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Lex's Fulfillment


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Lex rocketed himself and the hero captive in his arms straight up thirty miles to the edge of the stratosphere.  Lex wanted to continue taunting his old nemesis, but the speed at which they were moving and the thinning air made speech impossible. Consequently, Lex and his old foe stared into each other’s eyes as the ground below grew distant. The hero continued to try to press his way out of Lex’s grip, but his efforts got him nowhere.  The hero could sense Lex reveling in his new found power, and Lex could feel the hero’s mounting frustration at being held captive in Lex’s oversized arms.

Lex decided to find out just how far he could push that frustration.  Lex scanned the sky with his augmented vision until miles away he saw a passenger airline flying an artic route.  Lex immediately shifted course, hurtling the two of them in the aircraft’s direction.   

When the hero recognized Lex was rocketing them toward an airliner, he feared that it was Lex’s intent to crash into it, sending its passengers falling to their deaths while he was trapped in Lex’s hold and unable to save them.  He furiously doubled his efforts to force his way out of Lex’s arms or to alter their trajectory, but Lex was now just too powerful, and he seemed to grow stronger the more the hero struggled.  

Lex, however, did not fly into the aircraft.  Instead, he moved alongside it, about twenty feet from its windows and matched the jet’s speed. It then dawned on the hero exactly what Lex was up to.  He was giving the flight’s passengers a bird’s eye view of the hero struggling in Lex’s hold.  Glancing at the windows, he could see the passengers’ faces with their smartphones capturing exactly what they saw - their most powerful protector being held helpless captive in the arms of a massive challenger.  As soon as the aircraft touched down, those pictures of the hero being restrained by his old foe would be blanketing the internet. 


Lex wasn’t done with putting on a show. Lex tightened his hold on the hero again, but this time he held nothing back.  Lex watched his arms bulge as he squeezed the hero’s lats with even more crushing pressure.  The hero began scream out in pain as Lex’s vise began to bend the hero’s ribs toward breaking.  Although the flight’s passengers couldn’t hear him, they could tell that the Hercules who had always protected them was now being tortured by an even more powerful Olympian. Sensing that the hero was now in too much pain to mount a meaningful resistance, Lex’s right arm let go of its hold on the hero long enough for Lex to bring it up to his side and flex his monstrous bicep for the passengers pressed against the aircraft window to see.  Lex knew this would guarantee headlines around the world: “Super Lex crushes Man of Steel.” 

When Lex glanced himself at the peak of his bicep, he saw confirmation of what he felt was occurring.  The circumference of his massive arms was now inches greater than when he first challenged the hero, mere hours ago.  As he exerted himself against his old opponent, Lex was actually becoming larger and stronger.  No wonder overpowering the hero had been so easy!  

Lex’s recognition that his power was actually increasing was like a jolt of adrenaline coursing through him. Nothing was beyond him now.  He tensed his arms and core muscles, not to enjoy the agony it inflicted on his enemy, but rather just to enjoy the feeling of the intoxicating power coursing through him.   

The adversary trapped in the vise of Lex’s arms struggled as hard as he could to break free but his efforts only amused Lex. Any moment it suited him, Lex could snap every bone in the hero’s body.  Lex began to regret that his foe was no longer any real challenge. Lex wanted to feel his expanding bulk strain against a worthy opponent, but now he had no idea where he could find such a challenger. Certainly, no one now on this planet could hope to rival him. 

Lex flew them away from the aircraft and hurtled back toward the ground.  As he landed and their feet touched the ground, Lex released his hold and the humiliated hero quickly collapsed on the ground, in pain from the crushing pressure of Lex’s embrace, and unsure just what was happening.

Lex stretched his arms out and pulled them in, watching his biceps expand and feeling his heightened power racing through him.  Looking down, it was clear that as massive as his chest had been hours before, it was now even larger.  He wanted to find a mirror to see just exactly how he was changing. But even more than that, he wanted someone worthy to fight, or fuck, or both. The thought that no such challenger existed was unacceptable.  Lex was born to dominate, but what could he do if there was no one worthy of conquering?   

The hero recuperating on the ground could tell that for the moment, Lex’s attention was not centered on him. And he could tell that something was happening to Lex.  When they had first started struggling mere hours ago, Lex was close to his size, maybe slightly larger. They had squared off close to eye to eye, and they were closely matched. Now Lex was nearly a foot taller, and his musculature was similarly expanding. Lex’s biceps were now much larger than the hero’s head, and the expanse of Lex’s back stretched out farther than the hero could hope to stretch his arms around. 

The hero realized he had no hope now of overpowering Lex, that he needed to get to his hidden fortress and find a weapon from his homeworld that could neutralize Lex.  He  did not like the thought of acting as judge and executioner, but for the sake of all on his adopted planet, he needed to do whatever was necessary to stop Lex. Seeing Lex lost in thought, the hero though he could attempt to make it to his fortress before Lex realized he was gone.

Lex was distracted, but not oblivious. His heightened senses alerted him that the hero had risen and was about to begin flight. Lex’s speed had apparently increased with his strength, as before the hero could even start moving Lex’s gargantuan form was suddenly in front of him.

“And just where do you think you’re going, little one.”  

The hero stopped in his tracks, unable to come up with words. 

Without even bothering to make a fist, Lex’s flung his gigantic hand across the hero’s face.  He could hear the jaw crack as he made contact. The force of the blow sent the hero tumbling backwards, landing on the ground unconscious.  

Lex stood over his long-hated enemy and stared down at him, thinking how his hatred of this alien had been the driving force in his life for more than a decade. That it ended with so little effort felt hollow. Lex wanted a more intense struggle - indeed he felt his gladiator body demand it.  What should he do now with this defeated foe? He considered completing the humiliation by raping him, but it felt pointless to do so to an unconscious husk.

Lex realized he needed more. He needed his new power to be pushed to its limit and overcome. But he could not get that relief from this enemy, at least as he was now. But maybe Lex could do something about that. 

Lex reached down and scooped the life form of the hero into his arms. Then he rose carrying the unresponsive body of the hero up into the sky.

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On 24/4/2014 at 16:47, Lexfan said:

Lex sintió que se le aceleraba el pulso mientras esperaba la llegada de su enemigo. Estaba rodeado de miles de ovejas que acudían a adorar cada vez que el extraterrestre dejaba saber que estaría presente en un evento público. Esta vez se habían reunido para verlo comenzar la construcción de un nuevo edificio de caridad clavando enormes barras de acero en el suelo. A Lex le disgustaba que ninguno de estos adoradores reconociera cómo el objeto de su admiración sería burlarse de ellos, haciendo en momentos lo que a los equipos les llevaría semanas lograr, y luego solo usando enormes piezas de maquinaria. 


Lex intentó minimizar la atención que llamó colocándose entre un grupo de trabajadores de la construcción en el sitio. Incluso entre estos hombres grandes, la gigantesca figura de 6 pies y cuatro de Lex se elevaba, pero con un casco naranja y una camisa de franela abultada y jeans azules que lo cubrían, se mezcló lo mejor que pudo. Aun así, era difícil ignorar la enorme anchura de sus hombros, las planchas de su pecho y la hinchazón de los músculos de sus brazos que amenazaban con hacer explotar su enorme camisa. Lex había decidido que este era el momento ideal para enfrentarse a su némesis porque le trajo una audiencia de seguidores devotos de su enemigo, y la humillación de ser golpeado frente a ellos sería el golpe más duro para el ego santurrón de su rival.


Justo a tiempo al mediodía, el desprevenido centro de atención con capa aterrizó en el podio construido para el evento, donde el alcalde y el gobernador lo esperaban. Lex no necesitaba esforzarse para ver, ya que los ojos ahora mejorados de Lex le permitían inspeccionar desde la distancia como si estuviera a dos pies de distancia. Lex se volvió ajeno al mundo que lo rodeaba mientras examinaba con avidez a su oponente de pies a cabeza.


La aparición de su rival hizo inevitable que todos los ojos estuvieran puestos en él. Su abundante cabello negro azabache se rizaba ligeramente con la brisa, rodeando un rostro de ojos azules de rasgos masculinos perfectamente equilibrados. Cada parte de su cuerpo perfectamente desarrollado fluyó hacia la siguiente como un fresco vivo de Miguel Ángel, llevando el ideal de la belleza masculina a sus límites. Cualquier otra persona se vería absurda con su traje de color azul y rojo, pero en el oponente de Lex aumentó el efecto del pecho expansivo, los deltoides de bala de cañón, los brazos y los muslos hinchados, la forma alarmante de su ancha espalda hasta las caderas, y los perfectos globos de su trasero. 


Ver a su enemigo de cerca provocó una sacudida de emoción en Lex: ira, odio, emoción y algo que no pudo nombrar. Su cuerpo se tensó mientras su corazón latía con fuerza. Luego, cuando el alcalde presentó a su oponente desprevenido por los altavoces, la multitud estalló en una explosión de aplausos y vítores que solo intensificaron el estado agitado de Lex. Era hora de que Lex hiciera su movimiento.


Dos grandes martinetes sobre grúas se alzaban sobre la multitud a ambos lados, listos para completar el trabajo de clavar el apoyo en el suelo después de que se fuera el invitado de honor. Cuando comenzaron los discursos del día, Lex envió subrepticiamente rayos de calor de sus ojos a intervalos en la parte superior de cada grúa donde colgaban los conductores, debilitándolos gradualmente. Lex cronometró cada uno con cuidado para que uno cediera unos segundos antes que el otro. Finalmente, el primero cedió, enviando el enorme dispositivo de metal a toda velocidad hacia la multitud de abajo. Inmediatamente, por supuesto, el alienígena voló desde el podio y agarró el gran martillo antes de que aplastara a la multitud de abajo. Sin embargo, justo cuando comenzaba a levantar la enorme pieza de metal para ponerla a salvo, vio que al otro lado de la audiencia otra carga se precipitaba hacia la multitud que estallaba abajo. 


El segundo peso, sin embargo, no cayó al suelo. En cambio, un hombre grande que se colocó debajo agarró el objeto que caía en sus manos y lo sostuvo en alto, llevándolo a través del sitio de construcción, literalmente cientos de toneladas de metal, a un espacio vacío donde lo depositó suavemente.

La multitud se quedó en silencio ante este aparente trabajador de la construcción que acababa de realizar una hazaña de habilidad sobrehumana que hasta ahora habían pensado que solo un hombre era capaz de realizar, y ese hombre flotaba en el aire a varios cientos de pies de distancia. Poco a poco, el silencio dio paso a los vítores cuando esta misteriosa figura cruzó el lugar y subió al podio. Se quitó la camisa de franela, para revelar un cuerpo de proporciones asombrosas, vestido para acentuar su tamaño con una camiseta blanca ajustada de "golpeador de esposas", exponiendo deltoides del tamaño de una pelota de baloncesto que fluían hacia sinuosos brazos abultados. La tela vaquera ajustada de sus jeans parece estar a punto de estallar cubriendo enormes muslos, conduciendo a los perfectos globos redondos de su trasero.


El invitado de honor también aterrizó en el podio, aunque por una vez se vio eclipsado a los ojos de los espectadores. Inmediatamente cruzó el escenario para encontrarse con el imponente recién llegado que se estaba quitando el casco para revelar una frente calva sobre rasgos cincelados. Había algo familiar en su rostro, pero el héroe disfrazado sabía que si hubiera conocido a un hombre de este notable tamaño antes, lo recordaría. Algo inseguro, extendió su mano para saludar al recién llegado. "Sea quien sea, gracias por la ayuda. No vi el segundo a tiempo". 


Lex extendió la mano y tomó la mano derecha extendida en la suya. "No hay problema, era lo menos que podía hacer". 


La mirada de incertidumbre en los ojos del héroe disfrazado se convirtió en conmoción, cuando sintió un apretón inesperado como un tornillo de banco en su mano, causando la sensación poco común de dolor.


"Después de todo", continuó Lex, "yo soy la razón por la que se cayeron".


Lex sostuvo su agarre en la mano del héroe y de repente tiró de su brazo derecho hacia atrás, haciendo que su rival tropezara con él. Cuando sus pechos de repente hicieron contacto, Lex flexionó sus pectorales hipertrofiados. El alienígena rebotó hacia atrás como si se hubiera caído contra una pared, pero el agarre de Lex en su mano le impidió moverse más de un pie. Cuando recuperó el equilibrio, el héroe intentó sacar su mano del agarre de Lex, pero Lex no lo soltó.

Aunque no se podía negar el asombroso físico del archienemigo de Lex, Lex sintió una creciente sensación de confianza en que él era el hombre más grande.  


Mirando a los ojos, el reconocimiento finalmente golpeó al héroe desprevenido. 


"¡¿Lex ?!


Lex pronunció una breve respuesta:


"Vamos a jugar." 

Wooooow, Is it normal for me to get really hard and wet just imagining Lex as a better version of Superman?

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