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  1. Part 1: Simon glanced at the bigger guys in the gym. He'd always been a skinny guy, but as he got into his forties and his sedentary academic lifestyle had taken hold he had started to get a bit rounder. "It's normal" he thought. "I'm a middle aged professor. I'm supposed to have a bit of a belly." But when his size 32 jeans became too tight he realized he had to take action. He joined the university gym and started working out, and after a few months had lost almost all of that middle age flab, even getting down to a size 30. But he knew that what he'd always wanted was to be a huge muscular guy. So in the spirit of now-or-never he'd started trying to bulk up for a few months now, but it was a slow process. He was getting stronger, but he still felt like a twig compared to the younger guys. "When did students get so muscular?" he wondered. "They're only in their early twenties, how early did they start working out to become so massive?" He sighed and went back to his workout. He was doing some bench presses, and he was up to 150 pounds. He was proud of that, but he still felt like he was a weakling. He was just about to finish his set when he heard a voice behind him. "Hey, you're doing that wrong." "What?" Simon asked, turning around. He saw a guy standing there, looking at him. He was a big guy, with a muscular build. He was wearing a red stringer vest and gray shorts. He looked like he was in his mid- to late- twenties. "You're doing that wrong," the guy said. "You're not supposed to do it like that." "Um, okay," Simon said. "How am I supposed to do it?" "Here, Lie back and I'll spot you," the guy said. Simon lay back on the bench and the guy stood over him. "First, put your shoulder like this," he said, and held Simon's shoulders, tucking them down and back. "Now, grab the bar like this," he said, and held Simon's wrists, placing his hands on the bar in a medium-wide grip. "Now, lift the bar off the rack and lower it slowly to your chest." Simon did as he was told. "Now push it up as fast as you can. Nice, keep going." Simon stared up at the muscular guy as he did his reps. Simon was surprised at how much he liked the way the guy had taken hold of him and moved him around. He was also surprised at how much he liked the way the guy was standing over him. The guy was standing so close to him that Simon could almost see up his shorts. He could see the guy's bulge, and he could also see the guy's pecs, and he could see the guy's hard nipples poking through the fabric of his stringer vest. "Oh fuck!" The bar was on his chest, and no matter how hard he tried he couldn't lift it. "Easy now!" the guy said, and grabbed the bar to help lift it. "Awesome!" Simon panted, out of breath and red in the face. "That's what spotters are for!" the guy said. "Thanks..." Simon gasped. "I think I'm done with bench press for now." "No problem!" the guy said and wandered over to the other side of the weights area. Simon went back to his workout. He was doing some curls when he heard a voice behind him. "Hey, you're doing that wrong." Simon turned around and saw the same guy standing there, looking at him. "You're not supposed to do it like that." "Okay," Simon said, "show me how to do it!" "Don't swing your arms like that," the guy said. "You're supposed to keep them at your side." The guy grabbed some dumbbells off the rack and gave a demonstration. His biceps were already pumped from his workout, and Simon was entranced by the way they flexed as he slowly lifted and lowered the dumbbells. "See?" the guy said. "You might not lift as much weight, but you'll get a better pump." "Okay," Simon said. "Thanks." Simon turned away took a lighter dumbbell off the rack and pinned his upper arm to his side. He watched himself in the mirror as he slowly lifted and lowered the dumbbell. He could feel his biceps working, and he could see them flexing in the mirror. He was surprised at how much of a pump he was getting. He was so focused on his biceps that he didn't notice the guy standing behind him. "See, that's how you get a great pump!" the guy said. "The only problem is those t-shirt sleeves hiding them." The guy grabbed the hem of Simon's t-shirt and pulled it up, exposing his biceps. "There, that's better." The guy squeezed Simon's biceps, and Simon felt a jolt of pleasure shoot through his body. "You've got some nice arms," the guy said. "You should show them off more. You should wear tank tops and stringers." "Um, okay," Simon said. "I'll do that." "Awesome," the guy said. "I look forward to seeing that. My name's Cody, by the way." "Simon," Simon said. Simon tried to do some more curls, but he was distracted by what had just happened. He was surprised at how much of a pump he was getting, and he was surprised at how much he liked it. He was also surprised at how much he liked Cody. He was a big guy, and he was handsome. He was also nice, and he seemed to know a lot about working out. "And he said I had nice arms!" Simon thought. "I've never had anyone say that to me before." Simon finished his workout and went to the showers. While he showered he thought about Cody, and about how much he liked his body, and the way Cody had touched him. He liked it, and he realised he wanted it to happen again. "He said I should wear tank tops and stringers," Simon thought. "Maybe I should. Fuck it, I'm gonna buy one right now." Simon grabbed his phone and opened the ebay app. He searched for "stringer vest", and was surprised that there was only one result. It was red like Cody's but it had constrast stitching on the hems and sides. Simon didn't have his glasses on, so couldn't see all the details, but he saw it had next-day shipping, wasn't too expensive and there was only one left. Buy Now. Done. The next morning, shortly after Simon woke up there was a knock on his door. It was the vest he'd ordered. "That was really quick!" he marvelled as he tore the package open. The vest wasn't like he expected. It shimmered like it was made of satin. Or even silk? Yes, it seemed like it was made of woven silk, not knitted cotton like he was expecting. And the contrast stitching turned out to be some writing that wound all around the bottom hem, up the sides and around the neck and arm holes. He tried it on and posed in the mirror. It was totally unlike his usual style, but he loved the way he looked in it. He flexed his biceps. "Cody was right," he thought. "I do have nice arms."
  2. czechhunter69

    Tony the Titan, Part 2

    Tony the Titan link to part 1 Enjoy. ====== Tony stood in front of the mirror, admiring the sight before him. He slowly and proudly cleaned the remnants of his recent release from his chest hair, reveling in the power he now possessed. With a simple wish, he had reverted back to his unsuspecting athletic size, and now, clothed in his regular attire, it looked like he had merely shed a few pounds. As he continued to gaze at his reflection, a smile spread across his face. He knew that he could do and undo his wishes at will, and with this newfound control, the possibilities were endless. Tony admired himself in the mirror, flexing his little muscles and posing as he took more pictures with his phone. He was amazed at how easily his body responded to his wishes. He could shape it and mold it to his desire, and it felt amazing. He couldn't wait to see how far he could push his newfound power. As he scrolled through the pictures, he couldn't help but feel a surge of pride and confidence. He knew that he could have anyone he wanted now, with his chiseled jawline and muscular physique. The thought of all the attention he would receive sent shivers down his spine. With a smirk, he uploaded his new pictures to Grindr and waited for the messages to come pouring in. Tony was ready to embrace his new life, to explore his power, and to enjoy all the pleasures that came with it. Tony could feel the excitement building within him as he waited for his boys to arrive. He stood in front of the mirror, admiring his reflection as he slowly stroked his chest hair. He couldn't wait to see how his wishes would manifest themselves, to feel himself growing larger and more dominant with each climax. As he heard a knock at the door, Tony took a deep breath and composed himself. He knew that he needed to be in control, to show the boys who was the real man was. He opened the door to two handsome men, both eager and ready to please him. Tony smirked, feeling the rush of power surge through him. He knew that he could make them do anything he wanted, that they would be powerless to resist him. “You’re bigger than in the photos” One said thankfully. “I’m bigger everywhere.” He replied with a laugh. “Prove it,” the other challenged him playfully as already began playing with Tony. The guys were practically worshipping Tony, their compliments pouring out like the flood of precum darkening the midsection of his pants. Their words only fueled his desire to grow even larger, to become the ultimate symbol of masculinity. He could feel his body responding to their admiration, each word of praise causing him to grow even more. He wanted to be the biggest and the strongest, towering over them like a god. Tony's deep voice boomed as he spoke, a sense of power emanating from his every word. "The hornier I get, the more I’ll grow," he told them, his eyes glinting with anticipation. "I'm gonna be as big as this fucking house soon." He laughed, his muscular chest heaving with each breath. They weren’t sure if he was joking, but something told them, leaving wasn’t an option anymore as they were corralled down the hallway. As they moved into bedroom, Tony's entire body was ablaze with excitement. The sensation of their hands on his skin, their lips on his neck, sent shivers of pleasure down his spine. He could feel every inch of his slowly growing body, from the engorged muscles straining against his clothes to the heat radiating from his skin. Sweat began to bead on his brow as his breathing became heavier, the anticipation of what was to come driving him wild. Tony's arousal was at an all-time high, his mind completely consumed by the sensation of his growing body. His dick throbbed with pleasure, the blood pumping through it with such intensity that he could feel every beat. He couldn't help use his fuck buddies to stroke him through the fabric of his pants, the pressure from his growing muscles only adding to his pleasure. His underwear was constricting, the fabric barely able to contain his large engorged cock. He wanted nothing more than to tear them off and feel the cool air against his hot skin. To force it down their throats or breed them like the bitches they were. But there would be time for that. Tony couldn't help but let out a deep, guttural moan as the guys kissed and touched him, sending shivers down his spine. His voice had dropped a few octaves, becoming more masculine and commanding with each passing moment. He allowed them, this once to move him to the bed, sitting on the edge as they massaged and made out with him. The two men eagerly worked to undress Tony, but he stopped them with a deep chuckle. "No, I'll outgrow them in a minute," he commanded, his voice dropping a few octaves as he flexed his bulging biceps. The fabric of his shirt strained against his expanding chest, and his pants rode up his calves, revealing more of his muscular legs. "God, you're already so big," one of the men gasped, their hands still exploring Tony's rippling muscles. Tony groaned in pleasure as they continued to worship him, his eyes closed and his body humming with energy. "Oh, fuck yes," he growled, his deep voice vibrating through the room. "I'm getting so big for you boys. Keep worshipping me. Keep making me grow." Tony's body continued to expand, his muscles trembling and rippling with power. His pants grew tighter and tighter, the seams threatening to split as his quads and glutes swelled with size. Sweat dripped down his brow, and he gasped for air as his breaths became heavier and more labored. "You like that, huh?" he asked, his voice rough with pleasure. "You like watching me grow bigger and bigger?" He flexed his muscles again, and the fabric of his shirt stretched to its limits. "I'm gonna be a goddamn giant by the time we're done here." As Tony's body continued to grow, the seams of his pants and underwear began to give way under the strain. With a loud rip, his clothes tore apart, revealing his massive, throbbing cock to the two men. Without hesitation, they both descended upon him, kissing, licking, and sucking everything they could, taking turns with his cock. Tony groaned with pleasure, his body trembling with every touch. His muscles bulged and flexed as he grew even larger, towering over the men with his massive size and power. As they continued to worship him, Tony's breaths became heavier and more ragged, and he felt his orgasm building within him. He let out a deep roar as he came, his entire body shaking with pleasure. As he basked in the afterglow of his orgasm, Tony couldn't help but feel an insatiable hunger for more. He wanted to keep growing, keep becoming bigger and stronger, and keep indulging in his deepest, darkest desires. The men eagerly lapped up every drop of his cum, their tongues exploring every inch of his pulsating cock. Tony's senses were heightened, every touch sending electric shocks through his body. He could feel the heat radiating from his skin, the sweat pouring down his face and chest. Tony's body may have spent its first load, but his libido remained as insatiable as ever. With a primal growl, he turned the two men over and began to rail them both, using his own cum as lube. There was too much there, not to. His hips moved with a ferocity that matched the intensity of his growls, driving himself deeper and deeper into them. The men moaned with pleasure as they were ravaged by the behemoth, their own bodies trembling in anticipation of what was to cum. Tony's muscles bulged with every thrust, his body growing even larger as he exerted himself. Sweat poured down his chiseled chest and washboard abs, glistening in the dim light of the room. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh echoed throughout the space, punctuated by the moans and groans of pleasure from all three men. The sensation of his own cum between them only heightened the intensity of the experience. His powerful grip held the men firmly in place as he pounded them with abandon, their own cocks hard and aching with the pleasure, as they came while being forced deeper and deeper into the mattress. With each passing moment, Tony felt his own need building again, his body craving release. He knew he was capable of giving the men even more than before, and he was eager to do so. With a roar, he redoubled his efforts, pushing them all towards a new peak of pleasure. As Tony continued to grow, he could feel his body expanding in all directions. His muscles bulged and swelled with newfound strength, causing his already tight skin to stretch even further. He could feel his bones cracking and reshaping as he grew taller and wider, his head hitting the ceiling of his room with a loud thud. He was already hunched over in order to fuck his little rag dolls. Easily 13 feet tall, he concluded. His voice had deepened and roughened, his very presence now commanding awe and respect. Tony's body was now towering over the two men beneath him. He was covered in muscles bulging larger with each movement, straining against his skin. His massive balls hung heavily between his legs, still dripping with saliva, sweat, and cum from his previous release. He hunched over to avoid hitting the ceiling, grunting with each thrust as he continued to rail the men beneath him. The room was becoming increasingly cramped, but Tony didn't care. He was lost in the pleasure of his growing body, relishing in the power and strength that came with it. Tony let out a deep growl, followed by another roar of pure ecstasy that made his entire body shake with pleasure. As he collapsed onto the bed, crushing his two cum-dumpsters, panting heavily, a satisfied smile spread across his face. He felt more alive and powerful than ever before, and he knew that this was only the beginning of his transformation. As he looked for the two men beneath him, he realized that he didn't even know their names, nor did he care. The pleasure had consumed him entirely, leaving him in a dazed and euphoric state. He couldn't even remember how many times he had climaxed, but he knew he had left an impressive pool of his own cum and the remains of the two men beneath him. With a chuckle, Tony attempted to get up from the bed, but his massive body was larger than everything in the room. His sweat burned his nose a bit, but he didn't mind. He couldn't expect the two men to worship him anymore, but his hands would do as he massaged his massive muscles. He was immersed in thoughts of what he could do, knowing that he would have to turn back at least temporarily to get out of there. But then he wondered, what would happen if he didn't? The police would surely be looking for those guys in a couple of hours or days, but what could they do? He laughed at the thought. Not a damn thing, except maybe open their mouths for him. Tony's laughter turned into a deep growl as he flexed his bulging biceps, his eyes flashing with power. He knew he was unstoppable, invincible. No one could resist him, and he could do whatever he pleased.
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