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Encouraged by his friend, Jacob asks out the hottest, buffest guy in the gym, Patrick, for Valentine’s Day. But after hearing Patrick’s dating history, Jacob thinks he might need some help bulking up to meet his standards.



“Ask him out!” Jacob was at the gym pretending to do some bicep curls, but he hadn’t even gotten one in. He was too busy staring at the hunk of the gym, Patrick. “You’ve been staring at him all day. And tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! Just do it. You know you want to,” said Jacob’s lifting buddy, Connor. 

“Dude no. I’m not asking him out,” said Jacob as he got up from the bench to put the weights back on the rack. “Especially not for Valentine’s Day. Do you see how hot he is? He’s eye candy for everyone at this gym. He probably has a line out the door of dates for Valentine’s Day.” 

 “That’s not what I heard,” said Connor. “Rumor has it that he’s turned down every guy that’s asked him out. Maybe he’s waiting for that special someone to ask him.” Connor nudged Jacob in the ribs and pushed against his back to go towards Patrick.

 “Connor! Stop pushing me!” said Jacob in a harsh whisper. “I don’t want to ask him out!” 

 “Oh come on, what’s the worse thing that can happen? He’ll say no?” said Connor as he continued to push Jacob towards Patrick.

 “You clearly have never been rejected by a muscle gay. Some of those guys can cut to your core for even looking at them.” Jacob tried to push back against Connor, but he couldn’t get a good footing. “Oof!” said Jacob as he was pushed again.

 “Sorry. I didn’t mean to run into you.” Jacob turned his head to see Patrick smiling back at him.

 “Oh, no worries. The fault is all mine. Well not mine. My friend’s fault actually. He thought it would be funny to push me,” said Jacob as he awkwardly laughed and started to turn bright red.

 “What friend?” Jacob turned around to see Connor nowhere to be seen. You could practically see the fumes coming out of Jacob’s ears.

 “Nevermind. But I am sorry I ran into you. It won’t happen again,” said Jacob. He was getting really embarrassed now. 

 “Not a problem Jacob,” said Patrick as he started gathering up his things to leave.

 “You know my name?” asked Jacob. Both confused and elated now.

 “Do I know your name? Ha! Of course I know your name. We’ve both been coming to this gym for years. You’ve spotted me many times. I know your name Jacob.” Jacob was still red from embarrassment, but now he was blushing too.

 “Oh uh, well then, good. I’m glad you know me.” Words were just fumbling out of Jacob’s mouth now.

 “Me too. I’ll see you later.” Patrick threw his gym bag over his shoulder and started walking to the door. Jacob panicked a bit as his chance for getting a date was leaving. Then suddenly, Jacob felt himself getting pushed again.

 “Connor! Where do you keep going and coming from with this pushing!” whispered Jacob.

 “You were doing so good! He’s not getting away this time.” Connor kept pushing Jacob towards the door that Patrick was walking to.

 “How’d you get strong enough to push me like this?” asked Jacob as he continued to resist.

 “Because, unlike you, I go to the gym to actually workout. Not ogle at beefcakes all day.” Connor kept pushing, but they weren’t getting to Patrick in time. “Wait! Patrick!” Connor made his voice higher to sound like Jacob’s and then immediately ran away again. Patrick turned around to see Jacob standing close to him.

 “What’s up?” asked Patrick. Jacob walked up to his side as he was walking out the door. 

 “If it’s not too much to ask, and you’re not busy tomorrow, and if you don’t already have a date, and if you like Valentine’s Day, I know some people hate it, which is understandable, it’s really only meant for couples and we’re barely just friends, I found out that you know my name today so it would be a lot asking someone out for Valentine’s Day of all day’s so I’d understand if-“ Patrick put his fingers to Jacob’s lips.

 “I’d love to go on a date with you for Valentine’s Day. Here, give me your phone.” Jacob was on cloud 9 now. He practically had hearts in his eyes. He reached into his pocket and handed Patrick his phone. “There, this is my number. I’ll text you later and we can plan out the details,” said Patrick as he handed Jacob back his phone.

 “O-o-okay. Sure. Sounds great,” said Jacob still riding the high of Patrick saying yes.

 “Cool. And Jacob,” Patrick started walking out the door, “there’s no need to be so nervous. I’m probably more nervous than you.” Patrick leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek then walked off to his car. Jacob’s knees went weak when the door shut, but he felt two arms go under his and pick him up.

 “So that went a lot better than I thought it would,” said Connor as he started dragging Jacob back inside.

 “I have a Valentine’s Day date with the hottest guy in the gym,” said Jacob with not a care in the world.

 “Yeah you do. And Patrick is so picky. He must have a sweet spot for you,” said Connor as they started getting their stuff.

 “He is…” Jacob started thinking. “What if this is a charity date? What if I’m gonna get pranked by him and all of his buff friends? What if we get to the date and I’m not the man that he thought I was? What if he only likes me when I’m looking pumped in the gym?” Jacob’s mind started crashing after the love bug high of Patrick saying yes. All of the bad scenarios flooding his head.

 “Woah woah woah there. Nothing like that is gonna happen. Patrick even said that he was just as nervous as you.” Connor tried to bring him back down to Earth. “This is just the predate jitters. Everybody gets them.”

 “Yeah, but everybody doesn’t go on dates with Patrick. He reserves his dates for giant men. All big and look like they are competitive bodybuilders. While I’m…not that,” said Jacob as he looked in the mirror.

 “And? Size isn’t everything. Maybe he’s trying something different with you. Being less superficial and dating for what’s on the inside,” said Connor as they started walking out of the gym.

 “Maybe, but I don’t want to risk it. I’ll see you later,” said Jacob as he ran to his car. When Jacob got home, he got on his phone and searched through Patrick’s Instagram. He saw pic after pic of studs with Patrick. All of them having big meaty pecs. Despite what Connor said, Jacob did workout at the gym, but he wasn’t even in the same realm as these guys. Especially in the pecs department. Jacob barely had any muscle on his chest. He had consistently had a hard time growing his pecs at the gym. He needed a plan. He went through his phone and found his old friend Sam. He pulled up his contact info and opened a text with him.

 “Hey Sam, long time no see. Listen, this may sound weird, but I need a favor.” Jacob sat on his couch and saw the three dots appear on his screen

 “Hey buddy. It has. And sure. I’ll do anything I can. Just name it.”

 “I remember in college that your parents had that store for people with certain problems. I think I might have one of those problems.”

 “Oh, well I inherited the store when they retired. I should be able to help you with whatever problem you might have. Come by the store tomorrow and I’ll get it all straightened out.” Jacob put his phone down and breathed a sigh of relief. Sam would fix it. Sam can fix anything.

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After locking down his date with Patrick, Jacob turns to his old friend Sam for some help in the size department.



The next day, Jacob finished work and immediately headed to Sam’s shop. He parked his car and walked into the tiny store. The store is completely empty when Jacob entered and saw no one. On the inside, the shelves were cluttered with various drawers of herbs and spices. There were bottles and boxes that had things like “Back Pain Relief” or “Quick Energy Boost” written on them. Jacob continued walking around the store until he saw his old friend.

“Jacob!” The tall man practically ran over to Jacob to give him a hug.

 “Sammy! How’ve you been?” Jacob hugged Sam back and looked at him.

 “I’ve been great! I’m running the store all by myself now since my parents retired. I used to just run the business side of things, but now I do everything from the supply to the taxes to the stocking to the other stuff,” said Sam as he winked at Jacob.

 “Yeah, about that other stuff,” Jacob released their embrace. “I remember in college you gave Max that one thing to help him out with his boyfriend’s problem in the bedroom. Could you do something like that for me?” Sam looked at Jacob puzzled.

 “You knew about that?” asked Sam.

 “Of course I did. We all did. Max was always complaining about how his boyfriend AJ could never perform well in the bedroom. After winter break, he said you gave him something that solved his problem. Then I remember every time Max had seen AJ the day before, he was walking funny.” Sam laughed remembering what he had given Max.

 “HAHAHA! I had forgotten about that. Yes, I did help Max out a bit. Here, let’s go to the back where we can discuss the other side of the store.” Sam turned around and lead Jacob through a door into another room. This room was significantly smaller, but it was packed to the brim with books as well as drawers and cabinets.

 “What is all of this?” asked Jacob.

 “So Max came to me knowing my parents ran a store that helped people out with problems with their body through nontraditional medicine. We tend to work with people who are having chronic pains, deficient energy, depression, all kinds of stuff. But Max knew we would sometimes help with fertility. So I showed him what I had in stock to help with his boyfriend’s tiny dick and from what I hear, it worked like a charm. AJ’s cock grew from a measly 3 inches to 10 inches.”

 “Wait, you grew his cock?” asked Jacob. “How is that even possible?”

 “Alchemy my good man. With a little bit of magic sprinkled in for good measure.” Sam grabbed a book off of the shelf and started turning through the pages. “My father has a small bit of sorcery in his blood line. We can’t shoot fire balls or create portals with our magic wands, but we can infuse our magics into our items.” Sam stopped on a page and turned it so Jacob could see.

 ‘Eggplant Elixir: Drink this potion to enhance a male’s genitalia. Sizes may vary based on original size. Do not take any more than the recommended dosage from your sizemologist. 

Side effects may include: Increased libido, an addiction to masturbation, surprise boners, an increase in body hair, and a loss in taste.’

             “Sam, what’s a sizemologist?” asked Jacob as he took the book and read more.

 “It’s what I am. I help people out with their size problems. Whether it’s too much or lack thereof. The ladder being more popular,” said Sam as he walked behind the counter in the room. “So old friend, what can I do for you?”

 “I need help with this date I’m going on later today. The guy I’m seeing is a total hunk and built like a brick house. Absolutely huge,” said Jacob as he swooned over Patrick.

 “That’s why we were such good friends in college. We were both huge size queens,” said Sam with a smile. “So what do you want to do? Make him bigger? Make yourself bigger? God forbid make him smaller?”

 “Make me bigger please. I was looking through his Insta and all of the guys he’s dated are walking walls of muscle.”

 “Well you’re no slouch in that department. You’ve certainly packed on more size since college,” said Sam pointing out the way Jacob’s shirt clung to his body.

 “Thanks Sam, but I’m talking bodybuilder big.”

 “Oh…That’s not you, my friend. I think I can help.” Sam swiveled around and started rummaging through drawers of and shelves of bottles and boxes. “Ooo here it is! Size Spice! Made to grow men huge without them even knowing! Just sprinkle it into their food and BOOM they’ll be giants in a minute.” Sam puts down a tiny little dime bag of white powder.

 “Um Sam, I don’t want to tell you how to do your job, but that looks exactly like a bump of coke,” said Jacob as he eyeballed the product.

 “It’s not cocaine. Calm down. Everything here is FDA approved. Mostly. But definitely not illegal substances.”

 “Then it’s perfect! I’ll take it!”

 “Great! That’ll be $500,” said Sam with a flat tone.

 “$500!?!?! Isn’t there some friends and family discount that I could be a part of?”

 “You are. The normal price is $1,000.”

 “$1,000?!?! Why is this stuff so expensive?!?!”

 “It’s a popular item. Most people love the idea of getting huge with just a sprinkle of salt. And if I’m being completely honest, a large container of these got shipped out of here by mistake and it’s not the easiest product to make.”

 “Shipped out? I thought you were just a local store?”

 “I normally am, but sometimes if I’m strapped for cash, I’ll sell my goods grocery stores if there have been things sitting on the shelves for a long time. I however got a shipment of international spices miss labeled and sent off these instead. Hence why it’s in a small baggy so I don’t confuse myself.” Jacob groaned as Sam told his story.

 “That’s too steep for me. I can’t pay that much. Do you have anything in the realm of maybe 100 bucks?” Sam put the bag away and turned back around to continue rifling through cabinets.

 “Hmm the date is tonight, right?”

 “Yeah. A cute Valentine’s Day date.”

 “Well, I have some stuff here that effects overall size, but it takes 12 hours to start seeing results,” said Sam turning around with a box of herbs.

 “The dates in an hour. What else you got?” Sam turned back around and opened up more drawers.

 “If you’re not gonna pay top dollar, I don’t have anything in that price range that will be fast acting and can affect the entire body,” said Sam as he turned back to Jacob.

 “What about on specific body part? Could I just grow that?”

 “Depends, which body part?” Jacob pondered for a moment. He looked down at himself. Looking over all of his muscles.

 “I think I’ll go with pecs.” They were by far the smallest muscle group on Jacob. Little to no definition in them and one of the things that Jacob consistently saw in all of the pictures Ryan had taken with his past lovers.

 “Let me see what I got.” Sam turned back around and started tearing through cabinets and drawers again. “Ah ha! I think I found something for you!” He turned back around holding a little perfume bottle. “Chest cologne. It will enhance your chest after spraying it anywhere on yourself.”

 “That sounds great! How much?”

 “For you? $80. And I’ll even throw something special into the mix that make men go wild when they smell it.” Sam pulled out a few vials along with an eye dropper and abeaker. “So, some quick things to know about this. Chest cologne is not meant to be worn often. The effects are not permanent if taken correctly. Your chest will slowly get smaller after the article of clothing that has been sprayed on it has been removed. DO NOT PUT ON YOUR SKIN! It is very hard to wash off and the effects of the spray could be long lasting.”

 “What’s so bad about having permanently bigger pecs?” asked Jacob.

 “The problem isn’t permanently bigger pecs. The problem is permanently growing pecs. The effects of the spray will stack on itself if you inhale it for a long period of time.” Sam kept mixing up liquids and shook them as he talked.

 “What if I spray it and then I am taking off my shirt soon after spraying it?”

 “No need to worry. You’ll grow until the effects have gotten out of your system. It’s just when you’re constantly smelling it on your body, it will never know it’s no longer supposed to grow, and it should shrink back down.”

 “How long will it take to shrink back down?”

 “Depends. Could be a few hours, days, weeks. It all depends on your body and how big you get your pecs.” Sam took a small drop out of the beaker he had and dropped it into the cologne bottle. “And you’re all set. Any more questions you have for me?”

 “Will my date be affected by the smell?”

 “Normally on a cologne, everyone in your immediate vicinity would smell it. However, with my magic in place, unless he puts his head up against your shirt and deeply inhales, he won’t be affected by the chest growth. But the libido enhancer, that I made so that anyone within a 10-foot radius will smell that on you.” Sam handed Jacob the bottle and Jacob handed him back some cash.

 “Thanks man, you’re a life saver. I owe you big time!” said Jacob as he began to make his way out of the store.

 “Of course man. No problem at all. If anything feels off about, you’ve got my number. And maybe after this date, we can catch up over coffee?” asked Sam as he followed Jacob to the door.

 “I’d love to. It was great to see you Sam. Wish me luck,” said Jacob as he walked out the door.

 “Good luck,” said Sam with a smile. As Jacob left, another customer walked in through the door. “Hi sir, how can I help you?” asked Sam.

 “Yeah, I bought this smoothie from a store the other day and it made my…um…uh…penis grow huge. And every time I get excited, I grow too big again. I heard that this was the place that could help out with those kinds of problems” Sam was listening to the man tell his story when his eyes shot open.

 “One moment sir!” Sam dashed out the door to see Jacob walking away. “Jacob! Don’t use more than one spray!”


 “Don’t use more than one spray! You might grow too big!”


 “Umm sir, I think I’ve got a problem in here. Oh fuck. Not again.” The customer inside started to moan as the bulge in his pants started getting much more pronounce. 

 “Fuck. I’ll text you later!” Sam ran back inside to deal with the man with the growing boner. Jacob looked back and saw Sam walk back in. He just shrugged his shoulders and kept on walking.

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After meeting with the Sizemologist, Jacob prepares for his date. But he might’ve over done it a little bit with his cologne.



Jacob got home quickly and immediately jumped in the shower. He washed out all of the dirt and sweat he had gotten on him that day. He hopped out and dried off then went to go look for an outfit for his date. He had decided to go with something fairly formal and wear a loose button-down shirt along with some skinny jeans to accentuate his big butt and bulge. Combing his wavy brown hair back, he looked very handsome for his date. Now all he needed were some finishing touches with this new cologne. He grabbed it and gave a couple sprits of it and waited in anticipation for his pecs to get bigger. The cologne did smell wonderful. Like fresh baked cookies out of the oven. He felt a weird sensation in his chest when his pecs gained maybe half a pound in muscle.

“That’s it? That’s all you’re gonna grow?” said Jacob as he looked down at his only slightly bigger chest. It only looked like he had gotten a small pump in the gym. He picked up the cologne and gave himself a couple more sprays. He waited again and soon enough, his pecs popped out again. But still they didn’t look that big to Jacob. So he grabbed the cologne and started spraying himself too many times to count. By the time he had stopped, the whole bathroom smelled of cookies. He waited patiently until finally, his pecs popped out in size. Getting fuller and thicker with each pop. By the end of the spurt, Jacob had a set of pecs that rivaled most of the bodybuilders he’d seen Patrick with. Filling out his once loose shirt with two full pecs.

No sooner had he started admiring himself did he hear a knock on the door. He put the cap on the cologne and ran downstairs to the door. He took a deep breath and opened the door to see Patrick. Patrick was your typical jock type. Spiky blonde hair and green eyes with pretty well-developed muscles. He did sport a bit of a stomach, but that was just from his current bulking season.

“Jacob! Hi there. You look great. I got you these for you,” said Patrick as he handed him a bouquet of flowers. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“Patrick, these are lovely. Thank you.” Jacob took the flowers and brought them to his nose to smell them, but all he could smell was cookies. “Please come inside while I find a vase for these.” Jacob stepped aside and let Patrick in as he walked to his kitchen to find a vase. Walking felt different now. He could feel the weight of his pecs bouncing as he walked and how his shirt hugged them.

“Nice place you’ve got here,” said Patrick as he followed Jacob into the kitchen. Admiring Jacob’s large ass as he rummaged through cabinets looking for a vase.

“Yeah, I’m renting it for the time being. I want to get my own place, but you know how the housing market is right now,” said Jacob as he started filling a vase with water. He looked over at Patrick and enjoyed what he was wearing. A black polo shirt that hugged his body in all the right places and some slacks that showed off his package that he was infamous for at the gym. “I didn’t say this earlier, but you look great too Patrick,” said Jacob as he put the flowers in the vase.

“Thanks Jacob. But you really look great. I love this shirt on you,” said Patrick as he walked up to Jacob and looked down at the large pair of pecs in the shirt. “And what is that cologne? You smell wonderful. It smells like fresh baked cookies.”

“Thanks. I picked it out special for tonight,” said Jacob as he blushed. The two of them admired their bodies for a moment before they broke the silence.

“We should get going if we’re going to make our reservations,” said Patrick as he stepped away from Jacob and started walking towards the door.

“You’re right. Let’s go.” The two of them walked out of the house and Jacob locked the door behind him. Following Patrick to his car, he couldn’t help but admire Patrick’s sculpted bubble butt. Each cheek looked like firm coconuts stuffed into his pants. They both got into his car and drove off to the restaurant.

“So how has the gym been for you? I can see you’ve been making good progress,” said Patrick as he acknowledged Jacob’s chest.

“Oh thanks. I’ve been feeling the gains lately. I think my pecs one day just decided they wanted to kick their growth into overdrive,” said Jacob as he popped his pecs. Patrick watching his date make his pecs dance almost missed the turn into the restaurant. “I see that you’ve been making some good gains yourself.”

“Oh yeah. I’m in bulking season so everything’s just sorta bigger right now before I lean out,” said Patrick as he pulled into a parking spot.

“Well this size looks great on you,” said Jacob as they got out and walked to the restaurant. Jacob couldn’t get used to the new weight in front of them. They felt even heavier than when they had left the house. The two walked in and the hostess led them to a nice table in the back. They sat down and started looking at the menu.

“Wow, everything here looks delicious,” said Jacob.

“I know. It’s gonna be hard to decide what to get. But then again, I do like my options for dessert,” said Patrick as he winked at Jacob. He blushed from across the table and tugged on his neck collar.

“Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?” Jacob was starting to feel an increased tightness in his shirt.

“If you’re referring to yourself, then yes.” Patrick looked back at Jacob and looked puzzled for a second. When they had left Jacob’s place, his pecs were just mildly pressed up against his button up shirt. Now, it looked like the two slabs of muscle were battling for space inside his shirt. “Uh Jacob, are you okay?”

“What? Yeah, I’m fine. Just a little hot in here.” Jacob looked down and was met with a view of his pec shelf. He held up his menu to shield his growing pecs from Patrick. ‘What is going on? Why are they still getting bigger?’ thought Jacob. He brought one hand to his pec and squished it. All solid muscle that he’d grown, and he could feel it getting bigger as he pushed his hand into it.

Patrick leaned forward and used his fingers to push Jacob’s menu down. “Are you sure about that?” Patrick eyed the growing pecs and saw how big they had gotten. “Wow, you weren’t kidding when you said you’ve been growing your chest.” Jacob gasped at Patrick’s comment and that little bit of extra strain sent the top button of Jacob’s shirt flying off. The two of them looked down at the broken shirt and then back up at each other.

“Would you excuse me for one moment?” Jacob got up from the table and started to walk over to the bathroom. His hands across his chest trying to conceal them as much as possible.

He rushed into the restroom and checked to see if anyone was inside before looking at his massive chest. His pecs were huge. Each one must’ve been the size of a textbook stuffed into his shirt. He tried to touch one of them, but he saw them grow bigger before his very eyes. Another button popping off in the process. He could feel his chest making him top heavy as they grew.

“Why are you still growing? You shouldn’t be this big,” groaned Jacob. He saw his pecs inflate again and they looked bigger than watermelons. He fished his phone out of his pants pocket and started texting Sam but was interrupted when he heard the door opening up. He rushed away from the mirror to one of the stalls as the new patron entered.

“Jacob? Are you in here?” It was Patrick’s voice on the other side of the wall. “You didn’t bail on me did ya?” Jacob bit his tongue as his pecs grew suddenly again. Each pec twice the size of Jacob’s head. Patrick started looking underneath the stalls and saw Jacob’s shoes. “Jacob, are you okay?”

“Um Patrick, now's not really the best time.” Jacob’s pecs grew again. Pressing him up against one of the walls of the stall. His back pressing against the other side.

“It’s okay Jacob. Whatever it is, you can tell me.” Patrick put his head against the wall and knocked softly. “Please?” Jacob groaned again as his pecs started to continuously grow. His pecs fighting for space inside the stall. Getting bigger than his actual body.

“I think you’re gonna see them whether I want you to or not,” said Jacob as the stall walls bent and creaked holding in the growing pressure by Jacob’s pecs.

“Them? What do you mea-“ Before Patrick could finish, his question was answered when Jacob’s pecs crushed the stall walls and door. Patrick was flown back as the two plump muscles fell to the ground. Each one growing bigger than a bean bag chair. Jacob falling on the pecs and feeling relieved of the pressure.

“Patrick! Are you okay?” shouted Jacob, seeing his date flung against the wall holding his head.

“I’m alright. But what happened to you?” asked Patrick standing up and walking over to Jacob. Jacob looked down at himself. His shirt had now been completely ripped off and was in shreds on the ground. He could only see his big pecs. They’d grown so much that there was no way he could stand up and lift them.

“I guess I had some more growing to do,” said Jacob as he blushed. Feeling another growth spurt coming on followed by his pecs expanding across the floor.

“Wow. Your pecs are just…wow.” Patrick walked up and leaned down next to Jacob’s chair sized pecs. He looked mesmerized by the two giant muscles. “Can I feel them?” Jacob nodded his head at him and he put his hand on them. They were firm, but still feel jiggly. When he pressed his hands down on them, he was immediately met with push back as Jacob’s pecs jumped back at him growing bigger.

“Sorry. I used a cologne my friend gave that would make my pecs bigger. I think I overdid it,” said Jacob as his pecs grew. He was now sitting on them 5 feet off the ground. One of them was starting to grow into the other bathroom stalls while the other was growing into the sink.

“I don’t think you did enough,” said Patrick as he squeezed the big pecs and wrapped his arms around them. His arms not even getting close to the width of the massive muscles.

“Wait, you like this?” asked Jacob as he felt his pecs inflate again.

“Definitely. I love pecs. The bigger the better. And god damn Jacob, yours are the biggest I’ve ever seen.” Patrick hopped onto Jacob’s pecs, which were now each as wide as full sized mattresses. He could easily spread out on the massive muscles and squeeze them with his whole body. This act made Jacob go crazy and his pecs started growing faster. The other bathroom stalls getting crushed like pieces of paper. 

“Fuck, if I knew you loved them this much, I would’ve grown them a long time ago for you,” said Jacob as his pecs filled more and more of the bathroom. Each one now comparable to cars. While Jacob was engulfed with his growth spurt, Patrick was busy worshipping the pec shelf he was on. He couldn’t help but kiss and grope every inch of Jacob’s expanding rack. Reaching down and grabbing at Jacob’s nipples that were as big around as a soccer ball. This act made Jacob’s pecs grow even faster. Pressing the two men up against the ceiling and the walls pushed against Jacob’s pecs on all sides.

“Fuck Jacob. You’ve got the biggest pair of pecs in the entire world. You couldn’t be hotter to me right now,” said Patrick as he wiggled his way to Jacob’s face to kiss him. The two shared a long and passionate kiss as they felt the rising pressure building as they knew these walls couldn’t keep him in for long. “But you can be bigger. So much bigger. Your pecs could be the size of blimps. Imagine that. You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“I’d love it,” said Jacob softly.

“Would you love them even bigger?”


“Well then prove it. Show me just how big these pecs can get. Grow for me stud. Grow!” yelled Patrick and that was the little bit of encouragement that Jacob needed. His pecs broke down the walls around them. Giving him plenty of room to expand. Their heads broke through the ceiling and grew higher into the sky. His pecs practically flattened the restaurant in less than a minute. After his pecs broke through the walls of the bathroom, Jacob’s pecs crushed tables and chairs with ease as they grew out like a locomotive. Walls crumbling. Windows breaking. The entire building crumbling under Jacob’s pecs.

Patrick amongst all of this was happy as a clam. He had whipped his impressive 8 incher out and started jerking off from the top of Jacob’s pecs. Feeling the skin underneath him moving as the pecs gained new size. Hearing the sounds of cars getting crushed like sheet metal by Jacob’s growth spurt. The sight of watching the people get further and further away as he kept growing up and up. The stimulation was too much for him to handle and he was already cumming all over Jacob’s chest. 

Jacob, however, was still entranced with his growth spurt. He couldn’t even comprehend what was going on. The entirety of his vision consisted of his massive pecs. He could feel his pecs expanding across the ground though. He’d occasionally feel himself hit a bump only to feel it get crushed easily by the growing mass. As he watched Patrick cumming on top of him, Jacob tried to fumble with his jeans to get them off, but he couldn’t see what he was doing behind his pecs.

“Patrick, do you think you could help me out over here?” asked Jacob. Patrick looked up with cum all over his face and smiled at the handsome man. 

“For you big guy? Anything.” Patrick got up and started to crawl across Jacob’s pecs. Losing his balance every time he felt his weight shift from the growth spurts underneath him. He eventually made it to Jacob’s backside where he fumbled with his jeans, but after too much time, he decided to put his big muscles to use and rip the jeans right off. Once the jeans were off, Jacob’s bubble butt was exposed. Patrick was practically licking his lips at the cake right in front of him.

“Ah,” sighed Jacob with relief. “Thank you PatriIIiiIIIiiick.” Jacob was caught off guard when Patrick shoved his cock into Jacob’s ass. Patrick started pounding away at Jacob’s ginormous bubble butt and it almost fueled Jacob to start growing faster. He could hear buildings being crumpled under the titanic pecs as they grew bigger than a city block and 50 feet high in the air. “Fuck, they weren’t kidding about you having the biggest cock in the gym,” said Jacob as Patrick kept thrusting into him.

“Yeah, but this is tiny compared to you, big guy.” Patrick reached down to feel Jacob’s rock hard cock leaking pre all over him. He was no slouch either with 7 inches of meat and balls bigger than eggs. “Hold on, I have a great idea!” said Patrick as he pulled out of Jacob.

Patrick looked down below him and saw the crease between Jacob’s two giant pecs and smiled. He positioned his hips so that his dick was aimed straight for the crack. Patrick quickly thrusted in between the two and nearly came again from how tight it was. Jacob felt his date shove his meat in between his pecs and he started to flex them. Patrick writhed in pleasure as his cock was milked by Jacob’s pecs.

“I’m not the only one who’s gonna have fun.” Patrick leaned forward and started sucking on Jacob’s big cock. Jacob started moaning and growing larger. He looked out at the horizon and could see the tops of buildings fading away as he grew. His pecs grew into the city and crushed hundreds of cars, buses, and buildings. Entire skyscrapers getting ripped off their foundation by Jacob’s ever-expanding pecs.

Patrick’s expert mouth didn’t waste any time and worked its magic on Jacob’s cock. His mouth getting filled with pre almost instantly, but Patrick was happy to drink it all down. The warm pre pooled in his already big belly. Jacob could only moan in pleasure. Helpless against his date’s experienced mouth. Patrick reached his hands forward to feel Jacob’s massive balls. Each one filled with cum and ready to unload into his mouth. All the while, Patrick’s cock was getting strangled by Jacob’s pecs. Patrick tried to thrust in and out of the cleavage, but it was simply too tight in between them for him to even move it. 

“Fuck Patrick, this is not how I thought this date would go,” said Jacob out of breath. He looked like he was near his breaking point and about to cum, but Patrick stopped him. He took his hands and kept massaging Jacob’s balls. Making sure they’re nice and full for his orgasm. 

“God Jacob, everything about you is just huge. I’m enthralled by how much size you have. And you’re still growing. I mean look at you. Your pecs have literally outgrown the city. They’re each a mile wide and made a crater out of the landscape below. But still you keep growing. I couldn’t be more turned on by you,” said Patrick as more of his pre leaked between Jacob’s pecs. “But what I love most of all is that whenever you get turned on, you grow faster. So I’m hoping that by playing with these big balls, I’m making sure you’re a ticking time bomb of growth that’s about to be set off.”

Patrick put one of Jacob’s balls in his mouth and it was so hard to fit in there. Over the past minute, Jacob’s nuts have been inflating with cum. He’s practically whining to cum and release his big load. “Patrick, I’ve gotta cum. Please. I don’t know how much more I can take,” pleaded Jacob. Patrick continued to tease Jacob’s balls. Each one resembled the size of baseballs now. It wasn’t until Jacob started to massage Patrick’s cock with his pecs did Patrick let off of Jacob’s nuts.

“Alright, I’ll let you cum, but promise me, you’ll grow as much as possible. Promise?” asked Patrick.

“I promise. Just make me cum,” cried out Jacob. Patrick went back down on Jacob’s cock and started furiously sucking it. The pre he was taking in was astounding, but he sucked up and down Jacob’s shaft. Deep throating his entire cock and teasing the tip with his tongue. Jacob finally felt the release he deserved and started shooting shot after shot of cum into Patrick’s hungry mouth. Immediately, his pecs started to surge in size.

Patrick could feel himself rising up quickly into the sky. Seeing the clouds get closer and closer to him as Jacob orgasmed in his mouth. He felt the pressure on his cock become overwhelming to him and he came a second time into Jacob’s cleavage. But Jacob hadn’t stopped cumming. Shot after shot entered Patrick’s mouth and he could feel that Jacob had reached unbelievable sizes.

And they had. In mere seconds after the orgasm, Jacob’s pecs grew from the size of a city to an entire county. Growing up and out for miles in every direction. The big muscles flattened anything they came in contact with. Nothing even came close to rivalling the giant muscles. People could only see a giant wall of flesh expanding towards them until they were flattened by the astounding pecs. 

After what felt like an eternity of cumming, Jacob finally stopped. He could feel his long lasting growth spurt coming to an end. Both Jacob and Patrick were left panting from exhaustion from both of their incredible climaxes. Patrick was the first to get up. He stood up and felt off balance. Not because of Jacob’s pecs shifting, but because he now sported a massive belly in front of him. He touched it and felt all of Jacob’s cum sloshing around in his stomach. 

“Damn Jacob, I really must’ve made you pent uUURRPP! Excuse me,” said Patrick rubbing his belly. After admiring Jacob’s handiwork, he looked out at the vast expanse of Jacob’s pecs. There was nothing but pec as far as the eye could see. He looked up and saw his head was in the clouds. Literally. He could see clouds floating by him while Jacob continued to breathe heavily. Patrick saw the rest of Jacob’s body and sat down next to him. “I’ve gotta say Jacob, this is the best date I’ve ever been on.”

“Me too. Even though my pecs flattened the restaurant,” said Jacob as the two of them laughed.

“Not just the restaurant. The neighborhood, the city, hell you might’ve flattened the entire state if I knew any better,” said Patrick as he leaned over and gave Jacob a kiss.

“No, I’m not that big. I think. It’s hard to tell when you’re so big that a skyscraper just feels like a grain of sand on my pecs,” said Jacob and he watched Patrick’s dick jump with joy at his words.

“Well maybe we can get you that big. Got anymore of that cologne?”

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