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I am already invested in this! Especially since how much love I have for @pasidious's stories on Jolias and his other projects. Can't wait to read more!!!

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6 minutes ago, jujumusclelover717 said:

I am already invested in this! Especially since how much love I have for @pasidious's stories on Jolias and his other projects. Can't wait to read more!!!

Thanks so much jujumusclelover717 for your response.  There will be about 14 parts to this story, and I plan on posting each succeeding part every few days. 

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5 hours ago, Jtchef2 said:

Amazing beginning. Can’t wait for many more chapters 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

Thanks for the kind words Jtchef2.  The next part should be posted before the end of the week. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

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 The next several chapters will continue from Mike’s point of view.




"Yo dude, wait up," that muscular voice again. So very dominant and self-assured. So deep-sexy.

The interminably long class was finally over and I was attempting to scurry away to get back to my dorm before I got caught in any conversation with literally anyone from that class who might potentially involve the topic of my weird escape from reality into my sexual fantasies.  I had to tie my hoodie around my waist to hide the blatantly obvious wet spot that I had.  But I heard his voice.  That masculine sensuous voice which was actually directed at me!  I had no intention of talking to anyone from that classroom, being way too embarrassed at what had just happened there. And I was freezing, only in a tee-shirt, my skinniness on full display. But with this maybe-muscle-stud I would make the only exception!

Then, OMG, I felt that gym-trained hand, that I had earlier studied, had now landed on my slender shoulder. I turned and looked up at the very object of that very pleasurable, but embarrassing, daydream.  The one guy in the whole world who'd ever sent me into such a horny torrent of imagination in my entire life to this point.  My heart was rapidly racing and once again I felt my dick getting hard.  As he was grasping my shoulder he spun me around gently, but, so dominantly.  Was there anything about him I didn’t like a lot?  When I looked up at him, with his muscular hand still touching me, I was all gooey-eyed in a muscle-heaven trance and my hard dick was now showing signs that it was beginning to leak again.

"You alright, dude?" he asked, looking down into my face, with a very sexy eyebrow raised, waiting for my response. Though I was ashamed of what had just happened in the classroom, he actually seemed amused by it, and by me in general.  Looking straight up at him I firmly determined that he was indeed ultimate-handsomeness. And was a good four inches taller than me.

"Uhh, yeah... thanks," I muttered.  I wasn't at all sure of how to even respond properly.

"You don't seem like it, though.  I've seen daydreaming before, but you were almost like... in a coma or something. And, wow, pretty trippy!"

'Oh if you only knew what I was daydreaming about,' I thought to myself.  But my heart was thudding in my chest when I realized he knew I was daydreaming and not simply zoned out.  What else did he notice?!  I tried to play it cool.  "You're very perceptive.  How'd you know I was daydreaming?"  I tried to smile, looking up waiting for the sex god’s deep voice to answer little ol’ me.

"Just the look on your face.  Your expression kept changing."  But then he smirked.  "And, ha, it was hard to ignore the tent you were pitchin'."

FUCK.  So he noticed that.  But... he was looking.  At my crotch.  Which means... is there even a tiny chance that this hyper-masculine handsome-as-fuck sexy man might be gay?  "Just... horny is all," I tried to coolly say.  "Been a while, know what I mean?"

"Not really dude, haha!" he muttered, then grinning down at me as I was dying, looking up into his smile.  And I knew that looking the way he did he had to be getting it all the time and he obviously just told me that.  In spite of my strong attraction to him, I began searching for a way to end the interaction so I could get back to my dorm and take care of... business.  But then he spoke and I was completely shocked by what he said. "Wanna get a bite?"

I almost had to shake myself from the disbelief.  I know, I know... I'm being dramatic.  People get food together all the time.  But with him?!  Why would he want to get food with me? Gorgeous, cool, maybe bodybuilder, asks a skinny boring dork to dinner? "Err, uh..."

"Dude, you gotta be hungry.  That class took forever."

"I guess," I unenthusiastically replied, still uncertain if I should do this, when my self-preservation instinct kicked in warning me of setting myself up for major disappointment.  I gave it exactly two seconds and then realized I'd better change my tone.  This dude is major hot.  So much so that my dick could never go down just being near him. And he was so super cool, and the first person to reach out in any way that indicated an attempt at friendship since I've been at this school.  Which, admittedly, hasn't been that long, but I can't come across as antisocial. Especially not with him.  "I mean..." I stammered.  "Yeah!  I’d really love to. Where you wanna go?"

He chuckled, "Duh, dude, Da Den."  The Den is the name of the school cafeteria.

"Isn't that closed?  Pretty sure they close at 8."

I saw his eyes widen, "Shit, yeah, forgot they close.  Ain't used to this late class thing."

"What's nearby?" I asked the object of my desire.

"I dunno, I think maybe a Denny's?  I swear I saw one up the street."

I took out my phone and did a search for a Denny's in the surrounding area.  And sure enough, there was one right up the street just outside the campus grounds.  "Yeah, yeah... There's a Denny's up the street from here.  We could walk there, if you want."

"Sweet," he said, looking down at me with a smile spreading across his drop-dead gorgeous face with white teeth and dimples now appearing.  "Let's go!" He seemed so happy about this.  So happy to be going somewhere with me?

"Don't you wanna, y'know, drop your stuff off at your dorm first?" I asked.

"Nah, dude, it'll take too long.  I'm hungry now," he excitedly stated. “Gotta feed my muscles.” That last word really registered huge with me.  ‘Muscles?‘  Oh my god, was I right, that he had big muscles that needed to be fed?  Big, bulging, sexy muscles, like a bodybuilder?  Being within earshot of anyone just saying the word ‘muscles’ would prick up my ears.  But him saying it to me, and in his muscular voice, had a much larger effect on me.  Yeah, I was still hard, of course, but now I was in full-leak mode.  And, not making it easier on me, he then grabbed my forearm and said, "Where we going?"

I looked at my phone again to get a bearing.  "This way," I stated.   

"Jolias, by the way," he said, bending down a little to nudge his covered, but still massive hard striated shoulder, into my slender one. 

"Mike," I said with a giggle, responding with my own name as I looked up to him dreamy-eyed again.  My heart was thumping, much more than fluttering. And I knew his name now! And my cock continued to throb in time with our steps as he escorted me there by holding me with his powerful hand on my slender exposed forearm. Like I needed help because I was too weak, or I needed protection that his massive muscularity would provide a twink. 

It took a little while to get there and it was cold outside.  Damp pants from cum were especially uncomfortable in the cold.  But I suppose after finally humanizing Jolias, my libido had enough sense to turn itself down just a notch.  But I still had to strive to keep my mind out of the gutter whenever I looked at his sexy face.  Or his shoulders, arms, chest or waist. Or just frankly anything else about him.

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Loving this so far, looking forward to seeing where it goes! From my experience, some of the hottest guys are also the friendliest.

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12 hours ago, timaa said:

Loving this so far, looking forward to seeing where it goes! From my experience, some of the hottest guys are also the friendliest.

Thanks, timaa, glad you're enjoying the story.  Hot and friendly are definitely two of Jolias's traits that have Mike very interested.  

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10 hours ago, Jtchef2 said:

Awesome new chapter. Keep them coming 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

Thanks, friend.  Chapter 3 should be posted tomorrow.

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