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  1. Together with @rene1 we started writing a muscle story which is linked to the magnificent muscle morphs he is producing for this forum. @rene1 will be adding pics to the story to make it even more attractive. I hope you'll like our common work at least as much as we enjoyed writing it for you. It nicely merges his tastes and mine. We hope it also meets your tastes. Please feel free to comment. Chapter 1: Garcías nightmare Matteo finished his last set of pec flyes. He couldn't focus on his workout as his mind kept drifting. What happened last night just didn't let him go. It was already dark when he walked home through his native city of Piedras Blancas. Half of the street lamps in this run-down area were broken, but he didn't need much light as he knew the place like the back of his hand and felt safe. Once again he passed by the little supermarket of señor García, which did not help to improve his mood. A few years ago García caught him for stealing a Playboy magazine from the shop but didn't simply leave it well enough alone: García, a tall and burly man in his mid thirties also beat him up for it. Matteo, who had this shameful encounter burned into his memory, vowed to himself that he´d do everything he could to prevent this from happening again. He simply needed to become a real man. When he got beaten up, he was still a child, small and skinny. Now, just having turned eighteen recently, his athletic, almost fat-free 88 kgs (194 lbs) looked impressive for a young adult on his 180 cm (5’9 feet) tall frame. His thoughts of the past were interrupted when he saw big choppers parked in front of García´s store. Even in the dim lighting, the metal of the motorcycles shone brightly and Matteo noticed that their tires were exceptionally wide. He walked a few steps further and saw a fourth bike standing a little behind, mounted by a behemoth of a man. Around the same height as Matteo, but at least 40 kg (88 lbs) heavier. And these 40 kg were probably all dark-tanned muscle which made his white tank top bulge under his opened heavy leather jacket. Black hair, neatly trimmed thick beard, strong jawline … the guy looked macho, but also dangerous …very dangerous. He seemed to scan the area. Was he a sentinel for the other guys in García´s supermarket? Luckily right in the moment when Matteo saw him, the musclebull was just looking in another direction, so he could quickly hide behind the nearest wall. Wow! This guy was really impressive. Matteo's heart was pumping so hard you could almost hear it. So, if there were more guys in García´s shop, what would they want from him? Well, there were rumors going around that there was no way Garcia could have built his wealth just from his small store and that he was involved in some crooked business dealings. Matteo simply had to peek around the corner of the wall again. Thankfully from there he was able to observe that thug a little better without being seen at the same time. It seemed to him that the sentinel was new in the area and didn't know anything about hidden passages, secret paths and shortcuts. Matteo did. He decided to quietly circumvent the huge muscleguy and silently – very silently - climb up the fire escape stairs of a neighboring building up to the roof. From there he could watch both the guard outside and look inside into García´s little supermarket through its ventilation holes. As almost expected, three more gang members were inside. He gasped for breath and almost slipped on the roof as he saw how BUILT they were. All those three monsters were simply breathtakingly massive superheavyweight bodybuilders! Their muscles bulged in their black leather trousers which seemed to thin out at the area of highest pressure. They were so huge that you could clearly see how the leather hugged their legs just like a second skin. Even from this far Matteo saw the muscle separations of their thighs in them, all four quadriceps muscles and his hamstrings! Some seams on their jackets had already burst due to their bulk and the tanned muscle bellies of their latissimus were visible through the large openings. Obviously they preferred to wear nothing under their jackets. The third one just wore a vest, so his gargantuan arms weren't covered at all. Hundreds of pencil-thick veins crawled along the clearly visible muscle fibers. Matteo had watched many youtube-videos of bodybuilders, even followed some pros on instagram, but never ever had he seen arms like these! How big could they possibly be? 60 cm? Even 65 cm around (around two feet)? When the big guy's arms moved, their distinct muscles seemed to fight against each other for space, which almost looked ridiculous. Before, their companion waiting outside had left him impressed, but now it became clear that he was actually the smallest of the gang! Nothing could have prepared his mind for this absolutely stunning view. Matteo was so overwhelmed by their looks that it took him some seconds to actually understand what was happening down there. Two of them were brutally holding García´s arms upwards behind his back and the third one was shouting at the absolutely terrified shop owner. "Last warning, Garcia! You claimed yourself you’d easily manage to double the sales! 25% … that‘s so off the mark, shithead! You miss that last chance and we are going to let you die a very slow death and enjoy your screams! And your children … I’ll make sure, I ́ll inject the unsold heroin into them myself … right in front of your eyes. Prick, prick, prick … a little pricky in their arms … or in their ears … or maybe into their eyes … Think about it! For now, I´ll just leave you a friendly reminder.” He grabbed the pinky finger of the shop owner, pulled it at a strange angle, then twisted it. Garcia started to scream but was choked by one of the thugs who held him, which immediately cut off the oxygen needed for screaming. The biker who had talked before easily ripped off his pinky with his gigantic hands, making García faint and fall down to the floor. Or was it maybe not by the pain, but the lack of oxygen? Stomping their feet on his head and body, they went to the cashier and took all that was inside. Then they left the store, jumped on their choppers and rode off. "Matteo! What the heck are you doing! You were supposed to be doing cardio after your last set!" Matteo woke up from his daydream and looked at his coach. Coach Salvador was his idol. Some years ago he was competing as a middle-weight bodybuilder and even won two or three events. Even though he wasn't preparing for competition anymore, he maintained a less strict, but nonetheless controlled diet all year round and was therefore always in good shape. When Matteo entered the gym three years ago, eager to gain size after his encounter with García, it was a fortunate circumstance that he met his coach pretty quickly, who introduced him to serious strength training right from the start. Salvador saw his determination, the fire that burned within Matteo. Of course, the boy lacked a lot of muscle mass, but the trained eye of the competitive bodybuilder didn’t miss Matteo's almost perfect proportions, the favorable deep position of the attachments of his calves, biceps and forearm tendons, which would leave him plenty of room for future mass gains ... or his wide ribcage and collarbones, which were literally waiting for large packages of meat to be attached to them. For Salvador, being able to walk the path together with this talented boy, to build him up and introduce him step by step to the world of competitive bodybuilding, was a great blessing. Just like having a rough diamond that needed to be cut and polished. Right from the start, Matteo needed – and received - hardcore training, not some silly housewife jigging around. And food. Lots of protein-rich food. Again on the treadmill. Matteo set it for 30 minutes. While running, his brain was free to daydream again. He just couldn’t avoid comparing his coach with the three giant bikers from yesterday. This morning, he and Salvador weighed themselves. His coach was exactly at 103 kg (227 lbs), offseason but still showing an eight-pack. With his current low level of body fat, his weight wouldn’t go down too much if he was to compete now, and for sure he wouldn’t start in the middleweight category but switch to the light-heavies. But then, he thought of the Bikers. How absolutely stunningly huge they´d look next to him! They were such gigantic beasts, easily 150 kg, maybe even 160 kg (353 lbs) of pure muscle mountains, brutal faces, thick black beards, carrying lots of golden chains around their muscular necks which were even thicker than their heads ... traps that went up to their ears ... ears with the typical „cauliflower look“ that Matteo had seen in many MMA-fighters or professional wrestlers before. If Salvador stood next to them, they would simply dwarf him, make him look so pathetic! To put it bluntly: meeting Salvador alone on the street, on the beach or wherever you can imagine was a turn-on for most women (and also many men). Any average Joe would describe him as a typical bodybuilder, the simple word ‘athletic’ wouldn't do him justice. But to Matteo, his body just looked ‘beautiful’. However the thugs he saw last night were gigantic beasts, animalistic aggressive hypermasculine musclehulks that emanated waves of testosterone wherever they were. Even if his rational mind couldn't actually approve their violence, deep down he was fascinated by that violence, their dominance, their unrestrained superiority. They were dangerous. Simply dangerous for anybody being at the wrong time in the wrong place. And … he had to admit to himself … that's what thrilled him most. He wanted to be huge. And feared. Be a muscle behemoth like them. Salvador passed by his treadmill. “Coach, I´ve got to tell ya what I'm just non-stop thinking about …” He couldn't stop himself and told him all about what happened yesterday on Wednesday evening. “Oh my God, bad times are coming to Piedras Blancas,“ his coach said, frowning. But he didn't miss the thrill in Matteo's eyes and somehow sensed that he'd try to get in contact with these criminals. “When you´ve finished, come to me. I’m gonna stay at the counter. Got a surprise for you.“ Salvador stayed in an area next to the gym entrance, where supplements were stored and sold. He unpacked the newly arrived boxes of amino acids when Matteo finally joined him. “You know what day it is today?“ “Nope“ “It's your third anniversary, thickie! Exactly three years ago you set foot in this gym, three years that have changed your life already. Look where you came from and look at you now!“ “Aahh, I´m sorry. How could I´ve missed that?“ “Got a gift for you. Here!“ Salvador handed a cap to him. Another one for his collection as he knew that he loved them. Matteo looked at it. “Cool, thank you! What's that??“ Matteo pointed to the middle of his black and shiny cap. It showed a picture of a grotesquely morphed bodybuilder. It reminded him of his other cap with the well known logo of Powerhouse Gym. The torso of a bodybuilder lifting a bar over himself that was so overloaded that it bent like an arc. Well that was a drawing, a quick draft, a kind of sketch. But this far overmorphed bodybuilder actually looked like a realistic photograph that was put on the cap. For his taste the artist exaggerated too much, but still he was deeply amazed by the photorealistic quality of his work. “Guy on that pic is called Khaldun,“ Salvador said smiling. Matteo decided to search on the internet for new fantasy computer games after his next meal … with this strange Khaldun as the protagonist of the game. “He's really cool.” Matteo put the cap on his head. Less than two seconds passed when suddenly, he heard a very short beeping sound and a feeling of warmth flowed down into his body. He looked around and saw the red bulb of the gym alarm. “Ah! That’s where the beep sound came from.” thought Matteo. “Muchísimas gracias, Salvador, I'll wear that cap all the time.“
  2. tester26

    Sean meets his twins

    This story is based on an old Metabods story called "The gene" that's no longer on the site. Also, of course, HSMuscleBoy's characters. Sean laid on his bed, his body hot and sweaty, and his enormous cock, a staggering 22.5 inches long, a thick 9 inches around, raging hard and pissing precum all over his chest and face. He gazed at his laptop screen, his hands moving all over his ripped, muscular body. Though well into his twenties, his face looked no older then eighteen, a beautiful face with piercing blue eyes, and full sensual lips. In contrast to his youthful face, he was massively built, broad powerful shoulders that narrowed to a shockingly tight waist, huge slab-like pecs, a hard chiseled eight pack, biceps the size of his head were adorned with throbbing networks of veins. His legs were long and powerfully muscled, wrapped in golden toned, vacuum tight skin, every massive muscle was clearly delineated. He was the wet dream of any championship bodybuilder and he knew it, evidenced by the many medals and trophies lining his walls. This was a game he played often, how much porn could he watch without getting off. Sean groaned as he watched the two handsome muscle studs on the screen embracing, their nearly identical limbs wrapping around one another, their rippling abs sliding over each other. His face was becoming flushed as he licked his lips. His right hand was stroking slowly, smoothly up and down the large shaft. Sean grinned and laid his cock flat against his bare torso, relishing the sight of it sliding up between his pecs. Sean’s gaze traveled over his naked body as waves of pleasure washed over him. His muscular thighs, giant cock, and rippling torso filled him with desire and lust. He loved his own body, wanting himself more and more as each stroke filled him with bliss. Sean released his cock and sat up, abs, contracting into a display of defined, youthful muscle. Sean sat up and ran both hands over his shortly clipped, blonde hair. He stood and wandered over to the large mirror across the room and began flexing his chest and abs, grinning as the muscles contracted into fibrous, erotic, bulges and creases. God he looked amazing. He flopped back down on the bed, his cock smacking his hard chest, then raising up slightly off his bare belly. He closed his eyes, utterly horny, stroking his oversized cock. It throbbed with desire in his hands. His whole body writhed in the feeling of building orgasm. He stroked himself to the brink of orgasm again and again. The sounds of fucking eminating from his laptop increased his pleasure as he fondled himself. After some time, Sean had worked himself into a frenzy. Feelings of sex spread all over his body. He moaned softly to himself and continued to torture his steel-hard pole. A little touch here, a slight caress over the tip. The pleasure magnified to near unbearable proportions. Sean thrust his hips up and down, his cock was so hard that it barely even moved, just sticking straight up above his belly. Sweat began beading on his smooth skin. Eyes still closed, he ran his hands down over his bulging chest to his narrow stomach, feeling, caressing, enjoying himself. He didn't need to see his muscles flex to get off on them. He squeezed his biceps, licking the peaks. In a moment, Sean would lose all control over his cock and cum... but this time, something felt different. Something like an orgasm washed over him, but not from his cock. Sean’s body contracted, every muscle rippling into sharp definition. His chest was heaving, mind reeling... and then suddenly, it stopped. Sean was still on the brink of orgasm... but in coming back to reality, he felt another presence in the room. He listened as his breath slowed, his chest rising and falling a bit more evenly... but it wasn’t just his own. Sean could sense a form lying next to him on the bed. He opened his eyes and looked. What he saw was impossible... Sean was literally lying next to himself! For a brief moment, Sean thought he was having an out of body experience. He gazed down past his clamped shut eyes, face in obvious concentration to withhold the oncoming orgasm. He observed his body’s bare torso, watching his chest and stomach rise and fall evenly, his abs contracting with each exhale. He drank in the sight of himself. Light perspiration made his skin shine in the dim light coming through the window. Even in the darkened room, he could clearly make out the outlines of his body’s abdominals and the deep crease in the center of his pecs. His bobbing cock continued to throb mercilessly from his groin. Precum flowed down its length from his extended self pleasure. Sean’s mind brought him back to reality. This didn’t make sense. He could feel the bed underneath him, the weight of his own body... Sean’s heart was pounding, but his head had cleared. His peripheral senses were returning, and he was blissfully aware of his angry cock emitting pangs of pleasure, twitching, on the verge of tumbling him into an immense orgasm. Sean looked down and saw his cock pointing straight at him. Precum was drooling from the head between his pecs. A pool was forming, running through the center crease in his abs to his belly button. It was true, he had actually cloned himself! That realization alone nearly sent him over the edge. With pounding heart and quivering breath, Sean sat up, cock sliding between his pecs. He didn’t dare touch it. Slowly, he got up on his knees, hovering over his own image. Despite his care and caution, his movement on the bed alerted the man below. Sean’s clone opened his eyes, surveying the room, but not moving his head. Sean had noticed that the other man's cock had softened slightly, he seemed just as thrown off as Sean was only a moment before. The head drooped off to one side, painting his right pec with wet, sticky precum. The clone looked downward in the direction of where Sean was kneeling. Their eyes made contact for the first time. A jolt coursed through Sean’s body... his clone must have had the same reaction, because his cock rapidly twitched and stiffened back to the same oversized length as his own. A look of realization spread over the other guy's face, followed by a huge, uncontrollable smile. “I cloned myself???” whispered the sprawling image on the bed. “You're me???” whispered Sean. Instantly, both of their minds were reeling with possibilities. So much to do... so much to try... And there were questions too. How much time do we have? Is this permanent? If it isn’t, where does he go? And then a wicked thought flickered through Sean’s mind: Can I make more? They began eyeing each other greedily, lustfully. The studs flexed and caressed themselves, not even touching each other — Sean was swooning as he was able to see his body twitch and move from different angles. God, he was ripped. What a huge fucking muscle stud! And his monster cock! Fuck! Sean nearly came just from looking at his double. Their cocks were bouncing and pulsating, pressed tight now against their ripped torsos. Sean’s double placed his hands behind his head and crunched his stomach, showing off his beautiful abs for Sean. His clone’s throbbing cock was obscuring much his abs. With shaking hands, Sean reached forward and grasped his image’s penis with his left hand. The organ felt huge and hard. It was hot and heavy and just like his own... except it wasn’t. But somehow he felt the pleasure inside him, as if an invisible connection linked the two of them. The studs moaned together, one being touched, one touching, both identical. Sean pushed the other man's cock to the left, bringing into view his ripped abdominals. The clone's meat leaked a continual stream of pre, the liquid running over the channels of his abs as he flexed, wetting Sean’s hand as he held the giant cock. Slowly, Sean bent forward and licked the other guy's torso, tracing the defined creases of his clone’s stomach muscles. The precum tasted just like his own... wet and thick and a bit salty. The other Sean was taking husky breaths, trying to crunch his abs even harder for his twin, groaning softly at the sight. Sean looked up and grinned. He was straddling his other body now, kneeling with his legs straddling his image's. He released his image’s cock, watching it snap back to its original position. He could see the veins pulsing, cramming blood into the engorged member all the way up its 22.5 inch length. The other stud's balls were pressed tightly against the bottom of his shaft, giant and ready to explode. Slowly, Sean reached with his tongue, giving his clone’s cock a small lick. The man threw his head back and kicked involuntarily, knees smacking Sean in the ass. “Sorry, I was edging for the last hour,” replied his clone. “Yeah... I know” grinned Sean. “I’m you, remember? Or, we’re each other...” That thought alone nearly drove Sean crazy with lust. Sean leaned forward, pressing himself down on top of his other body. Their monster cocks touched first, causing both studs to swoon. Carefully, Sean sandwiched their two steel-hard cocks together, the shafts throbbed against one another, the heads kissed, mixing copious amounts of precum from one cock to the other, trapped between two sets of thick, bulging pecs. Sean laid all the way down, pressing his chest against the identical chest of his twin. He wrapped his arms around the bare back of his clone, who was already softly stroking Sean’s shoulders and down to his sides. The two stared into each other’s eyes. Identical lusts reflected their inner desires. Sean could feel his clone begin to lightly thrust his pelvis, almost imperceptibly rubbing their slick cocks together in the deep cleavage between their pecs. Sean smiled and reciprocated. He gripped his clone harder, and bent to kiss him. Their mouths locked, setting off fireworks inside their heads. Their tongues entered each other’s mouths, wrestling together, sliding along the other's lips. They embraced tighter, Sean’s clone violently pushing him over. Now Sean’s back was against the bed, his hands roaming over his clone’s bare back, enjoying the silky smooth skin, gripping his twin’s firm ass. Their cocks slid over one another as their hands groped each other’s body. Sean was in sensory overload. This was too much. Too good. He gripped his twin and forced him onto his back once again, then began kissing the stud's body with abandon. Squeezing biceps and triceps, cupping pecs, licking nipples identical to his own. This really made the other Sean moan. They both loved that stimulation. Sean felt his dick rubbing over the other's leg as he made his way down the torso. He looked up with a sly smile and said, “I want to suck you.” “Huh, do you think it’s a coincidence that I was thinking the same thing?” grinned his twin. “Not even a little bit” replied Sean. Sean swung his legs around so that his knees were on either side of his clone’s head. He gripped his own cock and pushed it down, playing with his other self. He rubbed his cockhead over the other Sean’s forehead, down his nose, over his cheek, and glanced off his lips. His clone stuck out his tongue, attempting to catch a quick lick. Sean pushed back the other direction, smacking his cock against his twin’s left cheek. Finally, his clone reached up and grabbed Sean’s shaft with his hands. Electricity shot through both of them as all four hands wrapped around Sean’s thick cock. “Ok” breathed Sean. “You can have it.” The other Sean grinned and took the head into his mouth. Sean swooned again, his body jutting forward, pressing his face against his clone’s identical stomach and cock. Both of the giant muscle studs licked and caressed each other's huge cocks and balls before taking them into their mouths. Sean reached up and jammed his clone’s penis into his mouth. It felt amazing, as if he had two cocks being sucked off at once; which in a way, he did. He heard his clone moan around his own cock. He took some of the shaft in, tracing the large vein of his cock’s underside with the tip of his fingers. Sean just could barely open wide enough... but there was no way he was going to be able to take it all in. He said quietly, “God, we’re so fucking huge.” His cock twitched inside his twin’s mouth. The other Sean released it, chuckling. “Couple of horse hung musclestuds, right Sean?” “Yeah, Sean.” Both guys laughed before throating each other once again. Magnificent, sweaty, muscular bodies writhed in ecstasy. They continued pleasuring each other for a few more minutes, until they were both getting close. Without a word spoken between them, they released each other and stood up off the bed. Sean flicked on the lights and the two sat down on the edge of the bed. They wrapped their arms around each other. Their heads pressed together, but eyes closed as they slowly adjusted to the bright light in the room. They looked into the mirror and witnessed the most erotic sight of his life. Two naked, identical musclegods, rubbing each other’s bare bodies, their massive cocks jutting up from their groins between each other's pecs, crossed like swords. With their legs spread, their heavy testicles hung low off the side of the bed. Sean’s double grinned and leaned over. He began pulling on Sean’s large ballsack. Sean grinned, “God, I love how that feels.” His twin sat up, and Sean repeated the actions on his large balls. Sean could feel hands running up and down his bare side. Simultaneously, the identical studs reached out with their opposite hands and began fondling each other’s giant penises. They began stroking in earnest, pounding their oversized cocks, occasionally leaning down to steal a lick from their spurting cockheads. Sean looked down at the display of identical muscle and cock, his twin did the same. They shifted their gazes back and forth between the mirror and their bodies, feeling the pleasure welling up inside of them. Sean could feel the eruption coming. The two began crying out. Just before orgasm hit, Sean felt that same odd sensation he had felt just before he cloned himself. He looked at the mirror and suddenly, on his left side, another Sean materialized. Standing over the two of them, the new clone's mouth was hanging open, abs flexing, left hand flying up and down on his own enormous cock. With the realization that Sean could clone himself more than once, the dam broke, and orgasm took over. He began erupting all over his own chest, both of them. The sight of Sean releasing carried the two clones over the edge. Sean could feel his other bodies' cocks swell up and begin blasting out their own loads. The first clone moaned as he leaned over, drinking from Sean's cock with ravenous hunger. Sean groaned as he felt his double throat his meat while hot cum sprayed him in the face from two identical dicks. The third Sean stood in front of the two seated studs and roared, thrusting his hips towards the other two as he erupted. His beast pointed straight at their identical torsos, burying them in white. The two seated Seans took turns swallowing jets of jizz from the erupting member. Cum spraying onto their chests and abs. Sean could feel all three orgasms at once, giving him the most intense pleasure he'd ever felt. He knew the clones were experiencing the same thing. They leaned against each other for support as they twitched and shuddered. Bodies heaving after five whole minutes of cumming, the triplets’ pleasure began to finally subside. Sean and his clones still had their hands wrapped around each other’s cocks, but were now stroking slowly, milking out the last of their juices. “Amazing” the three Sean’s said at once. They slowly released each other and laid down, wrapping their limbs around each other. Sean was in the middle, his cock wedged firmly between his pecs, the large poles of his clones sliding against his chest as they turned towards him. “I love you guys” he said. The three smiled at each other. No words needed to be said. The other Seans were exact copies of the original… identical in lust and desire. They paused for just a moment to adjust positions. Skin to skin. The three gripped their large bobbing cocks with their left hands, then paused at the same moment to pull their large ball sacks from between their legs into a more comfortable position. They giggled at the identical gesture, their abs rippling into a display of 24 bulging abs, and began stroking again. Sean could feel the biceps and triceps of his clone’s arm flexing against him as he masturbated himself. With their other hands, they stroked and squeezed each other's arms and pecs. Sean #2 gripped the original and pulled him closer and the two began kissing. Sean rolled on top of him, running his hands all over the Sean on the bottom, feeling his hard chest and abs. His cock was rubbing along the creases of the other man's abs. He leaned down and kissed his image. The Sean on the bottom’s cock was pointing straight up between the muscle stud's ass, leaking pre once more. His hands were at his sides, allowing full access to his perfect body. The sight was fiercely erotic. The third Sean pulled out a bottle of massage oil off the nightstand. Quickly, he unscrewed the cap, lifted the top, and squeezed the bottle. He felt the greasy oil flow down over his neck and shoulders, down his chest and stomach. Thick rivets were running all over him. Sean put down the bottle and began massaging the liquid into his own body. In seconds, he was gleaming from head to toe, setting off his muscles in an incredible display. He gripped his throbbing cock, smearing the oil all over it with both hands, shivering at the intense sensations. “Hey guys” he called to his images. They broke their kiss and looked over, mouths agape. “Don’t you think this would be easier with a little oil?” Sean asked innocently, flexing his stomach and biceps. His muscles popped, and the studs grinned in anticipation. The original Sean on top flopped down on the bed next to his twin. Sean #3 sat up and began drenching their identical bodies with oil. Their hands kneaded in the slick liquid. Sean tossed the bottle away. Soon, all three of their naked bodies were glistening. Their slippery bodies glided against each other. Sean’s oiled cock slid easily against his twin’s bare ass. Sean’s whole body twitched involuntarily as his cock head slid between his image’s legs, poking up against an identical ballsack and thick shaft. He felt hands massaging his cock against the other, feeling his own bulbous head sliding against his image’s oily cockshaft. The horny studs groaned. Sean pressed his forehead against the back of his clone’s neck, sliding it down the length of his bare back, licking the oiled skin as he went. Sean then gently pushed Sean #3 forward, so that he was lying on top of the clone on his back on the bed. The two began making out wildly. Sean stroked his shaft slowly, enjoying the self-love below him. Their cocks were pressed hard together, pulsating as one. Hands caressed identical muscles and flesh. Sean laid on top of the two of them, sandwiching his dick between his chest and his image's back. His butt muscles flexed and relaxed in rhythm as he humped his two copies, pre oozing out from the small of Sean 3's back. The juice trickled down and rolled underneath him to moisten his abs. After some time, Sean gripped the clone on top from behind around the chest and lifted him up again. The two reluctantly separated, grabbing with their hands for each other’s naked bodies, but couldn’t grip each other with their slick skin. Whispering in his Sean 3’s ear, he said, “We’re going to double fuck you.” The stud moaned in anticipation. Sean lifted the giant muscleman easily, lining up the huge pole of the clone underneath. Three identical hands guided the large shaft to the opening. “Ohhhh” moaned the twin underneath. He was clearly enjoying the sensation of his sensitive cockhead pressed up against his tight hole, with his stomach sucked in and chest pushed out. He then thrust slightly, abs flexing as his cock buried itself in an ass just like his own. "Oh my god!" he groaned through gritted teeth. "Fuck that thing is thick." The lower Sean smiled as he gripped his clone's hips and plowed his cock into his image with greater force, pulling him down until his huge balls made a loud slapping sound as they hit his ass. "Oh fuck yeah!" Sean #3 cried out. "Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck! That's a big fucking cock!" The other Sean leaned forward and they continued sucking on each other’s faces. Sean could see his clone’s cock pumping slowly in and out. Crazed with lust, Sean stroked his cock, pumping it up just a bit more, then lined up his own goliath member. The other’s paused as he entered. He could hear his twin moaning softly as his cock joined his twin’s. Sean pushed. Slowly and easily, his cock slid in on top of his identical brother’s. Sean could feel the other monster pole throbbing against his. Finally, their cock head’s touched inside the other Sean’s ass. The Sean he was entering reared up slightly, all of his back muscles on display, glistening and shredding with taut muscle. Sean ran his hands over it, feeling the hardness of his twin’s body. “I can feel you inside of him,” Sean #2 said. The other Sean moaned, “God, you two feel so huge inside of me.” “Yeah, I can feel our heads rubbing together… awwww… feels tooo gooood.” “Look at all this hard muscle…. Damn, we are amazing.” The Sean being fucked was on his hands and knees, his triceps corded into defined horseshoes. Sean felt the hard muscles of the boy’s stomach and chest. He glanced down at his own flexing body and groaned loudly. All of the Seans were. Three voices blending into one. “God, I feel you… both of you…” “We’re together… the same” moaned the Sean underneath. "FUCK!" Sean #3 gasped. "I fucking love this! Fuck me! Fuck me dudes!" Sean pulled his cock as far out as he could, then started pumping his cock in and out as fast as his pulsing, hulking muscles would allow. “Gonna fucking cum!” Sean began thrusting harder, could feel an identical pole thrusting harder alongside his own. Suddenly, the twin being fucked reared up again. His eyes were rolling, cock flopping against his abs, twitching for release. “Ohhh fuck, here I cum!” Without even touching his cock, Sean #3 began spraying his load. It sprayed all over Sean #2's face and chest, volley after volley hitting the headboard and the wall behind it. Sean reached around as his twin began forcing out the rest of his load. They moaned together as he released, pushing Sean and his other image over the edge. The two giants thrust together, then held their cocks deep inside the other Sean, their cocks pulsating and pumping their cum into his perfect ass. Both of their bodies flexed into granite. Sean looked down, catching the eye of his image as they orgasmed. Time stopped. Ropes of cum shot deep inside Sean #3, filling all of the space around the two huge cocks, and then flowing out of his pussy and joining the huge puddle of cum between the three of them. He looked at his clone's red-flushed face, down over his veined chest and biceps, to his rippling, bulging abs. The Sean in the middle began rubbing his cum into the channels, feeling the hardness of the muscles. Two minutes into his orgasm, Sean felt another orgasm building inside him. He started quickly thrusting back and forth into his handsome clone again, still shooting thick ropes of cum. Finally he pushed all the way in again, and released a second massive orgasm on top of the one he was already having. It was amazing. His cock had become a fire hose spraying an unending jet of thick, glorious cum. The two other Sean's moaned as they felt the new wave of hot jizz. The three identical musclegods collapsed onto each other, two still wedged tightly into the one. All heaving with unimaginable pleasure. Finally Sean stopped shooting. The three of them remained locked together for a moment, all of them panting to catch their breath. He uncorked himself from his image, and Sean #3 rolled off his twin. His copies were completely coated in cum, sweat, and oil. The bed and wall in front of them buried in white. Cum was still leaking from their cocks as they rested next to each other, casually leaning into the thick puddles of seed. Sean admired the scene, his own meat still dripping jizz onto the two of them. Their combined emissions filled the deep crevices of their massive pecs and abs, oozing off the bed. He smirked at that. He laid down next to them, the king-sized bed forcing them to squeeze shoulder to shoulder to fit. "Fucking trio of muscle gods," he said, smiling at his two copies. His horniness barely waned from all of their orgasms; his mind was running wild with more smutty ideas as sweat and cum dripped down his body. "Aw fuck yeah dude... Look at all this fucking meat!" Sean #2 groaned as the three of them laid in post-orgasmic bliss. They lazily hefted their heavy cocks, playing with them as they leaked the last dribbles of cum. Sean gripped his doubles and pulled them closer and the three began kissing again. Their hands never left their cocks, stroking themselves back to hardness. Soon, the feeling took hold of all three. “It’s happening,” whispered the clone. Sean’s next body actually sauntered into the room from the hallway, his big, dripping cock leading the way. Grinning, he said, “Well you guys look comfortable.” Sean’s clone curled his pointer finger inward as he licked his lips. “Join us” he replied. The clone obliged, slowly sauntering towards them. Before sitting, the clone kneeled in front of Sean. Winking, he leaned forward and wrapped his hands around Sean’s, who was still gripping his large cock. He pointed the organ down and slid his mouth over the head sucking deeply, flicking the underside with his tongue. This sent Sean into orbit. He pushed his hips forward, thrusting his cock deeper into the other Sean’s throat. After a couple of quick licks up the shaft, the teen moved on to Sean #2 and repeated the actions. Then with 3. With all this identical muscle, Sean was near blowing his load…even after cumming so many times already. He stood up and stretched. His clones spread out a bit on the bed with the extra space, eyes glazing as they watched Sean stretch and flex his bulging muscles. Sean flexed his cock muscles, causing the 22.5-inch penis to bounce up and down. Sean felt three sets of eyes on him and looked up grinning. “You like that?” The three identical studs nodded together, their breathing heavy. Their hands were slowly rubbing over their own bodies, kneading and caressing the muscles of their bulging chests and arms. Sean gripped his cock with both hands and flexed his arms. A large vein popped out, snaking over his bulging biceps muscles. His chest flexed, revealing fibrous muscles. His abs looked like cobblestone pavement. Sean brought an arm up and flexed, licking slowly and sensually the head sized bicep that was throbbing with power. "Fuck..." he moaned, flexing this way and that, posing for himself and his copies. With every flex he felt a new level of pleasure, as though it were flowing in his blood and into his muscles. He wanted more and more of this feeling, and soon found himself flexing so hard he was panting. Pleasure overtook all of them again, and a fifth Sean walked through the door. His eyes flamed with lust, and he walked slowly, sensually, towards Sean, making sure his thighs flexed with every step, swinging his arms just enough that his pecs bounced. He flexed his stomach, his washboard abs gleaming with the sweat that was coating them. "Dude..." he whispered when he approached the muscle god. The clone looked at Sean for all but five seconds before shoving his tongue into his mouth. They touched each other all over - squeezing muscles, grinding their bodies against one another, tongue intertwined. Sean's hands grabbed the image's bottom, squeezing firmly. Meanwhile, the clones on the bed began to feel each other up once more. One man's hands were roaming the other's ripped backside, slapping his muscle, squeezing his ass. The three of them locked in a deep kisses that effortlessly went from one to another. They were moaning loudly, tongues roaming each other's bodies. One's tongue was trailing the lines of muscle of the second's abs, the latter throwing his head back and howling with delight. “Jack me” Sean whispered to Sean #5. The clone grinned at him. He stepped behind Sean and wrapped his arms around him. Sean leaned against the other stud's rock-like body. He could feel his twin’s hard cock sandwiched between them, burning with desire against his bare back. Sean laid his head against his double’s shoulder as his image ran his hands up and down his bare torso, feeling the bulging muscles of his chest and stomach. Sean flexed in reply. "Aw fuck yeah dude! You love this muscle don't you? Yeah, squeeze those hard fucking pecs, man." Sean groaned in pleasure. The clone wrapped his right arm around Sean’s chest as his left hand snaked down and began stroking Sean’s engorged pole. Sean was in heaven. He caressed himself and his image, his hands free now that his twin was manipulating his large organ. Three hands were all over his body. Sean began thrusting his hips, fucking his twin’s hand as it flew up and down his shaft. Sweat was beading on all of the studs, Sean could feel droplets running over the rivets of his muscles. He pushed himself back against his other self and put his left hand over his twin’s. They entwined fingers around his thick shaft and continued stroking. Sean looked down at his clones making out on the floor. Their heaving chests and abs were gleaming, identical muscles flexed in sharp relief. Each of their hands were wrapped around another’s cock, flying up and down. Three sets of balls flopping against the knuckles of the hand on the shaft. Their faces glazed and mouths open, moaning in pleasure. Orgasm nearly overtook him… but the sensation shot through him one more time. The 6th Sean materialized directly in front of him, his massive cock pointed directly at his face. Sean #5 stopped stroking as they looked up to greet the latest addition. The clone smiled back at them and pushed his identical cock and balls against Sean’s. Their two gorgeous cocks thrusted up from their groins, burning shafts pressed tightly together. Precum oozed from both heads, mixing together, running down over their veiny poles. He leaned forward and kissed Sean, cocks now pressing against their identical chests. Sean #5 leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Sean and the clone in front, sandwiching themselves together, and kissed his bare shoulders. Sean was beyond thought or reason. He could feel hands all over, worshipping his body. He could hear moans and groans coming from all directions, all sounding exactly like his own. Sean #6 released the kiss and gripped their shafts with both hands. Sean wrapped his hands around the two of them, and they began jacking their cocks against each other. With a groan, Sean grabbed the newcomer's head and drove his raging hard cock into his mouth. Sean #6 soon had his hands wrapped around the stud's muscle hard bubble ass as the nearly 2-foot long cock slid down his throat. But he was also losing his footing, and would topple over, helped by a lust filled Sean #5 who moved around the two of them and aimed his hard cock up the clone's ass. Sean #3 was right behind him, getting off the bed and sliding between Sean 5's legs, the twin monster cocks both going up Sean #6's ass at nearly the same time. Not to be left out, Sean #3 reached around and lovingly stroked and sucked on the cockhead of Sean 6 the moment he was all the way in. Seans 2 and 4 remained on the bed, stroking each other as they watched the orgy unfolding, the puddles of precum on their chests growing larger at the sight of all the intertwining muscle. Sean #2 rolled over and got on his knees in front of the other clone, his massive cock presenting itself in front of image's lips. Sean #4 immediately took it in his mouth, sucking hard. Sean 2 nearly fell back in pleasure; he thrust into the twin's mouth, and soon he was being deepthroated by his twin. Sean 4's cock bounced on his chest, spurting pre all over his chest and Sean #2's back, who grabbed the pillar of meat and jerked it roughly as he thrust into his twin's mouth, spit and precum splashing all over. Soon Sean #2 erupted, dumping pints of cum into the twin, which spurted out of the sides of Sean #4's mouth and out his nostrils. Still, it wasn't enough. Both wanted more. Sean #2 pulled out of his image's mouth, who seemed to read his twin's mind and flipped onto his stomach, cock sticking out of his side, oozing more and more precum. Sean #2 spread the twin's cheeks wide before driving his massive rod into his partner. "FUUUCK!" Sean #4 roared, his back rippling and tense, arms wrapped around the bed as his twin relentlessly fucked him, going until his balls touched the man's rump before coming all the way out and slamming himself back in, sending massive amount of cum to squelch out of the muscled rump. The two came in unison soon after, flooding the bed. Meanwhile, the group of four had changed positions after flooding Sean #6 from both ends. The clone had erupted in the process as well, falling to the floor as jizz poured out of him from both ends. Sean stood over his image, making out with Sean #5 as the clone jerked his still throbbing dick. "Aw yeah dude, like that dick?" Sean said. "It's so fucking huge..." the clone marveled, touching the massive meat, lifting his gigantic balls, rubbing his ripped and muscled body. "I can't believe how hot you are...we are..." "Aw yeah, just looking at us makes me cum," he said, winking. "Think you can take this big cock?" Without a word, Sean #5 smiled and straddled the muscle god, impaling himself on the raging hard cock. Sean #3 lined up behind Sean, forcing his massive meat deep into him. Sean moaned and reached backwards, grabbing his head and kissing him roughly. The three fucked in tandem, falling to the ground so Sean #6 could sixty-nine with Sean 5, the tangle of flexing muscle moaning as one until Sean #5 cried out from the dual stimulation, his cock exploding in a large fountain of cum, coating the clone sucking him in his spunk. Gagging, Sean #6 fell back and pulled his cock out as his partner coated him in warm spunk. "Yeah, shoot all over me..." he moaned. The thrusting of the other Seans soon became too sloppy, however, and they erupted as well, torrents of seed flooding their asses. They pulled out of each other, wrapping their hands around their rods and jerking ferociously. The four of them swapped spit as their cocks, sandwiched between their bodies, exploded all over them. Sean #3 wrapped his legs around Sean's waist, and the stud managed to shove his cock into the clone, fucking him silly while he orgasmed. The remaining two clones slid to the floor, joining their duplicates as the muscle studs formed a vast elaborate network of probed mouths and asses, their loins burning with wild desire. They thrust, grunted and groaned, those whose mouth's weren't full that is. The Seans eventually reached orgasm almost all at once, no more then a minute separated each one's monstrous orgasm. They were like a wild living fountain of pure sex, cocks spurting, mouths filled and asses filled to overflowing. Cum sprayed everywhere, dowsing the whole room with thick, rich spew. Finally, they all sat back, exhausted. His bodies sprawled all over the room, legs splayed in different ways, muscles flexed or relaxed, but they all had the same face. Content, blissful smiles filled the room. A heap of sweating, cum covered muscle covered the bed and floor. Sean lay there for a few minutes just breathing heavy and basking in what was the most incredible sex of his life. Despite all the action, his giant cock was staring him in the face, almost literally. He flexed it a time or two and it slapped against his gut with a deep thwack. His lips curled into a smile as he had another horny idea. He reached under the bed and pulled out his massive cock pump. The custom-built machine had a tube 3 feet long. The other Seans watched with big, lazy grins, limbs stretched out as they relaxed. "I wonder..." Sean said out loud as he slipped the giant tube over his half-hard meat. He switched it on and immediately all six of them groaned out in unison as they felt the suction pull their massive cocks instantly to erection. The gargantuan cock began to fill up the pump. The tip quickly passed the 2 foot mark with no sign of slowing down. Veins throbbed as the blood engorged monster grew and grew. Simultaneously, his clones' cocks grew at the same rate, as if they too were filling their own respective pumps. They all moaned as they passed 30 inches and kept growing. The two Seans closest to him sat up and began to lick Sean's chest, rubbing their growing dicks against his body, urging him to grow more. The clones turned toward Sean, circled together around him. Closer and closer they inched, until they were standing hip to hip, toe to toe. Sean’s hands felt and squeezed the muscles of his clones’ biceps and triceps. Inside the circle, six pairs of eyes focused on the giant cock being pumped, five identical cocks pressed tightly against it, smearing the outside of the pump with pre as they grew. Heavy breathing and groaning filled the room. They were staring hungrily at each other. Hands were roaming over their naked bodies, caressing idly. He felt connected to all of them, after all, he was them. His cock swelled and his clones’ big cocks responded, growing upwards. "AHHHH. UHHHH..." he moaned, eyes clenched tight. It was like he was having sex times ten! His tongue was sticking out, mouth open in bliss as he felt his cock growing. Sean turned slowly, enjoying the sight of his multiplied body as his meat expanded inch by inch. He reached for one of the clones, caressing his pecs, another’s hard abs. He drew another in for a kiss, wrapping his arms around the twin, feeling the firm muscles of his back. He licked nipples, massaged biceps. His clones were all getting off on his self-worship. Finally, his cock completely filled the tube. Sean kept pumping. The six of them moaned in unison as they felt the pressure inside their now 3-foot-long members increase, each of them on the verge of cumming. The sound of cracking plastic was audible as the pump struggled to contain the monster cock. “Rip outta there!” “Bulge out, bulge out!!!” The clones cheered Sean on. He flexed his cock and the plastic split apart with a loud crack as his monster muscle cock burst out. Cries of amazement erupted from the room and their hungry eyes looked upon Sean's endowment. "OH SHIT!" Sean exclaimed. The two clones closest to him grabbed the three-foot long monster cock in awe. He humped into their palms as his pole throbbed, veins popping up and down his shaft. He grabbed the base and thumped his cock against his body, precum splattering out and flying in all directions. The three of them moved to the center of the circle, the two Sean clones dropping to their knees in front of the original. Sean #2 got between Sean's legs and started to suckle and lick his low hanging orbs. Sean #3 sucked on Sean's cock, both running their hands all over his body, grinding against the muscleman. The other three clones wrapped around them, gripping their own oversized equipment, massaging Sean’s body with their cocks. Sean moaned as three throbbing cocks rubbed over his naked body, smearing cum over his taut muscles. "Yes..." Sean moaned. "Gonna cum so hard...gonna feel so good..." Sean #3 gagged on the huge member. Sean #2 moved up to join him, licking it all over, making it throb and twitch, precum spurting out of Sean 3's mouth, veins pulsating all over the pillar of meat. "Gonna cum...so close..." Sean moaned. The clones all jerked Sean's cock with one hand a piece, their other hands busily jacking their own throbbing dicks. Eight hands wrapped around his massive dick with room to spare. Pre from his clones added to the lubrication provided by the throbbing rod, the spurts of hot liquid splashing on each other eliciting short bursts of pleasure in each of them. Sean could feel his balls tightening. His eyes glazed and he began groaning loudly. Soon all six of them were. Their identical lusts began building on each other. All of them were thrusting and flexing. Their cocks began thickening up one more time. It was coming. “Awww fuck…” “Let’s do it guys…” “Yeah, together…” “All this identical muscle…” “Look at our cocks dude, so fucking huge… getting bigger” “Ohhh, awww, yessss, awww fuck!” "Oh God...Oh...GOD! UHHH!" Sean's entire body flexed. His hands behind his head, eight pack crunched, pecs exploding outward, legs tense but trembling, his orgasm hit. Cum shot out of him like a firehose. "YES! FUCK! YES!" he roared, the sight of him cumming so hot that the clones erupted as well. They screamed as they released their loads. All of their bodies tightened, chests thrusted out, stomachs caving in. The combined feeling of cum rocketing out of six 36-inch long monster cocks was more intense than Sean could have imagined. Every one of them felt each others' orgasms multiplied with their own, layering one on top of the other. Soon all six of them were shooting uninterrupted streams of white, drenching the walls, the bed, and everything else in the room. Sean took hold of his own cock and thrust into the air, completely hosing down his duplicates. The guys took turns placing their warm lips around his cock head and drinking down his jizz. They writhed on the ground, rubbing all that spunk onto their bodies, wrapping themselves around each other, shoving their gushing rods into the nearest mouth or ass. They rode out their mindblowing orgasms together, filling and feeding each other from their seemingly bottomless nuts until finally their orgasms came to an end. As the six muscle gods sprawled out on the cum-flooded floor, Sean closed his eyes, finally sated. Sean opened his eyes with a start. His eyes darted around his room, his mind trying to discern his current location. It took him a while to warp back to reality. It was daylight, and he was alone in his room. No evidence of the sea of jizz and bodies from the evening could be found. He sighed and stretched, but quickly stopped when he felt something strange. He lifted his sheets and saw that his chest were dripping with his spunk. He laughed. He hadn't had a wet dream in a while.
  3. tester26

    Summer days with Sean & Ty

    Another tribute to HSMuscleboy's characters, a pastiched story where Sean and Ty get summer jobs but more or less spend all day fucking. Summer Days with Sean & Ty Sean and Ty's libidos made them need to fuck as many men as possible. Why have just one partner when they can each fuck over a dozen in a day? Still, they hungered for each other above anyone else. The tightness of Ty's muscle ass clenching around Sean's prick. The sensation of Sean's strong muscular asscheeks shuddering and flexing as Ty slammed his bulky thighs into them. The thoughts of fucking each other made them fuck harder. Made their orgasms longer. Their heat for each other was insatiable. One summer, Sean and Ty took up jobs at Argo gym, the local gathering spot for powerlifters and bodybuilders. Besides a revolving door of new partners every day, they loved teasing each other on the job, pushing each other until they inevitably fucked each other's brains out. This morning, Ty was sitting the receptionist desk at Argo gym. At 18 years old, the 6'4" muscle stud wore the bare minimum of a gym uniform, a tight tank top and tiny red workout shorts that left nothing to the imagination. He had deep chocolate eyes and an easy smile. His rich ebony skin stretched tight over a broad, deeply chiseled chest that was completely hairless, topped with large nipples and brick-like abs to die for. His arms were bigger than most people's heads and his legs looked bigger than tree trunks. Between his legs swung a massive 19-inch long cock backed by a pair of orange-sized nuts. But, his most impressive feature was his ass. It was cut and striated and hard and square and looked like a couple of raging beasts fighting under his skin when he flexed. Sean could smell Ty's sweet masculine musk as soon as he walked into the lobby. He ogled his partner as he walked up to him. Licking his lips as he took in every overdeveloped muscle group. Sean got more and more erect with every step he took. His massive thighs batted his stiffening prick around in its thong, the bowling ball sized package swaying as he walked. Ty could barely contain his arousal as he sat on a computer chair that could barely hold his massive frame. "HHrgnnnff…Mmm..hey there hot stuff," Sean said. Ty looked up at Sean and moaned. Sean towered over the desk, the 6'6", 18 year old muscle monster was so incredibly handsome and so huge. Ever the exhibitionist, he had long given up on the employee uniform; instead he showed up every day in skimpy posers or shorts. His oiled body emphasized his golden skin, shining as if he was glowing. His beautiful blue eyes sparkled as he looked down over his massive pecs at his partner. His pecs jutted out like a shelf over a monumental eight pack. His neck was as big as some normal guy's legs and his traps pushed up toward the side of his head. His shoulders were amazingly broad and each movement of his hands caused them to flex and striate deeply. His arms were enormous. Two head-sized masses with splits and striations showing every muscle fiber atop thick forearms looked like a couple of steel wrapped bowling pins. His massive legs pushed out an overstretched posing strap that barely contained Sean's massive 20" cock and orange-sized balls. The two of them growled at each other in heat. "MMmmm…fuck..." Ty mumbled, his hands instinctively stroking his own huge dick under the desk. His dick was throbbing hard as he tried to maintain his composure, staring into Sean's piercing blue eyes. "What can I do for you stud?" Ty crooned in his thick baritone. His dick throbbing with every word he spoke. "How about a day pass, big guy?" Sean replied with a wink. Ty licked his lips. His computer chair groaned in relief as he lifted his massive ass up off it. His workout shorts struggled to contain his huge erection, a large wet spot spreading from its throbbing head. The spectacle made Sean's massive goliath burst out of his thong, destroying it completely as he became fully erect. His naked, swollen cock tip throbbed right in the teen’s grinning face. His dick veins flared angrily as it stretched to its full twenty-inch length. Ty winked and turned around. He was barefoot and his bubble ass swayed hypnotically. Sean stared, drooling at his powerful asscheeks. His skintight workout shorts barely contained them, his massive erection pulling the skintight cloth to the breaking point. "Hrmmm…what do we got here…" Ty hummed. Ty pretended to rifle through boxes behind his desk looking for the pass Sean requested. He bent over, pointing his sculpted ass to his boyfriend. Sean moaned over the sight of Ty’s perfect glutes. His pre-spitting prick throbbed madly, spraying all over Ty's desk. "Hot in here ain't it? I'm sweatin' up a storm. Let me slip outta these." Ty teased. Ty put his thick thumb into the hem of his workout shorts and pulled them down over his huge cheeks, presenting his defined muscle ass in all its naked glory. Sean growled. The hulking stud pounced on the receptionist, jumping over the desk and pushing the muscle teen down underneath him onto his hands and knees. He mounted him and shoved his monstrous prick balls deep into his perfect ass. "Aw fuck yeah! Give it to me stud!" Ty moaned as Sean sank his full length into him in one thrust, stretching him out like no one else could. Sean pounded his huge cock in and out of Ty’s ass hard and fast. Over and over. Giving his warm, wet muscle hole the fuck it needed. He felt immense strength in the Ty's muscular glutes as his groin bounced off his asscheeks with every thrust. Sean didn’t have to hold back with Ty. He fucked him harder than any other partner, their combined motions shaking the floor around them. Ty's moans and groans of heat fed Sean's rut. His meaty toes curled in time with the hulk stud's thrusts. He needed this bad. The intense masculine satisfaction of fucking an ass this perfect made Sean’s balls ache for release. Every time his fat balls slammed against Ty’s ass his need to cum was driven to new heights. The immense pleasure of the muscle sex made it impossible to hold back for long. Sean roared in orgasm as his powerful prick expanded in Ty’s hole. His urethra yawned wide and he blasted his thick sperm deep into his partner’s ass, completely filling the muscle ass instantly and overflowing down their legs. Ty moaned as he erupted at the same time. His huge cock pumped out his own virile load as his muscle god boyfriend's load kept blasting into him. The two teen muscle gods blasted mighty ropes of cum out all over the reception floors, walls and ceiling. They roared as they felt the full force of each other's masculinity. The incredible orgasms finally died down after nearly five minutes, their combined emissions had covered nearly everything in sight. The two men laid on the floor, grunting in afterglow in a mess of their virile seed. "HHhhh....There ya go stud…needed that didn’t ya?" Sean said with a smile. Sean caressed Ty's face, bringing his lips to his own. The hulking men brought their lips together and kissed. Sean’s prick still throbbing in his boyfriend's inseminated ass. Their powerful arms wrapped around each other in a hyper muscular embrace. Variations of this scene played out every day, to the helpless dismay of the cleaners. Over the summer, the two of them painted the now permanently cum stained reception area with jets of jizz over and over as they bred each other. Same with the lockers. And the weight bench. Sometimes they'd each find worthy partners, and after hours of fucking in the locker room they'd sling the newcomers over their shoulders. Inevitably, the partner's ass would be pointing forward, Sean or Ty's cum pooling out his hole and down the backs of his thighs for all to see. They'd carry their new toys back to their apartment, splay their hyper muscular bodies across their bedsheets and keep on breeding their partners till sunrise. If they passed out, as they often did, Sean and Ty would push the toys off the bed and go to town on each other til daybreak. They simply had a voracious need to fuck. Another morning, the couple were out on a walk on the beach after their morning lovemaking. Ty was shirtless, only wearing his tiny workout shorts. With Sean wearing his usual barely concealing speedo and stringer, the pair were basically naked. Their powerful bodies still drenched in the sweat of their sex, their semihard cocks still leaking cum through their flimsy containments. Ty could feel his stud’s thick sperm sloshing around in his ass. Sean pressed his nose into his lover’s sweaty, muscular neck. He breathed in long and deep, savoring his lover’s musk as they walked down the path to exit the beach. Sean groped and kneaded Ty’s ass, making the teen’s rock-hard cheeks clench. Ty’s toes curled and flexed on the pavement in pleasure. The two studs' muscle groups were pumped. Huge. The force of their sex was immense, a full body workout. Their lovemaking pushed more muscle into their already oversized bodies. Sean and Ty loved it. Each stud couldn’t stop ogling his mate’s bulging, glistening muscles. His pecs, his arms, his abs. The sweat rolling down their protruding, muscular pecs as they glistened in the morning sun, highlighting every muscular bulge and crevice. Sean lowered his head, put his lips against his mate’s nipples and licked up it. Tasting him. "MMFFF!!" Ty groaned, his thick cock slipping out of his shorts and rapidly hardening. Ty grabbed Sean’s ass hard. Groping him with his thick fingers just like Sean was groping him. The virile stud grunted in need, his tongue still gliding over his mate’s pecs. Ty tore off Sean's stringer hungrily to reach for his abs. Sean’s prick tore out of his speedo as he became fully stiff. Ty flexed his ass cheeks. His powerful glute muscles bulged big and blasted out of his shorts. Ripping them asunder and leaving him as naked as his mate. His prick throbbing just as hard as Sean’s. Both men were grunting in heat. Fondling each other's wet muscles in public. Their heat rising. "Wh…!! Whoa!!" "H-Holy Fuck!!!" The muscle gods were so consumed by their heat they didn’t notice the beachgoers approach them. Two young men, less than half their size, were stopped in front of them. Mouths agape. Boners tenting through their board shorts. Their athletic bodies smaller than just one of the muscle men’s arms. They were frozen in shock and arousal. Sean and Ty looked at each other. A grin spread across their faces. Ty raised and pointed his thick finger down at the pair. "You…" he growled. The young men felt the bass of Ty’s voice in their chests. They gasped in lust. "Prey…" Sean added. Sean’s baritone voice was just as powerful as Ty’s. The newcomers moaned hearing it. The two muscle gods stared down at their prey. Then in unison, they each grabbed one young man and forced them onto their partner's cock. "SUCK" The muscle men commanded in tandem. The young men gagged as they were forced to inhale Sean and Ty's oversized cocks. Sean and Ty kissed as they skullfucked their new toys. With one hand, they pumped their new worshippers up and down their mate's oversized meat, with the other they continued to feel each other up, taking turns to suck on each other's pecs and lick the sweat off of their pumped bi's. They turned to face each other and embraced, forcing the two young men to kneel at their feet, back to back, pressed between four massive tree trunk legs. They groaned and moaned, their worshippers cumming as they were overwhelmed by pure muscle sex. Nearly simultaneously, Ty and Sean felt their orgasms approaching and thrust their huge dicks balls deep. They roared and erupted, blasting muscle cum straight into the stomachs of their prey. After about a minute, they pulled out, hosing the two worshippers down with the rest of their massive loads. "STRIP," Sean and Ty commanded, barely giving the two young men any time to catch their breath. They were both drenched in a thick layer of white, nearly slipping as they stood up to pull off their clothes. They tore their board shorts off as quickly as they could, flinging them to the ground, their small but erect dicks sprung about as the elastic waistbands slid over them. They presented their backs to the two muscle gods, nervous but excited about what was about to happen. The two men were small but beyond horny. Sean and Ty scooped up some of their cum off of their worshippers and lubed up their massive cocks. In tandem, they lined themselves up and impaled their partners, causing them to scream in pain and pleasure. Their massive thighs slapped against the men’s tight asses with passion, spraying cum and sweat everywhere as they fucked. The pavement beneath them became so slick with cum it looked like it had been snowing. It was a loud fuck, their soft, wet holes squelched as they were penetrated over and over. The pleasure of the sex overwhelmed the young men. This was the ultimate in muscle sex. The muscle gods rubbed each other’s girthy pricks as they bred the two young men, neither of them able to fit the entirety of their thick meat inside. Still kissing each other, Sean and Ty relentlessly pounded their partners as they swapped spit, ceasing briefly to moan or grunt when the much needed fuck pushed even more pleasure through their bodies. The two young men were pushed into a cycle of endless orgasms, their small loads splattering on the ground. They wouldn’t last long. But nether would Sean and Ty. "UUGGNNNFF!!!" "HHGGNNNFFF!!!" Their orgasms approached fast. The four of them cried out in pleasure as Sean and Ty erupted. Their muscle asses clenched hard as they lifted their partners up by flexing their cocks. Ropes of cum blasted out their girthy pricks. The young men screamed in pleasure as their asses filled with cum from these muscle god dicks. They drifted in and out of consciousness, the euphoria too much to handle. Sean and Ty were built for sex. Built to fuck men dry. "Mmmrghh…" "HURgghh…." The four men hung their heads and panted. Sweat raining from their bodies as they basked in their overwhelming afterglow. The muscle gods groped each other’s chests, stroking the post orgasmic bliss through their bodies. They pulled out of their submissive bottoms one last time, milking out some final dregs of cum. Sean and Ty stood up straight, letting their partners flop to the ground, entirely spent. The muscle gods grinned down at their toys, lifted their muscular feet and pressed them down against the young mens' softening dicks. "Aw fuck yeah…" Sean rumbled. "Thanks for the fun…" Ty added. The two worshippers could only squeal and splutter in pleasure as the soles of Sean and Ty’s muscular feet pushed even more pleasure into their post orgasmic dicks. The deep chuckles of the men made them throb even harder. Their strong feet were as big as their torsos. Satisfied with the performance of their prey, the muscle gods rubbed their big toes up and down their shafts a few last times before lifting their feet off them. The young men passed out, overwhelmed by the experience. "Heh.." Ty laughed. The muscle gods again turned their attention to each other. Sean caressed his lover’s head. He guided it towards his face. Ty groped his stud’s pecs. The two continued making out. Pressing their lips together and sharing saliva. Their heat for each other hadn’t waned in the slightest. Sean and Ty left their toys panting and spent on the ground. Fully naked, they continued on their way back home. Sean and Ty fucked anywhere and everywhere. At the gym, on the train, in the stairwell of their apartment, in broad daylight in the street. Sean’s need to pump his prick in and out of Ty’s hungry hole was constant and Ty’s need to fuck Sean was equal in intensity. The muscle gods had almost made it home from the beach. Their powerful bodies glowing with the ever present mist of their sex sweat. Fully nude, they walked down the street, enjoying the sounds of shock and awe from onlookers as they passed by. Occasionally they stopped to flex and pose, laughing as people around them involuntarily came at the sight of the angelic-faced muscle monsters. They loved the attention, and who was going to stop them? The last time someone called the cops for public indecency they ended up double teaming the cop in the park for three hours. The walk home did little to cool their libidos, their soft cocks slapping their thighs as they walked, spraying a wide arc of pre on their path. By the time they had almost made it home, the two studs were fully erect once more, their hands fiercely groping and slapping each other as they jogged, then chased each other back. Ty was particularly excited, grabbing Sean and pinning him against a telephone pole. As he made out with Sean his left hand rubbed up and down the inside of his thick thighs. The back of his arm jostled around Sean’s bloated balls and erect prick. His right hand kneaded Sean’s muscle ass cheek. Pulling it apart then running his fingertips against Sean’s muscle hole. "HHuuhhh!! HUUGgghhH!!" Sean was panting in need. His lover threw his massive arms around his sweaty body and thrust his groin into the side of his ass. Grunting in need into Sean’s ear. Making his stud moan. Making him feel the stiffness of his 19-inch beast as its swollen tip pressed into his asscheek. Ty’s primal desires had become uncontainable. "MMGHRRFFF!!" Ty’s roared in lust. His massive prick throbbed so hard it sprayed a jet of pre all over the two of them. The teen in heat pushed his fat fingers in between Sean’s muscle cheeks and spread them. Sean let out a deep bellowing moan, so loud it drew the attention of red faced onlookers. The two were standing in the parking lot beside their apartment. They could have just gone upstairs, but they needed it now. It couldn’t wait. "HRGHHHH!!" Ty grunted in sexual heat as Sean presented himself. He bent over to give his mate his hungry hole. The teen stud lunged onto his mate’s back. Grabbed him by the pecs to steady him for the onslaught that was coming. He grunted in his ear. His monster cock throbbed bigger, harder than ever as he plunged it balls deep into Sean’s quivering muscle hole. His thighs slammed against Sean’s muscular asscheeks with a loud, wet thud. "UUGGGHHHH!!!" Sean roared as he felt Ty stretch him open. Ty’s huge length throbbed inside Sean as the teen ground his muscular groin against his mate’s butt. Onlookers moaned in heat as the muscle god began to thrust. Sean’s muscular asscheeks shuddered then flexed as Ty’s thighs slammed into them over and over. Sean’s tongue lolled out. He was drooling as his mate groped and kneaded his supple pecs. Pounded his hole in front of a growing audience. The toes on his meaty muscular feet flexed and curled in pleasure on the asphalt. "HRRRGGHHHH!!" the two of them grunted and groaned. Pleasure reverberated through the men’s mountainous bodies. With every thrust into Sean, Ty’s horniness rose. Thick virile seed churned in his powerful balls as they slammed into Sean’s rump over and over. "UGFF UGGNNFF UUGGHNFF!!" Sean’s legs gave way and he fell backwards, ass first onto his mate’s prick. Both men roared in pleasure. Ty's huge dick pushed deeper up into Sean as he sat on it. Sean arched his back and moaned. The stud spun around on his mate’s prick. His soft hole putting tension on it, rubbing it as it twisted round. He held onto Ty’s huge traps and thrust his huge ass down onto his mate’s dick. Over and over. Slamming his muscle ass onto his stud’s erection again and again, desperate to milk out his load. "UUGH!! UGGH!! UUGGHH!!" Ty’s powerful thighs pistoned his prick up into Sean’s hole over and over. Pushing it deep inside with more force than Sean was fucking him. Ty flipped the two of them over and straddled him. He was on top of his mate in a feral, primal mating press. "RRGHHHHH!!" Ty fucked Sean faster and faster. Pounding him so hard car alarms around them went off. Loud meaty thuds rang out as his powerful thighs slammed into Sean’s muscle ass over and over. The teen was a piece of muscular farming equipment. A breeding machine. And he was going to make Sean feel it. Ty pressed his body down on his mate. Holding Sean’s lurching cock still between his bulging pecs. Letting him fuck faster and faster. "RRRGGUUHHH!!!" Ty’s powerful fuck reached its climax. With a guttural roar, Ty thrust so hard into Sean’s muscle ass the ground shook. He moaned in pleasure as he pumped his hot cum deep into Sean’s waiting hole. Filled him completely until his thick jets of cum flew out and splattered the asphalt beneath them. Sean's cock expanded and erupted, covering Ty's pecs and face. Ty unclenched his pecs, letting Sean's dick swing wildly as it blasted ropes of jizz across the parking lot. "HHGHH…Aw fuck yeeah...HHGHHH…Fucking strong!…HHGHh…Can't stop cumming..." Ty hung his head. Panting. He was done. The two of them were drenched in sweat and cum. Sean panted, catching his breath. The two of them had pushed each other more than they ever had before. Ty lowered his head and took a deep breath. They smelled amazing. Ty gave Sean’s ass one final hard thrust. He pulled out his prick slowly, to let Sean feel his length. When it popped out, his thick cum streamed out Sean's hole and down the backs of his muscular legs. Ty helped Sean to his feet. The two musclegods began softly kissing one another. Standing in profile, their huge pecs swelled as their nips erected and dueled with each other. Their giant fuck-rods waved in their own dance, sliding up and down each other, generously lubricated by Sean's cum. Their lips never parted but their hands were everywhere, molding, caressing, squeezing. When they hugged, their enormous biceps fought to drag the other guy even closer. At that point Ty pulled a little back, still holding on to Sean, and sat on the hood of one of the cars in the lot. The car creaked and groaned out of protest. Sean closed in on him, pushing Ty's knees apart as he fucked his cock in the deep cleavage between Ty's giant pecs as his lover pulled the blonde head into his own chest. Sean's butt salaciously waved from side to side as he pleasured himself on Ty's sweat and cum covered torso. Sounds of metal bending and snapping filled the air as the car struggled to support the motions of the two massive teens. A crowd of onlookers gathered around them, some of them pairing off and fucking each other as they watched the two muscle gods enjoying each other. Sean half turned to grin wickedly at the horny onlookers as he placed his hands on Ty's outrageous delts and started to push him down to swallow the big blond dick. As Ty slurped disgustingly on his oversized meal, Sean stretched his torso back arched, flexed and spread, showing off his massive body. But when the sap began to rise and Sean started to groan in anticipation, he suddenly stood up, swung Ty around, and sat him on his lap, on his tree trunk of a dick. Without changing his rhythm, Ty started to fuck himself on Sean's 20-inch monster. Sean had one hand on Ty's bulging pec, the other on his huge dick. Ty, with his deep brown eyes, stared down their audience as he started to massage the sweat and cum into his own lats, his chest, his huge veined bis, even his face, bending over to lick the sweet honey of his pre-cum off his throbbing cock as he fucked his own mouth with it. Ty's eyes pierced into each person's soul, sending them over the edge at the sight of these two perfect specimens in love. Person after person fell to their knees as they came at the sight. Then he flexed a humungous bicep and started to lick it. Then the other. The crowd around them were all on their knees now, some of them passing out from an endless cycle of orgasms. Sean grinned at the crowd, "Enjoying yourself, dudes? I know we are!" Ty raised his pelvis a little to let Sean start the upward fucking motion himself. "Aww, shit, Sean! Yeah, fuck me, dude! Harder! Fuck the jizz outa me!" Sean slapped both his paws hard on to Ty's pecs and Ty reached back with both arms to use the car back for additional leverage as both of them rammed up and down against each other. The hood buckled underneath them as the car gave in, the tires burst with a loud bang followed by the suspension collapsing underneath them. "Shit! Fuck! Aww, shit, fuck, yeah! Gonna cum!" "Me too!" Sean pulled out of Ty's ass and pointed his dick in direction of the crowd under Ty's balls. Ty pushed his dick down slightly as they erupted. Two fire hoses simultaneously jetted across the parking lot, spraying down the moaning crowd. Torrents of cum covered the lot in white. Those who were still conscious hungrily shoveled the improbable loads into their mouths. Sean lifted Ty up in his arms and the two of them shared a deep kiss. Then he stood up, cum and sweat dripping off their magnificent bodies and headed inside. Sean carried his mate back to their apartment, to their bed. As their post orgasmic onlookers watched them in awe. The muscle gods were insatiable.
  4. A Zhu Crew Adventure: Destruction Manifest This is a story involving furries with hyper muscles, hyper endowments, gay sex in anal, oral, and other various creative varieties. It features hyper, growth, muscle growth, genital growth, displays of super strength, male lactation, destruction of property, transformations, magic, superpowers, freakish growth and a number of kinky fetishes. If you do not like those things then the story that follows is not for you. If they are however, then enjoy this tale of magic, technology, and fiction in a mostly modern day setting. The city of Royal Triamel was a modern metropolis with a population of 70 million people. Many would have likened it to a futuristic New York with sky scrapers that lined the horizon, some stretching as tall as 150 stories or more, making it a city with a number of buildings as tall as the Burj Khalifa. This was not terribly commonplace in the world where Royal Triamel resided but didn't seem out of place for any who lived there. True it was one of the larger cities and as such had a number of extraordinary individuals who lived there. In this world there are people with what has been described as “the spark”. A gift that granted them super powers tied into the magic of 8lue. Those who had the spark could use their magic abilities to act as sort of super powers, while others just used them to help with their every day lives. Some acted as super heroes while other inevitably used them to be villains. In Triamel, as the locals called it, there had been an extensive battle between several super powered individuals and a villain who called himself the Shroud. In the wake of that battle, about eighty percent of the city had been damaged to the point where the buildings there were deemed unsound. While the Shroud had been apprehended, the city officials and super powered groups devised a plan. Royal Triamel had already been evacuated and thusly they had magic users gather the personal belongings of those who lived in the city. Any thing of value was put into mystic storage containers to be retrieved at a later time. With the powerful magic users they had they decided to rebuild the whole city, a process that would only take them a matter of weeks. However, before it could be rebuilt... the old city would have to be demolished. For big demolition jobs there was only one company to call... Sila I Svet Demolitions. It wasn't their first rodeo and they were the best at controlled demolitions for just such an occasion. They drove to the city epicenter of Main Street and Pularoy in a big, beat up, mac truck with the S.I.S.D. Logo painted on the sides. That's where he came in. Despite such a big job, the company only had but 4 employees, including the owner and founder. The owner Rogovoy, drove the massive 18-wheeler through the abandoned city streets and his three employees rode in the back. The trailer they rode in was furnished with a number of over-sized and worn down chairs, which were fixed to the floor, but there was nothing else that decorated it. A couple of hanging lights swayed from the ceiling as the truck drove onward through the debris and destruction. The man who seemed to be best suited towards this type of work was one of those three and he went by Mihk. Pronounced Mick, his full name was Mihkensei Bleu Buisson. He was part bison and part water buffalo but all man. He was a wall of muscle bulging in every direction made up of good genes and hard work. His skin was a mix deep tan and light brown like autumn leaves on the forest floor. The fur that covered most of his hirsute body could mostly be described as satin gold with hints of silver that added an air of distinguishment to his overall coloration. The powerful horns that sprung from the sides of his head and curved upwards were a light brown with hints of gold filigree and many thought they complimented his big brown nose. His eyes pierced through from everything else with a sheen of hauntingly handsome sky blue. On this day, like most others, Mihk wore a tank top, basketball shorts, and roman-style sandals that wrapped half way up his calves. Partially because he liked to have his skin and fur able to breathe and partially because his clothing selection was limited for people of his enormity. He topped off at seven foot even but for the time being he sat on an oversized couch in the back of the trailer, taking up most of the space all by himself with his copious bulk. He crossed his legs and blushed a little as he watched his co-workers snuggling up on the couch that sat next to him. Many people had confused that duo for brothers, and while they shared the same last name, it was only because they were married. The muscular rabbits Buio and Leggero Coniglio were nearly as muscular and massive as the half bison next to them but stood a bit shorter, both coming in at six feet six inches (but eight feet tall if you counted the ears). They were both not only buff but very fluffy in all the right places, both having fantastic quoifs of head fur that flowed down their backs like Fabio. Another distinguishing feature was their overall fur and coloration. Buio was completely black furred on his left side and completely white on his right, conversely Leggero was completely white furred on his left side and completely white furred on his right. They would be very hard to tell apart if one hadn't known who had what color fur on which side, but Mihk and their boss had known them long enough that telling them apart was a snap. Speaking of snaps, Mihk's attention was drawn back to the pair of rabbits next to him. The snapping sound was Buio adjusting the waistband on his boxer briefs and letting it snap back into place. A few times, drawing in the attention of Leggero and the half bison to his very prodigious bulge under the tight, dark blue, fabric. Both of the rabbits put even the well hung Mihk to shame. While Buio wore dark blue boxer-brief like pants, his husband Leggero wore a pair of identically fitting yellow boxer-brief style bottoms. Their bunny tails wiggled happily as they snuggled up close and cozy on the couch. The only other clothing they donned were tight fitting sleeves that went from their wrists to mid biceps and long socks that held snug to their truly massive feet, stretched over those powerful calves, and rode up to rest just past the knees. The clothing the rabbits wore matched the boxer briefs that were stretched ever so taught, almost like super hero costumes... extremely lewd super hero costumes. He watched as Buio sat back on the couch, straining it under his weight and that of his husband as Leggero stradled him, grinding massive bunny bulge to massive bunny bulge. Both the lapin gents moaned and groaned as Leggero ground against his lover and then pulled Buio's head, wedging his face between his massive black and white pectoral muscles. As they were facing one another they were black fur on black and white fur on white. They moaned as Buio mototboated his husband's massive pecs. Leggero chuckled and Mihk shifted a bit as the truck moved around through the city. He looked at the pair with a look that said, 'seriously?' and waited for them to notice his gaze. Leggero noticed first and smiled at the big bovine, “Something you wanted to add big boy? Feeling left out? Want to join in?” “Dude,” began Mihk, “It's way too early in the morning... How are you guys so frisky at the ass crack of dawn?” Buio pulled from his lover's pecs and leaned the side of his face against them as he replied, “How could I not be?” “Likewise,” added Leggero, “I can't be around my Buio Bunny without sporting a semi, bro. It's like not even possible.” “And my Leggy gets me goin' like nothing else. I can't resist no matter what time of day it is. Par example,” said Buio before going back to wedging his face between the monstrous pecs. Mihk sighed and focused hard on staying soft. He closed his eyes and said, “Whatever muchachos. I'm still not fully awake and even so I'm waiting till we get there before I...” The bovine man stopped as the truck came to a halt and the engine turned off. They heard the sound of a door open and close then heavy footsteps outside. “Sounds like we're here,” smiled Leggero, “You won't be waiting long to crank a few out, eh?” “Nothing doing till I had my coffee, dude,” said Mihk as they heard the rear door turn and then slid up before them. It was still dark outside and so the streets were only lit by flickering, damaged street lamps and by the hanging lights from within the trailer. “Did someone ask for coffee?” asked a rhino man with a heavy Russian accent, “Bozhe moy! Rabbits quit the zanimat'sya seksom right now! You need to stay covered for video. Fuck after. Sukin syn... and keep it in your pants. “Sure thing, Rosti,” said the rabbits in unison as they hopped up off the couch in sync. They popped a salute then hopped out the van in synchronized summersaults and landed behind the massive rhino. The one they called Rosti was a massive rhino man who's full name was Rostislav Spartak Rogovoy. He wore a red and black flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, cargo blue jeans that were held up by thick suspenders, and over his big feet were huge, thick, steel toed work boots. He had pale gray skin that faded into pink over the front of his torso, the palms of his hands, the soles of his feet and in a few other key areas. His hair was coarse, thick, and gray. Atop his head he had his hair cut short and buzzed on the sides and back. He had a short beard that didn't conceal much of his other features. He left a few buttons undone on his flannel shirt, showing not only a great deal of pectoral clevage, but how incredibly hairy his tremendous muscles were. His forearms and the top of his hands made that evident as well as he held up a canister and tossed it to Mihk. “One large coffee at the ready, comrade,” said the big rhino. Mihk caught the canister, which was about the size of a 2 liter soda bottle but shaped like a thermos. He popped the top of the can, twisting it open and a heating element dropped down to warm up the coffee for him automatically. He brought it to his lips and blew on the hot drink a bit, then inhaled the scent and took a ginger sip, “Mmmm that's the stuff.” “So when do we start with the job?” asked Leggero. “Should we get crackin' guys?” asked Buio. “Not yet boys,” said the rhino. He walked casually over to a large metal case and popped open the top. Dozens of small robots flew out, each one looked like a small metallic sphere with a red glowing eye on the front, “We need to wait for dawn and then we will begin with filming.” Mihk stood up and departed the trailer, the shocks of the trailer shook and bounced as he hopped out, the ground thudding from his hundreds and hundreds of pounds of weight hitting the pavement. Even his sandals strain and moaned a bit from the impact. He looked around at the little robots and asked, “What makes this video so special, compadre? I mean we have a few dozen already.” “This will be the largest job we've had yet,” said Rostislav, “I want don't want rush job this time. Want to showcase one at a time what we can do. Should bring in many more jobs, da?” The rhino shot a thumbs up his way and Mihk gave him a nod. The half bison half water buffalo took another sip of the hot and energizing coffee, “Sounds pretty bodacious to me. In the meantime I'm just going to be caffinating. Let me know when you want me to do what.” Mihk took another sip from his steamy drink while the rabbits looked around at their surroundings. They seemed almost in constant contact with each other as they looked around, either holding hands, or rubbing one another in various places on their fuzzy and buff bods. Even their long ears seemed to mingle intimately as they looked about without speaking. “You two have been awful quiet. Should I be worry?” asked the rhino of the rabbits. “Hmmmm?” asked Leggero, “Oh. Naw. We were just telepathically wondering which block to start with first.” “Which would show up best for starting on the video,” Buio added. “Da. Da. I always forget you can talk to each other's minds when your ears touch. Got a little bit of the mind spark,” said Rostislav. “We sure do,” said Buio as his eyes darkened a bit, “but I also got the dark spark.” “And I got the light spark,” said Leggero as his eyes lightened up a bit in turn. “Speaking of light, dudes,” said Mihk as he pointed at the horizon. First light had struck with dawn soon to follow. He took a few more sips of the coffee and finished off the self heating cannister before tossing it into the truck. The rhino cracked his knuckles and closed the camera bots case. Sending the cam bots into motion. They spread out over a great area to capture all the action as it happened. “Alrighty boys. Prigotov'sya. I'll give intro before each segment. Then when I introduce you, you show your power and let the demolitions begin.” “Dude, don't we have to put up any phase barriers?” asked Mihk. “Nyet,” said the rhino, “Since we don't have any parts of the city to protect this time. We don't need them. We are leveling the whole place for once.” “Well I know but... Oh... yeah. I guess that means we wouldn't need any,” said Mihk. “Da. Now boys. We gonna record two videos today. First video is clean video. Promotional material,” began the rhino, “Then rest of city AFTER promotional video is going to be for the fans who want to see us really let loose, if you know what I mean.” The rabbits looked to each other and shared a devious and nigh identical set of grins before saying in unison, “Sounds like my kind of video.” “I know I'm looking forward to it,” Mihk commented, while focusing on staying soft for the first video, “Who's going first?” “I'll announce and then you go. I go last. Just be ready for when I tell you go. I tell you go then you go. Da?” said the rhino. Everyone nodded and he said, “Good. Now we start.” The rhino looked to the metal case and said, “Smart box.” The box beeped and some lights blinked then Rostislav said. “Smart box start recording promotional video.” The box bleeped and a cam bot went from a panning shot of the city down to the big rhino boss. He shot a winning smile and went into his shpiel, “Privet and welcome. I am Rostislav Rogovoy, owner and founder of Sila I Svet Demolitions. In this video you are about to see just what me and my employees can do for you. Starting off we have the powerful pair of rabbits ready to rumble this city to bits. Introduce yourselves boys.” With a gesture to the pair the camera floated over to them and they gave a few playful flexes as they introduced themselves being extremely flamboyant and effeminate as they began their segment. “Hi there everyone, I'm Buio,” said the rabbit in the tight blue clothes. “...and I'm Leggero,” said the rabbit in the tight yellow clothes. “And Today we're going to show you just what we can do with my power over dark,” said Buio. “And my powers over light,” said Leggero. “I'll kick it off,” said Buio, accenting his comment with a few powerful kicks, causing his muscles to flex and the scant clothing he wore to creak and strain. His eyes turned black and seemed to emanate dark flames as he said, “This is what I can do with the powers of darkness.” He floated into the air and had a dark aura pulsing from his body. Black lightning licked his heels through the ever taught socks, as he rose and flew to a block that had some shorter buildings. Then with a sudden boom he flew at supersonic speed, making the camera twirl from the sudden eddies of wind. The cameras kept switching to other cameras that were nearby, watching as the building before him nearly imploded from impact, collapsing down quickly. Then the rabbit rose from the rubble unharmed and a devious grin on his face. While floating over the rubble of the five story building he concentrated and then flexed his massive chest to even bigger proportions, firing a blast of pure dark energy from between his pecs like a laser beam that blasted through building after building, taking down a further three. As though he were just a kid having fun he then went down and flew through building after building til the entire block was demolished. The whole process took him about five minutes and when all was said and done he flew over to his husband and landed. The dark glow faded and he returned to his previous state. Leggero gave him a high five and dust came off of Buio from the rubble. He then helped Buio pat himself off and dusted down with a couple of coughs before Leggero pointed to the sleeve right at his his left bicep and said, “Oh no, love. You tore your sleeve.” The cameras captured all for the promo video, “Aw man... I guess it's ruined now. Oh well, Might as well take it off.” Then Buio proceeded to flex his already massive arm and just his arm to mind bendingly freakish proportions. His bicep and forearm popped and ripped free of it's blue constraints and soon the sleeve was left as just a strip around his wrist like a bangle from the once mighty and reinforced sleeves. Buio smiled and continued to flex, pump and show off his freakish arm, “There that's better.” “Better for you maybe,” began Leggero, “But now we don't match... Here, let me fix that.” Legerro then flexed his opposite arm in the same fashion and it exploded out of the constraining sleeve. He was much more methodical and slow, ripping it along a seam in very specific and controlled flexes to rise to power and ripped free of just his bicep. Then with his forearm he just exploded it all at once, bursting his arm free to relax it as just the same bangle of cloth remained much the same way his husband had. “There we are.” “Not quite, Leggy,” said Buio, “You flexed the wrong arm you silly goose, now we still don't match.” “Well what say we just even it up then fluffy britches?” “Sounds like a plan honey bun,” smiled Buio. The rabbits then turned to the camera and flexed in unison, making all four of their arms explode with size and freakish bulges in every direction as each individual muscle fiber contorted and grew to tremendous proportions. They throbbed with power and their naked arms now only had cloth wrist wraps where there were once blue and yellow sleeves. “Much better, my lovely,” said Leggero as his eyes went white and started to glow with a glimmering silver light. He pulsated with an aura of pure light much the way his husband had with his dark aura before, “But now it's my turn to show off a little.” Leggero then took flight and left a trail of shimmering light behind him as he flew into the center of a block between two ten story buildings. He then zoomed with a sonic boom to the ground and the impact resonated with such force that when his massive feet stomped the ground the buildings cracked and the surrounding cityscape quaked. His feet swelled and really strained those ever tight super reinforced socks. The buildings to either side of him collapsed down and the massive shards of buildings pummeled his incredible muscles. The rabbit gleaned, literally, and rose back up then started to pulse with a blinding light. He put his hands to either side and fired powerful beams which leveled the rest of the city block. Another five minutes passed and then the rabbit stood victorious on the rubble, landing and crushing the rubble between his toes and under the socks. After the display he walked back to Buio and said, “Well that's all for what I can do, at least on my own.” “Should we show them what we can do when we put our minds together?” asked Buio. “Among other things?” smiled Leggero. “Exactly, my love,” said Buio as he kissed his honey. The rabbits then went hand in hand and leaped 300 feet into the air. Rather than falling down from that height they remained up, still holding hands. Their bodies each glowed. Leggero with light and Buio with darkness. Then the fur on the entirety of their bodies changed colors with Leggero changing to a completely white furred rabbit, and Buio changed to a completely black furred rabbit. They looked to one another and gave a knowing nod, their luxurious locks billowed in the breeze generated from their sheer level of power. Then they each glowed their respective shades of dark and light and black and white lightning rained down from their bodies over the city below as they flew down a street. They blasted beams of light and dark to either side, destroying four blocks at once. Buildings ruptured and burst apart from the sheer force of the blasts and from the licking lightning of the pair of rabbits. They hovered and held hands, watching as the mass of buildings collapsed to the ground beneath them, destroyed by their sheer power alone. Six blocks of the city taken down by a mere two rabbits in a matter of minutes. The powerful pair returned back to Mihk and Rostislav, landing as the dust whooshed away from them and when the released hands, they stopped glowing and each returned to their respective black half white half forms. They then gave a few victorious flexes, all while their cottontails wiggled ever so happily, for the cameras and said in unison, “Thank you everybody. We were the Coniglios. Remember to stay tuned for the rest of the show.” The cameras then shifted focus back to the massive rhino and he shot another winning grin, “Wow that was really great, fellas. Now for a special treat I turn over the focus to my next fantastic employee. A real master of what he does. Hey there big guy, why not introduce yourself?” The camera then panned over to Mihk and the big half water buffalo gave a happy smile with a small wave, almost coy in his approach as he spoke out like a Californian surfer, “What's up dudes? I'm Mihkensei but everyone just calls me Mihk. I've got a few powers of my own that I'm about to showcase but first things first. Hey Rosti?” “Yes Mihk,” said the rhino. “We still gonna be using this big rig after today?” “Nyet. I got a junker just to use for the video,” the Rhino assured him, “You can use it however you want, big boy.” “Bodacious, well I'm gonna borrow it for just a sec here,” said Mihk. He walked up to the side of the rig itself and then hooked a big sandaled foot under the side. In one swift motion he kicked it with a careful precision into the air, flinging the whole 18 wheeler up and through the side of a building. He looked down and saw that he had popped a few straps on his roman-style sandal then with a humph he simply flexed his feet and lower legs, growing them to freakish size and simply ripping out of his sandals altogether. He then walked barefoot up to the building that the truck stuck out of the side from and turned to the camera. “So, compadres, the rabbits have the power of light and dark, but I have the power of earth behind my spark,” Mihk smiled, as he started to flex, pumping his muscles larger and larger till his tight tank top gave way to his power, unveiling the rest of his hairy chest and back for all the world to see. He then showed off the the cameras in several professional poses, his legs tearing up his shorts a bit but somehow despite his muscle and how incredibly well hung he was, they took it like champs and clung on for dear life. He then turned to the building before him and raised his right leg up high and then stomped it down on to the ground. A massive spike of rock and dirt shot up through the twenty story apartment building before him, partially from the force of his kick and partially from an exertion of his spark, driving the very earth itself up through the building. A second stomp and the whole structure collapsed before him. When the dust cleared, Mihk stood unharmed among the debris. He dusted off his shoulders for the cameras then smiled, “Pretty righteous right? Check this out dudes.” The massive barefoot beast of a man the launched himself forward at a speed that was alarming. He steadied the launch with his earth powers so that there was very little kickback. Mihk impacted a small store with enough force that the side he impacted exploded out the opposite side and took out a further two buildings in front of him. Before the collapsing buildings crumbled he ran up with incredible speed and strength, shrugging off the crumbling buildings as they collapsed atop him like it were nothing. He ran into a fourth building and stopped mid way through he lobby. The tiles of the floor cracking under the sheer weight of his massive body as he ran and then suddenly stood. Flexing his toes, the concrete and marble floor crushed between his toes like sand at a beach. Mihk squatted down and then suddenly launched himself up through the 50 story building, exploding through every level and erupting out of the top, the whole building falling and collapsing onto a few others on his demo block. He came down with a crash that landed him on the 30th floor of a 120 store building, but crashed down to the 28th floor. He took a moment as he rose to his feet, adjusted his massive package a little and then stood at the windows. He kicked the wall out before him so his view was not obscured and looked out at the remainder of the block. He raised his hands and there was a quake as the remainder of the three blocks nearest him was swallowed up as the earth shifted beneath them and dropped the buildings into the ground. The massive beast of a man then stomped his way down through each of the the 28 floors below him and walked out through the wall into the open. With one final massive punch to the side of the building it collapsed and fell atop the last of the rubble on his block for the video. Mihk then leaped into the air and landed on the pavement right next to Rostislav and the rabbits. The ground cratered out from him and he had to climb out of the hole after his landing but then dusted himself off, pointed to the rhino and said, “I've been Mihkensei Buisson. It's all up to you now dude.” A cam bot panned over from Mihk to Rostislav the Rhino and he said, “Wasn't that something? Well. I suppose that is about all for this video... oh except for my part. Time for Rostislav to show them how it's done, da?” With a gesture the massive rhino had the camera pull back to show his full body. He then made a fist with one hand and clasped it in his other. Then he flexed and flexed hard. His tight flannel shirt literally exploded from his body and was left as tattered on his bulging, muscular, very hirsute upper frame. His loose blue jeans were suddenly made tight as spandex, and his feet up to his calves burst from his steel toed boots. That one flex left him in just what were now super tight jean shorts, that were tattered at the bottom, his suspenders, and a pair of white socks, overstretched across his truly massive stompers. Rostislav then said, “You've seen earth, light, and dark sparks. Mine is a bit of body but mostly control over kinetic energy. This mean that once I start... there is nothing that can stop this rhino. Watch as I take out now.” The rhino started to flex, pounding his fists into each other and then with his muscles and overall body flexed to astounding definition. The hair on his body seemed to double in thickness and the popping mass flex made sweat droplets fire from him in every direction like a mist. The sheen of his body shimmered in the early morning sun. He placed his hands onto the ground, assuming a running preparatory pose. He began to kick his foot like a bull getting ready to charge. His nostrils flailed as his body continued to swell even bigger, more vascular, more hirsute, more defined, and with throbbing muscle beyond the other three of his company combined. Then he kicked off. His massive hairy toes tore through the fronts of his socks as they dug into the the pavement a foot deep as he ran. Over and over his feet tore through the streets leaving a path of destruction as he built up speed. The power of his thrusting muscles only built upon his power and he manipulated his kinetic energy as he ran to the end of mainstreet. The power of the wind rushing from him was accented and empowered by his kinetic energy boosts. Everything he kicked up in his wake was dragged after him. He ran through a bus, cutting it in half on impact. The kinetic energy he used to power through, he amplified a hundred fold just before he impacted a 50 story skyscraper with the full front of his body and continued to run. The kinetic power boosted from his impact to the building exploded the front of that building in every direction before him. The bus halves impacted two buildings and the impact exploded out at the same time as the impact of the big rhino through that forefront of the skyscraper. He only continued to build speed and erupt through buildings. Every impact having the kinetic energy outburst amplified and that only caused further explosive demolitions in all directions. The beastly man continued to run through a whole city block and then stopped, standing in ruins as his now bare feet smoked from the exertion of power. Not even a trace of his socks remained. The cameras filmed in super slow mo to capture his slow look up then went back to regular speed as he grinned. The row of buildings he ran through and the two hit by his bus halves exploded out in a mass of demolished rubble that took out five city blocks and caused a quake that shook the ground for miles around. He ran back through the collapsing buildings at super speed, exploding brick and mortar against his nigh invulnerable frame. The powerful, hirsute, muscular rhino didn't stop till he arrived back at the group, dragging a cloud of debris with him. It was ten minutes before the dust finally settled. Mihk raised his hands and with a couple claps both he, the rabbits, and the rhino were all dust free for the cameras. Rostislav then turned on his best grin with a thumbs up as he looked to the closest cam bot, “Well well. That's fourteen city blocks taken out in merely an hour of time. Imagine what we at Sila I Svet Demolitions can do for you today! Dasvidanya and good day my comrades. Rostislav out.” With that final command the dust covered digital box beeped to signal the end of filming for the time being. The massive rhino looked down and gave a nod then looked to his employees, “Good boys. Very very good. We make good video today. Just one question Mihk.” “Hmmm?” asked the half bison, “Was something wrong?” The rhino nodded, “I don't know what it is you been saying when you are talking on the video. What is all this cowabunga dude bull shit?” “Oh well, I was trying to establish a character,” Mihk began as he started to talk with his hands while he explained his reasoning, “I figured I only had a few lines to like... make me seem like a lighthearted surfer bro. I wanted to seem less scary so that when I stomped the ground and leveled a few city blocks then people would be cool with it instead of seeing it as some kind of monster doing all that stuff... ya know?” Rostislav smiled with a single approving nod, “Well then well done, comrade. Just in any future videos... dial it back like sixty percent, da?” “Da,” Mihk said with a nod, “Sixty percent less bodacious. Got it.” He stuck his tongue out as he crossed his arms with a silly smile. The rabbits then hopped and landed between the two. “Speaking of videos though,” said Leggero. “And speaking of dialing it back,” added Buio. “Maybe we could dial back just how much clothing we all wore,” added Leggero. “And maybe we could dial up how sexy everything was going to get,” said Buio. Then in unison they said, “And maybe we could start making that other video we were supposed to start making?” “Keep your collective pants on till we can start filming,” said Rostislav, “Speaking of I think we should move to another part of the city for that perhaps.” “Yeah this place is kind of beat. We want a bunch more buildings if we're going to start blowing things up,” said Mihk. He raised his hands and a platform of pavement rose up into the air and floated to another part of the city. He found a good place about 20 blocks away and set everyone down to the city streets, moving the part of the street that was there out of the way so there was an empty slot for the part of the pavement they floated in on, “There we go. Fresh city for video two.” “Video two!” exclaimed the rabbits excitedly. The rhino nodded, “Remember boys that now we can go crazy. That video before will go on our site as a promo not only to draw in clients for future work... but also so that people can go to our pay side for more videos like what's gonna get made right now.” “You don't have to tell me,” said Leggero, “I'm the one who built the site.” “This isn't our first rodeo, Rhino Daddy,” said Buio, “But I do appreciate the pep talk.” Mihk cracked his knuckles and looked to the box then double tapped the button on top, “Alright dudes. We're recording so... Allons-Y!” “Da... that's not how this box works,” said Rostislav, “It only responds to my commands. Besides we need to get dressed to impress first.” The rhino tapped the top of the box and said, “Box, give us outfits.” The robotic box then opened and unfurled into a massive wardrobe. The rhino opened the standalone closet and pulled his outfit out with a nod, happy with his choice then motioned for the others to do the same. Mihk pulled out a little gray and white number. Buio took out something orange and somewhat torn while Leggero took something fancier and purple from the wardrobe. Mihk brought up separaters made of stone from the streets and the four men got dressed. The four were surrounded in stone by the half bison so they could get dressed and ready for the video with a big reveal planned. The rhino called out for the cam bots to start recording the second video and a few seconds later Leggero burst onto the scene. The big black and white rabbit kicked through the stone wall and stomped onto the city streets revealing his new outfit for all the cameras to record. He wore a purple pinstripe suite with a green undershirt, purple tie, green socks, huge shiny brown shoes, and dark shades. The clothes hugged to his huge muscles as he walked out into the city and struck a few classy poses, dusting off his shoulders with a tiny brush he kept in his inner jacket pocket. The crotch had been specially tailored to hold back his tremendous endowments but he wasn't afraid to thrust them forward a bit and really strain their fabric prisons. His tail twitched happily as he was stylin'. Buio was the next one to burst onto the scene, punching through his wall and jumping up to land with a skillful crash on his feet. And what big bare bunny feet they were. Massive even for his size, they were thick and strong feet with powerful toes. Resting atop them were orange fabric anklets, like ripped up sweat bands from an 80s movie. He had similar arm bands at his wrists and one atop his brow as a proper punk sweat band. All orange as was the rest of his outfit which consisted of a pair of tight fitting boxer briefs that really accentuated his massive bulge, but both the fabric at the waist band, and where it ended on his mid thighs, was frayed and torn to be rather stylish. His orange shirt was stretched perilously over his tremendous pecs and was torn around the v-neck collar and along the midrift ends on the bottoms. Whatever sleeves there had been were either torn or flexed out of at the shoulder leaving tufts of torn cloth that billowed in the breeze. He did a few breakdance moves with some playful flexing mixed in and ended on a head spin windmill that ended with a final freeze pose held aloft by his strong hands alone. Mihk was the next to make his way onto the scene. The stone encasement moved aside, as his power moved the earth to begin with, and he sauntered out very feminine with a hip sway to put the best drag queens to shame. That was just as he liked and was very much in drag for his second intro. He wore an ill fitting french maid outfit that was stretched to the extreme. It was a tight, tailored, gray dress with a white apron, white collar, white puffy sleeves that covered his shoulders with a frilly design but stopped at the biceps, and a white collar with a light blue bow around his neck. He also had a white underskirt crinoline to make his short skirt fuller, helped by his tremendous crotch bulge, a crotch that was covered by his only undergarment, which was a tight white jock strap stretched to the extreme and was shown off a bit every time the wind blew against him just right. His arms were adorned with black fishnet stockings that went from a fingerless glove start at his hands and ended with a frilly gray ribbon half way over his biceps. Similarly his feet were clad in overstretched gray socks that were styled like no-shows to cover his feet but were attached to black fishnet stockings that rose up over the curves and hills of his powerful legs, ending half way up his thighs in a frilly lace that was hooked to the band of the jock strap underneath to keep them up. He completed the maid look by having a gray mobcap with white lace atop his head that had a frilly blue bow on the side and then also held an over-sized feather duster. The duster looked normal in his grips but, as he was a seven foot seven inch wall of muscle with huge hands, it would have practically been a broom to a smaller man. Mihk sauntered here and there with a feminine sauntering step that set the rabbits on edge, he walked over to a parked car and put his hands on the roof, crunching it down a little as he thrust his powerful ass into the air and wiggled it for the cameras. Then came the rhino. Rostislav was not one to saunter. He burst from his encasement by stomping the ground and letting the heavy rocks collapse and break apart over his powerful muscles. Muscles that were all too on display for his fans. The only thing covering his torso were his suspenders which held up a pair of custom tailored daisy duke style gray jean shorts, stretched to the max, as one might assume, by his bulge that could go blow for blow against Mihk's own size. There was something else over his crotch, under the jeans, that seemed to prevent the cameras from getting the full details of his cock outline from under those jeans but that was a surprise that he was saving for later on in the video. Over his feet he had a pair of knee high white socks that had blue and red stripes at the top. Socks that bulged with his massive, hairy, well defined legs. Similarly over his arms he also wore a pair of the same style socks that had the ends torn through by his fingers so that he had full ability to grip still. The arm socks rode over his powerful muscles as a perfect tight fit that ended with those stripes just above the mid level of his powerful biceps. Atop his nose, pulled over his horn he seemed to be wearing socks that the rabbits were wearing previously, one was stretched over his head like a blue luchadore mask with holes poked for his eyes, ears, and muzzle to protrude through. It was bunched up just under his chin like a scarf that ended his sock mask. Then there was a yellow sock, pulled over his muzzle with his nose, horn, and lips all defined through the stretchy material, bunched up around where his muzzle met the rest of his face, completing the mask in total. He inhaled deeply and his muscles over the whole of his body swelled a bit bigger as though he was fueled by the erotic nature of the socks he donned, stretching the ones he wore all the more. He walked out into the street and gave a few playful flexes to show off for the others and to the cameras before he said, “Alright fellas... let us fuck this city up now.” Leggero looked over his shades to his husband in the orange outfit and said, “Has anyone ever told you that you have the same fashion sense as Flash Beagle?” Buio looked to his lover in the purple suit, “Said the man who's cosplaying as the Joker right now?” “Sexy Joker sure,” said Leggero with a few flexes to stretch out his suit a bit. He looked to Mihk and said, “Speaking of cosplays... who are you supposed to be? Is your drag name Raye Nessance?” Mihk chuckled a bit then said with a lisp, “Honey please, with these massive milkers?” he said pointing to his chest, flexing a bit as his nipples swelled under the dress, “If anything you can call me Maid Moorian.” “All I know is...” Rostislav began then flexed harder in a most muscular pose, fraying the ends of the socks covering his arms and legs. His cock then burst free from it's prison, revealing that it was wearing a huge sock like a condom as his coconut balls and massive python freed itself. He swayed his hips, the massive 18-inch soft cock, “I am ready to begin the fuckening.” Mihk felt his own 18 inch soft endowment start to swell under his dress from the display while Buio and Leggero felt their 22 inch softies tighten their pants as well. The rabbits had balls the size of 16 pound bowling balls and they felt them swell a bit along with their friends as they saw everyone in their full sexy glory. Rostislav the rhino started simple by stroking his massive sock covered cock, watching it grow and lengthen till it really filled out that sock. Thickening, his member went from it's 18 inch flaccid state to a full 38 inches of sock throbbing, rock hard, steel i-beam dick that made that sock like a second skin as copious amounts of precum spilled from the head through the fabric, soaking it in further down the shaft while also dripping out onto the pavement below. He watched Mihk struggle to sit still atop the partly crushed car and await his turn in the spotlight. His puddles of precum only increased as he watched the rabbits work their wiles for the show. Buio, dressed in his 80s garb pulled a huge boom box from seemingly out of nowhere then rested it on his ample shoulder, held up by an arm wrapped around it and hit play. A tasty synthwave song began to play that cut in with a bit of hip hop and the rabbit bobbed in time to the music. He started to break dance, setting down the boom box as he twirled, kicking it over to Leggero, sliding it on the ground over to his husband. He smiled and kept dancing, even though that massive bulge should have made it more difficult, he seemed to move with grace despite it's size protruding from his body. He only stopped when Leggero stopped the music, effectively letting Buio freeze in place in a hand stand. The rabbit in the suit popped the tape out, flipped it over, and hit play. A salsa song kicked in and he began to do a sensual, fast paced dance over to his husband, then nudged his bulge with a strong hand to knock him on his bum. He continued to dance but at the same time flexed and not only popped the tie from his neck but also popped the first three buttons of his custom tailored shirt. Showing off his huge pecs as he continued to dance. Buio flipped to his feet and was not about to be out shown. He dance up to his husband and kept pace, executing a choreographed number as the pair kept dancing and in doing so flexed their muscles. First their feet which made Buio's feet larger but made Leggero burst from his shoes, leaving his feet clad only in the lime green socks. Next they flexed their pecs and abs. They worked in sequence that tore Buio's top in two but opened up Leggero's shirt completely. They flexed their muscles in unison, forcing their pecs to intertwine in a writhing mass of masculinity. Their abs flexed in sequence that caused them to clap together, one by one then all at once then showing their incredible muscle control as they went back to one at a time. Leggero's massive cock had snaked down his pants leg past his knee and kept lengthening before it hardened. Likewise Buio's cock had lengthened the opposite way, snaking off to the left around the side and then continued to fill out his orange boxer-briefs. It snaked around his waist like an inner tube and eventually came full circle as it went all the way round him. He then moved to his huge lover and said, “Enough of the dancing, lets move it up a notch. Flex out of your top my love above all others.” “As you wish my sweet bunny Buio,” smiled Leggero. The pair then grunted in unison and flexed their chests and abs harder, The expanding muscles pushed the two buff fluffy men apart a good ten feet before they relaxed and let their torsos return to normal, relatively speaking. Buio then heard the track change from a salsa tune to a power ballad rock song and began to flex in time to the music. Bouncing his pecs and biceps then flexing his lats, trapezius muscles until his shirt was blasted from his torso, leaving his upper body naked except for his wrist bands and headband. He showed his unbelievable precision muscle control by flexing each muscle group separately, making each one bulge out from his fingers, flexing like they were bulging biceps, then up to his forearm where he flexed each muscle individually bulging out in groups from the longus to the brevis to his ulnaris and the digitorum muscles. Then he moved on to the upper arms starting by flexing his wenis till they touched the ground and sprung back up, then the biceps, triceps, deltoids and everything in between. He shifted positions and flexed each part of his back separately, working hard on his traps and lats till it looked like he literally had a pair of gigantic wings that he flapped with enough strength to blow his counterpart's hair like a strong breeze. He danced forward a bit and then pointed to his husband happily. Leggero was more than happy to take the next leg of the sexiness. He began by moon walking back a few yards and then began to flex his feet, flexing bigger and taller. The soles swelling huge, his feet growing overall and stressing his socks to the max till he blew out the fronts with his growing, lengthening and thickening rabbit toes. Wiggling said toes ground the pavement between them to dust like sand on a beach and then with some further foot growth, his gigantic feet tore free from his socks altogether and made him stand a full four feet taller from all the growth. He then used his long ears to dust his shoulders one by one and then started to work on his arms. He started with his shoulders, flexing them up till they were like gigantic boulders that swelled through and out of his shirt and jacket like they were tissue paper. He left his shoulders giant then made his upper arms grow to match, ripping free the next segment of his shirt with his biceps, triceps, and all the muscles in between. Next came the forearms and hands, swelling till they exploded with size, followed by his hands. He flexed his arms like the stud he was with each arm equally as big on it's own as his body was just moments ago. He let his chest and abs explode out before him and his back explode out behind him, demolishing the last of his shirt then relaxed his flexes and returned to a relatively normal, albeit slightly bigger size than before. Where the rabbits once stood six foot six, not counting the ears, before they now stood no less than seven foot tall each. They looked down and swelled their feet bigger and bigger till they both had massive feet that were each the size of a small sedan. They walked on tip toes up to each other till they were able to pull each other's arms to hug chest on chest and kissed passionately. Their gigantic toes intermingled as they played footsie while making out. Because they were facing one another it was black fur on black fur and white fur on white fur. Leggero's pants were the first to give way to his 50 inch long monstrosity that ripped his already stressed pants from his frame and went between the legs of his lover, colliding with his tremendous balls with a resounding thwack. A thwack that drove his lover wild as the cock pushed Buio away and lifted his feet off the ground. Buio did the splits, flexing his balls atop that massive humanoid, pink, rabbit cock to hold it in place, his feet out to the sides with toes pointing away as he moaned and toe curled while his cock and balls swelled to meet his lover's size on par with nearly identical cocks and balls. However his started by tearing the front of his shorts off, then moving around his side, to the back and then swinging around to collide with Leggero's pecs with a speed so great the impact caused a sonic boom that blew out the windows of nearby buildings. He was going to fly off Leggero's cock, but managed somehow to clap his massive soles and toes around that gigantic member before he flew off too far and the grip caused his husband to stumble back on his own massive bunny feet, making him fall back to his heels and accidentally smash the boom box to bits. At that point, Leggero wore nothing but a few tatters of cloth around his ankles and Buio only had on his ankle bands, wrist bands, and headband. Leggero was able to hold up the bunny that clasped to his cock by massive feet alone and managed to flex his cock up and down, bouncing his husband in the process. Buio then flexed his cock and allowed it to grow even bigger, swelling larger and thicker, bouncing with his body and really slapping the sides of his feet hard, spraying Leggero with gallons and gallons of precum as he did so. Leggero responded in turn spurting hundreds of gallons of precum from a throbbing, expanding, growing cock that got big enough to start spreading apart the sedan sized feet of his husband and those hundreds of gallons that spurted from every edge of the massive feet, and between the toes, began to simply erupt from the now exposed cock head, bathing the swelling balls of his mate. Buio couldn't hold out very long and without warning his feet slipped from that massive cock. He flexed his ass to gargantuan size, like twin bean bag chairs to cushion his fall. He landed with a crash, his slickened feet to either side of his massive mate. On landing their cocks slapped together and both moaned in unison. They then began to sway their hips and thrust massive cocks against each other, getting precum everywhere as they had a proper sword fight in the city streets. Then Buio lifted his feet and placed them to either side of Leggero and engulfed his mate's body entirely with those massive rabbit feet sticking out the bottom and his massive cock out the front. His head was between two massive toes on either side and as he took in the intoxicating scent of his mate and his own precum he lost control. Leggero was the first to cum. He blasted with the force of a railgun through the side of a building and through the building behind it. Both buildings collapsed from the repeated shots of his particle beam firing cock. His shots practically glowed with his power over light as he blasted again and again. His partner was so turned on by the display that he erupted in turn and his massive cock fired straight up into the air, raining down super rabbit cum over the city. The rabbits came for minutes straight before the orgasmic end left them writhing on the ground and deflating to 8 foot tall, before the ears, hyper muscular versions of their previous selves. Mihk however had put up an over-sized black umbrella with white frilled lace on the top center and around the outer edge, keeping his maid's outfit clean from the oncoming cum storm that hit mere minutes before. He floated daintily on gusts of wind that lifted him by the strong maid's umbrella like a bizzaro Mary Poppins made of thick bovine muscle and hair. He floated through the air till he found a dry spot on the pavement and then released his umbrella, falling to the ground with a crash that cratered the street in a ten foot radius from him and tore the foot sides of his stockings. He sauntered over to a busted lamp post and with gentle movements he bent it over in half at waist height, then bent it around and flattened it with his hands to make a flat table-like surface to set a singles record player he pulled from under his skirt. Where he hid it, no one knows. A flip of the switch and it cranked to full volume. He set the needle to start and began playing an old record of “La Vie En Rose”. The half bison, half water buffalo, hyper buff, hyper hung, hyper masculine man dressed in one of the most effeminate of outfits then began a well practiced routine. Starting with a relever moving to several glissers, pliers, sauters and a healthy mixof elancer and entendre with expert precision to the music. Then he started to slowly flex bigger and bigger, growing the muscularity of his whole body. Every muscle expanding larger and larger as well as his massive nuts, cock, lips, brow, forehead, and chin. The jock strap gave way along with prongs of his fishnets in random places over his arms and legs. In a pirouette his toes expanded too long and when he stuck the landing they tore through the fabric of his hoes, airing them to the world as the massive man danced. The big man continued to swell and ended his routine along with the song, then casually lifted and tossed a car through the air single handed, crushing the record as it began to skip at the end of it's play. He smiled after the crash and continued to swell. More strings and straps popped free from his fishnet stockings over both the legs, feet, hands and arms. His shoulders filled out the formerly poofy short sleeves of his maid's dress and his collar bow popped along with the top two buttons of the white collar along his dress. The tears spread further down as he sauntered on down to where the laying rabbits recovered. Mihk had already stretched his body to eight and a half feet tall by the time his feet ripped free of the sock bottoms from his stockings. His cock had been 18 inches soft but with his swelling had become 24 inches soft, however, since he began walking it also began to harden. His balls became more boulder-esque and were kept tucked behind his legs so that his member was unencumbered to sway before him as it grew and grew, pointing like a man destroying meat missile, ready to crush. It lifted past the rim of his short skirt and the head of his pink, humanoid, cock of incredible girth had a gray ribbon tied around just behind it with a gray bow atop it. The jock strap that held his stockings up had since ripped off those constraints and was now stretched to the max as his dick reached full mast at 60 throbbing inches of pure bovine power. A mighty throb of his cock popped that bow and ribbon right off. He reached the rabbits, swishing mostly barefoot as his arms and legs were now no longer covered in any sort of fabric that would hide his incredible, swelling, vascular muscles of untold power and virility. Mihk smiled to the pair and pointed between them, “Who's going to help milk me first? Should I just go eeny meeny miney mo?” “Could be the both of us at once,” said Leggero as he rose to his feet. Buio rose up as well and made a change to that plan, “Better yet, perhaps you should use whoever you catch first, my bovine chum?” The rhino, not to be forgotten chimed in as he stroked his still throbbing sock clad member, as he stood with socks soaked in an ever expanding pool of his own precum, edging and holding off his orgasms as he watched. Another orgasm approached and he squeezed his cock, his balls rumbling bigger behind him all the while as another orgasm was surpressed. They were now each as big as 3 city busses smooshed together. He grunted as they swelled again and said, “Mmm yes... you keep doing just that... Then we get to the real freaky stuff.” “Oooo. That's gonna be fun. Also, I like the idea of a hide and seek, mes amis,” said Mihk, “I'll give you each one big jump and then I'll come a knockin' to find the fine lapine who will help. Est-ce que ça va avec tout le monde?” The rabbits looked to one another then back to Mihk and said in unison, “Oui.” At once the already massive rabbits flexed their legs and the four limbs exploded with muscle from their buttocks to their thighs, calves, soles and toes. They squatted down on the newly buffed out legs and jumped with a force that propelled them in different directions. Buio exploded through the front of a skyscraper and the building collapsed in his wake. Leggero cleared the buildings before him but on his descent, flexed the soles of his feet to the size of city busses and his toes each to the size of a volkswagen bug. Speaking of bugs, on his landing he stomped down and through a three story office building, collasping it and cratering the structure in his wake. The cameras captured it all and the rhino edged to the video relay given by the box. Mihk smiled and then charged his body with the powers of earth and air and then smiled as he said, “Ready or not... here I come little bunnies...” He then flexed his eyes like massive twin battering rams that soon extended out like ever growing pillars. They pierced through wall after wall of the buildings before him until they bumped into a massive set of toes that belonged to Leggero, Mihk called out with a great billowing voice that trembled the buildings his eyes had pierced as he started to retract them, “Peekaboo I see you.” The massive beast of a man, in tatters of a maid's dress, ran forth through building after building after the huge black and white rabbit. Leggero flexed his pecs up like a shield in front of him as he saw exploding building after exploding building as the half water buffalo charged. He spread his pecs so that he could see down the middle, only just in time to see the massive Mihk explode out the nearest building. He screeched to a hault before impact and said, “Oh I see. Think you can stop me with your muscles? Think your pecs are really something? Let me show you what real pecs can do!” Mihk's whole body flexed and grew like a full body erection with muscles exploding out on all sides. He continued to throb bigger and bigger without really gaining any height, except for that which his powerful soles added to the equation. He then concentrated and flexed his chest hard. His pecs exploded and tore him free of the last of his maid's outfit, leaving him only wearing the small hat atop his head. His pecs swelled bigger and bigger, engulfing his 120 inch boner and pushing his boulder sized balls back behind his legs as they impacted the ground eight feet down and were equally as tall above the man. Expanding out eight, then ten, then twenty feet in every direction. His gargantuan nipples were the size of manhole covers and exploded milk out from his glorious pecs with the strength of a dozen broken fire hydrants. He kept flexing till his pecs engulfed the swelling rabbit entirely from the tips of his ears to the ends of his toes, massive pec shield and all. They continued to swell and he continued to spray as soon his pecs expanded out a hundred feet in all directions, crushing all in their path. “Olly olly oxen free!” Mihk cried out. He then heard thud after thud a Buio hopped through the city streets, running though buildings, kicking through cars and punching through busses as though they were made of tissue paper. The beastly man couldn't see beyond his pecs but heard the other rabbit come up from behind. “Where is Leggero?” asked Buio. Mihk looked over his shoulder, his head had flexed his facial muscles larger as he focused on his powerful growth. His forehead had greater ridges, his chin had a gargantuan cleft and his lips were truly swollen with power. Mihk didn't speak but rather instead just slapped his pecs. “He's in there?” asked Buio, his boner throbbing to the 200 inch mark as he imagined what must have transpired. “He is... and if you want him out I need your help milking him free... mmmmph... So full of milk...” moaned the beastly man as he gripped his own pec flesh and massaged it with immense hands that only grew bigger and more hirsute by the second. The bovine man moaned, “Better hurry... Need to erupt...” Buio gave a grope of his massive ass then ran at super dark speed with a trail of black fire behind him as he came to one of Mihk's massive nipples, it was already 4 feet across and 8 feet long, pulsing, throbbing, and spraying milk by the gallon... That is until he plugged the hole. He stuck his 10 foot rabbit cock down it and gripped it tight, starting to fuck. He pounded away with massive balls slapping the nipple attached to a pec that went at least 100 feet down into the ground before the rabbit. He fucked away and then his balls swelled and started to erupt. He fired thousands upon thousands of gallons of rabbit cum down the huge nipple and soon enough Mihk's right pec was twice the size of his left, causing the beastly man to moan and his nipple swelled, engulfing the rabbit whole and swallowing him up as he continued to cum. Then the pecs erupted with millions upon millions of gallons of half bison milk and a good deal of rabbit spunk mixed in out of one side. The pecs began to deflate as the city streets were washed clean by the milk and cum mixture.. Several million gallons shot into the air as Mihk leaned back and aimed his nipples with a few precise flexes to fire like dual laser beams at the buildings in his path, blasting through them like a power washer blasting leaves from a sidewalk. The city before them lay a mess of white but that only got added to as Mihk let out a roaring moo and came between his own pecs, washing out Leggero. Buio was fired from the pectoral muscle at the same time and the pair flew through the air blasting cum all the way. Their hands and feet ignited with light and dark powers allowing them to fly as the continued to shoot their loads, washing away blocks of the city with their death ray cum shots. Not to be out done, Mihk flexed his pecs and increased the lactation flow as he came. Millions upon millions of gallons of his cum and milk mixed with the millions of gallons of rabbit cum as a whole section of the city got washed away white. When all was said and done they had cleared a further 40 blocks by way of orgasmic demolishing. Mihk fell back on his rump with his pecs mostly back to normal but still huge and throbbing with the power of his spark as the last his lactation drained, leaving him with 6 inch soft nipples in the aftermath. The rabbit pair smiled and hovered over Mihk with their soft cocks flapping in the breeze about 10 feet above the man. They grunted together and flexed their cocks, still soft they went down towards the massive half bison and wrapped around his arms like boa constrictors at least 20 feet long, then as a team they lifted him and flew back to find their Rhinocerous boss. However, he was not where they had left him. What they saw was a pair of divots drug through the pavement that seemed to expand as it got further and further from his starting point. They saw the divots expand and get wider till they filled the whole street with a raised path down the middle. All three stood and walked down the street, their cocks dragging behind them over the sides of the raised path. They saw the divots expanded path with the sides of buildings collapsed and crushed inward as they went further along, and then they saw it... twin hairy gray and pink boulders that were at least 500 feet tall. The massive balls of the massive rhino that he had drug at least half a mile through the city streets. Buio and Leggero hopped atop one massive mountainous testee each and Mihk hopped onto the hairy cleavage in the middle. However on landing he found that he was swallowed by a literal forest of pubic hair as the massive rhino balls expanded and doubled in size as a response to the rabbits heavy impacts. He pulled up and tried to move but found his footing precarious as he was constantly being swallowed and bounced by the testicle flesh and bombarded by the sweaty forest of pubic hair, wrapping around him with every new step. Buio and Leggero were unaware of Mihk's plight as he played in the forest of gray rhino pubes, that was dark as night within, and made his way through to the front. They had each hopped off and saw what Rostislav had become. Their cocks instantly went from soft twenty foot anacondas to hard eighty foot long pillars of masculinity and virility. Rostislav had been busy edging and swelling but not only his balls were throbbing bigger with every given second. His cock was a massive rod that was 200 feet long and 40 feet wide just before the head. The cock sock he wore was specially made to accommodate hyper growth but even so was tearing throughout it's coverage from the sheer size. The throbbing, pulsing veins along the massive member pulsed so big and hard with his every heartbeat that they literally blew off sections of his hyper sock. His body hair had run amok and covered his chest and abs till they were gray and shiny with hot rhino sweat. The hair covered his shoulders, back, arms, legs, hands and feet, though most of those were not visible because his hyper socks were still holding tight. His face flexed to massive proportions, his eyebrows throbbed out like twin hairy erections that extended 10 inches from his face. His cheeks were massive and pulsing with strength. The rhino's lips looked permanently pursed from their gargantuan proportions on his now huge face. His chin extended down to his tremendous pecs and was wedged between them. His underbite had extended and his incisors looked just as long as his horns. His forehead had extended up and out a good foot from his normal proportions and was creased with ridges. Rosti's ears twitched as his head hair cascaded over them and down his shoulders, intermingling with his copious body hair. The socks on Rosti's hands up his arms gave way as he raised his arms to a massive flex that made his biceps cap out at 40 stories tall. He grinned showing off for the rabbits as his forearm muscles extended out 25 stories to either side of him, smashing buildings to dust with massive squared bombarding shields of swelling, throbbing, swelling, muscle flesh. The rhino himself stood taller than before, at least 15 feet of massiveness with power literally radiating off him in every direction. He turned his head to the left and licked his swollen, musky, naked bicep. He flexed his thighss and made them expand out from him, off to the sides so he could match his forearms. With a skillful precision flex of his upper and lower body, he manuvered his forearm and thigh muscles to go forth and wrap around those giant 80 foot rabbit cocks with 250 foot squared off battering rams of power. He then flexed his calves down behind him and those giant calves lifted him and the rabbits off the ground. The act lifted him and the rabbits off the ground, 450 feet in the air to be precise, and shifted his balls behind him, causing Mihk to tumble and fall, getting wedged and squeezed by the copious, churning, nutsacks that battered him on either side within the forest of massive rhino pubes. He slipped around as he was engulfed in musk upon musk and only made his cock shoot forward like a missle from his body, emerging from the forest fast enough to break the sound barrier. The sonic boom tremmored through the rhino and the surrounding city and Rostislave clenched hard to keep from cumming, his balls doubling in size once again. He was too buff to turn his massive head on the neck muscles that now nearly engulfed his head along with immense back muscles, so he widened his eyes and the extended from his head to look back behind him at where the massive humanoid bison cock was coming from. The rabbits then allowed their muscles to flex as their cocks lengthened to 150 feet long and 20 feet wide each. Their muscles engulfed and hugged over the Rhino's cock hugging thigh and forearm muscles. The destruction that was happening around them didn't seem to matter to the four any more as they were too lost in each other to even notice at that point. The rabbits touched as their muscles swelled and as they pressed to each other, the colors of their fur in black and white swirled about over their bodies as they flexed, grew and rode the orgasmic bliss together. Rosti groaned as he looked back at Mihk's cock, a 500 foot throbbing pillar that poked him in his massive back and spurted thousands of gallons of precum that cascaded over his tremendous frame. Mihk's balls swelled atop the 2000 foot tall immense rhino testicles, each one 2000 feet wide with a true and literal forest of hair covering them. Mihk's now 400 foot in circumference balls rested atop the Rhino's own. The half bison rubbed his now 10 foot long nipples and gushed milk over his massive cock, slickening it more than the sweat of the rhino's pube forest. Rosti watched it all and then flexed his rump, pushing Mihk back and then let his throbbing, gargantuan anus extend out and wrap around Mihk's massive cock, sucking it in and drawing 50 feet of cock into him, making his abs bulge out from the tremendousness. Mihk just kept stroking his nipples from within the rhino forest and his balls continued to swell bigger. With the rhino's attention drawn away, the rabbits took advantage, flexing their feet and toes to immense proportions towards the rhino's now 350 foot throbbing member. The rabbits curled and flexed their toes to great length as the rhino held them aloft with supreme ease but his attention was draw back up front. His appendage was suddenly wrapped in skillfull, gargantuan, flexing rabbit toes that tore his cock free of every last bit of fabric that once encased it. Their massive muscles writhed with the rhino's own as Mihk flexed and fucked him from behind. The Rhino's nipples shot forth and swelled bigger as he flexed his pecs with a roar as his eyes went back in his sockets again. The pecs extened half down his forearms muscles while his nipples went further down still and around the rabbits. A massive rhino nipple inserted into the muscular rear of each rabbit, fucking them and filling them with rhino milk as the black and white of their fur swirled about over their bodies in a sea of swirls and waves. The rhino's body control spark had spread not only to his every fiber but to the bodies of his companions as well and they all swelled in love and erotic excitement. Their fast muscles, throbbing with pulsing veins and writhing with pleasure overtop one another turned the whole group into an almost unrecognizable mass of strength and virility. Buio and Leggero extended their ears over their pecs to wrap around their nipples, stroking and milking them to spurt back at Rosti and Mihk. Milk rained down over the city as it splashed against their powerful companions and mixed with Mihk's own spray out from the forest. Buildings collapsed from the mass of impossible muscles and the streets were flooded with their sweat, precum, cum, and milk mixing in a swath unlike anything the city had ever known or could withstand. The rabbit toes flexed and intermigled over the rhino's cock while his nipples fucked them. The rhino's massive anus sucked in and out over Mihk's cock and his abs flexed to really rock that gargantuan cock, bumping against the rhino's thighs and forearms that held the rabbits firm. Rabbits that had flexed the vast majority of their muscles over top of those rhino arms and legs. The bottom of the rhino leg's calves extending down 500 feet to raise him from the ground. All parties were left totally nude by their explosive muscle growths. Mihk's pecs and nipples continued to swell as the pleasure overwhelmed all parties present. Then came the rumbling. The rumbling that could not be held back, not this time. Rosti was about to fire, his whole body tensing and flexing muscles bigger and bigger in all directions including over those people he was with. The rabbits gushed more and more with rhino milk as his rhinocerous ass cheeks flexed bigger and bigger, engulfing the whole of Mihk's tremendous cock and covered his entire body in the forest of pubes. Mihk and the Rabbits started to rumble as they felt it approaching the same time as Rostislav's... the whole city quaked with the encroaching destruction. There was a moment's peace as they entered the eye of the storm. Then it happened. Rostislav's cock expanded, doubling in width. Mihk, Buio, and Leggero's cocks all follows suit and Rosti's balls contracted, pinching the bottom half of his body and the top half engulfed in a heavenly embrace between the rhino's ass cheeks... and he fired... They all fired... Every spurt from every one of them exploded like a bomb that took out blocks at a time, cratering and destroying the ground around and below them in row after row as milk and cum erupted in gargantuan waves from the writhing heaving mass of muscle, sinew, and fur that flexed and convulsed in rhythmic bombardments which quaked the ground and made palpable waves of air that billowed out from all directions. The sweet scent of love went out for miles in all directions, much like the tidal flood of various passion fluids. The city once known as Royal Triamel was quickly being flooded out of existance with walls and waves of fluid that washed the remainder of the buildings away for nearly an hour of flooding and reflooding in rhythmic explosions that wouldn't stop. When the orgasms finally stopped the massive men reduced in size but the rhino kept his hair as hirsute as his fully flexed form even though he would now stand a mere ten feet tall. The four of them laid back, awash and floating in a sea of their own fluids. Steadily leaking the last of the orgasmic pleasures. It was going to take a while for the fluids to drain off and evaporate but in the meantime they all just relaxed and floated at a level above where the skyscrapers once reached. Buio floated and gently swam through the thick fluid as easily as he would through water for the muscular rabbit, “That really hit the spot.” Leggero chimed in, “It really did... and now we're both white bunnies my love.” “You know,” said Mihk, “I think I still see some buildings off at the edges of the city still... Should we swim over and take care of those or...” “Davai!” Rosti exclaimed, “Let's grab a quick nap first then we work... I can cum a lot but boze moy... take a load off...” “I think that we already did my horny rhino friend,” said Buio. “A load and then some,” Leggero chimed in. Mihk nodded and laid back relaxing, “Right then... nap time for now... but then we get to really let loose after...”
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