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Chapter 1: "Dusk of One Day, Dawn of Another."

After a couple of failed attempts to write something half decent, I’m delighted to finally share with you the opening chapter of “The Devil By My Side”. Originally posted on another site, I decided to share it here. It's not entirely about muscle growth, but it does play a part in several chapters. It was co-written with a wonderful and talented friend of mine who; working together we've attempted to come up with a story we think is exciting, compelling and entertaining, and so, we hope you enjoy reading chapter one as much as we enjoyed writing it.

All teenage characters are at the late stages of puberty, use of the word “boy” or “child” as a description is used to signify the advanced age of a demonic entity.

Most of the individuals that call upon my kind often do so seeking something. A prize, a reward, a deal. They expect of us, try to make bargains and deals, but this… I could tell from the second he began reading the incantation that this was different. I suppose you could describe it as someone lightly tapping against a windowpane, not that my domain has windows; that’s how it started. But from the instant I felt him calling to me, I could feel that he wasn’t really seeking… anything.

A grin crossed my face and I pondered internally: “A summoner without cause, how unusual”.

Of course, many have tried to bring forth me and my brethren throughout the years - doubtless you may have read the stories told of people who succeeded, but none have ever done so with such a lack of direction; a lack of desire or need. And it was that that made me curious to answer his call; he’d barely even considered the requirements for a summoning; the rituals and pageantry, but those are the requirements we set for those who place requirements on us. This, was an unconditional invitation to the human world.

The words tumbled lazily and mispronounced out of his mouth, but even if he was unable to pronounce my name correctly at the moment, I was certain that given time, it would be carved into his mind. And so, ever the courteous guest, I decided to answer the call.

A blinding flash of light poured into my eyes and instinctively I held my hand above my face to shield them; within moments I adjusted to the glow of the late evening sun dappling through the trees.

“What the fu… where am I?!” I heard a voice cry, I lowered my gaze to see the Mortal facing away from me. He turned in position trying to find his bearings and as he did, our eyes locked. A look of horror as he took in my visage; from the charred grass circling my feet up my sculpted body and back to my face. His breath quickened. “Are you…?” He quizzed, the words failing to leave his mouth.

I remained staring at the youthful male, he seemed as confused as I was. “Why did you call me to this place” I rumbled.

“Wait… what?!” He stammered. “I….. I didn’t. I was just reading. Who are you?! And where are my friends? A minute ago, I was in the basem… I didn’t summon you… I don’t even know how to…” The panic rose in his voice as he continued to speak - I took a step forward. And he instinctively took one back.

“Please don’t kill me! Please… I’ll just leave…” he cried. I took another step. He jolted backwards, his back pressing against one of the towering trees surrounding us.

“I won’t tell anyone.. you certainly don’t need to hurt me.” I stepped forward once more, narrowing the gap between the two of us.

“Please!” He wailed, his eyes becoming glassy. “Whatever you want… I…” “Silence, child!” I roar. “Are you always so quick to cower?… it sickens me.” I sneer

I take the final step towards him, leaving only inches between us. He flinches, pushing himself as far away from me as he can. Fear flushes through him; and I relish in being so fearful.

I snap my fingers and behind me, the ground rumbles and groans. Grass and soil shifting upwards and hardening into a coal-black seat. Sitting down I maintain eye contact.

“Seems to me, young one, we’re in an unprecedented situation.” I murmer. "Please Sir… err… Mr. Demon, Sir… don’t kill me. I don’t want to die. I’ll do anything you ask of me. Just please, spare my life!” He nervously pants.

I stare at him continually, then I begin to chuckle. “You are in no position to make any demands of m…” The words catch in my mouth, it’s typical to lie when entering into a contract with a summoner. But this time, there’s no need. “Yes…” I allow myself a moment to consider the situation; my mind gleefully races. He looks at me, fear his your eyes but a look of confusion. “If there is no contract… then I am unbound.” I muse to myself.

Thoughts continue to rush through my mind. Suddenly I snap my attention back to the youthful Mortal and laugh a hearty, deep sinister laugh.

“You made no demands. No requests. No bargains or deals.” I summarise. “As such, I owe you nothing. And so, you are of no use to me.” My eyes flare with an infernal crimson light.

I fix my focus into his eyes… my intent is to destroy him, to engulf his brain with flames inside his skull. Destroying the one witness of my arrival and only creature in this realm who might know of a way to banish me. But, the second I try I feel a shooting pain across my skull and cease immediately.

‘Wh… what just happened?!” The mortal asks, stunned.

I grasp my brow and rub the surface “The pain…” I groan.

Inside the mortal’s head, a thought compels him to start running. “Go you moron! Don’t just stand there! Run! Run for your life!” But as his inner voice screams at him, he finds himself moving forward. “Why am I moving forward?” He questions his actions. “Why am I not running away?” But his curiosity has taken over and he continues inching closer and closer towards me.

As he nears me, I once again feel the urge to harm him, before he harms me. I sharply extend my arm and wrap my hand firmly around his neck. A smile of triumph painted onto my face. But, as I squeeze, I feel the pressure within my own throat - the harder I force myself, the less I’m able to breathe. As my lungs start to burn, I drop the boy.

We both collapse to the ground, coughing and spluttering; gasping for air. I manage to choke out the words “If I were you, mortal. I would run.”

The voice in his head urges him to heed the creature’s warning and go, try to save his life. But for some reason he simply didn’t want to move. He should have feared for the safety of his friends, he should have been at least a mile away by now, but he simply couldn’t ignore a second voice in his head which had been teasing him for some time now: “Why can’t he hurt me? Why does he feel what I am feeling? When he tried to squeeze the life out of me, he nearly succeeded in killing himself”. He couldn’t go. He was too… curious to go. He’d almost died on the spot when the Demon had tried to choke him, but one thing was clear to him. The Demon couldn’t harm him.

"You can’t hurt me demon!” The Mortal shouted. “There’s nothing you can do to me.”

“Perhaps not physically, boy.” I snapped back.

“What?!” He froze “What do you mean?”

I stare at him.. my healed and pain-free mind is literally racing. I have never encountered a human who can’t be harmed. Mind you, I’ve never encountered a human… in this domain. Which reminds me… there’s a whole world out there for me to explore now! And so I grin at the small mortal. “In time, you and the rest of your kind will witness precisely what I mean. But for now, you’re not worth my attention, child. So take your good fortune, flee and be thankful for it.”

I turn from him and begin striding away. The soil beneath my feet a welcome reminder of my newly found freedom. But as our distance widens, I begin to feel as if I’m wading through the river of Styx. Each step becomes more and more of a vigorous effort. I look back over my shoulder and see him continuing to stare at me.

With every ounce of strength in my powerful body, I take one further step and in the corner of my eye, I see him stumble forward. With each energy sapping footstep I see his body dragged across the ground in my direction. Nearing exhaustion I stop.

“No.” I groan. “No it can’t be.” The realisation is dawning on me.

“YOU!” I snap at the boy “What hex have you cast upon me?!”

As he watches the Demon trying to leave in vain, the human heard him yelling and he thought about the situation quickly. His mind tried to rationalise: ”He can’t run away from me. He can’t harm me. I summoned him. Accidentally, yes.. but he made it out of Hell just because… I called him out. I told him to come here…” A crazy idea pops into the boy’s mind. He raises his head and locked eyes with me.

“Hey you! Demon!” The boy cried. “Kneel!”

A wave of anger flushes through me “I KNEEL FOR NO ONE!!!” I roar back. But, in the darkest parts of my being, as he spoke the words… I did feel a compulsion.

The boy, without even thinking, opened his mouth and yelled once more: "Oh you will kneel for ME! YOUR master! I summoned YOU! You are here thanks to me!” He bawled.” Now you have to do as I command you! I know you’re unable to harm me, which means I must have some sort of power over you! So when I say kneel. YOU - WILL - KNEEL!”

As he howled the last word, I felt the earth shudder beneath my feet. The idea enters my mind. Not from my own will… but I can feel it… his anger, his desire, his will pushing into me. And so I resist. I fight the overriding desire to kneel to him. But I feel my body quiver. In horror I watch as my legs fold under me. I fight again. Pushing my obvious supremacy back against his request. But I sink lower. Before I can take stock of the situation, I am on bended knee. Eyes to the ground. I raise my head and am instantly shocked at what I see.

The boy was kneeling too. In that instant, we are a physical mirror of each other. And he appeared just as shocked as I was. A smile crosses my face again. “That didn’t seem to work as you intended, did it… ‘Master’?”

“What is happening?!” The boy panicked internally. "Why am I kneeling? That shouldn’t be… What has he done to me?”The fear flashing across his eyes.

“Seems to me, ‘Oh Glorious Master,’” I smirk, “that you and I, are bonded.”

“What the hell does that mean?!” The Mortal snaps.

I take a second to consider the question and the grin on my face slowly fades. “Honestly…? I don’t know.”

“How can you not know?!” He blurted.

“As I said earlier, young one, we are in uncharted territory here.” I begin. “When a summoner calls upon a demon, they do so with intent…. so what did you intend, boy?”

The boy stops. His memory trying to recall. “When I read what was on the paper, I didn’t have any intent whatsoever.. I didn’t even know what it was!” He cried. “I simply came here tonight with my friends because the guys said this place was abandoned - I like spooky tales… I wanted to go on an adventure and explore the supernatural with the guys.”

“That! There!” I realise. “That’s it.”

“What’s it?!” He quizzes. “I don’t understand.”

“You… desire to belong.” I ponder. “These ‘guys’, you desire to be in their company?”

The boy breaks my gaze. He looks awkwardly at his feet. “Well… yes… I do… I really do… but it’s… not so simple.” I look blankly at the youthful mortal.

“Calling them ‘friends’… isn’t accurate.” He continues. “They’re actually bullies - they’ve mistreated me since I started high school. Always said that I was weak, a ‘pussy’.” He grumbled. “Today, when they dared me to go there, I thought ‘well, tonight we are gonna see who’s the pussy!’ I was sure a bunch of muscle-heads like those guys were all tough on the outside, but in reality had issues and complexes as every other person on earth!”

I looked at the pitiful boy, “You thought that would win their friendship?” I chuckled. “You wanted…. a friend?”

“To be honest, I wanted to be more than just a friend to those guys…” He replied as I shifted from kneeling to sitting on the ground.

“Go on…”

“Well… you see… I have realised for sometime now that… I’m not interested in women… I’m attracted to men. Those guys played a major role in that. Since I can remember, they’ve treated me like shit, as if I was their inferior - as if I was someone who simply should worship them - for they were the prime males of their world, the top dogs, the alpha men. They have been calling me faggot for years now, humiliating me in front of everyone in the school: In front of my classmates, in front of the teachers. They have been accusing me of ogling, staring at their muscles and their… packages.” The truth poured out of the young human.

“To be honest, I tried to become like them, do some sports, put on some muscle, but the coach didn’t believe in me and put me in the locker room cleaning up after his boys’ mess. And there was the first time I felt it. They were always showing off their muscled bodies, accusing me of being a faggot looking at them, desiring them, wanting to suck their cock and clean their sweaty muscles with my tongue… well… that was my world, and, if you spent year after year waking up and going to sleep having all this in your head playing over and over again, I assume even if it weren’t true, eventually it becomes your reality. And that’s how I started falling in love with them, looking at them undress in the lockers, smelling their pungent stink after every practice, seeing the sweat dripping off their shirts and compression shorts…. I wanted to be everywhere they were. After a certain point, I stopped caring about their insults, I simply didn’t care as long as I was close to them, seeing them, smelling them… And that’s how I ended up here, tonight, sitting…. wherever the hell we are…. talking to a demon.”

I took a moment to look at the boy from head to toe. Most people who had disclosed what he had would do so with a sense of self-pity or shame… but in him… it was almost like he was indifferent to it. Like he had accepted his role as an inferior so entirely… and it didn’t sit well with me.

“So, that’s what the whole ’kneel’ matter was about? You trying to dominate?” I pondered.“I still don’t see how that would bond us.” I mused aloud. “Perhaps I’m not supposed to.” I rose to my feet; and offered the young Mortal a hand up. “He works in mysterious ways.” I smiled.

“God?” He asked.

“No… the other guy.” I grinned, pointing a thumb down.

The boy stared at my two softly glowing eyes as he extended his hand towards the demon. “So you don’t want to kill me now?”

“Something tells me it would be best for us both for me to not.” I take a chance to breathe deep. “Besides, it might be best to have someone who knows much of the human world.” I smiled. “Especially if I’m going to claim it.”

The colour seemed to drain from the boy’s face “’Claim it’?! You mean, you want to own the world?!”

“Well now, see here’s the thing. As you summoned me without condition… I have no need to return… down there.” I stroke a hand tenderly down the young mortal’s face. “And I’m going to need a helping hand to make myself comfortable here. You’ve told me what you want with your ‘friends’, that’s well within the scope of possibility.” I stretch as if waking from a deep sleep. “But you’re thinking awfully small, little mortal.”

“What do you mean?!” The young human asked.

“A couple boys who’ve bullied you? I can look into what awaits… a whole existence of being second best; beat down, ignored and belittled.” I grasp his shoulder. “But now; the two of us… we can make this world whatever we want.”

“I don’t understand. How can I, a human, help a supernatural being as you? I have no powers, no influence as a person in this world.” He speaks, panic and nervousness quickened his speech. “And why should I help you? After all you’re a demon, you say you want to ‘claim’ the world. Why should I be the one to bring damnation on the entire human race?”

“You’re not getting this, are you? Little one.. you and me. We’re stuck together. Joined at the soul for the rest of eternity. And as you say - you have no power, no influence. So I guess what I’m saying is this; you’re along for the ride whether you want to be or not”. I grinned wildly.

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This is definetly an interesting start.

His desire is to dominate his so called friends but the demon has bigger plans. I will for sure read what is enxt man.

Dont keep us waiting for too long

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54 minutes ago, Ro20316 said:

This is definetly an interesting start.

His desire is to dominate his so called friends but the demon has bigger plans. I will for sure read what is enxt man.

Dont keep us waiting for too long

Oh... Go on then!

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Chapter 2: "Every Dog Has His Day"

All teenage characters are at the late stages of puberty, use of the word “boy” or “child” as a description is used to signify the advanced age of a demonic entity.


Hours had passed since the boy and I had first laid eyes on each other. I was curious to learn more of the mortal to whom I was so unexpectedly tethered. I asked question after question; beginning with the basics - name, age, residence. And then things got progressively complicated.

It was in my nature to want to explore the human’s weaknesses. After all, if I was gonna rule the world with the boy at my side, I should know all that I could. Especially how to manipulate the boy if he ever dared to defy my word.

"So… tell me, in all the time you’ve lusted for your own kind. Have you ever had the opportunity to indulge in your passions?” I casually asked, leaning back, resting against the tree we’d stopped near; my arms supporting the back of my head, large biceps cushioning it. "I have to say, I find the whole ‘boys with girls’, ‘boys with boys’, ‘girls with girls’ limitations you talk of so ridiculous. Down there? Lust is lust. I shall be sure to bring that into order here.” I grinned.

“Well here, things don’t work the same way as in Hell.”

"For now.” I grinned again.

The Boy returned an awkward smile. “I don’t know if it was the bullies who made me realise I was… ‘a boy who wanted to be with boys’… or if it was just meant to be, but one thing’s true, I’ve not had the chance to be intimate with anyone.” He sighed dejectedly.

"For now.” I raised my eyebrows and smiled again.

‘For now…" he repeated with a note of defeat in his voice. “You know, all those times my macho ‘friends’ have accused me of staring at them in the lockers? It was all true. I did stare at them. Every time. All the time.”

I didn’t speak.

"I heard them say all those humiliating things to my face, and… it turned me on.” He stated, rubbing his hands together, awkwardly.

“You like it when someone’s putting on a show for you?” I say making my biceps jump as I speak. I lean forward. “Because here’s the thing, I can feel your resistance about what’s going to happen… what I’m going to unleash upon this world. But deep down in here” I point to his chest. “I know you want a front row seat.”

Hearing my words, the boy’s face flushed red with embarrassment. He knew he didn’t really want anyone to get hurt… but the Demon’s words were so… alluring.

"Even now, your body betrays your mind.” I purred. "Look at you, almost as red as I am.”

“Those dickheads deserve to be punished. For all the bad things they have done to me, and who knows to how many other innocent guys.” The boy angrily hissed.

“Thaaaaat’s it.” I sighed, leaning back contentedly. "That’s the feeling.” The Mortal’s cheeks become redder when he realised my meaning. “Oh yes, little one. You’re like an open book. Speaking of which… I assumed when you brought me here, there was a book.. where is it?”

The boy pauses briefly, “It… must still be in the house?” He pulls out a glowing rectangle and looks at it for a moment, he turns whilst looking at it, as if using a compass. Then he starts walking away from me. “I’ll go fetch it.”

I snatch his hand. "WE’LL go and fetch it. I don’t feel like being dragged across the forest floor because you choose to walk a separate way.”

“Oh yes… I forgot about that.” He says with a mild smile.

I’m not sure if it was foolishness, or an attempt to evade me, but just to be sure: ”Don’t think you can ever escape me, Mortal.” I say forcefully, then grin wildly and lean in close to the boy. "You’re with me for good… well… evil.”

Maybe it was time to reinforce who was in charge. Without realising, the boy looks me directly in the eyes and chuckles. I refuse to break my focus. For the first time the boy noticed how seductive my eyes are. How full my lips are.

I lean a little closer. “The book?” “Yes… the book…" He mumbles almost stupefied, unable to stop staring at me.

"Good, little boy.” I decide to just push a little obedience into my human shadow.

“Yes… I’m a good… little… boy…”

My eyes are like two endless abysses, the boy feels like he’s falling. Sinking into the ground, it’s nauseating and I feel it too.

“What… is happening?” I murmur. I feel like as if there’s a fog drifting in my mind. Staring into his face, staring into my eyes…. I blink hard and look away. The fog lifts.

If I can’t harm him because it pains me. It stands to reason, I can’t control him either or I just corrupt my own mind… “Fuck!” I mutter under my breath.

The boy shook his head as if waking up from a deep sleep. “The book! Let’s get the book.” He turns away and starts heading to the abandoned mansion. “You joining me, ‘Red’?” He asks. “I can’t ‘ever escape you’, we are stuck together. Remember?” The boy seems to have been imbued with a fresh dose of confidence - playing along as if nothing had happened, but in reality I could tell he was scared. His mind seemed to be screaming to me. “What was that?! I felt like I was losing who I was! Shit! How on earth did I end up in this situation????”

As the boy walks towards the mansion, I feel my body forced to follow along. I did not like the feeling of being out of control and it is something I decided to work to remedy. "So, you came here alone?”

“No! I came here with my… ‘friends’.” He calls back.

I glance around the empty building. ”So… where are they, Mortal?"

The boy stops. Taking a second to look around him. “Good question.” He flatly replied. “ They must have thought I got lost or that I decided to go back home. Either way they wouldn’t give a damn about me. They must have left by now.” He states looking at the small clock strapped to his wrist.

“I can see why you’re working so hard to win their affection.” I sarcastically quip. I see the pained look on the Mortal’s face. It should make me smile… but in some way, I feel hurt to have hurt him, but his expression changes.

“You? ‘Hurt’ me? How?” He quizzes. “You didn’t do anything… Well okay, you did try to kill me at first… but you didn’t.” He warmly smiles with another chuckle.

For the first time since encountering the young mortal, I am astounded. “What?!” I ask. “Are you… accessing my thoughts?”

“Weeeeell…. yeah. I mean, I assumed you’d have known by now.” The boy quips with a smirk that makes my blood boil. I stalk over to his small frame, standing over him.”Listen to me child, dare to reach into my mind again and I shall cause you immeasurable pain." I growled. Knowing very well, that if I injured the boy, I’d be harming myself. Hoping the threat of violence was enough.

“Sure. Whatever.” The boy said patting my chest. “No need for pretend violence. It doesn’t work. At least not with me. Not now.”

“GAH!” I boomed, throwing the Mortals hand off my pectoral. "This is not what I aspired to. This is a living…”

“…Hell?” he offered. I seethed at him.

“Look, Mister ‘Hell-on-Earth’, If it’s what you truly want, I won’t look into your mind again.” He said with another of his warm, innocent smiles. “But, the same goes for you.”

I glare at the boy…. it seemed strange that now we were bound in each other’s company THIS was the point he’d chosen to strike a contract. But begrudgingly I hold out my hand. “Deal?”

“Deal!” He beamed, clasping my hand. “This way!” He chirped as he lead the pair of us down a dark staircase.

As we step into the cobwebbed, dank smelling, dungeon-like cellar my eyes scanned the room around us. Bookcases covered all four walls, but nothing of any real attention was here. There’s no trace of magical essence; if there were I’d have surely smelled it. But then, as my eyes fall across the table in the middle of the room… I spy it and practically salivate looking at it. “It… it can’t be. Here? HERE!?” I laugh out loud. It’s almost like this world wants me to take it.

“What?” The boy puzzles. “WHAT?!”

“‘La Grimoire Imperium Sine Fine’” I shudder as I say it… knowing it’s somehow tumbled into my possession.

“La…. what?”

I smile as I look at the boy. So unaware. So innocent to the arcane might I’m about to yield. "I suppose, roughly translated to English it would be ’The Tome of Endless Power’.”

“That’s the book I was reading before you showed up…is it… Spanish?” He asked.

I huff. “Latin.” I say, with a narrow grin.

“Why hold endless power in a dead language? Who the hell speaks Latin!?” He chuckles again.

“Laugh all you like child, this… is how I unlock the walls between dimensions. This is how I claim this world as my own.” I smile maniacally as I reach towards the tome with both clawed hands.

As my digits touch the cover though, my fingers burn as if plunged into acid. I wail out in pain. The book must be protected in some way. I look at my charred hands as they regenerate before my eyes.

“Let me try!” The mortal states as he moves towards the book. He raises the cover, but as he tries to turn beyond the front page, the book seems to hold tight. He pulls with all his might to turn the pages but slips as he does. His finger is sliced at the corner of the paper; a single drop of blood falls, dribbling onto the edge of each page. “Shit!” He curses. “That’s what happened last time I tried reading page one.”

Suddenly the book starts to tremble, the boy instinctively drops it back onto the heavy, wooden table. We hear a rattling noise; as if an infinite number of chains and locks have collectively been released. With a violent flash of light, the pages of the tome flutter forwards and back, as if pulled by some unfelt wind.

The boy raises his eyes to mine and can see my hunger as I standing over the book.

“I think that did it.” He quietly spoke, sucking his finger. “What are you going to do with it? Why do you need it so badly?”

Momentarily I’m lost for words. I’m astounded. The Earth has essentially handed itself to me on a plate. Infinite power. Endless possibility. Not only did I have the book, but it was unbound; free and accessible - something that went against everything I had been told of it.

"This tome is older than the civilisations you know of this world.” I said, smiling lovingly at the book as a mother would a newborn child. "It was formed eons ago when the elemental forces and magic were unified and connected throughout the cosmos.” My smile darkened, my teeth bared in anticipation. “Think of it as an encyclopaedia of the most powerful magical forces ever known, and you’re a step towards understanding….. and now… it’s all mine!”

I cautiously run a finger against the cover, but as I do my digit sizzles as if it were a pig on a spit. I curse again out loud. “INFINITE POTENTIAL TO MAKE ALL YIELD TO ME YET I AM UNABLE TO EVEN TOUCH IT!??!!?!” The injustice of it made my eyes burn an unholy red.

The anger flushed through my system and I panted in rage, trying to return to a normal state of being. But to be this tantalisingly close to total and complete victory and unable to succeed was infinitely worse than any torture I’d previously devised. But then I heard him.

“You want me to read it for you?” The mortal asked softly. I turned to face him.

A small smile spreads across my face. "Yes, boy. Yes I do.”

He knew he shouldn’t be offering his help, yet as he stood next to me, he felt oddly compelled to assist however he could. But his intentions weren’t purely altruistic.” What’s in it for me if I do?”

My smile widens. ”You can look into my mind, can’t you? Take a peek.” The boy looked anxious. ”I’ll permit it this one time.” I squeeze my eyes closed and begin to visualise… then I push it towards him.

The boy starts to feel dizzy, suddenly his eyes roll back in his head as he start seeing images of a world far different from what he had ever known. As far as the eye could see, there were men everywhere. Muscular men, men who serve, men who indulge in the most despicable acts of depravity. Suddenly, he sees an entity speaking and commanding the masses. It’s obviously me. I am the rightful ruler of this new world, but next to me, he can see… himself, but he’s different: Beautiful, taller, full of healthy, firm muscles, wearing a tight military uniform. A Dictator in the new world’s order. The mortal can see that he also has power over the masses. Suddenly everything goes black and he finds himself back in the cold, foul basement.

"Just a peek, little one.”

The boy struggles for words. “Wow! That was… wow.” His mind drenched in desire.

"A fantasy that will become true.” I beam. "Your planet soaked in my depravity.”

“Depravity…" He repeats as if operating automatically.

I smile down at the boy. "Little Mortal… where do you think your ‘friends’ might be now?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen them for hours.”

“Then, let’s find out!" I maliciously grin.

The boy and demon had walked for a couple of miles. In truth, the Demon had the ability to transport them anywhere on the planet with the merest thought of it, but to walk upon this world; HIS world was something the Demon took a perverse thrill in. All around him, he could see ways in which he was going to modify and change the landscape to better suit his desires and requirements.

The dense woodland ended abruptly and soon the pair were walking into new territory… a land the boy described as “Suburbia”.

The young one became increasingly anxious as the two entered civilisation; him with a gigantic leather-bound book stuffed under his arm, his companion; nearly 7ft tall with crimson red skin. The boy worried about blending in. I revelled in the idea of standing out: In a world where I was the only one of his kind, I relished the idea that soon every being across the planet would know my image. And submit to it as inferior.

“Okay… this is it… this is Jason’s house” the boy mumbled.

“Excellent.” I replied. "So… what’s the plan?”

The mortal turned and gave me the strangest look of non-comprehension. “Plan?! What Plan?! I don’t have a plan!” Suspicion engulfed the teenage human and his tone became confrontational. “Why did we come here?”

"Oh dear, Little one… don’t say I’ll have to take the lead here?”

“The lead for what?” He sharply replied. “I don’t understand.”

“After all, these are YOUR tormentors.” I smile. "It’s YOUR chance to get even.” He looked blankly at me.”Or perhaps just my chance to shine?”

I could feel a wellspring of anger rising in the boy. His body whispered within itself “get even… get even…” building into a roaring “GET EVEN!” Out of nowhere, a surge of rage filled his very soul as he glanced at the window of the first floor and saw Jason chatting on his phone.

“That dumb fuck abandoned me with a demon at that creepy mansion.” He rasped. “I could have died, and he wouldn’t give a damn.” “GET EVEN!” The boy’s subconscious cried. “Yes!” he says with fury. “I want to get even.”

“You little devil, you.”

Inside his room, Jason proudly boasted about his earlier exploits. “Can you believe how much of a little bitch he is?” He mocked. “I bet he’s still there now, pissing his pants and crying about being left in the dark… what a pussy.” He laughed.

Suddenly and without notice, there was a loud and sustained hammering on the front door downstairs… someone was desperately trying to get the household’s attention. Jason ended his call and raced to the doorway, but when he opened it, he found no-one there.

He took a minute to survey the street, but it was empty. He stalked back upstairs to his room and as he opened the door. There, sat on his bed was the subject of his tormenting.

“Wuhh… what the fuck are you doing in my room?” Jason snapped.

“Well you didn’t think I would have stayed all night at an abandoned mansion?” The Mortal replied.

“Dude.. seriously, you’ve got to get the fuck out of my house!” Jason replied, angrily.

"And what if I say.. ‘no’?” The boy calmly asked.

At that exact moment, the door behind Jason slammed shut and could be heard jamming itself locked… even though there was no locking mechanism there.

"Perhaps I should take the opportunity to introduce myself.” I smoothly uttered, allowing my form to become visible.

Jason could not believe in his eyes. It couldn’t be true. It wasn’t possible. He looked around, as if hoping someone was making him the victim of a nasty joke.

“My companion knows you as ‘Jason’… but I’ll simply know you as ‘Pet’. Which, of course, means you can refer to me as ‘Master’.” I purred, drinking in Jason’s form. “I can see why you find him so appealing… he’s in good shape.” I gesture with my hands as if stretching an invisible ball of putty and Jason is lifted into the air, his arms above him… his feet stretched out - like a star.

“Woah!” Jason cried “How are you doing this, man?! Put me down! What the fuck are you gonna do to me!” He wailed. His eyes fixed on the mortal. “Look kid, I’m sorry.” He plead. “ We shouldn’t have left you. It was a… misunderstanding. Please you have to believe me.”

“He talks too much” I smile.

“Yes. He does.” The boy replied.

“I wonder what we should do about that?” I smiled an evil grin and in an instant the muscular teen’s mouth is gagged.

I walk over to Jason and look at him suspended in the air. “It occurs to me, Pet, you like to treat my companion here like a puppet… making him do whatever you please. So now, it’s time we turned the tables.”

Within the blink of an eye, Jason was now suspended from the ceiling by dark, iron chains. The mortal rises to his feet, removed the gag and immediately Jason starts pleading “What?! No! No please… I beg you. Stop! I’ll do anything you ask me.” He whimpers.

The mortal glares at the cause of his pain and suffering for so many years with a look of indifference.

“Man, I’m sorry.” Jason continues to plead. “Please, you have to stop this.”

“Oh no, this stops whenever HE decides it does.” I maliciously grin over to the Mortal.

“And I don’t want this to stop.” The boy concludes.

I walk over to Jason, rub one of his firm pecs through his shirt with my claws. “You see, my little associate told me about a whole host of things he’d LOVE to do with you… and well… you’re not in any position to say ‘no’ now, are you?” I chuckle.

I replace the gag before Jason can utter a single word. The room filled with muffled cries. Jason was not a man you could intimidate easily. He was the school’s sporting hero - tall, with a handsomely brutish face, muscled from head to toe. He was a dominant guy who would defend his territory at any cost. But now he was helpless: Being manhandled by some unknown force, by a creature who was clearly not human.

For the first time in his whole life, Jason felt scared.

"So little one, we have him strung up like a prize pig… what do you wish to do with him? Defile him, claim him as your own… or break him?” I whisper.

“Oh…. I would like to see him break.” The boy said gleefully. “He’s always boasting around the school, bragging about how he can beat even the most macho man into a whimpering bitch. I think it’s time we give him a taste of his own medicine.”

"Couldn’t have put it better myself!”

Jason’s eyes widen with fear. Sweat begins to form across his body.

"I can smell his terror… and it’s delicious.” I moan.

“Say… You’re not ‘terrified’ are you, Jason?!” The young mortal said mockingly. “Well, well, well! There’s a first time for everything. I thought alphas were never afraid.. on the other hand maybe you just weren’t made to be an alpha dog.” He grabbed Jason’s chin forcing him to make eye contact. "Maybe you were meant to be a bitch.”

Jason tried desperately to pull away, but couldn’t.

“I think he agrees with me. Don’t you, J Boy?” The mortal taunted. “Are you a sweet little bitch slut?!” The mortal forced Jason’s head to nod in agreement.

“Now?” I ask the boy.


I stepped up to Jason, with a smooth wave of my hand, Jason is released from his restraints and drops to his knees, panting. Suddenly he hears a click and he raises his head upwards only to see the tall monster that I am standing menacingly in front of him, holding a slim piece of black and red leather. Jason realised with terror that the click he heard was actually a dog collar which I had smoothly wrapped around his neck. Rage roared inside Jason. Who’d dare to collar one of the strongest, manliest, mightiest of fighters this town had ever seen? But as I heard these thoughts tumble around Jason’s consciousness, I pulled on the leash that was attached to the collar. Jason lost his balance and was yanked forward, putting his hands on the floor to prevent his falling. When he did, he realised how much that was the wrong thing to do. He was now on all fours, his eyes staring directly at my hypnotically bulging crotch.

“I see you know your place, Pet.” With pure malice on my face, my eyes slowly dance between Jason before me and the warped smile that had formed on the boy. If I’d been in total control of the situation, things may have played out differently, but I couldn’t help but enjoy the mystery of what the human had planned for his bully next. “Who’s a good little boy?” I smirked.

Both Jason and the mortal looked to me. One with a look of horror plastered on his face, the other with a sadistic grin.

“Time to break this fucker.” The mortal said. Looking straight into my eyes.

I grinned and turned to see Jason once again. “You heard the man, Pet, time for you to realise why you were brought into this world.”

“Wh….” Jason tries to speak, but didn’t get to finish his sentence. Out of nowhere he felt a searing pain on his face making his whole body quake. My hand striking him firmly across his cheek.

"You will speak when spoken to, Pet.” I growl, my eyes flaring.

The boy steps forward, embolden by my act of violence. “All those years going from bitch to bitch without even realising that you were one of them. Well now the time has come. Tonight a power bitch is born!”

"Bro.. please I’m sorry… I didn’t mean t” I pull harshly on Jason’s lead, strangling him.

“I WILL NOT TELL YOU AGAIN.” I boom at him. Anger pouring from me. He lets out a choked cough and groan, and defeatedly, his head hangs towards the floor, looking down.

“That’s better bitch.” Smiled the mortal “You must learn your place in this new order. From now on you never get to stare a man in the eyes unless you are commanded to. Dare defy my orders again and it will be the last thing you do before a horrible death.”

“I won’t” Jason whispered, his voice trembling as he spoke.

I grasped Jason by the hair and forced him to look me in the eyes. "You won’t… what?!” I grin.

“I won’t….” He was confused. “Master?”

"That’s better, Pet.” I firmly patted his head. “You finally seem to be getting it.” With little more than the raising of an eyebrow, the leash evaporates from my hand and reforms in the clutches of the small mortal. “Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words.” I mockingly stroke Jason’s hair and raise my eyes to look the mortal in the eyes "and it seems the Pet has found its new owner.”

The mortal should look content. But instead his face is a picture of boiling rage. “He doesn’t mean a word of it.”

"What are you saying, little one?” I ask, surprised at the boy’s statement.

Jason raised his head.

“The bitch.” The mortal began. “Is pretending to submit.”

I look to Jason, and I can see the fight in his eyes.

“He’s trying to play along. He thinks he’s being clever. But I know him better than anyone. The ‘mighty Jason’ would never submit that easily to anyone without reason.”

"You don’t know shit! Get this fucking collar off me!” Jason yells at the mortal.

I take a step back, I could drain the little beast of his monstrous energy without even trying. But this isn’t my battle to fight.

“I swear to God! If you don’t take this fucking thing off my neck, NOW! I’m going to murder you!” Jason yells still on all fours.

Fury surged through my whole body as I hear the Pet shouting at the small mortal. I snap my fingers and the leash is once again in my hands. "Little one. If you’re unable to get what you want with the gentle touch… “ I say. “Then maybe it’s time to use a little force.”

Jason looks up to me again. “What the f…” As he tries to speak my hand reaches behind his head and pushes it into my crotch. I can feel his teeth trying to bite and chew, he’s clearly unaware of the physicality of demons.

"Breathe in my scent.” I command. “Take in my essence.”

Jason tried again to speak but each time his mouth opens, I push firmer. His mouth forced against my loincloth. He pants and struggles for breath. I look the young mortal in the eyes once more. “You can’t seek to reason with those who are unreasonable. You don’t attempt to ask of those you can command. You won’t need to ‘try’, when you simply ‘can’.”

He looks at me, a mixture of lust, shock, horror and joy on his face.

"You’ll learn!” I laugh. I release my hand from Jason’s scalp, he stumbles backwards struggling for breath, but his eyes seem glazed. “I see my pungent demon aroma has done its work. Tell me Pet, did you like what you just smelled?

Jason felt thoroughly repulsed by what he’d just experienced. His manly face pressed into another males crotch… forced to take in another man’s scent. Who does that? Certainly not an alpha. Only bitches do. And that was the instant he realised it for the first time. ‘Only bitches do’.

"That’s right you little piece of shit.” I uttered. “ Only bitches drop on all fours, are collared and stick their faces in a man’s crotch breathing in his masculine scent.”

“I… don’t…” Jason tried to rationalise.

“He’s not quite there, is he, Mortal?" I purred to the boy.

“I don’t want t” Jason was once again silenced. This time there was no fabric to separate our flesh. My hand returned to the back of his head. This time, with each push I slid deeper into his throat. I looked down to his face, his mouth so stuffed he couldn’t even gag… his eyes filling with tears as his face turned a violent shade of red. With a smooth yet sudden motion, I removed my length from his warm, moist mouth.

“And only bitches do THAT.” I evilly whispered to him.

Without even letting him take a proper break from my violent assault, the Mortal steps beside me, grabs hold of Jason’s hair and yanks his head back and orders the insolent little worm to part his lips. Surprisingly he does as he is told. The mortal leans closer and let a long stream of his spit enter Jason’s mouth. “Swallow it, Bitch” he blankly states. "This is the taste that you crave, now and forever.” He continues, crouching down to be at Jason’s level. "You will never be able to forget this taste ever in your filthy new life as my bitch. Day and night you will crave it.” He stands once more, his body replacing my own in front of Jason’s mouth. “Now it’s my time to be worshipped, you dirty, little whore.” The mortal spat as he forced his once tormentor against his crotch…. a smile and a look of dark approval crossing my face as he did.

“After all those years of constant humiliation, after the endless nights I spent cleaning after you and those other shitheads’ messes in the locker room, I finally realised - you are not worth it. I idolised you, I thought you were someone who deserved my adoration, someone who had to be worshiped, someone I should follow his every move, his every order, just waiting for you to grace me with a moment of your attention.” The Mortal ranted. If he’d looked in the mirror, he would have seen what I did. While he was saying all these vile, hateful new truths, his eyes turned momentarily into a pair of red glowing spheres. But of course he didn’t see it. He was focused on what was about to happen to poor little Jason - kneeling in front of him, on all fours looking at the mortal, staring deep into his eyes as if his life depended on them.

“That all ends now, in your own room. Tonight, you lose everything, your dignity, your pride, your freedom. When I’m finished with you, there will be nothing left of ‘Jason’. In his place there will be the sluttiest power-bottom whore in the entire world!”

As the little mortal spoke… I felt it. A momentary flash. An unmistakable passing of true connection. His humanity chinked, only slightly. But from a single spark, an inferno can burn.

“You have him before you little one,” I smiled. "Now claim him as yours.” The smallest gesture from the human, the tiniest motion… and I would enrich the moment with my demonic power. But for all his words, all his hatred, all his anger, the Mortal would have to make the first move.

He didn’t wait for a special invitation. He knew he had the upper hand. He knew he could do whatever he wanted with Jason. He looked at the bitch and without the slightest remorse for what he was about to inflict upon him, the mortal forced his entire shaft deep down the hunky teen’s filthy little slut mouth.

Jason didn’t see that coming. He couldn’t believe the little nerd was able to do something so cruel, so powerful, so dominant.

In an instant I felt a warm moisture across my length.. the pleasure the little Mortal was feeling was radiating through me too. Our spirits intermingled in a shared moment of lust and power causing me to gasp aloud.

“Oh yes!” We both spoke as one. “Oh yes!” We both spoke as one.

I took a deep breath. My head clearing.

“Fuck yeah, you little bitch!” The mortal panted. “Let me ram my thick rod deep into your pussy mouth. Let me show you who’s the real man here.” He continued as he worked himself in and out at a vigorous pace. “Yeah you fucking slut; worship my long shaft! Show me how much you like being abused like this by another man. A REAL man!”

With every movement the mortal made.. my sexuality was rewarded with extreme pleasure… I could feel the throat of Jason clamping around my demonhood - and yet I stood 4 feet away. As the sexual power built, I found myself willing the Mortal to go harder, more forcefully.

A surge of violence foreign to anything he’d ever felt flooded through the boy’s body. Suddenly he wanted to make the slut squeal like a dying pig. He wanted to hear Jason’s screams, his pleads for mercy. He felt his grip becoming firmer.

My mind cried out in perverted lust. I heard the words tumble through my head. “Yesss! He is yours. They’re ALL yours” as I internally cheered on the little human. My hands clenching as I did.

The mortal grabbed Jason’s head with both his hands and started thrashing violently into his crotch. “You’re mine.” He grunted as Jason started choking; he couldn’t breathe. Spit mixed with tears were running down his face. And it felt good. Sooo good!

Inside the young mortal’s mind, his brain was feeding him with fresh thoughts. “Man! What was I thinking all those years being the little shy nerd who everyone was pushing around? I should’ve been fucking all those wankers into submission. I should have shown them who was the top dog. I should be the Alpha among them.” He let out an evil smirk. “I should have been worshiped by them as their superior.”

“You ARE their superior!” I groaned, erotically and angrily.

At that moment, the boy knew what I had said was true. He was born to rule. Born to be the one worshipped for his superiority. He should be showing all these pathetic worms who was their one and true master. He now knew what he wanted to do next. He wanted to rule the world!

“This little whore is just the beginning” I moaned, the breath catching in my mouth. Pleasure flooding through my body. My mind burned as I began to lose myself to the erotic sensations flooding me. I could feel myself edging closer towards euphoria, my engorged testicles churning their hellish seed. The mortal seemed to lose his composure… his thrusting became less rhythmic… his breathing more erratic.

Suddenly he withdrew his cock from the Pet’s hungry mouth only to see that the bitch and I were both frustrated. “What happened, whore? You lost your favourite bone? And you’re still hungry? Don’t worry slut, you’ll get your bone back but this time it will be even better!” He cruelly chuckled.

“Present me your hole, you fucking slut.” The mortal demanded. Jason found himself doing as he was told, desperately fumbling with his shorts, tangling them around his ankles. In a moment he was prone and ready to be mounted.

“It’s a good thing you’re so much of a Macho Man, Jason.” The human said. “You’ll need to be able to endure more than a little pain. Because, trust me. I don’t intend going easy or slow on you, bitch boy.”

Before Jason could even think about what the nerd had meant, the human had driven all the way in to the poor boy’s raw, virginal hole.

I could feel every inch of my girth squeezed by Jason’s tight unused passage, but as I looked down, it merely stuck out in front of me. The sensations were blissful. His tight, unused buttocks cradling my balls. Except… they weren’t. I looked again to the mortal… a mixture of pleasure and sinister success painted on his face. I couldn’t help but flash a wild smile at him. I watched as he pulled himself out of Jason, then forcefully slammed back in to the hilt. Feeling every moment of it.

"Howl as much as you want, bitch!” The Mortal cried. “No one can hear you. From now on you will be spending your days pleasuring men with your newly created pussy whole. Not a single day shall pass without someone stuffing your hungry hole with a huge, fat, juicy cock. Nothing else matters to you anymore.” The mortal practically growled the words; his speech laced with venom and dripping with malice.

As he continued to work himself in and out of Jason, my own length began to leak pre-cum onto the carpeted floor. Jason groaned and wailed at the physical assault, but as the young mortal persisted, the pained cries from the muscled youth beneath him became less pained and more erotically charged. It was another indication of his acceptance of his new reality.

“I see you stopped fighting your new destiny boy, push yourself onto my cock! Impale your muscled body on my fat hungry dick. Show your new master and creator how much you want this. Show him how much you want him to flood your insides with his demon seed and seal your fate once and forever.” The mortal erotically chanted.

“Hnnnn! Please!” Jason moaned.

“‘Please’ what, slut?”

Jasons eyes rolled back into his head, his body supercharged with sexual energy… sounds tumbled from his mouth, unintelligible and impossible to comprehend.

“Speak up bitch! I can’t hear you! Do you want this to happen? Do you want me to mark you as my slave for all eternity? Do you give freely your soul to me? Do you freely hand over your very essence to eternal damnation? Speak bitch. I said SPEAK!” The young human pounded as he shouted.

From within me, I could feel the buildup churning. The fires of passion burning brightly within my loins. The heat of raw sexuality crashing through my body. I looked to the Mortal. Certain he could feel it too.

With little more than a whimper, Jason replied.

“Yes.” he uttered.

A truly evil smile formed on the young human’s lips. “That’s all I needed to hear.”

And with that, the boy felt his cock shoot rope after rope of hot burning hell seed into the depths of this human bitch. At the same time, my body shook violently. Hot demonic spunk flooded into the room… my first climax in the mortal world was truly volcanic. I tried to maintain my composure, but the bliss was blinding, the white hot power of animalistic fucking short circuiting my body. My vision clouded and my world flashed a pure, brilliant white.

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  • hunklover changed the title to The Devil By My Side | Chapters 1 & 2
15 hours ago, hunklover said:

At that moment, the boy knew what I had said was true. He was born to rule. Born to be the one worshipped for his superiority. He should be showing all these pathetic worms who was their one and true master. He now knew what he wanted to do next. He wanted to rule the world!

His dominant side is starting to come out. If he keeps it up he will merge with the demon and be one entity.

I love this

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Chapter 3: "A Life Rewritten, A World Darkened"

The lights flickered for a moment. The air still. Nothing moved outside Jason’s home. The streets were empty, the house was silent, but from Jason’s room came a collection of strange sounds. As if someone was panting… Then a siring cackle; echoing and breaking the near silence.

“Welcome to your new life, Bitch!” I gleefully cheered. “As from now, you only exist to serve. You are a worthless, bottom slut. Nothing else matters in your life anymore; no family, no relationships, no friends.”

I leant down so Jason could see me staring into his eyes as I spoke.

“You are nothing more than a pair of ever-hungry holes that crave to be filled to the brim. Unable to resist any man that wants to breed your sorry ass. Nothing belongs to you from now on; your freedom has been stripped from you. You handed it over to me the minute you begged me to seal your fate and have him fuck the shit out of you.” I chanted, pointing at the Mortal.

“Now you recognise me as your one and only true master and creator; you will adore me, live to worship me day and night, obey my every command. To the outside world you will be as you ever were; the same simple Jason. But underneath it all, you’re mine.” I rumbled, my eyes glowing a bright and furious red as I came down from my euphoric explosion.

The mortal looked at the crimson skinned beast as he flexed his hands; relishing in the power of the orgasm that the pair had just shared. Then he looked down to Jason, weeping, as his face lay against the ground.

Instinctively the mortal took a step back, his cock slipping effortlessly out of Jason with a slick ‘pop’. “What have I done?” he whispered.

"Oh don’t come over all innocent now.” I sighed. “You claimed him… he’s our… YOUR bitch now!”

The Mortal looked around the room, half of it flooded with the torrent of demonic spunk, his cruel ‘friend’ on all fours before him… he felt horrified that he’d gotten so carried away. He’d wanted to settle the score, sure… but this, this wasn’t him.

“You.” The mortal pointed at the Demon. “You made me do this.”

“Well… maybe just a little.” I sinisterly agreed.

“Our deal…” The Mortal softly said, anger and sadness in his voice.

I stepped closer to Jason and the youth. “Inside. You want this. HE wants this. And I know I definitely want this.”

“I don’t fucking want this! I am NOT a bad person; I’ve never hurt a fly in my entire life and now, one night with you and I turn evil?! I fuck someone’s life into complete submission?” The young human snapped.

"Glorious, isn’t it?”

“NO! You hear me?! It’s NOT ‘glorious’!” He yelled as I crouched down next to Jason.

“I don’t want to see him like that.” The boy continued. “Turn him back. Make him as he was before!”

I pulled back on Jason’s hair so he was forced to look at the mortal stood over us both. “Oh it looks like someone’s not happy with his new Puppy… let’s remedy that.”

Jason groaned “No.”

I released Jasons hair, and placed both hands aside his head. Pulling them apart slowly, a small sliver of black material formed in the space. As I stretched further, it expanded and was joined by other pieces of red, leather-like fabric.

The panels wound together, wrapping around Jason’s face, as he softly mewled words of protest. Slowly, but surely a leather muzzle stretched out in front of Jason’s face as a pair of small pointed ears formed at the top of the mask that was coating his head. The fabric wrapped around the back of his skull and stitched its way together sealing the muscular teen in, and gifting him his new face.

“Oh! I almost forgot… what would a puppy be without his fifth limb?!” I excitedly cackled, stood again and flicked my wrist.

In an instant a globe of black, rubber-like material hovered before me; pulsing and growing in size and shape. On one end, it formed a bulbous, thick dildo-esque shape; barbed and ridged. On the other, a small red and black tail sprung into being.

I reached forward and grasped it firmly.

“There…” I forced it into Jason, causing the pup to let out a pained yelp “…we are.”

The mortal looked mortified and astounded in equal parts. I turned to him. “And you say it’s not glorious? Look.. he’s soo happy he’s wagging his tail!”

The mortal wanted to protest. He wanted to save the poor boy who was being manhandled, humiliated in front of him. But while he was so eager to stand by Jason’s side and do anything he could to avert the facts of this evening, something strange started happening: His dick slowly but steadily sprung to life once again. “Wh.. why am I feeling aroused?” He pondered. “How am I turned on by this? By what is happening to Jason… a human being diminished into nothing more than a pathetic dog slave, a bitch, a whore and I am feeling so… so.. so…" The mortal was lost in his own lust… He couldn’t utter any words… He could only groan and touch himself. “NO!” He screamed. “This is perversion, I won’t give in! I will resist. I need to resist! But it so hard… Why is it so hard?… Why is this fucking slut so arousing? Why do I find his new face so fucking incredible?.. And look at that doggy tail… How nice and slick. Fuuuuck!” His brain echoed.

"Do you want to know the best part, Mortal?”

“What?!” The young human snapped.

“Deep down…he’s looooving this. He loves the degradation. He might have resisted it at first, but the second you claimed him, you took any chance he had not to enjoy this."

Jason looks up at his new Master; the previous victim of his bullying. For the first time, a scent washes into Jason’s nose… the mixture of the room… the rank smell of Demonic spunk and… ambrosia! Jason thrusts his leather face into the mortal’s crotch.

“You look at me as if I’ve enslaved him.” I grinned. "The reality is, WE set him free. Free from the pain and suffering of independence.”

“Do… do you?” The boy stammered. “Do you really enjoy this you little… slut? Do you like being treated like a cheap whore, you muscled dickhead?”

Jason says nothing. He just raises his head to look at the mortal straight in the eyes with a look of adoration.

“I thought so boy.” The human grunts his hand forcing Jason’s muzzle into his pubes.

“So…” I cocked an eyebrow.

“Tell me about your other friends….”

For anyone truly paying attention, they made for an unusual trio; a small young man carrying a book the size of a suitcase, his obedient puppy slave and a Demon. But the small group were undisturbed by onlookers as they walked the suburban streets, cloaked in the darkness of night.

“Are we close?” I grumbled.

The puppy slave pulled on his leash again. “We must be, Jason seems to be pretty eager to get there!” the mortal replied.

I grunted again.

“You know… Jason was really the one who lead the bullying… we don’t have to do this. Dominic’s really not that bad of a guy.” The young boy tried to rationalise.

“WRONG.” I forcefully barked and pointed at Jason. “He followed the directions of THAT. He went along with whatever Jason told him to do. That means he’s weak. And weakness needs to be punished.”

We continued forwards. An awkward silence settling upon us.

“Do you think I’m weak?” The boy asked. I raised an eyebrow. “I mean… I’m following you.”

“Wrong again.” I flatly replied. “I’m following you.”

Jason stopped outside a large detached house with one of the upstairs windows lit. He turned to his master, seeking his approval.

Instinctively, the Mortal slapped the back of the Puppy. "Good Boy!” It couldn’t be seen, but the puppy beamed with pride.

"You’ll soon get your reward, my Pet.” I said. "And it will be one that you’ll really, really like ’cause it will come from a dear friend of yours.” I wrapped my clawed hand around the Pup’s neck. “Of course he won’t be so willing to give it to you at first, but, by the time we are done with him he’ll never want to stop fucking your dog pussy, and you will howl from pleasure as he plunges into your very core!” I looked the Pet in the eyes. “Now, I believe it’s time you revert to your human guise.” I said, raising my hand and waving it in front of the newly born puppy.

The hood and tail seemingly vanished into thin air… waiting to be recalled when the time was right. And Jason stood tall and proud once again. Only now he had a grander purpose to fill; he walked onto the front lawn, picked up a couple of stones and threw them at Dominic’s window.

A shadow flicked across the pane of glass and Dominic emerged. He opened the window and half whispered “Jase? What the fuck man.. it’s 1am!”

Jason did as he was instructed. “I was out drinking with Lauren, and if I go back to my place, my folks will kill me! Can I crash on your floor?”

The front door unlatched and Dominic ushered Jason inside. Hidden out of sight, the Demon and the Mortal knelt on the lawn. Between them, the Grimoire was opened and the Mortal leafed through its pages.

“Now, let’s make this interesting, shall we Mortal?” I smiled.

“What do you mean?”

“I’d wager there are infinite numbers of foul sex spells in here.” I said hungrily. “Not to mention the new paths to corruption. Oh! There’ll be some truly fascinating ones!”

“Why corrupt someone?” The mortal flatly replied, his fingers stopped turning pages. “What good can ever come out of this? Sure, you said to punish them and teach them a lesson… and I accepted that, I don’t know why, probably because I’m just the sort of gullible fool who’d follow what a demon who just broke lose from hell would say, but why corrupt someone who doesn’t deserve it?”

“Fine.” I grunted. "You don’t want corruption? How about verity?”

“Verity?! What.. do you mean?”

“This hex is particularly delicious. ‘La rectam vero’”. I gleamed.

“‘La rectam vero’….” The boy whispered, looking at the text before him.

“It compels those whom it is cast upon to live, the ‘correct’ truth. Past, Present and Future.”

The boy looked confused. “And who defines what is ‘correct’?”

“Why… the caster of the hex.” I continued grinning.

“So we are not talking about what is ‘correct’. It’s more like what the caster wants to be ‘corrected’ in someone.”

“‘Corrected’, changed, altered, amended, erased, added; It’s whatever you want it to be.”

He sighed.“You’re gonna corrupt Dominic, aren’t you?”

I feigned a look of shock. “No, not at all.” I declared, as sincerely as I could muster. “Because you’re going to control the hex, Mortal.”

The light above us shut off. “Let’s watch!” I spoke softly.

Waving my hands as if drawing a circle, a golden light traced my movements and there within it, we could now clearly see the contents of Dom’s room: Jason lay on the floor, a blanket over him, a pillow propping his head up. Dominic, sprawled out on his bed.

“What do you know about this boy?” I asked.

“Well, I mean… you can see he’s a very tall, built-like-a-brick-house hunk of a man. He always seems calmer than Jason. You could say that when the situation doesn’t apply to me, he is the voice of reason in all those dumb arse friends of his. Whenever they fight, he’s the one who steps in and help the guys think clearly. But, he likes to have the upper hand.. I’ve seen what he’s like when he has authority over others, and it’s not pretty.”

“Some admirable traits." I purred.

“He likes to show the others that are wrong when they are wrong and help them see how to fix it… I don’t know why all this never applied to me but… you asked me what I knew about him, and that’s that. Oh! And he’s in the Cadets; wants to become a policeman one day. I’ve heard him saying he ‘can help society get better’… As if.” The Boy grumbled.

From within the circle, Jason suddenly spoke. “Hey Dominic? You awake?”

Dominic grunted back.

“Any chance I can share the bed? The floor’s killing my back, man.”

“Fuck off, Jase. I’m not letting you get in bed with me, like some fag.” Dominic huffed and rolled over.

“Another aspect of him is quite clear” hissed the demon.

“Yeah; he’s a total homophobic prick!”

“Wouldn’t it be so much better if that wasn’t his truth?” I smile. “Picture it, Mortal. See it in your mind." I tempted the boy. “Visualise the Dominic that should exist.”

The mortal closed his eyes. As he did, I began to wave my hands in ornate, intricate ways as I read the incantation on the page: "Quod verum est, nisi quia me ad control. Ego vero elegit te ludere munus tuum.”

Suddenly the boy could see Dominic in front of him; only he wasn’t the Dominic he knew. He was… different. His face was contorted, an evil sneer that could freeze your blood. He stood proud and naked… my my, he was a very gifted beast of a man. Authoritative. Radiating strength and discipline.

I continued to chant: "Quod verum est, nisi quia me ad control. Ego vero elegit te ludere munus tuum.”

The image formed clearer and clearer in the boy’s mind. All the best parts of Dominic remained and were magnified - the parts of the youth he appreciated, even if he’d never experienced them first hand. But the shit? The deep rooted homophobia? His need to follow Jason like a lost sheep? Gone. This Dominic would lead, and he wouldn’t hate gay men… he’d love them. He’d really love them.

It was crystal clear to the Mortal how Dom should be.

At that moment, the visual circle could be heard again. “Jase?" Dominic murmured.

“Yeah, man?”

“Come on, it’s stupid to have you sleeping on the floor. Get in. Just no queer stuff.”

Jason could be seen rising from the carpet and shuffling into Dominic’s bed.

The two were silent for a moment.

"I’m sorry I said that man… I didn’t mean to call you ‘queer’. I know you’re not. Not that theres anything wrong with that.” Dominic offered.

“I know, D. It’s cool.”

Silence filled the room again. Dominic rolled over so the pair were both facing in the same direction. “Here buddy, you’ll wanna keep warm.” He said as he grabbed his duvet and pulled some over Jason. As he did, his crotch just nestled into the small of Jason’s back.

Normally, the pair would immediately separate. But after settling into the position for a moment, Jason felt himself push backwards. A small exhalation of breath could be heard from Dominic. And Jason could feel the firmness pressing into his back. Jason grinned malevolently. His masters had clearly made some sort of influence. He rolled over to face Dominic, and could see the boy sweating.

"You okay there, mate?” Jason whispered.

The two young men lay inches apart, their eyes locked on each other, lips so close they were almost touching.

“Something feels wrong.” Dominic grimaced.


Dominic moved forwards and felt his lips lock against Jason’s. What started as a tender and gentle moment became more and more aggressive the longer it continued. Dominic felt emboldened, his tongue forced its way into Jason’s mouth. But, as he tasted the other boy’s tongue his body recoiled instinctively.

“This isn’t me!” Dom panted.

“Dominic, mate, you need to relax.” Jason softly said.

“No, man.. this is wrong… my brain… it’s like it’s splitting in two…. I can’t.. I don’t…” His words were interrupted by Jason returning to their kiss. Dom’s body allowed him to enjoy it for a moment before he violently shoved Jason away. “Get the hell away from me!” He forcefully whispered, aware he couldn’t yell through fear of waking his parents.

He clambered out of bed but as he did, he clutched his head… he could feel aspects of his life crumbling away. And like grains of sand slipping through his fingers, he desperately tried to cling on.

He flicked the lights back on and braced himself against a wall, but as he did, the room began to ripple and shift. Posters of supermodels and cosmetically enhanced women were replaced with men in the peak of their masculinity. At the same time, the world around Dom began to warp and shift. His friends and family, his memories, interests and hobbies: Everything that had ever been in any way associated with Dominic altered and changed to accommodate an entirely different man, with an entirely different history: The Dom was being unleashed.

Dominic, no… Dom grunted as he fought the side of his brain that told him this was perfectly normal. He knew it wasn’t. It was at that point, the skin around his chest and back began to itch. As he looked down, horror washed through him as he watched a black leather harness wrap its way over his pecs.

“What… is this?!” He cried out loud.

From behind him, the question was answered.

“This… is who you truly are.” The mortal replied, the Demon stood at his side.

“Who are you? And… how did you get into my room.” Dom panted. "Wait a minute… the little nerd from the school?” But his thoughts were interrupted when he heard a metal cling coming from his back. “What the fuck is this thing?! Get it off me!” He cried. “Jay what is happening man? Help me!”

But Jason did absolutely nothing. He just stared at his former friend, enjoying the terror in Dom’s eyes. Suddenly Dom saw Jay’s clothing disappear. Something strange was happening to his head, something was forming there, something red, something made of leather. Oh crap! It was a dog hood. A black and red leather dog hood, and it encased Jay’s whole face.

Dominic could no longer see his pal’s facial features; just a body with a dog’s head. At that moment, Jay stepped smoothly to one side; just a bit so that his rubbery tail could be seen swinging proudly as it extended from his muscled butt.

“Fuck man! What’s happened to you?! What’s with the hood… and that disgusting thing sticking out of your arse?!” Dominic gasped. “It looks so…. good” Dom continued. “NO!” He cried. "NO, that’s not what I meant.

The Mortal and Demon shared a look of amusement.

"I meant to say, it looks like…. I should take it out…. so I can fuck your arse raw! Dom groaned through gritted teeth.

His brain fighting the two warring factions between aroused and repulsed.

“See, here’s the thing.” I began. "The ‘little nerd from school’ and I had a chat, and we agreed that we didn’t like certain parts of the way you conduct yourself.”

“What the shit are you talking about?” Dominic panted.

“So together, we decided to make you into a real man’s man.” I continued. “But just so you never forget who you were, you’ll never be permitted to.”


“The part of you that’s fighting right now, the part that wants to vomit from the mere thought of being in bed with our little puppy friend will be with you until the end of time.”

“I’m gonna… fucking…. rip your…. fucking guts out with my cock!” Dom rumbled.

"Promises, promises.” The mortal sarcastically replied.

Dom doubled over, panting heavily. His muscles seemed to writhe under his skin as he gasped for air. His body responding to the years of gym work the new, perfected Dom had put in. With a groan he stood upright, as a pair of silver studs threaded through his nipples. His body responded to the stimulation in the only way it could, his cock bulged out in front of him; rock hard and aching for use.

Dom seemed to rise off the floor as his feet were now clad in a pair of thick biker boots.

"Please… don’t… stop… stop this… don’t stop this… " he cried.

The Puppy was watching all the time while his friend changed, succumbing to the evil plans his masters had concocted for him. Before this night, Jason admired his best friend: He was kind, and always there for him. He couldn’t stand injustice, he couldn’t think of letting his pals or anyone else who mattered down. Except for faggots, of course. Faggots weren’t humans. Faggots weren’t even worth thinking about as anything deserving respect. That’s what the two best friends used to think. But not anymore. As Puppy was observing the slow, but sensual corruption of his mate’s morals and values he concluded that he couldn’t just stand there doing nothing. Without even realising it his hand moved towards his cock which was now leaking pre like a faucet. He started caressing his huge schlong rhythmically up and down. Muffled moans were coming out of his mouth. Lust, that’s what all this was about. Lust and obedience to his masters. Puppy knew it now, and Dominic was soon to find out…

Dom was lost in a war between his own thoughts and the violent attack of the demon’s corrupting force. The boy was slowly fading. In his place, a man was being born. A man who would make his life’s purpose to bring every being on this planet to justice. Not any kind of justice. His new masters’s “justice”. Righteousness, charity, mercy, forbearance, and benevolence would not be tolerated any more in his new master’s world. In the new order, immorality will be the primary trait for all mankind. Depravity. Lust after everything that is masculine, adoration for the male body and its corruptive fluids will be the traits of the reformed. Ah yes! ‘The Reformed’. That’s how all the people of the new world should be named. And it will be Dom’s duty to make sure that all men account for their previously unacceptable, sinful lives as the demonic officer of his master’s new law.

The battle was nearing its climax; the dominant new Dom was bubbling to the surface; and what remained of his previous form was being sealed inside his brain. A passenger inside his own psyche. With one last push of resistance, he cried out. “I can’t!”

“Oh but you can.” I gleamed. "And you will.”

“I’m…. sorry…. " The last free words of Dominic Davies.

As the sentence left his mouth; the control he’d always felt slipped away from him. Dom; the darker, stronger, more disciplined side of his personality had snatched the steering wheel, and it had no intention of letting go.

His skin tingled as he relished being freed to be the man he was always destined to be. He stretched to his full height, flexing and tensing his powerful, young body. As he did, a pair of black leather crotchless chaps weaved around his strong, toned, smooth legs.

He looked upwards instinctively as a matching black leather cap seated itself atop his head. He looked like a cartoonish parody of gay masculinity brought to life. And he loved it. But he knew, he had one final task to complete to lock-in his new life.

He looked around the room; the Pup, the Boy and the Demon… which one would he dominate to baptise himself into his new world of immorality?

“Hey, Bitch!” Dom barked at the Pet. “You came all this way in the middle of the night to turn me into this world’s living nightmare. And you have succeeded! Come here you sick pervert and prepare yourself for what is coming your way: I’m gonna split you in two, I’m gonna breed you and seed you with my hellish nuts. You’re not gonna leave this room until I make sure you simply cannot take a single droplet more cum in that pitiful bitch body of yours!”

The red hooded puppy was more than happy to comply with his officer’s orders. He was a nasty bitch, destroying a teenager’s life for nothing more than lust and sex. He had to be punished. He had to take the officer’s cock right up his slutty hole.

As he approached his former friend, the demonic cop grabbed the bitch’s throat and slapped him hard right in the face. The puppy howled in pain. He turned his head to face the cop only to be slapped once more and this time much harder than the previous one. His whole core shook. Even his newly corrupted self was not ready for this and the officer knew it. The officer knew this puppy lacked discipline and it was his duty to put this bitch in its place. He was growing in dominance with every passing second.

“He’s a monster.” the boy whispered to me.

“Yesss… a superb little monster.” I replied.

“I don’t know.. Isn’t it too much?”

“Too much?” I sneered. "We’ve barely begun.”

“I mean look at Jason. Even in his new form he is not ready for what Dom has become.”

“I told you before, Jason’s loving every second of this.” As I said that, the air was pierced by a muffled cry from Jason’s muzzle. A mixture of pain and ecstasy. “See?”

Dom had begun spanking the puppy, brutally. His bare buttocks turning bright red with each slap. “You like that you pathetic bitch? You like how hard I spank you for being a fucking moron all those years? Now the time has come for you to pay! You will repent for every single homophobic action you ever did. I’ll also make sure that you pay for every good deed you’ve committed.” Dom shouted as he thrust. “ A demonic bitch should only exist to spread havoc across the world.”

The boy looked at the scene that was unfolding before him. Was this what he had intended? He thought back to the Dom he’d pictured.. and he wasn’t sure that this resembled him in any way, but before he even uttered a complaint, I attempted to reassure him, wrapping an arm around his shoulder. “Look at what you’ve created, boy.”

“He’s making Jason suffer…. I wanted him to love gay men.. this isn’t love.”

“Mortal, pleasure and pain go hand in hand… just as love and hate do.”

The puppy yelped out again, an erotic, pained, horny, exhausted, muffled cry.

"Trust me. They’re both enjoying this.”

“I think the time has come, bitch, for you to learn and appreciate your superior’s scents. After all you’re a bitch. Can you imagine your dog life without rich smells and manly aromas?” Dom taunted the Pet. “Can you imagine your slave life without the foul taste of my sweaty pits and the pungent stench of my crotch? Can you imagine your meaningless life without the endless thick loads I’m gonna be feeding you from now on?”

The puppy released a sad growl.

“Lucky for you, Pup, it’s time for you to have your first real meal!” He continued.

The puppy turned his body to face officer Dominic but remained on all fours. The cop grabbed the Pup by the hair and pulled forcefully. The bitch howled in pain while he was forced to stand on his two back legs. It felt so unnatural. Before even stabilising himself a muffled scream of pain came out of his hooded face. Another couple of slaps were inflicted on his covered face. The poor dog was suffering from all this pain. Officer Dom knew it…and he relished it!

The more the bitch was feeling the agonising pain. The more the evil cop was aroused.

“What is it doggy boy? Are we having fun?” Dom continued teasing the Pet. “Want to see what is coming next? We haven’t even started! By the end of the night you will wish you’d never had turned me into what I have become. You will regret the very moment you decided to show up at my door, but now there is nothing you can do to change it. No one is coming to rescue you, you sealed your own fate, boy. Tonight, you’re going DOWN!” Dom ranted.

“He’s going to kill him.” The boy said, fearfully.

"No. Death’s not the aim here.” I replied. “Just watch.”

This was progressing so much better than I could have ever imagined. Jason and Dom embracing sin with such a fractional level of persuasion - I could only imagine what would happen when I unleash myself across the entire globe.

Dom started spitting nonstop on Jason’s hood and then started spreading the spit globs all over the hood creating a slick coat of his corruptive saliva. Then, without any notice, he put both his hands behind the bitches head and forced it right into his dripping pit. He used the dog’s head like a rag to swipe the pungent funk of his muscular body. But the officer was cunning, he didn’t just want to drench the puppy’s face in his sweat. No, he wanted him to inhale what should be, from now on, his favourite smell.

“I hope you like what you breathe in, you fucking whore. This is the odour of perversion. From now on you worship this smell, you crave it. From now on this is the air you breath, if you don’t get enough, you feel physically sick.”

Officer Dominic pushed the bitch away from his pit and looked him deep in the eyes. A look of shock and sadness in the puppy’s eyes behind his mask. His tail had stopped wagging.

“I see you already got accustomed to my manly scent, dog. I’m glad you are starting to appreciate what an officer of the law has to offer to your pathetic excuse of a life!.” He monologued. “But now, the games have to stop.”

The puppy cocked his head to one side… he didn’t understand

“It’s time for the real fun to begin!” Dom cheered.

"What… what the hell does that mean? The boy asked me.

“Just. Watch.” I reiterated.

And in a blink of an eye the officer leaned back, raised his muscular booted foot and kicked with all his might. Making contact with the poor dog in the middle of his muscular core, forcing him to the wall with incredible power. The dog smashed into the wall and before even having the time to come out of the shock, a second kick followed, sending searing pain from where his body just a few seconds ago had been hit. With his eyes shut the dog started howling as a bitch never had before. The pain was excruciating. He wasn’t going to last for long.

“Yeah bitch, take a sample of my force, learn your place and accept your fate. This is what you get when you disobey your master. Weak little whore, take my punches like the fucking piece of shit you are.” Dom venomously cried.

“Seriously.. you have to do something.” The boy plead. “He’s…. too much.”

I held the mortal back. "I won’t say it again. Open your eyes and watch.”

With one final punch the dog crumbled to the floor, the boy flinched and covered his eyes.

The officer stood up, waited a few seconds and turned to the opposite direction knowing very well what was going to happen.

“Please… Sir… please don’t go away.” A muffled voice weakly cried. “Don’t leave me alone… your Puppy needs you.”

The officer stopped in his tracks. He didn’t turn. An evil smile grew across his face. The puppy crawled all the way across the floor, still not recovered from the pain that had been inflicted upon him. When he reached his abuser, he hugged his muscular leg and started passionately licking his black, shiny leather boot.

“That’s right, you worthless worm, clean your master’s boots. Take inside you all my filth and be thankful I even let you touch them.”

“Now do you see it?” I asked the mortal. "They were practically made for each other.”

"You made them for each other.” The boy flatly retorted.

“Now, now. I can’t take all the credit, can I little one?”

It was true. The boy knew he was the one who initiated all this. He was the one who had pictured Dom’s new persona. The man was reshaped after what the mortal had thought was right for him. But as the puppy lapped the officer’s boots, something horrific leapt into his mind. Resting against the cupboard doors was a baseball bat, a remnant of Dominic’s old life. Dom reached forward and grabbed it.

He looked upon it with a sense of wonder.

In his mind’s eye.. the Mortal could see him raise it above Jason and whack the life out of the dog boy he’d created. But his imagination had lead him down the wrong path.

Dom simply stood staring at it. His mouth subtly curved up at the edges.. then his brow furrowed. It looked as if there was a mixture of thoughts and emotions crashing around his head… and there were. Deep inside the newly formed, policing, domineering Dom; Dominic lived on. He saw the bat and was flooded by memories of the boy he once was - days spent at the park with his teammates, talking rubbish and spending time with his friends, his best friend; Jason.

It all felt so far away now.

The bat was a symbol of who he was, and how much he loved his life, his family and his friends

“No! This is not who I am!” Cried Dominic inside his head. “I’m not that man. I’m not that fucking pervert. I’m not a sick faggot! I’m not a monster!!”

“What the HELL am I doing?” Dominic yelled out loud, while his head was momentarily freed from the cloud of corruption.

“You are doing your job, Officer Dom.” I replied, an authoritative tone in my voice.

Dominic turned to face me. That was the wrong move. He was met by a pair of large, malevolent glowing eyes.

“You are doing your job as an officer of the law, slave.” I repeated, putting emphasis on the last word.

"I… you…. ugh!” Dominic cried.

Dom’s eyes narrowed and he stared at the baseball bat. ”Damn, fucking right I am.” He grunted. and his mind was subsumed once more.

“Time to destroy that pussy, bitch!” With another kick he sent the dog flying across the room. He walked authoritatively towards his bitch, kneeled in front of him, then he raised the bat right in front of Jason’s face and leaned ever so close so that his breath could reach the nose of his puppy.

“You see this, you pathetic slut?”

The poor boy nodded.

“This is going all the way up your chute bitch… I can see how excited you are, But I want you to beg for it. Beg for it bitch.”

The puppy looked at his Officer with an uncertain look.

“I said BEG!” The puppy raised himself up on his hind legs and tried to show how much he wanted it. His cock, proud and erect, his eyes fixed onto Dom. For the first time since becoming the pup, he barked. The little show seemed to win over Dom’s affections, in an uncharacteristic move, he stroked the back of the puppy’s neck and ran his hand down the dog’s back, rubbing his arse cheeks too.

But then, he looked over to the boy and I, a truly horrendous smile plastered on his masculine face. His fingers wrapped around the pup’s tail. And with one forceful yank, he pulled it out.

The pup gasped and fell back onto all fours.

He felt… wrong. Like a part of him was missing. Dom held the tail butt plug in front of his face, taking in its red and black design. Then threw it to the floor with a look of disgust. It landed in front of the pup, who upon seeing it released a pained and mournful yip - without his tail… he wasn’t really a pup. He was incomplete. And it hurt. He felt empty.

But Dom had a plan to fix that.

He started spitting a torrent of saliva on the tip of the baseball bat. “Now whore, this is gonna rock your whole world. You’ll never be the same after this; a simple cock won’t be enough - you’ll crave more cocks shoved up your ass at the same time, you’ll never be able to satiate your hunger for whatever thick and long items can be inserted in your pussy whole… but that’s all right with me; I want you to suffer every single day, every single moment of your miserable, pitiful new life.”

Officer Dom continued to speak. “After all, you where brought to this life not to be satisfied but to satisfy the needs of others. No one cares about you. No one gives a solitary shit about what you need or what you desire. No one except your one and true master and creator. And to show you just how much he loves you, he’s allowing me to show you what pain truly means.”

With that, he forced the spit lubed baseball bat right into the Puppy’s waiting hole in one forced movement.

The poor dog screamed in agony. He was being ripped apart; his whole world was suddenly smashed around him. No rational thoughts were left in his head, the pain was so intense, the assault so violent he simply could not cease his muffled screams.

But an Officer was never going to be bothered by the cries of a silly moaning bitch… fuck no. He continued forcing more and more of the huge bat inside the poor dog. And when he was content with how much was inside the bitch he started sliding it out. But before it exited his hole, officer Dominic shoved it all the way up his arse once more. The dog continued screaming. The assault went on and on.

In the mind of the Mortal, this was lasting eons. He could see the bat pushing up against the inside of poor Jason’s abs. He wanted to cry… he simply couldn’t look anymore. This was all his fault, he’d created this monster.

“If he dies I will be the one responsible of his death” he shouted to me

“If he dies, where’d you think he’s heading?” I snapped. "In case you hadn’t realised it… part of me raising Hell on Earth, means there’s really no need for Hell in Hell.”

The human stared at the scene before him, horrified at his creations.

"Little mortal, as always, you hurry to make conclusions. Look and listen… carefully.” I continued.

The cries slowly but surely began shifting from wails of agony into lustful moans, moans only a power bottom slut could produce.

“Yeah you fucking pervert bitch.” Dom grunted. “ You like that don’t you? You like that huge baseball bat going in and out of your filthy hole. Isn’t that right, whore?”

The puppy should have been lying on the floor, broken completely at this point… but he wasn’t. Even the cuts and bruises from Dominic’s earlier assault had all but vanished.

Looking at the Mortal, I attempted to explain: “When I claim a soul, there is no longer a way to travel up…or down.. they are mine.” I stated. "So, when I eventually claim this entire world, the doors will close. And each and every one of you will stay here… eternally. As my possessions.”

Newfound questions emerged from this statement. Questions that the boy wanted to ask but couldn’t manage to. A series of loud moans and howls interrupted his train of thought

He turned to look at the duo relishing in the most depraved sex scene he’d ever witnessed in his entire life.

“That’s right you filthy, dirty slutty Puppy, show me how much you’re enjoying this!” Dom grunted. “Show me how much you want to cum for your new master!”

The dog was lost in the perfection of the moment, all this depravity, all this lust, it was everything he should have lived for all those years but he didn’t. Now everything was going to change. As he embraced for the first time his fully degraded new role in this world he arched his back and led out a hound-like howl ejaculating the remnants of his old self once and for all.

Pulse after pulse forced more and more of Jason’s once human sperm from his testes… but soon it was replaced. His very seed changed by the corruption he’d willingly submitted to. After minutes of firing, his body involuntarily slumped to the floor, the slick bat sliding out of his passage as it did. As soon as his crack was free of the wooden intruder, his black and red dildo tail reinserted itself fully and the puppy let out a contented yip.

Dom looked at the dog at his feet.

Knowing he had been the one to solidify the pup’s new existence until the end of time, flushed him with pride. But at the same time, he couldn’t help but catch a glimpse of his red hot cock pointing out in front of his crotch. He had yet to feel any release. And the need churned within him.

As the dog lazily climbed back into Dom’s bed, a mixture of anger and horniness controlled his thoughts - how dare his puppy deny him.

“Ah, ah, ah! The puppy is mine.” I stated. “As are you.”

I walked over to my new officer, the chief of my newly established line of enforcement.

"Don’t fear, you’ll get yours… but first, we have work to do.”

Standing in front of me, the mortal clasped his mouth and attempted to stifle a yawn.

“Are we keeping you, Little one?” I rumbled.

“Well I don’t know if you ever have to sleep, but I for one, need to shut my eyes and get some rest.” He replied.

“Is that an attempt at humour?" I smirked. But it was too late, the boy had already walked over to the bed and climbed in next to his puppy.

Officer Dom and I look at the pair occupying the bed with a shared look of bewilderment. I understand how Jason might be at the point of exhaustion, but the Mortal? As I attempted to understand, Dom glanced over to me.

“And then there were two…” He grinned.

“So it would seem.”

“Say, I don’t suppose a Demon like you would appreciate a drink?”

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  • hunklover changed the title to The Devil By My Side | Chapters 1, 2 & 3

This is getting better with each chapter.

Dom for a moment tried to break through the demons control. I do wonder if anyone will ever try praying and what the reaction will be?

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Chapter 4: "The Incubation Process"

In the living room of his home, Dom stood at the drinks cabinet whilst I lounged, sprawled across a sofa. The muscular leather-clad youth handed me a crystal glass filled with a generous portion of aged Whiskey.

I took a moment to savour the smell before raising the glass. “Cheers.” I grinned.

He clinked his glass and we each took a long sip.

"Mmmm… " he sighed. “Why does it taste so good to take something that isn’t yours.” I quirked an eyebrow. “So…” he said, sinking into an armchair opposite me. “What exactly is your deal?”

I chuckled a hearty laugh. “My ‘deal’?” I grinned. “My ‘deal’ is far beyond your comprehension.”

He took a moment to stare at me, his face turning into a scowl. “And what the fuck is that supposed to mean?” He loudly rumbled.

The darkened hallway was suddenly illuminated, and footsteps could be heard creaking down the stairs. The door slowly opened.

“Oh, it’s you Dom….” the middle-aged man said.

“Who the hell else would it be?” Dom bluntly snapped.

"Well, your mother and I heard you’d finished upstairs, we figured you’d gone to sleep afterwards like normal…” the man meekly said. “Who’s your friend?”

Before I had chance to speak, the dominant young muscle man spoke for me.

“None of your fucking business, Dad.”

“Yes. You’re right. Sorry son. I didn’t mean to…” The small, older man looked at the open decanter on top of the drinks cabinet. “….is that? Is that my birthday whiskey?”

Dom stood up, walked over to his father with his glass in hand. He raised it to his lips and drained the container, then lowered the glass and forced it into his father’s hand. Quietly but firmly he spoke. “Fuck. Off.”

The man looked at the glass in his hands, sighed deeply and turned around, stalking back up the stairs. The light from the hallway turned out once again. Dom sauntered over to the drinks cabinet, unstopped the decanter and took a large swig before settling back into the armchair clutching the bottle. I took a second to soak in the figure of masculinity the Mortal had created for my enjoyment.

“How come he didn’t freak out?” Dom asked.

“I’m sorry?”

“When he saw you? How come Captain Dickless didn’t freak out?” Dom spoke, motioning with his thumb upwardly.

“I materialised in your room and transformed your best friend into a living man-dog… you think I can’t cloak myself when the time calls for it?” I sneer.

“So… what? You just want to hide in plain sight? That’s your plan?” He asked, firmly.

“No Dom. But for all the dominos to fall, you have to line them up one at a time.” I grinned, sipping again.

Dom leaned back in his chair… taking a second to process what I was saying. He twisted his head to face me. “How old are you?”

The question took me by surprise.

“I was formed as this planet came to maturity. So long has passed, it’s hard to approximate it in a value you’d comprehend.”

Dom just sniffed. “And you’ve always just… what? Been hanging around, fucking with high-schoolers? Turning boys into dogs?” He snorted.

“Once, I was young and ambitious like you Mortals are.” I replied. “My zeal for inflicting pain, corrupting, punishing and torturing opened even the most fiercely guarded doors of Hell for me. I dined with Archdemons; trained under them, my power growing as the centuries passed. I became an authority on what makes Hell so hellish. Lower Demons and Lords alike worked to win my respect… I had everything I wanted.”

"What happened?” Dom quizzed.

I chuckled. “Isn’t it obvious? I got bored. I couldn’t make sense of it when it happened, but it happened. Endless years of torturing the damned, never anything new or out of the ordinary. Every minute of every day of every week; the same thing over and over, and over again.”

“Groundhog Day.” The boy mumbled.


“It’s… some dumbass movie. He does the same thing over and over.”

“…AND?” I exasperatedly ask.


There was a silence. I took another sip letting the flavours dance across my tongue. “More than just bored, I was frustrated. I realised there was no chance of progression, no change, no intrigue: Mortals who go down there are all sinners - there to be punished and tortured endlessly because they spent their entire lives making the wrong moves and making the wrong decisions.”

“You trying to warn me about my choices?” Dom snapped.

I cocked an eyebrow.

“This some sort of, ‘Ebeneezer Scrooge’ shit?” He continued.

I laughed. "This is MY story, Dom. Not yours. You have already been marked by darkness. Don’t forget, you’ve already been claimed by a demon: you are the first of many in my infernal defence. I have big plans for you, officer.”

The muscular leather man said nothing.

“You are going to command the souls of this earth, you are going to make sure that this city, this country, this world falls entirely under my control.”

"And what if I refuse?” He quipped.

“You tried that, boy. Don’t you remember? Can’t you feel now a trace of the ‘you’ you once were?” I grin.

Dom’s look of smugness slowly fades.

“Dear, sweet, little homophobic Dominic… how you doing in there?”

Dom’s face shudders as panic wraps over him. “Please….” he chokes out. “Stop.” I rise from my sofa and walk over to him, raising the bottle in his hand and pressing it to his lips.

“Shhhhh, back in you go.”

Dom drinks deeply and his sneering face returns as I sink back into the couch.

"Where was I? Oh yes.. Hell, it’s not exactly a picnic for us Demons, you humans though… you’re complex little beasts.”I smiled. "Far more so than demons. Demons take what we want, we do as we please, we have few rules. But you humans… your morality, your social norms.. that little voice inside you that says ’be good, behave, smile, be nice’…..that’s what I hunger for.”

Dom looked at me blankly.

“The souls that came crashing through the gates of hell minute after minute, hour after hour.. they were darkened to a point of being deeply unappetising. But here… you’re all ripe for the plucking. But, I was trapped down there, stuck in a place where I would spend the rest of eternity trudging through torture upon torture. And then… the opportunity arose. A chance to witness the potential of humanity, first hand.” I sighed contentedly.

"The potential of humanity… to do what?” Dom asked.

“To become whatever I decide. Every being of my kind that’s ever travelled to this land, has visited under contract; tied to the desires of those who had brought them here. And sure.. they could twist a few words, deceive and manipulate - have a little fun. But sooner or later, their time would be up and they’d have to return. But I knew, the second the Mortal opened the doorway for me, it was a one way journey. I’m never going back to Hell. Now that I’m here, I’m here to stay. And this, will be MY Hell.” I growled, sinking lower into the sofa and downed the contents of my glass, a dark grin plastered on my face, my eyes glowing malevolently.

“If what you’re saying is true… about getting bored… what will stop the same happening up here? If you change the world and make it into your own personal Hell?” Dom quizzed.

“Because it will be perfectly crafted to suit my requirements. A paradise for me and all who follow in my name. All my loyal servants will indulge in their deepest desires; free to revel in my glory.”

“And for the rest I assume that’s when I come in?” Dom interrupted.

"Some will require a little more… ‘persuasion’ than others, yes. Thankfully, I think you know just how to achieve that.”

Dom took another large swig from the bottle. “So… You have created a puppy and you have me; your officer of ’the law’.” Dom chuckled as he uttered the last two words. “What else do you have in mind?”

"A General. Someone to lead my army against all forces who would try to defy my rule.”

Dom paused and thought about what I’d said. He smiled. "I think I know exactly who you need.”

Several hours had passed. The first rays of the morning sun shone through the windows of Dom’s bedroom, caressing the faces of the boys of our demonic clutch.

"Time to get up boys!” I chirped as I strode towards the bed. "We have a long and, hopefully, interesting day ahead of us.”

"Ugh, what time is it?” The mortal croaked.

Just after five o’clock. You need to get up, NOW. Unless you want to explain to your parents why their son did not sleep in his own bed.” I pointed at Jason. “Same goes for Fido over there.”

"Fine! For fucks sake.” He grumbled again.

The boy nudged the pupped awake and the pair lazily removed themselves from the bed. The puppy; half asleep, half awake, as if on autopilot came down onto the floor and went straight to his master’s feet and started nuzzling at his imposing crotch.

“Later on my Pet. Now we have to hurry!” Dom chuckled.

Leaving Dom behind, the trio stalked through the streets heading back to the Mortal’s house; the Pet being dropped off along the way. They were all under strict instructions. "Cleanse. Eat. Dress for school. Act normal.” Which was easier said than done for Dom… less than 4 hours ago, his very definition of normal had been ripped apart.

As he wrapped his school blazer over his shoulders he couldn’t help but hate what he saw in the mirror. He reached for the sleeves and with a solid pull they ripped off, leaving him with a make-shift waistcoat.

He grinned at his sense of pride and rebellion. He didn’t mind a uniform, as long as it was HIS uniform.

The other two boys didn’t suffer with such conflict. Sure, the Pup hated being seen without his hood and tail, but he knew that for now, it was better to blend in. And so after grabbing breakfast and pretending they’d each had a restful night in their own beds, all three boys headed to school.

They regrouped outside the front door to the school, the demon choosing not to be visible. He decided he could better understand the human world without drawing attention to himself. For a moment, the four discussed their plan for the day, which was simply to get through the day without cause for unnecessary complication. But at that moment, the school bell rang. The three boys trudged through the door but blocking their way was Coach Clarke.

“You three are late.” He mumbled.

“What of it?” Dom grunted in reply.

"Dominic Davies, I don’t know what the hell it is about me that you seem to take just so much pleasure in winding up, but I must tell you; your attitude doesn’t impress me.”

“Glad to hear it.” Dom smirked.

“And you two,” the Coach continued. "I don’t know why you choose to spend your time with this… social reprobate. He’ll drag you both down… especially you, James… lad like you should have his head in the books.”

Dom was visibly angry, he wouldn’t stand for being disrespected, especially to his face. "Fuck you.”

"Right that’s it.. in my office, NOW!”

"But Coach, he didn’t mean t..” the Mortal tried to speak.

"You want to join him, James?” Coach snapped.

"It’s just tha..”


The door slammed shut behind the coach and he stared the three boys down. As he did, he began to rant.

"You see the problem with you kids today is, you’re all about yourselves. It’s all instant gratification; with your iPhones and your Netflix.. you haven’t learnt to wait. You don’t know anything about patience. Or discipline.” He roared."If I’d dared to speak to any of my teachers like you speak to me, I’d have been thrashed to within an inch of my life. The respect, the discipline was drilled into me… to make me the man I am today.”

“A high school P.E teacher?” Dom sneered. "It paid off.”

The coach’s face turned crimson with rage, but before he could speak again, a loud and forceful knocking came from the door behind him. He yanked the handle and yelled “WHAT?!"

In the doorway was a vision of perfection. Caramel skin from head to toe. Thick full lips and almond eyes. Muscle tone you could clearly see even under his school uniform. Mid-length jet black hair that framed his eyes and a smile, that begged the world to say ‘hello’ to him. All four stopped in their tracks.

I was very pleased with my disguise.

"Hi I’m…. Damon Frommel. Today’s my first day… they told me to come here?”

“WHO told you to come here!? Man, this school entire school is so incompetent. What can a coach do for someone who just moved to the school?! For f…..” Coach stopped himself from swearing in front of the boys, nearly having lost his composure in the delirium of rage.

“So…. I guess I leave then?” I asked without a slightest hint of interest.

The coach started observing the new kid; he was all muscle - from his head to his feet. Tall and strong. And, he seemed quick witted. The coach’s anger started to cool down. While he was scanning every inch of the young man, he was lost in his thoughts. “Man, this kid could be the star of the school one day, and of course who’d get credit out of that?! If I took him under my wing, trained him and guided him, he could bring glory back to the school, to the team, to me…”

“Is that a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’?” Damon said, irritation apparent in his voice for not receiving an answer to his question.

“Oh! What?! Yeah… Yes boy, what did you say your name was? ‘Damon’? Yes, go but come to see me after classes, there are a few things I’d like to run past you. And you three!” He said to the boys who he’d briefly forgotten behind him “Yes, you too, Hargreaves. I will see you after class after school as well. Don’t make any plans. Detention.”

As the coach said that, he gestured towards the open door and ushered the boys to resume their day.

“Detention?” The Mortal asked. “But, I haven’t done anything?!”

“You can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps. This is what happens when you surround yourself with scum, such as your friend, Davies.” Coach grunted. “Now get to class.” The door slammed shut behind them.

There was a pause.

"DAMON FROMMEL?!” The Mortal asked.


He clasped a hand to his brow. “As in ‘Demon From Hell’?!” He sighed.

“What?! All your names sound alike to me.”

“Like it or not… ‘Damo’’s HOT!” Dom howled as he checked out my body, pursing his lips. I did a cheeky little turn, relishing in the boy’s attention.

“Red hot. Dom. Red HOT.”

I took a moment to realise, it wasn’t just my little group of followers absorbing my presence, everyone in the corridor was staring at me. Boys, girls, nerds, beautiful, ugly, weirdos, students, teachers… everyone had their eyes fixed on me. Observing me, undressing me with their minds. Wondering how all that muscle squeezed into my clothes, not to mention the thick bulge that stuck out between my legs.

I hadn’t even taken a single class, and I’m already a heart breaker! But when you can give yourself a human disguise… why not make it the perfect human? Irresistible to any and all who lay eyes on me.

“So boys,” I smiled. “Lead the way!”

While we walked down the main corridor of the school, I observed the various specimens this building had to offer. I couldn’t help but notice a couple who were entangled in a tight embrace - french kissing as if no one was there. They didn’t noticed me walking by, but I was intrigued by what I saw.

“Who’s the stud?” I growled to the group.

"Who? Sam!?” Grumbled Dom. "He’s an absolute fucking arsehole, that’s who.”

"You’ll have to forgive Dom, he and Sam don’t exactly see eye-to-eye.” Jason interrupted.

"Yeah, that’s ’cause that shithead’s always making out like he’s better than everyone; swaggering around like he’s top dog, when he’s actually just a cocky fucker.” Dom replied.

In Dom’s new reality, he and Sam had clashed a number of times, both on the wrestling mat and in the teacher’s car park. As the two rivals neared each other, Dom practically growled at Sam, which made the blonde lad break away from his kiss. Only to narrow his eyes, give Dom the finger and return to parking his tongue in Kim’s throat.

Jason continued. "Coach’s say’s he’s one of the best athletes the schools ever had. He never stops boasting about how he made him the wrestling champion he is today.”

“Wrestling?” I purred. “I wouldn’t mind getting to grips with him.”

“You’d have to get him away from Kim, first!” The mortal chimed in. "Those two are joined at the… lip.”

I thought for a second. It really wouldn’t take much for a Demon to show both of them their real place on this earth… MY earth.

I looked back at the pair as we walked past and grinned. Out of nowhere my body started emanating a strong wave of pheromones which were directed towards the couple, but only the girl was able to smell them.

She felt a rush of excitement, violently detaching her lips from her gorgeous boyfriend and inhaling deeply, trying to find the source of this strong, masculine scent. When she saw the new, sexy hunk walking down the corridor she felt compelled to run towards him and wrap herself entirely around that dreamy, handsome body. But she didn’t.

Something was keeping her in place.

Why have them right now, when I could enjoy playing with my food?! After all, claiming them here and now wouldn’t exactly be… ‘subtle’ either.

But the trap was set and soon those two would become just another pair of pawns in my to the new order - whether they knew it or not, their fate was sealed!

We entered a classroom and sat down… I could feel all eyes were on me. Lustful thoughts danced in the adolescents around me. But aside from leaping into their desires, playing with their wills and toying with them mentally, the morning lessons dragged on at a tedious pace. The time passed slowly, but after a couple of hours, the bell rang for lunch break.

Doors opened and hungry, loud students rushed out to the corridors. Everyone heading to the cafeteria. Well, not everyone to be exact. There were two students who headed in the opposite direction. Hungry… but not for food. No, food was plain, ordinary.

Something else, other than a meal would be much more fulfilling.

The door of the boys’ toilet open slowly and a slender, tall figure entered. As she moved in, she found Damon. Leaning against the wall, my eyes fixed upon her.

“Well… hello beautiful.” I purred.

“Hello to you to… Hunk.” She cautiously replied, moving closer to the muscled monster who was in front of her.

“I don’t think we’ve met. What’s your pretty, little name, sweety?”

“Kimberly, but for friends it’s just Kim.”

“Oh you don’t say Kim! Am I a friend?” I grinned.

“Yes, yes you are.” She smiled, my pheromones leaking into her. “I get the feeling you could be a really good friend.” She said as she leaned in close and smelt my neck.

“I don’t know about that, Kim… I’m a bit of a bad boy.”

“Well, I guess I’m a bit of a naughty girl… I have a boyfriend. I shouldn’t really be here.” She whispered, kissing my neck.

“Well then, you really are a very naughty girl, having a stud like your star athlete and hunting around for more… do you treat all your new friends like this?” I said, feigning innocence.

“No…” She moaned. “Only for the bad boys, like you.”

“There aren’t any other boys like me.”

And with that she coiled me in her arms, pressing ferociously with her lips and locking them over my mouth. With a beastial force, I raised my hand and grabbed Kim’s head from behind, forcing it closer towards me. The girl was going crazy, our kiss - so intense. She didn’t fight it. Couldn’t fight it. She was all turned on by the new muscular God who had invaded her life so abruptly.

She returned my movements with the same eagerness, welcoming my wet tongue into her mouth, pressing her lips ever more on mine. She was surprised at just how long and thick my tongue was, practically feeling it filling her mouth, forcing her own tongue out of the way.

It was only when she felt it coil around her own her eyes sprung open. As they did, she saw two glorious glowing red orbs staring back at her. Panic struck her and she tried to break our embrace, but couldn’t. Inside her mouth, she could feel the tongue wriggle and writhe until she felt it inch further to the back of her throat.

She gagged momentarily and took a second to gasp for air. She tried to break free from the embrace but I was holding her in place. She couldn’t move, she couldn’t turn. She was locked in my embrace. She couldn’t escape.

Suddenly, she saw Damon lean back and that’s when she saw it. Between our mouths there was a slimy, black sort of worm coming out. It was huge and it was pulsating, thrashing its way into her; deep down into her body, violating her throat.

She clawed at her throat, trying to free the blockage. She attempted to bite down on the creature and split it in half… but it wouldn’t give. She was starting to suffocate, desperate for air, and so with little option left, with little resistance, she swallowed. It slipped past her lips and slid down into her stomach as she sank to the floor, panting.

“What… what was that?” she whimpered, desperately willing herself to vomit it back up.

“A gift.” I smiled. She looked at me, her eyes full of wonder and fear. “It’s a Soul Slug. They latch onto the goodness of a human and squeeze it out of them. Essentially ripping the very soul out of you. Or twisting it into an inhuman creature of darkness.”

“No…” she gasped.

I crouched next to the terrified girl, the human mask I was wearing began to slip. My clothing sizzled and burned away as my skin slowly faded to a deep and flawless crimson. On my forehead, gigantic ebony horns curled out, threatening and powerful. Almost as if flexing, my large bat-like wings unfolded as the girl studied my glowing eyes and claws growing in. My face was fixed in a sinister grin. My demonic magnificence present once again.

When the poor girl saw the monster who was kneeling next to her, her eyes filled with tears. Terror flooded into her. She wanted to run, she wanted to flee, she wanted to get as far as she could from that demon, but she knew she couldn’t.

“Fortunately, the gift isn’t for you. You’re just the quickest method of distribution.” I sneered.

“Wha..!?!” She felt it. A searing pain was coming from the depths of her own psyche. She started shaking. “What.. what is going on?! Please help me… you need to help me… please! I don’t want to die!”

“Who said you were going to die? You’re just going on a little journey, that’s all.” I glibly replied. “The pain you feel right now, that’s your soul being consumed by my demonic parasite.”

Kim attempted to fight what was happening inside her; but she had no way to do so. Nothing could have ever prepared her for having the very essence of what made her her being ripped out of her. And so, as she thrashed on the floor in agony, she pushed one last last living breath out of her sweet little mouth as her eyes clouded and faded -her typical spark missing. She felt hollow and empty. Her body simply held in position without any expression on her face, a husk of the person she once was.

Any joy or hope she’d ever felt gone, and in its place was… nothing.

She felt nothing.

Her mind empty.

It would almost be tranquil, if it weren’t at the same time horrific, but Kim found it to be neither of these things, she simply… was. And now, she felt compelled to follow the directions being implanted into her mind from an unknown source.

As if on autopilot she opened the bathroom door and headed directly to the cafeteria. In the middle of the lunch hall, Sam sat laughing, surrounded by his friends. They shared jokes, threw fries at each other… it was a typical school day lunch. As Sam was in the middle of telling one of his legendary stories, his head was suddenly gripped from behind. He twisted to try to see who was there, but as he did, Kim’s lips locked onto his. With a force unlike one she’d ever exerted, she pushed against the boy, almost knocking him out of his seat. Her tongue brutally invaded his mouth throwing him off guard, he almost tried to push her away but she was resisting. Eventually, he managed to free himself from his unusually demanding girlfriend.

“Wow babe! What the fuck? I know I’m irresistible!” Sam said, bragging obviously so that his friends would be come jealous. “But, can’t you wait until tonight?”

"You must come with me, now.”

“She can’t get enough!” Sam joked. His friends roaring with laughter again. “Well gentlemen, my girl has needs! You’ll have to excuse me!” Sam said mockingly to his friends who were grounded in the middle of the cafeteria - without any possibility of getting laid with the same ease Sam did.

He stood and Kim yanked his arm, practically dragging him behind her.

When the bathroom door closed behind them, Kim turned and pushed her lover backwards. She practically glued herself onto him as she started kissing him deeply.

In their weeks of dating, she’d never been so rough or eager, but Sam could get used to this. Sam felt himself pushed up against the sink, the door to the boys toilets locked behind them. Kim forced another deep kiss upon him. His mind swam in pleasure - they’d made out a LOT in school, but only that and never like this. He couldn’t believe that he could make his girlfriend so horny for him in the middle of school, and subconsciously he puffed up his chest in pride.

Almost as if reading his mind, Kim ran her hands across his pecs, firmly squeezing and tweaking his nipples causing him to gasp into her mouth. The longer the kiss continued, the more heated it became. Sam wondered if Kim ever needed to breathe! Her lips felt moist, her tongue dancing into his mouth; soaking his throat with her intoxicating flavour. As the two mouths parted, Sam couldn’t resist forcing his mouth onto Kim’s neck… he knew this is what usually drove her wild - a fit of giggles and aroused chirps would typically follow. But this time, she remained silent.

However, her hand reached down towards his zip, undid it and reached in. A few slow strokes of his thickening cock - just to get him going.

“Oh my god, babe… really? Here?!” Sam gleefully panted. "I can’t believe you want to.”

“Yes.” She replied flatly. "I do.”

Kim smoothly sank to her knees and with a swift motion took Sam’s erect dick into her mouth, her tongue swirling around the head, causing the boys knees to buckle. She’d never done anything like this before… and it felt incredible. But then, he felt her tongue push into his piss hole.

“Argh! Babe!” He gasped in pleasure. She pushed harder, forcing more in. “FUCK!” He cried. "Stop babe! It’s too much.”

Kim continued and Sam placed his hands either side of her head, trying to force her off him. Every second he was unable to, she drove her tongue deeper into his cock, causing yelps of pain.

“Babe! Kim! Stop!” He cried pulling her head up to look at him. Her eyes were completely white.  Her expression blank; she merely continued to push with all her might into his urethra.

It took every ounce of strength Sam had fight to through the swirling combination of pleasure and pain that was rocketing through his dick and push Kim back… and she fell onto the tiled floor with a thud. He’d hoped that would stop the intolerable pressure in his dick… but even with her mouth removed from his girthy length, he was shocked to find his cock still ached.

Instinctively, his eyes flowed down to his penis and there, squirming its way into his knob was a slick, thick, black leech. He desperately tried to grasp it, hoping to rip it out of him. But as his fingers slid over it, his attempts to remove it actually seemed to speed it up. His mind racing, he desperately clamped his hands around his fuckstick, hoping to block the creature’s way. But as the final blackness slipped inside his cockhead, he could feel it trying to burrow its way in and he yelped in agony.

He could feel the slimy monstrosity forcing his fingers apart as it slid deeper and deeper within him. Horror and shock flooding his brain, but the further the creature slid… the more pleasurable the feeling became.

What felt like hours actually passed in little more than a few seconds but suddenly, Sam could feel the intruder had slipped all the way down his 8 inches and was swimming into his balls.

When it struck, his body was rewarded with a warm tingle… he felt a surge of sexual energy as his cock hardened more so than it ever had before.

He felt… powerful… strong… he felt good.

But as he looked down at the girl he’d known as ‘Kim’, her blank, open eyes staring up to the ceiling a rational part of his mind tried to think, to plan.

It was then that he heard it.

Kim’s voice.

Not coming from the room… but coming from inside him. “Big, strong, sexy Sam.” She purred.

Sam froze.

He could see her body still lying in place… he knew it was impossible for her to have spoken. Mind you… he’d just had a creature work its way into his nutsack.

“So… manly, so tough, so… incredible.” He heard Kim’s voice again… as she spoke, Sam felt the creature inside him massaging his balls from within. At the same time it was flooding his body with testosterone and dopamine, all the chemicals he needed to feel like a true alpha, it devoured and consumed his fresh, teenage spunk. Strengthening itself with the potential human life his seed could have created.

“Kim?” Sam whispered, his voice crossed with fear and horniness.

“I’m here, babe.” She replied. "I’m here.”

From within his body, the growing entity within Sam, gently rubbed against his prostate.. a feeling so uncommon to the boy he grasped the bathroom sink behind him as his knees weakened. “Wha….oooooooh!” He groaned. "What’s going on?”

“I thought he was trying to destroy me.” Kim echoed in his brain. "But he was allowing me to transform you.” She nudged his prostate and swirled in his testes again, driving the muscular boy wild.

"Whoooooo……"He moaned loudly. "Who was?”

A small cough came from the side of the toilets and Damon stepped out of the shadows. “Me.” I smiled. I stood, taking in the view, allowing Sam to behold my magnificent human disguise.

“I don’t… hnnnnnngh…. I don’t understand.” Sam panted.

“Samuel… you’re so impressive.” I replied. "But, there’s so much more you could be… you just need to feel the potential you have within you.”

Sam’s erogenous zones exploded with pleasure… it was like being massaged by a thousand hands… his nipples, his cock, the balls of his feet, the crook of his neck… all stimulated and teased. His fingers clenched the porcelain sink behind him so hard, it cracked in his grip.

"What is this?” Sam grunted aloud.

“This is the power of raw sexuality… my gift to you.” I smiled.

Suddenly Sam felt something like an electric current run through his entire body. He tilted his head up, pushed his pecs out, squeezed his rock hard buttocks and let out a roar. “FUUUUUUUUCK!”

“Yes!” Kim cried inside him.. "Feel all this erotic power within you!”

Sam’s mind raced, his eyes flickered. In his head, he pictured all the girls he’d bedded in the school. He’d worked his way through most of his female classmates. The blowjobs. The wanks. The quick, after-practice fucks. All of it a cocktail of pure sex; an army of girls he’d reduced to shuddering messes as they rode the orgasmic highs he’d provided them. All of them giving themselves to him.

Sam’s brain was flooded in eroticism; and he was the star of it all. His body reacted as only it could… his cock began leaking precum all over the floor, his shoes soon becoming drenched. Sam felt his hand coil around his thick length, guided there by a motion that wasn’t fully his choice.

“That’s it, baby…” Kim’s voice purred. “Go for it! You don’t need women” Kim stated blankly in his mind. “Women are small and fragile.”

“I…" he replied.

“Women cannot take your mighty rod inside of them.”

“….yeah.” He mouthed.

“Women cannot give you the pleasure you crave.”

“Yes.” Sam replied with gusto.

“The pleasure that comes from mounting someone that is already big and fearsome.”

“FUCKING YEAH!” Sam cried.

“Women will simply break.”

Sam could see it, he could picture the force he’d now be able to pound boys with.

“Women are no longer an option for you.”

Young, slim, strong bodies bouncing under him, muscular beasts whimpering at this moment… all of them his to take. Sam’s body trembled and throbbed. Kim was right; only a masculine, hard, virile body could withstand the full force of Sam. It felt like a fire had been lit inside his stomach and it was spreading out rapidly.

I looked on, my eyes glowing in approval. I said nothing. Merely enjoying the show.

Growls started coming out of Sam’s mouth. Teeth gritted. Fists clenched. Eyes full of rage.

“I… am… changing!” he shouted “I’m… becoming…. sex!”

“Yes, Sam… Yes!” Kim cried within his body… guiding his spare hand to clamp down on his nipple and squeeze.

“FUUUCK!” He moaned loudly. “I am gonna destroy every man in my path… take them all!” His mind pictured the men he wanted to take, to dominate. In truth, he wanted them all to give themselves to him. He was ready to help reshape the whole world, reshape reality to suit his new desires.

But before he could, he had to deal with an obstacle first. His mind pictured one boy so sharply, so clearly; the visage of bending him over and brutally fucking him was practically a hallucination. He could hear the man’s whimpering cries. He could feel his tight chute forced open by his dick. And in his head, Sam revelled in finally taking down Dom in a way his rival would never be able to claim victory over.

His balls churned, filling and swirling as the picture formed in his head.

“UNGH!” Sam cried. He could feel he was getting close. His head swimming in a mixture of hormones and depraved mental imagery. His body tingling as if electrified.

Sweat started pouring out of his body making he’s huge muscles slick, the living dream of every creature on this planet.

“I am… sex… made flesh!” He panted.

“Yes Sam!” Kim wailed.

Suddenly he thought of his friends. What about his friends? What about his brothers? What about the people he loved? A voice in his head started urging him to back off, to resist to deny this ever sweet pleasure he was now feeling.

His hand gripped tighter though, now slick and lubricated by his own precum.

“C’mon Sam” Kim whispered inside his skull. "You’re so close, babe.”

“Don’t call me ‘babe’!” He shouted. His anger rose once again.

”A real man doesn’t have friends. Friends mean having to share your power, friends mean they are equal to you.”

“HELL-FUCKING-NO!” Sam boomed. “I’m not sharing anything with anyone, ever.” His cock was steel wrapped in flesh. Unable to harden further. “Everything is mine. They have to be mine. And they WILL be.”

“Do it, Sam!” Kim cheered.

He smiled a malevolent grin.

“Cum!” She pleaded.

And as he heard Kim pleading him to surrender once and for all to his newfound hunger for dominion and corruption, his entire body tensed harder than ever before. He spurted rope after endless rope of thick warm man juice on Kim’s body lying on the bathroom floor. Literally saturating her in a steaming pool of a real man’s cum.

In an instant, he felt Kim ripped from his body. Her voice silenced and gone.

But in its place… something else remained. A hunger, a deep, insatiable craving. A need he’d never felt before.

Sam barely had time to comprehend it when he felt his body cramp up, the heat in his balls pulsing throughout his veins. Pleasant at first, but soon agonisingly painful. It felt like his blood was boiling within him. The slug was continuing its work. He tried to fight through the pain, but as he involuntarily tensed his muscles and attempted to relax them he noticed they weren’t shrinking back down. All over his body, his muscles rippled and surged with newfound strength. The sleeves of his shirt grew tighter around his biceps, his neck strained against the collar of his shirt. Veins popped up against his skin, the blood contained within them flickering a vibrant orange before fading.

On the floor below him the seed he’d sprayed soaked into Kim’s body and she took a deep breath, gasping for air before she collapsed back onto the floor, her breathing soft and shallow.

Sam continued to perfect and grow. His hair darkened and shifted from its platinum blonde to jet black, his lips plumping just ever so slightly fuller, whilst his face took on a fixed sneer that showed off his sharper cheekbones.  His cock seemed to pull down against the skin on his crotch, reeling out inches longer and thickening. Hormones continued to flood Sam’s body and he groaned with pleasure, his voice lowering dramatically as he did.

To a casual observer… it might not have seemed as if much had changed. But Sam, whilst once handsome and attainable, now existed as living, breathing eroticism. And he wanted more. So much more.

Within his body, the slug tried desperately to continue to fuel his growth; his ascension into demonhood… but there was only so much one slug could do. Only so much it could give.

“You’re not quite there, my slave.” I rumbled as I moved closer to Sam.

I placed my hands behind Sam’s head and pulled him in for a passionate kiss. Our tongues swirling around fighting, pushing violently, saliva mixing between us as it coated our throats when suddenly Sam felt something strange pushing forward; invading his throat furiously. He opened his eyes and looked at his master, my eyes smiling and glowing the light of victory, the light of corruption. And it was at that very moment Sam realised what was happening. Rather than fighting the slug trying to crawl into him, he relished it; welcomed it. He opened his throat, ready to swallow it down; if this was a pathway to his complete transformation, why would he ever want to resist?

I parted my lips allowing the second slug to hang loose from Sam’s mouth. Sam didn’t want to waste a single moment. He tilted his head up and sucked viciously on the slug as if it was a matter of life and death. And for him that’s precisely what it was. He wanted the slug to devour once and for all his old miserable self and be reborn in his master’s image.

He wanted to be baptised anew with the seed of perversion flowing through his very core. He craved to feel the depravity taking over and filling him with the most sexually dominant thoughts a man could have. 

The slug flowed through his system, settling into his stomach. Once there, it could make the short journey to the part it longed to connect with: the boy’s heart. Seconds later, the creature found the fleshy organ and burrowed its way in. On the outside, the boy gasped as he felt his heart stop beating. Panic flushed through him; he felt as if he were dying… but in death would come his rebirth. And seconds later, his newly corrupted, blackened heart began pumping. Taking in his human blood and filtering it with pure demonic power. Sam once again felt the fires of Hell burning within him. A sinister smile flashed upon his face. He knew what to do; he had a score to settle.

“Go.” I said. "Finish what you’ve started.”

Sam tucked his cock back into his trousers causing an obscene tent and barged out into the corridor.

He stalked through the cafeteria; his friends calling out to him as he strode past. He had no time for them at the moment. He had business to attend to.

As he stepped out into the school’s field, he spotted his target. Dom leaned against the bin storage, vaping and checking his phone. Years of their rivalry boiled inside of Sam as he coiled his fist and without hesitation sucker punched Dom as hard as he could, sending him to the floor.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” Dom boomed as he scrambled on the ground. He looked up. "SAM!? What the fuck happened to your hair?” Sam kicked him hard. “Oh you are FUCKING DEAD!”

Dom launched to his feet and started swinging. But with a strength he’d never previously possessed, Sam grabbed his wrists and held them in place.

“I’m sick of our fighting. I’m tired of you lording it over the boys of this school, thinking you’re above us all. So, let’s settle this, ‘Big Man’… you, me, on the mat…now!”

“You’re fucking joking?” Dom replied.

"Unless you’re scared you’ll lose.”

Fumes were practically coming out of Dom’s mouth as he heard those words. “You little fucking shit, You think you’re all tough. I’m gonna show you who’s the real boss here.”

“We’ll see, Dom. By the time I finish with you, you will be screaming, pleading with me to stop torturing you.

"Then let’s fucking do this.”

Sam released Dom’s hands and started walking to the gymnasium, he had no reason to discuss it further. The slugs within him, reassuring him that he had all he needed to secure victory. Dom sprinted to catch up, not wanting to be left behind in any way.

The doors sprang shut behind the pair. The gym was empty, silent.

“So.” Said Sam, unwrapping his shirt and peeling it off his back. “You know how this works, pin me - you win. I pin you - I win… winner takes all.” He said as he pulled off his shoes and trousers.

Dom mirrored Sam’s actions and soon the two stood opposite each other, clad only in their boxers.

Their bodies were lightly glistened with sweat; pheromones started emanating from the pair of them, filling the air.

In no time the gym wreaked of manliness and nothing else but the most pungent masculine smell a human has ever experienced.

“I’m going to destroy you!" A loud scream came out of Dom’s mouth as he rapidly launched his body towards Sam.

But Sam was faster.

He managed to bypass the attack and was quick enough to turn and grab his opponent’s arm, pulling it upwards and as a result his body towards Dom’s back. Their torsos slid against each other. Delicious friction as their muscular bodies danced together. Dom was taken by surprise but he was determined. He was not going to let this piece of shit win, now it was his chance to wipe the smile off his face once and for all.

The pair grappled for supremacy.

With bestial force Dom leaned a bit forwards and he kicked with all his might backwards throwing Sam a couple of meters away from him.

Sam took a second to get his bearings.

Then a deep focus fixed on his face and he charged forwards again. His hands wrapped around Dom as he fought to get the boy onto the floor. However, Dom was equally strong… the two seemed evenly matched.

But suddenly, out of the blue, a growing part inside of Sam knew exactly what to do. With mighty force, he spat a big glob of his manly saliva directly in his opponent’s eyes, blinding him momentarily and catching him off guard. Dom instantly was at a severe disadvantage. And that’s all Sam needed. He wasn’t gonna let this chance pass by. He threw his whole body weight onto Dom forcing him to the ground. 

Dom found himself drenched by the sweaty cleavage of Sam’s impossibly solid pecs. He gasped for air and as he did, huge droplets of the demonic pungent fluid entered his mouth. Dom was instantly rock hard. Erotic images started clouding his mind. The demonic fluids were already doing their mojo. Dom could see himself kneeling in front of Sam bowing his head to his demi-god’s commanding stature, taking in the scent of that massive cock. He suddenly saw himself, images racing in his head and with an unexpected hunger he opened his mouth and engulfed the huge hell rod. “I knew you were a thirsty muscled slut. Now it’s time for you to live the life you never could as my inferior; always looking up to see me in the eyes, claiming your little whore hole”. The vision inside Dom’s mind faded away, snapping him back to reality. Pushing with all his might against him, Dom tried to throw Sam off, but deep down, he knew he’d already been bested…. even with a dirty move like that, Sam had pinned him. As he wriggled under his competitor, trying to squirm free, Dom hadn’t expected to feel something poking into his back.

Sam chuckled softly. “You’re mine.” He sighed.

“What?!” Dom replied, not clearly hearing.

“I said, you’re mine, Dom.” Sam said as he slowly, but firmly ground his dick into the small of Dom’s back. "Winner takes all.”

“But… you’re… straight?” Dom replied, dumbfounded.

“Things change, Dom. I’m changing too.” Sam said as he slowly worked a hand around Dom’s package, he leaned in close to Dom’s ear. "And I like what I’m becoming.”

Since entering his body, the slugs inside of Sam had been feasting on his humanity, slowly but surely gaining the strength they’d need to push him towards his destiny. Within him, the fiery heat he’d previously felt from his balls grew once again; this time flooding through his heart and brain. He had to show Dom just what sort of a creature he was dealing with. Sam’s cockhead burst through his boxers without effort; his magma-like precum had burnt through the cotton and was now dripping down onto Dom’s crack - a hole forming where the material fizzled away. Without any warning, without any lube, Sam lined up his target and forced all 9 inches of his huge, fat cock into Dom causing him to let out a roaring howl: He was getting torn apart.

Sam wrapped his hands around Dom’s neck and growled into his ear .“Now we know, I’m on top… which puts you… on bottom.” He said as he slid out and forced himself back in. Inside Sam, huge parts of him were dying: His innocence, his goodness, his friendliness and kindness. In their places, a darkened, scheming, erotic new psyche was taking over. Anything that had ever made the boy good and likeable was darkening, turning him into a beast that lived to rut, and fuck, and cum.

Another pained howl came out of Dom - signifying his defeat. He could not comprehend what was happening. Could not believe what his senses were telling him. He’d been defeated, physically and sexually… by Sam. He was being brutally, relentlessly fucked to his very core of existence, and he was in a hell of pain. Sam’s rod was splitting him in two and he couldn’t stop screaming. Sam was slowly, but forcefully power-fucking Dom’s arse, or to better describe its current state, Dom’s newly created ‘mancunt’.

“I’m not gonna stop until you admit you know your place.” Sam grunted. “I’m gonna go on and on until my dick is the only thing you can think of. All those years… fucking every boy you could find… now, it’s my turn. They’re mine. You’re mine.”

As Sam spoke aloud, it was as if a wall crumbled inside his mind. Every boy… every single boy on the planet would be his. They’d queue for him, they’d plead him to please them. He could have anyone. He deserved to have Everyone. But here and now, he had Dominic Davies squirming underneath him, whimpering and groaning. He leant forward again. “You. Are. Mine.” he growled.

Dom was sure he could feel the walls of his anus being squeezed tighter, it was almost as if Sam was growing within him. Sam’s thrusts became more forceful and direct. Each hump forced Dom a little further forward.

“You can feel it too, can’t you?” Sam gleefully cheered “You can feel my cock growing inside you, can’t you Dommy?”

Dom moaned - for the first time with a hint of eroticism. 

“And you’re liking it, aren’t you? You like how I am claiming you, my cock defining your pitiful existence?” Sam panted. The darkening of his soul accelerating as he spoke. “Listen to me, Dom. You are nothing. You hear me? Absolutely NOTHING!”

Sam’s balls began to glow from within. A hot flame-like orange pulsing within each teste. “You are the first of an endless harem of men desperate for my touch that I will create! I’ll seduce then I’ll destroy. I’ll romance, then I’ll fuck. I’ll have you all, each and every one of you - slaves to my sexual superiority.”

As he spoke, Sam’s body once again charged with an innate feeling of pure sexual power. It was like he could taste Dom’s ecstasy beneath him. Dom might be grunting in pain… but Sam could feel just how much he was loving this.

He knew it was wrong, but he could not deny it anymore. He was no longer fighting the sexual assault Sam had initiated. A part of him knew he should try, the part of him who was who he used to be -  the fearsome officer of the new demonic law, but that Dom was nowhere to be seen anymore. He’d been broken by the mighty Destroyer and had given into the sexual bliss and agony that Sam was bestowing upon him.

Where once had been a proud, cocky leather-boy, in its place there was now a moaning, muscled excuse-of-a-man. A whimpering whore, a hole to be fucked and tamed, to be seeded and provide pleasure to the one true superior sexual creature of this planet, the Destroyer.

As the realisation hit him, a painful moan escaped his lips. "I give myself to you.”

“What was that, bitch? I didn’t hear you!" A smile viciously spread on the face of the growing beast that was wrecking the poor man’s anus into nothing other than a sore, sloppy hole.

"I am NO LONGER a free man I give myself to you!” shouted Dom.

“LOUDER!” Sam roared against the sound of endless slapping and smashing against his once proud competitor.

"I AM NO LONGER A MAN! I GIVE MYSELF TO YOU!” Screamed the poor, defeated Dom with all his force.

“YOU ARE MINE!” cackled Sam, his evil laugh echoing all across the room.

Sam, wrapped his hands around Dom’s waist.. and that’s when he first saw it… his skin was draining of all its colour. His once tanned hands were slowly turning pitch black. Sharp, ebony claws where his nails once were. He squeezed, causing the creature beneath him to let out a pained cry.

“What are you now, you pathetic fool?” Sam grunted.

“I am a bitch.” Dom whimpered. “I am your bitch.”

In hearing those words, Sam roared in triumph. His rival, his enemy, had finally accepted that he truly was his inferior. He couldn’t help but feel a wave of orgasmic pleasure at the thought of finally winning. He shuddered and trembled as he felt his cock thicken once again. He pulled it out of Dom to inspect it. Now pushing 13 inches, finger-thick veins covered the surface and its tip had tapered to a point. It constantly leaked his hellish precum now, which glowed and flowed like lava as it trickled onto the floor, as he looked upon it with wonder, he knew he had to send it home, and so with one push he drove it back inside Dom’s abused body.

As his cock was gripped once again, Sam felt a pressure behind his eyes. It grew in intensity. Sam could feel his sockets twitching and watering.

"I AM YOUR BITCH!” Dom cried.

His eyes flared in golden light. Any resemblance to human eyes was gone. In the sockets, burning, flaring balls of fire ominously inspected the room. With his new vision, Sam could see the hunger and desires of all humanity.

“Say it again!” Sam demanded.

"I AM YOUR BITCH!” Dom cried once again.

From under his pure black skin, a tapestry of intricate tattoos ignited across Sam’s skin. Each of them a sigil of demonic power and strength. They too were formed out of living, moving fire that danced across his firm musculature and never seemed to cease. Flowing up his arms and across his pecs. Wrapping around his legs and into his impressive crotch.

“That you are indeed!” said Sam with a sound of evil content in his voice as he withdrew one last time only to go all the way in. Impaling as hard as he could his first bitch slave.


A bestial roar sounded across the gym, across the football pitch, across the whole city. It was the birth of a glorious creature. One mankind would live to serve from this point until the end of time. Sam felt an impossible surge of strength as his body expanded outwards, growing to the size of a career bodybuilder. His voice deepened; his breathing becoming more resonant and bassy. At the same time, his tongue lengthened and split down the middle, forking. In his shoulders and along his spine, he could feel a mounting pressure. As he continued to thrust, he grew taller and taller. Nearing 9ft in height.

Sam couldn’t help but continue to thrust into Dom beneath him… he’d never felt so incredibly mighty before, but as he pulled out almost entirely, it was getting harder and harder to stuff his length back in. Along the surface of his thickening, lengthening cock, a series of sharp barbs were forming. It looked as if it had been specifically crafted to torture. But each little undulation and groove was a bud of highly sensitive nerves. As he brushed along the barbs… he couldn’t help but groan in pleasure. He tried once again to force it into the boy beneath him… but he couldn’t. It was simply ridiculously thick. The cockhead seemed to be gaping open and then… it happened. Sam knew he was now becoming at least twice the man he ever was, but as his cock slowly separated… two equally massively hung dicks unwound from each other, where seconds ago there’d been only one. He had the proof.

“FUCKING YEAH!” he cried.

As he did his eyes flared their infernal golden yellow again. Dom flipped around to see Sam looming over him, a cock in each hand. He should have been terrified, but one look at Sam and he was captivated. He thrust forwards, rubbing the cocks against his body with all his strength.

“Master, let me serve you. Let your pitiful bitch worship you. I was a fool before, but now I know, now I can see you are the reason why I exist. My life is yours to command.”

Sam could feel the sexual energy of the man before him… like a candle burning brightly before his eyes. Dom’s body existing only to bring him pleasure and provide him sustenance; a sumptuous banquet he longed to feast upon, but as he reached out for his rival’s sexual energy.. he’s unable to grasp it.

“What the fuck"?! Roared Sam.

“You can’t have this particular one, my child.” a familiar voice stepped in.

“Why the fuck not?!” Asked the newly born incubus, angrily.

“Because this on is mine to command, and… he has a job to do. His duty as my law enforcer. He’s the one who will bring my demonic order to this world. Just as you exist to bring more into my fold. You both exist to serve me." I smoothly replied.

“So why let me destroy his sorry ass and turn him into a fucking pussy?”

“Because I could not ignite the flames of hell inside you. Only you could do that. And you can only do that when you let your animalistic feelings dictate your whole existence. You have destroyed your opponent in every aspect. He is now nothing more than a living hole. Well, of course, I am going to amend that. After all he is my toy to break if I want to, not yours!”

With a snap of my fingers Dom was engulfed in a red thick cloud of smoke. With a loud swoosh the cloud evaporated and Dom was standing there in front of us, cocky as he was just a few moments ago, his evil smile painted on his rough face, and clad in his officer uniform.

"You are different, but you are equal. One of you is order, and rule. The other is chaos and lust.” I declared. “Below me, naturally. But, above all mankind.”

“So…what do we do now?” Sam rumbled.

“Now?” I Said, "I think it’s time for 4th period.” At that very moment the sound of the bell could be heard ringing in the background. “Time for Biology boys! Get your test tubes ready! We are gonna plant some very interesting seeds today!”

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  • hunklover changed the title to The Devil By My Side | Chapters 1, 2, 3 & 4

The demon is slowly but surely forming his army. He is enroling his generals.

Will anyone be able to stop him or will sucumb to temptation?

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  • hunklover changed the title to The Devil By My Side | Chapter 8 added 09/10/2021

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