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A collaboration piece I did a couple months ago, finally fully proofread.  Contains the following themes: transformation, orcs, m/m, muscle growth, hair growth, musk, bondage, anal, oral, multiple scenes, clothes ripping, etc.  Enjoy!

A collab by Arcsrazor and Centaurian


I looked at the calendar on my wall, each date X'ed off leading up to tonight.  Another full moon, another night in.  I sighed.  Granted, I was really getting into the groove of this schedule, but it wasn't without its risks.  The sound of the doorbell jolted me, a sinking feeling forming in my chest.  An unforeseen risk.  Maybe they would go away, but the door rang again.  I checked my phone; there was still time.  I decided to answer and tell them to go away.  I opened up the door and there was standing Ethan.  Ethan was a good friend of mine, though we hadn’t spoken recently.  He was 25, about the same age as me.  He had a toned, medium build body with a moderate dusting of hair.  His brown hair was in its typical, neat business cut, perfectly matched with his polo and khakis.  The guy never relaxes himself.


"Allen, so you are home! I was beginning to think there was no point to even trying to get ahold of you." Ethan said angrily as he pushed past me. "It's like you've been avoiding my calls to see what's going on or texts for that matter. Almost like you've dropped off the face off the earth. You better damn well give me some answers as to why you are pulling this shit!  I mean we haven't seen you at Softball in weeks the coach has already replaced your position on the team, I don't even see you around at the gym anymore. That used to be the one place I could always catch you. I've been missing a proper spotter dude!"


After getting over the initial shock of the outburst and barging in, I get to the immediately pressing task at hand.  I tried several times to interject, but Ethan just wouldn’t shut up.  I finally yelled in exasperation.  "Ethan!  Would you shut up for two seconds!  I've had a lot of stuff going on in my personal life ok?  Now, we can talk about this sometime soon, but I'm busy tonight ok?  So if you could-" I started trying to guide Ethan towards the door before any more time is wasted.  He, of course, started resisting and shouted back, "Doing WHAT!? You are not getting off the hook that easily! If you aren't willing to explain yourself for simply writing me off you might as well consider this friendship over. I wasn't looking to take it to this point but what you are doing is straight up avoidance of your friends. You know Susan, she actually has been wondering if it's been because you've gotten caught up in drugs or something. The way you've dropped off radar so fast. She's been thinking about arranging some sort of intervention crap!” He just kept going on and on… I had to get him out of here.  “It's not drugs is it Allen? Dude, are you doing steroids!!?? You are looking bigger, and you must be getting your work done somewhere else since you no longer frequent the gym."


I flushed a bit.  The monthly changes had come with certain permanent aspects, increased musculature being one of them.  It's true that I had been avoiding the gym to avoid certain people.  The sudden change in my physicality would have been a dead give-away.  I felt a pulse throb through my chest, and my eyes widened.  I had to get him out of here now.  "Look, I'm not on anything ok?  I'm just busy recently and have a lot on my plate.  Can we please just talk about this later?"  The veins in my arms started to bulge a bit with the heightened blood flow in my body, my push becoming a bit more forceful.  But Ethan just wouldn’t give up the goddamn fight.



"Dude watch the hands! You know steroid usage is coupled with bursts of anger. You say you aren't on anything but if that's the case then you better have some explanation more than my plate is a little full. Does my friendship mean so little to you? I mean if someone in your family died and you've needed time that would at least be something sensible but no one's heard a peep from you. It's left many of us starting to wonder if you’re even worth the time." I said, feeling incensed that he kept wanting to brush the issue aside. This was turning into a ‘speak now or forever hold your peace’ ordeal, and he almost seemed like he didn’t care... or is it that he's distracted?  Figuring he's more concerned with ejecting me from the premises, I decided to dig in my heels and refuse to budge. "I'm not going anywhere until we talk about this.  You aren't considering the weight of the issue!"


I was a bit thrown by a sudden change in his voice and demeanor.  "Fine" he said in a voice slightly deeper than before, "But if you're going to stick around, you better damn well help."  Before I could respond again, he grabbed me by the arm and started dragging me towards his basement door.  The strength with which Allen pulled me with was frightening. He did it with such ease almost as if he was throwing a pillow across the room. Almost lifting me from my feet as he yanked me after him, I almost lost my footing trying to keep up. I was actually stunned into silence and slight confusion as to what the hell he was talking about.


Upon reaching the bottom of the steps, Allen pushed me against a wall to wait while he started fiddling with something. My eyes try to process their surroundings to make sense of what was happening, slowly adjusting to the lower light.  It was his basement still left unfinished; he had seemingly mentioned plans once or twice with the intent to fix it up but having never gotten around to it. Its cold cement floor the typical gray with white painted cinderblock walls that lined the room. As I began to take in the items scattered in the room, my mind was having difficulties putting the puzzle together. There were various lengths of chains strewn across the floor: some rudimentary shackles, various sized padlocks, in one of the darker corners I even spotted what looked like a wrought iron cage. Was this some sort of sex den he had brought me into?  Turning my head towards him, I saw him fiddling with keys on some type of manacles that had been braced into the wall.


"Allen, what the hell is all of this?" I said indignant. Not sure I wanted to understand what he had been talking about-worried that this might be taking a turn that I didn't want anything to do with.  Allen seemed to struggle with his shirt-which hadn’t looked as tight a few minutes ago-and turned to me after.  "I'll explain later, just help chain me up, alright?  No back talk" He said in a gruffer voice, baring his teeth.  His torso was already glistening with a light perspiration as he starts unlocking the device.


"You seriously want me to lock you up!? Have you lost your mind?" Despite my hesitation, I moved over to assist, figuring maybe it might be safer to have him restrained for the moment while I try to get some answers. After closing the latch and backing away from him I couldn’t help but notice his straining erection having tented his pants rather obscenely. I speechlessly waited there while my mind grasped for any explanation that made sense.  He gave the restraints a firm tug, keeping in place.  He grunted and huffed a sigh of relief.  Or was it a grunt of something else?  His chest seemed to swell with every breath, muscles striating.  The nipples seemed to be looking a bit off as well.  "Thank... you..."  He could barely seem to get words out.


As I stared on, wishing somebody would start providing answers, I observed my friend's body. Perspiration seemed to be gathering across his hairy chest; his breathing was increasing, and it seemed like he was having difficulty focusing. His longer black hair hid the beads of sweat breaking out across his forehead. He had definitely gotten more buff since I had seen him last and I was kind of shocked. My eyes, mid-thought, are immediately drawn to some golden barbells that now pierced his nickel sized nipples. "Oh you've gotten piercings..." I kind of absentmindedly observed as I noted the new addition.


My friend elicited a moan while he shuddered for a second. I noticed it seems like his newly displayed erection wasn't dying down, in fact it was quite the opposite. I wondered if my eyes were deceiving me as it looked like his arms started to grow. My voice trembled out of concern as I begged loudly, "Why are you having me do this? What the hell is happening!?"


"For your... safety... Needed to lock... before-urrrgh."  I grunted and snarled a bit.  The change, while pleasurable, did sometimes have its elements of discomfort.  Partly due to the fact that I still had my pants on.  My erection throbbed uncomfortably against the tight-fitting fabric, growing increasingly more obscene in its scope.  I tried a little modesty, but I knew it wouldn’t last long.  I was surprised he hadn't left yet.  My nipples tingled warmly from the golden metal, pulsing energy through me in matching time with the throbbing of my cock.  Veins bulged across my arms as I flexed impulsively against the restraints, my biceps swelling like softballs and further, my forearms growing thicker, making the manacles a bit tight.  Not helping my pants situation, I could feel my legs tremble and swell, the sound of fabric starting to strain at the seams.


The quickest changes hovered around my chest, nipples pulsing a little larger and more sensitive, the off color turning a light, sickly green, and spreading over my chest.  Though it would have been hard to tell with the itchy hairs increasing on my already hairy chest.  "Thisss... is... a part of... me" I said through an altering mouth.  My tongue danced clumsily against growing lower canines and a more defined chin.  My nose flared slightly more with each huff, making my sense of smell greater.


I was taken aback, not knowing if I should turn and run or stay out of concern for Allen. My mind screamed at me that everything I was witnessing with gaping eyes was unnatural, impossible, and while I know my mind should have been breaking from the impossibility of it, I found myself watching on. I stood astonished as I started to hear the ripping of seams, knowing how tough the seams in jeans were. Watching my friend's body swell visibly while he groaned and grunted in what can only be taken as pleasure, I stepped closer to him, wanting to observe with a better view.  The front of his jeans was developing a dark spot where his pre was staining the fabric. Feeling a strange sensation, I looked down and realized I had actually gotten hard myself. My mind clearly in denial, I looked back up and notice my friend's broadening brow, his teeth seemingly sharper as two of his lower ones began to creep past his lips, extending upward and thickening into emerging tusks.


A sound drew my attention to his feet where I noticed the laces starting to pop apart.  My friend’s sneakers started to betray the size of the growing feet hidden inside. The leather gave an audible strain as my friend growled loudly.  I almost broke a smile as the sound of stitching ripping apart filled the room, and I saw relief break across his changing face. The sides popped open on his left foot, while the toes of the shoe separated from the sole on his right. His upper body strength was growing at an alarming rate. His pectorals heaved while the skin darkened in shade, sweat matting his chest hair. Their size reminded me of the large dinner plates served at some Italian restaurants, his areolas were now at least quarter sized with the barbells piercing them still glinting in the basement light.


The rush was incredible, no less enjoyable than the other months I experienced it.  My poor shoes didn't make the struggle, but the rip and feeling of air was so satisfying.  My legs almost begged to be released from the increasingly strained pants, a couple parts of the seam splitting slightly when I flexed.  My chest was heavy with muscle, making it hard to see my abs harden from a decent 6-pac to a tight 8-pac.  My arms developed even further, my shoulders bulging outwards as well.  Were the manacles not heavy duty, I would have ripped through the restraints then and there.  Every tug I gave showed off the increasing flare of my lats, turning green as with the rest of my torso.


My cock ached to be freed, the tight friction not doing any favors to calm the beast.  I gave a deep, masculine grunt of pleasure as more pre leaked from the tip.  My balls swelled against the confines as well, heavy with testosterone and virility.  My glutes flexed against their prison, two boulders of hairy flesh increasingly straining to be freed.  I licked my darkening lips, navigating around my increasingly lengthened tusks.  My ears tingled as they gained slight points.  The green spread light in color against the skin, but older areas were darker, the nipples a darker green than the chest.


I could smell Ethan as he got closer, smelling his mix of fear and... arousal.  A part of me took a primal pleasure in that as I smirked.  His scent, partially masked by his cologne, served to make me hornier.  I would have pounced on him given the chance.  At the same time, I could tell the musk emanating from me had gotten thicker.  A heavy pheromone piercing the air, though not as strong as it could be.


As I continued to take in my friend's changes visually it seemed like the air was getting thicker, almost like an invisible haze had entered the room. A smell like the light musk that lingers in a locker room simply by the repeated presence of men sweeping through it. Not unpleasant, just overtly masculine. I watched on as my buddy writhed a bit against his bindings, stretching and flexing his legs. I guessed he was trying to rid himself of the pants which I could only imagine had to be seriously getting in the way at that point. I started to hear some rips again coming from the denim fabric trapping the changes from my view. A louder rip revealed openings-one over his outer side quad and the other one wrapping around his hamstring. After pausing a second, the struggle renewed with intensity as the obvious beast between his legs struggled for release. I looked on with increasing interest, for a moment tempted to aid him, but part of me was curious to see if he was going to be able to do it on his own.


I was close enough where I could reach out and touch him, but yet I stayed fixed to my post almost as if I had a deep need to bear witness. I had this growing urge to want to explore his expanding muscles, to want to feel him growing in mass right in my hands so that maybe my head could wrap around what it was actually seeing. I couldn't begin to figure out what motivating factors were possibly behind my thoughts; I was caught up in the moment and unable to leave, that much I knew.


I was again drawn down to see his feet pushing out from their confines, the remnants of the leather splitting open and folding outward from the sole like an opening flower. His feet flexed in their socks, enjoying their newfound freedom. Some holes had even started to open up in the fabric as I noted how much bigger they appeared. All my mind's eye could summon as a comparison were images of the hulk's feet. They hadn't unveiled themselves totally yet.


I licked my dark green lips, the sensations increasingly sensual.  My tusks were now pronounced from my mouth, my nose flared even wider, the tip upturning.  Every scent in the air became clearer still, and I got turned on by my own scent.  Despite my musk’s strength, I could sense the continual arousal from Ethan.  A more primal part of me chuckled, the voice deep and masculine as it rumbled from my expanded chest, as a dark part of my mind fantasized about the implications of that arousal.  I could feel my ears flick as the points grew a bit longer, and my vision shifted slightly as my upper brow grew a bit more pronounced.  I rotated my wrists and flexed my arms again, hands curled into fists larger than most men, with rough green palms.  A thick dusting of hair covered my torso, forearms, and hands, matted with the sweat trickling from my body by the exertion of the change.  My body felt hot, especially concentrated around the piercings still pulsing from my nipples.


I flexed my toes and stamped my feet, ripping through the remaining fabric of the shoes and socks.  That done, I gave a grunt as I took in a deep breath of air and flexed my legs harder than ever.  My green tinted legs tore through more of the fabric.  Jeans were such a tough material to shred, but newfound muscle proved even stronger.  The seams were fully pulled apart, and one last flex of the glutes tore the waistband, the button popping off at the same time.  The ruined jeans fell away to reveal huge, hairy legs, the deep green enriching my skin reaching down to the last parts of my feet.  My underwear strained against the bulge formed in the front, uncommonly large.  My balls also strained the fabric, swollen with virility.  The fabric was soaked with a mix of sweat and pre-cum, the scent of musk getting even stronger than before.  I let out a grunt of satisfaction, my hands instinctively straining to touch my bulge but not having enough reach.  I let out a frustrated grunt as I strained.


I watched with some strange sense of satisfaction as the seams burst wider apart, beginning to let his pants legs flap about his massively carved thighs and calves in his struggles as they lost their grip on him. As he gave a kind of forward thrust and a pleased grunt, the button on the front of his jeans ricocheted off my thigh. The rather large head of his cock pushed through the zipper, breaking it.  It was covered in stained cotton as his briefs still clung to him. He had breached the seam near on one side of his waist from a combination of his widening hips and his growing muscular ass. It began to fall away from him like parts of a molted shell as his enlarging lower body could finally feel the air circulate around it. The aforementioned haze deepened to a fog. He stood there with his boxer briefs clinging to his massive tool tenting the sweat and pre stained fabric, the basket of it stretched by his heavy sac. He strained against his chains, trying to break free. His grunts and groans were starting to come more frequently, something must have been building.


I noticed how his green pointed ears neatly framed his face with his new thickened brow line. The actual eyebrows seemed to be bushier in texture. Gruff stubble broke out all over his face and widened chin.  When his eyes weren’t closed in pleasure, they had more wild look about them. They flicked around the room to take in their surroundings at an alarming pace almost in an animalistic way. His tusks thick and prominent now stood two inches above his fleshier lower lip and gave his visage a more fearsome look. His nose was stretching as he looks down at me, its shape reminding me of a pig somehow.  For a second, I thought he was laughing as his chest rumbled. The nose’s upturned tip and now widening nostrils flared as he continued to breathe deeply between the increasing grunts and longer bassy groans. The fabric of his briefs became increasingly taut as his ass continued to gain mass. I found myself anticipating the unveiling, curious to see the changes that have developed.


Even as the changes started to finalize through my body, the pulsation only seems to increase.  Veins bulged on my body as my heart steadily pounded faster.  My large hands groped at the chains of the restraints as I tugged, wanting the freedom, wanting to touch my large, virile body.  The bonds didn't budge, but I continued to tug, flexing.  My chest bulged, rippled with striations.  The golden barbells almost seemed to glow from their heat-my large, dark green nipples hard and protruding.  I tossed my head back, heavy black hair cascading behind as I gave a roar and grunt of power.  It was a deep bellow that almost seemed to shake the room.  I gritted my teeth, tusks protruding dangerously, and planted my feet into a wide stance.


I flexed my legs hard, in tune with the pulses running through my body.  The tingling of change lessened more and more, but it was replaced with heightened awareness of the power and sensitivity radiating from me.  My heart picked up even more pace, my cock rubbing with a sweet, raw friction against my underwear.  My balls strained at the fabric, desperate to escape their tight prison.  I flexed my body faster, glutes and cock working hard to make that last push.  My heavy chest heaved, and I let out a snarling growl.  My eyes, irises turned a dark red, focused on the small man in front of me.  With a deep grunt and another roar, I tilted my head back and flexed as hard as ever, every inch of my green body wet and defined.  With a loud rip, my cock broke free, a green as dark as my nipples.  My balls bounced into view before drawing up to my body, my cock twitching with power.  Sweet release as I shot a volley of cum, thick and white across the air.  I couldn’t see where it landed in my closed bliss, but the reaction from the small man gave me a clue.  My balls bounced with every shot, rope after rope of cum cascading across the distance onto the man who had not left.


I stared at my friend becoming the beast as he thrusted in earnest watching as rips continued opening through his briefs. With one final thrust and a bellowing roar it finally snapped free the waistband popping open like an overstretched rubber band. His member revealed to me was masculine art as it stood throbbing before me. His member at least ten inches long and probably a good seven inches around was massive. It was at least as thick as my wrist, and his musky smelling nuts now housed testicles that had to be the size of jumbo grade A eggs. It began launching volley after volley of arcing seed as it splatted against my chest quickly drenching my shirt. His nuts spasming in their sac as he continued to let out successive grunts expressing the thorough pleasure he was reveling in. I didn't even flinch as I stood there feeling it soak through the fabric the smell of his seed putting that heady musk directly in my face as if I had buried mine directly in his crotch. I watched as the beast came down from his high lying slack against his chains. His breath was heaving as his body remained a carved work that would make Leonardo Da Vinci’s David jealous.


I figured it would take him a bit to recover as it looked like the beast was settling into a brief rest. I went over to one of the side walls to lean against it as I settled to the floor. I sat there with my mind feeling vacant. I realized I needed to do some thinking with regard to the events that had just transpired, but it was like the gears in my head had frozen and refused to turn. I sat there with my legs extended in front of me as I laid my head against the wall and found myself slowly drifting towards sleep, still covered in my friends ample deposit of cum, and I think my head found it easier to accept the descending darkness.


After blacking out for a good remainder of the night, I slowly came to my senses.  The basement was still dark, but it must have been morning.  My body felt a bit sore, particularly around the wrists where I was restrained.  I looked down at my body.  Human... smaller... naked.  The air was still warm.  I stretched in my shackles, the chains clanging a bit.  I heard a shifting in the corner and saw Ethan resting against the wall, his clothes crusty.  I remembered him standing in front of me, certain scents... but I'd worry about that later.  I called out to him.  "Hey Ethan, you awake?  I can't unchain myself right now since you have the keys."


I woke up hearing Allen calling out to me. My back was sore from having been slouched against the wall. I raised my head to look over at my friend, naked and his skin flushed. I slowly started processing and realize I still had the keys from last night in my pocket. He was leaning up against the wall, his frame noticeably smaller but still well defined. He was kind of avoiding looking at me as he stood there exposed to me. I tried to figure out if he was embarrassed or what exactly he was thinking, but then again, I guess he was in the same boat.


I lifted myself up from the floor walking over to him. I released him from his bonds and he gripped his wrists trying to ease some of the pain from them. I told him "You might want to get cleaned up... I'll meet you upstairs when you are ready. The thought occurred to me to leave you chained but you at least deserve to retain some dignity while you give me an explanation." With that, I turned to walk up the stairs and headed to his couch in the living room to wait.


I mumbled out a thanks before looking around.  It's then that I realized all the clothes I had on shredded, besides the shirt.  I bundled it up in front of my junk and tried to get to my room quickly.  "One sec" I said as I passed by the living room to mine, going into my dresser for a new set of clothes.  A lot of my wardrobe had to be updated since the changes had begun, my clothes a little baggy just in case.  After changing into a pair of workout shorts and a tank top, I headed into the living room.  I cleared my throat.  "So... about last night... how are you doing by the way?  Should I uh... grab you a new shirt?"  I felt flushed, a bit embarrassed.  I hadn't expected my secret to get out, and now here I was.  His reaction so far had been... unexpected to say the least.  At least he wasn't freaking out.


He responded, with some exasperation, "Well while as I've never quite experienced what happened last night I think that the shirt isn't even on the list of topics to cover. I'll wash it later!  I guess what happened last night explains some of the questions I had before I even conceptualized this as a possibility. Namely the questions as to why you've been avoiding me and everyone else. So without needing to get into that lets keep things to the topic of what the hell happened last night!"


I nodded my head and sit down on the arm chair in the room.  I sighed, collecting my thoughts.  Where to begin?  "I'm not fully sure when it started.  Well... a while back I was looking into getting some piercings, and I heard that nipple ones increased sensitivity.  I had sat on it a while, but I found a place online and went.  It was an odd place; shady, but it had good reviews, so I braved it.  My piercer was a strange fellow, but it went over well, and I was left with these."  I gestured to the golden barbells.  "They felt fine, but during that next full moon, I basically blacked out.  The pleasure emanating from the piercings was so intense... and I was caught off guard that I woke up the next morning in my trashed living room, clothes torn up.  I vaguely remembered the night, and I'm glad I didn't go out and hurt somebody."  I sighed deeply.  "I tried to go back to the place for answers, but the place had either moved or been closed down.  I was scared, but... I was also... intrigued.  The change has its uh *cough* benefits..." I said, blushing a bit.  "So I figured out a way to do it safely.  I had a few things set up in the basement, but I've found that the cage works best.  I can't reach through the bars in my... orc form.  Although it's not comfortable, it works.  The shackles worked surprisingly well too, and a lot more comfortable despite the wrist pain.  So... there you have it.  I'm a freak."


"Man if you mean like a freak of nature don't ever think that. A freak of a different kind, well something could be said for the way you thrusted your way out of those briefs launching your jizz across the room. That was something!" I said with a blush, my mind replaying the scene. "To say a few benefits might be selling it short you looked like you enjoyed the fuck out of that! So you are looking to just contain it not get rid of it? It's that good huh?”


He shrugged, giving a wry smile.  "Yeah, I want to keep it.  It's been a bit tough, but it's been worth it.  It's even started to help me, in some respects" he said as he flexed one of his arms to himself.  "I'm just glad you helped me out in time.  I'm not sure what would have happened to you had I been free.  I mean, my mind is still 'there', but it's on a different frequency, in a sense.  More impulsive, different inclinations.  You can't let anyone know about this though.  Tell them I'm doing well, that I'm busy or something, but I can't let them know about me.  You have to promise me, Ethan."


I sat there thinking a bit trying to figure out if I am willing to sign onto this. Keeping the secret is a no brainer, because I wouldn't want to hurt my friend, but I could back away now and I guessed he would understand and respect my decision. I mean, I would hope that my friend could successfully keep all this under wraps and there would be no further risks, but then I thought about the chance encounter that happened tonight. If that was enough to throw off his cover then how could he best ensure maintaining the secret? "My silence is guaranteed. I'm mean if you aren't looking for help finding a way out of this, how can you best make sure that you can maintain there won't be a risk of discovery? I mean think about last night."


I paused for a moment, considering.  Ethan had a good point.  I had managed these past few months alright, but there weren’t any guarantees.  "I hadn't really considered it.  Things had been fine so far, and the installation in the basement worked well.  You do have a point... but what exactly are you proposing?  It sounds like you have a plan?  Or are you just warning me?"


"It's not that I'm proposing something in as much just making sure you are taking into account the apparent risks and deterrence you might have to run to ensure your secret stays yours or only those you trust." He pauses a moment before continuing. "Allen, I mean if you think about it the best way to 'manage' something like this is to have someone to cover should anything go awry so I guess if you wanted my help I can offer it, as I doubt there might be anyone else that you can think of to help."


"Hmm..." I thought for a moment.  It made a lot of sense.  I nodded.  "You're right man.  If you're willing to help out, I'll accept it.  It's nice to have someone who knows now at least.  And I haven't been the best friend, so thanks for not bailing."  I gave a small smile, sitting up a bit taller as if a weight has been lifted.  "And hey, like I said, the chains are definitely easier on the body than that tight cage.  I really appreciate this man.  I'll keep you up to date on the cycle.  And hey, if you don't mind switching to a new locale, we can even start working out together again."


"Okay, but only if you are paying the first quarter of my fees." It felt nice to have reconnected after so long an absence from Allen, even if this was a majorly weird way to do it. I realized, thinking to myself, that I couldn't deny some part of me had a residing interest in the change I had witnessed. Part of me had wondered if he had ever captured it to witness the full extent of it himself. I felt my face flush at the thought as I stared off out a window for a moment.


He smiled wider.  "Then it's settled.  We'll get this all sorted out for next time.  But for now, breakfast?"


Well, two moons later and it looked like we were finally starting to develop a routine. Allen and I would meet up for workouts a few times a month just to keep tabs before the full moon approached. On the day of, we'd usually spend the evening watching movies or some such to while away the time before moonrise. When the moment was near we'd head down to the basement.  We stuck with the manacles as restraint for his comfortability as his change would start. He first tried sticking with wearing sweats figuring it would give the least resistance and I convinced him if it was comfort he was going for and since he knew I had seen the goods so to speak, he might as well just wear a pair of briefs.


Each time witnessing the change it never got old. Every time was just as intense for him, and I could see why part of him didn't want to be rid of it. I was finding it harder for me to hide my arousal when it would happen. Besides the beneficial side effects it provided he certainly didn't mind. The added strength, the hairier appearance, he even suggested a few times he thought the turning was making him just naturally hornier. He equated it to his latter teen years.


I was sitting on the couch with Ethan, finishing up a movie.  The alarm on my phone went off and I stood and stretched.  "Well, looks like it's that time.  Shall we?"  I walked over to the basement and headed down the stairs.  I stripped down from my clothes, comfortable on my large frame, but nothing ready for what was to come.  I stripped down to my briefs, a bit baggy on my frame to compensate.  Ethan helped me into the manacles, and I gave them a tug to check their strength, as good as ever.  I gave him a nod and settled in.  We talked for a few minutes until the all too familiar heat started to wash over my body, pulsing from my barbells.  I gave a light groan of pleasure as I flexed my hands, getting into the groove of it.  My muscles flexed and pulsed with the heat as they started to slowly expand outwards.  A couple beads of sweat ran down my body.  A little part of my mind started to awaken as well, the more impulsive beast inside.  I reflexively licked my lips in anticipation of further changes.  It was easiest to just give in as quickly as possible, the changes almost rewarding me for acceptance.


My body continued to grow, the green tint forming from my nipples and flowing over my increasingly sweaty chest.  My breath came out heavier, the changes continuing to expand.  Nostrils flared out with every breath.  My cock twitched and jumped to life, balls already starting to swell heavier with virility.  Part of me wished I could have restraints that let me touch my cock, but I needed the rigidity.  The tool throbbed with sensitivity, rubbing against the fabric of the ever tightening briefs.


I stood before my friend in the throes of transformation again, watching as his dick rose rigid in his briefs and swelled in size as he moaned and shuddered. His body gained mass right before my eyes. As I looked on I was tiring of feeling envious of this pleasure Allen got to experience monthly and the sheer size of his body. An urge had been growing, the same way his cock expanded and began to stretch the fabric to its limits, inside me now to want to help him physically with the change to feel him as he changes. I walked up closer to him as he strained against the manacles and placed a hand across his rippling abdominals. Growling as his facial features were changing, he barely took the time to focus on me. He gave a slight look of confusion at my approach.  I hooked my fingers into the band of his briefs peeling them back over the length of his cock, letting it pop out into view as the greenish hue washed across its length.


"What... what arrrre you doing?"  He said, letting out a deep gasp as the fabric pulled away from his junk.  It throbbed as it came in contact with the air, as if in anticipation.  "E-Ethan?" He said gruffly.


"Shhhh big guy, sit back and try not to worry about me so you can focus on your changes buddy." I soothingly said while I pulled his briefs past his straining thighs and let them fall to the floor. I stared down at his pulsing rod as I wrapped my hands around the length of his changing shaft. I could feel the heft and weight of him and it was rock solid. Yet despite that, his penis flexed as he grunted, and I felt his cock expanding further in my hands. Its changing girth, its increasing length as its now lime green steadily darkened towards an emerald hue. Entranced, I bought its thickening head to my mouth, his dick jumping as it felt my breath caress across his glans. That heady scent that accompanied his previous changes was starting to fill the room and I sucked the head into my waiting mouth, swirling my tongue over Allen's massive dickhead. The taste was intoxicating as the pre that had been dripping from his slit washed across my taste buds. Deeper! I was instantly compelled to try and take more of him within my mouth as I started choking on his shaft in an attempt to deep throat as much of him as I can. Cutting off my air I started to gag a bit and my eyes watered. My hands now free, I moved my left down to cup his hairy sac as they grow heavier in my hands. My right hand creeped up over his pronounced, flexing abdominals up to meaty heaving pectoral to find the barbell piercing his quarter sized nipples and squeezed it. His dick jerked within my mouth in response and he elicited a roar as I teased the beasts rising passions.


My breathing grew heavier, and not just because of the changes.  My mind was still reeling from the unexpected attention, the more primal side pushing more quickly than usual.  I couldn’t even think of a proper vocal response other than the occasional groan, my mind was growing so foggy.  Those times before with the thoughts... the idea of dominating over him... smelling his arousal each time... I should have seen it coming.  A little drool escaped my thickening, greener lips as my body shuddered from another moan.  My GOD did that nipple stimulation work me over hard.  Almost as if it was quickening me along.  My body flexed as Ethan took me deeper, my heels digging into the hard floor.  The pleasure was so intense; I could barely focus my sight.  It hadn't been this bad since the first time I changed.  Breath heavy, I tried to steady my heart rate and look down.  I looked over the curve of my pecs down at Ethan below me, his eyes closed as he tried desperately to take more of my cock into his mouth.  My cock leaked its generous amount of pre inside of him.


I blinked a few times and squinted.  The lighting was a bit dimmed, but something was definitely off.  Ethan's ears looked larger... pointier.  As his mouth came back to the tip of my shaft, I could see a slight discoloration in his lip, a pale green as if he were wearing some kind of makeup.  My eyes widened as I realized what was happening, the human in me worried, the orc in me... excited.  As if an instinctual part of me knew this would happen.  I tried to let out a warning, something to stop it and help my friend, but the thicker, almost softer lips wrapping themselves down my length caused me to let out a moan instead.  I could feel an orgasm slowly approaching, and I knew what that will mean for my friend.  "E-Ethaa-ugh" I couldn't think...


My left hand continued working Allen's nuts as they swelled to their new size as I continued trying to down his shaft in repeated strokes. His dickhead pushed back against my tonsils as I kept trying to get my throat to open wide enough to take him fully yet to no avail. My right hand had dropped to the hilt of his pulsating shaft to stimulate the length I couldn't fit entirely within. His grunts were getting louder I knew he had to be getting closer. Things seemed to be happening faster for him during this change and I wondered in part if my ministrations had something to do with it. Allen's body thrashed wildly as it seemed torn between wanting to thrust willingly to completion or as if trying to fight me off. With my vice grip around his cock making sure each stroke provided ample sensation and suctioning mouth keeping a firm fastness to him as if I was a man dying of thirst, I continued my efforts. Something was starting to give because the beast began thrusting his hips forward with a rising desperation as my left hand felt his sac tightening. The fingers of my hand running through the bushier hair he now sported there as the musk emanated thickly from his groin.


I was beginning to grunt while I was downing him intently as I yearned for his impending release. My own cock trapped in my briefs strained my pants tightly. It was starting to become uncomfortable as I needed to free myself, to be able to touch myself as my friend was reaching the summit of his transition. Dropping my hand from his nuts I began to fumble with my zipper trying to quickly release myself from the trappings so that I could grasp my own tool. I could feel the tempo change within me as I knew the arousal from bringing my friend to the brink was bringing me near erupting myself. I quickly pushed my pants down past my knees so I could balance myself on them, my hard dick bobbing in the cool air for the basement. My dick was apparently awash with pre as my passions had been rising while servicing this orcish beast. Allen was thrusting urgently into my mouth hilting me on his cock as far as I could take him and withdrawing almost fully to repeat the process. I did my best to keep my lips locked in place to avoid any possible scraping. I kept trying to take any breath I could between the strokes as I let him use me to his own ends. The beast suddenly reared back against the chains holding him roaring loudly as his dick started flexing hard in my mouth as he shoved it in and started to push back into my throat holding it there. His testicles jumped repeatedly in their sac as he started to unload down my throat. I had no resistance as I tried to refrain from choking on his massive meat as he unloaded continuing to roar throughout. Time seemed to take forever to pass as surely this must have been the heaviest ejaculation he must have ever had up until this point.


My breath came out ragged, heavy with the exertion of my orgasm.  I hadn’t experienced anything so intense since I had first transformed.  It had been a while since I had direct physical contact with my cock as well in this form.  My heavy, virile balls had unleashed their load, and as the remainder of my physical changes coursed over my body, the orc in me smirked.  Sweat dripped from my body, hot from the pleasures that had just ensued, making the scents in the air all the stronger.  My dark green skin glistened in the dim light. 


I snapped out of my thoughts a bit as Ethan stood up.  Even without seeing differences up close, I could smell a change.  The wide nostrils of my snout flared as I took in a new musk mixing with mine, though it was a tad faint.  I looked into Ethan’s face as he faced me, his height a little shorter than usual in comparison given my changes.  “That was…good” I grumbled out in a deep baritone, smirking a tusky grin.  It was then I could really take into consideration the alteration of his form.  His ears had definitely gained length, and his own nose had flared out in the beginnings of a snout.  His lips, green, were thicker, and I could espy the slightest poking of tusks from the lower.  Beyond that, his still brown eyes had a new look to them, even more sly and cunning than before.


He shifted closer, his breath rolling over my thick chest and neck.  I let out a primal groan as he gropes my sac, my cock already hardening again.  I pulled hard against my restraints as I forced my head down, loosely locking lips with the changing man.  I closed my eyes, my ears picking up the sound of straining shirt fabric.  I could feel his body pushing outwards against mine with each passing second, the green no doubt having spread over a large amount of his face at this point and creeping down his neck.  Our cocks brushed against each other, mine smearing a layer of pre against his tighter shirt.  I knew what I wanted; I wanted to change him faster.  The small human voice was still unsure, but it was the orc’s time to play.


His musk was filling the air, drifting off of his body in waves laced in the sweat that graced his torso and back, still lingering from his orgasm. My body still yearned for release and my head was swimming still from the frenzy of passion when I drank down his load. Something felt different. There was an energy coursing through me as I stood in front of him, moving my hand from his nuts to his thick shaft. He was still rigid and ready despite his recent climax. He looked down grinning at me, almost sizing me up, waiting to see what I'll do next. I had to stretch up to reach him as I pressed our cocks together and grinded against him. Something within me wanted more of him, and I debated in my head as to my next course of action. I started to tease his nipple with my mouth, my tongue feeling over the texture of the barbell. As I sucked on him I felt like my arms were getting stronger. My shirt tightened over my body, the seams over my shoulders I could hear the starting to tear slowly apart. I began to climb up Allen's body, gripping the chains to his manacles as I brought my hips to straddle his, wrapping my legs around him. I pulled him in for a kiss as I slowly thrusted my tool against his abdominals. I could feel his stiff cock brush against my ass cheek as I slid against him.


I was coming to the realization that my goal had been achieved. While I may not have initially sought it directly, inadvertently I had wanted to be like Allen, and it seemed that in partaking of his essence, I could feel the changes coursing through me. The level of my horniness was becoming a fevered pitch; I needed to do something to satiate the growing need that was threatening to consume me. I slid down his torso some as I made contact with his shaft. Reaching my hand backwards, I began to line up his massive tool with the crack of my rear. He was still oozing pre even now as I let him thrust some to smear it as lube between my crevices. My actions seemed to be getting a rise out of him, and he is trying to reposition himself to gain some leverage to at least control his movements. As I was wrapped around him, I moved with him so I could remain entirely in control of the situation. Allen grunted in frustration while I kissed and lapped at his neck. The fabric across my back was beginning to tear in larger openings as my new expanding muscles flexed against it while I maneuver.


With my legs entwined around his hips, I sensually grinded his pulsating dick between the cheeks of my ass. I could tell Allen had a growing desire to want to penetrate me as the teasing was beginning to frustrate him. He started to give off this bassy growl that reverberated through his massive chest. Clinging to him, I raised up to position the head of his cock at the entrance without the use of my hands. It took a few tries, but when I finally lined him up correctly, I could feel the head of his dick swelling in anticipation. I began to slowly press down with the increasing weight of my body as the head of his tool started to push against the sphincter muscle to try and gain entry. Trying to pace myself, I struggled with the idea of taking the pain all at once and trying to get it over with or easing into it slowly. As tensions rose on both of our parts, I opted for the first option. I shoved my weight down on his cockhead, taking in the whole head in one thrust and just a bit past it, letting out a sound between a roar and a yell as I felt my ass like it was on fire from being breached.


Allen also growled, but his was from the growing pleasure of feeling his tool engulfed from such warmth. I sat there breathing through the initial pain as I gave my ass a moment to adjust to its invader. After some of the initial pain had subsided I start to slowly bounce using gravity and my weight to try and assist in taking on the many inches of Allen's emerald rod.


My muscles bulged with the strain I was placing against my shackles, veins bulged along my beefy green arms and shoulders.  Sweat trickled down the thick forest of hairs over my body, especially now that there was such prolonged body contact.  As Ethan positioned himself over my cock, I flexed it into position, pushing against his tight, still human hole (though the tint of that muscle had started turning green from the exposure to my pre).  As my head pierced through the barrier, my red eyes rolled in my head as I tilted my head back, letting out a roar of pleasure.  It was almost painfully tight, but that just made it all the better.  As he slowly started to bounce, I could feel some slight changes occurring.  His weight was starting to feel a bit heavier hanging on my frame, his ass started to swell with weight as it flexed around more and more of my cock.  His hole increasingly adjusted to taking my size, though the tightness remains just right.  I could feel my pre lubing the inside of his hole, allowing me to enter deeper and deeper.  I could see Ethan's nipples hard against the ever straining fabric of his shirt, and I licked my lips and tusks as I contemplated teasing his tight, increasingly orc-like body.  Unable to help myself, I started giving small thrusts in time to his bouncing, getting him closer to my hilt.  His thighs, cinched around my waist, bulked with muscle to match his no doubt glorious and furry ass.


As I felt his ass bottom out on my cock, we both let out a primal groan.  He adjusted his arms, gripping onto mine to steady himself in the position.  However, our combined weight and pull proved too much.  My ears flicked as I hear a loud CHINK and the resistance of the chains slackened; the wall attachment points broke completely free.  Eyes wide, we fell forward to a rough landing.  Ethan's breath left him for a moment, but his new body took the impact better than I anticipated.  Having gained control of the situation, I gave him a mischievous grin as I started to hump with steady strokes into his large, green ass, his legs splayed below.  I held onto his legs until I noticed his shirt was still on.  I gave a deep chuckle as I gripped the fabric with both hands, pausing my thrusts for a moment, and flexing, cleanly ripped the fabric in half.  His green, furry, muscled torso was revealed, his dark green nipples pert in the exposed air.  I licked my large thumbs before placing them on his nipples, rubbing lightly in a circular motion, slowly increasing the pressure.  He let out a grunt of pleasure, hot breath escaping from his porcine nose as he writhed in pleasure.  I picked up my thrusts again, slowly to match the pace of the nipple teasing, but both are increasing every moment.


As Allen thrusted into me with renewed vigor, the change that was coursing through my body was only adding to the increasing pleasure from his cock up my ass and hammering my prostate. I wrapped my thickening legs around him, his ass flexing as he thrusted in harder. The grunts of his were interspersed with his panting as his pace increased his body's exertion. He licked at my neck and sucked at my earlobe as he lost himself over to his instincts willingly. The transformation was nearing its completion, and my dick was anxiously dripping, desperate for release as it ground against my partner’s flexing hard abdominals. I was losing focus, mind barely holding onto reality as the passion along with the transformation was nearing its pinnacle. The only thing I could manage was to hold on tightly as I was being swept away, adrift in a sea of flooding sensations. Out of the haze, I believe I could hear him starting to near the summit of his journey as the sounds he elicited were becoming more savage.


My body started to shudder against him as I could no longer control or resist my own rising urges within me. My new emerald cock had swollen hard against him, having increased in size and girth every inch of it feels the hunching of his abs, his belly fuzz tickling my shaft as his thrusts reached a frenzied pace. The climax exploded inside of my mind as it shatters like a thousand shard of glass, intense pleasure as my cock erupted against his abs and splashed between our two bodies. I couldn’t even consciously tell if I was making a sound as my mind had trouble distinguishing the environment around me lost in the clouds of pleasure and mind numbing intensity. As I continued to eject my seed, my ass has started clutching at his shaft frantically and involuntary, but it was throwing Allen over the edge of the abyss into the freefall of his impending orgasm. The thrust started to jar my body to its foundations as I felt a warmth explode within me, his cock flexing hard inside me. Allen liberally painted my insides with his seed, claiming me in an intense act of passion as his thrusting started to stagger, his seed still shooting within me as his breath heaved from his massive chest.


As his thrusting subsided, Allen stays firmly lodged within me as he collapsed in exhaustion on my frame. Despite the added weight, I could still breathe thanks to my own frame. He nestled his head in the crook of my neck, his breathing slowing into my ear. My mind was still slightly lost in the haze of the high I had felt and never achieved before now.  I raised my burly arms, wrapping around him and pulling him tight against me as I welcomed his enveloping mass of muscles. The feeling of my friend in my arms as we drifted off to sleep was a very anchoring experience, making the events of this night solidify in my mind; my orc knew that I belonged to him alone.


It was another month, another night.  Some program was on the TV, not that I was paying too much mind to it.  The beeper on my phone went off, signaling the few minute warning.  "Well, it's that time.  Shall we?"  I said, smiling, looking over at Ethan on the couch with me.  He was wearing a loose chain harness on his frame, courtesy of the demolished shackles of my basement.  His frame had filled out a good amount over the past month thanks to his initial change.  We started working out together, getting a number of stares at our progress, but I didn't care.  His chest was also a bit hairier than before too, his whole ensemble so vastly different than his normal polo demeanor.  While I had been initially taken aback by his advance, the situation now felt right.  We stood up and I pulled off my shirt, prepping for the changes I could feel about to tingle through my body.  We started walking towards the basement door, me giving his firm ass a good squeeze before we headed down the stairs.  I closed and locked the door behind us.  It was going to be a very good night.

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I was dubious - not always a fan of the 'switching perspectives' style - but the writing in this is solid, and the gradual change in Ethan was really hot. Well done!

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