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  1. Zombies and Gods Chapter 1: Arthur The desolate street of a once vibrant city lay in ruin. Burnt-out and rusted husks of vehicles littered everywhere, with vines and plants overgrowing features like trash cans and nonfunctional street lights. Cracked concrete, boarded up windows, crumbling buildings; the age of man was edging closer and closer to extinction. All that roamed the city now were animals...and zombies. Mindless savages, once human, wrapped in rotting flesh, meandering their way around. Waiting to be excited and enthralled by stimuli. Preferably a tasty human survivor. Hoards just wandering, waiting to run into an unlucky person by pure luck. The human population was in scarce supply these days. Most were zombies, the rest of what was left were dead. Only a scattering of humans settlements remained; holed up behind fortified walls and armed protection. Most settlement believed themselves to be the last. Such was the reality of how few remained. And yet, for all the zombies and all the survivors, there was another faction. A one-man faction. Or rather, a one-god faction. Arthur came soaring in from nowhere, having leapt from several dozen miles away. His unbelievably muscular legs came crashing down on a woefully unprepared zombie. Not that there was anything it could ever have done to save itself from him. The creature was pulverized into a puddle of blood and gore as Arthur's beautiful feet, diamond-like calves, quads akin to tree trunks, all wrapped in smooth, silky, immaculately clean skin came bearing down on it. The it was the road's turn. Cracks sprang forth from the point where Arthur's feet made contact with the concrete. A small crater formed. Arthur stood perfectly balanced at the center. His arms folded, as the had been for the entire jump and landing. It had all been so effortless for him. The zombies blood stained the lower halve of his legs. Above this, above his godlike quads, were two things; a 9-inch flaccid penis on one side, and the most beautiful, plump, fantastically shaped ass on the other. Moving up we come to the most sculpted, most ripped, most muscular eight-pack set of abs one could imagine, flanked by similarly built obliques. Arthur loosened his arms, revealing a jaw-dropping pair of titanium pecs. Two massive, bulbous, striated pecs with a deep crevasse in-between. His nipples were perfect too; the right color, the right size, and so inviting looking. On either side of his pecs were lats so big that even unflexed they were clearly visible and noticeable. To the sides were arms so big, so constantly pumped, that they looked more like concrete than the actual concrete. Below these were obscenely muscular forearms and hands. From the biceps to the hands was a level of vascularity that liked like lightning. Boulder-like shoulders supported these arms, with traps large enough that a normal-sized human hand couldn't cover even half of them. The zombies behind Arthur had the honor of gazing upon this back; a topological map of rippling muscle tapering down to an enviously narrow waist. Plus a decent view of his insanely build triceps. Topping everything off was his head; a beautiful, masculine, charming face. Deep blue eyes, perfectly aligned teeth that dazzled when he smiled, a sexy as fuck jawline complete with its own rippled cheek muscles (yes, that's right; Arthur has cheek muscles!). Clean shaved with a head full of perfectly groomed, thick, lush, jet-black hair. The icing on the cake was his skin; smooth, silky, free of hair, and not a single blemish of any kind anywhere. At a height of 7' 5'', his looks and physique alone made Arthur a god. And that's not even mentioning is actual superpowers. When the dust from Arthur's landing settled there was a brief moment of silence. The hoard of zombies were briefly caught off guard by Arthur's arrival. But once they realized what was happening, their barbaric instincts took over. Howling and growling like animals, they charged towards Arthur from all directions. Arthur smirked; this was going to be fun and easy. The zombies immediately tried jumping him. Their razor sharp claws and teeth thrashing. Of course not one of them made even the smallest mark on Arthur's body. Arthur just looked down at them and smiled in amusement at their futile effort. Their small fragile hands just bouncing off of his statuesque physique. Arthur put his hands on his hips and adopted a sexy pose. It was just natural for him to always look so damn good. After letting the zombies enjoy their last few moments by letting them think they were going to actually make a meal out of him, Arthur began to casually stroll forward. Of course the zombies couldn't do anything to stop him. He just started walking slowly and the zombies were simply pushed aside. Arthur laughed at how easy it was. Suddenly, Arthur grabbed one zombie by the head and lifted it clean off the ground, holding it over two feet in the air (only then was it at eye-level with Arthur). Arthur looked at it. He felt sorry for it. Or rather he felt sorry for the human it had once been. Whereas that human had been transformed into a monster by a simple bite, another bite saw Arthur somehow ascending to godhood. While lost in thought, Arthur simply crushed the zombies head, popping it like a grape, drenching part of himself and the other zombies in its blood. Shaking the thoughts of pity for long dead humans out of his head, Arthur refocused on the zombies. Grabbing another, he flung it over his shoulder, send it flying for possibly hundreds of miles. Another he simply picked up and then tore in two at the waist, spilling entrails and blood. Arthur laughed. "Time to bring out the good stuff!" he declared, giving a double bicep pose, as if the zombies were a crowd of admirers waiting to see such beauty. But first, he closed his eyes and focused. His super-hearing immediately blocked out all sounds from the zombies and the surrounding environment. He was zeroing in on human heartbeats; heartbeats he could hear from a hundred miles away. He didn't detect any. "Good" said Arthur, talking to himself as he normally did. "I can let loose without have to worry about any little humans getting hurt" he said to one of the still attacking zombies, as if it could understand him. Arthur poked it in its head. His finger went straight into the things skull and directly to its brain. The zombie was killed instantly. For Arthur it felt no different than poking thin air! Taking a deep breath, Arthur began to whistle. His superhuman vocal chords began unleashing vibrations of such an intense level that all zombies caught in their path were liquified. Aside from them, glass shattered, stone cracked and crumbled, metal deformed, and any poor and unfortunate animals in the way got liquified too. By the time Arthur finished whistling (after about ten seconds) half of the area immediately in front of him for about a hundred feet was heavily damaged (more so than it already was) and about a third of the hoard were now just red puddles. "Too easy" muttered Arthur, smirking. A zombie had run up to the right of Arthur and began thrashing at his arm. Arthur felt nothing of course, and so grabbed the thing by its neck and lifted it right into the air, one-arm style. He brought it closer to his face. The zombie clawed at Arthur's hand and forearm in vain. Letting out an exhale, Arthur breathed superheated air right at the creature's head, barbequing it at a temperature of hundreds of degrees. The things head melted like ice-cream. Dropping the lifeless corpse, Arthur turned to the rest of the hoard and let out another, larger exhale. Zombies left and right burst into flames, the remains of vehicles exploded, metal bars and posts began to melt and deform, and some of the closer building were set ablaze. The air was full of ash, smoke, and the smell of burning flesh. Arthur then pursed his lips and started blowing, unleashing air colder than even the depths of the Arctic. The buildings that had caught on fire were instantly saved. Arthur didn't want to cause too much damage to them; human survivors might one day have a use for them. Only a handful of zombies from the hoard now remained. Deciding to take care of them the old fashioned way, Arthur charged. Five were crushed to pieces as Arthur knocked them down and then casually walked over them. Two were lifted by the backs of their necks and then slammed into Arthur's pecs. One was just crumpled like a sheet of paper by Arthur's fingers. Arthur then sank his fingers into the remains of a larger delivery truck. With only one arm he hoisted it so easily into the air above his head. Taking aim, he launched it at a group of about a dozen zombies. All of them were flattened. With only one left, Arthur tore a large chunk of the road out with a single hand, and then proceeded to throw the three hundred pound chunk at the zombie with such speed and force that it took the creature's head right off and then kept going for another few feet before smashing into an old storefront. The decapitated corpse stood for a few more minutes before tipping over. And that was it. Now there was just silence. Nothing but the sound of the wind and a few birds. The occasional crackle of a flame from the still-burning zombie corpses. Arthur felt quite pleased with his work. Another hoard taken care of. The world was now that bit safer thanks to what he just did. I might not have made a huge difference, but it was something. Arthur felt like this was his purpose. After miraculously gaining superpowers from a bite that was supposed to zombify him, Arthur resolved to killing these things off as best he could for the good of the human survivors. Arthur looked down at his flawless naked body. Well...almost flawless. He was covered in blood, soot, dust, and dirt from his couple of few minutes of fun. "Time to find a river or something" he said. "Want any help?" said a voice from behind him. Turning around, Arthur looked up to see a man perched on the top of a ruined bus. But it wasn't a man. He was tall, like Arthur. Muscular, like Arthur. Beautiful, like Arthur. The man smiled an absolutely gorgeous smile. His vibrantly green eyes practically glowing. He exhaled, and Arthur felt superheated air all around him. He wasn't at all affect as he was totally invulnerable, but the road beneath him cracked and then slowly began to liquify. The man stopped exhaling as Arthur looked back up at him. "Yeah, I thought I was the only one too" he said, registering the look on Arthur's face.
  2. Thanks to Dredlifter for the idea suggestion of this little thing - or maybe it will wind up being a big thing. I haven’t written a story like this in a long time - at least 4 years. I hope you will bear with me for a slow burn introduction here and getting my “verbal” chops back into shape. But the fun stuff will start coming next chapter. I am open to any and all feedback as I want to re-hone my writing abilities. Critiques are welcome -------- To Protect and Serve - Chapter 1 - The First Morning Prelude: Just imagine - You’re standing at attention with your peers in your best Class-A Uniform. All around you in the auditorium your friends, family, and fellow officers who can come are here to see the solemn occasion. A freshly earned, freshly shined badge has just been pinned on your chest by the Sheriff. You raise your right hand and take the oath. The oath is a bit different from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but we boil its meaning down to one phrase - “To Protect and Serve.” So many have taken the oath. Some who took it did little things that made a big difference, while some risked their lives and paid the ultimate price. And some … well … some are special. This is the story of one of those special ones - no, he is even more than that. Though it was not his intention nor mine, he went beyond special. How do I know? He saved me. He has given me a life I could never have dreamed possible that first early morning. And what happened to him? Well, a transformation that is better in the telling. To those who take the oath as seriously as he did; To those who give it a new and bigger meaning as he did; to those who change more than they can imagine by repeating those words as he did, this story is dedicated. This is the story of what could happen if you could protect and serve many thousands of people, and just one man, me, in ways beyond your wildest imagination. ~ Gabriel York ----- A deceptively small man hung his duty shirt onto a dry cleaners hanger and placed it in his locker. As he stood bare chested in the cool air, he appeared to be hiding his body, but he had nothing to be ashamed of - having a lithe but very tight build under that shirt. Nicely shaped, mounded pecs accompanied hard small orange sized biceps. A tight 6-pack graced his lower abdomen to an impossibly small looking waist. He was way better than most men of his age, no “dad bod” here to be sure. But, the man always felt self-conscious in the locker room despite the room being empty. He wasn’t one of THEM, something that had haunted him since high school. He lifted one booted foot and then the other onto a wooden bench before him. Loosening the laces and pulling the side zipper, he removed each boot. He held them in his hands like precious artifacts for just a moment, remembering the first time he put these on. Soon it would be his last, he mused. His time could go on as long as he wanted. But -- he questioned why. What had he done to stay on? What good had he really done? REALLY made a difference? It took but a few more minutes for him to put on his civilian duty clothes (a departmental polo, slacks,and loafers), secure his badge to his belt, and close his locker. Most locker rooms were replete with all sorts of combination locks, but not here. A few men and most of the women officers used them, but it wasn’t exactly necessary. You couldn’t be in a much safer place after all. Deputy Sergeant John Declann closed his locker for the millionth time and went to collect his personal sidearm from the gun locker clerk. He had no sooner than entered the hallway from the locker room, he heard a truly tremendous booming upper bass voice: “WHOA, ONE SIDE DECLANN.” Declann immediately pulled back into the doorway and looked up … and up, to see 5 men in a tight formation with shields and cell-entry equipment. Each one of them was every bit of 6 foot 4 inches plus - although tactical boots always made you look taller than you were. They were more like 6 foot 2 without them - but still, they all out-weighed John by at least 60 pounds of muscle. At his 5 foot 7 inches in height and in normal shoes, he felt positively TINY seeing them pass by. That was sort of the point of those uniforms - to try and intimidate anyone who saw what was coming - and it always did, at least it did Declann. They were in helmets and wore thick padded vests, under which were black t-shirt with black BDUs and those boots below. While those clothes were technically “loose,” they did little to hide every oversized muscle in their massive bodies. Gigantic arms stretched forth from sleeves that seemed to be straining to the breaking point. 2 pairs of arms were thick, powerlifter looking, and 3 more were supremely cut muscle. The CERT - Cell Extraction and Response Team - blew past him looking like they were heading to Mary-pod - the maximum security section. No doubt it was to remove an offender from a cell for morning counts who did not want to be removed. There was no question, he WOULD be removed, no matter what it took. The injury inflicted was entirely the offender’s choice. And, that amount of muscle and its overwhelming power could do plenty of that. Declann had tried out for both the CERT and SWAT teams years ago. But at his 165 lb, it was deemed he just did not have the physical size necessary. “You have all the skills needed and more Deputy Declann,” he had been told. “You should be proud of that. But some other officers just beat you out in the scores. And we need you on the streets. That is where you belong.” Funny, he thought in a moment of jealousy. It was always those guys who were of larger than life proportions that got the spots, even if their skills were not as good as his. After the group had passed, Declann walked down the hall toward the sallyport and stopped. He always did it at times like this, halting at the Officer’s Gym. He looked inside. It was rather quiet, normal at 0545 and shift change. Still, he could see some of the remnants of workouts by the big guys on the force. 45 pound plates left on the sides of incline bench press rack. What looked like 5 plates on a side on the bar on the squat rack. Dozens on the leg press sled. It was a bit of a mess, in truth, but most well used gyms were. Now, Declann was no physical slouch. He always kept in shape and his skills honed as the primary martial arts instructor for the Sheriff’s Office. He could have done well in that room, even though he was pushing 40 years old. Could have grown. But, he sighed and went on. There was just a part of him that never wanted to face big men in the gym. The injustice of being mocked for his smaller size and unfamiliarity with the equipment the one time he went in blazed in him still all these years later. He guessed the big men thought it was good natured fun, but it hurt Declann deeply. So, he kept to his body weight fitness room and small dojo set up in the garage at home. That made him feel less conspicuous. When it came to them, John always saw himself as a small man in boots that were a size too big. And yet - to so many others, he wasn’t that at all. He was everything that made police work an honorable profession. --- John Declann had wanted to be a police officer for as long as he could remember. Since his youngest days, he had been fascinated by police dramas on TV, how they always seemed to catch the bad guy no matter the odds. How they always saved people in distress. In his mind, there was no better calling. No better way to spend his life. He had the mind to be anything he wanted. He excelled in most subjects in school and was a top flight musician. But, those pursuits were not where he heart lay. He was a cop at heart by his teenage years, and he did everything he could to prepare himself. He took JROTC through high school, where he picked up his interest in martial arts and started Aikido lessons. Though he wasn’t the best team sports, he blasted through the competition at his dojo. He became quite fit from the military style calisthenics workouts he adopted during ROTC summer camps. And, that fitness matched perfectly with his blooming skills with his hands and feet on the mats. Before high school was over, his featured had matured into those of a very fit, handsome young man with striking brown eyes. And he had his first degree black belt, the first degree of many. It took a nearly a year after graduating high school to get his first small town commission to the force. He spent his first 18 months in the jails, and then took and passed his Colorado POST exams. He had been a road officer ever since. Now, he was a Sergeant in the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office - an area not unknown for large scale crimes as it held the University of Colorado. “The Berkeley of the East” though had its full measure of minor offenses. But the area wasn’t exactly the worst gang spots in Denver either. He had for served with true distinction for nearly two decades since - being decorated for bravery multiple times for saving civilians lives under fire. He had saved those intent on suicide. He had even delivered a baby once in a convenience store, and the story made the local news. He had had plenty of hands-on run ins with offenders, but he gave way more than he got, never having much more than a bruise or a black eye on occasion. He just never saw what the community and his immediate superiors did - a good man, serving the people Boulder and the kids of the University the best way he knew how. --- John went out to his car - an unmarked Dodge - cranked it, and began the slow crawl toward the Turnpike then Wheat Ridge. One of the things he learned in his own initial officer training long ago was to never live in the county you worked in. It could always lead to problems with local offenders. So, it was up and over the Flatirons toward home. Even though traffic volume was already increasing as it spread toward Denver in the morning rush, his mind wandered as if on empty roads. He made the necessary turns though the city and came proximate to the University entrances, but was running his schedule through his mind. He was due for a weigh in at the doc’s today. And they usually took his measurements too. Height, waistline, all that stu -- John’s senses caught something in the barely lit dawn. Someone moving way too fast to be normally jogging to the right of his car. Moving toward campus. John slowed his vehicle and his brain went into observation mode. It captured the scene in moments with his practiced eyes and mind. A young man -- looking to be just outside of college age but could still belong to the University. Short, black hair. Trimmed beard. White button down shirt and navy slacks. Looked like there was some money invested in those clothes, certainly not cheap. Behind him, perhaps eight or so paces, was running - and running faster than the first - a white young man, shaved head, jeans and ratty t-shirt, tatted with jailhouse tattoos that stood out even under the fading street lamps. And, then John caught sight of a gun in the rear waistband of the second’s jeans. Semi-auto by the outline. Instinct took over. John turned his car in an instant, hit the flasher toggle for his lights, and wound with wildly fast, yet practiced precision toward the danger. Less than 20 seconds later, John pulled his car to a stop where his instincts said he could cut this off. “Boulder County Sheriff's Office -- ON THE GROUND NOW” John yelled as he leapt from his car and drew his weapon virtually simultaneously. The running suspect didn’t listen, just as John had expected. He instead broke his pursuit of the well-dressed man and taken off toward a side alleyway. But, John was good at his work. The offender was fast, but John - was FASTER. He holstered his weapon as he calculated his movements nearly autonomously. He had chosen his intercept point well. John calculated the takedown, knowing an almost undisputable, universal law - 95 percent of offenders have no idea of how to fight, and the remaining 5% seldom need to fight. And this one looked like the former. It took a few seconds, but just a few, for the whole pursuit to be over. Exactly two PPCT strikes and a normal compliance take down and the suspect wa on his back, with John twisting his arms and putting the handcuffs on. He never even had to hurt more than the punk’s pride. Once secured, John kept his knee in place just under the lower shoulder blades, cuffed arms resting on his quad, knowing a bodyweight advantage and leverage would be critical with this man who slightly outweighed him. “What’s your name?” John demanded as he patted down the suspect and quickly removed a 9mm weapon and several baggies of what looked like methamphetamine. “Fuck you” was the response. John smiled a bit and gave a half chuckle under his breath. He loved this a bit too much when it happened, and some mischievous streak in him just drove him to do it. “OK, Mister Fuk Yu. I am placing you under arrest for possession of an illegal firearm and possession of controlled substances. You have the right to remain silent …” John mirandized the “Mr. Fuck,” pulled him up to his feet, and maneuvered him the few yards to his car. He put the offender in the back seat and locked the door of his unmarked. The guy was going nowhere. Now, to more important matters. John made his way toward the young man being pursued - who had by now stopped and was almost collapsed on the sidewalk. Declann withdrew his cell, called 911, and requested uniformed officers to his location. He was upon the man on the sidewalk just as he hung up. John immediately knelt down to do a quick assessment of his condition. There were no obvious signs of trauma at the first once over. He then took a more careful look at the victim’s features. While he certainly wasn’t of student age, he was still under 30, John guessed. And, he was a very nice looking under 30 to boot. Blue eyes setting off dark, intense features. Old enough to just have the barest hint of a wrinkle at the eye but nothing else. John noted a rather slim body - the size of his own would have been were it not for his training in Aikido and Krav Maga. John felt a twinge of attraction.Yes, John was bisexual, but no one cared among his superiors anymore. Besides, he had always kept that part of himself separate when on duty. “You OK Sir? I can’t see any obvious injuries. Do you need an ambulance?”John asked as he came and sat down at the man’s level. “Thank you . . . . officer, thank . . . you.” The man panted in reply with a pronounced British accent. “I was . . . just going toward my . . . lab . . . after my tea . . . when this fellow . . . started chasing me screaming at . . me. ” The young man was now gathering his breath, becoming easier to understand. John was a bit surprised to hear that English accent coming from him. Not unheard of, but still unusual in Boulder. “Did he assault you in any way?” The Englishman finally looked up to see John’s slightly older but obviously concerned and kind face. He visibly relaxed as he looked into John’s light brown eyes. “No, he never caught me but he was close. I am not exactly in running shorts and shoes here. But thanks to you, I’ll be OK. I do not know what would have happened if you had not arrived when you did.” “With what I found, I suspect he wanted to mug you. You are rather well dressed for campus, if I may observe. And, forgive me, if he heard you accent, you may have looked like an quick target as a tourist. When the uniform officers get here, you will need to give a statement to them, or you can give it to me if you prefer. We need to make sure this scumbag gets what he deserves.” “Of course. Anything I can do to assist, although I would be much happier speaking to you.” the man said giving just a hint of a smile. It was then that the uniformed officers in their black and white vehicles showed up. John excused himself for a moment, let the uniforms know what was going on, and allowed them to take the offender back to the jail for booking. John then returned to the man still sitting on the sidewalk. Pulling out a notebook he kept on him for times like this, John got all the pertinent information as he had done thousands of times before. Name, description of what happened, when, and why, if he knew. Any details the young man, who he had come to know as Gabriel York, may have remembered before, during, and after. As he took the statement, John became even more convinced this was an attempted mugging, perhaps for more drug money, maybe even more if that weapon came into play. Knowing he had all he needed, John said, “Finally, is there a way we can contact you if we have further questions. The staff from the District Attorney's office will be sure to want to speak with you about testimony if it comes to that. Although with the evidence we have, this one will probably plea. This is not his first time in jail.” Gabriel reached into his pocket for a very expensive-looking leather wallet and removed a business card. “This is my lab contact information. I am easiest to reach either here on campus or with my secretary. My other lab is ...a… well ... it is easier to reach me here. Again I can’t thank you enough, Sergeant.” “Believe me, Dr. York, it was my pleasure. I am just glad you are safe and sound.” John said. “Are you OK to go on your own or would you like me to escort you to your lab? I would be happy to do so.” “Thank you sir, but I think I’ll be fine. My lab is just over the hill in the Biological Sciences building.” Gabriel replied. “OK” John said, handing Gabriel a card of his own with his name, rank, and contact information on it. “This is my card. If you need anything or remember anything else, please do not hesitate to call me anytime, day or night.” ‘Of course. Sergeant Declann.” The Englishman arose with a friendly hand from John. Almost as an afterthought as he was leaving, York turned around. “Oh, Sergeant Declann, by the way. I do ….ah… certain work down at the Federal Center in Denver. I will have to report this incident to my superiors there and to the British consulate. In case there is testimony or something as you said. They may wish to speak with you. Just to make sure. You understand?” John nodded. Ah, he works with the feds as an international scholar of some kind, and the red tape must be dealt with. “Of course. No problem at all. I’m proximate to the Federal Center half the time anyway.” York nodded an ascent and turned again to walk away. John stood a moment watching - and admiring - Dr. York move until he was sure he was alright AND that he was moving toward the Biology building. He turned around and began to make his way back to his car. As he did, he looked down at the card: Gabriel York, MD. PhD., FACS Research Director/Professor of Medicine Advanced Bio-neurological Applications Project University of Colorado School of Medicine Hmmm, John thought. He looked a damned sight young to be in such a prestigious job, a full professor under 30 and with two doctorates at least. And a fellow of the ACS -- so why talk to the Consulate? John’s “detective sensor” started to sound off in his mind. This advanced applications thing wasn’t a program he was familiar with, but there were so many new research projects on campus these days. But, as soon as the “alert” came, he let it go. Probably a government grant given what he said about the Federal Center. John was reviewing the incident in his mind for his own after action report as he pulled onto the highway. Suddenly, there was a loud roar of a horn and air brakes. John never even saw the tractor trailer that plowed into his car, crumpling it in an instant like so much tissue paper and driving it 30 yards down the highway. *** Two Hours Later *** Trauma room one at the University of Colorado Hospital was abuzz with activity. At least a dozen doctors, nurses, and specialist technologists in yellow plastic smocks and shields hovered over a trauma bed doing a myriad of tasks to the man laying there. “What do we have?” the lead trauma surgeon said as he came into the room and took up control of the life-saving operation. On of the smocked figures raised up and stepped back, raising his shield. “John Declann, caucasian male, age 39. Boulder County Sheriff’s Deputy. MVA - car versus tractor/trailer. Passenger was in a seatbelt with airbags deployed but required extraction by fire-rescue. Initial assessment shows superficial cranial abrasions, with most likely a simple concussion. No evidence of other cranial, brain, or upper spinal injuries. Seat belt bruising pattern is highly indicative of internal organ disruption, but nothing so far on physical examination and plain films of the abdomen. Lacerated and collapsed left lung, reinflated with chest tube. Pneumothorax proximate to same lung injury also responding. Initial x-rays show compromised T-12 vertebral body and possible pelvic fracture. No apparent lower limb trauma beyond cuts and bruises from extrication from the vehicle. CT scans are coming up now for the spinal and pelvic injury areas. This was a driver’s side T-bone crash. I think that this guy’s level of fitness is why we’re talking about saving his life and not pronouncing him. ” the lead resident efficiently rattled off. The lead surgeon took a look at the patient, and agreed with the resident’s assessment. John was alive because of his trained, flexible, body and more than a little random chance. But what kind of life was it going to be? The doctor walked over to the computer terminal screens and pulled up the CT scans. The pelvis showed a simple left side Ilium fracture. Non-displaced. Something the orthopods could deal with easy enough. He then flipped to the scan of John’s spine -- and frowned. “Fuck,” he said under his breath as he looked. He sat down on a stool and zoomed, in, out, rotated, and closely examined the different views provided by the technology. The burst fracture was unmistakable and at precisely the worst spot for leg function. As he walked back to John, the doctor barked orders to the residents and nurses, while he removed an ink pen from his pocket. He ran the pen up first one foot and then the other. Goddamnit, he thought. The veteran doc’s heart sunk even more. “Get neurosurg here stat. Tell them severe impact, burst fracture at T-12, CT visualization and reflex response indicative of cord injury.” The room went silent for a moment before carrying on. It was always hard to treat an officer. Much less for this. The supervising physician turned and again just looked at the radiology. The soft tissue injuries were no walk in the park, but were easily fixable, recoverable in just a few weeks, the pelvis in a couple of months, except …. that. There was no hope for that, in his experience. This man would be paralyzed. Five minutes later the head of neurosurgery looked at the same CT scans, and came to the same conclusion. No hope. They could do an exploratory, check and see if by some miracle there was just pressure on the cord from a fragment, but not likely. Better to just do a vertebral stabilization with the orthopods, but his chances to recover function … Declann had been stabilized and was ready for transfer to have his lung laceration repaired. As he was about to be moved, another man in a white coat burst into the trauma room. One look from him toward John, and his eyes moistened. “I...I...can’t believe it.” the black haired man wept at the side of the bed. “I had to be sure.” The man almost looked skyward, “Why him?” Gabriel tenderly wiped a finger down John’s cheek. “Gabriel?” the head of neuro looked up. “What are you doing here? Do you know this man?” “This man, he saved my life this morning, not even four hours ago. Kept me from getting mugged by this man with a gun. Everyone heard the crash and when I saw that the wreckage was his car. Is he going to be OK?” Gabriel was out of breath and had obviously lost clinical detachment between the events of this morning and the shock of seeing the officer who had been so kind and patient with him lying there. He would have been removed if treatment were still going on, but it was basically complete save moving him to OR. The two attendings just nodded toward the computer screens with the radiology still on it. Gabriel walked from John’s head side, looked, and was overcome with remorse and guilt. Had he just been at his normal time, 15 minutes later, none of this would have happened. But, he just HAD to check on a minor experiment. And now, this man lay here because of him. Gabriel zoomed in to the machine’s maximum sensitivity. He looked again and again. Through a choking voice, Gabriel looked around and almost whispered. “Jack, can you send me these scans please? To my secondary lab.” The lead neurosurgeon looked horrified, searching for a reason not to. “Gabriel. You can’t be serious. You know I can’t do that. It violates protocol, federal law--” Gabriel cut him off, almost angrily “Jack you know I can take care of that with one call to Washington.” “What are you going to do?” Jack asked, never having seen such anger in the young, brilliant surgeon and scientist. “IF I can, if there is anything I can do, I am going to try and help this man.’ “You can’t have a man as a lab r--. I can’t sanc---” Jack stumbled. Gabriel stood to his full height, taking on an almost military bearing. “You know I can and will go over your head if I have to. I will have him removed if I must.” Gabriel took a breath and seemed to calm a bit. “Jack I am not promising that I can or will do anything, I do not know if there is anything to do. But I have to try. I owe it to him. He is here because of me. I have to try or I’ll never forgive myself.” Jack knew Gabriel could follow through on his threats in an instant. He had seen some small manifestations of Gabriel’s connections to political power before, and he knew that interference in hospital functions was the very least of what he could do. As much as Jack detested it, with this kind of anger Gabriel could bring down the mountain on top of his whole hospital. But, as it was, there was nothing anyone could do for Officer Declann, not even York. Jack just silently waved his fingers in a gesture of defeat, nodded an ascent, and transferred access to Gabriel as primary attending physician. “Thank you Jack. I owe you about 10 times over for this.” “I WILL HOLD YOU TO THAT,” the older surgeon replied, his voice suddenly sharpened. “And I insist on one thing. Before you present him any of those things you do that I do not have a clue about, you will at least get his consent.” Gabriel looked like he had been shot himself and his voice shook, “I would NEVER do anything to harm him.” York turned on a heel and left the room, walking out of the ER doors, and toward his car in the parking lot. As soon as he was in the vehicle with the door closed, he pulled from his pocket an encrypted cell phone with just one number it could access, locked to his fingerprint. A male voice answered in military precision, “Yes, Doctor York?” “Codeword Ariana. I want the full computer network prepped for simulator study based on some CT scans that will be coming from CU Trauma ER shortly. Run the program with emergent parameters and stand by to report when I get there. Not a proof of concept level scan, Don, but full cellular level calculations. I am leaving the hospital now. We have 24 hours at the most to complete simulations. And...ah.. Don. This is important to me, personally.” “Yes SIR,” the sharp voice on the other end said. Gabriel could not quite understand what he was feeling, this pull toward this man. He didn’t know the man existed six hours ago. Sure, there was guilt and anger and sadness. But, he just could not remove from his mind those eyes he saw this morning. Those haunted, caring brown eyes. Something about him. This John Declann. He did not know what. But he saw it in his eyes. He deserved more than this, and Gabriel would find out why. He would make it happen, he willed it to happen as he drove toward the freeway. This good man would walk again.
  3. Shade

    The Alpha Male 3

    Part 1, Part 2 Training Myles had been extra cautious since the incident with Mr. Fong a week ago. After a change of clothes for me, we had flown directly to Myles’ home in the south on his private jet. And I noticed that Myles carried Fong’s case with the formula with him. It never left his person until we arrived at the house, and then it disappeared from view. I suspected Myles had a safe or vault of some kind, but this was my first time at his house. My inspection was quick, and we established the necessary security protocols and perimeters. Not that Myles had much to fear with me there protecting him. Myles had called in extra men from Mack’s team. Enough so that I was not working around the clock to provide protection. Not that it seemed like we had anything to worry about. Perhaps I had given Fong enough of a fright he wouldn’t try his luck. All my food was provided, and as Kyle remarked jokingly – several times – I was in danger of eating them out of house and home. What concerned me more was my inability to train. My body tensed a bit, and I flexed as I finished laps in Myles’ Olympic swimming pool. The swim had felt good, but what my body craved was the exertion of muscle on steel. The longer I waited, the worse it became. And I knew that when I got like this I could become a danger to others. “You look tense,” said Myles, watching me from the side of the pool. I hoisted myself up, careful not to shatter the stones around the edge of the pool. “I need to train Mr. Boudreau.” I felt the rivulets of water run down my hair, and cascade off my body. The sunlight gleamed against the muscles of my skin, glittering with tiny droplets of water, and I stretched a bit, feeling the energy in my body, the tenseness of muscle, and the power I could harness just under my skin. I felt like a thoroughbred. And Myles watched my movements with great interest. More discerning even than Kyle, and yet his eyes were more guarded. I could not tell what he thought of me. And his body had no obvious tells. “I know,” said Myles. “I’ve been a bad host.” “I am not your guest sir. And you’ve been a very good boss.” I picked up my towel, and began to dry my body. “There are some old train yards, about twenty miles or so that way.” He pointed east, in the direction of the city. “I’ve heard that guys like you use them sometimes. You should look into it.” “Thank you sir. I’ll do that.” He didn’t stay to watch me, and as he went inside I sighed. I admit I was a little disappointed by his lack of interest. Myles was so handsome and confident. So good at what he did. His gaze always made me feel hot and flushed, and a touch uncertain. Well, enough day dreaming. I had work to do. * * * I came inside from a patrol of the grounds. Stu and Greg would be taking over from me soon, and I had the evening off. So I considered what Myles had said to me earlier. I stood stiffly with my wide back towards the wall, surveying the large room in front of me. It was opulent, but tasteful. And quite masculine, I thought, in an old fashioned way. Myles had unexpected tastes. Kyle sat on a luxurious leather sofa. He was angled in such a way that he was facing me, several notebooks and papers lay neatly on the couch beside him, along with his phone – which was never far from hand. He ran a hand through his hair as he read something on his iPad, and I had begun to recognise this distracted gesture having seen it now a thousand times over the past week. “Mr. Palmer?” “Yes?” He looked up at me, and his eyes focused. I liked the way that Kyle could forget anything in the world, even me, when he was engrossed in reading. “How much does a locomotive weigh?” He cocked his head, but then his hasty fingers went to work on the shiny surface of his toy, until he found what he was looking for. “Anywhere over one hundred twenty tons each apparently,” he said. “Why do you want to know?” “Just curious.” He regarded me for a minute. “Myles says you have a competition coming up?” “Yes sir. In a week.” “Myles sounded quite excited about it. Not much makes him excited.” “Mr. Boudreau plans to attend?” I wasn’t expecting that. “We’re both going.” “I hope that you’ll both enjoy the competition sir.” “Feats of strength is it?” His voice feigned disinterest, but his eyes begged me, suggesting otherwise. “It will be a competition amongst certain men to see who is the best at the required tasks.” “And who will be the best?” he wondered. “Me obviously.” “You sound awfully sure of yourself.” I grinned at him, and he started, taken aback. A smile from me was a rare thing. A cocky smile was something he’d never seen before. Walking over to Kyle, I gently reached under him with my left arm. And I lifted him as if he had the weight of a feather until he sat perfectly balanced in my palm. I extended myself to my full height, which was now lately grown to nearly seven feet. “Fuck!” he muttered. “You are strong!” He reached out to touch the shelf of my pec outlined in my well tailored suit jacket. As his fingers grazed the fabric, I flexed the muscle, causing the pecs to bounce. A massive ripple of power rose through the striations like a wave, and he pulled his fingers away like he’d received an electric shock. I heard a moan escape his lips. I brought him even closer to me, and my right hand reached over to take his hand in mine. He was a full grown man, and not that small by normal standards, but my hand eclipsed his. I pressed his palm against my chest. Then I pressed my hand firmly over his, but careful not to inflict crushing pressure. His hand was trapped where it was. Though he made no attempt to escape, however futile it might have been. “It’s like steel,” he moaned. “Harder than that.” “Yes...harder....” He licked his lips. “What is that I feel underneath?” he asked, breathless. “That’s my heart beating.” I squeezed his hand, just a little. And in that second he lay his head against my chest, his breathing coming harder. Then he shuddered. I set him down as gently as I’d picked him up, putting him right back where I found him. I did not fail to notice the growing wet spot on this trousers, nor miss the hardness of his cock. “You should never doubt me Mr. Palmer. Never.” And I left him there to think about it. * * * I stretched in the last rays of the sun, as they were sinking slowly over the horizon. It was an early spring night, and the weather was still cool – but warmer here than where I’d been recently. Stripped to the waist, I flexed my muscles. Stretching them. Enjoying how the tension eased as the fibres were pulled taut. I was wearing a pair of gym shorts made out of a new elastic material, and some extremely large gym shoes that I’d had especially made. As I had finished stretching, and as the dusk fell, day turning into night, I crouched like a panther. This was my time, and I needed to work my muscles. Feel them pull. The energy coursed through my veins. I leapt forward, my quads pumping under me, as I took off like an Olympic runner. Only faster. I felt myself cross the massive expanse of Myles’ lawn in a few strides, not even up to full speed. I neared the large stone fence surrounding his property, and hurled myself into the air. Feeling the wind strike my face as I became airborne – soaring, even if only briefly, through the night and clearing the fifteen foot wall easily. My body came down hard on the pavement outside, and I felt the asphalt give as I landed. The stones and tar being pushed by the force of my body in motion, and I ran. I ran. And ran. Short of lifting, running was one of the best ways I’d found of using my body. Legs pumping, calves flexing. Hamstrings squeezed. The engine of my body powering forward, and then my lungs filling with air, pecs bouncing, and back tensing. I put on the speed, and ran faster. Not having dared to try such a speed in a long time. I’d chosen a route that avoided most people. And where I was going was very much the other side of the tracks. The abandoned part of a once mighty manufacturing area. Too soon I arrived at the site originally suggested to me by Myles. It seemed a perfect spot, and I leapt into the air again, easily clearing a large chain link fence a good couple feet above the barbed wire on top. And as I landed, the dirt around me shifted, the earth compressed, and dust rose up in a cloud. I looked down and saw that I’d created a massive indentation. “What a way to make an entrance!” An older man shone a flashlight in my direction, a crooked grin on his face. “Are you Larry?” I asked him. “That’s me. I’ve seen some of you boys before, but usually you just rip the doors off. Ain’t never seen anyone jump the fence like that.” I glanced back at the gate. Then at Larry. “Now what would be the fun of that?” I stood up, as fully as possible. My chest swelled in front, the pecs full and round, nipples at a southward trajectory. My shoulders were as wide as goal posts, and each delt twice as big as a bowling ball. I put my hands on my hips and emphasised the v-taper of my broad back that I knew was obvious, with a narrow waist that almost made me look top heavy. The guns were swollen and I could feel their crushing power even when they were relaxed like that. But I wasn’t just massive from the waist up. My legs, like trees, were solidly planted in the ground. Larry looked me up and down, and he paid special attention to the deep valleys that separated the quad muscles, the massive tear drop shape of the muscle that hung there. And the calves below, of which I was especially proud, for they were like nothing else on the whole world, and harder than diamonds. “Jesus! You’re a big fella ain’t ya? All you guys are big. But there aren’t many I’ve seen bigger than you.” “No one’s bigger than me.” “Naw sir. I got a good eye for this sort of thing. You’re not the biggest. There was a fella in here nigh on about a month ago yesterday, and he was a lot bigger than you. Jacked up sort of dude. What is it you call ‘em? Juicers?” “Big muscle doesn’t mean much if you don’t have the strength to back it up.” “Ain’t that the truth sir. Well I was just telling my littlest one Shawn the same thing the other day. Shawn, I says to him, cause the boy just don’t listen, if you’re gonna get to the all state wrestling championships, you’re gonna have to build up some strength in those arms. Kid just don’t know. His ole dad on the other hand, I was all state twice.” Larry’s chest swelled up with pride, and I smiled at him. I’d only just met him and I had a bit of a soft spot for the guy. “Anyway, mister. The place is yours – if you got the money.” Thankful again to have the bonus Myles gave me, I had tucked a wad of hundred dollar bills into my shorts. I pulled it out and tossed it to Larry. If he had any complaints about where it had been stored he didn’t say anything. “Much obliged sir," he said, pocketing the money. Then he stood there. “Well thanks,” I said, flexing my guns. “Time to put these to the test.” “If it’s all the same to you man, I wouldn’t mind watching.” “Just don’t get in my way,” I warned him. I walked forward, eager to survey my new training equipment. It was like a graveyard of old trains. And some appeared to be quite battered. Across the way some old tracks had been torn up and twisted like pretzels. Clearly some of the other fellas from the Circuit had stopped by. Not that I doubted Larry’s word. My hands squeezed tight into fists, and I walked over to a particularly aerodynamic pretzel. The rail itself was light, and I took a minute to unfold the complicated tangle until I had made it straight again. I ran my hand along the rail, until I was pleased that it was as smooth as it had been when it first was manufactured. Larry looked on with a keen interest. Knowing I had his full attention, I folded the rail in half, and then in half again. I squeezed the steel together, forcing it to conform to my grip, and it gave way as it was made ever smaller. When it was finally folded as much as I judged the steel could handle, I began shaping it into a ball like it was putty. The metal heated in my hands, warmed by the energy I was exerting against it. I felt the ball of the metal thick, and tight, but I forced it ever smaller, expelling out all possible air, squeezing it until it became about the size of a basketball. Larry whistled. And I then hurled the ball, like it was a baseball, letting it rocket towards an old warehouse building far across the wall. The sound of the impact could be heard throughout the yard as the steel tore a hole in the building, and then out again from the other side heading far into the distance. “That’s pretty good, big man,” hollered Larry. “I’d like to see some of you big boys play some baseball.” “That was good for start,” I said. “But we got a lot more to go.” I walked up to a big old train engine. A rusted out locomotive that probably could carry a 13,000 ton load over the mountains. It sat on the track. I put my left hand on the front and pushed. The locomotive was heavy, and its workings rusty. It resisted me. But I wasn’t a man to be resisted. My triceps bulged, and the wheels squealed, forced to move. I pushed, walking it forward with the power of my arm. Soon it was moving. Forced backwards on the track towards some freight cars. They were unloaded, and I walked the train into them, pushing both the locomotive and the freight cars back, and I grunted with the extra exertion. There were maybe ten cars in a row. And each weighed about 30 tons unloaded. Then I squeezed the metal, and pulled. And now I felt my bicep react, straining against the weight to make the whole chain of vehicles stop. The cars that had been going backwards groaned, overpowered. And my young muscle pulled. And pulled hard. As I stepped back the locomotive came with me, grudgingly, but I didn’t give it a choice. The cars that had coupled themselves to the locomotive came as well until I pulled it back to the starting point. I brushed the dust from my hands and repeated the exercise with my right arm. That was fine for a warm-up. I reached under the front of the train and I lifted it up. Back muscles complained, and I howled. Roaring, I pulled. I forced my quads to obey, and the train came with me. I stood up, and up. Reaching my full height. The train must have looked comic, as it was balanced on my palms, and I arched my back in the perfect deadlift form. Then I held the weight. I counted out slowly in my mind. My body screamed its resistance, every nerve on fire, as I managed to withstand the pressure. In fact I was enjoying the pain. I lived for it. Because it meant I was getting stronger. When the slow count of five minutes was reached I set the train back down, letting it rest perfectly back on the track. Looking like it had hardly been disturbed. “Damn, man! That was an impressive lift. That big engine there’s at least two hundred tons.” Larry spit. I grunted acknowledgment. As I took a breath, resting a second, my mind wandered. I hadn’t always been this strong of course. When I was thirteen, I’d had a nemesis. Billy Nickerson. He was one of the meanest sons of bitches I have encountered before or since. He took great pleasure in inflicting pain. And he was cruel. Maybe I sound bitter because I was his victim. A shy introverted junior high kid just trying to mind his own business. But I don’t think that was just the case, although I certainly resented him. And of course owed him something as well. Without him I wouldn’t be the man I am today. When Billy had kicked my ass six ways from Sunday on the last day of eighth grade, with half the school watching and laughing, I had vowed that I would never be the victim of his or anyone else’s bullying ever again. I joined a gym the next day. What surprised me is how easily I took to it. When I felt like I couldn’t lift any more. When I felt like a failure. Like a pussy. Just how Billy had described me over and over again. It was then I’d feel something roaring through me that wouldn’t let me quit. Wouldn’t let me stop. Each day I went to the gym and each day I put more weight on the bar. And when I returned to school after the end of summer I was so transformed most of the students thought I was an entirely different person. But Billy recognised me, I made sure of that. That fight on the last day of school, now long past, was the last one I’d ever lost against another person or myself. Within a few months I could break every powerlifting record I could find. Within a year I was doing things even I recognised as superhuman. By the time I was sixteen, I’d become unstoppable. And no one, and nothing had stopped me since. “That other fella did fifty of them deadlifts, with that engine over there.” I looked at the other engine. It was bigger than mine. I could see it was thicker, heavier. Made for pulling the very biggest of loads. And it was a little battered. Like someone had taken a couple swings at it. “Fifty you said?” “Yep.” I got under it and lifted, experimentally at first. It was heavy. Maybe the heaviest thing I’d ever lifted. “Two hundred fifty tons that one.” “Fuck!” I hollered. I squeezed my fingers into the metal underneath and felt the handholds of someone else. I gripped even tighter. Good form was everything. And I powered it up. I felt for a moment on the way up that I was going to drop it. But I didn’t. I wasn’t going to. At the top of the lift I grunted, and I let it down and did another. Then another. Then another. Nothing was going to defeat me. No matter how big and heavy it was. I felt the sweat bead on my forehead, even in the cold night air, and my natural body heat increased. I hollered again. I powered up fifty reps, and when I got to fifty-one. I let the train slam back down on the track. “FUCK YEAH!!!!!!” I roared out. “Take that MOTHER FUCKER!” My arms contracted, and I flexed a most muscular at the train. “Looked like that might have been a little tough on you,” said Larry, “Those last few sets.” I GLARED at Larry. But he didn’t seem cowed. “In fact, that big fella I mentioned. You know he did those lifts one handed.” “What?” My voice edged with danger. “Oh, yeah. He tried for fifty one-reps but he couldn’t quite manage. Not one-handed.” I chuckled. No big man was showing me up. Don’t care who he was. Reaching under I grabbed the vehicle in a tight grip with my right hand. I squeezed so hard that the indentations already there formed even more deeply under my fingers. When I tugged, nothing happened. From the side I heard Larry chuckle. But I pulled even harder, forcing my body to obey me. When Larry saw what I was managing, I heard him swear. The first rep was the hardest. And it was very hard indeed. I felt the sweat pouring off my body like a hose. Each rep coming on. When I got to twenty I burned. By the time I hit thirty I was in agony. But I was not going to stop. This was light, I told myself over and over again. If that big pussy could do it, anyone could do. I was THE MAN. When I finally hit fifty, I heard Larry exclaim. When I hit sixty, he was shouting obscenities. By eighty he was my biggest cheerleader. “Don’t you fucking give in,” he screamed at me. “Lift that fucker!” I powered through. Ninety-eight. Ninety-nine. One hundred. Then I switched hands. Larry started frothing at the mouth. He came right up to me. And was shouting right beside me. Daring me to equal what I had just accomplished. And I did. Oh, did I ever. I finished, setting it down gently. “Fuck!” Larry told me, “I ain’t seen lifting like that before.” “You ain’t seen nothing little man.” I pulled up the engine with both hands. Not just pulled, but tossed. The front of the engine flew into the air and it kept going, then it flipped over, falling onto it’s back in a massive heap, deforming the rails beneath and caving in its roof. “I bet no big fucker has ever done anything like that before!” I pumped my fist into the overturned locomotive. It not only caved in the metal of the machine, it moved the crushed engine back a good ten feet. “Hell no big guy. That was truly a first for me.” I was uncomfortably aware of the fact that the log in my training shorts had grown mighty big and thick. It was straining even the elastic of this new material. Although I was pleased to see the material held. “How much does this one weigh?” “That’s three hundred tons big man.” I reached under it and tipped it on its side. Then turned, braced my back against it, and grabbed the axels of the mighty wheels. With a good grip, I muscled it up onto my shoulders, and stood all the way up. The weight was crushing, and I felt my legs wobble, but I would not falter. I took a deep squat. Ass to the floor. “FUCK!” My quads were ripped apart by the pressure. Glutes screamed in agony. But. I. Stood. Up. I did another. And then I did it again. I felt the flare of the power in my balls. And my cock, now solid, tented my shorts. When I reached ten reps I thought I was going to quit. But I knew I had to keep going. I never usually repped less than one-hundred. The first half were agony. The second half felt my muscles respond. The surge of adrenaline filling them and the weight got lighter, and easier. When I reached the end I set the weight down. Legs burning, I lay on the ground and let the engine cover me. Then I pressed it up. Over and over again. Repeating my usual routine for two hundred reps. Benching what I could squat. I stood up, and Larry’s expression told me everything I needed to know. I pushed down my shorts, and my cock was at full capacity, a thick log of blood and muscle that was longer than my two massive fists put together. My balls fell out with them, large and hairy, like big pieces of fruit hanging ripe. I turned to the train and brought my hands down, crushing them into and through the metal. I pulled the big machine towards me, off the rails, twisting them, and brought it to my cock. I pulled it onto myself and crushed it down against me, creating a tight space to fuck. I kept crushing it until it was half the size it had been. Then I thrust my hips. And it was bliss. The metal tearing and rending as I fucked. My god! I rolled my eyes back and fucked it harder. It tore asunder under my onslaught. Such a big machine become so very fragile. Unable to withstanding the pounding. Soon it was obvious it was falling apart and no longer able to sustain my cock. I walked to the next engine and fucked it too into oblivion. Then a third. Then a fourth. Finally I felt my balls heave, pouring out my steaming hot cum. And it hit the machine and filled it, tore through it, and burst out the side. I backed away. Sated. My cheeks flushed, and I felt heat pulse through my body. The fog in my mind cleared and I felt I was returning to some semblance of myself. I shifted my muscles, and felt them ache. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had a workout with soreness. Not for years. Larry surveyed the damage. Even he looked stunned. “Ain’t nothing like it! You trashed the place!” “Sorry about that man. Listen it’s been real, but I gotta go.” “Come back and see us again,” said Larry. “Please!” I winked at him before I took off running. This time though I ran right through the fence. 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  4. Hey everyone! This is the first chapter in a story that I’m in the middle of writing. All feedback is welcome, but keep in mind that this is the first story that I have decided to make public, so be gentle Let me know if you want to see more! Chapter 1 “Is there anything left in the trunk?” Nico yelled to his mom from inside the house. “No, it looks like we got everything!” she called back. “Finally!” Nico said with a relieved sigh as he sank down onto the couch. He propped his legs up on the coffee table, leaned back, and took a deep breath, relishing the salty smell of the ocean that was wafting in through the open door; it had been too long since he and his mother had visited their beach house. They used to go every summer but had rented it out for the past four years to help cover Nico’s college tuition. Now that he had just graduated though, they could finally enjoy it themselves again. As Nico’s mom came back into the house and started carrying her bags to her bedroom, Nico’s phone buzzed in his pocket. He pulled it out and saw that he had received a text from his friend Will. Hey, I saw you and your mom drive up a few minutes ago; do you want to come over to my place and hang out? A broad grin stretched across Nico’s face as he hurriedly typed out his response. Sure! I’ll be there in a second! As soon as he hit send, Nico sprang up from the couch. “Mom!” he shouted. “I’m going over to see Will!” And without waiting for a response, he ran out the door. Nico had been excited to come back to the beach house for a lot of reasons. But the most important of those reasons had been Will. Nico met him for the first time twelve years ago when Will’s family bought the beach house across the street from his. There weren’t very many other kids their age in the neighborhood at the time, so it was inevitable that the two boys would end up spending lots of time together, and they eventually became very close friends. For the next eight years, Nico and Will spent their summers practically joined at the hip; they filled their days playing volleyball on the beach, racing each other through the ocean, and doing many other, usually competitive, activities. Part of the reason Nico enjoyed spending time with Will so much was admittedly that Nico pretty much always won regardless of what the contest was; he was two years old than Will, which gave him an advantage in strength and speed that Will always had trouble overcoming. However, Will always accepted his losses with grace and even took Nico’s playful teasing in stride. As Nico walked up to Will’s house and rang the doorbell, he felt his stomach twisting into knots of excited anticipation. It was strange to think that four whole years had passed since they had last seen each other; he could picture Will as if he had just seen him yesterday. At any second, he would be greeted by the sight of a skinny guy with wavy blond hair, sparkling blue eyes, and a radiant smile that could cheer him up even on his worst days. A few seconds later, the door opened, and Nico’s mouth fell open in shock. The guy standing in front of him was not the Will that Nico remembered from four years ago. Sure, his face was the same, and his smile was just as radiant as ever, but that was where the similarities stopped. Gone was the small, skinny guy Nico had once known, replaced by a tall young man with a powerful, muscular build. His once narrow shoulders had widened, his chest broadened, and his arms thickened. The tight t-shirt he was wearing looked almost as if it were begging for mercy from the incredible muscles it was struggling to contain; the fabric was stretched taut against a pair of firm pecs, and the sleeves just barely covered a few inches of his bulging biceps. “Nico!” Will exclaimed with a beaming grin and then pulled him into a bruising bear-hug. Nico felt all of the air rush out of his lungs as a pair of muscular arms crushed his ribcage and pressed him against the firmest torso he had ever felt in his life. He made a feeble attempt to return the hug, but found that his arms could barely reach around the wide expanse of rippling muscle that was Will’s back. It felt like Will would never let him go; Nico was beginning to feel dizzy from the lack of oxygen. He tried to extricate himself from the embrace, but Will was astonishingly strong; it felt like his body was made of steel. Nico was completely immobilized and helpless. Just as Nico felt himself beginning to lose consciousness, Will released him. The moment he was free, he collapsed to the ground, gasping for air. “Oh, shit!” Will said, kneeling down and putting his hand on Nico’s shoulder. “Nico, what’s wrong?” Nico shook his head but was unable to reply through his panting and coughing. After a few seconds, he had recovered enough to say, “That hug . . . cough . . . was pretty tight.” “Oh,” Will said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head and causing one of his biceps to swell to the size of a grapefruit. “Sorry about that. Didn’t realize I was crushing you.” “It’s okay,” Nico said with a nervous laugh, getting shakily back to his feet. “I’m fine now.” “Are you sure?” Will asked, still concerned. “Do you want me to get you some water?” “No, I’m okay. Really,” Nico repeated more confidently this time, trying to stand up straight and not wince at the pain of his probably bruised ribs. “Alright, if you’re sure” Will said reluctantly. “Come on; let’s get you inside.” He put an arm around Nico and gently steered him into the house.
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    Hi all Long time lurker. I thought I'd start a story that's been mulling around in my head for a while now. I'm still not sure where it's ultimately headed - though I'm hoping it won't go where you think it might. I have some ideas for the direction - but nothing concrete. There could be anything - so fair warning - if you're easily offended, or grossed out, or whatever, this may not be the thread for you. I'm planning on keeping each chapter fairly short, but hoping to post updates more often. It's my first ever story - so be kind, or not ... EDIT: I've purposefully not given our main protagonist a name, but will use uppercase HE/HIM/HIS to refer to HIM. I'm gradually editing each entry to fix this after the fact. Apologies if it's hard to follow. ******* CHAPTER ONE It was over. Well, IT wasn’t over, but the race to find a vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the virus that caused COVID-19, was done. The company where HE worked had lost the race. There were five or six vaccine candidates approved worldwide, some mRNA based, some more traditional. HIS company had spent billions of dollars, and would never recoup those R&D losses releasing vaccine number six or seven, even if it was more effective. If only it was even slightly effective. The project was shelved and, indeed, the existence of the company itself was now under threat. Word had come down from on high that afternoon; a Thursday. The staff were shocked, but not particularly surprised. Everyone expected the axe to fall at some point — many surprised it took as long as it did. It was always a radical and ambitious plan. A plan that would pay massive dividends if it paid off - not only in immediate sales of vaccine, but in lucrative patents that would forever change vaccine development and progress medical science as we’d known it. As the old saying goes, if it’s too good to be true… A vaccine that reprogrammed the patient’s DNA so that the patient’s own immune system would produce the cells and antibodies necessary to fight the virus would not only prevent COVID-19 disease, it would also prevent transmission of the virus causing the disease, ending the pandemic once and for all. But that was small fry compared to future developments. No more influenza, common cold, herpes, HIV, Hepatitis… any infection known to man — virus, bacteria, fungi — would be cured. And even the big C, cancer. Well, it WAS ambitious. But it was not to be. Though the theory seemed sound, putting the theory into practice proved… challenging. Hundreds of billions of dollars were spent trying to make it work and, though there was some promising early results in vitro, every single tested animal had resulted in horribly disfigured or dead animals. Not exactly ready for initial human trials, let alone approval for final manufacture and sale. The bean counters and lawyers were still crunching the numbers and considering the options, but it seemed that so little progress had been made converting theory into practice that everything relating to the project, from samples to formulas, from notes to equipment, from methods to specialised equipment — everything — was effectively worthless.
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    Plane Muscle

    Trying something different between chapters of ‘Flex for class’. The scenario and protagonist for this are lifted from a fbb worship story I found on literotica called Best Seat On The Plane. This has always been a scenario I’ve dreamt of, so rewrote with a male bodybuilder and embellished a bit. I hope the original author doesn’t mind. Original story is here: https://www.literotica.com/s/best-seat-on-the-plane Plane Muscle John was sitting in Chicago airport at his gate, waiting patiently for his flight to Washington D.C. He had a conference the next day and was flying in the night before. Looking round at the people waiting for flights, he spotted a man who immediately stood out to him. His cock jolted in his pants at the sight of a huge bodybuilder less than 10 feet away. John had a secret love for well built men, the bigger the better. He had no idea why he loved men with muscles so much, but he learned over time not to fight his passion but embrace it. The crazy thing was, he had never met a bodybuilder before! His only experience was looking at pictures on the internet, or occasionally seeing one on the street or in a shopping centre. He always dreamed about what it would be like to meet one, and maybe even feel their muscles. The man he spotted was standing at the end of one of the aisles of seats looking at his phone. He was definitely a bodybuilder, and looked absolutely massive from where John was sitting. After the initial blur of seeing his presence from the corner of his eye, what John noticed was the size of his legs, which were visible because he was wearing mid length black shorts. His legs looked smooth with huge quad muscles, the bulges of which remained visible even under the material of the shorts. Just from standing there he could see incredible definition. When he would shift his weight from one leg to the other his muscles would contract and harden. His calves were also well defined and thick with size. He was wearing a lightweight long sleeve jacket, but he could see big round shoulders and beefy arms. The jacket draped around the waist, but everywhere else it hugged the man’s upper body tightly and was tautly stretched around his huge delts, arms, chest and back muscles. The bodybuilder swung round, now exposing to John how wide he was from the back. The seams of the jacket showed signs of unthreading due to the huge forces on them. He swung back and resumed poking his phone. Without thinking John got up to get a better view of him. He was pretending to do something with his phone as he got within a couple of feet. Just being this close to his incredible size was getting John excited as he positioned himself behind the mountain of muscle. He looked bigger than any man John had ever seen, or maybe it was because he had never seen such a huge bodybuilder this close before. John was an average man, standing 5’9” tall and weighing 150 pounds. Standing this close to the bodybuilder he had never felt weaker or smaller, the bigger guy having at least 5 inches on him. He was handsome too, with olive skin and a shaved head. His facial features were quite intense and masculine with hazel eyes. John couldn't place his nationality but guessed at French or Mediterranean. Trembling, he took a closer look from the side, and could see he was holding his ticket in a meaty hand. He could just make out they were on the same flight and his seat was 1A. John was disappointed their seats weren't closer, but bristled at the thought of sharing a plane with this goliath. But then he got an idea! It was a long shot but worth a go. "Hi may I help you?" The woman behind the counter asked. "Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to upgrade to first class?" John asked. "Let me see." The attendant started punching on her keyboard. "The farther up the better, something like 1A." John was hoping this would be enough to get close. "1A is taken but how about 1B. The upgrade fee is $199." The attendant offered. John's heart nearly leapt out of his chest it was beating so fast. He tried his best to calm himself so he didn't look crazy, but he was sure his legs might give out any second. "That would be perfect." He said. What a small price to pay to get the best seat on the plane he thought to himself. He walked back over to the seats to sit down and calm himself. He made sure that he could still see the muscular man from his vantage point. As he held his phone still looking at it, he could see massive mounds bulging under the sleeves. He had to be a super heavyweight John thought. The wait to board the plane seemed like it took forever as John sat impatiently sneaking peaks at the man. Finally the announcement was made that pre-boarding would begin. He looked over to see the muscle bull stand and make his way to boarding. Watching so much dense hard muscle move like this in real life was surreal! John tried to casually get up and fall in in line behind him. The way his heart was racing he was sure it was less than casual. He was directly behind the guy now, taking in his massive frame. His shoulders were so wide and round John couldn't believe his eyes. He must have been in off season to be this big, and yet he still had great separation in his legs. It didn't take long to get through the line and soon they were making their way down the jet bridge to the plane. The bodybuilder walked with confident, heavy stomps in front of John, his arms hanging away from his body due to his huge lats. John couldn't take his eyes off the calves that flexed with every step, and his dick chubbed in his tight briefs as the sight. As they approached the cabin door, passengers boarded the plane and were greeted by the attendant. The muscle man however, had to turn side on to walk through. John could not believe how thick this guy’s upper body was. Side on he was as wide as a normal man! John had never flown first class before and felt like royalty. In front of him, the bodybuilder was already putting his carry-on in the overhead compartment and taking his seat by the window. John put his luggage above as well and looked down to see the man struggling to take off his jacket. What an amazing sight. He looked hard as a rock and bulging all over. He wasn’t contest ready as John thought he might have been before, but not in the depths of off season some bodybuilders got into. He had that jacked roid cycle look, like he was constantly swelling up. Underneath the jacket he had on a tight fitting white t shirt. His arms, shoulders, and chest were exploding out of it. He must have felt John staring because he looked up and gave him a warm smile. "Is this your seat?" The huge man asked, pointing to 1B. John realized he was staring and snapped out of his trance to take the seat next to him. His voice was masculine, deep and… French! Good guess “.... um, Yep! 1B! ….That’s me!” John sank into the seat, mortified at what he had said. He didn't know what to say or do and just sat in his seat looking straight ahead, dick throbbing and twitching between his thigh and jeans. "Can I get you something to drink?" The flight attendant bent down to ask them. "Sure I’ll have a water." "I'll also have a water." John reflexively responded. He was so nervous as he sat there looking straight ahead. He realized that the guy might be thinking he is one of those closed minded people that disagree with his lifestyle. He was trying to think of anything to do or say but his mind was blank. The flight attendant came back with their waters and John and the man thanked her. The seats in first class were a little bigger than back in coach, yet the muscular man was so big he filled the entire seat and still managed to push up against John's shoulder and arm. John was in a light oxford button down, but the electricity off feeling the man swelling up against his shoulder was palpable. He found himself leaning away because he was so nervous to even touch him. The huge muscle mountain must have caught on… "Hey, I'm Alex by the way." he had his hand extended toward John in a greeting. It was huge, thick and looked textured through years of work outs. John took it and the man shook his hand firmly. "um...John." "Nice to meet you John, are you heading to D.C for business or pleasure." he asked in a deep French accent. John was so thankful he was breaking the ice with casual conversation. His hazel eyes had a kindness to them that instantly made John relax a little. "Business, I am attending a conference tomorrow." He offered. "What is your business?" he asked. "I am a software engineer for a mid-sized company. We provide contracting services for telecom companies mostly." "Interesting." he said. John was sure this must have been the most boring conversation, but Alex had an honesty to him that made even John’s boring job sound like it was fascinating. John was doing everything in his power to maintain eye contact. He wanted so badly to sneak a peek at Alex’s gigantic body but knew that he needed to play it cool. "How about you? Business or pleasure?" He asked. "A little of both, I have never been to D.C. so I am hoping to see the sights. The company I work for has it's headquarters there and I will be doing some training on Monday." "Oh, so you have the whole weekend to enjoy the city." "Yes, that's the plan." he said. "I lived in D.C. for about 5 years, it is a great city to explore." John offered. "Any suggestions? I didn't really plan anything, I just decided to fly in early and look around." John was more relaxed now as he was talking to Alex about something he knew about. People were still boarding the plane as John started telling him all his favourite spots in the D.C. Alex listened to everything he was saying with rapt attention. John was 30 and was pretty sure Alex was around the same age. His skin had that mature look to it but with no visible signs of aging, yet given his muscle size he must have been bodybuilding for a long time. “Sorry you have to be sat next to the big lug by the way. I’ll try not to squash you too much!” Alex offered with smile and a giggle, a routine John felt like he might have had to do before. He was as charming as he was big! “Oh! No problem. Anyway, I hardly take up any space” “Thank you John! Some people… are not so nice about it” “Well, it’s fine by me” John smiled, relaxing back into his seat and no longer feeling awkward at feeling Alex’s awesome body swelling over the armrest in to him. In fact, it felt amazing. The cabin doors were closed now and John felt the familiar feeling of the plane backing up away from the terminal. Alex took a deep breath, his incredible chest and shoulders swelling upward and outward, pushing against John so that he could feel the dense thickness of muscle again. They were silent for a few minutes as Alex looked ahead. "John, I have a confession to make." Alex said. "What’s that?" John asked, intrigued. "I don't fly very much and I get nervous when the plane is taking off. I am usually fine when we are in the air, I just… I need to get through the first part." he was gripping the armrest showing thick ropes of muscle popping out on his forearm, a bead of sweat on his forehead. John’s eyes widened at the sight as he snuck a peak when Alex wasn't looking. He must have lingered too long because when he looked up, Alex was looking at him through the corner of his eyes with interest. "It helps me to talk. It takes my mind off it." he continued. "OK, well, I’ll see what I can do." John said. "Also…” Alex paused, “You can ask me about my muscles, it's OK. Most people don't know what to make of me or are too scared to ask." He was so forward and honest. John wasn't sure how to respond. Should he come clean and be honest, or hide his true feelings on the subject? “Oh, well people can be intimidated to talk about that sort of thing!” John offered as a halfway house. “And plus, well you are huge!” Alex only nodded back. "Actually Alex. I… I have a confession as well." John finally said. "What is it?" Alex asked with authentic interest, pleased to be distracted. "I am a huge fan of bodybuilders." John said. Alex’s face softened hearing this, and he temporarily forgot about the take off. "How big of a fan? Who was the last man to win the Mr Olympia?" Alex quizzed him, half joking, half intrigued to see how genuine John was being. "That's easy, I could list every man who won Mr Olympia." John retorted. "OK smarty pants, list them for me." And off John went listing every Mr O from Larry Scott to Phil Heath, even throwing in the odd fact or personal favourite along the way. "Wow, that's better than I can do, I think you proved your point." he looked at John surprised. "So when you were giving me those funny looks before..." Fuck! How far back had he noticed? "Sorry about that. It's just that you’re clearly a bodybuilder and I was kind of… awestruck." John admitted. “I’ve… never been this close up to a guy as big as you before. It’s … well, incredible” he gulped. Alex nodded his head understandingly. "I am a bodybuilder; I have been training hard core for over 12 years now." he said matter of factly. "Wow, that's amazing. I have the most respect for your discipline. I workout with weights on and off but can never keep the focus to achieve what you have. Have you ever competed?" John asked. "No, I do it for myself. I have never had the courage to get up in front of a huge crowd like that." "I am sure if you did you would thrash the competition." John stated Alex looked over at him and smiled. "Thanks; I really appreciate an expert like you saying that. What else do you want to know." he offered. "How strong are you?" Alex’s smile got even bigger, as he turned slightly in his seat, the view of his body getting wider and wider to John. "Very strong." he said confidently, leaning toward John as he said it. John just stared back and gulped. All this talk about Alex’s muscles was getting him hard, but the way he leaned toward him now sent blood pumping through his cock. "I have never completely maxed myself out because it can be dangerous, but I don't think there are many men who come even close to my strength." "Really?" John was looking at him with his eyes wide and mouth open. "Really." Alex answered. "How much are we talking?" John asked. "I have pushed out over 500 lbs. I had spotters, but I did it completely unassisted." "Whoaaa." John was completely shocked. "I can squat 700 lbs. safely, but I wouldn't want to go higher." "That's...crazy." John managed to say. He looked down at Alex’s massive legs. They were like tree trunks and dwarfed his own legs by comparison. Up close they were slightly hairy, covered by paper thin skin. Three large mounds were visible on the top of each leg and John could only imagine how they would look if he flexed. Alex saw him looking at legs. “I have to wear shorts most of the time. Trousers and jeans tend not get round these” he said, patting his thigh lightly. Alex listed off some of his other accomplishments which were just stupendous. He had the strength of a powerlifter but the definition and thickness of an off season bodybuilder, which made for the most amazing combination. John’s dick throbbed as Alex described some of his feats of strength. There was one occasion where Alex had been spotting another guy on the bench. The man was struggling on his last set pressing 100kg. Alex had lifted the bar off him with one hand. Some of the other members noticed and challenged him to curl the weight with one arm. He had knocked out ten reps with almost no effort. On another occasion, someone had parked the front of their car across two parking bays. Alex had lifted the front half of the car and dragged it across into one bay. The airplane was lining up on the runway now and getting ready to rev the engines for take off. Up to this point Alex hadn't noticed and been completely relaxed talking to John. The plane started to accelerate and Alex couldn't help but notice the plane was preparing for take off. He closed his eyes and pushed his head back in the head rest again. His entire body seemed to tense up and John couldn't help but notice how much bigger his arms swelled up. He had a vice grip on the armrests again, causing his forearms to harden and flex. His upper body exploded with muscle as he tensed up. His biceps bulged, showing massive size and formed into huge mounds the size of grapefruits. His pecs looked amazing as they stretched the white cotton even further as they swelled up. His tight white top did nothing to hide Alex’s huge muscles, especially now as the fear taking over his body made him swell up bigger than ever. His chest was fully flexed, almost hitting his chin. John was drinking in every second he had to get a good look at his body. Alex’s shoulders were massive and looked like they were carved out of stone. Suddenly he was snapped out of his hypnotised state, as a disturbing sound filled the air. It was like metal popping. Alex’s grip on the armrests was getting tighter, his thick strong fingers digging into the steel. John’s mouth dropped open at what he was seeing. Alex was crushing the armrests in his hands. The first class plane seats were constructed of thick steel plates, but right now, Alex was crushing them in his hands like John would a juice carton. Alex’s huge forearms had so much power in them, he had nearly formed a fist. His face was scrunched up and he was emitting a low pitched growl, like he was about to set a new world record for a strength record. John tried a relaxation trick. He counted back from 10, and told Alex a fact about D.C in between each number, assuring him that when they got to number 1, they’d be up in the air, flying smoothly. John made each fact a little longer. Alex continued to scrunch up the inch thick steel plates into a ball, and was now breathing very heavily. It made John’s cock swell and release precum. Alex had not lied when he said there weren’t many men as strong as him; and now John was seeing it first hand. The relaxation technique was working though, and Alex’s face gradually returned to its handsome relaxed position, his eyes still closed, his pumped chest still flexed, touching his chin. The plane was almost done climbing as it started to level out. John looked at his handsome face and could see his full lips were slightly parted, his breath almost panting. His muscles started to relax as he calmed down. He lowered his head and opened his eyes looking over to John and gave him a warm smile. "Thank you for taking my mind off flying. I would have been a mess if it wasn't for you." he said as he reached over and squeezed John's hand. John flinched slightly. This muscle bull’s hand had just crushed an armrest into smithereens, and now it was wrapping round his own. But Alex knew his strength, and was gentle to his smaller friend. John's hands were in his lap trying desperately to cover up the raging erection he had from the sight of Alex’s feat of strength. Alex’s big hand lingered on John’s for a couple of seconds as he looked into John’s eyes and finally removed his hand. He felt so relaxed with John, and found himself enjoying a flight for the first time in his life. "It was my pleasure, I enjoy talking to you." John said as he returned a smile. “buuuut, something’s a mess!” he added, nodding to the armrests. Alex gave another broad smile “c’est risque professionnel” he retorted, like this might not be the first time something like this happened. “Wow. That is some occupational hazard!” John replied, running his hand over the crumpled up remains of the armrest. Alex raised his eyebrows, impressed he didn’t have to translate for his new companion. Nevertheless, he wanted to move the conversation to John for a bit. He changed gears. "So tell me, when did you become a fan of bodybuilding?" "Uh...since I was born I guess. I have memories of admiring muscle on men as far back as I can remember." John admitted. "Really?" Alex was getting more intrigued by the minute "Yeah, it's kind of a rare thing I guess; to see someone of your size and musculature, so there are a few vivid memories that stand out. Once I remember being at a restaurant when I was very young, maybe 10 or 11, and there was a waiter that had a visible bicep bulging through his white shirt. He wasn’t a bodybuilder like you, but I noticed it bulge even more when he was carrying the heavy trays of food around. I remember watching him the whole time just waiting to see if I could get another view of his bicep." Alex was nodding his head as he looked at him with interest. “So, how do you know it’s muscle you have an interest in and not tight white shirts?” To John’s delight, Alex bounced his pecs one at a time as he said this, emphasising just how tight his shirt was over his gargantuan body. John teetered. “I never thought of that! Next time I’ll ask the waiter to try a different shirt on, so I can check your theory” Alex treated him to the most adorable little chuckle he had ever seen. John’s heart began to flutter as he continued. It was almost therapeutic having never talked to anyone about this. "To a lesser extent, I also remember World’s Strongest Man at a young age. The strongmen looked amazing to me; the way their huge bodies loomed over the presenters, and the incredible amounts of weight they could move. It was like waking up for the first time when I saw them” “So then, why do you say to a lesser extent?” Alex asked. “Well, only a few strongmen had the amazing physique of a bodybuilder, and they tended not to be the strongest ones. In fact, I’ve never been aware of anyone who combined the physique of a Mr Olympia with the raw strength of a World’s Strongest Man…” John somewhat trailed off realising that he might now be sitting next to the type of man he just described. He paused, not sure if he should continue. He didn't want to scare Alex off. "I know what you mean, I had similar thoughts, although from a different perspective. As a boy I remember seeing really huge men and I found their strength fascinating. Especially feeling like I could be even bigger and stronger than them one day. So when was the first time you saw a bodybuilder?" Alex asked. "I was a teenager, flipping through the channels and stumbled upon a Mr O competition. It was the most wonderful thing I had ever seen. The men were amazing, like… prize bulls! I remember seeing Nasser el Sonbaty for the first time and being in complete awe that a man could have muscle development like that." John froze. “Muscle bulls”! Would Alex take that as an insult? "Who won that year?" Alex asked. John continued, relieved "I remember like it was yesterday, it was an interesting time that I came in the middle of. It was Dorian Yates. Remember, I had never seen men with muscle like this before and I remember being very confused. To me it seemed obvious that Dorian or Nasser should win, their muscles were unreal, like nothing I had ever seen." "Oh yeah, that was the time they were trying to shift away from the muscle freaks." Alex added. "Ha! I don’t think it worked. All I knew at that moment was how incredibly muscled and strong they looked." "Then what?" Alex prodded. "As a teenager I had just witnessed the most incredible sight I had ever seen. Now I was looking for more. I found a store that sold what I think was the greatest magazine at the time. Flex. It was really hard to find where I lived, but it was awesome. Then, at school there was a boy who got into lifting weights. He got pretty big, but again, never approached IFBB pro level, like you” John didn't tell him about some of the videos he used to order. Mostly workout and lifestyle videos the Olympia contestants used to release in the 90s. John would whack off to them, loving being able to see these huge monsters pump up and pose, grunting all the while. "I kept my eye open for anything else on TV, but it was like the well dried up. There were a few smaller shows that I found, but that was pretty much it. Now years later I know that I came in at the end of its initial popularity, or at least it's exposure was limited." He finished. “And how did it make you feel, John?” Alex asked, his eyes twinkling and intense. “Uuh. Good. I felt good. Seeing them was like art”. It was the best compromise he could think of to say at the time. John was quiet, he felt like he had done a lot of talking and was curious what Alex had to say about what he said. "I love how you describe your passion for muscle. So simple and pure. I agree with you, it's like art. I feel like I am an artist molding my body. For me I didn't see a bodybuilder till I was almost 14. I already knew it was something I wanted and seeing it for real changed my life. At the gym they had pictures of bodybuilders and I would look at that and dream of having muscles like that for myself. Feeling my muscles grow and thicken at that age was amazing! It's hard to explain, I have just always wanted to be well built and strong as a … ox." He gave John a smile and a wink at the last bit. "It's just who we are so why fight it." John commented, as much to himself as to Alex. "So what about you, you look like you are in shape, how do you keep so nice and trim?" Alex asked. "I have been working out, on and off for about 5 years. I would love to be huge myself but my body just didn’t respond. Couldn’t keep the weight on." He said, dejected. "Maybe you just need the right teacher, who have you worked with?" Alex asked. "Nobody, I just do my own research and try to figure it out myself." John admitted. "I think we just found the problem. I have always had people helping me at my gym, nothing beats someone with experience." "How long have you been training?" John asked. "I have been hard-core training for about 12 years now. I had a pretty good base when I started, I was already a very strong boy. I started lifting when I was a teenager. When I was about 16, a bodybuilder at my gym started to help me train and I got the right diet and exercise program and started to really make gains." he said proudly. “In two years I was bigger than most of the other men who used the gym. Some didn’t like an 18 year old boy being one of the biggest and strongest guys there, so I learned early not to take offence if people objected to my big muscles.” Alex really liked talking about his past, and John was hanging on every word. To hear how Alex was able to transform his body into the man he saw before him was the most fascinating story to John While Alex was talking about his life, the trials and tribulations of growing so huge, he would move his hands around for emphasis. John would try to catch a glimpse here and there when he thought he wasn't looking. Alex either didn't notice or didn't care because he didn't mention how John’s eyes were darting all over his body. It was incredible to watch his biceps grow and form as he moved his arms around. The conversation drifted to other topics and the pair started to really hit it off. Pretty soon they were joking and talking like old friends. There seemed to be a mutual connection; John couldn't help but notice Alex would reach out and touch his hand or leg. It was like lightning when he touched him. The pilot came over the cabin speaker to announce that they would be landing in D.C. in about 20 minutes. John could see Alex tense up with the news as he pushed his head back in the seat to try and calm himself. John felt what was left of the shared armrest. How had Alex crunched this up like Play dough? It was solid steel to John, albeit it now with the dips and grooves of Alex’s fingers. Alex held John’s hand over the hand rest, and after a few seconds of pleasure at this feeling, John thought it might be best to get his hand out of the way. Alex spoke. "John, can I ask you something?" he said. "Sure." Alex lowered his voice, and again, leaned in close to John "What would you do if I flexed my arm for you?" John was too shocked to even respond as he sat there contemplating what to say. He could no longer, and no longer wanted, to hide his excitement at the mere mention of Alex’s muscles. He instantly got an extremely hard erection. And this time Alex didn't hide the fact that he noticed. He looked right at John’s crotch and smiled at him. Alex continued, "The way you talk about bodybuilders and muscle… I have a hunch you would really enjoy it. And I have another confession:" he paused "I would enjoy it too." John swallowed hard staring back into those alluring eyes. "I would… yes, I would like that." Alex looked around to see if anyone was paying attention to them. The other passengers were snoozing or focused on their devices. The flight attendants were doing their last minute checks and taking their seats around the corner. He stretched his arm out over John’s body, the back of his fist grazing John’s hard on. Slowly and with intent he pumped his bicep up, 1, 2, then 3 times, flexing hard the last time, the round hard muscle pushing the fabric of his stretchy T to it’s limit. "Go ahead.” He said “Touch it." John reached his shaking hands round cupping Alex’s amazing peak with one, and feeling the huge hanging tricep with the other. It literally felt like a rock was under his skin. With both hands wrapped around he couldn't touch his fingers because of the immense size. He slid his hands up feeling Alex’s shoulders, again it took both hands to span his incredible size. He could feel the ripples of muscle forming ridges and valleys all along his boulder sized muscle. "That feels so good." Alex whispered. "Do you like what you feel?" "It's better than my wildest dreams." John whispered back. Alex moaned and started pumping his bicep making it slowly grow and swell up more. John moved his hand back down so he could feel the transformation. These had to be the biggest arms he’d ever seen, he knew they were big but seeing them flexed he couldn't recall anything so huge. John let out a moan of pleasure as he felt Alex’s rock hard bicep under the warm skin. He could feel the power emanating from his arm as it stood unmoving and flexed. Alex had been watching his muscles pump up, and John’s hands moving over them. Now he looked up to take in his admirer’s face, and felt his heart flutter for the impact he knew his power was having. Alex held his other hand over John’s on his bicep. Him, feeling John feeling his bicep. “What do they feel like John?” “They’re… they’re so incredibly hard. Big and hard. I can feel how powerful they are just by touching them” “Hmmmmm…” Alex purred at John’s description “John, feel my strong forearms too” His hand clasped around the huge thickness of Alex’s immense forearms. They were bigger than most guys biceps. Alex moved his fist around, rippling the cords of muscle and veins around in John’s hands. “Squeeze it. See if you can make a dent” John gripped the wrist and upper forearm with all his strength. He didn’t move Alex’s muscle one iota. Then suddenly he was squashing the muscle as Alex stopped flexing. The doughy muscle still felt powerful and grainy. Then BAM! Alex flexed again and they were rock hard. His fist was still straight up in the air flexing as he opened his hand and reached over to caress John's cheek. John whimpered at his touch, his lips parting. Alex moved the hand behind John’s neck and squeezed slightly, then began pulling the smaller man towards him. They both started leaning in and locked lips in the most passionate kiss John had ever had. Alex’s lips were full and strong as they connected together with the feeling of so much emotion. It was like they were two lost souls that finally completed each other. The plane was rocking in it's final approach but in that moment they were in their own world. They kissed passionately for a couple of minutes until Alex pulled back before things got out of hand. They were forehead to forehead now looking at each other as they were coming down from their high. "Wow." Was all Alex could manage to say. "Yeah." John said back between heavy breaths. Alex took one of John's hands and placed it on his massive chest. John could feel his heart racing beneath multiple layers of dense muscle. "Do you feel that, my heart is racing right now." Alex said. John nodded emphatically as they were gazing at each other. Alex's chest started rising and hardening under John’s hand. The shirt looked like it was stretching to it's limit as his pecs were pushing out, causing the shirt to push down like his pecs couldn't be contained. John felt all over the hard ripped surface of Alex’s chest, enjoying the deep valley between the two enormous mounds. Alex playfully bounced each pec, alternating back and forth causing them to rise and fall. He never stopped looking at John as he watched the pure wonder and enjoyment he was able to give him with his body. He could see the spell he was casting on John as he truly transported him out of reality. Alex relaxed back into his seat to allow John to calm down before he got too excited. John looked up and met his gaze. They both leaned in again and shared another passionate kiss. The plane had landed now as Alex realized for the first time that he had made it through with no worries. The first time ever. John put his head on Alex’s shoulder as he wrapped his arms around the massive arm like it was a teddy bear. He felt safe and protected. "Thank you for taking my mind off the flight. I have never been so good during a landing, I didn't even notice we were on the ground." he said. "Are you kidding me. You just made my biggest dream a reality, I should be thanking you." John replied. They sat there content for a moment before Alex spoke up again. "John, would you...do you want to hang out when we get off the plane?" John looked up stunned. "Yes, whatever you are up for I am in." He wasn't sure what he had in mind but the thought of spending more time with Alex was all that mattered to him. "I didn't really plan out my first couple of days, I was just going to take a chance, I don't even book a hotel." "Uh...well I can help you find a hotel." John offered. "Where are you staying?" he asked. "The Washington Hotel on K street" John answered. "How about we share a cab and I will see if they have any rooms available." "Sure." He responded. They were like two love birds cuddling and chatting as the plane made its way to the gate. They were the first to exit the cabin and hurried down the jet bridge. Once in the terminal John took charge having been here so many times. Alex was happy to let him be in control, relaxing at not having to worry where he would go or what was coming next. The airport was small and close to the city. Neither of them had checked baggage so they walked to the exit where they got a cab to the city. Alex took John’s hand in the cab, gently squeezing it. John got hard again, remembering that just a few hours earlier that same hand had demolished a solid piece of metal. They didn't talk much in the cab but continued holding hands and looking at each other every once in a while exchanging smiles. It was past rush hour so took no time for the cab to get to the hotel where John was staying. John paid the cab and the pair walked into the hotel lobby making their way to the front desk. John went first and got his arrangements all set. After he was done he pointed out a seat where he went to sit down and wait for Alex to see if he could get a room. He watched Alex at the counter still amazed at how handsome he was as he talked to the hotel desk clerk. It didn't take long and soon he was walking toward John at the bench. His quads were massive and John still couldn’t believe how they bulged with each step. "They are all booked up." he said. "Oh.. What do you want to do?" John asked unsure how to play it. "Would you mind if we go up to your room so I can figure out what to do next?" he responded. "Of course, sure. Let's go." They made their way to the elevators. Alex took his hand as they walked and gave it a little squeeze as he looked down at him. "Thanks for helping." "Whatever you need, I'm here to help." As they were standing waiting for the elevators John could feel an electricity in the air. Alex was standing close, his freakishly thick forearms brushing against John’s. The bell dinged. They were joined by others in the elevator, so neither of them talked but they kept looking at each other, smiling. Alex pressed his body against John’s and rubbed his back lovingly. The doors opened and John led the way to his room. He swiped the card to unlock the door and opened it for Alex as he motioned for him to go in. Alex strode in and John followed, flipping on the lights to get a good look at the room. The minute the door swung shut, Alex turned around to face John. There was a pause of a few seconds as the two men took each other in. Then, Alex moved forward and effortlessly picked John up so he was holding him in his arms. John wrapped his arms around Alex’s thick neck as they drew in to kiss. This was even more passionate than on the plane as their tongues explored each others mouths. Alex’s jaw and even tongue felt muscular to John. He was certainly a dominant kisser. The sexual tension had been building and was finally being released as they let go of their inhibitions. "I want to show you my body." Alex said, panting. "I think you will be blown away." John nodded vigorously at this suggestion, once again lost for words at Alex’s amazing frankness about the power his body would have. Alex set him down on the bed and took a step back “You like muscle? Watch this” Alex said with cock of his head. Then, he slowly raised his arms and flexed. Two loud pops were head as the sleeves of Alex’s jacket popped at the peak. “Nnnmmgh Yeah!” He growled “What about bodybuilder shoulders?” He brought his arms down into a most muscular. Two more pops were heard as his delts exploded through the jacket. He turned around and intensified the pose. A long rip suddenly appeared on the back of the jacket and continued to grow as Alex flex harder. He grabbed what was left of the material and tore it off his body. Crossing his arms over his body, he slowly peeled off his shirt, revealing freakishly developed muscles covered in a light layer of hair. He unbuckled his belt and pushed the waistband down slightly, but the shorts stayed put, clinging around his huge butt muscles and thighs which would not allow them to drop. He nodded down at them, indicating John should take them off. Tugging the shorts off over Alex’s immense thighs felt incredible to John. And he couldn’t help noticing that Alex was tenting in his tight grey briefs, a spot of precum showing through. When he was done he stood there, body tensed like he was standing on a bodybuilding stage letting John drink him in. He was massive but had nice definition; the off season roided look was John’s favourite. His shoulders were extremely wide with big round delts. Sitting on top of his shoulders were gigantic, thick round traps that were bulging on either side of his 20 inch neck. John could see huge lats flaring out on his sides causing his arms to hang outward instead of down. They were so wide it made his waist look small even though John could tell it was thickly muscled. He looked like he had at least an 8 pack and his waist was nicely bulging with the beginning of an HGH belly. His obliques were so thick the gaps looked like they could fit John’s entire hand. His chest was wide and massive with undulating rock hard pecs. The smallest movement would make his chest twitch and ripple. His massive tree trunk legs balanced out his frame. John could see deep grooves separating each individual muscle making him look like a living anatomy chart. "You need to get more comfortable." Alex commanded as he moved closer to John and started taking his clothes off until he was down to his pants, like Alex. John’s massive erection was screaming against his cotton underwear and Alex grabbed onto it with both hands and started stroking it lovingly. His own erection was the crowning glory of his thick muscular body. It was so pumped that the briefs material was stretching away from his body, creating a gap between the waist band and his blocky abs. "I think we need some oil" he let go of John's erection, opened his bag and pulled out a little bottle of oil, handing it to John. "Rub me with this." he ordered. John wasted no time pouring it into his hand and started rubbing him all over. He loved how Alex’s skin was like supple calf leather stretched tight over grainy rock. John was in heaven feeling every inch of Alex’s hard physique. Not even flexing Alex’s muscles were still hard. "Oh my god your muscles are magnificent. Your arms look like they could be as big as another bodybuilders legs." He said as he tried to wrap his hands around Alex’s gigantic arm. "John; they are! I think my measurements are closest to Dorian Yates at the peak of his 95 off season right now, when he was in his prime. Except two areas, our height and waist size are different. He was 6 feet and I am 6 foot 3 and my waist is about 36 inches right now." Alex brought his arm up and flexed it, showing it's full size which was breathtaking. "I am proud to say my arms just this week hit the 23 inch mark." John stood there completely in shock by his measurements. It made sense because he could see Alex was huge, but hearing his size just stopped him in his tracks. "When I was 16 I already had really nicely developed arms that measured 12 inches with a nice little bicep peak. I started training serious and grew about an inch a year. I never plateaued and still feel like I can grow even more.” He flexed a most muscular, letting out an intimidating groan. “I don’t know. I must have good genetics or something. What do you think?” He flexed an arm up in front of John’s face who was taking in every detail. Alex rubbed some of the oil off his body and grabbed ahold of John’s erection again, stroking it up and down with long strokes working the oil in through the cotton fabric. Alex pinched the front of John’s oily, pre cummed underwear with one hand then both. He pulled apart and ripped the front open like it was tissue paper. John’s dick sprung out, leaking another glob of precum. "I want to flex for you John, but I need a good pump first, will you help me?" he asked staring down into John’s eyes with an alluring power. "Y..Yes!" John stammered. "Call me your Giant Muscle Bull. I think it is fitting." he ordered. "Yes my Giant Muscle Bull!" John responded. Alex stood up straight and covered his face with the remains of John’s briefs. He took a deep breath, held it in, then let out a deep, powerful sigh. He repeated this three times, while rubbing his cock on the outside of his own underwear with his thick thumb. He threw the remains of John’s briefs on the floor and layed on his belly in push up position. "I need more weight for my pump, lay on my back while I do a couple of sets." John did as he was instructed. He laid on Alex’s back feeling the incredibly hard muscles beneath him. His cock slid nicely between Alex’s hard butt cheeks over his sweat drenched underwear, and he could feel him tightening and loosening giving the most incredible sensation through his dick. It was like Alex was giving him a hand job with his butt. He put his hands on Alex’s massive shoulders to steady himself as he started pumping up and down with slow controlled reps. It was like some new incredible sex position John had never done as he rode this muscle beast up and down. His butt flexed with every exertion continuing the incredible feeling on John’s cock. After 20 reps he paused. John took this opportunity to feel around his arms and shoulders, amazed by the hardness. Alex moaned underneath him at the sensation of the smaller man massaging his muscles. "Mmmm...that feels so good, I love it when you touch me." he said breathlessly. John rested his face between the two massive trap muscles and not being able to resist anymore started to kiss them uncontrollably. Alex moaned with pleasure at being kissed and worshiped. "Hold on tight for another set baby." he said. With no hesitation he raised them up again starting slow and building speed. John took his advice and wrapped his arms around Alex so that his hands came underneath. He cupped his massive pec muscles with his hands and held on tight. The feeling of Alex’s rock hard chest under his hands and the way his cock was being rubbed by Alex’s cotton covered butt was beginning to prove too much for John, who could feel a huge load brewing in his balls. Alex was pumping them both up and down in a smooth rapid pace. His pecs felt like massive boulders with ridges running all along the surface. After some reps he finally stopped and dropped down to his belly again. He began grinding his dick into the floor, the alternative movement squeezing John’s cock even more between the hard butt cheeks. "Hold on tight." he said. With John still on Alex’s back he got to all fours and stood up as if he wasn't carrying a thing. John wrapped his legs around Alex’s waist. He held on tight around Alex’s swelling muscular neck as Alex lowered himself into a squat position and straightened again. John's cock was rubbing up and down with every dip which was enhanced by the oil. Alex did 20 dips with John on his back and showed no sign of slowing down. John was starting to moan as he felt himself getting close to a release. It was like the thick muscles running down the bodybuilder’s back were made to massage John’s cock. Alex must have sensed how excited John was getting and stopped his squats. "Come here baby, let me help you and get an arm workout at the same time." he motioned for him to come around and face him. John was amazed at how effortlessly Alex was able to lift and move him around like he was light as a feather. They kissed once more, enjoying the feeling of being in each other’s arms. They did that for a couple of minutes and then Alex brought him up to readjust. This time he held him so that John was cradled in his huge arms with his cock standing straight up like a flagpole. They paused and stared at each other for a moment, John not quite believing this man could hold him so easily like a child, Alex thrilled to be holding such a grateful worshipper in his arms. It was a curling position for Alex and he lifted John and wrapped his mouth around John’s cock and started sucking while he curled him up and down plunging his cock into his mouth with each rep. After a couple of blissful minutes John started shaking and moaning uncontrollably. Alex stopped the reps. “Where baby? Where do you want to cum?” “Abs, rub me against your abs!” John held himself back. He could have cum any time in the last couple of hours, but these last few seconds were the hardest. Alex knew what to do. He repositioned John against his body in the most loving bearhug, one hand under John’s butt, the other around his body, pushing the smaller man’s cock into the ridge between his blocky abs. He rubbed John’s entire body effortlessly up and down the ridges of his thick hard belly. John grabbed a hold of Alex’s pumped rock hard biceps. “You like that baby? You like these jacked hard muscles??” “Uuuuuuh! UU” John forgot language. He forgot everything but the huge hard muscle man now giving him the biggest orgasm of his life. He blew his initial load and it was so powerful it shot up through the gap between Alex’s thick pecs. Another load of cum oozed out, flowing like lava through the ridges of Alex’s 8 pack. Alex held John tight in his bear hug, enjoying John’s shaking, convulsing body. After a few more seconds he dropped John on the bed and seemed energized by the whole thing. "Oh yeah." he said as he raised his arms up and struck a huge double bicep pose. He looked from one bicep to the other admiring his own body, relishing in the reaction he had just had on the other man. John looked up amazed at the sight before him, as Alex’s cantaloup sized biceps stuck out looking harder than ever. Each bicep had a thick vein that ran along the top and made them look even taller. “350 lbs of rock hard French beef! You wanna touch these muscles again baby??” The sight of his amazing biceps made John hub the last few globs of cum out of his still throbbing cock. He never considered himself a stud in bed, but Alex's amazing body had him so turned on he felt like he could go all night. "Wow, it looks like someone is ready for round 2." Alex said as he was eyeing John’s erect penis. Alex struck another pose, this time bringing his arms down and in front so his traps and pecs were flexing. His chest exploded with shredded muscle forming huge basketball sized mounds. His cleavage pressed tightly together looking like it could crack a walnut. John's eyes were wide and his mouth hung open as he was mesmerized by Alex’s amazing size and development. "Like art?" Alex asked him. "Yes, the most amazing art I have ever seen. You are beautiful my rock hard muscle bull." Alex smiled and struck another pose. He brought his arms over his head and stuck out one of his legs. John didn't know what to look at first. His arms looked even bigger as he put at them on either side of his head. The peaks were bulging out and one of his arms looked bigger than John’s head. He moved his waist around in a sexy slow motion dance flexing his abs and obliques. Each square shaped muscle stuck out in perfect symmetry showing 8 clearly defined abs. Framing them were thick obliques that ran the length of his sides and formed a V down to his now fully pumped dick. The fabric of the tight grey pants had small tears appearing, as his thick muscular cock strained for release. His massive leg was stretched toward John and he could see each quad muscle bulging out causing deep valleys between them. Each muscle was etched with striations that ran up and down showing every muscle fiber in detail. He continued to move from one pose to another giving John the most amazing personal pose down. He moaned and grunted with each pose, getting himself more and more worked up at the power his powerful body was having over his small admirer. "Come to me John and worship my muscles." he commanded. "Yes my Bull" He replied as he stood up to join him. His massive erection was standing straight up as he stood next to Alex. Alex continued to pose for him as John eagerly started to caress and feel him all over driving his cock into Alex’s powerful thighs and obliques. His body was as hard as it looked. John’s hands glided over the smooth oiled skin feeling every detail. They were moaning in unison as each of them were aroused by the other. John thrust his cock against Alex’s tenting grey briefs. They were now soaking wet with sweat and the cum of both men. Alex moaned as he allowed himself to finally flex his cock. As they pressed their bodies together and started to grind, Alex nearly climaxed; his thick muscular dick stood to full attention. He tore off the remains with his hands as he had with John’s. He grabbed the back of John’s head and rubbed the briefs over John’s face. “Take that in baby! Smell your big strong muscle bull’s manly stench. Does it turn you on?” John nodded and moaned, his hands reaching out for Alex’s body to steady himself. Alex threw the pants to the side and John started to kiss Alex all over his body, running his tongue along the deep grooves that his huge muscles formed. The more into his body he got the more Alex responded. It was like he was giving Alex an orgasm without intercoarse as he was roaring for more. "Your muscles are so beautiful and hard!" John said between kisses. Alex responded with an orgasmic moan. He was precumming hard now as he was begging for John to continue. He was flexing harder than ever now, relishing the feeling of hands worshipping his thick dense muscle. His eyes were closed as a feeling of ecstasy washed over his whole body. "Taste me! Touch me!" he demanded. John was kissing Alex’s chest which was exploding with muscle, his huge nipples were engorged and hard. John’s arms were reaching around Alex, holding on to his rock hard glutes so he could grind into him harder. “NNgh.. AAAAAAAaaaaaaargh! FUCK” Alex boomed as his muscular cock exploded cum all over his small worshipper. Alex, who was still moaning aggressively, let out a final thick volley of cum. As he came down from his orgasm, he reached down and started to stroke John's cock. Then, he reached round and grabbed John’s butt. Lifting the smaller man off the floor, he rubbed John’s dick all around his rock hard obliques. He threw John down on the bed and climbed on top of him, letting his weight crush his admirer, feeling their cocks rub against one another. John continued praising his muscles which Alex loved. Alex would flare his lats out so that John could grab onto them like handles. Then he would pinch Alex’s shoulder blades together which would cause all the muscles to bunch up forming a mountain range down the middle. They were orgasming again, not being able to control their desire for each other. Alex was grunting uncontrollably at the peak of another orgasm as John was building to another big release. "I'm cumming!" John yelled with a shaky voice. His hips were thrusting up and into Alex as hard and fast as possible, Alex’s massive 350lbs of muscle providing the most wonderful resistance. Their twitching cocks exploded against each other. Alex reached down and wrapped his big strong hand around both cocks, gently rubbing them both. "I love your cock. I want to feel it grow in my mouth." Alex said. The mere mention of the fact that Alex loved his cock was causing John’s cock to start growing again. Alex moved down and placed John’s semi hard dick in his mouth. Alex moaned in response to his cock filling his mouth. He started licking John’s shaft like a lollipop. "You're just so amazing, I can't contain myself." John responded. He felt like a stud having just cummed twice and already fully erect again. Alex couldn't get enough of sucking his cock as he licked him all over and was moaning with pleasure. Reluctantly he finally took one last suck and started working up the length of John’s body, crawling like a cat on the prowl. His massive body loomed over John as he stared down at him with his amazing hazel eyes. Everytime he looked at John with those piercing eyes it was like time was standing still, he was temporarily paralyzed by their beauty. Alex leaned in and the two shared a passionate kiss. John started to explore Alex’s shoulders and arms as he held himself above him. Everytime he touched Alex he was in sheer awe by his size. "I want to please you my giant muscle bull. I want to make you orgasm again." He begged, realizing Alex had made him cum twice now and he wanted badly to return the favor again "I already have twice my sweet baby, but I would love more attention." he said and rolled off him to lay on his back to allow John to do whatever he wanted. John climbed on Alex and started to kiss all over his chest and fondle his hard pecs. His nipples were still hard as he licked and sucked them all over. As he was fondling his pecs he marveled at how much bigger they were than he realized. Alex loved all the attention and was moaning with pleasure. He reached down and slid his fingers round his dick and started to masturbate. Alex pulled John’s head against his chest as he started to build toward another climax. He was a sexual machine as he begged him to keep sucking his nipples. In no time he was grunting and moaning as another orgasm began to brew in his body. He was breathing heavy now causing his abs to flex and harden showing his incredible development. John ran his hands along Alex’s sides feeling the ripples of his hard obliques as he ran his tongue down the deep valley between his bulging roided abs. John was moaning with delight as he kissed all over Alex’s hard stomach. Alex loved it and was going wild with ecstasy. “John, come up here” Alex started “talk in my ear” Alex was furiously beating off, getting close to cumming again. John was happy to obey his instructions. He talked intently into Alex’s ear as he continued to feel the bodybuilder’s chest and abs. “Alex. You’re my big thick muscle bull and you turn me on so much” John said, as he grinded his dick into Alex’s body “I love feeling your huge muscles and rubbing my dick against your bull body” “Hhnnnnnggh..” Alex had never been this turned on in his life “When you put your arms around me, I know you could crush me with your immense power and strength. You’re so strong and it makes me wanna cum all over you” “Fuuuuuuck YES! Keep going” “On the plane, I was precumming at the sight of you strong hands crush those armrests like they were nothing. I loved looking down at our legs. Yours are double the size of mine. I love licking them and tasting you manly sweat. I love feeling your 350lb frame on top of me. Your lumpy muscles pressing into my weak body. You make me feel like a small boy standing next to the biggest muscle daddy. I love smelling the testosterone leak out with your sweat as you jack off. I love worshipping my big hard bodybuilder” "OH FUCK...YEES! Suck it, SUCK IT" Alex growled out as his ecstasy hit another level. John moved down and placed his mouth around Alex’s pulsating cock, feeling it pump and swell against his tongue and cheeks. Alex reached down and held his head steady as he started to buck uncontrollably into John’s mouth. He was moaning as if possessed, waves of pleasure spreading through his body. John felt his entire throat and mouth fill with shot after shot of ropey cum. Alex’s body juddered and shook as he let out an almighty roar. He had never felt a sensation like this sweet new man had provided. "Uuuuuuuh!! Come here baby." Alex beckoned for him with open arms. John crawled up and the two embraced in a passionate kiss. "You are the perfect man!" John exclaimed. "You are MY perfect man!" Alex responded. They continued kissing with renewed vigor. An unbelievable bond was forming between the couple, the closest thing to love that could be formed in less than 24 hours. Alex’s hand came to rest on John's butt as he spread his legs open to draw him in. John's fully erect and eager penis slid up against Alex’s as the two became one. John lay on Alex, completely spent, his dick throbbing into a semi again as Alex continued to hold him with his massive arms. John felt so safe and content as his full weight lay on top of Alex’s body. "That was the most incredible sex I have ever experienced." Alex admitted. "Me too, you are the most amazing man I have ever met." John replied. They laid like that for a while completely content until they finally had to get up to clean themselves off. "You know you are staying the night here right?" John said to Alex as he was washing his hands looking at his magnificent reflection in the mirror. "Yes my baby." Alex said as he wrapped his arms around John pulling him into a tight embrace. Later they were cuddled in bed, Alex was on his back with one arm around John, the other occasionally flexing or caressing his new lover’s face. John was draped over him with his head on Alex’s chest. They were content laying there enjoying each others touch. Alex broke the silence. "I am really glad you asked me to stay, I have never felt such an amazing connection with anyone like this." "I feel so lucky to have you with me. You are smart and handsome and driven" John said with admiration. Alex chuckled and squeezed him. They looked in each others eyes and shared a deep passionate kiss. "You are the man of my dreams. I have always fantasized about a man who would love my body like you do and worship my muscles. In case you hadn't noticed I get really turned on by the way you react to my body." Alex admitted. "Then we get to fulfill each other's fantasies my bull. You said you still haven't plateaued, how big do you want to get?" John asked. "As big as possible." he said, giving John another kiss.
  7. I - El día que conocí a Nico Y resultó que un día, después de seis meses de estar en cuarentena por la pandemia, volví al gimnasio. Había estado intentando hacer deporte en casa, pero luego de los primeros meses el encierro me había vencido y había perdido gran parte de lo que había ganado con entrenamiento consistente y buena alimentación. Acababa de cumplir treinta y ocho años y había decidido que quería volver a estar en forma. Así que me anoté en un gimnasio cerca de casa al que sabía que no iban muchas personas y fui durante el mediodía de lunes a viernes sin faltar un día durante dos meses. Ordené mis comidas como me había enseñado mi nutricionista y después de dos meses de trabajo duro había recuperado la masa muscular que había perdido y bajado un poco la panza. Por esos días creía que estaba en forma, pero eso cambió hasta que conocí a Nico. Ese lunes, por temas de trabajo, no había podido liberarme para ir al mediodía así que decidí ir a las tres de la tarde. Descubrí dos cosas. A esa hora el gimnasio estaba practicamente vacío. No había ningún entrenador y solo quedaba la chica de recepción que estaba en la planta de abajo, así que se podía decir que tenía todo el gimnasio para mí. Bueno, no todo, porque la segunda cosa que descubrí fue a Nico. En verdad no era la primera vez que lo había visto. Algún que otro día me había cruzado con él en el gimnasio, pero se notaba que no iba al mismo horario que yo y por eso solo aparecía cada tanto. Lo que también se notaba era que entrenaba duro. No era gigante. A decir verdad era bastante flaco con una cinturita delgada y unas piernas de palo, pero había pegado una buena espalda y en los brazos (a falta de grasa) se notaban unos tremendos triceps que se marcaban con cada esfuerzo que hacía. Siempre llevaba una remera con cuello en V por lo que solo pude ver parte de sus musculosos brazos, pero notaba lo desarrollada que tenía la espalda. Era bastante blanco y tenía el pelo oscuro. No era feo de cara, pero lo que me llamó más la atención fueron sus músculos. Él era un poco mas alto que yo, me debía sacar media cabeza. Lo cual me hacía pensar que debía medir un metro setenta y cinco o algo así. Las veces que lo había visto me daba cuenta que entrenaba con fuerza, que levantaba pesos más altos que los que yo levantaba y que le gustaba entrenar duro. Lo que no me daba cuenta era si se daba con algo, algún anabólico. Se encontraba en el limite de algo que podría ser conseguido con esfuerzo y dedicacion más buenos genes o algo logrado rapidamente con alguna pastilla. Esa tarde en que lo vi en el gimnasio lo saludé y descubrí que ambos estabamos entrenando pecho. Él acababa de sentarse y solo estaba calentando, subía y bajaba la barra sin agregar peso. —¿Te molesta si hacemos una y una? —le pregunté. —No, dale —me dijo. Yo calenté como él acababa de hacer. —¿Con cuanto arrancás? —me preguntó. —Con cuarenta kilos, ¿vos? —no crean que subía mucho mas que eso, pero un amigo entrenador me había recomendado que luego de calentar no desperdiciara series con mas peso que eso. —Perfecto —dijo y cargó la barra con veinte de un lado mientras yo hacía lo mismo del otro. La subió y bajó sin problema unas quince veces y de pronto tuve miedo de hacer el ridículo dado que yo no podía hacer tantas repiticiones ni tan rapido. —¿Vas solo? —me preguntó. —Si, gracias —dije un poco nervioso. Hice mis doce repeticiones y dejé la barra. —¿Cuanto le subís? —le pregunté. —Vamos con diez kilos mas. —Dale —dije y me arrepentí ni bien lo escuché. Cargamos la barra y él se acóstó. —¿Te ayudo? —le pregunté. —No, está bien, gracias. Esta vez hizo veinte repiticiones sin demasiado esfuerzo. Eran cincuenta kilos. —Con este peso me vas a tener que ayudar —le dije. —Dale. Se puso detrás de la barra y me ayudó a terminar mis diez repeticiones con esfuerzo. —Bien —dijo—, casi sin ayuda. ¿Vamos con cinco más de cada lado? Yo todavía no había recuperado el aire. —Para levantar mas que esto voy a tener que llamar a una grúa. —No te preocupes, yo te sigo. —Si vos lo decís. Cargamos diez kilos más y él acostó debajo de la barra. La levantó e hizo veinte repeticiones sin problema. Ya podía ver sus tremendo triceps abultados del esfuerzo. Cuando se sentó me di cuenta que su pecho se había inflado bastante. Fue mi turno y él se puso detrás de la barra. Me ayudó a levantar y después me dejó ir solo, pero me tuvo que ayudar a la cuarta. —Vamos, bien —dijo—, una más, dale. Hice una quinta. —Una más, vamos, dale, fuerza. Hice una sexta con algo de ayuda. —Una más, dale. Hice una séptima con un poco más de ayuda. —Vamos, la última. Así llegué a la ocho aunque él tuvo que practicamente levantarla solo. De todos modos me sentí bastante bien, nunca había llegado a levantar sesenta kilos. —Bien, bien —me dijo—. ¿Diez más? —Uh, boludo, me voy a morir. Perá que me interno en el hospital y cuando salgo lo hablamos —dije yo mientras respiraba por la boca. Me puse en cuclillas. Sentía que el pecho me iba a explotar de lo duro que lo tenía. Me puso una mano en el hombro y me preguntó si estaba bien. —Todo lo bien que puede estar alguien que acaba de ser aplastado por una topadora. —Jajaja, dale que no es tanto. Cargó diez kilos más y se acomodó debajo. Yo todavía respiraba por la boca. ¡Eran setenta kilos! —¿Te ayu... do? —dije todavía respirando con dificultad. —Dale —dijo. Me puse detrás de la barra y desde ese lugar pude ver su pecho sin problema. Por la remera y lo flaco que era no me había dado cuenta pero tenía un pecho mucho mas grande de lo que yo pensaba. Hizo quince repeticiones y lo ayudé apenas para llegar a las veinte. Ya me empezaba dar cuenta que el pibe era mucho más fuerte que yo y eso me encantaba. Tenía una actitud de macho fuerte que me hacía querer acercarme y tocar su pecho y sus brazos. —¿Hace mucho que entrenás? —le pregunté. —Hace cuatro años —me dijo mientras se masajeaba el pecho con una mano. —Ah, hijo de puta. Yo entreno hace ocho y nunca llegué a levantar tanto. —¿Cuantos años tenés? —me preguntó. —Treinta y ocho. ¿Vos? —Veinte. —¡Ah, hijo de mil puta! Con razón. ¿Qué comés? ¿Bulones de desayuno? —Jajaja, siempre me gustó hacer deporte. —Se nota, hijo de puta, yo a los veinte años me levantaba para ir al colegio y ya me agitaba. —Vamos, ¿la última? —Me querés matar ¿no? —Dale, te sigo. Se paró detrás y me tuvo que ayudar para hacer la primera. A la segunda ya me quedé sin fuerzas. Pude ver sus enormes brazos inflarse para levantar la barra practicamente solo. —Bien, ahi lo quemaste todo —me dijo. —Boludo, me mataste. Mañana no voy a poder ni mover los brazos. —Eso significa que entrenaste bien —me dijo mientras cargaba diez kilos más—. ¿Me seguís? —Dale. Levantó la barra solo y llegó a las diez repeticiones sin que lo ayudara. Después lo ayudé un poco y llegó hasta quince. Hizo cinco más y para las últimas tuve que hacer un poco más de fuerza, pero no demasiado. —Ojalá yo hubiera entrenado así a mis veinte años —dije. —¿No hacías mucho deporte? —Poco y nada. Me picó el bicho del gimnasio a mis treinta. —Mejor tarde que nunca —dijo mientras descargaba la barra; después se acercó y dijo—. La clave está en hacer el movimiento lo más largo posible y apretar fuerte el pectoral al final. Mirá —me dijo que apoyara mi mano en su pecho—. Largo, bien largo y al final apretás con todo el pectoral. ¿Ves? ¿Sentís ahí como apreta? Su pecho era mucho más enorme y duro de lo que había pensado. Ese día entrenamos juntos e hicimos pecho y triceps. Cuando terminé yo estaba sin aire. Nunca había entrenado tan fuerte. Sentía el pecho todo duro y que apenas podía bajar los brazos. Me sentía gigante (obviamente no lo era y menos al lado de él). El pibe se había inflado mucho más. Cuando terminó sus triceps parecían el doble de tamaño. Podía ver que su pecho y sus brazos se habían inflado hasta marcarse debajo de la remera. —Boludo, me mataste —dije. —Jajaja, estuvo muy bien. —Nunca entrené tanto en mi puta vida. —Cuando quieras —me dijo—. Me llamo Nico, ¿vos? Le dije mi nombre y nos saludamos con un puño. —Un gusto —me dijo y se alejó caminando con los brazos enormes y marcados de tanto entrenar.
  8. Reposting as it was lost due to the site reverted back to Jan 2022. This is a continuation of my story from the Story Verse 2021 - My time at the Mountain House. I glance down at my ringing phone and see Nona is calling me. It’s 3pm on a Thursday, I wonder what could be up? I answer, “Hey Nona, everything ok?” She responds in the most loving way she knows, even if she’s still a bit authoritative with me, even though I’m 30 and stand 6’3” and weigh 230 lbs., “I’ll need you back at the cabin to do some cleanup work. We have a guest coming in tomorrow and staying for the next month.” I want to groan, but the caretaker’s job is my main source of income. “Ok, I’ll be back in a few hours. Just need to finish a few things for the Carpenters in their backyard.” And some stuff in Mr. Carpenter’s bedroom, which is something I don’t let on to Nona, for fear of having her pull my skin off layer by layer. “Well, don’t be too late. I saw some trees on the east path which need to be thinned.” Her way of telling me to be home sooner rather than later. “Yes, Nona.” We hang up and I toss my phone on the bed. I look down over my fur covered pecs to watch Mr. Carpenter as he keeps bobbing his red-head and full lips on and off my stiff cock. His soft lips and well lubricated mouth allow my ample cock room to slide in and out of him with ease. I keep a nice even breath going and moan, “God, that feels so good PJ.” I feel his fingers dig into my glutes in response. I softly grab the sides of his head and pull him off me, knowing he’ll be upset, but I have to get moving or endure the wrath of Nona. My unit slaps into my hardened furry abs. He looks up with saddened eyes. I pull him up to a standing position, all 5’7” of it. I put my hand behind his head, lean down, and kiss him. He wraps his hands around my back, pulls our bodies together, trapping our raging cocks, and fervently kisses me back. I hear him moan with pleasure. I put my left hand on his right buttock, gently grab hold, bend my knees, then easily lift him up. I’m standing and he is resting in the palm of my hand, still kissing me as if nothing has changed. His 150lb weight is kind of light for me and I know he gets a kick out this. I can feel his rigid cock grinding against my cobblestone abs. I feel pre-cum leaking from both of us and coating both our bodies. I feel his right hand go to my partially flexed left bicep and start to massage and feel it up. I flex it for him, and he groans again. He wraps his legs around my waist and his left arm around my right shoulder. He’s getting close, as am I. I tense my body and move my right hand to his other ass cheek. Once I grab him, I lift him up a bit more and start to nibble my way down his face, then his neck, to his ultra-sensitive left nipple. He unwraps his legs and lets them dangle outside my wide thighs. He stiffens as I lap at it and then use my tongue to coat it with copious amounts of saliva. His bare chest is a nice change from my hirsute chest. I begin to suck on his petit pert nipple and rake my tongue over it some more. I feel him put both his hands behind my head and pull it closer. I allow him to do this and continue my ministrations. He lets out a loud moan and his body stiffens in my arms. His hips jerk forward and upward, his cock between my pecs. I feel his load explode out of him and cover my hairy chest. I flex my pecs and squeeze his still exploding cock in the valley. He groans loader and tries to fuck my pecs. I help him out by lifting and lowering him a few times. I feel another, softer load dribble out and coat me. He softens and his body starts to go limp. I carefully set him on the bed. I still have a raging erection, purple head, with veins crawling all over the shaft. PJ looks at me with sleepy eyes. I grasp my unit and give it a couple of quick jerks. My load quickly travels up and out of me, covering PJ from neck to bellybutton. He flinches as each shot hits him. I grunt loudly with the last load and shake my unit to make sure every last drop is out. He weakly smiles at me and I wink back to him. I lean down, over his small frame, and proceed to lick my cum off him. My warm moist tongue covers his body with renewed moisture, and I feel his body shiver with excitement. I lean over his body, move toward his face and whisper to him, as his eyes shutter shut, “I’ll stop out next week and we can have some more fun.” He gently pats my arm as his eyes shut and he falls into a deep, restful sleep. I lightly kiss him, clean his cum off me, quickly get dressed, squeezing into my black mesh t-shirt and gym shorts, and head downstairs. I walk down the hall to the back door and head to the backyard. I head directly to the rock PJ’s mom wanted moved. It’s about 7 ft long and 3 ft wide. It’s been sitting in their garden for a few years, and she has grown bored with it. I have a wheelbarrow next to it so I can wheel it out to my truck for disposal. I put my hand on the rock and quietly says, “It’s just you and me, and I’m still horned up, so you don’t stand a chance.” My semi-hard unit banging against my leg thru my boxer briefs. I walk around it again, looking for the handholds I had seen earlier. Once I find them, I squat down. I feel my thigh muscles explode and sense blood rushing to them for the upcoming show. I pull on the long end of the rock, moving it to a 45-degree-angle, then quick move my body so I am under it. I let the weight rest on my flexed chest and shoulder. I wrap my arms around the rock. I hug the rock to me and feel my biceps and triceps expand to their full size. I slowly push with my legs and move the rock to a standing position. I tighten my grip, inhale deeply, then tense my entire body. I start to stand up, pulling the rock with me. It feels heavier than it looks. I make sure to use my legs, not my back, as I stand. Once I’m up, I laugh to myself and think, ‘It’s not that heavy.’ I squat down a bit, then explode upward, releasing the rock a bit. I catch it again higher on my body. It’s just high enough that I push up and rest it on my broad left shoulder. I glance at the wheelbarrow and think, why waste a good leg workout. I carry the rock on one shoulder and the wheelbarrow in my free hand to my pickup. I put the wheelbarrow down and with my free hand, open the rear gate. I squat down and let the rock roll off and into the bed. It makes and awful noise as it rolls and comes to rest. I get in the bed, maneuver it to one side of the bed, and secure it with some straps. I start my drive back from town to the cabin, or estate, whichever people want to call it. The rock will look nice in one of the gardens there. I think of my time with PJ and a few other guys in town. If Nona only knew. I’d be dead. Happy, but dead. Leading the life of a straight man for her but sneaking off to have fun behind her back with other men, seems sacrilegious. I’m gay and have been at peace with it for many years. My parents have been coming to terms with it for a few years. Nona and Pappy, when he was alive, had a harder time with it. I sat them down individually and gently explained what it meant to me. Telling them I liked guys over girls seemed like a slap in their faces. Nona took it especially hard as I am the oldest grandson. She patted my arm a few times like my being gay was something that would pass, like a cold or the flu. Dad said to let it go and not to worry about them. It was a lot for them to take in and I was the prized grandson, tall, dark, and handsome. It was something incongruous to them. When Pappy passed a few years ago, it was decided for me that I’d be the one who went to help Nona on the estate, even though I may have had plans of my own. Then it was dad’s turn to sit me down and gently explain how being the caretaker at the cabin was something I was obligated to do. He took me to a nice restaurant in town, one where I had to put on a dress shirt and pants, not a t-shirt and gym shorts. He explained over a few beers that Pappy and Nona had been fixtures at the cabin, which I had known, and it was expected that the Fisher family would take care of the property. He talked and I listened, thinking to myself, ‘I’m 25 years old. I’ve already put my college degree on hold to participate in bodybuilding and fitness contests, and now he wants me to put it off even longer, to help in this family business, of which I know very little about.’ He could see the hesitation and frustration building. “Jake,” he said calmly, “I realize this is not the direction you saw your life taking.” I glance up at him with a knowing look, “but, you have already had some many wonderful and exciting experiences for a man your age.” I smile knowing he is right. He holds up both hands and proceeds to list my accomplishments. “One, all state wrestler; two, holds high school record for bench press and squat; three, holds high school record for unassisted quarterback tackles at 45; four, youngest under 20 body-builder to win first place in his weight class; five, only under 20 body-builder to win the overall at the same competition; six, first 22-year-old to win Fitness champ for his class; seven, then win the overall Fitness champ at the same competition.” I tense my left bicep and feel the softball sized muscle expand the sleeve of my long-sleeved blue striped Oxford shirt. I smile, he sees it and smiles back. “You do know your mother and I are very proud of what you’ve done. We knew from the moment you picked up your first barbell and curled it, that you had innate talent which would allow you to go far in whatever dream you wanted to pursue, be it sports, body-building, or fitness.” I think back to all the events and sports I participated in and remember seeing my whole family there to watch me. Mom, dad, my younger siblings, all 4 of them at that point, and Nona and Pappy. I had my own cheering section. Even when I decided to stop pursuing bodybuilding because I did not want to get into steroids, they were behind me all the way. I sigh, knowing, short of me leaving the area, this is something I’m going to do. I whisper, “Ok.” Dad breaks into a sad smile. He puts his right hand on top of my left one and quietly says, “Thank you Jake. This means a lot to your mom and me. Nona will be happy too.” I glance up at him with a crooked smile, “Well, in her own way.” I chuckle and so does he. He finishes by saying, “I’m sure Pappy would be proud of you too.” I feel him squeeze my hand. I take a chance and ask, “May I ask one or two things?” He nods. “I still need my freedom.” He has a questioning look on his face. “I get that I’ll have to live on the estate with Nona, but I still want to live my life, dad. I’m a grown man. I want to be able to do things, go places, meet people…” I let the last part linger, hoping he knows what I mean. “Jake, I’m on your side for everything you just said.” He smiles and winks to me. I blush. “I’ll speak with Nona and your mom. It won’t be easy, but I’ll do my best.” I nod in appreciation. “Your mom and I have one request of you.” I cower at what it may be. “We want you to get your college degree.” I exhale with relief. He sees it and says, “The caretaker job pays pretty well, and you should be able to take a few courses every semester. We don’t care how long you take, or what you get it in, just please get that degree. It will help you in ways you can’t imagine.” I nod. “Also, with the experiences you’ve already had, and what you’ll pick up from working at the estate, it will give you a solid footing for your future.” Dinner arrives and we both start to eat. I have a medium T-bone steak with a baked sweet potato, and dad has salmon with broccoli. Between bites he says, “We do not expect you to spend the rest of your life at the estate, unless you want to,” He glances at me with a raised eyebrow, but I don’t give any hint back, “But stay until Nona retires or until Steve or Connor are able to help out.” My next two younger brothers, identical twins, but different as night and day, at least to me. I roll my eyes. He sees it and slyly smiles, knowing where I’m coming from. I roll up to the gate of the estate, enter the code, wait for the gate to open, then drive my 1999 Ford F150 up to the caretaker’s house and park next to Nona’s Jeep Cherokee. I leave the rock where it is and enter the house thru the garage. I peel off my work boots and socks and slip into a pair of comfortable slippers I leave there. Nona is in the kitchen, at the table reading over an email on her computer. I’m guessing it has the details for the guest arriving tomorrow. She looks up, sees my dirty t-shirt and shorts, and says, “Can you thin out the Maple saplings before dusk tonight. They are on the east path about 100 yards from the house and 20 yards off the path.” She looks back down at her computer and makes some notes on a pad next to her. As I turn to go, she flatly asks, “How did things go at Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter’s? Were you able to remove the rock as they requested?” I quietly say, “Yes, Nona.” I see her nod without looking at me. “I brought the rock back with me as I think you’ll be able to find a spot for it in one of the gardens.” She turns to me. “I will.” She turns back. The conversation is over. I head back to the garage, pull my work boots back on and then get head out to my John Deer tractor. I start it up and head up the driveway. I branch off onto one of the paths, go the spot on the path where I think she is talking about and park. I quickly make my way to the glen of Maple saplings. I see the clump of about 30 young trees and wonder how Nona would ever find them? I put the thought out my head and walk the area to determine the best and quickest course of action. I jog back to my tractor, grab a roll of tape and a shovel. I head back to the trees as dusk encroaches the area. I quickly mark 10 to 15 saplings. I double check to make sure there is room for me to get them out of the ground without disturbing the other trees too much. I find one of the smaller ones and get a firm grip on the trunk. It’s only 5-inches in circumference, so my hands easily fit around it. I shake the tree a bit to see how sturdy it is. It’s pretty flimsy. I squat down, plant my feet in the soft ground, inhale, and start to lift. As I exhale, I tighten my grip. The tree shakes and the roots start to emerge from the ground. As I finish my exhale, I take a breath to clear my lungs. I squat down again and take another deep breath. I grab the tree a bit lower. As I exhale again, I grip and lift. The tree shakes even more. The roots break free of the ground and dirt sprays everywhere. I toss the tree to the side, clap my hands on my legs to get the dirt off me and think, ‘one down.’ I glance at the sky, then my watch. I don’t have much sunlight left. I move to the next tree, pull it out just as easily, and move on. Half an hour later, it is too dark, and I stop. I’ve taken out 6 trees and have another 9 or so to go. I leave the ones I’ve already pulled out where they are and head back to my tractor. I head back to the house. I enter thru the garage again and see Nona is still at the computer. I smell dinner in the oven. I make my way to the back stairs and head up to my bedroom. I take a quick shower and come back down in a pair of sweats and a long sleeve t-shirt. I help set the table and move the food to it. As we sit, she takes my hand in hers. We say grace. I allow her to take first helping of everything, chicken, rice, and steamed carrots with orange glaze. I patiently wait for her to finish, then fill my plate. She knows what I like and don’t like and is mindful of my diet. She never forces me to eat anything I don’t like, but gently hints I should try new things. There is music playing softly for ambiance. It is some of her favorite 60’s artists. I must admit, some of the songs are really good and I don’t mind listening to it. She leads off the conversation, “Mrs. Carpenter called to say, ‘thank you’. She appreciates your removing the rock. She wondered if you’ll be free at some point to come back and help fill in the hole.” She glances over to me. I finish chewing the piece of chicken before responding. “Yes, I would be happy to.” I think to myself, ‘As if I have a choice.’ “I thought as much and already told her so.” I roll my eyes in my head. “The young gentleman will be here tomorrow, probably in the late afternoon, or early evening. His name is Cole. He will be here for a month.” I pause and look to her. I ask, “By himself? That is a bit unusual.” She nods in agreement. “They did not send too much information, just that this is a last-minute reservation. They were very sorry for the short notice.” I know where this is headed. “I’ll be at the house tomorrow to prepare one of the bedrooms. I have made out a grocery list. Please head to town and gather the items.” “Yes Nona.” “When you’re done with that, please make sure the pool and workout room are tidied up.” I nod and I chew on some carrots. “Were you able to remove all the saplings?” It comes out more of a statement than a question. “Unfortunately, not. I ran out of light.” I see her glance at me. “I’ll finish up tomorrow after I have done the other things.” She nods. We finish dinner. I clear the table, put the left-over in containers, and wash the dishes. I set the dishes on the counter to dry. I head upstairs to do some course work. I’m taking a 2nd level Business management course and a 3rd level Horticulture class at the local college. The management class is pretty straightforward while the Hort class has a lot of Latin terms I have to remember. An hour later I emerge from my room, head downstairs and grab an apple and banana for my snack. I see Nona has shut off the lights and headed to her room. I grab my phone and walk outside. It's a gorgeous night. The night air still has a little bite to it, but that disappear soon as we head into late spring and early summer. I walk over the driveway and onto a path leading to one of the ponds on the property. A few years ago, with the owner’s and Nona’s blessing I put a bench at one of them and cut out a sitting area facing south. On a clear night like tonight, you can watch the stars and moon make their trek across the sky. As I walk to it, the creatures of the night go quiet as I approach and start up their calls after I pass. Crickets, owls, frogs, toads, a few mice, and other assorted animals wander the grounds. I get to the pond; the frogs and crickets go silent. I sit on the bench and tilt my head backwards, to crack my neck. As the vertebra crack, I feel any tension I had slip away. I watch the stars and my brain begins to wander. It’s been 5 years since dad asked me, or rather let me know, I’d be helping out here. Has it been so bad? Eh, not really. Nona tries her best, but she has not come around to me being gay. She doesn’t bring it up, nor does she stop me from doing what I like to do. I think she’s hard on me as a way to compensate, her version of tough love. I’ve seen her with my brothers and sisters and she’s more loving with them, smiling and hugs for everyone. I hate sneaking off to meet up with guys, like PJ. I mean, he’s great, but he’s 8 years younger than I am. Heck, he’s Rose’s age. God, I feel old. But, without Rose meeting him in a bar one night, I would have never met him. She called me the night she met him and gushed about how cute he was and that he and I would be perfect together. She sent me a photo of him, and I thought, yeah, he’s cute, a bit on the small side for my tastes, but one or two dates wouldn’t hurt. I wasn’t dating anyone seriously, so why not. We went out a few times, then he asked me to come over to his place for dinner. I got embarrassed and he saw it. He put his small, freckled hand on top of my monster fist and said, “Jake, you never have to be afraid of who you are with me, or my family.” I sighed at the thought of being accepted for who I am. He saw my hesitation and continued, “My parents accept who I am, and I’ve brought many other friends over. It’ll be fine.” I smiled weakly and nodded. I went home and called mom and let her know, so there wouldn’t be a huge surprise when word got out that I was on a date with PJ Carpenter. She quickly and quietly said, “You need to tell Nona. She’s good friends with PJ’s grandmother and you don’t want her to hear it from some old gossip in town.” I groaned out loud. Mom laughed and said, “Welcome to being an adult and having the difficult conversations.” I chuckle and say, “I thought I already had it with her…” The conversation did not go swimmingly well to say the least. Nona’s final statement to me went something like, “Jacob Daniel Fisher the third, I cannot stop you from seeing who you want to see.” There was no emotion in it. No, ‘I’m happy you met someone, or you’re going to dinner where?’ I sighed and went and had a great time with PJ and his family. They accepted me for who I was and gave me some confidence to continue see PJ without any interference. Nona let it go. PJ and I had our fun, but we both realized the age difference was going to be an issue. He was still in college and partying it up, while I am working on the estate and going to night classes. We still meet up, like today, and have a great time. His parents are very supportive of me and send work my way, regardless of my relationship with PJ. Maybe I should have another conversation with dad. I’m going to be graduating this year and want to know if there are plans in place to have someone take over for me. I start to think about what I want to do after I do graduate. I need to start sending out job applications or completing them online. Need to get my name and face out there, and not just around town, but farther away. Small town life is nice, but there are more opportunities in larger cities. What would that life be like? I’ve barely left the town I was born in, much less lived someplace else. I mean, my bodybuilding and fitness competitions took me to some different cities across the area, but I’ve never traveled west past the Mississippi or south past the Mason-Dixon line. Maybe small-town life is what I’m made for, but I’ll never know unless I try something else. I come out of my thoughts and see the moon is high in the night sky. I see some bats chasing their dinners and hear the crickets and frogs singing their songs. There are lightening bugs all around me. I take a deep breath and feel my long sleeve shirt expand and stretch across my chest. I flex my arms a few times to get the blood flowing again. I slowly stand and stretch my arms over my head and begin my walk back to the house. On the way, I check my messages and see PJ sent me one thanking me for today. I send him a smiley face back and smile to myself. I enter the house through the garage, lock up all the doors and head up to bed. I lay in bed thinking again, would life in the big city be right for me? I doze off. Friday morning comes and I wake to the smell of eggs and bacon. I quickly change into my work clothes and head down. Nona has a plate ready for me and once I sit down, she lets me know she’s going to the house to get things ready. It’s about 9am. I nod and say, “I will head into town and get the grocery shopping done. Is there anything you need while I am there?” “Not today, thank you. Please don’t dawdle. You will need to clean up the exercise room and pool before Mr. Cole arrives, and please remember to clear away the trees.” I nod, not letting on my feeling of being treated like a 5-year-old. She takes off. I get in my pickup and start for town. I call dad. He picks up on the first ring, “What’s she done now?” he asks with exasperation. “Oh, you know, same old, same old.” I say wearily. “Can we meet for dinner tonight, just you, mom, and I?” I sound like I’m begging or whining, but I’m not. “Of course. You want to come here or meet in town someplace?” “Can we meet at your place? Will the others be there?” “Steve and Connor will be at work, Rose and Jen (my other twin siblings) should be on dates, but Tiny…” I suddenly hear Tim yell in the background, “I’m right here dad.” Dad continues, “Oh, my bad, Timothy Mark Fisher will be here as well, grounded for the night at this point.” I laugh to myself. Tim is the youngest of the 6 of us. He’s 23 years younger than I am, which makes him 7. Definitely the surprise baby. Rose and Jen are 22 and Steve and Connor are 26. “But otherwise, we’re good.” “Thanks. Say 6ish?” “I’ll let your mom know.” I get to the store and quickly make my way thru, making sure to get the specific items on the list. Made the mistake once of getting a similar item, and then having to drive back to get the correct one. I pick up one two items for myself and pay for them separately. I make sure they go into a different bag. On the way home, I get some gas, stop for a quick bite to eat, then head back. On the way back, I call Nona and let her know. I ask if I should bring the groceries right to the main house. She says yes. I get back at 12:30. I run into the house and put my bag from the store in my bedroom, then put all the groceries into my tractor and drive to the house. I carry the groceries in and hear a vacuum running upstairs. I put the bags on the counter and put any frozen or cold items in the fridge. I walk out to the pool area and see it needs to be cleaned and swept. I move to the exercise room and start to clean and dust. I wipe off the weights and make sure everything is in its proper place. As I move items, I get a quick workout in. A few sets of curls, squats, and deadlifts. Nobody needs to know, and it helps alleviate some of my stress. I check the linen closet and see there is full supply of towels for the workout room and the pool. I move to the pool supply hut, pull out a skimmer, the pool vacuum, and get started. I get all the leaves off the surface, then submerge the vacuum and begin. It’s a nice day out, so I strip off my t-shirt and get some sun. The heat feels good on my muscles. I close my eyes as the vacuuming motion is repetitive. I’ve done this often enough; I could do it in my sleep. 45 minutes later I’m done. I pack up all the gear then pull out a straw broom and sweep the entire pool area. I make sure to pull out any weeds that have started to grow between the brick pavers. I wipe down all the furniture and make sure no bees have built nests in the area. I double check the propane tank for the gas grill is at least ¾ full and then make sure the grills do not have any caked-on fat from the last guest. I toss my shirt back on and head to the flower garden on the side of the house and do a spot check of the walkway to make sure there are no bird droppings on it. I get a hose and spray down the pavers, refill the birdbath, then water the plants and clean the bench. I glance at my watch and see it’s getting close to 4. As I’m packing up the hose and brushes, Nona comes around the corner with her scissors. She glances around making sure everything is satisfactory. She walks over to the Peonies and cuts a few of them, then goes to the Irises and does the same. I stand silently, waiting to see if my work passes her inspection. As she’s leaving, she pats me on the arm and says, “Looks good Jake. Thank you.” I breathe a sigh of relief. I mention carefully, “I’m heading to mom and dads for dinner tonight. I am going to clear out the remaining saplings right now, but may need to finish tomorrow morning, if that would be, ok?” She pauses and without turning around replies, “Ok.” I finish cleaning up the area, then quickly head to my tractor and down to the trees. I see my pile from yesterday and move to the next marked tree. I squat down, get a firm grip, feel my legs and chest expand, then quickly push up. The tree comes out without hesitation. Dirt sprays my workpants and shoes. I work out my anger and frustration on the remaining trees. When I’m done, I realize I’m sweating profusely and there’s a tear in my t-shirt. I also have a cut on my right forearm. Not too bad, but I will wash it off and put a band-aid on it. I glance at my watch and see it’s 5ish. I head back to the trail, get in my tractor and head back. I wash up, get into a decent pair of shorts and a nicer t-shirt. I head down to the kitchen and see Nona has made her dinner and is eating it while reading a book. “I pulled all the trees out and will remove them from the area first thing tomorrow.” She nods. “I shouldn’t be too late tonight.” She nods again. I quickly head out. It’s a 30-minute drive. The orange sun is low in the sky and dusk will hit us soon. As I drive thru town, I see a dark red Volvo driving slowly thru town in the opposite direction. I glance at the driver and see a cute blonde behind the wheel. I wonder if he’s the guest. We don’t see too many upscale cars around here, so I’m 80% sure he is the guest. I get to my parents and as I enter, Tiny springs from behind the door and grabs me around my midsection in an attempt to tackle me. Tiny is all of 50-lbs soaking wet, with a head of curly dark hair and eyes which match mine. His chances are slim he’d ever do it, but I play along and fall to the ground, making sure he lands on top of me. He puts his hands on my chest to hold me down. I act surprised and say, “Whoa there Tiny. Glad to see mom and dad have you here to tackle any would-be burglars.” His eyes go wide, and a huge toothy smile is on his face. He looks across the room to dad and joyfully says, “See dad, I knew if I worked out, I’d be able to take Monster down.” He rolls off me and I stand up, putting my left arm around him and bringing him in for a hug. He hugs me fiercely, his face buried in my chest. We release and he excitedly says, “Monster, I’m getting bigger.” My eyes go wide. “I’ve put on 2-lbs in the past 2 weeks.” He flexes his bicep for me to see. I carefully put my hand on it and pretend squeeze it. I ease up when I feel his muscle. I whistle and say, “Tiny, you’ll be as big as me in no time. I hope mom has enough food in the house to feed you.” His eyes get bigger at my praise, and he gives me a high-five. “I gotta go tell mom to get more food cuz there’s a second monster in the house.” He goes into a most-muscular pose and growls at me. I drop into one too, put my head against his and we growl together. He runs off to the kitchen and I go sit next to dad. He’s got a smile on his face. “He misses you.” I nod, realizing I miss him as well. “I’ll try to stop by more, maybe come over and workout with him.” I exhale deeply. Dad sees it and gets right to the point. “What’s up?” I look at him with misty eyes. “Come on Jake, it can’t be all that bad, can it?” I shrug my shoulders. I hesitate and start to stumble over my words. They start out as a whisper, “I just cannot seem to please her, no matter how hard I try, or what I do. She’s always…indifferent to me…like…I’m the hired help, not her grandson…” Dad puts a hand on my knee. “Ever since I told her I was gay; she’s been like this. You know, you’ve seen it.” He nods in agreement. “I can’t change who I am, and I want to be happy, but she makes everything…I dunno know…feel…or maybe…” I sniffle back a tear, realizing how much sadness I have inside me. I wipe my face on my sleeve, then look to dad, “Maybe it’s time for me to leave the estate and let someone else help her.” He sighs and sits back in his chair. Of course, this is the moment when Tiny comes bounding out the kitchen with a huge grin. He runs across the room and leaps at me from 5 feet away. I think, ‘oh fuck’. I jump up and catch him mid-air, then allow his momentum to carry us back a few steps. I hold him out at arm’s length, his toothy grin, and floppy hair a wild mess. Mom steps out of the kitchen, sees me holding him, and exclaims, “Timothy Mark, get yourself back in this kitchen right now. How many times have we told you not to jump at Jake? What if he wasn’t paying attention? You could have been seriously hurt.” “Awe mom, I knew the Monster was watching. Besides, he’s never dropped me before.” Mom just shakes her head in frustration. I pull him to me and wrap my left arm under his butt. I tickle him with my right hand, and he squirms, trying to get free. I quietly say, “Dude, I had you, you know that, right?” He’s got a huge grin and shakes his head up and down. “But we need to play it cool in the house.” I wink at him. “I’ll bring you up to the estate at some point and we can play in the pool, just the two of us.” He shouts, “Cool. Will you throw me in like you did the other times?” Dad looks over with a raised eyebrow. I shake my head from side to side at him. He frowns at me. I put him down and he runs back to the kitchen. Mom looks at me with exasperation. “Dinner in 5. I’ll try to control Tiny for you.” “Well Jake…you’re almost 30, a grown man. You have the right to do what you want. Your mom and I are very grateful you’ve stayed there to help. Your grandmother does appreciate it, despite her not showing it very much.” I raise an eyebrow and look at him. “When we talk, she does mention all the hard work you put and how much of a relief it is to have you there, as opposed to a stranger.” I rasp out, “Funny, it never seems that way to me.” He sighs and shrugs his shoulders. “Maybe if she let on a little, to me,” I touch my chest, “that she appreciates my help, maybe I wouldn’t have to come to you to hear it second-hand.” I let out a deep breath. I gather my thoughts for a moment, then say, “Still, when I get my degree, this fall, I want to try something different.” He nods and says, “I’ve already brought this up to her and to Steve and Connor to see if either of them would be interested.” My eyes perk up. “Jake, I just tossed the idea out, nothing formal or anything.” “Oh…did either of them give you any kind of sign, one way or the other?” He shakes his head no. Mom pokes her head in and says dinner is ready. We go into the dining room, and I see Tiny has put his place right next to mine and he is waiting for me. I sit next to him and gently poke him with my right index finger. He giggles and squirms, then pokes me back. I giggle as well. We pass around the food and talk about everything except the issue I’m having with Nona. She dotes on Tiny, and I don’t want him to hear anything bad about her. Tiny starts to gobble his food down and I put my hand on his wrist and gently say, “Slow down buddy. Eating quickly won’t get you bigger, sooner.” He looks at me mid-chew and nods. He slows down. Dinner is fantastic. Roast pork loin with gravy, garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli (for Tiny), carrots (for me), rolls, and some applesauce with cinnamon (for both of us). Tiny talks about his pee-wee football league. I’ve been to a few of his games, but he begs me to come to the one this weekend. “I’ll try Tiny, but we have a guest coming in this weekend and I have some work I need to finish up.” His face darkens a bit with sadness. Mom sees this and immediately says, “Tim, I bet Steve and Connor can make your game. It’ll be great to have them both there. They love watching you play too.” He sighs and says, “I guess so.” She says, “Tim, you know Jake always tries to make your games. Please don’t be upset if he misses one or two.” “Ok.” He says gloomily. “Listen Tiny, I’ll try really hard to make it. When is the game?” He perks up and gleefully says, “Tomorrow at 5.” “Ok, I will try to make.” We fist bump. Mom smiles at me. After dinner mom sends Tiny off to read a book in his room, which is my old room. The three of us sit in the living room again and talk. She says to me, “Jake, she loves you in her own way.” I nod slowly knowing she’s right, but it still hurts that she won’t give an inch to acknowledge it. I explain what I did today and how she reacted, including the part where she said I did a nice job. Dad exuberantly says, “Well there you go.” I don’t know if he’s kidding or not. I look at him sideways and I see a small smile creep across his face. I broach a tough subject for my parents, “What happens when I meet a guy I like?” They fidget a bit, but not as much as when I first came out to the family. I gently say, “See, you do it too. You’re still not completely comfortable with me being gay, are you?” They hesitate again. “This is why I don’t talk about guys I see. I can hardly bring them back to the house. I have no idea how Nona would react, what she’d say, or if she’d even let them in.” Dad puts his hands up for me to calm down. He says, “Jake, yes, it’s still a bit tough for us, but we love you with all our hearts and support you in anything you do and will love and support you with the person you choose to be with.” I feel a ‘but’ coming. “Your grandmother is from a different time. She tries to understand, but she sees her 6’3’ grandson who played football, wrestled, did bodybuilding, and fitness competitions, and there’s a disconnect.” I know what’s coming. “She thinks all gay men are effeminate.” I roll my eyes, probably a bit too much. Mom sees it and scolds me, “Jake, that’s not fair.” I blurt out, “It’s not fair to me. She has watched me grow up. She knows who I am, but I have to walk on eggshells around her because it might upset her to see me kiss a man I like.” I feel a tear roll down my face. They look at each other, knowing I’m right. I sit back in the couch and run my hands thru my hair. I take a few deep breaths to calm down. I see them looking at each other. My eyes dart back and forth. Dad carefully says, “Jake, you’re a grown man. It’s going to be hard, but you need to sit down with Nona and get everything out in the open.” I think, ‘Oh, boy.’ “It won’t be easy for you, but you need to tell how you feel, about everything…not just that you don’t feel appreciated for the work you do, but also about your being gay and how she ignores it.” I look up to meet his gaze and I open my mouth. He immediately says, “No, you need to do this on your own.” “Ok, but you may need to put an air mattress in my room upstairs for when she kicks me out.” I crack half a smile. Mom weakly smiles, but dad has an ear-to-ear grin. I check my watch and say, “I need to get back. Tomorrow is going to be a full day.” We all stand. Mom goes to the stairwell and calls up to Tiny, letting him know I’m leaving. He comes bounding down the steps and makes a b-line to me. I’m ready for him this time. He jumps at the last second and I catch him in both arms. I haul him in for a hug and he wraps both his arms around my neck and crawls up my body. I just stand there and keep my hands close to his body to catch him if he slips. He’s done this a thousand times before, but I’m always careful with him. Once he gets tired, I pull him off me and hold him off the ground. “Ok, Tiny. I need to get back. I have a lot of work to do tomorrow. I need to get it all done so I can come to your game.” I big smile comes across his face. “I’ll try to stop by one-night next week and we can work out in the basement. Gotta get you into monster form if you’re going to rule the field like I did.” I flex my left arm and he puts both hands around it and I let go of him. He dangles from muscle for a few seconds. I lower my arm as he slides off. He hugs me again and says, “That’d be great Monster.” He flexes his arms and goes into another most muscular pose and growls. I mimic him and put our foreheads together again. By the end, we’re both laughing. I move to the door, say my final good nights and head out. I’m still smiling as I pull onto the estate and up to the house. The main house has a few lights on, so I guess he has arrived. I’m tempted to drive up and see if there is a Volvo there. I decide against it. I’ll find out soon enough. All the lights are off in our house. I parked and quietly enter thru a side door. I make sure everything locked up and head to bed with thoughts of Tiny playing football in my head. I wake Saturday morning to bright sunlight streaming thru my dark green curtains. They are partially open, and the windows are cracked as well. A warm breeze filter thru. I roll out of bed, grab a quick shower, and brush my teeth. I head down and see Nona is at the computer, reading an article. “I’m heading up to the house to finish cleaning up the saplings. I then will head up to the lower meadow to trim some trees which have become overgrown.” She nods with approval. “Oh, Tim has a pee-wee game this afternoon around 5. He asked me to come watch.” I look for any sign from her. “I told him I had work to do but would try to make it.” “That sounds nice. I may drive over as well. I have not seen Timothy for a while.” She looks back down at her computer and I take it as a sign to get to work. I grab a couple apples and a banana and head out. I drive toward the area where the trees are waiting for me, but realize I need to empty the trailer. It has some logs in it from previous jobs. I go the work shed on the far side of the property and dump everything out. 10 minutes later I’m heading back. It’s still a gorgeous day. The sun is climbing, and the air is heating up. I have my cap on to keep the sun off my head. I smile again at the thought of Tiny on the football field. I know he’ll try to put on a show if he sees me there. As I near the area with the trees, I park on the path again and head into them. I see a few more which should be pulled out. I mark them and start to pull them out. I’ve got 3 done when I hear a voice call out to me, “Hello.” I turn toward the voice and realize it’s the guy staying at the house. I head his way and call back, “Hello there.” I’m still in the trees and cannot see him, but his voice is sexy, but a bit tentative. I guess that’s to be expected. He calls again, “Hello? My name is Cole. I’m staying at the cabin.” I see him thru the trees, even though he doesn’t see me yet. Man-oh-man, he’s cute. My height looks about my age, but definitely lighter. Blonde hair, trim body, sweat dripping down from his face. I feel a swelling in my groin. I pause to adjust my workpants, so it doesn’t show. I call back, “Oh. Hello Mr. Cole. My name is Mr. Fisher. I’m the caretaker for the property.” He sees me and I see him pause to take me in. I slow my walk, so he can get a good look. I wonder, ‘Is he gay?’ From the way he’s staring at me…maybe…, but a lot of guys give me the once over the first time they see me. Almost like, is this guy for real? I approach and pull off a work glove. We make some small talk, and he keeps checking me out. I nonchalantly check him out as well. He has a bit of a pouch, but it’s COVID season, who doesn’t have one. Arms, not too bad, could use some toning. Nice legs and thighs. Chest, eh, he just needs to hit the gym a bit more frequently. But those dark blue eyes, damn. I could get lost in those. I feel a stirring down below. Uh-oh, the pregnant pause. What do I say? I keep looking at him. He breaks the silence and says he has to head out. I stumble over my words and say, “I’ll be up at the cabin later today, if you need help with anything.” I think, ‘Oh fuck, he may think I’m coming onto him. Dammit. Not want I want to do on his first day here.” He heads out and I get a real good look at his shapely ass. Man, he better be gay. I need me some of that. My unit pushes hard against my workpants. He wants out in the worst way. I quickly head back to the work area and my brain goes into auto mode. There’s no stopping it now. I put my work glove back on and rip some branches off some trees. I need to get a pump in my arms and chest. Need to get my body right to the edge. My biceps flex, muscles coil underneath the paper-thin skin. I feel blood rushing thru them. My chest is heaving, sweat is coating my t-shirt. I squat down in front of a larger tree, one which is not marked for removal, but my needs are urgent. I wrap my arms around the 3-foot circumference trunk, pull my body to it and whisper, “Sorry little maple, but you’re a means to an end.” I grip it tightly, push my legs into the ground, and thrust upward as quickly as I can. My unit rubs against the trunk thru my pants. Lightening shoots down my body. I pull the tree from the ground with ease. I twist my body and quickly turn back and toss the tree 10 feet away. It crashes into other trees, some of them snapping. I growl and feel my unit pulsing. I rip off my gloves, undo and pull my pants and boxers down, and pull out my engorged unit. It's throbbing due to the stimulation of rubbing against my pants, then the tree. I grasp it with my left hand, putting my right hand behind my head. My right bicep flexed, stretching the material of my t-shirt to the limits. I close my eyes and start a slow jerk, hoping to draw out the pleasure, but knowing won’t be able to. I think of Cole and his sexy blonde hair, dark blue eyes, and whatever present he’s hiding under his shorts. My hips buck forward. My fist angerly bangs into my groin and lower abs, turning me on that much more. My movements quicken. I turn my head and lick my bicep. I sniff my sweaty, smelly pit. I lick the sweat off my arm. I imagine PJ’s mouth on my unit and my hands holding his mouth to my groin. He swallows me as best he can, but gags. I relax my hold a bit. I look down and it is now Cole’s mouth on me. My chest heaves and I thrust two more times, then blow my load. I contain my roar, for fear of being heard. Cum shoots out and covers the leaves, dirt, and grass in front of me. A few droplets end up on my shirt and pants. I scoop them off and lick them off my fingers. I lean against a tree and take a few cleansing breaths and scan the area to make sure there’s no one around. Yeah, if Nona had seen me going to town, I’d definitely be staying at mom and dads. I let out a laugh and pull up my boxers and pants. I stuff my still semi-rigid unit into them. I think to myself, I can get a second round later today, after Tiny’s game. I pull my gloves back on and start to move the saplings to my tractor. Some are too long to fit so I find a sturdy tree at the path’s edge, wrap one around it, brace my body by putting a leg on the tree trunk, then pull, using my shoulders to pull backwards. My chest expands again and my legs swell. The tree bends and then suddenly snaps. I release the pressure and let it fall to the ground. I grab another, then the last one. I put them all in the trailer, then go back for more. I get everything loaded and head back to the work shed. On the way back to the lower meadow I decide to check on Cole to see how he’s doing. I stop below the pool deck and walk up. I see him asleep on a lounge chair. A book on Yoga is beside the chair, having fallen out of his hand. I quietly say, “Mr. Cole.” He stirs, but does not wake. Man, he’s a good-looking guy. I check him out again and see his legs are decent sized as well. His chest is bigger than I thought. “Mr. Cole, are you awake?” He slowly wakes and squints. I am between the sun and him. He starts to get up, apologizing for having dozed off. I think, ‘Dude, I could watch you sleep all day.’ He stumbles as he gets off the chair. I lunge to him and grasp his elbow, steading him. “Are you alright?” I guide him to the chair at the table and we sit. I gently chastise him for not warming down and at one point he looks at me and gives it right back by saying, “Yes sir, Sargent Fisher.” I wink, now knowing he has a sense of humor. We continue to talk and asks if the ‘Mrs. Fisher’ is my wife. I laugh to myself and think, ‘Yeah, got a surprise for you Cole.’ I explain the situation as he listens to every word, nodding and soaking it all in. He is very polite and doesn’t pry into my life. I hold back as well. We continue to talk and then I see it. Nona at the French doors, watching us. As she opens the doors, I immediately stand, knowing she’s about to reprimand me in front of Cole. With the same authority as always, she says to me, “Jake, I believe you have some trees to trim in the lower meadow. I think you have taken up enough of Mr. Cole’s time.” I quietly respond, “Yes, Nona.” I turn to leave, but say one thing, hoping he gets my message, “Please remember to fully stretch before and after each jog. It would not do you any good to be laid up while you were here.” He looks at me with a slightly confused look, but it slowly changes to one of understanding. I head down to my tractor and then to the lower meadow. I am frustrated with myself for getting caught up in the moment with Cole. He just seems like a nice normal guy. I now know he’s gay. He may not have said it outright, but the tell-tale signs are there. When I put my arms behind my head and casually flexed my biceps, he practically drooled onto his shirt. I think if I had bounced them a few times, he would have cum in his tented shorts. Yeah, I caught that, even though he tried to hide it well. I spend the rest of the afternoon pumping my arms by ripping off tree branches. It’s so much quicker than having to use a saw and cut them off. It’s also a great workout. I see some logs on the path. I squat down and get my leg workout in. Lifting them, then pressing them overhead. I feel a sweat starting again and it feels good. I see some larger rocks and decide to get some bench presses in. I find a nice large one, lay on the dry path, and proceed to press it. I guess its weight to be around 200-lbs. Pretty light, but I need to go with the weights on hand. I finish my workout, brush the dirt and debris off my shirt and pants. I haul the limbs back to the work shed, then head home. It’s about 4 and I have just enough time to get a shower and drive to Tiny’s game. Once at the game, I see my parents in the stands. I wave and go to join them. I see Tiny in his uniform. He turns, sees me, and waves. I wave back and he flexes his arm. I flex mine and I see him flex harder, trying to mimic me. I wave for him to turn around and listen to his coach. Mom says, “I’m so glad you made it.” I nod in response. “Steve is on his way. Connor got held up at work but may be here later.” “What about Rose and Jen?” Mom just rolls her eyes. “I see.” She laughs. My sisters have lived with 3 protective older brothers, all their lives; one who could seriously hurt one of their boyfriends if they stepped out of line. They are trying to break free. Rose and I are close. She tells me everything. Jen and I are…well…we get along. She gets along better with Connor. From the way they gossip with each other, you’d think they were twins with each other, and not their actual twin. I pull my phone out and shoot Rose a note, asking if she’ll be here. A few minutes later she responds with a ‘maybe’. I send her a frustrated emoji. I write back, “Could you be here for Tiny? He misses us.” She immediately writes back saying, “Don’t play the Tiny card with me, Monster. He misses you. I see him enough.” She adds an “LOL” to let me know she’s joking. I send a winking emoji back. She does the same. Mom asks, “Well, is Rose coming?” “Maybe.” “That means no.” “Not necessarily.” I wink at her. Dad leans over and ask, “How did your day go.” He’s not being too obvious. “Fine. I got scolded for sitting and talking to the new guest.” He frowns. I just shrug my shoulders. “She may come to the game.” His eyes go wide. The game starts and we cheer Tiny on. He plays running back and defensive lineman. There are just not enough kids in the area to have a full team. Heck, I had to play offense, defense, and special teams in high school. The game is exciting, and he makes some really nice plays, including a run for a touchdown. At the beginning of the second half, Nona, Steve, and Rose show up. Nona sits on the far side of dad, and they chit-chat. Gratefully I cannot hear their conversation. Steve squeezes in between Mom and I and they start to talk. Rose and I wink at each other and laugh. We half watch the game and half gossip with each other. She outright asks, “How are things with PJ?” I give her a sly smile. She puts her hand over her mouth and giggles. “I knew it.” “Honestly though Rose, he’s too young for me.” She cocks an eye at me with a ‘what are you talking about meaning’. I calmly say, “I’m 30, he’s 22.” “So?” I whisper, “I think I want to start thinking about settling down, meeting ‘Mr. Right.” Her eyes go wide again, “PJ could be him.” “He’s still into partying and going out.” She nods with a smile. “Me, not so much.” “Stop being a fuddy-duddy, Monster.” I look at her. “Just because you’re a few years older, doesn’t matter, especially if you’re both, you know…” she elbows me in the ribs. I turn to watch Tiny on defense try to crash thru the O-Line. He’s too small. I cringe and say, “I need to get him stronger. He’s too small.” Rose says, “He’s fine. He’ll grow into his size, just like you did.” I off handily say, “There’s a new guest at the house.” She looks at me with her ‘do-tell’ eyes. “He’s kind of cute.” Her smile gets bigger. “I’m 90% sure he plays for my team.” She grabs my right forearm and squeezes. She slyly cocks her head outward and looks down toward Nona and dad. I don’t. She asks, “Does she know?” I shake my head no. She nods. “Rose, when I say he’s kind of cute, he’s cute. Blonde hair, dark blue eyes, pretty nice body, and he was checking me out too.” Now I feel like I’m 15. She squeezes harder and her bites her lower lip with her upper teeth. I hold up a finger and caution her, “I’m going to go slow with him. See what his story is and let it play out.” She nods her head vigorously, her dark curls bouncing around her face. The crowd raises a cheer. We turn to see Tiny scampering down the field with the ball in his hands. He scores another touchdown and Rose says, “You ready for a ‘mountain climber’ after the game?” She nudges me again. I laugh knowing Tiny will be all over me and want to ride my shoulders off the field. “He’s playing well. He deserves it.” The game ends with our team winning. Tiny played really well and I carried him off the field on my shoulders. We all head back to Mom and Dads for some dinner. Nona and I casually talk with each other. She sits next to Tiny at dinner and heaps praise on his game saying he will be a star someday. Tiny, with a huge smile on his face, innocently says, “Just like Monster, right?” She holds her smile, pats him on his arm, and says, “Maybe even better.” Tiny’s eyes go wide and his toothy grim comes out. He looks over to me and smiles. I wink to him. Dinner continues and finishes. We stand around and talk, breaking off into groups of two or three. Tiny wanders around trying to get involved, but not having any luck. I feel bad for him as he doesn’t have a sibling even close to his age. Hell, I could be his dad. Tiny comes up to me and tugs on my shirt and heads to the basement door. I follow and we sneak down. I crouch down so we are eye level. I put my fist up and we bump. I say to him with confidence, “You played well today Tiny. I’m very proud of you.” He smiles. I put a finger up and say, “But we need to work on your strength for when you are crashing the O-line when you’re on defense.” He nods, with a look of discouragement on his face. He knows what I’m talking about. “It won’t be too hard buddy.” I put my left hand on his little right shoulder and softly squeeze. “We just need to strengthen your legs and core so you can push your way thru their O-line. I’ll come up with some easy exercises you can do. I’ll stop over in a few days, and we can do some stuff together, ok?” He nods and leans into me and says, “Thanks, Monster.” He kind of looks at me and I know he wants to ask a question, which is why he wanted to come down here, but is hesitant. His eyes are darting from side to side, then down to the floor. I move my left hand to under his chin and lift it up. I quietly ask, “What’s up Tim?” He looks into my eyes with a sadness. “You know you can ask me anything.” He’s still hesitant. “Why…how come…are you and Nona arguing?” He shifts his gaze to the far wall. I sigh. “I mean…you guys never seem to talk to each other…if you do…well…don’t you love her? Doesn’t she love you?” He sniffles back a tear. I think to myself, ‘Oh shit.’ I need to get mom and dad here and into this conversation right now. I carefully say, “Oh, come on Tiny…you’re just imagining things. Nona and I get along fine.” He looks at me with suspicion in his young green eyes. “We didn’t say a lot here, because we’re always talking to each other at home.” Ok, so I lied to him, so sue me. My 7-year brother doesn’t need to know the truth. I pick him up and toss him over my shoulder. “Ok buddy, it’s your bedtime and I have to get back home to come up a plan to turn you into the next great Monster of the family and football field.” He’s laughing and giggling as we head up the steps. I shoo him up the steps to his room so he can get ready for bed. I find mom and dad talking with Rose. I see Nona and Steve on the patio talking. I gather the three of them into the living room and lay out what Tiny just said to me. Rose’s eyes go wide, mom shakes her head in disbelief, and dad sighs. “I lied to him.” I sigh. “I had to, and I feel awful.” Rose rubs my arm to comfort me. I look at them and say, “I’ll have my talk with her this week to get everything out in the open.” They all nod in agreement. Tiny comes back down ten minutes later. He’s in his PJ’s and is ready for bed. I give him a big hug and fist bump. He heads back up after saying goodnight to everyone. I head out soon after. Rose and I text as I drive home. She wants to be sure I’m ok. I say I am. She sends back a questioning emoji. I laugh and write back, ‘Ok, so probably not, but the talk with Nona is something I have to do.’ ‘Want me to be there?’ ‘No, then it would look like we’re ganging up on her.’ ‘Ok…Love you.’ “Love you too.’ I get back to the house, grab an apple and head to my room. I close the door and put my earbuds in to listen to some music. I grab a piece of paper and sketch out a plan for Tiny. It’s basically some cardio work to build his stamina, and some exercises where he walks around with some weights in his hands. I go online and look up some other stuff and when I finish, I have about 10 different things for him to do. I break it down into chunks he will be able to handle. I see headlights dance off my ceiling, letting me know Nona is back. I hear her come up the back stairs a few minutes later and go directly to her room. Sunday morning. Not much on the work plate today. May head to town to get a proper workout at the gym. I get changed into my gym gear and head down for breakfast. Nona is there with a plate for me. I say thank you and start to eat. “Jake, before you head to the gym, would you mind heading to the house and clearing some limbs off the trees by the dining room patio. I noticed some were overgrown and crowding the area. It shouldn’t take you more than an hour. You can have the rest of the day to yourself once that is done.” I look up and she is looking at me with a smile on her face. She and dad must have talked. “Yes, I can definitely do that.” I say with positivity. “Thank you. I’m going to do a few things around here, then head up to see if Mr. Cole needs anything.” “Ok.” I quickly get changed. Drive my tractor up to the house. I spy Cole running down a different path, away from the house. He’ll be gone for probably half an hour. That will give me time to get the limbs down. I check the house and spy his grocery list on the table. I pull my phone out and take a picture and send it to Nona with a note. “He left this on the counter. Everything else is in order. I don’t think you need to come up.” I put the list in my pocket. A minute later she responds, “Thank you. It does save me a trip. I’m going to head into town to get the items he is asking for. I’ll be gone for about an hour and a half.” I send back a thumbs up emoji. I head out to the dining room patio and open the doors. I stretch my body while I check out the area. The trees back here are mainly firs with some Maples, Poplars, and Birches mixed in. The firs are fine even though the limbs are long and extend onto the patio in spots. I see a few poplars are overgrown and the branches are drooping into other trees. I work my way into the trees, thru the firs, then make sure the Poplar tree branch I pull out will not leave a gap. I grip the branch, stiffen my body, then rip off a branch, carry it out, checking to make sure the area is still secluded. I drop the branch, then get another. I continue until I have several branches on the patio. The area looks much better. Some light is now filtering thru the trees, but the area is still secluded. I begin to haul the branches to my trailer. When I get the last ones out, I walk to the far side of the house and see Cole resting in the flower garden. We strike up a conversation. I ask about his leg. He says it’s fine. His blushes as he asks an off the wall question, “The welcome note your grandmother left said you give massages?” My face lights up. He says some other stuff, but I ignore it. “I think I can squeeze you in. Are you looking for a therapeutic massage or deep tissue?” I think to myself, ‘Do you want me to be clinical or sexual?’ He says, “I think a deep tissue would do the trick.” I smile, thinking, ‘Sexual it is.’ We agree to meet in an hour. I have a hard-on forming. I rush back to the house, notice that Nona is gone, head upstairs, and get a shower. I brush my teeth again, gargle again, and put on a fresh coat of deodorant. My hard-on is still there. I also put on a hint of body spray. I grab a backpack with my massage kit and head to the kitchen and see I still have 20 minutes. I grab an apple and sit at the table. I calm myself down by eating it slowly. When I’m done, I head out to the tractor and slowly drive up. I get there and walk thru the flower garden, hoping he’d be waiting for me there. He isn’t. When I round the corner and enter the pool area, I see him sitting in a chair. Blonde hair slicked back and still a bit wet, cargo pants and nice fitting tee. My unit jumps. I call out, “Hey Cole, right on time.” He doesn’t turn to look at me right away. When he does, his blue eyes dance with excitement. He takes a long look at my body. He’s undressing me with his eyes. I pause, inflate my chest slowly, and partially flex my arms. He looks at my legs, which have been under work pants the other times he’s seen me. I bust him for checking me out, then proceed to do the same thing to him. He only winks at me. We head into the room. I close and lock the door, so we are not disturbed. I also close the window shades and blinds. I set up the table and pat the table. He jumps on. I start to probe him for obvious signs of injuries and issues where I may need to go easy. I ask questions as I go along, and he responds. I can feel him still checking me out. I hit his waist and see his shorts are partially tented. I ask him to take his shirt off. I scan his chest. Not too bad. I can see he hasn’t been to a gym for a while. I ask him to raise his right arm. He does. I poke and prod to see if there are any issues with his shoulders. I coyly take a deep inhale of his armpit, but only smell fresh deodorant. I finish and ask, “Swimmer, runner, or gymnast?” He says runner and swimmer. I decide to ask why he’s here. He’s in decent shape, not married, no side fling, if doesn’t make sense. He starts talking. He leads off by saying he’s gay, but I realize it’s not the main focus of his story. COVID took a toll on him. He still has his job, but the stress he’s under is enormous. The threat of losing his job is almost daily. Add to that a non-existent sex life, no quality gym time, and a poor diet, and I can see why he snapped and lost it. I console him without being judgmental. Everyone’s life went to shit, in some form, due to COVID. I start to think, there are people out there who are in worse situations than I am. Cole seems to be one of them. I think, maybe I should back off and let him get his head screwed back on properly. I look at him and see a loneliness, a need for someone to be there for him, maybe just be a friend. I decide to go slow and see what happens. I offer to help him with his exercise plan. He accepts. I clap my hands together and say, “Drop your shorts and get on the table, face down.” He’s taken aback for a moment, but quickly recovers when he watches my peal out of my t-shirt. We get down to it and I start to work him over. We chit-chat as I move along. He probes me about the social scene and if I get away much. I can tell he’s trying to figure out if I’m gay or not. He’s actually pretty good at being subtle. It’s time to see where we both stand. I tell him to take off his boxers so I can massage his lower back without getting them all oily. He’s hesitant but slips them down. He gets them below his hips, then I take over and pull them off. Man, what a nice ass. My mouth starts to water, and I fight the urge to bend over and nibble on him. I take breath and decide, ‘what’s good for the goose…’. I drop my gym short, toss them into his line of sight, then slip my dark blue posers off and flick them toward the head of the table, hopefully letting him know where I stand. I don’t wait for a reaction. I get back to it. I knead his muscle like I’m kneading dough. I work steadily and firmly. I try one more thing, just to be sure. As I massage his glutes, I pull them apart and very casually slide my index along his crack. He stiffens for a moment then relaxes. I keep at it for another 15 minutes, just working him over. Muscles get pulled and twisted. He groans with pain, then pleasure. I keep staring at his lightly tanned body and think, we could have some fun together. About my height and age, a bit lighter than I am, but there aren’t too many 230-lb 30-year-olds out there. My unit rises a bit, but I look off to the far wall and take a few cleansing breaths to make it subside. I move to the head of the table and work his back from his shoulders down to his waist. I lean over his body and my sweaty chest it practically on top of him. His skin is also warm and has sheen from the mixture of oil, my sweat, and his sweat. I really want to take a lick, just for a taste. Then it happens. My semi-hard unit bumps the side of his head. I know he notices. I can feel him move his head. He wants to see what’s going on down below. I work my way back up his body, lifting my body off his as I go. I get to his neck and boom; he lifts his head to readjust, and I see him peek. He casually adjusts his midsection, to allow blood to flow to his hopefully hardening cock. After a few minutes, I tell him to flip over. Now it’s my turn to inspect the goods. I check him out and do everything I can to keep blood from flowing south. I sense he’s checking me out too. I inhale and let my chest expand. My abs come into relief and my nipples become hard and extend out thru my hairy chest. I see him shut his eyes. I’ve been there before. One way to stay soft, don’t look and think of other things. I get to work. Since we both seem to be on the same page with what we like, I’m going to probe some more. I work over his legs, then climb up on the table. I am hovering over him, my body pressing into his. My face just inches from his. My unit bumping his balls. He’s still soft. I take it another step and let my fingers play with his hairless balls, then go just an inch south and stroke his taint. Boom, erection city. I start to get hard as well. I do his other leg and when I’m on top of him, he opens his beautiful blue eyes. His sadness is less. Now there is excitement, anticipation, desire, conflict. I quietly say, “Hey.”, but keep working. I allow my fingers to trace down his body and into his groin area. I massage his inner leg and his unit goes to a stiff 45-degrees. I think, ‘There we go. Show time.’ I get off the table and stand to the side with my body just in reach of his arm. He takes my balls into his left hand and gently rolls them around. I massage his chest and abs, and when I get to his lower abs, I massage the area and ‘accidently’ bump his unit more often than not. I see him watching me work and his eyes are trained on my chest and arms. I think, ‘Nice, a muscle lover.’ I flex my chest and arms as pre-cum seeps out of him. He plays with my balls, then stops, then starts again by rubbing his middle finger along my length. He wraps his hand around me. I sigh to myself. He starts jerking me, nice and slow. I do the same to him. My hands work as a team. My right is jerking him, my left is down by his balls, massaging and rubbing his taint and hole. He moans he is going to cum. I slow, then yank him three times, and push my finger into his hole. Cum explodes out of him, covering his heaving chest, from sternum to bellybutton. He finishes, then realizes he has a death grip on me. I laugh. He eases his hold but continues to jerk me. I grip the sides of the table as I get closer. My body tenses and I unleash a torrent into his left thigh as I let loose a growl. I smile, ask how it was, and turn to get some towels, squeezing my ass-cheeks for his viewing pleasure. He cleans himself off, then reaches to soak up my cum. I stop him and say, “I’ve got this.” I squat down, easily pull his body to the edge of the table, then lick my cum off him. Not sure why, but I love the taste of my own cum. I will lick it off other guys just so they don’t wipe it off with a towel. The warm, salty taste sliding down my throat makes the journey feel complete. I crack his back and we start to make out. His lips are so soft and warm. I get on top of him, he takes my hat off. Our bodies are mashed together. We pause and decide to take our adventure up to his room. We quickly get changed and head across the patio. I’m staring at his cute ass when he stops suddenly. I bang into him. He says he saw Nona in the kitchen. I think, ‘Fuck.’ Cole thinks quickly and shoos me back into the pool house to wait for him to get rid of Nona. I know her too well. She’ll come out here to clean up. I quickly strip the table, grab all the towels and push everything into my bag. I put a clean sheet on the table. I sneak out of the building and go along the side of the house to the Dining room doors. I know they are unlocked, because I unlocked them earlier. I slip in and hear them talking. I make my way to the front staircase and up the bedrooms. I find Coles and toss my bag into a corner and get onto his bed. I relax my body and start to cool down. I hear him come up and watch him stand in the doorway, but he doesn’t see me. He’s listening intensely to the downstairs. I hear the French doors open and shut. Cole leaves the door and wanders to a different room. I follow. I hear him softly say, “I’m so sorry Jake. I didn’t want you to get into trouble.” I get choked up. He’s only thinking about me, not the trouble he could possibly get into. I gather myself and say, “Please, this isn’t my first time doing this.” He nearly jumps out of his skin. I explain how I got here and see he’s surprised, but not upset. We go back to his room and make out for the next hour. Just kissing and touching, getting to know each other. His skin is softer than I realized and the way he touches me, is almost like he’s afraid, but doesn’t want to be. He wants my permission to feel my muscles, to have me flex for him. I decide it’s time to put all our cards on the table. I ask him to meet me at the pond around 11. He agrees. As I get dressed, he turns away. I calmly say to him, “You know Cole. It’s ok to want to look at me. I think we’re past the ‘is he gay or not’ question, and you obviously like guys with muscles.” We chit-chat for another minute, then I take off. I get to my tractor and head to the upper ridge. Need to get some brush cleared away and make it look like I did work today. After an hour, I’m sweaty again and thinking of Cole. He seemed more relaxed just sitting and talking. We seem to get along. I like his company. He’s different. Yeah, he’s got a thing for my body, but when we talk, it’s natural, almost like I’m talking with Rose. He’s not pretending or acting, he’s just a guy who wants to get to know me. I compare him to PJ. PJ is all about the sex. Not that I’m complaining, but I’d like to actually talk to guy about something other than the size of my arms or cock. I mean, I’ll show off my strength if it will help get me laid, but I’d rather just roll around on a nice fluffy comforter and see where it leads. I realize I’m staring at the afternoon sun and how clear the sky is. I take it as a sign. I decide to have my talk with Nona, today, right now. I drive back and park in the driveway. Her Jeep is there. I go in thru the garage and remove my shoes and socks. She’s sitting on a stool at the kitchen island, looking at a cookbook. She sees me come in and gives me a smile. She’s definitely trying. I scratch the back of my neck with my hand, feeling my dark sweaty wavy hair. I stumble over my words and ask, “Um…Nona…Do you have a minute for a talk?” She turns her head to me and says, “Yes, Jake, what’s on your mind?” Where do I start? My mind goes in a hundred different directions. I want to get it out there, but not be a jerk about it. She sees me thinking and raises an eyebrow. I quietly ask, “Nona, are we okay?” “What do you mean, Jake?” She turns on her stool and faces me. I put my hands lightly on the island and say, “Um, are you happy I’m here…working with you? Would you rather it was someone else?” I look at her, then away. “Jake.” She says it in a way that she wants me to look at her. I do. “Sweetie, you know I love you and want you here with me. The work you do for me is invaluable.” She reaches her hand for mine. I tentatively extend mine. I cautiously say, “But…it never seems like you do…” She looks at me. “I try my hardest and” Now for the tough part, “You barely acknowledge it. Maybe a ‘thank you’ here or there, or a ‘nice job’, but you always seem…act as if…I’m the hired help, not your grandson.” She pulls her hand back. She quietly says, “Oh.” We look at each other and there is a sadness in the room now. “I didn’t think I was coming across that way.” “But from my perspective you are.” Now it’s all coming out. “No matter how hard I try, it seems like you try to find fault. Like the Maple saplings in the glen off the path. I know they took a bit longer to remove, but I don’t know what the rush was. You acted like they had to be removed as soon as possible. Nobody ever goes off the path, and if they do, not twenty yards to that spot.” I find I’m waving my hands in the air. “And when I said I couldn’t get it done in the day or two you indicated, you acted like I had disappointed you and couldn’t do my job.” “And Friday, when I went to town to get the groceries, you asked that I ‘not dawdle’.” I look at her with a confused face. “I knew I had to get back and had to clean the pool and exercise room. I’ve done it before. It just seems patronizing for you to have to tell me.” I take a heavy sign, out of breath and shaking. I wait for her rebuttal. She patiently says, “Jake, I know you know what the job entails, the work involved, the hours it takes to do certain things, but sometimes you seem a bit distracted.” I consider her point. “Why did it take you all afternoon to remove the rock from the Carpenter’s garden?” She raises an eyebrow at me, and I think ‘Here it comes’. “I know it probably took you all of 2 minutes to lift that rock up and carry it back to your truck,” she waves her hand at my body, “but you spent the afternoon there and only came home when I called.” I blush. “And I have my answer.” I blush even more. “The estate, and keeping the grounds up, are my main responsibility and because you are helping me, they are yours too.” I nod, conceding her point. “The side jobs you get, and that I help you get to earn money, reflect on me as to how reliable you are. If you take all day to remove a rock, when it should take 10 minutes, people will start to look elsewhere.” Another raised eyebrow at me. Now she’s skirting my other issue. I tentatively say, “Ok, I will be more cognizant of the time when I work jobs in town.” She nods. “But this brings me to my second issue.” She stares right into my green eyes, piercing them with a look that makes me afraid to say what I need to say. I take another breath, then let it out, “You’re embarrassed that I’m gay.” She sternly says, “Jacob Daniel Fisher, how dare you presume to know what I think or how I feel about your being a homosexual.” “Then can you please tell me, so I have an idea.” I croak out. It sounds mean. “I am afraid to tell you anything about the guys I meet, or introduce you to someone I think you might like because you…” I lose my words as some tears flood into my eyes. I wipe my face on my shirt and try to compose myself. She grabs a tissue and dabs her eyes as well. She softly says, “Jake…I know you’re…gay…and I want the best for you in everything you do, but…I’m…it’s just…” She turns away blots more tears from her eyes. She also dabs her nose as she sniffles. I wait a minute and gently say back, “Nona, I’ve been out for years. The whole town knows.” I wave my arms wide. “If someone doesn’t know, I’m sure there’s some gossip willing to tell them.” She looks up to me with sad eyes. I question her, “Is that it? You think people look down at you…at our family because I’m gay?” She tries to keep her head steady, but I have my answer. I quietly and sternly say, “I’ve got news for you and anyone else who feels that way,” I boldly say, “I’ve been with enough of the men in this town to fill a piece of paper, every line, front and back.” She gasps at my proclamation. “Jacob!” She says forcefully. “No, Nona!” I say right back to her. “I will not let anyone in this small town,” I jab my right index finger into the palm of my left hand, “cause you embarrassment or make you feel lesser because of who I am.” I look at her, trying to read her face. “I bet I know one or two of your friends who are giving you grief…” She looks at me and narrows her eyes. “You can tell Mrs. Sullivan that her grandsons…” She interrupts me, pounding her hand on the island, “Stop it.” My face feels flushed. My legs are weary. I look off to the far wall and compose myself. I walk to the sink and get a glass of water. I fill a second one for her and put it next to her. After a few minutes, I calmly say, “I wish I could apologize for being gay, but Nona, it’s who I am. I just hope you can come to terms with it.” I put my hand on the counter, within reach of hers. She reaches out and pats my hand. “Trust me Jake, I try every day. Some days are easier than others.” The tension eases in the room. My breathing becomes regular again. “Thank you. I’ll take that.” I smile to her, and she smiles back. “Um, two other things. Nothing as dramatic as all that.” I wave my hands in the air and she chuckles. I hesitantly say, “Um, Tiny knows there’s something going on between us.” She looks right me with serious eyes and her hand goes to her mouth. “Yesterday, when he and I went into the basement, he asked if we were, ok?” I pause, then say, “Nona, I lied and said everything was fine, when it isn’t, or wasn’t…” Her eyes darken. “I have never lied to Tiny, and it ate me up.” I feel a tear in my eye again. “We need to make this better.” I wave my hand between the two of us. “If not for our sake, then for his. I don’t want him to think we don’t like each other, and I’m guessing you feel the same way.” She nods her head vigorously up and down and dabs another tear from her eye. “We’ve already started.” She reaches for my hand, and I take hers. “What was the other thing?” “Oh, Cole is gay.” Her mouth opens, then shuts. I think to myself, ‘It’s a start.’ “It’s been two days, but he and I are getting along. He’s a nice guy, Nona.” I pause to let her take in what I’ve said. “He’s had a really rough time at work.” She looks at me. “Stress from COVID and work caused him to snap one day. From the way he tells it, he pulled no punches. His boss sent him here to relax and get himself back together.” She nods with understanding. “He’s asked me for my help with an exercise plan. I want to help him.” She nods again, acquiescing. Last item on my agenda, then I need to hit the gym, “He and I are going to meet at the pond tonight to talk.” She looks at me with concern. “He needs a friend to listen to him and help him work thru his problems.” She softly says, “Ok, Jake. If you think it’s best, I agree.” She reaches her hand out again. I take it and say, “Thank you.” As I turn to walk up the back stairs, she calls to me, “Jake, if you’re interested, Mr. Watson asked if you could help them pack up their house this week. They’re moving west and need some help getting the larger items into the rental trucks. I’m not sure how many days it will take.” I pause and consider the offer. Definitely good money probably won’t take more than a day or so. I could spend the evenings with mom, dad, and Tiny. I turn and say, “Yes, I’d be happy to help. I’ll call dad to see if I can stay with them. They live a few minutes from the Watsons. It’ll save me a lot of travel time every day…unless you need me to come back?” “No. That’s fine. If I need you, I can give you a call.” I smile warmly to her. “Great. I’m going to hit the gym for a few hours, then be back later. No need to make dinner for me or wait up.” I head up the steps and once in my room, make a quick call to dad. He picks up on the second ring, “Uh-oh…” I laugh and say, “No, no. We actually just talked and started to clear the air.” I hear him sigh with relief. “What I was calling for, was, would it be ok if I stayed with you guys for a few nights this week? Nona got me a side job helping the Watson’s pack up for their move, and I figured it would be easier for me to stay with you as you’re only 5 minutes from their place.” “If you’re sure that’s the reason.” There is a heavy dose of skepticism in his voice. “Dad, trust me. Also, it’ll allow me to spend time with Tiny and keep him out of your hair for a while. I can get him working on his new exercise plan.” I can see him nodding in agreement, “Yeah, your mother would appreciate that. I’ll let her know. When do you expect to be here?” “Tomorrow at some point, after I finish at their place.” I pause and add, “Don’t tell Tiny. Let it be a surprise.” Dad chuckles and says, “Your decision.” We talk for another few minutes then hang up. I get changed in my gym clothes, then head to the gym. It’s not too far away and has a nice variety of machines. Also, the eye candy isn’t too bad. Most of the guys there, ok, all of them, know who I am, and that I’m gay, so unless I’m on the prowl, they’re safe from my advances. I laugh when I think about it. I probably have been with most of the gay guys who are members there. I bound back down the steps and out the garage to my pickup. I make it to town quickly and find the gym is not too crowded for an early Sunday evening. I decide to do a legs workout and see there is an open half rack. I set the bar, get a warmup weight loaded on it and then spend the next 10 minutes warming up. I don’t want to pull a muscle by diving into my workout without a proper warmup. I bend and twist and contort my body, making sure all my muscles and joints are nice and loose. I pop my ear buds in, put on some load grunge rock, shake the bar a few times, and get to it. Squats, 135 for 10-rep, 225 for 10 reps, 315 for 10 reps. Take a break, get a drink, cool down. Walk around the cardio machines, see what talent is in the building tonight. Eh, not a whole lot. I nod to some people I know and then head back. Up the weight to 405, put on my weight belt, then do a set of 10. Felt pretty easy. I take a minute break, then do it again. I toss 25’s on each side, shake the bar again, slip under the bar, get into my stance, and knock out 5 reps. The bar clangs back onto the rack. I duck under and out. Sweat is rolling down my cheeks into my skintight light blue mesh t-shirt. The sweat stains make it obvious I’m working out. I loosen the belt, grab my water bottle, and take a long chug of water. I pull the 25’s and put 45’s on. 495. I walk out of the weight room and look for a trainer. I’m big, strong, but not dumb. I know to have a spotter on hand for this weight. I see Dean, the trainer on duty and ask if he can spot me. He laughs and says, “Really, Monster? Aren’t you the one who spots everyone else?” We chuckle and he pats me on the shoulder as we walk back. We chit-chat and catch up on the local gossip. I pop the ear buds back in, twist the bar a few times, get into position under the bar, steady my feet and knees, then push up with my legs. The bar lifts off the rack. I take a step back, position my feet shoulder width apart, tilt my head upward, then slowly lower my body. I feel my ass and hips flare out. My thighs lower to become parallel with the ground. I hold for half a second, then exert pressure thru my legs to lift me up. I can feel the muscles scream with pain as blood rushes in. I stand, exhale, and as I inhale, I descend again. Same motion down and up. I do it a total of 5 times. As I stand on the fifth rep, Dean is right behind me, his hands at my waist, to help guide the bar back onto the rack. It clangs loudly. The rack rocks a bit forward and back. I turn, nod, and we fist bump. I un-rack all but one plate on each side of the bar. I lift the bar off the rack and move it to the floor so I can start dead lifts. I toss another plate on each side. Warm-up weight of 225. I rip thru 10 reps, then increase the weight to 315 for 10 reps. 405 for 10. I check the mirror in front of me to make sure my stance is still shoulder width wide. I also glance at the wall mirror to the side, to make sure I’m keeping my back straight and chest pushed forward thru the whole motion. I don’t want to roll my shoulders and back forward. This would lead to me lifting with my lower back, and not my legs. My workout continues for another hour or so. Deadlifts to Seated incline presses to seated Abductor and Adductor presses. When I waddle to the locker room at the end, my legs feel like jelly, but the pump keeps my spirits up. I get to my locker, strip, grab a towel, and head to the largest shower stall I can find. I turn the water on, get in, and let it warm up while it cascades over my sweaty body. I slowly turn in a circle, making sure my whole body gets wet. I lather up and hit as much of my body as I possibly can. I usually have someone to get my back, but not today, but maybe tonight. The thought of meeting up with Cole relaxes me. To just sit, talk, and listen and not have to worry about being judged or having to explain myself to someone else, is a novelty in this small town. Quite a few people want to be in everyone’s business and if you don’t let them in, they are happy enough to make up stuff about you. I open my eyes to find my left fist is clenched. I turn the water off, take a deep breath and flex my hand to relax it. I look at the tiled wall, see Cole smiling back at me and start to sprout a woody. I let it grow to full size, then take some more cleansing breaths to help it fade. I step out of the shower to dry off. I get changed and head out. I pull into the local diner about 15 minutes before closing time. They know me, so it’s just about acceptable. I ask for my usual, and make it ‘to-go’. Rhonda is working the register and sighs with relief. I laugh and say, “Ronnie, I’m going with ‘to-go’ tonight so you can get home at a decent hour.” I wink to her. She just shakes her head. She yells to the guys in the back, “Monster special, to go.” I hear them yell back, “Monster special to go, got it. Be about ten minutes big guy.” I yell back, “Thanks Carl. Sorry for being a bit late today.” “You’re fine Monster.” He calls back. I pay and leave a generous tip. I sit at the counter, pull my phone out and start playing some games to pass the time. I shoot Rose a text and let her know what my plans are for the week and if she’ll be around. She asks how things are going with Nona. I let her know we talked and started to clear the air. She sends a heart emoji back and says we’ll talk one night. I send her a thumb’s up. I’m knee deep in Toon Blast when Ronnie calls to me and says my food is ready. I immediately turn my phone off and collect my bag. I give her a wink and yell ‘thanks’ to Carl. He yells back and I head out. I sit in my truck, open the brown paper bag and can smell the Bacon double cheeseburger with American cheese. I smell the A1 sauce on it. A side order of fries with Old Bay seasoning, and a large side order of Cole slaw. Then I see it, the shake, my shake, the one named for me, a ‘Monster shake’. A vanilla milkshake with Oreos, chocolate sauce, and fudge. My mouth waters as I see it. I get even more excited when I see they gave me another cup with the leftovers from the blender. I pull out the smaller cup, grab a spoon, pull the lid off, and slowly stick the spoon in. My eyes mist over. I pull the spoon out and it is covered with Oreo bits, fudge, and chocolate. My excitement builds as I bring it to my mouth. I hold it in front of me and stick my tongue out to lick the goodness off the spoon. I’m in heaven. No other way to describe it. It’s just thick enough to stick to the spoon, but once I start to lick it, it melts in my mouth, and slides down my throat, cooling me off. I close my eyes and sigh. I roll down the windows as I drive to the park a few minutes away. The warm evening breeze thru the windows feels nice, calming. I sit by myself at a picnic table in the fading light and savor the meal. Talk about a cheat meal, this is it. My treat to myself. A few people walk by, some families, some couples. I nod to a few I know. They nod back, allowing me to eat in peace. I toss my trash but carry the side cup back to my truck. Just enough left for the ride home. I check the time and see there is plenty. I drive slowly thru town, then back to the estate. I park, finish the shake, then put the cup in the trash. I notice Nona’s lights are still on. I see I have an hour or so before I’m to meet Cole but decide to head to the pond now. It’s such a gorgeous night, why not enjoy it. I walk to the pond and am just a bit disappointed he’s not already there. He probably won’t be here til 11, so he’ll be right on time. I guess he’s conditioned to follow a schedule and be on time, but never too early or, God forbid, a few minutes late. I chuckle, thinking that’s city life. I sit at the bench, stretch my arms out of the length of it and let my head fall backward and relax. I feel some bones crack in my neck and upper back. I stick my legs out in front of me and twist my ankles from side to side and hear the bones crack there as well. I do some light seated stretches and then just let my body relax. Stress leaves bit by bit. After a while I hear Cole walking towards me. Well, I don’t really hear him, but I hear the frogs, crickets, and other night creatures go silent as he walks past them. He softly touches my shoulder. I turn, smile, and pat the spot next to me. He looks calm and refreshed. He sits and I wrap my right arm over his neck to his right shoulder. I grasp his body and pull him toward me. He leans to me and our heads touch. He sets his left hand on my right thigh. I feel warmth in his hand as he softly touches my skin, letting his fingers wander over the muscles. After a while, I softly ask, “Better?”, knowing he may have questions to ask, but knowing they can wait and that he needs this time to just sit and enjoy the view of the night sky. He quietly murmurs, “Yes.” He is unwinding, but it will take time. This is just a small first step. “Good.” I kiss the top of his head lightly. I hug him to me again and release. He asks a final question with some sleepiness in his voice, “How did you know?” I squeeze him again and let his body slowly sink into mine. Our breathing comes into sync. I doze for a bit. So does Cole. I feel my phone buzz in my pocket. Just an alarm I had set so I wouldn’t spend the whole night out here, as I have in the past. Cole is still asleep. I carefully get up, scoop him up and carry him back to the house. After my leg workout, a nice easy bicep workout feels nice. His 175-lb body feels nice and fits comfortably in my arms. He wakes about ¾ of the way back. I shush him when he says he can walk. We make it back, have more fun sex, then fall asleep together. My phone buzzes around 6. I slip out of bed, straighten up the room, make sure Cole is covered up and go to the kitchen. I grab a banana and an apple. I check over his exercise routine. It looks comprehensive, but I find one or two things that would work better for him. I make notations on his sheet. I jot a quick note to him letting him know I will be away for a few days and why. I add some humor at the end, which I’m sure he’ll enjoy. I walk back to the caretaker’s house, go up to my room, grab a shower, then pack for my stay in town. It’s pretty easy for me to pack. I’ve done it several times. Once everything is ready to go, I head down to the kitchen. I’m surprised Nona is not up yet. I make a quick breakfast for both of us. I eat mine while watching the news and weather. I see a storm may roll thru towards the end of the week. I make a mental note. I jot some notes on a pad of my plans for the week, staying with mom and dad, helping Tiny, helping the Watson’s pack. I add a few other miscellaneous items, like working out on my own, meeting with Rose, and checking on PJ. I think back to my night with Cole and how relaxing it was. It felt great to be with a guy who just wanted to sit and watch the moon pass by, without the pressure to have sex. Granted, we had sex, great sex, but I’m pretty sure if we hadn’t done anything, he would have fine with that. I remember he’s still trying to work thru his issues and maybe me being away for a few days will allow him to make some real progress with them. I carry my bags to my truck, make one last trip into the house to make sure I didn’t forget anything – oops, need my books and notebooks for school, then leave Nona a note about breakfast, and head out. It is about 8:30. Plenty of time for me to get to the Watsons. When I get there, the moving truck has not yet arrived, but I see Mr. Watson and his son, Patrick, moving some crates to the yard. I park down the street and walk back. I greet them and we get started. Patrick is a few years older than Tiny, and wants to be helpful. I let him know I appreciate it, but that it will be easier for me to move some of the larger items by myself. His dad nods and agrees. The truck arrives around 10 and by then, we have moved quite a bit of stuff to spots which make it easy for us to load up the truck. It’s 2pm and we’re all sweating. Mr. Watson remarks how there are so many boxes, more than he imagined. I laugh and agree with him. The first truck is pretty well packed up. The driver takes off to the new place, 7 states away. Mrs. Watson and their other sons, Lou and Davis are already on their way there and will meet the truck at the new place. We continue to move boxes and furniture to the now empty first floor and garage. It hits 3:30 and Mr. Watson tells me he’s tired and done for the day. I say I can move some more boxes on my own and he waves me off, telling me to enjoy what remains of the day. I thank him and make sure tomorrow morning at the same time is correct. He wearily nods yes. I smile, clap him on the back, and chuckle. Patrick and I high-five and I take off. I send a quick note to mom letting her know I’m done. She quickly replies and says Tiny is at a friend’s house til dinner. I decide to hit the gym for a quick session and warm down. I let her know I’ll be over around 6. She shoots back a thumbs up. 6pm later, I pull into the driveway in a fresh t-shirt, baseball cap, and wet hair. I pull my bags out and head around back to avoid Tiny trying to tackle me again. I slip in the back door and see mom at the stove. She turns, sees me slip in, and grins. She nods her head to the living room, and I catch a glimpse of Tiny on the sofa reading a book, but with an eye on the door. He knows I’m coming. The kid always knows when I’m in the area. It’s his 6th sense. I silently move from room to room, making sure to not step on the creaking hardwood boards. After 30 years, I know which ones create the most noise. I tip-toe (Yes, a 6’3”, 230-lb man can tip-toe) to the sofa, but out of his view. I slowly lower my hands to his bare ankles and am about to grab him when he casually says, “Hey Monster.” He’s not even looking at me. I nearly jump back, like I was hit with a live wire. “Dude, how did you know?” I ask with complete confusion in my voice. He turns, smiles his knowing smile, and winks at me. I give up. I decide to grab his ankles anyway. I haul him off the sofa and hold him upside down for a minute. I laughingly say, “I’m going to shake the answer of you…How did you know I was there…” I gently jostle him up and down. He’s giggling the whole time. I stop jiggling him, toss him up, catch him at his waist, and spin up right-side up. I hold him at eye level, and he still just winks at me. He calmly says, “We’ve all got our talents Monster…I just know when one of you guys is here.” I just shake my head again and set him down. He gives me a huge hug and asks, “How long are you staying? Just for dinner again?” I nod ‘no’ and his eyes light up. “Over night?” I shrug my shoulders and his face brightens. He runs into the kitchen, and I see him look for my bags. He spots them and comes back and excitedly says, “A few days?” I nod yes. He hugs me again. I squat down so we are eye level again and calmly explain, “Listen big man, I’m helping the Watson’s pack their moving trucks, so I won’t be here during the day,” He frowns a bit, “But I’ll be here in the evenings.” His face lights up. I hold up a finger to calm him again. “I do have some schoolwork to do one night, but after that, you and I are hitting the gym in town and the one downstairs, ok?” He impatiently nods yes. We take my bags upstairs into his room, now our room. I find the air mattress and hook up the fan to inflate it. We make small talk and tells me all about football practice and the books he’s reading. My parents did one thing right with the 6 of us. We all had to be always reading a book of some sort, either for school or for pleasure. They didn’t really care what it was, but it could not be a comic book. Consequently, we have a room full of paperback and hardback books. Rose, Jen, and Tiny are the beneficiaries of Steve, Colin, and my reading tastes. Suffice to say, Tiny is enjoying the Louis L’Amour westerns more than Jen and Rose did. At Tiny’s insistence we get my stuff unpacked then head back down. Dinner is on the table, and I see two extra plates, besides mine. Then I hear the voices. Rose is in the kitchen with mom. Yapping away and gossiping about who knows what. I peek my head in, she sees me, but keeps talking. I wink and so does she. I turn back the dining room and there is Connor. Ever the silent stalker. Right behind me. I nearly jump out of my skin. I narrow my eyes at him and hold up a finger. I point it at him and quietly say, “One day CK (Connor Keith), you’re going to do that and I’m going to unwittingly take a swing at you. Two hits…” Tiny chimes in from his spot at the table, “Me hitting you, you hitting the floor.” I look past CK and nod to him. “Got that right Tiny.” I give him a thumbs up. He returns it to me. I look back at CK and see him grinning at me. In a brotherly tone he asks, “How’ve you been Monster? Sorry I missed you over the weekend. Had junk to do.” I eye him up. One thing the five of us have with each other is a bullshit sensor. Tiny doesn’t have it yet, or if he does, he isn’t saying so. I eye him up and don’t see him fidgeting, so he’s probably being honest. I wrap my muscular arm around his neck and lead him to the table. He sits opposite me. “Well, you know CK, living the dream life at the estate. Rolling hills, heated swimming pool, exercise room, fully prepared meals, steady paycheck. What else could a man want?” I know he’s got a comeback, but I shift my eyes to Tiny and back, so he knows to censor his remarks. He politely says, “My dream life has sand and drinks in it and is a bit further south and east.” We both laugh and Tiny has a confused look on his face. I put my arm around his shoulder, lean down and say, “CK was never a fan of the chilly weather. He likes the beach.” Tiny nods in understanding. I wink to CK with appreciation. He nods back. Dinner comes and goes. Everyone is very talkative. Afterwards, Tiny, CK, and I head to the basement. I pull out the routine I created for Tiny and show him. I made it easy for him to understand. I have pictures of the exercises he needs to do, how much weight to use, the number of reps, and the number of sets. He eyes it up, looking over it a few times. His face scrunches a few times and I know those are exercises he doesn’t want to do. I squat down and say in a low, patient voice, “Tiny, you need to do the ones you don’t like as much as the ones you do like. Trust me, I had a bunch of exercises I didn’t want to do when I was getting big, but I did them and you see how it turned out.” I slowly rise to my full height, and he watches me. He huffs a bit but finally says, “Ok.” He looks up to CK and asks, “Can you help me when he’s not here?” CK immediately says, “Of course little man. I need to do some of those too, so you don’t get bigger than me.” He has a huge grin on his face and winks to Tiny, who laughs. I announce, “Ok, let’s get started. We’ll just run thru some of the basics, so you’ll know the proper way to do each exercise.” Tiny nods. We spend the next hour going thru the workout. We take our time and I make sure they are both on the same page with motion, movement, and muscles worked. At the end, Tiny looks wiped out, but in a good way. He wants to do some more, but I let him know we’ve done enough. I promise to take him to the gym tomorrow. We head back upstairs, and I see Jen has joined us for dessert. We sit back down at the dinner table and have some warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream. Afterwards CK heads back to his apartment and mom takes Tiny up to get him ready for bed. She’s really doing it so Rose, Jen, dad, and I can talk. I rehash my conversation with Nona, including the ugly details. They listen in silence and nod now and then. I finish and Jen comments, “Wow Jake, you really didn’t pull any punches. Is that why you’re here tonight?” The last part comes out just a bit to sarcastic. I open my mouth to rebuke her, but Rose beats me to it. In her normal forthright fashion she says, “Jen, join us once in a while for a meal and you’d be caught up on what’s happening in everyone’s lives.” Eyes flare, eyebrows raise, I cower a bit at the impending maelstrom. Dad sees the tension rise and immediately jumps in with his patient but stern voice, “Girls, enough.” They each take a breath and look at him. “Tim is right upstairs, and he doesn’t need to hear you two going at it.” Jen opens her mouth, but dad’s hand comes up. She shuts it. “Jen, what Rose said is partially correct.” Jen’s face goes a shade paler. “You’ve been MIA for bit and may not have all the facts with what’s going on between Jake and Nona. It came to a boiling point, and he had to get everything out in the open. Now that it is, they can begin to figure what’s next.” Jen takes another breath, puts her hand on top of mine and says, “Sorry Jake, I did not know it had gotten that bad.” I nod with appreciation. We continue the conversation and I let it slip about the guest at the house and his situation. All eyes focus on me, and I see Rose wink. “Ok, Cole, the guest, is gay…and we slept together.” I see dad’s eyebrow raise just the slightest bit. Jen has an enormous grin and Rose just shakes her head. I defend myself by saying, “It was consensual…and I think…I like him…” Eyebrows go higher, questions are forming in their heads. I cut them all off by saying, “I’m going slow. He’s a really nice guy and I don’t want to screw it up. I told Nona he’s gay and that I’m helping him out with his exercises and talking to him about his issues,” I say the next part sternly, “but nothing else.” I look directly at Jen. She nods with understanding. Mom and Tiny come back downstairs. We finish cleaning up and talking. Everyone heads to bed. I climb onto the air mattress and stretch out. My feet hang over the edge, the mattress sinks due to my weight, and the pillows are not that comfortable, but I’m home, in my old room. I’m good. I stare at the ceiling and hear Tiny quietly say, “I’m glad you’re here Jake, even if it’s only for a few days.” I respond just as quietly, “I’m glad I’m here too Tim.” I hear his bed creak. I feel my mattress sink a bit, then sense him next to me. I carefully turn over and feel him move right next to me. His little body snuggles up to me. His dark floppy curly hair against my side. He drapes his left arm over my chest. I carefully put my left arm around his body and corral him to me. He mumbles thanks, then quickly drowses off. I lay there thinking about my problems, then think of Cole’s, then feel Tim’s chest expand and contract as he breathes. I guess I really don’t have it too bad. I smile and think of all the positives in my life. I drift off. Tuesday morning comes all too soon. Tiny is still next to me, his body splayed out, with legs and arms all over the place. I find I’ve been pushed to the edge of the air mattress, and he’s taken up most of it. Blankets are strewn and his body is half covered. I slowly roll off, making sure to not wake him. I pad to the bathroom with all my toiletries and a change of clothes. I take a quick shower. I head downstairs and see mom is making breakfast for me and dad. She looks at me and says, “He slept with you, didn’t he?” I nod. “He misses you.” “I know.” I take a sip of juice. “I hope this week will help.” She nods back to me. I offer, “I could take him back to the estate once Cole leaves and get him out of your hair for a bit.” “That’s a nice offer Jake, but are you sure you’re ready for him full time like that?” I know what she means. I shrug my shoulders. She continues, “He’s a handful even when he’s not hyped up.” We continue to talk about it and decide a simple overnight trip to start would be best. If it goes well, we can extend it. I head out before anyone else comes down. I head to the Watson’s and put in another full day of packing up and moving boxes and furniture. We get done in the blistering heat and realize the house is three quarters done. We decide a few hours tomorrow morning and we should be done. I head back to my parents, get Tiny and head to the gym. The guys see us walk in and make the usual comments, “Whoa, Tiny brought his Monster to the gym. Go easy on him little man. He’s kind of old now.” Tim looks up to me with a grin on his face. I put my hand on his shoulder and gently squeeze. We get changed and I explain to him what we’ll be doing, so we’re on the same page. I also let him know he cannot get any weights without me being there to help him. It’s not a gym rule, but it’s my rule with him, for his own safety. He understands and agrees. We start our workout and I walk him thru some easy body weight exercises he can do. We do a few sets of push-ups. He does six or seven each time, then I do twenty each time with him on my back for some extra weight. I hear him giggling the whole time. We move to pull-ups. I lift him to the bar, put my hands under his feet, and help him as he does three or four. I give him praise for his effort to give him confidence to continue to do them. I have him get on my back like I’m giving him a piggy-back ride and then tell him to wrap his arms around my neck. I do my sets with his extra weight. Dean is standing off to the side, watching Tiny in case he loses his grip. The rest of the workout goes well, and he seems to enjoy being at the gym. A lot of my friends make an effort to come over and talk to him, making him feel welcome. By the end, he’s chatting away with some of the guys, telling them how he’s getting bigger, and will probably be bigger than me at some point. The guys play along and say he’s got a real good shot at it. We grab a quick shower then head to the diner to get dinner for the family. Mom mentioned it would be just the 4 of us so I told her I’d get dinner. I place the order then we sit and chat. Ronnie fawns over Tiny and gives him a mini-Monster shake. The diner is busy, but they’re really quick with take-out orders. We get ours and pile back into the pick-up and drive home. We make small talk and I ask how his reading is going. Does he like the Westerns? He shrugs his shoulders and says, they all seem the same. I carefully say, “Yeah, I thought so too when I was your age, but after a while you will see the differences in the characters. Once that happens, you’ll want to re-read some of them.” I glance over and see he’s a bit skeptical. He says, “Ok, if you say so.” We get home. There are plates on the table waiting for us. I unpack the food and put it on the serving platters. We sit, say Grace, and eat. Mom and dad ask Tiny how he liked the gym. His eyes light up and he goes thru every exercise we did and tells them how much he really like them or didn’t like them. Afterwards, I grab my schoolbooks and head to the screened in porch. I sit and start to read. Tiny comes out, in his PJ’s, sits right against me with his book, and reads quietly. I make notes and highlight items. I see him watch me and look at the pad I’m writing on. After an hour I see dad poke his head out, raise any eyebrow, and nod at Tiny. He’s asking if he’s bugging me. I nod ‘no’ and he winks and walks away. Half an hour later, I glance down and see he’s fallen asleep. The book has fallen into his lap. I gently move my arms to cradle his body. I slowly stand and walk him up to our room. I put him on his bed and pull a sheet over him. I go back down, finish my reading, say goodnight, and head up. I quickly change and get on the mattress. I realize how exhausting the day was, between helping the Watson’s and watching Tiny for a few hours. I nod off fairly quickly. I wake Wednesday morning and feel Tiny is next to me again. He’s face down with his right arm draped over my neck. I untangle myself from him, leave him on the air mattress and get ready for the day. Another quick breakfast, then I’m out the door. A few hours to finish up at the Watsons, get paid, then I’m off to see PJ. I decide to meet him in the park. If we met at his place, I know what would happen. He’s already there and wearing a nice skintight white t-shirt and dark blue mesh gym shorts. His perky nipples are visible thru his shirt. My unit stirs, but I keep it under control. I’m in shorts and a sweaty dark green mesh t-shirt. My hair is a mess under my ballcap, and I know I stink to high heaven. I walk up to him, lean down, and give him a kiss. I say, “Hey sexy, how are you?” His sultry eyes investigate mine and he winks. “So, how’ve you been?” “Missing my muscle stud.” He says coyly. I blush, knowing he means it. The time we spent together was great, and not just the sex. He’s such a sweet guy, but I know I’m doing the right thing. “So, what are you thinking about?” I glance up. “You look like you were a million miles away.” He half smiles at me and reaches his left hand out for my right. I look at his hand, and tentatively put mine over his, then gently rub his soft skin with my thumb. I glance back up. My face gives away my feelings. He frowns a bit. “Jake?” I take a deep breath. I open my mouth, but he pulls his hand back slowly and says, “Don’t say it. I want to remember the happy times we had.” “Please…” I say quietly. I look into his light green eyes, hoping he’ll give me one minute to explain. He nods ever so slightly. “You’re wonderful…your family is great. Rose was right. You are an awesome person and so much fun to be with…” “But…” I look at him again and feel my stomach twist. “I…want…to…find someone…my age.” The last part comes out as a whisper. I gain a bit of confidence and say, “PJ, I’m thirty. I need to find someone who shares my interests,” he smiles at me, and I know why, “besides sex…” He frowns a bit. “Not that we don’t have common interests…it’s just…I feel you’re a bit young for me. You still want to go clubbing and drinking,” I look away and say, “but…I…don’t. I’m sorry.” “Jake.” I look into his eyes again. I see a bit of pain, but more solace for me. “Monster. I love that nickname. It’s so right for you, but not in the way you think I mean it. If that makes sense?” I nod. “You have been wonderful to me as well. I have enjoyed every minute we’ve spent with each other. Yes, Rose was right. You are one of the nicest, most gentle people in this small town.” I blush again. “I just hope ‘Mr. Right’ comes along quickly for you. You deserve to be happy. I’m just sorry, I’m not the one.” He puts his hand back within my reach. I put mine over top and gently squeeze. “If you ever need someone to talk to, I’m just a call away.” I smile at him. “Same for you.” I get up, walk around the table, lean down, cup his head, and kiss him again. I muss his red-hair and say, “Love you, Red.” He puts his hand on my chest, which I flex involuntarily, and says, “Love you too, Monster.” I head back to my truck, breathing easier. I call Rose and let her know what I did, knowing PJ will be talking to her at some point. She offers to come over tonight if I need to talk. I let her know I should be good. The rest of the day is pretty normal. Gym, dinner, workout with Tiny in the basement, schoolwork, then bed. Thursday finds me at loose ends. Tiny is in bed with me when I wake. I lay still and wait for him to wake. When he wakes up and finds me still in bed, he rolls over, climbs onto my chest, puts his hands on my pecs, and says, “I knew you’d still be here today.” “And, how did you know that?” “Monster, like I said, I can tell when one of you guys are around.” I raise an eyebrow at him. “Well, Tiny, I’m free most of the day. What are your plans?” I already know but want him to say it. “I have my reading to do, some exercising, practice, then…I dunno, hanging out with you?” “Ok. I think I can squeeze you in for some bro time.” I reach up and begin to tickle him. He starts to giggle and squirm, trying to get out of my reach. His arms and legs flail around, but his kicks don’t really hurt. After a few minutes, I slow down, and he stops laughing. We get up, get cleaned up, then head to breakfast. Nona sends me a note saying she is going to her friend Helen’s house for the weekend and would I be able to come home tomorrow in case Cole needs anything. I write back immediately and say I will be back in the morning. The day goes as planned. The quality time with Tiny was great. We hit the gym, then the zoo, and finally the bookstore. I told him to find a few books he would be interested in reading. Anything at all. He wandered around for a while. I didn’t follow him but made sure I knew where he was at all times. He’s old enough to know not to wander off, but young enough to be distracted easily. After fifteen minutes, he finds me and has three books in his hands, The Swiss Family Robinson, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, and Alice in Wonderland. I think to myself, ‘the kid had got taste.’ We walk up and I pay for the books and for a couple magazines I had found. We head back home for dinner. Mom has a buffet set out and I see a stack of plates, which means only one thing, everyone is going to be here. We show her and dad the books we bought. They approve. We head up to the room and he puts them on his bookshelf. I start to pack a few things into my bags, just to remind him I’m leaving in the morning. We talk about the day and the week, and he says he had a lot of fun and really enjoyed having me over. My heart melts. I wish I could be here more often, but we both know that isn’t possible. He says out of the blue, “CK and Steven are here.” I glance down at him. He smiles to me. I hear the front door open and shut. I can hear the twins laughing about something as they walk past the steps. I wonder what’s up with my brother. I let it go. We head down and a few minutes later Jen and Rose make their appearance. We sit at the table, say Grace, then form a line to get dinner. I go last, as always. Tiny is right in front of me, and watches what I get and tries to get the same. I nod, but make sure he doesn’t get as much as I do. Dinner is a raucous event. There are 7 different conversations going on, with everyone involved in more than one, at any given moment. Rose is sitting to my right and Tiny is on my left. Rose is quietly asking me about PJ and Cole, while Tiny is talking to me and CK about the exercise routine. We’ve all grown accustomed to the way dinner works. No one is left out and everyone makes an effort to talk to everyone else. Once the meal is over, the kids get to clean up while mom and dad relax on patio. They come in after a bit and say it’s started to sprinkle. I turn the TV on and flip to the weather station. I see a storm is moving in and there will be heavy rain over night. I think about going home tonight, but decide I need to spend one last evening with the family. At some point, someone pulls a game out, and we spend the next few hours laughing our way thru Pictionary. The party breaks up around 9 and all the twins leave. Tiny heads up to get changed, and I head to the patio. The rain has stopped, but I know this is temporary. I sit for a while. Tiny comes out and crawls into my lap and we look for constellations. I find a few and point them out. He finds some as well. I see him yawn and stretch his body. I wrap my arms around him and make sure he’s warm. He dozes, then nods off. I carry him up to his bed. I lay on the air mattress and think of seeing Cole in the morning. I hope his week went well. I hope he needs another massage. With Nona being away, we won’t have to worry about sneaking around. A smile comes over my face. I nod off. I wake to Tiny shaking my shoulder. He’s whispering kind of loudly, but right into my ear, “Jake...Monster…you need to get up.” He shakes me again and I’m fully awake. “What’s up Tim? It’s got to be early. Why are you up? Did you have a bad dream?” I’m still a bit groggy. “No, no, no. Jake, it rained a lot last night.” He says with a nervously distraught voice. “I know buddy, I heard it too.” I’m speaking softly, trying to calm him down. “Jake, you need to get back to the estate.” Now he’s worried. “What?” I’m fully awake and am sitting up. He’s right next to me, almost in my lap. His hands are shaking. I put mine over his and hold them firmly. “Why do I need to get back? Did something happen to Nona? “No, no, no. She’s fine…It’s just…there’s something wrong up there…” I stare at him. “I saw it in my dream. It rained a lot.” He’s rambling but insistent. I climb off the mattress and start shoving clothes into my bags. He helps, as much as he can. I say to him, “Go into the bathroom and get all my stuff. Be careful with the razor. Put it all in my carrying case and bring it back.” He nods and heads off. I finish packing and grab my books and magazines. As I’m heading downstairs, dad pops his head out of his room and asks what’s up. I jerk my head to the downstairs, and he follows. I quickly explain what Tiny said. “I want to get back to make sure Nona is ok, if she’s still there. If she’s fine, then I need to make sure Cole is ok.” He nods. “I don’t know where Tiny gets these feelings from, but he’s rarely wrong.” Dad raises an eyebrow at me. “He knew Steve and CK were here before they came into the house last night. We were up in our room. I didn’t even hear their car pull up, but he knew.” Dad just shrugs his shoulders. Tiny is coming down the steps with my bathroom bag. I shove it into one of the others, then head to the door. I squat down and say to Tiny, “Man, I hope you’re wrong this time, but I will let you know if anything has happened.” He vigorously shakes his head. I give him a big hug, then one to dad and I’m off. I think on my way home, I know people who’ve had prophetic dreams, but could Tim be like that? Today was the first time he was really upset and anxious about what he saw. It’s still early and the rain is still falling, but not as hard as it was overnight. By the time I get back to the estate, the rain has stopped, and the clouds have broken. The sun is starting to stream thru. I breathe a sigh of relief. I park at the house, unpack my stuff, and jump in my tractor and head up to catch Cole. When I get to the house, he’s not there. I make quick run thru the house to make sure, but he’s out. I check the paths and see his footprints on a path leading up the slope behind the house. He’ll be a while. I head back to the house and finish unpacking. I throw a load of laundry in and sit to have breakfast. I flip the TV on catch some news and the weather. The radar shows another storm just over the mountains. I figure it will be here soon. I make sure the house is closed up and head back up to the main house. I check it again, but Cole has not gotten back yet. I hear the first rumbles of thunder just over the treetops. The sound is deep and full. Another rumble, the sky grows dark. The house shakes, windows rattle. The storm comes over the top of the hills. The rain starts, hitting the roof and sides of the house like pebbles on a tin roof. This continues for a few minutes. A flash of lightning, more thunder, then the main body makes it over. The winds pick up and the thunder shakes the house again. I hear branches whipping against the siding and the windows. Leaves and debris litter the pool area. A few branches have snapped off and are on the patio. My mind flashes to Cole. I hope he’s found a safe spot to ride out the storm. I check my phone and see there is still quite a large cell heading my way. Nothing for me to do at this point but wait for it to end. Time slows to a crawl. The storm in intense, one of the worst in a long while. I sit by the French doors in the living room and watch the rain pelt the windows and patio. It’s coming down in sheets, or as Nona would say, ‘It’s raining cats and dogs.’. I hear a new sound. I can’t quite place it. It sounds like a locomotive, or a heavily laden dump truck passing by. I move to the upper floor and look out the windows. I spot it out the front window. It’s a mudslide. It must have started at the near the top of the ridge. There is quite a bit of debris in it. I see branches, small rocks, and other plants. The initial wave passes, and I start to worry as it is heading down the path where Cole might be, based on the path he took. I continue to watch then realize I’m clutching the wood frame to the window. My knuckles are white, and my fingers are flexed. I can see the tendons thru my skin. I release my hand and take a few cleansing breaths. I close my eyes and hope he is ok, wherever he is. Ten minutes later, the mudslide has passed, the noise has lessened, and the rain is starting to abate. I take a chance and go downstairs and out the front door. My tractor is parked right there. I get in and start down the driveway. There is a lot of debris, so I go slower than I’d like. I find the path Cole is most likely on and turn off the driveway and onto it. It’s a mess. It looks like this is the direction the mudslide took. I follow it for a what seems like forever, but it’s only a few hundred yards. I’m swiveling my head from side to side. The rain is still lightly falling. I spot him, off to my right. He’s against a large rock. I think, ‘Oh fuck, he’s in bad shape.’ He looks like he got caught in the debris of the slide. He’s shivering uncontrollably. I get as close to him as I can without getting the tractor bogged down in mud. I move to him and scoop him up. He’s freezing. I need to get him back to the house and into a warm bath. Hyperthermia is probably setting in. I slide him onto the bench seat of the tractor, get in, wrap my arm around him to make sure he doesn’t slide off, and start back. It takes even longer to get back. Once back, I get him upstairs, into a warm shower, then the tub. I make sure I’m with him the whole time, sharing my body’s heat. He keeps saying he’s fine, but he does not realize the extent of danger he’s in due to his exposure. He’s also lost all sense of time. It’s early afternoon now. He still thinks it’s the morning. I get him out of the tub and to the bed. I climb in next to him and meditate a bit to ease my rapidly beating heart. It slows. Cole’s breathing slows as well. He drifts off. I drift, but not completely to sleep. I suddenly feel him twisting and thrashing around. I wake and take him in my arms, to make sure he doesn’t hurt himself. He eventually wakes and says he had a bad dream. I get him some Advil and we talk, mainly so he can relax and calm down. I need to take stock and see if he has a concussion or any more signs of hyperthermia. I think I got him into warm water quick enough. After talking for a while, we have sex. I think he wants to thank me for saving him. I just don’t want to exhaust him. As we go at it, I continually watch him for any signs of problems. He seems to be fine. He gets me off, then I return the favor. We fall back to sleep. I wake and sense he’s not in bed. I slowly roll over and see he’s gone. I look toward the bathroom and see the light is off. I get out of bed and look toward the window. The sun is in the east. We slept the night. I hope it helped him. I move to the hallway and hear and smell breakfast being prepared. I wander down, still naked. There’s Cole, moving around the kitchen, making breakfast, and not worried about yesterday. I scratch my balls as I walk to him. He sees me, smiles, and I embrace him. We kiss. Just his touch causes my unit to expand. I struggle to keep myself calm. Not sure what it is about Cole but being around him is having an effect on me. I’m not complaining, it’s just something I haven’t felt in a while, and I need to be sure of myself before I open myself to him. I get dressed, we have breakfast, and he finally gets around to asking me about my body. I know he’s wanted to since we first met on the path, but I’m sure he’s taking it slow too. He also has a bunch of other things to work out so, my body may not be the first thing on his mind, but…maybe it is. His blue eyes penetrate me and make me feel comfortable, at ease. Our talk feels natural, not forced. His questions are ones that make me think. Why did I stop bodybuilding, why am I still here, is school important to me? Questions I’ve asked myself, but never seriously thought about, or really answered. ** Like they say, time flies when you’re having fun. Cole and I are getting closer. We’ve spent quite a bit of time together over the past few weeks. The sex is great, obviously, but our talks are better. He’s opened up to me and shared his life, his ups and down, failures and triumphs. He’s honest and wears his scars as badges. His life has not been easy, but he’s always made the best of what he’s been given. Covid really did shatter him. His solid foundation was shaken, and it crumbled. He tried to press thru the challenges, but the stress got to him. He snapped. I can now see the ‘why’ behind him losing it. We talk…I support him and offer as much mental help as he’ll take. I won’t say he’s hesitant to accept it, but I think he thinks he needs to work thru his issues on his own. Based on his exercise plan, I know he does a lot of yoga and meditation. He seems to get a bit better day by day. I can really see the ‘real’ Cole coming thru. He’s so nice and funny. He’s got a great smile and every time he sees me, I get a warm feeling deep down inside of me. I’ve talked about my family and the issues I’ve had and gotten thru, including the ones with Nona. He listens and absorbs every word. Even better, he remembers, and brings up details I’ve mentioned in passing and makes whole conversations out of them. He’s interested in me, not just my body. ** It’s a Tuesday morning. I’m having breakfast with Nona. She’s outlining my work week. She has a list of items that need tending to. I listen and think I can take Cole with me on some of them. Get him away from the house and farther out onto the property. Let him see just how expansive this place is. She pauses and looks up at me. “Did you get the last item, Jake?” “Yes Nona. The lower meadow needs to be cut and the streambed dredged.” She nods. I say without hesitation, “I would like you, me, and Cole to have dinner tonight, together.” She looks up. Her eyes pierce mine and I can see her studying me. She has questions, but is thinking of how to ask them. I beat her to the punch. “Cole and I have grown close over the past few weeks. We talk almost every day that I am here. We meet up, workout, have meals together…” I pause. She raises an eyebrow. “We’ve slept together…” She tilts her head slightly, registering what I’ve said, but still trying to process it, “…on several occasions.” Ok, her eyes get just a bit wider. “It’s been consensual.” She slowly says, “That was not my concern Jake…” Now it’s my turn to try to read her. She’s not flinching. “…What happens when he leaves? Where will that leave you?” Good question. Where will it leave me? I hadn’t thought about it too much. “My concern is for you, sweetie. I understand you and Cole get along, but he won’t be here forever, and I need to be sure you will be ok when he leaves.” I nod slowly. She reaches her tiny hand to my enormous mitt, covers it, and says, “Yes Jake, I’d enjoy having dinner with you and Cole.” My eyes light up. “I can make a lasagna, if that would be, ok?” I smile, knowing how wonderful her cooking is. I say with excitement in my voice, “Yes, that would be perfect.” I put my other hand on top of hers and gently squeeze. On my way to the lower meadow, I stop by the house and see Cole on the patio. He’s mediating. I hate to interrupt him, but I have to. I walk up behind him as quietly as I can, and he pulls a Tiny on me and out of the blue says, “Hey sexy.” I almost fall backward over a chair. He turns, opens his eyes, and winks at me. “How did you know I was here. Your eyes were shut, and you were facing the other way!?!” He calmly asks, “Jake, you’re what 6’3”?” I nod, “You really are not the silent ninja you think you are.” I scrunch my face, realizing Tiny can probably hear me across the house. I make peace with it. “So, what’s up big guy? Shouldn’t you be in town making extra cash for school?” I wave him off and say, “Plenty of time for that later.” I see his face fall just a bit. “Cole,” I wave my hand between us and say, “Our time together has become more important.” He sighs with a bit of frustration. “Those jobs will always be there. You…on the other hand…well…you won’t always be here. I want to make the most of the time we have…” He gives me a warm smile and stands up. He closes the gap between us. We hug, then kiss, and start to get frisky. I pull away and he looks into my eyes, wondering why. “I have a bit of work to do today in the lower meadow…and…” I hesitate, but just spill it, “…I was wondering if you’d have dinner tonight with Nona and I?” His eyes widen….to the point where the whites completely surround his blue iris’. I put a hand on his forearm to steady him and say with as much positivity as I can, “It won’t be that bad.” His eyes narrow. I tentatively says, “Um…well, I kind of told her about us.” He nearly faints. He knees buckle, but I quickly grab him by his lats and support him. He stammers, “Why, Jake?” He’s upset and it shows. He moves to a chair, and I sit right next to him. I put a hand on his thigh. I squeeze softly and rub his leg. “She starting to come around to who I am. You’re important to me. I want you and her to at least try to get along.” He eyes me up with suspicion. “She’s making a lasagna.” His eyes glaze over. He’s in, I know it. “Well…” I wink at him and squeeze his thigh a bit harder. I see him starting to pitch a tent. “I…guess…I can give it a go…” “Awe dude, you’re the best!” I jump up, pick him up from his chair, swing him around and bring him in for another kiss. This one lasts a bit longer and I start to expand as well. I offer to take him with me today as I do my chores, but he wants to stay here and finish his meditating. I’m kind of let down and he sees it. He comes in and gives me a big hug and says, “Jake, I really do appreciate your help, and the offer to spend the day with you is something I would normally jump at, but today…today, I really want to put some time into my meditating and yoga.” I nod, knowing he is thinking about his own wellbeing first and I must accept that. I lean over and we kiss. I reach my arm around his back and run my hand up and down as a sign of affection. He puts his left hand on my chest, which I flex, and he gropes the muscle. Now it’s his turn to pull away. He pats my chest and asks, “What time is dinner and what can I bring?” “Sixish, and nothing, unless you really want to bring something.” He nods. “Nona cooks for an army, so anything you bring, you may be taking home as leftovers.” I wink and he laughs. We kiss again and I take off. The day speeds by. I’m so excited and nervous for dinner. I send Rose a text and let her know what’s going to happen. She immediately calls me, and we talk for twenty minutes. She’s full of hope for me and says she’ll be sending positive vibes my way all night. I call dad and let him know as well. He’s happy but is also hesitant. I explain we’ve been making progress and I want her to get to know Cole. He asks if Cole is okay with having a meal with her. I rehash our conversation and I hear him grunt. He wishes me luck and asks that I let him know how it goes. I promise to call him. I get home around 5 and take a nice long hot shower. I trim up my beard and make sure to wear a nice pair of pants and shirt. I make my way to the kitchen and Nona is there, bustling around, checking pots and pans and the oven. She’s dressed up too. I start to clean up some of the dirty pots and utensils. She walks behind me and pats my back. She then rubs her hand up and down, like I did with Cole. No words pass between us, but an enormous amount of love is passed. The doorbell rings at 5:55. I almost jump out of my skin. It’s been forever since we’ve had a guest in the house. I walk down the hall to the front door and open it. There he is. Dressed in tan slacks and a Navy-Blue polo. He’s also wearing penny loafers. His hair is still the slightest bit damp, and I can smell his deodorant. Old Spice. I inhale deeply and smile as I exhale. I reach my hand out to him and he takes it. I pull him to me and softly kiss him. He has a casserole dish with him. I can feel the heat from it. I look down and he proudly says, “My Brussels Sprouts recipe.” I continue to smile, but think, ‘oh God, why that vegetable?’ He sees my look, pats me on the arm, and says, “Don’t worry, I won’t make you eat them, but…if you don’t try them, I may be too busy over the next few days and won’t have any openings for ‘Jake time’.” He pats my arm again and walks past me and down the hall to the kitchen. I sulk. Then turn and follow his shapely ass. I let out a low whistle and I know he hears it because he clenches his ass just before he enters the kitchen. Dinner goes well. Nona is on her best behavior and seems to warm to Cole. They make jokes at my expense. I let it pass. Nona tells a few stories from when I was a kid. Cole listens to every word with rapt attention. He glances at me every so often and winks. Nona sees it but doesn’t say a word. I try some of the sprouts. They both watch me like a hawk and take note of every twitch in my eyes and face. I must admit, they aren’t that bad. They are soft, but not mushy. He added some bacon and quite a bit of garlic. There is also some cheese and a light sprinkling of breadcrumbs. Nona asks for the recipe, and he recites it from memory. She quickly jots it down and thanks him. We finish dinner and clean up. I walk him to the door. He’s got a bag of leftovers. As we stand there, I run my fingers thru his lengthening hair. I curl some of it around my fingers. He puts his free hand on my forearm. We kiss again. I whisper, “Pond? 11ish?” He nods ever so slightly and is off walking into the twilight. I smile to myself and see I’ve sprouted a boner. I stand there for a few minutes, just enjoying the sensation. I close the door, move the living room, turn on a light and send a quick text to both Rose and dad and let them know dinner was a success. I walk back to the kitchen and Nona sees me enter with my big smile. She says, “Jake, you’re right, Cole is a very nice gentleman. I can see why you like him.” She walks up to me and takes my hands in hers. She wants to say something but holds back. She shakes our hands and leans up to give me a kiss. She looks at the remaining dishes and says, “They can wait.” She winks at me and nods toward the house. I smile broadly to her, race up the back steps, get changed as fast as I can, and jog up to the house. I run around the side of the house to the patio and see Cole sitting on a lounge chair, watching the stars. He sees me and looks surprised. He starts to rise from the chair. I move to him, swoop down, and sweep him up into my arms. I kiss him. He puts his hands around my neck and kisses me back. His warm soft lips pressing against mine. Warm air passes between us. His tongue invades my mouth and runs along my teeth. My soft beard against his clean-shaven face. I sprout a boner in no-time. I move to the French doors and enter the house. I carry him to his bedroom and lay him on the bed. I strip. He watches and admires my body. He gets off the bed and takes his clothes off as well. We come together. Our bodies merge. The heat between us is intense. His hands wander over my body, front, back, sides…touching, caressing, raking my skin. My hands are draped over his shoulders and hanging down his back. I’m enjoying his ministrations. He backs up to the bed and sits on the edge. He pulls me down on top of him as he lays back. My body covers his. My hair is moist with sweat. He wraps his arms around my back and pulls me completely on him. He squirms a bit, spreading my sweat over his skin. I hear him hum with pleasure. He pulls my head down so it is next to his. His warm breath invades my left ear. I feel his coarse tongue lap at my earlobe. He strikes a sensitive nerve, and my unit goes steel hard. It is pinned between our bodies, but he can feel it grow. He growls, a low hungry noise. He squeezes me harder. I let my complete weight fall on to his body. We sink lower into the mattress. He hums again and whispers, “You ready?” I lean up slightly, turn so we are facing each other, lean back down, kiss him passionately. When we come up for air, I slide off the bed, reach into the pocket of my pants and pull out a condom. As I slip it on, Cole turns over and sticks his shapely ass into the air, offering himself up to me. I push my nose into his smooth ass crack and lick at his hole. I deposit spit there and use my tongue to move it around. I put my index finger on his hole and gently push. I slip into him. I put my face right next to my finger and lick at his hole as I piston my finger in and out. He’s moaning with pleasure. I hook my finger upward and pull back, caressing the upper edge of his insides. I release and he relaxes a bit. I push my middle finger in and expand his hole slowly. I put my face between my fingers and use my tongue to push more spit into him. I then piston my fingers in and out, making sure to coat his insides. When I feel he is lubed up enough, I pull my fingers out, move away from his hole, and gently slap his lily-white ass. He grunts. I slap him again, a bit harder. Another grunt. He turns his head and I see a sly smile on his face. My unit bounces and slaps my rock-hard abs a few times. I quickly flip him onto his back. He raises his legs to his chest. I position myself at his hole and slowly enter him. There’s not an ounce of pain showing on his face. He accepts my presence without question or fear. I push all the way in and bottom out. He lets out a low grunt but has a smile on his face. I lean between his legs and lower my hirsute chest to his hairless one. I thrust my hips forward to make sure I stay in him. His legs wrap around my tight waist, and he locks his ankles together. I start my motion, slowly at first, then I pick up the tempo. Pretty soon I’m going all out, and my balls are slapping his ass cheeks with every push. He’s grunting and moaning with each shove. Our lips are locked together, and he exhales right into my mouth every time I push in. His hands are wrapped around my lats, and I can feel he is clasping one wrist with the other. His body is attached to mine. I could probably pry him off, but I don’t want to. The feeling is wonderful. I decide to show off for him. I scoot backwards to the end of the bed. I slowly lean up, pulling his body with me. I feel him tighten his grip with his arms and legs. I whisper in his left ear, “You have no idea how strong I really am, do you?” He grunts in response. I tease him, “I could pick you up with one hand, shove my middle finger into your ass, plow your ass while standing up, make you cum in my mouth, and not even break a sweat doing it.” I savagely push upward as I’m now standing. His full 175lbs clinging to my sweaty body. I release my hands from his back, spread them out the sides, break our kiss and order him, “Look at my arms, Cole.” I see his eyes glance from side to side, looking at them. Muscles not even flexed, but there are veins crawling all over them. The hair is soaked with sweat. The skin is a deep dark brown due to the blood flowing thru them. A small sign of fear passes over his face. I tense my unit and pull it, and him, closer to my body. His steel pipe is pinned between us and is leaking pre-cum freely. For my next order to him, I say, “Now, release your legs.” I feel him slowly untangle his ankles. His legs fall, and more weight is transferred to his ass, and he sinks lower on my stiff unit. We lean in for a kiss. Last item on the agenda. I growl, “Take your hands off my neck.” Now I see a real sense of panic come over him. I lean back a bit and order him, “Let go of my neck, now.” His hands come off me like he touched a hot stove. His full weight is now on my unit. The thrill of feeling him on me excites me. My unit jumps, and he feels it. He smiles and relaxes a bit. I order him, “Put your hands on my pecs.” He quickly does so. I knew I’d only have to say that once. He starts to grope me. I tighten them, making them hairy steel plates. “Yeah, that’s right, feel the power of your muscle man. Holding you up with only his steel pipe in your ass.” He fidgets and squirms a bit, sinking a bit lower on me. I thrust my hips upward and his body slides up and down with ease. “Keep squeezing those pecs…oh yeah…just like that…twist those nipples…just like you did before… Oh yeah, harder…harder…come on sexy, you can’t hurt me…pretend you’re trying to open a beer bottle...Oh yeah, there you go…That’s how you do it.” His fingers pinch my nipples, and he savagely tugs, trying to pull them off my chest. I stand there and enjoy the sensation. He’s good, really good. I buck my hips again and he moans deeply. My veiny unit plunged deep inside of him. I squat down, ass to the grass, as they say, then quickly stand up. His thin muscular body slides up my long thick pole. My mushroom capped head the only thing keeping him from flying off me. Gravity takes over and he slides back down. His ass hits the base of my unit, and he grunts. He has a smile a mile wide on his face. His eyes flutter open and shut. His fingers and hands roam my chest and arms, sliding over the sweat covered muscles. Veins and striations show on my paper-thin skin like roads on a map. His hands reach for my shoulders. He latches on and moves his body closer to mine. His weight rests on my upper chest. He’s quite light when I think about it. The weight my chest has endured during bench presses makes this feel like a cake walk. His smooth skin on my hairy pecs excites me. I feel pre-cum percolate up my unit and fill the tip of the condom. He must feel it as well. His smile becomes warmer, and he twists his waist, creating friction between our bodies. His face nears mine. He bends his elbows and closes the gap. Our lips meet. He applies soft pressure with his moist lips. The tip of his tongue just breaks the seal of his lips, and it momentarily caresses mine. An electric shock passes thru my body. The hair on my arms feels like it’s standing up. A chill runs down my spine. I move to kiss him harder, but he inches away, keeping our lips just barely touching. His tongue flashes out again and rubs my bottom lip. His warm saliva coats my lip, another shock, just as invigorating as the first passes thru me. I wrap my arms around his back and tenderly press his body to mine, bringing our lips together with more force. He acquiesces. His hands move to the back of my head, and he pulls us together even more. He ravages my face with his tongue. His strong fingers pull on my dark hair and twist it around his digits. His kisses become longer and passionate. Time passes without us knowing. His hands continue to massage my hair and head. My hands run up and down his back, feeling his muscles, and the broadness of his lats, which I had not noticed before. I feel his ass squeeze my unit. I buck my hips again and the friction is incredible. He’s bringing me to the edge. I grasp his lats in my hands. I pull his body away from mine. He lets out a soft whimper. I look him in the eyes and wink with a knowing smile. He smiles back and gives me a wink. I turn my back the bed and slowly sit on the edge. I scoot my way back to the middle, keeping him attached to me. Once there, I release his lats, lay down, and spread my arms out to the sides. My body is open to him. He smiles and sucks in a breath of air. His hands immediately move to my chest. He puts them on me, palms down. I quickly realize he’s only doing it for support. He lifts his ass up a few inches, withdrawing my unit from him. When my tip is about to break free, he shoves his body downward. He impales himself on me. He lets loose a loud grunt. He does it again, then again. On his fourth shove, I thrust my hips upward to meet him. Our bodies smack together. His dick slams into my cobblestone abs. Cum comes flying out of him, spraying in all directions. Thick ropes cover the hair on my chest and abs. A stream laces across my face. His unit bounces off my body, smacking into his. Another line paints his lower abs. He lets his body settle onto my midsection as sweat pours off his face and body. Warm droplets fall onto me. I caress his thighs and run my fingers across his taut abs. He hums. I scoop some of his cum off him and move it to my lips. I lick my fingers and taste his sweetness. Warm and goopy, just like mine. I savor his flavor as it slides down my throat. He watches me then reaches down to my hairy chest, scraps some cum from my hairs, brings it to his lips. He tentatively tastes, then smiles and sticks his fingers into his mouth. I see his tongue maneuver around them pulling the cum off. I watch as his Adams apple bobs, and he swallows. He puts his hands back on my chest and leans down. Our lips meet. I can taste the cum remaining on his lips. I run my tongue over them and lick it off. I feel him put his hands on the sides of my head and hold us together. I relish in his kisses and tenderness. We don’t fight for alpha position. We take turns being in charge or being submissive. I can tell he likes it when I take control. I put my hands on his lats and slide them up and down, feeling his warm body. My cock is still a steel pipe in his ass. Every so often he moves his ass from side to side, keeping me hard. He pushes upright, twists my nipples softly, and squeezes his ass, sending shock waves throughout my body. He lifts his ass up, then slowly lowers it, bottoming out. I shiver. He does it again. I want to grab his waist and take over, but realize he knows what he’s doing. On the shove downward, he opens his ass just a bit more and I slip in that much more. He clamps shut, trapping me in him. He violently moves his ass from side to side, trying to snap my unit from my body. I clench my teeth and close my eyes. The feeling is outrageous. Every nerve on my unit and in my midsection is tingling. I can feel my load building. I feel him lift quickly and slam down. My brain goes into overload and a shock, rockets down my spine to my balls. I grunt. My body jerks as I cum, lifting my hips off the bed, and Cole with them. I feel his hands back on my tightened chest for stability. I jerk again and his body is lifted upward. He tightens his ass as slides up and down my pole. I shiver again and buck. My final loads shoots into the condom. I feel the tip expand. I open my eyes to see a sweaty Cole with a huge grin on his face. He puts his left hand on my right cheek and gently caresses it. I feel sweat drip off my body as well. My chest, legs, and arms are slick. He lifts his ass off my softening unit and lifts his leg off me as well. He lies next to me with his face turned toward my body. I put my right arm under his head. He nuzzles my chest and laps at the hairs. His fingers twist and softly tug at my chest and ab hairs. He lets his fingers slide over my body, taking in everything. His legs slide against mine; our feet and toes intermingle with each other. His breathing slows, but he doesn’t fall asleep. He continues to caress me. I do the same to him. After 15 minutes of just relaxing, he pushes himself upright, smiles at me and nods to the shower. I nod back. I roll off the bed, take his hand into mine and we walk into his bathroom. We’re both up early the next morning. We have breakfast and agree to meet for dinner. I have some work to do and I’m sure Cole wants some alone time to workout and meditate. I kiss him softly as I leave, my hand lingers in his. His warm smile makes my heart ache as I walk down the driveway to my house. I’m sure Nona is waiting with questions. I enter thru the garage, and she is in the kitchen, finishing her breakfast. I see a list of chores on the counter. I pick it up and scan over it. Nothing too strenuous. She politely asks, “How is Cole?” I glance up from the list and see she has the barest of smiles on her face. I happily say, “He’s wonderful.” Then it just comes out of my mouth, “I think I want him to stay…with me.” Her eyes go just the slightest bit wider. “I think he’s the one.” Now her eyes narrow. “Yes, he’s got his flaws and imperfections. Yes, I’ve only known him a month. But we’ve shared so much. He’s opened up to me about a lot of stuff and I’ve done the same with him.” Her eyes widen, guessing I talked about our issues. “We still have a lot of ground to cover, but Nona, I think he cares about me as well.” She smiles a genuine smile. “When we talk, it’s natural. They’re regular conversations. He asks questions about me,” I tap my chest and feel the warmth spreading as I talk about him. “And he honestly cares about what I say and how I feel. I feel the same way with him.” She walks the short distance to me, opens her arms, and I move in for her hug. Her boney arms wrap around my waist, and I feel her pull us together. Her head is just below my pecs. “Oh, sweetie. I’m so happy for you.” Her voice does not have a condescending tone, or a disapproving nature. I feel tears well up in my eyes. She sniffles. We hold the hug a bit longer. We separate and she pats my chest. “Your chores can wait if you’d like to be with him now…” I almost fall over at her offer, but resist. “No, I have work to do, and I know he has plans for the day.” She nods. “I’m going to have dinner with him tonight.” She smiles again. “I have the whole day to figure out how to ask him to stay.” I chuckle softly. She pats my forearm and says, “I’m sure however you ask, it will be perfect.” We hug again and I head upstairs to get changed into my work clothes. I send Rose a text and tell her my plans. My phone rings immediately. The first thing out of her mouth is, “No way…” Twenty minutes later I agree to her meeting Cole before anyone else. The day flies by, or drags, depending on what I’m thinking about. I’ve had a persistent erection and have done everything I can think of to remain calm. Cole’s face is constantly in my thoughts. His lengthening blonde hair, dark blue eyes, and taut body keep me distracted. I grab a tree branch off the ground, wrap it around a sturdy tree, and use my arm and shoulders to pull it backward, snapping it in half. My unit pulses. I find a large tree trunk, one of the largest I’ve seen in a while, and squat down, grab it and lift it up. I figure it weighs around 300 lbs. My arms flex and I hold it against my body. My stiff unit presses against my pant leg. I can feel it rubbing the coarse bark, stimulating me. I can feel my load building but want to hold off. I groan loudly and heave the trunk to the side. It crashes into some smaller trees, knocking them over. It rolls to a stop against a large rock. I take a few heavy cleansing breaths and squat down. I close my eyes and realize this day may be longer than I anticipated. As I calm down, my unit fades. I get back to work. I spend the next few hours cleaning a stream bed of debris and making sure there are no dams to stem its flow. Next, I move to the lower meadow and clear a new path. There are small trees to clear and rocks to dig up. I make good progress. I check the time and realize it’s later than I thought. I pack up and drive back to the house. Nona is out for the day. I quickly shower and put on a bathing suit, flip-flops, and a tight-fitting t-shirt. Oh, yeah, can’t forget the baseball hat. I give myself the once over in the mirror and nod. I take a deep breath, inflating my chest. The shirt stretches to its limit. I head downstairs and out through the garage. I hop into the tractor and head up to the house. It’s late afternoon. The sun is still shining brightly, but a bit lower in the sky. Not a cloud around. I get to the house, park the tractor, and walk around the side, through the garden. There he is, sitting by the pool. Legs in the water, gently kicking. Small waves dance from one end and back. His arms are stretched behind him, palms on the still warm pavers, supporting his body as he leans back. He’s smiling as he watches the sun set. As I approach, he says, “Hey Jake.” I stop, wondering how he knew I was there. “I heard your tractor.” He turns and has a smile on his tanned face. I walk to him, kick off my flip flops and sit next to him, putting my legs into the warm water. He leans over and we kiss. Soft, gentle. His puts his left hand on my back and I put my right hand on his left thigh. I squeeze tenderly. He moves his hand in circles on my back. We break our kiss and I strip off my t-shirt. I slide into the pool and sink beneath the surface. I open my eyes and watch him watch me. He’s still smiling. I swim up to him, break the surface between his legs and stand up. My face is the same level as his. We kiss again. I wrap my arms around his waist and pull him closer. He puts a hand on my chest to stop me. I hesitate and break our kiss. I look him in the eyes and see a slight sadness. I hop up on the ledge next to him again. We start to talk. He’s thinking about work and having to go back next week. He asks why I’m not off getting side jobs to make money for college. I brush him off as gently as I can. “Plenty of time for that later.” He sighs. I rub his leg and with all seriousness say, “Cole, hasn’t this past month showed you that money isn’t everything?” I spread my arms to the valley in front of us. He looks out at the setting sun. It’s orange, red, and yellow tendrils of light bathing the valley below us and the trees around us. This is it, my time to step up to the plate and be a man. I look forward so I don’t hesitate, “I would never think to tell someone what is best for them, but in this case, I think I’m going to make an exception.” We turn to each other. I can feel my eyes are twinkling. “Over this past month, I think we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well,” He cocks an eyebrow at me with a sarcastic smile. I smile back saying, “besides the sex, which is outstanding, but, I mean, you’ve shared your whole life with me, which I doubt you’ve done to anyone where you work?” “Jake…” He interrupts me, but I can tell what he wants to say is stuck in his head. I reach my right hand over and put it on his cheek. I quietly ask, “Will you stay here…with me?” He gives me the smallest grin, then closes his eyes. He’s analyzing it, I know he is. After a moment I say, “Stop overthinking it.” He opens his eyes and looks at me. I continue, “Yes, our sex is great, but I think…no, I know we’ve got something here.” I move my hand between us, touching his leg gently. “I know it…and you know it as well.” He’s sighs again. “Cole, were you nervous when you got your job 9 years ago?” He nods yes, “Did the nervousness go away right away, or did it take time?” He shrugs knowing what I’m talking about. He looks away again and closes his eyes. I give him his space. I’ve made my case. It’s up to him. My heart races. My left hand is balled into a fist as I wait. I tear comes out of his eye and rolls down his cheek. I think, ‘Oh, no…please don’t say no…” He opens his eyes, straightens his back, turns to me, and says “Yes.” I want to pick him up and carry him around the pool area. I want to scream with joy and tell the world. Instead, I lean over and give him a kiss, deep and passionate. He closes his eyes again. He opens them after a minute, sees me still right here kissing him, and he smiles. I think to myself, ‘Our new life together just started.’
  9. armwreslr

    The Kid Freak (Part 6 Added)

    This is my first story. I intend on expanding it or continuing it. Let me know your thoughts. THE KID FREAK Oliver is just entering 12th grade, when he starts to notice some changes happening to him. Oliver had always been a tall, skinny, geeky kid with dark hair and green eyes. His mother is a Chemistry professor at a local college. She always encouraged her son to study, get good grades and perhaps be a professor one day. When Oliver wanted to play sports, she generally discouraged it. It’s the beginning of 12th grade and there’s a party at Candy Johnson’s house. Candy is a popular girl because she’s not just beautiful, she’s smart as well. Her parties always attracted the jocks and the nerds, a rare mix. Oliver is hanging with a couple of his World of Warcraft buddies, when an arm wrestling match breaks out between a couple of the big jocks at the kitchen table, Big Mike, from Oliver’s high school, and Brock, from a rival high school. They were both shirtless. Big Mike is 6’ tall, 230 lbs, but he’s not lean. He’s got brown hair and a scruffy face. He’s pretty thick. Brock is 6’1” tall and weighs 210 lbs with blonde hair and blue eyes but is pretty lean. The match starts, and Oliver is mesmerized by the test of strength. Both guys have pretty big arms, but Brock’s arms are more defined with a nice peak to his biceps. After about 30 seconds, Brock puts Big Mike down. “It’s getting easier to beat you, Fatty,” says Brock, with a big smile on his face. Big Mike responds, “The only reason you can beat me is because your father is a pro arm wrestler!” “He’s actually the Super Heavyweight World Champion!” says Brock. Brock catches Oliver staring at him. “You wanna arm wrestle, Nerd?” asks Brock. “Umm…no.” Oliver’s friends push him over to the kitchen table. Melvin, a nerdy, skinny kid with thick glasses, says, “C’mon Olly! You’re stronger than you think!” Brock puts his elbow on the table and wiggles his fingers. Oliver looks around at everyone staring and slowly puts his elbow on the table and locks hands with Brock. Big Mike starts them up. “Ready, Go!” Brock and Oliver start slow. Brock is smiling because he knows he has total control. He’s going against a skinny geek. Brock starts to put some real effort into putting Oliver down, but he’s noticing it’s much harder than expected. Big Mike says, “C’mon Brock, stop playin’! Put him down!” Brock pushes harder, but Oliver is not going down easily. Melvin pulls up the sleeve of Oliver’s oversized t-shirt to reveal a small, but ripped and peaked biceps. Big Mike’s eyes show surprise. “Holy shit! I didn’t expect that from Olly,” says Mike. Brock is sweating and now putting maximum effort into beating Oliver. After 45 seconds, he finally puts Oliver down. “Holy shit, Oliver! You’re a lot stronger than I expected. You put up a real fight!” exclaims Big Mike. Brock butts in, “No way, dude. You tired me out. I would destroy him fresh.” Big Mike pulls Oliver aside. “Have you ever lifted weights?” Oliver responds, “No. My mom never let me play any sports. She just wanted me to study.” “Bro, let me train you. You have incredible potential,” says Mike. “You really think so?” “Fuck yeah, I do. Somehow, you’ve built some muscle and strength from doing nothing. Let’s see what you can do if you actually lift weights and challenge yourself.” Oliver agrees to do it. *** Oliver shows up to the football gym with Brock, after all the players have left. “Let’s get some baseline measurements, Olly. Take your shirt off and jump on the scale.” Oliver looks around. “No one is here, buddy,” says Mike. Oliver takes off his shirt. “You’re quite skinny, but you don’t have an ounce of fat.” Oliver has a lot of veins showing as well. Oliver steps on the scale. “Okay, your height is 6 feet tall, and you weigh 155 pounds. Let’s measure your arm.” Oliver flexes his arm and a small, but ripped and peaked biceps appears. Mike measures it. “Wow, Olly, you’re not big, but your bicep is peaked and has great shape. It’s almost 15 inches.” “Really?” asks Oliver. “I swear. When you start to add size, I wouldn’t be surprised if you could be a serious bodybuilder.” “But I want to be strong, so people like Brock can’t pick on me or make fun of me anymore.” “Olly, there is something about you. I think you could be, not just a bodybuilder, but maybe one of the strongest bodybuilders.” “I’m just a nerd,” says Oliver. “I know it appears that way, but something in my gut is telling me different,” responds Mike. Mike takes a couple more measurements. Waist, 27 inches. Quads, 23 inches. Mike takes Oliver over to the bench press. “I’m going to test your strength in different exercises to get your baseline max in each exercise. Then we can measure again every few months.” Oliver agrees. After several warmup sets, Mike puts 155 lbs on the bar. “Anyone that can bench press their bodyweight for 10 reps is considered to be in good shape.” Oliver takes the bar and starts to bench press. He presses it 10 times very easily. “Yes! Too easy!” says Mike. Mike loads 225 lbs. Oliver bench presses it for 5 reps. Mike loads 275 lbs. Oliver bench presses it for 1 rep. “Holy shit, Olly! I knew it! I knew there was something about you.” Oliver is surprised. “Is this considered good?” “Bro, you’re skinny as fuck weighing 155 lbs, and you just bench pressed 275 lbs! And look at yourself in the mirror!” Oliver goes to the mirror. He’s never seen his muscles pumped. He’s sweaty and shiny. His chest is showing a little thickness and rips like he’s never seen before. Abs are shredded. He flexes his arms, and they appear bigger and more ripped. Oliver finishes the rest of the tests. He ended up squatting and deadlifting 305 lbs. He curled 120 lbs on a straight bar. Oliver and Mike agree to keep training together and to keep everything under wraps. No showing off, and Oliver will continue wearing baggy clothes to hide his gains until they decide to reveal them. *** Over the entire 12th grade and into the summer, Mike trained Oliver in secret, nearly every day. Mike and Oliver were shocked at Oliver’s gains. The main state college branch is in their hometown, and freshman year has started, so Mike takes down Oliver’s stats and tests his strength. Height, 6’. Weight, 180 lbs. Biceps, 18.5”. Waist, 28.5”. Quads, 25”. One rep maxes…Bench press, 495 lbs. Straight bar curls, 225 lbs. Squat, 725 lbs. Deadlift, 755 lbs. Oliver asks, “So, honestly, Mike, how do you think I’m doing?” Mike shakes his head in astonishment. “Bro, you’ve far exceeded my expectations. In one year, you look like a real competitive bodybuilder, but what’s blowing my mind, is your strength to weight ratio.” “What about it,” asks Oliver. “You totally don’t get it, do you,” asks Mike. Oliver has a blank stare. “Bro, at this rate, you’re going to be benching over 600 lbs in a few months and maybe you’ll be the lightest person to ever do that,” Mike exclaims. “Whoa…” Oliver is blown away. “I had no idea.” Mike nods his head. “Maybe it’s time for you to test your strength against others.” Oliver smiles. *** A couple months later, it’s time for Candy’s yearly party. Big Mike takes Oliver with him. It’s chilly outside, so Oliver wears a jacket. Oliver and Mike go into the house. It’s quite warm with all the kids partying. They go into the kitchen, where there are about 15 guys and girls. Mike grabs a beer for Oliver. Oliver takes a sip and looks at Mike. He processes the taste. He looks at Mike and smiles. “I never thought I would like beer, but it’s actually pretty good,” says Oliver. An hour goes by, and Mike and Oliver drink about 6 or 7 beers, when Oliver’s nerdy friends show up. “Oliver!” screams Melvin. A big smile comes across Oliver’s face. Melvin shakes Mike’s hand and then Oliver’s. “It’s been a year, since I’ve seen you, Olly,” says Melvin. “I know. Big Mike here has been training me, so I haven’t had a lot of time. I miss you guys.” “Yeah, I knew something was up, and when I just shook your hand, it’s so much bigger,” says Melvin. “Come here. I want you to feel something,” says Oliver. Mike smirks. Melvin comes in close. Oliver flexes his biceps by his side. His jacket arm fills out. Melvin’s eyes get big. He puts both hands around Oliver’s biceps. “Oh my God, Oliver!” Oliver’s heart rate increases with the exhilaration of his friend. “Your arms are massive and hard as a rock!” Oliver smiles and looks at Mike, who nods back at him. “I can’t wait to show you what I can do with this muscle,” says Oliver. Mike says, “It won’t be long. Look who showed up.” Brock walks into the kitchen with a couple friends, Jeff and Scott, both pretty big guys. He’s wearing a tank top and looking bigger and leaner than last year. Brock sees Big Mike. “Yo, Mike! You’re looking bigger than last year,” says Brock. “I am bigger,” replies Mike. “Not as big as this,” says Brock. Brock hits a double biceps shot showing off his 18-inch biceps. “That’s true, but your arms aren’t as big as Olly’s,” says Mike. “What? The nerd I beat last year?” asks Brock. “I wouldn’t call him that anymore, Brock. Show him, Olly.” Oliver steps forward and looks at Mike. Mike nods his head. Oliver is sweating profusely from wearing the jacket in the hot house. Oliver slowly unzippers his jacket. First a glimpse of his chest and then his abs. He removes his jacket and a few audible gasps come from some of the kids in the kitchen. “Oh my God,” says Melvin. Oliver is standing there, dripping sweat, pumped and totally ripped with thick slabs of muscle and not an ounce of fat. Even Mike is shocked. “Show the arm wrestler some real arms, Olly,” says Mike. Oliver hits a front double biceps shot. His arms are ripped with huge peaks, hitting 19.5” with a thick biceps vein. “You may be big, but I’ll destroy you in arm wrestling. I just won the state championship,” exclaims Brock. Mike says, “Let’s do this!” Brock takes a seat at the end of the long kitchen table as does Oliver. They put their elbows on the table and clasp hands. Some of the kids start recording video with their phones. Jeff starts them off. “Ready, Go!” Brock screams and hits first bringing Oliver’s arm down about halfway. Brock laughs. Brock leans in with his shoulder putting all his weight into it to put down Oliver. Mike screams, “C’mon Olly! Don’t let him intimidate you! You’re stronger than he is! Get angry!” Oliver screams and starts pulling hard. His biceps vein starts to pop thicker, and the cords of muscle of his biceps start to increase in prominence. Oliver bends his wrist activating his huge forearms, pumping bigger. Oliver’s biceps start to peak larger as he starts to move Brock’s arm up. “Jesus, look at the kid’s arm,” says one of the guys watching. Oliver pulls his arm almost back to the center position, when Brock grabs the side of the table with his free arm. He screams and using all his strength pulls Oliver back down to the halfway point again. Mike screams, “Brock is cheating grabbing onto the side of the table!” Jeff responds, “No way, bro. Arm wrestling tables have pegs on the side to grab, so it’s fair.” “Okay, but the table is too long for Olly to grab the side with his hand,” retorts Mike. Jeff just shrugs his shoulders. Melvin screams, “C’mon Olly. Show me that muscle, that strength!” Oliver grunts loud and pulls hard, but he can’t move Brock. “No way you can pull through this!” Brock laughs. Oliver screams and pulls with everything he has. At first, he doesn’t move, but after a few seconds, Oliver starts to move Brock’s arm back. Jeff screams, “No way! He’s doin’ it!” Scott adds, “Yeah, and he’s doing it with just one arm!” Oliver’s skin is paper-thin showing all the muscle fibers in his cannonball shoulder and his biceps and triceps, rippling. His biceps is peaking extremely high as he gets back to the center. Melvin says, “Jesus, his arm is more massive than Brock’s!” Brock gets angry and screams trying to pull Oliver back down, but Oliver is ready for it and holds him there. Brock tries several times but can’t break through. Oliver screams and starts to pull Brock down. Oliver’s abs and chest are completely shredded as those muscle groups help with the effort. Oliver’s biceps vein is pumping huge amounts of blood to the muscle as it continues overpowering Brock’s efforts. Brock screams and tries will all his strength to stop Oliver, but Oliver’s ripped muscle is just too strong. “Yeah,” screams Oliver as he continues pushing Brock’s arm down. Oliver stops his assault with Brock’s wrist three inches above the table. He looks at Brock. Oliver shifts his weight and arm position so that he’s just using his triceps. “Give me everything you have,” says Oliver. Brock screams, trying to pull with everything he has. Oliver’s triceps explodes as he takes everything Brock has and overpowers him, slowly pushing Brock’s arm down. Scott says, “Holy shit! The kid’s just using his triceps to overpower Brock! That’s just raw strength!” A few seconds later, Oliver pushes Brock’s arm to the table. Mike screams, “Yeah! You did it, Olly!” “You cheated! You had to have cheated,” said Brock. “Bullshit! I even let you use both hands,” screams Oliver. Brock looks around the room. “You all better delete those videos before I beat your asses.” One of the kids says, “Sorry man. I think that kid Joey was live on Instagram.” “I’m gonna kill him,” Brock screams. Brock runs out looking for Joey. Oliver turns to Mike, “I was acting.” “What,” asks Mike. Oliver responds, “Yeah, he was very easy to arm wrestle. I just screamed for effect.” Mike smiles. “Son of a bitch! You’re getting too strong!” Mike and Oliver grab another beer. All of a sudden, there is a commotion out back by the pool. Mike and Oliver walk out to see what’s going on. Everyone is surrounding some big man, trying to get autographs. “Holy shit! It’s Grip Master,” screams Mike. “Who’s that,” asks Oliver. “He’s a huge professional wrestler that beats his opponents in unbreakable wrestling holds,” Mike responds. “Candy’s older brother is friends with him,” he adds. As Mike and Oliver approach, some of the kids gasp as they see Oliver, pumped and sweaty from his arm wrestling match. Grip Master, who has a shaved head and is 6’5” tall and weighs 310 lbs, looks over to see what’s going on. Mike says, “Hey Grip Master! Huge fan! Could we get a pic with you?” Grip Master responds, “Well, shit, this guy is going to out angle me.” Mike says, “Naa, he’s a kid. He doesn’t even watch pro wrestling.” Grip Master asks, “Wait, he’s a kid?” “Yeah, he’s just 19 years old, but he’s a KID FREAK.” “How big are you,” asks Grip Master. “I’m 6 feet tall and weigh 205 lbs,” says Oliver. “You look much bigger than that,” says Grip Master. Mike adds, “What’s freaky is his strength. The kid bench pressed 585 lbs yesterday in his workout, and he did it easily.” Grip Master gives a skeptical look and says, “I seriously doubt that. I can bench press 680 lbs, and I’m much bigger than him. No one can bench press 585 lbs at his bodyweight.” Mike responds, “It’s true! If we had a bench press here, Olly could show you.” Mike thinks for a second. “What if he could break one of your unbreakable wrestling holds? Would you believe him if he could do that?” Mike asks. “Yeah, but we all know that’s impossible,” Grip Master responds. Oliver adds, “Please, let’s try it. I want to test my strength against you.” Grip Master starts to walk around Oliver, slowly, eyeing him up and down. Mike starts recording video on his phone. Grip Master slips behind Oliver and wraps his arms around Oliver’s torso from the back, putting him into a reverse bearhug, pinning his arms by his side. Oliver winces in pain. All the kids gather around to watch this test of strength. Some are recording it with their phones. Grip Master lifts Oliver off the ground, shaking him and crushing him. Oliver tries to pull his right arm up. His shoulder is ripped and pumped as he puts forth the effort. His arm starts to slowly slide up, especially will all the slippery sweat. He frees his right arm and starts on his left arm, pulling up. Grip Master is tightening his hold, but Oliver is strong enough with the slickness of his body to pull out his left arm. Now Grip Master tightens his hold enough to push the air out of Oliver’s lungs. He starts coughing. “C’mon Oliver! You have to break his grip,” screams Mike. “No way he can do that,” screams one of the kids. Oliver breaths in deep and screams, hitting a massive front double biceps shot. Gasps from the crowd as they are in awe of his massive and shredded physique. Grip Master’s hold is that he’s grabbing his right wrist with his left hand. Oliver crisscrosses his hands, grabbing Grip Master’s right fist with his right hand and grabbing Grip Master’s left hand with his left hand. Oliver screams and starts pulling apart as if he’s trying to bend the bars of a steel cage. His biceps explode in size with thick biceps veins pumping massive amounts of blood to his incredible ripped muscle. Every muscle fiber can be seen. His lats expand with the massive effort being put forth. Grip Master is holding the grip in place. “Nice try kid, but you’re going to have to try harder than that,” says Grip Master. Oliver screams and pulls harder. His biceps seem to be getting larger with the effort as well as his forearms. Sweat is dripping down his heaving chest and his chiseled abs. Grip Master seems to be starting to labor a bit. One of the kids says, “This kid is ripped as fuck, and he’s making Grip Master work!” Hearing that excites Oliver. Oliver screams again increasing the pressure. Grip Master starts to breath heavy. Another kid says, “This kid’s arms are huge.” “Yeah, and his strength is insane,” responds another. Oliver goes nuts after hearing that, screams and pulls with everything he has. His ripped biceps are nearly exploding with every muscle fiber showing through his paper-thin skin. His shoulders are huge, round and ripped. Abs are shredded. Oliver looks down at his own body, in awe of his incredible strength. He slowly starts to pull apart Grip Master’s unbreakable reverse bearhug. “Yeah,” Oliver screams as he feels himself overpower the strongest grip in professional wrestling. Oliver can hear the kids… “Impossible,” “No way,” “He’s breaking free!” Oliver slowly pulls his hands apart. Grip Master screams and, using his incredible chest strength, stops Oliver. Grip Master tries to close it back up, but somehow Oliver’s arms and shoulders begin to overpower Grip Master’s incredible chest strength, continuing to pull apart his arms. Grip Master falls backwards, staring at his hands in shock. He then looks back at Oliver as Oliver turns back around. Oliver screams and hits a front double biceps, with biceps that must be over 20 inches, pumped. Mike walks over to Oliver. “Believe it now, Grip Master,” asks Mike. “Hell yeah. I’ve never felt that much power before from anyone!” Oliver smiles. *** Another year goes by. Mike continues training Oliver in secret. Somehow Oliver continues making incredible gains in size and strength. Oliver’s latest stats are: Height, 6’. Bodyweight, 230 lbs. Biceps, 22 inches. Waist, 30 inches. Quads, 28 inches. Oliver’s strength level is incredible with a 685 lb bench press, 275 lb strict straight bar curl, 960 lb squat and a 980 lb deadlift. His bodyfat is as low as it has ever been. “How would you like to test your physique against bodybuilders and your strength against arm wrestlers, powerlifters and strongmen, all in the same day,” asks Mike. “Hell, yeah, but where can we do this?” “At the Arnold Classic this weekend. It’s two months away. Let’s see what kind of gains you can make until then.” responds Mike. Oliver says, “Let’s do it!” *** Mike and Oliver are in their hotel room at the Arnold Classic. They are lying in their beds resting. “You awake,” asks Oliver. “Yeah, what’s up?” “My mom hasn’t really spoken with me much about my gains. I thought it was weird because she never encouraged me to do any athletic or physical activity. It was always about studying. So, I asked her if she was shocked by my transformation,” says Oliver. “Okay,” responds Mike Oliver continues, “She says she wasn’t. She met my father in a one night stand. She never even got a picture with him, but he was an incredibly built man with muscles everywhere and no bodyfat. What made her lust for him was an incredible feat of strength he performed.” “What did he do?” “A car accident happened in front of a gym. He was training after hours. My mom was waiting for a taxi, when a car went out of control up onto the sidewalk and hit and ran over an old man. His leg was pinned under the tire. Without thinking, my father put his hands under the passenger side of the car, screamed and lifted the side of the car up. She pulled the old man out from under the car.” “Holy shit,” exclaims Mike. “Yeah, that night they went to dinner together and had sex. He left the country never to be seen or heard from again. She suspects that he was likely married and ashamed. She never told me all this because she didn’t want me to go down that path.” “Oh man. I’m really sorry to hear that.” “Here’s the interesting part. My mom asked how he got so strong. He told her the usual stuff about lifting heavy weights, but he also told her he had a rare genetic mutation that not only allowed for good muscle growth but allowed for the muscle to contract extremely hard. His nervous system was also somehow enhanced. A year after I was born, she got me tested, and I have the same condition as my father.” “Wow! This is incredible. I wonder what your limits are,” said Mike. “I don’t know, but I’m going to push myself to get stronger than any human alive,” exclaims Oliver. “Hell yeah!” Mike jumps out of bed. “Since we’re going to hit bodybuilding first, let’s put on your last coat of tan,” says Mike. Over the next hour, Mike paints Oliver’s skin with the bodybuilding posing tan making his skin dark, which shows the cuts and rips in Oliver’s muscle much better, especially under bright lights. Mike gives him a pair of posing trunks to wear under his clothes. Mike and Oliver enter the ballroom where they have bodybuilding. The press conference just ended, and they’re getting some photos and videos of Rob Coulson, last year’s Arnold Amateur champion, who is competing at the pro bodybuilding competition. He’s considered to have some of the best arms in bodybuilding. He’s a top contender to win. Off to the side of the stage, Mike has Oliver strip off his clothes. Mike quickly puts a light coating of oil on Oliver’s body. While Rob is hitting some poses, Oliver jumps up onto the stage from the ground, which grabs everyone’s attention, since the stage is very high. A couple whistles from the small crowd still there with photographers. Rob laughs at Oliver jumping up on stage. He hits a front double biceps shot. Oliver stands next to him and hits a front double biceps shot. A few audible gasps from the crowd. Oliver’s arms appear to be bigger than Rob’s arms. Not only that, he’s so ripped that you can see every muscle fiber in his arms, chest and completely shredded quads. Rob’s girlfriend screams for him to do his money shot, his back double biceps. So, Rob and Oliver turn around. They both hit their back double biceps shot. “Oh my God,” says Rob’s girlfriend. Oliver has him beat on his best shot, with bigger, more peaked arms, larger and more ripped shoulders and a much wider back. Oliver’s hamstrings are also bigger. One of the photographers says, “Who’s this kid? He’s destroying Rob.” Mike steps up and says, “His name is Oliver. He’s 20 years old and just getting into bodybuilding.” The photographer screams, “20? Are you fucking kidding me?” Someone screams, “Hit a most muscular shot!” Rob and Oliver turn around and both hit a most muscular crab shot. Oliver is matching Rob’s size from a muscular standpoint, but he’s much more shredded. Oliver’s chest is completely ripped with monster shoulders and traps. The biceps veins are nearly exploding they’re so thick. Abs are like steel armor. Oliver’s quad sweep is also wider and denser than Rob’s. “This kid could have won the show,” exclaims one photographer. Rob gets angry and walks off the stage. Mike gives the photographers contact info for Oliver. Oliver jumps off the stage and puts on a pair of shorts over his posing trunks. They exit the ballroom and go to the main wing of the expo where they have all the other events and activities. About as soon as they enter the expo hall, a bunch of people come over wanting pictures with Oliver. He’s shirtless and wearing shorts that show off his massive quads and calves. They make their way to the Animal Cage where they are starting a bench press competition. Mike registered Oliver for the contest. There are 10 competitors, most are big and fat, but powerful men. Oliver weighs in at 245 lbs and is easily the leanest competitor. The biggest and strongest competitor, nicknamed Grizzly, is 6’5” tall and weighs in at 330 lbs. Grizzly says, “Boy. You a bodybuilder? Cause you gonna git hurt here. This ain’t no play time in the gym. This is big boy weight.” He laughs. Everyone submits on written cards what their first lift will be. The announcer gets on the microphone. The announcer says, “Okay folks. We’re getting started with 405 pounds on the bar, and we’ll finish with Grizzly with 675 pounds…wait…there must be a mistake here. Who is Oliver? Oliver raises his hand and says, “Me sir!” Someone in the crowd says, “Holy shit! He’s jacked as fuck!” Announcer asks, “You’re opening with 685 pounds? Is that a mistake? Because no one has ever opened with that much weight, and honestly son, you don’t look like you could do something like that.” Oliver responds, “Yes sir. 685 pounds is my opener. I want to make sure I get the lift, so I can go heavier.” Announcer asks, “So this is easy for you?” Oliver says, “Yes sir.” Grizzly yells, “I smell bullshit! No one can beat me in bench press, especially not some bodybuilder!” The competition starts, and Oliver warms up. They get to Grizzly, and he presses 675 lbs, with a huge effort. The staff loads 685 lbs onto the bar. Oliver lays down on the bench. The crowd quiets down to watch. Oliver grabs the bar. Announcer asks, “You want a liftoff young man?” Oliver says, “No sir. I got this.” Oliver lifts the bar off the rack. He slowly lowers the weight and touches his chest, holding the bar there.” Judge says, “Press!” Oliver pushes the bar back with incredible power. It flies up. Judge says, “Rack it!” Oliver puts the bar back. He gets a good lift signal. He jumps up and hits a most muscular shot. He’s sweating profusely. The crowd goes wild. Grizzly throws down his belt. Everyone submits their lifts. Oliver is doing 720 lbs. Grizzly finds out and puts 725 lbs for himself. Fifteen minutes later, 720 lbs is loaded onto the bar. Oliver sits on the end of the bench and flexes his pecs several times. His chest is shredded and sweaty. Mike comes over to give him a liftoff. Mike says, “You got this Olly. Let’s put this guy out of his misery.” Oliver screams, “Hell yeah!” He lays on the bench. He nods his head for Mike to give the liftoff. He lowers the bar and holds it on his chest. Judge says, “Press!” Oliver screams and presses the bar extremely hard. The bar goes up steadily and fairly quickly. Judge says, “Rack!” Oliver racks it and get a good lift signal. He jumps up and hits a double biceps shot. Someone from the crowd, “Jesus, this kid is an animal.” Grizzly is up. 725 lbs is loaded onto the bar. He sits down. He sniffs a bottle of smelling salts, throws it aside and screams. He lays down. His spotter gives him a liftoff. He lowers the bar and stops on his chest. Judge says, “Press!” Grizzy screams and pushes. The bar goes up very slowly. It gets stuck halfway up, but after a couple seconds, he screams and is able to slowly push through to a lockout. Judge says, “Rack!” Grizzy racks it. He sits up, and his nose is bleeding. He stands up and then stumbles. A couple staff help him to his chair. Everyone is submitting final lifts, except for Grizzy. He’s going to stick with his last lift of 725 lbs. Mike says, “That last lift went up really fast. I don’t know…you think you could do 750, or is that just too much?” Oliver thinks for a couple seconds and says, “Fuck it! Let’s do it!” After 15 minutes, it’s Oliver’s turn. 750 lbs is loaded onto the bar. Announcer says, “This kid has already broken records today. Now he’s going for 750 lbs, more than three times his bodyweight. He’s completely ripped up, and he’s only 20 years old!” The crowd cheers. Oliver sits on the bench, flexing his chest and arms. He lays back and screams. Mike comes over and grabs the bar. Oliver nods his head for the liftoff. Mike does it and steps back. Oliver takes a deep breath and lowers the bar. He touches and holds the bar on his chest. The judge waits an extra seconds before giving the signal. Judge says, “Press!” Oliver screams and starts pressing. His chest is pumped and shredded. His triceps are popping out and ripped. The bar slowly goes up. It slows down near the halfway mark. Oliver screams again using his chest power to press the bar high and higher, until he finally locks out. Judge says, “Rack!” Oliver racks the bar. The good lift signal is given. The crowd erupts in cheers. Grizzly walks out. Oliver hits a huge most muscular shot. Mike comes over and gives Oliver a hug. Mike says, “Bro! I’m blown away!” “Me too man! I can’t believe it! It’s like nothing can stop me!” Mike says, “Maybe nothing or no one can!” They exit the cage and go onto the next event. Mike says, “I think you’re going to like this next event. It will really test your strength like nothing has before.” Mike and Oliver enter the Bending Arena. Oliver’s eyes light up. There are all kinds of things to bend here, including nails, thick bolts, tools, including wrenches. They have steel bars to bend like on World’s Strongest Man from the 1980s and 1990s. A big sign says… “WHOEVER BENDS THE THICKEST BAR TODAY, WINS A FREE SET OF CAPTAINS OF CRUSH GRIPPERS!” Mike and Oliver go over to the steel bars. Jake is managing the challenge. “Wow, you must be a bodybuilder,” says Jake. Oliver says, “Well, I…” “He’s really a power bodybuilder,” says Mike. Oliver smiles. Jake says, “Well, you’re in the right spot if you want to test you strength.” Oliver asks, “What are the Captains of Crush Grippers?” Jake breaks out all the grippers ranging from Captains of Crush (CoC) 1 all the way to a 4. Jake says, “They range in strength from level 1 to level 4. Only 5 people in the world have ever closed a number 4.” Oliver says, “I have to try that!” Jake says, “Okay big boy, let’s start you off with a number 2. Most bodybuilders can barely do that.” Oliver takes the number 2 and puts it in his hand. He closes it, and his forearms pump up. He closes it for reps. After he hits 20 reps, Jake stops him. Oliver says, “I’ll take the number 4 now.” “I don’t think you should jump up to it right away, but here you go.” A crowd starts to form to watch Oliver. Jake records video using his phone. Oliver places the number 4 gripper in his hand. He takes a couple deep breaths, screams and squeezes as hard as he can. He closes it. Jake screams, “Holy shit!” Oliver lets it open and closes it again. And again. Veins are snaking in his forearm pumping it close to 19 inches thick. And then he holds the gripper closed for 20 seconds. Jake screams, “Yeah! What a pump!” Mike says, “Bro, your forearm is massive!” Oliver flexes his forearm for the camera. Oliver says, “Let me bend some bars.” Jake says, “Normally I’d start someone with a 1/2” thick steel bar to try, but you’re much stronger than the guys that usually come over here. Here’s a 5/8” thick steel bar that’s 4 feet long.” Oliver grabs the bar and holds it at either end. Jake continues, “So before you try anything, let me tell you how to properly bend…Wait!” Oliver starts pushing on the bar, trying to bend it. Jake says, “Hold on man! You can’t bend it in front of your body like that. It’s impossible!” A guy from the crowd says, “Have you ever seen anyone so ripped?” Oliver screams. His chest and abdominals are shredded. His biceps are popping. Another scream and slowly the bar starts to bend. Jake says, “No way!” Oliver continues pouring his strength into bending the bar in front of his body. After a few seconds, the ends of the bar touch. Oliver drops the bar and hits a double biceps shot, screaming, “Yeah!” Jake says, “Holy shit! I did not expect that.” Mike asks, “What’s your thickest bar?” Jake responds, “Well, it’s called the Ultimate, and it’s not really meant to be bent.” Mike asks, “What do you mean?” Jake says, “Well, it’s 1 and 1/4 inch thick cold-rolled steel at 5 feet in long. It’s believed that no one can really bend it. That’s why there is a cash prize for anyone that can bend it just with their upper body and make the ends touch, wins $100,000. That’s just impossible.” Oliver’s eyes get big and says, “I gotta fuckin’ try it!” Jake says, “You can try it, but no one has even come close to making the tiniest of bends in the bar. It’s still perfectly straight.” Mike asks, “How quickly would Oliver get the money if he does it?” “It’s an instant bank transfer,” says Jake. Jake gives Oliver the bar and a thick bath towel. Jake says, “This time you won’t be able to bend it in front of your body.” “So, what do I do?” Jake responds, “Fold the towel and put it on your head for protection. Put the bar on top, using your head as a leverage point. Bend the bar down as far as you can, then put it behind your neck and bend it until the ends touch.” Oliver folds the towel and puts it on his head. The crowd is getting really big now. Oliver places the bar on top and grabs the ends of the bar with his hands. Mike screams, “You can do this Olly! No one has ever bent a bar this thick! You’re gonna do it in front of all these people, not as some fat strongman, but as a ripped-up power bodybuilder. No one has ever seen anything like this before! You can do it!” Oliver takes a couple deep breaths and screams. He pulls down hard, but the bar doesn’t budge. He takes a break. Jake says, “I told you bro. You can’t do it. No one can.” Oliver goes nuts and screams and pulls with everything he has. His biceps explode into huge ripped peaks. His lats flare out wider than ever. His abdominals contract as hard as they ever have before. At first, nothing happens, but after a few seconds, a squeal comes from the bar. The bar starts to slowly bend under Oliver’s strength. His lats are contracting so hard, you can see every muscle fiber. Oliver screams again pouring all of his strength into the task of bending the thickest steel ever bent by a human. The crowd starts talking… “Oh my God!” “He’s doing it!” “He’s fuckin’ ripped up!” “That’s just raw strength!” Jake is in complete awe of Oliver’s ripped strength. Jake says, “He’s bending the unbendable!” Oliver bends the bar halfway and stops for a second. He screams again and continues bending the bar until it’s about a 90-degree angle and can’t bend further on his head. He’s sweating profusely. He drops the bar behind his neck. Using his chest, he tries to crush the bar in, but it’s still a bit too wide for that. Oliver tilts the bar behind his neck, so that the end in his left hand is now down by his hip. The end of the bar in his right hand is above his head. Bracing the left end against his body, Oliver screams and pulls down on the bar with his right hand. Someone from the crowd says, “Jesus Christ! Look at the kid’s arm!” Oliver’s 22-inch right biceps explodes into ripped glory pulling the bar down, dripping sweat. His abs contracting hard to stabilize his core. Oliver screams again! The impossible to bend cold-rolled steel tries to resist, but Oliver’s biceps is just too strong, bending it more and more. “Yeah,” screams Oliver as he dominates the bar. Now the bar is at a 45-degree angle. Oliver centers the bar behind his neck, with his arms on both ends of the bar. Oliver screams and pushes the ends of the bar towards each other. His chest and abs are ripped to the bone. His chest is heaving and pumping blood as massive amounts of strength pass through to his hands. Oliver screaming and pushing slowly presses the ends of the bar towards each other. After several seconds, the ends touch. Jake, in utter disbelief, faints for a moment. Oliver lifts the bar from his neck and throws it to the ground. He hits a huge most muscular shot as the crowd cheers and then a huge front double biceps shot. Mike then hugs him, and Oliver hugs him back. People in the crowd come up to congratulate him and get pictures. Finally, Oliver gets a bank transfer from Jake’s company. Mike says, “It looks like we just have one more stop.” Oliver responds, “Arm wrestling!” Mike nods his head. Oliver adds, “You think Brock’s Dad, Titus, will accept my challenge?” “Well, he is the Super Heavyweight World Champion, so he may not take you too seriously. You’re only 20 years old, and arm wrestlers always think they can destroy bodybuilders. But, you do have some money that you can put up to sweeten the pot.” Oliver says, “Yes!” On the way to the arm wrestling competition, they stop to get some burgers and refuel. Oliver eats six double cheeseburgers and six orders of fries. They finally arrive at the arm wrestling contest. It doesn’t start for another 15 minutes. Mike speaks with the promoters to try to get Titus to take on Oliver. At first the promoters said no because Oliver hasn’t competed and earned a spot to challenge Titus. When Mike offered Titus $20,000 to take the match, he accepted. Announcer says, “It’s time to get started! Up first is a best of three supermatch between your current super heavyweight world champion, 6’3” tall, 350 pounds of solid mass, with 23-inch arms and 20-inch forearms…Titus!” Cheers from the crowd as Titus walks out. The announcer continues, “His challenger is a complete unknown but considers himself a power bodybuilder, 6’ tall weighing 245 pounds of completely ripped muscle, 22-inch arms and only 20 years old…Oliver! The usual audible gasps form the audience. Brock looks up in shock. Brock says, “No way! Oliver is challenging my Dad? Jesus, he really packed on some size.” Titus and Oliver both come to the table. Oliver asks for his arms to be measured since it’s been a couple months, and he still has a pump from the bar bending. The referee measures Oliver’s arm. The referee says, “It looks to be…22 and 3/4…wait…23 inches…matching Titus!” “Looks so much bigger than Titus,” says one guy from the crowd. His friend responds, “Yeah, cause he’s got a huge peak and the muscle is completely ripped up.” Oliver smiles. The referee measures his forearm. “The bodybuilder’s forearm is 19.5”, just under Titus!” Oliver smiles and nods his head. Titus says, “You think cause you have a little muscle you can challenge me? Kid, I have over 20 years of experience in arm wrestling. I know every technique and trick in the book, and I haven’t lost a match in over three years! No way you can beat this arm!” With that, Titus flexes his right arm to cheers in the crowd. Oliver responds, “I’m tired of your son bullying kids, so I’m going to teach you a lesson. I don’t need any arm wrestling techniques or tricks. I’m gonna beat you with raw strength!” Oliver hits a double biceps shot, totally ripped with a light coat of sweat for shine. The crowd starts talking… “That kid’s arms are bigger than Titus’!” “Have you ever seen someone so shredded?” Titus gets mad and slams his elbow on the pad. Oliver grips up and squeezes Titus’ hand. Titus tries to pull out, but Oliver’s grip is too strong. Finally, Oliver lets Titus slip out and re-grip. The referee starts the match. “Ready, Go!” Titus hits hard, but Oliver holds him. Titus hits harder and pulls Oliver’s arm down just a bit off center. The crowd doesn’t know how to react. “That kid is holding back Titus!” Titus screams and goes all out trying to pull down Oliver. Oliver does go down a little until Oliver screams and starts pulling with everything he has. He stops Titus and starts to pull Titus back up. Oliver’s arm is incredibly shredded showing every muscle fiber working. His chest is ripped and sweat is pouring off his body. “Yeah,” Oliver screams. Oliver gets their arms back to the center starting position. Brock screams, “Arm Lock! Dad, use your Arm Lock!” Titus shifts his weight and his arm position, essentially locking his arm into place, making it very difficult, if not impossible to move. Oliver is confused. He’s not sure how Titus is blocking him from pulling his arm down. “Yes, just hold him there, Dad! He’ll burn out soon,” screams Brock. Another grunt from Oliver, but he can’t move Titus. Titus smiles. “No one has ever broken through my Arm Lock, kid. Not even the strongest arm wrestlers,” says Titus. “I’m a power bodybuilder, and this ripped muscle is gonna bust through your Arm Lock.” Titus laughs. Oliver screams and pulls harder. His biceps seeming to pump larger, and his forearms expand with corded muscle trying to push through his paper-thin skin. Titus’ smile goes away. “This kid has some serious muscle,” says someone from the crowd. “Yeah, his biceps are really peaked, but I don’t know if he has the strength to pull through Titus’ Arm Lock. It’s impossible,” says his friend. Oliver hears this talk from the crowd. It gets him very excited. Oliver screams again and pulls with everything he has. His chest is shredded and pouring on the strength that can bench press well over 700 lbs. His biceps and forearms that curl nearly 300 lbs are increasing the pressure that no one else can create. “You can do it,” screams Mike. “This kid…I’ve never seen so much ripped muscle,” exclaims someone from the crowd. Oliver very slightly moves Titus’ arm. Titus’ eyes are wide, and his head is shaking with the effort to contain Oliver. “Fuck yeah,” screams Oliver. “Impossible,” says Brock. Oliver looks over at Brock. Brock is in shock. The crowd starts talking… “The kid bodybuilder…he’s doin’ it!” “That’s pure, raw strength!” Titus screams, trying to stop Oliver, and he does for a second, but the kid bodybuilder’s strength is building. His ripped muscle contracting harder. Oliver starts pushing through the Arm Lock with every muscle group engaged including his back with crazy striations, his biceps with impossible peaks and his chest just ripped to the bone with massive forearms at the lead. As Oliver is pulling Titus’ arm down, closer and closer to the pin pad, Titus does a King’s Move, dropping his body below the table and stretching out the arm to make it impossible to pin due to the angle of the arm. Brock screams, “Good move, Dad! Hold him there and burn him out!” Oliver continues pulling Titus’ arm, but it’s completely stuck. It’s even harder than his Arm Lock. After 10 seconds of pulling, Oliver isn’t making progress. Mike screams, “Olly, do a shoulder press! Stand up tall and use your shoulder and bodyweight to press his arm down!” Oliver stands up tall and starts pushing with just his triceps. He doesn’t lean over and use his shoulder and bodyweight. Titus is smiling. He’s in a good position. The King’s Move doesn’t use much energy. It’s all about leverage, angles and the arm’s natural straight arm end range. “No one can push through my King’s Move, kid! It’s ten times harder than my Arm Lock!” Oliver grunts loud and pushes hard. Titus’ arm is like hardened steel. It’s just not moving. “You can’t do it, Olly!,” screams Brock. Oliver screams and starts pushing with everything he has! His triceps shows every cross-striation. His shoulders are shredded. His biceps vein looks massive and mean. His chest is heaving with ripped abs and sweat pouring off him. Titus’ smile turns to gritting teeth. “If this kid’s ripped muscle pushes through Titus’ King’s Move, it will send me over the edge,” whispers a guy to his friend right near the table. This excites Oliver even more, somehow allowing him to push even harder. His ripped triceps start to very slowly move Titus’ arm towards the pin pad. Oliver looks down at the guy watching and sees his eyes getting bigger and the guy says, “Oh my God! He’s doing it!” The guy starts shaking. Oliver screams again, pushing more! His triceps is exploding. The crowd starts speaking again… “This kid’s strength is insane! He’s doing it with just his triceps!” “This kid bodybuilder is beating the strongest arm wrestler at his own sport!” “No! You can’t!” mutters Titus. A cracking sound starts to come from Titus’ arm. “Stop! You’re going to break his arm,” screams Brock. Oliver backs off. “Want to give up, so I can spare your arm,” Oliver asks. “I’ll never give up!” “Good, cause I wanna see how strong these triceps are,” yells Oliver. Oliver looks directly at Brock. He screams and pushes again. His ripped triceps is monstrously huge. Titus’ arm moves slightly. It’s getting stuck as the bones near the elbow start touching. Titus’ arm is nearly at the pin pad, but now it’s completely stuck. “You think he could break his arm,” someone asks from the crowd. “No man. I don’t think it’s possible,” replies another. Oliver gets excited and goes nuts! He screams, and his triceps responds somehow pushing harder. “Yeah, I’m gonna do it,” screams Oliver. Titus starts to scream. His arm starts to slightly bend under the strength of Oliver’s triceps. Oliver looks at Brock. Brock has his hands on his head in disbelief. Oliver screams again pushing as hard as he can with just his triceps strength. About three seconds later, a grinding sound and then…SNAP! Oliver breaks Titus’ arm. Titus’ hand hits the pin pad. He pulls his arm away grabbing it for support. Oliver slams his fist down onto the pad, crushing the pad and bending one of the thick steel supports holding the table up. He then hits a double biceps shot at Titus. Incredibly ripped biceps explode to over 24 inches with high peaks. Lats flare out like wings. Abs shredded. Sweat pouring off his body giving it a beautiful shine. Cheers and shock coming from the crowd. Mike gives Oliver a hug. “I knew you could do it, Olly,” says Mike. “I couldn’t have done all this without you, Big Mike,” responds Oliver. “Maybe you should call me, Little Mike, from now on.” They laugh. Brock runs over to his Dad and takes him away for medical attention. Someone from the crowd says, “Bro, you broke the table.” Oliver looks at it. There are four steel support bars that run from the base on the floor to the tabletop. One of them is bent inwards. Oliver bends down and grabs the bent support bar at the middle of the bend with his left hand. His other hand is on the tabletop for support. Oliver grunts and starts pulling. His biceps and forearm explode as does his lat. Very slowly, Oliver starts bending the support bar straight. “No way! This kid is bending fucking steel,” says one guy from the crowd. “Jesus, his arm strength is off the scale!” Oliver completely straightens the support bar. He then hits another double biceps shot at the crowd. The crowd cheers. The crowd comes over to Oliver for pictures and autographs. Oliver looks at Mike. “Let’s keep doing this shit! I want to see how strong I can get!” Mike responds, “Hell yeah kid!” THE END
  10. Hi guys I have transferred this story over from the old forum. Pt 4 is still getting written I will have it out ASAP BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, Bobby Jr presses the entrance buzzer outside HM Longside Prison and waits. A few seconds later the door unlocks, "Enter" came the voice from the intercom. Bobby Jr walks in and heads to the sign in desk. "Bobby Jr here to see Bobby Sr" he tells the officer sitting at the desk. The officer looks at Bobby. "You look just him!!" The officer replies as he hands Bobby a visitor pass. "Head over to the search area then to the waiting room, then they'll call you from there." Bobby takes the pass and heads over to the search officer who goes over his body with a metal detector. After this is done he directs Bobby to the waiting room. This was Bobby Jr's weekly visit to see his father. Bobby Jr is 18 and his father has been in prison for around half his sons life. Bobby Sr was sent down 6 and a half years ago following the reopening of a case in which he was accused of assault and lethal battery at the age of 18. At the time he was accused of crushing a young mans head in at a illegal underground fight club, at the same event he brutally murdered his brothers friend. Other incidents include the savage beating of his next door neighbours son and 2 on duty police officers. At the time their was amazingly no overwhelming evidence to tie him to the murders. That was until 6 years ago when the case was reopened following the recovery of a bodycam during the demolition of his house, which was found to belong to one of the deceased police man. A trial ensued and Bobby Sr was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. Bobby Jr had been waiting around 5 mins when the visitation officer came to get him and lead him and other visitors to the prisoner visitor room. As they were walking to the room Bobby got a message, he had a quick glance and it read, " All is in place BB, 8PM tomorrow at the old location" The message was finished with a punching emoji,a boxing glove emoji. An happy but slightly unerring evil grin became etched on Bobbys face. He quickly replied back " fucking yes, can't break a family tradition!!" The door to the visitor room opened, Bobby Jr walked in and instantly saw the mirror image of him sat at the table only difference being his dad was 20 years older. Bobby bound over and gave his waiting father a hug. "Oooomphhhhh" cough cough, " pretty strong like I was at your age son!" Bobby Jr's bear hug nearly squeezing the life out of his dad. "Looks like the test affect has taken hold, looking broad son! Told you you could trust Vasily!" Bobby let go of his dad and chuckled, "seems I've more than definitely acquired your freaky genetics dad, 250kg for 10 on bench press earlier, won't be long till I'm hitting 300kg and yes I'm looking huge, got pics to show you later." Bobby takes a seat opposite his dad. "So son how has the 'other' training been coming on? You managed to break my record yet hahaha? Also last week you told me you were waiting on further info about the event, so come on tell all?" Bobby Sr enthusiastically asks. Bobby Jr again etches the unerring evil smile on his face, reaches into his pocket and gets his phone out. " I thought you'd never ask pops, your record was 6 padded and 4 steel in one hour?" Bobby asks as he scrolls through his photos, his dad nods in agreement. "Take a look at these!" Firstly Bobby shows his dad a photo of his basement gym, the boxing area completely empty and time stamped at 1456pm. Bobby scrolls across to the second pic, time stamped at 1556pm, the pic made his dad's eyes bulge, the boxing area was now full with 12 completely destroyed padded boxing bags and 8 mangled steel columns. " Double what you got dad, fuuuuuuck I'm something special aren't I!" Bobby exclaims. "Damn son you seem to be a shit tonne stronger and more powerful then I was at 18, I can safely say your definitely gonna own this event, whatever it is." Bobby's dad beams with delight as he knows his son will most certainly be carrying on his work in some way. " So son I'm intrigued to see what Vasilys test has done in helping you with your physique, as I said earlier your looking broad!!" Bobby Sr asked. He wasn't wrong. Bobby Jr's frame belying his 18yrs, even through his super tight clothing you could see the orbs that formed his shoulders, 2 juicy thick slabs of pec stretching his top, every bend of his arms forced his biceps to bundle n bulge into a powerful peak. " Just look at this, took this fresh after a upper body session this morning!!" Bobby Jr selected the pic and showed it to his dad. Bobby Sr eyes again bulged when he saw his sons large physique. "Fucking hell son, lean but sweet Jesus you have a shed load more muscle than I did, seeing that I can now understand how you destroyed more bags n colums then I did. Please tell me your gonna be putting all that power and muscle to good use!!" Bobby Sr asked. Bobby Jr's eyes lit up, he smiled once again, " Now that you mention it! You see, there hasn't been any sort of meet ups like you did back when you were my age with Uncle Johnny, so I started asking round a couple of months ago and low and behold I've managed to get one up and running, same location as back in your day too, got confirmation on the way here for tomorrow being launch night. Can't wait now! Been a while since a D'eath has competitively broke a few bones and the odd skull!!" As his dad was about to answer the buzzer went for time up. They both got up and embraced each other, "Can't wait to hear how you've done son!" Bobby Sr whispers into his sons ear. Bobby Jr acknowledges him, "Off course, no one's gonna beat me!" With that he turned and left. As he was walking out he got his phone and made a call, " Hey its me, on my way back, is everything ready?" An evil grin came across his face as he listened to the reply, " Excellent, why wait till tomorrow to start!" He ended the phone call. Bobby arrived home around 20 mins later, he was met by Vasily, "So where is the little shit Vas?" Bobby asks as he peels his top off, his huge frame glistening slightly from having the top on, he cracks his bull thick neck and rough calloused knuckles. " He's In the area down the basement sir!" Vasily replied, " this one should not take you too long!" Bobby turned back and looked at him, " The short n sweet ones are just as enthralling, I'll let you know when to make the call!" Bobby opens the basement door and shuts it behind him. He walks down the stairs into at first a dimly lit but we'll equipped basement gym. He turns a corner, and there in the middle of the floor is The Area, which has more light surrounding it. Stood in the middle was a guy in his mid 20s,blindfolded, stripped to the waist, his body was uncomparable to the mass of Bobby's, he was thin and athletic, Bobby must have had at least 90lb on him. The guy could hear Bobby coming. Bobby entered The Area, "Name?" He barked at the guy. " S s s ssimon" came the fear laden answer. "W w w w wwwhooo aare you?" Bobby reached out and tore the blindfold off, with the other hand he instantly wrapped it round Simons thin neck and easily hoisted him 4ft off the floor. "Your not Simon anymore…….." he brings Simon face to face with him, "..... your practice!" Bobby tightens his grip round his neck and swings the rest of his body round on to his collosal shoulders and beefy traps, he uses his other hand to steady him. He then lifts Simons body up and few feet then slams it down hard across his traps and delts, to Simon it felt like being bashed against solid stone, each slam met with a loud masculine grunt and the crunching of bone. After 6 shattering slams Bobby let's Simons broken body fall on the floor, he turns round and looks down at the bruised body. Simons breathing now slow, painful and crackly. Bobby kneels down next to him, grabs his head and sits him up, Bobby lifts his right muscular arm, his deep, sweaty, hairy teen pits oozing a masculine scent, he rams Simons head deep inside and holds it there, Simons body begins to convulse, he is fighting for breath but Bobby's pit is suffocating what life is left. After around 30secs Simons body goes limp, for extra reassurance, it wasn't needed but Bobby loves to experiment, he tenses his tricep and slams it down on to the side of Simons head, a dull crack broke the silence, Bobby lifted his arm and saw a sizeable dent in the side of his victims head. He pushed the body off him, he got up and made his way back upstairs, he opens the basement door, Vasily is sat waiting. Bobby smiles at him, " 3mins 26secs! Quickest yet! Make the call! " Bobby continues upstairs to go and shower and change. Vasily began a video call. The organiser of the fight club wanted evidence that all competitors have what it takes to go "All the way!" Vasily began walking round the dead body paying close attention to the deformed torso and broken head. A few mins later the voice of the organiser spoke, " This is acceptable, full confirmation is now given to attend tomorrow, Bobby will be the youngest competitor, he will fight first." The call ended. The next day Bobby woke up at 8, he looked at his plan for the day, all it read was, food, 2hrs push workout including boxing, inject, more food, and in capitals FIGHT NIGHT. Bobby made his way downstairs to the kitchen were Vas was preparing his pre workout breakfast, as well as it being fight night it was also the start of a major bulk phase for Bobby, he turns 19 in 2 months, the goal, to be the biggest, strongest, meanest 19yr old there is. His starting cals would be 7250 per day, with a steady increase every few weeks. Bobby sat down in front of 2 huge plates of food. Vas had prepared 4 bagels, 300g oats mixed with 80g of protein powder and 2 rump steaks, a whopping 3066 cals. Bobby demolished it all in 15 mins. "That didn't even touch the sides, I'm feeling good about today, feeling STRONG" he flexes his unpumped 18 n half inch bicep."Time to go and destroy my chest!!" Bobby leaps off his chair and heads down to the basement, Vas follows with a medium sized zipped up black case. Once in the basement Bobby heads straight to the bench press. "Load that to 100kg man while I stretch!" Bobby orders Vas. Vas nods and loads the bar to the required weight, " thanks, now fuck off and get the punch area ready, gimme 20 and 12 I'm feeling goooooooooood!" Bobby says. "Yes boss, enjoy your workout!" Vas replies as he walks to the other side of the expansive basement gym ro prep the punch area. Bobby peels his tee off, he loves to workout topless, seeing his muscles bulge before his very eyes. He lays down on the bench, grabs the bar and easily hoists it off, he then fires out 50 perfect reps, 100kg nothing to him. He racks it, looks at his reflection, his pecs already bulging, he adds a further 50kg, again easily getting 25 reps. His pumped pecs, still with enough power for more. Bobby whacks it up to 200kg, 17 reps. He stands up, " No more fucking games, I'm doing it!!" He screams out. He adds a further 100kg to the bar, his previous best was 250 for 10. "ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH" He screams, he instantly lays back down, grabs the bar, he slowly but steadily hoists the bar off, as he lowers his arms begin to shake, but he growls as it gets lower, he then begins pushing up with all his strength,it goes up a little easier, " YOU PUSSY ONE MORE" he yells to himself, again the bar lowers, pain etched on his face, but he wasn't giving up, again he begins to push up, he slams the weight back on the rack,he gets up and looks at his reflection in the mirror, his pecs were beet red and bulging with sickenly pumped muscle, he grabs a near by mug, he squeezes it into his pec gap, he twists to the side and hits a side chest pose, as his pecs bunch up they inflict a devastating amount of power on the mug, CRRRRACCCKKK, within seconds it's in pieces and fell to the floor. He begins to march purposefully over to the punch area, Vas had only just finished putting the last steel beam up. "Move out of the fucking way!!" Bobby barks. Vas knows by now that when Bobby is in this mood he does well to stay clear, he leaves the area. Bobby descends on the first of 20 punch bags, his fists primed ready, "1" bam,bam,bam SMASH, "2" bam bam bam SMASH. With unerring power and accuracy Bobby begins a 3 punch demolition job on the punch bags, after every 3rd punch the bag explodes, as the onslaught continues his punches get harder and harder, he breezes through the rest, with one to go, he composes himself, his knuckles crack as he clences and unclenches his fists, he primes his left fist, BAM, SMASH, with one punch the last bag obliterates. "The Power!!!" He strides over to the 12 steel beams and begins a similar destruction job, after only 6 punches on each the beams buckle and give way to Bobby's ridiculous power. Once he had finished he strode over to where Vas was standing. In one hand Vas had a 2500cal gain shake and in the other a 2ml syringe of a misty coloured liquid. Bobby grabbed the shake and downed it in seconds. "Do it" he orders Vas, Vas pins the needle into Bobby's meaty delt. The super mix of Test Enth, Test Cyp, Tren, Deca, Winny, Dbol and Growth starts circulating through Bobby's body. "Time to rest now Vas, need to get myself mentally prepared for tonight." Bobby heads off to his room. It's 830pm later that day, Bobby and Vas have arrived at the designated place for the fights. They are both sat in the competitor zone along with the other fighters. Bobby looks round, a focused and powerful look etched on his face, he sees that he has a physical size advantage over a few of the other fighters, but the power he knows he has means that he is not afraid of the bigger ones either. Deep down he wants to test himself against the much bigger fighters but also can't deny that he'd like to completely annihilate one of the smaller ones too. "OK Bobby," Vas says, " your first on remember so remember the rules, you have 5mins to either snuff the fuckers or put them in a worse condition then you come the end. That's the only 2 ways you win, if it's feeling easy, put on a show like I know you can!!" Bobby turns and cracks a little smile, " if anyone lives I've not done my job right Vas, I've run various scenarios in my head, I know what I'm gonna do!" Bobby quickly returns to deep concentration. At 845pm a announcement tone comes through the speakers, BING BONG, " Could Bobby and Martyn please make there way to the fight zone. Without even a acknowledgement of Vas Bobby gets up, he looks and sees Martyn. Martyn was one of the smaller fighters, his physique was one of a seasoned gymnast, he looks over at Bobby, his eyes easily giving away that he finds Bobby's bigger physique intimidating. They both make their way to the fight zone, they meet in the middle, Bobby's physique easily dwarfing his opponents, his dominating gaze fixed on Martyns ever growing look of worry and trepidation, Bobby cracks his neck and bounces his bulging pecs in intimidation. After being reminded of the rules by the organiser they separate to their respective ends. A bell indicates the start of the 5min timer. Bobby strides in whilst Martyn moves more cautiously, Bobby moves closer and let's fly with a few ghost punches, he purposely leaves his midsection exposed hoping his opponent would take the bait, he did, Martyn aims a hefty punch at Bobby's midsection, it's met with a dull thud, a slight wince appears on martyns face, laughing and sensing strike 1 Bobby loads up his left fist and let's fly with a strike plum in the centre of martyns face, Martyns nose shatters as he collapses onto the floor, he stays down, in and out of consciousness, " Get up and fight!" goads Bobby. Martyn gingerly gets to his feet, "4 mins remaining" came the call. Martyn advances once again letting fly with punches but Bobby easily blocks or dodges. Bobby gets closer, letting fly with a quick one two to Martyns midsection, Martyn stumbles back against the padding, Bobby senses his opportunity, he moves in quicker, with fists super charged he begins a rapid punching onslaught to the midsection of Martyn, left,right quicker than the eye can see, Bobby's fists connecting with organs and bone in equal devastating fashion. Bobby's punches are so hard, bone starts breaking through skin. After 20secs of constant beating, Bobby stands back and aims one final punch the the side of Martyns head,he hits the floor in less then a second, his body gyrating as he is rendered unconscious. Bobby bends down and with one hand scoops up Martyns nearly lifeless body and brings it closer to his, with his other arm he proudly flexes his clearly pumped bicep and begins to parade around the fight zone. " Let it be known that the D'eaths are back and I fear no-one!" Bobby announces him self and then with one powerful squeeze of his arm he shatters Martyns spine and let's the lifeless body drop on the floor. He walks off back to the competitor zone where Vas is waiting for him. "Enough of a show!" He snarls as he walks past him. The fight club is weekly so Bobby's next round would be a week later. After a quick freshen up they start making there way home. Their route home takes them through a industrial estate,with it now being pitch black it was difficult to see what was around them. They were nearly through it when suddenly there came a flash of light from the left, quicker then they could react two figures appeared and dragged them into a building. THUD, Bobby's spins round and sees that Vas has been knocked out. "Vas!' He turns back round and is met with a rocket powered punch to the face, Bobby collapses to the floor, as he looks up he sees a huge figure of a man, bending closer to him, he feels himself getting dragged up, then BANG, another hit to the face, a third is attempted but a familiar voice intervenes. "Enough for now Ivan, get him up" came the voice. Bobby feels himself getting picked up and sat on a chair, Firstly he looks at his attacker, a tall broad guy in his mid 20s, he had the physique of a off season pro bodybuilder but the strength of many a men, it takes a lot to knock Bobby of his feet. His gaze then turns to the man approaching him. "Uncle Johnny??" Bobby asks in surprise. "Hi Bobby, I see you've already been made welcome by Ivan here, its amazing how strong those Russians get, now before I let him continue, how's your father doing inside, miraculous how that bodycam footage just appeared wasn't it haha!!" Johnny replied. Bobby, slightly groggy but able to speak, " You fucking traitorous bustard, it was you, you thought my dad was mean, well wait till I get my hands on you!!" Johnny smiles, " tut tut boy, think its time you learned some manners, over to you Ivan" Johnny replies as he walks away. Ivan walks over to Bobby, he picks him up one handed from the chair, he then head butt's him twice, shattering his nose, he throws Bobby on the floor, he grabs him by his tee and slams him hard back first on the floor twice, he then grabs Bobby by his arm hoists him till he is on his tiptoes then begins pounding his midsection, Bobby is a tough nut but even his defences are starting to weaken now. Ivan grabs him with both hands and lifts him over his head and launches Bobby against the wall. Bobby lands with a thud. Ivan walks over , kneels next to him, lifts Bobby's head and aims two powerful punches to his face, knocking him cold out. Ivan gets up, walks out and locks the door behind him. After what only felt like seconds the darkness was slowly pierced by the Bobbys eyes reopening as much as they could and letting the light in, at first everything was a blur and he could hear mumbling noises which sounded like his name being called out. After a few more minutes his eyes got used to the light and the mumbling became distinctively clear, he was hearing the familiar tone of Vasily calling his name, " Bobby, bobby can you hear me!!" Bobby shirked and nodded his head, as of yet unable to speak due to his face being in a bad way from Ivans beating. He looked around and saw that he was in his bedroom, he tried to sit up but pain shot through his back, he winced and stayed lying down. Vasily leaned forward, " Don't try to move yet Bobby, your still in a bad way but im slowly fixing you. What did that thug do to you man?? Don't be mad at me as im kind of to blame! You see until last night i thought i was still pals with your uncle Johnny, he approached me some months ago and ask to me to come up with a anabolic which gifted both size and strength in rapid time, i explained to him that i would need to test it before drafting a final product, but your uncle was having non of it and didnt care for the testing, and who am i to question a D'eath!! So reluctantly i set about making the anabolic, i sent it off to Johnny but heard nothing. So i assuming he used it to create that freak from last night!" Bobby tried to smile but he couldn't, " No need to apologise Vas, you werent to know, but one thing is for sure they are going to pay!!" came bobbys slow croaky response. Vasily took Bobbys hand in his, " That is in hand young sir, because you see, i made 2 anabolics for johhny but only gave him the one, the other i have kept since and been constantly tweaking it, adding new variants to it, i ran the final compound through a modelling system this morning, i entered all your stats and figures into the system and it came back with a 100% compatible match, so once your all better we can start to pump you full of it, it works just fine by itself but it also makes you very very hungry so were gonna combine it with a very high calorie food plan, i estimate the full course will take 5 days, so lets get you better and get you HUUUUUGE!!" Over the next few weeks with help from a physician, Vasily got Bobby back on his feet, stretching, getting used to being active again, slowly increasing his calories in readiness for the huge mass eating phase coming up. Bobby slowly got back to gym work, he'd not touched a weight in 4 weeks but he could still rep out 150kg like it was nothing. Finally 4 weeks after the incident Bobby was ready to begin the 5 day growth phase using Vasilys improved formula. (the following part im doing as a diary entry style as wanting to focus more on the good stuff later on!!!) Day 1, 2ml jab on waking. Morning weight: 180lb. Breakfast cals: 6500. Bench press( 10 reps): 200kg, Deads(10 reps): 270kg. Squat(10 reps): 220. Lunch cals: 4500. 100 pull ups. 100 press ups. Teatime cals: 4500. 1 min timed: 20 bags, 10 steel columns. Pre bed cals:1000. Day 2, 2ml jab on waking. Morning weight: 220lb. Breakfast cals: 8500. Bench press( 10 reps): 270kg, Deads(10 reps): 310kg. Squat(10 reps): 260. Lunch cals: 6500. 150 pull ups. 150 press ups. Teatime cals: 6500. 1 min timed: 35 bags, 22 steel columns. Pre bed cals:1500. Day 3, 2.5ml jab on waking Morning weight: 300lb. Breakfast cals: 10500. Bench press( 10 reps): 295kg, Deads(10 reps): 340kg. Squat(10 reps): 295kg. Lunch cals: 8500. 210 pull ups. 210 press ups. Teatime cals: 8500. 1 min timed: 42 bags, 30 steel columns. Pre bed cals:2000. Day 4, 3ml jab on waking Morning weight: 380lb. Breakfast cals: 11500. Bench press( 10 reps): 330kg, Deads(10 reps): 390kg. Squat(10 reps): 320kg. Lunch cals: 9500. 260 pull ups. 260 press ups. Teatime cals: 9500. 1 min timed: 51 bags, 37 steel columns. Pre bed cals:2500. Day 5, 3.5ml jab on waking Morning weight: 450lb. Breakfast cals: 12500. Bench press( 10 reps): 400kg, Deads(10 reps): 470kg. Squat(10 reps): 360kg. Lunch cals: 10500. 310 pull ups. 310 press ups. Teatime cals: 10500. 1 min timed: 70 bags, 50 steel columns. Pre bed cals:3000. Bobby woke up on day 6 and made the familiar walk to the bathroom for his morning weigh, he can hear and smell his breakfast getting cooked downstairs by Vasily, he gets to the bathroom and before he even looks in the mirror he gets on the scale, he looks down at the number, the scale reads a staggering 502lb!!! He looks in the mirror and sees the final result of the past 5 days. "Fuuuuuuck!!!" came the deep loud cry form Bobbys mouth, " there is definitely gonna be no stopping me now!!" This is what Bobby saw in the mirror: Underneath his still youthful but rugged bearded face were what can only be described as 2 large atlas stones covered in thick dense juicy lean muscle that made up his shoulders both looking big enough and powerful enough to do brutal damage to anything it touched. Leading down to a gargantuan set of arms, both look they would stretch the tape close to 30 inches and easily bigger then some guys heads, quads and even waists. He looks at his pecs, both thick enough even unpumped to stand a dumbbell vertically on the shelf. Flanking the chest were some insanely thick wide lats, even unflexed they were wider than some flexed lat spreads, they added to what was already some incredible overall width, shoulder to shoulder Bobby had to be at least 3.5ft wide, add at least another 1.5 when flexed!! Make no mistake about it this was lean mass gain of the highest order, his body still holding a relatively low amount of body fat which made his muscles bulge and make his overall appearance look frightening which was the ultimate goal. Bobby bound downstairs to the kitchen where his colossal breakfast was waiting for him, Vasily took one look at Bobby, smiled and nodded his head. "Yip its safe to say i got that formula spot on, that thug stands no chance against you now Bob, your at least twice his size and ALOT stronger too!!" Vasily added. Bobby proudly flexed his huge guns, peaks bigger then anything they had both seen formed on his arm, rising nearly past half way up his forearm, underneath his arm revealed 2 dark cavenous pits, easily big enough to house the luckiest of heads. " You got that right Vas, that fucker stands no chance im going to fucking annihilate him, destroy him, make him beg to stay alive!! But im a D'eath and revenge is my only game!!! I need to test this strength and power on some unknowing souls, get it sorted Vas!!!" Bobby barked. Again Vas just smiled, " that is all in hand, i knew you'd want to have a trail run, so last night i took the liberty of getting hold of a said soul, he should be round in an hour, whilst your having fun down there i'll be finding out where Johnny and his thug are camping out and we can pay them a visit tonight!!" Bobby cracked a dominant smile, " Your the best Vas, im heading down to prepare, bring the soul down when he gets here!!!" Bobbys marches off down to the basement to prepare. Upstairs, Vasily was using all his contacts he could to find the whereabouts of Johnny and Ivan, every now and then the silence getting broke by the loud growls and the banging of extremely heave weights by Bobby in the basement. Around 45 mins later the bell rang, Bobbys soul was here. Vas got up, opened the Basement door, he was met with a powerful stench of teen muscle sweat and musk, " He's here Bob, get ready!" he said. All he got in reply was a bone shivering growl!! Vasily got to the door and opened it, in front of him was a guy in his early 20s, he looked around 200lb, slightly muscled but more fat, a casual gym goer you;d say, he had a bright red t-shirt on, emblazoned on the front were the words, SOME GUYS LOVE MUSCLE WROSHIP, GET OVER IT! Vas smiled, " You must be Rob, come in, Bobby is downstairs waiting, i'll take you down!!" Rob smiled, " Thanks man, ive never seen Bobby on the scene before, must be new, im looking forward to it!!" He follows Vas. Vas opens the basement door and leads Rob down, quietly locking the door behind him, once downstairs he leads him to The Area, where there is a single chair in he middle of the lit up area, Vas point to chair. " Take a seat Rob, i'll go and get him for you, i hope you enjoy it as much as he will" Vas says as he walks off, Rob sits on the chair and waits with giddy excitement. A few mins later Bobby broke the deathly silence, " So you must be Rob huh, well Rob im Master Bobby, get a load of this!!" Bobby steps out of the darkness and into the lit up Area. Rob looks up at the huge 500lb monster in front of him. " WHHHOAHHHHHH!" came robs response. " Jesus you are huge!" Rob gets up, to any other guy 200lb would look big, but next to Bobby Rob looked pathetically small. Bobby looks at him and gives him a bone shivering evil grin, " its time to have some fun!!" Bobby growls. Without giving Rob any time to reply, Bobby moves in quickly, grabs Rob by the neck of his tee and tosses him up in the air as though he were a tennis ball, he threw him with such power that Rob collided with the ceiling in less then a second, and such was the force his body cracked the cement in the ceiling. Robs body landed on the floor with a thud, his limbs shattered and facing in all sorts of directions, his breathing slow and crackly, his life 85% took out of him by a single throw from Bobbys monster arm. Bobby marches over and looms over his prey, he reaches down grabs Rob by one of his broken arms and lifts him effortlessly of the floor, his feet dangling in the air, he pumps up his huge pecs, he brings Robs head towards them , he rests his chin on top of his bulging left pec and lets go leaving Rob being held up by his awesome pec size and power. With Rob hanging from his pec, Bobby places his hands on both sides of Robs torso and begins to squeeze, within a matter of seconds Robs breathing was drowned out by the loud shattering of bone inside him, skin begins to break and bone cut through, blood seeps out all over but Bobbys grip remains strong, Bobbys hands condensing Robs torso as easily as squeezing a sponge, Bobby looked into Robs eyes and watched whatever life was left drift away leaving a mutilated corpse at Bobbys devastating disposal. The only part of Robs corpse that was not mutilated was his face, although bloodied and bruised from the impact with the ceiling it remained in one piece. Bobby quickly set about putting that right, he grabs the back of Robs head cups it in his hand and brings the head away from his pec, he raises the body slightly, he tenses his pecs and with the same force in which he tossed him up to the ceiling, he brought Robs head down on his tensed pec, CRAACCHBOOOOM. Robs lifeless head combusts, splitting his head in all different directions. Bobby tosses the unrecognisable mound that was once a human on the floor, grabs a towel and wipes the blood off his pumped huge muscles. He marches back upstairs to Vasily. " Please tell me you have more good news Vas!!" Bobby asks. Vas looks at him and nods confidently, "we got them!"
  11. Azerreza

    The Hulk pill: Contagion

    Hello, here is my new project! As you know, I'm particularly fan of Jaypat's stories. My first story was a sequel to The swimming hole. But there is also another story that I really like: The Hulk pill. And so yes, as you have probably guessed from the title, I would like to write a sequel to The Hulk pill! It is not totally mandatory to have read the original story but I highly recommend. Note that I use a character from the original story (Mike) and that the protagonist of this part is his little brother, David, just mentioned at the end of The Hulk pill. I want to "tell" the contagion so the first character is the link between my story and the original but after that it will be exclusive characters. It is always risky to continue masterpieces because I don't think I have Jaypat's talent, but I really hope it will bring you as much pleasure as possible. Like my first story, I don't want to take advantage of his popularity, just offer the possibility to have a sequel to one of my favourite stories. I hope it will live up to your expectations! Good reading! __________________________________________________________________________________________ My breathing was heavy, my hands were gripping the bar, my heart was beating fast. It was the moment I feared: I HAD to lift this bar! Otherwise, I'll be the laughing stock of the gym. I took down the bar and... Shit! SHIT SHIT SHIT! My face became red. My arms were shaking. It was too heavy... FUCK! 125 FUCKING pounds and I'm already shitting! FUCKING SHIT! "HAHAHAHAHAHA! So David, how is the warm-up going?" mocked Rob. Shit, once again I make a fool of myself in front of these idiots. SHIT! I tried to force but impossible to lift it. "Wooh, calm down David, you'll hurt yourself" said Greg, one of the regulars, who was much nicer than the others bastards; By the way, I could heard them to be laughing out loud. Shitty bastards... Greg helped me to lift the bar. "Don't try to lift so much next time David. I know you would to be like your brother, Mike, but you are clearly not yet strong enough." "Yes, I know... Thanks Greg..." Yeah, unfortunately, I was not at the level of my brother, Mike, he had been training for a while and had acquired a solid physique and a big strength. I was so envious... In the back of the room, I could hear them hitting the floor with laughter. "He is so weak HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!". My face was becoming red with anger, my fists were shaking. "SHUT UP BASTARDS!" I shouted, angry. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder that slowly shook me a bit. "David..." I could slightly hear, behind me. Bastards, are you happy to make fun of me because I'm weak? Fucking bastards! "Hey David, wake up..." We'll see in a few months if you'll still be laughing so h-" "DAVID!" Hu? What the? At this moment, my eyes opened very slowly, my eyelids still stuck a little. Great: it was just a dream, or rather, a nightmare... What a shitty nightmare, be humiliated even in a dream... "Ah! Finally!" said a thunderous voice, that startled me, there was someone in my room. What the? It was strange because this voice... I recognized it, it was... it was the one of Mike, my brother, but it sounded... different. And what the hell is he doing here? Usually, he doesn't come into my room. "Mike? What the hell are you doing he-?" I turned around and what I saw, I will never forget. My eyes widened as never before, my jaw dropped to the floor, the temperature suddenly dropped, my face became instantly white. I stepped back as fast I could and pressed myself against the wall then I shouted. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" I yelled. Nothing could prepare me for this vision: in front of me, there was my brother, Mike. But not the Mike I knew! No... In front of me, there was a giant or rather what do I say, a FUCKING TITAN! It had to be at least 8 feet tall and above all, muscles... muscles EVERYWHERE! He was INSANELY MUSCULAR: traps that engulfed his neck, shoulders that are bigger than my head, his arms... oh my fucking gosh, HIS ARMS! What are these fucking monsters? His pecs were so huge that he must have had trouble looking down! Then... holy shit... his abs... HIS ABS! EIGHT FUCKING BOULDERS! I've never seen abs like this! Enormous, ripped and hard as fuck! My eyes went down and... fucking... fucking shit... h-his dick... HOLY CRAP! I-It was BIGGER than my arms!! And his legs were so big and thick that I bet I could hide behind one of them! My eyes went up to his face, Mike was smiling and said: "Hello bro'!" "M-M-M-M-M-M-". I stuttered so much that I had a hard time pronouncing his name. "M-M-M-Mike? B-B-B-B-B-" "But how?" guessed Mike. "Well, honestly... I don't know exactly, it just... happened. Maybe a sudden growth spurt" he said. "But... I FUCKING LOVE IT!" he said, with a evil smile. My brain was bugging. A sudden growth spurt? Is he kidding me? Gain one inch and few pounds due to a growth spurt ok but here, HERE, it was more like 2 fucking feet and probably more than one FUCKING TON! A growth spurt? It was impossible, absolutely and totally IMPOSSIBLE! But there had to be a rational explanation! "... Well, calm down, David, your brother is just a fucking HULK and... it's just impossible, totally impossible so there must be an explanation, a rational explantation...". And suddenly, it hit me: I had to dream, yeah I had to do the weirdest fucking dream of my life! "Well, David, you are dreaming, you are just fucking dreaming. It's not the reality, you are dreaming! It's like in Inception, you are dreaming in a dream!" I said to myself. "HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh no no no bro', this is not a dream but the reality. But perhaps... you need to be woken up for good!" he said with an evil smile. I don't like that, even if it's a dream, I don't like that! Mega Mike grabbed the end of my bed and... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" I yelled: he lifted it, he lifted my fucking bed (and myself) as if it weighed nothing!!! And... he shook it! "P-P-P-PLEASE M-M-M-M-MIKE! S-S-S-S-STOP!!!" "So awake now?" he asked me. "Y-Y-Y-Y-YES!" I said, terrorized. for a dream it was pretty detailed and realistic... "Well, where do you plan to go today?" asked Mike. "What?" "Where-do-you-plan-to-go-today?" he repeated. "T-T-To the mall, w-w-w-with f-f-f-friends" I replied, worried. "Perfect! Go ahead! But there is a condition..." he said. No, really, I don't like that! "A-A-A c-c-condition?" I said, stammering. "Don't touch anyone!" said Mike, more seriously. "What?" "You heard me: DON'T-TOUCH-ANYONE!" he repeated, louder and more angry. "B-B-But w-w-why?" I asked. "You'll see. But really, don't touch anyone and when I say anyone, it's ANYONE! And if I find out that you didn't respect my instructions, you'll end up like this..." Mike took what appears to be a block of wall and... HOLY CRAP! He crushed it to dust with one blow, as if it were nothing!!! And where the hell did this block come from? I looked around and... I saw the entrance to my bedroom and noticed that it had been somewhat expanded... I looked Mike and I forgot to mention that he was FUCKING WIDE! Probably too wide for a "normal" entrance. Here is where this block came from! Mike looked me and said again. "Understood bro'? Don't touch anyone!" "Y-Y-Y-Y-Yes!" I said, frightened by the demonstration of power. "Very well... And don't forget your phone, you'll call me during the day, I'm sure hehehe! ... Well, excuse me but I have some friends to visit". He turned back and "went back" through the entrance. HOLY SHIT! His back... it was only huge muscle mountains! And... is that the ground SHOOK? Holy crap! I was here, tetanized in my bed. What the fuck just happened? If it was a dream, he was fucking realistic but it seemed to much realistic for to be a dream. But if it wasn't a dream... how? HOW my brother became a fucking muscle god? It doesn't make sense! Suddenly, my phone vibrated. It was a message from Ben, my friend. "So David, ready to change your wardrobe?". Honestly, I was not fan to shopping, but I needed to buy new clothes and shoes. "Yeah!" I replied. Then I received another message "Logically Matt come with us but he told me he will be late. So I'm waiting you in 5 minutes to the bus stop ;)". Crap! Already? I put quickly a shirt and a pant and went out of my bedroom. In the corridor, I noticed some signs of my brother's passage: there was a hole in the wall, as if he had bumped into it, several steps of the staircase were cracked, a piece of the railing seemed to have been crushed, a good part of the tiles on the ground floor was cracked. I hurriedly ate and drank and went out and... the door handle was completely crushed. No doubt, Mike had been there. I walked two minutes towards the stop bus. Ben was here, waiting me. "Hello!" I said with a wave of my hand, having in mind my "big" brother's sentence: "Don't touch anyone!". I don't know why he said that but something told me that there was a good reason. "Hey!" replied Ben. "Ready for a shopping day?" he said in smiling. Ben liked shopping more than me. "Yeah, yeah" I replied, trying to be as usual despite what had happened. honestly if I told him that my brother had become a 8 feet muscular freak, would he believe me? I doubt it. The bus arrived and fortunately it was not full, we went to fuck in the back and I made sure not to touch anybody. I sighed, this shopping session was going to be boring but I needed it: I don't know if my mother had washed my shirt but it was a little tight when it usually wasn't. It must have shrunk in the wash. After 10 minutes we reached our destination "So David, where do you want to start?" "Well, I have to buy new shirt and pant and my favourite clothing shop is at the beginning." "Yeah, good idea dude!" "By the way, did you know why Matt is late?" "He didn't tell me but I think I guess why" replied Ben. "Let me guess: Billy the Bully?" "Bingo. I know that Matt is their whipping boy. I bet he had an altercation yesterday with his gang" Poor Matt... Billy Larson was the biggest asshole in the school. He and his gang always attacked those weaker than themselves and if you had the misfortune to be his target, he will pursue you all your schooling. And unfortunately, Matt was one of their favourite targets. I hope he is okay. When we arrived at the clothing store, I went to my usual department. I had a classical style: white shirts, jeans. I found quickly a shirt and a pant and I saw also a jacket, well now, let's see the sizes: L, no... M, no... XL, no... Suddenly, I was thinking to Mike and the fact that he would need now a XXXXXL size at least. I was asking what he was doing now. Well, let's try this shirt and this pant. It's been a while since I moved too much in size, I always took S. I went to a cabin and tried on my shirt but when I put it on, I could feel something unusual: he was tight, even very tight. What the hell? I tried the pant and... it was tight too also. Obviously I couldn't help but think of Mike... No, get a grip on yourself David, you've just had to change a bit lately, it's been a while since you bought anything so obviously. I went back to the department to get a size M, something I had never done before. Obviously, it was better but usually, I would have floated in it and that wasn't really the case. I went to the cashier to pay. Ben joined few minutes later. "Already? You go fucking fast." "Yeah but I took the same clothes so it was not really difficult. Well, I need also new shoes, it's the store right next door." "No problem dude" said Ben. Same as for my shirts, for the shoes I always take the same style and the same shoe size for some time. A few minutes later, I already had my new pair in hand and I was going to try them and again, it was much too small. What the hell is this? Well again, don't panic David, it's been a long time, I may have changed a bit since then. I took the next size, went to the cashier again and paid then we went out. Suddenly Ben's stomach gurgled. "Fuck dude, I'm starving!". I hadn't really been paying attention but now that he said it... me too, I was starving, terribly starving. As we were heading towards the fast food, we heard a voice who called us. "HEY BEN! DAVID!" It was Matt. "Hello Matt!" I said, in being careful to greet him with my hand. "Yeah, sorry guys, I'm late but I did a fall down the stairs yesterday and I needed of bandages" Clearly, he was lying. It was sure that it was because of Billy. "A fall down in stairs?" I asked. "Y-Y-Yeah, I know it's ridiculous" he said, clearly embarrassing by my question. You lie badly Matt, very badly. "Well, we were going to eat, are you coming with us?" asked Ben. "Of course!" replied Matt. "OH! LOOK! They still have the discount on the giga menu! It's too fucking good but honestly, they exaggerate on the quantity, I barely ate a quarter last time!" "No problem, I'm starving!" said Ben! "Me too!" I replied. We took 3 giga menu and damn right, the quantity was HUGE! But I was starving, terribly starving, abnormally starving... I ate my hamburgers and my big soda like it was nothing. I had a hard time finishing a normal menu and there, I had no trouble finishing when it was more than double! Ben and Matt were watching me, stunned. "Damn man, but you are a fucking ogre!" said Matt. I finished my giga menu under their astonished eyes. And the worst thing about it: I was always hungry. Ben had not even finished the half and I was almost drooling on his remains. "Hem Ben? May I... May I eat your leftovers?" "WHAAAAAAT???" shouted Ben and Matt in same time. "Holy shit man, even an ogre doesn't eat that much!" said Ben. Myself, I was totally surprised. Never of my life I ate so much but I was hungry like I've never been hungry before. And it wasn't the only thing that disturbed me: my clothes... my new clothes felt... tight! and that was not the case when I bought them! Even my new shoes seemed to get too small. Fuck! Fuck fuck FUCK FUCK!!! This time, no doubt: something was wrong! "Excuse me guys I-I have to go toilet" I say a bit panicked. "Hahaha! Not really surprising with the mountain of food you ate!" joked Ben. I quickly made my way to the bathroom in taking my bag. I felt a tingling feeling through my body and I was panting. I found myself in front of the mirror and with a little apprehension I removed my jacket... ... ... HO-LY SHIT!!!!! I could hardly believe what I was seeing: I was filling my shirt, my pecs was budding through my shirt, my shoulders were rounded, my biceps stretched the fabric, my back was wide and I started to have a V-shape and... and... holy shit! Was it the bumps on my abs that I saw? I swallowed hard and I slowly lifted my shirt... HOLY CRAP! Bricks, I had FUCKING muscle bricks! Goddamn fucking hell!! I looked like... like... A FUCKING BODYBUILDER! "What the hell? What's happening to me?". Well, was my voice deeper? it didn't sound like the usual. I was totally flabbergasted. Not that I didn't like becoming muscular but... how? HOW? I didn't do anything special and all of a sudden I become a fucking muscle god? What the hell? Then suddenly, I remembered the sentence of Mike: "you'll call me, don't worry". He had to know more, it was sure! I take my phone and tried to call him. After a few rings he picked up the phone. Hem... I'll overlook the fact that I could hear someone moaning as fuck in saying sentences like "Oh fuck! So big! So hard" with sounds of suck and lick. Well, Mike seemed "busy"... but despite that, he answered me. "So bro', how is your day going?". Crap, I had forgotten how deep his voice was now! I could hear an undertone in. "M-M-Mike... I-I-I think s-s-something is h-happening" I said, with a panicked voice. "Let me guess: a problem of clothing size perhaps?" he replied, in a slightly mocking tone. "Mike... what the hell is happening to me?" I asked, even if I knew the answer. "Roooooh bro', don't be stupid, you know perfectly what's happening to you!" "I-I know, I-I'm growing, but I mean, what the hell? WHY I'm growing like that? And above all, HOW?" "Hehehe, well, let's say that... I am the cause of your current situation bro'" "WHAT THE? Mike, did you drug me?" "HAHAHAHA not exactly, but not so far. I was not given all the details and I still don't understand very well but apparently, it's a story of a muscle pill and nanobots" "WHAT THE HELL? Mike... ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Muscle pill and nanobots? It looks like a bad fan-fiction. We are not in a marvel here!" "Oh David, for god's sake, look at you, were you like this this morning?" I looked myself in the mirror. And... obviously no, this morning, I was the classic skinny David I have always been but here, here, I looked like someone who had spent several years in a gym. It was real, really real!" "But... it's not logical! I haven't eaten anything like a pill since this morning so how..." "This is where it gets interesting bro'! Nanobots you get with the pill, apparently, they are... contagious!" replied Mike, with a touch of excitement on the last sentence. "WHAT? Contagious? You mean I'm sick?" "In some way. Do you remember the condition I asked this morning?" "Yeah: don't touch anyone" "Indeed. And the reason is simple: nanobots are everywhere in your body, including in your fluids: cum, blood but also... your sweat. "My... my sweat?" I asked. "Yeah, and I guess you've noticed that you've been sweating a bit more recently, right?" Indeed, since 2-3 hours it was the case. "It means that you can transmit your nanobots by simple... physical contact hehehe! This is how I got infected, I didn't eat neither. I just had a workout with a friend who was infected and inevitably, I was too.. When I woke up tomorrow, I was like you saw me. By the way, I renegotiated my "contract" with Dad. He strangely accepted all my conditions hehe..." At this moment, everything made sense even if had bad to believe it. it looked like a fucking science fiction movie but... but... I was here, looking like a bodybuilder. It was the truth, the fucking truth! But... there was problem: I didn't touch Mike! "But Mike, we didn't touch each other!" "Oh yes, really? So tell me, WHO woke you up this morning?" Finally I understood. "It was... it was..." I was stammering "Yeah? Who?" "You... It was you, you woke me up by shaking my shoulder..." "And that's it, you have been condemned from that moment on bro'!" "And... and... d-d-do you think I will grow as big as you?" "I am not sure but most probably yes! In any case much more than what you are now" I was shaking, a little scared but mostly I couldn't believe what it meant: I was going to become me too a fucking titan. "... and anyone I touch will become..." "Like us" replied Mike. It was insane, completely insane. "Oh and by the way, the contagion is not permanent reassure you, it works only during the first 24 hours from the infection. So tomorrow afternoon, you'll not be contagious... but you will be Hulk HAHAHAHAHA!" I shuddered just to imagine the scene "Now that you know everything, I let you choose if you want to make a "gift" to your friends or not, but remember that everyone you touch in the next few hours will become a behemoth. And by the way, tonight, we will do a special workout. I think that like me you want to see what you can do. Well, I leave you bro', I have "things" to do". Mike didn't hang up though, it must not have been easy to type on the keys of his phone with his gigantic fingers. just before I hung up I could hear him shouting "SUCK ME BITCH!". Yes, he was "busy". I stayed a few minutes, stunned by what I had just heard: in few hours, I will be like my Hulk brother! Before to return near Ben and Matt, I changed shirt and pant, the M size was becoming too small. When I saw myself shirtless, I had to restrain myself from cumming instantly. Fuck ! Fucking fuck! I was hot! And it was just the beginning... I put quickly my L new shirt. Well, perfect, it's a little less conspicuous but it was only a matter of time before it became too small. Finally, I returned near Ben and Matt. "Whoaaah, shit David, you are worse than a girl! you spent 20 minutes in the toilet" said Matt. "Well, what do we do now?" asked Ben. "There is a cinema in this mall, no?" said Matt. "Oh yes, I hadn't thought of that, good idea" replied Ben. I wanted to decline, to find and excuse but... fuck it: I will grow, no matter what happens, I couldn't hide it forever and then my decision was made: Ben, Matt, you will be my next victims hehehe! And I think that if they knew, they would be the first to throw at me: I knew Ben loved muscular men but had never had the motivation to workout, and Matt I think if he could crush Billy, it would be the best day of his life. "Oh! I had forgotten there was a new Hulk movie!" shouted Matt in showing the poster. Hahahahahaha! Matt, if only you knew what was going to happen to you my friend! i had just to touch them hehehe. So... well, it was time to change their lives forever, time to give them a little helping hand, literally. I was behind them: I raised my arms and... "GOOD IDEA GUYS" I shouted, in giving them a pat on the back. Here it is, it's done. But what I forgot was that I wasn't just more muscular, I was also stronger: they were both thrown one or two feet forward. "FUCK DAVID, ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY OR WHAT?" shouted Ben. "ARGH SHIT DAVID, ARE YOU SICK? IT'S HURTS DUDE!" shouted Matt in rubbing his back. "Great, yesterday, I get beaten up by Billy and now, it's my friend who want to kill me... Really great..." Hehehe, welcome to the Hulk club guys! We bought our tickets and I took care to take seats a little apart because from now on, they too could contaminate. I was curious to see if they would notice anything, but it will certainly be tonight that they will really notice the change. The movie started and like every reboot, we redo the history of the character even if we know it by heart. And inevitably came the accident that transformed Bruce Banner in Hulk. Matt seemed enjoyed and said "I always loved this kind of scene". I couldn't help but have a slight nervous laugh. Oh fuck hahahaha, If only you knew Matt, if you knew that it is currently slowly happening. From my side, we can say that this movie was in 4D for me because the growth, I felt it, I felt it even very well: things were slowly accelerating, if this morning I felt nothing, here, I could clearly feel a almost constant tingle. Well, it was obviously not extreme but I felt my clothes tightening, the feeling of my skin rubbing against the fabric slowly but surely, stretching it more and more. It was strange but nice, really nice. And I wasn't only more muscular, I was becoming taller too: I was forced to slump in the seat so as not to block the view behind me. Oh my gosh: I loved these fucking feelings, it was so.. SO AWESOME. At some point, Ben squirmed a bit, as if something was bothering him. Ah! Wouldn't we feel discomfort in our clothes Ben? I couldn't help but smile in thinking of the cause and especially when they realize that something is wrong. We must have been two thirds of the way through the film when suddenly, among the sounds of popcorn and bags of chips, I heard another, slight but noticeable sound. *riiip riiip* What? *rip*? I looked down on my chest, I slowly lowered my eyes, a little panicked at the idea of what I was about to discover, and... my eyes went wide, my mouth open and I really almost dropped a "HOLY SHIT" but I restrained myself! My pecs, oh gosh, my pecs were HUGE! And my back was so wide. When I tried to move my arm, I understood where this stretching sound came from: I was totally filling the size M shirt. Shit! Fucking shit! I had to change my clothes, quickly! Fortunately it happens during the film. I grabbed my bag and walked discreetly to the toilet. And crap, my pants were fucking tight too! Matt saw me got up said softly "You're going to spend another 20 minutes in the bathroom?". Oh shut up Matt haha. When I entered in the toilet, bad luck for me there was a mirror in the toilet, it would have a chance if I wasn't "hulking" in a mall, that I didn't blow up my clothes and that the whole situation made me feel incredibly turned on. But my luck ran out: someone was coming in the toilet... SHIT! Not now! Fortunately there were cabins, I hastened to lock myself in one of them. And to make matters worse, I realized that... it was Ben. And guess who decided to show up at that moment: my muscle growth! Of course. The sensation filled my whole body and I felt my skin slowly but surely pushing against the fabric again. and of course it had to be enjoyable. it wouldn't have been a problem if only I was not locked in a bathroom stall with my buddy right next to me! I gritted my teeth and tried as best I could to stifle my moans (and it's FUCKING hard!). My face was turning red and I'm pretty sure the vein in my forehead was bulging. Oh crap my shoulders were becoming cannonballs. My biceps had completely filled my sleeves, which were slowly tearing apart under the pressure. My pecs were pushing the shirt further and further forward, nipples are totally visible and I could feel the collar be more and more stretched. And at the level to my back, it was same, I could feel my lats stretching this poor shirt badly, to the point where I could hear little rips. I felt my abs solidify and deepen even more: we often talk about concrete abs, well I think mine were not far from this description, at least they were close! And if my shirt was abused, of course my pant was too! My quads were growing, stretching the fabric to the point where the seams began to give way I was doing my best not to grumble but it was impossible to remain totally silent. And of course Ben noticed my muffled grunts. "Hahaha! So David, you evacuate your 2 gigas menus?". Thank god he thought I was taking a dump. "Y-Y-Yeah!" I said while my fists were shaking and I was red as a tomato. "Hahaha! I'm already amazed that your stomach could take all this in, so your anus...". Very funny Ben! You won't let me grow in peace? "Well, see you in 20 minutes dude!"; "Y-Yeah, s-see you". And he's gone. Thank god. I took the opportunity to release some pressure but not too much. "Oh fuck! Aaaaah! Gnnnnnnhhh! Shit! It's soooooo gnnnnnnnhhh intense aaaaaaaaah". But fortunately, it calmed down quickly. I was here, in this toilet cabin, panting in sweat, my clothes full of tears. I got out and I saw my reflection in the mirror... ho-ly-CRAP! I looked so fucking good! Well, so far from Mike obviously, but already most bigger than this morning. Then I looked the clothes, I looked the tears and an idea came to me: if I really imitate him, Hulk? It could be funny! Anyway, these clothes are ruined so... I closed my fist and I flexed my whole body to maximum. Instantly, I could see the tears became larger, the room was filled with a large number of tearing sounds. hell, I had always found these scenes hot but here, here, I was the one who exploded out of his clothes, I was this superhero. And fuck yeah I loved it! but it was nothing compared to my reflection, shirtless now. I gasped with surprise and lust. The guy in the mirror, was not a simple teenager, it was a fucking bodybuilder, no Mr. Olympia of course but in comparison to my "original" body, the difference was insane: pecs which was close to balloons (and obviously, I couldn't help but bounce them, ripped hard abs with a net of veins, boulders shoulders, a neck that was more a bull neck than a human neck, biceps with a nice vein (I couldn't help but kiss it), a muscular forearms covered with veins like a road map, a large back which gave a V-shape, and what was left of my pants showed the muscle hills of my quads. And this guy was myself. I could have had a hard-on for this kind of physique and here... it was mine! I was MINE! Oh gosh, oh my fucking gosh, it was too much, too hot. I couldn't stand it and I really didn't want to do it next to my friends: I had to empty my balls, here, right now. But I don't want someone to show up in the middle of the act. So I returned in the toilet cabin and I locked the door. Well anyway, these pants are ruined then... I grabbed it and tore it up like a sheet of paper. My underwear, although put to a severe test, was intact! I'll have to remember this brand, at least it's not crap hahaha! He took it off and... HOLY SHIT! What this monster? I mean it's also big than a porn actor! I grabbed it and started to caress... Shit..; Oh shit! Oh fucking shit! It was not just bigger, it was also more sensitive! but of course, as I started to jerk off and began to moan loudly, what was not supposed to happen did happen: someone entered in the room. CRAP! And wait, do you know the worst part? Guess who was that, guess! MATT! FUCK! My first "friend" prevents me from enjoying my growth and then, the second prevents me from jerking! there are days when I would put them on the enemy list rather than friend! But it was impossible for me to stop or report my "session". So I continued, stifling my moans as much as possible, again and... holy shit it's hard not to moan in these conditions, really hard. I was shaking with effort, biting my lip, shooting load after load. Fuuuuuuck, I almost fill this toilet pot with my thick cum. I heard Matt leave. Finally! I hurried to get dressed before anyone else showed up... Well clearly it made me look a bit weird, relatively tight at the top but floating at the bottom, my waist being much narrower than my upper body. Before to leave, I didn't forget to flush, making my super contagious cum go down in the sewer. I laughed a bit as I imagined what would happen if an animal came in contact with it: imagine that it touches a rat... In 24 hours we would have a 50 pounds rat with concrete abs. It would be so ridiculous but funny! On the other hand, if it goes to sea and touches a great white shark, we risk seeing the Megalodon reappear, it would be less funny... Well, it was time to go back to my "buddies", you know, the ones that bother you at the wrong time... When I arrived to my place, Matt looked me and said "Finally, you're worse than a chick, you took more than 30 minutes hahaha!". Yeah, I wouldn't have taken 30 minutes if I hadn't been disturbed, asshole. "Shut up Matt..." I said. 20 minutes later, the movie ended. "Crrraaaappp! It was great! Hulk is really my favourite superhero! And the scene where he lifts the car and start to crush it in roaring, gosh, it was so awesome!" exclaimed Matt. Oh fuck hahaha, I had to restrain myself from bursting out laughing in knowing that tomorrow he will be able to do the same. "Yeah, it was a great movie" replied Ben. "So what do we do now?" I hope they won't make this day last too long because at this rate, I'm going to blow up my XL shirt in few hours. "Well, I still have homework to do so if we go home?" said Matt. Oh god damn it thank you Matt! "Yeah, I also think it's time to go home." At the bus stop, we were talking when I saw Ben squirm a bit. "A problem Ben?" "No... not really, it's just a little weird, I didn't remember my clothes being so tight" replied Ben. "Ah, you too?" said Matt. Internally I was exultant with joy. Hahahahaha, if only they knew what was in store for them! On the way back, as in the movie, I kept feeling my body slowly filling my shirt. As for Ben and Matt, I could see that they were more and more disturbed. Finally, we were back and he was time for everyone to go home. "it was a great day guys!" said Ben. "Yeah I agree" replied Matt. Then he stared at me. "What?" I asked. "I... I don't know how to explain but, it's strange I... I have the impression that you are different from this morning" "Now that you mention it, it's true that you look bigger... and I didn't remember you being taller than me by the way" added Ben. "Hahaha, you guys must be dreaming" "No really, you look... different" said Matt, questioningly. "Maybe I'm becoming Hulk HAHAHAHAHAHA!" "Hahaha you're a fucking idiot David" replied Matt. "Hahaha who know... By the way, have you siblings?" I asked. "What? Why this question? And I have a sister" said Matt. "Oh for nothing" I replied. "And you Ben?" "Just a little brother" said Ben. "But I don't know why you ask that" suddenly jean's stomach began to growl loudly. "Crap, I'm fucking starving!" said Matt. "Yeah me too" replied Ben. "Well, I'm going home" Then he wanted to shake my hand. I shook it and... *CRACK* "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! You fucking crushed it, man! Why do you squeeze so hard? What's wrong with you?" Squeeze so hard? Man, I barely squeezed your hand... "Roooh! You're really soft Ben!" said Matt, in holding out his hand. I shook it also and... *CRACK* "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Are you sick or something? You almost broke my knuckles bastard!" shouted Matt. Well it seems that I don't control my strength anymore hehehe. "Haha sorry guys, I didn't do it on purpose..." "You're really weird today" said Ben. "Oh believe me, strange things will happen again tonight..." I said, in smiling. "What? What do you mean?" asked Matt. "Oh you'll see. But if I have to say something, I just ask you one thing, one thing only" "Yeah?" they asked, almost in same time. "Don't touch anyone this evening" "Eh? David, you're REALLY weird today!" said Matt. "Really, do what I ask, just for tonight. and believe me, you will not regret it, but not at all!" "Yeah, now you're starting to scare me a little bit David" said Ben. "Hahaha don't worry, but really, trust me. And if tomorrow nothing happened, I'll give you giga menus and movie tickets for life" I said. "Well, that's the weirdest request I've ever heard, but for giga menus and movie tickets for life, ok" said Matt. "Well then, if you offer the cinema tickets for life, ok I'll take the bet too" replied Ben. "You won't regret it guys, you'll see. Well, ciao guys" I could have told them more or shown them, but that would have spoiled the surprise, the best surprise of their life. And it's all the more appreciable when you don't know what's inside the gift package. When I got home, I found my mother, sitting at the table almost catatonic. "Hello Mom', I'm back" But she did not answer. She didn't even notice that I was a little... different from this morning. "Dad is not here?" I asked. "He...he... he is at his store" she said, with a shaking voice. "... probably getting drunk" she added. "And Mike?" I saw that she swallowed hard, I felt a little sorry for her but she will get used to the fact that her son was now 8 feet behemoth. However, I don't think that telling her now that her second son was going to be another behemoth was a really good idea. "He... he... he is in his chamber" she said. "... well, what is left of his chamber" she added, with a quavering voice. "M-M-Mike?" she called him. There were a few seconds of silence and then... BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM Holy crap! At each step you could feel the house shaking, plaster dust was falling from the ceiling. It looked like a T-Rex was moving. Yes, no doubt, Mike was here! I heard him coming down the stairs, the steps cracking, literally I mean. Then he appeared. HOLY SHIT, I felt big and strong but in front of Mike, I felt like a fucking bug. "Hello bro'" he said with his deep voice. "So, this shopping day?" "Well, I found few clothes to my new size but..." I lifted my shirt, revealing my big ripped, shredded, hard six-pack "... something tells me that soon they won't be, at my size" I added in smiling. Mom watched my midsection with eyes as round as marbles. "D-David, y-y-you too?" she said, astonished, understanding that it happened to me too. "Perfect! Absolutely perfect!" replied Mike with an evil face. "Have you tested your new abilities?" "Not yet, but apparently you have prepared me a special workout" "Oh yeah, but we will start slowly hehehe! Follow me bro'" Mike left the house and I followed him. Shit! I felt the ground tremble with each of his steps, it was like be right behind a heavy tank. "We don't go to your bedroom? I thought your weights was here" I asked. "My weight? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Now even with all weights, it's like lifting a sheet of paper. Do you really think that I have time to waste on this? And anyway, they are a bit... how to say... crushed. Destroy, it's really fun hehehe!" "So what the hell are we doing outside? There's nothing to lift" I asked. "Oh yes: this!" replied Mike, in pointing... our SUV" "WHAAAAAAAAT? MIKE, ARE YOU CRAZY? You know how much this monster weighs?" "Around 5.000 pounds" WHAT? 5...5.000 pounds? He wants me to lift 5.000 FUCKING POUNDS? He's crazy!!! "M-M-Mike, I-I think you may be overestimating my strength" I said "Or you underestimate it. man, you're becoming Hulk, not just a Mr Olympia, a fucking HULK! So a SUV, it will be a piece of cake... Try, I'm sure you'll be surprised" "And you, are you able to li-" I did not have time to finish my sentence that Mike put his 2 hands under the back and... HO-LY-SHIT! He lifted the SUV with a disconcerting ease. FUCKING CRAP! This thing weighed 5.000 pounds and he lifted it like it was NOTHING!!! Then he put the SUV on the ground. "Does it answer your question bro'?". I swallowed hard. Holy crap! I knew he was strong, but not SO strong! "Your turn!" he said. I swallowed hard. I put my 2 hands under the back and I tried to lift. Obviously, it was heavy, it was fucking heavy. My face became all red, veins popped everywhere, I grunted loudly. "GGGNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" but while I thought it was impossible, well, the impossible happened: the wheels were lifted from the ground. One inch... two inches... three... five... ten... twenty. Crap! I was at my maximum, my body was shaking, my veins were going to explode, my teeth were fucking clenched, I was redder than a tomato. It was too much: I "put" (or rather dropped) the SUV on the ground. It fell back heavily. "You see that you can do it? And in only a few hours, it will seem ultra light! Well, before getting down to business, I'm starving" I hadn't noticed it but indeed, I was starving, the kind of starving so intense that I could eat anything! And in fact, that's kind of what we did. We raided the fridge, anything that looked like food was immediately engulfed. I was thinking about the giga menu and when I eat 2: here, I think I must have eaten the equivalent of 5 or 6! And Mike probably more than a dozen. HOLY SHIT! We were literally ogres! When Mike finished to eat, he did the loudest burp I've ever heard in my life! *BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP* HOLY CRAP! "Well, I'm a bit lazy to go there now, we'll go after that" said Mike. "After that?" I said, not understanding what he meant. "That!" he said in pointing me. I lowered my eyes and... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! MY SHIRT! HOLY CRAP! I WAS FILLING MY XL SHIRT! "WHAT THE?" I said, shocked. "Ah yes, I forgot to tell you: food helps accelerate the growth process, that's why you're so hungry: because it requires a very large amount of energy to feed your muscles. So prepare to grow hehehe" Oh shit, fucking shit! I started to sweat and pant. "Hehehe! I think you should take a trip to the bathroom bro'" I could feel it, the tingling, but this time we were passed to the superior stage: I had the sensation that my whole body was in fire. I got up and staggered to the bathroom, it was difficult to stand. I could already feel my chest stretching the fabric, same for my pant. It was a matter of minutes before I blew my clothes off. Finally, I reached the bathroom and rushed to the mirror. Oh fuck! My shirt was totally soaked with sweat, strongly accentuating the details of my musculature. "NNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" SHIT! It was fucking intense! If before I had to concentrate to feel this growth, here, there was no need, I could clearly see the fabric slowly moving, at all levels: shoulders: back, pecs, legs! And the sound... oh fuck this sound, this characteristic stretching sound!!! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH NNNNNGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Fucking fuck! I felt so tight, the slightest bend would have shattered my shirt! But I didn't want to do, I wanted to enjoy, this feeling, oh my gosh, this feeling was so AWESOME! "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCKKKKKK NNNNNNNNGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!" And I was becoming not only bigger, I was becoming also taller: my shirt was becoming too small, don't covering entirely my chest, letting appear little by little the last row of my abs. Oh fuck! Oh my gosh it's so awesome! It's... ???!!! Oooooh ooooh OH FUCK! AAAAAAHHH! The-NNNNNNNNGGGGGGGHHHHHH-pressure, it's-AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH-increasing! It was so intense I could hardly stand, I had to hold on to the porcelain sink. OH GOSH! AAAAAAAAAHHHH! OH MY FUCKING GOSH! I-I-I will NNNNNNNNGGGHHHHHHHHHH exploooooOOOoOoOoOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! BOOM! My whole body exploded, adding a lot of mass to my frame, I heard several ripping sounds. I squeezed so hard the sink that I crushed it! And it wasn't done! The burning continued, it was so intense that I could hardly stand. I was staggering around trying to find something to grab onto. I finally grabbed the metal bars of the towel rack as I felt a new wave arrive. My whole body tightened up. Fuck, it was funny and enjoying at the beginning but now it was really disabling. When it focused on my back and legs, I was forced to get on all fours, it was impossible to stand. I tried painfully to move as I felt my lats expand and my hands automatically move apart. a last muscular jolt tore me a scream, and finally, it calmed down. Fuck, I didn't expect that, I really didn't. Lucky it didn't happen to me in the mall. I could not have done anything to hide it. I stayed on all fours for a few minutes, panting as I tried to recover from what I had just experienced. Well, it was to see the results... I looked my reflection and.. "HOLY SHIT!!!" I shouted in surprise. I was huge, I was FUCKING huge. And my voice was so fucking deep. Well, obviously, not like Mike yet, but I was ready for pro competitions of bodybuilding. My traps had emerged like mountains, giving me a bull neck, my shoulders were gigantic, striated, my arms... oh fuck my arms! They must have been over 20 inches! My forearms alone should be bigger than some biceps of muscular guys to school. My hands were so fucking huge. My pecs were so big that I had trouble seeing over! My abs... oh my gosh my abs! They were so FUCKING big, bigger than my fist! So ripped, bulged, deep crevices. And on the last row, I could see a fucking net of veins like I rarely see. at my crotch you could see a huge bulge... Hahahaha it's not only my muscles that have grown! If my shirt was in a bad state, it was the same with my pants: tears everywhere! It could no longer contain what had become of my quads: huge muscle mountains, with a large number of hills, and covered with veins. and my shoes were also shredded by my growing giant feet. My clothes were to agony, they were still holding on but the slightest new growth will shred them! And obviously, this is what soon happened! I felt my whole body swelling, again. OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH NNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! And again that obscene stretching noise but especially afterwards, sounds of tearing, everywhere! My shirt tried to resist but lost the fight: the shreds of what was my XL shirt were falling to the ground. my pants had the same fate a few seconds later but one part remained "alive", giving me like shredded short. My shoes did not resist either. HAHAHAHAHAHA! The situation was funny because I was looking like Hulk, the same Hulk from the movie we saw a few hours ago, or rather a "mini-Hulk" because I was obviously still smaller, but soon, soon I will be REALLY Hulk! and for Fuck's sake I'm looking forward to it! I looked my reflection and... HO-LY SHIT! It was magnificent, almost divine! Look at me this FUCKING body, LOOK AT ME! I'm a freak, a fucking MUSCLE FREAK AND I LOVE IT, I FUCKING LOVE IT! "OH MY FUCKING GOSH HAHAHA! AWESOME!". Craaaap, my voice was even deeper than before! I was totally turned on by what I saw. And this time, I was going to enjoy it, without holding me back! I plunged my hand in my "short" and took the "monster" out of its cage. OH MY FUCKING GOSH! LOOK THIS COCK! It-it was so fucking BIG! Even an porno actor would feel insignificant in front of his monstrosity! Without waiting I started to jerk off and... OH FUCK! OH FUCKING FUCK! OH FUCKING FUCK OF FUCKING FUCK! It was bigger, venous as fuck but above all... it was incredibly more sensitive. Nothing could have prepared me for the divine feeling I was experiencing! "OH FUCK! OH MY GOSH! SO GOOD!" My eyes were rolling in their sockets, I started to drool and the pleasure was such that I cried. I jerk off during 10 minutes, 10 long minutes of pure pleasure like I've never known before. By the end, I couldn't even speak, just make glutinous noises of pleasure. I was a beast, a fucking beast driven only by his primal instincts. Then, I felt the climax coming... "ooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Oh my gosh: I wasn't screaming, I was ROARING (when I say I was a beast, I could hardly do a better description), firing huge load after huge load. An gosh, my shots, MY SHOTS! It sounded more like an assault rifle fire than a "normal" ejaculation. By the way, the mirror passed away, getting destroyed by each of my shots. I don't know how long my orgasm lasted but it was clearly abnormally long (but it was not to my displeasure hehehe). Finally, after many minutes, the flood dries up. I have only one thing: HOLY FUCKING SHIT! A good part of the wall was covered with thick and sticky cum. I didn't know I could cum so much! HOLY SHIT! That's when I received a notification of a message: it was Matt. OH CRAP! YES! They finally realized that there was something wrong! Matt: Guys... if you're there answer RIGHT NOW, something NOT AT ALL NORMAL is happening! IT'S EMERGENCY!!! Ben: It can be weirder than I'm experiencing dude... David: Let me guess, did you get the wrong size clothes? Matt: It's not exactly that but... I think I'm... GROWING! David: Matt, of course you're growing, you're a teenager, it's normal you're growing. Matt: DO YOU REALLY THINK IT'S NORMAL TO GROWING LIKE THAT? Matt sent a pic of his biceps, it should be 16 inches. Ben: HOLY CRAP! I think the same thing is happening to me. I was starving, I ate like never before and then I dozed off for an hour and when I woke up, my shirt was fucking tight and was torn in several places. And above all, I'm FUCKING MUSCULAR! And it seems to continue! Matt: Exactly like me! I was in front of TV and suddenly, I felt so fucking tight and when I looked my arms, it was like I showed you. IT'S NOT AT ALL NORMAL!!! Ben: And you David, have you noticed anything? Have you grown? David: Now that you mention it, it's true that I may have grown up a bit, but really just a bit... And I sent them a pic of my current godlike body. Matt: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Ben: HOLY SHIT!!! YOU CALL IT JUST A BIT? DUDE YOU'RE FUCKING GIGANTIC!!!!! Matt: WE NEED TO TALK, I'M GOING TO CALL YOU, NOW! Few seconds later, I receive a grouped call. I obviously accepted and came across a totally panicked Matt "HOLY FUCKING SHIT DAVID? WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? WHAT'S HAPPENING TO US?" shouted Matt. "D-D-D-DAVID? I-I-IT CAN'T BE YOU!!!" said Ben, also panicked. "Calm down guys hahaha!" "CALM ME DOWN? DUDE, I'M BECOMING A FUCKING BODYBUILDER! HOW DO YOU WANT ME TO CALM DOWN?" Whooooaaah Matt was in total panic. "Well, I owe you some explanations" I said. "Yeah I think that would be nice..." replied Ben, with a shaking voice. "Yes, you're becoming Hulk, well, not exactly: the green colour option is not included in the packaging hahaha. But I reassure you, it's not dangerous, well, for you... As you can see, it's far from over." "And what is this fucking spell? magic? A disease?" "I would say nanotechnology" "Nanotechnology? Are you kidding me?" said Matt. "No, I'm serious. And... did you remember what I asked to you?" "Yeah, don't touch anyone" said Ben. "Did you respect it?" I asked. "Yeah, even if I don't understand why you asked us that" said Matt. "Oh it's very simple: what you're happening is... contagious" "CONTAGIOUS?" shouted Matt. "Yeah, but this contagion is not permanent, it could be happening only in first 24 hours. And the condition for infected someone is..." "In touching him..." guess Ben. "Well done Sherlock! And I imagine you know WHO infected you?" "You... You infected us..." said Matt. "Yes! In giving you the biggest pat of your life hahahahahahaha!" "So you knew it, you knew it since the beginning?" asked Ben, a bit angry. "Yes, well, not exactly, even I didn't know about it at first. but when I found out, you were on my victims list" "And why did you do that?" asked Ben. "Because your are my friends, I mean my true friends. If there are people who deserve this privilege, it was you two" "You should have told us about it anyway..." said Ben, a bit angry. "That's true but it was more fun to let you find out and I didn't know about it right away either you know, I had the same reaction of surprise as you. And damn it, you're not ready for the next part, believe me but I'm sure, you'll fucking love it!" "And... there is a cure?" asked Matt. "I don't know, but honestly Matt, would you want a cure? Seriously?" "I...I don't know, probably not but.. David, do you realize what you are telling us? I mean, you're literally telling us that in a few hours we'll be like you?" said Matt, astonished by the news. "Nope!" "What? Nope?" exclaimed Matt. "Yeah, you'll be not like me because... I didn't finish my growth" There was one second of pure silence then, they shouted in same time: "WHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT?????" shouted Ben and Matt in same time. "D-D-David, are...are... ARE YOU SERIOUSLY TELLING ME WE'RE GOING TO BE BIGGER THAN YOU?" shouted Matt. "Oh yeah! Much more BIGGER! And if I know that, this is because I have a specimen on hand, so... do you want a preview of the final result?" I asked. "... Honestly, I'm not sure is a good idea but... yeah, it would be nice to know that before" replied Ben. "I agree" said Matt. "Very well, don't move guys" I went out of bathroom and went looking for my brother. When he saw me, he had a big smile, a little unhealthy. "Haaaaaa, now you're starting to look like a true man! Well, let's go?" "Two minutes, I am in line with my... victims. They started to notice the changes so I had to update them, and they would like to see the final result" "Hehehe with pleasure bro'! Go ahead, show them what is the ultimate alpha male!" replied Mike, in doing an awesome double biceps pose. "Well, guys, here is the final result" I said in turning my phone for show Mike. Again, there was one second of silence then... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT! W-W-W-W-WHAT IS THIS THING?" shouted Matt. Ben, as for him, he couldn't pronounce a single word, he was all white, shaking, and I could just hear him stuttering "G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G..." "HEY! This "thing" has a name and it's Mike!" said my brother, a bit contraried. "M-M-Mike? ... MIKE? NO WAIT! DAVID, I-I-IS IT Y-Y-YOUR BROTHER?" asked Matt. "Yeah!" I replied. "OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" shouted Matt. "By the way, he is the cause of my growth" Ben was still stuttering "G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G...". Ok, we lost Ben. "So now you understand why I told you not to touch anyone, especially those you don't like? If you do it, they will become like my brother" Finally, Ben regained his speech. "Yeah... so... note for myself: don't touch my little brother in next hours" he said. "But on the other hand, if you wish to make a small gift to certain people, you still have a few hours to do so, let's go hehehe..." "Yeah... I-I-I think I will visit one or two people" said Matt. "Same" added Ben. "Here, you know everything. Enjoy to maximum of the next hours, you'll see, you've never felt anything like it" "Y-Yeah..." said Matt, still astonished by the news. "I never thought I'd live to see this day..." replied Ben. "Hehehe, I told you that you would not regret it! Well, I leave you, I have a special workout with my BIG brother. So... good Hulkification guys!" And I hang up. "Well, bro', now, I'm ready!" "Perfect!" said Mike. When we went out, I saw again our SUV. "Just a moment please, I would like to try again" I said in looking the SUV. "Hehehe I was just about to suggest it" I put my hands under the back and I lifted. To my great surprise and especially to my great satisfaction, it was easiest than the last time. Well, clearly it was not light, it was still a vehicle that weighed 5.000 fucking pounds, but I was not at the end of my life like the previous time. "FUCK YEAH!" I shouted in dropping the SUV which bounces heavily against the ground. Mike seemed to be happy. "So bro', do you like your level up?" "If I like it? Mike, how dare you ask that question? FUCK YEAH I LOVE IT! HAHAHAHAHA" On the way, there were electrical poles. Suddenly, an idea came to me. "Mike... do you allow me to...?" I asked, in pointing the electrical pole. "Go ahead David, have fun" I approached to the pole, grabbed it and... try to crush it. no surprise it wasn't that easy. I may have been super strong, I was not like Mike, not yet. But at same time, I heard a sound of metal bending. Slowly, I could feel my finger sink into the metal. Holy shit! It was so fucking good! Honestly, I could explode right now... After 2 miles, few car lifting, crushing metal poles and trying to pull out a fire hydrant (by the way, Mike humiliated me by simply kicking it, as if it were nothing more or less than a common soccer ball), we arrived to the gym. There was a lot of cars in the parking. "Hem M-Mike? I-I think it's crowded, is it really a good idea?" "Yeah it's a good idea. And for the runts, they'll go away, don't worry." Mike entered (well, he entered... let's say that he enlarges the entrance). The security guard looked at him, eyes amazed, and strangely did nothing at all. He walked towards the gym. When we entered, it was filled with the sounds of touching cast iron, grunts, even also moans. Few people saw my brother and froze instantly but the majority had not seen him. Mike seemed to be irritated. "Ok, you fucking runts, clear out!" A good half of them saw Mike and their faces instantly became white. But those who were listening to music or in full effort did not hear it. Mike sniffed furiously and shouted... "YOU-FUCKING-RUNTS, CLEAR-OUT!" Holy crap! I think that even the walls shook... In any case, all had their heads turned towards my behemoth brother. All seemed frozen in time but no one moved. Obviously, this made Mike angry... "GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!" Well, I think even a lion doesn't roar so loud... But it worked, it worked very well: it was the stampede. They all ran towards the exit, almost trampling each other. "Haaaaa! Finally alone." "Well, we start by what machine? "None" replied Mike. "What? None? But why did you bring me here?" "For that!" he said, in pointing a deadlift bar. "What? A deadlift bar?" "Yeah, come on, put yourself in place" I lowered myself and took the bar with my hands. "What the fuck are you doing?" "Hu? Well, you asked me to put in place and..." "But not for that idiot, lie down!" "What?" I said, don't understanding. "Lie down for to bench! You're really idiot" "WHAT THE HELL? Y-You want I use this deadlift bar as a... bench weight?" "Finally he understands!" said Mike, in rising his eyes. "But why we not use directly the bench?" "The bench? With only few hundreds pounds? Are you here to lift weights or not? Few hundreds pounds, it's so light!" Well damn, if someone had told me that this morning, I wouldn't have believed it... I put myself in position, but on the ground because no bench would support the weight. "How much weight?" "1.000 pounds" Craaaaap, it was so fucking insane. Well, I lifted a 5.000 pounds SUV but it was touching the ground, so the weight was distributed. Here, I have to lift the whole weight. It was totally different. But... I can do it! I started to push, my face became red and... I felt the bar get up slowly as I grunted with effort. "OH SHIT MIKE! DO YOU SEE THAT HAHAHAHA IT'S SO AMAZING!" "Yeah, it's good... but too easy, so ... Ie'll spice things up a bit hehehe" What? Reassure me, it is not serious... But unfortunately for me, I saw him come back with 500 pounds weight plates. HOLY SHIT! HE'S SERIOUS, HE'S FUCKING SERIOUS! "M-M-Mike, i-i-it's a bad idea, I can't..." "Oh fuck yeah you can, and he added two plates. "M-MIKE! I-I-I'M NOT SURE I CAN..." My face was all read, my arms were shaking as fuck, I clenched my teeth to broke them but I was able to keep the bar up. "Funny, you're more resistant than I thought" he said, amused. And... he added again two plates. "MIKE NO!" I shouted. I was going to kill me, really. This time, it was impossible to keep the bar up and slowly, it lowered. "MIKE! WHAT DO YOU DO?" I shouted, panicked. "What I do? That!" he said. And... he added the last 4 plates. "MIKE!!! I'M BEING CRUSHED, I'M BEING FUCKING CRUSHED!!!" "I see that, but you know what to do" he said in smiling badly. "What?" I said. "Grow bro'! Grow and grow, and grow AND GROW!!! COME ON BRO'!!!" He was crazy! He was fucking crazy but... hell yes, he was right. It was time, time to... GROW! "RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" With my all anger, I pushed and pushed and pushed but obviously, the bar didn't move from only one inche. But no way to give up! I pushed again and again and again. And suddenly I felt it, I felt this tingling that I had felt this morning and the more I pushed, the more I felt this tingling increasing. It became a burn and then I felt like my blood was replaced by lava. But I kept pushing, until the moment where... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" My whole body exploded adding dozens, maybe even hundreds muscle pounds. My "short" has been shredded this "muscle-plosion", releasing my enormous dick. But it was not sufficient to lift the bar, so I continued to push. Mike was completely elated, he was shouting. "THAT'S IT BRO'! GROW! GROW AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!" "FUCK YYYYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" I pushed again and again and again and suddenly... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" BOOM! A new "muscle-plosion"!!! But still not sufficient! So I continued! And I could see it, I could see: my body started to swell, at a clearly visible pace. It was like to swell a balloon, except here, it wasn't air, it was muscle, pure muscle. At each second, a large number of muscle pounds were added to my frame. I was hulking hahahahah! FUCK YEAH I WAS HULKING HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! And I could feel it, I could feel my strength was increasing, quickly, very quickly! In only few ten of seconds, I felt my strength doubling, tripling, QUADRUPLING! And it didn't stop... And the miracle happened: the bar moved upwards, very very slightly at the beginning then more and more quickly. "FUCK YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!! DO YOU SEE THAT MIKE? DO YOU SEE ME BECOME A FUCKING HULK?". Crap, my voice... MY VOICE! It was inhuman, insanely deep. "YEAH BRO' I SEE!!! COME ON, LET'S GET THE SAUCE!!" Do you want I get the sauce Mike? Okay bro', LET'S GET THE SAUCE!!! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" I roared as never, I pushed beyond my limits and... the bar was at its highest! So I lowered it... and I lifted it again, this time, I lifted smoother and a little easier... and I lowered again... and I lifted again... and I lowered again..." "THAT'S IT BRO'!!! THAT'S I WANT TO SEE!!!" yelled Mike. As the seconds passed, the bar became lighter and lighter and it was easier and easier. I didn't pay attention to it but my cock was hard as it has never been. And as if to thank me, my body gave me the ultimate gift: the tingling come back. But increased to a level never seen before! I barely had time to realize that suddenly... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" My traps exploded to the point where I felt my ears touching them. My shoulders exploded in a size that was difficult to describe. My arms... how to say... if I say that Arnold Schwarzenegger or Ronnie Coleman were maggots in comparison to me, does that give you an idea of what a monster I was? And if said that my main vein was bigger than a garden hose? My forearms were probably bigger than a bull leg! My pecs exploded so much than they definitively masked my view on my midsection. But even with a masked view, I could feel my insanely hard midsection, I could feel each bricks swelling, pushing against others to occupy all the space available. And just when I thought it was over for my abs, the first row exploded out of my stomach, doubling in size, the sensation was so intense that I roared. Then... I roared a second time... and a third! But it wasn't done, my body had one more surprise in store for me: I roared a fourth time! and if my calculations are correct, it meant I had... A FUCKING EIGHT-PACK! Hahahahaha FUCK YEAH! I could feel also my back rubbing against the ground, it was thickening but above all, widening as fuck. And my legs exploded also! and as I tried to put my feet together, it took me a few seconds to realize that what I felt there was not my feet but my... quads! They were so FUCKING big that they were touching long before I could put my feet together! My calves exploded also, it felt like if someone implanted two balloons under my skin. And obviously, my gigantic cock grew too! I could feel it rubbing against the central crevice of my abs. It grew until to reach my pecs. HOLY CRAP! IT WAS SO FUCKING BIG! This whole and last muscle growth was insane, really too insane. I was going to cum, it was inevitable! I let go of the bar with one hand (and held it with only one hand! And guess what? It didn't change anything, it was still light! I grabbed my dick with my other hand. the first thing that struck me was the absolutely insane vascularity. the second thing was that the sensitivity had reached heights that can be described as divine! As soon as I started to jerk off, my eyes rolled in their socket to the point where you could only see the whites of my eyes. I grunted also like a beast. After several minutes, my hand had reached an incredibly pace. The pleasure was almost continuous. And then I felt the climax is coming. Obviously, I restrained myself and could enjoy 15 seconds of orgasm more. But I could not hold on any longer... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" My cock, or rather my "cannon" fired. I shot gigantic load after gigantic load, with the power of a true cannon. "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!" shouted Mike. Even him was totally stunned by what was happening! And my shots weren't the only thing that was incredibly powerful: my yell was so fucking loud that walls shook and windows exploded. And I shot and shot and shot and shot, it was a fucking flood and it lasted for a fucking eternity. When finally it was over, the whole gym was bathing in a thick layer of sticky cum. The ceiling was a battlefield filled with holes as if it had been bombed. "HOLY SHIT HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! IT WAS SO FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!" I said, with my incredibly new deep voice. Mike was speechless. He was in a state of absolute lust. Shaking, drooling. I think he didn't expect that, and to tell the truth, neither did I... I put the bar on the ground (which I had almost forgotten about because it was so insignificant light now...) and I got up. And quickly I had the confirmation I wanted: I was like my brother, a fucking 8 feet behemoth, weighing probably several tons of muscle. The first thing that disturbed me was that everything seemed so... small, I mean I was 8 fucking feet tall!. The second was this sensation of absolute power that ran through my veins, my body and my mind. It was as if we had implanted a nuclear reactor in each of my muscle. Even if the simple act of breathing was enjoyable, feeling this titanic muscle wall heaving in and out. It was insane, insanely insane. It wasn't a wet dream, no I was a fucking titan. after a few seconds, I smile with exultation and... "GRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!" I let out a roar of victory, releasing all my power. Then I turned towards my brother. "So Mike, what do we do now? because well, if you want to put me to the test, you'll need something heavier than this crap" I said, in showing the 5.000 pounds bar. It took several seconds for my brother to come to his senses. Suddenly we heard a small voice. "What...the... hell?". There was a guy in the entrance, his eyes were widened and he was tetanized but honestly, I would have had the same reaction as him in his place. I recognized him, it was Dylan, the handsome guy from high school, handsome to the point that even the straight guys questioned their sexual orientation. It was not the most enormous but he had a model's physique and apparently often used to come to practice in the evening. I looked at my brother to know what to do with him... HOLY SHIT! He had the most carnivorous look I've ever seen in my life! Crap, I had never seen it like that, he looked like a hungry lion ready to pounce on his prey and to tell the truth it was a bit like that: he was his prey. So yes, Dylan had a good reason to be terrified, really... "DYLAN! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I was going to pay you a visit but in the end it won't be necessary... You couldn't have come at a better time!". Holy crap, Mike was almost drooling. What was he going to do with this guy? He would have eaten it all raw that it would not have surprised me. "You know... I found you were always beautiful, in particular your sexy firm ass... And, how to say that... I haven't had dessert in a few days and now I'm starving, TERRIBLY starving...". Ok, It answers my question: yeah he's going to eat him, he's going to eat his ass, raw! Poor Dylan... Dylan's face became, white, all white, more white than white, when he understood the meaning of the sentence. Despite his trembling legs he wanted to turn around and run but... too late, a huge hand grabbed him by the collar and lifted him like a piece of straw. "N-N-N-NO P-P-P-PLEASE!!!" shouted Dylan, believing his last moments were coming... Holy crap! Did Mike just lick his lips? Fuck, he was really scary sometimes... "I guess you won't leave it "like that"" I say. "He's a bit small for you, isn't it?" "Indeed" replied Mike. "But we're going to fix that!" Obviously he wanted to "hulkify" him. "So, do you want I touch him?" I asked. "It would not be necessary, I have better, much better! Something more radical and fast" What? It would not be necessary? What was he going to do? He's not going to fuck this guy like that? "P-P-P-PLEASE!" shouted Dylan, tetanized. He even pissed on himself. But he ignored him completely and went to the pond of my cum and... he plunged Dylan into. And that's not all, well... um... he... he used Dylan as a... rag. Holy crap! I was even a little sorry for Dylan, it must have been so humiliating, he was dragged all over the place in my cum. "Um... Mike, y-you know, it is a human being, not a rag..." "Shut up David, I'm cleaning your shit" said Mike, with a bad smile. "And I use whatever I want for it" he added. And he continued to wipe again and again in using Dylan. The poor guy was coughing, almost choking in my cum. When he finally done, Dylan was a fucking sponge, totally impregnated with my cum. Cum, cum everywhere: his shirt, his short, his arms, his face, his hair. All was covered with my sticky white milk. He had it everywhere. Now, he was on all fours, trying to slowly escape, shaking like a leaf, coughing because he had some in his mouth, wiping his face to see something. Well, needless to say that to be contaminated. If he wasn't, nobody would be. One more hulk in the family. But now what? Mike was going to wait 24 hours for Dylan to huklify? Isn't that a bit long? But suddenly I heard Dylan start to moan loudly, almost... painfully! What? "Aaaaaaaaah wh-what's h-happening t-t-to me? gggggnnnnnnnnhhhhhh!!!". And then I could clearly see that his back had started to grow. What the hell? It's starting already? "Mike? What the...? Isn't it supposed to take several hours before it really starts?" "The speed of growth depends on whether you were briefly in contact with contaminated fluid or if you were strongly infected, like him for example. So in his case, it should be a bit more... immediate I think." Holy shit! So he's going to grow now? Right now? I got my confirmation when I heard him really screaming in pain. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH IT'S HURTS, IT'S HURT SO BAD!!!". Yeah, he's growing... I could see his back had already grown very large, the first tears was already starting to appear. As he liked to show his body, he always wore tight clothes and you could clearly see the bumps moving under the fabric. but he had not yet understood that because until now, the tone in his voice was clearly one of concern and fear. I wonder when that will change, when he would realize that he was becoming fucking more muscular. I didn't have to wait long for this to happen... "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH MY ARMS, THEY HURT SO AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH MUCH, THEY... WH-wHAT GGGNNNNNHHHH AAAAAAAAAH MY...MY ARMS ARE OOOOOOOHHHHHH GROWING! AND MY... OOOOOOOOOOOOHH SHOULDERS TOO! AND GGGNNNHHHHHHHHHH... N-NO AAAAAAAAH IT-IT'S MY GNNNNNHHHHHH WHOLE BODY! I-I AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH I'M GROWING! FUCK! I'M GROOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH-WING!" Oh gosh, it was unbelievably hot to watch, I was as hard as ever! When I thought it would explode from all sides, it stopped. What the hell? I mean he was much more bigger than few minutes ago but, far from to be like Mike. Why did it stop? Dylan was still on all fours, panting loudly trying to recover from what he had just experienced. "Ha..ha... holy... crap... ha... ha... I don't know... ha... ha... what it was but... ha... it was... AWESOME!" He said, with a voice which was definitively deeper. He managed to get back on his knees. Craaaaap, I may have been much more bigger than him, see a more or less normal guy becoming pro bodybuilder in few minutes was still incredibly hot! "Oh my fucking gosh!" he said, looking with astonishment at his huge forearms. He flexed his biceps, which should now be a good 19 inches, tearing a little more in the process his sleeves. "HOLY SHIT! Is... is it my arms?" he said, totally stunned by the huge muscle peak. Then he lowered his eyes for to see his two huge beach balls, enjoying to bounce them. Dylan caught his shirt, already torn in several places, and with one blow he tore what was left of it. Craaaap, his previously athletic build was now the one of a pro bodybuilder: bull neck, canonball shoulders, big ripped pecs, six huge bricks carved in marble... He passed his hand on them, feeling their hardness. Then, a smile appeared on his face and he started slowly to laugh. Surprise gave way to lust. "Ha... ha... haha... hahaha... hahahaha... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" he exploded with joy. "YES! OH MY GOSH YES!!! OH FUCK YES!!!" he shouted, in flexing his newly muscular chest. "Shouldn't he be bigger?" I asked. "Yeah but I think it's not finished. His hole is still too small. I think a little extra cleaning is neces-...?" But before Mike could finish his sentence, Dylan threw himself on the ground, rubbing himself in my cum, wriggling in it while exulting. What the hell? He even licked the ground! Well, he probably understood that this was what had made him grow and the least we can say is that he wanted it to continue! His smile was demonic, no doubt what he had in mind at that moment, he wanted to grow, much more! "Hehe! Finally, he is even more impatient than I thought! So much the better, it was getting too long there!" said Mike, by holding his huge cock, which was ready to explode. And it wasn't long before before Dylan grows again. But this time, he knew what was going on and his attitude was very different from the previous one: he was laughing, almost like a madman. But among his laughter, we also heard loud moans of pain. He was turned in our direction, so we could clearly admire the show... and what a show. His neck were widening while at the same time his trapezoids emerged from his back. His shoulders were swelling, like balloons, becoming larger than his former head and continuing to swell. His biceps were swelling at an incredible pace, gaining in few seconds what it would have taken years to obtain, his veins were getting bigger, more like garden hoses. His forearms were becoming bigger than the majority of the school's athletes' arms. His pecs swelled and began to block his view, his nipples were moving and went down. His abs were swelling and suddenly, each row exploded out of his stomach, doubling almost in size, his legs were growing as fuck becoming much larger than tree trunks and don't forget to mention his enormous dick, which gained in length and circumference. Dylan was growing, and growing and GROWING! During the whole process, he laughed like a maniac, his laughter being interspersed with his moans of pain. even though I was 8 feet tall, it was terrifying. All reason seemed to have left his body, he was in pure ecstasy, growing, shouting, laughing. I didn't realize it but I was as hard as ever and I was even shaking but clearly not from fear! This show was so... so... Suddenly he shouted louder, or rather he ROARED louder. and the cause was soon clear: he was "exploding" in muscle mass. do you see the muscle growth scenes like in Dragon Ball? Well, it was the same! everything was literally exploding, becoming bigger, harder, deeper, more carved. His six-pack evolded into a incredible eight-pack, his biceps were clearly bigger than any head, his pecs and traps were so muscular than it was starting to engulf his neck. His back were now so large than he couldn't enter somewhere without destroy the wall. It was really too much for myself: I fired several loads that were going to smash violently against the wall in front. And Mike was not insensitive to the situation either had to bite himself in order not to cum on the spot but clearly his gun was ready to fire. Finally, Dylan completed his transformation with a howl worthy of the Hulk. and it was over, for good this time. He was panting loudly on for some minutes and with difficulty he got up. yeah, no doubt, it was as big as us. He looked at his fists, opening them, closing them, bouncing his gigantic pecs, felt his huge eight-pack then, he said from his powerful new deep voice: "OH MY FUCKING GOSH!". He caught cast iron disk and slowly crushed it. A wide bad smile of appeared on his face, exulting in the sight of his power. Yeah, he loved the way he felt, you could see it very clearly. Then he turned towards my brother, precum oozing from his dick (and Mike's too, both were now human fountains), then, he said "So you want my ass Mike? But for that, man, you have to earn it and i prevent you: it's not going to be easy" he said, in smiling badly and flexing his monumental biceps. Craaaap, this evil smile was really scary and this biceps too... Mike looked at Dylan, with the same demonic smile "Oh fuck yeah! I don't like it when it's too easy" said my brother. And the clash of the titans began... They rushed towards each other and started a kind of fight, well not by hitting each other but one as the other was trying to dominate the other and to submit him. And frankly they were REALLY NOT pretending: it was better not to be between the two of them because everything was bound to be crushed, trampled, torn to pieces. He sent my brother against the wall, half destroying it. My brother retaliated and sent Dylan waltzing across the room, crushing all machines in its path. It was a fucking carnage. I backed off a bit, even though I was an 8 foot giant, it was really a bad idea to find myself in the middle of their battle. Holy shit, it looked like a life-size kaiju fight. It was violent, bestial, wild and above all sexual, both fighting to determine who would be below and who would be above. Finally my brother succeeded, by grabbing him by the throat, to put Dylan on the ground, and this violently, exploding the tiles in the process and creating a small crater. Then He stood on him to prevent him from moving. He struggled to free himself but Mike held him down firmly, to the point of breaking bones. "Stay down, tonight you are my whore!" said my brother. Dylan smiled and said "Well, indeed, it seems that you win this round". Mike roared victoriously. "But I want another round after! You may have won a battle but certainly not the war!" said Dylan, who didn't seem to mind losing. "Oh yeah, even 100 if you want! And I would win them all, these battles" said Mike, smiling like someone drooling over his favourite dessert. "Bro..." he said while he was still looking Dylan, with a tone that made me think I wasn't going to like what he was going to say. "Adult stuff is going to happen, kids are not allowed so... get out of here!" he said. "Eh! I've been 18 for a few months, I'm not a kid anymore!" I said, a bit angry. "For me you'll always be a kid, even if you are 8 feet tall, so... get out, don't make me say it again!" he said, with a touch of anger. Gloups... well, I'd better not stay here, even before when Mike gets mad it was a mess, but now I wouldn't dare to imagine this same situation with his current condition... "Very well, have fun between adults" I said, leaving the room. "Don't worry for that..." said Mike, with a psychopathic look. When I let the gym, I met the same security guard who still did not seem to have recovered from his emotions and it wasn't going to get any better for him... "It was a good workout" I said in flexing my gigantic biceps. He recognized my head (but probably not my body!) and when he saw my biceps, I saw his eyes get even more squared off, to the point where they could pop out of their sockets, and suddenly he lost all colour and fainted. when I got to the parking lot, I noticed a funny detail: there was an SUV that was pretty close to dad's. I smiled: it was time to test my new strength. I placed a hand under the back and lifted and... instantly, I lifted the vehicle without any problem, with one hand. Hahahaha! Insane, I had really become a fucking Hulk, for real! As I put the SUV down, I heard the loudest yell I have ever heard, even during my growth. It was insane, even the scream of a T-Rex was ridiculous in comparison! The ground shook as if there had been an earthquake, the windows of the gym and all the vehicles in the parking exploded instantly, the car alarms went off... Well, it looks like my brother finally got his "chocolate mousse". And a few seconds later, I heard a new noise coming from the room. The next round had started... I suddenly thought about Ben and Matt, where were they in their hulkification process? Were they like me in their bathroom, on all fours, in moaning painfully while they were exploding out of their clothes? One thing was sure, they would not sleep much, their night will be... agitated hehehe. From my side, I was still contagious for a few hours and I was going to take advantage of it! I was thinking about who I could visit in the next few hours, who would be next on my "to hulkify list". Greg seemed a good choice, he was always nice to me, he deserves a little reward. And on the contrary I was thinking also who was going to be on my "to terrify list", those I will visit later, when there is no more risk of contagion. I think I'll start with this dear Rob, this bastard deserves a little correction! Yeah, the next few hours were going to be fun, really fun!
  12. This story uses a character from @MadMutter, Jolias (at his request, so yes I have his agreement), this is what he looks like if you have never seen him (in this story, his body was not so muscular at the beginning): https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DzT340qWoAgJVhF.jpg https://www.deviantart.com/madmutter/art/Jolias-Ready-for-Raccoon-City-784139560 And the other character, his boyfriend, is Max (brown hair, glasses). I planned to post the full story in one time but it would takes too much time. This story should have 7 or 8 chapters so no, it's not finished. I hope it will meet your expectations. As usual, feedbacks are welcome ! Enjoy ! Jolias and Max: The cock ring Level 1: From zero to fit Max was in the Jolias's bedroom, lying on his boyfriend, their lips were stuck and their tongues were dancing, when suddenly... I was lying in the Jolias's bed, with Jolias, well, rather ON Jolias, we were in the middle of a kissing session. Gooooosh I loved these kissing sessions, to taste each other's saliva, feeling our tongues dance. Then suddenly... *DING DONG* I stopped to kiss Jolias and looked towards the door. Hu ? Who is it ? "Oh crap !" replied Jolias. "I really hope that this my package ! I've been waiting for it for weeks ! Jolias got up, quickly put back his tshirt. Craaaaaaaap he was so beautiful, this amazing body, slighty muscular, this tanned skin. I fell in love every time I looked at him ! Jolias went to the front door to see who it was. "... FUCK YES ! IT'S HIM !!" he yelled. Excited, he quickly opened the door ! "Hello ! A package for M. Jo..." "Yes, it is for me !" asked quickly Jolias. Fuuuuck he was really excited ! I was wondering what he could expect promptly. It looked like a kid receiving his Christmas present. "Please sign here." asked the delivery boy. He hurriedly took the pen and signed. "Thank you very much. Have a good day !" said the delivery boy. "You too !" asked Jolias then he closed the door. "Oh YES ! I got it ! I got it ! I got it !" repeated Jolias, clearly very happy. To be so happy, it must have been very important ! "Dude, what's happening to you ? What is this package that makes you so excited ?" "Haha ! A little gift for both of us !" replied Jolias, in laughing. "A... gift ?" Jolias tore the package, not even taking care to open it properly as he was so impatient. And finally, he showed the gift. "TAAAAAADAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!" he yelled, by showing two rings. Huh ? Two rings, it is also excited just for that ? ....... OH FUCK ! Don't tell me he's going to propose to me ? "Eeeeehhhh.....rings ? You were so excited just for two rings ?" I wondered. "Jolias, are you... going to propose to me?" "Gnuh ? .... Ah no haha ! No no no hahahaha ! Nothing to do with a wedding, well that will come too of course but this is for something else ! It's not a ring that you have to wear on your finger" replied Jolias. "Huh ? To the ear then ?" "Nope !" "To the nose !" "Nope !" ".... FUck Jolias, Are you going to tell me what the fuck this is for?" I said, with a touch of annoyance but also intrigue. Jolias had a little smile. He pulled his shorts down and his underwear and passed his dick in the ring. "WHAT THE HELL ? Is it for... ?" Wait, was that for what I think it was? "Hahaha it's a cock ring !" A cock ring ? He was as excited about a fucking sex toy ? "Go ahead and put it on, I'll give you a demo." It was a ring, made of a slightly elastic material to fit the size of the dick. I put it on and placed it at the base of my cock. Gooosh it squeezes, as if someone was grabbing my dick. "Well... an now ?" I asked. Jolias was playing with his phone. "The nice thing about these is that they are..... connected !" He had barely finished his sentence when I suddenly felt intense vibrations at the base of my cock. It was as if I was masturbating myself but much stronger and more intense "AAAAAAAAAAAAH Fuck !!!! Fucking fuck !!! Crap ! HOLY CRAP ! What is this thing? OOOOoooOOOOOOOOOoooOHHHHHHHHH aaaAAAAAaaaaAAAAAaaaAAAAHHHHHHHH !!!!" "It's intense, right ?" In a few seconds I was already panting as if I had fucked for one hour. It sent me a wave of pleasure on wave of pleasure. "Crap Jolias ! I think I will... I will....I...aaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!" My cock started to spit its white liquid, a dozen charges that splashed on the ground. Fuck, I had rarely come like this, not so fast !!! "Ha.... ha..... ha....... ha..... ha...... ha" It only lasted a very short time and yet it was as if I had had an intense session of over an hour. "So, did you like it ," asked Jolias, in smiling. "Oh crap.... oh fucking crap..... it was... it was... intense !" "Hahaha ! Yes, the first time surprised me too ! And as you saw we can control it via an app ! I actually thought we could have fun with this". I could feel a shiver of lust in his last sentence. "Have you ever been turned on in the middle of the day and felt like having a little session ? But not being able to satisfy you because it would be too visible ? Well, with this we can !! Well on the other hand, you'll have to try to refrain from screaming and hide your wet patch hahahahaha !! And to "spice up" the game, because you know I love to eat VERY spicy food, as they are connected, why wouldn't each one control the other's ring. Wouldn't that be fun hehehehe ?" I must admit that the idea was very fun but on the other hand it would be much less nice if everyone understood that you were in the middle of orgasm. But I must say that what I loved about, was this sexual tension that we maintained it made our sexual relations very much more intense and enjoyable. And if there was one thing he was good at, it was coming up with ideas to push lust even further. And this was his latest find. "Yep, we can try this !" I said. "Perfect !" he replied, not hiding his joy. Jolias drop down his short and released his "monster". Craaaaaaaap ! I think I'll never get used to this amazing view. Long, thick, venous, his member was in the image of his body: perfectly perfect ! He put the ring around his cock. "Max, give me your phone." I gave him, he fiddled few seconds then: "....... here it is, it's installed ! Just open the app, select the ring and enter the password. Well, I wouldn't want anyone else playing with my dick hahahaha !" "What's the password ?" "makemecum123" "......." "Well... we check that it works ?" said Jolias, in smiling. I opened the app, I selected the ring and I entered the password. As soon as I did, a small light lit up on the ring. "Oh crap ! aaaaaaaaaaaahhh... fuck....ggnnnnnnaaaaaaaahhhh....it's...ooooooooooohh...so...aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh... gooooooood....aaaaAAAAAAAAaaaAAAAAHHH oooOooooOOOOooOOOOOHHHHH !!!!!!" Jolias was moaning about 15 seconds then.. "Oh CRAP !...I'm....aaaaaaaah....cumminNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!" Like me, his dick spat out its white juice. A dozen charges splashed on the ground. "ha......ha.....ha....ha.....ha....craaaaaaap....ha...ha...ha... it's even better than I imagined and damn, it's not going to be easy to hold back !" Jolias pulled up his short and watched the clock. "Well, I thin it's time to go to college... And (boy)friendly advice Max, take several underwear and pants in your bag, you're probably going to cream on some hahahaha !" "Hehe but look out Jolias... because I can return the favour hehehehe !" "Ah but I hope so !" The school was only about ten minutes on foot, on the way, I couldn't focus on other thing than this embracing sensation at the base of my cock. It wasn't unpleasant, I just wasn't used to it. Arf, the first course was philosophy. I dislike this course, the teacher was so boring. Jolias and I were still sitting next to each other, by the way, that was how I met him, I remember staring at him for several seconds and then when he noticed me, I couldn't look at him all the way, but my heart was racing, it was only the next time we started talking, he never told me but I'm sure he didn't sit there by chance. But today we decided to step aside, so that we could admire the other in action without appearing too suspicious. If we were seen moaning, next to each other, I think our notoriety would take a big hit. Craaaaaaaap, as planned, this course is sooooo boring... Discreetly, I took my phone and send a message to Jolias. *Man, this course is so boring ! Can't wait for the end !* Few seconds later, he replied. *Boring ? Even with... this ?* As soon as I finished reading the sentence, my eyes were widening: I felt an intense vibration at the base of my dick FUck ! Fucking fuck Jolias ! Not now dude ! And I received another message: *Hahahahaha you should see your face dude ! And I know what you are thinking: not now, right ? But this is war my dear Max hehe ! So...enjoy ! :)" Crap, fucking crap !!! If I was at home, I would have enjoyed it but not here, no way that I cum in course ! I closed my mouth and clenched my teeth. Oh fucking crap ! It was so good ! How do you want to resist to this ? I try to seem normal but inside, I was clenching my teeth to the max, I squeeze my fist and I'm sure you could see veins on my forehead. Fuck Max ! Don't come, don't moan, Don't come, don't moan, don't come, don't moan... and of course it was already over for the last one. "......NNggnhh............." ... and obviously during a moment of silence. "Are you alright Max ?" asked the teacher. CRAP he noticed ! I tried as best I could to answer... "...nnngh....yeah....yeah...just...a...slight indigestion....It's...it's..okay..." He looked at me in disbelief... and continued Oh gosh thanks ! I was looking towards Jolias: he was completely amused by the situation, unable to hide a slight laugh. Crap Jolias, my vegeance will be a dish best served cold, or rather a cum best served hot ! My face started to turn red, I couldn't take it anymore, I need to cum. I spread my legs so that my trousers don't stick to my underwear. I could resist for a few more seconds and then the floodgates opened. My cock was spraying my underwear of his white liquid. I tried to stay stoic and produce no sound. but I could be seen to have a slight spasm with each load. And if you find that easy, I invite you to try, no sound, no reaction: it's FUCKING hard. I don't know how many loads I shot, but my underwear was warm, soaked and above all sticky. Fortunately, I put tightening boxer, which helps to keep it out of the way. But fucking crap, I couldn't spend the rest of the day like this, especially since I feel like I shot more than usual, so... go toilets ! But for to not be suspicious, I asked the teacher. "Hem, sorry Mister, but I need to go 2 minutes at toilets." "You are a big boy now Max, no need to ask me but thanks, just don't disturb others" Ouf! This was one of the advantages of the college, be able to slip away whenever you want. if I had been in high school, it would have been a disaster. I went out quickly of the room, in trying to not show that I had flooded my underwear. Once in the toilet, I checked that there was no one, I would lock myself in a cabin and took off my trouser. ...... HO-LY CRAP !!! I was right, I was swimming in cum. My underwear was almost entirely soaked ! SHit, I had rarely shot so much !! Craaaaaaaaaaaappppppp !!!! It was warm, thick and sticky, creamy. It seemed... delicious ! if I wasn't at school, I would have tasted it but really not a good idea. Well, I had taken an airtight bag and especially deodorant, A LOT OF DEODORANT. If I could hide my trophies easily, there was one thing that was less easy to hide: the smell. If I'd just put it in my bag I'd be toast in two seconds. I put on clean underwear and returned in course. When I entered in the room and Jolias saw me, I could see his smile grow. Oh man, wait, it will be your turn soon hehehe ! No sooner had I returned to my seat than I received a message from Jolias: *So, how the battle went ?* And I replied: *I was able to hold off the attacker for 5 minutes but they gained ground and broke through my defence. The courtyard of the castle was invaded !* The wording was weird but I don't want anyone to pick up my phone and see "Oh I have the best orgasm of my life in middle of course, I flowded my underwear !" And Jolias replied: *Hahahaha needed the biggest walls !* Yeah well I would have liked to see him there... Finally, the course ended, the next was history course. Jolias disliked this course. So we were going to make it more interesting ! But I would strike when he least expected it. the class started and the teacher began a long monologue (and yeah, it was boring). But personally, I was concentrated on Jolias, which, as it went along, almost fell asleep and at some point, he ends up closing his eyes... YES ! it was time to strike ! I'll give you the best alarm clock ever, my dear Jolias ! I opened the app, I selected the ring and entered the password... mmmh.. what was it again ? .. Ah yes, "makemecum123" and don't worry Jolias, you will cum hehehe ! Just before to apply, I looked Jolias, he was almost slept. Haha dude, you're going to have one of those wake-up calls, the best of your life ! I confirmed. Almost instantly, he opened his eyes at once. He tried to hide it but I could see clearly he was panting. Then he looked me. I gave him a discreet wave of the hand then I sent him a message. *In war as in war my love !* I saw him slighty laugh but quickly interrupted, he was clearly tense, as strong as I was. So, it's not easy Jolias, right ? I could see by his head and his fists, completely closed and clenched, that he was fighting hard. Then, like me, he couldn't help but let out a slight. "NNNGHnnnnn.........." "hem Jolias... are you okay ?" asked the teacher. Jolias was lucky that his very tanned skin didn't show quickly that he was blushing but I knew it, he was embarassed. "nnnngggnn.....Yeah.......yeah...just......just a little indigestion..." Oh the copier hahahaha ! I tried to show if he had already came or not. And suddenly, I had had my answer. I saw his eyes opened even wider, his fists clench harder and he had like spasms. That's it, the fire hose had just been turned on and then several dozen seconds later he relaxed. Well, no doubt, his underwear should be totally soaked. I didn't see wet patch on his short, he had managed it well but knowing him, he had to put on several layers of underwear. ".....sorry Mister but... I have to go to toilets, just 2 minutes" Hahaha crap, he's going to steal all my excuses or ... ? After few minutes, I sent him a message for know the situation. And he replied me: *Maaaan, I put two walls for to have better defenses and... the first layer is COMPLETELY destroyed ! Fucking craaaaaaap ! And the second one took a lot too ! It's so insane !* Hahaha well, this first battle was full of surprises and intense ! In any cases, it was fucking hard to control not to say impossible but that's what was good !! Jolias come back few minutes later, with a bag which must smell the deodorant hahaha ! Finally the courses ended and I joined Jolias outside. "So, how was your battle ?" he asked me, in smiling. "Fuck man, it was insane and insanely hard to be retained !" "Hahaha yeah, I agree, but little advice: put several underwear, it will help to absorb. Especially since, I don't know about you but I shot twice as much as usual" "Yeah, I had the same thing, impossible to stop, it shooted again and again and again. My underwear was totally soaked" I replied "Hahaha we will not have to forget to make turn the washing machine this evening if not one will be very quickly short of underwear !" said Jolias. "I have to admit that we're going to use dozens of them a day ! By the way, I have to go to the city, I wanted to buy some new clothes, are you coming with me or are you going home ?" "Of course I'm coming with you !" "Well ! ... AH ! Here is the bus !" As usual we put ourselves in the background, it was more discreet and I do not know but ... I expected another "attack". Indeed, Jolias was playing with his telehpne and I was expecting to feel my ring vibrate at any moment, especially since he liked to do it in uncomfortable situations. And getting a gift in the middle of a bus ride was not a comfortable situation. Suddenly, I saw him raise an eyebrow, as if surprised... I wonder what made him .. !! aaaaaAAaaaaAAAAAAaaaAAAAAaaaAAAAHHHHHH !!!!!!! SHIT !!! FUCKING SHIT !!! I fucking knew it, he couldn't help it !!! Fuck Jolias, we are in a bus and you'll make me flood my underwear now ? Seriously ? OOoOOOoOOOOoOOOooooOOOOHHHHH !!!! Fuck, fucking fuck !!! It was good, it was... so fucking good ! Like in class, I was trying to hide it but you could clearly see that I was tense and trembling slightly. Fuck ! AAAAaaaaAAAAAAaaaaaaaAAAAAaaaAAAAHHHHHHH !!!!! But something new has happened: you know that feeling you get just before an orgasm ? Usually you feel it "where it belongs" right ? Well, here I had the impression that it was... spreading. It was not just my pelvis area, NNNnnnnngnnnngnnnhhhhhh !!!! I also started to feel it in my legs, my chest and little by little it spread to my whole body. OoOOOOooooooOoOOOOoooooOOOOOHHHHHH GOOOOOSH !!! it was like... I had a total masturbation of my whole body. And I was hot, more and more. And I looked at my arms and I could see that I was more vascular. And I could feel my heart beating super fast Fucking fuck.... FUCKING FUCK ! What was going on ? What the fuck was going on ? It wasn't normal, it wasn't normal at all !! I was trying so hard to resist, some tears even flowed but.. Don't cum Max, you're in a bus, your body seems to have an erection and it all makes no sense but don't cum ! ... Damn it was hard ! It was FUCKING HARD ! Even harder than in class... Jolias nudged me and showed me his phone. On it was written: "So, this battle ?" As I suspected it was him but... I don't think he noticed that there was anything different here. Maybe I was having an allergic reaction... In any case I really had the feeling that my body was congested. And it seemed to increase. Then a wave of pleasure went through me and I knew the fight was lost. My "cannon" was about to fire ! And few seconds later, I fired... I shooted, big load after big load, covering my underwear of cum and trying to swallow my moans and... shit, FUCKING SHIT ! I could see a wet patch on my pants. Not huge but it meant that my underwear was not enough. And clearly, he was flowded, I could feel it sticking to my skin. Then the "congestion" disappear in same time than I stopped to cumming. Honestly, I was a bit panicked. I was not surprised for the masturbate session but for the other thing, it wasn't clearly normal. I almost felt like my whole body was... swelling... But it's ridiculous, muscle growths as in the cartoon didn't exist. However, I really the feeling to be... pumped. And Jolias did not seem to have noticed. Well, it's our stop. we got off the bus and I tried not to show too much of my wet patch, well, here it was not just a wet patch, it had widened. "Fuck dude ! Thanks for the surprise attack, now my underwear sticks to my skin !" I said, sarcastically. "Hahahaha !! It was boring so it was necessary to spice up this journey a bit, no ?" "Yeah super... but now I have a underwear soaked of cum and I have to go in a shopping center full of people, thank you very much..." "Hahahahaha !! Don't worry, I have my stock of underwear and pants, we are going to need it I think. And little advice: put two or even three underwear. We don't know what can happen.." he said me in smiling. Crap, I bet he was going to do it again in the mall... I took his underwears and pant, found a quiet place and I changed my clothes..... FUCKING CRAP ! No wonder I had a wet patch; my underwear was completely FLOWED ! CRAAAAAAAAAP !! Well, if I put this in my bag it will stink... I was getting rid of my old clothes and dressed me again. Yes, it was really the right time to buy new ones ! We entered in the mall.
  13. compactmuscle

    Biker Muscle

    Also known as "Big Dan". This story dates from the 1990s, I believe. The first five original parts were written by Michael Yoder (myoder). TCCowboy wrote the sixth part. This version was preserved by fred2001, with slight corrections by me. Big Dan Part I Dan was a biker. He liked being on the open road and only took jobs when he needed the bucks for food or a good workout. His favorite jobs were construction and logging - anything that worked his huge muscles hard and helped him grow. He was a huge man and wanted to be even bigger! He was 35 years old stood 6'8" and weighed 480lbs. His neck was a thick 25" around and his shoulders spanned 38" across his back! His chest, thick with dark brown hair was an incredible 75". His biceps stretched the tape at 26" but he wanted them bigger. His hairy forearms measured 22" and his wrists were nearly 10" around. His waist was 36" and his abs jutted out like bricks. His thighs were an amazing 40" and his calves were blown to almost 29". He was a giant, totally powerful and totally in control. His hair shoulder length, thinning a little on top and he kept it brushed back, and he wore a mustache that framed his sneering lips. After one his construction jobs, Dan went down to a gym near the Italian district. The place was small, but he noticed the men coming out were big. He figured this would be a good place for him to pump up. He wandered into the small, dark gym and paid for a workout. He stripped into some shorts and immediately grabbed the heaviest weights he could find and started pumping. The other guys were astounded at Dan's incredible strength - warming up his arms with 200lbs! He pumped out 20 reps and put them down looking for bigger weights. He settled on 250lbs for another 20 reps. His arms were ripped and huge, but he wished they could be bigger. Then a guy came over and started talking with Dan. "Hey, big guy! You wanna get bigger?!" Dan put the weights down and looked over. This guy wasn't as tall as Dan - only 6'2", but he was big! He rivaled Dan in muscle size, and probably strength. He said his name was John. "Bigger than this?!" Dan said. "Yeah, Fuck man, I wanna be the fucking biggest freak around!" He flexed his pumped 26" biceps and grunted. "Fuckin' huge, man. You can make me bigger?" "Yeah," the guy said handing Dan 4 small blue pills. "Take one of these, workout for a while and you'll pump so huge you won't believe it. Forty bucks." Dan grabbed his wallet and paid the guy. "If this doesn't work, I'll pound your fucking ass man!" He swallowed one of the pills and started to bench press with 500lbs. He completed a few reps and suddenly felt dizzy. He put the weight back on the rack before it crashed onto his chest. The dizziness persisted for a moment, and then Dan felt a rush - like fire in his veins. The rush ran through his whole body as the steroid took effect. Then he felt a rush of power and grabbed the 500lb barbell. Now it felt like a toothpick! He hefted it up and down, pumping out 20 reps, 30 reps, 40 reps! "Not enough weight!" he shouted, jumping up from the bench. He grabbed another 500lb barbell and started doing curls with it! "Yeah! Fuck man, this is wild!" He watched in the mirror as his arms expanded before his eyes. The 500lbs was like nothing to him as his power increased with every passing second. He wanted more weight. He grabbed the leg press machine - loaded down with plates and lifted the whole thing over his head with a shout of power! He sneered at the puny men gathered round to watch this incredible feat. He pressed the 1500lbs of machine over his head like a toy! "BIGGER! FUCKIN' BIGGER!" He looked in the mirror and saw how his T-shirt was stretched tight over his massive and expanding muscle. The veins in his neck and arms were like thick ropes, Striations were bursting through his skin. His dick was getting bigger, too, he could feel it growing in his shorts which were stretched over his massive quads! He was mesmerized by his reflection and tossed the machine down with a tremendous crash! "Somebody measure me, man!" He held his gargantuan biceps up and flexed. His shirt sleeves tore away. He rolled his big pecs and the shirt ripped open falling to the floor in shreds. He flexed every muscle as the guys measured him. "Biceps - 30"; chest - 80"; waist - 40"; thighs - 40"; calves - 34"... Everyone gasped as Dan posed and flexed his superhuman body. He hit a most muscular pose and gritted his teeth looking like a wild man. His muscle was huge and cut. His dick started growing in his shorts, getting longer and thicker and the admiration he was getting was making it hard, too. He knew before long the shorts would give out. Then he pulled out the other pills and downed them all. "Don't!" John said. "You'll get too big!" With one massive hairy hand, Dan pushed John away as the pills took effect. The dizziness lasted a little longer than before, then the rush pressed through Dan's veins like a train. He looked in the mirror and watched as his body started to grow. The shorts fell away quickly as his thigh expanded and his dick sprang out - huge and hard as a rock! "MEASURE MY FUCKING COCK, MAN!" He bellowed. His voice was deeper and he felt like he was soon going to be the strongest and biggest man on the planet. "15 inches! and 11" around!" they gasped. Dan grinned knowing his dick was bigger than any of their puny ones. Even the largest guy couldn't have a cock harder and bigger than this horsedick - fuck even a horse couldn't! Dan walked over to a weight bench and grabbed four fifty pound plates. He flexed his rock hard cock a few times and then placed the plates one by one over the head of his massive dong. The weights stayed in place as his huge cock flexed. Two-hundred pounds lifted by this monster's prick! "FUCK, THAT'S HOT!' Dan bellowed, showing off the power of his mammoth dick. "JOHN, GET OVER HERE!" John came closer and Dan picked him up in one hand. The giant man, muscles bulging and still growing placed the 250lb man on his dick straddling the massive prick. Then Dan lifted John and the weights with his cock! 450lbs lifted by the muscle dick! "RIDE MY MUSCLE COCK!" Dan bellowed as he flexed John up and down. John grabbed onto Dan's mountainous hairy pecs and Dan threw his head back and laughed as he flexed them for John. John got so hot reveling in the power of Dan that his cock stiffened and he shot in his gym shorts. "FUCKIN' MUSCLE STUD!" Dan shouted. "I'M GETTIN' BIGGER BOYS. LOOK AT THIS!" He flexed his biceps and the peak rose up almost to his fist! His forearms were thick and hard. The triceps extended down in a mass of veins and his muscle was twisted and pumped. He lowered his arms although they sat out at a angle pushed out by his incredible lats. He had to be 3 feet thick! All muscle, all man! His chin rested on top of his pecs and when he flexed his huge hairy pecs, the striations looked about 2 inches deep, hair furrowed through the thick cords of muscle. His abdominals were like slabs of beef stretching over his gut and jutting out in a deep six-pack. His thighs were ripped and every muscle in his quads and calves were striated and thick. He turned around and spread his back. Even relaxed it was cut with mountains of muscle. His traps raised over his shoulders like twisted mountains of brutal flesh! His cock flexed and pulsed with his excitement as he grew bigger. "TIME TO MEASURE ME AGAIN!" he shouted. "EVERY FUCKIN' INCH!" They wrapped the tape around his obscenely huge muscles and called out the measurements. "Neck - 28"; chest - 90"; biceps - 37"; forearms - 30"; waist - 46"; thighs - 48"; calves - 38" Dan laughed as each measurement was read off. "Measure my dick, too" They taped it at 19" long and 14" around! "YEAH! YOU LITTLE GUYS EVER SEEN A REAL FUCKING MAN BEFORE!" Dan's muscle and power had peaked now and he was so hot he knew he was going to shoot off soon. In a burst of strength he gathered up the guys and sat them on top of a long bench. He lay under the bench and pressed it. It had to weigh 2000 lbs. He pumped out 30 reps without stopping and then stood up with the bench in his huge hands. He held it high overhead and started pumping more. His cock flexed with his inhuman strength and the guys were so turned on by his power they started jerking off too. Sweaty hard bodies all swarmed over Dan - like ants on a huge beast. Dan laughed insanely as these huge bodybuilders climbed on him! "WORSHIP THIS MUSCLE, YOU PUNY MEN! WORSHIP MY MASS AND POWER!" He stood still as they used his body like monkey bars, chin raises off his massive arms, pushing at his thighs trying to move them, straddling his 19" rock hard cock as he flexed it for them! Finally, they all started shooting hot loads all over Dan's body. Their total worship of his muscle got him hot. He flexed his cock, throbbing it more and more and shot a load that sprayed over all of them. He was the biggest man in the world, and this was going to be just the beginning of his adventures...
  14. londonboy

    Cumming And Growing

    “Hey Colin, can you come help me get this t-shirt off?” “Dude, I am not your servant. If you’re going to get too big to take off your own shirt, then buy extra ones and just rip them from your body at the end of each day.” “Get over here and help me or I’m going to walk over there and pin you to your bed with only one finger pressed into your back. And you know I can do it. I won’t let you up until you piss on yourself.” It was the same scenario from almost every other evening in this particular dorm room. Joey Tate and Colin Green had roomed together for four years. They had been placed as roomies randomly by the university’s lottery system, but had become best friends within two weeks of their first semester and had been inseparable since. They fully realized that fate had brought them together for a specific reason and now nothing was going to split them up. Colin stepped closer to the muscular senior, who had bent over to make it easier for his friend to pull the super-tight shirt up over his monstrous back and insanely wide shoulders. Once the sweat-soaked shirt had been peeled off, Joey stood back up and Colin had to tilt his head back to look into the face of his roommate. “Anyway, remember, Colin, it’s your fault I’ve gotten this big.” “Are you complaining, Joey.” “No way, man, but you just need to remember that I’m so fuckin’ swollen with muscles that I now need you to do a few things for me – like scrubbing my back, helping me remove shirts, and, best of all, measuring body parts.” “Not to mention doing your laundry, making your protein shakes, and cleaning this shared dorm room.” “Now Colin, you remember the deal we made. It seems to me that you agreed early on that you were getting the better part of this arrangement. I think I remember some moans of pleasure this morning that made it very clear you like your contributions to this relationship.” “Well, yes – yes, I do. I also believe the sounds you gave off at the same time prove how much you like it, too, Joey.” “I wasn’t the one complaining, buddy! Care for a second round? I’m a little juiced up after the gym.” “No sir, we have to stick to our rules. We can only ask our parents for a certain amount of money each semester. Your clothes have to, at least, last the semester. You’ve also already drawn enough attention to yourself - let’s not battle another round of steroid rumors and you having to prove that needles have not been injected.” “There’s only one thing I need sticking inside of me to make me grow, Colin. How about it roomie, let’s make some muscle. I feel like growing some more.” “Down boy. Go take a cold shower. You’re just over-stimulated. You know what lifting does to you.” Joey left the room to head down to the showers at the end of the hall, clearly unconcerned that he was walking around in only his skin-tight boxers. With a body like his it really didn’t matter what he wore – people were going to stare no matter what. Colin missed his roommate’s huge body as soon as it departed the room. He had certainly desired a second round, just like Joey, but he needed to be the clear-headed one in this relationship. Joey tended to have only one thing on his mind at all times – muscles, muscles, muscles – and Colin needed to keep the big man’s urges in check. He started picking up the sweaty clothes Joey had worn to the gym – holding them up to his face to get a deep whiff of the other dude’s raunchy manliness. The stench made Colin hard as hell immediately. His thoughts drifted back to that first semester of freshman year. The two dweeby drama majors had hit it off the first night – even confessing their homosexuality to each other within three hours of meeting. It was clear that both guys wanted to be free of bonds and bullying that had held them down in high school. One thing led to another and before either of them could do anything about it they were initiating both beds by moving back and forth in copulation bliss – multiple times. The sex had been so incredible for both of them they lost count of the times they came and just focused on pleasing each other. The next morning Colin felt like a million bucks, but Joey complained that his body ached like crazy and they both worried he had the flu. By late afternoon he was feeling better and further into the evening he felt so good that they repeated their goal of attempting as many sexual positions in one night as possible. Again, the next day Colin felt like he could run a marathon and Joey had the same flu-like symptoms. It wasn’t until after three weeks of this lustful cycle that Joey’s change started to become obvious. One day he was complaining about how tight most of his clothes had become and how he felt bigger in some way. He told his roommate it was the first time he could actually see muscles on his body – none of them had existed before. This confirmed something else Colin had realized a few days before – that Joey had grown a few inches taler. Neither roommate pursued the conversation after that initial revelation, but it stayed somewhere in the back of their minds. Unfortunately, Joey’s grandmother passed away suddenly and he was called back to his hometown for a week and a half. During this time of separation Colin never woke up with the incredible feelings he had experienced after sleeping with his roommate and Joey didn’t ache in the morning or seem to grow bigger at all. As a matter of fact the now larger man’s new muscles seemed to deflate a little. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what was happening – even though it seemed far-fetched and bizarre. Both men figured out their chemistry, when combined, did something miraculous. They were excited to share their newfound knowledge with each other when Joey returned, but their desire for sex was too overpowering and they spent the first eight hours after his arrival in bed. Colin could remember like it was yesterday the conversation that happened while they lay in bed fully charged early the next morning. Joey’s bluntness didn’t catch Colin off guard at all. “I grow when you fuck me.” “I know. And somehow I get smarter every time I squirt a load inside you, as well.” “Really? Wow, I didn’t realize that. How’d you figure it out?” “After five days of having sex with you I read all three textbooks for my calculus class from cover to cover and understood them completely. While you were away I lost some of the stuff I had immediately known right after our fuck sessions.” “This is totally whacked! Should we go to the doctor or tell someone, Colin?” “Why? Haven’t you always wanted to be huge? That’s what you told me” “Well, yes, but what if it’s dangerous or we’re causing some unknown harm to our bodies.” “The new hardness I feel in all of your muscles tells me we aren’t causing you any damage. As a matter of fact, I think the opposite is true. Our sex simply enhances your growth…” “And my strength! I lift a little heavier weight after every time I give you my ass or I suck you off.” “And I get smarter. I memorized a thousand Google sites in an hour recently. So let’s not tell anyone. Let’s just keep doing what we’ve been doing. Besides, I’m having the time of my life – aren’t you?” “Hell yes! So, how about you filling my ass for the fifth time tonight, Colin?” “With pleasure, Joey. It’s morning, though.” “Who the hell cares – just make me grow!” And that had been over three years ago. Since then, the two roommates had not been apart for more than three or four nights – ever! They usually had to separate during the holidays, but they had quickly devised plans to work and live together over the summers and they spent all other breaks in each other’s company. Over their freshman year Joey grew bigger than his entire wardrobe by mid-point second semester and that’s when Colin had been smart enough to force some limitations on their lovemaking. They were allowed one fuck session per day and two on special days - like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and the like. Joey complained a lot about the guidelines, but mostly because he was beginning to crave getting bigger and stronger. The guy started to have so much testosterone running through his body that even his little toe had macho swagger. He caught on to Colin’s wisdom, though, after he had to keep asking his parents for more money to buy new clothes and they started complaining. By the beginning of their junior year, Joey had gotten so big and strong that he sometimes easily held Colin down on the bed and sucked him off, rules or no rules. He was that desperate for more of his roommate’s powerful cum. He had learned, however, that this couldn’t happen all the time. Joey was now the star athlete on campus and ruled the weight room – something the theatre geek would have never thought possible when he started college. He also had more confidence that every other athlete put together. The young man wasn’t rude or cocky; he just always exuded this masculine aura that made it clear that people should treat him differently. Colin was clearly destined to graduate with top honors and most of his teachers had already given him so much extra work that they were running out of ways to challenge the student. He would be graduating with three majors – something that was almost unheard of. The couple was dubbed ‘the brainiac and the stud’ by everyone on campus and it was a well-known fact that they were lovers. No one ever bullied them or even talked about them behind their backs – mainly because they were such great guys, but also because everyone knew that Joey was strong enough to rip a car apart. No one wanted to be torn in two so they left the lovers alone – even the hotheaded frat-jocks knew not to mess with Joey. The roommates became campus celebrities and enjoyed their life of sex, growth, and enhanced intelligence. Joey returned from taking a shower, his body still shiny with water and his hair matted down on his head. He had an intense lustful look in his eyes when he closed the door and his cock, which had grown huge with the rest of him, was poking out from his boxers like the barrel of a missile launcher on a battleship. Colin instantly knew that the shower had not been enough to calm the savage beast. He also knew he would need to act quickly or Joey’s need for satisfaction would cause him to forcibly extract cum from the smaller man’s body – something that was always very pleasurable, but not the wisest thing since they had already had sex that morning. “Bring that beautiful thing over here, Joey, and I’ll take care of it for you. How about a blow job that will make your eyes roll back into your head?” Joey quickly removed his boxers as he walked over to his roommate. He then put his big hands on his hips and let his massive cock jut straight out towards Colin’s face. Like some kind of experienced hustler or professional cocksucker, Colin opened his mouth and throat completely and took the monster piece of meat deep inside him. It was clear that the man had become extremely talented at giving his roommate blowjobs – able to handle the man’s hugeness without any problem. It took about five minutes of loud moans and the intense sounds of expert sucking to make the big man explode like a supersized cannon. Both men were shocked by the amount of spunk Joey could release, but when you took into account the man’s size and the enormity of his cock and balls, it made sense. Joey had his big hands plastered against the wall high above Colin’s bed as he continued to shove his rod down his roommate’s throat to release a few more powerful blasts of jism. They stood there – frozen in time for about a minute as Joey’s body calmed down from the volcanic eruption. “I still don’t understand why me filling your little body with my juice doesn’t do anything.” “It’s a mystery, Joey. It is crazy ironic that the little guy needs to plow the muscleman’s ass to make him bigger, don’t you think? I do believe, however, that you have come to squeal like a little baby getting his bottle every time I plug you with my cock.” “It’s true. I used to love it just because I knew it would make me grow, but now I actually crave feeling your hardness inside of me. I wish I could go around all day with your cock in my ass.” “I bought you a set of butt plugs, but you never use them, Joey.” “It’s not the same – they don’t throb like your hard meat. It’s kind of like holding a mannequin’s hand. I crave the real thing. And I crave it all the time.” “Well, at least we can give you satisfaction this way and not have to worry about you bursting out of your clothes later in class or on the field. It wasn’t cool two weeks ago when after an intense sex session your quads burst out of your baseball uniform during a game.” “No, but it felt fucking hot! And it felt great having my dick flopping up and down in the breeze. I think Coach Denton got a little light headed when he saw how huge I was.” “Okay, enough with those thoughts, Joey, or you’ll work yourself up into another frenzy. Let’s not make this a day where I have to meet you almost every other hour someplace private on campus and suck you off. My jaw can’t take another one of those.” “Okay, okay. But I can’t help it if all this muscle and testosterone keep me horned up all the time. I just can’t get enough of my little man to satisfy all this hugeness.” “Yeah, like last week when you stood on my bed and pressed my body against the ceiling just so you could have my cock pointing down when you sucked me off – hoping it would mean I’d produce more cum.” “I believe it worked, did it not?” “Only because I got so turned on when you held me in place with only one hand.” “Well, you have gotten really light, you know.” “I’ve stayed the same, you jerk, and you are the one that’s gotten stronger.” Joey bent down and wrapped his beefy arms around his roommate, pulling him off the bed into the air in a loving bear hug. Collin immediately felt a rush of heaven flow through his body. He, too, could not get enough of his massively brawny roommate, but he was the one with the ability – most of the time – to logically avoid allowing Joey to outgrow the dorm room. He knew the massive jock would have liked to be the largest man on earth, but having a college boy bigger than all pro-bodybuilders and world-class strongmen would be a little too hard to explain to the world. This was especially true since the guy had been only a runt of a guy just three years ago. Joey started rubbing the smaller man’s body against his own; actually using Colin like someone might use a pillow to stroke his cock. Joey sometimes didn’t even realize what he was doing – he was just a huge man who had needs and he looked for ways to satisfy those desires without even thinking about it. “Hey perv, put me down, before that log becomes hard again and sticks out between my legs to become a bench for me to sit on.” “I don’t know why I’m so fucking horny today, Colin.” “You’re always fucking horny, dude.” Joey dropped his roommate on the bed and the smaller man bounced up and down. Without any warning or even caring what Colin thought, the big man started slowly moving through a posing routine in the middle of the room. He kept his eyes locked on his roommate because he knew exactly what his actions would do to the smaller muscle whore. “God, I love how I can flex my body and just know how it’s going to make you react. I begin with a side chest pose and it makes your eyes always grow wider. I then raise my arm into a biceps flex and my other arm goes down to my side so you see the chest and the bulging gun at the same time – something that makes your mouth drop open like it is right now. I then slowly move into a most muscular pose and, sproing, you cock shoots hard. But what I love most of all is when I end with a double biceps flex and your hand moves to your meat without any direct order from your brain and that paw begins to instinctively stroke it in appreciation of my muscles. Damn, I can depend on those specific reactions as much as I can depend on the sun rising in the morning. Now if I was really in an evil mood, I’d come over there and force my ass onto that hard pole, knowing you’d last maybe three tight bounces of my body up and down before you offered me some of your manliness, but I want to show you how I can sometimes be the one in control. You may be smarter than all the people on campus put together, Colin, but when it comes to my muscles all those brains can’t prevent you from having all those natural muscle-pig reactions. You want me just as much as I want you. This time brawn wins out, dude – I’m using all of my strength right now to prevent myself from forcing you to fuck me. See, now aren’t you impressed.” “Yes.” “Aw, the boy can only whisper now because he’s so taken with my body. It would be so easy to send you over the edge. What’s up mister smart Poindexter - is all my muscle just too much for your little body?” “Yes.” “Wow, for such a brilliant man, you sure aren’t one for many words, are you?” “No.” Joey bent down and gave the still hard and unmoving smaller man a kiss on the lips. He then stood back up and crunched his abs a few inches away from Colin’s face. The roommate on the bed reached up and ran his hand along the hard ridges as Joey moved his torso from side to side to emphasize his stomach’s perfection even more. Colin hummed in pleasure as he felt how hard Joey’s abs could become. “Happy Anniversary, again, baby.” “It’s funny how we celebrate our fist date and not the actual day we met and fucked, don’t you think, Joey?” “Oh my gosh, not this again. I’m telling you the days we holed up in here and plowed each other’s holes doesn’t count – it wasn’t until three and a half weeks into the semester that we actually put on nice outfits and went out for a date – to a real restaurant.” “Yeah, but we didn’t make it through the entire meal. We so desperately wanted to have more sex that we fucked in the bathroom stall; having to be quiet each time someone came in for anything. The waiter thought we were going to dine and dash, when it was really we just couldn’t keep our hands off of each other.” “I still can’t keep my hands off of you, mister smarty pants, and I say we should use our first date for our anniversary. Let’s not get into this again, please? Now what do you want for your present?” “What were my choices again, Joey?” “Should we write these down, roomie? Cracking a bowling ball, bending or splintering baseball bats, crushing a safe, or poking my cock through cinderblocks – which is it going to be?” “Can I have all of them?” “I told you Colin – at max, two – since I need to save some things for your birthday, as well.” “I hope we are always so poor that we have to give each other hand made presents.” Colin looked up at the crowbar hanging on the wall, which had been bent into the shape of a heart by his huge lover and roommate. He remembered how it had been a special gift since Joey let him actually watch as he easily manhandled the metal into the special design. It was a Valentine’s Day he’d never forget. “Let’s see, if I choose the cinderblocks and watching you do some massive abuse with your cock, you’ll be too horned up at the end for me to convince you that I should just suck you off…” “That will probably happen with any of the choices, Colin. And, besides, it’s a special occasion so I get a second round tonight, anyway.” “So true. I guess I’d like the bowling ball and, for dessert, the thrill of seeing the safe destroyed.” “Excellent choices. I’ll borrow it from the finance office this evening – well, not really borrow since it will be destroyed. I don’t think I’ll be able to return it. And can I have my present now? I know it’s been ready for a while. It barely took you any effort at all, did it?” “No, actually it was harder than I anticipated, but it has been ready for a while. Here you go.” Colin reached down under his bed and pulled out a box, which Joey opened and a used iPhone was revealed. The larger man held it lovingly and looked at his partner. The smile on his face pleased Colin very much. “It’s totally loaded with apps you didn’t have to pay for and trust me, you won’t ever see a bill. I’ve got this thing so beautifully hidden that we’ll be in our thirties and raking in some big money before anyone figures us out. We’ll also get all the automatic upgrades.” “Sweet! Thank you, my smart handsome, boo.” “Anything for you, big man. And remember, I want one more gift. You promised me three homeruns today.” “Hey listen, can we make that two? Coach has been asking me to lighten up a little. The other schools have been complaining that I’m taking all the fun out of sports for the other teams. I think it would be good if I struck out once or just got a base hit.” “What? That’s not fair. You already never swing with your full force…” “Exactly, Colin – and the ball still goes soaring over the entire gym at the other side of the field.” “I love it when that happens. Okay, okay. You’re right. It’s kind of like during freshman year when Coach Denton made you wrestle the assistant coaches of the other teams so you wouldn’t hurt any of the college age dudes. I still remember how shocked those older men would get when you pinned them easily.” “Not to mention how my strength would cause them to get hard-ons whether they wanted to or not!” “Kind of like the hard on I’m sporting right now.” “Colin, stop it. Look who’s getting all horned up now. Let’s wait until this evening. As much as I want more of your super-charged juice right now, I need to get to class. And don’t be beating off when I’m gone. I want you to save that cum for later on this evening. Don’t think that I don’t notice those stains on the wall above the head of your bed. I know you’ve been whacking off thinking about me.” “Guilty as charged! I just have to start thinking about how you have grown over the last three years and I lose control. And usually the explosion comes when I remember those first few strength feats – like the time you hooked one foot under Myron Rosenthal’s chair in Comparative Literature and easily raised his huge linebacker body into the air a few times. With just one foot you lifted all of his three hundred and twenty pounds. And then watching the big jock spring some stiff wood just from you showing off – it was too much. I can still cum instantly remembering that day.” “I am walking out the door right now, for fear that I will stay and we’ll end up not going out for our anniversary later. We tend to stay in bed for at least twenty-four hours when both of us are horned up at the same time. Have a great day, sweetie and I’ll see you at the game.” “I’ll see you then, but you didn’t forget that you promised me a game of hide and go seek with Dale Ewing’s car today.” “You’ll be happy to know I snuck away in the middle of the night and already put it somewhere fun. Oh how I wish I was smart enough to skip my classes and just spend the day looking for a car that my roommate carried off and hid.” “I don’t skip my classes! My teachers ask me to not come so I won’t ask questions that make them look stupid. Did you hide the car so well that it’s going to take me all day like it did last time?” “Definitely. And remember, Dale comes back tomorrow, so I have to move it back to the parking lot this evening. He’s still furious about the time I carried it to the top of the water tower and then forgot about it for a week when you couldn’t find it.” “Yes, we can’t let that happen again – even if I don’t like Dale Ewing at all. There’s no way to prevent him from knowing you did it, since you’re the only guy that could carry a car up a tower. Have a great day, honey.” Again, Colin missed his huge roommate as soon as he left the room. Joey had pulled on some board shorts and a tank top and was out the door after he retrieved his books and sandals. The smaller man’s cock was still fully hard, so he laid back on the bed and let his right hand drift down his stomach to grab hold of the pole, which was sticking straight up. He began to stroke his meat slowly as he imagined his roommate and lover causing a bowling ball to crack with his bare hands and crushing a heavy safe, hopefully by bear hugging the thing into a big glob of metal. A loud moan escaped his mouth from the excitement of the images in his head. Suddenly the door opened and he turned to see his roommate standing there with his massively muscle arms folded across his equally huge chest. “Move your hand away from the loaded cock and don’t put it there again. Don’t make me twist a sheet of metal around your cock and balls to prevent you from touching them for the rest of the day – and you know I can do it.” “You were probably already outside, how did you know what I was doing?” “I heard the moan and shot back in quickly. Remember, my senses are super powered just like the rest of me.” Colin quickly took his hand away from his stiff rod and reached down to grab his underwear off the floor. He pulled them up his legs and stuffed his still semi-hard cock inside. He then pulled on his shorts and looked at his roommate sheepishly. “That’s a good boy, Colin. See you later.” Both men realized it was a good thing that most of the time one of them could step away from the constant need for sex and help keep some order in their lives. It was on the days when both of them lost control of their libidos that the big man’s ass was pounded hard and major growth followed – physically for one and mentally for the other. Part Two It was extremely difficult for Colin not to lay back down on the bed, whip out his hard cock, and return to the thrill of beating off to memories of what his college roommate, and lover, was able to do with his new strength. Colin chose not to do it only because he was scared that Joey’s super senses would either hear him pumping his meat intensely or smell his fresh hot semen as it exploded from his hard dick – even from all the way across campus. Colin knew the big guy could be back in seconds if that happened. He knew, with Joey, everything was possible. Colin was told not to waste even a drop of his precious juice. He also thought about how his own need for sexual release could easily overpower the super knowledge he had attained from fucking his roommate. If the smart man wanted to get his rocks off in a big way, no amount of logic or intelligence prevented him from squirting out some thick milky juice, but the fear of disappointing his big strong man by wasting muscle producing cum was enough to prevent him from dropping his drawers and double fisting his ample pole right there - standing above his bed. Colin decided he needed a cold shower as much as his roommate had just a few minutes ago. He also knew he needed to start looking for the car Joey had hidden somewhere on campus – knowing that it might take him a while because the guy’s increased strength enabled the big man to easily hoist the Toyota Corolla to unthinkable places. Just the thought of Joey lifting a car over his head was enough to make Colin explode, so he knew the cold shower could not come fast enough. The cold water did nothing to calm Colin’s raging hard-on. He was still basking in the afterglow of plowing Joey’s big muscled ass that morning, but was more excited because he knew that the cum he had blasted deep into his roommate’s body was going to make the huge guy grow even more. Colin figured that Joey was in class right now feeling his muscles going through the process of breaking down to then build up even thicker and stronger. That thought made Colin’s cock-head throb with an intensity that quickly told the smaller man to stand still or he was going to explode. Colin was still amazed that Joey’s body was now so big and strong that the guy never went through the post-fucking flu-like pain he had when they had first gotten together. Joey now said he merely felt intense tingling all over his body as his muscles grew – but sometimes it was so intense that the hulking athlete needed to stop whatever he was doing and go shove his cock into a tight place or immediately bring his monster meat to an ‘every part of my body is tensed as hell’ orgasm. Colin loved watching his big roommate’s muscles lose control and every part of him turn to something resembling stone covered in thick veins as he jacked out enough spunk to fill a sink. Colin longed to reach down and grab his cock through his jeans, but he knew he shouldn’t. He looked at the cum stains on the wall above his bed – a constant reminder of the other times he had lost control – and he grabbed his phone and other stuff, leaving the room before he went to a place where there was no turning back. He wanted to save himself for the promised fuck-fest that was going to happen in the same room later that night after Joey and he celebrated their anniversary. Colin looked forward to making the room smell like an entire football team had jerked off at the same time – special occasions for the two roommates usually turned into a sexual free-for-all that lasted for hours. His mind stayed on the wonderful image of Joey’s tight ass opening up for Colin’s hard cock and this caused an obvious bulge in his pants as he travelled across campus. Colin decided to look for the car first near the gym, since that was close to the parking lot where it was usually parked. Meanwhile, Joey was having problems concentrating as he took a test in his literature class. The big man’s ass was aching for more invasions from his roommate’s cum-filled cock. The jock’s body was on fire with change from the fucking he had received that morning. He knew his body would be changing some soon and that is why he had worn a tight t-shirt. When the love of his life and he met for lunch he wanted there to be some rips and tears in his shirt that would reveal the enhanced muscle in a way that would drive Colin crazy. He wanted to make sure that every second they were together this day would be so filled with sexual tension that by the time his smaller roommate plowed his big muscled ass there would be so much juice built up that it would feel like a tsunami was being released deep into his tight chute. Joey craved more muscles and increased power – almost as much as he desired his lover, Colin. Being away from the gorgeous little guy was difficult – Joey wished he could have some part of his body touching his roommate all the time. There was just a sense of security and deep pleasure that came with an embrace, a hand on the knee, or when they were joined by Colin’s muscle growing cock. These thoughts and the effects of the morning sexual deposit his roommate had made in his ass were giving the double-sized athlete a major problem under the table as he took his test. The head of his cock pressed against the bottom of the table like it was going to poke a hole through the wood and granite at any moment. Joey loved how he could hear the heavy piece of furniture creak out loud in protest as he pressed the end of his stiff pole into the wood. He knew he shouldn’t do it, but he really wanted to see the tabletop be split apart easily by forcing his hardness through. Joey thought about how disappointed his lover would be if he destroyed the table and brought attention to himself in the middle of class, so he decided to just continue to press with enough force to give himself pleasure, but not enough to destroy anything. He also concentrated on the test. After about an hour and a half Colin’s search for the hidden car was interrupted briefly by the head of the physics department who wanted to ask the young man’s opinion about a difficult equation he had been working on. Colin found it difficult, as well, and the two had sat on a bench in the middle of campus for about thirty minutes working it out. When the solution was found the chair was so excited that she thanked Colin quickly and then ran off to show the other professors in her department. Colin felt some satisfaction about the equation they had solved but he was frustrated that he had not found the hidden Toyota. His roommate had obviously carried the car to somewhere far from the gym, something Colin wished he could have watched. He searched for a little more before he pulled out his computer and quickly hacked into the security system of the university. He wanted to watch the feed from the cameras around the gym. His cock instantly went hard when he saw his roommate walking across the lawn in front of the gym holding the Corolla over his head. He looked like some modern version of Hercules, hoisting the heavy thing in the air. Joey wasn’t even trying to hide what he was doing so this made it clear he had, again, worked out a deal with the security guards. Last time he hid the car he had allowed the two burly older men to punch his stomach until they exhausted themselves in exchange for them not sharing any information with me as to where the car had been placed. The guards loved Joey and his displays of strength. He probably could get them to do anything for him if he just ripped something apart that was supposed to be indestructible. At this point, when Colin was worried that he’d have to whip his cock out right there in the middle of campus and beat off to his roommate carrying the car – and even showing off pumping it up and down to work out his arms – Joey put the car down and pulled a folded piece of paper out of his back pocket. He then turned toward the camera and seemed to be looking directly into it. Colin watched as his boyfriend unfolded the paper and held it up, the guards clearly knowing they were supposed to zoom in. As soon as Colin saw what was written he became embarrassed. The sign said, ‘Colin, you’re cheating again!’ The guy turned off the computer knowing that his roommate had realized what he would do even as the big jock had lugged the car around campus the night before. It was late by now and the smaller guy knew he needed to head towards the cafeteria to eat lunch with his boyfriend. He entered the crowded large room and quickly saw his roommate’s immense back in the midst of the lunchtime bustle. He walked over to where Joey was sitting, noticing that he was alone at the table but there were five trays of food – obviously left there temporarily by his lunch mates. Joey saw Colin as he approached “Hey there, boo. Give your muscleman a kiss. He has missed you terribly, this morning.” “Oh shit, look at all the rips and tears in your shirt! This morning’s growth was a little stronger than usual, huh?” “That’s because the fucking was a lot stronger than usual, Colin.” “Crap, I love how your muscles poke through the material and highlight themselves. Look at that mouthwatering nip poking out.” “You want a taste, honey?” “Don’t think I can’t see what you’re trying to do. You’re not going to get me so horned up that we do something irrational and uncontrollable.” “Aw come on, Col, don’t you want to step out into the hallway? I found a janitor’s closet that’s kind of secluded. It’s locked, but a slight twist of my wrist could rip the doorknob off easily. We could step in there and you could fuck me against the wall like there’s no tomorrow. We could live out some kind of prison fantasy scenario since it’s such a closed space. I’m already aching for your cock to be back inside of me. How about it?” “As hot as that sounds, Joey, I think I’ll wait for the big explosion tonight in our room. A little build up will make you even more desperate and it will make my gusher even more powerful than usual. Happy anniversary, again, buddy.” “You too, sweetie.” “Joey, who’s joining you for lunch?” “No one, why?” “Dude, there are four trays in front of you loaded with food. At this rate you are going to work through your monthly allotment for the meal plan in one week. Your parents are going to kill us if we have to ask for more money.” “It’s your fault, Colin. You squirted so much cum up my ass this morning that this is the sustenance I need to keep up with the growth that’s happening right now. I can feel my biceps pulsing bigger even as we speak. If you weren’t so horned up when you’re fucking me, we wouldn’t be in this mess. I’ve got to eat to help energize the muscles your juice grows. So, you see, it’s all your fault.” “Man, we have to do something about this. I don’t know if we can afford many more meals like this.” “Not to worry, honey. See Jerry over there at the register – the little guy that keeps staring at me. I just let him cop a feel of my guns every now and then and he only charges me for one meal. I think that’s a fair trade, don’t you?” “Hell yeah, that’s good. See if he’ll give it to you free if you let him grope your chest.” “That’s a great idea, Colin.” “I get them every now and then, buddy.” “Man, Colin, speaking of groping - I’m aching to grope something on you in an awful way, right now. It’s taking every bit of my super strength to keep me from throwing you down on this table right now, beating that cock of yours into attention and then slamming your body into mine from behind. I’m talking about basically forcing you to fuck me. Damn, that would be hot – holding your body with one of my big hands and manipulating you like one of those butt plugs you gave me. Yeah, so fucking hot.” “Calm down there, tiger. Eat some food. That will help. You need to get some calories into that growing body – and fast!” “Yes sir! Come sit beside me and I’ll share some of this grub with you.” As soon as Colin sat in the chair beside Joey the big man reached over and grabbed the side of the solid piece of wooden furniture and lifted it with one hand – taking Colin’s body up in the air with it. He placed his roommate right beside him and then immediately slid his hand down the back of Colin’s pants, making sure his big forefinger snuggled into the warm ass crack. This gave Colin a deep sense of security for some unknown reason and caused the big man to get even harder than he already was because he was this close to the love of his life. A new student – the largest freshman to ever enroll - walked by and looked at the two guys with a face full of disgust. He had not grown used to the two men like everyone else at the university. He was a starting linebacker for the football team and had immediately sensed his obvious weakness when compared to Joey – the stud of all athletics at the school. He decided the bigger guy’s homosexuality was a definite flaw and planned to use it against his teammate. Joey, however, was familiar with guys like this and simply stared him down, while he lifted his other arm into a biceps flex that made it clear his size and power dwarfed the other football player. Joey was so amped up at the moment with Colin’s sweet cum from earlier that day he decided to also emphasize his point in words. “I suggest you move on and let us be who we are, little man, or you’ll quickly find that your eyes are level with the top of your feet. You’ll be seeing everything from your toes’ standpoint if you don’t change your attitude. I’ll smash you like a soda can and make you shorter than my ankle. And look at this here biceps – the size of the thing should tell you that I’d have no problem following up on my little threat.” All color drained from the linebacker’s face as he froze in fear – both from Joey’s words and the size of the alpha’s arm. The freshman kid had never seen biceps so massive. The power in the thing was obvious by its size and the way it rippled as Joey flexed and relaxed. It was pretty clear that the guy was so in shock that he couldn’t move – he didn’t know whether to piss on himself, run screaming from the cafeteria, or apologize to the big man a hundred times. His confusion was not lost on Joey, who dropped his arm and smiled. “You want to see me kiss my boyfriend, don’t you sport?” The linebacker quickly nodded his head up and down; afraid that any other move would anger the giant in front of him. Joey put his hand on Colin’s cheek and pulled his face into his own. They kissed deeply and passionately, Joey moaning out loud to emphasize an unspoken point to the dweeb standing near them. The kiss became even more intense and this caused Joey to press his finger up against Colin’s tensed hole. This, in turn, caused Colin to raise his ass slightly off the chair. The smaller roommate loved Joey’s taunting of the large linebacker, but he could sense that his lover had moved from just teasing to full-blown making out. He feared that he and Joey would end up fucking right there in front of the freshman, so he pulled his face away, immediately missing his roommates hot, wet mouth. Both roommates turned back to the freshman and noticed his face was now completely red and his crotch was bulging with a very large hard-on. When the linebacker saw that the two other men were staring at his crotch he immediately lowered the tray of food in his hands, attempting to cover the bulge in his pants. There was no way he could have covered up the large tool that was obscenely pressing against his pants. He simply let out a little whimper and then turned and quickly walked away, heading out of the cafeteria – embarrassed and no longer in the closet. “Well that was a big surprise, wasn’t it?” “You mean his cock or the fact that he was gay, Joey?” “Both! So let’s eat. I’m starving.” “You’re always starving, big man.” “That’s cause I’m always growing – thanks to your sweet man-milk. That’s another thing I’m always starving for, by the way!” “Like I said earlier, calm down there, tiger. Bite into one of those four hamburgers you got on that one tray. I swear I think you’re going to have to let Jerry the cashier lick your body if you continue to eat this much food.” “I don’t think he’d like the taste of my sweat as much as you do, Colin.” “I especially like it when you’ve just returned from working out and your balls are still damp and the hair is all matted down – that’s when I love sucking on the big things – getting all the salt and some of the testosterone from your body. Shit, I want to bury my face in your crotch right now, Joey. I see what you’re trying to do and it’s not going to work. Eat something right now, mister man.” “I’d like to eat that big sausage between your legs, Colin, and I don’t even need a bun.” “So, you have to give me a clue. I couldn’t find the car today.” “Nice change of subject. I’m not giving you a clue unless you step out to that janitor’s closet with me for a few minutes. I can use my cock to shove in the locked doorknob if that entices you more!” “It does, indeed, but we aren’t going to have a quick fuck in the closet. We’re waiting until after the dinner at a nice restaurant, just like you promised me. Here, eat a hamburger.” Colin picked up one of the double burgers and shoved it in Joey’s open mouth. The smaller man knew that when Joey was growing he became like a young child with low blood sugar. If Colin could get some food in him the big guy’s insatiable need for sex would diminish a little. There was just some wild correlation between muscles getting bigger and the guy’s need for more cum – the desire simply took over every part of his ballooning body. This is exactly when Colin liked his boyfriend the most – when his body was ripping the clothes he was wearing as it grew and the guy’s lust was in overdrive. Joey’s insatiable craving for Colin was such a turn on – and something like a security blanket. The smart smaller man knew if he could get Joey to wait until later that evening their fuck session would be like riding a wild bull – just the way Colin loved it. Joey’s huge body would buck up and down uncontrollably as his roommate plowed him hard. This crazy connection brought extreme pleasure to both men. “Chew, muscle head!” Joey bit down on the burger and more than a third of the thing disappeared. For a second Colin worried that part of his forefinger had been bitten off. And speaking of forefingers, the latest round of sex talk had made Joey want to give his boyfriend some well-deserved pleasure. He had allowed his own thick forefinger to push its way into the small man’s hole and was now massaging the inside of his buddy’s rectum. Colin purred like a satisfied cat sitting in the sun, but did not let on in any way that a finger fatter than some cocks was savagely exploring his hole. Colin used his abdominal muscles to help push his ass up and down on his roommate’s hand, which now cupped his bottom perfectly. “Oh Colin, that feels so good. I love it when part of me is inside you – but not as much as I love it when part of you is inside of me.” Colin twisted his body a little to give himself pleasure. Joey moved his finger back and forth to add to the stimulation. The smaller man began to worry that he was going to give in and insist that they go to the janitor’s closet at any minute. He was only saved because Adolfo Rodriguez, a huge senior that was the biggest guy on the wrestling team besides Joey came up to the table and sat down across from them. Joey kept his finger pulsing in the same butt-pleasing rhythm even as he spoke to Adolfo. “Dolf, man, what’s up?” “I’m back for another try, Joey.” “What? Didn’t last week teach you anything? It’s just not possible to beat me, man. You need to get that through your thick skull.” “I think I can beat you today. I’m almost sure of it.” “I’ll only say yes on two conditions.” “Name ‘em, dude.” “First, my boyfriend, here, gets to continue feeding me. You see, I’m growing, Adolfo, and he wants me to stay nourished. I have to do what Colin says.” The big man had already devoured the three remaining burgers – since Colin had taken one – and was now eating a plate piled high with vegetables. The smaller roommate was shoveling the stuff into the big man’s mouth with a fork. “No problem. It’s actually kind of cool watching Colin feed you. Sarah won’t ever do anything like that for me.” “I know, isn’t it cute? And, more importantly – rule number two, you have to use two hands at first and finally you have to put your whole fucking huge body into it. That’s the only way it’s going to be even slightly fun for me. Last week, my biceps didn’t even need to flex to withstand your strength. I’d like to make seem a little competitive, you know, Dolf? Even though you can never win.” “Sure, sure. That’s all fine.” “Then let’s arm wrestle, dude.” Trays were moved in front of Colin, so he’d be able to continue to feed his big roommate. Adolfo leaned in and grabbed hands with Joey. He then placed his other hand on top – for added power, just as promised. Colin noticed that both of the wrestler’s arms put together still weren’t as big as Joey’s guns. The guy’s finger was still playing with Colin’s ass, as the competition got ready to begin. “How about some of that baked potato, buddy? You want anything Adolfo? You might need a little extra strength.” “Naw, I’m good. So, Colin, you call the start!” Colin placed half of the baked potato in Joey’s mouth and then stood up so he could lay his hands on top of the joined power fists in the middle of the table. Joey’s hand was still in Colin’s pants and the finger was still probing. The smaller man could feel the strength from both men - radiating from the tight entwined fingers. He was suddenly very thankful that no body part of his was in the middle of that powerful grip – since he knew it would be easily crushed. Adolfo’s concentration was intense and it was clear that he had been preparing for this day for a while. Joey was pretty sure the guy had been lifting non-stop, probably even skipping classes, in hopes that he could defeat the mighty athlete. Joey began to think it would be nice to let the other man win, just to make him happy, but then he knew he couldn’t lose in front of his roommate and lover – even if it was a kind thing to do. “Ready, set, go!” Colin sat back down and let out a little yelp when Joey’s finger went deeper into his chute from the connection with the chair. At the same time Adolfo let out a loud growl and started pouring all of his strength into both of his bulging arms. Joey’s hard beefy gun didn’t budge at all. The big arm just took all the abuse from Adolfo’s two big fists like it was nothing. Joey’s face registered no strain and no indication that he was even arm-wrestling. He opened his mouth again – to accept another large part of the baked potato that was in front of him. Colin was simply having a blast – watching his lover wrestle another big dude who was using both of his arms and still losing, while feeling Joey’s big finger deep into his chute. “So what kind of clue should I give you about the whereabouts of the car.” Joey’s nonchalant voice and strain-free voice drove Adolfo insane. The big wrestler let out a second yell, doubled his efforts, and actually leaned against his hands with his entire body. The man was now using his entire weight to try and defeat Joey, but the huge muscleman’s arm was still rock solid in its upright position. Colin knew the big boy’s gun was not going to move. He accepted it as fact. There could have been three huge wrestlers pushing on Joey’s arm and it still wouldn’t have budged even a fraction of an inch. Colin loved how Joey could have a normal conversation as what would normally be called a huge behemoth tried to defeat him in a feat of strength. It just showed how his roommate was becoming even more powerful with each fuck session. The smaller man loved knowing his cum could cause the other guy to grow so huge and strong. He scooped up a fork full of spinach and fed it to Joey. “I don’t know – something that’s not too easy. You know I love a challenge.” “Man, I love spinach. I must be like Popeye.” “Well, your forearms are as huge as Popeye’s, but the problem is they look all proportional next to your fucking huge biceps! I think Popeye would kill to have your upper arms.” “Yeah, that’s so true. Okay – so I need to give you a hint about the car. Something that’s hard . . . okay – I’ve got it. The car is filed between A and Z!” “Okay, before I figure out where the car is, can you slide a second finger in? You’ve loosened me up enough, I think. I’d like a little more pleasure before I have to go. Also, take my lead with Adolfo – you’ll catch on.” Joey used his thumb and three other fingers to lift Colin’s body from the chair and then let his middle finger slide into the smaller man’s inviting hole – just as the little guy wanted. Colin’s ass then slid back down to the chair, a long appreciative moan showed how much he loved the invasion of the thick fingers. This sound caught the struggling Adolfo’s attention and he became more frustrated when he realized Joey was giving pleasure to Colin at the same time the muscular dude was easily defeating his own entire body in arm wrestling. Adolfo was now sweating up a storm and gritting his teeth loudly. He showed no signs of giving up, even though it was clear he could not win. Colin tightened his ass muscles around Joey’s fingers and the bigger roommate immediately caught on to what that meant. The huge muscled gun slowly powered Adolfo’s entire body down toward the table – it was such an insane display of power, one arm winning against a huge wrestler’s whole frame. When Adolfo’s shoulder was just a few inches from the table, Colin released his tensed ass and Joey allowed Adolfo to push his giant gun back up to the high-noon position, but no further. There was no way Joey was going to let his powerful arm go beyond the straight-up position, he wanted to show the huge wrestler just how strong he really was – even though he was still only using a fraction of his total power. Joey twitched his fingers a few times inside of Colin’s ass to show his appreciation for how much fun it was to follow his lead. The two roommates continued to play the tensing and releasing game with Adolfo’s body as Colin thought about the clue. “Let’s see – ‘filed between A and Z.’ I know that doesn’t mean the library, because that would be too obvious and you’ve also lugged the car to the third floor before. You typically don’t hide the thing in the same place twice. The letters could have something to do with writing and that might mean you put it somewhere near the English Department, but two months ago you hid it in one of the huge oak trees in the quad near that building, so I think the clue means something else. It could still mean departments, though. Yep, that’s it, A stands for Astronomy and Z stands for Zoology. Those department buildings are right beside each other and there’s just a thin walkway between them. I have a funny feeling no one is able to cut through there right now because a car has been ‘filed’ sideways between the two walls.” “I’ve really got to stop giving you clues!” Colin smiled at his lover – with a face full of pride. He had almost finished feeding all of the food to Joey. Since his little lover had figured out where the car was and would be leaving soon to take a picture of it with his phone – part of the contest so they could keep a scrapbook – he decided it was also time to end his battle with Adolfo. With one slight push of his arm Joey sent Adolfo’s body crashing down onto the table. The big wrestler let out a defeated yell and just lay there heaving because of exhaustion. He stared up at the victor with deep admiration and jealousy. “How can you be so big and strong, Joey?” “Simple, Dolf, it’s from being fed by my boyfriend!” “But we eat the same thing – and almost the same amount!” “Yeah, but you don’t see what my lover gives me for dessert!” Colin stood up a little and let Joey remove the two fingers from his now loosened ass. Both men immediately missed being so intimately close to the other. Colin turned and gave his huge roommate a ‘thank you’ kiss for the finger fuck. Joey kissed back hard to let Colin know how much he looked forward to being truly fucked later on that evening. Colin ran his hands across Joey’s upper torso while they were lip-locked so he could feel the growth that had happened since the morning sex. He also loved running his fingers over the rips in his roommate’s shirt – excited by how his muscles burst through clothing so easily. They finally pulled apart when they heard Adolfo speak. “I wish my girlfriend would kiss me that hard.” “Get her to punch you in the mouth, Dolf, that’s what I beg Colin to do sometimes. It’s a turn on to feel his punches do nothing to my face!” “I’ll try that, dude.” “Well, fellows, this has been great, but I need to go take a picture of a car. Joey, we can’t forget to return it to the parking lot after the game. We’ll just have time to take a shower together at the gym before we head out to the restaurant. I don’t want to be late since we made reservations.” “Relax, Colin. Remember, I can make the game go quickly if I want to. I’ll just either strike every player out or run all over the field to catch every hit. I promise it won’t last more than an hour and a half. That will give us an hour for the shower…” “No, Joey! We will not shower for an hour – I know what that leads to. And besides, you aren’t supposed to dominate the game, remember? I’m bringing my binoculars so just do the one thing I asked and don’t bring too much attention to yourself. Remember, the coach told you to go easy on the other players. Let other schools get some points every now and then. The video of you making a touchdown with five big guys hanging onto you from this past season is still on YouTube. We don’t need anything like that today, okay? Promise me, big guy.” “That wasn’t my fault, Colin! Those guys were so light. I didn’t even know I was dragging them forty yards down the field.” “It was five grown college football players, Joey!” “Well you fucked me so hard that particular morning I was pumped up beyond belief.” “Wait a minute, you two!” We both turned to Adolfo, who was suddenly sitting up in his chair. He stared at us with a face of disbelief. He looked at Joey and then he looked at me. Adolfo began to shake his head and raised his finger, as if he were requesting a few minutes to sort through something that didn’t compute. “You mean to tell me that you, the hulking muscle monster, actually let this little guy fuck you? That just doesn’t make sense! You should be the one on top, Joey.” “Why? You mean just because I’m so big? Naw, man, I love getting plowed by my man. It gives me more pleasure than you could ever imagine. I crave his cock in my ass every second of the day. You should try it some time, man. You might like it.” “Now you’re talking shit, man. There is no way that I’m letting some runt fuck me. Wait, what am I saying? There’s no way I’m letting any guy fuck me. No offense, Colin. Damn, I need to go see my girlfriend.” Adolfo quickly stood up and started walking away. He stopped a few feet from the table and turned around. He looked at Joey with the same disbelieving face from before. He shook his head – trying hard to grasp what had been revealed. He mouthed the words ‘no way’ and then left quickly. It was clear he was going to find his girlfriend so he could re-establish his manhood. He was baffled that a guy as huge and strong as Joey could offer up his ass to a guy as small as Colin. It just didn’t make sense. “I’m still waiting for you to promise, Joey. Don’t draw too much attention to yourself during the game.” “I promise.” “Let me see your fingers – just as I thought, uncross them and promise again.” “I promise, Colin.” “That’s better, my muscle stud. I’ll see you at the field. Make sure you finish your lunch. I can tell you’re still way too horned up for a ballgame and there’s no telling what you’ll do. Get some more food in to stabilize, okay?” “Yes sir. I’ll miss you, man.” The car was exactly where Colin guessed it would be. Joey had brought a couch from one of the dorm lobbies and the front end of the car – which was now sticking straight up in the air between the two buildings – was resting protectively on the piece of furniture. Colin ran his hand lovingly across his hard cock as he took a picture of the car and thought about how Joey had manhandled the vehicle into an upright position and then slid it carefully between the two buildings. Colin quickly looked around to see if a security camera would have caught all the action, but realized this specific spot was not covered. He made a note to himself to make sure Joey allowed him to watch when the car was removed. This was a pretty good hiding place, but not the best one Joey had ever chosen. His greatest job had been when he took the car and made it into a piece of art. Joey placed it in the sculpture garden near the Industrial Arts building and had bent girders, light poles, and other pieces of metal all around the automobile to make it look like a modern statue. There was so much manhandled steel around the car it was almost unrecognizable. It was still unbelievable that there wasn’t one scratch on the thing. It took Colin and other friends three days to find it that time. A huge crowd gathered to watch Joey unbend and rip apart the metal surrounding the car. Colin and many others could still get hard easily and beat off quickly just by remembering the sound of steel being manipulated by Joey’s big hands with such ease. Colin looked at his watch and saw that it was time to go to the baseball game. Part Three As Colin approached the field he saw that Joey was at home plate helping the team warm up by hitting balls to different parts of the field. His muscular forearms glistened in the sunlight and his massive biceps pressed against the shirt of his uniform. The smaller roommate knew that the growth from the morning’s cum upload into the large man’s ass caused the shirt to be so tight that if Joey decided to flex his muscles the thing would be in shreds in seconds. This thought made Colin doubly excited – maybe Joey would offer a private show and flex out of his uniform after the game. Joey noticed his boyfriend walking up to the fence behind home plate. He smiled lovingly at his man. “Hey, honey, did you find the car?” “Just where I thought it would be – you have to let me watch when you take it out, though. I’ll have to film you lifting the thing – that will be so hot. We have to do that before dinner, don’t let me forget..” “ We’ll have to do it before dinner, since I’m sure there won’t be enough time between dessert and carrying you to bed to go undo that great hiding job. I’m still pretty super-charged and I’m sure this quick game is not going to help me let off some steam; so lifting the car will be good. You also better be ready to pull an all-nighter. I need me some Colin juice and I need it badly. Pull out your binoculars – this next hit is just for you.” Colin pulled the item from his backpack as Joey tossed a ball into the air and then hit it a little harder than the ones he had been popping out to the far reaches of right and left field. The other team members started complaining as soon as the ball skyrocketed over everyone’s head and towards the gym. There was a loud popping sound in the distance and when Colin finally zoomed in on where the ball had gone he was able to see that the thing had been traveling so fast and moving so hard that it actually embedded itself into the bricks of the building. The ball had not exploded upon impact – its force was so powerful that it easily busted into the bricks. Colin could hear Joey chuckling as he returned to hitting the ball a lot softer so it would stay within the boundaries of the field. He was making his teammates work hard to keep up with his constant barrage of pop flies and grounders. “Pretty neat, huh Colin? Who knew a ball could have so much force that it would act like a torpedo!” “I’ll say! I’m glad that thing wasn’t aimed at me. Remember when you tossed that football last year for ninety yards and it still knocked Johnny Thompson down and sent him tumbling for ten feet when he caught it for a touchdown. I think the speed and force of that baseball makes that pass look like child’s play.” “Yeah, I remember that. I’m still pretty impressed that Johnny was able to catch that toss – and hang on to it.” “I think he was scared of what you would do to him if he didn’t. Remember Joey, you’re three times the size of every player and about a hundred times stronger than both teams put together. Don’t get carried away, today. I don’t care how horny you are. Make sure you remember that no one can do what you can do and we need to let the other team think they have a fighting chance. The coach does not want to be apologizing for us kicking their ass in an embarrassing way. They have two mean looking coaches. Let them get a few hits, okay?” “I don’t have to let them win, do I Colin? I hate it when you say I have to lose. You know how I love showing off for you. Can we please have a win today for our anniversary? And you mean to say you think those two pint-sized muscle dudes look mean? I could hold both of them down with just one hand. Why do I have to be so nice?” Joey was now playing the part of a whining child. Both roommates knew that the big guy had not lost a game since his transformation. The only thing Colin did have influence over was how bad the other team was defeated. Bargaining a close score from Joey was like pulling teeth. If he had his way every game he played – in every sport he participated in (which was all of them) – would have been a shut out. Part of showing off for Joey was dominating his opponents with mind-blowing power and speed. Colin had finally pulled the plug on this kind of showing off after Joey had finished a full marathon in less than twenty minutes – and that was with two long stops to chat with people along the way. The big college kid was not even winded when he was done – it was so degrading to the other runners. And three straight sets of acing serves and returns made for a very boring tennis match. The officials also began to complain about the number of demolished tennis balls that were a result of Joey’s pounding hits. It had taken Colin a lot of coaching and reprimanding to get his big roommate to a place where he could play well with others. Contact sports, of course, were Joey’s favorites because he loved feeling how his size and strength easily dominated others, but all athletics still thrilled him. Part of the reason for the intense satisfaction was from growing up too small to play competitive sports and the big guy seemed to be making up for constantly being picked last in middle school. “Play nice, muscle man!” “Okay, okay. Just a couple of homeruns and I promise not to knock the catcher and umpire over when I toss the ball home to get someone out. It’s fun, though, to sometimes mix bowling in with this game and pretend two big guys are pins just screaming to be knocked to the ground. And besides, I know it makes you hard when I show off. You love me dominating other guys – like when I lift big wrestlers off the ground with one hand and slam then back onto the matt. It makes you want to squirt – big time.” “Joey, other people are listening!” “So?” “So do you have to make everything about sex?” “Until you fuck me I do – and then that just makes me want to get fucked even more! It’s a vicious cycle.” “You, my big friend, have a one track mind.” “And you, lover, have a hard cock – caused by my lovely comments. And it’s just aching to be milked by me!” Colin was very thankful that the umpire called for the game to begin. He took his place in the stands and tried his to calm his rock-hard cock down. Joey’s super-pumped batting and his lightning pitching did not help to lessen the pressure below. The huge ballplayer’s own piece of meat stayed hard, as well, and snaked obscenely across his thigh underneath the tight uniform bottoms – even smaller than usual because of the big man’s growth that morning. Joey didn’t wear a cup – mainly because he couldn’t find one big enough and also because no wayward ball was going to do any damage if it hit him in the crotch. A powerful smack to his balls would probably only increase the pleasure and destroy the ball. Despite the conversation about playing nice before the game, Joey showed off for his roommate in numerous ways. He thought it would be another fun gift for their anniversary. He would easily jump in front of fast rolling grounders no matter what part of the infield they were sent and then run quickly to first base – actually having to wait for a few seconds before tagging the batter out. Even though he was the pitcher he ran into the outfield three times to catch what would have been home runs if the big man had not leapt into the air higher than the heads of his teammates to catch the ball – usually forgetting to use the hand with the glove. Colin secretly loved watching how Joey’s teammates had become used to the super stud’s antics and actually stopped paying attention to the game. One of the outfielders actually chatted on his cell phone since he knew the big athlete would easily win the game on his own. The coach and the team loved winning so they didn’t mind Joey showing off during games. It was only the other team’s players and coaches that complained – saying it wasn’t fair or just to allow Joey to play. There were, however, no rules against having a super-strong player and the numerous forced drug tests always revealed that Joey was squeaky clean. The final score was embarrassing and Joey had brought in loaded bases three times – twice with home runs that sailed over the huge three story gym across from the field and once with a grounder that was so hard it knocked over the shortstop, the second baseman, and an outfielder who all attempted to stop it. Joey had to kind of half-skip around the bases so he wouldn’t overtake all three of his fellow players. He could have easily beaten even the guy on third base home if he had wanted to. The big man was all smiles when he walked over to his roommate sitting on the bleachers. He gave Colin a big kiss. “Did I make you proud, boo?” “You always do, big man. You, of course, showed off too much, but you know how I love it.” “I wanted our anniversary to be special and, anyway, I’m still raging from your ass pounding this morning. I think I could bring down a building with one strategically placed punch!” “Let’s not do that, okay, Joey? I want to be able to graduate. Oh no, here come the coach and assistant coach from the other team. Not this again! They have bats and they looked pissed. Promise me no broken bones, Joey. I don’t care what you do to the bats, but the guys shouldn’t even have a scratch at the end of this one-sided fight. Promise me quickly, bro! And no finger crossing.” “I promise – but you never let me have any fun! They’re the ones that are going to start the fight. I should be able to do what I want – even if it does hurt them a little.” “And how in the hell is it a fair fight, good sir, when you can easily toss them as far as you hit the ball today or crush their heads as easily as you pop baseballs? You can do whatever you want, but there will not be pain involved. Do you hear me? And remember, we have reservations at seven and I do not want to be late. We also have to take a shower!” “Yo, meathead, what the fuck do you think you were doing out there?” The two men were larger than normal guys, but still definitely dwarfed by Joey. It was obvious that they were pissed and they kept smacking their palms with a bat to try and intimidate the big guy. Colin noticed some doubt in the assistant coach’s face, but the main guy was so pissed that he was completely missing how huge Joey was and had clearly forgotten all the impressive things he had done throughout the game. There was a part of the smaller guy that was excited as hell about what was to come, as long as his lover didn’t hurt anyone. Colin knew that Joey could forget his own strength easily – and his need to show off sometimes got the best of him. The head coach spit on the ground at Joey’s feet. This was definitely one stupid man. He threw out more insults. “My team had a perfect record until today and your steroid-infused antics pissed me off. I think it’s time someone taught your doped-up body a lesson. I also think we’ll do a little number on your girlfriend here, too. You two disgust me with your public kissing.” “Um, coach, I’m going to let you do whatever you want with those bats to my body – cause it isn’t going to hurt me even a little, but if you think I’d ever let you lay a finger on my boyfriend – his name is Colin, by the way – then you are sadly mistaken. That bat will be shoved down your throat so far that you won’t be able to bend at the waist for the rest of your life before you even mess up one hair on his head. Now Colin, here, has made me promise not to hurt you two at all, but everything else is fair game. I strongly suggest you turn around and the pair of you take your handsome, furry-muscled bodies back home before you are embarrassingly whipped by a college boy.” “Who in the fuck cares what that little pansy ass said! I’m going to personally mess up his dweeb face when we’re done with you, dick-face.” “Oh please, Colin, let me punch his face so hard that he’s knocked into next week.” “No, Joey. You promised not to hurt either of them.” “That’s fine, but you’re going to have to fuck me a bunch of times to make up for this, honey. He insulted you and you know how that infuriates me. If you gave me the word, I’d compact this guy’s body so much he’d be able to lick his own asshole. Hey coach, go ahead and take your best shot. I hope that’s not your favorite bat, though, cause it’s going to be a pile of sawdust when I’m done with it. If I can’t crush you I’m going to need to destroy something else to make up for it and that puny thing isn’t going to give me even an ounce of resistance.” Joey’s words clearly infuriated the coach even more. Joey raised his big arms and placed his hands behind his head – teasing the other guy to swing the bat at any part of his big body. The coach was not only stupid, but he was also a dirty competitor. It was clear the aggressor was sizing up where he could do the most damage when he latched onto an idea. “Since you are an abomination against nature because of the ‘roids and your sexual perversion I think it would be best to destroy your family jewels.” After that quick comment, the angered man pulled the big bat behind his shoulder and swung the thing powerfully into Joey’s crotch – intending to destroy the huge cock and balls that were too prominent to miss. Joey moaned out loud in happy pleasure as the wood splintered against his huge rod. The sound of the bat being destroyed was music to the big man’s ears. To Joey, it felt like someone was giving him a hand job – and nothing more. Pre-cum squirted out from his dick slit in appreciation of the gentle tap. The top half of the bat broke off and fell to the ground. Joey leaned over and picked up the shattered piece of wood. He began to crush it in his powerful paw and loved how tiny flecks of dust fell from his fingers to the ground. The shock of what happened, along with the pain caused by the bat being stopped so abruptly, caused the coach to stand there in disbelief, still holding on to the bottom part of the bat. The older man also stared at Joey’s twitching cock – which was only delighted more by the powerful impact of the thick wood. Joey reached out and took the remaining part of the laughable weapon from the coach’s hands. He held the scrap of wood between his two palms and started compressing his hands. The thing just gave into the pressure and turned into small splinters and a pile of sawdust in no time at all. “Damn, coach, they just don’t make bats like they used to, do they?” The assistant coach, who had watched everything wide-eyed, suddenly became empowered and wanted to avenge his older mentor. With a loud yell, the second guy brought his aluminum bat through the air and smacked it up against the side of Joey’s head. The college student didn’t budge an inch. It was like the bat had hit solid stone. Colin could tell the assistant’s hands felt a quick jab of pain from being stopped so abruptly and he could see the bat wobbling wildly as it moved away from Joey’s cheek. The big man turned to his attacker and just smiled. “And just what did you think that would accomplish? Did you actually think it would hurt me, little man? After seeing the coach’s bat breaking in two on my hard cock you thought your aluminum bat would cause me some pain, just by hitting me in the face? Give me that thing!” Joey reached out and easily pulled the now slightly dented tube from the assistant coach’s hands. As he spoke to the guy, the huge jock made his fingers do what his words were describing. It was fun for both of the college boys to watch the eyes of the older men become wider as Joey worked and their angry faces turn to complete shock. Joey was especially pleased at his teasing of the two burly coaches. “You see, to me this thing is like a tube of toothpaste, dude. I can take two fingers and easily flatten it like I’m squeezing out the insides – but look, I’m merely flattening aluminum – there’s nothing squirting out. And look how easy it is – pretty cool, huh? Now it looks like someone ran over your bat with a huge steamroller – but it was really just manhandled by a huge college boy’ monster paw. Man, gents, being able to smash your bat into something as thin as cardboard makes my cock feel like spewing, but I’m saving myself for my boyfriend, here. You see, today’s our anniversary and we’re going to dinner and then we’re going to have some hot, throw-down, man on man sex to celebrate. Hey coach, do you roll your tubes of toothpaste or do you fold ‘em? I fold those puppies, just like I’m doing to your bat right now. Look how easy it is for me to compact this fucking thing into something the size of a wallet. I think I might keep this as a paperweight – each time I use it I’ll remember the looks of utter shock that are now plastered across your faces. You see, punks, you messed with the wrong guy today. It’s a good thing my honey won’t let me hurt you, because I’d have both of you folded up as tightly as this bat if it weren’t for the promise to my baby. So you’ve got him to thank for both of you not feeling a lot of pain right now. Say ‘thank you’ to my boyfriend, boys.” “Um . . . uh . . . thanks.” “Thank you, Colin.” It was clear that both of the older men were desperate to do anything that would please Joey. What he had done to their bats with so little effort had made them disciples of the college student in mere seconds, but it was their fear of what he might do to them that really made them apologize so quickly. The coaches stared at Joey’s hands as he bent the wadded up aluminum back and forth, folding it one last time, so it was the size of a really thick business card. Everyone could clearly see the impressions of Joey’s thick fingers in the compressed aluminum. The display of strength had been nothing to the big man, it was like he was folding a napkin, but the two men knew the strength that existed in this young man’s hands was not normal. This kid was blessed with power that they could only dream of attaining one day. Joey slipped the folded piece of metal into the waistband of his uniform pants, making sure it pressed up against his hard cock – since he loved how the warm aluminum felt next to his throbbing tool. At the same time he flexed his quads to show off for the men. The uniform was so tight that thick veins snaking across his thighs were clearly visible through the material and the guy’s rod was outlined perfectly. The seams at the side suddenly burst open and everyone got a glimpse of Joey’s creamy skin. Colin could tell that Joey was trying to think of a way to punish the two men without hurting them – which was pretty difficult when it was clear that Joey wanted to cause them great pain to teach them a lesson. He also wanted to defend the honor of his boyfriend. “So just because I’m not going to reach down your throat and pull your balls out of your mouth like some kind of demented magic trick, it doesn’t mean that I’m not angry. You guys threatened Colin and you should know that I’d fight an entire army for my man – and I’d easily win. He’s everything that’s good in my life and he fuels me in more ways than you will ever understand. So, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to make this easy on you or I’m going to make it hard – it will be your choice. See how friendly I can be, even to assholes.” Joey reached over and grabbed a pole that was part of the fence that hugged the area around home plate. He ran his finger down the side of the pole and easily snapped the thick wire criss-cross rungs that clung to the pole. It was like someone snapping thread. He then grabbed the pole and pulled it from the ground with a slight jerk of his hand. Colin’s cock started to pulse even harder than it already was when he saw how easily Joey manipulated the long steel pipe – along with its cement base. The smaller roommate’s pleased face made Joey very happy. “You like that, honey? You think of this as an added anniversary gift, okay? I can demolish metal for you any time you like, but this pole is going to be put to good use. Okay, fellows, face each other and wrap your arms around the other like you love ‘em.” “No fucking way, kid.” As soon as the head coach’s words flew into the evening air, Joey held the bar at chest level and started bending the long thing like he was playing with a piece of licorice. It was so easy for the big guy to make steel do his bidding. The sight caused a jolt of excitement at Colin’s crotch. Both of the older men froze for a few seconds as they listened to the sound of metal succumbing to the torture of something much more powerful and then they quickly turned toward each other and quickly went into a manly hug. The fear on their faces was priceless. “Yeah, that’s it gentlemen, grind those hard pricks into one another. Oh, you think I didn’t notice how hard both of you got as soon as I destroyed your bats like they were a toothpick and a pipe cleaner? Trust me, good sirs, when you are as big and strong as me you start to notice all the guys that pop stiff ones when they’re near me. You men love all this college-boy muscle and power. As a matter of fact, I think you both decided to challenge me just to see what I could do. You hear that, Colin. These big men weren’t really angry with me; they just wanted to get me worked up so I’d show off a little. They knew just from my displays of strength during the game that I could easily defeat both of them put together with one hand behind my back, but they wanted to see me prove it. And the way they are rubbing their cocks together right now makes it clear my hunch was correct. I think we’ve got ourselves a daddy coach and his boy-toy – two guys that have been into each other for a while. I bet you guys share a room at every away game and fuck like rabbits, don’t you. “Um . . . yes . . . we do.” “Damn, I knew I was right. Well, this little turn of events makes it easier for me not to punch your faces out your ass, but I still want to punish you. It will actually be showing off a little, so you’ll be happy. Let’s unite you guys in a special way – to signify the secret bond you have.” Joey lifted the bent pole into the air and brought it down around the two guys who were still hugging each other tightly. The big college stud then worked on the piece of steel with his hands until it encircled the guys tightly around their waists. Joey took the two ends and started twisting them together, like it was a twist-tie you find on a loaf of bread. He continued to work the poles together until the thing was so tight that neither man could even think about squeezing out, but he was careful enough to not cause the men anything more than a little discomfort. As easy as if he were working with a little piece of wire, Joey bent the twisted end pieces into a loop. The huge jock then grabbed the ring that held the two men and lifted them both off the ground, easily. Since he hadn’t captured the coaches’ arms under the metal bar, they were still able to grope each other lovingly as they watched Joey manhandle the pole so easily. Both men were turned on beyond anything they’d ever experienced before. They moaned out loud as Joey easily carried their big bodies, joined by the circle of metal, to a nearby telephone pole. Up on the pole, about seven feet high, there was a spike sticking out that was used for climbing. Joey manipulated the loop of the pole until it hooked onto the spike and trapped the two men up in the air. Joey clapped his hands together in appreciation of his handiwork. He stepped back and then looked at Colin. “Satisfied, boss? I didn’t hurt them.” “Good job, Joey, but we can’t just leave them here?” “Sure we can. Their team is showering right now and the bus won’t leave without the coaches. Someone will come looking for them soon and the sad part is that we won’t be here to see the looks on all the players’ faces – especially when these guys try to explain what happened. It’s going to take the fire department to get them down – especially since they’ll need that jaws contraption they use on cars to cut the pole. Did you see how easy it was for me to bend that metal? Pretty neat, huh?” “A fucking turn-on!” Both college students turned to look at the excited face of the head coach as he spoke. It was clear that both older men were on fire with lust for Joey. They were floored by his power and size. Clearly they were also not upset about being tied to a telephone pole with a long piece of steel. They had loved the show so much that they were fine with waiting for their team. The two men continued to rub their crotches together strongly and were still working their hands all over the upper torso of the other guy. Their desire for Joey was being transferred into adoration of each other. “Do we need to leave you two guys alone?” “Yes, please.” Colin and Joey were shocked by the answer from the larger coach. The sexual pleasure Joey’s handiwork created in both older men was so great that they really only wanted some immediate release. It was pretty clear in their present joined position that orgasm was only going to come from each other. It was too difficult to please their partner and watch Joey do strength feats at the same time – they now only wanted to focus on getting off. They probably knew the team would be coming to the field soon and they wanted their cocks to explode before they got there. It was going to be hard to grope and kiss openly when the firemen were working to get them down. The guys weren’t being rude, they just needed to bust big wads soon – the college stud destroying bats so easily and manipulating a steel pole like it was nothing had fired them up too much to hold back from eruption. “Well okay then, we know when we’re not wanted. You two fellas have fun now, you here? It certainly was fun showing off for you. Maybe you can swing by another time and I’ll destroy a car or something for you. Colin, are you ready to have dinner and then fuck a hot guy that just destroyed two bats and pinned two grown men with a big metal pole he easily made into a lasso?” “Not quite, young man. Shower first and then you have a car you need to return to the parking lot.” “Oh goodie, shower time! Maybe we can fit in a quick fuck before dinner?” “You know we can’t, Joey. I just knew showing off your strength would get you even hornier. It’s a quick shower and then straight to the car! I mean it, young man.” The two college students were walking towards the gym when suddenly they heard heavy breathing and grunting like there was a pack of wild animals nearby. They turned around to see where the noise was coming from and could see in the distance that the two coaches were dry-humping each other hard, dangling off the ground where Joey had easily imprisoned them, and it was clear they were near the moment of release. Suddenly the evening air was filled with the orgasmic yelling of both men as they offered their loads to each other. They were sucking face like two lovesick teenagers in between each eruption and after every moan of pleasure. Colin and Joey stood there in awe of the to men and were happy that the big boy’s strength feats had brought so much joy. “Pretty impressive orgasms. How did you know they were gay, Joey?” “They both got hard when I threw the ball to home plate after running out to catch it in the outfield near the fence. I heard the coach tell his assistant how he’d like to see other things that my fucking huge arm could do – and the other guy agreed. Then they started talking about how much my body made their cocks’ ache. I wanted to show off for you today, but hearing how much it turned them on was like icing on the cake. I listened to them talk about me the entire game and did things to make them get harder. ” “You and that super hearing. I’ve got to be careful with what I say – at all times.” “That’s not all you have to worry about – I could sniff you out of a crowd of two thousand – and easily spot you in a stadium from a mile away. I tell you, it has something to do with this incredible bond we have, man. I crave you all the time. When I was bending the shit out of that pole a few minutes ago and when I turned that bat into a pile of dust all I could think about was how much I hoped it pleased you. And I somehow knew that you’d want to see me flatten the aluminum bat before I even began to fold it up – that was all done in hopes that it would make you fuck me like a beast tonight.” “Well it worked, big guy. Don’t worry about that.” “So I made you all hot and bothered, huh, Colin?” “Hell yeah.” “Then how about a quickie in the shower!” “You have a one track mind, sir! No, we must save ourselves for after dinner. I’ll make it worth the wait, I promise.” “You better or I’ll just hold you down with one hand and suck you dry for twenty-four hours. No telling how that much of your spunk would affect my growth. I might end up being bigger than the entire fucking dorm room. I’m going to hold you to your promise of a super fuck tonight, bro.” “Trust me, Joey, I’m going to fill that ass of yours with so much of my cum tonight that you’ll have to walk around nude tomorrow because you won’t fit into any of your clothes. You’ll have to wait until I go buy some new ones for you! I’m going to make you so fucking huge!” “Are you trying to make me throw you down on the ground and sit on your hard cock out here, Colin? Cause I’ll do it right now if you want me to. You have me so riled up now that I could take down a charging bull with one hand or toss a loaded cement mixer a hundred yards with no problem. Name it, honey, and I’ll do it for you.” “All I want right now is a romantic dinner with my man.” “Done. But we’ll need to take separate shower stalls. I can’t be close to your nude body right now or I’ll do something I might regret. Fuck, you make my entire body burn with desire!” “Right back at you, big man, right back at you.” The two students went into different areas of the locker room to shower – even though thoughts of the other guy nude made both men stay rock hard. It was especially difficult for Joey to know that his roommate, the love of his life and the nectar of his muscle, was just eight stalls down – probably soaping us his cum rocket right now. Joey contemplated just busting through the flimsy walls until he was in the shower with Colin. He knew his friend would be impressed and turned on – which might lead to a heavy session of sex, but he also knew that Colin was trying to stay faithful to a plan. The school would also be upset about the destruction. Joey decided to release some of his built-up sexual frustration as he showered, hoping it would keep him calm for the rest of the evening or, at least, until they got back to their dorm room and fucked like rabbits. The big man reached back to his ass and stuck one of his thick fingers into his rectum, immediately pressing against his sensitive prostate. At the same time he shut his eyes and imagined Colin’s cock slammed up inside him – causing all the pleasure. Joey also pressed the head of his own hard dick into the tiled wall, to increase the building eruption. As the big thick finger pressed in and out of his hole his balls started bubbling with increased cum pressure. Joey realized it would take little effort and no time at all to bust a big wad. He increased the rhythm of his probing finger and started jerking his hard cock with his other hand – even as he still bounced its head into the wall. His imagination got the best of him and he ignored anything happening around him. “Oh yeah, that feels nice, Colin, real nice. Fuck me hard, man.” The big guy chose to whisper, so his roommate wouldn’t catch on that he was masturbating a few feet away. Joey would bring his big fist down his huge long shaft at the same time he shoved his strong finger way up into his chute – both feelings bringing him to the edge quickly. He imagined his body being pressed up against the wall as Colin’s hard cock slammed him into the tile with each animalistic shove. Joey loved it best when Colin was rough and fucked him hard, mainly because he thought it made his roommate’s cum have an even higher concentration of whatever it was that made his big body grow – but it was also because Joey just loved getting plowed uncontrollably. Colin was a screamer when they fucked – and that added to the excitement. Joey just grunted and moaned like the huge beast he was – which, in turn, made Colin go wild. The jock bent the tip of his finger as he pushed in and out of his own hole – just to increase the orgasmic jolt to his insides. Pre-cum had already begun to seep down the guy’s big fingers, which worked the hard cock with a fierceness that might have crushed any other man’s cock – but it only brought a lot of joy to Joey. The huge athlete lost control of his body as soon as he reached exploding time. He didn’t anticipate the ejaculation to rock his body so much and didn’t have time to prevent his powerful rod from penetrating through the tiled wall of the shower stall as soon as he started to cum. With a loud growl his cock easily poked a big hole because of its power - tile and cement crumbling away like it was sun-dried dirt being hit by a sledgehammer. “Aw, fuck me Colin – shit that’s nice!” Joey continued to moan and speak in a whisper as he unloaded his spunk into the stall on the other side of the wall, his cock having made its own glory hole. For a second, as his body slammed up against the tile in his euphoric explosion, he was worried his body was going to burst through the entire mass. He was able to control his intensity a little, even as he continued to probe his ass roughly with the big finger. The man was in heaven – knowing he easily burst through the wall with his cock, feeling the joy of spraying a heavy load of cum in the other stall, and having his ass imaginarily fucked by Colin was a close second to the second to the real thing. His cock continued to jerk out a few more spurts of cum and as it did, the steel-like rod continued to crack tile and make a larger hole. Joey loved how his dick was powerful enough to tear through cement without any problem. He thought back to a time when Colin had asked him to make his cock poke through a wood fence on the edge of campus. His smaller roommate wanted to kneel on the other side and suck him off, thinking it would be like some porn movie. Feeling the wood splinter easily because of his cock’s power had been such a turn on for the big man and Colin had loved watching the simple task, as well. Not being able to see the guy sucking his hard cock had been such a kinky pleasure, but Joey had gotten too excited by the blowjob that he ripped apart the fence with his hands, jumped on his roommate, and sucked Colin off without even realizing what he was doing. His need for the guy’s honey tasting spunk had been too much – increased tenfold by the expert blowjob through the fence. Joe’s present orgasm finally subsided and his mind returned to the shower stall. “I see my big boy couldn’t wait, could he?” Joey’s heart stopped for a few seconds as he heard his roommate’s voice from the entrance to the door-less stall. The big man knew he was in trouble. Colin didn’t like it when he jerked off without him or when he destroyed school property without the smaller guy getting to watch. Joey turned his head to face his lover and he smiled weakly, knowing he had been caught red-handed. He pulled his dick from the hole in the wall – knowing it had fragments of cement and tile caked to it. The big man also removed his finger from his ass. He hung his head and turned toward his roommate. “I just couldn’t help myself, Colin. I was thinking about you down in that other stall – totally nude and soaping up that gorgeous dick of yours. You know I can’t make it through images like that – it’s just too much for this big body to handle, thoughts of you fucking me to make me grow or me lifting you up in the air to suck you off. I kind of lost control, man.” “Well the only reason I’m okay with it, Joey, is because I hope it calmed you down a little. You’ve been a huge pile of raging hormones for a couple of days, since you knew our anniversary was coming up. But I can tell by how hard your cock remains, that you’re still horned up in a major way, aren’t you?” “Um . . . yes sir.” “Geez, what am I going to do with you?” “A good fuck would be the appropriate punishment, I think.” This comment made Colin laugh out loud and instantly Joey knew things were okay. The smaller guy tossed a large towel to his roommate and then continued to dry his own body as he stared at his roommates rippling muscles – a sight that always brought him great joy. Colin realized that Joey could not be expected to control his great need for sex or growth – it was too ingrained now in his DNA. It was clear that the smaller roommate needed to be the keeper of rules in the relationship, but Joey spraying a stall with his cum and poking holes in walls was not going to cause any big problems. It was really helpful for Joey to sometimes release the sexual tension that his muscles and power created. The big guy really was one big walking orgasm – caused mainly by his thirst for growth induced by sex. It was actually amazing that the big man controlled his urges as much as he did. It was also clear that Joey’s love for Colin was sometimes the only thing that prevented him from extracting cum from the smaller guy’s body all the time. Colin knew that he would be unable to keep himself from shooting all day long if Joey ever decided to suck him dry constantly or squeezed the spunk out of him by clamping his powerful ass on his growth causing hard cock. Joey’s need for Colin’s love, respect, and affirmation prevented the big man from being a huge beast that fed his urges whenever he desired. It was clear that Joey’s super strength was actually needed to keep the big guy in check – so he wouldn’t become a power hungry hulk. Secretly, Colin longed to help Joey grow into a massive muscle monster. For all of his newfound intelligence and self-awareness there was a part of the guy that completely craved turning his roommate into someone that could crush rocks with no effort or rip apart metal like it was child’s play. Colin loved knowing his cum was creating a superman. He constantly longed to see his roommate’s body burst out of clothes, his cock to slam through metal, or his muscles flex thicker after a great fuck. Colin actually had to control his own urges in the same miraculous way as Joey, but he never shared these facts with his roommate, mainly because he knew it would be the only permission the big man needed to cut loose and grow to insane sizes. Colin thought it was best, for now, to wait before he unleashed the first real superhero on the world. Joey needed to learn how to control his strength some more – he needed to really understand what it meant to be the most powerful thing on earth. “How long were you watching, Col?” “Long enough to see your cock rip through the wall . . . and it was fucking hot, man.” “I know, right? It was almost like I didn’t know I was doing it. I just felt the need to press that big fat dick head against something hard – you know, to make me cum harder.” “I’d say you succeeded – the other stall is covered in your cum, dude. It’s dripping down the wall like someone undid a fire hydrant.” “Yeah, it felt like a shit load of juice.” “Okay, buddy, put on that hot outfit I picked out for you earlier and slap on some of that cologne that drives me wild. You have a car to put back in the parking lot and then I think I’ll make you carry me to the restaurant. I know we said we’d drive, but I think you can work off a little more steam by hoofing it with me on your shoulders.” “Hey, Colin.” “Yes, honey.” “I love you. Happy anniversary.” “I love you, too, big man. Now put that hard tool away and quit trying to entice me into some locker room sex. It’s dinner first, then some heavy foreplay, and finally, for dessert, some muscle growth fucking!” “Sounds like heaven, Colin, it sounds like heaven.”
  15. My best friend was always quite a weakling-he was really tall, 6 foot 5, but never weighed more than 165lbs Until he made some changes... I think it all started some years ago. He just turned 16. At this time My body was already quite well developed. My arms were at 15.75 inches, my legs were big and I had some abs and noticeable pecs. That was when I started working out. I often picked on my friend and fun wrestled him as he had no chance against me (I was 6 feet tall- almost 6 inches shorter than him but weighed 170lbs). It was so funny to see him trying to get out of a headscissor or a headlock by using all his strenght. He someday told me not to humiliate him any longer because he’d feel extremely sad and weak... So when he turned 17 he started hitting the gym too. His first half year transformation was insane! He put on 33lbs! From 165 to 198 lbs. His arms swell like nothing I had ever seen, he probably had 13inch arms but now they were at 15.75! (Mine were 17in at this time.) His legs started to show some muscles and his pecs were already as big as mine. He started to show some abs too. So today, 3.5 years later he’s 20 and took going to the gym quite serious - primarily because he wanted to become a better Football player. We ALWAYS went to the gym together but he gained much faster than I did. He pretty soon was able to deadlift 440lbs several times and benchpress 330lbs once. His legs are at 30inches and his chest at 47inches circumference. His arms don’t look like arms anymore- they passed the 19 inch mark as mine rested only at 18. His abs were fucking ripped and his bulging obliques formed an awesome V-line. He weighed 245lbs and had bulging abs. Just imagine that. People were afraid of him, for example when we went out partying and someone was in his way, they immediately apologised. Also tons of girls felt up his arms and pecs as he bounced them well visible under his tshirt in the middle of the dance floor. One day we were at our flat in the city and had some friends over. We were all quite drunk and made fun of each other. I somehow said something stupid about him. He stood up and “fun wrestled” me. But what was fun for him was hell for me. He grabbed my arms, wrapped them around me, threw me onto the couch, sat down on me, wrapped only one of his huge hands around my throat and said:,, Never disrespect me again in front of everyone else” I was shocked. He was fucking strong. Not even I could have finished him that fast three years ago. He could have killed me in less than 15 seconds if he wanted to... As everyone left he came to me. I thought he’d say sorry or something but instead he just said:,, Now I’m the stronger one of us -,,SHRIMP“! The FAR stronger one! It’s my time to humiliate you now!” I was shook. At that point I was really afraid of him, towering in front of me with his huge muscles. I just said ok, and took some steps away from him, turned around and started going to my room. When he just silently said:,,Now is the time to humiliate YOU...” I turned around and saw how he took off his shirt, uncovering his huuuge pecs and ripped abs. I could almost see the blood rushing through the veins on his chest and arms. I was really afraid at this moment. He threw his shirt to me. “Smell it!” “No, why should i?”, I said “Because I am the alpha now! Sooner or later you’ll smell on it!” He ran to me, grabbed my neck from behind and rubbed his shirt into my face. “But why just smell my shirt, if you could smell... ME!” He turned me around and flexed his arm. “Kiss this biceps.” I just looked at him. “KISS IT!” He pushed my head against his peak and flexed it intermittently. He dragged my head from his biceps over his armpit to his pecs and gave me a bearhug. “Stop! You’re hurting me!” I screamed. He just laughed:,, Hahaha! So what?! That’s not even 50% of my strenght!” He tightened the bearhug even more and bounced his meaty, massive, naked pecs into my face. I got really hard and just hoped that he didn’t notice. My trousers were quite loose and that’s when he noticed. “What have we got here? Lil’ omega boy is aroused by some real steel muscles overpowering him?”, he said as he let go of the bearhug. He dropped me onto the couch. He had me in a headlock immediately. He wrapped his huge biceps around my... my.... mouth?! He really was playing with me... as I wanted to bite his biceps he flexed it, laughed and said: ,,Watch out for your teeth, weakling!” He wrapped his arms around my neck now- totally cutting off my air supply. The only thing that didn’t make me pass out was the fact that he flexed and bounced his 19 inch bicepspeak intermittently. But as he stopped I had to tap. He totally let go of me. I was stunned. It could have been that easy?! His arms were almost half way back at him as he wrapped them around y neck again, layed on my back and said:,, Only weaklings tap...” and he made me pass out. I woke up again. All I saw were his massive calves because he put me in a headscissor while I was knocked out. First thing I noticed were all those veins running down his super hairless tree trunk legs. Wait. What was that? He only took off his shirt before?! And he wore a long blue Jean just before he sent me to sleep... Does that mean that he’s... naked...? ,,Ah, so you’re back, twink! Now you get to feel how it is to be totally humiliated.After tensing his massive quads a few times he somehow turned me around so that now my neck was just a bit above his knee I was facing towards his... cock. I could see his massive, vascular 30inch tree trunk legs. But what impressed me at least as much as his muscles was that cock. It was limp, but really thick and already quite long. It was waaay bigger than mine... actually I‘ve never seen such a massive prick, not even in porn He shove it up my throat and I felt it growing in my mouth.... It filled out the whole space in my mouth as it grew bigger and bigger. It was crazy how big it actually was. Because of his massive tree tunk legs and his overall massive frame his dick was much bigger than it seemed. It already almost filled out my mouth as it was limp. But as it got hard I felt it growing down my throat. Inch by inch. I tried to bend my head backwards but his huge quads were in my way. I gagged and nearly suffocated again because I didn’t know what cut off my airway more, his leg muscles which he flexed all the time or his giant cock... As he got fully erected he started talking to me:,, So, lil weakling! U remember when u were the stronger one of us? Those times are over now and will never come back again! I am the alpha now! No, I’m more than alpha... I’m a god!” He grabbed my hair and moved my head, so that I was giving him a blowjob right now. ,,Well twink, just accept it, I am way stronger than you are.” He started moving his hips. ,,I could easily break you into pieces, just look at my arms, man! They are way bigger than yours! Hmm, if I am a muscle god, u should also treat me like one!” He took my left hand and laid it onto his pec. He started bouncing it. After a while he slid my hand over his rock hard abs. Up and down, up and down with his cock still deep down in my throat. I could feel all his masculinity rush through his cock and his pulse beating in those massive muscles. He then loosened the legscissors and slowly moved my head back from his cock. It looked like it never wanted to end. He pulled out and pulled out, i was really amazed that all that fit inside my mouth. It must have been at least 9inches long... I was totally out of breath as he got up to kneel in front of me on the couch. It was so impressive... he started flexing all his muscles. He did a double biceps pose, flexed his rocky abs, bounced his pecs, tensed his traps. Totally naked. ,,Don’t you get it?!”, he shouted at me as he again reached out for my neck and pulled my face to his chest. He rubbed my face all over those gorgeous pecs and abs. ,,You are my little bitch by now! You are supposed to do everything I command you! I mean, you could try to resist but in the end there’s nothing you could do against me...!”, he said. ,,You should clean up my muscles. Too bad I didn’t sweat by wrestling with u... guess I’d have to work out with you now to get started.” He commanded me to get naked too. He then told me to get on his shoulders to do some pullups. My cock was rock hard all the time and pressing against his lower back. As he went down to do some pushups he told me to get on his back. I did so. He started pushing. It still seemed very easy for him. And then I noticed something. I was in the perfect position to get him in a headlock. Should I really dare to do this? It the only way I could show him that I’m not that weak as he says. I slowly moved my arm under his throat, pulled it back to me And locked it with my other arm. I had him. I had this muscle monster in a real headlock- HIS throat against MY biceps. But what was that? Quite unimpressed he just stood up and started running backwards into the wall. He really bumped me in quite hard but I still had him. I could feel him loose his breath and he started to panic a bit. Now he took together all his left over strength and bowed over, throwing me over his head with my back hitting the floor. Fuck. I probably gonna be dead now. He stood up from his kneeling position and what I saw was frightening. His legs and arms as well as his lower abs and chest were totally covered in veins. They were bulging on his totally pumped muscles. He was breathing very hard and heavy. ,,You really shouldn’t have done that! You know what I gotta do now!!!”, he said really angry. He ran over to me, just like a fucking tank, his pecs were jumping with every step. His massive limp dick was bouncing too. He punched me in my stomach making me go to the ground. Then he wrapped his 19inch arms around my neck, adjusted them a bit an flexed them. I was really afraid that he was going to kill me now... I tapped but passed out again... I came back... I wasn’t dead?! I opened my eyes and saw him towering over me. His massive 30inch legs, his huge cock, those swelling ripped abs, his crazy arms and everything was still covered in those thick veins. He truly looked like an animal. ,,I don’t know why you don’t get it weakling! I am the alpha now, I’m almost twice your size, you stand no chance against me!!”, he said. He wrapped both his big muscular long fingers around my neck and lifted me up with his bare hands- choking me at the same time. I was some inches above the ground, just so that my eyes were on the same level as his. He stared into my eyes like a wild beast right before breaking the neck of it’s prey. In a matter of no time he dropped me and held me in a bearhug. I could feel his massive chest and ripped abs on my limp and weakened body... My cock grew rock hard and pressed against his upper quad. ,,U like that?!”, he said as he squeezed me harder. I wanted to say something but I just wasn’t able anymore. I had no air, no strength and was totally done... ,,Awww, lil boy is so exhausted he can’t speak no more... HAHAHAH WHAT A WEAKLING!”, he screamed and tightened the bearhug even more. I felt his monster cock grow bigger and bigger too-pressing against my (much less ripped) abs. He made me pass out again... I wasn’t even aware that a bearhug could make you pass out... As I regained my consciousness I found myself still in his arms. ,,It’s so easy to overpower you. Guess how easy it would be to kill you! But then I’d have nobody to worship my muscles. Well except all those girls...”, he said. He dropped me on the floor and I was amazed by what I saw... A ripped monster with huge bulging muscles all covered in veins - jerking a huge cock... ,,I sweat just a little, twink. But enough for you to clean me up.” He hit a double biceps pose and made me stand up. I didn’t have enough energy to ask or even just say something anymore. I got his point. He was so submissive... I should have done all this three years ago with him... Back when I was able to do that... ,,LICK THEM!”, he said flexing his biceps. I did so. And I loved it. The salty taste of his testosterone loaded sweat. The form of his arms with all those veins... I cleaned his hole body. From his armpit to his massive chest. He bounced it so his pecs would jump a few inches what made it hard to keep my tongue on his skin. I caught a lot of “underboob sweat”. He grabbed my head and lead it around while I licked his washboard abs. I knew that it’s not gonna be enough for him... he pressed me downwards even more. Now my mouth was at those big balls. They smelled really manly. He didn’t even have to command me. I sucked up all his sweat and started swallowing his massive prick. I wanted to give him the best blowjob he ever received... I felt up his muscles with my hands. As I run my fingers down his abs with one hand and worshipped the inside of his huge thighs he came. ,,Mhhhhh... Now you know your place. I don’t allow you to spit it out! Eat it- it’s extra protein for you!” I really loved his taste. I chewed on it and I hope that his testosterone loaded load will give me a boost in strength... I’ll probably suck him off more often, perhaps I’m gonna become as big as him some day....
  16. This story was originally posted in the old forums, but has been dormant for quite a long time. So I am posting the previous parts here today and will post part 5 tomorrow. Hope you enjoy! AFTER THAT NIGHT My name is Benjamin Carter but everybody just calls me “Benny.” Actually they call me many things like “faggot,” “queer,” “cocksucker,” “dick rider” and most commonly “twink” which despite being nothing but a mere euphemism for the previous terms is at least “cuter” than the rest of them. The story I have to tell starts by recognizing the fact that I am a twink, though it’s actually very easy to recognize one of us, we are that blatantly flamboyant type of homosexual guys who are not ashamed to celebrate our freedom and life style. Some are disgusted with the fact that we dress and behave in such manner, but I usually don’t give a damn. Despite whatever most of people might think about me, I know I am not a girl; I love being a man and I especially love to fuck men. By fucking I mean everything that might get one to blow, I'm not attached to labels. It’s true that I love bottoming but whenever I hook up with a guy who says that he is a “top,” it means he’s still not ready to fuck with such a highly sexual being like me. This kind of prejudice is something to expect from most of the narrow minded population, especially when you are a 19 year old 5’6” 130 toned pounds of blond, artificially-tanned, fake blue eyed guy who currently wears orthodontic braces with a different color elastic band on each tooth, and dressed in 7 for Mankind skinny jeans with a bright purple Ralph Lauren fitted T-shirt and matching red and black Puma racing boots. Fortunately I have friends who understand me, mostly because we are all variations of the “twinks.” (Day Zero – 11.32 pm) We were all cramped inside a bright yellow '08 New Beetle heading to this beach club on a Wednesday night, when the car suddenly died on us. It went completely kaput and we couldn’t start it. The road was deserted with exception of the occasional jocks that only stopped to make fun of us. “What’s the matter girls? Your Barbie car run out of batteries?” they hollered, throwing their beer cans towards us. I was starting to feel nervous about the situation. “You should try Triple A again!” I whimpered once again, which caused Diego to roll his eyes. “I told you they don’t answer! Besides, there’s nothing wrong with the car! I know this shit, I used to work on my dad’s workshop remember?” Diego is a 21 year old dancer who wants to become a famous Broadway performer, and I think he’s got a great future ahead of him. After all, he’s a hot 5’8” Cuban guy with a very light mocha skin tone and hazel eyes, he’s got those naturally pouting lips for which most women pay thousands of dollars. Mister Castillo’s got some nice wired muscles on his 160 pounds body. He’s also in the Diving Team of our university because he got a full scholarship right after high school. It’s unnecessary to mention that he’s got one of the best-looking booties in campus, the Kim Kardashian kind of ass, only much firmer and muscular because it’s all manly and tight inside those painted over denim pants. “We can’t get a signal here, which is quite weird since we are not that far from the city!” The other “sport twink” of our group is Kenny Chang, a Chinese-American gymnast who finally came out once he got a full scholarship to the university. His parents still don’t accept it, but Kenny is much happier and outgoing now. The shortest of us at 5’4” Chang weighs whopping 156 pounds of hard, solid muscles, developed after years of hard training and dedication. We finally convinced him to let us style his perfectly boring black, ultra-straight hair and now he’s got a cooler spiked hairdo with golden highlights that give him that extra edge during competition. “Maybe we should go back anyway, I don’t feel like clubbing tonight!” Corey is our emo fellow; he is only 18 years old at 5’10” lanky, paper white dude weighing 125 pounds, which means he is too damn skinny. Corey dyes his hair in a raven black tone and keeps this weird 80s New Wave shape; he’s got deeply grey eyes and soft, pink, thin lips. He wears only black from head to toe and keeps quiet for most of the time, although he’s actually a very sensitive guy, the kind who writes poems and composes music. He once affirmed to be in a platonic relationship with some guy, something which I confess that I don’t get (whether you’re getting action or not). Anyway, Corey always carries this little black notebook where he keeps writing stuff and Diego once told me that his muse is one particular guy of the Track and Field Team. “Are you fucking crazy? I am not wasting all this style with you guys! They’ve told me this club is his favorite, and I am totally hooking up with my Adonis tonight!” I refused to let go of any chance to meet muscular hot guys, which were my obsession. Diego just closed the lid and chuckled. “Dude, you’re just sick! I told you it doesn’t happen like this!” It was my turn to roll my eyes. “And how else is it supposed to happen? I can’t talk to him in the gym, where he’s surrounded by those Neanderthal buddies of his!” “What are they talking about?” Kenny asked Corey, who just continued reading that little book of his. “Benny’s new crush, apparently some new guy at their gym. You know how fast you guys fall for those hulking stacks of insensitive beef.” Corey’s answer surely teased Kenny. “Well, at least we can talk to our muscle guys, while you just keep writing poems for a dude who doesn’t even know you exist!” Chang replied, but Corey remained quiet. “I don’t want him to notice me; I just want to watch him in all his glory. His muscles are toned with hard work and athletic efforts, not just some muscular augmentation provided for pure vanity.” “Whatever you say won’t change the fact that he is a track and field jock. And jocks are the worst type. He doesn’t notice a guy dressed in black whenever he’s training? I’m surprised they didn’t kick you out of the stadium.” “Why don’t you just stop fighting and help us push the car?” I yelled at Chang and Corey. “Hey, hey, hey! Nobody is pushing my car, it’s a very delicate system, what if we damage something?” Diego surely loved that car. “So what? You’ll just ask your sugar daddy for another car…” I said very maliciously. Diego was known for using his charm to lure wealthy older gentlemen to sponsor and spoil his expensive taste. “Hey at least I get gifts from people who like me instead of that bitter grandma of yours!” Diego snapped. He knew that my money always came attached to lots of guilt, since I was the only living relative of Eleanor Carter, the famous owner of a cosmetics company. By all means, I am filthy rich, but I couldn’t be happier to have moved away from that horrible little world, but then I have all this money to spend on clothes and accessories. “At least, I don’t need to suck on old farts to get my bills paid!” “You’re just mad because it’s been almost a month since you last got a cock inside you!” he replied with his usual beautiful mean-spirited face. I was about to give him the proper answer when suddenly, my eyes felt so damn heavy, then my knees went weak and the last thing I remembered was trying not to fall on my pretty face. I opened my eyes, looked at my watch and noticed the time. Three whole hours had gone by and I couldn’t even remember what had happened. I just realized I was at the passenger seat while Diego sat at my left, with Corey and Kenny in the back seat. “Guys…are you alright?” I asked touching Diego’s shoulder. He woke up at once, jumping inside his skin, almost giving me a heart attack. “What happened?!” “Are you asking me?” I replied, just as shocked as he was. Kenny groaned. “Oh shit…how did we get back here?” Corey opened his big green eyes and his paleness looked even more livid than the usual. “Are you guys alright? I feel so weird…” “When did we get to the car, anyway?” Diego whispered, but I was really impatient. “Who cares? See if it starts now, I wanna get the hell out of here!” My friend turned the key and the engine started normally, which made me feel instantly relieved. Diego just drove us back to my apartment that we all shared. It was only 2 am, but nobody felt like clubbing, for some reason our bodies felt really weird although I couldn’t say I was in pain, there was this unexplainable numbness all over my body. We all noticed that 3 hours of our day had just disappeared, but none of could explain such a mysterious thing. Although and each one of us came up with an explanation for such a phenomenon, when Corey tried to compare our case with an episode of AMAZING STORIES, we all knew it was time to get some shut-eye. Day 1 (6 am) I have never been a morning person, and especially after our previous weird night I thought I would sleep well past noon, but when I woke up so early, feeling unusually energized I couldn’t stay in bed. I got up only to find my roommates were all eating breakfast. Kenny and Diego always had those disgusting vitamin shakes that I hated. The two of them exchanged looks as I sat down without my usual “morning face,” and when Corey also joined us in the kitchen at such an early time in the morning, they seemed worried, but I didn’t want to talk about their crackpot theories. “Make me one of those…double!” I asked Diego in a way that he preferred to oblige rather than talking about his creepy ideas. “I want one, too…” Corey added and soon we were all digging in hyper caloric beverages like there would be no tomorrow. I don’t know if it was the lack of alcohol in the morning, or just anxiety, but I ended up drinking four helpings of that thick shake, and so did my friends. We all seemed particularly hungry that morning. Diego and Kenny went to train, and since I only had an afternoon class I’d normally sleep in, but on that particular day I felt like I should go to the gym to burn off all those extra calories I’d consumed. My friends knew I only went to gym for two reasons: cruising for new muscle guys or parading my most recent sportswear acquisitions. But on either occasion I’d always chosen evenings, when most of the big guys trained. As you might have already guessed, I’m a “muscle queen” – the kind of twink who loves to watch massive guys as they parade their humongous muscles. Therefore I don’t really go for heavy training, but I simply kill in Tae-Bo and spinning classes, especially when the trainer is a hot muscle guy. Since most of the huge guys already know me, they just play along with my flirting, though I have gotten some nice action in the gym. Most guys doing a cycle are just too horny, I have to watch out for their temper is also flared, but everything pays off because I love to give head in public places. So there I was, all fabulous in my trendy working out clothes, a large gym bag, and my D&G sunglasses. I also wore those cut-off clothes and a red headband to keep the sweaty hair from my face and was sucking on a huge squeeze bottle every three minutes. I must confess that I love the solid fear the mere view of my twink quintessence sends in the heart of most guys. Although they’d never admit, they simply run away from me when I enter the weight area. That morning, however, fortune smiled at me because there he was: Dwayne, my newest crush. At 22 years old and 6’2” 240 pounds of solid muscle, he’s got the most perfect physique with large, thick shoulders, amazingly thin waist and 6-pack washboard, cheese grater abdomen. The thing I liked most about Dwayne was his strong, silent demeanor. He actually didn’t mind when I just stood there staring at his amazing muscles, he surely had what it needed to succeed in bodybuilding. Besides his killer physique, he was so manly, yet beautiful, definitely the dazzling tex-mex features: the short dark buzz cut hair, nice olive complexion and the rugged manly face that just begged to be kissed! He also had that kind of charisma and charm that all-star bodybuilders radiated. Anyway, there I was just pretending to do some boring cardio machine while staring at Dwayne working his marvelous muscles. I felt something different inside me, some kind of newfound courage. Acting against my initial instincts, I walked towards Dwayne and simply asked for some workout tips. To my utter surprise, instead of yelling at me, that delicious muscle hunk actually spent a couple of minutes giving me some pointers, and then he also told me he could be my personal trainer for a friendly fee. Well, since money was not an issue, I’d scheduled to start my routine the very next day at 7 am sharp. Okay, so it was not anything extraordinary but at least I got his card with his cell phone number, email and all sort of contacts! Besides, I could get a closer look of that hot muscle guy and still enjoy a nice workout, maybe I’d soon be giving Diego and Kenny some competition in the physique department. I was getting sick of them making fun of me being “too skinny.” Truth to be said, I actually never cared about it before; I mean I love being with huge men, not being one myself. After spending the morning at the gym, I got back home to find Corey in his usual moody self. I knew pretty well that guy loved to look depressed all the time, and he certainly abused the eyeliner. God knows how much I love the benefits of foundation and lip gloss, but that dude had forged those thick black eyes which did not favor his delicate features at all. “Do you think I should work out?” he asked me bluntly. “Why are you asking this all of a sudden? I thought you hated going to the gym." “I still do, but for some reason l feel like I need to let off some steam you know? And if I was in better shape maybe I could…look better?” Corey was so shy that sometimes I wonder how he got the nerve to come out, but I know that once he gets an idea he’s stuck with it. “Honey, you should definitely work out. You’re one tall, lanky dude, and if you want to be noticed you gotta make sure you have something to show off!” I kind of suspected the reason for such unexpected interest, but Corey surely needed a reason to get out once and a while and meet new people other than reading depressing stuff. “Maybe you’re right… but I’ve always be that lanky all my life, what if it doesn’t work on me?” “Your timing couldn’t be better! I just talked to this gorgeous muscle hunk at the gym and he’ll be my personal trainer. I could just phone him and tell he’s got another client! And don’t worry about paying him; I can cover for you until you find another job.” I gently brushed his shoulder. Corey had just finished undergrad and was applying for majoring in Literature, but ever since he lost his job at the bookstore he was living with Mother Goose here – I guess it’s not nice to have this huge penthouse apartment and living all by myself, so I just brought my best friends to move in with me. Corey opened a very discrete smile which I knew was quite a lot, for him, so I hugged him in a very cute way. “Ok, so now we have the perfect excuse to go buy you some hot gym clothes!” I cheered. “Oh… there’s no need for that. I could wear a T-shirt and sweatpants.” He tried to dodge the bullet but I wouldn’t take no for an answer. “Nonsense! You’re not going to my gym all dressed in black! Besides, I am dying to take you shopping, and get some hot pants so you can flaunt that massive cock of yours!” “You don’t need to remind me about my deformation,” Corey replied, noticeably embarrassed. He truly had a nearly eleven inch monstrous cock between his pants. That fucking anaconda was just so thick and delicious, we have all played with it, but for some reason Corey is traumatized with his humongous endowment. “Deformation? Corey, you are fucking blessed! You know how many men would kill to have something your size? I know you don’t like topping, but sometimes we can’t ignore Mother Nature, I mean a cock like yours was made to be worshiped.” Once again he produced a faint smile which clearly indicated I was finally getting through his shell. He finally opened the fly of his pants and unleashed the humongous piece of meat. “If you promise not to buy me that neon-colored stuff you love, I’ll let you suck me. I know it’s been a while since we last played, but then again you’ve been lonely for quite some time as well.” That was the Corey I really knew, so I just couldn’t refuse such a generous offer. I got down on my knees. “I promise, nothing flashy and bright, now let me see if I can still suck on a cock like that!” Judging by the way Corey moaned and grunted I still had my golden lips. I made sure my roommate enjoyed as much as possible. With a cock like his, most pleasure comes from blow jobs or hand jobs, especially because most of guys get scared of such an enormous endowment. I worked my way down his balls and the thick base of his manhood and soon Corey’s eyes rolled inside their orbits out of pleasure. It actually only took me a little more than five minutes to get Corey to shoot, which probably meant he was also experiencing a dry spell. He warned me and tried to take his cock out of my mouth but I held him inside my throat for some reason. I am not usually a swallower, but after chatting the humongous Dwayne I felt kinkier, so as Corey erupted inside my mouth I simply took the time to savor his load. And that was a hefty load! I sucked his cock dry and grinned back at him. The donkey guy perspired a lot, so his make-up was running. I offered him one hankie and took another for myself. “Now that was refreshing…” I said cleaning the corners of my mouth very delicately like someone who had just feasted on a rare delicacy. “You… are amazing at that… Can you teach me?” “It doesn’t need much explanation, just lots of practice! How about we have lunch in the mall? I’ve just had a horse's cock for an appetizer, now I could eat the rest of it!” I chuckled as Corey blushed intensely, but I was actually very hungry…Day 2 The next day I woke up bright early and very excited to go the gym and have my first work out with my delicious personal trainer, and so was Corey, now dressed in his much more vivid (though still too blend for my spicy taste) working out attire, including tights spandex pants that made his donkey sized endowment more than obvious. Of course that made him nervous at the beginning, but after some pep talk he was ready to embrace that he was a horse dicked bottom, I have also convinced him to leave the dark make up for moments where he would not be sweating, and he actually looked much cuter in this washed version. After another hefty breakfast we headed to the gym where my delicious hunk Dwayne already expected his two new clients. Dwayne didn’t disappoint me in the fashion area, for he knew tight polo shirts did wonders for very muscular guys like him, I just wished the whole fitting was better, because it still looked very baggy under his amazing torso, but then again that was not any Ralph Lauren neither Lacoste (note to self: get Dwayne some name brand polo shirts). Those trunk sized thighs of his were barely covered in his spandex pants, and although he was no Corey in that department, Dwayne didn’t disappoint me there either. “So, why don’t we start with some basic stuff? We can take your measurements tomorrow, it’s better for me if I get to know your preferences by evaluating your performance, so I’ll have your profile outlined.” I liked the fact that my personal trainer wasn’t just a big wall of muscle, and he actually studied his business, I trusted him much more now (although I still lusted after him very much). Dwayne led us straight to the weight area and helped each one in a different machine, but since I was paying more attention to the way his pecs jutted inside his tight shirt I still don’t know their names. I started with the thingy for bicep crunches while Corey went straight to the chair where you have to squeeze with your thighs in order to move the weight, which was funny because I could catch the precious moment where Dwayne noticed the enormous size of my emo friend’s junk, he surely tried to play cool, but a trained eye like mine notices even the slightest reactions when it comes to checking on other man’s equipment. I gotta tell you that I expected my first day on weight training to be much harder than it actually was, maybe Dwayne was taking easy not to scare us, but he did quite remark that I was stronger than he first expected, which I supposed to be some kind of compliment so I promptly smiled and performed each exercise as he instructed me, although I won’t bother you with the details on how many “reps” for each “series” and other boring details. Let’s just say that Dwayne is a very good and dedicated trainer, he took his time to show us all the right movements and even played along while I said silly things and sounded as innocently flirty as I could, while Corey just stood there silent and focused, but flushing whenever I made a comment on his donkey sized dick. Dwayne smirked and said that my roomie was certainly gifted (which was all an allegedly straight man would admit in front of practically strangers). After we were done with our routines, we headed to the restrooms while Dwayne went to meet his other clients. Like I said before, I was expecting to be much more physically tired, when in fact I felt such a rush of energy, which I quickly redirected into pure sex drive and judging by the way Corey’s cock bobbed he also preferred to channel his own share of extra energy into such obvious choice. It felt very fun to give head in the gym restroom. Corey pressed the back of my head against his enormous dick and guided me as I pleased such huge member, the warm water splashing over my back. At first, it was quite difficult to breathe, but I’ve been blowing cocks for years now, so I knew it was better to just keep sucking as long as I could hold and then recover my breath while my hand replaced my tongue. It actually didn’t take long to get Corey to blow, but there were two main problems: #1 was that he just came so much and I was so hungry for his seed that I kept drinking it all and #2: we were so fucking horny that we went like four times! Whenever I got Corey to go dry, he got on his knees and sucked my own cock and so forth! Fortunately it was a lazy day and we had locked the door, so we could finish our kinky friendly suck just in time to unlock the door and let some other guy use the showers as we toweled our wet bodies. We headed back home, but first we stopped by this ALL YOU CAN EAT buffet, the kind of Empty-Carbs-High-Fat Haven that I wouldn’t even consider going until a couple of days ago, now I was so fucking starving that I needed all the food that could be quickly given to me. Each one of us could tell by the looks on the regular customers that they weren’t used to see two skinny guys eating five or six plates of pasta before heading to the grilled meats session, but we didn’t care for them at all. Once we were back at home, Diego and Kenny were just ready to eat lunch, which was a regular feast of low fat protein and complex carbohydrates. Although we were supposed to feel full for the next three generations, for some reason both Corey and me simply attacked the food without even remembering that we had been stuffing our faces for almost two hours. I felt that eating was just as good as fucking now, and for that reason it is needless to say that we engaged into the amazing orgy we had after lunch. It started pretty innocently, Diego just called me in the kitchen to help him with the dishes and I was more than happy to play along, because he knew I was the worst disaster in doing any house chore. When I got there he just hugged me and kissed me so fucking hard, I thought I would pass out, we made out like two wild animals, and he finally led me to the back room where we 69´d for about a good hour, exchanging our loads and exploring our bodies with newfound intensity. When we got back to the living room, Corey was groping Kenny’s thick muscles telling the Asian guy all about his first day at the gym. My gymnast roommate commented that he had the best train of his life, his muscles didn’t feel tired with such hard work and he performed much better as well. It was the perfect excuse for me to tell about Dwayne and his glorious physique. Diego just flexed his own perfect curvaceous muscles and said he felt stronger and he also could do much heavier lifts with no great effort. Suddenly, we exchanged worried looks remembering about the mysterious events of that night. On one side, Diego and Kenny were indeed used to physical hard work, so they simply assumed that they were in a good gym day and that’s all. However, since Corey and I were never into heavy lifting before, our own perspectives couldn’t be used as a good standard. In any case, we decided to change the subject, and in absence of anything more interesting to do, we ended up in another round of dripping wet sex – I have to say that my roommates were getting really kinky fucking buddies. Day 3I woke up even earlier than the previous day, only to find out my roommates were also up and very active already. Once again we had a humongous breakfast with smoothies and protein shakes, fresh fruits and lots of chicken breast in whole bread sandwiches. Despite the ravishing hunger we all felt in the morning, once again we were sharing out thoughts about “that night.” Diego thought we had a spiritual experience, while Kenny chose to believe that we were intoxicated by something in the air, because he claimed to remember a strong smell right before passing out. Corey pointed out that he remembered a strong light from above, but none of us let him start on his alien encounter theory because that would be the creepiest thing. So, to make him feel better I gave our Emo roommate one very nice complimentary blowjob and this time Kenny and Diego joined us in this masculine brunch. With those lips, Diego was definitely a great cocksucker, but he also enjoyed many toys, including one he called “Alejandro” like the Lady Gaga song. That distinguished gentleman was an 18 inches long massive black rubber dildo that we all love to play with. Kenny gladly helped Diego to take the most of Alejandro he could, while I continued working on Corey’s smaller, yet still massive, cock. My Emo roomie was in fact very horny because he came not just for me but also twice for Kenny, meanwhile Diego had a great time with his rubber friend. After a whole hour of messing around, we realized that there was still a whole day ahead of us, so I gave the guys a ride to campus. I dropped Kenny and Diego at the university, and then Corey and I headed to the gym for our second training session with Dwayne on whom we actually left a very nice impression for our first day. However, when the handsome Dwayne measured me, I must confess that I was surprised to notice that I weighed 142 pounds instead of my usual 130. I didn’t feel bloated and my stomach was harder than ever, maybe it was broken, but Dwayne assured me that it was a precise scale. The same thing happened to Corey, who weighed 135 pounds according to their readings. Although we were the skinniest guys in the weight training area that morning, we did every bit as good as on our first day, proving to be much stronger than our hunky trainer first thought. It seemed he would have to prepare a more intense program since we both said that we wanted to gain more mass. “I’ve already set everything for you in the weight area, and since you’ve done so well yesterday I decided to go for a more determined approach and challenge your physiques a bit harder!” “Oh, dear… I love when you talk dirty like that!” I said deliberating seizing my time to grab onto Dwayne’s massive arm. He seemed awkward but not disgusted which was already a good sign to me, so I quit joking and got ready for the routine. The funniest thing was that it didn’t feel more challenging; in fact it felt easier than yesterday. I looked at my side and noticed that Corey didn’t seem to feel the same way, but he was doing very nice nonetheless. Meanwhile, Dwayne was just staring at how easily we performed our exercises. He couldn’t stop congratulating us for such great performance, but I thought he was just kissing my sweet ass to gain some extra money (which I would pay him anyway). After the workout we took our showers and of course I noticed that Dwayne had been checking me out constantly. Sure, I didn’t have Diego’s amazing derriere, but I had this tight, tiny bubble butt that he would love to squeeze while driving that huge cock of his into my hungry ass. It was then I noticed Corey’s monster was fully hard again, so I chuckled and offered to give him head again. Usually, Corey was far too shy to do it in a public place twice in a row, but I guess the pump got us horny instead of tired. I closed the locker room door and went on heavily sucking Corey’s monstrous cock. It felt so dangerous and kinky! I didn’t need much effort to get Corey to shove another load down my throat, for some reason I was turning into a little cum pig, and my partner certainly didn’t complain. Once we were finished fucking for the time being, we showered and returned to our daily deeds. Before getting back to class, we stopped once again by that all-you-can-eat buffet. I usually only have small salads, but lately I craved things like beef and chicken breasts or tuna steaks! I was actually eating my third plate before I noticed. The weirdest thing was that although we had been stuffing our faces for practically two days, my skinny jeans didn’t feel tighter around my waist, although the thighs felt much tighter than I remembered. “Corey, do I look fatter?” “Why do even ask that? You’re all ripped and shredded, you have a 6-pack abdomen already, do you know what I’d give to have one of these?” Corey smiled as he felt my very tight and sculpted abdomen. I wasn’t muscular or very developed like Diego or Kenny, but I sure had one nice cheese grater. “Heh, that Dwayne is a real miracle worker! You’re not doing badly either…” I hit his chest and the once saggy flabby sunk chest looked and felt much fuller. “Don’t you think it’s weird that we are already showing such results on our second day of train?” I just rolled my eyes. “Oh don’t you even start, friend. I’ve worked my pretty tight butt for two whole days, I’m glad I have something to show. In fact, this new 6-pack will look amazing with a new yellow fitted T, I’m gonna rock on the dance floor!” Corey just shook his head because he knew it was useless to argue with me, but when we were heading to the parking lot he just pulled me by the arm and we were suddenly at the nearest drugstore, where he pushed my protesting to the scale, something that I surely didn’t appreciate. “See, it says that you’re 155 pounds! That’s exactly 13 pounds heavier than your weight before we head to the gym.” Corey said in a low worried tone, but I just felt angry. “And you said I wasn’t fat at all, you’re such a lying queen, Corey.” The tall guy just pushed me out of the scale and replaced me, it read 152 pounds, which was an even heavier gain, considering his previous read this morning. “See, I don’t look any fatter either…I think we are just getting heavier because of the increase of our muscular mass.” “Really? And here I thought we were just bloated with gas…” I replied bitterly and got out of the store before the homophobic little man behind the counter said anything. “Benny, you don’t understand…no one gains 15 pounds in one single day!” “That machine is probably broken. Didn’t you see how old everything inside was?” I dismissed the argument with one very theatrical hand movement, especially because my pretty eyes caught a new Nike store that opened right across of the parking lot, and I suddenly needed that new fitted T for displaying the new 6 pack I now possessed. When we finally got back to the apartment, carried with lots of bags for me and my still somewhat reluctant Corey, we found out Diego had cooked a lot of food and it actually didn’t feel like we had just had an enormous lunch. “I’d probably shouldn’t be eating that much, huh Corey? I’ll gain like 25 pounds after that meal…” I teased my roommate while devouring another serving and Diego quickly noticed the way Corey reacted. “What is going on with him?” Diego asked me while Corey kept his bags in his room. I explained him how Corey got obsessed with our weight gain, but since neither of us were getting any fatter, he was just overreacting as always, but this time Diego didn’t seem to be on my side. “Funny you should mention that, my choreographer also pointed out that I looked quite bigger, not that I got any fatter, but I’ve gained 22 pounds ever since last time we weighed. I’m not finding any difficulty, quite the contrary…I’ve never danced with such freedom and power before.” “So what? You’re training harder and got bigger, that never happened before?” I was still very skeptical. “Hey guys…” Kenny entered, his first reaction was to attack the enormous table set for us, but in the last moment he simply backed off. “I don’t know if I should…coach said I gained 18 pounds in one month, he’s afraid I’m getting too muscular for the team, he pointed out that my ” Kenny complained and it was our turn to look puzzled. “So are we all gaining weight like that? We are not bloated, or fatter, it’s all muscular mass increase. What’s the problem? We just happen to have a healthy life style and it’s paying off.” “Benny, since when have you been healthy? You had more liquor on you than anyone I’ve known.” Corey said from the hallway. “Damn, are we gonna start this again? Look, I don’t know what the fuck happened to us that night, but I’m not gonna try to associate it with everything that happens to us from now on. I know you guys were muscular before, and you’re getting even bigger now. That’s no big deal, and Corey let’s face, we might be heavier but we’re not anywhere near becoming musclebound like these two!” I finally vented it out. “Dude…we are all at the same side here. None of us know what happened that night, but whatever it was, it took three hours of our night and certainly left consequences.” Corey affirmed so calmly that he scared the hell out of me. Kenny hugged me silently, then it was Diego who joined the friendly touch, he kissed our cheeks and gently lowered his hand onto Kenny’s butt, and suddenly we were making out. At that moment, I knew I preferred fucking than talking about that freaking weird night, so I just lowered my arm to reach for Diego’s cock while Corey seemed to admire Kenny’s muscular back as well. This time, however, after sucking on Corey’s cock we let our Donkey Boy enjoy Diego’s 8-incher, which was not as huge as his but quite respectable, and our emo lad surely enjoyed puffing on that fine Cuban cigar. We fucked each other until very intensely, and each one seemed to gain a newfound taste for cum, because we were just sucking the milk out of each other like there was no tomorrow. I know I took the samples from each one of them, and they also had my very hefty load down their throats. After nearly two hours of such shameless orgy, we became a sweaty creamed mess of muscles and cum, so we just took a shower and stuffed our faces with the feast that we postponed to fuck. It was funny because after stuffing our faces and fooling around all afternoon, we collapsed in the living room and woke up around 10 pm. I wished to tell you I had some kind of revelation dream about that night, but I just slept like a log, so comfortable next to my roomies that when I woke up, I simply didn’t feel tired or anxious anymore. The room was dark, and the shadowed bulks of my sleeping friends were so cute I decided to leave the lights off. I just went to the bathroom to empty my bladder and almost had a heart attack when I saw the man looking back at me in the mirror! The 130 pounds meek blond twink was gone, and in his place there was this very handsome muscular dude! I didn’t know how and why, but my muscles had changed and grew much bigger sometime during my sleep. I palmed my chest, feeling the hard globes of muscle, going down to the impressive knots of my abdominal muscles, then I felt how hard and thick my thighs were, not to mention my hard striated arms, they just looked so hard and strong! The size of my muscles made me instantly hard and it reminded me that my cock was not the same anymore. The once average sized penis became a huge 10 inches long and very thick cock, it was just so much heavier and its augmented girth now felt heavier even for my bigger and more sensitive balls. My neck was so much thicker and muscular, and I even noticed my beard had grown much harsher, it was still the same blond shade in which I dyed a week before, but that was weird since my original hair color was brown. My eyes also felt weird, I felt my contact slipping but the eyes remained green for some reason. Even my lips were much more beautiful than they used to be! I was green eyed buffed 5’9” 200 pounds muscular blond hunk with a 4 o’ clock shadow beard. My muscles were just so hard and thick, they were covered with a perfect layer of hair that made them feel so nice to the touch, and at the same time, I could see their striations and veins right underneath my flimsy skin. I screamed for my friends, and when Corey entered the bathroom, we both went quiet, because he too had changed quite a lot. From his once skinny bean pole look he just looked like a muscular rower athlete decided to become one these power rock star! His pale skin turned into gorgeous porcelain fair tone, the blond hair he insisted on dying black had now turned completely into such intense of blackness that it almost seemed blue in the shades, the silky texture and shine were only possible in shampoo commercials, not to mention that now he had a full mane on his head. “Benny, is that you?” Even Corey’s voice sounded different now that his neck was so thick with muscles and the once sunk chest now exhibited two massive plates of pectoral manly glory with such fat, long pink nipples which demanded to be kissed, twitched and nibbled. The muscularity of his new physique was enhanced by the thick veins crossing the valleys and peaks of the impressive frame he now displayed. “Oh, shit…Corey!” I said pointing down at his cock. His once thin frog legs had turned into trunk sized thighs which could only belong to powerful animals like bears, especially because of the dark hair covering them, and the pubic area had turned into a thick dark forest, but all these details were easily forgotten once the unbelievably huge cock of Corey had turned into an alabaster baseball with the foreskin totally recomposed. The monumental flagpole now had the skin that had once been cut when Corey was still a little boy; the balls had also increased tremendously and looked like a couple of extra-extra-large organic eggs. That cock had to be over 14 inches long, and I wasn’t sure if Corey was even fully hard yet, the guy was in complete shock. “Damn…look at me!” He replied looking at his merciless huge cock, but then he quickly screamed at the moment he noticed his new face. The frail features were replaced by strong, masculine rugged lines. His eyes became icy blue almost like grey spheres whose beauty was enhanced by what seemed to be some kind of war paint, they were dark and yet so manly, and his perfectly trimmed goatee now framed the juicy delicious lips. Corey had turned into a 6’2” 250 pounds epitome of dark side hotness, and I couldn’t believe how much more muscular his body became in such short span of time. Neither of us wanted to leave the bathroom but when Diego and Kenny screamed back in the living room, we just rushed towards the hallway, feeling how much narrower it was now. “That…is wicked!” Diego just danced out of ecstasy. The once hot muscular dancer became a full throttle Caribbean muscle god! He became a 5’10” 285 pounds solid wall of muscle! The sheer definition and the thickness on my roommate made Victor Martinez pale in comparison, he was just the perfect combination of human genes to produce a glorious specimen of muscular manliness. Diego’s traces were already so beautiful, but they now seemed amplified, for his contours were just so deliberately hot that all his brawn and sinew had turned into a freaking masterpiece of sensuality! The way he danced naked only made his engorged 13 inches long cock slap loudly against his hips, but he didn’t complain, he actually enjoyed it, his butt moved and shook so vibrantly. His muscular arms guided the movement of his hips and the feet moved so manly, so dominantly; the balls hung so heavy, the smoothness of his body remained; the sweat ran down the fjords of his enormous muscles. Diego’s bald head now was perfect; it only gave the impression that his body was cast out of an impossible mold and filled with perfect bronze, which made him and outrageously sexy muscle dancer. It started from the very wide shoulders and the handfuls of muscle that formed his neck, the deltoids jutting to reach for his ear lobes, the amazing size of his veined biceps and the wicked shapes of his forearms, all the way to his monumental pectoral plates pressing against each other with his fat dark nipples. “Shit…I don’t want to wake up from this dream!” Diego said as he looked at me, and I could feel the flooring cracking as he moved towards my direction, his hands grabbed my muscular butt and the mocha skinned behemoth quickly made me dance with him. Even with so much weight added to his enlarged frame, Diego moved with his usual grace if not even more dexterity and control. He guided me in this improvised salsa presentation that we had rehearsed for self-entertainment, but now our muscular bodies seemed designed to dance sensually and even though there was no music, just the rhythmic counting on my partner seemed to be enough to send my body into a sensual melody. We ended up our little number with a very theatrical pose, and those dangerous hazel eyes penetrated my soul, Diego was such an intense dancer that all his partners ended up kissing him, and I was no exception, especially now that he became a freaking mixture of bodybuilder and salsa champion! “So should I save the next dance?” Kenny asked sheepishly and both Diego and I noticed that he would not be back on the gymnastic team, although powerlifter should be the most appropriate option. Kenny had become the most muscular among us, at 5’8” he weighed 290 pounds of immensely developed muscle! The shade of his skin changed to match the perfect dark fiery red tone of his spiked faux Mohawk hairdo. Our Asian roommate now paraded such a masculine confident muscular new frame, his muscles didn’t look quite as shredded as the rest of us, but he definitely was the biggest among us, he didn’t have any extra fat, it was simply excessive muscle bulk. Kenny guy looked like an off-season bodybuilder, but truth was that all his muscles were just overdeveloped rather than covered by fat layers. Not to mention that his turtle-shell 8 pack stomach was simply a powerhouse of sexiness, the perfect ultra- developed muscle gut that still couldn’t eclipse the immensity of his foot long cock that demanded attention. Kenny’s oversized, overdeveloped muscles now made him look so manly, so powerful. We all looked at him with newfound respect, and somewhat envious. We all wanted to feel like that too, what could be the secret of his growth, and how could we get some of that too? “Damn, Kenny, you look like you could take three Sumo wrestlers at once!” Corey admired the new size of our resident gymnast, but Kenny replied by simply lifting the new Rock Muscle God in the air with one hand and picking him in the massive 24 inches of his bicep. “You can say that again, dude, but you certainly seem a good way to warm up for them…In fact you all seem skinny compared to me now…but that’s okay I’ll give you some pointers to get big fast!” The new Kenny also had this very manly Asian styled goatee that made him look more authoritarian, and judging by the way Corey enjoyed when he stroked the thing while admired the new Rock muscle star, our new looks worked really well. “Well guys, I don’t know about you…but this new body of mine is just aching for a night out!” I said with a high pitchy tone that I still could produce on my much thicker and lower voice. “Well, last time we blacked out and turned into muscle gods…I’m curious to see if the thunder strikes twice the same place.” Diego said flexing his 22” biceps on my face. “Heh, I wish I could find Dwayne now, he would freak out now, huh Benny?” Corey laughed and we all joined him, and 45 minutes later we were all ready to party, but for obvious reasons we took two separate cars and headed to a local club; the four of us would never fit Diego’s new beetle! More to come…soon( I hope) Day 3 (continued) Although we didn’t go to an exclusively gay night club, we were pretty much the center of all attention. People simply couldn’t stop staring at us, but who could blame them? Our muscles were harder, thicker, stronger and overall much hotter and smarter (although that’s not a hard goal) than any overly bronzed Fanta-shaded Guido on Jersey Shore, so we certainly earned those fist-pump action we got as soon we entered the dance floor. Starting with the new 5’9” 200 pounds of muscle hunk version of yours truly dressed in skin tight denim CK pants, black fitted V-necked T by Ralph Lauren and Italian leather sandals – I pretty much knew that my muscle man-tits were just really great, especially those huge nipples poking through the fabric, I have to confess that I adored the feeling of my muscles flexing while I danced, provoking guys and girls all over the place. The audience also savored the amazing 6’2” 250 pounds of Neo Power Metal-Muscle Rock God Corey wearing a white wife beater along with the hottest black leather pants in the world to emphasize the bulge of his stud sized cock. Corey’s wild dark mane moved so sensually when he rocked that massive new body, not to mention the contrast between his alabaster flawless skin and the dark war-paint that suddenly appeared around his ghostly icy blue eyes, which gave him a dangerous, edgy yet very attractive look. Diego simply killed with the 5’10” sizzling hot 285 pounds of massive mocha toned muscles, completed with the delicious spice of his Latin elegance dressed in all the glory of his dark grey trousers and bright powder blue satin shirt whose first 4 buttons couldn’t be closed because of the immensity of his pectoral plates of brawny deliciousness (for the sake of my fashionista’s reputation, I have to tell you that we did try to dress him in a traditional shirt, but the sleeves simply busted once he tried to stick those trunk sized arms into them). When Diego paraded around the floor like the most dominating booty-shaker alpha-male, everybody just gasped at the sight of his curvaceous muscles. And who could ever ignore Kenny, the undeniable “Wall of Muscle”? At only 5’8” he certainly served as hard evidence for those who defended that shorter bodybuilders had advantage over taller ones. Although he was only 5 pounds heavier than Diego, Kenny’s 290 pounds clearly looked more powerful than the rest of us, especially because had that amazing fiery red faux Mohawk and the perfectly trimmed goatee that only enhanced the masculinity of his overly muscled frame. We certainly had trouble to find something that would pass the challenge of covering Kenny’s über muscular frame, so we had to settle for simpler clothes: cargo pants (which looked incredibly tight on those massive thighs) and a dark blue Under Armour sleeveless shirt that the monstrous gymnast usually wore for his training sessions. The overall effect was simply impressive, Kenny suddenly looked like a professional strength athlete, but for the first time in his life, he loved all the attention he was getting, and the “rice queens” certainly surrounded him. With our egos buffed along with our frames, we soon started the mating games. I noticed Diego making out with this hot German guy, a 6’5” volleyball-type player with shaggy blond hair; very hot indeed. Meanwhile, Kenny was flexing for a couple of very hot young college guys who seemed impressed (to say the least) with his uncanny size disappeared with this very muscular black dude, on whom I had my eyes. Corey was talking to a very popular jock in our campus, and I’m sure the guy had no clue that such powerful dangerous looking Rock God was the same dude who religiously watched him training. I have to admit that I desperately hoped that my unexplained transformation helped me to put an end to my dry spell, but I still felt somewhat self-conscious about my body, maybe it was because I was the “smaller” of our house. I was so much bigger, muscular and hotter than ever, I was dressed to kill, but still felt like the old days when compared to my roommates, and that fact certainly bugged me, I knew I was the smaller to start with so it would be normal to remain the smallest after the growth, but I didn’t think it was fair at all! All of a sudden, I noticed this bouncer who couldn’t stop staring at me. I smiled back at him and he chuckled. He had strong, masculine Middle-Eastern features with this shaved, bull-necked, barrel chested look. The guy had to be over 6’3” and was so muscular and powerful, he probably was bigger than Diego or even Kenny.Even in the poorly lit dance floor, a quick glimpse was sufficient for me to notice the tan line on his left finger, which told me that huge man was probably married, belonging to that kind of guys who keep their wives at home while they look out for hot twinks to fuck, something I particularly found hypocrite and disgusting. However, since I had absolutely no moral standards at night, I just danced my way closer to the immense guy with a shameless flirting look in my face. “Hey there…” I greeted the huge guy, but he pretended to pay attention to something said in his earplug, which actually gave him this hot “bodyguard” look, and I was totally ready to be Whitney Houston to his Kevin Costner. “I’m sorry, work stuff, you know…” His accent was very strong, and it only made me attracted to that impressively muscular man dressed in black. I looked at the oversized jacket he wore and imagined how thick those arms could be, we surely could get some store tips for Kenny and Diego, although I highly doubted these guys would want something so outdated. “Oh that’s okay, your work is to keep us safe us right?” I noticed that my usually flirting tone had changed; it wasn’t so girly anymore, although still charming and very sexy. “You bet that, sir. But a guy like you surely knows how to defend from mean dudes, right?” The bull-necked man’s voice was deep and husky, his tiny brown eyes undressed me and I surely didn’t mind posing for him while pretending to be casually dancing. “Oh, I wouldn’t say that…I’d certainly still need a big man to watch over my…back” That was all I needed to say; the immense guy just looked at his side and placed a huge hand on my back, roughly escorting me to some kind of “authorized personnel only” place, which was in fact a little bigger than a broom closet with a desk, some boxes and for comfort, a futon on the ground. The huge man just locked the door behind him, quickly opening his immense suit. “Get undressed and bend over, bitch.” The gorilla sized man certainly knew how to behave like one, but I was so freaking horny that I decided to play along. “Oh, yes sir…” I said while shaking very sensually. I took off my clothes and threw them aside, while the enormous dude struggled to take off his arms from the suits. “Let me help you with that, big guy. You’re so huge; we don’t want you to ruin your work’s wardrobe…” I whispered and helped him to get rid of the jacket; then I gently pulled the lower part of his immense turtle neck black shirt while he slowly managed to retrieve the thick strong arms inside the ridiculous piece of clothing. (I know that guy lacked any sense of style, but with muscles like his, I’d forgiven any style sin). “You’re…very big too…I like that…a twink with muscle!” The man surely enjoyed the special treatment I was giving him. “Well, I am not nearly as big as you, sir.” I replied while taking care of removing his pants, and judging by the chubby bulge on his boxers, I was pleasing him very much. The guys had a very thick and yet decently sized cock, which meant I would have lots of fun. The huge man groped my ass and squeezed it hard, but for some reason I didn’t think he squeezed hard enough, so I just reacted by grabbing his thick, hard buttocks and squeezing them the way I wanted him to squeeze mine, but for my surprise, the huge man produced a surprised yell, which made me stop immediately. “Damn, blondie. For a little guy you’ve got quite some grip on ya!” His voice was so manly, so powerful. The guy was 6’4” and weighed 300 pounds of hard, beefy muscle, how could he even feel my hands squeezing his butt? Maybe he was just trying to humor me, after all a guy of his size could easily break me in half couldn’t he? I have to admit I was kind of disappointed because he didn’t feel so tough as he seemed. “I just wanted to show you, I like things rough…” I whispered, feeling suddenly much naughtier. The shaved headed muscle bull chuckled and picked me up in his massive arms, holding me above the ground, my new muscular legs quickly embraced his wide waist, and I went straight to his hairy nipples, sucking and nibbling those puppies with my very experienced tongue. “Damn…I wish I were like you, sir; being so huge, so thick, and so massive!” I liked that he had that turtle shell kind of abs; I love ripped bodybuilders on the magazines but I certainly appreciated much better the off-season extra beefiness in daily life. He seemed to enjoy showing off for me as well, placing me over the desk and flexing those massive hairy pecs of his for my pleasure. I just giggled and hugged his huge physique closer to me; then I lowered my head and pulled his boxers with my teeth. After much teasing, I simply yanked those tight things and admired the impressively thick cock getting harder as I played with it very gently. “I’m gonna destroy your little ass, pretty boy!” he growled while pressing my head against his crotch. The bouncer had a decent cock, really thick one which was very pleasing to suck. I grinned and was about to roll a condom over the fireplug, when suddenly this overwhelming urge happened. It was like I couldn’t see or think clearly. I just attacked that man’s cock furiously, sucking him so hard and with such eagerness he gagged and gasped with the way I treated his manhood. “Damn… you’re GOOD! Oh… fuck… easy… easy there, man. OUCH! Your teeth!” He tried to take my head off his cock, and got surprised when he wasn’t capable, although he was 100 pounds heavier than my current frame. He ended up smacking the back of my head, hoping that the pain would made me let go of his cock, but I actually didn’t feel a thing, but the sudden commotion reminded me that I was probably hurting him, so I just stopped and looked at him. “Sorry there, hun. I got carried away. Now just relax and let me do my job, okay?” I gently pressed my index finger over his lips, and for some reason instead of just snapping on me, the muscle bull just moaned and sucked hard on it, so I was free to continue my blow job. It was so weird listening to my own voice but it felt like it wasn’t me at all. I mean I could feel the whole thing, yet I acted so strangely, like instinctively or something. The bouncer grinned once I came back to his cock. This time I was much smoother, yet he couldn’t stop moaning and gasping – it didn’t take much until I had him cumming in my throat. I did try to stop, I knew all about the risks. It’s fun to drink my roommates' cum, because they are all obsessed with DST testing, but this was some stranger muscle man I had just met! I could be getting into some really dangerous game, but there was this hunger inside me and I needed to satisfy it. The bull-necked muscle guy came for a much shorter time than I anticipated. To make things worse, he was already looking ready to roll over and sleep, but I wasn’t his wife and I would not tolerate that. So, I simply lifted his whole 300 frame from the ground and shook him, I still don’t know how it was possible, but I simply did, I lifted that enormous guy and didn’t feel any heaviness at all, I was just so horny and hungry for more of his seed that lifting his 300 pound frame didn’t feel hard at all. “Hey, big guy, you said you would pound my ass, now you’re gonna do it!” It was that hunger once again, the huge man suddenly seemed scared, nonetheless; I lowered him back to the ground as we kissed very intensely. Although he had just come, his cock went full mast again and this was my chance to have some action with someone else other than my roommates! I once again lifted the bouncer and brought him back to the desk, which was wobbling and squeaking under his weight, but I didn’t care. The guy he was just too intoxicated with my sudden strength display. I bent over, exposing my cherry to him and ordered him to start. “Damn…you’re one fine piece of bubble butt!” He shut that thick cock inside my butt, for some reason I was so moist that his cock went easy inside me, and then my huge muscle bull fucked raw and roughly like he promised, though I still wanted more. He unplugged so I could find a better position leaning against the desk, and he quickly got back to his rhythmically plowing on my ass. Yet, it was not enough, I wanted to feel more strength inside me, the hunger inside me grew once again so I just punched the desk and moaned as he slammed that thick cock inside me. I wanted so much more, at some point I broke the desk out of excitement, it had been so long since I last had such nice muscle man with me. “Fuck…you’re so hot! Oh damn…I can’t hold anymore, oh fuuuuuck!” When my bull came, shooting his hot man milk inside of my ass, I actually roared like a lion or something even more powerful. I flexed my buttocks so hard because I wanted that cum inside me so badly, I guess I actually hurt the guy at some point and he screamed and punched my back, but I didn’t feel a thing! Meanwhile, I shook my moneymaker to feel more of his cock inside me and ended up lifting him off the ground, supporting his weight on my thighs. I felt so good, so damn sexy, then I just realized the guy was desperately trying to get off my ass, I stood up and the force on my pelvis was so intense that I accidentally sent the bull across the room, but before I could help him, the guy shouted words in some language and ran for his life. I guess he got really scared with so much unexpected strength, but for some reason I wasn’t freaked out at all, so I just got dressed again and decided to have something to eat at the bar, and asked for everything in the menu that could resemble like a decent meal (thanks god for Steak with Fries and Tuna burgers). I sat at a decent table in a dark corner and waited impatiently for my order, feeling increasingly hungry until the food was delivered and I was ready to dig in when I was surprised in a very good way. “I can see why you’re so hungry, you certainly need lots of food to keep such impressive muscles and dance floor moves.” It was Dwayne, my personal trainer and most recent crush. I was so caught off guard, my mouth hung open and saliva dropped over the table cloth until I could manage to mutter a decent answer. “Why thank you…Do you care to join me? I certainly ordered too much because I didn’t know what to choose you can share the carb guilty with me?” “Well, I’m Dwayne, and I usually don’t have dinner with guys whose names I don’t know yet.” The personal trainer offered his hand to me; I shook it and felt so excited to have a chance with the current hunk of my dreams. I almost ruined everything by telling Dwayne my real name, I realized that my improved looks made it almost impossible for my own personal trainer to recognize me, after all he wasn’t expecting to find a taller, bearded and much more muscular Benny Carter only two days after joining the gym. “Hey, Dwayne I’m Leopold… but you can call me Leo” I must confess that I was terrible on thinking on my feet so I ended up using my real middle name instead of something better. The hot muscle tanned guy shook my hand and sat next to me. We sure looked hot together, especially with all the food at the table. I just smiled and asked the waiter for extra plate. “So, Dwayne, can I presume that you checking me out while danced?” I asked between mouthfuls of food. Dwayne giggled; he just couldn’t take his eyes off me. “You can presume that, but then all the eyes were on you guys. I must say that’s the most muscular entourage I see in a long time.” “Oh…well, we all have very good genetics, and discipline to work out and respect our bodies.” I repeated the same mumble jumbo he told me over the past days and it caused a very nice impression on my sudden dinner guest. “Heh, that’s great to see you guys think that way, can I presume now that you’re all very close?” I chuckled, taking even more food into my mouth and vanishing with the steaks in record time. “Well, yeah, actually they’re my roommies.” I blushed. “That’s great…I actually was wondering if you could give me some contact on that amazing Asian muscle monster!” Dwayne brutally crushed my heart with that question. “You came here just so I could introduce you to Kenny?” I gasped. “Yeah, he’s such a hot guy, I wanted to talk to him but he vanished from the club.” Dwayne confessed his cruel hidden agenda. I took a long sip of my light beer, trying to disguise my frustration. I placed the bottle down and shot Dwayne with a mean hurt look. “How dare you? I thought you were checking me out, I thought you wanted my muscles! Damn…why am I so small?” I voiced my thoughts and it obviously got Dwayne in a defensive mode. “Sorry, Leo…It’s not that you’re not hot…it’s that I am into very massive guys, you know?” That was the final straw, the last drop. I felt so angry, so envy of the size of my roommates. I just squeezed the bottle in my hands and it broke easily, making Dwayne nervous. “Look, Leo…I am sorry dude…let’s just forget about everything ok? I’ll even pay for the food.” “I am not Leo…I mean…shit…” I suddenly felt this surge of strength rushing through my body and grunted while my limbs twitched. Dwayne then approached me very worried. “Dude, what’s going on? Are you alright, should I call for help?” He asked me in a tender tone. I looked at him and we both witnessed when my shoulders expanded, growing wider and thicker almost instantly. The sinew on my impressive muscles continued to increase as we went both silent. “What the fuck is happening?” Dwayne asked, but he still tried to keep it low, for some reason he didn’t want to alarm people. “Take me out of here, please…” I touched his shoulder and my arm just busted through my sleeves, revealing a nearly 20 inches of muscular perfection, and Dwayne just nodded. He thought I couldn’t walk, but in truth I was not weak, I was getting stronger by the second, and my cock was so hard inside my pants, they would probably bust my pants too. “Okay…follow me.” Dwayne led me by the arm, which was very convenient because I could pretend to be drunk as he escorted me straight to the VIP bathroom. If only people knew that I wasn’t exactly about to puke, but to outgrow my already skin tight clothes. “Shit, you’re all bloated and swollen; maybe you’re having an allergic reaction…” “Does this look like a rash to you, Dwayne?” I asked harshly, flexing my nearly 22 inches around guns right on his shocked face, and to my nice surprise, he went not only went instantly quiet, the perfect hunk guy who had the nerve to ditch me over Kenny simply attacked my hard vascular arm. I watched with enormous pleasure as the hunky personal trainer worshipped my growing muscles with his desiring tongue, he licked and took several bites of my growing arm, feeling the hardness of its expanding contours. I giggled as he tried to dent the augmenting forms of my body, knowing in advance it would be just useless. I guess that my giggling must be pretty unique because when Dwayne heard it, he just stopped worshiping my growing muscles, he suddenly went livid and took several steps back. The strongly lit bathroom helped the hunky guy to realize the man behind the growing muscle body. “That can’t be possible…” Dwayne then gently touched my hair and my beard, feeling my face with his fingers in attempt to deny what his eyes had finally realized, and his final proof came when I smiled openly, revealing the multicolored pieces of my dental bracers. “FUCK….BENNY CARTER? Is that you?” Dwayne gasped and his hands groped my chest and squeezed them with all his puny strength. I simply giggled again and pretended that was just a casual encounter. “Damn…took you long enough to recognize me huh, D? Don’t worry…I know it’s pretty much to take in at once, and I’m still growing!” I giggled and flexed my pecs one side at a time, just so he could play along with me. Dwayne had to fight the urge to stick his face between my freaking awesome hairy growing pecs. “But, how is this even possible? What the fuck are you taking?” At that point I just rolled my eyes. “Come on, do you think that if they had invented something that could make a guy so fast, you wouldn’t already know about it? I didn’t take anything…it is just happening, and not just with me…my roommates as well.” Dwayne gagged while I pushed his neck against my face and we kissed so roughly that I actually felt like he was trying to break it by biting my lips, but at that point I was so aroused that I simply ignored his attempts and only stopped kissing when both of us were almost out of air. “Fuck…you’re hot!” Dwayne confessed as he paced. “That’s what I’ve been trying to show you. Now shut the fuck up and fuck me, pretty boy!” I stood up and suddenly we both realized that my body was still like 3 inches shorter than Dwayne’s, but I was already much more muscular and massive than his impressive 240 pounds. The tanned hunk gasped and his cock was hard against my now 8-pack massive and ripped stomach, I was developing the same kind of turtle-shell kind of stomach that looked so impressive on Kenny, and given the width and wicked thickness of my shoulders and chest, it just made me look so impressively muscular that I knew that Kenny’s got nothing on me at that point. “Damn, Benny you’re just insanely muscular!” Dwayne whispered as he squeezed my biceps and shoulders. “Well, I’m actually insanely horny right now, big guy…or should I say little guy? Damn…it’s still confusing to be so massive, but I love every second.” I giggled. It was then Dwayne decided to check on my engorged 14 inches monster hard cock which was actually much bigger than he could imagine, his eyes widened. “Oh fuck…I’ve never taken cock on my butt…I don’t know if…” I silenced him with another fearsomely rough kiss, which he accepted very nicely this time. “And who said you would be taking cock tonight? I’m a massive muscle bottom hunk, is there any problem with that?” Dwayne realized my question was just rhetorical but he still waved his head obediently. “I’m glad you understood that you’re on top, but I’m the one on charge here…now, let’s get out of here, I’m not gonna fuck twice in this place when I have a perfectly soft king sized bed for a muscular queen like me!” I actually missed my diva moments like that one, my body was becoming so masculine, but I still was the same twink underneath all those layers of muscle! “But, you’re barely naked and still growing!” My hunky trainer alerted, pointing to my humongous muscles and the immense sausage between my immensely thick hair legs. “Well, I do think it’s kind of embarrassing…but still less revealing than some girls’ outfits…Wait I have an idea…” I asked Dwayne to get back on the room where the bull necked bouncer and I were fucking and retrieve his clothes. The guy was so freaking scared that he probably was halfway through the southern frontier right now. I spent those minutes looking at my growing body and even rehearsing some poses for a private show, knowing that Dwayne was so horny and curious about my growth that he simply would do anything I asked him. “You were right, these clothes were just tossed there…I think they’ll do a much better job to cover your…amazing muscles.” Dwayne blushed as he handled me the customized sized black suit, but I certainly didn’t feel much excited about wearing such unflattering clothes. “Oh, damn…that fabric is so cheap it’s gonna give me rashes!” I complained while squeezing my tree trunk sized thighs into the trousers. It was obvious that my huge cock also didn’t help, so I had to tuck it somehow along with my left thigh. “I only hope this thing is stretchy enough!” Dwayne helped me to get into the horrible turtle neck shirt. “Oh, if my stylist sees me in these, he’s gonna have a cow!” I whined while my humongous arms stretched the fabric beyond its limits, and the sleeves simply tore apart, which forced us to rip them off, and my neck and deltoids took care of busting the disgraceful forms of that ridiculous turtle neck. “I don’t think we’ll need that right?” Dwayne tossed the jacket to the corner and smiled back at me. “Right, now let’s get out of here; I’m growing bigger and hornier as the moments pass”. I said as I led Dwayne by hand. Despite my comment, of course I insisted that we went through the dance floor, so I could parade my newest muscles and my current catch to everybody. “My car is just that way, Benny” Dwayne realized that going through the crowded dance floor was a very slow process, but very pleasing nonetheless. “Okay, but I have to teach these guys a few things about booty shaking!” I just danced my way, flexing and teasing every guy and girl who gasped at my humongous size. I have to admit that when you had a body the size of mine, people don’t actually care about the style rules, they just think it’s hot. We eventually got to the parking lot and Dwayne opened the door for me. “Shit, Benny you’re looking so massive, your chest is gonna rip this shirt any moment now!” The hunky personal trainer commented as he entered his Ford pick-up, noticing that I was far too muscular to let him drive comfortably inside the cabin. “Well, I am glad…my first growth happened while I blacked out, at least now I’m enjoying every moment. I wonder if the others are growing like me…” The mere thought suddenly brought me down. I loved my roomies but I was enjoying the idea of being the biggest, I just hoped that whatever happened to me didn’t infect them…at least not so intensely. “So, why are you all growing anyway?” The tanned guy was gently insistent, so I just took a deep breath and told him about the fatidic night. Dwayne took us out of the place, but his mind still tried to encompass the unexplainable events. “Maybe you guys should be tested for some kind of intoxication…” “That’s nonsense; we’re all perfectly healthy, as you can attest for yourself!” I flexed my arms and they simply felt like warm pieces of titanium against my flimsy skin. “Well, whatever it is…it’s changing your physiology, perhaps we should look for medical help!” I knew he was only trying to help, but my massive muscles ached to flex and my cock wanted to spew, not to mention that I still wanted to feel Dwayne’s cock riding my über muscular derriere, so I just placed a hand on his shoulder when he stopped at the traffic light. “Okay, Dwayne you have two options : you can take me to the hospital and have they check me like a freak, or you can take me to bed and fuck me all night long. Are you really gonna waste the chance to fuck the most muscular butt in the world?” I asked while easily flexing my chest so hard that it ripped the fabric of my borrowed shirt, which was actually a favor to fashion. The hunky Texan bodybuilder/personal trainer just gulped and stepped on the gas and turned to the left, which made me happy because I knew there were no hospitals that way, but for my own surprise we were suddenly parking at the gym.“What the hell are we doing here?” I was very disappointed with at that little man, but he actually just started kissing me and we made out for five a long time before he finally explained me his intentions. “I just thought we could test your strength levels…I mean, you’re so massive but something tells me that you’re quite much stronger than you look!” “And what makes you think that?” I asked puzzled. Dwayne smiled and showed the passenger door, and only then I noticed the indentations of my thick fingers on the metal, and all I did was opening the thing. “Damn…did I do that? I’m sorry, Dwayne I’ll have you refunded.” “Don’t worry, but now I guess you are just as curious as I am about the extent of your strength huh, not to mention that we have some very precise measuring equipment here, and I just happen to have the keys…so are you gonna waist this chance Leopold?” Dwayne asked as he opened the doors for me. I just giggled and lifted the 240 pounds muscle man by his collar, only to tease him. “If you ever tell my middle name to one single soul I’ll have you squashed like a bug.” Dwayne laughed. “Don’t worry; I just want you to squeeze me when I’m fucking you…” (to be continued) Part 4 (The earlier hours of day 4) Dwayne had convinced me to stop by our gym club to check my awesome new stats (like I need his machines to tell me that I now looked simply “massilicious”. Anyway, I guess he was just trying to make up for the terrible slip he had committed earlier, and for that reason I just played along, especially because I could get off those cheap clothes I had to borrow from that bouncer. I was right, by the way. Unnatural fabrics give me rashes. I could feel the red areas even on my flimsy skin. I felt so relieved to be out of the tightness of them. Standing nearly buck naked with the white boxers which looked almost like a thong on my immense thighs and crotch bulge, I just watched as Dwayne got ready to take my stats. “So, first we have to take your measurements…for scientific purposes…” Dwayne said in flattering tone. “Yeah, I can see your Einstein all excited about that…” I teased. Dwayne blushed. “I can’t help it…” My dutiful personal trainer carefully checked every single stat on my engrossed figure, and at each new number he collected, I could tell that he was almost sure that it was some sort of new world record. “Well, you’re 5’10 and ¾ inches tall, which is actually a tremendous height growth spurt at your age…” I lifted the guy off the ground. “Are you implying that I’m old?” “What? No…it’s just…” Dwayne noticed I was giggling, my dental bracers showing through my opened smile, so the hunky personal trainer relaxed a bit. “Still…you’re 378 pounds of sheer massive muscle, which is by any means awesome! If you were an Olympia contender, the other guys up stage would like toothpicks at your side. Your height/weight combination makes your physique breath taking!” Dwayne commented still lifted off the ground. “Well, maybe I can compete with them. I have one hot bright pink thong that would make me just phenomenal on stage…” “I… don’t think they allow something so…peculiar, but you would certainly look awesome!” Dwayne petted his cock and I could tell he lusted after my humongous muscular butt and the monstrous legs. “So, what about all these measurements you took? Care to tell me what they mean anyway?” “Are you kidding? Shit…Benny, how I can put this…Everybody is just crazy with the size on Jay Cutler’s 31.5 inches around. Well, yours are 38 inches around!” “Really? That’s over three feet around, are you sure, my thighs are that massive?” I casually commented and flexed them, creating real tsunamis of contracting fibers through the rugged surface of my ginormous quads. Dwayne just nodded. “Y-yeah, they’re amazing…But they’re just the tip of your muscle iceberg. Your calves are 28.5 inches around, which is bigger than most bodybuilder’s arms. They’d kill for 25 inches arms and your calves are even bigger!” I giggled. “The guys always said I had thin legs…I bet those new calves are actually big as bulls huh? But wait, if my calves are the size most bodybuilders would love their arms to be…” “Your arms are 32 inches around. I couldn’t believe the number so I took the measures three times, this number is fantastic. Normally, guys want their calves to be nearly the size of their arms for symmetry issues, but you are so massive that your arms can be that immense! Shit, your arms are bigger than Mister Olympia’s thighs! That’s just powerful!” I flexed the monstrous peak right in front of Dwayne’s face and heard him moaning intensely. “So what do you think about my waist? I mean, I’m eating so much latterly that I fear I’m gaining a gut...” Dwayne reacted almost like I’ve insulted him. “Are you crazy? Benny, your waist is 34 inches around, it is actually just the same as Jay Cutler’s. The “thickness” you might think comes from the size of your abdominal muscles, each one of your impressive 8 knots is so massive and thick that they mount around your waist and make you seem so much larger than you used to be, but that’s…so hot. I mean most of huge bodybuilders have “steroid guts”, I’ve seen my fair share of them, but in your case…that’s just so…freaking hot!” “And what do you have to say about those huge pecs of mine?” Dwayne gasped. “They would be my favorite part of you…if I could ever choose just one part to be my favorite…I mean they’re freaking 72 inches around! They’re bigger than the measuring tape “What do you mean? I’ve been eating like a maniac, all this extra bulk has to have some fat on it too…” “I thought that too, but I can’t find any! Your muscular tissue is so thick that it can grow denser and the fat levels on you are even lower of those before the growth. You don’t look like those competing bodybuilders on stage, all hungry, drained of water and most of their strength. You look so healthy, powerful, the perfect offseason glorious thickness but with the same shredded, rugged condition that wins competitions!” “You sound like surprised with that…Does it mean I am more than you have imagined mister “I only like super massive guys?” I chuckled, though noticing that it actually stung a little more than I originally planned. “I…am sorry about that Benny. I didn’t know it was you, but that’s no excuse for treating you in such manner…” “No, you don’t have to, I overreacted anyway. You were just being nice…” I hugged him and noticed he was chuckling, and then he just told me the reason. “You didn’t even notice that you were holding me off the ground for all that time, did you?” Dwayne chuckled, feeling excited about my enhanced strength. “Well, you’re so light I just forgot I was holding you, it feels like holding a grain of salt. You just feel the weight of your own arm…” I teased him, but Dwayne’s got a naughty mind on his own. “Which takes us to the next part of our experiment…I hope you don’t mind but I called someone else to join us…” “Who did…” I didn’t even finish the sentence and the deliciously augmented figure of Corey running into the room. “Dwayne…are you alright? What happened? Where’s Benny?” The muscular Emo was so nervous he didn’t even notice my humongous bulk, which was great because it gave me the opportunity to compare my body with my roomies. I simply groped Corey’s butt with a strong grip and he nearly jumped off his skin. “I’m right behind here sweetie!” I greeted Corey flexing my augmented guns and he turned even whiter. “F-fuck…Benny, you look…HUGE!” “Please don’t be offended, Corey, but I expected something more elaborate from an English graduate…” I gently laughed at his shocked expression while continuing to flex my humongous muscles right in his pretty face. “Take it easy with him, Benny…I texted him while you were dancing in the club. The poor guy was just too worried about you.” Dwayne said still comfortably set on my arms. “Damn…I’m still carrying you, aren’t I? Doesn’t it bother you?” Dwayne waved his head with utmost sureness. “Of course not, I am so glad you are that strong, it will only make our tests even more impressing.” “What do you mean by that?” Corey suddenly overcame his shock. “Oh you know how obsessed Dwayne is with numbers and data…he wants me to display a bit of my super strength to him.” I forced a casual tone on my explanation, and Dwayne suddenly understood the reason for him being summoned. “Damn…I can’t believe I ditched my precious Geoffrey because of some fetish…” Corey sighed but I cheered him up with a nice grab of his humongous cock. “Cheer up, Corey. You know that playing hard is the best way to conquer your guy. Besides…you can see my humongous muscles in action! In case you didn’t notice, I’m quite much heavier than you now…” Corey’s attention was drawn back into my humongous physique, and he cupped my huge pecs and we kissed very tenderly. The way our muscular bodies rubbed against each other made loud sounds, almost like rocks rolling over each other, and Dwayne surely enjoyed being the delicious filling of our massive beef sandwich. “That reminds me, how did you get to grow that big? None of us did.” Corey didn’t know but his question just made me so freaking happy that I lifted him off the ground as well, holding these two muscular men, who were both taller than me, and yet so less muscular and impressive than my magnificent brawniness. “Gee…I don’t know. I just fucked some random muscle guy and when I noticed I was blowing up like one of these cartoon shows…” I commented casually, knowing it only raised more questions than answered them. I have to say that Dwayne actually had a very clever and naughty idea to compare the strength levels. He personally started each test, using his maximum cargo on each exercise, to demonstrate the “normal” strength level a man of his impressive physique would develop after years of serious training and dedication. Then, Corey followed our personal trainer – although my augmented roommate was not that much heavier than Dwayne himself, we were both impressed that he could perform the same routine for much longer periods and dealing with a total cargo at least 50% heavier than Dwayne had lifted. “Wow…I didn’t realize I was that much stronger than you Dwayne!” Corey looked so adorable with his blushing cheeks. I was actually very impressed with my donkey boy, although now we had to call him a true stallion, his cock had grown so much bigger and thick; it looked mind-blowing massive between his own muscular thighs. “I have to say I didn’t expect such strength difference from someone who’s not even 20 pounds heavier than me, but then again, you guys have been through a unique experience. “As a matter of fact, there are thousands of reports of other third degree encounters…” Corey was about to start again, but I simply wouldn’t let him do it. “Anyway, now that you bitches have attempted, can a REAL man show you what’s strength all about?” I teased them both and flexed my humongous arms and made each one kiss the heavy peak in a sign of respect to the soaring mountains. I tried the same cargo Corey had finished, but it simply didn’t work, the weights were too light. Then, we tried doubling the same amount, but the effect was the same. We tripled, quadrupled and finally we had set every single weight available in the gym, and I was lifting the humongous cargo with one pinky finger, repeating the exercise for over 100 times and still it didn’t even feel like I was doing any effort at all. “Are you sure, there’s nothing heavier I could lift? I could lift the machines with all their weight, they seem heavy enough…oh perhaps not, that would cause a real mess…” I casually said while I continued performing flawless reps with my pinky finger. “There’s nothing else I can think of…we could try lifting cars, but we’d have to wait until the morning members arrive…” “That’s a nice thought; maybe after we fuck for the whole night, I come back and lift their cars with one hand only.” I teased my very impressed and hard cocked personal trainer. “Holy crap, you’re a powerhouse, Benny!” Dwayne said in a low tone as he watched me, and I just blew him a kiss. “Now you believe me? Nothing in this world could have made a skinny weak guy like Benny into this super strong musclebound stud!” Corey still tried to persuade Dwayne with his alien encounter theory, but the personal trainer was lost in his own naughty thoughts to even consider such ridiculous hypothesis. The loud sound of the steel plates being crushed, bent, twisted and simply molded my huge muscles like fresh dough easily shut his mouth. I actually didn’t even realize what I was doing, I guess I was really irritated with the fact that I was actually considering Corey’s idea. I suddenly felt my hunger and lust boiling inside my body. The same surge of power rushing through my muscles, each veins thickened with an unexpected explosion of renewed muscle flex. I knew my body now demanded more growth, and I subconsciously knew how to give in to such cravings. “Cut the crap Corey…Why would any super advanced civilization come all the way to Earth just to change a bunch of twinks into muscle studs? There’s just no sense in this! Now shut the fuck up and come here because I want to suck on your huge cock! And you Dwayne, better stick your own pecker in my butt or I’m gonna hunt you down!” The reflection of my humongous hairy muscular physique was so amazing that for one moment I didn’t recognize the manly, powerful, glorious bearded blond muscle god that demanded to be properly serviced by the other hunks in the room. Corey went immediately quiet and walked towards me, trying to get out of his leather pants as fast as possible, but in the end, I simply lifted him off the ground with a single finger and ripped them with my bare teeth. Corey gasped as he noticed that I was so much stronger than he could ever imagine, my moist lips engulfed his humongous cock and gently laid on the bench, lifting my humongous hairy thick legs so my sweet Dwayne could find my cherry among all that massive fur and muscle. I was sucking the 6’2” 250 pounds hunk like he was nothing but a giant lollypop, and there was even more pleasure for me to hold him so effortlessly in the air. Corey didn’t mind, he was actually having the time of his life, being sucked and lifted at the same time. Meanwhile, I noticed the lack of any worshipping action on my lower body. “Dwayne, you’d better get inside me, you’ll not like to see me in a bad mood, or perhaps you will, because I get much stronger than I already am…” I chuckled. Truth was that I couldn’t see much because of my humongous hairy pecs and the freaking thick thighs. “D-don’t worry Benny, I just heard your stomach roaring and thought that you’d like a protein shake…or a few dozen of them…” Dwayne said from the juice bar. “Oh, in that case, you’re excused. Just make sure you have made everything you can to feed me properly.” I could hear the blenders working and licked my own lips before getting back to suck Corey with even more voracity. “Erm…could you make some for me too?” My roommate begged, his own muscular stomach was aching for food, but as my sucking action grew hungrier, Corey went quiet. He was just in pure ecstasy because of the intensity of the situation. I actually didn’t realize but being the ultra-strong musclebound stud made even the simply facts much different. For instance, if I lifted all that weight without any effort, can you imagine the kind of suction I could apply on lips? I’m glad Corey was much more resistant than before, so he was able to enjoy and actually surviving my hungry blowjob.Dwayne got back with lots of shakes and even some providential tuna steaks right in time. Corey screamed at the top of his lungs as I sucked him dry like a little juice box. I never felt so hungry for his cum before, but I was so strong that it didn’t take much for me to dry him out. So I just lifted my torso and set him on the ground, right in time to grab a full blender of fresh strawberry protein shake. “Damn…Benny, you’re on fire tonight!” Corey still felt dizzy, but he quickly claimed his own blender of protein shake. “Heh, I know…but your horse long cock really kept me motivated.” I said between gulps and bites. Dwayne chuckled. “You should take a look at yourself, Benny. You have cum and milk mustaches over your own blond facial hair!” I looked at the peculiar reflection and smiled, my fluorescent dental braces shone in the poor lit room and we all chuckled. Suddenly, we were all surprised with another sound. I felt the boiling again and then my cock was growing like never before. It was so intense, the monster sized phallus grew like it was being stuffed with more mass, I gasped as it easily reached, then surpassed Corey’s freaking monster. “Dammit… What are you waiting for? Suck me Corey! Dwayne, you’d better get on my butt now, or I’m not answering for my behavior!” I said throwing the empty blender away. The two guys didn’t take a second to oblige – Corey positioned, his cock went down my throat and he sucked on my humongous obelisk, while Dwayne found his sweet way between my muscular cheeks. I felt so intoxicated by the hunger and the pleasure, my senses were fuzzy, but I could tell we were enjoying like never before. I had Corey’s cock in my mouth and applied even more strength to my sucking, which made him roar and try the same with my own cock, and although he wasn’t even close to my strength, the feeling was actually incredible! Meanwhile, Dwayne also pounded my ass with all his puny strength, which was the greatest compliment I could get from that petite muscle hunk. I could hear his groaning and the loud sound of his balls slapping against the hardness of my butt, I knew he would be very much in pain after the rush of adrenaline ceased, but it was just so intense that I loved every single moment, squeezing my butt on occasion, just to make him feel my absurd strength, and in such moments he actually took long bites on my calves, letting me know when to let go of his tiny little pecker. Dwayne came first, filling my gut with his manly seed, and I felt his warmth entering me. Then, I just flexed and relaxed my butt in such fast movements that I somehow brought Dwayne into cumming a second time, which felt so surprising he kept punching my steel hard abs, and yet I felt nothing. Corey and I came almost at the same time, when my rock musclegod’s spunk squirted down my throat I suddenly felt like an atomic bomb of pleasure had exploded inside me. I just flexed all my muscles and felt my own flood of man juice filling Corey’s throat. The poor gasped and gagged, but there was no way he could escape the flood of my monster cock. Dwayne eventually slipped from my moist muscular bubble butt, he just collapsed in the ground, barely able to stand up. Suddenly, he jumped up in shock. “Fuck…Corey’s growing too!” He announced and I noticed my roommate’s body growth spurt spreading across his shoulder blades, then his own chest thickened as he threw his head back. I have to confess that for one moment I feared Corey would outgrow me. Fortunately, that moment was soon gone. “Shit! Benny, you’re growing too!” Dwayne pointed even more shocked as my whole figure bubbled with violent growth spasms, I just chuckled and reached for Corey’s shocked face, kissed him so intensely, we both made out as our muscles grew bigger. That was the best thing ever – making out while both of us were growing, we could worship the expanding biceps, the ballooning chests, the augmenting thighs. Each part of our bodies grew thicker, wider and the fibers multiplied underneath the flimsy skins of our glorious bodies. Our cocks rubbed against each other, their thick veined surfaces, slippery because of our insane amounts of pre cum, our lustful kisses and desiring tongues bathed the expanding areas of our bodies. However, the best part of making out with another growing guy is to know that you’re growing much faster and in much more intensity than him. No matter how amazing Corey’s muscle growth happened, it simply paled in comparison with my own expansion. I knew I had a condescending grin on me. “Don’t worry, Corey, just your Wheaties and you will be big like me…or not!” I just laughed realizing my body grew in real waves of intense power. In fact, at some point we both realized I was looking at Corey at eye level. There’s something special about the realization that you’re now taller, maybe it’s a stupid sensation of self-assurance, but Corey’s awkward smile when he noticed that he was no longer taller than me was priceless. It only seconded the even more awkward smile when I was looking down at him! “Benny, you’re growing so fast…so powerful!” Dwayne said as he jumped in my arms and we both kissed each other in a furious passion. I guess the little guy was really into muscle freaks, and that particular muscle freak was growing even more humongous. The muscles on my body grew in such raging waves of multiplying fibers that it felt like I was in some kind of reality morphing software. The dimensions of my marvelous figure only augmented and looked manlier, stronger, harder and so much more muscular! Corey joined Dwayne in the worship of my physique, despite the fact he was growing bigger as well, but it was the same than trying to see stars during a sunny day, you simply forgot they are still there! Nonetheless, Corey continued to grow more muscular, he was actually even more of a rock musclegod than before. Standing at 6’6” at 420 pounds of hard alabaster toned muscles and totally smooth except for his love trail and crotch, my hung stallion now had a huge 20 inches soft cock. His long raven black hair now made him look like some kind of man-lion, he actually seemed so much agile and gracious, his smile almost sounded like a real purr. “Fuck…I feel awesome!” His voice tone was so good to hear, and judging by the shock expression on Dwayne he could make a guy cum just by speaking his name. However, as most impressive as Corey’s new body was, he just couldn’t compare to my new size. I’ve kept growing for many minutes before Corey’s growth subsided, and I could tell Dwayne was just impatient to get my freaking new stats. “Holy mackerel, you’ve grown to 6’8 and ½ inches tall, that’s almost one whole foot taller than you were right when you stepped in the gym!” “Yeah…and I only grew like four inches…there’s really something about you huh?” My timid musclegod rocker blushed. I looked down at Corey and kissed the top of his pretty head. “Damn…you guys look so cute I could eat you both!” Dwayne had to bring two scales so he could take a more accurate reading of my weight. “That’s… 778 pounds! Fuck…Benny you’re heavier than Jay Cutler, Phil Heath and Branch Warren all together!” The guy screamed in such ecstasy, he hugged me and kissed my body in a cute worship frenzy Corey had a puzzled expression on his face, but I waited until Dwayne recovered from his hyper aroused state. “And these guys are important because…” Corey started. Dwayne chuckled. “They’re the top 3 bodybuilders in the last Olympia show!” “I still don’t get it…” Corey felt a bit ashamed. “Heh, it has to do with their on season weight: Cutler competes in the range of 274 pounds, Heath goes for about 245 and Warren got onstage at 250 pounds! That sums up to 769 pounds and I’m 9 pounds heavier than the three alpha dogs of the sport!” I casually affirmed. It was Dwayne’s time to seem impressed. “I didn’t know you followed their carriers so closely…” “I must have read it in some site while I browsed for naked pictures of bodybuilders. Anyway, if I were to compete, you’re saying they should give to me 1st, 2nd and 3rd places? That doesn’t seem quite fair…I guess I must grow so much bigger than all the prizes go to me!” I chuckled and kissed the over excited bodybuilding fan. Corey and Dwayne took my powerful measurements. I actually didn’t care much for the actual number as my little darling Dwayne, but his excitement made me all so pride of being so huge for my little guy. “Your chest is 110 inches! That’s so much that I am speechless, it feels so amazing and powerful!” Dwayne whispered in my ears.“Don’t worry, babe, I’ll let you shave and massage my freaking massive nipples…” “Funny thing is that your arms are 55” when you’re not even flexing, and when you do, they reach up to 70 whole inches! That’s just so impressive, it’s like your fibers get much thicker than they should be!” Dwayne commented. “Well, I guess I have to bring them to 70 inches cold to see how much they go flexed huh?” I teased him, but judging by his look as he kissed the peak of my flexed guns, that was a promise I had to realize. “Oh come on! Your legs are 78”! That’s more than my own chest!” Corey faked a protest and just blushed when he measured my other monster. “And I guess you’re the hung freak in our household now…that’s 29 inches…soft, if you call that soft…” “Oh, it is soft…for the time being…but if you keep teasing me, you’ll have a new measurement…” “Well, isn’t it interesting?” Dwayne mentioned as he checked something on his tablet. Noticing he had our attention, Dwayne showed us the graphics he had improvised to display my growth compared to Corey’s. “Benny, you told me that you had sex with a bouncer before you went to the restaurant right?” I nodded. “Yeah, I was starving…” “Did you have sex in the club too, Corey?” “Of course not! I mean, I was talking to my precious Geoffrey and we were about to go to his place…”Dwayne smiled. “Am I wrong to assume you had sampled the bouncer’s cum?” “Okay, I confess, I’m a cum pig!” I said rolling my eyes, but Dwayne just kissed me again. “Let’s not forget that you also had an intense workout, although your strength doesn’t consider it to be intense at all, your muscles were pumped, and then you felt hungry and horny at the same time. You had Corey’s cum inside you twice, and he had your sample too; the two of you ate a lot too before your growth spurts started…” “So, you think these facts are causing the growth? But we’ve been sucking and having each other’s cum for a long time…” Corey argued, but then Dwayne brought the most important detail. “Yeah, but I bet it got different after that night, right? I mean you guys have never been to a gym before, and all of a sudden you do so well on your first day? No sore bodies? No angst? I’ve noticed your strength levels were already much higher than I could expect from guys in your condition, but you were almost at the same level, with Corey winning by just a small percent, until tonight of course.” I looked at Corey and he shrugged. “So, what is your point?” Dwayne smiled. “I don’t think I have any point, it’s just funny to realize that your growth spurts are preceded by hunger and lust, not to mention the fact that if you now have a birth mark exactly like mine…” The personal trainer showed the spot behind his left shoulder to Corey and they both located the very same mark on my left shoulder. I barely could see it in the mirror reflection but that was indeed startling, especially because Corey had no sign on his augmented body. “I had never noticed it there before!” I casually commented, but the two of them seem to agree with me. “And although your cock was massive, it wasn’t bigger than Corey’s until AFTER you drank his cum…” Dwayne commented. “Let’s not forget that Dwayne’s cum was only inside you as a matter of fact.” Corey chuckled as they realized I grew closer to their conclusion. “So, how do you think that happened? I just got it from you?” Dwayne nodded. “Well, a birth mark like that is genetic, but I think you have absorbed more than just it, if you look carefully…your marvelous body is an improved version of mine…I don’t want to brag, but my body always had this impressive shoulder/waist proportion that gives me some advantage in the comparison with guys who were even bigger than me.” “Wait…so I took Corey’s freakishly huge cock gene and made mine even bigger? Not to mention that I have features of your own physique only made better?” I asked excited. “Well, it makes sense in theory. You must acquire some features from the guys whose cum you drink, I don’t know exactly how it happens.” Dwayne explained. “Wait a minute…Benny…what if you had to assemble a workout routine for an elderly man who had injured his left arm during an accident?” I opened my mouth to comment on how stupid and useless Corey’s question was, but something else came out of my mouth. It was the very detailed exercise routine with the number of reps and all the especial care that situation demanded. When I finished, Dwayne’s eyes were just as wide as mine.“H-how did you know that?” Dwayne asked Corey. “I remembered he quoted the competition weight of those bodybuilders by heart. I know Benny well enough to realize he would never know any sports fact by heart. Unless, if you call naming all of Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriends a sport…” We all laughed at that, because he was absolutely right, it was only then I remembered I had Corey’s traces as well, so I closed my eyes and recited something that came into my mind, and Corey quickly came to shut my mouth. “Are you crazy? That’s the poem I’m working for Geoffrey, you have no right to make fun of it!” “Oh, I’m sorry…I didn’t know…but it’s good. It reminds me of the earlier Langston Hughes’ work…” I casually commented. “Stop that now, you’re giving me the creeps!” Corey demanded. “Damn… I’m sorry…these things just came to my mind. I feel so marveled like...” “…when Karl Lagerfeld met Kimora for the first time! I didn’t even need to have your gifts inside me to guess that part.” Corey chuckled. “Wait a minute…knowledge isn’t passed by genes is it?” I asked Dwayne, but then I answered myself. “Some species display they have inborn knowledge about situations they have never experienced before, which can be some kind of genetic cargo.” Dwayne chuckled. “I guess that you are a better, bigger and more muscular amalgamation of all the men you’ve fucked Benny.”I brought my little Dwayne into my arms and kissed him passionately. “Well, why don’t we continued with our experiments then?” “I’d love to…Shit…look at the time! It’s almost a quarter to 5, the janitors will get here in a few moments!” Dwayne gulped as he noticed the mess we created: the empty blender cups, most of which were broken, steel plates crushed, the bars were bent like pretzels, and there was cum everywhere. “Damn…Dwayne I am sorry…I’ll cover the damages.” I instinctively looking for my checkbook, but only then I realized it was still back at the club. The tanned little guy just kissed my arm and caressed it tenderly. “Don’t worry, big guy…I can still clean it and come up with an excuse, but not if you monsters are here…” Dwayne said as he threw his car keys to Corey. “Make sure you put the big monster guy in the back seat okay? And please let him be careful…I know he’s absorbing our DNA, but his strength levels are much bigger, Benny can be dangerous if he is not focused.” “Whoa…take it easy, I’m not some monster….” I tried to protest, but right then Dwayne pointed to the plates I’ve crushed without even realizing, so I went quiet. Corey and I went back to Dwayne’s car, and I carefully entered the back seat, feeling so cramped, but trying not to damage his property even further. Corey was not little by all means, but he still managed to drive that pick up down the street. “Damn…this is the best night out ever!” Corey chuckled as he looked at my grinning face. “I think Dwayne is falling for me…” I said blushing. “Heh, I guess you became his wildest dream…” Corey commented casually as we passed by some dark alley. I looked at my side and noticed something. “Hey isn’t that Tristan over there?” I pointed to the very pale red haired boy dressed in skimpy baby-look shirt and white denim shorts. Judging by the way he ran, we could tell the guy was in trouble. Right then we devised a bunch of jocks chasing the poor twink. “Stop the car, Corey…” I ordered. “Benny, don’t do anything stupid. We can call 911 and these guys will all run away…remember what Dwayne said, you’re too strong now…” The right side of Dwayne’s car flew away as I forced my way out. Corey still screamed for me, but I was possessed. I just walked towards the bastards, and by that time they had cornered Tristan. “Please…I don’t have any money…” He cried. “We don’t want money from you, queer. We want some blood!” The tough looking guy spat on his face. “That’s good, because I’m about to take a lot from you!” The power in my voice tone scared the hell of them. I immediately devised the shine of the blades. “What the fuck do you want freak?” The guy asked trying to sound angry, when in fact he was just really scared. I simply reached for him and lifted the puny dude by his collar. I heard the several blades trying to penetrate my naked monstrous muscular body, but they simply broke in pieces. Someone else produced an aluminum baseball bat and took a good swung at my back, but it just resulted in the destruction of the expensive equipment. I reached the shocked little guy and picked him as well, and for some stupid reason, those morons thought they could outrun me, but they actually found a much more determined Corey waiting for them right at the corner of the street. “What do we do with them?” Corey asked while holding three of them. Meanwhile, I had the remaining 5 in my powerful bear hug. “They’re not important…” I threw the scumbags inside the dumpster and turned my attention to the shocked Tristan, who was even more scared now. “Please, don’t hurt me…” I gently hugged him. “It’s okay now, those guys won’t hurt you…” before he demanded any explanation, Corey touched my shoulder. “We have to go…the police soon will be here and we still have the matter of Dwayne’s car…” “Thank you so much!” He screamed as we ran down the dark street, back to rest of Dwayne’s pick up. I just held the right door and tossed it on the trunk of the vehicle, squeezing my humongous built back inside. Corey started the car and drove us towards home, he was quiet for most of the time but I still felt my blood boiling inside my veins. “You did the right thing, it was a bit impulsive, but you did the right thing, Benny.” He said after all. “Thanks for the help, sweetie. I just felt so angry…” “You’re not turning into some kind of gay superhero are you?” He finally had the urge to ask and we both laughed really hard.“Well, I could design a fantabulous costume if I wanted. Something that would put Lady Gaga into shame, the only problem would be that I’d have to make bigger versions of it.” Corey suddenly gulped. “You really want to take this further huh?” “Of course…we still have two delicious sources back at home! Can you believe how much bigger we will be with Kenny and Diego’s gifts? That would be an awesome start.” “Start of what?” I had Dwayne’s knowledge of physiology, and although I knew they weren’t enough, they would have to do for now. “The start of something very interesting.” End of part 4
  17. Hello All, This is one I tried to write the same time last year for the Fourth of July but never finished. Now this year I have….still not finished it yet, but I feel I got if off to a good start and hope to have the conclusion up in the next couple of weeks or so. I just wanted to get it up before the Forth of July was over and it looks like I barely made it. As for the Forge I am having a some writer’s block with that one but I hope I will get part three up soon after I conclude this story. Swelling with Patriotism My friend Devon invited me out to the countryside this year for 4th of July. I normally see the fireworks down on the waterfront in the city, if I even go at all. Don’t get me wrong, I like an excuse for food or drinking as much as the next person but often it is just hot, crowded, and filled with overpriced vendors. Most of my family lived pretty far away from me now so there wasn’t family thing I could go to. He had been going his friends place out there for a couple of years now. He always seemed excited about it when it was coming up, almost weirdly so. The claustrophobia of the city was starting to get to me so I figured why not. Dev picked me up outside my apartment. He said I should wear something with a flag theme or at least red, white, and blue to “get in the spirit”. So I put on a red polo, some navy shorts, and a white belt. It looked preppy as hell, but it was all I really had to fit the theme. When I got in the car he laughed and in his best New England WASPy accent “Oh my! We must hurry to the country club or Mumsy and Dadsy will ever so irate!” To which I replied with an extension of my middle finger. “What do you want from me? This is all I had to fit the theme. Some of us don’t have a wardrobe that looks like an American flag exploded all over us.” He was decked out in a tank and shorts with the stars and stripes all over it. “The socks are a bit much.” “Where is your patriotic spirit Chris?” ‘ “Patriotism is fine but this borders on gaudy jingoism.” “Hey, the party my friend throws may change your mind. Him and his Marine buddies really go all out.” “Wait, Marines? Oh, I get now. I know why you want to go to this party.” His sheepish look confirmed it for me. Devon had a huge thing for military men, Marines especially. “How many are there going to be?” “30 to 40 of them usually.” “It’s like a buffet for you. I bet you snag at least one or two.” It was amazing how he did it. When I first came to the city as a fresh faced gay boy just out of the closet, we struck up friendship and he took me out to my first few gay bars. He could always spot them, especially before DADT stopped. They’d come from the nearby Marine base with the buzz cut and nervous air about them, worried they were going to get caught. He’d saunter on over, talk them up and 90% of the time would hit a home run. He wasn’t manipulative or anything, he just had a way of putting you at ease and under DADT a lot of these guys needed to be put at ease. His tight swimmers body with just the right amount hair probably helped too. “Yeah, there might be one or two.” He said it so weird, like it was an understatement. “Aren’t we confident?” “I have a good feeling. Besides, you might find one or two you may like. I know you don’t have the same thing for Marines that I do but there will be plenty of chiseled, bulging Marine bodies for you too.” He had me there. Muscle was my thing. Strength too. Like comic book level stuff. Big bulging tight bodies that could crush steel in their bare hands. I remember when Devon found the story I wrote for that website. I was so embarrassed, but I should have known better. He just laughed it off and said “Pretty hot. They should be in fatigues.” So predictable. “A little over the top on the size though.” He said. “And I’d be worried about breaking bones having sex with someone who could punch a hole in concrete.” Not that I didn’t like your everyday displays of strength. A Marine doing 200 push-ups straight in a row. I could get into that. After an hour we arrived at the place. It looked look like a big sprawling property with a spacious country home and even a barn, though I doubted it was much of a farm, just one of those big properties people buy for the space and scenery. “How big is this place?” I asked Devon. “Over 100 acres.” “Seems a little much for a party of 30 or 40.” “There will be other people, too. Besides they’ll need the room for the other festivities.” “Other festivities? You’re being mysterious today.” “Just trust me. Have I ever disappointed you before?” “No, never.” I couldn’t argue with him there. I owed some of the best times of my life to him. “Good, let’s go and meet the guys.” We went around to the back of the house and came upon the party. Some 80 odd people were there mingling with each other in one of the most over the top, decked out flag paraphernalia I had ever seen. Flags on banners. Little flags on the tables with flag table cloths. Various foods with flags on them or red white and blue themes. Flag clothing on everyone. Well, about half of everyone. The other half were clearly the Marines. Now, I know most Marines usually keep fit but these guys were some of the most perfect forms of the male body I have seen. Their bodies ranged from relatively small super ripped fitness models to heavyweight bodybuilders, though even the smallest of them couldn’t be less than 200 pounds and 5’10”. Instead of red white and blue they were all wearing camo pants with either tight grey tee’s or tanks with Marines emblazoned on the front or tight camo tee or tanks. They seemed to be tailor made to accentuate every bulge and sinew in their bodies. As I stared into the mass of dream men Devon laid his hand on my shoulder and said “You know what I want to hear.” “I should never doubt you.” I replied “One of these days you’ll remember that. Let me introduce you to some of…..” “Hey boy!” I turned around to see the source of the gruff, gravelly voice. Staring me in the face was the word “Marines” stretched tight across a pair of hard, succulent pecs. Looking up I saw the perfect vision of a jarhead. Clean shaven with a perfectly formed flattop of brown hair. A first glance would say he was in his early thirties but carried an air and facial expression that made him seem older and unquestionably in charge, including a cocky smirk. It sat on top well-formed beefy body of about 220 lbs of pure muscle. “Hey Sarge.” Devon said breathlessly and with a big dopey grin on his face. The guy must have been one of his conquests from last year’s party, though he didn’t look like a guy you could call a conquest. Probably the other way around. I guess Devon met his match. “Who’s your preppy friend here?” Sarge looked me over with an unmistakable predatory look. Oh yeah. He must have been the one chasing Devon last year and turned the tables on him. No wonder he wanted to come back this year. He must have liked someone picking him out from a crowd instead. “The name’s Chris.” I extended a hand out to him. “I don’t usually dress like this. I guess I should have bought something a little more festive and casual.” He reached out to take my hand in a nice firm grip, one clearly meant to establish his dominance. “Didn’t mean anything by it, boy. Looks good enough on you.” The comment caused that smirk of his to inch up a little bit higher. “Thanks.” “Met Devon here at last year’s party. Got to know each other real well. I hope we can do the same.” “Oh, come on Sarge! Don’t hog everyone to yourself.” Unnoticed, another one of the Marines had come up beside me. He was tall, at least 6’5” and packed to the gills with brawn. He wore a camo tank exposing his vascular arms and the deep cleft in his chest. He had a light mocha colored skin hinting at a biracial ancestry along with his head of tight curls. His eyes were a bright green and when he noticed that I noticed him he flashed me a big white smile that, unlike Sarge’s smirk radiated nothing but warmth and friendliness. “I don’t know what you are talking about Daryl. Just being friendly with the new boy.” “I know you Sarge. You’ll keep them all to yourself the whole time. Let them come and get to know everyone. What do you say, um, sorry what was your name?” “Chris.” "Want to come join me?” As he said this he put his big paw in the small of my back gently while gave me more of his big bright smile. “Sure!” I said, probably a little to excitedly. “I’d like meet everyone else.” This guy really revved my engine. “You guys go ahead.” Devon said. “I’m going to catch up with Sarge. I’ll see you later.” And with that, Sarge put his arm around Devon like he was a prized possession and shuffled off to another part of the party. Meanwhile, Daryl gestured me over to the party so I followed, his hand still on my back and guiding me there. “Those two will be off having fun for a while,” I said to Daryl “so I guess it will be just us right now.” “Well, I hope you find me just as fun.” His hand was now rubbing me gently up and down my back. He was definitely flirting with me. “What are the odds of two very handsome gay Marines at the same partly?” Daryl chuckled a bit and said “What do you mean?” “I mean, I know there are plenty of gay Marines but it’s kind of lucky that there are such two fine looking ones at the same 4th of July party.” “You mean Devon didn’t tell you? Look around you Chris. Notice anything?” I looked around at all of the guests and then it hit me. It was all men, though that didn’t mean anything by itself. No, it was the way the stood just touch too close to each other, touched each other in subtle way, and look at each other like no two straight guys ever would. “Oh!” “Good job, Eagle Eye.” laughed Daryl. “Hey! I just got here. I would have put it together eventually.” “Why didn’t Devon tell you?” “He’s been mysterious about this whole party since he invited me. He likes to surprise people for his own amusement.” “Here let me take you around.” This time a put an arm around his back too now that I knew no one else would look at me askance. So we mingled together for a while, meeting all the guys. As I had already observed before all the Marines were built like brick houses. Some of them were clear show offs. More than a few offered to let you touch their biceps while they flexed or showed off how many push-ups or pull ups they could do. One guy, Eric, an Asian guy with clean shaved head did about 50 handstand push up in a row. As for the other guests most of them were decked out in flag apparel, though a few of them like me just threw together whatever red, white and blue thing they could find. All of them were new to the party like me. After make our way through the crowd I asked Daryl if we could grab something to eat. Partly because I was hungry, but also to get some time to know this man. After we grabbed our food from a Marine in a “Kiss the Cook” apron, (an offer that was taken advantage of several times from what I saw) we found a table we could sit at. “So, how did a whole bunch of gay Marines come together and start having a 4th of July party? Were you like a support group for each other?” “Something like that. We were all in the same program together and we just stayed close.” “Must of have been a hell of a program for you guys to all keep in touch this long afterwards.” Daryl just laughed and said “You have no idea. Enough about me though. Let me hear about you. I know that Devon is all about the uniform, but I’m guessing you have another interest.” As he said this Daryl began to squeeze and flex various muscles. His chest, his arms, his traps all began to twist and bulge under his command. “Is it that obvious?” “Well, you didn’t turn down any invitation to feel some guy flex out there.” “Guilty.” “I thought so. Though, I am a little disappointed. You never asked to feel mine.” I smiled and said “You didn’t ask.” With that he flexed his bi right in front of my face. I reached out and cupped the monstrous thing in both of my hands, eventually beginning to move them all up down the arm as a felt every thick vein and bulge on it. Few minutes later Daryl puts his arm down and feeling the moment was right I leaned in for a kiss. However, he put a finger on my lips, stopped me and said, “No, not yet. After the fireworks.” “Why?” “Trust me. I will be worth the wait.” “Great, now I have another mysterious one.” “Please?” Despite being a big hulk of muscle he flashed me some of the cutest puppy dog eyes I had ever seen. “Fine, but there better be fireworks both figurative and literal.” “I promise.” So we spent the rest of the day together just talking with each other and the other guests until it got dark and they announced it was time for the fireworks. We went out a little further in to the big yard and to where they had set up a stage in front of a tall flag pole and a nice sound system. One of the non-Marine guests was up there doing a sound check. “What’s he there for?” I asked. “Oh, he’s going to sing the National Anthem during the fireworks.” “Wow, you really go full bore don’t you.” “Where’s your patriotism?” “I have a healthy sense of patriotism, but you guys seem to be cramming all of the symbols in at one time.” “It makes for good show. You’ll love it.” I still thought it was a bit much, but who was I to judge. Everyone started to gather around and soon all the lighting and equipment was ready to go, including a nice bright spotlight at the top of the flag pole. Then, as someone was raising a couple flags on the pole everyone went silent. All the non-Marines we especially excited, looking like they could barely contain themselves, except the newbies like me. They looked just as confused by all the excitement as I was. When the flags reached the top all the Marines stood at attention in unison and saluted the American and Marine Corps flags. Even Daryl, a guy I had gotten to know that day as being pretty laid back, was standing completely ridged. Soon I saw the fireworks begin as they exploded their colors across the sky. Then the music for the Star-Spangled Banner began and the singer, in nice sonorous voice began to sing. Oh-oh say can you see… As he began sing and I put my hand over my heart I could feel a buzz in the air, like something big underneath the surface was staring to begin. What so proudly we hailed…. It was partly intangible, like the excitement I saw in everyone else was beginning to spread to me. But I also could swear that heard something over all the noise and commotion. Like a stretching sound. Whose broad stripes and bright stars…… When I looked over at Daryl I could have sworn he had gotten bigger. As I Iooked more closely I realized where the stretching sound was coming from. His already wide lats were expanding causing him to strain his tank top to the limit. O’er the ramparts we watched…. The sounds of threads popping began as his expanding body was causing his shirt to surrender to the pressure. Those same sound started to come from all around me as I Iooked around and saw that all the Marines were starting to grow. And the rocket’s red glare….. The feeling was also growing, changing from excitement into…arousal. An intense arousal that was taking me over. As the Marines’ growing bodies continued to rend their clothing into rags my horniness grew until, without even thinking about it, my left hand started to find its way to my cock, slowly rubbing it through my pants until I was rock hard. Gave proof through the night…. I wasn’t the only one. Anyone who wasn’t a Marine was currently fully erect. They were either pawing at their groins over their pants or had already brought out their dicks into the open air as I was currently trying to do. As my hand tried to satisfy the uncontrollable urge to touch my cock I looked over to Daryl, continuing to be perfectly still while saluting the flag, to see his growth had already accelerated to the point that his tank and even his pants had been halfway reduced to rags. His already large chest had doubled in size causing a large tear down the front to match the tears in the sides caused by his now gigantic lats. Both his ankles and rippled midsection were visible as he also appeared to have grown taller, easily past 7’ at this point. His thighs had almost completely destroyed the legs of his camo pants and his shoes had already split the seams and the soles were being crushed by his growing feet. Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave…. As the buildup to the crescendo of the song began the growth accelerated so that in a couple of seconds what was remaining of the Marines’ clothes quickly exploded off of their bodies until they stood there in all their naked glory, including thick shanks of meat between their thighs that defied any normal human dimensions. O’er the land of the freeeeeeeeeeee……. As the singer held the note I saw Daryl’s cock inflate to full hardness in the blink of eye, causing a loud thwack as hit him just below his pecs. Two bowling ball sized testicals hanging down below in a large sack. All of his compatriots quickly followed as most of the other regular guests, including me, had managed to free their cocks and were furiously jacking them with their left hands as their right stayed over their hearts. And the home of the braaaa-aa—a—aave… As the singer finished the song he collapsed on the stage, apparently unable to hold back an orgasm he had been suppressing this whole time. Other guests around me had also released at this point. I was on the edge myself when Daryl suddenly snapped out of his trance and came to. Looked over and down to me from his new found height and smiled as he grabbed the front of my shirt and lifted me as if I were nothing till we were face to face. Then he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in for the most intense kiss I had ever had in my entire life, making the load I was holding back shoot out in one intense moment of bliss. When he was done Daryl pulled be back and said “Well, was it worth the wait?”
  18. londonboy

    Too Big - Part Eleven

    Atlas walked around to the driver’s seat and slid into the car. He looked over into his small friend’s face and both men instantly knew they were starting new chapters in their lives. It felt like dawn, but daybreak was hours away. The big man flexed his right arm and Adonis reached out to feel the mammoth peak – hard, big, and almost unimaginable. The giant looked at the small hand that was touching his massive gun and shivered with delight at how tiny it looked. “Atlas, my big man, I think you have a severe fetish for lifting other men in the air – I’ve picked up on a certain theme in the stories from your past and through your actions in this short time I’ve known you.” “Well, Mr. Sexy, that’s hardly a secret. You know why I lift guys, don’t you?” “No, why?” “Because I can.” With that statement – and with a big grin on his face – the giant slid one of his massive hands under the tight ass of his riding buddy. Atlas was amazed by how he could hold the entire bubble butt within his palm. Adonis felt his body slowly raise off the car seat – his huge friend easily lifting him with one arm. It was done to show the small guy just how powerful the other man was, but it was also to give both of them a thrill. It certainly worked. Atlas held Adonis in the air with ease – even bouncing him up and down a little in his hand, as if he were nothing more than a soccer ball. “I could palm your ass and hold you upside down.” “Are you trying to turn me on?” “Yes.” “Well, it’s working.” “So, the little guy likes to be lifted, huh?” “You know I do. But before you start spinning me around on top of one finger, I think it would be best if we headed to your place. I’m thinking we can come up with a lot of things to do there.” “I know we can.” Atlas put the small man’s body gently back down on the seat. Adonis was, again, amazed at how little effort his huge friend exerted to maneuver another man around in any way he wanted. He was like a toy in the man’s gigantic paw. Atlas couldn’t resist the temptation of grabbing Adonis’ hard cock and giving it a squeeze – the giant let out an appreciative moan. Adonis smiled and then reached over to latch onto the rock-hard monster between Atlas’ legs. Atlas gave the little man a surprised look. “Turn about is fair game, big man. It’s fair game.” Atlas waited for the little man’s brain to catch up with what his hand was holding. Suddenly, Adonis’ face took on a shocked, scared, and very happy look. His small fingers didn’t come close to wrapping around the thick, long pole it felt through Atlas’ pants. You couldn’t really call the thing a tool, because tools could fit in a toolbox. This thing could not. Adonis was pretty sure he could not even have fantasized a cock this big. The small man’s heart started racing and his mouth went totally dry. Clearly, Atlas knew what kind of reaction his giant cock would cause. “Are you a size queen, Adonis?” “Only when referring to the size of a man – all parts of a man. I’m a size queen for humongous hard muscle – all over a guy. This monstrous thing is just icing on the cake.” The smaller man let go of the throbbing mega-dick, knowing full well any more groping would cause a delay in the departure. He wanted to be at Atlas’ house. He loved how the big man took up most of the space in the car, but he wanted to be able to take in the man’s complete body all at one time. He also wanted Atlas to be able to show off. It was time to leave. Atlas, as if reading his small friend’s mind, started the car. “Big man, why don’t you tell me another story about your friend, the Professor, while we head home. Maybe, this will prevent us from wanting to immediately jump each other.” “You just love my stories, don’t you?” “Especially if they involve your size and your strength.” “Then I think I have the perfect one for you, Adonis. The perfect one.” “Spin away, my good friend.” It was a Friday afternoon and I was right where I was every week at that time – in our home gym lifting, ready for my Little Prince to return home. He came into the room – immediately smiling since I was only in some skimpy cotton shorts, just as he always wanted. I was lying on a bench doing some presses, happy with how the increased weights made my pecs swell up to humongous proportions and bent the reinforced bar menacingly. The Professor walked over to me, losing his blazer and tie on the way. He tried to straddle my massive upper body – just like he always did – but, again, acted shocked and lustful when he realized he couldn’t get his legs comfortably that far apart. He settled for straddling my hard-as-hell midsection and then placed his hands lovingly on my sweaty, stone-like, heaving chest. His fingers tried desperately to press in my muscle, but his actions were futile. My skin wasn’t giving at all. This caused a long low moan to be emitted from my little admirer and it made him sound like he was a purring lion. He slid one hand down between my engorged slabs of pec-meat and I tensed, trapping his mitt, teasingly. This made him even happier. I finally released his hand and he continued to try and knead my heavy, hard muscle as he talked. “I think it’s time I showed you off?” “What?” “The chair of my department – you’ve heard me talk about Dorian – is having a dinner party tonight and I told him I’d be bringing someone.” “What do you mean ‘show me off?’” “You know exactly what I mean. And I know the thought of it turns you on, too, my Gentle Giant. Dr. Dorian Grant is a good friend and I’d like to walk into his party with you at my side and watch everyone’s jaw hit the ground while their crotches turn tight from instant hard-ons.” Professor Norman Michaels knew exactly how his words would affect me. I had already become semi-hard, just from the heavy lifting earlier, but his little proposition for evening fun had brought my cock to raging hard-on status. The Little Prince knew two indisputable facts about me – one, I loved showing off, and, two; I loved showing off for him more than anything in the world. My little lover had never asked me to show off in front of other people he knew. We had gone to a local biker bar and other places where we knew no one for me to display my size and strength, but this was the first time I had been requested to do the same with his co-workers. As a matter of fact, this would be the first time I was meeting any of his friends. I had doubted there was any way for my Little Prince to excite me more than he already had, but I was sorely mistaken. I was so turned on at that point I reached up, grabbed the heavily weighted bar off of the rack, and cranked out ten perfectly performed reps while the Professor manhandled my hard pecs. After replacing the bar, I looked at the smaller man with a smile. “And how might your Gentle Giant show off at this soiree, Little Prince?” “Oh I don’t know, maybe we could have some little sign between us that could entice you to squeeze the hand of someone I don’t particularly like a little harder when I introduce you and you shake to say hello. You know, just to let them feel the kind of power you have in those big guns. Maybe the opportunity will come up for you to take off your shirt and flex a little – like if I accidently spilled wine on you or if some tipsy guest merely makes a request to see all of your bulges. Watching all of those men taking in your humongous beauty for the first time would be a lot of fun. And who knows, maybe one or two dinner guests might be bold enough to flirt with you – even with me right there – and invite you to show off by lifting them. I know how much that turns you on – picking up some guy. And we both know it turns me on a lot, too. Even if all those fun things didn’t happen it would sill be nice to have some of my friends meet the giant man I love so much. It’s merely an added benefit if you happen to get to show off.” The little man knew how to make me churn out copious amounts of cum inside in the same way a superb chef knew just how to make perfect rising dough. The Professor was now squeezing my hard nipples – intent on teasing me with his actions to match the effect his words were having. He was fanning the flames of my desire into a raging fire – trying to create an explosion to make the afternoon perfect. The master was playing me and I loved every second of it. The idea of lifting some of his co-workers was almost enough to send me over the edge, but I forced my inner strength to match the power in my huge arms and I prevented, for the moment, my impending momentous ejaculation. Having all these smaller men standing around me – as I towered over them flexing my arms to a chorus of ooos and ahhhs, not to mention a unified saluting of hard dicks – made me feel like Gulliver with the little people. Maybe two or three of them could climb all over me as I flexed – like I was some kind of human jungle gym for schoolboys. And then the idea of grabbing two of them at the back of their britches and curling them as the rest of the crowd counted – now, that would feel mighty fine. My Little Prince knew I was lost in thoughts about what pleasures the dinner party might bring for both of us. “So, does my big man want to come to the dinner party and make me very happy?” “Making you happy, Little Prince, is the only thing I ever want to do.” “Wonderful. What should be our sign for you to squeeze a guy’s hand a little harder than you really should?” “Um, let’s see. How about you say this is my ‘good’ friend when you don’t want me to squeeze and then you just say this is my friend when you do want me to squeeze.” “Splendid! This is going to be so much fun. I may encourage you to squeeze hard on all the guys just to see what happens.” “That’s entirely up to you, my Little Prince. I am merely your muscle boy – happy to do your bidding all night long. You definitely know that your showing me off to your friends is going to please me to no end. I might need to take some extra underwear and a second pair of pants!” “You and me, both!” “As much fun as tonight is going to be, I was kind of hoping we could still have our regular Friday afternoon happy hour right now. I’ve been thinking about you all day, Little Prince, and when I started my workout my juices were already boiling – but now they’re just screaming for release.” “Are they now, Gentle Giant? Well, let’s see if I can help you with your little . . . I mean your very big dilemma.” By this point the Professor knew me as if I was merely an extension of himself. We connected perfectly on so many levels; he knew how to get me off in seconds. He typically liked to prolong my agony and keep me edging for as long as possible, but tonight he thought it would be best to thank me in advance for all the fun I was going to cause at the dinner party. We called our little gathering in the gym on Friday afternoons our ‘happy hour’ because we both ended our time together with huge eruptions of pleasure. After a few minutes of rest, we’d then continue on with our chores – the Professor moving to the kitchen to prepare some scrumptious meal and I would continue to build up my muscles just for him. Tonight, however, we had the excitement of the dinner party to fuel us on even more. There needed to be showers, the picking out of the appropriate outfit, and some pre-party cocktails prior to our departure – so this encouraged my Little Prince to be a lot more direct in his approach to the lovely ending of happy hour. He had become a master at getting my rocks off. The Professor unbuttoned his shirt and let it slide off his body –onto the floor. He then pulled his small frame up on top of my huge chest – still swollen from the workout. There was enough sweat on my body to increase the pleasure of him sliding across all of my hard bulges. He did it slowly – both to please me, but also to feel every muscle he could. I could clearly feel his hard-on against my abs – even through the material of his pants. He brought his face to mine and I was totally helpless when I realized what he was going to do. He had decided to be very direct – to, as the say, go straight for the jugular. Before he wrecked me he decided to add a little to the anticipation. “I’m going to kiss the cum out of you, big man.” When you give yourself to someone – when you truly decide that you love someone with your entire being – you become defenseless to his powers. He can hurt you or thrill you with simple actions – a few words. I knew, in the deepest part of my soul, that the Professor would never intentionally hurt me, but he could be relentless with his teasing – his foreplay. I think it was because he realized it was the only power he had over me. I was just too freaking strong for him to hurt me in any way, so he teased me, instead. He used to say he was going to hit me with his car one day just to prove that I was stronger than the metal that was his vehicle. The Professor knew my weakest spot – the one thing he could do to easily dominate me. He brought those juicy luscious gorgeous lips down to mine – ever so softly. Just to tease me until I was ready to crush boulders or lift bulldozers. He gently rubbed them back and forth against my own – making me moan with anticipation so loudly that it echoed throughout the house. The hurricane force that was building in my crotch was going to make this one of the happiest afternoon happy hours ever. The small man pulled out all the stops and tortured me even more. “Want me to kiss you, my big super man?” “Oh hell yes!!!” He lightly bit my lower lip with his teeth – making his plump lips press into me a little more. I was going out of my mind with thoughts about my upcoming release and the incredible moment when his lips would fully smash into mine. The Professor was a world-class kisser. He knew how to work his lips in a way that would make me quiver – the huge strong stud reduced to a begging child. At moments like this I wanted his kiss more than anything in the world. I would have stopped armies, stampeding elephants, or rockets just to feel his lips fully on mine. This is when he became master and I was completely at his service. He looked into my eyes with what seemed like all the power of the universe and whispered. “Boom” With that simple signal, he pressed his warm, moist mouth against mine and sucked in hard at the same time. My cock responded with what could only be described as a titanic explosion. My ass and lower back came up off the bench with the first hard, long ejaculation – easily taking my Little Prince’s body up with it at he same time. My ass slammed back down on the bench and then a second, third, fourth, and many other gushes thrust me back into the air. It was like the Professor was riding a bucking stallion that needed to be tamed. The smaller man never took his lips from mine. He abused my mouth as I gushed – just to increase the power of my squirting. I couldn’t think straight – all I did was register his manly lips and my crotch convulsions. It took me a few seconds to realize the Little Prince was busting out a huge load at the same time. Finally, my crotch stopped power thrusting and my head stopped spinning from the exertion. The Professor was still exploring my mouth with his lips and tongue and I immediately shot hard again. His cock, however, had beaten me to the full mast position. It was difficult to believe, but I thought the little guy could recover from his massive orgasms a lot quicker than I could. It took a long time for my heart to slow down, my eyes to roll back into place, and my body to relax. He pulled his lips from mine. “That was quite a load you offered up, my Gentle Giant. You recovered yet?” “I’m still a little wobbly. It’s your damn incredible kisses. They wreck me every time. It’s the only moment I actually feel weak.” “I like that. It’s the only time I feel somewhat powerful around you. Shall we shower?” My only response was raising my body off the bench and standing – easily taking his body up with mine. I held him against my side with one arm as I walked to the master bathroom – definitely feeling the large gob of sticky cum in my shorts. I held him as I reached in and started the shower, putting my hand under the water to see if it was getting warmer. I then started unbuckling the Professor’s pants and letting them drop to the floor. After that, I pealed his sticky underwear from his body and down his legs – as if I were a child undressing a doll. The guy was still rock hard – just from being carried by my massive arm. Geez, he was turning into a Class-A muscle whore and I loved it. He pushed my shorts down, clearly pleased that I wasn’t wearing underwear and then used his foot to get them even lower. I stepped out of them as he pushed off his socks. Once we were both nude I stepped into the large double-headed shower. I grabbed him at the waist and held under the water so he could scrub himself with soap as his feet dangled a few feet off the floor – something he loved. After we had rinsed him off, I moved around so I was under the water and he lathered up as much of my big body as he could. I then spun his body around so he was upside down – one of my favorite things to do – so he could scrub my cock, balls, and legs. I couldn’t leave him like that for too long – all the blood drained to his head and he became a little dizzy, but he had learned to finish the cleaning pretty quickly. Once we had rinsed my big body off, I held him at the handles so he could turn off the water. I stepped out of the shower and for the next five minutes we both got hard as we toweled off each other’s body. The Professor stopped and had both of us turn toward the big mirror. “Look at that, you could put four of me together and I’d still not be as big as you. That’s so amazing. The size difference turns me on so much.” “I think you already know what it does to me.” I smiled at his reflection, but then I went back to staring at what he had commented on. All my life I’d been huge. Teachers had to look up at me starting almost as far back as elementary school. When I was thirteen my hand could engulf those of any adult – and now they were even bigger. I out lifted every guy at my school – as well as every coach. Small doorways were a pain. Small seats drove me crazy. Everything I held seemed so small. But here, standing next to the Professor and looking at our reflection in the mirror was when I felt the biggest . . . the strongest. The man could almost walk under my humongous protruding pecs without even ducking. My body made him look like some little kid who had been given a grown man’s face. Next to my arms his looked like those of a stick figure you used to draw in first grade. If I moved in front of him, his view of the mirror would disappear and his body wouldn’t appear at all in the reflection. I saw how the Professor was incredibly handsome – and could turn an eye in any room he walked into, but next to me he looked so small – so delicate. I had never wanted my hugeness so much or my strength – as I did when I looked at us together. I wanted to throw my body into a most muscular pose just to see all of my bulges pop out so freakishly huge next to his – to show off for him, but it was something more, too. I wanted to be a giant – to be really big – so he didn’t have to be. I wanted him to be so happy being the little guy – just because he knew he was loved by someone as big as me. I wanted him to see himself as I did – just as I wanted to see myself as he did. I loved how I towered over him because I knew he loved it, as well. The Professor sensed what I was feeling. It helped us both feel the power of the moment even more, my Little Prince moved over in front of me – just to emphasize the difference to the max. “Oh hell yes.” I couldn’t help myself and said the first thing that came to mind. This particular view was always just too much for me - and the Professor knew it. I believed he also loved it just as much. My chest was so much wider than his broad shoulders. My own shoulders were higher than his head. I ballooned out beyond him like a tree might dwarf a sunflower. I swear it looked like he was David Banner and I was what he looked like after he turned into the Hulk. It dawned on me that this idea might be great for Halloween. One of my pecs, alone, made his head seem so tiny – and then to be surrounded by both of them only made him look even smaller. When you compared our bodies, it didn’t seem possible that I was only nineteen. My arms bulged out wider than my shoulders – they were just so thick. Comparatively, the Professor’s arms looked miniscule – like the thin arms of a skeleton. I moved up behind the smaller man – so his head was between my mammoth pecs – hard muscle on either side of him. He smiled and let out an appreciative moan. I tensed my big slabs of meat so it compressed his head – both of us staring at how my pecs could almost engulf him up to his ears. He looked into my reflection and spoke softly. “Let’s flex our guns.” My Little Prince brought his arms up and his small knotty biceps poked upward when he flexed. My boyfriend’s arms were definitely what people would have called fit and normal. We both looked at his well-defined athletic peaks and smiled in appreciation. The Professor was in no way ashamed of his physique. On the contrary, he was proud of what years of swimming and bicycling had done for his age-appropriate appearance. He knew he was hot. However, he also knew my body was something beyond normal – almost beyond comprehension. I slowly brought my humongous arms up into a double biceps pose – the things high above his own since I towered a good foot and more above him. The small man’s enthralled face made me even prouder of my arms than I already was. I flexed hard – really hard – wanting the Professor to be very pleased. His huge smile, the slow intake of air, and the steady whistle he emitted told me he was. When triceps hang down like the giant parts of icebergs hidden under water and biceps shoot skyward like mammoth mountains it’s hard not to notice. There was really no way to compare our arms. It was like comparing a Hummer to a kid’s toy matchbox car. I was pretty sure all the muscle in his body didn’t equal that of what existed in my arms. We stared at my bulges towering over his head, ballooning into something a hundred times thicker than his arms, and clearly possessing something that was equivalent to fifty times the strength. This is when I truly felt massive – when the comparison to another man was so up close and more obvious. I wanted the Professor to know how he affected me. “You make me feel invincible.” “You certainly look it. Those aren’t arms – they’re ocean liners. I could hang a hammock for myself under either one of those. And you’d easily hold me in the air all day.” “If that’s what you wanted.” “You’re power fills this entire room . . . not to mention your size.” “I want to be huge so it makes you happy.” “You have no idea how happy I already am.” “I’d say that thing sticking up between your legs gives me a pretty good idea.” “We should compare those muscles, too.” I saw the glint in the Professor’s eyes as he returned to the side of me. We looked into the mirror, this time even a little more intently. His cock was truly beautiful and it stuck up beyond his navel and was what most people would call big. Mine, however, rose upward until it nudged the bottom of my humongous bulging pecs. The difference was astounding. “That thing shooting up from your crotch looks as big as a bar stool.” “”Well, I do hope you’re planning on sitting on it a little later on.” “You know I am.” We stood there, silent, taking in the tremendous difference in our tools. Mine was thicker than the Professor’s forearm. He brought his arm over beside my raging hard-on as if to give proof to what I was thinking. My huge rod made his wrist look weak. Within the context of my monstrous body, the size of my cock looked appropriate. It was only when you put it next to something else – a two liter bottle of soda, a baseball bat, or another man’s arm – that its enormity became blazingly apparent. My Little Prince loved to stare at my mammoth meat and fondle it lovingly, amazed that he could not wrap his hand around its thickness. The almost unfathomable length pleased the older man in a totally different way, though. He had become very adept at accepting all of my battering ram into his body. He said it brought him more joy than I could ever imagine. I was in awe of his ability to open himself to so much muscled invasion. “I think that humongous thing might be your hardest muscle.” “It is when you’re around, Little Prince.” “Look how the young college boy’s cock dwarfs the older man’s piece. It’s like you’re the daddy and I’m the toddler noticing the size difference for the first time. It’s impossible for you to hide that thing.” “Yeah, that’s always been one of the burdens of being huge. My dad noticed how big I was getting down there when I was pretty young and he warned me about what kind of troubles might arise from being so well endowed. He actually warned me that it would frighten some people.” “It doesn’t frighten me . . . it only turns me on.” The Professor brought his body closer to mine, so our hard-as-hell schlongs would be closer together. Mine was bulging with thick veins and you could see it pulsing from how excited I was. His meat was gorgeous – long, hard, and curved, like a sword. I licked my lips in appreciation of what had filled my mouth on numerous occasions with the sweet juice of my Little Prince. I also held my breath, always blown away by how my cock looked like a giant redwood tree growing beside his little weed. The Professor reached over and stroked my loaded missile teasingly a few times. I wrapped my own huge hand around his cock and we both loved how my thumb overlapped my fingers because my palm was so big. “We really should be getting ready for the party.” “I’d rather ignite the party that’s churning something fierce in my balls, Gentle Giant.” “I swear, I’m the giant man, but your insatiable need for orgasm puts me to shame. Your body is never fully emptied, is it?” “Not while you’re around. Seeing your muscled body causes me to have eternal springs of my manhood constantly gurgling within me. Your bulges aren’t going anywhere so how could I ever be empty?” I wrapped my big arm around his neck – both of us looking at the reflection and loving how my biceps made his head look so tiny. I pulled him into me, so his face came in contact with my colossal right pec. I wanted to thank him and I knew a mouthful of my hard nipple would please him tremendously. His lips parted and my thick nub popped into his warm, wet mouth. My entire frame shivered as he began to suck. Having the Professor doing anything remotely sexual to me would never get old. It was like the first time – every time. I was lost in my adoration of the man – I was a slave to my desire. His lips, tongue, and warm mouth thrilled me in a way that could not be described – could not be replicated by anyone else. This was my Little Prince sucking on my massive chest and that made everything right in the world. As he went to town on my jutting cork-sized lump of meat, I stared at our reflection in the mirror. Everything I needed in the world was in that one picture – my man and my big body, which pleased him. I raised my arm into a strong biceps flex – instinctively, for him. He was too busy chowing down on my nip to notice, but I knew he would want me to show off. He sensed what I was doing without even looking. A small hand went into the air and found my hard gigantic peak – both of us knowing it was too big for him to miss. His lips left my nipple briefly. “Tense it harder, boy.” I had never met a man bigger than me. I had been so huge all of my life that I simply felt my size was normal – that everything in the world was supposed to be little. I could also have easily crushed the small man beside me. I towered over him the way a skyscraper might dwarf a one-room shack. I could lift the back of his car off the ground with no effort at all. Hell, I could lift him into the air easily with just one hand. All of this, however, meant nothing when the Professor called me ‘boy.’ We had stumbled on this fact accidentally one evening during sex. Our foreplay had consisted of me lifting weights while he massaged my body and power-sucked my cock. I stood there with a loaded bar curled up to my chin while he pumped my cock with his hand. Both of us could sense how close I was to spewing, so the Professor increased the motion of his hand and then – for the first time – bellowed out an order, saying ‘Cum for me boy!’ I don’t think he planned on calling me that; it just came out in the lust-filled moment. Neither of us, however, could have imagined how my body would react. My cock shot straight out from my body like a cannon. My crotch thrust forward with enough force it made my kneeling Little Prince fall backwards. I nearly dropped the weighted bar I held because the blast that fired out of my cock was like some kind of super torpedo jetting across the room. I showered the Professor with so much cum it looked as if he had been slimed like one of the guests on that old children’s show. My body ejaculated for what seemed like an eternity. I finally stopped spewing, placed the barbell I had desperately held onto down on the ground, and then fell onto a nearby bench. My chest was still heaving from the release. “What the hell was that?” “I don’t know, Little Prince. You called me ‘boy’ and I lost control.” We stared at each other – deciding, without using any words, that there was no need to analyze what had just happened. It would merely become useful information for our developing relationship. From that day forward, the Professor chose to save his new weapon for special moments. If I was holding him in a tight bear hug he might whisper ‘tighter, boy’ just to get me to lose control and squeeze harder without even planning to. Or if I chose to not shave for a couple of days and my testosterone laden body had pushed out heavy fur on my face, while we were kissing he’d say something like ‘beard burn me, boy’ and I’d end up kissing him so hard that he’d have a reddened face for days. Or, if we were in bed and I wasn’t already fully hard – because I was usually asleep, he’d put his mouth next to my ear and whisper, “get hard, boy,” and my body would immediately respond by my rod shooting to full attention. No matter what the time, how tired I was, or how many times I had already gotten off. There was just something about the little man – who had a body smaller than one of my arms – calling me ‘boy’ that got me harder than ever and quicker than ever. I wanted to be his muscle boy more than anything in the world. I wanted to please him as much as I wanted air. To have him give me an order . . . a command was such an unbelievable turn-on that I fell in love with the man on an entirely deeper level. My selflessness – when it came to my Little Prince – became even more pronounced, much more of an automatic response. I found myself craving moments where he might tell me to do something. I wanted to do his bidding all the time. The Professor, however, wanted us to be equals and only saved his daddy-like orders for when we were sexually turned on. And that was why he told his ‘boy’ to flex his arm harder. “Oh hell, yes sir.” My peak shot up higher, the massive arm bulged thicker, and I moaned loudly as I tensed my arm with all my strength. I couldn’t feel the Professor’s hand exploring my biceps – the thing was too hard to register his small delicate hand. I was tensing with every ounce of might I could muster – and the rock that was my arm clearly made the Professor happy. He doubled his efforts on my nipple, which only sent me closer to the edge even more. My Little Prince, however, knew of untapped powers within me. He could be so relentless when it came to my strength. “Harder, boy!” My body was no longer my own. It simply responded to the Professor’s request like a racecar answers to a floored gas pedal. I was pretty sure I was already flexing my arm to its fullest potential, but the Professor knew better. His awareness of what my body was capable of was almost eerie. He was always the one that could get me to blast beyond my goal weight in lifting or add another half inch to some muscle on my body. I had grown bigger and become stronger in the short time I had lived with him more than I had in the last five years. I called him the muscle whisperer because my body always obeyed him – even when I seriously doubted what he was suggesting. I watched in the mirror as my peak swelled higher and thicker as my clenched knuckles turned whiter from the pressure I was exerting. Even my chest had gotten too hard for the Professor to comfortably suck on any pec meat. He chose to simply tease my aching nub with his teeth as he gazed upward at my obedient enormous biceps. His little hand slapped against the hard mound of muscle loudly and I could tell it stung his palm a lot. I, of course, felt nothing. “Release.” I exhaled and let my arm drop immediately. I hadn’t realized how much energy I had been exerting. A light sheen of sweat covered my upper body. I shook out my arm – since it felt like it had just finished curling a house. I looked down at the smiling Professor. He stared at me in a way that made my heart swell bigger than my arm. The man constantly exuded nothing but love. It was like his aura was the most calming and empowering thing I had ever encountered. Surely, gazing into his eyes was like being rewarded with a glimpse of heaven. I put my big hands around his upper arms and shoulders - always marveling how my palms covered so much of him - squeezed, and then lifted. He came off the floor as if all gravity had just disappeared. I smiled as I thought about the earth’s pull not being strong enough to match my power. I brought the small man up so our faces were inches apart. “My body would do anything you asked.” “I know. And all I want to do is get your body bigger and stronger.” I brought my face into his and kissed him as I growled in appreciation. His mouth responded to my advancement with a strategic attack – making me curl my toes against the floor and my hands to tighten around his arms. The man’s kiss could make it seem the world had stopped spinning. I became light headed anytime his lips latched on to mine, because I knew the passion he would cause would be like a tidal wave hitting the beach. His kisses were my kryptonite. They could make me feel so weak I sometimes had to look down to make sure I was still huge. My rock hard cock was now twitching against my abs and his lower body. I held him in the air without any trouble – easily forgetting that he was a grown man. My strength was just something I took for granted. The Professor, however, liked to remind me that I was not invincible. At least, when it came to him. He had a surprise I couldn’t see coming. He pulled his face slightly away from mine and as he spoke our lips bushed against each other. “Let me feel you spew, boy.” You couldn’t really call him evil since he did it to give me pleasure. However, he fully understood what using a simple word – a three-letter word – could do to my body. Suddenly, a volley of cum shot up and smacked both of us under our chin. The next rope of thickness shot up beyond our heads and rained down on us. I shook so much I was a little worried about dropping the Professor. My body spewed for the man as if I had been building an orgasm since birth. As I came I wondered if it would always be like this between us – such powerful explosions that it felt like the earth was moving. A river of my dense man-milk oozed down my cobbled abs and all over his body. We continued to kiss until my balls had forced out every little drop. Instead of being spent, however, I felt energized and frisky. I pulled his body away from mine – remembering I still held him in the air. “Now we have to shower, again. You are an evil man, Professor.” “And you, my big friend, are the hot muscled superhero stud that could convince this villain to change his ways.” “Why would I want to do that when your evilness clearly gives me so much pleasure? I’m all sticky with joy because of you. I love the idea of being your superhero, though. You should give me a superhero name.” “You mean besides ‘Gentle Giant?’” “Yes. That’s my pet name. I need a superhero name for when I’m showing off for you.” “That’s easy. I’d call you Muscle Boy.” Again, the master knew what he was doing. It was almost as if he had steered the conversation to this point on purpose, but that wasn’t possible. He hadn’t known what I would say. His super hero name, however, was such a turn on – so appropriate for what I wanted to be – I actually spurted some more juice in lustful response. Again, my entire frame shook and this made the Professor laugh. “You gotta warn me before you say such things, Professor.” “And where would the fun be in that?” As my response, I released my grip on his shoulders and let him drop back on the floor. He had not expected that and he rocked back and forth a little – as if he might fall. He reached out and braced his hands against my still-sticky rock-hard abs. My body immediately tensed to give him pleasure. He moaned a little in appreciation. He then pushed harder – and then harder, still – to see if his hands could do anything to me. Not only did my body not move – my abs pressed his hands back towards him when I tensed them more. “You’re like a living, breathing, muscle covered fortress. I still don’t know how the universe could pack so much power in one human being. See, I punch you – and hard – and you feel nothing.” As he spoke, his hands followed the narrative. I looked down at his fists smacking into my stomach – the sound of the punches registering, as well as the yelps of pain as the Professor’s fists met something so unyielding – and loved, loved, loved how I felt what only seemed like a slight thump of a finger. I was getting turned on again, because my Little Prince loved my obvious power so much. He punched numerous times – staring at my speed bump like abs the entire time. He then started rubbing his hands all over them – appreciating the hardness, as well as the incredible muscled definition. I had never been more proud of my hard muscled college-boy body. “Just imagine, Professor, what I’m going to look like in ten year’s time.” “I can’t. You’re so perfect now, I find I hard to think about you being bigger or stronger. It just doesn’t seem possible. I press against your abs and it feels like I’m pushing against a mountain. Sometimes, when you’re asleep, I climb on top of you and it feels like I’m resting on some warm boulder. Even when you’re asleep – completely relaxed – you’re the hardest thing I’ve ever felt. I can beat off just from thinking about how hard your muscles feel every time I touch them.” “Hey, you better not be beating off without me there to watch!” “Are you kidding? I can’t go two hours without needing release. That’s what you’ve done to me. You’ve made me like a kid that’s just had his first orgasm. I will start thinking about you – your size, your strength, a particular muscle, something you’ve done that I used to think wasn’t possible – and I immediately need release. I have gone through about four boxes of Kleenex in my office just this week alone!” “Oh hell yeah! The thought of you whipping out that gorgeous cock of yours in your office and yanking out a big load makes me want to bust out another massive wad!” “Hold on there, tiger, we really should start getting ready for the dinner party. A lot of fun and games awaits us there! It’s time the world met my Muscle Boy.” “You can’t call me that and ask me to not spew. It’s one or the other, Professor.” “Fair enough, my Gentle Giant. Let’s shower, again, and get ready.”
  19. Chilis

    Pirate Adventures

    Hello everyone! This story will take a different twist after part 1. Oliver is 18 years old. Marcus is 39. The Captain is 20. This story takes place in an old time when pirates were still a thing. Hope you all like it! Feel free to leave suggestions and comments! ------------------ Part 1 The sky was clear, the tides appeared to be calm and the temperature was… well, bearable. Oliver thought that luck was finally on their side. He had boarded this ship weeks ago, and since then only disaster had followed him and the crew. Terrible storms, huge waves, assaulting rival pirates, killing mermaids and even a giant kraken. It had been days of tiring work and lots of dead, but it looked like he could finally have a break from disaster and relax. The boy pulled out a small mirror from his bag and tried to fix his hair. He had messy blonde hair, freckles and a small nose. His green eyes glanced over his face, satisfied with being somewhat adorable looking. He then looked down through the reflection and sighed. Regardless of his attractive facade, Oliver was very disappointed with his body. He was slightly athletic thanks to his sailing job, yet he still felt very skinny. If he wasn’t wearing any clothes, he could’ve seen his thin arms, his flat chest, and his rib bones showing a little. At least he had some decent abs… “What ya doin’, pretty eyes?” Oliver blinked and lost the attention on his mirror. His pal Marcus had showed up out of nowhere, putting an arm around his shoulders. The man was middle aged, ugly as they come. He was missing several teeth, had a dirty beard, and a belly so inflated that Oliver thought it would pop like a bubble at any moment. But despite his disgusting looks, the blonde boy and the hideous pirate had become friends even before boarding the ship. Marcus was fun to be around, and he had a gentle heart, always willing to help his smaller companion. “Looks like our problems are finally over, eh?” Marcus said, extending his arm towards the vast ocean. Oliver chuckled “We shouldn’t let our hopes get too high. I bet another disaster is about to hit us. This is just the sea making fun of us before it does”. “Eerr… aren’t ya a positive one” Marcus went serious all the sudden, observing the horizon “The tide Gods haven’t been generous with us this trip. But I assure you, we will reach the new lands in no time now. The Captain is making sure of it”. The blonde boy frowned “The Captain…”. Oliver had mixed feelings about the Captain. The guy was only a few years older than him, and both of them were younger than everybody in the ship. Still, Oliver was treated like a subordinate, while everyone respected the Captain in an almost religious manner. The blonde boy could see why though… The Captain’s only presence imposed respect and fear. The young man was two heads taller than Oliver, and his body was built with gigantic muscle able to crush anybody that opposed him. The Captain’s frame was lean, yet large enough to stretch out his clothes. He had long dark hair, and piercing blue eyes that sent shivers down your spine whenever you looked at them directly. One large scar went across his nose, while a smaller one decorated his chin. He was a gorgeous, yet terrifying person. Oliver had admired the Captain at first. However, as time passed in the sea, the blonde boy began to envy him. Whenever they were in trouble, the muscular man would save everyone with his powerful body. The Captain was the one that defeated all of their invading enemy pirates with merely his fists. He was the one that wrestled the kraken down. And the one that made the mermaids forget about eating them by making them fall in love with him. Meanwhile, Oliver was sent to clean and cook, unable to defend himself from all the threats, or to help his dying crew friends. “He is a brave man, that one..” said Marcus all the sudden, burping before continuing talking “I have to admit, when I met him I doubted someone so young would be able to navigate the seas. I didn’t even think he could control a whole crew!” “Well, he hasn’t gotten us to the new lands yet…” said Oliver in a low tone, but Marcus didn’t listen to him. “But I am telling ya! After seeing how heroic and strong the Captain is, I have no more doubts about him! I would follow him to the end of the world, ya know! We could all learn more from him…” Marcus seemed to be daydreaming about the young man, and that made Oliver uncomfortable. “Are you in love with him or something?” the blonde guy said, teasing his friend. Instead of being offended, Marcus bursted out laughing “HAH! Aren’t we all on this ship!? Some are saying he is even a demigod, I’m telling ya!” Oliver didn’t expect that answer. He rolled his eyes and walked away. “Yeah, whatever. I’ll see you later, I am not done mopping the main deck” More weeks passed without anything eventful happening. Oliver cleaned, mopped, and cooked as always. He felt relieved that there were no more life threatening things going on, but a new problem was starting to arise. The crew was feeling uneasy; they should've been approaching the new lands by now. However, the ship was still sailing across the vast open ocean, with no shore to be seen anytime soon. Oliver’s friends began to fear that they were going in the wrong direction, but everybody respected (or feared) the Captain too much to demand answers. Besides, the Captain was not seen around the ship much anymore, as he stayed in his cabin most of the time, unless he came out to give orders. Oliver mostly felt unbothered by the situation. Or that was until one night the crew organized a meeting to see who would go ask the Captain about the trajectory of the ship. The filthy pirates started to discuss what to do calmly at first, yet the conversation quickly turned into a heated discussion. “I am not going over there! Have you seen the arm of that man!? It’s bigger than my leg!” someone said. “You are a coward! He is our Captain, he wouldn’t hurt us for a simple question” someone else argued. “Then why don’t you go ask him!?” a third one demanded. “Anyone know if we have more whisky?” added Marcus, clearly drunk. “He deserves respect, he is a demigod! Didn’t you see how he beated up that kraken!?” another one yelled. People kept screaming and pointing fingers. Oliver was just sitting in the corner, cleaning his tiny mirror with some cloth. He listened for a while and tried to ignore the noise. The accusations and demands kept getting louder, and Oliver was feeling more frustrated by the second. The boy clenched his teeth. “Be quiet!” he said, but he was so small that nobody noticed him. He grunted in rage and stood up. “SHUT UP!” he yelled “You are all pathetic! I’ll go talk to him!!!”. This time the crew heard him, and they went silent. All eyes were on Oliver, and he immediately felt embarrassed. Then everyone started laughing. “You!? The Captain will crush you with his finger alone” one person said. “Hah! The Captain is three times your size!” another mentioned. “Seriously guys, where is the whisky?” Marcus commented, scratching his head. “Go back to the kitchen, boy!” someone yelled. Oliver’s face turned red and he clenched his fists in rage. He gave the crew a defiant expression, and stormed out. The crew just kept laughing behind him, thinking that the blonde boy had gone to cry in his room. But Oliver felt a bright flame inside him, and he headed to the Captain’s cabin. “Stupid pirates, you’ll see” Oliver stood in front of the cabin’s door for a moment. He raised his fist with hesitation, doubting if he should do this after all. Then he remembered the crew laughing at him, and he knocked the door with rage. No answer. He knocked again, and again. Only the sound of the waves against the ship could be heard. Oliver was about to knock a fourth time when the door opened. The blond boy almost fell down on his butt as the huge frame appeared in front of him. “C-captain. A-ahoy!” Oliver managed to stutter. The Captain was so tall that his wide chest was facing Oliver’s face. The young man was wearing elegant sailor clothes, but he had ripped his shirt’s sleeves off to reveal his enormous arms. He looked down at the blonde boy, and Oliver felt some kind of hatred and admiration towards him. The Captain had a youthful face, almost the same as Oliver, but that was the only similar aspect between the two. The large pirate had a prominent beard that was trimmed short with a knife. His hair was bushy and heroic looking. He was bigger, stronger, and more attractive than anyone on the ship. Oliver frowned, frustrated with the idea that this guy was almost his same age, yet more of a man he would ever be. The Captain tilted his head without saying anything, awaiting for Oliver to speak. His chest was raising up and down, his breath clearly displaying the power his body possessed. Oliver swallowed, and then stood firmly “T-t-the- c-c-rew...” He shut his mouth, enraged that he was too nervous to talk. The Captain simply chuckled and turned his back to him. “Come in” Oliver looked at the back of the Captain, twice his own torso. He walked inside and observed the cabin. The place was filled with mirrors, way too many for a normal room. The desk was full of maps and other sailing objects. From the window, the moonlight sprayed it’s brightness over the frame of the large Captain. The man was looking at one of the many reflective glasses, his blue eyes locked on his own body. “Beautiful, isn’t it?” said the Captain. Oliver raised an eyebrow, unsure of what he was talking about. “What is?” The Captain raised his arm and flexed. His biceps rose up like a mountain, muscle stretching his skin thin. The blonde boy couldn’t stop staring, amazed by how hard and strong the muscle looked. “My body, of course…” commented the Captain. Oliver narrowed his eyes, confused. He looked away and pretended that he was not drooling over the sculpted body of the Captain. “S-sure…” Oliver answered “Um… s-sir. The crew has b-been wondering…” Suddenly Oliver felt a stream of courage running through his being “The crew… The crew has been wondering if we are going in the right direction! We should be arriving in the new land by now, but there is nothing out there except for the ocean! We are starting to question if you are actually capable of navigating this ship. After all, you are just a boy like me” Oliver spoke so quickly he felt almost out of breath when he finished. He looked at the Captain with an exhilarating smile, and instantly felt regret as the man turned to face him. “We are not going to the new land” said the Captain blandly. “W-what?” Oliver felt even smaller while the muscular man approached him. The Captain snatched him by the neck and lifted up his body. He wasn’t choking him, but he was still grabbing him firmly like a puppet. “Was I not clear? We are not going to the new land” the Captain smiled. His smirk would’ve looked terrifying, if his face wasn’t so perfectly handsome... “I have other goals in mind... I might be stronger than anyone in this pathetic ship, but I still can’t navigate a ship on my own. You silly pirates were a great help to get me across the sea though. Thank you” The man flexed the arm he was holding Oliver with, muscle bulging out everywhere. He grinned more “I suppose there is no need to pretend I care about you all anymore, as we are approaching our destination” Oliver started shaking, trying to set himself free “W-what are you doing!? The crew respects you, why are you betraying them like that!? Where are we even going!” The blonde boy grabbed the Captain’s arm, trying to push away. It was like holding a pillar of rock, and Oliver wasn’t sure if he was aroused or scared. He was envious, for sure. He also felt so helpless. The Captain chuckled. He moved Oliver, pulling him towards him. He was now carrying him in his arms. The blonde boy could feel all the hard muscle around him, while the Captain hugged him with his mighty arms like a baby. “Don’t worry, I do not intend to hurt any of you” he locked his blue eyes with Oliver’s “Aren’t you pretty? I might keep you around... I bet you’d like it” Then he walked to one large mirror and smashed Oliver against it. The Captain pushed his frame against his, and started thrusting with his whole figure. Oliver felt like a beast was smashing him, muscle pressing against his own body, pure raw strength overpowering him. The Captain was simply looking at himself flexing, almost making out with his reflection, while Oliver was getting squished. “I am such perfection. Look at my muscles, so strong, so powerful. You are feeling the full power of a perfect being!” Oliver tried to push him away or escape, but it was useless. The Captain’s body was too large and muscular for him to do anything. Nevertheless, the blonde boy soon was now longer scared; he was moaning, his hand grabbing and touching every part of the muscular man. Oliver felt so much admiration, and so much rage and envy… “That 's right. You know your place now” said the Captain, still observing himself instead of the blonde boy “I’ve been watching you, you know? You are the only pretty thing in this hideous ship. Except for me, obviously. You’ll be a great pet” The Captain started thrusting harder, his huge bulge rubbing against Oliver, evidently hard. The mirror started to crack, unable to contain the muscle strength “We are going to a place where I will obtain all the power I deserve. A forgotten place by many, but not me. I will take what’s mine” “I-I… I will not let you get away with his” Oliver managed to yell “I’ll tell the crew. They won’t accept this” The Captain laughed out loud. He then began kissing his reflection, flexing his muscles all over Oliver, pushing him harder and harder against the surface. The mirror finally gave in and broke in pieces. The blonde boy let out a scream of pain, arousal and surprise. The Captain stepped back with a proud grin, breathing intensely, and with his sweaty muscle shining under the moonlight. Oliver just dropped to his knees, and noticed that his crotch was wet. He looked up to the captain, feeling pathetic and defeated. The Captain was still full of energy, and he continued flexing his big muscles while watching them bulge up and harden. Without even bothering to look at Oliver, he said “What is the crew going to do about it? They think I am a demigod! And to be honest, they might be right…” The muscle man grabbed the blonde boy by the shirt and lifted him up. Without warning, he kissed him softly “You and everyone in this ship will keep doing what I say. And you are staying here, with me. There’s nothing you can do about it, my pet” Oliver wanted to run away, to punch him, to scream for help. But he felt so tired, so weak. His vision got blurry, and before he could say anything, he passed out.
  20. dw2098lj

    The Car Salesman - Chapter 2

    Chapter 2 With every step and every breath in of the cold winter air I felt as if a spell was lifting. My attraction to Karl and fixation on his huge muscles and enormous cock was being replaced with sheer disbelief at what had just happened. Slowly my thoughts were becoming my own again as my mind raced through the events of the last couple of hours. How had I as a straight man, who’d never had any interest in other men, let myself be used by that gym-rat, the epitome of everything I despised? As I turned the key in the front door of my house and heard the lock click open I came to a sudden realisation. I had been drugged. It was the only explanation I could think of to explain the bizarre events of today. Somehow Karl had fed me some illegal substance which had an abnormal and extreme effect on me. But how had he done it? I’d not had anything to eat or drink whilst I was there and to be honest the effects had been almost immediate, pretty much from the start of our encounter. It was then, sat in the dark on the sofa in my living room, that I remembered the strange but seductive scent coming off Karl that I’d noticed as soon as I met him. Still dazed from the afternoon, I could almost hear the cogs of my brains turning over, trying to connect the dots. Finally, something clicked and I remembered the strange looking bottle, “Alpha Scent”, which I’d glimpsed in Karl’s desk. Yes, that was it! Clearly this scent had some pheromones or something in it that caused extreme desire in whoever smelt it. Ridiculous as it sounded, it was the only possible explanation I could come up with. The longer I sat there on the sofa, the more my confusion and embarrassment were replaced with anger. Luckily for me, my wife wasn’t due home from work for 2 hours – I needed a plan. *** Two days later I was sat outside Karl’s office, waiting to pick up my new car. My heart was racing at the plan I’d concocted but I was confident that it would work, having spent several hours over the last few days perfecting it. A few minutes after I arrived, Karl’s office door opened and an attractive woman in her early 40s left. I could tell from her harassed look and the fact that her blouse wasn’t buttoned up correctly that she had just been subjected to the “Karl” treatment. The huge man himself appeared in the doorway a few seconds later, his shirt unbuttoned at the top, covered in a sheen of sweat from his most recent workout. “Give me two minutes Joe,” he called, grabbing a towel from behind the door and heading down the corridor to where I guessed the showers were. I nodded in reply, glad that Karl clearly had a strict routine between clients, something that my plan relied on. As soon as the shower room door had clicked shut I leapt up, pleased that there were no other staff members around (for obvious reasons Karl’s office was away from everyone else). I opened the door to Karl’s office before sneaking in and shutting the door quietly behind me. I hurried over to his desk, not knowing how literal Karl’s “two minutes” would be, and opened the top draw. I picked up the strange bottle, turning it over to read the label on the back: “Instructions: Use 2 sprays for instant results lasting 24 hours. Re-apply after showering”. There was no mention of what the “instant results” were but I could have a good guess. Conscious of the time, I pulled two bottles out of my pocket, one an empty aftershave bottle, the other filled with water that I’d dyed purple to match the fluid in the “Alpha Scent” bottle. I quickly poured the contents of the “Alpha Scent” into my empty aftershave bottle which I put safely in my pocket. I then substituted it with the dyed water from my other bottle before screwing the top back on and replacing the strange bottle in Karl’s top drawer. The colour wasn’t an exact match so I’d have to hope Karl wouldn’t pay too much attention to it. It was then I noticed something. In my rush to get into his office and steal his treasured secret, I hadn’t noticed that Karl’s masculine scent still filled the room, even though he was no longer there. I found myself inhaling deeply, yet again allowing his aroma to fill my head. Images of his full, thick chest and bulging veiny biceps immediately flashed across my mind. I started to imagine the feeling of his big manly cock deep in my tight ass, to feel him plough me with all his strength and power. All thoughts of my carefully worked out plan left my head as I noticed that my cock was rock hard and throbbing. I unbuttoned my jeans, letting them fall to the floor before pushing down my tight boxer briefs, letting out my aching cock. I wrapped my hand around it, jerking slowly as I thought about running my hands over his swollen chest and ripped abs. I was excited to think that Karl would be back at any second and I wanted to be ready to please him. I found myself getting into position on his desk as I had the other day, face down, ass ready for him to slide his cock in as soon as he came through the door. Suddenly the blinds rattled and a gust of wind blew in through the open window. It hit me straight in the face, clearing my head and allowing just a second of rational thought. That was all I needed – I immediately jumped off Karl’s desk, pulled up my boxers and jeans and ran out the door, all without taking another breath. My heart was racing as I settled myself in the chair outside Karl’s office just as the door to the shower room opened down the corridor. Karl looked pristine yet again, freshly showered and in clean smart clothes, a confident smile on his face. Thankfully the feelings of lust had past as quickly as they’d started now that I was out of the confined environment of Karl’s office and I was able to focus once again. “Right Joe, let me just get your keys and we’ll have you sorted in no time,” Karl said as he passed me, entering the office I’d only seconds ago vacated myself. I was sure I’d left everything as it should be but still my heart was racing. I suspected that Karl would be re-applying the “Alpha Scent” after his shower but would he notice straight away the swap I’d made? My entire plan hinged on this moment. A minute later Karl came out, his confident smirk plastered to his face as usual, the keys to my new car in one hand, the final agreement in the other. “Let’s go out to your car then Joe,” Karl said, with no acknowledgement of the events of the other day but more importantly, no evidence that he’d noticed the swap at all. “Sure thing Karl,” I said, trying to sound more relaxed than I felt. As I followed behind, I tentatively inhaled, but there was nothing, no trace of the alluring odour and my head remained clear. When we’d reached the car, Karl showed me around the outside again before we got in. Once inside, I was aware yet again how much space Karl occupied but it didn’t seem to affect me as it had done the other day. “Well Joe, here’s the key… I just need one more signature from you,” Karl said, handing me the final agreement. As I signed, I noticed that Karl had his arm up on the window again and was casually flexing his biceps as he looked across at me. I smiled as I handed the agreement back to him. “Right Karl, I’ll be going then if that’s everything,” I said confidently. “Oh yeah, erm, sure Joe,” clearly surprised by my lack of interest in his flexing muscles, “unless you want to go for round two,” he added, attempting a deep seductive voice which just sounded hollow to me without the effects of the “Alpha Scent”. He rested one of his giant hands on the equally giant bulge in his trousers but even this didn’t affect me. “No thank Karl,” I said, still trying to stay at ease, “I’ll be going now. Thanks for your help.” “Erm…ah…well, no problem, Joe,” Karl said as he prised himself out of the car, clearly confused at my resistance. “See you around Karl,” I said through the open window as I started to pull away. As I left the forecourt I smiled as I caught sight of the giant muscle man in my rear-view mirror, a look of intense confusion on his face. Little did he know it was only just beginning. *** Twenty minutes later I was standing in my bedroom at home, the bottle of aftershave, now containing the “Alpha Scent” in my hand. I hesitated, torn between sensibility and the desire to try it on myself before my wife got home and see what effect it had on her. We’d been trying to think of ways to liven up our sex life and I hoped this would be the answer, causing her to experience the same indescribable lust for me that I’d experienced for Karl. But then again, I didn’t really know what the true effects of this spray were and I suspected it definitely wasn’t legal. In the end my desire and curiosity won out and before I knew what I was doing I’d squirted two sprays on my neck. The pure “Alpha Scent” smelt great, kind of woody but other than that there was no noticeable change in me. I started to feel a bit stupid as I stood there and suspected that I had just gone to extreme lengths to steel what was essentially just a bottle of aftershave. At that moment though a strange warm feeling started spreading from my neck, where I had sprayed the “Alpha Scent”, down into my chest. It felt as though my shoulders and chest were pulsing with energy, the warm feeling spreading out into my arms too. Suddenly, I noticed that my normally loose-fitting blue t-shirt felt a bit tight around my chest and I looked down to see that my chest was actually starting to swell. “Fuck, I’m growing,” I said out loud, unable to help myself. I watched and felt as my biceps started to expand too, pulsing as they got bigger, huge veins popping up under the skin. My arms felt like they were surging with power and soon they were straining the sleeves of my small top. Without even thinking, almost on instinct, I brought both arms up into a double biceps, flexing hard the muscles which until now had been tiny and pathetic. I heard the loud RIP as both sleeves split down the seam, bursting open to allow my biceps and triceps to continue growing. “This feels fucking amazing,” I called out, my voice noticeably deeper and more masculine, as I continued to flex and pump my biceps. The warm feeling had now reached my groin and quads and the most amazing sensation hit me, like I was having a continuous orgasm. Waves of pleasure flooded through my veins as I looked down to see that the bulge in my jeans was swelling slowly, pushing out as I felt my cock grow. My expanding quads were quickly filling out my jeans too and I could hear the material creaking as it struggled to contain them. My attention was then pulled back to my still swelling chest, which was now way too big for the size ‘S’ T shirt. My back too was expanding, pulling the shirt even tighter and stopping me from being able to breathe properly. “GGGRRRRRRRRRR,” I roared as I reached up to the neck of the t shirt, pulling it straight down and hearing the fabric tear as I ripped it off in one go. “FUCK, I’m a beast,” I screamed, looking down at my exposed torso, as I threw the shredded top on the floor. Beneath my swollen pecs I could see the little bit of body fat I had disappearing, exposing tight ripped 8-pack abs which pushed up like cobble stones. I ran one of my hands down them, enjoying the feeling of ripped muscle under my fingers. Beneath my tiny, tight waist, my quads were still growing, feeling so tight in my jeans that I knew that I needed to get them off soon. No sooner had I thought this I heard another rip and realised it was too late. My huge quads had torn the fabric on either side of my jeans and I could see the exposed muscle underneath. I flexed each of my humungous quads in turn, extending the tear on either side with colossal grunts. I then reached down, grabbing the waist band with my two hands and pulling down to complete the job, ripping my jeans off and throwing them on the floor. “I’m so STRONG,” I roared, unable to hold back as I started flexing, the growth now slowing and the warm feeling starting to subside. I looked at myself in the mirror on the wall – I now had the body of a serious weight-lifter, not quite as big as Karl, but still pretty huge. My face too looked more masculine, chiselled, with a sharp jaw-line with a light dusting of stubble. My torso had a covering of dark, manly hair that had sprung up in the last two minutes on my previously hairless body. The bulge in my boxers was verging on obscene as my rock hard cock tented the fabric. I quickly pulled off my boxers, feeling as my much bigger cock slapped up against my abs. “FUCK,” I moaned, as I looked down at my throbbing cock which was at least 8” long, about 2” longer and much thicker than before my growth spurt. A steady stream of pre was leaking out as I continued to flex in front of the mirror, appreciating my new muscle body. I ran my hands over my pumped chest, amazed at the weight of my pecs and noticing the deep defined valley that ran between them. I flexed each bicep in turn, trying to wrap the other hand round each mound of marble-like muscle to no avail. The huge veins which had popped up during my growth were still there and snaked like a road map down my bulging biceps and forearms. Still flexing, I wrapped one hand around my thick cock and started jerking, feeling the pleasure quickly rising in me. “MMMM, you’re a beast Joe,” I moaned to myself, so turned on by my own muscles. I couldn’t stop running my other hand over my torso as I jerked, marvelling in the feel of the solid muscles now strapped onto my previously weedy frame. Only minutes ago I’d been a tiny 33yo, with a bit of a beer-gut. Now I was a total alpha muscle stud. This thought drove me on closer to climax as I let out low, deep moans and grunts. I jerked my cock faster, still flexing as I watched in the mirror. “Oh fuck,” I moaned, “I’m gonna fucking shoot…”. I worked myself up more and more, relishing the new length and girth of my cock and the sticky pre-leaking from it. Huge grunts escaped my mouth as my massive chest heaved with each breath drawn in. Within seconds I felt my full, aching balls tighten and I had nearly collapsed to the floor in the most intense orgasm of my life, surpassing even when I’d been with Karl the other day. It was like my whole body exploded in pleasure, each of my newly engorged muscles flooding with an indescribable sensation. “AAHHHHHHHH,” I screamed in ecstasy as rivers of warm cum erupted from my huge cock, splashing over the mirror and floor, the final few spurts dribbling down my huge ripped quads. I gazed at the sight in the mirror – I was amazed at the huge hunk of muscle standing in front of me, his colossal chest heaving over tight ripped abs and an enormous thick cock still leaking cum onto the floor. I couldn’t believe this muscle stud was me. I ran my hands up over my cobbled abs and thick chest, feeling sweat and cum mingling together over the rock solid muscle underneath, before falling backwards onto the bed in blissful exhaustion.
  21. FREaky

    Wet Dreams May Come Part 10

    Wet Dreams May Come - Part 10 by F_R_Eaky Part 1: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/2388-wet-dreams-may-come-part-1/ Part 2: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/2402-wet-dreams-may-come-part-2/ Part 3: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/2407-wet-dreams-may-come-part-3/ Part 4: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/2419-wet-dreams-may-come-part-4/ Part 5: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/2420-wet-dreams-may-come-part-5/ Part 6: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/2426-wet-dreams-may-come-part-6/ Part 7: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/2437-wet-dreams-may-come-part-7/ Part 8: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/2451-wet-dreams-may-come-part-8/ Part 9: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/2487-wet-dreams-may-come-part-9/ The morning sunlight shone in through the balcony door windows casting themselves upon a very broad and muscular human landscape. Highlighting ridges and bulges that rose up and peaked while helping to create shadows in deep crevices and valleys that were the definition of the ridges and bulges that loomed so high. A forst of thick brown hair covered and spread out most of this landscape and it too caught highlights and glinted in the sun while ocassional portrusions of what looked like massive reddish pythons wound in and out of the hair, or an deep olivish colored mound and button rose just out of the top the hair line, or in once section there emerged a great flesh colored worm coming up out of the earth in some of the densest thickets of forest that was the hair. This worm lay stretched out for quite a good long length, but then warmed by the rays of the sun, it began to stir and become awake, oozing out longer, growing thicker and harder, calling the great red pythons to come dance inside of it. Slowly it began to rise...Rise....RISE! Up, higher and higher towards the sky, up off of the great rolling landscape that was a man's muscles to become a great, solid, smooth, standing monolith dedicated to the power, strength, and lust that was man. But it would never complete its rising. So long and so thick this worm was that once done in its growing it was too long, too thick, too heavy to completely support itself. It hung only halfway to its zenith and there fought against gravity which attempted to pull it down. It jutted out at an angle from the landscape now and hovered, bobbled, bounced, trembled as it continued to attempt to rise up and gravity struggled to pull it down. Suddenly it would rise up, part of the valleys and mountain peaks moved on their own engulfing and ecompassing this great monolith and pointed it staight up and out from the land itself. And then a deep rumble was heard from the belly of the earth itself. "Oooooooh.......... Devon.... This... this morning erection.... it causes pain somewhat in my penis. It throbs so hard, so full, like it shall grow again or burst apart. Yet...ooooh....yet when I reach out and touch it.. HMMMMMMMmmmmmnnnnnn ....the feeling is so....enjoyable." "It's even more enjoyable when it is burried deep in someone you love." Drake heard Devon's voice a bit far off and raised his head to look in that direction; all he saw was his mounding pecs and the head of his prick floating above it on the horizon. Cursing his body for blocking his view, Drake positioned himself and sat up on his elbows, all while fighting and struggling to get there as his lats, back, and chest, fought with his arms and forearms for space. Eventually he got into the position he needed and looked across the bedroom to see the human that was helping him, the man with whom he has fallen in love. He nearly did a double take, for he had almost forgotten the events of the day before. Expecting to see tiny little five foot one inch tall, lanky built Devon sitting in a chair at his computer, instead he saw a great hulking brute of a man with a back and shoulders as wide as the computer desk, if not wider, that sat kneeling on his knees on the floor and yet his head still rose higher and taller than mounted monitor. And oh what site that Drake did see, underneath that wide as a bracket back, beneath the oh so tiny and tapered waist, were two glorious globes of hard, bubbled, muscle that made up Devon's ass, and those looked as if they were perched upon two ginormous feet. The sight send a powerful surge through Drake's bowling sized balls, which in turn set it up and through his enormous shaft and out his piss slit. "Ahhh--AH-HA! OOOOooooooooooohhhh HOO HOO Ooooooohhhh HO! HOO! ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.............................." Devon turned his impossilby thick and most muscular neck to turn his head around to look back at Drake, just in time to see the gyser shot of Drake's cum blast out of his cock and soar up to hit the overhead ceiling fan and light fixture. Drake collapsed upon the bed, smiling dreamily, while Devon sat up on his knees a bit staring at the ceiling. Nothing happened. "Well... no more magic in your cum. You alread spewed the wand out last night and it was destroyed upon impact with the wall. So I guess, it's safe to say with your new name and no powers your Dad will have a little bit harder time trying to trace you down, nab, and change you back." Drake groaned. "Yes.... but he knows I was here, he will try to come back. I'm surprised we did not hear from him in the middle of the night." "We might have but I put all this stuff up. If you look at the mess in front of the balcony door you'll find, iron scissors, salt, oatmeal, clover, st. john's wort, rowan tree branches and berries, plus items scattered and thrown about, and there's a stream of running water outside. Well there was. I turned it off this morning when I got up." "All of those things are protections against the fey. You are very wise." "No, just a good study. Info the Druid gave to me. The rest of the windows and drains are all protected as well." "So what are you doing?" "Pondering and thinking about what to do with our situation...situations. We need to get you the trappings of being human, and I believe we have to get you nine of them." "Why nine." "It's part of what your father said to me yesterday, 'The only way this seed shall leave my tree, is entrapping him by men's ways: three times three.' Three times three is nine. So I'm thinking we need to get nine things that somehow declare you human." Drake sat up ernestly with a worried look upon his face. "Can we do that? Can we find nine ways to list me as human?" "I think so. It might be possible. With your name change that's one, which will be proved by a birth certificate once issued. We could get you a driver's licnese, but there's a couple of problems with that." "What are the problems." "One it's extremely rare for folks here in London to have a car. Not enough space and room for all of them. I only have one because the boss sends me on trips up north or over to France from time to time, to frequently to rent a car. However he pays for the extra taxes on the car as well as the garage space. So it wouldn't really be an item you should use or have, so I don't know if that would count as one of the human trappings since, here you don't need it. Another reason is, we've grown. Not just me, but you as well. You're even bigger and larger than before. At eight feet tall with an extreme bodybuilder's build, you'd have a near impossible task trying to squeeze into a car. Hoever, I think were at least a foot taller than that now." "So we can not ride anywhere? We can not travel?" "Oh, we can ride somewhere and travel, if we're on something like the underground or bus. There would be room for us, barely in there, although we might bang up and stretch the doors a bit getting in and out. And that leads us to another set of problems, my apartment. We're taller than the ceilings are here and much stronger than the plaster and brick work for the walls. We will need to move. We can't live here comfortably." "Oh no... does our size hinder us in making me human?" "Maybe...maybe not. Do titles count as trappings of humans to fey magic?" "They would if listed specifically as a human thing." "Then we might be able to get you a plethora of human titles in one go. The Guinness Book of World records lists amongst their items things in human proportions. If you've grown as much as I think you've grown, we might be able to get you listed as the world's both living and historically tallest man, if not at least tied for it, but you would be the reigning man as you'd be the tallest living and historically the one you'd tie with is passed away. That would be trapping two. But you might be able to walk away with a few more titles such as World's Tallest Bodybuidler, World's Most Perfectly Developed or Most Muscular Man, Man with the World's Biggest Feet and Hands, World's Strongest Man -even proportionately to your size, and that would give your trappings three, four, five, and six." "We'd only have three more to go? How soon can we make this happen?" "Well, depends upon the people at the Guiness World Records Office. When can they get us set up? I also have two other ideas for two other titles you could claim, well both of them would be shared with me, but I don't think that would be a problem since no other human will ever come close to matching us, and you need me and I need you for the other title to work. Plus that title could also function as a trapping on its own as it is a certificate required unto its own." "I am willing to take any chance, any risk. What do we do?" "Well, the first thing we need to do is get ourselves washed and dressed as best as we can, and then we have to pack up things we will need. We've done a lot of damage here and it's going to need to be repaired. Also we need to find a place to go and live now. And that means I or we are going to need to make a boat load of money." "How can we get that all done and done quickly?" "With friends and new acquaintances. As best as I could with this huge paws, I've already been on line to friends and gotten some things taken care of. One set of friends is coming over with a truck and a panel van to move us and some of my stuff. We're moving onto their property to rent out a barn they don't use. It's old, made of stone, and very solid, more like a house, but it has extremely tall and broad spaces in which we can walk around. They're already talking with High Priest James who is going over to the barn to cleanse and prep it against fairy attack. My coworker Charles, once he calms down from seeing my new self on camera this morning, is coming over here with some contractor friends to begin work on repairs to the apartment, and after those are done, he'l clean up and bring back any of the fairy protection items we leave behind so workers can't be taken and questioned." "These things will all cost money, as you say?" "Yes." "Do you have enough to pay for all of this?" "No. I don't. But I think I've come up with a way to help take care of that. But you'll have to do some acting, as will I, cause I'm not usually into doing or acting like an arse, but we will need to be rude and cocky to pull off what I think will make us a ton of money." "What do we need to do?" "Well first off, bend down near my head...yes... look here at the green light... now make a face like you're mad... growl if you want to. mad! MADDER! GRRRRRR!" (click-click) "Ok....the rest you'll have to trust me on, later tonight. Right now I need to post this picture up here.... which this by the way may give us another human trapping for you... write up a little advertisement and.....send. And now I need to type in here on this forum website.... 'Wanted: as large of a man as we can find. Preferably someone who is both tall and muscular, thinks they're hung, who enjoys the company of other big men and enjoys a competition of being a big man, but isn't adverse to possibly losing the battle of being the biggest man about town. Definitely looking for someone who likes muscle, height, cock size worship giving and receiving. Please contact at [email protected]'" With that Devon shut down his computer and began to pack it away, after looking at Drake and becoming stiff as a board. The two went off into the kitchen to roll around and have some fun. They just barely got themselves cleaned off, the kitchen cleanned up, and themselves dressed when Devon's country friends showed up. ******************************************************************** The day was a flurry of activitiy. Devon's friends, Harry & Deanna Howsham, helped Devon & Drake get packed what little clothing they now had that would fit them, all cooking utensils and food, and Devon's computer and computer desk. Everything else, which wasn't broken or torn, a picture was taken of, and posted for sale on the internet and placed into the living room of the arpartment. All the while Devon's coworker, Charlie, had his crew come in and remove the broken bed pieces, the torn clothing, the damaged parts of the wall, and throw it all away in the garbage and prepped the bedroom and bathroom for major repair work. Meanwhile, Harry Howsham had several friends that worked in a woodworking shop, whom he gave rough estimates on the size and weight of Devon and Drake, and had them make appropriate sized tables, chairs, couch, and bed, as fast as they could. They would make semi-sturdy structures now and come back with something sufficiently stronger and durable to the two giant behemoths later. While the woodworkers were bringing in plus sized furniture, James Whitehart had shown up with several members of his Druidic circle and began to careful prune and plant shrubs, plants, and ornamental garden structures here and there as well as cleansing the barn, blessing the barn, and with the woodworkers help, make new thresholds, frames, and sills, for doors and windows containing salt, oatmeal, and iron, with box planters full of clover, st. john's wort, and several other flowers known to keep fairies at bay. They even managed to get several folks to run a branch off of a creek and back on one side of the barn so that fairies would have an obsticle of running water if approaching on that side. Once there, Drake helped Deanna unpack the kitchen items and put them in the new installed cupboards, and then went up to the loft and made the bed once the woodworkers had brought that in. At the beginning of the evening, it was starting to look as if it was a set of "Extreme Hogwarts Makeover: Hagrid's Hut." The old place looked comfortable and fit to live in, except for very large people. The only thing that looked a little odd was that While Drake and Deanna unpacked their items, Harry and Devon unpacked Devon's computer, plus a few new electronic pieces and went about setting them all up over the barn. At about seven in the evening, everyone had left except James Whitehart, who said he would be back in the morning, winking at Devon as he left, and Harry and Deanna. "I can't thank you two enough for this." "Oh, don't mention it. You always were a good man, still are. I can't believe what has happened to you, but if you're sure about him, and with all these sudden changes....well, you were bound to need some assitance to pull through. We're happy you thought us close enough to help you out." "Well, again. Thanks for helping us out. It certainly means a lot to Drake and I." "Now, we'll be back to discuss some things with you about the 'house,' at the end of the week. It really is a huge barn, and even at your size could probably have about two more bedrooms, plus a craft or hobby room or something. Let us know what you'd like to do and we'll help you get it planned. Oh, and watch it... the bathroom isn't exactly finished, although the toilet is in and connected, so's the really large tub, but the floors haven't been completed in there yet..." "I'm sure we can manage for the now." The Howshams leaving, Devon went inside and sat Drake down to give him some pointers over what was happening next - a way to earn some money. A young man had answered Devon's advertisement, and he sounded like he would be perfect. His name was Ed, or more formally Edwin, Edwin Clayworth. He seemed to have a fairly laid back attitude in his communication, with just a touch of cockiness, but then again why shouldn't he be cocky? "Mr. Wiltshire, I am responding to your advert and hope that you will find me a good candidate. I do not mind being on camera or recorded. A man my size winds up sticking out in a crowd most of the time anyway, so I am quite used to attention from other people. You said you needed a fairly good sized man, I think I can accomodate that. I am 6' 10" tall, approximately 288 pounds or twenty and half stone, size 18 US Men's shoe or 17 UK, with a 48 inch chest, 19 innch upper arm, 22 inch thigh, and a 17.5 inch calve. Although not a full fledged bodybuilder yet, I am working my way up to becoming one, and I am pretty much bigger than most blokes I meet. There are some taller than me, but usually none built as big and I plan on getting bigger. Still, if I met someone who was bigger built than me, bigger built and taller, it wouldn't bother me, I would probably ask for some tips on weight training. Hope to hear back from you, Edwin "Ed" Clayworth." "So is he considered a big man, and what are we going to do with him?" "Normally, he would be considered quite a big man. Definitely give someone pause to think before picking a fight with him. However, he's going to look very small to us, if I have done my calculations correctly. As far as what we are going to do with him.... we're going to have our way with him. We'll see how much he wants to take it, how far he will go, but we're going to do it all in front of this camera here. And there... and there... and there... I have the all posted over the house. I put up an advertisement this morning about us two, how big we were and that we were going to do some comparisons tonight." "How will this help us make money?" "There are a lot of guys who like big men." "Like them like you like them?" "Yes, some even more so. They especially like it if you can do comparisons between a big man and small man. Well this is going to make them jump at their computer screens and click away at our show because we have a very big man, who's going to look very small to us, showing how extremely huge we are. Folks will pay to watch it, and they will pay a decent price." ******************************************************************* Devon filled Drake in a little more about what they were going to do and then the two sat in what was now the dining room and waited. At approximately seven-thirty p.m. there was a knock on the door of the barn. Devon called out. "Who is it?" "Uhm... my name is Ed Clayworth. I was told to meet a Mr. Wiltshire here?" "Yes! I'm him. I'm a little busy right at this second, just go ahead and let yourself in and sit in the living room." Ed opened the door and proceeded to walk through it. Looking up at the frame, he suddenly stood up and smiled. "Nice... a door I can actually walk through. Don't see to many of those." Ed then stepped in to the living room and took a look at the furniture and other things around himself. "What the.... am I on show where they trick people? This furniture is rediculous, even for someone of my height?" "Sorry? Did you say something?" Devon called out? "Uhm just marveling at your furnture. Looks hand crafted, homemade." "Yes, it is." Devon's head popped over an above a wall. "Sorry for the delay, just putting something away on a high shelf. While I'm putting away the last of it, could you tell me more about yourself." "Yeah...sure.... Well I'm attending college right now, on a rubgy scholarship. That's why I'm working out all the time. Training for rugby. Quite physically demanding, ya know?" "Yes...yes... quite demanding. Are you one of the bigger players on the team?" "Yes... the biggest on my team actually. I don't think most of the teams we play with have any men my size." "Yes, you must be equivalent to that one Scotish professional player.....what is his name?" "Richie Gray. Yeah... I'm as tall as him, about as big built too, but I will be getting bigger than him soon. Amongst the professional teams though, there are quite a few more men who are tall, some taller than I am, but not many." "It's hard to find men taller and bigger built than you?" "Yeah... many taller, but the taller you get, usually the lankier you are, the harder it is to put on muscle mass. So, it's kind of rare to find someone really truly bigger than me." Devon stepped out from behind the wall and walked into the living room. "Well, I think you'll find I'm a rarity." "FUCKIN' HELL!" "It's ok, calm down." "Calm down! You're not for real. Bloody hell! You're a walking animatronic you are." "No...No I'm not. I'm a real man." "No, you're not. No man is a big as... SHITE! Fuck man, you're bigger than Hagrid!" "Why don't you come over here and see just how big I am. Come on... Mister big rugby player isn't afraid of me are you?" "NO!..... AH..YES! LOOK AT YA! I LOOK LIKE A FUCKIN' SCHOOL BOY NEXT TO YOU!" "Calm down... calm down......just asking you to come over and stand next to me." Ed stood there for a while staring up and down Devon, but finally, slowly walked over and stood next to Devon. "Where the hell do I come up to you on your....for God's sake can you even see past your chest!" "Actually looking straight down...no, I can't." "And your shirt is on and I can tell how far they stick out...for the love of....crimmeny." and Ed looked down on the floor and saw Devon's feet. "Holy shit! You're not even wearing shoes... your ....your...." and Ed made motions with his hands above his head.... "So much taller than me and none of it is even shoes! You're standing there.... flat...bare...footed. WHAT SIZE ARE THOSE THINGS!" "Well I tell you what, Mr. Big. Why don't you grab a tape measure out of the end table on the left side of the couch and you tell me how big they are." And Ed went to the end table, opened the drawer and grabbed the tape measure and pulled out the tape measure. Kneeling down next to Devon's legs and feet, he lifted up Devon's pants leg just a bit and then ran the tape measure along the side of Devon's foot. He then fell backwards on his ass and sat there and trembled. "Well, rugby man, what does it say?" "It... is said...." and Ed ran his hand through his hair and breathed a little hard. "It said they were twenty-two and two-thirds inches long. What size shoe is that? They don't make shoes that size..." "Go over and look on that computer there. There is a page on it for a shoe size calculator and tell me what size they are." Ed made his way over to the computer and called up the site Devon mentioned. He put in the numbers and leaned back in the chair....finally he stammered, "F...For...forty-six quintuple D in the US, forty-five in the UK." "Wow, that seems pretty big." "That's twenty-eight sizes larger than what I wear!" "And what do you wear?" "Size 18 in the US, 17 here in the UK." "Why don't you come back over here and place your foot next to mine. Take your shoe and sock off.... let me sit down here on the floor, and then just place your foot..come on.... that's it. Heel to heel...and see how big your foot is." "Just over half..." "I'm sorry?" "Just over half way. My foot howver only comes up to the ball of your foot. It doesn't even reach your toes." "And yours is a big foot size?" "Yes..." "You sure?" "yes...." "I wonder how big my foot is compared to the rest of you." And Devon lifted up his leg and moved his foot onto Ed's torso. "It nearly covers all my torso.... Oh my god..." "Oh, now don't worry, Ed. I have a friend who is just amazed at this as you are." "Really? That there's someone a fucking gigantic as you? I don't think anyone could ignore it." "Oh, he is amazed at my size, but not because it's so big. Drake! Drake could come out and join us please." Drake came out from the dinning room to join Devon and Ed, and took a seat behind Ed when Devon asked for him to do so. "You see, Drake is like me, and he was just surprised there was asomeone as big as him." "HA! HUH! HUH! OH...MY....GAWD!" "Drake put your foot upon his back like I have on his front." And Drake did so and the two men sandwiched Ed between their gargantuan feet. "I think Ed is trying to say something..." and Devon motioned to move their feet away. Ed fell over sideways, gasping for breath, but not because Devon and Drake had crushed him. "Two.... hooo...hooo...two... two of you! There's two giant men...." "Yes, let's all stand up again now and see what were checking on before, where Mr. Big here comes up on me, or on both of us Drake. Drake, could you assist me by pulling up on the bottom of my shirt there, please." Drake reached around Ed and lifted up the bottom of Devon's shirt, so they could see where Ed came up to on their body. It appeared that even standing 6' 10" tall that Ed only came up about abdomen row above Devon or Drake's bellybutton. Not that Ed noticed this, all he got was a full wall of abdomen and oblique muscles in his face. Letting out a yelp and almost putting his hand out to touch Devon's abs, he pulled his hand back, ran it through his hair and began to stammer some more. "THE BRICKS! Your.....your abs are like actual stone bricks, like the size used in making your house! They're so defined, so huge!" "Did you want to touch them? I saw your hand go out. Go ahead, it's ok. I don't mind." Ed reached out and began to grope and fondle the abs and obliques of Devon, his fingers getting numb as he tried to really feel into the crevices and pinch or bunch an ab and make a dent in it. "Drake, let's take off our shirts so Ed can not be inhibited in his exploring our torsos." And the pair helped each other pull off their shirts, but then Devon looked down at Ed and said, "Ed, did you bring the two extra shirts, jeans, and underwear, like I requested?" "y....ye....yes..s..ss...ss.." "Good let's see how each other's looks. Take of the shirt you're wearing and lay it on that chair over there. Then here is one of our shirts and we'll each take one of the shirts your brought..." Of course the comparison was now where even close. Devon or Drake's shirt look like a rain poncho on Ed, even at 6' 10" tall the shirt still came down to his knees and there was so much material swimming around him for such less girth than he had. Had the shirts been made out of stronger material one might have been able to capture and hold Ed captive in them. Meanwhile Devon and Drake attempted to each pull on a shirt of Ed's, which didn't come anywhere near to happening. They couldn't even get the first shirtsleeve past the forearm before it blew out the sleeve section on the short sleeved shirt. They never got to see how their chest would do in the small confines of Ed's shirt because their soulders, delts, lats, and back were so much broader and thicker and harder than Ed's that attempting to pull the whole shirt up, over, and on, caused the shirts to just rip in half, straight down the middle. "Ed, big guy, what size shirts were those again?" "Doub...double X, double long." "And that's a big, big man's shirt?" "yes..." "Perhaps we should look at the pants now. Drake give Ed your pants, and are these the extra pants you brought us, Ed?" "y...y...ye...yess.ss.ss." "Step into ours and let us see where they come up to you..." "They come all the way up to my neck." "And does you big thick legs need both legs to stand in?" "No, mine both fit in one leg of yours." "...in one leg of ours, and yet you're a big man with big thighs that are going to develope even bigger aren't they?" "....I thought so..." "And let's Drake and I see how yours fit now." And the two attempted to pull on a pair of Ed's jeans, but again, not much to be seen. The waist band along didn't make it up past the calves. Devon and Drake's calves were so big it was causing the button on Ed's waist band to strain, let alone when they go the pants worked up beyong that point, their calves totally sheredded the side pants seam at the thigh area. Sloughing off the tattered remains of Ed's clothes, Devon suggested that they flex biceps and see how they compared. However, Ed was taken aback by the large bulges in Devon and Drake's underware and asked about those. "Oh, we'll get to those in a minute. First we need to look at our upper arms. Can you flex for us, big man?" Ed flexed, rather meekly, and Drake measured his arm at a nice and solid 19" which would be fairly big to some, definitely a good starting point for a young man beginning to build muscle, but then within a front camera range, Devon placed his arms behind Ed's and flexed and one just saw this small hill that already dwarfed Ed's upper arm, suddenly grow and rise and rise into this mountainous peak that made Ed's arm look miniscule. Worse than that, Drake brought his arm in front and flexed and one couldn't see Ed's arm at all, as if it wasn't there...didn't exist. The pair then rose them up and flexed them in front of Ed's head. You could see Ed's mouth go agape and his eyes glaze over. He couldn't believe how big these arms were, how full, how developed, how cut and defined, and there were four of them on two guys that hung like enormous wings out from the sides of their body when relaxed. Devon handed Ed the measuring tape and had him wrap them around Drake's upper arm, then he wrapped them around Devon's upper arm. After which Devon called for the mark on the tape for his and Drake's arms. "Forty-eight and a half inches.... good gawd!" "Forty-eight and half inches...and do the veins looked raised up on our arms or any other part of our body?" "Yo....your very vascular, but they...they don't looked pumped if that's what you mean?" "They don't looked pumped. So that measurement was a cold measurment then?" "Yes." "Just over four foot thick arms....cold. COLD!" And Devon flexed them hard, and Drake then did a most muscular pose, and then Devon picked Ed up one handed and sat him on his right bicep and began to flex his bicep up and down, causing Drake to rise up and go down with each flex almost as if he were riding a rodeo bull. Then Devon put him down and proclaimed, "I think it's time we now looked at what you asked about earlier. Ed, if you please, remove your underwear." Ed stood there for a moment, shaking, but finally, slowly, removed his underwear and stood naked. "And Mr. Big here seems to be a fairly well endowed young man. How large are you when erect Ed?" "Uhmmm e...eleven and half inches." "Eleven and half inches. And can you get erect for us now so we can see?" Ed stood there trembling and shook his head no. Devon gave Drake a wink, and Drake picked up Ed one handedly, brought Ed's crotch area to his mouth and proceeded to make several large sucking sound while rubbing his godly sized thumb across Ed's nutsack. Ed made several yelps and hollers, then Drake stood him back down on the floor, where Ed leaned and grabbed onto Devon's thight and buttocks for support, with a look mixed with fear and awe, and then flushed with embarrasment for despite how he was feeling, his body loved it, and without him wanting it to, his cock suddenly sprang to life, it's full eleven and half inches long. "And now Drake it is our turn." The two giants stepped out of their underwear revealing to massive schlongs even for their height, that hung long, thick, and heavy over their bulging thighs and massive balls and ball sacks. Their thighs so large they fought each other for room and in doing so pushed the bulbous ball sacks forward, which in turn thrust forward the huge, pendulum hanging pricks that were Devon and Drake's cocks. "Mr. Big, would you like to help us become aroused?" Ed stood and shook his head no, but he couldn't help but stare at the giant anacondas the two behemoths called penises. So the two leaned in over Ed and began to kiss one another deeply and play with each others nipples and in no time at all the young man eyes widened in terror as he saw what he thought were already too big of cocks for any men to have begin to become longer, fuller, harder, veinier....second by second, minute by minute, the cocks appeared to grow ever longer, greater in girth, harder and fuller than before until finally they stuck out, way far out, from the groins of the giants at a downward angle bobbing and fighting to continue their climb and rise upward. "Ed, if you please the measuring tape...." Ed shakily took the measuring tape and placed on end against the base of Devon's cock. Holding it there he ran the tape long the top of Devon's cock, holding it in some spots to then continue pulling it along, until finally he reached the end of Devon's cock. He wrote the number down and then proceeded to measure Drake's cock. When he finished he walked a bit away from the two men, his eyes wide open. "And how big are we?" "Three fff.....three....Three feet in length when erect." "Three foot long cocks. I think that's pretty big, how bout you, Ed?" "y...yes..." "Well, we've bounced you up and down on our upper arms, we've picked you up one handed, we've split your clothes into ribbons, we've become thouroughly confused on how you are a big man, Ed. But now... now it's time for bed, and we want you to come with us." Ed looked up in horror at the two men, but could do nothing as with a nod, Drake picked up Ed one handedly and they began to walk up the stairs to the loft and the bed. "Don't worry, Ed. We're not going to have our way with you. That would cause untold damage to your body. However, we want you to have your way with us, until such time as we've released our loads." The other cameras went off, except for the ones pointed near the bed. From the time the show started to the time it got to this point there were over one million people viewing this broadcast. For this section the pay became even greater for you got watch them have fun with Ed and Ed have fun with them and then just watch as all three of them slept in this gigantic bed. Surprisingly the number of viewers increased. It took Ed about an hour long to jack off Devon, an hour and half to jack off Drake. Both of the men sent out blasts of cum that completely soaked the bed, if not part of the floor and the ceiling, coating part of each other and all of Ed. Ed then laid down between them proceeded to attempt to jack off, but suddenly Drake's hand moved a rubbed Ed's balls between his thumb and forefinger, while Devon's thumb and forefinger took take of Ed's prick. The first stroke had Ed crossing his eyes and the whole seen pretty much went: Stroke stroke, rub rub, stroke... AH-HUH! AAAHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh and Ed collpased on the pillows between Devon and Drake. All while millions of views sat glued to their computers just watching, waiting to see if either giant's cocks became fully erect again.
  22. dw2098lj

    The Car Salesman - Chapter 1

    This is the first story I've posted so go easy on me! It takes a while to get going but hopefully you'll enjoy it - I've got a few ideas to take this further The Car Salesman It was the worst possible timing. Two weeks into my new job and a month before Christmas my decrepit car had breathed its last. The stupid worthless piece of shit, which had caused me endless pain over the last 2 years, had finally given up on life. It was for this reason that I was making my way across the showroom forecourt for my meeting with Karl, the car salesman. I had an increasing sense of nervousness as I got towards the door which in my mind was entirely justified. You see, I am of the opinion that Car Salesmen will occupy the same part of hell as estate agents and lawyers and I was fully expecting to spend the next 2 hours being lied to, tricked and conned out of my hard-earned money. These thoughts were broken by the sight of the man-mountain waiting for me in the doorway. It turned out that Karl was about 6’2 and built like a tank, with I guessed way over 250lb of solid muscle to his name. He was wearing a long-sleeve tight white shirt with an accompanying tie and equally skin-tight dark blue trousers. Great. A gym-obsessed arrogant bastard as well. I could feel my stress level rising even more. “You must be Joe,” he called loudly, when I was about 10 feet away, smiling broadly. I took in his masculine face, dark hair and lightly tanned skin. He must have been a couple (or more) years younger than me, maybe mid-20s. “Y-yes, that’s me,” I replied stupidly, immediately cross with myself for showing any sign of weakness in front of this overconfident gym-jock. He reached out his hand and I shook it, trying not to wince at the strength of his grip. I noticed that his huge manly hand completely engulfed my own and I could feel the callouses on his palm from the many hours he spent lifting weights. “Come on in, we’ll get started,” he said, finally letting go of my aching hand as he turned to lead me into the building. I followed behind, noticing how wide his back was, pulling his tight shirt to the limits, but tapering down to an impossibly small waist. I was irrationally irritated, never having been interested in lifting weights myself, and always slightly annoyed with people who did. I just didn’t get it. Travelling in Karl’s wake, I was also struck by the scent coming off him. It was oddly sweet, nutty but undeniably masculine, likely a combination of aftershave and his own natural smell. I pulled myself back from the brink. Why the fuck was I noticing these things?! Once inside Karl’s spacious office, I settled myself in the comfy chair in front of his desk and watched as he walked round to sit opposite me. I found my eyes tracing down from his chiselled jaw-line, a slight hint of 5 O’clock shadow there, to his huge neck. The muscles there (traps, I heard the distant voice of my A-level Biology teacher saying) pushed out the buttoned up collar of his shirt to an extreme. It was a wonder he managed to do the buttons up at all. I then took in his unbelievably wide shoulders before focussing on his chest. His pecs jutted out from his body, pulling the fabric of his shirt tight so that there were gaps between the buttons in the middle. I could see a glimpse of smooth tanned skin underneath. As Karl moved and gestured his muscles flexed and relaxed under the surface of his clothes, like an elaborate dance played out for me. It was hypnotising watching his biceps pull the sleeves of his shirt tight, desperate to break free with every movement. Suddenly I realised that Karl was talking (well of course he was) and probably had been for some time. What the fuck was I thinking? I’d not listened to a word he’d said for a good 5 minutes. I tried to drag myself back to the present, away from my thoughts about this gym-rats bulging muscles when I noticed something even stranger than my distraction. I was rock-hard. My not-unimpressive cock was aching painfully in my tight jeans, throbbing with lust. Now I was properly confused. Well, a bit more than that and many other things besides. I was straight I told myself…married…and happily so. I’d never even looked at a guy like this before let alone got hard over one. But I couldn’t ignore it and the bulge in my jeans wouldn’t let me deny it. I tried to calm down, to re-focus my attention back on what Karl was saying, desperate to make sure I wasn’t going to be conned. Unfortunately, Karl chose that moment to lean back in his chair, lifting up both arms and placing them behind his head, the epitome of confidence and control. This movement caused his biceps to flex, the tight fabric of his shirt like a second skin on his bulging muscles. My cock ached even more as I realised that if he flexed hard he would easily rip the thin fabric. What the fuck was happening to me?! Next, and totally inexplicably, my eyes were drawn downwards. Now that Karl was leaning backwards, away from his desk, an obscene bulge in his tight blue trousers was revealed. It was colossal, like the proverbial python in his pants, the outline of his cock snaking down his left trouser leg. Suddenly I had a vision of ripping off those quad-hugging trousers, unleashing the beast underneath and taking his thick long cock in my…. Wooaaah! Where the fuck was I going with that? Why, aged 33 was I suddenly thinking about sucking another guy’s cock for the first time?! Suddenly Karl was standing up, snapping me out of my reverie. “… so are you ready to go then Joe?” I heard him say, clearly repeating himself. “R-ready?” I replied, trying to gain some control. “For your test drive,” he said, the look on his face suggesting he thought I was either a bit slow or very unwell. “Oh yeah, sure,” I hurried to reply, standing up as well. Karl was very close to me and again I noticed the strange, intoxicating scent coming off him and I couldn’t help but inhale deeply. This was a big mistake as it made me feel dizzy, my entire mind filled with his masculine smell and also visions of Karl ripping off his smart work clothes to reveal mounds of bulging muscle underneath. I nearly had to sit straight back down again but somehow managed to keep it together. “Great, well follow me and we’ll go for a spin,” Karl said, seemingly oblivious to the turmoil going on in my head. With that, he walked out of his office and I followed on behind, my eyes feasting on his solid, round glutes, jutting out below that tight waist. I noticed that his quads were so big he walked with his legs slightly apart, almost awkwardly, something that 20 minutes ago I would have found totally ridiculous. Now, however, his sheer size was driving me crazy, irrational lust pumping through me. We settled into the car, well I settled whilst Karl squeezed himself into the passenger seat, clearly far too big for the small car that I was intending to buy. “I’d need a car with a bit more head and leg room myself,” he joked, at ease. “But this’ll be perfect for you Joe”. I laughed awkwardly, uneasy at the comparison and as much as I tried to deny it, unbelievably turned on. “Right, take it away Joe. Turn right off the forecourt and I’ll direct you,” Karl continued and I noticed for the first time how deep his voice was. A strange juxtaposition to his boyish face and smooth skin. I gently eased the car away, forcing myself to focus; ideally I wanted to get through the next twenty minutes without killing us both. To my credit (and surprise) it went well to start with. I concentrated on the car, examining its acceleration, ride and general comfort as we took it on a drive around town. Karl kept up a near constant stream of conversation in the way that only people trying to sell you something can. I picked out the odd word but was mainly focussing on the car and not the young behemoth next to me. We came to a red light and I brought the car to stop, setting the handbrake. Karl was still talking and in order not to be rude I looked across, a near-fatal mistake. My cock, which had somewhat deflated during the drive, immediately jumped and started to grow again as I saw Karl’s arm rested up on the window. He was gripping the handle above the window which meant his bicep was gently flexed. From this angle I could see how much the fabric was struggling to contain the rock solid muscle underneath. I imagined trying to wrap my hands round it – I knew they wouldn’t reach – and wondered what it would feel like to try and squeeze his biceps. Inexplicably I found my gaze falling southwards again, past Karl’s mammoth pecs and further down to the bulge in his trousers. It was an amazing sight, his thick cock tenting the material obscenely, making my mouth water with lust. I had an urge to unzip his fly, pull out that beast and suck on his hot big cock head. I wanted to gradually slide more and more of his thick hard man cock deep into my mouth, tasting his pre in the back of my throat, before feeling him shoot his huge load in me. “Joe…Joe…JOE! The light’s green,” I heard Karl’s voice cutting through. I immediately looked up and back towards the road, noticing that Karl had a slight smirk on his face. Shit. He’d seen me staring straight at his huge junk probably with a look of deep desire on my face if my thoughts were anything to go by. I jerked the car into gear, pulling off and nearly stalling in my haste but Karl didn’t give any further clues that he’d seen me staring at him. Ten minutes later, as we got out of the car and made our way back to Karl’s office, my head was racing. I’m not gay, I told myself over and over. This was ridiculous – I’d never had any thoughts about other guys, not like I was thinking about Karl. My mind kept flicking back to the way his over-developed muscles made his clothes strain, the way they flexed and swelled with every movement and not least about the huge bulge resting between his tree-trunk quads. I imagined being on my knees, his huge thick man cock sliding between my lips… The door slamming behind me snapped me out of my racing thoughts. We were back in Karl’s office, me sat opposite him across the desk again. “So Joe, what do you think?” Karl asked, pushing a contract across the table, “ready to sign on the dotted line?”. I hesitated. I really hadn’t been paying enough attention to make this decision, far too distracted by the muscle beast sat opposite me. “Erm, well I’m not sure Karl,” I replied feebly. “I think I’ll need some time to think about it.” “Time is not something I have Joe - I can only offer you this deal today,” Karl said, to the point and confident. “I just don’t know Karl, maybe I can call you later to decide?” I attempted to negotiate, desperate to get out of this place and restore some normality to my thoughts. “Hmm, that won’t work for me Joe. But perhaps I can offer you something to sweeten the deal,” Karl replied, a smirk on his face. He got up out of his chair, huge quads straining the fabric of his trousers, and walked round the desk to shut the blinds across the windows. I watched, confused, as he then walked behind me and I heard a soft click as he locked the office door. What was going on, I thought for the millionth time today. “I’ve seen the way you look at me Joe,” Karl said, typically straight to the point, his voice deep and seductive. He’d returned to stand in front of me, one foot up on the desk so that his huge quads and obscene bulge were right in front of my face. “You can have all of this if you want,” he added, gently grabbing his bulge in one hand and running a big hand across his chest with the other. “You just need to sign for it…” “I-I d-don’t know what you mean…” I stammered pathetically, suddenly more nervous than I’d been in my entire life. “I-I’m not Gay,” I added with no confidence at all. “Sure, you’re not Joe. But who wouldn’t want some of this?” Karl purred as he undid his tie, discarding it on the floor. I watched in amazement as he began to slowly unbutton his shirt, revealing bit by bit the deep groove between his two huge pec muscles. I wanted to scream at him, to tell him to stop it, to run for the door but found I couldn’t move or speak, completely transfixed by what was going on in front of me. “I can see you want me Joe…why deny it?”. Karl was still smiling, utterly confident. “Just admit to me Joe…you can’t resist this muscle body…you’re hard for me…I can see,” he added, looking at the bulge in my jeans. He was right – I was harder than I’d ever been in my life before and he knew it. My heart was racing, pure lust flooding my veins as thoughts of this giant hung muscle stud filled my head. “Yes…” I whispered feebly, without thinking. “Yes, what?” Karl replied, his shirt now completely undone. I had a glimpse of his ripped abs, what looked like an 8-pack, sitting beneath the huge overhand of his pecs. “Yes, I want you,” I said, knowing deep down it was true. Karl smiled broadly in response, starting to run his hands over his exposed chest and abs, leaning back seductively so that they flexed tightly. “Well you know what to do then Joe…just sign on the line,” Karl said, closing in on the deal, one of his hands drifting downwards to grab the thick bulge in his trousers again. My eyes followed his exploring hands, imagining that it was mine tracing the outline of his abs, feeling the weight of those enormous pecs and heavy cock. “Please…Karl…” I let out involuntarily, lust now totally taking over. “Let me…” “Let you what, Joe?” teased Karl, clearly enjoying his effect over me. “Let me feel your muscles…flex for me…I need to…” I moaned, the words spilling out as I lost control. “You mean flex these guns?” Karl asked, bringing his arms up to pull a double biceps. He flexed hard, his guns exploding, the thin fabric of his shirt pulled so tight over the peaked mounds of muscle. He gently pumped his guns, flexing harder each time as the muscles filled with blood until eventually I heard a small ripping sound as the seam began to pull apart. “Oh fuck,” I exclaimed, amazed by his strength and power. “You like that straight boy?” Karl said, still flexing as visible gaps formed on both sides of his shirt sleeves, exposing the pumped muscle underneath. “The straight guy is hungry for this Muscle God and his Huge Cock isn’t he…?” “Oh fuck yes,” I replied, giving in. “I need you…please…”. “You can have me Joe…all of me…you just have to sign the contract,” Karl replied, unrelenting. “How can I trust that you’ll keep your side of the bargain,” I asked, one final part of my logical self still present. “You can’t Joe…but isn’t this worth the risk?” he replied, gesturing at his hulking frame and then starting to undo his belt. With that I was totally overcome, all logic leaving me. I reached for the contract, pulling it across the desk and scrawling my signature on the dotted line before I had time to change my mind. I then looked up to see Karl standing right in front of me, a huge smirk on his face, his belt undone and his trousers falling to the floor. As he stepped out of them I took in the sight of his colossal bulge, barely kept in by the sexy white jock strap he was wearing, the outline of his thick cock clearly visible. With his trousers off, he took one further step closer to me, straddling my legs, one of his tree-trunk quads on either side and his magnificent chest and abs right in front of my face. Karl was so close to me that his masculine scent was intoxicating, rolling off him and causing me to inhale deeply. “Looks like taking that risk has paid off Joe…” Karl said, his deep voice incredibly seductive. I couldn’t think of a reply as Karl reached down, taking both of my hands and placing them on his vast chest. I ran my hands over and between each pec muscle, feeling the solid mass underneath as he flexed hard. I then reached up to push his shirt off his shoulders, wanting to see all of him. The shirt got stuck on his massive upper arms and Karl had to help by pulling it off and throwing it to the floor. I continued my worship of this studs upper body, my hands exploring his chest and shoulders before moving onto his biceps. He pulled a double bicep pose again and I reached up to put my hands on each mound of muscle. They were rock hard beneath my fingers, like marble, with barely any body fat and as much as I tried to squeeze I couldn’t budge them at all. “Fuck yeah,” Karl growled. “Look how strong I am…” As he flexed his guns, huge veins popped up, snaking across his paper-thin skin like a road map. Fuck this stud was ripped. Still holding onto his biceps, I leaned in closer, licking up the groove between his cobbled abs. I looked up and saw the amazing overhang of his chest and nearly shot a load right there. Karl was looking down at me smiling, Godly and powerful. “Get on your knees,” Karl ordered, taking a step back. I didn’t hesitate, dropping onto the floor in front of him. “It’s time for you to realise your potential as my cock whore Joe,” he added, looking down at me. “Mmm yes Sir, please make this straight boy your cock whore,” I moaned, desperate for him, immediately submitting with no questions asked. “Take off my jock,” Karl barked. “Don’t touch my cock yet…” Obediently I reached forward, taking the straps of his jock and starting to pull it down, revealing inch by inch of his thick cock, until it was completely exposed. I realised that Karl’s jock had been deceptive, hiding some of the size of his enormous manhood. His soft uncut cock was at least 6 inches and thick too, resting on the two globes of his big balls. A Greek God would have been happy to have a cock and balls like his. Karl stepped out of the jock before reaching down and picking it up. Before I knew what was happening he had it pressed in front of my mouth, holding the back of my head to stop me pulling away. “Smell it straight boy,” Karl ordered. My initial reaction had been to resist but within an instant an animalistic instinct had taken over and I was inhaling deeply. The same scent that was rolling off Karl filled my head but with the added musk of his cock making my head spin and my heart race. My mouth was watering and almost reflexively I opened it and felt as Karl pushed the jock into my mouth. I could now taste him too and for the second time had to try hard not to shoot my load there and then. “Good boy,” Karl purred as he removed the jock from my mouth, discarding it on the floor with the rest of his clothes. With the taste of his cock lingering on my tongue, I was desperate to have the real thing in my mouth, hungry to suck on his huge man meat. “Suck on my cock, whore…just the head to start,” Karl ordered, clearly reading the desperation in my eyes. I leaned in, resting my hands on his thick quads as I wrapped my lips around his cock, sucking his cock head in my mouth. It was better than I could ever imagine, making me feel more complete than I’d ever been in my life. His man meat tasted amazing as I sucked, bobbing my head back and forwards on his huge cock head, swirling my tongue round, hungry to please him. It wasn’t long before I felt his cock starting to grow in my mouth and Karl started to let out low guttural moans. “Mmmmm…fuck yeah that feels good cock boy.” I looked up to see Karl throwing his head back, eyes shut, arms flexed above his head, groaning in pleasure. Without being asked I started to take more and more of his cock into my mouth, as if I’d done this a thousand times before. He was now fully hard and I guessed around 10 inches, his thick girth forcing my lips apart as I felt his cock hit the back of my throat. Karl moaned even more deeply, grabbing the back of my head and starting to thrust his cock more and more into my mouth. “Fuck, this straight boy loves my cock,” Karl growled, thrusting faster, oblivious as I tried to control my gag reflex. I was so hard knowing that he was using my mouth solely for his pleasure, with no concerns for me. Suddenly, Karl pulled his cock out of my mouth, leaving me feeling empty. I tried to lean forwards and take his manhood back in my mouth but Karl held me back, slapping me on the side of my face with his heavy tool. “Stand up, slut,” he ordered, always in control. I obeyed instantly. “Take off your jeans and pants,” he added. I did as he asked, taking off my t shirt too for good measure, both of us now fully naked and standing opposite each other. The comparison between us was humiliating. Without warning Karl grabbed me by both arms and lifted me up, his huge biceps bulging but dealing with my weight with ease. He put me down next to his desk before pushing me over so that I was face down, bent at the waist with my feet on the floor. With a click of realisation I realised too late where this was going. “No Karl…stop…I can’t…” I whimpered, trying to move but unable as he had kept one of his strong hands resting on my back. “Yes you can Joe…I know you want it,” he replied, completely relaxed. “You’re too big Karl….I’ve never done it before,” I pleaded, a sense of fear rising in me. “Don’t worry Joe, we’ll work up to it,” he said and I could hear the smirk on his voice. There was a sucking sound before I felt his wet finger pressing on my tight hole which immediately tightened in response. “Just relax Joe, I know you want me in you,” Karl murmured. I tried to relax, knowing it would be worse if I didn’t. He pressed his finger against my hole again but this time my ass relaxed and I felt it slide into me. After the initial flash of pain I was left with the most amazing feeling as Karl started to move his finger in and out. “Oh fuck,” I moaned into the desk. Karl worked my ass harder and then he hit a spot in me that made my whole body shiver, pure pleasure throwing through me. I let out a long moan and then had an epiphany, realising that his cock in me instead of his finger would magnify this feeling a thousand-fold. “More…”I begged simply, now desperate to have my ass filled. I felt as he slid his finger out of my hole followed by another sucking sound as he got another finger ready. He then pressed both against my hungry hole and I groaned as he entered me again. My ass felt amazing as he began finger-fucking me with two fingers. I was moaning over and over in pleasure as Karl kept up a constant stream of dirty-talk. “You’re my little straight cock whore aren’t you?” he taunted. I knew it was true and moaned as he started to fuck me harder and faster, pushing my ass back so that he would enter me even more. Soon I was getting used to the feeling of his fingers and was yet again hungry for more. “Please Karl…I need your cock in me,” I begged. “Say that again slut boy,” he ordered in reply, pulling his fingers out of my ass, leaving it feeling empty. “I need that huge muscle cock in me…..please…..” I moaned, still lying face-down on the desk. I heard as Karl rummaged in a draw for something…lube I hoped. “Mmmm yes you do Joe, you need this huge man cock in your tight straight ass,” he teased. “What does that make you Joe,” he added. “Oh fuck I’m you’re Cock Whore,” I practically shouted. “I’m a slut for your muscle and Huge Cock…please FUCK ME”. With that I felt the enormous head of Karl’s cock pressing up against my hole. I moaned as he started to push forward, entering me inch by inch, the pain in my ass building as he opened it up. “Oh fuck,” I screamed, “you’re so big!”. Still he kept sliding in…how much more could there be to go?! A lot, it turned out but eventually I felt Karl’s balls resting up against my ass and knew I’d taken it all. Karl held still, letting me get used to his huge size and thick girth and slowly the pain was replaced by the most amazing pleasure I’d ever experienced. I was now complete and knew my place in the world as Karl’s cock whore. Slowly Karl started to slide his cock in and out of my tight hole, each time going a little bit further and building up speed. “Fuck…that feels amazing,” I moaned. For the first time I looked up and realised there was a mirror behind Karl’s desk reflecting what was going on behind me. Karl was holding me by the waist, his bulging guns flexing as he started to plough my ass, veins popping and a sweat developing on his wide chest and shoulders. He started to fuck me faster, letting go of my waist and bring his arms up into a double biceps as his cock still drilled into me. “Fuck yeah, look at these guns,” he roared like an animal. “They’re so FUCKING HUGE!!”. He kissed and licked each one in turn before putting his hands back on my waist. I screamed in pleasure as he pulled me back further onto his cock, feeling his amazing strength and power completely dominate me. “Oh FUCK….your cock is so BIG,” I screamed. “Own this fucking straight boy ass,” I moaned. Karl was now thrusting his cock in and out to the hilt, fast and deep, letting out loud masculine grunts as the sweat continued to pour off him. His stamina was amazing and he didn’t let up at all as he owned my virgin ass. I watched in the mirror as he flexed his chest and biceps, his abs continuously pulled tight by the fucking. After a few minutes I knew that I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer, my cock ready to shoot a huge load over the desk despite not touching myself. “Please Karl….I need your load in me,” I begged as he continued to thrust. “Yeah slut? You want me to breed that straight ass?” he thundered. “FUCK! YEAH! Please cum in me,” I moaned. Amazingly, Karl picked up his pace even more, slamming even harder into my ass, balls slapping with each thrust. His deep masculine grunts filled the room and I knew he was getting close. “Cum in this straight boy ass,” I begged, coaxing him on and pushing my ass further back so that was as deep in me as possible. “Oh FUCK slut,” he screamed. “I’m gonna fucking…..”. I felt as his cock swelled in my ass and with a final roar he ploughed into me one last time. I felt his huge load filling me up as my own cock exploded over the desk in the most intense orgasm of my life. Karl collapsed forwards on top of me, sweat pouring off us as we both bucked and moaned from our amazing relief. The huge weight of Karl lying on top of me made the feeling even more intense and I thought I would die if it didn’t end soon. It was several minutes before our breathing began to settle to normal and I had a chance to lift my head off the desk. In the mirror I could see the huge mass of Karl resting on top of me, his massive back swelling with each breath he took. I looked embarrassingly tiny in comparison but I didn’t care, knowing that he owned me now. In my post-orgasm daze I noticed something strange out of the corner of my eye - an odd-looking purple bottle in the open drawer of Karl’s desk. It was upside down and I’d only managed to read the words “Alpha Scent” on the label before Karl’s huge harm loomed into view and the draw was slammed shut. My confusion was quickly replaced by contentment as I drifted into an easy sleep.
  23. Tilhur

    Gunnar: The Office Flexer

    *** Hello :)) I write a lot, but I have never shared any of my writing with anyone. I have trouble pacing the plot and whatnot, but I decided to post one finally. Any feedback would be great.*** I saw him as soon as I walked in the door. Gigantic beef wrapped up in a suit and tie. Even clothed, it was easy to see he was muscular. His pecs were round and prominent, and his abs were visible through the white button-up. Everything about him was perfection. I watched as he roamed the office throughout the day. It was clear that he enjoyed being huge as much as I enjoyed watching it. Every chance he got, he flexed for himself. In the breakroom, he had his sleeve pulled up, slowly pumping his arm up and down. Veins snaked all over his massive forearm. Using his other hand, he felt the bicep. He wrapped his fingers around it and slowly massaged it. Soon, he brought it up to his mouth and began to slowly, and sensually, make love to the muscle. He licked and kissed it gently as he rubbed the tricep. After several minutes, he rolled the sleeve back down and continued to eat his lunch. In the bathroom, I heard groans and grunts. I slowly poked my head in and saw him with his shirt unbuttoned, punching his abs. With every punch, there was a hard thud, as if he had punched the wall next to him. He would grunt, but because of the pain in his hand, not his abdominals. He hit them a few more times, before he reached up and grabbed his pecs. He bounced them around in his hand as he threw his head back in satisfaction. He rubbed his thumbs around his nipples, obviously getting hard from the sensation. Then, he growled and hunched over, flexing them hard. Striations appeared all over the heavily muscled chest. They hardened like rock, and he began to test them like he had done to his abs. His grunts were primal and almost animal-like. After a few seconds of that, however, he buttoned his shirt back up and washed his hands. His shows weren’t always private. He loved making everyone in the office uncomfortable by flexing around them or showing his godly strength. Our boss had needed some paperwork and came over to his cubicle to collect it. Naturally, the perfect man got it and began to organize it all in order to be stappled. He brought the stapler up to the paper and slowly, thoughtfully pressed it. His entire forearm exploded with muscular, manly veins. The gigantic mass began to push through his shirt. His bicep tensed into its mountainous shape. As he did this demonstration, he stared into the boss’ eyes. The boss, however, was focused only on the growing mounds of muscle in front of him. “Oh no.” he said, dropping the stapler to reveal it was bent out of shape and ruined. “I think I’m going to need a new one…” “I- Yes, I’m sure… we can arrange that.” Quickly, the boss ran to his office, obviously to relieve himself. At the very end of the day, however, was his most impressive feat. Most of our coworkers had left, leaving the two of us alone. I was determined not to leave until he did. I glanced over at his cubicle, finally taking note of the name: Gunnar. What a fitting name for a man with such a monstrous body. I was staring through the reflection of a picture in my desk when he suddenly stood up and stretched. He reached upwards, causing his professionally fitted shirt to untuck. “Hey kid.” I was for sure older than him, but I didn’t care too much. “You don’t mind if my attire gets a little more comfortable, do you?” Of course, I didn’t. In fact, I would give anything to ensure that it happened. I turned to view him. He had already begun fumbling with the buttons on his shirt. “No of course not.” I smiled. He looked up at me from his concentration. “God these f---ing buttons have been giving me problems all day. Come over here and undo them for me.” I was a little stunned. I hadn’t been able to get that close to him all day and now I was expected to assist in de-shirting him? It was almost too much handle. I got up, shaking a little as I walked over. I immediately could smell his manly musk. His shoulders were more than three times as wide as mine and his pecs extended over his shredded torso perfectly. I reached up to begin, but he grabbed my arm with his big hand and stopped me. “Start from the bottom.” He let go of me, and I readjusted myself. His bottom button was a little lower than my chin, so it was easily accessible. His height only added to his perfection. As I unbuttoned each one, slowly his eight pack was revealed. It was like staring into a brick wall. Each ab was laid on top of the next to form a mountainous region of muscle. I brushed my hand over them slowly, taking in the feeling of pure, thick, manly athleticism. “Screw this.” His tone was angry, but not with me. “I don’t even like this shirt.” With that, he hunched over into a most muscular and growled loudly at me. His traps rose like volcanos, ripping through the top of the shirt with ease. His biceps protruded through the sleeves, shredding them to pieces. His pecs blasted open the last few buttons. As the pieces of fabric fell gently to the floor, he stood back up and stared at me. I was in awe.
  24. This is my first story. It's going to have bite sized chapters and very regular updates (most likely daily). This is a m/m superhero romance. The first two chapters are mostly set up, but after that every chapter has plenty of sexy muscle and feats of strength, so please stick with it! Chapter 1 It began as all the best love stories do: with terrorism. The 24th of March 2013 is much like any other day. Hugo Chavez recently died, triggering what would go on to become an economic crisis in Venezuela, the UN security council has just slammed North Korea with harsh new sanctions, Justin Timberlake is topping the charts with ‘Mirrors’, protestors are waving signs outside Parliament, protesting about something, pigeons are shitting, rain is pouring, and I'm on my way to work. The newly opened Shard is difficult to miss. It towers over London’s skyline, jutting into the clouds like the lair of a comic book villain. I make my way inside, flashing my ID as I go. ‘Jake Langley’, it says in large capital letters, along with an employee number and my date of birth. I only show it as a courtesy - the security guards have all memorised my face by now. I sometimes wonder what they think of me. Am I ‘that cute, fresh faced little pastry chef with the dimples’ or do they just see me as a child straight out of college, coasting by on boyish looks, with no clue what he’s doing? I’d like to think it was the former. I’d like to. But I don’t. I wish I was the kind of guy who had the guts to ask. The kind who knows he's good enough, who knows he's not going to be rejected or shut down. But even if I wasn't gay, I will never be that kind of guy. It's not in my nature. I'm not assertive or domineering. I smile, wave, and make pastry. That's my nature. I slip by in this hyper masculine world by being too small for anyone to see as a threat. And for the most part, it works. The kitchens still shine like the day they were installed, which wasn't that long ago. Most kitchens are crowded, starkly lit places where you can barely move an inch without bumping into someone or knocking something over, but not this one. Natural light pours through the floor-to-ceiling windows, treating us to a view of London that millions of people would kill for. But I'm not here for the views. Okay, maybe a little bit. But mostly, I'm here to do my job. I find my little corner and start preparing for the day’s guests. It's a Sunday, so we're expecting a lot of traffic. There isn’t an overpaid banker in London w