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Blue Pill Part 15


        James always kept in good shape his whole life. He ran track in high school and played tennis, giving him a lithe build with sinewy muscles. It wasn’t until James left for college that he started visiting the weight-room more often. That’s where his lust for muscle began, it’s also where he first met Titus. Back then Titus was an Adonis, he had the body of a Greek god. James quickly became good friends with Titus, lifting with him, hanging out with him, only to find that they were both going to school for the same thing.


        Being around all that beautiful muscle always had James hard. James didn’t think he was gay, but something about Titus’s body drove him wild. It was at that point in his life that he would do everything and anything he could to become bigger.


        So throughout his college years, James had packed on some muscle to his thin sinewy frame, giving him more of a swimmers build. At 170 pounds, packed with muscle, he wasn’t much to bat an eye at but he was still quite the stud. After college he became obsessed with working out and it wasn’t until he stated working with Titus at the same government agency that James fell off the deep end and started taking steroids. He wanted to do everything he could to catch up to Tidus. No matter what he did though, Tidus was always bigger. James would say to himself, “One day I will be bigger than you Tidus. I will take all that you have worked so hard for and make it mine.”


        As he stood staring at his reflection in the mirror, James thought for the first time in his life that his dream could become a reality thanks to the muscle growth serum he had produced. James brought his arm up into a tight flex and watched as his 20 inch orb of sweaty, veiny daddy muscle bulged in front of his eyes. He reached up and tweaked one of his nipples and gasped in a sharp breath of air as pleasure rocked through his body, making his almost 10 inch turgid dick bob in front of him. He looked down as he watched a glob of pre-cum fall from the tip of his penis to the floor. James let out a low guttural growl as he continue to tweak his nipple and let one of his hands wander down to his cock to give it a few strokes, covering it in his slick pre-cum. “Let’s see what this body can do.”


        James started with his legs. Squatting all the way down to the floor with his new found strength it was easy. He found himself squatting nearly 400 pounds by the time he was done with his final set. He couldn’t believe how full and pumped his legs were. You could see veins branching off everywhere through the matted hair on his thick bulging legs. His legs had to be closing in on 28 inches, which was almost as big as his waist. James loved how his thick thighs now pushed his package out. James gave his hard throbbing dick a few more strokes, sending pre-cum all over his lower abs.


        Next James headed for the bench top do some chest presses. He loaded the bar up with 250, about 50 pounds heavier than his usual. James finished his first set with ease. “That barely even gave me a pump!” James said, astonished as head added another 50 to each side. James got under the bar and started his first rep and found that it was the perfect amount of resistance. He loved the feel in his pecs as rep after rep he watched his meaty mounds bulge higher, quickly making his rock hard nipples disappear out of view. His hairy pecs were covered in veins and sweat by the time he finished his last rep. He dropped the bar on the support and sat up. Instantly he felt the new weight in his pecs from his pump as they pulled further down then they usually do. James couldn’t believe his eyes as he looked in the mirror. His pecs were so red and swollen from all of the blood he pumped into them. He reached for a nipple only to find they were more sensitive than ever. This time James’s dick belched out pre-cum as if he were having an orgasm, but he wasn’t. He scooped up some of his pre-cum and rubbed it over his hairy pecs, giving them a shiny appearance and making them slick. James kept rubbing his slippery hands over his nipples, making his dick shoot out more ropes of pre-cum. James reached back down and scooped up more pre-cum, this time slathering his dick in it. He stroked his dick up and down as he was rewarded with even more pre-cum. James caught the pre-cum in his hand this time, curious, he brought his hand up to his mouth and licked his palm. A buzzing sensation rushed through his body as his sensory nerves were overloaded. James couldn’t believe the rush, so he quickly lapped up all that was left in his hand. His eyes rolled back in his head as he reached for his nipple again to tweak it. James was quickly brought out of his euphoria as he felt his nipple slowly stretching further down on his pec. He opened his eyes, but didn’t see anything odd. “Hmmm, that’s strange. James reached back down to stroke his dick, and when he wrapped his hand around it he could have sworn it felt meatier, thicker almost. James looked up in the mirror and gasped at the full body pump he had. “Holy fuck! I didn’t look this hard a moment ago!”


        James had scooped up another handful of pre-cum to test his theory that he had formed in his head as to how he looked harder, when his wife Sarah walked in.


        “CHRIST JAMES! What the hell happened to you?!?” Sarah looked shocked as she eyed her husband up and down. James turned to face Sarah. When he did, she saw his throbbing man meat for the first time since walking in the room. “FOR FUCKS SAKE!!! IS YOUR DICK BIGGER TOO????” Sarah’s eyes about bugged out of her head as a wet spot began to form in the crotch of her yoga pants.


        “You like it baby? It’s all for you!” James rumbled in his baritone as he went into a most muscular, sending all of his veiny, sweat coated muscles into sharp relief. Sarah couldn’t believe her eyes as she stifled a moan and bit her lip, the wet spot growing ever larger in her pants.


        “I know you want this thick daddy dick inside you. Come here and show me how badly you want this dick.” James said in a cocky manner as he flexed his dick, making it bob up and down, causing the veins running the length of his shaft to bulge even more.


        Sarah didn’t need to be told twice. She quickly closed the distance between her and James as she came in for a kiss. James pulled her into his embrace, she feel into his thick meaty pecs and had to stand on her tip toes to reach his thick meaty lips. While locked in their passionate embrace, James slid his pre-cum soaked hand down the front of Sarah’s yoga pants and began massaging her pussy. James slid his index finger in as Sarah let out a moan against his lips. Her eyes rolled back in her head as he continued to push his finger in past the knuckle. As James began moving his finger in and out of his wife’s pussy, he noticed that it was growing tighter around his finger. He thought that meant she was readying herself for an orgasm. So he pulled his finger out and backed his hand out of her pants. James reached down with both hands, grabbing on both sides of the wet spot of his wife’s yoga pants and ripped them open, revealing his wife’s leaking, quivering vagina.


        James pickled up his wife to straddle the hole in her yoga pants over his throbbing manhood. Pre-cum was pulsing out of the tip of his dick at a near constant rate now as the head of his turgid cock pushed at his wife’s pussy lips. It was a tight fit, but his cock head eventually made its way in. James began pushing in only to find that he hit the back of his wife’s wall with only 4 inches of his dick inside her. He kept feeling resistance as if her pussy was getting tighter. “OUCH! James that really hurts!” James pulled his dick out. “Sorry baby, but I’m too fucking horny. I’ve gotta fuck one way or another.” With Sarah’s legs wrapped around his torso, James reached behind his wife’s supple ass and ripped a new hole where her thick luscious cheeks split. James lowered her back down onto his dick, this time entering her tight pucker, he pushed until his cock head popped in. His pre-cum soaking her ass cheeks as he continued to spill more pre inside her. All the pre-cum made it real easy for him to slide his dick all the way to the hilt. “Oh My Gawwwwd baby! That feels sooo fucking good!” Sarah’s eyes were rolling back in her head now. James took that as a sign so he began to pull back out just to push his dick all the way back in.


        Supporting her weight and with his dick still inside of her, James walked them over to the Weight bench and lowered Sarah down onto the bench. Sarah had reached up and started playing with her nipples as James continued ploughing her ass. James remembered that he forgot to work his arms, lifted the bar above his wife’s head. He started doing bar curls as he continued driving his dick in and out of his wife’s ass. Each thrust with his rock solid dick driving him to lift the weight harder and faster with his arms.


        James couldn’t take his eyes off of his thick bulging biceps as each rep drove the peak higher and cause his veins to pulse even thicker. After about 100 reps, James noticed an odd sensation. It felt as if his wife’s ass was growing tighter around his throbbing dick. James looked down in shock, only to see his wife playing with her nipples. What shocked him though was the fact that his wife’s breasts looked bigger and more solid. That wasn’t the only thing though, her whole body looked harder. Like she had been lifting weights for the past 6 months. Then James got a real surprise when his wife gasped as milk shot out of her nipples.


        “Am I lactating?!?” Sarah asked with a look of confusion on her face. Sarah brought her hand to her nose to smell and James quickly grabbed her wrist and brought her hand up to his mouth. He sucked her finger into his mouth, tasting the sweet nectar that her jugs now produced. “mmmmmmmm” James moaned as he felt a familiar tingling sensation throughout his body. After sucking her fingers clean James leaned in and took on of her nipples in his mouth. The moment the milk spurted into the back of his throat, he lost it as he began shooting his pent up load. James began bucking into his wife’s ass harder and faster like a feral beast as he sucked even harder at her tit.


        Sarah could feel her husband shooting inside her as his dick throbbed over and over, however each time it throbbed it didn’t seem to decrease in size. Sarah’s eyes rolled back again as James began to hit new territory with his dick. “How the hell is that even possible?!” Sarah wondered out loud. Sarah realized that wasn’t the only thing that had grown as she latched onto James’s arms as an orgasm swept over her. She began summing and she could feel it hit her belly and the bottom of her tits. Sarah was so lost in her orgasm she didn’t pay much attention to it. She kept feeling her husband’s arms as she felt the rock hard boulders bulge larger in her hands.


        “Oh Fuck!” Sarah yelped as James had completely drained her first tit. Even though James had already cummed he continued driving his dick inside his wife’s ass as he felt his dick pulsing larger inside her. James quickly began sucking Sarah’s other tit. As he did his back muscles bulged thicker his lats bulged wider, pushing his arms further out. James had to reposition his stance as his quads fought for space. Probably the most beautiful sight of it all was his monstrous pecs. Which his wife had a wonderful view of as they began to sag lower, filling with more meaty muscle. Sarah reached up, feeling his rock hard pecs until she finally found his nipples on the underside of his pecs. Sarah pinched them and as she did her husband moaned while sucking her milk, driving his dick all the way inside her. Once again she felt her husband’s dick pulsating in her, spilling his seed inside her.


        Sarah felt odd as it felt as if her back was sliding along the bench as her husband continued ramming his fuck pole inside her. She looked down at her own arms as she watched them bulge thicker right before her very eyes. Her breasts no longer looked like breasts, they were hard and starting to show veins. She watched as her other breast started to inflate a little. She watched as her legs, which were up in the air from her husband fucking her, bulged thicker as more muscle was pushed into her ballooning quads. Sarah’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as her husband switched back to the other tit. He had drained it in no time and there wasn’t much to take from the one he was on now. Sarah didn’t have much time to test her theory as to why she was growing, so she quickly reached her hands back up and gave her husband’s nipples a flick. This time James clamped down on her nipple with his teeth as he saw stars. He instantly began firing his load inside his wife’s ass. This time he came so much that cum started squirting back out and onto the bench.


        Sarah began cumming almost instantly as she felt her husband’s teeth clamp onto her sensitive nip. This time Sarah felt the sum spray all over her stomach and she heard a shot hit the bottom of her husband’s thick meaty pec. She had a moment of realization as her husband was still cumming inside her. So that was her cum that shot all over her.


        Surprised by cum hitting his pec, James finished milking his wife’s tit, just as they started to fill back up again. He leaned back up and noticed that his wife looked insanely muscular, like an amateur bodybuilder and her muscles were bulging right before his eyes, getting bigger with each passing second.


        “Fuck yeah! You’re getting so big baby, but nothing compares to these!!!” James lifted his arms into a double biceps pose as the peak rose higher and higher. “Gotta be closing in on 23 inches now. Jesus, look at these things!” James couldn’t takes his eyes of his own rock hard mounds of muscle. His body hair was matted down and covered in sweat from his intense workout and fuck session. Sweat dripped from his rock hard nipples as he continued to flex his biceps. Sarah couldn’t contain herself with the sight before her eyes, she reached down to finger fuck herself but when her hand got there, it hit something hard. She grabbed onto it only realizing that she was grabbing onto herself. Sarah looked down in time to see her own dick where he pussy used to be. It was growing larger right before her. The head looking swollen and angry, she gave it a few strokes and laid back again as she fired shot after shot against James’s rock hard abs. As Sarah’s dicked pulsed with her orgasm it made a wet smacking sound against her husband’s stomach.


        The sound of wet smacking and the feeling of cum shooting on him brought James out of his lustful state. He looked down only to see an unrecognizable face and body below him. No longer were there the supple curves of his wife or the big bulging breasts. Instead a handsome seasoned bodybuilder lay on the bench with James’s dick still buried in his ass. “My God, What have I done?”

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YES! I've been looking/hoping for a story like this for a looooong time. Even if you decide to change her back, I really hope she doesn't freak out and has fun with her new body in the meantime. 

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Cool! Thanks for the focus on James! Love this character I hope to read more about him and he don't loos his new massive awesome size.....and take more from the blond Titus!

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9 hours ago, Built22 said:

fuk yea 

so he has to fuck his son to get him back huge and muscled

fuck yea

Possibly. Haven't decided which way I'm going to take this story yet

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