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An average night out? | Pt. 1 - 7.2 (last update: 08-10)


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Mmmm another amazing story coming our way.

I already see them growimg and why not grow the friend as well?

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Three weeks have passed without any sign of Tom. I couldn’t blame him. After all, he never said when he’s back in town. He looked like a type of businessman, after all.

My life has been somewhat monotonous in the past weeks. Work, workout, eat, sleep, repeat. I dreamt about outgrowing Tom. I wanted to be the one above 7’5 instead of my short 5’7. Yet I knew it wasn’t possible.

I missed Tom’s strong arms. His hug around my frame. And his confident attitude. Another week passed when Jake invited me to his wedding with Tina. I had never met her before. But apparently, it was his newest love after his last party.

I studied the invitation card after he drove off again. It was an expensive location in the middle of our town. I was not too fond of weddings and the sitting order. I wasn’t in the mood to date all night while other couples were making out and drinking – But I couldn’t turn him down either.

Another month passed. I had almost given up on meeting Tom again. Instead, I focused on my workouts. I was slightly heartbroken, to be honest. It was just one night. And yet he remained in my memories. I could still feel his mass underneath his hoodie. His heat while he pinned me against his frame.

One of these long gym nights was when Paul pulled me aside in the lockers. “Hey, Luke… I know you’re into mass and growth. I got some new supplements… I know you’re not the guy for roids…. But they don’t have any side effects besides….” He leaned in closer “cock growth” He beamed proudly.

“Fuck Paul… I told you to stop browsing these shady sites”. He just playfully ran his finger over my shirt and abs. “Come on. You know that they are either placebos or the real deal. These scammers don’t take the extra round and put harming stuff in there” He pushed the box with pills against my chest while glancing at me with his pub eyes. “Come on… You know I’m too shy to test them.”

His warm hands slowly ran underneath my shirt, tracing over my pumped, sweaty abs before slowly pulling down my shorts. I just closed my eyes when I ran my free hand through his hair. Phil was hot, around my height. And a fucking pervert when it came to roids and stuff.

I wouldn’t call him a roid head, but rather a placebo head. Maybe it was one of his kinks to buy useless pills out of the web. Often there was even written “placebo” on the boxes he acquired.

“That’s the last time I’m playing your test subject, understood?” I let out a deep grunt when his lips reached my pumped nuts. I pinned him against the wall of lockers, thrusting my hip forward before face fucking him slowly while I enjoyed his hands wrapping around my glutes.

Each thrust made me hornier. I just imagined my body… bigger… Way bigger than any of the other roid heads in my gym before I blew my load down Phil’s throat, slightly panting in lust.

I glanced down at Phil, who still knelt in front of me. – Fuck I could get used to this view. “Promise me that you try them” he looked up at me with his puppy eyes before I sighed. “I’ll try them,” I promised before gently pushing him aside to grab my clothes in my locker.

When I got back home, I slowly grabbed the box Phil gave me and looked at it. The Greek alpha letter was written in plain letters on the cardboard box.

When I opened it up, I was surprised to find a single suppository… “No way…” I stared at it for a long moment. “A fucking suppository?” I clenched my fist, feeling my flexed arm rippling. “Probably the reason why he didn’t take it himself, right?” I muttered under my breath when I slowly pulled out the small instruction leaflet. It was unusual to find one. But it looked legit, almost like actual medication.

I slowly took out my phone and googled the company behind that pill. I just found a few news articles. “Company HumanXperience bought by pharmaceutical company X – Their products never launch on the market.”

Apparently, the company researched CRISPR gene editing and created a practical applicator as a suppository. A large pharmaceutical company acquired it to continue their research with a new target: Hereditary diseases. Due to ethical questions, they had to stomp down their plans of creating body enhancers and how they presented them to the press. 

Their CEO, who was quite the beast himself in the pictures, was constantly swearing that one day the laws for gene manipulation would fall and their company would take over the market. But that never happened.

“Damn, these scammers are getting creative in writing such bulllshit. They even faked a whole news page” I couldn’t blame them. The pic of the CEO turned me on as well. His suit was painted against his muscular body. I could see the outlines of his cock head down to his knees. Even Tom wasn’t anywhere close to that physique.

I opened the instructional leaflet again. “Side effects: In rare occasions, cock and height growth may be triggered. The thereby caused pain will fade after the growth comes to a halt”.

I could feel my cock harden. “Doesn’t sound like a side effect to me.” I grinned and read further through the instructions.

“This product changes different genes in your genome. The growth won’t be instantaneous. Your muscles will grow faster during workouts, and hormone balance will be enhanced to release the alpha in your inner self.”

It read like the trigger of a muscle growth story. I slowly pushed down my pants and briefs before I wrapped my hand around my cock. “Application…

Lie on the left side, and bend the right leg. Breathe through the mouth when inserting the suppository - this relaxes the intestinal muscles. If necessary, make the suppositories more slippery: moisten water-soluble suppositories slightly with water.”

I slowly laid down on my couch after I held the suppository in my fingers. I didn’t know why. But I already imagined how my body would look with that muscle and mass the CEO had.

I slowly bent my right leg before I pushed my glutes apart to shove it inside my ass. I gasped slightly, but nothing else happened. I ran my hand around my cock and started to jerk off that night.

Phil had a taste for kinky stuff. And I couldn’t blame him when I felt my hot cum shooting up against my abs, pecs, and beard.

I almost forgot about the suppository when I slowly entered my kitchen the next day to find the empty box. I had no issues. No side effects. Nothing. It just felt as if everything was the same way it was before.

“A bummer,” I groaned when I slowly made some scrambled eggs and a small bowl of porridge. “Would’ve been too good if it wasn’t a placebo.”

Today was the day of Jake’s wedding.

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I decided it was best to get another workout in before I joined the wedding later that afternoon, so I went to the gym. It was a small gym and probably the reason why membership was cheap as well. I knew the staff, and they knew me. Almost like my own small family, after I didn’t have any close relatives nearby.

I slowly changed into a pair of loose shorts and my tank top in the lockers before I made my way to the weight racks. Nothing beat a good chest workout before the party started.

I knelt on the bench with my total weight, testing if the old equipment was still up for the workout before I added my regular weight. I wrapped my rough hands around the cold metal bar before slowly lifting it off the wrack to lower my elbows until I felt the bar slightly touch my nipples before pushing it back up.

I could feel the blood flowing through my veins. My muscles vibrated, slightly trembling under the exhaustion before I slowly started the second rep.

I felt good today when I finally finished the 15th rep and sat up after the weight was back on the rack. I glanced in the mirror and slightly got aroused by the sight of my pumped pecs. I had to shave again. My pecs looked hairy today, stretching my tank to perfection.

I slightly bounced them when the fabric revealed a prominent happy trail that led down to my briefs. My abs were pulsating. “Fuck… If I weren’t that short, I’d be such a stud” I let out a deep breath before I got back down on the bench, wrapping my hand around the warm metal bar, starting my second set.

My cock was still throbbing in my briefs. Usually not an issue because I wasn’t packing that much. Yet today was different. I could swear that I felt my cockhead how it fought with my hairy quads and nuts to get find a way out.

I accidentally pushed out a few more reps before I sat back up, slightly adjusting my bulge. I was alone when I ran my hand underneath the waistband and got a hold of it. I felt so pumped today. So thick and juicy. My balls were all sweaty. I really should’ve chosen a loose set of underwear for the day….

I tucked my cock underneath the waistband before I glanced in the mirror. My fat, throbbing cock head was constantly oozing against my hairy abs. My shoulders felt sore today. My spine hurt a little while I tried pushing the fabric of my tank top further down to hide it.

I slowly got back down. My body was sweating all over. I could smell my musk in the air. I need to shave before I join the wedding later today. I slowly wrapped my hand around the bar before I started my third set. Sweat was running over my head. Just when I finished the last set, I felt pain throughout my body. I let out a deep grunt before slowly standing up to flex in front of the mirror. I stared at the reflection. My cock was pulsating up to my belly button. Thick veins covered its wide size while my abs looked bigger. “Fuck…” I slowly lifted my shirt further up when I saw more of my hairy abs. I shaved just yesterday… But right now, I was hairy all over my frame.

I wasn’t a fan of body hair, but it looked so good on my sweaty pecs. Since when did it grow that dense? Was it Phil’s pill? I ran my hand over my juicy pecs, squeezing them slowly before more pre oozed out of my shaft onto my abs. I couldn’t even pull my tank top back down all the way.

I lifted my thick arm for a flex, staring at my hairy pits. My musk filled the air when I slowly lowered my head until I could run my tongue all over my bulging muscle.

I couldn’t control myself when I grabbed my cock with my other hand, slightly jerking it, ignoring the back pain and rising pain throughout my whole body.

I closed my eyes before my balls suddenly pushed outwards, hairier and bigger. My cock vibrated under my touch when I couldn’t control it. A deep moan escaped my throat when my cock exploded with a massive blast against the gym’s mirror.

I woke up from my trance when I slowly realized what had just happened. I panicked when I removed my tank top to start cleaning the mirror and the massive puddle.

I had luck that I was on my own right now… But the door could open any time.

I got rid of my mess as quickly as possible before I rushed towards the lockers underneath the cold shower, forcing my still throbbing anaconda to calm down. It had to be above 8 inches by now. And judging by my pulsating nuts… It wasn’t done growing.

I sighed when it finally softened back down. I tried to focus my thoughts. But Fuck…. I was growing…. And that was just the effect of one single exercise? I felt my cock harden again against my hard abs again. The cold water and pain in my bones just made me hornier. I grinned cockier when I heard a familiar voice. “Luke? Already done?” It was Phil. “Phil… Just on time” My voice was slightly deeper, slightly more mature when I heard him approach my shower cabin. “Could need your help in here” My cock was throbbing onto the ground.

When he stopped before my cabin, Phil was in his jockstrap and gaped at me. “Fuck….. It worked?” I saw his cock harden when I pulled him underneath the cold shower beam. My massive arm wrapped around his neck while I let my pulsating cock grinding against his ass. “I’m so horny right now,” I grunted in his ear when my cock head slowly pushed between his sculpted glutes. I couldn’t resist the urge when I just rammed it all inside. My eyes widened in ecstasy. “Fuck… I can’t control my lust….” I let out a deep moan when my cock slightly grew thicker. I ran my rough hand over Phil’s cock, squeezing it rough, underestimating my new strength when he blew his load against the tiled walls.

“Sorry, Phil” My deep voice groaned when I started fucking him rougher until my massive cock pulsated and blew a huge load down his ass. I pinned him against my frame, slightly panting before slowly pulling out. The water heated up again when Phil got his grip on the handle.

I slowly pulled my fat cock back out; Phil’s body was bloated. I could see his gut. Now that was what I’d call a roid gut… I pushed out to the rims while I ran my extended arms around his hot body. I was pinning him against my frame.

I slowly rest my jaw on his shoulder before letting him out of my embrace.

He slowly faced me before he ran his hands around my head to pull me slightly down for a kiss. I let his hands soap me up all over. I would breed him all night long if I could. “Too bad they stopped producing that stuff.” He ran his hand over my thick pecs, beaming at me.

I slowly ran my hands around his glutes again before I pulled him in for another hug under the water. “There’s no way I can repay you my debt” I slightly pinned him against the cold wall while glancing down at him. “Still hetero?” I could see his red face. “H Heh, Luke… You know… I’ve got a girlfriend” he playfully pushed me back. “And don’t worry about your debt… It’s enough if you’re helping me out now and then” He grinned, running his hand over my thick shaft. “And don’t worry about me… I still have one for myself. And I’m happy enough if you show me how to insert it before our next workout” he playfully pushed me back.

“You love teasing me, don’t you?”

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