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Zombies and Gods (chapters 1 - 10; finale) 01/08/22


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This is the mother of all plot twists!

Very curious to see how the story develops from here, congrats on the awesome writing.


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Oh My God Reaction GIF by Friends

It was Irfan all along! Omg.

I.wonder if Paxton himself will take the shot and become a true alpha among them. It will be hella fun

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Chapter 8: The hierarchy of men


A highly unpleasant and tense feeling hung in the air around them. Paxton lay huddled on the floor at Arthur's feet, looking wildly back and forth between the two gods. Irfan remained calm, collected, and with a mostly neutral look on his face. Arthur was livid. Rage boiled within him. His fists had tightened with so much force that a tiny gravitational pull started acting upon small bits of dirt and dust in the air. 

"More!" growled Arthur. "Explain everything now!". 

Irfan sighed, before collecting himself. He spoke.

"About fifteen years ago, a collection of well funded, powerful military combines and governmental agencies from all over the world began pooling resources for a top secret project, codenamed 'Olympus'. The project was simple in theory; create super soldiers. Through whatever mean necessary, augment the human condition for the long-term goal of security and control over the world's population. 

At the time, I was a chemist. A rather brilliant one if I say so myself. As was Paxton. We were put in charge of the chemical research division at a secret facility in the UAE. Our goal was to find any compound that could enhance human attributes in any useful, practical way. We kept the naming process simple. Our first compound was A1. Then A2, and eventually A3, and so on. I took us years. Thousands of test subjects. Some lived, others died, a few were left wishing they had just died. But no augmentation...yet.  

Then came that fateful day. Years and years of testing led us to compound U88. Paxton and I were in the lab as usual. I knocked a vial of it on the ground by accident. Paxton and most of the other staff members were able to flee in time. Myself and three others couldn't. But what happened next was beyond anyone's wildest imagination.

The other three were zombified. For about sixty seconds I watched as my coworkers were transformed into undead monsters. I was terrified. Yet, I couldn't figure out why nothing was happening to me. The zombified staff attacked me, I defended myself. I was...easy. I remember being able to push and knock them away so easily. Easier than it should have been. I hit them, they flew backwards away from me. I eventually pummeled them to death.  

Tests were run on me immediately. For days I had x-rays, scans, physical exams; any kind of study on my body you could think of. And the results were all...perfect. No abnormalities whatsoever. No toxins, or ailments. No imperfections of any kind. My posture had improved a hundred fold. My hair was growing back, thicker than ever. I was taller, leaner. My facial features had begun coalescing into a more desirable, attractive configuration. 

But it was what happened in the next few days that changed everything.

My body grew. My pecs swelled day after day, becoming square plates of steel. My belly flattened and molded itself into an inscrutable eight pack set of abs. My shoulders and arms had grown more and more muscular; bicep peaks beyond the reach of even roided bodybuilders, and triceps like lightning! My back became a relief map of valleys and mountains, all formed from pure muscle. All the while tapering into a sculpted V-shape. 

My legs had seen a similar change, with both my quads and calves flaring like balloons, except packed with the densest muscle imaginable. My ass became like pecs in their own right; two bulbous, hemispherical mounds of pure muscled titanium, each capable of being bounced independently of the other. My cock had of course been elevated to its own godly status. Even soft it retained at least a foot in length. Which would have been impressive if I hadn't otherwise grown taller than seven feet at this point. 

My physical strength had grown to such a degree that it wasn't long before I started to accidently break machinery, concrete walls and floors, and even a few bones of my coworkers. Nothing serious, but every now and then I'd brush against one of them and send them stumbling around.  

Everyone tried to determine why U88 worked only on me. Other test subjects were zombified. Again and again. I was, at the time, the only person who had bonded with it successfully. My own personal genetic code was the key. But such a thing couldn't be replicated. U88 was both a success and a failure at the same time".

"So how did we get here then? How did the zombie plague happen?" asked Arthur, his toes quietly grinding at the concrete floor, turning bits into fine powder as he curled them. He could sense and impending revelation that he wasn't going to like. 

"Little bit more complicated...in a way" said Irfan. "In the days following my ascension into godhood, I began to see the world differently. Understand things differently. I had become superior. Obviously. I was stronger, faster, smarter. Humans began to look...lesser, to me. Like a plague in their own right. Weak. Helpless. Stupid. I had grown beyond the need for recourses, like food or water. Yet humans still needed to consume the Earth. In a way, U88 had solved that problem. The problem of humanity. 

"So...so you unleashed the plague to eradicate the human race?!" cried Arthur, in complete disbelief.

"Fate, destiny, predestination; call it whatever you want. I don't believe that U88 gave me my godhood by pure chance. It was evolution at its finest. A solution to save the Earth, yet ensure the survival of the human race in a newer, better form. So I decided to unleash the plague on Earth for two purposes: kill all weak humans, while elevating those with the necessary genetic coding to their rightful place". Irfan spoke as if this was all just a trivial subject. 

"You killed or zombified billions!" said Arthur, unwilling to fully comprehend the devastation Irfan had unleashed in his mind. 

"I was improving the world. You can't have a pretty garden unless you kill off the weeds!" retorted Irfan. "The loss of billions is nothing compared to what we gain! More gods! A stronger, more adaptable race!".

"But it didn't work! I'm the only other human who became a god!" said Arthur, his biceps, pecs, and quads flaring with fury! 

"Yes, I suppose I was hoping for more. It seems like the genetic coding for godliness is even rarer than I had initially thought" sighed Irfan. "No matter. We'll just corral the human survivors, force them to mate, rape the offspring, and in time we will have more members in our little pantheon".

"You son of a bitch!!! You can't treat people like that! And what the hell do you mean 'we'?!" yelled Arthur. 

"People?! Arthur they are insects! Toys! Inconveniences to us, nature, and evolution! They should be honored I still consider them at least somewhat useful!" bemoaned Irfan, growing increasingly frustrated with how unwilling Arthur was to join him philosophically.

"So why are we?! What's the deal with finding Paxton?" said Arthur, gesturing towards the human still cowering at his feet. 

"He still has some U88 left. We were here to claim it for ourselves. Become even more powerful, and then take the Earth" said Irfan.

"...'were'?" said Arthur, sensing a change in Irfan's tone and demeanor. 

"Yes, well. If you're not going to join me Arthur, then I worry that I might have to...lets just say 'find a solution to you'. Once I consume the last of the U88, I will be powerful enough to rid the Earth of you. Unless you want to change your mind. Perhaps you still could consider...."

Irfan never finished his sentence. Arthur's fist sent him flying horizontally through a dozen of the bunker's underground rooms, then through at least fifty feet of pure earth. All over a distance of a hundred feet. 

"Paxton" growled Arthur, his over seven foot frame of dense muscles flaring with rage-induced power. "Y-Yes" squealed the little human. "Run for your life" hissed Arthur, as he started to march purposely towards the recovering Irfan. Paxton scurried away.  

"Nice hit" laughed Irfan. "But you don't seem to understand that we're both evenly matched! What exactly are..."

Once again Irfan couldn't finish. With one of Arthur's hands around his thick, muscular neck, Arthur effortlessly launched Irfan upwards through the hundreds of feet worth of earth, concrete, and metal that separated the bunker from the surface. Irfan shot upwards, the layers and layers he crashed through doing nothing to slow his momentum. Such was the force of Arthur's throw. Eventually Irfan smashed through the surface and back out into the courtyard. Arthur jumped up through the vertical tunnel that Irfan's body had made, landing with his bare feet cracking the ground. 

"You killed my family! And everyone I had ever known!" roared Arthur. 

"I made you into a god! If it wasn't for me you'd still be living a pointless existence" snapped Irfan. 

"Shut up!" yelled Arthur, and he began pummeling Irfan with his fists. Smashing down on his face and head, slowly burying both of them in an increasingly deeper and deeper crater. Irfan endured all of Arthur's attacks, shrugging them off one by one.   

"This is pointless Artie" said Irfan with a mocking calmness. He caught one of Arthur's fists and used it to swing Arthur around before launching his back towards the bunker. As he flew through the air, Arthur's indestructible body smashed aside the ruins of turrets and vehicles before become lodged in the earth upon landing. 

Irfan, having jumped, landed with both bare feet squarely on Arthur's pecs, with a force strong enough to drive them both down a few dozen feet into the surface. "So now what? We two immortals battle for eternity? Until the sun dies, and all of the Earth is frozen over?" said Irfan. Yelling in frustration, Arthur grabbed Irfan by his cock and threw him directly into the ground, planting Irfan's whole body into it. Arthur then began stomping on the back of Irfan's head, pushing it deeper and deeper into the ground. 

"Not working Artie!" came Irfan's muffled, mocking voice. Suddenly, Arthur heard the sound of helicopter blades. "Paxton!" said Arthur to himself, suddenly realizing there did indeed exist a solution. One his blind rage had nearly wiped from his mind. Grabbing Irfan by both of his ankles, Arthur threw him off into the distance, away from the helicopter. Arthur then jumped in the direction of Paxton. Arthur's bare feet and calves instantly demolished the blades of the machine, before crumpling the outer layers of metal as Arthur landed next to the helicopter. 

Paxton screamed as the door beside him was torn off and wadded up. "Please don't hurt me!!!" he cried. "Paxton wait! I'm not going to hurt you! Where's the rest of the U88?! I need it!" said Arthur. "But...but it will..." began Paxton. "There's no time! He'll be back any minute! Just give the U88 to me! I...I promise I'll protect you" said Arthur, the last bit through gritted teeth. With no realistic choice, Paxton reached behind him to the backseat of the helicopter, grabbing a duffle bag. After quickly rummaging around, Paxton pulled out two vials of a lime-green liquid. The U88.

"That's it?" said Arthur. "That's it" said Paxton, with a nod. CRASH! Paxton screamed as both he and the helicopter were knocked away by the husk of a fire engine crashing down into them. Irfan landed and swung a fist towards Arthur. Dodging him with unbelievable speed and precision, Arthur leapt forward with the vials of U88 held closely against his pecs. 

"So is it one each, or both for me?" said Irfan, swaggering his way towards Arthur. "Those are your only options. You and me, or just me". Irfan made a swipe for the vials but Arthur dodged them, and swung a leg out towards Irfan, catching him in his obliques and knocking him sideways through another ruined turret. Being as quick and as careful as he could with the vials, Arthur rushed to open them but not crush them at the same time by accident.

"Arthur NO!" cried Irfan, lunging again for the vials. This time knocking them both from Arthur's grasp. The vials rolled across the ground, threatening to spill open as they did. Grapping Arthur by the back of his neck, Irfan tossed him over his shoulder. Arthur split apart the concrete he landed on, before jumping back up to run back to the vials. Only a ruined turret sent him flying even further. 

"A valiant effort Arthur" said Irfan, hitting a double bicep pose in victory, his peaks exploding into unbelievable size and definition. "I promise I'll kill you quickly" he said, smirking as he turned towards the vials. 

Suddenly, Paxton's voice. "You always were a pain in the ass Irfan! Even when we worked together! Just the worst" said the man's voice over the courtyard's just barely functioning speaker system. "Pax? Where the fuck...". 

For the third time that day, Irfan was interrupted yet again. A second helicopter had come crashing like thunder over the ruins of the bunker's main entrance, ploughing down into Irfan the remains of the turrets. Irfan was dragged all the way to the end of the courtyard, as metal and stone screeched and roared in the wake of Paxton's dramatic intervention. "Go Arthur! Now!" cried Pax over the loudspeakers. 

Running like he never had before, Arthur raced to the vials. His feet cutting through the concrete, his pecs ramming aside all obstacles, his eyes locked firmly on the lime-green key to victory. 

The front of Paxton's ruined helicopter was blown apart by a furious Irfan, his arms spreading wide and high, launching debris thousands of feet up in the air. "YOU FUCKING INSECT!" he bellowed, his hand smashing through the already heavily damaged helicopter window, and clamping down on Paxton. Paxton cried out is pain as his body was forcefully pulled out through the window and held high above Irfan. Paxton clawed in vain at Irfan's hand and forearm. "PIECE OF SHIT!" roared Irfan as his closed his fist and pulverized Paxton's head like a grape, leaving the decapacitated, spasming body to fall to the ground. 

"Arthur?! Arthur?!!!" yelled Irfan as he jumped over the helicopter and ran back to the vials. 

There stood Arthur. Both vials in one giant hand. "To you, Irfan" said Arthur, mockingly toasting Irfan, before throwing both vials into his open mouth, glass and all. 

"NO!" cried Irfan.


"Ugh...ack...mph" were the noises that came from Arthur. His muscles flexed and tensed. The vascularity of his body becoming sharper. It started slowly. Power. Pure power. It went coursing through Arthur's veins. Little sparks and bolts of lightning began dancing about his fingers and toes. The wind around them began to swirl and twist. His eyes shone with a menacing white light.

Arthur's feet began to float upwards.    

Levitating higher and higher in the maelstrom of his own making, Arthur looked down up Irfan. He eventually came to a stop in midair, his miniature storm still surrounding them both. When Arthur spoke, it was as if he spoke with more than  once voice.

"Irfan...I declare you too dangerous for Earth and its people. Your punishment..." Arthur paused. He was not a killer. "...shall be exile".

Irfan stared in terror at the floating super god. "E-exile? I...I don't understand?" he said, trembling in fear for the first time since becoming a god himself. Well...not much of a god now by comparison.

Reaching out telekinetically, Arthur snatched Irfan off the ground, pulling him up into his hands. Arthur held him by his upper arms, keep them clamped by his side. Where they had been physical equals a moment ago, Irfan's godlike strength was now meaningless to Arthur, who had surpassed him in incalculable ways. 

"Oh, and in case it wasn't clear, this is also me dumping your ass" said Arthur with a smirk. 

Arthur shot upwards into the atmosphere, relishing in his new found power of flight. It felt so freeing, so liberating. Like he'd never have to worry about another limitation again.

"Arthur wait! We can talk about this! Where are you taking me?!" cried Irfan, struggling in Arthur's grasp.

They soon left the atmosphere, and into the vacuum of space. Neither of them needed to breath, but only Arthur was truly comfortable in the vacuum. Irfan continued to struggle in vain, his tears turning to small balls of ice. 

Arthur reached into Irfan's mind telepathically. "I'll visit it you soon. And no, I won't wait for you. Enjoy endless life" said Arthur. Using his new strength, Arthur threw Irfan. At the speed of light, Irfan flew threw space, impacting the surface of Mars after a few minutes. Arthur could see it all with his godly glowing eyes. Nothing was beyond his reach or comprehension by now. 

Turning back towards the Earth, Arthur took a moment to observe it. Floating there in the vacuum, unlimited power coursing through his body. 

"Irfan was right about one thing; mankind really messed up. Big time. It's about time they had a competent ruler. I will save the human race. And its potential for goodness will save me...".

Arthur flew back towards the planet, ready to ascend to the highest rank of civilization. 

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  • MrMuscleLover12 changed the title to Zombies and Gods (chapters 1 - 8) 24/07/22

Bit of a long chapter! Hope it lived up to everyone's expectations 😁

Not done just yet, but I am almost there. 

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Oh man poor Paxton. 

Artur had ascended to be almost a god and he show Irfan that human kind might have a chance. 

Cant wait to read more



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I would like to keep Irfan with Arthur who deserve a inferior god servant. I guess Arthur (you) can find and get him back easily in space though lol.

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Chapter 9: Problems of old solved


Arthur's naked body was engulfed in flames as he cut through Earth's atmosphere, at a velocity even the best fighter jets of the old days would've struggled to keep up with. Soaring through the clouds over vast landscapes and countryside, Arthur was heading straight for New Boston to begin his ascension to the proverbial throne of Earth. With all of his new senses and powers Arthur had no problem navigating what otherwise should have been unfamiliar scenery. He just found himself somehow knowing where to go, when to turn, and how to chart a flight path from detecting things like the Earth's magnetic field. He had become...all-knowing. Or at least far more intelligent than the average supercomputer.

With a sonic boom erupting in his wake, Arthur made the descent to New Boston, slowing as he reached the small city's harbor area. To announce his arrival with more flare Arthur willed his body to shine bright with a golden light. Not too bright so as to blind humans from seeing him and his naked form in all of its glorious detail, but just bright enough that there was a lovely coat of golden illumination all around his supple, jacked physique. 

Arthur was now upright in midair, slowly levitating himself towards the harbor-adjacent street, shinning like a shooting star that had slowed to a hovering stop. All around the street humans gathered, looking up in awe at the floating, sculpted god. Many whispered and murmured in fear and hesitation at the sight of Arthur's overwhelming perfection. Indeed, since the U88, Arthur's physical form had been enhanced to even more impossible levels; his pecs were more bulbous and solid than ever before. Two slabs of square muscle that Arthur could not only bounce at any speed on a whim, but could even ripple the striations of without a second thought. 

His eight-pack now had the makings of a subtle ten-pack, with similarly ripped obliques and love-handles. His shoulders had both widened and expanded ever so slightly, covered with even more vascularity and muscle. His arms had taken on even more mass, with lightning veins coating the biceps, triceps, and forearms in just the right way. His back and its inherent V-shape had only become more pronounced, as did the massive expanse of muscles and ridges which formed it. 

Hanging from his narrow waist were his unbelievably enhanced legs. Two quads that were now themselves greater in mass and muscularity than even the most ripped of human bodybuilders. His diamond shaped calves, with their pronounced ridges and curves, stood like crowns for his beautiful feet. Long, wide, big, and capped with perfectly aligned toes; they served as a reminder of how even the smallest parts of his body were now perfection personified. 

His ass had become like pecs themselves. Two hemispherical mounds of pure muscles, capable of being bounced and rippled independently. And finally, on their opposite side, was his cock. A foot long while flaccid, Arthur's godhood currently stood at a gravity-defying two feet, having been aroused since the moment his feet began floating.

Arthur hovered there like a god, reveling is the stares and whispers of the pitiful insects that remained so tragically earthbound below him. So limited, so helpless.

"Arthur?" came a brave, nervous voice from the crowd. Damien, the town's mayor, shuffled forward to the front, looking up at this god with an understandable amount of apprehension. 

"Yes Damien, it is I. I have returned to finally fix the Earth" said Arthur. When speaking, Arthur's voice had developed a new quality. A hint of velvety smoothness. The vocal equivalent to a physical massage. His voice alone was sufficient to stimulate the sexual regions of every human present. Dampness suddenly became a feature in everyone's lap. It didn't help either that Arthur's face had become even more indescribably handsome and flawless since the ingestion of U88.  

"You...you...you're flying..." said Damien. Arthur laughed, accidently giving several people there orgasms. "Yes, and I have been granted many other abilities too" said Arthur. Floating just a little higher, and bringing himself to a more central spot of the area, Arthur stretched out his arms and spoke:

"Survivors of the plague. I have been granted powers beyond your comprehension. I have been given the gift of omnipotence. I can do almost anything. Go wherever I desire. Solve any problem I'm faced with. So I ask you all this: will you bow to me? Will you prostrate yourselves to my perfection, and in return for your unquestioning obedience and submission, I will make this world a better place. Not return it to the way is was before the plague! No, no, no! But improve upon it even more than that! What say all of you, little humans?".

All around, one by one or in small groups, the people began to bow. Prostrating themselves with their foreheads all the way to the ground. Occasionally they looked up to bear witness to Arthur's beauty, while some would kneel and sit back on their heals and join their hands as if praying to him, before prostrating again. Arthur smirked; the world was in his hands, and its people were his to own. He had indeed consolidated absolute power. 

"Then it's time to begin" said Arthur, his voice drawing out more cum from many of his bowed worshippers. Many of them men had taken out their cocks and had begun stroking gently and silently to the sight of Arthur in all his naked glory. 

Raising a hand towards the distant town walls, Arthur telekinetically tore down the barrier, exposing the city completely to the hoards that dwelled in the surrounding woods. They could hear the distant hungry screams of zombified humans rushing towards the hundreds and hundreds of tasty townsfolk. The worshippers below Arthur began to stand back up and cry out in fear at the impending wave of undead. 

"Have no fear humans! If you really do take me as your god, then there is nothing to fear. Least of all in my presence" said Arthur. While many of the people tried to stay brave and determined, Arthur could tell that they were still overcome with terror at the sight of the hoard that was rapidly closing in. 

Arthur smiled; they would learn of his power, and they would never doubt him again.

Raising a hand yet again, Arthur closed his eyes. Golden light began to shine brightly and sharply from his open palm, like a lighthouse shinning down up the coast. With a combination of telekinesis and telepathy, Arthur quickly hijacked the bodies of every single zombie approaching. Soon each one was twisting and writhing as it was unwillingly lifted into the air. Thousands of zombies were brought up several feet, before shrouded in a sea of Arthur's light. When returned to the ground, the zombies were no more; they had been cured! There, before them, stood thousands of cured human beings!

Cheers erupted all around as the townsfolk ran forward to greet and embrace the cured humans, who were admittedly shell-shocked and confused by their sudden state. Like being awakened after a very long slumber. 

Releasing yet another wave of pure power, Arthur's mind grabbed hold of every ounce of food in the city, and instantly began manipulating the molecular structures, rapidly replicating the food a dozen times over, ensuring that there was now enough for everyone to eat. Raising his arms even higher, Arthur lifted millions and millions of dust and dirt particles from hundreds of miles around the settlement. Massive clouds swirled overhead as Arthur conducted them like an orchestra. Bringing them raining down all around the city, Arthur's mind and telekinesis solidified them all into new structures; either extensions to exiting buildings, or completely new buildings altogether! Accommodation for everyone!

The humans all around had begun throwing themselves to the ground in devotion and worship to Arthur. Ejaculations and semen were plentiful from the sight of Arthur's limitless power. 

Arthur finally lowered himself to the ground, his beautiful bare feet touching down gently on the pavement. He strolled casually amongst his followers, all of whom kept themselves prostrated before him. Only when he drew near did any of them lean forward to quickly kiss his feet as he passed by. Arthur smiled down at them, full of confidence and assurance from the sight of their little subjugated bodies. 

Arthur found Damien, kowtowing on the ground with reverence and respect. Arthur planted his feet firmly in front of Damien's face, which the little human wasted no time in quickly and hungerly worshipping. Arthur closed his eyes and enjoyed the feel of wet saliva and soft lips against his tendons and toes. 

Reaching out telepathically, Arthur called out to the minds of the thousands of people around him. Entering each and every single mind with complete ease.

"Do you accept me as your god?" said Arthur. A chorus of "yes" rang out loud in Arthur's head. Smiling, Arthur once again floated upwards into the air, his feet leaving Damien's mouth, leaving the little human disappointed and craving more. 

With a lazy flick of a wrist, Arthur once again willed millions of dust particles to swarm to him. In the harbor's water as massive shape began to take form. A huge pyramid structure coalescing from the particles under Arthur's control. Another few minutes and the structure was complete. People stared in amazement at it. 

Flying to the peak, Arthur telekinetically carved out a large throne room for himself, and willed into existence the throne itself and luxurious drapes and carpets to decorate the surroundings. Sitting on the throne, Arthur looked out at the landscape before him. His pecs heaved and bounced as his breathing became more excited. The world was truly his! 

First he would draft the new laws of the world, and the punishments for disregarding them. Then he would travel the globe, curing all zombified humans. And finally he would organize the human race, structuring it all so that the world and its cultures and economies ran like clockwork. And that every person to live from now on would do so in comfort and security. No more evil, or corruption. No more humans with their tiny minds having any power or control over their fellow man. Just Arthur's will and power to shield the Earth and its people. 

With a casual bounce of a bicep, Arthur reduced air pollution across the city a thousand fold! With a flex of a calve he cleaned the water all around the base of his pyramid palace, and then for several miles more! With a mere thought, he removed every single violent and selfish thought from the humans worshipping at the base of the palace. 

Arthur laughed again. "Oh this is going to be very easy!". 

Grabbing hold of his two foot cock, Arthur began jerking. Moaning with pleasure and crying out in ecstasy, Arthur shot ropes of cum at incredible velocities and at enormous distances, minute after minute. There was no end to his orgasm in sight! Like snow, his cum rained down upon the streets below, and the humans rejoiced. Lounging back into his throne, Arthur chuckled once more, willing a footstool into existence for his feet. 

"Oh this is going to be fun too!". 

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  • MrMuscleLover12 changed the title to Zombies and Gods (chapters 1 - 9) 29/07/22

Arthur will create an utopia and he can do it.

I do wonder if he will create someone BIG for his sattisfaction?

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  • MrMuscleLover12 changed the title to Zombies and Gods (chapters 1 - 10; finale) 01/08/22

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