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  1. Trio

    The Reward

    Lucio Vero was known for his good heart, he was always disposed to help both friends and strangers, and expected in return only to see his good deed made a difference in the person's life, even if a bit. But one day, he was to meet such generosity, that he would never be the same. Walking down the meadow next to his house, he found a man in a bad state. He appeared to have a broken leg, and seemed very beaten. Lucio did not hesitate, he was not really all that strong, but he carry the man to his dwelling, where he took care of his wounds as he could, gave him to eat, and said "My friend, you can stay for as long as you take to recover...". Convinced of Lucio's good heart, the man stood up, and in a bath of light, revealed his true form. In a quick metamorphosis, the man, before frail and weak, transformed into a great muscular soldier. Lucio was surprised and got frightened immediately, but the man, in his new form, said: "Do not fear. I am Mars, the God of war. I have been observing you, mortal, and wanted to see how kind you were capable of being. Your heart is pure, your intentions good, and so, I want to offer you a reward." "M-Mars?!" Said Lucio, trembling from toe to head. "How... how can this be? Ah... ah..." he gaggled a bit "Forgive me, sir, I am so frightened..." "I do not blame you. But, listen to me, I have a reward to offer you, and if you accept it, fright will cease to cause you trouble" Lucio tried to recover his composure, but looking at the naked man in front of him, he blushed: "Sir... Mars, God of War..." "I am aware that my naked form may cause you to feel embarrassed. No fear. My reward will make you comfortable." "Sir, if I may... Can I ask, what is this reward you are offering?" "You may ask, but, I will not tell. You must show you trust me. Mortal, do you want my reward, even if not knowing what it is?" Lucio thought a bit, and the God waited, patiently. "God, I am unworthy, but I would like to have the reward, if you so desire to give me. I don't know what it is, but I trust you." "You are a man of valor, Lucio. If you want to receive this gift, do as I command, and, strip yourself naked, first." Lucio did not ask why of such weird request, but he did just that, a bit embarassed. He took off his shirt, then his shoes and socks, and pull of his trousers, revealing his overall average body, to the God. His form was nothing special, he had no visible abs, though his pectorals were large, his shoulders had potential. The God took notice of the body, studying it silently and quickly. Then, he said: "Now, allow me to kiss you, mortal" Lucio stood still like a rock, not only was he naked, but that handsome soldier-God wanted to kiss him. He could only consent. "I do, Mars, God of war" So, Mars got close to him, and slowly embraced Lucio, while giving him a kiss in his mouth. Lucio was not used to this, and could only kiss back the God, in an awkward, but sincere way. They both smiled, then, to one another. Mars said: "You are a kind, gentle human being, Lucio Vero. I hope this was not too awkward for you." "I trust you, Mars. It is all I can do. I await further instructions." "I will not let you down, on your reward, Lucio. Now, kneel" So did Lucio, trying to hide his puzzled face from the God. The man stood there, awaiting further instructions, while the much muscular soldier-God stood in front of him, his abs and pectorals shining, and his cock, rock hard, bulging and licking a strong-smelled golden gooey of a liquid, almost like a diluted paste. "Lucio, if you trust me, I want you to suck my penis. Take a sip of my semen. Gulp it, and so, your reward will be at hand." Lucio shook a bit, but with his head, he assented to the God. Mars got close to Lucio, and so, first licking the head, as to taste the seed, then, carefully sucking Mars's instrument. The God's liquid was like a salty honey, and Lucio closed his eyes in pleasure, while flavoring it. Mars was also pleased, and caressing the hair of Lucio, said: "It is done, Lucio" Lucio, then, slowly took his mouth away from Mars, and stood up, gazing at the God. "How do I taste, Lucio?" "Mars, God of war, I have never had the pleasure of tasting something as good as your seed." "This pleases me, Lucio. You are one step closer to receiving your award..." "So, this wasn't it?" Mars had to bite his lip not to spoil what wonder he was ready to give to Lucio. Mars was leaking the same liquid from his bulging, strong nipples. "This is the last step, Lucio, you must, now, suck my Nipple, to finish the process" And so Lucio did, putting his hands on Mars's strong pectorals, he licked the left nipple of Mars, and sucked a good gulp of the seed. Mars, then, said: "It begins." Mars started talking on a language Lucio could not understand, but before he could ask, a golden fog surrounded him, and took him out of the floor. Fluctuating, Lucio extended his arms, and felt pain. His muscles awoke inside of him, Lucio felt his body growing, first slowly and painfully. He started to get taller and his pectorals got larger, so did his shoulders, that also were getting stronger. He let out grunts and moans, as the pain begin to turn to... pleasure. His arms grew more muscular, and he saw that with a growing grin in his face. The process was slow, as to make him savor every second of it, every second of his body turning muscular, stronger, more capable. His abs came to life, and soon a 8 pack was bulging, as well as his adonis, getting carved as well as his cock grew in length and width. He moaned and roared as his body transformed, his pectorals getting larger and expanded. When he returned to the floor, he was as strong as the God Mars, his protector. He said, with a deeper voice than before, now more confident, while his muscles bulged and veins were covering them. "Mars... I..." "No, Mortal, it is not over, yet." Said the God, and closing his eyes, he chanted once again. Standing, Lucio felt a surge across his body, and roaring, he arched his back, and extended his arms once again. His face reshaped. He closed his eyes, and as he did, the eyes melted away, but were quickly replaced by enhanced ones, that had multiple lenses, were fractal, multifaceted, like the ones of an insect. He rejoiced as his eyes transformed. But it was not only his eyes. His hair fell off, leaving only a small mohawk on his head, that soon started to connect with his bones. He started to grow horns, and spikes, both on his head and in his shoulders, and even back. He roared, and rejoiced, also as his spine elongated, and soon a tail was forming, and the tail had a thorn, like the one of a scorpio, on his final chord. He roared and rejoiced as his teeths became fangs, and he did rejoice when his skin boiled and was covered in liquid metal. He felt pleasure when his modified nipples started to lick his changed seed through them. He felt pleasure when he roared his human voice one last time, letting it turn into the voice of a beast, as well as his cock expelled his humanity, and his body now produced the blood of the beast, of the God. "My creature" Said Mars, filled with pride and joy in his voice. "My God... you transformed me into this monster" "Do you approve of my reward, Lucio?" "I am Lucio Vero no more, sir. I am your creature, Scipion is my name. I am here to serve as a gesture of my gratitude towards your gift". "I have created you to be your own being. If you desire to serve me, it will be out of your solicitude. This is a reward, not a prison, not a punishment. You are to use yourself as you desire." "Mars, thank you, I am most thankful for your reward" So, Mars presented his creation, Scipion, with a medallion, that the God put on his neck. And so, this was the grand reward of Mars to the kind Lucio Vero, that transformed into Scipion, the strong.
  2. mmvmgo2011

    Vaccinated - A Continuation

    Hi all. Been offline for WAY too long now. I hopefully have a bit of spare time again, so I’ve revisited some of the characters and continuing Vaccinated. (And, yes, I have other stories on the go - haven't forgotten.) If you haven’t read it, you’ll almost certainly get more out of this one if you read that one first. A refresher might be helpful too, as there will probably be lots of callbacks and interwoven story lines. Obviously heavy spoilers here if you haven’t yet read the first one. Consider this a continuation following on immediately from the events in the first story, before the Epilogue. Events here may or may not progress matters to the same point in that Epilogue - so a sort of alternate history. Hope you enjoy. As before, I only have a vague outline of a story - I’m making the rest of it up as I go along, so fair warning, the story could include almost anything. If you’re easily offended or triggered, then maybe avoid this one. I welcome any feedback and will work in any suggestions you might have as it goes along. Delivery will likely be a fair bit slower than in the past, but I’ll try my best to keep chapters coming in on the regular. ~~ONE~~ Jake’s timing was exquisite; perfection. He could feel the crescendo, the approaching tsunami about to break, and he wasn’t about to miss the opportunity to experience the pleasure his partner’s ejaculation was about to unleash on his dick. Undulating, peristaltic waves of muscular contractions milking his shaft, coaxing the breeding load from deep within his heaving, roiling balls. Jake’s cock fully plugged the tunnel, his cock’s sensitivity heightened by the tight embrace along the entire shaft from tip to pubic bone. He pulled back slowly, deliberately, the head of his massive cock raking against the tunnel’s walls, tweaking the prostate, eliciting a deep, resonant growl in his partner that vibrated throughout his entire body, increasing the sensations and bringing the coming flood to the brink. He stopped as the head reached the opening, enjoying the feeling of the ring of muscle quivering against his fraenulum, his partner’s growl increasing. Jake’s heavy, pendulous balls seethed, ready to unleash their prodigious load. Squatting slightly, he adjusted the angle of his cock so the head would smash his partner’s prostate as he rammed in all fourteen inches down to the pubic bone. The separate muscles of his massive quads stood out in stark relief, vascularity pulsating and engorged, the massive root running along his inner thigh branching out to feed power to every muscle. He flexed his cock, watching, enraptured, as it swelled even bigger, became even harder, the veins flooding it with blood, steeling the shaft and sending bolts of exquisite pleasure spreading throughout his godly body. Jake’s core tightened, the globes of his perfect arse contracting and squeezing as he slammed his cock in as far as it would go, and then further. As he smashed past the prostate, the tsunami was triggered. It was Jake’s turn to groan, as his partner’s orgasm and ejaculation began, massive waves spreading up his shaft, tingling, more bolts of electric pleasure sending him wild. As Jake slammed in as far as it would go, his balls slapped into his partner’s arse, his orgasm contracting and pulsating muscles throughout his pelvic floor. The hole clamped shut around the base of Jake’s shaft, a natural cock ring further swelling and hardening the already diamond-hard cock. As it swelled, his massive cock pushed harder against the walls of the tunnel, increasing the strength of the muscular contractions as it struggled to contain and eject the monster invading its depths. Jake’s eyes rolled back as his partner’s cock pumped out splashes of thick, creamy cum. As the first few arcs of cum splattered against his partner’s pecs and abs, a large glob settling in his thick, dark beard, Jake allowed himself to ejaculate, his own muscular contractions mingling with those of his partner, heightening their ecstasy. Jake’s balls, so eager to unleash their load, rose up, and his cock somehow swelled and hardened even more as his ejaculation began. The pressure exerted along the length of his cock, and especially by the ring of muscles clamped around the base of his shaft made it more difficult for his cum to make it through all fourteen inches, causing high pressure spurting jets of cum to spray deep within, the massive load contained by the swollen head plugging the tunnel. Even as they both continued ejaculating, Jake leaned in for a deep, passionate kiss, the taste of cum on his lips adding to his explosive wave of orgasms. *** “Get out,” Jake said, as he stood up and went to shower. “Fuck, mate,” he breathed heavily, still recovering from the orgasm, “you were mind blowi–” “I said, get out.” He didn’t even turn back. “Can I at least get your number? I don’t even know your name…” He trailed off, distracted by the incredible view of Jake’s naked body walking to the en suite. The X shape, his glorious arse cheeks, sitting atop massive ham-hock hamstrings, the sweep of his quads visible even from behind, his back muscles mounding and rippling as he walked, roadmap veins - everywhere he looked, splendour upon perfection. Jake ignored him. The cumrag, having served his purpose, already forgotten. Despite his swelling dick - how could you not get hard at that view, he thought? - he hurriedly dressed, the cum covering his abs and chest already drying, sticking to his shirt, and left. **** Brad, Amber and HE were sitting in Brad’s living room, regrouping and discussing the recent events and the fallout. “Can you still sense him?” Amber asked. They all knew which 'him' she was referring to. “Yes…” He hesitated, “…he’s having sex.” It was a very odd sensation, having his best friend’s subconscious as a stream in part of his brain. Despite everything, Amber and HE both blushed. Amber, in particular, was still trying to process her feelings about Jake. She could not let go of the fact that they meshed perfectly, their sex on a level she had never, and almost certainly would never, experience again. But, equally, she could not forget his treatment of her. His callous disregard, the violence against her without so much as a second thought. Yes, he was under the effects of the vaccine, but was that merely amplifying an existing tendency? She did not know, and the conflict was gnawing at her. What made it worse, she could never discuss it with him. Jake could not - must not! - ever know or be reminded of his rampage. They all feared if he learned what they did – what he did – that he would try to regain his abilities, and his reign of terror would resume. She nuzzled into Brad’s strong, comforting embrace, his Herculean arm around her. He was no Jake, it was true, but he was kind and loving, the sex was fantastic (though, of course, not the perfection she had with Jake), and his body was phenomenal. And, yet, she still could not shake the thought and feelings - he was no Jake. **** As Jake’s orgasm erupted in a corner of Brad’s brain, his own dick chubbed, and his mind wandered, lustful thoughts – of tits, of arse, of legs for days, of vascularity and muscle – flooded his brain, like cumshots pumping hot man cream, flooding holes. Amber nuzzled into him, the feel of her pert, luscious tits pressing into him causing lustful fire to tingle through him, making a beeline for his cock. He smiled. Not for the first time he silently thanked Jake, his best friend and, in many ways, his saviour. If Jake had not convinced him to break his vow of celibacy, he would not have met Amber. Not since Angelina had he felt such feelings for a woman. Amber would never replace Angelina - nobody ever could - but Amber was a mighty fine substitute.
  3. thisba

    Incredible transformations

    Hello I would like to write a series of stories. Sorry for my poor command of English sometimes. All can be read independently. some of them will perhaps follow one another. Tell me if u should continue, and thank you for your feedback. 1. A new Superhero in the city 2. Ethan and John: - New arrival at school - Ethan nightmare 3. Hicham the paraplegic man A new Superhero in the city Jérôme and Max, a couple of police officers, shared not only their work but also their life. Their relationship had withstood the test of time, becoming a pillar of mutual support. It was a hot summer day, and they had taken a day off to relax and enjoy the sunny weather. Their car trip had taken them on a picturesque road, far away from the concerns of police work. Jérôme, 25 years old, was a tall, blond man, standing at 1.83 meters and weighing 80 kg. His blue eyes reflected his determination to make the world a safer place. Max, his partner and lover, was 23 years old. He stood at 1.78 meters, weighing 75 kg. His blue eyes shone beneath his thick brown hair, and he proudly sported a neatly trimmed short beard. Max harbored a heavy and extraordinary secret, a gift passed down through generations in his family: he was a muscle-wolf. This unique gift allowed him to transform into a powerful bodybuilder of nearly 140 kg, endowed with superhuman strength. However, this transformation was a complex and painful process that involved a series of remarkable physiological changes. As they traveled down the winding road, their peaceful day was abruptly disrupted by the sound of a collision. A woman behind the wheel had crashed into an electrical pole, and her car was on the brink of catching fire. Trapped in the vehicle, the driver was severely injured, and a glimmer of despair filled her eyes. In her state of shock, she was not even aware of their presence. Alarmed, Jérôme immediately grabbed his phone to call for help. He knew that every minute counted in such a critical situation. However, he could sense that time was running out, and the emergency services likely wouldn't arrive in time to save the woman. It was at that moment that Max, with unwavering determination, made a decision that would change the course of their day. He knew it was time to reveal his secret to Jérôme, even if it meant exposing his uniqueness. Max's transformation began slowly, but the process was painful and arduous. His muscles swelled rapidly, and his veins became increasingly visible through his stretched skin. The pain was intense as his clothing's seams strained, ready to burst at any moment. The clothes could no longer contain the extraordinary force that now inhabited Max. His veins pulsed, carrying an increased flow of blood to the rapidly growing muscles. Max's breathing intensified as his lungs worked hard to supply his developing muscles. His once thin arms became massive and powerful, tearing the sleeves of his shirt to shreds. His shoulders broadened, bursting the seams of his shirt, and his chest took on an impressive size. The buttons on his shirt flew in all directions, and scraps of fabric rained down like confetti. Jérôme, initially in shock, was overwhelmed by the incredible transformation unfolding before him. His breathing quickened, and he stuttered, unable to find the words to express his surprise and fear. Max's legs gained size, tearing his pants into pieces. The leather of his shoes burst under the pressure of his growing feet. Each of his muscles became more prominent, creating waves of power throughout his body. During the transformation, his body also became very hairy, with thick and dense hair forming an additional layer of protection and fierceness. The injured woman, in a coma, was unaware of the incredible transformation taking place before her. She had no idea that her fate would be disrupted by a hero with extraordinary powers. Jérôme, astounded and overwhelmed by the situation, abandoned his phone, forgetting about the emergency services. Max, with a voice transformed by the metamorphosis, declared, "Jérôme, it's time for you to know the truth. It's my inherited gift, and I use it to protect others, even at the risk of my own life." The injured woman, in a coma, couldn't hear the conversation. She was oblivious to the hero standing before her. Without further delay, Max used his superhuman strength to clear the wreckage, extract the injured driver, and place her in safety. Flames threatened to spread, but Max acted quickly and decisively, extinguishing the incipient fire and saving the woman's life. Jérôme, astonished, realized that his partner and lover was a genuine hero with an extraordinary gift. Max, exhausted from the superhuman effort, slowly returned to his usual form, breathing heavily, and with his body glistening with sweat. He now stood naked, except for his underwear, as all his other clothes had been destroyed during the transformation. They had succeeded in saving the woman, but now, Jérôme faced a difficult choice: to protect Max's identity and escape before the emergency services arrived, fearing that his secret would be discovered. They discreetly moved away from the accident scene, and Max hid behind a tree, gradually returning to his initial form to avoid drawing the attention of the finally arriving emergency responders. Their future was uncertain, but their love and devotion to each other were stronger than ever as they walked away together to safeguard Max's secret. Their future was uncertain, and the weight of Max's secret hung heavily between them as they walked away from the scene. Jérôme's mind raced with a whirlwind of emotions and questions, but he knew he had to protect Max's identity at all costs. As they found a secluded spot, Max, now back to his usual self, dressed only in his boxer briefs, turned to Jérôme with a mix of anxiety and relief in his eyes. "Jérôme, I know this is a lot to take in," Max began, his voice trembling with uncertainty. "I've kept this secret my whole life, and I've used my abilities to help others, to save lives. But I've never shared this with anyone, until now." Jérôme, still reeling from the shock of witnessing Max's incredible transformation, managed to find his voice. "Max, this is... this is unbelievable. I mean, I've heard of superhero stories, but I never thought..." Max interrupted gently, "I'm no superhero, Jérôme. I'm just a guy who happens to have this unique ability. I've always wanted to protect you, but I also want to protect us." Jérôme's face softened as he looked into Max's eyes, realizing the depth of their connection. "Max, I love you, and I will do everything I can to keep your secret safe. But we need to be careful. We can't risk anyone discovering this." Max nodded, relief washing over him as he pulled Jérôme into a tight embrace. "Thank you, Jérôme. I knew I could trust you." They stood there for a moment, their love stronger than ever, before reality intruded once more. The sound of approaching sirens reminded them of the accident scene they had left behind. "We need to go, Max," Jérôme said, breaking the embrace. "The authorities are arriving. We'll figure out how to deal with this, but for now, let's get away from here." They hurried back to their car and drove away, leaving behind the events that had unraveled their day. As they put distance between themselves and the accident scene, Max couldn't help but think about the fragile balance they had to maintain. He knew that, with Jérôme by his side, they would face the challenges together, and their love would guide them through the uncertainties of their extraordinary life. In the days that followed, Jérôme and Max remained on edge, constantly aware of the secret that now bound them even closer together. They were back on duty, patrolling the city streets, but their lives had taken on a new layer of complexity. Jérôme, true to his word, was determined to protect Max's identity. He used his influence within the police department to ensure that the details of the accident and the mysterious hero who had saved the woman's life were kept under wraps. He knew that any inquiry into Max's abilities could lead to unwanted attention and scrutiny. Meanwhile, Max continued to use his unique gift to help others, always under the cover of darkness and away from prying eyes. He had saved lives and prevented disasters, but his actions left no trace of his involvement. Their love story had taken on an even more profound significance. The unspoken understanding between them, the shared secret, only deepened their connection. They found solace in the safety of their love, a sanctuary amidst the chaos of their extraordinary lives. But as time passed, a new challenge emerged. Rumors of a masked hero with incredible strength began circulating in the city. People started talking about the mysterious savior who seemed to appear out of nowhere, saving lives and averting danger. Max's actions were drawing attention, and Jérôme knew they needed to be even more cautious. One evening, as they sat in their quiet apartment, Jérôme spoke up. "Max, the rumors are spreading like wildfire. We need a plan, a way to protect your identity more effectively." Max nodded, his face etched with concern. "You're right, Jérôme. We can't continue like this, with people getting closer to discovering the truth. But what can we do?" Jérôme thought for a moment and then said, "I have an idea. What if we create a fictional character, a superhero persona, to divert attention from you? We can ensure that this persona is always at the right place at the right time to perform extraordinary feats, while you remain in the shadows." Max considered the suggestion. "It's risky, but it might work. What would we call this fictional hero?" Jérôme smiled, a spark of excitement in his eyes. "How about 'Silver Guardian'? It's mysterious and heroic, just like you." And so, the plan was set into motion. Max would continue to use his abilities to help others, but now, he would do so while disguised as the Silver Guardian. With the help of Jérôme's inside information and connections, they ensured that the Silver Guardian became a legend in the city, a symbol of hope and protection. As the city's residents celebrated the hero in silver, Max and Jérôme kept their secret safe. Their love story had evolved into a tale of two heroes—one hidden in the shadows, the other wearing a silver mask—and together, they would continue to protect the city and their love, forever intertwined in an extraordinary journey.
  4. Sizemologist

    Ballooning Bros

    Commission for Anonymous: After drinking a mysterious shake, Brandon’s crush, Ryan, takes him back to the locker room for a different kind of blowjob. More inflation than muscle growth in this one, you've been warned. Brandon arrived at the gym like every other day he came. Same old weights, same old lockers, same old gym. Brandon was wearing his standard gym attire. An athletic shirt and some basketball shorts. Brandon swiped his card at the front desk and entered the crowded gym. He looked around and saw plenty of regulars working out, but then he spotted him, Ryan. One of the biggest guys at the gym, Ryan was built like a tank. Broad shoulders, massive pecs, boulder biceps, a bit of a belly, but it looked great on him. The big man scratched his bushy beard and spotted Brandon on his way in. “Hey Brandon!” said the big guy as he walked over. “Hey Ryan.” Brandon blushed a little bit when he looked up at the giant. Ryan was wearing a tanktop that was hanging on top of his big pecs as well as some gym shorts that left very little to the imagination. “It’s good to see you buddy. I was hoping that I could get to see you today.” Ryan grabbed Brandon and pulled him into a big bear hug. Ruffling Brandon’s blonde hair. “Really? What’s so special about today?” asked Brandon as he admired the big muscled body he was being pushed against. “I’ve got this really cool new protein shake and wanted someone to try it. And I think you’re the perfect candidate!” said Ryan as he let go of Brandon. “Really? Why me?” “I think it would be perfect for the gains you wanna make,” said Ryan as they walked back to the locker rooms. Brandon went to the locker right beside Ryan’s and started unpacking his gym bag. “That’s awesome man. Sure I’ll try it out.” Ryan smirks to himself and pulls out a shaker. “Great here you go!” Ryan hands Brandon the shaker and Brandon starts drinking it. “Be sure to drink it all so you get the full effects of it.” Brandon nods as he keeps drinking. Chugging it down and letting out a satisfying belch when he’s done. “That was delicious!” said Brandon as the two walked out of the locker room. “Thanks. It’s my special recipe.” “What’s so special about it?” “Oh not much. I just think my recipe is great for guys that really wanna swell up in size,” said Ryan with a bit of a smirk. “Well that’s great then. You know how much I wanna get big. So what are we hitting today? Arms? Back? Shoulders?” “I was thinking chest. You good with that?” “Totally.” The pair walked to a bench press and Ryan started loading up the rack for Brandon. “Woah, that’s a lot of weight for a warm-up big guy. I don’t think I’m ready for that,” said Brandon as he started counting how much weight was being loaded onto the bar. “You’ll be fine, big guy. You have me as a spotter so there’s nothing to worry about. Now come on. Time to lift.” Brandon gave a hesitant look, but ultimately sat down on the bench and got into position to lift. “Alright, here we go big guy.” Ryan put his arms below the bar as Brandon started lifting it up. His arms were a bit shaky with all of this weight, but slowly he pulled the bar down and back up again. Getting in a set of 6. “See! I told you you could do it,” said Ryan as Brandon completed the set and put the bar back on the rack. “Oooof I feel funny though,” said Brandon as he sat back up holding his belly. “Urp!” Brandon’s eyes shot open as the loud burp escaped his mouth. “Oh jeez. Excuse me.” Brandon kept rubbing his belly as Ryan grabbed a couple more 45’s. “Woah Ryan, I really think I need to warm up a bit more. You’re getting closer to my PB with those weights. I’m not ready.” “Brandon, just trust me. You chugged those out like a pro. This will be no different.” Ryan put the weights on the bar and grabbed Brandon’s shoulders. “You can do this. Trust the shake. It’ll give you strength,” said Ryan as he eased Brandon back down to the bench. “Alright, I trust you.” Brandon put his hands on the bar and began to lift again. His arms were on fire from how much weight it was. He breathed in and lowered the bar down. “There ya go. You’ve got it! You’ve got it!” cheered Ryan as Brandon lifted the bar back up. Only to come down with it again to pump out three reps. At the end of the last rep, Brandon pushed himself and put the weight back on the rep then sat up. “UUURRRPPP!” Brandon let out a massive belch that echoed in the gym. “Oooooo I don’t feel so good. I think I need to go to the bathroom.” Brandon got up from the bench and started walking towards the locker room. Once inside, he started rubbing his belly. It felt bloated for some reason. He let out a couple of little belches then looked up when he heard footsteps approaching “Hey, are you okay bud?” asked Ryan as he saw Brandon sitting on the bench. “I don’t know. I feel…funny,” said Brandon as he kept absentmindedly rubbing his belly. “Funny how?” Ryan sat on the bench next to Brandon. His shoulder rubbing up against the smaller man. “I don’t know. Like there are air bubbles inside or something.” Brandon kept rubbing his belly, but then felt a hand go on top of his own. He looked down and saw that Ryan’s big mitt was on top of his hand. Tenderly rubbing his belly. Feeling little gurgles from it every once in a while. Brandon looked back up at Ryan’s face and saw a look of lust on his face. Without hesitation, Ryan leaned forward and planted a kiss on Brandon’s lips. Surprised at first, Brandon relaxed into the kiss. Leaning into it and making out with Ryan. Brandon couldn’t believe it, after all this time, his gym crush kissed him! It was incredible. The way his beard scratched against him was intoxicating. He could kiss him for eternity if he let him. But something seemed off. As the two made out, Brandon felt that same bubbly feeling in his stomach getting stronger. But he could feel Ryan’s strong hand still rubbing little circles on his belly. But something was definitely wrong when Brandon was feeling a tightening of his pants. He felt his gym shorts starting to dig into his sides as they continued to kiss. “Mmm Ryan, it’s not that I don’t love this, because I do, but I think I’m having a bad reaction to that shake,” said Brandon in between their kisses. “You’re fine, big guy. Just give into the kiss. I see how you stare at me all day when we’re at the gym together. You want this. And I want you. You’re gonna be the best balloon.” Brandon arched his eyebrow at that last word, but obeyed Ryan and kept kissing him despite his weird feeling. But Brandon was right to feel different. Ryan’s hands were exploring the man and feeling his handiwork. In just the few minutes they had been making out, Ryan had been blowing Brandon up like a balloon. Ryan reached down and rubbed Brandon’s belly. Brandon was a stocky guy before they started making out, but now his belly was getting rounder as it filled with air. Brandon’s oversized gym shirt made it look like he had stuffed a basketball inside that was quickly turning into a beachball. Ryan would press his hand into it and feel how tight and firm his gut was now as opposed to the pudge earlier. The moment Brandon knew something was really off was when he felt himself pushing into Ryan, but it was just his belly. His chest wasn’t up against him or anything, just his belly was pushing into Ryan on the bench. “Ryan, I think we need to stop. Something is definitely wrong.” Brandon pushed himself off of Ryan and was able to get a look at himself for the first time since they started kissing. He looked down in shock seeing his ball gut. Round and tight. “What the hell!?!” Brandon quickly got up from the bench and felt weird standing with his new body weight distribution. And he felt a new sensation upon standing up. His junk was pushing aggressively against his shorts. He looked down to see what had happened, but couldn’t see under his big belly. “Hey hey hey big guy, don't worry about it. Everything is alright. You look great,” said Ryan as he stood up holding Brandon’s hand. “What do you mean everything’s alright? I look overdue with twins!” Brandon waddled his way over to the mirror in the locker room and took a look at himself. He was stunned at what he saw. He wasn’t far off from the twins comment. He looked like he had stuffed a big beach ball in his shirt and started blowing it up. But that wasn’t the only thing that grew. His bulge in his shorts was looking obscure. The outline of his cock and balls could clearly be seen. “What did you do to me?” asked Brandon looking back at Ryan. “I just wanted to blow you up big guy. Get you huge,” said Ryan as he walked over to Brandon’s side and began rubbing his belly. “You look fantastic Brandon.” “Fantastic? I’m a blimp. You’ve been blowing me up!” said Brandon with some anger in his voice. “Yes I did, but don’t you love it?” Ryan got behind Brandon and started kissing his neck as he spoke. His big hands never leaving the ball belly. “You were the perfect guy for this. Your belly was meant to be grown like this. And you were meant to become my own personal balloon boy,” said Ryan as he moved his mouth up Brandon’s neck and closer to his lips. “Don’t lie to yourself, just give in. You’ll enjoy it.” Brandon looked at himself in the mirror and couldn’t help getting hard over Ryan’s words and the worship he was giving his belly. “Take me,” said Brandon as he turned his head to the side and met Ryan’s lips. Ryan smiled as he resumed kissing Brandon and steadily blowing air into him. The two shared a passionate kiss as Brandon’s gut began to grow again. Now that Ryan had nothing to hide, he decided to blow that belly up big. Ryan watched in the mirror as the belly grew and grew. Soon, Brandon’s oversized workout shirt couldn’t cover it. You could see Brandon’s treasure trail poking out as the belly grew further. Ryan tried his best to continue rubbing Brandon’s belly, but it was becoming difficult as his arms could reach less and less of it. Brandon’s giant yoga ball gut just kept growing until it touched the mirror in front of it. Ryan also came to the realization that more of Brandon’s body was beginning to round out. His chest now had joined his massive belly and became a part of the ball. Ryan could also feel Brandon’s back begin to push against him. Ryan even saw Brandon’s limbs beginning to sink into the orb. Brandon was becoming more and more ball-like by the second. The two were brought out of their trance when they heard a loud snap from Brandon’s shorts. Brandon let out a sigh of relief as his shorts had lost their battle to his expanding form. Only his jock stayed in place covering his massive bait and tackle. As the piece of fabric fell off, it had been holding back much of Brandon’s expansion towards his legs and without it, his legs were swallowed by the surmounting amount of air. The sudden change in his legs got Brandon off balance and he fell forward onto his big belly. Breaking their kiss, Ryan looked forward and saw the full extent of his inflation. Brandon was now stuck on his big belly. Unable to get back to his feet. Ryan could only smile and play with his hard cock. Ryan walked around Brandon admiring his size. Grabbing onto Brandon’s belly and rolling him up so that at least he was sitting up. “Wow Brandon, I’ve gotten you pretty big.” Ryan patted Brandon’s big gut and it was tight as a drum. Spinning Brandon so that he was no longer facing the mirror, Ryan stood back and got a better look at how big he’d inflated the balloon. Brandon was still shorter than him, but he was permanently perched on his big balloon body. His orb self had almost swallowed all of his limbs and he was incapable of movement. The only thing that didn’t get swallowed by his inflating body was his cock and balls, still covered up somehow by his jock. But it will not last long if Ryan starts blowing him up again. “Damn, I did a good job blowing you up piggy,” said Ryan as he circled the orb. “Ryan, I gotta ask, how is this even possible? How have I not exploded?” asked Brandon as he flailed his arms to keep eye contact with Ryan as he circled him. “That shake I gave you, the gas you were feeling after you drank it when we were lifting, that was your belly preparing to start inflating. And it also made your skin super stretchy. Here, watch.” Ryan grabbed the orb and spun him around so that they were face to face. He pulled off what little remained of Brandon’s shirt and grabbed his face. “Here, we’ll give piggy a pig nose.” Ryan reached for Brandon’s nose and started pulling on it. It started to extend outwards and when Ryan let go, it snapped back looking like a snout. “And some pig ears.” Ryan repeated the process this time grabbing Brandon’s ears and stretching them out and snapping them back into a position that made them pig-like. “There you go. My big piggy now looks the part.” “Oink oink,” said Brandon as he flared his nostrils. Ryan’s attention then shifted down towards Brandon’s big bulge. Ryan grabbed Brandon and rolled him backwards so that now his bulge was next to Ryan’s face. Ryan’s eyes got wide as he put one hand on it. At the slightest touch, Brandon started moaning below him. Ryan kept touching the massive cock, his fingers could barely close all the way around the shaft. “This however, was an unforeseen side effect.” Ryan grabbed the tight jock and pulled it off of Brandon. Allowing the cock to unfurl to its huge size. Ryan looked in awe at the massive size. Probably two feet long and as thick as a 2 liter bottle of soda with balls underneath it the size of cantaloupes. Ryan touched the exposed cock and it sent shivers across Brandon’s blimp form. “Hmm, I think piggy needs a blow job.” Ryan grabbed Brandon’s cock and started sucking it. Brandon moaned out as his lover’s lips danced on his cock head. Ryan grinned as he could see Brandon’s arms and legs flailing in pleasure. At that moment, an idea popped into Ryan’s head. He smirked and continued his blow job. Brandon was in heaven. His biggest gym crush was sucking his massive cock. He could feel Ryan’s beard grazing his fat balls. He was so close to cumming, he couldn’t even think straight. But Brandon noticed something odd happening around him. In his position, his arms and head were facing towards the lockers and for some reason they were getting closer to him. “What the hell?” Brandon looked up and saw his belly was getting even bigger. “Ryan! What’s happening?” “I’m just giving you a blow job.” Ryan laughed as he continued to blow air into Brandon’s cock. At this point, Ryan had his own cock in his hand and was jerking it off to the blimp he was blowing up. Looking at the growing orb, Ryan could no longer see Brandon’s head from his position. His belly was rivaling Ryan’s height, but Ryan kept blowing. He reached out and rubbed the massive belly in front of him. Feeling how tight it was. Then playing with Brandon’s balls that had grown to the size of basketballs. His dick had also slowly grown in his mouth going from 2 feet to 3. “Ryan, I don’t know if I can last much longer. I feel so tight. Getting so big!” Brandon’s moans filled the entire room. His body shuddered as Ryan’s mouth expertly pleased him. The ceiling of the locker room was only 8 feet tall and Brandon’s orb body was beginning to get dangerously close to it. His limbs had all but disappeared into his body. Only the hands and feet could be seen occasionally writhing in pleasure. Ryan broke his lips off of the big man’s cock and swiveled him around so that he could see his head. “You like being this big piggy?” Ryan’s cock was shooting pre onto Brandon’s belly as he spoke to him. “Yes Ryan! I love it! I just want to be your big blimp boy!” Brandon’s words were making Ryan go crazy. “YES! That is what you are! My big blimp piggy! Only here to blow up huge into my own personal balloon!” Ryan was moaning as he jerked his cock off. “Piggy I’m close!” “Me too. My cock feels like it’s about to explode!” Brandon’s entire form shuddered as his cock bucked. His balls ready to blow. “You’re mine!” shouted Ryan and started cumming all over Brandon. Coating the big blimp’s belly in cum. As Ryan’s orgasm started, Brandon started shooting cum against the lockers. Painting the entire wall with his jizz. Brandon shot and shot and shot. His big balls felt like they’d never empty. After what felt like an eternity, the shots got weaker and further between and the two were left in the after glow of their sex. “Fuck piggy. You got me good,” said Ryan as he leaned forward and kissed the blimp’s snout. “Anything for you big guy,” replied Brandon. His big belly heaved up and down as he panted from exhaustion. Ryan leaned against the ball of a man and marveled at its size. Brandon wasn’t hitting the ceiling yet, but had Ryan kept going, He would’ve busted out of the locker room. Feeling how taut the skin was on him. But still had some give to it if Ryan ever wanted to blow him up more. “So now what? When do I deflate?” asked Brandon. “Deflate? You won’t be deflating anytime soon. We’re just getting started, big guy.” Ryan grinned as he rubbed Brandon’s belly. “But how will I even get out of here? Can I even fit through that door?” “Hmm, let’s find out.” Ryan started to roll Brandon towards the door. Brandon’s balloon body being very light and easy to move. Brandon’s spherical form hit the sides of the door, but wouldn’t budge. Even the top of the orbs was too tall to squeeze through the door. “What am I gonna do? I can’t even fit through a door anymore,” groaned Brandon as Ryan continued to try to push him through. “Don’t worry big guy. If this door won’t fit, maybe we make our own door.” “What do you mean by that?” asked Brandon as Ryan swiveled him back to facing him. “Pucker up cutie. Because the only way you’re getting out of here is if you grow out of it.”
  5. hero1000

    Roommate Hulk

    This is the second in the short Hulk series. Hope you like Roommate Hulk Ethan banged through the door of the house. "Chris! Chris! I got some stuff in the truck I need help with?" No response, "Chris?" Ethan went back outside. Yep, Chris' car was in the driveway. He had just broken up with his girl friend, so maybe he was in his room sulking. Ethan grabbed two bags out of the truck and headed inside. He heard a noise from Chris' room and put the bags down to go check on him. As he approached the closed door it was jerked open from inside and there stood Chris. 5'10 lean and athletic, but he had an odd smile on his face. Ethan laughed, "Man you startled me. Come help me. I found some great workout stuff we can use." Chris folded his arms, "Don't need it." Ethan was kind of shocked, "What? We both want to get big! I thought this would help you with...." "I said, I don't need it." All 5'5 of Ethan Thomas flared up. "What are you talking about? Why is your room all dark?" "You ask too many questions, little man. I fixed everything." Ethan started to get a little pissed off, "I just spent $200 on stuff that we can use for working out. You say you don't need it, fine! I'll just finish unloading and put it in my room." He turned to go and suddenly Chris shoved him from behind. Ethen slipped an banged his head against the wall. "Ow! What was that for? Why are you being an asshole?" "Wanna fight me?" "No. I want to unload the...." Chris shoved him again before he could finish and Ethan went down hard this time. "Fuck! Go away" Chris smirked, "Hit me. I can take it." "I don't want to hit you" Ethan turned and ran out the door to the truck. What the hell was going on? This was supposed to be his best friend and it's like he had been replaced by a creature from "Invasion of the Assholes" Ethan got the last couple of bags and started back to the house. He was going to just put them in his room and he got to the door, but Chris was just standing there blocking the door with that same smug look. "Hit me" he said again. Ethan snarled, "It is very tempting, but I just want to go to my room, then go to the gym" Chris snatched the bags from his hands and grabbed Ethan by the hair and dragged him inside then flung him on the floor. Ethan fell face down and lay panting trying to control the rage he felt right now. Chris shouted, "I want you to fight me. Get up you worthless little...." He was cut off as Ethan rolled over to face him. His eyes had turned white and the little 5'5 frame had started to swell. Chris said, "About damn time. I knew this would work." Ethan only felt rage and had not noticed that something was different. He snarled, "Get the fuck away from me!" And heard his own voice drop in pitch. He gasped. Chris finally smiled, "Yeah, bro. It's happening" Ethan felt the rage wash away and an intense feeling like his whole body was having an erection. He turned to face the full length hall mirror and stared. Chris was grinning behind him, but that was getting more difficult to see as he was inching higher and higher. Ethan's shoulders were widening and stretching his shirt, which pulled free of his jeans. The exposed abs were thickening like cobblestones and getting covered in a treasure trail of black hair. His arms felt tight in their sleeves as biceps and triceps ballooned until the short sleeves erupted. A thick network of veins snaked across his body. His lats flared out and with a loud rip the back of the shirt gave way. Ethan gasped loudly, and Chris laughed, "Fucking A dude. This is awesome!" Ethan turned to face him and the front of his shirt exploded as two massive pecs spilled out and pushed his nipples towards his feet. Lower ripping sounds occurred as his thighs broke through the seams on his jeans forcing him to widen his stance. Ethan suddenly made a face like he was in pain and Chris looked concerned for the first time. Worried maybe about the strain on his friend's heart. He reached for Ethan and said, "You ok?" Ethan grimaced and growled, "We...we....wedgie...ahhhhh" and with a loud rip his hugely muscled butt burst through the back of the jeans and split his boxers apart. Chris snorted in laughter. but then gasped. He had to look up now and saw that Ethan was beginning to turn green. There was a pop as the front of the jeans split open and a large 12" snake rose up to full attention. Chris backed against the wall. "Dude...this....this part wasn't supposed to happen....just....." Ethan opened his mouth but only a loud roar came out. The last of Ethan's clothing gave up and fell to the floor. What had once been a slender 5'5 handsomely nerdy youth was now a 6'5 700 pound green behemoth. The creature picked Chris up by the shoulders and threw him on the floor. Then roared. Chris rolled over and tried to scramble away but the creature was faster rumbling forward causing plaster to fall from the ceiling and walls. Then it glared at Chris with an odd smile and suddenly rolled it's eyes. Chris saw the precum leaking out of the dick and knew what was coming and tried to cover himself. With a loud roar the creature suddenly shot volley after volley across the living room hitting the ceiling and walls and covering Chris. Then it sank to the floor and whimpered. Chris made a face, "ew" he was covered in sticky greenish cum that smelled musk. He looked at the creature which appeared to be smaller and had lost the green color. Chris sat up and shook some of the worst off, then made his way over to where the creature sat. It looked up and growled at him. Chris put his hands up in a soothing gesture. "It's all right, bro. I'm not gonna hurt you." He sat down next to the creature and put his arms across its shoulders. He could only reach to the middle of Ethan's back but gradually could feel more and more. Soon Ethan was only around 5'8 but still around 300 pounds. He looked a little embarrassed and tried to cover his crotch. Chris laughed, "That's a little late" "Dude...I.....dude...." Chris smiled, "It's ok man" The pecs were slowly pulling back up to Ethan's chest. The arms grew smaller.The traps pulled down away from Ethan's neck. Finally with a last gasp, Ethan's eyes turned back to their normal blue color. "Dude...what just happened?" Chris smiled, "Did you like it?" Ethan shook his head in confusion, "What?" "This" he gestured to the ripped clothes and the general mess. "Look I found this site on line that called itself wishingdjinn.com. I figured, 'What the Hell?' I knew you always wanted to be big so I wished for it. " "If you wanted to see me naked, why didn't you just get in the shower with me? It would have saved some damage" "Yeah, well I didn't know about the green part. I figured you would just, ya know turn into a bodybuilder or something." "Well can you un-wish it?" "Sure I guess. Let's go back to my room and.....dude, you ok?" "I still feel kind of weird. I don't think I'm back to normal" "Let's go to my room and check on the computer" They went into Chris' room which was lit only by 2 candles and the PC screen. A picture of a smiling Djinn head was on the monitor. The screen had the label "Thank you for your wish. It is granted. Only one try per user" Chris went to the screen, "What do they mean one try? I need to refresh the page. I want to be big too." He hit the refresh button. The browser loaded, then came up with "404 Site not Found" "WHAT?!?! I need to un-wish my friend. I didn't want him to be the Hulk or anything...." refresh....404....refresh....404...."Damn it I want some muscle too" refresh....404....refresh....404...... "Dude" he heard Ethan call from behind him. "What?" he turned around. Ethan was standing on the scale with his back to Chris. "This says I'm 175. I was only 136 a couple of hours ago. I'm still not normal." Chris was staring at Ethan's muscular butt. He felt kind of odd. "You look pretty hot" then covered his mouth. Ethan turned around to look at him, "What did you just say?" Chris was bright red. "I...I....I've never felt this way before but...." Ethan smiled, "I like you too" Chris saw Ethan's dick start to harden up again, although this time it was a more normal size. He felt his own crotch stir at the site. Ethan walked over to him and Chris let him hug him. Then slowly hugged Ethan back. Chris kissed Ethan on the cheek. "I .....I love you....screw Nicole" Ethan smiled over Chris' shoulder. Then he closed his eyes and kissed Chris back on the cheek. He lifted his head to look at Chris and opened his eyes, which had turned white.....
  6. Host: Hello everyone and welcome to another season of "Gainers". I am your host Freddi Fit and you may remember me from becoming the muscle alpha I am today on our very first season just three years ago. *Freddi Fit raises a double bicep flex, stretching his button down short sleeves to their limit. "After all, who can forgot that glorious moment when I was voted to steal everything from Hank The Tank who had been growing massive all season. It was a major upset and the audience was ready to see a new alpha show that brute a lesson. Since then I've been living the dreams as America's hunkiest bodybuilder. Well tonight this dream begins once again with 8 brand new contestants. After twelve weeks, one of them will be left with a hulking body while the others leave smaller than they came. And like always, every week you the audience will decide who gets what. Now let's not waste any time here and meet our contestants. Screen switches to contestant video number one. A nineteen year old college wrestler named Cam. "Hey everyone! The name is Cameron, or Cam for short. I've been wrestling for six years and I can't wait to show the other men who the real jock is gonna be. Maybe if you're lucky you might even see me put some of them in headlocks and drain the muscle from them." Screen switches to contestant video number two. A 39 year old college professor who has been working out for many years. "Hello everyone, it Max here. I've been a health science teach for about 10 years and have always wanted more in life. I'm hoping to win and become the next leading model for muscle god magazine. Either way, I'm hoping to teach the other men a thing or two about what it means to be blessed with muscle." Screen switches to contestant number 3. A 24 year old ex fire fighter who recently begun a modeling career. "If you thought fighting fires was hot, wait till you see me on nothing but my suspenders. Hey everyone my names chad. Make sure you vote for me this season so I can become the muscular flame that makes you sweat." Screen switches to contestant number 4. A 31 year old cop from NYC. "Hey. It's Stu. I've been lifting ever since becoming a cop, but to keep the streets safe, I'm going to need your help to grow my guns and have the fire power needed to intimidate the bad guys and fight crime." Screen switches to contestant number 5. A 27 year old businessman. "Hello everyone, being a businessman keeps me quite busy. So I'm going to need your help building these muscles as big as they can get so I can really fill out my suites nicely! By the way, the name is Dominique." Screen switches to contestant number 6. A 42 year old father. "Hello everyone. My name Ken. Before I had children I was in pretty good shape. However since then I've begun to get out of shape. I need your help to be bigger and better than I was when I was younger." Screen switches to contestant number 7. A 21 year old college graduated pursuing a career in acting. "Hey y'all. Zac here. I've been trying to make it big as an actor but you know they are looking for muscular guys these days. Help me become a jacked up actor." Screen switches to contestant number 8. A 25 year old man living in his parents house. "Hi everyone. I'm Tony, and I've been having a really hard time finding a job. Can you help me you help me out and give me the chance to pursue a career in fitness and get the hell out of my parents house. They'd really appreciate it as well!" Tony is clearly the smallest guy. Although he still has slight hints of muscle, there isn't much for the others to take. Host: "Well don't we just have a great batch this year. The group will be entering the growth cell now where they will spend the next 12 weeks changing. Go online now to vote for your top 4 favorite guys who will receive a special serum boost tomorrow night to start off the game. And don't forget to send in your nicknames for each dude. The most votes will decide what we call each contestant from here on. Anyways. Goodnight Gainer fans! Freddi Fit signing off!" *Freddie fit solutes the camera and transitions in to an archer pose as the credits roll.*
  7. Part 1 – Physical Checkup Within vibrant city Silvercrest resided Alex, a 21-year-old first-year law student who hailed from a privileged background. However, he was determined to carve his own path and chase his aspirations with unwavering dedication. Despite his affluent upbringing, he valued the pursuit of knowledge and self-discovery, recognizing that true success comes from personal growth and achievement. Balancing his academic pursuits with a lively social life, Alex found solace in the company of his close-knit group of friends. Whether they engaged in heated debates or had exciting adventures, they forged a bond that transcended the shallow traps of societal expectations. Before his college days, Alex was a standout athlete in high school, particularly excelling in track and field. His lithe figure and athletic prowess made him an object of admiration, drawing the attention of many admirers. Yet, he prioritized his ambitions over fleeting romantic encounters, believing that love would find its way when the time was right. In addition, he was a superhero buff, although he didn’t look like one. One quiet afternoon, Alex went to the campus medical clinic for a routine check-up. Being a member of the university athletics team, he understood how important it is to maintain good physical condition and health. However, he considered it partly a waste of time, when at the same time he could use his time more effectively to study or relaxing by reading his favorite superhero comics. When Alex entered the doctor's office, he exuded confidence and athletic grace. His blond hair was meticulously swept back, revealing the well-defined features of his face. His blue eyes caught attention and reflect a sense of determination. Alex's fair complexion was flawless and radiant. His jawline was chiseled, accentuating the masculinity of his jaw. His athletic physique, standing at an impressive 6′0″, was evident even beneath his clothes, with pronounced muscle contours indicating his dedication to sports training. Clothed in a casual attire, consisting of a well-fitted shirt and jeans, Alex greeted with the doctor. Alex: Good morning, Doctor. Doctor: Good morning, Alex. The doctor was a middle-aged man, with a balding head covered in silver-streaked black hair. He wore a pair of glasses perched on the bridge of his nose, with lenses that magnified his large, hazel eyes. He was of average build, but carried himself with a confident air. He was wearing a white lab coat over a navy blue dress shirt, with black pants and a pair of polished loafer shoes. Doctor: Please have a seat. What brings you here? Alex: Just here for my regular check-up. Doctor: That's great to hear. We'll start by measuring your height. Alex took off his shoes and stood tall against the height measurement chart on the wall. The doctor carefully placed the measuring tape against the crown of Alex's head, noting down the measurement. Doctor: Your height is 6 feet (183cm). Now, let's move on to your weight. Alex stepped onto the scale, trying to maintain a balanced posture as the doctor adjusted the weights. The scale settled, and the doctor recorded the weight. Doctor: Your weight is 183 pounds (83kg). Now, let's determine your body fat percentage. Alex followed the doctor to the body composition analyzer, where he stood still as the electrodes sent gentle currents through his body. The machine displayed the results, and the doctor took note of the body fat percentage. Doctor: Your body fat percentage is 12%. That's quite impressive, Alex. Now, let's measure a few key body circumferences. The doctor took out a measuring tape and measured the circumferences of the chest, shoulders, neck, biceps, forearms, thighs, calves, and waist. He summarized the following results in the table: · Chest – 36 inches/91cm · Shoulders – 39 inches/99cm · Neck – 14 inches/36cm · Biceps – 13 inches/33cm each · Forearms – 10 inches/25cm each · Thighs – 19 inches/48cm each · Calves – 14 inches/36cm each · Waist – 34 inches/86cm With all the measurements taken and recorded, the doctor smiled and addressed Alex. Doctor: Overall, your physical measurements and body composition are quite impressive, Alex. Your dedication to fitness and athletics is clearly evident. Keep up the good work! Alex nodded, feeling that the doctor's compliments were just polite gestures. In his mind, he had images of the imposing silhouettes of superheroes from his comic books, fueling his desire to push his physical limits even further. However, as his eyes scanned the table behind the doctor, they landed on a jar labeled "Male Growth Fertility Cream," piquing his curiosity. He couldn't help but inquire about it. Alex: Excuse me, Doctor. I couldn't help but notice the jar over there. What's the "Male Growth Fertility Cream" for? The doctor's expression turned slightly surprised, but he maintained a professional demeanor. Doctor: Ah, yes. A pharmaceutical representative left that product here recently. While I appreciate the gesture, I must admit that I don't personally believe in its effectiveness. It's marketed as a plant-based cream that supposedly promotes muscle growth and enhances certain physical attributes, but there is limited scientific evidence to support those claims. Alex's curiosity deepened as he listened to the doctor's response. Alex: So, you're saying it might not actually work? Doctor: That's correct, Alex. While the cream may have some ingredients that are known to have potential effects on muscle growth, the overall efficacy and safety of the product remain uncertain. Alex nodded, secretly hoping that someday there might be magical shortcuts to his desired figure. Doctor: Let's get back to the checkup, do you agree that I should test your testicles? Alex: Of course, no problem, Doc The doctor then reached for the box of disposable gloves, but it was empty. Doctor: Let me leave you for a second, I'll just go get some new disposable gloves and we'll get started right away. As he waited for the doctor, his eyes were glued to the male growth cream. Alex (in his mind): This is my only chance, it's made of natural ingredients, so it shouldn't have any side effects. Without much thought, he took the opportunity to grab a jar of cream and quickly rubs the cream into his penis and puts it back before the doctor arrives. Once the doctor arrived the Alex’s muscles began to grow a little at various places. The doctor suspected this but he rejected the idea in cause of his sight defect. Doctor: Aaah okay, can you take off your briefs? Alex, wanting to take off his briefs, started to get up from the medical couch, but he immediately felt a burning sensation with every move he made and sat down immediately on the couch feeling the sensation in his briefs. Doctor: Are you okay? Alex (whimpering): GRAAAR! Alex groaned and gripped the couches tightly in his hands. Alex (in his mind): Fuck it burns! It hurts all over all! My skin is melting... stretching... fuck! It's hurts... so goooood!! He had experienced never before felt sensations of orgasmic pleasure throughout his body, and it felt as if he was being taken to heights of bliss that he hadn't even been able to imagine before. The doctor was confused as he watched as Alex's genitals began to grow at an alarming rate in his panties, stretching their material to the limit and finally destroying them. Alex (roaring deeply): Yessss!, I'm so fucking horny! Alex was excited as he had never felt anything like it before. He griped the couch harder as his muscles begun to stretch and bulge from his body uncontrollably, His chest grew larger, arms more defined and bigger, and waist smaller as his abs tightened. His legs bulked up and became solid pillars of muscle, capable of incredible feats of athleticism. His penis also seemed to grow as his testicles began to swell and throb, feeling that they had grown to gigantic proportions, almost like basketballs swollen with semen. His entire body has been marked and pierced by veins. His skin had ripped in strategic areas and now reveal impressive abs, pectorals, biceps and triceps. His hips and ass was round and tight. He became a better version of himself, something almost equal to a superhero's vision that he couldn't resist to flexed his newborn heights of muscles because he looked like a fitness model. Doctor: Holy shit! The doctor was amazed as he watched the Alex's transformation, his jaw and eyes were in a silent shock. Alex could barely contain his pleasure as the pain from his muscles growing and splitting subsided into an intense orgasmic feeling of pleasure. As he finished his transformation, he stand up and looked into the mirror, grabbing his meat in hands, which was leaking with precum and realized that he had become an Adonis, a perfect specimen of masculine beauty. He had lighter, thicker hair and his face seemed more chiseled from lower bodyfat. The doctor, seeing the ideal of a man in his eyes, gave in to hidden urges and desires. He began to adore the hunk in front of him, weighing huge balls in his hands. Doctor (grinning): "I was wondering...shall we celebrate this moment?" Alex just nodded, smiling wildly and soon doctor knelt before the handsome devil and began stroking his immense cock with one hand, while with the other hand he massaging and kneading his giant balls. The young man let out a deep moan of pleasure as the doctor skillfully worked his manhood, milking more and more precum from his giant cock. Alex (roaring): Damn, I need a hole now! Alex brutally grabbed the doctor, aggressively ripping off his pants, including his underwear. Without mercy, Alex firmly grasped the doctor's hips and shoved his leaking dick sharply into his tight ass, savoring every sensations. Alex (moaning): Ohhh... so tight! Doctor (gasping): Aaahn!!! Shit!!! The doctor gasped in a mix of surprise and pleasure, their bodies melding together in a symphony of ecstasy. He could feel the blows of that monstrous cock in his stomach, but quickly discomfort turned into pure pleasure. As Alex set a rhythm, the room filled with the sounds of their pleasure, the doctor's moans mingling with Alex's growls of satisfaction. Their movements became more urgent, each thrust sending waves of pleasure coursing through their bodies. Doctor (whimpering): Urgh! Fuuck! Alex (grunting with desire): Do you like the way I widen your ass, Doc? Doctor (gasping): Yes big guy, it’s incredible to be penetrated by real male! Lost in the throes of passion, they explored the depths of their desires, giving in to the raw intensity of their connection. With each thrust, their orgasmic sensations took them to new heights of pleasure. Alex (screaming): Shit! I’m going to explode inside you! Finally, the young man and doctor released his pent- up pleasure in a rapturous scream of ecstasy, as wave upon wave of intense orgasmic pleasure coursed through their bodies and filled Doctor's belly with warm cum and the room with the fragrance of sexual pleasure. However, Alex then realized what he had done to the doctor and that his penis and testicles had shrunk, although they were still bigger than before. Alex: I'm so sorry doctor, I don't know what got into me. The doctor didn’t answer, his legs felt like jelly, he was kneeling on all fours, which worried the boy. Alex: Are you okay? I am very sorry. It's all about this cream. Then, unexpectedly, the doctor seemed to cringe in pain and freeze, accepting it. Doctor (in deep voice like a thunder): Now, it's my turn! Alex knew what’s coming. =============================================================================================================================== If there are mistakes in the text, I apologize and would be grateful if you point them out. English isn't my native language. I hope you liked it and I would love to read your feedback.
  8. Incubus

    The Incubus

    The Incubus only appears when he is needed, or when he's surrounded by creatures overcome with lust. It's when I can feel my grip on his being, his power, his essence, flowing through my body, like vomit coming up my throat that I can't hold back, he pushes my thoughts to the side and comes to the forefront. But when he does, I can't help but enjoy the sequence. It starts with my chest, a burning hot sensation that consumes my lungs like it's hard to breathe. The demon fills my chest with a burning brimstone as my bone structure starts to change, each tendon and sinew stretching as my bones thicken to becoming nearly impossible to break. My six foot four body grows larger, wider, bigger. I usually top out at nine feet, but some sluts truly require a giant so I've grown larger. Any wounds heal up, my skin clears, my hair grows dark and red. My eyes take on an inhuman purple, but anyone who gazes in my eyes even before my transformation will see a burning glow in them. My horns grow from my head, one and a half turns round for a demon of my age. Slowly my eyes gaze down as I grow taller, and then I begin packing on muscle. My pectorals start to fill out, thick striations visible as inches and pounds make my pecs into a shelf. My traps start eating up my neck as it thickens to a barrel shape and width, my shoulders broader and capped with writhing cannon ball delts. As my chest juts out, I can feel my back forming in, giving my torso some monstrous hunchback appearance, my lats stretching out wide, tapering to my thin midriff. My favourite part is watching as my cum gutters form, deeper and deeper valleys forming between at first my four pack then increasing to eight til finally an inhumanly symmetrical eight pack, flanked with feathered obliques, veins leading down to my sexily delineated Adonis belt. Then my limbs get in on the action. I was fit before, but the Incubus wants someone who can subjugate a slut just with one hand alone, so my hands crack and grow longer, thicker, my fingers thick and callused, black talons form where my nails once were, my veins forming a map as they lead to my ham hock sized forearm, densely striated to make any fucktoy bend at the knee just at the sight of them, and up and up my biceps and triceps steal most of the show, gargantuan triple headed monsters, peaks so thick I can feel the head of them when I flex them! My behemoth horseshoe triceps even bigger, feathered and striated so deeply making my arms look like mountains. My legs, my pillars which I stand on explode with mass, freaky shredded calves, diamond shaped and jagged like boulders, up further the redwood thick quads make my body look proportionate, each muscle clearly defined on my inhumanly built body, and all of it designed to support the tools of my trade: Depending on the slut, it's one but sometimes two thick, pulsing, throbbing, monoliths of demonic battering rams, no thinner than thirteen inches around, no shorter than twenty one inches in length, my cocks are so lined with veins, puffed up to the size of a finger, so lined with these and other barbs and ridges that it looks practically jagged in appearance. The cut look of my cocks instills fear in those who get the pleasure to look at it, and the finger length piss slit on the fist sized head gushes dark purple pre-cum, a demonic hallmark, that serves as both potent aphrodisiac and super efficient lubricant to those tight little fucksleeves. Beneath my cum cannons are the tanks that support the arsenal. Two distended and bloated seed makers, the size of melons that almost audibly churn as they produce more and more of my hyper potent seed. I can cum pints, often gallons of thick hot sticky baby batter over my subjects, bulging out their bodies with my demonic wrigglers. These organs fight for space between my muscular thighs and my cock. As if my cocks weren't enough, my tail, thicker at the base, but still the width of my thumb at the tip grows from the base of my back, a long appendage, it can wrap around things, grip things with unholy strength, and the tip can invert, to suck on nipples, necks and all sorts of things. As an Incubus, my powers vary depending on how many whores I've feasted upon, but also cause physical changes to my unholy body. First, as I described before, multiple cocks that become longer and thicker. You may believe that you can't take these breeding rods in your body, but our sordid magic means you can take them all, balls deep, with no permanent harm to your organs. Your body will sense each inch of demon dick distending your body, as though it were actually there, but our cocks can fit to a hellish degree inside your body, fitting inside a secret dimension. The second are tendrils that form from the muscles on my back. Wispy and almost ethereal they can lift and carry creatures, spread them wide, tease them like a tongue or a finger or a cock, and even insert themselves in smaller orifices. One trick, is to fuck the brain of unlucky sluts, forcing them to orgasm on command, handsfree. I love seeing their body betray them, their limbs spasming as they feel orgasm after orgasm, unable to stop the pleasure. The third is our unholy aura. Even when untransformed, any mortal will start feeling hornier as we pass them. When a group of Incubi congregate, it's been known that unexplained orgies have broken out, but when I transform, mortals who even look at me, who can smell me, will feel a wave of arousal hit them. When my powers are focused on a singular creature, I can shape images in their head, capable of making them feel phantom touches, voices, almost as though they were real. Likewise, I can taste their lust from a distance, their forbidden desires and wants and can tailor my fucking of their minds with ease. Lastly, is a mere byproduct of an incubi. Our cum, so fiendish, is a corruptive essence. Once a slut ingests our ball brew, even in our untransformed state, whether orally or elsewhere, it metabolizes into an addiction. Soon they can't get enough, and prolonged exposure can cause madness and eventually with so much corruption, will cause them to become minor hellspawn themselves. Their bodies becoming only living fucktoys for Incubi and Succubi to use for their pleasure. We, however, can only choose once who to pump full of hyperpotent sperm and allow them to foster our hellchild. Some Incubi are permitted more, but for us regular progeny, we are limited in our breeding selection. So where, good mortal, would you like to meet my unholy form? I can promise you, you'll be in good hands.
  9. I've written my first story, to accompany one of my drawing sequences. I hope you enjoy and be kind and leave feedback! Warning, contains unwilling transformation and some bro on bro action. If you enjoy this then please consider me for commissions! Message me for rates - open to all kinds of transformation. You can also support me on Patreon to see exclusive work and vote on future works: patreon.com/user?u=63775323 Oh and also - I would LOVE for other people to write kinky stories to go with some of my sequences! Or write me a new story so we can collab hehe ************* A Tale of Two Brothers: Donnie & Marco There was nothing particularly remarkable about brothers Marco and Donnie Diaz. Born to a mixed white and Latinx family they were raised predominantly by their father, Mr Diaz, after their mother walked out when Marco was just 6 and Donnie was 2. Mr Diaz worked for a local private science group and their lives were perfectly normal and respectable – they went to church every Sunday, Donnie studied hard and Marco hardly studied now he’d graduated high school and dropped out of community college after a couple of years. Out of the two brothers Marco, the older, was definitely the less inclined to hard work and study. He enjoyed gaming, drinking and sleeping in until well past midday – oh and masturbating of course. He was handsome, and had broken more than a few girls hearts with his tanned skin and thick dark chestnut-brown hair. He favoured sportswear and silver jewellery such as his fine silver chain necklace. If there was one thing he hated though it was his glasses and he swore to get laser eye surgery when older. The one thing Marco did put effort into was sports and he particularly enjoyed basketball, despite being only 5’9’’. Younger brother Donnie on the other hand was adorable, but more in the way that you just wanted to take care of him. His skin tone was paler but his thick tousled hair darker and he was even shorter than his brother at just 5’6’’. Like Marco, he too wore glasses, though they complimented his bookish personality. Whereas Marco liked dark clothes, Donnie favoured bright, peppy colours and a silver crucifix hung around his neck. Donnie studied hard and clearly had a similar mind to his father, fascinated by science. He was shy though and kept his head down, he did not have his brother’s confidence. Donnie and Marco didn’t exactly along and were prone to arguing or fighting, usually provoked by Marco when he was bored or restless. This was worse during the week when their father would leave them to look after themselves now they were both of age. Recently his work had meant he was frequently away until late at night leaving the boys to look after themselves. Though Marco was in technically in charge, it was unsurprisingly Donnie who took up most of the cooking and cleaning. “What are you working on, dad? What’s the top secret project?” Donnie would ask excitedly, his scientific brain whirring with possibility. But Mr Diaz would only chuckle and say it was more than his pay grade to tell Donnie that. After Mr Diaz left the room, Marco would snigger and flick balls of paper at Donnie calling him a “nerd”, though he too was privately curious. Over weeks the brother’s curiosity would lead to them trying new methods to getting their dad to share what his work was – Marco believed it must be some sort of secret FBI technology, whereas Donnie felt it must be a project for sustainable energy. Mr Diaz however never gave anything away. The brothers didn’t even know the name of the company their dad worked for! Their routine continued unremarkably until one week where Mr Diaz abruptly announced he would be away the full week for work – it was a crucial time for the project and he needed his sons to look after themselves. That same Monday morning he loaded up his car with his briefcases, laptop, loading cases and other paraphernalia and gave his sons a big hug goodbye. “You look after your little brother, now – you’re the man of the house after all” he joked, tousling up Marco’s hair to Marco’s annoyance. Donnie smiled resignedly, knowing it would be a week fo Marco doing sweet fuck all, whilst Donnie tried to keep on top of things, all the while that Marco would either be in his room jerking off, off out drinking with mates, or existing purely to wind him up. They watched their father drive away before Donnie headed back up to his room and study. Marco however wasn’t going to waste a minute. Although Donnie was the one always asking about his father’s work, Marco was dying to find out. He might be lazy, but he wasn’t stupid and his father’s secrecy was more than enough to raise his suspicions. Hell, if it was some Musk level science shit their might be some serious money! So as soon as his dad was out of sight and Donnie was in his room, he snuck into his dad’s study. The room was called a study but was more like a home laboratory with multiple screens, fridges, freezers, centrifuges and test tubes. And it was a bombsite. Marco stared in shock – it looked like it had been raided, or that Mr Diaz had left in a hurry. Cupboards were open, scraps of paper everywhere, lights flashing. Marco held his breath as he looked across the notes and logs and calculations – only nothing made sense to him (he was not a natural scientist after all). For a full half hour he carefully searched for some hint of what the project was when he discovered two vials in the smallest fridge, filled with bright green liquid. They were labelled differently: “H1-M80 formula: premium. Masculinity and Virility certain.” “H1-M80 formula: unbalanced, Effects uncertain.” Now, he may not be bright but he knew what masculinity and virility meant. He looked again at the notes strewn around him – phrases jumped out at him, now making more sense: “increased libido”, “significant mesomorphic growth”, “testosterone output exponential”. He also knew that his future didn’t lie in hard work and study. He grinned as he pocketed the two left over vials – he knew what he planned to do with one but it would be a shame to waste the other. He chuckled softly to himself as he looked up to a framed photo of him and his stupid, dorky brother Donnie… *** “But you never make dinner?” Donnie said suspiciously as they sat down for Marco’s home made curry that evening. “Well bro, I realise I’ve kinda been a dick to you and… well I just wanted to make it up to you this week. Now – eat up!” said Marco, uncharacteristically sweetly. The curry in fact didn’t taste half bad! Though there was something about it which tasted… different to any other curry Donnie had tasted before. “Marco, what exactly did you put in this curry?” “oh just some… buffalo sauce… secret recipe tip” Marco lied, quickly and efficiently. “Well, I guess it did the job!”, Donnie hesitated a wary smile at his brother before tucking into the rest of his meal… *** The next morning Donnie woke up feeling like his head was full of fog. As he stretched he didn’t notice that his bones seem to click and pop a little more than usual. He winced as his watch felt like it was digging in, so he loosened the strap. Wearing just his pyjama pants he frowned at his more-persistent-than-usual boner. He chanced it and hesitated before heading into the corridor to head to the family bathroom. He let himself in and gasped suddenly as he saw himself in the mirror, pyjama bottoms tented. Firstly – his previously slightly doughy body was toned now – he had a flat stomach and even a slightly proud pair of pecs. A dusting of dark hair worked up his abs and he gingerly touched the growth of small dark hairs on his top lip. “Looking butch, bro” chuckled Marco’s voice and Donnie span round to see his brother – once taller, now a similar height, stood in nothing but bulging boxer shorts. He too looked buffer – he had always been lean but now he looked like an actual gym-jock. Donnie’s eyes couldn’t help but rake over the broad tanned chest and impressive bulge before he yelled and shoved his brother out the room before he washed and hurriedly shaved his face smooth again. Later, as he was forcing his way into a now too-tight t-shirt which now revealed an inch of belly and those pesky trail hairs and showed off his new lean body shape, he noticed with horror that the upper lip hairs had grown back, thicker and darker than before. He tried to spend the rest of the day as normal, but he couldn’t help the looks he got in the coffee shop (was the nerdy, twinky barista actually checking him out?) or the librarian asking if he was feeling okay, as he could feel his clothes getting tighter. Donnie just nodded his head, stifling a groan at the pain in his stomach. As soon as he got home to his room he tore off his clothing and, shocked at his own pent up horn, jerked off over his bed before passing out to sleep as, unbeknownst to him, Marco grinned and watched through the door crack, gently rubbing his own package… *** The next afternoon Marco grinned himself in the mirror as he hauled his naked ass out of bed. His small pecs have increased in size and his arms ache as his forearms look thicker and meatier. His biceps swelling a little as his hands too look broader. Marco can feel every bit of pain in his transformation as his spine lengthens his back making him just a little taller. His feet have grown outward, by a couple inches, as his butt stands pert, round and proud. His cock and balls begin to swell and grow more as his balls fill with new fluids of a man growing. His legs feeling heavy as his calves bulge out. Marco doesn’t even feel the changes, only the fresh breeze on his exposed now cock and balls which he fondles. Sexy stubble peppers his chin but unlike Donnie he doesn’t seem to have grown any body hair – if anything it’s starting to retreat. What was once a thick bush is now stubble around his thick cock. He fingers a drop of pre as he hears his bro yell in shock as he too wakes up late and stumbles to the mirror. Donnie stands before his mirror, hands clutching his body as his pecs bounce as they slowly swell. His arms even larger than the day before. His legs getting more muscular, years of intense workouts can’t even compare to what his legs seem now. His abs have pushed out of his flat stomach forming a nice 6-pack. His Adam’s apple too has grown and is now quire prominent as his groans get deeper. His facial hair growing at a faster rate then before giving him a clear developing moustache as well as stubble across his jaw. His skin tight as his acne starts to fade away. “What the actual fuck” he whispers, before gasping at his new, lower voice. He runs to his brothers bedroom and stops in the door as he sees Marco reclined on the bed stroking his thick, uncut cock. “Sup bro”, Marco winks. Donnie runs out the room, scrambling to pull on some red joggers. He stocks up on food from the kitchen and returns to his room, locking the door, only he can’t get the image of his muscled up bro stroking his cock out of his head, he curled up in bed and slipped into an anxious sleep. Meanwhile Marco spent the afternoon switching between jerking and sending pics of his new body and cock to all his snapchat contacts – male, female, he just didn’t care – he wanted to show off! Many didn’t believe him, but it didn’t matter. He just liked the attention of it all. Donnie woke up that evening to his head having this painful throbbing sensation. He ran into the bathroom to see if there was anything to treat the headache, but there wasn’t. The pain got worse gradually. He clutched his head as his deep groans filled the room. The ache was too much. His tears ran down his face, he wanted it to stop, but it didn’t. In fact, the headache start to feeling it was changing him. He tried to think, but found it difficult to even think of a solution. Usually, whenever he had a problem, he could figure it out in the matter of seconds, but now this was a problem he couldn’t solve. Tears stung his eyes as the pain of his head felt worse, his thoughts all foggy and uncertain, unable to think much. The one thing he could think of was that image of his brother on the bed. Slowly, almost unwillingly, he released his thick cock from his red sweatpants and grabbed one hand around his dick and started stroking. He had never been like this. Each stroke was making him feel better in many ways. Donnie jaw dropped allowing saliva to fall on his dick. Thoughts of his bros body and cock filled his head and he liked it – he imagined his brothers butt jiggling and cock swinging as he felt pressure build up in his dick. He was going to release. Donnie was ready and didn’t care where it would land as long as the dumb headache would go. And it did. Donnie let out a white stream of cum as he laughed dumbly as the stream splattered up his abs and his pecs… wait his pecs!? He scrambled to his feet and the panic returned as he noticed those tight pecs had grown… only now they were round and bounced as he panted… hell they were almost like breasts. A cold sweat broke over him as he muttered to himself, “What in the name of God is happening to us…”. “We’re becoming Gods bro” came a voice from the door, and Donnie looked over to see Marco flexing as he winked once more – “oh, and thanks for the show.” *** The next afternoon Donnie woke up in a big sweaty mess as he grunted and grown – a mix of plain and erotic pleasure. He starts grinding on the bed not being able to control himself at all. He tries to stop but it feels so good. His body producing an odor of a heavy sweat. He can feel his body swelling again. His pecs bulging and becoming rounder. His arms becoming bigger as more dark hair sprouts over his body. His genes are rearranging. He doesn’t even realize how big he is getting, since he is too busy fucking his bed. His balls growing larger as Donnie moans, nipples growing wider. He uses one hand to rub them as he moans louder with each thrust put into the bed. He can feel his head aching again as he needs to release his cum. He needs to breed. He needs to fuck something. Donnie is terrified but at the same time he secretly loves it. His feet grow larger as they hang off the bed, also sprouting dark hair. He is so big now. Donnie’s face changes as his face matures, looking older – more like a man in his 30s now. . The pressure is building up and too much to hold and the bed sheet are filled with sweat and pre cum. He moans loudly one last time as thick cum spurts over his round chest, face and headboard. Donnie rolls into the big mess he has made with his mouth open and tongue out, trying to lick up anything he can. Donnie can’t control himself anymore. He just needs cum now. He doesn’t want anything else. All the times studying wasted when he could have been jerking his cock. Donnie walks up to his mirror, noticing how big he is and how much different he looks. He fucking loves it as he flexes his huge hairy arms. He loves how big and bouncy his balls are. Even if he shaved the monster of hair on his balls would grow back in the matter of hours. The drool on his face is wiped as he rubs his large nipples. He loves the feeling and so he rubs more vigorously, vaguely wondering where his hot brother is. *** Meanwhile Marco is already out – he got up early and hard as a rock, his height has shot up overnight as had his muscle mass and cock size. Pulling on some tightly stretched active wear he ventured out into the world in search of some release. He found it when he swaggered into the coffee shop his bro would always go to – and there he is, that nerdy, kinda cute barista that is clearly gay – nametag reading ‘Joel’. As he ordered a latte he leaned forward and whispered into the nerdy twink’s ear to meet him round the back in 10 minutes. 10 minutes later Marco’s moans echoed round the back of the building as gagged and tried to take in his huge cock in his mouth. Between slobbering and sucking the twink would marvel at Marco’s tanned huge muscles and Marco would just laugh and cock slap the barista. Joel used both his hands to rub the huge dick and inhaled the sweat from Marco’s hot hairless body. He bathed the huge balls with his tongue as pre spurted and stained his apron. He was so taken up with his task that he barely noticed Marco’s dick getting larger and fatter, or even that the foreskin seemed to fade into his fat, long, dick. Marco’s head hair remained full though it receded slightly up his forehead as his face matured more – jawline pushing out and lips plumping up. His swollen pecs and abs become more noticeable as they bulge yet bigger. It wasn’t long before Marco roared and shot thick, gloopy cum over Joel’s face. Joel collapsed spent and stared up at the God. “Are you free this evening?” he panted? Marco just laughed cruelly and took a long piss just feet away from where Joel lay. “Not for you, nerd” he scorned before tucking his bulge back in his sweatpants and walking away. Joel just lay their in the cum in a daze – why did he always fall for the big douche men, why couldn’t he find a nice guy – like that Donnie guy who always comes in. Thinking of which, he hadn’t seen Donnie in a few days now… *** The two brothers stare at each other in the kitchen. Both have changed so much they start to look unrecognisable. Marco’s stubble has pushed out into a goatee as his bodybuilder sized bronzed mahogany body ripples. He once again stands over Donnie, who looks significantly older than his bro now – lines across his face as a moustache bristles over a heavily stubbled chin. They are both stark naked – both cocks well over a foot long. In a brief moment when the fog has lifted Donnie stares at Marco with sadness and fear as he whispers “what did you do to us?”. He then gasps and clutches his round pecs as they inflate and grow bigger than his head, his bubble butt swelling out real thick as specks of grey appear in his dark hair. Thick dark hair not only covers his pecs, surrounding wide saucer sized nipples, but also his ass, shoulders and lower back. Abs push out, softened by the layer of paunch in top. Marco too feels his mind fading as his massive square pecs push out, obscuring his view of his feet. His lips swell as his eyebrows get thicker and untrimmed as his face aged up too – grey streaks through his thick dark chestnut hair. His brown nipples swell wide too, though nothing compared to Donnie’s tits. He plays with his smooth pecs and huge nipples as he feels his once younger little bro, step closer, breathing heavily. Marco moans as he feels Donnie’s hand encircle his heavy cock. Marco moans and nods in encouragement, maintaining intense eye contact with Donnie. Donnie lowers his eyes and starts to suck on Marco’s big brown dark nipples. His veins swell and flex as the taller man’s muscles expand even more, his height creeping up. His feet swell disproportionately large for his body, as do his hands, giving him an almost primal look. His cock spurts pre violently as it swells like a balloon, balls hanging lower. Donnie bites his lip and seductively turns round and bends over revealing what was once a tight pucker is now a throbbing, swollen donut ring of a hole between two hairy globes. Marco licks his lips… *** SOME WEEKS LATER ‘NastyPig’ was one of the most famous leather and kink clubs in the USA. Men of all sizes and tastes gathered from across the states to descend into debauchery, and tonight was a special night. On the raised stage was a banner with bright red letters encircled on a black background: “D&M”. Onto the wipe-clean stage strode two Gods of men. One, aged maybe mid 40s, was a 7 foot, ultra tanned, goateed muscle god. His shoulders so wide revealing a barrel chest with two brown nipples the size of dinner plates. A thick cock, at least two feet long, swung below his meaty thighs. The other man was mid-late 50s and was shorted but wider. He had a kind friendly face with a salt and pepper moustache. But the most remarkable thing about him were his colossal bouncing tits, with enormous nipples the size of dinner trays. A silver crucifix on him looked absurd on clearly such a pig of a man. Both men wore leather harnesses, and also glasses. It was an unorthodox choice for two such virile, masculine men, but their fans felt it gave them a unique look – like nerds gone butch. The two men on stage faced each other and started sensually making out, the taller one reaching round and unmistakably slipping a thick finger inside the other’s puffy hole. One musclebear leaned to the man next to him and whispered: “Y’know, I heard they’re secretly brothers?” Mr Diaz smirked and nodded as he watched the show escalate until the shorter man with the breast like pecs was on all fours, panting and moaning like a slut as the taller muscle man pushed his whole hand in his ass, right up to his elbow. “I know.”
  10. ChurchOfHarvey


    Luka doesn’t remember much of last night. It’s all a bit of a blur after about five drinks and when his buddy Dylan ditched him for some girl he just met. Some designated driver! From then, he remembers getting progressively more undressed as he flexed for random girls at the bar. Luka was the type of man who stood out in a crowd with his broad shoulders and strong physique. Luckily, he’s a fun drunk. If he was the type of guy who got in fights after a few drinks, someone would more than likely end up in an ambulance. But Luka prefers to just show off his strong muscles and let strangers tell him how big he is. Being admired turns him on. Eventually, he stumbled the five blocks back to his apartment after his DD had abandoned him. The semi-hard cock poking down the leg of his tight khakis forced him to walk with a slight limp. Usually, the walk isn’t too bad, but Luka was drunk and his bladder was full. About halfway home, he had to pull into an alleyway to take a leak. Still visible to the street, he pulled out his slightly hardened dick and pissed on the side of a black-bricked building. His penis is his least impressive muscle, but it does what it needs to. Leaning up against the wall, Luka holds his cock in his hand, mindlessly thumbing the shaft. Strangely, that was the last thing he managed to remember from the previous night. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Luka wakes up in the morning in his bed. Seems he got home just fine. Guess whatever happened the rest of the way home was of no importance. He sits up on his mattress, his thin bed covers slipping down his naked body. He scratches his wide back lazily. Still waking up. His morning wood jumps, pushing up the bed sheet playfully. Half asleep, he scratches his balls too before he winces. The quick sting of pain confuses Luka more than anything. He lifts the sheet to examine his penis. Two scrapes scratch down the length of his shaft. They aren’t too bad, but enough to break the skin. Red marks around the wound make it tender. Luka gently grabs his penis and slowly feels up the marks with his thumb. His dick throbs reflexively, plumping up in his palm. “Huh, that’s weird,” Luka mutters to himself. He shifts his legs over the edge of the mattress and stands to head to the shower. The sheets fall behind Luka, pulling from his naked body as he strides toward the door. His nude build is fully revealed, his bulky chest and thick arms swinging gently. His tight abs are at a near-constant flex. The sheets fall from his legs and reveal his thick ass and impressive thighs. His morning erection rocked with each step, dwarfed by his powerful build. Luka steps out of his room into the common area of his apartment. His bare muscles are exposed without caution as he walks past his roommate Paul who is sitting on the couch with his late afternoon tea. “Well, rise and shine, big guy! Have fun last night?” Paul teases. Luka just lets out a grunt of agreement as he slumps into the bathroom. The whole naked roommate bit was never an issue between the two of them. Paul is a proud, and sometimes forward, gay man. Luka is comfortable in his heterosexuality, even more so in his sculpted body, so he never really saw any issue with their living arrangements. Paul gets a common area with a view, and Luka gets to dress (or lack thereof) comfortably in his own home while getting the occasional ego boost. The only slight issue that has ever come up was the volume of Paul’s night company. But Luka can’t really say much. He’s brought in his fair share of ladies back to the apartment when his roommate was trying to sleep. Both just have to live with the fact that their roommate fucks. After a shower, Luka comes out in a towel. His morning wood is now quelled thanks to the load he just sprayed all over the cold shower tiles. He falls back onto the couch and lets out a deep sigh. “So, did you have any fun while I was out drinking last night?” Luka says, making conversation. “Yeah, I had Riley over last night. Wine and fucking.” Paul turns over towards Luka. “You know, the usual.” “That’s good. I know that kid is packing some serious dick too. Saw it bulging last time he was hanging around the apartment.” “Oh, I know. Young and hung! Those study abroad students get so pent up,” Paul laughs. “So, the bar was fun?” “Yeah, it was! Dylan ended up ditching me for some girl, but it was all fine. Got felt up by some American girls after a couple of drinks. The bar was pretty handsy last night.” Luka smiles at the thought. “Although, I did end up with a scratch on my penis. I don’t remember how I got it. I don’t think any of the girls touched my dick. They all seemed pretty focused on my gains.” “That is strange. It’s not like a rash or irritation?” “No, it’s an actual scratch,” Luka clarifies. He stands up and puts his hand on his towel, about to pull it off. “Do you want to see it?” Luka asks, realizing he should’ve started with that. “Yeah, let’s see it,” Paul chuckles. Luka drops his towel. His soft penis hangs on top of his heavy balls. All of which still seem small in comparison to his tree trunk thighs. Luka is clean-shaven to make sure his genitalia is well presented. He likes to make the most of what he’s got. Paul leans closer, examining the side of Luka’s penis. He sees the two scratch marks that follow down the length of the shaft. The irritation has gone down since Luka woke up, but it is still slightly red. “May I touch it?” Paul asks. “Yeah, it’s okay.” Paul’s warm hand cups Luka’s dick. Holding the shaft up and to the side to get a better look at the scratches. Luka fights a shiver as Paul’s fingers wrap gently around his penis. “These look like teeth marks. Like if someone didn’t have their jaw open wide enough,” Paul explains. “What? But I didn’t get any head last night. Not that I remember at least. My dick also isn’t even that big! I’m not cracking any jaws with this thing.” Luka swings his hips and makes his penis slap against his thighs a couple of times. “I don’t know what else to say. That’s what it looks like to me. And I’ve seen a few scratched-up penises in my time.” “Huh, strange…” “But I will say,” Paul smiles as he drops Luka’s dick from his palm. “You do have a very handsome cock. Being uncut is a bonus.” “Oh, please. It’s not that impressive,” Luka blushes. “Oh, trust me, aesthetics are impressive! Like Riley for example. That kid has a massive cock! But it’s big and veiny like a sweet potato,” Paul chuckles. “Still love taking it, but it’s not the most handsome penis. Monster cock is an apt descriptor for what he’s packing. But you, you’ve got the looks.” “Well, thank you,” Luka accepts the compliment. “And I guess these scratches aren’t too much to worry about.” “Yeah, I’d say you’ll be fine. Just keep that dick clean. Don’t want an infection or anything.” • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Later that night, Luka returns from his room dressed in a pair of tight grey briefs, the ones that hug his muscular ass and lift his penis to give some definition to his bulge, as well as a fitted muscle tank that’s stretched out by his full pecs. “So, what are we watching tonight, big guy?” Luka says with a smile before flopping on the couch. Paul steps out of the kitchen with two glasses of scotch. He’s dressed in a black silk robe, opened to reveal his smooth chest and the pair of bright pink briefs he wears under his robe. He is a skinny guy with a runner’s build, so his above-average dick fits awkwardly on his waist. All 8 inches looking oversized in his tight briefs. Despite his impressive penis, he was a strict bottom, always looking for a bigger cock to put him in his place. “I was thinking about Suspiria. Get in the spirit of the season,” Paul suggested as he handed a glass over to Luka. “Sounds good, P,” Luka says, bringing the glass to his lips. “Why don’t you pull it up while I work on this drink.” Paul starts up the movie while Luka takes a big swig of scotch. They both lounged on the sofa, enjoying the movie and finishing their drinks. About 15 minutes into the movie, Luka stands and grabs the bottle from the kitchen. A couple of glasses in, Luka lazes into the corner of the sofa, nursing his third drink. At this point, he’s a little too drunk to understand the movie, but he enjoys spending time with his roommate. Luka shuts his eyes with his hand lazily slumped over his bulge. Then, out of nowhere, he feels his chest start to itch. The same way it does after he shaves. Luka slips his hand under his tank and lifts it to scratch at his chest. His body hair slips between his fingers. And then his stomach turns. His muscles suddenly start to ache. Luka sits up and lets out a groan. His biceps cramp and flex. “You all right, man?” Paul sits up as well. Still only on his second drink. “Yeah, I think so.” Another cramp makes Luka’s pecs flex against his tank top. And the itching moves down to his crotch. He moves his hand down and slips his fingers beneath the waistband of his briefs. Scratching the base of his flaccid cock roughly. “Ah, fuck!” And then Luka starts to get hard as he scratches. Against his will, his dick starts to swell up. Getting fatter. Pushing out against the tight fabric of his underwear. Throbbing, getting bigger with each flex, stretching out the pouch until the sides of his hardening shaft peeked out. “Holy shit! I didn’t know you got that big when you were hard,” Paul said slack-jawed. “It… doesn’t… oh, shit…” Luka groaned. The moon shines through the balcony window, casting its gossamer glow on the floor of the apartment. Luka stops scratching and stares as his penis grows erect and then continues to grow. His grey briefs stretch out past his usual 6 inches. Luka’s dick repeatedly flexes, pushing up and out and out. Bigger and bigger, and all he can do was watch. Must be at least 9 inches now. His cock tugs on his briefs, stretching them further out until they hear some of the stitches start to pop. Still no sign of slowing down. Luka’s balls start to swell up too. Precum stains the fabric as Luka’s dick continues to grow. So big now that his briefs hardly cover his cock. In an effort to save his underwear, Luka pulls his waistband down and strains the stitching to pull it over his growing cock. A couple more stitches pop, but he manages to unleash his penis. It stands upright from Luka’s waist. Thick veins pumping along the side of his meaty shaft. His cock starts to turn red as it swells up. Foreskin pulled back so tight that he almost looks circumcised. Luka struggles but sits upright. His cock doesn’t stop and throbs up to his chest. Must be over a foot long now. Standing tall and rigid from his waist. Slowly, he reaches toward his beastly endowment and wraps his palm as best he can around the swelling girth. With just a touch, his dick twitches and flexes until a glob of precum squirts out, dripping down his overheating cock. “Ah… oh… fuuck…” Luka whines like a dog. And then his cock throbs again. Only this time, it doesn’t just grow larger. Luka’s cock head swells and morphs. It stretches out into a point giving it an additional inch. More precum leaks down the new head of his cock, slicking up his transforming penis. Luka lets out a strained whine as his dick continues to morph. The pain is immeasurable but euphoric. It feels like the best erection no man has ever felt. His dick gets so hot, physically hot, that the precum dripping down his cock begins to steam. His dick just continues to get bigger and harder, ignoring all human limitations. He was more than a man now. The base of his dick pulses, throbbing with more girth. Getting thicker and thicker. And then, suddenly, his penis erupts from his waist. A thick, veiny knot forces its way out from his body, pushing his cock out another four inches. Luka can’t hold back his howl as his new cock grows to its full potential. “Ahh… Ahh, fffuck… Oh, fuck yeah!” Luka just falls back on the sofa, huffing and fighting to catch his breath as the pain subsides partially. “What the fuck… Luka? Are you a fucking werewolf?” Paul just stares in astonishment. Admiring the entire process of Luka’s cock’s transformation. “I… I don’t… know…” Luka huffs. “But it feels fucking great!” Paul looks over the beastly dick sticking up off of Luka. Massive and swollen red. It stands like a living pillar, throbbing idly. Paul lifts his forearm next to the true monster cock in front of him to compare its size. With his elbow on Luka’s thigh, his fist does not even reach the head. Just over 16 inches of wolf dick, even thicker than his arm. “Can I touch it?” Paul asks cautiously. Luka gives a slight nod, “Please…” He rests his head back on the sofa. Paul places his hand on Luka’s new cock, wrapping his palm around the shaft just below the head. His fingers stretch to try pathetically to wrap around its girth and don’t even come close. Paul then slowly begins to stroke, rubbing his hand up and pressing into the ridge of Luka’s cock head. It is so hard that it barely moves against Paul’s touch, but with each stroke, it throbbed and milked out another pulse of precum. Luka squirms as Paul lightly strokes his now huge and very sensitive penis. Huffing and whining under his touch. “Oh yeah… that’s fucking gooood…” Paul likes the way he moans, so he takes his other hand and places it around the base of his shaft. He begins to stroke just a little faster. One hand massaging up and under the ridge of the cock head, the other pushing down and putting pressure on Luka’s thick knot. Luka whines louder as Paul milks his giant cock. Precum now constantly streamed out from the tip of his red rocket, pulsing with each stroke. His cock glistens as precum coats his shaft. His massive balls hang over the edge of the sofa and shift from Paul’s touch. Precum pours out from Luka’s dick like a hose. A pool of it building up around his balls and on the floor. Luka suddenly sits up and leans forward. His dick reaches up to his chin without even trying. He comes face to face with his wolf-like endowment. “Don’t stop…” Luka orders with a growl. Paul doesn’t even slow his rhythm. Stroking and milking more precum out from Luka’s cock. Luka then leans closer and runs his tongue up the pointed head of his cock, licking up and drinking his own precum. He uses his tongue like a dog, tasting himself. His new self. It tastes so good. Luka wraps his lips around the tip and attempts to take the entire head in his mouth. The sensation of his tongue on himself makes him throb in his own mouth. Drinking up his precum as it continues to squirt out from his cock. He never knew he wanted to suck his own dick, but seeing this monster cock in front of him, he can’t help but taste himself. His milky precum overflows in his mouth and spills off his lips and down his cock. He just can’t believe this is really his cock. It’s fucking massive and it feels so fucking good. Luka never really thought size mattered. He was happy with his just above-average-sized penis. But feeling how it is to have a fucking ginormous cock makes him so horny, he can hardly take it. Paul, while still stroking, gets down to the floor on his knees. He continues stroking the beast in front of him. It almost completely obscures Luka from this perspective. Paul is rock-hard himself. He’s a size queen, but he never thought he’d get to live out a fantasy like this. His cock reaches out from the waistband of his underwear as it throbs happily. Paul gets closer, using his forearms now to stroke Luka’s lycanthropic endowment. His arms put pressure on the sensitive beast in front of him. He moves forward and presses his hard cock against Luka’s massive testicles. His bulge fits so nicely between those giant balls. Rubbing up and dry fucking them like a pair of pecs. “Ugh… AH… ahh… fuuckkk,” Luka growls. He pulls off of his dick, precum coating his chin. He feels itchy again. All up his chest and arms. Paul lets go of Luka’s cock, letting it slump forward slightly under its own weight. And then he grabs one of Luka’s fat nuts in each hand. Weighing them in his palms like big coconuts. He can almost hear them sloshing with an awful amount of cum. Then he presses them together on either side of his dick. So big and heavy as they squish his shaft. Then he starts fucking them, sliding his 8-inch cock between them. Slowly at first, but it’s not long until Paul starts vigorously fucking the tight space between Luka’s balls. It’s such a perfect sensation, using these werewolf nuts like a fleshlight. Luka moans in response. His giant cock spurts out even more precum that now drips onto Paul’s face below it. “Oh, fuck, that’s hot… Keep playing with my huge balls… Fuck, that feels good!” Paul licks the dripping precum off of his face, so lost in the fantasy. His cock is stimulated by Luka’s massive, hairy balls as he slips it up and down his scrotum. His own precum starts to mix with Luka’s. Luka scratches at his chest as the itching gets worse. He feels his tank top getting tighter against his torso as well. He looks down, finally pulling his attention away from his attention-stealing cock, and stares at his pecs. They stretch out his shirt even more so now, swelling up with more mass and thick hair sprouting all over them. As his pecs widen, his shirt stretches down tightly, and his nipples are revealed. They are big and sensitive, islands of pink in a sea of dark brown hair. Luka grabs his shirt and tries to pull it up and over his chest, but tears it off in the process. Now bare, his chest flexes and swells into two giant slabs of meat. His pecs hanging over his now thick abs. He raises his arms and flexes both his biceps beside his head, now also covered in thick hair. Luka already looked like a gym rat, usually one of the biggest guys on the gym floor, but now he was a muscle beast. His body still looked human, just bigger. Only his cock had transformed into something truly beastly. Still flexing, Luka leans down and huffs his overgrown pit. The scent of man and beast musk overwhelms his nose. But it makes his cock jump. He takes a bigger whiff, this time picking up the scent of something else. Perhaps someone else. “Hooo, fuuuuck…” Luka huffs. “Damn, I smell fucking good.” Paul slows down from fucking Luka’s balls and leans toward the giant cock in front of him. He presses his face against the shaft, his skin sticking to the coat of precum pouring down the length of Luka’s cock. He gets a good whiff of Luka’s musk. “You’re telling me, big guy,” Paul moans. He stands up, hands sliding up Luka’s dick as he rises. Even with him standing and Luka sitting on the sofa, the cock between them reaches up to Paul’s chest. He wraps his arms around it and presses his inferior man-penis against the beast-cock’s shaft. He uses his hand to massage the pointed tip of Luka’s dick. Squeezing more and more precum out as his thumb edges the urethra. “Fuuck…” Luka growls. “I need to cum so bad. My cock is so big and hard, I can’t take it. I need a hole. I need a hole so fucking bad.” Before Paul can respond, Luka stands up from his seat, now standing slightly higher than usual above his roommate. His cock flumped forward against Paul’s chest. If he wasn’t so turned on right now, Paul, like any rational person, would probably be terrified. But feeling this giant werewolf cock slumped against him brought him to the edge. “On your knees now, pup,” Luka commands. Paul grabs the tip pathetically in his hand, massaging the sensitive underside of the ridge. Petting it like it alone was a wild beast. A spurt of precum shoots out onto his face. He licks it off his lip slowly. “I thought you would never ask,” Paul moans. “Stop talking,” Luka barks sternly. He grabs Paul, moving him easily with his new werewolf strength, and positions him bent over on the sofa. Paul’s knees spread out, his arms steadying him on the back cushion. His silk robe drapes lightly over his round ass that’s arched back for Luka. He knows this position well and his dick still throbs in anticipation. Luka lifts Paul’s robe to reveal his beautiful ass. Pink briefs cling tight to his butt, getting swallowed between his thick cheeks. Luka bends down, getting his face close. With one hand, he tears the briefs effortlessly from his body. Paul’s ass jiggles and spreads as he arches further back in response. Paul’s hairless hole is so perfect, Luka grabs his hips and pulls his face between his cheeks. Sloppily licking and tasting his hole. His tongue pushes past the threshold and into Paul which makes him moan. Luka makes out with his hole, using his tongue to push open and loosen Paul’s ass. “Oh, fuuck… I didn’t know you ate ass like that,” Paul whines as his ass is devoured. Luka gets lost in his meal, feeling Paul’s prostate against his tongue. Loosening up his ass as much as he can. He leans back, admiring the pink, spit-coated hole in front of him. His cock is going to tear that shit open. He sits up on his knees, lifting his heavy cock from the ground. Using both hands, Luka positions his dick against Paul’s begging hole. “Oh, doggy style? Really?” Paul jokes. “Shut it.” He starts slow. He gently pushes the pointed tip of his cock into Paul’s ass. It stretches open and accepts the head first. Precum already starts to flood his hole. Luka moans as Paul’s tight hole wraps tight around his cock. He needs more. Slowly pushing another inch in. Then a couple more. He stretches Paul’s ass open even wider, making room for his excess of dick. Paul whines as his ass is forced open. No signs of slowing. Just more and more dick pushing into him. He can feel the tip pressing into his stomach, making his skinny stomach bulge up towards his chest. His hole squelches as Luka’s flood of precum pushes out from his ass. Finally, he feels the thick knot press against his cheeks, preventing Luka’s cock from going any deeper. But Luka is not done yet. Luka grabs Paul’s waist and starts to thrust. Slowly at first. Long, steady strokes push his dick into Paul’s chest. The tight, warm sensation makes his dick flex inside of him. “Oh fuuck… Such a good hole,” Luka moans, lost in a sexual trance. He starts to thrust faster. Pushing deep rhythmic strokes into Paul. His cock throbs and swells. More precum oozes out from between his cock and Paul’s hole. Luka could feel his cock starting to grow again. It flexes as if begging to release its load. He pushes faster and deeper. His knot pushes up against Paul’s ass, slapping his meaty girth against his hole, and then it finally forces its way in. Paul’s hole is forced open, stretching wide until he can almost feel it tear as it takes the fat knot of Luka’s magnificent cock. “Oh, shiiiit!” Paul cries out. Luka’s werewolf dick locks itself balls deep into Paul. Throbbing and pulsing as it dumps its load into him. It flexes as it shoots cumshot after cumshot against the walls of his stomach. Its balls flex and lift themselves, rubbing themselves against Paul’s legs like an affectionate pet. They bounce happily as wave after wave of cum is emptied. Luka loses count of how many shots he pumps out, but his orgasm continues for nearly a minute. Eventually, he starts to catch his breath. His knot is still squeezed tight by Paul’s hole. He huffs, slowly trying to catch his breath. He sits up to readjust his position, but then he feels his cock twitch again. He can feel the cum pouring through his shaft. More of his hot load ready to bust. He whines, leaning forward onto Paul’s back as his dick pulses again as he shoots another wave of shots against his will. Hot, steamy cum spills out from Paul’s ass and drips down Luka’s giant balls. “Whew… fuuck! God damn, I needed that. Thanks for letting me use your ass, P,” Luka huffs. “Didn’t know your ass felt that good.” His knot is still lodged in Paul’s tight hole. “Fuck yeah…” Paul struggles. “So… please tell me this is gonna be… a monthly thing…” “I hope so, pup…”
  11. Hey, y'all! It's been a while since I've written a story on this site. I miss writing, so, here is the thing: Gimme a picture of a nice, buff guy, or a morphed up guy, or something, and I'll write a story for the picture! It'll be a short story, but I'll do it! Cause I feel like it would be fun! So, don't hesitate to share!
  12. bbmikenj

    Old Man Power. Finale added 5-13-23

    Fred had never worried much about getting older. Then one day, his daughter posted some pictures on Facebook from the party she had thrown for him on his 75th birthday. He looked stooped over and frail, with a fairly pronounced paunch. When did I turn into a old grandpa, he wondered to himself. He still had a good head of hair, now silvery-white, but the rest of him was sagging. His former 6’4” stature looked like it had lost a good 5 inches. He decided to do something about it. He didn’t want to join a gym looking like did, so he started doing push-ups at home everyday. At first it was a struggle just to get down on the floor then get back up again. But he stuck with it, and within a few weeks, he was doing ten push-ups, a couple of times a day. He liked how it made him feel, so he got an old chin-up bar out of the garage. His sons had used it decades ago when they played football. He attached it to a doorway in the house. At first he had to use a low stool to assist him in getting any pull-ups at all, but after time, he was able to do some on his own. He progressed faster than he thought he would, and soon, he would pump out ten reps every time he walked past the doorway. Then he would hang from the bar, stretching out his vertebrae. It wasn’t long before he noticed changes in his body. Things were tightening up, he could feel it. Even better, he could see it in the mirror. He’d never been a muscle guy but he’d stayed fit by running, but after his divorce years ago, he’d given that up. He used to take daily walks with his dog, but after the dog died, he stopped that too. He’d definitely let himself go. Now he was feeling a fire inside. He went out and bought an exercise bike, and started doing 45 minutes of cardio a day. His paunch shrank. His pant size went from a 38 to 34. While he rode the bike, he watched YouTube videos on fitness, exercises, and supplements. He ordered a set of parallel bars, and started doing bodyweight dips. They made his chest swell out and his nipples jut. He started doing squats every morning. First ten. Then 20. Almost every day, he added ten more, until he was up to 100. He did lunges around the house, and as his legs got stronger, he did them in the yard, which improved his balance and made his ass plump up. The waistband of his 34 pants grew looser, but the backside got tighter. His legs got veiny. And bigger. His forearms were getting veiny and bigger, too, but he wanted more. So he went to a fitness store and bought some grip training equipment. He trained his forearms for half hour a day, and as they grew bigger and veinier, he got into flexing them for twenty minutes after training them, bloating them so full, he could barely move his hands. He started eating spinach, so his forearms would grow like Popeye’s. Spinach salads. Spinach smoothies. Spinach omelets. It sure seemed to work. His forearms grew, but so did his upper arms. And his shoulders. And his back. It motivated him to never skip a day or cut a workout short. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing in the mirror. Muscles. Sinewy muscles. Ropey and hard. His abs were starting to show. One morning, he flexed his arms, and almost jumped back in surprise. He knew what he had. He had Peaks. He had read the name for them online. Biceps peaks. Not huge, not yet anyway, but they were defined, and had a split running across the top, like a mountain ridge. His forearm swell was equally impressive. Gnarly and veiny. Now, even driving his car, his arms felt strong, not frail and shaky like they were before. When he pressed his palms into the steering wheel, his chest puffed out, stretching his shirt tight. He could feel his strength surge. His spine had straightened out, bringing back some of his height. When he walked thru a store, people looked at him differently. He carried himself differently. It fed his desire for more. He ordered an abdominal muscle stimulator, which he didn’t expect to work, but he was wrong. It almost worked too well. Sometimes, when he took it off, his abs would cramp up so hard that he would double over in pain. After some deep breaths, he could stand up and see his abs still twitching. After two weeks of twice a day sessions, he had a six pack without even flexing. He had the taper of a National level gymnast. He checked himself out in the mirror a lot. He liked everything he saw. Except his neck. He wanted it to be thicker and tighter. He bought a neck harness that had a chain attached, and he dug out his sons’ old weight set and used the plates from it to do weighted neck lifts and bridges. Every day. Fuck worrying about overtraining, he figured. At 75, what did he have to lose. His neck responded as fast as his other body parts, and before he knew it, he had the neck and traps of an Olympic wrestler. He bought wide-necked compression tees to show them off better. The tees also highlighted his broad shoulders and extreme taper. His abs showed thru the skin tight fabric. He bought 32” waist jeans, and would go to Home Depot just to see the reaction from contractors and landscapers. He knew his face still showed his age, but that made him enjoy the looks even more. Where was this flush of energy and vitality coming from? He didn’t know, and didn’t care. It felt amazing. His balls must be churning out more test than when he was in his twenties, because he woke up with raging morning wood every day. His body odor was musky and virile. He was horny all the time, and when he jerked off, his ejaculate didn’t just dribble out like before. It shot clear across the room. He felt like he had hit puberty again. His bodyweight had gone from a saggy 155 to a 225lb Adonis retiree. And he was just getting started.
  13. Trio

    Topher's Big Day

    Topher was lost in the forest of that very odd planet, and was starting to get very concerned. Even if he was born in this foreign place, he never got used to its surroundings, to its miasma, and wanted to change that when decided to be a part of the corps of his colony. It turned out to be a bad idea, being at the bottom of the hierarchy, he was put in menial tasks. This was supposed to be his first true mission, to just explore the region, but things went terribly wrong, and there he was, lost. Had his armour, but nothing could shield him from hunger and the dangerous nature, he had to go return to his headquarters. As he walked, not paying attention where he was stepping had a terrible price, caused him to fall on a deep hole. It was fast, he didn’t even have the time to think about it. At its bottom there was a lake, but not of water. It had a different name: Xenomass. Green and thick. His armour absorbed the impact, but his weight was too much for it to float on that piece of substance, even if it was thick. He sank into it. His despair was visible, as no human ever was exposed to the xenomass, and as the miasma, it was supposed to be toxic and deadly, it had no use to no one, and yet he was immersed in it, protected only by his armour. He was scared, but didn't scream, as he figured the armour would keep him safe. After a bit, he started to try to move his body, trying to reach the surface of the lake. Again, bad idea, the substance started to damage his equipment, to corrode it, and then layer by layer he was getting more vulnerable. Finally, it reached the last sheet before entering in contact to his skin. It was a matter of time before Xenomass would touch him. It happened, and the pain was extreme. He screamed, drowning on it, scared and feeling his skin burn, as the xenomass started to invade his last layer, it was quick, all his body was exposed to it. After a huge dreadful first encounter with it, he relaxed. He took it in. Something else, happened. Topher didn't die, but his body was offered to the planet, as a sacrifice, but the planet was benevolent. Exposed to the weird chemicals, he started to grow in size and in muscle. He started to develop. Before, he was a skinny awkward boy, but that started to change. Slowly, Topher was becoming more muscular and thicker, taller. More robust and resilient, tougher. His pecs soon started to grow, becoming large, defined, robust, hard, his nipples followed, and soon were pointing downwards. His abs came to life and were carefully sculpted by the substance, 6, then 8, hard packs, developed slowly but surely, carving into life his strength and endurance. His shoulders would greatly expand, becoming round, thick, huge and large, strong, enough to support a great deal of weight. His arms expanded, becoming huge and as muscular as ever, and so did his legs. Skinny awkward boy no more, he was getting big. The chemicals changed his DNA and the mutation became deeper, his burnt skin transformed, being covered by metalic scales, his teeth grew and sharpened, his feet and hands metamorphosed. His two feet became paws with 3 huge fingers with claws, and his hands were formed by 4 fingers with claws in it, his eyes boiled and melted away, reshaped and were covered by a multitude of lenses, becoming multifaceted, fractal, transformed and superior. All his hair was gone, and a group of horns appeared on his head and shoulders. His heart was obsolete, giving place to a strong plasma producer that would supply his body with his new needs. His lungs were transformed, and he could breathe through his skin, but his nose was kept. He was no human anymore, Topher gave in to a magnificent creature, that was about to come to life. The armour had disappeared, everything merged into him, his dogtag was now where his heart once was. The creature awakened from his frenzy and opened his changed eyes, coming to the surface quickly, and soon, he roared. But he was still human on his mind, so the roar made him scared, Topher soon realized the changes in his body and was desperate, he cried for help and begged for mercy, with his deeper and changed voice, and then he had a need to drink the xenomass, he did it like an animal. Confused and worried, he had no idea he had no need for anything, anymore, that this was a blessing. He could still talk but his voice was changed, similar to a growl, even if he still was the awkward guy in his mind, what was left of him. The self discovery journey was a long one, he spent weeks in the cave, learning that he needed xenomass now like a human needs water. He discovered how strong he was when he had to open passages through the walls, so frustrated he was by coming into dead ends. He discovered how powerful his vision was when he could see creatures hiding beneath the rocks. He slowly started to like his changes, to find beauty in it, seeing his new muscles made his cock awake. He was only vaguely sexually awaken by then, as a human, let alone as the creature, but his new powers made his cock hard, and since he was alone, he decided to relieve himself, he jerked off, first very timidly, then more confidently and finally he was enjoying a pleasure he never felt. He felt so many things when he came, felt aggressive, felt in charge, felt like he was meant to be the creature, he licked the cum in his hands and roared of satisfaction, this was a new beginning for him. This cave was his new home now, as he found out he needed no one anymore, he spent a month living in it after finally discovering a way out. That cave was his home, but he decided to pay a visit to his former brothers in arms. Not as Topher, but as Genesis.
  14. mmvmgo2011


    Hi all Long time lurker. I thought I'd start a story that's been mulling around in my head for a while now. I'm still not sure where it's ultimately headed - though I'm hoping it won't go where you think it might. I have some ideas for the direction - but nothing concrete. There could be anything - so fair warning - if you're easily offended, or grossed out, or whatever, this may not be the thread for you. I'm planning on keeping each chapter fairly short, but hoping to post updates more often. It's my first ever story - so be kind, or not ... EDIT: I've purposefully not given our main protagonist a name, but will use uppercase HE/HIM/HIS to refer to HIM. I'm gradually editing each entry to fix this after the fact. Apologies if it's hard to follow. ******* CHAPTER ONE It was over. Well, IT wasn’t over, but the race to find a vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the virus that caused COVID-19, was done. The company where HE worked had lost the race. There were five or six vaccine candidates approved worldwide, some mRNA based, some more traditional. HIS company had spent billions of dollars, and would never recoup those R&D losses releasing vaccine number six or seven, even if it was more effective. If only it was even slightly effective. The project was shelved and, indeed, the existence of the company itself was now under threat. Word had come down from on high that afternoon; a Thursday. The staff were shocked, but not particularly surprised. Everyone expected the axe to fall at some point — many surprised it took as long as it did. It was always a radical and ambitious plan. A plan that would pay massive dividends if it paid off - not only in immediate sales of vaccine, but in lucrative patents that would forever change vaccine development and progress medical science as we’d known it. As the old saying goes, if it’s too good to be true… A vaccine that reprogrammed the patient’s DNA so that the patient’s own immune system would produce the cells and antibodies necessary to fight the virus would not only prevent COVID-19 disease, it would also prevent transmission of the virus causing the disease, ending the pandemic once and for all. But that was small fry compared to future developments. No more influenza, common cold, herpes, HIV, Hepatitis… any infection known to man — virus, bacteria, fungi — would be cured. And even the big C, cancer. Well, it WAS ambitious. But it was not to be. Though the theory seemed sound, putting the theory into practice proved… challenging. Hundreds of billions of dollars were spent trying to make it work and, though there was some promising early results in vitro, every single tested animal had resulted in horribly disfigured or dead animals. Not exactly ready for initial human trials, let alone approval for final manufacture and sale. The bean counters and lawyers were still crunching the numbers and considering the options, but it seemed that so little progress had been made converting theory into practice that everything relating to the project, from samples to formulas, from notes to equipment, from methods to specialised equipment — everything — was effectively worthless.
  15. czechhunter69

    Chapter 6 - The Hulk Contagion

    I'm sorry for the delay in getting Chapter 6 to you. It's been a difficult time for me lately, with financial struggles and personal stress weighing heavily on my mind. These past few days have been particularly rough financially - so you're welcome to commission your own stories. However, I don't want to make this about money. Without further ado, here is Chapter 6, and I hope that you find it enjoyable and engaging. 5) Escaping 4) Exes Once more 3) Alex Loses Control 2) Alex's First time 1) Tom’s final time Source: WB Hunk’s version of Hulk. The once-bustling highway had been transformed into a battleground, and the two colossal figures were locked in an explosive battle for dominance. Cars were crushed under their massive weight, their metal twisted and mangled beyond recognition. With every exchange of blows, shockwaves rippled through the air, shaking buildings and rattling windows. Alex was a behemoth, towering over the old man with his rippling green-skinned muscles, poised to burst with raw power. His face contorted into a snarl of primal rage, his eyes ablaze with an intense fury that sent shivers down the spine of onlookers. Every movement was explosive, his muscles bulging and straining with exertion, his veins pulsating with every breath. Despite his towering strength, the old man was an imposing opponent, with a massive and heavily muscled body almost equal in strength. Deep wrinkles lined his face, and his eyes burned with fierce determination. His every move was slower than Alex's, but the weight of his immense strength behind every blow he landed was like a sledgehammer. As the two behemoths clashed, their bodies glistened with sweat, their muscles flexing with every movement. The sound of their grunts and growls filled the air, occasionally punctuated by a moan of pleasure. Despite the destruction and chaos around them, their fight was filled with a strange passion and lust. At times, they would pause and grab unsuspecting men as they fled with their families, forcing them to join in their wild and lustful fight. These men were powerless to resist, caught up in the throes of the two behemoths' unbridled passion. The air was thick with the scent of sweat and sex as they continued to thrust and grapple with each other, lost in a world of raw physical pleasure. Alex's primal fury burned bright in his eyes as he fucked the old man with unrelenting determination, causing the older man to wonder why he even bothered with his wife. The sound of their skin slapping together echoed through the air, intermingled with the occasional groan of pleasure as they bordered on ecstasy. As Alex's thrusts grew faster and more frenzied, the metal of the cars under them them began to buckle and deform with the weight of their colossal bodies. They were lost in a world of passion and lust, locked in a size battle that showed no signs of slowing down. Their muscles contacted and rippled with every movement, their bodies straining with the effort of overpowering the other. The raw, primal energy that flowed between them was palpable, as they pushed each other to the limits of pleasure and pain. The unsuspecting men they grabbed from nearby cars were in for a wild ride, forced to join in the two behemoths' lustful fight. They trembled with fear and excitement as they were manhandled by the hulking figures, their bodies completely dominated by their raw power. The men were powerless to resist, caught up in the throes of the two behemoths' unbridled passion. All it took was a single kiss, and they were transformed into worshipful servants, servicing the two titans with their mouths, hands, and bodies. Their moans of pleasure mixed with the grunts and growls of Alex and the old man, creating a symphony of carnal desire. The men were used as pawns, tossed around like ragdolls before being stuff like Twinkies, oozing with cum. The scene was a display of raw power and unbridled passion, with no regard for the destruction they brought trampling down the highway, car after car crushed or thrown. As Alex and the old man continued their epic battle, they failed to notice the transformation taking place around them. The men lay bruised and broken, their bodies twitching and convulsing as they underwent a metamorphosis unlike anything they had ever experienced before. Their muscles began to swell and expand, their skin turning a sickly shade of green. They screamed in agony as their bones shifted and cracked, reshaping themselves into new forms, the only pain they had was healing as they recovered from being ripped open by a massive throbbing cock, too large for a human to just handle. But as the pain subsided, they stood up, their bodies transformed into towering hulks just like Alex and the old man. They were now part of the fight, driven by the same uncontrolled passion and lust that had consumed the two behemoths. The air was thick with the scent of sweat and sex as they joined in, their massive bodies colliding with bone-crushing force. The onlookers were in awe and terror, unsure if they should run for their lives or stay and watch the spectacle unfold. The ground shook beneath their feet as the hulking figures grappled and wrestled, completely lost in their world of primal urges. With every blow they exchanged, shockwaves rippled through the air, shaking buildings and rattling windows. Cars were tossed aside like toys, and the destruction continued to escalate as more and more men joined in the fray. The men screamed in ecstasy as they fought, their bodies slick with sweat, and their muscles bulging with every movement. The scene was a chaotic and erotic display of power and passion, leaving no doubt that nothing else in the world existed except for the two titans and their army of lustful followers. The unstoppable transformation spread relentlessly, leaving a trail of destruction and carnage in its wake. Climax after climax, the victims succumbed to the frenzied fucking, with only a handful surviving the ordeal. Almost 20 hulks now roamed the streets, some consumed by their primal urges, while others revelled in their newfound power. When the police arrived, their attempts to quell the chaos were futile, resulting in most of them being killed. The hulks' thick skin shrugged off bullets like rain, and they destroyed the police cars with ease. The hulks became too powerful and too numerous, smashing everything in their path and sending anyone who could flee for their lives. As the chaos escalated, buildings collapsed and entire city blocks were engulfed in flames. Amid the deafening chaos and the sound of buildings crumbling, Alex's heart raced with excitement as he leaped into the air, his powerful legs propelling him miles away from the epicenter of the destruction. He landed deep in the heart of the woods, his adrenaline still pumping through his veins. As he stood there, basking in the afterglow of the chaos he had unleashed, he watched the sun rise slowly, his naked body shrinking back to its original size. As he transformed back to his human form, he couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction at the destruction he had caused. His mind was still racing with the memories of the frenzied fucking and wild battles he had experienced as a hulk. He felt his dick already growing harder at the thought of the power he had wielded, and the lustful desires that had consumed him.
  16. shawnkid

    Jocking Up - My Roommate

    Long time lurker - finally got my fingers down to write a story, and hopefully many more to come. Posted in WarpMyMind (leejhaw) and MuscleGrowth.org (shawnkid). -Chapter 1- Meet Charles "Sup," my roommate nonchalantly greeted me as he walked out his room. My eyes almost fell out of its socket. The reason is apparent - my body-conscious roommate is walking around half naked. Beneath his grey sweatpants, his VPL proves that he's freeballing too. That could only mean one thing - it worked. What I did actually work! It's true - some of us are more susceptive to hypnosis. And it comes in many forms, you have the usual suspects: binaural, subliminal, and the trance, which opens up a wide array of possibilities, especially for a closeted gay man like me. It's financially impossible to live in the city nowadays, especially when the rental is through the roof. Since I'm the only occupant in the one-room studio, it's natural to resort to renting out the room to another person to offset the cost to enjoy the convenience of the centrally-located apartment in the city. The first time I met Charles, he wasn't much of a looker. I blame it on his hair, which is in need of serious professional help. He was wearing an oversized t-shirt that did not do justice to a man of his size. He works at the local coffee shop down the road, which explains the coffee scent in his hair whenever he walked past me. I reckoned he's around 25 years old, though I did not actually ask. He promised to clean the entire place once a week, I couldn't be any happier. Truth to be told, I was kind of desperate, and he looked decent enough - at least he has a job - so we shook on a deal. When I stumbled upon the whole new concept of hypnosis, I was thrilled. But, how would I know if it truly worked if I have done so on myself? It wouldn't take anyone much to consider the case of convenience, right under the same roof. I went to the local hardware shop and bought some speakers and downloaded some audio software on my computer. It wasn't easy to get this figure out, but I was really eager to try. When Charles left for work at 7 am, I set my plan in motion. I equipped his room with speakers over the plastic ceiling and wired it across my working desk. So, it would play whatever I needed it to play for an extended period of time, albeit needing to run in and out just to check if the volume is optimal for subliminal tracks to play without causing any distress and potential fallout before the plan see the day of light. I move quickly, knowing that he will come back in the evening after dinner. And the rest will happen throughout the night. My moral conscience would reprimand me if I ruin one's life for my own pleasure. So I decided to start off my experiment with something light. After going through tons of hypnosis books, I attempted to write a hypnosis track that focuses on confidence and preferences. Charles would sleep naked because it's more energy efficient as such - less laundry and less electricity needed to keep cool. He would be more comfortable with his own body, and perhaps begin pay attention to his body more. That should be relatively fine and not qualified as manipulative? I have my doubts, especially on my ever-changing standards. Heh - oh well. I let the track run for a week until one faithful morning - I see my roommate walking out of his room with nothing over his bare torso. I must say, he definitely look better with his shirt off. Why would he hide his toned body over all the baggy shirts - and that would be the next thing to go. And now I know my proof of concept works. I sat back down on my computer and prepared the next script for my dearest roommate, Charles.
  17. czechhunter69

    Hulk - Tom's final time

    Let me introduce you to Tom from the WB Hunks story "Hulk" that I linked in this post. If the WB Hunk has any issues with this addition, please let me know and I'll take it down immediately. However, if you're interested in Alex’s story or simply buying me a coffee, feel free to message me. ------ Tommy was an extraordinary man, one who exuded a unique and magnetic charm. His captivating personality and winning smile made him irresistible to those around him, and he had a talent for making others feel special and desired. When Alex encountered Tommy, he was immediately drawn to the older man, and took a chance on this mysterious figure. Little did he know, this chance encounter would be a turning point in his life, leading him on a journey beyond his wildest imagination. For many years, Tommy had been cautious about passing on his rare and powerful gift. He had seen the destructive potential of the gift firsthand and did not want to risk passing it on to someone who could not handle its immense power. He was determined to find someone who was deserving and worthy of this blessing. He had also learned to control his own desires and resist the urge to transform into the Hulk, a 12-foot tall, green-skinned behemoth with boundless strength. 30 years ago, Tommy was still learning to control himself. In those days, he would give into the Hulk's desires, indulging in raw and passionate sexual encounters with whomever he happened to be with at the time. A farmer, a sheriff, anyone who got a taste for the man he could become. However, he soon learned the dangers of losing control and vowed to never let the Hulk take over again. Despite his vow to never again let the Hulk take control, Tommy was still drawn to the thrill of transformation. The rush of power that came with it was an undeniable adrenaline high, and the sensation of being so incredibly strong was like a drug to him. However, there was more to it than just the thrill of the transformation. Tommy also deeply yearned to feel loved and connected to someone. He wanted to share his experiences and find someone who could understand and accept him, even with all of his strengths and weaknesses. This emotional connection was just as important to him as the physical power that came with the transformation, and it was a powerful motivator for him as he searched for the right person to pass his gift on to, yet again. Alex had no idea what was in store for him as he took that chance on Tommy. Whispers about Tommy's physique were rampant. He was renowned for his impressive size, his rock-hard muscles, and the raw power that radiated from him in the moment. Many were in awe of his impressive physique, and the strength he exuded was something that could not be ignored. Alex, didn’t see it. Tommy's appearance was that of a typical man in his 50s, but with some distinct characteristics. His white hair had started to grow on his ears and nose, and he had a fondness for button-up shirts that he would leave partially unbuttoned, revealing a tuft of white chest hair that had not seen much exposure in recent years. Despite his lack of recent exercise, his chest still displayed a muscular build that spoke to his youthful vitality. He may have appeared as your average 50-something man, but the confident way he carried himself and the twinkle in his eye hinted at the adventurous spirit that lay beneath his exterior. On the other hand, Alex was exactly the type of person that Tommy had been searching for. He was a blue-collar worker, exuding a rugged and no-nonsense demeanor, but possessed an intelligence that shone through in his conversations. He was a young man who was not afraid of putting in the effort to get what he wanted, and his confident and charismatic personality made him the perfect companion for a night of passionate intimacy. Alex's combination of brawn and brains made him the ideal match for Tommy, and the older man was eager to see just how far their connection would take them. "I noticed from your profile that you have a fondness for well-defined muscles," Tommy said as he leisurely massaged his left pec with his right arm, drawing attention to the impressive outline of his bicep, tricep, and shoulders. The fabric of his shirt strained against the contours of his musculature. It wouldn’t be on him long, nor would his bed be too far away. "There's more to it than just his size, big guy,” Alex chuckled, his gaze lingering hungrily on the muscular older man before him. Despite the fact that Tommy was older, Alex couldn't deny the intense attraction he felt towards him. The thought of exploring every inch of Tommy's muscular physique sent shivers down Alex's spine and made his mouth water with desire. He was all too eager to run his hands over Tommy's broad chest and tight abs, feeling the power and strength that radiated from his body. Age was just a number, and for Alex, the lust he felt for Tommy and his already bulging muscles was undeniable. Tommy felt a surge of excitement rising within him as he looked at Alex, who was eagerly admiring him. He knew how horny he was, and how much bigger that made him. He was aware that if he didn't control his emotions, his transformation would occur much sooner than he intended. To prevent this, he took a sip of ice-cold water from dinner, letting some of it trickle down his chin, hoping it would help calm his nerves. However, he couldn't shake off the feeling that something big was about to happen, and he couldn't wait to see where this encounter with Alex would lead. And with a small act of kindness, Alex made his bold move. He caught the dribble of water with his own napkin before leaning in for a sensual kiss from across the table. It was a moment that would ignite a spark within Alex and drive his passions sky-high. The moment their lips met, Alex was filled with a burning desire to lavish Tommy with affection and devotion. He yearned to explore every inch of the older man's body, relishing in the taste of his mouth and the feel of his muscles beneath his touch. The thought of undressing Tommy and discovering all of his hidden treasures made Alex's passion skyrocket, and he was determined to spend the night worshiping and pleasing him in every way possible. If it weren’t for the saliva, Alex may have been surprised to witness Tom's sudden display of raw strength as he effortlessly sent the table flying across the room before eagerly sweeping Alex off his feet. The table that once separated them was thrown aside with such force that it stuck to the wall on impact. The passionate and intense energy emanating from Tom was palpable, leaving Alex captivated and ready for what was to come next. As the kiss deepened, Tom's mind was consumed by lust and desire. He felt an intense pleasure coursing through his body as he surrendered to the sensations of Alex's lips on his own. It was as if every touch and caress was sending electric shocks through his system, causing his muscles to pulse and swell with newfound strength. As Tom's body began to change, he felt a sense of liberation, as though all of the years of denying his true desires were finally being fulfilled. His biceps bulged and stretched the fabric of his shirt, while his traps rose up. His back thickened, causing his shirt to strain and pull away from his neck, while his pecs swelled and hardened with each passing second. Tom's shirt was struggling to keep up with his expanding muscles, his biceps now ripping through the sleeves as they swelled with power. His back was now thick and wide, causing his shirt to stretch and strain at the seams. His pecs were now so big that they pulled his shirt away from his neck, revealing a deep crevice between them. As Alex continued to make out with Tom, he could feel his own body responding to Tom's growth. The lust within him grew stronger with each passing moment. He could hear the fabric of Tom's clothing stretching and tearing as his muscles continued to grow. The sound was like music to Alex's ears. He wanted nothing more than to see Tom's massive, ripped body bursting out of his clothing. Alex couldn't resist running his hands over Tom's body, feeling the hard muscles beneath the fabric of his clothing. He wanted to rip the shirt off of Tom and see him fully exposed, but he couldn't bring himself to stop kissing him long enough to do so. The desire within him was overwhelming, and Tom could feel himself losing control his skin tinting a sickly green. His shoulder muscles ballooned out, while his veins bulged and pulsed with the exertion of his newfound strength. He wanted to break free from the confines of his clothes and let his body be fully exposed, to feel the cool air on his skin and the rush of power that came with it. Alex watched in awe as Tom's body continued to grow and expand, his clothes straining and tearing at the seams. Tom's eyes locked onto Alex's. Alex's heart raced with excitement as he was pressed up against the wall, his body pinned by Tom's massive frame. Tom's clothes began to fall apart in tattered shreds as his muscles bulged with power and raw masculinity. Tommy's muscles bulged, stretching his shirt to the limit until it finally gave way, tearing off his body. The room was filled with the sounds of ripping fabric as his jeans also gave out, unable to contain the growing mass of his quads and glutes. The transformation wasn't stopping anytime soon, and as his skin turned a deep, vibrant green, Alex could hardly contain his excitement. Tom carried Alex towards the bedroom, the floor creaking beneath his weight. The walls of the hallway crumbled under the sheer force of his bulging muscles as he carried Alex effortlessly in his arms, kissing him passionately all the while. The sound of destruction echoed in the background, yet all Alex could focus on was the feeling of being swept up in the raw power and fiery passion of the man he desired so deeply. Alex struggled to comprehend the rapid transformation taking place in Tom's body. In a matter of moments, the old man had morphed into a towering, 10-foot naked beast with bulging muscles and an aggressive demeanor. Alex couldn't help but notice the lustful glint in Tom's eyes. As Tom's body expanded and grew before Alex's very eyes, his mouth dropped open in amazement. This once frail old man had become a towering behemoth, standing at a whopping 12 feet tall, and as wide as a car. His skin had taken on a vibrant shade of green, and rippling muscles bulged with every movement he made. Alex couldn't help but feel a mix of awe and terror wash over him as the hulking creature roared with pleasure and rage. The sight was both incredible and terrifying at the same time. But even with his immense size and strength, Tom was careful not to hurt his tiny lover. Their passion only intensifying. Suddenly, Tom burst into his bedroom, shielding Alex from the debris with his massive arms, smashing the nightstands in a fit of primal rage. Alex's heart raced as he watched in shock, his body trembling with excitement at the raw power and strength on display. Tom's breathing was labored, his chest heaving with every breath, as he towered over the smaller man. "Mine," Tom growled, his voice deep and guttural. "All mine." Tom couldn't resist the intense pleasure that coursed through his body as Alex continued to worship him. He could feel his beastly instincts taking over, driving him to take what he wanted from the smaller man. Alex gasped in surprise, but his excitement was palpable. Tom's hands roamed over Alex's body, feeling every curve and contour as if it were the first time. A single hand, able to wrap entirely around Alex's chest and crush him in a second. Tom's lips crashed down on Alex's, their tongues battling for dominance as their bodies pressed together. Tom's cock as wide as Alex's wrist, pressed against him, at just over a foot long. With a sudden burst of energy, Tom threw Alex onto the soft sheets. He climbed on top of Alex, trapping him before ripping Alex’s pants off, his massive cock throbbing with excitement already coating Alex in a gloss from pre Alex was all to eager spoon into his mouth. Alex eagerly spread his legs, inviting Tom to take him in any way he desired. Tom's rough fingers trailed down Alex's body, finally coming to rest on his tight entrance. He pushed his rough green finger inside, marveling at how perfectly Alex's body molded to his. As he added a second finger, Alex moaned with pleasure, his body arching off the bed. Tom couldn't take it any longer. He positioned himself at Alex's entrance and pushed inside, groaning as he felt the tight walls of Alex's body envelop him. Alex cried out, overwhelmed by the sensation of being filled so completely. Tom started to thrust, his hips slamming into Alex's with a primal intensity that left them both gasping for air. He went harder, and harder. The bed pounding the wall, denting evening the studs. He couldn't even go in all the way, but just getting his throbbing head was good enough. Tom's orgasm was a force of nature, beyond anything Alex could have anticipated. His own, nothing by comparison. It rocked through Tom's body like a tempest, leaving Alex feeling both overwhelmed and exhilarated by the intensity of it all. As Tom finally reached his peak, Alex's body was overwhelmed with sensation. He could feel Tom's member pulsing inside of him, filling him up with a warmth that spread through his entire body. But as Tom pulled out, Alex was unprepared for what came next. Gushes of viscous goop erupted from Tom's member, covering Alex from head to toe like a volcanic eruption. The thick, slimy substance coated his skin and clung to his hair, dripping down his face and into his open mouth. It was unlike anything he had ever experienced before, and for a moment, he was frozen in shock. But Tom didn't seem to notice. He was too caught up in his own pleasure, moaning and writhing in ecstasy as the last of his release poured out onto Alex's body. Alex could feel the sticky goop sliding down his skin, pooling around him on the ground. But what really caught Alex off guard was the rapid second transformation of Tom. It was so sudden that it left Alex reeling with shock. The rapid shrinking of Tom's muscles was like watching a time-lapse video of a bodybuilder's muscles atrophy in a matter of seconds. Alex could feel the heat radiating off of Tom's body as his skin changed from green to a sickly pale white. The thick, slimy residue of their release still coated both of them, making it hard to tell where one ended and the other began. Tom's body convulsed as the last of the hulk's strength ebbed away, leaving him weak and vulnerable. The once-mighty creature now lay before Alex like a withered old man, his chest heaving with exhaustion. The contrast to his former self was staggering. Alex lay there, completely spent and breathless, his body still quivering with the intensity of his climax. The room was filled with the sound of their heavy breathing, the scent of sex and musk permeating the air. Alex couldn't help but feel a mix of fear and ecstasy coursing through his veins as he gazed upon Tom, a real-life Hulk. The goop that spattered the walls and ceiling, now dripping onto his face, was strangely delicious in its own salty way, but he knew he had to get cleaned up before the urge to lick Tom and the entire room clean became too overwhelming. As Alex pulled himself off the sticky bed and tried walking out of the room, he got a sense of just how massive Tom had become. The destroyed door and significant portion of the wall left no doubt. The width of the hallway revealed the brute's sheer size, as wide as Alex was tall. It was a terrifying thought that something so strong could have lived in such a small house to start. In doing so, a pit formed in his stomach, grumbling and churning. He felt sick, but at this point his only goal was to shower and leave before the hulk woke up again for round two. Alex stumbled towards the bathroom, his feet sticking to the floor with each step, and the stench from the room still clinging to his clothes. The entire place was a disaster zone. The walls were dented out and missing chunks of plaster, and the bed had been reduced to nothing more than a pile of twisted metal and a broken frame, nightstand, and ceiling fan sparking above. Alex couldn't believe what he had just witnessed. A real-life Hulk, shriveling down to a frail old man, all in front of his eyes. The thought alone was enough to make his head spin. As he turned on the shower, he let out a deep sigh of relief. The hot water was like a balm on his skin, soothing the aches and pains that had accumulated during the wild ride. He could feel the goo running down his face, salty and sweet, and he couldn't help but lick his lips, savoring the taste. It was disgusting, but there was something about it that he just couldn't resist. His memory playing the transformation over and over. Alex couldn't help it, the way his body had transformed. The memory of it was seared into his mind, every detail etched into his brain like a permanent tattoo. The way his muscles had bulged and rippled beneath his skin, expanding and growing with each passing moment. The way his skin had darkened and thickened. It was an image that would forever haunt Alex's fantasies, driving him wild with desire. As the water cascaded down his body, Alex couldn't help but feel the tingling sensation in his limbs. His hands had become larger than he remembered, his fingers thicker, and as he glanced down, he saw his member was already engorged and pulsating for another round. He was going to have round two, but this time, it was going to be him who dominated. The fantasy of becoming that strong, that powerful, was all that he could think about, driving him on to even greater heights of pleasure as he stroked himself absentmindedly. The sensation was overwhelming, and he couldn't help but stroke himself even harder, his body now incredibly sensitive and responsive to his touch. He tried to calm down, but the thrill of it all only seemed to excite him further. He knew he had to stop. Something had changed. Alex stumbled out of the shower towards the foggy mirror, his newly formed muscles bulging and straining with each step. He footsteps seemed to pound the floor as he felt his feet get longer. His biceps flexed, the veins popping and snaking up his arms as he reached out to wipe away the steam. As he caught a glimpse of his reflection, he couldn't help but let out a deep growl. His pecs were heaving with each breath, the muscles rippling and flexing beneath his light green skin. He couldn't believe what he was seeing, but he also couldn't deny the intense pleasure he felt coursing through his body. He laughed, his deep boom voice only added to the pleasure. With each passing second, the transformation continued, and Alex's body was now towering over his former self. His voice had deepened, now emitting low, guttural grunts that seemed to rumble through his entire being. His hair was now thick and dark, covering his chest, arms, and legs in a layer of fur. Alex couldn't help but let out another growl, feeling a primal power coursing through his veins. He knew he should be scared, but he couldn't deny the rush of excitement that came with this newfound strength. As he examined his new form in the mirror, Alex couldn't help but feel a sense of awe at the sheer size and power of his muscles as he passed 6 and half feet. He flexed his arms, watching in amazement as the bulging biceps rippled with veins, and his hands formed fists that could crush metal. His chest expanded with each deep breath, and he could feel the weight of his pecs pressing down against his skin. The feeling of power and domination consumed him, as if he was born to rule and conquer. Despite the fear that was still present in his mind, Alex couldn't help but feel an overwhelming sense of satisfaction and pleasure as he flexed his newly formed muscles. He knew that he was becoming something beyond human, something more primal and powerful. And with each passing moment, he felt more and more in tune with the beast that now resided within him. As the transformation continued, Alex let out a deep roar, feeling his muscles bulge and flex with each movement. He could feel the primal energy coursing through his veins, and he knew that he was no longer just Alex. He was something more, something stronger, and something far more dangerous. The thought of using his newfound strength to dominate and overpower others sent a shiver down his spine, but he couldn't deny the rush of excitement that came with the thought of being unstoppable. He was 7 feet tall now, and growing more by the second. “What the fuck?” he gasped, his eyes locked on his reflection in the mirror. His arms and legs were now thick and powerful, each limb corded with pulsing veins and bulging muscles. His chest was expanding rapidly, his pecs jutting out and filling his shirt until it was stretched taut over his massive chest. His abs were rippling with new muscle, each one popping out in sharp relief as he sucked in deep breaths of air. And through it all, he was becoming angrier and more enraged, his mind consumed by the primal urge to grow stronger and more powerful. Alex couldn't believe his eyes. He was no longer the scrawny, weak man he once was. He was now a towering behemoth of muscle and strength, with bulging veins and rippling sinews. The transformation had made him a hulk, and he loved it. But as he basked in the glory of his new body, the rage took over. He could feel the primal urge to dominate and destroy, to assert his dominance over everything and everyone around him. And as he smashed his way out of the restroom, tearing through the door like it was made of paper, he reveled in the sheer power that coursed through him. His lustful rage knew no bounds, and he was consumed by the need to dominate and destroy. He wanted to enjoy himself, to revel in the joy of his new body, but not with that man. The destruction was a means to an end, a way to let out the pent-up energy that was coursing through his veins. Alex reveled in the destruction he caused, the sound of splintering wood and shattering glass only fueling his desire for more. He uprooted trees from their very roots and threw them like javelins, their trunks snapping with ease. Businesses were reduced to rubble, their signs and windows exploding under the force of his fists. People screamed and fled in terror, their cries of fear and pain only adding to Alex's pleasure. He reveled in the feeling of their fear, the rush of power that surged through him with each passing moment. He laughed maniacally as he destroyed everything in his path, his strength and rage growing with each passing moment. As he stumbled deeper into the woods, the ground beneath Alex shook with each heavy step. Towering over the trees at twelve feet tall, his unimaginably muscular frame was a testament to the sheer force of his rage. But as his anger subsided, so did his size. His muscles shrank down to a more manageable size, and he found himself overwhelmed by exhaustion. He collapsed onto the forest floor, his naked body covered only by a few bushes for shelter. Unaware of just how much destruction he had caused, Alex fell into a deep sleep, his breaths ragged and heavy. As Alex eventually stirred from his deep slumber, he couldn't help but notice the newfound masculinity that adorned his body. The once smooth chest was now covered in a fine dusting of hair, expertly tailored to accentuate his chiseled physique. He no longer looked like a lanky athlete, but instead appeared to be a man who was in peak physical condition.
  18. Rory34

    Ayudando a mi amigo

    Hola, bienvenidos por fin a una nueva historia en español jaja, espero les guste, es una rápida que escribí hace poco. _________________________________________ Mi amigo William siempre fue molestado en nuestro trabajo gracias a su peso y bueno, para una agencia de modelaje la apariencia es algo muy importante. Él es el editor de las fotos y he de decir que hace un excelente trabajo el cuál muchas personas pasan por alto debido a su apariencia. Hay veces en las que incluso los modelos suelen burlarse de él y no puede hacer nada gracias a su timidez, incluso nuestro modelo más grande, Gabriel Janzi se ha sumado a esto y quizá puede que lo lleve un poco lejos con sus malos comentarios hacia él. Yo soy Dylan y a diferencia de William soy un fotógrafo profesional, y me va muy bien en este trabajo, tengo un buen auto, una genial casa con piscina y me puedo permitir varios lujos y todo eso gracias a mi increíble trabajo... Bueno... También tuve otro tipo de ayuda, pero lo explicaré más adelante. Estaba cansado de que se burlaran de William, él siempre es muy amable con todos y siempre estará dispuesto a ayudarte; cuando no me gusta el resultado de una foto siempre puedo confiar en su edición y lo soluciona, realmente me ha sacado de muchos aprietos y creo que es hora de que yo lo saque de este aprieto a él. Así que ideé un plan para que todos dejen de burlarse de William y lo primero que tenía que hacer era invitarlo a mi casa. -. Hey, cómo te va Will? -. Oh, hola Dylan, necesitas ayuda? -. No, para nada, solo quería invitarte a mi casa mañana al mediodía y almorzar juntos. -. Oh, eso sería genial Dylan! Pero... Por qué quieres invitarme a mi? Es decir eres amigo de cientos de modelos y creo que hay mejores opciones que yo... -. No digas eso hombre, te invito porque eres un gran amigo para mi y esta es mi forma de agradecerte ya que lo mereces. -. Wow, no sé qué decir, nunca me habían invitado así me siento muy alagado, así que claro que iré! -. Perfecto, te espero a las doce y media, no me falles, eh? El primer paso está listo, ahora necesito realizar el segundo, el cual es el más importante. Salí temprano del trabajo y conduje hasta las afueras de la ciudad, a un pequeño pueblo y me dirigí a una pequeña tienda, donde una conocida mía podía ayudarme con esto; recuerdan que dije que tuve ayuda con lo bien que me iba en mi vida? Bueno pues todo es gracias a Yuni, una amiga que tiene un gran conocimiento con cosas mágicas como talismanes, pociones, maldiciones y varias cosas más. -. Cómo estás Yuni? -. Dylan!? Cuanto tiempo! Qué te trae por acá? *Dijo abrazándome* -. Bueno, vine a pedirte un favor... -. Lo suponía jajaja, quieres otra poción de buena suerte? Más de la que tienes ya? -. No, no es para mi, es para un amigo. -. Y qué necesita tu amigo? -. Bueno... *Le expliqué la historia de William y mostrándole su foto* -. Ya veo... Así que quieres que dejen de molestarlo por su físico, no es así? -. Así es, y me preguntaba si tenías algo para que la gente dejé de tratarlo mal, algo como un collar o una pulsera, lo que sea para que dejen de hacerle bullying en el trabajo. -. Bueno... Temo decirte que ya no tengo nada para evitar el bullying, varios estudiantes de secundaria han venido y se los han llevado todo... -. Ow, que mal... -. Pero, si el problema que tiene la gente con él es su físico, creo que tengo lo necesario para él! *Yuni fue y sacó una cajita con una marca de un brazo musculoso en la cuál venía un frasco pequeño con forma miembro masculino* Esta es, la pócima de olympus! Es lo que ayudará a tu amigo y lo transformará de un tierno gordito a una bestia musculosa. -. Wow, realmente eso hace este frasquito!? -. Sí, solo funcionará si la persona que se bebió la pócima es expuesta al sol y está mojado y lo único que te tengo que decir es que las personas que beben de este frasco suelen tener efectos secundarios como un gran deseo sex- -. Me lo llevo! Además, lo invité a mi casa a almorzar y estaremos cerca de la piscina. *Dije interrumpiendola* -. Perfecto! Estaba muy feliz, pensar que iba a convertir a mi amigo en un titan, se oía tan excitante, la verdad no podía esperar para mañana, compré la pócima y me fui al centro comercial para comprarle ropa a mi nuevo amigo que conoceré mañana. Llegué a casa y dormí para estar preparado, me levanté temprano y preparé todo, ya eran las doce en punto y decidí preparar la bebida para mi amigo, se trataba de un coctail de piña colada y como ingrediente principal la pócima de olympus. Vertí la pócima en la bebida y al hacerlo, pasó de amarillo a morado al instante, todo estaba ya listo, solo debía esperar al invitado especial. Esperé veinte minutos y escuché el timbre, llegó justo a tiempo, lo recibí y lo llevé al patio, cerca de la piscina, iba con unos shorts y una camisa blanca que era demasiado grande, incluso para él, pero nunca le gustaba usar camisas de su talla, le gusta usar ropa más grande para sentirse cómodo. Llegamos a la piscina y le ofrecí la bebida especial, la cual aceptó con todo gusto. -. Wow, morado? Que extraño color, es algún colorante? -. Son los ingredientes, la hice especialmente para ti, jejé. -. Bueno, pues no me negaré a eso. Terminó bebiendo todo el coctail sin dejar ninguna gota. -. Wow, sabes estupendo! Como se llama este coctail? -. Es una receta que una amiga me pasó, se llama Olympus. mi plan había funcionado, todo iba a salir a la perfección, solo necesitaba que se metiera a la piscina. -. Oye... Tengo que terminar de hacer el almuerzo, por qué no te metes a la piscina un rato y luego sales para comer? -. Bueno... Es que me da un poco de vergüenza... Verás, no encontré un traje de baño decente y solo tenía un speedo verde que me regalaron en navidad y no me siento muy cómodo con él, de seguro no te gustará verme puesto con eso... -. Tonterías, me da igual el traje de baño que uses, solo entra bobito. -. Bueno, jejé... Entraré a la piscina... *Dijo con un poco de pena* William se quitó sus shorts quedándose simplemente con su speedo verde fluorescente, he de decir que por su tipo de cuerpo no le quedaba tan bien, pero eso no iba a importar una vez la pócima haya dado efecto. Entró a la piscina poco a poco, yo entré a la cocina y lo miraba por la ventana a cada rato, pero nunca sucedía nada, me cansé de esperar tanto, incluso pensé que no había dado efecto, así que decidí mejor enfocarme en hacer la comida y poner algo de música. -. Oye! Will pondré algo de música, así que si necesitas algo gritalo o ven acá! -. Esta bien Dylan! Le dí una última mirada para ver que pasaba y no ocurría nada... Así que volví a hacer el almuerzo. Mientras tanto William, estaba nadando un poco en la piscina y descansando un rato, pero comenzó a sentirse algo mal. -. Wow, creo que no debí beber ese coctail antes de meterme a la piscina... Ahora me siento algo mal... Mi cabaza me da muchas vueltas, uff... AGGHHH!!! El dolor se hacía cada vez más intenso, William no podía más, gritaba, se movía erráticaticamente, chapoteaba, pero no podía escucharlo por la música, además había perdido un poco la esperanza y pensaba que no iba a pasar nada, hasta que de repente... -. AGHHHHHH! Escuché un grito provenir de una voz grave, salí corriendo a la piscina con mi celular con la cámara puesta, pensé que William ya había salido de la piscina, pero al parecer no. -. Will!? Fuiste tú!? Dónde estás!? No lo veía flotar en la piscina, me asusté por un segundo, quizá se había ahogado... Hasta que apareció... Era él, William, bueno, el nuevo William. No podía creerlo, era mejor de lo que creía, tomé una foto de él al momento de salir de la piscina, tenía que guardar este momento para la posteridad, mi viejo amigo gordito y bajito convertido en un titan musculoso y sexy y con ese speedo que ahora se le miraba tan sexy, simplemente me quedaba sin aliento al verlo. Salió completamente de la piscina, pero al dar un paso, este cayó y se sostuvo con sus gigantescos brazos, fui a ayudarlo, pero pesaba damasiado y pudo levantarse solo; se miraba muy desconcertado. -. Hey! Will estás bien!? -. D-Dylan, qué sucedió!? Y-yo estaba en la piscina todo se puso borroso, todo me dolía, n-no se qué sucedió, por qué te ves tan pequeño!? William respiraba agitado, su pecho palpitaba y ahora tenía dos gigantescos pectorales en estos, se miraba demasiado sexy. -. C-cálmate, no pasa nada, te explicaré lo que pasó, solo siéntate en esta silla... Al sentarse en la silla está última apenas podía soportar el peso del tremendo monstruo que tenía encima. William seguía viéndose preocupado y alerta, parecía que aún no había vuelto en sí por completo, quizá la transformación fue muy repentina, seguía algo asustado. -. Bueno, primero respira un poco Will, tienes que tranquilizarte, vamos, inhala exhala, así, muy bien! *Dije mientras el gigante trataba de calmarse, pero aún tenía una cara asustada* Sé que esto fue muy repentino y puede que estés molesto, pero vi que estabas cansado de que todos te molestaran en el trabajo, así que decidí ayudarte; conseguí una pócima que transformaría tu cuerpo al de una bestia musculosa, y te la dí cuando te bebiste el coctail que te preparé y al parecer te transformarte al pasar tiempo en la piscina. William comenzaba a volver en si, se puso de pie y bajó su mirada y vio su tremendo y enorme cuerpo que había conseguido hace unos pocos minutos, no lo podía creer, estaba sorprendido, miraba sus brazos, sus pechos, sus piernas y su pene que también había crecido y al parecer quería escapar de ese speedo. -. Esto... No puede ser... Tiene-tiene que ser un sueño! Wow, mira, solo Wow! Will se dirigió a la ventana en la cual vió su nuevo y enorme reflejo. -. ESTO ES GENIAL! Mírame, soy una bestia! Me encanta! Nunca creí poder llegar a tener este cuerpo, ni yendo al gimnasio por años lo conseguiría *Dijo Will flexionando sus enormes brazos* Solo mira estas piernas, mis brazos, mi pene también es grande! Y mira estos sexys pectorales! Siempre tuve un fetiche con los pectorales, pero nunca pensé que mis tetas de gordo podrían convertirse en uno sexys y sabrosos pectorales, solo míralos, tan grandes y jugosos, vamos, toca los. Will se acercaba a mi apretando sus gigantescas tetas, las cuales obviamente accedí a tocar. -. Son tan grandes Will, me alegra que te guste tu nuevo cuerpo, que bueno que estés feliz. *Dije sonriendole y tocando sus enormes pectorales* -. Muchas gracias Dylan, esto es lo mejor que me ha pasado en la vida, muchas gracias. Me encantaba el nuevo Will, era tan sexy y su voz también lo era. -. No hay de qué Will, lo mereces por ayudarme tanto. *Comencé a apretar los pezones de Will, al parecer eso le encantaba, suspiraba cuando lo hacía* -. Wow, eso-eso se siente bien... Wow... Uff... Will estaba demasiado excitado, al parecer no podía contenerlo más. -. Oye... Puedes prestarme el baño!? Lo necesito rápido! *Dijo Will con sus manos en su entrepierna* -. Sí, claro, ve, está al fondo a la izquierda. William se fue corriendo al baño, así que decidí ir arriba a bajar toda la ropa que le compré. Mientras tanto William estaba en el baño, pero se encontraba dándose placer asimismo, al parecer no podía contener más su excitación, debía sacarlo, masturbaba su enorme verga rápidamente, pellizcaba sus pezones mientras lo hacía y esto lo ayudó a venirse, chorros de semen salían del nuevo pene de Will, dejó todo completamente empapado. -. UFFF AGH! Escuché un grito venir del baño, baje rápidamente con la ropa en mano y fui a ver que pasaba; Will salía del baño y se cubría su miembro, y parecía muy apenado. -. Hey, está todo bien? -. Sí... Solo tuve un problema, pero creo que ya pasó. *Decía Will con una grave y tierna voz al mismo tiempo* -. Muy bien, esto es para ti! *Dije mostrándolo una bolsa* Como supuse que necesitarías ropa nueva, luego de tu transformación, decidí comprar te esta, solo son un pantalón, una camisa y unas sandalias, todas extra grande. -. Wow, en serio, muchas gracias, no sé cómo agradecértelo... Este... Podrías pasarme el pantalón? Jeje... Will se puso sus pantalones nuevos, le quedaban muy bien, y algo apretados, se miraba muy sexy con ellos, e incluso se le formaba un buen paquete. -. Bueno, la verdad es que lo hice con gusto, pero si algún día quieres recompensarme estaré dispuesto a hacer lo que sea. -. M-muchas gracias, jejeje... La verdad es que me encanta mi nuevo cuerpo, pero me da un poco de pena que me quedé tan apretada la ropa... -. Bromeas? Mírate ahora! Te ves estupendo! Yo creo que necesitas mostrarle a todos lo genial que te ves! Mostrarles que ya no eres William el gordito, sino William el sexy monstruo musculoso! -. Sí... Creo, creo que tienes razón, sí. -. Muy bien, ahora si quieres podemos pasar la tarde jun- -. Es cierto! Tengo que salir y que el mundo vea mi nuevo yo! Adiós Dylan, iré a disfrutar un poco de mi nuevo cuerpo, Muchas gracias! William, me interrumpió y luego de decir eso, tomó sus cosas y se fue corriendo, aún con su camisa mojada, su pantalón apretado y sus sandalias nuevas, se veía muy sexy, pero me dejó sin poder hacer nada, nisiquiera me escuchó al detenerlo, me sentía muy frustrado, pero al mismo tiempo, estaba seguro que no era la última vez que lo iba a ver, y no podía esperar a verlo mañana en el trabajo, luego de eso, me dirigí al baño y al entrar, encontré lo que Will había hecho; dejó todo cubierto de su semen, el lavamanos, las cortinas, el espejo, todo estaba lleno de su lefa, era por eso que estaba tan apenado. Mientras tanto William fue a hacer varias compras, ropas, zapatos, calzoncillos, jock straps y varias cosas más, al parecer usó todo el dinero que había ahorrado toda su vida. Llegó la noche y Will se encontraba solo en su habitación, acababa de salir de bañarse, estaba completamente desnudo, se miró frente al espejo, pensó en lo que dije, de mostrarle a todos su nuevo cuerpo, y al final suspiró y dijo. -. Realmente... Este soy yo... Desde mañana todo será diferente, todos me tratarán diferente, yo soy diferente. Llegó la mañana siguiente, yo fui al trabajo en mi auto lujoso como siempre, entré y extrañamente no vi a Will en su escritorio, era extraño, él era siempre el que venía temprano, todos habían llegado menos él, realmente pensé que ya no vendría; pero al parecer me equivoqué. Will entró por la puerta principal, estaba usando una camiseta sin mangas que le quedaba algo ajustada, parecía que sus pechos iban a salir en cualquier momento, junto a eso, también llevaba unos jeans oscuros y ajustados en los cual se formaba un enorme paquete, justo como el de ayer, y por último unas botas timberland; todos estaban sorprendidos viendo a semejante bestia entrar de una manera muy confiada y vistiendo de una forma muy sexy, unos no sabían quién era, pero los que solían molestar a William se dieron cuenta de que era él, el gordito William, pero ahora convertido en un monstruo sexy y musculoso. Todos murmuraban, obviamente estaban hablando de él, y al parecer no le importaba, de hecho podría asegurar que le gustaba que hablaran de él, realmente lo opuesto a como era antes; Will, seguía caminando con una cara muy confiada, se dirigía hacia mi. -. Hola Dylan, Buenos días. *Dijo con su sexy y profunda voz* -. H-hola, buenos días... Dormiste bien? Me derretía por ese hombre, tanto que casi no podía hablar. -. Sí, jajá, dormí tan bien; luego de irme a casa comí como loco, incluso más de lo que comía cuando estaba gordo, y también me masturbé tres veces antes de dormir, fue muy bueno, al parecer este nuevo cuerpo me pide nuevas necesidades que no tenía antes. -. Wow, tres veces, eh? -. Sí... Desde que me transformé en esto suelo estar muy caliente, incluso lo estoy ahora... *Dijo dando un largo suspiro* Sabes? Daría lo que fuera para que alguien de aquí me haga una mamada ahora mismo. Eso fue, al decirme eso no podía más, estaba realmente exitado, tenía que hacer que ese gigante me diera esa mamada. -. Oye, yo estoy libre unos 15 minutos, sabes? -. Jejé, sabía que podía contar con mi mejor amigo aquí. Vamos a divertirnos. Me tomó con un brazo, me puso en su hombro y me llevó al armario del conserje, ahí bajó sus pantalones hasta sus rodillas y sacó su verga de ese jock strap que parecía que iba estallar en cualquier momento, yo comencé abriendo mi boca e iba a mamarsela poco a poco, o al menos ese era mi plan hasta que el gigante tomó mi cabeza con una mano y la acercaba y alejaba bruscamente hacia él, sinceramente no sé como pude aguantar semejante falo, llegaba hasta lo profundo de mi garganta que incluso dolía y además tenía que abrir bien la boca, ya que era muy grueso, tenía que pedir pausas para respirar y el me las daba, pero tan pronto podía regresaba a tomarme de la cabeza y hacer que se la chupara; mientras tanto yo solo podía masturbarme, me excitaba mucho esto, esto es lo que quería, quería sentir todas las fibras de este hombre dentro de mi. -. Que rico, por dios! Nunca, agh, nunca me la habían mamado antes, esto es demasiado bueno... Mierda, agh! Yo solo gemía a todo lo que decía y veía atentamente su cara, le encantaba volar mi boca con su enorme tranca. -. Puta, creo que... Ahhh... Creo que me voy a venir! El ritmo comenzó a acelerarse y yo ya me estaba viniendo también, se veía que iba a explotar en cualquier momento, hasta que... Lo hizo, se vino dentro de mi y tragué sus litros y litros de esperma que había depositado en mi boca. -. Agh... Wow... Si... Que tiraste mucho... Semen... *Dije con mis últimos alientos tirado en el piso* -. JAJAJA, wow! Me siento realmente poderoso ahora! Eso estuvo muy bueno, siempre quise que me hicieran una mamada, que bueno que fuiste tú el que me la hizo. Luego de decir eso me levantó y me besó mientras que yo aún tenía rastros de su semen en mi boca. -. Oye... Si tienes tiempo ahora podemos seguir con esto, aún tengo mucha leche aquí mismo. *Dijo moviendo su enorme pene y sus grande bolas* -. Uff... Agh, lo siento, tengo una sesión de fotos con Gabriel ahora mismo, será una sesión de él completamente desnudo, quizá te la pase luego para que la edites. -. Desnudo, eh?.. Bueno, creo que quiero ver eso también. -. Sí, ya me tengo que ir y estoy empapado. -. Oh, no te preocupes, en mi escritorio tengo unas toallitas húmedas para que te limpies. Eso fue realmente amable, parecía que aún quedaba un poco del viejo Will en esa enorme montaña de músculos con gran deseo sexual. Luego de limpiarme, llegó el momento, era hora de sacar a relucir mi talento y tomarle las fotos al modelo más grande de la compañía, Gabriel Janzi, el cuál también era uno de los más grandes bullies de Will. Yo sabía que Will tomaría venganza en cualquier momento, el problema era que no sabía cuándo ni cómo, así que en cualquier momento podría atacar, además que Gabriel no sabía nada aún del cambio de Will, así que quería estar ahí para ver su cara cuando se entere de esto. Gabriel ya estaba listo, tenía un cuerpo genial, un miembro muy bueno y un trasero grande, pero nunca podría llegar a ser igual de sexy y grande que Will eso estaba claro; todo estaba listo, Gabriel en su posición posando, yo con el lente preparado y apuntando, cuando de repente. *PUM* Bruscamente Will entró a la sala repentinamente con una cara decidida, Gabriel como su bullie, lo reconoció al instante, estaba atónito ante semejante monumento. -. William? Que mierda te pasó? -. JAJAJA, te sorprende verme, no pequeñín? luego de muchas burlas, bromas y comentarios, se podría decir que finalmente obtuve lo que siempre merecí. Will se acercaba más y más a Gabriel, hasta tenerlo entre él y la pared, donde comenzó a romper su camisa, pantalones y reventó su jock strap quedando completamente desnudo y con su miembro totalmente erecto. -. Q-qué vas a hacer!? *Dijo Gabriel preocupado* -. Darte lo que siempre has merecido a ti también... Y sucedió lo inevitable, Will tomó a Gabriel de su trasero y comenzó a lamerlo, y abrirlo, luego de un rato escupió a su enorme verga para lubricarla y lo introdujo bruscamente al ano de Gabriel. -. AGHHH!! DETENTE... YAAGHH -. JAJAJA, no cabrón, Agh- estas bien rico, uff, lo tienes bien apretadito. William embestía fuertemente a Gabriel, disfrutaba hacerlo gritar, disfrutaba darse placer con la persona que lo molestaba, realmente era excitante, tanto que hasta tuve que empezar a masturbarme también. -. Uff, que rico! Oye Dylan, deberías tomar fotos de esto, estoy seguro... Agh, que a todos les encantará verme violar a este maricón. Y así como lo dijo lo hice, comencé a tomar fotos de la tremenda cogida que Will le daba a Gabriel, solía cambiarlo de posición siempre, lo ponía en cuatro y comenzaba a flexionar para la cámara, lo cargaba y pedía que enfocara la cara de Gabriel gimiendo como loco, incluso lo hacía chupar su enorme pene mientras el pellizcaba sus pezones de sus enormes pectorales, entre otras, luego de estar un largo rato follando Will comenzaba a aumentar velocidad al igual que cuando se la estuve mamando, sabía que se iba a venir, debía estar preparado para tomar la foto final, la foto de la venida. -. UFFF, ME VENGO PENDEJO! AGHHHH -. AGHHH, MIERDA... Will estalló completamente, llenó a Gabriel con su semen, era tanto que su ano seguía chorreando con el semen incluso luego de que Will sacara su enorme tranca, realmente lo había hecho, se había vengado de su bravucón y de la mejor manera posible. -. Ahhh... Esto fue... Demasiado bueno... creo que no me había venido tanto antes, dejé todo empapado... Jejé... Oye... Dylan, tómame una foto, con mi verga cubierta de semen, estoy seguro que me veo muy sexy, no es así Gabriel? -. Aghhhh... -. DIJE! NO ES ASÍ GABRIEL? -. Aghhh...Sí...lo eres... -. Jajaja... Veo que estas empezando a entender tu nueva posición aquí... Tomé la foto como pidió, realmente era muy sexy, un completo dios musculoso en todo su explendor luego de haber preñado a su presa. Will salió de la sala de fotografía completamente desnudo, junto a Gabriel y yo en cada uno de sus brazos, Gabriel se encontraba casi inconsciente con tremenda cogida, mientras que yo sin pantalones y con mi pene escurriendo un poco de semen, pero claro, para nada como el pene de Will, estaba cubierto y escurría mucho más que él mío. El jefe llegó molesto y se sorprendió al vernos y más al ver que uno de sus mejores modelos fue bruscamente follando por el editor, se quedó sin palabras, así que decidí mostrarle las fotografías que había tomado, en especial la última, en la que Will lucía en todo su explendor. -. Esto... Esto es increíble! Es lo que necesitamos, un dios musculoso! Esto nos ayudará a vender más! Cómo dices que te llamas grandote? -. Me llamo William, soy el editor de acá. -. William, te interesaría ser nuestro nuevo modelo estrella? -. Claro que sí! Me encantaría serlo! Pero antes... Tengo unas pequeñas peticiones que quisiera que se cumplan... Y eso fue lo que cambió la vida profesional de Will, pasó de ser el editor gordito y maltratado a ser la nueva estrella de nuestra empresa de modelaje; claro que con algunas peticiones que se tuvieron que cumplir... Ahora Gabriel tenía que ser el asistente de William y debía servirlo y tratarlo como su amo y ser su puta personal, también le consiguieron un cuarto de descanso, que era donde solía follar a Gabriel cuando tuviera ganas, aunque también solía ir con él para tener un poco de sexo candente, ya que era increíble hacerlo con él y al parecer también le encantaba hacerlo conmigo, incluso comenzó a llevar a más chicos para follarlos, realmente le encantaba pasar el rato ahí, no lo molestabamos para nada, solamente para las seciones de fotos y prueba de vestuario, las cuales estaba feliz de hacer siempre. Sin duda la vida de Will dió un completo giro, él estaba encantado con su nuevo cuerpo, nuevo trabajo, nueva vida, fue lo mejor que le pudo haber pasado, incluso fue de lo mejor que pudo pasarme a mi, tener a un macho que esta dispuesto a tener sexo cuando quieras, es de lo mejor, y por eso es que estoy feliz de haberlo ayudado, estoy feliz de haber ayudado a mi amigo. _________________________________________ Y esto fue todo, espero que les haya gustado, y disculpen si se siente algo apresurada o si hay algún error, pero realmente tenía que sacar esta historia ya, no podía aguantarme más xD Por cierto, algunas de las imágenes son unos edits que hice, no son reales (ojalá y si)
  19. bbmikenj

    Bane visits the Batcave

    Bane found the entrance to the Batcave. It wasn't hard for him. He was an expert at tracking, and it was easy for him to spot the fake shrubbery that hid the gate that led to the entrance. He knew there would be security cameras, so he bolted up to the entrance, his huge quads moving him faster than the fastest Olympic runner. He got to the big metal doorway and slammed it with his big fists, denting it in enough to get a handhold. Then he peeled open the entrance with his bare hands. He twisted the steel back on itself until the opening was big enough for him to step through. He stood in front of the Batmobile as Batman came into the cave to see why the alarms were going off. "Bane!" he said, as he spotted the behemoth intruder. "How???" Batman stammered as he stared at the doorway. "With these," said Bane, raising his huge arms into a double bi shot. The peaks rose up and up, snaked with veins, jacked with power, and hard as granite. "But that door is made of galvanized steel reinforced with titanium rods. You can't be that strong!" "No?" said Bane. Then he took his raised fists and slammed them into the hood of the Batmobile with such force that the hood crumpled in, and all four tires blew up. Batman jumped back from the sound of it. Then Bane ripped the hood off the car, and tossed it out through the doorway opening. He leaned toward the car, reached in and grabbed the engine block, then ripped it out, raising it over his head. He shook it with his powerful arms, then squeezed in on it until it started to crumple. As oil began to spill out of the block, Bane tipped his head back, opened his mouth, and drank it down. Then he crushed to engine block down even more, until it was half its original size. He reared it back behind his head, then tossed it directly towards Batman, who ducked just in time, and the one ton twisted engine soared over him, and embedded itself into the rock wall of the cave. Bane grabbed the Batmobile with one hand and tipped the car onto its side, so that nothing now stood between him and Batman. He took of his mask and the tubing and laid them on the side of the car. Then he took of his vest, so that his torso was bare. Batman took another step back. He'd never seen Bane looking so densely thick and heavily muscled. Even his jaw line was more squared off and jutting with muscle. Bane rolled his huge chest slabs and took a step towards Batman. "Now you've got me all riled up," Bane said. "Where's your girlfriend Robin? I need to get laid." Bane grabbed his crotch and shifted his junk around. "He's not here," said Batman. But for a millisecond, his eyes darted over towards a side tunnel in the cave. "You're a terrible liar, Batshit," said Bane, and made his way towards the tunnel. Batman jumped in front of him. "You'll have to go thru me first, Bane." Bane smirked, and said, "That can be arrange." He grabbed one of the flattened tires on the Batmobile, and ripped it off, sending lug nuts flying like bullets thru the cave. Then he threw the tire at Batman like a frisbee. It hit Batman in the stomach, and sent him fly backwards, his feet off the ground. He slammed into a computer terminal, crushing it. Before he could stagger to his feet, Bane was standing over him. "Let me give you a hand," he said, reaching down. Before Batman realized his mistake, he reached up, and Bane grabbed his hand and yanked him up roughly. "Your grip strength gotten any better, Batpunk?" said Bane, not releasing Batman's gloved hand. Batman tried to pull away, but Bane's arm didn't budge. He began to squeeze. Even thru his special gloves, Batman could feel his bones start to break. He grabbed Bane's forearm with his free hand and tried to dig into it, but the forearm muscles were like steel cables. Bane continued to crush his hand. Batman swung his fist into Bane's jaw, but he only managed to break his knuckles on the hard bone and thick muscle of Bane's face. Bane squeezed harder still, and Batman's knees buckled. Bane stepped forward and forced Batman onto his back. "I'd forgotten how weak you are," Bane said, leaning over Batman and putting his thumb on Batman's collar bone. "I could snap this bone like a toothpick," said Bane. Instead, Bane yanks Batman back to his feet, only to clothesline the caped crusader across his chest, sending him down to the batcave floor and shattering his sternum. Batman gasped for breath as Bane bent over and shoved his big hand underneath Batman's head. He gripped Batman's caped head like a soccer ball, and lifted Batman back up. Bane flexed his free arm. "Kiss my 36 inch peak, punk," he commanded. He shoved Batman's face into the side of his mountainous arm. "Make love to it, you know you want to," Bane said. "So fuckin huge. So fuckin strong," he said, as he banged Batman's face into his massive, veiny arm over and over, until he crushed Batman's nose thru his mask. Then he held Batman airborne with one hand on the back of his head, and started squeezing harder, his huge fingers applying more pressure than a mechanical vice. Batman felt like his eyes were going to pop out, and his skull crush in. He flinched uselessly, and then his sight started to fade. "Bet that feels like the worst ice cream headache ever, huh Bruce," mocked Bane. Batman blacked out from the crushing skull grip, and hung there limply in Bane's grip. Bane dropped him to the floor like a microphone in a rap battle. "Pathetic," he muttered. Just then, from the side tunnel of the Batcave, Robin appeared. "Bane!!" he said, as he saw the massive bull of a man straddling the fallen Batman. Bane smiled, and crushed his fists into balls of destruction. His big knuckles cracked and whitened from the strength of his grip. "Hello, little birdie," he said. "Come to Daddy." Robin grabbed a cable that was hanging from the top of the cave, then he ran up along the side of the cave walls and launched himself into the air in a big arc, aiming right toward Bane. He picked up tremendous speed as he slammed feet first into Bane's huge barrel chest. Bane didn't budge an inch. Robin fell to the ground in agony, grabbing his ankles. He felt like he had slammed into a bank vault. "Aww, did the little bird boy hurt his little legs?" mocked Bane. He leaned over and grabbed Robin by his ankles, one in each thick superhuman hand. Then he lifted him off the ground. Robin hung there upside down. Bane squeezed his hands and felt the ankle bones crushing underneath his powerful grip. "Boy, your little bird bones are fragile as egg shells," he said, as Robin twisted in pain. Bane dropped him to the floor and looked down over him. "Bet you never felt pain like this before, have ya, boy?" Robin couldn't even respond, the pain was so overwhelming. "You want me to fix that pain, birdie?" asked Bane. That got Robin's attention. He'd do anything to stop the agony in his ankles. He nodded best as he could. Bane leaned over and grabbed Robin by the scruff of his neck and lifted him up. He pressed Robin's mouth onto his big nipple. "Suck on it, boy blunder," ordered Bane. At first, Robin resisted, pushing back on Bane's granite chest mounds, but then Bane tightened the grip he had on his neck, and Robin knew he had no choice. He started nursing on the thick nub of a muscle nip. He felt it swelling up inside his mouth, and it made him suck harder. "Oh yeh, that's it, baby boy," said Bane, pushing Robin's face harder into his huge chest. Robin felt Bane's nip swelling to the size of his thumb. "Harder." And Robin sucked and sucked. Then he tasted a thick oily substance oozing out of the thick nip. It tasted chemically, almost metallic, but good, and hot. It made him suck harder still. "That's it boy. You'll be feeling it soon, too." And as soon as Bane said that, Robin began to feel it. The pain in his ankles started to fade. His whole body relaxed. He sucked harder, and more serum flowed out of Bane's inch long nip. "Oh yeh. You getting a good dose of Venom now," said Bane. "Now do the other nip, balance these meat plugs out, boy," he said, transferring Robin's mouth to his other huge pec slab. And Robin sucked and sucked, hungry for it now, feeling more energized than he ever had. The second nip swelled and began to ooze, even as the first one continued to drip the viscous oil. But then Bane pulled him off the swollen nip with a loud pop. "That's enough for now, chicklet," he said. "Too much and you wouldn't be able to handle it." He put Robin down to the ground, then he flicked his pacifier-sized nips with his burly thumbs. "You did a good job of working these bad boys. I knew you'd be a good sucker." Robin expected his ankles to give out as he stood, but he had no pain whatsoever. He jumped up and down on them, amazed. Not only did they not hurt, but he felt liked he'd taken the most amazing pre-workout supplement ever. He was so charged up, he wanted to fly. "What happened?" "You got a nice shot of some miracle oil, little man. Not only have your ankle bones healed, they're probably ten times stronger than they were before. Same with the rest of your bones. And soon you're going to find out what else it will do for you." Robin was already feeling it. His body was heating up, like he had an intense fever, but it felt amazing. He could feel the green briefs of his outfit begin to tighten on him as his glutes swelled outward. He looked down and saw his bare quads and calves swelling out. They'd always been lean and fit, but now they were bulging with muscle the size of a light-heavyweight bodybuilder.. He could see leg veins starting to show thru his skin, and snake their way down to his calves, which looked to be over 19 inches now. And a thick stubble was starting to sprout out on his formerly hairless skin. "What's happening?" he said, and Bane replied, "Look in that mirror over there and see." Robin turned and looked, and saw that not only was he getting thicker and wider, but he was getting taller. He was sweating heavily, and it was soaking thru his outfit. Robin's abs had never really shown before, but now, he had a stack of bricks and mortar showing thru his red vest. He flexed his abs, and they popped out even more defined. "Holy washboards," he said in awe. "Flex those arms too, boy," said Bane, and Robin did as he was told, raising his arms into a double bi shot. The peaks rose up and up, and pushed back the short green sleeves of his shirt, which looked 3 sizes too small on him now and slid halfway up his stomach, exposing his brickwall gut. His arms peaked out at 21" of veiny sinew. "Holy Muscle Mass," he exclaimed. Bane chuckled behind him. Robin grabbed the collar of his outfit and ripped it down the middle, exposing his now thickly muscle torso that was shredded beyond the dreams of any pro bodybuilder. His slightest movement made the muscles ripple and striate. He tore the top of his outfit off and tossed it aside. He stared at himself in the mirror. He looked like a statue of hypermasculinity, with thick course hair beginning to cover his expanding chest, which grew bigger every time he flexed his pecs. His green trunks now fit him like the smallest of posers, and were barely containing his impressive new growth. "Fuckkkk," he said. "How big were you before?" said Bane, "About 5'10", 170lbs soaking wet? You're bigger than Batman now, boy. Bigger, stronger, faster. I'd say you're about 6'5", and 270lbs right now. You'll get a little bigger too, but it will stop before you hit 300lbs. If I'd let you keep feeding," he said, flicking his protruding rubber-hard nips," you'd have grown too much, and probably gone insane. The other thing you're going to be feeling is intense horniness. And I mean 'intense'. It's going to hit you like you took 1000 doses of Viagra. You're going to want to fuck the first thing you can grab. Just pin it down and rape it. You won't be able to control it, at least not at first. And since I'm going to trap you and Batman in here together, things should get interesting. Your seed will help him heal too, although he won't respond like you did, it won't be potent enough for that. His bones will heal, though, but not as well as yours, and he'll feel pain in them for the rest of his life." Bane made his way to one of the tunnels leading out of the Batcave. He ripped a huge boulder out of the wall and used it to block the exit. "Oh, and you're going to be jonesing for more of my nip oil, probably for the rest of your life too. You're going to want more and more and more, like an profound type of crack addiction. Who can blame you, really? Look at you. And maybe, someday I'll give it to you. But for now," said Bane, using his bare hands to rip solid rock from the cave wall and blocking another tunnel, "you'll have to make due." Then he made his way to the main entrance of the cave, and stepped outside. He bent the titanium and steel wall like used aluminum foil, but before he blocked the entrance, he looked at Robin, whose horniness was mounting. Robin was breathing like a bull, his nostrils flared, his massive new muscle body twitching with lust and shining with sweat, and as he looked around the cave, his eyes landed on Batman, who was beginning to come to and push himself up on all fours. Bane laughed, and as he sealed the cave, he said, "Have fun, Boy Wonder. Don't do anything I wouldn't do......"
  20. Hulk el adolescente cachondo parte 2 una masturbación placentera *I feel this story is a bit short but in the third chapter I will make it much longer and more detailed* alex jhonson un chico guapo pero a la vez un poco nerd con cabello castaño y ojos azules pero usa lentes lo cual no le ayudaria mucho tiene una figura delgada el cual siempre ha tenido problemas de ansiedad y tenor pero a la vez esta demasiado cachondo cualquier cosa que veas de hombres desnudos sus pectorales y su culo y lo más importante su polla este tipo se convierte en una bestia bastante temible, hermosa y muy musculosa llamándose a sí mismo "hulk" ante todos... Recién sucedió esa noche cuando se transformó por primera vez, desde que estupeó en una videollamada" alex-hulk estaba corriendo en el bosque destruyendo los pinos y árboles grandes que se interponían en su camino fácilmente los rompió fácilmente sin rasguños aunque algo sucio, corriendo en toda la tierra bastante rocosa y húmeda con sus enormes pies verdes y dedos llenos de polvo se detuvo a ver un hermoso paisaje con una gran cascada y un hermoso cielo esa noche Alex-hulk se asombró y se detuvo a ver la hermosa luna gamma, la cual para agradecerle su destino comenzó a darle un fuerte rugido Alex-hulk: ROOOAAAAAARRGGGG !! (un grito bastante poderoso asustando a los animales y pájaros) Alex-Hulk ve su polla y con ganas de follar empieza a manosearse salvajemente, tocando sus sucios y embarrados pechos musculosos pero no le importa Pero lo que importa es tocarse y la mano derecha agarra su enorme polla verde y rápidamente la masajea y hacia abajo varias veces. Alex-hulk: AGHHH...mmmmmj..SI...VAMOS A LA MIERDA (gemidos y palabras sucias de Alex-hulk) su cuerpo comienza a crecer un poco más haciendo que sus músculos sean más perfectos sus pantorrillas más voluminosas y sus bíceps más fuertes haciendo que alex hulk crezca hasta la medida de unos 3 metros de altura alcanzando su altura máxima de la bestia Alex-hulk hulk aún no le importaba su de altura pero empieza a explotar demasiada leche fertil y verde, Alex-hulk sigue agarrando y levantando mas fuerte su pene trata de parar pero es inutil su orgasmo crece mas y mas que se puso a cuatro patas y apunto de eyacular dice.. . Alex-hulk: HULK... ¡¡¡COÑOS!!! (grito liberal y gemido con una voz demasiado grave) Alex-hulk eyacula lo suficiente que su pene comienza a perder el control y se corre incluso en las paredes y en el piso, eyaculando demasiado, Alex-hulk gime de placer y agarra su pene para tragar su semen el cual esta mas descontrolado y todo su cuerpo se tiñe de verde, a lo cual cae aliviado en el piso con todo el semen derramado, su pene comienza a terminar de sacar leche y deja de palpitar, hulk alex muy cansado y acostado toma la decision de dormir y descansar después de una masturbación muy placentera, aunque olía demasiado a semen, a ella no le importó mucho y aún en la oscuridad, en la noche con un fuerte frío y una tormenta de lluvia, todavía estaba caliente... 8:30 de la mañana el amanecer... que le duelen mucho los ojos pero no mucho es normal que una persona que se levanta temprano camine algo dolorida sin poder caminar derecho, bajando de la cueva y buscando un camino oh chosa para buscar alguna ayuda oh refugio. .. continuará...
  21. The Tusk Wars show By Big-Zargo Dash and Lucius were both laying on the couch setting up to watch the fifth episode of Tusk Wars. “Here we are Lucius, bacon-flavored popcorn,” Dash said with a smile. “Thanks, man, I’ve been having a craving for these ever since I watched the first episode,” Lucius said with a grin. “Me too,” Dash said. “Maybe will be able to finish the whole season by the end of the weekend,” Lucius said. “Well let’s try,” Dash said, grabbing the remote and turning on the TV. He quickly brought up the show, and they began watching the fifth episode. The powerful orc wizard’s staff lays broken on the ground as one of the mighty heroes stands before him. The orc wizard tries to grab one of the pieces of his broken staff, but the hero simply kicks it away while holding a gun up to the orc's head. “Not so fast monster, any more movement from you, and I put a bullet in your head,” the hero says with cold determination. The orc stops moving his body and looks at the hero with rage in his eyes. “Now tell me where is my brother you bastard. His name was Tom strong Holland, short black hair, clean-shaven, average build,” the hero demanded at the fallen orc wizard. The orc wizard Snickers at the hero for saying. “The one you look for is not dead, for he is behind you. “What trick is this,” the hero demands. “No trick, Hans,” the deep voice says. The hero Hans turns his face around to find a huge orc that barely resembled his brother. As both Dash and Lucius watched the scene on the TV it blanks out. Both men are annoyed at the strange blackout when they hear…. Thump… thump…. Behind them. The sound of two huge feet hitting the floor had been felt by both men, as the dark fog begins slowly creeping from behind them and from the TV they were watching. Both men cursed as they got up from the Couch. A strong smell passes both men’s noses, at first, they gag at the strange smell, but they quickly begin to love it. Before Dash or Lucius could do or say anything a huge muscular Orc appears behind them dispersing the couch like a mirage. Before their very eyes with the orc from the Tusk Wars; the one that they just saw. The orc was naked, his huge body had a sprinkling of black hair, a huge chest with plump nipples, a big round muscle gut stroked with a thick carpet of here that both reached and covered to his big round meaty pecs. His huge muscular arms and legs were attached to his big bulky body as complements to his girth. The orcs big around hairy balls and thick fat cock was a testament to being well endowed. The orc was both beastly and handsome at the same time with its sort spiky hair, sexy mustache, and his stubble jawline reminding both men of an action hero where his yellow animal-like eyes, green skin, protruding eyebrow ridge, and big tasks and probably sharp teeth gave the beast a paradox feel. Before Dash and Lucius can do anything, the orc lifted his two meaty arms in a double bicep pose revealing to both men the beast’s hairy armpits. Their mouth watered and their bodies moved out of their control towards the beast. Each man’s silent screams of horror were very palpable to the orc which made him smile for what is to come. Both men planted their faces into the orc’s armpits. The men’s hardening cock rubbed against the orcs muscular body, as the human’s minds slowly succumb to the orcs will. Lucius was the first to partake orc’s nipple, while Dash’s hands began moving across the orc's muscular body. Both men slowly worshiped and grouped at the beast’s body, feeling strong back muscles, groping thick thighs, rubbing big around biceps and pecs. All the while two men were slowly turning green as the orc. They tried returning to sniffing at the armpits, but the orc stopped them. The orc began to flex his huge muscles while the two changing humans were completely enthralled by the sight and smell of him. Both Dash and Lucius's mouths lay open like panting dogs as tusks began growing from their lower canines. Dash and Lucius' completely green-skinned bodies slowly swelled with height and muscle as they watched and masturbated at the sight of the flexing orc. Their clothes slowly became tight against their growing flesh. Sweat poured off of the changing men staining their tight clothes as their huge muscles began ripping and tearing against their confines. If they were paying attention to their cock and balls, they would find that they were growing in size. Orcish hormones pass through their veins as they slowly became hairier and beastly. Sounds of tearing ripping could be heard as they grew beyond the clothes’ limits to contain as muscle monsters were being born. They swell and swell necks thickening and tell they were like bulls, and tell their shoulders were twice as wide as a heavyweight bodybuilder, there biceps flow with the power to bend steel, their hand grew big and meaty mitts attached with forearms with the power to crush human’s skulls, with huge meaty thighs that could run for hours, and big feet that could crush a man’s spine. Their asses were big round and meaty, their big balls were filled with Orcish testosterone and corrupting seed, their bellies grew abs of hard steel softened pelt of hair which reached and covered their huge beefy pecs. The smell of musk intensified as Dash and Lucius began producing their Orcish musk from their hairy armpits and body. Their long fat cocks dripped with corrupting seed as they kept stroking them. Their human faces changed becoming more beastly, with the strong square jaw to hold tusks, pointed ears to hear better, beastly eyes to see into the dark and big noses for smelling to the sexy Orcish musk. They were no longer looking at the flexing orc they were now smelling each other, kissing each other, fucking each other. Their humanity was now completely gone leaving beasts behind. The now Orcish Dash laid on top now Orcish Lucius’s pounding his ass, while Lucius drools and slobbers in pleasure. With two passionate roars, both newly changed orcs hit the peak of their orgasm one after the other. They continue like sex-crazed zombies as their Orcish hormones flow through their veins. Tom the orc was no longer flexing his muscles instead he was masturbating, as the two orcs were fucking each other. Once Tom was done pleasuring himself and the two other orcs were done with their sex, he walked to them. “Stand hut, recruits,” Tom commanded. Immediately the two orcs broke away from each other and stand at attention with their semi-hard cocks. Tom - “Is your duty to serve…” “The great master. To conquer in his name. To turn all humans into Horny Orcs and to obey.” Dash and Lucius said, at the same time. “Excellent,” Tom said with a tusk-filled smile. Hans sees his corrupted brother standing before him, but before he can do anything he is blasted from the side and back to the ground. As he gets up, he discovers that his orc brother and two more orcs have surrounded him each having cruel smiles on their faces.
  22. Hey guys, this is just a short story (?) idea i had in mind, so i decided to write it down, hope you guys will like it! Hey guys, im new to the sub, but i thought about a thing i've been seeing recently. Im a super young gay guy who's still a teenager and i've seen that recently a lot of gay guys have started going to the gym and a lot. Why is everybody getting so huge? It's crazy, i've never seen such a epidemic of massive muscled guy ever before, if you see somebody who completely dwarfs all the other guys and looks like a giant you're almost certainly sure he's gay. I have this uncle, he's at the end of his 20s and so far he's always been feminine and on the fat side but recently he started going to the gym, in a matter of a year or two he gained 8 pack abs and 20 inches biceps, he started loving the gym as he's closed himself in it and he does want to get much bigger. He started eating like a pig, getting richer, taller, adjusting his looks and now hes just an adonis. But he's not the only one, i've been to a gay bar recently and when i got in i was surrounded by a multitude of gigantic men, some even bigger than pro-bodybuilders and much much taller than me, what's happening to the gay scene, why is everybody getting so big that they completely dwarf straight men? I heard on the news recently of this upcoming bodybuilder that's concurring for mister olympia that 's way bigger than all the bodybuilders of the past. He's almost 3 meters tall and has incredible 27 inches biceps. He looks like one of those morphed guy but in reality. And guess what? Turns out he's gay! Even the not that muscular guys are way bigger than you, it's crazy. What do you gay guys eat? Im finding out that being as big as a pro-bodybuilder now is a starting point. Why is everybody getting so muscular and manly? I did meet up with a man i found on grindr, he had just a photo of his face and seemed so goodlooking. What i found was a well over 2 meters tall giant that had biceps that were as big as 2 times my head, he was looking at me like i was a steak, i decided to run away cause i was too scared. I'm starting to feel like an ant when searching for a boyfriend. Everybody seems to be so powerful, and not only in the strenght department, they are getting extremely intelligent and rich. Then i thought muscular gays were only into muscular gays but i'm a twink and my grindr it's been flooding with huge guys tapping me and wanting to know me. I'm so scared of big guys! Can please somebody please explain this?
  23. Chapter 1: "Dusk of One Day, Dawn of Another." After a couple of failed attempts to write something half decent, I’m delighted to finally share with you the opening chapter of “The Devil By My Side”. Originally posted on another site, I decided to share it here. It's not entirely about muscle growth, but it does play a part in several chapters. It was co-written with a wonderful and talented friend of mine who; working together we've attempted to come up with a story we think is exciting, compelling and entertaining, and so, we hope you enjoy reading chapter one as much as we enjoyed writing it. All teenage characters are at the late stages of puberty, use of the word “boy” or “child” as a description is used to signify the advanced age of a demonic entity. Most of the individuals that call upon my kind often do so seeking something. A prize, a reward, a deal. They expect of us, try to make bargains and deals, but this… I could tell from the second he began reading the incantation that this was different. I suppose you could describe it as someone lightly tapping against a windowpane, not that my domain has windows; that’s how it started. But from the instant I felt him calling to me, I could feel that he wasn’t really seeking… anything. A grin crossed my face and I pondered internally: “A summoner without cause, how unusual”. Of course, many have tried to bring forth me and my brethren throughout the years - doubtless you may have read the stories told of people who succeeded, but none have ever done so with such a lack of direction; a lack of desire or need. And it was that that made me curious to answer his call; he’d barely even considered the requirements for a summoning; the rituals and pageantry, but those are the requirements we set for those who place requirements on us. This, was an unconditional invitation to the human world. The words tumbled lazily and mispronounced out of his mouth, but even if he was unable to pronounce my name correctly at the moment, I was certain that given time, it would be carved into his mind. And so, ever the courteous guest, I decided to answer the call. A blinding flash of light poured into my eyes and instinctively I held my hand above my face to shield them; within moments I adjusted to the glow of the late evening sun dappling through the trees. “What the fu… where am I?!” I heard a voice cry, I lowered my gaze to see the Mortal facing away from me. He turned in position trying to find his bearings and as he did, our eyes locked. A look of horror as he took in my visage; from the charred grass circling my feet up my sculpted body and back to my face. His breath quickened. “Are you…?” He quizzed, the words failing to leave his mouth. I remained staring at the youthful male, he seemed as confused as I was. “Why did you call me to this place” I rumbled. “Wait… what?!” He stammered. “I….. I didn’t. I was just reading. Who are you?! And where are my friends? A minute ago, I was in the basem… I didn’t summon you… I don’t even know how to…” The panic rose in his voice as he continued to speak - I took a step forward. And he instinctively took one back. “Please don’t kill me! Please… I’ll just leave…” he cried. I took another step. He jolted backwards, his back pressing against one of the towering trees surrounding us. “I won’t tell anyone.. you certainly don’t need to hurt me.” I stepped forward once more, narrowing the gap between the two of us. “Please!” He wailed, his eyes becoming glassy. “Whatever you want… I…” “Silence, child!” I roar. “Are you always so quick to cower?… it sickens me.” I sneer I take the final step towards him, leaving only inches between us. He flinches, pushing himself as far away from me as he can. Fear flushes through him; and I relish in being so fearful. I snap my fingers and behind me, the ground rumbles and groans. Grass and soil shifting upwards and hardening into a coal-black seat. Sitting down I maintain eye contact. “Seems to me, young one, we’re in an unprecedented situation.” I murmer. "Please Sir… err… Mr. Demon, Sir… don’t kill me. I don’t want to die. I’ll do anything you ask of me. Just please, spare my life!” He nervously pants. I stare at him continually, then I begin to chuckle. “You are in no position to make any demands of m…” The words catch in my mouth, it’s typical to lie when entering into a contract with a summoner. But this time, there’s no need. “Yes…” I allow myself a moment to consider the situation; my mind gleefully races. He looks at me, fear his your eyes but a look of confusion. “If there is no contract… then I am unbound.” I muse to myself. Thoughts continue to rush through my mind. Suddenly I snap my attention back to the youthful Mortal and laugh a hearty, deep sinister laugh. “You made no demands. No requests. No bargains or deals.” I summarise. “As such, I owe you nothing. And so, you are of no use to me.” My eyes flare with an infernal crimson light. I fix my focus into his eyes… my intent is to destroy him, to engulf his brain with flames inside his skull. Destroying the one witness of my arrival and only creature in this realm who might know of a way to banish me. But, the second I try I feel a shooting pain across my skull and cease immediately. ‘Wh… what just happened?!” The mortal asks, stunned. I grasp my brow and rub the surface “The pain…” I groan. Inside the mortal’s head, a thought compels him to start running. “Go you moron! Don’t just stand there! Run! Run for your life!” But as his inner voice screams at him, he finds himself moving forward. “Why am I moving forward?” He questions his actions. “Why am I not running away?” But his curiosity has taken over and he continues inching closer and closer towards me. As he nears me, I once again feel the urge to harm him, before he harms me. I sharply extend my arm and wrap my hand firmly around his neck. A smile of triumph painted onto my face. But, as I squeeze, I feel the pressure within my own throat - the harder I force myself, the less I’m able to breathe. As my lungs start to burn, I drop the boy. We both collapse to the ground, coughing and spluttering; gasping for air. I manage to choke out the words “If I were you, mortal. I would run.” The voice in his head urges him to heed the creature’s warning and go, try to save his life. But for some reason he simply didn’t want to move. He should have feared for the safety of his friends, he should have been at least a mile away by now, but he simply couldn’t ignore a second voice in his head which had been teasing him for some time now: “Why can’t he hurt me? Why does he feel what I am feeling? When he tried to squeeze the life out of me, he nearly succeeded in killing himself”. He couldn’t go. He was too… curious to go. He’d almost died on the spot when the Demon had tried to choke him, but one thing was clear to him. The Demon couldn’t harm him. "You can’t hurt me demon!” The Mortal shouted. “There’s nothing you can do to me.” “Perhaps not physically, boy.” I snapped back. “What?!” He froze “What do you mean?” I stare at him.. my healed and pain-free mind is literally racing. I have never encountered a human who can’t be harmed. Mind you, I’ve never encountered a human… in this domain. Which reminds me… there’s a whole world out there for me to explore now! And so I grin at the small mortal. “In time, you and the rest of your kind will witness precisely what I mean. But for now, you’re not worth my attention, child. So take your good fortune, flee and be thankful for it.” I turn from him and begin striding away. The soil beneath my feet a welcome reminder of my newly found freedom. But as our distance widens, I begin to feel as if I’m wading through the river of Styx. Each step becomes more and more of a vigorous effort. I look back over my shoulder and see him continuing to stare at me. With every ounce of strength in my powerful body, I take one further step and in the corner of my eye, I see him stumble forward. With each energy sapping footstep I see his body dragged across the ground in my direction. Nearing exhaustion I stop. “No.” I groan. “No it can’t be.” The realisation is dawning on me. “YOU!” I snap at the boy “What hex have you cast upon me?!” As he watches the Demon trying to leave in vain, the human heard him yelling and he thought about the situation quickly. His mind tried to rationalise: ”He can’t run away from me. He can’t harm me. I summoned him. Accidentally, yes.. but he made it out of Hell just because… I called him out. I told him to come here…” A crazy idea pops into the boy’s mind. He raises his head and locked eyes with me. “Hey you! Demon!” The boy cried. “Kneel!” A wave of anger flushes through me “I KNEEL FOR NO ONE!!!” I roar back. But, in the darkest parts of my being, as he spoke the words… I did feel a compulsion. The boy, without even thinking, opened his mouth and yelled once more: "Oh you will kneel for ME! YOUR master! I summoned YOU! You are here thanks to me!” He bawled.” Now you have to do as I command you! I know you’re unable to harm me, which means I must have some sort of power over you! So when I say kneel. YOU - WILL - KNEEL!” As he howled the last word, I felt the earth shudder beneath my feet. The idea enters my mind. Not from my own will… but I can feel it… his anger, his desire, his will pushing into me. And so I resist. I fight the overriding desire to kneel to him. But I feel my body quiver. In horror I watch as my legs fold under me. I fight again. Pushing my obvious supremacy back against his request. But I sink lower. Before I can take stock of the situation, I am on bended knee. Eyes to the ground. I raise my head and am instantly shocked at what I see. The boy was kneeling too. In that instant, we are a physical mirror of each other. And he appeared just as shocked as I was. A smile crosses my face again. “That didn’t seem to work as you intended, did it… ‘Master’?” “What is happening?!” The boy panicked internally. "Why am I kneeling? That shouldn’t be… What has he done to me?”The fear flashing across his eyes. “Seems to me, ‘Oh Glorious Master,’” I smirk, “that you and I, are bonded.” “What the hell does that mean?!” The Mortal snaps. I take a second to consider the question and the grin on my face slowly fades. “Honestly…? I don’t know.” “How can you not know?!” He blurted. “As I said earlier, young one, we are in uncharted territory here.” I begin. “When a summoner calls upon a demon, they do so with intent…. so what did you intend, boy?” The boy stops. His memory trying to recall. “When I read what was on the paper, I didn’t have any intent whatsoever.. I didn’t even know what it was!” He cried. “I simply came here tonight with my friends because the guys said this place was abandoned - I like spooky tales… I wanted to go on an adventure and explore the supernatural with the guys.” “That! There!” I realise. “That’s it.” “What’s it?!” He quizzes. “I don’t understand.” “You… desire to belong.” I ponder. “These ‘guys’, you desire to be in their company?” The boy breaks my gaze. He looks awkwardly at his feet. “Well… yes… I do… I really do… but it’s… not so simple.” I look blankly at the youthful mortal. “Calling them ‘friends’… isn’t accurate.” He continues. “They’re actually bullies - they’ve mistreated me since I started high school. Always said that I was weak, a ‘pussy’.” He grumbled. “Today, when they dared me to go there, I thought ‘well, tonight we are gonna see who’s the pussy!’ I was sure a bunch of muscle-heads like those guys were all tough on the outside, but in reality had issues and complexes as every other person on earth!” I looked at the pitiful boy, “You thought that would win their friendship?” I chuckled. “You wanted…. a friend?” “To be honest, I wanted to be more than just a friend to those guys…” He replied as I shifted from kneeling to sitting on the ground. “Go on…” “Well… you see… I have realised for sometime now that… I’m not interested in women… I’m attracted to men. Those guys played a major role in that. Since I can remember, they’ve treated me like shit, as if I was their inferior - as if I was someone who simply should worship them - for they were the prime males of their world, the top dogs, the alpha men. They have been calling me faggot for years now, humiliating me in front of everyone in the school: In front of my classmates, in front of the teachers. They have been accusing me of ogling, staring at their muscles and their… packages.” The truth poured out of the young human. “To be honest, I tried to become like them, do some sports, put on some muscle, but the coach didn’t believe in me and put me in the locker room cleaning up after his boys’ mess. And there was the first time I felt it. They were always showing off their muscled bodies, accusing me of being a faggot looking at them, desiring them, wanting to suck their cock and clean their sweaty muscles with my tongue… well… that was my world, and, if you spent year after year waking up and going to sleep having all this in your head playing over and over again, I assume even if it weren’t true, eventually it becomes your reality. And that’s how I started falling in love with them, looking at them undress in the lockers, smelling their pungent stink after every practice, seeing the sweat dripping off their shirts and compression shorts…. I wanted to be everywhere they were. After a certain point, I stopped caring about their insults, I simply didn’t care as long as I was close to them, seeing them, smelling them… And that’s how I ended up here, tonight, sitting…. wherever the hell we are…. talking to a demon.” I took a moment to look at the boy from head to toe. Most people who had disclosed what he had would do so with a sense of self-pity or shame… but in him… it was almost like he was indifferent to it. Like he had accepted his role as an inferior so entirely… and it didn’t sit well with me. “So, that’s what the whole ’kneel’ matter was about? You trying to dominate?” I pondered.“I still don’t see how that would bond us.” I mused aloud. “Perhaps I’m not supposed to.” I rose to my feet; and offered the young Mortal a hand up. “He works in mysterious ways.” I smiled. “God?” He asked. “No… the other guy.” I grinned, pointing a thumb down. The boy stared at my two softly glowing eyes as he extended his hand towards the demon. “So you don’t want to kill me now?” “Something tells me it would be best for us both for me to not.” I take a chance to breathe deep. “Besides, it might be best to have someone who knows much of the human world.” I smiled. “Especially if I’m going to claim it.” The colour seemed to drain from the boy’s face “’Claim it’?! You mean, you want to own the world?!” “Well now, see here’s the thing. As you summoned me without condition… I have no need to return… down there.” I stroke a hand tenderly down the young mortal’s face. “And I’m going to need a helping hand to make myself comfortable here. You’ve told me what you want with your ‘friends’, that’s well within the scope of possibility.” I stretch as if waking from a deep sleep. “But you’re thinking awfully small, little mortal.” “What do you mean?!” The young human asked. “A couple boys who’ve bullied you? I can look into what awaits… a whole existence of being second best; beat down, ignored and belittled.” I grasp his shoulder. “But now; the two of us… we can make this world whatever we want.” “I don’t understand. How can I, a human, help a supernatural being as you? I have no powers, no influence as a person in this world.” He speaks, panic and nervousness quickened his speech. “And why should I help you? After all you’re a demon, you say you want to ‘claim’ the world. Why should I be the one to bring damnation on the entire human race?” “You’re not getting this, are you? Little one.. you and me. We’re stuck together. Joined at the soul for the rest of eternity. And as you say - you have no power, no influence. So I guess what I’m saying is this; you’re along for the ride whether you want to be or not”. I grinned wildly.
  24. BigZargo12

    Power tastes like shadows

    Power tastes like shadows I thought I would never return to this building ever again, I figured that I would be off on to my next job by now. But for some reason, the pool of jobs available had dried up. So, when my old boss Bernard Thornton called and offered me some kind of special job, I figured that I would humor him. Especially cents I had nothing better to do, and the way he made it sound so mysterious piqued my curiosity. Mr. Thornton seemed pretty okay, but I do not think he was the kind of guy who would go out of his way to help his employees. Still, he was a fair employer so hearing him out wouldn’t be a problem. Having thought about that I made my way towards one of the reception areas on the first floor. The building had white walls, grayish floor tiles, and the traditional white light panels and the light bulbs; complemented with comfortable-looking chairs with wooden frames and red cushions. Walking up to the receptionist I asked if Bernard Thornton was available? “Your name?” she asked with a smile. “Oh, my name is Tom Blackburn,” I answered her. “Okay, he should be available in 15 minutes,” she said while typing on her computer. “He should be on the fourth floor. There should be a second reception hall there,” she says as she hands me a card. “Taking this guest card, it should let you past through security without any issues.” She says with a smile. “Just. show this to the receptionist and they will show you the way.” I say my goodbyes and thank her for her service, as I quickly make my way to the elevator hitting the button to the four-floor. I was decently familiar with the layout of this building so when I got off of the elevator I knew where to go. Only stopping when I noticed that the sign that said reception area was covered up and had a new direction written all over it. Following these new directions, I found myself entering the role of cubicles where the back of the occupants could be seen. There is next to the door was another person sitting on the desk with the word receptionist plastered all over it. I didn’t recognize him and in return, he probably didn’t recognize me from the time I worked here. “Hey, my name is Tom Blackburn and I have an appointment with Mr. Thornton,” I said to the man. “Okay Mr. Blackburn let me check his schedule,” the receptionist man said. A couple of clicks later and a slight grimace on his face told me that something was wrong. “Okay Mr. Blackburn I have some bad news is that your meeting with Mr. Thornton moved to a different time it had been moved by one hour. Sorry about this last-minute change. I can have it be changed if you want to a new day,” he asked. “Oh, it’s fine, I can wait an hour. Do you know why his schedule had changed,” I asked? “I don’t know some blonde guy in a trenchcoat said he needed to talk to Mr. Thornton badly. he even showed me some kind of badge.” He said, shaking his head in confusion as if he had cobwebs in it. I sat down on a chair, sadly the only available ones were the plastic chairs with metal legs. I sat for 10 minutes on my phone playing Pan-Pan, when curiosity got the better of me. “Hey, do you know what happened to the reception room on this floor?” I asked the receptionist man. For a second, I figured he wouldn’t answer me. “I actually don’t know. When I was moved here, I was told that the room was destroyed and that it was being repaired.” He said while typing away on his computer. I wonder how it was destroyed I thought to myself. But then I felt it a strange feeling, a strange taste on the tip of my tongue, a headache coming on as if two points of my head were trying to push out. Maybe just maybe I could have headed out and done something like maybe ordered some lunch or something. I looked at the receptionist about to get up and ask him…. My tongue tasted of thick shadows as I began to watch the receptionist grow. It was like slow-motion as I watched him begin to fill out his shirt. I saw how his muscles began to fill out then stand out against his clothing. He started loosening up his tie against his thickening neck. Then I blinked but he was still growing, about to tear apart his own clothes with his growth, so I closed my eyes and waited a minute. Telling myself that this wasn’t happening and felt the taste of shadows slowly fade away. I opened my eyes again and the receptionist was still muscular, but he wasn’t growing anymore. His eyes moved from his computer to me. “Do you need something?” the man asked in a deeper voice. “Oh no uuu... Do you exercise?” I asked in desperation. “Well yeah, I do. You don’t get these gains from nothing. The job came with nice health benefits and a free gym membership,” he said proudly flexing a little until one of his shirt buns pop out. “Oops, not again,” he whispers to himself as his face turns red from embarrassment. Something was going on, but I didn’t know what it was. Then that feeling hit me again the taste of shadows and I looked immediately away from the receptionist into one of the cubicles. I couldn’t completely see the man thanks his office chair, but I somehow knew that he was growing. The man’s shoulders began widening and stretching out against his shirt, which was increasingly shrinking against the man’s growing body. Sounds of tearing could be heard as the man’s clothes lost against the growth of his muscles revealing his huge biceps and sculpted back muscles. I blinked and the man has clothed again with the same work shirt just bigger to fit his new huge body. But he was still growing so I decided to look away and close my eyes. Waiting for the taste of shadows to disappear and the strangeness to end. It was then I noticed the strange feeling in my pants, between my legs, and it was my cock, and it was hard. Embarrassment flow through me as I try to keep a level head in this strange turbulent situation. I kept breathing in and out trying to keep the thoughts of the growing men from my mind. “Mr. Blackburn, Bernard Thornton is ready to see you now,” The receptionist said. I looked up in surprise the taste of shadows no longer on my lips. “He is?” I said as I looked at the clock. Time really does fly when you’re beefing up people, I thought to myself as I made my way to Mr. Thornton’s office, after confirming with the receptionist on its location. I probably should cancel the meeting with Mr. Thornton, but I’m already committed, and I don’t like my time being wasted and hate to do it to others. What was so important that he couldn’t say on the phone. I opened the door to his office and saw the man sitting on his chair writing notes on his desk. Bernard Thornton was a small man with a jelly belly which he hides well with his suit. Shorthair's clean-shaven face, weak chin, big round glasses, surprisingly jolly cheeks, and a smile that made everyone feel better, which he hides with a 24-hour neutral expression. an average boss with the potential to be more and a business that had the potential to be more. “Hello Mr. Blackburn, it seems that you are interested in my job offer,” he said in a jolly time. “Normally I wouldn’t have come with the lack of information about the job, but I have nothing better at the moment and I was quite curious about it,” I said honestly. He looked at me with his usual piercing eyes, but I noticed that something was off. They seemed a little off not focused like they were slowly fogging up. “Well Mr. Blackburn I believe LS Waste Disposal could use your services; it will be a similar job that you had with us. They are looking to hire people with similar expertise, and they want to keep this job on the down-low; But they did tell me enough to make a sales pitch to you,” he said and said and said as the conversation continued. I knew I should be paying attention, but I was kind of bored and annoyed. The LS Waste Disposal was shifty as hell; one of my friends said a few weeks before he disappeared. So, if I knew it was the LS Waste Disposal company, I would have never indulged in the idea of coming. Thornton was talking about some of the benefits of the job when I felt and tasted the shadows. Apart from me didn’t really want to change Mr. Thornton while the other part felt it would be very interesting. I watched as Mr. Thornton’s body began to change. First, his jelly belly flattens out, and then his chest expands out. Then his pecs began to expand and rise like bread dough, as his now flat belly begins ballooning out towards the world as one by one abs begin to appear, rising and barely noticeable against his shirt. Then his shoulders began to expand with muscle as the growth spread to his arms slowly filling out his shirt sleeves. So far, his muscular body was contained by his office suit but no longer with the sounds of ripping and tearing the heavily muscled body underneath was revealed as Mr. Thornton’s began growing out of his clothes. He continues to talk not noticing with every breath he destroys his own suit. Eventually, his clothes fall off of his huge chest, as he subconsciously begins removing the torn cloth with his now huge muscular arms. Mr. Thornton began adjusting his tie, loosening it up against his growing bull’s neck. Not even noticing when his big hand began scratching at his newly growing scruff. He probably would have grown even more if it had not been for the fact that his chair broke sending him to the floor. I blinked and Mr. Thornton has clothed again the same clothes only bigger to fit his new body. The taste of shadows disappeared, and I move to help him up. “Are you okay Mr. Thornton,” I asked with genuine concern. “I’m okay,” he said to me as I helped lift him up. “I swore I got the new chair today,” he mumbled to himself. “Thank you, Mr. Thornton. I know you’re going to think that this is superstitious but I’m going to take it as a sign from the universe and decline the job offer. Sorry but I do not think it’s the job for me,” I said. Mr. Thornton grip was stronger than the first time I met him, and I was barely able to lift him off the ground with his new weight. The meeting soon to an end and I was starting to feel, sick and exhausted and I need to go to the bathroom all the same time. I was familiar with this building’s layout which had made it quite easy to head to the restroom, So, I thought. As I began feeling sicker and more drained every second as I made my way to the restroom. The lights became brighter and brighter as my head throbbed were new waves of agony, thump, thump the drums in my head are screaming louder and louder. The next thing I knew I was puking in the restroom stall. The taste of shadows well on my lip as a puked out a dark substance into the mouth of the hungry toilet stall. I… I could feel the shadows inside me, boiling and moving inside me like a living being. I waited for it to calm down, wondering what the hell is going on. Is this, this power inside me, is it the reason why my parents put me up for adoption? Am I a freak of nature, beefing up man until they explode or something? Home, I…I need to go home before something else happens. I found my strength, flush the toilet, and began making my way to the sink to get some water, before making my way back home. The water felt like heaven and tasted of shade as I rinse my mouth out. I took a few sips of water before making my way out of the restroom. But it was then I noticed the man blocking the way to the door of the restaurant. The man had short blonde hair was average in height, a face, and had a body of an action hero with cold blue eyes. He was wearing a trenchcoat with blue jeans and a black shirt holding a katana in his right hand. The man had a smirk on his face as if he caught his prey. “Well, that was anti-climactic. No blood, no destruction, no screams of terror I was expecting a person tied to the dark to do more, instead I find you here puking your guts out. Quite abnormal, an illusions type, maybe, you have the shocked look of a beginner; but I didn’t hear screaming or confusion shout of coming from the other people. You could be a necromancer but you’re not showing the signs of raising the dead, but you may have talked to some spirits. By how pale your face has gotten you probably had talked to some spirits,” The man said. The man began slowly walking towards me, as he monologues. “If you were experienced with your dark power, you wouldn’t have let me interfere with your power pool. This means that you are inexperienced or this is your awakening. One less potential servant of the dark bastion in one less foe to face for the light sanctuary. Now die dark one!” He said with glee. “Wait is it because I’m black,” I asked? “What un no!” he said in confusion and annoyance. At this point, he was a couple of feet away from me which made it easy to kick him in the balls while he was distracted. He roared out in pain but rather than crumbling down, he became angry and began to attack with his sword. I backed away unable to pass him without getting cut to ribbons. Eventually hitting the restroom wall as I ran out of room to maneuver. By looking at the man’s rage-filled eyes I knew that he was going to kill me with no hesitation. With one last powerful slash at me, he committed to the killing blow, and I knew that I cannot dodge left or right, but I could duck letting my ass hit the floor, as a sword was gunning for my head. Rather than hearing the sword bouncing off the wall instead it dug in and got stuck. I quickly realized I wouldn’t be able to get crawl through his legs or past them in time to escape before he pulled the sword out of the wall. I began to taste shadows on top of my tongue, and I began to focus on the man before me. I figured if I could make the man's crotch grow to ridiculous size, he would have a hard time chasing after me and be a suitable distraction for my escape. For the first time, I felt some kind of resistance like it wasn’t taking hold. The man laughed a cruel laugh as he said, “Your dark powers don’t work on me, servant of the dark. My magical items protect me from your dark powers.” I felt the taste of shadows with my tongue in the form of exhaustion hit me. Dammit, I thought to myself I had never tested to see if the powers work on me. Then I felt something deeper darker and more malevolent boil from within me. A hunger that was so primal that it had to be fed. Then I smelt it, fear but not for me but from him. “By the light, Demon blood!” The man screamed out in fear. “Fuck! No wonder your abnormal.” I… I could sense the light in him, so self-righteous, so arrogant and so petty; I wanted to devour it, consume it no I needed it. I felt my canines sharpen as the taste of shadows and infernal fire poured from my mouth. The man began backing off forgetting his sword as fear had claimed his heart. “Boo!” I say in a deepening voice. The man flinches and trips and falls onto the restroom floor, and like a beast, I pounce on him. I grinned as I realize the tables had turned and now, I was on top. But what to do him I wondered? Then a thought hit me my original plan to deal with him. I wonder how much he can grow before he exploded; And as I thought about the plan, I was already acting on it. Waves of pleasure began bombarding my prey causing his screams to become moans of pleasure as I opened up his pants. His cock was hard and already leaking cum as I dove in and began to suck on it. Every second I was devouring it he grew slowly at first, but he grew, nonetheless. I felt as his pants became tight, I heard as his shoes popped off against his growing feet; And how the sounds of tearing fabric as his clothes began submitting to his growing bulk. Second, by second his shaft grew wider and longer, and yet I was able to handle it. More and more I felt his growing balls against my chin as his power and soul gathered there. I stopped to see the results of my work. He was now huge and naked his growth completely destroying his clothes. He had huge tree trunk thighs, huge bowling ball biceps, hands big enough to grab a man’s face whole, a row eight pack abs over a huge muscle gut, round pillow-like pecs, and Boulder-like shoulders on a wide barrel-like chest. The man was drooling all over his stubble jaw as pleasure encircle him. Nearly glazed eyes both hungered and feared for more pleasure which I was happy to give. I resume sucking on his huge cock which was now like a third limb on him. The sweet, delicious taste of his life-filled cum was delectable as I consumed it; Every second I did I could feel his memories were fading away, then his personality, and then instinct as I saw the light fade from his eyes. Then within one instant, the lights in his eyes came back and with a bellowing roar from his throat. A geyser of cum shot from his huge cock and as it did, I drink all of it as if my life depended on it. The man slowly became colder as he began to deflate like a balloon, as I was drinking all of his life force. I drink until his balls were gone, I drink until all that was left was skin and bones and I drink until evening that was gone relishing every second of it. I felt the shadows inside me grow with even more might after my feeding. I felt myself growing in power both physically and mentally. I somehow knew that my body was going to change now and that I should try to remove my clothes. I quickly removed my shoes and tie before my body began to change, But my other clothes were not so lucky. a feeling of both hot and cold passed through my body as I felt my clothes becoming tighter against my body grew. I felt my bones pop and stretch as they began lengthening, growing, and changing. I felt a strange pressure come from the back of my spine and two more on my head. My pants were really starting to become uncomfortable, especially with the strange pressure coming from my back near my ass. I felt the tips hands and feet change is nails became sharper. A quick look at the restroom mirror revealed to me that I was growing two horns and that my eyes were now the color gold that was surrounded by black. My… My pecs were huge and growing before my eyes I would have been in disbelief if I hadn’t seen other people grow today, but I want to have a closer look, so I grabbed my shirt and ripped it off my swelling body as easy as tearing apart paper. The pieces of fabric fell to the floor as I began grouping my pecs. Then I began feeling abs, a nice eight pack to compliment my pillow like pecs. Throughout my body growth, my skin was darkening which was both concerning and exhilarating. I started flexing my biceps watching them and my lower arms grow with every flex. I was no longer in a building in the middle of town now I was here and now watching myself change into perfection into something more. My chest was widening, as my shoulders grew with the strength of mountains. Then I felt a pressure near my ass, and it was becoming unbearable as it pressed against my pants; grabbing the back of my pants I attempted to pull it down, but it got stuck against my thick meaty ass and I ripped it apart destroying my belt in the process. I sighed in relief as I felt a part of myself was free. I turned around to see something swaying around and I grabbed it to find that I had a forked tail, it was still growing and dark as the night. The remains of my pants were losing the battle against my body as more holes start opening up against the seams. Didn’t know how to flex using my legs by began trying, finding the idea of flexing them off to be exhilarating. When the pants were holding on to me by a thread, I yanked them revealing my tree trunk-like thighs and, my huge meaty calves. The only thing on was my destroyed socks and my boxer briefs which were straining against my heavily muscled body and my now huge cock and balls. just think my package was pretty average this morning and now my cock is a mouthwatering 10-inch hard monster in my balls are like two crab apples in a sack. I tore off the remains of my undergarment, and like a Jack-in-the-Box my cock shot out, a display for the whole world to sees if I wasn’t in a restroom. If I thought my transformation was over itching that spread through my skin told me otherwise. The hair on my head and any other hair on my body began falling off my black skin, to my dismay. Looking at the mirror again I saw my face and it had changed. I had two 3-inch white horns pointing upwards, pointy ears and I open my mouth I noticed my teeth were sharper, especially my canines. My facial features had changed to become more masculine and devilish. Then I felt the itching again as a new silver hair began spreading all over my body starting from the bellybutton the growth spring all out words all over my body to my huge meaty pecs to my arms and legs even spreading toward my huge back and ass. Sadly, when it reached my head all I got was a beard and mustache combo and thick bushy eyebrows. Damn, I’m a sexy daddy demon I thought to myself with a grin. If I wasn’t flexing my huge muscles I probably would have been panicking at the whole situation, but I was high on adrenaline and ego and I was horny as hell. I headed to the urinal with my big hard cock leaking pre-cum on the way there. I began feeding my horny desires and started stroking my cock, letting the stresses of today out. Thoughts of heading to Mr. Thornton office and turning him into my sexy buff thrall and having him lure other office workers into my thralled; watching those the weak, the scrawny, the fat, and average transform into big dumb thralls was extremely sexy to me. Sexy enough for me to come and shoot my load into the restroom urinal. I panted for a second thick orgasm so mind-blowing so exhilarating. But I was still horny, still hungry, and eager to try out these new powers. Then I felt it a disturbance, a disturbance of… Something? Then a dark rift opened up and a huge man came through. He was wearing a well-fitted black suit which hugged his body and showed off his huge form. He had long black hair tied up into a ponytail, stubble on his handsome face, and dark eyes that both men and women find alluring. “Well, that was quite entertaining. You hand self pretty well for a newbie. I was afraid I would have to intervene but to be honest I probably should have,” the new man said. “Who are you?” I said with my new deeper voice. “Oh, where are my manners you may call me Logan. And I was sent here to take care of Darren Mcpherson the one you killed. I must be honest with you I kind of didn’t care if he killed you. I was just sent here to take him in. But you had killed him save me a lot of trouble. Who would expect a dark sorcerer to have fiendish blood?” He says sarcastically. “No wonder why they sent me, I always have to deal with the idiots. That might explain why they didn’t order me to save you. Between you and me that’s all I can guess on the council’s part. Now what to do with you? We can’t have you walking out of here like that. But I need your permission to teleport you to my Citadel are could just knock you out and then teleport you to my Citadel. Know what I have an idea.” He said as inspiration hit him. The destroyed pieces of my clothes began reforming and fusing with the remains of Darren’s clothes to form something new, and in a flash, I was clothed in a strange combination. The man looked pleased with himself. “I think I’ll have a representative talk to you and explain a little bit more details of what’s going on. If the researchers and the recruiters are right, then you are a dark sorcerer with fiendish blood; Whose blood was activated when you ran out of normal magical power. Now take these,” he said as he hands over several items to me. “The bracelet will suppress your fiendish blood along you to walk among the normal people; and as a bonus help hides from those who have ill will towards you or agents of the light from checking you. While letting me and those who serve the dark bastion be able to find you. The other is my business card with my number; call me if you need anything, but do not abuse it. And finally, a brochure this is a law of information for you but trust me to read the brochure explains the basics. Now go home and don’t take any other stops unless you have to. All the things that were in your pockets are now in the right pocket of your new jacket, and on your left are the spoils of your victory. I gave it a 30-minute lock so that you would be tempted to open it up in this building,” he said as a dark rift opened up. He turned around and walked through it leaving me horny and with more questions than answers. I decided to take his advice and placed on the bracelet and decided to head home. It’s been a long exciting, frightening, and horny day.
  25. Good people, I'm valeveish, I guarantee you that I'm too much a fan of the hulk that I even decided to share a story with you, I'm too young at this, but I hope you like it, if you like to talk about more things, I'll gladly listen to you, this story contains: male muscle growth, penis and ass growth, foot fetishes, and gay sex... it was a normal night, for any young teenager, a boy named alex, 18 years old long brown hair with a skinny body and a weak boy shape, his life is normal, at home, creating a video chat account to use For the first time and to entertain his followers, he decides to dress in his blue bear pajamas... Alex decides to take out one of his small toys, a 30 cm long dildo. "Alex decides to play with him when suddenly he sees an unknown message on his laptop, which made him curious" Alex: That's weird, I deactivated the messages for my followers, I guess he must be a VIP but his emblem doesn't appear... mmm how curious. he decides to open the message when suddenly he sees a green light with too many photos of naked bodybuilders fucking and showing their legs, an audio at full volume for alex he worried at that moment that the neighbors were going to hear it, but he was paralyzed by it video entranced by the muscular men, he did not take his eyes off his laptop, although the followers saw him that he was hypnotized " alex without thinking or hesitation begins to get up from his swivel chair he begins to pose sexyly showing that he still has his pajamas but that his eyes are not normal and he is hypnotized, his sealed mind does not respond only to what the stranger says to what he responds the next: unknown: "start showing you full body my love" *alex starts to make more space in his room by moving his bed, his closet and removing his posters of the incredible hulk. * alex: what's next my sweetheart, I'm too horny today, I already want you to make me cum. *touching his very hot chest and flexing his leg showing that he is wearing his rainbow stockings decides to see the following message that made him think* unknown: the good begins, you will be a huge green beast, if you enjoy it, my heart will see you, bye... *chat ended* He returns to the video chat with his followers and everything looks normal, although Alex is scared by what the person told him: alex: what did he mean by green beasria, mmm, well to continue having fun with my se... (a small headache begins in alex) alex: aghh!! SHIT MY HEAD, what's wrong with me!!!. alex sits waiting to see blurry, without seeing his chat everyone is worried when suddenly they see that his bulge is getting too swollen adjusting his pajamas, alex sees it and doesn't believe it, he knows that his mind only thinks about masturbating * alex: shit, my penis argh, it feels, great, ufff, yes my love, it keeps growing... ohhh, yes, more. his penis begins to grow even more, when suddenly his eyes seeing the ceiling of his room from excitement his pupils change to a bright lime green color, alex gets up but it is useless he begins to stumble wanting to get out but his pain is intense his body begins to burn, feeling his whole body swelling and forming alex masturbates ripping his crotch and revealing his large and slightly yellowish penis, he begins to masturbate lying down and writhing, sticking out his tongue like a dog, and his crazy eyes looking anywhere , his pajamas are too tight since his body is beginning to gain too much muscle both in the biceps, triceps and quadriceps, pectorals and his legs like trunks completely ripping all his pajamas but that's not all, his body changed color to a emerald green and his penis not to mention he has a huge monstrous penis, the only thing salvageable are the rainbow socks his hair is still the same brown color and his voice is a little serious and strong, sweated too much although still masturbating. alex: shit, more, I WANT EVEN MORE...HULK...WANT...MOOOOREEEEEEE!!! (a desperate and angry cry). alex's fans and followers donated not only thousands but millions of bits for his transformation although the video call ended because Alex-hulk destroyed everything because he couldn't cum on anyone, all upset and furious destroying his entire room, almost his entire house, landing in his yard, even at night Alex-hulk roars furiously and with a few words: Alex-hulk: I WANT A MAN!!! (Desperate to look for young and fresh meat although he has a dildo inside his fleshy green ass he just doesn't feel it, so he decides to enter the forest looking for his prey and have fun with his little sex toy * To be continued...
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