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  1. Part 1: Simon glanced at the bigger guys in the gym. He'd always been a skinny guy, but as he got into his forties and his sedentary academic lifestyle had taken hold he had started to get a bit rounder. "It's normal" he thought. "I'm a middle aged professor. I'm supposed to have a bit of a belly." But when his size 32 jeans became too tight he realized he had to take action. He joined the university gym and started working out, and after a few months had lost almost all of that middle age flab, even getting down to a size 30. But he knew that what he'd always wanted was to be a huge muscular guy. So in the spirit of now-or-never he'd started trying to bulk up for a few months now, but it was a slow process. He was getting stronger, but he still felt like a twig compared to the younger guys. "When did students get so muscular?" he wondered. "They're only in their early twenties, how early did they start working out to become so massive?" He sighed and went back to his workout. He was doing some bench presses, and he was up to 150 pounds. He was proud of that, but he still felt like he was a weakling. He was just about to finish his set when he heard a voice behind him. "Hey, you're doing that wrong." "What?" Simon asked, turning around. He saw a guy standing there, looking at him. He was a big guy, with a muscular build. He was wearing a red stringer vest and gray shorts. He looked like he was in his mid- to late- twenties. "You're doing that wrong," the guy said. "You're not supposed to do it like that." "Um, okay," Simon said. "How am I supposed to do it?" "Here, Lie back and I'll spot you," the guy said. Simon lay back on the bench and the guy stood over him. "First, put your shoulder like this," he said, and held Simon's shoulders, tucking them down and back. "Now, grab the bar like this," he said, and held Simon's wrists, placing his hands on the bar in a medium-wide grip. "Now, lift the bar off the rack and lower it slowly to your chest." Simon did as he was told. "Now push it up as fast as you can. Nice, keep going." Simon stared up at the muscular guy as he did his reps. Simon was surprised at how much he liked the way the guy had taken hold of him and moved him around. He was also surprised at how much he liked the way the guy was standing over him. The guy was standing so close to him that Simon could almost see up his shorts. He could see the guy's bulge, and he could also see the guy's pecs, and he could see the guy's hard nipples poking through the fabric of his stringer vest. "Oh fuck!" The bar was on his chest, and no matter how hard he tried he couldn't lift it. "Easy now!" the guy said, and grabbed the bar to help lift it. "Awesome!" Simon panted, out of breath and red in the face. "That's what spotters are for!" the guy said. "Thanks..." Simon gasped. "I think I'm done with bench press for now." "No problem!" the guy said and wandered over to the other side of the weights area. Simon went back to his workout. He was doing some curls when he heard a voice behind him. "Hey, you're doing that wrong." Simon turned around and saw the same guy standing there, looking at him. "You're not supposed to do it like that." "Okay," Simon said, "show me how to do it!" "Don't swing your arms like that," the guy said. "You're supposed to keep them at your side." The guy grabbed some dumbbells off the rack and gave a demonstration. His biceps were already pumped from his workout, and Simon was entranced by the way they flexed as he slowly lifted and lowered the dumbbells. "See?" the guy said. "You might not lift as much weight, but you'll get a better pump." "Okay," Simon said. "Thanks." Simon turned away took a lighter dumbbell off the rack and pinned his upper arm to his side. He watched himself in the mirror as he slowly lifted and lowered the dumbbell. He could feel his biceps working, and he could see them flexing in the mirror. He was surprised at how much of a pump he was getting. He was so focused on his biceps that he didn't notice the guy standing behind him. "See, that's how you get a great pump!" the guy said. "The only problem is those t-shirt sleeves hiding them." The guy grabbed the hem of Simon's t-shirt and pulled it up, exposing his biceps. "There, that's better." The guy squeezed Simon's biceps, and Simon felt a jolt of pleasure shoot through his body. "You've got some nice arms," the guy said. "You should show them off more. You should wear tank tops and stringers." "Um, okay," Simon said. "I'll do that." "Awesome," the guy said. "I look forward to seeing that. My name's Cody, by the way." "Simon," Simon said. Simon tried to do some more curls, but he was distracted by what had just happened. He was surprised at how much of a pump he was getting, and he was surprised at how much he liked it. He was also surprised at how much he liked Cody. He was a big guy, and he was handsome. He was also nice, and he seemed to know a lot about working out. "And he said I had nice arms!" Simon thought. "I've never had anyone say that to me before." Simon finished his workout and went to the showers. While he showered he thought about Cody, and about how much he liked his body, and the way Cody had touched him. He liked it, and he realised he wanted it to happen again. "He said I should wear tank tops and stringers," Simon thought. "Maybe I should. Fuck it, I'm gonna buy one right now." Simon grabbed his phone and opened the ebay app. He searched for "stringer vest", and was surprised that there was only one result. It was red like Cody's but it had constrast stitching on the hems and sides. Simon didn't have his glasses on, so couldn't see all the details, but he saw it had next-day shipping, wasn't too expensive and there was only one left. Buy Now. Done. The next morning, shortly after Simon woke up there was a knock on his door. It was the vest he'd ordered. "That was really quick!" he marvelled as he tore the package open. The vest wasn't like he expected. It shimmered like it was made of satin. Or even silk? Yes, it seemed like it was made of woven silk, not knitted cotton like he was expecting. And the contrast stitching turned out to be some writing that wound all around the bottom hem, up the sides and around the neck and arm holes. He tried it on and posed in the mirror. It was totally unlike his usual style, but he loved the way he looked in it. He flexed his biceps. "Cody was right," he thought. "I do have nice arms."
  2. Preface: This was a story written over a few hours in a moment of horniness. Do not expect well developed plots or actions, as it shifts between growth progression, (b)romance, and horny moments. Furthermore, do not expect concise grammar or writing. I don't really write, so the stuff written is probably less interesting that it was when I thought of it. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR QUICK EROTICA, DO NOT BOTHER. I'm genuinely not trying to come off as condescending or anything, but this story is not cohesive. I'm really only posting it because I already wrote it, so I may as well share it somewhere. It's probably bad I did think of a few paths this story, so if this for some reason drums up interest I might continue it. Again, if you are looking for actual jerkoff material, I wouldn't bother, as there isn't that much intense action going on. July 23, 2023 So this is my journal, I guess. My friend JJ told me to get one, saying it would help me settle in with this big change. Told me I should “talk to it like a therapist”, whatever that means. Might as well try it out. My name is Chadwick – though I go by Wick. Obviously “Chad” makes more sense, but I never felt like a Chad; so I just use Wick. Its unique, I guess. Anyways, I am now 26 years old, though I am only just now getting my life together. I just moved in about a week ago into my new townhouse in Denver, Colorado, using some of the money I made as a corporate lawyer in NYC(though I may as well have worked for Satan himself). I got tired of the shtick pretty quickly and just after two years I decided to quit. I like working within the legal field, though I would rather not play the Devil’s advocate. The shitty thing was that I had quit without any backup plan; all of the friends I made were my coworkers who wanted nothing to do with me, my parents are both gone, and I had no one to turn to. So I decided to reach out to JJ. We were close in our undergrad years; practically brothers, even though I was a grade above him. When I graduated, I left little J in Boulder and moved to NYC, and I eventually lost contact with him. When I finally reached out, telling him all about my strife, I was worried that he might have lost his relationship with me. But he responded, listened to me, and reminded me of why I was so close to him in the first place. After some chatting, he invited me to move to Denver, which is where he lives now. I didn’t really have anywhere else to go, so I accepted. I secured a job as a prosecutor for the City of Denver, which was a step down from being a corporate lawyer; but at this point, I cared less about the money and more about myself. So here we are, in a new city, with a new life. JJ helped me move all of my stuff, and he really has helped me in all of this. From what I can tell, JJ also has been a bit lonely as of recently. Apparently, his girlfriend left him a few months ago, and his dad died about a year back. The craziest part is how much he changed. When I first met him at the University of Colorado-Boulder, JJ was built like a nerd: a bit shorter than me, pretty thin, a baby face and curly hair that took over most of his forehead. Now he was extremely fit; broad shoulders, pretty wide back, with a narrow set of 6 cobblestone abs arrayed over his stomach. His face was chiseled into a pretty solid jawline, and his cheekbones popped against his tan skin. Hell, even his green eyes seemed sharper. If he wasn’t straight, I’d probably try to hook up with him; though he would never give me the chance. The damned part of his transformation is that I used to be the fit one. Back in my college days, I always made sure to fit the gym into my schedule. I wasn’t as built as JJ is today, but I was still fit enough to land pretty much any guy that bent my way. But after I graduated, I went to Columbia Law, and soon the gym became too much of a burden on top of my crazy busy schedule. I wanted to get back into the fitness scene once I became a lawyer, but I had even less time to even think about going to the gym. So I slowly gained more and more fat, and because I still have most of my muscle from my college days, I’m built like a fridge. Not in an attractive way. I actually expressed to JJ how self-conscious I was about my body. It turns out that he actually became a fitness instructor after he graduated. Turns out that once I graduated, he spent his last year hitting the gym instead of the library, and even though he got a degree in Psychology, he ended up as a fitness instructor at a gym in Boulder. He eventually moved to Denver, where he landed some pretty rich personal clients and became a personal trainer. Now he makes three times the money with half the hours. At least explains why he’s built like an Italian sculpture, the ones with the muscles and all. Anyways, he offered to take me to his old gym where he used to work for a bit, before he got his fancy clients. He’s actually taking me there in an hour, so I should get ready. I’ve decided to focus on myself this turnaround, especially my Body. JJ said I could talk about my “fitness journey” or whatever in this journal. I want to say its corny, but inside It kinda turns me on to think about seeing my progress. So I decided to put my stats at the end of my entries. I’m gonna include my height and dick size too, because I heard that going from fat to fit might help with that too. Probably false, but wouldn’t hurt to hope! W: 195 lbs. H: 5’9’’ 4.5 in. July 30, 2023 Fuck, I totally forgot how hard it is to get into the gym. After working out a while your body gets used to the burn and stuff. But the first week or so is literal hell. My entire body has been sore; I don’t even have the energy to jerk off or anything. But the gym sure does make me horny. Something about the testosterone boost you get. But JJ sure does know how to do work outs. Not only has he helped me with working out, he also helps me with dieting. He actually spends a lot of time at my townhouse now, working on my fitness plan, diet, and everything. He’s really good at it; he has me doing lighter workouts to get back into the groove( though it still sucks ass), and he’s helping me cut down on the junk I eat and replacing it with more protein and vegetables. It’s also been really fun reconnecting with him, which is also why I think he’s always at my place. He’s also made me more comfortable about starting working out, helping track my weight and even sharing his progress over the years. He weighs 191 lbs., but he said that he’s been in maintenance for a while and he wants to start building more muscle. It’s genuinely nice to have someone in your corner, so I definitely can’t complain. After a week of working out, I already feel a bit better; more fit, I guess. Although I don’t really see any progress., my pants and shirts have been feeling looser(ever so slightly). One of the best things about working out though is seeing JJ in action. There’s something so mesmerizing about the way his muscles move while he works out. With how little fat he has, you can see pretty much every individual fiber flexing, stretching, and twitching. Nothing turns me on more that a fit gym rat, but even then I don’t really have feelings for JJ like that. I know he’s straight, and he’s more like a best friend than a partner. But it does feel nice to have him close. W: 190 lbs. August 13, 2023 After a few weeks of working out, I finally feel back in the groove. My muscles don’t burn as much, and I feel more of that mind-muscle connection during my workouts. It honestly feels amazing to be back in the gym. I wish I never stopped. Although I’ve been going to the gym with JJ 3 days a week, I started going 2 days without him for a total of 5 days a week. I really want to make progress, and I would feel badass to impress JJ with my gains and shit. It’s crazy how he used to look up to me in college, but now its reversed. I can’t help but see JJ as a mentor, and older friend, even though he’s only 25. He started spending less time at my place since he found a few more clients, but he still comes around every once in a while. I started eating more protein and pushing myself as hard as I can at the gym. Already my clothes are starting to loosen up to the point where I had to buy new work clothes. Can’t really work as a lawyer with a baggy suit and pants. But it sure turns me on that I’ve already made a good amount of ramping progress. W: 184 lbs. September 17, 2023 It’s been about a month and a half since I started working out. I haven’t really had time to write anything. Between the gym and work, I haven’t really been able to get much done. Since JJ and I both have been busy, it’s now just me working out. I have a good hang of the ropes, so I don’t really need a trainer anymore. I’ve been increasing weights like crazy. I can rep 25 lbs. in bicep curls now, and I’ve reached 185 lbs. on the leg press, which is crazy good(I think). I’ve only recently started bench pressing, but I do 75 lbs. for 6 reps, which is pretty good. The craziest part is that I’ve lost a good chunk of my bulk already. I now feel comfortable flexing in the mirror and walking around with my shirt off, something I haven’t done since my college years. With much of my belly fat gone, I can actually see the outline of my abs. I still have a pretty wide waist, but that’s just how I’m built. I even lost a lot of my face fat. I only have one chin now, and my jawline is pretty defined. I forgot how hot I looked; with my face fat, I had a cutish look, but now I look like I could be a model. Damn, I forgot how cocky I am when I’m fit. But I truly do think I look hot now. When I flex my biceps, they contract into nice baseball-sized mounds, and my triceps are pretty solid as well. The body part I want to work on most is my chest. Gone are the moobs I used to carry, though I wish my pecs were a bit more solid. I really do want to work out my chest as much as possible, as it’s the muscle that turns me on the most. Anyways, my shoulders are nicely developing as well, increasing the width of my build. My back is coming in nicely, with my lats starting to pop out a bit. This causes my arms to also pop out a bit, which is such a fucking turn on. My legs are thickening, though they’ve always been pretty built. They are each almost as wide as my waist, which is really good considering I do have a wide-ass waist. My calves are also nicely developed, though that’s probably because they had to carry my fatass around for years. I actually went back to my original weight of 195 lbs., but it is pretty clear that most of it is muscle. It’s nice to see these changes. I know I said it turns me on(and it does!), but there’s also an emotional aspect to it as well. I feel really proud of myself, and I’ve noticed that my confidence has increased as well. I even joined the hookup scene, getting a few guys to come back to my place. I haven’t spoken to JJ much, but I’ve been meaning to hang out with him more. W: 195 lbs. October 1, 2023 It’s been two weeks since my last entry, and boy what a two weeks it’s been! I finally met up with JJ again. He actually looks a bit bulkier. Not much fatter, but like he actually added a bit more muscle on his already dense frame, which was impressive. He revealed that he now ways 209 lbs. which is an increase of 18 lbs. since the end of July. Interestingly, I stopped seeing him as a mentor. I don’t know why, but we’ve kind of fallen back into our old dynamic from college, where I was his leader. I guess that’s just how he is. Or maybe I am just a leader type figure. We talked about our progress, especially mine. He was shocked at how much progress I had made over the past few months, especially since I had managed to slim down and gain a solid amount of muscle. Although I still had a layer of fat on me, I’m not trying to lose it anymore, since I think the slightly bulky build looks good on me; makes me look masculine, dominant, assertive. I like that. My muscles are still growing, and with the layer of fat I look a bit bigger than JJ. I teased him about it and pushed him around a little, and both of us were surprised at how much stronger I had become. He took the pushes, and he even looked like he enjoyed them. Man it feels to have such a good friend. Even though I just bought smaller clothes a few weeks ago, I’m back to wearing my bigger clothes. One thing I started noticing is that my gait has shifted a bit. I’ve always had thick legs, so I’m used to my thighs touching whenever I walk. But more recently I’ve been waddling more than walking, kinda like those huge bodybuilders walk. My arms are a bit wider too, and they naturally fall at an angle rather than straight down. My coworkers have commented on my muscle gain, which sure does stroke my ego. I know some people find the whole ego thing a turn off, but this confidence sure does land with all of my flings. W: 207 lbs. November 5, 2023 I’ve gotten busy again, and I haven’t been able to write anything. A few weeks ago, right after my last entry actually, I ended up switching gyms. Originally I had been going to the one JJ showed me months ago. It’s a preppy gym, focused more on catering to the casual gym goer than those focused on growth like me. It’s also half an hour away from where I live, which sucks during peak traffic hours. I now go to a gym called Big Bull Fitness. Definitely not your typical gym, it’s clientele are all clearly gym veterans, roid heads, or both. My type of people. I also started going by Chad instead of Wick, since I feel like it sticks more and Wick is too nerdy. There’s this one guy called Brett who is massive. Definitely one of the most massive people in the gym, and definitely the biggest guy I’ve ever seen in person. The roid signs are clear: he’s bald, always sweaty with oily skin, and just has that thick, bulky build that screams “I’m on steroids”. As I’ve grown bigger, my taste in men as grown as well. I’ve stopped sleeping around as much because these little guys aren’t doing it for me anymore. This Brett guy is just my type. His body screams masculinity and authority. I don’t know if I want him or if I want to be him, but all I know is that I want. And this want drives my libido insane. My progress has been slowing down a bit. Although I’m still repping more weight and building more muscle, it’s been visibly slowing down. I tried talking to JJ about PED’s, but every time I bring up the topic he shuts it down with swiftness. I’m surprised that he’s not on anything, at least to keep his fat down, but his loss I guess. I’ve been slowly building a network within Big Bull Fitness, hoping to land a connection. The last thing I want is to slow down, especially when I’ve been growing so well. Anyways, I’m able to curl 45 lbs. and I go up to 255 on the leg press. My chest has been making good progress, and I bench around 175, but it’s not enough. I want more. W: 221 lbs. November 12, 2023 I finally talked to that Brett guy. Seeing him up close made me crazy horny, but I couldn’t let him know in case he was one of those guys that beat the shit out of you if they thought you were flirting. He was a bit taller than me and twice as wide; it was almost like he was surrounding me. Up close his steroid abuse was even more obvious. His skin was slick with oil and sweat, with a masculine muskiness surrounding him like a personal aura. He lost all of his hair already even though he just celebrated his 30th birthday, though he rocks a sexy 5 o clock shadow that framed his lantern jawline and sunken face well. His face was especially mesmerizing; he had that thick, as if the roids affected even his facial muscles. His stance was wide and solid; his arms and legs basically at 90 degree angles from all the mass he had. No truly, his arms, back and legs were all beauties to behold. Shit, I really got carried away. What I’m trying to get at is that he struck up a convo with me. Basically, I was doing some bench presses. The gym was pretty packed, and yet he chose to approach me. Now I’m probably obsessing over this, but maybe there was something that drew him to me. Anyways, he asked if he could work in his sets with me. With his entire mass looming over me and blocking my vision, how could I say no? Besides, his deep, roid-thickened voice convinced me enough; I could feel his voice vibrating through my body. Anyways, I was trying to break through with some 190 lbs.(though I was struggling a bit; fuck I’m plateauing). This man; no, this behemoth puts on plates adding up to 490 lbs. And he REPPED the 490 lbs. 11 times! Twice my weight, and nearly three times what I was trying to rep. He had me spot him, though I gotta admit I would have done jack shit to help him with that much weight. Also, whenever he pushed himself, he fucking growled like the animal he is. It took everything in me not to jizz right then and there. Anyways, after that was done, we struck up a conversation about gym stuff. After learning that I had only begun seriously lifting a few months ago, he perked up and clearly took interest in me. Since it was clear that he was on some shit, I tried to worm in my desire to start using. He took the hint pretty quickly, and he took me to the locker room. I thought he would show me his stash or some shit, but to my shock he shoved me into the locker, yelling about me talking shit or something. Everyone else took the hint and left, and it was just me and his overwhelming presence. I legit almost pissed myself. But then he left out a hearty laugh, and shook my shoulder like I would with JJ. I began to laugh too, only because I had no idea what the fuck was going on. He then went on about his cycle, how to start – shit I don’t want to write down. But he invited me over to his place, and said he would help me start my own cycle. I lowkey was a bit scared to go, but what choice did I have? He said I could come by next week, so I guess we’ll have to wait. W: 224 lbs. November 20, 2023 Nothing really happened this week. I didn’t really reach out to JJ, but things have been kind of different between us ever since I started opening up about my interest in steroids. If he wants to dodge me just for that, then that’s his loss. I started hanging out more with some lugheads from my gym, and I fit in very well. Whether it was at the gym or the bar, I always had a swath of big men around me, just how I like it. I looked into JJ’s Instagram, and he looks pretty similar to how he was a few months ago. Some people refuse to change, I guess. Onto what really matters: my meeting with Brett last night. What a fucking night. He gave me his address last week, so I pulled up to a pretty shade neighborhood. Though with his build, I’m sure he was safe and sound here. I got to his house around 8 at night. The night started normally. He had just a wife beater and some short shorts on, both of which hugged his body like a second skin. Anyways, he started me out with testosterone. Pretty basic, but just what I need for now. He showed me how to inject it, and even did the first one for me. Then it took a weird turn. He offered me a beer, and although I was driving, I was inclined to appease him before he might throw me through the wall. He led me to his couch, and he sat right next to me. He sunk into the couch so I fell into him a bit, but he didn’t seem to mind. In fact, it seem like he enjoyed it. Then, he started flirting. I legit dropped my jaw when I connected the dots. He was gay. And he was coming on to me. And even though he was taking on a dominant role, it turned me on so fucking much, even though I usually preferred to take the lead. I don’t want to get into the fluff stuff, so let’s just say we eventually made our way to his bed. Even though it was one of those California King beds, our mass sunk the mattress. I’d never been fucked in the ass since when I began experimenting in college, and I hated it until now. Brett had a pretty sizable dick, I’d say somewhere between 6 to 7 inches. And that shit rocked my world. Not to mention his strength literally rocked the entire bed frame. He choked me, crushed me, and fucked my brains out, and I have to say it was the best sex I had ever had. And I hated getting fucked. But Brett’s power just did something to me. We ended up falling asleep, with him spooning me and his still semi-hard dick pressing into my back. I woke up alone in his bed, and I found him in his kitchen preparing a huge breakfast of two dozen eggs, two ribeye steaks, and a pot of rice. Quite a weird combination of food, but he explained that he eats what he wants and he grows regardless. Fair enough. I thought he was making breakfast for both of us, but he ate all of the food himself, and told me to make us some protein shakes using his stuff. He guzzled down his feast of a breakfast, and then raided his own pantries for some protein bars. He glugged half a gallon of milk, with a bit of it dribbling down his wide chin and the valley of his pillow pecs. I know I keep talking about random shit about him, but he just exudes ultimate masculinity. Something I’ve always only dreamed of. Anyways, we talked a bit, and I eventually got my stuff and began to leave, where he grabbed me and pulled me into a kiss, forcing his tongue down my throat. He was using me pretty much, and he knew I wouldn’t do anything about it. On the drive home this morning, I became giddy about the growth that would happen. W: 226 lbs. December 24, 2023 It’s been over a month on test. I increased my dosage a week ago, with amazing results. I’ve blasted through my pr’s and plateaus, curling 70’s, leg pressing 335 lbs, and benching 275 lbs. Physically I feel like a tank. I can just feel my volume increasing, like I’m taking up more space around me. My shoulders are almost as wide as doorways now, and my lats flare out. You can touch the front part of my lats, something that wouldn’t have been possible before. My legs waddle more than ever, forcing my bulge outwards. The friction and warmth on my dick and balls always keeps my dick a tad bit hard, but I don’t mind; if anyone wants to take a look, they may as well be graced with my presence! I haven’t experienced that many side effects, though my libido has skyrocketed and I may get a bit aggressive at times. About a week ago, I went on a bar bender with a few gym buddies. We were pretty drunk and walking home, and this guy bumped into me. He said some shit about my size(as if it’s a bad thing), and the next thing I knew I bodyslammed him into a bus stop, shattering the glass. He looked like shit, but in my drunken stupor, my friends and I ran away to avoid any responsibility. It sounds pretty bad, but it sure is a story to remember, with my buddies nick naming me “The Juggernaut”. Feels good to have even the biggest look up to you like that. Since I don’t have any close family, I’m spending Christmas week with my gym friends, including Brett. We never really talked about what happened that night, and he’s been acting more of a bro than a boyfriend, so I don’t really know what kind of relationship we have. But he’s taking charge, so I might as well follow. For now. I’ve been thinking about reaching out to JJ, but I’m in a good place in my life right now without him. If he wants to reach out to me, he will. Otherwise, he can stay away. W:247 lbs. February 2, 2025 Well shit. I guess I forgot about this diary, and ended up losing it in my desk drawers. Looks like my last entry was from the end of 2023, over a year ago. I’m actually glad I found this journal, because I really haven’t reflected on my life in a while. So, where should I start? For starters, I am not 28 years old. I quit being a prosecutor, and became a fitness influencer/professional bodybuilder. This body was made to be seen, and there are many competitions and sponsors willing to pay the big bucks for guys like me. I can’t believe I wasted part of my life working in law; could’ve been so much bigger now if I went into bodybuilding straight out of high school. Looking back, college was pretty pointless. People say college is necessary to make money, yet I’m more successful than ever with just my body. I guess I met JJ during college, but that was only a short thing. To be honest, I haven’t thought about him since the last entry. I don’t need small people like him around. I prefer to surround myself with people who prioritize their size and strength: true men. Of course I’m always bigger than everyone else, but that’s only natural: I am the best. I’ve been in limbo with Brett for a while. While we never really dated, we sure did fuck a lot afterwards, so I guess we were more like friends with benefits. More recently we’ve drifted apart, since I’ve been catching up to his size. One thing that’s important to note is that steroids have really advanced in the past year. Whereas 300 lbs. was considered to be extremely massive, the biggest are now reaching 500 lbs. Denver’s become a hotspot for aspiring roidheads, with people like me and Brett pioneering this new roid world. Although many of the new drugs are extremely potent, only some people react well to them. Obviously I am one of them. You probably could’ve guessed that by how fast I grew even without drugs. To explain my physique, I should first explain my stack. I currently use a slurry of PED’s, including test, hGH, anavar, tren, and this new drug Octadrol. Test is a classic and I like how manly it makes me feel. hGH is a classic for overall size and maintenance. Anavar and tren help build mass and keep me leaner(though I still have a bit of fat due to the sheer amount of calories I intake). Octadrol is on a whole different level though. I’m not exactly sure of the science behind it, but it exponentially increases your body’s natural steroid hormones, as well as acting as a growth hormone. What makes Octadrol especially notable is its effect on your height, dick and feet size. It’s like hGH on steroids on steroids; it really is crazy what they’ve achieved recently. It does adversely grow your organs and bones, which normally is terrible for your health, but everything grows pretty proportionally, so you basically become a giant rather than a health hazard. Man, if my past self saw just how different my kind were from other humans, you’d probably think I became different species. Though I might as well be a different species, since I can’t imagine having ever been such a weakling. Anyways, I’ll try to describe my physique as much as possible(I love talking about my body, it turns me on). Starting at my head. Sound’s weird, but hear me out. So I did end up losing my hair, and I am not bald. I found a photo from a year ago, and boy do I look different! It looks like hGH and Octadrol actually morphed my facial structure a bit. My overall head appears to be quit larger, with my jawline becoming superthick and wide. Even my chin grew, though that makes sense since it is a muscle. Actually, my chin is a pretty prominent feature of my face now, it looks almost 2 inches wide and it sticks out pretty well. It kinda crowns my face, giving it that extra masculine appearance. My cheeks are also more sunken, giving my face a very muscular look. My neck is much wider now, with the base of my neck as wide as my ears. I’ve never directly worked out my neck, so I guess it’s just a side effect. My traps crown my neck, with its valleys peaking just a bit under my ears. My shoulders are are about as big as my head each, which is impressive considering how big my head really is now. One of the things that really drives turns me on is that my physique is way too wide for pretty much any doorway. In fact, I’ve outgrown doorways in height and width, to the point that I’ve had to move into a warehouse to live and fuck comfortably. Anyways, my shoulders are incredibly dense and round, with each shoulder head having incredible volume. My arms hang like legs of ham away from my body, with my incredible lats pushing them away. I don’t really do body measurements, but a few months ago my arms came in around 30’’ around. My biceps form cantaloupe-sized mounds when flexed, dense as titanium, with a bit of a split at their peaks. My triceps hang like cannon barrels, its sheer thickness demanding attention for onlookers. My forearms are also super thick and dense, almost twice as thick as a beer can. Fun fact, my grip strength is so insane that I completely crushed someone’s hand in an arm wrestling competition, but that’s another story. My hands are also super thick, to the point that it’s hard for me to use a phone, or pen. My hands have grown along with the rest of my body, able to palm a basketball the way normal people can palm a softball. Hell, my hands can cover an entire iPad. Imagine me trying to use a phone! Anyways, moving onto my chest. Oh, how my pecs have grown. Like I mention a while ago, I’ve always wanted to focus on my pecs. They new stand over half a foot away from my body, actually limiting my field of view. I even had a situation where a pesky little human hugged me at a bodybuilding show, and I couldn’t even see the little thing! I focused a lot on my lower pecs, causing my nipples to not straight down, but slightly inwards into my body due to the sheer amount of mass causing such a curvature. My nips only even see the light of day when I flex my pecs, though luckily for them that happens to be often. My upper chest is still well developed, creating a half-foot shelf where I’ve literally had people place gallon jugs on them. It’s the craziest thing ever, everyone goes wild! My abdominal region is a bit of a weak spot. Because of the concoction I use, I do have a bit of a roid gut. But people love that nowadays. My abs are clear cut and very solid, it’s just that they pop out a bit due to my gut. Whenever I sit down my pecs actually rest on my gut, though my pecs are thicker than my gut, so I don’t look like a total fatass. My back lats are an incredible sight now. The pits created between my arms and lats are so big that I’ve had little humans fit into them. And boy do they enjoy it. Since I do shows now I shave my body, but I still leave all of my armpit there as a crowning feature of my masculinity and manly musk. People love it, too. From behind, my lats are just as impressive, giving me the appearance of literal meat wings. My upper back is also well developed, with each ridge popping up off my back creating deep crevasses and valleys in between. Now, my glutes. If my pecs stick out half a foot, my ass sticks out about a foot. And a lot of it is pure muscle, not just fat. It’s crazy just how much my ass moves when I flex or walk. It makes pants a bitch to fit into, but I usually get everything tailor made nowadays. Although I wouldn’t say a man’s ass is a defining masculine feature, it sure is one hell of an addition. Humans and bodybuilders of all sexualities can’t help but admire my ass. It actually became a meme for a bit. You could stick your entire hand without reaching my asshole. It’s actually so big that it protects my ass from being fucked, but that’s a different topic. My legs are out of this world. Remember when I mentioned that I had to waddle over a year ago? Nowadays I legit have to almost crabwalk. But it's worth it knowing I could probably crush concrete under my feet if I wanted to. The circumference of my legs have gone beyond my waist, and match the size of my abdominals, including my roidgut. That is how big they’ve gotten. My quadriceps especially hang out, almost like tumors. Not a good way to describe them, I know, but I genuinely don’t know what to compare them to: they’re that huge! My calves have also blown up due to how much weight they carry around. They stick out of my legs like a fat sore thumb, greatly visible even from the front. In fact, the frontal portions of each calf is bigger than the leg it surrounds. Now to talk about other body stuff. As I mentioned, Octadrol has crazy effects on height, dick, and foot size. I’ve been using for exactly a year, as I was introduced to it last February. Over time I and many others have shot up in size. Currently I stand at 7’6’’, the tallest of my kind. My dick now stretches to a whole foot long. While that sounds scary, it’s actually important to have a long dick to penetrate these bodybuilders’ asses nowadays. What really is scary is just how thick my dick has become. At full mast it would probably tear through a beer can, in both length(obviously) but also girth. Because of that I have to take extra care when fucking my entourage, though the size difference makes it all worth it. My feet size has also ballooned to size 20’s to match my growing body. Like I mentioned earlier, there is a clear difference between the little humans and us big bodybuilders: we literally stand head and shoulders above crowds, and they all scatter around us like water. I’ve written a lot, so I’ll wait to write more. But I do want to keep this thing back up. W: 469 lbs. H: 7’6’’ 12’’ F: 20
  3. (So this is my First post, is an slow phase, i apologize if something ends up confusing cause english isn't my first language, hope u enjoy). Part-1 Sometimes things work out not the way you expect, but the result is definitly better then expected... Hi i'm Daniel, 25, Brazilian, and this is the story of how an doc apointment changed my life, but before i tell u that let me give some context, it may sound sily but as i grew up i allways admired the older men who sported a full beard, i couldn't explain but something on the way they look that made anxious to grow and start to cultivate my own, this desire started around when i was 10 and the oportunity that i had to tell people that when i grow up i was going to use my beard proud, i took it be they family or not. Years past by, and now i'm 16, 5,4 tall, the age when the puberty strikes men like a train, growth spruts in the hole body, facial and pubic hair and so on, but not for me, at the time i was only able to watched as my friends developed way more then me, gaining muscles, beards, even some deep tones on the voice, but i didn't change an hair, somehow i was stuck, seamed that my growth was way slower and way lass efective then the other boys, and of course that got me some trouble, There was this kid that was the bully of the school, and things couldnt be worse cause he was a classmate, he allways peak on me, with his signature question: "where is your beard little Daniel?" , and of course he had to be the one who was most graced by puberty (and genetics), he was the same age as me almost 6ft tall, bearded with an atletic body and a bulge that he loved to show off in the school shorts, his name was John, and boy he tormented me until the high school ended. As the age of 20 i had to get a job to help my mom cause we are a poor family, and her alone had to get food for me and my two sisters, so i started a job in a famous supermarket in the downtown, wich i had a fair wage being an asistant menager, i was lucky that the owner knew me when i was helping my mom who is a diarist, and we ended up cleaning his house, then he talked to me and said that he needed one asistant in his store, ofering me an interview and there i was. I still didn't developed trought the ages i'm 5,6ft, an avarage body starting to get some belly, with an 4.3' hard cock that i'm kinda ashamed of, still no beard, i tryed treatments for it but nothing worked. It was a good place to work, the costumers didn't gave us many problems and my manager Phill , 38 years old, a little chubby, starting to get bald, was an awesome men, always suporting the employes, with a good sense of humor and kindness. Lerned a lot with this dude. Sometimes Phill left me in charge to close the store, and that was no problem, but it was in one of this closing shifts that i saw a guy walking arround the aisles, and something seemed familiar on him... but i let it go cause i had to pay atention if my coleagues need any help as i was the "manager" on duty, and if by magic, an costumer returned some itens she wans't buying anymore, so i got them and started to return them to the coresponding shelves, i was crouched when sudenly i hear a deep voice behind me saying: - "Hey buddy, whould u mind show me were are the peanut butter are?" - "They are in the next aisle, come with...." as i speak i turn my attention to the guy, because i was crouched the first thing i see is a huge bulge in front of me, and then as a rush of embarrassement i stand up to see this muscular men, should be around 6,2ft tall towering over me , light skin toned, black short hair, full beard, using a tight red tshirt showing the countour of his abs and chest, and his veiny arms holding the basket. - "Co.. come with me." - i nod to him as he follow me to the next aisle where i show him where the peanut butter are. - "Oh! you guys have the best one of them, the ones with some pieces of peanut left, Thanks mate!" He reach to great me with a hand shake, i great him as he hit me with a strong grip, and he stops and stand looking at me with a cocky grin, still holding the grip. This last for like five seconds and made me unconfortable, so i managed to escape his hand shake. - "Are u good sir?" - i asked confused by what just happened. - "Don't u remember me?" - "I don't think so" - i ansewer more confused looking at his face. - "You definitly didn't change a bit little Daniel." As a lightning strike, my mind blows as i start to assimilate that this huge dude in front of me is John. - "John?" - "The one and only" - he answers still with the cocky grin - "i didnt notice at first, but u really didn't change since last time we met." I stand there giving a second look at him, and doing so i could see that his bulge just bounced, and if i wasn't embarassing enough i try to recompouse myself. - "And you are taller and stronger then ever, mother nature really has his favorites." - i made a joke to look like i don't care. - "HAHA! you noticed?" - he laught and flexed one of his arms. He was allways a show off, and i didnt have too much to talk to him, as he stoped his "show" he looked me up and down, and i said: - "So if u need anithing else..." - i said with a forced smile and start to back up to return the last of the itens. - "Nah i'm good, i won't bother you anymore you sure have work to do, was nice to see you." And that was the cue i needed to just rush to the back where the manager room is and sit there for a time processing. This was akward and terrifying for me, cause now he knows i work here and as an employe i need to attend him, so i'm afraid the days of high school coming back, if he still the bully he was, sure going to see him in the store again. I thought i would never see him again... John, oh god he was in an amazing form, strong as a bull, his beard was full and well trimmed, if i didn't knew him i would bet he was on esteroids. hes probably getting a lot of girls just by looking at them. and what the hell i was thinking checkin him, and why does his bulge bunced, was already big enought in high school but now is even bigger should be around 8'... why am i thinking in this. Shit i cant help to be jealous of John. A week passed after i saw John in the store, and i was relieved as he didnt apeard at all. This week i was on day shifts, doing my usual work, until Phill calls: - "Hi Phill whats up?" - "Hey Dan, i was going to text you last night, but i forgot and thats why i'm calling." - "Oh no problem, is something wrong?" - "So, as i said last night a guy came to the front desk searching for you, and i notice that he came in the night before too, he sure was looking for something but didn't ask for help." - "Looking for me?" - i asked confused, but i was curious - "Did he say his name?" - "No, he just said it was an old friend." - "I see..." - for sure was John, he probably looking for me to mock me in some way, he won't leave me alone. - "And what did u told him?" - "I told him you are on day shifts this week, so hes probably be showing up." - "You what?" - i asked with such genuine fright that my voice almost broke. - "oh i'm sorry... is everything ok with u guys? are u in any trouble?" Phill asked with concern. - "no, no, i just wasnt expecting that, you caught me off guard" - "oh what a relief, u sounded like this guy was looking to beat u up, and youre hiding from him. and judging by his frame, he can break you like a twigh" Phill shout a great laught. I didn't replied so he said: - "Anyway, sorry for letting him know when to find you, but he said it was a friend so i didn't bother to tell him that, if he shows and cause any trouble call the security, ok? stay safe" - "No problem, stay safe you too, see you latter" After this call i started to be concern by why John is looking for me, and got a little bit anxious cause he could be here at any time, but that feeling passed throughout my shift as i do my chores, and while i was talking with a costumer i hear on the microfone: "attention Manager please come to the front desk". I finished with that costumer and head on to the front desk, on my way trought the main aisle that leads to the front desk, i see this tall guy waiting with his back to me. sudenly i was frozen in the aisle wandering what sould i do, then the girl on the front desk see me standing there and said to the guy: - "oh, there he is" and point towards me. I continue make my way towards them as the guy turns to me, it was John indeed. I approach him wondering what on earth he is doing here, waiting for the worst to come. He was wearing social clothes like we wear in business meetings, and i was surprized they didnt riped as he moves cause they ware tight and look like the buttons on his shirt are going to burst at any second. - "How can i help you John?" - "Hey lit... Daniel, do you got a minute? i want to talk to you" - he asked with his deep voice in a soft way. - "Sure"- i said with a little bit of concern cause he was just about to call me little Daniel, and he is talking to me way diferent them he usualy did. - "Could it be ... like... private?" I gave him a confuse look and i ask: - "Do you mind to be on the cafeteria tables? at this time no one uses there so is private enaught i guess." He nod in agree and so i start to make way to the caferia. - "please take a seat" i said still with my concerned face while he managed to fit his frame on the table and i could see he was kinda shy, and even a little blushed spot on his white face. - "So i wanted to talk to you cause last time we met here, i ended up thinking in how bad i treated you in the past, we ware teenagers, and i was really mean and disrespectful with you, so i need to apologize. i was shocked with his words, i took a minute to process and said: - "Oh, thats nice of you, is literaly a change of habits... i accept the apologies, but was long years of bulling you know, that left some scars." - "and thats why i came here i know what i did was bad, and i want to compensate it" - "Compensate? what do you mean with that?" - "so to start i want to invite you to grab some beer, do you drink?" - " a bit, but..." - "so thats it then" - he stoped me - "i want to talk more with you but i guess this isn't the place for what i want to say" - "Dude you came from nothing after those years mocking me and want to get a beer to talk something you cant say here? thats weird" - "i see... so.. sorry if i ended up an weirdo. i really do apologise for all i did, but i don't want to presure you." John said almost like a dog that made some mess and is being reprended for it. I stood there waitng for his next move until he reached for his pocket and game me a card - "What is it?" - i asked. - "This is my number, when u feel ready to get that beer, text me" - "ok" And with that he stood up and reach me for another hand shake. We finished our talk and he left as i continued working. the doubt of what he wanted to tell me was consuming my mind, it passed 2 days since he came to me, i was wandering if he was managing an prank with the other bullies, but i couldn't help the curiosity to know what was all that about, John defnitly was diferent, not just the body, but his attitude was diferent, back them he would never do this, so i gave a chance and got his card to text him. As i opened the app to text him i saw that that was his private number not a corporative one, i could tell by his picture, he was standing flexing his abs and an arm in front of the mirror, and that jealousi came again, it was inevitable you know he was in his prime while i still the same weak twigh from high school. the text went as: - "yo John, Daniel here, so i'm off for the weekend, let me know ir you're abble to grab that beer." - "Great, do you have a preference of place?" - "I usually drink at home so... not at all" - "ther is this Pub called Storage, can i met u there tomorow eight o'clock?" - "seams good." - "ok i wait you there" when i arrived at the Storage pub i was amazed by the place, they are runnig for a month and i didn't heard about them, there was a lot of tables in the front, and some more privates at the back beside the bar, the place wans't crowded but there was a good amount of people there, an waitress greats me and i asked if the tables in the back were booked, she said that they do book them, so i asked to check if there was a reserve in name of John or Daniel, and by surprize he did book us a table, and arriving at it, i saw why he sugested this place, there is no way to see the other tables around us and even the sound of the place music mufled the people talking so it was a nice spot to talk. I was wearing an jacket cause the weather was cold, but inside the pub was warm, so as i was managing to remove the jacket, i spoted Jhon being lead by the waitress. He was using a brown leather jacket that enhanced his biceps, and i could see that he draw atention of the hole pub as he was walking by. I stood up to great him with a hand shak as usual but instead he rushed and gave me a bear hug, i coud felt his hard muscles almost crushing me, and boy he definitly work out a lot caus those thinghs ware stone hard. i was confused cause i didnt think we ware this close so after the hug he started: - "Dude you made me happy acepting my invite" - "i can see that, cause you almost broke my back with this suden hug" - "oh sorry about that" - "i will be fine" - "did you ordered?" - "i got only a cup of glass waiting for you" - "oh so lets order and then we talk ok" - "sure" i ordered a beer and some fries, John was indecised of what to order, so i excuse myself to go to the bathroom, on the way back to the table i see the waitress just left the beers for us, arriving at the table i can see that john also removed his jacket an now he was with a gray tshirt this one was more loose in the body and shure they let u get to see his muscles. so i set down and said: - "ready when u are" - "yeah, so i'm doing some therapy and i came to you to apologise after i saw what i did." - "oh now it make sense, god, i was thinking this was some kind of prank, and i was afraid to come here today" - "ouch, thats fair" - "i'm happy you gatting help with your fellings" - "and saing that i need to apologize for mocking you about the beard, i realize that this must be a fragile subject to you" - "and sure is, i'm doing therapy too, and on it i descovered that i have a "beard complex" you know" - "that's ruff, bud. - "yeah" And we ware stoped by the waitress who came with the fries. The following minute we ware just there looking to each other, until John start again: - "so, i got an ideia that may help you" - "oh really, i tried a lot of things so, surprize me" - "not long ago after i started the therapy i was caught in a angry and stressed state that i searched for help, i went to a doc to see if anyhing was wrong, we made some tests, and in the blood ones he saw that was something off" - "something off?" - "yeah, he then send me to this endocrinologist Dr.Leo, and i show him the exams, and he said that i was having an overdose os testosterone, he though i was doing anabolics, but i never took one." - "and you're ok now?" - "sure, as you said the other day stronger then ever" - "so where do i fit in this?" - "you allways, said you wanted to use a beard, and u didnt change much on puberty" - "this if i had one" - "exactly, imagine if is hapening to you the oposite of what hapened to me? like you got lack of testosterone os something" - "but i went to some docs and they ran tests too and they said it was all ok" - "you didn't went to Dr.Leo" - "what he has so special" - "he is a great doc you will see, i will send you his number, make an apointment and you first consult is on me" - "wait what, no way i'm letting u pay" - "i said i would compensate so let me do it... for our friendship reset?" - "all right, for the friendship reset" i didnt notice but we ware starting to get drunk and john was starting to blush, i closed the bill and thought it was my time to go home but John said the night was just starting, and he grabed me with ease and put me on his shouders holding my legs and headed to his car outside the pub. everybody in the pub saw this massive dude holding a twigh trought the pub, i obviusly furious asked: - "what the hell are you doing?" - "we are going to party baby" - "no way, i'm going home" - "after the party i let you home come on, you need to get some fun sometimes, nothing bad is going to happen" he wasn't leting me get away with this one i could tell that - "ok, ok but put me down i'm not a kid" with that he put me down and we get in his car that he drove to a club, place was crowded, loud music, definitly wasn't the place i used to go, so John got us some drinks and i don't know what was on those but ther were good, i ended up drinking a lot and then my mind goes to blank, i don't remember nothnig from the rest of the night. as i woke up in the next day my head was buzzing, and i needed a coffe, i look arround and i'm at my house, ok John kept his promisse to get me home afterwards,it was an cozy apartment i manage to get on my old neighborhood, it was located close to were my mom and sisters lived, i left to let the girls more espace and privacity since they used to share a room, and lefting my old room to one of them. i made my morning routine normaly and went to the kitchen to make me a mug of coffe, when passing by the living room door i notice that the sofa bed was opend, and all i could see was a foot pointing at me, but at the distance i was i couldnt tell who the hell was on my couch, i wanted to call the police, but something caught my atention, the person was naked? on my couch? when i notice i was approaching the person, when i saw that there was a brown jacket tossed on the floor, and beside was an gray tshirt... thats got to be Jhon in my couch i still didn' get a sigh of his naked body, and i was heading back to the kitchen but something inside me wanted to see, that men, that msucle dude naked on my couch. So i turn arround and i head to the couch i made slow staps towards it cause i dont want to john wake up and get me staring at him naked. with each step i can see more of his body, started being able to see his chest wich was coverd with a thin layer of black fur that lead to his chiseled abs and then i almost made noise when i saw that his shaft was hard with a morning wood, it must be an 9 inches hard, seeing his this way full naked, he was so hot, i was hit with a misture os lust and envy, cause he was bigger them me in all the ways possibles, and somehow this greek god ended up naked on my couch, how the hell this hapend. i stood there looking in awe, then i realize that i was getting a hard on, my 5 inch was getting solid like a rock, so i made my way back to the kitchen, trying to avoid my mind of what just happend. and now i gotta make coffe for two. by the time the coffe was done i hear something on the living room. sudenly a deep voice call me -"Dan?" part 2 soon - hope you guys liked - any feedback will be great.
  4. Hey everyone, this storyfied roleplay is quite a slow burn and turned out to be just an experiment on how to tease. Enjoy! --------------- Credits to the following (discord) role-player’s I met to create this: CookiesAreCool, MwS Copyright disclaimer: I don't own any picture. I link every source if possible. Please contact me or a moderator in case of demanded removal.
  5. Chapter 1: My name is Dean a 23-year-old Junior in university with a huge obsession with muscular men, but an even bigger heart as a hopeless romantic. Now you might think this story is all about me meeting the biggest man of my dreams but read on and you’ll soon see that the BIGGEST things come in the smallest packages. The cool breeze hits my face as the empty road filled my view, boundless fields of wheat encompassing everything to my left and right. Classic rock blasting in my car feeling relaxed as I drive my way home. The recent pump I had given myself was already fading fresh out the gym. I was heading home on a long drive across the state after being away for a year at the university. See I had transferred from community college trying to save some money. Taking a glance at the mirror I was proud of myself for the progress I had made in the past year in the gym. I’d always been overweight all my life and wanted the attention of the guys I had liked, but I was never seen as anything other than a piece of meat ready to be discarded. My weight loss and lifting journey had started for that reason, but I quickly learned that I wanted to do it for my own self and not some random hot guys who still wouldn’t even bat an eye at the progress I’ve made. If I had to be honest with myself, I never even wanted to get huge, but I wanted to feel comfortable in my own clothing and even though I just said I wasn’t doing it for “hot” guys it still wouldn’t hurt if one happened to come my way from all my hard work. Being a big gay nerd who wasn’t stereotypically gay I struggled to find a place to belong, always ending up finding the straight guys who got weirded out when they found out I was gay and then there was the gay community on college campus full of guys who just wanted to hook up and party which wasn’t me at all. I’m a bit of a homebody and I prefer one on one activities not some frat party where I just feel my anxiety spike. I felt like a fraud of gay man not fitting in anywhere except with the few close friends I had made in high school. I’ve come to realize that I seem to have a fear of men even though I’m attracted to them. Most of my early life I was made fun of by other boys in school for my weight and subsequently me being gay, even before I knew what being gay was. Which translated to that fear now making me a mess when it came to meeting guy let alone trying to be friends with them. Any time I’ve gone out of my way to try it I end up hurting myself as I end up catching feelings for them only to suffer the time old response of “Sorry I’m straight” or the polite no I’ve grown so accustomed too. As the next song plays on my playlist the whiplash from going to some upbeat video game music from one of my favorite bands the doors, causes my mind to snap out of its slide down the slippery slope that I tended to have when remembering all the rough times I went through in the past. Instead, I focused on the rode as the beeps and boops played in my car, letting my mind clear out now feeling excited to finally get back home. Arriving back in town I got to my parents’ house where I was greeted by my mom, dad and sister who were all shocked to have seen me lose 30 pounds of fat in year that I had been away, but even more shocked that I had started hitting the gym. They always pushed me to get healthier which I appreciated but I had a crippling anxiety when it came to going so, they could never get me to go. But we all caught up and headed inside where I went into detail about my time in university as we all ate dinner together for the first time in a while. After we finished eating like true siblings my sis immediately got me to cough up the tea on all the stuff I wouldn’t say in front of my parents. I quickly turned to a darkened mood as the tea she had wanted to know was what got me in the gym in the first place. I wasn’t quite ready to share just yet, so I deflected the conversation in another direction. Afterwards I got back into my nightly routine after unpacking and fell asleep in my childhood room. The next morning, I went ahead and reached out to a few of my few close friends asking to hang out and repeating the same until the week had passed by in a flash. It wasn’t until the end of the week that I had realized that I almost missed my chance to meet up with one of my only guy friends Jake. Although he must have heard I was in town as when I got out the local gym later that night Jake had invited me over again to hangout one last time and watch a movie before returning to university once spring break was over. He let me know that he probably wouldn’t be home yet but I’m more than welcome to come over before then, since his little brother Brett was still home. I took him up on his offer and decided that seeing Jake and Brett would be a nice time before needing to leave in the morning. So, I hopped in my car fresh out the gym, but quickly realized I needed a shower, I contemplated driving home first, but his place was on the way so I might as well shower over there; it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve had to shower at his place in a rush and we were close enough that he wouldn’t mind. Parking into the driveway I made sure to leave room for Jake to park as he had not gotten home yet but I could see Brett’s car neatly parked. I hadn’t seen his little bro Brett in a while, but he was always close to me, he was practically my own little brother, maybe even more so than Jake himself from how much he clung to me when I was around. With only having a year of difference in age it wasn’t difficult to find common ground between the two of us, so I always enjoyed getting to see the little shrimp whenever I came over. And a shrimp he indeed was, Brett had to have been the unluckiest dude in his family when it came to the height lottery as everyone related to him was over 6 ft tall, Jake included always towering over him and myself at 6’3. The poor guy was left at 5’4 and I could always see the small gleans of yearning or jealously for the height that his own brother had. Getting to the door I knocked on it, wondering if he grew anymore in all that time apart over the past year. A few moments pass and there was no answer at the door. I tried knocking again but as my knuckles were about to bang against the metal door, it swings open with Brett now standing right in front of me. “DEAN is that you?!” The cute little shrimp I knew and loved was staring at me not having changed one bit, with a look of pure happiness to see his friend had come back to visit. Before I could even get a word out Brett had launched himself at me jumping onto me giving me a full body hug. Clinging to my body I could feel that he had gotten even lighter since the last time he had done this with me after all my brief time at the gym while I was away. “Yeah yeah bud, it’s me now quit monkeying around and get off of me.” Brett was never one to listen to me though as he clung tightly to me, clearly having missed me deeply since the last time we had seen each other. “Or don’t I guess, never have been good at saying no to you haha.” Stepping inside the house I had to practically pry him off me. Brett speaks “Fine I’ll get off now, I can’t believe you’re here! Jake didn’t tell me you were in town!” “Well, you better believe it, I couldn’t come back to town without seeing two of my closest friends.” I wrap my arm around Brett. “I guess I also came to show off all these gains I’ve made too.” I give Brett a tight squeeze letting him feel the brunt of my increased strength. “Dude, you put on a good bit of size! But that gut is still there I see.” Brett said poking fun at him. In response I squeeze him tighter pressing the air out his small chest. “Oh, you think you can just keep making comments like old times huh, I’ll have you know I built these bad boys up just to do that whenever your cocky ass makes one.” Being the smallest one of their group Brett was always one to cling to the one thing he had going for him, his lighting fast metabolism that let him eat like a black whole and no matter how much he ate he’d always have the faint outline of his abs peeking through his skin. I always let him get away with his jokes but occasionally, I liked to keep him in check. “Alright alright, you proved your point I take it back, your gut is just as great as the rest of you! But is it better than these!” Brett grabs his shirt lifting it up and flashing his stomach to me, revealing a set of more defined abs since the last time we had seen each other. “Holy fuck dude, how’d you get even more ripped since last year.” “Oh well I actually heard from Jake that you’d been working out and I decided I’d do the same.” But looking at the rest of him I could see he was nowhere nearly as developed as the set of stone bricks in his abdomen. I felt a twinge of jealousy as I looked at them since I could never burn off all the fat in my stomach, I just loved food too much to commit to staying shredded. “Well where are the rest of your muscles looked like you haven’t added anything else?” I could see his prideful look deflate a bit. “Oh well… I haven’t had much luck in that department been trying like hell to build up my arms and chest, but nothing seems to be working.” “Hey, chin up bro, you look amazing regardless, especially with these cum gutters.” I playfully feel up his abs while taking note of the new whisps of hair forming into a happy trail. “That’s pretty gay bro!” We both look at each other for a moment before bursting out laughing. The both of us had come out as gay to each other years back when Bret worked up the courage to tell me not realizing I was gay myself, blowing his mind completely when the one person he confided in was just like him. Ever since the bond between us was inseparable. There were a few times when the two of us got intimate with each other but that brotherly bond always made the two of us stop before anything could happen, although I had the feeling that the both of us wanted never wanted it to stop. As my mind reminisced I failed to remember I had just worked out and with my sweaty body hovering around him it was only a matter of time before he made a comment on your scent. “Dean as much as I love feeling your arms around me, you fucking reek go take a damn shower!” Having snapped back to reality I was embarrassed hearing his reaction to my smell causing me to jab back at him in a playful way. “And here I thought you always loved my natural scent when you used to cuddle up next to me during horror movie nights.” Jokingly I grab his head which was perfectly perpendicular with my pits turning his head into it. He tries fighting against my stronger grasp unable to break free, I can feel his deep breathes taking in in pure masculine scent after a grueling workout. But once I felt he’d had enough I released him. Almost coughing he’s catching his breathe wiping off all the sweat from my pits with his shirt, letting me once again catch a glimpse of his ridiculous set of abs. Seeing them gave me an urge to reach out and touch them again feeling each ridge as I would trace them, but I knew better than to risk our friendship and stopped the thought before it snowballed out of control. “Damn you’re strong now Dean, I used to be able to break free from your hold a year ago.” “Thanks for the compliment. It means a lot coming from you. But I’m gonna head off and shower now, hopefully Jake takes a bit longer to get back so we can catch up some more! Oh, and would you mind putting these to wash for me.” The two of us were close enough that we’ve seen each other naked multiple times so I stripped down to just my boxers and handing him my sweaty clothes before heading over to the bathroom. “Sure thing, but don’t get used to this I’m not your butler Dean.” “Sure, you aren’t, you’re just my cute little butler. Oh, and don’t make me ring the bell for a set of new clothes please.” “Ha hah, very funny, just don’t waste too much water in there, I’m the one paying the water bill now.” With that last comment I left the room, failing to notice that in all my fooling around I didn’t see the faint outline of Brett’s bulge getting tighter. As he stared longingly at my slightly broad back disappearing into the bathroom. Deep down Brett had always known he had feelings for Dean, but he never allowed himself to act upon them because he was afraid of losing the man, he was closest to in his life. He loved him regardless of his body; in fact, he loved cuddling up next to his once chubby build during their movie nights, but after seeing his slimmer and more muscular physique he appreciated the hard work he was putting in and wanted to admire him and body he was building for himself. But as much as he wanted to be proud of Dean, he could also feel his own insecurities flare up still being the smallest guy in pretty much every situation. One of which he was slightly thankful for in the current moment as his rock hard 3 incher was creating the smallest tent in his shorts looking like a regular soft bulge on most other guys, so Dean didn’t take notice of his arousal at the events that just happened between the two of them. On the other hand, he felt like shit about all his progress over the past year barely showing when he knew full well the kinds of men that Dean was attracted to physically. Brett had always secretly yearned to get taller and work himself into a hulking mass, not even Dean knew of his desires for himself. But with his feelings for Dean coming into the mix it made him even more ravenous to grow into the god he dreamed off and be the man of Deans dreams while he was at it. While Brett was lost in thought of the body, he wanted the smell from Deans clothes wafted by his nose as he took a deep breathe trying to compose himself. As he registered the scent coming from the clothes, he was holding his mind was overtaken by a sudden primal urge like a flip had switched in his mind and it was telling him only one thing. “I’m gonna get so fucking HUGE!”
  6. //The start of another story? The heat was almost killing me this afternoon when I finally clocked out. I was working in the local steel mill. Working next to a smelting oven all day was one thing. But it was another thing to end your shift and get released into pure heat. How could it still be around Thirty-six degrees Celsius [96°F] outside? Jake slapped me on my back before forcing me into a slight headlock. “You should join me at the party tonight. Plenty of hot chicks… And enough alcohol for everyone.” He reminded me of a golden retriever. He never gave up with his chiseled jawline and perfect blonde hair. I only stood around 5’7 (170 cm). He knew I wouldn’t say I liked parties. Maybe he chose me as his sidekick because he understood he looked taller next to me. Not muscle-wise. We were ripped through the steel mill's hard work all day long. But while he spent most nights drinking and living his young life, I spent my nights inside the local gym instead. My hard work paid off; most men would probably kill for a body close to mine. Yet I never was satisfied. Maybe it was better this way. I couldn’t tell Jake about my dark fantasies. Or how I fucked girls in the past while recalling muscle porn I read on the web. “I’ll join you… But I won’t drink.” I saw his eyes brighten before pulling me in against his frame. “You’re the best. Catch you at nine” He squeezed my nipple through my shirt slightly before he left, humming on his way to his car. To be honest. I was not too fond of Jake’s parties. He always invited the whole town to increase his chances around the few women who joined in. I slightly rubbed my right pec, still feeling the pain in my hard nipple, before I slowly made my way towards the gym. Nothing topped an excellent pump before getting ready for a night out. It was past eight when I stood in front of my mirror, slowly trying out different dress shirts for the night. I should thank Jake one day. I still remember the first time he invited me to a party. I went downtown to buy a pair of expensive dress shirts for the night. I grinned when I slowly flexed my arms in the dark-blue shirt. My muscles pushed the garment to its limit. I could see the outlines of my arms. I was a tiny beefcake. But what would I give to tower around 7’7 instead of my puny 5’7! I could feel my cock stir in my dark chino trousers. At least my cock was thick and juicy, averaging 5.7 in length. I squeezed it through my pocket before slowly making my way out for the night. Jake’s flat was already crowded when I arrived. It only took minutes until he spotted me in the crowd and pulled me close to his frame, introducing me to his new female guests. The night was long, and with each minute, more and more alcohol filled the guest’s glasses. I had managed to get a spot on the couch, watching the whole thing without much interest, when one of the female guests tripped and stumbled on me. She tried supporting herself on the backrest, but the alcohol was too much to handle. “S Sorry,” she hicked before trying to get back up on her feet. “Hey, get your hand off, my babe” I just managed to help her back up when a man towered in front of her, his fist raised. He was also drunk when he ignored his girlfriend, who tried to calm him back down. He was pumped and stood around 6’. I tried getting up when he used his force to push me back down against the couch. I groaned slightly under the impact, clenching my fist when suddenly an enormous man blocked my view. He was tall and wide. He had to be towering around 6’7 (2m) in height. He didn’t say a word. But he gave me some time to take in his view. He was massive. His glutes were pumping against the fabric of his jeans. He had dark hair and a thick neck which was visible even with his hoodie blocking most of the sight. He had a trained bubble, but. And his broad shoulders were visible through the thick sweater fabric. He was wearing a signal red hoodie with the letters alpha printed all over the back. I could feel my cock stir in my pants. He was everything I always craved to be. I could smell his musk in my nose. The dominance radiated off his body while he still blocked my size. Maybe he just had waited for some trouble to get into a fight. Or perhaps he just arrived at the party. I didn’t spot him in the room earlier. Yet he was, getting rid of my problem without moving his arms. He slowly turned and glanced down at me. His green eyes were locked on my body. Glancing over my pumped frame, over my sculpted abs before he stopped with his focus right around my boner. His cocky attitude sent me almost over the edge when he extended one of his massive hands. “Tom here. Sorry if I got rid of your brawl for the night. But guess he would’ve been beaten up if I let you lay hands on him, huh?” He shoved the stud beside me further before he took the spot next to me on the couch. He lowered his arm and slowly ran his arm around my biceps from behind, giving it a rough squeeze to feel the density. “It’s unusual to find another meat head at a party filled with drunken guys” He slowly positioned his massive arm around my shoulders. He didn’t wait for an answer when he just pulled me against his vast side. I could feel his insane pecs. He was a meathead. He was pumped to his rims. Almost as if he was the bigger version of my own body. I could feel my cock harden even worse when he just threw his rain jacket onto my crotch. His musky pits filled my nose through the dense fabric of his hoodie. “Why is a handsome man like you still single?” He pulled me in rougher. I could feel his strength. “Never got a good match on these parties,” I heard his low chuckle. Saw his adam’s apple push out with each of his words. “Luke here” I slightly shifted underneath his hug. Even his arms had a good weight to them. A few guys were staring at us before Tom glanced in their direction, and they quickly shifted away. Maybe it was due to Tom’s size… Or the fact that he had quite the rugged look. His chiseled square jaw combined with his short buzz cut and beard. For most men, he was intimidating. But for me… He was pure porn material. And apparently. He didn’t even care that I popped a boner in the middle of the party. He pulled me closer against his frame until his giant arm covered my face from the public. I relaxed in his embrace. I just wrapped my arm around his upper body. He had to be built and sculpted underneath the fabric of his sweater. “Don’t worry. I won’t leave before you go for the night,” his low voice whispered in my ear.
  7. MizarAlcor69

    A Couple of GHI's (Chapter 0)

    This is my first piece of...anything after lurking on this site for a few years. Fair warning, this story is just a piece of work that is entirely self-indulgant, and made by a guy who has no understanding on how to write erotica or stories in general. … Anyways, Enjoy! (Also please give me any criticisms or thoughts you have. If I'm making horny garbage, I want it to be good horny garbage) (Also also, this chapter is pretty much just exposition, sorry.) ----------------------------- People are weird. More specifically, their tastes in partners. Especially me… especially me Ever since I hit puberty, I could count the number of guys that I didn't find attractive on one hand. That one pudgy guy with glasses I shared P.E. with? Sweat looked good on him. That one guy who looked like he could crush me with that build that screamed, "POWER"? Sit on me please. My best friend? Yes, even if it was pretty awkward and painful, especially when I confessed and got slammed into the friend zone… … Ok that's beside the point. This conflict only got worse when they showed up. When giants started to pop out of the woodwork, sometimes literally. You know that guy I was talking about? The one who looked like he could crush me, I was not joking. 10th grade, and the guy looked like a powerlifter. Not to mention his height. People would have to lift their heads more and more to look at him as the years passed. He wasn't the only one growing like this though. People all around started growing, either slowly, in a literal blink-of-an-eye, or having puberty hit them like a truck. At first, action was taken to restrain the giants. Camps and such were made just so the Government would have some time to find out what needs to be done. This didn't last long though, turns out quite a few superhumans didn't like the idea of being restrained, and broke out with ease. This was a sort of wake-up call, and everyone tried to make room for the giants in every aspect of life. Economically, giants thrived in jobs involving hard labor. Turns out they had stamina almost on par with their size. Businesses were being created for the purpose of helping or offering services to giants. The very first restaurant that could technically serve them was opened not even a year later. Politically, action was taken to guarantee an equal playing field. Though, that doesn't automatically mean that giants had a good deal of political power, too much fear... I guess. The one area that was near impossible for giants to succeed in was Socially. Again, the general populace were terrified of giants. The Media didn't help matters much either. Plus, it's hard to keep communication going between two people if one side literally looks down at the other. Luckily, an innovation was made. A group of scientists began to develop a medication designed to cut giants down...in size. It was a series of unnamed medication called GHI's (I just call them Guys). It technically means Giant Hormone Inhibitors, but they had quite a few effects on giants. One of them severely cut down on the rate of growth in giants. Though, this didn't help much for the ones with a more...sudden growth spurt. Not only that, if a user that grew in a sort of "slow burn" didn't take it consistently, their hormones would spike and growth would occur almost instantly. The amount the person grows actually depends on how big they would have grown normally, and how long it was suppressed. Luckily… Another medication had a more revolutionary effect on giants. It would actually alter someone's build to the point where a giant could live life as a regular person. A decrease in muscle mass, height, all of it. I've heard though, that the process is somewhat irritating in the fact that laxatives are needed before the transformation for reasons I don't want to get into...food doesn't shrink after all. The last of the medications was basically Viagra on steroids, but the opposite. Giants can literally become so horny they can get sex-crazed, that medication just served as a way to not actually fuck someone to death. "But, that was in the past, I'm horny now!" You may say. Well my loves, I have a story involving a certain giant, and how we became very, VERY close. ---------------------------- ~Once again, sorry for the lack of any action this "chapter". I don't really have an update schedule either. Thanks for giving this a read anyway. I just want to make some contribution to the community. Edit: Changed name to something more fitting for the plans I have. Edit: Changed last paragraph for the same reason.
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