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  1. Sam had been a weatherman on a local affiliate in his city for over a decade. He was very photogenic, like so many on air personalities, and kept himself in great shape. In fact, his trainer often told him that he should enter a physique competition. Sam would just laugh off the suggestion, but then he would go home and flex in the mirror, admiring his muscular build, picturing himself winning a competition with ease, until he came to his own reflection. Later that week, a new sportscaster was joining the crew at Sam’s station. He was from an affiliate in Montana. His name was Kurt Steele. Sam googled him, and found out that he’d been a rancher until about a year ago when he started doing sports for a station out of Helena. The only images of him were his headshots, which seemed odd, but from those Sam could tell the guy was a big burly guy, the epitome of what a sportscaster should look like. His neck was wider than his head. His jaw line and brow were thick and squared off, like a Neanderthal. A ruggedly handsome Neanderthal. Thick swirls of chest hair stuck up from his unbuttoned polo collar. Sam was mesmerized by the rugged masculinity of his face, but disdainfully hoped that the guy’s IQ matched his neck size, which appeared to be about 24 inches. The day Kurt started at the station, Sam arrived about 20 minutes before his air time, as usual. Jillian, the makeup woman, told him he should go meet the new guy. “He’s in Greg’s old office.” So Sam made his way down the hallway and knocked on the door. He knew from the guy’s headshots to expect a big man, but when the door open, he took a step back. The guy was huge. Kurt smiled broadly and said, “You must be Sam. I recognize your face.” His voice was a deep bass as it rolled out of his barrel chest. He had on a tight white tee that showed off his impressive build. “Um, yeh, I’m Sam,” stuttered Sam, who was rarely at a loss for words. He had a hard time processing the size of the man in front of him. He felt off balance. Kurt put out his hand and the two men shook. And in about the time it takes an electron to orbit its nucleus, both men knew who the alpha was, as men usually do with a handshake. Kurt’s huge meaty grip wrapped around Sam’s smaller hand and squeezed. Sam was not used to being the beta who was intimidated by a bigger man’s presence. He felt lightheaded, and had a funny stirring in his gut that he wasn’t used to either. “Come on in,” said Kurt, pulling Sam into his office, giving him no chance to decline the invite. “I’m just getting ready for my big debut.” Kurt stripped off his white tee and tossed it aside. “Holy shit,” muttered Sam, as he soaked in the sight of the powerfully built sportscaster. He could feel the heat coming off his massive torso. Kurt chuckled. “What’s the matter, Sammy, you never seen muscle like this before?” Kurt flexed his arm. “I guess not many people have seen a 23” arm this close up.” He moved his big peak closer to Sam. Kurt’s scent filled the room. Sam backed up against the door jam. “Or chest slabs like this.” Kurt turned sideways toward a big mirror on the wall. He heaved his chest out. His pecs jutted outward. “Oh my god,” said Sam. Kurt’s pecs had three times the thickness of his. Kurt grinned as he bounced his powerful chest. “Check this out, Sammy.” Kurt grabbed a trophy that was on a shelf next to fthe mirror. He heaved his chest out farther, then placed the trophy on his wide pec shelf and rested it there. “Geezus fuck,” said Sam. Then he said, “Is that a powerlifting trophy? “Yep. I’ve got about twenty more off them, still boxed up in my new place. I keep winning them, and my chest keeps getting bigger and stronger. Along with everything else too. Speaking of which, I’ve gotta pump up a little before going on.” Kurt put the trophy back on the shelf. He went over to the closet and pulled out chest exercise bar. Sam used to see ads for them in old muscle mags. Kurt held it in his outstretched arms and bent it until the ends tapped. “I had this special ordered,” said Kurt. “It has 6 times the tension of their hardest bar.” He bent the bar as if it had no resistance at all. Like it was a toy. His pecs swelled with every rep. So did his brawny arms and forearms. When he stopped, he handed the bar to Sam. “You look like you try to stay in shape. Give it a try. You’ll be surprised at how hard it works your whole upper body.” Sam tried it, but could barely make the thing budge. Meanwhile Kurt was checking himself out in the mirror. “Yeh,” he said, satisfied. “Not a bad pump at all.” He was swollen up like a super heavyweight bodybuilder right before heading on stage. He turned and walked to his desk, and Sam got a good look at the big man’s back. It was wider and thicker than Vincent Mansone’s. Kurt picked up a stick of deodorant from his desk. He turned toward Sam, raised one big arm and started rubbing deodorant into his deep armpit. “You look a little pale there, Sam. You never seen a pump like this?” Kurt started bouncing his swollen mounds. Even thru his hairy pelt, Sam could see striations on the bigger man’s pecs, and the deep valley between the two. “That is insane,” groaned Sam. Kurt chuckled as he finished his other pit. Then he went to the closet and pulled out a big black polo and pulled it on. It was snug on his massive torso. “They don’t make these 6xl’s as big as they used to,” said Kurt, as his huge veiny arms pushed the short sleeves halfway up his delts. He shoved the shirt tail into his pants. Sam could see Kurt’s thick ab bricks thru the fabric, moving in and out as he breathed. “It gets hard to find clothes when you’re 330 pounds and growing.” He flexed his arms into a double bi. “You better get ready for your segment, Sam. But you might want to change your pants first.” Sam was barely holding onto consciousness, but he looked down and realized that precum had leaked thru his dress pants. “It’s good to be part of the team,” said Kurt as he walked up to Sam and took his hand, shaking it again. Then Kurt ran his thick calloused thumb up and down the back of Sam’s hand, slowly and firmly. Sam came in his pants.
  2. Bigboi

    The WereBeast's Curse Ch.1-4

    **DISCLAIMER** This fictional story includes sexual thoughts and acts that depict taboo themes (incest). So if you're not into incest, then this story ain't for you. Chapter 1 - Mayor's "Homemade" Drink At 9:00 PM, Edward Thompson, a respectable, middle-aged police officer, was conducting his patrolling duties in his police vehicle. He never liked being on night patrol. This is the time of day when stupid bar patrons would get too drunk and start fights. These caused the town, that he and his son are currently residing in for the past 20 years, to deteriorate into a shit hole. Adding to that, reports have been made recently about a large feral animal going around the town. Some even say that what they saw was not an animal, but a huge and hairy man. Whatever it may be, growls and ominous howlings that were once heard within the nearby forest started to come from within the streets every night. Wanting to check up on his boy, he pulled over to the side of the road to send him a text. Edward: Are you home already, sport? Thomas: no, just finished dinner with friends. On the way home now. Edward: OK. Be careful, reports have been issued about a big wild animal in town. get home asap. Thomas: great, more shitty things to pile up in this mess of a town. Edward was about to send another message when he heard strange loud noises coming from a nearby dark alleyway. He got out of his police car and approached the corner. Flashlight in hand, he turned to the corner to find a large, naked figure of a man, standing in the dead-end of the alley. Edward estimated that the large man must be at least 7 feet tall, and weigh 500 lbs of muscle. The giant man has his rippling back facing Edward. Edward noticed that the man was making strange movements with his arms and hips, accompanied by heavy grunts and moans. Edward was still taking in the situation he got himself into, when suddenly, the gigantic man stopped.. Turning around slowly towards him, Edward recognized the face of the massive, naked monster: It was none other than the mayor of the city! Even though several lights were casting an illuminating glow around the area, Edward's eyes could hardly focus because they were adjusting to the darkness. However, the clear silhouette revealed enough features for recognition. Mayor Johnson had always seemed like a decent person, but seeing him like this made his heart race faster than usual. Facing him now, he took in the body of the massive mayor. The mayor's muscles bulged with intensity with each breath. Thick white hair covered his entire body. And the massive erect cock that pointed towards Edward. "Beckman?" stammered Edward hesitantly. Mayor Beckman stood still for a moment before lowering his gaze downwards and then quickly looking away. His face was filled with hunger as drool came running down his mouth and to his wild beard. Finally, he faced the officer once again and muttered under his breath, "Ah...Officer Thompson..." The mayor then raised his gargantuan arms into a double bi, alternatively flexing and relaxing his guns. “You like what you see, Edward?” The beast pulled his left arm closer to his face, and began licking and worshiping his engorged and veiny bicep. All Edward could do was stare in horror and bewilderment while Beckman kept on flexing and tasting his muscles. This whole scene became too much for the officer as his own erection came to life, straining within his slacks. Beckman took notice of Edward’s sudden hard-on, clearly turned on by his erotic display of masculinity. “Hehehe, Guess I’ll take that as a yes…”, he sighed while staring at the wet spot emerging from Edward’s stiff cock. Then with a swift motion, he grabbed Edward by his torso and lifted him off the ground. Confused and scared, Edward tried to break free from the mayor's grasp, but was ultimately powerless. Mayor Beckman dropped Edward to the ground, never letting his hand leave his prey. The mayor's left hand took hold of the frightened policeman's head, and pulled him towards his crotch. With his free arm, the mayor reached for his crotch, stroking his enormous tool through his thick bush of pubic hair, dripping pre-cum onto Edward's uniform. As he moved closer, Edward caught a whiff of an intoxicating smell - a mix of raw masculinity, sweat, and aroused sexual energy. It was intoxicating, yet terrifying as he realized what was about to happen. Mayors Johnson held Edward firmly against his rock-hard, throbbing penis. Both men shared a glance, fear, desire, and confusion mixed together as if trying to decipher the situation. Their eyes locked intensely until finally, Edward gave in to his own primal urges, allowing his lips to brush across the head of the mayor's erection, taking its size into account. The tip of the member was wet, slightly sticky with precum. Making eye contact again, Edward nodded subtly indicating acceptance. "Go on, have a taste of the monster that I have become", Beckman growled. Edward began to take in the precum-coated head of the mayo's cock in his mouth. He sucked the mushroom head with such passion and drank the constant flow of salty precum. Edward kept on pleasing the cock of the beast. He rubbed and massaged the massive hairy balls with his hands. The baseball-sized testicles churned with each pleasurable lick and touch. Adding a new approach to servicing the hot meat stick, Edward began licking it from its base and up to the giant mushroom head. “Oh my, looks like you still got it huh, Thompson?”, Beckman said as he panted and moaned in delight from the most pleasurable head in his life. Edward kept on alternating between sucking the head and licking the massive fuck tool, and massaging the hairy balls dangling between each muscled thighs. "FUCK YES! YOUR GONNA MAKE ME CUM WITH THAT HOT MOUTH OF YERS" The mayor roared as he took hold of Edward’s head with both hands and began face fucking him with the full length of his cock with incredible speed and force. The lust-filled cop gagged and choked on the giant monster cock pile driving through his throat. He held on to both of the beast's massive hairy thighs to hold himself. With each passing moment, he started to lose consciousness from the rough face fucking. "GRAAAAAAAAAH TAKE MY LOAD!" Mayor Beckman immediately shot his creamy load into Edward. Making the cop spill the beast's load from overflowing in his mouth and nose. With the beast satisfied, he pulled out his cock out of the cop's mouth with a pop. The exhausted beast slowly reverted to his small, naked, human body. Leaving only the unconscious, cum-fiiled officer on the ground, creamy spunk still spilling from his gaping mouth. 10:00 PM - Thompson Residence Thomas just finished his school project in his bedroom after an hour. His dad usually comes home after a few extra hours right after his shift to meet his buddies. So he occasionally sleeps alone in their home, and wakes up with his father preparing breakfast. As he jumped right into bed, he locked his door, took off his clothes, and jumped right into bed. Before sleeping, he always performs his nightly ritual of jerking off. He started doing this right after puberty, specifically the moment his perspective of his dad changed. Being a loving and supportive father, to a handsome, and hot daddy. His father's dad bod and manly mustache sold him off as a certified DILF in his eyes. He kept his feelings a secret from his dad, not wanting to ruin their relationship. After his mother left with another man, Edward was the only person left who could comfort his father after such affairs. As a way to cope with his lust-filled feelings, he often stole his dad's underwear from the laundry basket and wore it throughout the day. Edward doesn't bathe right after his night shifts and lets his underwear accumulate his scent. And every morning, he would jerk off and use his briefs as a cum wreck. So everyday, Thomas had worn his daddy's cum soaked briefs at school, and while hanging out with his friends. And during his nightly masturbation session, he would sniff his dad's underwear while beating his meat. ... After 30 minutes of jerking off, he heard the front door of the house open. He suspected that it was his dad entering the house from his shift. Thomas sighed and continued jerking off, until he heard his dad outside of his bedroom door. "Thomas? Are you still up sport?" This is his father's way of checking up on him every night. However, there was something off about his father's voice. It was somehow deeper and... more masculine? He reluctantly answered back. "Yeah, just getting ready for bed." After a few moments, Thomas heard some odd noise coming from the door. It sounds like some heavy breathing and sniffing sounds. “Dad, you okay? Have you eaten yet?” “Yeah, just finished drinking with the mayor. Beckman fed me well with some of his homemade drink.” The mayor? Thomas was a bit surprised that his dad was drinking with Mayor Beckman since he hated him for a number of reasons. One of which are the multiple cases of abuse of power that the mayor used to get away with practically almost everything. The worst of it all, people kept on complaining to the local police department about the allegations, adding more stress to the single father’s job. But what ticked Edward the most were the allegations of domestic abuse that Beckman inflicted to his wife and child. Just then, he heard his dad’s bedroom door open, then slam loudly. His dad must be very drunk from the mayor’s “homemade” drink or whatever. Resuming his session, he fantasized about his daddy with the same deep voice, urging him to cum for his daddy. Unbeknownst to Thomas, Edward never left from where he stood. He could smell his musky scent inside his son’s room, along with Thomas’ scent mixing with his. As Thomas was approaching his climax, low and muffled grunts could be heard outside of his room. But Thomas was so preoccupied to pay attention to the noises as he jacked his cock even faster. And with a final thrust and muffled moan, he shot his load all over his stomach and face. Just as he was enjoying his climax, splashes could also be heard from the other side of his bedroom door. After post-orgasm, Thomas fell into a deep sleep, while Edward finally entered his room. Throughout the night, grunts and moans of pleasure kept emanating from Edward’s room. Still relishing the smell of his and Thomas’ scent in his mind. To be continued...
  3. Bulgingbiceps


    They are ferocious. They are powerful. They are rulers. They are THE ALPHAS! Three horny alphas compete for the same territory. There can only be ONE alpha, after all! But when an ancient evil comes for them, they gotta join forces (and their cocks) to defeat it. A wolf will do what it takes to defend its territory, even if it means matting with the competition. ...and the three became one, and one became three...
  4. Broody


    [Hey guys, hope you like this weird one-shot] Wad Dude, I gotta tell you this crazy story. I was stoned out of my mind at this boring-ass house party. You should’ve seen the fat blunt I blazed before I got there and then as soon as I arrived I dropped some primo acid in the bathroom. The dudes at the party were all nerds with a capital NERD and there were barely two semi-hot chicks. I was about to make a move on the seven (and angry about it, a seven? I never usually dip below an eight) when I literally ran into this short dude. I bounced back a step like a rubber ball and peered down at his dumb sticker name tag. You get what I’m saying, dude? Sticker name tags? It was that kind of party. “What kind of a stupid name is Wad?” The dude cocked his head to the side and eyed me silently. “Is it short…” I stopped and giggled. ‘Cause he was short see? He didn’t laugh. “Is it short for something? Like Wade?” I giggled again. Why would you shorten a short name? Oh I get it! Because he’s short! I started laughing and snorting like a hyena. The acid was kicking in something fierce. “No,” he said. His voice was so deep the vibration of that single word made my body tingle. What the fuck? I stopped laughing and just stared at him. I realized that though this dude was short, he was jacked, man. Big boned, broad shouldered, and massively muscled. I took in the size of his pecs, turning my head slowly to the left, then right. Dude, his chest alone was wider than my whole body! His hoodie must have been an XXL or bigger and it was plastered to his skin. “Bro,” I said. “You’re huge!” “Yeah," he said. I poked his right pec with my finger. It felt like Detroit fucking steel. “Man that’s solid. You gotta give me the number of your ‘roid dealer.” He said nothing, just shrugged his melon-sized shoulders. See, what’d I tell you? Nerds! Can’t even have a conversation. Though I’d never seen a nerd as stacked as this dude before. “Great talking to you.” I rolled my eyes. “‘Scuse me tho’, I got bitches to hunt.” I nodded toward the seven, who’s name was Beth, I think? Or Bess? Was Bess a name? I stood in front of the dude pondering this, you know, that way you do when you’re stoned, and he turned to look. “Her?” he said. Something about the way he said it got my ire up. “What? I got game, bro. You think I can’t get into her pussy?” He paused and dead-ass looked me up and down. “I know you will,” he said. I grinned at him. “Four words in a row. Slow down, Wad, you’re freaking me out.” I made to move past him, but he shifted his stance and blocked my path with his brick wall of muscle. “It’s not my name,” he said. “What??” Now this dude was beginning to piss me off. I stepped up and clenched my fists, ready to go toe-to-toe with Mr Shorty, though the acid was making my vision a little blurry. “I said: It’s not my name. It’s what I do.” My hyena laugh came back. “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” So guess what, dude? He showed me. *** I stared out at the partiers with the one eye I could still see out of. Most of them seemed to keep doing what they were doing: drinking, talking, flirting. Fewer people than you’d think stopped to watch a dude wad a grown man up into a ball. One skinny guy looked up from his phone: “Damn, bro, you’re strong.” What the fuck, Captain Obvious? “Yeah,” he said. “How much do you bench?” “Whatever I want." I blinked my one eye between the dude’s thick fingers. I tried to figure out where my mouth was so I could say something. “Mmmmfff!” “Bro I think he’s trying to say something,” said the skinny dude. I watched his biceps and pecs ripple under the gray fabric of his hoodie. He shifted his hands and held me up in front of his face. “What?”. “How?” I managed to gasp. “I told you. It’s what I do.” This was a circular conversation. But then, I was a ball. Fucking hilarious, right? “Well then, why?” “Some dudes need to be shown their place, y’know?” “What dudes?” “Dudes that think they can ignore me. Get wadded.” “I wasn’t… I talked to you!” “Making a move on a girl I got my eye on? Wadded.” “I didn’t know!” “Guess you do now.” “Bro, c’mon.” The skinny guy yawned and went back to his phone. Mr It’s-Not-My-Name-It’s-What-I-Do spun me on the tip of his finger like a basketball and I held together for a few seconds and then unravelled. I tumbled to the floor, put myself back together as best I could and then climbed back to my feet. Somehow he seemed taller than he did before which was weird. I mean, the whole thing was weird, right? He just stood in front of me, all jacked and indifferent, and I felt my face flush. “You feel hot or is it just me?” I said, pulling on the collar of my t-shirt. “Yeah,” he said. He unzipped his hoodie and shrugged it off his massive shoulders. Bro. Like, *bro*. I heard someone gasp like a teenage girl and then I realized it was me. He wore nothing at all underneath. I took ragged breaths as I stared like a chump at his incredible body. He had a thick muscular neck and traps that humped up nearly to his ears. His delts swelled like they’d been inflated by a tire pump. His giant pecs jumped and bounced as he scrunched up his hoodie and tossed it on a sofa. His waist was a tight shredded stack of bricks that would have broken my hand if I’d punched ‘em. The waistband of his jeans was really loose because he had to wear a bigger size to fit his damn huge quads. Despite all that he was going commando, and letting his thick, blond bush sprout out the top of the jeans. I looked back up at his face in awe. He snorted and I was shocked to feel myself skid toward him slightly, like if he’d snorted harder I would have gone up his nose like a line of coke. Then he turned and walked toward the kitchen. “Gettin’ a beer,” he said. I stared at his 747 lats and bowling ball glutes for a few seconds and then my knees wobbled and I fell into the sofa. I picked up his hoodie and held it up to see how huge it was. I stuck my arms in the sleeves and pulled it over my shoulders. It has been skin tight on him but on me it looked like I could set it up with pegs and camp in it. My eyes started to glaze over as his alpha male pheromones wafted up from the fabric. Man, I was never doing drugs again, this was such a bad trip. “Hey.” I looked up to see Bess (I think?) standing over me. “You okay?” I smiled, back in the game. “Doing better now,” I said. “I’m Ricky.” “I’m Beth,” she said as she sat down next to me. “You’re gorgeous, babe.” “Awww, thanks Ricky.” She tossed her sleek black hair, and pushed out her chest. Damn she had nice tits. “This is probably weird to say. But you smell really good.” “Thanks, Beth,” I said. “That is not even the weirdest thing someone’s said to me in the last ten minutes.” “Ha ha, you’re so funny!” She leaned into me like she was going to whisper something sexy in my ear. I watched, excited, as her tits heaved. Instead of whispering, she inhaled, her nose buried in the cotton of the hoodie. I felt her whole body quiver in lust. Hell yeah! “Wow, you really smell good,” she moaned. “I got something you can smell, babe.” Okay maybe that wasn’t my best line ever, but I was goddamn high for fuck’s sake. Just then, a heavy weight smashed into me like a 250 lb bowling ball was dropped in my lap. Everything went dark. “What the fuck?” I tried to say, but my mouth was squished flat into my face by back muscle. My thighs folded up against my chest as half my body was jammed down into the crack in the back of the sofa. “What happened to Ricky?” Beth asked. “Who’s Ricky?” The low frequency vibes from HIS deep voice battered my face even flatter. “Oh nevermind. Wow you really smell good!” I tried to roll my eyes, but that was hard to do since they were squished. “Yeah,” he said. “Ha ha, you’re so funny!” Oh my god, WHAT was I doing at a party with these morons? “That’s it I’m outta here!” I shouted, though it came out more of a mumble. Using all my strength I tried to push myself up. My forearms were the only part of my body that wasn’t squished flat by his massive back and giant thighs. I braced my elbows against the back of the sofa and pushed hard with my hands on his external obliques. This was the only part of his jacked bod I could get a grip on, since both his lats above and his glutes below flared out beyond where my stumpy half-limbs could reach. Dude, I pushed so hard but nothing happened. Fuck. He was an immovable object and being a half-man at the time, I was no irresistible force. But somehow my drug-addled brain wouldn’t admit defeat, dude. I took as deep a breath as my pancake ribcage could manage and pushed against him with all my might. I felt some movement and groaned with even more effort as my arms pushed forward. I let out a whoop when I felt my arms extend fully, but it caught in my throat when I realized everything was still dark. I hadn’t moved his damn super heavyweight physique an inch, I’d merely pushed my noodly arms around his narrow waist. They were caught deep into the groove of his swole Apollo’s Belt. All I could do was keep pushing ‘em forward. “Should I?” I thought. Dude, I’d seen enough self-loving muscle fags flexing in the locker-room mirrors to know the pot that was at the end of that rainbow. “Damn it, I’m no queer!” I burbled into a back muscle. You know, one of those ripply back muscles that wasn’t a trap or a lat and only nerds knew the name of. But a defiant, curious part of me was like: “I bet it’s tiny. I bet his dick is tiny and even tinier lost in all that muscle. I bet this Muscle Mary has a clit dick. A clit dick to match his bitch tits.” With a strangled gurgle, I pressed my entire body forward so that my arms could reach further. My head mashed into the deep canyon between his lower traps. My shoulders and upper arms folded into the undulating layers of his lats, and my lower legs twisted themselves into the corrugated muscle of his hamstrings. “Tiny dick, tiny dick!” I chanted, ignoring the pain as my rubbery hands groped into a dense grove of his pubes that scraped my skin like barbed wire. Finally my fingertips touched a squishy tube that was the size a pencil. “Yes!” I croaked “Tiny dick!” A deep, rumbly laugh pummeled my Play-Doh body, vibrating me into a sticky goo that spread even further into the crevices of his Adirondacks back. The laugh went on and on. My fingers crept forward and I felt the huge salami that lay beneath the pencil. It was just a vein. A vein running along the biggest cock ever. Not only was this dude jacked the fuck out, he was monster hung! Daaaaaamn. “This look tiny to you, babe?” he said. Bess squealed: “Oh my god!” “Let’s take this somewhere private.” The dude stood up and suddenly I could see again. It wasn’t pretty. “Strong dude!” said the skinny guy. “You got some gum or something stuck to your back.” The dude flexed and rolled his massive traps and lats but all that did was weave my bits further into him. “Help a bro out?” he said over his shoulder. The skinny guy pulled on the belt loop of my pants and I peeled away from the grinding gears of his muscle with a loud, goopy THWOCK. The skinny dude dropped me on the sofa and went back to his phone. “Oh, hi Ricky!” said Bess. “I wondered what happened to you.” I was wondering that too, but it took me a few moments to pull myself together, while the dude steered Bess toward the bedroom. I finally stood up from the sofa. When I rose to my full height I was shocked to see that I was now the same height as the short dude. Actually no, I was slightly shorter. “No,” I breathed hotly. I couldn’t be short now. “Give it back! “ I yelled as I marched over to him. You could beat a man at sports. You could fuck a man’s girl. You could even wad a man up into a ball. But you couldn’t take a man’s height. That was too much. I felt my face flush in anger. “Uh,” said Bess, “why don’t I leave you guys to work this out.” She flitted off to the kitchen. The dude turned to me, and before I even considered what I was doing, my fist swung in an arc at his face. He raised his hand sharply and caught my punch in his huge mitt. He closed his fingers tight around my clenched fist, which looked like a small child's compared to his. In fact his huge fingers were each bigger than my dick. I looked past the hand to his face. Maybe it was because I didn’t bother paying that much attention to short people, but I hadn’t noticed before how handsome he was. He had stunning green eyes flecked with gold. Blond hair buzzed into a tight fade on the sides. Major cheekbones and a stubbly, cleft chin. And a square masculine jaw, measured by the devil’s own protractor. My anger ebbed, replaced by lust. For the first time since I was a teenager I got a hard-on for a dude. He didn’t even acknowledge I’d tried to sock him, he just said: “Never tried it one handed before.” He grunted with mild effort as my fist collapsed into his hand. “What?” I said. My gaze traveled to the muscles of his forearm, which were rippling like a nest of snakes. His thick fingers extended out like a claw, then pulled inward, compacting more of my forearm into his palm. His big, meaty thumb compressed and held the wad in place while his fingers reached out for more. Dazed, I stared dumbly as my elbow got sucked in. The weird thing was, I could feel it. I could feel him exerting his strength on my body. I could feel the counter-pressure of my wadded up arm trying to burst out his palm, and it was kind of exciting, like getting a boner in too-tight briefs. As my bicep reached his hand I flexed it. Not to try to pull away, that seemed impossible, (and I wasn’t sure I wanted to). I flexed it just to see what would happen. It formed a small mound. I had never before thought of my biceps as small, but there was no doubt: the muscle at the base of his thumb was bigger. He met my eyes and held that thumb-muscle against my biceps like he was making damn sure I saw the comparison. Then he squashed it flat. As he continued packing me into his fist with the fingers of one hand, something occurred to me. “How come…” I paused, realizing my voice was hoarse. “How come there’s no pain?” He looked offended. “Dude. I’m not a psychopath.” He bit down on his lower-lip as he reached my torso; he splayed his four fingers out and they mashed the right half of it in one go. Then he extended an index finger and pressed it against the top of my thigh. My whole right leg bent backwards and his pinky finger hooked it into the wad. When he got to the pelvis he did the same trick on my left leg. I burped as a bit of gas forced its way out of my stomach. I was beginning to regret some of my choices here. “Man, sorry I punched you.” “That? First backbone you’ve shown dude,” he said as my literal backbone inched its way into his fist. “Makes me think I maybe misjudged you.” “Yeah?” He smirked. I was now just a head, arm and half-torso hanging from his hand. He leaned his head forward and I felt his hot breath in my ear. “That’s why you’re getting the extra sexy version.” My acid giggles came back, or it might have been the tickle of his lips on my ear. “No homo!” My hard cock said otherwise from somewhere within the racquetball sized mass in his hand. His pinky hooked my neck into the ball and I blindly copped a last feel of the cascading muscles of his pumped 20 inch forearm before his fist slurped up my arm like a noodle. “One handed, bro!” he whooped. He crushed me like Superman turning coal to diamond and then opened up his hand. I laid in his palm like an egg. “Now that’s a fucking WAD, man. Damn tight. I’m getting better at this.” “You are, dude!” I chirped as I blinked one eye. “Thanks, bro. Maybe you’re alright after all. Let’s go find Beth.” “I’ll be your wingman, bro.” “More like Pac Man, get it?” “Ha, ha ‘cause I’m round, right?” “You’re getting it bro.” *** It turns out, dude, that he wasn’t a nerd after all. He was just one of those guys that takes a while to warm up, y’know? “Chug! Chug! Chug!” chanted Bess and the Skinny Dude. I could hear him down the beer in barely four gulps. What a fucking stud! I popped my lips out of the wad, which he’d tucked between his pecs, and whistled. “Fuck yeah, bro,” he rumbled. “Your turn.” He flicked the cap off another beer with his thumbnail and turned it up into my mouth. At first I dribbled the liquid, coating his deep-cut eight pack with a foamy shine. “Don’t worry, I’ll lick that off later,” Bess cooed. Then I got the hang of it and swallowed again and again while the chug chant spurred me on. As the beer filled me up, more of me popped out of the wad. As I took the last gulps, my shrunken, twelve inch frame clung to the bottleneck, my legs swinging like a baby monkey at the zoo. “Good job, little guy,” he said, plucking me off the bottle and holding me up in front of his huge, handsome smile. Bess loomed over me like a beautiful giant. Look how small you are Ricky! Babe, don't drop him!” But then I belched like a linebacker at a victory party and he let go in surprise. I fell down his torso, skidding over the slick rocks of his abs into the loose waist of his jeans, and came to an abrupt stop straddling the base of his huge cock. Thank fuck it was still spongy soft or my tiny balls would have been crushed! “Aww look at him he’s so cute! Babe you’re like a kangaroo with a little joey!” said Bess as I looked up dazed from my new perch. He looked at her weird but Skinny Dude, leaned drunkenly against him. “That’s a compliment bro, those ‘roos are jacked as shit.” “Seriously? That’s cool, man.” While Skinny Dude showed him a vid on his phone of two muscular kangaroos boxing, Bess leaned over and poked my tummy like I was the Pillsbury Doughboy. I giggled to make her laugh and stared at her giant tits, but then her breathing got real heavy as her hand went lower. She felt the shaft of his soft cock between my legs. “It’s soooo big, Ricky. And he’s not even hard yet.” She winked at me like I was a co-conspirator in getting that cock in her pussy, and I started panting with lust at the image that sprung into my brain of just that, my own prick growing rock hard in an instant. “Look, babe, Ricky’s got a little boner!” she said slyly. “Yeah?” he said “Nice, bro.” I looked down at my stiff rod sticking straight out. It was dwarfed by a vein that started to fill with blood as I felt the flesh beneath my ass begin to swell. She stood up and crushed her body to his. Her soft curves molding to his stony hardness, with me caught in between. I could smell her cunt getting slick as she moaned “Fuck me!” into his ear. “Guess what bro?” he said. “Looks like we’re getting lucky.” We stumbled into a bedroom and she fell back on the mattress while he leaned against the door to close us off from the din of the party. Of its own accord, his giant cock busted open the fly of his jeans as it swelled to its full cunt-busting length. I gasped as I stared at the huge purple helmet towering over my head as his thick shaft crushed me into his navel. “Babe—“ she stuttered. “Do you have a condom?” His rumbly chuckle vibrated my bones to jelly and he plucked me up and rolled me flat between two fingers. “See, bro, I told you you’d get into her pussy.” ** Isn’t that fucked, dude? Have you ever heard a story as crazy as that? It’s all true, no word of lie. In fact, dude, I feel flushed, and jacked as shit since I left there. At first, I had a huge headache from how my head kept pounding into her cervix. Yeah bro that huge cock really filled her up to the max. And when she came, that cunt pounded back, dude. Fuck! And then he busted, filling my fucking latex ass with primo jock muscle juice. Once they fell asleep, I pried myself off that big cock and squeezed my hole to keep every bit of that stud cum in me. Fuck man, I was back to normal height in seconds! And look man, muscles like I never seen before in all my life. Feel that bicep bro, big and hard as a rock. I said feel it bro. Where do you think you’re going, you little shit? Feel that muscle I said. Who are you calling a weird ass motherfucker? I tell you a cool story and then you try to split like a chump? C’mere you. Hrgh. Hnnnn. That’s right, who’s weird now, dirtbag? Hrggh. How do you like being a ball, fucker? END
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