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Hey guys!

I know it has been a while since I last wrote. The story is pretty much still unfinished but I realized that having all the chapters spread out wasn't helping either. My plan now is to post all the chapters here, edited of course, this being so if you reread you will get a little extra fun from it. I'll also be posting progress pics within the story of the character,Vonny, who is based off of me and has very similar muscle progress. This way you can imagine how the character is growing a little better along with reading.  I will also be posting pics from the web of what other characters look like and some scenery in order for you all to fully experience everything. 

Thanks for being patient and I hope you all will enjoy. Leave a comment if you have and questions or ideas!


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Hey! My name is Von or Vonny. That is what my close friends call me. I could tell you alot about myself. First, I'm a Black muscled guy. Second, I'm in college and am currently a junior. I gotta say that I'm obsessed with muscle growth. The idea of getting as big as possible gets me hard as fuck and I thought I was alone to be honest. Luckily I found out I wasn't. 

 I found another student that happened to be into growth just like myself. His name is Troy and it was like fate honestly. We both ended up in the same weightlifting class this semester and I can honestly say I was never impressed with his body. I had never seen it. Little did i know that he was hiding a body that was actually strong as fuck.

 I saw him shirtless for the first time when I went to the bathroom during class. He was staring at himself in the mirror and started to speak to me while I was pissing.
He said,"look at me, I'm getting so much stronger!"
I finished pissing and went to wash my hands and he continued to stand near me as if he wanted me to look at him. I mean he knows that I'm into dudes so I assumed he was just used to me being his friend and not hitting on him. I don't come on to my friends so I guess he was just comfortable. But what he did while he was talking to me was weird.
            He kept grabbing his cock here and there while he talked and I couldn't help but notice. I kept looking at his thick traps, his juicy pecs, and hard and that seemed to be popping in nicely. So he says to me that  he is gonna start running every Tuesday and I asked me if I wanted to join him. I agreed.
               After he left all I could think about is grabbing his thick pecs and feeling his hard body. But I gotta say I'm really excited for the future run. 
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Chapter 1

Gym Class. Monday Afternoon: Chest day


I walk into the gym after 2 and a half hours of classes. I’m pumped! I downed 2 shots of pre-workout on the walk over and I’m already feeling it. My hands and arms are already tingling as I make my way past the basketball court. I turn left and go into the locker room. As soon as I walk in my heart skips a beat. Troy, he’s here again. He immediately sees me as I walk in.

“Hey bud,” he says. He looks at me with wide eyes and a warm smile. Troy is muscled, brown haired, hazel eyed muscle god standing at 5 ft 7. I'm 5 ft 5 myself, maybe 5 ft 6 on a good day, but his width is just what gets to me. He has to have at least 20 pounds on me.


“Hey man,” I say. He’s fully clothed but his shorts and gym shirts are sitting in a pile on the bench in front of him. I walk up to the bench and take off my backpack, setting it down on the floor by the bench.


“So when are we going for that run, man?” he says this as I reach into my bag. I take out a tank and a pair of joggers.


“Oh yeah,” I say. I hadn’t forgotten, but I didn’t think he was being serious when he asked the first time.

“How about tomorrow–morning?”

He begins to take off his shirt and my breath catches a little as it slips up. His abs are a little more pronounced than before. His shirt slips completely off revealing his pecs and massive traps. He’s gotten a little bigger since our last gym sesh.


“That sounds good, man. I’ll definitely text you and remind you around 9 tomorrow.”


“Sounds good to me,” I say.

He starts to take of his pants and I strip my shirt to change into my tank. His eyes flicker to my pecs and I notice. A sense of pride swells up inside me and I have to stop myself from smiling. I had gotten a lot stronger this month. My bench had gone up from 145 pounds to 155 in the past month and I knew he noticed. I doubted he would say anything though.


“Man! You’re looking huge. Your chest is really growing.”

He walks a little closer to check me out and my pride swells even more. He’s still shirtless and in his boxers. His pecs and thick shoulder muscles look even better up close. I look down at his massive pecs. There are little hairs around his nips and I imagine what the stocky muscle underneath feels like. I can’t believe he’s mirin me when he looks so huge.

“Dude!” I say. “You are way bigger than I am. I know you weigh like 170 and I just hit 150 pounds!”


“Nah man, you are catching up. I mean look at these arms!” he says this and grabs my bicep. “Flex for me bro.”


What the hell is happening?  

Vonny's bicep


I think this but I decide to flex anyway. I can’t believe he is touching me. I flex my arm and my relaxed biceps turn into hard rocks. He gives them a good squeeze and says, “Yeah man, that’s strength right there. Your arms are almost as huge as mine.I think I need to bulk up before you’re as strong as me.” Troy’s unsubtle hint at a competition got me way more pumped. The pre-workout was flowing through my veins now. I’m ready to workout and get this chest pumped! He looks down at my watch and sees the time.


“2 o’clock. Shit, it’s time for class, bro.” He lets go of my arm and gives my traps one last slap. “Damn. Man! Getting big!” he says.


He walks back over to his clothes and slip them on. I finish getting dressed and we make our way to the locker room door.

He slaps me hard on the back  and says, “Nice back gains, bro.”

All I do is smile. He’s mirin me so hard. I can’t wait until we start lifting. He’s gonna love my pump…


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17 minutes ago, graniteknighte said:

Hey Vonny, long time no see bro!

Is this a repost of the old story or an updated version?

This is a repost with updates. It will be the same story with more muscle imagery, added scenes, grammar corrections, and I'll add some pics to go along with the story. The story was never actually finished to begin with so it should be nice to reread in order to refresh memory and the finally get an ending. 

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Chapter 2 

Gym Class. Monday Afternoon: Chest day 

We walked into the weight room. Troy, still behind me, comments on how stoked he is that the gym is almost completely empty. I myself hate a crowded gym. The extra people get in the way. However, if it's crowded with juiced up muscle beasts, I'm having a good time.

Troy  is walking beside me now and I can see that he is pumped.  As we walk into the weight room I notice that his fists are clenched and the veins in his arms are pronounced from his tight grip. His biceps and forearms are swelling from the force of his grip and I admire the power in his arms. All I want to do it grab him and feel his thick body under my finger tips. I have a slight feeling that he wouldn't mind. 

“Like what you see, man?” he asks, startling me out of my thoughts. I didn't expect him to acknowledge I was checking out his gains, but of course he did. He’s Troy. He would want me to look at his chiseled body. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’m 150 pounds of thick pulsating muscle myself. My pecs press through my shirt like balloons and my legs are thick enough to crush trash cans between them, but I still stare in awe at my much bigger gym buddy’s body.

“Your arms are vascular as fuck,” I say. This makes him smile in the cockiest way.

“I’ve been working on my biceps a lot too,” he says. “They’ve gotten to the point where they constantly looked full when they aren’t even being flexed. Touch them and see.”

We stop walking near the door of the gym in the lobby and I slowly reach up to his left bicep and can already feel the blood flowing to my cock. Once my fingers wrap around his bicep I am not disappointed. He was right. They felt like rocks and he wasn’t even flexing. I can feel his veins pumping the blood through his rock hard muscle. The thickness of his arm in my hand makes me feel a little dizzy as each pulse of his blood that I feel increases my own heart beat. I look up at his face and he has this smug look. Such a cocky alpha. I need to be as strong as him. His 170 pounds made me feel weak in comparison. I let go and all I do is grin at him. I'm just too amazed to speak so we continue into the weight room and make our way to the racks and benches. Our class consists of 8 students and our instructor, Russ.

When one usually thinks of a gym teacher, they may imagine a lazy, averaged height, fat, balding man who sits and watches his class put in work. Russ is not this kind of teacher. He is 6ft tall with biceps as thick as his thighs, sick ass traps, and a barrel chest that would make (and probably does make) any man his age jealous. His forearms are amazing and look almost as big as his arms themselves. He is about 60 years old and his age can be seen by his thinning hair that reveals the lightly tanned skinned beneath, but he has not let his age slow him down.

“Alright class,” Russ says. “You already know what today is so let’s split up into groups.”

Troy and I are split into different groups. I with my 2 fraternity brothers, Zeus and Kris, and he with his two buddies. Zeus and Kris are both heavy dudes. Zeus about 250 pounds and Kris about 200 pounds. Both have body fat percentages about 25% or higher but they are both strong. Zeus could easily out lift me any day with his gorilla chest and tree trunk thighs. Kris has also slowly been getting stronger. His strength nearing my own.

Each group is assigned a station. Mine is assigned decline bench press and Troy’s is assigned dumbbell bench press. Zeus begins his set by loading 45 pound plates to each side of the bar. Kris decides to spot him so I am left standing and looking around the room. I look over to Troy’s group. Fuck! The first thing Troy does is grab 2 of the 75 pound dumbbells to chest press. I am in complete awe. He is so fucking strong. I can see his pecs protruding through his white sleeveless shirt. Each muscle is his arms begin to shift as he pushed harder and harder. His face turns red and sweat begins to glisten on his brow. He pumps out 10 reps and throws the weight to the floor in a fit of power. I can see his juicy fucking pecs twitching beneath his shirt, fuller from being pumped. He stands up and starts stretching his chest out, his triceps flexing out with full force. I’m starting to lose it.


I turn around. Kris is looking at me and I’m embarrassed. “It’s your turn,” he says.

I look down at the declined bench and immediately add 20 more pounds to the bar, making the weight total 155 pound. I know I have this. I lay down and start pushing, it’s heavy, but so damn satisfying in my hands. There’s no better feeling than the pump you get from pushing yourself. It’s like having a near death experience. The fucking thrill from it blows your mind and completely electrifies your body. I pump out 6 reps easy and notice that Russ is standing aside watching me. Being viewed by the instructor pushes me to go harder and I pump out 4 more reps. With every rep comes a satisfying grunt from my throat and I can feel the sweat building up between the peaks of my pecs. I finish and when I get up from the bench Russ immediately pats me on the back.

“Damn Von!” Russ says. “You used to be so small and now you are so damn strong!”

Everyone in the class is looking at me with congratulating eyes. I see troy too, but his facial expression is strange. It’s a mix between two things, admiration and a hint of jealousy. He walks over to the rack and grabs two 85 pound dumbbells. Holy fuck! With a loud grunt he lies on his back and forces the weights above his head, pumping hard and fast. He reaches 6 reps and begins to make animalistic snarls through his teeth. He pumps out another 4 reps and tosses the weights to the ground. His buddies are ecstatic. The skinner of the two, Marv, is especially excited by what he just saw. He can barely get 45 pounds over his head and Troy is a beast to him. He’s a beast to me.

Troy stretches out his chest and tell Marv to give it a good punch. I watch as Marv’s fist connects with Troy’s meaty chest repeatedly. Troy has no reaction to the punches and just stands there smiling at his little buddy's futile attempts. So powerful.

                “Time to move on the barbell bench press,” says Zeus.

                Class moves by in a rush and I eventually make my way back to the locker room. Troy in already there. He is shirtless and his back is turned towards me. I can see every ripple and bend of his powerful lats and bulging traps. He shifts to grab his shirt from the bench and I see the muscles beneath his skin move. They shift like pebbles beneath a slow moving stream. Smooth… but hard and firm. He heard the door open as I come in and eventually stops and turns around. His pecs are completely swollen! There are red spots between the peaks and a little bit of hot sweat dripping down the swollen meaty cavern towards his abs.

                “I don’t know about you, but I got a good pump today!” he says.

                “Hell yeah man. I feel strong as fuck,” I say.

                “You look strong,” he says.

                “Thanks bro.”

                “Can you grab stuff with your pecs?” he asks.

                “Huh?” I have no clue what he means. I walk farther into the room towards the bench.

                “Give me your hand, man,”

                I hold out my hand. He grabs it and places it between his pecs and with flexes them.

                “Holy fucking shit!” I say. I can’t help the response. His pecs clamp down on my hands and I can feel the hard muscled grip. I’ve never felt pecs as powerful as these before. He looks at me with the cocky smile he always gives and then asks me to try doing the same to him. I rip off my shirt quickly and let him place his hands between my pecs. I grip his fingers but it isn’t as strong.

                “You are getting there bro,” he says. He removes his hand and walks back to his clothes. I’m a little disappointed by his response. I want him to see me as I see him.  An aesthetic god. “So dude, we are for sure going running tomorrow morning. I need to get my cardio in. 9 am sharp?”

                “Yeah, how about we meet at my frat house?” I reply.

                “Good plan man. Good plan”

                He and I get dressed and leave the locker room. I can’t wait for tomorrow! Cardio day with Troy is going to rock!

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