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Found 11 results

  1. lsgnobody

    The House (Part 6 - Jul/13)

    Ok. I have plans for this and hopefully can continue the story to the point I wanna take it. I hope y'all like it - and please let me know if you do. It's more of a "throwing out at the universe what you want and it will bring it back to you" kinda thing. Be gentle. I'm not a writer so there are cliches and maybe bad grammar. I'm all for criticism. Don't read it if you're uncomfortable with non-consensual stuff. PART 1 - PROLOGUE The first time I saw him it was like something lit up inside me. I don’t wanna sound childish but it had been so long since I felt butterflies in my stomach for anyone that I can’t help but feel childish. And it’s a good thing. It happens when you’re over 35, I guess. You stop fantasizing about meeting the love of your life and believing everything you’ve seen in Disney movies to go for something safe and secure. You also start trying harder to settle down and give less room for impulses and instant gratification. I’d say it’s part of maturing but there’s always a fine line between maturing and conforming with whatever you have. You know, going for security instead of dipping your feet in cold water. But I’m getting ahead of myself and should start from the beginning. I’ve been living with my boyfriend for 3 years now, we met when I was 34 and he’s a great guy. We met online and I was definitely not looking for a relationship at the time. He was just another decent looking guy among many others I met at the time. But he stayed. We eventually moved in together and had our ups and downs but nothing out of the ordinary. And we are now ready for the next step in our perfect ordinary life: we’re buying a house. - Are you ready? - he was fully dressed and had his sneakers on, good jeans and a shirt under a light jacket looked nice on him. He had put on some weight after we started dating but I was not complaining, so had I. He carried it well on his tall 6’1” frame and a little belly never hurt anyone. I know I was also carrying a little bit more weight than I was comfortable with but I guess that’s normal once you start settling down. - Almost done. I can’t say I didn’t like what I saw in the bathroom mirror while I fixed my hair. Though close to 38, I barely look a day over 25. Good genes, I guess. A head full of hair and a light brown beard that takes forever to grow go well with my pale, boyish features. The big eyes make me look more innocent than I actually am but they’re part of my charm. I open a big smile - my best feature, I’ve been told - for a final check in the mirror and I’m ready. A quick peck on his lips as I stand on my toes and we’re leaving our tiny apartment to start our perfect life together. We’re meeting our realtor downstairs who was kind enough to pick us up here to take us to what she promises will be the perfect house for us. It’s a two story old house just outside of town, pretty secluded, away from noisy loud neighbors and good real estate, with a big yard where a dog could run freely in the warmer months. We’re both excited and a little scared too. It’s a big step and money is tight, there’s no way I could pay both the rent and mortgage on a new place, so this has to work. After driving for 20 minutes I can finally see it and it is in worse shape than I’d thought. Sure, the black iron fence in front of it was a work of art but the garden was dense and the grass was too tall. The bricks outside don’t really need that much maintenance but the porch has seen better days, the painting pretty much non existent after many years of neglect but it’s a big porch that takes the whole front of the house. It’s pretty obvious the house’s been empty for a while and the only thing that doesn’t indicate it is the big chevy parked in the front lawn. The big red truck seems fit for the old place, it’s also seen some better days. - Don’t say anything yet until you see it from up close. I know the place doesn’t look incredible but the owner is getting it ready for sale. You know, fixing pipes and getting the structure ready. I’m sure you’ll see the potential. She didn’t wear her heels today, as the dampness outside made the way up to the porch muddy. She was definitely putting up a big smile to sell the place, and she needed it. At least from the outside, the place was looking much worse than what she made us believe. - Watch your step. - Patrick and I exchanged a look, speaking to each other without saying a word as only a couple could. Once we stepped inside, though, it was brilliant. The thick dust covering the ground could not hide how magnificent the entry hall was. The high ceiling, up to the second floor gave a spacious and imponent air to the house. The wooden floors and the obviously creaky stairs leading to the second floor couldn’t hide the fact that the place had a lot of work to do, yes, but it had its charm the way only old houses have. BANG. - Don’t mind the noise! The boys are fixing and painting the place so you get a head start for when you decide to keep it. BANG. We climbed the creaky stairs to the second floor to take a look at the four bedrooms. I was immediately in love with the master suite with a huge glass window overlooking the backyard. The shed in the middle of what used to be a garden, now a mess of grass and plants tall enough to be knee high, was open. - Is there anyone living here now? - Patrick noticed that the area around the shed had been cleaned out of the grass and sheets were hanging in the cold sun in front of it. - One of the workers is spending the night in the shed, he’ll be out in a few months, as soon as work is done. - Months, you say? - There’s a lot to do, Leo. - I didn’t like the kind of patronizing way she talked to me - But you can always move in upstairs and start using the second floor as your living space. The kitchen downstairs is fully functional. - She looked at my boyfriend, certain that he would have the final word in our decision. I never got used to it, but being 5’6” and looking so much younger had me used to it. BANG. Little did she know that I made more money than he did and his relaxed aloof nature burdened me with deciding everything for us. As far as he was concerned, he was fine in our apartment and didn’t mind the noisy neighbours or how small it was. His job at the convenience store was more than enough to pay for a beer on weekends and he would never make a big decision on his own. In the second bedroom we met the painter. Tony was around 45 and in great shape, his job clearly not the only exercise responsible for his slim body. - I’m sorry I can’t shake your hands but I hope you like the place. We’re getting it ready for you. - he held a painting roll in one of the hands and showed the other one, sprinkled with white paint, with a warm smile from someone who’s lived in the countryside his whole life. - Name’s Tony. Sorry the place is not ready yet but there’s only two of us working here. - Leo, nice to meet you Tony. - Tony was taller than me, maybe 6’0 as he was still shorter than Patrick. As the rest of the house, he’d seen better days. The salt and pepper hair framed face was marked as if he’d spent too much time under the sun. I couldn’t see much of his body, covered in a sweater sprinkled with all possible paint colors imaginable. - Don’t mind the noise downstairs, Alex is bringing down the wall between the kitchen and the dining room so you have one big open space. Oh, so that’s what this is. The bangs stopped and I heard heavy footsteps followed by the doors sliding. While Tony explained with more details than I could understand all the work that they had already done, I went downstairs, following the noise. I saw the damage in the dining room wall, partially down with a huge hole from where you could see the kitchen. Tearing the wall down was gonna make the large room even bigger and through the dust I could picture exactly where every piece of furniture was gonna be. The weirdest illusion was caused by the dust. In the white dust covering the darker wooden floors there were footprints leading to the dining room’s sliding glass doors. The size of the prints were huge. I stepped into one of the prints on the ground and it was so much bigger than mine that you could see the dusty outline around my own foot. I could almost fit both my feet inside of it. I didn’t give it much attention as it was so out of the ordinary, the marks were probably made by dragging. Alex, whoever he was, must have been carrying something heavy outside. I slid the doors myself and proceeded to the backyard towards the open shed. The wind quickly hit my face - damn I hate the winter - and I shivered with the cold. A passageway through the tall grass led to the shed and I looked down, afraid of stepping on a root of the tall oak tree that guarded the shed, making my way out there as quickly as I could, bothered by cold winter air. I could hear music from a radio coming from the shed and I had to move away the sheets hanging outside to continue through the passageway. As I got closer I noticed that those weren’t sheets but the biggest white shirts I’ve seen. It could fit two, maybe three of me inside one of them. I was curious. Tony is too small for those. Before I could reach the shed I saw him. Lifting my eyes from the grass I saw the big pair of black boots. He was stepping out of the shed and the whole picture was disorienting. The shed, in comparison, looked much smaller as he had to duck to get through the door, sliding outside two ample shoulders, one at a time. This was the biggest person I’ve seen in my life. Not only impossibly tall but, contrary to most tall people, he was BIG. Calves as thick as my thighs made the big pair of jeans seem too tight. His own thighs were proportionally as big, looking powerful enough to carry his heavy upper body. The immense T-shirts that looked ridiculously big hanging just behind me held every curve of his body, not too tight but perfectly. I could make out love handles and what seemed to be the start of a gut. He immediately extended one large hand my way, as if asking me to jump and hang on to it from the grass to the pavement around the shed, and my eyes followed very hairy thick forearms and even thicker arms. He was not jacked, by any means. The guy was just huge, the kind of build that you don’t get from working out, and as I got closer, I was making an effort to register how big he was. Though he had the hand extended in front of me, his face was stern and it was not a handsome face at all. In a millisecond I studied his features. A big nose coming out of plump cheeks and a line for a mouth, his unkept beard was patchy and growing bigger on his neck other than on his round face. Above the nose he had a line, the result of an over pronounced front that gave him an unwelcoming look, casting a shadow over his small blue eyes. The dusty hair on top of his head was a light shade of brown, made even lighter by the coat of white dust on top of it. His darkened skin made me think he was maybe middle eastern, maybe mixed. He was not a handsome man. Not at all. But still he was so tall that it was impossible not to stare at him. There was so much to look at, from the chest hair scaping the top of his t-shirt to the dirty nails of the humongous hand extended in front of me. I got closer and extended a hand, which he gladly grabbed and engulfed in his, his thumb touching his other finger while holding my hand. I winced when he squeezed a little too hard, looking at him a little disconcerted. He smirked. - Alex. - the big guy said, so deep and low that it was a rumble more than a voice. - Leo, nice to meet you. - I noticed I was speaking too loud. Maybe in an attempt to look bigger myself. My 5’6” put my eyes right under his chest, that while not slabs of defined pecs where just as thick as the rest of his body. - If I knew you were coming to see the place, I would have finished bringing down the wall. We’re a little behind. - It’s okay. I couldn’t think of anything. My mind was blank, taking in this whole guy as he was still holding my hand for an uncomfortable long time and I tried desperately to think of something, anything to say. - You’re tall. Damn it. - Yeah, I get that a lot. - he squeezed my hand again and my eyes were drawn again to the humongous hand that was holding mine, and as if I had just been burned I pulled it towards me roughly. When he still held it in place I looked back at his eyes and he realised he was holding me there, letting my hand go. - Are you living here? - Don’t worry, I’ll be here only until we’re done with the renovations. I still looked at him, studying his face as if he was on display, maybe even being rude as I stared, in a kind of stupor. - What do you think? - the squeaky voice of the realtor called from behind me. I quickly looked back and turned around, tripping on my own foot as I did it. As I lost balance and started falling face first on the ground, the big hand came under me, covering my whole chest, it seemed. I felt my whole face getting red immediately and forgot about the cold weather for a second. I looked at his face and faked a smile, his face didn’t change at all. - We’ll take it. We moved in the following week. While I was able to take time off from my job, Patrick wasn’t so lucky so I had to do it on my own. There was no money to hire anyone but Tony was happy to help. Patrick didn’t seem so happy he was around but I wouldn’t complain as I could never lift my sofa alone. I learned that Patrick and Alex shared the shed, built temporarily by the contractor company to house them. - The guy is too quiet - Patrick went - and I need people to talk. Snores like a son of a bitch too. And talk he did. The whole week, while I visited every day, he went on and on about how he lived a city away but found the commute too much, so agreed to stay in the shed. Divorced, 2 kids. Into muscle cars, other than painting he did all kinds of maintenance and knew his way around an engine too. He told me of a 1956 Buick that was his pride and joy but in shambles, so all his spare time was spent on working on the car. As for the house itself, it was practically done. While the exterior still looked like a set for a slasher movie, inside it was finished and… livable. Tony and I had everything furnitured and I was excited with the housewarming party planned for later in the evening. The one room that never seemed to be finished was the downstairs bathroom, which is why Tony agreed to get ready in our ensuite; he would obviously stay for the night. Alex didn’t help with the furniture, instead he was locked inside the tiny downstairs bathroom the whole week. I would steal a glance every now and then and find this humongous man, sweaty white wife beater on, tiling the walls for what seemed an eternity. Not a hard worker, definitely. With his expansive body occupying most of the room, though, there’d be no way a ladder would also fit in and yet he reached the ceiling pretty easily so I guess he found his niche. He indeed kept to himself and all I got from him was a grumpy “good morning” while he grabbed something I had brought over for breakfast and drank a cup of coffee from a freshly made pot I left at the kitchen counter. Last day of “moving”, at 5PM, Tony went upstairs to freshen up, Alex went back to the shed, I started cooking and soon after Patrik came from work with booze he brought for the night. At 8PM our friends started arriving. A small group: some guys from Patrik’s gym (even though he never went there), a few people from the office (rare occasion when accountants leave their houses). Drinks, good food, music and laughter filled the house. Tony joined in and it was like he’d always been part of the group, I can tell a lot of my single girlfriends stole glances at the fit older guy and he relished in it, being the center of attention in a group of swooning ladies. Alex was nowhere to be seen, locked in the shed outside. At 10PM I was more than a little tipsy - not used to drinking, you know. I stumbled to the kitchen for a refill and stopped on my feet at what I saw. Patrik had his pants down his ankles, one of the gym guys ramming his ass, his face contorted in pleasure and bliss in a way I remember seeing in our first years together. My first reaction was to throw the empty glass I had in my hands towards them. - What the fuck! - The glass hit gym guy in the head. He immediately put his pants up and came towards me. I never had time to avoid the punch straight to my eye and fell backwards. Someone screamed. Tony came out of nowhere and hit the gym guy. They started fighting. I saw everything from the ground up, the pants and button down shirts of my workmates looking at me from above with their surprised judgemental faces, Tony throwing punches at the guy as Patrik struggled to wear back his pants. The women started to scream at the violence to which the punches were being exchanged and the whole scene was a hazy mess for my drunk mind to remember correctly. 15 minutes later, I was in my bed, brought over by Tony. Everyone downstairs, including Patrik, had left the house. - Rough night, buddy - his slightly swollen face from the earlier punches made him squint a little while he smiled, sitting beside me on the bed. - Tony, I’m so sorry for th… - Hey, don’t worry, dude! The guy’s an asshole. I hope you don’t mind, I threw him out for the night, you both can figure things out later. You know it’s my last day here and I can’t stay the night but Alex will be downstairs in the shed if you need anything. - Hey - Alex had his arms crossed, his shoulders rubbing the door frame, his head inside the room, the same non expressive way. - Again, I’m so sorry. And thank you for that. - No sweat, buddy. Call for Alex if you need anything. I didn’t. I cried the whole night long, feeling unloved and maybe deserving of the kind of shit that happened tonight. I could extend myself on how lost a person feels when they have to completely change their life plans but I don’t want to go there. Instead, I went back to my regular activities as best as I could. The office let me know that I should take 2 more weeks off. I filled my loneliness with yard work, painting and generally cleaning whatever Alex was still working on that day. This was my house, after all, and life goes on. I’d still have breakfast ready in the morning for when Alex came from the shed to work in the bathroom. He devoured most of it, drank his cup of coffee and spent the day locked in there. So much so that it started to bother me. How long would it take? I honestly would review his work day after day and find that there was barely anything done. I decided to confront him. It was during a lunch break Alex and I were at the table. I had prepared food for an army - he ate a lot - and he was chewing a whole turkey leg when I asked: - So, can you give me a deadline as to when the bathroom is gonna be ready? - It will be ready when I’m done. - Sure, yeah… when is it gonna be? - Relax, little guy, I’m going as fast as I can. - fucker. Who the fuck is he calling little guy? - Alex, you’re not going fast enough. I should hire someone else to help you. He dropped the turkey leg with a thud, looking as menacing as a guy his size can look: - You don’t need anyone else. I’ll finish the fucking job. - I can’t keep fucking paying you when yours is the only job that doesn’t seem to end. Money is tight. - Fine. Don’t pay me. I’ll finish the fucking job. - What’s wrong with you? You wanna work for free? Or is it the shed? Where do you live? - Why do you care? I’m telling you I’ll finish the bathroom and I won’t charge you extra for it. - I care cause you’re at my house. It’s been more than a week since I got it, don’t you have a family to go back to? - No family. I live on my own. - Ok. And where is it? He stood up, impossibly tall. His mouth greasy from the turkey. The expansive body walking towards me. Sitting down at the table where I was, I was looking slightly below his crotch. Fuck, this guy was terrifying. - Boy, I don’t have a house. I’m living in your shed. You wanna throw me out, do it. Fucking happy? - and he stormed out. I wasn’t expecting that. And being so closed off as he was, I figured he just kept so quiet cause he perhaps felt ashamed of his financial situation. Fuck… I went through hard times before. Nothing to be ashamed of. One day you’re down, the other you bounce back. The big fucker was an asshole but feeling bad I went after him, to find him inside the shed, lying on his bed, the part below his knees hanging from the bottom of it. - Dude, if you need a place to stay, you can stay here. You don’t have to stall your work in the bathroom to stay longer. Fuck, it’s a big house for me alone, I don’t mind the company. - I ain’t gay, boy. Fucker. - What does it have to do with anything, I’m not asking to suck your fucking cock. I’m offering you a place to stay. There’s a guest room. You don’t have to stay at the shed, asshole. - Huh. - Was it a laugh? More of a chuckle. - you’re alright. He extended a huge hand as a peace offering. I shook his back, my hand once again engulfed by his. And from that moment on, our relationship changed completely. Turns out he was not living his best years either. House maintenance was never his trade and he took the job cause Tony was a close friend and helped him out, both in teaching him the skills and finding him a place to live. While he was still quiet most of the time, he moved into the guest room. We’d spend a few nights watching cheesy Netflix shows I’d show him or some rugby match he wanted. He’d explain to me the rules and comment on the plays, we shared a few beers, and called it a night. As days went by, he felt more at ease with me and I with him. Every day, after tending to the garden, I’d occupy myself with cooking and, man, was it satisfying to cook for this guy. He ate like an animal, and even started complimenting my food. I was happy to oblige. Two weeks went by and Alex never touched on the subject of moving out. I never asked either. I enjoyed having someone to keep me company and, now with the bathroom finally done and being well fed, he took whatever extra time he had to the gym in the nearby town. He’d arrive late in the afternoon after spending hours there. I had dinner ready, which he ate in minutes and moved to the couch with a few beers for our movie night. Having him sitting by my side I kept looking at how much bigger his thighs were than mine, and how my feet dangled from the couch while his thighs barely touched it. His monstrous feet made mine look like a kid’s. Whenever he’d extend his arm to the back of the sofa, I’d smell his manly scent and get hard thinking about how effortlessly manly he was. More than once our TV night would end with me beating one up back at my room, furiously thinking about him. It was also two weeks later that I received a letter from the company I worked for, explaining in very polite words that they would not be admitting me back. My savings weren’t much but I wasn’t desperate, at least if I had to tend to my own and no one else. With both of us there, I could probably provide for about 6 months. I’m trying to think rationally. But the truth is that I had nowhere to hold on to the life I’d known. I had a mortgage to pay, no job, no boyfriend, my family and friends at least a plane flight away. - I’m home! - Alex opened the front door drenched in sweat from the gym. He found me sitting on the sofa, head between my hands. - The fuck happened, Leo? - I’m out of a job, Alex. I’m out of my fucking job. What am I gonna do? - Those fuckers didn’t deserve you anyway. Don’t sweat it. You’ll be fine. - I moved here just because I could work from home. Where am I supposed to find another job that pays as much and allows me that? We’re in the middle of nowhere. I’m so fucked. - You’ll manage. You’re a smart guy. Is dinner ready? - No, you big dumb fuck! Dinner is not ready! What do you know about working things out? You’ve been freeloading here for two weeks! - Watch your words, little guy. - Little guy my ass! I’ve got enough to worry about now than your fucking dinner! Get yourself a fucking maid to cook for you. He jumped so quick in front of me that I first saw the shadow his big body cast over me. He put both hands on my shoulders and lifted me up to my feet. My face slightly below his beefy chest. I look up at his serious plump face. - What? You don’t think I’ve been a good friend keeping you company all this time? You think I’m freeloading now, don’t you, boy? It’s fucking time you wake up and take control of your life. - And what do you suggest? Find a fucker to live off of his house? He squeezed my shoulders tighter. - You think I don’t know what I want? I do. And I’ll have it. And I’d fucking hit you for the way you’re talking ot me right now but when you allowed me to stay here, you reminded me that I had goals. So that’s what I’m gonna do to you right now. He let go of my shoulders and I fell back seated on the sofa. He walked to the kitchen and returned with a bottle of vodka and two glasses. - But I’m not good ‘bout talking. So we’re gonna need this. He filled both shot glasses and drank one of them. - Go ahead. - No. - Fucking do it! His voice was so deep and commanding I immediately downed my glass, coughing at the end of it. - Good. Now. What is it that you want, Leo? - What do you mean? - For life. What do you want your life to be? - I… I don’t know. I wanted a house, and a dog and a partner that would be my family. - Well, you got the house. And I’m a fucking dog sometimes. Hehe. So I guess you need dick, right? - Shut up, fucker. - Hahaha. It’s dick that you need. Shame I’m straight. I could have that for ya. - You’re not really drowning in pussy too, asshole. - Hahahaha. That’s true. - shot. But we’re talking bout you. What is it that you want for life? - I… I… - shot - I don’t know. - What makes you happy? - I don’t know. I planned this house, I planned getting married to my boyfriend, I planned living a normal life. - Do you want a normal life? - I don’t know anymore. - Let me help you - shot. You see I’m a big guy, right? Fuck yeah, I see it. It drives me fucking mad sometimes. - Yeah. - I like being big. It makes me happy. A couple years ago I was into bodybuilding. But then I found out I wasn’t into all the attention. And I stopped doing it. But I still like being big. When you told me to stay here even though I had nothing to offer, it made me wanna be a better person. So I started working out again to be my best self. - Ok - shot. - And hey, I figured since you’re gay and all, I’d give you somethin better to look at. Hehe. So I wanna look nicer, cause that’s what I can offer. Huh. - I don’t know what I’m good at. - Well, you’re a goddamn good cook, I can tell you that. - shot. - Huh… thanks, I guess. I like cooking. - And I like eating. See, one day at a time, boy. You’ll find out what you wanna do eventually. He sat closer by my side and extended an arm over to my shoulder this time, pulling me closer. - You need me to find you some dick? There’s a couple guys at the gym who’d fuck you. - WHAT? No! (yes) - shot. - Hey, no shame in admitting you need cock. When’s the last time you had some? - I don’t know, a couple months maybe? - And that boyfriend of yours? - We weren’t having sex for a while… I guess we know why. - shot. - Hahaha. Fucker was having his. But don’t mind him. I heard he was taking up the ass. He wasn’t man enough for ya. - Fucker - shot - just cause I’m short doesn’t mean I can’t be a top. - Hahahaha. Now that would be funny, wouldn’t it? Stand up! He got up and pulled me up along with him. He had his back to my front and his ample round ass was at my chest level. - Now, how’re you gonna fuck someone like this? You can’t even reach! Hahaha - That’s cause you’re the biggest fucker I’ve ever known! - Damn right I am. And I’m gonna get bigger too. Tell me I’m big. - You’re fucking huge, you big lug. - Not nearly big enough. I’m tall, ya. That’s a given. But I’m gonna be big. Fucking bigger. The whole demeanor he had from when we met up to when he moved into the house completely changed. He exuded confidence, every act, from his deep baritone voice to the way he held my body pressed against the mounds that were his glutes, to his boozy laughter by having me in such position. It was kind of emasculating for me. And I felt conflicted about it. I pushed him away by punching his kidney. The laugh stopped, he immediately turned around and looked down at me from above. - Do you know how tall I am? - No. - I’m 7’6”. What are you? 6’? - 5’6” - Fuck, you’re tiny. I feel even bigger looking down at you like this. Do you know why you don’t see me drowning in pussy, as you said? - No. - Cause I don’t care about them. I’m no fag either. I don’t know what I am. I like me. I like being a huge fucker. He started walking toward me, pushing my body against him to the wall. I felt from the bottom of my chest almost up to my chin that he was hard. He was hard and looked mad. - You think I’m big? - Yes. - I am. You feel this big cock? - Yes. - I can see you like it too.- he flicked a thumb over my comparatively small hard-on. - And I like looking down on you, and everyone else. It makes me hard. It makes me in charge. He grabbed me from under my arms and effortlessly lifted me to his face. So close I could smell the vodka on his breath. - I’m gonna give you some dick today. And tomorrow we’re gonna talk about what makes you happy. - he put me over his shoulders and unloaded me on the floor, right in front of the couch. He sat with his logs for legs spread open and undid his pants, exposing the biggest dick I’ve ever seen in my life. - I don’t… - slap. He probably didn’t mean to but his hand was so big that when he tried to cover my mouth with his hand, he slapped me hard enough that a single tear immediately ran down my cheek. - Suck. His hand covered the entirety of the back of my head and he thrusted it towards his log. I opened my mouth as wide as I could but the roughness of it made the corners of my mouth stretch and sting at the sides. My nose buried in his pubes, he thrusted so furiously I was gasping for air. I started to gag under his chuckling. Grabbing my hair, he looked at my teary face: - We’ll find something you’re good at. I’ll give you something to be happy about. I’ll make you useful. He ravaged my mouth even deeper, both hands on the back of my head. I furiously held his freakishly thick hairy forearms and tried to pull away to no avail. I punched his thighs, so large from this close I felt like I was punching a tree trunk. The smirk never left his face. He chuckled louder at each attempt of release. - Take it, tiny fuck. Take a man’s cock. He was grunting and increasing the intensity and force of his thrusts. - I’m back to the gym and eating like a horse, I’ll be back to my huge days in no time - I could barely see anything while gagging so much. Both of my eyes foggy with tears. - Gonna be so fucking huge… so… fucking… huge - His deep, guttural grunts got louder and louder and I felt a gush of cum way beyond the back of my throat - BIGGER - I was gasping for air. Desperate - BIGGER - He’s gonna kill me. I can’t take it anymore - BIGGER - Too big. Too strong. Too much. It all went black. PART 2 - ROLES Looking at my face in the mirror the next morning I could clearly see where he slapped me last night. It was there. He was forceful and I never consented to anything. It was wrong. And yet, as my fingers felt the small damage he left on my face, all I could think of was how big he was and, more than that, how much bigger he wanted to become. And that got me instantly hard. I can’t. I can’t think with my dick. I can’t ignore the fact that I barely knew this man and what he was capable of. Yes, we spent nearly a month living together - but then again, I think I was so much in need of human contact that I lacked the judgement of character towards him. And I had to put an end to it. I had to send him away. I left my room upstairs and walked down the hallway past one, two empty rooms. It was a big house. The third door was half open. It’s Alex’s room. Is he up? Is he still there? Should I look? I unintentionally started walking on my tip toes as I approached his door, trying not to make any noise, in case he was still there. A quick glance through the open door. Yes. He’s still sleeping. He’s sleeping on his side, turned the other way. He looks comically big for the mattress he sleeps in. He must have brought it over from the shed. And his back… I don’t remember seeing him with his shirt off before. He’s got patches of hair on his back, right under his shoulder blades. And it’s such an expansive back. How can he even sleep on his side? We don’t even look the same species. And his neck is so thick. I can see it rolls right before his hair starts coming up. He’s covered from his lower back down, I can’t see much more. I shouldn’t be looking. I should keep waking. Keep walking. - Leo! - his deep bass voice came from inside the room and I froze dead on my feet. - Leo, come here! What do I do? What do I do? - What? - Come here! I fully opened the door to find him looking at me, still sleepy, big meaty chest in full view. - Sit. The closer I got to him the bigger he seemed to get and, by the time I sat on the edge of the mattress I was visibly shaking. Not in fear, no. It wasn’t as simple as fear. I felt uneasy, an impending doom sensation, overwhelmed by him and what happened the night before. - Listen, about what happened yesterday… - I want you out. - What? - Leave my house. - Wait, let’s talk about this. - There’s nothing to talk about. I need you out by the end of the day. I stood up to leave the room and he tried to hold my arms. Instinctively I pulled away and walked towards the door. My legs moved on their own, my breath was accelerated and that overwhelming sensation of urgency took over. I practically ran towards the door. Thump. Thump. His arm extended over my head and immediately banged the door with such force I saw splinters flying. Thump. Another step and he pushed me towards the door, pressing me against it with his body. It was a second. His waist pressing just under my shoulders. For a second I knew I couldn’t move up until he decided I could. When he stepped back and I turned around I mustered all the courage I had within me to look up at him. - What? Are you gonna fucking hit me? Get it over with. - No! I’m not gonna hit you! His frame filled my field of vision completely. It was overwhelming. He slept in his briefs. I had never seen him without his clothes on. Though his forearms were so hairy, his chest was not as much. There was a light coat of hair over his plump chest, almost making a triangle right in the center. More hair over his belly. He was thick and plump all over. Not the kind of body type you’d see in someone his height. He looked just so round and sturdy, bulky all over, that hairy belly escaping his briefs on the sides. Unexpectedly, he lowered himself on his knees, sitting on his heels, so we were looking eye to eye. - Calm down. We need to talk. This move made some of the excitement go away. He waited until my breath was back to normal. - Hit me. - What? - Right here. Hit me. Give it all you got. - he touched the left side of his chest and looked at my disoriented face. - Hit me. - What, no, you’re crazy. - HIT ME. - his voice was so deep, so commanding. I punched him. - HARDER. - I punched him again. - HARDER. I used both my fists this time, punching him over and over again on both sides of his chest. My fists looked small against the wall of flesh in front of me. I was expecting it to be softer but as I kept punching, he flexed the round mounds of beef to make them harder. I gave it all I had, punching it over and over and watching as the upper part of his chest swelled while he flexed. - HARDER. At the same time it sounded like an order, a smirk was forming on his face. He chuckled. The smirk made him look almost arrogant but playful at the same time. And I punched him over and over until all my rage was gone and I felt tired. - Humph. There. Better? - You’re an asshole. That damn smirk. - Don’t act like you didn’t like it. You were hard the whole time, at least till you passed out. - I want to hurt you. - Punch me again. Try it. You can’t. I did, as hard as I could. Nothing. It wasn’t like punching a wall, a wall was harder. His big, plump chest was covered in a more than subtle layer of fat. The wall was underneath it. With this last punch his big meaty hand went immediately to his cock to adjust it. He was getting hard. - You can’t hurt me. And you know you can’t hurt me. Tell me how you feel. - Helpless. - I have that effect on people. Tell me more. - Overwhelmed. Confused. I don’t know what to do. - You want control. - What? - You want to control everything. - What do you mean? - Look at this house. You have four bedrooms for you alone. I’m in one of them, the other two are empty but spotless. - I’m clean. - You’re obsessively cleaning every nook and cranny of this place. You have breakfast, lunch, dinner done at the same exact time every day. - I’m not working, I need a routine. - What for? - To keep my plans in order. - What are your plans? - I… I don’t have any yet. - So why the routine? - So I can come up with something. - Why do you need to come up with something? - I don’t know. I’m not working, money is limited, there's a mortgage to pay. - I told you. You’ll figure it out. You’re a smart guy. You don’t give yourself enough credit. Just stop whining about it. And I’m not moving out. - What? - You heard me. - He lifted himself up from his knees. And up, and up. - I’m not moving out. I like it here. And I know you like me here too. He… he just said that. As if it were true. Who the fuck does he think he is? He can’t. Should I call the police? I certainly can’t throw him out myself. Should I call someone? Who would I call? Someone from work? I don’t even work there anymore. A friend? They’re so far away. Tony? Tony! Tony knows him. Tony’s a decent guy. I’ll call Tony. - What? You think I don’t know you’re hot for me? You think you’re the first tiny gay guy I’ve seen? - So you’re gay now? - I told you. I’m not into guys. I’m not into girls either. - What does that even mean? - I’m into me. My own body gets me hard. - What? How does that even work? You’re a narcissistic fuck, that’s what you are! - Damn right I am. And a big one. - Let me out. - No. Punch me again. He didn’t have to ask me twice. I gave it everything I had and punched him as hard as I could, right in the middle of that big hairy belly. It bounced a little. Again, a wall behind the layer of fat. He didn’t flinch. - You can’t hurt me. You can’t move me, I’m too big for you. - he took a step forward, taking me along with him and pressing my head in between the door and that belly. So big. I pushed him, I started punching him as hard as I could from the sides. Nothing. Immovable. - Fuck yeah. Try harder. You can’t move me. I’m so fucking strong. I was losing my breath pressed against his belly, feeling that the door would give up before he did. He filled the whole door frame with his back. When I thought I couldn’t hold my breath anymore, he finally stepped back and quickly held me in place with a huge hand behind my neck before I could fall down. He looked down at me, examining every inch of my body. I felt suddenly very self conscious, my body being so comparatively smaller than his. His bulge noticeably got bigger as he spoke. He forced my body right in front of his again, the space I occupied in between his bulk and the door seemingly getting smaller. With now both hands circling my neck, he forced his arms inwards. While he was not applying any more pressure to my neck, his chest reacted immediately to this, rising up, forming mounds of muscle that now covered my view of his face. - It’s so fucking hot that I could do whatever I wanted with you. You know that. You feel it too. Look at how small you are compared to me. You’re not a small man, not at all. You’re average in every way. You’re normal. Tell me how you feel about your body. - I don’t like the extra weight I gained since I started dating. I feel fat. He chuckled again. - See, that’s where we’re different. I don’t mind the extra weight. I want it. It makes me even bigger. And you’ve been feeding me well. How long has it been? A month? - Since what? - Since I started working out again, and eating better than ever with your cooking. It’s been a month. And I like the results. Did you know I gained 10 pounds this month alone? Did you know you’ve been making me bigger? And stronger? - I… I noticed… - Yes, you did. And you like it too. You like having a big, strong man around the house to cater to. You like the feeling of security. I see the admiration in your glances. You think I don’t notice but I do. And I like it. - I… I do think you’re.. Very tall. - Is that all? - You… you look strong too. - You have no idea. - He moved one hand away from my neck to flex one biceps. There was no peak to be seen. Instead, just a big, round mound of an arm leading to his hairy armpit. - Look at this arm. Look at how big it is. It’s very strong too. I’m a fucking monster, that’s what I am. - his dick was now so hard I could see its big, plump, dark head peeking over the elastic on his briefs. - It’s… it’s incredible. I’ve never seen anyone as big as you. - And this is nothing. I’m gonna get bigger. Much, much bigger. I wanna get bigger by the day. I want you to be so overwhelmed to be in my presence you find your place in life. Do you know what it is, boy? - I… I… - You need to serve a higher purpose. That’s what you need. Do you need a plan? Here’s your plan. You’ll work to make me bigger. You’ll make me the monster I’m destined to be. And you’ll enjoy every step of the way. - So big… - Yes. Take your clothes off. I clumsily removed my checkered pajamas. From above, he watched, attentively, my slightly overweight body getting exposed. I couldn’t hide my hard on in any way. I was incredibly hard, overwhelmed, his expansive form making me feel so out of place, so inadequate. - I knew it - chuckle - you’re hard for this mass. You like your men big then, don’t you? Admit it. - Yes. - You like being overpowered. - Yes. - You like looking up at me and knowing you’ll never be as much of a man as I am. You know I can take whatever I want from you. You know you’re lucky. Any tiny faggot would pay money to be in your place. But I chose you. - Yes. - So fucking please me. Take my briefs off. I struggled to get his underwear off, my hands shaking way too much while I did it, overwhelmed by the feeling of superiority he had over me. How could a man be so tall? So bulky? And how much bigger could he get? The mere thought of it made me leak pre cum as I went down to my knees to pass the underwear under his right foot. - Stay on your knees. Look up. Open you fucking mouth. I did as commanded. His cock way too large to fit in my mouth naturally. There it was again, stretching my mouth to its limits. Now I didn’t feel scared. Suddenly my desire to please him grew stronger than my fear. I was accepting. I tried to look up and see him feeling his own huge body with his hands, raising his fists in a double biceps pose. His legs spread apart so he could lower his dick right into my mouth. And he started ramming it mindlessly. He didn’t look at me once. His eyes went from one big arm to another. His hand behind my neck pressing me head against that monster of a cock until tears started coming from my eyes again. Too much. Not again. I was going out of breath again, yet, all I could think of was being careful enough not to let my teeth ruin his pleasure. Trying to take it all it, from the unbelievable huge feet by my side to the thighs, so close to my face and yet so much bigger than my head. - You’re not passing out on me again. - he pulled me off of his dick, roughly scraped the tears off of my face and brought me up again, each of his big, meaty forearms under my own arms, lifting me off of the ground, his palms open against the door, holding me in place. His eyes looked more menacing now but I didn’t care. I was overwhelmed by his size, his power, his manliness, the man smell I felt coming from his body, the powerlessness of a moment that made me forget about my need for control. How could I control anything with someone like him around? He slides his dick in between my thighs, getting closer and smashing me against the door with each thrust, looking deep into my eyes. His soft, hairy belly rubbing against my own comparatively small dick, the sensation of being completely under this massive man’s control. - I’m gonna be a fucking bull. I’m gonna be so big men will get on their knees by the mere sight of my body. - thrust - I’ll live to eat, sleep, fuck and grow - thrust - that’s what I’m meant to be - thrust - and when you think I’ve grown too big - thrust - I’ll grow more - thrust - more massive - thrust - more dominant - thrust - AHhhh - thrust - More manly… Ahhh… - thrust - MOOORE…. With my feet off of the ground and being held up by his massive, plump, bulky body only, I came, humiliated by all that was around me, by all this man, this incredible, overwhelming mass of a man. His thick, meaty dick pulsed against my thighs and he grunted, loud and in an animal way. I felt the smell and warmth of his breath on my nose, the spams of his strong, bulky body against mine. And another, and another. He came so much. And when it was over, he stepped back, letting my body fall on the floor. From below I watched his moist leaking dick still hard, a smirk on his round face looking down at me, making me vulnerable with his stare. The epitome of a man. His rough, patchy shaggy beard covering that thick neck, the shine in between his pecs. - Starting today, you’ll cook for my growth. You’ll work for my growth, and only for my growth. I want a gym built in here. And I want this room covered in mirrors. Figure it out. Now get up and go make me breakfast. PART 3 - MOVEMENT - Yes, it’s been great. He’s easy to be around and I don’t mind the company. It’s nice having someone here in the middle of nowhere. - Nah, thank you again. It’s cool that you brought him in with you, man. Really nice of you. I mean, I know Alex is a good guy and all but I know he can be a lot. - He’s really helpful, I mean, look around! This place is finally taking shape. __________________ It was close to midday and, as usual, I had been busy with food prepping since 10:30. Other than Alex, four other men were working tirelessly outside building what would become the property’s gym. A month prior, Alex’s room in the second floor was converted into “the mirrored room”. We now had my former master bedroom, with the bed replaced by a king size where Alex spent his nights, along with a single bed by the corner where I slept. There were also mirrors covering one of the walls of the master bedroom, facing its footing. The mirrored room itself was basically covered in mirrors from every side, including the ceiling. On the floor a made to measure futon that occupied the whole space along with some bean bags and pillows, and a large TV fixed on the wall where a large group of people could comfortably sit to watch a movie. He made it so that the mirrors could be covered by automated blinders for such occasions. I had put together the savings corresponding to four months of comfortable living to make the adjustments he requested, along with buying all the raw material for the construction of the gym. - You worry about having everything I need here. I’ll worry about construction and do it exactly the way I want it. And that he did. I wasn’t spending a dime on man-hours, his 2 friends from the gym along with Tony, right in front of me, were taking care of everything. I also managed to secure all equipment from a recently closed gym by researching online and, while it was not top notch new equipment, that 4 man crew had sanders, paint, concrete molds and the ability to build and customize the equipment from the basis I provided. My daily routine would be spent mostly cooking - you wouldn’t believe how demanding the nutritional needs of a man this big can be - while watching the men working outside. Did I secretly desire it would be a hot day, so they’d work with their shirts off? Most certainly, yes. And shirt or no shirt, they’d work like tireless men with a goal in mind. And tonight we’d celebrate concluding the endeavor with a nice barbecue and beer for everyone. __________________ - And, you know, other than me - Tony continued - Alex didn’t connect with many people after everything that happened. He kept mostly to himself, which is pretty hard at his size. The guy is a fucking beacon of attention anywhere he goes. I don’t think he likes it. __________________ Though I was conflicted at first with the kind of relationship I could expect from Alex, the truth is that whenever he wasn’t horny, we were buddies. We would still watch TV every night. Now and then he would hug me while the movie was on, sometimes he would hug me too tight, chuckle while I squirmed to get off of his grasp. Other times he’s asked me to watch the movie sitting on the floor by his feet, while massaging them. We’d still chat about amenities while I caressed his feet. He’d tell me how much he was benching, in between sips of beer. More than once I fell asleep, either by his side or sitting between his legs, on the floor, my head laying on his thigh. He’d then pick me up and bring me upstairs, tugging me to my bed before going to his. The first time he entered the mirrored room he immediately got hard. He was back from the gym, still sweaty, looking at himself from every angle. - Come here. Stand by my side. It’s impressive how much difference two months of hard work and good nutrition make. He was visibly more toned. Some of the extra layer of fat he used to carry either wasn’t there or was less noticeable, given that his already humongous back looked even more expansive and his shoulders were now two very visible and definable boulders of muscle on top of the meaty arms. Now, when he flexed, his peak was higher than I’d ever seen. Just standing relaxed, with the arms by his side, he assumed that so common bodybuilder stance with his arms slightly arched over his wings, fighting space with the unbelievably developed triceps. - Ever heard of muscle memory, boy? Looks like mine remembers it way too well. Fuck, I’m huge! - In a frenzy he grabbed both of my shoulders and positioned my body in front of his. I was shocked to see how much of him I could still see behind me. He brought me close enough so I could feel his hard cock pressed against my back and smell his breath from above. I immediately felt his warm swat penetrating through my shirt. In a second, he grabbed his collar and ripped the shirt in two like tissue paper. I let out a soft gasp from the sudden movement. He did the same with my shirt. - Look at this shit. I’m so large you can see my nipples. And he was right. He was a broad man from the start but the added mass on his shoulders and triceps made him look even bigger. He flexed both arms in a double biceps, laughing loud at his superiority over me. I, again, felt inadequate. Less of a man standing next to this much mass, feeling the hair on his not so protruding belly stick to my back with his sweat. - Do you like being part of it? Do you like being part of my growth? - I do. It’s amazing. - Damn right it is.And it’s only the beginning. You know what they say, “there’s always someone bigger”. I’ll make it so there’s none. I’ll be the limit. I’ll be the biggest. Would you like that? - I don’t think there are many people bigger than you, really. - Haha, you think I’m big? You have no idea what I’ll become. You… you on the other hand… have you shrunk, boy? It wasn’t just the illusion of me being near his massive size. In my efforts to tend to his growth, I was eating less and less every day. More than often, he would finish his humongous portions of food and with his playful “are you gonna finnish that?” he would end up eating whatever was still on my plate. - Damn, you’re looking tiny. How do you feel being this close to a man? Does it make you hard? Do you like my man smell? Do you like the idea that I could do whatever the fuck I please with you? I couldn’t help it. I was leaking pre cum just looking at the massive monster behind me. Without saying a word, he lodged a meaty arm in between my legs and lifted me up, laying me across his shoulders. - Fuck, you are light. He positioned one hand on my chest, practically covering it, and another one just above my crotch and lifted. - Look at how easy I can lift you. And down. And up. And down. And up. And down. - He was practically laughing with each rep, that devious smirk never leaving his face. - It’s so fucking hot that I can do whatever I want with you. Look at this? - he laid me across his shoulders again and flexed his biceps. - I don’t even have to hold you. Fuck. Laying on top of his shoulders, I held to that big biceps, feeling its hardness and its power. His other hand reached to his cock - Fuck… I’m so big. I’m so strong. I’m massive. Puny boy is nothing next to me. - he was beating furiously - so fucking big… TELL ME HOW BIG I AM! - You’re huge, Alex, you’re massive. Your arms are fucking humongous - I was light headed from being held up so high but still crawling on his shoulders trying to get closer to his armpits just so I could smell him. - Fuck yeah. Fucking huge. This arm is gonna be bigger than your head. So.. uhhhh. Fucking…. So fucking huge… Uhhnnngg…. FUCKING HUGE! FUCK!!! He sprayed and sprayed all over the mirror, with him on his back. He jerked his shoulders back as if dropping a sack of potatoes and down to the futon I fell. I was leaking so much pre cum I immediately started jerking off. He lifted his foot and stepped on my neck. - No cumming for you. Not yet. I’ll tell you when to come, tiny. I’m not in the mood for your gay shit. __________________ - Yeah, Tony, he’s a handful. What.. huh… what do you mean, after what happened? - Oh, he didn’t mention, huh? Damn fucker… __________________ We had a few drinks to commemorate having the mirror room ready and done. Needless to say I was heavily drunk before he felt anything and he ended up having to carry me up to my bed. - Your feet. - What’s with my feet, runt? - Your feet don’t fit the bed. - laughing. - No runt, they don’t. - You need a bigger bed. You should open your bed from below so its bigger. - My bed doesn’t open, runt. You’re drunk. Go to sleep. - But your feet won’t sleep if they’re not in the bed. - Fuck me… shut up runt, go to bed already. … … … … - Your feet will never sleep, you know. - GOD DAMN IT, RUNT! FUCK! He stood up in a second and, with one hand to each side of my bed, looked at my eyes menacingly. - I… I’m just worried bout your feet. - FUCKER. He lifted my bed, me on top of it, and positioned it right at the foot of his own bed. Laying down on his bed, his feet were right at my chest level, and he purposefully pushed me, with his feet, so I could lay on my side and give him space. I hugged his feet, both of them, as if I would a Teddy bear, and immediately fell asleep. The bed was kept there. He later revealed that having me envelop his feet with my whole body flicked a button for him and he had to cum that night. A quick slap on my face because I wasn’t awake to take care of that hard on. __________________ - Just be careful. I mean, I know he can be pretty convincing when he wants to be, and I don’t want him taking advantage of you. Like this whole gym thing. It’s obvious you’re not the one gonna be using it neither he’s the one paying for it. - He’s just not good with bookkeeping. Don’t worry. I’ve got a plan. ___________________ - No, I don’t want you to take any measurements. I won’t weigh myself either. I’m gonna measure myself against you, every day. I also want you to video me. After I come back from the gym, we go to the mirror room and you’ll film, take pictures, whatever. I don’t want to get caught up in numbers. They make me anxious. I’d film him daily. He would pose for several photos, everything very detailed. It’s hard to have an idea, since he’s overall so big and, while if he was of normal height, his arms would possibly look around 20 inches. But being so tall, I’d say they are around 22. His weight is a total mystery. Certainly above 280 lbs (130 kg) but my rough guess here is probably too conservative. As for myself, I was 175 lbs three months ago and weighed myself this morning at 140. Having hated the extra weight I gained while dating Patrick, I was happy with the results and didn’t feel like my diet was forced at all. __________________ - Let’s just say he had a rough past, Leo. But then, who hasn’t? I just wanna make sure he doesn’t fuck up again. - What do you mean, Tony? Are you talking drugs? __________________ Immediately after that first time I sucked him off I started noticing his body was changing more noticeably. This one time, I went to the bathroom and, not realising he was there, opened the door to catch him with a needle in hand, a small vial and a few pills on the counter. - The fuck are you doing? - Gear. - What? What’s gear? I won’t have drugs in this house, Alex, we’ve got to draw a line… - Shut the fuck up, runt. This is gear. It’s steroids. I’m starting the cycle today. Nothing for you to worry about. __________________ I went back to the kitchen to fix a jar of tea for the guys. Mario and Rob, both from the gym, were there and… they were kissing each other. - Cough. - Heeeey, Leo! Sorry bout that! You know we’re a couple, right? Mario was… very typical. He sounded gay and owned it very well. He had a perfect tight defined body, which he made sure to flaunt with extra small shirts snuggled to his visible abs. He was maybe 6’, around Tony’s height. Rob, the boyfriend, had a more stoic look to him. With Irish features, his greyish blond hair and slim face was made even more handsome by the freckles here and there. While Mario could easily model underwear with that body, Rob, while equally muscled, had way more volume than his partner. - Of course he does, we’ve been coming here almost daily for three months - Rob rolled his eyes. - And still we haven’t all fucked, have we? - Mario lifted his left eyebrow. - Funny. Rob, you into the open relationship thing too? - Leo, sometimes you get tired of having pasta every fucking day. - Don’t mind him, Leo. I hit on Alex at the gym once and he said he had a roommate I’d like, remember, Rob? Well… I’d fuck ya. Just saying. - Funny. You wanna fuck Alex, not me, honey. - Girl, who wouldn’t? Look at all that meeeaaaat!!!! __________________ - Money is tight, Alex, and I’ve been thinking… We… we could make easy money, you know. - What do you mean? - You.. ahm.. You… Ever heard of onlyfans? - The fuck is that? - Porn. It’s porn, Alex. - You wanna do porn, runt? Go ahead… as long as it fuels my growth, I don’t care - No! I mean.. I don’t think I’d sell as much as.. You know… you. - What? You want me to do porn? I can’t. - You don’t have to do anything. I have all the videos of you flexing. I’ll just set up and account and upload it there. - No. I don’t want the attention, I told you. - I can edit your face off of the video, or even blurry it. I mean, it’s honest work. You’re investing in your body, it’s only fair you get something in return. - You want to pimp me, runt? - It’s not like that! It’s not for my personal gains, your sups, the gym, all your demands… they’re expensive! - Huh. So people would pay me to see my fucking huge body? - Yeah. - And no one would know it’s me, still, people will pay to jack off to my body. His dick hardened immediately. - Yeah. - Good. Ok. Do it. But suck me off first. This got me hard. __________________ The boys went back to work. Tony passed by the kitchen to get his fill of tea. - Leo, I don’t wanna make a big deal of it cause apparently you’re doing great on your own there. But you’re a good guy and I appreciate what you’re doing for Alex, I think you should know. He spent the last 10 years locked up. He really has nowhere to go, his family wants nothing to do with him and the best I could do was get a few jobs in construction, till we got his shed to live on, temporarily. - Wait… he.. What? What for? - You should talk to him. PART 4 - CROSSING THE Ts - We need to talk. - Alex had a huge plate that had just been emptied in front of him. As usual, I had barely eaten anything, whatever portion of the meal I separated for myself ending up being consumed by Alex as well. - What about, Runt? - Yesterday, during the barbecue, Tony said you… well, you’d been to prison. - Did he now? - he was clearly annoyed. - He did. And… It bothers me that I don’t know anything about you, at all. - What do you mean, you don’t know anything about me? We’ve been living together for nearly 6 months now. You know me. - Where are you from? Do you have any family? Why did you go to fucking prison for? - Why do you need to know all of that? We have a pretty good thing going on for us here. You’re fine, aren’t you? You like having me around, don’t you, boy? He got up from the table and pointed at the dishes so I could remove them. I promptly did. I was getting well trained and - the truth was - more dependent on him every day. While my financial situation was firstly not the best, Alex agreed a couple of months ago I could start publishing his posing videos online. All it took was a twitter account for marketing it and the numbers started piling up. The amount of men fully devoted to him increased quick enough that our monthly expenses were more than covered. Not only that, once I got brave enough to publish videos of him jerking off to his own reflection within the mirrored room, people were obsessed. I got daily requests for personalised content and people offering impossibly high amounts of money to spend an hour with him. I never replied, he never allowed me to. But he still wanted me to read all the messages he received complimenting him, telling him how big he looked, how big his cock was, how much they wanted him to fuck them. I’d do it during his afternoon work out. By the end of the 2 hour training session, Alex was hard and his dick needed release. He’d then go to the mirrored room for a posing session and a quick jerk off. Not only that but I had grown accustomed pretty quick to our routine. He wasn’t lying when he said he’d give me purpose and lately I felt just so… content; I’d pretty much follow on whatever he had planned for the day. At 5h00 in the morning I’d wake up. My bed was still at the foot of his and I’d sleep hugging his huge feet every night. He wouldn’t mind how hard I was feeling those impossibly huge feet covering my whole upper body. A quick pec to his big toe and up I was while he would still snore loudly for a couple more hours. Up to 7h00 I’d be meal prepping. I arranged so that weekly a truck would come with stupid amounts of sweet potato and chicken and eggs and veggies and oatmeal and more chicken and fish and even more chicken. I’d cooked chicken so many times in so many ways by now I don’t know why he doesn’t complain about it. For a total of 8 daily meals, I’d have his breakfast prepared at 8h00, a second breakfast at 10h00, brunch at 12h00, lunch at 2h00, a snack at 4h00, tea at 6h00, dinner at 8h00 and something before bed at 10h00 in the evening. I never got tired of watching him eat and it was clearly helping him out so I gladly did it. Every day. After breakfast he went for his first training session of the day, from 8h00 to 10h00. After gorging himself on his second breakfast he’d lock himself up at the mirror room. I was not allowed there for filming or watching him, and I wasn’t supposed to talk to him up to 12h00, when he’d come downstairs for lunch. We’d have lunch together - mostly me watching him eat and talking to him about amenities, trying to ignore how pumped he looked from his morning workout. After lunch he’d nap for an hour and that was my time to do the dishes and go up to the mirror room and keep it clean. More times than not I’d swipe cum off of the mirrors, hard while doing so and picturing him pleasuring himself while looking at his own body. At 2h00 I was back at the kitchen waiting for his face to pop in looking for lunch. I couldn’t wait for it too. He’d always be in his underwear, barely had his eyes open, and ducking to go through the door, one shoulder, then his head, then the other shoulder. The big round face wearing a smirk of approval cause I had everything ready for him. Still on his underwear he’d go to the gym again and I knew I’d see him only an hour later for another meal. Back to the gym he’d go and I was not to interrupt before his snack time - the only time I was allowed in the gym - bringing his protein shakes. Whenever I was about to go into his gym I already had butterflies up my stomach. The room smelled like him. The grunts I heard on my way through the yard. The anticipation of looking at his beefy sweaty body pulling amounts of weight you couldn’t find in regular gyms. And fuck, the pump. He built that gym with ceilings so high the building was just as tall as the two story house but fuck did he look immense standing there, impossibly tall, all pumped, muscles glistening, face red, all the hair on his chest sticking to his flesh as I’d like to be doing. I knew that if he was having a good workout he’d start flexing right there, teasing me, that smirk that never left his face looking at me. Sometimes he barely acknowledged me. I left the shakes and went back home. But whenever I was lucky he’d flex a huge arm in front of my face. - Big enough, runt? - No one’s bigger than you, Alex. - Fuck yeah, you’re right. When he came back from his workout he would update me on how much he was lifting and what he had trained for the day. I kept a detailed journal of his impressive progress and so I took notes, sometimes not believing the numbers as I wrote them down. The one thing he wouldn’t let me do was measure him up. That’s because he would inevitably get hard as he was describing to me how much he had lifted that day. So much so that one day in particular he didn’t even wait for me to finish my notes. He just got up, lifted me up on one of his shoulders and ran up the stairs to the mirror room. He dropped me down on the futon like a sack of potatoes and immediately started flexing his beefy body in front of the many mirrors. - Fuck Leo… I’m getting so fucking big, look at this. - he said as he lifted an arm flexing his biceps, the other arm on a fist by his waist. - It’s… incredible, Alex. - Come here, stand by my side. Now I want you to try and picture what I was seeing. This man was just so huge that standing up by his side, on my slippers, my head was almost as high as his big round nipples pointing down at me. His waist was at my shoulder level so what I saw in the mirror, first, was just how skinny I was looking. All of the extra weight I had gained during my 3 years with Patrick was just gone. Instead, I was so thin I could see my ribs if I tried hard enough. By my side and nearly the same size around as my whole body was one of his thighs, impossibly thick, larger around than my waist and nearly as large as my shoulders. One of his calves was thicker than my thighs, for sure. Next to my pale body, his leg on his natural tan looked darker, even more so as it was thickly covered by dark, black hair. By my head, his waist had lost some of the fat that was there when he met but didn´t get any smaller. Instead, his torso was a a solid block of now visible abs, a distended gut that extended under his even more gigantic pecs. He rested a paw over my shoulder while pushing me closer, he liked me standing right in front of him, so he´d flex above me. His muscles flaring on my sides behind me. He looked so big it was like I wasn´t even there. I could still see his thighs by my sides, the big nipples far apart enough that even if I could reach him and stand in front of his pecs I would still see then both peeking behind me. And above those slabs of hairy meat he had for pecs his shoulders bulging even wider. Both of his arms in full view, bigger than my head by so much I could barely believe it. The mounts and valleys his biceps, shoulders and traps made above me so beautiful to look at. Defined just enough so you could tell the muscles apart. - You see that, runt? Fuck… you see how big I am? - You’re incredible, Alex. There’s no one bigger than you. - Fuck yeah, there isn’t. Look at it, runt. Fucking look at it. Are you hard? What’s that? What’s that little thing? You hard just looking at me? - I… I can’t help it. - And why is that? Why are you hard, runt? - Cause I can see you look… even bigger than before. - Not even close to big enough, runt. Tell me more. - Cause you’re so powerful I’m scared to be near you. - Why? You think I’m gonna hurt you, runt? - I know you could. I know I couldn’t help it if you wanted to. - Damn right. I could do whatever I pleased with you. Does that make you hot, runt? - Yes. - Do you like knowing that if I wanted to fuck you, I’d take you right now? - Yes. - Do you like knowing that you couldn’t get away. That… fuck damn… I could ram my big cock up your ass and tear you in half? - Yes. - You know I’m so much more of man than you’ll ever be, right? - Yes. - That’s why you do everything for me. To see me growing bigger. To fuel my growth. - Yes. - I like how skinny you look. You’re not a small man, by any means. You’re… regular. Forgettable. But I’m just so… fuck… so much more. - Yes. - It’s like every pound you lose I gain twice as much. All in muscle. - Yes. - Just so I can be even more powerful next to you. Even bigger. Even manlier. - Yes. - You don’t even look like a man. You’re a little girl for me, aren’t you? My little wife cooking my food and clearing my house. - Yes. - You like being my wife, runt. - Yes. - Why is that? Aren’t you a big strong man yourself? - Not next to you, Alex. - Call me Sir, runt. - Not next to you, Sir. - Yeah. How do feel next to me, runt? - I feel… small… and… delicate. - And why do you act like you’re my wife, boy? - Cause I want to make you happy, Sir. I want you to approve of me. I want to feel important. - You like to think you played a part to all of this size? All of this muscle? All of this power? - Yes. - I like that, boy. - I want you to get even bigger, Sir. I know you can. And I’ll help as much as I can. - Fuck yeah. I’ll get bigger, boy. I’m just starting. I want you to cum just looking at me. I want to be so big you feel the ground shake as I walk. So big we need a bigger bed. So big I don´t fit anywhere. So big I can´t find clothes my size. Fuck, who needs clothes? I’m always hot anyway. You like that I’m hairy, boy? - Yes, Sir. - Why don’t you let your body hair grow, boy? Why do you shave it? - I… I don’t, Sir. I… can’t grow any body hair other than my legs. - Why, boy? You not a man? - Yes, Sir. - Men are hairy, boy. Men are big, strong like me. You’re no man. - I… I’m sorry, Sir. - Tell you what, since you like being my wife so much, I want you shaved. No pubes, nothing on your legs. Deal, runt? - Yes, Sir. - You’ll just do whatever I tell you to do, won’t you, runt? - Yes, Sir. - Fuck, you’re pathetic. Here, turn around. Look at me. - Yes, Sir. - Get on your knees. I want you even smaller. - Yes, Sir. - I get it, runt. It’s hard to be a man when you have me to compare to you. Take the rest of your clothes off. I want you naked. - Yes, Sir. He removed his underwear and, on my knees, his big fat dick was pointing straight a palm above my head. - I want you to look at me and think of how much more of a man I am than you’ll ever be. - Yes, Sir. A drop of precum fell on my face. I didn’t dare to move as I felt it sliding down my cheek. He grabbed his log in one big hand and started rubbing it. Looking at himself in the mirror he would flex his biceps, then turn sideways and grab his torso. He would cup his chest, all while moaning and grunting like an animal. Down at his feet I couldn’t see his face past his fat dick. Whatever field of vision I had left was filled by his strong blocky gut and his meaty pecs. Those two huge nipples just as large as his dick was thick, pointing to my face while I wished I was high enough to suck them. - Hug my thigh, runt. I wanna feel how small you are next to me. I did and was amazed at the feeling. Not only his thigh was hard as fucking rock but so large around that I felt like I was holding a whole person between my arms. His leg felt rough, the hair rough against my cheek. I couldn’t help but lick his thigh and feel his salty sweat on my tongue. He continued flexing, seemingly getting bigger at every pose. I held onto his thigh for dear life and actually sat on his foot. He seemed to like it as he started taking a few steps, my body attached to his leg, sitting on his huge foot. - Fuck, I’m so big. Look at you, runt. You can’t stop me. I don’t even register you there, boy. Looking straight at the mirror he raised both arms in a double biceps and started flexing his thighs. I could feel the muscle under me getting even harder as I found it harder to keep my arms around his leg, so pumped it was. He kicked a little more violently and I lost my grip, lying on the floor. Standing over me, still in a double biceps, he came. And his grunt was so deep and low I could feel it reverberating inside my whole body. The splashes of cum falling on top of my whole naked body, showered by this much man, getting his essence, feeling baptized. He just left me there and left the room. He went straight to the bathroom and I heard him taking a shower. I was just so hard and horny I couldn’t contain myself. As he was leaving I could swear I felt his every step shaking the ground, taking that immensity away with him. I barely had to touch my dick. I just came, mixing my cum with his. The day went by as any other. We sat for our movie night, I layed by his side and he covered me with one of his arms. That night in particular I remember I fell asleep right there, just to wake up at my bed the next day, hugging his feet, as I’m sure he brought me over on his arms the night before. Every day I spent with him I felt like less of a person and more of an accessory for his growth. He was right, I didn’t feel much like a man anymore. How could I? Not only was he bigger, taller, way stronger than me but he was also now making enough money to support us both. And yet, I felt content. He was right about that too. I was happy he was there, I was happy I could witness his progress and I was happy we had our routine so figured out. Still. I had to know. I wanted to know more about him. I needed to. - You know everything about me, Alex. Please, let me know more about you too. - We don’t need that. We got a pretty sweet thing going on here for us. Plus… I don’t like talking about my past. - So you don’t huh. Ok. - I got up and went straight to the cupboard where we kept our liquor. Two glasses. Rum was the first thing I could grab quick enough to pour a shot to each of us. - c’mon, you can do it. He looked at it a little perplexed, then back at me, then back at glasses and sat. The chair squeaked beneath his weight. He sighed deeply and took a shot. - Alright. I’ll tell ya. PART 5 - ALEX Since I can remember I was bigger and taller than my mates. Even as a kid. People would assume I repeated a few grades. When I was around 14 I looked like a full grown man, hairy chest and all, and people were generally scared of me. I remember the other boys would jump on my back every chance they got. They called me “big lug”. And I like it. But I’m getting ahead of myself. You see, I never met my mother. I saw pictures of her though. My mother was German, you see. Big woman, she was. I think that’s what my dad liked about her. She was tough, that’s what he said, and never took no for an answer. As a journalist she got to travel around the world and she met my dad in Armenia. She was writing a piece about isolated communities and met him in a village in Shirak. From there, they traveled around together, he followed her around wherever she needed to be for a while. That was till they decided to get married. When they did, that’s when they settled here in this country. Got themselves a little farm where she could write in peace. He was happy as long as he could work the soil. They were completely opposites. But happy anyway - or at least that’s what I think they were. Dad says they never planned to have me. A child was not fit for their lifestyle and they wouldn’t know what to do with one. I agree, at least to his part. I don’t know what happened exactly but my mother didn’t survive childbirth. And I was raised by my father. He was a quiet man. Kept to himself most of the time. Most of my time we were together, working the farm with him whenever I wasn’t at school. That doesn’t mean we talked, though. We barely ever talked. Looking back I think he resented me for my mother or something. So I just… avoided him whenever I could. I… I don’t like to talk about it. He was a messed up man. If I can call him that. The asshole drank, that he did. A lot. And he beat me. A lot. There wasn’t always a reason, he just did it. And at school I also kept to myself a lot. The other kids don’t start a conversation with someone bigger than them by asking “what’s wrong with your eye?”. So yeah, I kept to myself a lot… working the field with my father, sometimes with a black eye. Like I told you, when I was 14 the kids at school just called me “big lug”, jumped on top of me all the time, playing as if I was a donkey or something. I liked it cause that's the most human interaction I had. I never got too used to being touched. And since being big got people to touch me, I thought I should be bigger. It’s when I started working out. I’d get stronger so my dad wouldn’t hit me anymore. Even though I looked so big, I was still a late bloomer. Meaning I didn’t get horny up until I was maybe 15. I remember the first time I got a chubby was at the gym, when I finally benched 90lbs on each side. Huh. That’s when I started growing like crazy too. See all these stretchmarks on my back? I must’ve grown a foot from 15 to 16, man. And not only that, I was getting pretty buff too. Dad didn’t look me in the eye anymore. And he tried hitting me once. I just held him in place. He couldn’t move, couldn’t hit me, couldn’t breathe. “Jhandam k’ez” - he said. Never tried hitting me again. After that I spent what I think was the worst year we had together. We were just there. We never talked. Barely looked at each other. When I told him I was moving out he barely acknowledged it. He was plowing a small square of land and he didn’t even look at me. I moved to the city at 17 with enough money to pay for the bus ride. Slept on the street, lost a lot of weight. Was just a big beanpole of a man walking around for a couple of months. We get by, you know. Do what we have to do. The one thing I’m happy about this time is that I never tried any drugs. I don’t know, drugs are not my thing. When I was living in the streets we had this couple that would come up to us every Friday with nice warm soup. They were good people, it seemed. They offered me a place to stay and I lived with them for a year or so. By then I was almost as tall as I am now and I think they saw me as a freak. They were always talking about me to their friends and… kinda showing me to them as if I was a freak. But sure enough, with proper meals I was slowly getting back to my bigger self. I kept active, doing my exercises, eating as a horse, they wouldn’t deny me anything. When I was 18 the lady started looking at me differently. She had the hots for me, I’m sure. She was my first. I’d never had sex with anyone before her and she taught me the ropes. I fucked her a few times and man, she was a screamer. Her husband liked to watch me fuck her and I think that’s why I could do it. I liked the attention. It was like he knew he wasn’t as much man as I was and that got me fucking hot while I made her cum. I didn’t mind her at all. It could be her as much as it could be him lying there in front of me. Her body did nothing for me. I just knew his tiny excuse for a man of a husband couldn’t make her cum as I could, and that was fucking hot. I called him names while I did it. It just made me hornier. I made him stand on his knees licking my ass while I fucked her. Make him fix me a beer after I fucked her. He liked it. Just as much as I did, though for different reasons. I suspect he was more into it than the wife was. Once I got too excited and she was down on her fours when I was fucking her from behind. The little cuckold was beating one off from a chair in the same room. I don’t know what got into me but I just grabbed him and threw him belly down to the bed. I spit on my hand and rubbed it on his ass and just put it in. I fucked him hard and didn’t mind his screaming. Fuck it made me even hornier. He tried to get out but couldn’t and I felt so fucking powerful… so fucking hot. I came inside him while his wife screamed in terror. They threw me out because of that. Heh. It was worth it though. Fuck, that little man struggling under me and the terror I saw in the wife’s eyes. That made me so fucking hot. It also made me realise, maybe for the first time, that being different wasn’t bad. That I liked being so much taller than everyone else. I started appreciating the way people would just move out of my way when I was walking down the street, and would comment all the time about my height, or about my arms. I started getting the notions you know? When they threw me out I went to the gym - it was the only place I felt comfortable at after all - and the owner let me live in an empty room above it. It was then I also found out how easy it was to make money when you’re… well… when you look like me. I lived above the gym, spent most of my day there and boy… word quickly got around that you could suck the big guy in the showers if you had a couple hundreds to give him. Hell, even the owner didn’t mind cause a lot of new guys signed up just to suck me off. Hah. Life was easy. I trained most of my days, had fags sucking my dick whenever I wanted and they even paid me for it. I even had regulars. And with those I experimented, you know? I learned I liked to cum when I was looking at myself. I learned I cummed faster the smaller they were. I learned to call them names. I got cocky. This one guy would let me do whatever I wanted to him so I just held him upside down and choked him on my big cock. Fuck that’s a favourite of mine until now. Just having a man, helpless, choking on my cock. See, I’m getting hard just thinking about it. And the bigger I got, the more I trained, the stronger I got, the hardest I’d cum. It was so much more of a rush being so much bigger than everybody else. I got hard only by training. By feeling the pump. A good pump would always get me fucking hard on its own. And there was always someone following me to the lockers so I got a good release. And, to be honest, I don’t want much more from life. I just want to be big. The biggest. And that’s what I worked on for a good 10 years. Living above the gym, getting fucking bigger, getting sucked by as many men and women as I wanted. But then I got greedy. One of my regulars, this petit little girl, was so much into my body. Called me daddy, liked to be slapped and shit. But yeah, she was tiny. Too small maybe. I don’t really remember much about that day. I remember I was fucking her and choking her while I was looking at myself in the mirror. I liked how big I looked, I was looking like a fucking god. At 28 I was about to enter my first bodybuilding competition so I was fucking shredded. It was after hours at the gym and I got her on the bench stool. I fucked her hard. I fucked her too hard. I didn’t notice when she passed out and kept choking her. I was just looking at myself. I was looking at my muscles and picturing myself demolishing my competition. Everyone else at that stage would be fucking humiliated by posing by my side. No one would be as big as I was. I choked her harder as I flexed my pecs, as I would on a most muscular pose and then I came. I came so hard and it was so good I saw stars. I came so much I was dizzy, my vision blurred and I knelt and sat by the side of the bench. She wasn’t breathing. I panicked, I tried CPR and shit but I was so fucking scared I didn’t know what to do. So I called 911 and was arrested then. 10 years it cost me. I got locked up and everything changed. I promised I’d never try a bodybuilding show again. You get a lot of time to think when you’re locked up for 10 years. Yeah, I made a few buddies in the joint, I kept training while in there - so nobody ever messed up with me. But I… I don’t know. Maybe I am a bad person. Maybe I’m just a narcissistic fuck who ended a girl’s life cause I’m a fucking psycopath. I never had sex with anyone while in prison. I didn’t have to. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I don’t think guys are hot. Or girls. I like me. I like being big, strong. Bigger than everybody else. That’s what I like. So I told you, I’m not gay. I’m not straight either. I don’t even fucking know what I am. I’m broken, I guess. For a long time I felt remorse for the girl. I still do. Or I think I do. Still, I felt nothing for her. I feel remorse for the act and I know what it means but I feel absolutely nothing for her. She wasn’t anything for me. I didn’t care for her. I don’t think I can care for other people. I think I’m sick. All I care about is me, my size, the way people look at me, the way you would do whatever I asked you to do without even asking for my reasons, runt. Being so much more of a man than anyone else is all I care about. Tony I met while I was in prison. He’s part of a professionalisation program and he teaches locked up guys how to be woodworkers, masons, these kinds of things. We got pretty close while I was in there so he took me in when I left the joint. So there you go. You wanted to know, now you do. I’ll pack my things up in the morning, runt. You don’t need to worry bout kicking me out. —--------------- After a final shot, he got up and went upstairs. I didn’t know what to say or what to do. Never in my wildest dreams I had to deal with something so heavy. While he told me his story I felt sorry for him, I felt scared about him, I felt his helplessness under all the mass. I understood why he would hug me now on our movie nights and why it took so long for him to warm up to me. And as I was walking up the stairs after him, I could feel the hair behind my neck rising as flashes of the times he forced me to suck him went through my mind. This man was strong beyond what I knew was possible. Was perhaps unstable and unable to control himself. And every step up the stairs was made in just as much impulse as my words to him when I got to the bedroom. - Alex, you’re not broken. You’re not. And I’ll do whatever it takes to show it to you. I will. You’re a good man. Whatever happened in the past will stay in the past. Just… please… don’t leave. I layed down at my bed, making space by his humongous feet and held them. Hugged them as I did so many nights before that. And wiping my tears on his feet, half drunk, fell asleep. PART 6 - MOVING ON How can I put it? It isn’t like I wasn’t afraid of him. Of course I was. But that wasn’t new. Fear and awe are very alike and I can’t know which one I felt in reality. Being in the same room as him, I’m sure, would have the same effect on anyone. He was way too big to ignore. The way you had to crank your neck up to look at his face, and how much muscle your eyes travel through to get there. Simply how much space he takes up in a room or how he has to bend and turn to cross a door. It’s not the same as just having a regular person around. So, when I woke up before he did the next day, like I did the day before that and went down the stairs to start preparing his breakfast, the last thing I was paying attention to was the dozen eggs boiling in the pot or the sizzling of the bacon or the nice smell of the bread about to come out of the oven. How do you even process that? I knew he had been in prison, yeah. But for killing a person? Sure, not on purpose. But I’d been there for oh so many times when he got in a narcissistic trance, barely registering his surroundings, fixated on his body and himself alone. How could I not think it would happen again? The anxious cogs in my head were interrupted by the heavy sound of his steps coming down from the bed. I turned around to see him ducking through the doorway, his vast, immense shoulders crossing the archway before I could see his face. He was wearing his boxers, always too tight on him. His naturally tan, hairy body always a surprise as one can never get used to how much space it takes. - Hey… - Hey… - So, how do you feel? - Shut up and eat your breakfast. - I grabbed his finger and pulled him towards the chair. He moved his mass over and sat, staring at me with those small, dark eyes. - Listen, I’m happy I know more stuff about you now. I don’t think it was easy on you. I chose to believe it wasn't. And I’m not running away or anything. My whole day is centered around you. What am I supposed to do? - Huh… so, you’re stuck? - No. That’s not what I mean. I don’t want it to stop. - What don’t you want to stop? - Our… our thing. I mean, I… manage everything around you, you get to grow bigger. - I do like growing bigger - he grinned. - Yeah… So… I like it too. And you were right all along. I do feel like I have a purpose, even if it looks like I’m just doing stuff for you. I feel good about our thing. I’m… content. - You’re content. - Yes! I feel like I’m part of something bigger. No pun intended. He smiled. It was weird when he smiled. He didn’t smile much so when he did it was like he didn’t know how. - So you’re not scared of me. - Of course not! He started walking forward towards me. I instinctively took a few steps back but he kept walking. My back touched the wall and still, he kept walking. He stopped right in front of me. Looking right at the top of his gut, I smelled his musky scent. His face looking down at me with a smirk. - Still not scared? - N… no. He moved his paws around my neck, circling around them and lifting me up, sliding me against the wall. My hands moved to his thick hairy forearms, grabbing what I can, trying to move them. I couldn’t. Steel it was around my neck. My feet left the ground and I started kicking around, barely with space to move it, hitting him a few times but it seemed like he wasn’t registering it. - You should be scared. I like it when you are. And look at you. I can see it in your eyes. You're shitting bricks, boy. And you should be. You’re tiny, I’m so much bigger, so much stronger than you. I can do whatever I want with you. Why wouldn’t you be scared? - S…stop! - Admit it then. Admit that you’re scared of me. - He squeezed a tiny bit, enough to make me cough. - I… I am, alright! I am always scared of you! I never know what to expect! - HAHAHAHAHAHA - He looked deep into my eyes and the smirk turned into a full laughter. He released his vice grip around my neck all of a sudden and I fell down, fighting to keep my balance, while he moved away laughing - Fuck, that makes me horny, how easy it is. And I see you’re sporting a chubby there too, boy. He was right. I was completely entranced by this mountain of a man. The feeling of being always so completely surrendered to his wishes, to whatever he wanted to use me for on that day, of making him feel and grow more powerful each day. Fuck, how could that NOT make me horny? If anything, I wanted more of that! - Did you mean it, Leo? When you said you’d whatever it took? - Yes. - Do you trust me? - I do. - Okay, you’re gonna have to. Because things are gonna change around here. I want you to have an even more active role in my growth. I want you making charts, taking measurements, taking notes. We’re gonna track how much I’m growing. Measuring myself against you every day makes me horny but it’s not effective and it’s not enough anymore. - That’s fine, I can do it, agreed. - It’s not a discussion, Leo. We are going to update the gym. I need more tools for my growth. How’re my finances? - You have nothing to worry about. You’re in the top 0.02% creators on onlyfans, you know? - Don’t care. Does it pay for new gym equipment? - Yes. - Good. I’ll send you the bill. Need new gear too. I’m gonna blow up, boy. - I’ll take care of the funds. - Good. He finished his breakfast and was about to get up. - Wait… I… I need to ask you something. - Go ahead. - Do you trust me as well? - I trust you like to please me, as you should. - Fair. How do you truly feel about telling me everything you did? - Am I supposed to feel something? - I mean, you did end that night telling me you were gonna move away cause you were a freak. How’s that? - You don’t want me to. - Of course I don’t. Do you feel closer to me, though? Less of a freak? - Oh fuck, what? Do you want me to get all sentimental on you? You’re cool, Leo. I like having you around. But no, I don’t feel any less of a freak. - There’s nothing wrong with being a freak. - I know. And I like it. I suppose wanting to be the bigger man there is makes me a freak anyway. But you know… you’re gay. How did you feel when you realised you weren’t the only gay guy in the world? - I see what you mean. It was comforting. - Exactly. That freak part of me bothers me. And sometimes I wish I had a community of muscle obsessed fuckers around me. - You can find that in any gym, you know. - Oh, you know that’s far from true. Nobody is more into being the biggest, strongest fucker there is than I am. I don’t know anyone who jerks off to pictures of themselves. And can I tell you something? When I’m jacking off in front of the mirror and you’re there, all tiny and shit, all I can think about is that I could take you right there, holding your neck, seeing you pass out cause I’m so fucking strong… and that’s what making me cum these days. And I’m not sure I like that. That’s too freaky. Even for me. - It makes sense. I try not to question it but I never thought an alpha ape who threw me around as much as you do would make me so horny. - You like it, don’t you boy? - I do, Sir. Very much. - I know. - Tell you what. What if we found these people? - What do you mean? - Let’s find your community. I’m sure there are people like you somewhere. We just have to find them. - You’re crazy. And what’re you gonna do with these people? - Meet them. Talk to them. Let them know you exist. - And how do you know you’re even gonna find these people? - I don’t. But I’m sure as hell gonna try. You deserve that. - I like to hear that. Say it again. - You deserve it. I’ll do it for you. - You really would do anything for me, wouldn’t you? - There was that smirk again. - It couldn’t hurt me meeting some new people too. I mean, we barely leave the house for anything and the only people we have from time to time are Tony and the boys. - And your choice for new people are big men obsessed with growing bigger? - You forgot narcissistic. - I never forget how narcissistic I am. You would be too if you were in my skin, boy. - he stopped for a moment, took a deep breath and continues - Okay. Go ahead, do your best to find another me. - That I could never find. I don't think there's anyone as tall and as large as you out there. But I’ll do the best I can. I looked at Alex and he was still not onboard. The two of us had spent way too much time locked in this house by ourselves and I could almost feel his anxiety over meeting new people. He was an introvert most of the time and it felt odd seeing him outside of his comfort zone for a second, perhaps insecure? He fascinated me. How can someone go from a self absorbed muscle god to an insecure wall of muscle like that? What exactly made him feel that way? - Alex, you like bossing me around, don’t you? It makes you horny. - It does, Leo. And you like it too. - I do. And when you boss me around, and have me worship you and have me suck your cock. You like that too, don’t you? - Fuck yeah. - Are you holding back? - What? - Are you holding back? - Holding back on what? - Do you wish you were doing anything else with me? - Like… fucking you? I told you, boy, I’m not gay. - Yeah, yeah… it’s pretty clear you don’t want to fuck me. Do you wish you were… rougher? - I’d end you if I were any rougher. - Just answer the question. Do you hold back on what you like to do? - You don’t know what you’re asking. - he was clearly uncomfortable. - Do you wish you were rougher but you’re not, cause you’re afraid of what I’m gonna think, or afraid if it’s appropriate, or if you’re gonna hurt me? - I WOULD hurt you. - So you do hold back. - I have to. - What if you didn’t? What would happen then? - No, I can’t. - Why not? You think I can’t take it? - You probably can’t. But it’s not just that. - What is it then? - I… I don’t know… It’s… it’s sick. - Why is it sick? - Cause I can’t get horny on what? On breaking you? On choking you? - And yet you do. You told me you cum thinking of you holding my neck. Why don’t you then? - But it’s not right. - What’s missing? Consent? You have consent. - You don’t know what you’re consenting to. - What are you afraid of? You know what I’m thinking? I’m thinking you’re not man enough to be any rougher with me. - WHAT? - You heard me. You act all alpha, all dom but it’s all bullshit. Truth is you’re scared of being a real fucking man and you settle for the occasional suck me boy, worship me boy crap. - Shut the fuck up, boy, remember your fucking place - he said in a low almost whispered voice, clinching his right fist, while holding the back of the chair with his left hand as if balancing himself. - You shut up, you big dumb fuck! - I screamed, and instantly regretted it. In a moment, he picked the chair up and threw it back to the ground, shattering it in the process. His face look disfigured, he looked at me growling and just swooped his big thick arm around me in one movement, lifting me up off of the ground and locking me by his side as if I were a folder. - WHO YOU CALLING DUMB, YOU FUCKING SICK BOY! - he carried me over to the dining room and jerked his body around, expelling me in the process. I flew over to the ground, scared to death. His eyes were jet red, his face transfigured in rage. As he walked towards me to catch me again I squirmed away the best I could, watching chairs and the dinner table in front of him flying out of his way so easily as if they were made of paper. He reached straight to my neck, getting me to stand and not stopping there, lifting me up with one arm only, his powerful hands squeezing the pipe enough my face was instantly red. - IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT? Do you want me to cut loose? Do you want me to hurt you? I’ll hurt you, you fucker! And with that he threw me away again, so far I crashed down with a thump, almost hitting my head in the process. I looked back at him in terror - what have I done? - and there it was. The dick outlined by the white boxers growing to attention. He was enjoying this. He grabbed me by the ankle this time and walked towards the living room, dragging me through the floor. When he stopped by the couch he jerked me up again and held me in a full nelson from behind, my arms up, lifting me up from the ground again. The pain was almost unbearable. - You like this, you sick fucking boy? I’m gonna show you what over 340 pounds of man can do to you. - AHHH - I screamed in pain - Alex, please stop, you’re hurting me, Alex! - YEAH BOY, scream boy! Fucking beg! You’re dead, boy! His rage was slowly being replaced by how horny he was getting. His dick was grinding against my ass, harder at every second, his hips moving involuntarily, as if he were fucking me over his underwear. Thrusting over and over again, he let go of my arms and I fell on all fours. Kicking the couch behind him, he again grabbed by my waist and placed me standing in front of him. Alex grabbed my shirt and ripped it off in one swift motion, the shirt burning my skin as it ripped. He did the same with the rest of my clothes and I saw myself naked in front of this hairy beast, three, probably four times my size, completely at his mercy. He was sweating in rage, his nose flared like a bull’s. He slapped my face so hard I saw black for a second, my ears ringing as I was pushed to the side, back to the floor. He ripped his underwear, hard as a rock and leaking pre cum. The oversized monster roared this time in his deep bassy voice, hitting his pecs with his fists like an enraged animal, more beast than man. Alex grabbed me, this time in a bearhug, my body engulfed in his hard muscles so deeply I couldn’t move my arms. And he squeezed. Harder. And harder. The air left my lungs and I was desperate trying to breathe but unable to inhale so tight he held me against his pecs. I could feel his hot breath on my face, his musk but overall his presence. He was there, as alpha as he could be, as big as he could be, as if growing right in front of me. His need to be brutal and own me completely feeding his ego, making him grow even more in confidence. - You wanted this, boy. You wanted to submit. You wanted to suffer. You wanted this much man to own you. I’ll break you now. I’ll fucking end you. Fuck. I’m so fucking horny. I own you. I am the biggest, strongest motherfucker you’ll ever know. And I’ll do whatever the fuck I want with you. You’re nothing to me. I’ll use you in any way I want to. I’m not even using all of my strenght and you can’t get away. You can’t fucking move at all, you little sick boy. And you know I own you. You want it. Say you want it. You’d let me break you so I can cum. Say it. And I looked at him and finally saw him for who he was. And it was the most overwhelming thing to have all this power, all this presence surrounding me. I knew there was nothing else that would make me happier. He was right. I was ready to be his, to be whatever he wanted me to be. I was his. I couldn’t say it though, I couldn’t breathe. He needed to know. I looked at him with adoring eyes, completely surrendered. He read my lips. - Do it. I heard the crack and wanted to scream but still couldn’t. My vision was instantly blurred by the sharp pain I felt on my ribs. He growled again, the horniest I’d ever seen him, kneeling while still holding me in his iron embrace. He was close. Turning my body around he lay on the floor, my body on top of his, and wrapped his arm around my neck, biceps bigger than my head choking me. - I own you, boy. I’ll cum when you’re out. And as his whole body squirmed under me in the biggest orgasm I’d ever seen, his cum wetting my back, all I could ask for was sweet release from this monster’s embrace. I was ready. I’d served my purpose. And he choked me until I black out. ______________________ When I woke up in the bed, sheets crusted by his dry cum, I knew a few hours had passed. I still felt the sharp pain in my ribs and would for a few more weeks. But it was no time to think about the pain. No. I had a mission. I went online into every corner of the internet I could find. Forums, reddit, all of it. My post read: Looking for men who are obsessed with their own bodies and believe size is power.
  2. Tales of Xzarda: An Erotic Science Fiction Fantasy Dedicated to the Cult of Hercules Written for men who are into muscle. Big, cut, defined, fantastic, Herculean muscle. Following is part of Chapter One of the novel. The 1st 3 chapters are available in separate posts close to this one. Tales of Xzarda. 25 chapters total. Available in full for instant download at; https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09LLDPTQT Note: The text below is best viewed in dark mode but I will repost the first chapter in full again. You can also go to Amazon for the 1st 2 chapters by using the “Look Inside” feature. The 2 chapters are about 40 odd pages. The whole book is over 550 pages and it keeps your attention through to the end. There is a lot of amazing descriptions of incredible, amazing musclemen and a lot of sex. But also a fun story with some interesting ideas to consider. Part One: Fuckpuppy to the MuscleGods Chapter One: The Arrival. It’s not always easy to get what you want. It’s also not easy to figure out what you , and so much information trying to convince you what you need. It’s hard to have the strength to sift through it all. I ended up with a series of sub-optimal choices. Some friends and relatives were still jealous of my choices compared to theirs. The grass is always greener on the other side, as they say. At least my choices were leading to a safe life. A comfortable life provided the planet didn’t burn up in another twenty years. But maybe a bit boring and lonely in all honesty. Of course, some drama would invariably crop up at work. I may have said the wrong thing, or someone decided to interpret something I said negatively. Or I simply put my foot in my mouth, drawn to stupidity like a moth to a flame. There certainly were plenty of nights that I replayed the minor conflicts at work endlessly, ...so much time spent on nonsense that basically went nowhere. And yet, time after time, I would get hooked. Pointless drama is addicting. Maybe it is a cure for boredom. Or just a useless trick of our monkey minds. I was in my house a little after 9 PM, stoned on the sofa and surfing the net while I watched TV. Nothing unusual. I had to work the next day yet again, so my aim was to unwind. I lived on my own. But I was used to that. I moved to a small city to pursue my career, even if that meant having to sacrifice my social life. There weren’t many gay men to connect with in my town. But I was open to the possibility of meeting someone and went to the gym regularly. I accepted solitude and, frankly, enjoyed it. I came from a family with a lot of drama, so I found peace comforting. Maybe I distanced myself from others more than I needed to. Maybe the peace I experienced was good for me. Suddenly, I felt jerked around as if I were having a seizure. I was breathing and conscious and then noticed I was floating in the air. I swallowed deeply and spun, then stopped, and felt a massive rush in my head like when you stand up too fast. Then I passed out. After what felt like only minutes, I woke up and found myself lying on top of a large, soft table/bed in a sterile lab. I felt disoriented and small on the massive and comfortable cushion. It seemed like they made it for someone twice my size, maybe 8 ft tall. The pair of gray 2xist briefs I was lounging in at home were neatly folded beside me, cleaned and very much real. Still feeling cloudy, I could discern a few people moving toward me. As they approached, I noticed they wore dark glasses, had fine fur-like hair, and were grayish with rabbit-like features. They were slender, and shorter than me at slightly over 5 feet tall. Their ears looked like giant mice and they had a non-threatening, almost comical, presence despite being engaged in a professional purpose. They raced around making excited, high-pitched sounds. Despite feeling anxious, I found them amusing. But I also knew something strange had just happened. The technicians were working on equipment I had never seen before. But I found nothing odd with that, I wasn’t interested enough in the health field to be up to date on its technology. The workers may have also just been in costume. However, after having watched a lot of science fiction in my day, I got a sneaking suspicion I was quite far from home. A while later I noticed a few larger, more menacing figures come closer toward the bed. The grayish folk scattered and disappeared. I began to get my bearings and saw things a bit more clearly as a wave of fear engulfed me. Three men came toward me and they were large and imposing but seemed human. As they moved closer, I thought “shit!” and my heart started beating faster while the fear subsided, but my adrenaline continued to surge in overdrive. These men were enormous, super-fit, and damned handsome. They had incredibly muscular bodies under their lab coats. They were tall. Taller than any men I was used to seeing. They must have been close to 7 feet each, with massive, bulging round shoulders as wide as a wall and comparatively narrow waists. Their chests were huge, with biceps that stretched the sleeves of the thin, silk-like cloth of their lab coats. They looked like superheroes. A little further down from their jackets I noticed their baskets and watched as their groins swole and pressed against tight, spandex-like pants. Cords laced their crotch areas and secured their waists like football pants. Their clothing, although serious and professional-looking, was fashionable and designed to complement their well-developed physiques. One had royal blue tights with an embossed jacquard design and a black cord. He also wore a yellow mesh shirt that hugged and defined his thick and hairy chest. The second wore black tights and a gray shirt with a deep V-neck that revealed his huge and perfectly sculpted pecs. A field of short, light brown hair had grown on them. The third was smooth and wore similar black pants and a dark gray, almost transparent shirt under his coat. He turned and I could see the black fabric entered between and defined the beautifully round muscle of his large, dimpled butt cheeks. Like those of a well-muscled, giant male ballet dancer. I was naked on the bed and grew a boner as I watched them come closer. I looked along my much smaller body and saw my smooth chest was still full and squared, my 6-pack was marginally visible, and my legs were nicely shaped and defined. I was well-worked out; I had not shrunk. There was at least a foot of space above my head and below the heels of my bare feet, and a couple of feet of space on either side of me, but the table/bed was massive. As much as I fought against it, the blood continued to flow into my exposed, 7-inch cock and I mindlessly stroked it as I attempted to hide it. They noticed how I was looking at them and I felt embarrassed. They glanced at each other, then peered down at me and grinned at my pathetic attempt to hide my boner. The one with the exposed chest reached into his pants and adjusted his big dick for greater comfort. I watched mesmerized. The thought flashed in my mind of how I wanted to go down on it, or at least have him rub it against me. I pretty much forgot I had just been abducted. The one in royal blue reached over with his massive hand and gently stroked me from my pec down my right leg. He wanted to feel the hardness of my body and softness of my skin. I gave in to the fact my exposed dick was full, hard, and pointed upward. They seemed thrilled and I smiled back at them, excited despite my uncertainty and anxiety. I enjoyed being touched and wanted the superman to do it more. To them, they hit the jackpot. Those three giant musclemen craved nothing more than to kiss, cuddle and fuck me there on the spot. Despite their overwhelming interest, they were restrained, and I remained unsure, still a patient on a hospital bed, or a prisoner at their mercy. Little did I know they were a small part of a larger plan, and there was much more in store. Ruud says the rest of this Chapter and Chapter 2 are available to read in separate posts close to this one. They are also available for free at the following link along with some maps and other information: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09LLDPTQT
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    (Un)identical twins (3)

    Sorry for the very long wait. Enjoy the final part of this story. Time seemed frozen in Jason’s room as the two heavily muscled brothers lived the moment they had been anticipating for several months. For neither it had gone as they had foreseen it. Jason had found deeper and more satisfying pleasure in dominating his grown brother than he’d ever imagined. Sure, he had enjoyed being worshipped before, during or after one of his workouts by Sam or the stares from the other guys in the shower. But his brother was now way bigger than any of the guys that had rubbed their hands allover his muscles before sucking him off or getting his cock up their ass. Brett, on the other hand, had his hopes of reclaiming his dominant spot in the family shattered the moment he laid eyes on his brother’s naked torso. The second his brother had revealed his new frame, Brett had instinctively accepted the beastly man’s alphaness. Every primal instinct in his body had automatically chased every opposition to the superior being from him. His mind had been flooded by thoughts and speculations of the insane power that the bulging, insanely large and totally shredded muscles had to possess. For some reason, the awe and fear had soon been mixed with and dominated by a strange feeling of attraction. Unknown and new feelings had whirled through his mind: he had never before been attracted to another man, not even to his bigger and 261 pounds of muscles teammate Mike. He had, off course, checked his teammates’ physiques in the gym or in the shower and complimented some on their results. And received praise in return, certainly since he’d been juicing. That had been nothing more than the usual locker room atmosphere of athletes showing respect for their efforts to build up their physique. Without any sexual afterthought attached to it. The two muscular brothers were however bound by one mutual feeling: both of them were experiencing the most powerful orgasm in their life. Brett’s mind was whirling with feelings of ecstasy as pain and pleasure traveled along his spine to explode inside his brain in a fireworks of bursts of energy. His brother’s body sent urges of need through his own body; urges even his hottest girlfriend had never made him feel. Somehow, he even enjoyed the feeling of having his 241 pound, heavily muscled body feel small next to his 327 pound, beastly brother; feeling weak in the huge man’s powerful grasp. He felt like a ragdoll against the beastly body, but somehow he also felt safe in his brother’s grasp. His mind was at peace with his position as a beta, knowing it was no use to defy the muscle beast his brother had become. His mouth hung open in a silent cry. His hand was still vigorously stroking his rock-hard 8 incher that was now leaking the remains of watery loads from his drained and aching balls. Jason was also flooded with feelings of pure bliss. His mighty orgasm felt like lightning exploding in every cell of his beastly body. The realization of eclipsing, totally dominating and reducing to an obedient beta his heavily muscled, 241 pound brother gave him more satisfaction than the process of his own growth over the past months. Sure, he had jerked off to his own, ever swelling reflection as he had posed in front of the mirror in his room. Sure, he had creamed himself feeling and exploring his ever hardening muscles. But none of these feelings compared in the least to the feeling of total and undisputed control over another athlete that dwarfed most of the guys in the gym. “YEAUGHN”, Jason roared deeply as the second wave of his all-consuming orgasm rolled over him. He pulled back his cock slightly and rammed it deep and forcefully inside his brother. ‘Oughpff”, Brett peeped. He stared at his own face in the mirror and his eyes widened as his pecs were shoved against the cum-splattered mirror and he felt his feet being lifted off the ground: he was now completely impaled in his brother’s 14 inch cock. His hand raced back and forth along his shaft, but his completely drained balls refused to spill another drop of cum. The pressure inside him intensified some more as his six-pack bloated further from the never ending blasts of hot liquid the fleshy snake kept spewing inside him. “FUCK YEAUGHN”, Jason rumbled as he felt his orgasm subside slowly. He reopened his eyes, that had been closed since his orgasm began and stared into the mirror: one third of it was covered in his brother’s spunk. He looked further down and saw the drained look on his brother’s face. Even further down, he noticed his brother’s hand still mechanically stroking his own deflating cock. He also regained control of his senses and felt the heat that had built up in the room and was hit by the strong sent of musk and sex that hung heavily in the air and filled his room. He inhaled deeply to calm his breathing and let his heartbeat slowdown. His uber-athletic body recovered within half a minute. He pumped his cock a final time inside his brother’s ass and withdrew it. His still fully hard 14 incher smacked into the brick-sized abs of his eight-pack, smearing a rope of sticky cum against the corrugated surface in the process. Brett whimpered as the fleshy snake was pulled away from his worn out ass. He shivered and felt strangely empty after having being impaled on the thick shaft. He felt the thick, hot liquid stream from his ass and slide along the back of his muscular legs. His knees buckled from exhaustion but his brother’s big paws maintained their firm grip on his hips and held him upright. Jason brought is mouth to his brother’s ear. “I’m so glad yar home, little bro. Can’t think of a better and more fun way to wake up. I even think ya enjoyed this more than me. Didn’t ya, little bro?”, he said. Brett heard a muttered “yes” escape his mouth and nodded in response. “I knew it, little bro”, Jason went on, “ya’re still stroking yar cock.” The remark made Brett look down and indeed, his hand was still stroking his now soft cock. “I…”, he began. “No need to explain, little bro”, Jason stated, “ya’re not the first to jerk off to my body. And ya won’t be the least. Clean up yar mess and get ready while I grab some breakfast.” He released his brother’s hips, pulled on a pair of boxers and strutted to the door. “Get… ready…? For what?”, Brett asked while he placed his hands against the mirror to support his worn out body. “For our workout, off course”, Jason replied, “It’s arm day, little bro. I want to see yar bigger arms in action. And don’t ya want to see my canons pump some iron?” He raised his right arm in a flex, letting his 28.5 inch arm explode into a hard, round orb. A jolt shot through Brett’s cock at the sight of his brother’s flexed arm. Anticipation filled his mind. “Clean yar mess from my mirror and put on yar workout gear, little bro”, Jason rumbled and left his brother to get some breakfast. Half an hour later, Jason and Brett arrived at the gym. Jason looking fresh and energized, Brett still feeling some fatigue after the events in his brother’s room. Jason entered the gym first, strutting over to the desk. “Yo, big guy”, Sam greeted the biggest member of the gym. “I see you brought your brother”, he added as he noticed Brett. “Geez, you look way bigger than last time too. Must be fun having top genes to build muscle”, he said as he eyed Brett’s frame. A faint grin formed on Brett’s faced at the remark. He’d always enjoyed getting complimented on his physique. It made him feel a bit like the alpha he once was. “If ya ladies are done flirting, I would like to train”, Jason stated dryly and strutted past the desk into the locker room. Jason’s remark shattered the small hint of self-esteem that had formed in Brett’s mind. Brett followed his brother. Both of them pulled off their hoodies. Only then, Brett saw both of them were wearing the exact same outfit: grey sweatpants and a black tank top. His own highlighted his heavily muscled torso while his brother’s seemed painted on his torso: Jason’s wide and heavy pecs spilled from the sides and striations were visible through the overstretched fabric across the slabs of beef on his chest; even the bricks and grooves of his eight-pack were clearly accentuated and rippled with every deep breath. “Let’s go, little bro”, Jason rumbled and exited the locker room. Brett found himself once more walking behind his beastly brother. He looked up at the wide, magnificent back covered with bulging mounds of muscle pushing into each other and capped with thick, meaty traps that supported his brother’s bullneck. His gaze travelled down along the insanely broad back to halt on the meaty ass that filled the sweatpants. Jason entered the weight area and looked around. One lonely, nicely build guy was pumping out reps on a bench. As he sat up, he looked up in Jason’s direction and nodded. Jason returned the salute and recognized the 228 pound, heavyweight wrestler he’d worked out with a few months earlier when he was about the guy’s size. His cock twitched inside his pants thinking of the guy’s hot mouth that had serviced him several times ever since he had totally outgrown him. One time he had even walked in on him and Sam making out in the locker room. Wordlessly, he had simply pulled the guys apart, dropped his pants and forced Sam to watch as he had fucked the wrestler right there. Afterward, he had tossed the guy aside and made Sam suck his still hard dick. Ever since, he had more frequently used the two lovers to satisfy his ever-present needs. “Tell me if ya need a spot, Keith”, he said as he strutted past the bench toward the rack of free weights. “Right, little bro. Let’s warm up first”, he rumbled and grabbed a pair of dumbbells. Brett stared at his massive brother, cranking out perfect and fast reps with a weight he knew he would struggle with. He followed suit with a pair of much, much lighter dumbbells. “I used those feathers too. Months ago”, Jason said without taking his eyes from the mirror. After 100 reps, he racked the weights and grabbed the heaviest dumbbells on the rack. “Let’s do this!”, he gnarled at his reflection. Brett racked his weights too and grabbed the dumbbells his brother had warmed up with. After two reps, he felt his arms starting to shake. After six reps, his biceps felt like they were on fire and he dropped the weights. “Weakling”, Jason muttered and cranked out another perfect rep. He felt his monster arms pumping up as blood flowed into his beastly biceps. After 12 perfect reps, he gently racked the weight. 30 seconds later, he grabbed the dumbbells again. “Second set, little bro. Come on!”, he commanded. Brett grabbed a lighter pair of dumbbells than the ones he had just used. On the first rep, his arms shook terribly. He got three reps before his grip faltered and the weights went down. Jason on the other hand cranked out another 11 perfect reps. “Rack yar weights while I continue”, he barked at his brother. Brett obeyed his beastly brother’s instruction and sat down on a nearby bench while he watched Jason perform two more sets of bicep curls. Every rep made the veins on his brother’s bicep swell as they feed blood into the orb of muscle. “Time for some hammer curls”, Jason said as he racked the dumbbells and strutted over to the cable station. He selected the heaviest load and casually cranked out 15 fully controlled reps. Brett selected 70% of his brother’s load and struggled to complete 6 sloppy reps. He moved aside, his face reed and breathing deeply. Jason changed the weight and did another perfect series of 15 reps. He looked over at his brother but Brett nodded ‘no’ to make clear he would skip. “Sam, get over here”, Jason bellowed. Instantly, the 185 pound guy popped up. “Get on the weight stack. Ya know it’s too light for me”, Jason said. Brett stared in disbelief as the guy placed his feet atop the weight stack and his brother pumped out 10 more perfect reps. He blinked as he saw the beastly arms pump up bigger and bigger with every rep. “I know, big guy. I asked the boss the buy heavier stacks, but you’re the only one that complains”, Sam said as he was going up and down on the rhythm of Jason’s reps. “I know ya do everything to keep me happy, Sam”, Jason growled and completed his fourth set of hammer curls. “Fuck. My biceps feel like they’re gonna bust through my skin”, he added as he dropped the rope. His left paw grabbed his right bicep as he curled his arm, making the orb of muscle swell inside his grip. “Right. Some preacher curls to wrap things up”, he said and strutted over to the preacher bench. Brett, Sam and even Keith followed the beastly Jason and formed a semicircle around the bench. Jason looked up and grinned at the three guys standing in front of him. All three of them clearly worked out: looking athletic like Sam over heavily build like Keith to thickly muscled like his brother Brett. He returned his focus on his final exercise. He grabbed the loaded bar and began curling it up and down with perfect control. Brett stared as the mountains of muscle that were his brother’s biceps swelled into round, vein-choked orbs of hard meat with each curl. He felt his cock harden inside his sweatpants. Sam and Keith had similar reactions down their pants, but were less shy. They moved over to the bench and each of them groped one of Jason’s massive biceps. Their fingers didn’t budge the hot, stony-hard muscle as their hands were too small to span the girth of the orbs. “FUARK, yeah”, Jason roared as he lowered the bar for the tenth time in his fourth sets. He stood up and threw a devastating double bicep pose. His pumped biceps, swollen with blood from the workout, jumped past the 30 inch mark as they hardened into impossibly large and perfectly round mountains crisscrossed with dark veins that outsized cannonballs. “Man, this pump’s unreal”, he added and hardened his flex some more. Around him, the three other guys were stroking their cocks through their pants. “Time for a quick shower”, Jason said and strutted past his admirers. Ten minutes later, Jason emerged from the locker room after his shower and having Keith suck him off. “Round of shakes, guys?”, he asked as he sat down at the bar next to his brother, “Brett’s buying to celebrate his return home for the summer. Aren’t ya, little bro?”. Brett nodded, not wanting to stand up to his massive brother. His pumped arms made him look even more intimidating. Back at home, Brett headed for his room but his brother’s paw grabbed his shoulder and stopped him. “Not so fast, little bro. We need to talk”, Jason said and guided his smaller brother into his own room. “Drop yar pants”, he ordered as he locked the door. “What…euh?”, Brett asked. “DROP ‘EM”, Jason bellowed deeply. Brett instinctively obeyed the command and swiftly dropped his pants. He shivered as his mind processed several scenarios, but always seemed to return to what had happened earlier that morning. He blinked as he felt a stinging sensation in the left cheek of his ass. “What…”, he began but words froze in his throat as he felt the same sensation in the right cheek of his ass. “There ya go. Ya can pull ‘em back up, little bro”, Jason said. Brett quickly pulled up his pants, happy to get off the hook without being fucked once more. He turned around to face his brother and saw him throw an empty syringe on his desk. “What did you just do?”, he asked. “Ya truly are a dumb fuck, little bro. What do ya think I did? I injected ya with a double dose of roids”, Jason replied, “I want to break the 400 pound mark before the curse runs out. It stated that at the 10th full moon the circle would be round. That gives me another three weeks to put on 80 pounds of muscle. Means I’ll have to roid yar ass to make ya put on around 40 pounds of muscle since the curse is wearing down and my growth based on yours is slowing down. Fortunately, Keith has good connections.” Brett blinked. “You’re going to make me bigger?”, he asked in disbelief. “Geez, little bro”, Jason spat back, “YES! But only to make me bigger. I’m not gonna risk my health by pumping roids into my body. But ya already did, so why not take it to the next level? Ya can thank me later for making ya bigger, little bro. The following weeks I’m gonna roid ya up with double doses. Every morning right after I’ll fuck yar ass and before we go to the gym.” The next three weeks did indeed pass as Jason had told his brother: every morning Jason would pull his 242 pound brother into his room after his parents had left for work, plunge a double dose of roids in to him and then fuck his ass before they headed over to the gym and he put him through a grueling workout. 21 days later, Brett came home to an empty house: his parents had left that morning for their yearly vacation and wouldn’t be home for another month; his brother had left for the gym 10 minutes earlier. Brett had spent the night over at an old buddy from his football team in high school to avoid the daily ass-fuck by his now freakishly big brother. He had waited in his car a few houses down the street from his own until his brother had driven off. He parked his car in the deserted driveway and quickly disappeared inside the house. He knew he had until half the afternoon before his brother would return from the gym after his training, action with Sam and Keith in the locker room and having the two guys buy him dinner. He went upstairs to his room, tossed his phone and sweater on the bed before heading over to his brother’s room. He stopped before the shut door of his brother’s room. In his mind the possibility to go search for answers grew stronger fought with the voice warning him for serious danger if his brother would catch him inside his room. On the other hand, it could well be his only chance to break the curse before it would be complete that night. His hand shook as he reached for the doorknob. His mouth went dry as he turned the nob and the door opened gently. He quickly entered his brother’s room, getting hit by the manly scent of musk, sweat and cum that hung heavily in the air and closed the door behind him. His gaze scanned the room, stopping briefly at the ropes of cum still sliding down slowly on the mirror toward the puddle formed on the carpet at its base. He turned his attention to the fully stacked book closet and began searching the shelves. 10 minutes later, Brett went through the top shelf and felt frustration well up inside him as he hadn’t found anything. A part of him knew it had been too good to be true. He turned away from the book closet and stepped over to the adjacent desk. He pulled out the drawer on the left, but found nothing. His hand reached for the other drawer and puled. The handle resisted. “Why would you keep this drawer locked, bro?”, he said to himself and pulled with all his might. The lock succumbed quickly to his new strength and the drawer opened with the sound of shattering wood. “Bingo”, he said with a grin as he saw the old book. He grabbed it, shut the drawer again and began going through the book. He didn’t understand a word of the ancient text in Latin. Luckily for him, his brother had noted the translation of most passages in pencil next to the text. Feed on power… Transfer… fluids = cum… use on Brett… The last remark made anger well up inside Brett. “So, this is the curse he used on me”, he growled and read on to find a solution. The dust inside the book flew up as he went through it and he sneezed. He pulled out his handkerchief and blew his nose to clear out the dust before putting it back inside his pocket and continuing his discovery of the book. Curse complete… 10th full moon… Lasting results… Grow huge on Brett’s efforts??? Brett blinked as he read the remark. He shook his head at the proof that his nerdy brother had grown huge at his dispense. He went on and a annotation by his brother on a page a little further caught his attention. Restore… Healing curse… Take back ill-earned gains… Definitive… Brett’s mind, way slower than his brother’s, put the pieces together and a smirk formed on his face. “That’s it!”, he said to himself. He quickly read through the translation his brother had made. “I need some of his body fluids… fluids”, he said to himself when the solution popped up in his mind. He returned a few pages and his finger tapped on a comment: fluids = cum. He turned around and looked at the cum-drenched mirror. “Luckily I wasn’t here this morning and he blew his load to his reflection”, he said. He stepped over to the mirror, pulled his handkerchief from his pocket and wiped a nice amount of the sticky cum from the mirror. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Brett nearly dropped the book and his handkerchief. He waited a few seconds, but the bell rang again. He quickly put his handkerchief inside the book and went over to his own room. As he entered, his phone rang. “Hello?”, he asked. “Dude, it’s me, Mike. I’m at your house. Are you in?” “At my house?”, Brett repeated. “Yeah. I was around to visit my cousin Keith. Stayed at his place tonight but he’s off to the gym now. So, are you at home?”, Mike said. “Sure”, Bret replied, “come round the back. Backdoor’s open. I’m in my room. Second door on the left at the top of the stairs.” “See ya in a sec”, Mike said and ended the call. At the gym, Sam and Keith were in the locker room waiting for Jason to arrive. The now huge man had texted them to come over and not keep him waiting. They gasped sharply as Jason entered. Jason ducked and rotated his torso to come sideways through the door. He was wearing nothing but a pair of shorts that now served him as boxers: no regular pair of boxers would fit around his quads anymore. His new body was a breathtaking sight: he could no longer be called huge or beastly, he had evolved into a massive mountain of muscle. Despite the fading power of the curse he had managed to gain another whopping 85 pounds of muscle and had grown 7 extra inches taller: he now stood an towering 7’5 feet tall for a hulking 412 pounds of ripped and striated muscle. The extra height made his insanely, hulkingly muscled body maintain its aestheticly perfect proportions. His calves jutted backward like thick diamonds at the back of his legs; his quads made his kneecaps look comically small and dwarfed the tree in their backyard by the massive size of the wide, deeply grooved, corded muscles that stretched the shorts to the max; his eight-pack was a collection of cobblestone-sized blocks of muscle, separated by canyons and decorated down the center with a dark treasure trail that disappeared down his shorts; the top half of the eight-pack was obscured by the shadow of his monumental pecs; they were an insanely thick, protruding rack of heavy muscle that proudly defied the pull of gravity; each pecs had the size of a watermelon shoved underneath the paper-thin skin; the surface of the extremely wide slabs of concrete-hard beef was crossed with striations and small veins; the pecs protruded so far from his chest that his nipples pointed straight down to the floor and were not visible from the front; the massive mounds rippled with every breath he took; a thick vein snaked at the top of the pecs like a small river and ran further onto his shoulders where it branched off in several smaller veins; the hard line of his shoulders was twice as large than a doorframe and capped with delts the size of basketballs; each separate head of the muscle was visible through the stretched skin pulled tight around the orbs of meat; the wide line was capped with a pair of intimidatingly thick traps that supported his bull-sized neck; his heavily muscled shoulders formed the support of his amazing arms hanging relaxed at his sides; his arms had amassed another 8 inches and now measured 36.5 inches flexed; when flexed his biceps exploded into spheres of rock-hard muscle that dwarfed bowling balls and were choked in a network of crisscrossed veins that fed the mighty muscles; his triceps then hung like vicious horseshoes at the bottom of his arms; they had more mass on their own than most guys entire upper arm; now his arms hung relaxed at his sides, looking like hams ready to burst through the satin-like, paper-thin skin; his forearms were covered with thick cords that ran along their entire length and were thicker than most men’s legs; inside his shorts his now dormant cock had grown to accommodate to his new body: fully hard it stretched to an insanely long 18 inches and its girth outsized most guys’ forearms; even flaccid its size prevented him from wearing boxers. Sam and Keith gulped as Jason swaggered over towards them and seemed to swell with every step he took. A simultaneous jolt shot through their cocks. “Ready for some action, runts?”, Jason rumbled in a voice that filled the room like thunder as he stopped a few feet from the two athletes and stared down on them. Sam and Keith gawked at the protruding rack of heavy muscle, crossed with striations that was at their eyelevel. Even though they saw Jason shirtless and naked every day, they simply couldn’t fathom the unreal size he had grown into. The shadow cast by Jason’s monstrous body put them completely in the dark and the guy was wider than both of them standing next to each other. They looked straight at the insanely deep canyon between the two slabs of pecs. It looked deep enough to conceal an entire hand. Striations rippled against the paper-thin skin as the globes of pecs rose on the rhythm of the muscle freak’s breathing. “My dumbass brother wasn’t home this morning. Couldn’t fill his ass with my cum. I’m so fucking horny right now”, Jason stated, “Ever since my brother made me huge it feels like there’s pure testosterone coursing through my veins. Fuark.” He looked at his reflection in the large mirror and bounced his chest in an insane display of striations and veins. Keith’s gaze was drawn downwards by a stirring motion. He blinked in disbelief as he saw Jason’s package beginning to form a larger and larger bulge at the front of his shorts. Within seconds the purple head peeped outside as it pushed the waistband away from the giant’s tight waist. “Got over here, wimp”, Jason growled at Keith. Back at home, Brett put the book inside his desk as he heard footsteps coming up the stairs. The sound of the opening door made him turn around to face his former team captain. “Mike”, he said with a grin and looked at the athlete standing in the doorway. “You look a bit smaller than I remember”, he added. “Had an injury. Couldn’t train the last two months”, Mike replied without taking his eyes from his former teammate. “Down to around 238 right now”, he added. “What the fuck have you done to yourself?”, he asked while he scanned how Brett’s heavy torso stretched his shirt to the max. “I’ve grown a bit”, Brett replied matter-of-factly. He still had to look up at the half-a-foot taller athlete, but there was no doubt about who was the bigger man. Brett pulled off his shirt and heard Mike gasped at the sight of his bare upper body. Brett was now heavier than he had ever been. He had put on another 42 pounds in just 3 weeks from the massive doses of roids his brother had injected into his ass. He was now weighing an intimidating 284 pounds. Every muscle on his body was unmistakably fuller and larger: his delts had grown into perfectly rounded cannonballs that capped the broad line formed by his wide shoulders; the width of his shoulder girdle made the sides of his prominent delts brush the doorframe as he went through it; his arms had put on another 3.5 inches, making them an impressive 24.5 inches fully flexed; his pecs had amassed more beef and now protruded further from his chest; even his quads were bigger and more muscular. Overall, he looked intimidatingly muscled after his forced cycle. Despite his superior size, it was clear he had been roiding heavily: his head somehow looked a bit too small for his new size; his skin had an oily shine and looked greasy; his back was marred with severe acne; his six-pack was a protruding, bloated muscle-gut and his nipples were swollen. To top things off, his balls seemed a bit smaller and ached when he blew his load. “How big…”, Mike asked while scanning the heavily muscled body in front of him. “284 fucking pounds”, Brett interrupted him. He bounced his pecs to emphasize his weight. It had been a long time since he had felt the superior man inside this house. He raised his right arm and flexed it. His bicep exploded into a vein-choked, round orb of hard muscle as his arm reached it’s 24.5 inches. Mike blinked at the incredible sight. “Like what you see, pretty boy?”, Brett asked and raised his other arm to complete his double bicep pose. It took Mike’s mind a few seconds to process to huge guy’s remark as he was still taking in the sight of the devastating double bicep pose. “Cat got your tongue, pretty boy? This is what a real man looks like”, Brett stated coldly and threw a most muscular. Mike instinctively took a step backwards as he thickly muscled torso exploded in a display of hard muscle. He knew he couldn’t let Brett feel any of his doubt. He still had his height advantage and stretched himself to gaze down on the shorter man. “You’re big. But that’s just over-roided muscle full of water. Feel some real strength, freak”, Mike growled and launched himself at his former teammate. In a blink his fist collided with the bloated muscle-gut. Brett let out a muttered sound of surprise as he felt the fist hit his abs. He barely felt the punches the other athlete launched against his abs. He pulled back his own fist, making his right bicep harden into its 24.5 inches in the process, and threw it against the star quarterback’s tight six-pack. “Buough”, Mike groaned as the fist collided with his abs and he felt them give in slightly under the violent punch. He didn’t have any time to react as a second punch hit him just as hard in the same spot and brook through his defenses. He folded double from the impact and a third blow made him collapse to the floor. Brett felt his cock harden inside his pants as he looked down on the beaten jock: he had just taken down the once dominant man on campus with just three blows. Mike tried catching his breath, his abs sending painful stabs through his body with every breath he took. A hand grabbed his neck and he felt himself being lifted up. His legs fell rubbery and the tight grab on his neck kept him upright as he was forced to look straight into Brett’s eyes. “I have 45 pounds of mass on you”, Brett said, “And still you’re so dumb to take me on?”. As Brett spoke, Mike summoned his strength and threw another punch at the huge man’s face. Brett easily fended off the weak punch and then launched another blow into the six-pack that felt like jelly as his fist busted through it. “Buoughnf”, Mike grunted as the sledgehammer-like fist sank deep into his stomach. Brett’s mind was filled with the feeling of finally dominating another man physically. And then, like a dam breaking under pressure, the months of frustration of being the beta next to his freakish brother flooded his mind. His fist began pounding into the battered stomach of the star quarterback. Mike could only let out incoherent, painfilled sounds as his body took the beating. He didn’t even have any strength left to try and put up a defense: his muscular arms dangled at his sides. Brett felt all-powerful as he kept slamming his fist into the once dominant athlete on his team. His dick was fully hard, forming a prominent bulge inside his sweatpants. He smacked his fist into the 238 pound man’s face, bruising his eye and then splitting the man’s lip. He felt some blood drip onto his fist and inhaled heavily as he felt the testosterone and adrenaline rush through him. He kept grabbing the star quarterback’s neck with his left paw while his right paw yanked down his own sweatpants and boxers to reveal his rock-hard 8 incher that smacked hard into his bloated roid-gut. Mike saw the meaty cock through his swollen eye. He knew what was going to happen, but was powerless to resist. Brett shoved his cock inside the fallen quarterback’s mouth, easily forcing the battered man in place and returned his attention to the book. “Let’s get this over with first. I’ll deal with you later”, he said and pulled his handkerchief from his pants. He opened the book on the right passage and read it out loud: “Let the body of he who’s fluids shall cover this page surrender to this curse. Let it discard its ill-earned mass and return to the way it was!”. He quickly grabbed the hanky and rub it along the page, smearing the liquid onto the book. In the gym, Jason’s vision went dark for just a split second. He felt a strange wave of weakness go through his body and he stumbled backwards, his wide back colliding against the tilled wall. He raised his right paw to his head, making his insanely large bicep ball up in the process, and closed his eyes. At the same time, his cock sprang to full hardness and ripped away the shorts. The 18 inch anaconda pointed straight at Keith. Keith took two steps and kneeled before the 412 pound muscle god. He took the thick head and the top of the large shaft inside his mouth. Instantly, Jason began to cum uncontrollably. Keith gulped down one huge blast after the other, feeling the liquid heat slide into his stomach. Somehow the heat seemed to spread inside him. “He’s… he’s shrinking”, Sam said in disbelief as he saw Jason’s muscles get flatter. Keith’s mind processed the remark while he gulped down a fifth blast. He looked up and noticed that the shadow cast by the still impressive, yet clearly smaller rack of pecs didn’t obscure most of the diminishing eight-pack anymore. The quads beneath his hands also felt less hard. His stomach was starting to feel bloated as another shot of cum was blasted down his throat. The cock he was sucking didn’t stretch his mouth as much anymore and felt less deep inside his throat. Jason still had his eyes closed as the powerful orgasm flooded his body. Sam blinked as the giant was now clearly getting smaller: it seemed like Jason’s muscles were melting away from his body. A tearing sound tore his gaze from the hulking muscle-freak to the wrestler sucking him off. “Dude. You’re getting bigger”, he muttered as he saw Keith’s muscles rip through his tight shirt. Keith’s mind processed Sam’s remark. He sucked down harder on the diminishing cock that kept spewing load after load of cum into him. A feeling like a good pump now filled every muscle on his body. He felt pain spread through his body as his muscles began reaching their limit. He began feeling sick as his overbloated stomach protested against more forced feeding. He motioned Sam to come over. Sam immediately got the wrestler’s hint and moved in. The growing wrestler released the still impressive, yet way smaller cock. A blast hit Sam straight in the face as he kneeled down in front of the over a 100 pounds lighter muscle freak. He immediately placed his mouth over the spewing cock and felt the heat spread through his body. The slowly swelling Keith lay down atop the bench in the locker room as he felt his muscle grow and harden further. He felt his clothes get tighter and tighter. Sam grabbed hold with all his might of the deflating quads and sucked the shrinking cock relentlessly. He felt the heat fill his body as if he was getting a solid pump from a long workout. Back at home, a similar darkness overtook Brett’s vision and the next moment his cock began cumming deep inside the quarterback’s throat. Mike gulped down the sticky spunk and felt the heat spread through his body. It was as if his muscles were regaining their lost strength. Brett groaned in pleasure as the sucking on his dick got harder. Unlike Keith, Sam didn’t grow slowly: his body exploded in size as he drank down the energizing cum. His clothes exploded into shreds as his muscles ballooned upward and outward with more mass. He looked up and the once freakishly large Jason was now looking below average. Jason felt his orgasm ware off and sank down along the wall in darkness. “Fuck yeah!”, Sam roared as he saw his new physique in the mirror. He had grown from a 185 well-muscled jock into a 335 pound, superheavyweight bodybuilder. Every muscle on his body looked ripped and pumped. His grown cock throbbed and slapped against the center of his eight-pack. “Looking good, man.” Sam turned around and saw Keith walking toward him: the guy looked like his exact copy. “Man, we’re the same size”, he said excitedly and flexed and impressive arm that bulged into a hard orb of power. Keith copied his pose grinningly, revealing an equally impressive bicep. “Fuck me”, Keith whispered as he leaned in and kissed his lover deeply. A faint grunt made Sam look aside and turn his attention to the shrunken Jason. Jason blinked as his mind tried to figure out what had happened. The large room looked strangely familiar. Before he could get up, a Greek god hoisted him up. He felt his feet leave the floor as he stared at the heavily-muscled body in front of him. Sam grinned at the runt in his grasp. The months of abuse he and Keith had had to take from the once beastly Jason popped up in his mind. “Get lost and never bother us again. If you ever set foot back in this gym, I’ll break every bone in your body. Got it, runt?”, he boomed aggressively. Jason nodded in defeat. He knew he was no match for this muscle beast. “I’ve got nothing to wear”, he peeped in his boyish voice. Sam dropped the frail runt, strutted over to a locker and ripped off the door. “There, some kid-sized clothes”, he said and tossed them onto the emaciated figure. Jason got dressed quickly and headed over to the door. He turned around a final time to see the two 335 pound, muscle beasts in action: Keith was lying atop the large bench in the center of the locker room and Sam was fucking him relentlessly while they kept kissing and groping each other’s muscles. Jason hurried over to his car to get home. Back at home, Mike gulped down the last blast from Brett’s cock. He felt the energy soaring through his grown body. Somehow, he had gained 72 pounds of muscle. Brett felt somewhat dizzy as he shoved the quarterback from his cock. A look of terror filled his eyes as the other athlete rose to his full height and he assessed the guy’s new size. “How…”, he muttered in choc. “Don’t know. And don’t care”, Mike boomed in response. “Oh and I owe ya this”, he added and smacked his fist into the 100 pound lighter guy’s abs. Brett crashed backwards to the floor as the 310 pound quarterback’s fist smacked into his six-pack and busted right through it. “See ya around, little guy. Can’t wait to see what this body can do in the gym”, Mike rumbled and strutted away from the room. 10 minutes later, Jason arrived home and stormed into his room. He went through his desk frantically to get the book and see what had gone wrong. He froze when a strong hand landed atop his bony shoulder. “A word, little bro?”. Jason shivered as he recognized his brother’s voice and turned around slowly. He gulped as he stood before the 212 pound, muscular jock. His own meager, 155 pound body was obscured by his brother’s frame. “Guess you’re only technically the bigger brother again”, Brett said as he grinned down smugly into his weak brother’s eyes, “Time for some payback, LITTLE BRO”. Jason saw his brother smacked his right fist into his left paw and shuddered, realizing that the bill for his months of dominating his brother was going to be heavy…
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    Un peon inmenso [ESPAÑOL]

    I Hacía dos años que el hijo del viejo Donaldo (Donaldo él también) era peon en mi campo. Tenía dieciciete años. Era un joven trabajador y responsable que nunca tenía un solo pero y siempre se le ocurría una solución para cualquier problema que hubiera que solucionar. Por eso cuando me vino a pedir si podía darle trabajo a un amigo suyo, un tal Estanislao. Le dije que me lo trajera para entrevistarlo. No tenía mucho mas espacio en el campo pero quizás podía darle una ayuda, o una recomendación. Al día siguiente trajo a su amigo Estanislao y lo dejó ahi en la galería. De lo grande que es la casa de seguro se sintió intimidado pobre crío. Donaldo me avisó que me esperaba y se fue a hacer sus cosas. Cuando salí me quedé sorprendido. Era un muchacho rubio, alto y fuerte. Tenía buena contextura, unos hombros anchos y unas manos grandes. —¿Estanislao? Mucho gusto —le dije y le ofrecí la mano. Saludó con fuerza, tenía una mano hermosa, grande y fuerte. —Buen día, señor —dijo todo timido. Era bastante buen mozo, tenía el pelo corto y bien rubio, debía ser descendiente de alemanes o algo parecido. Eso sí, era tímido que bajaba la cabeza a cada rato. De todos modos me sacaba una cabeza de alto. Cuando Donaldo me dijo que tenía un amigo, me había imaginado otro muchacho como él, pero Estanislao no se le parecía en nada. —Me dijo Donaldo que andás buscando trabajo. —Si, señor. —¿Y qué sabés hacer? —Lo que se,a señor, puedo aprender el oficio que necesite. Hablaba de una forma que no se condecía con su cuerpo. Era un rubio de metro ochenta que debía pesar noventa kilos, pero hablaba como un chico de quince años de la mitad de tamaño. —¿Cuantos años tenés, Estanislao? —Deciseis, señor. Le mostré el campo y todas las cosas que había que hacer. Él me contó que no tenía familia que había dejado el colegio. Su forma de hablar era muy tímida, le costaba hacerse escuchar y se sonrojaba aunque tenía una piel algo bronceada que con su pelo rubio le daba un aire hermoso. Eso sin contar su porte que se veía fuerte, mucho mas fuerte que todos los demás chicos de su edad que había conocido y a mis cincuenta años había conocido muchos. Al verlo se me ocurrió lo siguiente: —Estanislao, te voy a decir la verdad, no necesito a nadie más en el campo... —Lo entiendo, señor, discúlpeme las molestias. —No te apures, que todavía no terminé. Como te decía, no necesito a nadie más, pero me vendría bien alguien que sea fuerte que pueda darme una mano cuando lo necesite. Me detuve y le busqué la mirada aunque la bajó a mis pies. —¿Te interesaría probar? Veo que sos un joven fuerte, la pregunta es ¿cuan fuerte crees que sos? —No lo sé, señor, pero si no le molesta me gustaría probar. El día estaba lindo, no hacía calor ni frío, se podía estar con una camisa como la que estaba él o sin remera en caso de que lo necesitara. Lo llevé adentro de casa y le mostré un escritorio que yo tenía que hacía tiempo quería mover a otra de las habitaciones. Era un escritorio sumamente pesado dado que estaba hecho no solo de madera sino tambien de piedra. Vaya uno a saber por qué. Le expliqué lo que necesitaba y Estanislao se apuró. —Si querés sacarte la camisa para no ensuciarla, yo no me opongo —dije. Cuando se sacó la camisa me temblaron las piernas. Tenía un cuerpo todo marcado con sus abdominales perfectos y su cintura estrecha y sobre eso, dos pectorales super desarrollados que hacían pensar que este joven levantaba pesas. Lo mismo sus hombros redondos y sus brazos. —Wow —dije—, parece que me encontré alguien verdaderamente fuerte. Estanislao levantó el escritorio sobre su cabeza. —¿Donde lo pongo? Sus músculos se tensaron por el esfuerzo y se marcaron todos. Era un hombre impresionante. —Ejem, en este cuarto, por favor. Ni bien lo dejó se sacudió las manos para quitarse el polvo y dijo: —Es una casa muy grande. Yo lo único que podía pensar que era grande era su increible pecho. ¡Que hombre! Acababa de descubrir oro. Ahi estaba sin remera con su cuerpo cubierto de musculos como si no pasara nada. —Estanislao, creo que en el campo hay trabajo para alguien fuerte como vos. Su rostro infantil se iluminó con una sonrisa. —Hagamos tres meses de prueba y vamos como resulta. Estanislao se vino a vivir junto con Donaldo en la casa menor destinada a los peones. Supuse que ahí debian estar mas cómodos. Lo primero que hice fue definirle a ambos como ibamos a trabajar. —Estanislao, quiero que ayudes a Donaldo en todas las tareas que él requiera algo de fuerza. Donaldo quiero que aproveches las fuerza de él para lo que te venga bien, de todos modos no va a ser su único trabajo. Hay varias cosas que tengo que arreglar en el campo para lo que necesito alguien fuerte. —Si, señor —dijeron ambos. La semanas siguientes le pedí a Estanislao todo tipo de tareas para que hiciera fuerza. Lo hice cargar troncos, talar arboles, llevar cosas pesadas de un lado a otro, levantar una pared pequeña de piedras. La temperatura para mi suerte fue subiendo y él no tuvo más remedio que sacarse la remera para cada una de estas tareas. Cuando no tenía sentido que lo supervisara lo espiaba escondido. Su cuerpo era impresionante. Nunca había visto a un hombre con un pecho tan desarrollado y duro. Se notaba que no tenía nada grasa y que sobresalía solo por el inmenso tamaño muscular que tenía. Y para mi sorpresa con cada trabajo que yo le daba no solo tenía que sacarse la camisa sino que se veía que estaba cada vez mas musculoso. Una tarde que le pedi que me ayudara a mover unos muebles. Antes de sacarse la camisa, el boton del pecho salió volando por la presión de sus tetas enormes y musculosas. —Se te cayó esto —dije acercándome. Había quedado a la altura de su pecho enorme que sobresalía por la camisa. Estanislao estaba tan avergonzado que no sabía que decir. —Disculpe, señor, es la única camisa que tengo. —Bueno, vamos a tener que solucionar eso —dije—. Sacate la ropa. Fui a mi ropero y busqué la cinta para medir. Cuando volví me encontré con Estanislao totalmente desnudo. La imagen de su cuerpo me dejó mudo. Me acerqué sin pensar. No solo su torso era una maravilla enorme y dura perfecta con unos pectorales que sobresalían y unos abdominales marcados en su cintura muy pequeña, sus piernas eran dos troncos gigantes llenos de tendones y su pija era enorme. —Perdón, no fui claro, quedate en calzones. —Oh, perdón, señor, perdón. No entendí. Estanislao estaba rojo de vergüenza. Se notaba que no tenía experiencia en el trato con personas, aunque su cuerpo daba a pensar en cosas duras y fuertes, su personalidad era todo lo contrario. —No te preocupes —dije y lo miré como si fuera un jarrón—. Algo me dice que se te rompió la ropa porque estás un poco mas grande. ¿Puede ser? —No sé, señor. Es la única ropa que tengo. —No te preocupes, vamos a solucionar eso —dije y comencé a tomarle las medidas de todo su impresionante cuerpo—. ¿Siempre fuiste así de grande, Estanisao? Digo, estás bastante desarrollado muscularmente para tu edad. —Supongo que si, señor. No lo sé en verdad, no tengo con quien comparar. —Te lo digo yo —dije mientras medía su cuerpo y sin pudor aproveché para apoyar mis manos sobre sus pectorales como si fueran cualquier cosa—. Nunca tuve un peon tan desarrollado. Estanislao no dijo nada. Cuando terminé me paré a su lado a centímetros de su increible pecho y le mostré lo que había anotado. —Estas son tus medidas, ¿Ves? Con esto voy a pedir ropa de tu talle para asegurarnos que no te vuelva a pasar eso. Mientras tanto si querés podés andar sin camisa. —Gracias, señor —me dijo y se fue a cargar cosas. Semana a semana la cosa siguió de esa manera. Estanislao cargaba cosas, usaba su musculoso cuerpo para lo que yo quisiera y tenía el enorme placer de verlo pasar sin remera haciendo fuerza. Era un espectáculo impresionante. Para mi sorpresa a las dos semanas volvió todo acongojado. —Señor, disculpe. —¿Que pasa, Estanislao? Ahi me mostró que el mismo botón de antes había vuelto a salirse de la nueva camisa que le había comprado. Su pecho estaba cada vez más grande. —Le pido mil disculpas, señor. Le prometo que le voy a pagar la camisa rota. Lo hice pasar a la casa y le dije: —Estanislao, no te preocupes por esta camisa, yo solo quiero que estés cómodo y se ve que tu cuerpo no está cómodo en esta camisa. Al parecer tanto esfuerzo físico te volviendo más grande. Dejame que te ayude. Y con mucha suavidad le saqué la camisa. Aproveché para pasar mis manos por sus músculos. Eran enormes y duros. Era un tacto increible. —Definitivamente tenés el pecho más grande —dije con mis dos manos sobre su pectorales—. Lo mismo le pasó a tus hombros y tus brazos. Volví a tomar las medidas y le mostré la diferencia. Parado junto a él me di cuenta de algo. —¿Estás mas alto? —No lo sé, señor. Vamos a medirte. Y con eso me subí a un banquito para quedar a su misma altura y dejé caer un metro sobre su espalda increible. —Un metro ochenta y cinco. Me bajé del banquito y perdí el equilibrio. Me apoyé en sus increibles pectorales y él me sostuvo con sus enormes brazos. —Gracias, señor —me dijo y se fue. Semana a semana tuvimos que medir sus musculos, el tamaño de su espalda, su altura y el ancho de sus piernas. Estanislao crecía como una planta. Cada semana estaba más musculoso, mas alto y con la espalda más ancha. Era increible verlo crecer y pararme a su lado me hacía temblar de los nervios. Así fue como llegó hasta el metro noventa y cinco. Su pecho enorme flotaba sobre mi cabeza. Cuandos se cumplieron los tres meses de prueba ocurrió esto: —Estanislao, como sabés acaban de terminar los tres meses de prueba. —Si, señor. Le quiero agradecer por la oportunidad, señor. —No hay nada que agradecer. Te quería contar como vamos a hacer ahora. Lo llevé a un galpón que tenía casi vacío donde tenía un gimnasio bastante viejo que había usado cuando era joven. Estaba lleno de polvo y la verdad que estaba todo oxidado. —Quiero que limpies este lugar y lo uses. —¿Que lo use? —Si, necesito que estés mas fuerte para las tareas que te voy a pedir. —¿Que tareas señor? —No importa, por ahora lo unico que me interesa es que te vuelvas mas fuerte porque no creo que con la fuerza que tenés ahora puedas hacer lo que necesito y eso es muy importante. —Entiendo señor. —Para eso vamos a cambiar tus comidas así estás bien alimentado. La cocinera te va a llevar la comida y los suplementos para que comas. —Si, señor. —¿Alguna vez estuviste en un gimnasio? —No, señor. —¿No? Bueno, hagamos esto. Limpia todo y cuando esté limpio yo te enseño como entrenar. Cuando entré a la casa me avisaron que había llegado el correo. Las pastillas de anabólicos habían llegado. No podía estar mas contento. Estanislao limpió todo y ese mismo día le di una rutina y le enseñé como entrenar. —Quiero que entrenes de lunes a viernes durante dos horas. Yo te voy a dejar los ejercicios anotados, pero los pesos los vas a ir descubriendo vos. Quiero que tengas claro que necesito que ganes mucha mucha fuerza para lo que te voy a pedir de hacer por lo que vas a tener que esforzarte mucho. ¿Entendido? —Si, señor. Estanislao no tenía idea de como entrenar pero su cuerpo eran tan fuerte que los pesos y las máquinas que estaban en ese lugar rapidamente le quedaron chicos, por lo que invertí un buen dinero en comprar máquinas nuevas, barras, mancueras y otras cosas. En un mes convertí ese garage en un gimnasio super equipado. —Estanislao, esa ropa que tenés no sirve para entrenar así que te compré estos pantalones y estas zapatillas. Eran los pantalones mas cortos que había conseguido para alguien de su tamaño. —¿Sin camisa, señor? —Sin camisa y solo con esto. Cuando se cambió por poco me desvanecí. Su pecho parecía hecho de cemento, brotaba como dos montañas duras sobre su cuerpo. Daban ganas de apretarlo con fuerza. Con cada ejercicio que él no entendía (no entendía ninguno) yo aprovechaba para tocarle el cuerpo y mostrarle donde tenía que hacer fuerza y qué musculo tenía que tensar. Su cuerpo estaba durísimo, mucho más duro de lo que había imaginado. Pronto los anabólicos empezaron a hacer efecto, se los disolvía en cada comida y su cuerpo no tardó en crecer todavía más. De una semana a la otra su fuerza se duplicó y todos sus musculos aumentaron de tamaño. Fue tanto lo que creció que no podía bajar los brazos de lo hipertrofiada que tenía la espalda. Era un espectáculo increible. Al mes ya levantaba 200 kilos en el banco plano. Cuando terminaba sus pectorales parecian a punto de explotar. —¿Está bien, señor que tenga el pecho tan duro? —decía y se acercaba para que me fijara. Yo apoyaba mis manos sobre su pecho y lo masajeaba bien fuerte. Era increible el tamaño de sus músculos. Semana a semana seguía midiéndo su cuerpo. No tardó en llegar a los dos metros y superó los 130 kilos. Se estaba convirtiendo en una bestia. —¿Estoy suficientemente fuerte, señor? —me preguntaba con su voz toda tímida con su cuerpo inmenso y todo duro en calzones mientras yo medía cada músculo de su cuerpo. Yo me apoyaba en su pecho cuando me subía al banquito. Era una sensación indescriptible el tamaño y lo duro que tenía los pectorales. —Estás bien, pero hay que seguir creciendo —le decía yo. Un día que tocaba medirse me preguntó si podía traerle un pantalón mas grande. Entonces me alejé y miré lo que estaba pasando debajo. Sus piernas se habían convertido en dos monstruos llenos de músculos inmensos, pero no solo eso. Dentro del pantalón parecía llevar una banana enorme. —Vamos a tener que medirlo todo. —Si, señor —dijo y se bajó el pantalón. No estaba preparado para lo que vi. Su pija era gigante. Igual de grande y desproporcionada que el resto de sus músculos. —Permiso —dije como si fuera un doctor y le levanté la enorme poronga con una mano mientras medía con la otra. Era veinticinco centímetros flácida y tan ancha que no podía rodearla con una mano. —Estanislao, voy a necesitar que se te pare para medirla bien. —¿Cómo, señor? —dijo sonrojándose. Era un gigante musculoso desnudo con una fuerza increible en todo su cuerpo pero que se comportaba como un niño. —Quiero que cierres los ojos y pienses en cosas que te exciten. Yo te voy a ayudar. —Si, señor. Aproveché para poner mis dos manos sobre sus pectorales y los empecé a masajear con fuerza mientras su pija se iba parando y adquiría un tamaño impresionante y deproporcionado. Aproveché para tocar todos sus músculos, sus brazos enormes, sus piernas duras y musculosas, gigantes. Pero sobre todo su pecho, su increible pecho de hombre, enorme y lleno de fuerza. Un pecho de macho que parecía a punto de explotar de lo grande y duro que estaba. Cuando terminó su pija era un monumento a un cañon. Apoyé una mano sobre su pija mientras contra la otra masajeaba su pecho. —Impresionante —dije—. Sos enorme, Estanislao. —¿Soy lo suficientemente grande, señor? —me preguntó. —Estás muy bien. Su pija medía medio metro de largo. Así siguió la cosa. Cada día Estanislao estaba mas grande y musculoso. Cada semana ocurrían cosas como estas. Estanislao estaba en mi cuarto totalmente desnudo y transpirado después del entrenamiento. Yo lo secaba con una toalla y terminaba de medirlo incluido su pija erecta. Él siempre me preguntaba. —¿Soy lo suficientemente grande, señor? Yo me acercaba y le tocaba todo el cuerpo. Todos los músculos enormes y llenos de fuerza y le decía: —Estás muy bien, me gusta que estés bien musculoso, solo falta un poco más y vas a estar listo. Para ese entonces ya me sacaba tres cabezas. —Estás mucho mas alto. —Siento que estoy un poco grande, señor. —¿Un poco? Estas gigante. ¿Te sentís mas fuerte? —Sí, señor, me siento muy fuerte. Siento que puedo levantar un auto con mis manos. ¿Soy lo suficientemente musculoso para usted? —¿Sentís el pecho mas grande? —Si, señor, lo tengo muy duro todo el tiempo. Y cada vez mas grande, ya no me entran las camisas. Aproveché para tocarle los pectorales. —Tenés el pecho inmenso, Estanislao. Nunca había un pecho tan grande como el tuyo. —Siento que tengo mucha fuerza en el pecho. —Se nota, este pecho es impresionante. Una tarde le pedí que me ayudara a cambiar una lamparita. Estanislao entró todo inflado después de entrenar y con los brazos todos duros. Su pecho brillaba. Le pedí que me levantara. Me alzó sin problema, no le pesaba en lo más mínimo. Cambié la lamparita y me agarré de sus hombros enormes y duros. —¿No te peso, Estanislao? —Para nada, señor, apenas siento el esfuerzo. —Tenés los músculos enormes. Puedo sentir tus hombros todos duros. ¿Tanta fuerza tenés? —Sí, señor, puedo sostenerlo así durante un rato largo sin cansarme. —¿Me podés levantar y subir? —Sí, señor —dijo y me bajó y subió como un bebé. —Hacelo varias veces que quiero ver algo. —Sí, señor. Usó mi cuerpo de mancuernas mientras sus brazos se inflaban con cada movimiento. —Estás enorme, Estanislao. Sos un hombre inmenso. —¿Estoy lo suficientemente fuerte, señor? —Flexioná el brazo. Se me quedó mirando sin entender. Me bajó y le mostré como hacerlo. —¿Así, señor? —dijo y su bicep se volvió una montaña. —Impresionante. ¿Te gusta ser tan grande y musculoso? —Sí, señor, me siento muy fuerte. Mientras hablaba y flexionaba yo aproveché para tocar todo su cuerpo. Sus pectorales enormes, sus brazos, su espalda, sus piernas y hasta su pija erecta. A la semana siguiente pedí una dosis mas alta de anabólicos. Dos semanas después Estanislao entró todo transpirado. Parecía brillar. Sus musculos eran gigantes, estaba todavía mas alto y enorme. Era una bestia. Me contó que había levantando 400 kilos con el pecho. Me sacaba cuatro cabezas. Me subí al banquito para tocarle le pecho. —Estás enorme, Estanislao, nunca vi un hombre tan musculoso. —Me siento muy grande, señor. Tengo todo el cuerpo duro y los músculos cada vez mas grandes. Me acerqué para acariciar sus abdominales. Me miró desde arriba de sus pectorales, con la pija inmensa parada y las piernas enormes. Me preguntó: —¿Soy lo suficientemente musculoso para usted, señor? Y ahí sin mas no pude evitarlo. Le empecé a chupar la pija erecta. Era demasiado grande y su cuerpo demasiado musculoso. —Sos enorme, Estanislao. Nunca vi un hombre tan grande. —¿Tengo la pija lo suficientemente grande, señor? —me preguntó mientras él se la agarraba con una mano y con la otra se tocaba el pecho— ¿Y mi pecho es lo suficientemente musculoso, señor? ¿Le alcanza mi fuerza, señor? Si lo necesita puedo crecer mas. Puedo volverme mucho mas grande si usted lo necesita. —Si, lo necesito... —dije y Estanislao acabó un enorme rio de semen.
  5. Here's Part 4 of the Maximus Protein Series. This is (seriously) the last chapter. Thanks for reading! Travis was on the floor, breathing heavy, covered in cum and sweat and drool, having just swallowed what must have been gallons of Dan's cum. I looked over at the tub of Maximus Protein lying empty on the kitchen floor. "Travis.... did you... drink..." "All of it" Travis said with an exhausted smile on his face. "I drank the protein, and I drank the special ingredient." He gestured toward sperm-donator Dan, who appeared to have fallen asleep right on the table in a post-orgasm bliss. His eyelids fluttered as he snored softly, the huge bulk of his body rising and falling rhythmically with his breath. This was no time to be napping, but Dan looks so adorably innocent there, with his mouth slightly open, I figured it was better to let the behemoth sleep for now. "Ooohhh" Travis groaned from the floor as the rumbling in his stomach grew louder. "I think I drank too much, Scott. I don't feel so good." "I'll say. What the fuck is wrong with you Travis?" I remembered how angry I was that I hadn't gotten to drink any of Dan's cum explosion. I had barely stopped growing, but I was eager to feel myself swell again. If I couldn't drink Dan's, then maybe I could drink from Travis, who, if dosages had anything to do with amount of growth, was about to explode. I watched him carefully as he held his distended stomach and writhed around on the floor. He didn't look like he was growing, he look like he was about to puke. What a waste. I picked his body up carefully, which now felt so small in my giant arms, like picking up a dog, and laid him on the couch while he groaned and shook. he looked pale. "I think you might have just overdosed yourself buddy." Just sweat it out and see what happens. I watched him for a minute for any signs of growth, but nothing happened, just more groaning and intermittent stomach grumbling. "So much for getting your money's worth" I said as I turned away and walked to the mirror over the fireplace. I had felt myself change but I hadn't gotten a good look at myself yet. What I saw was astounding. I had gone from being a slightly fit twink to being a legitimate red haired muscle god. Pushing back my copper colored hair, I admired my strong masculine brow, my roman nose, which had always looked slightly awkward on my face, was now perfectly fitting with the rest of my features. I had evolved into a higher form of man. My Jaw was perfectly squared and evenly covered with a thick beard that complimented it perfectly. Even my lips seemed more masculine and commanding. I couldn't wait to his the bars and see how people reacted to my new looks. I looked kind of ferocious, like a wolf-man. I wondered if I would actually scare guys off. I did an experimental double bicep flex and was shocked at the mountains that rose into view on each of my arms. I brought my arms down into a crab pose, barely even flexing, and still muscle bulged from every angle. I looked like I could kill a man with one punch. I was turning myself on, big time. My sixteen inch cock was rising to attention anew, begging to finally release the load that had been churning in my balls since I transformed, and it would only take a minute to pump it out right here. Why not? I grabbed my tool with both of my huge hands, almost hurting myself with my newly stronger grip, and began pumping away, instantly moaning to myself as I felt what new pleasures my new XL body could bring. I had my eyes shut in ecstasy as I was on the edge of release. I flexed my abs and glutes, arching myback as I neared the point of no return, grunting and growling wildly. Just as I was on the edge, I felt two more hands, much smaller than mine, grip onto my cockhead as a tongue licked up my glans. "OH FUCK!" I jolted with shock and pleasure and snapped open my eyes just in time to see little Travis, having snuck off the couch, clamping his mouth down on my cockhead. "TRAVIS NO-AAAAAGGGHHH!!" I shouted but I was past the point of no return. I unloaded a boiling hot jet of cum straight down my roommate's throat. Then another, and another, and another, causing him to sputter and choke, tears streaming out of his eyes, but still he held on, jamming almost my whole cockhead in his mouth. Minutes passed as my head swam with pleasure and fear. I could barely think straight I was in so much orgasmic pleasure, but I knew I was unloading a record amount of spunk into my already full roommate. If he hadn't been ill before, this could be truly dangerous. "TRAVIS WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" I shouted as my head cleared form my orgasm. Travis just gasped and wiped his mouth with the back of his wrist. "Thanks *gulp* broaahhh" He patted his stomach, now sticking out like a pot belly under his wifebeater shirt. "That was *burp* just the ticket." "TRAVIS YOU ALREADY OVERDOSED FROM DAN, THIS MUCH MIGHT KILL YOU." "Nah" he said with a cocky shake of his head. "I actually didn't get enough! You gotta *urrp* read the uh, fine print *burp-ahhh*. When you drink a glass of the protein *ooouhhh* you gotta drink a *buh* proportionate amount of cum to *ahh* activate it!" I shook my head in disbelief. Travis took a seat on the floor as he continued to burp and massage his grumbling stomach. He was sweating like a pig and looking quite a bit like one too. "Dan wasn't too much *ulp* cum, man, he wasn't *burp* ENOUGH! So thanks for the help! Now I can *urrrrrrrp* really get going" I was in shock. I was mouthing "what the fuck" to myself just as I saw Travis suddenly sit bolt upright with a look of surprise on his face. He burped loudly and his whole body kind of jumped. "What was that?!" he said aloud, to no one in particular, as his body spasmed and jumped again. He might have not noticed it yet but there seemed to be a little more of Travis every time his body spasmed. There was a little more muscle in the slender legs that were sticking out of his boxers, and his tank top looked a little more closely fit on him. *burp* Travis burped and involuntarily jerked his limbs. There was definitely some growth starting. There was even a little more bulge in the front of his boxers. "Am I *urp* growing yet, Scott? Can you *urp* tell? Ah!" Travis looked down as his latest spasm made his dick jerk against the front of his boxers, there was a respectable tent showing down there now. "Can you find my glasses?" he asked as he looked down at his arms. "I can't tell if anything's *UNHH* happening *AHH* yet" I was speechless. The guy had just taken an elephant dose of muscle growing protein powder and downed what must be enough cum for a hundred men, and here he was still acting like the nerd who loses his glasses. "I think you'll know soon enough" I said, watching as his feet inched a little further across the floor with every grunt and spasm. RRRRIIIIIIIIPPPPPP Travis threw his head back and moaned loudly as another spurt of growth caused his dick to tear out of the front of his boxers. It had to be about a foot long already, and Travis still hadn't grown that much yet. "UHMMM FUCK!" Travis exclaimed in a throaty (deeper already?) voice as he gave his cock a stroke. This seemed to accelerate the growth a bit, and his next two spasms took Travis from looking bigger to actually filling his boxers tightly. His white wifebeater shirt was now pulling down at the chest as his pecs bounced bigger with his stroking. the outlines of a six pack were showing through his soaked shirt. The arm he was using to prop himself up on the ground was now veiny and pulsing bigger and bigger as his triceps started to ripen over his elbow. "UMF! Scott I don't think I *URP* need my *UHN* glasses anymooOOOH!" Travis shook as he was hit by a big growth spurt that seemed to put a whole foot and 50 lbs of muscle on his frame in a second. His boxers were now tightly wrapped around bulky, muscular legs that were quivering and shaking with his stroking. The seams were tearing along the edges to reveal more sweaty hairy muscle bulging out. His wifebeater was hanging on by threads as his chest seemed ready to pop the shoulder straps at any minute. "YUP! I CAN SEE I'M DEFINITELY GROWING NO-O-O-OWWWHHHHHHFUUUUCK!" He bellowed as a new spurt hit his body and he simultaneously burst right out of his boxers while his whole upper body flexed the wifebeater into threads. Travis was now BIG, looking like a heavyweight professional bodybuilder, but off-season, cause he was sprinkled in brown hair and had a nice amount of body fat accentuating his muscles. He flexed his huge size 15 feet, and pounded a massive fist on the floor as another spasm took him just a bit bigger. Most noticeable of all was his giant dick, standing up at 16 inches, and complimented by two of the biggest, juiciest balls I had ever seen, spilling onto the floor between his legs and pulsing, actually pulsing as they generated more and more testosterone for their owner. "Scott *UNH* get a *AAHHH* load of this growth bro!" He was furiously pumping and groaning and he pulsed and flexed slightly bigger again. Now he was starting to worry me. He had to be close to six and a half, seven feet tall now, and inching bigger every minute. Already his dick was starting to rival mine, and there was no way he would be done soon. If I had any hope of not being the absolute smallest guy in the room, I had only one option: to drink Travis' cum. After all, he had taken mine already, right? He owed it to me. "Need a hand, stud?" I asked as I crouched down and palmed his softball size testicles with my hands. Another *UMF* from Travis and they grew even bigger in my hands, grapefruit size now. "I take that as a yes" I said as I started stroking his shaft with both hands. "AHhhhh Thanks bro!"Travis moaned even louder as he took his hand (which was bigger than mine already) off of his shaft and immediately started squeezing his meaty pecs, pinching each big brown nipple and causing little mini-growth spurts. Was he able to control his growth? I knelt down and started sucking Travis' rod with all the gusto I had. "Who-AAHAH!" Travis howled as he spasmed again and I felt his dick expand another inch into my already stuffed mouth. I used my hands to massage his giant testicles, squeezing them in my powerful grip, aching to get a taste of his man juice. Pre cum was oozing constantly out of his dick, making everything incredibly slick. I found some rhythm, pumping my head and trying not to choke on his pulsing dick as his grunts got louder and longer. Finally, I felt a vibration in his balls as they tightened in his scrotum, his cock flexed and grew even bigger in my mouth, causing me to almost panic but I held on. I needed to get his cum down my throat no matter what. His dick was boiling hot to the touch, I could feel the burst of cum about to travel up his shaft. Suddenly, I felt a giant hand grab the back of my hair and yank me off of Travis' dick. I was too shocked to fight it. I had forgotten about Dan! "What the-!!" But it wasn't Dan that had grabbed me away at the moment that Travis was about to shoot. It was Travis himself! The gargantuan man had thrown me off of his own dick and was now jerking himself off furiously and aiming for his own mouth!. "Travis NO!" I shouted but I was too late. With a frantic growl Travis shot like a firehose, hitting his own mouth directly, gurgling and sputtering but drinking it too, just like he had with Dan. "FUck!" Another thick rope of jism erupted from his dick, the majority of his going straight into his huge throat, the rest of his splashing over his stubbly square jaw and trickling down his neck onto his heaving pecs. Rope after rope shot out, Travis grunting and burping, but drinking more, then leaning forward and clamping his lips straight onto his own cockhead, sucking out every drop. I could only watch in disgusted shock. This growing giant had already taken Dan's load, then mine, and now he was guzzling his own? What was even going to happen to him? Dan fell back, orgasm subsiding, and belched loudly as his head popped up slightly higher. He had a smile of total satisfaction on his scruffy face. I was furious. Travis how could you do that to me?!? I exclaimed, not knowing whether to deck him or start pumping my own cock, which was, of course, hard again. I couldn't help feeling a bit turned on by Travis' sudden transformation into an insatiable cum guzzling muscle pig. "I'm *burp* sorry bud! I know you *ulp* wanted some, but I just get soooooooooo *URRRRP* THIRSTY!" "What the fuck is happening to you" I said, more of a statement than a question. I was pretty turned on by what I was seeing, and my cock was standing ramrod straight. Dan suddenly jumped up from the floor and I was shocked to discover that he was almost eye level with me now. He was almost as tall, but a lot wider, looking like a bodybuilder in off season. "What are you gonna do about it? He said cockily, showing his slightly protruding muscle gut into me a bit. I was more turned on that ever. No way this could be the same Travis I had been living with the past year. Guys get a bit of muscle and their whole personality changes, but this Travis was unrecognizable. He almost seemed to growl as he stared up at me, teeth clenched. I decided to call his bluff and spat directly in his face. "What are YOU gonna do about it, runt?" I said, privately shocked at my own new cocky attitude. Travis growled like a lion and wiped my spit off his face. The look of anger on his ultra-masculine face made me doubt my tactics. There was a new, almost feral look in his eye, one that hinted at certain shades of violence and lust. "I'll show you" he said calmly, and sucker punched me straight in the gut, catching me off-guard and causing me to double over in pain. Travis took his opportunity and grabbed me as I was doubled over and quickly position himself behind me pressing himself into me and holding he down with one strong hand on my back. I almost fell, but his strong grip held me up. Suddenly I felt his other hand, wet with precum, roughly lube up between my legs. I was scared, but I wasn't going to stop him, not when I was this close to getting his next load. Despite my newly giant, size, Travis cock still felt absolutely massive entering my hole. I gasped loudly as he rammed it in, yelling out in pain before feeling a huge shiver of pleasure wash over me. The shock of Travis doing this to me was mixed with the thrill of excitement. I couldn't believe this was happening. As Travis began to pump his still-expanding dick inside of me, I looked down at my own massive hands holding me up, the tensed, thick bulging arms that I never thought I'd see connected to my own shoulders. But these weren't my shoulders either, these were true cannonball delts now, the kind only seen on advanced bodybuilders that abused steroids. Was I on steroids? Is that was was int he Maximus Protein that had caused the truly freaky transformations of Dan, me, and Travis this afternoon? I stared at my huge hard cock slapping rhythmically against my washboard eight pack abs, I could feel my hefty balls swaying pendulously between my legs. Travis slammed into me, still grunting and occasionally shuddering as spasms of growth hit him at irregular intervals. I could feel his cock lurching bigger inside of me with every shake of his mammoth body. Soon I noticed it was actually darker in the room. Was the sun going down? I felt Travis's weight shift behind me as I saw his hands come down in front of me. Next to my giant hands, these looked absolutely monstrous. I was afraid to turn my neck and look to see how big Travis was now, but I when I did turn my head all I saw was the side of one of his heavy pecs, bigger than my head, with his underarm close to my shoulder I saw the bushy hair protruding from his armpit. Just the smell from his armpit was intoxicating and sent shivers up my spine as I inhaled deeply. It was the most pungent, most manly musk I had ever smelled. One inhale and I felt high on pure pheromones. Travis was on all fours, above me, his whole body eclipsing mine as he continued to pump his dick into mine. I could feel his muscle gut developing, sliding on my back with his thrusts at first, then starting to actually rest on my back as he grew bigger and his grunts grew louder. "TRAVIS YOU"RE GETTING TOO BIG" I yelled, but he only responded by grunting as he pumped into me more and more. His cock in my ass was starting to become painful as is tensed with a new pop of growth, Travis shook all over, Grunts lowering by another octave. I tried to squirm away from him but his arms had my huge body locked in on either side. His heavy muscle gut was pressing on my back and making it difficult for me to move, it was slowly pinning me flat on the floor. "TRAVIS STOP YOU'RE CRUSHING ME!" I yelled as loud as I could. I was about to get suffocated while being fucked to death by my giant roommate. "TRAVIS NO! YOU'RE TOO BIG!" Travis roared deeply in response. But then, he actually stopped pumping. I felt some of the weight of his gut lift off of me as he repositioned himself back onto his knees, and pulling out of my ass with a loud wet slick sound. "ARE YOU HURT?" his voice now sounded like it was being amplified through a stadium speaker. He was practically whispering but it sounded like a fog horn with a bass booster on it. I was relieved, and surprised. The hulk still had a little Banner in him. "I'm okay" I said, on my hands and knees, breathing heavily. "You just...scared me....." Even thought I now possessed the strength of a dozen men and a body that could fight a moose, I felt like a small boy under him. "I'M SORRY" Travis said. It was funny to hear a genuine tenderness in such an intimidating voice. "CAN WE...... UH.... CONTINUE?" All my anger melted away with this oddly touching, nervous question. I always wondered what Travis was like in bed, and now I was getting the XXXXXXXXL version of the surprisingly caring lover that I had supposed him to be. "Yeah" I said, and I finally actually turned to face him, and almost fell back down again. Travis reached his giant arms toward me, now bigger than my own legs, and said in a soft yet commanding baritone "C'MERE BOY." He was absolutely massive. As tall as I was standing up, his head was still a foot higher than me while he was on his knees. And he was WIDE. As I allowed him to pick me up and bring me close he took up almost my whole field of vision. He looked like a fucking viking, with shaggy hair, and a bushy beard that had sprouted up while he was growing. It made him look fierce and warrior like. His traps rose out of his shoulders almost to his ears, his neck was thicker than his head. And his shoulders were beyond being boulders, I was looking at whole mountain range. As he pulled me closer to him the striations rippled through his pecs, now covered in a pelt of deep brown hair, resting on top of a muscular gut. He was a mountain of a man in full-on bear mode. And right under his stomach, between his two titanic furry thighs, resting on top of the biggest balls I had ever seen, was his still hard cock rising up to me. It was dripping precum in a constant flow in anticipation of going into my ass again. I was ready and willing to let this giant put his seed in me. And when he did, I would become a giant too. "READY to CONTINUE?" He boomed. I nodded and jumped onto his dick, feeling it push into me with little resistance and howling with pleasure. Travis made me hold onto his traps as he bucked into me. Effortlessly slamming his multi-foot cock into me and holding almost all of my 500 pounds easily in his arms. "Come on, Travis! I want your giant cum!" I yelled, as I held on for dear life as he bucked away. I dug in and squeezed his traps with my powerful hands, then clenched as he increased his pace. He was getting close. Then I heard a loud hiccup from Travis and looked up to see a surprised look on his face. "OOPS *HIC* I THOUGHT I WAS *HIC*.... DOE GRO*HIC*WING..... BUT I GUESS NOT!" Every hiccup made his mountainous shoulders spring up just a little higher, as his whole body shuddered. His pecs flexed and bulged out more...and more.... and more with each hiccup. And most importantly his dick, already on the edge of what I could handle, pushed into me more and more. Travis shut his eyes and squeezed me right up against his huge warm body as the feelings shook through him. "OH!......FFFFFFFFFF.............FFFF........FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUCCCCKKKK" The shuddering gave way to a massive full body orgasm as Travis bellowed out and unleashed a fire hose of cum into me, instantly overfilling my insides and spilling out onto his balls. Travis could only moan loudly as the orgasm tore through his body and caused multiple aftershocks. I was pulling off of his cock, which only made more room for the cum he dumping into me. If this stuff had any kind of potency, I'd be leaving the world of normal humans behind in no time. "AAAAWWWWWWW" Travis fell back against the wall, crushing wha was left of the sofa to splinters. "Hey man, I'm not finished!" I yelled, pumping my rod at him. Travis pulled me forward and held me up to rub my dick between his pecs, which were deep enough to feel like a whole new orifice. "Ah fuck!" I was quickly getting close as he tensed and bounced his pecs against my cock. He playfully opened his mouth as my cock grew toward it, sticking his huge tongue out to playfully flick at the head. "Oh FUCK Trav!" I squirted a couple spurts of precum onto his face, coating his beard in sticky fluid. He lapped it up like a bear licking honey. Just as he was about to clamp his mouth onto my nearly-bursting cock, I stopped him. I held his huge square jaw closed with my hand, then waved a finger in his face. "Nah-uh. None for you this time, greedy bastard." Travis groaned loudly as he let go of me and I slid down his body. "Don't worry big guy, there's plenty to go around" I said as I walked toward the dining room table where Dan was still somehow passed out on the table. "But I owe Dan here a little help." I gently tapped (okay kind of slapped) his handsome dopey face and he jolted awake, looking dazed and adorably confused. "Holy SHIT!" He said when he saw the looming form of Travis taking up the whole living room. "Whaaat the ffuck did I miss?" He said confusedly, starting to rise up from the table and rub his head. "No time to explain buddy! I've got something that needs attending to!" I said as I pointed to my fully erect dick, which was ready to blow at any minute. "Yes SIR" Said Dan, huge grin on his face as he wasted no time in pulling himself to the side of the table and opening his mouth wide. I slid my cock in and before I could even get two pumps the sheer sucking force of his mouth and the pressure of his huge tongue against the glans caused me to go off like a rocket. I curled my toes and rocked back in forth in bliss as I pumped gallons of cum into his mouth. He finally coughed and pulled away, cum spilling out of his mouth and onto the floor. "Oh fuck! I'm still going!" I yelled, surprised to see new jets of cum still pumping out. I reached into the kitchen and grabbed the first thing that came to hand- the empty blender that Dan had used to make the initial batch of Maximus Protein, kicking off this whole situation. I had the big blender pitcher about halfway full when my cum flood subsided and I could think straight again. What was I going to do with the leftover cum? Surely I could drink some. I had just taken the biggest load of all time from Travis, and my very full abdomen was already starting o cramp and hint at the growth surge to come. I tingled with excitement thinking about what that cum was going to do to my physique. I lifted the pitcher to my lips to take a sip. I was a growing boy, after all. Then I heard a loud knock on the door that made me jump. Who the fuck could that be? Surely some neighbors had heard us. I grabbed a blanket and sloppily wrapped it around my waist, which didn't do much to cover much of anything, but I had to look at least somewhat presentable. I was about to give whoever was outside the shock of their life, probably. I opened the door not to see a stranger, but to see three of Travis and Dan's close buddies. There was Steve, a somewhat shorter guy who was slightly balding already, but the guys called him Chimp because of his apeman appearance. Then there was Swole Nick, who up until this afternoon had been the biggest and strongest of the group, the guy who always pulled all the women and had the respect of all men due to his imposing stature, chiseled good looks, and steely, confident demeanor. Finally there was Stick Nick, who was called that because where Swole Nick was thick with muscle, Stick Nick was thin and wiry, the polar opposite of his bigger friend. I towered over all three of them as they looked up at me awestruck. "Holy fuck." Swole Nick finally spoke. "The shit really works. Dan told us to get here as soon as we were done at the gym but I didn't expect..... I didn't....." I couldn't help but puff out my chest a little bit and enjoy the feeling of being stared at by men who had hardly even glanced at me before. "Yeah, I guess it works" I said cockily, flexing a mighty bicep and hearing Steve yelp a little bit in surprise. "Well it's a good thing Dan told me to bring the tub that I bought" Stick Nick said, and I saw that he was holding at his side a very familiar sight. "Pretty much blew the bank buying this shit, so let's hope it uh, pays off." He turned the tub of MAXIMUS PROTEIN that he was holding and held it up in front of him. "Got anything to mix this with?" He said. I looked down at the pitcher half-full of cum that was still in my hand. "I've got just the thing for that."
  6. (AM: This story is going to be a long chronicle. The growth is slow, and almost secondary to the story. This focuses instead on men exploring a relationship with growth being a part of it. I have had so much fun writing it so I hope you enjoy!) Chapter 1 Jeremy couldn't believe the situation before him. He had finally taken the plunge and downloaded an app. A dating app. It. Was... Awful! Men throwing themselves at each other dick first. The second you wanted to go on a date that might not lead to sex you get blocked. It was like a forest of dicks, but dicks were the weeds. Sure, they can look nice sometimes, but it's not the way Jeremy wanted to be introduced to someone. Then Jeremy came across the cutest guy. Handsome, and with a great body to boot. Even better he seems really sweet. It seemed too good to be true, which made Jeremy think it wasn't real. That being said Jeremy enjoyed the conversation, and the idea of this hot guy being into him was kinda nice. He seemed genuinely interested in Jeremy too, which was confusing. Jeremy was slightly shorter then average at 5' 7”. He hated it, but some guys found it cute so he just decided to accept it. That being said no one he had found liked his body as it was. Heavier, but not even to the degree that chasers would be interested, not that Jeremy wanted to be that big. This other guy had the body of Jeremy's dream. 6' 2” and built strong, but lean. He said he had tried a few bodybuilding shows but hadn't won anything yet. For his part, he seemed interested in Jeremy's hobbies. Jeremy told him how he had taken martial arts as a kid, but now at this weight he was nervous about his physical capabilities. Dreamboat said that shouldn't hold him back. Jeremy described enjoying video games, being a teacher, spending time helping run the school play. Mr Perfect to his credit took it all in stride. He even seemed excited when Jeremy said they were putting on The Producers. Turns out Mr Slightly-Less-Than-Perfect does not have a great singing voice, but he was trying to sing 'Betrayed' from the play. Both sent laughing messages about it. Thus Jeremy was nervous when finally tall, dark, and pitchy wanted to meet up, Jeremy was disappointed that the dream would end. On the off chance that this was real he had to go, but he was also pretty sure he was being catfished. He made sure to pick a public place in a populated area, tell people where he was going and when he would be back. Now he sat at a small table in a nice pizza place, jaw dropped. As Jeremy watched the man who came in and approached he was not sure is he had been catfished or not. The face of this man was similar enough that Jeremy knew he was the one from the profile, but Mr Amazing was not 6' 2” and not athletically muscular. He was easily 6' 4” and his shirt was a ticking time bomb that was going to explode from his body any minute as his muscles stretched an unforgiving cotton shirt.
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    Nuevo hermanito

    Todo empezó cuando terminé el colegio. Decidido a seguir con mis estudios pero sin ninguna universidad lo suficientemente buena para hacerlo, tuve que mudarme a la capital del país. Solo. Sin mi familia ni mis amigos. Pero lo hice. Debido a mis excelentes notas durante mi secundaria, conseguí una beca en una prestigiosa universidad conocida tanto por su excelencia académica como deportiva. En un país como el nuestro, ambas sumamente importantes. La beca consistía en que ellos me pagaban todo, incluso el alojamiento y la alimentación, lo que sí, iba a compartir departamento con dos estudiantes más, pero dije que más da, nada puede salir mal. Era un lunes de principios de marzo y todavía era verano cuando llegué a la gran ciudad. Fui directo al campus de la universidad donde me habían dicho que me explicarían mejor como sería el sistema de la beca. Llegué a la universidad y no lo podía creer. Era otra ciudad adentro de la ciudad. El parque era inmenso y habían varios edificios dentro de este donde debían de estar las clases y las instalaciones. Fui al edificio principal y hablé con la señora de admisiones. Estuve allí una hora y un poco más que fue todo lo que tardó en explicarme todo el sistema de las clases, horarios, lugares y mi departamento. Me dijo que lo compartiría con unos tales Tomás y Rodrigo Morrudos. Mellizos. Que coincidencia pensé. Le agradecí a la señora por tomarse su tiempo y luego de explicarme como llegar al departamento, que por suerte estaba dentro del campus, partí con mi valija y bolso listo para desempacar y comenzar esta aventura. Caminando por el parque me di cuenta de algo. Todos eran muy altos. De por sí no soy una persona alta, y tampoco grandote, mas bien la gente me definiría chiquito. Por ahi escuálido algunos con peor humor, pero nunca había sido un tema serio en mi vida. Tenía 18 años y medía 1,68 cm y pesaba unos 60 kilos. No esta tan tan mal, eso pensaba yo. Llegué al edificio y era enorme. Entré y había mucho alboroto de gente. Todos de mi edad o un poco más grandes buscando sus deptos y acomodándose. Claro eran los primeros días del año. Subí cuatro pisos por la escalera, la fila del ascensor era muy larga, y llegué a mi piso. Busqué el numero 403 e introduje la llave que me habían dado. Abrí la puerta y lo primero que sentí fue un olor masculino, a macho. Entré y vi que era un depto bastante chico, pero muy util. Tenía una pequeña cocina con microondas incluido, en esta misma una mesa con cuatro sillas, una heladera y la pileta con la canilla para lavar los platos. Una puerta abría a un pequeño baño con inodoro, bidet y ducha, y la otra puerta restante llevaba a mi cuarto. Al abrir la puerta me corregí diciendo nuestro cuarto. Había una cama cucheta y otra cama. La cama individual estaba tomada por un bolso grande y la cama superior de la cucheta lo mismo. Puse mi bolso en la cama que quedaba, la de abajo. Me di cuenta que no había tanto espacio entre esta y el colchón arriba mío pero no me quedaba otra. Había llegado tarde. Me senté en mi cama y me puse a desempacar. Había un ropero con tres secciones bien divididas para cada uno, un alivio. Mientras que hacía esto vi que habían unas zapatillas muy grandes en el piso. Agarré una y me fije el talle. Talle 50, no lo podía creer. Yo calzo 39 tan solo. El pie de ese ser humano debe ser inmenso. De curioso lo olí al zapato. Sentí algo y lo dejé en el piso donde estaba. Después de empacar fui a la cocinacomedor que era nuestro depto y me senté en el sillon que olvide mencionar, grande pero no se si para tres personas, y me puse a mirar television. Debían de ser las 7 de la tarde y me empecé a adormecer... Me desperté de golpe por el ruido de unos pasos pesados en el pasillo de afuera. Escuché dos voces. Graves. Muy graves. Retumbaban y las vibraciones entraban al depto. Hablaban de un entrenamiento. Y de que iban a estar con un compañero de cuarto. De repente se abrió la puerta. Del marco no provino nada de luz. Solo oscuridad. Se agachó y puso de costado para pasar por la pequeña, para él, puerta. Acto seguido lo siguió un gigante de su mismo tamaño. Yo estaba acostado en el sillón y todavía no se habían dado cuenta de mi presencia. Te vino bien el gimansio e! Mira este culote!- el gigante de pelo rojizo le apretó con su manopla la nalga inmensa del de pelo castaño. Te gusta este cuerpo que tengo e. Puedo jurar que cada vez estoy más grande, más gordo y más puesto. Mirá lo que son estas tetas!- empezó a rebotar dos melones gigantescos y fue entonces cuando se sobresaltó y frenó de golpe. Me miró a los ojos. Me vió. Mirá quien está acá hermano! Nuestro compañero, mejor dicho compañerito, de cuarto! Es enano! JA JA!- su voz grave retumbó en mi cabeza y empecé a pararme un poco asustado que me haya visto viéndolo e intimidado por su tamaño. Se me acercó a mí y con su altura y ancho me intimidaba. Era un gigante. Mirandolo desde abajo parecía incluso más grande. Me intenté parar y caí para atrás pero dos manoplas callosas y calurosas agarraron mis brazitos y espalda. No te caigas chiquito! Vení para acá que te queremos conocer mejor.- me levantó y estaba inmovilizado en el aire por sus manos. No podía creer la fuerza que tenía este hombre. Me puso frente a su cara y pude ver lo fachero que era. Seguía teniendo un poco cara de niño pero su barba recien afeitada mostraba que ya era adulto. Los pomulos bien marcados, labios gruesos, ojos marrones, y un cuello muy grueso. El enfocó sus ojos en los míos y rapidamente desvíe la mirada al piso. Estaba levitando al menos treinta centimetros de este. Emm hola. Soy Ramon su su compañero de cuarto.- dije tartamudeando. Hola chiquitin! Yo soy Ro, y él mi hermano Tomás. Somos mellizos como podes ver. BROAAAAR.- un eructo largo y potente directo a mi cara.- JA JA siempre me pasa, ahí te bajo enano me olvidé que te estaba levantando.- Volví al piso y ahí dimensioné el tamaño de ambos. Me llevaban al menos tres cabezas o más, y de ancho tres cuerpos si o sí. Estaban en musculosa y shorts cortos que dejaban poco a la imaginación. Tenían el cuerpo igual ambos. Dos caras grandes sumamente atractivas, Ro morocho y Tomás un poco más rojizo el pelo. Un cuello grueso y fuerte. El pecho más ancho que vi en mi vida, con dos hombros redondos y fuertes y dos tetas musculosas y gordas. Eran dos bolas de bowling. Tenían una solida panza pero que se le marcaban por sobre ese musculo grasoso los abdominales. Por debajo de los hombros, unos biceps gigantescos, más grandes que mi pecho, y antebrazos gruesos y firmes. Me impresionaron las manos, anchas y con dedos como morcillas. Tenían gambas gordas y tonificadas, muy anchas, con dos rodillotas impresionantes. Los gemelos enormes, y pies peludos de talle 50, gordos jugosos y de gigante. Todo este análisis lo hice en los 5 segundos en los cuales estuve parado enfrente de los colosos que iban a ser mis compañeros de cuarto. Nos vas a contar algo más de vos o que?- dijo uno de los gigantes que tenia en frente mío. Ss si. Llegué hoy del interior del país y estoy con una beca acá. Y voy a estudiar economía.-dije casi como soldado. Miralo al enano. Dejaste todo para venirte aca? No conoces a nadie?- Mm no.- ya ganando un poco de confianza.- Ustedes son los primeros con los que hablo, sin contar la de admisiones.- Bueno no pasa nada. Porque ahora vas a ser como un hermano nuestro!- Ro se emocionó y me levantó devuelta abrazandome con sus brazotes. -Mejor dicho, un hermanito!-
  8. dangerdanger

    La slipeta [ESPAÑOL]

    El asunto comenzó cuando Ramiro me regaló unos calzoncillos blancos de slip. Ramiro y yo éramos amigos desde la secundaria. El día que había decidido irme a vivir solo, él se encontraba en la misma situación así y me dijo de alquilar un departamento con tres ambientes y compartir los gastos. Me pareció una buena idea y así fue: a los pocos meses encontramos un departamento enorme que podíamos pagar entre los dos. Ramiro era gay, pero eso a mí nunca me había importado. Al parecer yo no era el tipo de chabón que a él le gustaba, lo cual no complicaba el asunto entre nosotros. Pero como decía, el asunto comenzó cuando Ramiro me regaló unos calzoncillos blancos de slip. En verdad el asunto era un chiste que él me había hecho. —Te quedarían bien unas slipetas blancas —me dijo. Entonces para mi cumpleaños, a modo de chiste, me regaló unos calzoncillos de esos. Nos reímos y eso fue todo. Ramiro era un chaboncito muy gracioso, medía 1,40 lo cual lo volvía una suerte de ratita. Era flaco como un fideo y siempre decía que tenía el cuerpo de un chico de doce años. No le molestaba ser tan chiquito, es más, siempre decía que le gustaba ser así porque le gustaban los hombres mas grandes que él y bueno, no era muy dificil ser mas grande que él. Yo tampoco era un gigante, mido 1.70, algo bastante normal. Iba al gimnasio para no volverme una ameba y me cuidaba en las comidas, pero solo eso. Y resultó que un día, antes de trabajar, cuando fui a buscar un calzón descubrí que estaban todos sucios, excepto el que Ramiro me había regalado. Me lo puse para salir del paso y descubrí que no eran tan incómodos como había imaginado. Ese día me sentí super energizado, como si tuviera una suerte de alegría o algo. Las chicas de la oficina me dijeron que me veían muy bien, incluso me preguntaron si estaba ejercitando. La verdad era que me sentía muy bien y bastante caliente. Esa misma tarde hablando con la recepcionista me di cuenta que me la estaba levantando y con una naturalidad que no sabía que tenía me la chamuyé para llevarla a mi depto. Esa noche garchamos como conejos. Yo me sentía al palo. Esa semana fue toda así, incluso en el gimnasio empecé a levantar mas peso. Tenía una energía interminable. En el espejo empecé a notar que estaba mas musculoso y por alguna razon me empezó a gustar usar el slip de Ramiro. También era verdad que cuando las chicas con las que me acosté esa semana (fueron 3) me vieron usando eso me dijeron que les encantaba. Así fue que me lo dejé puesto. Lo lavaba cada vez que me bañaba, dormía desnudo y al día siguiente estaba seco. Ustedes se preguntarán que pasó. No tengo la menor idea, pero empecé a crecer. Fue una locura, era algo de no creer. Mis músculos se inflaron hasta el punto de que la ropa me empezó a quedar apretada. Pero no solo fueron mis músculos sino que tambien empecé a crecer en altura. Así fue como al mes de estar usando la slipeta medía 1.75 y pesaba 80kilos. Pegué una espalda de la puta madre y mis brazos se volvieron enormes. Me sentía una bestia. Y como si fuera poco la pija me empezó a crecer. Yo no entendía que estaba pasando, pero la sensación era genial. Me sentía superman y tenía el cuerpo de superman. Me empezó a pasar que ni bien llegaba a casa quería sacarme la remera.Yo nunca había sido así de andar sin remera, pero ahora sentía que quería estar así, solo con la slipeta. Me causaba gracia que Ramiro no me podía sacar los ojos de encima. Me daba cuenta de que me miraba hacer el más mínimo movimiento. Mis nuevos músculos lo volvían loco. Y pasó que me empezó a gustar que me mirara lo grande que estaba. Y para mi sorpresa el asunto de crecer no había terminado. Recién empezaba. Cada día que pasaba yo estaba no solo más alto sino con músculos más grandes, era como que me estaba inflando con cada día que pasaba. A los dos meses ya medía 1.80 y pesaba 95kilos. En el trabajo las minas estaban locas con mis músculos. Se la pasaban tocándome y diciendo lo bueno que estaba. Durante esa época me la pasé garchando, casi todos los días llevaba una mina nueva y la hacía mierda en mi cama. Tenía la pija enorme, me había convertido en un semental. Pero a las minas les encantaba que tuviera el pecho tan grande, era verdad. Mis pectorales se habían inflado y eran dos montañas gigantes llenas de fuerza. Me costaba encontrar remeras que me entraran. En casa andaba todo el día en slipeta. Todo mi cuerpo musculoso quedaba al aire. Ramiro no podía sacarme los ojos de encima, pero no se animaba a decir nada. Yo lo veía ahí debajo mio moviéndose alrededor como una ratita alrededor de un queso gigante y me moría de risa. Cada día lo veía mas chiquito y flacucho, pero en verdad era que yo me estaba volviendo mas grande y musculoso. Empezó a pasar que mis hombros se volvieron tan enormes y mi espalda tan ancha que tenía que girar para pasar por las puertas y a los tres meses había crecido tanto que me tenía que agachar para pasar por las puertas. Mi pija se había vuelto una anaconda de veinte centímetros flácida, pero que crecía hasta medio metro. La slipeta me quedaba tan apretada que pija colgaba enorme con mis bolas llenas de semen. Me había vuelto un gigante inmenso. Me causaba gracia ver como Ramiro intentaba ocultar su pijita parada cada vez que me veía caminar desnudo con todos mis enormes músculos al aire. Mis piernas eran dos troncos enormes llenos de fuerza y músculos. Cada una de mis piernas se había vuelto mas ancha que su cuerpo. Mis biceps era mas grandes que su cabecita y mi pectorales eran tan grandes que me tenía que inclinar sobre ellos para verlo ahí debajo admirando mi enorme musculatura. A veces para joderlo, mientras cocinaba en calzones decía cosas como: —Uh, chabon, estoy re duro, no sabés como me cuesta moverme con estos músculos. —… —¿Qué decís? —le preguntaba flexionando un brazo gigante que explotaba con un bicep enorme—¿Te parece que estoy suficientemente grande? Mirá este brazo. Soy una bestia. O a veces le contaba a las minas que me había garchado la noche anterior. —Boludo, no sabés como estaban las minas ayer, se volvían locas por mi pecho. Me lamieron las tetas estas y me tocaron todo. Estaban locas por mis músculos. Me parece que cuanto mas grande me vuelvo más se excitan esas putas. Y cuando me las garcho acaban como cinco veces. Boludo, no sabés lo enorme que tengo la pija. Parezco un caballo. —… Al mes de eso pegué un estirón todavía mas grande. Llegué al 1.90 y a los 120 kilos. Pero apenas tenía grasa y todos mis músculos eran enormes y duros. Me sentía Hulk, aunque tenía una cintura bastante chica lo cual acentuaba la forma de V de mi espalda. La slipeta todavía me entraba aunque los pelos de mis huevos asomaban por ambos lados y se veía el tamaño inmenso de mi poronga. De todos modos seguía sacándome la ropa al llegar a casa y Ramiro al verme corría al baño. Yo me daba cuenta de que se pajeaba con solo verme caminar. Y la verdad que no podía culparlo. Mi cuerpo musculoso era impresionante. Parecía una estatua tallada en piedra toda gigante y musculosa. Mi pecho era inmenso, ancho y abultado. Mis brazos eran dos piedras enormes y mi espalda parecía un valle de músculos. Me había vuelto un macho inmenso y super dotado. —¿Qué decís, chabon? A que soy el hombre mas grande que viste tu vida. Mira el tamaño de mis músculos. A esa altura Ramiro me parecía un enano diminuto. Lo veía todo flaquito y chiquito que me causaba gracia como se movía alrededor de mis gigantezcos músculos. A veces sin querer me tocaba el cuerpo y yo me daba cuenta de que se estremecía a punto de acabar. Se la pasaba llendo al baño. Una noche después de cenar él se levantó con los platos y me di cuenta que ya era mas alto que él estando sentado. Le sacaba mas de una cabeza. —A ver, vení chabon, acercate —le dije. Me obedeció temblando. No solo le pasaba a él, todo el mundo parecía obedecerme a cualquier cosa que dijera. Al parecer cuando te volvías así de musculoso y grande la gente se sentía intimidada. —Vení, acercate, quiero ver cuanto mas grande soy. Me abrí de piernas y me senté derecho. Todo mi cuerpo musculoso brillaba y mi pija en la slipeta se abultaba gigante. Había cogido toda la semana pero las ganas de seguir cogiendo no se me habían ido. Ramiro se acercó sosteniendo los platos. —Deja eso. Lo dejó sobre la mesa. —Vení, acercate más a mi cuerpo. Quiero ver lo enorme que soy. Se acercó hasta quedar a centímetros de mi pecho enorme. Mi cuerpo junto al suyo parecía todavía mas grande, de pronto sentía que mis músculos se endurecían como cuando entrenaba. Me estaba inflando solo de estar cerca de esa mierdita. —Creo que estoy un poco grande —dije y flexioné mi brazo frente a su cara. Sus ojos se abriero como platos. —Sacate la remera. Temblando se sacó la remera. Ramiro era un flacucho diminuto y pálido sin un músculo. —ja, boludo, sos mínimo. No tenés ni un músculo. Mirá la diferencia de nuestro cuerpos,. Yo estoy todo enorme, mirame el pecho. Vení mas cerca. Así, fijate lo grande que lo tengo. Mirame los hombros y los brazos. Estoy todo duro. Estoy super inflado. Ramiro estaba con la boca abierta viendo mi cuerpo cada vez mas grande, duro y brillante. Mi pecho parecía haberse duplicado de tamaño. Me sentía gigante. —Sacate el pantalón —le dije y empecé a acariciarme la pija debajo del calzón. Me daba cuenta de que me había crecido. Todo mi cuerpo estaba mucho mas grande. Me sentia gigante y fuerte. Capaz de levantar un auto con mis brazos musculosos. Ramiro se sacó el pantalón y asomaron sus piernitas de gallina. Era apenas un palito. Su pijita parada era mas chica que mi dedo meñique. —Boludo, sos una mierdita. Mirá la diferencia de nuestros cuerpos. Soy como veinte veces mas grande que vos. Mirá el pecho que tengo. Estoy enorme. Boludo, ¿y vos te crees un hombre con ese cuerpo? Esto es un hombre. Mira el cuerpo que tengo. Flexioné ambos brazos y acabó apenas con un suspiro. —jaja, ¿acabaste de solo ver mis músculos? Que puto que sos. A ver mostrame esa pijita. Sacate el calzoncillo a si veo lo chiquita que tenés la pija. Se lo sacó. Era todavía más chica de lo que yo pensaba. —Jajaja, chabon, la tenés diminuta. Boludo, ¿Qué hacés con eso? Es un maní. Apuesto a que querés ver una pija en serio. ¿Querés ver el tamaño de mi poronga?¿Querés ver la pija gigante que tengo? Apuesto que te moris de ganas de verme en pelotas. ¿Qué decís? Querés ver todo mi cuerpo musculoso y mi pija gigante parada. Ramiro dijo que si. De los ojos le caían lágrimas. Me puse de pie despacio viendo como se achicaba debajo de mi pecho gigante. Él me veía cada vez mas grande y más alto. Con todos mis músculos brillando, enormes y duros. —Uh, chabon, estoy enorme. Me paré y toqué el techo con la cabeza. Debía medir más de dos metros. Mi músculos se habían inflado hasta la locura. Me bajé la slipeta y pudo ver mi pija gigante y flacida asomando como la trompa de un elefante. Empecé a masturbarme con una mano mientras con la otra me tocaba los músculos. —Jaja, mirá el tamaño de mis músculos. Mirá el cuerpo de hombre gigante que tengo —mi pija se había parado por la mitad y ya era mas grande y ancha que antes—. Mirá el hombre enorme en que se convirtió tu amigo. Soy un dios, chabon, mirá mi pecho. Soy gigante. Mirá mis brazos enormes. Mirá mis piernas y mirá esta pija gigante que tengo. Era una cosa inmensa, una anaconda enorme, parada y dura. Flexioné ambos brazos. —Mirá lo grande que estoy, putito enano, mirá al gigante de tu amigo musculoso. Siento que estoy creciendo de solo estar en bolas. ¿Qué decís, enano, soy lo suficientemente musculoso? Apuesto a que querés lamerme todo el cuerpo y tocarme los músculos. ¿Qué decís? ¿Me querés chupar la pija gigante? Mirá este tronco que tengo. Soy un semental. Mi pecho se infló de repente y mis brazos tambien. —uh, estoy enorme —dije. Mi espalda se volvió más ancha y mis piernas crecieron como jamones. De pronto estaba inflándome todo. Necesitaba garchar cuanto antes. Mis bolas se habían llenado de semen. —Es tu día de suerte, enano, te voy a romper el culo de un buen pijazo —dije y mis músculos se inflaron más.
  9. Quería presentarles mi primera historia. Tengo otras empezadas.. que son hojas y hojas de word, pero nunca las termino, y queria experimentar con un formato corto de capitulo unico. Es simple, pero espero les guste y dejen sus comentarios para intentar hacerlo mejor una proxima ----------------------------------------- Con un leve pánico me apuré en la cocina. Me froté el antebrazo por la frente para secar mi sudor y quitarme algunas manchas de harina… aunque la prioridad de momento era darme prisa. Genial! Los ocho medallones de carne en el horno parecian estar listo y desde la sala,con su voz gruesa, podia escuchar sus impacientes quejas. “Vamos, RAPIDO! tengo hambre!” Retiré la carne de la bandeja del horno y un poco mas aliviado, fui armando la última tanda de hamburguesas para ponerlas junto a las otras. Para agilizar, ya tenia la lechuga, el tomate y los panes rebanados. Todo listo: 24 hamburguesas, las 10 patas de pollo al horno y una generosa fuente de Lasagna. Subí todo al carrito y empujé hasta la sala. Allí aguardaba él. Roger, el hombre mas grande inimaginable parado frente a mi, con su imponente estatura y tan ancho como el portal de la puerta. Me sentia insignificantemente pequeño a su lado -y lo era-. Aunque un fisicoculturista profesional también sentiria lo mismo. Vi en su rostro una señal complaciente y enseguida tomó las patas de pollo, que entre sus dedos gruesos parecian de juguete y con una simple supción, como si fuera una paleta de niños, extrajo la carne del hueso. Una, dos, tres.. podia llevarse varias a su boca al mismo tiempo. Cuando se habian acabado, extendí la fuente con hamburguesas por sobre encima de mi cabeza. Él levantó la bandeja, la inclinó sobre su boca y dejó simplemente que las hamburguesas cayeran dentro. Lo mismo hizo con la segunda fuente, y mientras tragaba y tragaba, y veía que las hamburguesas iban desapareciendo rapidamente, yo sólo rogaba que la comida fuera suficiente. Crucé los dedos para toda la ración alcance al calmar al apetito del gruñón. “BURRRPPPP...Pero... ¿esto es todo?!” se quejó decepcionado al ver que el carrito ya estaba vacio. La fuente de Lasagna extra que habia adicionado no fue alcanzó a saciarlo. El cuerpo me temblaba un poco.. y es que estaba agotado. Estaba tan exhausto de pasar la mayor parte de mis dias cocinando sin parar, que creo haber perdido algo de peso. Podia notarlo en la holgura de mis pantalones. Pero es que, el apetito de Roger se habia vuelto tan demandante que apenas tenía tiempo libre para descansar. De pronto mis pies dejaron de tener contacto con el suelo. Miré hacia abajo y estaba flotando a un metro del suelo. Roger me habia jalado de la camiseta, y con nuestros ojos frente a frente me reclamó “MAS, QUIERO MAS! ALIMÉNTAME MARCO, QUIERO MAS. MAS COMIDA”. El corazón casi se me para de un susto ante esa exigencia en tono amenazante. Y aqui estaba yo. Otra vez en la cocina amasando, y recordando aquellos dias. Admito que tengo la culpa.. aunque ya de nada sirve. Era demasiado tarde ¿como no pude preverlo antes? A menos de un año del primer encuentro, los recuerdos eran tan frescos como si hubiese sido ayer. * * * Miré el reloj, y allí sobre una mesa del rincón del café aguardaba sentado un apuesto morocho. El hombre se puso de pie y extendió su mano para saludarme cordialmente. “Soy Roger” me dijo a los ojos. Teniamos la misma altura, aunque él rellenaba mejor su camisa. Se notaba que era un sujeto que gustaba del entrenamiento. Podria haberle hecho algunos comentarios sobre eso, pero preferí ir directamente al grano. Saqué de mi maletín un frasco con 15 comprimos proteicos y le indiqué que ayunas, tomara uno cada Lunes. Este suplemento, que prometía mejorar la masa muscular y el rendimiento de un atleta, lo habia creado yo. No fue nada fácil. Pasé noches y noches desvelado investigando e intentando decifrar algunas misterios del ADN, las celulas y algunos asuntos metabolicos relacionados, hasta finalmente lograrlo. Las pruebas en laboratorio fueron exitosas, y era momento de avanzar un paso mas. Ya estaba decidido en probarla en un humano, pese a que esos imbéciles del consejo interamericano de ciencia me denegaran el permiso. Pero no me importaba, no iba a parar. No iba a dejar que un grupo élite me negaran la posibilidad de ser reconocido como el autor de la pildora proteica que revolucionaría la industria del deporte, y que me llevaría a lo mas alto de la fama y el prestigio cientifico. Asi fue como todos los Domingos, Roger comenzó a visitarme para un chequeo semanal, y la experiencia estaba resultando positiva. No dejaba de expresarme lo enérgico que se sentía, y en como cada semana superaba sus cargas. “¿Porque no te quitas la camisa para que pueda verte mejor?” le sugerí el último dia del tratamiento. Roger se quitó la camisa y comenzó a flexionar sus músculos frente a mi. El estaba maravillado con los resultados obtenidos en esos tres meses y con la atencion extra que recibia en el gimnasio, y las miradas al transitar por la vía pública. Yo no podia menos que acompañar mi elogio con unas caricias sobre sus brazos. Yo tambien estaba maravillado al comprobar la efectividad del exitoso tratamiento. Se sentian duros incluso en reposo. Saqué una cinta métrica del cajón y lo envolvi sobre el abultado biceps de Roger. “Excelente!.. 41 centimetros!”. Eso eran 4 centimetros en comparación al registro inicial. Intenté controlar mis emociones.. pero era único y placentero ese sabor del exito de haber creado al adonis que tenia enfrente mio. Y mas al comparar el número que arrojaba la báscula. El peso corporal de Roger se habia disparado de 80 kilos a 97!. Y esos numeros no mentían. No hacia falta ver un numero en una báscula para darse cuenta que todos los músculos del atleta se habian engrosado como si hubiese entrenado por años. Bastaba verle como ese jean se pegaba a esos voluminosos cuadriceps y sinuosos gemelos, y en como la camisa también le calzaba notoriamente mas ajustada, al punto en el que ya no era le era posible abrocharse el botón superior ante la presión de sus carnosos pectorales. Me contaba además que con su nuevo tamaño y fuerza habia desplazado al muchacho mas grande y fuerte del gimnasio en el cual entrenaba. Que orgullo sentía haber creado a tal semental. Contemplé su musculatura y de impulsivo le lancé una pregunta. La maldita pregunta. “¿Acaso no te gustaria verte un poco mas grande y fuerte?”. En caso de aceptar la propuesta, le pedí que solo debia cumplir una unica condición: pasar las próximas semanas en casa. Necesitaba tenerlo cerca para estudio médico. No estaba tan seguro del efecto biologico que podria traer una extensión del tratamiento, pero mi sed de cientifico deseaba ir por mas. Cuando mayor fuese el éxito, mayor sería mi prestigio. Ya podía imaginarme en la tapa de los principales magazine de ciencia del mundo. Roger se mudó a casa, y para su sorpresa yo le habia montado un gimnasio hogareño en el garage para que pudiera entrenar a diario. Tenía barras, discos, mancuernas y bancas reclinables.Estaba encantando de tenerlo como huesped, y con la excusa de alcanzarle un bocadillo, yo me apoyaba en la puerta del garage, y me quedaba viendo como sus músculosos se tensaban en cada movimiento. Era como arte en movimiento, y el brillo del sudor recorriendo los surcos de sus brazos, sus hombros y sus pectorales lo hacia mas imponente ¡Que placer cocinarle a un hombre musculoso como él! Roger progresaba asombrosamente. Las mancuernas de 40 kilos las levantaba con una mano como quien alza un libro y en pocos dias, no tenía con que vestirse. Sus pantalones parecian pintados sobre sus cuadriceps, y tenía dificultades para hacerlo subirlo mas alla de sus turgentes y fibrosas nalgas. Sus camisas tampoco se salvaban. Un movimiento o una flexión a medio hacer, ya era suficiente para reventar las costuras. Se hizo momento de actualizarle el talle a uno o dos mas acorde a su nuevo tamaño, asi que visitamos al Mall. Antes del volvernos con todas las bolsas, paramos por unas rosquillas. Roger tenía hambre, y no importaba que se atraque con una docena de rosquillas rellenas, su indice de grasa corporal se mantenía estable. Me giré para ver a mi alrededor pude comprobarlo. “Tenias razón muchacho…”. La gente que pasaba a su lado lo quedaba mirando, y algunas chicas -y tambien chicos- lo codiciaban con la mirada. Increiblemente exitoso! El Peso de Roger se habia incrementado de 97 a 99 kilos en la primera semana… de 99 a 104 kilos en la segunda y de 104 saltó a 112 kilos para la tercera semana. Para el término del primer mes en casa, el muchacho habia alcanzado unos impresionantes 120 kilos, y por supuesto que yo acompañaba los festejos como si los numeros me fuesen propios. Su exito, era mi exito. “Doc, usted se esta encogiendo?” Me preguntó en confianza, y una mueca engreida. Oh! ¿como no pude notarlo antes?! Al tenerlo frente a frente, nuestros ojos ya no estaban alineados a la misma ahora. Delante de mis ojos tenía a su nariz. Miré hacia abajo para chequear si no era algun efecto visual del calzado, o algun tipo de broma.. pero estaba descalzo. No podia creerlo! y con esfuerzo para contener mi entusiasmo ante tal descubrimiento, fui en busca de una cinta métrica. Roger habia pasado el metro ochenta. ¡1,83 metros, Para ser mas preciso!. No solo venia aumentando su masa muscular mas rapidamente, sino que ademas también sumó 4 centimetros a su escultural cuerpo. Un efecto colateral gratamente impensado. Pero si creia que esos números eran asombrosos, no habria adjetivos para describir los que vería en las siguientes semanas: 1,84… 1,85… 1,87… Para el final de otro mes tuve que ponerme en punta de pie para leer su altura. Ya media casi un metro noventa!. Los dias seguian pasando, y sus hombros se elevaban mas y mas por sobre el nivel de mis ojos. Cada vez tenia que inclinarme mas para hablarle, y esos carnosos pectorales comenzaban a eclipsarle el rostro cuando me miraba desde arriba. “¿Quedó un poco mas de Lasagna?.. aún tengo hambre” Un plato de pasta ya no era capaz de saciar el creciente apetito de Roger. Tampoco dos. Se necesitaba mas que eso para cubrir el gasto enérgetico que su tono muscular en expansión le demandaba. Desde el punto de vista del experimento era grandioso…pero tambien admito que la situación se estaba volviendo un poquito inquietante. Y algo mas cansadora. Necesitaba pasar algo mas de tiempo en la cocina para preparar un mayor volumen de comida, acorde a su tamaño. “Mierda!”. Tomé nota de otros 7 nuevos kilos y 3 centimetros que habia crecido mi huesped en los últimos siete dias, y al trazarlos en un gráfico la situacion era preocupante. Sus progresos eran cada vez mayores, y la sospecha ya era un hecho. Al ver como la curva de crecimiento mostraba signos de aceleración, me vi en la drástica decisión de suspenderle la ingesta de la pildora proteica. Bien podría haber cancelado el tratamiento, pero... ¿dejar que se regrese a su casa?. No, lo queria conmigo! Despues de todo, ver semejante hombre con ese torso tan masculino que parecia haber sido esculpido por los dioses griegos, paseando por la sala con apenas un shortcito ajustado que no dejaba nada a la imaginación, era todo un privilegio. No podia privarme de ese deleite para la vista, asi que opté reemplazar los comprimido proteicos por unos simple comprimido para el dolor de cabeza. El plan no funcionó. El crecimiento de Roger no se detenía y sus números seguian subiendo mas y mas. Pasadas tres semanas mas, necesité subirme a una silla para poder extender la cinta métrica hasta la cima de su cabeza. “Me siento enorme!!, Doc HAHAH” No era para menos..¡2,14 mts!. Tan alto como un basketbolista pero grueso como un fisicoculturista. Los umbrales de la puerta presentaban grietas y marcos por sus descuidos.. Algunas veces olvidaba agachar su cabeza al pasar de una habitacion de la casa a otra, y otras veces, por bruto sus hombros y dorsales impactaban contra los bordes. Roger flexionó sus brazos para mi, y al contraerlos, unas abultadas bolas se inflaron tan altas como mi cara. Tremendo biceps! Lo envolví con la cinta métrica, que a ojo calculé serian de unos 48 centimetros pero me quede corto. ¡51 centimetros! Eso explicaba porque cuando se lo apreté entre mis manos, no logré cubrir toda la circunsferencia por completo. Con esos brazos y esa espalda ancha era fácil saber porque reventaban las costuras de sus camisas. Admito que sentía placer al ver mi obra maestra poniendose enorme. Pero contradictoriamente al mismo tiempo mi preocupación aumentaba fuertemente cada dia mientras veia como su cabeza se acercaba mas y mas al techo. ¿como era posible que continuara creciendo sin el suplemento?? Y mas alarmante era el ritmo en el que lo venia haciendo. Ya ni el talle 4XL podia contener terrible lomo. Y tampoco los muebles de la casa se salvaban. No habia material de la sillas que pueda resistir a ese mole de 181 kilos en la mañana. que para la noche la cifra habia ascendido a 192. Pero yo no tenía tiempo para repararlas, ni para comprar otras.. debia pasar mi tiempo cocinando, cocinando y cocinando para él. * * * “APÚRATE QUE TENGO HAMBRE...MAS RAPIDO, MARCO. DAME COMIDA!” Fui corriendo a llevarle la nueva tanda de pizzas recien amasadas. Con cada bocado que tragaba, yo veía pasivamente como sus músculos se hinchaban. Lo habia entendido, aunque muy tarde. Las calorias eran el combustible para que siga creciendo. No tenía certezas de por cuanto tiempo mas el gigante que esta cerca de duplicarme duplica en altura seguirá creciendo, pero a ese ritmo muy pronto su cabeza chocará contra el techo. Quizá en un par de dias… o en horas. “MAAAAS” siguió reclamándome. Con todo lo que se comió en minutos, podria haber alimentado a un equipo completo de rugby. Pero ni eso era suficiente para calmar al insacible. Queria mas! “MAS. Mas, Marco. MAAAAAAS!”
  10. dangerdanger

    Sentí lo fuerte que estoy

    I Conocí a mi handyman un día que estaba tomando un café. Me senté junto a la ventana y vi llegar un camión enorme. El brazo del conductor asomaba afuera y el brazo mas enorme que hubiera visto en mi vida. Con unos músculos gigantes, unos hombros redondos y fuertes llenos de tendones. El tamaño de ese brazo y la definición de esos músculos me hicieron pensar en un hombre enorme, pero nada comparado con lo que vi después. Era un mastodonte de músculos, tenía una espalda del tamaño de una puerta y detrás de su cuello se abultaban unos dorsales tan anchos que hacían pensar en alas. Llevaba una remera suelta y gastada que con el viento mostraba el cuerpo increible que había debajo. Parecía tener mi edad, quizás un poco menos, pero debía estar alrededor de los treinta años. Al lado del resto de los hombres parecía un monstruo gigante, su pecho era tan grande que estiraba la tela. Llevaba un jean roto y gastado que marcaba sus piernas gigantes. Todo en su cuerpo emanaba una fuerza descomunal. No pude quitarle la vista de encima, cada movimiento que hacía era una maravilla musculosa. Del camión bajó unas cajas que nadie más podía bajar. Eran enormes y pesadas, pero él las movía como si no pesara nada. Al final todos lo aplaudieron, le hacían chistes por el tamaño descomunal de su cuerpo. Esto a él le causó gracia y antes de irse levantó los brazos y flexionó ambos biceps para que admiraran el tamaño de su cuerpo. Era una cosa increible. Ni bien se fue, pagué y crucé la calle. Me acerqué a los hombres sin decir nada y me quedé viendo mi celular. Escuché que hablaban de Fabricio. Ese era su nombre. Al parecer además de trabajar como transportista, también era electricista. —¿Electricista? —pregunté—. ¡Necesito un electricista! Así fue como conseguí su número. El día que vino a casa hacía más de treinta grados. Tanto afuera como adentro hacía un calor infernal. Yo me había pedido el día en el trabajo dado que él solo tenía disponible el mediodía. Cuando tocó el timbre corrí a abrir. La sombra que proyectaba su gigantesco cuerpo me hizo pensar en un eclipse. Era mucho más grande de lo que recordaba, tanto que tuve miedo. Me sacaba más de dos cabezas y tuvo que agacharse para pasar por la puerta. Cuando nos dimos la mano fue como si un gigante tomara la mano de un bebé. Su antebrazo era mas grande que mis piernas y encima de eso asomaban unos tubos tan enormes que tuve que respirar por la boca para que me llegara el oxígeno a la cabeza. Fabricio se enderezó y golpeó techo con la cabeza. —Perdón —dijo. —No pasa nada —le respondí—, no es una casa para alguien tan alto como vos. Pero en verdad hubiera querido decir: para alguien tan enorme como vos. —Me pasa seguido —dijo agachándose un poco lo cual le daba un aspecto todavía mas grande por alguna extraña razón. Le comenté mi problema. Necesitaba cambiar toda la instalación de luz, los cables eran demasiado finitos para soportar toda la tensión eléctrica. Le mostré la casa y me dijo un número. No era caro, incluso me pareció bastante barato. Le dije que si y le pregunté cuando podía empezar, me dijo que si lo esperaba podía ir a comprar las cosas en ese momento y le dije que si. Cuando volvió estaba todo transpirado de solo caminar bajo el sol. La remera se le pegaba a sus increibles músculos. Se puso a trabajar de inmediato y dado que era el mediodía no se me ocurrió mejor idea que ofrecerle algo de comer. Traje dos sanguches enormes y le di uno. Me senté a mirar como ese cuerpo inmenso y musculoso trabajaba en mi casa. —¿Es suficiente para vos? —le pregunté—. Digo, sos muy grande, si querés mas comida tengo. Terminó de comer el sanguche y se limpió la boca con la remera. Cuando la levantó puede ver la escultura de músculos que escondía debajo. Nunca había visto un hombre así, parecía tallado en piedra. —Gracias, pero con esto tiro. Además es mi segundo almuerzo, todavía me falta uno más. —¿Tres almuerzos? —Hay que alimentar este cuerpo —dijo y flexionó su brazo. Por poco me morí ahi mismo. El tamaño de sus músculos era irreal, lo mismo que su definición. —Wow —dije haciéndome el boludo—, ¿entrenás mucho? —No —dijo para mi sorpresa—, siempre fui musculoso. De chiquito, a los doce ya tenía bastantes músculos y ya era el hombre más fuerte del barrio. Después solo fui creciendo y mis músculos crecieron mas y mas. Y ahora soy asi. Los médicos decían que solo era muy musculoso y nada más. —Y tienen razón —dije mirándolo de arriba a abajo— ¿Pero no vas al gimnasio ni nada de eso? —Voy, pero de vez en cuando. A veces tengo ganas de hacer fuerza y voy. Cuando tenés músculos tan grandes como yo te dan ganas a veces de ver cuan fuerte sos —dijo y flexionó ambos brazos. —Y me imagino que sos muy fuerte. —No te das una idea —dijo con una sonrisa—. Debo ser entre 10 y 20 veces mas fuerte que cualquier otro hombre. Mirá el tamaño de mis brazos —dijo y los flexionó mientras se los miraba—. ¿Alguna vez viste unos brazos como estos? —Sos enorme. —Y eso porque no viste mi pecho —dijo y con un movimiento lento se sacó la remera. Fue el movimiento más impresionante que vi en mi vida. Por suerte tenía una mesa que me protegía de que él viera mi erección. —Con el tiempo lo que más me creció fue el pecho. Cada vez lo tenía más y mas grande, hasta que me fue dificil encontrar remeras. ¿Alguna vez viste a un hombre con un pecho tan grande? —Wow. —Jaja, si, tengo los musculos muy grandes. Flexionó todo su cuerpo y pude ver como cada parte se inflaba dándole un aspecto todavía más grande. —Y eso que no me viste después de entrenar. Cuando voy al gimnasio termino gigante, cada músculo se vuelve el doble de grande. Después siguió trabajando mientras yo miraba su espalda gigantesca trabajar y moverse en mi casa. Sus brazos eran irreales, montañas de músculos que se inflaban con cada movimiento. —Lo mejor es para conseguir minas —continuó—, a las minas les encantan los hombres musculosos. Se vuelven locas. Cuando voy a los boliches no tengo que hacer nada, se me acercan solas y me empiezan a tocar todos los músculos a pedirme que flexione los brazos. La ultima vez que fui me llevé cuatro minas a mi casa. Fue una fiesta. —Wow... —Si, además no solo tengo los músculos enormes —dijo y me guiñó un ojo. Siguió trabajando mientras yo hacía un esfuerzo por pensar que preguntar. —Lo único que no me gusta de ser tan enorme es cuando se te ponen a mirar esos viejos verdes. ¿Viste esos flacuchos que se calientan con tu cuerpo? Me miran el lomo que tengo y empiezan a pajearse mirando mi pecho y mis brazos. No tengo la culpa de ser tan enorme y fuerte. Y esos putos pajeros te miran como si imaginaran garchando con ellos. Me pasa todo el tiempo. Ademas son unos enanos a los que podría matar con solo apretarles el cuello. Lo que mas les calienta es mi pecho —dijo mientras se tocaba uno de los gigantezcos pectorales—. Me ven el pecho enorme y duro y se empiezan a pajear. —Lo decís como si no te gustara ser musculoso. —¡Me encanta! —dijo y se dio vuelta para que pudiera ver su torso gigantesco—. Es genial ser así de enorme y tener estos músculos. Mirá esto, mirá el tamaño que tengo. ¿Alguna vez viste a alguien con un pecho tan grande? Las minas se vuelven locas. Se les moja toda la concha de solo verme las tetas. Además no vas a conocer a nadie tan fuerte como yo, soy mas fuerte que un toro. Mirame los brazos. Apuesto a que nunca viste a alguien con brazos asi. Mirá veni —dijo pero acercó él; era una torre gigante encima mío—. Apretame los brazos. Con ambas manos. Dale, apretá con fuerza. Mirá el tamaño de tus manos y de mi brazo. No llegás ni a tocarte los dedos. Apretá con fuerza. No podés ni apretar. ¿Sentís la fuerza que tengo? Y eso es solo mi brazo. Imaginate mis pectorales. Me encanta ser tan enorme y fuerte. Nadie se compara al tamaño que tengo. Soy un super hombre y estoy super fuerte. Las minas dicen que estoy todo tallado. Ja, y tienen razón. Mirá el lomo que tengo. Y eso que no viste mis piernas —dijo y se bajó los pantalones. Debajo asomaron las piernas mas enormes que hubiera visto en mi vida, llenas de musculos, redondas y cada una mas grande que mis dos piernas juntas. Debajo de su calzón descansaba una anaconda—. Mirá las piernas que tengo. Son dos bestias. Y la fuerza que tengo ahi es irreal. Puedo levantar lo que sea. Uf, estoy re fuerte. Boludo, mirá el tamaño de estos musculos. Esto es un hombre en serio. Soy una bestia. Necesito algo para hacer fuerza —dijo mientras flexionaba los brazos—. ¿Tenés algo pesado? Hace algunos días me habían traido el nuevo lavarropas. Y no había tenido tiempo de instalarlo. Ahí estaba, todavía vuelto. Pesaba más de ochenta kilos. —Veni que te muestro lo fuerte que estoy —y dijo así, lo fuerte que estoy. Levantó el lavarropas y empezó a hacer biceps. Sus brazos se inflaron hasta duplicarse en tamaño, pero de todos modos no parecía estar haciendo un verdadero esfuerzo. Perdí la cuenta después de que hizo mas de treinta y siguió y siguió mientras su cuerpo se inflaba y se inflaba. Estaba cada vez más grande. —Mirá el tamaño de estos músculos. Apuesto a que nunca viste un hombre tan musculoso. Soy una bestia. Después se acostó en el suelo y empezó a levantar el lavarropas haciendo pecho. Sus pectorales se inflaron hasta convertirse en dos sandías gigantes. Apoyó el lavarropas y levantó los brazos flexionando los gigantescos biceps que tenía. —Mirá este cuerpo. Mirá el pecho que tengo. Estoy re duro. Mirá el tamaño de mis músculos —dijo y se acercó para flexionar su brazo cerca de mi cara—. Mi brazo es mas grande que tu cabeza. Mirá lo grande que soy. Dale, tocá. Sentí lo fuerte que estoy. Así fue como conocí a mi Handyman.
  11. bbmikenj

    The Interview

    The intercom on his desk phone buzzed, and Tom Beck, the office manager, picked it up. “Mr Beck,” said his secretary Anna, “your ten o’clock interview is here.” “Ok,” said Mr Beck. “But why are you whispering?” “Well, he’s sort of an unusual candidate,” said Anna, still whispering. “Unusual in what way?” “His attire is a little odd, and he’s…he’s kind of a giant.” Mr Beck chuckled to himself. Anna was prone to exaggeration, and being a tiny woman, everyone seemed big to her. The first time he’d met her, her first words were, “My goodness, you’re huge!” At 5’10, 225lbs of pretty solid muscle, Tom certainly wasn’t small, but huge was a word he would not have applied to himself. “Go ahead and send him in, Anna.” “Ok, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Tom stood up at his desk as his office door opened. Even with Anna’s warning, he was not quite prepared for what he was seeing. The young man walking thru the doorway had to turn almost sideways to fit his vast shoulder spread into the room. Tom sized him up at a good 6’6” and at least 350lbs of muscle. He came across the room and extended his hand to shake with Tom. “Hello, Mr Beck. I’m Marcus.” As they shook, Marcus’s hand engulfed Tom’s with his beefy palm and sausage sized fingers. “Hello Marcus. Have a seat.” Marcus sat down, and made the office chair he was in look like it came from an elementary school. He was wearing a short-sleeved white dress shirt and black pants. He had a narrow black tie on, but it was loosened, and his top collar button was undone, giving his 24” neck some freedom to show. His huge arms strained the short sleeves, and his big chest strained the shirt buttons. His thighs stretched the gabardine fabric of his pants till it looked thin and shiny. His shirt pocket had a pocket protector in it. He looked like a monster nerd. Tom picked up Marcus’s resume and looked it over, giving himself some time to compose himself. He realized how Anna must feel around people so much bigger than her. It is intimidating just being in their presence. He saw that Marcus had graduated top of his class, and had been captain of his college’s weightlifting squad for all four years. “As you know,” Tom started, “we are a small marketing company representing mostly sportswear businesses and supplement companies, along with some gym franchises and weightlifting wholesalers. It helps to have a sports or fitness background when dealing with our clients. You certainly look like you keep yourself…fit.” Marcus laughed. “Does it show?” he said, then bounced his pecs under his white cotton shirt. “Geezus,” stammered Tom. “I gotta ask, Marcus, just how much do you weigh?” “385lbs this morning,” Marcus answered. Then he flexed his arms into a double biceps shot. The sleeves of his shirt got pushed back as his peaks rose up and up. As they swelled higher, both sleeves ripped. “Damn,” said Marcus. “another shirt ruined. Guess that’s what happens when your arm pass twenty-four inchs, Mr Beck. You like?” Marcus knew muscle lust when he saw it in someone’s eyes, and he was going to milk it to the max. “Holy….”said Tom. “Yep,” smirked Marcus. “ And they just keep on getting bigger. You wanna see my chest, Mr Beck?” Marcus stood up, his huge frame seeming to fill the office. “Why don’t you come over and unbutton my shirt?” Marcus undid his tie and tossed it aside. Tom knew he shouldn’t. He knew. But he stood up anyway, his heart pounding hard. He couldn’t stop himself. He was mesmerized by so much muscle mass right in front of him. He made his way around his desk. Marcus turned to face him, towering over him. “Go ahead,” said Marcus, thrusting his massive chest outward. As Tom reached up for a shirt button, his forearms grazed along the white fabric, feeling the solidness of the protruding pec slabs underneath. He undid one button, then another. The shirt had no choice but to spread open wide, and Tom could see a tattoo on the massive young man’s chest. He undid a third button, and the shirt opened up enough for Tom to see a big “ALPHA” tattoo, all in black ink, across Marcus’s upper chest. Marcus smiled as he saw Mr Beck soaking in his tat, and his swole chest. “Sixty-eight inches of chest and lats, Mr Beck.” He reached down and unbuttoned the remaining buttons, and spread his shirt open, exposing his powerful roidgut. Even though swollen and rounding out, his abs still showed through his tight skin. Marcus flexed his gut muscles and made the ridges deepen around his thick 8-pack. “Oh my god,” said Tom, as he stepped back and leaned against his desk. “Am I ‘fit’ enough?” asked Marcus. “Not too bulked for ya?” “No, no, not at all.” “Here, help me take my shirt off, I’m in the middle of my bulk, so it’s getting harder to maneuver this mass.” “Holy…” said Tom. He walked over behind the massive Marcus and reached up to his collar and started pulling it down. They both struggled to work Marcus out of his shirt, and Tom looked in awe as more and more of the massive landscape of rolling muscle was exposed on Marcus’s huge back. Finally free of his shirt, Marcus shook out his torso, and his muscle seemed to expand even more, and filling the office with the musky scent of testosterone. Tom was able to get his first look at Marcus’s backside. His huge glutes were mounded thick and high, making his dress pants tight as a drum. “God,” said Tom. He put one hand on Marcus’s big back to steady himself. “You ok, Mr Beck?” “You’re hired,” said Tom, feeling just how hard and thick the man’s back was. “What was that?” “You’re hired,” he repeated. “Yeah? Just like that? You haven’t even seen my legs yet.” And with that, Marcus turned to face Tom and began flexing his quads inside his dress pants. The fabric stretched so tightly that Tom could see the veins running up and down Marcus’s huge thighs. “Let’s talk about my salary,” Marcus said. And he flexed hard enough that front of his pant legs started to tear down the middle. “I’ll double it,” stammered Tom, staring at the pants as the swelling quad muscle pushed its way out. “That’s what I like to hear,” said Marcus. Then he shredded his pant legs with his huge muscles. Then he forced his big roidgut out, and the buckle on his dress belt snapped apart like a cheap plastic toy. He then sucked his gut into a deep vacuum pose, and his pants slid down his 37 inch quads and onto his shoes, exposing the black poser he’d been wearing underneath. He stepped out of his Italian loafers and what was left of his pants. “You’re looking a little pale, Mr B,” said Marcus. “If you think I’m big now, just wait until I’m well over 400lbs.” Then he started posing, hitting flex after flex, turning and showing Tom his back double bi, his lat spread, then turning back around and hitting side chest shot, then a most-muscular. Tom gasped at each pose, and his left eye was twitching as he watched the superheavyweight new hire swell with size. “Speaking of which,” said Marcus, continuing to flex, “I’m going to need a pretty big office…” “You can have this one,” said Tom. “That’s mighty big of ya, Mr B. You know, you look pretty jacked up yourself. I used to be as little as you, but then I graduated high school.” Marcus moved toward Tom, until his huge chest was only an inch away from, and level with, Tom’s face. “Suck my nipples, Bossman.” Tom didn’t need to be told twice. He went to work on the big nip jutting out of the huge pec. He put his hands on the bigger man’s pumpkin-sized delts, feeling the thin sheen of sweat coating the rock hard muscle. He sucked and sucked on one nipple till it was engorged. Then he moved to the other side. “Ah, yeah, you got a hot mouth, Bossman. I knew it the minute I walked in here. We’re going to make a great team.” Marcus pulled his new boss mouth off his teat, and went and picked up the chair he’d been sitting in earlier. He wedged the top of the chair underneath the doorknob of the office door. “But first, we’re going to break in my new office,” he said, stepping out of his poser and snapping it at Tom like a rubber band. It hit him in the face, and Tom held it there, breathing in the musk. He reached over and hit his intercom button. “Anna,” he said, “hold all my calls for….” He looked at Marcus. “The next two hours,” said the naked bulked superheavyweight.
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