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  1. Anaxagoras

    muscle breast Let's Make a Bet

    My boyfriend Travis has always been a big dude. We’d been friends ever since freshman year in high school. And I mean, he was big then. Always tall…not ferociously so, but definitely a head and a half above me. Good abs, decent legs, not much on the biceps. But holy shit, this boy had always owned some huge pecs. They were disproportionate, without a doubt. He actually looked like he had breasts if he turned the right way. That was the joke I’d always make…I’d call them his boobs, smack them lightly, he’d laugh and usually push me. He said it was genetics, but I’d always find him in the weight room after school, pumping iron and nothing else. I’d tell him that he needed to vary his workouts or he’d only grow one muscle group, but I think he was too lunkheaded to really get it…that, and I think he knew what he was doing, too. Well, senior year arrived. By then, I had figured out just which kind of people I liked…and Travis was one of them. And like I said, he’d always been a big dude. Still head and shoulders above me, but he’d bulked up a fair bit in four years. Gentle biceps, carved abs, stellar legs (he had joined Varsity soccer, you see). But yes, as I’m sure you’re jerking to, his pecs had ballooned. He was bigger than most the girls in our grade. Fat and weighty, yet impossibly wide and strong, shirt stretching and fabric busting, he actually had breasts at this point. I’m sure his back would have been sore every morning…if his back wasn’t wide enough to be a small table. We had kept close, even with him being a total jock and me a theatre idiot (and I use the term endearingly). The routine was the same. He’d chat idly about his workout, I’d call them boobs, smack them, and he’d shove me over. He was a strong boy. The last day of senior year arrived. It was bittersweet for sure. Travis and I had promised to keep in touch; I was going to Oneonta, he was going to Binghamton. Close, but by no means an easy drive. We were chilling after our last class, alone in the hallway. It was nostalgic, for sure, but I was trying to work up the courage to tell him how I felt. How his smile melted my heart, how he was just such a sweetheart and a goofball and how I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. Ah, high school. So when he smiled sadly and bounced his pecs hard in his shirt, I kind of felt my body moving on it’s own. “Me and the boobs are gonna miss you!” My hands went to smack his pecs like always…and lingered. Before I knew what I was doing, my hands had completely enclosed his pecs and were squeezing gently. Travis’s eyes closed tight and he let out a startled grunt. I drew back instantly, trying to play it off. “S-sorry, a bit much…” He opened his eyes, gasping gently. “D-do that again.” Shocked, I slowly gave his pecs another thick squeeze, a little more firmly than before. Travis visibly rocked, biting his lip with those perfect teeth. Gasping in pleasure, his eyes fluttered as I chanced another grope. I became very very aware of a swelling bulge in the front of his gym shorts, thick and gorged. He was big everywhere! The more I squeezed, the harder he got. The harder I clenched, the harder his cock pulsed to life. I began to rhythmically squeeze and knead, my own cock swelling as I massaged and fondled my crush’s immense, heavy pecs. Finally we both seemed to realize where we were. In no time someone would walk down the hallway and see us. Travis’ eyes flickered naughtily and he grinned down at me. “Like them, huh?” I flushed hard, averting my eyes. “Wh-what can I say? Always had a thing for your b…pecs…” He snickered, slowly but surely peeling off his shirt. I flushed even harder, looking down the hallway. “T-Travis!” He grinned, letting his shirt drop to the floor. I got hard the second his enormous, heavy pecs tumbled out to rest on his washboard abs. “Relax. We’re adults now.” He pulled me in, humping our cocks together slowly. “And you can call them boobs. I have you to thank for getting me so into them!” He was getting closer and closer, my hands trembling as they rested on his bulging pecs. “T-Travis…” He was inches away, his breath hot on my lips. “Would have never grown them this big…never gotten so enamored with them…if not for you.” And then he kissed me. Lights exploded in my brain as his lips pushed into mine. My hand went to rub his carved, angular jawline as my other continued to squeeze and fondle his behemoth pec. As he pulled off slowly, his mouth broke into that dazzling grin I’d grown so fond of. He hitched his thumbs into his waistband, cock still rock hard under his shorts. I grabbed his hands quickly, head whipping down the hall. I hissed through closed teeth, mortified and impossibly aroused at the same time. “Travis!” He wiggled his eyebrows, smirking cockily. “Who cares? What will they do? Send us to the principals on the last day of our senior year?” I pushed him just out of view, breath coming fast. “Travis, please! L-let’s find a bathroom or something…” He touched my chin with his baseball-mitt sized hand. “Let’s make a deal. If you give me a hand job right here, right now…” He leaned in, humping once, firm and hard, sending shivers through us both. “…I’ll be your boyfriend.” My breath caught in my throat. Travis kissed me again, guiding my hand to his throbbing member. Jesus, he felt huge. “T-Travis…let’s be real. We’re going to different colleges…you’re obviously going to find others…” He pushed me against the opposite wall, in full view of the adjoining hall as he pinned my arms above my head, kissing me long and deep, his huge pecs shoving against my chest. “Do I look like a fucking idiot to you? Why would I go for a dime a dozen twink or chick when I have my best friend, my biggest admirer and encourager…right here?” This was a side I had never seen before…and it was turning me the fuck on. Cocky yet sweet, arrogant yet charming…I could see us together for a LONG time. Gazing into his perfect eyes, I slowly freed my arm from his vice grip and snuck it down his shorts. My hand closed on what felt like a banana of flesh. Shivering in fear and arousal, I slowly began to stroke it, my hands traveling along what felt like nine inches of cock. Travis smirked, bringing my other hand to his bulbous pec. “No no, in the open. And keep squeezing my tit. It gets me rock solid.” God, he was really something. Gulping nervously, I tugged his cock out of his shorts, gasping in pleasure as it sprung up. Easily nine, maybe ten. He was huge in every way…Travis smiled, guiding me gently into the center of the hallway. Now if anyone turned the corner or walked out of a classroom, we’d be spotted. I was shivering so hard I almost thought I had hypothermia, but yet I continued to squeeze and stroke at a solid pace, hoping to get it over with. Travis bit his lip and grunted gently with each spastic motion, his hips bucking as his huge back arched, shoving those fat pecs into my hand even further, flesh spilling out of my fingers. He leaned in hard and kissed me, humping one last time before his cock throbbed, firing thick and heavy against the wall behind us. He went good and strong for a little bit before gasping for air, collapsing against me. I grunted in effort, struggling to support his full, muscular weight. Finally he picked himself up, tucking his shrinking cock back into his waistband. Kissing me quickly on the lips, he pulled his shirt back on, to my gentle dismay. “Well, a bet’s a bet. Guess I’m yours now, gorgeous.” I flushed nonstop, and it only got worse as he lovingly patted my butt. “Hey…I don’t own you, Travis.” He winked, putting his hand around my waist as he kissed my forehead, an easy feat for his six foot something frame. “I sure hope not! This is a mutual thing.” The bell rang, giving us a one-minute warning. He chuckled. “Damn. Must have been a thirty second orgasm. Always have been quick, I guess.” He kissed me again, eliciting yet another blush. “I’ll text you, babe.” The word sent a shiver up my spine…and not a good one. It was the feeling that this would maybe last until he came again…or got bored of me. It would be intense and pseudo-romantic…but hardly real. An experiment in his life game. I wouldn’t even last a week. Well, that’s what I had thought. Six months later, I was so head over heels in love with my enormous boyfriend that life seemed covered with a cheesecloth. We’d text all day non-stop, and Facetime every night. Every night he’d steal my heart a little more and show off his magnificent boobs. Hehe yeah, I called them that now. He was a huge fan of bets…he had made one a few weeks into our relationship. If he could go up a cup size in one semester, I’d never call them pecs again. I had gotten cocky and raised it to two cup sizes, thinking he’d never make it and I’d never get used to calling those melons breasts. Well, I was wrong on both counts. I LOVED calling his chest muscles titties, and my boyfriend filled a DD perfectly, if not a little snugly. I’d even convinced him to buy one, and he loved showing off his boobs to me every night, fondling his own bra-clad chest as his cleavage heaved. He told me that he could orgasm just by rubbing his boobs too hard, and I believed him. He said that if he wore too tight a shirt in public, he’d pop a boner if he so much as stretched. I had considered daring him to do it…but I wasn’t that cruel and that was more his gig anyway. He made me a bet one day…toward the end of the semester. I was chatting with him as usual, just dazedly gazing at his tits. We did that sometimes…he would just bounce those fat melons and I’d stare, sometimes for hours on end. He was turned on just as much as I was. By now he could almost get those things to nudge his chin with each pop. He paused, staring lovingly at me as I took him in. “You’d look really good with long hair, baby.” I paused, smiling. “Yeah? You think?” Travis nodded, huge breasts undulating in rhythm. “Yeah. I can picture it down to your cheeks…or even your chin.” I chuckled. “I do hear I’d look decent with a mane.” Travis popped that cocky grin I loved so much. I had a feeling I knew what was coming. “Let’s make a bet.” I raised an eyebrow. “Another? Last one didn’t go so well for you.” He grinned again, bouncing those mammoth boobies heavily. “I think it worked perfectly.” He looked over himself, smirking. “Okay…if you grow your hair all next semester, no cutting it…then I’ll work on my other muscles.” I chuckled. “Other muscles? You mean you haven't been?” He laughed, a booming chuckle that twitched my cock. “Babe, I was way too focused bulking up two cup sizes for you! If I put my full effort into my body…hehe well…you’ll have to see.” I swept my hair off my forehead, feigning indecision. It did get oily quickly when it was longer…but this was just too good an opportunity to pass up. “You got yourself a deal, gorgeous!” “Oh, and…well, I wanna be surprised.” I tilted my head. “How do you mean?” He bit his lip, like it was painful to even say it. “I don’t wanna Facetime.” My jaw must have dropped, because he smiled sheepishly and sighed. “I know, baby, I know. It’s rough. But think how worth it it will be!” I had to agree. I was one of those suckers who loved a sudden change…coming back after a few months and seeing just how different people had become. And with his penchant for growing, I knew Travis wouldn’t disappoint me. “Yeah…all right, then. But you better be HUGE, hon!” He chuckled, heaving his breasts. “You fucking know it, babe. I wanna see you adjusting that hair every few seconds!” I chuckled, winking. “It’s a bet, my big tittied boyfriend.” He bit his lip as his boobs jumped. “Mmf…do that again.” I grinned…yet another of our rituals. “What? Call you out on how fucking ENORMOUS your boobies are?” He moaned gently, palming a fat breast. “How thick and round and heavy your breasts are becoming?” Travis gasped, squeezing more and more. I noticed with glee that neither hand was on his cock. He looked at me, tongue out gently. “Oh my god, I have BREASTS.” I growled happily, stroking myself. “No…you have BOOBS, big boy. And they’re only gonna evolve into HUGE….” He shuddered, huffing as he squeezed. “…FAT…” His eyes rolled as his modest biceps flexed, hands cupping his cantaloupe-sized chest muscles. “TITTIES!!” He moaned loudly, pinching his nipples. Both of us froze as gentle drops of milk dripped from his huge melons…and then he came. Hard. Bellowing like a beast, my beautiful Travis bounced his tits hard as he orgasmed like a bull, pumping seed everywhere. Finally he calmed down, grinning. “Jesus…you see that?” I laughed, smiling myself. “You’re so big you’re lactating…and you can orgasm hands-free…” He licked his lips. “I think I’ll be trying to do that a lot more.” I winked. “I look forward to it.” As his libido subsided, he smiled warmly. “I’m gonna get so fucking huge for you, baby.” “I look forward to it, Travis. Good night.” “Love you.” “Love you more, my busty boy.” He hung up and I promptly spewed my load in barely concealed ecstasy. Wow, life was good. And after a few more months…life got better. I was missing my man. A whole semester without seeing him was tough. Texting was one thing, but I felt like I was lacking. Not seeing his super tits for nearly a half year was taking its toll on me, but I knew it’d be worth it. Besides, I had a surprise of my own for him. What I hadn’t told my boyfriend when we’d made that bet was that my hair grew fast. Like, crazy fast. As in I needed to cut it every month fast. So six months of not getting it cut? Travis probably thought it would be to my cheek…maybe my chin, what with it being just past eye level last time he saw it. Well, it wasn’t at my cheek, or my chin. My hair was long enough to lightly drape on my shoulders nowadays, a veritable blanket of blond locks that flowed and tossed whenever I moved. I was absolutely in love with it, despite all its tedium. I had to condition it every day, keep it clean, and brush it constantly. It was ridiculously soft and fluffy, and it had been hell at first to keep it out of my face. But I was used to it by now, and had no problem with all its swaying and draping across my face and neck. I couldn’t wait to feel it fully resting on my shoulders, and the light pricks and itching of my hair tips tickling my shoulders were a good omen of what was to come. I was eating lunch at the dining hall, wondering why my big boyfriend had been quiet for so long. Usually he couldn’t go more than a few minutes without texting me. He was on the lacrosse, soccer, AND tennis team (see? Total stud and a half), and his practices were usually an hour long. He’d always tell me how even sixty minutes was torture for him, and he’d count down the minutes until we’d chat again. Sometimes we’d pull all-nighters just texting and teasing each other, being without Facetime and all. Some might consider it puppy love or unhealthy, but personally I was willing to run that risk. Travis was my type and then some: sweet yet kinky, protective and possessive yet totally understanding…all of psychology’s red flags rolled into one, complete with a pair of breasts that would make Cardi B raise an eyebrow! But I was currently almost three hours without a text…he’d once gone two and a half for a bus ride for a lacrosse game, but he wasn’t scheduled for a game today. I wasn’t one to get unduly worried or spam messages, but it was a bit odd! Just as I was about to send another text just to check, two hands clamped over my eyes. A deep voice whispered in my ears, my heart hammering as I realized I wasn’t about to be kidnapped. “Guess who?” I sighed, thinking it was one of my prankster friends. But…the hands were too big, the voice too deep even in a whisper. Maybe it was my suite-mate? He was a big dude, but not one for this kind of crap. Pulling forward, I turned in annoyance. My breath caught in my throat as my gaze tilted up…and up…and a little further up. As the face of my dreams broke into a goonish grin, I couldn’t help but let out a squeal as I tackled him in a huge hug. “TRAVIS!!” He hugged me tight, kissing me deeply as a few people turned to look. “Oh my fuck, baby…I missed you so much!” He held me there for what seemed like forever, lips together. Then I realized how tight his arms felt…and how high my feet were off the ground. “Tr-Travis? Did you…grow?” He didn’t respond at first, nuzzling his nose in my long silky hair. “Holy shit…I didn’t believe it at first…thought no way did my honey grow this much hair in only half a year! But you did…and I’m so glad I’m not the only one who went overboard.” I could barely comprehend his words, but his voice sounded deeper somehow…and it felt like iron cords were pressing into my back. “Overboard, Travis?” My voice was barely a squeak I was so excited. He put me down and backed up a few steps, and my vision almost swam. I don’t know how I didn’t notice it when I had turned to greet him, but now here he was…in his full glory. And he was GLORIOUS. He was taller…somehow in six months, he had put on a very visible few inches; where once my head had been just at his lips, now it was barely at his shoulder. I mean, that was a fucking half foot for sure! How had he grown an inch a month!? And even in his loose blue shirt, there was no denying how much muscle my boyfriend had stacked on. He had been relatively well-built before, although maybe more on the leaner side. It had still been buffer than I could ever hope to be, but I suppose it had been a pretty standard size for a sports jock. But once strong shoulders had evolved into immense, broad shelves connected to a thick bull’s neck. They had nearly doubled in width, obviously to house the gargantuan torso he was now sporting. His tits had ballooned even heavier and thicker, but widened to completely fill his shirt on either side. And yet they were still so burgeoning and beefy that they formed deep cleavage that seemed eager to suck in the fabric above it. Nipples that looked more like half-thumbs tented his shirt on each breast, wiggling and bobbing with the slightest movements. But his arms had gotten HUGE! Very snugly filling his sleeves, his gorged biceps formed thick cannons of flesh. A massive, snake-like vein twisted down his arms to branch rather heavily across his forearms and down to his huge, baseball mitt hands. Thick triceps flexed and bunched as he moved, obviously adding to the sheer size of his swollen, beefy arms. Blinking in shock and disbelief, I could only open and close my mouth for a few seconds as Travis grinned cockily down at me. He let his behemoth tits undulate and flex slowly in his shirt, nipples visibly swelling in arousal. “Now there’s the reaction I’ve been dying for.” I suddenly became painfully aware of the pulsing erection in my shorts, the obvious result of seeing my boyfriend’s sudden, enormous growth. And knowing him, he’d probably whip it out in the middle of the dining hall. I didn’t miss the naughty glint in his eyes. “Bathroom, Travis! Not here!” He laughed, and I realized his voice really had dropped a little; it hadn’t been my imagination after all. “I’m not THAT lewd…although watching that hair bounce is getting me horny…” The fleshy banana was beginning to outline against his shorts. Thankfully that behemoth hadn’t seemed to grow any…his lower half in general looked pretty unchanged: toned defined soccer legs with strong calves. Thank god…if he had ballooned all over, I may have had to convince myself the whole thing was a dream. Not that this whole scenario didn’t seem unreal! Motioning, Travis walked off toward the restrooms, nonchalantly adjusting his cock like it was normal. As he moved and I followed, I couldn’t help but flush as I took in his back. Jesus Christ, it was huge. His shoulders had been one thing, but watching his gigantic, extra-wide back shift and tug at his shirt, I found myself having to adjust my own cock as it throbbed even harder with lust. I tilted my head, though, as I took in the rest of his back. From the front, I hadn’t much paid attention to his waist. I had noticed a little lip, but I had assumed it was his eight pack and his v-line becoming even more defined. Yeah, my man had an eight pack. But…he was stocky! That back slimmed down a bit beyond his lats, but there was a slight bulge on either side just before his hips. And they were way too big to be v-line indicators…and those didn’t show up from the back. Did my ripped shredded Travis have love handles? No possible way! He didn’t look chunky at all… My breath was coming in gasps and huffs, my face flushing with arousal, lust, romantic delight, all forms of emotional baggage! As Travis entered the bathroom and locked it behind me, I couldn’t help but squeeze one enormous arm dazedly. Oh, fuck…it was real. All that massive muscle was there in front of me, firm and swollen and delicious. Travis smirked, flexing that divine bicep for me. I almost fainted at the enormous ball of muscle that SURGED to life, huge knot of flesh hardening into a massive sphere under my fingers. Winking slyly, he peeled his shirt off, body coming into view for the first time in almost half a year. Everything was just as magnificent as I’d hoped. Even the loose shirt he had been wearing couldn’t mask the gargantuan torso housed underneath. His pride and joy sat heavily atop his chest, seemingly weighed down by even more tit flesh. His nipples had visibly swollen, fleshy fat nubs bobbing with his breaths. But the best part was what lay beneath his mammoth boobs. His once-proud eight pack had indeed vanished. I could barely make out the outline of his first two abs, but the rest had been transformed into a big, fleshy paunch of meat. He really did have love handles, twin swells of fatty muscle that burgeoned from his hips to meet with his new chunky belly. No wonder he looked so huge and heavy everywhere else, he’d bulked HARD! My brain locked…the only thing that I could think to say bubbled up from deep in my subconscious, spurned on by the monster of beef and brawn in front of me. “Daddy…” Ah, Freud would be proud. Travis paused for a bit, grin splitting his face. “Ooh, I like the sound of that!” At my stunned silence, he bounced his tits before slowly guiding his hand under his new tummy swell. Giving it a hefty jiggle, he grinned even wider as I watched that new bulk wobble and ripple like a bowl of Jello. “Figured I’d dirty bulk to help things along…and I guess I let it get a bit out of hand! But it feels amazing, baby, you have no idea.” I gently reached out a hand, feeling my fingers sink into that soft pudge. It was maybe two or three inches of sink before that undeniably firm base, but it was still two or three inches of alpha beef that was brand new…and seriously hot. My hands traveled up to rub the ferocious underswell of his colossal super tits. Biting his lip, Travis moaned teasingly. “They’ve gotten SO sensitive lately. I blame all the milk I’m storing in there daily.” My face got even redder, my breath coming hotter and heavier. He hadn’t mentioned that! In fact, I’d forgotten a bit after that one cam session. “M-milk?” “Thought I’d surprise you even more with that! Yeah…guess all those feminine hormones helped get some more weight on the tits! Made my bulk softer too…good thing, ‘cuz I hate those gross ball guts.” I could only nob absentmindedly, eying those huge gorged nipples. No wonder they were so big…he was probably pumping them! And his boobs most certainly WERE bigger than before…added muscle and a generous layer of thickness from his beefy bulk had turned them into impossibly wide, enormously thick ultra boobs that were only so perky and supple because of the ungodly amounts of muscle in his chest and back. Travis sighed happily, running his hand through my hair. I was once again reminded of how tall he’d gotten. “Holy fuck, I missed my perfect worshipper boyfriend. Been itching to give you a taste of the nice creamy dairy your moo cow stud is holding these days.” Those words, combined with the spectacle that was my behemoth of a man almost brought me to orgasm then and there. But thankfully, I regained a little of my composure. As I gazed up at him, I couldn’t help but chuckle, leaning up and up. “Is it gonna make me grow too?” Travis smirked with that beautiful cocky smile I loved, kissing me deeply. “I sure hope so. Wanna bloat that ass up so I can give it a smack.” I flushed happily. Over the course of our relationship, we’d both realized that sex didn’t really hold much interest for either of us. Blowjobs and anal weren’t really on our radar, but that didn’t mean we couldn’t appreciate the assets the other was packing. How this mountainous god of a boy found any assets on me, I’ll never know. But he was quite literally bulging with them himself. “Mmmmm Big Travis gonna give his twink a bubble butt?” He shivered a bit at the name, pushing his enormous body into my slim one. “Yeah he is. And my beautiful boy is gonna give me some even thicker, heavier, milkier boobies.” I couldn’t hold it anymore. I buried my face in his cleavage. Travis moaned happily, wrapping his giant arms around my face and smothering me in his deep tit crevice. He held me there until I tapped out, panting hungrily as I tweaked his plump nipples. “You really lactate now?” Travis nodded, smirking. “I mean…only a few drops, but I can still milk myself!” I chuckled. Of course he couldn’t shoot rivers of milk! He wasn’t a girl, plus he wasn’t mutating. He was still human, and still a guy. But even a few drops was proof of how monstrously boob-tastic my boyfriend was. “That’s so amazing, Travis.” I looked up, kissing him deeply as he ran his hands through my hair. “You look so good, baby boy.” I flushed at the name. He was even cockier, a sort of permanent smirk etched into his features and a definite swagger to his posture. It did give me a thought, though. “Travis? I totally get how long we’ve been apart…have you…been with anyone else?” His answer was immediate and fierce, before I could even stammer out my insecurities. “FUCK no!” He paused, sighing as he ran his hands through my hair, looking into my eyes. “Sorry. Hope that didn’t sound defensive. Trust me, people have wanted to get with me. Like, a lot of people. But none of them were you. I wasn’t even tempted. I just wanted to grow and grow and grow for you, and you alone.” I could see that he wasn’t lying. I almost teared up, but held myself together. I kissed him deeply before pulling back. “Holy shit, you really are the perfect boy.” And just like that, his swagger came back. And somehow he seemed even more massive than a few minutes ago, frame looming over mine. “You’re just figuring this out now?” He chuckled deeply, grinding into me with the force of a freight train. I moaned gently, clutching his huge back as I tried desperately not to orgasm. “Ah…T-Travis…” He paused, humping in long slow pumps. “Hey, uh…how much do you like me?” I chuckled, knowing exactly what was coming. “Mmmm dunno, Travis…depends on how much you’re wagering in this bet!” He laughed, a deep booming baritone. “You got me all wrong, babe! No bets this time…just a request.” He actually pushed me into the wall, hefting my legs up into his arms as he kept humping. I was over the moon. He leaned in, breath hot in my ears. “I think I’ve done enough for you to start giving me some pet names. I give you plenty!” “O-oh! I do love those, and I would have earlier! I…I just thought they were too mushy for you.” Travis smirked, pushing me harder into the wall as he got a bit more forceful. “I’m a sweetheart, baby, you know that! And I’m not talking about mushy names…” He paused, licking my lips slowly. “…I’m talking about some names to make me feel big.” I bucked wildly, gasping. “Wh-what? Teasing your massive swollen boobies isn’t enough?” He shuddered, bucking with me. Our erections were rock hard, oozing pre. We were both so close. “Just imagine how much inspiration you’d give if you called me some…more beefy names.” “Or it would go right to that swelled head and you’d stop growing!” He grinned, lowering me a bit so that his tits pushed into mine. “Never stop growing. And come on, you love this ego as much as I do.” I smiled, breath coming hot and heavy. “You know? I sure do, Titan.” He moaned loudly, pulling me back so that he was lifting me off the ground with no problems. “Fuck, just like that.” “Jesus…you’re so fucking STRONG, Big Alpha Travis!” He got a wicked glint in his eyes, holding me tight. “I like that name you mentioned earlier…what was it again?” I bit my lip, heart hammering. “Wh-what…? Daddy?” He bellowed in delight, slamming me against the wall as he came, humping into me as his cock fired. I couldn’t help but release with him, shooting my own load in ecstasy. As we gasped and groaned, bodies smashing together, he slowly let me down. As we panted for air, he ran a finger through my long blond hair. “You see? This is why no one even fucking holds a candle to you! But now I wanna make a bet.” I rolled my eyes, orgasm doing nothing to ease my excitement. Travis’ increased size was just so new and delicious! “There it is.” He smirked. “You’re a fan of the tummy, yeah?” I growled playfully, poking the inch or two of wonderful pudge sticking from his lower abs. “It’s fucking amazing!” “Thought so! All right…if you call me Daddy, I’ll gain thirty pounds by the end of the semester.” At my expression, he held up two baseball mitt-sized hands. “In private, in private! Not in public, obviously.” My heart started hammering, desires clear in my head. With post-orgasm clarity settling in, I found that…I had no problems with it. On the contrary…I liked it. But I wasn’t letting him take all the credit! “Ah, ah! My turn…IF you gain thirty pounds, THEN I’ll call you Daddy.” He grinned, chuckling. “You are such a vixen, babe! I like it, though. You got yourself a bet!” We sealed it with a kiss, same as always. “Now…I’m actually skipping class and practice for you, so I’m afraid I can’t stay over.” My heart sank. I really wanted to cuddle with that new weight! “Oh…okay! The fact that you came all the way is still amazing!” He nodded eagerly. “Yeah…plus, I got a new challenge! You’ll keep growing out your hair?” I nodded, tossing it playfully. “Imagine how long it’s gonna be.” He growled happily. “With how much it’s grown over this six months, I’m chomping at the bit. I’ll keep growing bigger, and you keep growing prettier.” I smiled at him. “I’ll do my squats every day.” He swatted my ass gently. “Really are gonna grow your Big Travis a bubble butt!” I laughed, nuzzling into him. “Talking in the third person? Your head’s gonna pop if that ego gets much bigger!” He smiled. “You know you love it.” I ran my hands over his arms, marveling at how much his tits still pushed me away from him. Boy had foot-long boobies! Okay, maybe not THAT much, but they sure looked and felt like it! “I do love it, Titan. I love you more.” He kissed the top of my head with minimal difficulty. “Love you too, baby boy.” A little over half a year later, I was eagerly waiting at our favorite diner. I’d left college today, and had promised to drive right here to meet him. I was desperately hoping he’d kept his end of the bet…because I was eagerly wishing to fulfill mine. Our daily talks just turned me on more and more, and I was quickly growing to adore his dominant, domineering nature (although I’d never let him know it). Freud would love me, but calling him that particular name would really fit our relationship. His pet names were becoming gradually more feminine, and he was encouraging me to embrace my less masculine desires. With my body slowly changing to his wishes, I figured a little mental push wouldn’t hurt either. I guess my genetics were just as geared toward growing as Travis’ were, because I’d gone up three waist sizes in just six months. But unlike Travis, my belly hadn’t gotten any bigger. No, those extra inches went right to my hips and ass. The squats really had done the trick, my butt swollen into a huge meaty bubble. It was muscular enough to be round, but somehow soft enough to jiggle a bit when I walked. My hips had thickened a fair bit too, legs nearly touching with the added mass on them. My lower half was monstrously disproportionate now…I just figured it would match my boyfriend’s immense upper half. True to my word, I had kept my hair growing. It had gotten really annoying, so I was tying it up in a loose ponytail these days. But because I was meeting my busty boy today, I had it untied. Long silky locks flowed and shifted just below my collarbone, pulled out of my eyes by my hair tie. I have no idea how it grew so fast, but I wasn’t complaining at all. I’d been working my core, and I was boasting a modest skinny-pack, exposed by my new style. While nerve-wracking at first, I’d slowly become used to and excited to wear some gayer clothes. In the winter, I had rocked some skinny jeans and jean jackets. Nowadays, I loved wearing my crop tops and even my booty shorts to show off my ass. Which you better believe I was wearing today. I had to make the best impression! I had my back to the wall, determined not to be taken by surprise like last time. And then Travis’ truck pulled into the lot. My heart began to hammer, and I mean hammer. My imagination was going wild, if my boyfriend’s legacy of growth was any indicator. He pulled into a spot…and waited. I had to smirk. That cocky tease! Finally, when I thought I was going to have to open the door myself, he got out. I…I couldn’t. I just absolutely could NOT. How…the FUCK…did he keep growing?! He was taller, no doubt in my mind. I wasn’t sure if I’d be even with his chest at this point! I mean, I was short, but he had to be nearly six and a half feet. And he had to be nearly half that wide! Shoulders were wider and broader, arms were even more gargantuan, behemoth biceps swollen and tensed alongside burgeoning triceps. To be honest, his stomach hadn’t put on as much as I thought. But it was beyond noticeable now, where before it had just been a subtle bulge. All those thirty pounds seemed to have gone right to his ass and boobs, though. His monstrous bubble of an ass had gotten even bigger than mine, damn him! His legs were huge and defined when he moved, but thick and meaty at the same time. And his TITS! They were even wider, thicker, and starting to slope with all the weight piling on. He had to be wearing a triple-XL shirt, and yet there was no denying how puffy and mountainous his nipples had gotten, the perfect capstones to those bra-busting mega breasts! He looked more mature, too, jawline filled out and his hair a touch longer. He stopped as he saw me, shaking his head in disbelief as he lumbered up to me. I couldn’t help but grin as he took up more and more of my vision, loose white shirt doing nothing to hide the godlike bulges heaving all over his body. We just stared at each other for a good minute, disbelievingly checking the other out. Finally he broke the silence. “You never said I had to stop at thirty pounds…so I put on another fifteen. Hope that’s okay.” I shook my head before sighing. “I think…I think I need to feed my Daddy before he gets skinny again!” Travis moaned happily, burying me in a deep kiss as he ran his hand down my waterfall of hair. “HOW did this get so long?” I grabbed his boobs, squeezing hard. “HOW did these get so big?” He smacked my ass, rather forcefully too. “And how did this get so enormous?” I did the same, although I barely made a dent in his. “Ditto!” He huffed loudly, glancing over his shoulder. “Do we have to make our reservation? I just want to take you to my truck and have my way with you right now.” I bit my lip, pressing my hand into his belly. Oh, it was even softer! And there was definitely more than before…I guess his boobs were just so big now that his tummy looked the same size. “God, it’s tempting. But I do really want to see just how much you can eat now.” He slipped his huge hand around my waist, guiding me into the restaurant. “A fuck ton, believe me. We’re gonna be here a while.” I grinned. “Just more time for me to admire my Daddy’s new body. How much do you weigh?!” He chuckled, smacking his ample belly fat. “Tipping the scales at just over 270. I’m hoping to break 300 by the summer’s end!” I shook my head in wonder. “At your rate, you may break it by summer’s start!” He shrugged those colossal shoulders. “Wouldn’t be surprised. I’m gaining super fast now that I don’t cut at the ends of bulks.” I growled playfully as we entered the place, digging my hand into his bloated chest. “And probably just eat anything that crosses your path, big boy!” He squeezed my ass in full view of the waitress at the desk, making her flush a bit as she took us in. “That’s big DADDY to you, little man!” I flushed as hard as the poor girl that lead us to our table, hissing through my teeth. “Not in public, Travis! Jesus Christ!” He chuckled, popping his gorged tits through his shirt. “People get us confused, actually. But come on…you’re dressing and looking like a slut, why not act like one?” I blushed even deeper as we sat. “Because I don’t have your ego to boost my confidence…or your size.” He chuckled, grunting as he squeezed next to me. His boobs were very nearly resting on the table, belly gently pushed into the counter as his ass pushed him forward in his seat. “I wouldn’t say that! Your ass got enormous, baby boy! Fuck, this is a little tight.” I nodded breathlessly. “Gonna start needing bar seats if you keep growing.” He winked at me. “You know damn well I’m going to! I’m fucking pissed you go away for the summer, though. You really have to go to that camp?” “Yes, Titan. I’m the archery director. They’d be lost without me! Besides, we have a month and a half all to ourselves! Plus, it’s two whole months for us to bulk up for the other.” “Fine, but we’re Facetiming this time around. I wanna see my gorgeous boyfriend…and I’m sure he wants to see his Daddy keep expanding.” I giggled gently. “I really do. You’re too big to keep me in the dark.” He leaned his full weight into me, encouraging his soft squishy love handle into my hand. “Baby, I’m too big to fit into some doorways.” “Going to have to fix that, for sure! We can’t have you fitting in any, can we?” He smirked cockily as our drinks arrived. “No, we can’t!” The waitress eyed us both a little hesitantly, as if convincing herself that such a behemoth mountain of a man could really be with a twink like me. “Any appetizers, guys?” Travis grinned, and I knew this was the start of something wonderful. “Now that you mention it…” Now, I like boys with appetites. The bigger, the better. And it stands to reason that bigger boys have bigger appetites, so I knew Travis was going to be eating a lot. But…nothing could have prepared me for what I witnessed. I finished my meal in about thirty minutes; I’m a slow eater! Travis was not a slow eater, but he still finished in about ninety minutes. I watched six appetizers, four entrees, fourteen glasses of milk, five slices of cake, and three extra-large milkshakes vanish down my monster’s gullet. I could barely house my rock-hard erection under the table! Finally he finished his last shake, patting his domed belly. “Now normally I’d let loose with a massive burp, but we’re in public and I figure you don’t want to be embarrassed.” “Tr-Travis, you ate practically half the restaurant. How do you afford to eat like this? I-I don’t think I can pay for what you just devoured!” He smirked, leaning back and slinging a giant arm around my shoulder. “Well, I’m usually at college, and they’re all you can eat. And uh…I never told you this, but I’m fucking loaded. I don’t need to worry about cost.” Before I could respond, he ran his hands through my hair. “And I didn’t want to overstep my bounds so early in the relationship…but I think we’re in deep enough now. I don’t want you to worry about the cost of anything ever again. I want you to uh…well, rely on me for money.” I gulped. That was risky…like, beyond risky. And controlling…as much as I loved his dominance, this was next level. “Travis…I-I love you, but I’m not willing to give you my finances.” He leaned back a bit, eyes wide. “Oh god! No no, nothing like that! I don’t want a dime from you! That would be too much power. I just mean like…let me pay for you. I’ll buy you stuff if you want, and you can do whatever you want with your own money! I just wanna spoil my baby boy.” I blushed, a bit ashamed at having misinterpreted. I mean, it was still a little red-flaggy, but we’d crossed that line long ago, hadn’t we? And who didn’t love a boy who wanted to pay for you? “Then it’s a deal…” I leaned in, kissing his cheek. “…Daddy.” He bit his lip, chuckling. “Sugar Daddy now, I guess.” I rolled my eyes. “You just want more titles with that word in it, don’t you?” He nodded, grinning as the waitress brought the bill. And let me tell you…it’s exciting to have a boy with money. No worries about providing for him, and if he’s generous it’s just a bonus for you! This gorgeous beefy hunk of a boyfriend shelled out more than one hundred dollars without batting an eye, sighing happily. “That’s better. In lieu of sounding sexist, it’s fitting that the big man pays for his lady.” I flushed, tying my hair up. “I ain’t a lady. Check downstairs…I only have long hair!” He grinned, lumbering out of the booth. Oh sweet fuck, he looked bigger. “And an ass you could eat off, and a lovely new teen girl style of dressing up! But that’s good…I like my princess feminine.” My heart spasmed, cock twitching. “Wh-what did you call me?” He shrugged, sheepishly grinning. “Princess! My tiny little princess…and her big fat Daddy.” I patted his belly, enjoying the pumped stomach under the layer of cushion. “You’re not fat…not yet.” He growled, hand lingering on my ass. “Is that a challenge?” I chuckled, walking with him out of the restaurant. “It might be. I like Daddy with some chunk on him.” He patted his thick belly, smiling. “It feels amazing. Just getting out of the shower in the morning gets me stiff. Never been anything other than shredded, so this is really hot. I can feel myself jiggling more every day.” He opened the door to his truck. Before I could make a rendezvous, he pulled me inside, throwing me on the seat as he lowered his enormous weight onto me, humping eagerly. “I’ve been SO fucking horny for you…you and your new title. The second I hit 220 I couldn’t stop fantasizing about you calling me…mmf…do it for me.” I gasped, cock hard in seconds as all 270 beefy pounds mashed into me. “D-Daddy…Oh, Big Daddy…my Big, Beefy, Bulging, Behemoth Daddy!” He moaned loudly, humping harder. “That’s my name from now on, got it?” I nodded, biting my lip submissively. “Yes, Daddy. Whatever my perfect alpha Daddy wants.” He growled hungrily, biting my hair gently. “Mm I do kind of like you being all submissive…but I did fall in love with that sassy, sweet personality. Although…it’s not bad in the bedroom. I do carry all the weight, literally.” I nodded, huffing. “I’m so horny, Daddy. Been dreaming of calling you that for months now.” He raised an eyebrow, kissing me sweetly. “Well, the deal was for thirty pounds. I gained forty-five. So…maybe I need a little more.” “Mmmm you got it, Big Daddy. My Big Daddy deserves every inch of worship he gets…getting so big and bulky and beautiful for me.” Travis pursed his lips, shrugging. “Naw, maybe not then. You’re sounding like a slave, haha! I wanna pamper you, not own you.” I smacked his monstrous breast gently. “This is new territory and you know it! I have no idea what’s cute, what’s hot, or what’s going to get domestic hotline on our asses.” Travis laughed, kissing me long and slow. “Just do what comes naturally. Remember how I always used to cheat off you in AP Bio? You’re a fast learner and a smart cookie.” I grinned. “You sweet talker, you. I have the best Daddy in the world.” He pursed his lips as I twitched my lip. “Yeah, I heard it that time. Freud’s ghost just got a little stronger.” He raised an eyebrow. “You want to stop?” I shook my head, grinning. “Hell no, Big Daddy Travis!” He buried his lips into mine, my hands tangled in his hair, and we made out hard. Pulling back for air, I grabbed his tits to elicit a sharp moan. “Take that shirt off, Daddy. I wanna see all that added beef!” He stripped slowly for me, allowing me to see all the new muscle he’d stacked onto his arms and pecs, as well as the lovely extra chub he’d loaded up on. He really had gotten pudgier, but all that extra breast meat offset the aesthetic. Still, it just told me his pride and joy was still liable to expand. “Your nipples are fucking HUGE, Daddy! You been milking?” Travis nodded. “They’re taking really well to the pec exercises I do! I still can’t milk like a cow, but I’m glad they’re naturally puffy instead of that gross pumped look.” I massaged one half-dollar sized areola gently, causing Travis to buck gently. “And they keep getting more sensitive. I wore a skintight athletic shirt once, just for shits and giggles. I literally orgasmed after only five minutes. Gotta wear loose shirts or else I have accidents.” I chuckled, rubbing his supple nubs. “Same old, same old! Maybe you ought to go shirtless, then.” Travis chuckled. “Believe me, it’s tempting. Once it gets warm enough, I’ll be letting the gains show every waking moment! I’m finally proud of my gut.” I gave it a rub, squeezing the ample chub stacked on top of his food-stuffed belly. “Trying to gain more?” Travis shrugged. “If I can! I’m not for it or against it, really. I hate those gross ball guts, but as long as I’m gaining pudge I’m happy! Can’t resist the powerful wobble when I walk.” I sighed, wrapping my arms around his neck as I nuzzled into him. “Neither can I. Daddy looks amazing with some meat on his bones.” Travis smirked, grinding his crotch into mine. “Do I, princess?” I flushed again. “Tra…Titan, please. I’m not that feminine.” Travis smiled gently, pushing my hair off my forehead. “No, you’re not. You’re just my type. You’re everything I ever wanted and more.” I smiled weakly. “You’re just saying that so I’ll squeeze your boobs.” He chuckled. “That too. Hey uh…you still having issues with your family?” I frowned a bit. I hated talking about that, even to him. “Yeah. It’s a lot worse…I don’t really want to go into it.” Travis nodded. “I get it, for sure. But uh…listen. You have all your stuff with you, and knowing you, you haven’t told your parents a thing. So why not…come live with me?” I paused, lust forgotten entirely. Oh, that would be heaven. But I couldn’t… “Titan, I couldn’t! It would be such an imposition. I know your parents like me, but there’s no way I could ever…” He grinned. “That’s just it! I have my own place!” I shook my head. “What? Travis, you’re barely out of your freshman year in college and you have your own place?” Travis nodded, grinning even wider. “Name’s Daddy, cutey. And that’s absolutely right. Parents are trying to let me experience the real world, but I made it big with a sweet job, so I’m living pretty! Would be no problem to take you in. Was hoping to surprise you with it…and I guess I did!” I was silent for a while; this was a lot to process! Could I really do that? It was way too big a step in the relationship, but it made perfect sense if we weren’t dating. There were pretty much no downsides…if my stupid parents suffered, that was just a bonus for me. Let them stress…although I knew they wouldn’t. Finally, I let my gaze drift back to my bull boyfriend’s gaze. God, he had such wonderful eyes. And he meant every word he’d ever said to me, I could see that. He loved me. “I uh…I guess you got yourself a roommate…Daddy.” He smiled ear to ear, kissing me deeply. “Oh baby, you won’t regret this! I’m gonna take such good care of you, I promise! You’re gonna be the happiest boy on the fucking planet!” I nuzzled into him, content to just relax in his giant embrace, have him hold me close. “I know you will, Big Daddy.” To make a long story short, I still am the happiest boy on the planet. I went to camp, Daddy grew even more, and we started living together! It’s incredible how persuasive he can be…in only two months, he really opened me up. A nudge or two every so often from him, and I was begging him to call me his princess. He loved doing it, and I love it when he spoils me. And oh, does Daddy spoil me. New clothes, all the food I want, jewelry and expenses and everything! I wonder how Daddy manages it when he eats enough for three men every meal! We both went back to college, but only I graduated. Daddy dropped out to take a position in California! I moved with him, happy to be away from my awful family. We (and be we, I don’t mean me) started making huge sums of money, and upgraded a few times until we were very comfortable living in pleasure. Shortly after I graduated, Daddy and I decided to make it official. He proposed to me, and we got married in private to live happily ever after!! We’re still living together, and I love every inch of my Daddy. To be honest, sometimes it’s hard to remember what his real name is! To me, he always has been and always will be my Big Daddy, Travis! And I’m happy to be his princess~ and I finally look the part, too. I get my hair cut so that it’s just lower than my shoulders; that’s the length Daddy likes it. He convinced me to grow my nails out a bit, and talk with a gay whine in my voice. Well…after doing it so much, it kind of stuck. So now I really sound like a total gay boy, but I think Daddy was aiming for that all along. I dress like a slut every day, and my ass is even bigger just in case Daddy ever wants to give my back door a test drive. I bulked up a bit too, thanks to Daddy’s constant pampering, so I’m definitely in the twunk category now, almost bridging into the hunk label! I like to think I resemble Daddy at the end of high school, but even if I do, the current deal is just so much better anyway. Daddy stopped growing at six foot nine, and finally let himself bottom out at just over 360 pounds. He’s so incredibly handsome, matured and aged like a fine wine. Despite his bulk, he’s ridiculously muscular, with no weight to pad up any of the huge bulges spread over his arms, shoulders, or legs. But despite that, his belly is just as soft and blubbery as he likes. Daddy never drinks beer or carb loads, in fear of growing that muscle belly he so despises. He almost resembles one of those Arnold Strongman challengers, except he’s so much better looking…and a lot more shredded, if you can believe that. He also refuses to ever compete in something like that…he’s afraid he’ll hurt himself. Please…it would take a team of elephants to hurt my Big Titan husband. And thank god he didn’t: he’d probably end up shaving his head, growing a beard, and tattooing himself up. Thankfully, we hate all three. Daddy’s also naturally smooth, so I never have to worry about any gross body hairs getting in the way of that perfect, beautiful beef. And the thing that started it all…those incredible, wonderful, monstrous super Daddy boobs…are the stuff of legend. They actually do stick out eleven inches from his body (we measured) now, the perfect mix of healthy muscle and wobbly fat. You can see them from behind, even past his enormously wide back! They bounce when he walks, and when he flexes them they smash into his chin. His nipples are the size of D-batteries, and his areola are almost dinner-plate sized, swelling off the bottoms of his tits in mountainous swells of flesh. We never did get him to lactate as much as he wanted, but every day brings something new! His clothes are just too ridiculous, so Daddy walks around naked for convenience sake. It’s almost made some messy scenes, but thankfully I’m usually dressed so that I can divert attention. Any kind of shirts make Daddy erect and orgasm in just about a minute if he moves enough, but he’s so cocky now he loves the challenge. I usually end up cleaning his sticky, massive underwear and pants two or three times a day. But despite his enormous, insatiable size and ego, he’s still my Travis. I love my Daddy more than he knows, and I know the same applies to him. He’d do anything for me, and he does every day. I have no doubts we’ll never even get into a fight…we’re too sick and twisted to be normal. Our relationship is probably ridiculously unhealthy, but we couldn’t care less. We’re happy, and that’s all that matters, right? Mm, Big Daddy’s calling me now! I better go see what my humongous husband wants, before he teaches his little princess a lesson!
  2. Hey, long time lurker, decided to post my first story. I prefer it when the growth happens to the reader/main character, I also like to keep the stats within realistic limits, so if that isn't your thing... anyway.... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prelude God, I had finally gotten into university, a year of online community college had destroyed my social life, and my sex life was non-existent in the first place. At 20 years old I was still a virgin, all because I couldn't come out to my parents. And being fairly handsome at 5'8", a decent 160lb build, and a 7" dick I could have almost any twink I wanted! Thant being said I always craved being bigger, It drove me to start lifting weights in high school, and every night I dreamt about being the biggest, hottest stud on the planet. Or at least I used too before I met Logan... He was everything a gay top could ask for, lean toned body, gorgeous face, and he had to be the smartest man I know, and I'm studying to become an engineer. By sheer luck he ended up being my roommate, suffice to say we lost our virginity pretty quick. I loved dominating him, and by his moans, he did too. We told each other about our dreams, he wanted to work at a pharmaceutical company, making the next miracle drugs to cure cancer and whatnot. I told him the truth, engineering was just a way into a good living, my real dream was to be the hottest guy on the planet, hot buff and hung, hot enough to make straight porn stars question their sexuality. I felt a little awkward telling Logan that at first, but by the grin on his face I should have known he was up to something, well... as big as me. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Boyfriend Made me Huge, Part 1 I started my typical day at 6:00 am, kissed a sleeping Logan, and was off to the school gym before late breakfast or early lunch. I typically have a protein shake to power me through my workout, but when I checked my gym bag I could only find a large mysterious white bottle with a note attached to the cap. It simply read, "Work hard today Justin" -Love Logan. What a cute little guy, but what was this stuff? There was no label, but indented into the bottom of the white bottle was printed, barely visibly, LAB MIX 3. Was my little chemist juicing me? Taking a sip, just wow, a strong unidentifiable taste filled my mouth, kind of sweet and almost fruity, maybe blueberry? Whatever it was, it tasted really good, and I gulped down more. My heart began to beat and I suddenly felt very alert and energetic. By then I had arrived at the gym, and since it was early I could pick any machine I wanted. Starting on the bench press, and I quickly blew through my warm up. It was strange, like every rep was somehow easier than the last! "Fuck I need more of that", I said gulping another swig of that drink down and loading up the rack with my max, 315lbs. It went up like nothing and I was feeling pumped. 325...335... Fuck it, 415... 425! That last one was exhilarating and I could feel a massive pump swelling in my chest and triceps, but I felt kind of exhausted. Downing more of that divine nectar I instantly felt better. I started blasting through the rest of my workout, which quickly turned into a full body training session. It felt amazing and my entire body was pumped, blood rushing through swollen veins, I outdid all of my past maximums, and sucked every last drop in that bottle. I was in the middle of a fucking 505lb deadlift when my stomach let out a massive roar and I realized I needed to hurry up and get to lunch or I was going to be late for my material science class. How did time pass so quick? Walking to the showers, my clothes felt tight and I noticed my self in the mirror across the gym. Jesus, my pump was looking real big,... hell yes! Peeling off my sweet soaked under armor shirt in the shower room, I blinked and did a double take. It looked like all the fat on my body had been completely melted off, and my skin looked vacuumed sealed over a brickwork of a six pack and a bulging chest. I had abs before, but damn, not like this! Did that stuff make me actually ...grow? And it suddenly occurred to me there was a scale in the back of the locker room...rushing over to it, the display quickly read 203lbs, what?!? This can't be real I thought as the weight of my newfound bulk suddenly caught up to me. I started mindlessly exploring my new body, my grapefruit sized biceps, my large rounded shoulders, my huge pecks. I've actually become a stud! Suddenly I became a aware wasn't alone... as a turned around several of the student athletes' eyes dart away, with obvious hard ons. God this was my fantasy, I thought to myself as I attempted to calm my own throbbing erection. If I wasn't in a relationship I would had made some moves but strutting past their envious eyes was enough for me, as I walked passed them I noticed my perspective had changed as well, had I gotten taller too? It felt good to be the big guy at the gym. Speaking of that erection, when I returned to the showers and attempted to slide my shorts down my enlarged ass and legs, my dick practically slapped into my abs. 8. Whole. Inches. FUCK. YES! After having the most self indulgent masturbation session of my life, I returned to the lockers to get dressed. I had always wore oversized clothing since I started working out, I found it way easier doing that than to buy a new wardrobe ever time I gained 10lbs or so. But when I put on my jeans and tank top I found them on the snug side, my sleeves and pantlegs which were usually rolled up were now the perfect length. I grinned, now knowing that I had definitely gained in the height department too. Packed between my legs was a nice bulged formed by my newly enhanced cock and balls. Slipping on (or rather fighting with) my denim jacket I took satisfaction in how well the sleeves hugged my muscular arms, god those things had to be what, 19 inches? Running to the cafeteria felt amazing, in fact, every time my muscles contacted felt like a mini-pump, that formula must still be working I thought to myself as I entered. And I suddenly realized how hungry I was, sitting down at my usual spot I felt kind of ridiculous with a triple portion of eggs and hash browns, but I knew my body needed it. "Oh ah, hi who are... JUSTIN!" A voice cried to my left. It was Erick, another engineering major I would study with, skinny build, short, not much to look at. "Dude is that you, your huge! And and and, wow your eyes... are you wearing contacts?" "Oh um yeah I have been working out and... wait what is wrong with my eyes?" I noticed my voice was deeper, sexier. "They are just so... blue and and and your face!" I took out my phone and my jaw dropped. My formerly average brown eyes were now a beautiful deep blue, but that wasn't all. My skin was perfectly clear, my cheekbones and masseter muscles were pronounced, my jaw square and chiseled, and my cheekbones were slightly hollowed. I had not the slightest amount of fat under my chin, my neck tendons were pronounced and beautifully framed a masculine Adams apple. Despite all this I still looked like me... like me... but better. I let out a low but audible "ohhhhh" "look man uh" I said pinching the skin of my wrist. Suddenly I paused not sure If I should tell him about the the stuff Logan gave me, if people knew he would be mobbed by people wanting it for themselves. "I ...really don't know, I think I woke up like this, I have been changing a lot recently, but uh... I got to get to class, can I just eat?" Eric's eyes narrowed before returning to their gawking stare, "Ah... um.... yeah man do whatever you need too just, if you find out..." I suddenly felt quite bad leaving him hanging like that, Eric probably felt insecure about himself, I would If I looked like he did. "Look um, I really don't know but... I think I can tell you tomorrow." "Eric face suddenly lit up, "Really?" "I'll tell you everything I know just, but I've got to eat now, I'll talk to you tomorrow." "Man I would do anything to look like you, I can't wait!" After a very awkward silent lunch I was off to my material science class, I couldn't help but get a semi thinking about all the people staring at me down the halls. There was one good looking blond girl, in the middle of being hugged by her boyfriend, wistfully gazing at me while bighting at her lower right lip. FUCK I'M HOT. It was at this point I could really appreciate my new height, Looking downward at people who were taller than me just this morning felt so powerful, so commanding. I wonder how much I gained, 2-3 inches maybe, damn? Walking into class was awkward, my professor liked to had out physical paper assignments and have them handed back to him on his desk before the lecture. So when I walked by the desk the professor didn't recognize me at first until he squinted, looked confused, and just waved me by. There were a lot of confused and lustful glances thrown towards my way, and it made me waver between horniness and uncomfortably. I sat in the back of the class and everything seemed normal for a while, but soon into the lecture something strange started happening again. It almost felt like a fast low vibration in my muscles, it wasn't too bad, even pleasurable after that workout, but then it was soon replaced by a rhythmic wave through my entire body, soft at first and then approaching orgasmic. It was at this point I realized my clothes felt more snug than earlier, then tight, and I realized that Logan's formula was still working. The blissful thrumming through my body began to intensify into large waves but slow down in frequency, I did everything I could to not moan and draw attention, my big dick was a full mast. Then, with the next wave, my body tensed tighter than before and all I could hear was... RIIIP RIIIIIP POP POP POP My Denim jacket had ripped on both sides from shoulder to bicep, the top three buttons had popped off from the chest, sending them careening away as my chest and arms visibly grew. That was HOT. Luckily my elderly professor hadn't noticed and kept on with his lecture, but several other students had and were watching me was a mixture of confusion, pleasure, and awe. I began to strip of the jacket but had to resort of a little bit of tearing when I couldn't take the damn thing off. I was now just in my tank top and jeans, each had gotten very tight. I couldn't help but look at my body like the others; peering over my now heaving mountainous pecks was the perfectly formed landscape of my new eight pack, flanked by well defined obliques. My Tank top had ridden up a few inches reveling a gorgeous Adonis belt cascading toward my swollen bulge. The temptation to peer under my shirt was strong, but if I did that it I had the sense it would just snap off. I sat there dumbstruck for the next few minutes waiting for it to happen again, partially terrified of soon being naked in class, partially wishing it would happen. "Well I think we will cut the lecture there, we will pick up next week where we left off", Said the professor. Despite being in the back of the lecture hall, I was one of the fist out the door, I needed to get to a bathroom before I burst out of my clothes. I reached a one person unisex bathroom just as it started up again, this time I couldn't hold back. I watched in the mirror with ecstasy as the growth hit me again, rippling through each and every fiber and bone in my body as my clothes began to tear all over and I actually saw myself sprouted up another inch or so. My cock sprung forward revealed its now thick 9" glory, jutting out atop two tangerine sized balls. It took me a second to catch my breath and take in my surroundings. Everything but me seemed so small now, I had to duck down a little to see my full face in the mirror, my face had gotten better again, it was now hard to recognize myself it it, I was looking like a model now. Straightening back up and looking around I must be about 6'2" now, or even taller. I began to tear off the ribbons of former clothing and started to flex and rub my amazing body, particularly bouncing my new pecks. It was the first time all day I really got the opportunity to admire how much I had changed. I had gone from a decent athletic build to a huge stud in hours and now I loved every square inch of the new me from gorgeous face to my monstrous calves. But it also soon occurred to me what a serious situation I was in, I definitely couldn't leave butt naked, they would kick me out of school. Maybe I could tie some of my ruined clothes into a loincloth and make a run for it? looking back and forth from the tatters at my feet down at my upgraded equipment I thought it doubtful. ...Wait a second I said to myself, I'll call Logan! Man I haven't been able to talk to him all day, wait tell he sees this! Rifling through my bag I found my phone, he had texted me just once minutes ago, it simply read, "How's the new you?" Part of me really wanted to send him a picture... but I thought it would be better to have him see my new body for himself. "FUCKING AMAZING! How did you even do this?!? I said, followed by, "Say, could you bring me some XXXL clothes, I'm trapped in a bathroom in the math and science building". "Already on it big guy" Suddenly there came a knock on the door, could he really be that fast? "...Hello?" "I'm here to rescue you silly, open up". Said Logan. I peered out the door and pulled him inside, he was holding an oversized duffle bag, and looking particularly well dressed in a nice white collared shirt. I was struck by how tiny he looked now that I had gained over a half foot on him. He looked back up at me with a satisfactory smile, tugged at his collar and and said, "Helloooo daddy, say have you been working out today?" I don't know what it was, but with that that little act but I just became overwhelmed by the urge to fuck him. I pined him up against the wall and began to lift up his shirt, moving in to make out with those handsome lips. "Whoa whoa whoa, settle down there stallion, we can't do this just yet." "Well... why not?" I said with palpable disappointment. "Well you haven't finished growing yet silly" Wait .....what?!? Too be continued...
  3. Era de mañana en el diario "El Clarín", en una de sus oficinas se encontraba Peter Parker, un chico castaño de 27 años de edad, medía 1.85 y pesaba 90 kgs. de músculo, estéticamente bien distribuido, traía puesta esa mañana una camisa blanca que se ajustaba bien a su anatomía atlética, pero sin ser demasiado llamativo, la camisa se ajustaba bien en su pecho y bíceps, también llevaba un pantalón negro de vestir y un calzado del mismo color, bien lustrado, el cuello de su camisa desabotonado solo para permitirle respirar bien y no sofocarse, pues el viaje matutino usando sus poderes para llegar al diario había sido bastante veloz, tomó las mangas de la camisa y las arremangó para dejar descubiertos sus antebrazos mientras tomaba un folder con fotos de Spiderman, se sonrió entre sí. Estos meses habían sido importantes para él, encontró un traje alien que lo había mejorado por completo, le dió más velocidad, agilidad, fuerza, músculos, y sobre todo un crecimiento en su virilidad que él en un principio no podía creer, aún recordaba cuando solo medía 1.75 y pesaba solo 70kgs., era sorprendente lo que unos meses con el traje le habían hecho, de tener un pedazo de solo 16 cms. de virilidad en erección pasó a tener un monstruo de 25 cms. No dejaba de ver sus fotos, apaleando maleantes la noche anterior, era magnífico, pensaba en el puesto que estaba compitiendo en ese momento como fotógrafo de planta, el otro hombre definitivamente no tenía oportunidad, dió un sorbo a su café mientras seguía sentado y vió la puerta de entrada de la oficina. Llegó alguien, justamente el hombre que no tenía oportunidades contra Parker, era nada más y nada menos que su compañero de oficina, Eddie Brock. Eddie era ya un hombre de 37 años de edad, a pesar de ser mayor en edad que Peter, se veía más joven, era rubio, de cabello corto, facciones joviales, ojos azules y totalmente lampiño, la vida no le había favorecido, nunca tuvo oportunidad de ejercitarse, ni hacer dietas u otro tipo de cosas debido a su físico, medía tan solo 1,65 cms de alto y pesaba tan solo 60kgs., definitivamente no imponía de ninguna forma, todo mundo le pasaba por encima y últimamente alguien en especial. El pobre Eddie llegó agitado y sudando a la oficina, con su maletín color café a un lado. Eddie estaba vestido con una camisa de color azul cielo que resaltaba aquellos ojos suyos, un pantalón café y calzado del mismo color, todo se hubiera visto bien de no ser por que todo le quedaba grande, a excepción del calzado, la camisa le colgaba de los laterales, y ni que decir de los hombros y las mangas, daba la impresión de que un niño se había vestido con la ropa de su padre, debido a ello nunca tuvo oportunidad de ligar con alguien en su vida. Mientras aún respiraba de manera agitada veía a Parker bastante fresco y seguro de su persona. Eddie se cuestionaba cómo era posible que Parker estaba así si vivía más lejos que él del trabajo, a pesar de tener cierto recelo al castaño, lo saludó ... - Hola, buenos días Parker - Se oyó su voz algo aguda, parecía la voz de un joven de 15 años. - ¿Cómo le haces para llegar antes que yo, si yo vivo más cerca? Peter lo miró de reojo y sonriendo mientras tomaba su café, le dijo: - Por que me levanto más temprano que tú, "amiguito". Eddie miró a Parker, notó que el castaño había mejorado mucho su físico en los últimos meses, sabía que eso no era normal en una persona, además Eddie siempre peleaba por entrar en el bus de la primera hora, mínimo debería que ver a Parker en el transporte o llegar al mismo tiempo si es que Peter tomaba el bus de otra ruta. Eddie terminó por mejor dejar de pensar en ello y se metió al baño para refrescarse un poco, aún así no podía dejar de sentirse frustrado, al salir vio al Sr. Jameson hablando con Peter y solo dijo él: - Hola Sr ... Jameson y Parker vieron al rubio de reojo y siguieron en su plática ... si, literalmente lo habían ignorado. Parker le mostró al jefe sus fotos de Spiderman, Jameson quedó satisfecho como siempre con aquellas fotografías, las tomó y se fue sin decir nada, Peter vio al rubio de nuevo ... -Vaya, de nuevo se te fue el avión del éxito " amiguito ". - El castaño volvió a tomar su café y a darle un sorbo mientras se recargaba en el rubio y lo veía como poca cosa - No te preocupes Eddie, siempre debe haber un segundón para que el primer lugar brille más y descuida, cuando me den el puesto , serás mi "asistonto", te lo aseguro. El rubio apretó su puño y saco su hombro del contacto de Parker para después tomar su maletín y probar suerte en la ciudad por unas fotografías. Peter solo lo vió: -Bye "pequeñín". Oye cuando vuelvas de pasear tráeme un café ... - El castaño sonrió mientras veía salir al rubio -Pobre Eddie, casi me da pena el pobre, pero bueno, no puede competir con un súper hombre como yo ... Parker se quedó de ocioso en la oficina mientras esperaba que fuera más tarde para la hora de la comida, total, al final sabía que en la noche tomaría sus fotos, mientras tanto cuando Eddie salía ... - Maldito parker, su actitud ha cambiado , es un pedante ahora- murmuraba el rubio mientras iba a su lugar secreto dentro del diario, era un cubículo abandonado y muy reducido, solo tenía espacio para una silla y unas cuantas cosas, Eddie entró y activó su radio clandestino de la policía mientras seguía pensando en Parker - solo por que ha cambiado su físico y tiene suerte con las fotos me trata así. Ya se había hecho tarde y Parker tenía hambre ya: - ¡Maldición Brock !, ¡¿Dónde te metiste?!, Sabes que quiero mi comida a cierta hora, maldito enano. - Peter salió de la oficina bastante enojado y se dirigió a la calle para comprar algo y así calmar su apetito, ya pudiendo comprar algo se tranquilizó un poco, pero seguía molesto debido a que aún consumiendo lo que había comprado, su hambre no desaparecía. - Comí demasiado y aún tengo hambre, no lo entiendo, ¡¿Por qué me está pasando esto ?! - El castaño empezaba a enfadarse más, pero en ese momento comenzó a activarse su sentido arácnido. - Sí, lo que me faltaba- se fue a un callejón oscuro y metió su ropa de civil en una bolsa de telaraña -Vamos a perseguir a los chicos malos y a tomar fotos. Mientras tanto Brock salía a toda prisa, escuchó sobre un asalto a un banco cercano y salió disparado del diario, directo a la acción. Al salir vió al mismo tiempo a Spiderman ir hacia la escena del crimen, no era lejos, Brock corrió lo más deprisa que podía, pero llegó demasiado tarde, al estar ya en el lugar solo vio cómo Spiderman salía de escena y varios criminales envueltos en telaraña, pegados a los postes de luz, el rubio se sintió fatal, otra escena de acción se le había escapado. - Maldición, así no lograré nada. Tomó fotos de lo que podía y regresó al diario lo más pronto que pudo, tenía en mente lograr ofrecer sus fotos antes de que Parker apareciera, aunque era muy raro, Peter nunca estaba en la escena y aún así conseguía fotos. Al llegar a la oficina se sorprendió, Parker ya estaba ahí, entregándole varias fotos a Jameson. Brock veía como su oportunidad se desvanecía mientras el jefe entraba a su oficina con Peter detrás de él, el pequeño rubio solo se sentó en su escritorio bastante agitado de tanto correr y entonces ... -¡¡¡Brock !!! Parker gritó como si fuera el jefe al entrar en su oficina compartida, mientras que el rubio solo lo veía con enfado y Parker cerraba de un portazo el lugar y Eddie lo cuestionó. -No sé cómo le haces ... Tú estabas aquí en la oficina y vuelves con fotos y no estás cansado ... - Peter se acercaba poco a poco a Brock que aún seguía agitado, pero confrontándolo, el rubio no sabía si eso era una buena idea o no, pero ya lo estaba haciendo. -¡¿Qué quieres Parker ?! -¡¿Qué quiero?! - Parker sonrió con algo de burla, y así tomó del cuello de la camisa con ambas manos a Brock, levantándolo del suelo, mientras el rubio veía como los pectorales, bíceps y antebrazos del castaño se tensaban en la camisa. - Esas no son maneras de contestarle a tu futuro jefe .- Parker acercó su cara a la del rubio - ¡¿Porqué olvidaste mi comida, maldito enano ?! -¿Cu ... cuál comida ?, No me pe ... pe ... pediste na..nada, solo un café... si regresaba, pero ... - ¡Cállate !, Deja de balbucear como estúpido , sabes que si te pido algo tienes que traer eso y más, en todo caso no me trajiste ¡Nada !, Eso no es de buenos amigos. ¿Oh si? Pequeño charal sudoroso. Las venas del antebrazo de Parker estaban dilatadas debido al tiempo de mantener suspendido al rubio. - Tú ... Tú no eras así .... ¿Que te pasó? - Dijo el rubio algo asustado y triste mientras el semblante de Parker cambiaba de ser agresivo a estar algo fuera de sí, soltando a Brock y dejándolo caer al suelo. - Yo ... Yo ..., Vete por comida y no tardes - El castaño le lanzó billetes en la cara a Brock - Hazlo ya ... Después de eso el rubio se arrastró por el suelo, tomó el dinero y salió disparado de la oficina, pero aún le temblaban algo las piernas. - Maldito Parker. ¿Qué se creé el idiota? No, mejor no lo hago enojar más, no se qué más me podría hacer - El rubio vuelve con una ensalada y pechuga de pollo asada, no había tardado nada en verdad. - Ahí tienes Parker, que te aproveche.- Eddie no pudo evitar decirlo con un tono algo desafiante. - Ya era hora - Mientras tanto Peter no prestó atención al tono de Brock, estaba tan hambriento que solo le importaba la comida, el rubio de lejos veía cómo Peter comía, parecía ansioso y desesperado, como un animal salvaje, incluso soltaba unos cuantos gruñidos , así que prefirió salir e ir al baño, mientras tanto solo pensaba en la conducta de Parker durante los últimos meses, se dirigió al baño del piso, abrió la puerta y se dirigió a uno de los mingitorios. Desenfundó su pedazo de carne, solo medía 8 cms., Y eso si fuera erecto, en reposo solo eran 5 cms, así es, el rubio era pequeño hasta en eso. Mientras orinaba y sentía pena por si mismo oyó abrirse la puerta del baño, para su desgracia era nada más y nada menos que Peter que lo observaba, el castaño comenzó a olfatear, cómo si oliera algo en el ambiente y mientras hacía eso su pantalón de vestir marcaba la gran erección de Parker, el pedazo caliente de 25 cms. de su entrepierna, estaba al máximo. - Aaaaahhhh- el castaño parecía apreciar algún olor. - Aquí huele ... - Dijo el castaño acercándose a Brock. -¿Qué quieres decir con eso? - Eddie guardó su falo y subió la bragueta de su pantalón, tenía un presentimiento y pensaba mejor salir lo antes posible de aquel lugar. - Seguro es el baño, está mal lavado, saldré y le diré al personal del aseo. Parker se acercó al rubio y lo tomó con bastante fuerza. - ¡Eres tú! ... ¡Tú apestas! - Parker volvió a cargar al rubio como lo había hecho ya hace rato y empezó a frotar su gran erección en la entrepierna de Eddie mientras al mismo tiempo le oprimía su pequeña hombría. -Quieres ser preñado.- El rubio estaba acorralado y se sintió indefenso, no podía ocultar su rostro de preocupación. -Parker, si ... si ... huelo así es por qué corrí mu ... mucho hoy ... Me pondré des ... desodorante para no mo ... molestarte ... - Tú quieres ser preñado- Parker parecía un animal salvaje que no razonaba. - ¡¿Preñarme?!, ¡¿A qué te refieres ?! Parker soltó a Brock pero solo para tomarlo fuertemente por la cintura. -Sabes que necesitas un macho, pequeña perra.- El castaño empezaba a merodear con su mano de forma lasciva el cuerpo del rubio aún por encima de la ropa de éste, la mano de Peter empezaba a deslizarse hacia la pelvis de Eddie, casi por tocar su hombría, pero en ese momento Parker se detuvo . - No ... No ... Esto no está bien ... No ... - Peter soltó al rubio de inmediato y salió rápidamente del baño. Eddie sudaba frío, solo en el baño, pegado a la pared aún, traumatizado, se sintió débil y frágil, sus piernas no dejaban de temblar, era la primera vez que alguien intentaba violarlo, solo pudo encogerse y quedarse en estado fetal en el piso de aquel baño.
  4. Updated 10/7 parts 1 - 10 Megadrol Chapter 1: Megadrol My name is Matt, and at the time that I am beginning this story I was 22 and just about 6’2”. It might have been a little strange back then to immediately describe my height before all else, but that’ll be clear later. At the time I had just gotten my LPN and well…kind of flunked out of the program to get my RN. I had been going a community college in Tyson, Michigan, just outside Detroit. I had just moved to town from my hometown of Marshall, just west of Tyson by an hour’s drive. It was an old money town, where your last name really meant something. I was not necessarily part of this “old money” crowd, but I wasn’t poor…and I wasn’t popular growing up. I didn’t really have any friends, so I was delighted to move to Tyson and start over. And as it turns out, I came across a good deal on a house in the countryside outside Tyson. My house, for how small it was, had some perks. Tyson had everything I needed and I was only a half hour away from Detroit (okay an hour due to traffic). I had a whole two acres of land surrounded by woods which is why I really bought it, a nice open space to do whatever I liked. I am not sure what were my ultimate plans— maybe sell after renovation and turn a profit? I can’t be sure, and obviously it does not matter now. At the time, living on my own I kind of struggled for cash. I did not go hungry, but the mortgage and the day-to-day expenses ate up my checks quickly. Although I did like to spoil myself too, and maybe if I budgeted better I wouldn’t have gone looking for a roommate. But let’s be honest, I was also a bit lonely. I had some hobbies, I loved to stay active and didn’t have any kids. Not that it was likely to happen anyway, with me being gay and all. But I was certainly bored. My love life though, was kind of lackluster. I’ll be the first to admit, I kind of had high standards and a couple of issues. One: I was fairly tall, and I liked guys taller than me. And Two: I prefer to be dominated, and it’s just not the same when someone is smaller than me. Every so often between long work weeks at the clinic I worked, or long pensive bike rides, I’d find myself downloading apps like grindr or tinder or whatever. And a lot of the time I’d end up thoroughly disappointed. I knew a few gay guys in the area, and a few had become friends of mine. But a lot of them, barring a minority were pretty bleh for my tastes. I love handsome jocks, what can I say? And there was a shortage. There were a few buddies that I had that lived in and around the area. Michigan, being the automotive state is terribly spaced out. So it is not uncommon to measure distance between friends and places in minutes it takes to drive there. So that brings me to Ben. At this time (and it blows my mind to remember this) he was little shorter than I was. About 6’, and he had a stockier build, when we had first met. Ben and I met in college, he actually lived in Tyson his whole life. We were actually both going to nursing school and unfortunately Ben walked away even before I did. It had been a few months since we had seen each other. Despite his premature end to school, he found success in his own way. He too found an amazing deal on a house; it was actually way better than mine. It had an awesome full basement, three bedrooms and a big yard. I had come to wonder, in the months after moving into my house what he had been up to? I seriously considered hitting him up. He didn’t live far from me; I’d drive to him. And then came a sign that could not be ignored, he showed up on grindr one day. I struck up a conversation. “Hey!” I said, “How have you been?” And sent my picture. He typed back right away, “Oh man, Matt how are you! I’ve been super good actually!” I replied, “Good! I just moved to Tyson and got my own house, just like you!” Ben wrote, “Awesome dude! I’m glad to hear that for you, I’ll have to come see it some time.” I smiled at my phone; I was sitting in my living room, leaning over the app with a twinkle in my eye. “What have you been up to since we last spoke?” I asked. “Working on my house, but really working on me, and my body.” He returned. My eyebrows raised, “Oh yeah?” I wrote, “Show me.” He sent me pictures of his recently redone carpet and painted walls. Which while nice, weren’t really what I was asking for. “I think you know what I meant when I said show me lmao” I replied. I was gobsmacked by what he sent me, they were standard grindr pictures: a headless torso. But that torso was not like the one I remember, this one was cut! I had to ask, “Did you just send me some random guy’s pics haha?” “No.” He wrote, and then sent a candid with his face. Ben had put on some serious mass! And he had lost quite a bit of fat, he was getting leaner, buff even! I was a little jealous! “Holy shit dude, you look great!” I typed, “You have been working out a lot!” “Thanks man, I got a home gym.” He replied, “We should workout together!” I immediately stood up with excitement, “Definitely! When?” “I’m free all week,” Ben said, “Come over whenever.” “Tomorrow afternoon?” I asked. He sent a winking face as a reply. I was stoked! I had to study the photos of Ben, he had taken this photo in his basement right next to his gym, his chest had gotten super defined, it had always been kind of big, one of his best features, but now his pecs, they were a lot tighter and bigger. His abs were a respectable four-pack and his legs, thick and strong from his countless miles of running, looked aided by squats and deadlifts. His ass was always thick and strong, but now in his tight workout shorts it looked amazing. And as I stroked my dick, I asked myself something, “How did he do that?” I would soon find out, and my life would change forever. The World would too.
  5. Dwarf Muscle By BBMikeNJ I had lived in my new house for only a few days when the next door neighbor came over to introduce himself. He was a real nice guy named John, and told me if I had any questions about the area, or if I needed anything just to let him know. Then, when he found out I did freelance work out of the house and was home most days, he asked me if I would mind signing for his UPS deliveries. He said he was starting up a side business and got a lot of stuff sent to him that he then shipped out to customers. At first, I was a little wary, but he assured me it was all on the up and up, and that I didn't even have to move the stuff, just sign for it and leave it on my porch, he'd pick it up when he got home, so I agreed. The next day, I was in the back room of the house, when I heard several loud thumps coming from the front porch. I went up and opened the front door. There were two large boxes, about two feet wide and three feet tall, sitting side by side on the porch. A UPS truck was parked at the curb, but there was no sign of a driver. I tried to move the boxes over, but they were so heavy, they didn't budge. I stepped around the box, and jumped when I saw a short squat guy in an UPS outfit, filling out package info on one of the ups clipboards. He looked up at me and said, "You want to sign for these for your neighbor?" His voice was about six octaves deeper than I was expecting. He had very prominent dwarf features... thick, bony forehead, deep-set eyes, square heavy jaw bone. The arm that he was holding the clipboard out to me with was short but extremely thick. I realized that I was staring when he rolled his eyes and said, "Dude, you signing for this or not." "Oh... yeah... sorry," I stammered, embarrassed, taking the board and signing. "It's just that... well... How did you get these boxes up here?" I asked, trying to save face, and truly curious, as there was no dolly in sight. "With these," he said, raising his arms and flexing them. The short sleeves of his brown ups shirt were pushed back out of the way by a rising set of super-thick, gnarly biceps. They balled up high and then hardened into two steel balls as he squeezed them out tight. Even though short and stubby, he was the most massive little fucking guy I'd ever seen. "Jesus," I said. He just sort of snorted and took the clipboard back with his stubby muscle hand. As he turned to step off the porch, I thought I should say something to break the ice, figuring I'd be seeing this guy on a fairly regular basis. "You know," I said, "seeing as how Christmas is coming, you should dress up as an elf when you're delivering packages." Even as the words came out of my mouth, I knew it was the wrong thing to say. I saw the muscles of his broad, miniaturized powerlifter back tense up as he came to a dead stop. He turned back toward me, and I noticed the size of his huge dwarf glutes, which would have been tremendously out of proportion if the rest of him wasn't so stocky and thick. "You did not just say that, did you?" he said, his voice sounding even deeper than before. He cocked his head as he looked me up and down, and I realized that his neck was probably four or five inches bigger than my own. I had the feeling that I'd just pissed off a very powerfully-built Rottweiler. He dropped the clipboard onto the porch and came at me. He grabbed me around the leg and lifted me up like I was a scarecrow. He flipped me down onto the porch and wrenched my leg into a very bad angle. I tried to maneuver away, put my head pressed up against a porch post. He twisted my leg harder, and pressed my ankle up into my ear. "Fuckkk," I groaned. I tried to push him off me, but it was like pushing a wall. His glutes were hard as granite, and I don't think he even knew I was pushing on them. "You think this is pain?" he said. "You think this is pain?" he repeated, as he applied even more torque to my leg. "Fucking stop, man, jesssus," I cried out. He let go of my leg and got off me, tossing my leg back into place. "You think that was bad," he said, smirking over me. "You ever use the word 'elf' around me again, I will put you in a whole world of pain. This freaky dwarf muscle will pound you to a pulp," he said, as he rolled his wrists and checked out his own writhing forearm muscle, all twisted and grisly. "You like all this muscle, don't ya, boy?" he said, nodding at my crotch, which had admittedly swollen up some. "Yeah, I like it too," he said, still flexing, and sprouting a pup tent of his own in his stocky brown pants. "And it's just gonna get bigger and better, boy. Doc has got me on some serious growth hormones, and I'm getting thicker and stronger every day." With that, he hit a lat spread, and as his back widened out, both sides of his shirt ripped open. "Oh yeahhh," he said. "I might just have to come back here more often to toss you around." "Well, when you do," I said, sitting up, "bring a red, cone-shaped hat. I wanna see what my front yard would look like with a garden gnome in it." His face darkened and he stepped toward me. I don't know what was wrong with me, but I just couldn't let the massive little tank abuse me like he had without getting him back some. Something stopped him from tearing into me though. Instead, he put his stubby thick fingers around a 4x4 porch post and ripped it out. He took one end in each hand, held it out at arms-length and snapped it in two. He tossed the two pieces at my feet, picked up his clipboard and waddled back to his truck. More to cum…
  6. The Roommate By BBMikeNJ Part 1 My first semester at college started out in a pretty ordinary way. I had arrived at campus a week before classes started to meet the Biology professor, who I was going to be a lab assistant for. By the time most of the other students started to pour in, I was already familiar with my dorm, Elmwood Hall, and most of the campus. So when this big freak of a jock stopped me to ask directions, I was more than happy to help out. "Excuse me," he said, "can you tell me the way to Elmwood Hall?” Now, I'm 19 years old, 5'9", and weigh 170 lbs. solid. This guy looked about my age, but was about 6 feet tall, and at least 250 lbs. of muscle. His sweatshirt says "XXL" on the front, and is fitting him like a second skin. The sleeves are so tight I can see Veins. His delts were so oversized that at first I thought he had shoulder pads on. I knew that when I answer him, my mouth will move, but I'm not sure any sound will come out. "Sure," I managed to stammer, "just go around this first building here, and Elmwood is right behind it." "Thanks, man," he said, and strode off. I watched him saunter off in that confident jock way, and then zeroed in on the way his jeans highlighted his rolling, mounded glutes. Holy shit, I'd never seen anything like it. And then I thought of something. I didn't have a roommate assigned to me yet. What if.....nah, nothing that good ever happens to me. But hope springs eternal! I went off to the lab to get things set up. Classes started the next day, and I had a bunch of crap to do, but I couldn't get my mind of the super jock. I hurried to get things done and get back to the dorm. I had to know.... I powerwalked across campus, my heart pounding. I went into the dorm, and as I neared my door, I slowed down. I leaned my ear against the door and listened....someone was in there. I opened the door slowly and leaned in. It was him. Putting his shit away. Shirtless. His back was to me as he put stuff into his closet area. Or should I say his BBBAACCKKK. It was so wide and thickly mounded with muscle. His traps rested on top like an ox yoke. And he had that deep valley running down the middle, down to his tight as a drum lower back. As I stepped in, he heard me and turned around. "Hey, look who it is!" he said, all smiling. "Is this your room?" "Yeah...yours too?" I said, stupidly. "Hell yeah," he said. "Looks like we're bunkmates!" Holy fuck. My roommate was a massive, hulking musclehead. And nice as hell too. How was I going to survive this. "I noticed some of your books, man, you gotta be pretty bright." "Thanks," I said, "I'm here on an academic scholarship, so I try and fake it." "That's cool as hell. You might have to help me out with some of my classes, bro, ‘cause all I really care about is lifting and growing!" Oh my god in heaven. "It sure as hell shows," I said. "My name's Scott, by the way." "Hey Scott, Jack." He put out his hand and we shook. I couldn't help looking at his huge pec rippling as we shook, and the silver dollar-sized nips staring at me. "Yeah, man, I know it shows, I see people staring at it all the time. I fucking LOVE it." With that he put his hands on his big pecs, cupping them and hoisting them up and down, then slowly ran his hands down over his amazing 8-pack abs. "And I can't wait to get even Bigger!" "HHow much you weigh now?" I stammered. I could hardly breathe, and my cock was getting real curious to get a peak for itself. "Weighed in yesterday at 279. We need to get a mirror in here. I love to watch my progress. Aiming to hit 320 by the end of the semester." I sat down on my bed before my knees gave out. "That's over 40 pounds in four months, Jack. Won't some of that be fat?" "Nah," he said, "Everything I eat turns to muscle, always has." With that he sat on his bed across from me, and raised his arm into a bicep shot. My cock was throbbing and inching up and out. "You like that, don't you, Scott? Twenty-two inches cold. And I'm not even flexing it yet." I was getting nervous as hell. My cock was starting to force its head outta my pants....but then I realized, so was his. He was getting totally into his own freak arm, rolling his wrist to make the bicep rise and fall, the heavy musclebelly totally under his control. "Yeah, look at this monster, Scott." He flexed it over and over, slowly and purposefully, almost trance-like, as he stroked himself with his other hand. He was leaking pre all over himself and so was I. His arm was pumping up huge, and his forearm looked like a bowling pin snaked with veins. "Now watch this, boy," he said, and he tightened his arm as hard as he could....his huge bicep balled up bigger than ever, the deep bicep split separating the two biceps heads, the rear one rising up over the front one, the peak rising up big as a tennis ball. I hadn't even touched myself, but I came. and came. and came. And so did he. We shot at the exact same time. We're roomies. More to cum…
  7. Just a reminder: You can find BBMikeNJ's stories in the current iteration of the forum by looking here: https://musclegrowth.net/profile/3125-bbmikenj/content/?type=forums_topic&change_section=1 Ditto, you can find his earlier stories in the pre-2007 Archive by searching the Author Index for BBMSN. https://archive2007.musclegrowth.net/index-byauthor.html There are a good couple dozen stories that aren't in either place. As time permits (and I'm retired, so a project like this one is right up my alley) I will be re-posting them here (Mike has kindly granted me permission to do so!) -- RPJ The Juicehead By BBMikeNJ Prologue I still remember the first time I saw him at my gym. Big strapping hairy brute of a man. Muscle on top of muscle in a white string tank top, and gray sweats that did nothing to hide his enormous glutes. Or his big package, which flopped around every time he moved. It was almost impossible for me not to stare at him, and to make matters worse, he flexed out in the mirror after every set he did. One pose after another, his veiny, pro bodybuilder quality muscle rippling and swelling with the slightest move. At one point, while he was doing a double bi pose, he saw me looking at him thru the mirror. He winked at me, then chuckled as he went back to posing. It scared the shit out of me, the way he laughed. He reminded me of that guy Eddiebigmuscle on YouTube. Rough and kinda scary, like he could snap your neck without thinking twice about it. Unlike Eddie, who was covered with tattoos, this guy only had one, a big Italian flag on his left arm. When I dared to look at him again, he was doing a lat spread. His lats jutted out an extra foot on each side of his enormous back. I had to get out of there. On my way out of the gym, I asked Ted, the manager, "Who's the new guy in the back?" "The juicehead?" he said. "He blows thru here about once a year. I hear he just got out of prison...got a year for dealing gear." I walked out onto the busy city street and down to the corner. I waited for the light to change with a crowd of people, and when it turned green and we started to walk, I realized my heart was still pounding hard. I hated that I was so attracted to enormous goons who looked like they could pummel the life out of me. I'd been a gymnast in college, and now, at 25, was still fit and trim, but at 5'7, 150lbs, was not match for an ex-con that was about 6'5, 280lbs of solid muscle. I was about halfway across the street when I heard a voice behind me say, "What's your hurry?" I turned around and saw him looking down at me. It was a chilly day, but he still had on just a tank top and sweats, although now he had a skull cap on his head. I froze in my tracks, and so did he. People moved around him like he was a huge boulder in a stream. Almost everyone did a double take at the massive hulk as they walked by. "What?" I stammered. I managed to start walking again, and he moved along side of me as we crossed the street. "I saw you looking at me back at the gym, thought you might want something. Maybe a little cycle or something, looks like you could use a little more size on you." "Nah, that's ok," I said, walking faster. "I got some new stuff, would jack you up quick. I've gained 10 solid pounds in a week," he said, keeping up with me easily. "Even making my dick bigger," he boasted. As we passed a bodega, there was a bike leaning against a parking meter. He went over and got on it. Odd that it wasn't locked, but I assumed it was his bike. I figured he was riding away as he bounced off the curb onto the street and pulled out into traffic. He weaved in and out of cars. I wasn't all that surprised that no one honked at him, ‘cause the dude looked like he could rip a car door right off its hinges. He rode back up on the sidewalk and came up to me again. "Come on, little dude, try one cycle. You know you could use another 30 lbs. of muscle." He gave my arm a hard squeeze and laughed. He rode up ahead of me, making people scatter out of his way on the sidewalk. I heard someone behind me going, "Where's my bike?" I saw two policemen getting out of a parked patrol car up ahead, and assumed they would grab the massive bike thief. Just then, I was passing by a walkway between two office buildings, so I turned into it and headed to the street at the other end of it. I walked fast, hoping that he wouldn't come zooming up to me on the bike, police in pursuit. I continued on home, looking back every now and then. When he didn't show up again, I was relieved, but also disappointed. That night, I couldn't think of anything but the big juicehead. The way he towered over me in the street, almost menacing in his approach. The way he'd made that bike look so small, his huge legs pedaling around, quads so jacked up you could see the size of them thru his gray sweats. I got into the shower to jack off to him. I imagined him joining me, stripping off his tank top, his big nips and black hairy chest as perfect as the pro wrestler Tyler Reks, only bigger and thicker and stronger. Then he strips off his sweats and exposes his enormous hairy bodybuilder quads and calves, and steps into the shower with me in his jock. As the shower wets his jockstrap, I can see the outline of his thick 9-inch cock. He makes me soap up his immense back and scrub down his 280lbs of muscle. "290," he corrects me, then he strips off his jock and soaps up his hard-on. "Just like back in prison," he says, his voice an octave deeper than mine as he bends me over and fucks the crap outta me. I cum so hard my jizz almost flies up over the showerhead. That night, in bed, I feel ashamed and dirty. So ashamed and dirty that I jerk off to the thought of being thrown into prison and ending up with the big juicehead as my cellmate. I went back to the gym the next day at my regular time. "Hey Ted," I said as I swiped my card. "Hey, Rick," he said, barely glancing up from his laptop. He was used to me coming in at this time. Ted was a big dopey jock, and I had the hots for him. He reminded me of Levi Johnston, if Levi was a solid 240lbs of muscle. Ted was real friendly and had a laid-backed confidence that seems to come with that 'big jock' territory. I went to the locker room to change, and when I came out, I headed for the stairs that led up to the second floor of the gym, where all the cardio equipment was. I try to do at least a ten minute warm-up on the treadmill before lifting, and then maybe more at the end of my workout, depending on time. As I turned the corner to the stairwell, there was the big juicehead from yesterday. Only he wasn't alone. He was on the stairs, intertwined with Jessica, one of the personal trainers at the gym. They were making out like two teenagers in heat, sprawled halfway across the stairs, making it next to impossible to get past them. I could see where a straight guy would find Jessica hot, with her long dark hair and big fake tits. She looked like J-Woww from the Jersey Shore. The juicehead was kissing her deep, and groping her tits so hard he was practically lifting her off her feet. At one point, they stopped kissing, and Jessica said, "Ohhh, Ant Knee, Ant Knee". It took me a second to realize that she was saying "Anthony" in her thick Brooklyn accent. I found myself frozen in place. I wasn't quite sure if I should say anything, or just try to squeeze by them on the steps. Suddenly, I heard a voice behind me say, "Come on, guys, get a room. People have to use the stairs" It was Ted. Jessica and the big brute broke their embrace and looked over at us. "Oh, sorry Teddy," said Jessica, pushing her mussed up hair out of her face. I knew that she and Ted had gone out together a couple of months ago, so it couldn't have been easy for him to see her being mauled by the 290 lb. musclehead, but when I looked back at him he just rolled his eyes at me. "Yeah, sorry about that, bro," said Anthony. He leaned back against the wall of the stairway and made an exaggerated sweep with his big left arm, while he adjusted the crotch of his sweats with his right hand. "Go ahead, little dude," he said to me. I made my way up the steps, trying not to look at either one of them. The cardio area has a row of treadmills facing out a wall of windows. I went over to one and started my usual workout. I wasn't on it for a minute when I heard someone getting on the treadmill right next to me. It seemed odd, given that there were a lot of empty treadmills that weren't next to anyone. Then I looked over and saw 'Ant Knee', dropping his gym bag next to the treadmill and climbing on. My heart started pounding faster than it should have given the pace I was walking at. God, he was huge. I heard the poor treadmill creak as he stepped onto the sides of it. He turned it on, set the speed, and raised up the angle. I had to look over and see what he set it for....6 mph at a 15% angle. I looked up at him, and he was staring right at me as he put his feet on the belt and started walking. "Where'd ya go yesterday, little dude?" he asked me. I disliked that he was calling me that, and especially because it turned me on. "I had to get home," I said. "Did the police stop you?" He laughed. "Those two schlubs are customers of mine. After a month on that shit I was telling you about, they're both busting the seams of their uniforms with new muscle. They stopped me yesterday so they could thank me." I looked at him in disbelief, but I knew he wasn't making it up. We walked for a couple of minutes in silence, but then I said to him, "I wouldn't have pictured you as the type to do much cardio." He chuckled again and said, "Yeah, never did till I started on this new gear. Now, just walking bloats my legs with pump. Check this out." He put one foot on each side of the belt. Then he leaned over and pulled up the leg of his sweatpants nearest to me, exposing his big hairy calf muscle. He flexed it, and as it balled up, the muscle jutted out to the side like the peak of a biceps, big and thick as Erik Fankhouser, if Erik was 6'5" tall. "20 inches cold," he said. "They'll swell to 22 by the time I'm done here. Then I go down and work them on the calf machine. Blast the shit outta them. And you should see the quads, little dude. I always had big veins. Now I got rivers of them. Rivers. I can feel them throb in between sets. And the sweep of the muscle is friggen mind-blowing. I could out-flex a pro with these legs, and they're just getting bigger. And now it's time to get them burning." He raised the angle of the treadmill to 20%, upped the speed to 12 mph, and started jogging. I was holding onto the arm bars to keep from sliding right off my machine. The thump-thump-thump of his huge Fankhouser-sized legs hitting the belt was pounding into my head. I stepped off my machine and turned it off. "You done already?" he said with a smirk as he jogged harder. His face was glistening with sweat, a bead of it rolling down thru his thick stubble. "Yeah, I gotta get going," I said, my head spinning. "Don't hurt yourself, little dude. Anytime you need a little boost, just ask." And he winked at me. I wasn't even hard, but I was pretty sure I came a little in my shorts. I started my workout, although I was pretty much just going thru the motions. All I could think about was the big juicehead upstairs. After about a half hour, he came down. It was worse than I'd imagined...or better, depending on how you looked at it...or him. His white string tank was wet with sweat, and clung to his big torso like a thin skin. At the first mirror he hit, he stopped and started posing. His double bi shot made the tank slide up his abs, exposing the bottom of his rock hard, flat-as-a-board stomach. My eyes were pulled to his ass, where his big globe glutes had sucked the fabric into his deep crack, which was totally soaked thru with his ass sweat. He went over to the squat rack and loaded the bar with a 100-lb. plate on each side. He did a 20 rep warm-up set with 245. Then he added 200 more pounds, and did another 20 reps. Then he added another 200lbs, bringing the bar to 645. But before he did his set, he pulled his tank off, wiped himself down with it, and tossed it aside. Then he pulled his sweatpants up over his calves and flexed them sideways in the mirror. Then he hit a most-muscular pose in the mirror, growling as he leaned toward his reflection. His back muscles rolled and swelled with size, especially up by his scapulas, where it looked like two musclebound aliens were trying to bust thru the skin, mounding and writhing with power. Then he ducked under the bar, rested it on his thick neck and traps, and did 15 slow, deep reps. He racked the bar and picked up his wet tank, wiping his face off. His chest heaved up and down as sweat matted his thick chest hair and rolled down his torso. I tried to focus on my own workout, but it wasn't easy. I heard him loading more 100-lb. plates to the bar, and got dizzy as I heard the heavy plates clanging as he banged out more reps. I did some sets of my own in another part of the gym, and the next time I looked over at him, he was doing donkey calf raises with the entire stack of the machine, plus four 100-lb. plates added to each side. Sweat was dripping off his nose and chin. I couldn't take anymore. I went into the locker room, opened up my locker, and sat down in front of it, trying to clear my head. I decided not to shower, and just wiped off with my towel. Not that I had sweat that much anyway, but wiping off my face helped bring me back to earth. I tossed the towel into my gym bag and stood up to leave. And there he was, standing at the end of the row of lockers looking at me. Ant Knee. "You like the show in there, little dude?" His intense leg workout had pumped his whole body up beyond anything I thought possible. Thick veins ran up and down his thick arms and across his delts and chest. He took a couple steps toward me, and I staggered back. "You ever seen anything like this?" he said, sweeping his fingers down his torso. His hairy 8-pack heaved in and out as he breathed. HIs big nips jutted out thru his swirling chest hair. Then he came at me, grabbed me with one hand under my armpit, lifted me like a feather and slammed me up against the lockers, high enough that I was face to face with him. I could smell the thick musk of muscle coming off him, rank and pungent, and entirely intoxicating. "Tell me you don't want size and power like this. This gear is like nothing I ever took before. I can feel it coursing thru my veins, feeding my muscle. Look at this," he said, and he opened the locker next to me and ripped the door off its hinges. Then he squeezed it in his hand and I watched as his fingers made the metal bend and crumple. Then he shoved it into the locker. "This shit has changed my DNA. I am friggen unstoppable. A fucking god. A superior species. Imagine me fighting a normal man...." "Everything OK in here?" I turned and saw Ted standing at the end of the lockers. I never would have thought that Ted would look small, but right then he did. "Everything's fine," I said hurriedly. "You sure?" Ted said with a frown on his face. "Yeah, Teddy, you heard the man. Go the fuck away," snarled Anthony. Ted took a step toward us. "It's OK," I said. I did not want to see Ted have to tangle with the massive crazy juicehead. "I had a cramp in my shoulder, Tony's just rubbing it out for me." "What happened to the locker door?" "I fell against it when my shoulder cramped." "That must have been some cramp," said Ted. "Yeah, it was," I said, "Good thing he was here to help out." "Uh huh," Ted said suspiciously. As he headed out of the locker room, he said, "You two try not to break anything else, OK?" "Sure thing, Ted," I said. When he left, Anthony put me down and said, "I'd break that guy in two." "Leave him alone. What do you want from me?" "I want to see what a cycle of my gear would do to a squirt like you. See if I can turn you into a mass monster." He put his hand on my crotch. I was already hard, and his touch made me arch my head back against the lockers. I reached out and put my hands on his lats. I could feel the iron hardness of his muscle. He pressed harder. "Aw yeah, I knew you wanted it. I'll make you big as Branch Warren, and so strong you could take your friend Teddy there and toss him around like a 3rd grader." He rubbed his hand on me harder. "I'll turn you into a god. Then I'll let you try and take me on. Winner take all." I arched into his grip and he squeezed my dick hard. I groaned as I came in my shorts. More to cum…
  8. Chapter 1: "Dusk of One Day, Dawn of Another." After a couple of failed attempts to write something half decent, I’m delighted to finally share with you the opening chapter of “The Devil By My Side”. Originally posted on another site, I decided to share it here. It's not entirely about muscle growth, but it does play a part in several chapters. It was co-written with a wonderful and talented friend of mine who; working together we've attempted to come up with a story we think is exciting, compelling and entertaining, and so, we hope you enjoy reading chapter one as much as we enjoyed writing it. All teenage characters are at the late stages of puberty, use of the word “boy” or “child” as a description is used to signify the advanced age of a demonic entity. Most of the individuals that call upon my kind often do so seeking something. A prize, a reward, a deal. They expect of us, try to make bargains and deals, but this… I could tell from the second he began reading the incantation that this was different. I suppose you could describe it as someone lightly tapping against a windowpane, not that my domain has windows; that’s how it started. But from the instant I felt him calling to me, I could feel that he wasn’t really seeking… anything. A grin crossed my face and I pondered internally: “A summoner without cause, how unusual”. Of course, many have tried to bring forth me and my brethren throughout the years - doubtless you may have read the stories told of people who succeeded, but none have ever done so with such a lack of direction; a lack of desire or need. And it was that that made me curious to answer his call; he’d barely even considered the requirements for a summoning; the rituals and pageantry, but those are the requirements we set for those who place requirements on us. This, was an unconditional invitation to the human world. The words tumbled lazily and mispronounced out of his mouth, but even if he was unable to pronounce my name correctly at the moment, I was certain that given time, it would be carved into his mind. And so, ever the courteous guest, I decided to answer the call. A blinding flash of light poured into my eyes and instinctively I held my hand above my face to shield them; within moments I adjusted to the glow of the late evening sun dappling through the trees. “What the fu… where am I?!” I heard a voice cry, I lowered my gaze to see the Mortal facing away from me. He turned in position trying to find his bearings and as he did, our eyes locked. A look of horror as he took in my visage; from the charred grass circling my feet up my sculpted body and back to my face. His breath quickened. “Are you…?” He quizzed, the words failing to leave his mouth. I remained staring at the youthful male, he seemed as confused as I was. “Why did you call me to this place” I rumbled. “Wait… what?!” He stammered. “I….. I didn’t. I was just reading. Who are you?! And where are my friends? A minute ago, I was in the basem… I didn’t summon you… I don’t even know how to…” The panic rose in his voice as he continued to speak - I took a step forward. And he instinctively took one back. “Please don’t kill me! Please… I’ll just leave…” he cried. I took another step. He jolted backwards, his back pressing against one of the towering trees surrounding us. “I won’t tell anyone.. you certainly don’t need to hurt me.” I stepped forward once more, narrowing the gap between the two of us. “Please!” He wailed, his eyes becoming glassy. “Whatever you want… I…” “Silence, child!” I roar. “Are you always so quick to cower?… it sickens me.” I sneer I take the final step towards him, leaving only inches between us. He flinches, pushing himself as far away from me as he can. Fear flushes through him; and I relish in being so fearful. I snap my fingers and behind me, the ground rumbles and groans. Grass and soil shifting upwards and hardening into a coal-black seat. Sitting down I maintain eye contact. “Seems to me, young one, we’re in an unprecedented situation.” I murmer. "Please Sir… err… Mr. Demon, Sir… don’t kill me. I don’t want to die. I’ll do anything you ask of me. Just please, spare my life!” He nervously pants. I stare at him continually, then I begin to chuckle. “You are in no position to make any demands of m…” The words catch in my mouth, it’s typical to lie when entering into a contract with a summoner. But this time, there’s no need. “Yes…” I allow myself a moment to consider the situation; my mind gleefully races. He looks at me, fear his your eyes but a look of confusion. “If there is no contract… then I am unbound.” I muse to myself. Thoughts continue to rush through my mind. Suddenly I snap my attention back to the youthful Mortal and laugh a hearty, deep sinister laugh. “You made no demands. No requests. No bargains or deals.” I summarise. “As such, I owe you nothing. And so, you are of no use to me.” My eyes flare with an infernal crimson light. I fix my focus into his eyes… my intent is to destroy him, to engulf his brain with flames inside his skull. Destroying the one witness of my arrival and only creature in this realm who might know of a way to banish me. But, the second I try I feel a shooting pain across my skull and cease immediately. ‘Wh… what just happened?!” The mortal asks, stunned. I grasp my brow and rub the surface “The pain…” I groan. Inside the mortal’s head, a thought compels him to start running. “Go you moron! Don’t just stand there! Run! Run for your life!” But as his inner voice screams at him, he finds himself moving forward. “Why am I moving forward?” He questions his actions. “Why am I not running away?” But his curiosity has taken over and he continues inching closer and closer towards me. As he nears me, I once again feel the urge to harm him, before he harms me. I sharply extend my arm and wrap my hand firmly around his neck. A smile of triumph painted onto my face. But, as I squeeze, I feel the pressure within my own throat - the harder I force myself, the less I’m able to breathe. As my lungs start to burn, I drop the boy. We both collapse to the ground, coughing and spluttering; gasping for air. I manage to choke out the words “If I were you, mortal. I would run.” The voice in his head urges him to heed the creature’s warning and go, try to save his life. But for some reason he simply didn’t want to move. He should have feared for the safety of his friends, he should have been at least a mile away by now, but he simply couldn’t ignore a second voice in his head which had been teasing him for some time now: “Why can’t he hurt me? Why does he feel what I am feeling? When he tried to squeeze the life out of me, he nearly succeeded in killing himself”. He couldn’t go. He was too… curious to go. He’d almost died on the spot when the Demon had tried to choke him, but one thing was clear to him. The Demon couldn’t harm him. "You can’t hurt me demon!” The Mortal shouted. “There’s nothing you can do to me.” “Perhaps not physically, boy.” I snapped back. “What?!” He froze “What do you mean?” I stare at him.. my healed and pain-free mind is literally racing. I have never encountered a human who can’t be harmed. Mind you, I’ve never encountered a human… in this domain. Which reminds me… there’s a whole world out there for me to explore now! And so I grin at the small mortal. “In time, you and the rest of your kind will witness precisely what I mean. But for now, you’re not worth my attention, child. So take your good fortune, flee and be thankful for it.” I turn from him and begin striding away. The soil beneath my feet a welcome reminder of my newly found freedom. But as our distance widens, I begin to feel as if I’m wading through the river of Styx. Each step becomes more and more of a vigorous effort. I look back over my shoulder and see him continuing to stare at me. With every ounce of strength in my powerful body, I take one further step and in the corner of my eye, I see him stumble forward. With each energy sapping footstep I see his body dragged across the ground in my direction. Nearing exhaustion I stop. “No.” I groan. “No it can’t be.” The realisation is dawning on me. “YOU!” I snap at the boy “What hex have you cast upon me?!” As he watches the Demon trying to leave in vain, the human heard him yelling and he thought about the situation quickly. His mind tried to rationalise: ”He can’t run away from me. He can’t harm me. I summoned him. Accidentally, yes.. but he made it out of Hell just because… I called him out. I told him to come here…” A crazy idea pops into the boy’s mind. He raises his head and locked eyes with me. “Hey you! Demon!” The boy cried. “Kneel!” A wave of anger flushes through me “I KNEEL FOR NO ONE!!!” I roar back. But, in the darkest parts of my being, as he spoke the words… I did feel a compulsion. The boy, without even thinking, opened his mouth and yelled once more: "Oh you will kneel for ME! YOUR master! I summoned YOU! You are here thanks to me!” He bawled.” Now you have to do as I command you! I know you’re unable to harm me, which means I must have some sort of power over you! So when I say kneel. YOU - WILL - KNEEL!” As he howled the last word, I felt the earth shudder beneath my feet. The idea enters my mind. Not from my own will… but I can feel it… his anger, his desire, his will pushing into me. And so I resist. I fight the overriding desire to kneel to him. But I feel my body quiver. In horror I watch as my legs fold under me. I fight again. Pushing my obvious supremacy back against his request. But I sink lower. Before I can take stock of the situation, I am on bended knee. Eyes to the ground. I raise my head and am instantly shocked at what I see. The boy was kneeling too. In that instant, we are a physical mirror of each other. And he appeared just as shocked as I was. A smile crosses my face again. “That didn’t seem to work as you intended, did it… ‘Master’?” “What is happening?!” The boy panicked internally. "Why am I kneeling? That shouldn’t be… What has he done to me?”The fear flashing across his eyes. “Seems to me, ‘Oh Glorious Master,’” I smirk, “that you and I, are bonded.” “What the hell does that mean?!” The Mortal snaps. I take a second to consider the question and the grin on my face slowly fades. “Honestly…? I don’t know.” “How can you not know?!” He blurted. “As I said earlier, young one, we are in uncharted territory here.” I begin. “When a summoner calls upon a demon, they do so with intent…. so what did you intend, boy?” The boy stops. His memory trying to recall. “When I read what was on the paper, I didn’t have any intent whatsoever.. I didn’t even know what it was!” He cried. “I simply came here tonight with my friends because the guys said this place was abandoned - I like spooky tales… I wanted to go on an adventure and explore the supernatural with the guys.” “That! There!” I realise. “That’s it.” “What’s it?!” He quizzes. “I don’t understand.” “You… desire to belong.” I ponder. “These ‘guys’, you desire to be in their company?” The boy breaks my gaze. He looks awkwardly at his feet. “Well… yes… I do… I really do… but it’s… not so simple.” I look blankly at the youthful mortal. “Calling them ‘friends’… isn’t accurate.” He continues. “They’re actually bullies - they’ve mistreated me since I started high school. Always said that I was weak, a ‘pussy’.” He grumbled. “Today, when they dared me to go there, I thought ‘well, tonight we are gonna see who’s the pussy!’ I was sure a bunch of muscle-heads like those guys were all tough on the outside, but in reality had issues and complexes as every other person on earth!” I looked at the pitiful boy, “You thought that would win their friendship?” I chuckled. “You wanted…. a friend?” “To be honest, I wanted to be more than just a friend to those guys…” He replied as I shifted from kneeling to sitting on the ground. “Go on…” “Well… you see… I have realised for sometime now that… I’m not interested in women… I’m attracted to men. Those guys played a major role in that. Since I can remember, they’ve treated me like shit, as if I was their inferior - as if I was someone who simply should worship them - for they were the prime males of their world, the top dogs, the alpha men. They have been calling me faggot for years now, humiliating me in front of everyone in the school: In front of my classmates, in front of the teachers. They have been accusing me of ogling, staring at their muscles and their… packages.” The truth poured out of the young human. “To be honest, I tried to become like them, do some sports, put on some muscle, but the coach didn’t believe in me and put me in the locker room cleaning up after his boys’ mess. And there was the first time I felt it. They were always showing off their muscled bodies, accusing me of being a faggot looking at them, desiring them, wanting to suck their cock and clean their sweaty muscles with my tongue… well… that was my world, and, if you spent year after year waking up and going to sleep having all this in your head playing over and over again, I assume even if it weren’t true, eventually it becomes your reality. And that’s how I started falling in love with them, looking at them undress in the lockers, smelling their pungent stink after every practice, seeing the sweat dripping off their shirts and compression shorts…. I wanted to be everywhere they were. After a certain point, I stopped caring about their insults, I simply didn’t care as long as I was close to them, seeing them, smelling them… And that’s how I ended up here, tonight, sitting…. wherever the hell we are…. talking to a demon.” I took a moment to look at the boy from head to toe. Most people who had disclosed what he had would do so with a sense of self-pity or shame… but in him… it was almost like he was indifferent to it. Like he had accepted his role as an inferior so entirely… and it didn’t sit well with me. “So, that’s what the whole ’kneel’ matter was about? You trying to dominate?” I pondered.“I still don’t see how that would bond us.” I mused aloud. “Perhaps I’m not supposed to.” I rose to my feet; and offered the young Mortal a hand up. “He works in mysterious ways.” I smiled. “God?” He asked. “No… the other guy.” I grinned, pointing a thumb down. The boy stared at my two softly glowing eyes as he extended his hand towards the demon. “So you don’t want to kill me now?” “Something tells me it would be best for us both for me to not.” I take a chance to breathe deep. “Besides, it might be best to have someone who knows much of the human world.” I smiled. “Especially if I’m going to claim it.” The colour seemed to drain from the boy’s face “’Claim it’?! You mean, you want to own the world?!” “Well now, see here’s the thing. As you summoned me without condition… I have no need to return… down there.” I stroke a hand tenderly down the young mortal’s face. “And I’m going to need a helping hand to make myself comfortable here. You’ve told me what you want with your ‘friends’, that’s well within the scope of possibility.” I stretch as if waking from a deep sleep. “But you’re thinking awfully small, little mortal.” “What do you mean?!” The young human asked. “A couple boys who’ve bullied you? I can look into what awaits… a whole existence of being second best; beat down, ignored and belittled.” I grasp his shoulder. “But now; the two of us… we can make this world whatever we want.” “I don’t understand. How can I, a human, help a supernatural being as you? I have no powers, no influence as a person in this world.” He speaks, panic and nervousness quickened his speech. “And why should I help you? After all you’re a demon, you say you want to ‘claim’ the world. Why should I be the one to bring damnation on the entire human race?” “You’re not getting this, are you? Little one.. you and me. We’re stuck together. Joined at the soul for the rest of eternity. And as you say - you have no power, no influence. So I guess what I’m saying is this; you’re along for the ride whether you want to be or not”. I grinned wildly.
  9. Just a reminder: You can find BBMikeNJ's stories in the current iteration of the forum by looking here: https://musclegrowth.net/profile/3125-bbmikenj/content/?type=forums_topic&change_section=1 Ditto, you can find his earlier stories in the pre-2007 Archive by searching the Author Index for BBMSN. https://archive2007.musclegrowth.net/index-byauthor.html There are a good couple dozen stories that aren't in either place. As time permits (and I'm retired, so a project like this one is right up my alley) I will be re-posting them here (Mike has kindly granted me permission to do so!) -- RPJ My New Pal By BBMikeNJ The first time I saw him, I was sitting on the front porch of my parents' summer cottage. It was hot as hell outside, but the porch was shaded by a big pine tree, so it wasn't too bad. Besides, it was cooler than inside the cottage, which had no air conditioning. I was done with college for the summer, and my parents weren't coming down till the middle of August, so I had the place to myself for a while. I'd just gotten back from a jog at the beach, and was sitting there drinking a MaxWhey drink when I saw this kid on the front sidewalk. He kept walking back and forth past the cottage, and as he did, he was pretending to be playing the drums with his hands. The funny thing was, he actually had a pair of drumsticks in his hands. He looked like he was about 20 years old, and was wearing a knit cap with red hair sticking out around the bottom, a white tee shirt with an old vest, baggy cargo pants that looked about 6 inches too long for him. He was kind of a chubby kid. Well, chubby might be too harsh. Stocky or husky might be closer. I could see by the way his tee shirt hugged his gut fat that he was not in great shape, but he looked like a heavyset kid that carried his weight well, since the rest of him looked pretty thick and solid. By about the fifth time he passed by the house, I yelled out to him. "You need help finding something?" He stopped drumming and looked up, surprised to see someone on the porch. "Nah," he said, "I'm just waiting on my sister. She's visiting the old lady that lives down the block," he said, pointing with a drumstick. "Oh, okay. Do you wanna come up here and wait in the shade?" I asked him. It was close to 90 degrees already, and the sun was beating down on him out on the pavement. "Yeah?" he asked. "Sure, man, that'd be great." He came up to the porch, put both drumsticks in one hand, and reached out with the other hand to shake. "My name's Tommy." "Joe," I said, as we shook. His hand was big and chubby. Again, maybe not so much chubby as beefy, and more solid than I'd expected, and he had really thick wrists. As he stepped up on the porch, I realized that we were about the same height at 5'11". He was heavy enough that the old porch floorboards creaked under his weight, which I guessed to be about 220. "Have a seat," I said. "Thanks, Joe," he said, as he plopped down into an old wicker chair, that also creaked under his weight. "It's nice up here," he said as he looked around and wiped some sweat off his brow. "You want some water or something?" "Nah, I'm good," he said. "My sister volunteers to read to old people during the summer. She'll probably only be about a half hour or so." He sat his drumsticks down on the side table. "And you just wait for her on the street while she does this?" Tommy laughed, and said, "Not usually. Her car was in the shop, so I gave her a ride today. I figured I'd practice my drumming skills, like you saw." "Are you in a band?" "Yeah, for about six months now. Problem is lately, when we're playing, my forearms swell up and start to ache like crazy. They burn like they're on fire, but I can't stop in the middle of a set, so I just keep going and force myself thru the pain, and just about the point where I think I can't take it anymore, I go into a zone, where the pain is still there, but it's almost like pleasure too. And once the set is done, my forearms have veins all over them. They look sorta like yours, only a lot more veiny." "I'm dieting down for a bodybuilding show next month," I said, looking down at my forearms. "It makes the veins stand out pretty good. I don't really see that many on yours." "Watch," he said. He put his forearms out, his palms up, onto the arms of the wicker chair. The underside of his forearms just looked thick and white to me, no veins showing. In fact, I couldn't even see much muscle. But then, he balled his thick hands into fist and clenched them. His forearms looked like they turned to stone, and the thick belly of them bulged out big as bowling pins. He clenched his fists harder and harder, and the skin under his fingers turned white, even as the rest of his thick palms grew redder and redder. His forearms swelled with gnarly ropes of muscle, and then the veins began to pop up. Slowly at first, but then, it was like a magic trick. "Jesus," I said, mesmerized. "I know....keep watching." And he clenched and unclenched his fists. More veins popped up. Then he leaned forward, let his arms hang down, and shook out his hands. I could see his fores turning redder as blood engorged them. They swelled even fuller. "Let's compare," he said, holding out his left arm. I put my arm next to his. He had four times more veins then I had, snaking all over the belly of his fores, and they looked thicker and harder than mine. His forearm was half again as big as mine, too. "Dude," I said, standing up. "I know, freaky, right? Yours looks kinda stringy, Joe, you dieting too much?" he asked sincerely. "No, it's what I gotta do to get these," I said, lifting my tee shirt to show my abs, which I admit I did partly to repair my ego after seeing his insane fores. My abs, I knew, he could not match. "Holy smokes, Joe, you got that Situation dude beat with those suckers." Grinning, I flexed them harder. Then I pinched the skin on them and moved it back and forth. It was tight as cellophane over my stomach. "Man," said Tommy, "you could cut diamonds with that gut. You're so skinny!" "I prefer shredded to skinny, man," I said sort of defensively. "Oh, sorry, Joe. You are definitely shredded then. How much you weigh?" "I'm at 195 right now, want to get to 185 for the show." "You wanna lose ten more pounds?? Man, you'll blow away in a stiff wind!" "Well, it's a natural show, so none of the guys are that big." I said, again somewhat defensively. "How much do you weigh?" "I'm around 235 right now, but I seem to keep gaining," he said sort of sheepishly, and it made me feel bad for asking. "And I'm getting clumsier too. The other day I ripped a doorknob right out of a door at my house. My Pops was like 'Goddamit, Tommy, first you eat me outta house and home, and now you're tearing the place apart'." "Is that your dad?" "Naw, I live with my grandpa, I call him Pops. He's a retired Marine, and he acts all rough and tough, but he showed me how to replace the doorknob. I kinda wanted to see if I could crush it though, but I knew he'd get mad." "You think you could have crushed the doorknob?" "Yeah, I think so. I've always been pretty strong, but the past 6 months, seems like I've gotten stronger. "What was the doorknob made of? "Brass." Tommy was looking at his right hand, and rolling his thick fingers back and forth. It made me swallow hard to think that he could have dented in a brass doorknob with that hand. "Wait here a second," I said, heading inside. I came back out with my gym bag, and dropped it onto the porch. I opened it up and started looking thru it. "What are you looking for?" Tommy asked. "I have a pair of handgrips in here I want you to try." "Nah, man, that's okay. Pops gave me a pair about 3 months ago. I crushed the handles on them first time I tried it. He just shook his head and walked away." "Seriously?" I said, looking up at him. "What were the handles made of?" "Heavy plastic." "Okay, these should be better," I said, pulling out my pair from the gym bag. "These are called Captains of Crush, and are made of heavy metal." I handed it over to him. He played with it in his hand, looking it over, and I realized as his fingers engulfed the gripper, that his hand was way bigger than mine. "How many times can you do it?" he asked me, working the gripper deeper into his grip. "This one is a number 3, and they only go up to 4, so it's real hard to close. I can get 10 to 15reps with the number 2, and about 3 or 4 with this one." I failed to mention to him that I have to cheat a little by either pressing it against my leg, or using a little help from my other hand. Tommy lifted the grippers up toward his face, and looked at it. Then he started to squeeze. "Oh yeah, these are definitely harder than the ones my Pops gave me," he said. "See, I told you." Then he tapped the ends together. And held it there. "Wow," he said, "this feels awesome!" Then he opened up the grippers and tapped them closed again. And again. Soon he was tapping it closed fast as a pair of castanets. I counted 30 reps before he stopped. Then he tossed the grippers to his left hand, and did 30 reps with it. Then he tossed them down into the wicker chair, and started rolling his fists around as we both stared at his fores. "Joe, man, I feel like I could bend steel with my bare hands right now!" "Fuck, Tommy, I have no doubt." My heart was pounding a mile a minute at such a display of grip strength. "My forearms are like two gigantic hardons, they're so freakishly swollen! You should feel them!" "Tommy, geezus..." I could see that he was chubbing up in his pants, and so was I. "You got those numbers 4's around? I wanna crush them!" "Shit man, I wish I did! I got a weight set out back we could use. How often you lift?" "I never have," he said, without looking away from his bloated fores. My god, how could that be? "Tommy, how old are you?" "I just turned 18 last week." "You want to learn how to lift?" "You know, I never thought I would, but now I got an ache inside to try it out." As I looked at the big kid flexing his forearms on my porch, I realized that he had broader shoulders than I did, and thru his tee, his delts looked rounded and solid. Maybe a lot of it was fat. Maybe it wasn't. What would happen if he started training hard? "Come on, bro, let's go out back and I'll show you," I said. "Heck yeah, bro," he said, putting his big heavy forearm across my shoulders as we headed inside. My knees almost buckled from the weight of it. "I'm sure glad I came up here today." "Me too, man. Me too." More to cum…
  10. Just a reminder: You can find BBMikeNJ's stories in the current iteration of the forum by looking here: https://musclegrowth.net/profile/3125-bbmikenj/content/?type=forums_topic&change_section=1 Ditto, you can find his earlier stories in the pre-2007 Archive by searching the Author Index for BBMSN. https://archive2007.musclegrowth.net/index-byauthor.html There are a good couple dozen stories that aren't in either place. As time permits (and I'm retired, so a project like this one is right up my alley) I will be re-posting them here (Mike has kindly granted me permission to do so!) -- RPJ Barista Muscle The Starbucks down the street from my apartment wasn't the one I usually went to because it was the opposite direction from how I went to work. But one day when I was off from work, I stopped in. I was glad I did, too, because the kid working the register was a jacked up 5'8" muscle-head. The short sleeves of his black Starbucks polo were pushed up to his delts by his bulging arm muscles. As I placed my order, I realized that I recognized him. "Didn't you used to work the front desk at the Gold's Gym on 2nd Avenue?" I asked him after I placed my order. "Yeah, I did," he answered with a big smile. The kid was very good looking on top of being thick with muscle, and I say kid because I didn't think he was any older than 20 or 21. "You've gotten...bigger," I said. He laughed, and said, "Yeah, about 40 pounds bigger since I worked there. Your name's Frank, right?" "Yeah," I said, a little surprised that he'd remember my name. "Nick," he said, reaching his hand across the counter. We shook hands, and I was surprised at how big and thick his hand felt. "I was only 180lbs when I worked at Gold's, now I'm around 225. But I was only 19 then." It didn't seem like it'd been long since he worked there. "How old are you now?" I asked. "Twenty." "You've gained 45lbs in a year?" "Yeah," he said with another big smile. His pecs flexed and made the straps of his green apron bounce up and down. "The size is coming on real easy. See?" He flexed his left arm, and a huge peak rose up and pushed his sleeve back even higher. "My god, Nick." "Yeah, I know, right? Over 19" now. Makes me want even more." He looked at his peak, and with a twist of his fist, made the peak pop out even higher, and his biceps split deepened across the top like a winding mountain road. "Fuck," I said. "It's crazy, right? And check out the veinage." He straightened his arm out toward me, then turned his hand palm up, and showed me the bottom of his forearm. "I haven't even worked out yet today, you should see it then," he said as he clenched his fist over and over, making an entire network of veins pulse up under his skin. "Touch it," he said I had to lean against the counter to keep my knees from buckling. Then I reached out my hand and ran it across the bumpy "veinage" of his bowling pin shaped forearm. "You like that, Frank?" I shook my head yes. "Yeah, I thought so, I could see it in your face. Even at Gold's, I could tell you were into it, and I was just a punk then." He pulled his arm back and flared out his big shoulders. "Not everyone gets it. But just wait. I'm bulking up now, want to hit 260 before I cut back." By now, there was a short line of people behind me. "I better go," I said, and as I turned to leave, Nick said, "Don't you want your order?" "Oh...yeah," I said, turning back to grab my latte. "Almost forgot." He leaned across the counter as he handed me my drink. "You are into it, aren't you, man?" he said. Then he winked at me. "Just wait." I walked out of the store, turned towards my apartment. I had to lean against the building next to Starbucks. I surreptitiously adjust myself in my pants. I was going to be coming to this store a lot more often. I had to see Nick hit 260 bulked. Maybe I could convince him to go for 280 plus. More to cum…
  11. Just a reminder: You can find BBMikeNJ's stories in the current iteration of the forum by looking here: https://musclegrowth.net/profile/3125-bbmikenj/content/?type=forums_topic&change_section=1 Ditto, you can find his earlier stories in the pre-2007 Archive by searching the Author Index for BBMSN. https://archive2007.musclegrowth.net/index-byauthor.html There are a good couple dozen stories that aren't in either place. As time permits (and I'm retired, so a project like this one is right up my alley) I will be re-posting them here (Mike has kindly granted me permission to do so!) -- RPJ Blue Collar Muscle By BBMikeNJ I hadn't seen Bennie for about four years. He'd been best friends with my next door neighbor, and had done some handyman work around my house. But when he and my neighbor had a falling out, he didn't come around anymore. I'd give him a call from time to time, but he never returned my messages, so I figured he didn't want to come around. I stopped calling him, and found another handyman, but the new guy was no Bennie. Bennie was a handsome blue collar guy, half Italian, half Puerto Rican, where he'd lived until he was 14, and he still had a heavy accent. He didn't lift, but he'd played football in high school, and, at 32 years old, was a swarthy solid ex-jock, albeit with some extra poundage on his gut. He had a thick meaty ass that his jeans highlighted perfectly. He had a great handshake too: big hands, thick strong fingers, his grip just right, not too strong or too weak, although I could always sense some brick-crushing strength in it. And the skin of his palms was surprisingly silky, especially given his occupation. About a month ago, my neighbor moved away. Not long after that, I looked out front and noticed Bennie's work truck parked in the new neighbor's driveway. I heard voices on the porch, and then saw a guy walking to the truck. He was facing away from me, so I couldn't tell if it was Bennie. This guy had a tight fitting work tee on, and his back was bigger than Bennie's had been. Much bigger. Dude had a powerlifter's back, broad and thickly muscled. It vee'd down to his jeans, drawing my attention to his ass, which was stunning. It was like someone took Bennie's great ass and morphed it till it was twice as beefy as before. Rounded and high, his muscular cheeks rolled as he waddled toward the truck. I went out front and headed over to the truck. I wanted to find out how Bennie was doing. Plus, I would have used any excuse to go and talk to this hulking handyman. By the time I got to him, he had opened the driver's door and was standing on the running board, leaning over into the cab. His tee shirt had pulled out of the top of his jeans and just a bit of his crack was showing. With my new handyman, who is fat and not attractive, I turn away when I see the plumber's crack peeking out, but with this guy, I wanted to bury my face in it. "Hey there, man," I said as I approached. "Are you working with Bennie?" I heard him shuffling around in the cab, and his bent head looked out at me thru his right arm pit. "Hey, Mike," he said, as he stood upright out of the cab, and hopped down to the driveway. "How the heck you been?" He put his hand out to shake. "Bennie?" I said in amazement, taking his hand and shaking it, his smooth palm wrapping around mine. It was his hand alright, but his forearms had gotten enormous. The muscles in them swelled as we shook. His blue eyes twinkled at me as he smiled, and his perfect teeth were so white, I wondered if he'd had them brightened. "Yeh, it's me, man. How long has it been?" I looked him up and down, and said, "I'd guess about 40 lbs. of muscle ago." His smile got even bigger. "Yeah, you noticed that, huh? I took up lifting after my divorce. And it's closer to 50 lbs." We broke off our handshake, and his pecs flexed in his tight tee. "Jesus, Bennie, you are huge!" "Yeah, right?" he said. "I started gaining size from my first workout. Haven't hit a plateau yet." "When was your divorce?" "Six months ago." "You've gained 50lbs in six months?" "Yeah, it's wild, right? The guys at my gym are like 'Man, you should totally compete'. But right now I'm just enjoying the crazy pumps I get. Even when I'm working, I get insane pumps. I was just sanding down a cabinet inside, and look at my forearms." Bennie held out his arms and turned his palms upright. There was a vast network of veins pulsing up and down the underside of his forearms. "Whoa," I said. "Yeah. And watch this." He clenched his hands into fists, and his forearm muscles bounced to attention, bulging up and out, shoving the veins up even higher against his taut skin. "Dude," I stammered. "Yeah. And it's not all just for looks either, Mike. My strength gains have been nuts. I mean, I've always had a strong grip from all the carpentry I do, but now, I could crush a brick with my bare hands." He opened up his hands and closed them again, as if he were crushing bricks. He squeezed his fists so tightly that the flesh around his fingers turned white. Then he opened up his hands and wiped them off on his jeans. I noticed how his big legs filled the pant legs tight, straining the seams. "How you been doing? The house holding up on you?" he asked, nodding toward my place. "Huh?" I said, forcing my eyes off his bulging crotch. "Oh yeah, my place. There's always something that needs work...although you might know that if you ever returned your messages," I said teasingly. Bennie grinned sheepishly at me and said, "Yeah, I know, I'm a dickhead about that. I should have come by more, but you know how things were with John. Why don't we go take a look now?" "At my place? You got time?" He looked at his watch. "Yeah, I got time. Long as I don't miss my workout," he said, grinning. He put his hand on my shoulder as we headed across the lawn to my house. His big thumb rubbed into my traps. "Two hours of hardcore lifting, six nights a week now, and I never miss it. Gets me sweating like a pig, and pumped up like someone inflated me with a hose. I can't believe I didn't get into this sooner. I love it." We went into my house, and I led Bennie into the basement. "See that outside wall over there?" I said, pointing to the cinder block wall that was all black with mildew and mold. "Ah, yeah, you got a problem," he said. "Hey, is that a chin-up bar?" "Yeah," I answered. I had put one up between two beams on the ceiling. "How many can you do?" he asked me. "I can work up to 20 if I do overhand grip," I said. "That's good man. I started doing one-handed ones." With that, he reached up and grabbed the bar with one hand, then pulled himself up. He did rep after rep....10...20...25. "Pull down on me," he said. I grabbed him around the waist and pulled. He did 10 more reps, then switched arms. "Hang off me," he said. So I wrapped my legs around his legs and held on. I heard the beams creaking as he did 15 one-arm pull-ups. He dropped down and shook out his arms as I peeled myself off his legs and sat on the floor. "See what I mean about my pump?" he said, and he raised his arms and flexed them. His tee shirt sleeves were pushed back by the rising biceps peaks, which had a deep split in them, and as he squeezed his arms, the split moved from front to back, then front again. His arms were huge, and, as if he knew what I was thinking, he said, "Twenty inches....and growing." I looked up at him in awe. The low ceiling of the basement made him look even bigger than he was, especially looking up at him from the floor. His double-bi shot had made his lats spread out at his sides, and lifted his shirt bottom by about 4 inches, exposing the hairy ridged abs of his lower waist. When he reached down to help me up, I grabbed his hand with mine, and he pulled me up with such force that I banged into his chest as I stood. He didn't budge an inch. "Sorry," he said, "not used to my own strength yet." He turned and walked over to the basement wall to take a closer look. "Yeah, this definitely needs to be cleaned up and sealed." I couldn't take my eyes off his big back, his tee now stained down the middle with sweat, making it cling to his muscle from the base of his neck, down his spine, and to his waistline. He turned to me and said, "I can come back this week and get started on it, if you want." "That'd be great," I said. We headed toward the stairs and I let Bennie go first. My face was inches away from his perfect ass, all muscled up and rounded, pulling the seam of his jeans into his deep crack. We walked out to my front porch and shook hands. I felt the smooth skin of his beefy palm pressing against mine. "I'll call you sometime this week," he said, still holding my hand in his. "Good seeing you again, Mike. We should work out together sometime." "That'd be great," I said again, as if these were the only words my mind could pull together at the moment. He turned and sauntered down the steps. I looked down at his big broad shoulders and realized that he already had the development of a pro bodybuilder. How much bigger could he get? More to cum…
  12. Just a reminder: You can find BBMikeNJ's stories in the current iteration of the forum by looking here: https://musclegrowth.net/profile/3125-bbmikenj/content/?type=forums_topic&change_section=1 Ditto, you can find his earlier stories in the pre-2007 Archive by searching the Author Index for BBMSN. https://archive2007.musclegrowth.net/index-byauthor.html There are a good couple dozen stories that aren't in either place. As time permits (and I'm retired, so a project like this one is right up my alley) I will be re-posting them here (Mike has kindly granted me permission to do so!) -- RPJ Blind Date By BBMikeNJ I'd lived in Miami about two months when my friend Tom called from back home, telling me that he could hook me up on a blind date down here. Apparently, I'd been complaining about being lonely, and, not being much of a club person, was having trouble meeting people. But I'd never resorted to a blind date before, so I was skeptical. Tom didn't even know the guy. Tom's friend Chuck, who I didn't know, knew a guy who knew this guy. "That sounds pretty removed," I said to Tom. "Come on, what have you got to lose, Ralph? I hear he's a powerlifter." That sparked my interest, certainly, and I paused long enough for Tom to say, "Man, you are such a muscle whore." "No I'm not," I said. "What's his name?" Tom laughed and told me the guy's name was Malcolm. Then he gave me Malcolm's number. "Go ahead, at least text the guy," he said. "Live a little. Just make sure you meet somewhere in public, in case he turns out to be a mess. Or a serial killer." "Thanks a lot, you're a big help. Hopefully he won't look like that kid from Malcolm in the Middle." After we hung up, I sat on my couch for ten minutes staring at my phone, deciding whether to get in touch with Malcolm or not. I'd start a text, and then erase it. Then I'd do it again. My heart pounded faster just thinking about it. Finally, I decided that Tom was right. What did I have to lose? I typed out a text: Hey Malcolm. My name's Ralph. Am new to Miami. A friend of mine suggested we get together sometime. Hit me up if you're interested. I hit the Send button. Ok, that's done, I thought to myself. I'll probably never hear back from him. I put the phone down on the coffee table and started to walk away. I didn't get two steps when the phone beeped. I picked it up and opened the new text: Sounds good. you free Friday nite? Oh boy. I texted back: Friday's cool. When and where? He answered: There's a sushi place I like in coconut grove. 6 too early? I have to work at 8. What kinda work? I asked. Bouncing from 8 to 4, he replied. Oh boy. I told him 6 was ok and he sent me the address. "See you there," I texted. My heart was pounding like a jackrabbit's as I walked into the sushi place. I'd gotten lost, and was a half hour late, but I'd texted Malcolm and he seemed cool with it. The restaurant was already busy, and when I told the waiter I was meeting someone, he nodded over to the left, and walked away. I scanned the tables in that direction. Most of them had couples or foursomes. Finally I saw a table with one person seated. It was a huge black guy in a white dress shirt. His hair was done up in long dreadlocks. I walked over toward him. His head was bent down as he finished off a sushi roll. His neck had to be 20 inches round. As I approached the table, he looked up. He took a big swallow and said, "Ralph?" "Yeah," I said. "Malcolm? As he stood up, his chair screeched across the tile floor behind him. He rose up and up and up. He appeared to be about 6'6", and towered over my 5'7". He put out his hand to shake, and as he wrapped his thick fingers around mine, I saw that his hand was nearly twice the size of mine. His shoulders were broad and thick, stretching out his shirt at least a yard, and his big chest pushed the buttons till they strained. He was no Malcolm in the Middle....more like Malcolm XXXL. "Sorry I'm late," I said as we shook. "No problem. Sorry I started eating without you, but I was starving. This is only my third roll though, so I'm still plenty hungry," he said with a grin as he sat down. His teeth were brilliantly white, despite the sushi rice that was stuck in them. I sat down across from him, and noticed how the people around us were whispering and nodding toward my massive blind date. The waiter came over with two plates. He put one in front of me with two sushi rolls on it and one in front of Malcolm with six. "Hope you don't mind, I ordered some for you when I knew you were going to be late." "No, that's cool," I said. Malcolm drank his whole glass of water, then said, "Actually, I thought you might pussy out on me, but that woulda been ok, I'd of just eaten your rolls." "Why would I pussy out?" I said, although the thought had crossed my mind as I was driving around. "Some guys are scared off by my size. Afraid I might just beat the crap outta them or something," he said, as he shoveled his way thru another roll. "How big are you?" I asked, as I watched his biceps rolling under his sleeve as he worked his chopsticks. "Six foot seven, 290," he said thru a mouthful, and holding up his glass to the waiter, who hurried over with more water for the big man. "Probably 295 after this meal," he said smiling. After he drank half the glass, he said, "I'm aiming for 300plus. How big are you?" "Five seven, 170." It sounded so tragically puny. "Nice," he said, staring at me as he ate more sushi. "I weighed more than that in 4th grade. I do wrist curls with 170." "I picture you liking a bigger guy," I said, after gulping at the thought of a 180 lb. 4th grader. "Nah," he said. "I like little guys. Big guys are pigs. They eat too much, sweat too much, and are way too full of themselves." He winked at me as he picked up his napkin and wiped away the beads of sweat that were forming on his forehead. "How old are you?" "28," I said. "I'm 22," he said, as he continued to eat. "You ever been curled by a 22 year old?" My first piece of sushi dropped of my chopsticks and fell onto my shirt. "You could curl me?" I asked, as I picked up the sushi, and tried to wipe the soy sauce and wasabi off my shirt. "One handed. I got freak strength. Look at my forearm." He stopped eating long enough to uncuff his shirt and roll back the sleeve, exposing a massive club-shaped forearm. He clenched his huge hand into a fist and made the forearm muscle bunch up into gnarly ebony granite. "I work my grip an hour every night. You should see them after that, all swole and veiny." He put his hand under the table and grab the top of my leg. "You feel it?" he said. "Feel the strength?" "Uh huh," I stammered. I tried to pull my leg back but he wouldn't let it budge. "You scared?" he asked. I was breathing like I'd just run a 100 yard dash. He squeezed harder. "You turned on?" "Both," I said between clenched teeth. "Nice," he said, and he moved his hand up my leg to my crotch. "Ohh yeah, you do like this," he said. "Bet I could make you blow right here." "Bet you couldn't," I said. He let go of my crotch and sat back in his chair. "Bet I could," he said and started to bounce his pecs at me. He looked like the black guy in the Planet Fitness ad, and he even started saying "Pow Pow PowPowPow," as he bounced his huge chest back and forth. I grabbed the edge of the table with both hands to keep from falling over. He stopped pec bouncing, and pulled his shoulders back, his huge mounded chest stretching his buttons to the popping point. "You gonna eat those?" he said, nodding at my rolls. I shook my head no, and he reached over and took them. He picked up one whole roll, tipped his head back, and slowly slid 8" of sushi roll down his throat. He appeared to swallow it whole. "holyfuck," I moaned. He brought his right arm up in front of his chest, like he was doing a hammer curl. Then he flexed, and his huge biceps filled the sleeve, stretching the cotton so thin I could see his black skin thru the fabric. Then the peak began to rip thru. '"hhow big??" I asked. "23 inches," he said, knowing exactly what I was asking. "geeezus," I groaned. "Put your hand on my thigh," he said. I put my hand under the table. I didn't have to reach far, his big knee was almost touching mine. I put my hand on top of his leg. "You ever felt 34" quads before?" he asked. "Squeeze it," he said. I clenched my fingers down on his meaty leg. "How's that feel?" he said. "Hard as a car tire," I said. He laughed. "Yeah, and I ain't even flexing it. Feel this," he said, and he tightened his leg muscles. I felt them swell under my fingers. I rubbed my hand on the thick teardrop muscle that bulged up over his kneecap. "My god man," I said. "Let's go to my place," he said. "What??" "I live right around the corner." "But I..." "I wanna make you bust a nut, little man. You ever cum hands free?" "No, but..." "I'll pay the tab," he said. He scooted back in his chair and stood up. As his massive frame brushed by me on the way to the counter, I turned to watch him. He had the biggest powerlifter ass I'd ever seen, stretching his gabardine pants so tightly, you could see each huge globe of his glutes rolling as he walked. I swore I could see striations. But that couldn't be. Could it? By the time he paid the tab, I'd unchubbed enough to stand up without making a scene. Everyone was looking over at Malcolm anyway. His massive backspread was the size of a bus. He was three times the size of the little Japanese man behind the counter, who nervously handed Malcolm's charge card back to him. "How much do I owe you?" I asked. "You can pay me back later," he said, shoving his wallet into his back pocket, which rode so high on his glutes that it faced up to the ceiling. "Let's go." He put his huge hands on my shoulders and led me toward the front door. I pushed the door open and walked out into the hot Miami night. Behind me, Malcolm had to turn half sideways to fit thru the door. He also had to duck. What on earth was I walking into? More to cum…
  13. This one is very short which also leads to a question: When re-posting Mike's stories, would you prefer that I post each chapter separately within the thread? Or put it all in one post? In this case, there's only one chapter! -- rpj Arm Day By BBMikeNJ Big Danny walked into the gym that day for an arm workout. Every once in a while he would do an "arms only" session, and spend 2 hours blasting deep into the fibers of his forearms and biceps. He loved the insane, burning pump he would get. He knew he could handle the pain better than anyone he'd ever met. When he first started packing on some good size, he'd lifted with the bigger guys in the gym. It didn't take him long to realize that he could go way beyond the pain barrier that made them give up in agony. And now, he'd gotten bigger than any of them. Way bigger. In fact, he'd gotten his nickname Big Danny when he outgrew Danny the gym manager, who was a six foot tall, 230 lb. bodybuilding champ. Big Danny, who had started out as a lean 17 year old jock who paid for his gym membership by working the front desk in the beginning, was now a 21 year old weighing in at 293 lbs. at 6'4" tall. Now, nobody came close to him in size at the gym. He liked to finish off his arms only day on the preacher curl machine. He'd gotten so strong lately, that he could pin the whole stack of weights and do rep after rep after rep. So he'd taken to finishing off his arms by doing one-arm curls with the whole rack. 220lbs. Ten reps each arm. Set after set. Turned himself on feeling the insane bloated pump in his bis and tris. Today, he'd just finished his fourth set, when some college dude came up to him. "Mind if I jump in for a set?" asked the kid. Most people didn't bother Big Danny when he trained, or if they did, he didn't notice them, he was so focused. This kid, though, was halfway onto the preacher by the time Big Danny said, "Whatever, dude." The kid tried to do a rep using both arms. "Hey, how much you got on here?" he grunted when the stack didn't move. "It's the whole rack," Big Danny said. "Now let me do my set." Big Danny muscled his way next to the kid and slowly yet forcefully nudged him off the seat. "Whoa, take it easy big guy," said the kid, sidling away from the machine. Then Danny started doing one-arm reps. The kid's eyes grew wide. "Holy shit....." stammered the smaller dude. Danny did 15 reps, then switched arms and did 15 more. Then he stepped off the preacher and shook out his arms. He loved feeling them engorge like two 20+ inch round cocks. He looked in the mirror and admired the thick vein standing out on his ceps like hoses. Then he flexed. Oh yeah. He loved feeling his arms ball up and rise. And peak. Look at them, all bloated up, like over-pumped tires. He heard someone stumble next to him and looked over. He'd forgotten all about the kid as he'd worked his arms. The little dude had staggered back in awe as Danny flexed his superheavyweight arms. He'd fallen back onto a bench as his knees gave out. Danny smirked as he noticed the kid's chubby showing thru his shorts. So did one of the big older lifters who was standing nearby. He just shook his head and chuckled. Danny decided to give them both a show. He stepped over to the kid, and leaned down toward him. He raised his arm up and flexed it in the kid's face. "You ever see a 23-inch arm, little dude?" Danny said. He squeezed his arm till it was harder than rock, and watched the color drain out of the kid's face as his hard-on grew in his shorts. "And I'm just getting started," said Danny as he moved his peak till it was almost touching the kid's nose. "Soon I'm gonna have this arm over 24 inches. That's bigger than your quads, isn't it, dude?" The kid was now leaking pre thru his shorts. Danny looked over and saw that the older lifter was swelling up pretty good too, enjoying the show. "And I'm not stopping there," said Danny. "Wait till this arm passes 26 inches, boy. Maybe I'll let you tape it out." Danny swiped the peak of his arm across the tip of the dude's nose. The kid groaned, gripped down on the bench harder, and busted right in his pants. Danny stepped back, and the kid scurried his way to the locker room. "Nice," acknowledged the older lifter, who adjust his hard-on in his sweats, and went back to lifting. Danny shifted his own engorged dick in his sweats and went back to the preacher bench, where he did 6 more sets of one arm curls. He felt like he could lift the whole goddam machine off the floor. Maybe next time, he'd try it. The End Just a reminder: You can find BBMikeNJ's stories in the current iteration of the forum by looking here: https://musclegrowth.net/profile/3125-bbmikenj/content/?type=forums_topic&change_section=1 Ditto, you can find his earlier stories in the pre-2007 Archive by searching the Author Index for BBMSN. https://archive2007.musclegrowth.net/index-byauthor.html There are a good couple dozen stories that aren't in either place. As time permits (and I'm retired, so a project like this one is right up my alley) I will be re-posting them here (Mike has kindly granted me permission to do so!)
  14. College Finals By BBMikeNJ My first year as assistant professor at a large Midwestern university was coming to an end. Finals were in a few weeks, and things had gone pretty well for me, despite having to teach some remedial-level English courses. I didn't mind teaching to kids who had to struggle with their studies, but the class sized tended to be so large that it was difficult to offer much personal instruction. And because of that, I was worried that some of my students weren't going to pass. One of them was a big football player named Troy. Troy always sat in the very front row of the auditorium where I taught English 101a. He was the biggest student in the class by far, a strapping presence that was hard to ignore. I tried my hardest to look over him, to avoid his big jock good looks, his blond hair and blue eyes, his ease with his own physical superiority. Not that he seemed arrogant about it at all. Every time I did happen to make eye contact with him, he'd shoot me this big brilliantly white smile. Then he would furrow his brow, as if trying his hardest to concentrate on what I was saying. Seeing him sitting there with his legs spread apart like jocks with big legs tend to do. He tended to make me lose my train of thought, especially as the weather warmed, and he started wearing gym shorts to class. His calves were nearly the size of footballs, and were absurdly vascular. One time he shifted in his seat just as my eyes scanned by his calf. I blinked in awe as it balled up into a fist of thick sinew. I had to lean against my desk for support. The other day after class, Troy approached me as I gathered my papers from the desk. "Excuse me, Doc," he said to me, "can I talk to you?" It was a warm spring day, and he was wearing a tank top and football shorts, his hulkish muscularity nearly exploding out of every opening. He walked up so close to me that I could smell his scent, musky with testosterone, but also like fresh cut hay on a fine summer day, with a gentle breeze blowing in my direction. It took everything I had not to flare my nostrils out and breathe him in as deeply as possible. Although not technically a doc yet, as I was still working on my thesis, I didn't exactly correct him. "You can call me Doug," I said, much to my annoyance, since I had promised myself not to let the students call me by my first name. At 28, I was not much older than most of them, and thought that I should maintain a certain air of distinction. So much for that. "Ok, Doc," he said, completely ignoring my request. "Do you think there's anything I could do to raise my grade a little? I gotta pass this so I can come back for football this fall." He stood so close to me that I could feel the heat coming off of him. He was about 6" taller than my 5'11, and probably 70lbs heavier than my 180. He had gotten bigger and bigger throughout the semester, so maybe more than 70. And up this close, his hair was even blonder than I'd realized. He was asking me to help him get a better grade, yet he carried no book and had never taken any notes in class. I knew he was failing, and it was unlikely that there was anything I could legitimately do to help him pass. But I heard myself say, "Come up to my office at 3 o'clock, and we'll see what we can do." "Ah, thanks Doc, I knew you'd come thru for me," he said, as he grabbed my hand and shook it. He put both his hands, big like mitts, around my hand, his fingers thick and calloused, shaking my arm earnestly, grinning at me with teeth that would make snow envy its whiteness. "I'll be there right at 3." Then he turned and walked away. As he walked up the steps of the auditorium, I stared at his big muscle ass, the kind that only football players seem to develop, thick, wide, and high, nearly bursting with power. I stood leaning against my desk for a few moments after he left. I imagined him stripping off his tank top and tossing it to me, still hot with his sweat. I saw myself burying my face in his tank and breathing in deeply as he stood in front of me shirtless, his thickly muscled torso bulging from weightlifting and football practice. I saw him raise his arms and flex them, and his big grin spreading across his face as he watched me breathe in his musk. Then I thought about 3 o'clock. I shook my head and pushed myself away from the desk. What had I gotten myself into? More to cum…
  15. QuoteTheRaven

    muscle growth Ejaaz gets Jacked Up (Finished)

    QUARY AND THE MUSCLE FAGS OF KURAI by Quote the Raven (c) JANUARY 2021 Of Quarium, all that could be shared I put forward in an ode. Chapter 1 - Desert (Sahra’) In April each year, Kurai temperatures climb to ninety degrees. They stay there and higher for half a year. - The Non-Arabs’ Guide to Kurai. A hollow concrete form in the center of the Narra al Maktoun Solar Farm 43 kilometers south of Kurai City in Kurai fills a structural role — spacing or reinforcement or something similar. The form sits invisibly amongst hundreds of acres of concrete footings and shiny black glass regiments in an otherwise barren landscape. Ejaaz Eud’laat does not know the purpose of the form, only that he has purposefully found it to shelter in its shaded interior. He swelters as he tapes reflective foil sheets to two cement openings at either end, working wall-to-wall, end-to-end, eight layers thick. The sheets block him in making it more suffocating, stifling and hot than this early July day already is. When the changes start though, the layered separation will not increase the heat, but will do the opposite and enable and protect cold. As Ejaaz endeavors at the curtaining, nerves unsteady him. They tremor his hands and intensely roil his gut. But desire pushes coveting in his veins so extreme that the rhythm of his heart pumping almost throbs aloud the needing of his efforts. He talks to himself. “You’ve done this before, Ejaaz. You’ll do this again. You can do it. You will.” When the layers of sheeting hang completed, he thinks, Get out of these clothes. Robes and keffiyeh that served his former obesity swamp off roomily and effortlessly from his coiled composition — a composition that now only strictly-dieted, intense university cricket or endurance athletics or champion swimming would have forged. He’s never done such training, though, has he. He never went for sport, fuck it, some did, but why could he never have taken to it. He does see now and feel now so palpably how worth it it would have been. He’s never put in years of those kinds of workouts — any fucking kind actually — or that disciplined, necessarily regimented, eating — The eating of the cast iron, forged iron will. He’s never cleaved himself to the half decade that would have forged this goddish muscly whippetness. Oh fuck it up, if only he had fucking done exactly that, what a jack he would have been all along, more so month by month, year by year. With the layers of sheeting and the concrete’s one-foot thickness, the space is dark now, it steams with heat. That’s too be expected — he resists the temptation to doubt how it will work. He drips with boiled sheens of fluid. The way he’s prepared the space, the change to the temperature will surely happen — won’t take long. He knows he knows that. Perspiration almost flows from his so recently chiseled jaw and rolls down his so new hard flat brown front. He takes a giant draft of ionized water. It really is the perfect environment now that it’s sealed off — what is to happen in his body will make it work — hard, foot-thick muffling and insulating walls, ultimately remote, and undiscoverable. And just how fucking remote it is, that is the key really — the ultimate reason for choosing here... oh yeah if he could be a betting man why wouldn’t he put money on that. But, fuck, he’s betting much more than money isn’t he anyway. His eyes fall to this body and he is greedy with it. It is indescribably beautiful so shredded and hard and chiseledly trim. Fuck yeah. He knows this is just the start. His eyes go also to his briefs. A snicker disrespects the member there. You’re good, baby, you really are, he thinks, I’ve been ok with you, have made you work, but really, you’re still so nothing. You’ll preen so much more, won’t you baby. Both you and muscle, when you’re both big fuck bold boys, I’ll preen you hard won’t I, fucks, you are both just part of what I’m meant for. Prior use has him to this result — improved from so pitiful, so grossly worse than average, so ignorable or really contemptible — the photo of fucking contemptible — doughy, mr full-on gigantic fat load, obese as a fucking fuck — just twenty-one days ago at 20 years old. Doses have changed him so much already haven’t they though? For sure, but changed him only because of his enduring their evil heinousness, uggghh — abiding the fucking heinous torturing violating heinousness — Allah dammit — oh well, he’s done it now — three times — but he won’t stop now — can only dream now to do it over and over and over and over and over and over again. He mouths, “I. HaVE. to.” He crouches into the wall. Remote, concrete-reduced warmth kisses the hard little sweet curvy sweat ass he has cheated himself to now. He wants it fucked right now, but thinks, Thank you. His ass is so perfectly bubbly, little, rock hard.... round. Ohh. It’s so Hard. Unnh. The location gives desolation — his torture chamber will be effectively and brutally unhearable. This jury-rigged, just-passable buffer will grow to be an ample deep freeze chamber against the outside heat, and will let cold accumulate and oh so drive the compound to work. “Fuck you,” he enunciates, knotted inside.“Fuck the fuck.” Bad language has emerged in him destroying what he was. Self-abuse, even just three doses worth, have rape-assaulted him, roughened him, made it so dirty words vulgarize the changing him — oh how they overthrow his twenty years of prissy, pussy, repressive, Arab-old-lady dictated, fucking mores. Urges ejaculate all over that fucked submissiveness, don’t they? His upper lip curls back from his teeth and his breath makes an exhaling snarl. He reaches out now and eases a vial from a cooler. “Fucker!” he spits. It is this vessel’s transforming compound that births the emerging man’s crudities. Tilting the vial, its liquid shifts between silver, green, gold, and blue. Saliva attempts to gather in his mouth, but his pouty lips crack from heat, and from both the charge and the fears. Opening it, the tube puffs a vapor cloud — a shimmering fog. “Slut,” he seethes, “I hate you,” but also he adds, “I fucking worship you, baby.” He’s so incredibly tempted to snort the Quarium, right then and there, and just have it over, just have it so that he feels...feeeEeeEeels it all here and now — euphoria, greatness, grandeur — everything. But he exerts every last tiny kernel of his too limited willpower — snorting isn’t the way. He needs what’s harder but so much more. So, instead, a syringe draws up the liquid beneath the mist. The liquid is called Quarium. “It’s go time. It is. Now is the time to go. To say go. To do it. Please! Come On. It’s go go go go go fucking go gotime to go.” The dose, Quarium loaded all behind the needle, threatens now and he points the ministration at his so alien taut trim crushingly desirable obliqued side, determined to survive and thrive, but not able to escape feeling totally in danger. He’s engaging in absolute self-deceit when he says, “This is completely safe and easy, Ejj!” What, without exaggeration, would be described as unlimited fear jarringly jitters his hand as he attempts entry and the needle jabs a slashing plunge, nothing that remotely approximates a calm, controlled pin. Nearly no part of Ejaaz’s conscious brain can register anything but anxious terror at this moment. The insertion tolerates the gross inaccuracy of his stab though and offers a still acceptable option for pushing in the dose. Just be fucking brave and do it, dammit, Ejaaz!! a shred of his will finally proffers, penetrating into the haze of his alarm. A workable command, his fingers, almost on auto-pilot, squeeze; rivulets thread continuous cold virulence into his flesh. “Yess,” he hopes to say, but more rawly what comes out is “NOOOoOOOoOoOOO!” — so emotional, so afraid at what he knows in an instant is to be intolerable excruciation. The green-silver squelches in, indifferent to any feeling — particularly the rising pulsing fear. The serum, loosened, oozes. It is irretrievable. The poison takes occupation, assumes its subject territory. Ejaaz clenches.... resistance the definition of fucking futility though. Like his prior uses, it’s possible to feel the liquid chill consuming his veins, spilling everywhere through his flesh, ignoring humanity. The blood’s additive pushes advancements depravedly into his body, pillaging, cold-raping, violating progressive landgrabs as it goes. Panic pushes Ejaaz’s stomach into his throat. Ejaaz prays if it would just spew from his mouth, oh, if only that would possibly carry this bottomless fucking fear and destruction from his body. “Oh AllAH. FUCK the great god Quarium!” he shouts. And then, because his brain is heavy already, he slurs, “You NASTY naStY nassttyt..... fu..fu...fuck-devil...” From the wall, he lists forward and then falls forward. The ripped trim body that is so very very hot — perfect long toned curved legs, cinched ripped waist, jockey shoulders, and rocking swimsuit-model arms, and all still new to him — languors out ravishingly as he smothers into the pillow of the thermic insulating sleeping bag prepared there. A deepening ice age gradually and progressively submerges him, annexing his sylvan flesh, his wiry, whippety torso and limbs, his blood, his bones, his genitals — all that had been obese, fetid, abhorrent just weeks ago. Unconsciousness claims him. **** Twenty hours pass. If unconsciousness cleft the ice shelf of his mind from the main and sank it in North Sea waters, the berg breaching the surface reawakens him. Insulated by foiled layers at the tunnels opening and the sleeping bag, while Ejaaz is gone from this world, his temperature and that in his crafted space dropped to below 0C/32F degrees. In the chamber, rime coats walls and ceiling and everything, even the foiled barrier. It’s a cold dark freezer of isolation — extreme to a degree far eclipsing even any previous shot. Brutally bare except for orange underwear, Ejaaz’s raw skinned body prostrates a heartbreaking, snowstormed, make-model purple corpse — hipbones and ribs and solidified sinews. He’s so abominalized he’s almost beyond aching — but he aches, aches gravitationally. Hoar glazes his skin and the cloth over his tantalizing pubes. Fog streams in and out of his ajar mouth. Invisible Kelvinic blades mutilate his striated flesh in the shoveling thousands. Daggering vectors spear viciously into his drop-dead skull. He can’t move, he’s so ice-tombed. “Noooo,” he whimpers, “enshallah, pleahhe.” Then he gathers his objections and yaps, “No” — A sound agonized and croaky struggles out because his vocal chords both harden in one position and because hour after hour of comatose screaming have sanded them raw. His sublime jaw mainly freezes open in place. Outside, the high unchallenged sun flames. Sand scorches about the foundations of al Maktoum, baked worse than a kiln. Concrete and steel footings sizzle. Four square miles of black glass horde sunlight then dazzle it back into the sky. How can it be so inhospitably hot when the nondescript concrete form hidden in the middle of it all shudders with the nihilation of outer space. In the tunnel, it is Quarium in Ejaaz that generates endothermic extremes, terraforming the concrete to match the exterior of McMurdo Antarctic Scientific Base upon a months-long night. Unabated by searing heat and injected instead of sniffed, Quarium molecules failed to bind to Ejaaz’s cell receptors, instead entering into his cells. Destiny now unfolds. If instead there were heat — i.e., baking direct Arabian sun — and if sniffed, it would be different. In that situation, Ejaaz’s cells’ receptors would have received the Quarium and bonded, then caused a cloning of cells to explode. A warm environment causes Quarium to make fleeting Shadowcells — desirable musculoskeletal replicas. They flourish in ratios of up to two dozen or more for each native cell. With sniffing and heat, before a Quarium user’s eyes, an Arab guy’s sweaty, perspiring body expands in girth and power with growth. Shadowcells in him proliferate as uncontrollably promiscuous as a nation’s worth of bare-assed bubbly-butted submariners occupying every square inch of a sirening 1960s erotic cartoon steamy island poster. The unbridledness of the cells’ replication rams guys’ growth — explodes them into objects of lust — sizeable, full, meaty, snorting, dripping things, like massive studs, like big bull cocks, like brimming djinns — full of libido and power — cut, jacked, huge. It happens in proportion to the Quarium and the thermic source and the guy. With extreme heat and Quarium molecules, any poxy loser becomes gorgeously muscular. Cells mass and magnificate him. They hyper masculinize him — the new found grodiness rages in a metamorphosed rippling gay or bi or even straight fagbeast who has hijacked all the trappings of ultra bodybuilding, porning masculinity while the baking heat persists. But the external heat always abates eventually and the circulatory system’s pace recalibrates, and the shadow cells subside upon loss of energy. So one ought understand: an inhaled administration of Quarium (misted up one’s nose) when done in great heat expands and then subsides. Orgasmic flexing swells into exquisite being, parades conquering raunchy triumphancy, narcisses and exhibits erectionally, ejaculates climaxingly, and then disappears as the dissipation and reabsorption of shadow cells unfold. Contemplate, a wimpy faggot sniffing Quarium with some loser friends in the dazzling Arab summer morning. See their unworked little bodies bulk up and grow fantastic before their lechery eyes. Imagine them narcissistically swept into the lording of the gigantic bodies they receive, ostentatiously wearing bikinis cut so low and so tight that they more than show off what they’ve drugged for themselves, that it reveals every aspect of what they have done on purpose — the hugening of their mountainous chests, bouldering of monumental shoulders, crowding of climbing backs and traps, rising of their incredible biceps, expansion of their enormous curving asses, and the unbelievably thick legs that stage behind awesomely transformed barely-clothed-over himbo dicks and balls. They earthquake their strength and vitality, oozing the enthrallment to feel such vast beef across their bodies, weighting them down, mountaining them up, widening them like the Ranhad T’maad span, arching them toward the sky from the great asses they have, planting them in the ground with their bridge truncheons of legs, expanding torsorally with monolithicality. They feel all these things for every minute of the Sun’s journey across the sky. And then shift to consider the late day sinking disappearance of the sun, the hot blast easing, the moisture-sparse air of an arid land not retaining the heat it has gained. Envision the gentle cooling from that. And, in conjunction, conjure the thought of thumping heart rates that release orgasms the kind of which these fuck-nothings would piss just to realize existed. They would spuge-detonate after eight or thirteen hours of oversized, so-bare-they’re-more-vulgar-than-naked raunchy foreplay. Afterward, their cumming-eased heart-rates back down from porn-horny pace. Understand that a diminished, fever-broken bloodflow brings less energy to cells, tires the hosts of those blood cells, has them doze, and know then that shadow cells in the temporary Mr. Olympians say goodbye. Over hours, the cells aerobate until a quarter day later, neither the Quarium, nor anything the Quarium dingle-servingly wrought in the sniff-poxy-pansies exists any longer. Individuals who for soul-joying hours ass-humped as gluttonous gargantuans, muscling more extremely than Grimes or Kai Greene or baby Forslin or Marcello, revert to exactly the fagstupid putrid nothing fucks they had been. But, that is not Ejaaz here, that is not him now. —————————
  16. Hey guys. I haven't been very active here for a long time. Must have been a year at least. But I'd really like to be again, because this is my favorite community and place to be on the interwebs. So I figured I'd just upload my recent project here. It's posted in the Stories Category, because it tells a kind of story, and doesn't really fit in the Media category. I have this up on Twitter as well~ The story has the magical name of "Egon muscular shot 03 outtake" or EMSO, how I prefer to call it. The reason it has this silly, ugly name is because this was never planned to be or meant to be a full project. But now here I am working on Page 112... Please let me know what you think!
  17. Hey guys, I'm a few hours early, but figured why not.. It's a long one. Enjoy! I was working as a financial analyst in this topsy-turvy, Covid crazy market and it had taken its toll on my mind and body. I was told I needed to get away. Life had become too complicated and stressful. A few weeks in the mountains, away from everyone, including my phone and computer is what it eventually came down to, and not by choice. I was barely sleeping and ended up being cranky during the day, which would put my co-workers on edge. I would eat poorly, when I ate. No breakfast, fast food for lunch, and maybe take-out for dinner, if they delivered to my office. The pouch had returned and others had noticed. My 6’1”, 175-pound swimmers build had fallen off as I had not been to the gym in what seemed like forever. My once toned muscles were sagging or replaced with a layer of fat. My dark blue eyes had dark circles under them and my normally well-kept blonde hair was unkept, long, and showed signs of gray. After the incident on the office floor, my boss, Chuck, pulled me into his office and laid it out for me. Chuck hired me 9 years ago fresh out of college. He saw I had knack and a spark for understanding and predicting stocks. He said I could go far if I put the right attitude and aptitude toward my work. And I did. For 9 long years, I devoted my life to the job. Working late, overtime, weekends, not taking vacations, whatever it took to get the job done and to keep the clients happy, and rich. But, at the same time, I also led an active personal life, dating men who shared the same passion for life as me, working out religiously, eating sensibly. I had been on track for promotions, and got them. Then Covid hit. My life went sideways. Dating came to a screeching halt. Everyone was afraid to go out and meet, even for a quick cup of coffee in the park. This is to say nothing of the market for the first few months, and the lay-offs most companies were doing. Everyone in the office was petrified of screwing up, knowing the company was looking for a reason to trim the fat to keep a healthy bottom line. Then the gyms closed. That hit me hard. I have some weights and equipment at home, but like most people, I relied on the gym. I tried to buy stuff online, but the backlog was weeks, if not months. I gained a few pounds, but figured I could adjust my meals to compensate. Yeah, that didn’t work. Skipping breakfast was bad, but compensating later in the day made it worse. 15 pounds later and my mood darkened. I was irritable at work and home. Staying up too late, worrying about my job, my weight, my sex life, my everything… Chuck watched the slow spiral. He would casually mention to me to take a few days off to recharge and clear my head, but I shrugged it off. I had work to do. Who would get it done, if not me? Then I snapped. It just happened one Thursday. The computer would not work, the paper in the copier jammed, someone made a quiet comment I thought was about me, and the flood gates opened. Next thing I know, Chuck and I are sitting in his office, door shut, blinds closed, him looking at me with the concern on his face only a friend would show, and me…deflated. My energy gone, my breathing shallow and restless. I sat slumped in the comfortable leather wingback chair staring at nothing in particular, but Chuck was right in front of me, in a similar chair, not behind his desk. My sleeves rolled half way up my arms, shirt partially untucked, sweat stains on my chest and under my arms. My eyes red and puffy. My throat dry. He softly says, “Cole, you better?” He hands me another cup of water. I take a sip; the cold water feels harsh as it goes down my parched throat. “That was quite a show out there.” He’s calm and not passing judgement. I’m still hazy as to what I did, but I can imagine it was pretty bad. I glance up, and he cracks half a smile to let me know he gets it. I shrug my shoulders, not sure how to answer his question, but knowing I want to just cry. It’s still inside of me, this pain, thought of failure, how my life will never get back to what it was a few months ago. I feel his strong hand on my shoulder, giving it a squeeze to let me know he’s here for me. He leans back into his chair, his piercing brown eyes, looking at me. “Cole.” He says it in a manner that he wants me to look at him. I look up. “I need you to take some time off.” I shut my eyes, knowing this was coming, but am still stunned to hear it. Right now, my job is all I have left of my life, to take that away, even for a day, I’d be lost. “I know you hate to take a day off, unless it’s absolutely necessary, but…” I look at him again, “It’s necessary.” He says resolutely. I sigh. I gather myself and say with as much of a positive attitude as I can, “Ok, I can take a long weekend, say next Monday and Tuesday?” Chuck shakes his head from side to side. I open my mouth, but nothing comes out. He puts his hand on my knee and quietly says, “I’m not talking a few days, Cole. I need you take a few weeks off.” My head snaps up and when I open my mouth to protest, he squeezes my knee, letting me know to be calm. I take a few breaths and another sip of water. “Buddy, whatever is inside of you has been building for a while. A few days won’t cure it. You need to get away from this.” He spreads his arms around the room. “A few weeks at minimum.” I stare at him and think ‘My job is my life. What will I do?’ He senses my thoughts. He says, “You will still have a job when you return, but as of the end of work today, you’re on vacation.” “But, my clients, my files, my…” I stammer. “Will be taken care of.” He says without hesitation, his eyes looking directly at me. “But…” I say with a slow, unsure voice. “We will handle it.” I fidget in the chair, looking around his office. “Cole, the company existed before you got here, it will survive a few weeks without you, trust me.” I sniffle. His hand tightens. “You will work through your pain and come back a stronger man.” There’s no getting around this. I know I need to take the time. He’s half offering, half ordering me to do it. I need to accept that he’s trying to help. “Ok.” I whisper. I think for a few moments, “Can I take my...” “Nope.” He says decisively. “Work phone, laptop, anything else work-related stays here.” I frown, but know he’s right. He checks his watch. “Listen. Here’s what I’m going to do for you.” I glance up at him. He’s got a devilish smile on his face. “The company owns a cabin in the mountains. About 4 hours away.” I’ve heard about this place. The highest people in the company whisper about it in the hallways as some kind of Eden in the woods. “This time of year, nobody is there.” He says this spreading his arms wide. “Let me check with the big-wigs and if it’s open, I’m going to block off a month for you there.” I sigh thinking of the cost. God; food, travel there, packing, what do I take… My mind has wandered and Chuck’s voice brings me back, “…are the nicest caretakers around.” He’s smiling at me. “They will take care of your every need. You just ask, and they will get it for you. Now, I don’t mean go overboard and have steak and lobster every night with a nice Pinot, but don’t live on stale bread and water either.” He winks at me and I crack a smile. “Ok.” Chuck claps his hands in victory. He stands up, puts a hand out to me and I stand to shake it. He pulls me in for a hug. “Remember, this time away is for you to recharge. A month in the mountains, away from this rat race.” He rolls his eyes. “Maybe I should go out there,” He points to the office floor outside his office, “and let it all out.” I smile, thinking what I sight that would be, and now realize what I sight I must have been. My smile fades. “I guess I need to apologize to a bunch of people before I go.” He just looks at me and nods, knowing it won’t be easy. “That will be the toughest thing you have to do for the next month.” His hand is on my shoulder. He squeezes and continues, “Go out there, do your thing, apologize, and get your stuff ready. The moment I get the ‘ok’, you’re out of here.” I glance at my watch. He sarcastically says, “Leave that at home too. Up there, live your day by the sun, not your watch.” I crook an eye at him and ask quietly, “How’d you get so good at this?” He wraps an arm around my shoulder as he leads me to the door. He says with all seriousness, “You’re not the first person to stumble. I’ve been where you are.” He pats me on the back as I open the door. He points his finger at me. “Give me half an hour, and be ready.” I nod and walk across the floor to stares and not-too-subtle glances as his door shuts behind me. ** The four-hour drive on a late Friday afternoon was pretty easy. The directions were straightforward. Me in my burgundy 2019 Volvo S60 4 dr. sedan, driving west into the dusk, toward an apparent palatial estate of a mountain house. I was thinking ‘cabin in the woods with an outhouse for a bathroom and your bath is the creek half mile away’, but Chuck made it out to be a bit more than that. Not sure if he was buttering me up, or if I was exaggerating it in my head. He made me promise not to take any electronics, including my cell phone, Ipad, headphones, even my Movado watch had to sit this one out. He said there is a phone in the house, but it only calls to the caretaker’s home. ** As I pull off the main road, I realize how remote the place is. The driveway is a narrow gravel path. I click on my high-beams and take it nice and slow. On either side of the road is a dense tree and shrubbery line, well-manicured and in pristine condition. I guess it’s to keep the spectators from getting a view of the estate or house or log cabin, or whatever is at the other end of the driveway. About ¼ mile later, I come to the iron gate he mentioned. I roll the window down, punch the code into the keypad and silently pray the gate opens. Once I hit enter, I wait a second or two and then a spotlight comes on and the gate slowly rolls to the right. I notice a well-placed camera under the light. They know I’m here, that’s for sure. As the gate finishes opening, I think, ‘Well, that’s one hurdle down’. On the other side of the gate, the path widens and becomes a wide cement paved road. I breathe a sigh of relief. The road winds thru another wooded area for about a mile, then the tree line ends and the road heads up an incline. I see meadows on both sides of the driveway. I can see house lights in the distance and some off to the side, about half mile away. I figure one set is the cabin, the other, the caretaker’s home. I follow the road up and it winds back into a tree line. After about 3 minutes, I pass the turnoff to the caretaker’s house, which I catch a quick glimpse at and think, ‘it’s a pretty nice place in-and-of-itself.’ I roll on for another 3 minutes. The trees end and the road pours onto a circular brick paved driveway leading to an actual log cabin. The lights are on, in anticipation of my arrival. ‘Shit’ I think to myself. ‘Pretty fucking nice.’ It’s a log cabin, but not the one from Little House on the Prairie. More like a large two story ‘A frame’ house with decks and patios around it. I park my car, get out, and grab one of my bags. I walk to the front door and put the key in the lock, thinking ‘last hurdle’. If the key works, I’m golden, if not, I’m sure the cops will be here rather quickly. The key works. The door opens to a wide two-story foyer with recessed lights and hardwood floors all around. I do the quick check of the house, nobody here. I grab the rest of my bags from the car, lock it, then head back inside. I relock the front door and carry my bags to the living room. As I set them down, I see the fireplace is on, real logs, not a gas one. I head to the kitchen area on the other side of the open space and find a note. The handwriting is immaculate and is definitely feminine. Dear Mr. Cole, Welcome to the cabin. Mr. Fisher and myself are here to help you with anything you need. Please feel free to call us using the phone on the kitchen wall. It is a direct line to us, no need to dial. It will ring automatically on our side. The refrigerator is fully stocked. If there is anything you need, food wise, please let us know. If you would like me to make your meals, just let me know and we can create a menu based on your preferences. Linens are changed every 3 days, unless you request them to be changed more often. Laundry can be done when requested. There is a pamphlet on the counter with instructions on how to work the hot tub, whirlpool, and sauna. You will notice there are no TVs or radios in the house, nor is there an internet connection. The cabin was designed for the occupants to rest and relax. There is a library off the living room with a full selection of classic novels and some more modern tomes. If you would like a massage or help with exercising, please let us know. Mr. Fisher is very adept at helping people work out their kinks. The workout room is in the pool house, next to the pool. We took the liberty of turning the heater on in the pool as it is still chilly here at night. Graciously, Mrs. Fisher. I re-read the letter and put it down. I look around again and get my bearings. I go the fridge, open it, and find Mrs. Fisher was correct in that it is fully stocked. I see a selection of white wines from Pinot Grigio to Riesling. There are a couple different bottles of beer as well. I pull out a Stella and see the bottle opener on the side of the fridge. I check the freezer and find a frosted Stella glass on the middle shelf. I think, ‘Yeah, I could get used to this’. I pour the beer and start to wander around. The living room is sunken, and is also 2 stories with a balcony overlooking it. The furniture is rustic, over-sized, leather, and very comfortable. The walls have artwork from local artists. I do not recognize the names, but their work is outstanding. The fieldstone fireplace and hearth sit along the outside wall and there are French doors on each side. The curtains on the doors are closed, but I wander over and take a look out. Right outside is a brick paver patio leading to the rectangular pool. The light in the pool is on and casts a green blue light into the clear night sky. I turn back toward the house and see the door to the library off to a side. I click the light on and peek inside. I see floor to ceiling oak bookcases crammed with hardback books. There are windows on the far side of the room and two leather Duncan overstuffed sofas with rolled arms sitting opposite each other in the middle of the room on top of an Oriental rug. There is Cross Island lift top coffee table between them with a vase of fresh white Peony’s and purple and pink Irises. I click the light off and turn to see the dining room. There is a Florentina dining table and chairs in the middle of the room. I see a James Moder Wide Palace Ice Light chandelier hanging over the table and a Mahogany buffet table at the far end of the room. The hardwood floor is covered by a Channing Persian-style Hand tufted wool rug. There are more French doors leading to a private patio with a glass table and set of 6 chairs. The view opens to a wooded area and a small fountain. I come back thru the foyer and I’m back in the kitchen. I refill my beer, and take a look around. The fridge is a Viking 36-inch-wide French door in brushed stainless steel. Next to it is a matching granite counter top which extends around the whole kitchen. The stove, also Viking, is a 48-inch, 6 burners in stainless steel. The island has the same granite top with a deep sink. The pantry door is shut. No need to check it out, as I’m sure it’s full of food. The cabinets are glass with mullion inserts. I see plenty of fine Blue Willow China and then regular daily use plates and glasses. I grab my bags and head back to the foyer and up the steps to the 2nd floor. Again, hardwood floors throughout, with a carpet runner. I see three bedrooms; all seem to be master suites. I find one with a made bed and assume this is my room. It has a vaulted ceiling with exposed wood beams and a Hunter Ceiling fan hanging down. The king-sized bed has plenty of pillows for me and the dark blue spread compliments the lighter blue area rug under the bed. I see a walk-in closet on one side of the room and a bureau against the wall opposite the bed. There are French doors on the opposite side of the room. I walk to the doors, open them and step out onto a 10-foot wide by 20-foot-long balcony, overlooking the front yard and nearby woods. I can hear the crickets chirping. I take a deep breath and can feel some of the tension leave my body. I step back inside and pull the doors shut. I step into the master bath and see it’s just as impressive as the rest of the house. Double vanity, walk-in shower, heated towel rack, and a large soaking tub, with enough room to fit two adults. I put my empty beer glass on the night stand and flop onto the bed. I close my eyes and think, ‘No wonder this place has been kept a secret.’ I run my hands over my face and suddenly feel tired. I decide to call it an evening. I notice there are no clocks in the room. I remember what Chuck said, ‘Live your day by the sun’. I pick up one of my bags, pull out my bathroom items and put them on the bathroom counter. I pull out my PJ bottoms and change into them. I head back to the bathroom and finish up in there. I take a look at myself in the mirror and am suddenly ashamed of what I see. Tired from a simple four-hour drive, bags under my eyes, a flabby stomach where a six-pack used to sit. I glance away embarrassed, but then look back, and stare at my reflection. I say out loud, “Cole, you have a month to get your shit together. You better fucking do it.” I suck in my gut and can see glimpses of my six-pack. I think, ‘There’s still hope.’ And smile to myself. I turn the lights off and head to the bed. As I lay down and pull the covers up, I realize how quiet it is. No city noises. No cars, subway, planes, people, or TVs from the neighbor’s apartment. No one on the street yelling obscenities at their boyfriend or girlfriend. No kids shrieking or parents fighting. Just peace and quiet. I drift off. I wake the next morning, Saturday morning. No clue what time it is, but I know it’s well past the time I would normally get up as the sunlight is streaming into the room thru the curtains. I stare at the ceiling fan and the wood beams beyond it. My mind drifts to work. Did I set my out of office response? I did I update the message on my phone? Then I remember what Chuck said as he was ushering me out, “Cole, we’ll handle this, you handle this.” And he lightly tapped the side of my head. I take a deep breath and let my body relax as much as I can. After a few minutes, I get out of bed and pad into the bathroom and do my thing. After I wash my hands and run some cold water on my face, I get changed into a pair of dark blue nylon gym shorts and a yellow dry mesh t-shirt. I pull out my size 11 Brooks Cascadia trail running shoes and head downstairs. The fire is out. Oops, I probably should have put it out last night before I went up. Have to tuck that away for next time. The house is flooded with sunlight. I head to the French doors and pull them open. The sun is half way up the morning sky. Guessing it’s either 10 or 1030. The morning chill has worn off and the day is heating up. I walk out onto the patio and see the pool and deck furniture. There is also a Weber Genesis II Stainless steel gas grill off to a side. I wander around the pool to the pool house and take a peek inside. It’s fully loaded with equipment. I’ll have plenty of time to get re-acquainted with everything. I start to stretch. I sit on the warming brick pavers and can feel the tightness in my muscles. This run won’t be fun, but I have to do it. I’ve got to start somewhere and right here, right now is the best place and time. After 10 minutes, I feel loose, or loose enough not to do any permanent damage. I head to the edge of the patio and look out over the woods and fields below. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I take another deep breath and jog off the edge. I head down an obvious path and it winds into the woods. I take it nice and slow to start, remembering I’ll have to climb this hill to get home. I get a mile or so into my jog and find the path has leveled out. The trees are thinning as well. I come to the edge of a meadow and I see a pond in the middle of it. I continue my jog thru the warm fresh air and the path takes me right to the pond. I see an area has been cleared and there are a couple of benches there, creating a sitting area which faces the pond. I can hear frogs croaking. They fall silent as I pass them. As I circle the pond, I decide this makes a logical turning point and I head back. I get back into the wooded area and am half way up the hill when I see a green John Deere 3032E tractor and trailer in the middle of the path. I slow my jog and come to a walk as I near it. I call out, “Hello?” I hear a deep manly voice respond from in the trees, “Hello there.” I glance around, but do not see the man who called back. I try again, “Hello? My name is Cole. I’m staying at the cabin.” The voice comes back, a bit closer this time, “Oh. Hello Mr. Cole. My name is Mr. Fisher. I’m the care-taker for the property.” I can now see him emerging through the oaks and pines. My breath catches. When I think care-takers, I think an elderly married couple who live on the property as a way to make some extra money for their retirement. She dresses in flowery printed dresses and has gray hair bundled up on her head, held there by bobby pins and maybe a scarf. She’ll have an apron on all the time and probably has gardening gloves stashed away in a pocket. She’ll smell of apple pie and has a warm, grandmotherly smile, which puts everyone at ease. She’ll pinch your cheeks and want to hug you every time you see her. He’ll be dressed in overalls, a flannel shirt, and Workhog XT VentTEK work boots, even in hottest August. He’ll be wearing a straw hat and have a sprig of grass in his mouth. There’ll be a red and black bandana in his back pocket to wipe the sweat off his brow; and his hands will be calloused and worn, but strong and nimble. There will be a pair of old work gloves hanging out of his other back pocket. He’ll look at you, squinting thru one eye, pointing his pinky at you as he dispenses valuable life lessons. The man who stepped towards me, was not that. I had to shut my mouth for fear of gaping at him too long. Mr. Fisher was probably my age, but he was 6’3”, easily 230-pounds, and not wearing overalls or a flannel shirt. Wavy dark brown hair, matted down by the first signs of sweat, cover his head. He has 5-day stubble on his face. High cheek bones and a strong jaw line help define his face. He’s wearing a sweaty dry-fit mesh t-shirt, that is snug around his chest and free flowing around his tight waist. His arms are like ham hocks hanging off his shoulders. His biceps are engorged with blood due to the work he was doing before I interrupted him. I see veins crawling over them. He’s wearing tan work pants and I can see he does have on work boots. I laugh to myself, ‘I got one thing right.’ As he steps thru the trees and closer to the path, I see his bright green eyes size me up in about a second. He pulls off a work glove and sticks his hand out. In his deep voice he says, “Good morning Mr. Cole. How are you today? Did you sleep well?” I break my stare, glancing from left to right, then cautiously back at him. I look into eyes, smile, and say, “Good morning Mr. Fisher. I’m doing well today, thank you. Yes, I did sleep well last night. Probably one of the best nights of sleep in a very long time.” We glance at each other again, and I say, “Great morning for a run.” He nods, wiping sweat from his face with the back of his wrist, his bicep bulging, I stare at it a bit too long and he notices. I quickly add, “I haven’t been able to do this,” I nod toward the trail “in a very long time. I’m glad I did.” I look back at him and he’s grinning, chest puffed out, sweat stain running down the deep crevice between his pecs. My tongue quickly flicks out to wet my lips. I try not to stare, but the sight of his body makes it hard not to. I feel a twitch down below. I shuffle my feet and lean against a tree to stretch my calf muscle, trying to casually hide my excitement. I embarrassingly say, “Need to stay loose. Don’t want cramp up on my first run.” I nervously smile to him. He just watches me with a grin that I think means he knows what’s up. I say, “Yeah, the house is bigger than I thought, and I have it all to myself.” I cringe and think to myself, ‘Fuck, I hope that doesn’t sound like I’m asking him to come over’. He smiles back, “Yeah, the cabin is on the large side when there’s just one person there.” Now the awkward silence. It lasts for just 10 seconds, but seems like eternity. My breathing which had been heavy due to the jog has slowed. His sweating has eased, but he is still breathing deeply. His chest rising and falling. I notice his pert nipples thru the fabric. I break the silence, “I’m sorry to have bothered you, Mr. Fisher. I’ll let you get back to work.” I smile to him. He looks me over once more and says in a confident tone, “Since this is your first jog in a while, you will want to take some extra care in your warm down. Remember to stretch everything or you may cramp up later today.” I nod in appreciation. “I’ll be up to the cabin later today, if you need help with anything.” ‘Oh fuck, did he just come on to me?’. I look at the path, thinking, ‘Not sure Chuck would appreciate me getting it on with the help on the first day.’ I look back at him and graciously say, “Thank you. You know where I’ll be.” He winks at me. I turn from him and start my jog back up the hill, trying to keep my inflating unit from banging my leg. I get back to the house, run up to the bedroom, grab a towel, lay on the bed, and proceed to jerk off, remembering what the gorgeously muscular Mr. Fisher looks like. Afterwards, I shower, shave, and get ready for the rest of the day, I head to the kitchen and look for the microwave. I find it and spot a clock on it. ‘Ha!’ It’s around noon. I open the fridge and find more than enough ingredients for a salad. I fill a plate, grab a glass of ice water and head to the pool area. I wander back in and go into the library. I don’t find a classic I’d like to read, but spot a book on yoga and relaxation. ‘What are the odds’ I think to myself, rolling my eyes. I pull it down and head back out. I take my time enjoying the salad and realize I’m eating fresh vegetables, like picked off the plant within a few days, not something I hurriedly grabbed at the local mini-mart that was God knows how many days old. I savor every bite. I start to read thru the book. Much of the first few pages are common sense tips, which I need to re-incorporate into my life. Get decent sleep, drink plenty of water, stretch your neck, etc. I move from the patio table to a deck lounge chair and continue to read. The warm sun is overhead. A gentle breeze runs between the house and the pool house. Next thing I know, I’m re-awakened by the sound of Mr. Fisher’s voice. “Mr. Cole?” I hear distantly. “Mr. Cole, are you awake?” My eyes slowly open, the book has fallen to the ground and my hands are laying at my sides. I squint thru the bright sunlight to see him standing near me, but off to the side. “Good afternoon Mr. Fisher.” I groggily say smiling to him. I quickly collect myself and continue, “Sorry, guess I dozed off.” He smiles back to me. I turn, get up, and my leg cramps. I stumble a bit and fall toward the patio table. He is by my side in a flash, gripping my elbow with a strong hand. I reach my other hand to the table and steady myself. With concern in his voice, he asks, “Are you alright?” His hand still holding me, his fingers tight on my skin. I can feel the warmth of his body and can smell the sweat on him. He easily guides me to a chair and I sit. “I am, thank you.” He slowly releases my arm and takes a seat next to me, his eyes scanning my body. “I guess the jog and sun wore me out more than I thought.” He nods. My leg cramps again and I wince in pain. I reach for it. “You didn’t stretch after your jog, did you?” He asks in a knowing tone. I sheepishly nod no. I can’t really tell him I was busy taking care of a raging hard-on, rather than stretching out. “Ok.” He stands, pushes his chair back and turns to me. “Turn your chair.” I do. “Stick your leg out as much as you can.” I attempt to straighten it, but it sits at a 30-degree angle. I hear him chuckle lowly. He reaches both hands out and takes ahold of my calf. I can see the muscles on the lower part twitching. He sees it as well and starts to gently massage the area. His strong fingers rub, then dig into the muscle, loosening the fibers. The cramp eases after a few minutes of his ministrations. I sigh in relief. He hears it, smiles, while still looking down, and says, “I guess ‘lesson learned’, Mr. Cole?” I hear a bit of sarcasm in his voice, but can tell he’s not being malicious. I give it right back to him, “Yes sir, Sargent Fisher.” He glances up and winks. “Also, you can just call me ‘Cole’. The ‘Mr.’ part makes me feel like old.” “Ok, but only if you call me Jake. ‘Mr. Fisher’ are my dad and my Pappy.” He stands up and gets back into his seat. He crosses his legs and his huge work boots clunk into the table. We both laugh. Now the conversation starts to flow. “Ah, so you and your wife are the caretakers?” I ask digging for info. “No.” I raise an eyebrow. “The ‘Mrs. Fisher’ is my Nona.” I nod in understanding. “Nona is still able to get around and do things, but Pappy passed away a few years ago. I was brought on to help and do the heavy lifting. Kind of say, I like the gig. The work isn’t too bad. Just maintain the estate and help the people who stay here with any issues, you know like cramps in their legs.” Now it’s his turn to raise an eyebrow and smile at me. “Sorry to hear about your grandfather.” He nods in appreciation. “Is there a lot of heavy lifting?” He shrugs his boulder shoulders. “How big is the estate?” “It’s a couple hundred acres.” My eyes get large. He sees it, smiles, and says, “Yeah, we don’t get too many ‘regular people’ here.,” He uses air quotes. He looks at the house and pool. “Usually, it’s one of the execs looking to bring side-fling up for a good time weekend. Or maybe one of their families over a holiday.” He’s very nonchalant about it. He puts his hands behind his head and intertwines his fingers. His biceps flex and I try not to stare. “There are quite a few paths to maintain. And I have to mow the meadow area every few weeks, but besides that, and taking down a few dead trees every now and then, not much really happens.” “Sounds like a pretty sweet gig, like you said.” “Yeah, I get to look after Nona as well. She’s not as young as she thinks she is anymore.” We both chuckle. “I mean, she still can put me in my place with a glance, but she makes a mean lasagna, so I am happy to help out.” “Must be hard on your social life, being so far from town…and people?” “Eh, I sneak off once the chores are done.” He says with a knowing wink. “Town is not that far, comparatively speaking.” I give him a sly smile and ask, “You ever bring a date up to ‘the big house’, just for some fun?” I spread my arms around and say, “What girl wouldn’t like this view.” I think to myself ‘and a view of your body in a speedo or less.’ He lets out a raucous laugh, “If I brought a date here, I think Nona would have my hide.” I notice he didn’t say ‘girl’, but ‘date’. Maybe… “I think my leg is feeling better and I’m sure you have better things to do” I am cut off by the French doors opening. I turn to see a spry elderly woman walk out. Must be Mrs. Fisher. Jake immediately stands, he looks down at the ground. She speaks with authority in her voice, “Jake, I believe you have some trees to trim in the lower meadow. I think you’ve taken up enough of Mr. Cole’s time.” He quietly says, “Yes, Nona.” He turns and starts to walk to the path. When he gets to the edge, he turns and says to me, “Please remember to fully stretch before and after each jog. It would not do you any good to be laid up while you were here.” I take his meaning as something other than what he says out loud for his Nona. He turns and I see his broad back descend the hill. I hear tractor start and drive away. “Mr. Cole.” I turn to Mrs. Fisher and see she is half of what I expected. She’s about 5’3”, maybe 100 pounds. She’s got the gray hair and gardening gloves, but past that, she’s her own person. “I’m sorry if my grandson was bothering you. Sometimes he gets chatty with the guests.” I see steel in her eyes and realize not much gets past her. Now I can see why Jake hasn’t brought any dates up here. “I hope you got settled in last night.” I nod. “Very nice. Would you like me to prepare any meals for you? I see you found something for lunch.” She glances at the dirty plate. “I did, thank you. I made a salad. The vegetables were very fresh. Much better than I am used to in the city.” She smiles. “As to making meals for me…” She looks at me like she really wants to cook for me to show off her skills. “Maybe a dinner or two a week?” She nods ok, but I can tell she’s disappointed. “Maybe more as time goes on.” I wave my arms around and says, “This is new to me and a bit overwhelming right now.” She nods, “Maybe in a few days, after I get comfortable. Right now, I need to spend time thinking some things through and I’m not sure what my appetite will be like. I would hate for you to cook a full meal and I only eat a small portion of it.” “I understand.” She responds flatly. “If you change your mind, just let me know.” I nod. “I’m going to make a quick check of the house and I’ll leave you be. May I take the plate in?” I get up to hand it to her. She turns to go but I ask a question, “May I ask what the weather is going to be like for the next few days? I’d hate to be out on the property and get stuck in a rain shower. Not having a radio or TV, makes it rather hard to find out.” She smiles and with a slightly condescending tone in her voice says, “You’re on one of the highest points of land around. You’ll be able to see and hear any storms while they are far enough away.” I try to let it go and say, “Thank you Mrs. Fisher.” I return to the lounge chair and lay back down. I pick up the book and flip to the page I was on prior to falling asleep. I hear the French doors shut. The rest of the afternoon is uneventful. I read a few chapters of the book. I grab a yoga mat from the exercise room and try a few of the easier poses. After that I go for a swim. The water is warm, but not too warm to make it uncomfortable. I wander into the exercise room and do a light chest and arm workout. I’ve got a month to get back into shape. No need to pull something on the first day. I make my dinner, some salmon, vegetables, and rice. I find a bottle of Pinot Noir and remember what Chuck said, but then think, ‘he’s not here’. I open the bottle and let it breathe while the salmon is resting. I find a loaf of sour dough bread and cut off a few slices. I take everything back to the patio and sit to enjoy the meal in the fading light. After I clean up, I grab a pen and paper and map out my plan for the upcoming week, while sitting in one of the one leather chairs in the living room. Not having my cell phone calendar makes it a bit tougher, but I manage to put a rough schedule together. It includes jogging daily, working out, reading, and yoga. I also write up a quick meal plan based on what I saw in the pantry, fridge, and freezer. I realize I will need to contact Mrs. Fisher for a few more items. I write up a quick grocery list and leave it on the counter with her name on it. Maybe she’ll pick it up next time she comes up. I grab a Granny Smith apple and head back to the patio. Night has set in and I can hear owls in the surrounding trees. I also hear crickets singing their song in the grass outside the pool area. I begin to take stock of my life and realize that while I may not be able to afford an estate like this one, I can afford to get away for a week every now and then. I take a few deep breaths of the clean, fresh mountain air and stare up into the night sky. The stars are so clear. I try to make out some constellations, but am woefully bad at it. I’ll have to check the library for book on them. I move to a lounge chair and lay for a while, just watching the sky and listening to nature. I nod off once or twice and decide to call it a night. I get another restful sleep. I wake to the sun streaming in again. I decide to move quicker today. I get a quick shower, don’t bother shaving, and brush my teeth. I get into my jogging gear and head down. I notice the grocery list is still on the counter. I head out to the exercise room. I stretch for a full ten minutes, as I found a stop watch in the room. I head down the same path as yesterday, but at a slightly faster pace. It feels nice. I get to the pond and head past it this time. I go to the far edge of the meadow, and re-enter the wooded area. The path leads up an incline and then opens to another meadow, this one overlooking the next valley. The path splits and I take the left branch. I have a feeling this one will lead toward the gate house and driveway. I continue on for another half mile and come thru the woods to the driveway. I’m a few yards away from the gate. I start to jog up the hill on the grass beside the drive. I get to the caretaker’s house and slow my pace. I glance in and see it is a 2-story cottage with a work garage off to the side. I see a beat up 1999 Ford F150 pickup and a later model Jeep Cherokee in the driveway. I don’t see Jake’s tractor. He must be on the property somewhere. I turn and continue up the hill. I get to the main house and slow my pace. I enter the circle in front of the house and see his tractor. The attached trailer is loaded down with tree limbs. I see the limbs were broken off, not sawed. Some are pretty thick and I think, ‘Jake must be one strong man to break limbs that size.’ I glance around, but do not see him. I walk to the side of the house and go thru a grape-vine covered arbor to the side yard. I pass thru beds of annual and perennial flowers. I stop to smell the ones in bloom. Such a soothing effect. I see a bench near a birdbath and sit for a bit. The shade of an old elm tree protects me from the sun. I feel a slight warm breeze. It feels nice. I hear Finches, Thrushes, and Bluebirds in the trees around me. I guess I’m interrupting their time at the bath. I spread my arms over the back of the bench, slouch down a bit, close my eyes for a minute, and let the calm and peacefulness of the moment sink in. His deep voice hits me from behind, “They smell nice, don’t they, Cole?” I open my and turn to face him. His green eyes penetrate me. “How was your run?” I saw you take off a while ago.” “It felt nice Jake, thanks for asking. I’m glad I pushed myself to go further this time.” I ignore the fact that he saw me leave. He’s going to be around the house and property and will see me, even if I don’t see him. I take a look at him and see he’s in another sweaty t-shirt and tan work pants. His arms are pumped again. I guess there was some heavy lifting to do, or breaking branches. He sees me looking at him and smiles. He glances at my leg and asks, “How does calf feel? Any signs you’re going to cramp up again?” “I don’t think so. I was just about the go into the exercise room and warm down.” He nods. I take a chance and ask, “The welcome note your grandmother left said you give massages?” His face brightens. “How do I get on the list for one?” I ask with a sly smile. “I mean, given your size,” I wave my arm toward his body. “I’m sure your schedule is booked solid.” He laughs and says, “I think I can squeeze you in. Are you looking for a therapeutic massage or deep tissue?” He crosses his arms over his huge chest and waits for my answer. “I think a deep tissue would do the trick.” “Figured as much.” He looks me over again and says, “What are your plans in about an hour or so?” “Besides a whole lot of ‘not much’, nothing really, just reading and looking at the scenery.” I try hard not to stare at his muscles. “I guess I can be free.” He booms, “Perfect.” He inflates his chest and stands up a bit straighter. “Be in the exercise room. I need to head back to the house, get cleaned up, and get my gear.” I turn to walk to the back of the house and as I pass him, he puts his hand on my shoulder, squeezes, and quietly says, “You’ll feel like a new man when I’m done with you.” He winks at me again and turns toward the front of the house. I think, ‘yeah, I’m sure I will.’ The thought of his hands rubbing my body gets me hard rather quickly. I head around the house and quickly go upstairs. I take a hot shower to ease my erection and to wash the sweat off me. I decide to shave. It only takes a few minutes due to my poor beard growing genes. I get dressed and head to the kitchen. I grab a fresh mango from the counter, squeeze it to make sure it’s ripe, then cut it. I get the fruit out and put it in a dish. I check the microwave and have 15 minutes. I sit at the counter and enjoy the sweetness of the fruit. I put the dish in the sink to clean later and notice the grocery list is gone. I head to the patio and wait for Jake. A few minutes later I hear him coming thru the flower garden on the side of the house. I want to immediately turn and look at him, to see what he’s wearing, to see if his muscles are on display or are covered up. Has he shaved his sexy beard off, or left it on for my pleasure? He calls out to me, “Hey Cole, right on time.” With some jocularity in his voice he says, “It’s always nice when the client is on time, or even early.” Now I turn to see him. My heart starts to race and blood is diverted to my groin. His still wet hair is pushed back over his head and covered by a dark blue baseball hat. The hat is on backwards and there a few hairs sticking out the front and falling on his forehead. He didn’t shave. I smile inwardly as I take in his face. Those green eyes and winning smile. That scruffy beard. I would love to run my fingers over it, just to feel the coarseness of it and the underlying jawline. He’s wearing a bright green tank-top which fits him like a second skin. His chest is pumped and his pert nipples are clearly visible, and more prominent than I thought. I wonder how sensitive they are and if I can make him fidget with delight as I twist or nibble them. I see a few dark hairs at the top of his pecs. His arms. My oh my. They must be 18-inches, unpumped, with veins crawling over them. His shirt is tucked into a pair of dark gray mesh gym shorts. His waist must be 31 or 32-inchs. I can see his abs thru the shirt. My mouth waters. Those mesh shorts, they seem to be a size too small for his tree trunk legs. God, what those tan workpants were hiding. His quads are rippling with muscle and his hairy calves are enormous. I see his has flip-flops on, but even his feet look manly. I see him smiling at me as I finish taking him in. “You get a nice look?” He asks. I blush. “Dude, don’t worry, I get it all the time.” ‘I bet you do’ I think to myself. He’s carrying a backpack which must hold the massage oils. I stand up as he nears me, and remember we’re about the same height. He’s just wider and sexier. He glances up and down my body, and now it’s his turn to blush, as I catch him looking. I wink at him. I say, “So, let’s do this.” We head in. He quickly clears off an exercise table and pulls a sheet out of one of the cabinets along the wall. He spreads it over the table and pats his hand on it, motioning for me to sit. I do. He gets in front of me, squats down, his legs exploding with muscle, and starts to poke and squeeze and expertly assess my body. He starts with my feet and moves upward. He asks if anything hurts and about previous injuries. I answer, staring at his hat and his muscled forearms. As he gets to my midsection and chest, my semi-erect cock is partially straining my shorts. He completely ignores it. I’m guessing he’s seen it happen before. He stands and works on my shoulders for a second. “Please take off your shirt.” I do. His eyes wander down my body, taking in what used to be a toned torso. He asks me to sit up straight and I do. He puts his fingers on my clavicle and presses in. He raises my right arm and uses his other hand to apply pressure to my side chest and upper rib cage. He releases my arm and takes a step back. He looks me in the eyes and asks, “Swimmer, runner, or gymnast?” “Swam in high school and college. Did some cross country in high school too.” He nods. “It shows. You’ve got that nice lean build. Your muscles are there, but just need to be toned up.” I nod but with embarrassment. “Cole, it happens. Life gets in the way. You skip a day at the gym, then it’s every other day. I get it.” I look him in the eyes and see not an ounce of judgement. “May I ask what brought you here? You aren’t the typically guest. And, for a month?” I sigh and give him the abbreviated version, including the part of me being gay. He just listens, nodding every so often. He gently puts his hand on my thigh and says with sincerity, “I’m sorry.” I look at him with appreciation. “I must say, you have one nice boss to give you a month off so you can get yourself back on course.” I think to myself, he’s absolutely right. “Well, now that’s it’s out in the open, you can develop a course of action.” I smile to him and proudly say, “I sketched out a plan last night after dinner. Trust me, it involves a lot of exercise and working thru some stuff up here.” I tap the side of my head. “Well, I can’t help you with that, but I’d be more than happy to help you with the exercise part.” I look at him with a bit of skepticism. I tentatively ask, “Won’t your grandmother be upset that you’re shirking your work responsibilities?” He shrugs his boulder shoulders and says back, “Well, part of my job description is to make the guests feel at home and help them with whatever they need.” His green eyes dance with anticipation. A slight smile comes over both our faces. He claps his hands together and excitedly says, “Drop your shorts and get on the table, face down.” I’m partially taken aback, but I see he is taking off his t-shirt. He turns back to me and his chest is enormous. The dark hairs I saw earlier were just a taste. His pecs have a nice dark mat of curly hair which trails down between his pecs to his abs. From there it disappears into his shorts. I turn away, face the other direction and slip my shorts down over my growing erection, leaving me in just my boxer briefs. I kick them off and slide back onto the table, making sure I don’t ‘free willy’ by accident. I lift my midsection and make sure everything is pointed in the right direction. I hear him laugh softly again. He pats me on the shoulder and says, “Cole, don’t be embarrassed about getting an erection around me. You wouldn’t be the first guy to admire and appreciate my body, and God willing, you won’t be the last.” He pats me again and bends down to open his bag. I hear him open a bottle oil and put some on his hands. He puts the bottle on the table, leaning against my leg. As he starts to work my calf muscles, I decide to take the bull by the horns. “So, what’s the social scene around here? I mean you can’t spend all your free time with your Nona in the caretaker’s house. Where do you go to cut loose?” He hums a bit and says, “I get into town every so often.” He’s being vague on purpose. I desperately want to ask him if he’s gay, or at least bi, but he has my right foot in his hands and I think he could break it if he wanted to. “There are a few bars and restaurants to hang out at.” I wonder if any of them are gay bars. There’s a lull in the conversation as he continues his work. He asks every so often if the pressure is enough, not enough, or too much. I let him know he could go a bit harder. He does and I immediately feel it. I moan as his fingers dig thru the tense fibers in my Adductor Brevis and Adductor Longus, releasing the pressure. He then moves to my Gracilis muscle and gives it a workover. He is quickly moving from one side of the table to the other, adding oil to his hands as he goes. He hits each side with equal pressure and attention. After he finishes there, he moves over my boxers and right to my lower back. I hear him open the bottle and say, “Be ready, this may not be as warm as my hands.” I feel a few drops of oil hit my spine. It’s not chilly, but it’s not nearly as warm as his hands. I tense, then quickly release. He puts his hand on the oil and starts to move it around, coating my entire lower back. He hesitantly says, “Um…Cole…It would be easier for me it you took your boxers off.” I knew that request was coming. “Just so I don’t soak them with oil.” “Ok.” I buck my hips up and carefully slide them down. Once they are around my thighs, I feel his strong fingers take ahold of them and slips them all the way off. There is a pregnant pause and I wonder if he’s staring as my ass. Next thing I know, he tosses his shorts into a pile in front of me. Then a few seconds later, a pair of dark blue posers. I guess this is his way of answering my unasked question. He immediately gets back to work. His strong fingers nimbly move around my lower back and side rib cages. He applies pressure, stretches the muscle out, then relaxes the hold. He does this over and over again, moving up my right side. When he gets to my shoulder blade, he stops, walks around the table so he passes in front of me and starts to work on my left side. He moved too quickly. I didn’t get to see anything except his muscular legs. More oil, then he starts to work on my glutes. His fingers grab ahold of the muscle, and he kneads it, like it’s bread dough. Because of the pressure he applies, as well as his strong fingers, I can feel him practically rubbing my hip bone. He keeps at it, his fingers grabbing, pulling, releasing. I notice his fingers are moving closer to my crack. I feel three fingers dip into my crack, but they just grab the muscle and he pulls it toward him. He holds it, then I feel his index finger slide up and down my crack. Now that was not my imagination. He releases as quickly as he started. He goes to the other side and does the same thing, except, no finger on my crack. He gently slaps my ass and says, “Done down below. Shoulder, arms, and neck time.” He puts just a bit of oil on my upper back and uses both hands to spread it around. He still standing off to a side. “Cole, you’ve got nice wide shoulders. It shows that you were a swimmer. They taper down to a nice waistline too.” “Thanks.” I say back. “But that waistline is hidden under a layer of beer and fried food.” He laughs and says, “We’ll work on getting it back. It shouldn’t be too hard, or take too long.” He starts to apply deep pressure to around the area and I moan again. It feels so good. When he’s done with the shoulder, his picks up my arm and starts to work the Triceps. He grips my arm with his fingers and uses the pads of his thumbs to press into the muscle. He works the whole area, then does the sides of my biceps. He works his way down to my hand and gives it a work stretch as well. He grabs each finger individually and pulls on them. I feel the muscles lengthen, then contract when he releases. I’m in heaven. He walks around the back of the table and basically reverses what he just did. He starts with my hand and works up to my Triceps and shoulder blade. As he finishes there, he walks to the head of the table, so he is right in front of me and starts to work on my neck and upper shoulders. My head is forced down over the edge of the table, so I can only see is lower legs and feet. Again, he applies deep pressure and I feel bones crack and tendons loosen. His fingers quickly find any knots or bulbs and expertly break them up. I squirm a few times, because it actually hurt. He says, “Sorry, but I need to break them up or you’ll still have pain.” “I get it and am glad you’re doing it, but I’ll be a lot happier when you’re done.” He lets loose his deep laugh. He continues his torture and I squirm some more, but slowly movements begin to feel normal, still deep and strong, but it’s like he’s hit his grove and is just working on autopilot. Then I feel it. His unit bumps the side of my head, near my right ear. He is leaning over my body to reach my middle back and I can feel his warm sweat drip off him and onto me. His hairy chest is touching my upper back as he reaches further down, to my lower back. I feel the bump again. Due to his body practically laying on top of me, I am not able to turn my head. He starts to lean back up and is drawing his fingers up my spine. He is using both hands and is pushing the muscles from both sides. I can feel my spine crack. I moan again. He says, “You think your spine is cracking now, just wait until I crack it for real. You’ll be in heaven.” I think, ‘Already there Jake.” He’s at the nape of my neck. He’s standing up and the pressure is off my head. I lift it to readjust the position and catch a glimpse of him. 6-inches flaccid, shaved groin, cut. I cautiously inhale his scent. Sweat and Old Spice. Nice mix. I feel blood rush south again. His fingers work their magic, digging into the side of my neck, getting between the fibers, and spreading everything out. He finishes my neck, then says, “Just to let you know, I’m going to massage your head. Not sure if you’ve ever had it done, but it feels great.” I feel the fingers of both his hands encompass my skull. He applies gently pressure and starts to move his fingers around. My skin feels like it is being pulled off my head, then put back on. He takes his time and makes sure he gets every part of my scalp. When he finally finishes, I’m breathing heavily. He hears me and says, “See told you.” “Not that I doubted you, but sounded more painful than it actually was.” “Ok, turn over. Time to work over your topside.” Gratefully my erection has faded. I turn over and see him scan my body from head to toe. I’m looking up at his body, from his belly button to his shelf pecs and pert nipples. I see he cobblestone abs, with ridges of muscles just waiting for a tongue to coat them with saliva. ‘Fuck, blood rushing south.’ My erection starts to rise, but I close my eyes and block the image of his body from it. I start to fade. I hear him walk to the end of the table and I feel his oily fingers grab my left ankle, lift it up, and put it on his shoulder. I keep my eyes shut to avoid looking his face and spectacular chest. He starts to work on my leg, squeezing and relaxing the muscles in my quads and groin area. When he has loosened it enough, he climbs up on the table and moves forward compressing my leg against my chest. I feel his flaccid unit bump my balls. Not a word from him. He pushes down three or four times, each time he hits me. I can feel his warm breath just inches away from my face. I smell peppermint gum each time he exhales on the downward push. He very slowly eases off. He does the same with my right ankle and leg, but when he is massaging my groin area, his fingers dance under my hairless balls. Just for a second, they gently stroke my taint. I am unable to hold back my erection any longer. It grows pretty rapidly to its full seven inches. Jake just continues to work my leg over. He does the same compression and now I feel his unit is no longer flaccid. There some heft to it. It bangs into me and I can feel his head hitting my balls. I take a chance and open my eyes. He is right above me, maybe 6 inches away from my face, his bright green eyes looking directly into my dark blue ones. He smiles to me and quietly says, “Hey”, but keeps on going. As he eases off, his fingers run down my torso and trace down groin area, rubbing my super sensitive inner leg. My unit goes full mast. I hear a low chuckle. He climbs off the table and walks up the left side. He puts his hands on my chest and starts to massage my pecs. He’s not as aggressive here. Just rubbing the muscles back and forth, loosening them up. I can feel his unit poke me in the side. He’s erect as well. I take a chance and turn my hand over and allow my fingers to caress the inside of his muscled quad. He doesn’t seem to mind and keeps on working. I feel him adjust his stance and my hand is now right under his balls. I put my hand into a cup shape and he moves his body again so they are resting in my hand. I slowly close my hand and let my fingers softly touch him. I hear him hum as his fingers pause. His fingers work their way to my abs. He uses the palms of his hands, as well as his fingers, to rub the muscles. I release his balls. He pauses and looks down at me. I look up and he just nods. I cup him again. He smiles and goes back to work. I get a bit more playful and use my fingers to softly pull down on his ball sac. He moans again, a bit louder. My unit is at full mast and sticking up at a 45-degree angle. He maneuvers his fingers under it and caresses my lower abs, bumping my unit more often than not. He’s looking down at it over his heaving chest. His breathing is deep and paced. I can see sweat trickling down the sides of his face, into his beard. His biceps are engorged with blood, pumped up, and sweaty as well. He glances to me, sees me looking at them and flexes them slightly. My unit gets that much harder. I release his balls again, but immediately rub my middle finger along his length. He flinches and pauses again. He puts his right hand flat on my lower abs and lets it rest there. I look at the ceiling, feeling we have crossed a line, and there is no going back. His left hand comes to rest on my balls. His fingers begin a slow dance, caressing the area, and stroking my taint. He flips his right hand over and I feel him softly take hold of me. I let out an audible sigh while looking at the ceiling. He does as well, in response. I move my fingers to grasp his girth. I take hold and slowly move my hand right and left. He does the same. My chest is now rising and falling in unison with his. Our hands are moving at the same pace, we have the same grip on each other. I feel the warm skin around his unit slide easily as I jerk him. His body moves closer to the table. His legs are against the side of it. His unit is poking into me. My movements become quicker. He matches me. I glance toward him and lick my lips, just at the beauty of his body and face. He turns and sees my tongue slip back in my mouth. He grins and moves his left hand further under my body. I feel him poke around my hole, but not enter it. He just caresses the hairs there. That in combination with his jerking me, and me having a hold of his unit, sends a lightning bolt down my spine. I mumble, “Cumming.” He slows his motion for a second, then gives me three quick yanks, each one more aggressive than the last. On the third one, the finger on my ass dips inside me. I cum, shooting my load like a rocket out of me. The first load coats my face and upper chest. The next two, my chest and abs. The last one coats his hand. He slows his jerking motion and comes to a stop. I realize I have a death grip on his unit. I croak, “Sorry.” as I ease my grip, but don’t release him. “Now worries.” Is all he says, smiling down at me. I continue to jerk him and see his body tense up. He grips the edge of the table with both hands and I see his biceps flex as his abs compress into his body. His chest inflates. He growls as he lets loose. His cum blasts into the side of my body. Four distinct shots hit me and stick to my sweaty body. When he’s done, I slowly release him. He takes his hands off the table and turns to put his ass on the edge. He takes a few deep breaths to cleanse himself. He pats me on the chest and asks, “Feel better?” I wink at him in response. “Good to hear.” He leans back down to his bag and pulls out a couple towels. I see his very shapely muscular ass for the first time. I whistle lowly. He flexes his glutes and stands up. He turns and winks as he hands one to and uses the other to clean himself. I get my face, chest, and abs. I move to clean my leg and he puts his hand on top of mine, stopping me. He winks and says, “I’ve got this.” He easily slides my body to the edge of the table, squats down, and proceeds to lick his cum off my body. His warm rough tongue runs along my body, scooping and pulling the warm glop into his mouth. I lean up and watch. I reach my hand down and grab his nipple and squeeze. He shuts his eyes tightly and moans. As he finishes, he stands, reaches a hand down to me and as I take it, he pulls me to a seated position. “Do you want me to crack your back now or later?” “Might as do it now, since we’re both soft.” He chuckles. “I mean, if we waited, I know I’d sprout another boner just from your touch.” I pat his plate like pecs, which he flexes for me. “Ok. Lay back down on the table.” I do. He explains what he is going to do. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m going to climb on the table with you, but next to you.” I grin and wiggle my eyebrows. He just shakes his head. “You will lean up and take a deep breath and hold it. I will wrap my arms around your back. When I say so, you exhale completely and lean back. I will squeeze as you go down and your back should crack.” “Gotcha.” He climbs on the table with me, but on my right side. His flaccid unit trapped between our bodies. I lean up, take the breath and hold it. He wraps his pythons around me and grips his wrists behind my back. He says, “Now.” I exhale and lean back. I feel his biceps squeeze and grow larger. I keep exhaling and falling back. Suddenly I feel my vertebra crack, just like he said. I am flat on the table looking into his eyes, which are just inches away. I move my left hand to his face and stroke his jawline. It feels as masculine and strong as I knew it would. He leans down and kisses me. Not a quick peck on the lips, but a full lip to lip, tongues moving around, feeling each out, kiss. His warm breath enters my mouth and mine goes into his. We stay lip-locked for a minute or two. My left hand moves to the back of his head, pushes off his baseball hat, and pulls him closer. He does not object. I feel his biceps constrict and pull our bodies closer. We stay at it and he carefully rolls his body on top of mine. We break the kiss and I whisper, “You know, this might be a little easier on a king-sized bed.” He smiles. “You don’t happen to know where one is, do you?” He lets out a laugh and quickly rolls off me. He extends his hand to mine. I take it as he easily pulls me up. I get off the table and quickly pull my shorts back on. He does the same. I exit the room first and head to the house. I come to an abrupt halt halfway across the patio. Jake bumps into me, his bigger body pushing me forward another step. He says, “Why’d you stop?” “I saw movement in the house, in the kitchen. I think your grandmother may be in there.” Any hope of more romance is flying out the window as we stand on the warm brick pavers. I start to panic. “What if she sees us together?” “Cole, we’re both adults.” I nod hesitantly. “What’s she going to do, ground us, send us to bed without dinner?” I turn to him and see his smile. “This isn’t the first time this has happened to you, is it?” He sheepishly shakes his head no. I decide to be the adult for the next few minutes. I tell him, “Ok, I’ll go in and see what she’s up to and how long she’ll be. You get your ass back into the exercise room until I come back.” Now he wiggles his eyebrows at me. “Calm down big guy.” I pat him on the chest and push him back toward the smaller building. Once he’s in it and shuts the door, I go thru the French doors into the living room and kitchen area. Mrs. Fisher is there, as I thought. She is putting groceries away. I am as polite as I can be. “Good afternoon Mrs. Fisher. How are you today?” She looks over to me, sees me sweating and says, “Good afternoon Mr. Cole. I’m well, thank you. How are you? You look flushed and worn out. Is everything ok.” I think, ‘Couldn’t be better. Your grandson gives fucking awesome massages.’. I instead say, “I’ve been in the workout room for quite a while. I lost track of time.” “Well don’t overdo it.” Her voice shows some concern. “Thank you. I was just about to change my clothes and go for a swim, then get in the whirlpool for a bit.” “Very well. I’m done here. I was able to find all the items on your list.” She smiles to me and adds, “I’m glad to find someone else who also likes Brussels Sprouts.” I nod with a smile. “Unfortunately, Mr. Fisher does not like them.” ‘But he likes to lick his cum off my body.’ I say to myself. “That’s too bad. If you cook them just right, they’re very flavorful.” I head to the foyer. “I must head upstairs and get changed. I feel kind of sticky in these clothes.” “Have you seen Mr. Fisher today? I see his tractor is outside, but I don’t see him?” I hold my composure and say, “I did see him earlier when I finished my run, but have not seen him since.” “Ok. Have a nice swim. Call me if you need anything.” “Thank you, I will.” I hurry up the steps and to my bedroom. I stand in the open doorway and listen for a door to open and shut, any door, which would indicate she’s left. After a minute I hear one of the French doors open and close. I say to myself, ‘Fuck’. What if she goes to the exercise room to clean up? I quickly move to a bedroom which has a view of the pool area. I get there just in time to see her open the door to the small building. My heart sinks. She’s going to find Jake in there and then it’ll all be over. I keep watching intensely. Nothing yet. Maybe she’s giving him the riot act. I murmur softly, “I’m so sorry Jake. I didn’t want you to get in trouble.” From behind me I hear him calmly say, “Please, this isn’t my first time doing this.” I nearly jump out skin and thru the window. I turn to see Jake standing there in just the dark blue posers. He smiles at me and wiggles his eyebrows. I point my finger at him and quietly say, “You!” He laughs. “Why are you whispering? It’s not like Nona can hear you.” I shrug my shoulders. I walk to him and put my hand on his chest as I lean in for another kiss. I ask, “How did you get in the house? I’m pretty sure Nona would have seen you come in the living room or foyer.” “Yes, but the French doors in the dining room are not visible from the kitchen area.” I grin like I’m 15 and trying to sneak past a hall monitor in school. “Once you and Nona got into your discussion, I slipped past and came up here. I went into your bedroom and waited. Apparently, you were too distracted and didn’t see me.” I gawk at his body and blush. “Thought so.” I turn to the window when I hear the exercise room door shut. She has the sheet in her hands and leaves by the walk on the side of the house. I say to Jake, “She took the sheet. Hope the washer is down at your house and not here.” “It is. It’s also a different sheet.” I turn to look at him. He winks. “Like I said, not my first time.” He extends his hand and I take it. We walk back to my bedroom and climb on the bed. I lay on my back and let him crawl on top of me. We proceed to make out for the next half hour. Just kissing and touching. Hands wandering over each other’s bodies. I feel up his muscles. He tenses each one as my hands pass over them. He does the same to me, letting his hands wander and caress my body. We roll over and I’m on top and he’s under me, with his hands on my hips, gently caressing them. Remarkably, we both remain flaccid. We’re just getting to know each other. I push up off him and lean up. I splay my legs on either side of his torso and look down at his muscular chest and midsection. I’m amazed and wonder how he got in the shape he’s in. It cannot be from yard work at a mountain cabin. My warm fingers wander over the sweaty muscles, just softly touching them. He sees me studying him. “You’ve got questions, don’t you?” I bite my tongue and nod, embarrassed. I want to know everything about him, but think I need to slow down. God, I’ve been here two days and have already had sex with the help. Chuck would be on the floor laughing at me. “What are you doing later tonight, say 11?” “Probably trying not to fall asleep, or better yet, trying to get some sleep.” We both laugh. “Want to meet me down by the pond? We can just sit and talk.” He reaches a hand to my arm and caresses my forearm and elbow. He is trying to help. I smile. “Ok, great.” He moves his hands to my waist and he helps me off him. I sit on the bed and he gets up. He’s facing me and stretches his body upward. God, what a specimen. His wavy dark hair is disarrayed. His sexy scruffy beard and green eyes compliment his hair. He puts his arms over his head and reaches them upward. I see he shaves his pits, but I’d still like to lick them and nuzzle my nose in them for a while. His forearms and biceps are just big enough that he cannot bring his hands together while they are overhead. His sweaty hairy pecs have visible muscle striations crisscrossing them. His torso tapers to such a small waist it seems weirdly comically. His flaccid unit and balls are pushed forward and sitting on top of his quads. I see veins crawling over his legs like a city road map. I look away to keep my brain from sending blood to my groin. I hear him grunt, then he relaxes his body and I catch his arms fall down. He sees that I’m trying not to look at him. He moves to a side, just out of my sightline, and sits on the bed to pull on his clothes. “You know Cole. It’s ok to want to look at me. I think we’re past the ‘is he gay or not’ question, and you obviously like guys with muscles.” I let out a soft grunt. “I don’t mind you looking at me.” I sigh, unsure if he’s being nice or something else. “You can ask me anything tonight.” I glance over to him and see his head is turned toward me. He’s smiling. “You were very honest with me about what happened in your life. It would only be fair of me to be just as open with you.” He finishes pulling on his shorts. He stands, grabs his tank-top and squeezes into it. He leans down to me, softly takes ahold of my chin and brings his face to mine. He softly kisses me on the lips. He whispers, “Cole, don’t let your anxieties hold you back from having some fun.” He kisses me again, leans back and says, “I need to take a few trees down along the upper tree line.” He points to me and firmly says, “11, or I will have Nona give you your next massage.” I cough out a laugh. “Needless to say, she’s all business, unlike me.” He winks and is gone. I hear the front door open and shut. His tractor comes to life and the sound of the engine fades as he drives away. I sit on the bed for a bit, reflecting back on what has happened in two short days. Could life really be this simple? Is the life I have back in the city worth the stress? So many questions about Jake run thru my mind. I want to write them down, but that would look kind of silly if I show up and pull out a list. “Yes, Jake, my first question for you tonight is in 3 parts, and each part has 2 sub-questions.” I get off the bed, pull on a pair of board shorts, drench my body in sunscreen, head down to the kitchen, make a quick salad, and head out to the pool. It’s 2:30. I eat the salad slowly, enjoying the freshness of the food, and the views over the valley spread out below. Not a cloud in the sky. Temps in the mid-80’s according the thermostat on the side of the pool house. My mind wanders back to the cluster-fuck my life had been a few short months ago. Working 10-to-12-hour days, running co-workers ragged, and pissing them off at the same time. Trying to hook-up using an on-line site, but being disappointed most of the time. Using those disappointments as an excuse to fuck other people over. I can see the spiral now. God, what an asshole I was. I feel a tear run down my cheek. I continue to look at the valley. The green trees and grass swaying in a gentle breeze. I spy some deer at the far end, just doing their thing. Not a care in the world. I go back in and grab the yoga book. I get a mat and sit on the patio. I check the index and find the chapter on meditation. I read thru it and get the main points. I put the book aside and get into a cross-legged position, with my back straight. I put my hands on my knees, close my eyes, and lightly touch my thumb and index finger. I breathe in thru my nose to a count of 4, hold it for a count of 4, then exhale thru my mouth to a count of 6. I repeat this several times, then lengthen the counts to 6,6,8, then 8,8,8. My minds wanders. I picture a shallow slow-moving stream with some rocks in it. As a thought enters my mind, I let is pass down the stream and out of my mind. I think of the stress of work, and let it float away. The bad experiences dating, float on by. My poor personal choices; they are larger and take more time to pass, but they do. I keep the breathing pattern intact and gently bounce my fingers to help ease any stress the creeps in. After a while, the stream looks like one in the valley below me. My head is clear and my breathing is calm and paced. I feel my chest rising and lowering at the same pace as my heart. I slowly open my eyes, but continue the pattern. I twist my head left and right and feel little to no pain. I uncross my legs, bring my knees to my chest and wrap my hands around them, hugging them. I feel another tear run down my cheek, but this one is of happiness, serenity. I sit for another 5 minutes, then slowly get up and walk to the pool. I wade into the warm water and let it encompass me. I lower my body until just my neck and head are above the water line. I put my back against the wall and squat down. I slowly wave my hands and create a rippling effect in the water. I let the waves move around me and soothe my body. I sit there, with the sun beating down on me. I close my eyes again. My arms slow, the waves dissipate. I nod off and when my lips hit the water, my eyes open. I climb out the pool and go to a lounge chair. I move it into the shade of an umbrella, lie down, and am asleep in seconds. I wake to find it is dusk. The last sliver of the sun is setting over mountains at the far end of the valley. The yellow, red, and orange tendrils of light are bathing the valley and trees. I watch as it fades. Night encroaches from behind me. I sit and watch the stars make their appearance, getting brighter with each passing minute. Crickets soon start their songs. I see fireflies (lightening bugs) start to emerge from the grass. Frogs join the chorus. Then the owls. My eyes become accustomed to the darkness. I can smell the flowers from the garden, and almost taste the honeysuckle along the backside of the garden. I hear other noises in the dark, nocturnal animals waking to live their lives. I get up and slowly move into the house. I click on a minimal number of lights. I check the time and see there is still plenty until I meet with Jake. I head upstairs, get a quick shower, brush my teeth, and change into tan cargo shorts and a light t-shirt. I put on some socks and pair of walking sneakers. I head to the kitchen and cook up another piece of salmon and some veggies. I eat on the patio. I sit and let the stillness and calmness of the evening envelop me. After a while I go back in, check the clock, and see it’s about time for me to head to the pond. I don’t need a flashlight as the moon and stars provide enough light for me to navigate the path easily. As I approach the pond, I see Jake’s darkened figure sitting on one of the benches, waiting for me. I near and put my left hand on his right shoulder. He turns, smiles, and pats the spot next to him. I sit. He puts his right arm around my shoulder and hugs our bodies together. I lean my head to his and put my left hand on his right thigh. We sit. No words pass between us for a while. All I feel are the muscles in his arm slowly moving as he caresses my right bicep. Our breathing is in sync. He quietly asks, “Better?” I murmur back, “Yes.” “Good.” I feel him turn his head and kiss the top of mine. He gently squeezes my body to his again and releases. More time passes. I softly ask, “How did you know?” His answer is a squeeze on my shoulder. All my other questions float away, like the leaves on the stream from my meditation. We sit and watch the night progress. The moon makes its slow arcing trek across the sky. Frogs and crickets and other unseen animals sing their songs and scurry thru the meadow, avoiding us. I drift again. I wake to find Jake is carrying me back up the hill to the house. My head is against his shoulder. His breathing is still slow and steady. I can feel his biceps supporting me, but they don’t seem to be flexed or impacted by my added weight. I touch him on the chest and he looks down. He grins. I say, “I can walk.” He winks at me and keeps walking. We get to the house, I open the door, and he carries me up the steps to my room. He sets me down on the edge of the bed, strips off his clothes, and pulls me up and helps me out of mine. He softly grabs my face in both hands, pulls me toward him, and kisses me. Long, slow, and passionate. I feel my unit spring to life. His rises as well. He turns us around, so his back is to the bed. He releases me and falls to the bed and moves to the middle. He extends and arm to me. I take it, and he pulls me down, on top of him. Our warm bodies sink into the comforter. Now it’s my turn to put my hands on his face and pull him in for an extended kiss. I reach my left hand to his right nipple and grab it thru the silky dark hair covering it. I tweak it tentatively. He sighs into my mouth. He splays his legs around my body and locks his ankles together, drawing our bodies that much closer together. Our units bump and grind each other. We’re both at full mast and I feel moisture leaking from him, or me, or both of us. He wraps his arms around my back, hugs my body to his, and just holds me. We continue to kiss. Neither of us battling for alpha dog position. Just letting the moment take us where it wants us to go. He shows off more of his strength by rolling us over. He’s on top. He untangles his arms from my back and undoes his legs. He leans up, puts his meaty hands on my chest, and plays with my nipples. Now, it’s my turn to relish the feeling. I close my eyes and let him play. He’s gentle, but masterful. He’s hitting all the right button. I feel my unit spasm under the weight of his body. He feels it too and moves his hips from left to right to spread out the fluid. He stops massaging my chest, leans down, and whispers, “Ready?” I slowly open my eyes and see him smiling at me with a twinkle in his eyes. I nod yes. He gets off the bed, picks up his shorts, and I see a yellow tinfoil wrapper shimmer in the faint light. I hear him rip it open and then he surprises me by coming back to the bed, leans down, and put it on me. My unit had faded a bit, but his strong fingers remedy that. He encases me, lets some drool fall from his mouth onto the tip of it, then he coats me. I put my hands behind my head and let him do his thing. He straddles my body, grabs my unit, and positions me at his hole. He winks and slowly lowers himself onto me. I feel my unit break his sphincter and enter his muscled body. He slides down in one movement, not a moment’s hesitation. I moan as his muscles constrict around my pole. He massages me as I move in him. He settles his ass onto my groin. His full weight is on me, but it feels like nothing. I tentatively thrust upward. In the darkness of the room, I can see he smiles and wink again, letting me know it’s ok to do what I want to do. I push up some more. He takes it, his body accepting my presence. My body feels free. I move to put my hands on his thighs and rub the muscles there. It feels like rubbing warm granite. I thrust upward some more, with urgency. He bounces on me. When we come down, he grinds his ass into me, coaxing a bit more of me into him. I feel him release another round of pre-cum. It lands on my lower chest. His hand moves to spread it around. I see him move his index finger toward my mouth. I open and he slowly inserts it. I lick at it, pull the sweet fluid off, and swallow. My body warms as his pre-cum slides down my throat. I feel a tingle. I continue to thrust upward for several minutes, but Jake shows no signs of pain or of growing tired. I, on the other hand, am getting tired from all the work. Not that I haven’t had someone sit on my unit and ride it, but Jake is different. He’s got the stamina to allow him to just ride for a long time. As I tire, my motions slow and finally I lay on the bed. Once he realizes I’ve stopped, he leans down, rubs his beard along my cheek, and asks, “You ok Cole?” I hear the concern in his voice. I respond, “Yeah, just tired from today. I’m sorry.” He softly runs his strong fingers thru my hair and whispers, “Shh. It’s fine.” He kisses my cheek. He pulls off me, turns and pulls the condom off, and proceeds to put his lips on my rock-hard unit. He licks it and uses his right hand to keep it pointed up. Then I feel him swallow me. Again, no hesitation. He swallows me to the hilt. My groin in his face. I feel his tongue massage and caress my pole. He applies more saliva and starts to bob up and down. I look at the ceiling and grab the sheets. He’s an expert. His strong fingers move from holding me erect to gently massaging my balls. I feel his pinkie poke at my hole. My load builds quickly due to the fore-play and I know I won’t last too much longer. When I’m close, I pat his muscular shoulder to let him know. He continues to face-fuck me and then I feel his pinkie dip into my hole and piston in and out. I unleash my load. He swallows every drop. I hear him gulp, then slurp. After a minute he carefully pulls off and my softened unit drops to my abs. I’m breathing heavily, but feel very relaxed. He leans up on the bed, grabs his unit and starts to stroke himself. While he does it, he moves to straddle my chest, putting his unit right at my face. I lean up and lick his bulbous head, being rewarded with a glop of pre-cum. I move my elbows to support my position and take just his head into my mouth. He continues to jerk. I see his body tense and hear him groan, “Cumming” in his deep sexy voice. I immediately swallow him as far as I can. He grunts as all the muscles in his body flex, and he unleashes his torrent. I swallow every drop, just like he did. I stay on him, maneuvering my tongue around, until he softens. I slide off him and his unit swings down to my chest. He sighs, looks into my eyes and says, “Dude, you’ve got talent.” He winks at me in the dark, and I wink back with a grin. He carefully gets off me and walks to the bathroom. I hear him flush the condom down the toilet. I hear water running and a minute later he is back. He puts a hand on my abs and quietly says, “The towel is warm.” He puts the washcloth on my abs, then gently rubs down toward my crotch. He cleans the area, then takes it back to the bathroom. He’s back in a minute and slips onto the bed with me. He lies next to me, but props himself up on his left elbow so he is looking at me. I turn my head and can make his face out in the dim light. He’s still got a smile and his eyes are bright. I reach my left hand over to his face and stroke his beard. The hair is soft and luxurious. He leans down to kiss me again. He puts his right arm over my body and grabs my left shoulder. He rolls onto his back and pulls my body closer to his. He lets his left arm drop onto the bed and my head falls onto the bicep. His unflexed muscle feels like a soft pillow. I drape my left arm over his broad chest and close my eyes. My face is next to his armpit. I lightly inhale and smell his relaxing aroma. I feel his hand on my back, lightly tracing and caressing circles. I fade out. I slowly wake the next morning and sense Jake is gone. I am under the covers, but still naked. I look around the room and he straightened up before leaving. My clothes from last night are neatly folded on the dresser and when I walk into the bathroom, the towel from last night is hanging over the shower, drying. I do my morning routine and when I’m done, I get ready to go for a run. I head down to the kitchen to grab a bowl of cereal and see the note he’s left for me. Cole, I hope you enjoyed last night, I did. Being with you makes me very happy. For someone who had a lot of stress in his life four days ago, you have done a tremendous job in letting it go. I hope you will be able to get back to the ‘real you’ very quickly. I cannot wait to see who that person is. I glanced over your workout plan and made a few notations which I think would benefit you. Unfortunately, we will not be able to see each other for a few days. Nona has asked me to go into town and help a family friend pack and move. I should be back by Friday. The extra money I make with these side jobs help me financially, so I take them when I can, I hope you understand. Nona will be able to give you a massage, if you need another. If you can wait, I’d be more than happy to give you another when I return. Jake. I smile. He has a great sense of humor and am glad he is able to make money doing side jobs. I’m a bit upset I will not see him for a while, but meeting him was a bonus. I can use this time to work on getting my head straightened out. I grab my workout plan and see his notes. They make sense so I add them where he indicates. *** The week flies by. I make notes on my plan everyday as to what I did, so I can show Jake when he gets back and we can make adjustments. It’s now Thursday night. I am finishing up my second workout for the day, legs. Ugh. Now I know why I tended to skip them at the gym. My body doesn’t like me right now, but in a day or so, it will be very grateful. I walk into the kitchen and pull a steak out of the fridge to come to room temperature. I grab my plan and a pencil and I review what I did: Monday: 45 min jog, breakfast, back and shoulders, 2 hours yoga and meditation, lunch, pool/sauna, second workout – row for an hour, pool & reading – The Dubliners by Joyce. Dinner, 30 min yoga Tuesday: elliptical for 30 mins, breakfast, chest/arms, whirlpool, lunch, 2 hrs. yoga & meditation, 45 min jog, pool, more Joyce, dinner, 1 hr. walk, pool Wednesday: breakfast, yoga, sauna, Joyce, lunch, jog for 45 mins, pool, nap, back and full body stretch. Sauna again. Dinner, pool, finish Joyce. Thursday: 2 hr walk, breakfast, pool, start Tolkein, lunch, chest/arms, meditate for an hour, list out things to improve my work life, whirlpool, legs, dinner, pool. I smile to myself. I made a plan and kept to it, for the most part. I did tweak an item here or there based on how my body was feeling, or how my brain was feeling. Tonight, I am going to reward myself. On Monday I had found a carton of chocolate peanut butter ice cream in the freezer, but made sure to bury it behind some other stuff so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat it. I get the gas grill fired up and go upstairs to get cleaned up. I just wash my face and brush my teeth. When I get back to the kitchen, I check the steak and take it to the grill. I turn the heat down and put it on. I close the lid and head back inside to get the vegetables ready. I skewer some mushrooms, broccoli, and pineapple chunks and take them out to the grill. I check the steak and put the kabobs off to a side where the heat is lower. Back in the kitchen, I make a salad and get the Brussel sprouts peeled and trimmed then into a pan to sauté with some sea salt, cracked white pepper, and garlic. While they start to cook on medium heat, I go flip the steak and turn the kabobs. The meat only needs another few minutes to finish. I pull the veggies off and take them inside and set them on a platter. I take my salad out to the patio and set my place. I pull the steak off, turn the grill off, and put the steak on the table to rest. I finish the sprouts, lightly glazing them with some chicken stock. I put them in one bowl and the pull the veggies and pineapple off the skewers and put them into a second bowl. I bring them outside and sit to eat. Dusk has settled. I eat and watch the sunset. It never gets old watching the light fade and the stars come out. I notice something new every night, be it a constellation I did not know, or the sound of dove cooing in the dark as it settles down to sleep. Half an hour later, I’ve moved to a lounge chair, gotten a small bowl of ice cream, and am settling in to read another few chapters of The Silmarillion. I hear the phone ring. I am startled as I thought I could only call the caretakers on it. Apparently, they can call me. I get up to answer it. “Hello?” It’s Mrs. Fisher, “Good evening Mr. Cole. I am sorry to bother you in the evening.” “It’s ok, I was just outside reading. Is everything ok?” “Yes, it is. I wanted to let you know I will be away for the weekend. I am leaving tomorrow mid-morning and will return Sunday evening. Mr. Fisher is expected back tomorrow at some point. If you need anything, he will be happy to help you.” I think to myself, ‘You got that right.’ “Thank you very much for letting me know. Have a nice weekend.” “You as well.” The line disconnects. I look at the receiver for a moment, shake my head, then put it back. I go back out the patio and finish my ice cream. I get the feeling Mrs. Fisher knows more about her grandson’s activities than he knows. I watch the moon rise and makes its trek over the sky again. As I look to the sky, I’m still in awe of how many more stars I can see. In the city, due to the light pollution, only the brightest stars are visible. Out here, with less pollution, many of the lesser stars are visible. What a difference a couple hours ride makes. I head to the kitchen with my bowl and book. I check the time and see it’s pretty late, so I head up to bed. I leave a window cracked open, as usual, to let the fresh air into the room. I know this is one reason I’m getting restful nights of sleep. I change into my PJs, do my bathroom routine, then crawl under the covers. I stare at the ceiling and think maybe the city life is not for me. It’s only been a week, but whatever magical spell the country, and this house have over me, I don’t think I want it to end. Slowly I fade out. When I wake, something feels different. I slowly open my eyes and hear it is raining. Not a hard, pounding thunderstorm, but a nice soaking rain. I walk to the patio doors, open them, pull up a chair, and sit in the doorway. The rain pitter-patters on the patio and in the trees beyond. It’s very peaceful. I continue to sit and listen. I close my eyes and meditate. After a time, I open my eyes, see the rain has slowed, and decide to go for a walk. The clouds are breaking up and I should be ok as long as I stay on the path. The air feels a bit chillier than normal, so I pull on a pair of sweatpants and a long sleeve t-shirt. I head to the kitchen, grab an everything bagel and head out. I head out the back path which leads into a heavily wooded area and up a slope. It feels great to be in the fresh air. There are droplets of rain still falling from tree branches and leaves. The oaks, pines, and cherry trees are tall and full of foliage. The path winds around while steady going up. One or two areas are slick with leaves and mud, but I take it slow and make out well. At one point there is a break in the trees and I can see the whole valley and the house down below. The clouds have broken and sun is starting to stream through. I crouch down and stare. My breathing slows and becomes even. After a bit, I get up, stretch and continue along the path. It eventually makes its way back down the slope. A half hour later and I’m now below the house, looking up from a meadow, but not the one with the pond. I cannot see the house from this spot. I see the clouds have gathered again and look like they’re going to open up at any moment. I follow the path and it leads to the far side of the meadow and back into the woods. I don’t run or jog, but am not looking around as much. I am 10 yards short of the woods when the skies open up again and it starts to downpour. I am soaked by the time I get into the trees and relative safety. I squat down again and listen to the rain fall. About 30 minutes, later the rain is still falling at a steady pace. I decide to head back the house, hoping the path I’m on leads to it. I figure it must wind its way there at some point as it seems all the paths I’ve followed, start and end at the cabin. As I start, I notice little stream-lets along the sides of the path. Water is running down to an unseen stream. I’m ten minutes into the walk back, all of it up hill, when I hear a strange loud crashing sound. I cannot quite make out what it is, but whatever it is, it is quickly getting close to me. I look around for a safe spot, but do not see anything. I leave the path and look for a tree with a sturdy low branch. I see a clump of maples and oaks nearby and head to them. Through the rain I grab the lowest branch I can find and climb up. I move up another two or three when the noise becomes deafening. Then I see it. It’s a mudslide coming down the hill and it’s carrying quite a bit of debris with it. I try to climb up a few more branches to be safe, but there are none. I pray the ten feet I’m up is sufficient. The mudslide hits the trees I’m in. The trees sway due to the pressure to the trunks from the water and debris being moved along. One or two smaller maples give way and slide downhill. I see a couple good sized rocks or boulders (is there really a difference?) and they bang into the trees as well. I few hit my tree and jar it, but the tree holds firm. I slip a bit on the wet tree limb, but continue to grasp the trunk. Then I see it as well as hear it. A large conglomeration of tree limbs, rocks, water, and weeds are heading down the path. It extends 20 feet off each side, meaning my tree is in the path. I decide to sit on the branch to minimize my chance of falling out. I grab the trunk with both hands and hold on tight. When it hits, the tree shudders and I feel the vibration throughout my whole body. It’s as if someone is continuously shaking my body with their hands. I feel water and branches brush my feet, ankles, and lower legs. The noise is deafening. I could yell for help, but: there is nobody around and: they’d never hear me. It goes on for a few minutes. I get a whiff of a foul odor and realize there is something dead in the debris. The water has a brackish look to it and it’s not as I expected, not that I have much to compare it to, except the odd Youtube video. Then it happens. The tree leans over due to the pressure from the debris below. The roots start to pull up from the rain loosened ground. The tree creaks and whines. I hold on as tightly as I can. I hear the trunk start to splinter. It’s a loud cracking sound, then the tree falls backward into the mudslide, and I with it. It makes a ‘whooshing’ sound as the treetop comes down thru the surrounding trees. We fall 80% of the way and come to a jarring stop. I quickly realize I’d been holding my breath and had squeezed my eyes shut. The jarring rattles my teeth and by body slams into the trunk with enough force to push the air out of my lungs. My grip loosens. I look around for a nearby branch to grab, but am too slow to grab it. I slide off the branch and fall into the mudslide. I feel rocks and sticks hit and poke at me. The water is cold, colder that it would seem and it is very viscous. My wet long sleeve t-shirt and sweatpants become water temperature very quickly. My mind starts to wander. Can I get hyperthermia or can I drown? Who will find me? What will Chuck say about me dying in a mudslide? I feel a stick jab me in the stomach. I’m immediately brought out of my thoughts. I look around for something to grab onto as I travel down the hill. I try to maneuver my body so I can see where I am being taken. Then I see it. There is a large rock in our path and I am heading straight for it. I try to get my legs in front of me, with the hopes that I can brace my body for the impact. It works to a degree. My body still slams into the rock and my teeth clatter together, but I am able to get a grip on the rock as I slide over top of it. I cling to the rock as my hands slip. I get another grip and can feel my fingers scraping along the rock to keep ahold of it. I feel a ledge in the rock and dig my fingers into it and grab. I stop sliding, but mud and debris still moves around me, hitting me in the face and body. I close my eyes and hold on as best I can. Slowly the onslaught abates. I realize I am shivering and taking shallow quick breaths. I glance around and see I’m about five feet off the ground. There is still some water moving below me, but I decide to take a chance. I slowly release my grip and slide to the ground. My legs are cold and wobbly. I stumble back into the boulder I was just laying on. I put my back to it and squat down. I let my body relax and try to get my breathing back to normal. It takes several minutes, but I eventually calm down. I brace against the boulder and slowly stand. I hear a new noise on the path, but it’s not the same as the mudslide. It’s muffled and distant, but gets louder over a few minutes. It’s Jake’s tractor. I move to the side of the boulder facing the path and wait. I see him coming down cautiously, looking from side to side. He wearing just a t-shirt, shorts, and his work boots. There is concern on his face. When he looks in my direction, I put my arms up and wave as best I can. They feel like hundred-pound weights and I only get a few waves in before my arms tire and fall. But it’s enough. He sees me and turns the tractor in my direction. He sees my condition and comes off the path and right down to me. He stops within 5 feet, jumps off, and comes to me. He easily scoops me up, and without a word, carries me to the tractor and gently eases me onto the bench seat. As he restarts the tractor, he wraps his right arm around me and hugs me to his body, not worrying that my cold wet clothes are soaking him. He quickly maneuvers us back onto the now rutted path and heads back to the house. It takes longer due to the damage, but we make it back in one piece. I notice tree limbs are down in quite a few spots and one or two smaller trees are down too. He drives right to the front door of the house. As he pulls to a stop, he is quickly out and to my side. I slide to him and he scoops me up again and we head into the house and up the steps to my room. Still not a word from him, but still the concerned look on his face. I croak out, “I’m ok.” He glances down, smiles a bit and says with all seriousness, “Need to get you into a warm bath quickly.” He doesn’t say another word. He carries me into my bedroom, gently puts me down on the edge of the bed, and looks into my eyes, one at a time. He’s checking for a concussion. He puts his warm hands on the sides of my face gauging my temperature, then points a finger at me to stay here. He turns and goes into the bathroom and I hear him turn on the soaking tub. A minute later he reappears, comes to the bed, kneels down, and starts to take my sneakers off. I try to help, but stop as he is doing a more efficient job. Once my shoes and socks are off, he stands, but then leans back down, hooks his right arm under my left armpit and lifts me up. He half orders me, “Put your hands on my head when I squat down.” I nod and do what he says as he gets down. He unties my sweatpants, pulls them down, along with my shorts and underwear. He then lifts my legs, one at a time and pulls everything off. He eases me back to sitting on the bed. He grabs the long sleeve t and pulls it off, then takes off my t-shirt. He scans my body and his look of concern does not ease. I glance at myself and see mud everywhere. There are cuts and scrap marks on my torso and legs. My fingers are cold, white, shriveled, and raw. I can feel clumps of dirt in my hair and on other parts of my body. I realize I’m still shivering. He stands me up and half carries me into the bathroom. I see steam coming from the soaking tub as it is still filling. He steers me to the shower. I sit on the edge of the tub while he turns the shower on and get it to a warm temp. He turns the water off from filling the tub. Then he strips. He’s done in seconds and is lifting me up again. He opens the shower door and helps me in, as he comes in with me. He pulls his warm body to my cold one and holds me for a minute, letting his warmth penetrate me. The mud and dirt wash off my body. Some splashes onto Jake, but he continues to hold me. After most of the mud has washed off, he grabs a bar of soap and quickly washes my entire body. Not a crevice is missed. He helps me rinse off then opens the door and walks us to the tub. I start to feel warmer, but Jake still looks worried. He helps me in, making sure I don’t slip. The water is hot and I very slowly lower my foot into it. He has a vice grip hold on my elbow and arm. Eventually I’m in and I slowly sit. As the hot water hits my ass, I stop and clench my glutes. He still has a hold of my arm. I ease in and start to relax. He looks me over and climbs in slowly. I move over as much as I can to give him room. The water sloshes around due to him getting in, but I am used to it now. He sits right next to me and slides his right arm behind my back and grabs my right side. He pulls me to him. His body is still warm, almost warmer than the tub water. I whisper again, “I’m fine.” He replies with concern still in his voice, “You had the beginning stages of hyperthermia. I had to get you warm as quickly as I could.” He turns his head to mine and I feel his warm breath on my ear. He tenderly kisses it. We stay in the tub until the water cools. Every so often he reaches over with his left hand and feels different parts of my body. First my legs, then my arms and hands, then my chest. I feel like a chicken his is poking to see if it’s cooked or not. He quietly asks, “How do you feel now?” I close my eyes and do a quick check of my body, squeezing my fingers and toes, bending joints that bend, and when I’m done, I say, “Besides a few tender spots or cuts, I feel better.” He nods and slowly gets up. He steps out of the tub and grabs some towels. I start to stand and he is back at the edge of the tub, extending his arm to me. I take it and step out. He has a towel waiting for me in his other hand. He wraps it around me and gently blots the water off me. When he’s done, he quickly dries himself with a second towel. He then gets a third one and wraps both of us in it. He pulls our bodies together so his body heat is shared with me. I hold onto him as tightly as he is holding me. We stand for a good five minutes, then my legs start to tire. I pat him on the chest and he releases the towel. We walk to the bed and he pulls the covers back and helps me in. He slides in next to me and pulls me close again to share body heat. His breathing is calm and paced and my heart rate slows to match. I eventually drift off. I’m back in the tree. This time I’m yelling for Jake to help me. I scream his name, but he’s nowhere to be seen. The tree starts to fall again, but this time it falls completely into the mud. I’m covered in it, trapped under a branch, and starting to drown. I flail my arms in an attempt to get the limb off me, but cannot. It is too heavy. I call out Jake’s name again and muddy water flows into my mouth, cutting off my voice. I gurgle and more water comes in. I start to lose consciousness. I wake with a start, sitting bolt upright, and am hyperventilating. Jake’s arm comes around my back and caresses my left arm. “Must have been a really bad dream.” I look into his eyes and see pain. “You mumbled my name several times, then called out, and then stopped.” My breathing slowly calms. “I was back in the tree, but it was different this time. I was drowning.” He leans over and kisses me on the side of my head. I lay back down. I’m fully awake now and do a quick scan of my body. I have a headache and feel some aches and pains where sticks or rocks hit me. I’ll be bruised up in a day or so. Jake must sense my pain as he climbs out of bed, goes into the bathroom, opens a cabinet, and returns with a bottle of Advil. He opens it and hands me three. I sit up and move so I am against the headboard. Jake sits next to me. I down them dry. I ask, “How dd you know where I was? This property is huge.” I wave my arms wide. “I could have been on any of the paths.” I turn to look at him. He smiles, leans over, softly kisses me on the lips, and says, “When I got back, I came up to the house to surprise you, thinking you’d stayed inside due to the rain, but didn’t see you. It had let up at that point, so I checked the house and pool house, but didn’t see you. I checked all the paths leading away from the house and found your footprints leading up the slope. I figured you’d be gone for a while so I went back to my place. I checked the weather,” I give him an odd look and he says, “Yes, we have a TV and internet in our place, come-on.” He winks at me and continues, “and saw another large storm approaching. I drove back up to the house to see if you’d come back. Then it hit. I couldn’t drive the tractor out for fear of getting into an accident, so I waited it out.” He takes a breath, caresses the side of my face with his hand tenderly and continues. “When the storm finally let up, knowing the path you had taken out, and where it goes, I decided to go the other way in hopes of meeting up with you. Then I heard the mudslide.” His face grows dark. “I had to wait it out, I’m sorry.” Now it’s my turn to caresses his bearded face. “I knew you were down there somewhere, but had to wait for it to pass.” I nod. “I’m glad I did. It’s pretty bad out there Cole. We’ve had mudslides before, given the layout of the property, but this one was pretty bad.” I pat his hairy chest and say, “It’s over and I’m going to be fine. Just some bruising, but otherwise I feel better.” I watch his eyes scan my body again. I see a slight smile come over his face. “Now if there were a way for me to reward my rescuer?” I arch an eyebrow and look down his body toward his flaccid unit. It stirs and we both smile. He jokingly says, “Only if you’re up for it.” I check my hardening unit and smile. He does as well. He scoots back down the bed so he is flat on his back. He puts his arms behind his head, opening his body to me. He flexes them and softballs appear. I lick my lips. I climb on top of his midsection, reach my hands to them and grope them. He flexes and they become nice and hard. My mouth starts to water. I lean down and we kiss. I nuzzle his beard inhaling the scent of the soap we used. I nibble at his left ear lobe then move to his flexed arm. I kiss it softly, then more fervently. He moans. I start to lick it, slobbering my saliva all over it. My rock-hard dick is pressed into one of his granite hard pecs. I go back to kissing, then move south to his hairless armpit. I kiss and lick it. I feel him put his right hand on the back of my head and gently hold my face in place. I use my tongue to ravage the area. He moans again and releases his grip. I nibble and kiss my way to his left nipple. I soak the hair around it with warm spit, then slather my face in the wet hair, coating my face. Now it’s my turn to moan. I feel my unit rubbing against his muscled body. He puts his right hand on my back and traces his fingers up and down my spine. I shudder at the sensation. He hardens his pecs and I playfully tweak his right nipple with my left hand, while I continue to bite at his left one. He squirms and I increase my ministrations. I kiss my way down this cobblestone abs to his bellybutton, with my hands feeling his muscled ribcage along the way. His navel is surrounded by a mat of curly dark hair. I purse my lips and coat the area with fluid. I push some into the hole, then use my tongue to spread it around. He is groaning with content. I move a bit farther south and my chin bumps into his erect dick. I pull off his body a bit and grab him, near his base. He’s thick and veiny. I softly pull him to a 90-degree angle and enjoy the view I have. I re-wet my lips and lower my head to his. I open wide and take his head into my mouth. I slosh my tongue all around it, coating it with copious amounts of saliva. I run my tongue along the underside and my tastebuds scrap the nerves. He squirms again. I move to his slit and wiggle my tongue in it. I feel a warm glob of pre-cum bubble out. I suck it down quickly. It slides down my throat as my body instantly tingles and warms. I change the position of my body so I am now between his muscular legs, and start to bob my head up and down. With each down motion, I push further down his unit. He spreads his legs, giving me easier access. He’s about 8 and half inches and has a nice girth. I eventually get my nose to his shaved groin and hold it there. I tickle his hairless balls with my right hand and stroke his taint. His unit is pushing against the back of my throat. I seal my lips around him and suck as hard as I can. I run my tongue along the length and hear him groan again. I feel his hands on the sides of my head. They hold me in place for a few seconds, then lift me up a bit. He starts to move my head up and down at a nice slow pace. I continue to slather fluid on his unit and keep the vacuum seal I have on him. He bucks his hips a bit and I feel him push past my uvula. He quickens the pace and I go with it. His strong fingers keep a firm, but not painful grip on me. He’s now bucking his hips up every time he pushes me down. I put my hands on the bed to steady my body. I start to move faster on my own and he releases me. He moans and puts his left hand on the right side of my face and caresses it. Saliva is leaking out of my mouth, down his length, and onto his groin. I pull off for a second and catch my breath. He smiles at me and says, “You’re good.” I wink and go back down on him, all the way to the hilt. I push my nose into his groin and gently shake my head from left to right. He groans loudly and puts his hand on my head and pins me down. I relax my throat as he slips down a bit. As I breath thru my nose and with every inhale, I smell his now sweaty musk emanating from him. I move my hands from the bed to his ass. I reach under them and grab a hold of his glutes. He bucks his hips up to give me easier access. I cup each glute in a hand and squeeze as hard as I can. Mr. Muscles flexes his glutes and they become rocks. I pull up on them and my face is buried in his groin. I hear him croak out, “Oh…oh…oh…fuck…” and feel his load travel from his balls, up his shaft, and into my throat. I relax as much as I can and let the cum make its way down. I continue to suck him, but also use my tongue to clean up any leftover cum still in my mouth. I slowly pull off, careful to not let me teeth touch him. When I’m finally off, I sit back on my hunches, look up to him, and see a gratifying smile along with a very sweaty body. Perspiration is running down his cheeks and arms. His chest is still heaving and there are sweat droplets there too, damping his chest hair. I crawl up his body, my raging erection dragging along his rock-hard abs, and lie on his chest. I feel him constrict his abs, trapping my unit in the deep crevice between the left and right sets of muscle. I kiss him while I move my body back and forth. Pre-cum leaks from me like water from a 50-year-old faucet. His strong abs flex and he milks my unit. We continue to kiss, but now it’s my turn to moan. I feel him put his hands on my back and wrap his arms together. He pulls me closer to him and pins my unit down. His tongue invades my mouth as he squeezes me harder. I feel him flex his whole body and my brain spasms. My balls tighten and my load quickly travels my length and shots out, onto him. I moan into his mouth and he just kisses me, pulling my breath in. After I finish one of my longest releases, he slowly unflexes his body and takes his hands off my back. I put my hands on his chest, push myself up, and stare down at him. His green eyes twinkling at me with a bit of mischief in them. He winks at me and rubs his right hand on my abs and chest. He says, “You look good. The workouts are definitely paying off.” I tighten my re-emerging abs and he rubs them again and gives me a low whistle. “Thanks.” I reply. I roll off him and cuddle up close to his warm sweaty body. Our musky odors join together and delight my senses. I feel him put his arm around my back and pull me a bit closer. I drape my left hand over his chest and let my breathing slow. I feel his chest slow as well. We both fade out. I wake to find he is still next to me, but sleeping soundly. His chest is rising and falling steadily. I watch him for a while and admire his body. I slip out of bed, careful to not wake him. I grab a pair of PJ bottoms, put them on and tip-toe to the bathroom, shut the door, and take care of business. I quietly walk out of the bedroom and head downstairs. I go into the living room and see sunlight streaming into the room. The air is nice and warm. I go to the French doors and open them, letting in a warm breeze. I move to the kitchen area and start to make breakfast for two. I realize I don’t know what Jake likes to eat or doesn’t like, except that he doesn’t like Brussel sprouts. Eh, oh well. I pull out the carton of eggs, some bacon, and potatoes. I get everything going when I hear him come down the stairs. He’s still naked, but looks Godly. His brown hair is a product of bed head and he’s scratching his balls. He walks to me and pulls me into an embrace. “Morning sexy.” He coos to me. I kiss him and use all my strength to keep my dick from pointing north. He has no inhibitions and his unit perks up. I break the embrace, point the spatula at him and jokingly say, “Breakfast first, then I have stuff to do.” He feigns sadness. I point at his now erect unit and say, “As much as I want to do embarrassing things to you, it will need to wait.” He smiles again, pulls me back into an embrace and says, “I hear you. I have things to do as well. Let’s check your plan for the day and see where we can schedule in some ‘Jake’ time. You know, maybe 5 or 6 hours of it.” We both laugh. He goes back upstairs, gets into his clothes and is back down. He helps me finish making breakfast and we eat it on the patio. I figure now is as good a time as ever to ask him some questions. I start tentatively, “So…” I glance at his body. “I did some competitive bodybuilding when I was younger.” I nod. “I had the genes for it and the knack. I won a few, then lost one or two to guys who were on stuff.” He looks out over the valley and continues, “I just didn’t want to deal with side-effects or drama that comes with being on a cycle, so I never got into it. Because of that, other guys just got bigger than me. I knew I could compete, but realized they were outpacing me, if that makes sense?” “It does. Do you regret stopping? I mean, you still look like you could win any competition if you walked onto a stage right now?” I wave my hand over his body with admiration. “Nope.” He says firmly. He puffs his chest out. “I’ve seen what steroids and growth hormones can do and it wasn’t for me.” He smiles. “I did get into some fitness competitions and did well in them, well enough to make some money for school.” He’s got an ear-to-ear grin. “That’s great. What did you study?” “I’m still doing it. I’m taking Business classes. I want to open my own property management business. I figure running this place has taught me enough to have a firm base.” He still smiling and I smile with him. “Wow, that’s awesome. How much longer ‘til you’re done?” “I have two more classes, so by the end of the summer.” I nod. I decide to broach another question, “So I was checking out your tractor and trailer the other day and saw all the branches.” He smiles, knowing where this is going. He flexes his right bicep. “Ok, I guess that answers that question?” He laughs. “Just because I gave up bodybuilding doesn’t mean I gave up training. Not to sound conceited, but just because I’m not as big as those guys are, doesn’t mean I’m not as strong, or stronger than they are.” This explains why he was able to carry me back from the pond without a problem. “Also, it’s fun to test my strength trying to pull a dead tree out of the ground, or to move a large rock from a path, or to carry a sexy blonde hunk back from the pond.” My unit springs up and tents my PJs. He sees it and grins, wiggling his eyebrows at me. I look at him and point my finger, “No, I have to get stuff done.” He mischievously runs his tongue along his lips. “Stop it.” I say as forcefully as I can, while my unit bobs back and forth. He slowly flexes his right bicep. The softball appears. I groan. Suddenly he unflexes his arm, stands up, grabs the plates, and mockingly says, “Too bad, I really wanted to lift you up and make love to you standing up. But, you’re right, we both have things to do.” As he turns to walk into the house, I see him flex each glute. “You’re just mean, Jake.” I hear him laugh. We clean up and decide to meet up for dinner. We kiss and he takes off. I hear the tractor head down a path, most likely to clean up from the storm. ** I spend the next two weeks increasing my workouts and really getting my head screwed on properly. Jake spends time with me, when he can. He would spend a couple days a week in town doing odd jobs or helping out, to make money. Once or twice, he took me with him while he was doing some work on the property. He actually liked to show off his strength to me and would tear trees from the ground, roots and all, or lift large rocks over his head and tell me how much they weighed, before tossing them to the side with ease. Snapping branches off trees was his favorite thing to do. He’d pump up his arms by curling me, then walk over to a dead tree, and grab the limb. He’d flex for me, then rip the limb off with ease. I’d get hard, he’d get hard, then no more work would get done. Weekends were always just for us. Our time together became more meaningful. We talked more about our lives, our hopes and dreams, and what we really wanted. With the exercising and balanced diet, the weight I had gained, fell off. My body was back to a toned swimmer’s body. My abs re-appeared and my biceps started to grow and take shape again. On my third Saturday here, Jake surprised me in the afternoon. Nona had called on Friday to let me know she’d be away for the weekend, visiting some friends in town and wouldn’t be around, but that Mr. Fisher would be here, if I needed anything. I was relaxing by the pool, reading more about relaxation techniques when he came down the slope from behind the house. I didn’t hear his tractor. He called out to me, “Hey sexy.” I turned and saw he was in tan work pants, a black dry-mesh t-shirt, and his work boots. He was covered in sweat. His brown hair matted down under his baseball cap, and sweat stains around the crotch area of the pants. I stared at him for a moment and licked my lips. His arms were swollen from the work he’d done and there was sweat dripping from his brow to his cheeks. He walked right to me, leaned down and kissed me on the lips. I got a salty taste of his sweat. His meaty arm was on my shoulder. The weight felt good. We broke the kiss and I looked at him again and said, “Working hard, or hardly working?” I wink at him and he lets out a low chuckle. “Eh, a few saplings on the upper ridge needed to be thinned out. Figured I’d get it done before the heat kicks in.” He stands back up and starts to stretch. He raises his hands over his head and his shirt pulls out from his pants. His hairy abs come into view and I can see they are covered with sweat and matted to his rock-hard body. His pants drop a bit in the front and I get a view of his goodie trail. I lick my lips. His biceps swell over his head and he grunts as I hear some bones crack. He lets out a satisfied, “Ah….” And looks back down to me admiring his body. He smiles and reaches his meaty left hand to me. I take it as he easily pulls me up from the lounge chair and into an embrace. I take a deep breath and inhale his sexy, sweaty musk. He wraps his arms around me and softly asks, “Are you done your morning workout?” I nod yes. He kisses me and smiles. “Have you eaten lunch?” I nod again. Another kiss, this one deeper and longer. “So, I guess you’re free for a little bit, before your afternoon workout?” My cock starts to swell and now it’s his turn to smile as he feels it rise up in my shorts, against his solid thigh. I look him in the eye and ask, “How about you? You done your morning workout?” He nods yes with a wicked smile. I move closer and we kiss. I lower my voice and ask, “Have you eaten lunch?’ Another nod. I wrap my left hand around his neck and pull him close so we are cheek to cheek. I whisper, “So, I guess you’re fr…” His face turns and we start to kiss again. My right hand wanders up his left arm to his sweaty bicep. I let my fingers wander over the muscle, feeling the fibers of muscle as they twitch and coil. He raises the arm, flexes, and the muscle becomes hard. I suck in air and continue to grope him. He tenses it even more. My hand cannot cover the whole head of the muscle. My unit throbs in my bathing suit. He breaks our kiss, much to my dismay. He quickly sheds his t-shirt and starts to undo his belt. I squat down and untie his work boot laces. He puts his meaty hand on my head to steady himself. His hand encompasses my whole head. I feel him gently squeeze. When the boots are untied, I stand up, and put my arm for him to use to control his balance. He takes it and quickly kicks off the boots, his socks, then his pants. He’s standing in front of me in a purple posing bikini thong. I almost lose my load. I suck in a breath of air. His unit is rising as well and filling out the thong. We come back together and start to kiss. He ravages my mouth. My hands ravage his body, groping his wide back, his muscles lats, and then back to his chest. He puts his hands on my ass, squeezes my cheeks roughly, then pulls my body against his. Both our rock-hard units grind against each other. I dip down a bit, then rise up, causing more friction. He moans, tenses his body, then easily lifts me up. I wrap my legs around his tight waist and lock my ankles together. I wrap my arms around his shoulders and pull my body as close to his as I can. Sweat is pouring off both of us due to the mid-day sun and the feverish activity. He turns and slowly walks us to the pool. He takes us in, one step at a time. The warm water surrounds us and envelopes us. He walks us to the deep and pushes my back against the wall. I am still clinging to his body as he supports me. We continue to kiss. I run my fingers thru his hair and feel how soft and silky it is. He shakes his head and sweat comes off. He steps back from the wall, breaks our kiss, looks me in the eyes. His are twinkling. He smiles and softly asks, “Ready?” He takes a breath of air, inflating his muscular hairy chest, and holds it. He starts to descend into the water. I take a breath of air as well. He easily takes us both to the bottom and squats down. We both have our eyes open and are looking at each other. I close the distance and our faces touch. I purse my lips and start to kiss him again. I put my hands on his chest and tweak his nipples. He smiles at me thru the water, a few air bubbles slip from his lips, and I feel him tighten his grip on my ass. He squeezes with one hand, then the other. He alternates for a few beats, the squeezes both at the same time. He starts to stand up, pulling me up with him. His unit is straining the posers. We break the surface and our kiss. We both inhale and immediately go back to kissing. My hand goes to the nape of his neck and gently caresses the area. He walks us to the shallow and moves to sit on the stairs. I untangle me legs and arms. I stand and he moves to turn me around so my back is against his chest. He wraps his hands around my waist and feels up my abs. He growls into my right ear, “Sexy swimmer. I told you that you’d get back into shape.” I put my right hand on his forearm and feel the coiled muscles under the skin moving and twitching. The warm sun is beating down on us. I feel completely relaxed and at ease. I softly say back, “Well, you did help me quite a bit. Not sure how I can repay you for your help.” “I have one or two ideas…” I feel his rough tongue laps at the back of my right earlobe. He warm breath stirs my unit even more. I squirm a bit. He tightens his grip and says, “Consider this part of your repayment.” His hard unit pokes me under my left thigh. I can feel it wants to escape. I reach between my legs and take ahold of it softly. Jake sighs. I start to gently stroke it. Nice long movements. I feel his body become tense. His muscles constrict, his grip around my waist a bit firmer as his biceps expand. His teeth nibble my ear a bit rougher. His breath is coarser and not as paced as it usually is. I slow my movements so he does not release yet. I feel him slowly calm and his body returns to normal. He whispers, “That felt nice.” I massage his poser again. “Hmmm. I need to make you feel just as great.” I pat his forearm and say, “Just my way of saying ‘Thanks’. No reciprocation is needed.” He starts to stand, taking me up with him again, “But I want to.” Who am I to argue with a muscular brown-haired God? I turn to face him and see a mischievous grin on his face. He reaches out, puts his arms under my armpits and easily lifts me up, his biceps expanding. He carries me out of the pool and back to the lounge chair. He sets me down and I lean over to him for a kiss. He puts a finger up, indicating for me to hold on. He leans over to his work pants, rummages around in a pocket, and pulls out a condom. I raise an eyebrow to him and, with a smile ask, “You always walk around with condoms in your work pants?” He winks, kisses me, and replies, “Only since you arrived, sexy.” I blush. “Never know when the mood will strike.” He ogles my tanning body. My unit is pointing down my leg, but is bulging out, creating a funny ‘three-legged’ look. He steps closer, grabs my girth, and gives it a few squeezes with expertise. His fingers move up to the knot holding the suit up and he deftly undoes it. I put my hands on the sides and quickly push it to the ground. My unit springs northward, brushing his leg, then bouncing off my abs. His fingers rake my trimmed pubic hair, then move to my freed unit. His calloused hand has an erotic feel as he pumps me. He steps back, looks down at his bulge, then looks back up into my eyes. I reach out and grab the sides of the posers and skillfully slide them down his tree-trunk legs. His unit also bounces up and off his furry rock-hard abs. He hands me the tin-foil wrapper. I rip it open and hold the condom. He glances down at his unit, then winks at me. I kneel, swallow him to the hilt, and coat him with a layer of saliva. I slide off and slip the rubber on him. I jerk him a few times to make sure it’s not too tight. He puts his hands under my pits and lifts me to a standing position. I start to turn to the patio table to present my ass to him, but he grabs my arm, keeps me facing him, and winks again. He pulls me close, leans to my ear, and whispers, “Paid in full.” He grabs me by my waist, hoists me up with ease, and lowers me to his tip, his biceps flexed but not showing any sign of strain due to my added weight. I reach around and position him at my hole. I relax and let him slide into me. Down…down…and down some more. I hit his crotch and my feet brush the ground. I let out a heavy sigh, as does he. He moves his hands back to my ass. I grab his softball-sized biceps and grope him. He flexes and effortlessly starts to lift me up and down. Pre-cum starts to immediately dribble out of my steel pole and slide down into the valley between our bodies. It gets caught up in the hair on his mid-section. Blood rushes thru the veins in his arms. I can see them pulsing as he lifts and lowers me. I wrap my hands around the mounds and feel the power coursing thru them. I close my eyes and imagine him holding back the mudslide with a few tree trunks. His legs dug into the wet ground, his thighs and calves exploding as they fight to stay still and hold back the onslaught. His chest heaves as he sucks in air and steadily blows it out. Sweat pours off his head, down his shirtless hairy chest, to his soaked skin tight mesh shorts. I stand on the ground behind him, hand on his back to steady him, as if he needed it. He turns, smiles, and says ‘climb on my back.’ I do as he asks. He tells me to ‘wrap your arms around my neck and legs around my waist, and hold on tight.’ I do. He casually asks, ‘Ready?’ and before I have a chance to respond, he drops the tree trunks and jumps ten feet in the air to a nearby tree. He lands on a sturdy branch, turns his head and says, ‘Don’t let go.” I think to myself, why would I want to. He squats down and the muscles in his legs coil with energy, and when he pushes off, we explode off the branch to the next one. He leaps to another tree, then another. Soon we are above the mudslide and away from any danger. He takes one final jump and softly lands on the muddy ground. My body is snug to his broad chest, my hands draped over his neck. He starts to walk us back to the house. I let go of his neck and slide off him. He turns, scoops me up and kisses me full on the lips. ‘Why walk, when I can, and want, to carry you, sexy man?’ I wrap my arm around his neck and let him do his thing. Who am I to argue with him? I place my hand on his chest and feel the muscles twitching and pulsing with every step he takes. My unit starts to rise in my shorts. He sees the bulge and laughs. ‘Hold on for two more minutes, Cole, we’re almost there.’ I come out of my dream and croak, “Close…” He pulls me off him, tosses me up a few feet, catches me in his arms, lays my on the lounge chair, leans over, and swallows me completely. He expertly moves his tongue around, massaging all the sensitive nerves under the mushroom cap of my unit. I grip the sides of the chair, tense my body and let my load fly. As it leaves me, Jake opens his throat and swallows every drop. After I’m done, he uses his tongue again and carefully cleans me off. I soften. He lets me slide out of his mouth. He moves up my body, nibbling and kissing along the way, until he’s at my chest. He sucks on a nipple. I put my left hand on top of his head and push him down. His teeth latch on and his tongue gently runs across the tip of the nipple. My unit stirs. I reach my hand to his unit, which is still sheathed. I pull the condom off and jerk him. He moans and warm air splashes onto my chest, along with some saliva. I get a firmer grip, knowing he likes rough play, and try to pull his dick off his body. He lets out a deep, animalistic growl. He climbs on top of me, his sweaty body covering me completely. We are chest to chest and head-to-head. I wrap my legs around his thin tight waist and squeeze. He grinds his body to mine for a few minutes, heating up his muscles. We kiss and nibble at each other. I’m now at full mast. He tenses his body, rears back, pulling me with him. He climbs off the chair with ease, walks to the side of the pool and says, “Big finish little man.” He turns so his back is to the pool and falls in, my body coming down on top of his as he hits the warm water. I am clinging to him, so our bodies don’t bang together. I feel him release as we hit. He holds me tight and sinks to the bottom, still shooting his load. The water around our midsection becomes cloudy with cum. I soon realize, I came as well. After we both finish, we untangle from each other and float to the surface. Our heads break the water and we take a deep breath of warm air. I take a few steps toward the shallow end and regain my balance. He’s right beside me. I feel him take my hand in his. He gently squeezes. I turn and we kiss. He breaks the kiss, smiles, and says, “Two loads within a few minutes of each other. I’m impressed.” I blush and say, “Well, I had some incentive.” I let my other hand roam over his chest. He flexes it and it becomes hard. I glance down and see his unit is starting to match his chest. Mine is not far behind. We climb out of the pool and go to the lounge chairs. We spend the rest of afternoon, relaxing under an umbrella, just enjoying each other’s company, and several more rounds of aquatic activities. ** Nona and I warmed up to each other. She made her lasagna one day and brought some of it over. The three of us had dinner together. It was excellent. I made her some of my sprouts and she really enjoyed them. ** I could feel my body righting itself, getting back to where I should be, before Covid hit and before I became obsessed with my career. I started to reassess whether my job was right for me. I have other skills that would help me get a job someplace else. ** I am nearing the end of the last week. We’re sitting by the pool, legs dangling in the warm water as the sun sets. Jake knows this and has spent the last three days with me. I told him to go do the other jobs, make the money he needs for school. He brushes it off and says, “Plenty of time for that later.” I sigh. He looks at me and with all seriousness says, “Cole, hasn’t this past month showed you that money isn’t everything?” He spreads his muscular arms wide and waves to the view around us. I look out, over the valley and meadow below, to the mountains in the distance. The red, orange, and gold streaks of sunlight painting the valley. I know what he means, but the thought of having to be back at work Monday morning has stirred my old life awake inside of me. “I would never think to tell someone what is best for them, but in this case, I think I’m, going to make an exception.” I turn to him. He’s smiling at me, those twinkling green eyes, his sexy wavy brown hair, the dimples in his cheeks, I think he’s going to change the direction of my life. “Over this past month, I think we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well,” I cock an eyebrow at him with a sarcastic smile, and he smiles back saying, “besides the sex, which is outstanding, but, I mean, you’ve shared your whole life with me, which I doubt you’ve done to anyone where you work?” “Jake…” I pause, not sure what to say, but knowing what I want to say. He reaches his right hand over puts it on my cheek. He quietly asks, “Will you stay here…with me?” My heartbeat quickens. I grin. I nibble on my lip. I close my eyes and think for a minute. But then I hear him say, “Stop overthinking it.” I open my eyes and look at him. He says, “Yes, our sex is great, but I think…no, I know we’ve got something here.” He moves his hand between us, touching my leg gently. “I know it…and you know it as well.” I sigh, knowing he is right. I’m still tentative. “Cole, were you nervous when you got your job 9 years ago?” I nod yes, “Did the nervousness go away right away, or did it take time?” I shrug knowing what he’s talking about. He rubs my leg in a caring way, letting me know he’s here for me. I look back into his eyes, and see them dancing with excitement. I look away and think to myself, ‘I know what he says is true, and yes, I want to stay here with him,’ A tear falls from my eye, ‘but…my life in the city’. Then I remember what it had been like, and not just the past year, but the last few years. I straighten my back, brush the tear away. I turn to him, grin, and say, “Yes.” He leans over and we kiss, deeply, lips locked together and tongues playing with each other. I close my eyes, as he holds our heads together with his strong hands, and see the last of my worries and anxieties flow down the stream and out of my life. I open my eyes and Jake is still right there, my new life.
  18. Hola, el día de hoy les traigo una nueva historia, esta historia la llevo haciendo por unos meses y finalmente la terminé justo en el mes del padre, y creo que será perfecto mostrarla en esta fecha. Con esto también aviso que la historia tendrá incesto y cosas por el estilo. Así que comenzamos. _________________________________________ Defendiendonos de los Bullies. Hola, mi nombre es Lucas y junto a mi hermano David nos caracterizamos por ser unos cerebritos, somos de los chicos más inteligentes de toda la universidad, hemos ganado muchos premios y reconocimientos por esta misma razón. Aunque no todo es color de rosa, primero que nada nuestros padres están separados, vivimos con nuestro padre, pero este siempre está en el trabajo, se podría decir que al final de todo nos llevamos bien, aunque nos gustaría pasar más tiempo juntos. Segundo y lo peor de todo, en la universidad algunos nos ven como unos héroes gracias a que tenemos muchos premios por nuestra inteligencia, pero hay un grupo en nuestra clase que nos hace la vida imposible, los atletas de la clase, siempre están molestandonos porque somos unos nerds y porque son más fuertes que nosotros, también llegan a molestar a personas de otras clases, son demasiado fastidiosos, y además al contrario de nosotros, solo pasan las materias por ser buenos en los deportes y nos parece de lo más injusto, y no es que estemos en mal estado físico o que no comamos sano, pero ellos llevan todo al otro nivel, algunos incluso se inyectan esteroides y no podemos competir contra eso. Cada día nos sentíamos más artos de esta situación, cada vez queríamos obtener venganza por todo lo que nos hacían, así que decidimos planear algo, para que todo esto acabara; así que estuvimos todo un mes trabajando en nuestro plan para por fin vengarnos. Todo el mes estuvimos creando un suero que transformaría el cuerpo de un hombre con pobre estado físico a uno de una bestia musculosa, esto solamente si se bebe el suero completo, pero nosotros nos dividiremos el suero en dos, que no nos convertirá en unas bestias pero si nos dará un buen cuerpo de atletas para defendernos, además que no queremos que ninguno se vuelva un niardental musculoso y que afecte nuestra hermandad, jajá. ¿Somos muy inteligentes, verdad? !Lo pensamos en todo! O eso creíamos... Todo esto comienza un día miércoles, en la tarde, el suero estaba casi completo, lo único que faltaba era que llegara el ingrediente que hará que todo funcione "La testosterona Maximun" es un suplemento demasiado escaso y muy caro, tuvimos suerte de encontrar uno, posiblemente nunca volvamos a encontrar otro jamás, estábamos anciosos para que el cartero viniera de una buena vez y nos lo trajera. -.Uff... Ya falta muy poco David, estoy rastreando el paquete y vendrá en 3 minutos. *Dije entusiasmado* -. Ay, hermano, parece que he estado esperando años, pensar que muy pronto podremos vengarnos de los estúpidos deportistas del salón, y del odioso de Brendan, por culpa de él los demás comenzaron a molestarnos. *Decía David, mientras se acostaba en su cama, cansado por el trabajo* -. No dudes que no lo haremos, todo esto terminará muy pronto, esto no nos ayudará solamente para vengarnos, ya verás como conseguiremos muchas citas con esto, jejé, finalmente dejaré de ser un virgen, jajajá. -. Oye, es verdad, no puedo esperar a tener un cuerpo tan genial, jejé. *Ding Dong* -. Oye, creo que ya vino, vamos baja rápido! *Decía David entusiasmado* -. Ya voy, esperame. *Dije mientras trataba de ponerme las pantuflas* Bajé con mi hermano las escaleras, lo más rápido que pude, recibimos dos paquetes en lugar de Uno. Luego nos fuimos a la cocina para ver de que se trataban. -. Oye que es el otro paquete? *Dije intrigado* -. A ver, *Decía David mientras lo abría* Oh, es una cámara, aquí dice que para Jonnhatan Johnson, Oh, es para papá! Era de la que tanto hablaba. -. Oh, ya, bueno, hay que abrir el otro paquete. -. Sí, ahora voy. Abrí el paquete que era para nosotros y saqué la caja con la testosterona maximun. -. Huh, es más pequeño de lo que pensé, se nota que hay pocas variante de estas en el mundo, jejé. *Dije mientras observaba el pequeño tubo con la sustancia* -. En las instrucciones dice que luego de vertirlo a la mezcla se tiene que dejar por un día en el congelador para que haga efecto. *Decía David con la hoja de instrucciones* -. Muy bien vamos a traer los sueros y a vertir este bebé *Dije entusiasmado* Subimos y bajamos ya con los dos sueros y los medidores y preparamos todo para vertir la testosterona al suero. -. Muy bien Lucas, asegúrate y la cantidad sea la misma. *Decía David algo nervioso* -. Lo sé, haz silencio David, yo sé que hay que hacer... *Decía mientras vertía la testosterona en dos tubos con medición, tenía que verter justo la cantidad necesaria, con un poco de nervios logré vertir la misma cantidad en los dos tubos de ensayo, lo único que quedaba era verterlo a los sueros* Muy bien hermano, llegó la hora, toma tu tubo, vamos a veter y esperar a que se enfríen para tener nuestros cuerpos deseados. -. Sí, hay que hacerlo Lucas *Decía David emocionado* Vertimos los dos tubos con la testosterona a los sueros que estaban dentro de dos botellas de una tal soda llamada "Ultra Cola", para que nuestro padre no sospeche y piense que estamos haciendo droga o algo así. -. Muy bien, todo listo. -. ¿Crees que papá pensará que son drogas como la otra vez? jajá *Dijo David* -. Lo dudo jajajá, no creo que las vaya a tirar, fue buena idea camuflarlas por bebidas. Muy bien, son las 2:00pm, así que mañana luego de ir a la universidad a las 4:00pm podremos beber los sueros. -. Espero y no duela, no quiero que papá se asuste con nuestros gritos, ya sabes lo estricto que es. -. Meh, no creo que nos haga nada, lo vamos a dejar fascinado cuando vea en lo que nos convertimos. Ahora estaría bien pasar el rato jugando videojuegos, para que el tiempo avance rápido. -. Me parece buena idea *Dijo David corriendo hacia la sala* El tiempo pasó y nos estuvimos horas jugando, hasta que llegó papá. Papá es un contador, se caracteriza por ser algo bajito, bastante delgado y también es calvo, esto por el estrés que le causa su trabajo, él es un hombre algo enojado y estricto, aunque la verdad solo es así por su mismo estrés, no le tomamos mucha importancia cuando nos regaña la verdad, ya que aunque sea estricto, es gracias a su cuerpo que no impone mucho, a veces se preocupa mucho por nosotros y no puede entender que ya no somos unos niños, aunque a veces sea molesto lo queremos y le tenemos aprecio, ya que es el único papá que tenemos. -. Aghh... Hola chicos, ya llegué, hoy tuve un día muy duro... *Dijo papá mientras entraba y se sentaba en el sofá cansado de su trabajo* -. Hola pá. (Dijimos ambos) -. Aghh... Chicos pueden pedir una pizza? Hoy no tengo ganas de cocinar. *Decía papá mientras bostezaba* -. Claro... *Dije yo* (Como si cocinar a alguna vez, siempre ordenamos comida) Pedí la pizza y papá comenzó a hablarnos de su día. -. No van a creer esto, recuerdan el nuevo puesto de trabajo que me habían prometido? Pues resulta que se lo dieron al presumido de mi compañero, ¡el que lleva menos tiempo que yo! Es increíble, llevo 10 años allí y le dan a otro el puesto que me merezco solo porque el otro tiene carisma y se ve bien, pero lo que importa es el intelecto, de seguro no tiene idea de como se hacen los inventarios, vaya día de mierda... *Decía mi padre con enojo* -. Oh, que mal... *Dije sin ponerle demasiada atención a lo que decía, ya que no era raro que se quejara al venir del trabajo* -. Por cierto, no llegó nada para mi hoy? *Preguntó mi padre* -. Ah, sí, es la cámara de la que tanto hablabas. *Dije mientras le daba su paquete* -. Genial! Finalmente podré hacer las fotos tan geniales, me hice una cuenta de Twitter solo para esto. -. Te hiciste un Twitter? Y qué vas a publicar ahí? *Preguntó David* -. Publicaré fotos sobre insectos y plantas. *Decía mi papá emocionado* -. En serio? Pero eso es aburrido... *Dije con un poco de decepción en mi voz* -. No es aburrido, solo esperen a ver las fotos que voy a publicar, es verdad, deberían comenzar a seguirme ya, vamos entren a Twitter y siganme, les comparto el link de mi perfil. *Decía mi papá entusiasmado* -. No lo sé papá, yo- -. Vamos por favor, solo háganlo, ya verán que luego, tendré muchos seguidores y querrán seguirme, vamos solo háganlo, ya! *Decía mi padre con un tono ya molesto* -. Agh, vamos hermano, solo hagamoslo, sino va estar toda la noche molestando con esto. *Me dijo David* -. Está bien, pá. -. Genial, jajá, recuerden activar las notificaciones para ver todas mis publicaciones. -. Ok... Entramos a nuestros Twitter y le dimos follow a nuestro padre para no volverlo a escuchar a hablar de esto. El tiempo pasó y la pizza vino, comimos mientras papá no se daba cuenta de nada, debido a que se había quedado dormido en su sillón favorito, así que solo comimos mi hermano y yo y no fuimos a dormir. A la mañana siguiente, nos levantamos ansiosos, sabíamos que el día había llegado pero aún teníamos que esperar unas horas más para poder llevar a cabo nuestro plan. -. Hoy es el día David, por fin tendremos lo que tanto deseábamos. *Dije mientras me preparaba para ir a la universidad* -. No puedo esperar, ayer el día pasó muy lento para mi, creo que no podré concentrarme en clase. Terminamos de prepararnos y nos fuimos junto a nuestro padre, papá nos dejó en la universidad y luego condujo hacia su apestoso trabajo. Las clases pasaron como cualquier otro día, Brendan y sus amigos molestaban como siempre y nosotros solo deseábamos que el tiempo pasara más rápido para poder darle su merecido. Luego de una ardua jornada de clases en la universidad, por fin habían terminado, estábamos a punto de irnos a la casa, hasta que el director nos llamó por medio del alta voz a su oficina. -. Agh, qué querrá el director ahora? Tenemos prisa... *Dije con decepción* -. Oh, ya recuerdo, creo que es por lo del proyecto que presentamos la semana pasada, de seguro y nos dará otro premio. *Dijo David para aclararme* -. Agh... Pero eso dura mucho tiempo, encima habla super lento... *Dije quejandome* -. Nooo... Pero por qué justo hoy!? *Dijo David decepcionado* Al final no tuvimos de otra que quedarnos e ir a que el director nos felicitarla con su extenso discurso y su aburrida voz. Ya eran las 4:30 y mi padre ese día salió temprano así que había llegado a casa mucho antes que nosotros. -. Hola, ya llegué... Chicos...? Dónde están? Quizá no han llegado, quizá y les volvieron a dar otro premio, esos chicos si me llenan de orgullo, jejé, ojalá y me tomarán más en serio... Pero bueno. *Dijo mi papá mientras iba a la cocina a buscar que comer* Mi papá estaba cansado como siempre, a pesar de incluso haber llegado más temprano de lo normal. -. Agh... Vamos a ver que hay en el refrigerador... hoy tuve otro día de mierda, no almorcé por hacer ese inventario, y aún así no le pareció suficiente al jefe; pero si que le gustó la presentación del estúpido presumido de mi compañero, como lo odio... Oh, al parecer hay pizza de la de ayer... También quisiera algo para beber, veamos que hay por acá. *Dijo mi padre cuando abrió la parte del congelador donde teníamos los dos sueros* Oh, los chicos compraron de las sodas que les pedí "Ultra Cola" ¡Son de mis favoritas! Aunque tienen un color diferente... Será un nuevo sabor? Oh, bueno, nuevo o no de seguro que estará bueno, voy a tomar una... Aunque pensándolo mejor, me voy a tomar las dos, tengo muchas ganas de algo frío. *Dijo mi padre que iba felizmente con las "sodas" y su pedazo de pizza hacia la sala para ver televisión mientras comía y bebía las dos "sodas"* Uff, esto sabe muy fuerte, pero la verdad es que está muy bueno, me las voy a terminar en nada, jajá. *Dijo mi padre mientras bebía el contenido entero de la primera botella y comenzaba a abrir la segunda con emoción* Mientras tanto nosotros seguíamos en la escuela escuchando el discurso aún del director, y luego de dos largas horas de charlas, premios y aburridos discursos finalmente pudimos salir de ese infierno. -. Dios, qué horas son ya? *Preguntó David* -. Son las 6:47pm, si corremos de seguro llegamos a las 7:20pm, el suero debe haber estado listo hace horas. *Dije mientras aumentaba el ritmo de mi paso al caminar* -. Ok vamos. Corrimos lo más rápido que pudimos hacía nuestra casa, con logramos llegar, aunque sin mucho aliento, al abrir la puerta unos ruidos de objetos rompiéndose y un quejido de un golpe que provenía de una voz profunda nos llamó mucho la atención, al parecer este venía de la cocina. -. Oye... Qué habrá sido eso? *Pregunté asustado* -. No lo sé... Pero mira, son las cosas de papá *Dijo David mientras apuntaba a su maletín en la entrada* De seguro es él. -. Estás seguro? Porque el quejido sonó de una voz más gruesa que la de él. *Dije un poco confundido* será mejor ir a ver... Intrigados y temerosos decidimos ir a ver, al pasar en frente de la sala nos encontramos con la televisión encendida, deducimos que nuestro padre la había dejado así, así que no nos preocupamos demasiado y seguimos caminando hacia la cocina, de donde los ruidos provenían... Llegamos justo a la entrada de esta, estaba a oscuras, pero se podía ver un poco lo que pasaba ahí, con valor entramos para ver que era lo que provocaba esos ruidos y esperábamos aliviarnos al encontrar a nuestro padre como siempre, haciendo cualquier cosa; pero al entrar nos encontramos con una sorpresa que nunca podríamos eliminar de nuestra memoria. Al entrar vimos como una montaña de músculos desnuda estaba en frente nuestro, luciendo su musculosa espalda y su enorme culo, se encontraba tratando de reparar un jarrón que de seguro había roto con su inmensidad. Estábamos atónitos, no sabíamos que decir, mi hermano y yo nos mirábamos y temblabamos del miedo por no saber quien era ese gigante, hasta que este se dio la vuelta, percatandose de nuestra presencia. -. Eh? ¡Hasta que al fin llegan! ¡Los estuve esperando chicos! *Decía el gigante algo molesto* -. T-tú q-quién eres?... *Dije mientras mi hermano me tomaba del brazo* -. Qué!? Pero si soy yo! Su papá Jonathan! *Dijo el gigante tratando de acercarse a nosotros* -. No... Nuestro padre no es así... El es pequeño, bajo y calvo y no tiene una voz tan profunda... Vete de aquí o llamaremos a la policía *Dijo mi hermano con voz temerosa* -. Qué!? Pero si soy yo, en serio! Por qué no me creen!? *Decía el gigante mientras cada vez se acercaba mas* -. No detente, no te acerques, v-vete de aquí ahora. -. Como es que no entienden, vengan acá les mostraré. * Dijo el gigante que comenzó a avalanzarse más rápido hacia nosotros* -. AAAAAHH!! CORREEE!! *Grité a mi hermano* Corrimos hasta el segundo nivel, pero aún podíamos escuchar al gigante persiguendonos y parece que nos estaba alcanzando por muy rápido que corrieramos, así que nos decidimos meter al baño, entramos y nos metimos a la regadera y cerramos la cortina, esperando a que no nos encontrara. Tratábamos de contener la respiración para que no nos encontrara y calmarnos un poco. -. Crees que nos encontrará, en verdad será papá? *Susurraba mi hermano* -. Shhh... Nos va a escuchar. *Dije para callarlo* Escuchábamos sus pasos, se acercaban hacia nosotros, sentíamos que nos iba a encontrar, pero de repente al parecer paró, pensábamos que había entrado a otra habitación. -. Ya se fue? *Susurro David* -. Creo que sí... *Susurré* -. No, estoy aquí. *Dijo la bestia musculosa que nos había encontrado* -. AAAAHHHH!! *Gritamos ambos* -. Esperen, esperen, shhh... Ya les dije que soy yo, su padre *Dijo el enorme hombre de voz porfunda* -. Papá... En serio eres tú...? *Preguntó David* -. Sí, solo que creo que me transformé en esta bestia. *Dijo mi "papá" confundido* La verdad no lo podíamos creer tampoco, se veía espectacular, como un héroe espartano en la vida real, incluso su cabello había crecido otra vez y tenía mas pelo en otras partes, al contrario que antes. -. Papá... Cómo? Cuándo? Por qué? *Preguntó David con confusión* -. No tengo idea, solo vine, comí una pizza, vi televisión y me tomé dos sodas, solamente, luego de eso mi cuerpo comenzó a doler y comencé a crecer y ahora estoy así... *Dijo mi padre viendo su enorme bícep* -. Espera, espera; dices que bebiste unas sodas? Qué sodas específicamente? -. Dos ultra colas que estaban en el refrigerador, son mis favoritas... Intercambiamos miradas con mi hermano y decidimos salir corriendo a la sala. -. Ey! A donde van con tanta prisa!? *Dijo mi padre con su profunda y nueva voz* Llegamos a la sala y vimos las dos botellas completamente vacías. -. No queda nada, ni siquiera una gota... No puede ser... *Decía mientras trataba de sacar una gota de las botella y beberla pero era imposible* -. Esto no puede estar pasando, como es que no dejo nada!? -. Ya les dije, son de mis favoritas *Dijo mi padre que iba entrando a la sala* pero me podrían decir que eran esas sodas y porqué eran tan importantes? -. Esas botellas eran un suero experimental que estábamos creando, no se suponía que tu lo bebieras, se suponía que nosotros tomaríamos cada uno y tendríamos cuerpos de atletas, pero ahora tu te tomaste los dos y te convertiste en más que un atleta, sino que en una bestia. *Dije frustrado* -. Pero qué!? Iban a tomarse esos sueros sin siquiera haberlos probado primero? Que irresponsables, no lo puedo creer. *Dijo mi padre con algo de enojo* -. Bueno sí, pero ahora no podremos por tu culpa! *Dijo mi hermano gritando* -. Mi culpa!? Pero si ustedes saben que esa es la bebida que siempre tomo yo! -. Claro que no! *Grité a mi padre* -. Claro que sí, y hace dos días les dije que pasarán comprando de esas sodas porque son mis favoritas, siempre hablo de ellas; pero parece que ustedes nunca me hacen caso o me prestan atención. *Decía mi gigante padre decepcionado* -. En serio...?, espera sí recuerdo que nos dijiste... *Dije sorprendido* -. Es verdad, de hecho creo que tomamos las botellas que papá ya se había bebido... *Dijo mi hermano percatandose de todo* -. Bueno, ¡pero eso no te da el derecho de tomarte algo así porque sí! *Dije a mi padre para hacerle entender* -. Por qué no hacen más y ya!? *Preguntaba enojado mi padre. -. Ese suero tenía una sustancia única, no podemos pedir otra, así que sigue siendo tu culpa! *Gritó mi hermano* -. Que!? Encima me siguen culpando!? Pues lo siento, pero estas son las consecuencias de sus actos por no escucharme! -. El problema es que tu nunca te diste a respetar, ¡se nota que no nos enseñaste bien! *Grité* -. Sí, sí hubieras sido mejor padre antes esto no estaría pasando! *Gritó David* De repente podría ver una cara de enojo que nunca había visto antes en mi padre nunca, solo con ver esa expresión nos detuvimos con los gritos y comenzamos a temblar del temor que nos causaba, mi padre comenzó a apretar fuerte los puños de repente y levantó el su sillón favorito y lo lanzó contra la pared rompiendolo completamente. -. AAAAAAAAAGGGHH YA CALLENSEEEEE!!! SE ACABÓ, ES HORA DE QUE USTEDES SEPAN ALGO DE DISCIPLINA! COMO ES POSIBLE QUE MIS HIJOS ME DIGAN ESO? *Gritaba fuertemente mi padre con su profunda voz mientras nos veía con sus ojos llenos de furia* -. L-lo siento papá, por favor n-nos hagas daño, por favor *Decía yo con casi lágrimas en los ojos* -. Sí, papá perdón *Dijo mi hermano arrodillandose* lo lamento... -. Yo... Agh... Olvidenlo, ya todo pasó, no hay nada que podamos hacer, lo siento, siento gritarles, pero más les vale no volverme a hacer enojar, okey? -. S-sí *Dijimos ambos* -. Muy bien, creo que podemos tranquilizarnos un poco, jajá. *Dijo mi padre para tranquilizarnos, aunque luego su cara se convirtió en una de preocupación* Mierda! Mañana tengo una presentación importante, y no tengo nada que ponerme, mi ropa quedó destrozada después de transformarme en esto, necesito ropa ya! Al oír esas palabras apenas no estábamos dando cuenta del enorme pedazo de carne que papá tenía entre las piernas, era muy enorme. -. Es verdad papá, taparte por favor *Dije tratando de cubrirme los ojos, pero imposible no dejar de ver* -. Ah! Es verdad! N-no me miren chicos, v-vayan a traerme una toalla. Fui con mi hermano y le trajimos la toalla más grande que teníamos en la casa, aunque aún así le quedaba corta gracias a su enorme estatura, pero al menos no estaba mostrando su enorme verga todo el rato. -. Muy bien chicos, necesito que vayamos al centro comercial, ahora! Vamos suban al carro! -. Pero papá, no puedes ir en toalla, no te dejarán! -. Lo sé, necesito que ustedes me compren la ropa, un traje y corbata, de lo más grande que tengan, también unas cuantas camisas, pantalones y... -Y...? *Pregunté* -. Ropa interior, que no tengo nada que ponerme abajo, pero eso sí, necesito que todo sea grande, no puedo ir tan apretado a mi presentación de mañana. *Decía preocupado mi padre* -. Papá no sé si debamos- -. No les estoy preguntando, les estoy diciendo que vamos a ir, ¡AHORA! Al escuchar ese "ahora" de mi papá decidimos entrar al auto con mi padre, teniendo cuidado de que nadie nos vea en el vecindario. Entramos rápido y mi padre condujo hasta el centro comercial, llegamos allí y nos dijo que se quedaría a esperar en el auto. -. Recuerden, ropa grande, okey? *Gritaba nuestro padre desde su auto que le quedaba pequeño ahora* -. Okey! *Gritamos nosotros mientras íbamos a la entrada* -. Espero y esos chicos encuentren lo que necesito *Se decía mi padre asimismo, mientras veía como un auto se estacionaba al lado de él* En el auto había otro chico, parece que de otra universidad e intercambiaron miradas se saludaron y se sonrieron el uno al otro. Mientras tanto nosotros entrábamos y salíamos de muchas tiendas, tratando de encontrar ropa para mi papá, con algo de complicación al final encontramos lo necesario, solo faltaba la ropa interior, cosa que nos daba mucha vergüenza ya que ni siquiera era para nosotros, pero aún así lo logramos, pagamos por todo y salimos hacia el estacionamiento, este último estaba casi vacío, ya eran las nueve de la noche, y estaba algo oscuro, pero aún podíamos ver el auto de papá así que fuimos hacia donde estaba, pero mientras más nos acercabamos ruidos extraños se comenzaron a escuchar, ruidos y murmullos que solo escuchaba en videos explícitos de internet. -. Sí... Así... Que rico lo haces... Casi no te cabe... Que rico... Mmm... Nos acercamos al auto y nos escondimos detrás para ver que era ese ruido, cuando nos percatamos de que era nuestro padre, él estaba con otro hombre y este último le estaba dando satisfacción por medio de una mamada a su enorme verga, estábamos muy sorprendidos al ver ese acto y decidimos evitar que esto continuará en algo más intenso. -. Sí... Vamos... Apresúrate... En cualquier momento van a venir mis hijos... *Decía mi padre con su gran trozo siendo lamido por la boca de otro hombre* -. Qué!? Papá qué rayos haces!? *exclamé para evitar que siguieran* -. ¡Mierda, vete de aquí ya, corre! *Dijo mi padre mientras apartaba al hombre y lo hacía ir a su respectivo auto* mierda... Chicos puedo explicarlo... jejé... -. En serio!? En un estacionamiento!? Ten un poco de decencia papá, ¡eso no se hace! *Decía David que intentaba no ver su enorme verga parada* -. Lo siento sí, el chico vino comenzamos a hablar, yo estaba desnudo y las cosas surgieron, ya, es algo normal, saben? He estado muy caliente últimamente. -. Sí, pero por favor no lo vuelvas a hacer acá, imagínate si alguien lo hubiera visto, no puede ser... *Dije decepcionado* Sabes qué mejor hagamos como que esto nunca pasó, ok? Toma, acá está la ropa, vamonos a casa ya. -. Genial gracias lindos, uff, sí compraron calzoncillos de los buenos *Dijo mi padre mientras veía su ropa interior nueva* -. Sí, sí ya guárdalos y vamonos. Salimos del estacionamiento, mientras íbamos en camino no podíamos dejar de ver la verga parada de papá mientras este conducía. -. Este... Papá... Podrías hacer algo con eso... *Dijo David con un poco de vergüenza* -. Ah, mierda! Lo siento chicos jajá... Pero no creo que se me baje hasta que me venga, pasenme la toalla para taparlo jajá... Con algo de vergüenza se la puse encima de su enorme tranca, la verdad es que sentía mucha envidia de lo grande que lo tenía ahora, quería tenerla así también yo, y de seguro mi hermano también. Llegamos a casa y mi padre fue corriendo hacia al baño, haciendo lo que mi hermano y yo ya sabíamos que era, y la verdad es que papá no era muy silencioso al darse placer, daba muchos gemidos, y esos gemidos se convertían un gruñidos y sinceramente nos exitaban, incluso una erección se hizo presenten en mi y mi hermano no era la excepción. -. Oye tú- *Dijo mi hermano antes de que lo interrumpiera* -. No lo menciones... *Dije avergonzado* -. AGHH UFF SIII... *Gritaba mi padre que de seguro se acababa de venir* -. Mierda, solo lo está haciendo peor. -. Mejor vamonos ya a dormir... Decidimos ir a la cama, aun con la erección, pero como sea logramos dormir; nuestro padre era una bestia musculosa ahora, y nos preguntábamos si esto sería así todo lo que resta de nuestras vidas. Al día siguiente nos levantamos temprano y ocurrió algo fuera de lo normal, nuestro padre estaba despierto, ya listo para salir, y no sólo eso, también se encontraba haciendo el desayuno, algo que no había hecho nunca, por lo general, lo hacía mi madre y desde que se separaron comemos siempre afuera. -. Papá!? Qué haces despierto!? *Pregunté intrigado* -. No ves? Estoy haciendo el desayuno, estoy viendo un tutorial en YouTube de como hacer un desayuno balanceado para nosotros, jejé. *Dijo con una sonrisa* -. Wow, nunca pensé a papá decir algo así *Dijo David* Nos sentamos en la mesa, esperando a que papá terminara y luego nos sirvió el desayuno, que tenía un aspecto realmente bueno. -. Wow, esto se ve realmente bien, Pá. -. ¡Y sabe realmente bien! *exclamó mi hermano mientras comía un bocado* -. Sabía que les gustaría, mis lindos. Comimos el delicioso desayuno de papá, este último se sirvió dos veces para poder llenarse y luego fue a sentarse un rato en el sofá a ver televisión, mientras tomaba un café, también estaba luciendo su nueva conjunto de ropa que le quedaba muy bien. -. Jé, chicos, creo que tenemos que comprar un nuevo sillón, rompí mi favorito ayer, iré luego del trabajo. *Dijo mi padre quien procedió a tomar un poco de café* Sin decir nada, decidimos ir a prepararnos para la universidad, la verdad no queríamos recordar el ataque de furia que tuvo nuestro padre la noche anterior. Terminamos de prepararnos y papá nos llevó a la universidad, nos dejó y luego se dirijió a su trabajo, con una sonrisa confiada, en el camino a nuestro salón estuvimos hablando un poco de nuestro nuevo padre. -. Uff... La verdad es que sigo enojado con papá, no puede ser que esto nos pasó a nosotros, y ahora tenemos que seguir aguantando al estúpido Brendan *Dije decepcionado* -. Agh, no me lo recuerdes, debimos haber sido más precavidos, creí que lo habíamos, pensado en todo... Pero debes admitir, que papá se ve muy bien. *Dijo mi hermano con un poco de sonrojo en su cara* -. Lo sé, su trasero se ve enorme y esos pantalones con los que iba hoy en la mañana eran ajustados, se veía muy sexy, imaginar que podríamos haber tenido un cuerpo sexy, pero bueno, al parecer tendremos que vivir con esto desde ahora *Exclamé con tristeza* Entramos a clase, pasamos el resto del día pensando en lo que pasará cuando lleguemos a casa a ver otra vez a papá, pensábamos en cómo iba a ser nuestra vida de ahora en adelante, terminamos la jornada y salimos del campus de la universidad para subirnos al autobús, en el trayecto nos pusimos a ver nuestros celulares para distraernos, casi llegábamos a nuestra casa, cuando mi hermano recibió una notificación de la cuenta de Twitter de mi padre, que había pasado de llamarse "Jonathan Nature" a "JonathanSex78". -. Qué!? Qué clase nombre es este!? *Dijo mi hermano mientras me mostraba el celular con la notificación de una nueva foto subida* -. Cambió de nombre, pero por qué ese nombre!? Dale a la publicación, vamos a ver... *Dije intrigado* Al entrar a la publicación por medio de la notificación nos encontramos con algo que nunca creímos que nuestro padre sería capaz de hacer, la foto publicada era algo que realmente nos impactó. Se trataba ni más ni menos de una foto del culo de mi padre completamente desnudo, exponiendo junto a este su enorme espalda y sus piernas abiertas, era increíble, como ver la espalda y las nalgas de un dios Griego. -. ¿¡Pero qué verga!? Esa foto... Estas viendo lo mismo que yo...? *Dije sin poder creerlo* -. S-sí, ¿cómo? ¿Por qué se tomaría una foto así? *Dijo mi hermano con preocupación* -. No tengo idea... Hace cuanto subió esa foto? -. Hace dos horas y... Dios! Ya tiene cincuenta mil likes, esto es increíble! -. Qué!? Te imaginas cuantas personas la vieron ya!? Debemos hablar seriamente con él. Al llegar a nuestra parada, decidimos correr hacia nuestra casa, abrimos lo más rápido que podíamos y entramos, buscamos a nuestro padre y lo encontramos viendo una película mientras comía palomitas y afortunadamente estaba con ropa, bueno, con una musculosa y unos shorts que casi no dejaban nada a la imaginación. -. Papá, ¡debemos hablar seriamente! -. Eh? Hola chicos, qué pasa? -. Papá que clase de foto es esta!? *Exclamó mi hermano que le mostraba la foto que había publicado* -. Ah... Bueno... Pues, quería probar la nueva cámara y me tomé una nueva foto, solo fue eso. -. Solo fue eso!? Tú digiste que la cuenta era para fotografíar plantas en insectos! *Exclamé furioso* -. Miren, se que dije que era para eso, pero me di cuenta que nadie quiere ver eso, lo que la gente quiere ver son cosas como esa foto, acaso no ves la cantidad de likes que tengo? Y es mi primera publicación! Chicos, me estoy volviendo conocido, esto es algo que siempre quise... -. Sí, pero no debería ser de esta manera... -. A ver, entiendo su preocupación de que me tome fotos así, parezco un cualquiera que solo quiere atención gracias a su cuerpo, pero esto es lo que soy y me hace feliz, además no se me ve la cara para nada, no deberían preocuparse. -. Bueno, puede que tengas razón pero no es bueno que lo hagas, es vergonzoso que tu papá se exhiba así... -. Agh, miren ya estuvo, miles de personas vieron mi culo, mejor cambiemos de tema. Les quiero decir que mi presentación fue todo un éxito, les gustó tanto que al final sí me van a dar el puesto que me había prometido, después de tanto tiempo trabajando allí, finalmente lo conseguí, la gente no dejaba de verme, les encantaba escucharme, nunca había sido así en mi vida, y todo gracias a este cuerpazo jajá. -. Vaya, felicidades pá, esos significa que ganarás más, no? -. Así es pequeñín, su papá va a traer más dinero para sus pequeñitos *Dijo mi padre mientras nos acaraciaba la cabeza a ambos* -. Ok... *Dije un poco molesto por su acto anterior* deberías dejar de hacernos así, ya no somos unos niños... -. Lo sé, pero sin mis pequeñitos. -. Bueno, aunque antes tú eras incluso más pequeño que nosotros *Dijo David un poco molesto* -. Sí, pero eso fue antes de convertirme en esta bestia, les digo que cada día que pasa amo más este cuerpo y pensar que al principio estaba algo enojado jajá, me ha traído tanta alegría a la vida. -. Sí, se nota, eres incluso más feliz y empalagoso que antes. -. Es porque los quiero hijitos. -. Sí... Gracias... Luego de esa charla decidimos irnos a nuestra habitación a hacer tarea, mientras dejamos a nuestro padre viendo televisión. Luego de un rato decidimos ir a dormir, al estar en la cama, me propuse a echarle un último vistazo a la foto de papá. -. Dios, no puede ser, se ve tan rico... Ufff *Dije mientras una erección aparecía entre mis pantalones* pensar que esta en esta misma casa me exita mucho más... Bueno ya! Debo dejar de pensar en él, no es correcto, es mi papá. Apagué mi celular y decidí dormirme por una buena vez. Al día siguiente nos levantamos y fuimos a la cocina, ese día nadie tenía que ir a trabajar o a estudiar, así que bajamos sin preocupaciones, al entrar a la cocina el desayuno estaba listo y nos encontramos a mi padre realizando actividades que nunca había hecho antes, se encontraba limpiando la casa. -. Wow, papá, estás limpiando? *Dije mientras me sentaba para comer* -. Increíble *Exclamó David* -. Sí, jajá, les digo que este cuerpo me permite hacer muchas cosas, cosas que no podía hacer porque me cansaba mucho *Decía mi padre mientras levantaba el estante de libros de su lugar con mucha facilidad para poder limpiar debajo de el* Terminamos de desayunar mientras veíamos a nuestro padre limpiar como loco la casa, luego de eso decidimos ir a nuestro cuarto a jugar videojuegos un poco. -. Oye, al final del día no está tan mal esto de papá. *Dije mientras trataba de pasar este nivel con mi hermano* -. Sí, finalmente hace más cosas que ir a trabajar, comer, dormir y quejarse de todo, creo que no está mal después de todo. *Decía mi hermano* Jugamos por horas, hasta que llegó la hora de almorzar, fuimos y la comida estaba servida igual que en la mañana, pero mi padre no estaba por ningún lado, aunque no le dimos mucha importancia, terminamos de comer y nos quedamos viendo un rato el celular, hasta que otra notificación llegó a nuestros celulares, y como temíamos se trataba de la cuenta de nuestro padre otra vez. -. Oye, es papá... *Dije preocupado* -. Oh, no... Qué será esta vez... Entramos a la publicación, pensando que no podríamos encontrar algo más peor que lo de ayer, pero al parecer nos equivocamos. La publicación se trataba de nuestro padre otra vez, esta vez en video, mostrando su cara y dandose satisfacción asimismo, gimiendo como loco. No lo podíamos creer, había mostrado su enorme tranca a todo el internet, junto a su hermosa cara gimiendo y tocando los pezones de sus enormes pechos. El video mostraba los últimos segundos de su paja, hasta que explotó todo su semen. -. NO PUEDE SER! PERO QUE LE PASA!? *Exclamé enojado* -. Espera, de hace cuanto es el video? *Dijo mi hermano asustado* QUÉ HACE 10 SEGUNDOS!? Cruzamos miradas entre mi hermano y yo y decidimos ir a su habitación corriendo, al entrar lo encontramos lamiendo su calzoncillo lleno de semen. -. Papá! Pero qué haces!? *Dije furioso* -. Por qué publicaste esto, dijiste no lo harías más! *Dijo mi hermano que le mostró el video* -. A ver chicos, lo siento, se que dije eso, pero no pude evitarlo, la gente me pedía más y más, yo tenía que darles. -. Pero no tienes que publicar esas cosas! Encima sale tu rostro! Qué pasaría si los vecinos se enteran!? -. Acaso me importa? Soy un hombre de 48 años que ahora tiene un cuerpo de dioses, la gente me alava, y si los vecinos me ven de seguro lo harían. *Dijo mi padre tratando de convencernos* -. Esto ha ido demasiado lejos papá, no puedo creer que lo hicieras. *Dije furioso* -. Que decepción y vergüenza, pá. *Dijo mi hermano que también se encontraba en llamas por lo furioso que estaba* -. Ya callense, ustedes solo están celosos de mi increíble cuerpo, solo porque no fueron lo suficientemente inteligentes para esconder sus sueros de mi, están celosos de que yo, su viejo, consiga más likes en mis publicaciones *Dijo mi padre enojado* -. Ugh, no puede ser, pá, esto debe parar ya! -. Y qué vas a hacer? No creo que con tu cuerpo de débilucho puedas hacerme algo nunca, já. *Dijo mi padre burlándose de nosotros* -. Ugh... Ya verás... Nos fuimos con mi hermano hacia nuestra habitación, a pensar en algo para acabar con esto. -. Ugh, se ha convertido en un cabeza hueca, es increíble que tengamos a alguien como Brendan viviendo en nuestra casa. -. Lo sé, es un fastidio... Oye, mira *Dijo mi hermano mientras me mostraba su pantalla de computadora* ¡Es un succionado de testosterona! Aquí dice que esto quita cualquier tipo de testosterona artificial, da igual su potencia, es perfecto y está barato! -. Genial, cuantas unidades hay? -. A ver, busco... Solo hay uno, y es el que vimos... mierda. -. No todo está perdido, cuantas personas están viendo la publicación? -. Al parecer solo nosotros, genial! Muy bien, hay que comprarlo, aquí dice que viene a las 9 de la mañana, el día de mañana, qué bien! -. Lo dudo, jajá, uff, finalmente podremos volver a tener a nuestro bajito y calvo padre como antes *Exclamé contento* oye, por cierto como funciona eso? -. A ver, aquí dice que tienes que acostar al sujeto y aplicar los succionadores a sus pezones y pene, y esperar a que succione la testosterona por completo. -. Uff, pero como convenceremos a papá de hacer eso? -. A ver... Aquí, compraremos inyecciones tranquilizantes para osos, lo inyectamos sin que se de cuenta y le succionamos la testosterona! -. Genial, no puedo esperar para mañana! Contentos con nuestro descubrimiento, pasamos el día jugando videojuegos. Llegó la noche y la hora de dormir, ni siquiera bajamos a cenar por el enfado que teníamos, aunque yo sí salí al baño y llevé mis audífonos, no podía evitar ver el video de mi padre y no masturbarme, me exitaba mucho, así que decidí hacerme una paja con el video de mi padre, quizá estaba mal, pero era inevitable. Al regreso del baño, me encontré a mi hermano, en la puerta del baño con celular y audífonos también queriendo entrar y hacer lo que yo también hice, pero tampoco hicimos comentarios al respecto. El día domingo y esperado por nosotros llegó, el día en que nuestro padre regresaría por fin. -. Despierta Lucas! Ya es hora *Exclamó mi hermano* en una hora viene el repartidor! -. Genial, vamos, bajemos a comer algo. Bajamos a la cocina, al entrar, nos percatamos que el desayuno ya estaba hecho, lo comimos aunque aún siguiéramos enojados con él, el tiempo pasó y por fin llegó lo que esperábamos. Abrimos la puerta y recibimos los paquetes, sacamos todo y lo preparamos en la sala. -. Ok, este es el plan, tú le inyectas a papá cuando baje las escaleras, lo llevamos a la sala y le sacamos la testosterona, ok? *Dije mientras le daba la inyección a mi hermano* -. Ok... Pero uhh... Papá hoy nos dio fresa con cremas para el desayuno... Y eso... Nos da ganas de ir al baño... *Dijo mi hermano mientras se tocaba el estómago* -. Mierda, corre al baño! *Dije mientras corría hacia al baño más cercano y dejaba el papel donde anote el plan* Mientras tanto mi papá bajó las escaleras, buscandonos. -. Chicos? Ya se levantaron? Quería disculparme por lo que les dije ayer... No fue muy bueno de mi parte... Oigan, están en casa? *Dijo mi padre que nos buscaba en la cocina* Mientras nuestro padre nos hablaba, este se topó con la nota y los instrumentos que dejé en la mesa. -. Qué!? "Plan para volver a hacer a papá el cascarrabias calvo que era antes"? Ellos quieren volverme a hacer como antes!? Ugh, cómo se atreven!? Encima que me vengo a disculparme! *Dijo mi padre que veía el succionador* acaso con esto quieren sacarme el suero!? Pues no se los voy a permitir... Mientras tanto nosotros regresamos del baño y fuimos a la cocina para tomar los instrumentos, pero nos llevamos la sorpresa de que el succionador no estaba. -. Espera qué!? Dónde está el succionador!? *Dije con preocupación* -. Lo dejé aquí antes de irnos al baño. *Dijo mi hermano preocupado* De repente escuchamos un ruido de algo rompiéndose en la sala, corrimos para ver que era, no sin antes que David tomara la inyección por si acaso; al entrar a la sala vimos como mi padre destruía el succionador, lo estaba haciendo añicos. -. No! Papá detente! -. AGHH!! QUÉ CREYERON QUE NO ME IBA A DAR CUENTA!? NO VAN A CAMBIAR LA BESTIA QUE YA SOY!! Mi padre estaba furioso, tenía la misma cara que tenía la vez que rompió su sillón favorito, estábamos asustados otra vez. -. No papá, e-esto es un mal entendido-*Dije antes de ser interrumpido por este* -. Ya cállate!! No creas que soy un estúpido! Ustedes merecen un buen castigo de una buena vez por todas. *Dijo mi padre que se acercaba a mi* -. Oye papá, espera n-no... *Dije mientras mi papá me tenía acorralado y luego recordé la inyección que David tenía* David! Inyectalo! -. QUÉ!? *Gritó mi padre* De repente David salió detrás de mí padre e inyectó el tranquilizante. -. Mierda...AGGH!.. *Expresó mi padre que había sido inyectado* Pero fue en vano, el tranquilizante no le hizo nada. -. Ustedes creen que van a detener a un titan como yo!? Ustedes no necesitan un simple castigo!! Ustedes necesitan más que eso, ustedes necesitan un poco de verga, hijos de puta. -. E-espera, papá sueltanos, a dónde nos llevas? *Exclamabamos ambos* Mi padre nos tomó y nos puso sobre sus hombros, nos dirijió hacia su cuarto, donde con sus palabras, ya sabíamos que era lo que nos iba a hacer. -. Papá, espera, qué haces? D-detente. -. Callense cabrones, ¡dejen de hablar¡ *Dijo mi padre furioso* A ver pendejos, pónganse de rodillas. -. P-pero... -. DE RODILLAS! Sin ninguna otra opción nos pusimos de rodillas ante la semejante bestia que era mi padre, que posteriormente bajó sus shorts junto a sus calzoncillos y liberó a su enorme trozo que colgaba entre sus piernas. -. Comiencen a chupar pendejos... QUE COMIENCEN YA! Intercambiamos miradas otra vez mi hermano y yo, sabíamos que debíamos hacerlo y que en el fondo deseábamos esto, así que comenzamos a lamer su enorme verga, nuestras lenguas se cruzaban, nunca había sentido la necesidad de besar a mi hermano, pero si lo habíamos pensado unas cuantas veces, pero esta vez la verga de mi papá hacía que esto sucediera, se notaba que deseábamos a nuestro papá, se notaba que nos pajeabamos con sus fotos, este último lo sabía, comenzamos a turnarnos para llenar de nuestra saliba la enorme tranca de papá. -. Mierda cabrones, ustedes no saben hacer mamadas, dejen que les ayude. Posteriormente papá nos tomó de la cabeza e intercambiaba con cada uno de nosotros para chuparsela entera o hasta donde nuestra garganta nos lo permitiera. -. Que rica boquita tienen, uff que rico...ahora vamos con lo más rico, subanse a la cama pendejos. Papá nos tomó del cuello de nuestras camisas y nos aventó bruscamente a su cama estábamos acostados esperando su siguiente acción de la que nos hacíamos una idea de lo que sería y de repente comenzó a romper nuestros pantalones y ropa interior, quedamos al descubierto, solo con nuestras camisas para posteriormente comenzar a besarnos, sentíamos un calor profundo, al tocar la lengua de papá con nuestras propias lenguas, se sentía estupendo, podía olfatear su olor a macho cada vez que se acercaba a mi para besarme, me encantaba. Luego de unos apasionados besos papá nos empujó, nos dió la vuelta y nos dejó de espaldas. A ver putos, levanten ese culo rico, ya llegó la verga que tanto esperaban. Hicimos lo que papá nos ordenaba y posteriormente papá escupió dos dedos de cada mano y comenzó a frotarlos por nuestros agujeros, sentíamos cosquilleos al sentirlos y aunque eran solo dos dedos, estos no eran pequeños, eran de la mano de esta bestia sexual que ahora es mi padre. Luego de un poco de roces comenzó a introducir lentamente sus dedos en nuestros anos. -. Ayyy... P-papá... S-somos vírgenes aún, ten cuidado... *Dije entre gemidos* -. Papá... N-nunca hemos hecho esto... *Decía David entre gemidos también* -. Descuiden, tienen suerte de que yo sea el que los desvirgue cabrones, yo creo que ya están listos. Papá nos volvió a dar la vuelta y nos dejó con nuestros culos levantados para poder apreciar a ese macho dándonos toda su hombría, dió un escupitajo a su verga para poder lubricarla y comenzó a masturbarse un poco, papá tenía otro tipo de mirada que nunca había visto antes, no era de enojo ni de otro tipo, esta mirada era la de una bestia sexual, como la de un depredador a su presa y se notaba que nosotros éramos las presas de papá. -. A ver putos, quien va primero... *Decía mi papá con su verga en mano* yo creo que tú David jajá. Papá tomó a David lo abrió y comenzó a meterle su enorme tranca, David se retorcía por el dolor y el placer que le causaba esto y yo no tenía otra opción más que masturbarme viéndolos. -. Uff que apretadito David, te estan temblando las piernas, UFFF... SIIIII... QUE RICO.... *Gemia mi padre con cada metida de pene que este le daba a mi hermano* -. Aaaaaghhh!!! Papá... Duele.... Aghh... -. Cállate cabrón!! Aguantame pendejo... Papá se follaba a David muy bruscamente y antes de venirse sacó su verga, me vio a los ojos y me jaló hacia a él. -. Ahora tú turno puto, prepárate para sentir a tu papá el macho a toda potencia. Papá tomó su tranca y le la introdujo en mi agujero, sentí algo que nunca había sentido en mi vida, una mezcla de satisfacción y dolor, me exitaban mucho que mi padre me estuviera cogiendo ahorita. -. Estas apretado más que tu hermano, ... QUÉ RICO JAJA! AGHHH UFFFF, no cabron... Agh... Me vas a hacer venir. -. Ayy... Papá... Uff... C-con cuidado... Agggh! -. Jajá, callate, Agh, di que te gusta mi verga puto! -. Me gusta tu verga... AGHHH!! -. Gime, dime papi y gime perra... DIOS QUE DELICIOSO ESTÁS... -. AGHHH... p-papi... Papi... UFFFF... Papá siguió así por un rato, mientras mi hermano se masturbaba acostado aún gracias a la cogida que le había dado papá y nos estaba viendo, luego de un buen rato de metida de verga, noté que finalmente papá se iba a venir gracias a su expresión, así que sacó su verga y se puso frente a nosotros, nos juntó y pidió que abrieramos la boca. -. AGHHH ME VENGO PUTOS ABRAN BIEN LA BOCA... AGGHHH... UFFFF... TRAGENSELO. Chorros de semen salían de la verga de mi padre y caían en nuestra boca, cara y camisa, nos dejó empapados, pero nos sentíamos muy complacidos por tener ese momento de placer con la bestia. Luego de la gran venida de nuestro padre, este último cayó a la cama rendido luego de habernos dado toda su leche, nos abrazaba a los dos, uno en cada brazo, podía oler toda su hombría, toda su testosterona, se sentía fenomenal. -. Uff... Eso... Eso fue muy bueno jajá... *Decía mi padre algo exhausto* siento haberles hecho esto chicos... Creo que esta vez me pasé, pero la verdad estaba enojado y también tenía muchas ganas de coger, no había cogido con nadie aún y ustedes estaban aquí, así que sucedió, pero igual lo siento mis lindos. -. Descuida papá... *Dije con demasiado cansancio* nos encantó, la verdad... Nos exitaban verte, saber que teníamos una bestia musculosa, nos volvía locos. -. Sí... Estuvo fantástico, y perdona también por hacerte enojar... *Dijo mi hermano que casi yacía en la cama* -. No, no se disculpen chicos, de seguro los asuste, eh? -. Sí... Pá, pensaba que nos ibas a golpear o algo. *Dijo mi hermano* -. No, nunca los golpearía, ustedes son lo que más amo en la vida, al contrario, quiero protegerlos.... Es solo que... Siempre he querido que algo bueno me pasara estos últimos años... *Dijo mi padre con tono serio* -. A qué te refieres? *Pregunté* -. Bueno, desde que soy niño , nunca tuve una vida escolar buena, a diferencia de ustedes nunca fui el inteligente ni me daban premios, nunca fui bueno en nada y los chicos se burlaban de mi y duró así hasta la universidad, y siempre fue porque era un débilucho, luego de acabar la universidad pensé que todo terminaría, pero en mis trabajos era igual, daba igual que tuviera muchos estudios, la gente se aprovechaba de mi; cuando conocí a su madre pensé que mejoraría pero conoció a un hombre mejor que yo y nos dejó, y tuve que trabajar arduamente en la empresa por 10 años para que no les faltara nada y nunca me ascendían, pensé que así sería toda mi vida, 48 años iguales, hasta que me convertí en esta bestia todo me ha ido mejor, la gente me nota gracias a mis publicaciones, quiere estar conmigo, me presta atención, todo me va bien, como siempre quise y hoy cuando me enteré que querían regresarme a mi cuerpo original, entré en pánico y me enojé mucho... No quiero regresar a ser el insignificante que era antes, me gusta ser la bestia que soy ahora, y me disculpo por si no les gusta, pero a mi me encanta ser así... Luego de escuchar sobre el triste pasado de mi padre, crucé miradas con mi hermano y sabíamos que el se merecía esto, que merecía tener este cuerpo más que nosotros, nosotros solo queríamos darles una lección a los bullies de la universidad que eran las primeras personas en hacernos sentir mal por ser inteligentes, pero papá sufrió toda su vida estudiantil y laboral, nosotros por lo menos siempre seremos reconocidos por nuestra inteligencia, sabíamos que deberíamos dejarlo disfrutar lo que no pudo disfrutar en su vida. -. Papá, no te preocupes... Entendemos... Disfruta de tu cuerpo... *Dijo mi hermano David mientras sobaba el brazote de papá* -. Sí, pá... Pero ten cuidado, ok? Tú también eres importante para nosotros... *Dije para posteriormente besar el brazo de papá* -. Gracias mis chicos, los amo, les juro que los voy a proteger, denle un beso a su viejo! Vamos!... Eh... Chicos...? Papá hablaba mientras nosotros nos habíamos quedado dormidos, este último solo sonrió y se quedó a dormir con nosotros, nos pasamos la tarde así, hasta 6 de la tarde, cuando papá nos hiso una cena exquisita, comimos, nos bañamos y decidimos irnos a dormir, dormíamos como bebés abrazado de nuestro padre. Al siguiente día nos despertamos, cambiamos, desayunamos y papá nos llevó a la universidad, llegando a esta se encontraba Brendan, nuestro bravucón de siempre. -. Ugh... Brendan está ahí... Mierda... *Dije enojado* -. No sé si debíamos entrar a la escuela. *Dijo mi hermano asustado* Brendan se encontraba molestando a un chico de otra clase, parecía que iba a golpearlo ahora, no creíamos que algo lo pudiera salvar. -. Quién es él? *Preguntó papá* -. Él es el bullie de la escuela... El molesta a todos los chicos más débiles que él... Él es la razón por la que queríamos tener un mejor cuerpo... Queríamos que dejara de molestarnos, porque está en nuestra clase y siempre nos molesta... -. Enserio!? Bueno... Pues va a aprender que no debe meterse con ustedes y con nadie, es hora de darle una lección a ese estúpido. *Dijo mi padre con mucha seriedad, para posteriormente salir y azotar la puerta del auto* Papá se veía enojado, salimos detrás de él para ver que iba a ser, llegó y se acercó a Brendan y comenzó a hablarle. -. Hey! Quién te crees que eres!? *Preguntó furioso mi padre* -. Usted quien es- Ou... *Dijo Brendan mientras se daba la vuelta viendo la inmensidad de nuestro papá* -. Soy el que te va a mostrar a respetar, jajá. *Dijo mi padre, con tono burlón* Posteriormente papá lo tomó entre sus brazos y comenzó a sobar bruscamente su cabeza con sus nudillos, se notaba que incomodaba mucho a Brendan, pero ese solo era el principio, papá prosiguió a sentarse en una banca y le bajó los pantalones y comenzó a nalguear lo fuertemente en frente de todos. Todos los chicos de la universidad comenzaron a burlarse de él, Brendan solo pedía parar a cada rato, pero papá no sé veía que quería parar. -. Quieres que pare? Pues bueno, voy a parar pero no me voy a ir sin hacerte...¡UN CALZONCHINO! *Dijo papá riendose* Papa subió a Brendan a un árbol y lo dejó colgando de sus calzoncillos ahí, todos nos reíamos, estábamos tan felices que alguien le diera su merecido al fin, papá solo nos guiñó el ojo, estábamos tan felices. -. Wow papá, gracias, estuviste increíble *Dije entusiasmado* -. Estamos muy orgullosos de ti *Dijo mi hermano feliz* -. Gracias campeones, recuerden que nadie los va a molestar mientras yo esté con ustedes; ahora vayan a estudiar, los veo luego. La campana sonó y todos entramos a clase, luego de habernos reído de Brendan que seguía colgado por un tiempo, luego la rama se rompió y calló sobre un charco, se notaba que había aprendido la lección y se fue a casa, las clases terminaron así que también nos fuimos a casa, donde papá nos esperaba con otra cena riquísima y que sabíamos que no era la última. El tiempo pasó y papá comenzó a ir al gimnasio para mantenerse y expandir más su fuerza, su barba también crecía, y no solo eso, fue ascendido nuevamente a jefe de contabilidad, le estaba yendo muy bien. Nosotros comenzamos a ir al gimnasio con él, obviamente nos tomará mucho o quizá nunca lleguemos a estar como él, pero nos ha servido mucho, hay gente que quiere salir con nosotros. La verdad es que nos está yendo muy bien a todos y nunca nos habíamos sentido más unidos con mi padre, no nos arrepentiremos de su cambio nunca más, y pensar que todo esto comenzó por querer defendernos de los bullies y terminó con nuestra familia más unida. Fin. ___________________________________________ Y así termina la historia, espero y les haya gustado y disculpen si encuentran algunos errores ya que es la más larga que he hecho hasta el momento , ya estoy planeando otras historias, aunque quizá sean más cortas que está. Gracias por leer.
  19. Rory34

    muscle growth El Taquero

    Hola, ha pasado mucho desde mi historia anterior, jajá. El día de hoy les traigo esta nueva y extensa historia ya completa de una sola vez, espero y les guste Él es Ricardo (Ricky), tiene 20 años, ha trabajado como Taquero desde los 18 años, justo al salir de preparatoria. El negocio le fue heredado gracias a su difunto padre, el cual Ricardo motivado por sus últimas palabras de "Debes trabajar y convertirte en todo un hombre" aceptó. Ricardo era un chico bonachón, media 1.67, tenía un abdomen flácido y unos brazos no tan trabajados, a él no le importaba mucho ser así, aunque a veces le gustaría ser más fuerte, como su padre hubiera querido, lo único que le importaba a él es ser una persona gentil y amable; aunque la amabilidad que el tenía llegaba a perjudicarle, solía dar tacos gratis a personas que decían no tener dinero para pagarselos diciendo que otro día lo harían, obviamente mintiendo y aprovechandose de su confianza. Esto le había pasado factura a Ricardo ya que no le alcanzaba el dinero para pagarle al dueño del local en el que estaba su puesto de tacos. -. Tres mil cuatrocientos noventa y nueve, y tres mil quinientos! A la verga, no me llega la lana para pagarle al dueño. Me hace falta más dinero, aghh. Debería a ver cobrado a esos culeros que no me pagan. -. Hey que tranza Ricky. *Decía un muchacho de apariencia delgada y con muchas ojeras* -. Hola, Pepe... Nada solo estoy viendo que me falta un chingo para pagarle al dueño del local. Pepe era el mejor amigo de Ricardo desde la prepa, tomó un camino diferente a él vendiendo droga, suele irle bien aunque también suele consumirla lo cual se puede deducir por su apariencia delgada aunque con un poquito de musculo y su mirada perdida. -. Chale carnal, yo te prestaría pero no tengo nada ya lo gasté todo y no me ha pagado el patrón aún... -. No te preocupes... Ya me di por vencido... -. Ya te dije que te vengas a trabajar conmigo, pagan muy bien, jejé. -. No, no voy a vender droga, mi papá no hubiera querido eso... -. Tú piénsalo ya verás como te irá de bien jajá. Eh, ponme unos al pastor, ya me ruje todo. -. Marchando... *Decía tristemente mientras se ponía manos a la obra con sus tacos al pastor* Ten, aquí están. -. Uhmmm, está si es mierda de la buena, no sé cómo no tienes el dinero suficiente si estás cosas están bien buenas. *Decía Pepe mientras masticaba con la boca abierta* -. Gracias, tu si aprecias mi comida carnal. -. Es que es muy buena... Bueno, ya me tengo que ir *Decía mientras limpiaba su boca* llámame si queres algo carnalito. -. 'ta bien bro, adiós. -. Ahh... Ya nadie viene a comer tacos, cuando era niño este sitio estaba lleno de restaurantes de comida típica mexicana, ahora la mayoría de estos son veganos o lugares para hacer ejercicio, es un mal lugar para mi puesto... Aún así es el que menos me cobra, y está difícil encontrar otro lugar. Estoy acabado. *Se decía asimismo* De repente un carro lujoso se acercó hacia el puesto de Ricardo, parqueandose en frente de él, de el auto salió un hombre bien vestido con cara algo pretenciosa. Él era Santiago, el hijo del dueño de los locales y dueño de una empresa de moda, heredó todo eso de su padre que había fallecido hace dos años. Era un hombre de 1.73, atlético y vegano, cuidaba mucho su dieta y le gustaba vestir bien. -. H-Hola, Don Santi. -. Hola, señor Ricardo, ya le dije que no me llame "Santi" mi nombre es Santiago. -. S-sí, disculpe... -. Bueno, como ya debes saber, estamos en ese día del mes en el que vengo a cobrar el pago por el local, así que necesito que me des el dinero ahora, por favor. -. E-eh... No quiere comerse unos tacos..? Jejé. -. No me ofrezca tan grotesco "manjar" yo solo vengo por el dinero, así que demelo ¡ahora! *Decía friamente* -. Este... Re-resulta que no lo tengo completo, jejé... Le ha ido mal al negocio y me preguntaba si me podría dar por lo menos una semanita más para juntar el dinero, jé... -Pfft, no me haga reír; usted sabe muy bien que no le cobro demasiado y aún así no me va a pagar? Ni crea que le voy a dar otro día más, así que mañana en la tarde más le vale que se lleve todo a otro lugar. Vamos a convertir este lugar de comida grotesca en un negocio de batidos saludables. Adiós. Santiago se dirigió rápidamente hacia su auto y se fue del lugar. -. Mierda... Papá lo siento mucho... No pude mantener el negocio... *Decía Ricardo tristemente* Mientras tanto Pepe se encontraba en la bodega donde trabajaba junto a su patrón. -. Oye Pepe, ven acá cabroncito *Decía su Jefe* -. Que tranza patroncito? -. Necesito que pruebes esta madre, es una nueva droga que ha venido por parte de los chinos de Japón, dicen que es una bien fuerte y aún están experimentando con ella. Como sé que le entras a todo te la dejo a ti pa' que la pruebes, he escuchado que quizá no la vuelvan a hacer porque es muy poderosa y no quieren que caiga en malas manos, pero si me la dieron es porque soy de confianza y he sido cliente de esos taka-taka, así que aprovéchala mijo. -. A huevos que sí jefecito, puede confiar en mi. (No le entendí casi ni madres pero la cosa es que está buena esta mierda) *Decía mientras tomaba la bolsita de droga y la guardaba en su bolsillo derecho* -. Ah, y vende estas bolsas de mariguana en el parque, ya sabes, lo de siempre. -. Claro que sí, capitancito. Pepe salió de la bodega, justo en la entrada de esta recibió una llamada de su amigo Ricardo. -. Qué tranza Ricky? Qué paso? -. Ah... Ya me mandaron a la verga, necesito que me ayudes a subir unas cosas a la troca para llevármelas a mi casa. -. Chale, vale verga el dueño de esos locales, ni una semanita más te dio para que vendiera? -. No, ni verga... Pero ya ni modo, tengo que buscar trabajo con lo jodida que está la situación. -. 'uta amiguito, ya voy pa' allá. Ricardo comenzó a guardar sus cosas en cajas, mientras que Pepe se encontraba en camino hacia su negocio. -. Ay... Papá, discúlpame siento decepcionarte papito, no pude hacerte honor... *Decía Ricky con lagrimas en sus ojos* Pepe llegó al negocio, encontrándose a su amigo llorando. -. Ya llegó tu hombre Ricky, jajá... Ay... No carnal... 'tas mal... Ya no llores. -. Disculpa cabrón, no podía soportar... Creo que ya se me fue... -. Así me gusta carnal, que seas fuerte, quizá no de cuerpo pero si de mente, jajá. -. Jejé... Gracias, ahora ayúdame a levantar estas cajas bien pesadas. -. Ok, allá voy. *Decía Pepe mientras levantaba las cajas con facilidad* Pfft, jajaja, no pesan nada, si estas bien débilucho wey. -. Ya wey, ya sé que no soy bien fuerte, pero así me gusta. -. Ya wey, jajá, no te enojes... Ah, y la oferta sigue en pie, ya sabes lo de ir a vender ya sabes qué conmigo. *Decía Pepe mientras guiñaba su ojo* -. No, nunca le haría eso a mi papá que en paz descanse... Prefiero ser pobre y sano... -. Tú dices eso porque nunca la probaste, deberías hacerlo. -.No... Mejor cambia de tema y terminemos guardando. -. Sale, tú te lo pierdes... ¿Oye y esta carne? *Decía mientras observaba un tupper* -. Ah, me la llevaré a comer hoy, sino lo hago se me echa a perder. -Ah... *Decía Pepe mientras una idea surgía en la cabeza de este* (Debería ponerle un poco de mariguana a su carne pa' que la pruebe y así va a ver como le gusta jiji) Pepe se acercó más al tupper, sin pensarlo, sacó una bolsita de su bolsillo derecho y lo vertió todo en su carne, cerró el tupper y comenzó a sacudirlo para que se mezclara bien. -. ¿Qué haces? *Preguntaba consternado Ricardo* si quieres un poco de carne te doy... -. No, yo en casa tengo mucha comida, jajá... Vamos a seguir subiendo tus cosas a la troca. *Decía Pepe nervioso* -. Sale, está bien ... Rarito. Ricardo y Pepe subieron casi todo al auto, excepto la estufa, unas sillas y el refri. -. ¿Y esto lo vas a dejar? *Preguntaba Pepe* -. Sí, me dijo que tengo hasta mañana en la tarde para irme, así que veré si puedo vender algo más... -. Ah... Bueno, creo que ya es hora de que cierres por hoy Ricky. -. Sí... Ayúdame a meter la estufa al local. -. Sale. *Decía Pepe mientras sostenía un lado de la estufa* Ricardo hacía lo máximo que podía, pero al final el mayor trabajo lo hizo Pepe; terminaron de cerrar y se despidieron, Ricardo se fue a su casa mientras Pepe se fue al parque a vender droga. -. No puedo esperar a que me diga que le pareció *Decía Pepe mientras frotaba sus manos pícaramente*pero pa' mientras a hacer dinerito con más droguita, jajá. Ricardo llegó a su casa, bajó su tupper con comida y lo dejó sobre la mesa y se sentó un rato a pensar. -.Ay... Vale verga, tengo que empezar a buscar trabajo... Maldito Santiago, debería haberme dado una semanita más, ya le había hecho esto mismo a varios otros negocios como los helados de Doña Chonita o el puesto de carnita asada de Don Luis... Pero qué se le va a poder hacer, no se le puede decir nada... Lo siento papá, te fallé... *Decía tristemente* por lo menos aún te tengo a ti, carne, esta tristeza me está dando mucha hambre... Ricardo comenzó a devorar toda la carne gracias a su despecho, se sentía vacío, esperando a que está acción lo ayudara. -. Uh... Esto no me va a hacer bien... *Decía mientras tocaba su estómago* será mejor que vaya a dormirme ya... Mañana tengo que levantarme temprano para vender lo más que pueda. Ricardo se puso su pijama y se dirijió a su cama a rezar un poco. -. Por favor, Dios, dame fuerzas para sobrellevar esta situación, ojalá y estés cuidando a mi papito hasta allá arriba y dile que lo siento... No pude convertirme en el hombre que él quería.... Ricardo terminó y se acostó a dormir, todo iba bien hasta que el reloj dió las 3:55 am; algo le pasaba a Ricardo, su estómago comenzó a hacer ruido y su cuerpo comenzó a temblar... -. Ugh... Mi estómago... Me está temblando el cuerpo... Agh... No debí comerme toda la carne antes de dormir... Ricardo se abrazaba asimismo mientras el dolor invadía su cuerpo, de pronto su temblor comenzó a hacerse más fuerte, gracias a esto Ricardo dió un grito desgarrador... -. AAAAAGGHH!! Du-duelegh... Tan pronto Ricardo soltó el grito su cuerpo empezó a cambiar. Sus piernas comenzaban a crecer, se salían demasiado de su pijama; su torso comenzó a estirarse dejándo ver su ombligo y estirando su camisa, sus brazos se estiraba más y más; -. Agh... Estoy-creciendo... Uff. Justo cuando Ricardo pensaba que el estiramiento había terminado una nueva ola de cambios se hizo presente. Primero con su espalda volviéndola mucho más ancha y más musculosa, destruyendo por completo su camisa; sus hombros aumentaron de tamaño, se volvieron enormes, sus flácidos brazos comenzaron a inflarse al punto de verse como grandes toronjas; sus piernas comenzaron a llenarse de músculos, que al mismo tiempo hacían que su pantalón se rompiera convirtiéndolo en unos shorts; su pecho palpitaba, desatando unos pectorales enormes que parecían melones; su panza comenzó a convertirse en un six pack y su trasero había crecido y se había levantado, ahora contaba con unos enormes gluteos; Ricardo se había convertido en una montaña de músculos, que ni el mismo podía creer. -. Q-qué!!? ¿Qué le pasó a mi cuerpo? *Decía mientras miraba hacia abajo con dificultad gracias a sus enormes pechos* Por último su miembro comenzó a vibrar y se desató un enorme bulto que yacía en sus nuevos par de shorts. Ricardo aún seguía fascinado por su nuevo cuerpo y no sé percató mucho de este detalle; aunque por su cara se notaba que le encantaba en lo que se había convertido. -. ¿Cómo? ¡Soy todo un chacal! ¡Estoy bien grandote! Jajá... Tengo que verme en un espejo rápido... Ricardo corrió al espejo de su armario y comenzó a verse fascinado, tocando suavemente sus nuevos abdominales. -. Dios... Soy todo un hombre ahora... ¡Me veo bien rico! *Decía mientras flexionada sus brazos* ¿Pero cómo mierda me convertí en esto?.. ¿Será por el rezo que hice anoche?.. Sí... Diosito me convirtió en esto, Diosito me volvió más fuerte, como quería, jajá ¡Me encanta!, no puedo esperar para mañana y que todos me digan lo vergón que me veo... Es verdad, mañana es mi último día... El pinche Santiago no me quiso dar otra semana para juntar el dinero... Es un pendejo... *De repente en la cabeza de Ricardo había surgido una idea* Sí... Ayer le pedí a Dios fuerza para sobrellevar la situación y él me dió este cuerpo para que le de una lección al pinche mamón de Santiago, jajá. Gracias Diosito *Decía mientras flexionada su brazo derecho* Ese Santiago se las verá conmigo, así haré justicia a los otros negocios que el pendejo quitó también, como el puesto de tostadas de Doña Rosa o el de Carnitas de Don Paco... Ahora si alguien va a poner a ese cabrón en su lugar... *Decía mientras iba a ver la hora en su celular* Son las 4:02 de la mañana, tengo que pensar el algo ya. Ricardo comenzó a hacer su plan, tenía demasiada energía que decidió planear eso y entrenar toda la mañana, mientras casi llegaba la hora para prepararse y abrir su negocio. -. Doscientos noventa y nueve, y Trescientos... Uff... Ni loco hubiera podido hacer trescientas lagartijas con mi anterior cuerpo, me encanta mi nuevo cuerpo de chacal, jajá. Ah, ya casi es la hora, le voy a llamar a Pepe para hacer el plan. Ricardo llamó a Pepe, mientras este último se encontraba aún dormido y que gracias a la llamada de Ricardo despertó. -. ¿Qué pedo Ricky? ... ¿Son las 5:40 cabrón que quieres? -. ¿Qué tranza Pepe?, quiero que me vendas de aquella droga que te hace dormir al instante, cabrón. -. ¿Pa' qué quieres eso? *Decía intrigado* y wey como que te escuchas más duro, ¿no? ¿Te resfiaste? -. Tú solo trae esa mierda, te explico cuando me vengas a ver. -. Sale, luego te llevo. *Pepe colgó el teléfono y comenzó a pensar un poco* ¿Para qué querrá esa droga Ricardo? ¿Será que ya quiere entrarle a esto? Jajá, al parecer mi plan funcionó, ¡ahora venderá droguita conmigo! *Decía alegre Pepe* Mientras tanto Ricardo decidió ir a prepararse para empezar su día con su nuevo cuerpo. Ricardo se dirijió a la ducha, se quito la ropa y se metió a duchar, percatandose de un gran detalle, que apenas había notado... -. QUE VERGOTA!! jajá, Dios que grande la tengo, jajajá, me encanta... Adoro cada vez más este cuerpo. -. Listo, ahora ponerme más guapo de lo que soy, jajá... Ay, es verdad, no tengo ropa, ¿de donde voy a sacar? *Ricardo pensó un poco la situación y se acordó que aún tenía la ropa que era de su padre y decidió ir a buscarla* Mi papá era gordo y alto, de seguro tiene ropa para mi... Ajá, esta será buena *Decía mientras tomaba una playera blanca, unos calzoncillos y unos jeans algo viejos* Ay papito... Ahora si soy un hombre grande y fuerte como te hubiera gustado... *Decía mientras miraba la ropa* Muy bien, ahora que tengo ropa me faltan zapatos... Ah! Usaré los que me mandó mi tío de los USA que me quedaban enormes... Listo! Termino de cambiarse y ya listo se fue en su carro hacia su negocio; llegó a este y se bajo del auto, mientras atraía las miradas de todos. Abrió su negocio mientras los dueños de los demás negocios y gimnasios lo veían a él y a su asombroso cuerpo, no lo podían creer; sacó su estufa y se puso su gabacha que apenas le quedaba y comenzó a vender sus deliciosos tacos. La estufa parecía de juguete a la par de él, ahora era un gigante lleno de músculos. Los clientes llegaban rápidamente para comprarle tacos, aunque en realidad era más para poder verlo de cerca. Ricardo trabajaba como loco, hasta que llegó al punto de terminarse todo los ingredientes que tenía. Ya había llegado la tarde y Ricardo finalmente pudo parar de hacer tacos. -.Uff, creo que logré juntar el dinero que me faltaba, jajá; pero igual quiero vengarme del pendejo de Santiago. Mientras Ricardo descansaba en su silla afuera de su negocio, Pepe se acercaba no pudiendo creer lo que veía. -. Ri-ricky!!? Eres t-tú!? -. Hola Pepito, ¿Qué tal carnalito? -.¿!Qué mierda te pasó!? Estás enorme! -. Me veo bien vergas, ¿verdad? Me encanta este cuerpazo, soy todo un chacal ahora. -. ¿Cómo? ¿Cuando? -. Justo anoche, recuerdo haber terminado de comer, luego me fui a dormir y en la madrugada me convertí en esta bestia, jajá. -. Espera, esto pasó después de comer la carne? -. Sí, jajá, luego de comer, me dormí como ya dije. -. Oh... Interesante... *Decía mientras notaba que en su bolsillo derecho no se encontraba el sobre de droga que le había dado su jefe ayer* (Mierda, creo que ese era el efecto de la droga, convertí a Ricardo en un chacal sin querer... Tengo que conseguir más de esa droga) B-bueno, Ricky... A-quí tienes la droga que me pediste... Por cierto... ¿Para qué la quieres? -. Me voy a vengar del pendejo de Santiago, ese cabrón no sabe lo que le espera *Decía mientras hacía saltar sus pectorales* -. Pero no llevará guarda espaldas? -. Pff, no este lugar es prácticamente suyo, siempre viene solo. -. Vaya, si que le va a doler *Decía mientras veía sus musculosos brazos* Bueno, yo ya me tengo que ir, así que adiós *Decía nervioso* -. Hey, ¿a donde vas tan rápido sin haber tocado mis músculos? -. Qué!? Pero yo no quiero, no me gusta eso... Jejé. -. Vamos tocalos, tocalos si quieres irte... -. (parece que no tengo opción, mierda...) Ok, solo un poquito. *Comenzó a tocar los bíceps de su amigo* wow, son bien grandes... Parecen toronjas... -. VERDAD!? me encantan *Decía mientras flexionaba* ahora bésalos. -. QUE!? -. Bésalos, ahora. *Presionaba la cabeza de Pepe frente a su bicep izquierdo* solo uno, y te vas. -. Yo... (no tengo opción, otra vez, se ve muy intimidante) Ok... *Comenzó a besar mientras Ricky sostenía su cabeza, duró 20 segundos así, hasta que de alguna forma gracias a su sudor pudo deslizarse y se soltó* -. Aww... Eso fue poco... Por qué no vamos mejor a ese callejón y nos tardamos más? *Decía Ricardo de manera atrevida* -. Yo, no quiero, me tengo que ir... A-adiós... *Pepe corrió lo más rápido que pudo escapando de Ricardo* -. Que cabrón, no quiso hacer nada conmigo... Fua, a pesar de estar bien delgaducho tiene buen culo... Me la para de solo verlo... Agh, aunque ahora tengo que esperar al pinche Santi y darle su merecido... Mientras Pepe corría de Ricardo recibió una llamada de su jefe, preguntando el resultado de la droga... -. ¿¡LA PERDISTE!? Ahora que vamos a hacer grandisimo pendejo, ¡hijo de puta! *Decía el jefe de Pepe* -. Jefesito, nada más fue un descuido, se lo voy a recompensar, le trabajo gratis un mes... -. Ni creas que te voy a volver a ver en la vida cabrón, ¡esa prueba nos iba a costar una dotación importada de droga, y tú mandaste todo a la mierda! Así que ni loco vuelvas, y como te vea por aquí, te mando a quebrar, entendiste cabrón? Y cuidadito con andar llamando a la policía... *Decía el Jefe de Pepe mientras colgaba* -. Chale, ahora si la re cagué bien... Ahora me dejaron sin chamba, vale verga... Mientras tanto, Ricardo esperó hasta la tarde, cuando el señor Santiago iba a llegar a cerrar su tienda. -. Uff... El pendejo de Pepe me dejó caliente... No se me baja la verga... En mi anterior cuerpo apenas se me notaba lo duro... Mientras Ricardo trataba de bajar su miembro, un auto lujoso se parqueaba frente a él, de este salió Santiago, que quedó impactado al ver al nuevo Ricardo. -E-eh... Disculpe... Q-quién es usted, y qué hace aquí? *Decía Santiago intrigado* Ricardo se percató de este y sonrió. -. Qué? No te cuerdas de mi? Soy yo, el Ricky. -. S-señor Ricardo!? ¿!Qué fue lo que le sucedió!? -. Te refieres a estos brazotes? Pues... Se podría decir que recibí lo que siempre tuve que tener... -. A qué se refiere...? -. Mmm... No es nada tan importante usted no lo entendería... -. Sea lo que sea, v-vengo a desalojarlo del local señor Ricardo... Por favor... *Decía con un poco de temor en su voz* -. En serio? Apenas vienes a mi negocio y ya me estas sacando? Por qué no charlamos un rato y comes algo? -. Usted sabe que su comida no es de mi agrado señor Ricardo. -. Eso es porque nunca ha probado mis tacos, sabe? hoy le vendí a todos los de la cuadra y creo que les parecieron exquisitos... De seguro usted no se quiere quedar atrás... *Decía mientras saca una orden y la ponía en el plato* vamos pruebe los... -. N-no... No va con mis ideales... Usted sabe que soy vegano... -. Agh, ya deje de estar chingando tanto y coma un poco... A lo mejor no le gustan porque les falta algo especial, ahora se lo pongo... *Decía mientras vertía el sobresito que Pepe le había dado* Listo, ahora comalos, están exquisitos... -. N-no... No gracias jeje, yo no debo, creo que se me va a hacer tarde para otra reunión jajá, quizá me tenga que ir, hablamos mañana *Decía nervioso mientras se levantaba, pero fue detenido por el gran brazo de Ricardo* -. Vamos... Coma, sabe? He estado pensando en practicar boxeo, creo que con estos brazotes nadie me ganará, podría llevar al hospital a cualquiera, jajá. *Santiago sin otra opción comió los tacos que Ricardo le había preparado, este último solo lo veía con una sonrisa* -. Mmm... He de admitir que sí saben muy bien, se nota que es un cocinero experto, señor Ricardo. -. Gracias, mi padre que en paz descanse me enseñó a hacerlo. -. Pues si le enseñó muy bien, mis respetos... *De repente una cara de cansancio aparecía en Santiago* Uff, jajá, de repente... Me siento... Con sueño... *Santiago cayó sobre la mesa y rápidamente fue recogido por Ricardo* -. Hey, hey... *Gritaba Ricardo* Já, mi plan esta funcionando, es hora de desquitarme con este cabrón. Ricardo llevó a Santiago a su camioneta y lo metió cubriendolo con una manta, guardó todo en su negoció y lo cerró; rápidamente lo condució hacia su casa donde esté lo bajó y lo ató de manos a una esquina de un armario y por último tomó un valde con agua y se lo echó completamente a Santiago para despertarlo. -. AAAAAHHH!! Q-qué? Qué pasó? Dónde estoy? Señor Ricardo? Por qué estoy atado? -. Shhh, cállate ya puto, solo llámame Ricky. -. Exijo que me desate de acá inmediatamente, qué pretende hacer conmigo!? -. Pues... Solo quiero darte tu merecido, para que no vuelvas a estar molestandome con eso de quitarme el local mucho más. -. ¡Pero es dinero que usted debía! ¡No puede hacerme esto! Me las pagará. *Decía agitado Santiago* -. Jajá, tú piensas que me vas a hacer algo? Acaso no vez al gran chacal que tenes en frente? Esto lo arreglamos aquí y ahora... *Decía Ricardo con tono molesto* -. Espere... D-deténgase... ¿!Qué me va a hacer!? -. Al principio pensaba en darle una putiza, pero ahora *Se quitaba su pantalón dejando completamente descubierto su enorme y vigoroso miembro* voy a darte otra cosa que no vas a olvidar en tu vida putito. -. Espere, n-no, no puede hacerme esto, no- Santiago fue callado con el poderoso miembro de Ricardo, este último lo tomaba de la cabeza y lo avalanzaba en frente suya. -. Shhh, callate puto, no te estoy dando permiso para hablar. Vamos así, tragala toda maricón... Ricardo se complacía con la boca de Santiago mientras este último solo se quejaba y lloraba por el dolor que la verga de Ricardo proporcionaba en su garganta. -. No estés llorando pendejo, que todavía no terminamos, lamela todo lo que podas pa' que no te duela cuando la tengas bien adentro, Agh, uff, sí sigue así cabrón. Ricardo siguió por un rato hasta que terminó corriendose en toda la boca de Santi. -. Aghh...traga todos mis mecos marica, te estoy llenando todo de leche. -. Mnngg~ agh... Por F-favor... Ya, Agh.. Ahh ahh. *Decía Santiago con algo de lágrimas en los ojos* -. Esto no va a acabar hasta que yo diga cabrón, apriende quién es tu papi pendejo; prepárate puto, te voy a meter toda la riata en el culo. Ricardo procedió a romper la camisa de Santi junto a sus pantalones y calzoncillos, dejando expuesto su pálido y algo rosado trasero. -. Uff, que rico culo tienes pendejo, se nota que sos de esos que haces ejercicio; mira que rosadito, bien listo para unas buenas nalgadas *Ricardo comenzó a azotar fuertemente las nalgas de Santi mientras este solo gemia* Uff que rico lo que me voy a comer... -. Ayy, Agh.. Por favor... No más... *Decía Santiago casi llorando* -. Cálmate ya cabrón, no actúes como sino te gusta pendejo, todos los dueños de los negocios sabemos que sos un maricón, así que aguantate putito. Ricardo comenzó a comerle le culo a Santiago, lamiendo justo su entrada y metiendo los dedos para que su tremendo miembro entrara sin fallas. -. Que rico, puto, te gusta que una bestia musculosa como yo te esté cogiendo verdad cabrón? Verdad que te gusta? Di que te gusta pendejo! -. S-sí me gusta... -. Con ganas, dime sí papi Ricky *Decía mientras lo tomaba fuertemente del cuello* -. Sí papi Ricky, Agh, me encanta tu verga, ahh... -. Así me gusta, ahora prepárate, vas a sentir como es tener a un verdadero hombre fuerte y viril dentro de ti. *Tomaba su enorme verga e introducía la cabeza de esta por el culo de Santiago, oyendolo y excitandose por los gemidos que este último daba* Ricardo movía sus caderas de forma brusca para hacerle sentir toda su potencia a Santiago, tomándolo del cuello como buen activo de una escena porno gay, haciéndolo gemir de placer y de dolor por tener ese pedazo de tranca entre sus nalgas. -. UFF, ESTÁS BIEN RICO SANTI, AGHH, te voy a dejar bien roto cabrón, no vas a caminar en semanas, jajá, ahh, bien apretado tenes el culo. *Decía Ricardo mientras sobraba sus pezones que yacían en ese enorme pecho* -. Aghh, aayyy, aghh...duele...Ricky... -. Prepárate cabrón, ya me estoy comenzando a venir, y estoy bien cargado pendejo. *Ricardo comenzaba a moverse mucho más rápido llegando a casi venirse* -. AGHH, no, R-ricky p-para, me estas rompiendo... Me voy a venir yo también... Aghh. -. AAAAAGGHH, UFFF... *Suspiraba Ricardo, luego de haberse corrido dentro del culo de Santiago. Lo había llenado tanto que la leche aún escurría de sus nalgas, estaban completamente rojas, y lo dejó con las piernas temblando* -. Ayyy, me duele mucho... Pero si me gustó *Decía Santiago que se había venido también aunque para nada igual que Ricardo* -. Uff, jajá, ya sabía yo que si sos una buena perra *Decía Ricardo mientras le daba una bofetada a Santi para posteriormente tomarlo de la cara y darle un enorme beso* nunca en tu vida vas a encontrar un macho como yo, con buena tranca y con un cuerpazo de chacal, bien macizo y duro, así que dime, ¿me vas a dejar ya de molestar con eso de quitarme el negocio? -. Y-yo... *Santi se desplomó en los brazos de Ricardo, estaba muy exhausto* -. Chale, que bueno que sigue respirando, creo que sí me pasé esta vez. Ricardo llevó a Santi a su cuarto y lo acostó en su cama, Ricardo se decidió acostar con él y aunque apenas cabían durmieron juntos esa noche. A la mañana siguiente Ricardo se había levantado temprano para hacerle desayuno a Santiago y buscarle algo de la ropa que usaba él antes de convertirse en esa vestia ya que la ropa de Santi había sido destruida. -. Hmm... Agh... Qué sucedió ayer? Uff, me duele mucho el trasero... Ayy, así que la violada, no fue un sueño... *Decía Santiago mientras se levantaba* Uff, me duele un chingo... Agh, eh? Hay un poco de ropa, supongo que es para mi, no puedo salir desnudo... Ya vestido, salió como pudo del cuarto, sosteniéndose de todo para no caerse y se encontró con Ricardo, su abusador. -. Buenos días, Santi. Ya te hice tus huevitos con chorizo, espero que te gusten. *Decía felizmente Ricardo* -. G-gracias... Se ven ricos *Decía mientras se sentaba* Uff, Agh... Me escuece el culo... -. Jajá, es lo que pasa cuando un machote como yo te da de su buena tranca, jajajá. -. Jejé... He de admitir que sí lo disfruté. -. Ya sabía yo, y ya que estamos menos alterados, quisiera saber si al final vas a dejarme con mi negocio, es lo único que tengo... *Decía Ricardo con tono desesperado* -. Ricardo, yo lo siento, pero no puedo dejarte. -. ¿¡QUÉ!? ACASO NO VES CON QUIÉN TE ESTÁS METIENDO!? QUIERES QUE TE VUELVA A VIOLAR!? *Decía Ricardo furioso mientras tomaba a Santi de su camiseta* -. Ricky, espera... Agh, sueltame... Yo quiero que vengas a vivir conmigo, ugh... Ricardo soltó a Santiago mientras lo miraba consternado. -. Eh? Qué me vaya a vivir contigo? -. Sí, te daré un mejor trabajo y una buena casa... -. Ah, jajajá, lo que pasa es que te encanto, te gusta lo mamado y chacal que soy, te gusta como te cojo, jajá. -. Jajá, no lo voy a negar, así que, ¿qué dices? -. Pues obvio que sí cabrón, a darle! Ricardo comenzó a hacer sus maletas para irse a vivir con Santiago, donde comenzó a trabajar como modelo de su marca de ropa, aprovechando su extraordinario físico, mientras al mismo tiempo comenzaban una relación. Ricardo seguía haciéndole comida y dándole unas buenas cojidas a Santiago. Lograron encontrarle un buen trabajo a Pepe en una tienda de la empresa, en donde siempre era molestado por Ricardo por lo pequeño que era a comparación de él. Ricardo había encontrado un buen trabajo, una buena casa y una buena pareja, se había convertido en el hombre que su papá siempre quiso que fuera, un hombre fuerte en todo sentido. Fin. Y está fue la historia, espero y les haya gustado, también pienso traer más historias, aunque no sea el mejor haciéndolas
  20. Chapter 1: The First Day Jayden looked over the website, looking for a new job. His funds had gotten low, and he was getting to that point where his roommates were pressuring him to find a new job, to help pay the bills. His current job as a janitor at a school wasn't really paying well, and he paid less bills than his roommates. So, he decided to try something new. Sighing, he rested his head on his desk. The young 22 year old's eyes had bags under them, having not slept for near on 23 hours now. He was about to give up hope, until he spotted a strange looking advertisement. It stood out to him, as it had an interesting job name: "Towel Boy/Escort Wanted! Male Only!" He shrugged, and decided to check it out. He clicked on it, and it took him to an external site. The site's color pallet was red and black. It was for a gym called "Pump and Hump". "The...Pump and Hump? That's...strange. Probably means something like 'hump day' or something." The young man shrugged, and continued to read the ad: Towel Boy/Escort Wanted! Male Only! We are seeking a young man, aged between 19 to 26. The applicant must be good with their hands, and be in shape. Preferably, the applicant must also be homosexual, or, at the least, bisexual. The applicant must also be willing to engage in possible intercourse. No references required! Pump and Hump is a homosexual gym proudly founded in 2017, by Mr. Tim Yates. It is a place for exercise nuts to come and be themselves, working out, and enjoying a public shower and locker room. We are specifically looking for a young man to towel down sweaty bodybuilders, as well as service them. The Position comes with many benefits: you will be provided health insurance, and free access to the gym and showers. In addition, your hourly rate will be $25. We hope you'll apply, and give us a chance. Jayden looked at the ad, his eyes wide. He never knew a place like this existed. He looked at the provided pictures, and the interior was clean, immaculate, and was filled with various pieces of exercise equipment. The showers were very large, and the locker room boasted 900 lockers. He then decided to look up Tim Yates, and found himself looking at a rather attractive image. Tim seemed to be a 47 year old man, who was tall, boasted a strong musculature, and was well-endowed. He had gorgeous brown eyes, and short, sandy blond hair. He was the epitome of masculinity. Jayden gulped. He was gay himself, and the thought of toweling down and servicing handsome men appealed to him. And with such good benefits, he was very tempted. He looked at the required schedule, and the expected maximum hours were 72 hours a week, at most, 24 hours at least. He quickly tapped apply, and sent off his resume, along with, as he hoped would help, a picture of himself. Jayden was a rather handsome guy. 6 foot even, and toned. He had blue eyes, and shoulder length brown hair. He also was proud of his 10 inches. He got up, and was about to head to bed. Before his head hit the pillow, his phone buzzed, telling him that he had an email. He blinked, picking up his phone. It was a text from...Tim Yates! "HI THERE! I was wanting to say, love the resume. We'd love to have you. Please, come by tomorrow at 10am sharp." Jayden's eyes went wide. Did he just net the job? He grinned, before passing out. Awakening several hours later, Jayden remembered his interview, and quickly washed up, suited up, and headed out. His short drive to the gym was uneventful, but he was thinking about what would happen. He could only imagine the types of guys that would be there. He grinned stupidly, before coming to when he got to the gym. He pulled up, and noticed that there were few cars in the car park. Maybe most people walked there? Regardless, the young man made his way inside, and found himself in a small reception area. It was soothing, playing rock music over the stereo system. "Hey there. You Jayden?" Jayden stopped looking around, and focused on the guy behind the counter, blushing bright red. The man was handsome! He must've been 6 foot 6, and was muscular enough that his chest bulged out his shirt, his nipples visible. His arms were strong, with veins on them. He was sitting, so unfortunately, Jayden didn't get a good look at the goods. The man, who's name was Adam, according to his name tag, had a gorgeous, heart melting smile. This man seemed genuinely nice. "U-Uh, yeah, that's me. Mr Yates wanted to see me?" "Yeah, for sure! Follow me!" Adam stood up, and led Jayden down a hallway behind the desk. Jayden watched Adam's bubble butt bounce with each step. It was mesmerizing, filling out his shorts nicely. Jayden grinned, before he quickly looked away when he noticed Adam looking over his shoulder. He stopped at a door, with a manager sign on it, and knocked. There was quiet for a couple of minutes, before it opened up, and Tim peeked out. He was really tall in reality, probably about 6 foot 10. "Jayden? Excellent! Come on in." Adam left them to it, as Jayden stepped in, Tim closing the door. They both took seats, and Tim looked over the young man, like he was looking for something. He nodded, seemingly pleased, and smiled at Jayden. "So, the ad...you know what you applied for? You may go home stinking of sweat, and with a sore ass." Jayden chuckled awkwardly, before nodding. "Yeah, I know. It's...It's why I applied, sir. If I have to be honest, this is kinda my dream job. I was caught off-guard something like this existed." "Is that so? So, tell me, Jayden, you're gay, right? You outed? Or closeted?" "Uh, I'm...kinda still closeted. I haven't told many people." "Heh, that's alright. Well, if you'd like, today we can give ya your first shift." Jayden blinked. He wasn't expecting to be hired immediately. He rubbed behind his head, and nodded. "Sure, but, don't I need a uniform? And to give you my bank details?" Tim nodded. He got up, and headed to a storage closet. He disappeared inside of it, before returning with a uniform. It was like Adam's, with a pair of shorts and a polo shirt with the logo on it. And, after this, Tim and Jayden sorted out the paperwork details, before Jayden was sent to change. He found the uniform comfortable, and it was shaped to his body nicely. He grinned, blushing that he had this job. He looked at himself in the mirror, before he lifted his arm into a flex. It wasn't impressive, but it showed that the lad worked out a little bit, at least. Jayden grinned, before the lights were blocked, and he looked at the mirror again, seeing someone standing behind him. He jumped, and turned around, looking up. It was an Adonis of a man. He must've been 7 foot tall, and powerfully built. He looked like a Greek god, his pecs as big as barrels, and his abs like saucers. His arms were as thick as basketballs. And, those tree trunk like legs. And, being covered by his only piece of clothing, his package hung heavy, the bulge itself looking like he was smuggling a bowling ball. "Hey there, cutie. Never seen you here before. New here?" "Uh, y-yeah. I am. You're...fucking huge..." Jayden facepalmed himself at his comment, which he had said out loud. The big guy laughed, and lifted his arm into a flex. That arm could've knocked down a wall. Jayden reached up for it, before stopping himself. The big guy cooed to him gently, before handing him a towel. Jayden then noticed that the huge guy was covered head to toe in sweat, super musky. He had a strong, masculine smell, and had an earthy tone to it. Jayden began wiping down the guy's abs, before the guy smirked, and tugged Jayden close, forcing Jayden's face into his armpit. Jayden groaned, his face and now moist hair covered in the big guy's sweat. "Towels are boring, aren't I right, cutie? So, let's be fun with this. Lick the pits, cutie." Jayden nodded, tossing the useless towel away, as he ran his tongue up the larger guy's hairy pit. He tasted the sweat, and it was rather salty, but it tasted nice to him. He sampled the pit, before the big guy pushed him back. "What's your name, kid? Mine is Phil, but you can call me daddy." Jayden huffed, licking his wet lips, as he was slightly dazed by the scent still. He shook himself back to reality. "Mine is Jayden, daddy." Phil nodded, admiring Jayden. He flexed his bicep, and Jayden immediately reached up, caressing the bicep. It was powerful, like it was made of marble. Jayden kissed it gently, massaging the bicep. Phil groaned happily, his shorts growing tight. Jayden turned his attention to those two, huge pecs. He smiled, running his tongue up the crevice between them. He then kissed each of them, massaging them happily. He would come closer, and would slip a thick nipple into his mouth. He suckled on it greedily, making the bodybuilder moan out in pleasure. "Fuuuuck, kid. Easy now. I wanna finish inside of ya." Jayden pulled off of that nipple, and kissed down the huge man's abs, before ending up on his knees in front of the huge man. He would hug around a thick leg, and would lick up and down it, tracing the muscles that flexed in it when Phil moved. He moved to the other leg, and ran his tongue up it, before finding himself face to face with that package. Phil grinned, and stroked Jayden's head. "That's right. Daddy has a present for ya. Gotta unwrap it first." Jayden hastily tugged down those shorts to the huge guy's ankles. He went wide-eyed, staring at the package before him. If he had to guess, the cock that was poking his nose now must've roughly been 20 inches of pure man, with a heavy set of balls dangling beneath them. Jayden was unsure, but he remembered his job. He looked up, and took the head of that monster into his mouth. He would slowly bob his head on it, running his tongue down the sides of it. He was an amateur, and it showed, fitting only 4 inches of it into his gob. The man still moaned in pleasure, gripping a hold of the lad's hair. Jayden didn't want to make the man bored though. He gripped the man's balls in one hand, and stroked them. And, with his other hands, he gripped the shaft that wasn't in his mouth, and began jerking it off. The man groaned, with a grin. "Fuck, kid, ya must be a pro? Or you've watched a lot of porn." Jayden blushed, working that cock in his mouth. Phil moaned out, before he began thrusting his hips. He looked down at Jayden, who looked up at the man, past his heavy pecs. THe two shared a look, before Phil grinned. He slammed a fist into a locker, denting it, as he let out a yell of pleasure. Jayden winced when his cheeks swelled up, his mouth quickly filling with the alpha male's cum. He gulped it down as quick as he could, only to be replaced by more cum. It felt like a long time, Jayden's eyes watering up from the heat. Phil was clenching his teeth, experiencing a hard orgasm. Jayden felt a breeze on his belly. After a couple minutes had passed, Phil pulled back, spurting some cum into Jayden's hair. He panted, swaying a bit, before he looked down at Jayden. "Well, kid, I gotta get back to work. But, you enjoy yourself now." Phil tugged his shorts up and left. Jayden shakily got to his knees, and looked at himself in the mirror. He was shocked to find that his belly had swollen up. He rubbed over it. It had swollen with Phil's seed, and the young man looked several months pregnant. Jayden belched, the smell of Phil's musky seed. He grinned, jiggling his now sloshing gut. "Fuck, if this is my first day, this job is going to be the time of my life." And, with that, Jayden went around the first day of his shift, stinking of the alpha male's sweat, and with a sloshing gut, as he attended to his customers. And Jayden had the best day of his life.
  21. 3D7fantasy

    m/m 3D7 Fantasy Comics Preview

    O LAGO Resumo: Dois jovens namorados decidiram acampar em uma cabana muito isolada na floresta, o local foi indicado por um amigo dos meninos, afirmando que o lago tem um "segredo" muito divertido. página : 01 nos próximos capítulos, os meninos fazem coisas muito quentes XD! PGS: 06,08,10. de manhã, ao acordar, um dos meninos decide dar um mergulho no lago, o que contribui para o delicioso crescimento muscular. Seguindo ... O garoto voltou completamente excitado, seu namorado de olhos arregalados, ele não acredita no que vê. Outra cena quente ocorre com muita adoração muscular! Os dois mergulham no lago e ocorre outra cena de crescimento muscular. Spoiler dos últimos capítulos! Não se sabe ao certo o que tem na água do lago, mas eles dizem que um meteoro com propriedades muito poderosas caiu há muito tempo e está enterrado no fundo do lago, infelizmente o efeito que a água causa não é permanente. Para ver esta cena completa e muito mais, e ainda apoiar o trabalho na minha página no Patreon Espero que você goste!
  22. Hi All, This is my first time writing a story here, let me know what you think. Character: Mike Starting Height: 4’ 9” Starting Weight: 75lbs Starting Hard Cock Length: 2.5” Staring Hard Cock Width: 1.5” Chapter 1 ~Alarm Clock Beeping~ “Ah, 6AM, time to get up.” Mike yawned while awaking. After disabling the alarm clock and taking care of the normal morning business, it was time for breakfast. “I think I’ll have some eggs this morning, and maybe with some nice cold press olive oil on top.” As Mike was speaking this he then remembered the last time he used the olive oil it was put on the high shelf. “Ugh, I’ll have to get the step ladder again.” Mike then begrudgingly got out the step ladder to get the olive oil down from the top shelf to make his breakfast. After breakfast it was time to get dressed to go to work. Now Mike had a hard time shopping for clothing, many times he ended up shopping in the juniors section more than the men’s section to find something to fit. For his suits though, he had them all custom made from one of those made-to-measure shops that did their manufacturing overseas. After suiting up it was time for him to begin his commute to his office in FiDi where he was one of the top forensic accountants in the country. During his commute he would get run into by people, have a hard time seeing what was coming down the street, etc. like every day. It’s not that people were trying to be mean to him, they just didn’t see him there. “Ah, just another day” Mike lamented as someone knocked into him, spilling the coffee he got from his favorite bodega by the office. Although Mike had a short stature, he had a huge reputation and was well respected by his peers. As he was sitting at his desk, looking out his window for a quick break in the day, he was reflecting on just how nice most of the people in his life were to him. While yes as a little kid people would tease him about being short, for the most from high school on people were pretty cool about it. Now of course his friends would rag on him a bit, and to them Mike never protested so they thought he was fine with what they were doing. And Mike, to his credit, really didn’t care that much most days. And in fact, he recalled a time when he was out with his friends and someone not in their group started making fun of his short stature and generally weak body. When his friends heard this they immediately sprung to his defense and kicked the crap out of him. “If only I could be strong enough to at least defend myself so I wouldn’t need to rely on my friend for that” Mike sighed, but then smiled thinking just how much his friends cared for him. “9PM, what a day! Time to get home.” Mike actually liked travelling off hours more than during rush hour since things weren’t so crowded and he had enough space to see more than just the person in front of him. As Mike got off the elevator in his building he noticed he had a new neighbor who gave a quick glance and a smile, but seemed to be in a rush to finish moving everything in. “Home sweet home” Mike declared changing into his pajamas and getting ready for watching a little TV to unwind before going to sleep. Just as he was about to turn on the TV Mike’s phone rang. “Hi there, I’ll be at your place in 45 min. Sound good” a woman’s voice asked. “Looking forward to it!” Mike responded gleefully. The woman on the phone was someone he was seeing on the side, Carmen. Now Carmen didn’t want to be tied down so they weren’t officially a couple, but they would just meetup for fun from time to time – usually on her schedule. They weren’t exclusive either, although for Mike she was the only person he met who found him somewhat arousing. When Carmen walked in the door Mike’s tiny cock got hard instantly. Carmen was 5’ 11”, more than a foot taller than him. And an athlete too – she used to be a gymnast and now just works out to stay in shape. Not huge like a body builder but a very well defined body, awesome striations on her abs, beautiful peaks on her biceps, firm breasts that were real, and a phenomenal ass from all of the squats that she had been focusing on during her workout just before coming over. Her body still sweaty – why bother taking a shower first, right? And while Carmen was a quite nice person, in bed she was clearly the one in control. While her body was tight, Mike’s tiny cock was like throwing a hotdog down a hallway. During the 3 years they were meeting up, she got really good at knowing how much pre would come out before he would shoot of his load, which was always gushier than she expected given how tiny his cock was. So today, like most days, Carmen would hold Mike down with one hand and edge him. He didn’t even need to touch her for her to gain pleasure for this part of the night, she just loved bringing him to the edge of cuming and then smirking at him, reminding him that she will determine when the release is. After doing that for 20 minutes and letting his little cock go flaccid, drowning in it’s own pre, she got out a strap on for him to pleasure her with. Now, Carmen was really smart too, she engineered a great strap on that was also like a flesh light for him, allowing him to impale her with the much larger tool while he was also getting some great pleasure from it, she wasn’t purely evil after all . She also put a vibrate function on it to turn on and off as she pleased. What was great with this setup was that Mike could cum once or even multiple times, all while having the strap on on – ensuring she was always satisfied at the end of the night. Of course Carmen was on top, the small, weak, Mike was never going to control the situation. She would bounce up and down on him, holding her firm breasts. She would tease mike to have him reach them as he was on top her, thwarting most of his attempts. Then she would let him rub her nipples as she would slow go up and down on the strap on, knowing to grab it a little to have it move on him as well. Then going faster and faster, turning on the vibrate function Mike gave out the first squeal - cum gushing out of Mike’s dick and running out of the back of the strap on. But then she would turn up the intensity, moan louder and louder. Mike’s already spent dick getting hard again, her grabbing him and rubbing her breasts up and down his pathetic chest – the chest muscles behind her breasts were gigantic compared to his pecs, or lack there of as it were. Sometimes she would roll over and bring him with her, quickly letting him be on top, before rolling over again and really maxing out the intensity of the vibrator – this time causing them both to let out great calls of ecstasy. Cum flowing out of her vagina and down the top of the strap on and Mike’s cum would pour out of the bottom creating a warm pile of fluids on Mike’s flat stomach, not a 6 pack stomach, but a stomach without power and with a tiny bit of flab. After the great night of passion Carmen showered, blew Mike a kiss, and then left for the night. After the door closed, Mike gave a sigh of relief. While he had a lot of fun with Carmen, he always fantasized about being the bigger, stronger one with a cock even bigger than that strap on. He knew how much fun he’d have just fucking anyone who’d want a piece of him, all the girls would want him and the guys too. “Ahh – just a fantasy.” On that, Mike rubbed his tiny cock a few more times and then passed out for the night.
  23. Part 1 Monday, March 22 Bruiser Reeves awoke and looked at the small alarm clock. 12:45pm. He opened his big mouth to yawn, pushed the black comforter off his almost-naked body, and glided out of bed. The sun streamed in between the blinds covering his window and provided just enough light for the big man to catch his reflection in the extra-large full-length mirror attached to his bedroom wall. Wearing only his jockstrap, he stood up to his full 6’4” height, flexed his massive biceps, and flashed a smile. “Fuck, yeah,” he said. “Big stud, big muscle.” He rummaged around his dresser for some clothes and settled on a XXL plain white T and black workout shorts, and went into his bathroom to shave and brush his teeth. Five minutes later he finished and headed to the kitchen. After downing two of the protein shakes that had been prepared for him, the 23-year old walked down the street toward the gym. Bruiser didn’t need to walk – he had his own brand new truck, and thanks to the very generous allowance from his father, he also had a bank account large enough to Uber wherever he could possibly need to go. He didn’t even need to go to a gym – again, his rich dad had set up quite the workout space in the basement of their home. But for Bruiser, the journey from his house to the gym were his favorite parts of the week. The sidewalks were always crowded around noon, as folks headed out for lunches and shopping and errands and whatever, and he could command attention from the ‘normals’ with his looks. They would stare at his Hulk-like body and his handsome face with its strong jaw, short-cropped black hair, deep green eyes, and perfectly white teeth. Today, his tanned skin looked even richer underneath the bright white shirt, and his recent super-heavy leg workouts contributed to the rock-hard thighs and calves sticking out from his shorts. Bruiser not only commanded attention from those passing him by, but also commanded space as he strut down the sidewalk. He positioned his 260-pound frame right in the center of the concrete strip and forced others to move out of his way. Bruiser got a huge thrill when people scurried out of his way at the last-second – and if he had to the opportunity to ‘accidentally’ bump someone and send them sprawling to the ground, well, in those cases, his dick would get hard. It didn’t matter if he knocked over a man of a woman, Bruiser never apologized, but would usually just laugh and offer a sarcastic comment about staying out of his way. He arrived to the downtown business district in about 15 minutes and turned the last corner before the gym, which was only three doors down. Bruiser passed the laundromat and restaurant and was about 10 steps from the gym when one of its clients hurried out the door. The guy was of medium height and had brown hair, brown eyes, and a well-kept brown beard, and he probably would have been described as handsome by many if he didn’t have at least 30 pounds of fat hanging around his middle. He was wearing an ill-fitting tan suit that may have also looked good in younger years, but now was clearly straining to cover his wider body. Bruiser smirked and thought, “I doubt Brownie could even button the coat anymore with that gut.” The man rushed onto the sidewalk straight toward Bruiser, clearing expecting the bodybuilder to move out of his way. Bruiser, however, didn’t play that game. He squared up his shoulder and blitzed forward. Brownie rethought his position at the last second when he realized he was about to collide with the much bigger, and clearly much stronger, Bruiser. He sidestepped to his right, but not fast enough to prevent clipping shoulders. Bruiser stopped walking and turned to look at the man, who was now standing right behind him and holding his left shoulder with his right arm. He was waiting an apology from Bruiser and snidely asked, “Well?” Bruiser smiled, and then with speed not usually seen in a bigger person, swiftly grabbed hold of the Brownie’s tie and jerked it forward as hard as he could. The man’s head and torso whipped down in response. Brownie blurted out “Fuck!” and waved his arms to prevent falling over. Once balanced, he instinctively grabbed onto his attacker’s fingers and tried to pry them off his tie, but it would have been easier to rip the asphalt off the street than undo Bruiser’s grip. Bruiser gave the tie another hard tug and growled, “Apologize.” Staring at the swelled-up bicep in front of his face, and realizing he probably had no other options at this point, Brownie acquiesced. “I’m so sorry! Totally my fault! I should be more careful.” Bruiser tugged once more to make sure Brownie had gotten the point and then said, “Watch where you’re going, wimp, or next time you’ll really be sorry.” “Yes, yes, very sorry!” Bruiser let go of the tie and Brownie stood up, pushing his stomach forward in the process. The add insult to injury, Bruiser grabbed the front of the man’s light blue Oxford shirt near his stomach and pulled hard, ripping off two buttons and exposing the white, soft flesh underneath. “And go to a different gym from now on." Bruiser added. “This one’s not working for you.” Brownie was going to put his arms up to loosen his tie, but instead reach down and tried to cover his flabby belly. He wanted to swear again, but said nothing and stormed off. Bruiser laughed, gave a squeeze to his semi-hard cock with his left hand, and easily opened the heavy steel door to the gym with his right. The music was blaring inside, the AC was blasting even though it was only about 65 degrees outside, and the place was populated with bodies pushing, pulling, jogging, and lifting. In the very early afternoon, most of the clients were businessmen on late lunch hours trying to keep in shape, students from the local college who had already finished their morning classes, and tourists staying at the hotel next door using the free passes available in their rooms. Bruiser was usually the only serious lifter – a big fish in the little pond – and he loved that the hotel provided a steady stream of new eyes to gaze upon him. Bruiser sauntered to the free weight area and started setting up one of the bars on a flat bench. As he added plate after plate, he sensed that the smaller guys were already eyeing him. Even though he wasn’t sweating due to the air conditioning, he pulled up the bottom of his shirt to wipe his brow and revealed his brick-like abs. Most men his size had to sacrifice a lean middle to bulk up the rest of their body, but Bruiser was blessed with the ability to achieve both a shredded midsection and big muscles. “Check it out, wusses,” he thought as he padded the non-existent sweat on his forehead with one hand and rubbed his abs with the other. “You guys could work out every minute for the next 10 years and take all the protein in the world, and you still wouldn’t look half as good as me.” When he let go of his shirt and it fell back in place, Bruiser saw he was attracting a little more attention than usual. He could generally rely on at least two or three guys looking at him when he first arrived, but he counted five already glancing his way. He decided to put on more of a show than usual. Bruiser pretended to stretch before lifting, but he made it seem more like a posing routine. He put his hands behind his head, causing his 21-inch biceps to bunch up in his tight shirt sleeves, and flexed his pecs as he rolled his head around a few times. Bruiser vigorously massaged his quads, making sure his hands lingered close to his cock for way too long, and then groaned loudly as if he were working out a kink. Finally, he was ready for the piece de resistance. Bruiser finished loading the bar with 255 pounds of iron, and sat down on the bench like he was getting ready to press it. But instead, he just retied his shoelace, stood up, and walked around to the back of the bar. Without showing any strain to the men gawking, Bruiser picked up the bar and began curling it. He lifted it up and down ten times, and put it back onto the rack with a big smile on his face. “Fuck, that’s going to get them all hard,” he thought as he wiped his brow once again of the invisible sweat. Now there were 8 men staring at the behemoth who had just curled more than twice what most of them could bench. Three were rather impressed at the feat, four were awestruck and staring with their mouths agape, and one was actually getting a hard-on. The most avid fan of the display was Luke, a slim, blond-haired man who was also 23. He was one of the hotel guests, new in town, and thought he would get in a quick workout before cruising the gay bars later in the evening. Little did he know that he’d stumble upon his personal fantasy before setting foot in any of the city’s drinking establishments. Luke liked what he saw in Bruiser…dark hair, tall, beefy, strong as a bull, and with machismo dripping out of every pore. And after curling 255 pounds, the bodybuilder’s biceps looked ferociously huge. “Definitely my type, and definitely gay,” he thought as walked up to Bruiser, who had just sat down again on the bench. “Um, you need a spotter?” asked Luke coyly. Bruiser looked over at the man who had approached him. He was maybe 5’5” or 5’6” tall, about 100 pounds, with sandy blond hair, delicate features, and was wearing a loose fitting red tank top and matching red shorts. The clothes were probably the smallest the man could find in the men’s section and were still too large for him. Bruiser couldn’t help but laugh at the question, and with his deep voice, he sounded a lot like Bluto from the Popeye cartoons. “Do these big muscles look like they need your help?” asked Bruiser. Luke stared but remained silent. Bruiser put his arms up into a double bicep pose, glanced lovingly at his right arm, and then put them back down. “Well, do they?” Luke shook his head. Bruiser continued. “And you’re nothing but skin and bones, anyway. How could someone so scrawny expect to spot me on 255 pounds?” Feeling defeated, the smaller man turned to walk away, but then Bruiser said, “But I’ll tell you what. I do need someone to buy me a sports drink or protein bars from time to time, and clean the sweat off my benches. If you can handle that, I’ll promise you a bit of fun afterward.” Luke smiled. “Deal!” Bruiser smiled, too, happy to secure a new pet for the day. “Come!” he ordered as they walked toward the dumbbell rack. He wasn’t gay, but he did like the attention from the gym twinks and used their attraction to his advantage. He completed his full body workout three hours later, now with sweat really drenching his clothes, and Luke had been right next to him the whole time. There was minimal talking during these three hours, other than eventually exchanging names and Bruiser giving out orders to Luke, but the time still passed quickly for both men. When he put down the last dumbbell, the bodybuilder repeated, “Come!” and headed for the gym door. “Don’t you want to shower first?” asked Luke, hungry to get finally his hands all over Bruiser’s body. “I can shower here for an entire audience,” Bruiser said as he gestured to the other men checking him out, “or I can shower in private for you at my house.” It wasn’t really posed as a question, but Luke didn’t care. He was so horned up, he would have done anything Bruiser told him. “Sounds good to me,” Luke replied. He followed Bruiser out the door and was so enraptured by the big man’s spell he didn’t even bother to get his street clothes from his locker. Luke tried to walk next to Bruiser and get to know him better, but Bruiser wasn’t having any of his chit chat. After half a block, he grabbed Luke’s puny 11-inch bicep in his right hand and pointed behind him with his left hand. “Just walk about 5 paces back, OK,” commanded Bruiser. “We can talk later. All you need to know is that we’re going to my place and we will have some fun.” The smaller man fell in line behind the bigger man, and Bruiser took his normal spot in the middle of the sidewalk, hoping to mow down a few folks along the way. Luke stared at his solid ass the entire time and remained quiet during the rest of the trek. Fifteen minutes later, they arrived at the Reeves home. It was a large red-brick mansion, with manicured grounds and a four-car garage. Luke wanted to spend a few moments to take it all in, since it was so much bigger than the one-room apartment he lived in, but Bruiser was walking fast toward the front door so there was no time to stop. Bruiser led Luke inside and went to the back of the foyer. “Dinner ready?” yelled Bruiser. Luke heard a voice respond from the other room: “Yeah.” They entered the kitchen to find a third man who slightly resembled Bruiser. He was tall, maybe a few inches shorter than the bodybuilder, and had the same green eyes and dark hair, but his was a bit longer than Bruiser’s. The rest of him, however, was very different – pale skin, like he didn’t get outside much, and heavyset with flabby moobs and a gut sticking out from an unflatteringly tight blue polo shirt tucked into a pair of jeans that must have had a size 48 or 50 waist. Luke estimated his weight to be at least 300 pounds, but it could have been more since he was so tall. On the island next to fat man were three plates of food – one loaded up with steaks, one with green vegetables, and one with brown rice. Bruiser sat down on the closest bar stool and began cutting the steak up for himself. Luke and the other man watched him eat at first, but after about thirty seconds, both decided it was too uncomfortable to ignore one another. “I’m Pete. Bruce…,” he said while holding out his hand. “Bruiser!” interjected the muscleman. “I told you not to call me Bruce, asshole.” “Sorry,” said Pete. Luke shook Pete’s hand to break the tension. “Hi, I’m Luke. Are you his…..?” Pete noted the pause and finished the statement. “Brother. And you’re his…?” Luke wasn’t sure how to respond, so he just said, “New friend. We met at the gym today.” Pete was familiar with his brother’s habit of picking up ‘new friends.’ They never lasted very long, but he always tried to be polite. “Would you like something to eat, too?” “No, thank you. I’m not very hungry.” Pete waddled back toward the stove. “Are you sure? I just made some cinnamon rolls and I would love to get feedback. Bruiser won’t eat stuff like that and so I’m never sure how good they are.” He pulled a pan from near the stove and displayed them to Luke. The rolls were extra-large and smothered in white frosting. Luke shook his head. “No, thank you. But they do look delicious. Did you make all this food?” Pete put the pan back down and turned toward Luke again, causing his moobs and belly to jiggle. “Yes. I’m studying to be a chef, and Bruiser needs a lot of food to keep up his strength. He likes his protein.” Bruiser’s mouth was full of steak, but he grunted his agreement. “Well, Bruiser, if you change your mind, the cinnamon rolls will be waiting for you.” Bruiser swallowed the steak in his mouth. "I've told you before, Pete, that’s is not the kind of food I eat. Look at this body! You think I’d look like this if I ate that shit? Just keep the steaks and the veggies coming so I don’t end up like you.” To emphasize his point, Bruiser poked his brother in the belly, flicked Pete’s flabby left pec, and then returned to eating. Pete nodded and went back toward the oven. Luke should have been disgusted by Bruiser’s rude behavior, but the domination only turned him on more. About 30 minutes later, Bruiser finally finished his meal and walked to the stairs next to the kitchen. “Come!” he ordered. Luke, who had sat down on another barstool and silently watched Bruiser eat, got up and followed him. “Do we need to clean up?” Bruiser shook his head. “Come,” he repeated. “Pete’s work.” The bodybuilder led his new friend upstairs and into a very large room at the back of the hall. In any other home it might have been the master bedroom, but Luke figured they must all be this big in such a grand house. The room was sparsely decorated – a California King bed with a black comforter and six pillows in black shams, a nightstand with a digital clock and lamp, and two large dressers. There were windows on the east and north walls, closet doors next to the bed, and another door on the far wall that Luke assumed was for the bathroom. There were no photos, no artwork, no knickknacks – the only personal items were some sports trophies lined up across the top of both dressers. Bruiser kicked off his shoes and tossed them in the corner, and then walked toward the bathroom door. “Come,” he said again. He walked into the bathroom, flicked on the light, and then turned on the shower. Luke followed him inside and even though he should have expected it, he was still surprised at the size of the room. It was at least four times bigger than the one in his apartment and was decked out with expensive-looking tile, marble countertops, oak cabinets, a giant cast iron tub and a shower that could easily hold three or four people. Bruiser quickly disrobed and tossed his gym clothes into the hamper next to the sinks, and Luke let out a small gasp when he saw the bodybuilder completely naked. He had caught glimpses of muscles during the workout, but seeing the whole package together in the buff really took Luke’s breath away. Every muscle that Luke could see was full and hard, and the cock dangling between his legs certainly did not disappoint. “Wow,” was the only word he could muster. Bruiser grinned. “You never seen a real man with real muscles before?” Luke shook his head. “Not one like you. You look like the guys in the bodybuilding magazines.” “That’s because I am one of those guys,” Bruiser retorted while bouncing his pecs. “I won 3 contests last year and am planning to win even more this year.” Luke continued to stare. “It’s just all so…big.” Bruiser’s grin grew into a full-on smile. “Big stud with big muscle. I’ve bet I’ve got more in my right arm,” he said while holding it out in front of Luke, “than you have in your whole body.” The smaller man should have been insulted, but he was just more turned on by the comment. His cock sprang up to its full four inches while he stared at the muscle-packed arm. Steam began to emanate from the shower, so Bruiser stepped in and repeated, “Come.” Luke quickly took off his clothes, set them on the counter, and entered the enclosure. Bruiser shut the door and then roughly pushed on Luke’s head so he would get down on his knees. Luke wanted to explore more of Bruiser’s upper body, but the big man apparently needed him to get to work. Once on his knees, he took Bruiser’s giant cock in his hand and squeezed it gently. The organ immediately began to pump up in size. It was fully hard within sixty seconds, stretching out at least 10 inches long and 6 inches around. Bruiser took a step forward, bringing his hard cock so close to Luke’s face that he couldn’t focus his eyes on it. Luke backed his head up a little and adjusted his positioning, and then put his lips around the tip and started gliding his tongue around. The cock was incredibly musky after the workout, but musky was Luke’s favorite flavor. Bruiser closed his eyes as Luke worked on him. He really wasn’t gay, but he did like getting BJs from gay men. He wasn’t sure if they had stronger mouths and tongues, or if they just understood a man’s body better, but the orgasms he received from men giving him head were always much stronger than ones given to him by a woman. Luke may have only 23, but he was already an expert at blow jobs. He took more and more of Bruiser’s cock in his mouth and licked it like the world’s tastiest ice cream cone, while at the same time fondling Bruiser’s balls. Bruiser fantasized about growing bigger as the action continued. He was 260 now, but in his mind he was growing to 300, then 350, packed full of obscene amounts of muscle. The biggest man on Earth. The strongest man on Earth. Even Superman would look like a puny weakling when standing next to him. Bruiser was so into his fantasy about getting bigger that he didn’t help with the blow job at all. He didn’t help guide Luke’s head or buck his hips, but remained lost in his own dream about growing the world’s biggest muscles. Luke had to work harder and harder due to Bruiser’s inaction. He bobbed his head back and forth, swallowed as much as he could of the giant erect penis, and eventually added some teeth to the action to stimulate more arousal. That last part seemed to do the trick, because Luke could sense it was primed to release. He wasn’t sure how he knew it was about to happen, but he was never wrong. Luke pulled back one last time and jerked his head to the side. His intuition hadn’t failed this time either, as Bruiser’s whole body shuddered and his massive cannon shot forth a torrent of cum. It sprayed all over Luke’s cheek, neck and chest, and managed to hit the wall and floor, but the jetting water from the multiple shower heads immediately began washing it away. Bruiser let out a howling “FFFFUUUUUCCCCKKK” after the spray stopped, and then smiled down at Luke. “Good job, little man. Best in a long while.” Luke smiled, too, and slowly stood back up. He was hoping Bruiser might reciprocate the pleasuring, but he was quickly disappointed. Bruiser just grabbed the soap and began lathering up, and then handed it to Luke. “You might want to clean up,” said Bruiser. The two men washed their own bodies, shampooed and rinsed, and then got out of the shower. Bruiser didn’t say a word, but grabbed a towel for himself and began drying himself off. He left the bathroom, so Luke grabbed his own towel, dried himself, and got redressed. When he walked into the bedroom, Luke saw that Bruiser had already put on a fresh jockstrap and was holding a black t-shirt in his hands. The bodybuilder pulled the T over his head, and just like the white one he had worn to the gym, it showed off his muscular body very well. “Are we going somewhere, Bruiser?” asked Luke. “I’m going out with my friends,” he replied without looking over at his guest. “I assume you’re going back to the hotel?” “Um, don’t you wanna have some more fun here?” Bruiser checked himself out in the mirror above his dresser and flexed his arms a few times to make sure his look was perfect. “Nope. I’m done.” “Maybe I could come back later?” “No need. I’ll have my pick of the chicks to come home with,” said Bruiser as he reached for a small bottle of cologne from his top dresser drawer. He spritzed some on his neck and went back to admiring his reflection in the mirror. Luke was confused. “Wait. So, you’re not gay?” Bruiser turned, his face scowling. “Fuck, no. Look, I need a release after a long workout, and you guys are the best at it. And usually, there’s no whining like with the ladies. You just go down, and then go home.” The big man took a few steps toward the little man. “That’s how it works. Got it?” Luke nodded, and then quickly left the bedroom. He descended the steps and left the house angry and upset. Pete, who was still cleaning up in the kitchen, sighed as Luke left. He wanted to warn these guys that Bruiser only wanted one thing, and it wasn’t a relationship or even a one-night stand – it was a few seconds of pleasure for him, and nothing for them. If you like this story and want more like it, please check out my GrowManGrow Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/growmangrow?fan_landing=true
  24. GEOFF and jim: Camp Avslapning Part 1 June 2010 I’d been looking forward to this trip for a while. A bunch of my friends – several from work and a few others – and I were heading to the mountains for a week. We had rented a hike-in-only camp comprising five sleeping cabins (each slept two to four adults), a mess hall, a washroom building divided into two – for men and women – with toilet stalls and gang style showers, and a bunch of outdoor facilities including a sauna (everyone and every place had one here), a wood burning cedar hot tub, and a cold dunk. The place was billed as a rustic retreat where you can get away from it all. The camp warned that there was no cell signal and so our mobile devices would not connect with our data plans. This sounded PERFECT for me. Typically I (and most of my co-workers) worked 60 hour weeks; we felt like we were always on call and expected to be on our email constantly. But, we had just finished a huge deal and several of us were getting away to celebrate. What better way than to be off the grid for 8 days? I got out of town late. A few things came up at work on Friday morning and I was driving out at 5 (I intended to leave at noon) – typical. Fortunately, it was the middle of June and the days were long (albeit cool given how far north we lived). I got to the trail head at 730p and while it didn’t ever get pitch black up here – it did get dark and I had a 7 kilometer hike ahead of me and knew that I had to hoof it. Although it was a bit cool (10 degrees or so) I only had a long sleeve shirt from REI on and some hiking pants – my jacket was in the outer pocket of my backpack. I parked my car, got out and headed to the back to get my pack on and get going. I caught my reflection in the car window and – I have to confess – I liked what I saw. At 45, I had a lean athletic build that filled out my shirt nicely. You could see the mounds of my pecs through my shirt, my muscular shoulders capped my 16.5” arms which filled out the sleeves, and my broad shoulders tapered down to a tight 29” waist. You couldn’t see my legs because of my pants, but my ass was perky (I turned around to catch a glimpse) from my hip thrusts, deadlifts, and squats. AT 5-10 and 175 pounds I was an athletic middle aged man with a silver beard. And I relished the opportunity to show off my physical dominance over other men – whether it was at my box (its what we called our functional fitness gym), the gym where I lifted weights, or wrestling around in my gay wrestling league. I put my backpack on, took one final quick look at myself in the reflection (damn I’m a hot alpha) and headed to the trail. At the trail head was a sign 7K to Camp Avslapning. Attached to the sign was a note: Hey Jim, sorry you had to get a late start. As an FYI – you’ll be bunking with Geoff. See you when you get here. “Huh,” I thought, “I haven’t seen Geoff in 5 years. It’ll be good to catch up.” And with that I headed off. It was a challenging trail – even for me. But that didn’t stop my mind from wondering a bit. I was thinking back to the last time Geoff and I had hung out. He was Jane’s (my co-worker) younger brother. I had just moved here and Jane was hosting a welcome party for me at her flat. Geoff was visiting her from the US. He was 20 years old and in the middle of his engineering degree. He had just come out and I could tell he had a crush on me. He was tall, 6’3”, handsome face with a sharp jaw line, curly blond hair, but skinny. Sopping weight he weighed - at most – 150lbs. We chatted most of the night – we both got a little bit tipsy – and agreed to meet up a couple days later. We had brunch and I told him I liked to wrestle (was part of a wrestling league in University). He said that he always found it interesting and I invited him back to my place to roll around. I’m ashamed to admit that I took quite a bit of pleasure in wiping the floor with him. I know I walked the line – almost pushed it too far – his exclamations of agony let me know that I was effectively using my muscular body to inflict a bit of pain… and I may have held some holds just a bit longer than I should have; but, it was all in good fun and he assured me that he enjoyed himself. His semi-hardon confirmed that for me, too. We hung out quite a bit that summer, five years ago. We wrestled a lot – I dominated him, we had lunch and dinners together on the weekend, hiked in the mountains just outside of town, and went rock climbing quite a bit. I could see in his blue eyes that he was smitten for me. He’d ask me to flex my arms for him, for permission to rub his hands on my washboard abs, and would even request a pec bounce or two. I told him the price of admission was that he had to allow me to squeeze out a few wrestling submissions from his lips… he always agreed and I always took it right up to the line. I even taught him some safe words to let me know if I was approaching his limit or had crossed over (I only crossed over a couple of times). But, he was 20 years younger and was just a rail. I like my subs to have some meat on them – some ability to fight back. A sub that is tough to control is just more fun. I wonder how Geoff’s been. I may even wipe the cabin floor with him again. I smirked and headed off at a fast pace. Two and a half hours later I was hiking into camp. It was dusk and cool – maybe 5 degrees. In spite of this, I was sweaty and felt exhilarated. At the entrance to cap was a map with a note attached to it. Hey Jim, you’ll be with Geoff in Cabin 2. Figured with your love of fitness and activity, you’d appreciate the hike to it. Geoff is game, too. I looked at the map – Cabin 2 was way up the hill, isolated and out of the way. It was the furthest from any of the camp’s amenities. Probably a 10 minute walk from the nearest cabin and 15 from the showers. I walked into camp. It looked like everyone had headed to bed already. I was kinda surprised – I expected folks to be in the sauna or the hot tub. And I began my hike up to the Cabin. Cabin 2 was the only one with the light on. A few minutes later I was opening the door. I looked around – yup this is rustic. A concrete floor with a throw rug in the middle. And a single bunk bed. On the bottom bunk was what looked to be a bigger version of Geoff. He was spread out over the bed – it barely contained him – wearing a baggy sweatshirt and sweatpants. He was reading a book. I saw him and thought “oh man the boy got fat, too bad.” On the top bunk he had spread out all of his stuff. Geoff looked up from his book a great big smile on his face. He saw me looking at the top bunk – with his stuff strewn all over it – and his smile took on a slightly different look. “JIM! Hey! It is so good to see you!” Geoff didn’t get up. “Geoff, wow man. Good to see you too! You’ve…… changed.” “Yeah, I’ve put on a bit of weight. Once I turned 21, I found it hard to keep the weight off… but what can you do?” “Yeah, well….. hey, there’s only one bunk bed in here. I thought all the cabins had two.” “Yeah” Geoff said, “we decided to move the other bunk that was in here down to Cabin 1 for Jane. She brought some friends with her and they all wanted to bunk together. I said you’d be game.” “Yeah sure.” I said, “Well, why don’t you help me move your stuff off the top bunk and we can catch up.” “I’ve got a better idea, Jim. Let’s wrestle for the top bunk. Whoever gets five submissions first can claim the top bunk.” “Well, I just hiked 7 K with a 20kilo pack on… but sure… it will probably be a bit more of a fair match that way.” Geoff just smiled. He stood up and removed his sweatshirt. My jaw dropped. What I had assumed to be a fat flabby body beneath that sweatshirt was the muscular body of a powerlifter. Only, Geoff had hardly any fat on him. I took in the sight – he was a gorilla. He had a thick powerful waist – probably 34” or so, but I could easily see his abs on his stomach as he breathed in and out. His pecs were massive – so much so that his nipples pointed down to the cold concrete floor. While I was taking in their sheer size, the left pec twitched – seemingly unbeknownst to Geoff. As it did so, ripples emerged just under his tight skin. He had veins running up and down his arms and shoulders and a couple across his pecs. His traps were like mounds sitting on either side of his massive neck. He bent over to remove his sweat pants. I got quick flash of his massive and muscular back. It was thick with mounds of muscle – powerful. When his sweat pants were removed, he revealed massive legs that were proportionate to the rest of his powerful body; he was wearing briefs that barely contained his glutes. His thighs were at least 30” of muscle, his calves bulged and dwarfed my upper arms. And, as with his upper body, hardly any fat was visible. It was all granite muscle. And across his entire body was a thick mound of body hair – almost fur. Geoffrey was a beast. This is going to be fun, I thought to myself. I loved to dominate muscle subs. And what stood before me was the epitome of muscle subs. Geoff saw that I was taking in his body with a greedy delight. He smiled. “You like what you see, now?” As he spoke he reached up and ran his right hand through his hair, his right bicep bulged as he did so (he wasn’t flexing). “Yeah Geoff, you’ve been working out!” “I have. I’m up to 260 pounds now. My arms were 22” when I measured them a couple months ago. But with my supplements they may be 22.5” by now.” He flexed his right bicep as he said this and it erupted in a mountain of muscle. He lowered his arm and bounced his pecs. He bounced them in sync and then one at a time. They were so hefty I could almost hear them as they lifted and dropped with each flex. And, striations beneath his chest hair appeared and disappeared with each contraction. He smiled. “Now, Jim, before we begin, remind me what were the safe words again?” I smiled, this is going to be fun – I LOVE pushing muscle subs to the limit and sometimes guiding them to just beyond. And from the stable of subs I’ve collected, they love it too. “Yellow when you’re at the limit but don’t want the scene to end. Red when the lines’ been crossed and we need stop.” “Ahh yes. That’s right. I’d forgotten how dull your safety words were. With my subs, I have a different set of words. Water for when you need a break but don’t want the scene to end and rock if I’ve taken you over the limit and you need the scene to end, immediately. I guess I should tell you, Jim - in the last five years, in addition to putting on mass, I’ve been training in martial arts. I just received my brown belt in Jujitsu fastest progression ever seen at my school. I’ve been looking forward to this for the past 5 years.” “Fuck” I thought. I had been in a wrestling league for years but never had any formal training. It was all erotic fun for me. The only times that I ever lost were to someone with formal training and the most humiliating losses were handed to me by blue and purple belts in jujitsu. Now, standing in front of me was massive bodybuilder/power lifter, someone with grappling training, and someone who had just announced that he was an alpha with a stable of subs of his own. What was even more frightening in that moment was all the recollections that came flooding back to me – times when I had used my athletic prowess to dominate a young skinny sub – and push him beyond his submission point – forced him to beg me to end a scene through cries of pain. I looked at him, his massive chest rising and falling with each breath, his powerful core showcasing a set of washboard abs, his quads, arms, and neck. I could see the strength in every fiber of his body and wondered if his claim of grappling training was true. If it was, I was about to have my ass handed to me. And given that we were in the cabin furthest from the rest of camp, no one was likely to hear my screams. His mouth was partially open - a look of hunger, like a snake about to eat its prey. He slowly licked his lips. Geoffrey raised his arms in a double bicep pose. Mountains of granite on both arms. And then into a most muscular pose. His face turned from a devilish grin into an aggressive show of dominance. “Ready for some pain old man?” I took in this muscular alpha with a look of aggressive, killer lust in his eyes. I noted that his briefs had filled and it looked like his cock was hard. A wet spot was forming on the front. Geoffrey was getting turned on by his show of dominance and we had not even begun. Fuck what was about to happen to me?
  25. Liam801

    growth My gym fan

    Guys! It's my first try as a writer with absolute no experience. English is also not my first language, but I tried my best. Maybe I left mistakes here and there, sorry. Share your thoughts and leave a comment. I'mm newbie in the gym. I've started to workout because I wanted to be more confident and to look cool of course. The first steps were pretty hard, the big machines and the looking eyes. But I tried my best and after a couple of months I started to see results. My chest got bigger and I look a little bit more massive. All in all, my journey was great, except one thing. While I was working out, most of the time a guy was starring at me from the background. He was tall about 6'7, early 30s, massive like somebody who's lifting heavy since 16, brown eyes and a lots of tattoos. I don't remember a day, when he wasn't there. Did I care? Not really. I can't wait for my next session tomorrow. Tomorrow's afternoon: I was walking in the GYM, ready for a good push-day. I used my membership and went to the locker rooms. The smell of sweat and hard work, I love it. At this time, the locker room is always empty. The people who goes to work leave and the people who just got off work starts to arrive. No eyes to judge. I was walking in, when I notice somebody in the corner. Might be a left-behind businessman rushing to make money. So I make myself comfortable and change, fill my bottle and let's go. I love push-day. For start I do some bench press, always start with the compound exercises. Then some incline dumbbel flies, cable crossovers and a couple of dips. I do less, but heavy. Between sets, there is a guy behind my back. I realize, he is my mentioned fan since the start. The mirror clearly shows that he is a massive fan of my moves. He can't take his eyes of me. The same happens to me. He's chest are huge like watermelons and the nipples are in play too. Don't forget to talk about the biceps and the shoulders. Those are basically guns. He is doing deadlifts like a gorilla. I feel my crotcht slowly responding to the show, but not just mine. He likes the view too. Fortunately, I finish my last set. I wipe of my sweat and on my way to the locker room. I don't know what was that, but kinda liked it. Even tough, he is my type. I'm sure, he turned on of his own reflection, not mine. I throw down my suff on a bench and check my phone. While I'm scrolling trough Insta, somebody comes in. Here we go, the afternoon hunks. They always come in late. However, it's not the monster army. It's the guy. He is brick wall in fron of me, sweating hard. The tattoos look more defined too. I stole a moment staring at his shoulder tattoo. It's a tree, covering the whole arm. But I snap back, when he looks at me with an almost devilsih smile. -Hi
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