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  1. Daladon was on his way home from one of the worst days he’s ever had when he stumbled upon a cart vendor with potions, clothes, and other goods. Daladon is in for a surprise when he meets the owner of the shop and see’s what some of these goods are capable of. From Small Beginnings The bell rang through the halls of the Marian Smith factory as Daladon Pentorn breathed a sigh of relief that the day had finally ended. “Freedom at last,” exhaled the exhausted human. Standing up from his desk, he grabbed his worker’s jacket and headed to the door, “I thought today would never end.” He pushed his way past many factory workers that out sized him, but he ducked and squeezed through the big muscular men in the crowd making his way outside. Walking towards the town square as the sunset painted the sky around him, Daladon rubbed his eyes as the lanterns in town began to light up. “Dal! Wait up!” called a large half-orc stumbling out of the factory. Daladon turned his head and saw his friend Brucelog Gondar running towards him. The 6’3 half-orc had plenty of muscle packed onto his frame, and a sizable midsection poking out from below his white undershirt. “Go away Bruce. I’m not in the mood tonig-HEY!” Daladon was caught off guard as Bruce grabbed his torso and hoisted Daladon up onto his shoulders. “Bruce, put me down! Today sucked and I just want to go home.” “I’m just your giant transport service. We’re going out. We need some drinks after today,” said Bruce as he sauntered off into town with his smaller friend on his shoulders. “And I already heard what happened. My dad let me in on everything. He told me that you might’ve misread a measurement on a giant’s breast plate and now we have to waste a lot of metal remaking it,” said Bruce as he turned right towards the local tavern, Triple B’s. “One, you’re not a giant so stop carrying me around. Two, I’m not in the mood to go out tonight. And three, that 8 looked like a 9,” said Daladon as he steadied himself on his new elevated position. “While I agree with you Dal that it did look like a nine, 80 feet long and 90 feet long makes a BIG difference in what we’re building.” Daladon grimaced a bit and sat back on his friend's broad shoulders as they rounded the corner. “At least take me home and let me change. I don’t want to go out in my work clothes,” said Daladon as he pulled his friend’s black hair. “Ouch, fine. I’ll put you down. But you’d better come back out. No “Oh I’m tired and wanna be alone” crap. Come be with your friends. Kimlen even said he’d come out tonight. Plus Jaren and Siv told me that there’s a private party in the back room that they can get us into.” Bruce grabbed Daladon’s hips and put him down at the entrance to the tavern. “I’d better be seeing you soon,” stated Bruce as the tall half-orc walked through the wide double doors. Daladon looked into the tavern at the candle lights inside, lighting up with energy and the sound of coins clinking against wood faded away as he turned towards a shortcut home. Daladon sat with his thoughts as he walked back behind a few houses with their lights off. Making his way to a dirt path back to his house. Most people were already home in bed at this hour, but his boss made him stay until the final bell of the workday rang due to his performance today. He gazed out onto the mountains on the edge of town and he saw a few torch lights moving up the steep ridges. Despite being many miles away, Daladon could see every subtle move the giant climbing the mountain side made. It helped when the torch the giant was carrying was a tree he plucked from the Earth. As he locked eyes with the flame quickly disappearing over the peak of the mountain in the distance, Daladon’s cheek was met with sharp pain as he ran into the back of a cart. With a loud thud, Daladon hit the ground and rubbed his head. “Damn, where’d this come from?” He sat up and looked at a wooden cart blocking his path home. Daladon stumbled up to his feet and walked to the other side of the cart to where a sales window sat. “Hey buddy, you’re not allowed to park carts on these paths,” said Daladon as he looked inside the window. But much to his surprise, it was completely abandoned. Only a few crates scattered here and there on the floor with dust collecting. “Sorry about that!” called a voice from back where Daladon came. “I’m right here. Sorry, I just put my cart there for a second so I could find where I needed to set up shop. ” Daladon sighed then started walking out to the side of the cart where the voice was coming from. “It’s okay, I just wasn’t paying attention to wher-” Daladon stopped immediately in his tracks and stared at a massive man bounding towards him. Not only was he probably 20 feet tall, he looked as big as a whale with how much fat was on him. His tight blue shirt exaggerated every jiggle and jostle his belly made as he screeched to a stop in front of Daladon. “Yeah, but still, I am parked illegally. I’m a bit turned around. I just got here a few minutes ago and I am already lost,” said the giant as he casually picked up the cart and hoisted it onto his shoulders like it was nothing. “Hi, I’m Sam, the Sizemologist,” said the giant with a smile as he threw his cart like a hammer throw towards Triple B’s. With a light bounce off the ground, the cart landed perfectly next to the tavern. “Bullseye.” “You’re a- a- a-” stuttered Daladon as he looked up and up at Sam as his belly eclipsed most of his view. “Oh yeah, sorry. Forgot this far away from the city, you don’t see many people like me.” The big man waved his hand a bit and suddenly his size started to diminish away. His belly receded into his clothes as his bright blue shirt stayed taut against him. Sam’s face came more into Daladon’s view as he shrunk down in height as well. His elven features became more and more apparent as the fat drained away. His platinum blonde hair stuck out of his hat and curled around his pointy ears as he stopped shrinking himself. Landing at about 6 feet tall with a nice beer gut on him. “And before you say it, no I’m not a giant or a gainer.” Sam walked past Daladon whose face was still frozen with excitement, lust, and fear all at once. “But you were just like 50 feet tall or something. And had a belly bigger than my whole body,” said Daladon as he turned to see Sam walk back towards his cart. “I don’t get my size like most people around here do,” said Sam as he gestured Daladon to his side. “But I am sorry that you hit my cart. I didn’t think I had parked it anywhere that might get hit by someone. But I guess this is a chance for you to see my stock. Here, why don’t you come in and I can show you what I got. Maybe even get you a drink on me,” said Sam as he disappeared and walked behind the cart. “Thanks uh Sam was it? But I really do need to get going. I promised my friends I’d meet them out at Triple B’s after I went home and changed. And I really need to feed my chinchillape. He’s been home all day,” said Daladon as he resumed walking along the path towards his house. “No no no, come in. I insist. Besides, I’m working Triple B’s tonight. I can give you something to wear so you won’t be late. It’s just like you took a bit of a detour. And now your chinchillape will be fed and thinks you’re there with him now,” said Sam with a snap as he quickly walked back to Daladon and put his arm around his shoulder, ushering him behind the cart. “And I might just have something in my shop that you’ll absolutely love.” Even at his shrunken size, Sam easily pushed the 5’5 skinny Daladon into the cart. When Daladon stepped up into the cart, he was apprehensive about going in since the cart didn’t even look big enough to fit Sam’s belly alone inside. But to his surprise, he walked into a room almost bigger than his own tiny home. “Woah, this place is massive.” The ceilings were 20 feet high above his head and there were shelves full of boxes all around them. “Sorry about the mess. I packed up my shop in a bit of a rush earlier so I haven’t had much time to make things look nice,” said Sam as he shut the door behind Daladon. A snap rang through the room and suddenly, the boxes vanished and were replaced with bright shiny jars with various colorful liquids sloshing around inside. Daladon’s eyes lit up with amazement as the room went from an empty warehouse to a lively storefront. Lights began to string along the shelves connecting them as signs fell down from the ceiling reading Eat Me and Does This Make Me Look Big?. “So, are you some kind of magician or something?” asked Daladon as he walked forward and browsed the shelves. “A sorcerer actually. And a pretty good one at that,” said Sam as his smaller, but still substantially sized belly pushed into Daladon’s back as he walked by. “But that’s only a side hustle to my true love. Alchemy.” Sam grabbed a couple of glass bottles off the top of a shelf and an empty glass jar. Daladon looked at the big man now walking behind a bar and watched intrigued as he poured orange and green liquids into the jar. “Aren’t all the sorcerers supposed to be in Sizeopolis? I didn’t know y’all were allowed to leave.” Daladon wandered around the big room as the brown mixture changed colors to a dark purple in Sam’s hand. “Most of us train there, but we aren’t required to stay,” said Sam as he sprinkled little green flecks down onto the drink. “After we complete our apprenticeship, we’re free to travel the world spreading size and magic to everyone. Or at least that’s what the administration says we should do. But many do stay in Sizeopolis after they graduate for all the jobs they offer magic users there.” Sam stirred the mixture as the specs of green dissolved and the mixture turned white. Daladon continued to look around the shop in amazement at all of the different items that must be magical. A jewelry section lined with necklaces and earrings with beautiful crystals sprouting from them. Plenty of rings on display varying in size from a normal sized ring to a hula hoop sized one. “Do you get a lot of giants buying wedding rings in your shop?” asked Daladon. “Uh…sure,” said Sam as he garnished the drink with a pink flower. Sliding it towards the edge of the bar, he grabbed a bottle with a blue liquid out from behind the bar with his other hand. “I have one funergy drink for…sorry, I just realized I never got your name.” “My name is Daladon. Daladon Pentorn,” said Daladon as he walked away from a purple silk nightgown shimmering in the lights. “Nice to meet you Daladon. Consider this one on the house as an “I'm sorry for parking my cart somewhere I wasn’t supposed to” apology drink.” Daladon grabbed the glass from the bar and took a sip. “Mmm, this is delicious!” Daladon put the glass to his lips and started to drink up the white liquid until the glass was empty. “What was that stuff?” “A funergy drink. It doesn’t take magic for me to tell that you’re beating yourself up about something,” said Sam as he waddled around the back of the bar. “Sit a spell. Tell Big Sammy about your troubles URP!” Sam let out a belch before taking another swig of his drink and keeping the bottle in his mouth so he could grab a few crates out from under the bar. “It’s just work. I work at the Marian Smith factory in Grimford and I hate my damn job. I don’t like it, I’m not good at it, nobody there thinks I'm right for the position, it’s just a terrible set of circumstances,” said Daladon as he sat down at the bar. Running his hands through his short dirty blonde hair. “From what I’ve heard, Marian Smith factories change drastically depending on what managers you have. Maybe you could go to a different location,” said Sam as he downed the last bit of his bottle. “I would, but I don’t like the work. I don’t want to be a factory foreman for the rest of my life.” “Then quit. Sounds like you’ll be a lot happier for it. And you won’t need a funergy drink to get you to go out with your friends.” Sam started unboxing the crates to reveal large jugs labeled Big Dick Energy with a cartoonish twink holding a bottle up against his impressive bulge packed tightly into a cyan colored speedo. “I can’t. The job pays too well for me to leave. Especially in this economy,” said Daladon as he massaged the back of his sore neck. “Besides, businesses are shutting down left and right around here. It’s not like there’s a good option to go to if I do quit.” “You could always be a traveling salesman. I’ve found it’s not a boring job in the slightest.” Sam grabbed another crate and unloaded some more jugs. This time labeled Big Ass Energy with a similar twink now turned to the side the bottle perched on his huge ass in a speedo. “Yeah, but I’m not a powerful wizard from the big city who can conjure size from nothing,” said Daladon. He picked up one of the jugs and started to read the small print on the back. “I’m a Sorcerer. There is a difference. Wizards are very cliquey and kind of snotty.” Sam grabbed a final crate and unloaded another set of jugs labeled Big Bara Energy with the same twink on the bottle now looking like a twunk with his big bicep balancing a bottle on it. “And I can’t conjure size from nothing. Like I said before, I’m not a giant or a gainer. I use magic to change my size.” “What’s the difference? All I know is you were like 10 times my size and shrank right in front of me to a normal size. I assume you can grow to that size again if you wanted to. So if it looks like a giant, it is the size of a giant, I’m gonna say you’re a giant Sam.” Sam rolled his eyes a little as he set all of the jugs down on the edge of the bar. “I mean yes, I was the size of a giant, but I don’t belong to the giants. I can’t just grow or shrink my height because I want to. I have to focus on a spell to shrink me down.” “But you didn’t say anything before. You just shrank.” “That’s just because that small of size manipulation can be done with a simple flick of the wrist.” “That’s a small spell? But you were so big.” “I wasn’t THAT big. At least not compared to the giants I’ve seen in Hitclo or Sizeopolis.” “It’s clear you don’t get out around these parts often. We don’t have any giants in Grimford. Or at least any that stay in town for long. Most shrink down to get their deliveries and are off back to Hitclo or wherever they’re going. The tallest guy that stays in town is my friend Jaren and he’s 7’6,” said Daladon as he started to twist the top off of the bottle of Big Ass Energy before getting swatted by Sam. “No drinking these. These are for a private party,” said Sam as he placed a final jug on the bar. “You probably want to set that down by the way. And maybe stand back.” Daladon frantically put the jug next to the others and got up from his bar stool as Sam began to circle his arms over the jugs. “Animatré grandonta meriandé! Animatré grandonta meriandé!” Sam started to chant and Daladon saw yellow sparks forming on Sam’s finger tips before cinders fell down onto the jugs below. Daladon braced himself and rushed behind a display of cakes, cookies, and muffins that read Eat Me in icing on them. When Sam stopped chanting, Daladon watched and waited for something to happen. “You didn’t have to step back like that. Nothing’s gonna explode. Not yet at least,” chuckled Sam. Daladon emerged from his hiding spot looking intently at the jugs. Walking back, Daladon could tell something was different about them, he just couldn’t put his finger on it. “A big light show for better booze for the guests?” “Give it a second. Just watch.” Sam smiled and turned one of the jugs to face Daladon. Looking closer, Daladon saw the twink on the jug now waving at him. “Awe, that’s cute,” said Daladon as he waved back to the tiny label twink. The twink then grabbed the sides of the label and pulled himself out of it. Daladon’s eyes nearly gouged out of his head as he saw more little men jumping out of all the big jugs and onto the floor. “Well would you look at that. Finally, someone who’s shorter than me,” said Daladon with a satisfied smirk on his face, staring down at the little men that were maybe 8 inches tall. “Wanna bet?” chuckled Sam again as he peered over the counter at the 12 little men standing on the ground. “Come on guys. Up and at ‘em.” The twinks all looked at each other and smiled as each one began to grow. Looking down at the twinks, Daladon stared in shock as the twinks that couldn't even reach his knees were now growing up to his waistline. “They get bigger too?” asked Daladon as the twinks swelled up higher and higher. Now level with Daladon’s nipples. “Indeed they do. And you haven’t even seen the best part,” said Sam as the twinks continued to grow. Each one fighting for space near the bar as their bodies expanded up to Daladon’s neckline. Daladon stepped back as they reached his height and didn't stop getting taller. The room was getting more and more cramped by the second as 12 large men started to crowd around the bar. Growing up and up and up until settling at 6’8 towering over Daladon. “Well, I guess I’m the shortest again. That didn’t last long,” sighed Daladon as he admired the big men in their very tight speedos. “And we’re gonna be specific tonight boys so get your best assets ready.” All of the men let out some moans as their bodies started to change again. Daladon looked at all the men surrounding him and realized what Sam meant by assets. Each man started growing differently depending on which bottle they came from. The Big Dick Energy twinks’ speedos started to stretch as their cocks elongated in them. The dick print became more and more prominent until the sides were bowing forward to accommodate the growing python and two orange sized balls under it. Looking at some of the others, one of them was getting pumped full of muscle as his toned swimmer’s body blew up to bodybuilder levels of big. His pecs inflated out towards Daladon’s face. His biceps were getting pushed away from his torso because of their massive size. His legs got separated as his quads swelled into each other. A row of abs appearing right above the defined 6-pack that already was there. He was turning into a mass monster. “Excellent guys. You all look fantastic. Now head in there and you’ll meet, oh what was his name, hold on.” Sam ruffled through a few stacks of paper behind the bar as Daladon gawked at the sexy men around him. “Ah ha! Found it. Go find a guy named Siv Drucian. He’ll help you guys get set up.” The boys all nodded at Sam and then started walking past Daladon going to other parts of the shop to get various bottles and cases of potions. Their big bulging bodies bumped into him as they walked past. Especially the ones whose hips had widened. Daladon turned his neck to watch an ass with cheeks the size of basketballs walk by and he was practically drooling over him. Their speedos looked more like thongs with how much strain they were putting on them. “Wow, they’re gonna be serving us at that private party at Triple B’s? I think I’m now much more willing to go out tonight,” said Daladon as he stared at the big men sauntering out of the shop. “No, that's just the funergy kicking in,” said Sam. “Oh and Ricardo, see me before the event starts for the specialty drinks tonight.” One of the hunks on his way out waved at Sam and ducked out the door. “So will those guys be selling your potions tonight?” asked Daladon, retaking his seat at the bar with a noticeable bulge at attention in his pants. “Indeed they will. They’ll be your cock and tail waiters tonight ready to give out some specialty potions requested by our employer. And if you think that they’re great now, you should see them when we’re hired as performers,” said Sam as the last one squeezed his wide hips out the door and shut it behind him. “Damn. Now I wanna tell my friend not to perform tonight so I can watch them.” “Your friend is working this party?” asked Sam as he looked up from collecting more bottles of potions. “A couple of them actually. Siv, the guy your boys are meeting, he’s one of my friends. Love that guy.” “He’s the one performing?” “No, he’s just the bartender. My friend Jaren is the one performing.” “Oh yes, the giant boy. Well knowing who we’re serving tonight, I’m sure they’ll love a guy that big,” said Sam as he walked out from the bar. “And if your bartender friend needs any help with the drinks, I can make just about anything. And what I can’t make, I can conjure. Now I do believe I also told you I’d get you something to wear for tonight.” Sam wiggled his fingers and the sign that read Does This Make Me Look Big? lit up. “I don’t know Sam. I don’t really have the size to call anything about me big,” said Daladon, looking down at his fairly average body. “Nonsense. Anything can be big. You might feel small right now, but I’ve met men that live life at a fraction of your size. As well as men who live life bigger than entire planets.” Sam pat Daladon on the back and led him through the shop. “But maybe I could give you a little bit of an upgrade if that funergy drink didn’t get you one hundred percent ready for tonight.” Reams of fabric started flying off the walls into Sam’s hands as he occasionally muttered something to himself. “Now what size do you want?” “Well I wear a small shirt and have about a-“ “I didn’t ask what size do you wear, I asked what size do you want?” Daladon stopped in his tracks once Sam sat down at a sewing station. “You could make me bigger?” “That’s what I do. It’s what I LIVE for. Now tell me, what kind of body do you want to have tonight?” Sam started cutting bright blue fabric and mumbling things under his breath again. “Um, I don’t know. I definitely could be taller. Maybe a bit of muscle, but not like aggressive muscles. A bit of fat is fine. Ooo actually a belly would be nice. Maybe not one as big as yours though.” Daladon paced behind Sam and continued to ramble off parameters for what he wanted his body to be. “I’ve got limited fabric here so I can’t do all of that, but I think I’ve got a good snapshot of what you want.” Bright blue fabric started to unfurl around them and sewing needles flew through the air. Sam’s muttering began to get louder and louder into a full blown chant. “Exeto incantrabe god petsha yunn marcotauph!” Sam shouted aggressively and raised his arms into the air again. Scissors started slicing through fabric followed by needles threading in and out, connecting everything together. Daladon watched in disbelief as reams of fabric spun around them creating a vortex. But Daladon’s smile began to fade when a blue singlet formed before his very eyes with a weird patch of yellow fabric on the left pec. “A singlet? Really? Sure, you’ve got your cock and tail waiters that look like they’re models in Sizeopolis, but I don’t think that’s my style Sam.” Daladon walked to put his hand on Sam’s back on the chair while the singlet floated down. “The magic you have to say with words takes a second. Here, go try it on and then tell me if you got anything like it at home.” Sam sat up and handed Daladon the singlet. “It does look like you got the measurements right,” said Daladon as he held it up to his body. “Trust me. I always get the measurements right.” Daladon turned to go to the dressing room where he slid the curtain shut and started undressing from his work clothes. Daladon held the singlet up to him once he was just wearing his underwear. After taking a deep breath, Daladon brought the singlet down to put his legs in. Pulling the singlet up and pushing his arms through the holes, Daladon looked at himself in the mirror. “Maybe a little tight,” said Daladon as he tugged the straps up to be perched on his traps. “Give it a second!” shouted Sam as the yellow patch on Daladon’s left pec began to shine. Daladon let out a small moan as a shiver ran through his body. He felt his cock immediately start twitching as a warmth flooded his system. Daladon’s body began to expand with size. It was very small and unnoticeable at first, but Daladon could feel the sides of the singlet digging into him a bit. Looking down at himself, he saw his pecs blowing up under the blue fabric. Daladon couldn’t help but grope his chest and feel the muscle that was forming on his chest. The straps dug into his shoulders as his traps and neck thickened. He looked to his side and saw the strap of the singlet extending out into a sleeve around his growing arms. As the sleeves formed, he could feel his biceps pushing back against the fabric as they swelled with size. Daladon was pulled away by a new sensation. The fabric around his crotch was getting tighter and tighter. He could feel his dick fighting for space in the singlet as the underwear inside snapped. Unable to hang on due to his widening hips. Daladon moaned again, his cock now free to surge up in size. He looked down at his remarkable bulge he sported now. Pulsing with life, the beast swelled bigger and bigger with every heartbeat. Extending out to 10 inches long with balls as big as eggs and still growing. He also saw the fabric around his legs receding into the singlet. Cutting itself off to look like booty shorts, strangling his massive quads inside them. The last of his underwear sliding down the pant leg in tatters on the floor. Turning to the side and looking in the mirror in front of him, Daladon got a great view of his dump truck ass. Grabbing the big cheek, it felt heavy as he shook it. He couldn’t help but feel himself get hard over how huge he was getting. He smacked his ass and practically moaned when he saw the ripples cascading along the fabric. He stopped admiring himself as the singlet’s fabric started to recede again. This time it moved upwards from his waist, exposing his belly button that started to swell out in front of him. His once flat stomach rounding out as he heard a gurgle emit from his belly. He reached down to pat his swelling orb of a belly and ran his hands along it. Feeling how expansive it was. The fabric stopped just under his textbook sized pecs as the yellow patch of fabric started to fold and morph into an S symbol. And it wasn’t just an ordinary S on the outfit, it sported a curled bicep on the top right tail, a couple of moobs followed by a heavy belly as the curve on the left side, a perfectly round belly on the right curve, and a massive cock as the bottom tail of the S. “Woah,” said Daladon. He couldn’t believe the sight before him. He stood there looking like he was out of his own wet dream. Not only had the singlet made him bigger, it also had heightened his other features. He now sported a nice square jaw line as well as bright blonde styled hair. The singlet itself had morphed into a top that covered Daladon’s chest with long sleeves on his arms that had holes over where the peak of his bowling ball sized biceps were. He could barely see the booty shorts he was wearing below his pecs and belly, but looking in the mirror, they left nothing to the imagination. The blue fabric accentuated his cock and balls perfectly. Making them look absolutely stuffed in the shorts. And after seeing how much size he got in his ass, he guessed the entire outfit was fighting for dear life to contain his size. “Well don’t leave me in suspense! Come out!” called a giddy Sam. Daladon turned and walked out of the dressing room to see Sam smiling up at him. “Damn I’m good,” mused Sam as he let out a whistle looking Daladon up and down. Daladon’s already big smile grew even bigger as he realized he’d grown taller too. Before, he was eye level with Sam’s pecs, but now Sam was eye level with Daladon’s. “This is incredible! Thank you, thank you, thank you Sam!” shouted Daladon. Running up to Sam and crouching down to give the big man a hug only to hoist him up into the air with glee. “You’re welcome, big guy. Now, go have fun with your friends. Enjoy your night,” said Sam as Daladon released him from his tight grip. “I’ll be sure to tell my friends to tip your boys well tonight,” said Daladon as his heavy footfalls shook the whole shop. “Don’t worry about it. We’re already getting paid handsomely by whoever’s throwing this party. But I’ll see you in there.” Sam winked at Daladon and Daladon threw the door to the shop open and ducked out of the shop, but not before squeezing his hips out. Smiling to himself, Sam turned and waddled back to the bar and began making drinks for tonight.
  2. Bigrowinggod

    Stud camp

    I’m working on updating and fixing my other stories don’t worry just wanted to get this idea out of my head. It starts out kinda sad and slow you have been warned a lot of this is just stream of consciousness so it will probably be a bit messy dad (mark) pov are you sure you want to do this once you sign there is no going back he’s gonna be a almost completely different person by the time he’s done here”. Steven said. He’s my friend and partial owner of stud camp a highly controversial place for men to change themselves. I didn’t want to do this but my boi needs help and I’ve tried every other option from therapy to spiritual stuff a to z but he still isn’t better so time for the nuclear option. I quickly signed the waiver “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t understand” he seemed to understand “we will pick him up tomorrow make sure he has what he needs as you won’t see him for a awhile” I get home a few hours later poking my head into his rays room “how are you feeling bud” “ok” he mutters. ever since the crash that took his mom he’s been trapped in his own head and I get it I lost her too but it’s been 2 years he needs to accept it and move forward.At first I just wanted the kind boy I was proud to call my son back but now I just want him to live his life. “Your going to be going on a trip for while ray I really think this could work this time so I’ll help you pack enough stuff ok” I give him a tight hug “I love you now get washed up so we can go for dinner” ray pov I step out of the shower looking at myself In disgust if I wasn’t in the car she wouldn’t have tried to protect me. Well time to put on a smile so dad thinks I’m feeling better. dinner goes by quickly on the way back I ask” what are you gonna do while I’m gone dad I’ve been such a mess” he interrupts me “stop insulting yourself please ok I’ll probably just work on the house been wanting to get a pool and fix some stuff too” ending the conversation there. the next morning comes quickly a truck comes by and dad and a massive man quickly load my stuff “get in” the new man says I hop in and for the first time in awhile i feel small I’m 6’2 so it’s a feeling I haven’t felt in awhile but this man is almost 8 feet tall and it seems the truck was custom made for him “bye dad hope the pool is done by the time I’m back” waving as we drive off. “I get the your trying to be nice but your father but he isn’t dumb son he can tell that your not well”. I was going to say something but he was right if a guy I haven’t even met before could see through me i know dad has been “I just want him to focus on himself” I mutter “and now he can so just focus on you for the next few months” instead I focus on him for now other than his impressive height he is shredded beyond belief I see why the Truck was so Huge, he needs the room for his muscles. Looking lower I realize his pants do nothing to hide his bulge it seems impossible but it’s like hes 9 inches soft he chuckles “ I’m a grower to” he has to be joking. after a few hours of on the road I pass out. i wake-up In a cabin with a note next to me “ head to the main building” . chapter 2 As I walk in a doctor is waiting” huh you actually got marked to be one you lucky bastard “ the doctor chuckled “what do you mean?” Ignoring me he says “I’m just going to check your height and weight quick 6’2 290 pretty chunky” then he mutters “not for long “ “Now that I got your measurements you should head to the gym chief is waiting for the newbies” as I make my way to the meeting I see a few huge guys not as big as the guy that picked me up but still big surrounded by a bunch of other guys maybe it’s a gay camp I mean im bi maybe dad thought a boyfriend would help me. As I walk-in there’s a decent amount of guys waiting the guy that picked me up starts talking as he sees me walk-in “ for those of you unaware welcome to stud camp your gonna end up a stud or a bitch it’s all up to luck” he winks at me in a way the others can’t see One guy wearing nicer clothes speaks up “what do you mean chance I’m meant to be a stud” chief’s eyes roll as the guy continues to whine “shut it kid your dad signed the contract knowing it was up to chance if you got a problem being treated like everyone else leave” rich guy was going to say something but the guy sitting next to him mutters something in his ear and he calms down sitting back down. Chief thinks for a second before walking over talking to both of them rich guy and his boyfriend both look panicked for a a sec before quickly nodding “see I can be reasonable” “anyways you all are free to explore the camp or just relax in your cabins the real first day is tomorrow can’t wait to meet the new yous I’ll see tomorrow” as I leave I see him still talking to the couple. I get back to my cabin confused stud camp what was he talking about looking at my self in the mirror it was even funnier like I was in terrible shape well whatever I think I’ll head to bed early. The last thing I heard was the sound of my door locking itself and a deep masculine smell hit me
  3. Sizemologist

    Supersized (Part 2 Updated 11/9/2023)

    Two perspective job candidates go head-to-head when presenting their experiments that could help solve world hunger. Max had graduated from college with a masters in biochemistry. He had been looking for a job for months and finally had made it far in the hiring process for a job at a stem cell laboratory that was leading the charge on fighting world hunger. For the last step in the hiring process, two candidates were meant to demonstrate to the board of directors their competency within biochemistry and how they will further the research of the laboratory. “Geez. I’m really nervous for this man. I can’t believe it’s come down to just the two of us,” said Max as he paced back and forth waiting for them to be called in. “Hey don’t worry man. I’m not surprised it ended up coming down to the two of us. We were both leagues ahead of our other classmates when we were in school,” said Ethan as he patted Max on the shoulder. Ethan and Max had gone to the same university for grad school and they were the brainiacs of the class. They had always gotten a kick out of the friendly competition they had between each other, but it was always in good fun for the furtherance of science. They became good friends and were happy that the respective other had made it so far in the interview process. “Ethan, Max, they’re ready for you,” said the receptionist as she poked her head out of the door. The two walked into a large room. There were two tables set up on opposite ends of the room and a table at the front where five people in lab coats were sitting and waiting for the two men to walk in. “Hello gentlemen. Congratulations on making it this far in the hiring process. We have looked at your accomplishments within academia, we’ve interviewed both of you and found that both of you are passionate about this field, now we would like to assess what you two have to offer this research group. We’ve set up your experiments as instructed by the two of you and have read your procedures. Mr. Burk you will be conducting your experiment first. Good luck and take it away when you’re ready,” said the scientist as she sat back down in her chair. Max walked up to the table and saw his experiment materials: five lab rats, a syringe, a beaker of a green liquid, a scale, a wire, and two double A batteries. “Hello distinguished members of the board. My name is Max Burk and today I will present you with my solution on curing world hunger. As you have read from my thesis, I have discovered a way to harness electrical energy and turn it into calories.” Max took out three lab rats from the cage. “This is Charlie, Delta, and Echo. Genetically identical lab rats. I administered my formula to Charlie and Delta one week ago today while Echo has not received the treatment. As you can see, Charlie and Delta are significantly larger than Echo. Charlie is 43% larger and Delta is 87% larger. The discrepancy in sizes are due to the diets we had them on. Echo is currently on a strict dry food diet. I fed him once daily and he has not increased in size at all in the past week. I placed Charlie on a strictly electric diet. I gave him access to 1.5 volts of electricity a day and as you can see, he has gained significant size. Delta’s diet was both an electric and caloric one. I fed him the same amount as Echo and gave him the same volts as Charlie. I’ve discovered through administering both treatments, the specimen will grow twice as much than when it was just the electric access.” “And just to prove that these results are true, allow me to give you a demonstration.” Max set the three lab rats back down in the cage and picked up a new one. “This is Foxtrot. He has not been exposed to the formula and is also genetically identical to the others. He currently weighs 403 grams and after I administer a dose of the formula and expose him to this simple double A battery, he should increase to approximately 420 grams.” Max grabbed the syringe on the table, extracted 10mL of formula from the beaker, and injected it into Foxtrot. The rat spasmed as the formula worked its way into his bloodstream. “To give you a description of what is happening, enzymes are being added to his digestion system that are able to accept electricity as a resource to be converted to energy. He is feeling a small bit of pain at the moment, but the process is brief.” As fast as it started, Foxtrot’s reaction stopped. Max picked up one of the batteries and connected the wire to it. He placed it in front of the lab rat and Foxtrot immediately went to observe it. He began to suck on the exposed part of the wire. Slowly but surely, the scientists in the room watched as the rat steadily increased in size as he continued to suck on the wire. Once Foxtrot had consumed all of the voltage stored in the battery, Max grabbed him and put him on the scale. “422 grams. In just one short session, the rat has gained 5% of its original size.” “This is clearly a phenomenal discovery that you’ve made Mr. Burk, but this is only a small dosage and it has gained a significant amount of size, what will happen when a user has gained enough size and can’t stop gaining size?” asked one of the scientists. “Excellent question Dr. Washington.” Max turned around and retrieved another lab rat from the cage. This rat was larger than both Delta and Echo. “This is Beta. I administered the formula to him 40 days ago. Watch what happens when he is exposed to the same amount of voltage as Foxtrot just was.” Max replaced the battery that Foxtrot had drained with a fresh one. He placed Beta in the cage with the exposed wire and he did the exact same thing as Foxtrot did. But he didn’t gain size like the previous rat. “The formula has now worn off within Beta so therefore he no longer converts the electricity into energy.” “Excellent job Mr. Burk. I do have a question as well. You’ve clearly used the NATO phonetic alphabet to name your rats. So I must ask, what happened to Alpha?” “He was the first rat to be administered the formula. Unlike the other lab rats, he had a larger dose of 50ccs. He grew much larger than the other rats much faster and he had to be terminated. But with your funding, I hope to be able to begin moving to human testing. Thank you.” The room clapped for him as he sat down in the chair next to Ethan. “You were really good. I don’t know how I’m ever going to top that,” said Ethan as Max sat back down. “I’m sure you’ll find some way to top me. Good luck.” “Mr. Rogers. If you’ll present us with your findings?” “Yes ma’am.” Ethan scurried his way to the table to find his own beaker with a red liquid inside, 5 lab rats, a miniature treadmill, a syringe, and a scale. “Ladies and gentlemen of the board, I’d like to present you with my growth hormone.” Ethan turned around and picked up a very large lab rat. It looked to be almost the size of a housecat. “This is specimen 6. I administered my growth formula to him 50 days ago and as you can see, he has grown approximately 600% bigger than his original size. This was not done with any other special food. He received the same food that this rat was fed.” Ethan pulled out a second lab rat that was normal sized. “This is specimen 7. He was given the same amount of food that specimen 6 was. However, specimen 6 did receive 25ccs of my growth hormone as well as an increased amount of exercise.” Ethan set specimen 6 back in the cage and grabbed a rat that was smaller than specimen 6, but bigger than specimen 7. “This is specimen 8. He was given the same amount of food and formula as specimen 6, but he did not receive an increase in exercise like specimen 6. I believe I have found a way for the muscle tissue to break down and rebuild itself sooner than the average specimen.” “Pardon me Mr. Rogers, but FDA will not approve of most steroids that are injected with an animal for purposes of growth. And it is not the best thing for PR at livestock farms.” “That is true Dr. Khan. However, my growth hormone meets the criteria of the FDA. It is nontoxic and does not affect the meat of the animal. And just like Mr. Burk, I’d like to demonstrate this formula so all of you can witness it firsthand.” Ethan picked up a new untouched lab rat. “This is specimen 9. He weighs 396 grams. Once I inject him with the hormone and put him on this treadmill, he will begin to show signs of muscle growth.” Ethan did just that. He took 25ccs of the hormone into the syringe, shot it into specimen 9, and placed him on the treadmill. The rat began scampering across the treadmill. The room anxiously anticipated the rat to grow with minimal results. After 10 minutes of the rat running on the treadmill, there was no visual growth that happened within the rat. Ethan took the rat off the treadmill and placed him on the scale. “Now you probably can’t see it like you could with Mr. Burk’s example, but there was muscle growth within specimen 9. He is currently 409 grams. My hormone is meant to be administered over a longer period of time. I hope to sell this product to the meat manufacturing industry in order to revolutionize how meat is sold and hopefully increase the meat supply.” “That is quite wonderful Mr. Rogers. If you both could leave the room while we make a final decision, but good work, both of you. Even if we do not hire you, each of you have a fulfilling career in the field of biochemistry,” said the head scientist. The two men quickly left the room as the scientists began discussing. “You were great man. That hormone will definitely be a game changer in the meat industry,” said Max as he patted Ethan on the back. “It will, but I messed up my presentation. I was hoping for my demonstration to yield more results like yours did. Your product even cancels the need for food all together. It’s truly incredible,” said Ethan to the smaller man. “Thanks. Hopefully, the research team agrees.” The two of them waited for what felt like an eternity until the receptionist came out again to get them. The pair walked in and stood in front of their respective experiments. “Gentlemen. Both of these experiments are amazing feats of science. But we only have the funding for one new study. So the individual who will be receiving funding is-” A man abruptly cut off the scientist as he barged into the room “Everyone, we must evacuate now! The substance in lab number 6 has become unstabl-” But the man didn’t get the chance to finish. There was an explosion that came from the room next to them. Everything in the room was blasted to the opposite room. Max hit the wall and heard glass break above his head. Liquid poured down his body as a support beam landed on him and knocked him unconscious.
  4. RoseConspiracy

    Insatiable ( Chapter 2 NEW! 11/5)

    In somewhat strange but related news, federal authorities are still looking into the disappearances of multiple bodybuilders across the country. The deputy director has declined to make any further statements, citing that no new evidence has been uncovered. At this time, all six men are still missing and their fates unknown. The State Department is uncertain if a group or a single individual is to blame and they advise that all large, muscular men be cautious and on alert. Any tips that could help investigators in this case can be called in or texted to the number at the bottom of the screen. Incredible artwork done by the very talented @HardbodyVideo
  5. Sizemologist

    Let's Play a Game

    Prologue Four men wake up in spandex bodysuits with a familiar board game laid out in front of them. Only to mind a masked man willing to fulfill their wildest dreams if they're willing to play. You stirred in your seat as you started to awaken. Your mind felt cloudy and hazy as you woke up from your deep slumber. Your eyes fluttered open and you groaned from pure exhaustion. You brought your hands up to rub your eyes of your sleepiness. As the cobwebs of your mind began to fall away, you started to take in what you could see. You weren’t lying in bed as you thought you would be. Instead you were sitting in a cold metal chair. The room you were in was extremely dark and it was only lit by a single light over a floating metal table in the middle of the room. Looking down at your body, you weren’t wearing your normal clothes either. You were in a skin tight blue spandex bodysuit that hugged every inch of your body. “Good morning players.” A low robotic voice spoke from the darkness around you. The light above your head flickered until a hologram of a man appeared hovering over the table. The man was clad in a similar skin tight spandex bodysuit to yours, only his was black and he wore a ghost face mask. The hologram’s muscles were bodybuilder levels of huge. His pecs created a shelf with how far they stuck out from his body. His arms were pushing the confines of the bodysuit to their limit with the cannonballs he had inside. His abs looked chiseled into the suit and his legs were bigger than most people’s waists. “I am your host, the Banker.” The hologram had lit up more of the room and you could see three other men sitting around you. Each one wearing a similar bodysuit of a different color. “Where are we? What is this place? What are we wearing?” asked the man in the purple body suit sitting to your right. “All will be revealed in time, player,” came the voice. The Banker waved his arms and the table below him lit up. As the banker balled his hand into a fist, all of your chairs were pulled in close to the table. With a closer view, you saw a game board projected onto its metal surface. You all looked at the board and saw that it looked very similar to a common household game, but all of the pieces on the board looked different than any version you had ever seen. “So you brought us here to play Monopoly? What the hell dude?” shouted the man in green from across the table. The man had stood up from the table and his impressive body came into your view. He was almost as big as the banker as the body suit accentuated every movement of his big muscles. “I’d advise you to sit down if you want any of the rewards that might come with the game,” said the Banker as he turned to face the man in red, giving you a nice view of his supple bubble butt. “No way! Fuck this! I’m out of here!” shouted the man in green as he started to stomp away from the group. Despite his massive muscles, you could tell he was one the shorter side compared to the rest of you. “Sit Down!” yelled the Banker in a lower demonic tone. The man froze in his tracks and fell backwards as his chair honed in on him and caught him then brought him back to the table. “As I said before, all will be revealed in due time. You all will leave here as changed men once this game is over.” The four of you all looked at each other and then down at the game board. “What kind of rewards will we be getting?” asked the man in red to your left. Getting a better look at him, you could tell he had some definition in his muscles, but nowhere close to the guy in green or the banker. You also noticed that you had to look down at him when he was speaking. “Good question!” came the banker as his body swiveled to face him. “I have chosen the four of you because all of you share one common goal. To gain size and power.” Everyone’s eyes shot open as you all looked around at each other again, now sizing each other up. “The winner of the game will be bestowed with size and power beyond their wildest dreams.” “How?” you asked and the hologram turned to face you. “Let me explain the rules of the game and you will find out.” The game board wooshed upward beside the Banker and enlarged itself. “The player in green wasn’t that far off from his assumption that this is Monopoly, but it does have a twist to it. Unlike in Monopoly, you won’t be buying the properties using your money. You will be using your size as currency. Allow me to demonstrate.” A black figurine in the shape of a chest appeared on the game board as well as a floating pair of six sided dice. “I will roll my dice and move to the respective tile on the board. This much you know.” The banker grabbed the dice and threw them out onto the board. He rolled at 3 and 5 giving him 8. The game piece then hovered from the start and landed on Bulging Bicep Building. “Now I’m given the option to either buy this property or skip it. In this case, I’ll buy it.” As soon as those words were uttered, a black circle appeared on the Bulging Bicep Building property and each of you saw the Banker’s body suit begin to glow. Flexing one of his arms for you all to see, you watched his bicep swell and stretch the fabric of the body suit as it got bigger. His suit emitting a low hum as you saw the bicep *BWOOMP* bigger with every second. Inflating even bigger than the Banker’s own head. “The cost for buying these properties is the size you already possess. As you buy properties, the rest of your body will shrink.” As he spoke, the rest of the Banker’s body began to shrink. “But it is much harder to see since the loss is distributed across my entire body.” “And once we own a property, can we steal other people’s money? Or size I guess?” asked the man in purple. Now closer to him, you could see that the man was on the heavier side. He had some muscle to him, but there was a healthy layer of fat sitting on top of the muscle that stretched the body suit. He was also the only person that you, at 6 feet tall, could look directly in the eye. “Another great question! Yes you will. Let me show you.” The Banker waved his hands and another figurine appeared, this time a purple dildo. “If you were to roll an 8 and land on Bulging Bicep Building,” the figurine moved forward to where to black one was placed, “then you would pay me with size.” As he said it, the Banker’s biceps began to glow and grow again. This time inflating to the size of beach balls as they grew. “Wait, stop!” The rest of the group turned and looked at the man in purple to see his arms withering away. There was a similar glow on his body suit as his meaty arms had gone from beefy to twigs in only a few seconds. The Banker basked in the embrace of his massive biceps and hit a double bicep pose to prove his point. “As you can see, depending on what spot you land on determines what size you’ll lose. If you are out of the necessary size to make the payment, size will be taken from either your overall body size or another specific part,” said the banker as he flexed his bicep again. “When being paid in size, you’ll always get the size of whatever the property is designated as. But any excess size you might have on one body part can always be transferred to another.” “What do you mean by excess size?” asked the man in red. “Excess size refers to how much more size you have above what is required. To maintain a property, you must keep a certain amount of size in that part of your body. If it ever drops below the minimum value, you could lose it to any power hungry players who land on that tile. Here watch.” The banker grunted as his giant bicep began to shrink back down. You all stared in disbelief as the Banker’s chest lit up and began to inflate until they stuck out almost a foot away from him. “I transferred some of the size I acquired from the purple player to my pecs, but still kept the minimum required size for my bicep.” The Banker brought his arms up and showed you that his arm had gone back down to the beach ball size. “Hey, can I have my arms back so I don’t start off in the negative though?” asked the man in purple as he was still looking down at his arms in annoyance. “I’ll do you one better. In order to make this fair, all of you will start off with the same size.” The Banker snapped his fingers and all of your bodysuits started to hum and glow. Feeling at first like your body was getting shocked from every part of you, you all let out a moan as your muscles tensed and flexed themselves. Looking down at yourself, you could see your pecs swelling out in front of your eyes. Obscuring the view of your stomach as you felt your core tightening and growing into abs. Looking to your left, you see the guy in red let out a low moan as the bulge in his pants swelled out from him. Before, you couldn’t get a good view of any of the others’ packages, but now you could see his dick slowly crawling up his washboard abs. With his massive balls sloshing beneath it as well. “Now this is what I’m talking about!” shouted the purple man as he grunted with strength as he flexed his renewed biceps. He reached over to one of them and squeezed the ball of muscle inside the fabric. “It’s all real!” he cried in awe as he let out another moan and continued to swell. “Fuck yes…” you heard someone utter under their breath. Before, the Banker had obscured your view of the man in green, but now it was almost like the Banker eclipsed him as the green man’s frame grew wider. His shoulders extended out to rival a door frame’s width. You now didn’t need to peer down at him as his head bucked up and up to meet your eyes. All of your legs under the table running into one another as they elongated and thickened. Once the transformation had finished, all of you were audibly panting as your chests heaved up and down with new size. Your bodysuits stopped humming and you saw a light flickering from your wrist. You reached down and fiddled with the light only to see a screen light up in front of you when it did. On the screen, it read as follows: Player: Blue Total Size: 225 Back: 25 Arms: 25 Core: 25 Chest: 25 Legs: 25 Cock: 25 Height: 75 “Gentleman, now that you’ve gotten a taste for some of the prizes that can be won in this challenge, let’s play a game.”
  6. RoseConspiracy


    "Fuck, I hope this works," you mutter as you slam the now empty syringe on the table next to your laptop. At least ten vials of CompoundX litter the floor around you. You know I'll be pissed, but you don't care. You had seen enough when you stumbled into the venue where I worked by accident. You flip open your laptop and quickly find what you're looking for on Pornhub. A few seconds later you had unzipped your pants and pulled out your semi hard cock. If you had bothered to look at the warnings on the vials, you'd have read that sexual arousal was strongly advised against while under the effects of the neon purple liquid now coursing through your veins. You were also supposed to just start with one. Your head rolls back against the chair as you start to stroke yourself and watch the video. You swore you heard it creak, but a glance down at your still flat chest confirms you're the same size. Growling you stroke harder. You just want to be so goddamn big! Scratch that. You want to be gigantic. And then suddenly you feel it. Like a fever flushing across your skin. You could feel it in your feet first, which was odd. Shouldn't it start closer to the injection site? Maybe you should have waited for me. Your toes start wiggling uncomfortably in your boots. You think about trying to take them off, but your eyes are glued to the laptop screen. Watching the toned back muscles' on the fitness model, sashaying hips wrapped in a mesmerizing green silk– "Oh shit!" You blush as you blurt out rather loudly in the kitchen. Your toes bursting through the leather of your shoes. You dig your toes into the cold tile as they continue to grow and stretch across the floor. But it didn't stop there as your calves started to balloon as well. The fabric grows so tight around them before they simultaneously start to ride up and rip. Goddamn. You're getting taller too. Your filling ass cheeks have your entire body lifting upwards while your thighs also start to swell. It was like watching a can of biscuits explode as the seams on your navy uniform pants rip up the sides. The hard, veiny tree trunk sized legs that get revealed cause you to groan with pride. Your eyes dart back up to the screen, a glob of precum oozing down the tip, coating your hand. But you weren't done. Not even close. That's when you notice your shirt is starting to get tight. "Fuck," your voice dropping in timbre sends shivers down your own largening spine. It isn't abs, but it isn't a muscle gut either. You actually smile as you look down and rub your belly with your free hand. "The true belly of a monster," you growl. This can only mean one thing. You are definitely going to grow huge. Your hand trails up to your chest just as the buttons on your shirt start to fly across the room. "God yes. Bigger!" You roar. "Give me some fucking beefy, powerful pecs!" As if the CompoundX listens to your command, you growl in absolute ecstasy as they swell and overtake your still growing hand. It's then that you hear me. My heels clip across the tiles as I scurry down the hall. The sound of my keys jingling as I unlock the door has your eyes snapping away from the computer screen. Finding out that the Atlantis Gentlemen's Club was where I worked had led up to you doing this– pent up anger and rage, coupled with a twinge of jealousy. You growl loudly, deeply, as you continue to watch the laptop in front of you. Zipper down and dick out, your big, thick fingers struggle to wrap fully around the fleshy monster on display. "What the fuck?" I gasp. My eyes quickly dart from all the vials on the floor to your now herculean frame hanging over the sides of the chair you're sitting in. Goddamn. You seem to dwarf the entire room if possible. You glance at me and smirk, but only for a minute. "What-- what the hell is this?" I curse. "You grew without me?" I could feel my eyes narrow as I dropped the keys on the little table by the door. Your standard issue gun and leather holster laid atop it as well. You spare me another quick glance and your Adonis-like muscles flex as you continue to stroke your impressive length. You know your silence will only add to my anger, so you turn back to the screen. Hopping around on one foot while I wrench my shoes off, I finally move through the apartment towards you. Without even looking, you can sense my betrayal intensify at the sight of thick, pearly colored ribbons oozing down over the top of your hand. Heavy eyes turn upwards towards me and smugness pulls at your lips. You reach out for me but I pull back with a disgusted snarl. As I step between you and the table, I viciously snatch up the laptop. I had wanted to be jealous– or pissed. But it's my own routine on Pornhub that you are watching. I set the computer back on the table before slamming down the lid. "Tell me, who should be angry now?" You challenge. Your voice has taken on a deep animalistic tone that I'm certainly not used to. I shiver as you slowly start to stand up behind me. "You have over a million views!" You roar. Oh fuck. Goosebumps break out across my flesh– you tower over me and you still continue to rise. Heat envelopes me. Your shadow falls over me. I don't have to turn around to know you're smiling at the sound of my ragged breathing as your enormous shaft presses against my curvaceous back side. You can practically feel the electricity charging through the air as the tiny hairs along the back of my neck stand straight up. And without a shadow of a doubt, you're sure my nipples are standing at attention too. "I had no idea," I quietly confess. As I slowly turn around to face you, I now have to lean back just to make eye contact with you. "It's all over the internet," you growl. "And at least four other sites are playing your 'Queen of the Damned' act." As one of your large hands grabs hold of my ass, you roughly press me against yourself, my hands splaying across your massive chest for balance. "I don't like to share," you snarl. "And now–" you pause as you flex one of your gigantic vein riddled arms into a hard, massive mountain. "Now I won't have to play well with others either." Bending over, your mouth slants over mine-- your tongue swiping against my lips before forcefully demanding to explore every crevice. As you claim me with a new, savage possession, you can feel my tiny arms snake tightly around your thick neck. With a slight moan into your mouth, you know I've gone weak in the knees. Your massive arm snakes around my body, the peak of your impenetrable bicep digging into my soft flesh. "You want to dance on stage with a snake around you? Fine. I'll show you exactly what it's like to tango with a python." I pull back a little and you watch my eyes sweep down over every vein– every hard, bulging muscle. You bounce one of your pecs as you rub a giant hand across it. "And trust me baby. I only just started growing without you." As if on cue, your chest starts to swell further into my hands. I can't help myself, I bite down on my lower lip before tugging on your nipples. "Oh god babe. That feels so good!" Your voice deepens even further, causing me to shudder and gush between my legs. Within seconds my fingers move on to the waistband of your pants. I slowly slide the ruined dress slacks down over your muscled thighs. You can feel my arms reach behind you. My fingers greedily groping your rock-hard and still swelling ass. "Fuck yes," you groan. "I want you to feel every growing inch of me. I want you to feel me as I swell and grow too damn big." I lick my lips as your heavy balls churn with the thoughts of what could happen next. I begin massaging them with my hand, then I use two. Soon enough they're too big for me and I moan as your growing hand grips my pony tail. You tug on my hair, drawing my eyesight upwards. My god, can you even see me over those two monstrous pecs? Your manhood gives a slight twitch. The unbelievable pressure of your cock muscles being swollen so hard has you feeling like you could burst at any minute. You let out another growl before grabbing me by the back of my neck, pulling me to a standing position. "I want to see you. All of you," you snarl before easily and single handedly shredding my dress. Your strong hands excitedly cup my ample breasts before your beefy fingers roll my nipples between them. I can't help but moan and gush as you tease them till they’re hard enough to cut glass. Suddenly, my fingers delicately begin sliding along your enormous shaft. You hiss as your body swells and grows larger– even more powerful– your cock responding to my touch. The feeling of absolute dominance and strength, the thickness, and the pulsing need of desire all rests in my grasp. Shifting your weight back and forth on your feet, it's all you can do not to thrust yourself through my hand. You want to fuck my tiny fingers with your massive, powerful member. Your entire body quivers, his ever thickening prick looks so angry, huge and red. I attempt to palm your enormous balls with one hand, while my other slowly pumps the length of your monster shaft. You can feel your blood rush south as the stiffness gathers, coming further alive, getting hotter– harder. Your cock thickens impossibly as I stroke up and down, the length shooting up between us almost to your pecs. I lazily gaze up at you as your monster cock strains against my palm. As the head grows darker, I tease your tip-- the veins swelling all throughout your shaft. The pleasure is beginning to show on your handsome and relaxed face. I lick my lips for the hundredth time before glancing down at your prick standing straight up at full attention. "That gushing little cunt of yours will never be able to take me." You're probably right. I can't even grip you fully around the thick, muscular base. "Tell me just how wet you are," you demand. But I don't answer. I'm too busy smearing the globs of precum dribbling from your slit into your hard sensitive flesh. I let out a gasp as your strong fingers shove my lace panties aside. "I'll just find out for myself then," you growl. I tremble as you dip one thick finger inside me, then two. Oh god, they're so big. And you keep separating them stretching me out. I gush right into your palm. "Good girl." I whimper at the loss of your fingers, but you lift your monstrous hand to your mouth and drink. "Oh fuck," you moan. Your body violently shudders and you step back before letting out a roar. I try to pull away but you're too big, too powerful. Your hand locks around my wrist, keeping my fingers gliding up and back down your cock. Your traps rise, nearly devouring your neck as your head brushes against the ceiling. The floor under me shakes as you take a step, adjusting your stance as your thighs, cock and balls fight each other for space. You chuckle deeply as you lean forward. Your chin resting against your monstrous pecs. I see you bite down on your bottom lip, but the groan still escapes. One of your huge hands roams all over me, pinching my tits, grabbing my ass– while the other explores the broad expanse of your own hairy chest. You had underestimated how good it would feel. To have my tiny, delicate hands on your body, on your nipples. You let your hand travel down the happy trail of your hard stomach before grabbing a fistful of your own thick and powerful cock. I have you so fucking tense, shivering with desire. But you want more. Your mouth attacks mine again as you thrust your hips slightly, running your pole forcefully between my curled fingers. I stroke you faster, my hand caressing you from the incredibly thick base to the drooling tip. The thought of my fingers slick with your own sticky precum makes you growl. You lean down with one hand and grab a fistful of my breast so hard that I wince. "Worship me." You snarl as you raise the other gigantic arm right in my face. "Fucking worship these huge, powerful muscles." I lean forward, my tongue darting out to lick the veiny peak. "Yes! Fuck!" You growl the obscenities as your massive hand grips my waist. I feel my feet leave the ground, my eyes widen in shock at your power– your immense strength. You don't stop lifting me till your mouth is level with the stiff peak of my breast. Your lips curl around the sensitive tip and you can't help but smile when I let out a gasp in pleasure. With renewed frenzy my hand starts gliding faster. Your shaft writhes as I add a second hand and your chest coats with a sweaty sheen. As your pulse races through your cock, a deep masculine moan that rattles the windows tears from your chest. "Fuck, yes. Oh god. Fuck!" Your cock grows hotter and hotter-- your balls start to draw up. The pressure is building, hot power oozing as a precursor from your tip. As the sweat pours from your body, you know you're almost there. "Fuck!" You shout, every muscle in your monstrous body tenses up. Writhing– gasping– moaning– thrusting. All of a sudden, your cock gives a mighty jerk and a hot surge of cum rockets between us. It explodes and continues gushing forever before splashing down your gut. With another tremendous quiver, the flexing cock shoots out a second stream, this one landing between your bulging, sweaty pecs. As you moan and wiggle your ass, at least four more blasts of cum explode over my hand. You move with my ass in your hand to go grab a towel and wipe yourself off but I stop you. I look up at you, eyelashes fluttering over hooded eyes. Suddenly my tongue swirls down and laps up the cum that had pooled along your muscled body. When I'm finished, you grip my chin. "That was fucking incredible." Your deep voice vaults about the room. You look down and my eyes widen as they follow your gaze to the still rock hard monster pulsing between us. "We don't have to have sex," you smirk, "but I at least want to see if it fits." ☆ Don't forget to like and follow! Twitter: @hstrikes3 ☆
  7. Bigrowinggod

    Bull virus

    warning look at the tags before you read this u have been warned Chapter .5 (just set up really) zack pov “It’s spreading like wildfire this bull virus” the news reporter said “for the few of you that don’t know it changes men mostly with some effects on women. “Men were either turned into bulls (hulking breeding machines) or cows ( another option for bulls to breed ).your best option to avoid it is to wait it out those infected are only infectious for a few months after the initial infection so just stay indoors and relax now it’s time for Sheryl with the weather after that we will have the current specialist on this disease to talk about it later”. ”fuck my flight back just got canceled” my runt of a “big” brother ray said. “Oh boo hoo looks like you will just have to wait it out with us runt”I teased “dude I get that you don’t like me but I got projects I got to finish back on campus otherwise I wouldn’t care” he starts calling his school to see what he can do. awhile later dad walks in ,a mountain of a man in what’s basically a hazmat suit “boys shower now we can’t take any chances with this virus”. “together dad were both men now that’s weird “I complain. “Well if you didn’t manage to break the second one last week we wouldn’t have this issue now would we zack” ray grabs my arm “ let’s just get this over with dude” we strip and I hate to admit it but he isn’t a runt in one area when he's soft he’s larger than me hard but he’s to nice of a guy to tease me about it after we shower dad sets some rules : 1 unless it’s an emergency Or for food no leaving the house 2 ray is in charge of groceries (dad managed to find an extra suit in his size ) 3.no company over 4. zack will make the food the rules made sense dad can work from home and ray being smaller would probably help him avoid the bulls and I managed to convince dad to let my girlfriend stay with us. Unfortunately dad forgot to check ray’s entire suit and that would change our family forever
  8. A strange man in a grey hat and coat walks into people's lives. With a quip and a smirk and little white card, the darkest desires of your heart can be yours. But be careful what you ask, some dreams might be best left untrue. (If you are new to Jack and his perverse wish fulfillment, buckle up for a wild ride. For those of you familiar with the original series, I've turned it into a novel with even more intrigue, sex and growth.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 1: Guys Are Going to Notice. A skinny kid gets a chance to make his ultimate dream come true but learns a lesson about saying too much. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CJ slammed the door to his dorm room. “Pathetic… that’s what that was…. Just pathetic...” He didn’t understand, he was a nice guy, he had career ambitions, but all the girls wanted from him was friendship. He was particularly desolated today. He’d just asked Carly if she wanted to go to the movies with him tonight. They’d been hanging out so much recently, she’d be so nice, he just knew he was doing everything right. He also knew that she had nothing to do when she told him she’d be busy. She’d told him a few days ago that she never did anything during the school week and here she was suddenly busy every day. “What is it about me that they hate?” He said looking into a mirror. In truth he knew. His t-shirt sagged over his bony shoulders. His stick thin arms, rather than filling the sleeves, rattled around inside of them like a puzzle piece that didn’t fit. His torso had no shape what so ever. It was just a wiry frame that clothes were draped over rather than fitted to, as if they were hanging out to dry. People liked him. He had a great sense of humor. It’s just that they always wanted to be his friend and never anything more. Every time a girl rejected him it just sent his confidence tumbling to the ground in shattered pieces. He felt sure it would work this time. He’d been working on Carly for a month. She had begun texting him to hang out after class when she was bored. Surely if anyone would say yes it’d be her. His phone began to buzz from his best friend Tom. He’d told him about the rejection. Tom was always there to swoop in and pick up the shattered pieces. “Hey man, why don’t we go out tonight, get your mind off Carly.” He texted. CJ sighed, he probably should, he thought. But for now he needed to lie down. Later that night he and Tom were at a local dive bar. It was the only one that would take CJ’s fake ID. He was almost 21 but he had the face of a 17 year old. “Don’t worry about her man.” Tom said. “There’s plenty of chicks out there. You just gotta find the right one!” CJ looked into the mirror behind the bar. “Yeah, I just have to find one who’s into adopting lost puppies.” He said, thinking he looked like a stray that had been out on the streets for too long. “Don’t worry man, you’ve got this. I know this girl who just turned single. She may need a shoulder to cry on!” “Every time girls lean on my shoulder they complain that’s too bony and poking them in the head.” CJ said getting tipsy. “Well let her cry on your back. You’ve got to keep trying man.” Tom said, realizing it was time for his friend to get back to his dorm. The two paid up and made their way out to the street then suddenly the worst thing that could have happened occurred. Carly walked past arm and arm with Mike, a lacrosse player from their dorm. CJ looked at his bulging biceps that stretched his t-shirt realizing he’d never have that kind of frame. “Awww fuck...” Was all he said. It was bad enough getting rejected but then getting showed all the ways he didn’t measure up in so clear a way was devastating. Suddenly the alcohol hit and he ran to a bush to throw up. He got back to the dorm alone around eleven that night a complete mess. He kicked his work table, causing the ceramic mascot to fall to the floor and break in half. “Jesus CJ, you should be more careful. That little guy had sentimental value after all,” came a voice from behind. CJ whipped around, and then quickly stabilized himself as he was still very tipsy. He was staring at a large, olive skinned man, wearing a grey stetson, leather gloves, and a dark overcoat, open at the front, revealing a matching three piece suit. The man was staring at him with piercing green eyes. “What’re you? The Mafia?” “Well I suppose that would be one way to end your misery but no, your life isn’t quite that interesting.” The figure said in reply. “Well then who’re you and how’d you get in here?” CJ asked. “The name’s Jack. But I believe the question you should be asking is what I can do for you.” He walked up to the lopsided student. “All your life people have looked down on you for your size. People tease you, call you a refugee, even your family pokes fun at how many of your ribs they can see. You must be tired of that, but fortunately for you, I can help.” “Look I don’t know what yer sellin but...” CJ was suddenly interrupted as Jack leaned forward and put gloved finger to his mouth. “Clarence John Stevens, you should listen more than you speak. Why do you think Carly chose that man over you?” Jack asked. “Well because he’s got muscles and I’m… wait how do you know my name or any of this?” “I know everything about you Clarence. I also know how to help. It’s your lucky night. I can give you anything you ask for.” He reached into his suit and pulled out a card that simply had the name Jack the Giver, written on it in fine flowing script. “Just take the card and make a wish.” CJ took the card and stared at it. “Uhhhh…. What?” “Just make a wish, unless you’d rather spend the rest of your life like this.” Jack replied pointing to CJ’s emaciated frame. “Fine then I wish I had muscles… like crazy muscles… like a sex machine." His mind flashed to Mike and how easy it was for him to get girls. "So big that all the guys are gonna look at me and take notice! Guys like Mike!” CJ said as his mind wandered drunkenly. As soon as he finished the card burst into flame and disappeared without a trace burning his fingertips. “What the hell man!” He shouted to Jack but when he looked up the room was empty. The only evidence that anything had just happened was the tingling pain in his fingers. “Jesus I need to stop with the tequila...” He said, pulling his shirt off and collapsing on his bed and passing out. The next morning CJ woke up with a splitting headache. His body felt funny and he told himself that he should probably take the morning to recoup from last night. Sitting up in bed he stared at the mirror hanging on his wall and gasped. Instead of ribs he was looking at a pair of pecs. His arms were thick and shapely. He looked like a swimmer. “Oh shit… I’m having a stroke…” He said, thinking he was hallucinating. He looked down and felt his torso, the abs he was seeing were real. He could feel them individually. He cupped his right pec in his hand, feeling it’s size and weight. “Jesus I look like a model. That crackpot wasn’t joking.” He stood up and pulled his jeans off, his lower body was toned too and the bulge in his briefs was impressive too. He got ready and put his clothes on for the day. For the first time in his life they fit him beautifully. Things were going to be different now. He couldn’t wait to show his friends, what would they say? He couldn’t wait to see. He didn’t have long to wait before he ran into Tom who was waiting for him on his way to class. “Hey man.” He said to Tom, who was startled at this stranger who came up to him. “Uh… hey...” Tom replied, feeling like he looked familiar but couldn’t remember where he’d seen him before. “You don’t recognize me? It’s CJ.” Tom squinted, he did look a lot like CJ, particularly the face but… it couldn’t be. His voice was deeper and… that body. “Ha ha, nice try man. Is he hiding in the bushes somewhere? I’m impressed, the two of you could be twins almost.” “No seriously… it’s me… I uhhh… something happened last night after you dropped me off at the dorm.” “What…?” The two went back and forth for a few minutes until Tom felt like testing it. “Ok if it’s really you tell me one thing that I’ve only told to you that you’d never tell to anyone else on this campus.” “You mean that you’re secretly into guys?” CJ whispered. “You know I’d never tell anyone that without your permission.” “Shit man!” Tom stared blankly at his now hot friend. “Is this some new protein supplement or something?” “It’s much much weirder.” CJ said and he told him what happened. Then he pulled up his shirt and flashed his abs. “Well… I guess some people get all the luck.” Tom said, feeling up his friend’s six pack to see that it was real. CJ flexed it for him which made Tom’s cock twitch. He quickly pulled away. “So… are you going to try it again with Carly now?” “Fuck her man.” CJ said. “There are plenty of chicks on this campus that didn’t break my fucking heart.” They walked together to the meal hall CJ noticed people checking him out. Curious girls and jealous guys, and dudes looking to measure up were all eyeing him. Not to mention Tom. He could see his friend checking him out whenever he thought he wasn’t looking. He didn’t know what to make of that. More pressing on his mind however, was a table of hot girls. One was particularly hot and she’d been seriously checking him out since he sat down. “Excuse me Tom.” He said walking over to her. “Hey, my name’s CJ, I was wondering if you were busy tonight.” “Uh yeah, we’ve having a girls night...” one of her friends started to talk and the girl gave her a stone glare to shut her up. “My name’s Briana, you have something in mind?” She said. “Dinner at 6?” And they exchanged numbers. CJ’s mind was blown how easy it was with the right body. He couldn’t think of anything else but his date until they arrived arrived at the Italian restaurant at the same time. They walked in together and started to chat away. He’d never had anyone look at him the way she was staring and realized he was actually going to get laid tonight for the first time. The idea made him horny and a strange thing happened. His balls seemed to vibrate and gurgle as if they were hungry for action. They began to swell. He could feel them getting tighter in his briefs. “Yeah so I’ve been into sports all my life. I’m just too busy to sign up for anything varsity...” He lied. Suddenly he felt his pecs bounce in his shirt. “Whoah sorry I guess I just...” It happened again this time his biceps flexed with his pecs. “What the...” Suddenly his entire torso was flexing in unison. But each time his shirt felt a little tighter. He was beginning to grow again. “What’s happening… to you?” Briana said. “I uhh… don’t...” Suddenly his polo shirt began to rip at the V. “Sorry, I have to” RIIIIP another convulsive burst of growth ripped his shirt right in half in the middle of the restaurant. “I’ve got to run.” He said, jumping up, nearly knocking over the table. He reached in his wallet and threw some cash down and ran out. He tugged at the shirt that was pinned on his arms but another flex caused his sleeves to pop off, leaving him shirtless. Every massive rounded muscle was on display. His unfulfilled balls continued to vibrate and swell until they grew to the size of large lemons and caused his 8’’ soft cock to soak cum into his jeans. He ran into his dorm in a blind panic and struggled to pull off his tight jeans before they ripped apart. “Uhhh hello?” CJ looked up to see Tom sitting at his desk staring at him. “What are you doing here?” CJ asked in a panic. “Studying? You said I could study here while you were out.” Tom looked at him. “What were you doing without your shir… woah you’ve been growing again.” He looked at his friend’s completely jacked bod as he struggled with his jeans. He looked bigger than an NFL quarterback. His giant package bounced around in his briefs as he struggled to get them off before they burst. Tom blushed. “Maybe I should leave if you’ve got company coming.” “No! Please stay! I don’t know what’s happening!” He said as he finally got his pants off and collapsed on the bed. “I was eating with Briana and my body started swelling again… in the restaurant… god I was so close to getting laid!” He said banging the wall in frustration. “I’m so fucking horny and I have to hide back here!” Tom watched CJ stretch himself out on the bed, his large semi-hard cock poked out of the top of his briefs and one of the lemon sized nuts bulged from one of the leg holes. CJ had gone from someone he wouldn’t have looked twice at to a complete fantasy just laying there. “I mean there are worse problems...” “God these briefs are killing me.” CJ groaned. “Then why don’t I leave and you can take them off.” Tom said trying to do his best to be supportive but he felt like if he staid in the room much longer he wasn’t going to be able to control himself. “No, please, don’t leave me. I… don’t want to be more alone than I was before this started.” CJ said. He pulled his briefs off and looked at his huge package. “Fuck man this is crazy...” “Uh… yeah… crazy” Tom couldn’t control his throbbing hard on as his friend checked himself out completely naked. CJ was so horny from his unfulfilled date that he couldn’t help but touch his 10’’ member. Some cum started to flow when suddenly he was interrupted. “Awww fuck man, you can’t just do that in front of me.” Tom said going down on his massive cock, flipping his ball cap on backwards to suck it properly. CJ was shocked by the suddenness of it and he grabbed his friend to push him off but it felt so good having his cock sucked. No one had ever given him a blow job before and Tom was clearly an expert. “Woah… you’re really good at this...” “I go to this basement club in the city. I’ve got lots of practice.” Tom said taking his mouth off the swollen cock for just long enough to talk before diving back down on it. That only made CJ’s balls more excited and they began to swell again, flooding his brain with sex hormones. His entire body felt incredible as his muscles grew tighter and tighter, and the pounds slowly piled on again. This time less violently. Tom pulled his shirt off. He’d been working out since highschool, his body was pretty fit. CJ watched his toned friend work on his cock, the hormones and endorphins were imprinting this as hot into his malleable brain that had never done anything sexual with anyone before. He let out some groans… Tom was encouraged and pulled the rest of his clothes off. Fucking his towering friend was going to be the hottest night of his life. He didn’t realize that CJ had grown five pounds since they started. Tom clambered up on top of the massive bod in front of him and wedged the cock between his ass cheeks and started to jerk it with his ass. Fit as Tom was their differences in size were pretty stark. The toned twink was climbing all over a mountain of a man. “Woah… what are we doing?” CJ groaned. “I’m not gay.” “Nobody said you were, stud. We can stop if you want.” He said, slowing down. He’d dealt with virgins before. It was always good to take things slowly. “No… it’s just not how I imagined my first time.” “I think you’re just too much man for just one gender. The girls are gonna love riding that massive pole.” Tom said to egg him on. “Oh yeah?” “Yeah that’s right.” Tom said as he placed his hole on the tip of CJ’s cock. “Just like this.” He said as he sank down on that massive member. As his cheeks got spread apart his eyes rolled to the back of his head in pleasure. “Fuck yeah!” They both grunted. Tom looked amazing going up and down on that huge member wearing nothing but a choker necklace and a backwards cap. That vision along with the feeling of Tom's ass wrapping itself around his massive meat wear seared into CJ’s brain as the hottest thing he’d ever seen. Tom reached for his phone and started snapping pics of him riding that huge monster, getting as much of CJ in the frame as possible. It wasn’t long until he came inside Tom. There was so much cum Tom could feel it pumping him up as he reached down and felt his abs curving around his filling belly. Without warning he came too and pulled out, gushing cum flowed out of his ass as he did. They looked at each other and blushed. “That was the hottest fuck I’ve ever had.” Tom said, looking down, “I was going to go eat but I think I’m full now.” He said holding his ab lined food/cum baby. The two of them cuddled for the rest of the night and Tom helped him clean up in the morning. “I think we should shower off now.” Tom whispered to his 250 lb friend but the showers were out in the hall. Tom grabbed two towels and they wrapped them around their waists and went out to shower. Tom didn’t give a fuck about what anybody thought about his sexuality anymore, he’d just had his mind blown by a massive virgin. They went out into the hall wearing towels so they could shower off in the communal bathrooms. CJ picked the largest shower stall for himself and began to lather up but soon Tom poked his head in. “Mind if I join?” He asked without really waiting for an answer. He just went down on that massive cock as the water poured all over them. Fortunately for them it was 10 am by this point and most people had already showered. CJ gripped the sides of the stall as his body started to add on a few more pounds of raw muscle. Tom looked so small in comparison. However the bathroom wasn’t completely empty and it wasn’t difficult to see what they were doing. Suddenly the shower curtain ripped open and to their shock it was Mike, the lacrosse player that they had seen two nights earlier wearing nothing but a towel. “What’s going on in here?” “Uhh… nothing man… we just...” CJ was at a loss for words at being caught like this. “A bit risky isn’t it? I know the RA really well and she reports shit like this.” He said sternly. Then he whipped off his towel. “I also know she wont be out of class until three.” He said with a grin. Pushing the two of them back into the stall and closing the curtain. Tom gasped “I didn’t know you were into guys, Mike.” He grinned, “I didn’t know I was either… but this seemed super hot, who’s your friend?” He said stroking CJ’s enormous dick. “Uh… Mike… this is… Chris...” Tom said realizing that they didn’t really have any other explanation than to re-introduce him as someone new. “He just enrolled.” “Fuck yeah...” Mike said before licking CJ’s enormous pecs. “Damn that’s fuckin hot.” Tom got doubly aroused by what was happening and began to play with Mike’s nips while putting his cock head against Mike’s ass hole. Mike began to thrust against Tom’s cock as he went down on CJ who dwarfed even this ripped athlete. Three weeks later there was a new attraction at the Tom’s favorite club. CJ or “Chris” as he now went by was the new stripper / rent boy. People paid all kinds of money to fuck him in the back room. All kinds of guys got turned on by Chris which is why you should be careful what you wish for. One drunken line about your male rivals could alter how it comes true. "...all the guys are gonna look at me and take notice!” And they did.
  9. biggerthings

    A Lustful Morning

    My first story. Hope you enjoy! ----------------- It was the morning of December 1st. The early morning sun shined into the window of Jack's bedroom, much to his annoyance. He had fallen asleep rather late, and the fact that it was already morning wasn't much of a joy for him. With a sleepy groan he arose from his bed, his dark brown hair heavily tousled from a night's worth of tossing and turning. Jack was rather plain looking. He had a rather average body, and no truly unique features besides his hazel colored eyes that sparkled when he got excited. What was truly unique to Jack though was his abnormally high libido. If he went so much as more than a few days without pleasuring himself he would enter into a state of withdrawal where he would have long, painful erections until he released his pent-up semen. Needless to say, during the month of November he would be at his weakest thanks to the "No Nut November" challenge that was posted on every social media page under the sun. This year, he truly tried to get through it. But of course, about halfway through the month he woke up in the night to his swollen, painful erect member oozing slick pre all over his sheets. Giving into his desires, he masturbated furiously until releasing a heavy load across his chest. This would continue for every other day in November until the month ended, as he thought there was no point in participating anymore since he had failed so quickly. Now it was the first day of December. He sighed as he looked in the mirror of his bathroom, relieved that he could return to his lustful routine without the peer pressure of silly internet challenges. Without much hesitation, he returned to his bedroom and slipped off his pajamas, rubbing his bulge slowly as it grew firm and raised into the air. Except, there was an odd occurrence on Jack's part. Though he seemed to be fully erect, his bulge was still growing. As soon as he noticed what was happening, his member suddenly ripped his boxer briefs into shreds, his cock now easily as big as his forearm, with no signs of the growth stopping. He released a loud moan, unable to dismiss the intense pleasure that was being forced into him. He then winced as he felt his balls swell, and watched as they started to grow larger and larger, feeling like warm, heavy sacks full of cum. Jack spread his legs and gripped the bed posts, releasing primal groans of pure lust as his cock grew thicker and longer, veins as thick as his fingers snaking around the massive shaft. His balls were now weighing him down, churning and swelling at a rapid pace. He gripped the posts tighter, and then looked down to his pecs, which were now swelling along with his genitals, his nipples now thickening and growing longer. Jack ran a hand down his torso, a set of thick chiseled abs now forming. Another loud moan came from his lips, and he gave his now rapidly growing biceps a flex. Almost as if on cue, a sudden spray of milk came from his now fist sized nipples, barely in his view due to the thick, throbbing slabs of pec meat before his eyes. Now completely taken by lust, Jack grabbed his massive, veiny udder-like nipples in his hands, stroking and jerking them as if they were giant cocks as milk squirted and gushed every which way, the pleasure going through his entire body. The bed finally gave way beneath him as he let out a guttural roar, his cock now being forced against the ceiling with no more space to expand, a thick gob of precum falling atop his face as the massive, thick veins pulsated and throbbed throughout his body, his massive, heavy balls restraining him from standing up. He was slowly losing his mind, his sanity. All he could think of was primal lust that he had never thought possible. He gripped his gargantuan, throbbing nipples tight, barely able to get his hand around them as they were as long and thick as a grown man's forearm. His massive, veiny arms pulsated with pure power as he gripped his nipples tighter and tighter, a torrent of milky spray releasing into the air. Instinctively, with his thoughts barely comprehendable, he wrapped his arms around his gargantuan cock, feeling it throb and pulse in his thick arms. He rolled his tongue across the main vein of his member, feeling every pulse that came from his stimulation. His cock suddenly jerked, almost like a bucking horse in his arms. Without any warning, a massive torrent of cum finally released. Jack screamed and gasped as his thoughts completely shattered, his brain going blank as his entire body was now being rapidly sprayed with his thick, potent seed. Load after load, his room soon became an unrecognizable space covered in thick gobs of semen, his body coated in his lustful release. Hours passed. Jack awoke, immediately hit by the potent smell of pure sex, his body now as it was before. His room was unrecognizable, every surface covered in his seed. He smirked at his handiwork, licking some of his release off of the wall. His body was exhausted, and so was his brain. And yet, he wondered if he was truly satisfied....
  10. Bigrowinggod

    Man up runt

    Im still working on my other story wanted to try somthing a little different. first person but with mutliple perspectives Chapter 1 Steve pov "I just dont get whats wrong with him his younger brother owns a sucsesful startup and his sister is on the road to be governor in a few years" i say slamming down another drink "like how is the oldest such a screwup hes supposed to be an example for them but all he does is play video games for money like man up your 23" . "Dosnt he pay most of your bills at this point though" one of my drunk friends taunts before downing another shot "only cause i let him and it dosnt matter anyways he needs a real job not some hobby he can make money off of" "Well if you want him to man up i may have somthing my job has had me researching male enhancement might push him towards the right path only thing is i cant say its 100% safe yet due to lack of test subjects"says jim the only person in stem in the building and a drinking buddy Maybe it was becuase i was drunk but i took the offer even with my closest friend clark telling me it was shameful to let my son be used as a test subject i didnt care my wimp of a son would finally man up a bit. Raymond pov "I get that im not as sucsesful as jannet or zack but im doing well for myself you know" eric my fwb having listened this rant many times before rolls his eyes "dude normally im fine listening to your rants but i came here cuase im horny dude now shut that mouth and fuck me" before kissing me to shut me up "Damn guess your really are addicted to this huh" i say pulling out my 8 inches "finally the real reason im here" eric jokes as he strips revealing his toned body lays on my bed his ass in the air. I grin seeing he is already ready i thrust into him. I keep a steady rythm going until i hear dad stumble into the house i start moving alot faster making sure he can hear erics moans as he walks by. Steve pov "Fuck my sons not only a faluire but a slut too" i say bitterly "well thats going to change" i mumble to as i put the case jim gave me under the bed grinning as i remember what he said "Hes going to be a real man by the end of the week"
  11. RealIn2Growth

    Corrupting Absolutely

    This story was a fun one to write. It was a commission and I was asked to create a world where an innocent is corrupted by more and more power. Hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think in the comments. Corrupting Absolutely It all started innocently enough. I was staying at the beach at my parents’ house while they were on a month-long cruise. I normally wouldn’t have the time to house sit, but unfortunately, I had been let go from my job with The Bank. My boss, Thomas Grayson, felt that I needed to get out and find new opportunities. He was afraid that the job was keeping me stagnant. What could I do? Maybe he was right. Thomas and I had started at The Bank together. We had even dated for a year, but he had come to the conclusion that we were both better off as friends. After we split, Thomas began to really grab life by the proverbial balls. He had started working out at the gym, dressing better, and progressing higher in The Bank while I was still in the same position. I could tell by the way he spoke to me that he was trying to look after my own best interests. He had even put together a pretty good severance package for me. Since I didn’t have to worry about money for the next 6 months, I decided to wait to find a job till the start of the new year. I had sent out some resumes and talked with some recruiters, but I wasn’t actively looking for employment at the moment. Let me tell you, there is nothing more depressing than staying at a beach house during the winter. My parents had moved to the beach six years ago after they both retired. They never seemed to mind the winter season when most of the town packed up and left, but then again, they often went on long vacations during that time. Since I wasn’t working, they thought it would save them some money if I drove down and house-sat instead of hiring a professional to do it. As I said, I had lots of free time, so why not? The house isn’t very large. After climbing 20 steps, you arrived at a wooden porch with two rocking chairs on it and a table. This was an amazing place to watch the sun set during the summer, but I doubted I would be using them very much during my stay. The front door brought you automatically into the living room that had a dining room attached. The small kitchen was off to the right while the bathroom was down the hall to the left. There were two bedrooms. I would be staying in the guest bedroom and kept my parents’ bedroom closed so nothing would be disturbed. The first week flew by. I caught up on several television shows I had been wanting to watch for years as well as a couple of books. Each day I’d get up early, go for a jog in the beach, go work out at the local gym at 11.00 am so that it was fairly empty, grab a coffee at Starbucks, and then just chill for the rest of the day. Often in the afternoons I’d go for a walk along the beach, but for the past three days it had been raining, so I was staying inside. While waiting for my coffee at Starbucks, I saw a sign on the ‘Local Activities’ board for an estate sale. It was taking place that afternoon at the most legendary house in the area: Collinwood. I had only visited my parents a couple of times, and I even knew about it. The Collins family had founded the town in the late 1700’s and made their money with the local cannery and fishing fleet. The massive house stood on a hill away from the town, and for the past 15 years or so, the last member of the family had lived there on her own. When Carolyn died, everything was set to be sold and the house turned into a luxury hotel. Since I had no real plans, I decided to go. Like most of the people there, I was attending to find a good bargain as well as to take a walk around the house and gawk. Everything for sale was at a reasonable price to encourage buying, and I found myself picking up three first editions for a steal along with an ornate wooden puzzle box that caught my eye. The woman running the sale looked to see if the box came with instructions for opening it, but she couldn’t locate any. I told her that was fine, and she ended up taking $10.00 off the asking price. By the time I got back to my parents’ house, the sky was growing dark. I prepared a bowl of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich and sat down at the kitchen table to try and open the box. Nothing I did moved any of the pieces, and I was beginning to think that it was never going to be opened. It was at 11.30 pm, and I had moved into the living room and was sitting on the couch. After doing nothing for the past six hours, I was surprised to find that I was finally able to move a small square at the top of the box. This led to another piece being released on the side which led to another and another and another. The long box was extremely well made and intricate, having more than 100 sliding or turning pieces to uncover. Eventually, as I turned a small, raised circle on the bottom, a large rectangle in the top slid open. A strong smell of honey and flowers rose from the dark recess. I put my hand into the opening but pulled it back quickly as a severe electrical shock zapped it from within. Looking at my hand to make sure it was okay; I then lifted the box and gave it a good shake. I heard a rattling from within. I moved my face closer to the opening to have a peak in and experienced a plume of red mist erupt from within and shoot into my eye and then out into the room. Falling backwards onto the couch, the box fell from my lap and onto the floor. The red mist was filling the room as it seemed an endless supply had been encased in the box. Fearing it was some sort of poisoned gas, I stood up to run outside, but felt an invisible force push me back onto the couch. The mist was escaping from the box so quickly now that the pressure to escape the box had split the entire structure in half. The room was inundated with the red mist until the box emptied, leaving the thick red fog the only visible item in the room. The room had become hauntingly quiet, and the only thing I was able to hear was my heart pounding in my chest. Standing, I was once again propelled backwards by the unseen hand. In this moment of terror, I began to feel another sensation fill my body; I was suddenly incredibly horny. My penis was instantly hard in my sweatpants, and I could feel pre ejaculate begin to drip. Looking down, I watched as the crotch of my sweatpants began to show a large wet spot where I was leaking. I had never had anything like this ooze from my penis before, even though I had read about in forums online, so this was a new experience for me that I was enjoying a lot. The feeling of arousal began to grow exponentially, and soon I found that I had begun to stroke my hard-on through the fabric without realizing I was doing it. I completely forgot about the odd red mist that had filled the living room of my parents’ home, and I closed my eyes, leaned against the back of the couch, and proceeded to pull my pants down and release my insanely hard rod. As I began to stroke my penis, I opened my eyes and saw the mist had begun to start moving in a circular motion around the room. My penis was harder than it ever had been, and I began to have the feeling that my testicles would explode if I didn’t ejaculate soon. A new sensation came over me as I removed my hand from my shaft and placed my arm behind my head. I wasn’t sure what made me do this, but I felt like it was expected of me. Then, with my heart beating even faster, I watched as the mist began to come together in front of me and formed the body of the most beautiful man I had ever seen. He was tall, probably over six foot, and had a tight, firm muscular body. His blonde hair was long and wavy, and fell down over his shoulders. His eyes were a piercing ice blue, and his lips a dark red. Moving my eyes down over his magnificent body, I took in the long and thick phallus that hung down over two large testes. My first instinct was to be afraid, but this quickly faded as The Man began to move until he stood right before me. Falling to his knees, he leaned over my equipment and with one quick movement, took the entire 4 inches into his mouth. In seconds, I was having the most pleasurable blow job I ever had. His mouth did things to my shaft I had never experienced before in my life. He was expertly skilled with his tongue and lips and created just the right amount of suction and tension to make me quickly reach the point of no return. Within seconds I was ejaculating in the man’s mouth, his throat acting like a vacuum to take in every drop. Just when I thought I had finished cumming, he grabbed onto my balls with his right hand and forced more and more out of me and into his stomach. The pleasurable sensation soon moved to pain as it felt like he was draining every drop that my testicles held. Eventually, his hunger satisfied, he moved off my Johnson and proceeded to lick any small drop he may have missed. He then stood up, allowing me to take in all his glory. He appeared to be studying me as intensely as I was looking at him. Finally finding the strength, I opened my dry mouth and spoke. “Who… who are you?” Without moving his lips, I heard the man’s words echo throughout the room. “I have no name… no form… until you give me one. This body pleases you?” His voice… was this his voice I heard in my head… it was deep, masculine, and commanding. “Yeah. You’re amazing.” “You released me.” The tall man’s voice had an accent I couldn’t place. “I am bound to you until I fulfil your three deepest desires.” “My three desires?” “Yes. Once fulfilled, then I am free to return to my own dimension until the next worthy individual opens the box.” “So… my desires… they’re like wishes?” “They are as I said. They are desires.” “I can ask for anything?” My mind raced through what I might ask for from what had to be the sexiest genie I could imagine living. “You ask me for nothing. From your essence that now courses through me, I have pulled out the three most potent and secret desires you possess.” “You know already what I want?” “I know what you desire. These are needs that you may hide from even yourself but will now be yours.” From far away, yet filling the room with sound, I heard a clock tower chime. The sound of the bells resonated through my entire body like an electric current. “Your desires shall be fulfilled. The wheel has been set in motion… and once in motion… there is no stopping it.” I watched as the form of The Man begin to revert back into red smoke while the puzzle box began to reset itself. The opening in the top proceeded to grow smaller as the smoke returned back from where it came and soon disappeared from view. All I could hear was his voice. “The path shall take place over the course of three midnights. You will hear the bell chime, and you will know your desire will then be granted. Never shall you see me again, Joel Matthews.” The top of the puzzle box closed, and the room was silent. I shook my head. Had all of that really happened? Had the mist been some sort of hallucinogen and I had just dreamed it all? As if to answer my question, I heard the bell ring and felt the current course through my body once again. Then, from around me and from within, I heard the man’s voice. “To you… granted your desire for supreme virility.” “What?? What do you mean? I have no clue what you’re talking about!” I stood up half expecting the invisible force to knock me back onto the couch, but nothing happened. I crossed over to the puzzle box and picked it up, looking closely at it as if answers might be printed on its surface. As there was nothing, I moved over to the kitchen and set it down on the table. I must have been asleep. That could be the only explanation. I had to have been dreaming. There was no way any of that could have been real. I must have fallen asleep before I even began solving the puzzle box. I ended up having an insane dream about some sort of genie that told me what wishes… no… desires he was going to grant, and then woke up when the box fell onto the floor. It was all so easily explained. I’d been by myself for too long. That was the problem. I was imagining hot men when I should be out meeting them. No wonder I had a crazy sex dream. I needed to get laid. That’s exactly what would help pull me out of this loneliness. I walked back over to the couch and grabbed my phone. I opened the Lock Screen and proceeded to pull up my Grindr app. There wasn’t much of a selection out here in the middle of nowhere, but somebody was better than no body. Looking at the selection, I began to get hard thinking about what I might be getting up to tonight. Yeah. This was exactly what I needed. I scratched an itch on my face and kept scrolling. There was one guy, a fit man in his early 50’s that caught my eye. Looking at his pictures of himself running a marathon and working out, I could see that he took care of himself. He wasn’t too far from me. I’d be willing to drive up to 30 minutes for some fun tonight. I scratched my face again and was about to message this guy when I decided that I needed something to drink. The room was a little hot and my throat was dry. I got up from the couch and quickly entered the kitchen. Opening up the fridge, I began to reach for a Diet Coke, but instead the idea of drinking one of my father’s beers became a better option. I opened it and took three large gulps. No. This wasn’t doing the job. I drank some more, but my throat just seemed drier than minutes before. Fuck this, I thought. Beer is for frat boys and pussies. Suddenly, it came to me what would quench my thirst. I needed a shot of whiskey. I grabbed a tumbler, put a cube of ice into it, and walked to the liquor cabinet in the living room. From there, I poured a double whiskey over the ice to cool it slightly. Raising the glass to my lips, I took a sip and felt the burn as it traveled down my throat. Oh yeah, I thought, that hits the spot. I poured some more into the glass to make up for what I had already drunk, and crossed back over to the sofa, scratching my stomach. Sitting there, I took a sip, and rubbed my dick, feeling how sensitive the shaft was, how full my balls felt. I set the glass down on the side table and proceeded to pull my sweatpants down to my ankles. Once freed, my dick stood stiffly at attention, the head a deep angry red color. The vein that ran down the side looked much larger than it ever had been before, and I could feel the constant pressure as it forced more blood into the shaft. I had showered when I had gotten home from the gym but found the woodsy metallic musk smell rising from my balls intoxicating. I had never paid attention to my own scent and discovered that it made my mouth water and made me even hornier. I stroked the length of my 4-inch penis and felt a wad of precum rise out of my prostate, up the shaft, and fire onto the wooden floor below. Reaching down to rub my precum around the head and shaft, I found that it also had my sharp woodsy scent, but even more potent and domineering than anything had ever smelt. I kicked my sweatpants off of my ankles and spread my legs wider. Fuck it felt so good… taking up more room on the couch and airing out my cock and balls. I rubbed my balls and felt how incredible… how powerful they were. A rush of heat passed through my balls, and I watched as they began to swell larger, taking up more room in my sack. A minute later, the same rush of heat, yet this time it was slightly stronger, and I was able to see them both grow again. This time, my ball sack stretched as well, and even lying back against the cushions of the couch, my balls began to hang much lower and rested on the sofa. Several wads of precum shot out of my cock again as my balls proceeded to gain more mass. Soon, what had once been walnut sized, now resembled large eggs. I lifted them up with my hands and could feel how much more weight they had then before. As I held them, I felt another rush of heat, and experienced their growth as they took up more room in the palm of my hands. I stood up and felt the hefty weight my balls now had as they pulled down on my crotch. They had surpassed egg size and now looked like I had shoved two peaches in my sack. I felt them both churning, gaining more power to produce more sperm. I whimpered as they grew larger once again. Remembering why I stood up, I proceeded to take my shirt off, and was amazed to see dark hair now coated my chest and traveled down over my stomach and joined in with my crotch. I lifted my right arm to see the excess of hair growth that had taken place there as well. A whiff of my own musk rising from my pits made me even hornier and was proceeded by my testicles growing even larger. These are now the fucking cum factories of a man, I thought as once again the swelled. Precum was now constantly leaking from the head of my cock and had proceeded to form a puddle on the wood floor below. My own scent was filling the room, becoming even stronger as my testosterone levels rose higher. I ran my hand over my chest and felt the hair that had most recently grown there become much longer and begin to cover more area of my chest. Looking down, I could see that my arms and legs had also become much hairier, and my crotch had proceeded to grow a significant forest of its own. Again, my balls grew bigger, but this time the sensation was more magnified as I felt a large amount of blood be forced into my cock. This occurred repeatedly, proceeding to stretch the shaft longer and thicker. I leaned back onto the couch and closed my eyes. Whatever was happening to me felt so incredible. My whole body was feeling sensations I had never experienced before. Every inch of my skin felt more sensitive, causing me to moan, a sound that was now much deeper. I opened my eyes and gaped at my growing cock which had to be nearly 9 inches long, and so thick that I could barely touch my thumb and middle finger together. The head was much fatter than the shaft and I knew that at that moment it would definitely be a challenge for anyone to get in their mouth. I scratched my face and discovered that my jaw was now covered in a formidable beard. Never in my life had I been able to grow a beard, and now I had one that I could run my fingers through and tug! I couldn’t believe how incredible masculine I felt… how masculine I must look. Just having a massive cock and balls made me into a stud, but being hairy as well simply magnified that. No one would be able to resist me anymore. Guys would be lining up to take a ride on my fuck stick! I flexed my arm and watched my bicep jump. I’d need to work out harder to grow a body that deserved a cock like mine, but I had never realized that my body was in much better shape than I had thought. Bringing my face closer to my pit, I inhaled my potent musk. This was how a fucking man smelled. He didn’t smell like fucking cologne or flowers… he smelled like sex… he smelled like the gym… he smelled like the testosterone that flowed through his body. I grinned and let out a low bellow of a laugh and downed the rest of the whisky that had been in the glass. Not wanting to be forgotten for one moment, my cock and balls surged even larger. While I was paying attention to my body, my cock had done some significant growing. I had no idea how so much blood could be forced into the shaft without having passed out, but I was shocked to see that it had grown to be thicker than my own arm and was nearly as long! My balls were now each the size of oranges, and precum no longer leaked out, but flowed like a faucet turned on full blast. The floor was a mess, coated with so much pre that it looked like about 10 drunk men had pissed on it! The entire house smelled of me now. The scent was strong and domineering and was being exuded from every pore. I felt a sharp snap, and my cock proceeded to grow even longer until I knew that it had to be over 13 inches long. So used to my 4-inch penis, my cock now resembled a fucking monster that every man would envy when they saw it in the locker room showers. Fuck!! I couldn’t wait to show this thing off in the gym tomorrow. Hell, there was no way I was ever going to be able to hide this beast, and I never wanted to. All I could think of was fucking and cumming. I needed to fuck over and over again. I was never going to be satisfied. My balls were always going to be full and begging for release. My cock and balls grew larger as I began to stroke myself using both hands for the first time in my life. There was so much surface area to cover that it seemed to take minutes to go from root to head. I flipped into my front and began to fuck the cushions of the sofa. Then I had a better idea and ripped open one so that my cock would actually be sliding in the stuffing. I pumped the sofa harder and harder, my softball sized balls slapping against the cushions. I felt my cock grow even more monstrous as I pumped up and down with my ass. Sweat poured down my face as my pheromones spread through the house. Every inch smelled of me… of the most virile man on earth. My desire!! Fuck yeah! That was what I had become… the most virile man on earth! As I fucked the sofa, my cock grew and tore its way out of the cushion. Pulling it out, I began to lick, and tongue fuck the head. For a moment I thought this growth was never going to stop, until I felt my immense balls pull up, and then felt gallons of cum shoot out of my cock and onto myself and the rest of the room. Minutes passed before my orgasm stopped. I looked around and wondered how I was ever going to clean the room. The living room was a mess, but I didn’t care. This was how the most virile man in the world lived. I can’t stop how much pre and cum I produced from my 15 inch monster of a cock! I stood up and felt the weight of my immense cook and balls weigh me down. I crossed to the bathroom and looked at the beast I had become. I oozed sex. My whole body looked like it had become more primal… almost de-evolved due to the intense amount of testosterone that flowed through my body. Needing to piss, I aimed into the bathtub and let loose. It appeared to be a mix of pre and urine, and when it shot out, it caused me to have mini orgasms. I knew I should be tired, but I was wide awake. I needed to fuck. I closed Grindr and opened Scruff. I needed some real men who could handle my cock and sex drive. I took several pictures and videos and began sending them out. At first people didn’t believe it was real, but after a few demonstrations, they were begging to come over and worship it. By 4 am I had 12 guys paying homage to my cock. They had made me cum several times, but it was never enough. My pheromones seemed to have some sort of control over them as they would do anything to please me. As one guy rode my cock, I wondered what more was in store for me. What would be the fulfilment of my other two desires. What were they? I never knew this was one of my desires until it happened to me. Now I couldn’t imagine not living as a sexual beast. I grabbed the guy and flipped him onto the bed, my cock impaling him as I plunged it deeper. I could hear several of the men cleaning my living room and the other rooms where my cum had left quite a mess. What else were cock slaves for? I fucked him even harder until I began flooding his insides with cum. I pulled out and began to shoot all over his body. Forever he would be marked with my scent. When I finally stopped cumming, I told him to get out and send in someone else. I had worn him out, but I was far from done. The most virile man on earth need to fuck. * The sun was bright when I woke up around 2 the next afternoon. I had sent all the men home once they had finished cleaning the house and repairing any mess that I had made. I still felt sexually unsatisfied, but I suspected that I never would be. Although my cock would go limp at times, it was still a hefty piece of meat to carry around. Soft it was 9” long with two softball sized balls. After my shower, I was going to shave off my newly grown beard, but decided to keep it, really liking how the rugged look worked for me. I also noticed that despite any amount of deodorant I would wear, my body gave off a naturally strong pheromone scent. From my observation at the gym that morning or at Starbucks, it was not an unpleasant scent. In fact, it was quite the opposite, and I found myself satisfying three guys in the locker room at the gym and one in the toilet at Starbucks. No one questioned my immense package. It seemed like once they saw me… and smelt me… they expected me to have it. At 7 pm, I sent the three guys that I was fucking home. I wanted to be mentally and physically prepared for what my next secret desire would bring. I sat down with a whiskey and began to run through ideas of what it could be. I had always been a very vanilla person all of my life, so I wasn’t aware that I had desires that I hid. I was happy with my current improvement. I had never had so much sex until the past day, and I was enjoying myself. I never knew how much I enjoyed being a man and how potent being hyper masculine was. I had become the epitome of masculinity and virility. Every pore oozed of it, and I never felt so alive in my entire life. I sat there wondering what was coming next for me. In some ways I wanted out of the next two wishes. I liked what I had now. What could some secret desires be? When I was a kid I had wanted to transform into a werewolf… but that can’t be a desire could it? Fuck. It can’t be something like that! Werewolves don’t exist. I got up and poured myself another whisky and downed it in one go. I looked out the window at the clear night sky. The stars overhead were bright. The moon shone down onto the ocean when suddenly, I heard the chimes of the bell ring and felt a strong electrical current course through my body. My entire body shook from the energy it was being inundated with, this time much stronger than the last. Then, from around me and from within, I heard the man’s voice. “To you… granted your desire for utmost might and sovereignty.” “Utmost might and sovereignty? What do you mean by that? Show yourself! I want to talk. I don’t want the rest of these desires. I’m happy with what I have now.” “The box was opened. Your desires must be set free. You have no choice in the matter.” The voice filled the air as my whole body quaked again, more and more energy being siphoned into it. My body shook uncontrollably as the lights in the house flickered. Falling to the floor, it must have appeared that I was having a seizure as what felt like every atom, molecule, and cell were filled to near breaking with energy. What felt like an eternity, but in reality, it was only twenty minutes, my body finally stopped trembling. I lay on the floor physically exhausted. Every muscle hurt. Was that it? Did I now have utmost might and sovereignty? Did that mean what I thought it did? Supreme strength and rule over everything? I stood up on shaking limbs. I was naked. Looking down where I had lay, I saw with a shock the burnt remains of the clothes I had been wearing as well as the outline of my body had been burnt into the wooden floor. Moving to the bathroom, each step I took left another burnt footprint on the floor. My heart raced as I tried to comprehend what was happening to me. Just as I was going to turn on the lights in the bathroom, I realized there was no need. My eyes glowed such a bright white color that they illuminated the entire room. I began to panic as I looked into the mirror and saw the burning white light my eyes had become. I no longer had any resemblance of a pupil. Just this intense white glow. I grabbed onto the sink and watched as my handprint began to burn into the ceramic. I pulled it away, but as I did, I felt a pressure well up behind my eyes and explode outward. A swelling beam of light shot from my eyes and obliterated the mirror in front of me. I leaped backwards, covered my eyes with my arm, and fell onto the commode. All the areas that my skin touched began to smoke and burn, quickly melting the plastic of the seat. Standing, I uncovered my eyes, and in the broken shards of glass, I could see they were just the glowing orbs I had before. Through concentration though, I discovered that I could will the pressure from behind my eyes to rise up and expel a beam of intense energy, burning and melting everything in its path. I let out a burst of nervous laughter as I watched myself destroy the tiled shower in the bathroom just by looking at it. After a couple minutes of practice, I found that this new skill was easy to control and became nearly second nature. My eyes… my body… every inch of me could burn through any material. I knew this wasn’t all. I could sense that my body had changed in many ways and was continuing to change. I left the partially destroyed bathroom and moved into the living room. Standing there, I tried to listen to the subtle changes happening to my body, and as I did, I began to feel myself rise off of the floor and hover above it. When I realized what was happening, my body fell back down to earth with a thud. More concentration enabled me to cause the levitation to occur again as I lifted off the floor and floated closer to the ceiling. A huge smile crossed my face. My desire to be a fucking superhero had come true. Using my mind, I propelled myself out the front door and down to the beach, my eyes glowing and lighting the way. Once I stood on the cold sand, I looked up into the sky, raised my right arm, took a small leap, and took off like a shot into the night sky, red and orange flames trailing behind me as I flew. My stomach fell as I went higher and higher into the air. Moving my body slightly, I was able to move up and down and left and right as well as slowing myself down and hovering in midair. I traveled up and down the coast, going so far as Florida and back up to Maine in no time at all. I never felt cold, and I never seemed to have any issue with lack of oxygen as I flew higher and higher. To test myself, I shot upward like a rocket and kept going up until everything around me was pitch black and I was looking at the Earth below. I inhaled, but the fact that there was no oxygen didn’t seem to bother me. I lay up in the blackness of space for a while until I began to feel I should go home. 15 minutes later, I landed back on the beach where I had begun my journey. As I walked back to the house, I began to feel strange. Not bad… just strange. I felt as if boundless energy was beginning to fill me again. I bounded up the stairs, burning every step, and into the house. Once inside, I felt my back crack, and my body began to slowly grow taller. Another group of cracks, and my arms and legs joined my spine. I was amazed to see how different the world looked as I rose higher and higher. I had lived all of my adult life at 5’8, and now I was moving upwards into the 6-foot category. As I admired my stretching reflection in the glass of the window, I began to feel my shoulders start to widen. As they did, the area of my upper torso became much more expansive. Running my hands over my newly enlarged delts, I could feel that the muscles had grown slightly thicker as well as rounder. My heart began to pound in my chest. I moved to cross to the sofa, but a sharp throbbing pain in my shoulders stopped me from completing the journey. The pain radiated through my shoulders and then down into my torso. I imagined this was what a heart attack would feel like if I didn’t know what it was. I heard a loud snap and crack as my body went rigid and my clavicle began once again to grow wider. The pull on my body was even more forceful this time than it had been prior. The ringing in my head was even louder than it had been before and was followed by intense waves of heat. I felt my shoulders and chest being pulled wider still as a second crack resonated through my body as I felt my backbone being tugged upward. My head was swimming as my torso was pulled and stretched minute after minute. Racked with pain and heat, I felt my legs stiffen. Then, with the now familiar snap and pull I felt my own legs beginning to lengthen further. All I could do was stand there as my body was assaulted with growth. My heart was pounding so loudly that I was afraid it was going to tear itself out of my chest at any moment. The pain grew even worse as I felt my legs, shoulders, and torso shoot upward again. I heard a crash as my right shoulder smacked into the liquor cabinet pushing it roughly into the wall. My lengthening body soon propelled my head upward as my left leg smashed into the television cabinet on the opposite wall of the room, sending it crashing to the floor I let out a “fuck” as I felt my feet start to lengthen. My whole body felt out of control as it grew longer and wider. I began to sweat, but the heat that radiated from my body forced it to evaporate the second it was released. The burning suddenly intensified as the pulling became more intense. My world was unending pain. I never could have imagined growth would feel like this. My body felt like it would burst into flames from the heat being radiated from it, and I could see the burn marks that occurred every time my growing body touched anything. The lengthening of my body began to slow down and eventually stop. I closed my eyes and tried to catch my breath. Minutes passed before the pulling sensations left my body and I felt more like myself again. Looking around, my head nearly touched the beach house ceiling, which meant I now stood under 9 feet tall. I glanced at myself in the reflection of the windows, and I was in awe of how big I had become. I was not only tall, I was also extremely wide, and I filled a large portion of the living room with my body. I was amazed by how incredible it felt being so tall… so wide! I cracked my neck as a new sensation ran through. I felt a new heat rise up and fill every muscle of my body. For a moment I thought I was going to pass out as I saw colors explode in front of my eyes. My legs felt strong… yet weak as I leaned my body against the wall, the paint beneath me turned black instantly. The new sensation in my muscles grew in intensity as different muscle groups began to flex involuntarily. I felt my stomach cramp, forcing me to double over and begin to pant like a wild animal. Falling to my knees, I felt my minute abs start to become thicker. Looking down, I watched as my abs began to rise like a brick wall on my lower torso and becoming more and more pronounced. Never in my life did I imagine that a six pack could look like a cobblestone mountain range… the crevices between each ab dropping deeper as each peak became more prominent as they expanded and pressed further against my skin. To accommodate such immense abdominal muscles, my waist grew larger as well yet remained tight. As they grew larger, my abs resembled large bricks that had been shoved under my skin and then shrink wrapped. Each ab was so monumental that they fought against each other for more room to grow. I raised my head and looked at the glass of the window. My abs appeared to be bursting from my stomach while my waist became much larger, yet without an ounce of fat. I punched my stomach, and the impact left my hand feeling like I had just hammered my fist against a wall of stone. As my waist thickened, I felt the fire fuel further growth in my hands. I just laughed as I raised my hands and watched my fingers growing longer and thicker. “Hands like fuckin baseball mitts… palms growing wider…. Fuck!! My arms… forearms and biceps… muscles growing thicker! I flexed my arms and watched my bi’s and tri’s engorged further. Each time I flexed, I felt the muscles in my arm swell larger and more pronounced. My guns were filling up with pure power. Flexing them again, I marveled that the peaks of my biceps had grown so high it was becoming difficult to bend my arms. Thick pipe sized veins began to wind themselves up and down my body, feeding each muscle to grow more immensely. My entire body quickly became extremely vascular, forcing more blood into various other parts, helping them to swell. My shoulders began to get rounder as my deltoids joined the rest of my body in spontaneous growth. Gaining more muscle mass, my pecs began to swell, growing rounder until my nipples were forced to point down toward my abs. My lats grew wider, creating an extremely wide V taper on my massive 8-foot frame, while my neck thickened to the size of one of my quads. Moaning as every muscle group continued growing out of control, continually flexing, bulging, swelling, and pulsating on their own. The last muscle group to begin growing was my legs. Making up for lost time, my quads, hamstrings, and calf muscles grew thicker and denser. I could feel the intense burning that had taken up residence in my legs, reminding me of what it must feel like to do thousands upon thousands of squats. I couldn’t stop myself from touching, stroking, and feeling every inch of myself. As I grew thicker, I began to do a most muscular pose. Suddenly, my penis begins to expel a continuous flood of cum onto the floor. Laughing, I continue to flex my body, growing larger by the minute. My shoulders grew wider and rounder… my quads thicker… my pecs more mountainous… my biceps freakishly large… until with a roar, I punched the wall of the living room, and with that one blow, every wall collapsed around me. Lightning began to whip around my naked body touching my skin with its energy. As it roared over me, a tight suit of white and red fabric began to coat my body up to my neck as well as covering my feet and hands. I reached down and felt the fabric over my pecs and knew I had never felt silkier or tougher fabric in my life. Despite now being covered, my musculature could not be hidden. I was immense. A long red cape grew out of the seam below my neck, trailing over my shoulders until it settled right before hitting the floor. A red logo of a C with sparks appeared on my chest as I knew the world would refer to me as Conductivity due to my ability to control all sources of power, whether electrical, wind, or nuclear. “I Am Power!!” My deep voice rattled and then shattered several windows in the house. I projected myself through the ceiling and into the night sky. As I flew faster, electrical energy trailed from my body. The most virile man in the world had now become the biggest and mightiest superhero imaginable. * My existence as Conductivity, the most powerful man in the world was pure bliss. I could do anything and be anywhere at any time. I discovered that my body was indestructible, so no matter what happened to me, there was no way for me to be hurt. I tested numerous ways to kill myself, but happily, none of them worked. As I stood on the Moon, standing where astronauts had stood so many years before me, I realized that the blue marble below me was mine for the taking. Observed on radar and by governments around the world, I tried to keep a low profile, but that’s hard for a 9-foot man in a white and red skintight suit with glowing eyes whose stats were: biceps: 27.9 inches, chest: 72.44 inches, waist: 55.75 inches, quads: 34.26 inches and weighed 779 lbs. My penis has grown along with this body as well making it 24 inches in length and 10.49 inches thick. I could will my uniform to appear and disappear, but nothing could hide what I had become. By 8 am the next morning, I was on every television, newspaper, and internet site. The world wanted to know where I came from and what I was. When questioned, I told them what I knew: I was power. What I didn’t tell them was what I knew was my greatest and scariest strength… If I wished, from my hands, I could now release a nuclear explosion that would destroy countries. This thought scared even me, and I hoped I would never have to display this ability. I didn’t prevent any crime that first day since I felt no real inkling to do so. If I had known of any major disasters, I would have tried to prevent them… but being a superhero was nothing like in the comics or movies. I felt no duty to do any good. I felt no moral obligation. I simply lived with the knowledge that I was more powerful, and therefore more superior than anyone on Earth. I landed at my parents place… which they would have to move out of since I pretty much destroyed it all… and I grabbed my cellphone. Holding it in my hand, I attempted to use it to get on Grindr or Scruff and meet up with someone to fuck, but my fingers were too large and too strong, and I destroyed the thing with one press. I looked at it, and in anger watched as the pieces melted into liquid fire in my hand. Throwing this onto the ground, I flew quickly to Starbucks to meet up with Peter, a guy who had worshipped me just two days prior. Landing in the parking lot, I attempted to enter the store, but found my body was now too tall and wide to go in. Now I was getting mad. I was horny, and I needed release. Using the solar beams I emitted from my eyes, I burnt a massive hole in a side of the building and walked in. The first thing I saw as I entered the store through the new opening were customers all cowering on the other side of the building, all afraid of what I was and what I could do. I walked over to Peter and watched his eyes glaze over as he came in contact once again with my pheromones, now even stronger than before. Without saying a word, I grabbed him and flew up and out of the building through the ceiling, unfortunately ruining the structure and causing it to collapse on everyone within. I looked back at what I had done, but seconds later I realized it didn’t matter. I was so above those people… so above humanity, that it didn’t faze me if some were lost. All I could think of was fucking Peter’s greedy hole. We landed far down south where it was warm. I told him to remove his clothes and I willed my suit to evaporate. I stood before him, my now bare feet melting the sand beneath them, nearly double his size and nearly a thousand pounds heavier. My cock was ready and leaking, but as I moved in closer, I began to realize that as soon as my flesh touched him without the barrier of my suit, he would begin to burn. I tried out my hypothesis by having him stroke and lick my cock, but as soon as he did, he pulled his hands back as if he had just touched a hot stove. Never again would I be able to touch another human man. As soon as I did, they would burst into flames. I angrily cursed The Man who had filled my hidden desire, and knew that one day I would make him pay for who he had done. He had given me an unquenchable sex drive without any way of satisfying it. Using my own hand, I brought myself to orgasm, my cum shooting out of me like lava, knocking down and igniting the trees and grass that it coated. I then took off, leaving Peter in the middle of nowhere. I heard him screaming as he called after me, the entire area on fire, everything quickly burning due to my lava temperature ejaculate. Lucky for you I couldn’t fuck you, Peter, you most definitely would have burned from the inside out! I was power… the most powerful man in the universe, and this power now made it impossible for me to fuck another guy without him dying. At this thought, I got angrier and angrier, and without realizing it, I flew right through a skyscraper. I looked back, and unable to control my own anger and emotions, several fireballs were released from my eyes. The feeling as they launched from my eyes was orgasmic… a full cranial orgasm unlike anything I had felt before. It was a true high. I hurled several more and groaned as my cock hardened. For this… I wouldn’t need anyone else. For this… the pleasure was all mine. I focused once again, releasing wave after waves of fireballs that enveloped the entire building. I could hear the screaming coming from the building as well as below. I willed my suit to disappear, and proceeded to jerk myself off, finally erupting a torrent of lava from my cock that took out streets below. I turned around when I was finished and flew off. That was when I realized… I wasn’t a superhero. I was never meant to be a superhero. Deep down… I was a super villain. When you are so superior to a race… why save them when they mean so little to you. My suit reappeared, covering my body, but this time it was midnight black with a deep red logo, almost the color of blood. My deep red cape fanned out behind me as I flew away, confident in what I had become. I returned for a moment to the shell of a home that once belonged to those humans who originally gave birth to me. Zipping through the rubble, I found the box that I was looking for. Grabbing it, I shot up and into the sky, knowing I’d never return. Landing hundreds of miles away on a deserted island, I threw the box down onto the sand. Taking very little effort to concentrate now, I focused on the box. A laser beam of hot energy shot from my eyes and began to ignite the top of the box. Noticing that the intense heat was doing nothing, I turned up the concentrated energy over and over again until even I was sweating, the sand below where it sat melting and turning to glass. Turning it up once again, the box was inundated with pulses of nearly the strongest energy I could create without destroying everything on Earth. I watched as the Box began to blacken, then smoke, and then begin to burn. I grinned as more of the wooden surface began to catch fire. Eventually, as a deep hole began to burrow into the side, magenta smoke began to billow out and into the sky, taking on the form of The Man I had first seen only days prior, though it felt like years. Again, he didn’t speak with his mouth, but through the use of his mind. “You have pierced a hole between your dimension and mine calling me back. I have granted you two of your three desires… the third to be released upon you in a few hours… what meaning do you see behind this?” “Your wish granting ability sucks, and I don’t like the idea of you granting my desires without my input. I demand a redo with me being consulted. If you don’t, I will do everything in my power to destroy the box.” “Destruction of the box would destroy my dimension killing millions.” “Ah well. Give me what I want. It’s your choice.” A long moment passed before he spoke. “What desire do you wish for me to fulfill?” “What you’ve done to me…what you’ve released in me… you’ve driven me crazy with power. I can’t get enough of it. I want more… I want it all. I want what I am now to be a mere insignificance to what I’ll become. I want ALL power. I want to be Power Supreme… but not tied to anything or trapped… I want every piece of power flowing through me and I am its conduit.” “That desire can not be fulfilled due to what danger it would pose to all existence.” “Then the box will be destroyed.” I focused my eyes and the box and began to ignite it again. “No!!! The box must never be destroyed. It is but one pathway into my dimension… and there are millions into various other dimensions. “They give me what I want. I don’t give a fuck about the rest of existence.” I stood looking at him. I was so much larger than his pathetic frame… more masculine… more powerful. He was envious of what I had become and he was jealous. That was why he wouldn’t give me what I wanted. “The box can not be destroyed.” “I promise… if you give me what I want… the box will survive.” “Although my kind will never again return to this dimension because of what you will become… the box must stay whole.” “You have my word. Now do it.” “Name your desire. Give it life.” “I want to be a conduit of all power from every universe. I want it to flow into me until I am only power!” “As you desire.” As soon as The Man spoke, I heard the bells peel, but this time they were extremely loud… louder than they had ever been. The peel shook me to my very core and caused a vibration to be set off through my entire body. Where before it was only one or two chimes, this time they seemed to be never ending, rising in pitch and intensity. I could feel the sand vibrating beneath my feet as a hot wind circled my body. I could see The Man watching me as the wind grew stronger, my dark hair whipping around my head. “More! Give me more! Give me everything at your disposal!! I want everything!!!” The Man lifted his hands and a current of dark energy transferred from his hands to mine. “More!! I know you have more!! I want it all!!” The current bent and split, the dark energy entering my hands and heart. “MORE!!! GIVE ME EVERY PIECE OF POWER IMAGINABLE!!!!” The ground shook as the current arched and split again, this time entering my hands, heart, and head. Every fragment of my body burned as the power of billions of universes was being forced into me. I started to laugh hysterically, and as I did, I heard my voice drop lower and lower and lower. This made me laugh even more, but now the sound was simply an almighty bellow that echoed all around me. “YES!!!!!” When I spoke, my voice caused the very ground I stood on to shake. “GIVE ME EVEN MORE POWER THAN I CAN HANDLE!!!” I felt The Man’s output of energy intensify even further as I demanded it. My body trembled as I ingested more and more. Looking at him, I could see that he now looked older… weaker…. He was feeding me every ounce of the Universes power including his own. I began to move toward him, the current moving quicker from him into me. Reaching out my arms, I wrapped my hands around his waist and lifted him into the air. This contact caused him to shake as well, as the power I was being fed grew more intense. “GIVE ME ALL OF IT!! EVERYTHING!! I DEMAND IT!!! GIVE ME THE POWER OF EVERY UNIVERSE IN EXISTENCE!!!” “You will drown! You will burn up! No one can handle that much!” “TRY ME!!! YOU ASKED ME TO MAKE MY DESIRE. I WANT THE POWER OF EVERY UNIVERSE IN EXISTANCE TO FILL ME. I DON’T SIMPLY WANT EVERY UNIVERSES POWER… I WANT TO BE EVERY UNIVERSE!!!! GIVE ME MY DESIRE!! NOW!!!! “To have the power of every universe within you and to be every universe!! As… you… desire!!!” Doubting his words, I pulled him toward me and wrapped my hands around him. All the Earth shook as I forced every ounce of unlimited power into my own body. I pressed him further into me and began to feel his body begin to be ingested by my own. I heard him scream as a deluge of energy burst into my body. He fought well, but eventually my demand was too much, and my body consumed him, his matter joining with mine. The ground all over the world still trembled as I released a roar that could be heard on many different continents. Trails of energy shot out of my mouth and into the cosmos. I tried to walk, but found it impossible to move my own body. It felt so heavy and anchored to the ground. I grit my teeth and attempted to lift my own leg, but I seemed rooted to the ground by a force that was refusing to let me go. What have you done to me??? From within, I began to feel an odd sensation… almost like indigestion after eating an extremely spicy meal. My stomach felt queasy at the same time as feeling like I had butterflies. Every few minutes, I could feel a force moving within my body, like it was waking up after a long sleep. My stomach lurched suddenly, and with a belch, I released a small amount of power back into the universe. It floated around my head like a group of mosquitoes, darted right and then left, then quickly hurled itself at me and returned inside by route of my nose. Again, I felt something surge within me, but this time moving downward rather than up. In my feet, I began to have this intense feeling of tightness that lasted for a minute or so, and then faded away. I tried to lift my feet, but as before I found it impossible, as it felt as if more mass than before had been forced into them. Suddenly, and without any warning, I felt movement again, the sudden grip of tightness, a loud pop, and then this intense feeling of expansion that lasted for longer than a minute. In awe, I watched my bare feet begin to lengthen and slide across the sand, quickly growing from size 10’s to size 15’s. The sensation rested for a minute or so, but came back quickly with more force than before. Soon my feet grew both longer and thicker, taking up much more space. When the sensation faded, I tried to understand what was happening to me. What had I asked for? It all seemed like a blur. I raced through my thoughts. I had asked for all of the power in every universe, and The Man had filled me with it. I knew I was now more God than man, and I could feel that as each minute passed, I was changing more and more… And now…. Fuck!!!! My feet cracked loudly again as they grew. My ankles looked comically tiny compared to my augmenting feet, and trying to judge simply by looking at them, I concluded they were now much longer than my own legs! Quickly they grew past the length of my legs, and soon gained on the rest of my body. There was no way possible I could ever lift them anymore. They were simply too ginormous. Another pause, and I could continue my train of thought. All the power of every universe was now contained within my indestructible frame. Nothing could pierce it… nothing could puncture it… nothing was getting in… or out… When the expansion began again, I was ready for it. The pain was more manageable now. It still would drive any mortal man insane..., but I was no longer any mere mortal man. My feet were preposterously large now… each toe longer than my own head… the width of each foot were now twice as much as my own torso. It was then… as if the power had gotten bored with just expanding my feet, that it began on my ankles and calves. Each ballooned and grew slightly larger before coming to rest as before. A pause… though each pause was now becoming fewer and farther between. All the power of every universe held within an indestructible form…. and as they were a part of universes before… they were forever spreading… extending… growing larger and taking up more space. I was now these fathomless powers universe… and as it expanded… I did too! That was when I realized what The Man had done. He had asked me to name my desire, and in my haste, I had done just that. I had wished for all the power of every universe to enter me… and for me to be every universe!! No wonder I could feel my humanity fading away. I was no longer a man… I was now becoming every universe!!! The pause lasted for much less time than before. A wave of dizziness hit me as my calves and ankles began to swell wider. There were five successive cracking sounds which forced my lower legs to stretch taller. In moments I had gone from 9 foot to nearly 9’4. As my calf muscles caught up to my monstrous feet, my quads joined in. Even though I worked out, I had difficulty gaining size in my quads, but now, all that was forgotten. My quads began to swell larger, and then simply exploded with impossible size. As my legs took up more room, they began to closely resemble redwood trees. While my leg muscles expanded, they also kept lengthening until I stood over 12 ft tall. Suddenly, both of my legs began to tremble and quake. My feet quickly grew longer and thicker as they too grew even more muscular. Moving up from my swelling feet, my calf muscles began to take on mammoth proportions. They swelled up so thick that the diamond shape of the two heads began to expand outward on all sides and take up more room over my ankle until it appeared to me that my foot now grew right out of my calves! While my calf muscles mutated and stretched upward toward my kneecaps, a new titanic rumbling sound gave way to further growth of my elephantine quads. As my leg muscles erupted, I let out a deep moan that seemed to cause these very muscles to quadruple in sizes. The lateral and medial muscles of my quads immediately became so swollen that I had to bow my legs out to widen my stance. Each time I did and was able to create a little more room so that my quads wouldn’t rub together, they would quickly take up all available space. In no time at all the rectus emerged as two massive teardrops that dipped over my kneecaps and required me to take a bow-legged and crouched position for comfort. My legs and feet had taken on a most formidable size. I was determined to lift my feet so I could spread my legs and make more room. When I attempted it and was able to do exactly how I wished, I was surprised by how easy it was. As my foot came back down onto the beach, it caused the entire island to shake and for the ocean waves to swell higher. The expansion slowed and paused. I looked out at the beach from a new vantage point as I must have now stood over 13 feet tall. Several trees that stood near me were no longer as high as they once were, and I knew that soon I would rival their height. Then I knew I would grow larger and leave them behind. I had wished for all of the powers of every universe, and that was slowly what I was being transformed into. I was the birth of a new universe. He thought he had tricked me, but he didn’t know that I loved this idea because soon I would be everything. I would be so wide… so immense that I would go on forever. From within me… planets would form… stars… solar systems… black holes. I could feel each growing slowly within me… waiting for me to be large enough to give birth. I felt my backbone crack as I stretched larger, the expansion having now reached my torso. I looked down and took in a world moving further and further away from me. While my torso grew longer, my abdominals proceeded to thicken. Moving my hands to my abs, I couldn’t believe the six-pack mountain range that had taken over my lower torso. Each second my waist and Abs grew larger and tighter, each ab thickening to the point of bursting. As they grew… as the strength in my lower body increased… I couldn’t help begging for more. Minutes flew by as I stretched taller and as each abdominal muscle grew denser and started to fight for more space on my body. The crevices between each segment grew deeper, and soon I found I could hide my whole hand between my own abs!!f. My Adonis belt, something I never had but lusted after in other guys, became even more enhanced as my waist fought to stay tight yet gain more size at the same time. I could easily move my lower half now and found myself moving around my shrinking world. When the pause finally came, I guessed that I now stood at least 15 feet tall. I was more than twice my original height and knew that soon I would surpass that. I tried to comprehend what it meant to be a growing universe as I began to shoot taller again. This time the pause had ended quicker than before so that I could barely cause it a pause. It was become a mere resting period. Soon even that would go by faster and faster as I expanded larger than this globe, than this solar system. As I grew… I would destroy what lay behind me and bring on fresh worlds for a new future. As my torso stretched, I cried out in orgasmic lust as my neck swelled thicker into a Grecian column of muscle. My collarbone and scapula made gruesome cracking noises as they fractured and expanded… growing wider, my arms moving further away from his body. I could feel the inner rhythm of my body pulsing larger and tensing up. Moaning loudly, I felt every molecule in my body cramp and swell, propelling my body to a larger size. Waiting for a pause that never came, I began to hear loud cracking and grinding, and then felt my arms begin to lengthen and my biceps and triceps becoming even more engorged than they had been minutes prior. Lifting my hand up to my face, I watched in awe and self-lust as my hands proceeded to grow thicker and longer. The agony I felt from my growing hands only intensified as my arms proceeded to grow as well. As I lifted my elongating limbs, I was in shock to see how quickly they had grown in such a brief period. They were now currently as long as my own legs and proceeding to grow even longer. I looked closely at my hands from every angle. They had to be nearly four feet long and just as thick. When the brief rest period arrived, I could take in now how truly massive I was becoming. New areas were expanding so fast to catch up with areas that continued to grow. At this moment in time, I had to be at least 18 feet tall and thousands upon thousands of pounds of muscle. When I walked now, no place was safe. It was difficult seeing what was below me, so I stopped caring. Reaching out my insanely muscular right arm, I gripped my hand around a large palm tree trunk, and as if it was made out of Styrofoam, I tore it out of the ground and raised it over my head. I held a 25-foot palm tree in my hand as if it were nothing! Bringing it down, I positioned it like a baseball bat and began to take down all of the trees that were around me. When that was complete, I leaped up and down one time, and watched as trees further inland fell. Marveling at the sheer beauty of how monumental my body was becoming, I gasped as it began to quake and throb again. Filled with more unexpected agony, I first felt and then heard every one of the bones in my body cracking, repairing themselves, and breaking again, only to grow more immense. I could sense that my bones were not only growing longer… they were also becoming something that would be able to hold a universe that would continue to stretch and grow for all time. A material that would be unbreakable and indestructible. I could only laugh at the pain as I welcomed what was to be my future. My mind whirled as I began to truly comprehend what it was that I was metamorphosing into. I was to be God and my body the entire universe. Was this how it was at the very beginning. Did someone else once crave to have all power, and he too began to grow? Looking down, I began to see something that scared and yet thrilled me. Around my titanic legs and waist… I began to see pin pricks of dust and matter beginning to form and revolve around me. The start of new planets and solar systems was already beginning to form around me. I moved my finger down to one and watched it begin to circle that mighty digit. I blew on it, and more matter escaped my mouth and began to swirl around my thick chest. I inhaled deeply, and blew out more and more matter and watched as it began to swirl around my head, my chest, my waist, and my arms. As I lost every ounce of humanity, I clung to the concept of bringing to life worlds that would exist within me. My entire body continued to pulsate in time with my heart. Every muscle in my body was becoming engorged with blood. The noise my body made was deafening as my skin stretched, my bones snapped and lengthened, and my muscles grew more mountainous. As my pecs began to thicken and swell, I could feel a them shift from athletic to highly developed, to pectorals of titanic proportions. Larger and more defined, the two hairy mountains grew so large they began fighting for room on my chest I rose up higher than any tree on the island. I must have stood 25 feet tall… then 30 feet… then 35. As my entire body grew at the same time, the expansion of my body seemed never ending. I moaned loudly as my traps increased in height and depth on either side of my neck. Quickly I found it difficult to move my head from side to side. My neck had become so dense, and muscle bound that there was no way it could ever resemble any neck found in humanity. My traps rose still higher and fused with my neck right above my ears. At the same time, my lats proceeded to widen more and more. My back muscles swelled larger, augmenting themselves until they rose higher up creating what might resemble a muscular turtle shell. My lats widened even further, pushing my arms further away from my body. Below me I could feel the ground starting to quake and give way under my immense weight. Parts of the beach were already beginning to cave in due to the strain of such a powerful force as I was expanded further upward and outward, now more than 50 feet tall. As every bone in my body stretched longer and thicker, shooting me quickly passed 50 ft tall, my shoulders began to extend further from my body. From newly widened shoulders, my traps grew further to create a muscular mountain peak unimaginable until my expansion and ascension. Every second the power within me extended out further, an unstoppable force of destruction and rebirth. My shoulders and my dents grew wider and rounder. My whole body was growing much heavier. My upper back grew even thicker as my traps stretched further up to merge with the back of my head. Never had there been someone of my size and power, and I just kept getting bigger. An inhuman roar erupted out of my body, fire and matter shooting out and igniting the sky before beginning to whirl around my body. My abdominal muscles had begun to cramp and spasm again as the power within me mutated me further. As they expanded even further, they became immense bricks of solid power. I roared again as the power expanded downward and into my cocky and balls. My testicles proceeded to swell and become more monstrous each second, that they lacked description. Both were now simply immense. For miles the churning of my balks could be heard as hundreds of gallons of pure unbridled power built up inside each one. Feeling the heat rising from my power generating testicles, my cock began to harden and then start to grow. As my heart beat, more power was forced into my hardened cock. Thick veins erupted over the surface of my cock, though blood no longer flowed through my veins; only power. My cock grew so hard… harder than it had ever been before… harder and thicker… so much thicker…. Reaching out with my hands, I grabbed onto the monolith that rose from my body, only to discover my hand couldn’t close around it anymore. Each time it swelled longer and thicker, I thought I was going to cum, but I never did. It just kept growing thicker… and thicker… longer… and longer…. until the immense head came into view over my pecs. The puss slit was now so wide… so cavernous. My cock and balls had been reformed into pure generators of power. I now welcomed every change and every sensation my body was giving off. Like the power that lay within every square inch of me, all I craved to do was expand further and fill every possible space. The deserted island I had landed on only an hour before had once seemed so large, yet as I grew, I began to overtake it. As I was propelled past 100 feet… 300 feet.., 500 feet… 1000 feet… 3000 feet…, the island began to crumble and be reclaimed by the ocean. Thick monumental veins erupted over the surface of my body to further feed my form more and more power. My body… was it any longer a body? My body was now so engorged with muscle… so bloated… so tremendous… so beautiful and yet at the same time so grotesque. I was mutating faster now to become exactly what I had desired…. The universe. The expansion was no longer pausing or stopping. The force had gained enough strength and momentum to keep it going forever. My body was now unstoppable. As I grew past 10,000 feet, I could see the pieces of matter that had begun to rotate around me had already started to grow larger and gain more mass. Soon there were more of them as my cock began to leak, giving birth to further galaxies, nebulae, and other planetary expanses. As I expanded past 30,000 feet, I could feel the weather patterns around me begin to change. I was now so heavy from my own muscle mass as well as the expanding power within, that my form was beginning to have its own gravitational pull. I laughed as winds whipped round my body, while debris moved closer together to form planetary orbs. The ground below me shook as sections of the Earth’s crust began to crack. I cared very little that this universe would have to be destroyed so that mine would live. Below me, waves rose due to my intense gravitational pull. Tides rose higher and higher until most islands were totally submerged in water while the coastlines over every continent flooded for hundreds of miles. Both New York and London were completely flooded killing millions. Suddenly, waves of energy reverberated through the planet due to the increasing strength of my own gravitational pull. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions were triggered on every part of the globe. The push and pull from the Earth’s gravity and mine caused land masses to buckle and implode upon themselves. As I expanded even more, my gravitational pull grew stronger, causing the rotation of the Earth to slow down. All buildings that had withstood prior destruction fell. Earthquakes grew more extreme below as I felt the first portion of the Earth crack. Minutes later, a great explosion rocked the planet, and then I watched as the blue globe split into five pieces. Floating over the destruction, growing, and spreading faster than ever before, I welcomed the scattering matter into myself. I could feel orgasmic explosions ticking my massive body as suns were formed. I watched as the Moon began to crack just as the Earth had done before it. Soon every planet would fall to my strength and might, then recycled to become a part of me. The only thing that spun through my being that I did not create was a small wooden box that floated through the expanse of my space. Still, I continued to expand. I felt myself become one with every piece of matter that surrounded and lived within me. I found myself wishing life to occur on various planets, and as I commanded it, it occurred. My body expanded through space and time as I became even more than I had ever been. My desire had been granted. I was now Everything. I had control over Everything. Until another rose like I had… I would reign supreme. The universe grinned as it expanded into eternity.
  12. tereshky

    Web Cam Abuse

    Two enterprising college kids think they can pay their way through school by showing off their ripped bods as part of a web cam business. When a company comes along offering them a ton of money for an hour's work, they learn that when an opportunity sounds too good to be true, you should always read the fine print. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The mattress springs were singing out their usual Thursday night chorus in Howie's apartment. That was the evening he and his friend Chase had free to get together and they rarely missed and opportunity to jump on each other. Chase gripped the bed posts as Howie pounded away in his tight hole. The two college students had found each other in the same modeling agency. That's how these two ripped guys were paying their way through school, at least that's how they had intended to pay the bills. College expenses were growing much more than they could bring in and it was becoming a real problem trying to stay out of debt. Yet for right now, neither of them were thinking about that as Howie's cock pounded away into his friend's tight hole. “UHUHUH..MMMmm” Chase moaned, while Howie continued pounding his rock hard cock into the bottom boy's prostate. Chase gripped the sheets with his hands as his toes curled. “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” Legs in the air, he bit his lower lip and thrust his ass forward in rhythm with his buddy's thrusts. It was hard to tell which boy was enjoying the sex more. Howie had ahold of Chase’s slender waist and pounded him back and forth, almost like a life sized flesh jack. Howie's eyes rolled back into his head as he reached his climax, unable to hold it in any longer. "Fuck I'm going to cum..." he groaned. He gave Chase one last hard thrust and grabbed him as hard as he could as he loaded his friend up with his cum. Chase followed suit and blasts Howie's ripped pecs with his jizz. They took a moment to breathe and let their heart beats slow down before Howie collapsed on top his naked friend. "Fuck that was hot…" Chase smiled in orgasmic bliss. He could feel his sexy friends hot spunk coating his insides. “Hehe.” He giggled, showing a crooked smile. “Every time!” Chase said, before kissing Howie on the cheek. “Now, slide off me so I can get cleaned up. We need to do that cam show or else we won’t have money for classes next semester. Do you still have that website address?” Since the two of them were on pretty intimate terms with each other already they had devised a scheme to go make money doing cam shows online. So far they had only made $1000 altogether and they each needed $5000 to keep from having to take out loans. But Howie had different plans. "Actually I was thinking we could do something a little different." Howie reached into his backpack and pulled out an ad he'd printed out from the net. "This company called Stretch Studios lets guys do cam shows in their studio and they can make five times as much as we make doing it here." He smiled. "Think about it, we could really make this work!" “Oh really??” Chase said, while perking up. He pushed himself up on his elbows, causing Howie to awkwardly slide against his chiseled torso due to the amount of jizz that was coating them both. “Like, what would we have to do then, big guy? I think we’ve already done everything BUT fuck on cam.” "I mean, I can't say that they wouldn't ask us to fuck each other but hey, this pays even more than the modeling. Nobody has to know. Camming isn't like porn. Only paid subscribers get to see it. And based on what they'd be paying us, I'll bet the fees are pretty high. I'll bet you no one even finds out we're doing it." Chase rolled his green eyes from side to side as he pretended to toss the idea around. Of course he was going to comply with his sexy partner, he just liked being extra like that. “Maaaybe.. But I should get to top you if it comes to that.” he joked, knowing damn well that Howie would never let anyone top him. “I mean, just in case my parents end up seeing it. I think they would take it better than seeing their son biting the sheets and taking a cock... even one as big as yours.” He grinned, scrunching up his face. "Top me huh? Someone's feeling fiesty." Howie said, pushing Chase on his back again. "If your parents are subscribed to this channel then I think they get what they get." He grinned. "I highly doubt they'll be clients." He was getting horny again. "So do you agree?" “Hey, it’s the internet.. you never know who will see it.” Chase grinned. “But yeah, I’ll do it.” He could feel Howie’s cock getting hard again, it was plumping up while pinned between his cheeks. That in turn was also making Chase start to get hard again. "Well... since we've no further business to discuss..." Howie licked his friend’s back and the mattress began to sing once more. In the next days the two of them sent in an inquiry to the company about whether they'd like to book a partnered performance and sent in their pictures. They got a reply within an hour and it blew them away. $3000 for each of them. That would put them more than half way toward their goal. The two made an appointment at studio for 10 AM on Saturday. It was for an hour session. Stretch Studios was about a 20 mile drive from campus. The morning they were scheduled to perform was cloudy as they walked up to the building. It was very large, almost like a hospital or something. They could hear the humming of strange equipment. "Wow this is more industrial than any camming studio I ever imagined." In truth, Howie hadn't imagined one at all. Chase looked around the spacious lobby. He could hear their footsteps echoing as the walked towards the front desk to check in. “You sure we aren’t about to have our organs harvested??” He looked over at Howie nervously. It was clearly a joke, but at the same time... The ceilings had to be over twenty feet tall. He wondered how big the room they would be camming in would end up being, if this was just the lobby. "I guess the camming business is more profitable than I thought." Howie said going up to the receptionist. Without introducing themselves he looked up and smiled. "Hey boys, lets see... Howie and... Chase right?" The two nodded. "My name’s Tim. We have a policy that if we can't recognize you by the pics you send then you can't do the job... unless of course you're hotter than your pics then we make an exception." He winked and pulled out two stacks of papers. "These are the liability waivers and the contracts. The amount each of you'll be paid for one session is highlighted here." They grinned, it was in fact $3000, signing something made it seem more official. The two were shown into their room which was surrounded by two way mirrors but inside was a bed, some chairs, workout equipment, and sex toys. "Whatever you decide to do, you should have enough toys to do whatever you want." He added, "Don't worry about where you are in the room. Unless you're under the bed there are cameras that will see you and focus in on what the operators think is important. The screens you see on the wall will give you feedback from your viewers.” “So we can do whatever we want?” Howie asked. “Well… yes of course you can it’s what your contract said.” Tim said, knowing full well that neither of them had read it. No one ever did. “But… since you guys didn’t get those good looks by reading let me break it down. It’s $3000 base pay for an hour plus $1 for every upvote you get, kind of like a dancer, you make money from tips. Only unlike social media, our clients have to buy the likes, and they can buy as many as they want. Our clients are a little spoiled, they type what they want to see and it appears on the screen if enough of them want the same thing. They usually don’t upvote unless they see what they like.” “Well…” Howie said, “Hopefully they don’t want us to blow our load too early.” “Well that can happen… and if too many of them get bored and log off, you don’t get paid for the entire hour.” Tim saw the look of despair on their faces. “Not to worry boys, as per your contract, we’ve got a special trick to keep you going strong the entire time. It’s up to you if you want to use it or not. Though it will pretty much hand over control of the show to the clients.” “I’m in...” said Chase. He didn’t want to blow this opportunity. He really needed that money. Howie nodded as well and Tim pulled out two little boxes that looked like they might contain jewelry. “Oh don’t worry, I’m already married.” Tim laughed, heading off a tedious joke he’d heard a million times. He handed them the boxes and in each one there was a small device the size of a small wine cork. They didn’t have to ask what they were supposed to do with it, but Tim figuring they were dumb as logs demonstrated it anyway with hand movements. “Have fun boys!” He waved walking out, closing a door that basically faded away to look just like the rest of the wall. “Huh.. No door knob on the inside. I guess we are here until the end of the session.” Chase smiled, looking over to Howie. “Should we get undressed or make them pay to get us that way? I’m not sure what their usual clientele are used to, maybe we should have checked out some feeds before we came today.” Chase looked around the room, it seemed like this company had thought of almost every possible thing a cammer would need to really give a good performance. "Well... I tried to look it up but the pay wall's insane. It's $10,000 a month or $2,000 for a session. I didn't feel like investing that much in our research. We'll just do it like we do in the dorm." Howie said, taking off his shirt. Suddenly there was a voice over the speakers. "Feed will be cut on in 5 minutes, please leave all of your clothes on until the clients pay to have them disposed of. Please insert the devices now." "That's an odd way to put it..." Howie muttered, pulling the t-shirt back on. "I guess we can make out and tease it." They each dropped their pants and helped each other shove the devices up each other’s holes. “I think I’ve heard of these things, they vibrate when someone donates. I hope we don’t have to fuck though,” he said feeling his awkwardly in his ass. “Seems like they would get in the...GNNNN.” Suddenly they both bent over double as the little machines began to vibrate and inch their way up inside of them somehow. The sensations were so powerful it brought them to their knees. “Fuck this thing went up past my prostate!” Chase shouted. Suddenly the screens turned on with a reminder to pull up their pants. A humming sound was activated somewhere in the building like a large machine had just been switched on. The countdown started as they made their way to the bed. 5...4...3...2...1… The two starting to stroke one another beneath their shirts and slid their hands in and out of their pants. "You're so fucking hot." Howie moaned. He knew the cam subscribers liked to hear sexy talk. Suddenly bells started to go off and they saw words flash on the screen. “KISS!” The devices in their asses began to vibrate and they felt an electric tingle going through their body. If they hadn’t been compelled to make out before, they REALLY wanted to now. “Can’t go wrong there!” Chase grabbed Howie by the shirt collar. “Pucker up, dude!” Chase said, then pressing his lips onto the jock. Instantly he could feel Howie’s tongue sliding past his own lips, which he was happy to reciprocate in return. The two hot boys started to get turned on as they continued playing tonsil hockey with each other. Chase’s underwear was getting snug as his dick got hard. It was much harder to not start ripping the clothes off Howie than he anticipated, he keep reminding himself that he was on a job. Then bells started going off again and a new word flashed on the screen. “PECS.” “Pecs?” Chase wondered, what did that mean. He didn’t have long to wait to find out. Their anal instruments vibrated again and their pecs began to feel the electric surge and suddenly their chests began to feel tighter, like the skin was stretching. Their pecs felt heavier. For some reason it took all of their will power to pull away from each other to check themselves out. “Holy shit what’s going on?” Chase shouted. “Fuck if I know!” Howie said grabbing his swolen pecs which pushed out his t-shirt more than he was used to. Then suddenly bells started going off in the room again and the screen flashed. “KISS! KISS! KISS!” With a quick series of vibrations from inside they felt their willpower to do anything but climb on top of each other and make out go away. The screen flashed “PECS ARMS SHOULDERS” and their cut torso’s began to swell with greater and greater definition. Their asses zinged with vibrations from the devices. Their meaty pecs continued to inflate, pressing against their skin tight t-shirts as the names of upper body muscles were popping up all over the screens. As much as they wanted to know what was happening, the occasional “KISS” command made them compelled to keep fencing with their tongues. Their t-shirts strained at the collar from bulging traps, delts, and pecs all pushing in opposite directions. Their sleeves were being strained to the extreme from their bulging biceps. It was just a matter of time until…. “RIIIIP” Their shirts fell apart from their gigantic upper bodies revealing bright red skin, a mixture of embarrassment and sexual flush. Yet they could not stop. As every single muscle in the torso was visibly undulating with their movements in a hypnotizing way. The bells rang on as the words on the screen were flashing “ASS ASS THIGH CALVE FEET ASS” The electrical sensations spread to their lower bodies as their cute bubble butts began to swell along with the rest of their lower halves. Their legs were quickly catching up to their chest and arms. Their asses were ripping the seams of their jeans, their feet were stretching their socks. Then suddenly the screen went wild with “COCK COCK COCK BALLS COCK COCK BALLS” and their junk started to swell and ache within the tight compartment they were confined in. Every time they pulled away from each other to re-adjust or see what was happening to them, the screen would flash “KISS” and they were compelled to press their muscular pecs together and lock lips. Howie felt his cock fighting to push out of the waistline of his pants but his swelling ass had made the gap impassible. Just when they felt like their balls were going to be crushed, their jeans gave way. Revealing absurdly stretched briefs. Their cocks quickly pushed up from the elastic. Soon it was apparent that the ball people had outbid the cock growth fans and the screen was just flashing “BALLS BALLS BALLS BALLS BALLS”. Chase felt his sack stretch as his meaty tennis balls popped out from either leg hole in his briefs. Howie’s had both popped out of the left side. Cum gushed from their emergent, veiny cocks as they rubbed into each other. With their balls swelling to the size of melons, drying up was not going to be a problem. A rich client from Texas had had enough. He paid four thousand dollars to control the board for thirty seconds. He was tired of those clingy briefs. The screen in the studio just read, “ASS QUADS ASS QUADS ASS QUADS KISS KISS” As they were glued together in a passionate embrace, they felt their bulbous glutes and quads vibrate so large that one by one the elastic on their desperate briefs snapped. Howie managed to find the mental strength to reach down and pull away the shattered remnants of his undies. Chase ground his groin into his massive friend until the last shreds of his briefs sluffed off like a cum soaked rag. They were gigantic, 350 lbs of muscle sandwiching two 14’’ cocks creaming up two perfectly sculpted chests. Suddenly the word, “NIPPLE” appeared. Followed by “NIPPLE PLAY”. Howie blew a jet of cum from the sensation of his nipples doubling, then tripling in size. He felt his hands reaching up to explore Chase’s which were growing as well. Returning the favor, his partner’s hand touched his own, and the sensation was so intense he shot so hard it splashed their chins. Their nipples were more sensitive than they’d ever been and with tongues down each other’s throat they both groaned in bliss. “HOWIE SUCK CHASE’S NIPPLE” Clearly someone with a new fetish had taken the reigns. As Howie lowered his face to those meaty pecs and licked and worshiped Chase’s right nipple. Chase moaned in bliss as he continued to tweak his friend. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twenty miles away, back on campus a group of rich Frat boys at Alpha Sigma Sigma were bored and wondering how to kill some time. “You know what would be fun bro, there’s this crazy website where you can pay to do weird shit to some cam boys. Like anything you want to them. Wouldn’t it be dank to get on there and totally screw with the fags? No homo.” “I dunno bro, sounds pretty gay…” “Come on brah, it’ll be fun.” After some token resistance so that they could all talk about how straight they were, they all agreed and logged in. To their shock they found that they recognized the cam stars. Not from the camera feed, their bodies were too changed for that, but from the pictures on the side that showed what they originally looked like. “What the fuck dude it’s Howie and Chase… weren’t those the guys who came and got those ho’s who we were trying to get wasted the other day?” “Yeah… dude…”, said Trey. He had an unlimited credit card to use on ‘books’ and ‘meals’ that got autopayed by their parents. “Lets have some fun my bros.” ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back in the studio Chase was sucking Howie’s cock while tweaking his nipples, making the massive cam star go nuts. “Fuck Chase, what’s...gnnnnn… fuck…. happening… to us…” He was covering Chase’s face with spunk, as his massive cock gushed like a hose. Their spines had stretched as they had grown six inches taller since the beginning of the session. Suddenly the screen flashed with a new command. “EAT ASS” Howie felt the vibration compelling him to shove is face in between Chase’s giant ass cheeks. Chase groaned as he felt the tongue on his ass. When the bells started to ring, “ASS ASS ASS”. Howie could feel those monster glutes swelling around his face, unable to pull away as the giant ass grew out of proportion. Chase could hardly control himself as he reflexively squeezed his friend’s head. Someone was using the option to control them separately. “69 69 69 69 69 69” The screen flashed again and again. They mounted each other with their faces at pec level, since that’s where both of their massive cock heads were, unable to stop each other from blasting each other in the face with massive amounts of jizz. The volume of cum was so much that they could barely get their lips around each other’s slits as they tried to drink the flood of jizz. “CHASE FUCK HOWIE” Their asses vibrated with the new command. Howie couldn’t help himself as he thrust his ass in the air as Chase’s giant cock head pressed against that hole that had never taken a cock before. “God… please be gentle…” Howie muttered as the thick monster pushed its way inside of him. “UGNNNNNN” Howie groaned as his ass was stretched beyond anything he’d ever imagined. “HARDER HARDER HARDER” The screen flashed. Chase couldn’t help himself as he railed Howie against the bed. “FUCK FUCK FUCK” he grunted, spraying his friend’s insides with his jizz. Howie bit the pillow, unable to do anything but take it. “BELLY” Chase saw the command flash on the screen, wondering what it could mean. Howie’s gut distended a little as Chase went to down on his ass like he was churning butter. “BELLY BELLY BELLY” Those perfect abs faded as Howie’s gut began to swell out of control. “Fuck… gnnnn… what’s… fuck… happening…” He wrapped his muscular arms around that inflating belly balloon as the screen just kept flashing “BELLY” Soon his gut was so enormous that it was lifting him up off the bed and he couldn’t even wrap his arms around it. “PEC MILK PEC MILK PEC MILK” Howie felt his nipples growing even more as his pecs swelled until they were full and squishy. Chase bent over and squeezed them, causing thick milk to ooze out of them. “Fuck! Make it stop!” ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “BRENT!” A voice shouted down the hall from the study, causing Brent Masterson to check the latest Wall Street Journal article. His wife burst in. “I just got an odd alert from Trey’s credit card. It’s showing over $20,000 for something called Stretch Studios! You think it’s fraud?” “Oh definitely,” he replied. “Doesn’t sound like something our son would do. Shut the account down and call them so we can get our money back. The number’s on the back.” His wife went to leave and then paused. “What are you doing all shut up in here?” “Oh… just taking a break from doing our taxes… so dull… can you handle the credit card for me?” “Sure sweety, you’re so smart with numbers.” She said walking out of the room. After the door shut behind him, Brent said to himself. “So that’s who’s been messing up my show… game over son.” He said as he switched back to the cam. “When you get your own money you can play with the big boys. Now lets fix my studs.” He paused for a moment and thought “Not everything you did was bad.” ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The screen flashed “CUT ABS SLIM ABS RIPPED ABS ABS ABS ABS” as Howie felt his gut shrinking back to a trim fit waist. Bells were ringing frantically. “GROW GROW GROW” Howie felt his entire body stretching as Chase continued to mount him and Milk his pecs. He was swelling, bigger and bigger. Seven feet, eight feet, nine feet. He could feel Chase’s nipples rubbing against his stretching skin as he seemed like a child in comparison and still Chase hung on and fucked away. Howie outgrew the bed, crushing it under his muscular two thousand pound body as Chase had to wrap his arms around under his shoulders to continue squeezing his pecs. He topped out at twelve feet, as tall as a one story house when the screens went dark, the strange humming sound dissipated, and the vibrations in the ass came to a screeching halt. The hour was over. Chase was gasping on Howie’s back, his face nestled between mounds of muscle. “Fuck Howie… how do we get back to the way we were?” “I… I guess they use the thingies inside us to turn us back.” Suddenly the door opened and Tim walked in the room clapping. “Bravo boys, you did so well!” “So… uh… can we go back to the way we were now?” Howie said. “Of course my dears, you just have to outbid the people who changed you.” He pulled up a tablet. “As per your contract, use of the body modification unit is solely doled out to paying customers. Howie you can go back for $56,000 and Chase you can revert for $42,000.” “But we don’t have that kind of cash!” They shouted. Tim smiled. “Well… I know how you could earn it.” --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you liked this story, let me know. Hit "like" or leave a comment. Your feedback is how I know what gets you guys revved up.
  13. Toro

    Public toilet

    After many years, I am back with a new story. It has been written in just a few hours and not proofread. Sorry for the mistakes, if any. English is not my first language, but I decided to write the story directly in this language in order to avoid funny Google translations. Enjoy it! Public toilet The scorching sun was shining above the corn fields that extended their gold as far as the eye could reach. Bill closed the back door of his lorry and dried the sweat from his forehead with his left hand. Big dark patches were clearly visible under the armpit of his khaki shirt. He had to walk the path that led to the isolated white house for delivering their Amazon parcel and that took him out of the lovely air conditioning of his vehicle. The short walk in the summer hot air had been enough for bathing his overweight body in his own perspired water. Droplets were attached also to the sparse black hairs above his lips like dew falling from grass blades. He jumped into the cab and closed the door; fresh air enveloped his body and gave him chills. Bill grabbed the icy Coke that was lying on the passenger seat and drunk from it with dry greed, emptying half of the bottle. He lowered it, breathed deeply and erupted with a resounding belch. That was better! He engaged the gear and started to follow the GPS for leaving this deserted place and going back to the city. The highway was only a few miles ahead; he increased the speed when he entered the asphalted road and got a little bit more relaxed. He did not like these small country towns; when driving in the dust gravel road he was picturing a crazy killer with a scarecrow mask coming out of the corn fields with chainsaw, ready to cut him into pieces. He adjusted himself in the seat. He had drunk too much Coke and now needed badly to pee. Fuck! Or that was just for thinking about those stupid horror movies that scared him so much? He hoped that there was at least a gas station in this lonely countryside. He was not going to stop on the street flanked by the high corn; no way! He kept driving while the pressure in his bladder increased. He was not the kind of guy that got an erection when in need of pissing reducing the risk of peeing himself; he just needed to go. Hopefully, distorted by the hot tar of the street, he saw something resembling a simple building and some kind of canopy over a gas station. He entered the exit and parked his lorry near the small square building. A big sign covered in rust said TOILETS. Bill sighed, happy with his luck. He stepped out of the lorry; he would have left the engine on for keeping the cab fresh, but what if someone came out of nowhere and stole it? They would have fired him. Better keeping the keys in his pocket. He stepped out into the boiling air. That at least helped him in controlling his need of peeing. A huge open door read MEN; and a long cock was drawn under it as if it was an arrow pointing in the direction to follow. Bill entered the toilet. A strong smell of pee and something else hit him in the face. Smell of musk, sweat and other manly odors. He did not like public toilets. Water was slowly running down the urinals, leaving an orange trail on the white porcelain. At least it seemed the water was still running in this deserted gas station. He stepped in front of the wash basins and opened the faucet; a thin wire of water starting to flow: he cupped his hands, collected some of the water and then splashed his face. He let it run down his pudgy hairless face; he could never grow a hair and that had always made him look younger than his 22 years. He passed a hand in his greasy long black hair, placing it behind his ears. He was not an ugly guy; but he was not also very interesting. Girls simply seemed to ignore him for his being simply the invisible boring guy next door. Not very tall; not very fit. Not funny and not sexy either. He turned around; faced again the urinals. He could have used one since he was alone, but he was always inhibited by them. He had tried sometimes to pee in one of them, but he felt embarrassed when another guy showed to the nearby urinal; he simply could not keep peeing. He was afraid that the other guy could have a look at his five incher and make fun of him. At least, Bill thought that this was the reason why Marlene had left him a couple of years back. She was the first one he had dated; they had gone to eat some pizza and then a couple of more romantic dinners. She seemed to like staying with a simple and quiet guy; but when they tried to have sex in the lorry, he noticed a disappointed look on her face when he lowered his pants and showed her his small penis with a few hairs surrounding his pelvis. They made love and he came after a couple of minutes; six or seven droplets of cum were shot into her vagina. He was sure that she had not had an orgasm. She asked to be brought back home and the following day she simply sent him a message saying that she needed some time and had to think again about their relationship. Bill accepted that. He knew the reason and understood her. He turned to his left. Two stalls where placed against the back wall. Even if nobody was there, he preferred peeing in a closed and comfortable box. He opened the first on the right; he feared that the toilet may be dirty in shit, but it seemed there was only some pee on the border and some other crusty white substance. The smell was strong and was making him feel nauseated. Better completing his task and then leave. He opened his fly and took out his flaccid 3 inches cock. While peeing, he saw that the dirty wall was covered in obscene phrases. “Wanna suck a big cock? Call me at 55678898”; a veiny shaft was outlined beside it. “I am a thirsty cum drinker. Give me your milk! 55467241” was shouting a too open inviting mouth. “Is your ass ready to be wrecked by a real monster? Meet me at the Purple Corn bar. You may recognize me by my huge bulge”. While he kept reading, Bill started to feel dizzy; words were flying around in his head. Cocks and mouths; asses and cum. He felt that he had stopped pissing; his five incher was fully hard and a different sensation was grasping his crotch. He felt as if he was still pissing, but it was not coming from his blade; he looked down above his fat belly. From the head of his cock a big droplet of a glossy liquid was coming out. He contracted his pelvis muscle and another spurt pushed the drop ahead; it started to flow down his shaft. He had never produced so much precum; he grinned. He liked that: the feeling of peeing without peeing; the thick gelatinous liquid spurting out of his piss slit. He contracted his pelvis muscle again; he felt the liquid coming from somewhere deep inside of him, flowing with a rumble along his shaft and then erupting. This spurt was bigger than the previous. “You may not waste that sweet honey”. Bill jumped in his sneakers and turned to the left. In the wooden wall of the stall he noticed a big hole that he had not seen when entering. A mouth and part of a nose were showing; someone was in the adjacent stall. “Come on. Give me that honey; I may give you some pleasure in exchange” Bill felt a strange sensation pulling him towards that mouth. He had never been sucked by anybody. Around the hole there were a lot of arrows pointing to the center and other filthy phrases “Place your beast here”, “Cum into the hole and fill it” He felt that he needed to place his cock onto that tongue. Yeah! It was so good feeling a spongy tongue licking his manhood. The hole was a little bit higher than his pelvis, but he grabbed is cock and place the head against the tongue. It started to move and swirl around his shaft. Oh yeah! Fuck; he needed that. Some bitch sucking his cock. He shook his head; where the fuck that thought came from? He had never had another guy suck him. The guy left his cock for a second and spoke again: “Yeah. I know you can give me so much precum. Your balls are bigger than two avocados and your reproductive system is that of a real bull” Bill felt his balls inflating, being pulled downwards by their own weight. Filling with cum that was sloshing around. Another gush of precum sprayed out of his cock: wires like web attached to the guy’s nose, so thick and sticky. Bill mind was reeling. He remember when his balls started to inflate during his adolescence; he felt ashamed of them at first. He always wore baggy pants in order to hide them; but then he had his first orgasm and it was delirious. His body was overcome by pleasure and it lasted for almost 40 seconds. Then he trained himself by masturbating and holding back the orgasm; and it could cum for 45, then 50 and 60 seconds. When he cummed he could fly in another dimension; his mind was only focusing on the pleasure. Any other problem, concern or pain was forgotten. “Fuck. So much cum you can produce. You are a real cum factory. And those huge balls makes you constantly horny; you can cum, shot out all that milk and then be ready to come again in a few minutes. And cum up to ten times in a day” After discovering that his balls could give him so much pleasure, Bill was always dedicating the afternoon at home, after school, to masturbating. Once, instead of cumming into the toilet he did that in a glass. He could not focus on the action while he was blinded by the orgasm, but when he was finished the glass was full, up to the brim. While the months passed, he discovered that he had to masturbated in the morning, when his bedsheets were drenched in precum, and he was face to face with his morning wood. Then again in the morning, in the school toilet. And then again at home, in the afternoon, in the evening, at night. “And those gonads are obviously producing so much testosterone. And so much male hormones; and growth hormones. That is why you grew so big; sturdy bones that can support huge, monstrous muscles. You are your own roids supplier. You do not need to inject yourself because all the roids are coming from your insides and made you the muscle monster that you are”. Bill body started to stretch; his bones elongated, his spine shot up. From 5feet5 he grew to 6feet. His muscles started to inflated; the khaki shirt was torn apart by the mass growing inside of it. His traps engulfed his neck up to his ears. His sneakers exploded; big toes crawled out of them. His trousers started to rip while his hems and calves grew bigger and bigger. His back was becoming wider than his lorry. Mountains over mountains. Valleys of muscles. 250 pounds. Then 305 pounds. From 6feet he shot up to 6feet6. 375 pound of raw mass. Bill remember that after the first month of his discovery of masturbation pleasures, his teenager body started to change. He started to grow, becoming taller and his muscle started to grow without him doing anything. His father said it was a growth spurt; his mother thought it was not normal and took him to a specialist. Doctors said that his levels of testosterone and other hormones were unusually high. That was when they also discovered his huge balls. They said that they may need to give him some medicines in order to reduce the testosterone levels that could damage his young body. 415 pounds. 450 pounds. His pecs were bigger than pillows and resting on a huge roid gut, where all the abdominals were exploding outwards like concrete bricks. His legs were true sequoia trees, covered in pulsing veins like ivy. His biceps were bigger than turkeys and were attached to basketball deltoids. He was a true monster. “You are the epitome of masculinity, with your bear hair and deep voice. Nobody can tell you what to to. You are the alfa master; the dominant man. All those hormones make you always horny and ready to fuck”. When the doctor touched his big balls for injecting him the first dose of the medicine, he felt something new inside of him. He looked down to that young guy probing his testicles and he got an erection. The doctor raised is eyes and he saw a spark in them, he knew what he needed. He grabbed the doctor hair and pushed him down to his cock. The doctor opened his mouth and started to suck. Fuck! That was so much better than masturbating. He kept the doctor head in place and moved his pelvis back and forth. New sensation grasping his cock and when he exploded inside his mouth he felt that he was in charge; that nobody could tell him what to do. That he could embrace all that extra testosterone and be the man he wanted to be. And when the doctor started to cough, cum flowing from his nostrils and out of the corner of his mouth, he greedily smiled. Bill knew he was more than that small scrawny doctor. And that he could be much more. That is why he got out of the therapy. He left is body grow; joined the football team and became the strongest of the guys. They started to call him the bull, because of his huge balls. He was not afraid of hiding them anymore; on the contrary. He was very pride of them; of filling the mouth of all the student that he could guess from their eyes were open to be facefucked by him and wanted to taste his sweet proteins. When he reached 300 pounds he started bodybuilding; he was proudly stepping on the platform and looking around to those small guys, showing his huge biceps and the big bulge that his balls made in his posers. He was only 18, but he was already a monster. The only thing that annoyed him with bodybuilding was that he had to shave all his hairy body. But when he was not competing and was bulking, getting to 330 pounds of mass and muscle, he left his beard grow long and bushy, and the hair on his pecs and gut increase the dark grooves of his muscles. Voices said he was on heavy roids cycles, but he did not care. His balls could produce all the hormones he needed. By the way, who the fuck cared in a world full of roided men? “But a huge muscle monster like you is not complete without a monster cock between his legs. With that baseball bat you may cause some real damages, don’t you? And you are always ready to take any hole you want” When Bill reached 350 pounds of brute steel muscles, his cock was already a myth at school being a 12 inches monster. Many girls and boys had already suffered the pleasure of being impaled on that pole and being filled with his cum. He was famous for the grunts and screams coming from his room when he was fucking someone. On the stages he was not only famous for his huge muscles, but also for his enormous package. Other bodybuilders were always having glances at that monster, just before being fucked in the toilets backstage. He felt himself a true bull; mounting any man he could sense was ready to be fucked by a true bull. And there were plenty of them. When 20, his cock had already reached 14 inches and he was a 400 pounds muscle bear. He left bodybuilding and dedicated himself to cruise bars and finding guys who could pay him for being fucked. Who were looking for a real monster who could destroy their ass; make them his cum bag. Shooting his seed in them once, twice or more times in a row. Bill felt something constricting his cock. He looked down. His 16 inches monster was filling the glory hole and was becoming red for the pressure. His veins were inflating and pumping. That fucking hole was too small for his bull cock! He grabbed the wood wall with his huge hands and like it was a sheet of paper it split it in two pieces, opening in the middle at the hole level. He threw the two pieces to one side into the bathroom and looked down. Kneeled on the toilet tiles there was a scrawny twink that was looking up to that giant tower of muscle and strength. He made a step towards him, making the tiles resonate under the pressure of his foot. His hairy tight was bigger than the guy’s whole torso. He grabbed his enormous member and placed it on top of the guy’s head; so fucking big that his face was completing hidden under it. He gave some tugs to it and hit the guy’s face. The torrent of precum kept flowing out and bathing the guy’s hair. He had fucked so many guys that he knew this one was going to be a good one. He slid his enormous cock along is face leaving a snail slime. “Do you think you can suck it all?” He asked with a rumbling voice that echoed against the toilet walls. The guy nodded with a satisfied smile and open his mouth. Bull pushed the huge head inside; so fucking good. It was not easy finding someone who could get 16 inches of a trunk inside his mouth. He grabbed the guy head and started to push harder; his cock slid inside of the guy’s mouth and then down his throat. Bull could see the mouth distorting and the throat expanding for making room to the giant invader. That was so fucking exciting! He felt his cock throb and spurt more precum lubricating the tunnel. Bull started to contract his huge glutes and face fucking the puny skull he could crush with only to fingers. His power was so much that the air was glowing around him. His grunts were deep and strong. He grabbed the hair of the small guy and increased his speed; his sword was going into the holster and coming out. In and out. When the cock was half out of the mouth the guy could breathe heavily through his nose; this slut knew how to do suck. Fuck! So good. Bull spurt more precum; with a long trust pushed the whole cock inside and started to growl. The eruption was close: he looked down to the head he was holding; the blue eyes looked up at him as if begging to dominate him, to annihilate him. Yeah! He was the alfa here; the real man. And then he shoot! Gobs of cum flew from his avocados down his monster cock and into the guy’s belly that started to inflate for all the cum. Bull was lost in the bliss of the best orgasm he had had in a few days. He kept grunting, moaning like an animal for 1 minute, than 2 minutes. In the years he had learned how to make his orgasms last longer. He did not care if the one he was fucking was out of breath; he must have thought about that before exciting and challenging the Bull. 3 minutes went by; cum kept spurting like a geyser; belly extending more and more. He was such an animal; lost in his thoughts of being big like a gorilla, with the cock of a stallion and the balls of a bull, while is orgasm was subsiding he was getting more horny. His cock instead of becoming flaccid was getting hard again. He slipped it from the throat holster; the last spurt of cum filled the guy mouth and splashed down his chin in heavy rivulets. The fat log came out with a loud plop, shiny with spit, precum and cum. It smashed up against Bull roid belly reaching the point where is inflated hard pecs where resting on his protruding roid belly. Some gushes coated the dense hair on his pecs. He looked down at the small guy who was catching some fresh air and spitting out cups of cum. He had filled him good, at least from one side. His cock gave a sudden jump at the thought; rivers of new milky precum started to flow down the shaft. He felt his bull balls churning again; he contracted his steel pelvis muscles and pumped more blood in his monster cock; big veins jumped up on the angry red surface. He smirked at the thought of the poor silly guy. Without the twink even understanding what was going on, the Bull grabbed his bloated waist with one of his paws, he raised him and with the other hand he stripped off his jeans as if made of corn leaves. He placed the guy over the toilet; his monumental shadow towered over him. Bull grabbed his hard cock; when he got so excited it was also difficult for him to maneuver the rock hard beast. He pushed it down over the guy’s belly. He was so fat that it covered half of the guy torso and so long that reached up to the middle of his flat white pecs. “Imagine this thing inside of you”, rumbled the Bull. The guy was moving his crazy eyes from the piton laying on his belly and the muscle bull towering over him. The Bull saw lust in the guy’s eyes; no fear, no hesitation. Just lust. He wanted his cock inside of him; the Bull knew when a guy needed to be thoroughly and roughly fucked. He pushed back his giant ass and positioned his cockhead against the guy’s asshole. It seemed impossible that such a beast could fit in such a small rosebud. He contracted again his pelvis muscle and a gush of precum sprayed the guy’s ass. “Come on! Fuck me good!” He did not need to be told: he pushed the apple big mushroom with one trust and opened up the guy’s ass. He emitted a surprise and ache gasp. The Bull grabbed his waist with both hands and pushed more of his monster inside of him: 8 inches went in; then 10 and 12. He could see the snake moving under the guys skin. Crawling up inside his stomach. Fuck! Yeah. He was breeding this bitch. 14 inches went in and finally his huge balls slapped against the guys cheeks. All his 16 inches were buried inside of this new cock sleeve. He rested still for some seconds; the guy looked down to his belly full of cum, pushed upwards by the monster nestled inside of him. That thing was like the alien parasite filling his torso. That was so hot. “Yeah. Fuck me hard big Bull” Bull pulled back his cock and pushed it back in with full strength. Then again and again. The guy was just a flashlight for his cock; the friction he needed for stimulating himself. For squeezing his beast inside of a constraining hole. “Fuck. Yeah. So big; such a monster bull. Your balls are bigger than grapefruits” Bull felt his testicles inflating more and slapping harder against the guy ass. “You have got gallons of cum to fill them” Bull felt his cum mounting and sloshing inside his scrotum. “Your testosterone his permanently pumping your muscle and making you bigger” Bull stretched further up to 7feet; bigger feet and huger hands. His muscles grew more; 450 pounds. Then 490. “Fill me with that 20 inches anaconda” Bull felt his monster cock stretching more and expanding. He grunted like a bull in heat; he was trusting with more violence his cock ramming the insides of the guy. “You are a truck driver running around the country; searching for men to fuck. Men who can accommodate your monster cock and want to be filled by it. There are plenty of them and you are open to breed them all. Cum, now!” Bull felt his huge testicles retracting; he grunted a final time and started to orgasm. His cum filled the guy from the other side; his belly kept inflating more and more and finally cum started to erupt from his mouth. Gallons of cum. After 5 minutes of orgasm, Bull extracted his log from the guy ass. He was sated, for now. The guy was still vomiting cum from his mouth; teary eyes happy with the fuck he received. Bull took his monster cock covered in juicy, cleaned it with a stroke and licked his hands. Then he placed it inside of his jeans, lava against his tight, burning down to his knee. He filled his bulge with the two enormous globes of testicles and buttoned up. He stepped out of the destroyed toilet; 2 inches of cum where covering the floor. His heavy black work boots were splashing it against the walls while walking. He looked at himself in the basin mirror but could only see his big roid belly covered by a white tank top. Dense fur was covering his enormous pecs. He cupped some water in his hands and washed his heavy beard leaving some of the cum that has splashed everywhere over his pecs. He exited the toilet building, walking sideways through the small door. His frame was too big and could not pass walking frontally. A huge red truck was parked outside contrasting with the yellow corn fields. He imagined himself coming out of those bushes, a muscle monster that could have made any guy pee himself for fear and then impaling them on his beast, seeing the huge head coming out of their mouths and spraying cum all around. Bull looked far to the horizon; heavy gray clouds were crossed by ivy of lights. A storm was coming. The wind refreshed his face and sent to his nostrils the heavy smell of musk, sweat and cum. His cock stirred along his left leg. He had to reach the next station in another 3 hours: another bitch was going to be ready to be fucked by the Bull!
  14. Hello, this is my sequel to "My Boyfriend Made Me Huge", this time focusing of Eric. Since that was my first story I kept it short, both in word count and in time, but I want Eric's growth to be longer and more incremental now that I have some better writing experience. That being said there is no real growth in this first part, just setting the stage. Additionally, you should know that while Justin's story was purely a gay fantasy, Eric's will be bisexually orientated. And for anyone wondering, the growth powder in this story is inspired by the "Collage Supplemented" story by Bigger4Me (if you're into elements of humiliation, definitely give that a read), while I'm sure such a substance/plot device is not original on a site like this, it should be stated. My Boyfriend Made Me Huge ( https://musclegrowth.co/topic/21908-my-boyfriend-made-me-huge-part-3-added-2721/ ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prelude Have you ever felt trapped in your body? Like you really lost big on the genetic lottery? Because that's me... or at least it was me. At 5'6" if I stretched, 110lbs wet, and 3" prick I was left cursed with the body of a weakling. I wasn't even good looking either, a deviated septum left me a bent nose that was hard the breath with, my eyesight was bad, and the only thing a short lived puberty ever gave me in abundance, was acne. Then in my Sophomore year at college, after years of bad luck, a miracle happened. At lunch one day I was visited by an angel, only on second glance it wasn't, it was my study partner Justin, only he had …changed. While previously he was of average height, decent build, with brown eyes, he sat before me a tall, muscular, blue eyed hunk. It was everything I'd ever wanted to be, and he'd promised to tell me how he'd done it, he promised to do that to me! I didn't see him for a week (one filled with anxiety and anticipation), but he had texted me. He asked all sorts of odd questions, current height and weight, my blood type... my favorite eye color (green). He insisted that all of this would be necessary to know in order to make me grow, he instructed me to wait out the week, and find him at the weight room on Monday afternoon. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hunk In Progress, Part 1 I immediately felt out of place at the weight room, the smell of sweat, the loud clanging, everything was so unnerving. Everyone was huge compared to me too! Don't get me wrong, I loved seeing a well muscled guy as much as anyone else (that isn't straight that is), but everywhere I turned lumbered busy giants who threatened to step on me. I had never really worked out a day in my life, I didn't even know what I'd do, I was too nervous to talk to anyone so I just stood there like an idiot. It was about then that I began to chicken out when the ground shook, and I was suddenly enveloped by a large shadow. Whirling around I was stunned at the towering form before me, I didn't know If I should be terrified or not but I was definitely aroused. Standing before me had to be the tallest man I've ever seen, bulging from well tailored gym clothes were muscles befitting a titan, I could count the bricks of his ten pack, and when he moved the striations of his musculature rippled with power. Affixed in a masculine, square jawed face (sculped by the gods no doubt), had the be the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen. Although I admit it was hard to maintain eye contact, for snaking down the right leg of his sweatpants was a monster cock that probably put my forearm to shame. The Adonis easily outdid both supermodels and porn stars in every category. For a moment I was almost relieved my dick was so well concealed by it's size. "Are you ready to get huge man?" His voice rumbled in a deep masculine tone. "I... I'mma... you... wha... who?" "Heh, sorry little guy..." He said taking a knee, "Not too many people can recognize me anymore." "Ju... Justin! Oh my god your enormous!" "Just you wait man..." now beginning to flex a most muscular that threatened to tear away the fabric of his shirt, "I think you'd like the size yourself." "H... how... how did" "My ah... boyfriend made me huge", and gave a smile that threatened to make me cum. "And... and I could really get this big too?" The sheer thought of obtaining those looks...that much POWER. I started to get excited, I needed it! "Bigger and better..." he said rising again to his full height, "c'mon I want to show you something." Justin had started to stride toward the locker room, to enter he put his hand under the top of the frame and ducked through. This guy had to be 7' or taller. He waved me over to a more private area, started digging through a bag, pulled out a large white jar and started talking again. "As I was saying my boyfriend did this to me, you've met Logan right?" "Uh, yeah? A little taller than me, good looking, pretty smart guy. A Chem major right?" "Oh yeah, really smart, but he isn't so short anymore. Anyway he made this..." now holding out the nondescript white jar, "Unfortunately it isn't the fast acting stuff I got, but its the best I can get you." "Oh man, uh wow, I mean... can I ask you question", I said looking up at the giant. "Shoot." "Why are you doing this... why do you care?" "Well... I've seen how people look at you. Or rather, don't look at you. I was already good looking to start off, people like you deserve this more. You do ...want this right?" "Want this? Oh man, your more than I've ever dreamed of being. Um say... could I uh... feel?" "Ha, sure man! Say, you're gonna love being this big." The colossus sat down on the bench, raised his long arms, and flexed two enormous biceps. I ran hands across them, feeling his rock solid muscle, With both hands I couldn't even hope to reach around his arm. This was the closest I've gotten to sex in my left and it was great. As I lost myself in his size the gravity of the situation started to down on me. My whole life I've spent being a shrimp, now if this stuff worked I was going to get as big as this guy, maybe bigger... ascend to godhood! This was going to be great! "I could sit here doing this all day..." hands now running across his incredible abs, "But I think I can't wait to get this big myself, how does it work?" "Yeah, here is where the fun begins! Alright you need three things, the powder, exercise, and lots of food. Don't mix up too much of it though, it will go to waste. Here I already got some ready for you." He took out a water bottle, evidently mixed with whatever substance was in the jar. It had a green coloration that swirled as he gave it a powerful shake. Justin handed it to me and I gave it a sip. It tasted like lime mixed with one or two things that are hard to describe, very strong, and very good. It had a real kick as it went down. "Feel any different Eric?" I looked down at myself, I knew it it wasn't going to turn me into the incredible hulk or an anything, but I expected more. "I don't know, jittery? Fuck actually real jittery" "Alright man, lets go lift!" Justin began showing me how to lift and use the machines. I don't know if it was because all eyes were on him, or I was just overreacting earlier, but I felt much more confident being there. On the bench press I could barely get the 45lb bar up the first time though. I wanted to quit but Justin urged me to continue, the second attempt went up much easier than the first, and the third practically felt light. I maxed out at 95lbs, which Justin informed was great for someone my size. As I lifted more, and had more of that mixture I felt angry, I could feel the blood running through my veins. It felt good to blow off stress and exert myself, and kind of fun to see how far I could push myself. Before we called it quits I ended up deadlifting 160, and 55lbs with a barbell curl. by the end I was panting and slick with sweat. I thought that was amazing, but after each set I stood ogling at Justin as he loaded up more plates on the bar than I could easily count. Watching his muscles work was like porn, but It didn't even look like it was heavy to him! "How do you feel bro?" He asked. "I donno man, fucking..." "Pumped?" "Yeah, Pumped!" "Good, end every session like that. Alright, lets get showered and pack in the protein!" By the time we got to the dining hall I felt my stomach knot, I was starving! That being said Justin loaded up my tray with more chicken, mashed potatoes, and broccoli than I could eat in a few days. I started eating and just kept eating, I wondered where it could possibly all be going after a while. Justin reassured me I wasn't going to get fat, in fact he laughed it off and just said I can't get fat. Now done eating, Justin lead me to the parking lot just a little walk away from the cafeteria. He caught me staring at the rhythmic flexing of his muscular ass but didn't seem to mind, he walked liked he owned the world. "This is it" he said. We had weaved around several cars and arrived in front of an expensive open top red Lamborgini, waxed to a shine. In the passenger seat would have be the hottest man I've ever seen had I not met Justin. A little shorter than Justin (although he must have been well over my height), he wore a tight red polo that hugged his well muscled body, and had a face and smile to die for. He looked up from his phone and said. "Hey beefcake how was the workout, and is this Eric?" "Yup, this is the hunk in coming" "Wait... Loga.." Still in a state of shock, Justin waved me over to the trunk and opened it. Inside was an old fashioned briefcase with a lock on it. "What, you have the nuclear football as well?" "Ha no, here the combination is 588930, open it." I did so, inside was a small mirror, a tape measure, and a gold themed debit card paper clipped to some sheets with banking information. I skimmed over it, and found the pin, routing number, and such. I looked over the next page, it was a bank statement and my jaw dropped, this card had $1,500,000 dollars on it! "You you you, you shouldn't have let me see your..." "Your card." "Huh?!?" I felt faint, none of this could be real, I had to be dreaming! Dreaming that's it, someone must have knocked into me at the gym earlier, I was sleeping peacefully on the ground somewhere. I pinched my arm and felt pain... I felt pain! "Whoa Whoa Whoa there little guy..." Justin had caught me by the arm, "you look pretty pale." A voice called from the car, "I told you he wasn't going to take it easy!" "This is all so much, I think I need to sit down" "Here let me get you some water, can I drive you to your dorm?" "Uh, yeah, that would be great" I said and took a sip. After a moment Justin scooped me up and put me in the car. It was a two sweater so I sat in the lap of the passenger (Logan?). His ample chest made a comfortable pillow, I could feel his rock solid abs running down my spine. But, most pleasurably, between the cheeks of my ass I could feel his fat bulge pressing into me. No, this wasn't a dream, this was heaven! I gave Justin directions to the dorm as we started to talk again. Logan wrapped his muscular arms around me as a seatbelt as we went. "Ah guys really, making me huge is one thing, but this money..." "We're rolling in it, don't worry. Plus you're gonna need that to upgrade your style when you grow out of those clothes. No offence, but your really capitalizing on the geekyness." "None taken. Um say, how did all of this happen, how does this stuff you made work?" Logan spoke in a much deeper voice than I remembered, "Without going into all the... geekyness, I found a simple chemical process of manipulating genetic makeup, its really quite remarkable nobody has found it yet. And now with a patent, I'm the only one who can produce the stuff, its going to change the world you know." "A world full of hunky musclemen?" "More than that! No more disease, no more aging, everyone could be what they want, if only I could make it cheaper." "That sounds... Whoa, wait, you guys can drop me off here!" "At the back? Are you sure?" "Yeah, my room isn't like the rest." "Suit yourself, and... enjoy yourself too!" "Uh yeah, thanks!" Justin handed me the growth powder jar, and the briefcase. Still not quite believing what just happened I watched the two speed off campus before walking to the maintenance door at the back of the building. My room was not like the others. The collage thought it could make a buck off half heartedly converting an unused store closet (located next to the furnace room) into an additional dorm. It was not legally big enough to house two students, so I was left on my own. The walls were made of concreate and the only pieces of furniture were my bunk bed, rug, and desk. I decided to unpack, put the card in my wallet, the powder under the bed, and hid away the briefcase between the lower mattress and the wall, as well as hanging up the small mirror. I paused as to what to do with the tape measure, but decided if I was going to grow, I should make a height log. I dug out a small piece of chalk from my drawer and made my best straight line up the concrete wall. Holding a textbook on top of my head and flush to the wall I made a horizontal mark on the wall and measured it. 5'6" on the dot... that's a quarter inch taller than before! Then my phone alarm went off and I knew it was time to see the one good thing this room provided. You see if I climbed the bunkbed, peered out the window, and looked down the slope flanking the back of the building I could see into the windows of the school pool. And right at 7:00, the hottest girl on campus went in for a dip, Emma Clark. I have to admit, it was pretty creepy, but when you're a sex starved virgin you do these things. I watched as she got in and out of the pool, water pouring down the her curves, dripping off the tips of her large breasts, damn that was hot. Too bad her boyfriend was such a complete asshole, even worse that he was just as hot in his own masculine way. On multiple occasions he had purposefully pushed passed me, called me a dork, did he think he was still in high school?!? Of course I had a crush on him too, Luke was just too damn big and muscular not to be admired! But I could get bigger... Too be continued...
  15. Musclepete

    Muscle growth army pt1

    Hello everyone, This is my first time writing a muscle growth story, feel free to give any feedback in the comments, expect hot sex, transformations and lots of pics of hot morphed guys. I walked into the large army warehouse with the rest of my squad. We were new recruits, none of us really knew what we had signed up for but we were told something about "muscle growth, becoming the most alpha men we could possibly imagine, and living in ecstasy during the process." Furthermore, this counted as joining the American army, so we would be well taken care of during and after our service. me and the rest of the group of boys were lead to a smaller room with medical equipment, the doctor there took our measurements. I weighed 175 pounds and was about 5 foot 6 inches. My erect cock was about 6 inches as well. Overall I was quite average when compared to everyone else in my group. What I looked liked at the end of the checkup After the checkup my group and i were escorted to another room, This one was in the actual army facility. 3 large muscular men walked out of door near the back of the room. Each holding a box of syringes in their large muscular arms. My cock began to get erect at the site of them. Their huge pecs could barely be contained in their shirts and their plump, protruding nipples just made my hard on even harder. Not to mention the large bulges that they each sported. The largest of the 3 men began speaking. "hello everyone I am sergeant Taylor and this is Jack" he gestured to one of the other men "This is Kuba" he gestured to the other. "we are here to guide you through your muscle growth journey. here you will grow your body past your wildest dreams. However there are a few things you should know before starting, first is that the process will make you homosexual, you will crave having sex with other men like nothing else. Thoughts of men will consume your head, and you will be horny for men effectively all the time" I smiled, I was already gay so I did not mind. "second, is that beginning this process will turn you into a muscle sex god. You will not be able to go back to the way you were before. If either of these two things bother you, please leave now" a few seconds passed, nobody from the group left. "perfect" boomed sergeant Taylor "now that everyone is on board, please everyone, undress. Jack, Kuba, administer the shots" I took my clothes completely off to reveal my erect cock. I noticed that I was not the only one in this situation however. Seems like most of the other boys had been extremely turned on by Taylor, Jack and Kuba. Jack grabbed my ass and injected me with whatever was in the syringe he was holding. It felt amazing, like warmth rushing throughout my body making me harder and hornier than I was already. My cock flexed and precum began pouring out, it felt so good and I could not help but moan and begin jerking off. the injection had the same effect on the other boys and they all began to jerk off. Taylor boomed "Jack, kuba, give these boys a show" the two muscle men ripped out of their clothes and began flexing their giant muscles. Jack^ Kuba^ Their godly physiques turned everyone on so much. drool began forming in your mouth and all you could do was jerk off at the sight of the two posing muscle gods. Kuba approached you and pressed his godly body onto you. you kissed and licked every inch of his body, taking in his musk made you harder that you thought you could have ever been. I was so close to cumming but I kept edging because I wanted to keep worshipping his body. Kuba lifted his armpit, allowing me to take a large wiff of his heavenly manly musk. That was the tipping point. I came, the orgasam was so intense that I dropped to my knees and cum shot out of my cock and onto Kuba's large muscular legs. he stepped away and smiled, see you around he whispered. Taylor spoke again " soon you will feel very sleepy but before you all pass out, I should explain how this is going to work. The muscle growth syrum we just injected you boys with only works if you feed your body with the cum of other men who have taken the shot. larger men produce more cum that is also more potent and the most effective way to consume loads is through your ass. Getting boys to cum inside of you will make you grow like youve never dreamed of. As you grow you will produce more of your own cum and at a certain size, just having sex will cause your growth hormones to kick in, causing you to grow. Some of the very big guys spend all day having sex and lifting weights, these very same men will sometimes leak cum from their nipples, This is the most potent form of cum and swallowing it will lead to some massive gains. That is all I have to say, now go enjoy your time, have sex and become a muscle god." With the last few words I drifted off, excited to begin my journey.
  16. Sseugierus

    Mysterious Artifacts: The Lab

    His wheezing and footsteps could be heard throughout the halls of the lab building as he sprinted past the different doors, almost slipping on the shreds of fabric on the floor, frantically searching for somewhere to hide. Finally, he picked a room and ducked in, cramming himself into a standing cabinet next to some testing equipment and shoving all the cords to one side. It was a very tight fit, but he was able to close the door. Seconds felt like hours as he went over in his head what happened to his colleagues, trying to make sense of a seemingly impossible situation. ~~~~~~~ They had been tasked with carbon dating some ancient artifacts that local archaeologists had recently found. It was oddly suspicious from the very moment that they had received the request. The so-called "archaeologists" said they had found the artifacts under a tree in the local woods, but the woods had been planted when the town was built less than 100 years ago. On top of that, the items had been dropped off when no one was present at the lab with nothing but a note and a receipt for a massive donation, which turned out to be real, and some address for a building in the nearby woods. ~~~~~~~ There was a loud bang coming from down the hall that caused his heart to leap, breaking him out of his thoughts. He tried to quiet his terrified breathing and pleaded that his old co-workers wouldn't find him. His time was running out to attempt to figure out a solution before they found him. Wracking his brain for details and desperately trying to ignore the sounds coming from the adjacent lab, he thought back again to when they were evaluating the dreaded book and necklace. ~~~~~~~ There were 4 of them working on the seemingly easy project, 2 on each artifact. It shouldn't have taken more than a day but so many things weren't adding up. For one, the place where the note had said the artifacts were found was only a short distance from a heavily trafficked area, and the book showed no evidence of being buried in any way. In fact, the book looked brand new, but the carbon dating indicated that the pages were close to 600 years old, and the necklace was the same. The book had an imprint for the necklace, but nothing happened (or so they thought) when the two were combined. Additionally, just being around the 2 things gave everyone a feeling of confusion and uneasiness, and it didn't take long to realize why. Although the book was empty, everyone in the team seemed to be able to hear someone chanting when they got close to it, but it wasn't a language that any of them recognized. At the time, they didn't realize it, but even then, they were already changing. Clothes were tighter, hair was thicker; they were slowly growing into something more. They had been so focused to trying to understand what was happening that they chalked the discomfort up to stress, but were rocketed back to reality when his button broke. Looking back, that may have been the only reason that he was still himself now, as he excused himself to the bathroom to address the malfunction. Distant from the items, he was able to see what had happened to him. His hands were much larger and thicker than they were before. His arms were full with dense muscle that was stressing his shirt and lab coat. His legs and feet were uncomfortably stuffed into his pants and shoes. He looked to his chest, and saw a thick shelf of muscle, the cause of the broken button. His whole body was much hairier than it had previously been, his stubble resembling more than a 5 o'clock shadow on his newly defined jaw. Even his face and head looked thicker and stronger with his hair being fuller and slightly longer. It all confused and terrified him, and also excited him. He felt himself growing more and more aroused as he felt his cock snake down his tight pant leg to where he was used to, then continuing a few inches longer. He rubbed his thick member with his hand and moaned with his deeper voice, feeling himself fill with more power, getting lost in it; the feeling, the strength, the SIZE... only realizing that he was masturbating through his clothes when he heard glass shatter back in the lab. His concern for his co-workers and the artifacts bringing him back to reality. He ran back to the lab, his footsteps sounding more powerful and turning him on again. He threw open the door and saw his colleagues going through some very familiar changes. The two who were working on the necklace were all over each other, looking massive, their clothes torn in multiple places looking like hairy giant bodybuilders in heat, a stark difference from the lanky lab technicians they had been hours ago. His partner wasn't as far along in his transformation, seemingly resisting it, pouring sweat, and grunting as he tried to remove the necklace from the book without and success. The smell in the room was intoxicating, and it was visibly dissolving his partners last pieces of resistance as they made eye contact with each other and with a final pleading look, before being overwhelmed with lust and ripping their pants open at the crotch, giving in to the power. Grunting and moaning as he flexed and grew out of the rest of his clothes. The back of his shirt practically exploding as his giant hairy lats shredded the fabric. His biceps and forearms ripping down the seam in one fluid tear as he flexed. His chest puffing out as hair spread up over his cobblestone abs and up over the vast pecs. Finally roaring as his growing cock came buckets as it grew through the torn up pants and underwear. His partner looked up and they made eye contact again but this time, there was no innocence, there was only lust. ~~~~~~~ Shaking himself out of the memory before getting more aroused and moving his hand away from his raging hard-on, he decided that his only hope was to try to remove the necklace from the book and hope that it would do something so all of them could regain their clarity of mind. Opening the cabinet to get a better listening perspective; The sounds from the other room had stopped a few minutes ago, and panic began to set in. Had the muscle monsters been able to open the exit doors that he couldn't seem to find anymore? Had they just broken down the wall? With that thought he flexed his larger arm, ripping the fabric of his lab coat slightly, thinking of how powerful and amazing the others had looked before he ran away. But he felt more resolved to fix everything now after seeing the look that his partner had given him. That was not the same person that he had been working with for years after he transformed, there was a look of primal hunger with not even a sliver of the person he had previously been. He crept down the hallway, listening the whole way, almost anticipating turning a corner and being face to face with the beasts, but it never happened. Where were they? He made it back to their lab and smelled that sweet aroma from before. He closed his eyes and moaned quietly as he felt his legs slowly grow through the fabric of his pants, leaving him in his threadbare, pre soaked boxers, stretched tight across his quads with the head of his dick poking out through the left leg. He opened his eyes and made his way towards the book as his back widened and thickened, ripping his shirt and coat together down the middle, exposing his extraordinary hairy back. He subconsciously bounced his pecs and grunted as more buttons popped off, showing off his mountainous, hairy chest and powerful core as his body stretched upwards to make room more more muscle. Arriving at the book he grabbed it, not seeing the 3 other figures squeezing into the room, inhumanly large and muscular, and watching him from behind. As he lifted the book up to himself to get a closer look, his larger arms decimated his sleeves, leaving him in just his quickly tightening underwear. With one fluid motion, he easily pulled the necklace from the book, placing the book back on the table and holding the necklace in his hands, waiting for something to change, his mind being overwhelmed with the feeling of raw power pouring into his body. He looked at the necklace once more as his mind slipped away, and placed it around his neck as his body surged in size. Roaring out loud as he turned to face his subjects as his dick ripped out and let loose a torrent of aromatic cum as he reveled in growing bigger and stronger, BIGGER and STRONGER, becoming the largest of the group as the other 3 started to chant in the language they had heard before, all of them continuing to grow until they were larger than the room and walked into the nearby forest, very strong smelling cum leaking out of the largest's massive cock, leaving a trail for those unfortunate (or fortunate) enough to come across it to follow. Shortly after, 2 other behemoths arrive at the building and take the book out of the rubble of the destroyed room, placing it carefully outside of the destruction with a new necklace and a note for the police to find. I hope that read okay. I just felt like writing a new story and this is how it came out. I hope it's interesting enough and has enough growth, I really wanted to try and write a story with no character names and still establish an engaging story. Anyway, thank you for reading, and have a good day
  17. Hey, long time lurker, decided to post my first story. I prefer it when the growth happens to the reader/main character, I also like to keep the stats within realistic limits, so if that isn't your thing... anyway.... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prelude God, I had finally gotten into university, a year of online community college had destroyed my social life, and my sex life was non-existent in the first place. At 20 years old I was still a virgin, all because I couldn't come out to my parents. And being fairly handsome at 5'8", a decent 160lb build, and a 7" dick I could have almost any twink I wanted! Thant being said I always craved being bigger, It drove me to start lifting weights in high school, and every night I dreamt about being the biggest, hottest stud on the planet. Or at least I used too before I met Logan... He was everything a gay top could ask for, lean toned body, gorgeous face, and he had to be the smartest man I know, and I'm studying to become an engineer. By sheer luck he ended up being my roommate, suffice to say we lost our virginity pretty quick. I loved dominating him, and by his moans, he did too. We told each other about our dreams, he wanted to work at a pharmaceutical company, making the next miracle drugs to cure cancer and whatnot. I told him the truth, engineering was just a way into a good living, my real dream was to be the hottest guy on the planet, hot buff and hung, hot enough to make straight porn stars question their sexuality. I felt a little awkward telling Logan that at first, but by the grin on his face I should have known he was up to something, well... as big as me. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Boyfriend Made me Huge, Part 1 I started my typical day at 6:00 am, kissed a sleeping Logan, and was off to the school gym before late breakfast or early lunch. I typically have a protein shake to power me through my workout, but when I checked my gym bag I could only find a large mysterious white bottle with a note attached to the cap. It simply read, "Work hard today Justin" -Love Logan. What a cute little guy, but what was this stuff? There was no label, but indented into the bottom of the white bottle was printed, barely visibly, LAB MIX 3. Was my little chemist juicing me? Taking a sip, just wow, a strong unidentifiable taste filled my mouth, kind of sweet and almost fruity, maybe blueberry? Whatever it was, it tasted really good, and I gulped down more. My heart began to beat and I suddenly felt very alert and energetic. By then I had arrived at the gym, and since it was early I could pick any machine I wanted. Starting on the bench press, and I quickly blew through my warm up. It was strange, like every rep was somehow easier than the last! "Fuck I need more of that", I said gulping another swig of that drink down and loading up the rack with my max, 315lbs. It went up like nothing and I was feeling pumped. 325...335... Fuck it, 415... 425! That last one was exhilarating and I could feel a massive pump swelling in my chest and triceps, but I felt kind of exhausted. Downing more of that divine nectar I instantly felt better. I started blasting through the rest of my workout, which quickly turned into a full body training session. It felt amazing and my entire body was pumped, blood rushing through swollen veins, I outdid all of my past maximums, and sucked every last drop in that bottle. I was in the middle of a fucking 505lb deadlift when my stomach let out a massive roar and I realized I needed to hurry up and get to lunch or I was going to be late for my material science class. How did time pass so quick? Walking to the showers, my clothes felt tight and I noticed my self in the mirror across the gym. Jesus, my pump was looking real big,... hell yes! Peeling off my sweet soaked under armor shirt in the shower room, I blinked and did a double take. It looked like all the fat on my body had been completely melted off, and my skin looked vacuumed sealed over a brickwork of a six pack and a bulging chest. I had abs before, but damn, not like this! Did that stuff make me actually ...grow? And it suddenly occurred to me there was a scale in the back of the locker room...rushing over to it, the display quickly read 203lbs, what?!? This can't be real I thought as the weight of my newfound bulk suddenly caught up to me. I started mindlessly exploring my new body, my grapefruit sized biceps, my large rounded shoulders, my huge pecks. I've actually become a stud! Suddenly I became a aware wasn't alone... as a turned around several of the student athletes' eyes dart away, with obvious hard ons. God this was my fantasy, I thought to myself as I attempted to calm my own throbbing erection. If I wasn't in a relationship I would had made some moves but strutting past their envious eyes was enough for me, as I walked passed them I noticed my perspective had changed as well, had I gotten taller too? It felt good to be the big guy at the gym. Speaking of that erection, when I returned to the showers and attempted to slide my shorts down my enlarged ass and legs, my dick practically slapped into my abs. 8. Whole. Inches. FUCK. YES! After having the most self indulgent masturbation session of my life, I returned to the lockers to get dressed. I had always wore oversized clothing since I started working out, I found it way easier doing that than to buy a new wardrobe ever time I gained 10lbs or so. But when I put on my jeans and tank top I found them on the snug side, my sleeves and pantlegs which were usually rolled up were now the perfect length. I grinned, now knowing that I had definitely gained in the height department too. Packed between my legs was a nice bulged formed by my newly enhanced cock and balls. Slipping on (or rather fighting with) my denim jacket I took satisfaction in how well the sleeves hugged my muscular arms, god those things had to be what, 19 inches? Running to the cafeteria felt amazing, in fact, every time my muscles contacted felt like a mini-pump, that formula must still be working I thought to myself as I entered. And I suddenly realized how hungry I was, sitting down at my usual spot I felt kind of ridiculous with a triple portion of eggs and hash browns, but I knew my body needed it. "Oh ah, hi who are... JUSTIN!" A voice cried to my left. It was Erick, another engineering major I would study with, skinny build, short, not much to look at. "Dude is that you, your huge! And and and, wow your eyes... are you wearing contacts?" "Oh um yeah I have been working out and... wait what is wrong with my eyes?" I noticed my voice was deeper, sexier. "They are just so... blue and and and your face!" I took out my phone and my jaw dropped. My formerly average brown eyes were now a beautiful deep blue, but that wasn't all. My skin was perfectly clear, my cheekbones and masseter muscles were pronounced, my jaw square and chiseled, and my cheekbones were slightly hollowed. I had not the slightest amount of fat under my chin, my neck tendons were pronounced and beautifully framed a masculine Adams apple. Despite all this I still looked like me... like me... but better. I let out a low but audible "ohhhhh" "look man uh" I said pinching the skin of my wrist. Suddenly I paused not sure If I should tell him about the the stuff Logan gave me, if people knew he would be mobbed by people wanting it for themselves. "I ...really don't know, I think I woke up like this, I have been changing a lot recently, but uh... I got to get to class, can I just eat?" Eric's eyes narrowed before returning to their gawking stare, "Ah... um.... yeah man do whatever you need too just, if you find out..." I suddenly felt quite bad leaving him hanging like that, Eric probably felt insecure about himself, I would If I looked like he did. "Look um, I really don't know but... I think I can tell you tomorrow." "Eric face suddenly lit up, "Really?" "I'll tell you everything I know just, but I've got to eat now, I'll talk to you tomorrow." "Man I would do anything to look like you, I can't wait!" After a very awkward silent lunch I was off to my material science class, I couldn't help but get a semi thinking about all the people staring at me down the halls. There was one good looking blond girl, in the middle of being hugged by her boyfriend, wistfully gazing at me while bighting at her lower right lip. FUCK I'M HOT. It was at this point I could really appreciate my new height, Looking downward at people who were taller than me just this morning felt so powerful, so commanding. I wonder how much I gained, 2-3 inches maybe, damn? Walking into class was awkward, my professor liked to had out physical paper assignments and have them handed back to him on his desk before the lecture. So when I walked by the desk the professor didn't recognize me at first until he squinted, looked confused, and just waved me by. There were a lot of confused and lustful glances thrown towards my way, and it made me waver between horniness and uncomfortably. I sat in the back of the class and everything seemed normal for a while, but soon into the lecture something strange started happening again. It almost felt like a fast low vibration in my muscles, it wasn't too bad, even pleasurable after that workout, but then it was soon replaced by a rhythmic wave through my entire body, soft at first and then approaching orgasmic. It was at this point I realized my clothes felt more snug than earlier, then tight, and I realized that Logan's formula was still working. The blissful thrumming through my body began to intensify into large waves but slow down in frequency, I did everything I could to not moan and draw attention, my big dick was a full mast. Then, with the next wave, my body tensed tighter than before and all I could hear was... RIIIP RIIIIIP POP POP POP My Denim jacket had ripped on both sides from shoulder to bicep, the top three buttons had popped off from the chest, sending them careening away as my chest and arms visibly grew. That was HOT. Luckily my elderly professor hadn't noticed and kept on with his lecture, but several other students had and were watching me was a mixture of confusion, pleasure, and awe. I began to strip of the jacket but had to resort of a little bit of tearing when I couldn't take the damn thing off. I was now just in my tank top and jeans, each had gotten very tight. I couldn't help but look at my body like the others; peering over my now heaving mountainous pecks was the perfectly formed landscape of my new eight pack, flanked by well defined obliques. My Tank top had ridden up a few inches reveling a gorgeous Adonis belt cascading toward my swollen bulge. The temptation to peer under my shirt was strong, but if I did that it I had the sense it would just snap off. I sat there dumbstruck for the next few minutes waiting for it to happen again, partially terrified of soon being naked in class, partially wishing it would happen. "Well I think we will cut the lecture there, we will pick up next week where we left off", Said the professor. Despite being in the back of the lecture hall, I was one of the fist out the door, I needed to get to a bathroom before I burst out of my clothes. I reached a one person unisex bathroom just as it started up again, this time I couldn't hold back. I watched in the mirror with ecstasy as the growth hit me again, rippling through each and every fiber and bone in my body as my clothes began to tear all over and I actually saw myself sprouted up another inch or so. My cock sprung forward revealed its now thick 9" glory, jutting out atop two tangerine sized balls. It took me a second to catch my breath and take in my surroundings. Everything but me seemed so small now, I had to duck down a little to see my full face in the mirror, my face had gotten better again, it was now hard to recognize myself it it, I was looking like a model now. Straightening back up and looking around I must be about 6'2" now, or even taller. I began to tear off the ribbons of former clothing and started to flex and rub my amazing body, particularly bouncing my new pecks. It was the first time all day I really got the opportunity to admire how much I had changed. I had gone from a decent athletic build to a huge stud in hours and now I loved every square inch of the new me from gorgeous face to my monstrous calves. But it also soon occurred to me what a serious situation I was in, I definitely couldn't leave butt naked, they would kick me out of school. Maybe I could tie some of my ruined clothes into a loincloth and make a run for it? looking back and forth from the tatters at my feet down at my upgraded equipment I thought it doubtful. ...Wait a second I said to myself, I'll call Logan! Man I haven't been able to talk to him all day, wait tell he sees this! Rifling through my bag I found my phone, he had texted me just once minutes ago, it simply read, "How's the new you?" Part of me really wanted to send him a picture... but I thought it would be better to have him see my new body for himself. "FUCKING AMAZING! How did you even do this?!? I said, followed by, "Say, could you bring me some XXXL clothes, I'm trapped in a bathroom in the math and science building". "Already on it big guy" Suddenly there came a knock on the door, could he really be that fast? "...Hello?" "I'm here to rescue you silly, open up". Said Logan. I peered out the door and pulled him inside, he was holding an oversized duffle bag, and looking particularly well dressed in a nice white collared shirt. I was struck by how tiny he looked now that I had gained over a half foot on him. He looked back up at me with a satisfactory smile, tugged at his collar and and said, "Helloooo daddy, say have you been working out today?" I don't know what it was, but with that that little act but I just became overwhelmed by the urge to fuck him. I pined him up against the wall and began to lift up his shirt, moving in to make out with those handsome lips. "Whoa whoa whoa, settle down there stallion, we can't do this just yet." "Well... why not?" I said with palpable disappointment. "Well you haven't finished growing yet silly" Wait .....what?!? Too be continued...
  18. Guest

    The Cursed Spring

    You should stop. You know how wrong it is. You know the consecuences very well. You know this will change you forever. You know nothing is changing you back. But your mind has been decided. ... You were always an average guy. Average body, average life, etc. The only thing that wasn't average was how arousing muscles on men were for you. You always wanted to grow that big, that massive. Have everyone worship you, feel all that muscle over as their hands caressed every crevice of your massive body. Or also having one of those muscle gods dominate you in every way, their huge, muscular bodies for you to touch and worship, their thick gods inside of you as they flexed for themselves. But you never could grow much at all, no matter how hard you tried. So you resigned yourself to your average life. That is, until you recieved a message from a coworker, telling you a secret spring out of town that could make all of your dreams come true. He told you the place seemed to be cursed though, and that people that were to look for it never returned, but he also said it was just some scary legend. Not having anything to lose, you go to the place on a weekend, your friend having given you a map of it. "Hmm...here it is." The place was a, indeed, a natural spring, hidden well enough inside the forest that you were surprised nobody had found it. But you felr something else was afoot. The road there was completely nonsensical, and even with the map you were sure you got lost at least thrice. Not wanting to waste any more time, though, you quickly lose your shirt and pants, leaving the speedo you were wearing on, and take a step into the spring. To your surprise, it wasn't cold at all, it was at the perfect tempetature, to the point it barely felt as if you were inside. Walking deeper and deeper, you eventually sit yourself on one of the rocks, the water reaching your belly. You didn't know exactly what would happen, but your friend did told you to just come and swim in here. Maybe he just wanted you to have a clear head after such a stressful week? "...Mmf?" Your thoughts get interrupted, though, when you feel your cock get tighter in your speedo. Weird. You weren't really hard right now, and yet it definitely felt tighter. Before you could do anything, though, the same sensation spread to the rest of your body. "W-what the-" Your arms, they felt much, much more tighter, as if they had just been through an intense workout. And, right in front of you, they started swelling in size, thicker and longer. "Holy fuck! Mmf!" The sensation intensified, slowly becoming quite pleasant, almost pleasurable. Your chest followed with the growth, your pecs growing and expanding in size, becoming quite heavier and firm, veins appearing through them. Even your own nipples started to grow in size, becoming longer. "T-this is insane..." You almost couldn't believe how big you were becoming. Slowly, and hesitantly, you bring your new grown arm to your pecs, rubbing them, and feeling how strong they were. You pinch one of your nipples, which used to be the less sensitive part of your body. Yet the moment you do, a loud moan leaves your mouth. It felt no different than gripping the head of your cock. The sudden rush of pleasure made you fall deeper into the spring, now up to your neck, and while panting, you noticed the changes continue, the sensation in your speedo intensifying once more, and your height growing considerably. Your cock was growing, now fully hard, and was trying it's best to free itself from it's speedo prison. Your once flat belly grew an 8-pack, bits of hair appearing through it and on your still massive pecs. Your pits weren't safe, either, hair growing on them at a fast rate. Through the water, you could see it. It stretching the fabric of your speedo, slowly yet surely bulging, throbbing, and growing. Along with it your legs followed, expanding in size the same way your arms just did. The sight made you pant with need. With all hesitation out of the window, you pinch your nipples as hard as you can. Twisting them, pulling them, rubbing them. It was as if your nipples were now cocks, they released a white, thick substance, definitely cum, begging to be worshipped at all times, and your actual cock really liked the pleasure. "Fuck...fuck...more, more!" Your nipple worshipping sent your body into overdrive, a strange heat sipping through. The growth intensified. Your already big arms doubled in size, your biceps becoming bigger than your head. Your pecs grew once more, almost raising your head and shallowing it completely. Your back also wasn't forgotten among these changes, your traps pushing your head onwards as your back kept expanding and dividing. A part of you thought this was becoming much more than you bargained for. If you grew any more, you would be a freak! But it felt so good...how could it be bad? How could it be wrong? "O-ooooh..." The flicker of panic is drowned by what comes next, your cock had already been leaking pre for a while, but the sudden growth made it shoot once, twice, thrice. Each time rising it higher and higher from the water, until it was floating in front of you, as big and thick as a long, yet still throbbing. You were producing pre as if it were cum, coming so close to cumming, and yet your own body was teasing you and holding you back. Panting, your hands still trying to rub your nipples, you slowly thrust your hips upwards, the movement against the speedo sending wave after wave of pleasure through you. The growth continued down your ass, becoming thicker, bigger, and stronger, and helping push the speedo to it's limits. Your ass was clearly becoming much kore sensitive, too, as rubbing against the surface was sending shivers all around. "I'm...i'm..." You were in heaven. You had never felt so much pleasure, so much stimulation, in all of your life. The throbbing, leaking cock, becoming bigger and bigger, more and more sensitive, the tight and pleasurable feeling of growth all over your body, your pecs, almost trapping your head in a prison of sweat and musk, your nipples, no different than a pair of fat cockheads now, intensifying the growth, your biceps, bigger than your own head, being clear shows of your power, your ass, the ass of a true muscle god, being so sensitive to the touch... "GRAAAAAAAH!" With a loud ripping sound, the speedo came undone, your cock was set free, and the release was strong enough to send your balls into overdrive. And so, you came. With the force of a natural geyser, sending the thickest load you've ever seen into the sky, falling right back into the spring. The growth had finally stopped, but this wasn't all of it. No, far from it. Your balls were still quite full, and your cock was still begging for release. "Hehe...so fucking hot..." Barely even needing to lift yourself, you grab your cock, it's massive veins and throbbing making you lick your lips. You thrust your hips again while stroking it in a rhythmical fashion, and your cock happily obliged, shooting again and again into the air, bathing you and the spring in your white, manly seed. Each load felt better than the last one, moans unable to be kept away, you fondling your nipples with your free hand. This was your paradise. You lost track of time, but by the time your balls were empty, the sun was already setting. Your soft cock lay down, sinking under the water and back to between your legs. The spring looked quite smaller than before, and the raw smell of sex and sweat replaced the natural smell it had. You were sure the spring was more cum than water at this point, and the idea made you chuckle in pride. Even so, you couldn't stay there. Rising up from the water, you take a better look at your body. You really had become a muscle god, each crevice of your body was now perfect, and you couldn't help but show off with a double bicep pose. Your hairy pits smelt of musky sweat, and you couldn't help but smile at that. Your cock got hard again, ignoring the hours you spent emptying your grown balls. You softly stroked it, conflicting thoughts in your head. "Should I, really? It's already so late. If it becomes night, I may get pretty lost...but...it feels so...good" Leaving out a needy moan, your lust snd greed win, once more walking into the spring, a smile on your face. Sitting once more in one of the rocks inside the spring, water reaching your pecs, you start stroking, the sensation sending shivers down your spine. It was much, much stronger than before. As if hundred hands were working on each of your body's weak spots. As if our own body became a sexual weak spot. "Oooooh....fuuuuuck..." You even went as far as fingering yourself, your anus so sensitive a single touch send shivers down your spine. "Fuuuuck yeaaaaah...Don't stop this feeling, ever..." You were so focused you didn't noticed when the entrance to the spring had disappeared, covered by rocks, as if it was never there. "So fucking horny...so much muscle...oh fuck..." You kept stroking and cumming, stroking and cumming, the growth slow but certain, your mind so deep in pleasure nothing else mattered. Your kissed your biceps and pulled your nipples. You fingered your ass and, as long as if it was, even dared to suck your own cock. "Please...more...Never enough...I don't want it to stop..." You didn't noticed when the night turned to day, when the days started passing. You didn't noticed when people started looking for you. You didn't noticed when the spring had become mostly your cum, drinking it and bathing on it, only intensifying your own endless pleasure. You didn't noticed when the growth had stopped. Only one word was able to come out between your endless moans of lust and need. "More..."
  19. Muscle fog ogre’s gift Ch 1 part 6 by Big Zargo Human shopping With the fall of Holmes top borough’s hospital and the death of Oliver, Logan decided that staying in one place was dangerous, for no matter how secure it was Owen would eventually find a way in. Their only hope was to go across town into the forest and reach the gate which would allow one to travel great distances and circumvent Owens magical fog barrier. Logan hands out special talismans to each group which will allow them to activate the gate. Now these groups of 5 to 10 people head out to the gate in hopes for their freedom. Each group sets off in different directions in hopes of giving each group a chance to make it to their destination. Two weeks later. The group led by Sam were holed up in a small store after Elmar twisted his ankle. “Just one more day Elmar and we’ll have to leave. I don’t want to leave you or any man behind, but this store doesn’t have enough food for all of us, or very much at all in the first place. If you’re not ready to go, we will have to leave you,” Sam says with sadness in his voice. Elmar lather on the ground on top of a bunch of women’s clothes, rubbing his ankle. “Don’t worry Elmar I will not leave you behind. I’ll carry you and both of our packs if I have to. With your skinny body will be easy for me.” Reynard says in confidence, flexing his biceps. Knock-knock-knock-knock!! Every man’s face turns towards the front of the store where the noise came from. “Little humans little humans let me in, or I will huff and puff and blow your door down.” The deep voice spoke from outside the store. Grabbing his talisman from his pocket Sam starts walking towards the front of the building. First Sam check the Windows to make sure there aren’t any other ogres nearby by peeking through the shutters and window covers. Then with the talisman in his hand he steps outside of the store. “You’re a brave one, aren’t you?” The ogre says while backing up, Sam’s talisman glowing a harsh bright white light. This ogre had orange colored skin, on a 10 feet tall and wide muscular body, covered in gray hair, short spiky hair connected by sideburns with a strong square jaw covered in a 5 o’clock shadow. His grace blue eyes were gleaming with sexual hunger and the desire to corrupt. Surprisingly to Sam and his group of survivors, the ogre was wearing a kilt made out of brownshirts and had intelligence, unlike the other ogres who were dumb and naked, and wandering the streets looking for their next victims to fuck. “Yes, yes, I am, monster. We will not be coming Owens sex slaves we will not accept his so-called gift,” Sam says with conviction. The ogre roars in agony as Sam’s talismans given by the wizard / Guardian Logan, both burns with pain and forces him to move back from in front of the store. “That’s right you muscle freak get back. The power of this talisman forces you to get back.” Sam yells out. “So be it. Remember this name, human. Charlie. I will come for you and I will make you my personal cum truck,” Charlie says well yelling out in pain. Charlie quickly turns around and starts running away deeper into the mist then deeper into the fog. Looking to the sky Sam sees that the night is coming, soon the mist will transform into the muscle fog; not even the talismans can keep them safe if they are exposed for too long. “We should leave soon as possible. The ogre might return tomorrow with some friends. Judging by the way the sun is setting will have to leave early in the morning; We can’t risk traveling by night,” Sam says to his group, with concern on his face. Sam soon delegates watch time to the group of survivors. With him and Reynard taking the first watch, then Eli and Elmer taking the second and finally Xavier and Tommy. Eli grumble but accepts his guard watch. Each man starts resuming work on securing the area before heading to sleep. “Do you know how much power the talismans have left,” Reynard asked Sam? “It’s still glows green on the back, so it’s still close to fill. But you must conserve power as much as possible. we may not have taken the longest way to the gate, but we still need to avoid the downtown area,” Sam says. Couple hours later The first hour for Eli and Elmer had been pretty boring for the two men. When Eli spotted two ogres. “Yuck, those two muscle monsters are fucking right in front of us,” Eli says with discuss. “I know we should be lookouts, but I don’t think Sam wanted us to watch this all night,” Elmer said. Both men turning around and placing their backs to the door trying to ignore the sounds of Ogreish fucking, Unaware that the two ogres were a distraction. On the roof top of the building that they are staying in, an ogre cloaked in the shadows of night places a stone disk with strange magical symbols on top of the roof. Within 30 minutes the stone magic subverts the protections of the building that the survivors are standing in. Within 10 more minutes the power of the talismans that Eli and Elmer had on them fizzles out. The next 10 minutes Eli and Elmer minds became foggy and lusty as the fog secretly seeps in, wrapping around their legs and slowly turning them into ogres. Xavier was the first one to wake up and the first one to realize something was wrong. He woke up on his own rather than being woken up by Eli and/or Elmer, and he had an extreme case of mourning wood. He had quickly and quietly got up, checking his surrounding before quietly waking everyone. Thanks to the morning light, Xavier could tell that there was a light dusting of Mist all over the floor. Does not take very long for someone to succumb to muscle fog but does take time for someone to succumb to its mist form, Xavier had thought to himself while he was waking up the other survivors. It didn’t take Xavier very long for him to find Eli and Elmer; For they had been transformed into ogres. Their destroyed clothes were on the floor with a trail of destroyed and fallen racks and shelves led to them. “How did we sleep through that,” Xavier thought to himself. There were like two huge bears like men sleeping like babies. Each of survivors grouped together at the back of the store. “Everyone gather your things. We need to leave now,” Sam said in a whisper. “I’ll take point,” Tommy whispered. All of the survivors quickly and quietly gathered all their supplies, before gathering in front of the door to the back exit. Tommy grabs his talisman and fails to notice that the power was gone. he slowly and cautiously opens and seeing that the coast is clear, and that the alley was cleared. He begins walking through the door. “Looks like it’s good and empty,” Tommy said turning his face towards the others. But before Tommy could move away from the door a ball of condensed muscle fog falls upon Tommy’s body. “Eaaaaaaaa!” Before everyone’s eyes Tommy starts transforming into an ogre. The ball of condensed fog passes through Tommy’s mouth and like a balloon he grew and swell with size and muscles. His skin turns into a shade of orange. As his clothes quickly become tight with his growing muscular body. Within a blink of an eye Tommy have been changed from average man into a huge tan heavyweight bodybuilder and yet his transformation was not over. For now, his clothes starting to rip and tear as he grew into a monstrous inhuman size. His shoes burst open revealing his huge growing feet. His belt strains against his growing body before submitting to the changes and snapping off of his growing waistline. The survivors can clearly see Tommy’s growing six-pack in front of their startled eyes. Like an opening mouth, eyes shaped tears appear a pawn side of Tommy’s pants revealing his growing muscular thighs before falling apart onto the floor with his boxers. His cock quickly becomes erect as it begins to swell and lengthen; Inch by inch first from its 5 inches than six than seven than eight then 9, 10,11, and finally 12 inches. With each inch of growth of his cock he leaped out his humanity through his cum, as his balls have been starting to replace with Ogreish cum. As his cock grew so did his balls quickly swelling into the size two big oranges. The straps on his backpack quickly fell off, as his shirt tour from the middle of his chest and back. Survivors witness how Tommy’s shirt bursts off of his huge meaty pillow size pecs and how the monist hair on his body grew and spread-out words over his body starting out with his pecs. From his upper body the growth and transformation propagate to his arms, starting with the shoulders which became huge boulders, then to his bicep which became size bowling balls, wrists that grew too large for the largest of human watches and have that quickly grew into huge baseball mitts which became large enough to cover a man’s face. The worst thing for the survivors to see, is how Tommy’s face change. Starting with his neck bulging thickening veins popping out as skin turns to a shade of orange. The Facial features begin to become brutish, with eyebrow ridge growing and becoming pronounce, with his stubble jaw becoming blunter and square, his nose became more rounder. Tommy quickly grew to the point he completely blocked the doorway of the exit with his size, to the point that the other survivors cannot even see his head. Within a mowing muffled by the wall he came shooting last of his humanity to the horror of his friends in the other survivors. “No way,” Xavier said in stun and shocked. They were all shocked and just standing there but Sam was the first one to break the shock to realize the implication. “Everyone we have to go back to the lobby of the store for we cannot stay here,” Sam says. Breaking the shock that they had over them, and they ran. The group of survivors come back to the main room of the store to find Charlie and his group of ogres ready to meet them. “We will huff and puff and blow you all guys down,” Charlie yells out. Then him and the other ogres took a deep breath before blowing all over the survivors, in a form of a powerful wave. The survivors wet on their knees with grins all over their faces and erect cocks. “They’re all yours believe that one to me,” Charlie said while pointing at Sam. With his words Charlie grabs Sam and peels his clothes off like a banana as if his clothes were like wrapping paper. “I’ll choose the big one,” said the biggest ogre with gray skin. “Nice choice Gareth,” says one of the other ogres. The rest of the survivors try to resist but they were sluggish things thanks to the ogre’s breath magical attack. Each ogre took great delight at picking their humans to turn into ogres and temporary sex slaves. Each ogre stripping their human down and carrying them like a fireman; with the People’s ass facing the heavens and their faces pressed against the ogre’s hairy muscular back. “Let’s secure these humans with the magical bindings, then we will destroy this building and this block buildings,” Charlie said. From the back of the room the now Ogreish Tommy walks in with another more hairy and shorter ogre. “I’m going to take this fine lad with me if you don’t mind? Just a couple more of these groups and one more wizard and this town will be ours,” the short ogre says. “That was the deal, Reginald. Once we’re done converting these humans into our brothers will send you the video of it,” Charlie said. With their goodbyes to Reginald the rest the ogres quickly secured the humans, then began demand their work of destroying the area of the town. One by one the survivors were picked off and tell only Sam, Reynard and Xavier remained; the ogres becoming inpatient and lustful during their breaks. The survivors watched friends, family and comrades being forced to the smelly pits, chests, feet and balls of the ogres and saw how the victims changed. First, they would stop resisting. then they would begin lick and/or sniff the musky area. Then their cocks would become erect, and if possible, they would begin humping and/or grabbing their cocks. These actions would eventually cause the ogre to become erect as well and like moth to the flame the victim would be attracted to it; the victims would begin licking at it, sucking at it, or in some cases tried to rub their asses against it. The ogres would sometimes bend down so that their victims could serve them and another times the victim would kneel a little, instead. At this point the victim skin would start to change color, from a human natural shade to a shade of orange like their skin was becoming tan while those with light brown or brown became a lot darker. Their bodies would begin to grow wider and taller, and with it there their muscles as well. For some the fat on their body would disappear while for others the fat would transfer being evenly distributed against their growing bodies. Like a horror show to the tied-up victims, they watched how the others grew into tan looking bodybuilder’s and/or strongman. Their backs growing and becoming developed, as their trapezius grew on their swelling neck to the point, they suffered bulls’ neck. Their ass, thighs, and calves would swell, their ass was like two huge balls squished together, their thighs were like tree trunks with teardrops etched on the front and their calves were like huge footballs. Body hair had grown or were started growing all over the victim’s body; when they had reached a size 7 feet and their bodies were like heavy weight bodybuilders and/or strongman. The victim’s bodies began to shake and tremble, as their human’s bodies reach to their limit. Then the true change began to happen. Like a second growth spurt the once human victims completely transformed into ogres. There once already huge 7 feet tall bodies had grown to a large 10 feet or taller monster, their pecs, biceps, ass, thighs, and calves would grow until they were larger than humans’ head. All of their facial structure would change that nose becoming blunter, jaw squaring out before being covered by beard and/or 5 o’clock shadow, there eyebrow ridges becoming more pronounced as their eyebrow’s became more thicker and asked their hair grew out and/or became more shorter or even bald. When the transformation was complete the victims now monster cock would shoot at the last of their humanity in a massive orgasm, which the ogre would come before the transformation or after it. The most horrible part of it all was the victims’ eyes, were once there were a glimmer of intelligence and person, now there was dim a mindless hunger for sex and destruction. Their dumb minds and blank expressions of joy made a disturbing site for the remaining victims; for they had become monstrous muscle bear of a caveman in other words an ogre and joining Owens horde of muscle monsters. Once the transformation was done the ogres might have a second wind and began having sex, but once they were done the ogres would begin tearing apart the surrounding area with their terrible strength. The ogres uplifted cars like they were nothing moving them into a pile, they punched through walls like cardboard. They easily snapped telephone poles like twigs, bend streetlamps and sign like slim metal coat hangers. They did not even break a sweat while they were breaking and destroying buildings in the nearby area. What once had taken weeks and/or months to build was now destroyed in a single day, a single afternoon. Once the ogres were done destroying the area so that no one could hide their, the last three survivors were taken to the camp of the ogres the village of tents.
  20. Tales From A Muscle Growth Cartel Part 1 - Sometimes Drugs Give You More than a High Jack was a drug kingpin of sorts. Like any potent drug, people craved it, they came to him, offered him their life’s treasures and he gave them their fix. In a world where usually only the strongest survive and only the smartest staid on top, he was doing quite well for himself and living an easy life. That was because in Jack’s case there were no rival drug lords because what he had to offer nobody else could give. His drug came from within. Jack had a special ability that no one could explain. You see, he found from an early age that his cum had an odd effect on people. When he fucked someone or they sucked him off, their bodies would change. When he was only fifteen he and his best friend started screwing around and before they were done, Charlie was bigger than the captain of the football team with a dick that looked like it came from a donkey instead of a person. That’s when he learned that the more cum someone consumed, the more they would change. Which brings us to the second unique thing about Jack. He knew from the first time he had ever jerked off that there was no limit to the amount he could cum. The more he jerked, the more his cock and balls grew to keep up. Of course there were times when he lost control, leading to his room having to be renovated several times before he left home. Then after he was done, over the course of several hours, his nuts would slowly shrink back to their usual fist size. At an early age, Jack used his “gifts” on his friends. This caused him to have so many friends that his high school dominated almost every men’s sport they competed in while he was there. Then he noticed a strange thing. About a month after fucking his friends into a new body they started to lose their muscles and no amount of weight lifting could maintain what they had. Eventually after a year they would end up skinnier than they were before with a smaller dick. Jack would fuck them all again and their killer bods would be restored but they never lasted as long the second time and the third time was even worse. Soon every jock in his high school was addicted to his cock which is when he realized the potential for a business opportunity. After he graduated he moved to LA where he found many who were desperate for his services. There were so many aspiring models and actors that needed an edge. When they couldn’t pay he would have them do favors for him that were worth even more. All of his body guards were simply guys willing to give up their lives for a continuous supply of his cum. Which was convenient because while his talents left him with a muscular frame, sometimes the demand for his juices left his balls so huge he couldn’t walk so they had to carry him. He built a reputation for rarely leaving his mansion in the hills and never wearing clothes. Which brings us to an early afternoon in the spring. He was sitting on his couch, his bowling ball sized nuts were sitting on the cushions, resting from a busy morning and his 12’’ soft dick was splayed over his thigh. He was watching the news and eating lunch when one of his body guards walked into the room. Chad was nearly seven feet tall. His massive package was hardly covered by the speedo Jack made all of his people wear. “That guy from last night is back. Pretty sure he’s just as broke as he was. You want us to beat the crap out of him?” “Who, Kyle? No, I figured he’d be back,” Jack answered. “I have a job lined up for him. Let him in.” Kyle was dressed in a white polo with khaki’s. He looked more at home on a golf course than a drug din. About five years ago he had decided to skip all of the hard work and take the ultimate short cut for the perfect bod. The cum infusions had become so frequent lately that even though he had a great job at a software company, he had blown through his savings and his girlfriend was starting to notice things going missing. His biceps bulged against the sleeves of his polo, but not like they had last week. But pay day wasn’t until next week and the bank refused to give him more loans because he was so deeply in debt. Not to mention all of the money he owed Jack. He walked in the room looking nervous and immediately had an uncontrollable hard on. The smell of that sweet cum that he wanted so badly was hanging in the room. “Kyle, have a seat,” he said affably enough. “So I was thinking, you know that if you just hook me up this one time I’ll pay you double for it next week,” the visitor said darting his eyes from side to side, nervously. “Now Kyle,” the practiced speech that he had said to so many began, “I don’t run a charity. You want something of mine, you have to pay for it.” “Yeah, Jack, I will. I just need the stuff now and when I get the…” “You already owe me thirty grand, you gonna make it forty?” Then his voice became softer. “No, no Kyle. I need something that’s worth more than a promise. Did you have time to think about my little job offer I gave you last night?” “Look, I have a job and girlfriend, I can’t just whore myself out for you.” “Please, man, spare me the girlfriend line. You guys always want the perfect bod so you can screw around. Don’t pretend that you want to look like that to be loyal.” He laughed. “Besides, you’re gonna have a pretty hard time convincing the guy that you’re begging for a fuck from that sex is something special that you save for your sweet heart.” “But that’s different…” “Ha! Sure it is. How long you think that relationship’s gonna last when she realizes the money is all gone and that perfect body shrivels up. You’ve got about two weeks tops before you look like a smack addict.” He laughed in his face. “Look, I don’t like to cut people off. So work for me and get all you want for free.” “All I want?” His hands and lips started to tremble. The thought made him go hard instantly. “Did I stutter?” “I mean I…” Kyle murmured something incoherently and Jack started to play with his cock. Precum started to ooze down the semi-hard shaft filling the room with even more of that oh so potent cum musk. “You know what you want. Fuck the chick, she can’t give you this. Crawl over and have a taste.” When Jack said crawl he meant it and Kyle knew the only way to get a free taste was to humor him. So got on his hands and knees and moved over to the couch where he began to lick the sweet jizz. “Fuuuuuck,” Kyle groaned as his muscles began to tingle. The growth was always accompanied by the most intense pleasure of his life. “Fuck yes, I’ll do it.” He said trying to suck down as much jizz as he could. “Not so fast.” Jack reached over Kyle and pulled his phone out. “Call the chick and tell her you’ve found someone else. I don’t want her wondering where you are and calling the cops.” “But my…” Jack shoved his face against the jizz fountain as he whimpered his protests. “Fine, fuck, I’ll do it,” he cut in. So after five minutes of listening to the most pathetic conversation he had ever heard Jack signaled him to hang up. Kyle was visibly shaken by what he had just done but a cum load to the face made him snap out of his stupor. “Come get breakfast,” Jack taunted. Kyle launched himself at the dick sucking away. Jack was jizzing like a faucet and with each gulp Kyle could feel his bi’s, tri’s, pecs, and delts swelling. “Mmmm fuck yeah,” he moaned, the growth made him forget about what he’d just done. He savored every drop as his shirt began to fit him like it did last week, so tight. He was waiting for Jack to pull out like he always did but it didn’t happen. He even looked up at him expecting to be told he’d had enough but Jack was just groaning with his eyes closed. Suddenly Kyle felt his shirt give way. He heard a loud rip as his pecs burst out of his polo. His cock emerged from his waistline as his ass and thighs began to shred his shorts. His balls sank down like grape fruits and touched the floor. He was becoming freakishly huge but still he didn’t stop. He wanted more, he couldn’t think straight anymore. His cock grew thicker than his wrist and began to drool cum all over the floor while each of his pecs swelled larger than his entire chest was before he came in. His nipples were continuously pushed further down by his expanding chest. His eight pack abs looked like swelling boulders. Meanwhile Jack’s balls had expanded into beach ball sized nuts to keep pace with all of the cum as they churned out more and more seed to fuel Kyle’s transformation. Kyle’s mind slowly gave way to the pleasure. All he could think of was fucking and sucking as he was dumbed down. His cock grew fatter than a normal person’s arm as it grew between his gigantic pecs and began to splash jizz into his own face. Still he continued to bore down on that cock, not caring about the freak he was becoming. Jack’s balls grew so large one of them fell off the couch with a tremendous thud. Each one weighed over one hundred pounds. Kyle felt hands grab him from behind and pull him backwards. He struggled to reach the cock again but there were four of them and he was delirious from the cum. They shoved his face into his own cock massive head which was already at mouth level. He instinctively started sucking that instead and he was dragged down a hallway into a bedroom. His volleyball sized nuts trailed along the floor. They hoisted him up and placed him on the bed but he was so engrossed in stroking his massive cock and sucking himself that he barely noticed what was going on. He was impossibly huge he was almost 7 ½ feet. His 800-pound frame sank into the sturdy mattress. His arms were so large that he could barely reach his cock. Jack could be heard in the other room talking with his muscular attendants. “No, he’s not done yet. The client wants them bigger.” The body guards arrived again and this time they were carrying Jack’s huge nutsack. Each massive ball was being toted by one of massive men. “Spread him!” Two body guards spread Kyle’s legs and Jack forced his way into the tight hole. A hydrant of cum poured into him and he groaned in uncontrollable pleasure. Kyles were bulging uncontrollably, striving against each other for space. His arms became so beefy it became harder to move them. Suddenly he couldn’t reach his cock anymore. As Jack pounded away, Kyle became more and more of an immobile sculpture. When he could no longer do more than wiggle, Jack pulled out. Kyle was laying there helplessly, his fat cock was drooling all over his face. “Ughh—you said all cum I want! Want more!” “And so I did. I just never said it would all be mine. I have a few clients who are willing to pay more money than you’ve ever made to use your body as a jungle gym. Have fun.” Jack laughed as they carried him out. In the world of instant gratification Jack was like a casino. He provided thrills, a rush, and temporary gains you could never achieve on your own but in the end, the house always won.
  21. HandsomeLitleBoy

    Family trouble...

    PART ONE - Meet the family Firstly, this is my first attempt to write a story, so be kind, my mother-tongue isn’t English. Let’s meet my family. I am Max and the last two years were dramatic for my whole family. But let’s start 2 years ago. We are a big family living in a Greek suburb. My dad and mum had 6 kids. One daughter and 5 sons. The oldest of my siblings is my sister, Mary. Mary is a 34yo energetic married woman with a kid. She married and had her only-child when she was only 18yo. Her husband, Thomas at 35yo looked like a hulk. He was an Olympic athlete at water polo when he was younger, he had a passion on building his body and that showed. His tall, hairy, thick muscled frame at 1,98cm (6’5) was extraordinary. My nephew, Jay was at the time 16yo just as my younger brother. He was really tall. The tallest 16 year-old that I have ever met. He was already surpassing his dad by a few centimeters after a massive growth spurt that hit him last year. He was a polo athlete too, and was coached by his father. Although he had no body hair, he was looking way older than he was. Now meet my older brother, Brad. Brad was a 26yo jet black haired tall guy. He was nearly over 1,85m (6 feet) not really built but he went to the gym once or twice a month for a “quick muscle recovery” as he used to say. He had a really stylish thick beard and a sharp jawline that made him really handsome and confident. He had a girlfriend but he really fucked a different girl every month or so. Next, we have Harry, 24yo guy studying Sociology at a University 5 hours drive from our home. He was the shortest in the family standing at 1,70m (5’6). With an indifferent face wearing glasses and a fluffy, quite fat body with a few random chest hair. He wasn’t the sexy guy around. Then you have me(Max) and Linus. We are two 20yo identical twins. We look exactly the same. We may have really different personalities but we look identical. We used to wear the same t-shirts and everything and we ended up confusing our own parents. We are quite tall at 1,90m (6’2) brown hair, nicely grown beards and a masculine look. We hit regularly the gym the last 3 years as our sister’s husband coaches us with our little-monster nephew. Last we have the younger member of our family, Zac. Zac is very shy, he is not talking much, he has almost no friends and never had a girlfriend. He does really good at school. He was really the same height with our brother Harry but he was surpassing him already. He had a lanky, unnoticeable body, no body or facial hair. Nothing special. Till now….
  22. ZFerrari

    ZFerrari's Ultimate Crossover

    ZFerrari's ultimate crossover Authors note: OK, more parts to some of my other stories and parts of this was supposed be out months ago, but life happens and there's shit you got to deal with. But I'm back now. Wreckage in California: Part One. Isabelle and Aqua are flying to Los Angeles, California. Here there was readings of the wishirite being somewhere in this city. They landed at LAX with special permission from the city. They were escorted out from the jet and into a cab. The cab exits the airstrip and starts going into the city. "Ughh, I hate the city." Isabelle says. "Whats wrong with the city?" Aqua asks. "Traffic, smog, too many rude people. And TRAFFIC" "It aint that bad girl" "Then how come we aren't moving right now?" Aqua looks up and in front of her and sees that they are in fact stuck in traffic. Horns going off everywhere, people yelling out their windows. "Yall honestly can walk if you want to." The taxi drivers says. "We would but Isabelle didn't want to" Aqua says. Its gonna be a while before they get to the hills. "OK, right there" Elliot says. "You sure bruh? we can do it better if you like" Jacqui says. "I got to take more photos so I need to compare" Elliot says. Elliot is currently taking pictures outside on top of DeMarcus' car. He has grown himself into a slim but athletic build, the type to get girls, and thats exactly what he's trying to do. He has Jacqui and Marc helping him get the perfect picture to post on Instagram. Marc walks outside spinning his Lanyard with his keys in it, looking low-key Salty. "I'm still failing to realize why you have to use my car to try and get girls." Marc says. "Cuz your cars are better than mine" Elliot says smiling. "My boy, there's a Ferrari dealership not even 15 minutes away" "There's always somebody flexing on people with a Ferrari. Gotta show em something different. And when they see a fairly young man with long blonde hair, and his shirt off flexing his bicep and showing off his abs, leaning on a hood of a Tuned Lexus IS300, They will go crazy." Elliot says confidently. "I'm assuming you forgot where we live. We live L.A. You can't go 3 yards without seeing something this world has to offer. For all I know, Mark Whalberg prolly did the same except with a 99 eclipse. Plus L.A bitches, not the type of girls you want to get with." Marc said that with some passion. He's actually trying to help this man after the whole saga they had just a couple weeks ago. "Isn't Jacqui an L.A. girl? How did you get with her?" Elliot asks. Marc's heart dropped out of nervousness. He looks at Jacqui with a fearful look and Jacqui looks at him with a look that says "Go ahead, say some slick shit see what happens" "Long story" Marc says. Jacqui nods her like "I thought so bitch" "Alright Jacqui get this one". Jacqui takes the picture Elliot envisioned earlier. She even got some of the mansion in the background to show off. "Alright, got it." Elliot runs to see the picture. "Fucking perfect. I'm posting this right now" Elliot his the post button and already has 30k likes and 1,000 comments, mostly from boys. The few girls, are the typical spam comments that even heavily religious accounts get. "Well you're at least trending" Jacqui says. "Thats some good news I guess. Ima go tell Cade and Dominic I'm trending real quick" Elliot says as he walks off. "I don't know what he expected trying to get bitches on Instagram." Marc says. "Faith. He'll get a girl, whether it be from social media or just meeting a girl, he'll get a special one eventually." Meanwhile... Isabelle and Aqua finally got out the jam on the highway and are almost at the hills. Isabelle is on her phone on Instagram on the trending section. One picture stands out to her though. She taps on a picture that has a Young man with long blonde hair with his shirt off flexing his bicep on top of an old customized sedan. The boy had a fairly athletic build with a toned six pack and a mansion in the background. The boy looked cute to her, but it ain't nothing new to her. The caption said "Any Ladies tryna come through??" seeing that caption made her giggle. 'So damn cringy' she thought to herself. She couldn't but have a lil deja vú since the mansion seemed familiar. Then it clicked. That's the mansion they're looking for. "Girl, check this out" Isabelle shows the photo. Aqua looked at it and immediately saw the mansion. She widened her eyes in realization. "Lemme see that phone. "Any ladies Tryna come through" huh? Fucking cringy. Ay this his how you flirt." Aqua says laughing. Isabelle is excited for what she's about to do. Elliot is sitting in the living room, watching the thunder vs rockets game. This is game 4 for the finals. Rockets leading with a 2-1 game lead and Elliot is rolling for the thunder to win again. Luckily Russell Westbrook is out of the series right now and James harden isn't doing too good either. He gets a notification on his phone from Instagram that someone wants to chat. With all the bots and scammers going around at the moment, he is skeptical about the DM (as he should be) and taps on it. His skepticism went away but only a lil bit after reading the message. "Hey cutie, I saw your last picture and you're hot" Aqua and isabelle started giggling after sending that. "This'll be a piece of cake" Aqua says. "See I would show gratitude, but I really don't know if you're a bot or not, cuz seeing you only have 3 pictures posted all with you at the beach, and you have 15K followers and only follow 300 people doesn't help at all." Elliott replied back. "Damn this boy is smarter than we thought" Isabelle says. "Well... we gotta do what we gotta do." Aqua says reluctantly. She begins taking a video with a flirty voice showing her and isabelle in the back of the taxi. "AYY Elliot! You already know, I'm hanging with my girl Isabelle, we bout to come through in this Uber. Get ready cuz we bout to rock yo world in about 5 min!" Aqua sends the video and gives isabelle her phone back. Aqua starts crying from laughter from the buffoonery she just did. "Aint no way he gon believe that" Isabelle says smiling. *knock* *knock* *knock* Jacqui walks to the front door and opens it. "I need to borrow your house" Elliot says. "Ex fucking scuse me?!" Marc says yelling. He heard him say that from across the house and around the corner in the kitchen. He immediately starts running to the door. "I said, I need to borrow your house" Elliot reiterates. "And why should we do that?" Marc asks. "2 girls was in my DMs from my post earlier! And they coming over here!" Elliot says excitedly. "Nigga, you act like you don't have a mansion literally 75 ft that way." "But she saw this one and I'll eventually tell her the truth, once chase gets back and clean all those nut stains in the gym" Marc looks down thinking and look at Jacqui. Jacqui just shrugs. "Lemme see the DM" Elliot gives Marc his phone. He sees the DM and the video he saw. Jacqui looks at it with disgust as she sees nothing special about these girls. "Elliot are you sure you trust a girl that looks like Cetrion's daughter and another girl who looks a lot like Professor Sonia?" Jacqui asks. "Nothing wrong with trying" Elliot says. Marc thinks about it and hesitantly agrees. "You get one hour and they better be gone. Nothing better be missing and nothing better be happening to our cars or its your ass. AM I CLEAR?" Marc asks. "Crystal" Elliot says. 10 mins later The taxi pulls up to the mansion and Aqua and Isabelle gets out. They look at the house with their hands on their hips. "Yeah, this the one right here" Isabelle says. "We should be able to get it and arrest that cunt and leave. But we got to be patient about it" Aqua says. Marc and Jacqui are on the second floor of the Muscle bros mansion looking through the blinds and the window. Maec has one window and Jacqui has the window next to him. They even got binoculars looking outside. "Yeah, I see them bitches in the street" Marc says. "Thats rather rude, don't you think?" Dominic asks. "Nope, unless you want us to say cunts or hoes or maybe even skanks." Jacqui says. Dominic and Cade are sitting down on a couch upstairs in a hallway, watching their 2 best friends be paranoid as ever. "Come on guys, just trust Elliot on this. Yall need to leave him alone" Cade says. "Yall need to clean that damn gym. There's buckets full of cum and theres cumstains on the walls, on the ceiling and theres even a couple cracks on the ceiling. Yall really be cumming that hard huh?" Jacqui said all of that with an annoyed tone. "I'd be dammed if I got clean Chase' horny ass mess." Dominic says. "Alright, I got better experience with guys. I'll do the talking" isabelle says. "Bitch you thought" Aqua says laughing as she starts walking up to the front door with one hand on her hip. "They're definitely plotting something, cuz the black one is laughing" Marc says. Auqa rings the doorbell. Both Marc and Jacqui's phone goes off because they have the ring security system, like every house does in this neighborhood. Elliot opens the door and he is shirtless with an athletic gymnast build with Nike shorts and Jordan retro 1's. Marc's retro 1's. "Hey ladies, welcome to my house" Elliot says as hes leaning against the door frame flexing his right arm, try too hard to be sexy. "Im gonna kill this faggot when this is all over" Marc says. "Trying too damn hard to be sexy" "Hey boo, you look even prettier in person! Can we come in and possibly get a lil freaky?" Aqua says. "Oh I'll show you freaky" Elliot says smiling. They go in and Elliott shuts the door. Marc and Jacqui step back and think about what they saw. "I still don't trust them one bit" Marc says. "I guess bromine got a lil better huh?" Cade says. Jacqui looks at him. "What do you mean by that?" She asks. "Well I mean you guys are doing the most for Elliot right now. And considering you don't trust these girls to have a threescore with him, i.e. spying on him from his own house, you really care about him. I guess he really is your best friend" Cade says. Marc doesn't have a problem being Elliot's friend, but being called his BEST friend is a lil bit of a stretch. Marc has other friends he hangs out with outside of work. Marc doesn't really take to kind to that. He runs over to Cade and grabs him by the shirt and pulls him to his face. "Ok, look motherfucker, don't you DARE call me his best friend again, unless you want me to make the next 5 years of your life HELL!" Marc yells. Cade looks unfazed as he should. "You got 3 seconds to let go of my shirt before I make the next 5 minutes of your life hell." Cade says. "Oh really and what are you gonna do?" Marc says, challenging him. "Oh you forgot?" Cade says. All of his clothes disintegrated as he grew all of his muscle to an average bodybuilder body type. His cock even grew up to 20 inches standing straight up. Instantaneous growth, all of the muscle bros achieved that. Marc still a piece of his shirt in his hand and dropped it and stepped back, and squared up. "You also forgot I'm a whole lot stronger than what I was 2 months ago." Marc says. "Hmm, talk your shit Marcus" Dominic said. He is looking intrigued at the situation that is happening in front of him. "Put your money where your big mouth is, before I put my fist and cock in yours. Cade says. "Fine. Baby, take this walkie-talkie, go to the house and find out whats really going on between them 3. But don't get caught. I've got beef with this G-eazy looking ass nigga right here." Marc tosses the walkie-talkie to Jacqui and she runs out the room to her house. "So Marcus, do you REALLY want to make the same mistake?" Cade says. "Lego" Marc says.
  23. Well, I already posted this elsewhere, but I thought you guys might get a kick out of it. The Revenge of Jafar : Chapter 1 - "You Can Do Whatever You Wish" I’m not looking for sympathy, I know that 2020 hadn’t exactly been a year most of the world wants to remember, but it’d been a particularly hard one for me. As the Coronovirus spread across the planet and much of the workforce in Britain went into lockdown, my boyfriend, Marcus joined the thousands who were unable to work. I on the other-hand continued to venture into the office to keep the finances of my employer balanced. Working in accountancy might not be a “sexy” business, but as the weeks wore on both Marcus and I were grateful for the regular income. Elsewhere, cracks were beginning to show between the two of us. His casual attitude to cleaning and taking care of our apartment seemed to decline as he filled his days with Xbox Live, microwaveable burgers and watching whatever mindless crap he could find on Netflix. To be fair to him, he’d always been the more chilled-out of the two of us, but our home was slowly transforming into a teenager’s bedroom whilst Marcus transformed at an equally alarming rate. The gyms had closed, the hair stylists had put away their scissors and Marcus was starting to become a victim of these losses. His normally flat, toned stomach had gained a layer of fat whilst his thick arms seemed to be losing definition on a daily basis. I couldn’t complain too harshly, my own physique had never been too impressive - but as a fitness model, the decline Marcus was allowing himself to slide into was somewhat alarming. I’m not saying I only fell for the guy because he had a tight six-pack, cute smile and an arse you could park a bike in… he was charming and sweet, he loved to cook and made me laugh so much. But, as I walked in to our shared home; the place littered with empty Coke cans, random socks and a faint smell of B.O, I was irritated. “Hey Handsome!” I chimed at Marcus as I stepped through the door. He sat on the sofa, controller in hand, headset on, shooting zombies or aliens or God knows what. “You had a good day?” No reply. I stepped between the screen and Marcus. “Hello?” “Oh for fucks sake, Jake! I was winning.” He yelled, throwing the controller down on the coffee table. “I was just saying ‘hello’! I won’t fucking bother now!” He glared up at me. Glancing around the room, I lifted a pair of his worn sweatshorts from the kitchen island, where they’d been left 3 days ago. “Been busy?” I asked. “Oh don’t start with me.” He shot back. “It’s okay for you, you get to go to work”. I stared at him, mouth open, waiting for my mind to find the words, but instead, instinct kicked in. “Oh, I GET to go to work? I GET to wake up at 6am to sit in an office to pay OUR bills? I GET to come home to see MY apartment slowly become a tribute to downtown Beirut?”. And so the argument began. I didn’t mean to be so hurtful, but after weeks of swallowing down little annoyances here and there, the words essentially poured from my mouth. Some time later, after the shouting had stopped, Marcus stomped out of the apartment, a selection of his clothes and carry-able items forcefully stuffed into a holdall. That was three months ago. And I was still struggling to get to grips that the man I’d been with for four years had walked out and not come back after one argument. Fortunately, the world had, in some ways, started to return to normal. Bars and restaurants were open. Shops had embraced the return of their loyal customers and travel restrictions had been lifted. And so, after months of hard graft in the office, I decided I’d take the opportunity to get some sun, unwind and try to get past the events of this horrible year so far. ———————————————————— As I took a sip of my Mojito lounging by the pool of the Shangri-la Hotel, I questioned myself as to why I’d chosen to come to Dubai. As an openly gay man, it wasn’t exactly the no.1 destination to come and cruise for a replacement for Marcus. Still, this late in the year it was the perfect location to get a tan, drink some cocktails and get a little early Christmas shopping done. As I readjusted my sunglasses and sank down into the heavily cushioned sun-lounger, my vision went dark. Lifting my sunglasses, I was greeted by a tall, handsome, dark-skinned man. His black shirt looked painted onto his chunky pectorals and rounded deltoids. Equally black was his impressive thick beard that dipped to the bottom of his neck and framed his square cheek muscles. “You look like a man in need of adventure” he purred. My brain took a second to process his proposition. It came back blank. “I’m sorry?” “Jeep Desert Safari! One on one. A totally Personal experience. Only 500 Dirham.” His deeply accented voice continued, as he pushed a pamphlet into my hand. “I’m sure you’d love it. Out in the sand, bumping and crashing through the dunes.” If he hadn’t been trying to charge me over a hundred quid to sit in a Jeep on some sand, I’d have been certain he was flirting with me. “I… “ I struggled again for words. “I really just want to unwind. Relax by the pool, maybe have a couple of drink..” “Live a little! You’ll love it when the ride gets rough!” He interrupted, his earthy brown eyes penetrating my resistance. And so, less than an hour later Majid and I were blasting down the dunes in his, thankfully air-conditioned Jeep Wrangler. Any pretence of flirtation out of the window as Majid continued to tell me the best places to flirt with the British girls that came to visit and the best places to get a drink where the alcohol wasn’t watered down beyond all recognition. Whilst a small part of me mourned the lack of potential to have a night of wild sex with this handsome Arabian hunk, a rational part of me realised the low potential for this, even if he had been gay, due to my totally average appearance. More immediately, the adrenaline fuelled part of me was genuinely enjoying the G-forces and thrills of driving over the sands. Soon, Majid slowed the Jeep to a standstill atop one of the dunes. Other than the sound of the cooled air rushing from the vents, there was silence. He looked towards me. “We’re well off the typical trails most take here” he practically whispered. “Totally deserted.” I offered, looking out of the windscreen. “Totally deserted desert!” He laughed. I chuckled too, more out of politeness - it wasn’t funny. “Can I get out?” I asked. “You can do whatever you wish.” Majid replied. “Just don’t stay out there too long, you’ll bake your skin.” He laughed again. I reached behind his seat and grabbed my backpack and slung it over my shoulder as I stepped out of the Jeep. The heat was instant and oppressive. I was thankful I’d chosen to wear closed shoes as the sand beneath my feet felt genuinely unbearable to walk on. I reached into my bag to retrieve my phone, opening the camera app, I activated the Panoramic mode and began trying to capture the expansive nature of the sand that surrounded me - only the Jeep giving any frame of reference. As I continued to spin to complete the photograph, something bright reflected against my eyes, briefly dazzling me. I lowered my phone and looked towards the source of the glare. In the huge expanse of sand in every direction, there appeared to be something sticking out of the ground about 30ft away. Trudging towards the mystery item in this brutal heat was torture. Each step a monumental effort. But eventually, I arrived at the source of my curiosity. There, buried in the sand, appeared to be the spout of a teapot. I crouched down and placed my hands around the spout, an eerie coolness tingling on the tips of my fingers. As I pulled the spout upwards, it revealed a pitch black oil lamp. Covered with intricate swirls, and what appeared to be inscriptions, it was almost ice cold to the touch. I raised the lamp to eye level. I couldn’t believe the coolness of the metal against my palms. I pressed it against my forehead and the chilling effect was instant. Pulling it away I looked deeply at the lamp… It was impossible to determine the age, material or even physical origin of it, but it held my curiosity. “MY FRIEND!” Majid yelled. “My friend are you okay?” I whipped around to face him, hiding my literal buried treasure behind my back. “Fine, all good.. just wanted to explore… Laurence of Arabia, you know?” “We should be going. Soon it will get dark!” He offered. “Okay, be right there.” I howled back, stuffing the lamp into my backpack and moving back to the Jeep with a renewed vigour. ———————————————————— I thrust the keycard into the slot of my room’s door, the drive back to the hotel had seemed to pass by almost instantly as my mind became increasingly fixated on the lamp that sat inside my Jack Wills bag. Entering the room, I walked towards the bed and sat down, my fingers unzipping the bag in one fluid motion. Almost like magic, the lamp tumbled out of the opening and onto the crisp white cotton sheets where it sat perfectly on its rounded base. My hands gently cupped around it and raised it to the light, trying to make out the barely visible inscriptions that covered its entire surface. They were so fine, and lightly made that seeing them was near enough impossible. I reached for my phone and opened the Google Translate app. Using camera mode I tried to snap a section of the lamp that seemed to show the symbols “خطر” and “قوة” but the camera seemed unable to pick up the details. I sighed, placed my phone onto the bed and wet my thumb in my mouth. Slowly and carefully I began to rub the insignia on the lamp to try to make it clearer when, abruptly, red smoke began pouring out of the spout. Deep, villainous laughter began to fill the room as the smoke began to coalesce into a solidifying shape. As the smoke became tighter and tighter, the laughter became louder and louder. Before me, a huge, godlike figure began to appear. Laughing heartily, his hugely muscular figure flexed and grew. His skin as red as a bloodstained ruby. Lightning crackled across his impressive frame as he rose higher and higher into the room. His still laughing face seemed fixed in a near instantaneous sneer. His arms large enough to choke an elephant, his deep cobblestone abdominals flexing as his evil chuckling continued. My heart pounded in my chest, fear flushing through my body as he fixed his gaze towards me, his eyes shining yellow without pupils or iris, his thick goatee wrapped around his mouth as he exclaimed in a language I didn’t understand “’iinaa har! huriyat alaintiqam min ealam habsani!” At that point, the world became incredibly wobbly and as I slid off the bed, I began to feel as though I was… about…. to.. faint. Bang. ———————————————————— Jafar glanced at the pitiful human who had collapsed at the mere sight of him. He looked around the room; it looked unfamiliar to the world he knew before being trapped in the lamp. Once again he looked towards the human, and then towards the strange glowing rectangle on the bed next to his cursed lamp. He lifted the item, turning it over in his colossal, clawed hands. “iPhone” he mumbled to himself, and then turned it over and began to investigate it.
  24. Muscle fog ogre’s gift Ch1 part three C by Big-Zargo Story C Blue Bulls Brew Marty’s Elixir was packed with patrons, making Daniel Moore somewhat happy. He was concerned when 6 girls didn’t show up for work today and he was angry when Sally mysteriously disappeared; but with the rest of his male staff he would be able to attend to everyone. Paul’s grandson was having his 21st birthday and Daniel owing him one, was happy to oblige his old friend. “Hey, Mr. Moore I have to go to the restroom, just number one Sir. Craig the beefy bouncer Said. “It’s all right, you can go. Nothing bad is going to happen while you’re in there but make it quick though.” Daniel the skinny bartender said, while smiling. “Wait a second I almost forgot have you seen Sally. She Came here Early but I don’t know why she would disappear, especially on a Friday night.” Daniel said with concern. “Yet that is strange.” Craig said while eyebrows narrowing in suspicion. “Something very bad must have come up. I think after my shift I’ll call her to see if she’s okay.” “Don’t worry about in two minutes I’ll have Jason take my place and make a phone call to her.” Daniel said. Walking past the bar’s countertop Craig headed towards the restroom, a few seconds later Kyle Shepard into the restroom as well and then the man of the hour Paul’s grandson Harry followed as well. The door fell with a crash on to the floor of the bar. All heads swiveling towards the sound of the door’s destruction. All peoples mouse dropping as they saw three extremely huge men. Couple seconds earlier “How do you like your birthday party. I know it isn’t as special now that your older Son; but you have to have fun for their sake.” Paul said to his grandson, with concern in his eyes. “Thanks grandpa.” Harry said with a dim smile on his face. “That’s the spirit boy. Marty’s elixir has a special drink for celebration. It will be your first taste of alcohol and I want it to be special for you since it was the 21st birthday.” Paul said. “Allen, David, and Frank can you guys move over, I have to go to the restroom, Harry said to his some of his rockets friends sitting next to him. Paul smiled at the sight of his grandson, making his way towards the restroom. This would be a good time for get Daniel to bring out the birthday cake and the Majestic Elixir for his grandson. Before could ask one of his grandsons’ friend to go over to Daniel about the cake and majestic elixir. They heard something crash on to the floor of Marty’s Elixir. Present time Three extremely huge hairy men have barged into the bar, with a wave of fog their feet. All in the bar are stun at the site of the huge men all that they were wearing were bowties. Terrence having a big smile at the site of the stunned humans. “It’s show time!” Terrence Yelled out, as he smacked his muscle gut. Terrence was given a light blue tie to complement his dark skin, while Christopher was given a cold green tie over his warm orange skin, while Kenneth was given warm red tie over his pale orange skin. “Let’s make these guys jealous!” Kenneth yelled out as he pounded his huge chest like a gorilla. The people in the bar did not recognize muscle beasts as the three young men who left the bar a couple minutes ago. “Let’s make some room for show.” Christopher said. None of them protested as two of the ogres moved a few tables and chairs. Before anyone could protest three ogres began posing and flexing in front of all the bar patrons with their show. So, transfixed by the muscle show none of the patrons did not notice two ogres coming into the bar and granting Daniel like a twig, and caring him to the employees’ room. “Are you guys ready!” Terrence yelled out. “Yes,” all the bars patrons say the bar patrons in unison. The magical fog flowing through the opening where the three flexing ogres, it caressing and warping Marty’s Elixir making every furniture, food, drink, and decoration disappear leaving the patrons on their feet. Their last grew every second of seeing the flexing ogres. Owen’s magical fog is spreading his influence among the bar patrons causing them to slowly jiz out their humanity. Hands having to reach for crotches because every man in the room cannot resist new or old sexual urges. “Come on Everybody move those hips like your fucking the air!” Kenneth yelled out. Starting with one and then another each man’s hips have started to back and forth. Each man’s cocks became erect, with Kenneth sexy words. Each man having to moan out their pleasure because they found their growing cocks and balls have been freed from the constraints of their pants. The Entire bar have been slowly changing with the inhabitants, what the interior growing taller and wider to fit the bur patrons’ new changes. Fat, or skinny, tall, or short, beefy, or feeble, average and all body types in between, all of the bar patrons grew with Ogreish muscles. Each bar patron’s hair grew wild in different shapes and sizes like, body hair, head hair, beards, mustaches, sideburns, 5 o’clock shadow’s, some even becoming bald. “Okay everyone let’s flex our legs!” Terrence yelled out. “Let’s flex our legs.” the bar patrons say in unison. All of the men’s Feet, Calves, Thighs, and Butts all grew with muscle in response of flexing their legs. All of their pants and shorts weren’t able to handle the growth of muscle and falling on to the floor in tatters. All three ogres have been smiling at the site, of people bursting their pants and shorts with their huge Ogreish legs. “Your guys legs looking fine.” Christopher said. The men were looking pretty weird with big Ogreish legs on scrawny human bodies, so the three flexing ogres in bowties just had to fix that. “Okay everyone let’s start flexing our chests!” Kenneth yelled out, as he began to flex his chest muscles. “Let’s start flexing our chests.” the bar patrons say in unison, as they began flexing their chest muscles. All of the men’s abs, and pecs all grew with muscle in response of flexing their chests. Their waists have widened as their chest expanded. All their shirts having joined their pants, sorts, undergarments, socks and shoes on the floor in tatters, as their clothes have been piling up. “That’s right keep flexing your chest. We’re going to make you guys into real sexy ogre.” Kenneth said. Their pecs were like huge pillows and abs were like big steel bumps, even on some of the changing men you could not see their ads because of their fat belly. Waves of primal energy have been bombarding the bars patrons adding pounds of Ogreish growth. Their minds and souls are changing to accept the Ogreish ways. “Let’s continue with our upper body with our arms!” Christopher yelled out. “Let’s continue with our arms.” The bar patrons say in unison, as he began flexing their arm muscles. All of the men’s hands, lower arms, biceps and shoulders grew with muscle in response of flexing their arms. Every men’s hands grew into huge mitts with sausage White fingers, their lower arms grew to compensate for their growing biceps which have grown the size of large bowling balls and find their shoulders grew into huge boulders. “You guys arms are looking good. Nice and thick, built like a brick.” Christopher said. The place was starting to smell less like a bunch of humans and more like a bunch of ogres, as the air was suffused with sweaty ogre musk; that came from the changing bar patrons. Terrence turned around and yelling out, “All right boys let’s finish up with flexing our backs!” "Let’s flex our backs.” The bar patrons say with a deep voice in unison, as they began flexing their back muscles. All of the men’s latissimus dorsi, teres, and trapezius grew in response of flexing their back muscles. Each man back grew until they have formed Wings with their back muscles, each man’s trapezius grew with their neck and tell it became indistinguishable. “All right everyone freestyle flexing.” All three flexing ogres in bowties said that once All of the men in the room were now too far gone in their transformation to turn back. “Damn you guys looking Fucking cut.” Kenneth said. The finalization of their Ogreish transformation was now starting to begin. All of the men noses have swelled, rounded and widen out, while their eyebrow ridges became more pronounce, there jaw have squared out and their canine became more sharper. They all gain brutal caveman facial features as their eyes slowly regaining focus. One by one each of the bar patrons have been grabbing their cocks and masturbating, each excepting the changes each wanting the changes each masturbating for it. Eventually the former humans came, shooting their humanity out through there fat Ogreish cocks. The Magical fog eight up all of the cum filled with humanity, leaving the ogres and the changing building clean from human cum. Marty’s elixir’s Restroom Blinking at the same time all Three occupants of Marty’s elixir’s restroom, they all felt like they woke up from a dream. “Man, it felt like, we were pissing here for hours.” Kyle said while peeing in the urinal. Me to, Kyle. It feels like hours have pass. Well I got to get back to work, Kyle. The night isn’t getting any younger. Craig said while drying off his hands. Walking towards the door Craig said to the passing Harry. “Happy birthday kid. Marty’s special elixir is well worth it.” Smiling back at Craig, Harry walked towards the urinal, Kyle said. “It’s your birthday?” “Yeah, it’s my 21st.” Harry said shyly. “Well that’s nice. May the rest of your birthday night be fun. I think I’m going to take a beer to go. I feel so tired, so I’m just going to head home.” Kyle said while washing his hands. “Don’t drink too much, hangovers are a pain.” Kyle said goodbye to Harry as he left the restroom, soon after Harry zipped up his pants, washed and dried his hands and left the restroom. Craig Soon after leaving the restroom Craig notice that something was different about the building. He did not remember the restroom door being on the right he remembered it facing toward the front of the bar, and there was never a hallway especially a large. Looking to his right he notice a wall made of fog, and when he looked to the left discovered a giant door with a just as huge lock on, the whole thing must have been twice the size of a regular door. At a closer examination Craig discovered that the giant door was slightly open. Deciding that the walls fog was too bizarre, Craig began walking towards the giant door. When he passed through the giant door, he noticed that the room was filled with racks of huge beer barrels. Craig did not remember ever seeing this room in Marty’s elixir, he remembered seeing the storage room where they kept their alcoholic beverages, but this room was different somehow. Walking in deeper into the room he noticed a logo on one of the huge barrels: The Blue Bulls Brew. Craig heard the giant door closing shot. “There is our bouncer.” said a deep familiar voice. Turning his head around, Craig saw an extremely huge man wearing, a cowboy hat with bull horns, a blue and white polka dot vest, a blue tie, a white sleeve up shirt, blue pleated pants, big black leather shoes. He also had, blonde hair, familiar blue eyes, a strong jaw, a round, a beard like a lion’s mane, hairy arm, and he so pack with muscles that Craig could see it through his clothes. The huge muscle beasts’ eyes were familiar to Craig, but the fierce site of this beast made him pause. “Now Craig, you cannot be wearing those clothes. You have to wear company uniform of the Blue Bulls Brew.” The muscle beasts said while chastising at Craig. “I, I, I, I, don’t work for the Blue Bulls Brew. I work for Marty’s Elixir.” Craig said in a staggering and fearful tone. “Craig, Craig, Craig, Craig,” the muscle beasts said, while moving his head right and left and right and left. “Marty’s Elixir is no more thinks to the power of Lord Owen it has been reborn into the Blue Bulls Brew. Lord Owen power has remade me into a big strong sexy ogre. The bar you know as Marty’s Elixir is dead, the man you know as Daniel M. Moore is dead. He has….” The ogre said before being interrupted. Hearing that Daniel was dead, Craig went to a frenzy. “I’ll kill you,” Craig yelled out. Craig ran towards the huge ogre with the cowboy hat with bloodlust. “Really Craig.” the ogre with the cowboy hat said, in exasperation. Grabbing Craig by his face, with his huge Ogreish Hand, the ogre gave a vicious smirk. Making a whistling with his thick lips, while holding Craig’s face. The ogre with the cowboy hat said. “Come on boys this one’s going to be trouble.” Two ogres have walked in from inside passage. Each wearing blue short shorts, blue and white shoes, blue T-shirt with white trimmings, blue and white cow pattern vast, a blue and white polka dot tie, and a blue Bulls hat with small white horns. The two ogres have grabbed at Craig’s flailing arms. Grabbing a Blue Bulls’ hat from the rack the ogre with the cowboy hat said. “Where was I again. oh yeah. The human you know as Daniel has been reborn or I should say I have been reborn.” It took a few minutes for Daniel’s words to sink in Craig’s head. Stopping his flailing Craig said, with a Blanche face. “No, no way, you can’t be Daniel. Daniel is a skinny, short bartender you, you, your, this huge muscle monster how can you possibly be Daniel.” “As I said I was reborn by the power of Lord Owen, and now you will be reborn as well. Seamer, and Charlie, stripped him up in clothes.” Daniel ordered. Craig found his clothes being ripped off of him like wrapping paper on a Christmas present. What laid before the Ogreish Daniel, was a naked Craig whose pale skin glinted against the light. With your body already beefy you will make a fine ogre. You just need the companies hat and maybe a few accessories. Daniel said, while licking his lips in anticipation. Renewing his struggles Craig have attempted to get loose from the two ogres that have been holding his arm. “Stop struggling,” Daniel said. Then Craig felt Daniel’s hand covering his face as he had slipped a Blue Bulls’ hat on to Craig’s head. At first Craig felt nothing coming from the hat. “Oops I forgot about the ring.” Daniel said. Grabbing a golden nose ring from his pocket, Daniel readjusted his grip on Craig’s face and slipped it on to his nose. “That’s much better.” Daniel said, while smiling and moving from Craig. “Let him go boys. The Blue Bulls’ bouncer is going to meet some space to grow.” Two ogres let go Craig’s body as it began to shake. “No, No, No, No, ooh aww, Craig said, before mounted out.” Craig’s body have exploded with growing muscle, with it Growing wider and taller Craig felt primal power flow out through his changing body. Craig felt his humanity concentrate into his growing cock and balls. “I must not.” Craig said, in sexual pleasure. He felt so much pleasure his cock, that trying to resist coming was an exercise in futility. “I feel so god damn horny.” Craig said moaned out. Eventually he came, roaring as his huge fat 10-inch cock shot out the last of his humanity and humans cum. “I think he turned out right.” Daniel said. Standing before the three ogres, was Craig a 11-foot-tall ogre with huge bulging muscles, red hair peppering body, a long beard and hair, huge orange size hairy balls, a thick pale orange skin and the usual Ogreish facial features. “Damn, I fucking feel fantastic, Lord Owen has true blessed us all. Now Daniel wears the blue Bulls special Harry something special a drink for his 21st birthday.” Craig said, with a smile. Kyle Leaving the restroom Kyle wasn’t expecting to end up in a foggy back alley. It was surprisingly well lit, but he really couldn’t see passed the fog. Deciding that this was weird he tried heading back to the restroom door, only to find it missing. “Kyle Shepard.” A deep sexy voice said behind Kyle’s back. For some reason Kyle’s cock became erect, as he slowly turned around. “My god.” Kyle said in stunned shock. Standing before Kyle was a huge fog covered monster with glowing eyes. “Who, Who, Who, or what are you?” Kyle said in awe and fear. “I am the enforcer, the left-hand for Lord Owen. I have come for the one called Kyle Shepard. Are you him?” The enforcers said. Every word coming from the enforcers mouth made Kyle more and more horny. “Yeah I’m Kyle Shepard.” He said in a horny stupor. “Then come with me Lord Owen speak with you.” Said the enforcer. Kyle began following the enforcer. Harry Opening the door Harry was not expecting to see the bar changed and filled with huge hairy people. It was if he was a small child in a restaurant filled adults. Harry’s mine was having a hard time comprehending the site. The bars sudden changes of themes boggle the mind, he must’ve in the restroom for about two to five minutes give or take. How could it possible for the bar to change it seemed so quickly and what happened to all patron. All Harry could see were the huge hairy muscle men, they must’ve been around 10 feet tall at the most, some were wearing T-shirts, tank tops, vests, kilts, shorts, thongs, pants and loincloths, while some were bare chested, and others were practically naked or actually naked. Then he saw the plaque on the wall it said, Blue Bulls Brew. Harry began hyperventilating, his mind not able to understand what was going on, and before he knew it, he fainted. Harry woke up to the sound of the happy birthday song. “What’s going on.” Harry said groggily. Harry had discovered that he was sitting and that he was surrounded by six huge hairy muscle men. One man had a golden beard like a lion’s mane and was wearing nice suit with a blue and white polka dot tie, caring a huge birthday cake with number 2 and 1 shaped candles. All six men looked familiar to him for some reason like he sees them before. They were to on his left, three on his right and the one placing the cake down in the front the table circle. The two on the left were familiar reminding him of Allen, David and the two on right reminding them of Frank and Jane. The file one on his right and the closest to him reminded him of his grandfather Paul, but he was average size, having mostly a white with sprinkling of black and starting to slouch, this person next to was huge rippling with muscle, black hair that was peppered with flakes of gray , have much darker complexion of Brown skin and a round nose. In fact they all had a round, now that he was looking closely. Harry wanted to pinch himself, to check if he was in a dream. But when the huge dark skin man patted his shoulders, Harry knew that he wasn’t dreaming, instead he was in a living nightmare. All the huge men around his table were now done singing their birthday song and were now looking at him expecting. “Come on boy blow out those candles and make you wish.” huge dark skin the man said, gaily. Harry having been encouraged by the other men at the table blew out the two candles on the cake. They all of the huge men have clapped and cheered at the site of Harry blowing out the candles. Please by his action harry having been given a huge knife and guided by the huge dark-skinned man. “Birthday boy gets the biggest piece.” Said the huge dark-skinned man. Harry had ended up cutting a large piece of the birthday cake. Harry’s large piece of cake was like the size of a small watermelon, making him gulp with nervousness. The huge hulking men dove into feasting upon the huge pieces of birthday cake. “What’s wrong harry? you’re not eating your birthday cake.” The huge dark-skinned man said with concern. “I’m not really hungry.” Harry said sheepishly. “That’s no problem, it just means your thirsty, and now that your 21. You can have the Blue Bulls special elixir the Belgian Blues Might.” The huge dark-skinned man said with glee. Moving his plate inside the huge dark-skinned man grabbed a huge barrel shaped mug it was a least a 15th inches tall with a long straw attached to the top of it. Before Harry could no to the strange drink the huge dark-skinned man placed the straw into Harry’s mouth and the other huge man beside him pinched his nose preventing him from breathing. “I won’t let your nose go and tell half of your Belgian blues might is gone.” The other huge man said with a malicious smile. With no choice harry began to drink the Belgian Blues Might. The taste of the Belgian Blue Might was so tasty that harry gobbled it down. “That’s a good boy.” The huge dark-skinned man The ogre’s sitting Harry’s table watch the man of the hour become the ogre of the hour. “Keep going Harry!” Yelled out the Ogreish Frank. With no one no longer holding his nose and his straw, harry greedily slurped at the Belgian Blues Might, as he began to change. While this whole time Harry was sitting at the table, he didn’t know is that he was naked, the ogres secretly watched him carefully and now their observations were paying off. Before their eyes Harry’s average body started to become more defined. A chest that was hairless began growing black curly hair. A once smooth face grew a 5 o’clock shadow, as his once baby like face became more masculine and brutish. His now flat hairy belly began growing abs. His once skinny arms and legs grew with muscle. Harry’s body swelled and swelled ballooning out as he grew in size. His once warm brown skin became more darker with every growth of his swelling muscles. When his once average body reach heavyweight bodybuilder levels, the Ogreish growth spurt kicked in. His already huge body swelled out even further growing taller and wider. Eventually Harry had fully grown, reaching 10 feet in height. The one last muscle growth spurt Harry came shooting the last of his humanity through his fat foot long cock. Harry was now a heavy muscular ogre with huge meaty pecs, bowling balls size biceps, tree trunk like thighs, a nice six pack abs, orange size balls, Boulder like shoulders, a nice bubble butt, a peppering of black curly hair over his body, a thick beard and mustache, shaved head, a round nose and caveman like facial features. Harry took a big belch before grabbing his plate with the birthday cake and scuffing it down. The bar named Marty’s elixir and it’s human occupants was now smothered by Owen’s muscle fog and reborn as the blue Bulls brew, and the occupant are now huge muscular ogres. With all the magic Samuel commanded he thought he could protect his wife, but he was wrong. Now the entity named Owen has been unleashed upon Holmes top Borough. It somehow took every woman and child from the town, only leaving the men behind. The order of the ark green was tasked to protect the world from the evil of Owen. With Mrs. parsley dead and her key gone Owen should be able to manifest in a physical form, but this this disappearance of so many people could only mean that the fifth key to Owens prison was found in the was used to help Owens escape. Dammit parsley you should retired or gotten an apprentice not gotten yourself killed. I have one last stop to make before I reconvene with my order.
  25. ZFerrari

    The Nakimoto Twins

    New story! Zach and Zane are driving to Leon's house in urgency. "Zach, slow down!" Zane yells. "Marcus sold me this car. I'm gonna drive it like I'm supposed to!" Zach yells back. "Like I said, Leon didn't even do anything!" "Leon was supposed to help you since you REFUSE to use the power I gave you!" "You mean the power that our father genetically gave us?! Yeah, sorry I don't use my power to destroy buildings and cause mayhem in Atlanta!" "Much destruction is needed in this broken ass city, so call it damage control" "Damage control?! So throwing a car through a window because you lost a black jack game is damage control?" "We don't talk about that. Besides we're here." Zach drift his car into a parking spot. Ever since Marcus trained him how to properly drive a car, he's been driving like crazy ever since. A 2016 Ford Mustang. He could do drifts like crazy. Zach and Zane get out and walk up to Leon's apartment door. Apartment 306. Zach knocks on the door very abruptly and loudly. Leon slowly walks up to the door with a gun in his hand. He looks in the peephole and see the 2 people he don't want to see right now. Especially after that scuffle 2 nights ago. "Open the damn door. We know you're home, cuz you're Altima is outside." Zach says. Leon slowly backs up from the door and cocks his gun. He didnt think he had to take a life today, especially 2 people he actually respect. He aims his gun at the door. Its all or nothing at this point. "Ok, this is taking too long." Zach says. Zach's right leg starts growing more muscular and vascular in his sweatpants. His thighs become more shredded and his calfs start to point out like a football. "Back up Zane" With one powerful kick, Leon's door is busted open. It sounded like a grenade went off. Leon started shooting at the twins but no success. The bullets literally stuck to the twins. Leon kept shooting until he ran out of bullets. "You mean to tell me this is your best friend? Since when does your best friend try to kill you?" Zach asks. "He knew the bullets wouldn't kill us. He just using that as a warning to stay back." Zane replies. "Yeah, exactly. The fuck you too niggas want?" Leon says. "Zane over here just got his ass beat, because he refuse to use his powers. And I hear that you were there but you didn't help him. So i just wanna know why." "You really think I would be able to take on those people? They had knifes, golf clubs, bats. Sorry that I'm not, you know, invincible like you are Zach." "So you left your best friend for dead because you were too chicken to even attempt to fight back. I know you had your hand cannon on you. But I,came here to give a little bit of a warning and a punishment. And Zane will assist me whether he likes it or not." "Exactly what are you gonna do to me?" "You'll see." Zach's left leg starts growing to match his right leg. "Lemme give you a recap on what we can do. We are the sons of Hanzo Nakimoto. His greatest feat was the power he inherited from his father, Lance Nakimoto. His power was being able to grow muscles on his body whereever and whenever he pleased. That includes this" Zach then takes his hand and rips his sweatpants and boxers clean off him. His cock is exposed and now growing in front of him. Zach is now smiling at the sight of his cock growing. Leon is looking rather scared of the snake he sees in front of him. "We can even grow our cocks, even they're not a muscle." "What's your point bruh? Are you gonna kick my ass?" Leon asks. "For real, like what are you planning Zach?" Zane asks "Leon needs to know not to leave you behind again." Zach's cock reaches up to the bottom of his chest. Zane is behind him looking real nervous on what his brother is gonna do next. His brother was always a loose cannon ever since he controlled his power. Whether the acts were good or bad, he always left a trail of destruction. Zane refused to use his power because he feared that he would turn out like his brother. Zane was the complete opposite of his brother. He was kind, soft spoken, had a good heart, and never had any bad intentions. He even helped the police to stop criminals when they couldn't. He only used his power when ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. But that was rare. Zane is the nicer twin. It's even because of him that Zach isn't in jail yet. "You see this cock up to my chest?? I can grow it to however long and thick I want it. Plus anything natural with it gets stronger too." Zach says. "Such as..?" Leon asks "Such as this." Zach says. Zach's cock shoots a stream of cum upwards and hits the ceiling, denting it. "What the fu- what the hell are you doing?!" Zane yells. "Leons punishment" Zach replies. Leon was completely frozen. Shocked at the sight he just saw. Somebody really nutted in his house, IN HIS HOUSE, and put a dent in the ceiling from that nut, IN HIS HOUSE. "That was just pre, this is a real cumshot." Zachs cock begin hardening, till it becomes harder than steel. Pencil thick veins starts appearing, running from the base of his cock to the tip. Even veins appearing on his balls. Zach's hands turn into fists when another stream of cum next to the dent with the stream going through the roof and into the sky 50 ft in the air. Leon is in disbelief on what he just saw. He just saw the same guy nut again but put a hole IN HIS CEILING. "Whoo that felt good. But I'm not done yet. You're gonna come with me outside" Zach says. "You just put 2 holes in my ceiling! Im not going anywhere with you!" Leon yells. "You're gonna come with me or its gonna get worse." Zach shot another stream of cum upwards and put another hole in the ceiling. "Then I guess I'm gonna pay thousands of dollars to get my house fixed huh?" "Then I guess you can forget driving around for a while too huh?" Leon knew exactly what Zach meant by that. Zach starts walking towards the door with Leon and Zane trying hold him back with no success. Zach pushes Zane to the side and picks up Leon over his head. He throws Leon against a parked car, paralyzing his back. He looks up to see Zach holding his car, A pearl white 2012 Chrysler 300 in the air with both hands over him. He tosses the car straight up 500ft in the air. His cock grows up to his chin, riddled with more veins, and a lot thicker. He arches his back and lets out a big roar as a tsunami of cum shoot out from his cock and into the sky above like a rocket. The cum fly ups straight and hits the chrysler and punches a hole from the bottom and into the car, then it punches a hole through the roof of the car and it breaks into 2 halfs. 20 seconds later, both halfs of the car come crashing down beside Zach, along with a rain of cum showering him. He gives Leon a cold stare as a warning of what he is capable of. "I hope you learned something today. C'mon Zane we're going home" Zach says. Zane helps Leon up from his paralysis and holds him back from attacking Zach. "Don't worry, I'll be back tomorrow to help you. Call a uber, go to a hotel and rest." Zane says. The twins get in the mustang and drift off back onto the road. Leon gets out his phone to call an uber and he reflects on the events that have happened in the past 3 days. He gets into a fight, doesn't help his best friend, get his house and car destroyed "Well, unlike my cousin, I only have to deal with 2 and not 7..."
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