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Lex's Fulfillment


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I thought I would use the opportunity of a new forum to revise a story I had on the old site - try not to write myself into a corner this time.

His anger was now the only emotion he recognized. Lex had devoted his energy and genius night and day for almost twenty years to his mission to vanquish the Kryptonian, but what had it accomplished? Lex now found himself at 38, having spent most of his adult life behind bars or, as now, a fugitive, working secretly on inventions and plots that one after the other had failed to overcome his enemy. All other pursuits in life had loss their purpose – wealth held no pleasure, it came too easily, and power over lesser men seemed merely an aggravation. Lex had long since discarded the emotional bonds of friendship or any other form of intimacy with others. The only living being who mattered to him was the alien that he had failed to destroy.

Lex had come to realize that only one form of conquest could bring the satisfaction he sought. He must humiliate and destroy his nemesis personally, with his own hands if possible. To that end, Lex’s research revolved around projects aimed at making his opponent vulnerable by draining the alien's superhuman energies. Although attempts to accomplish the same goal had been tried and failed before, Lex believed he had reached the key. He hypothesized that the Kryptonian’s atomic structure varied from natives of this world both by atomic density and structure, but that density and structure could be altered by radiation at the appropriate vibration, and that properly calibrated such vibrating radiation would leave a man who was “super” no more.

It would not be enough, however, to simply render his opponent mortal and then shoot him. Such an easy death would not be personal enough for Lex. He lay awake at night dreaming of crushing the life out of his foe, to see that worshipped face bruised and bloody, and to hear that once deep and confident voice begging him for mercy that would not be shown.

Lex spent nearly every waking hour not engaged in his radiation research conditioning his body and training in martial arts that Lex would use to annihilate his enemy once the alien's advantages were eliminated. Lex hired a team of trained sparring partners. Although he left his first few training sessions bleeding and bruised, within weeks Lex found he had to hold himself back to avoid injuring his opponents. But it felt so good to hear the ones with dark curly hair beg for mercy.

Eight months after having started work to turn his theory into a device that he could use against his opponent, Lex had hit a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. He had the means to transmit a blast that could alter its target’s atomic structure, but it was useless unless properly calibrated. To accomplish that would require knowledge of the atomic structure at issue.

Just when Lex felt stymied, fate threw a twist in his path that opened a course he had never considered. As the deadly effect of Kryptonite on Krypton’s sole survivor became increasingly well known, authorities around the world had worked to gather the substance and place it beyond the reach of those who would harm Earth’s protector. However, a black market of unconfiscated material survived, and invariably pictures of the samples for sale made their way to Lex. Reviewing a picture of one such sample, Lex’s eyes did a double take. He saw in the sample a pattern inconsistent with the rest of the rock. Lex knew he had to have that sample, regardless of the extortionate terms on which it was offered. Once obtained, Lex’s suspiscions were confirmed. He unearthed a remnant of organic Kryptonian material – a fossil – buried in the glowing green rock.

Even in a fossilized state, Lex believed the remnant of Kryptonian life could provide the means to calibrate the shift between the atomic structure of life originating under the sun of Krypton and life originating in our solar system. Nevertheless, Lex recognized that a successful effect would likely only result from a trial and error process. However, the danger of facing his enemy’s unstoppable force if Lex’s calculations were wrong was too great a risk, and his target was unlikely to allow Lex have more than one opportunity to utilize his device.

It was contemplating this issue that Lex suddenly recognized that he had approached his mission in the wrong direction. While it would be impossible to test his device on compliant samples of Kryptonian life, there was no such obstacle to testing the device in reverse upon creatures originating here – to utilize the device to increase atomic density and energy to the levels he now knew corresponded to those of life on Krypton. The sole issue would be to provide the additional energy needed for the transformation. While a shift from Kryptonian to earthly levels would have simply resulted in dissipating energy, the shift in the opposite direction would require an additional power source that could come from only one source – kryptonite.

Lex set to work immediately reconfiguring his device. He calculated that he had on hand enough Kryptonite to perform tests on small subjects. His first attempts on mice ended gruesomely, with the poor rodents squealling in pain and exploding. Curiously, each attempt left the kryptonite sample utilized for power a grey stone, no longer radiating any noticeable energy.

Lex determined that the root of his failures lay in the rate at which he exposed his subjects to the change. Lex drugged a small white mouse into unconsciousness and placed it in a plexiglass box underneath his device. After placing his green power source in place, Lex set the machine to release its force at the slowest rate he could reach. Hours passed without visible reaction in the comatose animal. Slowly, the animal began to stir. It came back to consciousness in a state of shock, moving slowly in its cube, then faster and faster. Suddenly, the terrified creature smashed into the wall of its cube – knocking it to the floor and cracking its walls. The animal smashed its way through the walls of its carrier, and began hurtling itself across the room, knocking over large pieces of equipment as they came in its path.

Lex realized he had caused the creation of a new Kryptonian, in the form of a small white mouse. However, any pleasure in his accomplishment was outweighed by fear for the danger this small white steamroller ricocheting across his laboratory posed for his device and to him. Lex quickly grabbed and opened a small, lead-lined metal box. Inside was another piece of glowing green rock. Almost immediately, the mouse slowed in its tracks. It made squeals of pain as it rolled on its sides as Lex approached it with the box. When the animal finally lay still, Lex picked it up by the tail and dropped it inside the box with the radiant green rock.

Later, as Lex studied the animal’s corpse, he fully realized the magnitude of his success. Even as a lifeless form, the animal’s reformed Kryptonian structure remained stable and indestructible. However, the experiments that had led him to this point had all but depleted his store of Kryptonite. To proceed further, he would need to obtain more, much more.

Lex invested virtually all of his hidden financial resources in acquiring every ounce available in private hands. Lex considered breaking into the stockpiles held under security by various governments, but decided that it was best to avoid any strategy that might raise his enemy’s suspicions. As word spread someone was willing to pay any price, the price of the rocks escalated rapidly, but it did not matter to Lex, as he knew that eventual success would make any expense meaningless.

After weeks of utilizing his criminal contacts, Lex determined it was unlikely any further samples remained for acquisition. He considered the irony that he was now personally responsible for taking out of other criminal hands all samples of his enemy’s weakness. However, he determined that he had acquired enough material for the one transformation that mattered – his.

From his initial failed animal experiments, Lex realized that a mistake in his calculations would be catastrophic for him. His greatest danger was a too rapid exposure to the transformation, but he also had determined that performing it too slow might make cause the exposure to have no effect other than draining the energy from his kryptonite samples. He spent hours painstakingly calculating the rate at the transformation should occur

Lex knew that to endure the pain that the process would likely entail, he would need to be in a comatose state. Lex placed himself on a stretcher underneath his device, scheduled to begin its work after the time necessary for coma inducing drugs to take effect. As Lex turned the switch to began the intravenous injection of the numbing drugs into his bloodstream, Lex realized it was a gamble at best that he would ever emerge from the darkness invading his mind. His last sights and sounds were those of his lab generating the power needed for his throw of the dice, and his last conscious sensation was a mild burning as the energy flow reached his exposed flesh.

The first sensation calling Lex back to life was a cacophony of sound unlike anything Lex had ever heard. Lex breathed, only to realize that his nose filled with overpowering stench, but before Lex could try to make any sense of the odors his body cramped in pain, and he again lost consciousness.

When Lex drifted back into awareness, he began to realize that the sounds that he heard were simply those of the space around him, the hum of the machine, his heart, the blood rushing through his veins, a dripping in a sink nearby, heard at level he had never before experienced. As he listened his brain sorted out the sounds, and enabled him to concentrate on them one at a time, or simply place them in the background of his thoughts. Similarly, he realized what he had smelled was his own sweat and the materials in his laboratory. He could also provide them as much or as little attention as he willed.

As the pain throughout his body subsided, Lex pulled himself off the stretcher and stood on his feet. Although disoriented and exhausted, he knew immediately he was a changed man. For one thing, he could literally feel his body recovering and at the same time expanding. He looked at his hands, and knew they were actually larger than before, and he could see them gradually enlarging still. Lex attempted to walk but found it hard to maintain his balance. Lex climbed back onto the stretcher and again passed out of consciousness.

After about an hour, Lex felt his internal upheaval coming to an end and again got to his feet. This time he was able to stand and walk without difficulty. The sense that he was not the man he had been was now even more pronounced. Lex turned and caught his reflection in the metal lining a wall of his laboratory. His initial shock turned to satisfied laughter as he assessed what even this crude mirror revealed.

Were it not for the bald head, Lex would have thought the reflection revealed another man in the room with him. That man possessed an astonishing physique. His frame was actually now several inches taller than the 6 foot he had been for years. But more astonishing was his muscular development – which had apparently responded to the increased atomic density by expanding to its natural limits. The only person Lex could think of whose overall muscle mass and heightened development now even compared to his was his nemesis himself. Lex immediately realized that this explained what he had long wondered about his foe – how could a being for whom no object offered any real resistance have developed such a hypertrophied body. It was apparently simply the physical reflection of the energy within.

As Lex assessed his own now oversized biceps, bulging chest, and tapered waist, he thought that the object of his hatred looked no longer so imposing. He would later realize th he was now several inches taller than his opponent, and was thus proportionately larger throughout his frame. Even Lex’s face has been altered by an expanse of fully developed cheek and jaw muscle tissue.

Although the change in his appearance was a startling surprise, Lex needed to determine the extent of the change that would not show in a mirror. Lex approached the steel door to his laboratory that he had bolted close when he started his procedure. Lex made a fist, pulled it back, and hurtled it at the door. His hand burst through the metal door like it was made of paper. He brought his hand back through the punctured metal and looked at it. No cuts, no bruising, no sign of even an abrasion, and, most significantly, no pain. He smiled, as the extent of his success became clear.

Lex reached over picked up a palm-sized radiation detector, and used it to examine the Kryptonite samples he had used to power his device. The rocks, no longer a growing green but instead a commonplace grey, no longer provided any trace of radioactive activity. Next, Lex walked across the room and pressed a button on the wall. A lead panel on the wall of his laboratory moved, revealing Lex’s last sample of untouched, glowing kryptonite. Lex felt a pain he had never experienced at his core. He fell to the floor struggling to breathe. Then the lead panel shut close again, removing the green rock from sight. He felt the pain inside him subside, and realized that this test had confirmed that for all intents and purposes, he was now a Kryptonian like his antagonist, and thus shared his vulnerabilities along with all his powers.

As anxious as he was to confront his opponent on a level playing field, Lex knew it would be foolhardy to do so before he had mastered all of his new abilities, and that even after he had done so he needed to protect his greatest weapon - the element of surprise. Consequently, Lex spent weeks in secret testing and perfecting his skills. He quickly discovered that the largest barrier was convincing his mind that he could raise himself off the ground and hurtle through space, or that he could see through the walls of the buildings around him. Once he had developed the proper means of concentrating to summon these abilities, each of his powers came without effort.

To keep his presence from being discovered, Lex practiced flight only late at night when he would not be seen. He found the experience exhilarating. He would hide himself behind the tails of aircraft, and follow.

Lex turned over and over in his thoughts how and when "the Encounter” should take place. Lex recognized that it would only be their first and not their final encounter. Whereas one human combatant might succeed in killing another just by force, the rapid recuperative abilities that both he and his foe now shared made such a result virtually impossible. As much as he loathed his enemy, he would not be able to kill him without the use of Kryptonite. But killing his opponent was no longer Lex’s goal. He instead wanted something far more personal – to humiliate him repeatedly and publically, to force him to admit Lex's dominance, and finally drive him from his adopted home, this planet, in defeat.

Lex's plan was minimal – more driven by emotion than calculation. He counted on at least the following advantages. First, the element of surprise. The enemy would not be expecting and was inexperienced in facing a combatant on an equal playing field. Second, and most importantly, Lex knew that his opponent lacked the mindset to attack without mercy, a characteristic basic to Lex’s identity.

Lex trained and waited, looking for the perfect moment to fulfill his destiny.

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Lex felt his pulse race as he waited for the arrival of his enemy.  He was surrounded by thousands of the sheep who came to worship whenever the alien let it be known that he would be present at a public event.  This time they had gathered to watch him start the construction of a new charity building by driving enormous steel rods into the ground.  It disgusted Lex that none of these worshippers recognized how the object of their admiration would be mocking them, doing in moments what would take teams of them weeks to accomplish, and then only by using enormous pieces of machinery. 


Lex attempted to minimize the attention he drew by placing himself amidst a group of construction workers at the site.  Even among these large men, Lex's gargantuan 6 foot four frame towered, but with an orange hard hat and a bulky flannel shirt and blue I jeans covering him, he blended in as best he could.  Still, it was hard to ignore the enormous width of his shoulders, the slabs of his chest, and the swelling of the muscles on his arms that threatened to explode his over-sized shirt.  Lex had decided this was the ideal time to confront his nemesis because it brought him an audience of his foe's devoted followers, and the humiliation of being beaten in front of them would be the hardest blow for his rival's sanctimonious ego.


Right on schedule at noon the unsuspecting caped center of attention landed on the podium constructed for the event, where the Mayor and Governor waited for him.  Lex didn't need to strain to see, as Lex's now enhanced eyes allowed him to inspect from a distance as if he were standing two feet away. Lex became oblivious to the world around him as he ravenously examined his opponent head to toe.


His rival's appearance made it unavoidable that all eyes would be upon him .  His abundant jet black hair ever so slightly russled in the breeze, surrounding an umblemished blue-eyed face of perfectly balanced masculine features. Each part of his perfectly developed body flowed into the next like a living Michelangelo fresco, pushing the ideal of masculine beauty to its limits.  Any other person would look absurd in his blue and red colored costume, but on Lex's opponent it heightened the effect of the expansive chest, the cannon ball deltoids, the swelling arms and thighs, the startling taper of his wide back down to his hips, and the perfect globes of his butt. 


Seeing his enemy up close evoked a jolt of emotion through Lex: anger, hatred, excitement, and something that he couldn't quite name.  His body tensed as his heart pounded. Then, as the mayor introduced his unsuspecting opponent over the loud speakers, the crowd erupted in an explosion of applause and cheers which only heightened Lex's aggitated state.  It was time for Lex to make his move.


Two large pile drivers on crains towered over the crowd on either side, ready to complete the work of driving support into the ground after the guest of honor departed. As the day's speeches started, Lex surreptitiously sent beams of heat from his eyes at intervals at the top of each crane where the drivers hung, gradually weakening each. Lex timed each carefully so that one would give way mere seconds before the other. Finally the first one gave, sending the enormous metal device hurtling toward the crowd below.  Immediately of course, the alien flew from the podium and grabbed the great hammer before it crushed the crowd below.  However, just as he started lifting the huge piece of metal to safety, he saw that on other side of the audience another load was hurtling toward the stampeding crowd below. 


The second weight, however, didn't hit the ground.  Instead, a large man who placed himself underneath it caught the falling object in his hands and held it aloft, carrying it across the construction site, literally hundreds of tons of metal, to an empty space where he gently laid it down.

The crowd stood in silent of this apparent construction worker who had just performed a feat of superhuman ability that they until now had thought only one man was capable of performing, and that man floated in the air several hundred feet away.  Gradually, the silence gave way to cheers as this mysterious figure walked across the site and stepped up to the podium.  He removed his flannel shirt, to reveal a body of staggering proportions, clothed to accentuate his size in a tight white "wife-beater" t-shirt, exposing basketball size deltoids flowing into bulging sinuous arms. The tight denim of his jeans seem to be about to burst encasing enormous thighs, leading up to the perfect round globes of his ass.


The guest of honor also landed on the podium, although for once he found himself upstaged in the eyes of the onlookers.  Immediately he walked across the stage to meet the imposing newcomer who was removing his hardhat to reveal a bald forehead over chiseled features.  There was something familiar about his face, but the costumed hero knew that if he had met a man of this remarkable size before, he would remember it.  Somewhat uncertainly, he extended his hand to greet the new arrival. "Whoever you are, thanks for the assist. I didn't see the second one in time." 


Lex reached out and took the extended right hand into his own.  "No problem, it was the least I could do." 


The look of uncertainty in the costumed hero's eyes turned to shock, as he felt an unexpected vise-like squeeze on his hand causing the uncommon sensation of pain.


"After all," Lex continued, "I am the reason they fell."


Lex held his grip on the hero's hand and suddenly yanked his right arm back, causing his rival to stumble into him. As their chests suddenly made contact, Lex flexed his hypertrophied pectorals. The alien bounced backward as if he had fallen into a wall, but Lex's hold on his hand kept him from moving more than a foot. As he caught his balance, the hero attempted to pull his hand out of Lex's hold, but Lex was not letting go.

Although there was no denying the astounding physique of Lex's archenemy, Lex felt a growing sense of confidence that he was the bigger man.  


Looking eye to eye, recognition finally hit the unsuspecting hero. 




Lex uttered a short response:


"Let's play." 

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Lex released his right hand's grip on his enemy's hand, while he raised his left hand, placing it the middle of the costumed hero's chest. Lex took a second to feel the defined valley between the hero's bulging pectorals, and then with little effort pushed the hero back, sending him hurtling backwards to land on his butt on the other side of the stage.

The assembled dignitaries on the stage fled down its stairs while the startled hero brought himself to his feet. The two olympian alpha males stared at each other in silence across about twenty yards of space with arms tensed and fists clenched.

Using his heightened vision, Lex surveyed the muscled layering of his old enemy's torso, the sculpted arms, deltoids and pectorals, the deep crevices of the abdominals that portruded even through the colored costume, flowing into the flaring thighs, then into the oversized calves. Lex's eyes couldn't help being drawn back up the sculpted form to the square jaw, high cheek bones, and perfect symmetrial features of the famous face that would be almost feminine in its beauty were it not for its relation to the perfect male form beneath it.

At the same time, the hero stared incredulously at the armor that was Lex's immense portruding chest. He felt his pulse start to race as he tried to estimate the thickness of Lex's trapezius and the spread of the lats that pushed out Lex's arms and their veined large globes of oversized biceps. He stared into Lex's dark intense eyes, noting that even his old enemy's formerly slack face was now filled by muscular jaws and cheeks that led into Lex's bald head, giving Lex a rough handsomeness he had never had before.

"Okay Supie, ready to find out which of us is top dog?"

"Lex, I don't have anything to prove. You are a danger to the safety of the people of this City and the World. Today, you put hundreds at risk just to satisfy your desire to put on a show. I don't understand what drives you, but I am not going to let you continue this."

"What drives me, alien, is you. For years you've carried off this holier-than-thou interloping, repeatedly humiliating me. It's time for a reversal of fortune."

"What are you up to, Lex?"

"Unlike all the elaborate plans I made before, this one is simple. I'm going to beat the shit out of you. Repeatedly. For as long as you stay on this planet."

"Lex, whatever you've taken has obviously unhinged your mind. Let me help you."

"Sure, you can help me. Just come here. We should start getting to know each other a little better."

Lex unclenched his fists, opened his hands, stretched out his herculean arms, and started walking slowly toward his nemesis. Uncertain, the costumed hero at first took a step back.

"Come on, Supes, take my hands and just show me how much stronger you are and I'll behave. I haven't got any weapons. It's just me."

Lex now stood only four feet from his target, and was starting to invade the uneasy Kryptonian's space. Lex raised both his massively developed arms with his hands open.

"Come on, Supes, just a little test of strength. Surely you're not afraid."

The hero hesitated, unsure what to do.

Lex grinned. "Okay, if you are not going to oblige me, we'll just see what fun I can have playing with our onlookers."

The hero knew he had to accept the challenge - whatever uncertainty he had about Lex's power, he could not let it be targeted at the gawking crowd. His own bulging arms reached up and his hands grabbed both of Lex's open hands. Both men grimaced as they felt each other's vice like fingers wrap around their own, squeezing their palms together. Their knees both bended slightly to gain traction. Their inflated biceps started to bulge as they pushed into each other. Lex took satisfaction seeing on the face of the champion of justice the recognition that Lex's strength now, in fact, rivaled his own.

Both gladiators worked to get advantage, their hands locked, their arms partially bent to maximize the effect of their bulging hardened biceps, their straining pectorals grinding into each other, their legs braced into the ground. The most noticeable difference between the two men was the look on their faces. The famous hero's face registered nothing but concentration and strain. Lex, on the other hand, while also trembling under the strain, grinned with enjoyment. Lex became more confident with each passing minute. As he shifted his weight slightly and gained a momentary advantage, Lex exclaimed, "Finally, I get some foreplay. Never realized what a turn on this would be."

Lex's comment and the grin on his face further unnerved the straining hero, who suddenly felt what was for him an unusual sensation-- sweat dripping down his face. Lex's new found strength was unlike anything he had faced before. He needed to get out of this contest and figure out what was Lex's vulnerability.

The hero attempted a bold move. He suddenly ceased resisting, causing Lex to lunge forward into him. As Lex moved into him, the hero shifted to the left side, attempting to use the force Lex was exerting to break Lex's grip on the hero's hands. It was partially succeesful, as Lex did release the left hand. However, as he steadied himself, Lex used his grip on the hero's right hand to spin the hero in that direction and then released him, sending the hero flying backward off the stage until he slammed into a fortified wall of the construction site.

Lex was in front of the stunned hero before he could even start to get his bearings. Lex grabbed both of the Man of Steel's wrists and spread his arms out and forced them back, pinning the hero to the wall behind him. As the hero started to resist, Lex pressed himself into his old nemesis. The huge mounds of muscle on their chests squeezed against each other. Both of their huge biceps bulged from exertion as the hero attempted to push back Lex's hold. Even as he focused on his effort, the hero realized that Lex had the larger guns.

Apprehension filled the eyes of the hero as he realized not only was he unable to push Lex back, but Lex's face was now moving in toward his own. Before the hero could attempt to turn away, he felt Lex's lips surrounding his own, and then Lex's tongue forcibly pushing its way into his mouth. Shock ran through crime fighter felt a shock run through him as he felt Lex's tongue ram into his own. He attempted to pull his mouth away from Lex, but Lex held on, the hair on his chin scraping the hero's skin.

As his tongue continued its invasion, Lex released his grip on the hero's wrists and suddenly grabbed the Kryptonian's butt, pulling the hero tight into Lex. As his hips pushed into Lex's hips, the hero could feel the outline of Lex's now hard cock pressing against him.

With arms free, the hero grabbed the sides of Lex's pectorals and pushed, forcing Lex out of his mouth and stumbling back several feet.

A mocking grin spread across the bald Atlas's face as he stopped his backward motion and enjoyed the sight of anger and terror in the eyes of the idol of millions attempting to come to terms with the humiliation of having been helplessly manhandled.

"Oh come on, we both know you're aching for a taste of Lex."

As Lex made a step toward him, the hero shot off into the sky in retreat.

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Are you wanting others to contribute to Lex's Fulfilment? I have a couple of ideas but your work is so stellar I'd hate to huck it up unless you want people in there messing with your world.

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Thanks for asking. I am doing this as a revision of an old story I had on the prior site. I was never completely happy with how it turned out, so if you want to jump in, feel free. (Actually, just looked at some of your posts. You're a really good writer so I would love for you to have a go at it - just leave it open ended so I can play with what you've left me).

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