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  1. Bigboi

    The WereBeast's Curse Ch.1-4

    **DISCLAIMER** This fictional story includes sexual thoughts and acts that depict taboo themes (incest). So if you're not into incest, then this story ain't for you. Chapter 1 - Mayor's "Homemade" Drink At 9:00 PM, Edward Thompson, a respectable, middle-aged police officer, was conducting his patrolling duties in his police vehicle. He never liked being on night patrol. This is the time of day when stupid bar patrons would get too drunk and start fights. These caused the town, that he and his son are currently residing in for the past 20 years, to deteriorate into a shit hole. Adding to that, reports have been made recently about a large feral animal going around the town. Some even say that what they saw was not an animal, but a huge and hairy man. Whatever it may be, growls and ominous howlings that were once heard within the nearby forest started to come from within the streets every night. Wanting to check up on his boy, he pulled over to the side of the road to send him a text. Edward: Are you home already, sport? Thomas: no, just finished dinner with friends. On the way home now. Edward: OK. Be careful, reports have been issued about a big wild animal in town. get home asap. Thomas: great, more shitty things to pile up in this mess of a town. Edward was about to send another message when he heard strange loud noises coming from a nearby dark alleyway. He got out of his police car and approached the corner. Flashlight in hand, he turned to the corner to find a large, naked figure of a man, standing in the dead-end of the alley. Edward estimated that the large man must be at least 7 feet tall, and weigh 500 lbs of muscle. The giant man has his rippling back facing Edward. Edward noticed that the man was making strange movements with his arms and hips, accompanied by heavy grunts and moans. Edward was still taking in the situation he got himself into, when suddenly, the gigantic man stopped.. Turning around slowly towards him, Edward recognized the face of the massive, naked monster: It was none other than the mayor of the city! Even though several lights were casting an illuminating glow around the area, Edward's eyes could hardly focus because they were adjusting to the darkness. However, the clear silhouette revealed enough features for recognition. Mayor Johnson had always seemed like a decent person, but seeing him like this made his heart race faster than usual. Facing him now, he took in the body of the massive mayor. The mayor's muscles bulged with intensity with each breath. Thick white hair covered his entire body. And the massive erect cock that pointed towards Edward. "Beckman?" stammered Edward hesitantly. Mayor Beckman stood still for a moment before lowering his gaze downwards and then quickly looking away. His face was filled with hunger as drool came running down his mouth and to his wild beard. Finally, he faced the officer once again and muttered under his breath, "Ah...Officer Thompson..." The mayor then raised his gargantuan arms into a double bi, alternatively flexing and relaxing his guns. “You like what you see, Edward?” The beast pulled his left arm closer to his face, and began licking and worshiping his engorged and veiny bicep. All Edward could do was stare in horror and bewilderment while Beckman kept on flexing and tasting his muscles. This whole scene became too much for the officer as his own erection came to life, straining within his slacks. Beckman took notice of Edward’s sudden hard-on, clearly turned on by his erotic display of masculinity. “Hehehe, Guess I’ll take that as a yes…”, he sighed while staring at the wet spot emerging from Edward’s stiff cock. Then with a swift motion, he grabbed Edward by his torso and lifted him off the ground. Confused and scared, Edward tried to break free from the mayor's grasp, but was ultimately powerless. Mayor Beckman dropped Edward to the ground, never letting his hand leave his prey. The mayor's left hand took hold of the frightened policeman's head, and pulled him towards his crotch. With his free arm, the mayor reached for his crotch, stroking his enormous tool through his thick bush of pubic hair, dripping pre-cum onto Edward's uniform. As he moved closer, Edward caught a whiff of an intoxicating smell - a mix of raw masculinity, sweat, and aroused sexual energy. It was intoxicating, yet terrifying as he realized what was about to happen. Mayors Johnson held Edward firmly against his rock-hard, throbbing penis. Both men shared a glance, fear, desire, and confusion mixed together as if trying to decipher the situation. Their eyes locked intensely until finally, Edward gave in to his own primal urges, allowing his lips to brush across the head of the mayor's erection, taking its size into account. The tip of the member was wet, slightly sticky with precum. Making eye contact again, Edward nodded subtly indicating acceptance. "Go on, have a taste of the monster that I have become", Beckman growled. Edward began to take in the precum-coated head of the mayo's cock in his mouth. He sucked the mushroom head with such passion and drank the constant flow of salty precum. Edward kept on pleasing the cock of the beast. He rubbed and massaged the massive hairy balls with his hands. The baseball-sized testicles churned with each pleasurable lick and touch. Adding a new approach to servicing the hot meat stick, Edward began licking it from its base and up to the giant mushroom head. “Oh my, looks like you still got it huh, Thompson?”, Beckman said as he panted and moaned in delight from the most pleasurable head in his life. Edward kept on alternating between sucking the head and licking the massive fuck tool, and massaging the hairy balls dangling between each muscled thighs. "FUCK YES! YOUR GONNA MAKE ME CUM WITH THAT HOT MOUTH OF YERS" The mayor roared as he took hold of Edward’s head with both hands and began face fucking him with the full length of his cock with incredible speed and force. The lust-filled cop gagged and choked on the giant monster cock pile driving through his throat. He held on to both of the beast's massive hairy thighs to hold himself. With each passing moment, he started to lose consciousness from the rough face fucking. "GRAAAAAAAAAH TAKE MY LOAD!" Mayor Beckman immediately shot his creamy load into Edward. Making the cop spill the beast's load from overflowing in his mouth and nose. With the beast satisfied, he pulled out his cock out of the cop's mouth with a pop. The exhausted beast slowly reverted to his small, naked, human body. Leaving only the unconscious, cum-fiiled officer on the ground, creamy spunk still spilling from his gaping mouth. 10:00 PM - Thompson Residence Thomas just finished his school project in his bedroom after an hour. His dad usually comes home after a few extra hours right after his shift to meet his buddies. So he occasionally sleeps alone in their home, and wakes up with his father preparing breakfast. As he jumped right into bed, he locked his door, took off his clothes, and jumped right into bed. Before sleeping, he always performs his nightly ritual of jerking off. He started doing this right after puberty, specifically the moment his perspective of his dad changed. Being a loving and supportive father, to a handsome, and hot daddy. His father's dad bod and manly mustache sold him off as a certified DILF in his eyes. He kept his feelings a secret from his dad, not wanting to ruin their relationship. After his mother left with another man, Edward was the only person left who could comfort his father after such affairs. As a way to cope with his lust-filled feelings, he often stole his dad's underwear from the laundry basket and wore it throughout the day. Edward doesn't bathe right after his night shifts and lets his underwear accumulate his scent. And every morning, he would jerk off and use his briefs as a cum wreck. So everyday, Thomas had worn his daddy's cum soaked briefs at school, and while hanging out with his friends. And during his nightly masturbation session, he would sniff his dad's underwear while beating his meat. ... After 30 minutes of jerking off, he heard the front door of the house open. He suspected that it was his dad entering the house from his shift. Thomas sighed and continued jerking off, until he heard his dad outside of his bedroom door. "Thomas? Are you still up sport?" This is his father's way of checking up on him every night. However, there was something off about his father's voice. It was somehow deeper and... more masculine? He reluctantly answered back. "Yeah, just getting ready for bed." After a few moments, Thomas heard some odd noise coming from the door. It sounds like some heavy breathing and sniffing sounds. “Dad, you okay? Have you eaten yet?” “Yeah, just finished drinking with the mayor. Beckman fed me well with some of his homemade drink.” The mayor? Thomas was a bit surprised that his dad was drinking with Mayor Beckman since he hated him for a number of reasons. One of which are the multiple cases of abuse of power that the mayor used to get away with practically almost everything. The worst of it all, people kept on complaining to the local police department about the allegations, adding more stress to the single father’s job. But what ticked Edward the most were the allegations of domestic abuse that Beckman inflicted to his wife and child. Just then, he heard his dad’s bedroom door open, then slam loudly. His dad must be very drunk from the mayor’s “homemade” drink or whatever. Resuming his session, he fantasized about his daddy with the same deep voice, urging him to cum for his daddy. Unbeknownst to Thomas, Edward never left from where he stood. He could smell his musky scent inside his son’s room, along with Thomas’ scent mixing with his. As Thomas was approaching his climax, low and muffled grunts could be heard outside of his room. But Thomas was so preoccupied to pay attention to the noises as he jacked his cock even faster. And with a final thrust and muffled moan, he shot his load all over his stomach and face. Just as he was enjoying his climax, splashes could also be heard from the other side of his bedroom door. After post-orgasm, Thomas fell into a deep sleep, while Edward finally entered his room. Throughout the night, grunts and moans of pleasure kept emanating from Edward’s room. Still relishing the smell of his and Thomas’ scent in his mind. To be continued...
  2. TheWeremuscleForest

    Feeding My Dad's Growth

    "Jake, I did it.” “You did what?” “I spiked his food.” “You spiked your dad’s food with...what exactly?” “You know...the special ingredient.” “Huh? You put the GH enhancer in his food?” “Yep. Your wish might come true, Jake. I mean, I think it is a bit weird that you find my dad so sexy, but I suppose someone has to, right?” “Well, he is rather good-looking Randolph. I think the dad bod suits him well, but I suppose a bit more muscle could help too.” “Heh well don’t wait too long to see it happen goof. He is about to eat it.” The two young 21-year-olds laugh a bit before Randolph jokingly goes into the other room to act like he is doing something. Jake goes to sit down by Randolph’s very sexy 51-year-old father Harrison, who is wearing blue jeans, loafers, and a top with three small buttons that are below his neckline. He has a bit of a pudgy belly, but it is cute, according to Jake. Harrison’s body is covered in fluffy reddish-brown hair with a light dusting of gray mixed in. The middle-aged man has noticed his son’s friend looking at him on occasion and it makes him blush. As he sits at the bar with Jake, scarfing down the food in front of him, he pauses and lets out a few moans. He yells for Randolph to come in so he can talk to him, but there is no answer. He then looks over at Jake and makes a few comments. “Did Randy put something in my chicken, Jake? This tastes better than I remember it. Actually...oh...that sneaky boy has finally done it, hasn’t he?” With his arms now sitting on the bar counter, Harrison looks down at both of them and smiles as he watches his forearms start to swell beneath the fabric of his shirt. He moans deeply as it gives him a lot of pleasure. Jake is also looking at them. “This explains why he isn’t in here right now. He did this for you, didn’t he?” Jake reaches over and feels the veins swelling and growing. Harrison sighs as the young man’s touch feels so soothing. “Mmm...I think I am going to enjoy this quite a bit Jake.” He jumps up from his stool and stumbles a little bit before getting his bearings again. He nervously laughs as he can now feel his legs growing inside his jeans. “Ahh...so this is what it feels like when you become a hulk. I hope I can give you a great show young man.” Jake joins him as he nearly falls over trying to stand up so he can watch in eagerness. Harrison’s biceps, triceps, and shoulders are now bulging. Massive veins pulse beneath the middle-aged man's sleeves. The 21-year-old slowly runs his hands along the growing beast’s swelling arms for a few seconds before leaning down to lick Harrison’s left bicep. The older man moans loudly. “Oh, fucking yes Jake. This is almost better than sex. Heck, this feels like sex to me.” His traps and delts are expanding now, as he grunts leaning his neck back to show it widening for his partner. The veins visible beneath the skin. He pulls Jake up to him as he feels his chest swelling as well. “I am becoming a beast for you Jake. I really loved this top too, but I am more than willing to hulk out of it for you. I am getting so much pleasure out of this, and I know that you are too.” The expanding outline of Harrison’s growing pecs is making Jake so horny that he is now reaching down to rub his own crotch with one hand and is feeling the 51-year-old's chest with the other. “I have fantasized about this for so long Mr. Jackson. You are so freaking gorgeous.” Harrison looks into Jake’s eyes and then leans over to slowly kiss the young man on the lips. He puts his arms around him and moans as he feels his huge biceps ripping through the fabric. Jake is transfixed on them as they stop kissing. The older man can feel his lower half straining in his jeans now as well. After a few seconds, the seams on them start popping loudly, making Harrison sigh in pleasure, feeling his quads blowing up in size. “Ahh, this feels so exhilarating Jake. Don’t call me Mr. Jackson anymore. We are way beyond that now. I will be Harris to you from now on. Mmm...fuck the anticipation of seeing what my huge upper body is going to look like is...” He is incredibly excited when he notices just how thick his pecs are getting. His belly has now vanished completely as his impressive six-pack can now be seen just beneath his shirt. He positions Jake to the side of him as the young admirer can feel one of Harrison’s forearms finally tear free from its sleeve. The older beast’s top is now struggling to stay intact as a few seams rip along his traps. He leans over to kiss Jake again. “Mmm...you are a great kisser, Jake; you know that don’t you?” He takes one of the young man’s hands and puts it over his growing package. The raging beast is about to burst from its confines. “I think it is a great time for you to meet my baby maker. He is getting so BIG!” Harrison grunts loudly as his cock bursts through the zipper on his jeans. He puts Jake’s hand over top of it so he can feel it as it swells even larger. He then rips his jeans open in the front so that his ballsac can also continue to expand. Jake moans as he caresses the beast in his hands, feeling the veins bulging against his fingers. “Oh yeah Harris, it is getting so huge. I am getting so freaking turned on.” “You are actually making my balls swell bigger and heavier by saying these horny things, Jake. I fucking love how much you are enjoying this.” Harrison has now positioned his massive furry quads to where his ballsack continues to expand as it starts to hang even further down between his immense thighs, his testicles swelling to the size of tennis balls. His glutes have also grown to nearly twice their size as well. Jake passionately kisses Harris’s huge veiny arms as he begins to stroke the older man’s huge rod. Harris moans in pleasure as he feels his chest getting even bigger as his top tries to stretch to accommodate his new size. He is now growing a lush, brownish-red beard with gray strands in between each luscious hair. Jake has now started to lick Harris’s big, protruding nipples on his shirt. The two swollen furry mounds of flesh are still somehow being contained within, but they are slowly rising to the sexy beast’s chin. Harris gleefully laughs as Jake chews on both of his tits as the pleasure sends his mind to places, he never thought it would go. He is leaking profusely onto Jake’s hand that is still playing with his tool. “Haha, don’t you worry Jake. I won’t forcefully rip my shirt on purpose...” As he says this, each of the buttons, one-by-one start to pop open, gradually revealing parts of his engorged, gloriously furry pectorals. He involuntarily bounces them, causing each sweaty manly balloon to start a small tear just beneath the last button. Jake sighs as he feels himself cumming in his pants. Harrison can see the anguish on his face, and he loves it. “I am loving that you are so hungry for my muscles, Jake. It is definitely fueling my lust for more.” Harrison’s back is shredding his shirt to pieces. Huge mounds of mountainous muscle emerge finally, revealing his delts and lats, which are growing thicker and wider with each second that passes. The big beast grunts as he slowly feels his abs starting to shred the bottom half of his shirt. His adonis belt has now ripped his jeans completely off his body as well. His swelling feet have also destroyed his loafers. “I am having trouble concentrating Harris. You are the most beautiful man I have ever laid eyes on.” “Keep watching me, Jake. My beautiful boys are wanting more attention as you can see.” Harrison has now placed both of the young man’s hands on his mammoth pecs and sighs as he feels them ripping his shirt open. The two heaving mounds glisten with intensity, his breathing labored but incredibly happy, as they drape over his swollen furry six-pack. His obliques are impressive as his gorgeously huge lats are now fully visible. Jake’s tongue quickly gets acquainted with Harrison’s erect nipples again, which are now pointing downward. The big beast laughs again as he feels an unbelievable amount of pleasure coursing through his body. “Oh, fuck yeah buddy. Mmm...daddy can never get enough of your appetite for me.” He yanks his tattered shirt off finally and is completely naked. He flexes his arms and chest a few times as Jake goes back to stroking the huge beast with one of his hands. “Ah, good boy. You want to make hulking Harris cum... That is such a smart decision you are making. How long have you wanted to make me cum Jake?” “For so long, Harris. You have no idea.” “Oh yeah? So, turning me into the man of your dreams, the muscle fucking daddy of your dreams is just a part of it? Mmm...I will feed you so much of my cum, don’t you worry.” Jake continues to stroke Harris’s huge one-eyed monster with authority, hearing the big guy moaning in delight, his body dripping in sweat. The young man is intoxicated by Harrison’s manly scent as he runs his tongue along the huge beast’s incredible abdominal cavity on up to his meaty pecs, sucking lovingly on each one of them as he stares up and smiles at the huge beast’s face. Harris hugs him in a strong embrace while letting his admirer have some control. “You are such a great worshipper, my boy. I think you should now move that mouth of yours down to little Harris, because he is getting ready to give you a real treat.” “Sure, thing boss. It looks so huge though, I don’t know how I can please him.” “Heh don’t worry about it Jake. He doesn’t take too much coaxing to get a rise out of him.” The young man takes a few moments to look at Harrison’s impressive equipment, staring at his thick furry bush, kissing his thick veiny shaft, and running his tongue on his meaty head. Harris sighs and laughs every time his partner flips his cock up and down. “Ahh, I’m glad you are having fun with him Jake.” Jake’s foreplay is driving the older man wild, and he loves how it is putting him on edge. It is making his testicles grow even bigger as they start to pump more cum into Harrison’s prostate. He is now starting to push the young man down on his swollen beast. Jake nervously tries to resist, but it is not happening as Harrison’s strong hands are too much. “Mmm...I can feel my seed starting to pump into my cock Jake. Drink up, my boy.” He can hear the 21-year-old gagging as his powerful load flows both down his throat and out the sides of his mouth. His neck muscles appear to be stretching a bit, as if his body is trying to adapt to what is happening. Harrison moans as he watches Jake trying to keep some kind of composure as he continues to get abused by the beast’s incredible white flood. “GOOD BOY! You are such a trooper. I wonder what is going to happen to you when I am done filling every part of your insides with my DNA. Are you going to resist it Jake?” After several more jets of cum leave his swollen balls, enter his thick cock, and escape down Jake’s sore throat, he lets go of the exhausted young man as he feels his emptied rod leaving his partner’s mouth. It dribbles several strands of fluid down onto Jake’s-soaked red t-shirt and black pants. He is now trying to catch his breath, gasping for air, but appears okay. Harrison picks him up off the floor and embraces him again, holding him close against his huge chest. Jake has now put his hands on the big beast’s arms and is caressing them. They are both smiling at each other. “Uhh...whew...Harris...I thought I was going to die. I am so overloaded with your cum, I can hardly breathe.” “I wonder what will happen next buddy. I want you to grow big and strong like me. Isn’t that what you want too?” Jake pauses to think about it and is getting an uneasy feeling. He has always admired muscle growth on other men but has never considered it for himself. His mind got swept up by Harrison’s incredible transformation and he wanted to look at and feel his older crush’s muscles, which did happen, thanks to his friend Randall. Speaking of his close friend, he now wonders where he is hiding. “With all of this happening to you, I completely lost track of where Randy is.” “Why do you care where he is at right now, Jake? Heh, your attention should only be on me, right?” They can hear someone groaning down the hall. Clearly, it is Randall, but he sounds like he is in a bit of pain. Harris has an idea of what is going on and tells him to come into the room to join them. “RRAANNDDYY...Did you get jealous of Big Harris and have to get big like him too? Come in here so we can see you hulkout as well.” The 21-year-old redhead slowly walks in. He is wearing a white tee and yellow shorts. His body has already started to grow as his quads and calves look quite a bit larger than they were before all of this started. His cock is tenting heavily in his shorts and his arms are getting huge and veiny. “OHH FFUUCCKK...I couldn’t resist the urge to take it, Jake. I didn’t realize it would make me feel so good either! I just crave size so much now.” “You are such a good boy, Randy. Our DNA is geared for hugeness. Just let it overtake your senses and enjoy the ride.” The young beast moans loudly as his glutes start ripping out of the back of his shorts. He stares and smiles at Jake as his pecs inflate, stretching his tee to the point that it is practically painted on his chest. His huge six-pack is also visible beneath his shirt as his lats start ripping through the sides. He is panting with excitement. “I want you to grow so bad too Jake. You have to join us; this feels so fucking amazing. I love the feeling of just...RRWWRR...” Randy’s swelling cock bursts through the front of his shorts with ease as his junk is in full view. It looks very similar to how his father’s cock looks, as his ballsack also expands to nearly twice its size. “Oh, well I see that my genetics have been passed down to you, son. Heh, I imagine you are going to need help with that in a little bit, right?” “I do dad, but I want Jake to be the one to make me cum. Mmm...the thought of him taking my load on top of yours pops is something I want to see. It has to mean that he will turn into a grotesque muscle monster.” The young growing beast has now walked over to join the other two as he gets ready to show them both his immense chest. Harris grunts as he sees his son’s shirt starting to rip. He is now stroking Randy’s huge cock as Jake starts to feel himself losing control. They both can sense it. “Good boys. I can’t wait to see you blow your load inside Jake, Randall. He is going to realize just how special he really is.” “Oh fuck, I can’t wait dad. RAWR! Yeah, chest fucking GGRROOWW!!” Harrison yells in delight watching Randy’s chest swelling bigger beside him, now completely exposed and covered in a nice fluffy layer of reddish fur. His shorts are now ripping off his swelling legs as his shirt is in tatters. He moans feeling his dad getting him close to the edge. “Fuck...I am going to cum. Get your mouth down there Jake, start drinking up, and get to growing already.” Randy rubs his big chest as he feels the cum start to flow from his big cock. Jake catches some of it in his mouth as he starts moaning deeply, feeling things happening to him all over his body. He can hear both other huge beasts grunting as they can see him swelling. The young man came in wearing a red tee shirt, black shorts, white briefs, and a pair of sandals. After savoring several shots of his friend’s cum, Jake stands back up and begins to embrace his growth. He stares down at his legs and calves and watches in amazement as they begin to explode in size. Father and son are sighing under their breaths. He can feel his cock expanding rapidly as well as his shorts are already starting to shred under the raw power of his muscularity. He can feel his confidence building in his head as the growth moves up into his upper half. His sandals are no match for his enlarged feet as they explode open. Harris and Randy yell in pleasure as the two beasts are loving how much bigger Jake is getting. They can hear his back cracking as it appears he is getting even taller. His shirt rises a little further up his chest as parts of his pelvic floor and lower abs begin to expand quickly. He moans in delight feeling his shorts ripping along the waist, exposing the top part of his briefs. Randy can see his friend’s huge cock trying to get free. “Come over here beside me Harris. You are responsible for creating this monster.” He Looks over at Randy. “Randy...I think my cock wants to play with you.” With just a few grunts, Jake’s enormous cock tears the rest of his shorts open as they fall to the floor behind him. His briefs are now the only things attached to his lower half, but that likely won’t last much longer either as he continues to expand. His glutes are swelling rapidly as well as he looks over at Harris and grins. He can feel his arms, back, and chest swelling now. “You are going to be the most beautiful monster I have ever laid eyes on Jake.” “You think so Harris? How big should I get?” “Oh, as big as possible buddy.” Randy is now working his cock over, which appears to be making his ballsack grow even bigger. “OH YEAH RANDY! Keep doing that, I will make you want to grow even more.” He looks over at the huge middle-aged beast and stares at him with intensity as his pecs and arms inflate in succession with each other. He grunts as Harris moans with pleasure watching them growing. “I don’t think you are going to be able to wear anything we can get for you Jake. You are going to...” Jake is now laughing as his bloated pecs easily rip through his shirt. His huge, bulbous shoulders, mammoth traps, and engorged triceps follow afterwards, as he continues to grow even bigger. “I am not worried about clothing right now Harris. I just want to keep growing. I have never felt this good in my entire life.” “Whoa, I don’t doubt that for a second stud.” He is now flexing his biceps, watching in amazement as they stretch bigger beneath his skin. He is guessing that they are as big as softballs but thinks maybe they won’t stop inflating. He then moans as his pecs continue to get wider and more powerful, pushing his arms further away from his body. His shirt is now only attached to his neck as it gets ready to destroy the fabric with its immense girth. “You think I am done growing, boss?” “I don’t know Jake, are you?” The hulking beast, who must be upwards of 325 pounds at this point, flexes his back, flaring his lats, touches Harris’s own amazing body and makes him swoon in pleasure. The older beast is now beating on Jake’s abs, which are rock hard and have somehow formed into a gorgeous ten-pack. He smiles as he continues to stare at his crush and leans over to kiss him on the lips. His cock is throbbing as he gets ready to drown his best friend in his own special sauce. “I can feel my cum rushing through my balls Randy. You ready to join the monster club?” “You better fucking believe I want to keep growing Jake. Make me forget what I look like now.” Jake laughs as he starts to spray his close friend in his cum serum. Randy gets incredibly excited as he anticipates that another growth spurt will happen at any second. He closes his eyes, stands up and starts breathing heavy, his chest heaves as he scoops several piles of spunk off his big muscles and downs them into his mouth. He doesn’t know if it must be consumed or not. “Ahh...I want to be big like you Jake so badly. My very existence depends on it right now. I am big, but I must be bigger...taller...fucking hung like a horse...” “I think you will know it when it gets to your...” Randall opens his eyes and starts to moan as he looks down and sees his cock getting even bigger. It is now nearly a foot long as his ballsack expands as well. He starts stroking himself again, feeling his forearms and biceps expanding larger and fuller than before. He is giddy with excitement as his chest begins inflating again, draping even further over top of his huge abs. He is now pressing himself up against Jake as they squeeze their giant pecs together and smack cocks, trying to see who the bigger beast is. His spine cracks a few times as he feels himself getting taller and adding even more muscle to his colossal back. Harrison loves seeing both young men fooling around with each other but is a bit jealous of their incredible massiveness. Both have eclipsed over 300 pounds, and he wants to join in on the fun, but he wonders how he will get there now. After Jake has a bit of a tug of war with his friend Randall, he composes himself for a minute or so and walks back over to the hunky mature beast and smiles. “We have gotten to a critical point in our growth journey Harris. You and Randy toyed with me this entire time about becoming a hulk and you both succeeded. I gave your son the tools to match me in godlike proportions but guess what.” Harris realizes what must happen now. He is a little bit nervous about it, but then again, he realizes that it isn’t that big of deal once he thinks about it. “Oh well fuck Jake. My beautiful boy must provide his old man with the family’s own growth formula by way of his godlike cock. Yeah, I think I can do it this once.” “Heh good, because I am sure that Randy has been wanting to blast you this entire time. He is acting like an insane beast at this size.” “I know you are my dad, but in this one instance, I have to think of you as some fucking gorgeous hunk that I want to grow for my own pleasure. Hope you understand that pops.” “Randall, fucking do it. I want to play with Jake just as much as you do.” The young hulk strokes his cock with both of his hands vigorously and points it in his father’s direction. He is about to do something he never thought he would ever do. Harris can already feel some of his son’s precum hitting his face. It makes him shutter as he hears Randy revving up. The streams of cum begin coating his chest and down his legs as he sticks his tongue out to catch some of the white rain. Jake is heard off to the side grunting, knowing that he will be getting the hulking mature dreamboat that he has always wanted. Randy finishes spraying his cum all over his father as he walks back over towards his fellow 300+ pound hulk and smacks his ass. Jake smacks him back and acts like he is about to tackle him again. Harris is still wiping cum off his body and is slurping it off his fingers. He chuckles a few times. “I gotta say son...you do taste pretty good. You are never going to shove that thing inside me though. I can promise you that.” “That is the same for you dad. Let’s see you beast out now.” Harris is now feeling his body start to grow again. He grins as he feels his cock getting bigger as it starts to look a lot like his son’s. He then hears his own spine cracking as he feels himself adding at least a few inches to his height. He giggles in pleasure as his lats stretch even wider and his back muscles nearly double in size. The swelling hulk moans, staring directly into Jake’s eyes, as his furry chest inflates even larger, pecs thicker, meatier than before and his abs expanding even wider. “Mmm Jake...I am going to be so FUCKING MASSIVE! I feel like I can grow even more.” His quads are forcing him to stand at a different angle because they are getting so monstrously dense and wide. His massive cock dangles between both, dripping profusely, feeling such incredible pleasure as he continues to feel his body expanding. “Aww fuck...YEAH! Look at my arms Jake...my fucking cannons are still...GROWING!” Jake is practically drooling as he watches his daddy hulk’s biceps inflate to the size of soccer balls, veins as thick as garden hoses, and his triceps are now larger than most human’s legs. Harris agonizes as his forearms stretch to equally supernatural sizes. He is much bigger than the two younger muscle freaks and he is loving every minute of it. “I am now back to being the dominant beast in this house boys. Now come over here my beautiful Jake and let me have my way with you.” “With pleasure daddy hulk. I will savor every minute I spend with you from now on.” Jake stomps over to Harris and they embrace, kissing each other longingly as Randy looks on. Jake looks at him and tells him to come join them for a little roughhousing. He smiles and decides that he will join them for that, but no sex with his dad. Jake understands and they start to play strength games with each other including arm wrestling, putting fists through walls, and whatever else they feel like doing. The house they are in will not survive the three hulks because they now feel like they have outgrown it. Between the three of them, they weigh well over 1000 pounds, and they are filled with tons of testosterone. Randy does watch his dad and Jake have sex with each other, and in a way, it does turn him on, but he must remember that this 400+ pound behemoth with his best friend is his father. He will get his turn with Jake as well, and they take turns plowing him. The extreme growth between them has ended. Now they will have to figure out what they will be doing once the house is in complete disarray, as these three will need to satisfy their hunger in just a short amount of time. For now, though, the three hulks are going to enjoy their newfound size and strength.
  3. "NOTE": I am aware that this story is about two months late, but I didn't have time to work on this again until now. Enjoy it despite the late posting. “Hogan, I have a surprise for you. You have been selected from the millions of applicants from around the world to meet the big guy himself.” “What have you entered me into Nasim? I told you I wasn’t interested in that contest that you have been talking about throughout the year. There are literally thousands of other guys like me that have also lost a bunch of weight. Besides...I doubt this is a real contest anyway.” “Well...it looks pretty legit to me. It has an official trademark attached to the social media account. I doubt that they would allow an imposter to run such a major contest like this without it being reviewed, right? It has also generated a great deal of money, and the big guy has even responded himself. Anyway, your transformation wasn’t anything to gloss over either. You need to look in a mirror sometimes bro, because you are very looking really fire, and you are incredibly attractive.” “I am not as attractive as you think I am. I just look a little bit better than I did a year ago.” “Yeah, sure Hogan...guys don’t literally drop half their body weight in six months, have surgery to remove a huge amount of skin, and then blow up in muscle like you have done. Your arms are bigger than your head, and you are stronger than anyone I know. I would say that you are a rare breed.” “Well...if you are so mesmerized by me, then you could have started dating me Nasim, but you never did.” “I am not going to cheat on Massimo. You know that. We both agreed to enter you into this contest because you deserve to find happiness like we have, and this is our Christmas gift to you. Apparently, he will be here to see you on December 26th, which is tomorrow. I will talk to you later, okay. I do care a great deal about you Hogan, just try to be open about this. He obviously thinks you are special, or he wouldn’t come to see you at your house. Merry Christmas and enjoy this experience for us.” Nasim hangs up and Hogan puts his phone down on the bar counter located beside his kitchen. He is pretty tired after attending two of his family gatherings for Christmas. The attention he received was more than overwhelming for him and he sort of wished that he didn’t go to either one of them at all. The 210-pound bodybuilder’s transformation from a 400+ pound blob to where he is now, is something that nobody expected to do. Hogan’s shy personality still lingers despite his noticeable handsomeness, impressive muscularity, and bronzed skin. He always pined for his friend Nasim, but they never moved beyond their close friendship. The incredibly sexy Saudi, who himself has developed into a well-muscled adonis, started a long-term relationship with another Saudi a few years prior to Hogan’s transformation, so it was too late for the two men to explore anything on a personal level. After going to bed that night, around 3:00am, Hogan hears a knock on his front door. Considering that he has been in a tough situation in the past, he grabs one of the bats beside his bed and slowly walks down the stairs to the door. He can see a silhouette of a fairly large figure in front of the door. He yells through the door, “Who are you and what do you want?” The person politely says back, “Hogan...open the door and I will answer all of your questions.” He cracks the door open slowly and is stunned when he sees a man standing there in a red and white Santa Claus outfit, complete with everything you remember from the stories with the jolly man from your childhood. The hat with the cotton ball on the end, black boots, and a big black belt. He is carrying a sack on his back but puts it down on the ground beside him to show Hogan that he has nothing else in his hands. The man has a thick white beard, a large portly belly, and is smiling back at the surprised man. The unsuspecting 26-year-old half-Arabian is wearing a striped pajama outfit, but no underwear beneath his pants. He keeps the door mostly closed. “What do you want old man? This is weird that you are doing this the day after Christmas. Are you here to rob me or something?” “Heh, no Hogan. I am here because someone in your life thinks you are worthy of meeting me. You see, after I am done taking care of all the good boys and girls in the world on Christmas Day, I can then reward some lucky man with a late Christmas gift of his own.” Hogan, still thinking this guy is a nut, tries to close the door on him, but the man holds the door in its place somehow. He is in shock when it doesn’t budge. “Uhh...how are you doing that?” “Let me come in Hogan so we can get to know each other a little better.” At this point, the young man can feel a force overtaking him as he drops the bat in his hand and opens the door so that the man can enter. He is staring in bewilderment as the man walks in, carrying the sack he has brought with him, and looks directly at the tree in Hogan’s living room. It is barely decorated with anything on it. “Hmm...it looks a bit bare; don’t you think young man? Don’t you worry, I will take care of this.” Hogan is even more amazed when he sees his tree get decorated seemingly out of nowhere with brightly colored lights, huge manly looking ornaments, and tons of interesting holiday accessories strewn about on it. He is somewhat aroused by this but doesn’t understand why as he tries to cover his semi-erect tool. “Wha...? How...? Are you really...him? I can’t deny that I absolutely love what you have done to the tree. I mean...oh shi...sorry, I didn’t mean to cuss.” The man puts down his large sack beside the tree and walks over to him to put his arm around Hogan’s shoulder. “Heh, this is just an example of what could be the beginning of our day together Hogan. As I said before, someone thinks you are worthy of my services, and I think they are absolutely right. We shouldn’t waste too much time today, should we? I know you have made a dramatic physical transformation over the past year. I have to say that you are indeed a very attractive man, and I am more than willing to give you everything that you desire today. On this day, being naughty and nice is perfectly acceptable behavior.” Hogan turns to look directly into his eyes and can’t help but think about how much he wants him to see the big guy get insanely buff. The man winks back and smiles because he knows what is going through his mind. “You are getting Nick all excited Hogan...*can feel himself getting ready to transform*...mmm I guarantee that you will have never seen me look like this before...*there is noticeable popping noises coming from all over his body* Ho... ho... HOOO...I have a VERRY...MERRY...Christmas gift for you...and actually...for the both of us...” The young man can feel something happening to the older man as he tries to pull away from him. The man’s beard is starting to darken as it adjusts itself perfectly several inches down along his jawline. He moans as his belly shrinks and vanishes from within his fuzzy coat. Hogan feels his own cock getting hard in his pajama pants as he continues to look on. “Ho ho ho... GRRR...this does feel really GOOD Hogan...” Nick is now squeezing his hands into a fist as they slowly expand. The veins also appear to be swelling in each of them. His legs can now be seen stretching his red pants. Hogan can also see the man’s cock growing beneath the fabric as well. The silhouette of Nick’s beast mesmerizes him and puts thoughts in his head that he never imagined before. “I... uhm...I shouldn’t have these types of feelings for you Santa...but...well...I can’t seem to help it.” “Haha...just keep staring at me young man. You are going to get a great show...and I am getting to share this experience with you. You deserve it.” Nick finally moves his swelling arm away from Hogan as it starts to stretch the sleeves on his coat. He is looking down at his inflating pecs with glee as they slowly start to press on his coat and open it. He closes his eyes for a few moments as his chest starts to heave, his breathing noticeably heavier, but he is laughing in delight. Hogan has now pulled his pants down past his knees as he slowly starts to stroke his cock. “I knew you would enjoy this, Hogan. You want to see Buff Santa and I am going to give that to you!” The belt on Nick’s pants is unable to handle the girth of his expanding muscular pelvis as it squeals before exploding off his waist. His pants start ripping all the way down to his knees, exposing his bloated, furry, tree-trunk sized quads, which are hard as steel, as they continue to expand. He grunts as his massive triceps and biceps finally blast through his sleeves and keeps on growing as he flexes them for Hogan. He then half grimaces and smiles in pleasure as his swelling pecs continue to get even thicker and wider, pulsating and bouncing as he reaches down to slowly open his coat to reveal them to Hogan, moving his big mitts down to squeeze his hard nipples and starts growling. “RAWR, oh yeah it feels so exhilarating Hogan. I have needed to do this for so long. I can’t thank you enough for allowing Buff Santa to come out and play.” His bloated back bursts through the back of his coat as he turns for a minute to let the young man get a clear view of just how immense his delts and traps are getting. His expanding feet then start ripping the seams on his boots before blasting out of them, revealing each thick meaty toe on his big beauties. The massive muscularity on this growing beast astounds Hogan, but he is still afraid to approach the impressive monster. Nick is now sighing, feeling the hair on his body thickening and turning darker with flecks of gray strewn in between each black strand. He has turned back around again to face his young partner to let Hogan see his mammoth abdominal cavity as it is now in full view of his face. Each individual ab is glistening with sweat and is covered in a very healthy amount of grayish-black fur. Hogan can’t help but moan softly to himself as he finds the beast’s chest to be incredibly beautiful. He is then motioned to come closer to Nick. “Come over here my young stud. I want you to also meet...my...RRAAHH...” He roars in delight as his thick meaty cock has found a way to rip itself out of his pants. It is fully erect, gloriously furry, and has a thick sheath. It is also quite veiny and dripping profusely. Hogan has now mustered up enough courage to walk up to him and begins to run his hands all over Nick’s incredibly massive chest. The big guy moans as he feels the young man touching his pecs. “OH ho ho young man. I think maybe you might like it when I do...this...” Hogan can hear Nick’s pecs squeaking as they both grow even bigger, getting even rounder as his nipples now point downwards towards his abdominals. His young partner is intoxicated by Santa’s manly scent as well as he starts to run his tongue along the contours of the big man’s huge tits. He is also petting Nick’s thick and hairy six-pack with his fingers, running them along the huge cords of muscle back along his stabilizers to the caverns of his incredibly furry pits. He can see the furry beast’s hefty lats agonizingly trying to stay in place without destroying the entire coat. Nick sighs in pleasure as he does this. “You really know how to make Buff Santa happy, Hogan. I just might be able to...mmm...add a little more size to my core...” Hogan lets out a very loud, “Ahh...” when he sees Nick’s abdominals swelling even larger, harder, and vascular than they were just a few seconds before. He starts petting them again making Santa shutter in pleasure as it appears to be making him hornier. His pecs start bouncing in unison as his young partner starts fingering both of his big nipples. He puts one of his hands on Hogan’s shoulder. “MMM yeah. I think maybe you will want to get a bit more comfortable with my huge mantits. I have something delicious you might like Hogan.” The half-Arabian moans as he starts to flick the big guy’s left nip with his tongue. He hears Nick say, “OH YEAH!” as he does this, which makes him extremely horny as well as he reaches down to start stroking himself again. He can feel Santa’s pec flexing after doing this for about a minute. Nick says to him, “Keep going...ahh...” as he grimaces in pleasure. Hogan gets his reward as he tastes something leaking from the beast’s swollen nip. It appears to be milk but is remarkably sweet and very thick. He can hear Nick going, “Ahh...yeah drink it young man. I have more in the other one too.” After a couple of minutes, it finishes leaking and he moves over to the other one to do the same. Nick is now laughing as he begins to drain his right nip of milk. He has his huge left arm cradling Hogan’s head as the young man looks up at him. “My pec milk is going to be providing you with a lot of necessary nutritional benefits for your body, Hogan. You should be feeling the effects very soon, once you finish with my big boy here.” As he finishes draining Nick’s other pec, the young man gets back up to compose himself for a few seconds. “What do you mean by that Santa? Is this going to make me grow?” The mature muscle beast smiles, knowing that he doesn’t really have to tell him anything. Hogan has stopped stroking himself again and pulls his pants back up. He can now feel something happening in the middle of his stomach as he clutches it. Nick is looking at him lustfully. “I think you are going to be really happy with what is going to happen to you now young man.” He can hear the half-Arabian groaning as his muscles begin to swell. The stretching noises emanating from Hogan’s body are making Nick want to grow even bigger, but he is trying to control himself. His cock is throbbing wildly as the precum starts flowing all over the young man’s floor. He can hear his partner saying, “Yes...yes...I want this...” as his cock finds its way out the top of his pants. Hogan looks directly at Nick and smiles as he moves his legs further apart, anticipating their forthcoming expansion. He has his hands on his chest as he continues to moan deeply, the pleasure indescribable as his swelling quads stretch his pants to their limits. His calves are now visible beneath the fabric and his feet have grown a few sizes larger. He can feel his arms squeaking beneath the fabric of his top, massive cords of vascularity completely visible from his wrists all the way up to his shoulders. “Uhh...uhh...I have dreamed about this for so long Santa. You have made my wish come true. I can feel myself getting bigger and stronger.” His glutes are now testing the limits of his pants as they start to slowly rip a few seams open in the back. As for his back, Hogan sighs as it splits the fabric, his lats and delts in view. He turns to let Nick see them. The mature beast walks up to him and winks as he reaches down to touch the young beast’s cock, feeling it swell in his hand. “I am getting so turned on watching you Hogan. I am going to grow even bigger so I can give you more.” Nick starts moaning loudly as he feels his cock getting even larger, his balls growing as big as softballs as his coat finally succumbs to his sheer size, arms, pecs, quads, and back all getting to gargantuan thickness. He is still holding on to Hogan’s cock and starts to squeeze it into his cock slit. The warm and slippery hole turns the young growing beast on so much that he accidentally shoots cum down inside the big man’s massive tool. “MMM...that feels really amazing, beast. BUFF SANTA is going to turn you the best bodybuilder on this planet.” As Hogan feels his inflating pecs stretching his top, he can also feel Nick’s supernatural cock undulating as his ball sack contracts and pushes massive amounts of cum into his own rod. The insane volume of Santa seed is now traveling up into the young half-Arabian's own ball sack, intestines, and throughout his entire body. The pain only lasts for a couple of minutes as his cock is finally pulled out of the muscle monster’s ridiculously enormous penis. “Your days of looking like every other short freak here on Earth is over Hogan. You are now going to get...” The young beast grunts as his spine cracks and he begins to feel himself rising towards the ceiling. His shirt is now up past his torso and his pants are now ripping off his body. He is probably well over 7” tall now. Nick can hear him saying, “Oh my gawd...I never thought...”. “You won’t even remember being this small after today, young man.” In just seconds, Hogan’s top disintegrates under the growth that is starting to happen. Nick moans hearing his partner in absolute pleasure, embracing his expanding muscles and losing control of who he was, prior to that moment. His voice is also changing, deepening to a very masculine tone. His quads are now bigger than most natural bodybuilder’s torsos and his biceps are as large as beach balls. He growls as he feels his pecs getting wider, forcing his arms to reposition themselves. He is flaring his lats now, hitting his Christmas tree and knocking it over. He is entirely unconcerned. “Mmm...I think you are enjoying this Hogan. Do you still have a problem with me being here?” “Are you freaking kidding Santa? I feel like I can conquer the world now. You have completely changed my life. There isn’t anything that I can’t do. I could probably pick up my car with ease with these bazookas.” “You are probably not wrong, beast. Before we finish here, why don’t we spend a little more time getting acquainted with each other’s muscles just a bit more.” “I would absolutely love to fool around with you. Maybe you could provide me with some more of your magical seed?” “Ho ho... not a chance Hogan. You will have to force me to I suppose.” “It would be my pleasure, Santa.” The two nude behemoths have moved their play time outside into Hogan’s backyard. Interestingly, the younger beast’s cock and balls have grown even bigger, big enough to where Nick can do something that might surprise his partner. He licks his lips staring at the half-Arabian's huge rod and starts to wrestle him to the ground. “Uhh...no fair old man. I wasn’t ready for that.” “Ho ho beast, I want to do something pleasurable for the both of us.” “OH!? Hmm...well I am willing to do it if it involves me being as big as a house.” “Well, no, but your big cock will enjoy this immensely.” The huge mature muscle monster is now slowly pushing his bloated forearm down inside Hogan’s cock, making him yell in discomfort. After a few seconds, it relaxes, and Nick starts moving his arm back and forth inside it. The young behemoth is now moaning loudly feeling his balls filling up with gallons of cum. “OHH YEAH! I love it, Nick. I won’t be able to hold it back very long though, there is so much cum...” “I am aware of that Hogan. You are about to possibly change the future for some other male on this planet if this works.” “OH!? OHHH...” Hogan’s balls are now pumping cum into his shaft as Nick slides his meaty arm out of his partner’s hole. The volcano starts to erupt, and it goes flying thirty feet into the air. He does this several times as his older partner grins watching it travel to another part of the city. The last strands of cum smack Nick in the face and he smiles as he licks some of it off his beard. He leans down to kiss Hogan on the lips. “MMM...this was a lot of fun, beast. It turned out even better than I imagined. This is the first time that I have been allowed to turn a mortal man into a supernatural creature, even though you are probably around 450 pounds give or take.” Hogan laughs at him and holds him against his body. “I hope this isn’t the last time I see you, Santa. You turned me into a demigod, and I would love to spend more time with another equally impressive force of nature.” “Well, you won’t have to worry about that much longer because what you just did was a catalyst for what will happen from this day forward. Now...I must go before your people find out about me.” Hogan kisses him deeply one more time before they look into each other’s eyes and Nick disappears. The huge 7’1 455-pound hulk manages to get back onto his feet and waddles into the house. There, he notices that there is a box sitting on his bar counter. He opens it and it contains a bottle labeled Buff Santa. The massive beast smiles as he closes it and walks into his living room to try and clean up some of the mess that they left. At least for the time being, Hogan is the only muscle monster that Buff Santa has created. Will there be more before the new year hits? As Nick said, this beast just opened a box that probably can’t be closed again.
  4. I had the wonderful opportunity to work on a commission for mystery79, who wanted a wholesome muscle growth comic for their DeviantArt page (linked). I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of creating this piece as fresh ideas flowed continuously. If you're looking to have a captivating story crafted just for you or if you'd like to express your appreciation to the artist, feel free to tip a coffee at $creativecoffeeman. You can easily message me on Discord at czechhunter69#0839. For those who are simply here to enjoy the artwork, sit back, relax, and let the magic unfold! ------------------- Alex the muscle daddy next door As the summer sun beat down on the small town of Willowbrook, Brock wiped the beads of sweat from his brow with the back of his hand. Home on a break from college, he had taken up a job as a grocery bagger at the local market to help save up for the upcoming semester. The monotony of the job was broken when a familiar figure approached his checkout lane. There was something about the man that struck Brock as oddly familiar, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. The man, probably in his mid-thirties, exuded an air of confidence and strength. His fiery red hair caught the sunlight, framing a face with rugged features and a perfectly groomed fiery red beard. Every inch of his muscular physique was accentuated by a tight-fitting shirt, emblazoned with the word "SECURITY" across his broad back. In this town, Brock had never seen a man this thick, so far from a gym - much less without a sweaty pump to justify that much fluffiness. As Brock diligently loaded his groceries into the back of his SUV, his attention couldn't help but wander to the striking figure waiting just outside the car. Every now and then, Brock would discreetly steal glances, catching the man's appreciative gaze fixed on him, as if he were a mouthwatering delicacy. As they both were enjoying the view. The brief connection of their eyes sent an electric jolt through Brock's body, leaving his cheeks flushed with a rosy hue. It was in that exhilarating moment that Brock finally recognized the man's identity—Alexander Olson, his childhood friend's father and his next-door neighbor. The realization left him momentarily speechless, awestruck by the transformation Alex had undergone. He hadn’t seen the man in years, much less spoke with him. Gone was the lanky figure he remembered; this Alexander exuded a captivating presence, one that left Brock feeling a mix of admiration and desire, leaving his mouth dry and thirsty in the heat. As Alexander prepared to drive away, a mischievous glint sparkled in his eyes, reflecting in the rearview mirror, his lips curling into a playful smile. In a moment of tantalizing flirtation, he sent a sly wink Brock's way. Simultaneously, his hand discreetly dropping a crumpled piece of paper. The air crackled with intrigue, and Brock's heart raced with a mixture of exhilaration and nervous anticipation. Reacting swiftly, Brock's trembling hands descended to retrieve the fallen treasure. Carefully unfolding the paper, a crumpled business card, a handwritten message graced the surface, an endearing blend of disheveled scrawl and affectionate intent: "Hey cutie,” In that instant, a rush of emotions coursed through Brock's veins. His world seemed to tilt on its axis as he realized how much he didn’t care about who this man was. Alexander’s voluptuous body and playful gesture had stirred a dormant flame within Brock, igniting the possibility of a connection he never dared to imagine - the married dad next door. A whirlwind of emotions churned within Brock's stomach, leaving him both excited and apprehensive. The man who had been a constant presence throughout his childhood, had just flirted with him - and he liked it. Did Alex know who he was? As a junior in college, Brock was no stranger to the assumptions and labels cast upon him due to his youthful appearance - it’s often why a lot of guys his age didn’t bother with him. His gentle features and slender frame often led others to classify him as a Twink. Yet, holding Alexander's business card in his hand, he couldn't shake the feeling that there might be something more brewing, and certainly couldn’t wait to catch up. Taking a deep breath to steady himself, Brock carefully tucked the business card into his pocket, weighing wether or not it was meant for him or what to do. The man was married! And his neighbor! With the warm breeze whispering through the rows of parked cars and the vibrant sounds of the bustling market filling the air, Brock stepped back inside to finished his shift before texting Alex the same message: “Hey cutie” In all honesty, he wanted to play it cool and go with the safe phrase of “Hey big guy”, but he also wanted Alex to know it was him. Brock and Alex's initial text exchanges flowed effortlessly - and to his surprise he wasn’t just imagining it Alex really did mean to drop his card for Brock. Alex was genuinely interested in Brock.The conversations gradually evolved, transitioning from playful banter to the exchange of revealing pictures. Alex's images showcased his muscular physique and dedication to fitness, while Brock hesitantly shared glimpses of his own vulnerability, encouraged by Alex's genuine interest - only to be accepted as he was. Alex loved a smaller, slimmer man he explained- someone he didn’t have to be in competition with. Someone he could playfully benchpress as they cuddled. Someone who would allow him to be their boss, dominating their world. Their connection grew stronger with each passing day, as they opened up about personal matters. Alex confided in Brock about his ongoing divorce and the challenges he faced as a newly out gay man and father. It became more intimate and clandestine, adding an exhilarating element to their connection. Brock would seize the opportunity to visit Alex when his wife was away, the thrill of secrecy coursing through their veins - even if they weren’t a couple anymore. Their meetings began with casual conversations and catching up, often over drinks. Alex often took the initiative to advance their connection further. Brock, with his experiences and knowledge became a treasure trove of information about being gay, became a guide for Alex, introducing him to new aspects of his sexuality and exploring different roles within their intimate dynamic. One such day, Alex came up behind Brock and with a confident touch, Alex's beefy hands skillfully working their magic on Brock's tired and tense back, eliciting a contented sigh from his lips as he surrendered to Alex’s intense pressure on his muscles. His eyes closed trying to keep from crying out, for fear Alex would stop. The demanding nature of Brock's job at the grocery store, coupled with the stress of affording college in the fall, had left him yearning for this kind of painful relief, and Alex proved to be an expert at easing his tension. "You're so tense," Alex remarked, his words laced with a mix of concern and desire, before applying deeper pressure with his thumbs to relax Brock's knotted muscles. "So tense and hard.” He said in a deeper and huskier voice. Sensing the growing attraction between them, Alex leaned in closer, his waist pressing against Brock’s ass over hanging the back of the stool. The absence of a backrest allowed Brock to keenly feel the firmness of Alex's waist against him, the tantalizing bulge between them leaving little to the imagination - a clear impression of Alex’s 8” beer can. A flicker of anticipation danced in the air as Alex's words hung there, heavy with smooth innuendos. Brock's heart raced, his mind swirling with a mixture of longing and excitement. The suggestion of moving to the guest room held the promise of a more satisfying massage, one that would satisfy not only their physical desires but take Alex’s gay virginity - if there could be such a thing. In that charged moment, the world around them seemed to fade away, leaving only the throbbing pulse of desire and the unspoken invitation to see just how much Alex had learned about being a top. As Alex confidently led the way, Brock couldn't help but admire the mesmerizing sight before him. Each step Alex took revealed legs as robust as those of a seasoned athlete, defying any notions of a sedentary lifestyle. The moment they walked in the room, the waistline of Alex’s shorts loosened, surrendering to gravity as they approached the room, granting Brock an exquisite view of every sinew and contour of his muscular legs, leading up to the tantalizing glimpse of his boxer briefs. The tanned and impeccably toned flesh was a testament to years of dedication and hard work, as if he were poised to step onto a stage for a bodybuilding competition. His perfectly round buttocks beckoned like delectable cupcakes, inviting exploration and indulgence. "I work better without my pants on," Alex's voice resonated with playful anticipation. "Now, let's focus on that massage," he continued, playfully slapping a hand on the firm mattress. Brock began to pull his shirt up, but Alex halted his movements with a gentle touch, physically moving him to the bed to lay down. "If I need your clothes off, I'll take care of it myself," Alex's voice resonated with a touch of command, halting Brock's actions. A surge of anticipation coursed through Brock's body as he witnessed Alex's playful struggle with his shirt, his mighty lats flexing in a display of awe-inspiring power, captivating Brock's gaze. With each tantalizing movement, the magnificence of Alex's chiseled physique unfurled before Brock's enchanted eyes, like a masterpiece coming to life. Brock knew the man was purposely wearing small and tight clothes. His broad and commanding shoulders stood pressed against his traps, perfectly proportioned and barely able to manage the simple task. The flowing lines of his deltoids accentuated the distinct separation between each head, as if meticulously crafted by a skilled artisan. They seamlessly merged into his robust triceps, adorned with bulging veins that whispered of his unwavering commitment to his craft. Brock couldn't help but fixate on Alex's captivating chest—an embodiment of muscularity, adorned with a tantalizing dusting of fiery red hair and a trail of temptation leading below. Each meticulously sculpted pectoral muscle stood proud, emanating a pulsating aura of raw power and masculine allure - even as he fought to get his shirt over his head. The deep crevice between them served as a testament to the sheer strength contained within Alex's upper body. And then there were his rippling abdominals, a sight that left Brock in awe. Like a work of art, each individual muscle exhibited astonishing clarity, inviting exploration and igniting desires he never knew existed. Yet, as the reality of the moment washed over him, Brock's heart raced with a mixture of desire and disbelief. The enchanting sight before him beckoned him closer, awakening an urge to explore, to run his fingers over every carved ridge, and to discover the depths of pleasure that lay within this tantalizing dream made flesh. As the sleeves of his shirt clung tightly to his bulging arms, Alex's playful laughter filled the room, interrupting the mesmerized state that Brock found himself in. Their eyes met, and a mischievous spark danced between them. "Hey, Brock, I know you’re enjoying the view, but could you lend a hand?" Alex's voice dripped with playful charm. He was well aware of Brock's gaze, seemingly seeing through the fabric that concealed his magnificent physique. "Oh, yeah, sorry," Brock stammered, his cheeks flushing slightly as he snapped out of his reverie. He eagerly reached forward, grasping the warm and almost sweaty fabric, feeling the seams strain against the sheer size of Alex's body. Brock couldn't help but notice the subtle flexing of Alex's biceps, pressed against his ears in a playful display as it happened. It was a performance, designed to captivate and entice, and Brock was more than willing to be a willing participant. With one final tug from Brock, the shirt finally surrendered, leaving Alex standing before him, his head crowned with a tousle of messy red hair, a captivating contrast to his chiseled physique. In that surreal moment, as Brock's eyes traced the intricate lines of Alex's sculpted physique, a mischievous smirk played on Alex's lips, as he began to pop his pecs, left and right repeatedly - knowing just how hot it was for Brock. “Yeah? You like the huh?” Alex said. As the shirt fell to the side, discarded and forgotten, Brock found himself pulled into Alex's strong embrace. His head nestled between the pillows of sculpted pecs, the warmth and solidity of Alex's body enveloping him in a cocoon of desire. It was a full-bodied hug. Alex's lips left a trail of tender kisses along Brock's forehead, his breath mingling with whispered words of adoration. Each touch ignited a spark within Brock, fueling the flames of passion that consumed them both. "God, everything about you is so perfect," Alex murmured, his voice filled with a mixture of desire and reverence. “I’ve never done this with a man.” The soft caresses continued their descent, leaving a trail of longing in their wake. Finally, their lips met, a fusion of fire and intensity that transcended words. In that passionate exchange, time seemed to stand still, their hearts beating in sync as their bodies pressed against one another. With a firm yet gentle motion, Alex guided Brock backward, their bodies sinking into the plushness of the bed. Brock's feet dangled over the edge of the bed, his knees bent as he surrendered himself to the gentle exploration of Alex's skilled touch. As Alex's lips and hands ventured across his chest and shoulders, a wave of sensation coursed through Brock's body, setting his nerves ablaze. Every kiss and caress sent ripples of pleasure, accompanied by an awe-inspiring visual display. With each tender motion, Alex's pecs flexed, their impressive definition captivating Brock's gaze. The sinewy muscles seemed to pop and ripple, a testament to the dedication and strength that resided within them. The rhythmic contractions of Alex's arms, guided by his hands, created an intoxicating dance, evoking a primal desire within Brock. And as their bodies pressed against each other, Brock could feel the subtle friction of the bulging briefs against his own waistline, a teasing reminder of the arousal they shared. In that moment, the room seemed to fade away, leaving only the tender affection and care that Alex bestowed upon him. It was a moment of full of genuine emotion. It was more than a mere hookup; it was a shared experience of vulnerability, pleasure, and profound intimacy. As Alex lavished him with affection, Brock couldn't help but feel a profound sense of gratitude and contentment. Brock's feet dangled over the edge of the bed, his knees bent, as Alex's strong hands worked their magic on his tired little body, pinned to the bed and loving every moment of it. "Let's add a little more excitement," Alex suggested, seamlessly steering the conversation into a new direction. With a fluid motion, his hand slipped under Brock's shirt, effortlessly peeling it off, revealing Brock's unremarkable chest. As Alex leaned in, his colossal back obscured Brock's view of the rest of the room, allowing him to only notice the stray red hairs that dared to venture upwards from Alex's pecs and nestle there. Alex's delicate nibbles and suckles on Brock's chest and neck sent shivers of pleasure coursing through him, while the slight abrasions of his facial stubble added a delightful sensation, a pleasant ache that heightened Brock’s experience. Brock found himself at a loss, his inexperience contrasting with Alex's muscular and seasoned presence. It seemed as though Alex was a master, effortlessly pinning Brock's hands above him as he positioned himself on top. Their lips met once again, this time engaging in a passionate dance of tongues, exploring each other. Brock marveled at the way Alex's tongue effortlessly extended further into his mouth, savoring the sensation. One of his favorite moments was when Alex playfully nibbled on his lips after intensely exploring his mouth. “You taste good," Brock playfully retorted between passionate kisses, his desire growing with every passing moment. The weight of Alex pressing down on his waist intensified the delicious friction against his throbbing cock, enhancing the urge within him, as if being driven deeper into the mattress. “That was suppose to be my line," Alex chuckled, his lips briefly parting from Brock's before resuming their intense connection. As their makeout session continued, Alex deftly began unbuttoning Brocks pants, but Brock eagerly attempted to lend a hand, only to have his efforts playfully swatted away. "That's going to be my job," Alex asserted, his tone carrying a hint of intimidation, yet the mischievous smile on his face dispelled any notion of seriousness. In the midst of their escalating passion, Brock could feel the room growing hotter, their bodies intimately intertwined. Alex's fingers expertly undid the remaining buttons of Brock's pants, his touch sending electric currents of pleasure coursing through Brock's veins. Slowly, sensually, Alex slid the pants down Brock's legs, baring him completely. "God, you're perfect," Alex uttered, a statement that no man of his size had ever said to Brock before. "I just want to—" He abruptly halted his words as his hand ventured towards Brock's eager entrance, skillfully tracing delicate patterns to help him relax, while using his other hand to generously apply lube to his own throbbing cock - a different beast that also terrified Brock. The air brimmed with anticipation, their eyes locked in a fiery gaze, each aware of what was to come next. With a surge of desire, Alex positioned himself at the threshold of Brock's longing. In a surprising display of tenderness, Alex embarked on their journey with meticulous slowness, savoring every moment of their intimate connection. Despite his imposing physique and impressive size, he moved with a gentle precision, his touch exuding both care and affection. His hands roamed Brock's body, worshipping every curve and contour, as if tracing a map of his devoted adoration. Brock's excitement only grew, his moans fueling Alex's fervor. Lost in the moment, their lips locked again and again, Alex began to thrust more intently now, their bodies melding together, Brocks feet locked behind the wall of muscle. "That's it, make daddy proud," Alex grunted, his words punctuated by the rhythm of their shared desire. Brock's body responded, the gentle stimulation of his P-spot sending blissful shivers cascading through his nerves until, without warning, he released in a wave of intense pleasure, his climax transcending any preconceived notion of a definitive jolt as he coated Alex’s treasure trial in thick globs of cum. As Brock's release marked the peak of his pleasure, Alex, sensing the culmination drawing near, intensified his rhythm. Their bodies moved in perfect harmony, a crescendo of passion reaching its apex as the bed slammed against the wall harder with each thrust. With unrestrained abandon, Alex's voice filled the air, his moans echoing through the room, as his own climax overcame him. Brock could feel the pulsating warmth of Alex's release inside him, even after Alex withdrew. Part of him wanted Alex to collapse on top of him right there, suffocating him. Suddenly, they both heard the front door opening and his wife tossing her keys and purse onto the kitchen bar. In a state of panic, Alex hurriedly attempted to get dressed, his voice filled with urgency. "Oh, fuck, she's home. You can't be here, you really can't be here." The sudden arrival of Alex's wife sent shockwaves through the room, erasing any remnants of relaxation or time to clean up as she announced she was home. Brock's heart raced as he realized the gravity of the situation, scrambling to his feet but stumbling clumsily and falling with an audible thud onto the carpet. He lay there, his head resting amidst the scattered pieces of clothing, feeling a mix of embarrassment and anxiety. Desperately, he reached for his underwear and hastily put it on, searching for his shorts and shirt in a frenzy. In that tense moment, Alex's wife entered the room, her gaze immediately registering the scene before her. Anger and hurt flashed across her face as she confronted her husband, her voice trembling with betrayal. "What were you two doing? How could you do this to me? He's barely older than our son, Alex!" Her words were filled with pain and disbelief, as if speaking to an unseen presence, disregarding Brock's presence in the room. The weight of her accusation bore down on Brock, his face turning pale with embarrassment and shame. However, her expression suddenly shifted, and she burst into laughter, a bitter and mocking tone in her voice. "You could at least let me know when you bring him over. But Brock, it's nice to finally meet you." Her words were laced with sarcasm, a mix of disbelief and resignation. The situation had taken an unexpected turn, leaving Brock caught between feelings of humiliation and a surreal sense of relief, unsure of how to respond in the midst of this emotional whirlwind. "Why did you panic if she knows about us?" Brock asked, feeling a sense of relief as he closed the door. "It was mostly for fun, she said she’d do it if she caught us" Alex replied, his voice filled with amusement. "And you're a good guy. Besides, she still plays a role in my life. I hope you'll allow her to be a part of it as the divorce goes through." Though Brock felt a twinge of awkwardness, he decided not to dwell on it. As long as things remained friendly and amicable, he didn't care. "You two finish up, I'll get some snacks in the oven," she shouted from down the hall. Brock couldn't help but notice that none of this scene seemed to faze her. The way she smiled at both of them made Brock think she was actually proud of her husband. "How is she so comfortable with this?" Brock asked, genuinely curious. "We loved and supported each other for 20 years, and that support isn't going to stop just because we're not sexually compatible due to my own self-deception," Alex replied, his voice carrying a tone of maturity and introspection. "It took a lot of work to get her to this point where she's comfortable with it, and because of my failure to be honest with myself, it cost her a lot. So she's still a part of my life, and if you're willing, you could be a part of it too during that time. This is a house where love wins.” Brock could see the sadness lingering in Alex's eyes as he struggled to get his clothes on. It was evident that he was reflecting on his relationship with his wife, still carrying a sense of loss and regret. But Brock had a different idea. He stepped closer to Alex, pressing himself up against him, swatting the mans hands away from buttoning up his own shorts. "No, you're not getting dressed. We're getting in the shower," Brock asserted, a sly smile playing on his lips. He reached out, pulling Alex’s shirt back off. “We’re not done yet.” "We aren't?" Alex replied, a hint of playful challenge in his voice. "And what are you going to do about it?" he added, his gaze fixed on Alex's tensed arms, mesmerized by the bulging muscles, particularly the defined horseshoe bend of the tricep. Brock leaned in, capturing Alex's lips in a passionate kiss, pressing his body against the impressive chest that seemed to tower over him. His hand traced a path up and down the sinewy contours of Alex's arm, savoring the sensation of each muscle beneath his touch. "Goddamn, your muscles are enormous." Brock murmured between kisses, his desire and admiration evident in his words. As Alex guided them into the shower, the warm water cascaded down their bodies, creating a sensual curtain that heightened the intimacy of the moment. Brock eagerly took the soap in his hands, lathering it up to create a rich foam. With tender care, he started at Alex's broad shoulders, his fingers gliding over the firm muscles. The soap glided effortlessly across Alex's sculpted chest, leaving behind a trail of bubbles that highlighted every beautiful contour and ridge, tangling themselves in his hair as each strand danced. Brock's hands moved in slow, deliberate circles, relishing the sensation of the slick soap on Alex's skin, specifically working to get his cum out of Alex’s hair. He traced the defined lines of his abs, his touch light and teasing, before moving lower to explore each powerful thigh and calf. The water, accentuating his size and strength. Brock's fingertips followed the path of the falling droplets, reveling in the way they meandered over the ridges and valleys of Alex's physique. He couldn't help but marvel at the way the water clung to his well-defined biceps, the droplets forming a glistening sheen that highlighted their impressive size. With each stroke and touch, Brock reveled in the sheer power and beauty of Alex's body. He reveled in the way the soap slid between his fingers, the way the water traced every curve and crevice. The intimacy of the moment was palpable, the connection between them deepening with every gentle touch and little remark as Brock worshiped the mans muscles. In that shower, Brock delighted in the sensuality of the experience, determined to satisfy Alex again. As Brock knelt before Alex, his hands continued their gentle exploration of the muscular body, caressing the firm flesh with reverence. With a deliberate and eager motion, Brock's mouth found its destination, enveloping Alex's throbbing cock barely able to breathe. His tongue, slick with desire, danced along every inch of Alex’s cock, tracing the intricate veins and contours that brought Alex immense pleasure. The rhythm of his movements matched the rhythm of the water cascading down, a symphony of sensuality in the steam-filled shower. The taste of Alex’s pre, a heady combination that fueled Brock's hunger for more, as the cock began to stiffen. Soon Alex's hand found its place behind Brock's head, as he looked up at his man. Sensing the growing hunger in Alex's eyes, Brock skillfully slid his finger into Alex's tight opening, expertly targeting his prostate. The combination of Brock's tantalizing suction and the euphoric stimulation sent waves of pleasure coursing through Alex's body, leaving him unable to contain his moans. Driven by his insatiable desire, Alex’s thrusts grew more fervent, his hips thrusting in tandem with Brock's oral ministrations. Brock couldn’t help but enjoy the feeling of the mans ass clamping around his fingers with each push. The intensity built, their connection deepening with every desperate thrust. Brock continued to expertly suck and pleasure Alex, skillfully navigating the delicate balance of pleasure and control. And then, as the pinnacle of their desire approached, a surge of warmth flooded Brock's throat. He reveled in the taste and the shared intimacy, his senses overwhelmed by the intensity of the moment. As they both caught their breath, Alex leaned against the shower wall, his body still quivering with aftershocks. A contented smile played on his lips as he gazed at Brock, a mix of satisfaction and admiration in his eyes. "You really know what you're doing," Alex chuckled, his voice laced with post-coital bliss. “Holy shit, men really do this stuff better." The sensitivity of his body lingered, as he shuddered against the wall. “I knew you had a second round in you.” Brock said wiping his lips of Alex’s remnants. In the steam-filled shower, a sense of fulfillment hung in the air, mingling with the remnants of their passionate encounter. Both men stood in the aftermath of their shared release, their bodies intimately intertwined in the blissful aftermath. Alex laughed. “Now, let’s see what your wife has made,” Brock said, shocked he could even say such a thing. —————————————————————————————————————————— In the weeks that followed, Alex orchestrated a series of unforgettable dates, each one meticulously planned to make Brock feel like royalty. From candlelit dinners at upscale restaurants to romantic walks along moonlit beaches, every moment was a testament to Alex’s infatuation. He reveled in the knowledge that his bulging muscles had the power to arouse and captivate Brock, his slender frame drawn to the sheer physicality of Alex's body. Brock, enthralled by the sight of every flexing muscle and the way Alex's shirts clung to his sculpted physique, found himself mesmerized by the sheer strength and beauty of his partner and they numerous ways he could support them both. As their relationship deepened, they ventured into new territories. Wrestling and working out together became a thrilling exploration of trust and vulnerability. In the heat of their workouts, Brock willingly placed himself in precarious situations, his body straining under the weight of Alex's strength with relief at Alex’s discretion. Bringing him to the point of collapse only for Alex to save him last moment. Under his watchful eye, Brock willingly surrendered himself to the tantalizing play of power dynamics late at Alex’s gym. He reveled in the intoxicating blend of vulnerability and domination, cherishing each moment when Alex took control with a touch that was both careful and loving. The sheer force of Alex's presence made Brock feel simultaneously small and cherished, the perfect balance that fueled their passionate connection. On the wrestling mat, their bodies entangled in a dance of strength and skill, Alex allowed Brock to practice the moves they had been working on. With each takedown and counter, Brock's confidence grew, the fruits of their dedicated workouts and wrestling sessions evident in his improved technique. As Alex tapped out, acknowledging Brock's victory for the night, a sense of pride and joy swelled within him. He admired Brock's progress, marveling at how far they had come together. Laughing as he pulled himself out of the staged and rehearsed full nelson, Alex couldn't help but tease Brock playfully, as if he wasn't the one pinned beneath him. "You're getting much better at that," he chuckled, a glimmer of admiration in his eyes, despite the lighthearted banter. With their wrestling match concluded, the intensity of their physical excitement began to subside, giving way to a pleasant fatigue that washed over them. “I swear you’ve been getting stronger.” Brock heaved as they made their way to the gym showers, the sound of running water serving as a soothing backdrop to their intimate conversation. “Since we’ve started working out, I’ve had a reason to push myself harder knowing there’s a man just waiting for this…” He said flexing a bicep, rotating his first in and out to really accentuate the muscle. As they stood under the warm cascade of water, cleansing their bodies from the exertion of their rigorous workout, Brock's mind turned to the approaching end of summer. The realization that his time with Alex was limited brought a tinge of sadness to his heart. Looking into Alex's eyes, he couldn't help but voice his concerns. "You know, summer's almost over," Brock spoke softly, his voice laced with a hint of melancholy. "I don't want to go back to college at this point.” The gravity of the words hung in the air, the implications of such a decision echoing between them. Brock hoped for a solution that would allow him to stay close to Alex, to continue nurturing the connection they had forged during these precious summer months. Alex, understanding the weight of Brock's decisions, reached out to gently caress his cheek. His expression softened, a mixture of understanding and affection reflected in his eyes. “Brock, I would do anything to make you happy and wouldn’t stop until you were,” Alex responded, his voice tender yet resolute. "If staying here, maybe pursuing online courses or working blue collar stuff, will bring you joy, then I fully support your decision. Your happiness and my growth for you, is what matter to me.” As he stepped on the scale, relishing the 5 pounds he was up, only for Brock to claim it was water weight and smash his proud moment. The sincerity in Alex's words filled Brock's heart with warmth, dispelling any lingering doubts. In that moment, he realized that their bond extended beyond the physical, encompassing a deep emotional connection that transcended any physical distance or academic pursuits, leading to someone willing to support him or physically hold him up. What harm would it be to simply continue falling in love with Alex? As they finished showering and dressed, preparing to leave the gym, a sense of gratitude and contentment settled within them as the held hands leaving. The drive home was filled with quiet reflection, punctuated by occasional glances exchanged between them, their love and devotion silently spoken through their eyes. With each passing day, their connection had deepened. The summer may be drawing to a close, but the love they had cultivated would continue to thrive, nurturing their souls and paving the way for a future filled with shared experiences and unwavering support. —————————————————————————————————————————— As they approached their respective homes one evening, hand in hand, they entered their separate front doors with a final smile before disappearing behind the frame, each stepping into the presence of their own families. For Brock, however, an unexpected encounter awaited him as his father stood there, a mix of curiosity and concern etched upon his face. "What's been going on with you and Alex?" his father questioned, his tone filled with a blend of confusion and worry. "You spend all your time with him and have been taking fewer hours at work. You boss just texted me and said you’ve been coming in less.” Brock felt the weight of his father's gaze, knowing that his dad was aware of his sexuality but still grappling with the complexities understanding the gay community - so in-depth conversations weren’t exactly his strong suit. "Dad, we're just hanging out," Brock replied, choosing to evade the subject, his voice tinged with a hint of unease. “Having a good time.” "You spend more time with him than with your own family," his father continued, his concern evident. "We only get to see you for a short while during the summer. How are you even able to afford taking so much time off from work?” Brock's father knew his son's workplace intimately, as Brock's manager was a close friend of his own. The web of connections seemed to tighten, adding another annoying layer of complexity to the situation. “Alex, like next door Alex, and I have been getting to know each other, ” Brock's words hung in the air, heavy with a mix of vulnerability and truth. His father stood there, momentarily speechless, struggling to process the revelation. "You're in a relationship with him?" his father finally managed to utter, his confusion palpable. "He's my age... no, he's just a few years older than me. What the fuck…" "Dad, this is precisely why I didn't tell you," Brock replied, a hint of frustration creeping into his voice. "I don't care if you're dating a man," his father's tone softened, his love for his son evident. "But this... this is dangerous.” "He's actually an amazing person, Dad," Brock insisted, seeking to bridge the gap between them. "And his wife, she supports us.” "Yeah, you're dating a married man," his father mused, still trying to grasp the situation. "Wait, she supports this?" With a mix of confusion and curiosity, he motioned for Brock to follow him into the living room, where they could continue their conversation as they normally would. “Call him, and have him come over here, I want to speak with him,” Brocks father said. “I don’t want some 45 year old man, taking advantage of my 23 year old son.” Brock hesitated for a moment, sensing his father's protectiveness and the need to address his concerns. He reached for his phone and dialed Alex's number, feeling a mix of apprehension and hope. After a few rings, Alex's voice greeted him through the speaker. "Hey, babe, what's up?" Alex's voice was warm and comforting, soothing Brock's nerves. "Hey, Alex," Brock replied, his voice laced with a hint of tension. "My dad wants to talk to you. He has some concerns and... well, he wants to understand.” There was a brief pause on the other end of the line before Alex responded, his voice filled with understanding and support. "I'm more than willing to talk to your dad. Let him know I'm coming over.” Brock relayed the message to his father, who nodded in acknowledgment. A mix of anticipation and skepticism filled the room as they waited for Alex's arrival. A few minutes later, a knock resonated through the front door, and despite Brock's eagerness to greet Alex, his father took the lead, his voice faltering with a mix of surprise and uncertainty. "Alex... I, uh... come in," he managed to say, his words trailing off as he opened the door. Brock, seated in the living room, listened intently, aware that his father was witnessing Alex's impressive physical transformation for the first time. The sight of Alex's muscular physique, honed through countless hours of dedicated training, was undoubtedly intimidating to his father. Alex stepped into the house, his presence commanding yet gentle, as he followed Brock's father into the living room. They took their respective seats, an atmosphere charged with curiosity and unspoken questions. Brock's father cleared his throat, his eyes fixed on Alex's powerful form. "I... I must admit, I didn't expect... this," he began, struggling to find the right words. "You've certainly changed, Alex.” Alex nodded, acknowledging the unspoken observation. "Yes, I've been working hard on my physique and overall fitness. It's become an important part of my life.” Brock's father studied Alex, his initial surprise slowly transforming into a mixture of respect and curiosity. "I can see the dedication and discipline it takes to achieve such a physique. It's impressive, to say the least.” Brock, sensing the shift in his father's perspective, felt a wave of relief wash over him. As Alex made his way into the living room, Brock immediately grasped the significance of his presence. Dressed in a loosely fitting tank top that accentuated his chiseled physique, his impressive, hairy pecs seemed to engage in their own silent dialogue with the room. Taking a seat beside Brock, Alex casually draped a weighty arm around Brock's shoulders, conveying both a sense of ownership and protection. And then, in a bold move, he leaned in and planted a kiss on Brock's lips, right before his father's eyes, as if to assert, without words, "Your son belongs to me.” Brock's father stood there, utterly speechless, his eyes locked on the scene unfolding before him. He witnessed the unspoken declaration of love, woven into that intimate moment between his son and this larger-than-life man. The sheer audacity and intensity of their connection reverberated throughout the room, leaving his father at a loss for words. Andrew, still grappling with mixed emotions, gathered his thoughts and approached the two of them seated on the couch. He took a deep breath, his gaze shifting between Brock and Alex, before finally finding the courage to address his concerns. "Brock, I need to understand... I mean, this... age difference and where you are in your life," Andrew began, his voice tinged with a mixture of worry and caution. "You're still figuring things out, and I just want to make sure you're going to be safe, protected.” Brock's heart ached with a blend of apprehension and a desire for his father's understanding. As he folded under the anxiety ladened conversation while Alex navigated it He knew that their relationship faced hurdles of acceptance, especially given the unconventional nature of his connection with Alex. But before Brock could respond, Alex interjected, his voice calm yet resolute. "Andrew, I understand your concerns. The age difference, his education, his entire life in front of him... these are valid points. But I want you to know that I will always stand by him the same way I would love and stand by my wife well after our divorce. I will support him in every decision he makes the same way you saw me supporting my wife when we first moved.” Alex asserted, his eyes brimming as he looked directly at Brock. "No matter what happens, you have my word as a man and your friend.” The words hit Andrew square in the chest, hearing the definitive promise his son would be taken care of. Andrew looked at Alex, searching for any hint of doubt or insincerity - even living next door Alex was the ideal neighbor. They never had an issue and often helped each other out. The only thing Andrew found instead was an unwavering commitment emanating from this imposing yet gentle man. It was clear that Alex's devotion to Brock went beyond mere infatuation; being man enough to come over for this conversation. As the weight of Alex's words settled upon Andrew, the small amount of betrayal he felt from his friend seemed to be buried under his promise. Andrew didn’t like the idea, but he would tolerate it As Alex pick his heavy body off the couch he excused himself, reaching out to Brock, his voice filled with a reassuring yet firm tone. “Come on, let’s go” he said, his eyes locked with Brock's. He could see the stress and unease that had settled upon his boyfriend, and he was determined to alleviate it and he knew just the thing. Brock hesitated, his mind grappling with the weight of the conversation with his father. With a small nod, he intertwined his fingers with Alex's rough hand, and together they walked out, side by side, finding the path that led to Alex's house. Each step seemed to calm their racing thoughts, easing the tension that lingered within. As they reached the porch, a surge of affection washed over Alex, prompting him to sweep Brock off his feet and carry him through across the threshold. Guiding Brock into the bedroom, Alex's grip on his hand tightened, drawing him into a tight embrace. He reassured Brock, his voice brimming with conviction. "Brock, I want you to know that as long as we're together, I will take care of you," he affirmed, his words carrying the weight of unwavering commitment. A playful grin crossed Alex's face as he added, "But right now, daddy need a protein shake, so he can continue getting bigger" his hunger evident as his hand caressed Brock's crotch. With each kiss, Alex carefully removed Brock's clothing, piece by piece, revealing the vulnerability and intimacy they shared. They crawled into bed, their bodies intertwining in an embrace that mirrored the strength of their promise. As their eyes met, Brock's heart swelled with a mixture of love and gratitude. It was in that intimate moment that Alex descended, his lips wrapping around Brock's shaft, as Alex blew Brock for the first time.
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