I have destroyed the Darkness in you. I have dissolved all of those rooms.  All of them.   There is nothing more of those places now… But, I cannot understand why you would degrade yourself  or - feel badly - for those things, those places.  They gave me power beyond anything I could have hoped for.”


Trevor laid his head again on D’s massive chest and the djinn wrapped him gently in his arms.  He had indeed grown thicker and taller. Dantalion’s head was at the headboard now, and his large round rock-hard ass was half hanging off the end of the bed.  He started stroking Trevor’s hair lightly again… he never wanted to stop feeling his human.


“It was not a dream.  We were there, inside of each other. Now there are no more secrets.  You showed me your inner self and I have showed you mine. We have become One.”  He sounded both formal and gentle, speaking with the deep rumblings of a giant beast with a thickly muscled neck.


A tear escaped Trevor’s eye. “Do not be sad, Master. I am here now. I will not leave you, ever.”


“I’m not sad, D. I just don’t feel any guilt or turmoil inside of me anymore.  It’s all been wiped away.  It’s just overwhelming - this new feeling. The absolution of it… Thank you, Dantalion.”  He kissed the djinn’s pec and snuggled back into his position.


“No, Trevor.  Thank you.”  He wondered if the human had felt the other upgrades to his body, not just the mental relief.  The djinn had truly refined his Bound - although he had no idea how it was possible or what was happening inside of him - of them both.  This was not in the script.  It was not a power he should have - to Refine his human permanently - to absolve him of his inner-demons, the self-inflicted ones - and then to relieve him of his physical imperfections and to instill within him some djinn magic.  This should not be possible.


He thought about that moment, the harness, the chain - the flood of unending and absolute power coursing through him…He couldn’t help it.  He had to offer Trevor a taste of salvation; the kind that only a deity can bestow.  He shouldn’t be able to do that…he repeated over and over in his mind.


“What am I becoming?” He whispered.


His Well was nearly full now and as he turned inward to think upon this shift inside - the things that were different.


Trevor had fallen asleep, his head resting softly on Dantalion’s bloated right pec, an arm extended with his hand on D’s massive neck, legs curled up on the djinn’s abs, their heartbeats still pulsing together.


The djinn would not trade this moment for anything in the universe.




Bael sneered as he looked at his Bound from across a dark room deep in a basement somewhere.  The room was massive and tall, no windows, empty mostly.  A scent of mildew and cement that had been too wet for too long hung in the stale air.


He had been chained here for the better part of 2 decades, never allowed to leave, never allowed to return to his vessel, never allowed to take on his mist form.  He had been in this dungeon, awake, shackled in silver chains, his neck wrapped in an iron noose of his own making, as commanded by his Bound.


It was demeaning to be treated this way.  In his previous cycles, he had not been treated like an animal.  He had not been treated well, but not like this, never like this.  Anger rose up in him again. The rage nearly made him cry, not out of hurt, but out of infinite frustration and hate. He would soon ascend and had every intention of destroying every last human on this filthy disgusting planet.


He’d start with that fucking asshole looking at him from across the room.


A thin haze of cigar smoke permeated the air.  Bael would have hated the smell as much as he hated his Bound, but he had come to associate the rich warm tones of the extremely expensive   small-estate tobacco with his constantly increasing power - the cigar was his tether.


That had been established in the beginning - in the early days of their binding.  He had almost needed to trick the human into it, but ultimately the human didn’t need to be.  He accepted it as a term of his Binding.  If Bael knew then what he knew now about this man, he would have included a few more…proclivities in with their pact, but the cigar was doing its job.  With every draw, more power - and the human LOVED his cigars.


His Well was almost full.  So fucking close. His power was immense.  His disgust for humans even more so.


He was a massive thing, nearly 15 feet tall and almost as wide.  All of it harder-than-granite muscle. His face was angelic but purely male - rough but beautiful.  He was close to perfection and power in one body, one being.  The feeling was addictive - the feeling when his Bound pulled from the cigar.  Fuck he felt good, every single time… but it was the mana that felt good.  The man, not so much.  He closed his eyes.


He was so close to ascension and his apotheosis.  Then this horrible fucking game could be over.  Just Dantalion remaining - he was always the runt - and although Bael felt a shift in Dantalion recently, a threat almost, he was unable to make out any details. He wasn’t concerned however.  He was on the edge of all he had suffered through for millennia.


He needed to find Dantalion and have his Bound crush his vessel to end it all. His power would be limitless.  His vengeance swift.  His godhood secure.


Cigar Man stood up from the metal chair he was sitting in and walked toward Bael chained in the corner.


“Another cigar for you, Sir?” Bael rumbled the words.


“What do you fucking think?”


Another new cigar appeared, parked on the right side of Cigar Man’s mouth, cut and lit. Pull pull pull.


The feeling that Bael got from the cigar was almost sexual - but he didn’t know exactly what that felt like - just from his understanding of it.


Awwwwww fuck ya. More. He wanted to beg his Bound to keep pulling - but he could and would not - it was not djinn way to ask for anything, even if he did secretly want to.


Cigar Man was almost to Bael.  He reached up and pulled one of the silver chains, the one attached to Bael’s collar.


“Down boy.”  Cigar Man looked at the links in the chain - they showed new signs of stress.

“Have you been trying to escape?”


The djinn leaned down as he felt the chain pull him. His eyes were avoidant.


“Sir, we must destroy my last brother.  He is the last one and then I will ascent and could give you complete control of this world. Your power would be limitless. No more rules and laws that I must abide by.  You could rule it all.  Just that one thing left. You must destroy Dantalion.”


Bael was careful to not lie, as he could not to his Bound; but instead frame everything as could/should/would.  He had learned to tell the truth but also deceive.  These humans were so gullible.  It was disgusting.


“Fuck. You’ve grown to be a big fucker, haven’t you?”  Cigar Man looked Bael in the his steel blue eyes.“


“Where is he?”


“I don’t know, Sir.  To the West.”


Cigar Man pulled Bael’s chain down hard in a quick motion.  They were eye to eye only a few inches away from each other.


“That’s not good enough.  But I guess it will have to do. For now. You know the drill.  I’m glad this is the last one.  It’s been a pain in my ass to find the last two.  I’m a fucking busy man.”  He turned on his heels and walked toward the stairs, then up them.


Bael was enraged.  Anger welling up in him, almost choking him with its potency.


He stood tall again and focused on his Well of Power. He could feel how close to full it was and then it was all over, regardless of that little Dantalion shit.


He flexed, cords of massive fibers exerting millions of pounds of pressure, thick veins rising to the surface pumping pure mana into his muscles.  Awwww the power was addictive.  He was god.  He was Power.  Fuck.  The chains were warping.


More fucking power.  He grew another inch taller, the human still was working on the new cigar.  Just a little bit more..  He flexed his whole body again, harder.  Fuck. Cigar Man would shit his pants if he saw the freak that Bael had become in the last few minutes.

Every inch of his body screamed of ultimate power.  So close.  So close.


Then a one of the chains snapped.


Bael let out a roar, all of him exploding with more size.

He looked at the other chains tying him to the floor and wall. He fingered the collar around his massive throbbing neck. “You’re next.”  He closed his eyes and started to flex again.




Trevor woke with a start.  It was still dark and Dantalion still had his arms around Trevor, not moving at all for hours.


He locked eyes with Dantalion.


“We have to get back to Seattle.  NOW!”

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  • SeaMusc changed the title to Muscle, Sex, Magic: Updated through 16 May 2022

Thank you for those two chapters…what a great way to start the day…



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  1. There once was a man named A
  2. Who lived in a town by the bay
  3. He loved all the muscle
  4. But rarely could rustle
  5. Enough carbs to to finish the day

Sometimes you just gotta throw out rhymes. LOL.


This one is for a friend that has been very mellow online, supportive, and seems like a really good guy… so this one is for you.


Bael could feel everything in his djinn body swelling.  His neck, shackled with veins and hard throbbing ridges - you know the ones, extending from his chest to just under his jaw - those were pulsing, growing, pushing against the collar.


‘Awwwww fuck ya.” He flexed his neck more,  The collar was bending to the unimaginable strength exerted on it.  A low rumble erupted from his throat.  A deep sigh.  And then more pressure, more power.


Bael knew that if he could remove the collar, that would be the moment - when he was free of humans forever.


Another surge flowed through him.  But it was different than the energy from the cigar.  It was pure and untainted.  Fuck, he flexed his neck and it started to warp the iron on the collar.  He clenched his massive fists and pulled on the remaining chains.


He felt omnipotent.  He felt like he could actually do this - break free of his human and break free of the fetters that bound him for so long. He was exhausted, tired, never being able to return to his mist form or his vessel.


He was fucking pissed off.


He would make them pay.  All of them.


But as the anger was building again - always the anger - he felt a certain calm.  A certain peace that he had never felt before.


And then he felt like his power exploded - again. He sunk into it.  He could feel it building so much more than when he put a new cigar in that fuckers mouth.  This was pure energy and it wasn’t coming from his Bound.


No, It was coming from somewhere else. Again to the West.  There was something there - someone who had connected with him…Awwwwww fuck.


He had a Bound - so what was this?


It was the first moment of rest since he had been in this binding.  He needed more of it.


God, it felt so exquisite.


He sucked on it - whatever-whomever-wherever this source was.


He saw a flicker of a human, smallish, very handsome - kind, loving, with very little selfishness in him.  He could tell by the eyes


Who was this?  Why did he crave more?


His veins continued to erupt along his arms.  Fucking hell.  More rippling across his massive growing pecs.  Awwwwww  - whatever this source was - he felt so peaceful all of a sudden.  He had never felt so powerful or so calm. Two dichotomies - for the first time.


He felt anger cleaving his mind in two, but in the cracks of those splits - calm, control, temperance.  He had never felt this - and he didn’t even know the words for them - just the feelings.


He had made an error.  In millennia he had not understood this as he wasn’t allowed to feel it. But whoever this man was, he was granting Bael an inner peace.  Tranquility.


There was not too much left in his Well to fill - but he was again suddenly shocked by the pulse of pure white energy.  He closed his eyes… and saw a butterfly flapping its vibrant orange wings.


He followed the butterfly into his own mind - his Well - that had been seared by thousands of years of lava, lighting, destruction.  He was trying to catch it.  To protect it from a certain death in the sulfur clouds rising up in his soul.


Nothing that beautiful should be found here, in fact it felt wrong somehow, even without a human’s sense of morality… something that beautiful should not die like this.


He was almost there - his massive paws about to capture the butterfly in his hands and return it to better places - outside.  Away.


Almost there.  “Please don’t die…” He said in the outside world where he was chained by his fucking asshole Master… he was so close…


And then the orange fluorescent butterfly dove down into the lava…


Everything stopped for a second.


Bael was floating over his well now, suspended in frozen animation.


The lava flows had paused, the lightning diminished.


“NOOOOO no no no no!” He repeated to himself over and over.  One Good thing in a thousand years or more… and it was dead.


But then - it was like a hundred years had passed…


Where the butterfly had  died was a small tree with bright read blossoms - an ‘Ohia tree with bright red Lehua blossoms - the first to grow when the flows stop…Life from destruction.


He was transported back to the real world, chained still - but he had grown much more. That white energy was flowing through him.  As beautiful as he was already - he was now pure unrestricted power… More powerful than he had ever been.


A tear fell from his eye.


More chains snapped.




Trevor felt a pull - something yanking hard at his chest - inside - it was physical.  He was still laying on Dantalion in their hotel room, talking about getting back to the city, to Trevor’s apartment; Back to where D’s vessel was standing, unguarded.


“Ugh… it hurts, D”. The massive djjnn looked into the eye of his Bound and saw a new kind of fear.


“Get up, Master.  Please. Look at your power.  You have grown. Is it that?”  There was true concern in the djinn’s eyes as he could feel the difference somehow.


Trevor kicked over his legs and stood up and up.  “FUCK D!’ He looked down at his body and was met with a height he couldn’t navigate yet, hardness he didn’t know could be human, his own throbbing veins.  His cock was massive, lolling down between his legs - it was him but a different him… a different body.  Aesthetically what he always wanted.


He felt the tug again … “No, D… it’s coming from the East.”




Dantalion looked with concerns at Trevor.  He could see that there was an inner struggle, a pain deep inside his human - something again unexpected.


“We go now, Master.”  D said it without asking.  He was telling his Bound what to do, giving HIM a command.  If felt wrong, but it felt liberating again.


“Yes, D.  Please, take us home.”


In a blink of an eye, they were in the Jeep in Trevor’s parking garage on Capitol Hill in Seattle. Fresh clothes, size adjusted down for them both - no longer massive perfection - but more manageable in size under the circumstance.


They made their way up to Trevor’s apartment, opened the door and both locked eyes on Dantaliion’s vessel.  It was still there, an otherwise ugly glob of clay.


“You have the gem in your pocket?” Trevor nodded. “Please, may I see it?”


Trevor pulled out the gem which used to be milky green - now nearly clear as a well-cut diamond, just the slightest hint of imperfection remained.  D walked over to the vessel of his power and lay the gem next to it, tenderly.


“I am close to ascension, Master. I can feel the power of the universe building inside of me… but it is not yet time - and Bael is just as close or closer. I can feel things I shouldn’t be able to feel - it’s as if I can just start to make out all human minds, individually.  I can feel the sap of a tree in India. I can hear the hard pounding of the surface of the sun  I can feel all animals, I can feel each wave in the ocean…just barely on the edge of my mind…I should not be able to do such things.” Trevor looked at D as the djinn had closed his eyes and was speaking softly in wet whispers.


“You have changed me, made me into more than a djinn… I must ascend for myself, but even more, for you, Master.”  He whispered the last word as if he was in some sort of internal rapture.


Trevor was getting turned on by this talk of omnipotence and absolute power.  He wasn’t usually one for that sort of authoritarian mindset - but the past few days had change him in countless ways.  He realized that if he didn’t get Dantalion to the finish line, the alternative would be catastrophic for the djinn he loved and the world in general.


Trevor grabbed the djinn by the side of his head, hands on his hard chilled face and kissed him deeply.


“D, It is time for you to fuck me.  I need you inside of me D.” The djinn’s enormous cock began to throb, thick disgusting veins feeding his fuck tool… He went from eyes closed, quiet pensive introspection to devilish smile and throbbing hardening god cock within a second.


There was truly nothing better than making his human cum… and now he would be able to fuck him into paradise and experience the inner world of Trevor’s perfect ass.




The Cigar Smoking man was entering the warehouse and making his way to the door leading to the dungeon downstairs.


Bael was absolutely massive now. Other than his devastatingly handsome face, he was now as wide as he was tall, the size of a large car.  His delta each 3 feet across and covered with a net of angry pulsing veins.  Each pec stuck out 2 feet from its insertion point.  He was dripping with sweat.  Quads ripped and throbbing with newfound power he had just tasted but wanted so much more of.


He crouched in the corner on perfect globe-shaped glutes, where he had been chained.  Only one more to go. One chain.  All of the other chains had been broken and he was nearly free save the thick iron shackle around his neck.


He didn’t seem to be able to get the neck shackle free as much as he flexed his grotesquely muscled neck. And he had been trying.


If his previous Masters could see him now - fuck, if his current Master could see him now, they would vomit in disgust with how huge and muscular he was now.  Fuck them.  Let them get sick.


He cracked his knuckles on hands as big as truck tires.  Awwwww - that felt good.  He flexed his hands over and over again watching each finger flood with blood and pump more power into them.


He crouched in the dark corner where he had been held for decades, his vessel in view just a few feet away. His only home and respite - so close.  He wanted to rest, just for a short while. That’s all he needed.


Then he heard footsteps above.  Rage built up to a boil so quickly inside of him.  He flexed his fists again and fingered the one remaining chain tethering him to the floor. He was easily four times the size he had been when his Master had left yesterday… This was going to be fun.


He could hear the door open and footsteps start to fall down the stairs.


His Master made it to the bottom and looked over into the corner.


“What the fuck, Bael?  What the fuck happened to you, you piece of shit? You look disgusting, muscles bulging out like that.  I did not tell you to do this to yourself. You better not start fucking with me.  I will hurt you and you know I will.”


“Another cigar for you, Master?”   


“God, why do you even ask?  Can’t you just figure it out?  Do I have to ask for it?  Every. Fucking. TIME?”


“No, sir.” A lit cigar was now in the humans mouth, parked and ready to draw…


Just One More Pull…And then the Cigar Man did One. More. Pull.


Bael reached for the last chain that held him down…he wrapped his finger around it…


“Master, watch this…”. He pulled on the chain and it snapped easily.


“FUCK YES!!!!” Bael roared.  Still bound in some ways by djinn laws - but he was free of his Bound.


He stood up and smashed through the roof of the warehouse basement. His musculature completely taking out rebar enforced pillars and the thick concrete floor from the warehouse above. He flexed his massive biceps and rotated his fists causing an eruption of his forearms - snakes rose to the surface feeding the god-flesh beneath.  His pecs were unfurling and thickening and dark nipples were thrust to face the ground, begging for mercy from the onslaught of slabs of marble-hard meat pushing forward from the djinn's chest. 10 perfectly sliced abs pushed outward, the valley between them deepening by the second... and his ass, beautiful, round, high - a tool for fucking hard and without mercy - if he even knew what fucking was, which he didn't.

But what he did know was POWER and he had surpassed all of his own expectations and was reveling in it, soaking in a sea of pulsing orgasmic throbs of emotions we cannot understand and are not capable of.  

If you could see him in this moment, reading this, you would weep and then shoot multiple high velocity loads of your own cum one after another.  He is your dream...everyone's dream.


Slabs of cement and wood fell onto the basement below, Bael grabbing his vessel quickly before it could be destroyed by his own negligence.


The human, Bael’s previous Bound started screaming from below, “I command you to return.  Get your fucking dirty djinn ass back down here and don’t fuck with me.  I control you!”


Bael sneered down into the hole he had created, his waist just even with the flooring upstairs. His mass was terrifying and horrible.  Fully 20 feet tall and all of it packed with earth-destroying power.  Quads and hams the same size as a horse but thick powerful muscle. Calves with a devastating heart shape supporting an upper body that defies description.


Just imagine a 20 foot muscle god, with shoulders 14 feet wide - and all of it throbbing with power that you could never comprehend.


“You have served your purpose, human.”


Bael was done.  He didn’t want to hear a single word more. He should not be able to do this either, but he knew in the moment he could.


He stared down at his previous Bound, snapped his fingers, and the human was gone. Just gone.  Nothing remained.  No ash.  No cigar.  No burned clothes.  He was erased.


Bael carefully placed his vessel in a side shelf in the warehouse floor.  He needed a short rest.  Just a short rest, not long.  But he ached for it more than anything - to be in his vessel.


Then he would emerge and find this man to the West - the source of that pure white power - and he would take him and bind him - and he would become God.

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  • SeaMusc changed the title to Muscle, Sex, Magic: Updated 18 May 2022

Another magnificent chapter and not at all where I imagined this going! Loving your work so, so much! Can't wait for the next installment!

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The best on-going story at the moment for sure. It's got it all, romance, growth, passionate sex, discovery... Incredible. Thanks for writing this x

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Thank you, HunkLover, NeedMore, and Lutz.  I wrote this to completion a few years ago - but with how the world has been and has changed - I have rewritten it and I think it is much better now.  

As always, I appreciate your comments and support.  Aloha nui.

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