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Found 2 results

  1. MizarAlcor69

    A Couple of GHI's (Chapter 0)

    This is my first piece of...anything after lurking on this site for a few years. Fair warning, this story is just a piece of work that is entirely self-indulgant, and made by a guy who has no understanding on how to write erotica or stories in general. … Anyways, Enjoy! (Also please give me any criticisms or thoughts you have. If I'm making horny garbage, I want it to be good horny garbage) (Also also, this chapter is pretty much just exposition, sorry.) ----------------------------- People are weird. More specifically, their tastes in partners. Especially me… especially me Ever since I hit puberty, I could count the number of guys that I didn't find attractive on one hand. That one pudgy guy with glasses I shared P.E. with? Sweat looked good on him. That one guy who looked like he could crush me with that build that screamed, "POWER"? Sit on me please. My best friend? Yes, even if it was pretty awkward and painful, especially when I confessed and got slammed into the friend zone… … Ok that's beside the point. This conflict only got worse when they showed up. When giants started to pop out of the woodwork, sometimes literally. You know that guy I was talking about? The one who looked like he could crush me, I was not joking. 10th grade, and the guy looked like a powerlifter. Not to mention his height. People would have to lift their heads more and more to look at him as the years passed. He wasn't the only one growing like this though. People all around started growing, either slowly, in a literal blink-of-an-eye, or having puberty hit them like a truck. At first, action was taken to restrain the giants. Camps and such were made just so the Government would have some time to find out what needs to be done. This didn't last long though, turns out quite a few superhumans didn't like the idea of being restrained, and broke out with ease. This was a sort of wake-up call, and everyone tried to make room for the giants in every aspect of life. Economically, giants thrived in jobs involving hard labor. Turns out they had stamina almost on par with their size. Businesses were being created for the purpose of helping or offering services to giants. The very first restaurant that could technically serve them was opened not even a year later. Politically, action was taken to guarantee an equal playing field. Though, that doesn't automatically mean that giants had a good deal of political power, too much fear... I guess. The one area that was near impossible for giants to succeed in was Socially. Again, the general populace were terrified of giants. The Media didn't help matters much either. Plus, it's hard to keep communication going between two people if one side literally looks down at the other. Luckily, an innovation was made. A group of scientists began to develop a medication designed to cut giants down...in size. It was a series of unnamed medication called GHI's (I just call them Guys). It technically means Giant Hormone Inhibitors, but they had quite a few effects on giants. One of them severely cut down on the rate of growth in giants. Though, this didn't help much for the ones with a more...sudden growth spurt. Not only that, if a user that grew in a sort of "slow burn" didn't take it consistently, their hormones would spike and growth would occur almost instantly. The amount the person grows actually depends on how big they would have grown normally, and how long it was suppressed. Luckily… Another medication had a more revolutionary effect on giants. It would actually alter someone's build to the point where a giant could live life as a regular person. A decrease in muscle mass, height, all of it. I've heard though, that the process is somewhat irritating in the fact that laxatives are needed before the transformation for reasons I don't want to get into...food doesn't shrink after all. The last of the medications was basically Viagra on steroids, but the opposite. Giants can literally become so horny they can get sex-crazed, that medication just served as a way to not actually fuck someone to death. "But, that was in the past, I'm horny now!" You may say. Well my loves, I have a story involving a certain giant, and how we became very, VERY close. ---------------------------- ~Once again, sorry for the lack of any action this "chapter". I don't really have an update schedule either. Thanks for giving this a read anyway. I just want to make some contribution to the community. Edit: Changed name to something more fitting for the plans I have. Edit: Changed last paragraph for the same reason.
  2. Dkmort


    Story removed
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